Here is a fact about kissing. Do you know that when you kiss, you transfer around 80 million bacteria? Disgusting? You want to hear something cool about kissing then, eh? Well, here is another fact that you should know while locking lips. You switch bodies! Say what?! Not just that. Sometimes you could charm others into your bidding or even see the near future! I kid you not! And I did not pull this out of the air either. Heh… If you have watched Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches, I’m sure that anger or disbelief in your chest will soon turn into “Oh, that show is it…”. Well, it must be pretty cool or a curse for our protagonist who discovers that he can switch bodies by kissing anybody. Yes. A kiss. Imagine how convenient if you have this kind of super power. Better than super strength or super speed or x-ray visions or any other super power. And with great powers come great… You get the idea. Oh, this anime isn’t about him misusing and abusing his power going around becoming a demon and the enemy of all women. Despite his delinquent status, he is a pretty decent guy. As he soon finds out, there is just more to this body switching power and perhaps other girls in school that possess other powers. All you have to do is kiss…

Episode 1
The teacher is berating Ryuu Yamada for being the worst example a student can be. Failing grades, late to class, sleeping in class! The list goes on. Why can’t he be like the model student, Urara Shiraishi? Yamada has worked up a delinquent reputation and he is regretting enrolling in a high school he thought nobody would know him. Angry as he can be, the mere sight of Shiraishi pisses him off. He wants to go usurp her at the stairs but they trip. Next thing he knows, he is in the infirmary. Looks normal? Well, if you consider he is now in Shiraishi’s body that. He rushes back to class only to see his own body diligently studying. And everybody is wondering the sudden change in ‘Yamada’. So they confront each other at the rooftop later and they would love to return back to their original bodies. Since they fell down the stairs, theoretically by doing that they will return back to normal. But Shiraishi wants to wait after school to do that since she doesn’t want to miss classes. So what does Yamada do in his ‘free time’? Run havoc in Shiraishi’s body! Like any other guy, feel free to examine every inch of a woman’s body! Then he runs around the boys’ toilet and flirts around with those fan geeks. Okay, he has had his fun. Bored. Rin Sasaki and her pals invite ‘Shiraishi’ to lunch so Yamada plays along. But he soon discovers that Shiraishi is their bully victim. Doodled pages and garbage dumped in her locker. This makes Yamada remember that Shiraishi has always been alone. He wants to go teach that Sasaki b*tch a lesson. He goes to warn her and wants to scare her with a fake punch but Shiraishi gets in the way and takes the full blow. At least this made Sasaki to be scared sh*t. Now it is after school and time to fall down the stairs to return to normalcy. After one flight of pain, nothing happened. Trying a few more times… Same thing. Shiraishi notices that there is one thing they haven’t tested out yet. When they fell the first time, they kissed. The moment they do that, they switch back. Amazing? Anybody would. But not Shiraishi. She has to go study. Unknown to them, they’re being watched by the student council vice president, Toranosuke Miyamura.

Next day, Yamada and Shiraishi experiment with the kiss and true enough they switch bodies. Of course they want to keep this a secret between themselves. Shiraishi swapped bodies so she could go help Yamada take his supplementary exam. So while Yamada is hanging out by himself, Miyamura comes looking for him. Yamada plays along with whatever Miyamura says. Because he didn’t know Shiraishi is his girlfriend and today they’re supposed to go out dating. When the fan geeks start harassing ‘Shiraishi’, Miyamura is going to take care of this but was taken care of. Weak! Yamada gives them a power kick that sends them running away. This is when Miyamura points out that this is not the real Shiraishi. That trademark kick could only belong to Yamada. Plus, the dating was all fake. Now that Miyamura knows their secret, he is willing to offer them an unused room for a place to safely switch bodies. This Supernatural Research club is on the verge of being closed because he is the only member. Sign up and they can use this room. Miyamura is curious if they can just switch bodies by kissing. Miyamura wants to test out with Yamada and Shiraishi is all for this yaoi moment. It worked! Of course in exchange for this room, Miyamura wants Yamada to listen to the student council’s request. Since Shiraishi doesn’t mind, Yamada also agrees. As Miyamura is about to begin the first meeting, Miyabi Itou drops in and she is interested to join this club.

Episode 2
The guys are pretty dodgy to answer Itou’s simple questions. She tries to prove her worth by bending spoon (using force?), UFO sighting clips (I can see the strings!) and some ancient stone (looks pretty ordinary to me). Then she comes back with a big haul of other supernatural stuffs. So eager to join that she starts cleaning up the room. Since when did she make Yamada her cleaning lackey? Yamada then remembers there is a test he needs to take so he wants Shiraishi to switch bodies and help him. She would if not for Itou who keeps popping back up to check on things. Miyamura gives her the registration letter to be sent to the student council office. This will buy them some time. The moment they kiss, Itou returns and sees this atrocity. Well, the student council room door was locked so she returned. Itou is sad that she has always suspected something amiss from this club as they never did anything supernatural. She vows to get back at them for trampling on her feelings. Next day, Yamada is shocked to see fliers and posters that claim Yamada and Shiraishi are an item. Yamada confronts Itou and wants her to take back those rumours. He won’t let her leave this place and if she must, kiss him. Stunned, he uses this opportunity to kiss her and then knock her out while she is in shock of the switch. Yamada then goes around in her body to request everyone to forget all that. However they are okay with it and never believed it in the first place. Yamada discovers that Itou has a reputation for being a liar. I guess this switch was useless in the first place. When he returns to switch back, Itou is already gone. Big trouble.

He seeks help from Miyamura and Shiraishi to find his body but they heard rumours of students sighting ‘Yamada’ admiring himself in the mirror and making lame superhero poses. They find a message in Itou’s handphone. It seems she needs to bring the money for some expensive items she bought or else. Aren’t those the supernatural stuffs? There is a big chance she might be there. The gangsters don’t know it is Itou inside Yamada’s body and they easily beat up this dude. With the real Yamada (in Itou’s body still) appearing, he wastes no time in beating them up after they get cocky. After they return to their original bodies, Itou apologizes for what she did. She thought she could fight better in his body. Apparently not. But Yamada says that now she knows their secret, she can’t leave so easily. She is now part of the club. She is more than happy to join. Like any other curious person, Itou is interested to see this kiss switching thingy. So they kiss about until I am not sure who is who anymore. The ultimate kissing scene: It might be girls on the outside kissing but actually they are guys on the inside! Yuri or yaoi?! Or both?! Haruma Yamazaki the student council president learns of the newbies joining the Supernatural Research club and thinks Miyamura is trying to look after the problem kids for them. It might have something to do with the selection for the next student council president. Nene Odagiri who is also a potential for that post will not allow anything to stand in the way of her goal.

Episode 3
The Supernatural Research club does not have any funds allocated to them. Itou argues they could buy stuffs and Yamada is particularly very interested after thinking a microwave oven could be useful. Itou has tried negotiating with Yamazaki but it didn’t go well. Yamada decides to barge in and do his intimidating talk but Yamazaki coolly ignores him. It seems this guy is indifferent to males so Yamada gets this idea to switch bodies with the girls to do better negotiations. However Yamazaki is not fooled. He can ‘smell’ that they are not females on the inside. But since they look the part on the outside, he is willing to talk to them. Yamazaki will exercise his power to give the club a budget if they can help get Shiraishi to agree to go to college. Of course the student council has tried but failed. Thus he thinks with their close relationship maybe they can persuade her. And so Yamada goes into persuasive mode to persuade Shiraishi to just go to college. I mean, she likes studying, right? So what’s the difference? However she remains stubborn. This is going to be tough. As the rest discuss their plans, Odagiri and her yes-man, Ushio Igarashi confront them to warn that they’ll stand no chance in next month’s student council president position. Yamada realizes the ploy to get Shiraishi to go to college is part of Miyamura’s mission. If he clears it, he’ll win the post. Yamada doesn’t want to do this and get involved in the feuding student council war but after being warned how sly Yamazaki can be, he is forced to play this game for now.

Yamada is surprised that Shiraishi wants to kiss and switch bodies. He should have suspected something was amiss. Indeed there was. She is sick and wanted to switch bodies to get some work done. But this is a good chance for them to return to Shiraishi’s home and find out some details. Looks like a normal house. But nobody else is home. Yamada shoos out the rest but his body is heating up so he sleeps on her bed. When he wakes up, Shiraishi is already back home and she is furious he went to her home without her permission. Well, he didn’t know how long she would borrow his body. After switching back, Yamada continues to look after her in bed. He tells her to just go to college since she like studying. But she disagrees with that. She has nothing else to do but study. Whether at home or school, she is always alone. After apologizing for what he did today, he tells her he regretted enrolling in this school. He thought it was boring up till recently things are starting to look amusing. He wonders if college is amusing too. As he is trying to set his sight on college, why not she go with him? And so you can tell Shiraishi has agreed to go to college when the Supernatural Research club has a nifty microwave oven. Yamazaki and the rest are dumbfounded to hear Shiraishi is going to college.

Episode 4
The class is going for a camping trip and when Shiraishi is asking to switch bodies with Yamada, you bet there is going to be something going on. It seems she wants to study in peace instead of hanging out with her girl friends. So Yamada has got to put up with her friends’ company. I wonder how he is going to handle the hotspring programme… Oh wait. Shiraishi’s friends begin their molesting attack! It is obvious Yamada is tired after all this and he can’t put up with the girls talk at night. So he goes back to force Shiraishi to switch back. As he heads back, Odagiri calls for him. It seems she is going to blackmail him with a picture of him going through Shiraishi’s stuff. Yamada realizes it was during the time he was in the hotspring. He dares her to do it and can brush it off as doing errands for her. But what about the next picture that has him taking and starring at her panties???!!! Oh sh*t! She’ll erase the pictures on a condition if Shiraishi doesn’t sit for the next national mock exam. Yamada tells this to Miyamura and Ito and they know it is Odagiri’s plan to sabotage Miyamura’s position. If Shiraishi doesn’t take the exam, the school’s average will drop and you know who will be blamed. Besides, there is no guarantee that Odagiri will erase it after that. The only way Yamada thinks he can get out of this is to kiss Odagiri, switch bodies and erase it himself. So he calls her out to meet that night and boldly tells her to kiss him. She accepts it but warns not to blame her for whatever happens. Yamada is shocked that they did not switch. Relating this to his buddies, Miyamura and Ito test kiss him and they didn’t switch. Has he lost his power? Next day as Yamada meets Shiraishi to tell her about his inability, she thanks him for letting making this school trip fun. She learnt a lot of things when she talked to her friends even if it is just casual talk. She hopes that for the summer vacation, the Supernatural Studies club can go on a trip together.

Back at school, the moment Yamada enters the clubroom, Ito and Miyamura are in a competition to give him eat their bento! What the hell? They’re trying to flirt with him! Is this some sort of prank? They reveal they are really in love with him! Serious! They deduce they started having feelings for him after that kiss. This must be his new power. Since the duo are getting annoying in their competition, Yamada kisses them to return to normal. They are curious for Yamada to kiss Shiraishi. They really want to know what happens if she falls for his charms. Yeah, I can’t wait to know either! Yamada assumes that kiss with Odagiri may have awakened this strange power and is going to see and kiss her to revert back. In the mean time, he doesn’t want Shiraishi to know about this. Oh wait. She’s already at the door. Oops… Lastly, we have this strange end segment whereby a pair of yakisoba bread siblings is introducing the school in freaking weird ways. They end up fighting. Turns out to be a promo shoot for the school by Yamazaki using Yamada and Miyamura as the puppeteers. Too bad they couldn’t stick to the script and end up arguing their puppet was perfect.

Episode 5
Shiraishi wants to kiss and switch places but Yamada gives an excuse he has something to do. He goes to find Odagiri but she is nowhere to be found. Apparently her hideout is in the school’s old building and she is waiting for him to turn up. I mean, he is supposed to fall in love with her and will come looking for her, right? Well… Odagiri even waits out in the open but Yamada is nowhere to be seen. Ushio knows something is wrong when Odagiri starts saying she can’t get Yamada out of her head all day long. Shiraishi thought Yamada hates her and doesn’t want to do the body swap again but he explains and she is glad he didn’t hate her. Despite knowing about his new power, she still wants to kiss him. When they do, they switch bodies! Odagiri sees this and starts crying. Ushio fears that she must have really fallen prey to her own spell and fall for Yamada. Shiraishi has figured this conundrum out. Yamada’s power is to copy power of others. It is not body swap. Remember the first person he kissed when this happened? That’s right. Switching bodies is Shiraishi’s power. Suddenly Ushio kicks Yamada for doing something to Odagiri. Flashback shows Yamada is pretty to start a new life in this school where nobody knows him. Till he found out Ushio enrolled here too. They both have no intention to get along and tried to make friends with others but failed badly. Yamada wondered if the next 3 years are going to be boring but Ushio noted every day doesn’t necessarily have to be boring. Shiraishi deduces that when Yamada kissed Odagiri, he copied her power and she became a victim of it. The only way to turn her back to normal is to kiss her back. But Yamada won’t do it. Ushio promises to delete the photo and pull her out from the student council president race and even goes begging on his knees. Yamada still won’t give in but Shiraishi says they’ll do it. She asks Yamada if he is fine with her like that, the unrequited love that Odagiri will always feel. Yeah. He’s fine with it. Shiraishi slaps him. It is not that he is mad at Odagiri but holding it on Ushio. In that case, turn her back to normal. Can’t be stubborn now, can he? Yamada wonders if Ushio kissed Odagiri to fall in love with her. He admits he did but he likes this version of himself better.

Flashback shows Ushio and Yamada got into a fight with some fellow boys from their school as they were harassing a girl. But Yamada only got suspended because 2 witnesses claim that Yamada started the fight singlehandedly. One of them was Ushio. Ever since, that is how Yamada got his notorious reputation. Ushio brings Yamada to Odagiri. She wants to talk to him privately (who in their right mind would feel comfortable with everyone else watching). First she blames him for making her think of him every day and when found him, he was kissing Shiraishi. She wants him to leave her like this. She never knew her power could make someone feel so happy. However he kisses her and says there is no way he would ever fall in love with her. Ushio then hands Yamada a book from the old Supernatural Research club regarding the 7 wonders of this school. There are students called witches who possess mysterious powers. Among the powers are to charm and telepathy. The rest to be continued in the next volume… They get excited to go hunting for witches but Yamada is not so. He doesn’t want to be dragged into this mess but he is their witch detector. And the only one whose powers won’t work on. But with Shiraishi giving her smooth operator talk, Yamada can’t so no now, can’t he? They offer Odagiri to join them in the search but she won’t join these vulgar people. Ushio tells Yamada that he has no intention for apologizing for that betray that got him suspended. That was for the best because that is the reason why they came to this school to live this sort of school life in the first place.

Episode 6
Supernatural Research club is having fun at the beach! Minus Yamada. He failed his exam and is now taking supplementary classes. Oh, the same suspects from last year are also joining him, Hideaki Tsurukawa, Mitsuru Kameda and Meiko Otsuka. Since Yamada is complaining that he can’t get any fun as summer vacation is here, Shiraishi gladly switches body with him. It’s a win-win situation. Since she aces in class, the supplementary trio are surprised and contemplate to make him part of the gang. Otsuka summons her courage to talk to ‘Yamada’ and then suddenly kisses ‘him’! Immediately Shiraishi switches back with Yamada and asks him all he knows about Otsuka. Ever kissed her before? Hell no! Then it’s proven. Otsuka is a witch. Since there is no effect on Shiraishi, she figured of switching back with Yamada. They still don’t know what power Otsuka has but they know for sure that Yamada is the one Otsuka is after. This means he will have to kiss her again to find out. So… What about the test? He’ll have to pass himself. Bummer. The failures fail their test again so Otsuka whispers to Yamada about passing the test together. He becomes confrontational and this scares Otsuka because he is like a different person now. Odagiri and Ushio join the Supernatural Research club waiting in some room because they believe the next volume is in the storage room but a teacher is having keys to it. From what I understand, until all the failures pass their test, that room won’t be opened because that teacher will only replaced the supplementary teacher when they pass their test. Shiraishi thinks it is a good time for Yamada to test Otsuka’s power. But first she switches body with him so that she could go make an appointment with Otsuka to kiss! So while Yamada is in Shiraishi’s body, Odagiri starts getting physical in the hotspring till she realizes too late ‘Shiraishi’ acting weird and that it is Yamada underneath it! Shiraishi manages to make the appointment so Yamada meets Otsuka and they kiss.

Back in the room, nothing much happens. In the dead of the night, Yamada is awakened by the screaming voice of Otsuka. But Otsuka is not around though he heard her voice very clearly. Then it dawned to him. Otsuka’s power is telepathy. As telepathically instructed, he meets her so that she can train him on how to use the telepathy power. Despite her shy and soft spoken demeanour, she sounds like a fierce drill sergeant during telepathy mode! Seems Tsurukawa and Kameda also share this power after Otsuka kissed them. That is why all of them are going to use it to pass the test. But wait. Who is going to give the answer? Yamada! They think he is hiding his genius! Because Yamada has trouble picturing faces (as a requirement to use telepathy), Miyamura gives a photo of himself and others. So during the test, all Yamada needs to do is look at his face and hear Miyamura’s thoughts in which he will proceed to relay the problem to Shiraishi to solve and back. Simple. In the end, all of them pass their test with flying colours! Almost perfect score! When the gang are about to enter the storage room, it is cleaned out. The teacher says other clubs used this place so everything got thrown away. Miyamura and Odagiri have a feeling Yamazaki is the one behind this as he has the power to do such things. Yamada talks to Shiraishi and he deduces the witches powers manifest because the witches themselves wish for it. For example, Odagiri wanted allies and thus the power to charm. Otsuka was shy to speak to others and thus her telepathy. Shiraishi was unhappy with her situation and therefore wanted to switch into others. He wonders what he wished for and is sure to find that out why he got this power after meeting all the witches. That is why he will find them all. Yamada relays a great news to everyone: Otsuka has told him who the next witch is.

Episode 7
Yamada and Miyamura are outside the house of Maria Sarushima, they think she is a shut-in since she doesn’t go to school. But there she is coming back home and she asks the guys to help move her furniture! Even more insulting is that Yamada is doing all the work and Sarushima herself is sleeping. Maybe this is a chance to kiss her? He hears her whisper to be saved. Sarushima reveals she knew he was coming. Her power is to see the future. At first she thought it was trivial. But then she saw one whereby the old school building is burnt down. Worse, everybody accused her as the arsonist. That is why she didn’t want to attend school. But why should Yamada believe her? Because he was also there when the fire happened and also blamed. He wants to kiss her and she agrees hoping that something of this might change. When Odagiri comes in to brag she has dug up some information on Sarushima and won’t say, she thought the guys are being shocked. Actually her shirt was tugged into her panties. Why does Yamada only get slapped? If Odagiri knew that the rest already knew… Shiraishi has Yamada explains how he sees his vision. From his perception, it seems he sees the visions from the perspective of others. So if he sees himself and Sarushima during the fire, that means somebody else must be there. Yamada talks to Sarushima if she has kissed anybody else. Well, there is this guy, Kentaro Tsubaki but it was just as greeting since he came back from overseas. Yamada confronts this guy who knows about him too. Tsubaki doesn’t hesitate to say he is in love with Shiraishi and wants to confess to her. He hopes Yamada can help set them up so he can confess. Viewing Yamada as his buddy, he is going to show him his secret of what he does when he is depressed. He brings him back to the old building whereby he cooks his tempura! So this is going to be the cause of the fire???!!! Definitely! They need to stop this at all cost.

Tsubaki is disheartened that Yamada came instead of Shiraishi. Did she reject him? Even more shocking is that Yamada wants Tsubaki to kiss him! Although it is to switch bodies and prevent that fire, this is giving him the wrong idea! Yamada wants to do it by force but Tsubaki is strong and fast. Back in the clubroom, Sarushima has already made friends with Ito and Shiraishi and learnt all about the witches. The next plan is for Yamada to switch bodies with Shiraishi and to make Tsubaki accompany her in town until the time of the fire is passed (which is tonight). However in doing so, Sarushima sees the changed future. The building is still burnt down and Tsubaki is now in the picture. Yamada has no choice but to postpone the confession till tomorrow. It could have ended well had not Yamada waltz into a lover’s area. This makes Tsubaki really want to confess. Then there is Shiraishi before them. She goes up to Yamada and kisses him to switch back. She pretends this is their relationship. Depression time. Guess where he runs back to? He locks himself in the cooking room but gets distracted when he hears Shiraishi’s voice. That is when Yamada forces open the door and kisses him to swap bodies, thus preventing the fire. Next day, Tsubaki is amazed with this witch thingy and is interested to join the club. Sure it is not for Shiraishi? When Yamada wonders why Shiraishi switched bodies, Sarushima reveals that she was going to take his place as the offender. Yamada doesn’t want her to pull that kind of stunt again. Odagiri thinks she can tease the Supernatural Research club that she already knows what Sarushima’s power is and won’t tell. She didn’t realize her shirt is unbuttoned. Nice bra. Guess who only got slapped?

Episode 8
Keigo Shibutani, Saeko Fukazawa and Ren Asano were once popular and respected students till separate incidents made them go bad. Supernatural Research club can have their own yakisoba stall at the festival if they stop them from making trouble. But the trio are linked to Noa Takizawa. She is a witch with a power to see one’s past and they believe she is making them do her biddings to shut them up. Yamada is going for the direct approach. Noa plays dumb and tries to flirt with him. He thinks of using this chance to kiss her and find something dark in her past but she gives up her teasing. He tries to ambush her for a kiss but she isn’t going down easily. When he mentions he knows about other witches, she becomes interested and wants to kiss to know the rest. Yamada senses something amiss and stops her. She leaves disappointed. Next day, Supernatural Research clubroom is vandalized. The first volume notebook is gone (in Noa’s hands). Yamada confronts Yamazaki and threatens him to tell the truth or he is out of this. He reveals Noa’s goal of eradicating witches from this school. Eradicate means to expel in this case. When witches get expelled, their powers are inherited by others. And those with problems or issues are the ones who inherit them. With Noa having both volumes and then those friends of hers to inherit the powers, you know what this means, right? Shiraishi and the other witches are being targeted next. Knowing it won’t be long before Noa figures out the witches’ identity, he is going to set a trap for them. When Noa’s friends enter the clubroom, Fukazawa kisses Shiraishi who is alone to switch bodies and then has the guys kidnap her. However it is Yamada in Shiraishi’s body as he beats and ties them up. They think Noa has ordered them to frame Shiraishi and get her expelled but they say they are doing this on their own volition. Yamada and the guys switch bodies with Noa’s friends to confront her but she can easily tell it is them. Surprisingly, Noa is willing to trade both volumes for her friends’ release. Yamada will not accept that since she won’t stop trying to expel witches.

Yamada gets beaten up for returning empty-handed but it shows that Noa thinks highly for her friends and would trade the notebooks for them. Miyazawa thinks of charming them to their side but they do not want that. Noa is their friend and they will try to convince her to stop her goal. Yamada then talks to Noa about her goal of trying to control the school with her friends. She gets mad when he mentions about their popularity and don’t need witch powers. She then kisses him to let him glimpse her past. Seems like something nightmarish. Yamada realizes her power is to see dreams of traumatic events. She was locked in some room for 14 hours straight by bullies who wanted to see her panic but she didn’t and kept her cool. Noa believes her friends never caused all those incidents and doesn’t want Yamada and his cronies to butt their noses in their affairs again. Yamada tells her off all she wants is to help them and he is willing to help her. Noa breaks down and pleads for him to save them. She wants them to go back where they originally belonged and thought they would do so if they got witch powers. Asano suddenly punches Yamada, thinking he is trying to do something funny. Noa’s friends believe all they need is just to lead a high school life together. Yamada fights back and tells them off they are the cause of this problem and making Noa suffer. What should they do? Not sure. At least do something to make her smile. With their case now resolved, there is a little problem now. Well, if you call this a problem anyway. Noa is now clinging close to Yamada because she loves him! Open confession! Shiraishi thinks there might be a different power lurking within Noa as it touches the most delicate piece of the heart. For both who is touched and the one touching, both transmit their feelings and are able to open their hearts to each other. They might be similar in some ways.

Episode 9
What’s this? Supernatural Research Club is holding a fortune telling booth and free yakisoba giveaways? That’s Yamada behind that fortune teller gig, right? Odagiri makes Ushio try it out. Yamada kisses him and tells him his future! This was Itou’s idea for using Sarushima’s power to predict the future since their yakisoba isn’t selling well. Sarushima is glad she could help out but also has another favour of Yamada. She wants to erase her witch power. As she wants to fall in love, it would be unbearable to see the future of her loved one. So Yamada goes to see Shinichi Tamaki as he possesses the power to steal and thus erase a witch’s power. Tamaki is reluctant to help him out and demonstrates by kissing a random girl. Then he flips her skirt but she slaps Yamada! Currently his power is to make himself invisible to the one he kisses. If he kisses another witch, this power will be overwritten, something he doesn’t want. Since Yamada is annoying, Tamaki kisses him. However Yamada could still see him. He notes Yamada is a witch killer like him. He agrees to help Yamada if he helps with his request. As he wants to be the next student council president, he wants Yamada to find out he is going to be it. Yamada directly talks to Yamazaki but his lips are tightly sealed. As Yamada has previously kissed Odagiri’s power to charm him, he is going to force kiss him but his secretary, Mikoto Asuka kicks him away. So powerful that he is knocked out! Yamada is interrogated and forced to tell the truth. Asuka agrees to help him because she relied on Yamazaki and her power erased. Yup. She used to have that invisibility power. Yamazaki still won’t tell because all candidates are equally neck-to-neck. Yamazaki suggests a game to decide who will be the next president. It is simple: Find the seventh witch. As guys do not count, currently there are 6 known witches. Erasing Sarushima’s power now won’t do because by doing so, Tamaki’s invisible power will manifest into a new witch. Don’t worry. He will keep his promise after they find the last witch.

Yamada reports to Sarushima and she is happy that she kisses him. This means he sees the future. Sarushima did have her power erased and Tamaki did become student council president. But something else troubles Yamada as he heads back to his club members and tell them they’re going to join the witch hunt that he was so against in the first place. Miyamura knows he has seen something else. Yamada reveals he saw Shiraishi as Tamaki’s secretary. So what’s so bad about that? It’s that face she puts up. So? Yamada admits he loves Shiraishi! Enough a reason for you to help out? So they’ve got a list of students names who caused trouble as witches easily become the centre of attraction whether they realize they have power or not. As they look around, they didn’t make any headway. Tamaki is so relaxed. I mean, he is going to be the next president so why bother do anything? Just wait! Yamada feels something is wrong as he kisses his club members! He realizes they’ve screwed up. They must be under Tamaki’s power. As the last person Yamada kissed is Shiraishi, he should have seen their futures but did not. Tamaki might have come into the clubroom plotting to steal their hard work. Although Yamada plans to get back at him by using the body switching trick, he is hesitant and wants Shiraishi to think about it. Yeah, he is laying down the ground rules how to live his life since they can’t switch back until Tamaki becomes president. She shuts him up by kissing him. After revealing what he saw, his main concern is that he saw the face she put up when they first met. He doesn’t want her to put up that face again. She says she doesn’t have any intention to go back the way it was and wishes him all the best to change the future.

Episode 10
Miyamura tells the rest of a secret he’s been keeping. He has an older sister, Leona but she never attends school and holes herself up in her room. She ended up this way due to the seventh witch. We can see how dangerous she is when she starts throwing scissors the moment Miyamura opens her door. And now for Yamada to do the negotiation. He kisses her to swap bodies to make it faster that this is going to be about witches. He threatens to strip if she doesn’t say but she too is going to do the same! After Yamada explains the reason he is doing this (all for the girl he loves), Leona warns he might not see Shiraishi again. Will she be in danger? More precisely, it will be him because all his memories of the witches will be erased. Leona was terrified by it and until today is still trying to run for her. Yamada doesn’t see the big deal since it is only memories of the witch he will lose. So Yamada reports to the rest and he hopes once he forgets, they will help bring him back to the club. Of course they will. Yamada declares to Yamazaki that Rika Saionji is the seventh witch. Congratulations! Miyamura will be the next president then. After Yamada switches back with Shiraishi, he is still worried about her. She reminds him that she was the first person he kissed so when the time comes, he must kiss her first. So happy ending to everything? Not quite. Saionji pops up and Yamada knows it is time to erase his memories. So was she fooling around because he didn’t lose his memories. She says it takes 24 hours to be in effect. A few days passed and it seems Yamada still has his memories intact. He was playing along that he has lost them but since he is tired of it, he goes to greet his club members. Unfortunately they don’t remember him! Then he realizes it is them who lost their memories. Confronting Yamazaki, he is told that since witch powers do not work on him, special measures had to be taken as only the student council president knows all identities of the witches. Their memories will never return again.

Tamaki suggests teaming up with him to bring down the student council. Yamada isn’t so interested even if Tamaki is persistently bugging him. Yamada finds it odd that he always kept everyone at arm’s length and now he is afraid of being alone? Tamaki did what Yamazaki told him to take away Asuka’s power but now his student council president dream is taken away, what is there left? Yamada is also frustrated but what is there for him to do? Shiraishi comes in thinking Yamada wanted to join the club then. Yamada then wants her to go out with him. Impossible, right? Hardly know him. But that is not the reason she rejected him. It’s because she likes somebody else! Oh no. Instead of being depressed, Yamada is going to find out this guy Shiraishi likes. Talking with Itou, she doesn’t remember the name but guesses it could be Miyamura since there were rumours about him falling down the stairs and accidentally kissing her. Yamada then ponders if the memory loss is permanent because there are instances where the witch’s power wears off. He is going to restore Shiraishi’s memories and confess to her again. And by that does he mean begging to Yamazaki? How can he when he doesn’t know a way? Besides, there is a bigger problem now. All the witches have returned to who they were and are now bigger troublemakers. Later Odagiri approaches Yamada and thinks he is running against Miyamura. She suggests meeting him and they can team up to take him down with this ‘power’. So he plays along and she teases him to kiss but since he didn’t hesitate, it freaks her out. And when they do kiss, Shiraishi sees this. Oh no. But if this has nothing to do with her, why is she running away? Yamada wants to explain but Shiraishi continues that despite she likes somebody else, she can’t help feel this way. She starts crying and wonders who Yamada is.

Episode 11
Yamada explains about their memories being erased. Shiraishi seems to have forgotten that she is also a witch. He is going to kiss her to prove it but she won’t let it happen. I mean, to her he is like a serial kissing pervert, right? Yamada kisses Miyamura in hopes to go see Leona but that guy took it the wrong way and it activates his gay radar! Yamada changes his mind and kisses him back. Good riddance. Odagiri suddenly kisses Yamada to take back her power and then scolds him about using it against her. She is also mad that everyone including Ushio seems to have forgotten about Yamada. Then it hit them that the memories will return only for witches if Yamada kisses them. This makes him happy that there is someone else besides Tamaki who knows who he is. Odagiri goes to see Ushio and is going to set him free. After she kisses him, she is surprised he still follows her around. Isn’t it obvious? He has been in love with her with or without the power. He questions her decision to lose everything she has gained. She has finally understands that using her powers will never get what she wants. That is why she wants to stop relying on it. Saionji surprisingly pops up before the witch killers. She is surprised and never knew that a witch killer kissing a witch would cancel out her power. She warns him there is a reason why the seventh witch must never be known. If all the witches are gathered, any wish will be granted. She warns him to stop it or else she won’t show mercy next time. Yamada calls Odagiri to warn her about Saionji. Odagiri might have her memories erased again. Odagiri wants to tell him something first before that happens. However Yamada won’t hear it. Until he brings everyone’s memories back, then only he will hear her. But the next day, it seems Odagiri still has her memories intact. It appears Saionji herself is surprised that her power cannot work twice. Looks like Yamazaki will be taking things into his own hands. Odagiri tells the witch killers that she vaguely remembers a year ago she was in some room and noticed the others were witches. They didn’t do anything important but it seems there might be a meaning to their gathering. She suggests trying to perform that ceremony again.

Before Yamada can go around kissing witches, Yamazaki is a step ahead as he has put warning notices up about a guy trying to solicit kisses from girls! Shiraishi could guess Yamada is that guy but requests him to walk home with her. She allows him to kiss her as she gets a feeling something will change. Right here in the crowded public? Can’t miss this chance. Too bad Asuka stops them. Meanwhile Odagiri has found that room but is caught by Yamazaki. He wants to make a deal with her to stop Yamada. She won’t give in. He shows a picture of Yamada almost kissing Shiraishi. He knows she likes Yamada and with his resources she can easily get what she wants. Later Tamaki confronts Odagiri. He has seen her with Yamazaki and wants to know what she is up to. She tells him the deal Yamazaki offered her but turned it down. He doesn’t believe because he knows she is fond of Yamada. Odagiri admits she would like to stop Yamada as much but he only looks at Shiraishi no matter how much she stops him. In that case she shouldn’t inconvenience him and should smile with him. After Yamada kisses the witches, all that are left are Shiraishi and Saionji. The latter is the mysterious one especially with that kind of power. Odagiri has looked up on her and found there are no records stating her name. Not even in the school registry. Yamazaki stays a step ahead again as he sends a notice to all the parties concerned about a ceremony they must attend on a specified date, time and location. Tamaki and Odagiri are about to look for Saionji but here she is before them. They request her to help them but she refuses. As for why nobody remembers her, simple. She erased their memories so it is only logical they forget her. As for what Yamazaki is up to, she hints it is to eliminate Yamada. He is after all a factor the student council cannot control. Yamada goes to see Shiraishi and wants to kiss her. Time is running out and he’ll explain it later. She is willing to do it but suddenly says nothing will happen even if he kisses her. Then Yamada realizes Shiraishi has swapped bodies with Asuka. Mad Yamada confronts Yamazaki about his dirty play. Yamazaki says Asuka has been suspended from school after being caught kissing in school grounds. Attempts to visit her at her home will be futile as the rule says only the student council can meet a suspended student. You think Yamada is going to quietly abide by that?

Episode 12
Yamada is trying to force Miyamura to come with him to see Shiraishi. Of course he wouldn’t. Not with a stranger. Luckily Leona wants to talk to Yamada. After hearing his story, she tells him not to panic because this would not make any difference even if he brings back Shiraishi. There is something odd she finds about the ceremony. If all the witches are to be there, why is Tamaki also invited? No doubt he is retaining Asuka’s power but with Asuka also being invited means Yamazaki must know Tamaki is able to return the power too and thus he needs Tamaki to return Asuka’s power before the ceremony. But first up they need to handle Saionji. Yamada tries to convince her to help them. She’s not going to so Yamada plays psychology with her that Yamazaki is just using her. Otherwise, if he trusts her completely, why use the body switching ruse with Asuka and Shiraishi? Saionji tells of her special relationship with Yamazaki. Because nobody remembers her, coming to school is a tedious affair since nobody talks to her. She was alone. However there is only 1 guy who remembered her and the sole motivation for coming to school: Yamazaki. That is why she won’t betray him. Yamada says this time it is different because he, Odagiri and Tamaki know about her. Saionji agrees to help but with condition that Leona is brought to her. However Yamada won’t allow that.

Strangely, Leona calls Yamada to her house to reveal the truth. It’s like she knows it is time so she apologizes all of them have to go through it all since this is her fault in the first place. You see, Leona was a member of the Supernatural Research club. It had another member: Yamazaki. Yup, that guy again. They were researching on the witches and Yamazaki went as far to become student council president just to discover the seventh witch. When he did, he protected Leona and let her escape before having his memories erased. Leona knows now it is time to get her memories erased. Yamada won’t allow that but Leona’s reason is because she can’t stand to see Yamazaki like that anymore. Leona prepares herself to get her memories erased but when she mentions about the burden Saionji has to carry, the witch backs off. Leona then goes to see Yamazaki who obviously doesn’t remember her. However he cannot understand why he is crying. The next step is to capture Asuka. Tamaki’s direct approach only received the full blow of her kick. Luckily Odagiri has requested the other witches to help and they succeed after a surprise ambush. Yamada forces his way into Asuka’s home and sees Shiraishi reading in the room. She feels ashamed for facing him after all that has happened. But none of that matters because he is going to turn her back to normal. Everyone prepares for the ceremony before Yamazaki could arrive. The moment they free Asuka, she flees but here comes Yamazaki. Don’t worry. He is only here to observe. He reveals what he wanted to know was why he became student council president. There is this pain in his heart he describes and to forget about it, he drowns himself in student council work. This means he realized his memories were erased once. They might be gone but the feelings never forget. That is why he is going to entrust this to Yamada from now on. With Yamada sitting in the centre and the witches encircling him, Yamada thought nothing is happening till he realizes time has stopped! Only he and Saionji can move. She guides him to make a wish from the heart with his eyes closed. Before doing that, he asks her if she was happy having the witch power. She doesn’t have good vibes about it and the thought that is troubling her is to find a girl who would be her successor. Yamada has decided and makes his wish.

Now it is time to find out it has really worked. Returning to the clubroom, Miyamura wonders who this delinquent is. Oh dear… Just kidding! Of course everyone remembers him! It worked! Before they can celebrate the return of their memories, Yamada has something very important to say. He calls everyone into the clubroom to tell them what he wished wasn’t for everyone’s memories to return. It was to abolish the witch power in this school. Come to think of it, none of the witches experienced any of such power ever since the ceremony. They couldn’t be happier for this new freedom. Later Shiraishi apologizes to Yamada that she couldn’t help him out when she really wanted and promised to. After all, he helped her stave off her bullies. She went on to forget and reject him. However he reminds her that he will tell her when her memories return. And now that it does, he confesses he loves her and wants her to date him. Feels somewhat awkward now that she remembers she liked somebody else. That was him. Really? For real! She thought he had taken a hint! Shiraishi has a request. She wants to kiss! Oh, this is just to check if her power is gone for good. Are you ready for this? Well, not too sure if this is a blooper since their teeth quickly bump into each other. Yamada claims she just wanted to kiss. She admits so.

Itou relays a big problem for her club members. Thanks to her spending it all on some alien replica, the club is out of money. Yeah, why not go make some then? How? Don’t worry. On the last day of the cultural festival, there is a performance put up by all clubs and the one that wins will get a cool 50 thousand yen. Wow. Imagine of all the cool things they can buy. Please don’t count your chickens… They decide to sleep in the school’s clubhouse to prepare for this but looks like the other clubs already have this idea. So back to their clubroom, they come up with ideas like Shiraishi’s magic. She flops but the rest finds it hilarious. It won’t do since she is the only act. I don’t know about Itou’s idea of turning Yamada into a mummy and swinging him around. Or Miyamura’s puppet act that only serves to piss off Yamada. So they decide to go take a bath first since there is where all ideas come from, right? Because Shiraishi wants to study, Yamada is forced to switch places with her and enter the forbidden heaven of the girls’ section. Too bad with all the ‘censors’, he won’t be seeing anything. We’re all disappointed! Then they tug in for the night before realizing they haven’t thought up with anything! Time to start thinking again. Prospects aren’t looking good when they see a dance group, Seven Witches on TV. They are currently a popular act. And so it is decided they will mimic their act but the problem is they are short of members. Late that night, Yamada overheard Asuka speaking to Yamazaki and the team that finishes last will get disbanded! Gasp!

So you can’t blame Yamada for getting fired up to find people. He tries his suave playboy persuasion. Noa would love too if not for her unrealistic demands… Tamaki is itching and hinting that he really wants to join but he was totally ignored. And he didn’t even use his power… Yamada tries to get Sarushima but she has her cheerleading club to go with. Yamada desperately tries to get her other members but got ‘beaten up’. Will Otsuka join? Well, let’s say she is dead serious in her calligraphy club as she demonstrates drawing a surreal picture! The stakes are high. So is the desperation. Does this mean Yamada will have to ask Ushio? Shiraishi and Itou seduce him to join but Ushio realizes it is the guys who switched bodies because there is only one guy who would address him so casually. Odagiri thinks they are targeting her so Yamada pleads for them to join and reveals the disbandment thingy. Odagiri still won’t because it’s not like they’re going to get expelled. But Yamada is serious and starts begging on his knees. Initially he thought this school is boring but joining the club made it more interesting. If he loses this, he will lose his sole reason for coming to school. That is when Shiraishi switches back and asks the duo as the club’s president to join them. Can’t say no after all that, right? I know Yamada is happy but what is he thinking trying to hug Odagiri? Luckily, Ushio the protector… But they are short of a member now. Then they remember: Tsubaki! They bait a tempura for him to come rushing back to the clubroom. At first he isn’t willing to do it but after learning Shiraishi is dancing, he’s in! It is done. During the event of picking the order the teams will go, they are discussing that teams lined up in the middle have higher chance of succeeding (less pressure to go later) while the one dead last is more prone to lose because the judges have seen everything. And then Yamada had to pick up the last order. Felt like fools to put their trust in him? But little do they know, going last could mean saving best for last and Yamazaki wonders if they’re ready to shoulder the responsibility.

Yamada is up late for practice! Well, every other club is early starting out their practice. Yeah, when money is on the line… When Yamazaki passes by, Yamada confronts him about the last place thingy. Shocked, Yamazaki tells him to keep it a secret. Or else… So now the guys start their dance moves but Yamada is the most pathetic that it will amount to automatic last place. But it seems the other guys also suck but they give excuse they want to help Yamada so they all practice together at the park, only to be confronted by those gangsters. So why choose the school to practice? Heck, why are there so many security guards?! Is this a bank?! Up at the rooftop, they see the girls who also had the same idea of practising. So they get their act together and get the materials for the costumes. The day of reckoning is here. Before the performance, the gang goes around the cultural festival. We learn a few things like Itou may be some sort of fujoshi because she and a hell bunch of other girls get too excited seeing a Romeo and Juliet play that is only played by all males, Miyamura is afraid of cats even if it just cat maid cosplay outfit. Noa spots those gangsters carrying a huge garbage bag away and since they came from the Supernatural Research club’s side, she suspects something amiss and alerts the gang. To their horror, their costumes have been stolen. As the performance is starting (those who cannot go on stage will be disqualified and this means automatic last place), it is suggested the girls wait at the venue while the guys go to find the costumes.

Yamada finds the gangsters trying to burn their costumes at the incinerator. As he struggles and fights back (he won’t give in to their demanded prostrating apology), he kisses the gangster’s boss. They switch bodies and in the panic, the boss runs off with the bag. Yamada runs around and stumbles upon other clubs who are out for his ass because they have been alerted about this dude who stole their costumes. It couldn’t be worst timing for Yamada because Yamazaki is here too. Although Asuka kicks him out when he tries to make a breakthrough, Yamazaki hears him murmur something about not wanting to come in last in the performance. It is the Supernatural Research club’s turn and to stall for time, I don’t know how Itou got Odagiri convinced to go out and do a stupid dance in a yakisoba outfit. Embarrassing! Somehow Yamada makes it back in time, switches back and everybody dresses up in time to put on a full performance. So dazzling that it captivates everyone and the judges! It was surely their win but why some other weird club took the title?! Simple. They weren’t on stage on time. Although already disqualified, Yamazaki allowed them to continue. So they’re dead and disbanded? Oh. About that. When Asuka mentions about disbanding the last placed club, Yamazaki disagrees with that idea and would like to put forth a consolation cash prize instead. So everybody is mad that Yamada misunderstood the whole thing and got them into a lot of trouble. Yeah, nobody can take back that yakisoba episode… They’re going to get back real good at him. Sorry Yamada, not even Shiraishi can help you this time.

It’s All In The Kiss
I wonder if mixed feelings are the right words to describe my sentiments. Heck, many animes these days also have me with these mixed feelings. Another way to put my overly used on-the-fence answer. So okay, overall I find this anime quite good because strangely I find it quite interesting and intriguing. Yes, believe me. That is why I said strangely. Because over the duration of the series, it kept me wondering and guessing who the witches are (although they are pretty obvious if you have read the manga and ever present in the opening and ending credits). I don’t know. There was this little ‘excitement’ in me to see who will be the next witch exposed and what their power is. Especially about the seventh witch whose uncanny relationship with the student council president and his intentions made the mystery effective. These were the few things that got me ‘hooked’ in watching it till the end although one of the downsides for example the revelation of Saionji’s relationship with Yamazaki felt normal although logically that would be the best answer. So after my expectations were bloated and hoping it would be something real shocking, a somewhat ordinary reason was just behind it after all. So yeah. Blame for me having high hopes. But don’t you have such for every show you watch?

It is interesting to see the use of a kiss to activate powers because as we have seen too many of romcoms, kissing can have just more than a magical effect. It is a cheeky and ‘clever/innovative’ way to hide a power activation via something that is considered sacred and intimate in relationships. It is a good thing that not many of the girls in the school have such powers and only restricted to just seven of them (at least that is what we know) because if everyone of them had such powers, how would the school look like if you see everyone kissing everybody in every corner? Gosh, this school would have earned a reputation for being a make out school! Even if that doesn’t happen, but don’t you think this is the only anime where our main guy gets to kiss multiple girls (and boys) and not be branded as some perverted player-cum-cheater?! Oh Yamada, you lucky bastard! How many girls (and boys) have you kissed so far?! Sometimes I feel ‘cheated’ because there are only 6 witches shown in this anime as the seventh one (or rather the sixth if you’re being picky that the seventh shall always be Saionji) is currently being ‘retained’ by a witch killer.

With a handful bunch of characters, they are another mixed baggage too. As the main focus is on Yamada and Shiraishi especially when the series reaches its conclusion, I feel that the rest of the other characters especially the minor supporting ones don’t really make a great impact. Especially for some of the witches like Sarushima, Otsuka and Noa. After their discovery and an episode dedicated to them for their issue to be solved, subsequent appearances by them felt just redundant. It is like they didn’t really matter at all and only bided their time so that all the witches could finally gather to perform the ceremony. Even some of the Supernatural Research club members also feel a bit redundant. Especially Itou and Tsubaki. There start off great in their debut but then subsequently with the direction the story is going, I feel they too didn’t really matter much. Because like Itou who is just an occult fanatic who is the only female main cast who isn’t a witch while tempura freak Tsubaki is just in the club because of his unrequited love for Shiraishi and even so his presence isn’t much felt.

Yamada as the main character somewhat reminds me of Beelzebub’s Oga because of his delinquent outlook but yet his kind heart (if you look deeper and harder, that is). Like your typical male lead who helps anybody in trouble and won’t betray them, it wasn’t really a surprise when he makes his revelation that he is in love with Shiraishi. Because my guts told me so and I saw it coming from a thousand miles. It had to happen. Especially with the direction of the anime is going, what else reason would he need to make such desperate moves to save Shiraishi? After all, a girl whom he often kissed to help out in his tests, why would a guy not fall for a pretty chick like her? I know switching bodies to take tests is cheating because it is the same like getting somebody to do your homework but who cares about the minor details. As long as it gets done and nobody else knows. The perfect crime?

And naturally Shiraishi in due time would come to like him because he was the guy who helped her stave off those jealous bullies. Whoever said honour students are perfect? If she was, she wouldn’t have been a witch in the first place. Even honours students have their own problems. Just because Shiraishi sits there quietly reading a book doesn’t mean she is problem-free. It isn’t that she doesn’t want to report her problems. I mean, who could help solve them in the first place? So isn’t it a wonder that she has a thing for Yamada? Seeing the duo interact is often amusing and fun especially when you have both their characters at other ends of the poles. Yamada is brash and more of the action person while Shiraishi is the studious quiet and studious type and more brains than brawn. You know what they say about opposites attract, right? Sometimes it is just funny to see Yamada panicking with all that facial expression while Shiraishi is just the cool cat in her deadpan monotonous face.

Other characters are fun too but as I have said, many of them had missed opportunities. Especially with only a dozen of episodes and quite a few interesting characters, there isn’t enough justice to flesh them all out properly. Like I have said before, the other minor witches. Once their issue is somewhat solved, they rarely play any active role after that. Partly that is because of the direction of where the anime is going. Oh God. How many times have I said that already? Yeah, yeah. With everybody forgetting their initial memories, it is no surprise that it has become a priority for Yamada to return their memories instead of providing us with more filler episodes for other characters, thus avoiding the expansion to another season and with the way how it all ended and the witches’ power vanished, I guess that killed off any chances of another season. Unless… You’ll never know. It’s not like they know the origins of the powers anyway or how they were exactly manifested in the witches (it is just speculation and mere observation that troubled girls will inherit them) since what Yamada wished for could be just a temporary measure before it comes back again and perhaps to new successors. But that would be another story.

Yamazaki is particularly intriguing himself because he has his mysterious atmosphere and is always a step ahead of the rest with his manipulative and cunning character. It’s like he read from the script of what is going to happen despite not having any powers at all. It is hard to figure out what he is thinking and that particularly makes him a tough nut to crack. So when his true wish is revealed, I thought it just felt a little disappointing. It’s like he was playing the great pretender just to hide it but yet it was simple enough instead of anything convoluted. So you’d expect him for world domination? A great schemer would always have a trusty sidekick by his side. Literally. Because mostly that is what you’ll remember Asuka for. Her deadly and swift flying kicks that Yamada seems to bear the brunt of. It’s like having Mortal Kombat’s x-ray move each time she lands that. Like Itou, I suppose Miyamura’s role is also a comical one at times because with his jovial and carefree attitude that sometimes has him come up with silly ideas or experiments. Sometimes I think everyone in the Supernatural Research club just loves to piss off Yamada and play pranks on him. They love to see his reaction. Maybe. But Yamada isn’t the greatest ‘punching bag’. I feel that belongs to Tamaki because this guy is often ignored and nobody pays attention to him even when he wants it so badly thanks to his current power.

Odagiri might have some sort of superiority complex because sometimes she pops up just to boast whatever she’s got and brag it to their faces (or just trying to be the b*tch). Ushio as Odagiri’s yes-man, his strained relationship with Yamada is intriguing. He betrayed Yamada by ratting him out and although on Odagiri’s camp, sometimes both sides come together to work for the greater good. So it makes both sides like strange bedfellows. Something about Leona’s character feels forced because like as though her role was just to give Yamada some lead and then her past relationship with Yamazaki just to shake things up and lead to the big revelation. Because I find it odd she holed herself up in her room ever since as to being afraid of her memories erased. Well, I don’t think Saionji’s power would work just within the school walls. Because she could have just entered her room and erased her memories any time.

Romance wise, everything points out to Yamada x Shiraishi and so the rest just feels like a minor distraction. We see Noa liking Yamada and despite she clings on to him, she doesn’t make any other daring move. I am not sure if she knows this guy likes Shiraishi or not but that’s it about them. With Odagiri being such a typical tsundere, it isn’t long before the inevitable happens. But since she is a smart girl and knows when to back out when she can never win, so all that is left is just Shiraishi for Yamada, right? No chance for harem or cat fight, eh? Ah well, at least Odagiri has got Ushio. Whether he is under her power or not, his love for him is real. Then there might be hidden feelings from Asuka and Saionji, the reason why they stay loyal to Yamazaki. Just saying… And there is the yaoi potential between Yamada and Miyamura… Don’t even want to go there! But it was interesting to think that if the guys switch with girls and start making out, will that be yaoi or yuri? Made you think.

Drawing and art feel okay and good. Lots of nice looking people especially cute pretty girls around. It is such an irony to call those cuties with powers witches because our stereotypic views has them as ugly mean old ladies. Even delinquent guys like Yamada look cool. Cool badass? My only gripe is that Odagiri looks very close to Sasaki and I was confused thinking they were the same person. Same case for Tsubaki and Tamaki. Almost the case for Miyamura and Ushio. It must be that hair colour thingy. The colouring is quite bright and vivid especially when you have every character with significantly different hair colour so that you can easily identify them without even looking at their faces. There are a handful of fanservice too but they are nothing explicit. And it might be true that Saionji could be really walking around the school grounds going commando. Because if you’re fast enough, you can see her butt when the wind flips up her skirt! Yikes! Oh well, who is going to see it all when nobody remembers you?

Voice acting feels okay. Versatility is shown whenever Shiraishi and Yamada switch bodies and you can see how their switched personalities fit into the other body like Yamada suddenly sounding so feminine and Shiraishi going very loud and crude. Kudos to Saori Hayami (Azuki in Bakuman) playing as Shiraishi and Ryota Ohsaka as Yamada (Haruto in Valvrave The Liberator). The series also employs a handful of popular seiyuus. Those that I recognize are Eri Kitamura as Odagiri, Aoi Yuuki as Noa, Jun Fukuyama as Yamazaki, Kana Hanazawa as Asuka, Daisuke Ono as Ushio and Miyuki Sawashiro as Leona. Other casts include Toshiki Masuda as Miyamura (titular character in Samurai Flamenco), Maaya Uchida as Itou (Hiyori in Noragami), Shinnosuke Tachibana as Tamaki (Tomoe in Kamisama Hajimemashita), Toshiharu Sasaki as Tsubaki (debut anime role), Masumi Tazawa as Saionji (Kiriha in Rokujouma no Shinryakusha), Yuki Takao as Sarashima (Alka in Blade & Soul) and Yui Makino as Otsuka (Sakura in Tsubasa Chronicle).

Surprisingly, the opening and ending themes are quite fun to hear. Like the opening theme, Kuchidzuke Diamond by Weaver has this catchy and tune thanks to the playful piano pounding. Likewise, the ending theme, Candy Magic by Mimi Meme Mimi also sounds good perhaps because of the cute passionate way she sings it despite the song sounding like a generic anime pop. Really. Even the themes for the OVA aren’t bad (although it is just only for the first one only). Ding! Ging! Dong! By Erushi as the opener sounds like a cute all-girl group act with all the fanfare blazing in this magical-like pop song. Odd Loop by Frederic as the ending theme is also fun to hear with its catchy anime rock style.

Overall, it has been a fun and enjoyable ride. There are some funny moments that made me laugh, interesting plot and pace of the story that kept me interested and while it is a hit and miss with some of the characters, I believe that in general all the characters are likeable and interesting in their own ways despite some not properly given much attention as much as the main ones. Not anywhere near a masterpiece or classic but it is enough as entertainment. If you’re interested, there was a live action version made before the anime adaptation. But after seeing the 2D girls are much cuter than the 3D ones… Nah. I’ll pass :). So I guess the kissing has stopped now that Yamada has made it happen with his wish. Unless there is another different set of witches… Gasp! Yeah, I guess those who read the currently ongoing manga (and those who lazily browse through Wikipedia) would already know something about this ;p. This anime might not churn out serial kissers or turn you into a sceptic but it does make you think twice before you kiss now. You may end up getting more than just a feel good fuzzy feeling in your heart. And also 80 million transferred bacteria for a fact…

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