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November 1, 2008

I guess it’s about time that I blog on another anime series’ soundtrack. This time it will be Yugioh. Back during my hey-days when I was quite infatuated with the series, besides being awed with the card game play style (not that I really understood it well, but heck, it was enough to captivate me and watch the series as long as it lasted on television), another thing I kinda liked about the series was the background music.
I’m not saying that I love each and every one of them. Since there are quite a number of background music, not all of them are memorable nor to my liking. And some not even heard of. You may be wondering which Yugioh soundtrack I’m talking about. The background music that I am talking about is the second series of the Yugioh series, dubbed Yugioh! Duel Monsters, which is an alternate retelling of the first. I know the series has spawned several sequels and spin-offs but unfortunately for me, this second series is the only one that I’ve watched so far. My enthusiasm for the series has waned ever since but the series is so popular that currently they’re still making a new season out of it.
So I’m guessing that aside from this soundtrack of the second series, there has to be many more soundtrack albums from the other sequels and spin-offs in the series. But let’s not get that far and stick to this one. Now, in this Duel Monsters series, there are a total of 6 different original soundtracks from the said television series. Namely, Duel I, Duel II, Sound Duel 1, Sound Duel 2, Sound Duel 3, and Sound Duel 4. I wonder why they give such funny numbering. Couldn’t they just continue off from there? But I think it’s for them to sort the albums by story arc. Like Duel I and Duel II are background music from the Duelist Kingdom arc whereas Sound Duel 1 is from the Battle City story arc, and so forth.
If you think 6 albums worth of background music isn’t much, wait till you see the number of tracks each album has. Uh huh. On average, each of them has 35 songs! Wow. That’s really a lot of background music. Hear until you ‘xian’. Though I’m not sure if some are repeat or not but listed below are my all time favourites. In alphabetical order of course.
1) Bonds Of Friendship
2) Duel Of Friendship
3) God’s Anger
4) Gozaburo Kaiba
5) Melody Of Tears
6) Passionate Duelists
7) Past Of Sorrow
8) Seto’s Memories
9) That Wish Is Drawing Near
10) The Mind’s Prison
That’s it???!!! A mere 10 songs from a total of 213 tracks from the 6 albums?! That’s not even 5% of it!!! I know, I can’t believe it myself either. Most of the background music are from the Duel I and Sound Duel 2 albums. Okay, so I have to admit another thing. I didn’t really finish watching the second series of Yugioh and as far as I remember, the last arc that I was able to catch was that Battle Ship one. I think it isn’t a good excuse to blame the television station for deciding to stop airing the series then. But oh well, what’s done is done.
So let me just blog a little more on my favourite ones. Initially, I thought the names of the background music were in English. Then I later found out they were originally in Japanese and that their names were being translated. Out of the 10 songs, my most favourite track is of course Passionate Duelists. I guess most fans of the series would also agree with me that this song would at least occupy one of their top slots in the Yugioh background music list (if they ever had one). This song has a very dramatic effect. I remember it is played when our hero Yugi makes a comeback move or does some super cool card strategy to defeat the enemy. The strings in play are magnificent and give a feeling of grandeur to the song. Though it starts off a little slow, but it gets gradually loud and moving as it goes by. Not to mention the ‘thundering’ percussion at certain points to magnify its effect, helps make it sound even more majestic.
My next favourite one is The Mind’s Prison. It’s such a nice slow piano ballad accompanied with flute and strings. I think this song is quite fitting for reflecting moments. Another slow piano ballad is Melody Of Tears. This one is totally a piano solo and just like the previous one, I think it suits reflecting moments or solemn ones. On a trivial note, Melody Of Tears is the background music with the longest duration among the 10, lasting over 3 minutes.
Then there’s the loud and ‘intimidating’ one, God’s Anger. Yeah, the title really does fit the tune of the song well. The strings and percussion make the song sound like as though you’re going to earn the wrath of God. If I remember well, this song is played when one of the 3 God cards comes into play. Ah, it’s a sign which means not to mess with God… I think. Also another ‘intimidating’ sounding one is Gozaburo Kaiba. Okay, so it’s not sound as intimidating as God’s Anger but it starts off on a slow note before the music gets loud and the strings sharp around after 30 seconds into it. Sometimes I feel the Gozaburo Kaiba track has a somewhat similar tone and pace to those cowboy music you see in old western films…
Bonds Of Friendship and Duel Of Friendship may have the same tune but the former is a slower piece with strings while the latter has a more upbeat and lively tone in it (which I think suits a victory scene well). Seto’s Memories too has a similar tune to it but has a more dramatic effect (I think sound effect is the right word), the low background strings are quite echo-y and the piano play seems to be a little creative. Uh huh, Past Of Sorrow too does have that similar tune feel. Is it a way to save on creating new music piece by just changing the tempo and music instruments? Anyway Past Of Sorrow is another slow piano ballad with strings accompanying it in the background.
Last but not least is That Wish Is Drawing Near. Also another dramatic piece. The song criss-crosses between soft and loud moments, which makes it dramatic and full of suspense. It’s like watching a horror movie and you’re like going to anticipate something scary to happen. Or remember that Jaw’s signature soundtrack? That’s what I feel this song partly has. Then there’s a silent moment which lasts for a few seconds before the song goes into full blast to end it with a dramatic and loud finishing.
Of course there is an album called Yugioh Duel Monsters Duel Vocal Best, which is a collection of all the openings and ending themes in the series. As usual, not all the songs there are to my taste but that is a different story. So I guess if you’re an obsessed Yugioh addict, you may just want to collect more than just the cards, in which by the way, I lost count how many of them there are, either from the television series or not. Yeah, to borrow a line from Pokemon: "Gotta collect them all!". Or was it catch them all?
Anyway, I suppose there are many more other background music varieties for this series. But back then, I didn’t find them appealing and now I don’t think I have any plans to re-listen to the others. Just listening to this 10 favourite tracks of mine would be suffice and enough for me to think back all those nostalgic moments when I was watching the anime series. Ah, I think I will have another round of listening to them…


August 24, 2007

  Kakusenai hodo mabayui hikari,
  Seijaku yaburi kono yo ni yomiageru,
  Hageshiku yuragu kawaita daichi,
  Ichino wo kakete hibana butsukeau
Ah… This song reminds me of the good ol’ days when I was watching the anime series Yugioh. Though the local tv station didn’t really manage to all all the seasons, as far as I remember, because I was so into this series at that time, I decided to download and listen to the rest of the opening and ending themes of the series. To my surprise, the 5th opening song, Overlap, caught my attention and I instantly fell in love with it.
  Mou ichido dake ii kiseki okite yo,
  Kako ni nakushita kioku no PEEJI wo torimodosu,
  Chikara wo…
Sung by Kimeru, Overlap is another one of those rock songs with a fast beat and catchy tune. The opening electric guitar play is already enough to get me into the mood. Though I could say that there may not be enough ‘variety’ in the tune but I guess the song is captivating enough to sustain my attention.
  Yami wo tsuranuku shinjiru kokoro,
  Tamashii nemuru basho sagashite,
  Mabataki dekinai surudoi gankou wo moyasu
Since there is no vocal backgrounds at all, singing this song doesn’t make me feel that awkward or uncomfortable. And at one point, I even thought I myself sound as close as the singer himself (perasan betul!). I guess I was at my peak form at that time. But ever since, I haven’t felt that way anymore. Must’ve been brought down to earth.
  Hikari to kage no futatsu no kokoro,
  KURISUTARU ni utsuru mirai e,
  Ima ugokidasu, Akaku minagiru eyes
At first the lyrics for me seems hard to remember (it is still) because this isn’t your typical love song as the lyrics are more abstract something about light and darkness. I think. Plus at that time my Japanese vocabulary isn’t that good. Though I’m over this song now, I can’t help think back that I once liked this song so much that I would sing it several times per session. Yeah, perhaps I’ve got too much of it already by over doing it.
  Kasaniaru eyes…

Wild Drive

November 28, 2005

   MANTAN na ENERUGII wa ikiba wo nakushite Komatteru ze,
   Dare ka ga chotto yurasu dake de taikutsu na haretsu suru ze
Oh yeah… That’s the opening lines for the song Wild Drive taken from the anime Yugioh. For the past few weeks (or even months!) I have this sudden craze to sing this song ever since I first heard it.
   I ride, white line no ue wo, Oh, Oh, Oh
   Sit down, shinrai shitteru basho de, Oh, Oh, Ooohhhhhhh
Alright… I still have it. I can also proudly say that I sound so much alike like the original singer himself (yeah right *faints*), Nagai Masato. Further more, I sang this song nearly every week and several times per session (a little obsessed here, isn’t it?).
   Hitori ni, hitotsu zutsu moraeru, jiyuu to jounetsu no te ni,
   Kagayaku tame ni umarete kita, bokura no tabi wa tzuzuku
There’s seems to be no stopping of me from singing this song!!! I’m on a roll! Alright, let’s take it from the top and sing this once more. Here we go!
   Bokura wa mada shizuka ni, tobira wo tataiteru…
Aaaoowww….. Yeah!!!


October 1, 2005

Ahh… After missing one week of Yugioh season 4 episode, I felt a little lost at first. That’s because the previous week I had to help out with the Global SMEs 2005 exhibition at PWTC. But now things are back to normal and I can resume watching Yugioh (unless something props up, of course). Marik VS MaiHmmm… I think can safely say who’s gonna win this match.
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