Based on a pc game of the same name, I’m not sure how close the anime Wind – A Breath Of Heart follows it. But that’s not important.
Even though there are only 13 episodes and each episode’s running time is only 10 minutes (12 minutes or so for the opening credits), I somehow still unable to grasp what actually happened. Yeah, a short spanned anime and I still don’t get it. At least the last part where it’s suppose to explain it all.
So the first episode opens with some sort of a flashback between a boy and a girl. You know, the boy is going somewhere far away but the girl doesn’t want him to go. So as a parting gift for the girl to remember him by, he gave her a harmonica carved with his initials on it. And some parting words which goes something like "No matter how far we are, but if our feelings are the same, we’ll always be together". Something like that.
Fast forward a few years later, this guy Makoto Okano (the guy earlier on in the flashback as you’ll get to know) and his little sister, Hinata, returned to his hometown Kazune City. A town where everyone (nearly) posses some quasi-magic powers. Then of course, he’s a new transfer student in his school and gets to meet up with one of his old pals, namely the loud-mouth and sometimes exaggerating Tsutomu Tachibana (the kind that seems to provide comic relief at times) and the responsible and ‘ideal school girl’ Kasumi Shikoin.
Then one day after school, as Makoto and his pals were hanging out a cafe, Makoto forgot to bring back some book that he’d earlier left in his desk. So he rushed back to get it. Upon entering the school building, he heard a familiar melody of someone playing a harmonica. Curious, he followed the sound which leads right to the school’s rooftop. And what do you know, the girl turned towards him with a smile. And before you know it, that girl, Minamo Narukaze, yup, that girl from that flashback earlier on. Yeah, so the 2 childhood friends reunite.
As Makoto and his sister continue to adjust going on with their daily lives, in episode 3, Makoto meets a strange girl, Hikari Tsukishiro, on the way back from school. What’s so strange about her? Well, you see, Makoto noticed that a kitten was stuck on a tree and proceed to help it down. With Hikari witnessing the event, she confronts him on why he did so. Like duh. But anyway, you’ll start to know that this Hikari has a very negative and grim outlook on live.
Yup, saying things like now that this kitten is saved, are you going to abandon it, or who’s going to take care of it, or even why doing such a kind act in the first place if it only leads to more misery. But as you know, Makoto is one of those nice guys, so he’d explained to her (which I didn’t remember what is it) something about helping others or making others happy (I think so). Anyway, he was trying to be positive about life but Hikari seems to have her doubts about it.
So over the next few episodes, the mystery of this quiet town will unravel slowly. But at the same time showing how Makoto and co and his little sis spend their days, like spending the day at the beach. Before I get to the remaining facts of the storyline, allow me to comment on the characters first and other few things first.
Let’s start off with Hinata. Yup, she kinda reminded me of Akane Suzumiya of Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien. She’s really the genki and energetic type plus at times she tend to say things which doesn’t make sense. Though she has some power to make her jump high into the air. Although Minamo likes Makoto very much, she’s pretty reserved and shy when it comes to expressing her feelings to him. In addition, she’s kinda like a klutz and isn’t good in cooking though she still tries her best to cook good food for Makoto. Oh yeah, she has the power to create wind. I mean the air not as in ‘stomach’, mind you.
Then there’s the 2 sisters working at the cafe where Makoto and pals usually patron, Nozomi Fujimiya, and her little sister Wakaba (with the power to heal). Nozomi has some heart disease and because of this she maintains a positive outlook in life and lives each day meaningfully. Also sometimes she sometimes likes to make flirtatious jokes with Makoto. Although not really mentioned, but don’t you think Tsutomu and Kasumi are like a couple. I mean, look at the way they interact with each other (not lovey dovey, of course). Kasumi doesn’t hesitate to get aggressive on Tsutomu whenever he steps out of line. And they’re usually seen together. Hmm…
Oh yeah. I’d noticed that in every episode, you’ll get to see some airship drifting quietly over the town. I wonder what significance does it have? Anyway, when I finished watching the series, it didn’t. It was mentioned by Hikari that it’s some sort like a protector watching over the town. Is it? Still not sure at the end though.
Speaking of which, besides, Hikari who runs a general goods store, isn’t what she seems to be. A loner, she avoids communicating with anybody if possible. So in on of the earlier episodes, you’ll see her pulling out a sword from some mystic portal. And in episode 9 is where the turning point is.
In the end of that episode, Hikari uses her sword to attack Wakaba, but of course she only manage to wound her. Due to Wakaba’s powers, her injuries were healed in no time. This causes Makoto to be furious and so he went to confront Hikari to get some explanation. But before he managed to do so, Minamo’s dad already went over to Hikari’s place to settle things. Seems like he knows what’s going on and what’s going to happen to him as he asked for Makoto to take of his beloved Minamo.
Sadly, Minamo’s dad died in another one of Hikaro’s attacks. So in episode 11 and 12, you’ll get to hear Hikari’s side of the story what’s happening. Now this is the part where I don’t get it. This is what I understand (I hope). Hikari is some sort of a guardian of the town who’s been around for a very very very long time. Uh-huh. And there were some Gods involved too, but not quite sure how, except that they’re using Hikari (at least that’s what she thinks).
She attacks and kills people from time to time to prevent some great disaster which will befall on the town. What disaster? That part wasn’t clear. Another thing is the term ‘assimilation‘. What I understand is that, people who died from Hikari’s attacks are assimilated into the wind. Er… yeah… Something like that.
That’s because long ago, the citizens of this town were ‘shown the dream‘. What dream? I don’t ever recall whatever it is. But that dream won’t last forever. When it’s over, what’ll Hikari’s existence be, as she asked herself. Yeah, I also don’t know because I’m so blur still. In the end of episode 11, in order to prove what Makoto said is true (again something about positive outlook on life), she fell of the cliff herself.
Funny thing is, in the beginning of episode 12, I didn’t see any continuation from where it left off in the previous episode. So how did Makoto saved her? Not important anyway. So… more lecturing from Makoto about how we strive to protect our loved ones, don’t want to see them sad, bla bla bla. And with that, Hikari felt comforted by his words and decided to give up. Wow… can become salesman like that.
But what she meant by giving up is that she’d ‘disappear‘. With the wind picking up and those assimilated souls gathering, slowly Hikari vanishes into thin air. Too bad Makoto. No matter how hard you tried to save her, I guess she’s really gone with the wind. Hahaha. Oops. Bad me. In addition, she erased all the memories of Makoto and everybody else associating with her.
But somehow at the end of episde 12, you’ll see Hikari standing and watching over Kazune City. Huh? What does this mean? I thought she… But anyway, she looked happy and her eyes no longer look ominous (at least changed colour from red to blue). Maybe she’s free of her burden and curse? Hard for me to say.
And just before the closing few seconds of episode 12, as Makoto and Minamo head to school, Makoto looks to his right. And if you’re sharp enough, you get to see a short glimpse of Hikari in the midst of those students walking. What was it, Minamo asked. Oh, nothing as Makoto replied. End of episode 12.
Then came the disappointing episode 13. I thought that this episode would clear up some queries I had in my mind. Boy, I was wrong. This episodes is just a reminiscence of Minamo pondering about her relationship with Makoto. That’s it! Yeah… a lot of re-runs of clips from past episodes about Minamo and Makoto, situations that made Minamo doubt Makoto’s feelings for her. Like the part where she saw Makoto and Nozomi walking together in the street. Looking a little jealous there.
Haih… so if you don’t watch episode 13 or you watch this episode first before episode 12, I guess it’s alright. Because there’s really no relation to it. So the series ends with Minamo emotionally crying asking Makoto about their relationship. What a disappointing end.
In conclusion, one thing I like about this anime is because it’s short! But too short that I don’t understand the whole thing. I find the storyline is rather average, even if I’m not confused. Plus there are a few scenes where it’s computer generated graphics. Not the most high-tech or awe-inspiring graphics. Somehow it felt rather ‘cheap’. And this is the first anime I know where there’s only an opening credit, no ending credits. Yup, the end of each episodes just picture the wordinds to title of the next episode. Like there’s a head but no tail. So strange.

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