World Trigger

February 12, 2017

At first World Trigger might look like Bleach or comparable to it because it involves ordinary teenagers becoming extraordinary heroes, using a faux body to battle armed with almost unique weapons to fight invaders from another world. Well, if you look at it in a general sense. But if you go into its deeper aspects, you will start to see many differences and soon you’ll forget this is ever a Bleach rip-off. And oh, it almost ran forever… Thank goodness it didn’t?

Introduction Arc
* Border Defence Agency AKA Border are set up to fight invading aliens called Neighbours from another dimension.
* Yuuma Kuga is a new transfer student at Mikado City and he doesn’t seem like an ordinary human being. He has got this little alien chaperone, Replica to help guide him around town. Obviously everyone would think he is some sort of foreigner for his lack of knowledge on the local custom. And he is carrying stacks of cash around like nobody’s business! Definitely a target of crooks and punks. But don’t think this shorty is a pushover.
* Fellow classmate, Osamu Mikumo is tasked to help him around. He gets involved with class punks trying to get revenge on Yuuma because he earlier returned their favour for picking on him. He gets beaten up.
* Before it could get worse, the dimensional gate opens and a Neighbour type Bamster (I thought I heard hamster…) wreaks havoc in the Forbidden Zone. Osamu is actually a C-Rank Border agent and a trainee. Despite getting owned by the bullies, he still saves them because of his strongly held beliefs.
* This leads Yuuma to help out as he uses his Trigger to destroy the Bamster in no time. However Yuuma is not a Border agent. His Trigger belonged to his late father who told him to go to Japan in the event of his demise. Oh, his dad isn’t a Border agent but his friend is. And guess what? Yuuma is a Neighbour!
* When other Border agents arrive on the scene, they are perplexed that they cannot identify which Border agent cleaned up this threat.
* Because punks constantly harass Yuuma as he nonchalantly flash his cash, Osamu had to remind him to keep a low profile and that means not revealing his Neighbour origins because you know how Border will react when they find out. But with many friends impressed with Yuuma’s ‘kung fu’, they try to talk more with him. Technically, he isn’t lying when he says he comes from a place where war is always ongoing. Good thing they never ask more or specifically.

* Out of the blue, a dimensional gate opens up at school. This is rare because the gate opened up outside the Forbidden Zone. The students scramble to safety as a pair of Marmods begins attacking.
* As trainee Border agents cannot use their Trigger outside training, Osamu decides to break protocol and fight them because waiting for other agents will only mean casualties. Of course Osamu is not strong enough (not enough Trion power) and gets owned. He gets impaled and his limbs torn off but don’t worry, Trion suits substitutes the actual physical body.
* Yuuma comes to help out by borrowing his weapon and easily destroy the Marmods as he explains about the invisible secret gland that humans have that produce Trion values. But many other factors determine if your Trion is strong or weak.
* To Osamu’s dismay, Yuuma lets him take all the credit and all the students can help be in awe over Osamu. Well, if this is the only way to hide Yuuma’s identity, right?
* A group of A-Rank agents, the Arashiyama Squad arrives to assess the situation. While Jun Arashiyama is grateful for Osamu in saving the day since his siblings go to this school, fellow Ai Kitora is not because this b*tch believes rules are there to instil discipline and maintain order. What the f*ck is your problem? He saved the day and nobody died. And you want to talk about rules? However every reasoning she has, Yuuma counters it and she cannot answer back. Especially that Triggers belong to Neighbours in the first place.
* Osamu still needs to go to HQ to report. Surprisingly Kitora is here to escort him. She is famous enough to automatically pose for other students who want to take picture of her. WTF.
* Kitora explains that Neighbours appearing outside the Forbidden Zone are getting more frequent. But thanks to off duty agents, they were able to contain it. Oh look, here is another one appearing. So this whale creature, Ilgar is a bomber you say? Kitora goes to neutralize it while Osamu helps to citizens evacuate. She manages to figure out its pattern but and fatally damages it. Ilgar’s programme is to perform kamikaze when that happens. Yuuma provides indirect support to minimize damage and maintain casualties at zero.

* Osamu along with super elite agent, Yuuichi Jin from the Tamakoma branch meet the executives. Border HQ commander Masamune Kido (what a big scar on his face), HQ director Masafumi Shinoda (normal guy), assistant director Kyouko Sawamura (plain girl), external affairs and business director Katsumi Karasawa (what is Bleach’s Aizen doing here?), Tamakoma branch director Takumi Rindo (what is Fullmetal Alchemist’s Maes Hughes doing here?!), R&D director Motokichi Kinuta (fatty – why does he look like a bad guy?) and PR director Eizo Netsuki (why is the face of Border a sneaky villain-like rat face?). Some of them want to kick out Osamu for violating the rules but with Kitora giving Osamu his due credit, some prefer to promote Osamu to B-Rank and make use of his abilities. Kido allows him to stay and gives him one more chance. Don’t let this happen again. Jin wants the higher ups to leave Osamu in his care.
* A-Rank agent, Shuuji Miwa confronts Osamu to ascertain if he was the one who destroyed Bamster. Miwa suspects Osamu is in contact with a Neighbour because if he was the one who destroyed Bamster, his Trigger identification with the Marmods are different. Kido gives him the green light to keep a close eye on him and if there is indeed a Neighbour, exterminate it.
* Osamu is surprised that Jin knows about Yuuma. His Side Effect told him. Side Effects are extension of human abilities. Like in the case of Jin, it lets him tell the immediate future.
* They find little scorpion-like Neighbours called Rads responsible for opening abnormal gates. There are thousands of them so it is impossible to flush them all out. Well, with the right PR, info and cooperation from all agents, every last one of them is snuffed out. And Kitora got the honour of killing the last one.

* Yuuma and Chika Amatori coincidentally meet and become friends. When a Neighbour appears nearby, she heads off into the Forbidden Zone. Yuuma saves her before she becomes mincemeat and newly promoted Osamu (wow. B-Rank already, huh?) destroys it. Apparently Osamu wanted to introduce Yuuma and Chika in hopes the former can help solve the latter’s problem: She attracts Neighbours.
* Yuuma explains Neighbours invade this world to steal Trion energy from humans that will be used to fight wars in their world. But why come to this world if theirs also have people with Trion? Earth has simply lots more people. Thus the Neighbours might be attracted to Chika as she might have a high level of Trion.
* As she gets measured, Osamu explains his relation with Chika. Her brother, Rinji is a Border agent and his mentor. Before Border was set up and when Neighbours targeted her, nobody believed nor helped her. Her only one friend who took her seriously went missing shortly and she believed a Neighbour got her. Subsequently her brother too was taken by them. That is why she never sought Border’s help thinking it would only make things worse. Thus Osamu joined Border because he wants to save her. And guess what? Chika’s Trion is so freaking huge and high!!! Mystery solved.
* However they are set upon by Miwa and his squad who now confirms Osamu is in contact with a Neighbour. They are adamant in taking down Yuuma but despite the latter just making evasive moves, he is no pushover. He is not fighting back as he is trying to figure out a way to amicably neutralize his opponents. Eventually Yuuma uses his Black Trigger to copy their moves and use it upon them for their ultimate defeat. Despite Miwa’s squad members giving up as advised by Jin, Miwa still won’t forgive and forget this. Apparently he has a deep grudge on Neighbours because his sister was killed by them.

Black Trigger Capture Arc
* Osamu and Jin have to report to HQ about this Black Trigger and Yuuma being a Neighbour. Some aren’t amused that Osamu has been keeping this secret although Jin suggests getting the Neighbour on their side would be a valuable asset instead of becoming his enemy. And so this is what Kido has decided: He orders Jin to capture Yuuma’s Black Trigger and dispose the Neighbour since he too has Black Trigger. But Jin won’t do it unless it is a command from his direct superior. So when Kido tells Rindo to give the order, he does and Jin immediately accepts it. However Rindo tells him to get the Black Trigger the way he deems fit. This means he doesn’t need to kill Yuuma.
* When Osamu mentions about Yuuma’s father, some of the executives react with super surprise. Yuuma’s father, Yugo was a founding father of Border, a colleague to Rindo and a senior to Rindo and Shinoda. They aren’t sure if he is Yugo’s real kid but what is important is the need to seize his Black Trigger.
* Jin explains to Osamu that Border is currently split into 3 factions. Those who hate Neighbours and want to exterminate them gather behind Rindo. Those who want to protect the city from Neighbours rally behind Shinoda while those who think should get along with Neighbours as friends are from Tamakoma branch. That is why they are viewed as traitors. Since Kido’s party is the biggest party, getting Black Trigger would just tip the power balance. Jin has thought of many ways about other Border agents coming for Yuuma’s Black Trigger but he concludes the simplest plan is the best and that is for Yuuma to join Border.

* Jin brings them back to his Tamakoma base. If you think it is going to be another grand Border base, you’ll be in for a shock. Let’s see. They have a toddler, Yotaro riding his capybara, Raijinmaru and this bespectacled cutie, Shiori Usami. Everyone is so laid back and concern about what to cook next that it is more like a cosy home than a Border base! Yeah, shocking, right? The branch has only 10 people but most of them are A-Rank agents.
* When Rindo returns, he talks to Yuuma about the friend of Yugo he is supposed to see. Souichi Mogami is also another founding member of Border, Yugo’s rival and Jin’s mentor. He has a Black Trigger but died 5 years ago and now Jin is in possession of it. Rindo owes a lot to Yugo so he wants to return the favour and asks Yuuma to join this branch. However he declines.
* Replica explains the reason why Yuuma came to this world. Yuuma and Yugo were just joining the Neighbours’ war back in their world. Yugo and the country’s defence team leader were close friends and helped each other out. All went well till Yugo died.
* Their country is being invaded by another. Since they were sending high level assassins, Yugo told Yuuma to stay put. Apparently he didn’t because he saw how his side was having a hard time and thought he needed to help out. Well, he got killed. He should have stayed dead had not Yugo used his Black Trigger to seal his dying body inside it. As a result, Yugo turned to ashes. And all Yuuma had was his black hair turned white? Because Yuuma inherited Yugo’s Black Trigger, his Side Effect is to detect lies.
* Yuuma continued fighting for his country in Yugo’s stead. For 3 years he became stronger. When the war was over and both sides reconcile, there was nothing for Yuuma to do. Replica suggested going to Japan to find Border where he might retrieve his original body. This is the reason Yuuma looks small as his Trion body doesn’t age. But it doesn’t mean it is immortal. It is slowly dying and once it does, Yuuma will also die.
* However Yuuma had another goal in Japan: To resurrect his father. As seen that Border cannot help him and Mogami is already dead, he has lost all that purpose. Therefore he wants to go back. Replica wants Osamu to give Yuuma a reason, a purpose.
* Osamu is surprised that Chika wants to join Border to find her brother and friend. She is aware of the risks but it is better than doing nothing. And I suppose Osamu can’t dissuade her too.
* Thus Osamu goes to talk to Yuuma about all that he has learnt. As Chika is joining Border, he wants to form a team under the Tamakoma branch and work to become an A-Rank agent. Since Yuuma has nothing to do, he agrees to join under a condition that Osamu is the leader. Of course Osamu disagrees seeing Yuuma has the experience and knowledge fit to be a leader. But with Chika also wanting Osamu to be the leader, you can’t beat majority. They go report to Rindo but he already has their forms filled out. Remember, Jin can peak into the future.
* Shiori explains to the newbies about the rankings and its tournament for one to become A-Rank. Chika wants to be a combatant and after analyzing her traits, she is most suited to be a sniper.
* Meet the A-Rank agents of Tamakoma branch. Scruffy handsome guy Kyousuke Karasuma, laidback muscle guy Reiji Kizaki and another b*tch character but at least she is gullible and funny, the one and only Kirie Konami. Each is assigned a newbie to train before the official enrolment at Border. Looks like Osamu has a lot to train for as he is the weakest.

* The top A-Rank agents that include Kei Tachikawa, Isami Touma and Souya Kazama have returned from an away expedition retrieving 4 Triggers. Kido immediately gives them orders to retrieve Black Trigger and Tachikawa is confident they can do it tonight.
* Tachikawa and many of the A-Rank agents are on their way but Jin stands before them. I guess he saw this coming. There’s a lot of ‘diplomacy’ at first. Lots of points argued whether it is just a Neighbour seeking refuge at Tamakoma or an official Border agent. Eventually we know this is going to turn into a fight and if you think Jin is going to fight them all, he has Arashiyama Squad to back him up.
* Jin seems to be stalling around and not going on the offensive. Surely he is up to something. Then they catch wind of his plan. He is trying to force them to go home by making them run out of Trion. So instead of playing this useless game of tag, they should just head to Tamakoma. That is when Jin gets serious and uses his Black Trigger’s trump card, Fujin. Slowly, Jin and Arashiyama Squad send those A-Rank agents back to base and prevent the capture of Yuuma’s Black Trigger.
* The executives still won’t give up especially Kido thinking of using Tsukihiko Amo, another S-Rank agent with a Black Trigger. Too bad he has personality problems and the kind that could destroy an entire city himself!
* Jin then interrupts their meeting to negotiate. He wants Yuuma to be officially enlisted in Border and in exchange he will give his Fujin. This deal sounds too good to be true especially with Kido not even giving in and can use the excuse of him violating the rules to confiscate his Black Trigger. If so, Jin argues Tachikawa and co will also have their Triggers confiscated and either way it would be a peaceful way for Yuuma to join Border. What if Kido seizes only his Trigger? Jin dares him… Jin adds that his goal is not to fight them and he doesn’t care about the power balance. He believes his juniors can be useful to Kido’s goal in the future.
* Some are still reserved that Jin who has fought so hard for Fujin only to let it go like that, there is more than meets the eye. Furthermore, Fujin is Mogami’s keepsake. Jin is willing to let it go to move forward. Or is he? Now that Jin doesn’t have a Black Trigger, he is no longer S-Rank and an A-Rank and can participate in ranking tournaments, something Tachikawa eagerly looks forward to.

Border Enlistment Arc
* A bunch of new recruits join Border. If Osamu is already a B-Rank, what the heck is he here with Yuuma and Chika?! Does he want retraining again? Sure, it is to accompany Yuuma and his registration. Is he the only one?
* Arashiyama Squad handles the recruitment as they pass down lots of points and tips as Border agents on how to move up to the official B-Rank. Either you get lots of points from your training or via ranking tournaments.
*Kitora was a pupil under Karasuma. Obviously she has some sort of crush on him. You can tell when she wants to be his pupil and learn more. Unfortunately he has no more to teach her. Making her nightmare come true, Karasuma takes Osamu as his pupil! Well, he already did since the special training at Tamakoma but he’s just making it official.
* Border agents who want to be attackers are in a mock simulation to destroy a Neighbour within a designated time. This year’s recruits might seem boring as only a handful just managing under a minute. When it is Yuuma’s turn, he clocks in 0.6 seconds! OMG! Not believing their eyes, he is asked to do it again and he breaks his own record! 0.4 seconds!
* Chika and the rest of the snipers are trained under Arashiyama Squad’s Ken Satori. At first everybody laughs at Chika due to the ‘silly’ question she asked. Even more so a little girl trying to handle a gun that is bigger than her? But when she test fires, it blew a big hole through Border’s walls! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Kazama seeks a mock fight to test out not Yuuma but Osamu. Obviously Osamu takes a beating since Kazama is on Chameleon (stealth/invisibility) mode. Despite realizing Chameleon’s weakness (other weapons cannot be used), Osamu still can’t touch him. After more than 20 rounds, I think it is time to call it quits and Kazama is disappointed and puzzled how Jin sees potential in this guy. But when Osamu learns Jin gave up his Black Trigger for Yuuma’s enlistment, he requests another match. This time Osamu reads his movements. First he spreads his Trion via slow bullets (like fluttering bubbles). Kazama can still rid them. Osamu then uses his shield to charge at him. Once Kazama is backed to the wall and trapped by his barrier, Osamu fires his bomb inside the enclosure. However Kazama was able to attack back and this tie is considered a draw. Well, after 24 losses, I guess for Osamu’s standard this isn’t entirely bad. Kazama assesses Osamu as physically weak and low on Trion power but with his creativity and wit, he finds it acceptable.
* Chika feels so guilty about blasting a hole that she is apologizing like hell that she will pay back, etc. Don’t worry. Satori will take the responsibility. Right?! Good thing he did because he gets an earful from Kinuta. But why is Kinuta treating Chika nicely after hearing the truth? Lolicon? Well, she reminds him of his daughter.

* Yuuma aces in his training and gets perfect points. But in order to get more points in a short time, he needs to participate in Rank Wars and steal points from players with more points. And so Yuuma teaches those arrogant bullies and steal a big chunk of their points.
* Osamu is invited by Shun Midorikawa to fight a solo Rank War. He agrees but loses all 10 matches. Yuuma can tell Midorikawa’s plan to sully Osamu’s reputation because with the crowd watching and getting the wrong idea Osamu’s draw with Kazama was a fluke. So Yuuma challenges Midorikawa to a match and will stake all his points. But if Yuuma wins, he must show respect to Osamu and call him senpai. Oh, did I mention that Midorikawa is A-Rank?
* For the first couple of rounds, Midorikawa easily defeats Yuuma. But after that, Yuuma comes back and shows no mercy to win the remaining matches. Midorikawa then keeps his word and apologizes to Osamu. As he is a big fan of Jin, he was jealous when Osamu joined Tamakoma and wanted to humiliate him. The guys then patch up and become friends. Midorikawa hopes to beat Yuuma next time and transfer to Tamakoma.
* Yuuma and Osamu are ordered to see the top executives. They have foreseen a huge invasion scale attack from Neighbour. What better way than to rely on Jin’s Side Effect when we have a real Neighbour for intelligence. Thus they want Yuuma to divulge information of which Neighbour country and weapons that will be attacking them. Yuuma hands it over to Replica since he has all the experience and records of everything. But in exchange for that, Replica wants Yuuma’s safety and rights to be guaranteed as there are some who blindly hate Neighbours. Kido agrees.
* Replica begins by explaining how Neighbour nations are divided not by borders but as planets. Therefore each of these planet nations goes around in a fixed orbit and when their orbit is close to Earth, they can launch an attack. There are also nations that do not have a fixed orbit and these are called errand nations. Currently there are 4 possible Neighbour nations coming close to Earth at this point. The water world of Liberi, the cavalry nation of Leoforio, the freezing Kion and the largest military nation of Aftokrator. They also have to take into account errand nations as well. Because the map of Yugo and Yuugo’s travels 7 years ago might be outdated, there is a possibility that each nation has advanced including the number of Black Triggers each nation has.
* Shinoda is grateful for Yuuma’s intelligence and would help promote him to an official agent as soon as possible so he could help better. However Yuuma declines as he wants to do it the normal way. After all, there would be suspicions if he abused the system or something and some won’t take it well.
* Jin talks to Miwa as his Side Effect tells him Osamu would be in trouble during the large scale invasion. He wants his favour to help him as he would be the only one crossing his path. Help him out and he can he recommend Miwa as the one to wield Fujin as there are other candidates for it.
* Chika makes friends with fellow C-Rank sniper, Izuho Natsume as she hangs out with Osamu and Yuuma.

Large Scale Invasion Arc
* Oh look, the invasion is here. There are more gates opening up everywhere this time and endless amount of Trion soldiers flowing out. As C-Rank agents handle the evacuation, other B-Rank agents try to stifle the Neighbours from getting out from the Forbidden Zone. But after destroying the Bamsters, a new type of never-seen-before Neighbour pops out. This one is deadlier, faster, stronger and smarter. It is trying to capture the agents. Once Replica receives information on this type, he recognizes them as Rabit. They were prototypes created from Aftokrator and their goal seems to be capturing those with Triggers.
* Yuuma realizes Aftokrator’s smart plan to split up the agents. As Border agents cannot individually deal with a Rabit or risk being captured, they will have to attack it as a group. Due to lack of manpower, this means letting the other Trion soldiers escape out of the Forbidden Zone. If the agents concentrate on these Trion soldiers, the Rabit will take them out.
* Ilgar bombers target Border HQ and though the defence barrier is strong enough to withstand several suicide bombings, it is our number one A-Rank guy Tachikawa who easily takes a couple out.
* Osamu almost got owned by a Rabit if not for Yuuma breaking protocol and using his Black Trigger to beat it down. Yuuma is then attacked by several B-Rank agents who mistake Yuuma as the new humanoid type Neighbour. They get captured but luckily Arashiyama Squad is here to save the day. They become the first agents to take down a Rabit.
* Osamu and Yuuma want to head to where Chika is as he believes that area is unguarded. However Kido will only allow Osamu alone to go there since he believes people might be confused if they see Yuuma as a Neighbour and attack. Kitora will accompany Osamu there while Arashiyama and Mitsuru Tokieda will join Yuuma in keeping the Trio soldiers within the Forbidden Zone.
* When Kazama Squad takes down a Rabit, they do not find any agent inside but a condensed cube.
* Replica finds it odd that Aftokrator is having a large scale invasion because this means their nation is left defenceless. Even more perplexing is how they are scattering their troops instead of concentrating them. They should have known Border’s Bail Out system if they had sent their Rads to come scout for information. Plus, the attack on Border’s HQ feels like a diversion as they could have easily destroyed it soon.

* Kitora fights a different Rabit version. This one flies and even goes so far as to do random attacks. Heck, there are different coloured versions of them too. She improvises by cutting off her leg to destroy it. But then more Rabits pop up. Then she realizes the enemy’s plan to capture C-Rank agents. Unfortunately she gets captured herself.
* Chika is too scared to move. But when she remembers her reason to fight in Border, she picks up the gun and her large Trion blasts away a Rabit. The Tamakoma agents are the strongest Border agents as they are here to back up our young ones. Konami easily slices a Rabit because of her unusual Trigger. As explained, Tamakoma branch’s Triggers are personally customized to the user to fit them unlike HQ’s standard types. Because of that they are prohibited to participate in Rank Wars but at the same time their fighting is so much sharper like Neighbours.
* The Aftokrator humanoids (horned people? But those horns don’t make them horny. They’re Trion receptors) led by Hairein have been watching the battle since. Noticing Chika’s extreme Trion levels, Hairein changes his plans and sends his other generals down to either stop the other agents from interfering with the Rabits’ duties or to capture Chika.
* Kazama Squad faces off with Enedra. Thanks to Shiro Kikuchihara’s Side Effect that enables him to have enhanced hearing, they are able to avoid Enedra’s attacks from blind spots. Enedra is a Black Trigger user and they thought his ability is to turn his body into liquid that makes their attack much harder. When Kazama thought he had sliced him, Kazama himself gets damaged. Inside his body there are blades piercing through him and this has him Bail Out. This sends shockwaves to other agents over his defeat. Knowing they can’t beat Enedra, Kazama orders his teammates to retreat.
* Ranbanein is having a field day cornering the Border agents. He is superior in attack and defence. With very well planned coordination, attack, defence and distraction from Yousuke Yoneya, Kouhei Izumi and Midorikawa, they along with the other B-Rank snipers are able to corner Ranbanein and beat him at his own game.
* To let Karasuma, Osamu, Chika and the other C-Rank agents get away, Reiji takes on Hyuse and Viza to stall for time and keep them here. But old man Viza is in possession of Organon, an Aftokrator’s national treasure that allows him to slice through everything including Reiji’s thick barrier.
* Once Hyuse and Viza catch up to their targets, they have to face Jin and Yuuma.
* Hairein unleashes the remaining 7 Rabits to capture the C-Rank agents. When Osamu is pinned down, Chika lends her Trion power to him as he uses as a powerful blast to successfully destroy a Rabit. This has Hairein coming into the battlefield personally to retrieve the golden target. You know he is the powerful end boss because his Alektor may look like birds, fish and lizards flying and crawling all about but a single touch of it will turn you into a Trion cube! Even your triggers too! Osamu tries to do the same tactic with Chika lending her Trion power but this time it backfires and Chika is turned into a cube. Instead of regretting his decision, he takes the cube and makes a run to the HQ. Rabits are hot on his tail. Who is going to assist him this time? Now it’s Replica’s turn. He has even made his own Rabit version fused with Yuuma’s trigger to give it more power and speed to fight the Rabits. Since this leaves Replica more vulnerable, better get running to the base now.

* Enedra defies Hairein’s orders and infiltrates Border’s HQ to cause chaos. He faces off with Suwa Squad but since they manage to trap him in a fight simulator room, this means although they have unlimited Trion power, they cannot hurt each other. They plan to keep him here and analyze his Black Trigger.
* They thought they found his weakness he creates lots of dummies to fool them. Just when they figure out his Black Trigger’s property is also turning into liquid and gas (that is how he attacks you from inside), he breaks out of the training room. Invincibility time over.
* Don’t worry, Shinoda is here to show off his cool skills. He cuts all of the dummies as he corners Enedra. What about his gas attack? Just use the air-cond and blow it away! Just when Shinoda thought he cut the real weak point, it is another bluff and Enedra has switched sides with him. This means the wind is now blowing against Shinoda and he falls victim to his innards attack.
* Guess what? Shinoda is just a decoy. Enedra thought he saw it coming when a stealth agent comes to attack from behind. He is a decoy too. The real stealth attack comes from Kazama Squad who has been staying stealth all the while. They destroy his weakness.
* Now that Enedra has lost his power, they are going to capture him as a prisoner. However, Enedra is glad Mira is here to retrieve him. Unfortunately she is here just to take his Black Trigger. He is of no use to the team. Enedra’s aggressive and disobeying nature means his brain is consumed by the Trigger and it is only a matter of time he dies. Enedra will not accept his fate so Mira kills him off.
* Hairein thought Izumi is using the surrounding buildings to crush him. But it is just to clear the way so that Miwa Squad snipers and Touma could aim at him. Their great sniping weakens Hairein a lot as he is leaking Trion. Hairein orders Mira to warp several Rabits to keep them at bay since his firing range cannot reach that far. With the snipers at bay, Hairein replenishes his Trion using those cubes. Good as new. Unfair, right? Time for Izumi to Bail Out.

* Karasuma as told by Jin is doing his best to keep Hairein at bay. However Hairein also knows about his plan and has done enough to keep the agents separated before they go in for the big catch. After Karasuma is defeated, Hairein and Mira stand in Osamu’s way to safety. Osamu’s options do not look good. But out of the blue, who is here to save the day? True to Jin’s prediction, Miwa is here. Surprisingly he can fight on par with Hairein.
* Yuuma cannot match up to Viza’s fighting experience. So he pulls off some limb sacrificing manoeuvre to deceive him and then wipe him out in his normal body.
* Osamu gets a little reprieved when their friendly Rabit comes to assist him as he inches closer to the base. When Osamu is struck, he transforms back to his normal body and makes a mad dash (because Trio weapons only effect Trion related things). It got me wondering if he should have done that in the first place. Hairein and Mira become desperate as time is running out and so is their Trion. And then Miwa also transforms back to his normal body to fight but equips himself with Fujin. Shouldn’t he have done that too in the first place? In fact, shouldn’t all agents fighting the Aftokrator guys do this? Unless this Bail Out is only exclusive to a few agents…
* Apparently they have non-Trion weapons that hurt the real body too… With Osamu’s body pierced, as suggested by Replica in a last ditch attempt, he throws Replica through the portal that leads to the Aftokrator’s ship to command it to retreat. But this would mean it would be the last time Replica will be with them as he will be trapped there. When Hairein picks up Chika’s cube, he realizes this is a decoy. With no time left, he calls off the mission. He only picks up Viza and abandons Hyuse. Despite the failure to capture Chika, he considers the mission accomplished.
* The remaining Neighbours are finished off as Osamu is rushed to ICU. Izuho locates Chika’s cube and those who were transformed into one are soon turned back to normal. Although many of the C-Rank agents are missing and considered abducted, it could have been a lot worst according to Jin’s Side Effect. Innocent civilians could have died and A-Rank and B-Rank agents could have been kidnapped.
* The city is undergoing major repairs and Yuuma is looking for Replica. Osamu is recovering but is still unconscious. He dreams about the past especially the events that involved Rinji. After it is believed Chika’s Side Effect has her attract Neighbours and she even refused Border’s protection, Rinji decided to head to the other world to investigate. When Neighbours send their attack, they must go back somehow and he is going to sneak in that way. Against Rinji’s better advice, Osamu wanted to come along too but when that day came, Osamu was left behind and Rinji was already abducted. It was the first time Osamu saw Chika crying. He tries to join Border but he failed the enlistment exam. He didn’t want other positions in Border and even thought of sneaking into the HQ to talk to a higher up. That was when a Neighbour attacked and Jin came to his rescue then.

* Osamu has woke up and he finds not only Chika by his side but his own mother. It has been a week since Osamu has passed out. His mom tells him all of the people who came to visit him except Yuuma. Later Shiori visits to tell him he has received an award for his outstanding service. There are others named too but basically the entire case who fought in the battle.
* When Yuuma finally visits, he tells Osamu that since mini Replica is still around although inanimate, this proves that Replica is still alive and the more reason for them to promote to A-Rank faster. Osamu still blames himself for being weak but Yuuma says he ordered replica to protect Osamu and Chika and that was what he expected.
* Karasawa then brings Osamu and co to a press conference whereby they are grilling Border about the recent invasion whereby 32 trainees were abducted and a few Border staffs died. Netsuki handles the press calmly although it seems they really want somebody to blame on. When a reporter raises a tricky question that sends everybody alerting (the event that Osamu fought to stave off Neighbours from his school), it seems it was a ploy to divert the blame instead to the Border organization and to a single individual, Osamu.
* Of course Osamu isn’t going to take this quietly (at first he did but you can’t lie before Yuuma), he is going to give them his piece of mind. Despite all the questions thrown at him, Osamu answers in his honest fashion way even if it only riles the press. They still want to blame him and take responsibility so his answer to them all is that he will rescue all the abducted trainees. This is when Kido butts in to announce Border’s next big project by sending agents to other worlds and retrieve all lost citizens (despite Border has been doing this on an experimental basis, the public doesn’t know about it). This big news has the press scrambling to cover more on it.
* Osamu is relieved after the press. He did well. His mom remembered that she was very much against him joining Border. But when his comrades visited him, she noticed none told her to tell him to quit. She now understands after watching it all. Since joining Border, he has found what he needs to do so she is going to let him do what he wants with his life.

B-Rank Wars Arc
* It is time for our C-Rank Tamakoma agents to move up to B-Rank as they participate in its official ranking wars. Shiori becomes their operator and since Osamu is still injured, he has to sit out the first match. But you know they’ll be alright because Yuuma and Chika defeat their opponent in a flash and with super power! OMG! Unbelievable! Just promote them to A-Rank already!
* Tamakoma-2 (Osamu’s team name) will be up against Suwa Squad and Arafune Squad which consists entirely of snipers. As much as they do research on their opponents, the opponents also do research on them. With more simulation training, Osamu works hard to find the best strategy and location to give his team the advantage. But there are too many options and he becomes stressed out and unable to decide. Maybe a little relaxation to clear to mind?
* Round 2 is here. As the lowest ranked team, Osamu gets to pick the stage. He chooses an urban hill slope. This might seem to give Arafune Squad the advantage as there are many buildings to hide. However this gives some sort of mutual understanding with Suwa Squad too as Tamakoma-2 teams up with them to take out the snipers who are no good once the fighting range becomes close.
* As expected, Tamakoma-2 wins considering some of the tricky strategies including Yuuma using a feint move to trick his opponent and when Suwa Squad thought they could gang up and hold down Yuuma, here comes Chika with her obliterating blast! Unfortunately Chika was taken out by a snipe shot. All that is left is for Yuuma to become the bait, enough for Osamu to hit Suwa from the back and Arafune Bails Out by default seeing he has run out of Trion after his legs were slashed during the feint attack. This win propels Tamakoma-2 to the top tier of the rankings.
* The next round will have Nasu Squad and Suzunari-1 as their opponents, both of which have similar battle formations as Tamakoma-2. A difference is that Suzunari-1 has a fourth attacker, Kou Murakami and he is the reason why Arafune quit being an attacker and became a sniper.
* Murakami needs somebody to practice with and nobody is willing to till Yuuma volunteers despite the better judgment of others. In a 10 round match, Yuuma seems to be owning him easily leading 4-1. After a well 15 minutes break, Murakami quickly turns the tables and wins the remaining matches for the final score of 6-4. It is all because of his Side Effect something to do with enhanced sleep learning. He performs better after a rest as his brain preserves and organizes memories more effectively during the break.

*Naturally all sides are making their strategies and provisions on the data they have as wells as researching their opponents. We take a short detour to see why Arafune quit as an attacker. Rumour has it that they were of same age and although Arafune joined Border way before Murakami, the latter surpassed the former in 6 months under his tutelage thanks to his Side Effect. But nobody knew that Murakami was distraught with the thought that he is only good at stealing skills of others. Arafune dispelled that since his goal is to become an all-rounder and move on after achieving a certain points level.
* With Nasu Squad given the honour of choosing the stage, it is a city landscape separated by a river and it is believed they will go for middle range battles. It gets trickier since the weather is stormy.
* With everyone separated in the stage, some try to reach for the sole bridge to secure it. However Chika blasts and destroys it, leaving everyone stuck on their respective sides. This sets up for individual matches. On one side we have Nasu Squad’s Yuuko Kumagai against Murakami and Yuuma while Akane Hiura waits for an opportunity to snipe the guys. On the other side, Osamu is having a tough time fighting against Rei Nasu while Suzunari-1’s Tatsuya Kuruma and Taichi Betsuyaku wait for their chance.
* When Kumagai and Murakami target Yuuma, they manage to cut off a hand. Kumagai sends signal to Hiura to shoot. However she misses and this has her location discovered. Yuuma races there to take her out. Hiura despite Kumagai’s advice to Bail Out (so the enemy won’t score points if she is taken out), she continues to snipe at him and sets up a big bomb trap. It was all futile since Yuuma was quick enough to take her out.
* This leaves Murakami in a straight fight with Kumagai. Obviously he is better than her in many ways. Despite her desperate various attacking attempts, Murakami nails it and defeats her. He didn’t even fall for her bomb trap she placed on his weapon after her defeat.
* Now we have a rematch between Yuuma and Murakami. Both draw out their experience and wits to face each other in an intense fight. Eventually Yuuma draws Murakami into the river to break down his defence and that is when he uses this advantage to defeat him.
* Nasu constantly keeps blasting Kuruma and Betsuyaku with many tricks and feint attempts. She finally got Betsuyaku and Kuruma is hanging on a thread. Osamu has this nasty plan with Chika to flood the city with the gushing river to reduce Nasu’s mobility and make her and Kuruma take each other out. In the event if they want to avoid the water and fight at higher ground, they will be in Tamakoma-2’s line of fire.
* As Kuruma is being taken out for good, he manages to deal Nasu quite a huge damage. Osamu then uses this advantage to attack her seeing it was part of his strategy to have her run out of Trio. But being the weakling he is, he too lost. By the time Yuuma arrives to fight her, Nasu has already lost a lot of Trion and Bails Out. Tamakoma-2 wins.
* With the results of today’s match, Tamakoma-2 moves up to 6th spot and into the top tier. Their next opponents will be Ninomiya Squad (ranked no. 1), Kageura Squad (no. 2) and Azuma Squad (no. 7).
* Before the next match begins, there’s going to be lots of soul searching especially for Osamu who realizes he is still the weakest link in his team. So after bugging Kitora to help train him get stronger, she relents. He lost all his simulation matches. Since he isn’t going to give up and Kitora is already bored, Midorikawa takes over. And then followed by other Border agents. Osamu lost all of them. The greatest losing streak ever! It’s like he is some sort of masochist and everybody is like, “Hey, let’s go take turns and beat up this guy!”. Funny…
* During a routine patrol, Osamu stumbles into a boy in a restricted zone. He is an admirer of Osamu and wants to be like him. Cue for a couple of Marmods and a Bamster to attack for Osamu to show his stuffs. Too bad he lost a lot of Trion and held out as much as he could till Yuuma saved the day. Osamu is sad he can’t be like Jin but Yuuma tells him he isn’t. Osamu is Osamu.

Fugitive Arc
* We take a detour from the source material and follow an anime-only arc.
* Several gates open over Mikado City as Jin and Tachikawa successfully eliminate never-seen-before Neighbours. They noticed they were chasing down a couple of Trion soldiers that broke through earlier. A mysterious man, Giev seems to be hunting them down and don’t think these Border agents are any threat to them.
* Osamu and co are at Shizuka City for a training camp.
* Xeno seems to be hunting down humans with Trion but is disappointed that normal ones contain very little Trion.
* Osamu and co stumble upon such a victim. Xeno’s Trion soldier appears to attack them. They engage the various never-seen-before Trion soldiers that Xeno unleashes upon them. Their cooperation almost has them take out one but Xeno will not let his precious Trion soldier die and protects it. Chika wants to treat his wound but Xeno has a Trion soldier taking her hostage. All he needs to do is give an order and her head will be cut off.
* Things calm down when his partner, Lilith enters the scene. Taking refuge in a forest, she explains they are from Ergatis and running away because they betrayed their country. They will be seeking refuge in another nation that will pass by in a week’s time. But during this period, they need Trion to run away and thus Xeno’s actions. Thankfully Xeno is the kind who listens to Lilith so as long as she keeps him under her leash, he won’t do anything drastic.
* When Giev attacks the forest, they have no choice but to seek another safe place to hide. This means back at their training camp. Osamu lies to Shiori, Konami and Karasuma about their circumstances although Shiori pretty much knows what is going on because Jin told her.
* Giev sends his Trion soldiers to attack again, this time Trion soldiers that move underground. Our Border agents are of course superior in destroying them all and this frustrates Giev.

* Now they’re taking refuge back at the abandoned park near the forest. Don’t want to bother other? But staying in an abandoned haunted house attraction?
* Since Xeno is still having trust issues, Lilith explains their reason for being fugitives. Xeno is a smart and top engineering student. Thus this is the cause of jealousy from many others. Because Xeno has no friends and what sets him apart from others is his treatment of his Trion soldiers as his friends rather than tools. Trion soldier technology is important and Ergatis not wanting to sell them is also part of the problem.
* But the free info is over and if they want to know more, Xeno challenges Osamu to a duel in which if he beats him, he’ll get to know more. They haven’t even begun to warm up when Giev sends his attack. Yuuma and Osamu don’t even need to lend a hand as Xeno is self-sufficient to take Giev’s cloning Trion soldiers out. Though another lost for Giev, his chaperone, Charon finds it fun because this means they get to toy with them again.
* Probably being cooked up hiding has led to some stress so Chika thought bringing Lilith out for shopping would be great. But this would make them susceptible to attacks and put others in danger. So they bluff Lilith by making her think it is a real shopping centre when it is just a simulation room. Yeah, more depressed. So they decide to bring her to see the sunset and this was enough to make her happy again since the sunset here is similar to Ergatis. Xeno had never seen her smile like this in such a long while.
* Reports of the new Trion Soldier types have been occurring outside Mikado City. It’s time to take another detour as Miwa Squad is trapped in a building that is being taken over by such Trion soldiers. They are hard to kill since they can regenerate many times before being put out of commission. It is believed that they have taken many people hostage and they serve as Trion energy source that is transmitted to other Trion soldiers via web-like cable. To cut things short, Miwa defeats the big boss with his timely delivered Fujin to save the day.
* But HQ detects something odd during that takeover because it seems that the Trion taken from the people doesn’t add up and surpasses the amount used in battle by far. This is the doing of Giev as he now has a huge source of Trion from this easy picking.

* A nice campfire ruined thanks to Xeno’s sourpuss attitude. It won’t stay long because a huge amount of Trion is seen arriving from the sea. It is believed Giev has hijacked a ferry and is going to blast the entire city away once he gets into radius. Because Xeno and Lilith have hidden their ship somewhere, their run will be useless if they don’t have a ship to meet the other party.
* So our heroes try to stop Giev before he gets into radius. However Osamu and Xeno get trapped inside his Trion reflector box. They can’t use any Trion since it will just bounce off like rubber and they can’t use brute force to smash it because the Trion is powered by the people of the ferry.
* Xeno doesn’t know who Giev is and the latter thinks he is playing dumb and will force him to remember.
* Arashiyama Squad arrives to backup Kitora and Yuuma. Also on the team are Arafune and Murakami. Knowing that the people are being the source of Trion, Giev can’t kill them or sink the ship so they go on a rampage destroying the Trion soldiers. But Giev has limited number of them so instead he powers them up. Quality over quantity.
* I’m not sure about this tactic because Osamu has everyone cover themselves like the reflector box. I’m not sure what happened or what bounced off what. But it was enough to break Osamu and Xeno’s prison. They head into the ship to destroy the big Trion soldier supplying the Trion power.
* Giev hasn’t given up yet. He will just restart everything and detonate it in the air, which is equally as devastating.
* After Osamu saves Xeno from drowning (he can’t swim), Xeno orders the release Chika as his hostage. This allows Chika to transform and use her big Trion firepower to fire at the bomb monster. So powerful that it pushes it back out to sea where it detonates. I hope no marine life was destroyed. And so the day and city are saved. Osamu thanks Xeno for trusting him and setting Chika free although he asserts he was just doing it for Lilith. This guy can’t be honest, can he?

* Not pleased that their collection of Trion energy is wasted, Charon suggests targeting Osamu.
* Speaking of them, they’re supposed to train at the water park but I guess it is an excuse to have fun. Osamu suspects somebody is stalking them. It turns out to be a Trion soldier made out of liquid so you bet it is going to be tough trying to even cut it.
* Using the control room to lure it to the top water tank where Chika will destroy it with her powerful shot, Osamu realizes too late about this trap because when Chika fires, there are still some of those liquid in her gun and it exploded in her face.
* With almost everyone taken out, Lilith has no choice but to reveal her true form. So is she a Trion soldier? Or some sort of goddess mecha? But she packs one hell of a powerful blast. She can’t make any further rash moves because Giev has got Osamu as his hostage. They retreat for now and shortly after Lilith collapses.
* Time for flashback. Xeno was a scientist experimenting and creating Trion soldiers. One day he stumbled upon Lilith, a very life-like Trion soldier that can experience emotions. Fascinated by her, he interacts and talks with her. She was created by Lamia, Ergatis’ top scientist and despite never stepping foot out of the lab, she can have realistic dreams. So Xeno took her out to experience the real world. Yeah, like taking out your robot girl on a date?
* When it is discovered the scientists intend to keep her for battle and erase all those unnecessary memories and feelings, that is when Xeno took Lilith and flee. Lilith once transformed into her true form to protect him. Their goal is to live quietly on another planet where nobody knows their identities.
* The rest tries to search for Osamu’s whereabouts but it is like finding a needle in a haystack. Osamu tries the toilet trick in an attempt to get his Trigger from Giev but fails. When Reiji’s team start fighting Giev’s Trion soldiers outside, Giev made the stupidest careless mistake by putting down Osamu’s Trigger. And why didn’t they tie Osamu up properly either? Because this allows Osamu to activate his Trion. Although he was quickly destroyed and returned to normal, this gave out a signal to pinpoint where his whereabouts at a rock quarry.
* Giev welcomes his enemies to find him because it will mean easier for him to catch them all in one fell swoop.

* Chika and Xeno become separate from Yuuma while they traverse the maze-like quarry. Yuuma then stumbles into Giev who uses a Trion soldier to peek into his memories and materialize ordinary Trion soldiers like Bamsters and Marmods for him to fight. He thinks Giev is trying to learn his moves which means using his usual techniques will not work. It gets to a point where Replica is replicated. Yuuma is not fooled and instantly cuts him down. This greatly upsets Yuuma as he uses his Black Trigger to kick ass and break out of his predicament and confront Giev. But Giev isn’t so worried yet and confident Yuuma can’t beat him. Because he too has a Black Trigger.
* Chika and Xeno find Osamu (after he manages to break out from a Trion soldier guarding him) as they go try to find Yuuma. But first they need to retrieve Osamu’s Trigger. After doing so, they are kept company by Trion soldiers that can assimilate themselves as walls, making the maze even a harder and trickier place.
* Flashback shows Lamia told Giev that Xeno stole their top secret Trion soldier, Lilith. She told him to retrieve Lilith and kill Xeno. Because Giev has some grudge against Xeno, he accepts the mission.
* With both Black Trigger users clash, Giev unleash superior Trion soldiers that know every move Yuuma makes. Xeno takes over Yuuma’s place so that the latter can go help Osamu and Chika trapped underneath the rubble from their powerful Trion attack to exterminate the enemies.
* Although Giev is superior, Lilith then enters the fray in her true form and destroys all of Giev’s Trion soldiers. Giev is upset that Lilith continues to protect Xeno. Giev takes a lot of damage and uses all his energy in focusing to rid Lilith. Xeno is okay as he laments Lilith used up too much Trion to save him. Giev is lying somewhere and knows he won’t last long.
* But next morning, he is alright again. This is the last day and Giev becomes desperate to apprehend his targets while his hate for Xeno constantly grows. He attacks their hideout but Reiji, Karasuma and Konami provide tough resistance. Giev goes all out to even sacrifice his Trion soldiers just to win. He even tries to provoke Xeno that Trion soldiers are just soulless tools for war.

* When Giev is victorious, he realizes his targets aren’t in the hideout. They are hiding in another place. The Tamakoma trio revive to take him out. That is when Giev starts transforming into a monstrous form against his will. At the same time, reports come in that the entire Shizuka City has been taken hostage to harness their Trion. They thought it was Giev’s plan but he clearly has no idea about this. Turns out that Charon is behind this and this real plan involves gathering a large amount of Trion. Giev realizes he is just a Trion soldier.
* Giev turns into a giant Trion soldier. He wasn’t just a prototype before Lilith but somewhat a failure. However he is so powerful that he blasts a hole in the mountain! Thank goodness he stopped functioning after watching the sunset since nobody could even bring him down.
* Back at the hideout, they discuss if the sunset is a trigger for Giev. Lilith relates that Lamia once told her stories about the sunset and when Xeno took her to see the real sunset, it was beautiful. Lamia might have told sunset stories to Giev as well.
* Giev just woke up from yet another dream with Lamia. He attacks Charon for being deceived but Charon mocks his unrequited love towards Lamia and was abandoned by her. And then Charon erases those unnecessary memories.
* Our agents are then trapped in a thick barrier as Giev attacks them once more. Lilith tries to talk some sense into him and make him remember some of the memories deep inside his heart that are hard to erase. Well, all Giev understands is that he needs to do whatever it takes to make Lamia happy. So he absorbs Lilith and turns into a more powerful but hideous Trion soldier. Is this giant ET?
* Xeno’s distrust of Osamu and co grows when he thinks they are going to hand Lilith over to the higher ups once this is over. He traps them and will solve this himself.
* Charon is trying to order Giev to blow up himself along with Lilith so as long as not to leave any Ergatis technology behind.
* Lilith is trying to minimize the explosion (if it happens) but she can’t hold on very much longer and since Xeno fails to save her, he has to go back and request help from Osamu. It’s the umpteenth time Osamu promised he will not betray and you still hesitate? No time left. Just do it!
* The plan involves cutting open Giev’s outer shell enough to pull out and rescue Lilith and also cut off that cancerous bulging Trion supply to prevent the explosion. Charon thought he knew all of Yuuma’s tricks but surprisingly Giev is the one who drags Charon closer to the core. They’re going to die together.
* After Xeno rescues Lilith, she says the self-destruct mode isn’t stopped yet. If you’re wondering why Osamu and co hiding behind a few trees can save their lives when this worse-than-atomic-bomb explosion blows up, it is because the other Border agents who are just fresh from saving the entire Shizuka citizens and ridding every Trion soldiers there is, chip in their Trion to put up a barrier strong enough to contain the blast.
* Xeno and Lilith say goodbye before they miss their flight to the next planet. Not that Lilith mind staying back with her friends. For once, Xeno really thanks Osamu. Lilith also shows her thanks by kissing everyone’s cheeks. Mad Xeno takes back his thanks and couldn’t be happier to leave.

B-Rank Wars Arc (cont.)
* Osamu knows he is insufficient and relying too much on Yuuma and Chika. All he does is come up with a plan and give orders, right? So we are going to have a summarized review of all the B-Rank matches they’ve had so far. I’m not going to do this again so let’s move on.
* Osamu follows Rindo and Yuuma to see Kido at HQ. But he is surprised that Hyuse will also be going. After the large invasion, Tamakoma branch has been keeping him here.
* Naturally Hyuse is not obliged to give out any information and will not speak out. Shinoda confirms with Yuuma about how prisoners are treated in those worlds. Torturing a prisoner is useless since many would say anything to save their skin. To extract information, many are needed for consistency so torturing one would be just for amusement. But this is why Yuuma is brought here. To see if Hyuse is lying. How is he going to tell if he isn’t going to speak?
* Shinoda isn’t trying to threaten Hyuse or anything but he tells him how his team had intentions to kill Enedra and abandon him from the start. They even have audio and visual proof if he wants to check out. So after being abandoned, does he still feel the need to be loyal to his country? This angers Hyuse for a while but his lips are still sealed.
* Seeing they can’t get more out of him, Kido has Rindo take him back. But for Yuuma, he wants him to follow Kinuta for some R&D. As explained by the grumpy fatty, although he laments Osamu letting the Ergatis pair go because they could have gotten more information, Kinuta made a deal with Kido that if Yuuma agrees to help his department out, they would allow Hyuse to be under Tamakoma’s care even if it’s forfeiting their only Aftokrator information source go.
* Kinuta shows them Enedra. The real one is dead. Because Aftokrator’s horns serve like some sort of personality backup, they manage to plant them into this Rad and talk. Because he is surprisingly cooperative, Kinuta needs Yuuma to see if he is lying.
* Enedra explains the large invasion was part of a mission is to find a replacement for Aftokrator’s dying god. Each planet is made out of Triggers that often give life to them for a few centuries before dying out. So if that Trigger/god dies, the planet dies. Of course capturing small fries won’t simply replace the god as there are strict conditions. Enedra is willing to betray his countrymen and even tell a way to get to Aftokrator because his aim is to get revenge on those who betrayed and killed him. While Yuuma detects some lies in his statements, at least cooperating with them is true.

* Osamu and co are then visited by Masataka Ninomiya, one of the top squads they’ll face in the next B-Rank battle. He is gets straight to the point about Rinji. First he shows them a picture of a woman and if they know her. Nope. This woman is suspected of supplying Triggers to civilians and disappeared. It is believed she went through the gate. There were 3 others with her too but since they aren’t from Border, they must be civilians. Supplying Triggers to outsiders is a grave breach and offence. Kazama Squad was to hunt them down but they were already gone. Ninomya wants to find out about her collaborators and Rinji is one of those suspects.
* Even if Ninomiya finds out, it is too late to do anything. The executives are already keeping this under wraps as spreading word about this will have serious percussions. Only a handful knows about this. This incident also caused Ninomiya Squad to be demoted.
* The reason Ninomiya is investigating this case because this woman, Mirai Hatohara was once his squad’s sniper. As his subordinate, he knows she cannot pull off something this big and there must be some mastermind behind this. Osamu remembers from what Rinji told him, he could be the one. Surprisingly Chika also believes it could be Rinji because he is capable of pulling off something this big. But there is no supportive evidence whatsoever. Osamu also believes Hatohara wasn’t instigated into this by the mastermind but their interests aligned so they made a deal.
* Osamu wants to know the progress Ninomiya made but he won’t tell anything. At this rate they cannot become A-Rank and go for away missions. So what is the use of telling him information he will never use? If they really want to find Rinji, let Yuuma join an A-Rank. That’s the most viable way to go to other planets lawfully.
* Since Osamu wants to be a proper fighter instead of relying too much on Yuuma, Karasuma arranges for him to get training from Arashiyama and Izumi.
* Chika is also in her sniper training and meets fellow sniper, Yuzuru Ema. She learns his mentor was Hatohara. To his knowledge, Hatohara qualified for away missions but was side-lined and disqualified by the executives simply because she cannot shoot humans. She won matches by shooting and disabling her opponents’ weapons. Chika too mentions she can’t shoot humans because of fear. Ema finds it funny since he is from Kageura Squad whom her team will face next.
* Yuuma finishes another training with Murakami. He asks about Masato Kageura since he is one of the few persons Murakami has trouble is despite not ranking high. Yuuma will soon witness first-hand about his bad temperamental personality. His Side Effect may look like he can read people’s minds but it is more of some sort of negative emotions he feels from others. Depending on what negative emotions, it pricks his skin and gives him pain, thus his moody personality.
* Osamu is supposed to go train with Izumi but this cocky Takeru Yuiga stops him at all cost. He brags himself to be one of the top A-Rank agents but as Izumi puts it, he is the weakest A-Rank agent and even weaker than many B-Rank agents. Izumi has Osamu train by getting 100 wins from him. It is no easy task seeing how weak Osamu is. 2 out of 10 wins isn’t all that bad. If Yuiga can just stop the bragging…
* As Karasuma explains, Yuiga is the son of Border’s top sponsor. Because so, he insisted to join an A-Rank team but since nobody wanted this snobbish guy around, the executives eventually threw him into Tachikawa Squad.

* The next round of matches begin with the 4 teams dropping into a city landscape that is snowing.
* Kageura Squad’s Hiro Kitazoe seem like the first to draw first blood but his Meteora bombardment is haphazard and sloppy, missing everything!
* Everybody seems to be targeting Tamakoma-2 because they have the weakest defence and preventing them from rendezvousing.
* While Yuuma is forced to ‘play’ with Kageura, Osamu is being targeted by Ninomiya Squad’s Sumiharu Inukai. Azuma Squad’s Tsuneyuki Okudera and Noboru Koarai join in the battle but Inukai’s teammate, Shinnosuke Tsuji backs him up.
* It seems like Osamu is being ‘neglected’ because the duo of Azuma Squad and Ninomiya Squad are fighting each other inside a building, a tactic working well for the former since they picked the stage so that with the snow preventing mobility outside, they are able to force their enemies to come inside buildings with narrower hallways which enhances their melee combat. That is when Haruaki Azuma uses his superb sniping skills to shoot through the walls and directly hits Osamu! Instant Bail Out! First casualty. Everybody is looking so shock.
* Chika has a chance to take out the quartet inside the building in 1 shot. However she still has that disability of not shooting people and is hesitant. When she does, she missed. At least the quartet sensed it enough to get out in time.
* Chika is supposed to Bail Out but Azuma is close on her tail that the feature is disabled. Although Inukai is close on her tail, he is sniped by Ema and then finished by Kageura. Chika is then able to Bail Out safely.
* All the attackers are now here. Yuuma, Kageura, Okudera, Koarai and Tsuji duke each other out in a mad close quarter combat but Yuuma is mostly targeted as he is the most mobile.
* Ninomiya hunts down Ema and finishes him off. Azuma tries to snipe Kitazoe but is blocked by Ninomiya simply because he wants the points. Before Kitazoe gets owned, he lets out another sloppy bombardment on the attackers. During the chaotic disarray, Kageura slashed Okudera, Yuuma took out Koarai and Azuma shot down Tsuji. Now Kageura can fight Yuuma in peace.
* Too bad Ninomiya came to spoil the party and rain down all his Trion power on them. Yuuma has taken lots of damage and in his final attempt to strike, he loses all his Trion and Bails Out. Even top guys have to lose once in a while. With only 3 left, it becomes super quiet and the match ends when the time runs out. I guess no more easy targets to take out so they’re just playing the waiting game.
* Now that it is over, there is lots of soul searching for Osamu. Being given a hint from Kazama to do his duty as captain, he goes to talk to Jin and wants him to join Tamakoma-2 since he is now a free agent. Of course he can’t seeing he has important things to do. Jin doesn’t want Osamu to rush since there will always be chances in the future but Osamu is really in a hurry. As we know, Yuuma doesn’t have time left and that is why they need to become A-Rank agents and join away teams so that Yuuma and Replica can reunite.
* Jin tells Osamu it isn’t his fault that Replica is gone. It was Jin’s fault to begin with. His Side Effect already told him that Chika was already targeted. Yet he knew he could have sent her far away. But he doesn’t want other areas to be damaged and thus decided on a future that could have cost Osamu’s life and sealed Replica’s fate. Thus he is mostly responsible for what happened to Replica. Jin hints that there is someone else more suitable to join Tamakoma-2.

* Jin joins the other elites in an emergency meeting. From the information they have extracted from Enedra, there are 3 Neighbour nations that will approach Earth soon and another attack threat. Among them are Rhodokrhoun and Galopoula, both vassals of Aftokrator. As Jin has not seen another kidnapping or deaths, perhaps this invasion could be stealth and not target people but technology. For now, Kido doesn’t want this to get out to the public and they will do their operations covertly to avoid unnecessary panic since the last invasion was just recent.
* After Osamu tells Konami and Reiji about his failed recruitment plans over Jin, they think about it and think the person whom he meant might be Hyuse. No, not Yotaro. However Hyuse will refuse to cooperate any how even in the rare case if HQ allows it.
* Osamu and Yuuma go to talk to Enedra to find out more about Hyuse but learn the impending invasion. Enedra might not know much about these 2 nations but if Earth can repel Aftokrator, these are nothing. How Enedra knows about the invasion is because this is what Hairein would do to play safe.
* Yuuma feels odd that Aftokrator should be happy their Trion source would come to them instead of going on invasions. Enedra explains when they get back, there is usually a big argument to choose the next god. Because this is a very important decision for the planet’s future, everyone has their own opinions and disagreements, thus they have no time to defend invasions themselves.
* Enedra warns not to tell this to Hyuse because he has a feeling he might be trying to find an opportunity to get back to his homeland.
* Chika gets training from Ema who suggests she uses and shoot lead bullets that immobilize the targets with heavy lead instead. Of course it has lots of drawbacks but it is the only way if Chika can’t shoot people.
* Enedra further explains the Aftokrator feudal system how there are 4 feudal lords and many houses and subordinates under them. Hairein is one of the 4. If they’re not fighting other planets, they argue among themselves. With the planet’s god dying, this gives a chance for the feudal lords to increase their influence with their achievements. Hairein has a pessimistic way of thinking so he took into account his away missions to fail. If that happens (in which it did because they failed to get Chika), he will use the one with the strongest Trion under his house as replacement. That replacement is Erin house who is Hyuse’s master. Since this is an unpopular move, the reason Hyuse is abandoned but Hairein is determined to do all it takes to increase his influence. That is why even if Hyuse hasn’t concluded of this betrayal, he would still want to go back home to his master and the impending invasion is his chance.

* Yuuma is about to go train himself when Nozomi Kako, the captain of Kako Squad approaches him and invites him to join her team. Instantly he rejects and despite all the goodies her team is willing to throw in, Yuuma has his own reasons to stick with Osamu.
* As advised by Tokieda, Osamu is better off seeking training from Kitora. She again? Of course she declines seeing that with his goals and limited time, it is very unlikely it will do him any good. She is being realistic but you wouldn’t know if you don’t try, right? Eventually seeing Osamu beg must have bothered her so she agrees to teach him how to use Spider. It is just a low level trap and unpopular in Rank Wars. But Osamu can use it as his own weapon like distracting others.
* Jin senses the enemy has arrived. The squads sortie to protect the base and at the same time the B-Rank Wars will proceed. This means Tamakoma-2 and other B-Rank teams playing tonight are unaware of what is going on. If the breach is only very serious, the Rank Wars will be stopped and all agents will go on duty.
* They see the Trion soldiers to have humanoid features. They are smarter as they work in groups and can use shields. They also have gadgets that open portals to let other Trion soldiers in. Their numbers are overwhelming as the A-Rank Agents on the ground have to retreat to higher places for now. At the same time, Tamakoma-2 begins to start their next match.

They Make The Strangest Animes Ever
You know what? I thought they ran out of budget and that is why the sudden end of the series. Or maybe fans got bored after they inserted more drama after the last B-Rank Wars. Despite that arc continued after the filler, there was only actually 1 B-Rank match. And that lasted for a few episodes. Getting boring and draggy, right? Then it’s like they counted how many episodes left needed for the rest of the season. They put in the exciting stuff of another Neighbour invasion in the final scenes and leave everything as a cliff-hanger. Well, that sucks. They even had the cheek to let Jin tell us his Side Effect tells us that a possible future may have a sequel. Remember, one of the MANY possible futures. Have we lost interest yet? It’s disappointing that they have to end it like this.

Honestly, the plot and the story arcs are not too shabby and some of them are quite interesting like the Aftokrator invasion and B-Rank Wars, although they may be a little bit draggy with some drama here and there but they’re still interesting. However the worst storyline and the one that possibly tested my patience was that unnecessary Fugitive arc. Since it was an anime only story, I guess it is just a damn freaking filler. It was painful to watch because it was so filler-like that didn’t contribute much to the original plot. And you know very well that I’m going to say it is not that bad after all because luckily they casted Mamiko Noto as Lilith. Or else the entire series would just tank just because of this damn arc. Really. Some little development I’m sure we’ve forgotten by the time the anime ends. Remember the 3 factions in Border? What happened to that?

Building and trying to get viewers into this series’ world setting is a good way to cultivate interest. There are a handful of terms especially the weapons and fighting tactics that they used that one could learn as you watch. They aren’t hard to learn and remember but personally I’m just lazy (thus you see lack of my terms used in this blog). Heck, they even have this 100 Fun Facts segment at the end of the series before the next episode preview. Well, it is interesting at first as they explain more about the world, concepts, terms and characters, it starts to get old and sometimes annoying. I bet it won’t reach 100 fun facts because there are only 73 damn episodes! You cheated us! Even more so they short-changed us when some of the earlier topics they covered in earlier episodes are covered again very much later. It’s like they’ve run out of topics to cover and think a refreshing course would suffice. Although they didn’t use recycled footage for it, but it’s bad enough to think that there is nothing more to learn and you’re just waiting for the characters to do some punch line or something.

One of the biggest problems facing animes that have so many episodes is the number of characters. This one has a lot. And I mean really a lot. And these are just the Border agents themselves. While it is good to have a variety of characters aside the main ones and tell different stories that would one day all (if not some) converge, the downside is that from the perspective of this anime I don’t really feel connected to them. Some even feel forgettable that I don’t even remember them what more their names by the time the anime ends. Heck, I think they even introduced a few more as the anime heads towards its closing. Like would that even matter? For example, some like Miwa whom was featured decently enough in the beginning start to fall off the radar after the Aftokrator invasion. It’s like he doesn’t matter anymore. This is true with many of the other characters from other squads whom at this point I can’t even remember. Still remember Midorikawa? No? Me too.

So many characters involved that you will eventually noticed that every damn episode they when a minor or a supporting character pops up, his name and rank will pop up in a small box to introduce us. Again. It might be good for lesser known characters we have forgotten but not so for those we should have already know by now. I get this guy is named Jin so can you please stop spamming his name already each time he appears the first time in today’s episode? So while it is only logical and right that Osamu and the Tamakoma side get more focus than the other squads, sometimes it makes me feel that if introducing so many characters is necessary in the first place. Of course I understand that Border is a huge organization with so many agents so it is not like you’re going to meet a handful of powerful and mediocre ones. So with this bunch of Border agents, you can at least feel that this is very large and diverse organization with different people. I’m sure they are trying to let us know more some of the characters in detail because the mid-intermission puts up the bio-data of the characters although they are mostly recycled because well, we’ll all know just this bunch of them only, right? The weirdest information on this data screen is the zodiac. They aren’t your typical Aries, Cancer or Virgo constellations but something that is even more complicated to read and pronounce. Yeah, what the heck is an Aptenodytes? I don’t know what constellations they follow but I figure that if they have other planet nations from the other side of the galaxy, I’m sure the stars in the sky are also different.

Having seen so many characters and people in Border, it raises the biggest question while I was watching the series: How come that a big majority of the Border agents are high school kids or college kids? The oldest usually being young adults. Whatever happened to real adults who are supposed to be help protecting the city with them? Do they just get promoted to executives and work behind the scenes? I mean, it is true that if you are on the battlefield, you have to be fit and sharp to stay ahead of your game. So being a Border agent is like being a sportsman? Once you reach a certain age because your body has grown old, you ‘retire’ and get a desk job behind Border’s HQ. Noticed all those middle aged guys as executives? Yeah, I guess this theory of mine explains why there are so many young kids who are supposed to be in school learning something but instead out there fighting giant monsters. It’s not like the country made a compulsory draft for all teenagers who reached a certain age, right? Even if they did, these kids are still in high school for heaven’s sake. Ah, stolen childhood years. But how can you have a peaceful one when Neighbours keep invading. And yeah, why do all females become operators? Is this some sort of stereotype? Yeah, we love hearing the soothing female voice over the telecommunications, right? As far as I remember, there was only 1 male as an operator and he is a highly ranked macho man working behind the scenes.

So let me go into some of the individual characters. Over the course of the entire series, personally I think Osamu didn’t really improve much. Yes, he does improve but not in a big way that there would be any sort of major changes or impact to anything. He is still a weakling after all that training. I believe he takes a longer time to get better but at this rate he might turn into an old man and never get to go on an away mission. His brains might be his forte but that can only get him so far. The said can be said about his kindness to help everyone. I understand it is good that he sticks to his ideals but in the world he lives in, if he doesn’t adapt quickly, he’ll end up regretting and hurting others. As almost seen it can happen in certain situations. Each time he promises his team they will do better next time, is it like trolling or promise still unfulfilled yet?

It doesn’t help too that teammate Chika isn’t all that great either. The only thing worthy about her is her large amount of Trion. That’s about it. She is a good sniper but only because of the super big amount of Trion she discharges when she pulls the trigger. Even worse as we learnt that she is unable to pull the trigger when it involves living things. Wait. What? I know you’re trying to keep your good little girl image but you have got to prioritize what is important. Guess what too? She can’t even fight back? I understand she specializes in sniping and doesn’t have good martial arts but the straw that broke the camel’s back was when she had to voluntarily Bail Out in a mock battle when she is cornered. Talk about going down with a fight. Not. So if Tamakoma-2 gets screwed, the only viable option for Chika is to surrender without a fight. I don’t want to believe she is frail and weak. I know the match was to avoid enemies from taking points since she voluntarily Bailed Out but that’s not the point. She should at least try, know what I’m saying?

Because here is the biggest irony of Tamakoma-2. They want to quickly get promoted to A-Rank agents and for away missions but yet they cannot even overcome such a simple stuff like this. It made me think if the series is trying to portray a kind of hero whereby they are given 2 choices in which they can only make one choice but instead they f*ck that choice and will be going for both. It’s like they want things to go their way and that the situation should change for them instead of them adapting to the situation. Because like in Chika’s case if she cannot even shoot a people even if it is training, what are the chances of Tamakoma-2 winning the B-Rank Wars and moving up? The other teams aren’t going to be so kind and just let them have a walkover, aren’t they? So they have got to realize and open their eyes on what is important now. What do they want? So can Chika at least get over herself and shoot people? And when I say that I don’t mean to kill them. Just shoot and immobilize them. That’s it. You don’t have to kill.

Therefore the only reliable member in Tamakoma-2 is Yuuma. This guy is pretty cool and experienced so I have no complaints about him. Sometimes when I see Tamakoma-2 in action, I just feel compelled to root for Yuuma instead of the others. Quickly commenting on the other Tamakoma members, Yotaro feels redundant as he just sits around giving comments. After all, he is just a kid so what else you expect him to do? So he is relegated to playing the comic relief role. I guess they need somebody young and cute in addition to a capybara. But you know that the producers need to do something to make Yotaro’s reputation seem less like that when they even give him a filler episode of his own inside a filler arc! How f*cking badass is that?! I don’t think Jin even gets his own damn episode! Speaking of this cool guy, sometimes I feel his Side Effect is just a blatant reason and an excuse for a plot to move in a certain direction. His clairvoyance isn’t perfect but it is sure hell of a useful at convenient times. It’s like he is reading directly out from the director’s script and know what is exactly going to happen. Because have you seen this guy panicky before? Just cool all the way. The rest of the Tamakoma Squad are good mentors and good people. Reiji is the serious type so nobody messes with him and Shiori the hard working operator. Karasuma loves teasing and bluffing Konami and see her reaction. She’s so cute when she realizes she is fooled so it is no wonder Karasuma loves doing this and pulls it off magnificently with his poker face and also because Konami is just naïve. But why take it all out on Osamu? Yeah, your running joke for Tamakoma.

Let me see some of the other characters who are worth commenting. Ah, Izuho. I thought she would become Osamu’s fourth team member and I was waiting for it for a long time even before Osamu had the thought of recruiting. But that never came to be because I realized Izuho is still C-Rank! Man, how long is she going to be a trainee? So what the heck is her role for except to be Chika’s friend in training and the girl who carries a cat with dead eyes around? WTF?! Then there is this mysterious Amo guy. Due to lack of appearing and information on him, he sounds like he is the biggest trump card after Jin because short clips show him all alone by himself in a wasteland like as though he is some very dangerous person with uncontrolled powers. Well, it’s a waste of opportunity for this guy at least in this anime. Kitora is being a b*tch at first but I have a hunch and just hoping she is just being tsundere with Osamu. I hope she is. Sure, she has a crush on Karasuma but what good will that do? What the heck am I thinking of hoping for some sort of romance triangle in this series? When you have a long running series, you tend to put and mash everything inside. So sorry. No romance, no fanservice. Say what???!!!! No fanservice? But that pool episode? Sorry. Girls in their ordinary swimsuits just don’t cut it these days. But lashing out at Kitora for being harsh is just unfair. She is just being realistic. Because everyone else is mostly too kind to Osamu, he might get ‘spoilt’. In turn, he might end up getting very disappointed and soul crushed. For a guy like him, it is most likely to happen.

The action scenes are quite exciting to watch. It might not be top notched but they are still interesting in its own right when you see the characters pull off different moves and tactics to get the better of their opponents. That’s why I said the Aftokrator invasion and the B-Rank Wars were the most interesting arcs as they showcase lots of battles and different characters using a combination of different styles. But sometimes I can’t help that this fake Trion body that they use in battles makes this whole war thing fake and cheating because even if you lose a limb (you don’t even feel pain), the most is that you Bail Out and return to your real body inside the comfy safety of Border’s HQ. It’s also like a censor since in place of blood, Trion energy drips out and thus less scary for younger audiences. That way too, no major and supporting characters get killed off. Yeah.

The art and drawing seem simple and decent. Although it is not very bad but it is simplistic enough to make you think that this isn’t such a high quality anime in the looks department because they’re going to spread this out over 70 episodes so why not just make it look a bit cartoonish to appeal to kids. Yeah, that. While many of the character designs look simple and you’d probably tell them apart from their different hairstyle and colours, some also look a bit odd like Tachikawa has bug eyes! Creepy? But the oddest and most inconsistent one goes to Chika. That’s right. It seems that she can go from looking cute to looking weird in a matter of frames. That’s because with the kind of hairstyle she has, she sometimes looks like a kokeshi doll and sometimes have high bangs. Making her looking weirder is her smile that sometimes make her look like a frog. No, seriously. When characters go into chibi mode, they have butt mouths… I’m not kidding you. The designs for the Trion soldiers look a bit bland after a while. They look like they take after some animals like Rabits obviously from bunnies, Rad like scorpions and Vanders look like giant worms. Yeah. “They’re sinking cities with a giant worm!” ;p. For the Trion soldiers during the Fugitive arc, I thought those fat brown ones look like they were inspired from Doom’s Mancubus. Rock version. Speaking of the Trion soldiers’ design, their weak point is so obvious in the form of a ball right in front of their mouths. It’s like saying, “Hey, shoot here. That’s my weak point!”. Design fail. Shouldn’t they have just put it somewhere inside the body where it is less obvious?

Voice acting seems pretty decent and with so many characters, I can’t really name them all (read: lazy) but there are a handful that were instantly recognizable like Yuuki Kaiji as Osamu, Yuuichi Nakamura as Jin, Jun Fukuyama as Karasuma, Rie Kugimiya as Konami, Kana Hanazawa as Kitora, Keiji Fujiwara as Rindo, Junichi Suwabe as Ninomiya, Tomokazu Sugita as Kageura and Tetsuya Kakihara as Yuiga. Not forgetting from the useless Fugitive arc, Mamiko Noto as Lilith (all praises to her!), Daisuke Sakaguchi as Xeno (no Shinapachi voice here) and Takahiro Sakurai as Giev. Rest of the other main casts are Tomo Muranaka as Yuuma (Micie in Escha & Logy), Nao Tamura as Chika (Minori in Log Horizon), Eri Nakao as Shiori (Miki in Hayate No Gotoku), Megumi Urawa as Yotaro (Makoto Kurita in Jigoku Sensei Nube), Tomoaki Maeno as Reiji (Junichi in Amagami SS), Nobuhiko Okamoto as Arashiyama (Accelerator in To Aru Majutsu No Index), Hikaru Midorikawa as Kazama (Lancer in Fate series), Masakazu Morita as Miwa (Ichigo in Bleach), Takuya Kirimoto as Kido (Gazelle in Eureka Seven Ao), Takeshi Kusao as Shinoda (Trunks in Dragonball series), Hideyuki Tanaka as Replica (Kogure in Slam Dunk), Hiromi Konno as Izuho (Sae in Amagami SS), Nozomu Sasaki as Hairein (Ushio in Ushio & Tora), Nobunaga Shimazaki as Hyuse (Shido in Date A Live) and Sakiko Tamagawa as Charon (Natsumi in You’re Under Arrest). Phew. What long list. I think I missed out some but I don’t care anymore :p.

I think when I say the opening themes are unique will be misleading. Heck, there is only an opening theme and no ending theme. Wait. That isn’t accurate either. At first it started out as an opening theme but a few episodes into the series, they ‘changed’ and now this theme is right smack in the middle of the episode! Fancy hearing your anime music right in the middle? The only series that has only that I watched that has an opener but without an ending theme is One Piece. They’re still doing it. But that was right in the beginning. So for this series, they seemed to save cost without the need to put in additional songs. Because for a long running series, having 3 themes overall is just pathetic if you compare it to today’s standards. But what about the music? That’s more important, right? Well, the first opener, Girigiri by Sonar Pocket is personally the best one because it has this hip hop and dance feel to it and it has some synthesizer effects that make it sound cool. The second opener is a slower ballad but still not bad, Ashita No Hikari by AAA (WTF is this group name?! Running out of ideas?!). Finally the rock based Dream Trigger by Pile.

Overall, this series might be longer than your usual single or double cour seasons and doesn’t break up or take break in between seasons like what some other animes are doing. But because it doesn’t run forever and ended, it still feels a bit like a long journey. People’s attention these days are so short. As I can see there are so much more potential in the story and characters that I myself is in a dilemma that if they continue this with more seasons, I don’t know if I would be happy to watch or will dread watching it. But since I have already ‘a foot in the grave’ with this series, might as well continue and give it another chance. Too bad I don’t have Jin’s Side Effect to tell me if it is happening or not. If you like series that can work as your Sunday cartoons for teens, this one has all the typical formula that you will love. Lots of characters and pretty cool fights as well as a somewhat simple plot (“Destroy Neighbours!”, “Let’s train to power up and participate in matches to advance!”) so it is still enjoyable to that degree. Until then, it’s Trigger Off. On standby mode at least.

P/S: I wanted to insert a “Love Thy Neighbour” pun somewhere but it seems I couldn’t find the right place ;p.

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