World Destruction

November 14, 2010

I guess I shouldn’t wait for kingdom come to watch World Destruction: Sekai Bokumetsu No Rokunin. It’s not like I’m afraid if the end of the world comes tomorrow nor do I believe in that 2012 prophecy thingy. It’s ironic to find that the ‘heroes’ of the series are trying to destroy the world. And you thought bad guys only do that. I know we have lots of problems ever since day one but to destroy the world to change it?

A spin-off series based on the RPG game developed by Sega, Sands of Destruction, the setting of this world is whereby animals dubbed beastmen rule over us humans. How is that for a change homo sapiens being the oppressed ones? That is what happens when animals have intelligence. So for all you people who mistreat animals, take heed that animals have feelings too. And look what global warming has caused. The world’s dark blue ocean has been replaced into sand, making the world one freaking huge desert. Okay, so I’m not sure if global warming was the culprit. Otherwise, those looking for some fantasy action adventure with a little hint of comedy in it should have a look at this anime.

Starting off in episode 1, the town is abuzz of rumours that a World Destruction Committee (WDC) member has escaped here. Heck, there is only 1 member by the way. Kirie Irunisu works as a waiter in a restaurant when suddenly a group of World Salvation Committee (WSC) soldiers barges in. They recognize a cloaked woman inside not only of her wanted poster mug but her weapon as well. She is Morute Ashera and you could guess she is the single WDC member they’re looking for. She swiftly takes Kirie as hostage but his fake ears drop off, revealing him to be human rather than beastmen. Soon all hell breaks loose. Meanwhile a human kid, Cain, walks into another beastmen bar to request the help of a bear Toppi Topuran (a detective from the Hero’s Guild who ends his sentences with ~kuma) to save his sister Rinan as a sacrifice from the Cat King to his God Sakai. The Cat King tells his men to bring the sacrifice quickly after learning WDC is in town. Kirie and Morute barely escape the gunfire and are resting out of town. They chat as she learns he’s just pretending to be a beastmen to find work and pay for living expenses. She says WSC came up with that weird WDC title and started chasing her. But thanks to that it gave her such a great name. They are stumbled by Rinan and the villagers. They allow them to stay. During dinner, Morute tells Kirie that her intention is to destroy this meaningless world regardless of whether it’s human or beastmen. She shows him a little black orb, Destruct Code that can destroy the world in an instant. Probably her long lecture that he shouldn’t get involved has Kirie falling asleep. How can anyone not get involved when world destruction is at stake?! The villagers are planning to use the guests as sacrifice in Rinan’s place though she’s against it.

That night when they come to kidnap them, Morute is gone and they only see Kirie sleeping soundly. They hand him to Cat King. Morute wonders around and bumps into Rinan and learns about the sacrifice. Kirie wakes up in the middle of the cats’ weird nyan-nyan ritual and a pair of hungry carnivorous plants. Morute steps in and grabs Cat King hostage before throwing him down the pit. The plant eats him up in an instant! As she’s about to save Kirie, WSC soldiers jump down to continue their siege on Morute. She fights them back. Toppi also arrives and joins the fray. He saves Kirie from the monster but is shocked to see the victim as a guy instead of a girl he’s supposed to save. WSC thinks Toppi is also part of WDC and continue their attack. Morute threatens to use Destruct Code so WSC dares her. (Un)fortunately she doesn’t know how. Just a bluff, eh? During the attack, she accidentally drops Destruct Code as it rolls into Kirie’s hands. It starts to glow and causes the cave to crumble. Morute takes Kirie and Toppi out. In the aftermath, she says it was the first time she has seen it glow like that. Rinan and Cain apologize and thank them. Morute and Kirie run off in Toppi’s sand boat. Of course the chibi bear manages to get on too and he’s not happy. Morute says Toppi has been thought to be part of WDC so it’s better to run with them. She says their next destination is to destroy the world as Toppi narrates “There is another kind of hero. One that will destroy the world”.

In episode 2, the sand boat ran out of fuel and they’re trapped in the middle of the sand ocean. Could it get any worse? Yes. Suddenly WSC sand-marine ambushes them. The trio manages to get off before the torpedoes destroy the boat. They are picked up by a transporter guy, Agan Madoru. He shows them a new wanted poster of WDC that includes the trio. He isn’t against them as he will transport anything anywhere for a fee. Since Morute has no money and will not trade Destruct Code, Toppi pays him. That amount was enough for Agan to let them off when his ship and the next pleasure ship (a lawless uncontrolled place) exchange goods. As the trio head into the ship, a raccoon girl, Winno, purposely bumps into Morute and secretly steals her Destruct Code. A pair of WSC members, Naja Gurefu and Lia Dragonell see the captain of the ship, wanting his cooperation to assist in capturing the WDC. But he tells them to do as they wish since this place has no rules. He will not help nor interfere. While Kirie and Toppi have their meal, Morute is gambling and luck is on her side as she rakes in big earnings via roulette. Naja decides to take the soft approach and convinces her to play a card game with him. As Kirie and Toppi wander, they spot Winno and insist on helping her. Since they have no money to save her debt-ridden dad, she goes off. Money is everything. They then run into WSC soldiers. Big trouble.

Morute loses all her money to Naja so he tells her to make a final bet with her Destruct Code. Taken aback, she accepts but realizes the orb is missing and uses a wrapped canned food as decoy. Suddenly Winno rushes up to the ship’s captain and wants him to release her dad in exchange for Destruct Code. Realizing that they’ve been fooled and lost her patience, Lia goes into trigger happy mode. It gets messy when Kirie, Toppi and the WSC soldiers get into the picture. Lia transforms into her beast mode and fights Morute. Destruct Code rolls over into Kirie’s hands but before Lia could pound him, she abruptly stops (why is she blushing?!). Morute uses a diversion to allow them to escape. Winno isn’t going to follow them because she wants to save her dad. Morute gives her the canned food and tells her she can probably exchange that for a gold coin and start from here to save her dad. The trio escape and ‘land’ on the next ‘island’. Morute plans to go alone but the duo insists on coming with her since they’re already wanted. Kirie says they should start a journey to save humanity instead of destroying the world but she replies destroying it is for everyone’s good. Yeah, I agree. We don’t have to pay taxes anymore, haha!

The trio are captured and locked in a remote prison area run by beastmen Wolfman in episode 3. He doesn’t care who they are because he intends to exchange them with WSC for cash in 2 days time. While doing hard labour, the trio manage to secure info on whereabouts of their equipment and location of the key. They plan on escaping and based on some legend, bears are good in digging so Morute makes Toppi dig his way to retrieve the key. Kirie notices a kind guard, Shin, treating a lady prisoner, Aya. Next day, a rude gorilla guard is going to whip Aya but Morute subdues him. She gives up when other guards surround her. Wolfman decides to put pressure on the prisoners by having a midnight inspection in their cells. Toppi manages to retrieve the key and return to his cell before the guards suspect they have 1 man (beast rather) short. Shin shows Aya an escape route. He tells her to escape with the WDC trio whom he has already told beforehand. He plans to stay back as his atonement. That night after the inspection, the WDC trio escape and retrieve their gear. The gorilla guard sees a hole in the ceiling from where Toppi came from to retrieve the key and sounds the alarm. Morute takes Shin hostage while they make a run. As they take cover from the guards’ fire, Aya comes out. So happen Wolfman was near her so Morute throws Toppi at Wolfman, knocking him out. They make a dashing escape. Next day when Naja and Lia arrive, they see the prison in the midst of picking themselves up from the chaos. Violent Lia beats up Wolfman. Shin and Aya part ways with the trio and it seems they are in love with each other. Love really breaks down all forms of barrier. Before departing on their journey, Morute sees a vision of Springland while having Destruct Code in her hands.

The trio enter Springland in episode 4 and Morute thinks their path is guided Destruct Code. Wearing animal ears as disguises (who says kemonomimi are for otakus only), they learn that the new mayor, Yoshi, had all the sakura trees cut down because he believed the superstitious rumours that it’ll suck the blood of beastmen. The trio pass by a large sakura tree, believed to be the last one standing. While fooling around, Kirie accidentally breaks a branch. I’m not sure of Kirie and Toppi’s idea of going around town apologizing and admitting he’s the one who broke it. But everyone stayed away from them and shut themselves in! The duo meet Agan doing his delivery rounds. They learn it was the last uncut tree because it’s cursed and all beastmen fear it. Anyone who tries to cut or break its branches will experience misfortune. When the duo go back and relate this to Morute waiting at the sakura tree, they see a man Jade who is waiting for his lover at this spot. He tells them the cursed tree is a lie to prevent the tree from being felled. Since he hails from the other side of the hill, his village was attacked by beastmen. He and his lover got separated but promised to reunite under this tree. That’s why he cooked up the story and has been waiting ever since. Naja and Lia meet Agan and manage to get some info of the WDC trio after they gave him some money.

Kirie is worried that Jade’s plan will be foiled if he doesn’t experience bad luck since the beastmen will start to suspect. So he plans to do lots of fake misfortune right in front of Yoshi’s house. I don’t know why Toppi has to do it too. He starts by dropping chicken poo on the bear (for realism I guess). While waiting for the chicken to do so, Toppi spots Naja and Lia coming and hides. By that time, the chicken poops but it landed on Lia. She goes berserk and starts tearing down everything! Run for your lives! They didn’t fight back thinking it’s a way to convince the people of their misfortune. They escape in a boat (supposedly the final tragedy of pretend drowning) but are chased by WSC duo in a speedboat. Better row faster! Yoshi came out of his house and over the bridge to see the ruckus. So happen he stepped on the broken sakura branch that Toppi dropped earlier on and in very good timing, when WSC’s speedboat cross under the bridge, it collapses. Kirie and Toppi continue their fake drowning scene. They are later pulled up by Jade. Lia and Naja recover but know the WDC guys are still alive. When the duo return to Morute, she tells them she investigated Jade’s abandoned house over the hills. The war Jade mentioned happened 90 years ago and that Jade is already dead. I see dead people! When the trio leave, Morute passes by an old lady. She notices a similar bracelet that Jade was wearing.

While resting in the woods in episode 5, Kirie and Morute are ambushed by a group of beastmen led by a little black bear that looks similar to Toppi, Yappi. They are placed in a cell of a Colosseum where humans are to fight to their deaths against gladiator beastmen in front of their bloodthirsty brethren. Their turn is up but Morute causes a stunning upset on the horse gladiator. Toppi is in town searching for his human friends when he saves a ram lady, Mutton from being harassed (it even happens in the animal world). He meets up with Yappi (he ends with sentences with ~bear!) as they catch up on old times. They became heroes to serve justice. Yappi lies that he has never seen his pals. Toppi has a hint where his friends might be because of the upset news from the Colosseum. Yappi sees the Colosseum over, Birdman and is being praised that he brought the right humans because he’s raking in lots of gold. Toppi sneaks into the cell to free his friends. As they escape, they bump into Yappi trying to steal Birdman’s gold from the vault. When the guards surround them, Yappi throws the sack of gold away and betrays them by ordering their capture. Toppi is disheartened of Yappi’s change in character.

Yappi wants Birdman to let the trio fight in the ring. First they’re up against a giant worm spitting furiously. Toppi takes it out but they are soon faced with a minotaur gladiator. Yappi leaves the stand but Mutton pleads to him to save them. From the way he said things, he seems envious of Toppi. After the WDC trio is done with the minotaur, their next battle is Yappi and his bear subordinates (looking more cute than menacing). Toppi singlehandedly takes them all out before engaging in a one-to-one fist fight with Yappi in which the former emerges victorious. We learn Yappi accidentally killed a beastmen and was in a state of depression till Birdman picked him up on the streets. He claims he doesn’t understand him and doesn’t consider himself a hero anymore. Birdman gets word that the gold from his vault is missing. Since his henchman spotted only a shadow of a little bear, Toppi steps up and admits he was the one who stole the gold. He also admits he is part of WDC. The crowd realize that they are the wanted people in the poster and try to capture them for the reward. Toppi tells surprised Yappi that no matter the circumstances, as long as he holds it in his heart, he is a hero. Amidst the chaos, the WDC trio make their escape.

While trekking under the hot sun in the desert in episode 6, Kirie faints of heat stroke. Luckily Agan was there to take them to a charity hospital in Summerland. Kirie gradually recovers thanks to the hospital’s chairman, an elephant beastmen, Zoushi and his human assistant, Rigareto. As they continue their stay, they notice both humans and beastmen communicating in harmony as this is what Zoushi believes in. However Morute has her reservations. That night she wakes up from a dream whereby her little brother, Leibe died and was attending his funeral. Seems Kirie had the same dream as Morute wonders why Destruct Code is reacting to him. Next day Naja and Lia arrive and seek Rigareto’s help on the WDC’s whereabouts. Though he admits they are here, he doesn’t think those people are as bad as they seem. Zoushi comes in and Naja recognizes him as the great Desert Slayer. After excusing Rigareto, Zoushi lies to them by saying he’s executing a secret plan and that they mustn’t cause a ruckus and be patient. The WSC duo leave.

That night Morute wakes up to find Kirie, Toppi and the kids gone. Thankfully they’re secretly making a cake for Zoushi’s birthday tomorrow. When she returns, she sees Rigareto tying up Zoushi and pouring fuel all over the room. He is going to have his revenge on Zoushi who killed his family and village back then. He took up a job here to ascertain his intentions and found out when he eavesdropped on his secret plan. Zoushi owns up and makes no excuses though he created this hospital in hopes of saving lives. Rigareto thinks his sins won’t be erased that way. Morute laughs it off and tells him to do whatever he wants. As Kirie eavesdrops too, Morute mentions how Leibe joined the resistance group called Golden Lions to fight against beastmen. He was loyal but died. That’s why she’s so upset and wants to destroy the world since both humans and beastmen’s meaningless existence will continue to create conflict. Rigareto is about to burn the place down but Kirie barges in to stop him. Toppi and the kids barge in too to hand over the early birthday cake to Zoushi (after thinking their plans have been found out). Rigareto backs down when he sees the kids pleading him not to bully Zoushi as this also reminded him of his own family. But the candle fire caught onto the fuel. Luckily everyone manages to escape. Next day, Morute tells Kirie and Toppi to stay back while she journeys alone. Zoushi tells the guys to follow her not to destroy the world, but in hopes it will change her mind like it did to him.

In a human town in episode 7, the WDC trio learn from an innkeeper that WDC is running amok, robbing and hurting people. Seems a group of fake WDC trio are freeloading at a cafe. A womaniser fake Kirie, a taciturn and tanned fake Morute and a large bear but gentle fake Toppi. Toppi goes to do research on the imposters by seeing a policeman. He even brings a little girl Maria who was a witness of the fake WDC’s freeloading at the restaurant. She is thrilled to see a little bear this time and happily spills the details. I don’t know why Kirie is so panic when he spots a rip in Morute’s skirt and tries to distract her so that he can sow it!!! Is he serious about sowing while she’s having her clothes on and not suspecting it?! Obviously not. Naja and Lia enter town to catch the usual suspects. The townspeople aren’t looking up to them due to WSC’s failure to apprehend WDC. However the duo are being led on a wild goose chase, walking from town to another while tracking the (fake) WDC.

The real WDC trio are discussing what they have found. I don’t know why Toppi also panics when he learns Morute’s skirt is ripped. Now it’s a little bigger. Then the fake WDC trio come in. Because the policeman is there, fake Kirie swiftly puts the blame on the real WDC trio. Can’t tell the fake from the real, policeman has them lined up as he inspects them. Based on the evidence of WDC’s traits he got from witnesses, both groups try to outdo each other by proving they’re not the real deal. In one of those attempts, Morute realizes her ripped skirt. She then suspects Kirie had known this all along and beats him up. With the real WDC’s identity discovered, the fake ones try to leave. Fake Toppi tells real Toppi that they can’t afford to be caught as they’re trying to find their utopia where both humans and beastmen coexist. Policeman then notices all the stolen antiques in the room. The real fake WDC (getting confusing, eh?) turns out to be the innkeeper, his wife and a real bear pretending to be a stuffed bear. They admit they’re just stealing valuable stuff and had nothing to do with freeloading and suspects the fake fake WDC (yeah, it’s getting confusing). Before they could attack, Naja and Lia bust in. Lia is pissed because of the wild goose chase and destroys the whole inn with the real fakes while the rest escapes. Outside, the fakes apologize. Toppi advises them to take responsibility of the inn and to create a space where humans and beastmen can live in peace together. He also says that utopia is to be created and not found. Fake Kirie parts with an advice to the guys: Hell hath no fury a woman scorned. By the time you wish to apologize, it’s too late. What does that mean? It means Morute is going to kick their butts…All this over a little rip. Why the heck did she suspect them anyway?

In episode 8, the WDC trio are being thrown off a sand whale. Agan picks them up once more and agrees to take them to Autumnland if they clean his ship since they have no money. But they’re being ambushed by the sand-marines. They want Agan to hand over the goods bearing the Golden Lions logo. Though they got captured and tied up, Agan frees himself and everyone else and cause havoc on the ship. Naja and Lia manage to get into the sand-marine’s ship before it submerges under the sand. Everyone gathers at the cargo area and learn the cargo from Golden Lions is actually a bomb. Naja concludes this is their plan of using a transporter to ship it and then tell the sand-marines of its location to capture it so they could destroy them. During the struggle, the bomb’s mechanism spoils so everyone makes a run for it. Sand slowly seeps into the ship after it explodes. Kirie gets pinned under a door after saving Lia. Not breathing, the rest are contemplating who should do CPR (Lia is tsundere). Toppi does it and Kirie gets the shock of his life. His first kiss when to a chibi bear. They continue to run and lock themselves in compartments (Toppi, Kirie and Lia in the toilet?). The ship has sunk to the bottom of the sand ocean and they’re stranded. Naja decides to call a truce. Toppi is small enough and is sent crawling to the engine room but the tank is done for. Agan tells his tale of a failed delivery from a young Golden Lions member (Leibe). He was supposed to deliver a message to his sister that he’ll return while describing her traits. Morute gets motivation to find a way out when Agan hears the sand whale nearby. He instructs Toppi to activate the engine. This is because sand whales react to sound and will swallow them and the sand as a whole before spitting them out. They are spit out safely atop the sand sea near Autumnland. Naja and Lia leave since the former says the truce is still in effect and doesn’t arrest them. Before Naja parts, he hints to Morute that he has completed his delivery safely.

Entering the campus city of Galura in Autumnland where both humans and beastmen coexist in peace to gather knowledge in episode 9, Morute isn’t happy about this coexisting atmosphere and goes off alone. At a library, she thinks she saw her brother but it was a beastmen who looked just like him, Eoru. He tells of his sad past when his adoptive father was sent to a war between humans and beastmen and died. Then his human sister left shortly and also met the same fate. Eoru thinks it’s time to pack up and leave the city so Morute helps him pack his books. While Toppi is having fun happily eating by himself. Kirie enters another library to borrow a book to learn more about Destruct Code. He then spots Morute doing her packing task but she ignores him and continues. Kirie learns that she got Destruct Code from Leibe as he had it with him when he died. He mentions how the book did not mention about the Destruct Code she possessed. She’s not too happy since she thinks he’s implying it is a fake. Kirie continues that there are no genuine witnesses to the real Destruct Code or how to use it. He goes on talking about how he has been lonely in life and hints that she is destroying the world as revenge for Leibe. She stomps her foot down and tells him to stop ranting. Eoru was eavesdropping on them. They decide to enter a room that Eoru was hesitant to enter ever since his sister left. They see the place with lots of messy artwork strewn all over the place and decide to clean up. Morute notes that it isn’t easy to forgive easily. Then they see a painting of Eoru and his sister. Eoru gets emotional and breaks down before it.

The WDC trio enter the mechanical Clocktown in episode 10 to see Wanishi (Dr Alligator) on how to use Destruct Code. Wanishi also wants Destruct Code to harness its power and is delighted WDC has entered the city. He orders his robots who only obey beastmen to capture them. Since Toppi is a beastmen, he manages to give orders to 1 of them (calling it #28) for them to hide. Wanishi fixes this flaw and sends newly programmed robots to capture them. Toppi and #28 make a break as Morute throws Destruct Code to him while she and Kirie get arrested and brought to Wanishi. Meanwhile the WSC duo are outside the city gates and the robots are instructed to stall them. Naja is bloody patient trying to correct the mispronouncing robot about their WSC name but Lia isn’t. She waltzes right in and any robot that doesn’t obey her, she doesn’t give a sh*t and shoots them with her double pistols! Enough of those distorted titles! Wanishi shows his captors Destruct Code Detector which is supposed to decrypt the devastating power after Destruct Code is activated and wants Morute to hand it over. However she doesn’t have it so he is going to cut her up. Toppi and #28 barge in to save them as Lia also comes in and starts shooting randomly, hitting the machine. It goes a little berserk as it absorbs Destruct Code. They see visions of Dragon Valley of Winterland. Lia is stunned by what she saw. #28 retrieves Destruct Code and escapes with his WDC pals. We see some bonding between Toppi and #28 as they help each other out. Wanishi corners them and since he is superior, orders #28 to take out WDC. But #28 resisted and assisted them in escaping instead. #28 then sacrifices himself to let the trio escape. Outside Clocktown, it hit them that #28 had Destruct Code. Morute plans on going back when #27 surprisingly appears and returns Destruct Code to them. Seems something about a preset rule that robots must know how to take care of themselves. Wanting Toppi to give him an order, he tells #28 to return to Clocktown and live the way he wants. Can a robot understand that? But he’ll try. Wanishi isn’t giving up yet and sets his next destination to Dragon Valley.

The robots of Clocktown surround Naja and Lia in episode 11 but Wanishi tells them to back down since Destruct Code is no longer here. WSC leader, Washishi enters and he too is after Destruct Code. He is disappointed in Naja and Lia and thinks he may have overestimated their abilities as half-human half-beast. He orders them to stay put here while he searches for Destruct Code himself. Naja wonders if WDC is bent on destroying the world. Thinking back the things they did didn’t pretty much reflect it. Naja and Lia talk about Dragon Valley, Lia’s hometown which is just a distant away from this desert. She reveals she is over 300 years old and hasn’t gone back. She also asserts her hate for Morute. Wanishi was eavesdropping and instigates Lia to head to Winterland by telling her Morute wants to destroy Dragon Valley as they’ve been shown visions of that place. Agan takes the WDC to Winterland. As the trio step into Dragon Valley, Lia isn’t far behind. Both women argue that their actions are right. Since words are useless, they do what they prefer to do most: Fight. Toppi feels like going into hibernation (because he’s a bear) so Kirie tries his best to keep him awake. During the fierce fight, Lia knocks Morute off balance as she loses her Destruct Code and hangs precariously over the ledge. Suddenly Naja comes running by to tell Lia to escape. Before she could do that, Wanishi fires a cannonball at her, plunging her into the ravine. Naja dives down to save her. Then it’s a race to retrieve Destruct Code but Wanishi’s robots got it and he is happy it is now in his hands.

Stranded in the snow in episode 12, upset Morute throws sleep talking Toppi to the wall till he wakes up. What a rude awakening. It also reveals a cave. As they enter, they see lots of rotting corpses. Suddenly they see visions of their own past. Morute relives the tormenting moments at Leibe’s funeral, how she was given Destruct Code by Karuna who is a member of Golden Lions and also telling her about it, and the time Leibe tells of his intention to join the rebel group. Then a time when they were young living with their parents, her father taken away by beastmen and the death of her mom shortly. Morute breaks down further as she moves further back in time, having dinner with her family. Toppi finds himself back in his hometown and is frolicking with Yappi and co. Though Kirie sees his past of working at the restaurant where he met Morute, he also sees visions whereby Leibe met Agan to deliver a message. Wanishi lies to Washishi that his robots have lost WDC at Dragon Valley and Destruct Code is also lost with them. Washishi plans to search the area but is cautioned about the Labyrinth of Memories, a place where one relives his/her past till their deaths. Wanishi tries to harness Destruct Code’s power but finds it too weak. He powers it up and sees the same visions Kirie is seeing and understands the whole situation.

Kirie sees the rebel camp Leibe was in, attacked by beastmen led by Wanishi. Barrels of gunpowder caught fire so Leibe tried to put it out but it exploded and he got killed. Destruct Code rolled off the ground and a shocking discovery reveals an unconscious human that looks like Kirie. Twins? Toppi wakes up from his dream (apparently he got hit by a chibi bear lady he was trying to hit on. That lecher…) and goes to wake up Kirie. Realizing the danger of this place, they go find Morute to wake her up but she is reluctant to do so and wants to stay in this dream forever and screw reality. Even her illusion family rationalizes with her about world change and the existence of people making them. They want her to change the world into a bright future where everyone can happily live in. Since Washishi is trying to destroy the cave and smoke them out with his cannons, Toppi and Kirie carry her and make a run. When they reach outside the mouth of the cave, Morute finally wakes up. But Washishi has found them and orders them to have over Destruct Code.

Lia sees her young self crying in episode 13 but was comforted by Kirie’s twin (probably why she likes him?). She is awakened by Naja in the cave. She tells him about meeting Kirie about 300 years ago but dismisses he is a dragon because they should’ve recognized each other and no other races can live that long. Washishi surrounds the WDC but Morute tells him he has been betrayed by Wanishi because Destruct Code is with him. Wanishi then appears. He gives Destruct Code to Washishi but in exchange wants Kirie and knows the secret behind it. He tries to take him by force but Toppi comes between them. While Morute fights Washishi, she steals Destruct Code so the trio escape into the cave. Kirie thinks something is amiss for Wanishi to return and believes if they head deeper and view the memories again, they could figure out something. Washishi’s bazooka sends Kirie falling into the ravine. When he wakes up, he finds himself in the middle of Wanishi’s beastmen’s attack on Leibe’s camp. Leibe is seen talking to the twin who wants to see if he could change the world. The twin seems to know Kirie’s presence and tells him Morute’s Destruct Code is a fake and has him remember his memories. Next thing he knows, Kirie sees the twin rolling Destruct Code next to Leibe’s lifeless body. When he touches it, flashbacks of the eras of conflict flow through him. Morute and Toppi are captured. Washishi is going to make them tell him how to use Destruct Code. Naja and Lia meet Kirie in the cave. Wanishi shows up and reveals the real Destruct Code is Kirie himself. He is going to take Kirie away but Naja wants to settle an earlier score. Lia furiously beats Wanishi up over his betrayal.

In a flash, Kirie moves as fast as sand to where Morute and Toppi are held and blasts open the door to free them. Now he looks like in kick ass mode. He tells them the orb isn’t the real Destruct Code but a memory media for it and the real body is himself. What Leibe meant when he discovered Destruct Code was in reference to Kirie instead of the orb. During the explosion, Kirie lost his media and thus his memories and went on life without it. He reveals he has been around for millennia ever since the world was born. To activate it, one must have the desire to wish for the world’s destruction. Washishi orders his men to capture Kirie but they were all turned into sand in an instant! Don’t mess around with the weapon of mass destruction! Since Morute had always believed in the Destruct Code, it has been activated back then (the glow in episode 1). Kirie activates to reset the world, turning everything into sand. Toppi, Morute, Lia and Naja escape onboard Agan’s ship. He’s still thinking of money when the world is about to go poof? Now Morute has doubts about this isn’t the world that she wished for and jumps off and towards Kirie. She pleads not to destroy the world and will settle to live in this type of world. Did she kiss him to stop? Yeah, even destruction devices have feelings. It was too far from this view to see anything. Anyway Kirie deactivates and returns to his normal self. They both hug each other as the orb cracks. Toppi narrates when God created this world, he also created Destruct Code with powers to destroy it. When someone believes in it and truly wishes for world destruction, it will be activated to reset the world and God gave this choice to both humans and beastmen. Though the world is saved, it hasn’t change as beastmen still hold power and humans oppressed. Destruct Code doesn’t possess the power to change the world. It is us who has the power to do so. There are 2 kinds of future: A bright and dark one. No matter what the future is, through hope the future will continuously change. We see everyone continuing with their lives as Toppi joins Morute and Kirie. She mocks the chibi bear for trying to act cool.

So the world didn’t end and everyone gets to live another day. It was probably mindboggling to see Morute who wanted to destroy to world so badly but in the end she backed out. Did she get cold feet upon knowing what apocalypse looked like? Nobody wants to really die. And why did it take Destruct Code so long to activate? I thought it was supposed to be instant? Can’t destroy without the memories which serve as the key for activation? Probably Morute was so caught up in the death of her brother that she was blinded by rage and couldn’t care less about the world. I find that her unusual blade weapon to be a little redundant. It felt like she’s carrying excess baggage as I was expecting she’d pull off special moves from rather than just swinging it and blocking blows. Kirie seems to be the ‘damsel in distress’, the one not being able to properly fight back and though I knew he was going to be the key to Destruct Code, it never occurred to me that he was the Destruct Code himself. So he really did lose his memories. Toppi is also another amusing character. He is the one who spouts lots of amusing lines that mostly serves as advices, which is true if you think about it. Is that what being a hero is about? You can’t be one without your own lines. It’s funny to see him end his sentences with ~kuma but protests when people call him a bear. It’s so ironic. It’s also fun to see Toppi being ‘used’ like when he is used as a projectile or made to do things the rest are unable to do with their size. Having a chibi bear is useful in addition to being a cute mascot. I’m sure Toppi would disagree to that. ~kuma. Oops.

Lia is also another interesting character because of her mood swings. Basically she’s a violent person who’d prefer to let her fists do the talking. She turns typical tsundere when Kirie is near her otherwise stay away from this crazy b*tch. In contrast, Naja is much calmer, gentler and patient, prefer to talk things out rather than using violence. Because of that he rarely gets the job done. That’s why I’m also wondering if the odd WSC pair is really bent on capturing WDC in the first place. They had several good chances to do so but let it slip by. Another thing which bugged me is that if the second title of this series means “The 6 People That Will Destroy The World”, how come it is only 3 people? Though Agan may be just a transporter but subtly in a way by helping the WDC trio get to places, he’s more like an accomplice, right? And as mentioned, Naja and Lia’s inability to apprehend WDC effectively probably made them indirectly in cahoots with WDC. So will WDC be disbanded and their wanted status revoked since the world is saved? Like Naja notes if WDC is no more, then WSC will also cease to exist as they will mutually ‘wipe each other out’.

The fighting scenes are nothing to shout about but they aren’t that bad either. Just wish they could last longer. Especially Lia’s one because I love it when she goes gun-trotting. As for the storyline, I find that 3/4 of the series it’s like the WDC trio enter into a random town and meet random characters that we will never see again in later episodes, help out if they can and then leave sometimes amidst the chaos. Even the mid-intermission shows bust shots of those random characters instead of our regular casts. What’s with that Mayan-like apocalyptic background at the mid-intermission? Yeah, those minor characters even make appearances in the opening credits animation. And there I was going how all these characters would come together in the end. Each of the episode have the words “There are 2 types of~” (with an exception of episode 10 which has something about 108 rules of a robot instead). I guess in this world you can group everything into either this or that. It’s you’re with us or against us. You’re part of the solution or the problem. You get the idea. Because of this, I suppose those “2 types of” lines are what Toppi usually narrates as in the series. Some of them are crap of course. During the next episode preview, it is amusing to see the WDC trio making fun especially about Toppi’s ~kuma.

Later I found out that the game and anime have several differences. Well, I should have expected it since I did say it was a spin-off. How different. As far as I know, the game has a more violent and gory setting in which humans are used as food and livestock. Then there is the slight difference in the spelling of the characters’ names. For instance Kirie is spelled as Kyrie, Morute as Morte, Toppi as Toppy and Lia as Ri A. Probably it’s just romanization of the words so to be safe I’d follow the former as opposed to the latter ones which are more widely used (because it is to avoid me of pronouncing Kee-ri-eh as Ka-i-ri). Also, the characters’ relationship differs in the game such as Agan is supposed to by Morute’s childhood friend and Toppi as Kirie’s mentor. Plus Kirie in the game is skilled in using knives but I hardly seem him using any weapons to fight back (unless you meant using knives in the kitchen as a cook). And where’s the romance between him and Morute? No time for love when you’re trying to destroy the world. That would be so ironic.

So you see, we don’t really need a tool to destroy the world. Heck, we are slowly destroying the world seeing the way things are going as they are. It is an ideal situation if we could live with each other in harmony but I guess that is going to be a long road and a long way off since we can’t even get along with our own kind. What good does it bring if the world is destroyed? Good things come when we can see positive changes in them. Without wasting precious time, I’d like to move on watching more animes. There are 2 kinds of animes: The ones that I want to watch and those that I don’t. There are also 2 kinds of otakus. One… Oh, forget it. There are too many types of them anyway.

World Destruction

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