January 26, 2013

There’s a time in our lives where we take the next step in life after high school and head on to further our studies in college or university. Well, at least for most of us who do not go join the workforce straightaway. Getting into college or university is no child’s play so you need to have the necessary prerequisites and qualifications to get into. What happens when you don’t? You get stuck for another year trying to just pass this entrance exam. In Japan, for those who undergo this are called ronin. Like masterless samurai warriors, they wander on their own without a proper master or guide till they get through the next level (you get by via cram schools of course). Don’t get the wrong idea about Yurumates. This show isn’t about the struggles of a group of ronin students in their never-ending attempt to get into the big U. While that remains to be their aim, what we see here are a bunch of rowdy ronins who rather party all night and get drunk at every chance instead of studying hard they should. Yes, this is a funny series as we take a peek on how they waste their precious and important time with their antics instead of doing anything productive. Get ready to laugh and be dumbfounded by their antics. Unless you’re studying hard to get into college, maybe it’s best you don’t watch this until you pass. Who knows, you may just get infected by their laziness and stupidity.

Yurumates OVA
* Yurume Aida has arrived at Tokyo from the countryside looking forward life as a cram school student. She didn’t really expect Maison Du Wish to turn out as a rundown dorm. What more, the old landlady gave her the chills that nobody here has passed! Reminds you of Maison Ikkoku, eh? She thought it was pretty normal inside till she realizes that a single room has been split into 2! She meets the other dorm mates, Sae Kawano, Kumi Tanaka and Matsukichi who without hesitation party in her room. Reminiscence of Maison Ikkoku, no? This has Yurume to think that city folks are so lawless.
* Yurume tries to boil water but it’s out of gas, the water doesn’t work and the faucet broke! Then looking at some house plans and even food menus, they start crying because they know they can’t afford such luxury. Here comes Matsukichi the saviour. Handing them bread crusts to eat, he says anything will taste good if they think so. I think they got carried away at how delicious it was.
* Matsukichi suggests going to a nearby park. They see the children playing tag and think of getting nostalgic by playing tag. Unfortunately the police haul Matsukichi in because he looked like some pervert chasing the girls. Then they decide to play a grown up version but it looks so much like stalking and once more he got hauled in. Kumi then suggests hanami and to select the person who’ll be responsible in securing a spot, they’ll play tag! Matsukichi objects!
* Yurume is disheartened she forgot about her rice cooker a month ago and something deadly must be growing inside by now. Sae thinks of the excitement of playing dare with it but eventually they dare not open. Kurumi the ‘pro’ takes up the challenge by pressing the buttons randomly with her eyes closed. Then she throws the rice cooker at Yurume. She misses and hits the wall and the lid comes open. Matsukichi then comes in with his rice cooker he has not opened for 3 years! Wow! Something nasty is inside! Yurume realizes her own rice cooker is empty. Wasn’t there something in it? Sae remembers she was broke last month and at some of the contents. Kumi and Matsukichi too…
* Yurume and Sae are fighting over for the fan. Then comes in Kumi. She’s keeping her cool pretty well. She points out something scary on the wall and this causes Yurume to freak out. See? That’s one way to keep cool, right? But will she stop scaring her already? Yurume thought of using a wash basin but Kumi and Sae use it to drop on each other’s head! Has the heat gone to their head? So Yurume and Matsukichi head outside and cool themselves with the natural breeze.
* Summer is hot but do not fear. Sae returns with an air-cond main unit. I guess they have no money to fix it so they have to fix it themselves. Do they know how? No. Back to fighting over the fan again. Kumi comes in suggesting to eat ice cream. That’s about it. It’s only a suggestion. Noticing the air-cond, she scares them by saying it eats up bugs. So Sae and Yurume throw it away. But when they return, they see the air-cond unit back in their room? Did Kumi bring it back? Second round of throwing it away. This time they see a sofa instead. Kumi brought back the wrong one? Air-cond turned into a sofa? Tired from it all, then comes in Matsukichi claiming he has picked up an air-cond unit. Here we go again.
* As Yurume chides Sae for being too relaxed with her recklessness, Kumi comes in with a guitar but soon returns with a harisen (paper fan). Sae teases her about graduating. Kumi didn’t hit her with the fan but crushes her forehead! Because Yurume is sick of noodles, Kumi suggests making nabe. Yeah, it’s getting pretty hot cooking inside the room. Matsukichi comes in with leftover fireworks from last year. Turns out to be a parachute firework. Don’t see anything in the dark, do they?
* The girls talk about autumn so it’s Sae versus Kumi using book and harisen respectively. Yurume puts her foot down to respect books. Or else she’ll do something horrible with her lighter. She suggests doing some autumn reading but guess what? She was the one who fell asleep first! Yeah, even Kumi is prepared for bed. They discuss the things they want for autumn but I guess it’ too bad they’re just poor. Sushi… Mercedes Benz… Matsukichi thought he could cheer things up but I suppose he chose the wrong subject because he mentions about the spring of new lifestyle. Even more depressing for the girls.
* Sae thinks of sleeping throughout winter so Yurume wants them to at least do something indoors. Sumo? Then comes Kumi with her manjuus. Why is there Russian Roulette in the name? One is fiery hot and the rest are extremely spicy. Yurume lost the rock-scissors-paper and goes first. Erm? Is that reaction hot or extremely spicy? Next is Sae. She can’t tell either, eh? Kumi ends it but Sae isn’t going to let her go when Matsukichi comes in and bites one. I guess he got the hot one. Then the girls play manjuu push while leaving Matsukichi out in the corner.
* Yurume gets a cold from staying too long underneath the kotatsu. Sae insists she got a kotatsu disease. Look what happened to Matsukichi last year. He stayed there for a week! Sure he’s not just lazy? They go visit him and it seems he has already brought it out. They snuggle in the warmness and just when Yurume is about to return to her room, she realizes how cold it is outside and changes her mind. She’s here to stay. Fearing that they would be stuck and couldn’t leave, Matsukichi calls Kumi for help. But she too joins in. Looks like they can never leave…
* Sae and Yurume talk how they play in the snow. For Sae, she often made snowmen. She tried to make the biggest one by destroying others. Kumi suggest having dark nabe since it’s going to get chilly tonight and be prepared to meet after getting the necessary items. She means the ingredients and not just bowls and chopsticks! So lights out as we hear lots of weird sounds splashed into the nabe pot. This is going to be really one terrifying nabe. Matsukichi dreams of having some nabe on this cold night. He’s about to get his wish. Here come the girls with leftovers. See their ‘dead’ face?
* The girls do a little performance of their own. Yurume did some card tricks and Sae’s ventriloquism failed. Nobody wants to hear about Kumi’s song-cum-narration. Cut everything out! Matsukichi suggests playing King Game. Yurume thought she had the ‘king’ but Sae’s had ‘greater king’. What’s this? The ‘president’ for Matsukichi? But the sure winner is Kumi because she got ‘celebrity’. So the gang stayed up drinking and when it’s time to clean up, Kumi takes out more sake and the drinking continues. Happy New Year!
* Yurume and Sae talk about their life as a high school student. Nothing ordinary. If you think that riding a horse to school or standoff with some monster isn’t normal. Heck, it’s totally weird! Kumi quips she was a child prodigy and loves imitating teachers. They think Matsukichi never changed a bit but he disagrees. He shows them his photo album and well, he looks the same ever since he was a baby, a little kid and a high school boy.
* Yurume narrates about the life she has now. Every day is going to be quite a handful with such cheerful mates around but they’re good friends. Everything is alright as usual. As for her studies… Erm… I think she can’t even comment on it. Heck, she doesn’t even know what day it is today!

Yurumates Wa? OVA
* While we see the residents of Maison Du Wish in their usual frolicking, Sae’s sister, Imouto (let’s just call her that) pays them a visit. Though the rest are happy to get to know her, Imouto isn’t amused that Sae turned out to be a trash. She’s living in trash. If she’s not concerned about Sae, what is she doing here? It would be a bother if she turns up dead since she doesn’t call or write to the family so she intends the stay here to keep an eye on her to prevent her from ‘falling’ anymore. Aren’t big sisters supposed to do that? Speaking of dead, Sae my already by ‘dead’. Socially dead, that is. Haha!
* We see the difference in the sisters. Sae the total slacker who only does her homework on the last day (in which she eventually gave up) while Imouto has her schedule nicely done. Sae and Yurume want to help her with ‘that experience’ but she refuses and calls them mud balls. Then it’s like Sae tries to shift the captaincy to Yurume when Kumi comes in. She talks about bug collection and Matsukichi shows them his. Roach motel!
* Yurume catches a cold. Guess who are to blame? All night partying with you know who, eh? Sae comes in with the wrong medicine. She got Solmac. Then she gives Yurume alcohol and beer to kick away the cold! WTF?! Kumi comes in. Same thing. Wrong medicine. She made a nice hot nabe for her but I don’t think Yurume has got appetite. Now Matsukichi comes in. Oh God. Not Solmac too. What gives Sae and Kumi the right to chide him for not being sensitive?! If you think Imouto is the smart one, well, this might change your opinion. Yeah, she did have Solmac in her hands but she hides it upon reading the atmosphere.
* Yurume continues to be sick for 2 weeks so Kumi shows a picture of some hideous hard-to-find plant called elixir that may cure her. Yeah, they can send Matsukichi to go fetch it. Yurume isn’t interested and wants to get more sleep. Oh, she reminds them not to call her parents too. The rest contemplate in curing Yurume. So Matsukichi still has to go bring the plant? So instead of bumming around doing nothing, they go out and search for it. Well, it started with lots of enthusiasm for Sae and Kumi but in the end they just gave up and fooled around. Poor Matsukichi had to trek several terrains and became the cannibals’ dinner! Yeah, he couldn’t find it. Nobody could. And they blamed it on Matsukichi’s uselessness. Suddenly they see the plant in the resident stray cat’s mouth. Following it, the cat has a stash of those plants right in Matsukichi’s closet! So when they present it to Yurume and she finds out where it comes from, she’s reluctant to take it. Yeah, who knows what other disease she’ll catch from it.
* Yurume is better now but they realize Imouto is missing. They search around in Sae’s room filled with cardboard boxes. Yurume thought Sae and Kumi are fooling around putting their head in the boxes. That’s because it’s like a total different dimension and scenery inside! Different box, different location! Yurume accidentally falls into one and finds herself in the shopping district. She sees Imouto lining up to play the raffles. Imouto acts like a tsundere that she’s playing just to kill time but Yurume knows she wants to win it for her sister. In the end, Imouto wins the grand prize of an overseas vacation. Trying not to act all happy in front of Yurume? Meanwhile Sae and Kumi got carried away and end up on top of some tower. No way out!
* Everyone rejoices at the overseas trip prize and dream of their dream destination. What is Imouto’s dream destination? Mouse Land? She’s a kid. But Kumi announces that the trip has a destination already: Moscow, Russia. Is this a penalty game or what? Why the heck is Kumi in a reindeer mask and the rest in Santa outfits?! Imouto is missing so Kumi announces some dramatic RPG-like search mission to save the world. In short, they’re lost. Oh, here’s another note: They have no return ticket to Japan. Lost and stranded, eh?
* They enter a shop to see the old lady keeper resembling close to their landlady granny. So alike that Kumi apologizes about being late on the rent! Yurume tries to describe Imouto but she thought they’re looking for matryoshkas. Then it’s like she won’t tell any more information if they don’t buy so Kumi gladly handles this. Looking around, she picks up a stick in the rack and though it is being told is just a hard Russian stick, Kumi buys it! Now they’re broke. And they didn’t learn anything about Sae’s whereabouts. Yeah, she got scammed too. Just an ordinary stick sold for a good price. But Kumi thinks otherwise. She tosses the stick in the air and when it lands, it supposedly points the direction where Imouto is. Can they believe that? Well, there Imouto is. Hooray! They’ve found her! Wait a minute. This place looks familiar. It’s right back where they started!!! FFFFUUUUU!!! Yurume collapses from all the ‘excitement’. So how are they going to get back? Kumi unwraps one of those magic cardboard boxes back to their room. SHOULD HAVE BROUGHT IT OUT IN THE FIRST PLACE, DIMWIT!!! When they return to the dorm, the box returns to normal. The girls realize Matsukichi is missing. Looks like he didn’t make it. Where has he gone to? He’s in some interrogation room with a Russian lady interrogating him.
* Yurume is sick once more. The cold has returned. I think she has to change her lifestyle. More importantly, change her roommates. The rest discuss why she doesn’t want to go home or contact her family so Imouto bluntly points out that Yurume lives in an apartment where all the residents have repeatedly failed to get into college. She probably doesn’t want her parents to know she lives in a place like that. Oh, so true! Sae trying to escape from reality…
* I guess the roommates can’t be more considerate, eh? They’re partying away noisily without giving a hoot to Yurume’s sickness. If that’s not enough, they come down and force her to party with them. Yeah, they’re in cosplay outfits and they force a maid outfit on her. How can they do this to a sick person?! Well, by partying, she can beat her cold. Too hard to resist? Well, like they say. If you can’t beat them, join them. Let’s party! Yeah, she doesn’t care anymore. That’s the spirit! Next morning when Yurume wakes up, she thought the Martians attacked seeing the place is in a mess. But wait. Her sickness is gone. Can it be true? Partying the night away cured her cold?


Back in 2012, this series has been given the TV adaptation called Yurumate3dei but the duration of each episode only turned out to be 3 minutes each.

Episode 1
Exactly like the first chapter in the first OVA, this first episode sees 18 year old Yurume coming to Tokyo to study and enter college. She meets the old landlady and couldn’t believe this rundown place is Maison Du Wish. Not so high class as expected, eh? Inside, she thought it was roomy but finds Sae living in her closet! After getting to know the newcomer, Sae calls Matsukichi and Kumi and they all have party to their hearts out till they passed out. Yeah, city folks aren’t apathetic. They’re just lawless.

Episode 2
Sae sees Yurume putting on maid clothes. Why? She thought it’s spring so she figured the need of an image change. I think she’s not into the part of the maid. After changing into a shirt with the label ‘baddie’, Sae suggests a change in hairstyle too and offers to cut hers. Oh no. I think it made Yurume look boyish. Yurume wants Sae to change hers too. Revenge? Definitely. She makes Sae look more girly by putting hair on her ribbons and make her wear the maid outfit. Kumi suggests a change in personality to match the change on the outside. This means Yurume has to act cool but she’s acting like a delinquent. Sae acts like a clumsy, airhead robot while Kumi as the rich obnoxious girl. Matsukichi is surprised to see the girls in their different act but learns about their image change. Eventually the bottom line is that it’s best to be yourself. Time to take everything off. That includes Yurume’s ‘wig’. No can do…

Episode 3
Yurume is hiding in a box in a corner while Sae comes in and finds a note on a table with typo error. She gets embarrassed about it and wants Sae to retake it from the top. I guess this time Sae doesn’t follow the script Yurume wants. So when she does, it’s just a prompt to wish April Fools. They try to trick Kumi next but she changes the topic about the dorm going to be demolished by next year. Sae thought she’s pulling a fast one but Kumi notes April Fools was yesterday. The rest get shocked but realized that was the April Fool’s joke itself. But Kumi gets shocked when she learns about Yurume going ‘missing’. Kumi points out the demolition will actually be 2 years time. By that time, they better find a new place to live or get into college. Then she starts laughing and obviously this is an April Fools trick. So is this place going to get abolished or not? Matsukichi comes in with a winning lottery but they don’t believe him. Too realistic a figure, eh? Sae snatches it away from him and the next day realizes those numbers really came out in the papers.

Episode 4
The girls decide to talk about Matsukichi. Feeling honoured? Well, they just realized there’s nothing interesting to ask. Kumi talks about a psych test for him. About him suddenly walking off a cliff! Then imagining him as an animal, it would be seaweed. That’s not even alive. What the hell is a dobirogeren?! Next is about his previous life. A deep sea fish? Burdock root? Oden? Then to predict his future, they do a coin toss. Heads it’s fish cake, tails is burdock root! Going back to that, no? Talking about his future, Matsukichi talks about starting his own company and having a family when Kumi suddenly interjects to make him fall off a cliff! I’m sure that guy is in despair now about his life’s ups and downs. More down than anything. They give him sing out his sorrow and he really belts it out.

Episode 5
Sae and Yurume are trying to write wishes for Tanabata. I’m not sure about Sae writing a story using several papers and something about Earth being attacked by Martians. What kind of wish is that? With the rest writing their wish, they couldn’t believe Matsukichi’s wish to be happy. Yeah, no confidence it’ll come true. Now they need to hang it and since there is no bamboo, they hang inside on their clothesline. They also make teruterubouzu so it won’t rain but it did. They bring in all the clothes outside and hang them inside. What a hanging mess. All that is left is to party like mad! Next morning, the place is in a real mess. Everything strewn all over the place. Yeah, did the Martians just attacked? Noting that their wishes won’t come true, they see Matsukichi sleeping and holding his wish. Defending it to the death?

Episode 6
The gang are going to split the watermelon. First up is Matsukichi and is given confusing directions only to realize the watermelon is still in the refrigerator! Next is Yurume but was made to do some exercise. It’s Sae’s turn but when she whacks the watermelon, the stick broke! Finally it’s Kumi’s turn and my, that stick she’s holding is damn long! Somebody is going to get hurt! Matsukichi pleads for another shot so they not only blindfold him, they also tie him up and tape his mouth. See him squirm on the floor! The girls try to use their willpower, wind power or singing to split the watermelon. I guess they’re already out of their mind. Matsukichi spots a knife and thought it would make things easier. But it seems Kumi has no intention of letting this watermelon splitting go and blindfolds herself while arming with the knife! Dangerous!

Episode 7
There is only 1 ice cream left and they need to see who gets it. Kumi changes the topic to forming a band. Not working. Not even her suggestion about resisting to eat the ice cream. She wants to hold on to it for safekeeping. Smell something fishy. Get her before she escapes! The gang enter some heat tolerance contest while wearing winter clothes but why is Kumi in her bikini? She claims it’s her winter clothes. Not buying that crap. They should’ve settled this via rock-scissors-paper in the first place and they better do it quick since the ice cream is melting. One round should settle it (not 100 rounds as Kumi suggested) and the winner goes to Yurume. Before she is able to pop it in her mouth, it crumbles. Matsukichi won’t let it go to waste and dives to eat it. Unfortunately he missed and the ice cream fell on his shirt. Everybody’s a loser.

Episode 8
Yurume is having temperature swings in summer. One minute cold with the fan on, the next too hot when it’s off. Yurume lays out the thick blanket thinking it’s going to get cold but Sae hogs it and sleeps in it while Yurume is left only with a thin one. So cold… Next morning, it’s hot like hell and Sae is not getting up from the bed despite sweating like hell. Next morning, it’s cold as predicted so Yurume decides to take out her winter clothes but the next morning, it’s hot instead. Yurume deduces the weather pattern to be alternate and that tomorrow will be cold. Nope. Hot. The rest notes she’s hopeless when it comes to 2 choices. So they make a bet on tomorrow’s weather. Yurume: Hot; Matsukichi: Cold; Sae: Just right; Kumi: Depends on the person. Next morning, it turns out hot as Yurume predicted despite sleeping under a thick blanket just in case. See, it’s important to believe in yourself. Well, I think the rest didn’t want to lose so they’re really in denial, sticking to their predictions that the weather is what they said.

Episode 9
Today, Yurume thinks of not getting out from her kotatsu. Rather, it is tightly stuck between the corridors. With Sae coming in, she gets help to lift the table top. Still stuck. Worse than before. They try to turn it sideways and got even worse. Kumi comes by and crawls beneath the small gap and gets stuck. Pulling out can’t help so they even have tea and chat while she’s in that position. The pulling continues till Matsukichi arrives and with his extra strength, the table is turned back to where it originally was. Still stuck, though. Taking a break, they party till they’re drunk. When it’s time to leave, their necks hit the table since it is at neck level. Next morning, Yurume finds herself pinned underneath the table top as it is somehow now rotated sideways. No strength…

Episode 10
Matsukichi has a horrifying dream of being tied to a stick above the fire. What kind of cult is this?! Meanwhile Yurume and Sae, I’m not sure what the heck they’re doing to pass the time while waiting for New Year’s Day to arrive. Drinking milk? It’s already expired a month ago? Sae gets her revenge by saying this bread is the last piece of food Yurume has and is going to make it disappear. How? She quickly chomps it down as Yurume tries to stop her. Kumi comes in and she does her specialty of imitations. Dead fish? Live fish? New Year just arrived and I’m not sure what the heck this is because the girls are throwing sticky hot mocha at him. Another dream? Yurume gets package from her family and though mostly are food items, there is a part time job listings magazine. You know what they’re trying to imply, right? She soon receives a second package that contains a mandarin orange they forgot to send in the first one. And also a job listings magazine… Oh, the reminder…

Episode 11
The girls talk about their dreams for the New Year. But Yurume points out they have forgotten something and that is to aim to pass the entrance exam. I guess they realize they need to be realistic so they escape reality by playing New Year games. They start writing calligraphy and Kumi suggests writing their most embarrassing secrets that they couldn’t tell others. Yurume took the bait and started writing when she realizes she had been setup because the rest pass this activity. When Matsukichi comes in, they pressure him to do the same. I think he’s serious because he is asking for a finer pen instead of the brush. Does this mean he has lots to write? While he is writing, Kumi can’t help laugh her ass off but Sae tells him he can stop now. He just keeps going and going and going and going… How many embarrassing things has he got?!

Episode 12
Spring just greeted Yurume with the newspaper slapping into her face. She suggests going for hanami but Sae thinks it’s a pain in the butt. Till Yurume mentions she has beer coupons and suddenly Sae is all into it. Next they invite Kumi but she is down with hay fever although she is denying it. And bad at doing so. Then she makes them practice to repeat lines after her. But why does it sound like making them a murder culprit?! They are to invite Matsukichi but he turns out to be an eager beaver with all the gears well prepared. All ready to go. When they reach the hanami spot, it is crowded with people and no space for them to sit and enjoy. So where else? Party hard back at the dorm.

Episode 13
While Sae is rummaging through her messy boxes to lend Yurume her reference book, she gets a call from Imouto that she’s coming over. It’s a big deal for her because if she sees this mess, she’ll get mad. So they start cleaning the place up but each time Yurume wants to put something away, Sae stops her saying that this is her favourite thing. Yeah, can’t put away anything in the end, eh? Kumi is laughing at the photo album she sees but they start having suspicious that there is a picture of Sae and a baby. They never knew she had a child. It’s her sister lah! So everyone rushes to remove the boxes. Yeah, dump it in Yurume’s room for the time being. Now it’s a big mess. Sae excuses herself to go buy clothes. I think she just escaped. Yurume spots Imouto outside Sae’s room and invites her to her own room. Yeah, one big messy place. While Yurume serves and treats Imouto nice, Sae is having a dilemma what clothes to buy. Eventually she decides on a penguin outfit. WTF?! And Imouto is at the end of her patience…

Episode 14
Imouto is calling Yurume a slob and such. Plus, she’s not leaving till Sae cleans her room. I don’t think she’ll be leaving then. The girls try to cheer Imouto up by celebrating her birthday. She’s not amused. Is she angry? Maybe she’s trying hard not to laugh. They try to do funny things to crack her up but it’s not working. When Matsukichi comes in, they want him to do something funny. I think putting both his legs into one leg of his trousers seems more disturbing than funny. Yeah, Imouto isn’t laughing either. Yurume threatens not to give him cake so panic Matsukichi trips and falls over, causing the cake to splat all over them. Well, what do you know? Imouto starts laughing. Next day, Yurume sees Imouto sleeping on top of Sae’s piles of boxes and notes how she looks just like a child. What does the word she sleep talk ‘dodge’ mean?

Episode 15
Sae gets another delivery box (probably this is how her place got piled up with them) and this time it is a magic wand toy. Imouto seems to take a liking for it and plays with it. Kumi pops up and shows them a sack she’s called in which she calls Spring Memorial. Memories of spring? Something inside is moving! Don’t want to find out either! Matsukichi shows them his, which is some ordinary stick. If that’s the case, why not just play with the wand? Yeah, he’ so happy he can be some sort of a wizard despite it being a toy. He falls into Kumi’s trap by repeating some made up nonsensical lines as he tries to cast a spell on them to be nice on him. Not working…

Episode 16
The girls are discussing the exotic places they could go for the Golden Week holidays. Well, since they’ve got no money, Sae, Imouto and Kumi will be heading home. Yurume is disheartened she’ll be left alone. Don’t despair, Matsukichi will be around. Not what she wanted, eh? And is he some toy too? They start discussing about his village which I think is out of this world. Don’t ask. Sae returns to her home but isn’t this Kumi’s home?! Meanwhile Matsukichi returns to his hometown. It has changed so much he hardly recognizes it. Then he realizes he may be in the wrong prefecture after all. I’m not sure how he ended up at the Pyramids of Egypt… And then some who-knows-where location. Yurume goes camping. Yeah, that mountainous backdrop must be real convincing because she’s just camping in her room! She fails miserably. Spilling her tea and getting her tent all tangled. I don’t know how long she has been lying there till Sae returns. Noting that Matsukichi hasn’t returned yet, she also says every day is like a holiday for them. Think they should consider studying?

Episode 17
Yurume is dismayed upon learning she’ll be in charge of cleaning outside the dorm tomorrow. She gets this sneaky idea to put Matsukichi’s name and passes the notice. The other girls also put Matsukichi’s name in replacement of theirs so when Matsukichi gets the note, he is surprised he is on duty for all the days. In addition, there is an errand to get things for Kumi. What the heck? The smart ass also gets the idea to rename and circulate the notice. So it goes back to Yurume. More errands for her. The circulation seems to be getting more often and it’s like they’re just exchanging them right outside Yurume’s doorstep! Soon the notice is covered with lots of unrelated scribbles like global warming and lucky colour. There is no space left on the notice so Yurume thought of writing behind it. But it’s full to the brim too! Soon the notice extends to over 50 pages, a box filled with binders and crates of them!!! The ultimate one: The notice is in CD format. It has gone digital. Hell! Yurume doesn’t even have a computer! Haha! See what happens when you pass your laziness around?

Episode 18
Yurume cleans her room up and decides to take a nap realizing it is afternoon. Needing something as pillow, she accidentally puts her head on the mayonnaise bottle and squeezes it all out. Then she tries stacking books but it’s either too low or high. Meanwhile Sae is going to fall off the box so Imouto quickly tries to put the pillow on where she lands. Too late. Matsukichi wakes up from his nap to clean up. He realizes it’s supposed to be his nap time and goes back to sleep. However he is sleep walking and undoes all the cleaning. Back to square one mess, eh? So when he wakes up, he thinks he should start cleaning up. Kumi is sleeping inside the box when Sae suddenly crashes in. Imouto got the shock of her life thinking her sister changed into Kumi. Yurume realizes it is already 11pm and prepares herself to go to bed. Man, hasn’t she been sleeping the entire day? Sleep combo indeed.

Episode 19
Yurume tries resisting using her fan but succumbs into switching it on. This attracts Kumi who starts lecturing her about mankind falling into depravity and play guilty mind games on her. It’s her excuse to come join her. They feel Sae’s room must be hot since there is lots of heat trapped in it. They go find her and to their surprise, the room is air-conditioned! Traitor! Who cares about depravity or the likes. Join in the coolness! Suddenly the air-cond stops working. Looks like Sae didn’t pay the electric bill. Imouto thinks of calling daddy to help out but Sae refuses. Yurume panics and wants her to take responsibility for making her fall into depravity. So once all the cool air is gone, it’s back to the fan again but it’s not working. Kumi’s one isn’t either. Thinking it is a power outage, the actual truth is that all of them didn’t pay their bill. Finally Imouto calls her father asking for advance allowance and soon the electricity comes back on.

Episode 20
The typhoon is coming soon and Kumi shows the things the typhoon blew to her. Obviously lying. The drum can’t possibly be blown, right? And the fish? It’s from her hometown. The lightning flashes and a shriek is heard. Kumi starts scaring Yurume with a ghost story in this room but Sae points out it’s Imouto who is scared of lightning. Later Matsukichi drops by thinking they are forming a band but the girls don’t need additional member. He’s got some beer. Okay! He’s in! He can play the drums while they enjoy his beer. Heartless! Just kidding. So as they are enjoying the snacks, the typhoon is picking up. Matsukichi tries to shut the window tightly but it dismantled! Oh sh*t! The rain is coming in! Instead of freaking out, they start enjoying and partying hard! It’s the time of their lives! Next morning, Yurume finds the place in a total mess and there are fish lying about everywhere. Forget about her room. Can they eat all the fish?

Episode 21
The girls are talking about the things they could buy if they had money for it. If… So Kumi comes up with a topic to talk what would they do if they had 100 million Yen. Yurume needs 30 minutes to prepare?! She’s serious! She took an hour anyway before she could rant away all the things she wants to buy. For Sae, she would bath in it, use it as a blanket and the rest put in savings. That’s not spending them, no? Kumi also thought of the same thing but adds slapping Matsukichi’s face with a bunch of notes. Again she’s not using them, no? Next topic is the super powers they want to have. Teleport? Going back in time? Telekinesis? Well, they got so into it (and drunk) that they argue over it and so happens Matsukichi walk in, not knowing what is going on and the girls want him to come up with something. I don’t know what he transformed into.

Episode 22
After the gang had their fun eating the dumplings, it’s all down to the last stick. Who is going to get it? Yeah, everyone is trying to find a reason if the other owes something or just play dumb. Kumi suggests a best-out-of-3 match but Yurume asks how many sticks the rest had. They each had 2. So many did Yurume had? Can’t say, can’t she? On with the games! Round 1 is rock-scissors-paper and since everyone is putting up weird hand signs, nobody wins. Round 2 is Old Maid. The strange dog joker card keeps passing around till Matsukichi has its pair and wins. He is confident even if he doesn’t win the next round, it’ll be a draw. So round 3 has the girls do some perfect synchronicity to even the score! Noting this is getting pointless, they decide to give the dumplings to Imouto but to their surprise she doesn’t want any.  Round 4 extension! Fight! Hey… Imouto has many dumpling sticks on her plate…

Episode 23
Yurume feels she can’t laze around on New Year’s Day and starts cleaning up. After that, it’s back to sleeping in her futon. Imouto tries to sort out the trash so reluctant Sae has to help out. She notes the many decorative rice cakes she has because the previous ones always get lost so she has to buy a new one. Yeah, it keeps piling up. Kumi dresses in a lion outfit and a little girl thought it’s the lion dance. However Kumi scares the sh*t out of her when she wonders what she’ll have for dinner! Kumi lightly bites the girl’s head so the girl tries to be positive that she’ll get smarter if her head gets bitten. If that’s the case, if she devours her entire body, every bit of her will improve, right? Traumatic! Yurume wakes up when it’s afternoon and upon realizing the day is going to end, she decides to go back to how she usually spends them: Bumming around doing nothing. She’s really getting used to this life, eh?

Episode 24
Sae visits Yurume’s room only to be freaked out to see Yurume with a cardboard box over her head and chasing her. Cardboard box ghost! So why isn’t she taking it off? It feels warm says she. Yurume wanted to give Sae one too but she refuses since it’s too small. Yurume thinks she’s gotten fat. Kumi drops by and she talks about her sightseeing till she forgot about her exam day before Matsukichi comes in to suggest throwing beans. He’ll be the demon but Sae throws the entire pack of beans at his face! It’ll be bothersome if they have to clean up, right? Who cares! So everybody starts throwing away and they got too carried away till Matsukichi accidentally falls flat on Yurume. Hey. Didn’t the cardboard just go flat? Suddenly Yurume returns. What? Who? When? Why? How? So Kumi talks about the story that the cardboard material was originally created as some inner lining of silk hats so they could absorb sweat. Huh? And didn’t that cardboard ‘Yurume’ just crept past Imouto?

Episode 25
Yurume is so bored that nothing exciting happens (she sure about that?!) that she tries doing things in reverse. Like putting her head underneath the kotatsu. With the rest, they do ridiculous reverse stuff like turning the kotatsu upside down, wearing summer clothes in winter and yeah, maybe do some studying. NO WAY! They even treat it today as Valentine’s Day and go knocking on Matsukichi’s door to ask for chocolates. However Matsukichi has never gotten chocolates in his life and wonders if today is his lucky day. Suddenly the girls went missing. More ridiculous reverse stuff like reverse laundry (messing up) and reverse cleaning (pouring sauce on Yurume’s shirt) so it’s reverse joints for Matsukichi for going too far. So as they gather and get drunk as usual, this is normal, right? Till Kumi points out being normal is the twist. How do you qualify reverse in the first place? Say if you wear summer clothes in winter and make it a habit, the reverse of that will be wearing winter clothes. Get it? And so the next day arrives… Yurume complains nothing much exciting happens… Normal?

Episode 26
Yurume dreams she is stuck in a snow and a hot nabe pot right before her. With Sae, they discuss about reality affecting dreams so Sae wonders if this is a dream too and pinches Yurume’s cheek. Yup. It’s a dream too. Sae is waking Yurume up from her sleep while pinching her cheek. After putting on her clothes since it’s a cold day, Yurume goes back to the warmth of her futon. Sae then rolls her up, ties everything up and goes round the world! Oh. That was a dream too? Yurume is having nabe with her mates and she is the nabe magistrate. Yurume and Kumi took the same meat at the same time. The temporarily flash of the light bulb distracted Yurume and causes her to lose the meat. The flashing continues with Matsukichi popping up followed by Sae and Imouto. Maybe she should just chance the light bulb. Maybe not. Because that was a dream! Ah well, go back to more dreaming. She hopes the next one will have pork.

Well, the overall series is short per episode or skit and funny enough so I guess for me it is quite enjoyable. It really bugs me to see that they would rather be merrymaking and have fun instead of picking up their books. I know that they are adults and can do whatever they want in their lives but at this rate, I bet they are going to stay ronins forever. They can forget about getting into college. Just stay the way they are, party all day, party all night, get drunk in the revelry 24/7. Wow. That sounds like fun, no? I can see why they so easily give in to this temptation instead of slogging and taxing their brains on subjects they could hardly understand just to get into college and earn a scrap of paper that could be their ticket into society and earn more scraps of paper called money. Yeah… On second thought, maybe indulging in the moment’s enjoyment is better after all. Everybody bottoms up! Yahoo!!! Oops. I almost got carried away with their flow there. Some of their antics are so silly that it made me thought this is what you get for not studying and spending your time frolicking. Yeah, it makes them look so stupid. In a funny sense. A grim reminder this is what happens when you aren’t studious enough? You don’t really want to end up like them, don’t you? Let’s learn a lesson or two from them and not play dumb.

Yurume as the newbie of the dorm seems to have been swept off by their pace too. Now that she’s a regular and has assimilated as one of them, whatever happened to her wish to enter college in Tokyo? Don’t even remember she had this wish in the beginning? Now she is part of the idiotic gang of Maison Du Wish. In fact, her name even means to slow down or relaxed. What an aptly fate. But she still is more responsible as compared to the rest but in general terms, she has become as idiotic like them. Can you blame them for ‘infecting’ her with their laziness? She seems like a pro at it too. You can thank Sae for that. Look at all the heaps of boxes in her room. She’s never going to clean it out at this rate. I know. She prefers getting drunk. Kumi is the craziest one among the bunch and because some of her silly antics, it makes her look the silliest. I thought Matsukichi was decent but he is no better than any of them. Another loser. However sometimes he is the source of ‘bullying’ by the girls. They just love to tease him or leave him out. I don’t really consider Imouto as a resident of the dorm as she is just staying over to watch over her sister. That’s why I can say she isn’t really part of the gang. Of course when you have a little sister more responsible than the older one, something must be dead wrong. Despite putting up a serious face and more dependable than all the ronins combine, she too has her little quirks but that is not as bad as the ronins themselves. She is after all still a little girl so that is forgivable. Unlike some irresponsible adults wasting their life away. I believe at this rate, they’ll beat Maison Ikkoku’s Godai’s record of being a ronin for a long time. There doesn’t seem to be any indication that they will pass their exams. It’s like studying is a disease. So, looks like they’ll be staying here for a very long time to come. Permanent residents of Maison Du Wish if I should say.

Sometimes I feel that Matsukichi as the bully victim reminds me of Godai’s case too. However Godai had neighbours from hell who harass and twist his words but for Matsukichi, the girls are just teasing him as harmless fun. At least in this sense he has got it much better than Godai. In the end, they all drink and get drunk together. There are some things in the story that I wanted to know but I guess it didn’t come to. For example, it was mentioned that Yurume doesn’t want to go back to see her parents. I’m sure she has a reason for this. Is her relationship with her parents’ strained or there are problems in her household and that going to a cram school in Tokyo is a way of getting away from them? The longer the better? That’s why she became a useless ronin too? Or as Imouto put it, she doesn’t want her parents to know she has turned into a reject like her mates. That would be totally embarrassing. What about Sae’s father? Seems she is reluctant to receive a single help from him as far as I know even if Imouto suggests so when they’re in a pinch. Does Imouto really care about her sister? Why stay in Sae’s messy pig sty room when she can sleep in the comfort of her own room? Not that I know what her household is like but I bet it’s better than sleeping on heaps of boxes. Unless she likes sleeping on cardboard boxes because that’s what we usually see her do when taking a nap.

Haruko Momoi sounds cute voicing Yurume. Reminds me of her role as Seto in Seto No Hanayome but only on a major bumming level. I thought that crazy voice of Kumi reminded me of somebody. It had me thinking for a while before I realize that’s the voice of Miyu Matsuki, the one who also voiced Yoshinoya in Hidamari Sketch series and Yukari from Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu. Another bunch of crazy characters there. Natsuko Kuwatani is the voice behind Sae and since she didn’t go her high pitch “~desu” line, I didn’t think it was that same seiyuu who voiced Suisei Seki from Rozen Maiden. Ayana Taketatsu as Imouto, though her character rarely display any form of emotional outburst, she was still a little recognizable because she was close to her other role as Fuu of Tamayura. Satoshi Hino (Saito in Zero No Tsukaima series, Takagi in Bakuman) rounds up the rest of the cast as Matsukichi. For the TV series, Haruko Momoi sings both the opening themes Tobidase! 3D (1st opening theme) and Kyapi Natsu High Tension (2nd opening theme). They sound like your typical fun themes but the animation is an eyebrow raiser because we see the residence of Maison Du Wish in a tokusatsu-like feature as they get into their dorm that turns into one giant mecha and do battle with evil (the granny landlady?). Funny. As for the drawing and art, they are so simple that it makes them look cartoonish. It’s not your standard Japanese anime style. Even the backgrounds and everything had this cartoonish feel. Although the TV series did polish up a bit on the colouring and hues, they still have that cartoonish look. Sometimes when I look at Yurume, I thought it brings back memories to Crayon Shin-chan.

The choice is always yours on how you want to make the most of your life. You have the freedom to do whatever you want as long as you aren’t infringing the rights of others or breaking the law. Hmm… Maybe they should make partying too much a crime? That’ll be unconstitutional! I’m sure lots of dumb people and those who aren’t smart will have lots of excuse to go against that. So for Yurume and her Maison Du Wish mates, let’s hope and pray that they don’t become ronins till an age where they are close to retirement. If they are going to bum around and fail that long, might as well turn into an otaku doing nothing but their passion all they in their room. Almost similar, right? While I’m not saying you should be a nerd and go study like you have no life (what would be the meaning of life then?), you know what they say about all work and no play makes a Jack a dull boy. But all play and no study surely makes Jack a dumb boy.

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