Witch Craft Works OVA

April 10, 2015

Remember that ongoing battle between Tower Witches and Workshop Witches? No? I don’t blame you. Because all we remember from Witch Craft Works is our favourite KMM Group being punching bag losers! Oh yeah! And thus the only reason why Witch Craft Works OVA is made is so that they can become the object of ridicule and shame just to make us laugh! Hwahahahahahaha!!! Oops… Ahem. Anyway just like many OVAs of finished TV series, this one isn’t anything to do with the real plot or whatsoever and just a fun filler. And even more fun when you have Tanpopo as the punching bag… Oops… But in actual fact, this OVA is focused more on Kasumi. And of course Tanpopo as her ‘sidekick’. Ready to get owned?

The conspiracy…
Already in the opening scenes… Yet another scathing defeat! KMM Group easily gets owned by the almighty and powerful Ayaka! They never had a chance. It is no surprise that Tanpopo is drinking out her sorrows on how to beat this b*tch. This is where Kasumi comes in and brings her back to her room. She shows her all the stuffed dolls that she can command. Her magic is to control them and has bugged her brother to get more of them till she accumulates this little army. With Tanpopo’s rabbit familiars, they are going to finish off that b*tch with their army. However you can see Tanpopo breaking down, a sign that she has been defeated so many times. Because Ayaka controls fire and Tanpopo’s summoning of rabbit familiars are just made from paper, it takes no genius to figure out what happens when fire meets paper. Yeah. No point at all. Wondering why she is asking her help to do this, Kasumi mentions about the need to protect her brother and doesn’t care less if they’re Tower Witches or Workshop Witches. Tanpopo is one who understands her feelings the most and thus they are comrades in arms for a common goal. Now begins Kasumi’s ranting why she hates that fire b*tch so much. Everything was fine till Ayaka came live with them. Kasumi couldn’t sleep with him anymore (sleeping alone made her cold and her skin condition worsen), she couldn’t eat with him during recess (Ayaka always steals him away for lunch), she couldn’t do shopping together (no more balanced diet?) and sadly no more bathing together (she enjoys him washing her from head to toe?!). No more days off together. No more this together. No more that together! Oh… Can’t you see Tanpopo is already sleeping?

Although she doesn’t know what’s going on nor can she see why she hates Ayaka so much, Tanpopo could guess that she might have a big brother complex. Kasumi becomes a demon refuting it. I don’t know. Her words sound contradicting. Despite she wants to marry him, it is her duty and future and thus there is no love there. Eh… What? Since Tanpopo’s comrades are in training (read: ran away), Kasumi feels the need to get more people for her plan. Don’t care. As long as they hate Ayaka, bring them here! Remember that other bunch of jokers, Star Group? Oh yeah. I’m sure they have a grudge to settle with Ayaka. So after a lengthy discussion of their plan, they are going to execute it right now when Ayaka is sleeping. God bless and Godspeed! But the moment they enter her room, she is waiting… AND THEY GOT EASILY OWNED!!! NO CHANGE AT ALL!!! NO MERCY!!!! TACTICAL RETREAT!!!!!!!!!! Yet another failure… And Takamiya wonders why Kasumi is so bandaged up. She tripped in the bathroom… I know it hurts on the outside and inside… At school she witnesses Takamiya and Ayaka together. She is sad and wonders if her role is over. Her friend Tanuma reminds her that season 2 of My Little Sister Can’t Be This Potato is out. WTF?! Pun of imouto (sister) and imo (potato)?! I guess this is the only way to sooth the heart of a broken hearted sister. They watch the series and from what Kasumi said, Tanuma is worried and wonders if Kasumi has brother complex. That reaction again… Being a typical tsundere to dismiss she likes him. She clarifies about marrying him that in real life many people marry not because of love. So what about children? You know how they are made, right? Of course she does! Don’t insult her. They come from birds. Like what mom said. Oh God… But Kasumi also knows the other way that they learn in physical education but views it as filthy. Tanuma just gave up.

Rinon then comes in to take Kasumi away for a job. There is a giant penguin rampaging throughout the city. I don’t know why but Tanpopo was whisked away too. Why do they even need her? We all do. Two words: Punching bag. Ah… Kasumi rides her giant bear to fight it but with Rinon encouraging her to do more, she is afraid she will get scolded if she grows her bear any bigger. Don’t worry about it. Rinon gives you her permission! Not wanting to be left out (because she is feeling so), Tanpopo joins in by riding her giant rabbit. I don’t remember why Touko has some sort of grudge against that bear so she rides a giant black bear and teams up with the penguin to fight them. And then it becomes a giant wrestling-cum-fighting between the giant animals. Conveniently a huge barren land surrounded by electric wires as ropes for this giant tag team match. In the end, Kasumi is about to give up but Rinon gives more lip service to not yield. With her determination to protect her brother, she enlarges her bear until it reaches outer space! And then a powerful punch down that ends everything. Oh Tanpopo, you got caught in the mess again… In the aftermath, the penguin becomes some small statue and as they inspect it, Kasumi is shocked to find a mark engraved on the sculpture that belongs to her brother. She distracts Rinon to hide it and claims the evidence ‘disappeared’. Tanpopo almost revealed it but is knocked out. Kasumi is convinced and happy that her brother needs her more than he needs Ayaka after all. How can she say that when she just destroyed the entire town???!!! Just deluding herself, eh?

My Little Sister Can’t Be This Brother Complex!
Oh yes. It was really fun. Having Kasumi taking the spotlight and getting frustrated about not being able to be with her brother like before and ringing out the monster of jealousy in her is pretty much fun. In the end, we all know that she is just deceiving herself because from all that has happened so far, she’ll never be able to get back her original life as long as Ayaka is still around. So whatever little confidence and hope she gets about her brother needing her (even though it might not be true), I guess it is good enough for her to keep her going. Yeah, I suppose she is that desperate. And I think she is going to need it all too. Ayaka and Takamiya only make a cameo appearance because my guess is that things won’t be this fun if they had more screen time. It’s more fun when the lesser characters take the spotlight and even more when it involves the love of your onii-chan. Doubling the fun is of course Tanpopo who doesn’t disappoint in living up to her reputation of being the punching bag of the series. Although her teammates aren’t around, but I guess she herself is enough to bring bear the brunt of it all. I still think KMM Group should get a spin-off series of their own whereby they get owned in each episode. Hah! I admit I am a sadist in seeing them so! So for brother loving Kasumi and eternal loser Tanpopo, my only hats off to you is because you never give up and continue to strive ahead even though the results will always be the same. Keep trying and trying and trying and trying and trying. Therefore, I salute to thee, God bless and Godspeed!

Witch Craft Works

September 7, 2014

Witches still exist today. They blend into society of course. Otherwise if they were ever found out, the people would have burnt them at the stakes. Or have riots, like today’s trend. But what I am about to blog today isn’t about the history of witches or the possibility about witches in society. In Witch Craft Works, we have our seemingly ubiquitous normal male protagonist character. Then we also have the popular, smart and beautiful female that everybody adores to death in school. What happens if you put them together, say, make them a pair? You get a feeling that World War III is about to explode any time. But wait. The popular girl harbours a secret. Doesn’t every girl have a little secret or two of her own? Not just any secret. She is a witch! I know, looks can fool. We have been brought up with the perception that witches look horrible with pimples, wrinkled skin and just ugly. Nowadays, witches tend to look like Miss Universe and who knows, they might even be disguised as your favourite idol. When you do find out such beautiful girls are witches, feel like burning them on the stake? The boy too has some secret and latent power but we’re not interested in that for now, aren’t we? Anyway, here is the plot of this anime summarized in one sentence: This normal boy is being protected by this popular witchy girl from surrounding witches who want what is inside him . Holy cow! A girl protecting a boy who now plays the damsel in distress role? More girl power!

Episode 1
Honoka Takamiya is an ordinary kid. Like they always are. Unlike Ayaka Kagari who is swamped by lots of crazy fan girls. He always gets pushed aside. Whether he is in the bus or in his classroom. Yeah, she sits next to him. When he accidentally drops his eraser and she picks it up for him, later a group of extreme fans beat him up for plotting this. WTF. One day he is taking out the trash, a school building falls on him!!! However he is not dead because Ayaka in a witch outfit saves him. She’s floating too! It doesn’t get any weirder when mechanical bunny knights start attacking them. She burns them all. Takamiya got distracted in the back and is captured by the rabbits and on the verge of being beheaded. He thinks all of this is a dream. Ayaka burns them all in time and assures she will do her duty to protect him, her princess. Did I hear that right? Takamiya must be feeling weird right now. So for some reason, he chides her about taking better care of her hair. Then he pathetically gets hammered by a rabbit in which Ayaka continues to burn them. When he wakes up, he is in her private quarters in the school. Since there is no point protecting him secretly, she wants him to walk home together. Hmm… So all those times with her around weren’t a coincidence? Now that she is hanging out with him, all the fan girls are crying blood and complaining. I wish those b*tches would just shut up. Yeah. He becomes public enemy number one. Ayaka doesn’t seem to even give a hoot about it all. Those extreme fans are about to beat him up again but Ayaka steps in, hinting she will burn those who hurt him. Cue to back off.

Even during lunch time, there is this awkwardness. All the fan girls gathering and Takamiya is the odd one out sitting next to her. It’s like one wrong move and he will die. Since it is his decision, he wants to go back to the classroom instead of joining her. The fan girls continue to badmouth him so Ayaka burns their lunch! On his way back, he notices the courtyard back to normal. No damage. He is greeted by Tanpopo Kuraishi who was the perpetrator in yesterday’s illusion attack. She was just testing to see his threat level. Now that he is not, the reason she is appearing before him. She is of the Tower Witches and is here to kidnap him. Before she can do that, Ayaka comes to his rescue. Again. But Tanpopo has come prepared. She unleashes an entire army of bunnies onto them. Takamiya is not amused that Ayaka used her body to protect him. He is upset but realizes this isn’t as important in getting her treated. It was his own fault for running away from her and preventing Ayaka from doing her duty. He needs to believe in her. However she is fine as her body is made of flames. She has him close his eyes so she bursts into flames and destroys all the rabbits. So powerful that Tanpopo is shaking in her pants and forced to retreat. When he opens his eyes, everything is back to normal. Next day, 5 new transfer students in their class. Aside Tanpopo, they are Rin Kazari, Kotetsu Katsura, Mei Menowa and Kanna Utsugi. They make look like weirdoes but actually they are witches called KMM Group.

Episode 2
Unknowingly, Takamiya walks into the Torture Research Club’s room (they have this in school?) and sees Ayaka burning KMM Group (minus Mei) gagged at the stakes!!! Well, Takamiya did say they were troubling him, right? Nipping the problem in the bud… Takamiya wonders why he is targeted so Tanpopo mentions it is not him they are after but his body. More accurately, the white stuff inside him. Erm… That could be easily misconstrued. Mei pops up to cut her comrades free and let them deal with Ayaka while she kidnaps Takamiya. However they lost in an instant! Mei attacks Takamiya but to her surprise, it is Ayaka who takes the injury instead of him. Knowing they can’t win this battle, the Tower Witches flee. Again. Later in her private room, she explains she would have preferred him not to know all of this but as things are now, he’ll only be attacked by Tower Witches. They’ll need to take the initiative to return him to his previous life by defeating the mastermind. The problem is they don’t know who it is. Takamiya feels guilty that she is doing this to protect him. But rather becoming a damsel in distress he wants to be her disciple.

And so the next day he gets a call from her to go out with her on the weekend. I’m sure his little sister is very much interested to tail… Along the way, Ayaka explains the world has 2 types of witches. Workshop Witches in which she belongs to are witches who want to protect this world and ensure magic is not abused. They create workshops around town and blend into society. The other is of course Tower Witches. Their goals are unknown but they seek to use magic as they wish and don’t care about the world or people. If Takamiya falls into their hands, the world will be in chaos. Taking a break at the maid cafe, hyper active Touko Mio who seems to be an obsessed comrade of Ayaka starts blabbing. Part of it includes Tower Witches are seen gathering in this town including the notorious Chronoire Schwarz VI. Takamiya thought Touko looks like the student council vice president but Ayaka thinks he shouldn’t bother or even know her. This can’t be good. Takamiya wonders if this is a date because now he is accompanying her shopping. He sees a kind person helping a lost little girl. But when that person, Ai recognizes Takamiya in the wanted poster, she becomes a villain and attacks him. Her comrades, Mai and Mii (Ai, Mai and Mii???) also go into action but are blown away by Ayaka. Ai knows she is no match for Ayaka after she has burnt down the entire shopping floor! Escape is always the best solution. Ayaka then brings Takamiya to her workshop where her mom Kazane is the chairwoman. She chides her daughter for using her magic since she got a complaint call from the mall. What did she say about Workshop Witches again? That aside, since Takamiya is to become her disciple, it is their custom for a superior to check the apprentice taken in by a subordinate. And those clothes she bought are actually for his witch costume…

Episode 3
KMM Group is going at it again against Ayaka. We know how this is going to end. Ayaka wants Takamiya to sit and learn. Then she blows them away in an instant. Did you catch all that? In school, he has got a set of people who want to kill him. Ayaka’s shoe box might not have a single love letter (because fans vetted them) his is filled with death threats! That will probably pile up since Ayaka becomes his personal tutor and his tennis partner. If he doesn’t die of exhaustion, he would be by those jealous fans. On the way home as they ride the bus, Ayaka realizes they have walked into a trap when the bus turns into a magic dimension. Chronoire makes Ayaka unable to move. Takamiya throws himself in front of her to protect her but Chronoire has proven that Ayaka cannot die no matter what she does to her. But when she stabs him, the pain and injury in him is quickly transferred to her. She explains Ayaka took in all the damage because she made a contract with him. She borrowed the power within him to become an invisible witch and in exchange swore to serve and protect him. She doesn’t know about their past but it seems they share a strong bond. If he wants to save her, swallow this sweet that will release that white stuff inside him. She is confident he will swallow it eventually, whether he likes it or not. Ayaka pushes herself and sets the area ablaze. Chronoire’s barrier has reached her limit so it’s time to retreat. She hopes to meet again on Walpurgis Night. When Takamiya wakes up, he is at the bus stop and Ayaka is out cold. He takes her to the infirmary and keeps the ball (wrapped in a sweet) in his drawer while weighing heavily on Chronoire’s words.

Next day, Takamiya dons the witch outfit and at the school gym begins his witch training. Ayaka couldn’t help snap a few shots of him. Cute? She teaches to jump high and then has him embrace her. She feels as light as a feather but the guy is slow on the uptake and thinks she hasn’t been eating well. He is also taught how to summon a broom but this will take practice. Meanwhile KMM Group is getting a rival gang. Ai Mai Mii of Star Gang have transferred to this school for the same target. They brought their llama too… When time is up, people stream into the gym but they cannot see Ayaka and Takamiya as the witch robes provide stealth. She takes him fly around town on her broom. In the evening, he sees a girl getting bullied in the streets and wants to save her. But Ayaka explains their job is only to fend off bad witches and they can’t use their magic on normal people. Leave this to the police. Takamiya can’t just let this slip by and drops down. He manages to summon the broom but cannot control its speed and crashes into them. The bullies are going to make him pay but Ayaka burns them! What did she say about using magic on normal people? Actually as Ayaka explains, the enemy knows his personality and setup a trap using troublemakers to lure him in. That girl they just saved, Yoshiko Tanuma turns out to be a friend of Takamiya’s little sister, Kasumi.

Episode 4
Medusa, some super witch is locked up in some high security containment unit. The guards are talking the threat that she is if she was ever released: The world would come to an end. I guess that’s why it is taboo to talk about things like that. Because the glass cracks! Meanwhile KMM Group is discussing their strategy to attack Ayaka and Takamiya separately. They have a higher chance in winning but the problem is the duo are always together. Chronoire wants to join in the discussion. Takamiya wakes up like any other day but Kasumi seems to be interrogating him about that outing. I don’t think he is a good liar. She gets dead serious in wanting him to tell the truth with Ayaka since she reveals she followed them that day and because she goes to the same school with him, she received lots of harassment just because she is his sister. As he tries to catch a bus on his way to school, Tanpopo traps him while the other witches corner Ayaka and are ready to pound her. As mentioned in Chronoire’s plan, Ayaka is invincible only if Takamiya is within certain range since the source of that invincibility is his mana. The best time to attack them is when they are separated and that time is when they catch the bus. Chronoire won’t be joining in since she used lots of her mana to create that sweet and is tired. Besides, it will not be pleasant if their master Medusa finds out they are working together.

Before Tanpopo can take Takamiya away, a super huge teddy bear arrives. Kasumi is a witch???!!! Now you have a fight between a giant bear and a giant rabbit. The town is getting destroyed… Even if Rin’s giant dinosaur skeleton enters the fray, they are still no match for the bear since Kasumi is going to show them her will to protect her brother and this town. By destroying it? Yeah. Kazane thinks it is going to be a good day till she sees the new of the destruction. This isn’t going to be good. As usual the often used escape strategy by the Tower Witches. In the aftermath, Takamiya although surprised his sisters is a Workshop Witch, he is more concerned with Ayaka. Don’t worry. She is fine an unscathed. Kasumi starts chiding them that she is the one who saved him but yet he is concerned about Ayaka. Then there’s this agreement about them taking turns taking care of Takamiya. All that frustration out in a single sentence without a full stop. Kasumi admits this morning was just a tease and all those harassments… You don’t want to know what she did to them. Kasumi is about to warn them a message from Kazane that 30 Tower Witches have gathered in this town and to lay low. However Ayaka ignores her and continues her romantic antic with Takamiya. Since he was this worried about her, she will devote herself to protect him 24 hours. So come live with her or they can elope together. Say what? Meanwhile Star Gang who was caught in the crossfire is wandering around when they meet Chronoire’s crocodile familiar. They lost. Chronoire sees the Tower Witches who lost to Ayaka left hanging on the signboard. Looks like the plan didn’t work out. She needs to take another approach. The crocodile has returned and gathered all the Tower Witches as per instructed. Kazane gets a call that Medusa has escaped. As for the Tower Witches quintet, their strategy review seems to be having a karaoke party… It’s good to relieve all that stress…

Episode 5
Ayaka introduces herself to Takamiya’s mom, Komachi. She instantly accepts her. Kasumi is not happy. This is Komachi’s explanation. Long ago, she was very good friends with Kazane. So close that they wanted to get married but couldn’t because they are girls. So they agreed that their children get married instead. WTF… But Takamiya can’t object or say a thing about the Tower Witches. Kasumi won’t accept this but mother just tells her to let go of her big brother. She restrains her just to let the duo get away. Along the way, Takamiya mentions whenever he is with her, he feels at ease. Like there is something between them. There was something between them in the past. But she can’t remember those vague memories. All she remembers is her duty to protect him. Takamiya seats in her limo, arrives at her 41 storey mansion with lots of maids at her call. Can he get used to this life? But upon reaching the top floor, Medusa waits for them. Ayaka wants Takamiya to wait a floor below while she fights her. Of course that guy won’t sit back and do that. He puts on his witch gear and is going to help out. Ayaka is blasted away and turned into stone. Even in her last moments, she wants him to escape. She never actually taught him how to fight, right? Yeah. That was all she ever taught him. Medusa is going to kill them both since their souls are connected. Takamiya is desperate and remembers the sweet. No time to think. He swallows it and in an instant, the white princess Evermillion pops out. She is so powerful that the entire tower gets decimated! And Kazane thought she is going to wind down and relax after a hard day’s work and looking at her magnificent tower. And it all comes crashing down!!! Even the school is not spared! The rubbles become some sort of a landslide and take out KMM Group who is going to this room their base. Kazane is so mad that she orders the summoning of all Workshop Witches here now!

Takamiya wants to know a way to free Ayaka but Evermillion won’t do it for free. Not money or his soul. She wants his eyes. He didn’t hesitate to give it to her! Of course she lost interest. Plus, that was just a joke. She whispers him a method but he seems hesitant. She blames him as the reason she turned to stone. As Medusa is a Gorgon, not only physical things turned to stone but thoughts and concepts as well. But as he has seen Medusa, she is still bound by the barriers. Thus the only way she could have gotten her power was via substitute. Takamiya had reservations in believing in Ayaka. His lack of faith put her in this state. Medusa is going to attack again and Evermillion’s time is up. She disappears but knows they’ll meet again since the first seal is broken. Takamiya kisses Ayaka to wake her up. Then she blasts away KMM Group (as usual) and takes down Medusa. The net thing Takamiya knows, he is in the school infirmary. He thought all that was a dream but Medusa and KMM Group are in the next room! Don’t worry. They’re harmless for now. Ayaka kisses Takamiya as repayment and warns him not to offer his eyes like that again. Later they see the assembly of Workshop Witches in the area. Ayaka is going to prioritize Takamiya first and so they go live in his house. Komachi is more than happy to accept. Just as Chronoire has brainwashed all the Tower Witches suddenly all the Workshop Witches barge in and attack. Chronoire is under Kazane’s interrogation for that incident. What incident? Poor Chronoire… Scream fest…

Episode 6
Kasumi comes home in the morning and isn’t happy that last night hunt for Medusa yielded nothing. Though, she is happy the plan for her brother to live with Ayaka is now off and that she can see him. Boy, is she going to be surprised. Ayaka is on top of big brother in his room!!! So little sister snaps. To a point she scolds mommy! Komachi is in shock and sinks into depression and apathy. Meanwhile the student council president is also scolding her team for not doing their job of exterminating pests that approach Ayaka. She even chides the supervisor teacher, Kyouichirou Mikage and threatens to fire him! So against his will, he summons the duo to talk. He explains to Takamiya how Ayaka was chosen as the school’s role model and thus her status now. It’ll be troublesome if the rumours spread and that she doesn’t belong to him but the school. So can he back down? Ayaka is adamant nothing can pull them apart so Mikage hints that Ayaka’s position is the second most powerful after the chairwoman’s. He is relieved she has got a plan. Then he ‘borrows’ Takamiya and whisks him away into another dimension. Despite being a scientist, looks like he is dabbling in magic and has made a replica of that sweet. He explains there are 5 seals in him and they have been broken. Or in time all of them will be. Those seals are to seal Evermillion and it won’t be long before Kazane turns against him. The reason he gets to live a peaceful life was that HQ entrusted him to her only on condition that all seals are in place. Now that they are breaking apart, the only way to stop it is to seal him as a whole. The only person who can do it is Kazane but since she is so focused on catching Medusa, she hasn’t noticed the crack yet. But it will only be time before she does. Speaking of Medusa, seems Ayaka is hiding them. Mikage calls him special and wants to help him and offers to be his guardian. But Ayaka breaks through and takes him away.

As part of her plan, she summons all the students to the hall. They must really love her when she talks. It’s like a political rally. In short, she points out she has ultimate authority and it is up to her whether they live or die. She fires the student council and installs Takamiya as the president while she is the vice. Now nobody can tear them apart. So in the meeting, the others want some explanation (Touka is reduced to this deputy vice president – whatever this role is). Ayaka has pre-written some fiery words to counter them but Takamiya prefers to say it in his own words. Although he was chosen by Ayaka, he wants them to give him a chance to do prove his worth. Kasumi is still not going to accept this and plans to bring her brother back. While they are out shopping, Kasumi kidnaps Takamiya and throws a car at Ayaka in a shop! Then she injects tranquilizers into her. Kasumi is serious in running away with him and live in a different town. She heard his conversation with Mikage so this means they can’t trust the chairwoman and her daughter. Suddenly Ayaka has caught up. She’s very pissed. So mad that she doesn’t care blasting the town just to take Kasumi out!!! In the midst of the chaos, Kasumi crashes into a building. They are falling. Takamiya wants to save her sister so Ayaka catches them both. Everybody is shocked by the suddenly devastation of the town as Ayaka quietly brings the duo back (Kasumi is dragged all the way back). Although Ayaka is upset (her face doesn’t show it), she can feel the siblings’ bond. She wants to be his little sister but he notes she is more suited to be her big sister. Now she wants him to call her as onee-chan. Kazane leaves a message that she is coming over to see Takamiya and her daughter. Komachi instantly revives! Medusa and KMM Group are bored waiting in a room.

Episode 7
Komachi reveals another revelation. Right after she got married, she cheated on her husband and had another child. She is Ayaka and please welcome her as your older sister!!! Thank goodness it was just a dream. Much to Kasumi’s dismay, she isn’t allowed to stay home together with her onii-chan and is forced to go out. This leaves Takamiya and Ayaka alone together. It seems KMM Group and Medusa are taking refuge in Ayaka’s room. Medusa is being obedient because she underestimated Ayaka and lost. She’ll betray her once she gets bored. Besides, it’ll be far worse if Kazane finds them. A short rewind 6 hours ago reveals KMM Group disobeyed Medusa’s orders to stay hidden and wanted to catch Takamiya. But they stayed outside the room till they fall asleep, not even bothered when Kazane came over to drink with Komachi and got drunk. And they realized they failed when Takamiya woke up from that silly dream. Takamiya continues to study under Ayaka’s tutelage and realizes this isn’t the witch lessons she’s supposed to teach. Her point is so they can attend the same university together. He gets caught up in the rain while trying to keep the clothes. That’s when the rest comes back and he goes to take a bath. That’s when he sees Kotetsu and Mei. When the truth is out, Kazane knocks out Kasumi and Komachi to prepare to fight them. To her surprise, Ayaka turns on her. Remembering Mikage’s words, Takamiya tells Ayaka not to hand them over. Ayaka summons Medusa since there is a change in plan. They both fuse. Takamiya sees visions of Ayaka making a deal with Medusa when she hid them in her place. Medusa is impressed Ayaka has the Apple of Discord which has to power to fuse 2 witches. As Ayaka is willing to sacrifice her own body for him, she finds it interesting to agree to her plan. Kazane realizes Medusa wasn’t after Evermillion but a successor. Who other to be complete and perfect witch like her daughter? She is bent to take her in for questioning.

Despite being petrified, Kazane is able to break free and fight back. She explains Ayaka is not getting her invincibility from Evermillion anymore because she is no longer pure. She has become weaker fusing with Medusa. Takamiya wants to save her and concentrates to use his power to switch places. Unfortunately this means he gets punched instead. The duo find themselves trapped in a torture chamber. Medusa is ripped from her. Ayaka explains the worst possible scenario. Kazane always stressed to her the seal must never be broken. As long as it remains intact, their school life is guaranteed. She hid Medusa and co so that they wouldn’t find out about this because her underlings will definitely spill everything if they get tortured. Blaming herself for letting her guard down, the only solution is to fight and defeat her. Running to another town is not another option despite Kazane having no authority over them there. Because he has a power that every witch yearns, it is just wrong to have it and live in secrecy. She has a plan. Meanwhile stressed out Kazane is having a shogi game with Chronoire. Before she could interrogate Medusa, Laurent and Vine from Rothenburg Workshop came to take Medusa away since they were chasing after her. Oh, she let KMM Group go since they are no threat. That useless, huh? To add to Kazane’s stress, Ayaka and Takamiya bursts out from their cell! But Kazane isn’t going to fight them. It’s been a crazy day so she tells them to go home. At least she still didn’t find out about the broken seal. Takamiya remembers Ayaka telling her plan. When he kissed her then, she felt powers she never felt before. She wants to do something similar but yet a different approach. Instead of kissing, he is given an ear digging treatment and lap pillow. It powered her up to break them free. Back home, Komachi introduces to KMM Group. Their family just got larger. Just great. Just what he needs.

Episode 8
Flashback during Ayaka’s middle school days, Kazane introduced Touko and Kanae Hoodzuki to her. Despite Ayaka being like useless idiot standing around doing nothing, till Hoodzuki tells her how to go about it, she does it amazingly. It’s like she’s some sort of her manager. Ayaka becomes popular in many girls but the seniors are jealous. They wanted to teach her a lesson but Ayaka puts them out by increasing their body temperature, short of boiling their blood. Over the year while the trio did things together, Ayaka also staked out different middle schools looking for Takamiya. It took a year for her to find him and the first sight she saw was Kasumi clinging onto his hand. Kasumi, who is already so stressed that she was suddenly knocked out last night, finds KMM Group as part of the family. That’s not the end of it. She sees Ayaka in a nurse outfit on top of Takamiya. Extreme shock. This is her method of checking up on him to see if any other seals are broken? In school, suddenly a group of girls in animal outfits start destroying the place. Total anarchy! A rumour has it that Mikage got (censored)! If you are asking why Kazane is letting this happened, it is because she is on holiday and left authority of the place in charge to Chronoire. Yup. She allows it. The girls view this as rebellion and Takamiya is the source of it. Nobody likes him being student council president and has been receiving many death threats for him to resign. The leader of the rebellion, Rinon Otometachibana hands him a challenge letter to come to the gym alone. Touko thinks she knows why this is happening. While working in her part time bartender job, she saw the former student council president coming in with Rinon. She exaggerated Takamiya assaulted and used her body to steal her position. Rinon was so pissed and vowed to get this Takamiya guy. Of course Rinon has this legendary status of defeating every delinquent and even a tiger who escaped from the zoo.

Takamiya goes to meet Rinon in the gym. It suddenly becomes like an MMA fight. The crowd is cheering when Rinon lands all her hits. Takamiya is just like a sitting duck. She is about to finish him when he remembers Ayaka’s words on how to defeat her. Something about her finishing move that will open a window of opportunity for him to strike back. She knows this because they went to the same middle school. Takamiya manages to take this chance and overpower her. He is supposed to hit her back but decides not to. Just then, the lights go out. KMM Group drop into the arena. Rinon thinks this was a setup and easily defeats the quintet. Those girls are really useless. Then Ayaka comes swooping down and beats her up for bullying her beloved Takamiya. When the lights come back on, everybody sees Takamiya the victor. Thank to the witches in their robes, they are invisible. In the end, Rinon became pissed and went after the former student council president’s head after learning she tricked her. Kasumi picked up mommy from work so she didn’t hear about this. Mikage just fell instead of getting (censored). Former student council president explains she did exaggerate but was about to tell her it was a joke but this already fired up Rinon and thus decided to play along. She feels so guilty so Touko and Hoodzuki cheer her up how they did secret things behind Ayaka’s back and were found out. Even after all that, they still remained friends.

Episode 9
Takamiya and Ayaka at her beach house… Damn, just another dream! Ayaka has decided to train him in battle after what happened last time. What’s with the change of heart? Instead, she accuses him of hiding something. She knows he has been training himself nightly and more importantly, Kasumi is spending more time with him! So here comes her Spartan training. He must fight off her fire familiar. Since he is a wuss and gets lightly bruised, she wants to call it off but he insists carrying on. Okay. Ayaka drops him off the building and wants him to summon something other than his broom to fly. He maintains focus but materializes a giant nurse outfit Ayaka?! It goes a little out of control and KMM Group who just got a new hideout got caught in the crossfire. Bad luck. Mikage and Chronoire are watching this. They realize this power can only happen if the second seal has broken. It could be during the fight with Rinon. Kazane is in some strange room with some strange thing. Rinon is here too. She informs her that a Tower Witch came to relay a message that the entire town is her hostage. Later Takamiya learns how Ayaka and KMM Group rushed to his aid against Rinon. She says the school contains something important. She remembers when she was young, she dreamt that Takamiya told and predicted the things she will do now. She vows to do all that. This dream is her only hint and by doing so she may get a clue.

Kazane meets Tower Witch, Weekend. The latter explains that strange thing is a weapon of mass destruction. A bomb. Only she can disarm it. Kazane thought this was going to be a negotiation but Weekend dismisses it. She will take Takamiya but the bomb has a different purpose. She talks about the Workshop Witches’ system of magic to protect this city. Only its leader can place a large barrier over town and protect its civilians from magic danger. Each time a magic attack occurs and the barrier protects, it uses a little mana. Kazane of course has tremendous amount of it. But what if all citizens were to be attacked simultaneously? This is Weekend’s plan. She sets the town exploding. Can you believe that Ayaka is so focused in her test instead of evacuating? She only did so when her test paper was burnt. Weekend is glad her plan is working. Chronoire and Medusa were just her pawns. Now that Kazane is weakened, she is thrown into a cell. It will take a week for her mana to replenish and during this time if Weekend captures Takamiya, she wins. Ayaka leads Takamiya to a secret place underneath school. Other than Kasumi and Touko, they meet other Workshop Witches like Rinon, Natsume and Atori. As Natsume explains what is happening in the city, she suddenly takes out a gun and shoots at Takamiya. Although Ayaka knocks her out, she soon falls unconscious. Takamiya realizes their plan to put Ayaka to sleep (she absorbs the tranquilizers). After Kasumi is knocked out, the duo are placed in a cell to hide them away from Tower Witches. Rinon warns them, escape and she’ll kill them. When Ayaka wakes up, she reveals during the test she felt a strong power from Tower Witches. It could mean Kazane found out about the broken seals or she has been defeated. But if she had known about the seals, she would be here. But there is no reason for them to worry because this lock up is just temporary. They’ll win if they are unable to capture them before Kazane recovers. A doll drops in containing a holographic greeting from Weekend. Ayaka crushes it. Wise decision. It contains a tracker but Weekend already knows where they are and is heading there. Thanks to the doll’s explosion, a hole in the wall is created. They’re going to escape and fight Weekend. How are they going to do it without magic?

Episode 10
When they reach the exit, the entire town is destroyed. It’s like Apocalypse. He blames himself for this to happen and even though she agrees, they must move on if they do not wish for harm to come. She wants him to remember that feeling when he freed her from Medusa’s petrifying. They are going to a place where Tower Witches cannot enter. A place Workshop Witches made a contract to place a barrier to protect citizens. Don’t they have a safer route? Along the way, they face off with Tower Witch, Gibraltar. Although Ayaka has no power, she easily defeats her with her brute flying knee kick. You can thank Kazane’s harsh training for that. Natsume, Rinon and Touko are discussing the current situation. Although no casualties, the barrier only protects civilians and not witches. Therefore there are lots of injured Workshop Witches. Suddenly a comrade comes in with bombs all over her body. She is told by Weekend to bring Takamiya in 30 minutes. Natsume analyzes the bombs and they are quick simple even an inept can disarm it. But it takes simple magic, something they don’t have. Also, Weekend is waiting with more bomb hostages outside. Rinon wants to use Takamiya as bait but it seems he is not answering in his cell. We all know where he is. Going to check that place is a 45 minutes’ walk. So Rinon and co go face Weekend outside. Weekend is not pleased that they need more time so she threatens to blow a hostage in every 5 minutes and even mocks them she herself is so weak and can be defeated. But even that doesn’t mean it will disarm the bombs.

Kasumi has the KMM Group work for her (as rent repayment). She overhears this and realizes that the witch planting the bombs is somewhere else. She goes off to find her. Rinon relays to her comrades that when time is up, to go an all out attack. They might die. They have to be prepared for that but at least they’re not going out without a fight. Takamiya and Ayaka are at the city’s core and Workshop Witches’ sanctuary. A place with large tree roots. She guides him how to make a contract and even though his body will feel strained, he must not pass out as this will enable Workshop Witches to use their magic. Takamiya gets into position as the time starts ticking down. Once it runs out, Weekend is about to press the button but all the Workshop Witches feel power flowing through their body and quickly disarm all the bombs. Rinon punches Weekend in the face. She is quarantined in a chamber that prevents her from using magic. But Rinon feels uneasy. Like as though this was too easy. Because a witch who defeated Kazane can’t go down this easy. Weekend mocks them for being naive and lack experience. Do they think she is powerless without magic? She shows them underneath her clothes contain bombs. She blows the place up although she is very much alive but now free from her captivity. Rinon and Natsume are out. Takamiya could see that and Weekend knows he is watching. She is coming for him. He also sees the place filled with her bombs and they all went off. He wants to use his power to save them despite knowing the magic only protects civilians. Ayaka knocks him out and won’t have him risk his life for that. Now it’s her turn to fight.

Episode 11
Ayaka puts Takamiya in his decimated house to rest. He dreams of his mother being bullied in school but she remained smiling. That’s when Kazane beat the crap out of all of them. He also sees Ayaka telling Kazane that she has found Takamiya. She wants her to become chairman and put them in the same class. The next thing he knows, he is with Mikage. Because he has made the contract, he is able to enter this dream world and what he saw was Kazane’s memories, whom he is connected a little since she held the contract previously. Mikage explains Natsume is his niece and then brings him to the safe haven. All the stars represent each person’s life in this town. So rest assured they are safe. Once this is over they’ll be transported back with their memories erased. Yes, he specializes in erasing memories. Kasumi is facing off with one of Weekend’s underlings in a big bear fight. She almost lost when she decided to save Rin. Thankfully Medusa petrifies the enemy and breaks her apart. KMM is glad she is back but she is not amused they remained hidden in the shadows without even trying to fight that weakling. She’ll beat some sense into them all. This can’t be good. But for now she takes them away to hide because the Rothenburg duo are hot on her heels. Atori visits Ayaka and gives her the information she need on the enemy. She also reports Chronoire has been going around torturing Tower Witches who attacked them so it saved them lots of trouble as the army is halved. Ayaka heads off to the chapel where Weekend is waiting and doesn’t waste time attacking her. However it is not easy as the place is set with bombs. Just when Takamiya learns Mikage had a hand in erasing his and Ayaka’s memories, a Weekends’ subordinate has broken through this place and attacks them. Mikage sends Takamiya back into the real world while he takes care of this small fry.

Weekend is impressed that Ayaka remains uninjured despite not having invincibility. This is because she is using her own mana. She is also impressed she has quickly figured her bombing timing and pattern. Just when Weekend thought she had finally cornered and defeated her, she goes up close to her. This was what Ayaka was planning as she burns her at close range. Weekend thought she was out of mana. Her portion, that is. She borrowed Takamiya’s shirt and wore it for additional mana. Her boobs look like it is going to break out any time. Weekend still has an ace up her sleeve. A big bomb sends Ayaka flying away. When Takamiya wakes up, he finds himself naked and Atori next to him. Don’t look! She forces him to stay in bed to rest before answering a call from Mikage. Although he has defeated the enemy, he heard something weird. The haven is packed with bombs and it seems Takamiya is not their target as thought. Although they must bring the kid to Weekend in 30 minutes otherwise it’s boom time. He doesn’t want Atori to let Takamiya know otherwise it’s game over if he falls into the hands of the enemy. Too late. Quickly he has Atori take him there. Ayaka is restrained by Weekend’s familiars. She realizes she can heal herself too. Weekend further explains that her regeneration spell automatically activates. Although it requires mana and she doesn’t have lots of it, she spent half a year setting up bombs in the chapel and over a year over this town. Because of that, she needed to expend mana for healing. Now she is out of mana and defenceless. She blows up her familiars but knows Ayaka can’t die so easily since she is a descendent of the White Princess. She hopes she’ll still be in one piece, though. She is going to rest while letting her underling finish up. Ayaka is surprised to be in Takamiya’s arms. But he wants her to use his power since the haven is in danger. After he faints, Ayaka powers up and burns the subordinate and ultimately subjugates Weekend. But she is too late to take the switch as Weekend has already pushed the button.

Episode 12
Tanpopo got strayed from the group and sees unconscious Kasumi and carries her back. When she wakes up, she thinks she was being kidnapped and orders her familiar to defeat them despite the bear tries to explain otherwise. But bunny familiar sees this coming and allows itself to get hit to satisfy its master. I don’t even know what this is for… Back to serious stuff, the bombs start blowing up the safe haven. This is a trap for Takamiya to use his power and break his seal. He could feel the people disappearing and tries to use his power but suddenly drops powerless. As Evermillion warned, he should stop calling her out like that. Sure, she can help him but this time he must give his life. This is not a joke. I’m sure he is willing to do that. The only thing stopping him is that if he dies, Ayaka will die too. But the lives of the people are more important so he requests her to lend her powers. In an instant, everything in the city returns back to normal and all those injured are instantly healed. He apologizes to Ayaka but she commends him for doing what was right. Besides, she can’t live without him. Then she calls Evermillion to exchange the sacrifice. Take her life instead of fulfil that promise. In an instant, she drops dead. Takamiya has no time to be sad because Weekend stabs him with a knife, blaming him he should die with her since she used up all her mana just to fight Ayaka. Takamiya is so mad that he pushes her away and takes out the knife. He could have really stabbed her back. He reminds her he won’t throw his life away to save the people and that she must have lost for relying on this knife attack. Takamiya is still weak from the stab so he couldn’t have the last laugh. She lets him know that as long as he is alive, she will come back for him. Now she goes off to rest while setting another plan in motion. As she leaves, Chronoire is waiting for her and wants to her to follow her. Seems Chronoire is going to let her choose a place she wants to die. Time for another epic battle?

Mikage calls Atori who relays the message to Takamiya that everything is alright. He learns the odd situation of the sacrifice exchange and the promise she said. Ayaka is not exactly dead since her body is warm. He wants to try something. Putting Ayaka on the floor and drawing magic circles around her, Takamiya is to drip his blood and kiss her while they chant. Kiss? He still got time to hesitate? Her life is on the line and you’re worried that you can’t kiss her because you’re unmarried?! WTF. Mikage thinks Ayaka isn’t dead but the contract was revoked. They are doing a ritual to reinstate that contract. He chickens out with a kiss on her forehead. His reason is that a kiss anywhere on the face would suffice. Nothing happening. So? What are you waiting for?! Suddenly there is a slight movement from Ayaka. Then she opens her eyes. Big relief he doesn’t have to kiss her. Big disappointment for us.

Weekend is easily defeated and crucified. When the town was healed it also healed those Tower Witches she beat up. Weekend laments she spent years on this plan but it gone awry with him gaining powers instead of dying. Chronoire chides her ‘perfect’ plan. Her mistake was using her to make the candy and had Medusa deliver it to him. Besides, she misjudged Takamiya’s strength. Ayaka may protect him but he also acts like his restraint. That is why she lost. Here is another reason: Kazane. Weekend is surprised she is supposed to be imprisoned and unable to move for a week but this is where she misjudged it. She already fully healed in 20 hours and only sat back and did nothing because she lost. She thought of letting those kids handle it. Now she’s doing the clean up job. Kazane wants Chronoire to hand Weekend over. She isn’t keen on doing it. This means they’re going to settle their score right now for the umpteenth time. You don’t want to know how often they fight. But the outcome has always been the same. This time is no different. When Chronoire begins her attack, Kazane pounds her without giving her any chance. She lost. Oh, the surroundings are destroyed. Just when the city is back to normal. Evermillion tells Mikage and Takamiya that Ayaka made a promise with her that if he ever asks for her power and is about to die, cancel the contract with her and return the power in her back to him. Evermillion now regrets agreeing to that deal. Because of that, Takamiya didn’t need Evermillion’s power to save everyone anymore and the sacrifice was annulled. Takamiya wakes up in his room and Ayaka alive. They walk to school together, talking about the recent events that felt like a dream. He wishes peaceful days like these would go on forever. Right after he said that, KMM Group drops down seeking to beat the crap out of them. Ayaka lost her mana, right? Who cares if they play dirty? Let’s get down to it! I think Medusa might be shaking her head because after all that whatever training, Ayaka grabs Tanpopo and Mei’s face with her bare fist! She doesn’t need magic to fight, right? Seeing her ferocious power, the other 3 instantly give up and bow to her supremacy! Takamiya agrees that this is a peaceful day alright.

Bitch Crap Derps
Despite there are some potential storyline and other developments, I just can’t see past myself to be further interested in it. I am not sure if I’m too dumb or what (which I think I am) because I didn’t really understand that whole contract thingy that Ayaka and Evermillion made. Perhaps it is because there aren’t enough details in it all and not enough explanation or I’m just too stupid to understand. What? Who? How? What? When? Why? Don’t ask me. Therefore the only thing that I find amusing and look forward to in this anime are the comedy and humour. Yes. This anime is scattered with them and some even spontaneous that could turn a serious scene instantly into a light hearted one before back to being serious again. The funny parts are the more interesting. Oh, and that kind of ending? Not the best ending but I thought it could have been better. Sure, the day is saved. Takamiya and Ayaka are back together again and peaceful days reigned once more. Hooray. I suppose we don’t have to worry what happened to the other Tower Witches because Kazane is just too strong for those b*tches witches to do anything to her and you can bet your safe ass that she can just wallop anybody any time without breaking into a sweat. That’s how the town stayed safe for so long. Even the most powerful ones will only get their temporary victory before reality comes crashing down. Funny, right? Yeah, the funny parts are indeed more amusing. I’m bewitched by it :).

KMM Group is a good example of this. When they first appeared, I thought they were going to be major antagonists. At least subordinates to somebody even more powerful and thus driving the battle between good and evil witches further. Instead, they have become a laughing stock and a running joke of the entire series! Their role is to ultimately lose to Ayaka or anybody else if so. They have never won once and are always on the losing streak. It is either they get beaten up badly or employ their most used strategy which is to run away. So when there were the quintet of KMM Group became transfer students in Takamiya and Ayaka’s class, I was already having the thoughts that they were going to be badass. Besides the furry girl, we have a badass pirate wannabe, one with that eternal annoying dead looks, a librarian and an extremely shy girl (so okay, the last 2 may be questionable). But nooooo… If Tanpopo herself is already so limited, imagine what it would mean for the rest. It’s like they are just redundant and just around to make up the numbers and tells us that they are good jokers as a group.

In the end, they are certainly characters that can be done without in this anime but I have to be thankful that they still are somewhat ‘relevant’ because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to laugh at their misfortune. Hey, it’s their job to get their butts kicked, right? Instead of powering up or training to improve themselves, the go karaoke and party hard instead. How not to lose? Then there is another Tower Witch group who also has fallen into this laughing stock category: Star Group. Their appearance and role are much more limited and lamer than KMM Group. After that fiery debut and first attack, they descended into mediocrity, bumming around with their llama for God who knows why. Pet? Every witch seems to have some sort of animal. This show definitely can do without them but if so, where would we get our laughs? They could have introduced more lame and useless Tower Witch groups who debut with a goal to get Takamiya’s ass in each episode. But eventually this would get old and no longer funny. So you can say KMM Group and Star Group are like this anime’s version of Pokemon’s Team Rocket.

Ayaka is also another amusing person because of her deadpan poker face (which reminds me a lot like Ichika from Onee-chan Ga Kita). You cannot tell what she is thinking since she puts on no emotions on her face. Because of that, you can’t tell whether the things she says are a joke or not. Of course if it is, then that itself would be funny and I didn’t know that she has this potential to be funny. Who’d know that being deadpan for a big majority of this series could make her such a funny girl? She has a strong desire to protect Takamiya makes her a great and loyal protector but sometimes I feel that it is borderline obsession. Heck, she may already cross that line and well deep into that obsession zone. In one scene, notice the many chibi dolls of Takamiya she made?! That just proves it. Feels just like how Mikasa is for Eren in Shingeki No Kyojin. Yup. I can feel the similarities. Despite she always beats the craps out of many of her enemies, it is somewhat fun to see her in such mode because as pointed out, she is like Super Mario in God mode. You can’t harm her in any way or anyhow. It’s like she has this cheat code on forever and to take her on means imminent defeat. And I think that doesn’t stop there. Because if she does other things with Takamiya like cleaning his ear and lap pillow as seen, she’ll power up even further. At that point I think she can become God.

When you have a popular girl hogging all over a guy who happens to be your big brother, this won’t sit well especially for a little sister who thinks having a big brother and using him to do her stuffs and things is her absolute right! Isn’t that some sort of abuse? And so Kasumi as far as I can see falls under this category to give more laughs especially with her extreme brother complex. But ultimately she cannot win against Ayaka. Speaking of this, I thought we might see some harem sub-genre in this. Not directly at least. Ayaka and Kasumi are the only 2 girls known to express their ‘interest’ in Takamiya. A normal guy like him even has a girl or pursuing after him. He might have become the most hated guy in school but when you have the most popular girl by your side, everything else doesn’t matter. It is just like being a winner and a loser at the same time, huh? I thought Ayaka should have just shut those jealous b*tches and bastards to leave them alone. Threaten them that she’ll hate them or something instead of letting Takamiya feel the evil jealous aura that they emit. Note: There is a minor character student named Obama who is part of the Ayaka fan club enforcer which I feel is like a joke despite not looking or sounding anything close to that US president. Although Obama seems like a valid Japanese name if you consider the kanji and hiragana, but you know… Oh, his only line in the series “The best is yet to come!” while giving Takamiya his Street Fighter combo. Are they trying to hint something here?

I do not know the past that Ayaka and Takamiya shared but as always, the more time you spend with each other, well, the closer you become. But if you’re expecting some sort of romance development, you would be disappointed. We know Ayaka would be the first to make a move if this ever happens because Takamiya is just being a wuss. So there are no worries when it comes to love for him from Ayaka’s part. Just worry that she may go overboard. The dream that Ayaka has feels fleeting and murky since she herself doesn’t remember much thanks to Mikage’s memory erasing ability. I wonder if that memory is even manipulated and made to believe.

Talking about Takamiya, nothing special about him. A normal kid who has powers. Tries to help everyone he can with whatever powers he got. Yeah, fine. I guess after tired of playing the damsel in distress for the earlier parts in the series, maybe there is something he can contribute. Like his life. That’s the manly thing to do. Remember, a harem anime cannot function properly nor have a good happy ending if the main guy is dead. Seeing he has some sort of past with Ayaka in the past life, I’m sure that will bring up something interesting if they ever come up with another season. Other characters are okay too but nothing too deep at least for this season concern. Kazane is the most powerful Workshop Witch in town and you shouldn’t mess with her. No wonder she gets stressed up after seeing unexpected things go awry like her mansion being blown up. Yeah, that feels like a running joke in this show for her. Atori’s hand puppet in which she uses to communicate (or does the puppet have a life of its own?) also feels like some sort of joke. It is like as though the lively puppet is used to convey her true self or what she wants to say to her otherwise quiet demeanour. Mikage seems like he has his own plan for Takamiya but it remains unknown for the time being.

Tower Witches like Medusa and Chronoire feel like they have some potential and power but the lack of more screen time on them since the final episodes were focused on this ever-smiling (maybe it’s just her lush lips) villainess Weekend. Medusa just became a runaway after her lost to Evermillion and Chronoire is just bumming around hoping some sort of chaos would reign. Weekend feels like the weakest in terms of mana and magic. She thought she outsmarted everyone with her plan, bombs and confidence but maybe that is why she failed too. She thought her hard-thought plan was fool-proof and made some of assumption seeing it goes her way at first. There is more than meets the eye for Evermillion. How she is sealed inside Takamiya’s body and the pact she made with Ayaka is left to be desired. Other characters are left more to be desired too like Touko, Rinon, Natsume, Hoodzuki and the Rothenburg duo. And then there’s the Walpurgis Night as mentioned by Chronoire, remember? What happened to that?

Action wise, the fights are rather okay and nothing that spectacular. You get your big magical explosions that give an epic impression but with Ayaka in super God mode, you will usually be assured how it will end. Even without magic, she still has her bare hands to take you on. It is a good example never to put all your eggs in one basket. Because if you run out of a certain weapon you are fond of using, you should have another backup weapon. For Ayaka’s case, I have a feeling that her bare hands are stronger and scarier than when she is with magic and on fire (literally). Sometimes I feel there is a fine line between what constitutes Tower Witches and Workshop Witches in terms of how they use their magic. As we know, Workshop Witches swear by the oath to protect the citizens and not use their magic carelessly. The latter doesn’t seem to be adhered strictly to. In fact, with Ayaka running wild just to protect Takamiya, the entire place gets blown up. Wouldn’t the citizens find it freaky that buildings explode by itself? So that is why in this sense I thought both sides of the witch divide isn’t any different. Also, how should I put this one. The effects of devastation seem inconsequential. Because of the super powers of witches like Kazane, Ayaka and Evermillion, each time a building or a part of the town and eventually the entire town is destroyed, magic is used to restore it back to order like it never happened in the first place. It’s like hitting the reset button and you don’t have to worry about seeing the people in pain. Just like how the convenient memory erasing trick works.

The drawing and art is rather okay but just that I thought I find some of the characters to be plain and simple. Like Takamiya and Ayaka, I thought they look very plain. And at some angles, I think they look chubby. Really. Kasumi doesn’t look anywhere near how a younger sister looks like (based on my stereotypes). She might not be the loli kind but I thought her face looked slightly mature for her to look like a little sister. And of course in the anime world where looks can be so deceiving, Komachi looks so young enough to be Takamiya’s big sister. Heck, better than having a loli mom! This series also employs the use of CGI a lot. Like when they are flying through the streets on the broom, Ayaka’s burning flames and all those rabbit familiars of Tanpopo, the CGI effects become quite apparent. Speaking of those rabbit familiars, they somehow remind me of those yellow Minions from Despicable Me. Don’t you agree? The way they move and act. It all looks suspiciously familiar.

There are quite a handful of popular seiyuus lending their voice to this anime. One, Aya Hirano as the voice of Weekend. I haven’t been hearing about her lately ever since that awful scandal a few years back that earned the wrath of fans and somewhat almost ended her voice acting career. She hasn’t been taking up many or active voice acting roles lately so with Weekend, I wasn’t able to recognize her at first. I’m not sure if this marks her comeback since the new season of Fairy Tail started a few months back and although I haven’t started watching it yet, I read that she was retained as the voice of one of the main characters. Other recognizable and ‘popular’ (in my books) seiyuus include Kana Asumi as Touko, Ayako Kawasumi as Komachi (I thought she was going into Nodame mode), Miyuki Sawashiro as Medusa (she sounds like having fun playing this badass witch), Sayaka Ohara as Kazane, Rie Kugimiya as Chronoire (haven’t heard this tsundere pro for some time. At least not in the animes that I have watched) and finally my ever favourite Mamiko Noto as Evermillion (I wonder if her character is a cross between Fairy Tail’s Mavis Vermillion and Uchouten Kazoku’s Benten).

The rest of the extensive casts include Asami Seto as Ayaka (Chihaya in Chihayafuru), Yuusuke Kobayashi as Takamiya (Kazuki in Selector Infected Wixoss), Ai Kayano as Kasumi (Inori in Guilty Crown), Kazuyuki Okitsu as Mikage (Shion in Futari Wa Milky Holmes), Shiori Izawa as Tanpopo (Sodoko in Girls Und Panzer), Noriko Shitaya as Rinon (Haruko in Maken-Ki), Ikumi Hayama as Atori (Shinobu in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun S), Mai Ishihara as Natsume (Orangepekoe in Girls Und Panzer), Momo Asakura as Rin (Sumi in Sakura Trick), Yuko Iida as Mei (Saki in Aiura), Natsumi Hioka as Kotetsu (Ikeda in Oda Nobuna No Yabou), Shiina Natsukawa as Kanna (Anna in The Idolmaster Movie), You Taichi as Hoodzuki (Sayori in Love Lab) and Ai Matayoshi as Ai (Rin in Yozakura Quartet). The opening theme is Divine Intervention by Fhana and it doesn’t sound that appealing to me. The more amusing one is the ending theme, Witch Activity by the seiyuus of KMM Group. Besides the amusing lyrics and pi-pi-ko beep sound, we see the chibi versions of KMM Group being tortured in various torture instruments. It’s like overkill even if you’re just doing witch hunt. Adding to that, they also sing hard. Real hard. Amusing, no?

Overall, this anime isn’t too bad actually with a decent plot (but can’t say for some of the explanations), lots of comical stuffs (but not so much that you can classify it mainly as a comedy anime), lots of ‘interesting’ characters and bright colourful visuals and animations with some scenes that look like paintings coming out from some fantasy setting or water colour underwater world (Chronoire’s magic space). I would still give this series another chance if they make another season. Provided if they put up more of Ayaka’s deadpan humour, some harem love triangle romance and more comic relief of KMM Group (at least they’re good in this are so technically they are not that entirely useless). Please don’t witch hunt me for that unorthodox wish of mine. If you like some fun with all sorts of witches, good witches, powerful witches, evil witches, badass witches and dumb loser witches, check out this anime. You might be bewitched at the fun pace of this anime. At least they don’t have witches born from magical girls who fall into despair.

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