Zettai Shonen

January 20, 2013

Do you believe in the things that you cannot see such as fairies or spirits? What happens if you encounter one of such unexplained phenomenon? How will you tell to others? Will others believe you? Zettai Shonen has this little supernatural mystery surrounding it and though I won’t go so far as to classify this a horror genre, at least those little mysterious UFO thingies in this show will keep you wondering what they are or their purpose. Divided into 2 ‘seasons’, we see the protagonists of each arc trying to figure out the mysterious objects that they encountered and also discover themselves.

Summer Arc

Episode 1
Ayumu Aizawa couldn’t understand why his father Dr Akiyuki Kishiro is picking up stray cats for medical checkups. Father thinks this year is strange because it’s already end of July and the camellia flowers are still in bloom. Instead of following him, Ayumu decides to cycle around the rural areas of Tana in his mountain bike. I’m not sure if the new kid in town has got problems settling in the rural area because it’s like Ayumu doesn’t seem to get along with some of the townspeople. Like this little girl Miku Miyama. Then while drinking at the road side, this guy on a scooter, Ryousuke Sakakura just stops by, takes a look at him and rides off. I mean, WTF?! When Miku and her sister Miki walk pass him, Ryousuke turns back to greet her. Not wanting to hear Ayumu’s complicated family story (notice their surnames are different? Besides, Ayumu’s parents are divorced), Ryousuke mentions about Okaka Baba. She died. Not really. More like reborn. So is she a ghost? Miku explains to Ayumu that Okaka is a cat and supposedly Ryousuke’s rival 10 years ago. Eh? Ryousuke mentions the cat once fought a kappa and got its ear torn off. Wanting to know if Ayumu has seen her, he points out at his father’s vet but when he reaches there, she’s gone. Miki explains about the increase of fireflies up at Nakizawagawa River and other strange events like ghost stories of Emerald Land. Ayumu cycles to the Tsukuyomi Observatory but the caretaker Heigorou Suzuki cautions him of heading deeper into the mountains because this is where the boundary to the supernatural opens. I suppose Ayumu wanted to press forward but after seeing a snake slithering across his path, he turns back. That night, Ayumu thought he saw some firefly-like light zooming in and away quickly from his window. Next day, Ryousuke passes by Ayumu and asks if he has seen Okaka. Since he hasn’t, he thinks she must be at Emerald Land.

While having breakfast with his dad, Ayumu asks what kind place Emerald Land is. It’s a resort. But the problem is, people who come with their pet somehow leave their pets behind. Asking the average life of a stray cat, though pet cats can live up till 20 years, stray cats can only live up to 2 years. From his observations of stray cats in this place, he thinks many cats can’t make it through the winter. He tells Ayumu he can’t abandon what he thinks is right. Shione Unno just alighted the bus when Ayumu passes her. Miku wonders if Ayumu is going to see the kappa, if not Wakkun. Since he doesn’t know, Miku gets upset. Then when they part, Shione tries to talk to Miku but she ignores her. Yeah, another upset girl for being ignored. Later Shione got into an argument with her father and runs out of her house into the rain. She makes a call to Takuma Kaburaki. As Ayumu cycles along, he spots a midget playing along the riverbed. Their eyes met and Ayumu thinks he is Wakkun. Wakkun is happy but trips. Ayumu goes down to help him up. Wakkun says he is waiting for him and Ayumu find it hard to believe he is playing alone at this time. Where is his family? He has none. Because he has Shinies. Those firefly-like lights. Wakkun shows him a bunch of them before his eyes and upon taking a closer look, they turn into odd little UFOs. Wakkun hopes they can play together again and will be waiting. Wakkun disappears before Ayumu’s eyes.

Episode 2
Kishiro sees Ryousuke searching his vet grounds. Since he hasn’t seen Okaka, Ryousuke leaves. Soon Ryousuke passes by Miku and she tells him Okaka isn’t around and it’s a waste for him to chase her as she’ll come to him on her own. He can’t since this will be the last summer and that she’s pretty old. When he first rumours she died, he felt regret. So when he heard she was reborn, he was happy as he wasn’t able to see her off. That’s why he must see her again this summer. Miku says he will but doesn’t know when or where. Ayumu stops by Miki’s family shop to ask about Miku’s whereabouts. Surprisingly, Okaka comes in! Miki goes to the back to get some okaka snacks (that’s how she got her name). Ayumu tries to snap a picture of her but she flees, leaving him with an incomplete shot. As for Miku, Miki says she’s probably at the temple where she plays often. But when he gets there, Miku isn’t and is surprised she plays at a place like this. There are graves everywhere. Ryousuke is at Asako Todou’s store and asks if Okaka was once Mikoshiba’s cat. She’s not sure since she wasn’t around back then. He cheekily notes about that 10 year mysterious gap in life so she warns him not to summarize people’s life so easily. Heigorou’s dog, Roku seems to take a liking for Ayumu so he has him help him out with his gardening. He asks about the supernatural stuffs so Heigorou knows something must have happened but won’t tell him because in time he will understand. Ryousuke’s dad wants him to help out with his work instead of wasting time chasing after a cat. Well, will sonny listen? Besides, settling his score with her is more important. Ryousuke goes to talk to Takuma. Based on their talk, Takuma thinks Ryousuke is still immature compared to him. At least based on the things he can do. Before Ryousuke leaves, Takuma says he can come back to kendo whenever he likes. Ayumu is at Nakizawagawa River but doesn’t see Wakkun. However he sees his footprints so that midget was definitely here.

Ryousuke meets with Miki along the way. When she mentions she and even Ayumu saw Okaka, he gets frustrated that he is the only one who couldn’t see her. Maybe he’s dangerous? Ryousuke shrugs it off and believes she is stronger after been reborn. Miki dismisses that she didn’t die in the first place. Ryousuke believes Okaka is the one responsible for the ghost stories at Emerald Land. The one whereby a blotchy old woman chases you while wailing every bit of the way instead of a sumo wrestler laughing while chasing you down. Either way, Miki finds it hard to believe the cat was in those stories. Furthermore, she thinks it’s absurd that Ryousuke thinks the cat has powered up since reborn and taking up a human form. Yeah, now he’s pushing it. Shione alights the bus and this time manages to stop Ayumu passing by. She wants to be his friend. Let’s say he’s suspicious even if it’s just exchanging handphone numbers. She really wants to get to know each other well. Since her pickup is here, she tells him she lives at Emerald Land and should feel free to drop by anytime. Though, the ghost fuss that is keeping lots of people away from it. Evening, Ryousuke chances upon Ayumu and learns of his attempt to snap a photo of Okaka. He thinks he is lucky because Okaka will usually not let anyone get away unscathed. He thinks Ayumu realize the connection Okaka has to this place and feels they can be good friends. I doubt Ayumu will. Yeah, he’s annoying. The duo then see Miku sitting next to Okaka. However the cat runs away when Ryousuke tries to get close. At last when he finally gets to see her, she’s gone. Miku chides him for not reading the mood properly. When Ayumu says he has finally found Miku, Ryousuke quips he’s a lolicon and got kicked by Miku! Haha! Ayumu though has met Wakkun but wants to know who he really is. But this upsets Miku so she questions him what did he come back here to do. Not that he can remember too. Suddenly a couple of Shinies appear before them. She points them out as Dosshiru and Shisshin. Has Ayumu forgotten all about them too?

Episode 3
Akira Sukawara is reporting the mysterious rumours of Emerald Land and interviews Shione. Hmm… She seems enthusiastic about being on camera. Like as though she’s going for an audition. So from her version, instead of a blotchy old woman or laughing sumo wrestler, it’s an enraged child. She also mentions about the fireflies up Nakizawagawa River like as though it’s a different world there. She hates this place and wants to return to Tokyo. Taking a break, the cameraman, Shirou Doumaru says even though this report is just a filler, they’ve a long way from completing it. It’s her show so she decides whether to continue or not. They stop by Asako’s store and since Ayumu doesn’t know her, Ryousuke and Miki say she is a local announcer for a local cable TV. Doumaru decides to interview them for additional material. Well, Ryousuke seems pretty into it. And he’s starting from Okaka’s fight with the kappa. Miki trying to dismiss it all. Yeah, everyone has their different versions that Akira seems pretty confused. Who the hell is Okaka anyway? When it’s Ayumu’s turn, he awkwardly says he didn’t he didn’t see anything. End of filming. Back editing the film, Akira is interested in Ayumu. Because of his body language, she thinks he knows something and is trying to hide them. Doumaru then shows her a picture of a stray cat he took then. Zooming in closer, they see some sort of weird thing reflected in its eyes. He thinks this isn’t a trick of the light or shadows and can’t be a ghost either (because ghosts are human). She feels this is like a conspiracy but he warns the images can’t be mere proof (CG anyone?). If she continues half-heartedly, she’ll get burnt. But since this is her story, it’s her call.

Akira goes to see Ayumu who is reluctant to let her interview. On the contrary, she will be doing the talking. Though she doesn’t believe in ghosts nor this incident is entirely due to Okaka, she mentions about the Rods case. Those mysterious bug-like creatures caught in video cameras around the world. Their true form may just be a bug but people still want to think that they are some unidentified creature. She invites Ayumu to join her in her search but he instantly turns her down. Later Ayumu calls Miki’s store to ask for Miku but she’s out to another town shopping with her mom. Before hanging up, he asks for her email address. Later Ryousuke gives Miki the biggest scare of her life when he pops up in her store (her scream was funny). Looks like his father locked him out and Akira was at his place (she was looking for Ayumu then). Yeah, that Okaka and the kappa thingy again. Don’t you feel sorry for her? But it seems Akira is out searching for the kappa and recording with her mini camera. Nothing out of the ordinary. When Ayumu is having a meal with his father, he wants to know the last time he was here. About 3 or 4 years old but even so, nothing really happened. Ayumu thought something huge must have happened since he can’t remember (it’s that seal-off-your-memory-to-protect-yourself reason) but Kishiro insists nothing big happened. Even talking to mom didn’t yield much result. She couldn’t remember anything more than him playing a lot. It’s night fall and Akira has had her fill of recording so much so the batteries died out. She heads back to her car and little does she know, those little mysterious things are being reflected in her eyes!

Episode 4
Miki and Ryousuke are talking together at school about Ayumu. Why did he lie to Akira? Maybe he should ask the person himself. Feel awkward he says? He then asks about her and Takuma but she replies he is going out with Shione. Ryousuke can’t accept that because he was very sure she was his favourite. Miki leaves and so happens Ayumu was passing before her. She hitches a ride to Asako’s store. She hopes he could go easy on Miku since she’s a little strange. She sees things others can’t and knows things she shouldn’t be able to know. So when rumours fly around, people tend to stay away from her. Even she scares her a little sometimes. But she notices Ayumu just accepts what she says plainly and simply. After all that calling and no answering, Shione must be happy when Takuma finally picks up. He wants to meet. Ayumu walks with Miki home and the latter doesn’t know of a boy named Wakkun. This place is small so everybody knows everybody. If there was somebody like that, he may be from Emerald Land. But the distance to there from Nakizawagawa River is pretty far for a kid to walk. Ayumu has a feeling he is not at Emerald Land or the next town. She asks if such things have happened to him before. Like has he been able to see things that shouldn’t be really there. Miki then tells him about that incident whereby Miku disappeared for half a day. She was found inside Touya Forest. Long time ago, the lord has his house in this forest but now everyone seems to avoid going there because for fear they would be cursed. Ghosts? Besides, having the little forest right smack in the middle of the town makes it somewhat a special place. Ayumu knows there’s a secret in that forest so Miki says how cool if that secret is to unlock all the mysteries around like Wakkun and Miku.

Continuing their walk, they chance upon Miku. She scolds Ayumu because he won’t find Wakkun if he is searching like this. That’s because he has always been waiting. Even now. So there’s no need for him to search and hurry up and realize it. Then Takuma comes by so Miki introduces the guys to each other. They talk about the cat dance festival and meet Shione. She doesn’t look too happy seeing Takuma and Miki together but is delighted to see Ayumu. So happen when Akira drops by wanting them to listen to her story, Ayumu declines and cycles off, Miki remembers she needs to help out with her family and Takuma bluntly points out he doesn’t like media people. All that’s left is Shione, eh? Akira wants to have a more sophisticated talk with her. Sophisticated? To start things off, about Ayumu of course. Ayumu calls his father to say he won’t be back to make him dinner. That’s because he feels strange and he needs to ascertain something. No, he’s not in trouble. He understands and when he’s ready, he can talk to him about it. Ayumu is waiting at the riverbed for Wakkun but he doesn’t turn up. He sees Okaka and it seems like she’s beckoning him to follow her. Leading him inside the forest, Ayumu sees lots of Shinies and amidst them is Wakkun. The kid is happy that Ayumu came but Ayumu doesn’t know who he is. I’m Wakkun, you’re Amu. Simple. Wakkun and wants to play. However it’s getting late so they make a promise to play tomorrow. Then all the Shinies float and disappear before his eyes.

Episode 5
A dream of Wakkun playing shiratori with Ayumu. In present time, they’re playing with each other. Wakkun seems to be enjoying himself putting rocks into the rivers. It’s time to leave so Ayumu promises to come back and play tomorrow. He asks what Wakkun does when he leaves. He plays right here. Later when he bumps into Ryousuke, the latter feels Ayumu is acting strange as he is always up at the river and wants to know why he lied to Akira. He denies because he didn’t see any kappa and only once for Okaka. Ryousuke calls him a bad liar but he’s fine with that. When Miki is closing her family store, Takuma wants to talk to her. He says he doesn’t want to go out with Shione. Miki thinks it’s cruel so he points out about her with Ryousuke and Ayumu. It’s different because those guys aren’t thinking they’re going out with her. Ayumu is trying to piece the puzzle together of Wakkun, Miku, Touya Forest and the likes but just couldn’t get it. Shione is at the vet getting her pet dog Taruto for some check-up. She wonders why Ayumu hasn’t come to see her yet. Take a hint. He’s not interested. Anyway she slips a piece of paper to him that contains her details. Persistent, eh? The rain continues to pour and Wakkun is seen throwing rocks into the river. It got washed away. When Ayumu is at Nakizawagawa River, he sees Ryousuke waiting for him. Ayumu denies he is running away and oddly for a guy who chases cats a lot, he is telling Ayumu he is acting strange. He wants to know what he is doing. Playing. Probably. Ayumu himself isn’t too sure. Roku puts a stop to Ryousuke’s tailing when it jumps on him. Shione gets on the same bus with Miki. Miki tries to be friendly but Shione tells her straight she hates her. Wow.

Ayumu finds Miku cleaning the grave and talks to her. He wants to know how much he knows about Wakkun. Miku realizes he stopped being able to meet him. Wakkun has waited too long, before and after meeting him. Ayumu says he didn’t see Wakkun the day before, yesterday and even today. It felt he did something he couldn’t take back. Wondering why he’s putting so much effort in this, Ayumu feels that Wakkun is waiting for him just he was for him before. She assures he’ll be fine since everybody is watching over him. Heigorou visits the vet and sees Ayumu. Since he doesn’t believe in kappas, the old guy lets him know this world is much richer, complicated and fragile than people think. On the question whether he is an esper or not, having ESP is nothing more than a feeling, an impression one reads from the atmosphere. He has no interest in something ambiguous like that. All that has happened and all that will happen has a meaning. This is a necessary process people go through. Later Ayumu tries to ask Kishiro about Heigorou. He is either a retired college professor, retired non-fiction writer or a wanderer that fits in (the kind where you can talk about anything once you get to know him). Yet, he might be neither. Later Asako calls Ayumu since he forgot to return her call. He asks if she has seen a boy like Wakkun the last time. Of course she had. He was cute. And he was Ayumu! He loves wearing poncho and rubber boots so much that he’s always wearing them. So shock that he left his mom hanging. Ayumu hears a knock on his window and looks out to only see the Shinies flying away into the sky.

Episode 6
There is indeed a picture of Ayumu in a poncho and boots with his parents. Miki just heard her father upset off the phone. Seems some people found an artesian well or spring near the recharge basin. There used to be many springs in the valley before the earthquake created a fault and it looks like one of them came back to life. She mentions about the fireflies up at Nakizawagawa River needing fresh water but he doesn’t know. Ayumu gets a call from Asako asking about his opinion about that picture she sent. She didn’t get any response so she called. I wonder what Ayumu is so busy about that he can’t return a simple call. Maybe he doesn’t want to talk to mommy? Suddenly the electromagnetic wave interference cuts them off. Not only he is affected, the afternoon love drama that Miki’s father is watching is suddenly cut off. Hitting the TV won’t work. Can’t resume drama… Even Ryousuke’s scooter suddenly died and he can’t do anything to fix the electric fuel injection. Miku says it’s not broken and by just starting it, the scooter starts running. She says the machine is just tired. I guess Akira’s car also suddenly ‘tired out’ in the middle of nowhere, eh? Ayumu sees Heigorou to discuss about the supernatural stuffs. He says the upper regions of this mountain were sacred and strictly sealed off. Now everyone can just simply walk in. Ayumu doesn’t understand even if he should or shouldn’t enter Nakizawagawa River so Heigorou says with people thinking like that nowadays, the boundaries of things shake. That’s when the world’s membrane thins. When it does, beings from the other world show up in ours. It’s neither a good or bad thing. It’s just as it is. Mentioning this place is mysterious and the membrane might be thin from the start, he knows Ayumu went beyond the membrane, entered the other domain and something happened. He tells him not to run away. If he doesn’t want to regret it, keep going on, get involved and do his best till the end.

Shione calls Takuma wanting to meet. He seems reluctant but agrees. At the park when Shione tells him how she scolded Miki then, Takuma doesn’t seem happy. To make certain they’re going out, she kisses him. But he gently pushes her away and leaves. So sad… That night when she walks home in tears, a Shiny appears before her. Taruto got agitated and what surprised Shione most was that she saw something reflected in Taruto’s eyes before the Shiny flew away into the sky. Next day around the same time, the electromagnetic wave is kicking up again. Lights go out, Ryousuke’s scooter died again (at the same spot) and same goes with the TV Miki’s father is watching (at the same slot too – he’ll never find out what happened to the love story). Ryousuke stops Ayumu and wants him to hang out with him for a while. He has a feeling that Ayumu feels guilty and at fault for what is happening. He wants him to tell everything but Ayumu fears he won’t believe. He’ll decide that once he listens. So he talks about Wakkun. The kappa? No, Wakkun. He couldn’t keep his promise so things turned out like this. And why does Ryousuke always have to relate everything back to Okaka? Learning that Wakkun was Ayumu in that drab 10 years ago, Ryousuke remembers he did meet him back then. He was trying to stop him from entering Touya Forest. Ayumu also remembers something like that. The question is why he was so desperate to enter the forest.

Episode 7
Miku seems to be communicating well with Dosshiru and understanding what it says! She’s supposed to relay a message. Ryousuke is hanging out with Ayumu at the riverbed. They’re just sitting there waiting. Ryousuke thinks he has a better chance of seeing Okaka with him. Huh? Miku joins them but feels Ryousuke is in the way as she needs to tell Ayumu something. But then Akira arrives so this is cue for Ayumu to run! Ryousuke also scoots away! Man, she’s really hated, is she? Shione is still reeling from the shock in her room when she sees something reflected in Taruto’s eyes. But soon she gets a call from Akira wanting to meet. Akira knows there is something in this valley and it isn’t a ghost or something familiar. Something of the unknown. She also saw something reflected in the cat’s eyes. She doesn’t know that’s why she’s investigating. Wanting to know if Shione knows anything, unfortunately she too doesn’t know much. I guess she’s bored and heartbroken enough to oblige. Ryousuke calls Ayumu and wants him to meet at a certain street. Can’t say no, can’t he? While waiting, his father comes by. He tries to run but the scooter won’t start. Fortunately his father’s truck also died. He tells his son they’re going home and to put his scooter on the back. After nicely tying down the scooter, the truck starts working. Ryousuke also starts his scooter and it’s working. By that time Ayumu has arrived so he apologizes that they’ll go hunting for Okaka next time. Do it yourself. Ayumu asks Miku how much she knows about Wakkun, Dosshiru and Shisshin but she only played with Wakkun once 2 years ago. It was when she was missing but she insists she wasn’t and was just playing. If she was at that forest then, that means Wakkun was there too. He was but she hasn’t seen him since. Noting that they’re both waiting for each other, it was the same for her too. They’re alone.

Miki is doing her delivery to Takuma’s house. Since she’s here, he suggests taking a walk. Shione happens to see Ayumu and wants to hang out with him. I think he isn’t interested in listening to her question of why he never called her. But when she mentions she saw those ball of light things and even their true form, his interest piqued. Yeah, he wants to know how they look like. So happen Takuma and Miki cross paths with them. Shione is devastated so as ‘revenge’ she holds Ayumu’s hands and they walk away looking like a couple. She whispers in Miki’s ear that she’s the worst. Miki wanted to clear things up but Takuma tells her to leave her alone. After a distance, Shione breaks down and goes home herself. Back home, Ayumu returns Miku’s call (she earlier called but Ayumu was out) and it seems she has forgotten to relay him a message from Dosshiru. He’s waiting. Even now. Wakkun is also waiting at the usual waiting. He’s not mad because if he was, he wouldn’t be waiting. That night Ayumu cycles out and a Shiny transforms into its true form to guide Ayumu to Wakkun, playing in the midst of the forest with other Shinies. Wakkun is happy to see him and they make a promise to play together during the cat dance. Wakkun notes this is the third promise they made but Ayumu recalls this is only the second. After Wakkun happily disappears, the Shiny communicates to Ayumu and he understands why this is the third promise.

Episode 8
Ayumu asks his father why Touya Forest was named so. His reasoning was that though the lands were ruled by lords, sometimes the position of a Touya would be a counterpart when it comes to organizing festivals and the likes. However somehow it got mixed up for this land as both roles ran concurrently and it turned out the Touya was the one on top. Later he asks Asako about the connection of the cat dance festival and Touya Forest. She says it was an event made up to liven things around here since 1989 and nobody lived in that forest anymore. Ayumu thought he saw something invisible fly past before him. Later passing by Ryousuke’s house, he stops Ayumu for another round of discussion about the existence of kappas. Ayumu denies they exist so Ryousuke questions why he is often up at the river. He too knows kappas don’t exist but what can he do? He may have mixed up his wild imagination and reality mixed up. Everyone laughed at him except Miki. But he is sure he saw Okaka fighting a kappa. About why he stopped Ayumu from entering Touya forest, he suggests Takuma should know. So Ayumu pays him a visit and he knows what Ayumu is going to ask. Back in 1966, the government dug up lots of places to improve rice paddy fields but they can’t seem to remove the cedar trees with whatever machines they have. Since then, most of the area in the valley that used to be forest was turned into a lake. Due to the volcanic ash and eruptions, this land was formed as they see today. Only Touya Forest was left as an island when this area was still a lake. Originally that place used to be the centre of the valley so it’s something special. The abandoned houses at its entrance used to be called Moriya, derived from mori (protect) and ya (valley) and was believed to have protected this place for a long time. However Ayumu is baffled because it may not have protected from outside enemies otherwise that forest would have been named Moriya instead. Takuma deduces that special forest has probably been protecting something even more special inside. So the procedure of protecting it turned into a festival and the name changed from Moriya to Touya. A change of topic, Takuma asks his opinion of Miki. Since Ayumu doesn’t think of her as anything, Takuma is fine with it since once summer vacation ends, he’ll be gone. This is because he feels Ayumu doesn’t belong to this place.

Later Ayumu meets Miki and she explains to him about the cat dance festival and how it started. Though it started around 20 years ago, she notes that cats must have been dancing since the Edo period. She tells of an old story whereby a servant went looking for his master’s pet cat, Shiro. It lead him to a place where all the cats were gathered to hear Shiro’s flute playing but that night Shiro couldn’t play since his tongue was burnt. The servant reports to his master and he leaves it up to him to handle the matter. At his wits end, the servant confronts Shiro, telling him to leave since they can’t house a cat who plays a flute. Shiro left and was never seen. The question was why did Shiro obediently left? Ayumu thinks stories handed down through generations will have alterations and things added into but if that story was in its original form, it might have been alright. After all, he noticed that the forest was called Moriya then. Ayumu goes up to the river and sees Akira there. He’s not running away this time, eh? She shows him a photo of a stray cat and tells him to look closer into its eyes. No, it’s not CG. So? Akira thinks he is looking for a way out because he wants to believe this world is an open place. Explaining about fairy rings in England whereby mushroom-filled paths grow in a circular fashion, people thought they were left behind by dancing fairies till science explained it was due to fungus and mushroom phenomena thingy. Because it has been proven, the existence of fairies was denied. Ayumu thinks it’s wrong. So does Akira. She thinks there are more than what there is they can see in this world as the world is not that closed. People’s perceptions are just entangled within many layers connected to them. Ayumu thinks that is an escapist way of thinking but she would rather term it as wanting to know and understand. Ayumu sees Wakkun standing behind her but Wakkun doesn’t want him to reveal his presence. But when Akira turns back, she sees nothing. That evening when Shione bumps into Ayumu, she asks him if he ever wanted to kiss. It’s okay to kiss her. I think he’s gay because he rejected that offer. I mean, to him a kiss is something you have to get permission to do. Huh? He understands her feelings of not fitting here because he’s an outsider too. But if she’s trying to find her place by becoming Takuma’s girlfriend, then she’s wrong. Even more wrong, trying to grab his attention and make him jealous. Miku passes by Touya Forest and sees Ayumu’s bike. He is inside searching around. He sees a slipper on a string and before he could proceed further, Miku stops him. She warns if he goes past there, he may not come back. Ayumu remembers being told of the same thing then too. It was the same for Miku.

Episode 9
Preparations are underway for the festival and Akira will be covering the event in 2 days time. I guess with the depopulation, it’s hard to get help and things done. Miki passes by Ayumu and reminds him about the festival. She hopes he can come by and will be waiting. Ayumu then gets a call from Shione. He may not want to pick up but his dad made him to. She has been thinking a lot about what he said and wonders if he wants to go to the festival with her. He was quick to say no. More importantly, did she invite Takuma? She didn’t. He knows it’s him whom she wants to go with. She asks if there is anyone he likes because he would understand her feelings of inviting him. I guess not. Yeah, that depends on the person too. Later when playing with Wakkun at the riverbed, Wakkun breaks a stone when Ayumu sounded he can’t live up to his promise of playing with him during the festival. Though Ayumu says he will be there, Wakkun isn’t convinced since he doesn’t want to be alone and Ayumu didn’t come when they made their last promise. Ayumu asks about Wakkun’s clothes and his reply is to match his. He suggests playing at Touya Forest, the place they first met. Takuma helps out Ryousuke a little for the festival. I’m not sure why are they talking about goldfish scooping and the best way of using the poi to catch it. Takuma then drops by Miki’s store and thinks of inviting her to walk about at the festival. She points out he has Shione and should treat her better. Since Miki can’t answer, he wonders if she promised to go with Ayumu. Not really either. He wants to make it clear if she’s going to choose between them. She doesn’t like this choosing business so Takuma says the small decisions they make over time end up deciding the path they take in life as they’re always doing small things during the way and there are some things they must choose before they move forward. Before he leaves, he tells her Ayumu will be going home soon and if she doesn’t tell him how she feels, he’ll never get it. Takuma passes by Ayumu at Moriya. Wondering if he thought of entering, he cautions there is a taboo. Whether abandoned or not, it was somebody’s house and not right to just simply enter. Asking about Miki again, since Ayumu still doesn’t get it, he points out he is involved and not to treat her half-heartedly.  Ayumu gets a call from Miku about his plans for tomorrow. Since the rain won’t let up, he thinks the festival will be cancelled and will finish things off by playing with Wakkun at Touya Forest. Miku knows he’ll be alright. Shione’s mother has got her yukata prepared but she isn’t sure if she’s going to the festival. Ayumu sees a Shiny outside his window. Wondering what they are, he feels afraid of them.

Episode 10
Ryousuke is being roped by an effeminate guy, Shouko to help with his goldfish scooping stall. Ayumu tells his dad that after the festival, he thinks of going home to Yokohama. Miki is waiting for Miku to go pick up their eldest sister Mika at the station when she gets a call from Ayumu. He’s not sure if he could come to the festival but if he does turn up, he wants to go with her. How’s that for being ambiguous. Miki will wait for him. Miku looks like a pale ghost because she caught a fever. Akira practises her lines of covering the festival in the toilet (with a toothbrush). So much so Doumaru had to knock on the door to wonder what she’s doing. He cautions her to be careful. Ayumu is at Heigorou’s stall as the old man explains about the meaning of the slipper on the string. Long ago it acts as a boundary to ward off plagues and calamities. Ayumu wonders if the place not supposed to venture has anything to do with the membrane of the world. Places like Shangri-La and Eden are names for other worlds. While they may touch ours, they are not of it. In other words, beyond the membrane. Heigorou has a hunch he has found a boundary. Taruto seems to be noisy so Shione picks him out and looks out the window. She sees something invisible hovering in front but it is clearly reflected in Taruto’s eyes. Ayumu’s handphone starts to ring and go crazy. Then Shisshin passes before him and beckons him to Moriya. Soon strange phenomena start happening throughout the festival. All the cars start honking on their own, the goldfish swimming strangely to a side and everyone’s handphone ringing off the hook. Miku can’t do nothing so with Miki they head over to Kishiro’s vet to look for Ayumu but was told he had left. Miku feels Wakkun is seriously intending to play.

Akira and Doumaru arrive at the festival. He asks about the origins of the cat dance and she gives that usual Shiro story. However he mentions there is an extension. The master knew Shiro was a demon cat (since it played a flute) and afraid of being cursed for driving it out, he built a small mound for the cat. However it had an opposite effect and even stranger events happened at Moriya. So the master thought once a year everyone in the house should dress up and dance like Shiro and his friends to suppress those bizarre events. It’s about that time Moriya changed to Touya. Doumaru thought he saw a Shiny flying across his camera lens. Ayumu is at the boundary but is stopped by Wakkun in time. Miku is at the festival and goes to see Ryousuke. She wants him to do a favour and to head to Touya Forest. Ayumu is playing catch with Wakkun. Having fun, aren’t they? But it’s getting dark and he needs to leave. Then he tells Wakkun he will be leaving soon and won’t be back to play with him. Wakkun is adamant he won’t because he doesn’t want to wait anymore. He points out he was the one who named Dosshiru and Shisshin. Because he promised to come and play with him, he waited, he came and they played. So what to do? Wakkun gets an idea to follow him so that they’ll always be together and will play forever. That’s the direction of the boundary, no?

Episode 11
Well, they haven’t step beyond the boundary yet. But Ayumu remembers playing catch and they made their first promise that they should go somewhere but here since Ayumu will get scolded if he comes back here again (the forest). That place was Nakizawagawa River. He realizes was always waiting and because he said his clothes were weird, he started wearing that poncho outfit. On that day Ayumu’s mother suddenly force him to return with her thus Wakkun was kept waiting and waiting. He completely forgot about the promise ever since he went home. Ayumu wants to bring Wakkun to the festival since this is his first time too. Ryousuke is just at the doorstep of Moriya when he sees Ayumu coming out. Of course Ryousuke can’t see Wakkun nor heart him so he can’t comprehend why Ayumu is like talking to himself. But he sees some invisible thing near Ayumu and wonders if it’s the kappa. Shione meets Takuma at the festival. She tells him she lots of weird things again and won’t tell him thinking he’ll laugh. Anyway she tells him about the invisible things that they can’t see but reflected in the eyes of animals. She thinks Ayumu can see them too. Then the inevitable. Takuma apologizes. Shione doesn’t want to hear it but he goes ahead. He apologizes for being half-hearted with her and can’t go out with her because he likes Miki. Shione points out she has Ayumu but even that is not certain yet. Anyway he can’t go out with her and leaves. How heartbreaking. Everybody here is the worst, eh?

Some guy is trying to dump unwanted furniture at a dumpsite when his wife screams in horror. They see lots of Shinies appearing. At the same time all the cats are starting to run in a certain direction with Okaka leading them. Miki’s dad gets a call. Sounds bad. It’s not just an accident. Looks like the dam has burst. He tells his daughters (who are participating in the cat dance competition) at the backstage he is going to check things out so he might miss their performance. Ayumu and Wakkun are at the festival as Ryousuke invites him to play his goldfish scoop. However Wakkun senses something wrong and rushes off. With Ayumu following close behind, Wakkun tells him the mountain is going to cry. And that’s a bad thing. Heigorou is taking Roku out for a night walk when a group of cats run pass them. Knowing Roku wants to join them, he unleashes Roku to let him join. Ayumu sees Miku at the backstage as Miki introduces him to Mika (she thinks her boyfriend is cute – of course he’s not her boyfriend). Ayumu wants to know what the crying mountains mean so they mention about the dam rupture. Because nobody can see Wakkun interacting with Ayumu, Mika is starting to wonder if the ‘boyfriend’ is sane. Wakkun wants to get out of this place but Ayumu hopes he can help send a message to Dosshiru and Shisshin to tell everyone to leave. Then all the Shinies pop up, catching the crowd by surprise. They think it’s UFOs. With the group of cats running in, the crowd gets eager to follow them. Ryousuke sees Okaka and follows her. Soon everyone has left and the place is like dead. So eerily quiet. I think it’s a good idea for Ayumu and the sisters to leave to. You got that bad feeling, right? What are you waiting for?!

Episode 12
The ground starts rumbling and in a flash, the mountain behind collapses and the landslide sweeps away everything from the festival! So do you call this a miracle? Were the mysterious lights and cats serving as warning? Wakkun brings Ayumu away to play but is stopped by Miku. Despite Ayumu making a promise, he didn’t really spell out what he promised, right? Even so, does he still want to go? Miku tells Wakkun off that they’re both from the different sides. Though things got mixed up 10 years ago, the friend Wakkun waited for finally came and they played together. Shouldn’t that be enough? And now it must come to a close. Wakkun wants to play more but Ayumu isn’t sure. Miku tells Wakkun to take a good look at Ayumu. He is at an age too old to be playing with him. Wakkun fears he will forget him but Miku disagrees. Because they played together, he won’t. He is different than all his old friends who eventually ended up being unable to see him. But Ayumu actually could see him and was with him all summer. If the mixing up continues, it will cause problems on both sides. Wakkun discards his poncho outfit. Ayumu apologizes he can’t go with him as he wants to stay here. This upsets Wakkun and runs away (before naming all his past friends). Miki and Mika come by and they thing they see something run past them. Miku collapses from the fever. All the Shinies turn into their true forms and float around the night sky. Akira reports on this mysterious phenomenon and calls them material fairies of the modern age. Ryousuke asks Ayumu and Miki if they’ve seen it all. Miki says she might have seen a kappa too. Akira admits it’s Ryousuke’s win because she thinks she saw the kappa also. How about Ayumu? Maybe but since those Shinies exist, they might too. Doumaru and Akira drive to the area blockaded off. They see police around and were being told they were investigating some people doing illegal dumping. Akira notices how the family resembled like a laughing sumo wrestler, a blotchy old lady with an enraged baby child.

Doumaru is editing the video but finds no camera failure. Everything is playing fine except for the fact those fairies aren’t appearing in them. Telling Akira about an event that 70,000 people in Europe during World War 1 saw the sun dance around, zigzag, ascend and descend, was it a miracle term as the Dance of the Sun or some UFO? Besides, the term UFO was coined during World War 2. People see what they want to see so Akira may have called them fairies but others may view it as UFOs. Despite what you call them but they were there. But they were only truths to those who saw and those who didn’t, nothing was really there. In short, they can’t use this material. After all with the landslide and parade of cats, no casualties were report. That’s good enough. But Akira will continue to chase them. Just because they didn’t appear on the video doesn’t mean they should deny their existence. Next day Ayumu sees Miki and Miku at the entrance of Moriya. Seems Miku wants to return her stuffed doll. When she went missing 2 years ago, she got this doll from this place and became inseparable. So it’s time to return it but they’re cautious about entering this place. Ayumu offers to do it for her. Ayumu throws the doll across the boundary. Walking back, he tells Miki he will be leaving soon. His father picks him up to send him to the station. Ayumu and Miki promise to keep in touch by mail. After that Shione and Miki had a ‘showdown’. Shione still hates her and Miki was honest enough to tell her back that she hates her too. They both find it funny and start laughing. So do they really hate each other? Ayumu on his way out sees Wakkun waving goodbye from the forest. Okaka must have ran all the way and got lost in the city of Yokohama, eh? She passes by a girl Kisa Tanigawa who spots not only the cat but a couple of Shinies as well.

Winter Arc

Episode 13
While Kisa sits alone and forlorn, the electronics are going haywire. The traffic lights are causing massive jams, the photocopier photostats itself and the cash register just went crazy. Rieko Yamato and her friends are at the arcade playing the crane game when they realize they have 99 more free chances! Well, the other machines are giving other unlucky players 99 more chances! Once they had their fill, the friends see Okaka, filthy and dirty in a corner. When they approach her, she snarls her fangs. This prompts them to think how similar this cat is to Kisa. Anti-social, uncute and runs away when cornered. The ultimate loser. Kisa doesn’t like them badmouthing her but they tell her not to defend and stick around her too much. Later Rieko meets up with Kisa and she tells her about their classmates badmouthing her. Though she doesn’t care but she admits what they say it’s true. Rieko can’t leave her alone and wants her to rely on her when she’s having a hard time. Rieko leaves and on her way, she spots some Shinies ‘fighting’. The light of the opposite car passing by blinds her for a second. When she looks back, the Shinies are gone. But what she notices is a strange man staring at her on the opposite. Better get out of here. Kisa is sifting through the dump when she sees a Shiny. She follows it and sees an egg shape UFO on the ground. As she touches it, it activates and floats a while before dropping dead. Kisa brings it back to her room. Wah. Very occult-like. She tries to give it something to eat. Erm… Butter, sausage and… Egg? I don’t think so. She starts conversing with it and since it goes “Buuuuuun” a lot, she calls it Bun-chan. Kisa then writes a mail to herself. Is she writing to herself a year later? For posterity? She writes about Rieko whom she is glad she cares for her (Kisa seems to be skipping school) but finds her annoying because she wants to be left alone. She also writes about Bun-chan she found today. Kisa goes to sleep and Bun-chan seems to like sleeping in the pail. Dawn arrives and Kisa is awakened by the constant knocking on her window. It is Bun-chan. Want to go out? Looking out the window, Kisa sees a large UFO hovering over the city. Once the sun rises, it disappears.

Episode 14
Rieko is walking in the streets and goes talk to Masaki “Makki” Makabe who is preoccupied with his new handphone game. She asks a weird question if he has seen anything he wasn’t supposed to see. He doesn’t think so. He’s not an esper. Rieko goes to her part time job at Hana Tokimiya’s kitchen and the old lady can tell something is bugging her. Rieko tells about the mysterious light she saw but was told not to worry about it. Mentioning her husband has seen a kappa, it depends on whether you want to believe what you see or ignore it to fit those around you. Rieko feels a little scared about the incident so Hana says if he doesn’t believe in herself, others won’t believe in her. As for what you can see, there is more than what meets the eyes out there. Giving examples of good versus evils in myths and stories, what she saw may just be that. Kisa calls her fellow class skipper, Shigeki Kobayakawa to meet. Unlike her, he is skipping class to concentrate on his shogi and if he turns pro, he’ll quit school for good. She shows him Bun-chan but he doesn’t see anything in her palms. Realizing he can’t see her, she takes his hand to touch Bun-chan. After describing how Bun-chan looks, Shigeki is shocked to see that little thing materializing before his eyes. At a distance away, Makki also sees this and is pretty shocked himself. Shigeki asks a random passer-by about Bun-chan but the lady thought he was into palm reading. Looks like there are some people who can and cannot see Bun-chan.

They discuss what Bun-chan is and Shigeki thinks it is something artificial. This surprises Kisa because she never thought of it that way and thinks it was born. She hopes he won’t tell anyone else because she doesn’t want it to attract attention and be left alone. Shigeki agrees that Bun-chan is something special and doesn’t want it to be sold. If somebody spots it, it might spark a hunting spree and worst case scenario it becomes some merchandise sold worldwide. Yeah, everyone has got an iPad these days. Makki sees Rieko and tells her the strange incident he saw with Kisa and Shigeki. Rieko thinks Kisa has something they shouldn’t be able to see. After Makki leaves, Shigeki enters the shop as the usual customer he always is. Shigeki and Rieko know each other since they were kids. Rieko asks him the question of being able to see something he shouldn’t. Because he plays shogi, he needs to anticipate his opponent’s move and always envision an invisible board in his head. Is this what she meant? Though there are some things one can and cannot see, the most important part is to try seeing it. Now it’s his turn to ask her but she keeps it a secret. Kisa walks home with Bun-chan and she realizes humans cannot see it. Except for a dog which kept barking at it. She sees Bun-chan’s reflection in the dog’s eyes. Bun-chan then ‘exposes’ itself and shuts the noisy dog up! It suddenly got scared! Wow. The strange man is watching and feels the world’s framework may change. Next morning, Akira arrives at the port of Yokohama fired up to get the thing that she has been chasing.

Episode 15
For a short while, all the cars’ battery and electronics went dead. Rieko returns home to see her dad on the phone with Hana. Somebody is going to be living at Hana’s place and that person is Akira (Reiko’s dad is a realtor so he matched them up). Akira has left a book she has written, Summer of Fairies and since daddy isn’t going to read it, Reiko is free to take it along with her. Kisa gets a mail from Makki to meet. At the park bench, she tells him he has seen her and Shigeki with that thing. Kisa asks if he had told anybody. He says he didn’t. Good. She thanks him and leaves. Shortly, Akira introduces herself to Makki and hands him her card. She overheard their conversation and it piqued her interest. Of course Makki isn’t going to tell her anything (he just made that promise with Kisa, right?). She is cool with that but if he changes his mind, feel free to call that number. She’ll be expecting his call even if he doesn’t want to call her. WTF. When Akira leaves, someone familiar recognizes her. She is Mika and she learns Akira has quit working for that cable TV and went on to do freelance reporting on her own. More fulfilling, eh? Shigeki goes to Hana’s place but shortly leaves when he gets a mail from Kisa to meet. He’ll be back. Kisa tells him that Makki had seen them. Shigeki thinks Makki isn’t the kind who would start talking to strangers so there is nothing to be worried. Akira returns to Hana’s place. This is where she’ll be staying and making her base of operations. Rieko meets her and straightaway asks if the book is fiction. Well, she wanted it to be non-fiction and things got messy along the way and it turned out to be a novel based on her true life story. Huh? Makki gets a chain mail with a spook picture and gets creep out.

Shigeki returns to Hana’s place and talks to Rieko, wondering if Makki told her anything. She gets defensive. Later Rieko bumps into Kisa at the hardware store and wants to talk to her. Though everyone has a secret or two, she doesn’t like it when Kisa and Shigeki both share a secret together. Especially when she’s left out not knowing anything about it. What’s her problem? Has she got anything to do with it in the first place? Kisa says nothing of that sort happens and leaves. Rieko notes she’s a liar. The lights at the place suddenly go out. Next day Makki waits for Rieko so she had to ditch her friends to go talk to him. She wants him to stop spamming her (he did so yesterday because he was worried when she didn’t reply back). Rieko wants him to stay away from her for a while as she doesn’t care about the things he shouldn’t be able to see. Eh? Wasn’t she the one who started this? Now he’s the one who is so worried. She gives him the book to read. Soon Makki meets up with Akira. Change of mind? He shows her the spooky picture in his handphone. He wasn’t so sure about it even after reading her book. He realizes she came all the way to Yokohama to look for those fairies she believes exist. He agrees to help her out in her cause in exchange she will lend him her strength.

Episode 16
Ayumu gets a call from Miki and after catching up on things, she brings up Akira (as seen by Mika). As for her book, she feels it is somewhat incomplete. When she became a freelance reporter, she thought she would pursue those fairies and since there’s lots of stuff going on in Yokohama, Akira may think those fairies are the cause of the recent problems. Ayumu isn’t sure either because of the landslide at the cat festival. Though it really happened, if something like that happens again, it could happen again and again in the future. It may have been unique to them but he feels it’s something on the level of seeing a lunar eclipse or shooting star. So he’s somewhat trying to determine things to be less argumentative. Miki wonders if it has ended for him but he remembers Heigorou’s words of not running away if he doesn’t want to regret it despite he is not involved with Wakkun anymore. Something loud outside catches his attention so he hangs up to go check it out. In the garage, he is surprised to see a weak Okaka and with her are Dosshiru and Shisshin. They both zoom back into the sky after Ayumu takes Okaka in. The big UFO continues to hover across the city’s night sky. Akira calls Makki and though she doesn’t care why he wants to help her (she’s glad anyhow), she wants to know how she can lend him her strength. He wants to ascertain those fairies exist and show them to non-believers who think they are nonsense. Makki then texts Rieko just to tell her that he is going to search for the fairies. He believes they exist and she might change her opinion once they do exist. I think she already does. She saw them too, right? Makki then calls Kisa but she didn’t want to pick up. So he sends a mail that since she has something significant, she shouldn’t keep it to herself. She instantly deletes that mail and asserts Bun-chan is hers. Kisa calls Shigeki asking for his opinion over Makki’s words. She wonders if he thinks she shouldn’t have Bun-chan either. He asks back what will happen if she hands Bun-chan over to Makki. Probably it’ll get dissected for some research, right? Can’t have that. She’ll guard Bun-chan from that and won’t hand him over.

Akira calls Doumaru and after catching up on lost times (Doumaru is in the midst of training a new girl as Akira’s replacement). On to business, Akira feels urban legends are starting to float around in Yokohama and they come in two patterns. She noticed there are warm coloured and cold coloured fairies. The ones they saw were warm and gave up healing vibes. Even so, people here have negative image on them. For instance, they swarm around cats. As for cold coloured ones, she mentions she got a picture of it (that spooky picture). Doumaru wants her to send a copy though she doubts it is a fairy since its picture can be taken. Doumaru doesn’t discount the fact that it might have evolved. Mentioning about the landslide incident, illegal dumping of industrial waste was the cause. Doumaru has spoken to the guilty couple themselves and no matter what, they will not change the fact in their story that they saw lots of pale blue glowing lights before the landslide. So he wants the picture from Akira to ascertain if that is the same light they saw. They conclude there are 2 types and if the warm coloured lights help and save people while the cold coloured ones acted as a trigger for the collapse, then it’s the complete opposite of what’s going on in Yokohama now. Ayumu wakes up to find Okaka gone from her box. He could trace her paw prints from the snow but it got lost in the other human footprints.

Episode 17
Akira is in the Ferris wheel when suddenly it stops functioning. Shigeki meets up with Kisa. Instead of talking about supernatural stuffs, he wants to talk about himself. As his goal is to become a pro in shogi, the regulations has it that only 4 can become pro a year and those who turn 26 years old will not get that chance anymore. Despite having 10 years of trying left, it’s going to be a crowded field since more young players will be trying to climb the wall and be a pro. Shigeki notices Kisa has changed and she credits it to Bun-chan. She feels everything will be the same even if she wasn’t here. He begs to differ because it would trouble him a lot if she wasn’t around. Mika sees Makki and goes talk to him. She knows him because she has seen him talking to Akira. He feigns ignorance but he’s such a bad actor. About the fairies in Akira’s book, Mika believes they’re true because it happened when she was around during the cat dance festival. Shigeki gets a call from Rieko to meet. Seems she is worried about the direction Kisa is heading. At this rate she might drop out of school. She hopes he could tell her to come to school since he’s close to her and if she does it herself, she’ll think she’s doing it because she’s the teacher’s pet. Shigeki gets philosophical about isolation and groupings. Though Kisa skips school, he knows she wants to be part of it. Otherwise she would’ve dropped out in the first place. Rieko was careless to say Kisa has nothing unlike him who has shogi. Shigeki shoots back that despite saying she wants to help and support her, she’s doing all this for self satisfaction. But she’s really worried about Kisa because her parents have abandoned her. So here’s the next question. How well does she know about Kisa and his shogi? She’s left stunned with his harsh words. Shigeki goes to Hana and she knows he had a fight with Rieko. She offers to play a shogi game with him since tomorrow is his match day. After telling about Kisa’s problem, Hana thinks they’re like playing hide and seek. The seeker fears being alone and the hider fears being found. Both are hopelessly full of anxiety and can live out their lives seeking and hiding from each other. As for tomorrow’s match, Shigeki will be up against a genius who is destined to be a future shogi master. Hana thinks he’ll get better since he is playing a skilled opponent. Unless of course if he thinks he is going to lose, then he already has lost. So what can he do? Play his own shogi and believing in it. That’s how you properly face your opponent.

Rieko is back home reflecting on herself. Kisa’s birthday is coming up and wanted to get Shigeki’s opinion but ended up talking about school instead. It has been close to 9 hours since Akira has been stuck in the Ferris wheel! Seriously, nobody came to rescue the passengers?! It’s getting cold and unlike other carriages, the lovey-dovey couples are keeping each other warm. Akira goes through her handphone pictures, deleting and keeping some of them. She spots her old flame and remembers it wasn’t that she wanted to ignore him. She wanted somebody who would understand her work. At the stroke of midnight, the Ferris wheel starts moving again. When she gets down, the irony of a reporter getting interviewed seems odd. But she takes the microphone and starts reporting her own style that these electronic malfunctions at Yokohama aren’t cyber-terrorism since there were no proofs. Plus, kids are spreading about urban legends. She believes today’s case isn’t isolated and is connected with the other incidents that has happened. Next day, Rieko gets to know of Shigeki’s match today from Hana. She feels guilty for making him worry. Oh no. What shall she do? Take the day off and go after him. Besides, she can’t serve with such a worrywart face, can’t she? By the time she arrives, the match is over. He lost. Rieko apologizes for making him bad but it doesn’t matter if he wins or loses. Ultimately he only has himself to blame. Until yesterday he thought this would be his last chance of going pro since it’s his goal. But he was wrong. What he wanted was is to play more shogi the way he was today. That is the true meaning of turning pro. Rieko couldn’t understand all that and is left standing in tears. Kisa types to herself in a diary about her upcoming birthday. She won’t be alone this year because she has Bun-chan.

Episode 18
Bun-chan helps Kisa assemble her junk as she turns 17 years old. Next day is at a mural filled with graffiti and one of them had those mysterious lights. She overhears passing girls talking about the urban legend. Soon Ayumu passes by and sees Kisa staring at the mural. He felt the need to talk to her even if he sounded odd that a stranger just popped up to you and talk. He tells her that 2 years ago he almost stepped over the boundary between this world and the other, becoming involved in them. He wonders if she is the same like him because he saw her peeking into her bag. He thought it was finished with them but realized there is still something left to do. They exchange handphone number. Rieko seeks Hana’s advice if she takes up shogi, will she understand Shigeki better? Hana isn’t sure because both are different things. As for Shigeki liking Kisa because he’s nicer to her, Hana doubts it and views Shigeki sees himself in Kisa. They are both lonely people as Shigeki is always facing himself in shogi while Kisa built a shell of loneliness around herself that she herself can only escape. Shigeki returns a call from Kisa. She wants to tell him about the strange person she met earlier but soon needs to hang up because her emotions are overcoming her. She feels sad nobody remembers her birthday even though she knows this is expected. Once she composes herself, she calls back and continues telling Shigeki about the things Ayumu said. He thinks they should meet. What better way than to ascertain things by talking to the person himself. Makki and Akira are talking about what they know about the fairies and Akira’s experience with them during the cat dance festival. When Makki leaves Hana’s kitchen, he sees Shigeki about to come into the place. Shigeki gets a call from Kisa to meet. Makki couldn’t help eavesdrop and soon calls Akira.

Shigeki meets Kisa at the mall and before they go off to some place quiet, he gives her a wing necklace as her birthday present. See, somebody else still remembers. Makki brings Akira to the mall and reveals that he knows someone who is in possession of a fairy. He didn’t tell her because he promised to keep it a secret. So know he broke that promise? They couldn’t find them at the mall so Akira wonders if there is a quieter place. Makki notes there is a park nearby and they rush there. Shigeki and Kisa meet Ayumu at the park. Ayumu starts off by telling them about a group of people witnessing those fairies but the media downplayed them since it was only a handful. Kisa won’t hand Bun-chan over to the media and Ayumu assures he has no intention to hand them over or make it an exhibit. He hopes she will believe him if he shows her his. He summons Dosshiru and Shisshin as they zoom around shocked Shigeki and Kisa. Now do you believe? As for the thing he has left to do, he isn’t sure what it is and that’s why he wants to discuss this with Kisa who also thinks if she has something to do. When Kisa takes Bun-chan out from her bag, suddenly it becomes defensive and flies away. Dosshiru and Shisshin give chase. Akira and Makki just come into the scene when a bright light flashes in the sky when the fairies collide in mid-air. In the aftermath, Bun-chan got breaks into pieces, much to Kisa’s horror. That was one piercing scream of horror.

Episode 19
Asako is looking at the murals and asks the passing police how they got here. He isn’t sure since one day the drawings are up, the next it could be replaced by another. Asako defines the word surrealism but I don’t think the police dude really gets it. Kisa is at a loss. She is frustrated. Bitter. For the next incoming phone call, she breaks her handphone! Attempts by Shigeki to call her become futile. Ayumu gets a call from Miki who knows something must have happened because Akira called her home to ask for Ayumu’s number. Of course she didn’t give it but Ayumu gives his permission to give it to her if she calls again. No need for that because Akira left her number with Miki. Makki and Akira discuss about the 2 different lights competing with each other. The question is what they are competing over. Akira has come up with another term. Material evils are what she calls the cold coloured lights. Makki wonders if Rieko saw the same light too and suggests Akira go talk to her. She has to do it alone since Makki remembers they’re on bad terms. Akira talks to Rieko but to the latter she seems desperate on something trivial. Oh, it’s nothing trivial to Akira and it’s a big deal for her. Plus, there are people too who saw it. Asako sees her old acquaintance, Hana. She wonders if Asako came all the way back to Yokohama to see her old boyfriend. Rather, she wants to re-examine herself. Asako leaves and finds herself looking at the mural one last time. She notices a strange painting of fish with wings on the pillar. There’s a few of them and it is like as though they’re serving as an arrow. She follows it and it leads her to a park for homeless people whereby she sees her old boyfriend, that strange man, Jirou Hatori. The one who drew those winged fish. Rieko calls Shigeki to assure him it’s not his fault for whatever that has happened. She also tells him the lights she saw that were fighting and hopes they could meet to talk things out. Her eyes lit up when he agreed…

Jirou and Asako catch up on things. That guy notes he has never changed but thanks her for he will not be the man he is today without her. If that’s the case, then she wouldn’t have left him, right? Jirou still thinks she abandoned him when he was at the end of his line. She replies it wasn’t the case. He depended only on himself when he was at the end of his line and in the end she thought she was just playing some make-believe game with him. She thinks his backward way of thinking things because people don’t create works to be called artists but just imagining them is enough for them to be called so. Ayumu calls Akira and instantly she knows it’s him. She knows he is interested in these things and if he is interested in helping her investigate, feel free to call him. Click. Man, she gave him no space to talk! Asako and Jirou take a walk and she asks how he turned into a homeless vagabond. He isn’t sure. The more he tries to put it in words, the more it becomes ambiguous. That’s why he’ll continue drawing till he finds his answer. If he doesn’t, he’s okay with it too. Rieko is waiting for Shigeki and since he didn’t turn up, she calls him. That guy is playing shogi by himself. He can’t come since he hasn’t collected his thoughts and needs more time. So he stood her up, eh? How disappointing. Trying to call Kisa again? Same no reply tone… Give up already. Speaking of Kisa, she’s trying to piece Bun-chan back together. I don’t think normal glue is going to cut it. The junk she previously assembled starts to give out a warm glow.

Episode 20
Makki is pretty excited to help Akira out with her investigation but she tells him not to skip school and they’ll do this once he’s done with his classes. Kisa is still heartbroken and confined herself in her room. Shigeki looks for her at her usual places but of course she isn’t there. Makki calls him and he doesn’t pick up. Ayumu and Akira meet up. He tells her what he saw that night what happened to Bun-chan. They talk about change which is proof that they have grown. Akira wonders if he can show Dosshiru and Shisshin to her but he won’t. She tries convincing him they’re proof of what happened at Tana. The world isn’t definitely closed. It’s that entangling layers and complexity reason again. She thinks those fairies are messengers that come and go between those layers. Ayumu feels differently although he doesn’t know how to put it in words. He also doesn’t think he has been able to act objectively towards them since he feels guilty over what happened to Bun-chan. Akira tells him he is wasting his time brooding because it’s not his fault since he’s not the one who destroyed it. They should learn as much as possible from the results. His fairies may have destroyed an evil but there are other eye-witness seeing evils attacking a fairy. It’s their job to investigate that and bring information to the people. Ayumu doesn’t feel the same. Jirou sees Rieko passing by and talks to her. That night when she saw those lights, the expression of her face that indicated she saw something she shouldn’t have convinced him that it wasn’t his delusions. He notes that she pretended not to see them but one needs to accept things in order to move forward. Rieko isn’t sure but he tells her to trust herself. Coincidentally that is one of the murals he painted with those words on it. Mika sees Makki and talks to him. He isn’t in the mood especially talking to a stranger. He continues sulking so Mika tells him things won’t change or get better if he keeps silent. Perhaps she made it worse because he got irritated and runs away.

Makki searches Shigeki’s address from the school register and sees him outside his apartment, much to his annoyance. Makki wants Shigeki to meet Akira but he refuses. But he can tell her that it’s his fault for agreeing for Kisa to meet up with Ayumu. He feels guilty over what has happened because Bun-chan was very important to Kisa so Makki has no idea how it feels when Bun-chan gets taken away from her. Makki goes to Akira’s place to tell her Shigeki won’t see her. She’s okay with it and will wait. Makki also disagrees the way she termed the cold coloured lights as evils because it’s as though she has judged them as bad. Later Makki visits Kisa but she continues to shut herself in. She looks worse than before. Nobody answers the door so Makki leaves but sees Rieko downstairs. He knows she is worried about Kisa but she disagrees. She’s fed up with it all because it’s like everyone claims they care about her. She’s lying, no? Why would she come here if she’s not worried? She tells him off it has nothing to do with him. Later Makki sees a group of cold coloured lights and isn’t surprised anymore since he knows they exist. He has a feeling they are not evil but wonders what they really are. Next day, Mika comes into Makki again. Looks like something has happened for him to change his mind that he wants to talk to her. Thanks to her, he realized he and everyone have done nothing until now and they all shouldn’t stay like this. Makki goes off with a happy look on his face. Mika is glad it turned out his way. So glad that she calls Miki to tell her what happened.

Episode 21
Rieko is going to give printouts to Shigeki and Kisa but her friends think she should leave them alone. She doesn’t like them talking bad about them so they find her annoying and leave. First she goes to see Akira at Hana’s place. Akira finds it odd that she’s asking her about her friends. Shouldn’t she know them better herself? Wanting to know why Akira is talking to her friends, it is for research as it is best to hear things in person on what they have to say. If they won’t talk or meet, she won’t force them into it and wait for the next chance. Shigeki happen to walk in and when he sees them together, changes his mind and leaves. Akira goes after him. She knows he is pretty concerned with Kisa just like Ayumu. She doesn’t care who is worrying about who but wants to know how Kisa got Bun-chan. Even if Shigeki knows, he won’t tell her. Akira returns but sees Rieko breaking down before regaining composure. Hana tells her to take the day off since she can’t serve customers with that hideous face. Rieko gets calls from Makki but doesn’t answer. Yeah, lots of them. It makes him look like a stalker, eh? If it’s not her, then it’s Shigeki. Yeah, he’s not answering that damn annoying idiot either. So Rieko finally relents after yet another annoying Makki call. He wants to know if there is a place she goes to if she’s depressed since he doesn’t know if Kisa is home or not, he was wondering where Rieko would go if she was in the same position as Kisa. Maybe he should think about this himself. She asks if he had met Shigeki. He did. Tried to talk but he got mad and now isn’t answering his calls. Makki thought he might answer if it’s her since he thinks she is closest to him. She agrees to help him out just this once as she has some business with him too.

Shigeki gets another call thinking it’s from Makki, telling him to shut up but to his surprise it’s Rieko. Oops. She wants to meet giving an excuse to hand him the printouts. Just put it in his mail. Rieko then texts Makki she has secured a meeting with Shigeki. When Rieko reaches Shigeki’s place, she sees him outside and walking away. She goes after him and manages to stop him. At the park, they talk about this morning with Akira. He thinks he is no good when it comes to her. Rieko notes that everyone changed ever since Bun-chan ‘died’. Though she doesn’t understand much, she wants to be there for them. In that case, leave him alone. He’d be more appreciative that way. He’s growing sick of this. So why only Kisa? He claims she is fragile but Rieko begs to differ. She doesn’t fear to be hated unlike herself who pushed hard to mingle with the rest. In that aspect she might be strong but that doesn’t mean she’s not clumsy and delicate. Rieko now hates them both and runs away. Makki happen to catch wind of the end part. He throws his chance to talk to Shigeki by going after Rieko. His tissue comes in handy but maybe he was too slow to say the right words (or rather he doesn’t know) that Rieko doesn’t want him following or calling her anymore. She’s had it with everything. Zombie Kisa wakes up by the buzzing sound from her piece of junk. She thinks it’s Bun-chan.

Episode 22
Makki skips school just to go talk to Akira on what is important. It’s about when Reiko asked him then about the things he saw but shouldn’t see.  Though she started it, now she doesn’t care anymore. He thinks she never cared about it but was just annoyed that Kisa and Shigeki had some secret that didn’t involve her. If he was in her shoes, he wouldn’t like it either. Everyone was focused in chasing their own feelings and didn’t bother trying to meet eye to eye on anything. Even though they are chasing the same thing, what they’re pursuing in the end is different since everyone is different. Makki isn’t going to run or else he’ll regret it. They both renew their alliance to work together. Rieko goes to see Jirou and they talk about if they were chosen to have seen those lights. Jirou wants to paint Rieko and they discuss about people’s views. People are concern with how they look in the eyes of others but in the end they only see what they want to see. Sometimes they choose not to see at all. Jirou finishes his drawing and let’s say her first portrait makes Picasso’s a masterpiece. The second portrait is a much better and refined Rieko. This is how he sees her. Kisa reads her mails from herself a year ago. She finds everything annoying and wants to be left alone. Now that she has got her wish, she breaks down that she isn’t happy at all. Ayumu gets a surprise call from Ryousuke. He says he saw Okaka in his dream and due to her old physical nature, it must be tough for her to get back to Tana in winter so he thinks but hopes not that she has died. But in the dream, Okaka left a message and that is to tell to leave matters with Ayumu with him. The question isn’t why she came to Ryousuke’s place but to Ayumu. Though he doesn’t know why, he feels there is some sort of reason Okaka came to Yokohama. After remembering Heigorou’s words, Ayumu feels better and thanks Ryousuke for calling.

Rieko talks to Hana for advice and they discuss about the convenience of handphones that people come up with excuses not to meet directly. When something important needs to be conveyed, it is best to meet the person face to face. Rieko goes to meet Shigeki to ask what Bun-chan means to Kisa. She asks him because he is the closes to her and knows her best. Bun-chan was something born and not made. Something she could tell all the secrets of her heart to. That’s why Bun-chan wasn’t destroyed. It was murdered. Rieko wants him to think what he can do for Kisa. It might not be right now but don’t take too long because just like in a shogi game, he has a time limit and once time runs out, you lose. For a person who doesn’t know much about shogi and to be making such reference, maybe she’s improve a lot. Rieko then texts Makki to meet. She asks if he wants to be more than just friends. Makki could now say it since his feelings are clear. He confesses he likes her but she instantly rejects him. Though Makki feels heartbroken and wants to disappear, he can’t do that. There’s something he still can do because Kisa and Shigeki are all friends to them. Rieko admits that she lost sight of what was obvious. Kisa wakes up early next morning to find something buzzing underneath her blanket. It’s not Bun-chan but some weird egg shape thingy with wings. WTF?! I thought it looked like a headless duck. It is trying to go outside so when Kisa peeks through her window, she sees the huge UFO clearly hovering over the city.

Episode 23
This phenomenon is also visible to all the people in Yokohama. The TV news is rife with reports about this strange UFO and they are identifying it as Colossus for the time being. Apart from that, everything electronic has stopped working and there is a massive jam in the area of people trying to get out or somewhere since an evacuation order was issued. So we have the talk show discussing on what this UFO is, are they really manmade (the Americans made it?), their purpose (“We come in peace”) and even if aliens do exist, what kind of life form are they (what the heck is plasma?). Everybody is an expert in their own field and have something to say. And there are some people who are playing prophet already. Throw away your desires and be saved by the aliens! Rieko goes to check on Hana and sees her grilling mackerel outside. Soon a stream of old guys start coming into her kitchen (she left it opened instead of closing the shop). Rieko wonders why they’re so calm so Hana explains that when you’re at that age, you stop panicking because you’re already aware of what you can or cannot go against. Whether you jump the gun or run away in cowardice, nothing good comes out of it. No matter how bad it gets, time will still pass. These guys may have screwed up while they were young. Rieko takes out the bottles and spots a cold coloured light floating by. Even her friends are bumming around, thinking this Colossus thingy has caused much inconvenience and hopes the JDF would blow it out the sky. Wouldn’t it fall down and make them pancakes? Suddenly several cold coloured lights pass them and they think they are lucky because of the urban legend that states that dark lights will bring you fortune. Jirou repaints the “Trust Yourself” mural to “Think and Act”.

The debate on TV still rages on and one of the interviewees is no other than Akira. She points out that everyone is wrong! She tells about a similar event that happened 2 years ago at Tana. It’s all in her book if you want to read it. Explaining the temporary name of material fairy and material evil, she notes that people have misread its nature because it is the cold coloured ones that are evil as opposed to the warm coloured lights. She is sure because she encountered them 2 years ago. Then she goes on to explain about Tsukumogami. From what I understand, they are spirits manifesting in objects and there’re lots of them in Japan. It goes way back to the ancient times and those spirits who reside in the objects will start to some demon parade. When the emperor learnt of this, he summoned all the priests and monks to pray. Once they did, many bright lights appeared from the palace top and they thought it to be servants of Acalanatha. Eventually Tsukumogami repented and accepted the teachings of Buddha and passed on to Heaven. Thus material fairy = Acalanatha and Tsukumogami = material evil. Since things have existed in ancient times, mankind didn’t have the capacity to explain them and it would seem out of this world. That’s why all the spirits, monsters, myths and fairytales around the world are different forms of opposition between fairies and evils. So Colossus is either a huge evil or fairy. So, what are they going to do now? Akira says she is just a journalist and her job is to convey information to people. She’s right. You can’t expect her to come up with a counter plan, right? However there is one thing that everyone can do and should continue doing. That is to think and act.

Episode 24
Kisa wonders if this fairy thingy is Bun-chan reincarnated. Akira gets a call from Doumaru. He notes that her appearance on TV about material fairies has made her a considerable celebrity. Kisa leaves her home for the first time and puts fairy into her back. She passes by Shigeki who is in a hurry. As they walk along, Kisa shows him this fairy and thinks Bun-chan’s remains became one of those thingies Ayumu had. She wants to head to the centre of Colossus because she thinks she’ll learn something if she’s directly beneath it. Shigeki calls Rieko about Kisa and hopes he can stop her. He can’t since he has been slacking in class and if he misses it anymore, he’ll get an earful from his teacher. Makki is counting the number of flashes he has seen on Colossal when he gets a call from Rieko to help look and stop Kisa. The policeman turns Kisa away at the barricade. Haha. You think they would let her in just like that? You think she would give up just like that? I guess you can’t put policemen everywhere so Kisa is able to sneak in where there is no police stationed at the barricade. She meets Rieko and I guess her persuasion wasn’t so good. Kisa is still going in. Rieko doesn’t look like the forceful type either so she just follows her. Shigeki is done with classes and couldn’t connect with Rieko or Kisa. He calls Makki about Kisa and Rieko’s whereabouts so Makki tells them what he’s doing and the information he was being told by Rieko. Makki suggests they should meet up since it’s no good if they’re separated while searching. Kisa and Rieko see flashes on Colossus and upon closer look, it is actually the warm and cold coloured lights colliding. Rieko mentions about the big fuss whereby Kisa went missing in Nikkou. She was just standing there blanking out in front of what she called Youmeimon Gate. It was amazing for her as she had always wanted to see it all this time. Then they see several strange things (pigeons?) attacking something. Once they know their presence, they zoom away at lightning speed through their feet. Makki calls Akira (who is in the midst of preparing of another talk show on TV) about Kisa’s case. She hopes to meet him in an hour’s time. Kisa and Rieko end up at the park where she first met Ayumu. In fact, there he is waiting for her. Kisa somehow felt something was calling her. Rieko thought she could do the talking but Ayumu ignores her and thanks Kisa for coming. He knew she would come that’s why he waited.

Episode 25
Ayumu explains how Okaka led Dosshiru and Shisshin 100km to join him in Yokohama. 100km is a long distance and he wonders what feelings the cat must have had while walking the entire way here. As for what happened to her Bun-chan, he can’t change or erase what has happened, there is something he still has to do that’s why he waited for her. Shigeki meets up with Makki and is going in deeper. He doesn’t want Kisa to have any more painful or sad memories. He’s not sure what he’s going to do but he knows if he doesn’t, nothing will happen. He also notes how Makki has changed. When Kisa shows Ayumu Pou-chan (the new name she gave to this fairy because of the sound it makes), Rieko also mentions she saw something similar. But it was the warm coloured light being chased by cold coloured lights. Kisa realize they are the opposite of Bun-chan. More flashes appear underneath Colossus and Kisa feels scared because she doesn’t want Pou-chan to die and leave her all alone again. Makki couldn’t wait for Akira and heads in first while Shigeki stumbles into Dosshiru and Shisshin who beckon him to follow them. Rieko wants them to get out of this place. Common sense tells you it’s getting dangerous. However Ayumu has to agree with Kisa that they can’t use common sense on these things. Iterating what his dad once said, common sense isn’t always correct and sometimes gets in the way and prevents one from seeing the truth. Who wants to see the truth in this place? They do. That’s why they’re staying. I guess Rieko has no choice but to stick around too. Akira finally arrives and manages to catch up with Makki. He tells her an interesting data he has observed. He notices the flashes have are starting to increase since he started observing and thinks it’s a sign that something is going to happen. Makki thanks Akira and glad that he met her. Learning something like this is much more interesting than playing handphone games. So what is he getting at? He’s confessing he likes her! Wait a minute. After getting rejected by Rieko, he’s on to her now? Guess what? Akira doesn’t like men younger than her. That’s 2 rejections in a row for him!

Shigeki sees Dosshiru and Shisshin hiding under a bench to let a bunch of cold coloured lights zoom pass. Once the coast is clear, they get out of their hiding and lead Shigeki to Ayumu and co. Kisa gets defensive when Dosshiru and Shisshin start nudging her back. She fears the same would happen the last time but when Pou-chan comes out, to their surprise the trio fly playfully in the sky. They fly around the corner only to fly back as fast as they could because the bunch of cold coloured lights are chasing them! Everyone meets up and follows the lights as they hover beneath Colossus. Seems the cold coloured ones have cornered and outnumbered the warm coloured lights. Dosshiru and Shisshin got done in while Pou-chan tries to run away. In the end it could not get away and was destroyed into pieces. Kisa becomes downtrodden and notes how Bun-chan was destroyed by Pou-chan’s friends and now Pou-chan is destroyed by Bun-chan’s friends.  Makki realizes that Colossus is somewhat descending. Dangerous or safe, Akira can’t let this final affair slip. After all, they’ve come all the way to see the ending, right? A bunch of warm coloured lights are seen at a kindergarten.

Episode 26
This final conversational drama filled episode has the gang split into 3 groups as they discuss just about everything to bring a closure to this supernatural phenomenon.

Kisa & Shigeki – Kisa feels she just brings trouble everybody. Bun-chan and Pou-chan are gone because of her. Shigeki doesn’t think so because it’s not they left her because they wanted to. She thinks he’ll leave her too one day and will come to hate her. About wishes and dreams, Kisa notes Shigeki had his shogi but she has nothing. She has no idea what she wants to do. However Shigeki begs to differ. There might be nothing there in the first place but that would make living difficult so he wants to believe something’s out there. That’s why he clings to shogi. And that’s the only thing he has. Kisa thought he got to choose shogi and she couldn’t choose anything. On the contrary, he says she chose to be involved with Bun-chan and still hasn’t abandoned that. Bun-chan and Pou-chan are the same so this isn’t a battle between light and darkness, good or evil like they thought it was. So it’s something like they’re all looking for their other selves. The reason Bun-chan was attached to Kisa or Pou-chan was born from it was because she wanted it. It isn’t like Bun-chan and Pou-chan are her other selves but rather she feels her other self is elsewhere. Somewhere on the other side. Perhaps she wished for it, Bun-chan and Pou-chan may have come to her.

Makki & Rieko – Makki catches Rieko and lets her cry in his arms. After feeling better, Rieko quips if only Makki was a girl. He dismisses that and if it was so, he has a hunch they won’t be good friends. It’s because he would find her annoying if he’s the same girl type as her as she’s always in the spotlight. Despite Kisa is totally different than her, whichever side they are on, he feels something will work out between them. Rieko is annoyed he lumped them together. Though that’s not what he really meant, he thought she changed. She never showed her annoyance and that was thought to be maturity. If that is what it takes to be an adult, Makki doesn’t want to become one. If holding back is also what it takes to be an adult, he might be considered one now. But sometimes it’s not good to hold back all the time. He wonders where all the feelings they force themselves to hold back go.

Ayumu & Akira – Akira is trying to get information about Bun-chan turning into a fairy but Ayumu seems to be questioning her stance as a journalist. He wonders if the truth can be properly conveyed to everyone. The true meaning of what happened during the cat dance festival wasn’t conveyed in her book. Even if she said what was reported is nothing more than a copied, watered-down version of what happened, Ayumu still wonders if there is just one truth. Can the number of truths equal to the number of people on this planet since everyone sees the truth in their own ways. If that’s the case, there’ll be no use for reporting so that’s why they simply reported unfabricated facts as the truth and see how close they can get behind those facts. Even so, Ayumu thinks when information goes to her as filter, she is picking truths most convenient to her. In that sense, she may be biased. He thinks her book is good fiction because her truth is different than his. Ayumu knows something Akira doesn’t: Wakkun. He denies Wakkun is the kappa and refuses to delve further on this subject. Mentioning that Bun-chan and Pou-chan are the same, Akira admits that jumping to conclusion that they were good and evil is bias on her part. If it was a battle, Ayumu can’t explain what happened to Kisa’s light. Just like she said on TV, both lights existed since ancient times and will continue to stay in the future. He thinks this is almost a natural phenomenon. After all, they’re like different sides of the same coin.

All the warm coloured lights start filling the streets as they float up into Colossus, as the big UFO in the sky slowly disappears. Jirou and Hana meet and the former thinks it is a good time to change. He has to after being shown something so unexpected. Next morning, Akira calls Makki over because she is going to write a book based on the incidents that have happened in Yokohama and wants him to be a strict critic and read over her manuscript. Shigeki continues to attend shogi class. Kisa calls Ayumu to thank him but he feels he didn’t do anything and only waited for her like an old friend did for him. She thought that old friend, Wakkun is a zashiki warashi (child sprite). Kisa remembers she used to play a lot with one when she was young. Though she doesn’t remember it, but everyone said she named it Wakkun from that warashi part. However she wasn’t at Tana but in another region. After they hang up, Ayumu thinks Wakkun may have been a zashiki warashi of Touya Forest. He calls Miki to ask her lots of stuff. Kisa finally decides to attend school. And today is the last day of school and closing ceremony. Wow. That’s like cheating, no? But at least the good thing is that Kisa wants to attend school from now onwards.

Seeing Is Believing…
This entire affair is just one big drama and it feels like the supernatural stuff were just a side distraction to play out the drama. You see for both arcs, it is like while trying to uncover the mysteries of the lights, what is going on is actually a drama between their friendship among the characters and love interest. You have to be patient if you want to watch this because the supernatural stuff just doesn’t rush and the pace is slow so you really need to sit down for a few episodes to digest and understand what is going on. I wouldn’t say that the revelation of it all is satisfying either but if I think about it, it is open for interpretation as the series discusses about the truth. If they had set those lights as something in the end, it may surprise some, some may accept it and others wouldn’t. For me when the lights come and go without really knowing who they are, it was disappointing and frustrating because I sat through 26 episodes following closely and trying to understand the happenings only to not be clearly told what they really are. So what are those lights really? What was that UFO thing in the sky all about anyway? What was it purpose? Why did it happen? If those questions were answered, my guess is that my expectations of the ‘truth’ would have made me feel bitterly disappointed (also speaking from past animes experience). Thus it just ‘ended’ like that so that you could interpret what you want. After all, with so many people having their own views, they can be right, they can be wrong. So it’s up to you to believe in your own truth. Hence what do I make of it all in the end? Heck, everybody had just 1 big dream! Hah! That’s denial!

After all that drama, I can’t help think about those mysteries that were set in the series. There were so many theories and what-ifs about them and even some stories but in the end nothing was really revealed. For example when they say how the ghosts rumours made Emerald Land a dead place. So? It’s really hard to see the connection of the mysteries to that place and it somehow feels that the various and many mysteries we were told, some of them are irrelevant and ultimately didn’t matter. So if you don’t really remember or think about that case, it doesn’t matter at all. That’s why at the end of the series, it was more of a “So what?” line that I had in mind. Heigorou made his explanation about the world membrane thinning serious with both worlds overlapping but do we get any chance to see what’s on the other side? So if the lights appeared in Tana with Wakkun, why did they appear in Yokohama (maybe it’s due to the increasing numbers of urban legends being passed around)? Aren’t there other places they should appear? Unless it’s that membrane thinning excuse again. The same reason why Karakura Town in Bleach is the centre of attraction for gathering of souls, no? And why could Wakkun only appear in Tana and not follow Ayumu? Unless he being the zashiki warashi of Touya Forest is true. Why the Shinies are only reflected in eyes of animals? The unexplained phenomenon of Colossus that looks like a giant mosquito coil hovering over the town and then suddenly disappearing is more of a “So what?” expression. So if the lights aren’t fighting, how do you explain the destruction of Bun-chan, Dosshiru, Shisshin and Pou-chan? Unless it has something to do with being reborn again. After all, Pou-chan was made out of Bun-chan’s parts. But why the need of different coloured lights to outnumber and ‘destroy’ their opposites? Well yeah, open interpretation again. To each his own. And with everyone seemingly going back to their normal lives at the end, that’s why I had to go “So what?” instead of “WTF happened?”. There are probably lots of other stuffs that I’m wondering but I’ll leave it as it is. Just accept the truth as seen!

For the characters, I don’t know. All I could say that the main protagonists were just trying hard to convey and sort out their feelings amidst the supernatural stuffs and my guess is that because they don’t see the ‘truth’, they were hesitant to let it out. Ayumu during the summer arc, he was like some kid who really wasn’t interested in doing anything. He sounded sleepy, dreamy, tired and uninterested, the way he talks. He just wanted to find his lost memories and the past that connected him to this place. During the winter arc, I noticed that Ayumu has changed a little. He is a little mature despite his overall nature is still the same but at least he was less annoying (from my perspective) when he was 2 years ago. And from the looks of it, he and Miki are dating since there is a picture of them on his table and when Mika called Miki about her boyfriend, she didn’t deny. Kisa was just somebody who wanted to belong. Just because she was a little odd, others shunned her (it is unknown why her parents abandoned her). She only could confide in Shigeki because they’re the same. They’re both lonely. Rieko probably too is one and perhaps the reason why she wants to help Kisa is because she sees some degree of herself in her. Rieko did mention she does work hard to try not to let others hate her and since Kisa isn’t afraid of that, she interprets it as Kisa being true to herself. In other words, Rieko has always been putting up a mature facade. Like part of society expects her to. Hence by helping Kisa out, inadvertently she may have the courage to change herself. Just like Makki. Perhaps the strength he wants to borrow is to confess his feelings for Rieko. Akira has moved on from a small time reporter to a freelance journalist and it is good that she dedicates her time and energy in pursuing the passion she calls truth. In the eyes of others, she may seem like wasting her time with the unexplained as there are better issues to attend to. Well, that’s from your perspective if she’s not doing anything beneficial. But she’s pursuing it with a passion and commitment so one day all that she has reported may bear significance and importance to people in the future when something of the likes happened. At least there are some proper documentation even if they aren’t perfect. Maybe if she has got more solid proof, she can turn it into a video documentary instead. Kishiro and Hana in their respective arcs serve as the ‘advisor’ when Ayumu or Rieko needed some advice to sort things out. Older people know best because they’ve been around longer, right?

As for the other minor characters, it got me wondering what Takuma and Shione’s role in the series were for. All their roles were just for the little love triangle and that’s it. Even if you don’t put them into the series, I still think the show can run by without any major changes. So Shione wants to be close to Ayumu just to make Takuma jealous. So Takuma isn’t really interested in her and wants out. So what? How do the supernatural mysteries fit into all of this? Maybe Takuma’s explanation about Touya Forest and Moriya may add to the development but if you ask me, it could’ve been easily somebody else’s role to do that, not necessarily Takuma. Mika’s cameo in the winter arc also feels redundant as well. Not that she contributed anything to the story except maybe relay to Miki about what’s happening in Yokohama and a chance meeting with Makki to make think about his feelings. Jirou is just a homeless artist who happened to see those strange lights. So? He just got some form of confirmation when Rieko first saw it too. Does his art theme have something to do with the supernatural? Subtly. Discreetly. Maybe. Miku, she was just a little girl that nobody really understands since she could see things and once she tossed her doll back over, her appearance ended. Does this mean she couldn’t see supernatural stuffs anymore? Just like Kisa, she also had that ‘lost’ moment several years ago. Maybe it was such an incident that turned them ‘odd’ in the eyes of the rest. Ryousuke is such a pushy guy and is always eternally looking for Okaka. I still don’t understand what score he wants to settle with the cat. She’ll never let him catch her so easily. Speaking of Okaka, what really happened to her in the end? After she mysteriously ‘escaped’ from Ayumu’s home at Yokohama, she is never seen again. Well, in Ryousuke’s dream that’s a different story. So did she die for real this time? Who and what is that cat anyway? It feels Okaka has something to do with all the mysteries and yet nothing points to it. Speaking of who and whom, there is this person called Mikoshiba that in the summer arc that the characters keep mentioning from time to time. From what I gathered, she works at Asako’s place and is on a vacation. You’ll never see this person ever so it makes me wonder what is person’s role and significance for the name to be brought up at certain points. Okaka’s owner? Maybe. Not that it was proven either.

I think there are a few scenes whereby they try to give viewers a little spook and to a certain point they succeeded in making my heart skip for the moment. Of course you’ll have to forgive that my level, I’m an amateur when it comes to horror genres. Basically this also works because you don’t know what those lights are, you don’t fully understand the nature of the supernatural stuffs. Are those Shinies spirits or ghosts or aliens? You don’t really know even right till the end. And when humans lack understanding, they quickly jump to conclusions based from their prior knowledge, upbringing and stereotypes to try and understand what is happening. For the drawing and art, though the details of the characters are simple, I find the backgrounds to be rather sketchy. Especially during the summer arc, the rural place of Tana at certain glances just look like one big sketchy town that the producers didn’t put enough effort into making it look better. Though the buildings in Yokohama do have more detail, don’t get your hopes up either. Another slight gripe that I have about the series is the voice acting. I’m not saying that it is bad but it somewhat feels that the way the characters are speaking, it is like as though they aren’t interacting with each other even though in the episode you see them talking to each other. Get what I mean? Despite being shown talking to another person, it feels like they’re talking to themselves. There is no impact to feel that the words they say are giving the other party the impression he/she wants to say. Especially during the summer arc, I thought the way the characters talk were like as though they’re on a stage doing a drama play. Maybe it’s just the rural town atmosphere. Maybe it’s just me.

Despite the heavy drama and supernatural stuff, I doubt there would be any funny scenes (okay, so Ryousuke’s lolicon statement was funny). So when the mid-intermission comes, it felt funny in an amusing sense. We see Dosshiru and Shisshin and some other UFOs of their kind floating across the screen but what is more amusing is the choir-like angelic voices being played in the short ditty. I won’t say it is addictive but sometimes I can’t help but ‘sing’ along with those voices. Perhaps I’m just letting loose some steam trying to follow the drama of it all. But there is a funny segment and the most amusing of them all. This is also my favourite because for the next episode preview, it is a place where the pets, namely Roku, Taruto and Okaka rant about on random things. I guess this is the only place where animals get to talk, huh? Animals in real life don’t talk. Oh wait. There’s those Shinies… Anyway, the funny antics and conversation that they do or discuss would be enough to make you grin with amusement even if it has nothing to do with the next episode’s story. Whether it’s bumming around underneath the kotatsu, having fun coming up names of the next episode, figuring out the meaning and origins of their given names, Roku trying to be an artist (the rest thought it was a squid or octopus! I guess he has no talent in drawing!), a tokusatsu spoof or learning how to speak Mandarin (I caught you! The title was spoken in Japanese!), it’s never a dull moment to see the pets get the share of their limelight before returning to their respective owners in the final episode. Of course Okaka wouldn’t let Ryousuke catch him so easily as always. Time to disappear. Hmm… I’m still wondering why Roku always wears a straw hat on his head. I don’t think it’s that hot that it will burn his brain.

The clincher of this series for me is the very lively and catchy opening theme, Hikari No Silhouette by Coorie. It just reminded me that this is one of those few songs that I have heard many years ago but only get to watch the anime many years down the road (just like my case with Suzuka and Scrapped Princess). Thus it was a pleasant surprise to hear this song once more and sing it again as it roles. Despite the attractive tune of the song, I somehow find it an odd mix for it to be this series’ opening theme. As this show is loaded heavy with the drama and supernatural stuffs, putting in such a cheerful and sunshiny song just doesn’t fit. I’m not complaining about the song. It’s just that I thought it would be sound something darker. At least the ending theme, Shonen Humming by Masumi Ito has a little mysterious feel to it. Maybe it’s the singer’s (falsetto?) voice that makes this slow-moderate ballad sound weird too. And I’m still wondering about the mosquito coil Colossus thingy in the ending credits animation. The voice acting isn’t anything to shout about except Ai Shimizu was amusing as Taruto during the next episode preview segment. This is where she gets to flex her trademark cutie voice like Koyori in Sola or Ren in DearS unlike that deadpan voice as Shione. I thought Chiwa Saito as Miku was going to turn into something like Pani Poni Dash’s Rebecca or Linebarrels of Iron’s Rachel. She didn’t. Same case for Junko Takeuchi as Wakkun. I thought she would turn into the titular character in Naruto or Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn’s Lambo. She didn’t. So here’s the roll call for the other voice acting. Toshiyuki Tonaga as Ayumu (Shun in Kimi To Boku, Mikado in Durarara!!), Akiko Kobayashi as Kisa (Momo in Shinigami No Ballad), Miwa Matsumoto as Akira (Jama-P in Wedding Peach), Takahiro Sakurai as Shigeki (Suzaku in Code Geass), Kanako Mitsuhashi as Miki (Kilhua in Hunter x Hunter), Yasuo Saitou as Ryousuke (Takuto in Full Moon Wo Sagashite), Yasuyuki Kase as Takuma (Dan Straight in Fairy Tail), Tomoko Sadohara as Miki, Yuki Kaida as Makki (Fuji in Prince Of Tennis), Katsuhisa Houki as Heigorou (Jimbei in One Piece), Hozumi Gouda as Jirou (Kaien Cross in Vampire Knight), Risa Mizuno as Asako (Shigure in Nabari No Ou), Misa Watanabe as Hana (Akeginu in Basilisk), Tadahisa Saizen as Doumaru (Rikichi in Samurai 7) and Kenji Harada as Kishiro (Jouji in Paradise Kiss).

Whenever you encounter with some supernatural phenomenon, it depends on how you want to take it. Whether you want to pursue in finding out more about it or just ignore everything and pretend you didn’t see anything is all up to you. Just because a handful of people only witnessed something phenomenal that cannot be described using common sense doesn’t mean that it never existed or wasn’t true. But it’s too bad that in today’s world we live in, there are too many fakes and lies going around so to simply believe in such phenomenon easily is not feasible. It is going to take a lot more than proper documentation to convince one to believe even with today’s modern high end equipment technology. Thus it all boils down to how one sees and interprets it. It might be truth to some but crap to others. Whether you believe them or not, it is still best to show a little respect for the supernatural and do observe the taboos, dos and don’ts of the locals. Watching this series did make me question my own beliefs and its truths. If I were to see such lights, probably I would just think I may have seen too many animes. Time to stop and take a rest. And if I still continue seeing them, better run to the nearest temple/shrine/church and pray hard. Say, if you’re the kind that only believes what you see, if you haven’t seen or visited Poland, would you not believe that country exists? So to say if you can’t see God, do you not believe in Him then?

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