June 17, 2017

How do you take a familiar series but make turn it into something fresh and new without changing the main plot and setting? Why, you replace the old characters with new ones! Some sort of retelling or reboot, you say? Well… Erm… Let’s say it is an alternate setting spin-off. Because that is what WWW.Working!! is. You take all the characters from the previous seasons you know and then you replace them with new characters that you never hear before. Same place. Same plot. Same style. Voila! New alternate setting sequel. Thus if you are not familiar with the Working!! franchise, do not worry because you do not need to go back and watch all 3 seasons of the original. Anybody can jump in and watch this without having to know anything. Good for newbies as wells as fans who want something new out of something familiar. And producers to milk more money from us. See how this is working now? Sorry, bad pun…

Episode 1
* Daisuke Higashida walks into Wagnaria to look for a part time job. Kenichirou Sakaki the manager interviews him on his reason to work. Well… He doesn’t want to work! His father’s company went bankrupt and since dad has no more allowance to give him, better find a job. How depressing. Heck, the family even made a pun about dad and bankruptcy (both pronounced as ‘toosan’). I guess his case is so pitiful that he lands a waiting job here.
* Higashida is given the ropes by Hana Miyakoshi. She seems like a nice girl at first but then gets violent easily. Yeah, Sakaki gets punched for nothing.
* Higashida’s next creepy experience is with Sayuri Muranushi. She’s greeting nobody at the door… Serving water to nobody at the table… Talking to nobody? Oh sh*t… Apparently it is believed an old grandpa ghost keeps patron Wagnaria and only wants her to server him. One day she wasn’t around, there were creepy writings and warnings all over to demand her back!
* Kisaki Kondou is your badass girl. She smokes and takes time out as she likes. Has she ever really work? But don’t take this slacker for a bimbo. She is actually pretty smart! Until she meets her match in Higashida. This guy is pretty smart too.
* What is a rich girl, Shiho Kamakura working as a waitress? She is so bungling and the only way she believes could solve everything is giving stacks of money. That’s because Yuuta Shindou’s father owes a lot of money to her father. He is working to pay off his father’s debts but that isn’t the worst part. Because he once rejected her before this debt thingy, it is like some sort of revenge as she has got him under her thumb doing every whims and fancies she wants. Queen control…
* Higashida has more problems to deal with. His family is still taking it easy since dad still hasn’t found a job. They even pay a visit to Wagnaria. He wants to kick them out but a good kick from Miyakoshi to remind him to treat all customers well. At the end, father forgot to bring his wallet and hopes his son could cover for him. Saw this coming from a mile…
* Miyakoshi wants Higashida to promise to eat the chocolates she makes. Sounds bad. Hearing Muranushi’s ‘bad review’ doesn’t make it any better.
* Shindou thought Shiho bought all these presents for him. But they are to give to other people and he has more chores to do. Any leftover money she can keep it. Sad guy…
* Higashida sums up his courage to eat Miyakoshi’s chocolates. He almost died! She feels bad and wants to throw them out but Higashida can’t risk any more victims and will take them all home. Miyakoshi is super happy and might be getting the wrong idea about this.

Episode 2
* You think Shiho is kind enough to drop stacks off money on Shindou’s hands. Money strapped on to a bowling ball… Poor guy…
* Miyakoshi forces Higashida to help her study for the test as his White Day response. Because if her grade slips, her mom won’t let her work here anymore.
* Everyone is shock to see Kisaki bringing in her own baby Hime to work. Flashback reveals Sakaki noticing a group of mothers at the table for a long time. He thought they should have brought their kids along. Kisaki took this advice literally. Oh, baby Hana is smarter than Miyakoshi!
* Kouki Saiki enters looking for a job. However he doesn’t understand Japanese despite his parents are. Blame living overseas for a long time. With Kisaki translating, apparently his friends filled up the application as a prank. He showed up and thought he could quickly go home. He should have been rejected but somehow he is hired! Oh dear. How can he even communicate… Luckily Kisaki can coach him but this means Higashida is still forced to coach Miyakoshi.
* So when Higashida tells his parents a friend is coming over, they jump with joy. They are so happy he has a friend. A friend. Is this an insult? So when Miyakoshi arrives, mom and sister really give her to big welcome.
* Higashida tries to teach her but she can’t keep her attention. Her mom is a famous cooking TV personality and she wonders why bother to study if she is going to take over her role one day. Is she sure she is going to inherit all that?
* One of the kitchen staff, Takuya Kouno decides to quit. Because wouldn’t it be cool for one of the founders to quit first? He becomes a customer so his fellow kitchen mate, Masahiro Adachi tells him how cool it would be if he was the first to come back. And with that, Kouno is back again.
* When Muranushi is serving a group of rude customers, grandpa ghost becomes mad and this scares the hell out of them when Muranushi communicates with him.
* Adachi and Kouno thought Muranushi would be more pleasant if she smiles. She notes that no one reacted well and when she does, Adachi froze. Personally, I think it wasn’t creepy but it does make her look pretty. So what’s so bad about it?
* Flashback of young Shindou stumbling into sad Shiho alone. Her mom died of an illness. Shindou sounds cool when he dispenses advice about money as the root of trouble. So when they parted, Shindou told directly to her father how lonely his daughter is and to spend more time with her. He thought as a kid his words won’t make a difference. Next day, Shiho looks for him and it seems she has given up looking for other friends and wants to be with him. This time with bodyguards watching closely everywhere. Then she tells him his father owes him a lot of debt. If he marries her, she’ll get papa to write off the debts. However he rejected her. This shocked her but now he regrets saying it. Kisaki thinks he could try to seek forgiveness by asking to marry her. Unfortunately he loses courage and instead wants her to kill him. It’s no fun if he requests it himself…
* Miyakoshi is displeased that even Higashida gives her homework at the end of the tutorial. She leaves crying and Higashida’s dad gets the wrong idea his son did something to her! Later Miyakoshi relays the good news that her mom allowed her to keep working. But she didn’t pass the test. She slept through it! Mom was so worried when she spouted American states on the day of the tests so she just let it go. Higashida’s effort went to waste…
* Saiki has learnt a bit of Japanese but it seems Kisaki has trained him to be his gopher to do chores on her behalf.

Episode 3
* A weird customer, Miri Yanagiba walks in. She is wearing a scarf in this hot summer. Maybe she is a ghost? Higashida continues to be in denial and thinks it is still summer! But she may not be a ghost after all since everybody can see and hear her. But Higashida still being a sceptic asks her straight if she is dead or alive and earns Miyakoshi’s beating.
* Higashida notices Yanagiba is from his school since she is wearing their school uniform. It gets even odder when Muranushi notes that she is the granddaughter of ghost grandpa!
* Yanagiba explains she is prone to getting sick easily and got a cold before the school’s opening ceremony. She is hospitalized but when she is discharged, she doesn’t want to risk getting bullied since it is too late to make friends now. Higashida blows his top when he learns Yanagiba is actually in the same class with him! Next day Higashida talks to his classmate, Rui Nagata and hopes he can introduce her to this girl to be friends.
* Kouno drags all the Wagnaria staffs to play kimodameshi. Also with Shiho’s help and her bodyguards dragging the rest. So they are paired up and must walk through and drop stuffs, the usual. But be warned. There might be something lurking in the woods… Much scarier than a ghost. A bear! Saiki is tasked to create the pit stop but since he can’t read, he thinks this is some human trafficking activity!
* Shindou is glad he is paired with Kisaki but with the power of money, Shiho switches with her. The nightmare continues…
* Adachi sees Muranushi’s creepy smile again (personally, it still looks decent) and freaks out. With Saiki freaking out too, they believe the bear is real because he is saying something like stealing food from the pit stop.
* Higashida is paired with Miyakoshi. Although he doesn’t find his own family amusing, Miyakoshi seems envious of his. Her father doesn’t live with them and mom always works late. Flashback reveals mom used to cook rich food for dad. So when he developed diabetes and wanted her to cut down, she took it as an insult and will never cook for him again!
* More misery for Shindou when Shiho remembers a similar event of him leaving her alone and it hurt her heart. It is already sad enough to see Shindou shed real painful tears. He sincerely pleads to start over again as friends. She agrees and will let him make up for all the pain and suffering he caused her. In the form of monetary damages. Nothing is forgiven… So when he sees Higashida coming by, he is pleading for Miyakoshi to help rid of the ‘monster’ instead of the bear!
* It is revealed the ‘bear’ is actually a raccoon. Kouno is tied up and left in the woods as everyone leaves. Payback time. Don’t be too loud. Bears are attracted to noises.
* Higashida brings Nagata to Wagnaria to talk to Yanagiba. However Yanagiba prefers to cling to Higashida and do other stuffs.
* When Nagata asks about Miyakoshi because she was in earlier but is now gone, Higashida says she went home due to a cold. Nagata misinterprets what he says next because he makes it sound like Miyakoshi is crashing at his house all the time. Every day she comes over and gets clingy with him and refuses to let go. Then there is the trouble of coming up with a name and paperwork to fill out. Birth registration? Actually Higashida is talking about Conbini. That’s the raccoon’s name. Miyakoshi adopted it as her pet but since her place doesn’t allow pets, Higashida is keeping it at his place for the time being. You don’t think Miyakoshi wants him to fatten it up to eat it, no?
* Just when Yanagiba accepts Nagata as her friend, she gives her permission to come back here again. This makes Higashida mad because she is supposed to go to school.

Episode 4
* Shiho’s harassment seems to be escalating. Miyakoshi tells Muranushi to say something to her. Shiho isn’t bullying him. Seeing his pitiful state only makes her want to tease him more! Muranushi accepts her reasoning?
* Kouno asks Adachi if he likes Muranushi. That reaction… However that pain in the heart doesn’t seem to indicate anything of a love sickness…
* Higashida seems to only be disrespecting Miyakoshi. It can be traced back to that Valentine’s chocolate… Miyakoshi disagrees and believes she will become a good cook like her mom. She might be but what about in person? Let’s say she is unrefined. Miyakoshi somewhat badmouths about mom. Don’t look back now but she is standing right behind you! Seems she is supposed to have dinner here with her husband tomorrow. She sounds like a tsundere. Like mother, like daughter? At first she thinks Higashida is making fun of her and disrespecting her. But upon learning he is the guy who ate her daughter’s chocolates, she respects him and wants Miyakoshi to marry him! Hey, you can’t be picky, right?
* So Higashida must be damn surprised to see Miyakoshi at his place as early as 5am! Mother sent her here to be looked after by him. Sorry, can’t rewrap and send her back to the returns section.
* Nagata is walking her dog and gets the wrong idea seeing Higashida and Miyakoshi out together so early. She gets the wrong idea and spies at them as they go pray at the shrine. No, it’s not to cure Miyakoshi’s stupidity but her cooking!
* Miyakoshi changes her mind to be good at cooking to wish for Higashida to eat her cooking for the rest of his life! This is what a thousand yen is worth? Higashida empties his wallet to wish for Miyakoshi’s cooking to be better. This is not him being kind. It is for his survival. If it fails, she owes him back!
* Nagata is discovered and she is so confused with everything so she makes a wish to understand their relationship better and make it simpler.
* Miyakoshi talks to the rest about making wishes that come true. Muranushi doesn’t believe in ghosts and Shiho believes in money more than God. Kouno stays positive and gives some hope for why shrines exist. This gives her motivation to make chocolates. Oh no. If somebody has to die, they blame Kouno for it.
* You can bet Higashida is gloomy. So he has to take this out by saying he hates Yanagiba? Twice?! But he hates her not enough to not make her eat those chocolates?
* Muranushi gives Adachi her chocolates. He has a bad feeling about this especially the ambiguous words she says that sounds like she likes him. But then again, half of them are lies. Which half?!
* Shindou’s torture continues because Shiho gives him canned dog food as chocolates… Poor guy…
* With Miyakoshi bugging Higashida to eat her improved chocolates, he prepares himself for death as he pops one in his mouth. He instantly ‘dies’ from the curry and bitterness! He is screaming in his ‘death’ and St Valentine cannot even save him! Why? Because Higashida prayed to the eastern gods and St Valentine can’t do anything about it from his western side. Wasted prayer…
* Nagata wanted to give her chocolates to Higashida. But seeing the state he is in, she gives it to Yanagiba. She then pops it into Higashida’s mouth and he instantly loves the real chocolate!

Episode 5
* Due to the failed wish. Higashida wants Miyakoshi to pay him back. She pleads for discount but Shiho tells him not to show mercy as a debt collector! Shindou pleads for him not to become one or else he will turn into a certain monster! She can hear you…
* One of Shiho’s bodyguards, Tasaka is desperately looking for her since it is his job to make sure she doesn’t kill Shindou! Apparently he is Sakaki’s junior from the same high school as he explains Sakaki was a real badass delinquent. But with a cat on his head! It’s hard for everyone to believe this.
* Muranushi wants Adachi to go out with her. To the art store. It’s too heavy for her to carry the items herself.
* I hope Saiki has gotten the hang of Japanese but does he remember their names? He mispronounces Muranushi’s name and in turn she mistaken Saiki to be Adachi. Not sure whether on purpose or not. Because of that, Muranushi is going to put on her sad smile but Adachi won’t let her. She thinks he only wants her to smile for him. He just checkmate himself.
* Miyakoshi is not happy none of the workers know how to properly smile. When she tries to make Kisaki smile, she wants her to pay if she is going to do that.
* Another harassment from Shiho as she shows Shindou a new sword she bought from her allowance. Saiki tries to tell her off and this pisses her off enough to want to kill him! But you can say his amateur grasp of the language is a blessing because he praises Shiho’s beauty instead, leaving her stunned. She lets him live.
* Muranushi is not pleased her mom visits her at Wagnaria. She will be out for an exorcism job and won’t be here and is here to pass the house key. Adachi is surprised that she knows his name. No, he isn’t wearing a nametag. She might also be able to read his mind! She also knows he has seen Muranushi’s smile even though she has not told her about it. She tells of an old classmate who saw her smile and began behaving suspiciously. Thankfully he is still alive today. Barely. Adachi is more worried when she gives him talismans just in case. And he won’t give it to Muranushi who offers to give it back to mom later. Just in case.
* Yanagiba wants to know the pairings in Wagnaria. The obvious are named. Kouno is pointed out as the third wheel. Yeah, everyone except him is part of a pair. Kouno argues it is more like the guys are imprisoned against their wills.
* When Miyakoshi describes badly about Higashida, Nagata tells her off she should take responsibility once she has fallen for someone. If she doesn’t like him, she shouldn’t have given him her chocolates. So she is saying if she wants to give him her chocolates, she must fall in love with him first? Miyakoshi feels bad and will take responsibility. She will feed him her cooking till he turns back to normal! She wants her to teach her cooking! This makes Nagata feel devastated and partly responsible for this outcome as well as confused because they are supposed to be love rivals and now she has to help her out.
* Higashida bumps into Muranushi’s mom. She warns him of a young woman he knows well in possession of something lethal. An exorcism will require both effort and sacrifice. Failure to do so means the end of the world! Higashida believes she is the real deal.

Episode 6
* Shiho throws losing lotteries to Shindou. Maybe one of them is a winner… Then she rants about how she gives hope to losers and it is that little glimmer that will have them check all the lotteries. Well, Shindou did win 300 Yen and is genuinely happy to have this bonus to pay back his debt. However this only pisses Shiho off.
* When Muranushi gives Adachi her chocolates, he faints! It gets even worse when Muranushi overheard Adachi talking to Higashida how he compares her chocolate like watching a horror movie. It is obvious she is mad despite her poker face. Adachi goes into damage control mode by saying her cooking is still much better than Miyakoshi (you mad, girl?) and he promises to stop acting like he has seen a ghost around her. This makes her feel better as she gives her creepy smile. I don’t know how he got the power to withstand that.
* As Nagata helped Miyakoshi to make her chocolates, she is confused who she is supposed to root for. So when Miyakoshi lets Higashida eat them, first he claims this is not Nagata’s fault at all. Then he collapses. With a smile! Back to that St Valentine dude. Even he tells Higashida to overcome Miyakoshi’s bad cooking by falling in love with her! And so he tries to make this change but Miyakoshi finds Higashida’s sudden change in kindness creepy. She also vows to feed him with all sorts of things other than chocolates from now on.
* It is obvious that Nagata worries about Higashida-Miyakoshi relationship so Yanagiba gives some motivation to hang in there. But what worries Nagata more is the fact if her love for him works out. What will she do?!
* Tasaka and Daichi Saitou are here not to watch over Shiho but to protect Shindou if anything untoward happens. It seems Saitou knows Muranushi but she doesn’t remember him. They were classmates 10 years ago and all she remembers is how he like flipping girls’ skirts and bullying her. So one day she decided to straighten him and smiled at him. He became depressed ever since. Yeah, he still is. As Saitou is getting more dismayed, Shiho beats him up and lectures him about his place. Yes, there is a ranking chart to see who ranks where in Wagnaria. At least her bodyguards are above Shindou. Shiho is surprised that Muranushi apologizes to Saitou for whatever trouble she has caused. Saitou can’t take this anymore and runs away.
* As he bums outside expecting to be fired, here comes Shiho to mock him about his unrequited love for Muranushi and thus settling for his negative attention to torment Muranushi. Also, she won’t fire him and will place him to be always be by Muranushi’s side knowing that he would be useless around her. Enjoy the happiness and suffering of being next to her!
* Higashida is glad Valentine’s Day is over and doesn’t need to eat Miyakoshi’s chocolates anymore. However she insists he needs to eat her cooking till she becomes better. But when he claims he prefers her as the failed chef, she tells him she doesn’t need him to like her. This in turn triggers Higashida to be mad as he makes a joke (?!) and will never eat her cooking again. He no longer has to live in fear of that. He shoots back that he doesn’t want her to like him either. This leaves Miyakoshi depressed and confused.

Episode 7
* It took Kisaki for a while to recognize Saitou as he was in the same high school with her. Of course she only remembers him as being bullied.
* Saitou thinks he Adachi is a ‘comrade’ because he is also another ‘victim’ of Muranushi. Because Adachi shows restraint and denies it, Saitou calls him a traitor.
* Shindou is tired of being harassed. So desperate he is that he is begging Hime for food! Instead, Kisaki gives her lottery tickets to him. A few days later, it seems the lottery tickets hit the jackpot as well as a few consolation prizes! The prize money is enough to clear his debts and set him free! Obviously Shiho heard this and isn’t too happy. She starts crying and goes away. Don’t fall for those crocodile tears! Shindou feels bad and even more so when Kisaki asks if he would really want to end it this way. This prompts him to give back the tickets but Kisaki will not accept them back.
* Shiho is really sad and crying over this. Saiki thought he could cheer her up but his mispronunciation of ‘cheer up’ as ‘pay up’ makes her mad.
* Guilt ridden Shindou decides to give away the tickets to Kouno instead. The latter is stumped because the tickets expired a year ago! Yeah, what a coincidence the same winning numbers came out this year too.
* Shindou tries to ease Shiho’s ‘suffering’ by saying he lost his tickets. She doesn’t really believe him but to show her forgiveness, he clears part of his debt. 500 Yen discount. So cheap… Hey, any amount will do for Shindou.
* Miyakoshi still wants Higashida to eat her chocolates. He won’t. So? She threatens to beat him up. Nicely. He threatens to call the cops.
* Miyakoshi becomes desperate enough to eat her own chocolates! Yup. She’s ‘dead’. For the first time she meets St Valentine. And bullies him.
* Higashida feels Miyakoshi might die for real and there is only one way to save her: Eat her chocolates! Yeah, meet up with St Valentine again. He isn’t appreciative when St Valentine spews out his repent about trying to make him fall in love with her.
* Nagata is probably halfway trying to confess to sleeping Higashida when he wakes up. After Miyakoshi comes back too, angry Nagata lectures them for 3 hours about making her worry and recklessly using their lives like that. Wow. She’s really mad. And Miyakoshi who has never been scolded by a customer before can’t help sob all the way home.
* Not too sure if Shiho and Shindou’s relationship have improved a little because she gives him a canned food for his repentance. Hey, at least it isn’t dog food.

Episode 8
* Higashida thinks the chocolates must have damaged Miyakoshi’s brain because now she wants to date him! So she feels bad about making him eat her cooking. Like that would give him a peace of mind. And she thinks of having Kisaki as their advisor? Seriously she has never had such romance and doesn’t give a damn. Anyway she gives it a shot. Escort each other to and from work and go out to nice places. Only to Miyakoshi that sounds cool.
* Poor Nagata had to hear Higashida explain why he is dating Miyakoshi. Heartbreak? He adds it isn’t for long and they’ll soon break up. He isn’t in love with her nor hates her so they’ll break up when things get cold. Nagata chides him for his planning because at this rate he will really hurt Miyakoshi. So she is sticking up for her?
* After Nagata’s lecture, I guess Higashida takes Miyakoshi out to an arcade. She sucks in the crane game so Higashida the pro shows her how it’s done.
* On another outing, Miyakoshi this time has a handbook as recommended from Muranushi on how to date. Only this time Miyakoshi is pushing for a kiss! Instantly Higashida bolts and left her with the bill. It’s even more embarrassing when she can’t pay and had to call her mom to do so. And then a big scolding after that. Next day Higashida apologizes and pays back his due. But it gets worse when Miyakoshi wants to give him her chocolates so he quickly says goodbye.
* Miyakoshi asks Muranushi for more tips on dating. Unfortunately Muranushi has never dated before so she can’t. She suggests dating Adachi. Instantly he rejects! Oops! This has Muranushi ‘advising’ Miyakoshi that not only she lacks experience but rejected even before being asked out. So please consider Hidashida’s feelings once in a while. And Miyakoshi thinks she could cheer her up by saying to not let Adachi’s rejection get to her.
* Adachi tries to reconcile but Muranushi thinks he hates her so much that they shouldn’t talk. He is desperately enough to say he loves her. For the most part. She gets mad and wants to know the percentage of how much he loves her. You’re on your own.
* An old friend of Shindou visits. She would like to bring him a present next time. Shindou immediately hopes to get rice and salt! This is how bad his life is…
* Adachi tries to look for Muranushi but she is gone and there is only Higashida. Adachi advises him to treat girls nicely or he’ll end up a scumbag like him.
* Next time when Miyakoshi gives Higashida her chocolates, he accepts. However this one she didn’t make herself and bought from the store. Apparently it isn’t enough because she wants him to eat it right now. Of course it isn’t going to taste that bad but he thinks his taste buds have gone weird.

Episode 9
* Muranushi calls in sick. Because of that mysterious hauntings start appearing in Wagnaria like the bloodied clipboard! I think I know who’s behind this.
* Adachi is made to go visit her but at her doorstep, her little brother answers. Adachi gets scared when he hears him saying how right mom was that Adachi is to blame for Muranushi’s cold! Mother doesn’t really want to let Adachi see Muranushi in fear he might get possessed. Not her cold.
* When Muranushi allows him to enter, it is to play a prank of tripping on a wire and a basin dropping on his head. He is appalled she hasn’t gone to the hospital and mom didn’t take her because she hates such places.
* Feeling the need to do something to make her come out, Adachi asks if she would like to go out with him. Suddenly she has the strength. She collapses in his arms and can’t take it anymore. She’ll go out with him. To the hospital. And so Adachi and Muranushi are now officially dating but Kouno and Kisaki wonder if he forced himself on her.
* Poor Shindou. No money so no food. Observing Kisaki feeding Hime, he wonders if she is lactating. She gets the wrong idea he wants to drink her breast milk and beats him up. What he wanted to ask if it is a good idea to feed her daughter since she is smoking.
* Shindou is desperate enough to ask Adachi since his family runs a sushi restaurant. If he and Muranushi gets married, he hopes to get leftovers. Adachi’s hesitant answer makes Muranushi mad. Because she thinks he doesn’t want to marry her.
* It’s Yanagiba’s turn to come down with a cold. However she is staying at Wagnaria! Higashida doesn’t have the heart to kick her out but since he can’t take care of her, he has Nagata do it. Miyakoshi gladly welcomes Yanagiba’s stay since she gets to test her porridge. Not so fast…
* Yanagiba and Nagata try to communicate with Saiki whose butchered Japanese is still hopeless. They think it is to help improve his Japanese. They let him read a relationship advice column and it only reminds them of their similar unrequited love with Higashida.
* Yanagiba thinks Nagata is always coming here because Higashida tells her to. It was true at first but with him dating Miyakoshi, she now views her as a friend. They’ll still be friends no matter who he is dating. This has Yanagiba jab back this only shows how much her love for him really is. Nagata is still worried about him and would like to help make him feel better. Although we know most of his anger is usually towards Yanagiba. Maybe Nagata is also stressing herself out thinking Higashida will die over Miyakoshi’s cooking.
* Now that Yanagiba has returned to normal, Nagata caught her cold. So it is only right for her to visit her this time. Yeah, she’ll go anywhere except school.

Episode 10
* Miyakoshi’s mom got really mad when she learns her daughter and Higashida are dating but do not love each other. It’s different for Higashida’s family. They’re so happy about it that they’ve already picked a name for their child.
* Shindou notes that Shiho should just marry Saitou. They will have a family, kids, nice house and everything. Then he wishes to see that all burn down and getting torn apart! Hwahaha! Then he falls into guilt to think like that.
* This makes him think back about the time he rejected Shiho. Before that happened, his friends were teasing him and his dad was shamelessly trying to borrow money from his friends! He even wanted him to marry Shiho to solve his debt problems. So when Shiho popped the question, he was thinking of how despicable dad’s behaviour was and blurted out no. Of course that affected Shiho very much and the rest was history.
* Now he regrets saying that. So he is bugging Kisaki and telling her his problems? You want a solution? She suggests calling her without honorifics. Of course that didn’t work and he got beaten up and nearly died. That was Kisaki’s way to mess with him and get him off her back.
* Because of that, Shiho is in a bad mood. Tasaka and Saitou know something is wrong and have to fix this. They talk to Shindou to ask him to talk to Shiho. He better do it or else if her father finds out, all of them will die!
* Part of the plan is for Shindou to act as his previous tough self. They use Shiho’s beat down as excuse for him to revert to his old personality. Shiho is upset as his tough talking persona and doesn’t believe a person can change personality after a mere beat down. But when Higashida relates about Miyakoshi’s chocolates, maybe this is real?
* Shindou continues to do the tough talking as she quietly listens. When he gets rough at her, he finds pleasure in this sadism. He thought this might be a trap but Shiho looks afraid and weak! For real?! Shiho starts crying that she prefers spending time with the old him when he didn’t treat her like a rich girl. Then he changed and started avoiding and hating her like everyone else. She bullied him because she wanted him to change back. But nothing changed. Shindou becomes a smooth talker and promises things will get back to normal after his debts are cleared. He is about to kiss her but Saitou beats him up for going too far. I guess this is where it ends.
* A few days later, Shindou continues to regret what he has done but is thankful he is still alive. He can’t help think that any choice he chooses will end up in his death. Even the matter of calling her name has become a life and death matter. If money can only solve it… He had to bug Kisaki again so she points out the root of this problem who is no other than his dad. But easier said than done because he disappeared a long time ago.
* Funny how fate works because on the way home he bumps into his dad! He beats him up for the trouble he has caused. Realizing he has not changed a bit (because he is still thinking about him marrying Shiho and thus everyone wins), Shindou tells him to get lost. He’s done. But come home because mom has been worried sick.

Episode 11
* Miyakoshi is such a noob in dating that she is bugging Muranushi for advice. Even when pointed out how should she feel if he is seen talking to another woman (which is right now), Miyakoshi’s reply is that it is rude for him not to seat the customer! Yup. And you wonder why they are going nowhere.
* Suddenly Miyakoshi tells Higashida that she is going to stay at his place tomorrow for a night! Guess what? His parents suddenly won a trip and his sister will be having a sleepover study session at her friend’s place. Home alone with Miyakoshi! That is what he is scared of!
* But you know what is scarier? Miyakoshi saying she is going to eat her own chocolates to go ask St Valentine for advice! Is she toying with her own life?! She instantly ‘dies’ and St Valentine isn’t too happy to see her. Yup, the same abuses. He can’t give her any advice on love. Disappointed?
* Miyakoshi gets the scare of her life when Higashida is also here. She thinks he ate the chocolates from her mouth and thus a kiss. She feels so bad that she wants to eat her own chocolates and die. Uhm, aren’t they already ‘dead’?
* When Higashida wakes up, he notices she is gone. She must have gone home herself. His sister comes in and mentions seeing Miyakoshi in tears running out of the house. This doesn’t look good…
* And so guilt ridden Miyakoshi bugs Muranushi but she slips away and leave it to Shiho. Miyakoshi asks about first kiss. Shiho flusters like hell. It gets worse for Miyakoshi since Shiho says she is keeping it for someone special.
* When Higashida comes to apologize, Miyakoshi gets the wrong idea thinking it was the kiss when it is actually the chocolates he meant. Apparently he didn’t eat the chocolate from her mouth as he kept previous leftovers. Yeah, it came in handy at times like these.
* Miyakoshi thinks about it and can’t let her mom worry since this is between her and Higashida. So she needs to settle this. Why does she look menacing like she is going to beat him up? It’s payback time? Suddenly she apologizes and gives him her savings book. Too bad she forgot her PIN (actually it is on the front cover itself). Higashida realizes the misunderstanding but won’t say anything to correct her since he loves to see her apologize sincerely. But he has to cut it short since it is getting too dangerous when she goes overboard. She finally learns the truth but still decides to compensate by treating him. Shocking, eh?
* Higashida realizes the dilemma of letting her keep the savings book since there is a high chance this idiot might lose it but it is not right for him to keep it too. So he gives it to her mom but she gets the wrong idea when Miyakoshi mentions it was supposed to be his compensation but he wouldn’t take it.

Episode 12
* Higashida wonders if Wagnaria is going to be alright. Because everyone seems to have problems. Shindou worried about his dad, Shiho talking about organs, Adachi looking depressed and only worsens when Miyakoshi with that dumb look apologizes to him because now she feels better after he let her feelings known to Higashida.
* Shiho is talking about organs because she wants to know how many organs can a man live without. Because she wants to harvest them and clear somebody’s debts! Will Saitou be kind to donate his?
* Because Adachi continues to be depressed, Muranushi invites him to her house. So what does it imply when a girl does that when her parents aren’t home? You talk about breaking up! Expecting something romantic, weren’t you? It makes sense because you can’t be talking about breaking up in public, would you?
* Adachi expresses he doesn’t want to break up with her and reveals that misunderstood situation where he saw Miyakoshi on top of Higashida. This makes Muranushi smile and laugh that he was concerned over such trivial matters. But wait. Her smile doesn’t scare him. Could it be he finds it exciting now?
* As Adachi leaves, he quickly pulls Muranushi close to him and kisses her! She quickly slams the door. Next day, he thinks she is going to kill him because she has a knife in hand!
* Guess what Saitou has brought in? Shindou’s dad! He caught him at the pachinko! This makes Shiho draw her sword at Shindou. If he knew the whereabouts of the real debtor, why did he stay silent? He can’t abandon his family even if he is useless. This makes her heart skip. Although, she thinks a little sacrifice is acceptable.
* She is further impressed with him and will abandon her own family to be with him. Saitou is worried because her father will kill him. She suggests bringing Shindou’s dad home instead. In one fell swoop, that is how she ‘killed’ those 3 guys.
* Higashida has to mediate for Shiho’s case. He asks her to go back and think about it as her dad has taken care of her all the while. Too bad she has given all her cash and credit card to Saitou and can’t receive money anymore. As she has run away from home, she is now living at Wagnaria. Shindou can’t bring her to his poor family or he’ll be killed. So he is going to live here with her?
* Saitou manages to come back alive. Shiho’s father would have wanted to kill him had not he used Shiho’s whereabouts as his insurance. He also brought Shindou’s dad to him and he got an 8 hour lecture. From the way he says his fate, Shindou thinks his dad was thrown into the sea.
* Shiho has no idea what to do. Thinking that there is nothing between them now, she confesses to him like old times. He finds her cute when she is not sadistic and hugs her. He then pushes her down but his common sense prevails. But Shiho wants him to show further proof of his love. He just pecks her forehead. They can do the rest when everything is settled. She is further awed and continues to fall for him. But he is scared of the kinder Shiho and prefers her to dominate over him?! So used to being a masochist, eh?
* Saitou brings Shindou’s dad in. He’s not dead by the way. It seems dad found his calling as a fisherman and hauled up a fortune enough to cover almost all his debts. Unfortunately he wastes it all on horse racing. He won enough to cover all that is owed. Then he blows it all in pachinko. You can’t blame Shindou for punching him. Twice. He wants to borrow Shiho’s sword to finish him off. But Shiho is so impressed that he is trying to settle this for their future that she grows flowers on her head?
* Finally Higashida finally asks what is bothering Miyakoshi. She wonders if St Valentine will be alone without them. He assures not to worry about him so she thinks she can be Higashida’s life saver if her cooking improves.

Episode 13
* Higashida dreams of St Valentine saying goodbye. Does this means he won’t appear anymore? Miyakoshi is worried this means they can’t come back from the other side. Thinking of dying again? Somehow she is motivated to cook more. She is serious and you can see the real motivation in her eyes. This makes Higashida worried since she feels responsible for making him her taste tester.
* One day she comes in lifeless. Something is wrong. When he walks her home, he finds a dark aura coming out from her house! All she did was cooking, right? I don’t even begin how to explain the filth and mess just from it. Miyakoshi is really sorry and repentant she sucks this much. She considers herself a failure as a cook and human being. Since this cooking is so much worse, it makes the chocolates seem better. She assumes this will be the last time and wants him to take a last bite so they can say goodbye to St Valentine.
* Despite the chocolates taste bad, he didn’t die. This is when St Valentine descends on them. Wait a minute. Maybe they are already dead! Just kidding. St Valentine came to their world just to tell them that their mutual thoughtfulness has brought about a miracle. Now they don’t have to put their lives in danger and cross over to this side. He gives Miyakoshi his last advice: Just stop cooking.
* 6 months later, Miyakoshi has grown her hair long since Higashida says he prefers it. Nagata on the other hand has cut hers short. It’s her way of giving up? I guess it will be less confusing the next time if she falls in love again. Yanagiba views her as such a great friend that she has decided to give up on going to school forever.
* Shindou is working at some construction job and Shiho is really treating him super nice. It’s like she is already his wife (she has since returned to her home). They could have gotten a bit romantic if not for the bodyguards firing a warning shot to remind him to get back to work. This prompts Shiho to note that money is fated to keep them apart. He counters it by saying it was money that brought them together! So cool!
* Adachi talks to Muranushi during her break time that he is going to quit and go work in his family sushi restaurant. The more he talks, the more knives she puts on the table! Before she takes it as a sign he doesn’t want to see her, he invites her to come work with him. He would love to keep continuing be with her. She goes blank for a while but notices he is nervous while saying this. And also missed her chance to blush. She hugs him agrees. Her smile doesn’t scare him anymore. Now to go tell Sakaki about quitting…
* Kisaki seems to be teaching Hime about money. Yeah, she’s flaunting it at Sakaki. Kisaki shocks him by doing her job for the first time. But she leaves Hime in his care.
* Miyakoshi has finally cooked! Instant noodles! Higashida comes in and drops the bombshell. Let’s break up. WTF?! While he puts on his usual poker face, Miyakoshi goes through a lot of emotions. She ultimately blames herself for turning him like this.
* Once that is done, Higashida drops another bombshell: Please go out with him. Apparently their first date was based on the understanding to improve her deadly cooking. Now that is done with, he wants to start anew. Is Miyakoshi happy or embarrassed that he loves looking at her depressed face? He explains he found it a waste of time about her cooking mishap but that slowly turned into amusement. He finds it funny she getting flustered and embarrassed. He might not be able to say he loves her but he doesn’t want any other guy to have her. Happy Miyakoshi gets motivated to work and bring his smile back.

Please Take Your Job Seriously
I have to admit that this spin-off sequel hardly made any impact on me. I find it hard to view it better than the original or worse off. On par then? As because this is basically a gag anime, the style of jokes and how everything plays out to the interaction of the characters have this very familiar feel. It doesn’t break any new grounds. Therefore once you get to know the characters’ personality and traits, it is more of recycling the same gag again and again. Like how people who ‘died’ eating Miyakoshi’s chocolates will go visit St Valentine. Higashida must be his frequent customer at this rate. Miyakoshi doesn’t learn and tries her cooking again another time. Hence it is hardly exciting because it feels familiar but in a different form. In this case, the characters. Because with them being so wacky with their own personal issues and drama, you hardly see them do their waiting job properly. I wonder if this is the curse of Wagnaria.

Of course the final episode tries to show us that there are changes and ‘development’ among the characters when they make a u-turn from all the running jokes that we have we spammed with to give the characters a new direction and a breath of light. No more death defying cooking from Miyakoshi, no more pitiful bully victim from Shindou, Shiho’s an angel, Saiki’s Japanese has improved a lot although some accent still remain, Adachi and Muranushi quitting and even the unexpected lazy Kisaki starts to get her ass moving and do some real job. Heck, even that grandpa ghost that patrons Wagnaria for Muranushi has even passed over peacefully. So instead of blaming the characters for being stale and being predictably the same from start to finish, I figure that is why the ‘changes’ for a somewhat feel good ending and throw us a bit off our balance. I mean, we’d be downright annoyed to see the tiring punch line of Miyakoshi poisoning Higashida with her poison cooking as the final scene to end the series, right? I guess the only one who didn’t really change is Yanagiba who still refuses to go to school. Some things never change.

Speaking of the characters, they might be new faces but if you have seen the previous seasons of Working!!, you can tell that they are just a different reincarnation of those characters. Just mix up their personality and their physical outlook and voila! You have a bunch of new characters. I am very sure veteran viewers would start to compare the old and new characters like how I did. Like Higashida is similar to Takanashi but without glasses and without all that liveliness. Instead, the broodiness of Satou is now in him. The lively idiot who was Yamada is now in Miyakoshi. She was also Wagnaria’s eternal freeloader (one who stays there) and she is replaced with Yanagiba (though she doesn’t stay, she can be viewed as one as she eternally hangs out here) and for a very short while, Shiho. The lazy Kyouko is now replaced with slacking Kisaki and Kyouko’s lack of facial expression goes to Muranushi. Though, both the managers remains useless and powerless. I can’t say Adachi and Kouno are clones of Satou and Souma as they are more toned down. Remember Yachiyo always holding a sword? It’s Shiho’s turn now. Remember Taneshima as the cute little thing? Yeah, we have Hime, St Valentine and the raccoon now. As for the physical looks, Miyakoshi looks a lot like Inami and Shindou looks like Satou’s long lost brother. I could go on with the list but I think you get the point.

Thus the new characters they may be charming and cute in their own way, they fail to somewhat resonate in me because like I have already said, they are just a new look for something familiar we know. Despite having slightly more characters than its predecessor, some characters feel like they do not really make an impact like Sakaki whose presence is so scarce that it is hard to remember this guy has ever existed. I don’t know, are managers of Wagnaria lack any iron will? Kisaki also doesn’t feel like anything impactful because she just slacks, smokes her cigarette and watches over Hime. Even the newest guy Saiki isn’t anything more as he becomes Kisaki’s gopher and is reduced to a comic relief whenever a joke needs to be done in language barriers. Because Kouno doesn’t do pranks or have an evil heart like Souma, his limited jokes makes him feel irrelevant and boring.

Then there is Yanagiba who has completely made Wagnaria as her home and Nagata’s one-sided crush to add some little drama but hardly impacted anything. Saitou also has his one-sided crush on Muranushi but that feels irrelevant too since I see his job as mainly to prevent Shiho from going berserk with her sword on Shindou. Others side family characters like the carefree family of Higashida (if only real life everybody was this happy), Muranushi’s exorcist mom, Miyakoshi’s professional chef mom and Shindou’s gambler dad add a little colour and variety but hardly memorable in the long run. But in a way it won’t be fair to compare these characters to the original since the predecessor had 3 seasons to flesh things out. Thus if Higashida’s quirky family isn’t memorable compared to Takahashi’s sisters and mom, a single season here proves that minor characters like them need more screen time to capture the viewers’ hearts. I wonder if Higashida’s dad has already found a job because otherwise why would his son continue to work at Wagnaria… Or maybe Higashida has some sort of motivation to stay this long as a part timer? I can only think of a killer cook…

So I can greatly theorize that the reasons why some characters aren’t prominent and not impactful is because the series is trying to focus on the 3 pairs of couples: Higashida-Miyakoshi, Shindou-Shiho and Adachi-Muranushi. That is way these pairs get so much screen time played out between them and sometimes the joke repeats itself and drags out so long that it gets a bit boring. At least the romance got somewhere even though it is just by a bit. Better than Takanashi being a punching bag for Inami, right? You know it will be the running joke of the series when Miyakoshi’s cooking is so bad that it kills and over the series she tries to improve on it but only makes it worse before finally giving it up completely in the end. Good riddance? Then we have Higashida who is trying to tolerate her behaviour just because he can’t be the bad guy and become a full blown jerk. It is supposed to be another running gag as he makes his comebacks against the idiot but it becomes annoying after a while to see them interact. Did all those poison cooking turned him into a masochist and fall in love with her? Ah yes, perseverance pays off. If you don’t succeed at first, try and try again. Because a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Oh Miyakoshi you sly girl…

But the character that really made me ‘feel’ the most and having the most ‘impact’ on me is Shiho. Surprised? Well actually, at first she started out looking cute and all. But slowly when she starts showing her true colours of being a sadist over Shindou. I really didn’t like her being a bully over Shindou even if it was for comedic and character development purposes. She was fast becoming the most hated character in the series in my books. Sure, she might be acting tough in hopes that guy would go back to his original roots whatsoever. But I can’t really stand the way she asserts her dominating personality over what is clearly a very pitiful guy in very dire circumstances. Reminds me of today’s feminism… Therefore I want to say that I admire Shindou for being a strong dude who has to be strong and tolerate her bullying but then again I keep thinking he might just be a masochistic idiot despite crying in our faces each time he faces Shiho’s cruelty. Even if Shiho did change for the better in the end, the damage was done. I just couldn’t see her in a new light. That flower-popping-on-her-head girl thingy feels so fake and artificial.

So the only couple that really made a big leap in terms of advancement (if I should call it that) is Adachi-Muranushi pair. Again, there is this running gag of Adachi being fearful of Muranushi because he once saw her scary smile. He tries to avoid her, she tries to understand, they meet, it usually doesn’t go well, sometimes it ends with misunderstanding, usually Adachi is left feeling with more depression or regret, repeat cycle. They are the only couple who kissed for real and officially dating (the other 2 pairs only got it going for real towards the very end). Sure, you can argue that Shindou and Shiho have that childhood promise but it wasn’t anything officially and they’ve been dragging this issue with lots of assumption for years. With Shiho always at the edge of turning into a yandere, do you think real love existed in the early parts for them? Higashida and Miyakoshi may have dated but everything about their relationship is so artificial since cooking was the main factor for them to see each other. Therefore it makes Adachi and Muranushi being the most realistic even if it by means still a long way to go.

It might be a no brainer for me to say but the artwork and animation style remains very close and similar to its predecessor since it is done by the same production company, A-1 Pictures. That is why I have said before some of the characters look similar. With everything in bright colours and looking almost cute, it might look like a show for younger audiences but I doubt it would be once you get to know Shiho’s behaviour. And Kisaki smoking on TV is bad for kids, right?

Yuuichi Nakamura fits as Higashida since I have this stereotype view on his voice playing characters who get mad like Gray in Fairy Tail and Kyousuke in OreImo. Well, he certainly didn’t blow his top as much as his other character roles but I always have this feel that he might just go into that outburst. Great emotional control? On the other hand, Haruka Tomatsu is recognizable as the lively idiot Miyakoshi because she sounds like her other similar character roles like Punch Line’s Rabura. Also recognizable was Sayaka Ohara as Muranushi’s mom. It was shocking to learn that Nana Mizuki was behind Kisaki’s voice. I would never imagine it was her. She sounded so different. I think. And Youko Hikasa was behind Muranushi?

For the rest of the casts, they are Kensho Ono as Shindou (Hakuryuu in Magi), Sora Amamiya as Shiho (Akame in Akame Ga Kill), Kouki Uchiyama as Adachi (Ichika in Infinite Stratos), Hiro Shimono as Kouno (Keima in The World God Only Knows), Momo Asakura as Yanagiba (Ayumi in Charlotte), Ari Ozawa as Nagata (Sakura in Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun), Souma Saitou as Saitou (Kain in Kyoukai No Rinne), Kazuyuki Okitsu as Tasaka (Andre in Prison School), Yoshimasa Hosoya as Saiki (Rom in Show By Rock), Kousuki Toriumi as Sakaki (Cecil in Uta No Prince-sama series) and Hideyuki Umezu as St Valentine (Akadama in Uchouten Kazoku).

The opening and ending themes have that familiar ring to the themes in the previous seasons of Working!! Eyecatch! Too Much as the opener by the trio of Miyakoshi, Muranushi and Shiho has this very familiar vibe to the cute and lively openers that you have heard in this series. Like as though it is just a variant of it. But we wouldn’t mind it since we’ll be distracted with all the wackiness and catchiness. The ending theme is where the guys show their singing chops just like in previous seasons. Muchuuryoku Fever by the trio of Higashida, Adachi and Shindou have this fun carnival feel to it. The final episode is a variant with the aforementioned female trio joining in for one big group song.

This might be trivial for me to bring up at this point but when I first heard about this sequel spinoff, I was expecting the series to take place online looking from the title. You know, maybe a virtual café or something? Maybe that is why I didn’t feel any excitement since there are no online elements as the place is the same ol’ Wagnaria. Maybe WWW is actually the visual representation of the heartbeat rate of Higashida as he has to deal with Miyakoshi’s poison and the weirdoes in his workplace. Really. So far so good for him, right? He died many times and came back alive. He also had to put up with lots of workplace drama. His family is sh*t. And here he is still maintaining his sanity. And I thought only the internet can screw you over in such a short amount of time.

Overall, not really a bad anime per se but it wasn’t anything exciting to me either. Same style of jokes and setting in the form of new characters might be able to fool new anime viewers who are too lazy to go back and watch the original Working!! series. It is still entertaining and cute if you look at it as a series on its own but older viewers cannot help but keep comparing it to the original because of so many similarities. Different but it’s same yet different and similar. Yeah, it’s confusing. You don’t know whether to like it or to call it crap and be disappointed. It’s like you ordered normal fried rice but they brought out paella instead. Or maybe they just messed up your order.

Working!!! S3

May 21, 2016

I didn’t really expect the Working! series to have another season so I was surprised when the third season, Working!!! S3 aired back in 2015. It has been around 4 years since the second season ended and just like many animes with such a long period of nothingness in between, it is not expected to have any follow up at all. And then surprise! Here it is. It came and went like the wind. Of course this also means that my memories of the show are somewhat fuzzy although I can still remember the general stuffs. I hope. After all, I also remember that there were some unresolved potentials after 2 seasons of it. Hopefully it will be answered or at least have some sort of development in the third season. You know what they say, third time is the charm. Hopefully. Time to ramp up the nostalgia factor and watch this show with the usual gang at Wagnaria and their usual brand of antics.

Episode 1
* The usual gang has never changed since. Yamada continues to be clumsy and not repent over her actions, Satou messing with Taneshima’s hairstyle, Souma continues to bug Satou to be a man and ask Yachiyo out and yes, Takanashi still loves cute little things. So when he brings a lost little girl into the staff room, they think he has gone overboard. Isn’t she so adorable? So as not to leave her alone, he has her cling on to his back for his entire shift. Is this koala time? Creepy. Now that Takanashi has somebody to care, Taneshima feels a bit left out. She is worried their bond will fade. When she tries to believe in him, then she hears him say how nice it is to have a real child with him. Heart break. So when she confronts him about it, he assures her she will always be her little senior. That is sure assuring till she tries to assure even further that their bond will still remain if she grows up taller. His petting seems to be a little harder and uncomfortable…
* Inami is unlucky to bump into Kirio on her way to work. This guy who believes he is now friends with Takanashi wants her help to look for his sister. But looking in the bushes? It isn’t Yamada they find but isn’t that Haruna? Oddly enough, Yamada for the first time bumps into Haruna. She thinks she is a good candidate to be her mom. She brings her back to the staff room to wait while she gets her ‘dad’. Of course the other staffs are shocked to see Haruna. They try to seal every hole in the room to prevent her from going missing. By the time Yamada brings Otoo and the rest open up the, she’s gone! OMG! How did she do it?! Even Houdini can’t pull this off!
* Inami and Kirio finally arrive at Wagnaria empty handed. Takanashi scoffs off Kirio’s statement they are best friends and reminds him about his reminder to stay away from Inami. Did he forget? Absolutely not. He decided to bother her!

Episode 2
* When Takanashi pick up the phone, he feigns his family doesn’t live here and puts it down. The phone rings again and knowing this guy loves being ignored, he is forced to pick up. Who could it be? Toru Minegishi is Kazue’s ex-husband and the mention of his name just makes big sister go into depression. As Minegishi is working under their mom, mom requested that he goes to check on how the family is doing. Although Nazuna volunteers to go meet him, Takanashi can’t allow this and goes to meet his ex-brother-in-law himself.
* Takanashi meets him at a diner and this Minegishi dude is also some sick masochist. Purposely being late so he can be punched? It is already embarrassing enough he is trying to rant about his masochism in public. Since Takanashi won’t oblige his masochism, he purposely calls Kazue for some much needed verbal abuse. Feeling better?
* As Izumi forgot to tell Takanashi she needed to buy some stuffs, Nazuna agrees to accompany her. Izumi going out? After a short distance, she gets tired. Nazuna returns with a trolley to wheel her. Even so, she starts getting nausea because of the trolley’s vibration!
* When Taneshima accidentally bumps into Takanashi and his glasses didn’t break, Yamada comments how tough it is after surviving all of Inami’s punches. And when she uses her teddy bear to softly punch his glasses, it breaks! So does the teddy have destructive power? Without his glasses, Takanashi is blind as a bat. He misses petting Taneshima and pets Yamada instead! Absolute bliss! He cannot identify Inami and when he puts his face close, this makes her go red in embarrassment. Thankfully, Nazuna brings him replacement glasses (and also bring back Kozue who has been drunk the entire time in Wagnaria).
* Souma once again prays hard that Satou would ask Yachiyo out for a drink. And then he does! When? Someday. Please set a date and time for Chris’ sakes. And again he confronts Satou to bug him about his wuss but of course Satou doesn’t give a damn. Souma is willing to accompany him but Satou doesn’t want him to interfere. And he doesn’t want to drink with him too. Ouch.

Episode 3
* It seems Satou and Yachiyo have the same off days. Is fate in the works? Will he use this chance to confess to her? Oh, it’s just Souma’s adlib narration. And he admits he won’t stop harassing Satou till he stops being a wuss!
* Now Kozue is getting drunk in the staff’s room. Heck, she even dragged Youhei here. She heard about Satou having a crush on Yachiyo so she’s going to give her opinion on how to tackle her. Aggressively. Warning: Don’t take advices from a drunkard. So when Satou finally asks Yachiyo out for a drink, I’m not sure if Souma is rubbing it into his face because he just dances right before their eyes.
* As Kyouko has no experience in drinking, she decides to ask others. As the rest are all minors, looks like the only ‘qualified’ one is Kozue. Oh dear. From buying new underwear and acting like drunk after a few rounds, I think somebody needs to tell her to take it with a pinch of salt or just ignore the hell out of her. Yachiyo then needs to talk to somebody for advice about underwear. Kyouko? Too embarrassing. Thinking girls her age would do, she talks to Taneshima and Inami. They look over the catalogues and Inami cannot help feel disappointed that all those sexy underwear do not have her size. Maya has to butt in to claim choosing the normal one is the best.
* Yamada after experiencing Takanashi’s petting, is now addicted and needs to get more of it. She seeks Satou and Souma’s advice on what to do but I don’t think she is quite keen on working hard. So she tries to put cute little things on her head for him to pet and even the desperate move of working hard and not breaking anything! Amazing! Her reward? Takanashi touches her forehead to wonder if she is sick! So when Inami explains the reason, Takanashi pets Yamada one more time but it just doesn’t feel as good as before. He only uses his full petting ability on truly cute things. Yamada complains all her effort was for nothing. Now she gets her usual chop in the head. Ouch.
* Yachiyo and Satou finally go out drinking. Souma is so sad because he would love to tail them but if Satou is on leave, this means he has to handle the kitchen duties. Yachiyo cannot stop ranting about Kyouko. Kyouko this, Kyouko that. So changing the subject, she talks about the new underwear she bought and Satou almost chokes on his drink. She tries that drunk move suggested by Kozue. Nothing happened. Satou is gay… At the end of the session, she thanks him for inviting her out. Suddenly he hugs her and wishes to stay by her side forever. He pulls back upon realizing he went too far. Yachiyo is left speechless and in shock but after he calls a taxi for her, she realizes he is the same Satou as always. And Souma is so disappointed his sixth sense could feel something has happened and is dying to know what it is.

Episode 4
* Souma thinks nothing happened due to Satou’s no reaction but after seeing Yachiyo acting nervous around him, he bugs Satou for answers. Yachiyo asks Satou about the meaning of yesterday. He tells her to go figure it out herself. Unfortunately she talks to Kyouko and she gets the wrong idea due to her ambiguous words. Kyouko thinks it means friendship. But upon realizing this is about Satou, she tells her to talk to him directly. So she does that and as she tries to hint she would love to be more than just friends, all of Yachiyo’s hard effort feels wasted because that guy decides to go home with stomach pain excuse.
* Mitsuki does not approve of Satou being an item with Yachiyo. The only way if he wants to get closer to Yachiyo is to know more about her. So, it’s quiz time? However Satou does not know a single thing about Yachiyo! Even more baffling he can answer every question that is about Kyouko! So is he in love with Kyouko instead? Actually he always hears Yachiyo ranting about Kyouko so he remembered some of the trivia. When Mitsuki spots Kyouko staring at her, time to call it quits.
* Taneshima and the rest can sense something is wrong with Yachiyo ever since. She thinks of picking up her slack in her place but at the end of the day, she didn’t get it done herself as others did it for her.
* Kyouko is holding a bat with nails? Does she think Satou is stalking Yachiyo and thus making her feel this way? Kyouko explains she can’t speak to him normally ever since so Kyouko arranges them to count the stock in the storeroom together. Since it is work related, they could converse normally and before you know it, Yachiyo is back to normal.
* When Takanashi realizes Inami has not been punching him, he thinks she is quite cute. He starts agonizing over that thought and starts spacing out. He gets even more irritated when Kirio patrons the place and even tells him he is in love with Inami! Yamada also thinks Takanashi has Inami on her mind and would gladly become Inami’s advisor to snag his heart. But each advice only makes Takanashi feel more irritated. And then he crosses the line when he tells her if she would get over her fear of men and find a guy she likes, it would really take the load of his shoulders. This hurt Inami’s heart as she starts crying. She did punch him although a very soft one in his chest. And now we have Inami and Yamada depressed together.

Episode 5
* Takanashi is so bothered at what he said to Inami that he starts cleaning the house! It’s so shiny that it’s making Kazue uncomfortable! Nazuna gets the wrong idea that he has broken up with his girlfriend.
* Izumi is being yelled by her editor over her very late manuscript submission. Izumi discloses her personal problem that her brother has a girlfriend and thus no time to look after her. So? All she needs is someone to marry and take care of her. Will the editor do? Her editor is a woman!!! After hearing from Nazuna that Takanashi has broken up, she feels happy?!
* Drastic times need drastic actions. Izumi goes to see Inami and talks to her about her brother recently breaking up with his girlfriend and needs her to date him to console him. She forces her to meet him at a certain time and place or else all her hard work and training in coming out to the open will end up in her dying! Similarly, Izumi talks to Takanashi that she has found a suitable girl for him. No, not a loli! At first he won’t go meet her but after hearing all the ‘painful’ effort she put in, I guess he has to go.
* Yamada has been liking natto till she spills it over her apron. Then she bugs Souma to become her big brother to find another soul food. I don’t know how she relates taiyaki as part of the natto family. This leads her talking to the other girls and since their favourite food is bean related, she realizes they are natto related and has always loved it. It’s back to loving natto again.
* Takanashi waits at the park. Inami comes wearing a paper bag and boxing gloves. How the heck can she see where she is going without holes? They both relate what Izumi said. Inami went too far revealing that she has someone she likes but that person doesn’t like her back. Takanashi feels her voice sounds familiar and unmasks her. Oh no. As they sit together (with a considerable distance from each other), Takanashi starts thinking about everything. When he puts everything together, he thinks Inami’s crush could be him. On the other hand, Inami wonders if she has revealed too much and hopes his density would work this time. Takanashi then gets up and leaves. Izumi wonders if it has gone well and from that tone of his voice that she isn’t a nice girl, looks like it’s a no.

Episode 6
* Takanashi cannot get Inami out of his mind that he accidentally dries the towel over Taneshima’s head! He gives Inami hairpins as apology for Izumi’s careless words. Since she likes it very much, he believes it is the hairpins she loves! Souma then tries to pressure Takanashi to just admit they like each other.
* Yamada bugs Takanashi by asking if something happened between him and Inami. Head chop! Then she bugs Yachiyo if something has happened between her and Satou. Yachiyo is about to give in to pressure when Satou steps in. Souma also gets beaten due to ‘lack of supervision’. Yamada then tells why she is doing this. She wants attention from Souma and hoped to do so by getting juicy info. She wants to be his partner in crime. He accepts her. Oh no. Double trouble now!
* Taneshima is pouting and in a bad mood. Not even Takanashi can pacify her. Yamada says because everybody has been slacking, causing her to work harder and make up for their mistakes. Is she the one to say? Then Kyouko pokes her cheeks. It causes great pain. Turns out she has an ulcer.
* With Taneshima on leave, Nazuna temporarily replaces her. Yamada creates a magic circle to summon Otoo. Oh, he is already here. It worked! Or was it just coincidence? Otoo meets Nazuna for the first time and gets the wrong idea she is Takanashi’s older sister! He worries upon learning that she is still in elementary school. Is this legal? Kyouko says it is. Why? She’s not paying her! That’s even more worrying! But Kyouko is more worried about Yamada. She doesn’t want to lose out to Nazuna and goes into overdrive, making things even worse.
* Taneshima has a weird dream. A tiny Satou pops up to tell her she is some magical girl. Uh huh. He gives her a magic wand that is just an ordinary stick to fight the big demon king, Takanashi who is going to shrink the entire world. Each time she fires wand’s beam at him, it decreases her size till she is smaller than Satou. WTF…
* Kirio is here as usual to cause his own brand of stupidity and problems. Then there’s that argument about meeting the fake and real Yamada as well as Kotori (cross-dressing Takanashi) whom Kirio really wants to see. When Takanashi bugs Souma to bring Yamada, he threatens her to leave it for today or he will expose pictures of Kotori!
* For the first time, Yamada and Kirio meet! Shock!!! Yeah, everybody is. Now, nobody ever noticed their similarity and even in their names because they thought it was a fake alias. Kirio believes this Yamada is his real sister but she continues to deny. She even tries to put on Kotori’s wig and pretend she is a different person! Not working. Kirio wants her to come back as mom is worried. Nobody sides with her as they tell her to go home. Eventually Souma manages to convince him to leave for today because he will put this wig on someone.
* Souma then reports this to the rest. Kyouko agrees to keep her here safe rather than send her home unwillingly. However she will have Otoo take responsibility.

Episode 7
* So Yamada is now staying at Takanashi’s place. She seems to like being the family’s pet. Suddenly the drama gets heavy when Yamada explains in third person perspective about a girl who had a wonderful family till her dad died. Mom then changed and became very strict, forcing her to study till she hates and fears it. The last straw came when her dumb brother ate her natto and she ran away from home. WTF… I don’t know the rest are feeling sad or pity of this ‘tragic’ story.
* Takanashi tells this to the rest of his colleagues so they try to help convince Yamada to go home on her own. Like how trying to convince her to miss her big brother. However remember, Souma is her ‘big brother’ and not that Kirio creep! Even Kyouko tells her straight to go home and Yamada feels insulted that everyone is trying to kick her out. So when she bumps into Otoo and he calms her down by saying he is staying a while because he is worried over her, she misinterpret that she is everyone’s idol. So Yamada apologizes to everyone and realizes they are doing this because they love her. Therefore she is never going home! Back at square one…
* When Taneshima sees Kirio hanging outside, she talks to him about that natto incident but clearly he doesn’t remember. When he told mom about Yamada, she just said to let her be. Taneshima finds that cold. She’s emotionless like as though she’s a robot. Well, Kirio took out a manual about mom that dad left behind!
* Yamada’s mom suddenly pops up at Wagnaria! The drama intensifies. Yamada chickens out and swaps with Takanashi to deal with her. The shocking thing they learn is that Yamada’s mom is Minegishi’s colleague and works under Takanashi’s mom! Takanashi starts a conversation but she just stood there saying nothing. Is she really a robot? So Kirio translates on her behalf since she has problem talking due to some stress. She is thanking them for taking care of her daughter. Can he translate all that from just looking into her eyes? When it is known that mother was concerned for Yamada’s poor grades and thus all those thick books were just study aids, Yamada was also supposed to have a manual on mom but she thought it was another of those books and didn’t read it. Yamada thought Souma is being mean for telling her to go home. But she takes up his challenge that she can tell her mom she doesn’t need a manual whatsoever. However Yamada couldn’t bring herself to finish the sentence and runs away.
* Yamada gets lost in the park and bumps into Haruna. Yamada talks to her about her mom and has misunderstood about her. Because Haruna notes she can become friendly with a stranger, Yamada thinks she can also get friendly with mom. Haruna will accompany her back to Wagnaria to apologize. But mom is here. Mother and daughter reunite. Yamada apologizes for making her worry. When they return to Wagnaria, it is double happy ending because for the first time, Otoo is reunited with Haruna and Yamada has gladly decided to go home.

Episode 8
* You thought Yamada would have changed after that. But 2 weeks later… She’s back to that lazy bum we know. Although mom wants her to stop working, she gets permission to help out and stay sometimes whenever her mom works late.
* When Satou asks Yachiyo when her birthday is, it’s tomorrow! Mitsuki wants to help him as repentance but he doesn’t plan to buy her a present. But tomorrow after Mitsuki hands her present, she is surprised Satou hands Yachiyo not 1 or 2 but 4 presents! How did he have time to buy all of them when he is busy with his shifts? As explained by Souma, it has been 4 years since he had a crush on her. This means 4 years of buying presents but never giving it to her!
* Takanashi is annoyed seeing Kirio getting along well with Inami. So he goes to warn her so he has him relay to her his message. It sounded like Takanashi complimenting her cuteness. It makes her embarrassed. With Kirio and Souma teasing him to just admit it, it’s time to take out the trash.
* When Yamada bugs her mom to get her a handphone, it took her 6 weeks. When she asked for her number, it took 2 weeks. So how long is she going to take to reply a mail? Yeah, you keep waiting… 30 minutes later… A blank mail! What is the meaning of this? Panicked Yamada seeks Souma’s help so they go see the ‘expert’. Kirio can decipher all that blankness as mother’s dilemma on why Yamada is doing this and what she should do and because of that she spent all that time writing this long ass reply but decided to leave it blank eventually. Woah…
* When Taneshima is enjoying Takanashi’s petting, he realizes something amiss. It could be just his imagination but did she shrink? Horror! Then depression. Even Souma ‘confirms’ the height difference is by 2 cm! When she measures herself, she is relieved to find she has actually grown 1 cm. So? Takanashi is extremely happy to learn he himself has grown 2 cm. Ah… Depression again…
* Because Yamada still doesn’t consider Kirio to be her brother, he decides to become Souma’s little brother to indirectly make Yamada acknowledge him. So he asks Satou for advice and he agrees to play along to get back at Souma. Kirio becomes the active little brother and he even to dispose of Yamada if he gets in the way of his plan! Wait. What?! WTF?! A punch in the gut is all it takes for Kirio to realize this mission is a failure. Souma knows Satou is behind this and warns him that only annoyance awaits him. Not pain? Later Kirio laments his failure to Satou and thinking his foundation isn’t good, he thinks of practising with Satou so he could get close to Souma. Ah, there’s your annoyance. I didn’t know Satou was a fast runner.

Episode 9
* Kyouko is worried that with Otoo reuniting with Haruna, this means he won’t go overseas to look for her and this means no more snacks! Don’t ask Souma. He doesn’t know a thing. Really? To their surprise, Haruna is in the staff room. All chained up! Can’t take the risk? Kyouko is happy to have her bento instead. She tells Takanashi and Souma about one of her lost adventures. A town with people wearing pails on their head and tentacles on their back? Is she on Earth? They look away when they hear a plate drop. When they turn back, Haruna is missing! How did she even get out from it? Oddly, Yamada easily finds her.
* From the way Taneshima acts, Inami is convinced she is the only one that Satou has a crush on Yachiyo. Although lately she has observed a slight change in their relationship, she thinks it is because Satou might have grown taller. When she eventually gets it, she thinks it is Yachiyo who has a crush on Satou.
* Yamada is disappointed at Wagnaria because with all the flirting, nobody is hooking up. But isn’t love affair forbidden at the workplace? They are surprised Haruna has been eavesdropping. In fact she has been on almost at every scene but nobody seems to notice her. Yamada is advised to talk to Otoo about it and maybe he would change his mind. Yamada dramatically pleads to Otoo about this and it seems he also knows about those relationships. Apparently he too was there on the scenes but his faint existence means nobody noticed him. I guess that’s why the husband-wife always lost each other, eh? Otoo says that if romantic entanglements happen, he might have to ask them to resign. Or what if all quit simultaneously? That won’t be okay, right? Now talking about their faint existence, although Haruna had this when she was young, Otoo did not. Only when he married her he developed this. Moral of the story: Stay too long with them and you’ll lose your existence too!
* Takanashi is not pleased Minegishi visits Wagnaria even when told not to. I guess he loves the verbal abuse. He is here to give his thanks now that his colleague Kikuno (Yamada’s mom) is back on track working. Also, there were orders from mom to investigate Wagnaria but was reluctant after receiving a mysterious letter. Takanashi could guess that person is Souma and he fears he might find out about Inami’s androphobia and would want her to hit him. Minegishi tells him to stop using his sisters as excuse to run away from love.
* After Minegishi leaves but decides to return, he sees Inami and wants to talk to her. She becomes afraid and tries to run but he grabs her hand. Her reflex is to punch him in the face! He gets up and runs away! Inami feels guilty she has done something wrong and Takanashi heard the story from her and knows it’s that masochist. Inami thinks she has not improved and the only reason she hasn’t been hitting others is because she has been avoiding men. He holds her hand and asks if she wants to punch him. No? See, she has improved. She is a normal girl.
* Minegishi runs back to Kazue’s office just to tell her he got punched. So? He realizes that nobody punches him better than her and wants them to get back together! OMG! He proposes to her! Right in front of everybody… He won’t budge till she says yes… OMG… Everybody looking…
* When Minegishi returns to Wagnaria, Inami profusely apologizes. But she doesn’t remember beating him up that bad. Actually after Kazue was forced to accept his proposal, she beat him up real good later. Therefore he is here not to scold her but thank her that because of that punch, he was able to get back with his ex-wife. Oh, he is also here to tell him that mom is coming back.
* That dreaded look on Takanashi’s face that mom is coming back. You mean he is not happy? He doesn’t want her home?! And this is her first time back in years?! The girls wonder what kind of mom he has. Here’s why: She’s a politician. Oh…

Episode 10
* Takanashi dreams of how mom loves to dress him up as a girl. He told her to stop because he was always being bullied. Guess what? She’ll buy him a tank to blast away those bullies! Apparently he isn’t the only one having this nightmare. Kozue too. Mom can never remember her name. An excuse to go on a drinking spree? Well, she got Youhei and Mitsuki to accompany her and assure they’ll go out with her. Only for drinking.
* Yachiyo is down and out after an embarrassing slip-up while talking to Satou. Now Kyouko is worried who will make her parfaits. Thus with an excuse to access everyone’s qualifications, she has them make parfaits for her. It’s hard to think she is serious when she is drooling…
* Nazuna seems to be the only one chirpy enough to expect mom back because the rest are like so gloomy and wearing dark clothes fit for a funeral! But as they wait the entire day, she never shows up. Just when Takanashi goes to sleep, here comes Shizuka through the window! She looks like Medusa coming to scare the hell out of you. I guess Takanashi must be so used to this that he isn’t scared a bit.
* Shizuka meets her children. Apparently there is a live interview of her on TV so how can she be here? It is Kikuno disguised as her on TV. Kazue doesn’t like mom coming back unannounced and disrupt their lives so Shizuka becomes the devil woman to tease her on and off relationship with Minegishi. She laughs when they got married, she laughs when they divorced and now she is laughing her ass off that they got back together! This mom… Then she forces Izumi to make something for her to eat. While Shizuka favours Nazuna, Kozue continues to be ignored…
* Takanashi wonders why she is home. Because she smelled someone is in love. Gulp. Takanashi tries to deny it so she rephrases it that a girl likes him… Time to size this girl up. Oh no…
* Inami is pretty excited thinking Takanashi held her hand. She thinks he would think the same but sees his gloomy face. Does he hate her? Don’t worry. It’s something to do with mom. You can bet he is worried if mom is going to zero in on Inami. Because being pathetic won’t do, he’ll need to clean up his act from now on. So he doesn’t use the gadget to hold her hand while walking home. They really hold each other’s hand. While Inami thinks it’s to help cure her androphobia, Takanashi realizes he is in love with Inami. Hasn’t he? He knows he needs to shape up and stop making excuses and face her so he could protect her from mom.
* Eventually Kyouko believes Yachiyo’s parfait is the best but something feels different about it. A taste of a happy golden future. She believes things cannot go on like this anymore.

Episode 11
* Yachiyo messes up talking to Satou again. But she is glad that he is always willing to hear her stories of Kyouko. Afterwards, Kyouko talks to Satou what he intends to do with Yachiyo. Because at this rate, falling in with him won’t change her. Thus she won’t hand over someone who isn’t going to help her change.
* Souma is impressed Satou stood his ground against Kyouko although clearly he is shivering on the inside. But Satou has decided. He is going to confess to her but if she rejects him, he’ll resign. Sorry to leave all the kitchen job to you Souma. Yachiyo overheard this and tells Taneshima about it.
* Taneshima sets the duo up to talk. Satou did confess to her but the pause between the sentences was so long that Yachiyo forgot the first half! This makes her feel embarrassed about being a stumbling block whenever she talks to him. She runs away and eve leaves a note about it.
* Everybody looks for her but to no avail. Till Satou finds her hiding in the storeroom. She claims she slipped and her sword got stuck and was too embarrassed to call for help. Satou again confesses to her. No, not the ghost behind her. What ghost?! So to make it clearer, he hugs her and whispers directly into her ear that he loves her. The other staffs heard this and couldn’t be happier.
* Yachiyo is on cloud nine that her roses might be suffocating Taneshima. But Kyouko doesn’t look impressed. Could she be taking out her disapproval when she doesn’t want Yachiyo to make her any parfait or food? So Yachiyo talks to her about being considerate to spend her time with him. Kyouko says she couldn’t care less about Satou but if she continues to stay under her, she’ll never experience the world. So it is not Kyouko who doesn’t needs Yachiyo but the other way round. Satou interjects that the Yachiyo he fell in love is the one who loves Kyouko a lot. She is happy and smiles a lot with her around. Although he hates the fact Kyouko is part of this, without her, Yachiyo wouldn’t be that person he love. Therefore Kyouko did a fine job in raising her. I guess it took Satou a lot of guts and courage that he is now experiencing stomach pains so he is out for a week!
* With Satou and Yachiyo dating, Kyouko says she is lifting the ban on relationships at the workplace. This means she is telling Takanashi to just confess to whoever he wants. Why is he starting to sweat? Now Souma is bugging him to get on with it. Advice not appreciated.
* But Takanashi really does need to think this through. So what does he do? He starts working cross-dressed as Kotori! He believes it was around this time that those complications with Inami started so he’ll be dressed as this till he could sort things out.
* It has been 2 weeks since Satou is out. Yachiyo finally manages to visit his home after getting lost several times. We hear Yachiyo thanking Satou as the kind person he is for listening to her Kyouko stories and yet still pays attention to her. She also admits she is slow when it comes to relationships but when he hugged her and told her everything, it felt that everything melted only leaving the truth. She loves him and hopes to be his girlfriend. Since it is late and she missed the last train, she stays at his place. Nothing fishy happened. You think Satou is ready to get back to work but he looks much worse than before. Does it have to do with Yachiyo spending the entire night with him?

Episode 12
* Takanashi thinks he is fine continuing to cross-dress. Those annoyed faces from the girls? I don’t think it is a sign they are welcoming it. Worst moment comes when Kirio comes in and sees him. In order not to bust his identity, Takanashi continues to play Kotori. Kirio even has Inami snap a memorial shot of them! But her hands were shaky so the picture turns out blur. When Kirio asks if Kotori likes anyone, Takanashi knows if he doesn’t have it means Kirio will confess. So he describes Inami’s traits but Kirio is able to pick it up! Surprisingly, Kirio will support Kotori. But Kirio’s cover is blown when he accidentally calls Takanashi by his name. It seems Kirio had knew it all along. Because he looked so into it, he decided to play along. Besides, it felt like the first time he fell in love with Kotori. It was back when Takanashi was dressed as a girl by mom and visited Yamada’s home. Only subsequently Kirio found out the fourth child is a boy and not a girl.
* Satou and Takanashi notice that Souma has not been bugging them since. Usually he will be quite annoying but lately he is so quiet that they forgot he existed. Even odder is that he treats the other girls well. Definitely something is fishy. You cannot not suspect this guy is up to something. True enough, they stumble upon his box of photo albums containing pictures of Wagnaria’s staff. He has bought a camera and took long distance photos for his albums. They confiscate his albums but could it be those albums happen to have pictures of their loved ones?
* Taneshima thinks she is in trouble when Yachiyo calls to see her after her shift and Kyouko is waiting. Actually, Yachiyo is thinking of quitting. This shocks Taneshima and she wonders why she would leave such a happy place. Yachiyo feels blessed and happy working with everyone here. She has learnt a lot that is non work related too. She wants to apply that in real life. Therefore Kyouko thinks of making Taneshima as the next chief after she leaves. Although Kyouko won’t be leaving so soon and it is just heads up, Taneshima cannot help feel down and keep thinking if she would be up to the task.
* Because Takanashi continues to cross-dress and his talking has become so much more feminine, Taneshima confronts him when he is going to stop. He gives excuses this is to gauge his feelings for Inami but Taneshima doesn’t see it is related. There is something about his mom hasn’t made a move yet too… But if he is going to continue cross-dressing, Taneshima threatens to absorb his Kotori aura and grow big!
* Takanashi reflects on his actions so he asks Inami if she would prefer the boy or girl version of him. She says the former. This gives Takanashi hope and he is ready to move forward and cast away his wig. He will return as a man tomorrow and apologize to everyone for making them worry. Suddenly he feels a cold chill. It’s Shizuka!!! Has she been waiting for this moment to move?! OH SH*T!!!

Episode 13
* Takanashi is back as a guy. It took a while for the girls to recognize him. With him back, I guess this means Yamada is expected to get more of her usual scolding from him. Yup, things never changed. Yamada is given a task by Yachiyo to take pictures of Souma because he is the only one missing from the albums. Unfortunately he doesn’t give her a chance citing he is embarrassed.
* It is happening. Inami is going out on a date with Takanashi. No, this is not a dream. She is a little nervous that she could break things. Does she have to go as far as putting the bag over her head? It could have been a smooth sailing from now on if not for Inami’s dad who is here to give her wallet that she had forgotten. Dad must be horrified to see her dating but not as horrified when she doesn’t recognize him at first! Dad thinks Inami lied about telling mom of going out with Takanashi so Takanashi admits that he was cross-dressed then. Still, it is not a good reason for a father who believes it was an excuse to deceive his daughter. Inami explains she was the one who requested Takanashi to cross-dress and subsequently fell in love with him. Takanashi is going to accept his fate of being punched by him but surprisingly Inami punches her own father! This would be her last punch against androphobia. However father could feel the warmth in her punch. He accepts Takanashi and hopes he will take care of Inami. Unknown to them, Shizuka has been watching…
* Now that Inami is cured, Taneshima and Yamada are going to let Souma be the test subject to touch her by shaking her hands. However he acts cool by saying those hands are for Takanashi to touch. He only pats her shoulder. All the while, his legs were shaking…
* Yachiyo tells everyone about her intention to quit. Though sad, they support her. Yamada suggests taking a group photo and as usual, Souma is reluctant. So as not to make him feel left out, Yamada imitates photos from the album that happen to be embarrassing scenes of Wagnaria’s new couples. But seriously, what has it got to do with Souma? With everybody bugging him, he finally relents.
* Takanashi could tell Taneshima would be the next chief from her nervous reaction. She still thinks she isn’t up to task but surprisingly he says she is not small (but short). He thinks she will be fine and continue the way she is now so it will be okay. This gives her lots of encouragement to do her best.
* When Takanashi waits for Inami after Wagnaria closes, suddenly he felt this eerie presence. Oh God… It’s Shizuka! Run boy, run! When Inami is ready, Takanashi is nowhere to be seen but a note left behind saying something urgent came up and had to leave.

Episode 14 (Special)
* Dubbed The Lord Of The Takanashi as this one hour special is supposedly the true ending for this series.
* Takanashi hasn’t been to work since and the rest think he might be taking some time off his shift. Luckily they have Nazuna to replace him and she is quite effective in making Yamada work (so she can look up to her) and gets everyone together. She claims she needs to work hard because she doesn’t want to see her siblings suffer due to her mom and that is why she is going to surpass her.
* Otoo continues to lose his wife whether he is in his sights or not. But thankfully it is Yamada who always finds her. Maybe it is Otoo who is the one getting lost? Along the way, he thinks he sees Takanashi cross-dressed as Kotori! That guy sneaks into Wagnaria to get something but Kyouko spots him.
* For a person who doesn’t care about anything, it is ironic Kyouko gathers everyone because she is worried about Takanashi. She has everyone pitch in ideas what is wrong with him. Inami thinks it might be her fault. But since it is a pain to think further, she just calls him directly. What the heck was the meeting for? From what she hears, it seems Shizuka has a screw loose. She can’t do much if it is his family problem but she wants him to know that everyone at work is worried about him.
* Kozue bugs the Mashiba siblings again since Shizuka continues to forget her name. So Mitsuki confronts Shizuka to at least remember her daughter’s name. Shizuka is impressed with her fervour and will remember Mitsuki’s name instead! When Kozue comes back drunk, it seems Shizuka acknowledges her by name but I guess she is too drunk to even notice it.
* Kikuno is yet again on TV disguised as Shizuka. This has Yamada once again try to reign in Souma as her brother. That guy is quick to run. Satou even gets back at him by adlibbing that he should become her brother as she is setting a lame food trap. She fell for her own trap but this brings him out of his hiding. Kikuno happened to be here so Yamada introduces Souma. Naturally she is worried he is the son she never knew she had. Rest assured, she says they are siblings not related by blood. Mom then reminds her Yamada is not even their family name… For once, Yamada tries to acknowledge Kirio as her big brother but since he is being an idiot as usual, they argue. Mom couldn’t be happier.
* Now Takanashi is back at Wagnaria, Inami can’t help if she is the source of the problem because it seems their shifts are separate, making it harder for them to be together during work. So she confronts Kyouko about it and she agrees to put it back to where it was because it was a pain just trying to change their shifts and keep them separate.
* As Takanashi is about to go home, Inami stops him. He starts talking about not being man enough, etc. He needs to do better to be true to his feelings. Unfortunately, Shizuka was listening as she knocks him out! She hates liars and can’t let his son date anyone.
* Next day, Minegishi is sent to relay a message that Takanashi will be quitting Wagnaria. Mom’s orders? They can’t verbally abuse him because he likes it. The problem stems from Takanashi not being true to himself. All those ‘lies’ he said about his love for Inami was more of out of embarrassment. But it is still a lie to Shizuka so she is going to lock him up and keep him cross-dressed until he stops being a liar.
* So we’ve got a flashback how Shizuka’s late husband was like that. He said he like tall and mature girls. Shizuka was the opposite so she went and become that till she found out it was a lie. Then he died when he promised he said he wouldn’t. That is why she doesn’t believe men who lie deserve to have a family or girlfriend.
* Inami still believes she is the source of this problem and will go talk to Shizuka directly. The rest know there will be dangers ahead so they dress her in Takanashi’s uniform?
* Along the way, she meets Kazue. It seems Shizuka has ordered the 4 sisters to defeat them if she is to see Takanashi. Kazue is dying of this embarrassment. When Inami congratulates on her remarriage, that embarrassment made her give up and let her pass.
* Next is Izumi but she looks so defeated before it starts. She even faints before Inami could do anything. Thankfully Kirio is here so he can look after her while Inami moves ahead.
* Next is Kozue. Although they trade soft punches, Inami couldn’t get the better of her. Till Mitsuki reminds her it is her turn to cook so she forfeits the match and goes with them.
* Last is Nazuna. She looks genuinely mad. She thought Inami had been hitting her brother to satisfy his masochism. But when she learnt she was doing so without a reason, it made her mad. So are they really going to fight? Inami argues that Takanashi did what he could to save her. This was just a test from Nazuna to see if she is a nice person. It is probably why Takanashi put up with her punches. She lets her pass and at the same time Inami gives her a document that Souma told to pass to her.
* When Inami meets Shizuka and Takanashi, she praises Takanashi to be a great person. Shizuka is still not convinced so Nazuna shows a photo from that document. A young picture of Shizuka. There is more from where that came from. However threats won’t work on her. Taneshima comes by to return Inami’s clothes. Shizuka sees her small stature and is surprised her son passed this girl for Inami. The matter seems resolved as everyone prays at the altar. But why is Taneshima offered as offering?! Shizuka leaves for work. For many reasons, she is backing off now. She has faith in him to do what is necessary.
* Takanashi walks Inami home. They stop by the park and talk things out. She thought he is rejecting her indirectly. But since his strong point is to say the things he loves, he confesses he loves her. She is frozen for a while but does she need a reason why? It may have something to do with overlapping with small things but don’t get the wrong idea it is her small boobs! Kirio has been listening and couldn’t help praise this touching scene. Surprisingly, Takanashi didn’t punch him but thank him for his role in bringing them together. Then he punches him.
* With Takanashi back at Wagnaria, the rest notice Yachiyo for the first time without her sword. She explains Satou will be there to protect her and thus she doesn’t need it anymore. While everyone gives that looks at Satou, Kyouko breaks the news that Yachiyo has found a new place to work temporarily to cover her friend who is pregnant. Taneshima then breaks to the rest she is the next chief. She thinks Satou is going to tease her but surprisingly he says she has grown in character. This made her cry in Yachiyo’s arms.
* Minegishi brings Takanashi’s sisters to patron Wagnaria as Shizuka’s apology for dragging everyone into this mess. Taneshima gets motivated to do her best as the chief although she doesn’t like Takanashi calling her the tiny chief.

All In A Day’s Work
I’m not too sure if it is really the end of it but as far as this third season is concerned, it still lives up to its expectations at least where nostalgia is mainly concerned. The jokes and funny moments are still in line with how you expect them to be but some may find it repetitive and boring. But I don’t see any problem with it and since it still made me chuckle, it still isn’t that all bad. So whether or not this is the final season remains yet to be seen but we all know that there are going to be some changes around if another season is given the green light. Because as the staffs at Wagnaria are just part timers, one day they will have to quit and move on, right?

One thing good about this season is that despite there are developments and perhaps you could say closure to certain issues for certain characters, all the characters continue to stay the same as how we know them from the start. Like Yamada is still the clumsy and irresponsible floor crew even after her family’s case is resolved. I guess she feels more at home by dropping plates and dishes and then getting an earful from Takanashi. I don’t know, something tells me that she might be a masochist in that sense. After all, Yamada has only 2 good abilities. One of them being screwing up and messing up things and the other being finding Haruna. It seems she is the only person who can easily do this. As useless might it seems but it is indeed useful to Haruna who could pull off the greatest disappearing act right under our noses.

Then there is Taneshima who is still short in stature but big in heart (although the occasional nervousness) and still can’t properly pronounce Katanashi Takanashi’s name, Inami isn’t 100% cured of her androphobia yet although she is making big significant steps, Satou the deadpan sarcastic chef, Yachiyo the big sister who seems to be a worry wart at other times, Kyouko the irresponsible glutton manager and Souma who is still the prankster as well as information specialist. Anybody with any dark secrets, this guy will be a force to fear. Surprisingly, Maya makes slightly more appearances this season instead of appearing just in the final episode. Maybe this is one of this season’s surprises. Though, I wished that she would have more screen time and bug us about her normalcy than continue to be relegated as a minor side character. Outside Wagnaria, Kirio remains an idiot, Kazue the bossy but friendly big sister, Izumi the shut-in weakling, Kozue the eternal drunkard master and Nazuna who might look and act all cute and innocent but you wonder if she is the most dangerous person (aside Shizuka) because she can still talk about her ambition of world conquest with a smile. A joke? Let’s hope it is.

So it is great to see Yamada reconciling with her mom (although not with her brother who remains a big idiot in her eyes and reality), Otoo finally reuniting with Haruna after 2 seasons being lost (eventually he lost her again so to speak), Satou and Yachiyo finally dating each other as well as Takanashi and Inami instead of using cowardly excuses which could have saved them lots of trouble had they be more honest with their feelings (I hope it will be smooth flowing from now seeing both their parents gave their blessings). Who would have thought divorcee Kazue would get back together again with Minegishi. Anybody would after that dramatic episode. Can I say something like birds of the same flock? Of course new developments include the possibility of Yachiyo quitting Wagnaria in the future and despite it is a good change for everybody, it still feels sad to think that one of the main characters would be leaving. We have grown so accustomed to see everyone together at Wagnaria that it is unthinkable just to imagine that one of them would no longer be around. Well, nothing lasts forever and certainly changes will come. You don’t expect these kids to be working here forever, did you? Maybe for Kyouko…

I’m not sure but it could be my faulty memory but doesn’t this season feel that it has less focus on Takanashi’s sisters as well as the Mashiba siblings (not considering the final special episode)? It is good that most of the focus is on the Wagnaria employees and despite these other characters intertwine with them, not to say that it affects deeply or a lot but I just feel that they made less of an impact this season. A few new odd characters like Minegishi and Kikuno to add to the mix and making their debut here but nothing much that would change anything big.

Throwing spanner into the works is Shizuka. Her character feels like it doesn’t belong into the harmonic equation and relationship to all the characters (despite all their flaws) especially the Takanashi household. She really lives up to her dreaded reputation and what’s more a politician. Yeah, the job that everybody hates this days. But with Shizuka around, she’ll really make you fear her. Even more mysterious and deadlier than Souma, you’ll never know when she will strike terror in our hearts. You’d wish she would just be a non-recurring character but alas looks like she will be here to stay despite her very limited appearance. Expect the unexpected from her. But ultimately as a mother, I believe her actions are because she loves her children and especially for Takanashi, she doesn’t want him to grow up to be a serial liar even if those are just white lies. Maybe her actions are questionable but at the end of the day, all she wants is the best for her son and that is to be honest.

The opening theme for this season maintains its liveliness and fanfare like in its previous seasons. Sung by the same bunch of girls then, if the previous seasons’ opening themes had catchy repetitive words, then for Now!!! Gamble will also have the same. This time it would be “Now, now, now…” and “Check, check, check…”. I just feel weird when they say “Spark me up” and “Start you up”. I wonder if that is the case of bad English. In line with previous seasons too, the ending theme is sung by the guys (although I feel Hiroshi Kamiya stood out more just like last time too). If Matsuge Ni Lock sounds pretty familiar, that is because the 70’s disco feel of this piece rings similar bells to the second season’s ending theme which also follows the disco beat.

Overall, this has been quite a good season. It has all the comedic properties that you would have expected from this series and even a bonus nostalgia factor to go with it. Maybe the years it was absent was worth it. Despite the jokes and the characters feel somewhat overall the same, but the formula works well so if it is not broken, do not fix it. It is a good reason why this third season has its charm and one of the rare animes with sequels to live up to its expectations of its predecessors. In an age where there are too many animes and disappointing ones, this series has been a much welcomed relief to all that. Thank goodness for Wagnaria for all the sweet treats and desserts in taking away all my frustrations and stress from all the disappointing series throughout the season. Can I have seconds then? I hope I don’t have to wait another 4 years for it.


October 21, 2012

Part time jobs as far as I know is quite a fad in Japan for teenagers who are still schooling. Especially those who plan to save up to buy something be it a gift to someone or something they desire very much, getting paid via part time job(s) is the way to go to earn extra cash. One of the popular part time jobs would be working in a cafe or family restaurants as waiter or waitress. So I thought I could glimpse the behind-the-scenes life of part timers holding such jobs behind a family restaurant in Working!! How wrong I was.

Sure the setting is in a family restaurant named Wagnaria but what drives this comedy series that is based on the yonkoma of the same name, is the many wacky oddball staffs and the unusual activities they do that sometimes have nothing to do with their job. We have the very lazy store manager who never lifts a finger to do any work except eating her parfait, a newbie waiter who is obsessed with cute, small and weak things, a petite waitress who is very sensitive about her short stature, a waitress with androphobia who will punch the other gender without hesitation will punch, another waitress always carrying a samurai sword, a moody cook and his carefree assistant who blackmails people with his information, the store manager who is always away searching for his missing wife and later on a mysterious new girl who is more of a troublemaker than a helpful waitress. So it bugs me with such eccentric personalities, why do people keep coming back and how can work be done. Who cares as long as the food tastes good and the service friendly.

* Store manager, Kyouko Shirafuji mentions the need to find a for a new co-worker so Poplar Taneshima desperately asks her classmates (not interested) and her quest takes her to out to the cold winter streets till she bumps into a guy, Souta Takanashi. First he couldn’t believe this cute little thing is 17 years old (she has her school ID to prove it) and decides to give the part time job a go simple because she’s cute… So on his first day, he gets to know the sort of ‘trouble’ he would be getting into. The petite girl who despite being named after a tall tree is still stuck at the ‘infant’ stages who couldn’t even pronounce his name properly (Katanashi?) and the manager who even admits through her own mouth that she doesn’t work. Then he meets Jun Satou who often bullies and teases Taneshima about her height and the very well-informed Hiroomi Souma. Soon Takanashi can’t take his eyes off the floor chief, Yachiyo Todoroki. Doesn’t the sword by her waist will scare off customers? Well, from first look they seem like nice people, right? Stay on a little longer and you’ll find out…
* Taneshima complains to Takanashi that a customer thought she is a middle school student. He thinks she’s supposed to be in elementary school. She got this answer from her only salvation? Kyouko forbids any employee relationship and would prefer they stay just as friends. But you know what? Takanashi feels he wants to be her father! Pedo? Takanashi goes on ranting about his love for cute and small things. Even water fleas…
* Takanashi makes the biggest mistake that men should not ask a woman: Their age. Even if Kyouko had no qualms to say it (28 years old), he should not have commented how old she is. Because of that, he gets all sevens shifts this week. Deserved it. So he must be real tired out doing all those shift work and still couldn’t figure out what caused Kyouko’s ire. Menopause says he? Taneshima has to advice him about being careful when commenting on people’s age but to him, Taneshima will always be 12 years old.
* Kyouko is rude and unaccommodating to a customer so Takanashi had to go apologize and give her a free drink. Then they see a couple of customers harassing Taneshima so Kyouko kicks them. They threaten the old hag and vow never to come back here and since they haven’t paid, Kyouko calls her ‘guys’ to beat them up and get all their cash! Oh sh*t! And you thought she would be calling the police! Takanashi thought even her rash action was to protect her employees but actually she is pissed that they called her an old hag. So when Takanashi comments that she is still young, he gets only a day off his shift. Well, a slight improvement.
* Takanashi notices a name of an employee he has never met due to their different shifts: Mahiru Inami. Today is the day he will first meet her. Guess what? She got so spooked out seeing a man this close to him and punches Takanashi in the face! So while she cowers behind Yachiyo, Takanashi learns about Inami’s fear of men and is advised not to get killed. You know what they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Welcome to Wagnaria!

Episode 2
* So Takanashi is bloody puzzled how can a girl who is so afraid of men work in a family restaurant that is open to both genders. She handles female customers perfectly but has problems with male customers. Kyouko wants to resolve her phobia with Takanashi because she needs them to get along. But this is going to take a while because even if Inami said she doesn’t hate men and is just afraid of them till the point she hits them in her reflex, Takanashi should’ve kept his mouth shut about her being scarier. Do you think he deserves that punch? Yeah, Inami hates men, Takanashi hates those above 12 years old (Taneshima is always an exception).
* Takanashi is Inami’s new punching bag, hitting him each time he gets close enough (by accident or not). Inami and Taneshima talk about the new guy. Taneshima thinks her incessant hitting is the reason why Takanashi is cold towards her. Inami thinks she needs to be small like her to get him to like her (something Taneshima disapproves).
* Kyouko has Yachiyo set new objectives for the employees to act appropriately in the eyes of others. Takanashi sees a good example how Yachiyo is already flouting the rule. Taneshima and Inami also feel they can meet the objective besides their short comings (no pun intended for Taneshima). So Yachiyo goes back to consult with Kyouko and soon the objective is changed to act appropriately in the eyes of the manager.
* A little girl customer talks to Takanashi and wonders why a small kid like Taneshima can work here. Though depressed, she observes how well he gets along with kids.
* Inami is forced to serve a table of a male customer since Yachiyo has her hands busy. Do you know what’s the first thing she said? “Would you like your beating now?”. Uhn… Thankfully Takanashi pulls her away and Yachiyo later covers for her. Takanashi complains to Kyouko that this should be a manager’s job but she doesn’t bat an eyelid and is prepared to punch a guy who pisses her off regardless the situation. About losing customers? Don’t worry, she’ll call her subordinates to get cash out of him. Don’t ask more, okay.
* Taneshima wants Takanashi to get on good terms with Inami so she has him get friendly with her and not to act so cold. Though he likes seeing the cute little Taneshima and would continue to work here, he didn’t like the fact he need to go compliment Inami. It’s making his stomach sick. So when he does, he compliments how cute she looks. Her hairpin, that is. So was it a surprise he got punched? I suppose the same wall Inami has been hitting to take out her frustration is going to break if she keeps up her punching. Taneshima goes talk to her as she finds out she hit him because she was surprised Takanashi complimented her.

Episode 3
* Takanashi couldn’t recognize who Inami is since she’s so nice serving females. So he barrages her with question about treating boys and what about those who cross-dress. She says her phobia has been ingrained in her since young that boys are scary that it becomes a reflex. So what about her father? He hasn’t come back for a long time. Inami mentions how different Takanashi is from other guys because he is easy to hit!
* Takanashi can’t help wonder about Yachiyo’s sword. He asks Kyouko but she tells him to do his job. Well, she’s the manager, right? Even if she doesn’t work and eats her parfait specially made from Yachiyo every day. I guess Takanashi goes to talk with Satou whom he thinks is the most normal guy around about Yachiyo’s sword scaring customers and the rate she makes parfait for Kyouko they’ll use up all the ingredients meant for customers. Satou tells how Yachiyo had been carrying the sword around since young. She always got bullied till the ‘saviour’ (more like delinquent) in the name of Kyouko did something to save her (scene was omitted. Makes you think something scary happened, eh?). Ever since Yachiyo felt indebted and became her errand girl in buying her stuff. Both of them have been together ever since. Takanashi asks Yachiyo herself and it seems she comes from a family making blades. So carrying a sword around is nothing to her. Yeah, but a bother to everyone else. When Kyouko calls Yachiyo to make her parfait, Satou messes with Taneshima’s hair and makes it as though she’s grown taller.
* Hyougo Otoo, the store manager returns from his wife-searching trip. Not to find exotic ingredients as Takanashi thought. All Kyouko is interested are the food souvenirs he brought back. She starts munching them without shame. Otoo mentions when he sees something that resembles his wife, he will buy it immediately. That explains the scary mask. Does his wife look this scary? How did she go missing in the first place? With her bad sense of direction, she never came back from shopping one day.
* There is a deadly aura from Yachiyo because there is somebody she really wants to cut down: Otoo! Did he do anything wrong? Ever since his return, Kyouko got distracted by his food rather than asking her to make parfaits. She’ll never forgive him if he gets hook on it! Till Kyouko wants Yachiyo to make her a parfait did she calm down and gladly makes one.
* Yachiyo becomes sick and is resting in the room so I guess Kyouko has to cover for her. Seriously? Taneshima teaches her how to do simple stuffs like washing plate but she just sucks. Maybe that’s why it’s best she doesn’t work. Satou makes porridge for Yachiyo and wants Kyouko to take it to her. Kyouko wants to share her porridge not because she’s a glutton but rather she wants to catch her cold and let her get better quick. After working today (sort of), she feels without her around she is useless.
* Now Yachiyo is better, Kyouko wants to eat but Satou isn’t happy that if this keeps up, he’ll have no more ingredients to make for the customers. Yachiyo thinks of helping him out in the kitchen because she is worried Kyouko will die if her stomach gets empty. I’m sure she won’t die of starvation at the rate she’s eating. I guess Yachiyo’s cute pleading made Satou agree. Takanashi observes something bad. Satou likes Yachiyo but it’s just a one-sided love. Each time he gets frustrated on that, he takes out on Taneshima. See the pattern?
* Inami can’t believe Otoo is a man and wants to hit him! Nice Takanashi probably is thinking he isn’t as durable as him so he gets all the whacking Inami lets out. Takanashi points out Otoo is air so it’s no use hitting him. And when Inami realizes she is this close to Takanashi, he gets punched.

Episode 4
* A woman collapsed in front of Wagnaria. To Takanashi’s horror, it is her drunk sister Kozue. Probably this is why he never recommended his family to come to the place he is working at. Complaining she got dumped by her latest boyfriend, Kozue proceeds to pin her brother down for being cold to her. Takanashi wouldn’t have wished for more trouble because Inami happened to come in and sees a photo of a cute girl. Actually that is Takanashi! He is the only boy among 4 sisters so it is natural that all the clothes he got were hand-me-downs! Takanashi wants her to keep this a secret but since he is touching her shoulders, you can guess what follows next.
* Takanashi notices he hasn’t talk much to Souma yet and as he observes, the frightening amount of information he knows about others can serve as blackmail! Does he know about his cross-dressing too? You bet! Even all his sisters! Souma thinks it’s a way to make friends but I guess there is a fine line of knowing something and privacy. Though Souma won’t tell anyone, just to be safe Takanashi goes to wash dishes on his behalf.
* Souma and Takanashi observe how Satou puts up with Yachiyo’s admiration of Kyouko. Souma thought of making things interesting by hinting to Yachiyo that someone likes her. However Yachiyo got the wrong idea and thinks Satou likes Kyouko! She’s unsheathing her sword! Souma calls her an idiot and goes to rest. I guess Souma tries to clean up the mess by saying how a good guy Satou is. Later Yachiyo thinks Satou is still mad and was told she should try to notice him more. Satou pulls his assistant in and clobbers him with a pan.
* Takanashi notices Taneshima and Inami doing their homework. Inami’s poor results in maths and literature are the result of her teacher being men despite being in an all-girls’ school. Takanashi decides to coach Inami on literature but this is because so she would keep her mouth shut on his cross-dressing.
* We are introduced to Takanashi’s other sisters at home. Besides Kozue the third sister, there is Izumi the second child who is a writer always experiencing writer’s block (her room is nothing but messy paper) and the eldest sister Kazue who is a lawyer and ever ready to throw the law book at you. Yes, she throws the book at your face! Be careful what you say because everything sounds like slander to her. I guess of all the sisters, the kindest one has to be the youngest, Nazuna. You can say she is Takanashi’s ally around the house.
* Takanashi learns Souma isn’t good with Inami too. The only men who can deal with her are Satou and Takanashi. Ever since Takanashi worked here, he has taken Souma’s place of getting beaten up. Plus, Souma does not have enough information on her to ‘threaten’ her since they rarely talk. However he got a new info on how ever since Takanashi complimented on her hairpin, she’s been wearing a new one every day. Not that I notice. Inami got so embarrassed that Souma gets beaten up. Feeling nostalgic, eh?
* It’s Valentine’s Day and Kyouko wants chocolate from Takanashi as food. She’s following American customs by the way… Yachiyo gives chocolates to Satou and Souma. Souma gives his to Satou in hopes he can return the favour one day. Does he want to get hit with the frying pan again? Taneshima and Inami bought chocolates for Takanashi but Inami is flushed with embarrassment, the heat may melt the chocolates. But instead of giving the chocolate, Inami gives her punch. I’m sure he received that well. And that punch was not because she hate men but out of delicacy?

Episode 5
* Inami can’t seem to get over her phobia still. Guess who bears the brunt? Each time male customers come in, her colleagues had to cover for her. Takanashi thought the height, age and craziness of the female staffs are directly proportional to each other. From small to big, nice to extreme: Taneshima -> Inami -> Yachiyo -> Kyouko. Takanashi notices a cute little toy that comes with the kid’s meal. He wants it! Get back to work!
* Takanashi observes Satou teasing Taneshima again and he finds her being bullied cute. Yachiyo warns Satou not to pick on the weak but his scary expression even has Yachiyo thinking twice and apologizing. Yachiyo seeks Souma’s advice on Satou’s grumpiness. Souma wanted to tell it straight to her but looks like Satou has shut his mouth. He tries to hint the long way round and his gut tells him something dreadful is going to happen. Yachiyo meets Satou again and apologizes about her comments that he likes Kyouko. Now she thinks he likes Taneshima! Satou just tells her to stop talking. Confused Yachiyo sinks into depression while Taneshima gets bullied even more.
* Takanashi and Inami are still at war. The former thinks she has not improved but Inami disagrees otherwise. She is bent on getting used to men even if it means Takanashi dies! Kyouko couldn’t care less about that guy’s life. Just don’t break the wall.
* Nazuna is sick so Takanashi takes the day off to nurse her. Taneshima is worried Inami will be lonely. Well, you can tell it as she is pulling air punches. I guess with his absence, guess who’ll take her hits? Maybe she really just wants to hit something. Oh Souma, it’s such bad timing to meet her. Satou has never got hit before because he always plans his routes. Souma discovers an ingenious way to talk to Inami without meeting: Via handphone. But even through the handphone Souma can feel how scary she is because she’s beating up the wall. Souma thought this method will allow him to get closer to her but as Satou points out it’s the opposite instead. At least in presence.
* Inami thought she can handle greeting male customers but she didn’t think the entire football team would waltz in. Since Yachiyo is also on leave, Inami pleads to the guys to help her out since Taneshima is having her hands full. To make up for it, Inami will be working in the kitchen. They manage to get by the busy day as Takanashi pays them a visit since Nazuna is feeling much better. He brought refreshments for everyone but Kyouko hijacks them.

Episode 6
* Takanashi didn’t like his sisters watching a retro video of him dressed as a cute little girl playing around the house. Despite the video filmed by their late father, there is no video of him and Takanashi wished how he could’ve raised him as a son instead of a daughter.
* Satou returns the favour of Valentine’s Day to Yachiyo while Takanashi does the same for Taneshima and Inami. You can understand why is he standing so far from Inami, right? How can he reach her? A mail ordered mechanical hand! Let’s call it Magic Hand. The present Inami got from him are lots of hairpins.
* Takanashi dreads this moment. Drunk Kozue is clinging onto him as company, Izumi wants him to help her out with her novel and Kazue is just reprimanding Izumi for being weak. She tries advising her about taking care of her own responsibilities but it had the adverse effect instead. She locks herself in her room. When she opens the door, it floods the hall with paper. Big sister gives her words of encouragement this time and to take a break to find new source of material but when Izumi mentions of using Kazue’s divorce as her source, it’s back to square one.
* Takanashi is worried about the family’s budget this month. Thanks to Kozue’s spending on booze. Nazuna gives some money she asked from Kazue and advises Takanashi on the cheaper beer he can buy for Kozue. Kozue throws a fuss when she claims Takanashi is nicer to Izumi than her so she goes trash his room but finds it plain. She sees the cute bunny she gave him a long time ago. He has been keeping it all the while and notes he still loves her very much.
* Takanashi returns from an errand only to see Inami crushing a pole! Her mom made her go buy some ingredients for dinner and she is afraid she’ll hit everyone in the supermarket. Takanashi buys the stuffs for her and finds out the unusual way she commutes to school. Yeah, the path no one takes. Using Magic Hand to tag her home, they meet Kazue. Inami’s choice of words has Kazue misinterpret of them having a weird relationship. Guess what comes to mind with the word ‘attack’. She is ready to beat her brother up when she learns about Inami’s condition. She is relieved and tells Inami to feel free to beat him up instead. Inami notes how he’s got it tough at home. She doesn’t know how true that is.
* Nazuna notes how her brother doesn’t keep many cute things despite his obsession for it. He says he used to take the bunny wherever he goes and it got dirty so he keeps them all in a safe place now.

Episode 7
* Otoo returns once more but this time he brought back a girl! While looking for his wife, he met Aoi Yamada standing alone at the train station and was instantly taken in by her sob story of running away from home despite being totally fishy. Why did she run away if she wanted a family so much? Heck, we don’t even know if that’s even her real name. Kyouko didn’t like her but since she has food souvenirs, I guess she’s okay with it. And yes, Yamada will be living at Wagnaria. Right in here. So as Yamada works, Takanashi finds her a noob in everything. She doesn’t even know how to open a can. Because Yamada is treating the place like her home, Satou isn’t happy she is hijacking the fridge to put her stuffs. Yamada is recruiting ‘family members’ so she makes Otoo the father and Yachiyo the mother and wants both of them to marry! Yachiyo is ready to cut Otoo down even though it’s not his fault! Kyouko doesn’t know what’s going on but says Yachiyo belongs to her. That was enough to calm her down. While Yamada is terrified of Yachiyo being mad, she is starting to like this kind of family. What kind of family does she have in mind?
* Satou reprimands Yamada for stealing stuffs from the restaurant. You can thank Souma’s ratting for that. Yamada is upset and wants to get back at him by finding out what kind of person he is but nobody knows much. She summarizes that he is a bad person and one with no friends. And she pities him!
* Yamada notices Yachiyo talking to Satou. When she confronts Yachiyo, she tells it right in her face that Satou likes her since he is only kind to her. So Yachiyo meets Satou to confirm about it and he points to her since she wants to know so badly. There is no one else behind her… Now Satou is in a bad mood and goes home. This means Souma has to do all the cooking.
* The atmosphere between Yachiyo and Satou is getting so odd that Yachiyo feels like committing seppuku while Taneshima gets a taste of Satou’s extreme teasing. So the duo are made to sit down and talk things out. The rest observe Satou may be trying to confuse her before he gets rejected. Yachiyo apologizes for the misunderstanding she created and the insensitivity. Of all the guys, she likes him the best. Satou almost choked on his smoke. He heads home and this mean more workload for Souma. Yamada returns and feels she has missed all the fun drama so she accidentally breaks all the plates in the box. Was she stealing that?

Episode 8
* Due to a burst water pipe, Wagnaria will be off tomorrow so Taneshima suggests for everyone to go out together to the hotsprings since this is a rare occasion. I’m sure Yamada would love it since she’s always home alone at work. Get it? Inami is worried she’ll hit the guys and though she hits him lesser now, Takanashi gets hit 3 times daily. Takanashi isn’t confident about this and this upsets Inami. Maybe he crossed the line this time. Initially Takanashi couldn’t come since he had some house chores to do but Nazuna is okay to cover for him.
* Takanashi and Souma take a bus (the latter wants to come to see the interesting developments) while the girls are waiting for Kyouko to come pick them up. As feared, she is still asleep when Satou happened to pass by in his car. Yamada jumps onto his windscreen! He is okay to take them there. Only problem is Inami is trying hard not to hit him. Then halfway his car ran out of petrol but in nice timing Kyouko came by. She remembered about the steam buns she wanted to eat and drove as fast as she can to the hotsprings. So they switch cars and meet up with the rest there.
* Inami couldn’t hold it in and wants to punch any guy she sees! The first one went to Takanashi. Felt good? Takanashi cannot risk anymore casualties and with his Magic Hand, takes Inami to a place with lesser crowd while the rest head off elsewhere. At the bridge, Takanashi and Inami talk about the latter’s androphobia. He really wants to help her to cure it and accidentally put his hand on her shoulders. We already see this coming.
* They meet up at a kappa statue believed to make your wish come true if water flows out of its mouth. Everyone has their turn and when Inami wishes for a cure for her phobia, no water is coming out! Does this mean even the gods can’t cure her?! Oh, there’s a leaf stuck inside.
* At the end of the day, the girls leave in Kyouko’s car. For the guys, they are lucky Satou just filled up and came by. Souma almost got left behind when he commented he just missed Yachiyo back there. Inami wonders if she can come out like this again with everyone and have to thank Takanashi for it. But since he treated her like a mad dog, she can’t really thank him honestly.

Episode 9
* Though it is Inami’s day off, she visits Wagnaria to ask Takanashi if he minds to cross-dress. “Go home!”. There is a reason to this. Her dad is coming home and if she finds out that a boy gave her those hairpins (mommy knows about it and might tell him), he won’t allow her to work here anymore. Seems daddy is the real culprit in implanting fear into her that boys are scary because he doesn’t want her to be near men. Thus the first person she punched was her dad. Inami lied to her mom that Takanashi is a girl and despite her pitiful story, hell Takanashi isn’t going to cross-dress. He has his own trauma too, you know. The rest especially Souma and Yamada want to see interesting developments and play mind games with Takanashi to do it. Don’t worry, they have the dress and make-up kit for him to look like a girl. And so Takanashi gives in and cross-dresses. He turns out to be a pretty girl!!! WOAH!!! Kotori-chan!!! Why is Inami upset ‘she’ got bigger boobs than hers?!
* Kotori must be feeling dismayed because now it’s Taneshima’s turn to feel awe about ‘her’ cuteness. Roles reversed. Yachiyo learns about the situation and wonders wouldn’t it be easier to have someone else pretend to be Takanashi instead? Oh, somebody wanted to see interesting developments remember? Takanashi laments he hates cross-dressing and ironically he is doing it now.
* Inami’s father comes in and is looking for a person named Takanashi. Kotori comes out and he is relieved ‘she’ is a girl. Then he pulls out a rifle from his bag! Oh sh*t! Though it is fake but it can still hurt. Then he senses something amiss on Kotori. ‘She’ is too tall for a girl and wonders if ‘she’ is a guy cross-dressing (pointing rifle at the dude!). Inami comes out in nice timing to tell her dad off not to be rude. Inami is trying to hold it in not to scream or punch Kotori or else this will reveal Takanashi. Daddy is relieved Kotori is a girl because he knows his daughter can never get close to a guy. Then he almost demonstrates onto another customer what he’ll do if Kotori really is a guy! Inami reprimands daddy for doing something like that and hates him.
* As Kotori serves him, ‘she’ confirms with daddy about Inami’s androphobia. Not only he admits it, he is bragging how he developed her phobia for 10 years by making her watch videos and read storybooks that involve men as the bad guys. If the character was a female, he changed it to male! Plus, to increase her arm strength, he hid weights in her belongings! Asserting he will never let a guy get near Inami, Kotori starts to boil inside and thinks back of all the times ‘she’ got hit by her. Then ‘she’ snaps. Scolding idiot dad of the sufferings she was made to go through, caring for his child is fine but not something he can just toy with. Kotori wants him to apologize to his daughter and if he is scared of getting punched, do it by other means like through a letter or phone. Hope he learns his lesson. So after guilty dad leaves, the girls watch Inami’s face flushed with embarrassment and realize she has fallen for Takanashi. Later Takanashi apologizes to Inami that he said those stuffs at the spur of the moment but she doesn’t care about her father anymore.

Episode 10
* Souma and Yamada recap that explosive affair Kotori gave to Inami’s dad. They really enjoy this, don’t they? Inami gets an apology letter from her dad and is allowed to continue working here. Taneshima tries to hint to Takanashi that Inami doesn’t see him as just a mere guy anymore. He takes it now she thinks he’s a transvestite! But Takanashi is relieved she still punches him so she must be treating him like a normal guy, right? Don’t tell me his other side has awakened.
* Inami is in a dilemma that she still has the urge to punch guys. It’s confusing enough that she punches him because she likes him or not so Taneshima says nothing has changed. Just keep punching him as usual. Even Takanashi himself gives her permission to do so as long she doesn’t kill him. But this causes her to fluster.
* Yamada wants to play the customer, much to Takanashi’s ire but he gets even more irritated since Souma has pictures of him as Kotori. Taneshima would gladly love to have that. Looks like she totally digs his cross-dressing. Blaming Inami as the source, he wants to quickly cure her phobia and to start off by holding hands. Well, she already connected her fist to his face.
* Yachiyo is down since Kyouko has gone out for a business trip. Yamada disguises as Kyouko but it’s not working. Souma suggests to divert her attention to serve Satou and the days will pass in a blink of an eye. Kyouko talks to Satou that they should call each other by their first names because she thought calling her surname sounded manly. He almost choked on his smoking. So when Kyouko returns, I guess this kills the mood for Satou. Yachiyo talks to Kyouko about how good a person Satou is like as though he is like a good friend. All Kyouko can feel is a killing intent aura from him.
* Takanashi walks Inami home and thanks to the Magic Hand, at least they can ‘hold hands’ without fear of getting punched. Nazuna spots them and thinks she is her brother’s girlfriend. She’s finding it interesting…
* Kyouko introduces a new temporary part timer: Nazuna. How did this happen? Kyouko got bribed with snacks… Nazuna gets a chance to talk to Inami but the latter is acting all guilty thinking she knows her habit of hitting Takanashi. Then she sees him getting punched and wonders why he isn’t mad after getting hit. Having another round of talk with Inami, she asks if her brother likes getting hit but what panicky Inami heard was if she likes him. Inami answers yes so Nazuna thinks big brother is a masochist.
* Inami once again is in a dilemma. She thinks once her phobia is cured, Takanashi will have no reason to be with her. So does she want it cured or not? Anyway just hit him first, think later. Takanashi knows this problem is going to take time to solve and take things slowly. Inami feels better when he says she is fine the way she is now. I hope that doesn’t mean he likes her punches.

Episode 11
* Yamada must be fitting comfortably living in the attic of Wagnaria. She observes how much Taneshima wants Takanashi to come (so he could praise her) but also the potential love triangle brewing since Inami is now in the picture. Taneshima gives a female wig to Takanashi because she totally admires the cross-dressing part of him. She even wants him to cross-dress one more time so she can try harder to be her ideal self. No way! Putting up that cute face isn’t going to work either.
* Souma comes in with photos of Kyouko during her younger days as manager at Wagnaria. Satou and Yachiyo are also in it and they reminisce the old times. Because Satou looked like a delinquent then, Yachiyo was always afraid of him till she was told by Kyouko to make friends with him. Her shyness in approaching him has Satou accidentally fall for her. Noting that many staffs come and go, she hopes to stay like this forever but this doesn’t sit well with Satou because that means he and her will always be friends only, right? He thinks of quitting sooner or later and this made Yachiyo feel somewhat lonely.
* Kozue patrons Wagnaria again. Takanashi can’t make her leave since she threatens to reveal stories of him when he’s young. I guess the reason why she is drinking here (they serve beer at this family restaurant too?) is because she got dumped again. But that’s the least of his problems since Kozue becomes a returning customer.
* Yamada reads ghost stories to Inami and Taneshima. Satou tells a frightening one to the shorty: She’ll shrink each time she sleeps! Because of that, the girls got so scared to walk home. Satou offers to drive Taneshima back while Takanashi walks Inami home (with the trusty Magic Hand of course). On the way back, Inami realizes her mom won’t be home and gets scared of the idea she’ll be home alone. I don’t know if he’s joking when he suggests she come to stay at his place. Inami thought he is joking once more when he thought he heard footsteps. Oh shoot! She broke the Magic Hand. So scared that she is clinging to him without punching him! Then the culprit turns out to be Yamada. She is scared to sleep all by herself in the attic and tailed them. They thought it’d be okay since there are 2 girls now but easily got spooked when Takanashi fakes a boo. So he really brings them back to his place but there is a reason why he did so. Because the girls will provide company to his annoying sisters and he will use this chance to finish the house chores in peace.
* Kozue thinks she has never seen Takanashi so friendly with girls around his age. Yamada reflects on Souma’s advice to think before speaking. I guess she give too much thought on that and blurts out Inami likes Takanashi. Kozue will gladly help out in their romance and dumps Inami into his room. Inami wonders if he will still talk to her if her phobia is cured. Well, if she stops punching him, they’ll definitely be on better terms. Since she isn’t afraid of ghost anymore and can’t sleep, he suggests of doing this. Kozue and Yamada eavesdrop and excited over the prospects of what is going to happen. To their dismay, they’re just playing cards.

Episode 12
* Due to the mail order promotion, Takanashi now has got 2 Magic Hands! But he still doesn’t want his past revealed to Taneshima. She on the other still admires everything Kotori has so Satou hopes she is not into girls. She thought how everyone will be happy if Takanashi cross-dresses again. Except him. Taneshima notices Takanashi dropped his student pass and inside is his commuter pass. Since he lives nearby she decides to go return it. Outside his doorstep she sees all the sisters and for that guy, his nightmare is coming true. Taneshima wants to revere his sisters so she can grow to be like them. I don’t think that’ll work.
* Taneshima sinks into depression because Takanashi tried to keep this a secret from her. It’s like he doesn’t trust her. Inami tries to cheer her up to forgive him but it somewhat backfires because now she thinks Takanashi never realizes such a nice girl beside him.
* Taneshima confronts Takanashi about the subtle feelings of a girl. No, it’s not about children but a maiden’s heart. As a token of apology, he’ll do anything she says. Oops. He may regret saying that. Praying hard she will not ask him to cross-dress to his surprise, she wants him to go out on a date with Inami. She wants him to learn more about a maiden’s heart and also a reward for taking care of Inami all this time. Besides, it’s good chance to cure her phobia. Souma has an even better idea. Cross-dress and date her. He reasons though Inami would like to date the first guy she loves, so if Takanashi cross-dresses, that won’t count. He’s enjoying this, isn’t he? Inami doesn’t know what to do and does what she does best: Punch him.
* Taneshima and Yamada try to convince Inami to go out on a date since it’s not like she wants to keep hitting Takanashi for the rest of her life. Or maybe, does she?! Calling for some drastic measures not to punch him, the girls tie her arms behind and bring her to Takanashi. If she can’t punch him, she’ll kick him! So we can conclude if you tie up one place, she’ll attack you with another. So the date’s off? Inami is worried if they continue with it, she’ll beat the crap out of him. Despite knowing that, Takanashi agreed to go out with her. That’s why she need not worry.
* Back home, Takanashi mentions of wanting to see Inami’s progress but Nazuna takes it the wrong way and thinks he really likes to get hit. He is cool when tomorrow comes but as for Inami, she is panicking on what to wear. She even reads a romance novel to have an idea. Mommy calms her to sleep but in the end, she can’t help worry about everything. So if you’re wondering why Takanashi is so calm? Perhaps he has already prepared himself to die? No negative thoughts please.

Episode 13
* So the duo meet up on their date but… Did Takanashi give in to cross-dress as Kotori?! And why are the rest of Wagnaria here? Actually this was what happened. Souma and Yamada accidentally splashed water on Takanashi and conveniently only had female clothes for him to wear. They wanted to follow them but that’s why Satou is around. To prevent them for doing so. Yamada and Taneshima are happily convinced with Satou treating them but Souma has got to pay for his share. And then when they go to the department store, Souma is forced to treat the girls to buy girls. 50,000 Yen!!! Better work your ass off this month.
* Inami still has the urge to hit Kotori but is trying hard to keep it in. Inami is taken to the park whereby the crowd is lesser so that she won’t randomly hit guys. Reflecting on the times they’ve been through (inclusive of getting hit), Inami is able to get closer to guys now despite still hitting Takanashi thrice a day. She thought she would at least be able to hold his hand but why is she clenching her fist?! Kotori then runs off to play with several cute puppies. Later Kotori extends her hand for her to try again when a frisbee comes hitting ‘her’ head. Seeing it came from a little girl, ‘she’ forgives her and they end up playing frisbee together.
* Finally we get to know the other waitress in Wagnaria who has been making little cameo appearances here and there. She is Maya Matsumoto and is obsessed with being normal. Oh no. Another weirdo. She feels she is not corrupted by the rest and even if she does something wrong, she hopes it would be something normal and not abnormal. So when the rest come back, she has somewhat an argument with Yamada. Normal life versus dramatic life.
* Kotori gives Inami another chance to touch ‘her’ hand. It might be going well since ‘she’ didn’t get hit today. Yet. She is at her limit and wants to punch when it starts raining. Taking shelter at an open hut, the rain stops so Inami goes to buy drinks. Takanashi reflects despite being a violent girl, she is nice and considerate. Then it hit him that he as a lover of small and cute things think that a girl like her he despises is nice. He tries to reason that he is only assessing her progress today and that she is just a dog. Oh dear. Inami heard that. Perhaps he is trying too hard because after saying the certain good points of certain dogs, he akin Inami to a cute savage hound. So in the end, she’s still a savage hound, eh? See her crush the cans with just her fist? You’re in deep sh*t. But Inami calms down when he commends the cute clothes she is wearing.
* Taneshima asks how the date went and apparently Inami notes she became a dog. To her dismay she hears it from Takanashi’s mouth that they played frisbee (with the little girl lah). Yamada feels great with the new set of clothes she got and feels superior. I guess she crossed the line by asking Satou to cook for her and gets a noogie. New bully victim?

Working!! S2

Over a year later, the sequel Working!! S2 came out and I suppose you can expect more or less the same thing from the usual crew of Wagnaria. Will there be any developments in the romance section? Will Inami get over her phobia and become a couple with Takanashi? Will Yachiyo and Satou also become a couple? Will Yamada get the ideal family she’s always wanted? Will Otoo find his beloved wife? Will Kyouko stop eating and start working? Will there be more screen time for Takanashi’s sister? Will Taneshima start growing? Well, you’ll have to tune in to find out. But I’ve just got this feeling that the final question won’t come true… :)

Episode 1
* By the time Inami prepares herself for work, seems Takanashi has already taken care most of her bits. Taneshima still worries about her height when Takanashi pets her. Thinking that this is his way of calling her short, she says it’s rude to do so especially to a senior. She leaves angrily and while Takanashi ponders about it, he crosses Inami’s path and gets punched. What a way to start the season. Into the fourth minute and he already got a fist in his face. Taneshima complains to Yachiyo but the latter feels that girls should like being called so. Inami also goes talk to Takanashi so that he could stop bothering Taneshima by calling her small. He should go apologize to her. Even if she’s considerate, he notes back that she should stop punching him. By the way, her androphobia has made no progress. Trying to restrain it seems like she’s preparing for another punch! Though she may have been hitting him less since he first started working, but it seems Takanashi himself has gotten worse. Especially when it comes to cute little things. At least this is what Kyouko observes.
* Yamada is acting guilty and even saying she didn’t do it despite nobody asked her what. Takanashi tricks her into revealing that she broke yet another plate. He makes her write her name on the list high up on the wall. Meanwhile Taneshima takes out her complaint to Satou and Souma and surprisingly the latter advises her with mature and nice advice. Is he in a good mood? Actually, if Taneshima gets bullied and quit, Takanashi may follow suit. So who will bear the brunt of Inami’s punches. That’s right. Always think about the future. Yeah, Souma nearly saw death again when he crossed paths with Inami.
* Yachiyo is afraid there is a bug in the kitchen. She seeks Satou’s ‘protection’. But Kyouko was the one that crushes the little bug climbing up the wall. After she has Yachiyo switch her break time with Inami, Takanashi is horrified to see Kyouko the killer! She killed the bug!!! OMG! He finds little insects cute too?! He is in such trauma that he makes a comparison that killing that bug is like killing Taneshima. So… Taneshima = bug? Insulting, eh? While Takanashi is sobbing, Inami tries to put down her foot that enough is enough since he’s like insulting Taneshima. He tells her to shut up because she’s worse than the bug. All that hard work of restraining herself, she just let loose on him. I guess he deserves it. Yeah, the place got trashed too. To cushion things, Kyouko gives him a small plushie that he wanted to cool things down. And even if Takanashi says Taneshima is cuter than bugs, he’s still comparing her to bugs, right?
* Yamada once again had to write her name on the sheet for breaking stuff. She even thought of making Taneshima do her bit but Takanashi puts his foot down. Why was the sheet so high in the first place? Seems Taneshima wanted it that way so when she stretches to write, she hoped it would make her taller. Well… Yamada thinks of putting the sheet even higher so that Taneshima would look cuter and to follow her lead. All she got was a big ‘X’ drawn on her forehead.
* Inami is still gloomy because she hasn’t gotten over that bug comment yet. While Taneshima comforts her, she accidentally breaks a glass. So a rare opportunity to write her name down. She’s stretching but not reaching… Satou thought he could help out and bringing it closer to her but we know that guy doesn’t have such good intentions. Each time Taneshima tries to grab the sheet, he puts it away from her reach. So the rest tell her not to get so worked up over her height. But Souma imparts his advice on how to grow tall. Besides drinking milk, eat dried lizards! No way! But Taneshima believes him!!! Oh dear… So when Takanashi discusses with the guys about tricking her again, they ask him back what happens if she really grows. NOT HAPPENNING! Haha! They don’t even believe in her! So once everybody leaves, Taneshima has her spirits so high up about eating dried lizards that Satou eventually had to tell her it’s a lie. Bummer. Takanashi wondered where Inami went since she’s not around to walk home together with his Magic Hand. Seems she’s still in the changing room depressed that she’s worse than a bug…

Episode 2
* Inami notices Takanashi still pampering cute little Taneshima. Yamada also wants that and when she goes up to him for it, he snickers at her. Hey, isn’t she small size too? Yamada bugs Souma to be her ideal brother but he’s not giving an inch to her. She got so pissed off on how secretive he is that she forms an alliance with Taneshima to seek out his secrets. However their stalking is so obvious for even Souma to see. So much so he even fakes calling some mobster just to scare the girls (they’re hiding in the men’s locker). The girls are so ‘dumb’ that they believe he’s such a pitiful person! It’s like making a joke out of his name: Kawaii-Souma.
* Perhaps Inami has gotten over that bug issue. Now what’s bugging her is that she’s thinking if she gets over her phobia, there won’t be any more reason for Takanashi to be with her. So should she just stay this way? Taneshima talks to Satou and Yachiyo how dense Takanashi is to Inami’s feelings but I guess Yachiyo is the one to talk as Satou messes up her hair. He tells Taneshima that getting third parties involve won’t do any good. She still wants to support them and tries to hint about Inami. However each time, Takanashi says better things for Taneshima in comparison to Inami. Finally she had to tell him to tell Inami she’s cute and stuff. He’s not happy despite her making such request. As practice, she has him practice on a little doll named Inami. Well, he’s doing it fine because it’s a cute little doll. I hope the real Inami doesn’t interpret this… Oops, too late. Inami feels sorry that Taneshima had to help her out this way and notes how cute she is. Oh, looks like she too got infected by Takanashi’s disease.
* Yamada yearns for Otoo to come back because he’s such a nice person and easily fooled. Well, he did return but after hearing that, I’m not sure if he wants to say hi to her. But he can’t stay hidden forever. And once he comes back, Yamada clings to him like a leech! And it’s deja vu again since Yachiyo draws her sword thinking he’ll steal her Kyouko away. But she’s in a dilemma because his sweets keep her happy. Satou once again has to reason with her that if Otoo is gone, Kyouko will have to do his share of work and no time to ask Yachiyo to make parfaits for her. Instantly she’s back to normal. Don’t want any bloodshed, do we?
* And because Yachiyo is fawning over Kyouko, once more Satou takes it out on Taneshima by messing up her hair. If she’s hoping for comfort from Takanashi, then be disappointed. He thinks Satou is a bad hairstylist! Taneshima wants to take revenge on Satou but doesn’t even know how. So much so Takanashi had to suggest a few pranks and this made Taneshima think he’s evil! So Taneshima gives Satou the silent treatment. But Satou’s cool and even counterattacks her with his typical insults and harassment. But even if he advises her to grow up and be mature in this sense, he’s still not going to stop picking on her. Will their relationship get worse? Well, Taneshima suddenly forgets all that vendetta because Satou gave her a bag of chips. So easily bought over…
* Yamada continues to cling onto Otoo like a baby koala. How can he move around and do things? Worse, Souma snaps a shot of them and it’s safe to say this could be future blackmail material. Yamada insists Otoo adopts her and that she’ll never get married and leech off his pension! Taneshima notes how happy Yamada is with Otoo so she remarks Inami will make an ideal mom one day too. Seems pretty fine until she had to bump into Takanashi. Inami punch!
* Otoo will be leaving in a few days and this brings total sadness for Yamada. To make it up to her, he’ll bring back presents. What does she want? An adoption form! Yeah, he says he will. If he can remember. And since his memory isn’t so good these days… Oh, he’s gone. I don’t think he’ll come back for a while. So the only thing that can console her now are boobs! Yeah, she’s smothering her face in them. Kyouko, Yachiyo, Taneshima and… Oh… She got turned off when it’s Inami’s turn.

Episode 3
* Nazuna is working for free at Wagnaria as part of her career experience day. Yeah, she even did all of Yamada’s chores despite the latter getting paid. Nazuna witnesses her brother getting punched again. She thinks Inami likes punching people and Takanashi loves getting punched and wishes him good luck with Inami. Hope it’s not the punch. Takanashi sees drunk Kozue wanting Inami to comfort her because she got dumped yet again. But Takanashi says it’s okay not to treat her as a customer since he doesn’t think of her as his sister.
* Izumi finds out from Nazuna that Takanashi is making some female friends at Wagnaria. She shows her a picture but Izumi mistakes Taneshima to be that girl instead of Inami (partially hidden). She further misinterprets Takanashi is dating this little thing and sinks into depression. So much so she has writer’s block. So worried that if Takanashi spends more time on his girlfriend, she’ll be ignored, abandoned and forgotten! Well, if you come out of your room more often.
* Takanashi is about to clean Izumi’s room but finds a note that she went on a trip. Kazue thinks she’s just a drama queen and will come back. However she can’t help worry herself and panics to call 911. Or is it 119? Inami spots Izumi playing with kittens outside the convenience store. But the kitties are all over her and she feels heavy. WTF… After helping her out, Inami learns she is a novelist and is having a slump. Izumi thought a high school girl like her provide some interesting love stories. Inami hears her problem that she is worried since her brother got a girlfriend, she fears she will be tossed aside. Inami assures her even so, he will still take care of her. Even his girlfriend? Uhm… Well, yeah. After Inami calls a taxi for her to go home, Takanashi who is out searching for Izumi runs into Inami and he knows they’ve met since Inami is eager to tell about her meeting with a certain novelist.
* Because Izumi is suffering from muscle aches the next morning (that shows how unfit she is, staying cooked in her room all day), Takanashi has to take emergency leave from work. This means Kyouko is entrusting Inami to handle things since Yachiyo is on leave and Taneshima hasn’t arrived yet. Too bad she ignored eager beaver Yamada. Don’t trust her, eh? But they get an unexpected volunteer: Nazuna. Yamada is so jealous of Nazuna stealing her limelight to show off, that she plans to drive her out! First, she orders her to do her chores, in which Nazuna gladly does them all without complaining. Till Satou puts his foot down. Then Nazuna learns from Taneshima that Yamada may be upset because she’s such a good worker. So she fakes breaking a plate (the plate was already slightly chipped and thrown away) so that she could have Yamada clean it up and thus praise her for being a reliable senior. Yamada got so taken in by that and continues to show her how to do stuff around. At least this got Yamada to do her job, right?
* Nazuna returns home and Izumi asks for more details about Takanashi’s girlfriend. While she describes Inami, it is Taneshima that Izumi is imagining. She thought their age difference would cause a problem (Taneshima looks like an underage kid, right?) but Nazuna thinking a year difference between Inami and her brother isn’t any big deal. Izumi got a shock upon hearing that. Then Izumi hears from Kozue. Though they are not dating yet, she plans to make them a couple. Izumi thought she’s too small (referring to Taneshima’s stature) but Kozue feels that there is room for growth for Inami’s flat chest. Izumi tries to advice that he can’t use his love for small and cute things as an excuse for everything but he scolds her not to insult little things! Probably that shock caused her to run out of energy so Takanashi drags her to the dinner table for food. Noting his kindness, Izumi wants him to take care of her for the rest of her life (selfish!) and needs to do something before he becomes a lolicon sex offender. After she gets her strength back.
* We see Takanashi and his sisters doing things, going out and coming back from home and all this time Izumi has just been sitting there at the same spot from morning to night without budging! Like a rock! She could be part of the furniture. Finally when she says (her first speech for the day) that she wants to train and become stronger, the rest express shock that this is all what she did the entire today.

Episode 4
* Satou reprimands Kyouko for eating whipped cream ingredients for the customers. Sorry is not going to cut it. Yachiyo takes Kyouko out to buy replacements and in view of this, Satou takes out his frustration on poor Taneshima again. Yeah, that’s a ‘beautiful’ coconut tree he made. Satou further messes with her head that inside Kyouko’s stomach, there are more mini Kyoukos because no matter how much she eats, the little ones inside devour it all!
* As Yachiyo and Kyouko walk along, they meet a woman coming out from a manhole! Haruna wants to know if they know her home. The house near the park, that is. WTF?! Asking strangers about where she lives? Yachiyo thinks this is Otoo’s missing wife but is too panicky that words couldn’t come out of her mouth. Kyouko smothers her in her boobs to calm her down. Haruna also takes out a milk carton underneath her shirt for Yachiyo. Seems she went out to buy milk but hasn’t been able to get home since. Yachiyo is in a dilemma whether to bring Haruna back because this might leave Kyouko sad for Otoo won’t travel anymore to buy souvenirs for her. Seeing the good person Haruna is, she decides to bring Haruna back but she already went missing. Down the manhole again, I guess.
* When Yachiyo returns, she’s acting so strange that Yamada thought Otoo died because Yachiyo murdered him! Yeah, she’s praying at his funeral picture! Satou confronts Yachiyo so the latter asks if he likes her. His answer? “Sort of”. Yachiyo took it the wrong way and thinks this is just how little she is worth and blames herself as a terrible person. Inami has been observing them suddenly realized a love triangle happening between Satou, Yachiyo and Kyouko. Took her this long, eh?
* Inami is so shocked that Taneshima thought Satou made her cry and wants him to apologize to her via paper telephone she made. Huh? Anyway Satou borrows Souma’s handphone to tell Inami he doesn’t need her sympathy. She should drop this or else he’ll tell Takanashi that she likes him.
* Inami continues to intensively stare at Satou so much it irritates Takanashi. I mean, it’s a good thing that he thinks she may be cured of her phobia but after all the punching she did towards him and now she likes another guy? Oh, remember Inami is a ‘dog’ to Takanashi… Look at this from another point of view. You train your dog so hard not to bite people and then it starts being nice to others. Annoying, isn’t it? Talking it out with Souma, he feels Takanashi should talk to her about it before she gets turned down and starts liking guys even less.
* That night after work, Takanashi confronts Inami if she loves somebody. Of course she thought he found out her feelings for her when actually he’s referring to Satou. Takanashi then finds out her odd behaviour stems from her worry over Satou’s unrequited love for Yachiyo. Though Inami notes that there is someone else she likes.
* Otoo returns and Yachiyo is so depressed that she didn’t cut him down at first sight. But that’s the least of his problems because happy Yamada is glad he is alive and bugs him for the adoption papers she requested. Oh. He conveniently forgot.
* Satou confronts Yachiyo because he feels she has something to tell Otoo. She fears by doing so, everyone won’t like her anymore. Satou assures he won’t hate her no matter what. That goes for everybody else. Yachiyo then tells about Haruna and the weird circumstances how she ‘lost’ her. Yeah, Satou was pretty sure he thought she killed somebody with her sword. By the way, she only uses the dull side of the sword if ever that happens. Hey wait. She still would use her sword, right?
* Yachiyo finally tells Otoo about Haruna. He thinks searching around that area would be futile as she would have already moved on. But he needs to get out soon because this adoption business goes any further. Otoo leaves fast enough before Yamada could give him her handmade Yamada doll so that he’ll remember to get the adoption papers next time. Phew. Looks like she’s got to wait a little longer. Yachiyo returns to her normal self while Satou tries to beat up Souma with a frying pan for making a wise crack about his chances.

Episode 5
* Kyouko as usual bums around Wagnaria not lifting a finger and even has the guts to drop crumbs of the chips on the floor. She’s even in the way of Takanashi’s cleaning and he wants her to move. But she wants him to pay her to move. Oh, the chips ran out and she wants him to trash the bag for her. Is it no wonder he gets pissed off and wants to clobber her?
* Luckily Taneshima stops him and talks to him about respect for older people. I don’t think he’s listening… Takanashi doesn’t get along with older women (remember, Taneshima is an exception) because he has to put up with the shenanigans of his elder sisters at home. Souma suggests they may get along if he got to know her. Like her vital statistics. This almost has Yachiyo slitting his throat thinking he was going to use that to sexually harass her Kyouko. So by asking others about Kyouko’s good points, it seems they are just normal points. Healthy? Strong? Is that even a point? Satou reprimands Kyouko for eating supplies for the customers but as usual Yachiyo covers for her. Kyouko thinks Satou hates her. Now only she noticed?
* Yamada observes how Kyouko gets away with no work and gets to eat all she wants. She wants to be spoilt too! So she goes up to Satou to tell him to spoil her but he’s not interested. Then she mocks his name despite sounding close to sugar, he isn’t sweet. Noogie time! Next she bugs Yachiyo but she’s got her hands full making Kyouko’s parfait. Then it’s Taneshima’s turn but no matter how she looks at it, she can’t help see Taneshima as a younger person.
* Taneshima teaches Yamada how to make a parfait that will earn her praises but it seems she is blowing away all the ingredients to make sloppy parfaits. However Kyouko eats them since they’re edible and is going to eat all her failures. So carry on! Yamada is on cloud nine after hearing that praise… Satou then realizes the supplies are gone and confronts the culprit for another noogie.
* The guys discuss the need to fix Kyouko’s attitude. Doesn’t work, eats everything and she’s got Yachiyo to cover for her. Satou wants Souma to do something about it and he’s okay with it since he loves seeing women in distress. A sadist, isn’t he? Souma goes up to Kyouko and tells her she needs to cut down her food intake this month since he wrongly ordered the supplies. Or else they’ll all be fired and Wagnaria closed down. Well, even though it was a lie, it really hit Kyouko. Now she’s in shock.
* As Takanashi takes out the trash, he sees a little girl outside. Then he brings her back in and shows everyone how much he loves small and cute creatures like her! F*CK!!! Did he kidnap her?! Actually this little girl’s lost and since it’s raining and her parents are nowhere in sight, he brought her in. Well, his heavy breathing isn’t quite convincing. Heck, he has even got it all planned out on how he’ll spend time with her!
* Kyouko continues to be down in the dumps and since she isn’t doing anything, she is made to watch over the lost girl. Well, that growling thunder wasn’t from the rain. It’s from Kyouko’s stomach! OMG! Kyouko pokes her cheeks and Taneshima thought she was going to eat her! Anyway Taneshima brought in a cake for her on the house.
* Yamada complains to Inami that everyone is spoiling the lost girl. She replies the kid can’t do anything by herself so Yamada says she is somewhat similar too. That’s not something to be proud off. Yamada thinks of bugging Takanashi till he spoils her. Of course it didn’t work out as he chops her head.
* Though the rest tried asking the customers about the child, none claimed she is theirs. Perhaps they should call the police but Takanashi has a better idea. He’ll keep her and raise her!!! WTF?! I wonder if he’ll abandon her if she grows big… And they don’t want Souma to get near her as well because they well know he might corrupt her.
* Surprisingly, Kyouko didn’t steal the girl’s cake and just lie on the table like a dead corpse. So much so the nice girl offers her the cake. But guess what? Surprise, Kyouko didn’t take it but feeds her instead. Then she plays with her (albeit Kyouko is like so ‘dead’) as the rest observe how well they get along. Souma and Satou feel somewhat bad for her while Yachiyo notes Kyouko needs food from this restaurant since she can’t afford enough herself.
* I guess Souma knew this all along so he settles things by borrowing the girl’s bag because kids usually carry a number of the person to contact in case they’re lost. Takanashi not happy he’ll have to part… So the girl is reunited with her mother who thanks them for taking care of her. It’s a tearful goodbye for Takanashi. Believe me, it’s best for her if he didn’t raise her.
* Satou cooks a dish for Kyouko. So she has his permission to eat now? Well, he says the ingredients are near its expiration date and if he uses it to feed her, it’s better than wasting it and she can eat as much without affecting their supplies. Besides, he finds her lying around like a corpse to be painful. Kyouko says that though he may hate her, she loves anyone who can feed her. That’s why she likes Satou. After Yachiyo, that is. The guys thought this episode is over when Kyouko comes up to Satou asking for second helpings. Back to square one.

Episode 6
* Satou and Taneshima got a cold. Actually, clumsy Yamada spilled a bucket on water while Satou’s messing with Taneshima’s hair. And even when they’re sick Satou can still bully her! Yamada thought of giving them medicine to feel better but she trips and spills the glass of water over them. Just making things worse… Yamada is so guilty that she wants to catch Satou’s cold but he mentions she’s an idiot and idiots don’t catch a cold. Yes, Yamada. You’re that useless.
* Souma thinks Yachiyo should nurse Satou back to health so he is done resting and goes back to work. Yachiyo couldn’t resist writing on his face mask since it reminded her of delinquent Kyouko. This gives Kyouko an idea as she calls her underling. Good news: Youhei Mashiba got here as soon as he got the call. Bad news: He wrecked the door. What a way for his noisy flashy appearance.  Youhei’s eagerness is worrying Takanashi. Does he know how to wait? Well, he can’t even handle the ‘complicated’ names on the menu. Takanashi isn’t sure he’s useful but at least he is better than Yamada. Haha! Insult!
* Inami comes to work and accidentally bumps into Youhei. He gets firsthand experience of her super power that sent him flying a few metres away.
* Since Satou and Taneshima have left for home, they need a replacement cook. Don’t worry. Kyouko has also made the call for another underling. She is Mitsuki Mashiba and Youhei’s twin sister. She how she wreck the door just like her brother? See those metal rings on her fingers? Those are for ‘special service’ where she hurt you so you can collect the insurance money (by the way, she’s an insurance agent). But the twins don’t get along well, arguing among each other at first sight. Yeah, they’re cursing each other’s momma! Don’t they have the same mother?
* Takanashi learns the twins knew Kyouko since school days. It was when Kyouko kicked Youhei’s butt. For the part he mistakenly thought Kyouko had a daughter (Yachiyo), I’m sure he doesn’t want to remember the traumatizing part that comes after. As for Mitsuki, she fell in love with Kyouko after seeing how she beat up Youhei.
* Souma has an embarrassing photo of Mitsuki when she was a delinquent. She tries to get it back but when Kyouko orders her to get back to work, she immediately listens to her.
* Mitsuki is just like a klutz like Youhei. So much so Yamada thought Souma was bleeding all over (it’s ketchup) when she thought of joining in the fun. The twins get into another heated argument and would’ve escalated if Kyouko hadn’t order them to get their ass back to work. Their shift ends at the end of the day and Takanashi wonders if they should come back to work here again. Kyouko doesn’t mind since they work for free. Then she gets an idea if she could replace all her staffs with her underlings so as not to pay wages. Not a good idea!
* After getting another punch from Inami, Takanashi goes to complain to Kyouko that she’s not good of showing appreciation to people. Kyouko disagrees and shows Yachiyo as proof. Well, anything about her works on her. To prove that she can also appreciate others, Kyouko relieves Takanashi to take care of Inami and will let Youhei take on the responsibility. Though Takanashi thinks this will be easier on him physically and mentally, he felt something wasn’t right and asks Inami’s opinion. Of course Inami has mixed feelings. She would prefer to punch Takanashi but if it saves him from being hurt, she doesn’t mind either one. However this only upsets Takanashi that he took the trouble to look after her till she gets better and she doesn’t mind about it? He scolds her for seeing all guys as sandbags. Isn’t he the same seeing the same in all older women? Yup, he admits it. They’re all selfish and self centred. He has had enough and will never go near her again.
* Takanashi continues to ignore Inami for a week. Like as though she doesn’t exist. The rest need them to make up. Souma talks to Takanashi as it’s rare for him to be this emotional. He ‘understands’ when Takanashi got irritated about Inami’s comments of either is fine. It’s like he trained his dog hard but somebody else takes it. So Inami is still a dog? To see how serious Takanashi is, he pushes Souma right towards Inami! Oh sh*t!!! Fist inching closer to face…
* And so, Souma really agrees with the rest that they need to make the duo reconcile. And Yamada cannot help as she’ll only complicate things. So if Takanashi continues to ignore her, how to get his attention? Well, Inami starts crying. Bad boy! You made a girl cry! She explains if somebody was in charge of her, he might not get hit. But at the same time she really wanted him to look after her. That’s why she was in a dilemma. Takanashi realizes she was trying to be nice and assures her that he’ll take care of her since he is a responsible dog owner. Inami’s a dog… For that moment, Takanashi thought she was different than other older women because she was worried about him. Then he dismisses that she’s just a dog… And as celebration that they’re back on good terms, Inami doesn’t hold back her punch to his face. Uhn… WTF?! After not punching him for so long (must be a record), feels good to releasing all that pent up, eh? So is he regretting it was a bad idea to take care of her till the end? Well, grit your teeth and bite the bullet!

Episode 7
* Inami’s friends tell her about a molester that is rumoured to be hanging around the path she takes to Wagnaria. Actually, they want her to put her androphobia to good use and punch the molester out! Of course Inami says she’s afraid of molesters and might be too scared to even punch him. Her friends try to play psychology with her saying that the molester probably won’t be interested in her flat chests.
* On her usual way to work, she thought the molester was gunning for her. Instinctively she lets loose a punch but that guy grabs it with his fist! First guy ever to stop her punch! Thinking if she starts punching him, the molester would also think she’s weird, she tries to act all girly and afraid. But what do you know? He suddenly takes a liking for her and finds her cute. Though he says he is not the molester, that heavy breathing upon seeing how cute Inami is might not be convincing. Anyway, he is here looking for his lost sister. There’s a possibility she might have disguised herself, that’s why he grabbed every girl for a thorough examination. Uh, isn’t that what molesters would do? Inami takes a closer look at his face and feels she has seen him somewhere. Not him in particular, his face resembles closely to Yamada. Could it be? Asking for his name, he reveals it to be Kirio Yamada so Inami introduces herself and hopes to meet him again before going off. I’m sure Kirio got the wrong idea of what she said.
* When Inami reaches Wagnaria, she sees Yamada clinging on to Souma. She wants him to be her older brother. She wants to depend on somebody. Thinking it’s not a good idea to tell her directly, she seeks Takanashi’s advice. However he dismisses that guy to be Yamada’s sister since Yamada’s name is an alias.
* In class, Inami’s friends ask about her encounter and to their surprise, they didn’t expect her to get so friendly with a guy, what more a ‘molester’. Then they ask her the kind of guys she works with at her part time job. The way she describes them, let’s just say it made her friends think they’re all weirdoes. Especially Takanashi. “One who doesn’t regard anyone over the age of 12 as a person”. They really start thinking she does have bad luck with guys.
* Inami encounters Kirio in the streets again and he is able to block her punch. Second time! He claims he is from the karate club so he’s able to thwart them. He finds her even cuter and probably he couldn’t care about finding his sister anymore so much so he wants to go out with her!
* Meanwhile Taneshima is worried about the molester and hopes Takanashi would go fetch her but he’s not interested. If that’s the case, Taneshima will do it herself. Unable to let the molester do something horrible to his cute senpai, he decides to go. The rest thinks Takanashi and Inami may have gotten closer to each other.
* Well, Kirio would love to kill 2 birds with 1 stone by going out with her and looking for his sister at the same time so Inami draws a map to her work place. However Takanashi sees how friendly they are and leaves without saying a word.
* Ever since, Takanashi is acting strange. Real strange. He’s spacing out, hitting the wall with the tray, at times moaning like a ghost and the way he pats Taneshima’s head is rough. Takanashi thinks hard. Using that dog example again and stayed up all night reading books on dogs. He suddenly shouts out no matter how hard he thinks about it, Inami isn’t a dog! He shouldn’t have to think about that at all!
* Yachiyo thought of cheering him up but a photo album filled with Kyouko pictures and a Kyouko doll isn’t going to cut it. Kyouko had no choice but to give a little plushie to get him back to work. Hey. He’s not reacting. She piles more and more on him. He’s still not moving. Surprised and irritated, she uses her last resort and is going to put Taneshima over him! Kidnap!
* Takanashi realizes thinking about that scene whereby Inami is being friendly with Kirio just pisses him off. He feels as though Inami has been taken away from him. Then he realized something and starts banging his head on the wall till it bleeds! OMG! Takanashi requests to take an early leave. The rest concludes that he was punched too much and is now broken. Yeah, gone crazy.
* Back home, Nazuna got a call from Taneshima about her brother’s early leave. She talks to him so he asks if he is a masochist. Nazuna had thought he was always one… Next day at Wagnaria, Takanashi asserts to Inami that he is NOT a masochist. He repeats, he is NOT a masochist. The rest are glad he is somewhat back to normal. Hey, he doesn’t have to repeat that again.
* Yachiyo notices Kozue hogging Yamada and Taneshima serving her although Wagnaria doesn’t have many customers now. She tries to give her a warning but it seems Kozue has put some animal cosplay costumes on them. Can she do that and remodel the waitresses? Well, she thinks as a service industry, they need to improve constantly and wearing the same uniform is boring. So yeah, she convinces Yachiyo to wear one too. Satou nearly choke on his smoking. Then Takanashi sees Inami in the outfit and exclaims how cute she is. Could it be? Well, only if she was 10 years younger. Oh, nothing’s changed.

Episode 8
* Takanashi just realized Nazuna is the same height as him! What does this mean? No more little sister! Yeah, sinking into depression… Taneshima notices his troubled face and would do anything to hear him out. Does this mean she’ll become his little sister? No way! But Takanashi is so desperate that he pleads for her to be his little sister for just a day. After that she can go back to being his daughter. WTF?! So what do you expect when Inami starts freaking out when Taneshima starts calling Takanashi her onii-chan? And the rest of the other staffs think he’s been working too hard to be this broken… So to that pervert’s surprise, they treat him very nice and even help him out. But when Yamada bugs him to make her his little sister, she got a bump on her forehead instead.
* Souma calls Inami and knows she wants Takanashi to call her cute. Yeah, all part of his sadistic scheme… I suppose she was desperate enough to listen to him. First, she tries smiling and not punching him but it was too much for her to resist. Her smile is still there, though. Working hard might do the trick but Takanashi catches her talking on her handphone (to Souma) during work and advises her not to do it on her shift. Souma has an ace up his sleeve in which will guarantee Takanashi to say she’s cute. It’s a picture of Inami when she’s a little kid! He’s saying how cute she is! Guess what? Inami recorded his words in her handphone! And she is playing it again and again. Those magic words… See how happy she is?
* Taneshima tells Kyouko and Yachiyo about Takanashi’s problem and the reason why she’s acting like his little sister till he gets over it (which is plain wrong if you ask Kyouko). Takanashi overheard that and starts apologizing to Nazuna, which is Taneshima by the way. He thought he is okay when he goes home. But I guess he still can’t face reality as he can’t look in Nazuna’s eyes while talking to her.
* Kirio comes to Wagnaria to look for his sister but forgets this mission once he sees Inami. He manages to stop her punch again. Takanashi sees them together and feels irritated (messing up Taneshima’s hair in the process). Takanashi tells Inami not to get close to guys but Kirio thinks he’s being rude to a girl. Kirio gets pissed off by Takanashi’s words and gets rough with him. But surprisingly Takanashi did an easy submission move on him! So why didn’t he use it on Inami all this time? Because it hurts and he doesn’t want her to feel pain. So he was being considerate of her all this time? Man, Inami is more in love with him now. Kirio felt he lost and leaves. But soon returns after remembering he needs to find his sister. He thinks Taneshima can’t be her since he believes she couldn’t pretend to be a kid. How hurtful. Now he made her cry. Just to make sure, as he is going to touch her, Takanashi pushes him away.
* Kirio goes around looking for his sister but he seems like a molester looking up close at the girls. Since Yachiyo and Kyouko isn’t what he is looking for, Souma deduces Yamada is the only one left. He makes Yamada do an errand (what the heck is Shanablileh?!) so when Kirio comes asking for Yamada, he conveniently gives him a picture of her. Hey, isn’t that Kotori?! Though he finds it cute, Kirio suspects he may be lying and is a picture of a different person. Kirio leaves and will settle things with Takanashi later. He gives back the photo and Takanashi is not thrilled to see that Kotori pic. Now Souma is going to get it…
* Kirio still doesn’t give up looking for Yamada and barely misses her due to Souma’s scheme. He decides to accompany Yamada on an errand Kyouko sent her to do. She thought he finally wanted to be his sister. Of course not. Along the way, when Souma mentions half of Kirio’s name, Yamada instantly starts to get all shivery. Then he changes the topic so Yamada returns to normal.
* Seems Kirio is also at the mall and Souma is having a hard time trying to not let him meet Yamada. Everywhere they go, Kirio is also there and has to be diverted. Isn’t this coincidence too annoying? Finally Yamada wanted to buy a teddy bear and thinks it’s okay for her to come next time since Souma doesn’t have that much money. However he’ll just buy it for her so that she don’t have to come outside for a while the next time! While Yamada had lots of fun, it’s just one tiring affair for Souma. Was it really worth the fun to keep them apart?

Episode 9
* Yachiyo doesn’t have a handphone since she’s no good with technology. Even learning to man the register was a feat. Yeah, she thought handphones could kill. Souma suggests Satou take her out to buy one and maybe he could spend all day with her (cue to throw his cup at him).
* On their next break, Satou brings Yachiyo to buy a handphone. Seems she is not good in facing store clerks so she huddles close to him. The store clerk mistakes them for being a couple as Satou buys her an easy handphone with the cheapest service. Yachiyo couldn’t understand why the store clerk had been looking at her all the time. It’s her sword, remember? Once they leave, the store clerk hopes this couple would just ‘vanish’. Satou enters some numbers into her handphone and realizes she memorized Kyouko’s number. Damn. About texting, he realizes he might get spammed by her telling him all about Kyouko.
* Kozue is once again drunk and pouring out her troubles at Wagnaria. Youhei comes in and sees this pretty lady and he got slammed into by Kozue! She thought somebody was calling her! Then she starts undressing him and herself before asking him to marry her! Did she skip lots of steps? Youhei says he can’t marry her since he is unemployed and want to protect the girl he loves. Takanashi tells him to run away because Kozue will give a supplex to guys who reject her. However Kozue’s twisted thinking was that he thought what’s best about her that he rejected her. Looks like she isn’t giving up.
* Mitsuki is also at Wagnaria wondering why Yachiyo doesn’t have friends her own age despite being nice to them delinquents. Remember the sword? Mitsuki thinks Yachiyo shouldn’t be mixing with normal people after all but when she Satou being casual with her, she tells her not to get so friendly with this delinquent (even though she herself was one). Yachiyo doesn’t understand what she’s talking and says Satou and her are friends (that must hurt very much for him). Mitsuki warns her when a guy and a girl get together, the guy will ‘eat’ the girl. I guess Yachiyo took it too literally that Satou may actually eat her. So when Yachiyo asks Kyouko about the meaning of ‘eat’, she too got the same idea that Satou may really eat her. All she thinks about is food, huh?
* Takanashi can’t keep his cool when Yamada is once more slacking in her job. He can’t believe they’re paid the same wages. Actually, he earns only 30 Yen more than her. Yamada also complains to Taneshima about Takanashi’s habits. How come they’re all good points? Why does she want to marry him? Is she complaining or praising him? Takanashi must be tired of reprimanding Yamada so he relaxes by reading a magazine of cute little puppies. Sicko…
* Youhei, Mitsuki and Kozue are outside peeping since Mitsuki wants to make sure this place is safe of weirdoes for Yachiyo to work (or maybe she just had this fetish for her). But why is Kozue here? Seems she is tagging along wherever her darling (Youhei) goes. Kozue assures her brother won’t do anything weird to Yachiyo because he’s a pervert whose only interests are cute little things and girls under 12 years old. Actually, that’s kinda worrying… Mitsuki starts believing the true but exaggerated description of the other guys that Kozue mentions but Youhei well knows she is just teasing her.
* They see nervous Yachiyo and Souma alone together in the room. Seems she has been waiting all day for him to… Have a picture of Kyouko as promised. How disappointing! Souma then gets her permission to take pictures of her.
* The trio see Yachiyo sleeping when Satou comes in. He puts a blanket over her and his cigarette pack on her head. Wow. It’s steady! Then she sleep talks about Satou first. Followed by Kyouko this and Kyouko that… Kyouko discovers the trio and reprimands them. Souma had known them spying all the while but Satou, he’s embarrassed he was being watched.
* Takanashi noogies Yamada when she is slacking in her job and scribbling notes instead. She got upset and decides to run away. Running away from running away? It’s been an hour since Yamada ran away so Inami and Taneshima are worried. Takanashi picks up Yamada’s notebook and sees her scribbles were actually notes taken down by her of him telling her what to do. Wasn’t this what he told her to do earlier on? He realizes his mistake and goes out looking for her. He doesn’t need to go far because she’s just at the back doorstep. Yeah, she’s been waiting for him to come after her. I guess Takanashi allows her to cry on his chest as she starts calling him all his weird nicknames. Dummy. Pervert. Lolicon. Kotori. She might have just crossed the line… Yamada is glad to be back with the rest and promises to do her best. Just when Takanashi feels he has gone overboard getting too mad at Yamada and probably give her a second chance, he sees a scribble in her notebook calling him a stupid four-eyes little bird. Forget about the second chance. Yamada, better start running.

Episode 10
* Inami realizes her break time is the same with Satou’s and fears the worse. Yup, he too fears the worse. He may be acting cool but his head is thinking today will be his last. So even if Inami sits far away from him, she’s like blocking the only exit. It’s like she really wants to punch him. Inami tries to strike up a conversation to break the tension but Satou’s not responding. Then he tells her to take a deep breath and make space for him to pass. Well, what do you know? He manages to get by without getting punched! Is this a big step in progress? So when Inami tells Takanashi this, he is somewhat amazed. For Satou. God damn it. And Satou… His face is like someone who has seen death. Scary, huh?
* Takanashi feels Inami’s punches are getting more powerful and accurate. Is it odd that he’s the only guy who doesn’t know how to evade her punches? I mean, Satou knows how not to meet her, Souma via handphone and Kirio can block. I guess that Kirio name made him annoyed. Suddenly Takanashi corners Inami. Is he attacking her? Actually he’s trying to hold the boxes that Kyouko irresponsibly stacked up. Inami has to hold it in since if Takanashi moves, the box will fall and they’ll end up in an ambiguous position. Eventually they took too long and the boxes fall. Takanashi on top of knocked out Inami. And Yamada saw it too and is going to tell everyone.
* Each time Inami sees Takanashi, she gets alerted. And Souma just loves teasing Takanashi how he ‘forced’ himself on her. I guess this is wearing her out so as she sleeps in the break room and Takanashi got this idea if he touches her when she’s sleeping, she won’t punch him. He looks like a pervert… He manages to touch her head and revels that she isn’t punching him. Then she wakes up. What would a girl think when she sees a guy patting her head? Good news: Inami didn’t punch him. Bad news: She got traumatized and ran away. Hey, at least he didn’t get punched. Was it better that way?
* Due to the trauma, Inami will be taking an indefinite break from work. The girls thought Takanashi should contact her but he doesn’t have her number. This prompts Yamada to note how pitiful herself is. Because she’s the only one without a handphone! So in addition to a family, she wants a handphone too? I don’t how Yachiyo came up with this idea to write an SMS text to Yamada on the board. But Yamada didn’t like Satou’s reprimanding and goes complain to him. Only to get a noogie in return.
* Taneshima was accidentally locked in the freezer but before she could freeze to death, Satou opens the door. How did he warm her up? He asks did she freeze and shrink. Man, she’s upset! There, all warmed up now, eh? Taneshima complains to Takanashi on yet another meanie from Satou. But that guy thought he wanted to freeze and preserve her cuteness. Oh God. I hope he doesn’t get any weird ideas to freeze her forever.
* Yamada shows the new handphone she got, which is actually the phone of the store. She brags it makes her feel like a woman and that she became more responsible and shut the freezer door when she saw it was open. Oh. So she’s the culprit. Taneshima goes to apologize to Satou and just when she thought he’d understand, he sticks a big board on her head about her own stupidity and paying homage to Satou.
* The gang thinks Takanashi should go visit Inami but Taneshima cautions him of going as a guy since her family thinks he is a girl. So how? Why is Yamada giving him the wig of Kotori? Is this the only answer?
* Inami’s mom is worried about her daughter and thinks she’s sick since she’s been coming back straight from school. She touches her head but this reminds Inami of Takanashi’s patting and her temperature goes up. Mommy thinks she’s got fever.
* Takanashi soon visits but the shocking part is that he’s cross-dressing as Kotori! Inami could’ve died of heart attack. So Kotori starts apologizing and they both promise not to startle each other. But that won’t last because Inami got startled when Kotori asks for her handphone number. Inami was nervous at first but after getting to know his number, she fainted. Exerted too much energy? So I guess this means it’s time for Kotori to leave. Mommy thought she should stay longer next time and notes how handsome she is! Woah! Does she know? Mommy goes to check on Inami and it seems she’s looking fine. Till she touches her forehead and it leaves burning mark on her hand! Looks like the temperature has gone up.

Episode 11
* Yamada is frantically searching for her Daisy. Who’s that? It’s the product of Yamada and Souma’s love! WHAT?! Actually it’s a teddy bear that Souma bought for her. She should’ve took good care of it and not lose her if she considers it her best companion, right? This was what happened. After Yamada got ribbons from Yachiyo for Daisy, she went to put it on the teddy bear that was on a chair in the room. Kyouko caught her skipping work so Yamada is made to go back to work. When she returned, Daisy is gone. Well, everyone suspects Takanashi. You know why. But he asserts he didn’t take Daisy. So they agree to help look for it and Takanashi in return wants to touch it. Sure he wasn’t the one who took it?
* Using Taneshima’s twisted logic of finding it at high places, searching high and low didn’t yield positive results. She could’ve saved up and buy another one but Yamada asserts there is only 1 Daisy in this world and no other teddy bear would do. Once Satou finds out what happened, he reveals he saw that Daisy lying around. He tossed it back up in Yamada’s attic room she could easily find it. So they searched everywhere but there? Yamada is relieved to have Daisy back but now she realizes the ribbons are gone. Nobody’s going to help her look.
* While Yachiyo tells her usual tale of Kyouko to patiently-listening Satou, Mitsuki brings her away so as not to mix with that delinquent. Souma notes how his life sucks. He’s caught between a rock and a hard place. He has to make food for Kyouko and if not has to hear Yachiyo’s praising. Obviously irritated Satou takes it out on that blabbermouth. Too bad Taneshima is not spared. She thought he hasn’t have enough calcium, the reason he is annoyed but he notes the only thing he is short of is bullying her. Man, her hairstyle is now a Christmas tree!
* Yachiyo returns to Satou to continue where she left off. After learning how Yachiyo has been friends with Mitsuki for a long time, Satou pats her head and you can tell he is still annoyed because her hair is all messed up.
* Satou confronts Mitsuki and wants her to stop bothering Yachiyo since with people like them around her, she’ll never stand with her own feet. Heck, panicky Mitsuki even admits that! Not wanting to lose, she tries to break this guy down by saying he’s afraid of them or her sword or would only say that if he had feelings for her. Satou points out he isn’t scared of it all because Yachiyo herself is already scary. Satou even admits that he somewhat likes Yachiyo so Mitsuki felt she has lost and runs away. Yachiyo has heard bits of the conversation and feels confused. It looked like Satou was trying to ask Mitsuki out but she thought he liked another person. She is so worried that her parfait for Kyouko tastes different.
* Nazuna decides to learn from her sisters today in hopes she can help her brother. Growing big would have the reverse effect. First she learns self-defence from Kozue. But when the drunkard moves on to sex education, Nazuna knows it’s time to move on. Then she reads at Izumi’s room while the novelist continues to pen her work. Nazuna thought Izumi is somewhat slow as compared to Kozue. Suddenly the phone rings and Izumi quickly unplugs it! Woah! That was fast! Of course Izumi was made to realize unplugging it doesn’t constitute that one will be out and thus gets a shelling from her editor. Next, Nazuna sees Kazue in her room with some heavy law books. They’re used for throwing at people? That’s how you use those thick books? Her handphone rings and Kazue instantly slams it down! It’s cue for Nazuna to leave because shortly Kazue is using some pretty heavy words that she can’t seem to understand. Curse and swear! Takanashi is wary that Nazuna is growing up not just because she drinks milk but by sleeping early.
* Yachiyo continues to be bugged by thought and it is making her depressed. Satou is going to put a stop to this but just by talking to her, she acts very jumpy. Satou concludes either Mitsuki have ratted on him or she overheard them. So deep in this thought that instead of messing with Taneshima’s hair, he turned it into a cute hairstyle! Fabulous! Taneshima feels good to offer her suggestion of self pressure. Like how she will have to eat green peppers if she doesn’t grown an inch. In which, she has to take some now…
* Finally Satou and Yachiyo get to talk and he learns that she has overheard them. He apologizes but she mentions she just wanted him to be happy. Satou is going to try his best and end this and will quit if this doesn’t work out. His job may not have anything to do with it but it’s his way to stay resolved and focused if he is going continue working here. Yachiyo wonders if there is anything she can do so he tells her to be herself. Be like her usual and talk about Kyouko like she always does. This made her feel better and in no time, gloom is lifted upon her and the parfaits taste better now.
* Satou thanks Taneshima since he took up her advice and things are working out well. It’s a good sign he’s back too because Taneshima’s plate is full of green peppers. Gulp. At least her hair is spared, right? Souma is so excited to hear this development that he is willing to help him out. So excited that he can’t even fake it. But Satou is trying to escape reality by taking medicine by boiling then chilling the water.

Episode 12
* Inami talks to Taneshima and Yamada about her milestone: It has been several days she hasn’t hit Takanashi! Instead of jumping with joy, the duo are panicking that she may be sick! But Inami wants to do further training so as not to bother Takanashi. Since that guy isn’t here yet, Souma nearly became the ‘victim’ but Inami points out this would probably only work on Takanashi. They can’t use a girl or a boy cross-dressing as a girl (because Inami is trying hard to keep this as a secret), maybe they need a girl who cross-dresses as a boy. They use Kyouko but she refuses. However she agrees after getting bribed with cookies. In the end she couldn’t do it since her boobs are too big. Oh Inami… She thinks a girl with flat chest should best play this role and the only one with small boobs is… Inami!
* So Inami dresses up as a boy but it just looks like her with pants on. She feels depressed so Taneshima thinks she should just think of Takanashi’s face. She does so and the real guy pops up. He isn’t in his uniform yet because as Kyouko points out, Takanashi is the only male waiter here. Yamada adds she was the one who found that uniform for Inami to wear. Then it hit Inami. She’s practically ‘inside’ of Takanashi and goes berserk. Yamada is going to get it too. Thankfully Takanashi didn’t get punch.
* Takanashi suggests that they start texting each other to help her get over her phobia. It could’ve been over before it started because the heat from Inami’s hands broke her handphone!
* Back home, Takanashi waits for her SMS but after 2 hours, there is none! Isn’t it stressful waiting for just a reply? Izumi spots her brother making funny faces at his handphone. To her, it looks like he’s expecting a reply from his girlfriend. Then he got mail. But it turns out to be Kozue so he couldn’t care less about her all-night drinking. Izumi thinks if that SMS never comes, they’ll break up and he can take care of her forever! She hopes his girlfriend will never send him that SMS. But seeing him wait so anxiously, she wishes for the girlfriend to quickly send the SMS.
* Takanashi’s face brightens up when Inami’s SMS finally arrives. Izumi is shocked that a simple message could cheer him up. Turns out to be a picture of a kitten Inami sent him. She thinks he’s been waiting for the kitten picture and not his girlfriend. Takanashi is glad for the SMS, Nazuna the kitten picture and Izumi her perverted brother.
* While walking along, Kirio drops down from the sky (literally) right before Takanashi! Since he couldn’t find his sister on ground, he started searching in the sky. So what? He can fly? He thinks of starting over again and asks Inami but Takanashi wants him to stay away from her due to her androphobia and that she has someone she likes. Kirio thinks it’s himself! Perasan! Takanashi then tells the entire story from A to Z on the things he did for her so Kirio could guess that the person Inami really likes is him but that Takanashi dude is so clueless about it. Kirio thinks Inami is cute when she’s in love and calls Takanashi and idiot. Not that he understands anyway.
* Satou looks at the schedule and seems to be looking forward to payday. As he talks to Takanashi about it, they ignore irritating Yamada who tries to butt in about her maturity as an adult. Liar. It’s natural that they bully her so Satou terms her not as someone who lives alone but a freeloader.
* Yamada complains to Taneshima about this but brags that she’s a self-sufficient girl who can live alone. That night, Yamada who was out reading at the store returns to Wagnaria only to find the place closed and locked up. She’s locked out of her own home. Then she starts crying and calling for mommy. Satou has anticipated something like this would happen and luckily returned. She tries to act tough that she’s more grown up than him so he retracts his offer and leaves. Yamada changes her mind since why put it all to waste when he’s here now. Satou calls Taneshima if she could let Yamada stay over at her place and almost revealed Yamada crying out for mommy. Next day to show her appreciation, she gives him a fermented bean. Just kidding! He got a real present for him lah.
* It’s been 24 days since Inami has hit a guy. It might be a good accomplishment but Yamada won’t acknowledge it. That’s because her record is so as she has been avoiding guys. It’s not like she’s fixing her problem as she’s running away. She wants her to actively seek out men and even if there is the risk of punching them, so Yamada tells her sacrifices are part of setting a record. They’re going on a man tour in Wagnaria.
* They start with Takanashi but since he isn’t here yet, Yamada shows a picture of him. Inami flusters so great that she takes the picture and keeps it. Next is Satou as he learns what they’re doing. He says he isn’t afraid of getting punched by her but is worried he might scare her due to his size and blonde hair. But why is he getting further and further away? He suggests to go see Souma. Looks he sold out that dude. Souma panics as Yamada pushes him closer to Inami. He trips and Inami’s reflex has her throw a punch. Goodbye Inami’s record. Goodbye Souma’s life. Before her fist could connect with his face, Satou throws Daisy in the path so Inami punches the teddy bear instead. Woah. Imagine if that was Souma’s face, it could’ve been real ugly. Yeah, they’re acting Daisy sacrificed itself to save Inami’s record and Souma’s life.
* So technically that didn’t count as hitting a man and thus Inami continues to record her streak. Yamada is so sad that Daisy had been sacrificed (although it’s just the stuffing that needs replacement) that she wants to pick a bone with the person who said sacrifices are needed to set a record. Wasn’t it herself?
* Takanashi finds out from Inami about that incident. Since she feels guilty for causing trouble to everyone, Takanashi calms her down that her effort is paying off a little since she’s able to send SMS. She feels better and will keep trying. And to both their surprise, Taneshima and Yamada have overheard their conversation. Hehehe…
* In a rare occurrence, Taneshima breaks a plate so she decides to write her name on the sheet herself. Takanashi knows how depressed she’ll be when she can’t reach it but can’t help himself to think how cute she is when she’s trying so hard. So as Taneshima really stretch herself, she finally reaches it. Albeit it’s just the last box at the end of the paper.

Episode 13
* Taneshima is so happy that she could reach the sheet that she reports her slight growth to Takanashi and Satou. Obviously that pervert isn’t happy. His dream comes crashing down as he goes crazy refusing to believe reality! Yeah, even Satou notes how all his bullying to keep her from growing didn’t work. Worse, Takanashi’s nightly prayers for her never to grow didn’t come true! Takanashi thinks Kyouko must have moved the sheet and scolds her. After teaching him a lesson, she says she hasn’t moved it an inch so the best person to ask is Yamada since she is a habitual crockery breaker. And she’s proud of it.
* Finally the normal girl Maya makes her actual appearance as she narrates the best of being normal. She sees Takanashi upset and thought he is not feeling well. He’s not in a good mood and calls her an old hag!
* Even Inami can tell something is wrong as he notes there’s a problem between him and Taneshima. Yamada notices Inami sighing and persuades her to let out her troubles and talk to her. I doubt it would do any good but what the heck if you don’t try. Yamada jumps to a conclusion that a heart pounding thrilling pandemonium has happened between the duo and rushes off to ask Taneshima herself. Maya comes in for a break and Inami talks to her about the problem. Maya can tell Inami is pretty much in love with Takanashi due to her speech and body language. She thinks it’s normal for boys and girls to fall in love but when she remembers what Takanashi said to her, she thinks Inami should reconsider.
* Yamada talks to Taneshima about her worries. Aside her height, she did mention about her friends who are preparing for entrance exam. Note: Yamada indicates she failed hers. Taneshima then mentions about her mom who told her think about her future and quitting this job. Yamada is shocked to hear that so much so she rushed off to tell others without listening properly to Taneshima’s final lines that she isn’t quitting now. Too late. Here is the start of pandemonium…
* Takanashi is still depressed Taneshima has grown taller so Souma cheers him up with a picture of Taneshima tiptoe-ing trying to reach the sheet. I guess that does the trick. So does he want to blow it up and plaster it over his wall? Bet you didn’t see this coming. He wants to make it smaller to make her look cuter!
* Eventually the guys learn about Taneshima quitting and this brings back nostalgic memories for Satou. Yeah, where would he take out all those frustrations? Where would he try out all those outrageous hairstyles? Yachiyo is equally worried and wonders if Satou will quit too since he did talk about that the last time. Souma butts in to say as long as she is here, he won’t quit. This time Satou is serious in putting serious pain into Souma. It’s going to last longer than usual. Satou assures Yachiyo he is not quitting now.
* Kyouko tries to think about Taneshima quitting but her stomach’s growl got in the way. A full good 7 seconds of growling there! It made her hungry so she has Yachiyo make her a parfait.
* Inami talks to Takanashi. Since this is a part time job, everyone will eventually quit one day. Just like how she’ll stop punching him one day. You mean she was going to punch him forever? Inami is worried if Taneshima quits, he too will quit since she is the reason why he is working here. But he won’t because he promised he will take care of her till the end. Feel better?
* Kirio is here to look for his sister but gets thrown out the back. He meets Taneshima and still thinks she’s a kid. He can’t believe she’s a high school student. So they talk about the importance of studying for the future. He thinks she should talk with everyone else about her entrance exam. Not elementary entrance exam mind you. He then continues to search for his sister and thinks normal Maya is her. Unfortunately Maya is in no mood and tells that weirdo off.
* Taneshima decides to seek everyone’s advice since it’s no use worrying about it herself. First she tries Souma and he would gladly tell her anything she wants. However all his replies are “Secret”. Then he vaguely tells her about the good, bad and ugly approach of getting into college. Using the back door? Does she understand what that means?
* Satou ties a cucumber to Maya’s hair and that girl throws it back to him. He realizes it’s not the same without Taneshima to take out his frustrations because there’s always that reaction. Taneshima is the only girl for him. Why does it feel like she has been dumped? Satou and Souma then add lots of that ‘normal’ word into their talk about it would be normal for a normal girl to normally stop a normal friend. She goes crazy hearing too much of it. I hope she won’t get a phobia of that word now.
* Taneshima talks to Takanashi and the latter is obviously too emotional. As for Satou, he keeps piling apples on her head. WTF?! Last bullying? Yachiyo is equally dramatic to share her experience (heck, she didn’t even go to high school), Kyouko giving her a cherry, Inami too emotional for words, Yamada hiding behind the wall and even Otoo advises her about her priority as a student should not be worrying about her job.
* Taneshima is overwhelmed with everyone’s advice for her to do her best even though her exams are a long way to go. She can’t handle the pressure and breaks down in Maya’s arms. She loves this place and everyone here too much and doesn’t want to quit. But she doesn’t want her grades to drop too. Maya then asks her shouldn’t she be worried about that only if her grades drop?
* Everyone is trying to come to terms that Taneshima is quitting. When Taneshima comes in, Takanashi couldn’t hold back his emotions and plead for her not to quit. Of course she’s not. She’ll try her best at both her job and school and if her grades go down, she’ll just take lesser shifts. So I guess everything is back to normal, everyone is so relieved and the worry that never was is now gone. So back to work. Except for Yamada whom Takanashi wants to have a serious talk with. Nobody is going to save her this time…
* Taneshima accidentally drops another plate. Takanashi notices how cute she is but remembers he needs to check whether she has grown or not. Observing her struggling to write her name on the sheet, the actual fact is that she just got better at stretching. So it’s safe to say Takanashi can continue having his perverted dreams. Yeah, he won’t tell her the cruel truth and let her realize it herself. That’s cruel too right? Takanashi pats her head and hopes she’ll stay this way forever but she is going to surprise him when she grows taller. See the smile on his face? Something is already certain.
* Taneshima gleefully measures her growth record but to her horror finds the old marks the same level as today’s. Oh…

Work In Progress…
Well, I guess everything was pretty much an okay affair. There were funny moments, there were dramatic moments, there were annoying moments and there were painful moments (seeing Takanashi get punched too often kinda makes you feel his pain too). It is somewhat mixed feelings that I have after watching both seasons back to back. Basically the way it ends doesn’t constitute to anything much simply because life and their part time job go on as usual. Day after day the same kind of service that they always do to customers and the same kind of odd antics that they put up with each other. So when it ends just like that, I’m not sure if I felt good or unsatisfied. Don’t get me wrong. The anime overall isn’t bad and has its moments in making you laugh but I just thought the ending should be epic. The kind that makes viewers with a warm fuzzy feeling inside your heart. Heck, this isn’t that kind of genre.

So simply the characters are the main focus and driving force of this series and it’s nice that most get their sufficient screen time and some a little focus. However with their personalities being ‘stagnant’ ever since the first episode we see them, it feels like there is no growth at all. Just like Taneshima’s height. Haha. Can’t resist saying that one. Everyone is the same weirdo you see and get to know and by the time the anime ends, they are still the same person. They just don’t change. Like Taneshima’s stature. Oops. I did it again. Like they say, a leopard doesn’t change its spots. Because of this, some may find it repetitive and boring as the characters become predictable and thus the jokes may feel somewhat stale. I’m not saying that they repeat the same jokes but take a look at this for instance. Yamada has this tendency to get herself into trouble and drag others into it. She makes a big deal out of something, gets some of the staffs involved into the mess and in the end it’s just some misunderstanding or screw up on her part and she gets her deserved punishment. So if you know the pattern of how things work, you could have predicted and seen the general outcome from miles away. For me, I’m not complaining about this since the characters are funny enough to make me laugh and have a good time. So in this aspect I guess that’s good enough for me. Okay, maybe there are some becoming worse off than before. Like Takanashi’s fetish. In no time, that guy will like virus and let humanity die out just because they are tiny and cute (the latter based on Takanashi’s point of view of course).

Takanashi is still the perverted cute-and-small-things lover and it is worrying that if he ever gets children of his own, you’ll wonder if he’ll do anything funny on them. Heck, will he even get married?! At this rate I’ll foresee he’ll become a psycho since everybody will eventually grow up and lose their tiny status. Except for a certain girl named after a type of wood. Taneshima the ever cheerful petite who easily gets bullied but never stays gloom for too long. Hmm.. Maybe some things are never meant to grow taller than they are. Inami is still afraid of guys but she’s making inching progress albeit I feel that she would need another century just to tone down her punches. It makes me wonder if her phobia is just an elaborate excuse for her sadism. Maybe she’s just unconsciously a sadist to Takanashi. Yachiyo the nice floor captain still considers Kyouko her priority and doesn’t anybody get bothered about her carrying her sword around the place? Ah well. They got used to it in time like as though it’s part of her limb. Kyouko never works and is always seen eating snacks. It’s amazing she never gains weight and her appetite is the kind that will put all-you-can-eat buffets out of business. Despite her lazy nature, she isn’t totally useless because she has ways to show you that she’s still the boss around. And if she needs extra hand around, Youhei and Mitsuki are handy to have around, albeit I don’t really see them being useful either and just adds to the chaos. One thing about his fetish that bugs me, though. If he likes small and cute things, then why doesn’t he like Yamada like he does for Taneshima seeing that they are comparably of the same size. Maybe Yamada’s troubles make her ‘big’, huh? Or maybe he likes things better if they are smaller than they should be so that’s why instead of liking Yamada, there is no feelings of that kind of love towards her. Good and bad thing. What about Inami’s non-existence boobs? They’re small and cute too right? Hah! It’s a good thing he doesn’t or else sexual harassment lawsuits won’t be enough. Not even a million consecutive punches will ease that insult. So what constitutes to be small and cute? He should’ve become obsessed with his bowtie, his shoes, his wristwatch, his underwear… Oops. You get the point.

Souma probably the most dangerous guy in the team because of his tendency to blackmail you with your deepest and darkest secret. Where he gets his source is definitely a mystery. Making him more dangerous is his ever eternal smile and viewers would know by know that isn’t necessarily a good thing because his smile hides his sadistic nature. But Satou if I should consider to be the most untouchable one (except when it comes to Yachiyo) because I don’t think anybody could best him. Even if Souma does tease him, he gets back what he deserves. Looking moody seems to be the only emotion Satou displays and it makes you wonder if this guy has his smiling muscles broken. It doesn’t help he has blonde hair and smokes a cigarette and it makes him look like a delinquent. Like he cares. Yamada the eternal troublemaker and attention seeker who never fails to bring liveliness in Wagnaria. She literally brings the house down. Being totally honest is a good and bad thing for her because while it is good she dares speak out what she wants, the bad thing is that those things aren’t necessary virtuous or with good intentions. If you think Maya is the most normal of the normalest character, but if you think about it, she’s so obsessed about normalcy that she isn’t normal to begin with. Geddit? And for a normal character to be just appearing as cameos throughout the series and only a proper albeit brief appearances in the final episode isn’t normal, right? I wonder if she is freaking out over that word right now. Oh, she may not be normal already. Stop saying normal! Takanashi’s sisters are a good side distraction to what is happening at Wagnaria. So it’s an entire family of odd children. So it’s not just Takanashi who has his own weirdness. Kazue will never stop throwing her law book (literally), Izumi will never finish whatever she’s writing, Kozue will never stop getting drunk or get herself a proper boyfriend and settle down and Nazuna, well, she’ll never stop being Takanashi’s sister. Better pray harder she doesn’t grow up anymore. Maybe instead of looking at things from one perspective that every cute little thing is growing, Takanashi should perhaps think that he may be the one who is shrinking. Hell that will work.

I know I may seem repetitive about nothing changed, there were many things that wasn’t really, how should I put it, resolved. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Yet. For instance after that first and only appearance of Haruna, we never see her again. I thought somewhere down the road we would really get to see Otoo and his wife reunite but I guess that will always remain a mystery. Who knows what will happen if Otoo actually manages to find Haruna again. Will things at Wagnaria remain the same? At least this would be a big concern for Kyouko and Yachiyo. Kirio has never found his sister. He keeps missing her. This is provided if Yamada is actually his sister. So perhaps just like Otoo’s case if he finds her, Wagnaria will change because Yamada will have to go home. As we all know everyone would love things to stay as they are. Even if Yamada is a real troublemaker and idiot but hey, she is their idiot! Haha. As for Yamada’s real background, I guess that is a big mystery too. I suppose Yamada wanting her own ideal family too never materialized, eh? Otoo just wouldn’t get adoption papers to be her father and Souma definitely don’t really want to be her brother. You can’t say her family is breaking up when she doesn’t even have one to begin with, right? Though it is said that Inami’s phobia has made some progression, the way I see it, she’s still at the same spot where she was in the first place. She’s just hitting Takanashi more and other guys less so this balances up her quota, right? If this gets real bad and out of hand, I think Wagnaria will impose a cross-dressing rule for male customers…

In the love department, well, nothing is, you guessed it, resolved. Takanashi continues to be oblivious to Inami’s feelings simply he is blinded for all things small and cute. So even if he does declare his love for Taneshima (just saying) it won’t be the more-than-just-friends kind of love. Get what I’m saying? So poor Inami has to keep all her feelings bottled up inside her heart and sometimes you can’t blame her for wanting to take out her frustrations by punching him. It should have been easier now that her father is no longer in her way. But even so, there seems to be no progress. Speaking of abuse, it’s funny that Takanashi has never learnt to dodge Inami’s punches. I always wonder if it is true that perhaps deep down inside his heart, his masochist side has awakened. It’s understandable he won’t stop her punches like Kirio did as it might hurt her. But can he just do some kung fu footwork and avoid the incoming fist? With each hit, it seems Inami’s punches get stronger and what does this tell you? It means the punch is getting more and more painful. So he should have developed some immunity from all the punches he received, right? So really, he may be a masochist after all. Keep it up a couple of more times and he’ll turn into that masochist lover, Tarou from MM! Besides, don’t they both share the same seiyuu too? I can see a connection here… There were moments Takanashi was close to perhaps realize Inami isn’t just a dog. He notices that kind of annoying feeling in his heart but can’t seem to realize it. But it’s frustrating each time he doesn’t get it. So has Kirio given up on Inami and lose out to Takanashi? Though Kirio likes Inami but the way he shows it as though he’s not serious. If he was, he would’ve tried hard to make her his. Well, her androphobia is a different story. It’s a one-sided love affair for Satou since Yachiyo is still to blur that this guy likes her. Even with all the hints I don’t think she’ll be seeing all this soon (partly because Yachiyo’s eyes are closed most of the time. Haha). So what happened to Kozue and her marriage proposal to Youhei? As long as that guy doesn’t accept, you can count on her to keep bugging him. Yachiyo’s love for Kyouko feels more like obsession, the same case for Mitsuki.

The voice acting seems pretty well suited to each character and it brings out the quirkiness of each character. Jun Fukuyama as Takanashi wasn’t his usual main heroic characters like Lelouch in Code Geass, Lawrence in Spice And Wolf or Yukio in Ao No Exorcist. Instead he also does best in comical perverted roles like Keita in Inukami and Taro in MM! So making Takanashi sounding like a lolicon pervert (at least most of his fawning over cute things are directed towards Taneshima so it’s natural he may look like a lolicon) is definitely convincing. Kana Asumi as Taneshima sounds as cute as ever like other cute girl roles she voiced like Miya from Amagami SS and Yuno from Hidamari Sketch. Is it not obvious that in addition to her small size, her voice would also be an easy temptation to ‘mess’ with her. Saki Fujita as Inami (Ayano in YuruYuri, Ao in Yozakura Quartet) sure does make her sound like an insecure girl. She’s always sounds worried if there would be a guy turning up the next corner and then punching the daylights out of him. Daisuke Ono as Satou wasn’t in his usual gentleman mode like Sebastian of Kuroshitsuji. So it was a little hard for me identify him at first because Satou has always been the grumpy and moody cook we have all know from start to finish. Hiroshi Kamiya flexes his comical side as Souma. And though many of the other characters he voiced like Nozomu from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Mephisto from Ao No Exorcist and Kou/Riku from Arakawa Under The Bridge have their funny sides, here the character is carefree and scheming all the way. Eri Kitamura as Yachiyo sounds so soft spoken and shy that it is different from her other livelier (and perhaps ‘naughtier’) roles like Ami in Toradora, Eve from Needless, Nao of Onii-chan No Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne and Rin of Kodomo No Jikan. Ryou Hirohashi voices Yamada and really makes her character who is a desperate attention seeker but ends up getting into lots of unnecessary trouble. She’s like Aria The Animation’s Alice but only more mischievous. Kumiko Watanabe makes Kyouko sound lazy and lethargic. Very different from her other roles like Shippo in Inu Yasha and Keroro in Keroro Gunsou. Youko Hikasa as Izumi is so soft spoken it’s like as though she speaks via whispering. I wouldn’t have guessed she was K-ON!’s Mio or Seikon No Qwaser’s Hana. Other casts include Ryoko Shiraishi as Kazue (Hayate in Hayate No Gotoku), Shizuka Itou as Kozue (Wilhelmina in Shakugan No Shana), Momoko Saito as Nazuna (Miho in A Channel), Jouji Nakata as Otoo (Hordy Jones in One Piece), Yuuichi Nakamura as Youhei (Tomoya in Clannad), Haruka Tomatsu as Mitsuki (Lala in To Love-Ru), Satoshi Hino as Kirio (Takagi in Bakugan), Junko Iwao as Haruna (Akane in Mai-HiME) and Akiko Kawase as Maya (Miyabi in Koi Koi Seven).

The opening theme of the first season is Someone Else by the seiyuus of Taneshima, Yachiyo and Inami (I feel Kana Asumi stood out more). The liveliness of this fanfare makes you want to go “Someone, one, one. Someone one, one else. One, one, one, one..”. You get the picture. If that was the first season, then I’m sure the second season’s opening theme by the same trio will make you want to go “Pan, pan, pan. Pan, pan, pan” (and shake your butt) as well. It feels like Coolish Walk is a continuation of Someone Else because of the same style and beat. If the girls hog the opening themes, then I guess it’s the guys turn to take centre stage for the ending themes. With the trio seiyuus of Takanashi, Souma and Satou (I feel Hiroshi Kamiya stood out more), the first season’s opening theme is Heart No Edge Ni Idomu Mou. Sounds very much like rock ‘n’ roll. But for the second season’s ending theme, Itsumo You Ni Love & Peace, it feels very much like a piece for disco. In all of the credits animation, you can see lots of crazy stuff from the crew of Wagnaria. At times as though they’re putting up some sort of little dance for us. There are lots of variety of background music. Ranging from lively jazz to slow piano pieces and hard rock ensembles and some even bringing back memories of those in Lucky Star or A Channel.

Speaking of part time jobs, this is what I’ve been thinking the kind of jobs that the staffs of Wagnaria would do if they were not working at Wagnaria. Taneshima would fit to be a model for children’s clothing and apparels while Inami could represent her country as a female boxing contender at the Olympics. If Satou is not a cook, my next best guess is that he’ll be a hair stylist because he makes ‘beautiful designs’ with Taneshima’s hair. Practice makes perfect. Souma could be a double agent or informant and if you want to easily mess up the operations of the enemy, it is best to send Yamada in because she works best as a natural jinx or sabotage. Kyouko would make a great ice cream taster while Yachiyo would probably carry on her family tradition of making swords, if not be a maid because she serves her master well. Too bad that her master will always be Kyouko. Otoo could be on Travel Discovery channel because of his search which takes him around Japan and the world. He may end up in exotic places and what better way to convey the beauty of the location and his goal by killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Haruna can be a magician’s assistant because, now you see her, now you don’t. And you’ll never find her again. Maya? She could be a normal girl… If you felt that I left out Takanashi, then you’re right because no matter how much I think, I can’t seem to find a proper job for him taking into consideration his sick fetish. Being a pedo is not a job. It’s a crime!

After seeing so many of their antics, it makes you wonder why the business can still stay afloat. Well, it is a good sign to tell us that they keep their antics behind the backstage so the customers won’t really freak out seeing their weird behaviours and all. Or maybe they’re just here for the good food. Say, how come they have enough food ingredients when Kyouko spends most of her time devouring them? Maybe she’s got some underhanded tactic which keeps the business running? Don’t be fooled by her looks. She’s an ex-delinquent boss and with a call, she gets things done. By hook or crook. I know working part time in a service industry you’ll get to meet and experience all sorts of characters but they are referring to the customers, right? I guess nobody is perfect and we all are weird in our own ways. So if you want a unique dining experience, come on down to Wagnaria where the ladies are armed with a sword, a pedo waiter and elementary school girl wait on you while the manager literally eats away the profits. Male patrons may be lucky enough to get more than a cocktail punch if you get too close but only provided if you can stomach it. Do you still have room for desserts? I’ll make room for them if they’re going to make another season of this series. Their wackiness is the main course and reason for my repeat return as a satisfied customer. Who says I can’t have my cake and not eat it? Hope I won’t bite off more than I can chew.

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