War, war, war. Conflict, conflict, conflict. Fighting, fighting, fighting. Have we heard enough about it already. Well yeah, how unfortunate to say that it’s all part of our blood and culture. So much so that without it, it won’t make us humans at all. But in Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na – Crescent Love, the war is supposedly over and an uneasy peace reigns over the 2 feuding races, the humans of planet Earth and those lunar people on the Moon. Were you expecting aliens or dark creatures like vampires? Nope, it’s homo sapiens and homo sapiens. They’re just from different places.
You won’t really get to see any bloodshed war violence in this 12 episode anime. Which is I think a good thing. Since there isn’t any action in this series, this is another of those fantasy rather than science fiction (with people living on the Moon, of course) because it has some comedy and romance elements in it. Originally this was a pc game which is adapted to an anime series later on. But I’m not sure how close the show follows the game.
And as seen in the first episode, the first few minutes narrates the aftermath of the deadliest war between the 2 races. You know, it ended with both sides taking serious damage and casualties. So you’ve guessed it that it all takes place in the near future. Many years then passed and we have this beautiful Moon princess, Princess Feena Fam Earthlight (do Moon people have weird sounding names too?), princess of her Sphere Kingdom on the Moon, along with her clumsy maid, Mia Clementis, decides to visit planet Earth for a homestay to get to know the planet well before she becomes queen.
Back on Earth, we’re introduced to a high schooler guy Tatsuya Asagiri, who’ll probably be the main protagonist by the looks of things, and other characters relating to him who’d probably be regulars as well. Like his little sister Mai, who’s part of some school band and plays the flute (but you won’t see her do that as the show progresses) and his classmate and close friend, Natsuki Takamizawa, whom I thought (and was even hoping) has feelings for Tatsuya but nil. Just his normal average friend.
Maybe the inflation in the future is quite high or parents don’t give them enough pocket money or they have to many wants and needs. That’s because after school, Tatsuya and Natsuki works at the latter’s restaurant, Trattoria, who’s also owned by her dad-cum-chef, Samon. Natsuki also has an elder brother, Jin, who also works as a co-worker there. Jin is the one providing most of the comic relief in this series. For instance, Jin likes to tease Natsuki especially about her bad cooking (which is true) and even calls her ‘Carbon Master’, because of her ability to turn edibles into charcoal black… whatever that is it’s turned into. And usually Natsuki would throw him out of the window or hit him away with the wooden rice scoop. Another funny part is, when Jin breaks something from the restaurant, Samon always tell Jin that the damage will be coming out from his pay, much to Jin’s dismay. As the series progresses, you’ll notice that his debt has run up so high, it’s like he’ll be working his entire life for free! And possibly his next 10 lives. Bad luck? Yeah, his dad seems to do so even if it’s not his fault. Must be the scape goat, huh? I guess if you look at it in a way, the rest has a ‘clean sheet’ so might as well put it all into this one. But generally, Samon’s a pretty nice and fair person. Maybe all this is just a joke. Maybe not. It isn’t clear (and Jin’s debts) in the end either.
Anyway, Tatsuya has been persuaded to go home early. Seeing nothing wrong to it Tatsuya arrives home (just next door?!) to be informed by his elder sister, Sayaka, that the princess of the Moon will be living with them for her homestay. Mai looks like she’s in shock mode, just sitting there staring blankly. Now why would a princess like her live at a commoner’s home instead of some luxurious 5 star hotel. Firstly, Princess Feena isn’t the snobbish but the humble type. Secondly, Sayaka’s the primary secretary to the United Nations (UN) and what better way for someone with political ties between the Earth and Moon to guide her around. And thirdly, she likes Tatsuya. Okay, maybe that one you’ll find out later in the series. By the way, Sayaka dislikes the idea of being called old (typical lady who doesn’t want to acknowledge the reality of aging). There’s one time where the President of UN is complimenting Sayaka of her efforst both at work and home, so much so she says she’s like a mother to her other siblings. Hehehe. Her intentions were good but if you look at this way, it would indicate that Sayaka’s… Hey, luckily she didn’t take that too personally.
As Princess Feena takes her first step into the house from their garden, she trips! Shocking everyone a little. But as soon as she got up, as if it’s like some random reaction, Tatsuya approaches her and pinches her nose! WAH! Can you do that to a princess? But Tatsuya explains that’s his way of affection. Strange one. So in Mai’s perception, everytime Tatsuya or his family/friends does something that is deemed inapropriate to Princess Feena, Mai would shiver in fear (in a funny way) and would wildly imagine she and her family being executed whether by a gilotin or crucifix in public. Luckily Princess Feena says that there’re no laws to punish those who show their affection. Safe. But it seems that Princess Feena has met Tatsuya before when they’re younger but Tatsuya doesn’t remember. Especially that nose pinching incident. Uh-huh. Seems like Tatsuya’s a ‘habitual offender’ since young.
And as usual, everyone heads next door for a welcoming party for the princess. And while enjoying the food, suddenly some old bugger comes out from underneath the princess’s skirt! A pervert? Well, he’s actually Takashi Takano, the world’s greatest photographer AKA The Great Master. Because he has some ties with the Kingdom Of Sphere, he has been given approval by Princess Feena’s dad, King Lyones Theo Earthlight, to document her studies on Earth. Takano is quite an experienced photography having done the same for Princess Feena’s mom, the late Queen Cephilia (who seems to be a splitting image of Princess Feena), and her grandma too. With the ability to just pop up anywhere, Takano has an assistant (let’s just call him Assistant) to help him with stuffs and he always give him 3 seconds to do it, mostly running away, that is. And yes, according to my observation, Takano’s subtly a pervert. The episode ends with some strange blonde little girl, Wreathlit Noel, who looks like Piyoko of Di Gi Charat or Cosette from Les Miserables – Shoujo Cosette, watching them from above. And I mean she’s hovering above outside the restaurant. Can humans fly too? Maybe she’s not what she seems to be. And for the next few episodes, you’ll see her short presence here and there and wonder what’s she doing or up to.
But being a princess doesn’t mean just staying at home all day long or go shopping. Yup, in episode 2, Princess Feena decides to become a transfer student in Tatsuya’s class. And Natsuki’s really freaking out. Though Mia wants to accompany her, Princess Feena doesn’t allow her to, much to Mia’s dismay. While walking to school, Princess Feena is fascinated by the natural stuffs here like trees and rivers while those on the Moon are all artificial. Well, in the first place, the Moon isn’t a place to live. And if you want to establish life there it has got to be all artificial. There isn’t a call number to ask God to please plant some greens there.
At school, Tatsuya’s class are shocked to find the princess of the Moon will be schooling with them for the duration of her homestay. Naturally, because she’s a royalty, everyone avoids talking to her so as to avoid saying something unpleasant. Soon, Natsuki and her friend, Midori Touyama, broke the ice and they’re like chatting like good friends. But Natsuki’s slip of the tongue saying that the princess is residing at Tatsuya’s home, got all the guys dragging Tatsuya out the class and ‘questioning’ him. I don’t know what Tatsuya said but at least he manage to satisfy all their queries.
Also it seems that Princess Feena is quite good in kendo. During lunch, Mia comes to visit the school to bring Princess Feena her lunch but was scolded instead. Lucky nice ol’ Tatsuya defended her actions. Remember how pervert that Takano guy is? Yeah, he suddenly pops out and shows his documentary work about a pic of Feena changing into her PE uniform! Of course Princess Feena snatches it away and blushes. Now how is that documentary like? Soon Takano runs away on his Assitant’s shoulders.
Though Tatsuya wants to take Princess Feena around after school, it seems that she has been called to perform her duties as a princess and is being escorted away by the military ambassador of the Sphere Kingdom, Karen Clavius. Later that night Princess Feena returns to Tatsuya’s home and finds him standing there and the 2 had some chat. Can’t sleep, huh? Is this an early symptom for a love sick guy? Just kidding. Anyway before you know it, Tatsuya pulls off another one of his nose pinching affection but quickly withdraws and apologizes when he realized what he has done. Good thing, Princess Feena doesn’t seem perturbed by it. See, bad habits die hard.
I felt that episode 3 is just some filler episode. Firstly, Princess Feena decides to do part time job as a waitress at Trattoria, gets to know more about her waitressing job, smiles a lot and what happens when customer see a beautiful princess serving them? They’d want to be served by her, right? I guess it’s a way to attract customers into their restaurant. Besides Jin trying to make an accident so that Princess Feena could fall into his loving arms (yeah, right loser) and failing at it, the main thing about this episode is the cooking competition between Princess Feena and Natsuki as suggested by Jin. With 2 pretty ladies duking it out, who wouldn’t want to go watch this Iron Chef competition.
The competition starts with Samon, Sayaka, Takano as the judges. And they randomly pulled in Wreathlit from the public as the 4th judge. What the? As predicted and expected, Princess Feena’s a multi-talented lady serving up mouth watering dishes after dishes while Natsuki lived up to her Carbon Master name. Yup, in short Princess Feena won. Wreathlit looking quite full and satisfied there. Natsuki’s feeling depressed later but is consoled by nice guy Tatsuya (though he teasingly calls her Carbon Master) as he pinches her nose and eats a piece of her cooking to prove her wrong that nobody will ever eat her cooking. The next day, though it wasn’t Princess Feena’s fault when one of her cooking ends up burnt, Tatsuya still picks it up and eats it and says he didn’t have a chance to taste her cooking yesterday, which made her feel a little happy. Maybe he’s just hungry or his taste buds impeded by the Carbon Master’s cooking. Just kidding.
Episode 4 is another filler episode, but a funny one too. There’s this part where Princess Feena, Natsuki and Tatsuya were walking along the river bank when they saw a dog being swept away by the current. Princess Feena then decides to rescue the dog by jumping in as well. Tatsuya and Natsuki’s watching and waiting… Several seconds has passed… The exciting music in the background is still playing… The princess hasn’t resurfaced yet! So funny to expect Princess Feena to resurface but it didn’t. Well, she did resurface later with the dog. Only thing is, she doesn’t know how to swim. Uh-huh. Jin who’s passing by asks what’s going on. Before he knows it, Natsuki throws him into the river and asks him to save the princess but his leg got cramped and soon flows down the waterfall. You missed your big chance buddy. Of course Tatsuya jumps in and manages to pull her and the dog to safety. Now the CPR part. Can Tatsuya do it? Reminds you of Sleeping Beauty, doesn’t it? Well, Tatsuya buddy, you missed your chance too. That’s because Wreathlit subtly did some finger waving magic thingy which causes Princess Feena to spit water out onto Tatsuya’s face. At least she’s okay now.
Then back at home, that perverted Takano’s using Tatsuya’s room and showing him video clips of Princess Feena, Sayaka, Natsuki and even Mia bathing! Though Tatsuya’s against it all, Mai happened to walk pass by and saw. You know what this means. Oh yeah, Takano’s gone already. That guy… To make things worse, Natsuki and Princess Feena walked in to see what the commotion is all about. You know what this means too. Luckily the girls forgave him later.
Also, we find out that Tatsuya’s dad, Chiharu, is some sort of an Indiana Jones kinda adventurer and is currently missing during one of his expeditions (something involving aliens) when Mia asked about some locked room in the attic. It’s actually their dad’s laboratory filled with ancient artifacts but because nobody has entered it for some time, it’s quite dusty and dirty. So Mia and Princess Feena suggests that they want to help clean the place up. While cleaning, a bug flew passed by causing Mia to freak out and faint. Princess Feena in her haste and panic along with Tatsuya and Mai, trip and fell down the stairs on their way out which causes Tatsuya to faint and Mai to chase imaginary butterflies…?! Realizing that Mia’s been left behind, Princess Feena contacts Karen and informs her about the emergency situation and soon arms herself Rambo style with that huge machine gun and dashes back in to save Mia.
Princess Feena’s scanner detects several bugs approaching. Because of that she just started shooting everywhere! There goes all the artifacts. Once everything settle down, she checks on Mia, who seems to be okay now. Soon the scanner picks up more approaching bugs but this time Princess Feena’s out of bullets. No choice, Mia arms herself with a knife while Princess Feena with a bug spray and prepares for the worst. Luckily Karen comes by in her helicopter and the 2 manage to get on it before Karen fires some missiles at the room!!! Now the whole room’s completely destroyed! Their next door neighbours must be watching all this in shock. Now that’s really an overkill. Later on, Sayaka’s giving them a lecture of what they have done. Princess Feena apologizes but Tatsuya says it’s okay and she should rely on him if she has any problems in the future. Meanwhile, Jin’s still lost floating…
What harem anime (okay, maybe an indirect one) would be without a beach episode with the girls in their swimsuits. That’s what it is in episode 5 when the gang takes a trip on a cruiser for their summer vacation only to be washed up on a deserted island when their cruiser blows up in the middle of the ocean. So of course they try their best by delegating duties for survival and at the same time have their fun. And that Wreathlit girl… I mean, she’s mysteriously there when Princess Feena gave her some watermelons but soon disappears. Hmm… Some people can get real dangerous when they’re drunk. Like how Sayaka pins down Karen sobbing how she doesn’t have a boyfriend and Assistant doing the same thing to Takano. And as for Jin, his makeshift raft fell apart. Yeah, stranded again.
But this episode also provide a little insights of how Princess Feena met Tatsuya. Princess Feena tells Tatsuya her story at night when the 2 are alone at a cliff. It seems Princess Feena has set foot on Earth when she was young and was found crying alone on a park bench by a young Tatsuya then. Princess Feena’s mom has just recently departed as Tatsuya found out and consoled her by telling her that his mom too had passed away. He also finds out that she’s from the moon, the reason why he’s keen on visiting the Moon and taking Moon Studies as one of his core subjects today. Just before Tatsuya could ask her name, several men in blacks, supposedly her bodyguard or something, proceeded to whisk her away. Not before Tatsuya told her how he promise to come visit her on the Moon someday.
Just then, Tatsuya realized that Princess Feena’s the one whom he met back then as she formally introduces herself and apologizes for not doing so earlier on. Tatsuya’s glad she came to Earth to meet him though he would’ve prefered to go to the Moon and meet her. Princess Feena too felt glad that she remembered his promise and to have met Tatsuya. Some lovey-dovey moments here and there but nothing that serious. Later when the gang regroups to their horror that they find out that this isn’t a deserted island after all. Yeah, there’s a civilization on the other side of the island. And since it was all part of Takano’s scheme, the rest of them are quite angry when Takano gives his usual 3 seconds order to his Assistant for their escape. But unfortunately, Assistant ran off by himself leaving Takano behind. I guess you reap what you sow. Hmmm… That Wreathlit girl’s sitting on a bench outside some shop eating a popsicle.
Things are starting to get a little serious in episode 6 when we see representatives of Earth and the Moon in some heated argument but managed to be calmed down by the President of Earth. Wreathlit’s role too is starting to get serious as we hear some inner voice in her, who calls herself Fiacca, reminding her of her mission not to let Princess Feena and Tatsuya get close to each other as she watches them chat from across the street. Besides that usual ‘lover’s accident’ like Tatsuya dreaming of Princess Feena wanting to give him something but woke up when he fell out of bed, and at school where both their hands met at the same time when they tried to reach for the dropped eraser, Tatsuya saves Wreathlit who stopped right in the middle of the road (probably listening to the voice in her head) from a speeding car. Hey, didn’t her eyes just turned red?
Maybe it’s Wreathlit’s seemingly state of shock that prompts Tatsuya and Princess Feena to take her back to Trattoria. There Princess Feena tries to wash Wreathlit’s hat with a dishwasher (?! ) because earlier on, Tatsuya dropped a melting ice cream on it, while the rest are asking Wreathlit some questions but she just sit there quietly. Thinking that she may be hungry, Natsuki brings out some food, which she digs in after her stomach growls. While doing so and observing the happy people around them, we hear Fiacca blabbing about not wanting the history between Earth and the Moon to repeat again as Wreathlit takes her hat and leaves. Yeah, maybe she’s tired of hearing her voice because it sounded like a mother-in-law. Possible. Fiacca told her to return and complete her duty but Wreathlit just ignores her and continued walking.
Later, Princess Feena is a little upset that Wreathlit left without saying anything and wonders if she’s mad but Tatsuya says that it’s okay and it’s not her fault to begin with. Tatsuya gives her another one of his nose pinching affection when Princess Feena seems to blame herself for causing other people trouble because she sees things from a princess’s persepctive. Then back at Tatsuya’s room, Sayaka comes in and asks if he likes Princess Feena. Of course, since he does but wants to maintain that male ego, he stammers and didn’t really give a clear answer. But he soon denies he has any feelings for her when Sayaka told him about the huge responsibilities that a princess must shoulder. And at the Moon Embassy, Princess Feena’s doing some paperwork and Karen notices her talk always has Tatsuya in it and proceeds to tell him the ‘discrimartory’ thingy like she’s from the Moon and he’s from Earth. Have we heard this kind of story many times before. Because so, Princess Feena has some doubts and when she comes back home, she just walks pass by Tatsuya without saying anything. So is your love thicker or some political status and stature more important? And I think if you’ve seen lots of this kind of story before, you’d probably guess how it’ll all turn out and end.
So in episode 7, a lot of spacing out and indecisiveness from those 2 lovebirds, so much so that they can’t look each other in the eye. So irritating. And everyone around them notices that they both aren’t acting like themselves. Furthermore, Princess Feena announces that she won’t be in school for a few days because duty calls. So lots of talking here and there bla bla bla. But the signs of trouble begin when Princess Feena returns home and bumps into Tatsuya there. But they find a pair of boots upon entering the house. Looks like they have a guest. Upon entering the living room, Princess Feena recognizes the guest as Jurgen Von Kruger, the young general of the Royal Army of the Moon and the fiancee of Princess Feena! He looks like your typical good looking guy but the arrogant, scheming and evil kind. And that’s what he is. Like how Mai accidentally spilled some tea on his uniform, at first he just smiled and asked if Mai’s okay, but later on he puts on a disgusted face and says how filthy those Earthlings are to touch him. @$$hole.
Jurgen is here to check on his future bride and soon leaves after shortly meeting Tatsuya. That night, Princess Feena and Jurgen are having their kendo practice together. Jurgen easily beats her and tell her to stop her futile plans to peacefully co-exist with Earthlings before leaving. Oh oh. This bastard is the kind where he wants to have an all-out war with the other race and living together harmoniously isn’t in his vocabulary. Of course he can’t act too rash or it will seem too obvious. So a discouraged Princess Feena had a little chat with Karen and likewise Natsuki with Tatsuya. I can’t believe that a girl had to tell him and make him realize that he’s in love. Because of that Tatsuya is determined and knows what to do as he rushes out of his home over to the Moon Embassy whereby Karen then tells him to meet Princess Feena at the park. There, Princess Feena still can’t look Tatsuya in the eye and tries avoiding him. But after some words from Tatsuya like not to run away and that he wants to go through and overcome all the sorrow and pain together and all that crap lovers say. Finally after all that talk, Tatsuya confesses to her that he loves her. Finally.
So in episode 8, no doubt Princess Feena is surprised at first but she feels the same way about Tatsuya. The 2 then head back to the Moon Embassy to discuss it with Karen but the latter seems to disagree with their relationship. She’s afraid of the complications that may arise with both races if their relationship carries on. Therefore Karen wants Tatsuya to duel Princess Feena in a week’s time as a test. And back home, Tatsuya explains it to Sayaka and Mai, who decides to support him afterall.
As Tatsuya tries to practice his kendo match with Princess Feena, he realizes that he’s no match for her. Takano then appears and propose to train him since he has trained the Royal Troops before. Surprise surprise. Anyway Tatsuya agreed to be his student and they began training at the mountains. So more talking and doing stuffs to cheer things up by the characters at home or at school which I felt are like time fillers for the episode. In a way, you could say that everyone is trying to be supportive of those 2.
The match day arrives (midnight actually) as the 2 prepare to fight with Karen as the referee. Though after all that training and much effort, Princess Feena is still the better kendo fighter and wins the match. Soon Karen asks them if they have given up. Of course the 2 remain steadfast and proceed to tell her all those I-won’t-give-up-or-abandon-my-hopes-and-dreams-for-my-loved-one kinda talk. With that Karen approves of their relationship and assures them of her support. It seems that the kendo duel isn’t the real test but the one from their hearts. Fresh and refreshed from the recent events, Tatsuya and Princess Feena hold hands and is about to kiss when they find out that everyone’s watching them. Close shave. Let’s not be hasty. And after everyone left, Princess Feena then replies her confession back to Tatsuya that she loves him too. Yay. Happy ending? Not just yet. Wreathlit’s watching them from above with Fiacca telling her how their relationship cannot continue any further.
So everbody is back to their happy-selves in episode 9. Mai even imagines her bro and Princess Feena being all lovey-dovey. Even Midori’s asking Princess Feena is she’s fallen in love with someone on the Moon because she looked so happy. But as Princess Feena says he’s more like a guy on Earth, Natsuki manage to stop and ‘silence’ her before she carelessly reveals Tatsuya’s name. Back on Sphere Kingdom, Karen tells King Lyones about his daughter’s relationship with Tatsuya. Of course King Lyones doesn’t approve of it because he thinks Jurgen as his daughter’s future husband. Jurgen overhears their conversation and comes in, asking Karen about Princess Feena. Karen told him the truth and all that before leaving. Unfortunately, as part of Jurgen’s scheming plans, he orders his Royal Army guards to arrest and take Karen into custody.
Back down on Earth, Tatsuya and Princess Feena are spending their time together. Takano is doing his usual spying but Assistant tells him to leave them alone. You go boy. And after some talking and as they’re about to kiss, they’re being interrupted by Wreathlit. You should’ve done that faster. Oh wait a minute, I did just say not to do things so hasty, did I? Hehehe… Gomen. At first they’re relieved to see Wreathlit again after she’d gone missing from Trattoria but Wreathlit unleashes some energy ball towards them. Woah. Now she can shoot energy balls. Furthermore, she changed her costume from a cute goth-loli maid one to a sexy intergalactic outfit. Plus, she turned into a grown up know with Fiacca taking over.
So some fighting, dodging and some talking like how Fiacca says she doesn’t want to hurt Princess Feena and once she eliminates Tatsuya her mission will be completed and how Princess Feena and Tatsuya won’t allow it and how they won’t leave each other. The 2 try to escape when Fiacca uses the leaves of the forest to slice and attack them. Tatsuya protects Princess Feena and got a little injured. The 2 are exhausted when they arrive at another part of the park as Tatsuya seeks an explanation on why Wreathlit/Fiacca’s doing this. She explains that war thing between Earth and Moon which she doesn’t want to happen again and something like she was created out of it. Huh? Though Princess Feena tries to convince her that as long as both parties get along well and understand each other, a war is impossible, she attacks them again.
Fiacca then raises some underground cables and whacks Tatsuya unconscious and wraps Princess Feena in them. Darn. She destroyed the beautiful park by uprooting something which takes years of careful planning and laying. Couldn’t she just use a tree? Maybe she doesn’t want to harm any living them except Tatsuya. But at the rate she’s going, it doesn’t matter right? Fiacca creates an energy dagger ready to stab Tatsuya as Princess Feena frantically pleads her to stop. Suddenly Wreathlit tells Fiacca to stop because this will create another sad memory and wants to observe them both a little longer. Though Fiacca says her ultimate aim won’t change, she agrees. Well, you should’ve said it earlier to save us all from this trouble. Maybe she wanted to open their eyes and make them sweat a little.
Soon Fiacca releases Princess Feena as the latter rushes to Tatsuya’s side to see if he’s okay. Before she turned back into Wreathlit, she told Princess Feena how she admires her courage and Karen has been arrested on the Moon. Fiacca also indicates that it might be her fault and reminds her that a war may errupt before leaving. At least Princess Feena is very determined of what to do now to end it all. Is Wreathlit regretting it all? I mean, we see her getting all teary-eyed and saying sorry at the end of it.
Thus in episode 10, Princess Feena along with Mia decides to go back to her Sphere Kingdom and talk things out with her father. While having an audience with her dad, she notices that he is unaware about Karen’s imprisonment. Then the usual ‘I love him’ regardless of his status line which the father doesn’t approve but Princess Feena’s words prompts King Lyones to remember something very similar to him and Queen Cephilia back then. It seems King Lyones was a commoner back then and he and Cephilia were very much in love with each other despite all the odds and barriers. They eventually got married. Yeah, that’s mainly what this episode is about, King Lyones’s flashback. But I don’t feel like going into all that details. And oh, it seems Chiharu has a hand in setting up those 2 together and those 2 guys are like best friends too. Also, Takano and his punk-styled Assistant’s there too. So the reason why he doesn’t approve of his daughter’s relationship is that he doesn’t want her to go through the same ‘love hurts’ process like he did.
Meanwhile Karen has escaped her imprisonment and fled to Earth as Jurgen announces to King Lyones. The latter then gives Jurgen permission to use whatever means to get that newly branded traitor back. Back on Earth while the President and Sayaka are discussing with the other Earth representatives about their current situation, Tatsuya is sulking and feeling mad that Princess Feena had left him alone and went back to the Moon when they had promised to do things together. If you think about it, she cares for you boy. Plus, Tatsuya’s recuperating from that injury he got during that Wreathlit/Fiacca encounter.
Just then Karen comes in and explains things. She’s thinking of taking Tatsuya back to the Moon. Karen made a mistake of bringing back Princess Feena alone because they’re only both strong when they’re together and not as an individual. And that was what the kendo test earlier on was for. United we stand divided we fall. And after some talk full of encouragement and hope, Tatsuya is now determined and says goodbye to Mai and Natsuki before following Karen back to the Moon.
Karen and Tatsuya has arrived at the Moon in episode 11 but encounters a little resistance. Reminds me of that Star Wars when the rebels took on the Death Star. Though Jurgen has ordered his men to fire at the intruder, Karen manage to dodge the laser beams. Meanwhile Princess Feena, who’s been curfewed in her room, looks out her window to see what all that commotion is about and to her surprise saw Tatsuya along with Karen. She’s sad that she can’t do anything.
For once Mia did something useful by opening the docking bay so that Karen could land her ship. I wonder how Mia knows all that technical stuff. Upon arrival, Karen gives Tatsuya a practice sword as his defence as they hurried into the base. Hey, wait a minute. How come Wreathlit’s here too. How did she come here? Don’t tell me she can teleport as well. Meanwhile Jurgen tells King Lyones that some agreements with Earth is in process but is actually sending fleets of warships to attack Earth. And back on Earth, the Earthlings are panicking to see and hear what’s happening and what’s unbelievable is that the news reported that the cause of this was the princess’s homestay!
Jurgen who found out that Mia was the one who let Karen in, takes her back to Princess Feena’s room and asks the princess to punish her. But Mia reminded Princess Feena all that promise thingy with Tatsuya which made Jurgen mad and aggressive towards Mia. Princess Feena put her foot down and with that Jurgen left. Then, Princess Feena calls out Takano and his assistant who’s been hiding in the ceiling (they’re here too?) and tells him that she needs to meet her dad for the sake of peace. In which, Takano gives her some sword which she uses it to easily slice the high-tech door into several pieces.
Karen and Tatsuya are taking care of some obstacles in the form of the Royal Army but manage to overpower them all. You wonder if those guards are properly trained, some even losing to a kendo beginner. Maybe it’s all in his determination. Soon Tatsuya bumps into Princess Feena. Though they’re happy to see each other, the first thing Tatsuya did was to pinch her nose! Uh… No comment. So some short talk before they hug each other as they prepare themselves to go meet King Lyones grasping each other hand’s tightly. No turning back now. Better hurry because the Earth and Moon battle fleets are getting ready to zap each other and repeat history.
The final episode 12 begins with both citizens of Earth and Moon watching anxiously the news of the impending war. Princess Feena and Tatsuya meets King Lyones whereby Tatsuya formally introduces himself, surprising the royal officials. As Takano is broadcasting live their audience, a lot of convincing talk from the 2 on how they’ll strive for a peaceful future. And Tatsuya’s classmates think it must be some debating show as they cheered on them both. And after those 2 declared their undying love for each other, Jurgen has had enough of this crap and decides to do things his way now. He and his supporters then tell the king that the arrangements with Earth is fake and he’s planning to have an all-out war with the other side and something about using the Moon’s ultimate weapon that was used during the previous war. Now Jurgen looks like a psycho. I wonder why Jurgen hates Earthlings so much and thinks his Moon citizens are superior to the former. I mean, both races are still humans and come from the same place a long time ago, right?
Jurgen then pin points his gun towards the king and takes him hostage. Threatening him and mocking him by saying that his time is over and now it’s his turn to rule. Typical megalomaniac. Princess Feena and Tatsuya’s persuasion seems futile until Takano reveals he has broadcast everything what Jurgen has said live. With that, Karen and her team of female special forces barges in and arrests the traitors. So easy. But not yet. Jurgen still refuses to give up as he swiftly knock one of the special forces over and steals her gun. He shoots at Princess Feena but Tatsuya jumps in front of her and took the shot. Oh no. Is Tatsuya really done for? Karen manages to quickly overpower Jurgen. With that over, now everyone focuses on Tatsuya. Who can survive with a bullet lodged right in his chest. Princess Feena’s crying and worried with Tatsuya lying in her arms. No Tatsuya, don’t die! Everybody else’s so sad too.
But it won’t be good if it all ends on a sad tone and everything up till now won’t be wasted. But I can’t believe this out-of-this-world and outrageous part on how Tatsuya is being saved. How outrageous? One of King Lyones men detect some huge unidentified craft on their radar. In short, that unidentified craft is an alien spacecraft! And it’s so bloody huge, that it’s probably bigger than the Earth itself. Yeah, it appeared out of nowhere too. That alien ship shoots down some beam which completely heals Tatsuya’s wound. Wow. Now that’s really alien technology. Or is it convenience? Tatsuya open his eyes and everyone’s happy to see him alive again. But that’s not the end of the surprise yet. Why, Chiharu returns through that alien teleport and everyone, especially King Lyones is surprised to see him. I see he got kidnapped by aliens. But it looks like he’s having fun on his adventure because he looks and sound normal in contrast to those fearful abducted victims.
Though earlier on in the series, Princess Feena carries a pendant from her late mom around her neck, I didn’t bother to mention it because it was just something trivial ;p. Anyway, that pendant opens with a message saying that she’s happy that her daughter has found someone important just like her and King Lyones did and wishes her all the best. So the 2 decided to go ahead with their destiny and such when King Lyones gives them the green light and orders the Moon troops to withdraw and resume peace talks. Everybody’s rejoicing. Hooray. With that Fiacca says she has no regrets after watching what has happened and bids goodbye to Wreathlit and disappears. Just like that? I really doubt her role throughout this entire series.
A few years later in some jam-packed stadium, it’s the wedding ceremony of Princess Feena and Tatsuya. Hey, Assistant now looks muscular and experienced and even has 3 assistants of his own. We see King Lyones playing shogi with Chiharu and Wreathlit bumps into Mai and Natsuki. Sayaka who happen to see Wreathlit rushes and lovey-doveyly hugs her. I didn’t know Sayaka’s quite fond of Wreathlit. This prompts Mai to say how Wreathlit’s appearance haven’t change all these years when Jin props up and says the same thing about Natsuki’s cooking. As Natsuki’s gonna hit him with her wooden spoon rice scoop, we see Jin and Natsuki’s mom arriving along with Samon. As Jin quoted, his mom seems to have returned from her trip to improve her cooking skills when she left home many years ago, his mom did the honours by smacking Jin with her wooden rice scoop, sending Jin flying into the crowd of aliens. What the?! Those little grey men are here to witness the wedding too? Anyway, because Jin made a mess of them, they all zapped him. And Samon says now his debts has increased to 3 billion!!! OMG! How does he manage to keep track of it all? BUt more importantly, will it ever be cleared?
Shortly, the ceremony starts with a dashing Tatsuya and beautiful Princess Feena taking centre stage. Princess Feena’s so happy that she shed a tear because her mom’s wish of normal relations between Earth and Moon have been realised and that she has many friends. Soon after a short talk of hope, they pinched each other’s nose and kissed. And this part I find it hard to believe. That stadium looks like a giant wedding ring in outer space and there seems to be a long red string connecting Earth and the Moon. Will this affect the rotation of the planets and such?
Overall, I guess it’s kinda okay for a short series with a pretty long name. I read that some viewers didn’t like it at all because the quality of certain episodes were ‘unacceptable’. Well, not that I notice it. Plus, since it’s a fantasy like series, I guess I can accept all the illogical and outrageous stuff especially the one in the end. So it wasn’t just peace between Earth and Moon, but aliens as well. Yeah, it’s a 3 way relationship now.
To me everything from the drawing, animation, voice acting and character development are satisfactory. Nothing that could be considered a breakthrough. Plus, with typical good looking bishies with big eyes, I’m sure this one should appeal to fans who love their anime art and drawing this way. I like those funny parts when the character becomes all chibi. They seem so cute yet so pretty. For those who’re after more on the storyline and plot, I think there’re better titles out there. Just for the record, I think Princess Feena is quite kawaii and pretty herself. Truly fitting to be a princess in terms of looks and character. If Disney should ever want to add more princesses to their list, they should at least check this one out.
But the good thing is that it all ended on a happy note and most of the stuffs are tied up at the end. Uh-huh. This is your typical and usual good fairytale ending anime style where the lesson is never give up on hope, love and the future. Though the road ahead may seem trecherous and unappeasing, but with perseverance and support, we’ll all be able to go overcome it in the end for the benefit of us all.
Maybe world leaders should watch this series and learn something or two. But then again with all those swelling egos and pride, they may not even have time for this. Hmmm… Come to think of it, maybe that’s why the aliens have ignored us all this while. Since we couldn’t even get along ourselves of the same kind. If only Princess Feena exists here… Your Majesty, WE NEED YOU!!!

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