January 1, 2006

What a way to start the new year with an anime blog. This time will be the futuristic space adventure Vandread. It’s about in a time where men and women are mortal enemies and they’ve been fighting each other using gigantic robots, mainly the men uses robots called Vanguards while the women’s are called Dreadlings (you may guess that’s how the title came about). On another usual day for another battle of the sexes, a Vanguard pilot, Hibiki and 2 of his comrades got captured by the renegade all-women pirates (these women are against their own kind and are highly on the wanted list) ship called Nirvana. In the midst of chaos they get sucked into some trans-dimensional portal which warps them gazillion miles away from their homeworld. As expected, these 2 ‘species’ (if I may call these men & women so) didn’t get along very well at first, but you’ll know as time goes by they will. So they set on a journey to return back to where they came from and on their long journey they’ll learn that the existence of ‘The Harvest’ (some alien species who ‘harvest’ bodies of other living creatures as a way to continue their survival and existence as they don’t have productive organs of their own. Some weird creatures they are) will soon threaten their survival and thus have to hurry back home to warn their kind. But ‘The Harvest’ seems to like picking a bone with them. So our heroes must join forces (and their robots, that’s how the title is now really derived from) to stop this menace. The anime boast some great CG animations especially the space battles. But I think the producers were having a little ‘naughty’ intentions when they decided to cast a large number of sexy looking ladies. I mean look at the way most of them dress, it’s a little revealing. An excuse for the futuristic thing. Then the 2nd season saw more info regarding ‘The Harvest’ and a new comer, Misty, whom provides a little ‘romance-entertainment’ as she and Dita fights over Hibiki’s love and attention (like he cares). But Misty loses out at the end (she gives way, that is). Overall, it’s enjoyable and I’d watch this anime again, after a long while, that is. Oh, I also wonder why Hibiki seems to tolerate and respond everytime the naive and cute Dita calls him ‘Uchuujin-san’ AKA Mr Alien? Doesn’t he gets annoyed? I thought he’s a little hot-headed. Oh well…

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