Yosuga No Sora

December 4, 2011

I was expecting Yosuga No Sora to be a twincest (that is twin incest for you newbies) but after watching the series and thinking back, how can you fill the entire dozen of episodes with siblings making love? Wouldn’t that be just boring? Okay, so I guess we never tire of seeing sex scenes that’s why porn still flourishes today. And even more with today’s internet technology. However we’re not here to talk about that and I am definitely not a fan of twincest. Initially I thought that this show was of the drama-romance genre. I was only half right.

The basic premise sees the unidentical Kasugano twins, Sora and Haruka (yes, this guy has a girl’s name), moving back to the countryside village they once grew up after their parents met their demise with an unfortunate car accident. Haruka tries to play the good big brother, providing Sora with what she needs simply because she was born with a weak body and their move to the big city was to help her recover. Unfortunately, this frail girl takes Haruka for granted and acts like a spoilt princess, always wanting to get what she wants. I mean after living so long in the city, it shows how reliable we are on modern conveniences. No internet or computers in this rural area. She’s got this black stuffed toy bunny so much so it looks creepy enough that I thought it would spring to life spewing sarcastic comments like the one in Kampfer. So with the two clinging on to each other, they’ll meet life-changing experiences that will make or break them.

The way the series is played out is of the multi-arc branching format. Meaning if you have watched the Memories Off OVA and Amagami SS, you will have a good idea how this turns out. Being adapted from the adult visual novel game of the same name, you can say that there is some sort of harem here. Each of the girls will be given their own arc and storyline to tell which will ultimately lead them to become Haruka’s love. And yes, did I mention sex scenes? Nothing that hentai but you have been warned. Uh huh. Feels a lot like Amagami SS. Except it takes place in the countryside and the main guy ends up doing the girl in.

Introduction Arc
Haruka and Sora take a train to the countryside in episode 1. They are greeted by the hot sweltering weather and paddy fields that stretches right up to the mountains. They have to trek to their home so Sora makes a big fuss of walking who knows how long while Haruka tries to give her a push. I guess in such a rural place, nobody is going to charge you for jaywalking in the middle of the road. Till a limo zooms pass them. The maid to rich girl Kazuha Migiwa, Motoka Nogisaka is attracted by Haruka’s good looks. Can’t blame her. In this unhappening town, it’s so boring that cicadas could even die. Just joking. Made that last bit up. Even Kazuha takes an interest. Stopping by at the local mini mart, the local priestess, Akira Amatsume sees the twins and recognizes them, though she did not approach them as she is rather busy with her errands. Haruka gets a bicycle so that Sora doesn’t have to walk. Passing by the school, he almost collides into Kozue Kuranaga on her way out. You can say she fell in love at first sight. Yeah, must be his good looks. Eventually the twins find their way to their house. How come it took them all day? Is the countryside that big? Haruka visits his next-door neighbour and childhood friend, Nao Yorihime. Her mom is saddened what has happened but Haruka’s parents have left them a substantial amount of money so I suppose they’ll get by. Oh, Nao too blushes upon seeing him return. Is there no girl his age that won’t fall in love with this guy? Next day, Haruka introduces himself as the new transfer student in school. The class rep Kozue got so nervous when the teacher asks her to take care of him, she banged her own head on her own desk when she took a bow. Energetic Akira also tries to get friendly with him. Sora is back home and reminiscing about the younger days. Seems they were playing around in the hospital. A jar comes falling down but Haruka managed to grab it. In that odd position, Haruka kisses Sora. Haruka returns home and tells Sora all the friends he made in class, including the carefree but spontaneous Ryouhei Nakazato. Also, Haruka notices how close Kazuha and Akira are. Kozue wants to know who the girl Haruka was with earlier (his sister) while Nao remembers her younger days when she was sad and told Haruka to go away but he closes up on her face and smiled. I guess Haruka doesn’t even have time for himself because he gets chided by Sora for coming home late. So he’s her babysitter for life? That night when Haruka is sleeping, Sora suddenly comes in as she undresses herself!

Don’t get your hopes up yet. As we find in episode 2, she just wants him to take her measurements to make a school uniform so she can go to school. Haruka goes to school tomorrow and meets his pals on the way. Sora as usual stay back home so her only communication with him is via handphone. I’m surprised they have signal here. Yeah, start spamming him for every single thing, will ‘ya. I guess he also has no peace at home because Sora’s causing a fuss, wanting him to take care of a bug. She’s using hairspray? In school, Haruka gets a free massage from Akira for his overstretched muscles, Akira doing some crazy impersonation and some sowing. After school, Haruka pays a visit to Akira’s shrine on the hill. It must be tiring after climbing all those steps. He learns she lives alone but eats with the lady who runs a kiosk at the bottom, Yahiro Ifukube. At least this is one lady who doesn’t fall in love with Haruka at first sight. In fact, she scorns him for trying to stick his neck where it doesn’t belong after asking about Akira’s parents. Later he is picked up by Kazuha and notes how she is always looking out for Akira. But she too warns him not to delve deeper into this. Kazuha stops by Haruka’s house to help sew the uniform. Seems Sora is sulking. Don’t like another girl in the house, eh? Later Sora puts the uniform on and it fits. Tomorrow, she walks to school with Haruka and Ryouhei is totally into his sister. Will you give your sister to this kind of guy? It’s natural that Sora gets scared of his sudden outburst. Haruka asks him if he knows anything about Akira but he doesn’t. Later as the class cleans the pool, Akira causes her usual mischief, spraying everyone with a hose and accidentally at Kazuha. She takes her to change. Haruka notices Kazuha dropped her handphone and goes to return it to her at the changing room. He overhears Akira and Kazuha doing ambiguous and stimulating stuff (Akira was just tickling Kazuha’s ears) but the surprise thing he heard was Kazuha calls Akira her sister.

Kazuha’s Arc
In episode 3, he is met with Motoka outside who teases him for doing something despicable though he says he is only returning her handphone. He starts wondering if they’re into something yuri so he approaches Kazuha about it. She claims Akira is indeed her sister because her dad fathered an illegitimate child and refuses to recognize her as his child. That’s why she’ll do anything for her sake. In class, Haruka notices her viola. She isn’t practising for any concert and looks like the only person who heard her play is Akira, though she isn’t happy she always falls asleep. Too soothing, she says? Ryouhei invites everyone to the beach this weekend. Seems Haruka and Kazuha are getting pretty close together. On their way back on the train, Haruka asks if he could listen to her viola. Sora also notices how close they are so much so she didn’t need him to walk her back from school and tells him to go do some other thing. So, go with Kazuha lah. Haruka learns Akira is rather busy for the upcoming summer festival since she will be on her shrine maiden duties. While Haruka helps Kazuha prepare for the festival, Kazuha gets a call from her butler about her dad so she tells him off that this has nothing to do with daddy. However the butler soon picks her up because she made some promise for her viola lessons but not only she was absent last week but was 2 hours late today. She has no choice but to take her leave. She remembers the time when she was young, her dad loved her so much and bought her a viola and she was so happy when he praised her and kept practising. Next day, Haruka and Kazuha see the latter’s father visiting the shrine. She thinks he’s here just to show his face because he’s a big shot. Once he learns of Haruka’s parents, he feels grateful to him because he is indebted to his parents (they were doctors) who have helped in out in the past a lot. Haruka covers for Kazuha saying that she was in the middle of showing him around town, the reason she’s late. Then they go have all the fun at the shopping complex because he wanted to see her back to her old self. As invited by Kazuha, Haruka agrees to come to Akira’s birthday party. Then they both start to kiss. Right in the middle of the road! Well, with no traffic, you can even have sex without a car passing by for the entire duration.

Kazuha is to play to Haruka her viola after class in episode 4 but she couldn’t. She says this instrument is the one she loves most but also the one she hates. While walking back, they chance upon frantic Yahiro. Akira is missing and she’s supposed to meet the village chief. They search for her and find her collapsed back in a room at her temple. Akira is whisked away to hospital. Kazuha feels guilty for abandoning her and thinks she is just doing what her dad did. A few days later, Akira goes back resuming her temple duties. Kazuha visits her but Akira notices she is gloomy and wonders if she is the one at fault for making the couple quarrel. Kazuha insists there is nothing between her and Haruka and that she only lives for her. Akira wants to know if she can only love her and starts kissing Kazuha. She pushes Akira away. Akira then says father is a nice person and not to force herself in worrying about him. On the day everyone is supposed to celebrate Akira’s birthday, everyone is there except for Kazuha. She locks herself in her room. Haruka still bothered by everything that has happened goes to pester Yahiro for answers. Though he won’t really know what to do with the knowledge he’s got, he doesn’t want to stand by and watch either. Next day he goes to see Motoka to ask what kind of person Kazuha’s dad is. Nothing bad. Powerful, rich and caring. Doesn’t seem like the bad guy. Motoka’s slip of her tongue has Haruka know that Kazuha is but he just left her a present, a music box. That night as Haruka and Akira waits at the shrine, Akira leaves once Kazuha appears. Seems Haruka left a note in the music box, wanting to meet her. They go around the festival as Haruka learns that she understood her mom’s feelings of being betrayed by her dad and thus the reason why she didn’t allow him to see Akira and it led her to hate him. Remembering what Yahiro told him, Akira grew up under a shrine elder and when he died, nobody wanted to take care of her. Though finally someone turned up to take care of her, there were questions regarding the elders belonging and she was left with nothing but tears. Yahiro’s store supplies almost ran out and all her income was from this store. Haruka notes that though her dad didn’t want mom to find out, she is quietly watching her father from her shadows. Haruka brings Kazuha to the back of the shrine to see her dad praising Akira. He had always cared for her all this while. Then after Kazuha and her dad made up, Haruka and Kazuha return to her room and had the greatest steamiest sex ever! Next day at the shrine as Kazuha plays her viola, Akira once again falls asleep but Haruka is the only one awake so she’s glad that he’s listening.

Akira’s Arc
Turning back time and to the part whereby Haruka overheard that onee-chan line at the changing room, in episode 5, Akira came out instead so Haruka hands Kazuha’s handphone back to her and asks if they’re sisters. Later in the classroom, Akira reveals that she is the secret big sister to Kazuha and wants Haruka promise not to tell this to her. Back home when Sora shows Haruka a cross pendant he gave her as a present, Haruka remembers Akira showed him her mom’s heirloom. In class, Haruka came early to talk to Akira. He says that they have met a long time ago. Akira thanks him and in her happiness, hugs him. Remembering back one hot summer day, they went hunting for cicadas, Akira fell down a tree and though she wasn’t injured, she lost her heirloom and couldn’t find it ever since. Thus Haruka gets this idea of looking for her mom’s only pendant tomorrow. Better to get it off his chest since it’s been bugging him all night. Haruka wears his full gear to find the pendant but they couldn’t find it. Haruka reveals he saw her sad face back then when she lost it and that similar look that day in class. He wanted her to smile always. Akira then confesses she loves him but slips, causing both of them to fall into the river. The clean-up in Akira’s place as Akira boldly enters into the bathtub with him. Naked. Don’t expect any steamy scenes yet, though they shared a kiss. That night at the festival, Akira meets Kazuha. Kazuha’s mom passes by them without batting an eyelid. Akira dances as the shrine priestess in front of the crowd as Kazuha says about the local goddess whom the locals worship: Princess Sayori. Though she loved her people, the people couldn’t accept her and caused her to be distant. Even so, she still continued to love the people and pray for mankind’s happiness while hiding her sadness behind her smile. Haruka then notices Akira really shedding tears during her dance. After the dance, he goes searching for her.

In episode 6, he notices her looking through grandma’s birth records. She tries to burn it but Haruka manages to salvage it. Seems there are remarks that indicate Akira and Kazuha are of mistaken identity. They may not be related. Relating this to Yahiro, as they read the journal, we learn Kazuha and Akira were born at the same time. It seems Akira showed interest to the pendant meant for Kazuha. Haruka suggests of taking a DNA test to clear things up but Yahiro notes that this world isn’t as simple nor it will have a happy ending as he think. Plus, doing all that would put all their efforts to waste. She asks him if he has the resolve to go that far. Later in class, Akira tells Haruka that she wants to break up because at this rate she’ll end up hurting herself if she continued to love him. She was all alone after her mom and grandpa left and don’t want to lose someone she loves again. Haruka sees Kazuha for her help. She says that if their relationship was fake, she couldn’t go on living like this. Kazuha in turn asks her mom that she wants to take the DNA test to ascertain it. Mommy doesn’t seem amused. Akira dreams when she overheard how her Kazuha’s family had to adopt her. They didn’t like her but grandpa stood up for Akira and promised to protect her smile. Haruka sees Akira and tells her Kazuha has prepared what is needed for the test, which the results will be out in 5 days. Then Akira goes missing. Haruka looks for her and finds her at the train station. He says that she’s just running away and no matter what the test results are, everyone will accept it. But she says she is an unwanted child that causes trouble. She is afraid that once this is confirmed, her dreams will disappear. Haruka then calls Kazuha and Sora to the train station. In Kazuha’s hands, the test results that no one has seen yet. She gives it to Akira so she can look at it first but she couldn’t. Then Kazuha’s mom comes by. Back in her home, she shows them all her treasure box and among it is Akira’s pendant. Apparently someone found it in the mountains and gave it to her. Upon closer look, it has Kazuha’s mom’s initials. Akira was young then and didn’t know how to read. She tells her story. When she had just given birth to Kazuha, Akira’s mom was just next to her bed. She didn’t seem to care about her energetic baby so when she cradled Akira, she accidentally ripped off her pendant. Then Akira’s mom was nowhere to be found. But after Kazuha’s mom learned of everything, she paid no attention to Akira. She knew she bore no sins but couldn’t be frank with her. Opening the test results, it indicates that their bloodline is negative. Akira thanks her and later gives her thanks to Haruka via sex. Not as flashy as Kazuha’s, but hey, they did it.

Nao’s Arc
For episode 7, we go back further when Sora wanted Haruka to take her body measurements. Let’s say he’s bad with his hands on got his face in her boobs. Next morning, Haruka gets slapped by Sora… Mosquito? See her bloodied palm? Nao visits Haruka and gives him a mosquito repellent. While the girls are cleaning pool, Ryouhei has Haruka his accomplice to observe the girls in their swimsuits. He teases Haruka that he wants to see Nao’s boobs and since he flusters, Ryouhei can tell this guy likes her. Ryouhei tells Nao that she’s got an admirer and wants them to go out. But she thinks it’s impossible since he’ll hate her. Back in her bathtub, she has flashbacks how she dreaded her parents quarrelling, each accusing the other for infidelity. Then she ran over to Haruka’s place and initiated sex on him! She’s pretty well endowed for her age so I guess there are lots to teach him. Perhaps that’s how he got into porn. Just kidding. But after finishing up, Nao notices the shock look on Haruka’s face. First timer, eh? Nao visits Haruka to help sew buttons on Sora’s uniform but she’s being grumpy as usual. I guess in this little boring town, people like Ryouhei, Akira and Kazuha want to see some real romance action. If they don’t push a little, it’s going to take some time for those dense blokes to get a move on. Ryouhei forces Haruka to come to the school’s pool. He meets Nao there and they realized they’ve been set up. After Nao teaches Haruka how to swim, they both go to change but Nao feels uneasy and something weird coming from a box. Haruka comes rushing in upon hearing her scream. Turns out to be a cat who wondered into the room. Then they hear the supervisor coming. Quick hide! Since the supervisor couldn’t find them, he leaves and locks the door. Where are they hiding? In the box! It was amazingly big enough to fit them both. As they laugh it off, the box breaks and Nao falls on top of him. This brings back those first sex memories. She quickly gets away and apologizes. But Haruka says since that was his first experience, he didn’t know how to react. Now they can put this behind them, he extends his hand to hers and wishes that they move forward. They both kiss.

Walking back home hand in hand in episode 8, Nao sees Haruka off in his home. Sora doesn’t look pretty happy. Next morning, Haruka and Nao meet on their way to school. Ryouhei teases them and didn’t expect they hit it off. Because of that, he isn’t pleased that his buddy is getting a girlfriend and did some submission move on him. Sora sees Nao telling Ryouhei not to get rough on Haruka, she gets upset and splashes water over herself. Because of that, Sora becomes a b*tch and snubs Nao. Haruka and Nao think of cheering Sora up and after buying ingredients for a curry meal, they look at old photo albums. One thing led to another and they have sex. Wow. The arc hasn’t ended yet and they’re already f*cking each other. Of course they didn’t know Sora was just sleeping nearby and had walked about after smelling curry. Then she stumbles upon their unholy act and kicks Nao out! Don’t show your face here again! Sex, interrupted. Sora reveals she knew Nao and Haruka had sex when they were young. Yeah, she was watching too but I guess was too young to understand what it means. Loss of innocence, eh? Nao leaves. Sora then throws away all the good curry down the drain. Nao falls into depression and avoids contacting Haruka. She lightens up each time she sees Haruka but with Sora around, that hope vanishes. Till one day Haruka bumps into her and says that they both need to apologize properly to Sora. Nao cooks bento for her but Sora didn’t feel like eating that whore’s handmade food. Then everyone goes out to the beach. Except for Sora. Ryouhei is sure a big joker.

While they’re playing in episode 9, the ball accidentally fell into the ocean. Haruka goes to get it but the huge waves engulf him. I’m not sure what made Sora changed her mind because she decided to go to the beach. Upon alighting the bus, she sees a commotion. Haruka is unconscious and the only way to save him is via CPR. Nao did the honours. Thank goodness he came back alive. Ever since, Sora felt confused. I hope it’s not mixing up that CPR thingy with the kiss. As Haruka and Nao tour the stalls preparing for the festival, Haruka says he will tell Sora of their relationship. He goes off first but finds Sora collapsed at the doorway. She hugs him and says never to leave her side. Next day as Haruka prepares to go to school, Nao waits for him at the gates but Sora wants him to choose between them. He brushes her off and walks towards Nao. She wonders if anything has happened but Haruka says it’s nothing. Haruka must be wondering why he didn’t get any spamming from Sora. Till he received one SMS from her saying that she’s leaving. He and Nao go search for her. Sora is seen pushing the bicycle. Due to her weak body, I guess she had to dump it in the drain. The rest saw Haruka’s bike lying there but Sora is nowhere around. Haruka feels guilty for chasing her out. All their friends search around for Sora through the stormy weather. Nao finds her at the bus stop. She wants her to go back but she says once Haruka comes, they’ll be leaving because if they stay, Haruka will abandon her. She blames Nao for changing Haruka because prior to all this, he was always by her side. Suddenly lightning strikes the shed. Good thing they were already outside. However Sora realizes she left her bunny inside. Nao realizes how important it is to her and goes in without giving a second thought to her own safety. Then the signboard crashes down and blocks the entrance. Oh no! What should they do? For Nao, just kick it away! She comes out slightly messed up but with Sora’s bunny safe. Sora says she’s afraid of being alone but couldn’t bear the thought of Haruka abandoning her. Later as everyone meets up at the festival, Sora seems to have accepted Nao since she allows her to come along. And while everyone watches the fireworks, our naughty couple Haruka and Nao engage in sexual activities in the woods. Now it feels good, right? Maybe they should get a room.

Sora’s Arc
Her arc in episode 10 begins when Nao sees Haruka off back in his house. She wonders about telling their relationship to Sora but he feels rather embarrassed for now. But Haruka’s incest feelings start to awaken when he can’t stop thinking about Sora. Even the time when he measured her body size. Yeah, he even shrugged it off that they can’t do that because their siblings. Is he sure? Can he suppress those feelings? He gets protective when Ryouhei teases about Sora and when he’s with Nao, it just feels empty. He goes back and sees Sora lying on the floor clad only in a towel. She wants to feel the breeze… Haruka gets a call from Nao as she is worried he wasn’t energetic today. You should see the way Nao sits and rolls around the floor while talking on the phone. Just odd. They then fix this Sunday for their first date. But Sora bugs Haruka that they’re supposed to go shopping together. Apparently he forgot about it and apologizes to her that he already has other plans to meet up with Ryouhei. Obviously a lie. He lies further that he can’t change this plan and promises to go out with her the week after. But she doesn’t want to wait! Unfortunately if that is what he wants, she’ll have to give up on it. Haruka and Nao had their fun on their date. At night when they return home, Haruka checks on Sora but finds her crying in bed. He has Nao leave immediately saying Sora is unwell. Once she leaves, he rushes to Sora to find out what’s wrong. Sora had a nightmare whereby Haruka abandoned her. He hugs her and reassures that they are both family. Next day as the twins walk to school, Nao can tell that Sora isn’t going to give her brother to her so she walks ahead first. Back home, Haruka sees a very disturbing scene. He peeks into Sora’s room and sees her masturbating! Crying while calling out to Haruka’s name! He too breaks down. I guess everybody’s broken.

As Haruka and Nao continue to date in episode 11, it seems that Haruka’s mind is somewhere else. He can’t let go of the thought of his poor sister’s masturbating. Then it got to him. He takes Nao to a hotel and forces himself on her! But she pushes him away and wonders if he really loves her. That’s because ever since that incident in the changing room, he has never said he loved her. His answer: “I don’t know”. Take that as a no. Haruka continues to take care of Sora. Ryouhei gets this idea to go to the beach but his true intention to see Sora in a swimsuit is revealed. He blames his hand acted on his own so Akira offers him to heal it with the lake near the shrine. If he goes there, his life will be reborn and all his sins cleansed. That’s just rumours, by the way. At the library, Kozue spots Haruka reading up on different customs of siblings marrying each other. Needless to say, they’re forbidden. Then when Sora gets sick, Haruka becomes worried and takes care of her. Including giving her a bath. Haruka sleeps by the bed side and is awakened by Sora’s kiss. She says she can’t hold it back anymore and that her chest feels tight when she sees him. You know what this means? Oh yeah. The twincest begins! She allows him to do it on her as many times he wants! You bet. They’re going to do it a lot. So when they say I love you, it’s more than brother-sister relationship now, eh? Over the next few scenes, Sora gets closer and naughtier to Haruka (giving him a blowjob underneath the dinner table! Yeah, he’s even having hallucinations of her underneath his school desk). Nao notices how close the siblings are and gets disheartened. Even Kozue observed how clingy Sora is to Haruka and confronts him about it but he responses that Sora has been sick all the time so he just wants to pamper her. Though she feels that they should join with everyone else instead of being alone together. It must have become a daily affair since Haruka and Sora continue to have sex and this time at the door entrance of their home. Kozue and Nao realize Haruka had left his handphone in his class desk and go to return it. Outside the door, they hear moaning and groaning and fear the worse. Kozue opens the door and sees the twins having sex. Oh, busted.

In episode 12, Kozue got freaked out by it and runs away! Nao just close the door and leaves. While Haruka is obviously stunned that they’ve being discovered, Sora wants to continue! Haruka has been feeling down since. In school, Kozue’s eyes are so red from crying, you’d mistake her for a demon lord! Later Kozue confronts him and confesses that she liked him. She thought he was nice and gentle but after that incident, she doesn’t want to talk to him ever again! Then Haruka talks to Nao. He reveals how when Sora first came back after a long time, she wasn’t the little sister he knew, but a delicate girl he had never seen before. There are many times they played together and crossed the line. But there are times she was dependent on him. Because she was his sister, he held back his emotions. Then the next summer, he fell in love (Nao and her introduction of sex to his world). He wanted to speak the words from his heart but couldn’t find the right words. He only ended up hurting her. Haruka sincerely apologizes. Back home, he is as gloomy as ever so Sora tries to cheer him up by kissing. But Haruka gets rough and forces himself on her! Sister rape! She is willing to give in but he soon backs away. He wants to stop all that kissing and sex. Sora isn’t happy because she doesn’t care what others think of them so long they have each other. She doesn’t care about the taboo of society and if this reality isn’t really as simple as it is, then they’ll just have to clean it up. But she was greeted with a slap. A slap so hard that she fell down. Then later, Haruka is still down. Seems he received note that his uncle will return to Japan. So? They found out their parents have left no money for them. So what? They’re going to separate them. WHAT?! He thinks they can be happier this way but Sora is not too amused. Haruka continues his gloomy act till one evening he sees Sora’s torn bunny doll and she’s gone. He panics and rushes out to find her. Nao also helps out. She’s not at the bus stop or the train station. Nao says that the other when she confronted Sora, she told her it was over. She seemed pretty serious about it. It’s like they are ‘even’ now. Sora saw them had sex. Now Nao saw them doing so. Haruka thinks back and then it hit him. Remembering Akira’s words regarding the lake where one can be reborn and cleanse of all the wrongs in life, he rushes down to the temple. He sees Sora wading through the water. He goes after her despite she telling him to stay away. When he grabs her, they are no longer in the shallow zone. Now she’s clinging on to him. Or is it drowning him? Anyway they struggle till they could no more and sink. Haruka thinks that they’re going to die and this would be the best for them both, just the 2 of them in a world faraway with nobody else around. But I don’t know how this happened because when Haruka opens his eyes, he is lying on the temple steps with Sora next to him. Who pulled them out? Did she? Or were they really reborn? Sora cries in her relief that she thought her brother is dead. Haruka wonders if they should go look for an answer together to find the best way to preserve their love. It doesn’t matter if he has to suffer, as long as she’s happy. They both share a kiss and hug before confessing they love each other. In the aftermath, it seems the twins have left the countryside. Their friends discuss about them and the last time they heard from them was an SMS to Kazuha that they’re on a train going to live with their new guardians, a close friend of their late parents. Kozue is still bitter about the whole issue and wonders if they can find happiness. Nao believes Haruka can and that he isn’t wrong because there is no changing who you do and do not love. But Kozue still disagrees and ponders if the feelings were just enough. If so, there were so many things she had wanted to do. She sounds so frustrated. The twins are on a train back to their normal ways. No sex, but kissing will do.

Motoka’s Arc
Even the maid has her own arc albeit it just last 3 minutes and serves as comical extras at the end of each episode. The drawing here are in chibi form except of course when she’s naked. Don’t want to see chibi boobs, do you? Like in episode 1 when she first zoomed pass Haruka and Sora in the limo and got so excited about that virgin boy so much so she can’t stop drooling. But she gets depressed since he is with another girl (Sora). Kazuha notes that she is going to a party so she explains it’s with Yahiro and university juniors. But eventually everyone left and she is left alone with Yahiro. She goes back and masturbates so loudly that the elderly couple must be thinking if that was a ghost! Unfortunately, Motoka felt so empty after that. Then in episode 2, she is on a mission to deliver Kazuha’s forgotten stuffs but bumps into Haruka several times. Yeah, even when he’s changing. Though she fails her mission, at least she got her ‘reward’ of seeing Haruka naked. Sicko. In episode 3, there’s a weird bug alien at Haruka’s doorstep! Oh wait, it’s Motoka. I guess they’ll have to listen to her woes. Something about losing her virginity to some rich guy for money. Then she goes on ranting how she had to set the mood and pace and not lose out to Yahiro. Even if it’s being an inchworm or a dog. When she acts like a dog in front of the twins, Haruka finds her cute, much to Sora’s dismay (see her rip her bunny!). Then she starts licking his, urm… Let’s leave it there. As apology for last night, in episode 4, she tries to make things up by cooking for them. But she first impersonates Sora (nothing close) and some nice figure skating moves. With the twins impressed, she gets carried away doing other performances till in the wee hours of the morning. Yeah, forgot all about the cooking, did you?

In episode 5, Haruka, Motoka, Yahiro and Akira are playing mahjong. Why the heck is Akira’s head inflated so big?! She plans her victory move and while doing so, fantasizes how she’ll marry Haruka and end up getting naughty with him. Unfortunately Haruka wins and her plans are foiled. Yet another apology from Motoka in episode 6. Yeah, she went berserk and turned into a Super Saiyan during the mahjong game and destroyed the place, injuring Haruka. She really feels guilty of it so Haruka invites her out to the festival, much to Sora’s dismay. Again. Poor Sora really rips her bunny and runs away! After the festivals, Motoka and Haruka ended up having sex (those old couples must be really puzzled at those sounds now). But it turns out it was just her fantasy because all they did was hold hands. Oh well, at least she did have a good time. But it’s not over yet since in episode 7, Motoka becomes drunk to drown her sorrows of being rejected. She falls asleep on the road but was picked up by Haruka on his bicycle. Though she is puzzled to see him before her eyes, she lets her horny side get the better of her by stripping themselves and having sex! Yes, this one is for real. Feels good? Haruka reveals he didn’t contact her since he thought she was mad. But I guess after sex, all is forgiven. Episode 8 is at the beach and with all the other girls around Haruka, Motoka decides to unleash her secret charms and makes a cute pass at him. He understood to meet her at the vending machine. As she waits, she is horrified to see all the girls trip over him! Later at the rock, Haruka profusely apologizes that he didn’t do it on purpose. As punishment, he must listen to her. She jumps on him and starts F*CKING him! That’s the second time he scores!

Another mission to deliver stuffs to Kazuha in episode 9. Though successful, she got zapped by the lightning on her way out, giving her that afro hairstyle. But Haruka saves her and brings her to the infirmary. He is to confess but their busybody pals are eavesdropping on the development. Then back home, Haruka scores the third time as they have another wonderful sex! Continuing where they left off? But Motoka gets worried when she receives an SMS from a guy she knows. It’s all suddenly gloomy in episode 10! Motoka is in no mood for sex and has Haruka leave. I guess we can’t have this section so depressing as mini Sora suddenly pops out from Motoka’s handphone while she’s taking a train ride and starts ranting about something that’s supposed to be funny. I didn’t get it. Motoka shuts her handphone and goes meet the guy at the shopping complex. Motoka narrates the story in another gloomy episode 11 that she once dated this guy and wanted to marry him. But he left to concentrate on building his career and was busy with lots of projects. Then one day, she realized he was lying because she saw him going out with another woman. Ever since, she feels her time has stood still and as the guy hugs her, she ponders why she is even here. But surprisingly, Haruka appears on the scene. Seems Haruka heard it from Yahiro and other people about Motoka’s case in episode 12. Though he claims he is a useless person, he promises to do his best and wants her to be with him forever. Motoka is moved to a tear and realized why she came here: To say goodbye to her time that stood still. She punches the guy and rushes to Haruka’s side (though she slipped). Back home, Motoka changes into several cosplay outfits to satisfy Haruka but what he wants is her usual self. That is the Motoka he loves. Getting naked and having sex? And yeah, they get married and lived happily ever after. The best ending. According to Motoka lah.

Ecchi No Sora
Eh? So where is Kozue’s arc? Did I miss it somewhere? Apparently I did not. Well, I guess with the fixed number of episodes, I guess you can’t really fit everyone in. After all this time, I was being made to believe that all the girls will have their own arc. I mean, Kozue did appear in the credits animation so the way they showed it, many viewers would have thought that she’s part of the ‘harem’ too. Besides, when she was introduced, she fell in love with him at first sight, so that has got to be a sign, right? Even the maid Motoka who didn’t appear much in the episode proper has her own little nonsensical corner at the end. And I guess some may even go as far as wondering that Yahiro was also left out. Yup, she too has a few scenes in the credits animation that would make viewers believe that she too will have an arc of her own. But for her case I didn’t really had much hope for it simply because as I’ve said, she’s the only girl who didn’t have some sort of those lovely feelings for Haruka. Later I found out that Kozue and Yahiro’s arc do exist. Only on the fandisk, somewhat an expansion for the game.

Having Sora’s arc as the final piece and the twins leaving the town seems like a sad way to end the series. But what is important is that the twins have got and love each other. That is all that matters. The topic of incest may still be taboo in many parts of the world but as of now, the world is changing so perhaps in the near future, it may be acceptable? Do you love your brother or sister so much that you are willing to engage in sexual activities to show your love? And of course other people are entitled to their opinions, still siblings being lovey-dovey in public may not sit and go down well with some, especially those holding conservative beliefs. So how to satisfy both sides in this case? Perhaps you can continue your twincest but behind closed doors? Nobody has to know, right?

For the most part of the show, Sora is seen as a moody and spoilt princess who can’t seem to lift her own finger to do anything unless it’s something she likes doing like her online blog. She depends on Haruka on just about anything and considering the snacks she eats, I wonder if they are good for her health and body. But then again, Sora has been sick so long so I guess you can’t blame her for being grumpy. She’s lucky she has a patient and nice brother like Haruka to take care of her. But I feel that for Kazuha and Akira’s arcs, Sora has been cast aside like an unimportant side character. I know those arcs focuses on those girls but I think if they didn’t leave out Sora, the arc will still continue and end without any major glitch. They just show her bumming around here and there just to remind us that she’s around. During her own arc, she seemed less grumpy and put on a more smiley face. Was it the great effects of sex and twincest? For Nao’s arc, she became like an antagonist when she couldn’t accept Nao coming between her brother and fears that she would take him away, leaving him all alone again. Good thing she finally accepted her. For Nao and Sora’s arcs, it is Kazuha and Akira’s turn to be redundant. Kozue may not have much impact except during the introduction arc and the final couple of episode of Sora’s arc but her intolerance to incest seems to indicate that she absolutely detests anything of the likes. Because she couldn’t get over this incident, it left somewhat a bitter taste at the end of the series. It still bugs me that why couldn’t she just accept the twins for who they are? Looks like she’s the kind of girl who will protest against gays, lesbians and cross-dressings. Can we blame her? People living in the countryside aren’t as open as the urban folks. And she is so sore right till the very end, crying every time she thinks about it (there was a short scene whereby Kazuha read Haruka’s SMS of his status, she closed her ears not wanting to listen!). I hope this won’t leave a permanent scar and leave her traumatized for life. Nao is the calmest one among the girls. She doesn’t blow her top nor jump to conclusions, though she does make several mistakes when she was young and feels guilty for them.

For Motoka, what can I say about her? I prefer her during her own private corner because she is funnier and cuter that way. It’s rare to see a maid in the countryside. As we know of Akira’s over-inflated head during this corner, another odd part is that because of her big head, Akira is usually placed in the background. Ridiculous it may seem but during the beach outing, did you notice that her head was over the sea horizon and then devouring a whale?! Total nonsense! What about the cat that always seemingly sticks to her head like as though it’s part of her hair accessory? This isn’t only true during Motoka’s arc but in the episode proper, the cat does sometimes stick on Akira’s head. It’s like its favourite sleeping place. The only thing that stops this series from being classified as a hentai is that the ‘lower body part exercise’ is strategically blocked out. I guess when you see this kind of shows, you are only here for the ecchi fanservice and partial sex scenes, right? Somehow I felt that the intensity of those scenes decreases at each passing arc. Kazuha’s one is still the ‘greatest’ because for me, I didn’t expect to see something like that and it was shocking. So I guess that’s where the expectation builds up and you’d expect to see scenes which are even more steamy and passionate. But if you want to see more fanservice, the second ending animation (the one for Motoka’s arc) is filled with lots of delightful fanservice from all the girls in the series. Of course lots of funny antics too when the drawing becomes chibi (Akira swallowing Kazuha! The drowning twins saved by floating on Nao’s belly!).

The drawing and art of the series are pretty standard. I won’t go as far to say that the art for the background and sceneries are breath-taking. But the way art along with the colours and lighting give off that hot feeling like as though you are part of the summer. Maybe my air-cond is not working. But seriously, when it’s day time, the scenes are really so bright that it makes you feel hot like as though it is really the effects of summer. Then when it is sun down and dark, you feel a little bit cooler. Neat, huh? Or maybe I was so absorbed in watching the series that it affected my own state of mind? The main series’ opening credits show several important and spoiler scenes that happened during the course of the series like Nao and Haruka’s first time. But due to the multi-branching arc format, I guess you won’t comprehend it till you reach that arc. For the series’ main ending credits, we see snippets of photo album-like pictures of the twins when they were just babies, the part of their lives growing up with their parents when they’re still around to their funeral day. It just feels sad especially when Sora is crying. It makes you want to reach out your heart to her as well. On a trivial note, each of the episode titles (including Motoka’s arc) contain the name of the main character for that arc. Some obvious and some don’t. Then I also noticed this, all the titles are exactly in 7 characters only! No more, no less. Another interesting thing about the titles is the way they creatively appear. Whether they are shadows made out from tree leaves, on a bus stop sign, written on a diary cover, a word on each lantern stringed together and typing on a spreadsheet, be sure to keep a lookout for them. It’ll be easy since it’s just right after the opening theme.

Speaking of the opening theme, it is Hiyoku No Tane by Eufonius. Sounds like a pretty decent piece till she goes out of tune during the chorus part. I don’t know. Maybe it’s her style and trademark. The last few songs I heard Eufonius sing were something like that too. It just felt odd. The TV series’ ending theme is Tsunagu Kizuna by Team Nekocan featuring Junca Amaoto. Though it is a pop beat, there is a hint of sadness in the song about fleeting feelings and loneliness. Probably it is to reflect Sora. The ending theme for Motoka’s arc is one really weird song just like the animation itself. Entitled Pinky Jones by Momoiro Clover, some may consider it a moe song. But to me, I just find it weird. Is that an Indian instrument in the works? What the heck is a Chappa-chappa anyway?! I got a little curious on this group and went surfing a little on them. When I saw the album cover of the group for this single, I thought they look like the female moe version of Village People. Okay maybe not. At least one was in a chief Indian’s garb and the rest in colourful Native American clothing.

Sometimes I feel that Yosuga No Sora and another anime series School Days are close to each other and if not for the multi-branching format of restarting, Haruka may have slept around with all the other girls and got himself brutally killed in the end! Likewise if School Days’ Makoto had the option of doing this restarting thing, he may have got all the pleasure he wants with sex with every girl in that series without him losing his head eventually. With the world so twisted now, I guess there are so many kinds of loves existing. Especially in anime and manga, there are quite a number yaoi and yuri themes out there. I may not be someone who is keen on those or even incest but since it’s not my business, I don’t really mind. Hey, it’s not me who is in love (with them). So how far will the power of love take you? Only the sky is the limit.

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