Yume De Aetara

November 6, 2010

In another one of my search for retro animes to watch, I guess Yume De Aetara (If I See You In My Dream) was lucky to be stumbled upon, got my attention and my guts gave the green light to ahead and watch it. This is a year 1998 production TV series and boy, it sure seems like a very long time then. I’ve said it too often for animes from this era, that how far the anime industry has come.

Though there are only 16 episodes, each episode lasts only 6.5 minutes! Perhaps it’s better to let some development go on rather than dragging it on for several episodes like some animes (I’m sure you can name some very famous ones too). This series is comedy romance based and the main protagonist is a 24 year old Masuo Fuguno, an ordinary salary man. What is so ‘extraordinary’ about him? Well, he’s a virgin and has no experience with women. Is this supposed to hint that all men at that age would have lost their virginity? Masuo is of course like any other guy. He has a crush on the beautiful kindergarten teacher, 22 year old Nagisa Shiozaki, who is also a virgin. Are they trying to imply that women at that age are supposed to be… Never mind. The fun part is seeing how the clumsy and dense but gentle Masuo ends up in ambiguous situations easily misinterpreted by Nagisa. No doubt Masuo may be popular with many of the ladies, but his heart is truly set on Nagisa and only Nagisa. If seeing is believing, it’s just too bad Masuo ends up like that many times. Well, don’t believe everything you see either.

In episode 1, Masuo goes to see Nagisa at the kindergarten while on his way to work. His new colleague, Miho Hamaoka (who is also the daughter of the director in the company he is working in) sees him. Nagisa brushes off her pals’ teasing that Masuo is her boyfriend. She just sees him shortly before going off, breaking her heart. Miho thinks she’s his girlfriend but Masuo feels dejected that Nagisa just called him only her friend. At office, Masuo’s other colleague, Namiko Isobe, agrees to help him hook up with Nagisa. For a fee: 30,000 Yen! Is it really worth it? Though broke, but I guess he feels he is going to get his money’s worth. Namiko takes him to a sushi bar Nagisa and her pals frequent. They continue teasing her of her ‘boyfriend’. Seems all the other girls get friendly and take a liking for Masuo. At the end, Nagisa and Masuo take drunk Akashi back while the rest continue their session. Back home, Akashi gets flirty and clingy when Masuo puts her to bed. She wants him to kiss her and not leave. Nagisa storms away before Masuo could explain the misunderstanding. But why is Nagisa feel so irritated then? Next day, Namiko chides Masuo for going after another woman in front of Nagisa. Since he blew his chance, she feels he has no more hope and should give up on her.

Masuo tries to quell the misunderstanding in episode 2 but Nagisa says Akashi told her she woke up naked in the morning. She doesn’t want to see his face again. What actually happened was Masuo left soon after Nagisa, Akashi stripped herself naked, bathed and went straight back to sleep. Masuo regrets meeting a fortune teller back then who told him he will never have a girlfriend or get married. Miho is in the midst of getting hit by several men but she turns them down and goes to have lunch with Masuo instead. Masuo decides not to give up on Nagisa when they talk about persistency. Namiko goes out with Nagisa. She tells her to forgive him and wonders why she is mad if she doesn’t consider him her boyfriend. On the way home, Nagisa sees Masuo waiting for her. Since he couldn’t bring himself to say anything, she tells him to be firm and confident and shouldn’t feel guilty if he hasn’t done anything wrong. He sums up his courage to ask her to go out with him in which she agrees.

In episode 3, Masuo is so happy that he’s floating in mid-air! The passers-by are wondering what is wrong with this dude. This even made a little girl cry?! Being in love is scary sometimes. Masuo can’t concentrate on work and fantasizes about his first date. Miho requests Masuo for a favour. She’s doing overtime work and knows her superior is trying to hit on her after that by going out for drinks. She wants Masuo to help cover for her and pick her up like as though they have an appointment. They do so and when they’re about to leave, the elevator stopped working. No choice but to wait till help arrives, Masuo gives his coat to Miho but decides to share it with him and sits close by together. Next morning, Nagisa patiently waits for Masuo for their date. Masuo and Miho barely got out from the lift and rush to where Nagisa is. Luckily she’s still waiting and while catching his breath, Miho explains “We were alone together for the whole night”. Shocked Nagisa slaps him and leaves. Miho thinks she may have said something weird. Damn right she did.

Nagisa goes back and tells Namiko about this in episode 4. She also reveals how she did fell in love with a guy before. A tennis coach in her school. They even kissed! But some other girl snatched him away from her and that broke her heart. Thus the reason why she still doesn’t trust men. Masuo confronts Nagisa to clear up the misunderstanding but she yells back that he should be like a man and say it: That he is dating Miho. She tells him he is the worst. Masuo’s life plunges to new low levels. Masuo and Miho are assigned to entertain a big customer of their company. The company boss is making Miho drink and molesting her. She holds it in for the sake of the contract to be signed. Matsuo, reflecting on Nagisa’s words, can’t stand it anymore and tells him off so the boss becomes upset and will get him fired. Miho wonders why Masuo is always kind to her so he says he just wanted to say it straight like a man. She hugs him and pleads for him not to resign. So happen Nagisa was passing by and saw this.

Yeah, Masuo saw her too in episode 5. By the time he sees Miho off in a taxi, Nagisa is long gone. NoooOOoooOOOooo!!! Not only had he lost the contract, but Nagisa too. Nagisa learns from Namiko on what Masuo did so she feels guilty that she jumped to conclusions. She decides to go see him but when she arrives at his office, Masuo had just left with Miho. Masuo’s colleague, Funakoshi, tells Nagisa that they have left and she may be able to catch them at the train station. Miho says if Masuo resigns, she will resign too. Miho confesses she loves him but he thinks she’s just teasing him. When Nagisa arrives, she is disheartened to see Masuo putting his hand over Miho’s shoulder as they board the train. Masuo sensed a killing intent and his worst nightmare came true when he turned around only to see Nagisa. However she just waved and wished them to be happy together as the train door shuts. Can this day get any worse for him?

Since the parent company found out in episode 6, Masuo won’t be resigning. But he’s still unhappy about the misunderstanding with Nagisa. Miho notices him depressed so she goes to talk to Nagisa and explain things. Since she learns it is a one-way love, Miho thinks of giving Masuo a hand-knit sweater because she thought it was rude to give a present like that if he had a girlfriend already. Next day Masuo goes to talk to Nagisa at the kindergarten but she refuses to listen. The cheeky kids say that he got dumped! But he remains persistent and waits for her that night. She says to give up on her because she can’t give him the kind of relationship he wants. He doesn’t mind as long as he is with her. But she just ran off crying because she thinks she’s not good enough for him. When Masuo comes home, he gets a call from Miho. She’s in pain and pleads to him for help.

Masuo rushes over in episode 7 and is shocked to see Miho lying on the floor clad in only a towel. All those sexual innuendos I assure was just Masuo putting Miho back in bed and why is he blindfolded putting her pyjamas on for her?! Is she that weak to dress herself? Or she just wants to let him do it? Miho holds his hand and sends him to ecstasy and confesses her love for him again. Namiko was bored so she called Nagisa’s ‘rival’ but is surprised to hear Masuo picking up the call. Since Miho is in pain, Masuo says he is busy and puts down the phone. Know the interferences in communication? Yeah, Namiko tells Nagisa Masuo is busy making love in Miho’s room! Nagisa reflects on Masuo’s words of any relationship with a man and woman is fine with him. Next day Masuo is totally over the moon when Nagisa accepts his Christmas Eve invitation. But he is unable to tell it straight to her about his night with ill Miho so pissed Nagisa says she hates liars and cancels the Christmas Eve plan. Oh the heartbreak once more…

In episode 8, Masuo is the only person who hasn’t close a sale in December. That means no bonus for him as his superior Misaki puts it. Masuo tries to get a company president to sign a contract but was made to sell 100 Christmas cakes in a Santa suit. Nagisa and Namiko are at a Christmas Party. The latter says how Masuo will turn up because she told him to come over. Nagisa waits patiently for him. But Masuo’s sales isn’t doing well and he is running out of time. Misaki comes by and tells him that she’s got the signature and to leave the rest to her. Masuo rushes to the Christmas Party but the place is already closed. Luckily Nagisa is there. He gives her a present and tells about the incident with sick Miho. Later that night, Nagisa declines Namiko’s invitation to go out drinking because she’s taking care of sleeping Masuo back at her place. While she takes a shower, sleepy Masuo gets up needing to go pee and accidentally sees her naked. I guess he was really sleepy because his reaction took longer than usual so Nagisa kicks him out of the house and into the freezing cold.

While Masuo is really happy in episode 9 because he confessed to Nagisa he loves her outside the Christmas Party building, Miho isn’t because he ignored her while daydreaming. Seems Miho is in trouble after forgetting some delivery voucher and tells Masuo about it. He goes to confront the chief in charge, Nimi, but he says he’ll tell Miho personally and leaves it to Masuo to handle the rest. Miho tells Masuo that Nimi has invited her to a hotel lounge to clear things up. Seems Nimi is molesting Miho who has drank too much. Masuo is on a date with Nagisa and reflects Funakoshi’s words that Nimi is a womaniser. So happen the movie they’re watching is about a chief trying to force himself on his junior colleague. It then hit Masuo so he ditches Nagisa right in the middle of the movie to go save Miho! WHAT?! I can’t believe he did that! Nimi is on his way bringing Miho to a hotel room but Masuo comes between them. Relieved Miho rushes into his arms and Nimi has no choice but to give up. As Masuo and Miho leave together, Masuo gets another shock because Nagisa saw them so close together. She was wondering why he left the cinema and tailed him. Too bad another misunderstanding as she leaves in a taxi.

Word of Masuo’s ‘two-timing’ reaches Namiko’s ears in episode 10. Miho tells Masuo that her dad has arranged a marriage meeting for her. They talk about it and I don’t know what Miho’s version of happiness is. To live in a very poor state and shabby house with Masuo but happy as long as they’re together. Some fantasy that was. Because Masuo didn’t really say he’s against the marriage meeting, Miho is upset that he is still thinking about Nagisa and leaves. Masuo goes to see Nagisa at the kindergarten and explains the seen-with-Miho-at-the-hotel incident and her marriage meeting. Masuo says he loves her, causing her to blush and this is made more embarrassing when the cheeky kids stare at them. So I guess to get him off her back, she says she understands, making him feel happy. Miho’s dad is not happy that she turned down the marriage meeting. She is adamant she’ll find her own happiness and man to marry so daddy thinks it’s Masuo (because of his picture in her room). Masuo must be feeling very chilly someone is talking about him… Thread carefully…

Masuo gets a shelling from Misaki in episode 11 on his poor work performance. On his way, he sees a bridal shop and remembers a flashback whereby he noticed Nagisa staring at the bridal gown. Though she denied that they haven’t gone that far yet. Masuo works late into the night and bumps into Miho on the streets. She tells him that she plans to turn down the marriage proposal and invites him to go out with her tomorrow. As she hangs out with him at the park, she starts noticing Masuo breaking down in tears over his work stress so she hugs and comforts him. She says “I love you”. That’s the third time, right? Still think it’s a joke? Nah, he’s too sad to think about it. Also by now you must have guessed what comes next. Nagisa saw them. But the scene was too heartbreaking to interrupt so I guess she just runs away. Miho’s dad’s assistant is reporting to him about Masuo. Not very good qualities about his character if I should say. He is not going to let that trash lay his fingers on his daughter. And for Masuo, isn’t the chill getting a lot colder recently?

Namiko hints to Masuo that Nagisa saw the chest-hugging-comfort in episode 12. Now he’s in another sh*t! He tries to call Nagisa to clear things up but she isn’t interested. Namiko decides to help him up by creating a story to Nagisa saying that Masuo was saving money to buy a ring and wedding dress for her. He got burdened by lots of work and since he couldn’t show his tears to her, he confided in Miho. Nagisa felt guilty and used an excuse to go to a convenience store so that she could call Masuo. She asks if he has any plans tomorrow but Masuo remembers he promised going out with Miho and lies that he is unable due to work. She understands and will do so the next time when he isn’t busy. Masuo is happy because Nagisa forgave him. Next day, Miho hands Masuo her hand-knit sweater as they go about on their fun date. He notes how Miho is a good girl and would’ve fallen in love with her if he had not met Nagisa first. At the end of the day, Miho now has confidence to reject the marriage proposal. Masuo says that has got nothing to do with him as he still loves Nagisa. Miho takes it as he’s dumping her. Since he’s trying not to break her heart, Miho kisses him! We all expect Nagisa to see this, right? Well it wasn’t her. Her dad did. HOLY SH*T!!!

Masuo is having nightmares about that kiss in episode 13. It will be worse if Nagisa ever finds out. Namiko and Nagisa spot Miho and her dad entering a posh restaurant. Namiko decides to spy on them. Dad is okay with Miho rejecting the marriage proposal but wants her to return to the HQ of his company branch. Miho also declines that and mentions that there is someone she loves. He blows his top and shouts out loud that he can’t forgive the man who kissed her, attracting everyone’s attention. Miho is upset that her dad peeped on them though he calls it coincidence. Miho storms out. Nagisa is in deep shock while Miho’s dad is bent on sending Masuo far away. Misaki compliments Masuo’s improving performance but she gets call from her boss. Namiko confronts Masuo and is disappointed with the kiss after all this time she tried her best to help him out. He’d do anything to keep this a secret from Nagisa but you know she was there when it happened. Hell begins now. Masuo is called to Misaki’s room and she tells him that he will be transferred to another district branch for a year. Gasp! Now he can’t see Nagisa!

When Miho finds out about it in episode 14, she confronts her superior in hopes of rescinding the decision her dad made. Lifeless Masuo gets a call from Namiko saying that Miho is putting her body on the line to stop his transfer. It’s up to super Masuo to go to her rescue again. Luckily nothing happened when he arrived so he takes her away. They chat at the rooftop as Miho promises to be a good girl and will wait for him. Masuo says he’ll use this chance to become stronger and since it’s his fault for not being direct in the first place, he’ll propose to Nagisa when he returns. Miho faints when she heard that. Masuo calls Nagisa but she tells him never to speak to her again. With no choice, he waits outside her house in the rain. When she comes down to throw the garbage, she asks him directly if he did kiss Miho. He admits and got a swift slap as a response. Nagisa runs back in. Now that’s double whammy. So it does prove that the truth really hurts.

Namiko takes Masuo out for a meal to cheer him up in episode 15. She’s trying to hide the fact that she’s partly responsible for dragging Nagisa during her spying stint. Namiko then goes to Nagisa’s place and just tells her that Masuo has no time left. She is concerned what she meant by that. Masuo’s umpteenth call finally has Nagisa picking it up (yeah, that guy is so happy to hear her voice rather than the voice mail). He tells her about his transfer. Though it is shocking, she wishes him to have a good time there and puts down the phone. Miho takes Masuo out for dinner on the day before his transfer. She is thankful that she’s able to meet a person like him. When they part, tears stream down Miho’s cheeks as she runs away in embarrassment. Masuo is left standing in shock.

Masuo’s colleagues throw him a farewell party in episode 16 but Nagisa didn’t turn up. On his way home, he passes by Nagisa’s home. Outside the door, he says the kiss with Miho was his fault for being indecisive because he’s always been rejected by women. He understood Miho’s feelings that it hurt. She did everything for him so he couldn’t break her heart. He doesn’t know when he’ll return or what will happen but the truth is the only person he loves is Nagisa. Nagisa reflects on his words and remembers her own heartbreaking past and finally understood. Next morning she rushes to the train station and manages to see him. It was the much awaited kiss between them but the weird part was the glass door between them! Feels like kissing a picture frame, don’t you think? As the train leaves, Masuo breaks down and Nagisa says “If I see you in my dream”.

Shortly after, I found out that the TV series is a retelling of the 3 episode OVA that was released earlier back in 1998. As said, the principal characters and the overall storyline are still the same. Just that it has been told in a different manner. But the OVA doesn’t last just a few minutes this time. Almost 30 minutes.

Episode 1
On a rainy day, Masuo drops his papers in the streets. Nagisa helps him out and lends him her handkerchief. Masuo sees a fortune teller and gets disheartened when he’s being told he’ll never have a girlfriend or get married for life! Namiko and Nagisa are at a bar when a couple of guys try to hit on them. Nagisa feels uncomfortable and leaves. Namiko follows suit. Namiko talks to her and learns she’s a virgin, went to an all-girls school and fell men are rude and violent. Masuo exits the train station and spots Nagisa (initially she thought he was some stalker). They talk at the park as he returns her handkerchief. She says he don’t have to thank him for that day and was helping him because he looked so sad and lonely and couldn’t leave him alone. She learns he has no girlfriend and his destiny of being alone but she replies she knows how he feels because she’s the same. Then she realizes her apartment key is missing so Masuo helps to look for it and finds it. She wipes the dirt off his face before they part. She is confident he will find a girlfriend because he’s a kind person. Next day at office, Masuo is reeling in regret as he tells his colleagues Miho and Funakoshi that he forgot to ask Nagisa’s name and address. Namiko comes looking for Masuo. Seems he dropped his commuter pass that her friend found. It had his ID in it so she realized he worked in the same company as her. When Masuo realizes her friend is Nagisa, he asks for help to see her. She agrees but as a price (reward says she): 300,000 Yen.

Masuo takes time off during his work to visit the kindergarten Nagisa works. He meets a little real estate boss, Kujira. He is suspicious of Masuo for spying so he lies he’s trying to enrol his son here. They see Nagisa trying to retrieve a model plane stuck in a tree. The branch snaps and Masuo rushes to save her (I wonder why Kujira was preventing him from doing so). Unfortunately they ended up in a compromising position (his hand over her boobs). She slaps him. She soon realized and apologized. But when she learns from Kujira that he is here to enrol his son, she is upset with this liar and says she hates him. Back home, Nagisa gets a call from Namiko. She is wondering what happened because when Masuo came back to office, he was in a mess and in a daze. Nagisa tells her about the lie but Namiko says he is single and it is true because he is her colleague. When she learns Masuo is working late, she goes to see him at the train station. They both apologize as she gives him another umbrella of hers. Before she leaves, he manages to ask her name.

Episode 2
Masuo waits outside Nagisa’s house hoping to see her (now he’s like a stalker). He gets disheartened when he sees her being brought back by a tall handsome guy, Kaizuka. He is saddened and jumps to conclusion he is her boyfriend but she denies it. This was what happened. The headmistress of the kindergarten decided to play cupid and has set her up with Kaizuka the day before because she thinks it’s time she got settled down and married. Nagisa objected to it very much but she already made arrangements (even without her prior notice) so she had to go along with it. Nagisa then invites Masuo to the beach in which he gladly accepts. He is so happy that he’s hugging the lamp post in his daydreaming. But his dream comes crumbling down because it seems Kaizuka, Miho, Funakoshi, Namiko, Kujira and the kindergarten teachers are also tagging along. At the beach, it seems Masuo isn’t the only one planning to be with Nagisa. Kaizuka and Kujira too. Competition is heating up but Masuo makes a fumbling start as the other girls drag him away to play with them leaving Nagisa with viewer’s non-favourites. Nagisa must be so uncomfortable sitting on a boat between 2 idiots trying to vie for her attention. Kujira dives into the ocean to get the fish so this leaves Kaizuka a chance to get closer with Nagisa as he says he wants to start a serious relationship with her. While Nagisa gives her reasons why she can’t, Kujira pops up and struggles with Kaizuka that they both fell into the water. So when she’s done talking, she realized she’s alone (she didn’t realized the boat rocked?) but gets uncomfortable when she posts the other girls getting friendly with Masuo on shore.

That night when the girls are in their yukatas, Namiko has Masuo go get her bug spray in her room. Seems Nagisa is changing but what bugged me was Masuo didn’t realize she was in there till he almost left the room with the spray! Blur case. Almost. It’s understandable that Nagisa didn’t want to talk to him. During their journey through the woods to watch the fireworks, Kujira and Kaizuka try to outwit each other so much so it’s sickening. Nagisa was oblivious to those blokes fighting that she went ahead and when she realized, she’s lost. By the time Masuo and the other girls catch up, they see the goons still fighting. Masuo realizes Nagisa is missing and rushes to search for her. He calls out to her name but Nagisa remains silent when she thinks back how friendly he was with the other girls. Eventually he finds her but she remains silent and wants him to leave her alone. He apologizes for the accidental-room-entry incident and though it was an accident, he will never do something like that on purpose. He leaves her missing sandal and torchlight before leaving. The fireworks light up and Masuo turns around to see Nagisa’s crying face. She can’t hold back anymore and cries in his arms while he comforts her. While everyone else watches the fireworks at a spot, Nagisa and Masuo watch it on a tree branch holding each other’s hands and share a laughter.

Episode 3
Namiko teases Nagisa that she’s cooking for Masuo though she says she’s cooking for everybody but plans to ask Masuo if he’s free on Christmas Eve. Nagisa’s attempts to call him hits a dead-end as he couldn’t answer the phone due to circumstances. Miho gives Masuo an early Christmas present and he accompanies her back home. Miho gets real close to him. He notes the good girl she is and if he hadn’t meet Nagisa first, he would’ve fall for her. Miho pleads to Masuo to let her visit his place. In his room, he is trying to put away his adult magazines but too late because she spots them. She didn’t freak out but was fascinated instead. Masuo is still embarrassed so in his struggle to put the magazine away, he lands over her in a compromising position. Miho hints to give her a kiss and I don’t understand why he was going to go with that though he is hesitant. Must be his inner urge, eh? But they are interrupted when the door bell rings. It is Nagisa and she wants to take his measurements for a sweater she is knitting for him. Then she sees Miho and misunderstands why he didn’t pick up the phone. She runs away in tears. Masuo tries to go after her but Miho stops him and wants him to stay with her. Back home, Namiko knows something is wrong. Nagisa is upset she doesn’t understand men. At office, Masuo pleads to Namiko if Nagisa said anything. She says Nagisa isn’t mad, but disappointed. Next few days, Masuo and Nagisa carry on their lives without seeing each other.

On a day Masuo is determined to tell Nagisa the truth, Kaizuka beats him to it. He plans to give her a ride home. Nagisa initially declined but when she sees Masuo, she changes her mind. She doesn’t want to see him ever again. Kaizuka can tell something is wrong and thinks she should hear him out but she just tells him to drive on. Masuo borrows a bicycle from Nagisa’s pal to chase them. I can’t believe a bicycle can catch up to a sports car! Maybe Kaizuka eased on the peddle. Even more unbelievable is while catching his breath peddling so hard, Masuo can even have time to explain the Miho-in-his-room incident. He apologizes for it but couldn’t refuse her then because he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. Because girls always rejected him and always alone, he understood her feelings. Though Masuo crashes into the vending machine, he didn’t give up. Picking himself up, he continues to chase. This time Kaizuka speeds off so Masuo crashes for good after slipping on a can.

He wakes up in hospital with Namiko, Funakoshi and Kujira visiting him. Miho decides to care for him till he gets better. Nagisa and Kaizuka also plan to visit Masuo but Nagisa changes her mind, gives her present for Masuo to Miho to hand it over to him on her behalf. Miho lies to Masuo that the present from Nagisa is bought by her. But soon she apologizes and tells the truth. Parked somewhere, Kaizuka is preparing to kiss Nagisa but he stops when he sees tears streaming from her eyes. When Masuo realizes Nagisa’s present, her hand-knit sweater, he limps out of the hospital into the cold. Nagisa also rushes back and sees him collapsed in the snow. In tears she holds him in her arms. They both apologize. Masuo says she is the only one he loves. She replies she knows that now. He hands her his present, a pair of gloves. He is glad his wish of spending Christmas Eve with her had come true. Finally they both kiss.

If I am still dreaming…
Unless this is only a one-off thing and their relationship don’t blossom from here (which highly will), I guess you could say the fortune teller’s prediction was totally off mark, eh? Masuo has finally strike her heart bulls-eye. As comparison between both versions, the OVA seems to have established a firmer fact that Masuo and Nagisa finally realized that they are the ones for each other. Unlike in the TV series it was left hanging and a little sad because the duo got separated and wasn’t together in the end. Either ways, Nagisa eventually recognized the love Masuo had for her. I was just wondering in the TV series why Miho’s dad just sent Masuo away for a year. If he was that adamant, shouldn’t he be sending him away forever? Was he that confident he will completely change over a year?

Also in the TV version, Masuo has undergone various meltdown modes as we see him being depicted in various forms that way. Call it exaggerations or what but when the love of your life rejects you, your life is as good as over. It is odd that Nagisa and Masuo have to be at the wrong place and wrong time for so many misunderstandings to occur so much so I’m wondering if there is such a pattern to it. It was like getting predictable. This was not so obvious in the OVA since Nagisa’s reactions are always shown in a way that points towards Masuo. Though she’s just not being honest with herself due to her past experiences with men. Luckily that has become a thing of the past after meeting Masuo.

Miho to me felt more persistent in her pursue for Masuo’s love in the TV series as compared to the OVA. Though in the latter she just made 1 bold move to come into Masuo’s room, she never felt like a very real threat to Masuo and Nagisa’s relationship or turn it into a complicated love triangle. Of course the misunderstandings, there is bound to be. Probably because in the TV series, Miho stole Masuo’s first kiss and perhaps that was a defining moment in his life. Ironically though both versions have fanservice elements in them, I am surprised that the TV version has nudity in it. It is usually the OVA version which has so. In this case, you can see the topless body of the females in the TV version while the OVA have none of that. Strange isn’t it?

Sometimes when I look at Masuo’s case, I can relate his situation which is somewhat similar to mine. Probably being an otaku locking myself up at home watching animes is the main reason why I am unable to get a girlfriend and not good with girls. Do 2D girls count? At least I don’t have to get into embarrassing and misunderstood situations like that poor guy. At least he tried and got it right after the umpteenth try. Maybe being a virgin for life isn’t such a bad thing after all.

 Yume De Aetara
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