Yuyushiki Special

April 21, 2017

Hold on a second. I thought this series was dead? So when Yuyushiki Special came out in early 2017, I was really surprised because it has always been almost 4 years since the TV series ended. And with not a very good impression on me since all I remember was the boredom in sitting through the dozen episodes. Then they come out with this special like as though they want me to remember the boredom back then with another new episode of boringness. Of course I have the option of not watching it but what to do? My nostalgia sensors were ringing (even if it was for the wrong reasons) so I can’t let this slip by. Maybe things have changed. Maybe the jokes are better. Maybe I should give this a chance. A few minutes watching into the special and then I saw the title of the episode… Too late… Having that sinking feeling now…

Annoying Someone And Being Annoyed By Someone
* Yuzuko always wanted to shout “I love you” to Yui. Yukari? Soak in a bathtub with her school uniform. Yui? Eat sukiyaki. With her clothes on of course.
* They email a photo of Yukari riding Yuzuko like a horse. Its caption reads “Driving without a licence”. Do you learn how to drive like this at the driving school?
* Yui talks to Yukari about how some people’s hands go up when they try to explain. Yukari falls for this trick so Yuzuko takes advantage by hanging her bag over them.
* Yuzuko is hungry and wants Yui to get her something to eat. She’s not saying what so Yui had to guess. She came with all the correct food. Maybe she’ll just eat anything.
* Yuzuko tricks her friends into making them think she has caught a bug with a handkerchief. No bug! Oh, but there is. It is squished dead.
* Yuzuko feels like kicking Yui. But Yukari softly kicks her leg but her own leg is in pain? Is she trolling us? Yui is annoyed by this but as Yuzuko says, if they don’t annoy her, they will have to annoy Aizawa! Yui in that case would prefer to be annoyed then. Though, Aizawa wouldn’t mind being annoyed. Are you annoyed? Because of that, Yuzuko will continue annoying her like a fan. Is this domestic violence?
* They later look up its definition. The duo try to follow its definition by messing around and annoying her but without bad intentions and then also making up for it. I think blowing your warm breath doesn’t quite cut it.
* Aizawa is afraid to come into the club since Yuzuko is fiercely denouncing the person outside as the enemy. Bread faction? When she does come in, she is made to sit on Yui’s chair. Okaasan comes in to talk with Aizawa. This prompts Yuzuko to have Aizawa call Okaasan her mom. Because Yuzuko likes the sound of it.
* They ask how Okano became friends with Aizawa. Because she is cute. How about Hasegawa for Okano? Because she seems pitiful.
* Yuzuko wants to clean Yui’s ear. However she would rather have a curry party than that. The duo agree to that although they would still want to clean her ears.
* Yuzuko tricks Yui into doing some finger hook thingy. Yukari can’t help laugh her ass off.
* Next month is Yukari’s birthday but Yuzuko is already asking what to do for her birthday next year. Again Yukari can’t stop laughing.
* They discuss about the definition for the idiom ‘there is no way of knowing what is in the demon’s jar’ (impossible to predict the future) and come up with all sorts of silly ideas on what is in it.
* Yuzuko suggests going on a trip and making a memorable one. Of course by that she means Yui will have to take care of everything. Can’t Yui have fun like them too? Isn’t watching them have fun good enough? They thought it was her only source of happiness! You kidding her?
* Yuzuko wants to take a bath and say “Choo Choo!”. Yui thought her parents would be worried if she said that but nothing would be more worrisome if she said, “I wanna die!”. As the friends leave, Yuzuko just wants everyone to say “Choo Choo!” when they go to the bath for the sake of world peace. Peace is never having her annoy me again. And they quietly enjoy a nice hot bath.

Being Annoyed Bored To Death…
Just as I feared. The special wasn’t anything special. It was still as boring as hell. Sure, I did quip at the few silly jokes (bad enough that it had to be funny) but that wasn’t enough to label this special any better than the TV series. It is sad that because my overall sentiments for the TV series were already low, that mentality will be stuck with me for the rest of my life and thus the special will have to do way better than this if they really want my opinion of the series to change. For instance, it would have been way better and more interesting if this special actually come to realize that conspiracy theory that I mentioned in my previous blog on how Yui’s friends are just imaginary friends! Oh yeah. Imagine how shocking that would be. I would have understood why it didn’t turn out so but now I wished it would even if it was a lie. All for the sake of being entertained!

There is nothing more for me to comment on as the characters remain the same from what I remembered. Yuzuko is the main troublemaker and the crazy oddball as well as Yukari as her accomplice. They are supposed to be the idiots that make the series funny. Yui on the other hand is supposed to play the straight (wo)man and for most of the time have this annoyed looks on her face. I understand it can really get to you when you have such annoyed friends. Is it me or is Yukari breaking out laughing a lot here? Is this some sort of conditioning to tell us it is funny and make us laugh? I know I didn’t. Because it’s like saying Yuzuko is an idiot. Whatever she does, you must laugh. Not funny. Just annoying. Other characters like Okaasan, Aizawa and co make their cameo appearances that didn’t amount to anything much so that we could remember this series is more than just about the trio.

Overall, if this special was to rekindle any sentiments for fans of the series and perhaps to make another comeback and a sequel, it certainly didn’t work for me. It still felt boring and despite a 27 minute of running time, it felt like I sat there for an hour. Maybe I’m so bored that I am already going crazy. Just like how Yuzuko is a reminder that inside everyone one of us, we have a crazy side making us say and do crazy things. That’s why I hope I can leave this series behind in peace by saying “Choo Choo!” once it is done. CHOO CHOO!


October 26, 2013

Whenever there is an anime that lacks any plot in the storyline, the best bet in making it interesting has got to be the characters, right? Well, I thought this was what Yuyushiki is going to be since the synopsis even went something about how the protagonist girls of this series try to make their daily lives interesting even in the most mundane of events. That says a lot and yet nothing much about what this anime is about, right? And so, with one of my shortest (if not the shortest) anime series blog introduction, here we go if this moe slice of life comedy will sink or swim.

Episode 1
Yui Ichii feels embarrassed when she dresses into her high school uniform. Yuzuko Nonohara waits for Yui and plans how to tease her but a cat distracts her and is forced to maintain eye contact for fear it might run away. What happens if you sneeze… Yukari Hinata feels sleepy but she stumbles and bangs the wall. I guess it woke her up. The trio meet on their first day in high school and are glad to find themselves in the same class. After the entrance ceremony, they see a club recruitment poster by the Data Processing Club in which currently has zero members. At the bookstore, Yuzuko and Yukari interrupt Yui so she lost count of her sales tax calculation. When they leave, Yuzuko seems to have triggered the sensor. Did she steal something? She’s panicking. The bookstore employee asks if she has any tangled cords and it seems the cords wrapping her iPod is indeed causing the sensor to beep. While they stop to have dango, Yuzuko suddenly wants Yui to kiss her. If not, fondle her boobs! What could be worse than that? Licking the foodstuff off her face. Didn’t they realize many are watching them? Who knows how many are yuri lovers. Yuzuko and Hinata jab Yui’s ribs and since they won’t stop, Yui threatens to break Yuzuko’s little finger! But they didn’t learn their lesson since the duo continue to play with Yui’s hair, making her feel embarrassed. Back in class, the next lesson is English and they know who their teacher is: Yoriko Matsumoto. She is a person whom they call Okaasan (Mom). As an English teacher, she asks her class if they have any favourite English words. Sure they have but they sound so American.

The trio later see Okaasan outside a clubroom in which is the Data Processing Club. Noting they are interested to take a peek, she hands them the key. The room is small but cosy. They make use of the computers in the room. Yuzuko mentions her S&M test results makes her an ‘S’. So? She wants to hit Yui!!! Can she?! Why is she breathing so hard?! She thinks Yui is an ‘M’ and true enough, her test result pops out so. Now Yukari wants to hit her too! Unfortunately the twin terror got hit instead. The test is all bull… Who is the sadistic one? The girls search for topics on the sun. Learning that 99.8% of the solar system’s matters are from the sun and the balance from Jupiter, Yuzuko and Yukari imagine their body as the sun, the mole would be the sunspot and the little finger as Jupiter. What about Earth? A strand of hair? Yuzuko accidentally plucks it out and loses it. The duo panic that it is the end of the world! How did this even get side-tracked? On the topic of the sun’s distance to Earth, Yuzuko is worried if their house is that far from school. How will they commute? Why not just change school? Finding out a period in the 17th century when it got cold due to sunspots dying out, Yuzuko thinks Maunder Minimum phenomenon sounds like a freezing finishing death move. At the end when it is time to leave (because Yukari’s tummy is growling), Yuzuko writes on the board of today’s club activities’ summary. “The sun is amazing. Incredible too. Maunder Minimum. “Death to the enemy”. Whatever. Yuzuko trips on a loose brick and loses her balance. This causes Yui to snicker at her and so embarrassed she is that she couldn’t talk properly.

Episode 2
The trio make a joke and laugh so hard. They even got hooked on the phrase “Just kidding just slipped out” that they even started singing to it. Infectious, isn’t it? In the clubroom, Yuzuko brings up the topic about boobs. She distracts Yui so she could grope hers. This of course seals her death fate as Yui is going to punch her. Too late to regret but still she tries to tell her that the puncher too will feel pain if she punches. So how? Yui uses Yuzuko’s own fist to punch her own face! Double the pain! Still on the topic of boobs, Yuzuko and Yukari feel like wanting to grope Okaasan’s boobs. Yui warns them if they want to do it on Okaasan is fine but not to Chiho Aikawa. Because she seems to have a hard time when they’re around (we know why). Every time Yui talks to her, she quickly takes her leave when the duo gets into the picture. Yeah. I think she’s afraid they’ll do something to her. Seriously. Those two in shock? Okaasan comes to check on them so the cheeky duo surround her to try and grope her boobs but couldn’t because they feel embarrass. Okaasan gives them hope that their boobs will grow because hers did when she was at their age. But what she didn’t say is that her boobs weren’t as small as theirs then. The trio look up the internet about dogs and find some with weirdly long names. This leads them to find the Russian dog named Zvyzdochka that was sent to space. Quick, say that name 3 times fast! Yukari blunders… But she sounds so cute. On their way out, they see Aikawa coming from the opposite direction. Yuzuko and Yukari hide and want Yui to talk to her. But it’s like Aikawa knew what is coming and excuses herself. Yuzuko and Yukari chase after her and think of fondling her boobs. Weren’t they warned?

Yukari shows them a sketch of a cute creature but the rest think it looks hideous. When Yuzuko makes some adjustments to it and Yui laughing her head off, Yukari became jealous and continues drawing that creature on the board and not heeding to their discovery of something amazing on the internet. But she can’t sulk forever and gets dragged back when they proclaim how much they love her. Okaasan comes in to check on them and because there are only 2 computers, the trio have a hard time using it together. Okaasan has another computer back home but it sounds like she doesn’t intend to give it back. As for regular supervision, Okaasan trusts them that they won’t do anything suspicious and thus no need for such. But when Yukari and Yuzuko put up that cheeky snicker, maybe she needs to rethink again. Summer is her and the heat must have gone to the girls’ head. Yeah. Yuzuko is clinging on to Yui like a pervert. She thought Yukari could help her out but she too becomes a pervert snapping a picture and turning into one. If they don’t get off, they’ll feel her death blow. Better calm down if you want to live longer. Yuzuko decides to go get some ice cream from the convenience store. But the heat must be so intense that she got distracted by a cat and followed it. Eventually she comes back with the ice cream but puts it in a refrigerator in the infirmary and labelled it clearly as highly toxic! After the refreshing ice cream, Yui discovers Japan have their own ice cream organization. The duo want to join but feels they have to eat ice cream for 365 days. That’s sickening, right? They also find out strange names given to ice cream in certain countries on certain condition. Yuzuko and Yukari try to say Mellorine and Dondurma in cute and dramatic ways. At the end of the day when the girls leave to get ice cream, Yuzuko writes the summary on the board as usual. Okaasan sees it and adds he own doodles onto it.

Episode 3
Yuzuko and Yukari are so hyped that summer vacation is here. But the summer heat zapped all their energy away. Not so energetic now, eh? While the friends are at the pool, suddenly Yukari wonders what water is. WTF is that question?! It even spreads to Yuzuko. Yuzuko did a prank by pushing Yukari into the water and because it was just mean, she slapped herself! Yuzuko and Yukari make their way to Yui’s house. They treat her room like theirs. Yuzuko thinks the world is packed with some sort of energy now but Yukari believes air conditioning cancels out summer power. Yuzuko wants to know if feigned psychic power or air conditioned room is more important. Yui has another suggestion: Go home! On another day, Yuzuko suddenly texts Yui that they will be coming to sleep over. Better hurry up and clean your room. First thing the duo did was to lock Yui out of her room and rummage through her closet. Of course they were just teasing her but when they hear the banging on the door stop, they wonder if they had made her mad. They peep open the door and suddenly Yuzuko finds her neck locked within Yui’s arms. She knows death is coming… Somehow only Yuzuko bore the punishment. The duo are disheartened that Yui doesn’t sleep in her pyjamas and she already has taken a bath prior to their arrival. I suppose they can’t unleash their whatever pranks they had in mind. They try to convince her she stinks but she is not falling for their mind games. Yui hits back by telling a ghost story instead. When it’s time to sleep, the duo want to sleep on her bed. I don’t know how Yui managed to make them sleep on the futon on the floor. Yui can guess the duo are up to no good because they’re not sleepy at all. She can tell they are creeping up into her bed and whacks them out before anything untoward could happen.

Yukari talks to Yui about Yuzuko how she would shout whatever things pop up in her head. Speaking of her, here she comes. Wearing snorkel? And then she starts throwing tantrum and goes into a fit. She’s dying? Say some last words to her? Well, Yui had only silence for her. Yukari felt guilty for spilling the beans to Yui so she starts acting weird like Yuzuko. Yuzuko wanted to give Yui the snorkel to wear. I don’t think she will after she just licked it like a pervert! Yuzuko goes out to the book store for a while. Aikawa spies on her and notes the book of her favourite author is reading but feels terrible for stalking. When Yukari is away for a family holiday in the tropical islands, she sends pictures back. Her friends couldn’t wonder how come there is a bug in each photo. On purpose? When she comes back, Yukari has worked up a tan. Not that she forgot putting sun lotion, she couldn’t be bothered! Asking her about the bugs, suddenly she becomes afraid that they are poisonous and will die. The duo have a hard time convincing her she won’t but went overboard that she is the strongest. Yukari may have gotten the wrong idea that she is the strongest… In town. Yuzuko chops Yui’s neck so she is being told off not to do something that dangerous. Since Yuzuko doesn’t look like she’s reflecting on it, Yui won’t talk to her. I think she is more irritating trying to convey what she wants to say through her noisy actions. Yuzuko snaps a shot of the 3 of them and sends it to Aikawa. At least it’s not an embarrassing picture of Yui. Wait. She had such pictures? Delete them now!

Episode 4
During the entrance ceremony, Aikawa sat next to Yui. She felt she’s a nice girl and wanted to get to know her and her friends more. Aikawa receives a picture of Yui’s top falling off!!! How will she reply to that?! It seems Yukari is poor in recognizing faces. She can’t even recognize Yuzuko wearing glasses! So why is she wearing them? She doesn’t wear them often because she doesn’t want to look smart. Yeah. Yui notes she is smart. Just that her ideas are dumb. Yuzuko feels she is brimming with motivation and lets out some motivation beam. Unfortunately this causes her to lose motivation so her friends try to say words that bring them back. All food? Yui finds out that Yuzuko and Aikawa have grown closer together and are now considered book store friends. Okaasan seems worried that many of the students are calling her that now. Yuzuko says it’s because her traits of caring like a mother that stands out. Along with Yukari, they try to convince her to accept it and there is nothing she can do about it. Not only that, Yuzuko asks if she could be her mom since she doesn’t have one. Serious? Okaasan is lost for words and Yui knows this is their ploy just to tease and confuse her with that adolescent and aging thingy. She whacks her friends and makes them apologize for the confusion. By the way, all their parents are alive and well. When Okaasan leaves, more of her students greet her with this name and she seems to have gotten the hang of it. The Data Processing Club girls decide to research on whales. There is so much they don’t know and each time Yui reads an interesting fact, the duo just become dumbfound thinking whether it is really an Earth creature. It is, I assure you.

While walking back, Yuzuko stretches so a pigeon lands on her fist. She tries hard not to move and scare it away but I’m not sure what position is she trying to make. Eventually it flew away. Because Yui has been reading an interesting book right up till morning, she is sleepy in class. I guess this leaves an opportunity for her friends to tease her how much a fool she has become if she’s sleepy. They continue to joke around while Yui is just holding out period after period. I don’t think she is going to try to think what they are saying. Just one more period of class left before lunch and Yui is on the verge of losing her ‘sanity’. So much so when Yuzuko requests to touch her boobs, Yui allows it as long as it is in a room! Then she laughs like a mad woman! When Aikawa comes by to see what is happening, Yui pushes her friends into her and laughs like a prankster! Is this the Yui we know?! Eventually they bring her to the infirmary where she falls fast asleep. Of course, Yuzuko and Yukari won’t let this chance slip and take multiple pictures of her sleeping face and encourage Aikawa too. I think she really wanted to do that in the first place. And so, Aikawa becomes a happy girl since she is able to take a picture of sleeping Yui by herself. Yui wakes up when school has ended. She feels lonely now that everyone has left. But she is relieved when her friends come in to pick her up. Even though they are idiots, they are good friends, right? Till she realizes she fell into one of their tricks again when they claim they took off her panties while she was sleeping. Don’t worry, she’s still wearing it. At least she’s fully awake now.

Episode 5
Yuzuko wants them to move on turn-based. This means only one can move and the rest can’t. Yui wants to go first and reaches a pair of scissors in her bag! Her friends are suspicious she has ulterior motive but Yui says if they try to do something funny, she’ll hit them in her next move! Smart move. Game over. The girls break for lunch and Yuzuko loves her sandwich. Yukari remembers Yui once loved her but Yui explains that was just admiration. When they first met in elementary school, Yui had this impression Yukari is a princess since she comes from a rich family. One day, Yukari wanted to share her foreign candies but tripped and spilled them. Yui shared hers and since that day, Yukari became her friend and took a liking for her. However Yui didn’t like Yukari coming to her house because her words and actions seemed embarrassing. Yuzuko feels left out and wants a past story like them so Yukari whispers something into her ear and made Yuzuko wanting to see Yui cry like a child! When it is time to return to class, Yukari and Yuzuko fool around and waste time. Yukari slightly twists her ankle so Yui holds her hand and brings her to the infirmary. Seeing this, Yuzuko curses her luck that she should have twisted hers. One night, Yuzuko calls Yui just to play shiritori. Instant hung up. She calls again but is met with a sarcastic fate and answer. So she texts Yukari to comfort and play with her. Since she is in the bathroom, there is no reply.

In class, Yukari says how she found her nose bleeding for 2 hours after bath but because she was so scared to ask for help that they would tell her something scary, she went to bed and prayed it would stop and that she would live tomorrow. Well, congratulations. Yukari will try her best not to die. I wonder how this sounds to the passing people. Yuzuko wonders what they will do if she suddenly dies. Yui cannot believe Yuzuko will die so easily because she is tough. However Yuzuko asserts she can die if hit very hard and is confident in saying that. Then Yuzuko asks what Yui does on lonely nights. Yukari assures she can call her any time if she needs company. Some of the classmates may have a wrong idea about their relationship. Yui smacks her and this reminds Yukari about last night’s shiritori. So when she continues it, the rest had no idea and Yui thinks she smacked her too hard. Yukari thinks it will be cool if she had amnesia. No, not because something bad happened to her or her idiocy has progressed. She watched this amazing suspense movie whereby the twist was great. She hoped she had amnesia so she can watch it again. The rest think she’ll forget it soon. Heck, she can’t even give a good summary of what the show is about. Yuzuko wants to try something to induce amnesia but cheeky Yui is glad she volunteered herself. Now to find a stick… Yukari requests Yui to pet her head to induce some happiness thingy. But it turns her and Yuzuko into some pervert wanting more from Yui. See their drooling faces? As they talk about death and how living dies will end up dying one day, Yuzuko excuses herself to the toilet like as though it is some sort of death. But Yui won’t let her go because she doesn’t want her to die! She just dug her own grave… Eventually she manages to answer nature’s call and she remembers continuing Yukari’s shiritori game. Still playing that? Going home, the girls realize they have been talking nothing but death so they make a promise that they won’t die before the other. That’s like living forever, right?

Episode 6
Yuzuko wonders if it’s morning. Because it’s too damn cold to get up. On the way to school, Yuzuko puts her cold hands on Yui’s cheeks. Chilly surprise! Now prepare elbow lock death! In class, Yui is able to avoid Yukari’s similar trick. Outside the classroom, Yuzuko talk about potatoes and makes a joke about it. Surprisingly Yui cannot contain her laughter! I think she’s about to lose it. Aikawa thinks Yui is undergoing some sort of fit! In the clubroom, the girls research on the origins of the names of the days in a week. When they leave and bump into Okaasan, Yuzuko suddenly wants her to give her fire. Had a little shock there, did she? Actually what she wanted was a portable stove so they can cook nabe. But can they do so in the clubroom? No way. Yuzuko lies there is a red spider on her shoulder. Okaasan stiffens up, wanting the girls to get rid of it. Yuzuko will do so if she allows the nabe but as a good teacher she can’t do that. I guess Yui has stayed silent long enough and whacks Yuzuko. She apologizes for her prank but still won’t give up on the nabe. Okaasan will invite them to her house to have one. The girls are being treated to a sumptuous nabe meal at Okaasan’s home. They try to describe how delicious it is by comparing it to other dishes but don’t make sense. They ask Okaasan about her different dressing at school and at home so they want to see her closet. No way. Yuzuko bugs Yui to convince her to let them see but I don’t think she is budging. Unless they can do 5 pages of homework for winter, in which the lazy bums obviously can’t.

Back in school, Yuzuko talks about wearing shining pyjamas. It leads to shining underwear and shining future. Yui rebuffs them all like a pro. Kei Okano has overheard them and somewhat praises Yui of how fast she was. She asks them what they are doing for Christmas and it seems they will be sleeping over at Yui’s place. I guess that’s good because Okano has this death stare in her eyes that says “Don’t you dare take away my Aikawa for Christmas you crazy b*tches!”. Since their plans didn’t clash, Okano is cool with it. When it snows for the first time, Yui remembers when she was young she used to get this ideas that snowflakes contained memories of dead animals. Then Yuzuko points out a snowflake that contains the soul of a kisser just absorbed into her. She starts trying to kiss Yui like a pervert!!! To fend her off, Yukari says the soul of an unknown creature entered her. Yuzuko becomes polite. What kind of creature is that? Later Yuzuko reveals that soul was God and to pray to her hard for more snow. Yui wants money. Then it stopped snowing. The duo persist Yuzuko the God to continue snowing. So are they fine giving up money? Yui wants both! In no time it starts snowing again so they really think Yui is God. But she apologizes she isn’t. We know. I don’t know if this is real or not because God is descending onto Earth disguised as a snowflake. Whoever He touches will receive a miracle. He misses Yukari by an inch. Good thing? It’s getting so cold that the girls want to think of summer to warm themselves up. But too cold that they couldn’t think of anything.

Episode 7
As Yui waits to pick up Yuzuko, the latter creeps up and stabs her in the forehead with a toy arrow! Deserves to be hit! Yui takes revenge by poking her butt! I don’t know if she likes it since she thinks she is getting very flirty. Yuzuko falls asleep in Yui’s house. Apparently Yukari is away with her family on New Year’s Day. Yui feels bad that Yuzuko is apologizing to her in her dreams. Does she often get mad in her dreams? She resolves to get less mad this year. I doubt that will come true. Yui lets Yuzuko smell natto to wake up. She thought she smelled some lowland gorilla. When Yukari returns, Yui picks her up this time. I think she is close to having Yui withdrawal symptoms and wants to smell her badly since she was away for 3 days. Yukari also falls asleep at Yui’s place. So when Yui wakes her up via natto, Yukari thinks she smelled a mountain gorilla. Idiots’ mind in sync? At least it’s a different species. On another day when all 3 of them are together, Yuzuko asks if anyone gained weight during New Year’s Day. She always says things that riles up Yui, no? When Yui teases Yukari a bit, she got embarrassed and lightly hit her. Yuzuko also joins in the hitting. It might feel ticklish but it’s getting annoying so Yui threatens to poke their eyes! She’s getting ready to do it with that finger pose! The duo escape outside to write a note to not kill them. Later the trio take a walk outside to get some warm buns to eat. They discuss what to do next for the rest of their winter break. Yuzuko wants to drive a car but has no licence. Just keep dreaming…

In class, Yuzuko and Yukari’s chaotic conversation has Yui in stitches. They talk about feeling sad when people die (something that Yuzuko feels happy), chocolates, chocolate fondue and having Yui sticking her hand in it so they can eat her finger! Yuzuko feigns going to the toilet so she can chop Yui’s head from the back! She just signed her death warrant. She didn’t learn her lesson and chop her head again to prove she has a skull! Now die! Yuzuko gets an idea to mould Yui’s head into a chocolate so she can open her head and eat the truffles in it. Eh? What? Chiho hears them talking about chocolates so her friends tell her to go give it to them. Yuzuko asks her which part of her body she wants to be made as chocolate so when she replies an eye (because it’s round) they think she is some fan of a character from Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In the clubroom, the girls research about eyes that lead to find out about eyes of cats, dragonfly eyes and proteins needed to send visuals to your brain. As they go home, Yuzuko slaps a chunk of snow onto Yui’s calf. Cold as hell! She expects to get hit but to her surprise she didn’t. She thinks her pun diverted her wrath. Which reminds Yui of it as Yuzuko gets a hard knock on her head. Ouch…

Episode 8
The girls are in their second year now and all remain in the same class. When Aikawa talks to them, suddenly Okano grabs her from behind. It feels as though she is jealous of her talking to them and doesn’t want her to hang out with them any further. Since when was Aikawa her property? Yuzuko wants to kick off the great year by doing something doable. By making Okaasan cry? I don’t know how that is excitable. Then they reminisce about last year like the cultural festival where they ate a cafe filled with spicy food. During PE, Yuzuko chops and pushes Yukari’s head. I guess she was tired so her timing was rather slow. She is more tired after PE so Yuzuko chops her head again to turn her back to life. Later Aikawa talks to them to apologize for some PE incident. Yuzuko wonders why she doesn’t play ball sports often since she has “2 big balls”! Okano sees Aikawa talking to them with scorn. She is snapped out by Fumi Hasegawa. She is like the Yuzuko of their group and has her own pranks. Hasegawa knows Okano likes Aikawa so the latter smack-cum-pet her head as punishment. Yuzuko wonders why Okaasan became their pathetic club’s advisor. Yui admits it was once a great club but they somehow ruined it. Today’s club research is about water. Among the topics ‘debated’ include ketchup versus mayonnaise (WTF), water’s scientific name doesn’t make it sound so watery and the possibility there is water on one of Jupiter’s moons (the possibility of aliens exists).

Yukari wants to do a drop kick so Yuzuko will gladly show her how it’s done. Yui tells them not to abuse their knees so they conclude how she likes to retort everything. Hasegawa joins in their silly chatter and she mixes in fine. What she is trying to hint to them is that they can have Aikawa but lay off Okano because she is her plaything. During recess, Okano goes out to buy lunch at the convenience store. She realizes she doesn’t have enough money and will not make her purchase but Yui is there to lend her some. Okano is embarrassed but accepts her good gesture. The Data Processing Club research on alcohol and wonder if there is one that could make Okaasan cry. This leads them to wonder if she will drop by since she has lots of free time. Yui doubts it but speaking of the devil, here she comes in. Yuzuko declares her love for her and asks her the kind of character she would like to go with if she plays video games. It seems before she could finish her sentence, they complete it for her so Okaasan resigns to her fate as some Naked Boobs character. Asking her if she had cried lately, it was a touching movie of a family. They think she has her own personal past problems but she dismisses it. When the girls leave for home, Yuzuko wants to visit Okaasan’s home again. To make her cry. Give it up… Yui excuses herself to the toilet and bumps into Okano. She is still embarrassed about today’s incident but nevertheless grateful and will pay her back. No problem. Okano surprises Yui that if she has ever touched Aikawa’s boobs. If she hasn’t, try touching it once because it is amazing. But just once. What… The… Hell…? Is this her way of gratitude?

Episode 9
Hasegawa is having one of her idiotic conversations with Okano when they pass by Yukari. Okano is looking for Aikawa but is not in. Hasegawa wants to get a squeeze from Okano and will pretend to be Yui. Of course she’s not going to. When Yukari returns, she thinks Hasegawa is such a good girl. Yui doubts she chose her words right. When Okano teases the Data Processing Club members for not getting any new recruits, Yuzuko got this urge to pounce on her! Thank goodness Yui’s reflex to stop her is faster. Okaasan sees the girls looking at recruitment posters of other clubs. Wondering if they are recruiting, Yuzuko says they like it the way it is now because they get to do it at home. After getting whacked by Yui, she changes her answer it’s fun because they do it as a club. The girls are touched when Okaasan believes they should enjoy themselves more often. When the trio eat lunch together, they remain silent and Okano thinks they’re fighting. Of course Yui can’t stay silent any longer as she makes a punch line about Yuzuko being a bread person. Yuzuko and Yukari start laughing very hard. I guess they’re not fighting after all. Yui promises she won’t say anything because Yuzuko warns her she’ll burst into laughter. But when Okano comes by and asks about that bread person, there you go. Yuzuko invites Aikawa to join them (and pet her head). Hasegawa also joins them and dispenses her own bread pun jokes. Why is it making Yuzuko feel bad? Yuzuko continues to have mindless trash conversation with her friends. It dawned to her everyone else have their own conversations and wonder if theirs sound silly to them. Perhaps. No. Make that a definite yes.

The girls are going to the clubroom and thought of inviting Aikawa but she has her committee meeting to attend. But when she manages to come, Yuzuko and Yukari give her a big welcome. Feeling cosy? I guess it’s an excuse for them to go out and buy snacks. Aikawa feels awkward being alone with Yui. Though embarrassed, she finally asks for permission to take a picture of her. Yuzuko and Yukari always send her and they aren’t good pictures so she thought of taking one herself. At Yui’s home, Yukari thinks about eating curry rice while Yuzuko’s hyperness has her do air boxing. So hyper that she spills the bottle. Then lying on the floor and sticking it in her mouth like a baby, they take a picture and send it to Aikawa! Nothing else better to do, huh? Yuzuko feels she likes this position and is unmotivated to move. Till Yukari lies about a cockroach and she’s back to her hyper self. In class, Yuzuko says she saw a 500 Yen coin on the road but didn’t pick it up thinking it would save her 500 Yen worth of luck. Now she regrets not picking it up. Okano notices Yukari’s beautiful long hair and thinks it’s because she comes from a good family. Talking to Hasegawa about this, the joker says she wants Yukari to be her child. On the same topic, they ask Aikawa and she would like hers to be like Yuzuko. Easy to talk, fun and smart. Does she show all that qualities or are we talking about the wrong person? The Data Processing Club girls research on ogres and also vampires. When they leave, Yuzuko accidentally bumps into Okaasan’s boobs. She thinks this is worth more than 500 Yen. The trio also bump into Aikawa and co. What a rare coincidence. Since they’re going to hang out at Hasegawa’s place, they are invited to come. Asking what they will be doing, Hasegawa replies a dinner party but Okano knows it’s just a lie.

Episode 10
Yui is bloody irritated that her friends are making popping sounds with their mouth. Stop it! Yuzuko brings a wrestler’s mask to the clubroom. Yukari puts it on the top of the board and draws below. Wrestler in a tub? They even have Okaasan comment and add some suggestions. Yuzuko talks to her friends about naming a character for a game. When she used Polyaness and Google it, there were no search results. To her surprise, her friends think it is a scary story. Yuzuko borrows a guitar and fools around with it, pretending she is a pro player. Then she borrows a model doll from the art club and accidentally rips off its arm. Oops… She hasn’t returned for a while from the art club so her friends think she really got reprimanded. However Yuzuko returns with another doll! When she told them about it and apologized, the art club girl laughed so hard and gave her another one since they have lots of this. Guess what? This time Yuzuko has both its arm torn! Is she that stupid?! Yuzuko assures Yui that this is the first doll and swapped with the second one. Got her fooled. But why break off the other arm? Uhn… When Yukari quips she doesn’t understand her sometimes, Yuzuko gets disheartened and wants to play rock-scissors-paper. Apparently they weren’t in sync at all. Okaasan comes in and thinks it is wrong timing (after seeing the broken doll). She is forced to play it with Yuzuko and won against her. So disheartened that Yuzuko seeks solace in her true friends, which are the dolls. Wasn’t she the one who broke their arms? Super depress… Okaasan hints to comfort her but Yuzuko is now hiding behind the curtain staring out the window. And then Yui signals the gag is over so Yuzuko comes out and returns to her normal self. Had Okaasan fooled there for a moment. But Yuzuko still feels alienated when the rest are talking to Okaasan. When Yukari says she loves Yuzuko, she starts flustering and loves the sound of it.

Yuzuko wakes up from a weird dream. The God of Blessing blessed her with 100 long sleeve t-shirts. Eh? Yuzuko shows her friends the yonkoma she drew last night. Weird. Although Yukari is laughing her head off, Yui is stricter and it ends with Yuzuko giving candy. The next day when she shows another one, the same pattern occurs but before Yui can get strict, Yuzuko right away gives out candy. Then Yuzuko draws on the board her yonkoma. Zooming in? What’s with the scary last panel? Yuzuko is sure Yui is going to draw one tonight. Despite dismissing it, Yui actually tries her hand at it but is unable to come up with a good punch line. Yukari feels drowsy in the morning at school. Blaming it on some monster that sucked her motivation but came anyway due to her strong desire to see her friends. What crap. But she gets lively when Yuzuko mentions about Yui’s yonkoma. They want to see it. Not a chance. Yuzuko loses in another rock-scissors-paper game. She wants to cry but sneezes. The idiotic duo talk about drooling, crying, hair growing, shark swimming and potato sprouting. Don’t even ask how this happened. Yuzuko tells them how her mom wasn’t home last night so she and her sister ended up eating bread for dinner. So? That’s the punch line? Yui might not be impressed but Yukari joins in the bread pun and they laugh like mad. Yukari wants to shoot electric with her hands so she could charge things quickly. Yuzuko notes she could also shock people. Why would she do that? For fun. They ask Yui what would be the handiest thing to shoot from her hands. She can think of no answer but money. Yukari suggests feelings so Yuzuko says I love you to Yui with her hand. But didn’t that come out from her mouth?

Episode 11
When Aikawa walks up the stairs, she trips and spills her packet drink. Then as she washes herself, she accidentally wets her tie. This has Yui wonder if it’s her big breasts that prevents her from seeing her feet and couldn’t see her tie below it. As they chat, Aikawa realizes that Yui has some sort of ‘talent’ for making others want to mess with her. Maybe that’s why Yuzuko and Yukari… It’s raining and as usual, Yuzuko and Yukari talk random nonsense. Making weird impersonating sounds, talking about competitive napping for PE, high octane and low octane, etc. Okano heard it and finds it funny. The duo tease Yui’s habit of saying the same sentence using the same words in a streak. During basketball, Aikawa sprains her finger so the idiotic duo like a grandma tells Yui to go to her. During break when they see Okano and Hasegawa feeding Aikawa, Yuzuko also wants to put something in Aikawa’s mouth. Then she shifts her attention to Yui’s right hand… Does she want to eat it? In the clubroom, they talk and research on random things. Baumkuchen, cabbage, part time jobs, the age of this world, picoseconds (not a second to waste!), hamburger and some proverbs. Later Yuzuko rushes in with big news. She saw Okaasan reprimanding a first year student. Never seen that side of hers before. So they speculate what she might have done. Murder? I don’t think she went that far. Yuzuko wants to pretend there is a ghost in the clubroom since it is almost summer. However Yui reminds her she is afraid of ghost stories. Because she continues to randomly spew nonsense, Yui hits her head.

Okaasan just came in so Yuzuko seeks comfort from mommy dearest. Yui isn’t fazed and continues to chop her head! When Yuzuko says there is a ghost in the clubroom, Okaasan slowly backs out. Of course she was just joking about being scared. Really? They confirm with her that she did blow her top at a student. Although it was something bad, she didn’t say what it was. After that, more mindless chatter about ordering pizza during the rain, expiring bread and curry. Yuzuko thinks Yukari has a natural talent as a beautician because of her looks so this prompts her to wonder if it’s okay to decide what they want to be in the future so easily. She explains she has a brother named Eita whose job is to make the house rich and prosperous while she strengthens familial bonds. If the siblings work together, the family will be in peace so after they graduate, they’ll have to help out their family. Therefore she never thought much about her future. Because if there’s something you have to do, then you have to do it. But she also respects people who decide the future for themselves. When they leave, they see Aikawa lamenting about the rain. Yuzuko and Yukari give her a double back attack hug. What kind of new harassment is this? They thought of making some word the word of the month as a trend but Yui disagrees. Since Aikawa hasn’t decided on her future, the idiots give advice on what kind of job she could do. Tutoring? Just make sure to not tutor boys because they’ll hit on her, so they think.

Episode 12
Yuzuko and Yukari try to convince Yui to go to the beach for summer instead of the boring pool. When Okano joins in the conversation, they hear how she really wants to take Aikawa to the beach and also fantasizes the kind of swimsuit she is wearing. Feel like taking her everywhere? In the clubroom, the beach trip thingy debate continues to the point Yuzuko had to fake her angriness. Okaasan thought she walked in on a bad timing. It seems she too favours going to the beach. Yuzuko and Yukari bum around at Yui’s house (no choice – Yui has no say about it). Yui gains their attention when she says she’s got watermelon. However she can’t give it to them. Just joking. Wow. Yui, joking? Then she also says she has ice cream. See the incredulous look on the idiots’ face. Is that the face of happiness? Yeah. That’s what they want. Yukari tries to scoop out the ice cream but it’s so hard. Didn’t budge at all. When Yui heads to the toilet, cheeky Yuzuko locks the door so she will forever live in there. Till Yui threatens about the ice cream. A good girl now, is she? After ice cream, Yukari feels sleepy and sleeps on Yui’s bed. At that moment, Yui and Yuzuko go out to the convenience store when they got mail from Okano. It’s a picture of Aikawa having fun at the pool. Yukari wakes up when they return. She feels bad for wetting her pillow. The rest thought she cried but actually she drooled. The idiots assert they will never cry at Yui’s house. They hoped to be praised by their cuteness but Yui isn’t impressed and would prefer them to go home. Then they annoy her with more random talk like forcing her to give an answer to their sentence. Yuzuko feels so bored that she doesn’t feel like doing anything. Till Yukari gives her an idea about wearing their swimsuits now. Yuzuko’s face lights up like a pervert wanting Yui to put it on now and guarantees she won’t do anything funny. She doesn’t look convincing with that heavy breathing and all. Yui thinks she can’t fit into that swimsuit anymore so the rest thought she had some growth spurt because they were somewhat the same during the physical examination. This causes Yui to curse them! Wow. That’s lots of curses! So much curst that Yuzuko sinks into depression and needs Yui’s love assurance to cheer her up. Yeah, we love you too.

The trio finally step outside to have a drink. Yui still thinks it is embarrassing to go to the beach but eventually gives in. On their way, Yuzuko sees Yui’s defenceless back. It’s very inviting. She’s going to mess with it but it’s like she has eyes on her back and Yuzuko got whacked on the head. The girls are amazed when they arrive at the beach. Can’t wait to have fun. The sands are too hot so they rush into the sea. But since the water feels weird, they run off and wash themselves in the toilet. This repeats itself till they are worn out. Yeah. They just got used to the sea. The usual fun in the sea with Yukari finding a seaweed, Yuzuko trying to stand on Yui’s back only to slip off and fall on her own, playing rock-scissors-paper at sea, Yuzuko running riot with the way she says beach items in a funny way causing her friends to laugh like mad. At the end of the day, they leave very satisfied. Elsewhere we see Hasegawa walking her dog, Okano taking a bath and scorning her little brother outside who was about to come in, Aikawa finds she has run out of and scream and her mother knows she wants it and to go get it herself, Yuzuko sending beach pictures to her friends, Yui feeling stupid about her initial disagreement of going to the beach because she admits she had lots of fun, and Okaasan talking to a friend how she looks forward to the start of school better now than she was as a student. Yui meets her friends to go to school. Because it still feels very hot, they want to go to the beach again. Yui murmurs perhaps next year so her friends tease her that her inner desires to let loose must have unleashed. She dismisses such nonsense and makes haste to class.

Yawn, Yawn, Sleepy…
There is no doubt… Ever since the first episode, I felt it was hard to retain my attention. It is amazing that I managed to sit through a dozen episodes without falling asleep. But I do yawn. A lot. Make that many times. Sure, there are funny moments like Yuzuko and Yukari’s trademark idiotic silliness in every episode but the cuteness and funniness in that itself I feel is not enough to save the show overall. As each episode passes, I find myself dreading and wishing real hard it would end and counting each second down to it feels like an eternity. Forgive me, fans of the series but this is how I really feel. In short, I have to admit it that I find this anime boring. Dreary. Lacklustre. Unexciting. Humdrum. Dull. A big yawn. I know the girls are moe too to a certain point but if I want to look at cute pretty moe girls, I would have stopped watching and started staring at my numerous collection or even start fantasizing or imagining them. Haha… Since the boredom was greatly affecting my mind, I didn’t even manage to do that or dream something ecchi. Oops!

It was so boring that I stumbled something on the internet regarding the series that seems much more interesting. Really! I find this conspiracy theory thread about this series to be more interesting than the series itself even if it is just crap and basically a whole lot of rumours and nothing neither true nor confirmed. It states that Yuzuko and Yukari are nothing but imaginary friends of Yui!!! Her friends do not exist in reality and is just a figment of imagination! There were many clever observations made that supports this. For examples, the slight pale edges of the screen in some screens make it as though it is some dream sequence. You won’t notice it, but when I rewatched those scenes and I find it does exist! So could it mean that those moments Yui talked to her idiots are only in her mind? Also pointed out on this website, hoe Yuzuko and Yukari don’t often interact with others except Yui, and the fact that they are always on a certain side of Yui. Although this argument is not solid because there are some moments when the duo did interact with others and they do switch sides, nevertheless this is generally what is shown for most of the time.

The ultimate conspiracy points out that Yui lost her sisters so she is escaping reality and traumatic pain via this imaginary friends thingy. And why the clubroom has only 2 computers instead of 3 is because there weren’t really 3 of them. It’s just Yui and Okaasan who uses them as the latter plays along with the former’s imaginary friend game so as to lessen the impact. Yeah. Feels like a load of bull but if you want to think about it, it can turn out to be true! Since the original author did not indicate any of such is likely to occur, I can imagine the shock if this actually turned out true. I would have mixed feelings then. Assuming this conspiracy becomes true, then my perception about this series being boring would drastically change. I would probably classify it as a mind blowing ending despite the slow pace. Also, you never expected such twist from this kind of genre, right? Boring becomes shocking. What a twist. On the other hand, it would also be a big disappointment if it turns out true because I’m sure many fans will not like such development seeing the kind of genre this anime is. I too wouldn’t like such dark revelation because my mind has been set that this anime is slice of life comedy and then all of sudden, traumatic and shocking events. Can this be acceptable? Would everyone accept this? Thus this conspiracy theory is indeed interesting but overall I would prefer this series to stay safe and boring. A happy ending or at least in this case not so much of an ending but life goes on is much appreciated.

Despite the very odd relationship between the main trio, I can’t say that they were ‘interesting’ enough for me to retain positive reviews about this show. It has always been the same since start till finish. Yuzuko is always the main idiotic troublemaker with a penchant of coming up with something random and pranks that will tick off Yui. Yukari is also another ‘set of problems’ only second to Yuzuko as she always follows her idiotic flow. Lastly, Yui is perhaps the sanest member of the group but you can’t help wonder how long she will keep her sanity with these idiots around her. Probably in a way she likes their company even though she often plays the straight man (woman, to be more precise) to whatever nonsense they come up with. Episode after episode you see a somewhat familiar pattern. Yuzuko and Yukari and their nonsense while Yui will have a knack to retort them. And she does it so often that it makes you wonder if she likes it despite her annoyed looks. But like Aikawa once pointed out, she does have this feel of wanting others to mess with her. Too much fun, eh? So it would be very odd if you ever see Yui doing the jokes and even so, with a serious expression. Odd, right? It’s not that they don’t learn but rather they love seeing Yui’s reaction. Thus this is their dynamic relationship and what makes them stick together after all these years. Sometimes I have this feeling that Yuzuko and Yukari love Yui so much and at times to a perverted extent, I think they have this potential of snapping and become yandere! I hope they don’t. Thankfully this series’ nature won’t allow them to.

There isn’t anything special about the other characters too. Okaasan is your typical kind and loving teacher that every student wants to have as their teacher and mom. The other group of trio seems to have the potential of equally being the main protagonist but their roles make them the most as side distraction. But I do notice that their appearances are gradually increased with each passing episode. Shy girl Aikawa gradually manages to mix well with Yui’s group although I feel she still needs to get used to the group’s idiocy. Don’t worry. As long as Yui is around, she’ll be relatively ‘safe’. Okano is very possessive of Aikawa, though I am not sure if the latter is well aware of the former’s affection for her. Hasegawa could have been another joker and cause double havoc with her own quirkiness but I think having Yuzuko and Yukari as the main idiots are already a handful to deal with.

Although many of the jokes are of the crazy conversations between the 3 friends, there are some that I don’t find funny or just do not get it. Maybe this is my very limited exposure to the Japanese culture as there are some puns and play on words. I’m so used (and loving) those animes with exaggerated slapstick comedy that when I watch something like this it has that mundane feeling. Well, that’s just me. Also, sometimes I think the jokes and pranks played are illogical and no-holds-barred that it is just intended to make you laugh. No, don’t think. Just laugh. They don’t necessarily have to make sense because they’re meant to be funny! Geddit? And so here I am, trying to figure out what is the meaning behind some of those jokes but I just stopped trying and laugh with them instead. Or was it I’m laughing at them? Either way, I’m sure the girls would be happy because as long as they can make the other smile or laugh, it is satisfaction guaranteed. Maybe except for Yui… Even some of the topics that they discuss especially like the one Yuzuko touched on death, it doesn’t necessarily need to be morbid. She still makes a joke out of it as though as if it was nothing but such topics sometimes make you think deeper their meaning and perhaps that the girls aren’t just fools joking or bumming around all the time with their seemingly endless ‘free time’. There’s a subtle hint that they are smarter than they look. It’s hard to imagine but don’t judge a book by its cover. Even so, I think Yuzuko and Yukari are still idiotic jokers ;p.

When I first glimpsed the art of this anime, I thought they were illustrated or created by the same author since I seemed to have this perception that the art style closely resembles Hidamari Sketch. However there is no connection whatsoever between both series and the only similarity that I can find (besides the art and general storyline) is that they are published in a manga magazine that specializes yonkoma series. Taking an even closer look, I thought the series’ art also looked like Lucky Star, Azumanga Daioh and Yurumates. It’s that cute and moe drawing style of the characters, I suppose. Simple and nothing very detailed or complicated. Besides, I thought Yui and Yukari looked like Miyako and Yoshinoya of Hidamari Sketch respectively while Yui a bit like Yurume from Yurumates. This series was produced by Kinema Citrus, a relatively new anime studio house whose debut was its notable anime Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 and the more recent one, Code: Breaker.

I would love to say that this anime is for everybody but sadly I can’t bring myself to enjoy this anime comfortably throughout its duration. I know it tries to be a little different but so sorry, I guess it wasn’t appealing enough in my ever fluctuating standards. Ironically like other slice of life comedies that follow this similar pattern such as Hidamari Sketch, Lucky Star, Azumanga Daioh and YuruYuri, there is something that prevents me from appreciating this simple and easy-going anime. I don’t know how I could not find Yuzuko’s whimsical pranks and idiocy to be not as interesting as Hidamari’s Sketch Miyako, Lucky Star’s Konata, Azumanga Daioh’s Tomo or YuruYuri’s Kyoko. But if I ever had prankster friends like these, I think I’ll just go crazy and grow up to be a psycho. Or even yandere. Life would become anything more than just mundane then.

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