I didn’t think this would get an OVA but Wotaku Ni Koi Wa Muzukashii did. The TV series didn’t really make much impact on me since it’s about a group of working adults who continue to divulge in their otaku hobbies. Nothing really spectacular happened and that sort of otaku love was just pretty okay, if not didn’t really go anywhere. Love itself for normal people is already hard and confusing. What more when it comes to otaku nerds. For this OVA, if you’re hoping of any other sort of advancement in the relationship between our main characters, don’t hold your breath. It is more of a flashback on Kabakura and Hanako’s high school love story.

It Appeared Suddenly=Love
Narumi and Hirotaka see Hanako at the café. She tells them she managed to invite Kabakura to some 2.5D show. He was reluctant at first but she managed to line it up with his interest. Since that show is about volleyball, this prompts them to note that they were once captains of their high school volleyball club. Since they are eager to know, Hanako doesn’t mind telling them about their little story. It wasn’t as rosy as you think and it started very shaky and antagonising. Hanako went to confront Kabakura about sharing the gym for practice. However Kabakura asserted his authority that the guys are better and that the girls should concentrate on doing laps. This was when Hanako showed a photo she secretly took of him at an anime store. She used this as blackmail and Kabakura in fear his teammates would find out he is an otaku, gave in. Suddenly the boys are now sharing their place with the girls. One day, Kabakura saw Hanako practising and since she wasn’t very good in it, he showed her how it’s done. Now, Kabakura looked so cool that Hanako was interested to learn more. He didn’t mind teaching her as long as she deleted that photo. Hanako really looked conflicted so he also promised to continue sharing the court with them. As they only started officially dating after graduation, Narumi and Hirotaka make a bet on who confessed first. Hirotaka bets on Hanako while Narumi bets on Kabakura.

Hanako continues with her story. Kabakura continued to coach her and one day she learnt his secret of being successful in his game was that he listened to his favourite anime songs. Hanako would love to follow in his footsteps but the otaku world was just so alien to her. So he simply explained how a song pumped him up and gave him ‘super powers’ to perform. Sadly, Kabakura’s team lost an important match and went out. Everyone looked so disappointed. Hanako went to console him but she was the one with the ‘ugly’ crying face. During graduation ceremony, Hanako talked to Kabakura before he leaves. Because of the note she left him, he is furious thinking she has never deleted that photo. Though, she points out she never mentioned anything about a photo in the note. While they taunt each other that they don’t have to see each other’s face, Hanako eventually said his otaku side might not be his coolest but it isn’t his lamest either. That’s why he should be confident and do his best wherever he goes. And before you know it, they give each other a big strong hug. Narumi and Hirotaka are amazed with this love story and before Hanako manages to show them a photo from her handphone, here comes Kabakura to put a stop to this ‘nonsense’. Kabakura and Hanako end up in their usual argument, accusing the other as the one who turned around first to hug. After they leave, Hirotaka is puzzled that the photo Hanako showed them, wasn’t that the one on Kabakura she was supposed to delete? Narumi understands very well why she couldn’t delete it…

Love Is Served
As you can see, this single OVA doesn’t isn’t really much and it just expands on the high school love story of Kabakura and Hanako. It is probably the point in time where Hanako stated taking some sort of interest in the otaku world. It wasn’t just because she finds them fascinating nor was it to help improve her volleyball skills but rather because she found Kabakura somewhat cool with it. So trying out the stuffs that your loved one loves is only natural. So yeah, it introduced Hanako to a whole new world and possible opened up a whole lot of other awakenings. Like cosplaying and fujoshi. Yeah… You could say that love changed them but also entirely have them stayed the same. Because their frosty relationship from start up till now is how they interact with each other. Arguing is one of the ‘key points’ of why their relationship is alive and kicking. And that my friend is why the also call it love. Confusing, right? They might be volleyball aces and didn’t win the volleyball tournament, but they aced each other’s hearts. Okay, that was pretty lame. Hey, I’m an otaku, not a lover!

I see we didn’t get enough of that working adults being avid otaku people in Net-juu No Susume. Hence I sensed something familiar in Wotaku Ni Koi Wa Muzukashii. Apparently a group of adults working in the same company have similar interests in the otaku side since they are one. And since they are also adults, the prospects of falling in love and dating one another are also on the cards. Therefore this series takes a peek into the romantic lives of otaku nerds who try to be as normal falling in love but also keep up with their otaku habits. Why do I have a feeling that this is going to be hard? Because you know, otaku > love. It’s that simple of a logic.

Episode 1
Narumi Momose starts her first day in her new job. She passes by another newbie whom she finds familiar. She calls out to Hirotaka Nifuji and he responds. The last she has seen her childhood friend was during middle school. She tries to end the conversation by inviting to dinner. Then he asks her if she is participating in this summer Comiket. Later when they meet up, she thought of killing him because being an otaku is the last thing she wants others to find out. Hirotaka is also a game otaku himself but he doesn’t care if others know. Narumi reveals she quit her old company because the boyfriend she was dating then found out she was an otaku and dumped her! Well, he didn’t want to date a fujoshi. Is this feminism in the works because Narumi says she wants her next boyfriend to accept her as she is but she herself doesn’t want her boyfriend to be an otaku?! That is why she will not make Hirotaka her boyfriend. Narumi wonders if her senior, Hanako Koyanagi is an otaku too. Because her reaction when Hirotaka said about the Comiket, she is sure she is one. She notices the fujoshi cosplayers in her handphone and confirms she is a nerd. Hanako then recognizes Narumi by her old doujinshi penname. She is a big fan of hers. Narumi then realizes Hanako is a famous cross-dressing cosplayer whom she is a big fan of. Now they’re like best friends. Tarou Kabakura is Hirotaka’s senior. He observes him using his lunch time to play games and though he gets his work done, is mostly unsociable. Narumi invites Hirotaka to drink. However she fell behind in work so he waits for her to finish. You never know when you’ll need that trusty handheld. Oh, he has it all the time. Once done, they hit the bar as Narumi ‘complains’ about always making the wrong decisions in love. Well, this isn’t a dating sim where there is NEVER a wrong route! In the end, Hirotaka suggests they date each other. As they are both otakus, he is willing to help her level up in games, wait for her if she works overtime, will never say she made the wrong choice, will never disappoint her or make her cry (I thought he would be going ~Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down… too) and can got to conventions as her sales assistant. Agreed! She’ll never get the best otaku deal like this.

Episode 2
Narumi is avoiding Hirotaka like a plague. Her reason is that it would seem awkward for them to be seen dating so Hanako thinks she might be hurting his feelings. A little peek shows he looks mad instead. Hanako is envious of her because he is a guy that most otaku girl would love to date and he isn’t that bad looking. Narumi admits Kabakura is her type. What are the chances the guys heard that? Yup. Before you know it, a full blown argument ensues between Hanako and Kabakura regarding putting their noses in other people’s business. It’s intense since they know each other since high school and their rivalry in the sports club was equally if not more intense. During this distraction, Narumi runs away but Hirotaka catches up. When he says he shouldn’t have suggested they date, she hugs him and doesn’t want him to say that. She knows he tried his best and will try not to be embarrassed when she sees him. Hirotaka is gets embarrassed that he hides his face and speaks some weird language. Meanwhile Hanako and Kabakura continue to argue… Hirotaka reveals he can’t wink and when he tries, he looks like a creepy killer. Before the quartet hit the bar, the girls want to stop by the bookstore. To Kabakura’s ‘disappointment’, it is a manga bookstore. So the girls go their own way as Narumi the fujoshi master recommends the stuffs. Might as well recommend the whole shelf. Hanako’s fujoshi worries are over. It seems Kabakura also loves manga but he doesn’t like coming here in his work clothes to buy them as it makes him look desperate. As for Hirotaka, he buys his manga online. Hanako recommends some cosplay magazine to Narumi. She is forced to participate in whatever suggestions she has. When it’s over, nobody wants to go to the bar anymore as they want to go home and read. Next day, we know they have been reading all night as they’re drinking energy drinks to stay alert. Hirotaka tries his best to wink. Making a little progress but everything is still off.

Episode 3
Narumi hasn’t finished her manuscript and with the deadline looming, thanks to Hirotaka’s help she manages to finish it. She sells her doujinshi there and with Hanako turning up as a cross-dressing cosplayer, there are lots of fan girls abound. Narumi realizes she forgot to visit one of the booths so Hirotaka offers to man her booth while she is away. As she returns, she hears rumours of girls being excited about a guy selling yaoi stuffs. She feels sorry for him being sexually harassed after hearing him out about a guy molesting his hands… Creepy. With Narumi having no plans tomorrow and will go wherever he wants, he suggests his place. It brings back some nostalgic memories of them hanging out together. Narumi panics when his face lines up close seemingly to kiss her. But he just grabs the video game controllers. Hanako and Kabakura arrive later for a sleepover. This really disappoints Narumi since she thought it would be just them. What a way to ruin the mood. As Hirotaka goes take a bath, Hanako gets permission from him to raid his room to find his hidden stash! Nothing at all. It’s weird, right? Because all Japanese nerds are supposed to own some sort of porn! Narumi eventually finds something but they are old trading cards and toys. Narumi realizes that some of the toys he had were traded with hers and had forgotten about it. This makes her rant about wanting them to be fair and not hold back their love whenever they are together. It makes her sad to hear him not blame her for things when it is clearly her fault. To shut her up, he kisses her. Is that fair now? She head butts him. Now they both have sore foreheads. She accuses him of liking girls with big boobs in which he doesn’t hesitate to admit. Then he realizes his figurines (females with big boobs) are turned facing away. They spot outside Hanako falling asleep on Kabakura’s shoulder. Thumbs up? In the aftermath, it seems Hirotaka’s hidden porn stash is tucked away in Kabakura’s work desk’s drawer! Give thanks for the unknown treasure!

Episode 4
Hirotaka thought it was silly of Narumi to watch Sailormoon and cry over it. She lets him try and he too cannot hold back his tears. There is a picture of Narumi and another hot girl in cosplay. Kabakura is interested to know the latter but it turns out to be Hirotaka. Damn. Hanako then shows a picture she likes: Kabakura kissing her in his sleep as she takes a selfie! Scandalous! Later the seniors are in another argument and need their juniors to help out. It seems Hanako wants Kabakura to cosplay but he won’t. It doesn’t help his case when Hirotaka doesn’t really care. All seems fine when Narumi says despite their different otaku tastes, as nerds they respect each other. Then Hirotaka had to ruin it by saying she is beyond saving. No wonder she wants to kill him. Eventually Kabakura ends up as Hanako’s cosplay model. With all the editing and right stuffs, the picture turns out good. It seems he was being bribed by some high quality figurine for it. The quartet hit the bar as Narumi asks her seniors when they started dating. It was after Kabakura’s graduation. But when asked who confessed first, that’s when things started to get heat up as they accuse the other. More weird lesbian rubbing thingy with Hanako being drunk. It ends up with the seniors arguing again. Narumi suggests they say one thing about each other they like to make up. Kabakura mentions her boobs and Hanako wants to kill him. Suddenly she becomes sad and cries that she will never be as good as his Ranka. Narumi tries to quell her as Hanako becomes an emotional wreck ranting about how he might come to hate her. Narumi can’t help notice how her huge boobs are rubbing against her. Yeah, it’s hard to concentrate. Hanako laments about dating normal people and this has Narumi think of her own circumstances. Kabakura takes over and after a few of their usual snapping at each other, they somewhat made up and hug. Now Narumi is crying over this resolved drama. Later Narumi admits to Hirotaka that dating him is easy since she doesn’t have to hide being a nerd. They might not be each other’s ideal but as otakus they make some compromise. She thinks he would prefer dating a normal girl so he clarifies he isn’t dating her because she is an otaku or easy, he loves seeing the things she likes. She teases him he does like her. He gets mad. They both laugh it off and then hit the arcades.

Episode 5
Narumi notices ear piercing marks on Hirotaka’s ear. He says he got it during high school. He thought he would be an adult if he acted like one. Of course it didn’t. It made him realize he wants to be a kid forever. Don’t we all? Narumi orders a drink at Starbucks and the barista seems to know her. Upon realizing he is Naoya, they quickly start chatting away. Kabakura and Hanako are there too and they see this. They fear it must be her ex-boyfriend. All the worries and rumours naturally come. Then here comes Hirotaka. He approaches the dude. Is a war going to star? Actually, Naoya is Hirotaka’s younger brother. Are we relieved? He is new on the job since it is close to his college. When Naoya hangs out with them at Hirotaka’s place, everyone can tell he is not a nerd because he doesn’t understand the nerd language they are talking. So what the heck was Narumi talking with him for so long then? So they thought they could ‘communicate’ playing a video game. Too bad Naoya sucks like hell! To a point where everyone pities him but Hirotaka doesn’t give a damn and wins the game by himself. I believe Hirotaka is the first person I know to fall asleep at a video game! Is he that good that he is just bored? Or maybe he is that tired. This means it is time for the rest to go. With Naoya offering to walk Narumi home, Kabakura hints for him to back off but he just doesn’t get it. He misinterprets that Narumi and Kabakura are dating. To settle this, Hanako quickly kisses Kabakura. They are an item and this makes Narumi and Hirotaka another pair. This is news to Naoya’s ears so much so he starts crying? The rest thought this means he has feelings for Narumi but Naoya is relieved that his brother has a girlfriend as he was always worried he would forever be alone. The trio used to hang out together when they were younger but Naoya had always hoped she would stay by his side. With this reconciliation done, now Kabakura is crying? Is he the father? Next day at work, Hirotaka is confused why his colleagues are asking him to take better care of Naoya.

Episode 6
Hirotaka and Narumi forget their umbrella on a rainy day so Kabakura chides them about being adults and lends his. He runs off in the rain since he needs to go buy some special anime raffles. Then he bumps into Hanako and says he forgot his umbrella. She chides him about being an adult and shares it with him. She changes her mind about hating rainy days and now loves it. He too postpones buying the raffle since she is going to hang out at his place. At work, the rest couldn’t believe Narumi is being productive and didn’t make any slipups. She doesn’t even rely on Hirotaka and this doesn’t sit well with him. So after they talk, it is discovered that her favourite manga character was suddenly killed off. So I guess now is the time to fully let go her emotions. On Christmas Eve, Narumi and Hirotaka talk about their less than stellar Christmas as kids. Then they see Naoya doing his Santa promo job outside Starbucks. Narumi feels sorry for him as he has to stand in the cold while watching happy couples pass by. Plus, shockingly he has no girlfriend. She tells him lines to curse normal people. But Naoya doesn’t hate his job because he gets to see the happy faces of kids and believes the real Santa isn’t one wearing red clothes and hence everyone is connected with someone somewhere. Meanwhile Kabakura and Hanako are having a romantic dinner. She thinks he is trying to make up for last year in which he was so busy that he did nothing on that day. She surprises with a present of a limited edition event item. Maybe he’ll look forward to Christmas more often next time. As for Hirotaka and Narumi, they’re having takeouts at his place while spending the night grinding their game for special items. Merry Christmas for you nerds.

Episode 7
The friends minus Hirotaka play an online RPG game. Apparently despite Hirotaka loves playing games, online is his least favourite since he doesn’t like interaction with others. When a dragon attacks, Narumi decides to take on it despite not having the necessary requisites. Kabakura and Hanako start arguing and fighting each other because they don’t like giving the other orders. A hero then pops up. Is it Hirotaka? Nope. Naoya. Because he sucks at gaming, he gets owned by the dragon. Just when all seems hopeless, Hirotaka takes over Naoya and unleashes his flurry and kills the dragon singlehandedly. Maybe he doesn’t need a party and could just play solo. Hanako and Narumi are having dinner together. They are clicking so well together with their thoughts on anime until one slight difference in taste. Now they hate each other! Damn. So as they talk especially on BL pairings, despite having fantasies of their respective boyfriends get gay with each other, the difference on who is uke and who is seme reignites their loathing. And then they start arguing why their preference is so and so. Meanwhile Kabakura and Hirotaka are treating their younger juniors to dinner. The latter talk about how cute Narumi is and how sexy Hanako is and would love to be their boyfriends despite knowing they already have one. Until it comes to a point where Kabakura had to put his foot down and tell them that if they want to have girlfriends, talk about girls who are still single. Both sides coincidentally finish dinner at the same time and bump into each other. The juniors think the ladies are so close to each other but Hirotaka knows them better that they are totally different.

Episode 8
A storm is brewing through the city. All employees are advised to save their work and take precaution. But is Hirotaka ignoring the message since he is carrying on while wearing his headphone? We learn he has a fear of lightning. Don’t laugh. He has a traumatic experience with it. A blackout occurred before he could save his game. Yeah, his otaku colleagues feel for him. Flashback shows a similar storm when they were young. Narumi was worried about him since he was sick and rushed all the way over to his house. She constantly rang the bell and when he opened, she got the cheek to tell him not to open his doors when he is alone. The lightning flash was a big one and it spooked them. However they noticed that they are not scared when they are around each other. Another flashback shows Hirotaka trying to pierce his ears just to try out what adulthood is like. A few minutes later, he starts regretting and thinking about the scar it will have for the rest of his life. Because Hanako flirts boldly with Narumi and Hirotaka allows it, this prompts Kabakura to say that if Hanako was a guy she would definitely steal her away from him. She loves that idea and hints she would do lots of yaoi stuffs. This has Kabakura regret what he said but Hanako is all drunk at this moment and he has it hard getting her hands off him. Back in office, Kabakura and Hanako are in their usual argument. This prompts Hirotaka to ask what they are like when they are alone. This only escalates their bickering so when Kabakura tries to make it up to her with a weekend date, she slaps him. So is it on or not? This has Hirotaka note they are not the same. Meanwhile Narumi notes that with Naoya wearing glasses, he is a totally different person than Hirotaka despite being made from the same ‘material’. Because his eyes swelled from crying, he is wearing them instead of glasses. She gets mad thinking somebody bullied Naoya but it was just a movie he saw with his college friends. When he asks about their date, Narumi can only think their ‘dates’ consists of doing otaku stuffs separately. She’s confused as if to call those a date. What a bummer. The next time when Hirotaka invites her to a date, she expects more of the same thing. But she is in for a shock when he suggests doing a real date. No, she’s not dreaming.

Episode 9
Hirotaka and Narumi are really out on a date at the amusement park. However they have this rule that they must not talk any otaku related stuffs or else they must pay a 500 Yen fine. Boy, looks like they’re going to carry lots of coins and is the piggy bank big enough? This is going to be a tough non-otaku date by otakus. After trying various rides, they arrive at a haunted ride. Narumi is being panicky and in haste that when she gets into the ride, she realizes it is not Hirotaka sitting next to her but Kabakura! This means Hirotaka rides with Hanako. While ghosts doing even scare the latter duo, the former duo are just screaming at everything. Hanako admits they saw them entering and got curious but never meant to disrupt their date. When asked about his progress with Narumi, he notes nothing has changed. This prompts her to say that perhaps going it slow is a pace best suited for them. She advises him to try and kiss Narumi at the end of the dad or else she’ll try to steal that kiss! At the end of the day, they return to their respective partners. Hirotaka has this thought of holding Narumi’s hand but the moment she turns around, he backs out. He notes her consideration in observing everything. That’s because his feet is killing him from all the walking. They rest and as he contemplates if she is good enough for him, she drops the bombshell that this is going to work out and to stop. She is referring to the otaku ban. Phew! Once Hirotaka lifts the ban, she can’t stop talking about her otaku stuffs! What a relief! He may feel disappointed but also at the same time is relieved since she is having so much fun. She gives him ear piercings as a gift. Narumi is shocked when he touches her ear. It might look like some romantic signal but he notices she got her ears pierced. While she is throwing a fit, suddenly Hirotaka holds her and looks as though he is about to kiss her. But that turns into a big hug instead. He thought they never changed but they are at a slow pace. He is fine with that.

Episode 10
Naoya notices a diligent student studying at the place he works. He then realizes this dude, Kou Sakuragi is playing video games. It’s that game he recently played and sucked. But when Naoya talks to him, he gets flustered, packs his bags and leaves. In his haste he dropped a document. Naoya could easily return to him because he is in the same college with him. They get to know each other but if you’re wondering why Kou is always panicking and looking over his shoulders, it is because Kou is actually a girl! It seems only Naoya is unaware of this. The usual gang log in to play their online RPG. Too bad Hirotaka won’t be joining in as he is interested to play another game. By himself. They are joined by Naoya instead. When the going is tough for them, did Hirotaka pop up to save the day? It’s actually Kou. Not bad. Hirotaka must have broken his glasses so he isn’t wearing them at work today. Because he is blind as a bat, he needs to put his face close to things. This means when Kabakura talks to him, their face is so close almost making them kiss! OMG. They just give the girls free accidental BL fanservice. Yeah, even the other women are talking how hot Kabakura is. Since Hirotaka continues to put his face so close even when the ladies talk to him, this irks Kabakura and tells him to go get glasses and will have Narumi accompany him. Not so much out of consideration but rather she has been spacing out watching Hirotaka and didn’t get any work done either. So when he has got his glasses and tries to show it off to Naoya, that dense brother thinks he got a haircut. Look who is the blind one! Naoya and Kou meet up for an online game. However, Naoya must level up by himself first. Unfortunately he sucks and fails. He is so into the game that he couldn’t hear his handphone ring that Hirotaka has to notify him. So while he is on the phone, Hirotaka is interested to see the game he is playing. He gets tempted to play in his shoes. Thus Kou is shocked when she sees ‘Naoya’ pulling off some awesome moves! Luckily Naoya wrests back control and explains what happened. He thought of quitting the mission as apology but shy Kou wants him to stay and play. Unfortunately they both quit the mission 10 minutes later.

Episode 11
Narumi visits Hirotaka’s place only to see him ‘dead’. Ready to panic… Then she assesses the situation. He might have not eaten for a few days and been playing video games straight. So she cooks for him while calling Hanako to complain about it. Hanako must be having fun hearing their conversation. Even the part Hirotaka walks out naked from his bath. Hanako thinks Narumi is acting like his girlfriend but Kabakura thinks she is more like his mother. Hanako and Kabakura get into their usual argument about yaoi vs yuri. She tries to coax him into reading yaoi until he finally relents. Even though this is a mild one, he gets emotional liking the story. I hope he didn’t convert. Narumi learns that Naoya cooks and cleans his place. That’s like acting like his girlfriend, no? Because of that, she wants him to go on a date now! So this walking to the park doesn’t feel romantic at all. Hirotaka explains how he likes to use his vacation time to catch up on playing games. Narumi understands his feelings and comes to a conclusion that they are still doing the same things they love now. That is what might mean to be an otaku. Suddenly Narumi feels the urge to rush home since her favourite voice actor is live on today’s show (despite she has setup recording it). Hirotaka is out of breath trying to catch up and wants her to go ahead. But since she insists of wanting to watch with him, he has her promise to cook him something. He musters up all his energy to run home. Still out of breath, though. Later Narumi asks everyone about their first love. All of them name their 2D characters! When she asks Naoya, he replies it is his kindergarten teacher. Naoya then notes Hirotaka managed to date his first love and this has the latter putting up the angriest warning face and has Naoya change his thoughts that it might be a 2D character instead.

It’s Easier To Be An Otaku Than Fall In Love
Yawn… Oh, it’s over. Ah well, I guess some things never change. Some grow up and become entirely different from their childhood while those who never and remained the same, in the eyes of society it’s like they never grow up at all. But they are grown adults who make their own decisions, who are we to tell them what they do is wrong as long as it is not against the law, right? So is it okay for me to continue watching animes until kingdom come?

Honestly, there isn’t so much about that this series that would make it stand out and exciting. Just because they are otaku nerds and have a somewhat different approach to love (perhaps even calling them amateurs in love isn’t so far off either), doesn’t make it any different from other typical and cliché romantic comedy drama series. The fact that nothing much goes on between them and how life continues like normal makes it even more boring. It might be a bit coincidental (or not) that they try and copy that online RPG play element like Net-juu No Susume even if it was brief.

The characters aren’t exciting and putting polar opposites like the laidback Hirotaka with the energetic Narumi don’t make a difference. Despite being the same otaku that everyone would classify them, they have different approaches, outlooks and preferences like Hirotaka being an avid gamer while Narumi is more into fujoshi. Watching them date each other is like either frustrating or have no effect on us. Because they are like the same before and after. I know it isn’t really a must that for a couple dating to change their habits. They can still remain the same especially if they share the same interests. But for them, it is like even if they don’t officially date each other and just hang out casually, that would be fine too. But then again, it would have defeated the purpose of what this anime is supposed to be. So seeing them ‘date’ is like doing nerdy things together as they don’t take it so seriously like a romantic candlelit dinner and watching a romantic movie. It’s like when they say “Let’s date” is the equivalent of saying “Let’s hang out together”. That kind of feeling.

Slightly more interesting than the duo are Kabakura and Hanako since they often bicker with each other about almost everything. Their relationship is always like on and off, hot and cold. You don’t know whether they are really an actual couple because of the way they ‘fight’. But Hanako’s dominating personality makes her a bit interesting to watch. Last but not least, Naoya’s running joke is that he is a noob when it comes to otaku stuffs, especially gaming. I guess some people have no talent whatsoever. But this guy has an ever smiling face and very friendly personality that makes him suitable for service industries. So I’m not sure if such is a waste for him to work at Starbocks (yes, you read that right) when he could be, say, a diplomat. So as to not make Naoya feel ‘lonely’ they introduce a new character very late and in line with the otaku theme, I guess Kou herself is an oddball in this sense.

They mostly rely on the interaction between the main characters and while it is amusing at first, it then gets pretty boring. Once in a while, they throw in some yaoi BL baiting by setting up Hirotaka x Kabakura (or is it Kabakura x Hirotaka) for our fujoshi females to get their kicks. As long as there are hot guys around, don’t care whether boyfriend of yours or somebody’s, unholy pairing fantasies are a must first. Once in a while you hear Hirotaka or Narumi monologue about their views on change and love but in the end it doesn’t amount to anything much. As though it just provides the much needed drama for this series. After all, Hirotaka has that lazy sounding voice, which makes him almost perfect to narrate and add some dramatic feel to the narration.

Oddly, I suppose they want to differentiate and stand out a bit and hence they named the title as wotaku instead of otaku. As the ‘wo’ hiragana/katakana is rarely used, perhaps that is why they used it and make the word itself now seem weird. I mean, doesn’t wotaku now look a bit like wookiee? Whoopsie. The only other anime I can think off that did this was Sora No Woto that came out way back in 2010.

On a trivial note, the mid-intermission eye-catch displays long-winded details about the character. In addition to some of the personal data, it also generally tells their characteristics and traits. You need to pause if you want to read everything. Heh. Not that I want to particular get up close and personal with them. But it is amusing to note that they specifically put an item about their level of handling for alcohol and cigarettes! I mean, like, what?! Oh yeah, sure, they’re already adults and I suppose it’s a symbolism for being one and part of the working society in Japan. Also, what the heck do they need to put in information about their Sunday mornings too?! Yeah, I figure as an adult you would do something productive on that Sabbath Day or just sleep in.

Being a series about otaku, there are a few otaku pop culture references in the series. But I don’t see a lot of them and just scattered throughout the series. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention. The only one that caught my attention that I recognized is the art style changing into Kaiji and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure at one point when Narumi was trying to make a certain point.

While the art and animation is nothing to shout about and is pretty standard, however I find that Hirotaka and Kou look similar to each other. Because of that sleepy look and that soft speaking voice, I got confused wondering if this is some sort of doppelganger for Hirotaka. Besides, Kou’s first appearance as a male was ringing lots of alarm bells in my guts. Sounds too girly to be a male. Such a mismatch that I would have to complain about it later in my blog. Nevertheless, Kou turned out to be female but even if this is her choice of looking so like a guy, it still doesn’t suit her in my personal opinion. It’s just so clashing. As for Naoya, he looked like he could almost fit nicely into one of those all-male idol pop groups. Seriously. While Kabakura looked like he was from a yakuza faction and is trying to do something less dangerous. Seriously. This anime is brought to you by A-1 Pictures, famous for lots of famously famous series like Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, Nanatsu No Taizai, Ao No Exorcist, Kuroshitsuji, Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso, OreImo and Saenai Heroine No Sodatekata.

With the small casts of characters, half of them are recognizable such as Tomokazu Sugita as Kabakura, Miyuki Sawashiro as Hanako and Yuuki Kaji as Naoya. The rest are Kent Itou as Hirotaka (Michio Hazama in The Idolmaster SideM) and Arisa Date as Narumi (Suzu in Saki). But the most surprising one goes to Aoi Yuuki as Kou. I think it is going to be hard for me to identify her voice in this manner. Slowly, she is moving away from the traditional trademark voice I often used to identify her as. I want to blame voicing Aho Girl for this because many subsequent roles she played after that, her characters are mostly toned down and using a lower voice. Oh yeah, another reason why I think this series suck is because there is no Mamiko Noto who was the lead character in Net-juu No Susume. Yeah… Nothing special for me for the opening theme, Fiction by Sumika. At least I slightly prefer the rock pop ending theme, Kimi No Tonari by Halca. She also sings the special ending theme for episode9, Ashita No Mata, a slow ballad.

Overall, this series might be simple but the lack of anything exciting makes it just average. If you are tired of high school romances that involve otakus, then perhaps the working adult life involving otakus should be a good breather and variety. It shows that you can still keep your day job and do the things you love. All you need is some proper time management. You can be a proper working adult and at the same time stick to your ‘childish’ interests. At the end of the day, the characters will still be themselves and won’t change much. Especially still sticking and not straying far from their otaku path. Love is not hard for nerds. Trying to fall in love and be in love that is the hard part.

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