February 1, 2008

I’m sure there are countless philosophical sayings and idioms about dreams and wishes. But I’m not going into that. Instead because this is an anime blog, this particular anime has something to do with it. Based on the game of the same name, it’s no surprise that W~Wish being adapted into an anime. By the way, it’s pronounced as ‘Double Wish’. No, not ‘Wish Wish’, but ‘Double Wish’.
This is another one of your typical harem anime genre. Well okay, maybe not every darn girl here is after the affection and attention of the leading male character, but I kinda feel they have some sort of feelings for him and the ones who really do take action are just 2 of the girls. In a way, this theme also reminds me of Da Capo though there are some differences.
However this series is just a short one. I mean, there are only 13 episodes and each episode is only approximately 12 minutes long. Since there are opening and ending credits, the actual running time of the series is shorten to around 9 minutes. Probably this was the main reason why I decided to watch. Short and over in a jiffy. Though there are bits of comedy here and there, the series is mainly driven by drama, mystery and romance factor.
The basic plot of the story is about unidentical twins Junna and Senna Tono who attends Ouhama Private High School. However, due to some tragic and terrible accident many years ago which left their parents dead, Junna has no recollection of his memory before that. His only solace is with Senna and the 2 are like clinging on to each other as they go about living their lives, attending school and staying in a large house which their parents left them.
I suppose when I read the synopsis from Anime News Network, saying how ‘so many girls, so little time…’, I must admit that I was a little bit interested to find out more about this harem series. Then it went on to list on several girls who ‘abuse and use Junna for their own use’, which to me seems like some sadistic comedy at first and I was expecting to laugh at some serious comical moments and such. However, after watching the series, it didn’t come close to it. Perhaps in a general perspective. But it isn’t that obvious. Furthermore it ended how it ‘promises to be more than your average love-love story’. Average yes. More, no.
So episode 1 starts off with some weird dream. We can’t see anything but from the sound of it, I guess it’s Senna looking and finding her brother Junna. Back in the real world. The exams are over and everyone is relieved and the school is looking forward to the Cherry Blossom Summer Festival. We see Senna quite clingy to Junna in the sense that she wants to be with him forever and ever, do things together forever and ever. You get the point. If you say it’s love, then perhaps too much of it will turn it into obsession. Then 1 of Junna’s pal, Tomokazu Kishida, pops up to say how he wants to be with Junna and hold his hand too. Yeah, this guy is like gay (even sounds like one!). Though I feel that his presence are for comical purpose and to avoid this anime being totally dominated by just 1 male character. Tomokazu did hold Junna’s hand and of course Junna’s not gay so he finds it real weird as Senna tells him not to get over excited and says that only she has exclusive rights to touch her brother. No further comments.
Call it save by the bell because the twins are being called to the teacher’s office by their homeroom teacher. There, Junna thinks he’s being called because of his bad grades and goes on to confess but sensei laughs it off and says that it’s nothing to with it and is more of their personal family matter. So a short flashback of something burning and Junna standing and watching in horror. Sensei (let’s just call her that) is worried by the fact that the 2 of them are living alone. However, Junna doesn’t want to be separated from Senna because he thinks that she’s her only relative in this world and refuses sensei’s offer. Junna went on to say how Senna comforted him after the accident bla bla bla and that nobody has the right to break them up. Later in the evening at the playground, the twins had another round of assurance chat and Junna made Senna happy when he said how he’ll be with her forever.
Another weird dream in episode 2 about they have to hurry or else they’ll be late in catching the train. Back in reality, we see Junna’s class rep, Akino Iida, organizing what they should do for the upcoming festival. Looks like a haunted house and Akino goes on ranting about it. Uh huh. A supernatural obsessed freak, I must say. But the whole class seems uninterested and bored. Just then, a genki high pitched girl, Sana Fujie enters the class to bring Junna to the literary club. While Sana brings Junna along, Senna spots this and oh you could see that worried expression on her face. She must be thinking is this brother of hers two-timing her. Upon arrival, Junno finds out that this isn’t just a literary club but a helpers club as well. Not only that, the club is being headed by the school’s most popular, pretty, intelligent and rich girl, Tsubasa Outori. It must be a dream come true for a guy like him to meet such a girl. Moreover, face to face like this. Tsubasa tells him that the purpose of this club is of course to help others and with students busy preparing for the looming festival, surely help is needed. Not only that, since the literary club is short on members, doing so will help increase its awareness of the club and thus bring in new members. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone. I’m sure Junna would accept the job of distributing pamphlets because of getting to work with a pretty girl aside is helpful nature. What’s this? Senna is eavesdropping and is looking more worried than ever. Junna comes back home to find Senna in a cute outfit. I suppose she’s hiding her jealousy pretty well, isn’t she? Or trying to win back her onii-chan subtly. Yeah, she even comes in to take a dip while Junna’s soaking in the bathtub. However, Senna is being supportive of Junna being involve in the festival and decides to scrub his back real hard to make him work hard tomorrow (get it?). Okay, maybe it doesn’t sound like it, but I think she’s paying him back.
More weird dreams in the beginning of episode 3 whereby onii-chan has left some girl behind in which she says he can’t do that because of some promise. Meanwhile the preparations for the festival is underway and Junna is really busy helping others out. So much so he slipped down the stairs and spots Tomo Kishida standing there. Now Tomo is Tomokazu’s twin sister but they have very contrasting personality. Tomo is more stoic and expressionless and her presence gives a mysterious feeling. Anyway while Junna is nursing his back, he chats with Tomo. Junna’s wondering why Tomo isn’t helping with everyone else and if she continues this way, she’ll drift away. She replies that she doesn’t like it and more talk from her which I don’t get. Yeah, she speaks in riddles. Then they continue talking about dreams whereby Junna remembers the 1 at the start of this episode. Tomo is worried because he looks pale after that. But he says he’s alright and soon brings Tomo to see Akino. I guess he managed to persuade her to help out with their haunted house. Their class rejoices as Tomo is joining them.
Junna heads to Senna’s class and is surprised to see her in a maid outfit. But not as surprise as the next one. Why, Tomokazu’s in a maid outfit too! So are the other guys. Tomokazu rushes over to Junna and hugs him! He’s really a gay person. Then some remark how Junna couldn’t tell between the Kishida twins because they look alike which made Tomokazu reply how the Tonos too don’t look similar even though they’re twins, causing Senna to space out. Yeah, that gay boy went on to say Junna can’t tell him apart because he doesn’t have enough love for him. Tomokazu continues to molest Junna and the latter has enough of it so much so he pushes him away, causing Tomokazu to fall on some seasonings thus dirtying his outfit. Sana then comes in and decides to help out by sewing but hurt her finger, and ironing but burnt the outfit and decides to use water to cool the fire but uses vegetable oil instead. Oh oh. Fire in the hole! Sana’s more trouble than help. But the fire alarm it was enough to make 1 crazy policewoman, Yuuko Satou, to rush all the way there. Thank goodness only the outfit was destroyed as Yuuko gives them a lecture as the rest apologizes. It seems Yuuko is related to Junna as his older cousin and she wants to introduce somebody to the twins. Outside the building, waits a girl named Haruhi Inohara and she gets excited when she sees Junna. She runs over and hugs him. Not only that, she calls him onii-chan. Senna is in shock. Not because some unknown girl comes running to him, but the fact that Junna called out her name, when he supposedly has no recollection of any memories before that terrible accident. That’s another girl for you, boy.
Haruhi must love her onii-chan very much in episode 4 because she’s seen clinging on to him and following where ever he goes. Case of insecurity? Meanwhile Senna can only watch from afar with concern. The festival preparation is going smoothly as Junna continues to help those in need. I wonder what’s that one where he took photos of some pretty girl playing tennis and jotting down notes for. I know he isn’t a pervert and just doing his job but Haruhi isn’t too amused. Senna and Tomokazu are finishing up their maid cafe preparations when Akino comes in looking for Senna. She’s telling her how their haunted house has not enough decorations and there isn’t time to make new ones so she hope to get some strange objects which she heard that her house has them. I suppose Senna reluctantly agrees as she brings Akino and Tomokazu back to her house’s storeroom. I’m surprised that they don’t even know where the twins live. In the storeroom, Akino is checking for things they might borrow when Senna spaces out and thinks back about the time she’s comforting a crying Junna when they’re small. Senna learns that since everyone is rushing to finish the preparations, they may have to stay overnight at school. Meanwhile Junna has completed his task for Tsubasa and while taking a walk through the school corridors with Haruhi, they’re amazed with the preparations that’s been done. The 2 had some chat about how they’ll have fun tomorrow and such. At the same time, Senna is walking to school and wonders if Junna has forgotten about his promise. And that she’s the only one for him.
Everyone’s making a last push for tomorrow’s festival in episode 5 but Haruhi is seen fooling around with Junna, much to the latter’s dismay. Also, Akino injured her feet so much so Junna decides to carry her to get some help. I see some Jealousy here. Don’t worry, Akino won’t play any major role in the competition for Junna. Similarly, Haruhi tries to hurt herself so that she get some love-love from Junna but flops. She has no regard for her own safety and tries again but causes a mess this time. Senna ticks her off but Haruhi says back how she’s not in his class and Junna’s her onii-chan too. Cheeky little brat knows how to piss Senna. Yuuko soon arrives looking for Haruhi to bring her back. By force. Good riddens. Later Junna is walking around and spots Tomo alone at the school rooftop and the 2 chat. Hmm… The stars in the sky seem magnificent. Tomo says 1 of her riddles again "No matter what choices you make, what you do, I’ll always be here watching over everything". Soon Senna comes to the rooftop looking for him. I guess with Haruhi not around, Senna uses this opportunity to get up close with her twin. The duo then continue helping with the final touches. In the end, everything is done and they prepare to sleep. As expected, some perverted boys try to peep at the girls but sensei chases them away. Senna closes her eyes and is looking forward tomorrow with Junna.
Senna playfully wakes up Junna in episode 6 and the day of the festival is here. Akino is hyped up and wants to do a final check when Tomokazu tells her to be the 1st guest to go in. However, Akino is hesitating. She seems pretty scared. Uh huh. It’s ironic for a supernatural freak to be afraid of such stuffs up close. Sensei comes along and she goes in with Akino. Haha. So funny to see Akino getting freaked out. In a way, you could say the haunted house is a success. Soon the festival is open and outsiders soon start streaming in. Yuuko and Haruhi are on their way and the first thing Haruhi does is to find Junna when she gets there. Meanwhile Junna is visiting Senna’s cafe. He gets a warm welcome from his sis. Okay, maybe a little too warm (she purposely put his arms between her chest). So we see the twins having a fun time together and later Haruhi spots them. She wanted to go to him but the sea of crowd just pushed her away. Too bad. It’s not her day today. At the same time, Tsubasa is wowing the crowd with her live performance as Haruhi wonders if Junna has forgotten about her. At night, the twins are together on a bench with Junna saying how it’s over so fast when it took so long to prepare. Senna thanks him for a wonderful time and keeping the promise when Junna suddenly remembers about Haruhi. Senna tries to say it couldn’t be help and asks him not to force himself to remember things back then. So she doesn’t want him to remember his past. I think if he does, it’ll be filled with Haruhi and probably Junna will leave Senna. Their conversation is interrupted by the beautiful display of fireworks and we see Haruhi walking alone dejectedly through the school hallway. Junna then starts to have short flashbacks about the accident, Haruhi and Tomo, which makes him pass out. Senna frantically calls him but he’s just lying there without response. Tomo watches from above before walking away.
I’m not really sure what happened after that because in episode 7 it suddenly becomes a fun in the sun episode. That’s right. Everybody’s taking a break on a beach (as invited by Tsubasa) and an excuse to see cute girls in their swimsuits. Senna is a little upset that Junna is spending his time sleeping in the shade when he should be having fun with everyone else. I think that’s an excuse to make him notice her new and cute swimsuit. I suppose any flattery from him will do. Some chatting here and there. Soon everyone participates in what it’s called Outori’s League Beach Volleyball Tournament. Haruhi suggests that the winner be allowed to request for 1 thing when Yuuko says hopefully it’s not for her to do her homework. Since it’s a team game in pairs, the team is decided by a lot. Guess who gets who? Junna gets Tsubasa, Tomo pairs up with Akino, Sana’s with Tomokazu, Sensei and Yuuko together, and finally… Senna is with Haruhi. It couldn’t get odder than this. Though in disbelief of each other as their partner, but it seems the 2 are pretty coordinated and win their matches. Funny one was Tomo just stood there doing nothing while her bro gets hit by the ball. Eventually Senna and Haruhi wins the overall game and Haruhi wants a kiss from Junna. Sensei says she can’t allow that so she has to settle for a date with him. Since Senna won too, she wants in but Haruhi says no because she claims she was abandoned at the festival and it’s payback time. I suppose Junna tries to play fair and decides to go with Haruhi (maybe he’s just a womanizer ;P). So we see them having their fun when Junna starts to remember that weird dream. Did he collapse? The scene changes to evening and the gang are having their BBQ as Senna tells him not to scare them like that as he already did back at the festival. Junna assures Senna that he’s alright but Senna isn’t that convinced as she gets a little emotional and hugs him. That night as they’re playing with sparklers, Tomo again says 1 of her weird lines "Sparklers are similar to a person’s soul. Souls don’t know where they’re going to or returning from. And they don’t know what their wishes are". It concluded with Senna saying how she has only 1 wish, that is to be with Junna forever.
Sana is seen running to Junna’s home in episode 8. She’s doing some photo delivery for their recent beach outing to everyone and since nobody’s in school, she’s taking the liberty by going to everyone’s home. As the twins admire the photos, we see poor Haruhi under the watchful eye of Yuuko, reluctantly finishing her homework. Hehe. Haruhi really wants to go but Yuuko notes that she’s being playing all summer. Senna’s glad they’ll have some peace. Later Senna decides to file those photos in an album when Junna asks about the old photo album so that he could try and remember things back then. However, Senna tells him she accidentally threw it away. After that, the twins along with Sana went shopping and had their fun in the city. Sana soon leaves to be with her ‘friends’. Dogs? Yeah, it’s a (wo)man’s best friend. While the twins are in a stationery shop, Junna spots Tomo. He tries to follow her and it seems she’s leading him somewhere. But when Junna turns into an alley, Tomo is no where to be seen. In the evening, the twins are walking home when they saw a man, Koutarou Ryuuoku at their doorstep. He’s from the twins’ dad’s university doing some result gathering of his research and since his demise, there’re a few unidentified materials. He’s asking for a particular excavated dial. Though Junno doesn’t know about it, Senna seems worried. Furthermore, Koutarou says that on the day their dad excavated the dial, the twins were on site. Junna has a little flashback and his head starts to hurt. Senna then stood up and says she doesn’t know anything. Tears start to swell in her eyes before she runs to her room. Junna tries to open the door as Senna sat there crying saying to herself how she tried to forget it and that Junna don’t have to know it.
It’s already the next morning in episode 9 and Senna is still sitting in bed, not answering to Junna. Junna makes some breakfast and leaves it at her door. He does some thinking back about how Senna pays attention and does things for him after their parent’s gone and now he couldn’t do anything to help her. At the storeroom, Junna experiences another headache when he spots that dial. He also saw a stack of photo albums next to it. He goes through them and wonders why Senna previously said she threw it away. Seems normal until he sees Haruhi’s pic. He remembers Haruhi comes often here to play. Then it hit him. There are no photos of Senna anywhere. Wait a minute? Is Haruhi his real sis? That family photo seems to suggest so. In his frantic, Junna accidentally drops the dial, in which it began to glow red. This causes Junna to be in pain and some short flashback about Senna saying things about it’s okay not to remember his past. Later, Junna is spacing out while walking in the streets under the hot summer sun. Meanwhile, Haruhi gets to know that Yuuko is leaving due to an emergency. When the cat’s away, the mouse begins to play. Yup, first thing she’s gonna do is to pay Junna a visit. As she steps out of her house, Junna’s just passing by. Such luck. The duo then had something to drink at a cafe. Junna seems serious and he’s telling how Senna’s not in his memories and demands Haruhi to tell him what happened back then. Haruhi is speechless. Tomo then appears behind Junna. Tomo mentions how Senna is a person just like him, without a past and future. Haruhi continues saying Senna shouldn’t be here because Haruhi is his real sister and tells him to hurry up and remember the truth. Junna is in shock and I’m not sure why but the background seems to become ‘wavy’ glowing with weird colours. Meanwhile, Senna finally unlocks her door to find a breakfast tray lying there. She takes it to the kitchen. She then saw lying on the floor the stack of old photo albums that Junna was browsing through and fears the worst.
Sana is seen chasing her dog friend in episode 10. Once she finally caught up with it, she notices mists surrounding her and the background has become monochrome. Furthermore, as she puts her hand into the mist, it disappeared! What’s going on? The fog has descended upon this town too and Yuuko is informing sensei and Tsubasa to be careful, as the police doesn’t know the cause of it. Akino and Tomokazu meets them and soon spots Junna leaning on a wall looking not to good. They relate to him the supernatural things that has recently happened like getting lost in familiar streets, then finding themselves in unfamiliar territory before returning back to their normal spot. Also there are people who claim to see a white ghost. Oh oh. It’s getting scarier. Soon Sana bumps into then and she doesn’t even know how she got here, sending shivers down everyone’s spine, especially Akino (totally freaking out). Sensei suggests for everyone to go home. As they leave, Junna experiences another head pain and some flashbacks. The next thing he knows, he’s at a playground and spots Tomo, who seems to be leading him somewhere. He tries to catch up with her but ends up in a dead end. Junna does a little reflection and realize something as he rushes off. Meanwhile Senna is searching for Junna amidst the fog. Junna reaches the school rooftop to see Tomo there. She knew he’d come. Junna continues that she knew everything about him, Senna and this town. Tomo admits that she’s the Keeper Of Time, and her duty is to watch over everything. Oh great. Another time guardian. What crap is that? Hey, wait. If Tomo’s the Keeper Of Time, what about her twin, Tomokazu? Is he a time keeper as well? Dunno. We’ll never find out about this connection. Anyway, Junna doesn’t care about it and just want the whole truth. Tomo tells him that he must go back to the day where it all started. Soon, we’re whisked back to the time where Junna is a kid while playing with his sis Haruhi at the excavation site where his parents are excavating. Meanwhile Senna is clutching the dial in a really foggy world now, wondering where her bro is.
Episode 11 is somewhat a flashback episode and reveal what actually happened back then. We see a young Junna and his sis Haruhi playing. The family of 4 must be really close. This is how a family should be. Showered with warmth and love. Junna’s dad gives him a dial and tells him that the dial can make people’s wish come true but only once (a genie with 3 wishes seems a better deal, right?). His mom asked him what he wanna wished for and Junna said he wants to eat hamburgers everyday. Well, he needs to think carefully. After giving more thought, Junna thinks how everybody is having fun and wishes to see her. With that, the dial starts spinning and glowing red. Erm… can that be considered an explosion? I don’t know what’s all the zapping about but it must be scary for a little kid. Junna’s dad, mom and Haruhi starts disappearing then we see short clips of scenes from the accident to times of Junna and Senna together after that.
Junna snaps back into present time sitting on a swing in a gloomy and foggy playground. Senna is there to pick him up. But Senna soon confesses the truth. She is indeed Junna’s twin sister. Though they were together in their mom’s womb, Junna was only born into this world. But Senna didn’t completely disappear. She was with Junna the whole time as a spirit! Because Junna remembered her and she also wished for it, Senna too did made a wish upon the dial to be with Junna. With that, a new world was created whereby Senna was born as his sis and living with him was made possible. But Junna wonders about Haruhi then. Senna couldn’t say anything. Tomo then appears and say about how when one’s desire is strong, his/her wish can come true. But such strong wish comes with a price. Reminds you of Fullmetal Alchemist’s Law Of Equivalent Exhcange, doesn’t it? As compensation in creation of this world, Junna’s parents perished and Haruhi became someone who can’t exist in this world. Hmm… So how in the first place did Haruhi appeared back then? But I guess, with Haruhi’s appearance, that’s why this world is disrupted. Tomo continues saying that both worlds shouldn’t have crossed paths but the balance now has become unstable. Everything is because of Junna who left Haruhi in a dream world. Thus Haruhi came to this world where she don’t belong to look for him. She’s also been given a false past as his childhood friend. But this is no longer possible. So Tomo wants Junna to choose 1 of them, failing which both worlds will start to crumble as he can’t have 2 sisters coexisting at the same time. I’m thinking that, is this possible for a harem genre? I mean, the main guy doesn’t really choose who he wants to be at the end as he’ll still be flanked by all the girls. So this is a little different. Junna wants to have both of them (typical greedy harem guy in a way, right?) but Tomo gives him that cruel fate crap. Junna is in a dilemma when Senna gets a little emotional and hugs him saying that she wants to be with him forever. Ah well, surprisingly it wasn’t as complicating as I thought it would be.
Episode 12 starts off with Senna happily waking up Junna back at their home. Well, Senna seems to be acting like all this has never happened while Junna notes that the fog is thickening outside. We also see other characters at their own homes. Junna reflects back his wish to have Senna, in exchange his parents disappeared. Wow. That clashing background where Tomo is standing is filled with… clashing scenes…?! I don’t know how to describe that phenomena. Haruhi is seen walking in the streets when Yuuko spots her. Yuuko is telling her to stay home as Haruhi thanks her before walking away. Back at Junna’s home, he’s on his knees and in some pain (probably from that mental anguish dilemma). Senna rushes to him and helps him up but her carefree attitude pisses off Junna. He thinks they’ve killed their parents. Another round of flashback and drama. Senna admits that even though she knew the truth and 1 day it would come to this, causing Junna pain, it’s her selfish side as she wants to be with him forever. But till that time comes, Senna wants to stay like this. The twins hug each other but Junna says he can’t live without Senna either. Then he got an idea. He went to the storeroom and wish from the bottom of his heart at that dial how he wants a world where his parents, Senna and Haruhi can exist. Nothing happens. No good. Probably he used up his 1 wish back then. Senna walks out of the house only to see Haruhi passing by. Looks like the 2 are on good understanding terms now. Though Senna says sorry for causing all this, Haruhi mentions that she’d do the same thing in her place. Senna then takes Haruhi’s hands and the 2 walk hand in hand to somewhere.
The final episode 13 begins with Junna remembering why a wish don’t come true is because his parents told him how he must really put one’s heart into it. One must have a clear mind and pure thoughts (sorry, perverts alike, if you know what I mean). Meanwhile we see Tomo watching imminent destruction of the world. Looks like Heaven collapsing or something. Junna tries hard to remember how he did it and realizes that he wasn’t the only 1 who made the wish. He made it with Senna as well. He tries to find Senna but she’s no where to be found. Furthermore, the fog is creeping into the house. A short glimpse of what the others are doing like Sana with her dog at home, Tsubasa being chauffuered by her driver, Yuuko patrolling the streets in her car, Akino praying to ward off the evil, and Tomokazu… He’s taking a shower. Senna rushes out to find Senna with that dial in hand. We then see Senna and Haruhi chatting on the playground’s swing. Haruhi’s saying how she don’t mind if she doesn’t go back because she couldn’t be Junna’s lover if he was his sister. Another case of incest? Yeah, she even mentions how she wants to grow up to be his bride. The 2 realize their hands start to disappear as the world starts to crumble. Junna finally finds them and asks them to make a wish on the dial again. He concludes that with the combined strength of their wishes, the dial will answer them. Hey, it’s kinda funny to see the girl’s nearly invisible hands touching the dial. So does it really count? Nevermind. As they began wishing on the dial, the dial increasingly glows red and we see some exaggerated explosion blowing away the fog. Tomo is surprised to feel some power increasing. The next thing you know, the fog is gone and the town is back to normal.
Their wish must’ve come true because the next day we see Junna in a hurry because he’s late for school. His parents are there and Haruhi is waiting for him so that they could walk to school together. We also see sensei talking with Akino about some class preparations when a genki Tomokazu zooms pass by them. Sana is running alongside with her dog waving to Tsubasa who’s being chauffuered to school. Tomo is still looking and standing at the school rooftop. So is she still the Keeper Of Time? Is Tomokazu still her twin? Not important. But it seems based on what Junna said, Haruhi now is Junna’s childhood friend because he wants her to stop calling him onii-chan. Junna then mentions how he’s gonna be a real onii-chan soon. Back home, Junna’s mom is pregnant and looks like Senna will soon make her rightful appearance in this real world. A picture of them in the end indicates so, with Junna’s mum carrying her new bundle of joy as Junna, his dad and Haruhi look on.
Overall, I guess this whole short series is just okay. I mean, it’s another one of those harem genres but with a pinch of sci-fi element in it. Though I’m glad it all ended on a happy note. That part whereby Tomo says she’s the Keeper Of Time, is still the one which surprises me. To think that I’ve seen numerous of this kind of shows, I’d be able to see that one coming. Didn’t. I was expecting a more straightforward case like 1 of the girls is actually his sister and the other just in denial or something like that.
As mentioned that this series somehow reminded me a little bit of Da Capo, especially Senna, who looks like a younger version of Da Capo’s Nemu. In addition to that, because of the design of the school uniform, it resembles closely to the ones in the anime series Shuffle. Thus, in my opinion Senna here is somewhat a cross between Nemu and Shuffle’s Shion.
As for the drawing, animation, art and voice acting, they’re nothing to shout about and just sufficient for this short series. If you consider anime girls from games hot, then I suppose you could add those here into your list. I wonder if the gameplay’s storyline is similar and if so, would it amount as spoilers for those who haven’t played the game but watched the series, first? But I don’t have any intentions of playing it either. Besides Junna, Senna, Haruhi and Tomo, I felt that the other characters didn’t have an impact on the storyline besides just ‘being there’. I wonder if Tomokazu’s a hetero now in this new world. Probably. Junna must’ve also secretly wished for his gay pal to stop going after him. Haha.
So we learn that dreams and wishes are powerful tools which could shape or break us. It’s important to have the right balance between them. As too much of it, you’ll get more than you bargain for and too little of it, makes us feel lethargic and without motivation or any goal in life to look forward to. Now, I’m wondering if my wish to watch every darn anime in the world would be too much. But then again, I guess I should be happy with what I have now. O great magic dial, I want to watch this anime, please!!!
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