Here is another versus blog that I wanted to do a long time ago but kept delaying it. I know. It’s that dreaded ‘P’ word again but let’s not talk about that, shall we? Now, for a long time we have always heard of this ‘pairing’ that is no other than a hero fighting the demon lord. If you watch these kind of shows, you’ll get the idea that the duo are ‘inseparable’. It’s like a cat-dog relationship. Maybe even worse. But what happens when one day they find themselves ‘out of a job’? I know it sounds out but I mean, you can’t always be that, right? Therefore it was a curious case between Hataraku Maou-sama (Hataraku) and Yuusha Ni Naranakatta Ore Wa Shibushibu Shuushoku Wo Ketsui Shimashita (Yuushibu). I suppose as long as you’re on Earth, you still have got to go through all those society crap. You still have to eat, right?

Official English title:
Hataraku: The Devil Is A Part Timer.
Yuushibu: I Couldn’t Become A Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided To Get A Job.

The working main character:
Hataraku: Satan AKA Sadao Maou, ex-demon king.
Yuushibu: Raul Chaser, ex-hero.

Employment location:
Hataraku: MgRonald, a fast food outlet.
Yuushibu: Leon, a magical appliances store. Hey, you have got to start small from somewhere. Don’t expect them to suddenly take up a managerial position of some super corporate, didn’t you?

Reason for working:
Hataraku: After barely escaping from a near defeat from the hands of the heroes, Maou needs to work his way back up to reclaim his throne one day.
Yuushibu: One day, there is an announcement made that the Demon King has been defeated, thus putting all heroes out of a job.

His powers:
Hataraku: As the Demon Lord, it is only obvious that he wields a range of super powers like teleportation, shape shifting, protective barrier, high speed regeneration and restoration, magic transfer, flying, and a whole lot of magic power that gives him increased speed and strength. You’re doomed when he is in this Incredible Hulk mode.
Yuushibu: The ability to channel his magic into his weapon to boost its power attack. Raul Slash is his signature and ultimate attack.

Hataraku: Unlike in the home world of Ente Isla, magic is not free flowing and very limited on Earth. It must be restored via other methods like absorbing emotions from other humans.
Yuushibu: Magic flows freely in this world and commonly used to power many appliances that run on them.

I guess when one side is out of a job, it also puts the other in the same shoes.
Hataraku: Emilia AKA Emi Yusa who is now working in some call centre.
Yuushibu: Fino Bloodstone, the Demon King’s daughter now working alongside Raul as his apprentice.

Store manager:
Hataraku: Mayumi Kisaki.
Yuushibu: Seara August.

Female colleague:
Hataraku: Chiho Sasaki.
Yuushibu: Nova Luminous, Lore Beliferal and Fino.

Those with him from the previous ‘employment’ and currently with him or in the same predicament.
Hataraku: Asiel AKA Shiro Ashiya, Maou’s ex-general is now his homemaker.
Yuushibu: Airi Ortinet, Raul’s ex-hero colleague is now working at a rival store.

Ex-colleague turned rogue:
They must have lost their path somehow.
Hataraku: Lucifer AKA Hanzou Urushihara.
Yuushibu: Blaze Dis and Klein Art.

Rival business:
Hataraku: Sentucky Fried Chicken (SFC) – Selling fried chickens of course.
Yuushibu: Amada – A giant magic appliances corporation with large market share and branches everywhere.

Infiltration mission:
The best way to understand the bigger rival is to visit the store itself, right?
Hataraku: Maou sends Ashiya to spy on SFC.
Yuushibu: Raul and Fino visit Amada to check out what they are offering.

Deadly Alliance:
Hataraku: Orba Meyer from the Church conspires with Lucifer to kill the hero so that the former can seize power while the latter return to Heaven.
Yuushibu: Raid Mirroring, a demon conspires with Blaze and Klein to revive the hero industry.

The city in danger:
Hataraku: Lucifer turning the city into a big battlefield during his fight with Maou as he feeds off the people’s negative emotions.
Yuushibu: An emergency is declared over the city since a volcano is in danger of erupting any time.

Mysterious person:
More than meets the eye…
Hataraku: Miki Shiba AKA Miki-T, Maou’s fat landlady. She seems to know what is going on and possibly more. (Later I found out she is a powerful Earth guardian).
Yuushibu: Lamdimia Do Aximemor AKA Lam whose family is believed to be a scion and famous in the demon world.

The girl next door:
Hataraku: Suzuno Kamazuki – A girl in kimono living next door to Maou who is actually part of the Inquisition whose original mission was to kill him.
Yuushibu: Elza Crucial and Lam – Girls who work in a convenience store, Lawson next door.

Potential romance:
Even guys like them can get the chicks…
Hataraku: Obviously Chiho has a crush on Maou and despite Emi has been constantly reminding us she isn’t in love with this guy, her constant stalking and tsundere attitude is hardly convincing.
Yuushibu: More obvious for Elza since she did confess (although not in Raul’s face) and not so obvious for Fino since there are a few hinting scenes for speculation. And of course, Airi the tsundere. Enough said.

The date:
Hataraku: Maou and Chiho in Shinjuku. She talks to him about the strange voices she hears in her head.
Yuushibu: Raul and Fino play the part as part of their mission infiltrating Amada.

Hataraku: Sariel the archangel kidnaps Emilia to extract her sword, Better Half.
Yuushibu: Raid kidnaps Fino and wants her to wake up to her Demon King role using the Bloodstone of Control amulet.

Emotionless girl:
Hataraku: Suzuno.
Yuushibu: Lore.

Hataraku: Maou has been promoted to shift supervisor and subsequently shift manager.
Yuushibu: Amada employs idol group Sphere to promote their newly opened store in addition to other low price promotions. Also, when Airi becomes a new employee at Leon, Seara is promoted to be her senior.

The otaku:
Hataraku: Urushihara after being defeated by Maou, he becomes a NEET only facing his laptop in Maou’s apartment.
Yuushibu: A group of otaku nerds are seen stampeding into Leon to buy leftover or old stuffs that they have.

Bald guy:
Hataraku: Orba.
Yuushibu: There is a perverted old customer who is fond of harassing Nova’s butt that looked like Patrick Stewart!

Unusual weapon wielder:
Hataraku: Suzuno uses a giant hammer that she keeps hidden in her hair clip.
Yuushibu: Raul uses a ruler. Don’t ask.

Money woes:
Hataraku: Being a part timer at a fast food chain isn’t exactly the highest paying job so they have to be freaking frugal and save a lot while eking out a living and make do with what they have in their poor life.
Yuushibu: Raul who has to eat the same food every day. I understand Fino wants to spend her pay to buy stuffs to make people happy. But how is she going to survive for the rest of the month if she uses them all up on mail order products? Hasn’t she heard? You can’t buy happiness with money. Also, Airi ended up in Amada because she needed the money badly and thus the reason she is putting up with its job requirements she hates.

Buying spree:
Hataraku: Fino spending her paycheque on lots of useless stuffs. And possibly much later when she earns enough, Elza’s dream to buy all the items at Leon in the catalogue she has.
Yuushibu: Urushihara ends up buying so many useless stuffs over the internet that could hardly fit into Maou’s home.

Sick food:
Not for those with a weak stomach…
Hataraku: Suzuno’s poison food laced with magic literally floored and weakened Ashiya for many episodes.
Yuushibu: During Fino’s stint at Lawson, she tries to make their oden by mixing in everything! Ironically it tastes good!

Lending a hand:
Nothing like helping out others temporarily when they are short of hands.
Hataraku: Kisaki assigns Maou to work at MgRonald branch at Fushima amusement park.
Yuushibu: Elza requests for extra help at Lawson and turns down eager beaver Seara for Fino.

Customer service:
It is always the small extra services that put a smile on the customers and make them come back for more.
Hataraku: A familiar customer drops and delivers a free Tanabata plant as gratitude for some volunteer work they did. This results in customers streaming into their outlet after the plant is decorated.
Yuushibu: When a grandma and her son erred in double booking of an air-conditioning unit, they go for Amada’s cheaper price. However it is Leon’s employees that help solve their magic meter problem for free. The biggest reward for Leon could have is that the family doesn’t mind paying high cancellation fees to Amada because they would love to shop at Leon in the future. Later, an article written on them about their hard work and honesty helped increase their reputation.

Hataraku: Low fanservice level. The most we get are uninspiring bath scenes from Emi and that amusement park scene for swimsuit fanservice.
Yuushibu: High fanservice level with Airi being the main offender because it is like her role to be stripped and her armour that makes her look more like a slut. Then there’s the swimsuit scene of the staffs selling and promoting in their bikinis, the hotspring and even a seemingly tentacle rape spectacle.

Brand names spoof:
To avoid being sued of course.
Hataraku: Not many of them. Examples: Papasonic (Panasonic), Amada (Yamada Denki).
Yuushibu: Lots of them. Examples: Holy Potter: Blood of a Sorcerer and a Dragon (Harry Potter series), Pasta Vita (PS Vita), Unislo (Uniqlo), Docodemo (DoCoMo), Moonbucks (Starbucks).

Naming of episode titles:
Hataraku: Based on what the demon or hero (or both) is/are doing.
Yuushibu: Based on what the Demon King’s daughter is doing or what the hero (or somebody) couldn’t do and thus decided to do something else instead.

Number of episodes:
No second season?
Hataraku: 13 episodes.
Yuushibu: 12 episodes + 1 OVA.

Studio Production:
Hataraku: White Fox.
Yuushibu: Asread.

The basic moral of both series is that you don’t need to be big and famous to pull off the very basic thing in sales and services to make your customers happy. A polite service with a smile always beat any price cuts any time. As for which anime is better, I can’t really say since both have its strong and weak points. Because if you want something with lots of fanservice, then you go for Yuushibu. Hataraku has more decent action, though. When it comes down to it, even both sides of the divide can put aside their differences and work together for the greater good. It’s all about the money, eh? It’s all about the dum-dum… The cha-ching cha-ching… The ba-bling ba-bling… It goes to show that one can never be too complacent with your current job. There is no harm in starting small and working yourself up. It just takes time. I wonder if one day otakus will go out of a job too if that’s the case. How ironic that would be.

Recently there was a Demon King who came to our world and was forced to work part time to earn a living as part of his agenda to build up his resources and make a comeback. Now, we have a hero who couldn’t become one because for some reason, the Demon King was defeated and thus there is no need for heroes anymore. And yeah, when you can’t be a hero anymore, what do you do? You take up a job to earn a living. I suppose even heroes need to eat to live and help contribute to the nation’s GDP and the likes. Looks like a hero is no longer needed when there are no more bad guys to slay. Ironic, isn’t it? Peace for the world but all those related to the hero industry become unemployed. This is one of those animes where by the long winded title sounds like a joke or just an attempt to twist your tongue and put you off. Yuusha Ni Naranakatta Ore Wa Shibushibu Shuushoku Wo Ketsui Shimashita translates as I Couldn’t Become A Hero So I Reluctantly Decided To Get A Job. That or Yuushibu for short. As obviously hinted in the title, it’s about a hero who was unfortunately being put into ‘unemployment’ just because the Demon King got defeated. Life as a salesman is probably tough but he didn’t count the daughter of the Demon King to come work with him! How ironic is that? A hero wannabe and the daughter of the ex-Demon King working together. This is a comedy that resolves around the duo in their work place and don’t worry or get your hopes up in thinking the duo will try to be killing each other at work. Seriously. That isn’t going to happen.

Episode 1
Raul Chaser and his team are fighting off hordes of demons and beasts to reach the Demon King. But to their dismay, there is a notice that says he has been defeated! Too bad! And so Raul works as a salesman in a magical appliances shop, Leon. He’s not doing well with the customers. Till a bunch of otaku nerds crash into the place since they still sell some magical cassette tapes. After the sell-out, there is this rude hooded kid, Fino Bloodstone wanting to see the manager, Seara August. She is here for an interview? Raul looks at her resume and is shocked to see she is the kid of the Demon King! Fino thinks her secret is busted. But it’s right in her resume. Because you can’t lie on your resume, right? WTF. Much to Raul’s dismay, Seara hires her and puts him under Raul’s wing. Just great. It’s going to be a long day. The TV news shows the second anniversary since Demon King’s defeat. It reminded Raul that he trained hard to be a hero. That’s all he ever did. So instead of becoming heroes, the Demon King’s defeat means he turned into an ordinary person. Because he has no other skills and that the new peaceful world has no need of heroes, he lost his purpose of existence and ended up working as this. There is an old man customer that Raul dreads. Because each time he comes, he swipes his hand over the butt of his colleague, Nova Luminous just to get a light bulb. But you can’t hurt your customer, right? Or even kill him. Fino takes this the wrong way and thought this is some form of communication and wants Raul to touch her butt!

Raul teaches Fino to speak politely and smile. But she laughs like a maniac and acts like a tyrant when Raul pretends as a customer. Does she really want to kill her customer? At least this is what she observed the way her daddy speaks. He lets her read a manual on how to deal with customers and brings her up to the room where they keep appliances for repair. She notes it’s bigger than her dad’s treasure room. He was that poor? She messes with the humidifier and gets knocked out. Raul tries to change her clothes and is surprised to see boobs (he thought Fino is a boy). Fino awakens and gets the wrong idea he wanted to do something funny on her. Because her dad used to kidnap girls and do funny things to do. Fino calms down and understands when he explains why he did so. Seems Fino will be staying upstairs in the staff’s room. She has no home and this will be her temporary castle. Raul sees her shamelessly washing her hair next to the kitchen sink and half naked. Not so embarrassed anymore, isn’t she? And she used a dishwasher to clean her hair… Fino is pretty grateful that since her dad got done in, she is able to see what the human world looks like. She might not have to go through all this if her father was still around but she thanks him for being around. Raul feels this isn’t bad after all. He thought he was unlucky to be stuck with her but will keep teaching her new things. Fino then messes with the hairdryer’s turbo button and it releases a typhoon that slams them to the wall. Raul takes back what he said. He is unlucky after all.

Episode 2
Raul explains the use of magic in appliances although now it is only used in public works. It will be running in every household in the future and he hopes business and sales could pick up then. He walks into the staff’s room to see Fino sleeping naked. Remember, this is not your house. Fino as usual messes up her lines while practising. This time about returning of goods. You don’t exchange lives when people come back to return the goods. The store assistant manager, Visor Crossroads summons them to remind them not to go destroying demo products like this hair dryer. Because he was once a magic engineer, he manages to fix its magic syntax which allows normal humans to use them. Visor notes it was hell doing that job and Seara somewhat saved him by offering a job here. Raul teaches Fino the 8 basic lines to say to a customer but she amazingly keeps twisting it to sound something gory. So he writes on her for her to memorize. Later Raul remembers how he tried to find a job via various employment agencies but experienced the bitter truth when such companies do not require his assets as a hero. He bumps into his ex-hero colleague, Airi Ortinet who isn’t pleased he has taken up a job since Raul was the top student in hero school. Raul had no choice. He had written so many resumes that he lost count and this place gave him a chance. Airi is disappointed in him for giving up on his dream. Meanwhile Fino continues to practise her lines but a customer comes in. Not just a customer, but a half naked masked thief wielding a golden axe! She says all those customer lines to him and this confuses the guy. Because Raul is out for lunch and Nova is handling a customer, Fino will handle this herself. However the thief is a wuss and dumb ass because he can miss swinging the axe and gets knocked down when Fino accidentally bows her head. She even takes up his axe and almost slices him!

Raul returns and finds out about the situation. While the thief goes berserk swinging his axe, Raul and Fino can coolly debate among each other about what is happening while avoiding getting hit. Like as though the thief didn’t really matter. Once Fino realizes he isn’t a customer, this means she doesn’t have to speak to him nicely. Back to her usual self. They even easily disarm him and Fino gives him a choice how to die! The thief is so scared that he faints. A real customer comes in and sees Fino holding the axe. Wrong impression… Seara compliments the duo for a great job and Fino feels good. Oh, Seara also congratulates Nova for selling a fridge. That was more important than stopping the thief? Oh well, the thief was a wimp… Later Raul meets up with his ex-hero friends, Blaze Dis and Klein Art. They have not found a job because their only job is to be a hero. They believe this job will one day be back and will be needed again. That night, Raul sees Fino sleeping in the staff’s room and finds a notebook she has written down all those polite lines. She’s trying real hard. When she wakes up, she wants to show him the fruits of her practice and recites all those lines without trying to refer. It was hard at first but she manages to say them all. Raul congratulates Fino who is now a happy girl. It made him think that he hasn’t completely given up on being a hero. Even if he is not doing his dream job, he will do his best in his own way. Next day, he gets a shock thinking Fino has quit because she and her stuffs are no longer in the room. But Seara says she has already found an apartment to live. She can’t live here forever, you know. Guess what? She’ll be living right next to Raul. Is he really this unlucky?

Episode 3
Which is more annoying? Fino sleeping naked in her apartment or her pig alarm clock? Why does she not have to worry? Because she knows Raul is around and will be alright. Oh boy. Raul is not too pleased that Seara was the one who set up Fino to live next to him. The rent is cheap and besides, it’ll be better if Raul is there for her. Really? A customer takes in an old fan for repair. Something many would have discarded to buy a new one but Fino thinks it is something good since it has served her for many years. Lore Beliferal takes to repair it. She is also a staff but is rarely around as she always makes deliveries and goes from home to home to make repairs. The happy customer thanks them. Seara and Visor are in a corporate meeting with bosses, Gil Brand and Eric Fritz. Although their customer satisfaction is the highest among the chains, they have the lowest sales. They are told to double the amount of items to be carried and will put on a big sale. Raul introduces Fino to the Lawson convenience store next door run by Elza Crucial and Lamdimia Do Aximemor or Lam for short (because saying her full name is such a pain). Airi visits Raul again. Raul is impressed she is working for a security company but she isn’t enthusiastic about it. Though Raul feels there is no need to fight demons anymore as the war is over, Airi still thinks demons are evil and cruel creatures. So happen Fino walks into the scene and thinks Airi is an angry customer here to make a complaint. Raul has to shut her up before she reveals her demon identity.

The gang receive a real dirt cheap air purifier that needs to be sold. It is from an unheard of company. Elza who is not on duty visits them and suggests demonstrating it. When Fino turns it on, demon hands start gushing out. Let’s say they act like tentacle rape feature. Elza becomes the first victim followed by Nova. From what I understand from Lore’s explanation, something about its internal magic has gone wrong and making it go out of control. The only way is to turn off the switch. Then she becomes the third victim. Airi becomes the heroine and she hasn’t lost touch of her moves to free the trio. Once they escape, the hands act up again and Airi becomes the victim. Yeah, it disintegrated her shirt too. Raul is in a dilemma to save her because he is not confident in using that hero move he had used ages ago. But Fino tries her best to go save Airi despite not having a chance and becoming a victim too. It’s because Airi is an important customer and she is an employee of this place. Raul has decided. He retrieves his sword that is kept in the cleaning closet and frees them. However it isn’t long before it goes out of control again. They can keep doing this all day long. Yeah. Airi again… Because Fino’s demon powers have not awakened (the reason her eyes are blue instead of red), Raul has one chance left to attack. Airi hints that when it attacks, the back of the machine is left unguarded. Fino becomes the bait as Fino swings his ultimate move to stun it. Before it regenerates, Fino hits the off button. The hands freeze and become sticky white stuff… Fino is impressed with Raul and the latter compliments her for a good job done. Fino introduces herself to Airi but she doesn’t bat an eyelid in revealing she is a demon. There goes all the excuse Raul tried to come up to cover it. Later after Raul brings Fino to a public bath, she wonders if it’s a bad idea to hide the fact she is the daughter of a demon king. Why can’t demons and humans live together? Is being a demon bad? Raul couldn’t answer.

Episode 4
Fino seems to be doing well selling a product to a customer. Till she had to compare its colour to a human organ. Pink like a human’s brain. I didn’t know gall bladders were green… Freak out! Elza requests for help since Lawson is short on staffs. At first Seara wanted to do it just to wear their cute outfit but was stopped by Visor. Reluctantly she has Fino do it but the latter doesn’t want to because she loves Leon. I know store managers love to hear that but since Seara thinks this will help her gain more experience and asserts her authority, I guess Fino has no choice. Fino almost employs her similar attitude when selling foodstuffs to a customer. Spaghetti like lava that will burn your stomach? Elza had to correct her and tell her she was similar to Lam (she said the same stuffs and ‘blamed’ in on horror flicks she loved). She promises to change and keep this a secret (since all of them love horror movies). Fino learns fast in how to man the register, place things in a plastic bag and use the oven. Meanwhile it is so quiet at Leon. No customer. And it’s because Fino is not around. Then that perverted old man comes by again. Another clean swipe at Nova’s butt. He feels so good that he is going to buy lots of stuffs. Just 2 light bulbs… Raul thinks Nova should have put her foot down and scold him but she doesn’t mind it. In fact, she even gives Raul the permission to touch her butt!!! Can I touch your butt too? Raul checks on Fino during his break and she is doing well. Even surprising him she can handle a magic appliance without causing it to blow up.

Fino is taught how to make Lawson’s oden. She mixes in everything! Including sauces, coffee and chilli?! What will be the outcome?! Seriously, when they try it, it tastes good because it has so many flavours! However Lam says this won’t do as this is not the store’s oden. Just like how she emphasis her name to tell she is a dedicated person of her family, when she dons this store’s uniform, she has to act like someone who works like how this store should and can’t be selfish. Fino understands and will use the store’s recipe. Meanwhile Raul can’t help think about Nova’s butt! When she is too close to him to help out, he gets too conscious. He tries to break the ice by talking about the clip-on earrings she wears and she is impressed he noticed. Airi sees Fino at Lawson and think she got fired! Then she learns what happened and feels sad that Raul despite complimenting Fino on her uniform, never did the same to her. As Elza teaches Fino how to use the coffee machine, Fino notices she knows her stuffs well. It is because Elza comes from a village in the middle of nowhere. All she had was a catalogue for entertainment and she spent countless hours reading it. So why didn’t she work at Leon? It’s because her goal is not to sell but buy their things. That’s why she works next door to them. Fino is done for the day and brings back her oden to her colleagues at Leon. Looks horrible but tastes good. She even shows how she can manage a coffee machine without blowing it up and Raul comments she too is going to change. Now that Fino is back at Leon, an old customer wants to buy a fridge. However she panics there is no plastic bag big enough to fit it! Wow. One day at Lawson and she has already been so accustomed its working culture.

Episode 5
Raul and Fino are so free that he can even teach her how to use a magic phone. Why do they say hell in hello? It has nothing to do with the underworld, damn it! Visor wonders why there aren’t any customers today. He starts to panic that since it’s Seara’s day off and he is in charge, things might look bad. Make that worse because Fino has ‘beautified’ the outside by putting a poison swamp! Fix that back! Visor gets desperate and thinks of making Fino wear a skimpy cosplay outfit to attract customers. Seara makes a surprise visit. She is here to tell them the reason they have no customers. Amada has opened another store nearby and doing a grand opening sale. Amada who? They are in the same business as Leon but they are a bigger corporation leading with market share with 54% and many stores throughout the country as compared to Leon with less than 3% market share and a handful of stores and most of them concentrated in the capital. Amada beats Leon in everything that includes pricing and service. In worst case scenario, they might go out of business. Fino panics because she doesn’t want this place to close down. She loves it here. Managers love that kind of loyalty, eh? So Seara initiates the emergency meeting. Ideas please? Raul thinks of making their own flyers but it’s too obvious. Fino suggests using sacrifice! An altar for the evil god of prosperity! Yeah, maybe they can sacrifice pessimistic Visor. So that dude suggests infiltration. What better way than to get to know your enemy better. Seara orders Fino and Raul to do it (because boss says so) and so as not to make it like they are employees of Leon, they should make it look like they’re on a date. I think Fino may have the wrong idea because she dresses up in a golem armour. Yeah. Nobody recognizes her alright. But it’s still a no.

Amada opens its doors to the public. The crowd streams in like as though this is an otaku doujin convention. Airi is one of the employees there. She is embarrassed in a Playboy bunny outfit greeting the customers. Since she is bowing her head, she missed Fino and Raul while coming in. Fino seems to be having fun although she takes it as trying to uncover all their secrets. Elza and Lam are there too. Elza cheekily says to Raul that he always turns her down when she asks him out but has no problem with Fino. Guys are interested with new girls on the block? Raul is somewhat saved when an Amada employee heard Lam looking for a magical bakery. He gets kicked in the crotch for shortening her name and Elza hounds him for all the features she wants to have in it. I guess next time for Raul, huh? Fino tries to act like Fino’s girlfriend by holding his hand despite not knowing what a girlfriend is. Duh. They even help a lost old lady and bring her to a section she wants to go. Fino wonders if there are so many employees, why isn’t one helping her? Raul explains in a big corporation, every employee is designated his place and do not leave. But Fino scratches her head further. This is a big company and a customer is still a customer, right? Leon has surprise visitors: Gil and Eric. They also notice Amada’s new opening store. They quickly mention that if their sales are directly affected by it and go down by 40%, they’re reconsidering to close. But they have a proposal. Meanwhile Raul is fascinated by an employee who knows his stuffs in camera products and its latest technology. Didn’t know all that, didn’t he? Raul experiences more professionalism of customer service when he gives his name card, Ciel Script. As part of the opening gig, Sphere (yes, that real idol group consisting of seiyuus) make their performance on stage. Raul is flustered when Fino says she’ll work hard to be his girlfriend (I wonder if she really understood that). After all the misses, Raul and Airi finally bump into each other.

Episode 6
So this is the security job she’s supposed to do? Is this really security? So what happened? Airi chose a job with a high paying salary but couldn’t last for 3 months because she had to lie to people. So she ended up in Amada since she needed money and had to put up with the dressing and other job requirements. Looks really pathetic at what she is doing now instead of being a hero. Airi is startled to hear they are ‘dating’. Fino didn’t bat an eyelid saying she is his girlfriend and living together (next door as Raul corrected). Airi chides him a pervert (jealousy speaking here) and choosing her just because she had bigger boobs. Raul had to blow their cover that they are on reconnaissance just to clear this up. Airi prefers to show them around like as though she is working because it beats them walking around pretending to be a couple. A customer tries to sexually harass Airi. Because she scolds him, he asserts his right as a customer which reduces her to an apologetic person. Fino doesn’t give a damn and is going to teach him a lesson but that wimp flees. They are confronted by Ciel and the store manager. Ciel knows who Raul and Fino are. Eric brings the other Leon staffs to some factory of Delila Magtec. The employee shows them around and the reason why their stuffs are so cheap is because they use harmless monsters that are good in doing repetitive stuffs. Therefore their labour cost is zero. However the downside is they overwork and die. Because they view them as monsters and simply replace them, they don’t think much about them. This doesn’t sit well with the Leon staffs. Eric understands and wants to make a strategic partnership with them but was told it won’t happen. Because they’ve made a partnership with Amada. So why show them around? Because they were told by Amada if those Leon guys ever show up, allow them to inspect their facilities. Raul and Fino are also told the same thing by Leon. They won’t even hold back to small competitors and know their tactics of snooping around. They also know Raul initially didn’t want to join Leon and can offer him an attractive package like how they did to Airi. However Raul won’t give in. He is motivated to take down the enemy. The stronger the better.

Back at Leon, the gang discuss they have been had by Amada. They’re a step ahead of them. Although Seara commends Raul’s boldness, now she wants him to take responsibility since he declared an all-out war. Now he and Fino have to wear that hideous and over-sized Leon mascot to hand out flyers. Yeah. Fino is just scaring the kids away. Amada is doing even better. They have a truck to advertise their store. They even attract the otaku guys using Sphere as promotion. Raul feels defeated but all is not lost because the lady whom he helped at Amada finds out they are working at Leon. She is happy to instantly buy an air-cond from them because the employees at Amada were spewing tough technical terms she couldn’t understand. Raul is simpler and friendlier. First sales of the day but it feels so good, no? Raul wants Lore to help install the air-cond but it seems she needs to head over to Suinoya to fix a magic appliance problem. Raul will deal with it so Lore can straightaway go install the air-cond instead of making the old lady wait. Raul explains to Fino that some people aren’t born with magic and need a tank to store them. Leon also helps replenish those magic tanks but they do it for free as part of Seara’s policy. Raul tests the tank and after filling it up, it instantly drops back to zero. The lady is willing to close her store till Lore comes to fix it but Raul is feeling good and won’t give up. Fino tries her hand at it and some slimy thing starts crawling all over her hand! I guess the slime had a good time molesting Fino’s boobs before it explodes into sticky white stuff… Raul explains that was a slime that feeds on magic and it made a nest there. It couldn’t absorb all of Fino’s magic and exploded. Normally it shouldn’t be found in cities but I guess it was in search of food since most appliances these days run on magic. The grateful lady gives them free drinks. Raul gets a call from Lore and it seems there is trouble.

Episode 7
The problem is double booking. Grandma’s son, Shimoji has ordered an air-cond from Amada. Because grandma wasn’t sure of anything and didn’t consult, Shimoji went ahead to buy one. Because Amada’s unit costs $20,000 less (they stock in bulk so they can sell at cheaper prices), Shimoji can’t afford Leon’s and will be go with Amada’s despite grandma’s arguments that Leon’s staffs were nicer. Raul has no hard feelings since this is business although grandma keeps apologizing for troubling him. Before Leon could leave, Shimoji stops them and it seems they have a problem. Their magic meter reading shows that it is low and thus cannot operate an air-cond. If it does, the breaker will trip. They check around the house to see if any appliances are over using any magic but could find none. They think it’s the bad wiring. That job itself costs $300,000. That’s a lot. Plus, if they want to cancel the purchase, it will cost them $10,000 cancellation fees and additional $3,000 visitation fees. Leon would have charged them the same amount too. While the Amada guy goes off for his other appointments, the Leon staffs stay back to find the cause. Then the magic meter drops to zero. They think it’s that slime magic eater. You mean it took them that long to guess this? I was already thinking about this since the problem cropped up. Anyway Fino wants to use her magic again. However Lore advises her not to because her magic is so powerful that it will cause all the appliances’ circuits to malfunction.

They finally find tons of magic eaters beneath the flooring! The plan is to lure them away. Lore draws some magic circuit outside the house and has Fino stand on it. Using a faint of her magic, the magic eaters are slowly drawn out and start covering over her. She must endure the gross and sliminess in order to draw every slime out. Leaving one behind will not do. Raul tried to be a hero and pull her out when she is enveloped in slime but got sucked in. When the last slime is out, Lore gives the signal for Fino to use her intense magic and explode it. At the end of the day, Shimoji changes his mind that he wants to get the air-cond from Leon. He realizes what grandma said was true about them being great people. He doesn’t mind paying the cancellation and visitation fee as they have learnt an important lesson. And so Leon celebrates this victory of Amada and as Seara notes, they may not be as big and powerful as Amada but they have their own weapon. They just need to press on and continue what they did today. Next morning, Raul is shocked to find naked Fino sleeping next to him. Did something happen last night? He tries to cover her up but she opens her eyes and misinterprets this situation as trying to rape her. She fears she has become pregnant as said by her dad. Of course not, silly. Fino remembers last night she felt hot and ‘smelled’ something cool (his mini stand fan) and went over to sleep with him. Fino is glad to work in a magic appliance shop as she gets to help them but Raul’s thoughts are if only Airi’s feelings were the same. When the duo arrive for work, they see Nova collapsed on the floor.

Episode 8
The store’s air-cond has broken down and Nova is on the verge of heatstroke. In order to cool her down (albeit just a bit), Raul unbuttons her shirt to air (and fanservice). Seara and Visor see this and start teasing the beast in him awakening. Leon is given a range of summer products that they don’t normally hold to sell. Because competing with Amada on basic stuffs won’t do, they have to increase their product range. Raul and Fino man the stall outside but Fino is leaking magic since she is dizzy. She accidentally touches the box of fireworks and let’s say there are wonderful daylight fireworks. If you can see them. As their uniforms are being washed, the only ones left to wear is swimsuit. I guess this also helps cool them down. And yeah, what a way to attract customers in sexy poses. Uh huh. Sex sells. Lore is still busy fixing the condenser. It’s going to take a while but she rather do this than wear that skimpy swimsuit. Too bad, Seara. She really wanted to see Lore in one. Fino who wants to frolic in a kiddie pool unwittingly does product demonstration so much so a kid pesters his mom to buy one. Elza and Lam are here to visit since they have finished their shifts. As repayment of favour from the last time, Seara has them help out and put on a swimsuit to help out. Lam becomes innovative as she makes a great deal. For those who purchase the camera, they will be allowed to take a picture with one of their staffs. In an instant, the cameras are sold out. Uh huh. Sex sells.

When it’s over, Elza starts flirting with Raul and hints if he would like to take a proper picture of her. Too bad Airi had to ruin it all and feel disappointed in Raul for jumping from one girl to another. First Fino, now Elza? Lam takes it that Airi likes Raul but the latter is too tsundere to admit. Airi even admits she is here for reconnaissance as payback for last time. Lam gets another idea. For Airi to get closer to her enemy-cum-rival (Elza), she needs to put on the swimsuit as per of the reconnaissance. She’s not going to wear that but when reminded she put on that embarrassing Playboy bunny suit… Fearing people from Amada would recognize her, she is given a mask. Instantly the guys are taken by this masked beauty and want a photo. Airi kicks them. Turns out they are super masochist because they love it. Ever innovative Lam calls out that those buying above $3,000 will get a free kick from this masked beauty! Gosh. Another sell-out. And Airi gives a free one for Raul just for the heck of it. More fanservice when her top falls off. The guys must really enjoy this. At the end of the day, Raul is approached by Shimoji. He is a reporter for Capital Economic Times and wants to write an article on them. He thinks Leon is amazing as the staffs here work hard. Meanwhile Amada’s store manager is being hauled up by the big boss. Ever since they have opened their chain store here, Leon’s sales did not experience a drop in sales. Thanks to the article that praises Leon’s hardworking, knowledge using, courage and friendship, he feels it is going to be harder than expected to drive the small store out of business. He feels disappointed in the store manager and dismisses him.

Episode 9
Leon receives their paycheque. A little more than usual thanks to their hard work. Fino is extremely nervous since this is her first. Ah, remember when you got your first pay? Seara suggests buying something to remember this day. As Seara treats her staffs, she also suggests Fino to set her priorities right (because she wanted to use her pay to buy all the toys in the kiddie meal) so she has Fino accompany her shopping tomorrow. There goes his day off. The first thing Fino wants to buy? Roach motel? Even demons hate those bugs? Oh, there’s one flying in. Fino panics and clings onto Raul. Till they discover it is just a cicada. They blush upon realizing their close proximity. Next day, Fino like a country bumpkin is nervous trying to make her purchase at the cash register. But eventually she overcomes it and even signs on a member card. Fino’s earnest and simple logic of earning money and buying stuffs so people can be happy impresses Raul. At first he only took up this job just to earn a living as he wanted to be a hero. He is glad she has changed and to a point people may not think she is the Demon King’s daughter. As Fino wants to go shopping some more, Fino brings her to a market that sells everything. Amazed at the sight, she goes on a buying spree and almost got knocked down by a car but Fino saves her. Don’t be over happy, okay?

At the souvenir shop, the lady mistakes them as a couple. Though Fino dismisses they are, Fino felt happy being called that and hopes to be his girlfriend for today. Hope she understands what that means. Fino is at a shop selling swords. He is impressed with some rare sword on sale. Since he is not paying attention to Fino, she wanders off back to the souvenir shop to buy something, gets lost and then… Kidnapped? When Fino realizes she is missing, he goes looking for her. He did find her but she is put in a lovely dress. She says somebody pulled her in and suddenly put this on her. She happily gets close to him. A photographer takes a shot of them and gives the instant photo free to them. Raul is embarrassed at the thought they look like a good couple. Then he learns Fino spent her entire pay buying lots of useless stuffs. How is she going to survive till the next pay? Never thought of that, didn’t she? Yeah. Traumatic breakdown. She needs some financial management classes. He cheers her up with a tasty crepe. And then she gives him the souvenir as remembrance for today as well as thanks for helping her out ever since she came. A handphone strap with the hair of a hero who got killed by the Demon King. Charmed… On the way back when Raul is buying some drinks, he hears Fino’s cry. Although the perpetrators ran away, Fino is messed up. Are there people after her? She asks if she should have been the next Demon King. Because when her father was taken out, many people lost their jobs and those in weapons and armour industry went out of business. She mentions it was heroes who told her to become the next Demon Lord and to make a world where heroes are needed again.

Episode 10
Fino acts like normal the next morning. It’s not good to dwell on the past, right? At Leon, Fino has got her own set of fans. Kids who are here just to hear her trademark laughter. And yeah. That perverted old man is still groping Nova’s butt. Ah, Leon. A place where kids and old people can be happy. Fino buys more demon-like traps just to attract customers. I’m afraid it seems like scaring them off. But where did she get the money since she spent all her pay? Mail order. Did Elza teach her about the bill coming in later? Oh shi… Raul wonders if she is acting like this due to the other day. Fino has been thinking. She doesn’t want to be the next Demon Lord. Because her father was scary even to weak demons like her mom. That’s why she ran away here. She feels there is a way to not become the next Demon Lord. If she becomes the boss of Leon. Wait a minute. Becoming boss ranks higher than Demon Lord? But what about Seara? She’s the boss, no? Fino will open another store in the demon world and will be the boss. There are lots of nice demons in the demon world. Say what? Nice demons? Just like saying they’re angels… Anyway she’ll have Raul be her assistant if that happens. Raul thinks that even if she becomes the Demon King, heroes will still be unneeded since she is such a nice person. Meanwhile this mysterious person who has been popping up a couple of episodes ago, Raid Mirroring sees Lam. They know each other as Lam’s family is a scion in the demon world. Raid requests Lam’s assistance to make Fino the next Demon King. She refuses but Raid has an amulet, Bloodstone of Control that would make Fino inherit it. Lam asserts the Demon King is gone but as Raid puts it, he will always come back, time and time again.

After Fino gets reprimanded by Raul for not taking detailed contacts of a customer’s order, Blaze and Klein want to talk to him. They mention the hero system is coming back as they heard the Demon King is coming back. More accurately, a replacement. They know Fino is her name and think Raul was keeping an eye on her. Fino denies and they think he has been seduced by her. They reveal they were the ones tailing them during their ‘date’ and attacked Fino. Raul defends Fino is just a normal girl and is working hard at their shop. Blaze reminds him how devastated he was when he lost his dream. They are going to bring the Demon King back themselves and set this world right. Raul maintains Fino is not going to be the Demon King and warns them not to hurt Fino. Blaze feels disappointed as he thought he was the real hero. Lam and Elza go cheer up Fino having lunch. Lam hints to her to live the way she wants and not lose faith. She cheekily flips Elza’s skirt to show Fino the battle panties she is wearing she wants to show Raul. Eh? What? This motivates Fino. She then sees the customer and chases after his taxi to get his details. Then she gets kidnapped for real. Fino goes looking for Fino when he realizes she is not in Leon or Lawson. Then he sees her dropped order form and fears the worst. Meanwhile Klein talks to Airi as Ciel talks to his boss about the list of weapon and armour makers that will be reopening. Fino wakes up and is not pleased Raid is behind all this. She rejects his suggestion to be the next Demon King. Blaze is also in cohorts with him. He tells her this place was once a hero prep school. He blames the demons that had they been doing their job, everyone including Raul would have been living as great heroes now. Fino doesn’t believe but Blaze throws a group photo of them as heroes. Now do you believe?

Episode 11
Raul tells Seara and co what happened. He is going to rescue her at all cost. Raid shows Fino the amulet that will allow her to control all demons weaker than her. This treasure has been passed down through the Demon King’s family line and will make her the next one. Raid adds this is the only way to go as demons need a new king to unite them and survive. Fino thinks they should just get a job and work but they play around with her guilt. Raul was forced to work in that store because he lost his dream. Now if she becomes the Demon King, Raul can be a hero again and everyone happy. Raul enters the prep school and confronts Blaze. He won’t change his mind in joining them and will rescue Fino. Since it’s like this, Blaze is going to kill him with the sword he wanted so much. Blaze adds that their predecessors have made a contract. They let the Demon King live so the war could go on. Look at it this way. If the Demon King was really killed, heroes would still be worthless, right? Raul starts laughing. He couldn’t believe this was what he really wanted to be. Now that he is free from guilt and nothing holding him back, Raul picks up a ruler and swiftly defeats Blaze. Raul is about to free Fino but here comes Airi. Though she is against the idea of resurrecting the Demon King, she is here solely to defeat the Demon King’s daughter. She hates demons because they killed her family, the reason why she wanted to become a hero. Raul fights Airi to protect Fino. I guess words won’t get through her so the best way is to fight it out. Using this to his advantage, Raul continues to play mind games with Fino. It is ironic now both heroes are trying to kill each other. She is the only one who can save them. Please choose wisely.

Klein rides a 3 headed dragon to attack Leon. However it is fused with magic protection so the store still stands. Seara then shows us the true terror of her billings and costing of the disruption, interference, damages, etc. She turns that all into magic and blasts away Klein! The madder she is, the more powerful. They have Klein tell them Fino’s whereabouts. Airi and Raul just took each other out. Fino feels guilty for letting this happen. Her tears drop onto the amulet which activates her demon instincts. She breaks free from her chains and flies towards the demon world. Airi is still alive because Raul’s weapon was a ruler. Which means Raul… Even in death, Raul can be talkative. Even suggesting she should work at Leon so she could be with Fino. At least Airi has realized that Fino was a nice girl to begin with. And then Airi sees her sword stuck in something. That’s the handphone strap. So the souvenir saved his life. Raul is so happy that he starts hugging her. They are going to save Fino but Raid won’t let them. Seara and co come by to stall Raid so Raul can go save Fino. Seara dressed as a witch girl as well as Elza use their magic items to keep Raid at bay. It’s like killing 3 birds with 1 stone because they are also advertising and demonstrating the use of their products. How can Raul get to the demon world quick? Ah, here’s the perverted old man to give them a ride. Because Nova asked him. See, sometimes getting your butt swiped has its advantages. Raul and Airi learn Lam is from the demon world but they’re not going nuts over it. She explains they must prevent Fino from reaching back to her world as the dying regrets of the previous Demon King are left behind. If she touches it, she’ll be the new Demon King.

Episode 12
The volcano is erupting and the town is declared under the state of emergency. Visor thinks of closing the store since nobody is coming. However a group of otakus rush in to buy disaster supplies (since they always have stock left). The closer Raul and co get to the palace, the more demons and beasts show up to attack them. They take some damage so Lore had to fix it up while they fend of vampire bats. Airi borrows Lam’s demon sword while Raul does his best with his, erm, ruler. When it is up and running, they are attacked by harpies. This time the damage is permanent and they crash land. Lore has injured her leg but the perverted old guy will take care of her. I guess she’ll do if Nova is not around. Lore hands Raul a sword believed to be from Seara’s brother (because Raul lost his ruler). It’s déjà vu again since Raul and Airi are racing up to the Demon King’s palace slashing demons and beasts like old times. Lam opens the door and only lets Raul through. She leaves it up to him to save Fino. Because he’s the real hero, right? Lam and Airi will stay back to guard the door from those advancing pests. Raul finds Fino before the palace door. She starts attacking and since talking didn’t change anything, Raul reiterates those 8 basic lines to say to a customer. Fino does react to it till finally she is free from her spell, though she has no memories why she is here. However this doesn’t last long as the door starts to open and Fino once more is turning back into a Demon King. Reluctantly. Raul tries to close the door but seriously, can he hold back that massive thing? Fino can’t control her body and starts strangling him.

Raul makes one last attempt to convince Fino via talking to her. Talking about her personality, her smile and more importantly, not only customers are waiting for her but everyone including himself is waiting for her. He’ll be lost without her. See the power of words? In an instant, Fino is broken free of her spell and the door closes. Raid laments his plan didn’t work and will back down for now. However Seara won’t let him leave like this. She hands him an invoice for all the damaged goods. Seriously, Raid wants to pay via monthly instalment via card? I thought he would just reject everything and screw their company policy whatever. Seara treats her staffs and Airi to a celebration party as thanks for their hard work. As Blaze and Klein are reflecting their actions in hospital, Airi ponders about her future. Next day at Leon, Raul praises Fino as a perfect Leon employee as she managed to take her first order and it was that order form he showed her that brought her back to her senses. Elza wants to see their catalogue of rice cookers because Seara has given her 30% discount vouchers on all products. Rice cookers? Lam puts it as because she wants to cook for Raul. I guess she’s not giving up. The biggest news of all is when Seara introduces a new colleague: Airi. She puts her under Fino’s care and the Demon King’s daughter is ecstatic that she has a chance to play senior. Airi’s switch to Leon is because she has seen some things in Amada in which she shouldn’t have seen (although I am not sure if she resigned or got fired). Though she maintains she still hasn’t given up being a hero and is just a reluctant decision on her part to do this. She is confident she’ll get a real hero job that will really help people. Till then, she’ll be reluctantly here. Raul notes she is just like him then.

Episode 13 (OVA)
Raul’s little sister, Miuri is going to visit him during summer vacation. She can’t wait to see the hero he has become. Oh, if she only knew… She is greeted by Raul in an armour and is ecstatic that this must be what a hero is all about. Suddenly the Demon Lord Fino throws Raul a challenge. She has kidnapped Princess Seara and if he wants to save her, come to the Three Great Hells. Sound so scripted… Could it be? Yeah, it could. Fino’s skimpy outfit could be enough to corrupt Miuri’s mind but she’s gullible enough to believe it’s because she’s the Demon Lord that she dresses like that. Maybe it’s real hot in hell. Miuri would like to tag along to see how big brother works as a hero. And so, Three Great Hells turn out to be a hotspring… Raul has to be entrance fee per person to Visor if he wants to enter… We see a flashback that Raul pleaded to Seara he worries his sister will find out he is working in a magic appliance shop instead as a hero. So he can’t be honest with her? It’s because she really believes so. Seara understands and will help her out. So everything has gone according to Seara’s plan so far. Raul and Miuri enter the first challenge. Nova is buried in the sand. With Lore as one of Fino’s ‘elites’, their battle is to scoop away the sand till the flag on her tit drops. Can Miuri even see this? She must be confused the whole time watching this. Raul knows he is screwed either way in this last move. The flag will drop and Nova will be completely exposed. But Nova believes in him. For some reason, Fino slips and drops it. Hero’s win? Now that Lore and Nova have become part of Raul’s party, they proceed to the next challenge. Raul is in a sword fight with Airi. A whirlpool destroys Airi’s armour and knocks Raul out. He remembers making a promise with Miuri that he will come home once he has become a hero. Even if she is the only person who believes in him, he will not disappoint her. He gets up and charges at Airi. Airi thought she won but Raul has the last laugh. Erm, why did he need to shred her clothes? He deserves a slap for that.

The next challenge sees Raul facing off with Elza and Lam with their super whirlwind washing machine. Airi jumps in to assist Raul and soon the battle turns into a different one… Because Elza admits she loves Raul and won’t lose to him! Airi is still a tsundere. But does Miuri understand what is happening? Because Raul is such a dense guy and wants them to stop them, the girls get upset and blast him. But I suppose he has to win the match and now with all the lot joining his party (is this a hero party or a harem?), they made it to Seara. Raul cuts her loose and thanks her for playing along but as we know, Seara has a trick up her sleeve. Fino appears as the last boss and with the giant plant monster, it grabs all the girls in its tentacles. I figure Fino ordered the wrong monster plant and the super kind so she too gets tentacle grabbed by the monster. The girls are put into a plant stem whereby all their clothes melt. Hmm… In place of tentacle rape, I guess this works as a substitute. Raul gets beaten up by the plant despite trying his best to save Miuri. Miuri actually had a feeling her brother isn’t a hero. He heard people talk back at her village that the hero programme was abolished. She refused to accept that he must have failed and the reason why he hasn’t returned. But now she believes he is one and emits a powerful magic to break everyone free. Then she transfers some of her magic into Raul’s sword for him to finish off the monster. Before Miuri leaves, Raul apologizes for getting her involved but she is happy to see his heroic side. But why does she have magic? Because she is the little sister of a hero. Simple. She takes a photo of them together and is now confident she can tell her parents and everyone in the village the hero Raul has become. No matter what everyone says, he will always be her hero. She is just puzzled that a hero’s job is a little pervy…

No Hard Feelings… It’s Only Business!
Reluctantly… I tried to have some faith in this anime but seriously… I am somewhat not impressed by it till the end. Though this anime has its funny moments especially seeing Fino trying to work hard in becoming a good salesperson of Leon but trying to mix in her demonic values and culture into it sure brings in a few laughter and giggles. But that is so much about it. After a while, you get tired of it because it is basically this same formula of super over-confident Fino trying her best to understand or explain a product but there is always Raul the straight guy to correct her. If not, as she is quite the naive girl but honestly eager wants to learn about her new surroundings, Raul has to give in and be patient and forgive her (because he’d be a jerk if he didn’t if a cutie pie like her shows us her bright sparkly eyes). A little fanservice here, a little fanservice there and that’s pretty much what this show is mainly about. Though it got a little interesting when Fino was reluctantly forced to become a Demon King at the end but then it turned out to be an ordinary rescue-the-damsel-and-bring-her-back affair. And it all ends well since Fino is back as a lowly employee instead of a menacing Demon King. I’m sure we all prefer the former because, yeah well, everybody is much happier that way.

Fino’s arrival in Raul’s life is somewhat a blessing in disguise. At first he becomes the reluctant senior in trying to teach her the ways of how to be a decent employee but slowly when she starts changing, he too began to change. He didn’t see her as a Demon King’s daughter or get worried about her status as one because after being with her long enough, he knows it well that she is just an ordinary girl who wants to do her best to make others happy. And this makes Raul question his own goal in life. Did he really want to become a hero? More importantly, the turn of events made him ponder if it is worth to become such a hero. What defines a hero? You don’t need to pick up a sword and shield, don an armour and go dragon slaying to be that traditional sense of hero. In every kind of job, the term of hero varies and as an employee of Leon, making customers happy and putting a smile on their face is already being a hero. In modern terms, that would be customer satisfaction. That leads to of course job satisfaction. Something I believe Raul has begun to accept as compared in the beginning where he was just reluctantly doing it because he had to. Now that he has put aside his hero ambition, he can fully give it all to Leon.

Fino as the spunky one sometimes it makes me wonder if she is really the daughter of the Demon King. I mean, she is so different and not acting like one that I thought she was adopted or something. The irony is that she has seen her father’s atrocities so many times and for sure as a daughter who grows up directly under her father’s eyes and even having his genes, this would mean there is a strong possibility that Fino would be a mean and badass character, right? Think about this. Do demons even know the meaning of kindness? That’s why I feel that it is odd that when Fino first made her appearance, she might be a little rough around the edges but overall, she is actually a nice girl. So how on Earth (or hell, rather) can she actually be the Demon King’s daughter? Then she mentioned there are many good demons too. WTF. Demons, good? Maybe for this anime but saying that means they aren’t really demons anymore. Unless their race is called Demons. Another odd thing about Fino is when she starts assuming her demonic cultures in her role as an employee. As she was surrounded by such an environment, it has become the norm for her that say, seeing blood in your products is a normal thing. Seeing demons devour others is the normal thing. Even so, how can she differentiate between what is good and bad based on humans’ values? Maybe that’s why it’s a good thing we have Raul by her side, eh? Fino’s innocence and simpleton is also what makes her likeable. She’s not that complicated to harbour big ambitious dreams of becoming a Demon King. Sometimes the silly things she does makes you smile. Like how she could fit and sleep in the kitchen sink just to cool down! Also, her evil trademark laughter sounds so raw… Feels unique, I guess. Everybody all together now, ha-ha-ha-haa…

Other characters feel sufficient as supporting Raul and Fino but I don’t think they will make a memorable impact in the long run like this series. They don’t feel deep either. For example, Visor is a person whom is filled with negativity and pessimism. It makes you wonder how he got this far in life. Maybe it’s because of that. You might have forgotten about his previous job as a magic engineer which I thought was some sort of hint to something. Not. You would also wonder the kind of job Airi did before Amada. But then again, maybe it is better off we do not know. There’s some sort of mystery surrounding Seara but I suppose it’s better to have a mysterious boss than spoil that kind of charm by revealing what she really is. Because she has this mysterious power of invoicing people (and with a smile) and also in the last minute, a used sword from her brother may have suggested that her family comes from a line of heroes. Then you also have Lam who is actually from the demon’s side but the reason why she is working on this side makes you wonder what her goals are. Unless it’s just to earn a living. I mean, what kind of job can you get in the demon world? And I’m sure she is very proud of her family name because she keeps reminding those who say her name (everyone takes the liberty to shorten it). I would have said it too if it wasn’t so tongue twisting confusing. At least it’s not as bad as this anime’s title. But I don’t think I even remember both names till the end. Right, Lam-chan? Lore is emotionless, does not talk much and it very much suits her role as a fix-it-all woman. Nova’s role feels like adding another cutie to the pack and for fanservice while Elza is just there as a potential love rival. Airi is tsundere. Enough said. Then there is Raid who feels like he could have been the main antagonist but that fizzled out when we see his ‘funny’ side at the end. Why didn’t he become Demon King himself? I’m sure the bloodline thingy doesn’t have to do for those who are interested to rule over the demons. Perhaps it is much better serving as an aide because you know, there is this huge responsibility to shoulder even if you’re a Demon King. You get to be more manipulative from the shadows and play puppeteer that way. Erm… Heard of Gil and Eric? I suppose business is thriving at a decent rate so you don’t hear any ‘complaints’ from them.

Speaking of love and romance, it feels fleeting. There are a handful of romantic-like scenes between Raul and Fino when they get too close but nothing pretty much materializes. It is Raul who is perhaps thinking too much since you only see it from him flustering after imagining them being a couple. Fino is more cool and I don’t think she even knows what love is (should demons?). Although there is a small part where she did mention her heart racing that would indicate it has something to do with love. Maybe it was the excitement of her shopping spree… Then there is Elza who may not have said it but her actions are obvious why she sticks around and doesn’t waste her chance to visit Leon whenever she has the chance. It’s more than just her ambitions to buy Leon products. Get what I’m saying. I am not sure if she did confess before or get rejected or didn’t get a reply. Raul was somewhat ‘cool’ when she was hinting about that dating thing or maybe he was just brushing it off as play-play, not serious. I’m sure it’s not for Elza. That’s why it’s interesting for Lam to stick around her and see how this development unfolds. She might have to wait for years, though… And of course you can’t discount Airi, the typical tsundere. Always chiding Raul, always feeling disappointed in him, always misjudging him. It’s like she cares so much about him. Really. Why care if he is ‘dating’ a ‘different girl’? Makes her sounds so jealous. Now she’s got that chance to be closer to him since she has begun working for Leon. I’m not sure about Nova because that butt swiping permission for Raul may be just something that Raul got ahead of himself. Because Nova has got her butt swiped so many times, it’s like she is ‘immune’ to it (although the surprise still scares her). Maybe she just wants a young handsome guy do the swiping instead of an old geezer. Maybe. And with all the potential love candidates at hand, let the love rivalry begin! I wonder how Raul can play hero in this area…

To alleviate the ‘boredom’, I guess that is why a little fanservice is needed with the exception of the OVA where the fanservice is upped a little notch to feature some bare tits. Otherwise mostly they are panty shots and scattered throughout the series. Serious ecchi lovers won’t be impressed by this but I felt that showing bits and pieces of fanservice felt like a ‘reward’ for us viewers watching this show (isn’t it supposed to be the case for all animes with fanservice?) as the mundane stuff of Fino trying to be a good employee and Raul a good teacher to her sets in. The ‘biggest’ fanservice moment has got to be Airi’s hero gear. To put it in short, she’s like wearing panty hose that covers her entire body! She does wear an armour but it was so easily broken off, I guess it is better she just fights around without it. Besides, she moves faster and more agile without them while we feast our eyes on this hero fashion faux pas. Seriously, I thought that it was ironic that she felt so much more embarrassed wearing the Playboy bunny suit which actually covers up more than this panty hose outfit.

Sometimes I find it weird to see a mixture of modern and fantasy stuffs in this anime. I know this anime is partly fantasy setting but something in me just doesn’t feel used to when seeing dragons and funny creatures pulling vehicles like carts. This is the transportation of this world? Feels cartoonish. Especially the cart that they are pulling I thought they wanted to put in some futuristic feel but at the end of the day I personally thought it just looks cartoonish. And then you have some household whereby somebody stands out there recharging the magic meter. It looks like he is standing there because his hands got stuck in something… No, seriously. I thought so.

This anime may not be teaching us about the business world but it sure does try teaching us the main and important things in a service industry where the direct customer is king. One of the many important things people look for when buying a product isn’t its features and sometimes its price. Often, it is the attitude of the salesperson that determines whether a customer buys a product or not. It depends on the feel good factor the salesperson brings. Like in Raul’s case, he and his team was willing to go all the way and out of his job scope just to make his customer happy. Technically, grandma isn’t his customer because she or her son didn’t buy the product for him. But yet, Raul does what he can to solve the problem that isn’t in his area of expertise. He did something he was not obliged to do and in the end, the customer was happy to fork out more to buy his company’s product instead of something cheaper. I would definitely return to buy products from a salesperson who is as dedicated as Raul! Won’t you agree with me? And there’s your repeat customer. This is what you call long term benefits instead of short term monetary or profit gains. Keep up the good work. I guess this is also why the perverted old man keeps coming back to shop at Leon. Can I also please swipe your butt, Nova? Many would have screamed sexual harassment but when your store isn’t doing so good… Also, it shows that a small store like Leon can survive against a giant like Amada not because of its range of products or its competitive pricing. Notice how Leon usually sells other stuffs that are not normally sold by other outlets? You can say maybe a particular group of people only buys from them but hey, they are still customers. And I believe that those otaku people are sizeable in number seeing each time they come to Leon that sells ‘leftovers’, they’ll just grab everything. Therefore, smaller stores can still survive because they carry rare products, something that big chains do not because they get their discounts in buying bulk.

Another point to ponder about the business world is the effect of something may have an entire effect on others. In this case, the hero industry. When the Demon King was defeated, it made many under this industry to go under or unemployed. Lots of dream dashed. But if you think about it, even in the case if Raul and co were to successfully defeat the Demon King, wouldn’t it be the same problem then? How long can Raul and co live and be treated like heroes? Humans have short term memories. Yesteryear’s heroic efforts are fast forgotten especially when the economy is bad. So seriously, would Raul have fared better had he become the real hero? Which brings to another point of collusion. Just like in any industry, to squeeze more out of consumer’s cash, they fix prices like a cartel and in this case we see how Blaze, Klein and Raid conspire with each other just to revive the hero industry. But then it’s back to square one. If the Demon King was defeated, will they truly live like heroes? If they let the Demon King live for the next round of heroes to go in and defeat, then there will never be heroes, right? Sure, the cycle continues and the industry thrives but no true heroes will be made. So it’s pretty ironic in this anime’s sense that the heroes became desperate bad guys, got lost in their dream and ambition and did something silly just for short term gain. I know. They should have reluctantly gotten a job instead of dreaming of glories that never materialized. Now who is going to pay their medical bills…

Next time you are thinking about complaining about how boring your job is or how much it sucks, just be reminded that there are other jobs out there that are much worse than what you are doing. Like cleaning elephant poo at the zoo. Really. If you think being customer is king and is always right, just remember that the salesperson is also human just like everyone else. Unless you’re the daughter of the Demon King. Still, that doesn’t exempt you for being treated differently. They make mistakes and have feelings too. If both sides reciprocate kindness, in the end everybody will be feeling a lot happier. Looking back at the title of the anime, it somehow reminded myself of something similar. How should I put it… Because I couldn’t become a useful person, so I reluctantly decided to become an otaku.

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