October 27, 2007

Life would be a bliss if one could live like the way according to one’s dreams. So some people really do live out their dream, some just living in a dream world, whereas some just keep on dreaming… Like me. But anyway, dreams are special and can be interpreted in many ways depending on how one sees it. For instance the anime series, Yumeria, is another one of your dream harem animes. Not.
Sure, the series falls under the harem category. You know, one typical average male loser. Flanking him are a bunch of pretty girls who somehow see something in him worth fighting over for his attention. Depending on that guy’s attitude, he can be a total pervert or the kind who doesn’t give a sh*t (oops, sorry). Fortunately, this series though has that, but I somehow feel that it isn’t that extreme. Why, everybody here gets along fine. Well, most of the times.
This is a year 2004 production series with only 12 episodes of around 30 minutes of ‘dream’ time. Umm… I mean air time. Not that I’m so into harem animes nor those Ultraman-super-power kinda genres, but rather the comedy factor. So I’m thinking, a harem genre, pretty high school students mix with comedy, it couldn’t be that bad, couldn’t it. Thus I decided to check it out.
Well, I wouldn’t say that this series would top my personal list of all time favourite animes, nor would it even come close to the top 10 spot of my favourite harem animes (if I ever had one, that is), but if I’m not too picky then this series is just okay and average (just like the sole harem guy). Woah. So fast I’ve already said that. I should’ve at least wait till the end of my blog. But what the heck. Since it’s not like the series ‘stole my heart’ nor made me ‘fall in love with it at first sight’, I’m gonna try to keep my blog brief. You might’ve guessed it that from that line of mine, in another words, I don’t really remember that much. True. But then again, I did a little rewatching to refresh my memory a little further.
So getting down to the series, on the first episode, we’re introduced to this average guy whom viewers will accurately guess that he’ll be the centre of attraction of the opposite sex, Tomokazu Mikuri. Ironically, as narrated by him, his 16th birthday is coming up soon and for his entire life he has no girlfriend. It’s all about to change now. Plus, Tomokazu’s parents have died some time ago and is currently living with his bespectacled and dreamy-looking elder cousin, Nanase Senjou, who also seem to have oversized boobs that defy gravity. She’s like a big sister to him. Also you’ll find that Tomokazu is just like any other teenage boy his age, a little perverted. Luckily for him, he doesn’t have an extreme case of pervertness so much so that he can’t control his lust and has to pound on the girls to satisfy his lecherous craving (Bachi-Guu of Green Green has set this benchmark). Okay, maybe some perverted thoughts from time to time.
On the night before his 16th birthday, Tomokazu finds himself in some sort of dream world alone. The place looks like some deserted wasteland but the sky is filled with flying blocks of… whatever you should call those. Hmm… Reminds me of those things where you could only find in platform games. Then some giant flying virus-looking like spaceship is seen attacking a purple haired girl as it blows her out of the sky. Tomokazu manages to catch her. The next thing he know, he finds himself waking up from a bad dream. Or is it really a dream? That’s because he finds that purple haired girl sleeping next to him on his bed! When did she get here? And when Nanase comes in, big cousin sis seems to be taking it very cooly. Maybe she’s thrilled by the fact that Tomokazu’s got a girl even though she seems too young for him.
Since Tomokazu’s got school, he can’t hang around to figure things out. Plus, he’s running late. At school, Tomokazu’s classmate, Mizuki Agatsuma, is waiting to give him a present. Obviously, this girl has a crush on Tomokazu but that guy is too blur to notice it and she is too shy to confess her feelings. Have we heard of this case many times before? In class, Tomokazu notes how different his homeroom teacher Ishikari is. Yeah, he’s the kind of loud mouth hyped up guy which is particularly against whatever Tomokazu say or does but when it comes to a pretty girl, his attitude changes all of a sudden. Just then, that purple haired girl arrives in school and in Tomokazu’s class. Everybody is taken in by her cuteness, even that lecherous Ishikari. Everyone calls this girl Mone because that’s the only thing she could say. I thought there would be some implications of her very limited vocabulary but after watching this series I find that this is indeed the only line she could say over the entire series. Though the voice actress who voices Mone has her script relatively easy, I wonder after the series, that’s the only thing she could say. Too much mone mone mone mone. Besides Tomokazu, everyone else seems to understand what Mone says with her mone lines. Or is it it’s what they want her to say or feel/think that she’s saying? Yeah, everybody’s quite receptive of her. Can Tomokazu take all of this anymore? Please pinch him to wake him up. Oops sorry. This isn’t a dream. Eventually, Tomokazu himself will understand what Mone says (though I myself couldn’t).
Anyway, Mone is here to send a letter from Nanase asking Tomokazu to return home immediately because she’s preparing a birthday party for him. Can’t do that, can’t he? So after school, he walks back with Mone only to find a little girl in some yellow cat cap (I think so), Neneko, with her pet cat, Koneko, watching them. Mone then suddenly disappears and before Tomokazu could ask anything, Neneko and Koneko runs off. Tomokazu tries to find Mone but in the end decides to go home, only to his surprise finds Mone back there with Nanase and Mizuki. Since it’s his birthday, they all party to their hearts content. After the party, since Mone has no place to go and they have no idea about her parents or where she lives, they decide to let her stay at their place. Mizuki too has to stay overnight since it’s too late already.
Tomokazu wakes up and finds himself in that wasteland dream world again. But this time, Mizuki is there too. Mizuki is afraid of her sudden unfamiliar surroundings. Tomokazu tries to comfort her but when he touches her, Mizuki clothes transforms into some futuristic sexy tight fitting outfit (just like Mone’s in earlier on). No time to figure out what’s happening because there a couple of those spaceships targeting them as they flee. Mone the appears in time to help them but is taken down easily. Tomokazu grabs both girls to escape but his contact with them seems to further change their outfit into something more complex and even his own. It seems that they possess some powers now as they blast those spaceships into smithereens.
Episode 2 begins with Tomokazu waking up in his room the next morning. It seems all those that happened last night wasn’t just a dream though it happened in a dream world. That’s because Mizuki comes rushing in to Tomokazu’s room to verify what happened. On their way to school, they meet that cheeky little Neneko and Koneko. I don’t really remember what she said about Tomokazu, but as usual she took off in a flash after that.
It seems Mone has officially become a transfer student in Tomokazu’s class. Yeah, everybody loves her and assumes that she is Tomokazu’s sister. Other than that, the test results are out and Tomokazu flops. He did real great. How great? He got a perfect zero. Maybe the teacher really doesn’t like him. Because of that he has to do a retake. I remember this classic line said from Tomokazu towards Mone, "Tests are an evil system created by society to judge a person’s ability based on numbers". How true. So back home, even though Tomokazu’s that lazy guy who wishes tests never existed and such, Mizuki comes to his place to tutor him so that he could do well in his retake. Partly I think she wants to be with this no-brainer. What does she really see in him.
On the day of the retake, Ishikari bursts into the classroom where Tomokazu is waiting, and starts accusing Tomokazu of destroying the tests papers. Well, Tomokazu’s a likely suspect because he’s the only one doing the retake. The 2 argued until they see smoke outside the window. Why, it’s Mone and she’s burning the test papers! Tomokazu is outraged and wonders why she does so. Remember this girl can only say mone so I don’t think he’ll get more than that. Tomokazu reflected the words he said last night to her like how he wish all those tests and text books would disappear. Yeah, Mone is just helping him and poor Mone is crying in confusion. He tries to chase after her but Tomokazu bumps into Ishikawa and is knocked out cold.
So it seems that Tomokazu doesn’t have to go to sleep to enter this weird dream world. Being unconscious too will do. Oh, Mizuki’s there too. A little reflection and repentance on Tomokazu’s part before they see Mone being chased by those spaceships again. The duo transform and help Mone but the spaceship’s power is overwhelming. Then another lady in green, wearing some head visor, calling herself Silk, appears and tells Tomokazu to ‘charge her up’. Uh-huh, she caresses him and somehow Silk powers up and blows away the spaceship. Wasn’t that nice, Tomokazu? After that, Silk explains that this dream world is called Moera (darn. I thought it would be Yumeria) and those spaceship attackers are called Faydoom. To cut things short, Faydoom is trying to invade the real world. But throughout the series, we won’t see any beings or alien races piloting these ships. They’re just like evil ships, with a mission, for our heroes to destroy. Nothing much than that. While the gang are confused over Silk’s explanations, suddenly out of no where, Neneko appears walking pass by them. This dream is getting weirder and weirder. By the way (spoiler alert), if you kinda notice that Silk is actually Nanase because that’s the only girl left out and if you remember her voice, it all makes sense. But for now, I’ll refer to her as Silk in this world as she seems like a pro on the things that are happening in this world.
If you think that’s all the girls there are to Tomokazu’s harem, think again, that’s because there’s 1 more. She’s Kuyou Senjou and is Nanase’s younger green haired sister moving back from USA and making her appearance in episode 3. You might have guessed it too, Kuyou likes Tomokazu too and… well, you know the rest. Silk on the other hand is giving a crash course of our newbies at Moera. Like how this is a place where human’s memories reorganize when they sleep and that Tomokazu is some sort of a recharger in the sense that he’s supposed to power up the girls when they come into contact, making them more powerful to fight against Faydoom. Soon Tomokazu awakens in his bedroom, and this time he finds Kuyou sleeping next to him. Is this guy lucky or what. Waking up to find that he has slept with a different girl each time.
Ishikari is really getting jealous of Tomokazu when he finds out that he’s got another pretty girl around him, Kuyou that is. So during P.E. class, Ishikari decides to ‘punish’ Tomokazu for it in some dodgeball game. Thing is, the players on Ishikari’s side looks brutal and mean whereas on Tomokazu’s side… Well, he’s the only one! How unfair. Because of that, Tomokazu’s harem decides to join in so that the playing field is level. But it only made things worse because the pretty girls are with Tomokazu. Yeah, even Nanase decides to join in. That P.E. outfit is way too tight for her, if you know what I mean. Distraction? Anyway, some super explosive dodgeball knocks everyone out and Tomokazu finds himself in Moera again. This time Kuyou is with him. Is this gonna happen everytime a new girl appears? Welcome to Moera, Kuyou.
Silk appears before them and says that Mizuki and Mone are engaged in battle (already?) and she wants them to go over to help them. It seems Kuyou has a little knowledge about this place and what’s happening. With that, Kuyou decides to join in the battle and asks Tomokazu to transform her. With teamwork and concentrating their power on the spaceship’s weak point, they manage to defeat it and save the day once more.
Thus, the harem is complete with Neneko joining them. Something about how she’s saying that Tomokazu saw or did ‘something’ on her so much so that Neneko decides that Tomokazu would be her future husband and calls him darling. So we have 2 lolita girls, 1 with a single word vocab and the other cheeky little one. Then 2 cousins, with one being a voluptious one and finally a classmate-cum-childhood friend. Well, not a perfect harem, but I suppose this will do.
A harem anime wouldn’t be complete without a swimsuit episode. That’s what episode 4 is mainly about. It seems the girls are getting used to their fighting abilities and gaining more experience each time, so much so that they even had time to come up with a pose! Since Tomokazu is lagging behind, they decide to make him go through some training. Hell begins for him everytime he comes to Moera. I suppose Tomokazu’s perverted side got a little better of him since he’s suggesting to charge up the ladies by touching ‘certain places’. Do you think the girls would allow him to? Didn’t think so. Plus, it’s a hot summer and when not in Moera, they have to bear the heat of the summer sun.
Kuyou wants Tomokazu to teach her how to swim but obviously that guy is dead tired (more like lazy) from all that training. Thus he isn’t in the mood. Mone and Neneko manage to convince Tomokazu to take them to the pools by whispering the magic words… Extreme hotties. Perverted drive kicking in. Better check out the place. So the pool isn’t what Tomokazu expected, so much so he fell asleep on the deck chair. You know what that means. It’s back to Moera. Things is, Kuyou is there too and she continues with his training. Because of that, Tomokazu is really really weary but Mone and Neneko who wants to do stuff to cheer him up, seems to make him worse than before. It’s better to leave him alone. Nanase saves the day by making some pudding for the little ones. Plus, Tomokazu’s not the kind of guy who goes back on his word, so that night he teaches Kuyou how to swim at the school pool. As usual, another attack from Faydoom in Moera on the gang. Then Tomokazu’s power increased tremendously when that guy is thinking about seeing Nanase in a swimsuit. Oh the power of pervertness. With that, another super powerful blasts gives the gang another victory.
With that, comes a beach episode in episode 5. More swimsuits as Tomokazu gets his fair share of oogling and beating up. That’s to be expected right. Before Tomokazu goes to bed (so that he could visit that beach in Moera with the other girls), he gets a call from Mizuki’s sister. In short, Mizuki’s family is moving away! Oh the horror, if Mizuki goes, there’ll be less 1 girl in his harem. Wait a minute, I shouldn’t be thinking about that! Mizuki’s pretty worried that she won’t be able to join in all the action with the rest because she’ll be probably to far. Huh? So does that mean if you’re sleeping nearby, you can enter someone’s dreams? Because of that, Tomokazu asks her out for a date tomorrow. A dream come true for Mizuki?
I think those lolita twins are jealous. That’s because the next day when Tomokazu gets ready for his date, they knocked him out with a giant mallet! He wakes up in Moera and is pissed off with what they have done. Obviously, they want some attention from him. It seems Mizuki is there too and has eavesdropped on their conversation and comforts them by saying "Hey, this is a harem anime, so we girls have to share 1 guy, okay. Besides sharing is a good value". Hahaha. Just kidding. She didn’t really say that. But she said something to clam them down. Before anything else could happen, a Faydoom appears out of the ocean and is having Kuyou in its grasped. So that girl is here too. So some more charging and power up as they blast that spaceship and save Kuyou. The day arrives when Mizuki and family has to leave. It seems so lonely without her. Then what do you know? It’s Mizuki at their doorstep. Why? How? What? When? It seems that Mizuki realized how much Tomokazu and the rest cared for her that with her family’s permission, she decided to stay back while her family moves. Which means, Mizuki is staying at Tomokazu’s place. Yahoo! Now all the girls are staying at his place. Except Neneko of course.
Though episode 6 is another one of those festival nights with the girls getting into their yukatas, basically this episode is a flashback episode which sees how Nanase becomes a big sis for Tomokazu after the latter parents’ demise. Erm… I can partly see how Tomokazu becomes a little perverted. Nanase’s quite lenient and allows a young Tomokazu to rub his face in her breasts! Indirectly, that’s teaching a little kid that it’s okay to be a pervert, right? Maybe Nanase’s too lonely and she needs a guy to shower her affections with. But I suppose with those large ones, it won’t be hard to attract the guys, right? Maybe she prefers Tomokazu. He’s always special to her. Hmm… Doesn’t that doll resemble like Silk?
So it seems that those 2 have a special bond created between them. At the night of the festival, as usual Tomokazu has to keep company his harem when he notices Nanase isn’t with them. He finds out she injured her foot when she tripped and carries her back to where everyone is to watch the fireworks. One good turn deserves another.
Tomokazu has to make some sort of a movie with Ishikari and Mone in episode 7 but Tomokazu is having a hard time trying to keep Ishikari at bay from his lecherous ways. And if you notice that movie script, all the lines from Mone are only… You’ve guessed it… Mone mone mone. I wonder why she needs a script in the first place. But that’s not the main plot of this episode. Here, Tomokazu and Mone wonders about Neneko since they hardly knows where she lives or her family. Thus they decide to follow her. Seems pretty boring (or weird if you look at it in a way) Neneko’s routine going here and there, wandering randomly.
Tomokazu and Mone decides to split up to look for Neneko when they lost track of her. Mone finds Neneko on top of the school roof but notices that this isn’t Neneko herself. Meanwhile Tomokazu spots something on the school roof and heads over only to find Mone lying unconscious there. Suddenly, Neneko’s voice change and it seems she has a split personality. She introduces herself as Nate and is from the future where Faydoom has destroyed everything. Koneko is wary each time Neneko turns into Nate. Okay, let me get this straight. Nate has reincarnated herself back in time and partially taken over Neneko’s body. Not only that, after showing the apocalyptic future, Nate tells Tomokazu that he’s the one who can change destiny bla bla bla yada yada yada. So the reason why the other ladies were drawn into Moera was partly because of his power that draw them in. Therefore if Tomokazu wins the fight against Faydoom, the future of Earth will be saved. Isn’t this a bit like Terminator? Nate does one when she ‘goes away’, Neneko comes back. Not that Nate said "I’ll be back". But I kinda felt that way. It won’t be the last you’ll see of Nate too.
At the same time, the other girls are trying their best to fend off and advancing Faydoom army but their efforts are futile because the main guy isn’t here. Not because he’s the hero (okay, maybe partly) but because they can’t get any power up charge. Mone decides to go back to the real world and bring Tomokazu to help them. Eventually, Tomokazu and Neneko arrives in time to provide the necessary support and also joins them in attacking their enemies as the gang notched up another victory.
Faydoom is closer into invading planet Earth in episode 8 as we could see some aurora lights in the sky. Everyone else thinks otherwise about this phenomena but Nate is a little worried because Earth has not much time left. Nate decides to play grandma by reminding Tomokazu about that destiny crap thing again but Tomokazu is more concerned about something else. Tomokazu promises Mone that he’ll do what it takes to find her parents. However, the next day, Mone disappears and is no where to be found. Though everyone tries to find her, Tomokazu realized that Mone could be in Moera as everyone heads there.
They find her trying to stop an army of Faydoom spaceships by herself. As they help blast and take out the Faydoom army, but their numbers are just too many. Then Nate appears and tell Kuyou something about her being a priestess. Kuyou realize that this isn’t Neneko. Nate is telling Kuyou not to unleash some super power of hers because she might be killed. But Kuyou being the stubborn girl is more concerned about saving Mone as she charges up through Tomokazu and in a single powerful blast, blows away the horde of Faydoom in the sky. Kuyou soon collapses as with Mone. In the end, they’re both alright and everyone is glad.
Tomokazu is keen on finding out Mone’s parents in episode 9 but he said some things that he shouldn’t have said, making Mone a little upset. Mone thinks that Tomokazu doesn’t want her anymore but Tomokazu’s intentions are true as he didn’t want a little girl like Mone to grow up in an environment without her parents, just like him. Thus Tomokazu decides to make things up by saying that he would do anything for her. With that, Mone and the rest goes on a mail order spree and when the goods arrive, Tomokazu can’t pay them all. Better be careful and think ahead next time.
In order to pay off his debts, Tomokazu has to find a job. Mizuki’s classmate, Megumi Saito, found 1 for him, Mizuki and Mone. Some sort of a live cosplay show and it seems the audiences are some crazed otaku freaks oogling and drooling at the sight of Mizuki and Mone in their sexy outfits. Even Ishikari’s there! It’s even better when he finds out it’s Mone. Another classic line from Tomokazu "Perverts are like cockroaches. They’re just everywhere and too many of them even though you try and get rid of them". He’s the one to talk. By the way, Tomokazu’s job is some sort of a security guy in a bunny suit…?!
Tomokazu’s having a hard trying to keep those perverts at bay so that nothing unwanted could happen to Mizuki or Mone while they and Megumi strut their stuff on stage. I’m thinking he doesn’t want anybody else touching his harem. In the end, the funny part is that when the event promoter comes up to him and fires him for being too restrictive. Didn’t see that one coming. But at least Mizuki is appreciative of what Tomokazu has done and because of that, she gets to be a little closer to him. However, we see a taste of things to come when a girl looking so much like Mone is seen sleeping in some chamber.
Nanase heads out early to do some errands in episode 10. Because Tomokazu doesn’t want to do his summer homework, he decides to do some errand of his own with Mizuki and Mone. On their way back, Tomokazu finds out that some stranger men in black (MIB) is asking Mone to get into the car. Tomokazu rushes over to protect Mone but it seems that MIB knows Tomokazu. If you notice, this MIB has been spying from the shadows on them ever since Kuyou got back from America. He further tells him that they have Nanase with them and wants Tomokazu to come along. Since Mizuki and Mone don’t want him to go alone, they decide to tag along too. Hehe, Mizuki’s easily taken in by his flattery.
They arrive at some large mansion and are being greeted by an old man known as Destiny Transformer. Some title. This guy also knows who Tomokazu is but Tomokazu wants to see Nanase. He gets his wish but to his surprise, Kuyou is there too, sitting there garbed in some traditional priestess uniform. Hey, Neneko’s there too. Not. It’s Nate. She tells Tomokazu about the Senjou sisters are supposed to watch Tomokazu’s family and all these while Nanase has given false report on Tomkokazu’s progress in his powers. Destiny Transformer wants Tomokazu’s powers for the upcoming and inevitable battle with Faydoom.
Tomokazu is being kept in a room separated from the rest in the mansion when that MIB comes in and tells Tomokazu about his late mom, how she was the previous Destiny Transformer. Though she wasn’t able to completely destroy them, at least she managed to hold them back. All of this must be too sudden for Tomokazu. He must’ve felt that he’s being used and betrayed all this while but I think the Senjou sisters had no choice. When Tomokazu fell asleep, he encounters Silk and I’m not sure how, he knows that she is Nanase as Silk takes off her visor and reveals her face. Tomokazu is then determined to bring everyone home. Kuyou must be thinking the same thing too as she slip a key to let Tomokazu escape with Mizuki and Mone. However, Tomokazu decides to confront Destiny Transformer first. Why didn’t he run away with the rest when he has a chance to? That’s because he wants him to return Nate/Neneko to them too. Ah, the harem thing again. Won’t be complete without her, can’t it? Tomokazu then mentions that he’s gonna fight Faydoom but without their help. Destiny Transformer then tells his men to let them go. It can’t be that easy too, can’t it? That’s because he mentions about having a trump card up his sleeve. And it looks like it’s that sleeping Mone. Don’t be too happy yet Tomokazu and co.
The aurora is getting bigger in episode 11. But it’s having some effect on Mone as she falls ill. However, she does a David Copperfield and vanishes in front of everyone’s eyes. With that, everyone tries to find her in the real world and Moera but to no avail. It seems that Mone’s spirit has gone back to her sleeping body. So does this mean that all this while Mone’s walking aroung as a spirit/ghost? Not to sure in the end too. In Moera, Tomokazu and the rest are continuing their battle with Faydoom but their numbers are too great and at this rate, they’ll tire out.
Then some holy ray of light comes annihilating a large number of Faydoom spaceships. Why, it’s Mone and she’s in a traditional miko priestess outfit. Tomokazu tries to call out for her but she’s not listening and is being protected by some black spheric force shield. Then some explanation about Mone as the sleeping miko whereby she is to be kept in slumber in order to maximise her powers for this battle. Not only that, she has to sacrifice herself by absorbing Faydoom! Tomokazu tries to call her once again. Though it reaches Mone, but the spaceships she destroyed too are returning. Destiny Transformer orders Kuyou to use her ultimate attack, the Arrow Of Destiny, to hit Mone so that Faydoom will be destroyed once and for all. But I don’t think Kuyou is gonna sacrifice the life of her harem rival, erm, I mean friend just to end it all as she fires her one shot super arrow at the other Faydoom spaceships. The whole world goes blank…
The start of the final episode 12 sees how the gang defeat the Faydoom threat and releases Mone from her force shield. After some thoughts about how a new world would be reborn, Tomokazu awakes to find himself sleeping in the middle of class. So was it really all just a dream? Okay, Ishikari seems to be more serious and no more that idiotic character. Mizuki is just well… ‘ignoring’ him. And Mone, that seat next to him where she’s previously sitting is vacant. So what’s really going on? Tomokazu goes round trying to recollect his memories. It seems no one remembers who Mone is. A lot of spacing out and drama before Nate pops out from Tomokazu’s drawer (what the?) and tells him to regain his memories by himself or else there’s no point at all. Then after some showing around by Nate, Tomokazu goes home and sees Mone standing there. He finally remembers her and tells her to go retrieve their world. With that Mone transforms and we’re back to where they were fighting against the Faydoom army. So it was just an illusion?
More fighting and determination to win as we see that black sphere as some sort of the ‘boss’. Tomokazu and Mone are soon joined by the other girls. They all get to power up and combine their weapons to unleash another super terror mind blowing power projection blast to defeat Faydoom once and for all. So what happens next isn’t a dream or an illusion. We see Mizuki’s (I think) parents being lovey-dovey with each other. Mizuki and Tomokazu heads for school and meets Nanase and Kuyou on their way. What’s this? Neneko is split into 2! Yeah, twins I’d say. She and Nate are doing some tv auditions to become some twin idol when Tomokazu’s dad shows up on his bike and decides to give the twins a lift there. Wait a minute! I thought Tomokazu’s parents are dead? Tomokazu did call them ‘oraji’ (old man which may mean his dad), right? Haiyah, don’t want to think too much. Oh, that Destiny Transformer’s there too but he seems so harmless.
Then at school, Megumi wonders if Mizuki has ‘crossed the line’ with Tomokazu during summer, making her blush. This of course earns Tomokazu the wrath of Ishikari. He’s back to his old ways. But Ishikari announces a new transfer student. As she takes her step in, it’s revealed that the new transfer student is Mone! Tomokazu is glad to see her as Mone goes to hug him. Wait a minute. So did everybody else remember who Mone is? How come there’s no such reaction from Mizuki either? Therefore, who exactly is Mone? Besides that sleeping miko thing, I’m still clueless about her.
Overall, though the ending is a happy one, but I can’t help feel a little dissatisfied with the way things ended. Sure, Tomokazu got his harem back again but that last Mone bit somehow puts a damper on it all for me. For now the Earth is safe so which means, the girls will turn their attention to Tomokazu. Just speculating. I mean, throughout the series it’s not like they really duke it out with each other over him (probably the world is at stake then and it’s more important) but we see a little tugging here and there. Eventually they all still love him and want to be with him. Likewise, Tomokazu too cherish this togetherness and friendship so it’s a 2 way thing. What about Moera? Will the gang be heading back there everytime they fall asleep? I guess some things are better left to one’s imagination.
If you like your anime drawing and art to be those bishies, then this one is just somewhat average. Sure, there are pretty looking chics with different hair colours and wide eyed, but I’m sure there are better looking series out there. Besides, every episode somehow feels the same. The gang gets together, a little drama, fight some Faydoom, in the end all ends well. My favourite voice acting is still for the character Neneko. She sounds quite genki and cheeky. Voiced by Tamaki Nakanishi, she’s also the voice of Nagatsuki of Happy Lesson Advanced, Tomoe of Memories Off 2nd and Itsuki of I”s Pure. Kikuko Inoue who voices Nanase is also the voice behind Belldandy of Aa! Megami-sama, Mizuho of Onegai Teacher, Kasumi of Ranma 1/2, Goei of Ikkitousen and Yayoi of Happy Lesson. Wataru Hatano voices Tomokazu and you can recognize him in roles such as Koshiro of Basilisk and Kasanoda of Ouran High School Host Club. Masumi Asano who does Mizuki also does Hakufu for Ikkitousen, Yukari of Shakugan No Shana, Aoi of Rizelmine, Izumi of He Is My Master and Yuma of Girl’s High. Tetsu Inada plays Ishikari and previously does the voice of Kurogane of Tsubasa Chronicle, Gorobei of Samurai 7, Maeda of Cromartie High School and Petros of Trinity Blood. What about Mone’s voice actress, Moyu Arishima? Her resume isn’t even half a page and I see that her roles are from animes which I’ve never watched before. Even so, not the character isn’t the main one. Perhaps people think that she could only say mone. Sorry, just kidding.
Though the music isn’t appealing to me, the opening theme song 24 Jikan Aishiteru, is sung by Tamaki Nakanishi and Moyu Arishima. So is this the idol part for Neneko and also proof that Moyu Arishima can say more than just mone mone. Another thing I find amusing about the opening credits is the girls doing some hand gesture dance, like making their palms like a gun and then tapping to the beat of the music while they smile. Never ceases to make me smile too. The verse sounds okay but the chorus was enough to send a little shiver down my spine. Hear it if you want to know what I mean.
So eventually a loser and average guy like Tomokazu ends up being the hero and winner in the end. Not bad, huh? Next time you have a bad dream, pay proper attention to it as it may be some sign of an alien invasion or the end of the world. For me, I keep dreaming about anime reruns, which isn’t that bad. It’s my Yumeria! Yeah, I’ll keep on dreaming…
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