Zero No Tsukaima F

December 15, 2012

Never in my wildest dream that I would expect Zero No Tsukaima to have another season. At least not in the foreseeable future then. Albeit in my previous blog I did hope for one to be made. And here it is! After 3 seasons of adventure, I guess it is high time to end the amazing (or mediocre, depending on how you look at it) voyage that has Saito Hiraga being drawn from our world to the fantasy and parallel world of Halkeginia to be the familiar of the flat chest, oops, I mean petite magic academy student Louise. Nicknamed Zero Louise because of her inability to use any of the four elements of magic. Even if it does, it usually explodes in your face. Of course as we go along, we’ll discover that Louise is a user of the Void magic, the fifth elemental and lost branch of magic. With conspiracies, adventures and love-romance-harem hijinks, it is either you’ll love it or loath it.

So the ‘F’ in Zero No Tsukaima F would conveniently mean four as this will be the fourth instalment of the series. Coincidentally, ‘F’ could also mean final as many believed this would be the final instalment. Initially I did say that I never hoped that there would be another season because there was a gap of nearly four years between the third and fourth season. The third season began airing in mid 2008 while this final season started its run on early 2012. See the big time difference? By this time, I would have forgotten lots about the show (except for some ‘important’ points – like the harem part). Reading my old blog may bring back memories but it also brought back some ‘traumatizing’ stuff like the pronunciation of the long winded and fantasy-like names. Yeah. How I remember it was really a mouthful to pronounce the full name. Till today I think I don’t remember Louise’s full name. So be warned that spellings of characters may differ from my blog to the official spelling. Furthermore, the series was like declining in quality and storyline with each passing season so I’m not really putting too much hope on this one. But I still do hope for it to end it in a memorable way. If not a big bang, at least a fairytale ending. How can you not have such when you’re in a fantasy land?

Episode 1
We’re already starting off with a potential harem cat fight. Yeah, Saito in bed with Louise and maid Siesta. Wow. Sleeping with 2 women flanking by his side. Could his day get any better? On the contrary. Too bad Saito had to sleep talk praising Siesta’s ‘treacherous mountains’ compared to Louise’s ‘great plains’. Boom! What a rude wake up call. At least we don’t have that ambiguous S&M scene in the previous season. For the story proper, Louise and co are being summoned to Romalia where the heart of the Church of Brimir. Siesta still got the guts to ask Louise for permission to date Saito but I guess the duo have to put aside their rivalry and work together once more against a common foe seeing Saito is getting too friendly with Tiffania. Upon arriving in Aquapolis in Romalia, Saito, Louise and Tiffania are being escorted by Giulio to the Great Cathedral. In addition to Henrietta’s presence, they also meet Vittorio Serevare, the current Pope of Romalia, the most powerful and respected person here. Vittorio reveals he is a wielder of Void magic and Giulio is his familiar, the right hand of God, Windalfr which can manipulate beasts. He also points out that other than Louise, Tiffania is also a Void user. The reason they are summoned here is because there’ll soon be a ceremony to celebrate His Holiness’ anniversary of elevation. He wants Louise and Tiffania to hold a mass with him as priestess. How is this connected to being a Void user? They are trying to attract the attention of the fourth Void user: Joseph. He wants to change that villain to turn over a new leaf. Though Saito still has doubts (because Joseph tormented Tabitha previously), Vittorio needs all Void mages to unite and work together or else a great catastrophe will befall on Halkeginia. Louise does not hesitate in her answer and volunteers to become a priestess. Later while the Tristain Academy students are celebrating at a tavern, a group known as Elemental Siblings (Damien, Jeanette, Bleu and Jacques) are preparing to get their job done.

Saito and Louise get into a little argument. Well, maybe not so little. Saito is not happy Louise accepted His Holiness’ offer without thinking straight, thinking she’s all infatuated over him. Because she accepted her role, it made it hard for Tiffania to turn it down. Has she ever considered if Tiffania wanted to do it or not since she is not of the Brimir faith? Louise kicks him out of her room, telling him off he can go be Tiffania’s familiar for all she cares. Meanwhile Henrietta sees Tiffania and gives her a ring from Albion’s royal family. Tiffania is worried if she could be of use so she wants Colbert to teach her how to summon a familiar. Saito is sulking and gets a pep talk from Siesta to consider Louise’s feelings (she is after all her rival). She was once called Zero Louise and he should understand how hard she has worked to get herself to where she is now. Now that he has realized, he thanks her and rushes off to find Louise. Meanwhile Louise is taking a stroll and stumbles upon Jacques and Bleu breaking into a building to steal an object. I guess you can’t have witnesses, eh? With Louise screaming Saito’s name, speaking of the devil, here he comes armed with his trusty talking sword, Derflinger. Jacques summons golems to stall Saito so that Bleu could get away with some magic mirror. Saito buys Louise time so she could work up her magic to blast Jacques away. The impact was so great that it blew Saito off the roof. Below, Tiffania is trying a spell to summon a familiar. A portal opens and it is as though Saito fell through it. See the usefulness of big boobs? They provide soft landing. Don’t let Louise catch you… Too late. By morning, Jacques is arrested, Louise and Saito make up. He upsets her by calling her an idiot for wanting to take on the thieves herself because she should use her familiar. So how to solve this anger? Hug her! And then kiss! Wow. Can we have so much in the first episode? Oh, it wouldn’t be complete if Tiffania hadn’t spotted them. Too much for her eyes, I’d say. Now the blame game starts. Tiffania feels a sensation in her heart she has never felt before. Oooh! I know what it is. It’s something that stars with ‘L’.

Episode 2
Saito and Louise talk about getting a mansion of their own. Just the 2 of them. Henrietta has an audience with Vittorio. They talk about beefing up the security to ensure that incidents like that won’t happen again. Seems the mercenary group of Elemental Siblings had stole the Primogenitor’s Mirror and there may be a chance their employer may influence further events behind the scene. As precaution, Detect Spell will be cast all over the place so anybody that uses magic will immediately be sniffed out. Henrietta is still worried. His Holiness’ calm composure the entire issue is bugging her. She hopes she is just reading too much. Louise summons Saito because she wants him to be the first to see her in the priestess outfit. Hey! That outfit reminds me of Index! Anyway Saito couldn’t contain his pervertness and pushes her down on the bed. I’m not sure of his meaning when he wants Louise to say Lemon-chan! Who? What? I have a feeling it may be related to her boobs. They’re about to get horny but Maricorn in the next room warns them he could hear everything! Just how thin are the walls? Well, Louise in her embarrassment blasts Saito. It’s amazing the building still stands. Elsewhere, Vidalshal is making Flame Stones for Joseph. He is not amused once he learns he is making a weapon. However he has to do what Joseph says because his hands are tied and has done some despicable deeds too.

Next day, Vittorio and the priestess begin the ceremony with the Undine Knights having a hard time trying to quell the rowdy crowd trying to get a glimpse of His Holiness. At the end of the ceremony, Tiffania wants to know if Saito is her familiar or not. How? Kiss her. I’m sure Saito would’ve done that if he hadn’t mulled over Louise’s reaction if she found out about this. Oh what the hell. Just go with it! Fortunately it wasn’t Louise who stumbled onto them. But Montmorency and Maricorn. Fortunately they did not kiss. Unfortunately I don’t know how Tiffania got her humongous boobs over Saito’s face. Maricorn quips after lemon, he is going after melon! While Louise is talking to the other priestess, a plebeian seeks Louise’s help. Seems she and her mother entered the city to celebrate with His Holiness but mother collapsed from fatigue. She hopes Louise’s words would comfort her. However when Louise is brought to her mother, it is just a doll and all this a setup to kidnap her. The plebeian turns out to be Jeanette in disguise. Sheffield pops into the scene telling her she can leave as she will take it from here. Meanwhile Saito learns Louise has run off on her own and goes to find her. He encounters Bleu. He is out to repay the favour on what he did to Jacques. In the midst of the sword fight, Jeanette signals their job is over so he leaves the scene. Not before hinting that a weird woman took Louise away. Saito only found her priestess headgear. Reporting back to the rest, seems Tabitha knows who the Elemental Siblings are. They are part of Gallia’s North Flower Bed Knights that she once worked with. Thus the mastermind behind them is no other than Joseph. Since Aquapolis borders with Gallia, Louise may have already been taken across. Then this breaking news just came in. Gallia’s army are moving towards the border. Louise is in Joseph’s hands and he is going to do something that is on par with the devil. Something that he needs Louise’s power. He will make Louise be part of it even though she does not wish to.

Episode 3
Sheffield is Joseph’s familiar, God’s Brain called Myoznitoneil (how the heck do you pronounce this?!). The purpose of the mirror is so that Joseph can utilize the Void magic others posses. He is going to use Louise’s explosion to ignite the Flame Stones. The Bronze Knights set up their defence line. Joseph sends a gargoyle armed with a Flame Stone into their fleet. When he activates it, a large explosion rocks and destroys the entire fleet! Oh sh*t! He’s sending in the next one. BOOOOM!!! So why is Joseph doing all this? From his twisted story, all I can say that he wants to feel regret. He feels someone who is capable as him has always been overshadowed by his less capable brother, Charles who was the king of Gallia then. Ever since his heart has been turned to stone. Before Joseph could take the final Flame Stone, Louise makes a daring move to snatch it and dive off the vessel. How sure was she that Saito will come rescue her? Well, thank her luck because there he is riding Sylphid picking her back into his arms. However she dropped the Flame Stone and it’s retrieved by a gargoyle heading towards Aquapolis. Remember Saito’s hero feat of taking on the entire Albion army in the previous season? I guess he’s trying to be a hero again by going it all alone by taking on Sheffield’s gargoyles. How can you beat them when they can resurrect? Before Saito left Aquapolis, Giulio gave him an item that came from Saito’s world: A gun. He fires and injures Sheffield, making her unable to reconstruct her gargoyles. Siesta suggests Tiffania to cast an Oblivion spell that makes everyone forgets on the gargoyle. It works as it falls like a rock and Tabitha reclaims the Flame Stone.

Saito confronts Joseph but his Acceleration makes him faster than a speeding bullet. Saito decides to use the eyes of his heart to see Joseph’s movements. I thought this skill takes years to master. Can he really pull it off just like that? Well no. But it’s just a ploy so that Joseph can get close to him so he could grab his hand and point his sword. But Joseph is faster. He has got the gun. Now who is faster? The sword or the gun? We won’t get to see it because Louise and Tabitha return to the ship with the former using her explosion to rock the bridge. Louis is worried that Saito has been injured (by Joseph’s knife stab) but he quips this pain is nothing compared to the punishment he received from her. Haha. I agree with that. Tabitha confronts Joseph and he allows her to do what he wishes. Since she can’t forgive what he has done, she is going to kill him. Louise doesn’t want her to dirty her hands and Saito stays mum about this. Because it’s her decision. It’s your decision. See, a little psychological talk and she reverses her decision. She’ll hand him over to Romalia. But that won’t be happening too because Sheffield steals the Flame Stone from Tabitha and threatens to blow everything up. Joseph is on the last leg of his life and wants them to leave them alone. As Saito and the girls fly away from the ship, Joseph and Sheffield have their final moment together. After the kiss, they trigger the explosion. Back at the palace with Vittorio, the trio are being commended for their bravery but Saito has this feeling they wanted him to end Joseph’s life. Vittorio admits it wasn’t to convince Joseph to join them but to provoke him. It was to create pretence of a Holy War for Gallia and kill its king. But he assures he had no intention of putting Louise in danger nor did he expect Joseph to create such destruction. He hopes he will forgive him. Saito is not happy that Louise almost died in this but she felt he would come to save her. Tiffania feels Saito can’t be her familiar seeing how close he and Louise are. The heroes exit the palace and everyone praise the young heroes.

Episode 4
Back at Tristain Academy, Osmond congratulates the heroes for their bravery and they celebrate it via feast. We see girls flocking to Guiche’s side (to Montmorency’s dismay), guys asking for Tiffania’s hand for the dance (only to be shooed away by Beatrice) and Maricorn teases Saito by giving him a plate of melons. Saito and Louise dance together. They’re so into their lovey-dovey conversation that they almost kissed right in the middle of the room. Everybody’s watching… Go get a room! That’s what they did! Unfortunately Siesta is hiding in the bed. Thinking of a threesome? Guess not. Siesta is all over Saito for herself. It’s that cue for Louise’s explosion again. Tabitha has returned to Gallia and her friends hope she’ll not be pulled into a political mess. She meets Vidalshal and wants to know why he worked for Joseph. All he could say is he had something to do. He gives her an antidote that will wake her mother Orleans from her coma. Siesta overheard rumours that Tiffania was all over Saito and that melon thing so she goes to report to Louise (who is in the midst of fantasizing Saito in their own mansion). What’s with the other girls comparing their own boobs size too? Coconut? Pineapple? Realizing that Louise is making plans for their own mansion, Siesta suggests getting one to counter Tiffania’s charms. Less one rival will be good for them, right? Bringing Saito along to look for a perfect place to stay, Louise is not happy Siesta is tagging along. Because Henrietta has made her Saito’s official maid, wherever they go, she’ll also have to follow. And Louise can’t fire her as she pleases. Damn. I think it isn’t the mansion that Louise finds unsuitable. It’s how Siesta is clinging all over Saito. At Scarron and Jessica’s bar, they act out a play on Saito’s heroics in slaying Joseph. All Louise and Siesta see is how Saito will become popular with the girls and need to hasten the search for a mansion. Meanwhile Tabitha is in a dilemma. In order to stabilize and rebuild Gallia, she has to be crowned the country’s new queen. Saito and Louise are being summoned by Henrietta as she tells them about Tabitha’s circumstances. As token of her gratitude, she also gives them a portion of her land called Orneal in western Tristain. Wow. Saito will be the lord of this land? Well, seems a little far. Seems like a little wasteland. The mansion? Seems like a haunted house. If they’re going to stay here, might as well do some cleaning up. The real battle heats up at night because despite the many rooms, Louise is not happy Siesta wants to crowd and sleep together with them. If that is not bad enough, Tabitha comes jumping into the room and immediately drops to sleep on Saito’s bed. Seems she is postponing her crowning. Louise is pissed that this is no different than back at the academy and blows her top. Blows up the room. I saw this coming…

Episode 5
With some of their friends visiting Orneal, they wonder what Tabitha is doing here since she has not made a decision to be the next ruler of Gallia. As Irukuku put it, the lay an egg. Or in human sense, to get pregnant. Who is the only guy around here? But as Kirche says, once she becomes queen, she won’t be able to do as she wishes. Saito and Louise have their personal time in the garden. Saito is happy to have Louise. When he first got here, all he could think of was to go home. Then they kiss and Louise allows him to touch her boobs. I guess big or not, as long as you’re a guy, you won’t pass this chance up. Then he convinces her to say an embarrassing line. Too bad Siesta interrupts them with lunch and it’s back to tsundere mode for Louise. Remember Eleanor? That strict sister of Louise is back to chide her for living with a guy without getting married. Louie doesn’t want to hear from that divorcee… Eleanor wants to bring her back and anymore of this, their family will be a laughing stock. Plus, she does not believe Saito can be an aristocrat and will not fit in. Louise vows to turn Saito into one so Eleanor reminds her if he doesn’t turn into one by her next visit, she’ll have to come back with her. So Louise starts right off in teaching Saito the basics of etiquette. Let’s just say he is not cut out for this kind of stuff. He just can’t learn. Saito don’t want to be a fake aristocrat and just wants to be himself. So does Louise care about Eleanor or him? It ends with an argument. The kind whereby both decides to sleep in separate rooms.

So Saito rests in the basement and he accidentally stumbles upon a secret passage. This leads him to a room with a large mirror. In the mirror, he sees Henrietta and she comes through it! Louise is feeling sorry for going overboard and tries to find Saito. She sees the passageway and to her horror sees Saito and Henrietta together. Henrietta thinks the magic mirror is linked from her bedroom to this secret room and is part of her grandfather’s secret rendezvous. I guess when you’re king, you can’t do as you please but because you’re still human, you give in to temptations of the flesh. So this mansion is perhaps one that belongs to his many concubines. Henrietta thinks he may have been forced into marrying a person he doesn’t love. She too is experiencing the same thing because her mother is pressing her for marriage. Then in the most surprising, Henrietta kisses Saito. Okay, most heart breaking scene for Louise. Once Henrietta returns to her side, Saito realizes Louise was eavesdropping and goes after her. But Louise ran away riding a horse. In her nightgown. Saito feels he has no right to go after her. Can you believe it? Louise rides all the way back to Tristain Academy. Didn’t she feel cold? Tabitha talks to Louise and says she can take Saito away if Louise has dumped him. She can even marry him if she wants to. Kirche helps Louise decipher Tabitha’s riddle that once she becomes queen, she no longer has the freedom to love. When someone shows that much love, even Saito would give in. Does Louise have that resolve? Still worried she is no match for Henrietta and should respect that, if so, then it shows how far she has loved Saito. Those who win the love war are those who can be honest with their feelings. So Louise now fully enlightened, rushes back to Saito (I hope she didn’t ride all night again) and insists it has to be him. Screw Henrietta. Only he can make her happy. A hug to resolve the spat. Louise has the secret room sealed for good. You want to take as much precaution if a princess is your rival, right?

Episode 6
Saito discovers hotspring in his land. This means he can have a hotspring party with his friends. This means we can have a fanservice party! Louise confronts Tabitha over her remarks the other day and she warns if something like that happens again, she will be taking him. That night, Saito thought Louise was giving him the signal to be naughty in bed. He sneaks underneath the sheet and starts getting horny. Till he realizes it is Tabitha! Couldn’t tell the difference between their ‘flat plains’, eh? Tabitha wants him to continue and pounces on him. It’ll be bad if Louise sees this! Too late! As always. I don’t know how he’ll get out of this one unscathed. Oh, he didn’t. I wonder how he’ll have a good night’s sleep. Louise and Siesta by his side and Tabitha over him. Yeah, it’s a little crowded. I wonder how it’ll be if Tiffania’s in the picture. Underneath? So how? Saito sleeps alone in another room while the girls together. This is the best for him (look how soundly he is sleeping). But not what the girls wanted. What’s the use if they can’t sleep with Saito? They can’t sneak off since their hands are cuffed together. Next morning their friends arrive for the party. Louise and Siesta spot an intruder entering the mansion and corner the sneaky character. Turns out to be Henrietta! Louise and Henrietta take a bath together. So putting aside their status and everything equal, despite being childhood friends, they begin arguing over Saito. A little girly fight, comparison between their boobs’ difference and in the end they still make up. Henrietta notes that Saito’s age is where men usually die in battle. He could’ve died in Romalia. That’s why she doesn’t want to lie to her feelings anymore. She’s not going to give up on Saito. Later Henrietta talks to Saito alone and he realizes how important Louise is to him and wants to be with her. Even if that is his true feelings, hers will not change either. So next scene we got our full fanservice of the girls soaking in the hotspring. The perverted Undine Knight boys mistake naked bonding and got blasted away. After their friends leave, Saito and Louise have their own private hotspring bath. Naked. Thankfully no interruption to their kiss this time. They’re going to take it to the next level on their bed when Saito’s hands accidentally touched Tiffania’s. What is she doing in their bed? Earlier on she got out of the hotspring because she felt dizzy and plopped like a plank. I guess this ruins the mood. I guess it’s another one of those explosions. So hard to build up the mood, so easy to ruin it all.

Episode 7
Tabitha pecks on Saito’s cheek and leaves. She fears her resolve will weaken if she hears his voice. Saito wants her to stay (hope it’s not for his harem) when suddenly the Elemental Siblings show up. They thought they could sneak in an ambush for revenge but they’re dead wrong. Nearby, a group of elves, Rukshana, Ari and Madarf are looking for Tiffania. So while Saito, Tabitha and the Undine Knights fight against Bleu and Jacques (he somehow escaped from prison), Jeanette takes Louise as hostage and threatens to rip her clothes naked. The elves couldn’t comprehend why those savages are fighting. Maybe it’s because they’re hungry? They see Tiffania. When Damien comes into the picture, the other siblings fear this little dude and try to explain themselves. Damien is not amused they’re doing some revenge thingy that doesn’t profit them. While he uses his spell to stop their ruckus, Saito rushes off to save Tiffania before she gets taken away by the elves. But the sleeping spell causes everyone to fall unconscious. When Saito wakes up by Tiffania’s side (once more, his hands on her boobs), they are being told by Rukshana that they’ve been kidnapped and in the middle of their oasis base. Louise reports to Henrietta about Saito’s abduction but it seems she can’t mobilize a search party as they do not know the elves well and since Romalia knows them better, is suited for the job. But Louise is not going to sit around and do nothing. Saito has always been saving her so it’s now her turn to return the favour.

Rukshana explains that she is a researcher researching the culture of savages (that is the elves’ term for humans) and the reason why they’re being kept at her place. As for Tiffania, she possesses the Devil’s power (their term for Void magic). The Elves are afraid their country will fall if all 4 Void users unite (despite Joseph’s demise, the fourth Void user will pop up somewhere though it is not known who that person is at this point). Vidalshal returns and it seems Rukshana is his niece. He is here to check if everything is in order. He lets Saito know that Tabitha’s mom is doing well. Ari also returns from the council and it seems they are split over the decision to allow those who wield the Devil’s power and their familiars to live. Ari doesn’t like the savages too much so Rukshana threatens to call off their marriage if he keeps badmouthing them and not support her research. Siesta is coming with Louise. Tabitha is coming too. They can reach Adyl (the capital of the land of elves) faster via Sylphid. Even the Tristain Academy friends have the same idea via Ostland. Saito tries to leave the oasis but a magic barrier keeps him from leaving. Since he doesn’t want to fret over the little stuff (Tiffania blames her own weakness for allowing him to be captured), he decides to enjoy the moment now. No, nothing horny with Tiffania. Saito takes a swim in the lake and realizes the odd looking structure in the middle is in fact a crashed fighter jet from his world.

Episode 8
Rukshana realizes Tiffania likes Saito and thinks she can win him over with her ‘great weapons’. But Tiffania doesn’t feel so because Saito already has Louise. When Saito surfaces from his swim, he sees Ari and Madarf mishandling Tiffania. Seems the council wants them to be brought over to debate their fate. Vidalshal warns Saito to keep his mouth shut and not let the anger get the better of him. I don’t think he can. Especially the way they’re badmouthing the savages and Devil’s power. Saito is even enraged when they abuse Tiffania because they can’t believe one of their kind also possessed this power. Saito fights back but is cornered. This only aggravates the elves to believe further that the savages are dangerous and must not be allowed to live. Thrown into the dungeon, Tiffania thinks she’s in love with Saito (it has to be) so she kisses him. In that instant, Saito’s felt a burning sensation on his chest. No, it’s not that his heart is on fire, but strange runes start to appear on it. While they’re talking about a familiar serving 2 Void mages, Vidalshal, Rukshana and Ari unlock the door to help them escape. Meanwhile Ostland enters the land of the elves and instead of attacking, they speed up further. They’re not here to start a war but to rescue their friends. Vidalshal leads everyone through his underground tunnels. He constructed them and knows each nook and turn like the back of his hand. Vidalshal explains why he worked with Joseph. When he heard of the Devil’s power returning, he worked his way into Joseph’s confidence to investigate and found out about its truth. As for Tabitha’s torture, it was imposed on him. He had to obey Joseph if he wanted his support. But he learnt it is not the power they should fear but the heart of the wielder.

They’re supposed to reach the end of the passageway but it’s blocked. Seems the elves had seen this coming. They corner them and Ari got injured by Madarf’s attack. Saito fights them using the back of his sword to fight his way out. They end up in a dead end. Ostland is being attacked by the sentry and is losing power. The guards step on board but they have not heard news that their kind has been kidnapped. Louis is kept hidden for fear they may take her into custody as she is a Void mage. Louise wanted to see Saito so much and Saito the same, that it opened up a portal between them. A perfect escape. Those elves will never know where they had disappeared too. With Vidalshal on board, he tells the guards to back down. They respect his decision seeing they were his former students. Knowing that returning to Adyl they’ll be treated as fugitives, Vidalshal wants them to stay with the humans but he is going back to Adyl and lie low for a while. Trying to figure how Louise made Saito’s great escape, she just wished greatly to see Saito and suddenly a window opened up. When she held his hand, she felt power flowing through her and the portal became bigger enough to fit everyone. Colbert thinks it is a new Void power. Saito shows the runes on his chest but what Louise saw was the possibility (fact, rather) that he and Tiffania kissed! That’s not important says Saito. Oh, it is VERY important. Even Siesta is not happy that even he already has a mistress like her to go flirting with other girls. She just admitted she’s the mistress…

Episode 9
Once they touch ground at Lutis (Gallia’s capital), Tabitha’s subject says that it is time for her coronation. I’m sure Louise has her anger over Saito much controlled till she sees this. What the hell is Saito trying to do with his hands under Tiffania’s clothes? A bug underneath it? Oh there it is. Believe it now? And since Saito continues to be so friendly with Tiffania, Siesta thinks they really need to show him who is the true master. Rukshana wants to go sightseeing but Guiche and Maricorn are tasked to not allow her to leave the annex. It is feared that if people discover elves present, the coronation will be disrupted. Ari and the guys almost had a fight if Saito had not stepped in. After that, Saito helps Louise picks a dress for the ball. She allows him to touch her ‘flat plains’. When things are looking reconciled, then comes Tiffania busting in. Her dress is going to bust wide open… You can guess what happens next. Soon Ari is distressed that Rukshana is missing (she’s already going on a tour of the palace of her own). Since Vittorio is arriving, they need to solve this before he does. Vittorio learns about Saito’s escape and explains that is called World Door, a Void magic that connects distant locations. Because Gandalfr shouldn’t possess the power to enhance the spell, he believes the runes on his chest indicate God’s Heart, Lifdrasr, the power to amplify spells. In other words, power booster. But he certainly has never heard of a familiar serving 2 masters at once and multiple powers coexisting within a familiar. It is said that the 4 Void users will save Halkeginia from disaster and though the fourth one has not surfaced yet, having Lifdrasr is a God sent. Montmorency thought Guiche is flirting with other girls again and doesn’t want to hear excuses. He is actually trying to give descriptions of Rukshana. Ari knows how when it comes to women, there is no difference between the races. So for once, Guiche and Ari sit down and drown their sorrows over the trouble in the form of women. Is this how men of different races are to unite? Meanwhile the girls who are on their way to Tabitha’s room, find Rukshana snooping around. She apologizes for the understanding because she and Ari often get into fights like these. Tabitha’s coronation goes well and she becomes the queen of Gallia. Though she is officially known as Queen Charlotte (which is also her real name), I’ll still refer to her as Tabitha as like her friends, we are so used to that name. Saito tells Louise this master-familiar thingy isn’t important to him because all that matters is he loves her. For some reason not wanting to be late for the dinner, Saito walked too fast leaving Louise lost behind. After saying those cool words, he let this happen? But Louise hears something disturbing. Giulio wants to know why Vittorio didn’t tell Saito about the diminishing powers of Lifdrasr. Each time the Void power is used, a part of the soul is used and cannot be replenished. This means Saito will die in the end. Seeing that using a Lifdrasr’s power is equivalent to using one’s life, informing him will only frighten him. He may not be able to fight well when there is crisis. Oh Louise. What are you going to do?

Episode 10
Louis is torn to tell Saito this. But they are summoned by Henrietta. Seems as Vittorio left for Romalia he immediately contacted her requesting Saito, Louise and Tiffania’s assistance. Because last night a village at the base of a mountain was completely annihilated. They leave Orneal in Siesta’s hands and promise to come back. With Sylphid giving a ride, the trio are surprised to see Aquapolis on fire. The other dragons have become hostile and are attacking them. They meet up with Giulio and learn the cause of it is a huge release of miasma from the Ancient Dragon. Vittorio sets his Bronze Knights to trap the Ancient Dragon at the valley. Meeting with Saito and co, this is what His Holiness was worried about the world catastrophe. In ancient writings, it has only been described as a great calamity that scorched the world and many researchers including himself have tried to decipher its meaning. Now it is very clear. Vittorio delegates the duties they need to perform. Louise’s explosion is vital in this operation till the end, Vittorio will use his dispel to rid of the miasma wall protecting the beast while Tiffania will cast her Oblivion to protect the Bronze Knights and other succumbed dragons in the vicinity. As for Saito, he wants to make use of his Lifdrasr power. As everyone gets into position, Giulio is worried Saito will die. Vittorio notices how Giulio has changed. When he first met him, he was cold and distance even when he became his familiar. He is now proud of him and glad he sent him to the magic academy. As for Saito, he won’t die after one or two attempts but the accumulation of using that power will kill him. That’s why they must make sure their first attempt must succeed. Louise tells Saito about the truth and doesn’t want him to die. She won’t let him die and will take care of the beast with her spell. Tiffania heard that and feels guilty for making Saito her familiar. The plan is set in motion as the Ancient Dragon is trapped underneath the valley rocks. Vittorio uses his healing power to attack with Saito amplifying it. Nothing is happening. Giulio’s dragon has succumbed to the Ancient Dragon’s spell. Derflinger suggests using him to absorb the Ancient Dragon’s blast. However it is too much for him and breaks. Oh sh*t! NOOOO!!! Saito falls off and is in shock but Sylphid retrieves him. Vittorio knows where this is going. He pushes Giulio off the dragon and gets devoured by the Ancient Dragon. Chomp! Oh sh*t! NOOOO!!!!

Episode 11
By the time Saito wakes up, he is back in his Orneal. Was it a dream? Nope. Derflinger is gone. As for the Ancient Dragon, it somewhat curled into a big boulder, lying dormant at the mouth of the valley. For now. It’s not dead yet because they can sense its heartbeat. Saito and Giulio can’t let their emotions get the better of them yet till they take care of the beast. Louise knows deep down Saito is sad because he didn’t say a word about Derflinger. She would’ve preferred him to say he can’t fight without his sword. Henrietta and Tabitha will summon their army and other countries to help fight the menace but Louise feels Saito shouldn’t be involved in this war in a world he isn’t born into. Saito is discussing with the elves that he needs something like that fighter jet, that kind of power that will down the Ancient Dragon. I thought if magic can’t kill this beast, can our human technology do the trick? You won’t know if you don’t try. But the jet at the oasis is ruined so what he suggests is to open the World Door back to his world and he’ll come back with a working one. Oh. How is he going to sneak into a military base? We’ll leave that for later. Louise agrees to help out. So after all this time, finally a portal opens to his world. Yes. This is Japan. Saito steps through the World Door but is puzzled Louise isn’t following him as agreed. Well, she’s not. It’s her plan to return him to his own world for good. Goodbye. I love you. It was a painful decision to make so when the others get to know about this, they feel they would’ve done the same thing too. Don’t tell me this is how the harem will end! This is a bigger crisis than the Ancient Dragon. Oops. Ahem. 0Osmond explains in the past Void mages sealed the Ancient Dragon but according to literature, Void mages feed it with energy by being consumed. That’s why it instinctively goes to where the presence of Void mages are. So when it awakens, its next target will either be Louis or Tiffania. That’s why they’re going back to the academy where it is far away from other villages and all the students have evacuated. Except for the evacuated part. All the students stay back because they want to be the hero, oops I mean protect the world they live in. Tabitha has also hired the Elemental Siblings to help out so rest assured they’re on the good side. Saito thinks he could go back to Halkeginia by heading back to the place he was pulled from. Some dark and dirty alley. What was he doing here? Anyway, nothing is happening. Some punks thought Saito got dumped by his favourite maid so he got pissed off and fights them. Saito takes a beating but the punks also equally got some. They leave since it’s a waste of time trying to rob a guy with no money. Night falls and the Ancient Dragon revives. However the Bronze Knights get the shock of their lives because it starts flying! No time to react or attack. They just got vaporized right out from the sky.

Episode 12
Saito is right outside the doorstep on his home. Realizing the Gandalfr rune is still on his hand, he feels the need to go back to Louise’s side. How are you going to get back? Better hurry because despite Tristain Academy setting up barriers around, it’s not going to last long if those dragons start ramming into it. Henrietta and Giulio lead their army to fire all they got at the Ancient Dragon. Let’s say that didn’t work. If it was that easy, don’t you think it could have been done a long time ago? The Ancient Dragon fires back at them but thankfully Vidalshal uses his modified Flame Stone as defensive shield to protect them. Now the elven army is here too. At times like this it is best to put aside race and nation differences for the better of everyone’s future. Eventually Tristain’s barrier is broken. Louise and Tiffania flee via Sylphid knowing the Ancient Dragon is after them. The rest of their friends try to fend off the other dragons. Louise notices an open wound created by Henrietta and Giulio’s attack and thinks she can defeated by using her explosion spell into that area. Well, here goes. Boom. Nothing happens. In addition to the shock of her failure, Louise is zapped of her strength as the Ancient Dragon whacks Sylphid out of the sky. Meanwhile Saito has found a way to return. It might only be theory and a long shot but it’s worth a try. Remember last time that it was possible to go to different worlds when there is an eclipse? Seems that is happening right on Earth now. I know Saito’s runes are making him fly the fighter jet with ease (no matter how silly this reason is) but what bugs me is that how the hell did he sneak into the military hanger and successfully steal one?! Anyway for the sake of this show, that eclipse theory worked. So before Louise becomes the dragon’s next meal, she screams Saito’s name for help. Regret sending him back? Then just like always, Saito returns in the fighter jet to pump some missiles into the Ancient Dragon. Hooray! Saito’s back! So is Derflinger. Eh, what? How? For simplicity, let’s just accept the reasoning that after the sword broke, he continued to live in his Gandalfr rune. Why he hasn’t spoken since his ‘death’ is still a mystery.

So did Louise open the World Door to Saito so that she could throw a tantrum on his return? Hey, didn’t you wish for him back and now you say he is wasting her efforts? Women… Isn’t the cockpit a little cramped? To rid the Ancient Dragon, Saito plans to do another attack with Louise nailing the final explosion. Since she is too weak, he will use Lifdrasr. Of course Louise won’t accept that since she won’t have a reason to live (and beat up for flirting around) if he’s dead. So what has got a guy to do than to promise to won’t die and seal it with a kiss. Hey, keep your eyes ahead? Who is flying the jet when they’re kissing?! With all the army ships firing once more, Saito crashes the plane into the Ancient Dragon (right before he hits the eject seat button) and Louise ends it with her explosion spell. Finally the Ancient Dragon comes crumbling into ashes. On ground, Louise cries her heart out thinking Saito really had died. She’d do anything for him to come back. Well, she doesn’t have to because he didn’t. That would be very inconvenient to the characters and us viewers. Seems he used up all his Lifdrasr power and life but his life as Gandalfr remained. How convenient. So does this mean he is no longer Tiffania’s familiar? And did Louise say she would do anything? Oh no. He wants a favour now. In public? Yes. He wants to marry her. After all they’ve been through, it wouldn’t be right for her to be tsundere. And before you know it, Saito and Louise get married in the cathedral with everyone attending this joyous occasion. I guess this puts an end to the harem tussle, eh? Now about the mistress part… That’s a different story. I’m not sure about the custom in Halkeginia but do you kiss right away before the priest gives you the permission. By the way, where is the priest? There is no priest. Oh whatever. Perhaps for their honeymoon, Louise opens the World Door (can she amplify the power on her own now?) to Saito’s world (right in the middle of the busy street? Nobody was surprised?) and they go dating like what normal lovers on Earth would do. Lastly, I guess with Saito already married, he brings her to meet his parents. We’ll leave how they tackle that to your imagination.

From Zero To Hero And Almost Ero…
Well, I can’t say that I am totally disappointed at the ending but I can’t say that I am totally satisfied either. Another on-the-fence conclusion? So for the good part that the series has finally ended. If it is intended to stay that way unless somebody got a bright idea to revive it again. All is well, ends well with Saito finally marrying his own master (If you’re a Saito x Louise fan, that is) and I hope they don’t take that master-familiar into the kinky level. I’m not sure if Saito can stop being a lecherous dog after he has walked down the aisle. Once you’re a pervert, it’s hard to totally change over a new leaf. That’s what mistresses and secret lovers are for. Ah, even in holy matrimony, that won’t really stop a guy from flirting, right? We don’t see this question arising because the last episode is made to paint Saito as a hero so I suppose the side affair of him being perverted is pushed to the sidelines. I’m not saying Saito is going that far but after 4 seasons, I can’t help think but there is this huge possibility. I mean, even if Saito is the one who proposed to Louise, does this mean the other girls will give up? Siesta might be the closest rival since she is their official maid and even openly declared she is his mistress. Will Tiffania still be able to love Saito now that he has chosen Louise? It might be hard for Henrietta and Tabitha since they are queens of their own country as they have their own people to take priority with. But deep down as a woman, don’t you think they want Saito for themselves? Thus I suppose that the marriage thing was in a way a ‘warning’ to lay their hands off Saito.

And for the bad part, I’m sure that after 4 seasons of adventure and misadventures, it will be hard to wrap up things properly. But I’m sure it won’t be as bad as anime series that went on for years and have 3-digit number of episodes to their name. Still hard nevertheless. For example the characters. Many of the side characters that appeared in the previous season were almost forgotten. If I did not browse on my previous blog, I wouldn’t have even remembered their names. Remember Beatrice? Hell, sure I didn’t. She was the obnoxious bully girl who tried to persecute Tiffania for being an elf before becoming a number one fan and worshipper. Did anything important for her happen here? Not exactly. What about that gay Scarron and his daughter and Siesta’s cousin, Jessica? Could have been done without them. What was the significance of Eleanor’s return and threat to bring back Louise? I’m sure in a way it was to made Louise and Saito realize how important their love for each other but as we go along, I could have sworn I would have forgotten about Eleanor even if she didn’t pay them a visit. And where was the middle sister of the De La Valliere family, Cattleya? I didn’t even see her nose around except for that last scene whereby she attended Louise’s wedding. Therefore these are just some of the other characters that I pointed out. I may have forgotten the rest.

As for some like Agnes, Colbert, Osmond, Irukuku, Guiche, Kirche, Maricorn and Montmorency, their roles have been minor although they made more screen appearance than those I have mentioned (anybody remembered their familiars? Heck, I don’t even see them here). Even I felt Tiffania’s role was somewhat even reduced. Besides providing an element for Saito’s harem and the potential of him becoming another familiar, there was really nothing she could do by her own. Please don’t get the wrong idea that she is useless but I thought she would be playing a much more important role since her debut in the third season. I guess it was mainly pretty much a Saito-Louise affair for this final season. You don’t see any development in the romance section between Kirche-Colbert as well as Guiche-Montmorency either. The Elemental Siblings, I thought they were going to be the antagonists in the end after Joseph’s death but it turns out they weren’t that bad themselves and eventually became allies. Similarly, I thought Vittorio had this look whereby he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. There is this deceptive look on his face whereby it hints from the way he speaks, there is an ulterior motive. His admission that he wanted to kill Joseph using the priestesses as an excuse seem like a good indicator too. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe he just sounds like that. Have you ever heard him get really angry or raise his voice? Then he turns out to be a really good guy and the kind of Holy Highness whom everyone respects greatly to. Then chomp! He just died. When Derflinger revived, I thought there is a chance he might too but sadly, perhaps he already got melted by the Ancient Dragon’s stomach acid. Oh wait. Burnt perhaps because beneath that thick rocky skin is just blazing fire.

What else is there to be said about our main hero Saito? Some still thinks he is the idiot he was when he first landed in this world. Some would think he has changed a lot since then. No doubt he has gotten used of this world, there are many other things that he still follows his own beliefs. Especially about knowing your place as an aristocrat or peasant, master or slave. To Saito, such formalities are unimportant as long as you have a good heart, you’re his friend.  Even better if you have good boobs ;p. A lot will still agree that he is still the same pervert but that is a good sign because this means he is a healthy young teenage boy who doesn’t swing the other way. Sometimes being in his shoes is tough because if a girl tempts you with her boobs and you don’t cave in to it, this may send signals that you are gay or you are not appreciative of the girl’s ‘effort’. Tough, isn’t it? So can you really blame Saito for being a pervert? Yes you can. If you’re Louise. Say, I don’t hear her calling him a water flea this season. Speaking of Louise, still your typical tsundere whom we all love and identified with. She isn’t an outcast anymore and has grown with her powers. Can’t say the same for her boobs. Oops. Just that she’s just trying hard to find the right balance between her relationship with him as master-familiar and lovers. Not easy seeing she’s tsundere all the way.

Maybe I was thinking too hard. Asking too many questions that maybe I should have just accepted as it is. For example, those who are chosen as Void users. How is it that they are chosen and how do they appear? Of course the characters in the series won’t know this mystery too because if it was, they would’ve guessed where the next Void user would appear. And how is it that when one Void user dies or vanishes, how would the world know there is one less Void user and selects someone, somewhere to be the next Void user? If there really is a God and group of mysterious deities responsible for this, I hope it’s not some random process or the one whereby they close their eyes and do eenie-meenie-minie-moe. About Saito’s return to Halkeginia, it just really felt like coincidence that there was an eclipse on Earth. So where did Saito exactly flew to? Somewhere between the umbra? Shouldn’t people have noticed some portal opening each time the eclipse happens? Earth people in this series, that is. I guess nobody really cares. Even if the military really did allow him to ride an expensive jet and crashed it. Who is he to report the cost to? That’s why I figured Saito wants to stay here in this land where he made great friends. He’s really grown accustomed to it since his arrival. Heck, he’s being knighted as a Chevalier in the previous season so from being a nobody in his own planet, he is now a hero. Remember his super amazing feat of taking on the entire Albion army on his own? He nearly died and came back to life (thanks to Tiffania’s boobs, oops, I mean healing). So when he used up Lifdrasr and ultimately his life, it was all the more reason why I am convinced this guy has more than nine lives. And with Saito no longer having Lifdrasr, does this mean Tiffania can make a new familiar or can she kiss Saito again? One more mind boggling thing. Four seasons may have been a long time so I am assuming that Saito must have been gone from his world for a long time, right? Won’t there be missing posters of him? Aren’t his family worried? See my point? Then he suddenly returns and brings back a wife. If his parents are still around, I think they’ll die of heart attack.

With only a dozen episodes for the final season, maybe it felt rushed. Because for the first few episodes we see a great battle just to get rid of Joseph and Sheffield. At the end of the previous season, they were the antagonists that the heroes never met and were ‘left off the hook’. So once that is out of the way, a few episodes to dedicate to what perhaps most viewers would love to see, the harem tussle between the rest of the girls and Saito in his new mansion. I felt we should have more ‘pointless’ harem cat fights and fanservice. If Saito had his way, things could’ve turned ero… After that it’s that final perilous creature that has for some unknown reason decided to awake at this moment in time to bring great catastrophe to the world. Maybe that is a blessing in disguise. With different nations in turmoil and war, perhaps the ancient creature is a uniting factor in making the different nations and races work together for the common good. Now if they could only last that kind of peace longer. So I don’t see why humans and elves hate each other so much. Each calling the kettle black. It was really odd to see that elves debating and calling humans as savages when they don’t realize themselves the violence that they are resorting to. Don’t worry, we humans are not very far off. Okay, please worry. Thus if everyone could be just understand or have Rukshana’s inquisition like a researcher to learn more about the other culture, I’m sure we’ll get along just fine.

Like in all previous seasons, ICHIKO has been the one singing the opening themes. Yet another English-titled opening song, if you have heard her typical powerful vocals rock style, I’m sure you’ll find it no different in I’ll Be There For You. Also, Rie Kugimiya (the voice of Louise) once more sings the ending theme which is often Louise’s personal space to rant, complain, whine, grumble, reprimand, chastise, admonish, dress down and moan about Saito. Usually about his lecherous ways. What else. Despite being the perverted dog he is, she still loves him. That’s what makes her tsundere. And we like it. So this season’s ending theme, Kiss Shite Agenai isn’t any different than all the other Zero No Tsukaima’s ending pieces but there is one very disturbing scene in the ending credits animation. Despite griping about Saito, she has this life-size daimakura pillow of Saito! I think she is going make out with it only if Saito hadn’t stepped in and witnessed this disturbing act. Because it would’ve saved him the pain from her explosion too. Ouch. This is the girl he married too. He missed his last chance to say no at the altar. Haha! So, there wasn’t any priest in sight like I said… But hey, I guess it’s better than going around flirting with other men, right? This is how dedicated this tsundere is to him.

So I read that many weren’t impressed or had too much hope for the season finale. Many were just glad that it closed the chapter for Saito and Louise for good. Forever. Many complained about the stale jokes being reused again and the lack of direction in the plot. Just to be fair, as I have said, for me it is pretty decent and it is with mixed feelings when everything ended. It won’t make me want to go rewatch all the episodes from all the seasons again. If they did an OVA filled with mindless fanservice like how they did for the previous season, maybe I’ll go watch for nostalgia sake. After all, Saito has fought the Albion army, destroyed a seemingly invincible juggernaut and even defeated the greatest threat that ever walked the face of Halkeginia. What else is more dangerous for him to face? I know. His life as Louise’s husband! Haha! He better start loving lemons instead of melons, coconuts or pineapples. Otherwise he’ll get a taste of Louise’s fruit punch explosion. Fruity Fury.

Good news: Finished watching the third season of Zero No Tsukaima called Zero No Tsukaima: Princesses No Rondo. Bad news: It isn’t as good as or better than its prequels as I really hoped it to be. Sighs… Well I thought it would be a great end to the trilogy but sad to say it isn’t so. Perhaps one reason why it didn’t lived up to my expectations was that I read somewhere that ever since the 2nd season, the storyline ‘detracted’ itself from the novel, which the 1st season anime was based on. So for old time’s sake, that’s probably the reason why I continued watching this.
In this 12 episode anime, first thing I noticed is that the characters from the 1st season such as Kirche, Tabitha, Guiche and Montmorency have more appearance and role since I found them being sidelined in the 2nd season. Not only that, those new characters in the 2nd season like Cattleya, Eleanor and Giulio have been sidelined. Are they playing musical chairs or what?! Take for instance that Giulio guy. As far as I remember, he only appeared for a short appearance in 1 of the early episodes before vanishing to who knows where before a real short one in the final episode. Since the war against Albion has been won, are they implying that his presence is unnecessary? Plus, that busty maid Siesta although she is still an annoying gal, I find that she is less so in this season. Which is a good thing.
At first the word ‘rondo’ in the title may indicate something to do with the musical term which refers to a movement. But later I found out that the kanji writing is pronounced and read as ‘rinbu’ which means a round dance or dancing in circles. I’m still trying to figure out how the title is related to the storyline. Maybe the storyline is going around in circles and doesn’t really have any major development. Just kidding.
This season still maintains its usual comedy, romance and adventure. Especially the one between tsundere Louise and perverted Saito. Now these 2 are the main reason why the series has garnered so many fans. It’s so funny to see them bickering. Plus, you’ll notice how Louise gives Saito a kick in his crotch (ouch!) more often and she still has that small boobs inferior complex. Some things never change. But we like it lah…
So from the previous season, we know that Saito took on the entire Albion army by himself and nearly died. See, that is what you get for trying to be a hero. I’m not going to bore you with the details of the previous season and if you’re interested to know what happened then, read my blog on it! Anyway in episode 1 we see the happy reunion of Louise and her familiar Saito back at Tristain Academy. Yeah, the episode starts off with the duo doing something steamy. After 3 seasons, Saito is still going strong. Woot! However they got interrupted when Siesta busts in. It is that time that Louise notices the rune encryptions of Saito’s hands are missing. Gasp! Without it, Saito won’t have his super powers during battles. Soon everyone gets to know about it when Louise tells Kirche but the latter spews it out loud in her surprise. Agnes then tells Louise that she is to bring her and Saito to meet Henrietta.
During the journey, the usual squabbling and since Saito doesn’t have his runes, he is no longer Louise’s familiar and just an ordinary person (so she thinks). During a break in the woods, Louise wonders off herself in her usual anger towards Saito but meets a strange creature which suddenly threatens her. A mysterious voice introduces herself as Sheffield (that villainess from the previous season) and she wants to bring Louise back to her master, Joseph. Louise lets loose a random blast in hopes Saito will notice and come rescue her. Sheffield then says how she too is a Void user just like her and unleashes several demons to capture Louise. Saito arrives in time to save Louise but without his runes, he’s having a hard time fending them off, till Agnes appears that is. Sheffield decides to back off after receiving orders from Joseph to do so. Soon the trio continue their journey and arrives at Henrietta’s castle, which looks so empty. Henrietta has sold the furniture in order to help her people rebuild the country after the war with Albion has ended. Henrietta wants to bestow the title of Chevalier title on Saito which makes him a noble after his heroic deeds. But he turns her offer down citing his powerless state now. Derflinger then comes up with a theory on how the contract between Saito and Louise was nullified because during his battle with the Albion army, he temporarily died and his heart ceased. As we know he was revived by the magic of a very busty elf lady named Tiffania. With that, Henrietta decides to send the trio on a mission to find this lady.
That night, after Louise has a nightmare of Saito leaving her, she wakes up and finds Saito out on the rooftop. Louise breaks down and is so afraid that Saito would leave her, she tells him that she doesn’t care if he isn’t a Gandalfr anymore, just as long as he stays by her side. Saito promises to stay by her side by doubts if he could protect her without his usual powers. He then suggests redoing that summoning ritual again but Louise is reluctant because she is afraid of the different outcome that Saito won’t be her familiar anymore. Saito tries to comfort her and I don’t know what he’s thinking but he’s saying about continuing what they’re doing this morning (that steamy affair…). But Louise gets real embarrassed since Saito is rushing it as she unleashes her explosion blast on him. The next morning as they prepare to leave, Louise is still not over last night’s incident and decides to make him walk instead of letting him sit with her in the carriage. Not only that. Louise degrades Saito from a dog to a water flea. Ah well, back to normal.
In episode 2, Siesta decides to join the gang since getting to know Saito is no longer Louise’s familiar. Yeah, looks like she thinks she has the chance to make Saito hers now. Well I guess they could use a cook on their journey too. But you know Siesta is awfully clingy onto Saito. And her boobs pushing onto his arms… Can’t blame Louise if she takes out her frustration on him. That night when the gang stops for the night, Agnes decides to spar with Saito to see how much his skills have diminished but Saito still manages to get by. As they continue their search the next morning, Saito spots a familiar girl and recognizes her as Tiffania and rushes to her. When Tiffania sees Saito, in her delight she jumps on him. Now Tiffania’s boobs rely defy odds because they are so huge and bouncy… No wonder Saito could recognize her… Yeah, just like Saito says "It’s a bust revolution!". By the way, I’m glad that they decided to retain Mamiko Noto as the voice of Tiffania since she made a short cameo one back in the previous season. Anyway Louise and Siesta are quite pissed to see Tiffania due to her enormous boobs (uh huh. Even larger than Siesta’s) but Saito explains to them to clear up the misconception back in her cottage. Well looks like the girls have another ‘competition’ in their hands. But Louise continues to pick on Tiffania and since baka Saito stood up for her, Louise storms out. Siesta manages to catch up to her and the duo form and unlikely alliance against Tiffania. Hey, less competition the better, right?
However they are soon being surrounded by several wolves that are being controlled by Sheffield. She wants Louise to call out the other Void user but she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Louise tries to use her magic but it isn’t effective (Siesta has fainted by the way). In her desperate attempt, she decides to cast a familiar summoning spell attempt in hopes Saito will be summoned. The risk and uncertainty is there since nobody has ever done it before. With that, Saito then appears out from a green bubble (Louise must be so relieved) as surprised Sheffield decides to withdraw once again. Later they recontracted again by kissing and Saito has his runes return to his backhand. Hooray! Looks like Saito too is happy being Louise’s familiar, even if it means more torture and pain. But Siesta soon shoves Louise away and hugs Saito, thinking that he’s here to save her. Yeah, how Louise wish that stupid maid would continue sleeping. Is the alliance off? As Sheffield apologizes for her failure to Joseph, she confirms the return of Gandalfr but Joseph isn’t disappointed and tells her not to rush it. Back at Tiffania’s cottage, everyone is happy that Saito is alright and when Louise calls him a dog, Saito barks like one in his happiness.
Tiffania agrees to follow Saito and co back to Tristain in episode 3. She reveals how she has been living alone ever since her mom died. The gang arrives at Henrietta’s castle and everyone gets to know she’s a half-elf (her mom is an elf while her dad is a human from Albion) after she removes her hat and revealing her pointy ears. Henrietta assures her that she will not hate her. Is there some sort of discrimination and hatred towards elves? Tiffania also explains the ring on her finger which she used to save Saito. Also we find out that Derflinger was the one who transported Saito away from the Albion army and into the nearby forest. I didn’t know that talking sword could do that. Why didn’t he do it earlier? Henrietta thinks Tiffania could use her magic for greater good but Tiffania remembers some violent and tragic memories of her own (something about elves didn’t want to get in some conflict but were slain anyway) and declines and run away. That night, Saito is awakened by Tiffania’s strange but beautiful song. Hmm… Gandalfr, God’s left hand, the valiant shield of God. Windalfr, God’s right hand, God’s gentle flute. Interesting. Perhaps in later episodes it will shed some more light and info about this. Saito and Tiffania chat about the latter wanting to see the world, how she lost her mom to the military and her ability to use magic even if she doesn’t know whether it’s good or bad. Saito understand her since he too comes from another world and offers an ear to listen to any problems if she has any. Tiffania is grateful but Saito decides to go back after getting that feeling that Louise may unleash some painful punishment for straying.
The next day, Saito decides to accept the Chevalier title from Henrietta. With that, he gets a cool cape of his own. Furthermore, Siesta has got permission to be Saito’s personal maid. Oh great. Just what Louise needs. Tiffania decides to stay at Henrietta’s castle for the time being and I don’t know how, she and Henrietta are distant cousins. Must be some royalty connection thingy. Saito, Louise and Siesta take a ride back to Tristain Academy and to their surprise a large crowd gathers to welcome them. It seems that with Saito’s new title, he is made the vice-captain of the Order of Undine Knights in which is headed by Guiche. Other members in this order include the bespectacled Reinard, chubby Maricorn and Gimli (no, he isn’t a big sized bearded dwarf). Well I guess with his elevated status, Kirche and Montmorency has to look at him in a different light and respect. Get my drift? Add more to the harem! (Sadly it won’t happen…). Here’s another fine mess he’s gotten into.
Tiffania decides to come stay with Saito and Louise in episode 4. However with such big busts, Tiffania seems to be attracting the male students. In addition, she doesn’t want to let others know that she’s a half-elf. This is going to be tough with that kind of unwanted attraction, eh? To make things worse, a snobbish royalty brat Beatrice Yvonne Von Guldenhorf and her underlings doesn’t like her and constantly bullies Tiffania. As usual Saito stands up for Tiffania but Guiche pulls him away as he warns him about messing with Beatrice because she commands some army of hers called Dragon Knights. But does Saito give a damn about all that? Meanwhile Louise is having fantasies of spending time with Saito but since that guy is more interested in helping Tiffania and her problems, don’t you think this pisses off Louise? And since Tiffania doesn’t want to cause anymore trouble, she reveals her true identity in class. I don’t know if being an elf is a crime or not because everybody is reacting like as though it’s the end of the world. Even the teacher! Beatrice decides to hold an inquisition against Tiffania. I wonder if she has some grudge against elves too. Anyway part of this inquisition has Beatrice asking Tiffania to step into some boiling water to prove her faith. What old outdated method is this?! She can hold such an inquisition because she’s some powerful brat. If Tiffania won’t do it, she is to be exiled and returned home. Tiffania’s words on how pitiful Beatrice is and that she’s akin to a child upsets the latter further so she orders her knights to just throw her into the cauldron. Saito steps in and decides to take all this responsibility on Tiffania’s behalf in exchange for letting her free. Since she doesn’t agree, Saito decides to use force. Guiche and the rest of the Undine Knights have no choice but to get involve and back Saito up.
The fight between the Dragon Knights and Undine Knights is so noisy that it woke Louise up from her perverted dream (even Siesta is embarrassed on what kind of dream she’s having). Yeah, that tsundere girl is having the nicest dream of her lifetime on Saito when the noise ruins it all. She is so pissed! She storms out to stop everyone. Beatrice tries to use her authority but it seems Louise knows about the proper process about holding an inquisition and questions back Beatrice. In a way, you could say Beatrice didn’t follow proper procedures so that brat is back up against the wall. Even her underlings decide not to get involve further with her. Be afraid. Be very afraid of Louise. Tiffania comes up to Beatrice and wants to be her friend, not holding any grudge for what she has just did. Beatrice then breaks down in tears. Looks like she has reflected and repented on what she’s done. Later Saito is in the infirmary with Tiffania alone. Tiffania says her boobs are somewhat a problem and wants Saito to touch them to see if there’s anything wrong. Would a guy like this miss this opportunity? Okay so he’s trying to control himself and do some cost-benefit analysis but hey, he’s going to do it since he’s helping Tiffania, right? Just when he touches her boobs, Louise and Siesta comes in. Oh the shocking horror! So great timing. Yeah, even Siesta doesn’t mind Louise whipping Saito this time.
Because of that, in episode 5 Louise makes Saito sign a pledge like how he loves small boobs, among other things. How embarrassing. Saito tries to tell Louise that it was Tiffania who is the one who told him to touch her breasts but Louise isn’t convinced. So he walks out citing that it’s no use of him staying around if his master can’t trust her own familiar. Saito goes to join the rest of the Undine Knights who seems to have garnered a little popularity of their own after taking on the Dragon Knights. Everyone in the Undine Knights becomes a hit with the ladies except for Saito and since they noticed this, they decide to cheer him up. Their idea of that seems to be digging an underground path which leads to the girl’s bath. Yeah, now they’re peeping toms. Where’s the honour in that? Since there is only 1 small tiny hole, each of them has to fight to have a peep. Louise has a chat with Tiffania at the bath and even though she’s still disgusted with her oversized boobs, she finds out that Saito was telling the truth about touching Tiffania’s boobs and feels a little guilty. Hey, even Tiffania asks Louise if she wants to touch them! When the guys finally spot Louise and Tiffania, Saito tries to stop them but their ruckus causes the girls to notice a tiny hole in the wall. With their presence busted, all of them decide to escape back up but Saito gets knocked out in the process. Unfortunately each of them got what they deserved as the girls unleash their wrath of them.
Saito comes to and is about to get one too but a gust of wind brings him away into the main hall. It seems that this is the work of Tabitha but since she was in the bath too, yup you’ve guessed it, she’s totally naked! She proceeds to hide Saito when the girls come in to look for the final perpetrator but leaves after they are unable to locate him. But Tabitha is clinging on to Saito and just then they heard some ghost-like sounds. Tabitha faints from fear and Saito spots several little dolls dancing on their own in the hallway. He remembers how he danced with Louise before but is snapped out of his flashback when Louise appears to tell him about it. Saito tries to explain how he was dragged into this peeping tom mess and to his surprise, Louise believes him. She also apologizes for not trusting him on Tiffania’s case but mentions not to touch other girl’s boobs other than hers (hey girl, remember you don’t have any. Haha!). Saito hugs her from behind and they could’ve nearly kissed if not for Tabitha waking up and murmurs "Ghosts…" before collapsing shortly. Haha! Another misinterpretation. After making up and this… Louise thinks Saito has a fetish for little boobs now. Which is good news and bad news. She gets even pissed off to know Tabitha is naked. All that convincing down the drain. So the next day, Saito is semi-naked and is forced to sign a pledge that he will like no other girl’s breasts smaller than hers. Haha! This also includes not to touch other girl’s boobs. But Siesta suddenly puts Saito’s hand on her boobs and says how she still allows Saito to touch hers. Louise is super upset and you know the consequences if Saito breaks his pledge even if this one isn’t directly his doing, right? Here comes the pain.
Scarron and Jessica make their returning appearances in episode 6. This time they are trying to match-make Siesta with Saito by giving the former some love potion as they even sneak into the Tristain Academy grounds to help her. The person who takes this potion will fall in love with the 1st person he/she sees. Even if Siesta has her usual fantasies on Saito, she just can’t bring herself to use it because she feels it’s best not to rely on magic when it comes to feelings of the heart. I don’t remember how but Siesta manages to persuade Louise to ‘lend’ Saito to her for an hour. Probably Louise has had enough of letting go her frustrations over Saito. So Siesta tries to play newlyweds with Saito and even dresses in a naked apron but you know, Louise’s threatening look has Saito have second thoughts as he excuses himself to the toilet. Poor Siesta wonders if she should use the love potion and starts fantasizing.
When Saito returns, she is startled and accidentally drops it outside her window, which lands on Montmorency’s head. Oh oh. Guess who is the first person Montmorency sees? Why, it’s Louise! She’s deeply in love with her! Not only that, she kissed her! The potion then spreads to Louise as she too turns lovey-dovey. Soon the hilarious love scene spreads to Beatrice and even Jessica and Scarron themselves! Tabitha could’ve been a victim but she blows them away when they touched her boobs and flies off in her Sylphid. Holy sh*t! Lots of girl kissing girl scenes! Jessica gets one from Louise, Montmorency locked lips with Beatrice and Scarron has Saito in his grasps trying to smooch him but the latter kicks his crotch to escape! Hahaha! They’re like desperate little girls deprived of love. Hopefully this series doesn’t turn into a yuri show. With the affected girls now trying to go after Tiffania, she uses her elven magic to erase it all away. Siesta who probably after witnessing the horrifying effects of the potion, she doesn’t want to end up yuri like them, then apologizes for the trouble caused while Jessica and Scarron takes this opportunity to escape the school grounds. Later Tiffania tells Saito and Louise that the memory erasing magic is the only spell which she can cast. Finally Tabitha rides out on her Sylphid at night after receiving a letter from Sheffield to complete a mission in exchange for her mentally instable mom’s recovery.
The fight over Saito continues between Louise and Siesta in episode 7. Siesta throws down a challenge to Louise that if Saito can find Louise during tonight’s Sleipnir Ball, Siesta will give up on Saito. So what is this Sleipnir Ball anyway? As far as I’m concerned, it’s some sort of masquerade party whereby students of Tristain Academy uses some magic mirror to portray themselves as the most beautiful and ideal person they think. Not only that, Henrietta will also be at the ball too. So Louise tells Saito to find her during the ball and as a reward, he can continue that steamy affair with her. Some motivation. Later Saito overhears several students about a recent mysterious sighting of a large object. Saito thinks it is Sheffield’s plot to kidnap Louise so he tries to find her but ends up meeting Siesta who teasingly lifts up her skirt to reveal her thigh. Yeah, Saito gets another kick in the crotch from his master. Always such good timing, huh? That night during the ball, Louise masquerades herself as Cattleya. Other hilarious masquerades include Guiche who disguises as himself because he thinks he’s the most beautiful person in the world. Beatrice and her underlings masquerade as Tiffania so there are several big boobs elves now. Then some hot sexy looking lady which turns out to be headmaster Osmond! Too bad Guiche was trying to hit on him. Meanwhile Saito tries to warn Louise about Sheffield’s plan but can’t seem to find her as Louise nervously waits and hopes Saito will find her real quick. However Saito finds Louise outside the balcony and acting different than usual. Soon they both kiss. Sheffield then interrupts the party by breaking the magic mirror which causes all the students to return to their normal selves. Saito then discovers that the one he kissed was Henrietta! They could have had round 2 but to make things worse (as predicted), Louise caught them both in the act! Now she can’t raise her fist against her majesty but I can’t help pity her since she gets to know that even her close childhood friend is on to Saito, though it’s a misunderstanding. Is Saito really that hot? Jokes aside, Louise runs away in tears. Henrietta meanwhile must be feeling guilty for betraying Louise like that.
Saito chases after Louise who has run out from the school grounds. However Saito is being confronted by Tabitha who attacks him. Saito is confused why Tabitha is doing so. While he evades Tabitha’s ice attack, it seems Sheffield has got Louise in her grasps (kidnapped once more?) and hypnotised. Saito’s determination manages to overpower Tabitha but he still doesn’t kill her because he views her as his friend. Because of that, Tabitha is unable to complete her mission and decides not to follow Sheffield’s orders anymore as she flees. Saito’s voice manages to snap Louise out of her hypnotism spell as he tells her to come back. However, Louise is still upset with him and like a little girl, refuses to go back with him, even surprising Sheffield herself. Louise and Sheffield struggle so much so Louise falls off her craft but luckily into the arms of Saito. She still continues to throw her tantrum but Saito kisses her to calm her down. Seriously, is that all it takes? Louise even gets her trust in Saito back after he says how she’s the most important person in the world. Ah, those magical words girls want to hear. Sheffield then summons an army of demons to take Louise back by force but a mysterious force vanquishes them all. A very large plane-like craft hovers over Tristain Academy and Sheffield once again retreats. Then to Saito and Louise’s surprise, they spot Colbert and Kirche onboard! OMG! That guy is still alive! I thought he had died in the previous season. It goes to show that you just can’t kill some characters in some animes.
I’m just as surprised as the rest of the gang who finds Colbert alive. So in episode 8, onboard the giant ship in which he has named Ostland, Colbert reveals back in the previous season’s fight with Benibiru, he didn’t really die. Tabitha cast a spell which made his heart stopped temporarily, making looked like he died. Kirche then took him back to her home in Germania and nursed him back to health but never got the chance to told the gang about this. While recuperating, Colbert was able to spend his time researching and building Ostland, courtesy of Kirche’s rich family funding. By the way, why is Kirche so lovey-dovey with Colbert?! Perhaps she has given some thought that she will never be able to win Saito over and that it’s better to go for intellect older men? I’m wondering why the heck do they need to fake his death for anyway. While Saito is glad of Colbert’s return, Louise is still disturbed about Saito’s relationship with Henrietta. Siesta and Tiffania learns about it so the latter gives Louise a magic crystal which allows one to see what happened last night. Good for only one use, especially popular with wives who want to know if their husband is straying… I guess Louise is desperate to know… She tries to aim the crystal at Saito but Derflinger realizes what’s happening and tells his partner to run. The 3 ladies chase him down all over Ostland.
Saito then runs into the cockpit only to find Kirche on top of Colbert! Saito’s surprise costs him several seconds as the girls managed to pin him down and Louise points the crystal at his forehead. However, Louise is stumped to see Saito fighting with Tabitha instead. Kirche then explains about Tabitha’s case (if you can, recall that Tabitha focused episode back in the first season). In short, Gallia is now currently ruled by a cold-blooded tyrant Joseph who is Tabitha’s late father’s younger brother. Tabitha’s mom took her place by consuming a drug which made her mentally insane. Since then Tabitha has been bestowed the Chevalier title and forced to go on many life threatening dangerous missions. Thus Kirche suspects last night’s short duel was an order from Joseph. But since Tabitha has failed to accomplish it, she doesn’t know what will happen to her.
Meanwhile Tabitha has gone back to her hometown to see her bed-ridden mom but finds her missing except for a mysterious elf named Vidalshal waiting for her. He admits that the Gallia army took her but not sure of its destination. Tabitha attacks Vidalshal with her magic but finds his magic more powerful and overwhelming. He is here to take Tabitha back to Joseph. She tries to resist once more but he is just too much for her to handle. Even Sylphid is no match for him. Back at Tristain Academy, Saito and Louise go see Henrietta and requests for her to go on a rescue mission to save Tabitha. However Henrietta forbids them to do something that dangerous and wants them to leave this matter to her as she needs to gather evidence. She wants Saito to promise her not to do something rash. Louise sense something when Henrietta puts her hands over Saito’s while saying that but regains her composure after realizing what she has done. As Henrietta leaves the school grounds, Louise says how she believes in Saito after Siesta and Tiffania said how they won’t really get to find out what Saito really did last night.
In episode 9, everyone searches the school grounds for any clues relating to Tabitha (not sure why Maricorn smothers Saito in his manly breasts… disgustingly hilarious). Suddenly a cute girl named Irukuku drops down from the sky onto Maricorn. And she’s naked! Now if you’re thinking you’re watching the wrong anime series then don’t switch to another channel just yet. Because Irukuku looks very similar to Lucky Star’s Konata Izumi! Only bustier. Anyway she hugs Saito (much to Louise’s dismay) and tells him to save her sister Tabitha. I didn’t know she had a little sister. Even the gang has doubts because you know, she’s taller than her older sis and is bustier unlike flat chest Tabitha… Irukuku explains how her sister was stripped off her Chevalier title and has been captured along with their mother. Saito and the rest decides to go rescue her but Guiche says they need to seek permission from Henrietta first as the Undine Knights are under direct orders of the queen, they can’t simply just act and must have her orders to do so. Thus Saito, Guiche and Maricorn decide to go persuade her.
Meanwhile Vidalshal is seen talking to Joseph. It seems the reason he is in cohorts with Joseph is that he wants Joseph to use his powers to prevent people from going through some evil gate which has been active lately to prevent the awaken of some powerful devil which may threaten his people. That evil power is what everyone else knows as the Void magic. Even if Joseph agrees, Vidalshal’s requirements are still too much and wants Vidalshal to serve under him. He has no choice but to agree. As Joseph says how his precious niece Charlotte (Tabitha’s real name) will share the same fate as her mom soon, Vidalshal goes to see Tabitha sitting next to her mom’s bed in a room. He tells her how he’s doing some drug that will make her go insane as well and even though she has not much time left, he gives her a storybook to read and pass the time. Back at Henrietta’s castle, she turns down the trio’s idea to rescue Tabitha as she doesn’t want to have a war with Gallia (the Albion one was too much already). Saito in protest, gives back his cape and Chevalier title and the other 2 follow suit. Since it turned out like that, Henrietta has no choice but to arrest them and have them thrown into the dungeons. Luckily they have Plan B, which is Louise. She then comes to Henrietta’s room and tries to persuade her. Some chat about how Louise is asking her about her majesty feelings on Saito as a friend and woman instead of a position as queen. Seeing how Louise cares about Saito and his importance to her, Henrietta thinks how she never had someone like that. But since Louise isn’t going to give up on her Gallia rescue plan, Henrietta throws her into the dungeons with her buddies after Louise returns her cape and declares she is no longer a noble (meaning, she’s a commoner now). Too bad they don’t have Plan C. Now how are they going to get out. Digging with their spoons will take forever! Sylphid is seen outside the prison window as it flies away.
Irukuku later tells the rest what has happened so they decide to bust them out. While the guards are being distracted with the hovering of Ostland, Colbert and Kirche break out Saito and the rest. Isn’t this illegal? Now they’re all like accomplices and committing treason against the queen. When everyone gathers later, Derflinger tells Irukuku to reveal her true identity or else he will. We find out that Irukuku is Sylphid and that she is some sort of legendary rhyme dragon with high intelligence among others. Wait a minute. Is Tabitha related to a dragon too? Or was Irukuku just making that up? Don’t know, since she still refers to Tabitha as her onee-sama.
The gang takes refuge at Scarron and Jessica’s bar in episode 10 with Henrietta’s army on patrol around the kingdom. There, they discuss their plan to rescue Tabitha. Colbert will use his Ostland as a distraction to head to Gallia via Germania so that Saito and the rest can directly head to Gallia through the south (both Tristain and Gallia are neighbouring countries). Scarron and Jessica give the group some travelling (and quite revealing) outfits so they would look like travelling entertainers and raise less suspicion. The reason why Colbert is helping them is because he feels indebted to Tabitha for saving her life. Reinard, Gimli and Siesta decides to go along with Colbert while the rest follow Saito. Meanwhile Sheffield and Joseph are in some hidden lair filled with hot molten lava. Something about Joseph nearly completing a giant creature named Jormungant. That night, Colbert finds Ostland heavily guarded. Lucky thing Siesta tagged along so he requests her to do a little flirting. I can’t believe those guards were so amazed in seeing her lift her skirt and suspicion of a maid approaching them at night didn’t come to mind. Some guards. Because of that, the rest knocked them out and manages to get onboard and start Ostland. Reinforcements came but it was too late because Ostland is already flying. Agnes leads her troops to follow Ostland and it seems their plan is working well. However Ostland is taking lots of damage from the Dragon Knights so Colbert decides to surrender before anything serious happens. It doesn’t matter if they get to Germania or not because their main role is to provide enough distraction so that Saito and co can cross into Gallia’s borders. When Agnes spots Colbert, she immediately turned furious and nearly killed him. You could say she has been fooled thrice. But she decides not to kill him and bring him to Henrietta as proof. On the other hand, Saito and co are passing through the south border and nearly got caught at the checkpoint. Phew. After lots of trudging through the forest and Louise’s personal thoughts on Saito’s courage and how he’s always been lonely, they finally reached the main city of Gallia.
Thanks to Kirche’s flirtatious ways, they managed to get info that Tabitha is held in Al-Hambra from a drunken solider in episode 11. However that place is heavily guarded. Thus they plan to make all the guards drunk in order to save her. How? The guys will serve them drinks laced with drugs while being distracted by the girls dancing on stage. That’s right. You’ll get to see the girls in very skimpy outfits. Also, Kirche seems to now have respect for Louise and her Void powers. Later when Louise is in her room trying out a skimpy outfit, Saito walks in. Though embarrassed but Louise somehow likes it when Saito stares at her so it’s no surprise that Saito can’t control himself and forces her onto the bed. Could’ve had another steamy moment but Guiche walked in. Once again, intimacy, interrupted. To hide it all, poor Saito gets another kick in the crotch. He must be impotent by now. Back at Tristain, Agnes frees Colbert and those on Ostland because she feels she has the opportunity to stop the hate chain. I mean even if she still hates him for burning down her village, he was also her saviour. If Agnes kills him, then his students will hate her and would do the same to her. Thus the cycle never ends. Plus, she tells him how Henrietta is to give them all a pardon. Tabitha is seen reading the storybook to her mother but this time she breaks down after thinking nobody would come rescue her as this is the price to pay for betraying her friends.
Back in Al-Hambra, the Baron gives Kirche’s travelling entertainers to perform but with 1 condition. All the soldiers are definitely going gaga over the busty babes. But the most hilarious one is Louise, who is trying hard to gyrate her hips and non-existent boobs! She’s like struggling so much so the soldiers are laughing! Then it’s time for Kirche to honour her part of the deal. She sends Louise to Baron’s room and we find out that perverted guy has a fetish for small boobs! Can’t believe that there are such people in this world! Louise’s role here is to put the sleeping drug into Baron’s drink but realizes she doesn’t have it anymore (she must’ve dropped it when she put it in her bra. Uh huh. Was she thinking her boobs was able to hold it in?). Saito spots the sleeping drug on the ground and when Tiffania tells him what she had saw, he busts into Baron’s room. Baron threatens Louise life when he realizes they are no ordinary performers but Tiffania uses her magic to erase his memories. Their plan has worked as every guard is snoozing under the drug. As they go rescue Tabitha, Saito is met with Vidalshal, who then engages in battle. Irukuku recognizes this man who is the one who kidnapped Tabitha. Though Vidalshal may prove a little too much for Saito, with the help of Louise’s Dispel chant on Derflinger (surprisingly it didn’t go awry), Saito manages to break through Vidalshal’s magic barrier and much to the latter’s surprise. Tiffania urges Saito not to kill him because she knows the elf race isn’t the kind to go to war for any reason and thinks there must be an explanation for him doing so. Vidalshal tells them where Tabitha is but warns them of Joseph’s cruelty and that it won’t be over yet. Soon the gang goes to rescue Tabitha and upon meeting her, Tabitha breaks down in tears. She’d never expected them to come. Meanwhile Sheffield reports to Joseph of this development but he doesn’t mind because he’s about to unleash his new toy.
Louise wakes up from a dream in episode 12. She dreamt how close Saito and Tabitha was and was going to blast him but is startled to know she has lost her magic powers. While the gang are taking a break in the forest, Louise comes up to Saito to tell him that she can’t use her magic. It can’t be a nightmare come true, can’t it? I mean, not only she can’t use magic but Tabitha seems awfully close to Saito, reading him that storybook. Why is Tabitha blushing?! Does she have feelings for him now? Way to go Saito! Now that’s another girl to add to your list. Anyway once Louise mentioned being magic-less, Tabitha quickly stood up and says how she’ll be the one who will protect Saito because he has saved her. Uh oh. Meanwhile Joseph is ready to unleash Jormungant while Osmond searches the rescue party in his Ostland. We see that the previous night, Giulio gave him some Great Spear in case Osmond ever encountered obstacles in Gallia (Giulio did some investigations on Gallia and concluded something fishy is going on there). Saito and co continue their journey back to Tristain and since Louise is panicky about her loss of powers, she begins to wonder if she’s with Saito was because he’s a Gandalfr. When they reached the border, a large armour knight comes dropping from the sky, blocking their path. It’s Jormungant with Sheffield on its shoulders and their target is Louise. The gang engages in battle but finds that Jormungant is too strong for them. Jormungant than has Louise in its grasps. Louise is thinking of sacrificing herself but you know Saito don’t believe in that kind of crap and his short outburst manages to give Jormungant some pain and release Louise. They could’ve fallen to their deaths if not for Tabitha and Sylphid. Saito hugs Louise from her back as she feels a little better.
Ostland arrives and the rest regroup on the ground. We find out that the Great Spear is some military cannon. Having the power of Gandalfr, Saito immediately knows what to do with it and orders the guys to set it up. Upon firing a shell, they find out that their shot was unsuccessful because there is some barrier on it so Derflinger suggests the Dispel move. However Louise still has no confidence, ranting like a little kid. Tabitha then takes the chance to kiss Saito and become his knight! Woah! Memories of moments spent together with Saito flow through Louise’s mind and when she desperately doesn’t want him to leave her, the magic starts flowing back through her body. Probably this was just a ploy by Tabitha to let Louise get her powers back. Louise uses the Dispel attack as Saito fires another shell to send Jormungant exploding into smithereens. Joseph watches from afar and he isn’t angry nor disappointed at all. Rather in awe of the amazing powers of the Void user. What is this guy up to anyway? Louise and Saito are resting in a room and they reconcile. Yup, they kissed each other twice before they go back to their usual bickering ways. Oh yes, looks like Louise upgrades Saito back to a dog. Back at Henrietta’s castle, Louise is ready to receive her punishment but Henrietta gives her a royal mantle. Which means, Louise has become Henrietta’s sister and the next in-line for the throne. She’s a royalty now. Henrietta gives back Saito’s Chevalier cape and welcomes Princess Charlotte to Tristain. Everybody rejoices. But if Louise thinks everything is going to end well, she had better think again because to her surprise, finds Tabitha snuggling real close to Saito’s arms. Punishment time! But she can’t blast him because Tabitha swiftly takes Saito away on her Sylphid. Now Louise has got another set of problem on her hands. Yeah, she has to chase him with Tabitha in the picture now.
Well, the ending wasn’t really a satisfying one but at least for this season it ended on a good note. Maybe mediocre is the correct word. A possible sign that there is going to be a 4th season? There better be one because I still feel this whole series is left hanging. For instance, let’s take a look at the characters. Joseph, the main villain still remains undefeated and none of our heroes have actually met him face to face. What ever happened to the group of villains Reconquista which was the main villain back in season 1? Perhaps no more Albion, no more Reconquista? What about Louise? In the last episode, she’s kinda like an emotional wreck, an insecure little girl, fearing that she could lose Saito forever. But thankfully Saito still likes her and doesn’t really give a damn about those master-familiar crap. So okay, maybe he needs a little control over his straying ways…
As for the new characters, they don’t really play much of an impact. As for Tiffania’s case, she was just brought in because she saved Saito’s life. Nothing else. Then her role throughout the series is being reduced to a side character. Same with that Beatrice brat. Probably she just had 1 episode which features her prominently (no, that yuri one doesn’t count). Hey, now that she is infatuated with Tiffania, is she really a yuri girl? Then Irukuku’s presence came too late although she has been Sylphid all along. It’s like the producers had to turn her from a dragon to a human so that we viewers could understand what’s going on instead of cracking our heads trying to figure out what the dragon is saying. Even so, her role was pretty redundant after Tabitha has been rescued. And that Vidalshal guy? He’s like here today gone the next. What happened to him? Gone home? Will he be back if there’s a next season?
So because of the way things ended, many characters didn’t play much of a significant role in the end and thus the ending felt like a little rush job. For this particular season, I guess the main focus here is on Tabitha with half the storyline on it. Well, that’s just the later part. The earlier half feels more like filler episodes. Ah well. Can’t complain since those comical episodes did made me laugh. Especially the yuri one. Hey, now I just remembered. What happened to that ring Sheffield stole from some water guardian back in season 2? I thought Saito was going to return it? So many questions, so little answers… But even so, fans of the series can still find some familiar stuff retained such as the fanservice pose during mid-intermission. Yeow! Louise hot…
Speaking of fanservice, there is an OVA filler episode for this season. The usual gang heads to the beach and since this world’s swimsuits are like fully clothed sleeping pyjamas, pervert Saito and Osmond conjure a plan to make the ladies wear sexy one piece swimsuits as giving their prayers to the Water Spirit. Even Henrietta dons them as the guys plot nose bleeding ecchi activities for them. Then they make the girls wear even more revealing swimsuits and play games like the mandatory blindfold watermelon hitting game, they finally decide to have selected girls an ultra sexy piece through a beach volleyball game whereby the winner gets to wear them. Since they want to see Tiffa badly in them, they rigged the match letting Tiffa-Siesta win against Henrietta-Agnes. But I don’t know why they didn’t do the same for Kirche-Tabitha team and let Louise-Montmorency win since they want to see the former’s boobs too. That night, Louise stumbles upon the guy’s scheme and is going to make them pay. Next day, the guys are waiting for the girls when only Montmorency showed up informing them how the rest got injuries and wants Saito to meet Louise at a rocky place. He goes only to be surrounded and tied up. This is a set up by the girls to slowly lure the other guys 1 by 1 and tie them up to a rock and beating them up as punishment. The girls then go off to have their own fun. And the tide’s rising too. Suddenly a giant octopus emerges and attacks the girls. Fanservice time. Tentacles wrapping around them, rubbing here and there. Ah, all too familiar. Saito manages to free himself as he quickly cuts the monster’s tentacles to free the girls and save the day. Later as Saito grills those leftover tentacles, the girls secretly try out those ultra sexy swimsuit just to have a feel when Saito comes by to serve them takoyaki. He spots them all (including those loser guys still tied to the rock, trying real hard to take a peek) and to make things worse, Louise’s top came off. Another painful memory, eh? Worth it?
Just like in previous seasons, ICHIKO once again sings the opening song. Another powerful lively pop beat called You’re The One. Hmm… Is there a pattern here? All her songs have that lively energy feel to it and are in English words. I find the end of the opening credits animation a little funny at first. That’s because we see Saito being flanked by Siesta and Tiffania before Louise gives him a drop missile kick right from the sky onto his head. He’s going to have one big headache. Rie Kugimiya also sings the ending entitled Gomen Ne. As usual, this slower piece is about Louise singing her complains about Saito and her uncertain feelings for him. Yeah, I think there’s definitely a pattern here. Part of the ending credits animation sees chibi Saito running away (probably from Louise’s punishment) and sleeping on Tiffania’s waterbed-like boobs, among others. Uh huh. You sometimes wonder if she has shoulder aches for shouldering such heavy assets. One thing which boggles me in the ending credits is the white rabbit. At the end of the credits, you’ll see the rabbit unmask itself to randomly reveal the face of a female character in the series. What does it mean?
I’m not a real hardcore fan of the series but I won’t say if there is a sequel, I’ll definitely watch it. Hopefully it will answer many burning questions that has filled my head to the brim so much so I already forgot what it was. Plus, I’d really love to see how Saito handles his newfound harem now that he has 4 girls to deal with! Tabitha is the girl I least expected to have feelings for Saito while Tiffania doesn’t really show those lovey-dovey affections but I have a feeling she still loves him. The main heat is annoying Siesta and fickle Louise. Now if only Kirche didn’t gave up, it would’ve been a quintet… Oh wait a minute. I forgot to include her highness Henrietta. There’s a high probability, you know… So hurry up and make a 4th season already!
Zero No Tsukaima

I didn’t really expect for the Zero No Tsukaima to have a second season entitled Zero No Tsukaima: Futatsuki No Kishi (Knights of the twin moons). Since the first season which was released in mid 2006, was a surprise hit and a really short one too. Probably because of that, the producers decided to capitalize on this and make fans happy with a second season in mid 2007.
However if you think the first season was painfully short, the second season is even shorter. Why? That’s because the second season is 1 episode shorter than the first season. Yup, only 12 episodes here. Is it a trend these days. Reminds me of Ikkitousen’s case. Maybe they’ll have an OVA at the end of it all too. In a way, it made me think and feel that there was nothing much to tell in the first place and the only reason why the show’s being released is to satisfy hardcore fans of the show.
Besides, the second season isn’t that all great either. In my most humble opinion, it sucked, sad to say. Okay, maybe it’s not that all bad. After the cliffhanger ending in the first season, I thought that was bad, but the second season lacked lots and lots of development. Firstly, I kinda notice that the supporting characters from the first season such as Kirche, Tabitha, Guiche and Montmorency, has been sidelined and don’t even play any significant role! It’s like the whole second season could be done without them. Secondly, we don’t get to see Louise’s Void Magic here. After that mind blowing super power at the end of the first season, what we see here are more of Louise’s failure kinda explosions (which is the part of the cause for laughter).
So just a short recap of what really happened in the first season. Louise (insert her long tongue twisting name here if you remember) has been dubbed Zero because of her 100% failure in using magic at Tristain Magic Academy. Students of the academy has to summon a familiar for life and because of that, normal human kid, Saito, from normal planet Earth accidentally gets summoned, much to Louise’s dismay. So instead of a typical master-familiar relationship, we see Louise-Saito relationship going beyond that. Since Saito’s a typical pervert combined with Louise who’s gradually falling for him (still in denial of course), you’ll see lots of hot cold hot cold love hate relationship between the 2. I suppose that’s the amusing thing about this series. And you can expect more of that in the second season. Plus, the kingdom of Albion declares war and is going to destroy Tristain first. With the help of Saito (believed to be the legendary Gandalf), his sarcastic talking sword Derflinger and Louise, they manage to take on the advancing Albion army along with their other comrades and thus save the day. I guess Saito prefers to stay back in this magical world rather than go back to his own, since he missed the chance to do so. At least, until the next eclipse.
That’s how it all went back then. So the war is still ongoing in second season and the newly crowned Queen Henrietta is reluctant to do so because she’s against all that fighting and killing. But she has to bow to the advice (other people may think of it as pressure) of her subordinates, she has no choice but to strike while the enemy is still reeling. Thus episode 1 sees Henrietta assigning Louise and Saito for a mission. But this episode starts off with that love hate relationship between Louise and Saito. Just when Louise is well… letting her familiar sleep next to her on her bed, Saito can’t control his inner lust and does that usual thing which always pisses off Louise. That’s right, Saito loves to ogle at ladies with big boobs. Because of that, Louise tells Saito to only look and her and proceeds to give him wear a weird spectacles. I’m sure all you gals out there want this device to check whether your guy is cheating on you or not. That’s because this spectacles will give out a beep whenever Saito’s having perverted thoughts! An excuse for Louise to give Saito a good beating and call him a dog. Yeah, Saito never learns one punishment after another. So much so that such ruckus is ‘normal’ throughout the academy.
Things get bad to worse when Henrietta is in town acknowledging to the crowd and Saito starts fantasizing at Henrietta’s valleys (ahem ahem). Louise is so pissed off that this perverted dog would even think of such thing to her majesty and uses her magic without thinking. An explosion occurs and the guards think it’s an assassin and throws Saito into prison. Henrietta visits Saito there and that bugger thinks she wants to get all lovey-dovey with him and even prepares to kiss her! Didn’t he accidentally did that back in the first season? However Henrietta is asking for Saito’s help to stop the war and wants him and Louise to go undercover and work in secrecy due to the recent events. Of course Louise soon comes in and is glad that Saito is alright. While the duo are on their way home, they share some moments together and had a chat. That mood is ruined once again when Louise finds out that Saito’s dirty thoughts about Henrietta and what he even plans to do with her! Saito’s in for another night of hell. This next scene is my favourite ‘misunderstood’ scene. One of the royal guards, Agnes (pronounced ah-ni-ass), captain of the Tristain musketeers under Henrietta’s service, hurriedly comes to Louise’s room and opens the door only to find Louise with a whip, on top a semi-naked and badly bruised Saito! Holy @$$! Agnes must be thinking that they’re doing something real kinky! Anyway, Anies tells them that Henrietta has been kidnapped.
By the way, if you remember the bad guy from last season, Cromwell, you’ll see him sitting in prison in this season. But his appearance is short-lived, literally. Some mysterious woman whom Cromwell knows sneaks in and kills him. Oh well. What a way to die. At least this answered my question of where this bugger was the last time round.
Remember that Prince Of Wales back in season 1? He’s supposed to be dead, right? Yeah, he’s back alive again in episode 2. Since Henrietta is still harbouring some love for him, it’s no surprise that when she hears his voice outside her window, and even proves it with some ring, memories of when they meet and their times together, Henrietta is bloody convinced he’s the real thing and decides to go with him to Albion. Uh huh, it’s like my boyfriend’s back, yahoo, I’m so happy. So this is actually the ‘kidnapping’ that Agnes told Louise and Saito as they rush to retrieve Henrietta. The gang manages to catch up to them and a short battle ensued. Even Kirsche and Tabitha are there to help, but not much. We soon find out that Prince Of Wales is indeed already dead but he’s being revived by that ring Cromwell stole from some water guardian back in season 1, and is under some spell. Though the gang try to convince Henrietta, she’s blinded by love and still wants to be by the prince’s side. Can’t blame her either. She does love him very much. I mean, if you’re being reunited with a loved one, would you want to be separated again? Soon Louise uses some spell in some magic book to break the prince’s spell. With the Prince Of Wales freed, he returns to his normal self but because he’s already dead, he has to stay one. Before he goes, we see a heart wrenching moment between them as the prince tells Henrietta to forget about him. So once again, the prince dies (I’ve never known a character who dies twice in 2 different seasons) and Henrietta cries uncontrollably. This is a such sad episode that it almost made me teary eyed as well.
Because of the impending war with Albion, all the males of the Magic Academy has been called to fight in the war in episode 3. However Saito is excluded because he’s a familiar. Yeah, I know what Saito’s thinking. He thinks he can flirt around. We’re introduced to a new character here, Giulio Cesare (no relation to that Rome emperor. Note that both his eyes are of different colours), who is somewhat a transfer student to the academy. Because of that and also he’s from Romalia, he’s been exempted from going to war. I’m sure all the girls are feeling lonely with all the boys gone. Besides, Giulio is quite good looking. Since he’s coming down riding a mighty dragon, it’s like prince charming on a white steed. Oh ladies, please feel free to fall in love again and discard those boys who’re going to war (poor Guiche. Montmorency just did this by dumping Guiche when she first laid eyes on Giulio in contrast to what she initially said how she’ll miss him). However, Giulio is interested in Louise. Because so, Saito gets a little jealous and a little quarrel ensued so much so Giulio challenges him to a duel whereby the winner gets to kiss Louise. Saito agrees. Louise is horrified. That pervert. I guess it’s okay for him to go round staring at girls’ boobs and flirt around but when others show interest in Louise, he gets all possessive. Jerk. Soon Saito requests Agnes help to train him use a sword. Don’t worry, Agnes is a tough girl and I don’t think she’ll be Saito’s type (lack of boobs might be the main factor). Of course during the training, Saito accidentally fell on top of Agnes and Louise just happened to pass by while searching for him. You know already lah…
The next day, the much awaited duel begins with all the other girls cheering on for Giulio. Though Giulio seems to have the upper hand during most of the match, in the end, Giulio lost on purpose and lets Saito strike him, pissing off the latter. I suppose it’s a win-win situation for Giulio because all the girls are over and concern about him. Later, Saito and Louise are being called into a room and are surprised to see Henrietta there. She tells them that Giulio is their ally and is working alongside them. Now Saito’s got to work alongside with this guy. But don’t worry, Giulio doesn’t really pose a threat to the gang nor does his role really have an impact on the entire series. Yeah, the ‘just there’ kinda feeling. In the closing scenes, we see a woman named Sheffield, addressing the Albion crowd with her speech. If you notice, she is the one who assassinated Cromwell. Later I found out that although she’s Cromwell secretary, she’s the real person holding power behind the Albion army.
Louise has been forcefully brought home by her strict busty elder sister, Eleanor, in episode 4. She seems to not like Louise that much and tends to ‘bully’ or be sadistic to her like pinching her cheeks. Thing is, Eleanor didn’t just drag Louise along, she also drags Saito and Siesta too. I need to mention something about Siesta in this season. Now, I kinda notice that she has become an annoying gal. Yeah, though I’ve always known the fact that she has a secret crush on Saito, I don’t really know when she’s so bold to even like him upfront. Saito is that usual pervert because Siesta boobs are bigger than Louise’s non-existent ones. So when they accidentally hug each after the carriage hits a bump, Louise lets loose another one of her explosions. They arrive at their large mansion and are being greeted by another of Louise’s elder sister, Cattleya. She’s a total opposite of Eleanor as she’s kind, gentle, soft spoken, dreamy, partly because she’s suffering from some illness. And busty too… Makes you wonder if Louise is indeed related to them ;P. The reason why Louise is brought back to the mansion is to find her a husband (because Eleanor thinks Louise is ‘useless’), much to Louise’s dismay and surprise. Shouldn’t Eleanor get married first since she’s the eldest? Yeah, some rantings on how her boyfriend walked out on her. No wonder she’s so pissed off. Then that night as Saito is searching for Louise, ends up in Eleanor’s room. Since Eleanor is dreaming, she hugs Saito. She soon realize what’s happening and well, I guess we all know where Louise inherited her whipping skills.
The next morning, the family seems to be having a gathering and Louise’s dad indeed wants Louise to quickly find a husband. But Cattleya seems to know that Louise is against it and tells Saito to look after Louise. Saito sets off to find Louise crying alone on a boat. He consoles her and tells her that they’re leaving. What follows next a little steamy scene. Not only Saito confesses that he loves Louise (liar! Unless he still means it’s okay to go around flirting) and embraces her, Louise blushingly tells him that she’ll allow to touch her anywhere as a reward (!). Oh great. I don’t really know whether they did it or not on the boat because it sounded so ambiguous. I suppose that kiss was too intimate when Louise open her eyes only to find her parents watching them. Haha. Caught red handed (only short with their pants down). Of course Louise’s dad doesn’t like it at all since Louise is having an intimate relationship with her familiar, and sends his guards to capture Saito. Though Saito fends them off with Derflinger, Cattleya assists them by using her magic to open a path for them to escape. On the other side, Siesta is waiting for them in a carriage as the duo gets on board back to the academy. Louise is still in her love struck mood until she finds out the night where Saito was in Eleanor’s room. Another mood spoiler. Boom! In the end, we see Siesta noticing this as she says how she’ll win Saito over with ‘these’ (her boobs). But I don’t really get to see how she uses ‘that’ over the rest of the series.
It seems Louise’s elder sisters have come to stay at the academy upon Henrietta’s request in episode 5. Oh great. More woes for Louise. Another you-deserve-it moment when Saito is washing Louise’s panties when Siesta comes in and even asks to try them on for size! As expected, Louise comes in and you know what’s going to happen. Woah! Is that a new nasty looking whip? I wonder why Siesta just stood there and try not to stop Louise from beating up Saito. Maybe she enjoys her man getting beaten up. However, before anything could happen, an explosion occurs. No, not from Louise’s, but from a nearby wall. The gang arrives to find a big hole in the wall and the headmaster Osmond, Agnes and 1 of her lieutenants Michelle are investigating at the scene. It seems some magic ring has been stolen but Osmond manages to mark the thief with some magic stamp on her chest before the thief escapes. But Osmond mentions that the ring in this academy are fakes and that the real ones are with Henrietta. Suspecting that the thief could be still in the academy, Giulio and Agnes goes off to search the students, while Saito is being paired with Michelle. Saito must be 1 ‘lucky’ guy because he gets to peek at girls’ chest and is being ordered to inspect Eleanor’s room. Okay, maybe there’s a down side to it. Though he successfully clears Eleanor, that woman kicks him out in a rage. Then it’s Cattleya’s turn. I guess after hell, it has to be heaven. However, Louise has a great sense of timing and walks in. Uh huh. She’s thinking Saito’s after all her sisters too.
Before anything else could happen, another explosion occurs rips apart a wall in Cattleya’s room. The others arrive and Agnes clears Cattleya of being a suspect. However Michelle finds the rings hidden in this room. Could it be Cattleya’s the one? Well, I feel that this part is out of convenience because Eleanor uses some magic potion to detect the real culprit. It’s revealed to be Michelle. This is part of the ploy to draw out the culprit. The fake rings are actually real ones. By telling so, the thief would try to discard it quickly and blame it on someone else. Michelle makes her escape after her short duel with Saito. Cattleya uses her magic to summon some Earth monster to successfully stop her. Later Agnes is interrogating Michelle and she finds out that she’s doing it out of revenge bla bla bla. While Agnes sympathizes with her, she also mentions that she herself has gone through the same thing. Agnes finds out that she’s taking orders from a guy called Richemont, which is her dad’s old friend, and decides to investigate further on him. Meanwhile, Louise prepares to test her new whip on Saito. Haih… such beatings have really become a daily ritual.
Remember that gay Frenchie, Scarron, back in season 1? Yeah, this guy’s back in episode 6 when Henrietta sends Louise and Saito to work there as undercover agents to assist further in her investigations of Richemont and to draw out their enemies. Uh huh, which means Louise has to dress up as a maid and work part time. Also, Scarron’s busty daughter Jessica is there and you know Saito… On 1 hand, he’s like fantasizing all over Jessica but the next minute when he sees Giulio (who’s also working undercover) flirting with Louise as a customer at Scarron’s bar, he gets so jealous. Saito leaves the place only to bump into Henrietta. Her majesty asks Saito to give her wear some of Louise’s clothes (too tight, if you know what I mean) and act as some lovey-dovey couple commoner. This is so that they could sneak around without raising suspicion from the guards. Is this Saito’s dream come true? At the same time, Louise bumps into Agnes and finds out about Henrietta’s mission and decides to follow her. Saito and Henrietta are taking refuge in a room when they hear footsteps of guards coming. What should they do? Jump out the window? They aren’t stuntmasters. Yeah, another steamy moment. When the guards barged open the door, they find just some couple making love before leaving. Woah! Henrietta’s on top of Saito and giving him a kiss! This guy is so damn lucky!
Meanwhile, Agnes and Louise followed 1 of Richemont’s henchmen to a place and overheard their plans. Since Louise is surprised over what she heard, the henchmen goes over to confirm his suspicions. Woah! Another steamy moment! To his disgust, he finds a couple of lesbians kissing each other before leaving. Holy #&^@!!! Agnes in her move to avoid being detected, locked lips with Louise! Oh the horror! Total shock! Soon word reaches Henrietta that Richemont and co will be attending a play by Scarron at a theatre. During the play, Richemont is discussing his moves with another comrade when Henrietta shows up and is going to arrest him. Richemont manages to escape underground but meets Agnes. We see a short clip of how Agnes’s village was being burned down and she was the only sole survivor. Her investigations have lead to her to believe that Richemont was the mastermind behind it all. Well, he does admit it. In the end, Agnes fury makes her stab and kill Richemont. That’s the last you’ll see of him. Afterwards, Louise as usual suspects Saito to have done something hentai to Henrietta but when Saito asks her back what she’s been doing, Louise has that awful flashback of her intimate moment with Agnes, causing her to fluster. Haha, now she can’t say that she’s ‘clean’.
With the recent developments, Henrietta is forced to sign a war of declaration against Albion in episode 7 though she’s against it. Meanwhile Saito buys some sailor clothes at the market and thinks of giving it to Siesta. Agnes is still continuing her investigation on the group of people who destroyed her village. Even though Richemont was the mastermind, he did ordered somebody to carry them out. So Agnes gathers the gang (some by accident) to an underground hidden archive beneath the academy. Umm… Does it look similar to Harry Potter? I mean, the path to the underground library is through the lady’s toilet? Well, this whole series did have that Harry Potter feel even back in season 1. It’s been some time we’ve seen Colbert as he follow the young ones there. I felt awkward in the part whereby Siesta joins the gang while searching for Saito to show off the sailor clothes Saito gave her to. Uh huh. Her annoyance level has increased here. Because of that, Louise is angry, jealous, mad, so much so she uses her magic to blow up the cave’s entrance. No way back now. During the journey, Colbert shares his views with Saito on how he’s against all this war thing and is quite interested to see what Saito’s world is about. Also, Louise gets flustered up again when Siesta tells her how Agnes is maybe into women, making Saito wondering what’s going on.
Upon reaching the archives, the gang are being warned not to use magic. The place is so huge and filled with documents that it might take a long time to finish. Better start now. While Agnes is sifting through the books, clumsy annoying Siesta makes a mess by dropping some books she’s carrying. Eleanor decides to clean the mess up by using her magic, but this causes the place to start crumbling as the security system has been triggered. The gang has to get out fast but Agnes has found the info she needed but to her horror, the all important page has been torn out. Thus she’s obsessed and decides to continue searching. Colbert and Saito are forced to carry Agnes out and just in time before the entire bridge to the archives collapsed. While being carried, Agnes remembers of a similar person who did the same thing back then to save her from the flames. Since Colbert has that mark on his neck, Agnes soon realizes that Colbert is indeed that person. On their way back out, the path was blocked by Louise’s explosion. So how are they going to get out? Giulio suggests that Siesta flirts with Saito. Well well. Siesta immediately agrees and quickly comes up next to Saito. What the? Before you know it, Louise gets mad once again and unleashes her explosive magic, which blasted the path clear. Yeah, fight fire with fire.
In episode 8, Eleanor locks up Louise because she’s against the fact that her useless little sister wants to participate in the war. Who’s going to believe that Henrietta gave her an undercover mission? Meanwhile, Sheffield orders tough guy Benubiru and his men to take the Magic Academy hostage to put pressure on Henrietta. Since there’re no guys left and the girls are given only sufficient training by Agnes and her team, it’s like child’s play. With the girls along with Osmond and Giulio taken hostage, the rest are in hiding and are planning how to deal with the situation. Louise on the other hand blasts out of her cell with her explosive magic and meets up with Saito, Kirsche and Tabitha. So we get to see a little screen time for Kirsche and Tabitha or else viewers might’ve forgotten that they do exist. Colbert tells them that he’s already sent some message for help and tell the kids to escape to safety. But will they do just that? Osmond tries to negotiate to Benubiru to take him and let the others go but that guy isn’t so convinced. Even when Cattleya and Eleanor turn themselves in and confirm their royal status, Benubiru still feels it isn’t sufficient. Agnes and her troops plan to surprise attack Benubiru but the latter saw through her settings and unleashes a surprise attack on them first instead. During the explosion, Agnes comes in to fight face-to-face with Benubiru. She thinks that he’s the guy responsible for burning down her village. Benubiru mentions that during that time, he was only a vice-captain and the one who burned down her village was his captain of much higher calibre, which was known as Enja the Flame Serpent. It seems Benubiru searching for him too because he wants to return the favour for the scars his captain gave him when he challenged him back then, which also resulted in the loss of his eyesight. Yup, that eye of his is fake. So how does he see? Just like snakes, he senses body temperatures around as his vision. I find Agnes’s fearful facial expression at the end a little funny when Benubiru is laughing like a mad man. And that ‘fiery’ military background music…
The hostage drama continues in episode 9 as Colbert enlists Saito’s help to make some explosive items. Don’t take too long. The wait and suspense is enough to piss off Kirsche. Once done, Colbert releases the items into the hall where the hostages are and with Kirsche’s magic to make a blinding explosion. Saito and Louise uses this opportunity to free the hostages but since Benubiru is blind, he isn’t affected. Kirsche decides to take him on but is no match for him. Before he could land the killing blow, Colbert intercepts. Benubiru is happy to ‘see’ Colbert. Why? Because he’s the Flame Serpent he’s been searching all along. Agnes is horrified. The same person who saved her is the same devil who burned down her village. Colbert and Benubiru engages in close combat. Agnes is blinded by rage and decides to attack all out on Colbert. Seeing that she’s out of control, Colbert uses his body to protect Agnes from 1 of Benubiru’s magic. She’s still mad, though. Benubiru is going to finish off Colbert when Agnes stabs and kills him. With 1 down, Agnes shifts her focus and is ready to kill Colbert. But the other girls try to talk some sense into her. Have you ever seen Agnes with full of angst? Colbert then reveals that back then he destroyed the entire village because he received orders that there’s some plaque and needs to contain it. After burning down the village, he realizes that no such plaque and feels guilty. While searching through the flames, he spots a lone survivor (Agnes) and carries her to safety. Colbert accepts the fact that he doesn’t expect Agnes to forgive him and even allows her to kill him but wants her to promise that this will be the last life she’ll take. Agnes is in a dilemma. Could she go on? Before anything could happen, Colbert slowly passed away due to his injuries. I didn’t really expect Colbert to die. Oh why oh why. The next day, Louise hands Saito a letter from Colbert saying his last words. Saito breaks into tears while reading it as Louise gives him a hug. So sad. As for Agnes, she’s still unsure whether to forgive him or not.
Henrietta assigns another mission to Louise in episode 10. This time, Saito and Louise are to fly that zero airplane of theirs over the Gotha city so that Louise could use her Void magic to disable the enemy and prevent innocent loss of lives. Saito is reluctant to go because of what Colbert wrote in his letter. Plus, Saito still doesn’t understand that noble thing of the honour of dying in battles. You’ll notice Saito never gets this topic. As Saito and Louise sets off and reaches Gotha, they’re being attacked by several dragon riders. Though they manage to take 1 out, Louise can’t perform her Void magic and as a result they crash land in the snowy mountains. So we get to see a little intimate moment here where Saito and Louise are taking shelter in a makeshift snow cave. Uh huh. Because Saito made a bad joke, Louise knocks him out and she thinks she has killed him. She doesn’t want him to die yet because she hasn’t confessed bla bla bla. So the next best thing to keep Saito warm is to… share some body warmth. Holy @#&*!!! Louise stripping naked! Not really. Just a little. However, morning arrives and it seems Saito has no recollection that Louise had done so. Bummer. Sheffield on the other hand, learns that the mechanical dragon (that zero plane) has crash land and orders her troops to retrieve it. Henrietta also learns of Louise’s failure and regrets her actions and she has no choice but to send her army to the front lines.
Meanwhile Louise and Saito are trekking through the heavy snow when they met an injured dragon rider, Henry, whom Saito knocked out earlier on. He tries to attack them but his leg is injured, preventing him to do so. Yeah, more of that honour crap talk and what’s more important in life by Saito speech. Instead of finishing off, Saito carries him since he’s against killing. The duo also learn that Henry has a fiancee but leaves her due to the war. Of course they gave him some advice to go back to her and such. Just then, Albion’s troops are in the vicinity and discovers their location. Henry gives his comrade a diversion to allow Louise and Saito to escape. All in good timing, Giulio arrives in a dragon to pick them up and head back to Tristain. Henrietta has an emotional reunion with Louise and starts apologizing but Louise says she’ll gladly give her life for her majesty. However Saito isn’t too amused by it all.
Since the airplane has been safely brought back to Tristain grounds, Louise and Saito are being assigned yet another recon mission in episode 11. But the duo are still quarrelling over that noble pride concept thing so much so Louise storms off with Giulio on his dragon. Giulio knows that the rift between the 2 is Saito’s inability to understand Louise’s true intentions. Also, Albion’s forces has abandoned Gotha and Henrietta’s troops have reclaimed it. While Saito is wandering in town, he bumps into Scarron and Siesta. It’s a small world after all. It’s even smaller when he finds out Scarron is Siesta’s uncle. Maybe that’s why he see the similarity in boobs size between Siesta and Jessica. Yeah, even Scarron quips that every member in his family including himself have big breasts. Huh? Isn’t that just muscles? Just like in Kirsche and Tabitha’s case, Guiche makes a return before viewers forget him, to show off his medal in combat. Nobody seems to be listening to his brave story. Louise later returns to her room to find Saito but he isn’t there. Weird part here is that Derflinger is giving some relationship tips to Louise. A girl taking some advice from a sword? Derflinger even suggests Louise to try being a familiar once and even asks her to dress in a skimpy cat outfit. I should’ve seen this coming because Saito, Scarron and co comes in and saw Louise in that outfit. Totally embarrassing moment. Because of that, Saito and Louise gets into an argument at the bar. Siesta lives up to her annoying tag by saying how she’ll not lose to Louise and quickly goes and dress into 1 skimpy cat outfit. Saito must be loving it because of the… you know what lah. Louise tries to hold Siesta back but in the process, her top came loose… I’m sure you can imagine what happens to Saito next.
At the same time, Sheffield is making her move as she’s going to use that ring Cromwell stole back in season 1 as part of her plans. As Guiche continues ranting about his life-death experience like how an elf saved him (?!), his remark on dying for pride pisses off Saito. He leaves when Louise supports Guiche’s view. Siesta catches up to Saito and manages to convince him to come with her to a room. There, they both shared a little moment of intimacy before Siesta kissed Saito! Woah! That’s the 3rd girl already. First Louise, then Henrietta, now Siesta. Who’s next, baby. I’m sure they could go on but it seems the town is turning havoc. Several of Henrietta’s guards are turning against each other. Well, this is due to Sheffield’s doing when she uses that ring which causes some mind control spell to whoever drinks it. Agnes reports this to Henrietta as Siesta gives Saito a sleeping potion since she realize that Saito will be going back to Louise (not to mention his heart is with her. Is she giving up?).
The final episode 12 sees Saito saving Louise in the nick of time from a possessed guard’s sword. Saito manages to despatch several of them easily. Word reaches Henrietta that a strong 7 million Albion army is on is way to attack them and that the place is now being evacuated. Henrietta insists she leaves on the last ship. But unknown to her, Louise has accepted a secret suicide mission from 1 of Henrietta’s high ranking subordinates. Saito tries to convince her to stop but decides to play along. Louise even tells him that she wants to marry as her last wish as proof that she has lived. So the duo did a mock wedding ceremony. They also bought each other some magical E Flowers (I’ll call it just that because its full name is hard for me to pronounce, spell and remember) which is said to be connected to the owner’s life. Saito put a little sleeping potion into Louise’s drink and soon Louise fell asleep after she drank it. Outside the church, Giulio is seen waiting for them. However, Saito tells him to take Louise to safety and that he’s going to stay behind and fight. Is he serious? I thought he was against that whole dying for pride thing. Well, not unless it’s to protect the one you love. Giulio agrees and off he goes with an unconscious Louise in his arms.
Erm… It really feels exaggerated here because Saito and Derflinger is taking on the 7 million Albion army! I don’t know how he does it but it felt like trying to kill an ant with a nuclear warhead. It shows that quality is better than quantity and that the Albion troops are low level warriors. Louise awakens to find herself onboard an evacuating ship and to her horror finds out about Saito. Everyone is sad to hear Saito’s selflessness and Siesta blames herself for giving him that sleeping potion. In Saito’s last stand, he realizes that he wants to live on for Louise. Did he make it? Well, the light of Saito’s E Flower went out. Days later back at the Magical Academy, everyone is gloomy about Saito’s death. Louise is holding that E Flower of Saito’s close to her heart and admits in tears that she loves him. But the E Flower starts to shine once more and Louise look outside her window to see Saito walking towards the academy from afar. Can it be? How in the world could Saito be still alive? Louise rushes out and happily embraces him. Such a touching moment. Louise asks how did he get out alive, Saito mentions that he was being saved and revived by a fairy elf with big boobs (can’t believe Mamiko Noto makes her brief appearance here!). Uh… Is this the elf tht Guiche was talking about? Of course, Louise’s anger returns and she starts blasting him away. The familiar explosion (no pun intended) was enough to make everyone know that Saito’s back. Music to their ears? Yeah, everybody’s so glad Saito’s back, alive and kicking (more like running away). He’s saying how it’s easier to take on the 7 million Albion army than Louise’s rage. Hehe. That Saito still is a pervert right till the end because he could even fantasize Siesta’s large boobs when he runs pass her. He deserves what’s coming alright. Ah well. All’s well, ends well.
Overall, I think the whole 2nd season is just pretty much decent. I also kinda feel that it was a little disappointing and that the 1st season was still better. Don’t get me wrong here that this is a bad show. It’s just that the episodes seem to feel like fillers and the only development was between Saito and Louise. Everybody else was like didn’t really matter. Still the parts that I enjoyed were those steamy and kissing scenes not because I’m a pervert but because it took me by surprise. And those ‘misunderstood’ situations too. It never fails to make me laugh out loud as I think of the hilarious and outrageous consequences that could’ve happen (and most of the time it did). Because of that, the 2nd season feels a bit more ecchi. I wonder who’s next on Saito’s kiss list. Kirsche? Could be a possibility.
Of course the series’ ending felt like a rush job. I mean, Saito gets to play to good aspects of a hero. He goes into battle, he dies, then he comes back alive. Doesn’t it sound like a hero? Yeah well, this goes to show that you can’t really put a good hero down. Then there are some unanswered questions that bugged me when the series ended. Like where in the world is Sheffield? She didn’t even make an appearance in the last episode. But I don’t think it really ends there because back in season 1, Saito did promise that water guardian that he’ll get that ring Sheffield’s in possession back. Come to think of it, Sheffield has never met Saito and Louise face to face. Another unanswered question of mine is Foquet. Remember that villainess back in season 1 who fought alongside Cromwell? I thought she was Sheffield but I found it she wasn’t. So where did she go in the entire 2nd season?
Ichiko who sang the opening song for the 1st season also does the same for the 2nd one. This time entitled I Say Yes, which sounds pretty much like the 1st season theme in terms of the hype, upbeat and ‘loud and powerful’ voice. However, the ending theme of the 2nd season threw me off a little. Sung by Rie Kugimiya (also the voice of Louise), Suki?! Kirai?! Suki?!, it’s a song about Louise singing out her grouses about Saito’s lecherous and perverted ways! It really doesn’t fit the series, especially episodes which are sad and heart moving. Kinda reminds me of The Baka Song sung by Akane in Ranma 1/2. Only here you don’t have Louise saying baka in 90% of the entire song. In contrast to the lyrics like ‘I hate you’ and ‘I won’t forgive you’, it seems Louise has that tsundere mood because she too did eventually mention that she’s probably in love with Saito. Yeah, poor Saito. He’s in a dog outfit and being punished by Louise in this ending theme animation.
The drawing, art and animation of the series is still consistent with the 1st season and so is the voice acting. So no major surprises here. Not even the new characters. As mentioned the other characters, old and new, role didn’t developed much. I also kinda noticed that the mid-intermissions features a still picture of some part of Louise (sexy or ecchi or both?) in that cat outfit. You might not be able to see or figure at first but if you look closely enough, you’ll guess it’s her alright.
All in all, if there is a 3rd season, I would definitely watch it still because I’d really want to know what happens to the gang. Hopefully, if the producers ever make it, it should be better than its predecessors and probably a fitting grand finale to the entire series. About the part of being a martyr and die for what you believe in, that’s a little controversial and depends on the individual. So would I really go to great lengths and die for the sake for anime? Well urm… eh… If I did pass on, then I wouldn’t be able to catch my favourite animes, wouldn’t I?

Zero No Tsukaima

January 13, 2007

One thing I like to mention when I’m watching Zero No Tsukaima is that I seem to have a hard time remembering or pronouncing most of the character’s names. Yeah, it seems that the name of the characters are very ‘terror’ sounding like and would give one an impression that this anime genre is going to be one of those magical fantasy and medieval European type like The Lord Of The Rings or even Harry Potter.
And that’s exactly what the setting of this anime. There may be some historical influences from the old European world as I read a little about it here and there regarding the origins of some of the character’s names and even the kingdoms of this world that this series is set in. And since my history isn’t that good, I guess I would probably go ‘uh-huh…’, ‘I see…’ and all those other confusing facial expressions, wondering what’s going on. Oh well, history does repeat itself, in my case, that is.
But with only 13 episodes and around 30 minutes of show time, I guess it’s pretty much okay, if I don’t mind the minor and specific details. Of course, this anime isn’t just about magic, fantasy and adventure. One main reason why I decided to watch this series because it’s simply… a comedy genre with some love-romance element in it. See, I’m so predictable.
Okay, as in the first episode, we’re introduced to several characters and other terms. Not that I can remember them all, but the main protagonist, Louise Francoise Le Blanc De La Valliere, is a second year student attending the prestigious Tristein School Of Magic in the kingdom of Tristania. Before I move on, notice how long Louise name is? Yeah, I’m having serious tongue twister problems trying to pronounce with my unauthentic and fake French accent. Loo-ee-ss Fu-ran-swuah.. Dey Lah Vah-li-ere… This is going to take some time. In the mean time, let’s just call her Louise, so much shorter and simpler.
Besides that, Louise seems to be the teased among her classmates and dubbed Louise The Zero because of her zero success in casting magic. Yup, whenever she tries to cast a spell, it goes awry in a way. Like how she tries to turn some rock into brass but instead caused an explosion in Ms Chevreuse class. Miss Cheh-roooz… Ah, forget it. And also there’s that usual 4 elements which make up magic like fire, water, earth and wind, in which a student has magical affinity to 1 of them. Actually there’s a fifth one, called the void, which will be revealed and explain later in the series.
Also, in this world, not everybody can use magic. Those who can use magic are called nobles and are deemed to be the higher class of society. Those who can’t are called commoners and are treated like lower class citizens. Wah, even in this world, there’s discrimination too.
Anyway, later on, those second year students are deemed fit to summon a Familiar as their live long servant on Summoning Ceremony Day. Yup, that’s the term they used for Tsukaima, though I’m not pretty sure if it’s a direct translation or made up. As a Familiar’s job is to be a servant to his/her master, and so a master’s job is to take care of his/her Familiar. Thus, we see everybody successfully summoning their own Familiars. Like the busty and flirtatious Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt Zerbst (nearly made it there) who summoned a salamander called Flame, her best friend, the quiet and always-seen-reading-a-book Tabitha (looks a bit like Kokoru of Petite Princess Yucie) who has Sylphid, a winged dragon as her Familiar, the ‘playboy’ and self-proclaimed ladies man and sweet talker, Guiche D Gramont (this one isn’t so bad) has a giant mole named Belldandy, and Guiche’s so called girlfriend, the prideful Montmorency Margarita la Fere de Montmorency (I’m really losing it) who has Robin, the frog.
So now it’s Louise’s turn. What will her Familiar be? Everyone around her seems to anticipate what she’s going to summon. Yeah, they’re hoping for another failure and round of laughter. Bad kids. Summoning her courage and power, she then wished for something ‘devoted, beautiful and powerful’. After all that terror explosion and stuffs, was it a failure? Not a totally failure. She actually summoned a human named Hiraga Saito, much to her disappointment. And since the rules don’t allow her to try a second time, I guess she’s stuck with this ordinary boy and so she has to seal the contract by kissing him! Weird. Then some inscribed runes appeared on the back Saito’s hands as he faints.
Later that night when Saito regains his consciousness, we see that there’s some language barrier between them. Obviously, then out of convenience, Louise attempts some magic which manage to remove the language barrier and they both began understanding each other, not before some series of explosions. So is this her first successful magic attempt? Nah. Anyway, Saito, being new and unknown in his surroundings, decides to run away with Louise chasing him. Who wouldn’t, everything seems so alien. Even if you get absorbed or sucked into a fantasy RPG world, it isn’t that bad. Okay, maybe it is that bad. Louise, asking the help of Guiche (who’s flirting) to stop him. And he manages to stop Saito by levitating him. That Saito guy’s going to be in real shock when he saw 2 moons in the sky.
In episode 2, we see how Saito gets sucked into this world. Yup, as he was walking he seemed to notice some green oval portal. Like they say, curiosity kills the cat. And his nightmare begins when he just touches it. He can’t seem to let go. He’s shouting for help but everyone’s ignoring him. Brings the ‘mind your own business’ to a new level for both Saito and those ignorant passer-bys. Before you know it, he’s Louise’s Familiar. Bummer. So we see that uneasy tension between the 2, how they both hate each other and said that they’re both better off without each other as both of them didn’t wish for this. But since I’ve watched many of this kind of animes, my guess is that such hatred would turn into love and the next thing you know, they’ll become an item. Am I right?
Though Saito’s Louise’s Familiar, he is still reluctant to do things as he is told, that is until she threatens not to feed him. See, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, literally. Also, Louise seems not to be embarrassed to strip naked in front of Saito (much to his shock at first) because she views him as just a Familiar and nothing more.
Before I move on, I’d like to note a few things about a few characters. Though Kirche is quite flirtatious herself (she’s got several guys going after her), she seems to take quite a liking towards Saito and always tries to seduce him. Then you’d probably notice that it’s out of jealousy rather than he-is-my-Familiar reason that Louise drags him back. Also, I find Kirche and Tabitha to be quite strange bedfellows. Yeah, their personalities are totally different but yet they stick to each other like glue and together most of the time. Even when Kirche asked her to come along whether it’s kay-po-chi business or not, Tabitha usually says she isn’t interested, but donno how always ended up following her. Huh? Can’t leave her to do things all by herself, maybe. Also, Kirche and Louise are natural enemies and hate each other. But I see this as a comical factor rather than anything serious.
Then there’s that lecherous headmaster Osmond. He looks like your typical good wizard with those long white beards. Yeah, he’s quite a pervert and usually targets his secretary Ms Longueville, even using his mouse to see her panties. Haih… But he isn’t a pervert all times as he too can be quite useful sometimes. Sometimes. Then there’s that kind hearted and soft spoken maid Siesta who seems to like Saito. And Louise seems to get jealous whenever she sees them together. And when Louise gets mad at Saito and decides to punish him, she’ll take out a horse whip and whips him (ouch!) and calls him a dog. Poor guy. But funny lah.
Anyway, besides the Louise-Saito squabbling as they ‘get to know each other’ and that explanation of Saito’s runes and its probable impact (which I didn’t get it) with Osmond, Saito decides to get his revenge on Guiche for levitating him. Yup, Saito tries to instigate things between Guiche and Montmorency. It’s revealed then that Guiche is two-timing her by also dating some first year student named Katie. And when Montmorency found out, she slapped him in front of everybody and left. Yeah, Katie also left when she found out. Of course, Guiche’s red faced in public would also mean that he challenges Saito to a duel, which the latter accepts.
Later as everyone converges for the much anticipated duel, Louise tries to plead to Guiche to stop the duel as a match between a noble and a commoner has never happened before. Do you think Guiche would back down? Didn’t think so. Would Saito on the other hand listen? Well, you know that male ego pride thingy. Plus, is Louise having feelings for Saito? Anyway she denies it. Another thing to note is that, in addition to the character’s long twisted names, they too have runic nicknames as we find out Guiche’s is Bronze (I didn’t bother to ask why or think further *eyes rolling*).
At first, it seems Saito’s getting bashed properly but his determination amazes everyone as he still gets on his feet to fight even though all hopes seems lost. Then Guiche materializes a sword from his rose and gives it to Saito so as to make the match not seemed one-sided. As Saito picks up the sword, his rune starts to glow and suddenly his fighting skills become so ‘terror’ as he cuts through all those earth valkyries Guiche made. Guiche admits defeat when Saito brings the sword close to his face. Coward. Bully. But the crowd goes wild as Saito’s glowing rune dims back to normal and faints. 3 days later he wakes up to find himself sleeping on Louise’s bed rather on his usual haystack on the floor, and is being nursed by Siesta. Saito also notices how cute Louise is when she’s sleeping. Ah-ha… Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
More Louise-Saito squabbling and seduction from Kirche in episode 3. But that isn’t the main point. Besides gaining reputation as the commoner who beat a noble and probably that entire legion in the school’s chef department, led by the chief cook, Marteau, admiring him and looking up to him after that incident, Louise and Saito went to town to shop for a sword for the latter, with Kirche and Tabitha tagging close behind. But since Louise can’t afford the expensive one, she gets him an old and rusty looking sword, much to Saito’s disappointment. But he has no say since he remembered she used quite a lot of money to save his life earlier on. Meanwhile, Kirche uses her bodily charm to bargain and get that expensive gold sword Saito wanted at a lower price. Men here are the same too.
Back at the school, Kirche decides to give this expensive sword to Saito as part of her plans to win him over. But of course Louise doesn’t approve of it and the both have their ‘little girl fight’, which includes swinging of their wands. However, they’re stopped by Tabitha. This girl should’ve stopped them earlier rather than wait last minute. Maybe not, since we did enjoy that ‘catfight’, didn’t we? Anyway, Louise and Kirche then told Saito to choose which sword he wants. But he can’t just simply choose as he is in a bind. To cut things short, he decided to go with the rusty sword because it could talk!!! Yeah, Saito’s pretty excited when it did. And so, that sarcastic old rusty sword name Derflinger, becomes Saito’s ‘companion’.
By episode 4, we know that Saito’s main job is to wash Louise’s panties. Yeah, he seems quite good at it after all that practice. Also Kirche decides to give that sword to Saito for free. And as usual, Kirche’s advances have to be put on hold when Louise comes in to find them in a nearly compromised situation. Well, Saito has no choice but to follow Louise back, or else is the horse whip. Oh, too late. She whips him when he tried to tell her how Kirche lured her into her room but Louise doesn’t believe him.
However, that isn’t the main point of this episode. Basically, Siesta has seemingly left the school to serve under a different master called Count Mott, and will soon be his bride. Of course Saito didn’t approve of it when he heard it from Marteau and decides to go rescue Siesta. This guy’s probably has a crush on Siesta too the way he does and says things. Plus, he went there alone to rescue her. Upon reaching the Count’s mansion, he tried to talk the Count into returning Siesta to the school. Would an arrogant noble like him give up such a cute little girl? Of course, Saito angered him by saying that he wanted to make Siesta one of his mistresses, which is true.
Count Mott decides to punish Saito when Siesta enters and pleads for him not to do so and will take any form of punishment on his behalf. But Saito said he’ll do anything do get Siesta back. This made Count Mott think a little. He then told Saito that since he’s an avid book collector, he wants Saito to get some rare book which’s accidentally summoned by a wizard long ago from a Germanian family, which is Kirche’s family. Saito rushes back to get it, only to bump into Louise on a horse who came searching for him.
Back at the school, Saito makes his way to Kirche’s room and asked for the book, but she says she doesn’t know how to open the locked chest. She further says it’s a book that supposedly ‘stimulates men’s desire for women’, which she says it’s of no use to her. And before you know it, off Saito goes off angrily and in a hurry. That guy’s either desperate or really determined. The others realized that Saito’s gone and the fact that if a commoner draws a sword against a noble in his house would mean that the latter has the right to kill him, they head off to stop and warn Saito.
Too late, Saito’s already there and has a confrontation with Count Mott. But Saito notices his runes are not glowing and he’s not in that super combative mode. Thus, Count Mott is going to kick Saito’s butt when the 3 girls manage to arrive and stop his attacks in time. Kirche manages to bribe him and in turn Count Mott releases Siesta. It is revealed then that the book is actually some porn magazine from Saito’s world. Hmm… Men here are really all the same too. Back at the school, Siesta thanks Saito but you know that blush blush I-didn’t-do-it-all-on-my-own speech. Anyway, Siesta pecks Saito on his cheeks and left in a jiffy, leaving him in a little shock and blushing. I see… so it’s like this.
In episode 5, it’s the Annual Evaluation Fair whereby the students of Tristein School Of Magic show how far they’ve come to with their Familiars. It’s like a dog talent competition. Just kidding. And Louise is trying hard to make Saito act formal and do normal things but each one seems like a failure. Finally, Saito says that there’s one thing he could do normal, which is to wash her panties. Hahaha. Whip time. Also everyone seems to be practising hard because the princess of Tristein kingdom, Princess Henrietta is coming to watch this event. Yeah, she seems to be the people’s princess. Everyone seems to adore her. Just like Princess Sakura in Tsubasa Chronicle.
In the meantime, the staffs of the school are getting prepared to fend off any attacks from Fouquet The Crumbling Dirt. Fuu-Kaay… Who? Anyway, she’s a thief who’s planning to steal The Staff Of Destruction, some terror-merror super powerful weapon, which is kept safely within the walls of the school. Yup, in the beginning of the episode, we see her stealing some jewels smoothly like taking candy from a baby as though it was all a child’s play. Does casting a few spells is enough to stop Fouquet? At least that’s what they think.
We then find out that Princess Henrietta and Louise were once playmates (no yuri here) during their younger days and they’re quite close as the former sneaks in to the latter’s room and they both hugged each other like they’ve never seen each other for a long time. Well, yeah, since she’s so busy of course they haven’t seen each other quite a while. And no yuri here also, please. Saito realized that probably that’s why Louise wanted to perform well so badly.
On the day itself, everyone puts on a magnificent show except for Louise and Saito, of course. Flops. The even was anyway won by Tabitha. Unfortunately, at the same time, Fouquet launches her attack on one of the school’s buildings where the Staff Of Destruction is kept. Yes, she summoned some giant earth golem to do it. No, no Lord Of The Rings’ golem here. So happened that Louise and Saito encountered her when they’re leaving the fair.
So a battle between them ensued. As usual, Louise’s magic didn’t turn out all too well and Saito’s in the palm of the giant golem. As Tabitha arrives to counter attack the golem, Fouquet managed to weaken the wall, breaks it and steals the Staff Of Destruction before fleeing with it. As the school’s staff assessing the building’s damage, Princess Henrietta after knowing that Louise is all right, tells her that she has to go back to the Royal Court immediately. Louise worries that Princess Henrietta may be held responsible for it. Later Saito asked why didn’t Louise ran when he told him to during the battle. Her response was that a mage who abandons his/her Familiar isn’t a true mage. Saito’s a little taken aback from Louise’s answer.
Osmond sends Louise, Saito, Kirche and Tabitha on a mission to retrieve the Staff Of Destruction with the help of Ms Longeuville in episode 6. Osmond believes that it’s better for the school to retrieve it back themselves rather than to ask for help from the Royal Court since it was their responsibility. With Ms Longeuville help and information about a suspicious person coming in and out from an abandoned hut in the forest, the fab four along with Ms Longueville began their journey there.
The gang managed to reach the hut and Tabitha found the Staff Of Destruction there unguarded. Strange. Just then, the giant golem appears and prepares to attack them as they try to stave off the golem’s attack. But it seems the golem is stronger than before and their magic seems futile. That usual I-mustn’t-run-away, I-must-stand-up-before-my-enemy and I-must-protect-the-ones-I-love kinda talk between Louise and Saito, causing the former to be a little injured. Well, that was enough to make Saito mad as he uses that gold sword on the golem. Unfortunately, it broke into 2. Just then Derflinger asked Saito to use him. And when he does, his hand rune began to glow and Saito felt that same super power he had when he fought with Guiche before. Though with increased speed and strength, the golem reassembles itself everytime Saito rips him apart.
Louise then took the Staff Of Destruction and was going to used it but doesn’t know how. To Saito’s surprise (and mine) the Staff Of Destruction is actually a ROCKET LAUNCHER!!! Yeah, you’ll notice that there’ll be several things from our current world, accidentally summoned to this alternate world. Like Fullmetal Alchemist, huh. Maybe. Anyway, without hesitation, Saito grabs it from her and fires a shell from it, sending the golem crumbling down. Everyone’s amazed at how Saito could use such a weapon. Then it is revealed that Fouquet is actually Ms Longueville herself! And the reason why she help them and did all this was because she didn’t know how to use the Staff Of Destruction and wanted to see how Saito used it. Why Saito? She believed that he’s a Gandalf (no, no Lord Of The Rings here). Don’t ask me why. It’s explained earlier on what a Gandalf is, but I couldn’t remember. And now that she does, she picks it up and aims at them.
Of course it didn’t work. Because as Saito said, it’s just enough for 1 shot as Saito jabs her with his sword’s blunt end. Back at the school’s office, we hear some explanation from Osmond that some commando got summoned to this world and used that Staff Of Destruction on some dragon. So one was buried along with him and the other kept as memento. Saito’s mad that he didn’t get any answer of returning to his own world. The last part I guess, sees how Louise and Saito ‘accepts’ each other (or getting closer) as Louise offered him to dance with her. Yup, for that moment, she doesn’t see him as a Familiar as they danced happily while the crowd watches.
In a light-hearted episode 7, we see Princess Henrietta rewarding Louise and Saito for their efforts in capturing Fouquet. The funny part was when Princess Henrietta offers her hand to Saito, he misinterprets as he pulls her in his arms and kissed her on her lips! SHOCKING! Yup, it’s to Louise’s horror too (more of jealousy rather than you-can’t-do-such-a-thing-to-a-princess). The thing is, Princess Henrietta wasn’t in shock nor did she scream for help, instead she just fainted. Hmm… Maybe Princess Henrietta loves it after all. Never been kissed before like that, huh. Hehehe. I suppose Louise used this opportunity to bash Saito up properly.
When the princess comes to, she said she doesn’t mind and then asks them for a favour. She’s asking Louise and Saito to go undercover as a commoner to see if there’re any nobles abusing their powers. They accepted. So they ended up at some inn run by some gay-pondan-French-mime-looking guy, Scarron. Louise gets to be the waitress while Saito works in the kitchen alongside with Scarron’s daughter, the beautiful Jessica. Yeah, you know what that means. More of those Louise’s jealousy but she won’t admit it. Plus she finds it hard to live a life as a commoner, sleeping on some uncomfortable bed at the place where they work and getting irritated for receiving comments on how small her breasts are (I’ve said this too many times, what’s with girls wanting to have larger breasts). Also, since Jessica’s bustier, you also know what that means, right? Also, they can’t reveal their real positions either.
Then there’s that Tip Competition as announced by Scarron whereby the waitress who gets to earn the most tip by the end of the week gets to wear some special waitress outfit for one day. Why so special? Because whoever wears it, somehow the magical charm of the outfit would enable her to earn as much money as she desires. Though it isn’t perverted or that sexy, but you know, I guess all the men who see any girl in that outfit would probably drool so much enough to fill a swimming pool. Make that 2 swimming pools. I didn’t. I think it’s just ‘normal’. And this got all the other waitresses excited and motivated to do their best. Even Louise.
Anyway, there is a noble who’s abusing his power, some arrogant tax collector comes in and drives other customers out. Only Louise seems to serve him and his men as the others were afraid of him. Yup, Louise thinks this guy’s got enough money to tip her so she can win the competition. But that flat chest comment from him earns Louise’s wrath as she kicks him in the face. Oh to everyone’s horror! Saito wants to help but can’t do anything without Derflinger, up in the room. Some series of magic gone awry before Louise shows them the palace’s approval as they all cower in fear and begs her to forget the incident before leaving tons of bags of gold and fleeing. Looks like Louise won the competition, if you look at it in a way. However, everyone in the inn decides to keep their identity a secret but Saito says they have to go back because their cover’s blown.
And the other waitresses don’t seem to be jealous of Louise winning as they even cheered her on. Is Saito falling for Louise when she puts on that special outfit, or is it just the charm of it. Maybe kinda both. Meanwhile in prison where Fouquet is languishing, we see some mysterious man coming to free her. Looks like they know each other. The start of things to come?
Another light-hearted episode 8. It’s the summer holidays as most of the students of Tristein School Of Magic head back to their hometowns. Of course, those who don’t have anywhere to go, would obviously stay back. Most of this episodes sees the odd pair of Kirche and Tabitha travelling back to the latter’s hometown and we find out certain secrets about Tabitha as well. Like how her real name’s actually Charlotte as she’s under some sort of direct order from the King (her uncle). Plus, 5 years ago when the previous king passed away, there was some sort of power struggle which resulted in Tabitha’s father being murdered.
And to avoid further complications, there’s an intention to wipe out his whole family. And at the ball, Tabitha’s supposed to be poisoned when her mom took it and drank it herself before Tabitha drank it, causing her mom to become insane. Yeah, until today, she’s looking weak and frail and her mind’s really unstable, sitting alone and ranting about some conspiracy that will take Charlotte (the doll in her arms) away. She doesn’t even recognize the real Tabitha as her daughter. Sad. But I wonder why she drank it in the first place, since she could’ve just poured it away. I wonder. Because of that, Tabitha became quiet and emotionless. That explains her character. And the reason why Tabitha stayed at the school was because she’s deemed a nuisance. Yup, all those people who wanted to get rid of her felt that she’s too powerful to be disposed off and thus sent her away. Kirche too felt that her position of staying at the school was rather surprisingly similar to hers. Now we see why they’re always together in a way.
Seeing that Tabitha’s in a difficult position, Kirche decides to help her out, since Tabitha’s been given a difficult mission. But I think this is Tabitha’s most prominent appearance in the series. At other parts, not to say she didn’t play any significant parts or impact, but because of her low-profile character, she’s just there to help and do her part and that’s it.
Other than that, more of those Louise-Saito squabbling as she makes Saito do more chores for her. More like she’s taking it out on him. I guess she got jealous when she saw him and Siesta having an outdoor bath together in some big tub. Yup, Siesta isn’t shy of getting all naked with Saito. Don’t worry, no hentai scenes here. Also, Montmorency decides to get back at Guiche by planning to give him some spiked love potion she brewed. Her plans were going smoothly (Guiche in his usual sweet talking mode) when Louise appears. Yup, she took that drink intended for Guiche and gulp it all down herself and returns to her room, much to Montmorency’s horror. Still not over that Saito-Siesta thingy?
As Saito heads back, Louise who’s going to give her usual scolding, suddenly felt dizzy and hot. Then she stumbles towards Saito and hugs him, saying to him that she loves him! Plus, she’s crying like a little girl being rejected or not wanting to be parted. Saito’s dumbfounded. As Montmorency peeks, the good news is that the potion works. The bad news is, it’s on the wrong person.
Continuing from the previous episode, Louise is still in that lovey-dovey mode and is clinging on to Saito like an emotionally unstable little girl in episode 9. It’s quite hilarious to see Louise in that manner but at the same time, dangerous. Like how she gets that ‘innocent jealousy’ when she just see Saito and Siesta talking together and then running away or even trying to attract him in her ‘see-through’ pyjamas. Don’t worry no hentai scenes too even though Louise said some ahem ahem things. Uh-huh, the effects of the potion still hasn’t worn off yet. Maybe in a month or so. Hey, but that’s too long for Saito to wait as he interrupts Montmorency and Guiche’s kiss (looks like they’ve made up) and wants a solution to the problem. Well, since it’s his problem, Montmorency wouldn’t want to, that is, until Saito threatens to expose that Montmorency had used an illegal move by brewing that love potion (as mentioned earlier by Siesta), thus she agrees to help him. Is Guiche relieved or what since he heard that Montmorency’s actually planning to use that love potion on him. And Saito promises to get Louise back to her normal self. Yeah, maybe Saito really loves the sadistic Louise.
As Montmorency suggested that probably the tears of the holy spirit of some water guardian at Ragdorian Lake. So the next day, the 4 of them embarked on a journey there. Better get it fast because Louise is acting really really really weird. When they reached there, they noticed that the town’s being flooded by the lake. Montmorency summoned the water guardian and asked for some tears but was rejected. Then Saito says he’d do anything for it and strikes a deal with the water guardian that he’ll help defend the water guardian in exchange for some tears. Looks like recently, some mysterious mages were launching an attack against it.
Later that night, those mysterious mages appeared, so Saito and the rest battled them. But during the battle, it is revealed then the mysterious mages were no other than Kirche and Tabitha. Luckily, they stopped in time before they killed each other. Just kidding. Just exaggerated on that. We learn that Kirche and Tabitha has been ordered to attack the water guardian because it’s been flooding towns. So when they asked it why is it doing so, the water guardian replied because some guy named Cromwell took its Ring of Andvari, which can be used to create fake souls. Why would it have such a ring in the first place? Anyway, it thought that by flooding the world, it would help retrieve the ring back. What logic is that? Yeah, something about spirits don’t die so they can take their time, bla bla bla.
But Saito promised that he’ll retrieve the ring for it. With that the water guardian believed him and gave some of its tears. Why did it believe him? That’s because it believes a Gandalf can manage such tasks. Haih… that Gandalf thing again. I should really pay attention next time. The gang then heads home.
So good news. Saito manages to cure Louise with those tears. Yay! She’s back to her normal self. Bad news number 1. She’s back to her normal self which leads to bad news number 2. She completely remembers everything from the time she drank the potion and getting all lovey-dovey with Saito and whatever she has done to him. Yeah, she’s real mad and embarrassed. Worse than the Incredible Hulk’s. Bad news number 3. She’s going to take everything out on Saito. Oh well, you wanted it that way, didn’t you Saito. Oohh… doesn’t that whipping feel good. Take it like a man. But fortunately, Saito’s saved by Princess Henrietta when she comes in cloaked. Looks like Louise has to delay her revenge. What could it be? Anyway, we also see Fouquet and Cromwell (who looks like your typical evil priest from that era) plotting their move.
Anyway, why is Princess Henrietta doing so? Another favour to ask of them. Sort of. In the beginning of episode 10, we find out that she has decided to marry some Germanian royalty in order to protect her Tristania kingdom, much to Louise’s shock. So their job this time is to retrieve a letter from the Prince Of Wales (no, not Prince Charles) from the kingdom of Albion (some floating island kingdom) in order not to throw their alliance into uncertainty. Of course, Louise accept her task. And it would be a threesome since Guiche’s eavesdropping on them.
Then there’s that Gandalf thing explanation with Saito and one of the school’s teachers, Colbert. Darn. Didn’t get it either. But something like there isn’t proof that the fifth magic element, void, exists. Though the runes on Saito’s hand seemed to indicate that he is one, but it isn’t anything conclusive yet. Then Saito recognizes a familiar smell. Yeah, looks like Colbert’s concocting some potion to revive some dragon.
The next day as the trio begins to set off on their journey, some bearded guy on a griffin, Ward (at first I thought it was warts. Hahaha. Just kidding), who is not only a powerful mage and the captain of the Griffin Squad, but is also Louise’s fiancee! Well, I guess in this world too, young women likes to go out with older men. But Louise doesn’t seem to happy when she sees him. And as usual, it’s Saito’s turn to be jealous, though he doesn’t admit it, giving lots of excuses. So typical. You can see the way he acts and says things.
On their journey, the gang took a pitstop at an hotel inn. As they’re having dinner, Ward heard of Saito’s feats such as beating Guiche and recovering the Staff Of Destruction, before he himself proposes a challenge to him. And before you know it, Saito agrees. Ah… men and their ego. Or is it blinded by jealousy. Or both. Hey, Fouquet’s there too, hiding and listening to their conversation. And some conversation between Saito and Derflinger as we find out the latter’s partner was also some sort of Gandalf, but that was 6000 years ago. So theoretically, Saito must be one too. Bet on it. On the other hand, Louise becomes quite indecisive and uncertain about things when Ward talks about those fiancee stuffs.
The next day, Saito and Ward had their duel. In short, Saito lost. Looks like that glowing rune isn’t enough to beat Ward after all. Then Ward delivers a crushing blow by saying that he isn’t powerful enough to protect Louise because he can’t even defeat a mage like him. Uh-huh, Saito said something like that to her before they left on their journey.
Louise tries to comfort a depressed Saito in episode 11 but instead Saito gets annoyed and is still upset. You know that macho attitude of his so as not to be perceived as weak. Haih… Anyway, Louise decides that she’ll marry Ward after Saito pushes her away, much to Saito’s shock. Louise left.
Just then, Fouquet and her golem appears and prepares to attack Saito. Luckily Guiche’s there to help. To make things worse, Ward and Louise have left to continue their journey and Ward told Louise that those 2 guys decided to turn back and return home. Hmm… I’m suspicious of Ward now. Though Saito and Guiche’s attacks doesn’t seem to do much damage to the golem, I guess the arrival of Kirche, Tabitha and the other villagers forces Fouquet to retreat. Numbers do count. Before Fouquet flees, she told Saito that she has delayed them long enough. Oh oh. That means… Could it be… I guess so. It must be. Yup, Ward’s Fouquet’s accomplice, which means he’s aligned with Cromwell. Ward is even trying to get information on the whereabouts of the Prince Of Wales but Louise didn’t tell him as she remembers her promise she made earlier on to Princess Henrietta. But Louise still doesn’t know of Ward’s true nature yet.
Once they have arrived at Albion, Ward and Louise entered some church. Some guards didn’t believe that they’re from Tristein or was sent under the orders of Princess Henrietta until Louise shows them her ring that Princess Henrietta gave to her earlier on. And it’s revealed that the Prince Of Wales was under the guise of a guard and soon believed her. The 2 had their time alone together to explain things. Besides giving Louise the letter, he also tells her of a group named Reconquista, who’s leading a rebellion against the royals in the Albion kingdom.
The next day, Ward tells Louise that he wants to marry her here at this church right now. But Louise refuses, thinking that this is all too sudden. Then Ward reveals he is from that Reconquista, shocking Louise as she tries to flee. Oh well, with all those tell tale signs, one would’ve guessed that Ward’s on the dark side. However, Louise’s been caught by another Reconquista henchman and Ward uses some spell to mind control her. With that, he proceeds with their wedding.
But during the wedding ceremony and before Louise could say "I do", Saito barges in, much to Ward’s shock. How did he find them? Something like Belldandy’s keen sense of smell of Princess Henrietta’s ring which led them to find Ward. That mole’s got a thing for jewellery. And Louise is snapped out of that mind control when Saito calls her name. Looks like she’s got this sub-conscious response to him. But as Saito begins to attack, Ward draws his sword and stabs the Prince Of Wales! Oh how sad. What a way to go after making just 1 short appearance. So sad. Before that he gives Louise his other ring before he dies.
The guards of the Prince Of Wales were no match for Ward’s attack, probably still reeling from the shock that their beloved prince is dead. Now that Saito’s really mad (saying something about Louise again), his runes start to glow and Derflinger becomes all new and shiny! Saito’s attack has become much more faster and powerful than before. Ward knew that he’ll lose if he carries on and thus decides to retreat saying that he’s accomplished 2 out of 3 tasks, that is, by retrieving that letter and killing the Prince Of Wales. Though he wanted to take Louise along with him, that seems impossible now as he sets the church on fire and leaves.
But Saito and an unconscious Louise are trap and has no where to run since the fire’s spreading fast. Luckily Kirche and Tabitha levitates them back on their Sylph. As they fly back, Saito kisses Louise on her lips. But instead of freaking out, Louise kisses him back! Don’t deny your feelings anymore. So is this just the spur of the moment or something else?
The whole gang’s back at Tristein School Of Magic in episode 12. Louise confides with Princess Henrietta on her mission’s failure. But girls will be girls as the 2 hug each other and cries. Aww… Plus, Colbert decides to go on a trip to find the legendary ‘dragon’. Then we hear from Osmond explaining to Louise that she’s some sort of a void user, the reason why she was able to summon Saito as her Familiar. Maybe it’s fate that the other students nicknamed her ‘Zero’ can also mean null or void. Hmmm…
So the rest of this episode we see that ‘love tension’ between Saito and Louise. Yeah, still don’t want to admit it. Is it because they don’t know or still in deny? Argh. So frustrating. Yeah, even Kirche still isn’t giving up on Saito yet though her actions of seducing him seems more toned down recently. Uh-huh, she just interrupted some talk between Saito and Siesta. Oh, maybe Saito’s still got his heart with Siesta. Why not. Siesta’s more gentler, patient and understanding if you compare her with Louise. Nothing certain, though.
Speaking of which, Saito finds out that Siesta too may have come from his original world. Shocking. It seems that long long ago, there were 2 ‘dragons’. One of them flew into the eclipsed and disappeared while the other stayed behind, which is supposedly Siesta’s great grandfather. I see. So Saito’s really interested in knowing more of how to return home. Ahh… Louise gets that jealousy feeling again when she sees Saito and Siesta talking together and decides not to go apologize to him. Haih…
Anyway, the whole gang decides to go look for the ‘dragon’. Looks like their journey has taken them deep into some dark cave. When they reach the end of the cave, they found a building with some Japanese text inscribed on some tablet outside next to it, supposedly left by Siesta’s great grandfather. I guess it’s for the convenience of the story. And that ‘dragon’ is actually an old Japanese war plane from our current world. Another ‘zero’ there to note. So Colbert suggests that Saito may be able to return to his world with that eclipse explanation again and the reason why this one didn’t was because it didn’t manage to do so in time, thus stuck here. Saito’s quite eager and happy to hear this but as for Louise, looks like she has that look on her face which says ‘please-don’t-go-I-want-you-to-stay-here-with-me’. They all brought the plane back to the school.
Back at Tristein School Of Magic, everyone is amazed at the ‘dragon’. Remember that familiar smell Saito recognized when he was with Colbert? Yup, it’s actually the plane’s petrol, which is called ‘dragon’s blood’ in their world. What’s this? Saito knows how to pilot the plane when he sits in the cockpit. Is it his natural instinct, the plane’s simple controls whereby an idiot can pilot it at first looks, or his runes, or maybe for the convenience of the storyline.
However, Guiche rushes in and told them the bad news. Looks like Albion has declared war on Tristein under the name of Reconquista. Meanwhile, Cromwell along with Ward and Fouquet discuss their attack plans and plans to do so during the solar eclipse because it’s the day the floating island will be closest to the ground. See, is it just convenience of the storyline. At least that’s what I felt.
And so the final episode 13 doesn’t begin with that all-out war action battle. Instead, we have that usual indecisive and uncertainty of Saito and Louise wanting to stay or go. I guess even though it’s a strange world, once you’ve got used to it, you’d feel reluctant to leave. A lot of talk here and there. And those 2 are still acting as though they don’t care for each other. Don’t they know that the more they suppress those feelings, one day it’ll all explode and by that time it’ll be too late. Meanwhile Princess Henrietta decides to command an army herself to fend off Albion’s attack seeing that the rest of the Tristania leaders want to surrender peacefully.
On the morning of the solar eclipse, as Saito’s preparing to take off in the plane, Colbert tells him that the enemy’s flying battleship, Tarbes, is already looming overhead Siesta’s village, and Siesta back there too. Looks like Saito has no choice but to join in this one. Uh-huh, earlier on he decided not to join the battle as this wasn’t his war and has got nothing to do with him. I guess he’s got that subtle consciousness to protect the ones he loved, if you know what I mean. With a little help from Tabitha’s levitation (not enough room to take off), Saito manage to get the plane in the air with Kirche and Tabitha following closely on Sylph.
At the same time, Princess Henrietta and her troops are engaged in battle already. Seems that Guiche’s reluctant in this battle and was drawn into it because his dad’s a military officer. Too bad. But Princess Henrietta’s armies seem to be no match for the Albion side. All hopes seemed lost and the eclipse is about to begin when suddenly they spot the ‘dragon’ coming from afar. Hooray. Saito’s here. At least there’s hope now. Wah. Saito’s shooting down easily every griffin there is as the Tristanians cheered him on. Ward and Fouquet seeing that the legendary Gandalf and his ‘dragon’ have entered the fray, they decided to join in as well.
While Ward and Saito engaged in air combat, Fouquet and her golem confronts Kirche, Tabitha and Guiche. With the combined powers of the 3, they manage to destroy the golem which causes Fouquet to flee (again). Yup, Guiche brings out a wave of flower petals, Tabitha spreads them over the golem, Guiche then turns them into oil before Kirche lights it up with her fire spell. That easy, huh.
One problem solved and back to Saito and Ward. Saito’s in a pinch because he just ran out of ammo (sorry no cheat code here) and Ward has damaged one of the plane’s wings which causes the plane to leak out petrol. Louise enlists the help of Tabitha and Kirche to bring her on board her Sylph. This girl is doing dangerous and silly things as she jumps down from the Sylph into the plane. That desperate, is it? Yeah, she says she couldn’t let him face all the danger alone. Say lah you want to be with him. Looks like it’s the full solar eclipse now. Ward intends on burying the Gandalf along with the legend. But Saito says he doesn’t care for all that crap and that he only cares for Louise because he is "Zero No Tsukaima" (Louise’s Familiar). Is that a confession? But before Louise can react to his words (probably crying, hugging and kissing him. Just kidding), Saito’s runes began to glow and starts flying out from his hand!
Then Derflinger mentioned something like Louise is the void element magic user and is the master of Gandalf. Louise is like in a trance state as she raises her wand towards Ward. Derflinger continues to say that since a void user needs time to activate one’s magic, Saito needs to buy her time in order for her to do so. Better hurry because Ward’s very close on his tail as Saito dodges every shot. When Louise is ready, a bright light covers the entire sky as her super magic blast causes Ward to be vapourized and setting the Tarbes on fire. Yeah, this is the power of a void user. And her first successful attempt too. Everyone watches in awe.
Saito safely crash lands the plane. But instead of worrying about the eclipse, which is already over by then, he seems to be more worried about Louise. Meanwhile Kirche and Tabitha inspects the wrecked Tarbes when an injured Cromwell uses the Ring Of Andvari on them, forcefully bringing them both on their knees. But it was just short-lived as Guiche knocked Cromwell’s head from behind with a stick. At least this guy did something useful for once.
Meanwhile, we get to see that Louise-Saito moment as the 2 sat with each other before the plane wreckage. Louise calls Saito an idiot because he wasted his chance to go back but Saito said he didn’t mind. And before you know it, Louise quickly kisses him! Saying that this is some sort of proof of their recontracting. So is it as a Familiar or more than that? Either way, glad the 2 could be together.
In the ending credits we see Louise, Kirche, Tabitha and Guiche being awarded by the royal court for their bravery. Also, Kirche is back to her old flirting ways with many guys around her. Has she given up on Saito? We also see Tabitha inspecting the Ring of Andvari. Does she intend to keep it? I thought that ring belongs to the water guardian? Maybe on her next trip back she’ll return it. As usual, Guiche and Montmorency arguing. As Louise tries to find Saito to show off her medal, she spots him talking happily with Siesta. In her anger (jealousy, that is) she takes out her whip, calls him a dog and you know the rest. Oh well, back to normal. And does Siesta really enjoy watching how those 2 act among each other. Yeah, she seems to like Saito but doesn’t get worried when Louise whips him or such. Maybe she still thinks that Saito’s her Familiar. Wait a minute, he is.
Overall, the ending wasn’t really much to shout about as it could’ve been better. Yup, it left me with lots of questions such as what happened to Fouquet? Was she recaptured? And that Cromwell guy and the Reconquista? Don’t tell me that attack then was the whole army. So is the war and conflict over? Yeah, it seems Saito’s here to stay. And the way they end it seems to give hints that they might do a second season or if ever the need arises. Oh wait a minute. I’ve read that there’s going to BE a second season! shucks.
I’m still having problem with the names as mentioned. Some still hard to pronounce and some can’t remember. I had to refer many times in order to spell their names correctly. But I kinda find the relationship between Louise and Saito amusing. Besides, I guess this is what most of the storyline in this anime revolves around. Sometimes it’s quite frustrating to see that usual indecisiveness between them. But hey, if the 2 fell in love at first sight, maybe things would’ve turned out totally different. Or maybe even better. Nah, it’s better the way things are. Sorry Siesta, sorry Kirche, you’re both still second fiddlers.
The drawing, art, animation and voice acting are okay to me. Since it’s set in that fantasy medieval world, I guess you’ll see lots of those fantasy medieval kinda stuffs. The only ‘real’ character development is between Louise and Saito. The rest not so. Yeah, there’s a variety of interesting characters but you’d probably guess their kind of character in the early episodes already. As said, especially Tabitha’s. But I guess it’s pretty much okay for a short series.
It’s funny to see the mid-intermissions whereby Louise uses her magic only to end up in smokes (along with Saito) and not too well, all in chibi form. The ending theme has Louise and Saito in some weird theatrical play. Don’t remember what it’s all about, but it looked like those figures drawn on and cut out from a cardboard. The only background music which I like is Louise’s theme whereby they mix it with violin strings and electric guitar. It’s quite catchy and fast paced as it always made me shuffle my feet each time I hear it play.
Though I’m a little disappointed with the ending, but nevertheless this is quite a good anime. Not to say the very best, but at least it’s worth your time. So give this anime a chance like how we’ll give Louise and Saito another chance. Hmm… Okay, maybe they’re better off with the former whipping and calling him a dog rather than being in a very lovey-dovey mode. Besides come to think of it, doesn’t having such relationship with one’s Familiar conflicts with that master-student relationship? Yeah, even if they do, it’s the end of the world!
Hmmm… I wonder how many things from our world have been summoned to theirs. Like the entire Mayan civilization? Hey, those people vanished without a trace, didn’t they? No, not because Predators wiped them out when they lost to those Aliens during some ritual. And perhaps even that toy that I lost many many many years ago when I was still a kid. Hey, it’s a possibility, isn’t it?

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