Ansatsu Kyoushitsu S2

May 13, 2017

Because the manga has already ended, it is only right that the sequel for Ansatsu Kyoushitsu also ends and gives the series its due closure. This means answering some of the burning questions we have from the previous season like Koro’s origins and the truth behind it all once and for all. With pending doom of mankind at stake, it is a race to see if they can get the monster first or will the monster get humanity first. And if we’re just talking about killing Koro, who will win the race to claim his life? His own students or some other outside party. The past year of doing and overcoming the impossible has all boiled down to this moment. The moment of truth. Year 2016 isn’t such a bad sh*t as everyone thinks it to be when you compare this to the countdown to the end of the world.

Episode 1
Continuing off from last season where class 3-E are on the Okinawa resort for special training but ran into that Takaoka problem (and solved it), Koro wants to push ahead with the test of courage since he hasn’t experienced it yet. He is quite enthusiastic about it (because he wants to play matchmaking) but not his students. Koro plays the ghost but he doesn’t scare them but instead he got scared by some of them! Koro is most disappointed by the end of it. However everyone notices Bitch clinging on to Karasuma. Everyone suddenly has this devilish idea… You bet they’re going to hook Bitch up with Karasuma. But first they need to know Karasuma’s taste before they can proceed. I don’t think anybody knows… Eventually they setup a nice romantic candle lit dinner on the beach. Karasuma can talk nothing except the students’ progression and how at this rate they can kill Koro. It gets sombre really quickly as Bitch asks if he knows what it really means to kill. She kisses her napkin and puts in on Karasuma’s lips. A cool “I love you” before leaving. But in her heart, Bitch must be rueing how pathetic that move was. Karasuma thought she was practising some sort of new killing technique. Koro accompanies his students to the fireworks festival. I’m sure they want to have fun but some have to be cut short because like Chiba and Hayami, they rule the shooting gallery and won everything and had to be banned. In fact, everyone is so good they are making a killing winning all the prizes. They make it look so easy. Koro has no money and has to take up several jobs selling food at the stalls. No problem at that lightning speed. Karasuma attends a government meeting. In addition to the reward 10 billion Yen reward, a successful group assassination will yield 30 billion.

Episode 2
Kaede has this grand idea of using discarded eggs to assassinate Koro. She noticed his weakness that he loves pudding and laments he could eat more. Therefore she has researched a lot in making a giant pudding. Of course inside the pudding there will be those harmful materials in which they will detonate when the time is right. The entire class put in their herculean effort to make this giant pudding. Koro is absolutely please and digs in. Halfway through, suddenly Kaede feels she can’t blow it up. She put in so much effort, it will be a waste to destroy it! Attachment? Of course Koro already picked up and disable the bomb because he smelled plastic explosives. The rest of the pudding isn’t wasted as Koro uses it to make pudding for them. Hey wait. Aren’t those using expired eggs? The students are in a special cops and robbers training. In a limited time, Karasuma has to catch them and put them in ‘prison’ where Koro is the warden. Karasuma is quick and deadly. However thanks to Koro receiving bribes, he turns a blind eye and lets the ‘prisoners’ go. In the end, all of Karasuma’s hard work were for naught. When rumours that a panty thief is striking homes, everyone suspects Koro! I mean, who could steal panties at such speed? Who could have had such perverted fetish? Damn right. It gets even worse when Koro tries to prove his innocence because his entire belongings seem to have lingerie?! Did he really steal them? Yeah, he has even got a record of boob size for all the girls. Kaede is forever flat?! Of course the students wonder if Koro really did this. What would he gain from ruining his reputation? Could it be an imposter? As calculated, they think the panty thief will strike at this big busted idol group renting a place here for their dance practice. Then the real culprit turns up. Obviously not Koro. Just someone in a yellow helmet. Immediately Koro apprehends him. He unmasks him and realizes he is one of the Karasuma’s subordinates. During the confusion, a cage covered with harmful material falls around Koro. This is a trap by Shiro as he has learnt from what his students tried on the island. Swiftly attacking Koro from the top is Itona.

Episode 3
Despite Itona spamming his tentacle attacks, Koro is not fazed by one bit. Instead, he has memorized his attack patterns and knows how he strikes. Koro has also levelled up himself and uses some burst of energy from his tentacles to defeat Itona. Itona’s head hurts because the tentacles are gnawing away his mind from repeated defeats. At this rate he will go crazy and die within a few days. Shiro then abandons Itona seeing he has failed and they need to cut their losses. Itona then runs off and in his madness, attacks handphone shops. When Koro and his students find him, they try to calm him down but Itona is still bent on becoming the strongest and defeat Koro. Suddenly smoke screen is released. Another trap by Shiro. He knows Koro will take responsibility over Itona since he is now his student. Therefore Shiro kidnaps Itona. Then his team tries to target and hurt Itona. It works well since Koro is trying to protect him and bears the brunt of the assault. Luckily the 3-E students get rid of the henchmen. Koro warns Shiro to step down and realize he has lost. Shiro admits he lost this time and will be back after making radical changes to his plans. The problem is now Itona since he is still going crazy. Ritsu has researched about his past. His parents had a factory that supplied smartphones to the world. But 2 years ago, they went bankrupt and missing, leaving Itona behind. It is a reason Itona lusts for power and victory. Noting he is just a delinquent, Terasaka and his groupie take responsibility to solve this. To cheer him up, they let him eat Takuya Muramatsu’s disgusting ramen, ride Taisei Yoshida’s horrible bike on his family’s track and Kirara Hazama trying to convince to read the entire 7 volumes of The Count of Monte Cristo for revenge motivation! Since Itona is still hell bent on revenge, Terasaka shuts him up and relates that he used to think like him. He should get rid of that impossible vision right away. Don’t let a few losses throw you off course. Because it doesn’t have to be now to kill Koro. As long as it is by next March, they can take their time and win by them. With Itona calming down and giving up on that goal, Koro is able to detach the tentacles from his head. Officially Itona is now in Koro’s class and naturally he is under Terasaka’s delinquent group of idiots.

Episode 4
Itona is making an RC tank in his bid to kill Koro. It is silent and deadly. With the guys interested in this idea, it soon dawned to them that they can use this for another sleazy purpose… Watching up girls’ skirt… Yeah… And so most of them chip in to make improvements to the mini tank whenever it runs into trouble and cover its shortfall. Oh, how far did the assassination goal steer away. But Nagisa has noticed Itona has no trouble fitting in nicely with the guys. And then the girls find out and the guys busted. Yeah, everybody just blames Okajima. Even Itona. Poor guy being made the scapegoat… Everyone is surprised to learn Masayoshi Kimura’s first name is supposed to be pronounced as Justice (his parents are cops). This leads to a debate with some of them opining if they like or dislike their given name. It is suggested they give each other code names and call each other that for the day. Despite being written and randomly assigned, it feels more than just coincidence that they get a nickname associating with what they mainly describes them. Wanna guess who is Forever Flat? How about Baseball Brain? Who is Tsundere Sniper? Box Of Moe? Bilingual Blonde? President Poverty? I bet is better than Crassanova. They play a game of tag in which the students have to take down Karasuma. With teamwork, they manage to get him. At the end of the day, only Kimura wonders why he is the only one using his real Justice name. Koro explains about how cool his name will sound when the media needs a tagline to report how a hero saves the world. Names that parents give might not hold any great meaning but it is the meaningful things they do that makes their names great. A cue for Koro to want his class to call him The Eternal Prince Of Tempestuous Desires. Everyone protests and calls him The Pervy Octopus Of Spineless Stupidity.

Episode 5
Nagisa and co visit the café where Isogai works part time and note how cool he is in everything! Is he using his poor status to his advantage? Nevertheless he is cool. However Gakushuu and his friends find out. It is against school rules to work. Isogai pleads to give just a month to get the necessary money but Gakushuu gives him a condition. If they can beat them in a pole toppling match, he’ll disregard this. At first Isogai wants to go this alone since this is his responsibility but we all have to be reminded of Class 3-E’s teamwork. During the game, it seems Class 3-E opts for minimal participants. Only the guys participate. Gakushuu’s side has got even burly American friends? Class 3-E seems like they are going to only defend their pole. The Americans push aside a couple of them and try to topple their pole but their tight defence pays off. When Gakushuu sends his flanking team, Isogai leads a few boys into the middle of the field and gets surrounded. And then they rush off into the spectator stands and it now becomes a chaotic cat and mouse game. Because of their focus on this, Gakushuu didn’t see those couple of them sneaking up from behind and trying to hold him down. Now all Class 3-E boys charge towards Gakushuu’s pole and trying to bring it down. Gakushuu can still fight them off while defending his pole. But the ultimate difference in them is that Gakushuu makes decisions all by himself (so his underlings cannot act without him giving orders) unlike Isogai doesn’t have to make all the decisions himself. He sends in Itona as the secret weapon to tip and topple the pole. Class 3-E wins. With this shocking loss again, it is no surprise they’re going to get their punishment from Asano. First he tells them they already loss the intelligence battle because Class 3-E won the match despite the battle was stacked heavily against them. Then he does a bloody karate lesson on his son and his American friends. Finally, a lesson in life. Asano once lost to a karate master. That frustration led him to master the art for if he failed and humiliate himself again, he would lose himself and die of madness. He then defeated the karate master in a single hit. The question is why Gakushuu’s sense of frustration isn’t eating him alive. Gakushuu keeps his word to not rat on Isogai but he will get him and the entire class next time.

Episode 6
Class 3-E is hopping around from roof to roof. I guess they’ve trained enough to do superhuman abilities. But then they crash into an old man riding his bicycle. He fractured some bones and will be hospitalized for 2 weeks. Because the kids are top secret, Karasuma is negotiating compensation to keep this incident a secret. You can tell Koro is most upset and slaps everyone when they try to give excuses. He tells them off being drunk with their powers makes them no different than the main campus. No answer for that. The old guy is a stubborn goat and won’t accept just any compensation. After Koro sincerely apologizes on their behalf, his students will now have to work without pay at the preschool that he is a principal of. You can tell Sakura is the resident brat and is going to make their life hell. Don’t worry. Nothing untoward happens. She confides with Nagisa and it looks like she is some bully victim too and does badly in her tests. But some little advice from Nagisa to sometimes look back down gives her some hope. Don’t tell me this kid has fallen for him. Two weeks later, the old guy is released. He is not going to expect anything. Wait till he sees his entire preschool building remodelled and expanded in a green way. Even his bicycle is given an eco makeover! Yeah, it’s creepy to think kids their age can do all this perfectly. But what about the relationship with his students? It all means nought if they cannot win their hearts. Well, Sakura has took up Nagisa’s advice and is doing well in her tests. She wants him to continue as her teacher. Hint, hint. Despite their stint is over, Class 3-E has mid-terms tomorrow. Of course they flopped seeing they couldn’t study during that time and are kicked out from top spots. This only gives Gakushuu and his friends ammo to taunt them. However Karma is the only one who studied and took overall 2nd place just behind Gakushuu. He shuts them up that his pals were just giving them space because it would be just bad for them to lose all the time. The class apologizes to Karasuma and also learnt an important lesson to use their powers to help and protect. Then they all demonstrate before Koro the new protective outfits from the government to show him they will use their lessons they learn from him with assassination.

Episode 7
The class realizes Bitch’s birthday was a few days ago. While half of them keep her company (she feels great for being popular), the rest buy a bouquet of roses from a florist. They want Karasuma to hand it to her without revealing where this bouquet came from. He agrees when Karma puts it as winning her over as part of his job. Bitch is totally happy when she receives the flowers. But when he starts talking about the job and end of the world, she realizes that she has been setup by the kids. She was a fool to think Karasuma would do something like this on his own. The class thinks Karasuma is still dense but on the contrary he knows about Bitch’s feelings. If her blade can be dulled by romance, she is not qualified for work and will hire another assassin. For 3 days, Bitch has never come to class. Has she quit? Then the florist waltzes in. He is actually an assassin nicknamed Reaper. He shows Bitch captured and wants them to come to a specific location or he’ll cut up and send her parts to them equally. The kids have no choice but to do this without alerting the other teachers as they realize this is probably another guy who is trying to take advantage of them to draw out Koro. They enter some bunker which turns out to be a big prison. But they’re not going to just sit there and wait. They bust out but the true nightmare starts. Uhm, Reaper is like a shadow? He is on a different level than them and quickly owns them. Not even Nagisa had the time to react. Half of the other class went to look and rescue Bitch. When they cut her free, she immediately tranquilizes them. She is in cohorts with Reaper and sure fooled them. Itona is the last one left standing and he makes the wise decision to surrender because he knows they cannot beat them. After all, he has learnt that today is one of those days they can lose. Reaper puts them in a cell. He is surprised Karasuma has tracked them. Thanks to Koro acting like a dog…

Episode 8
Bitch acts like Reaper’s hostage to let their guard down. This allows Koro to fall into a trap and put in the same cell as his students. Oh, the cell is laced with those dangerous materials. Don’t lick your way out… Also, everyone has got a bomb in their collar that will explode if Reaper activates it. Reaper plans to flood this entire canal but he needs to activate it at the command room above. Karasuma will not allow this and places the safety of his students higher than the world’s destruction. He is going to fight Reaper but he flees. While Karasuma tries to disable the traps he set along the way, Bitch moves in to kill Karasuma. She knows the risk as an assassin and is prepared to die. Oh really? Because she sure hell didn’t know Reaper plans to sacrifice her when he explodes the ceiling. While Karasuma is safe, she is pinned under a rubble. Naturally Karasuma wants to go after Reaper since Bitch has defected but the students plead to safe her. Everybody makes mistakes, right? Well, may I remind you that you have only one chance to save Earth? Anyway, while we see Bitch’s tragic past that made her decide to go into the assassinating world, Reaper detonates the collar bomb but it seems the students have easily taken it off and are hiding behind the camera’s blind spot. When Reaper goes back to Bitch and telling her about the world is about deceive or being deceived, you know karma is a b*tch when he gets what is coming. Bitch plays him out to deceive him so Karasuma could take on him in melee combat. Reaper’s horrifying truth is exposed: He has no face! What a way to improve on his disguising skills? Reaper thought he won when he shoots a mini hole in Karasuma’s veins that will make him bleed to death. He didn’t know Koro elongated his tentacle to block the shot. He is then kicked in the nuts! Ouch! Well, he is human after all. In the aftermath, Bitch expects to be sexually abused by everyone (or does she really want it?) but everyone wants her to just come to class. Karasuma gives a rose he took from Reaper to her. Even if it is just one, I guess she’s happy. But so sorry, nothing racy happens after that. To stop the students being used in future assassinations, Koro wants a safe environment for killings. WTF?! Isn’t that contradicting? Karasuma talks to the ministry about no pay out for the bounty if the students get injured and he agrees seeing they are done hiring freelance assassins. It will be their last assassination project with an international coalition.

Episode 9
Ironically if Koro is going to destroy the world, why would class 3-E need to have a career discussion? Of course Nagisa is still in a dilemma as he ponders if he should use his talents to become an assassin. Koro has him think again and if he truly wants to become one, he’ll support him. But that is the least of his problems. When he returns home, his mom has had enough of his ‘mediocre’ grades and wants him back in the main campus. Of course she is going to do that by giving a ‘generous donation’. But when Nagisa protests, mom goes into a rage. He should have known better to speak out when she is in a gloomy mood. Nothing he will say will convince her. We hear her rant about her failed live and thus living her dreams through Nagisa. Another reason why Nagisa looks so girly is that mom wanted a daughter. Mom has decided to go talk to his homeroom teacher tomorrow. Because Karasuma is officially listed and he is away, Koro will disguise as him. It sucks… After Koro hears her out, he asks if Nagisa wants it but mom tells him as a kid he doesn’t know anything. Koro then takes off his wig. This is to imply there are things Nagisa must decide himself because this is his life. Unless Nagisa wills it, Koro cannot allow his transfer. Mom blows her top (wow, like an earthquake happening) and leaves while vowing to prove them all wrong. That night during dinner, Nagisa is drugged out by mom. He wakes up outside the school grounds. She wants him to burn it down with his own hands so that he would feel ashamed to come back here. Nagisa won’t do it so she goes into that usual rant of the cost and time it took for her to raise her and blames it on this class for making her disobey her. But a whipping assassin is here and this makes mom scared. Nagisa easily uses his talent to knock him out. Nagisa is grateful mom raised him but wishes for her to be happy watching him grow up. Koro assures her son isn’t going to betray her. He is just getting ready to leave the nest like everyone. With all the tension gone, she faints. On the way back, Koro asks if Nagisa still wants to become an assassin. All Nagisa knows is that he wants to use his talents to protect the ones he loved. So that rules out being an assassin. From now on, Nagisa makes breakfast and will do the house chores to lighten his mom’s burden. He hopes she could let him stay in class 3-E. She might not look happy but telling him to do what he wants is a sign of approval.

Episode 10
Class 3-E will be selling acorn noodles for the cultural festival. Of course this is an indirect competition with Gakushuu’s class who is organizing a great party-cum-concert to crush their eternal rivals. Hey, Gakushuu jamming away… Focusing on Class 3-E, we’ve got the bullies from the school trip visiting. They want to say bad about their food but their reactions don’t lie. They’ll spend more when Bitch seduces them to. Remember that kid, Yuuji? The one who had a crush thinking Nagisa was a girl? He’s here too! Nakamura makes Nagisa wear a skirt to serve him. A ploy to milk some money out of this rich kid? Whose idea is it to ask Nagisa to date him for 10 grand?! But their ‘date’ is interrupted when lots of other weird characters like Lovro and Red Eye pop up. They freak the hell out of Yuuji but Nagisa lies they are some sort of comedians. Eventually Yuuji knows he is lying. His date often meets up with famous people and he can tell when a person puts up a fake smile. That is when Nagisa comes clean with everything including revealing himself as a boy (but short of revealing his manhood to prove it!). Sorry Yuuji. That wasn’t a lie. He leaves disappointed and Nagisa feels guilty for deceiving him. The next day, they see a long line to their store. It seems Yuuji is now a famous food blogger and he praises very high their menu. So we’ve got all sorts of normal people and weirdoes coming. Hey. Isn’t that guy from Saiki Kusuo No Psi Nan? Isn’t that guy from Kuroko’s Basket?! And isn’t that afro dude from Bobobo-Bo-Bo-Bobo???!!! Class 3-E could have kept going if not for Koro stopping them for the day. They are blessed to have such bounty and continuing would mean destroying the ecosystem. The last customer is Nagisa’s mom. She apologizes and has accepted him as his own person. She hopes he can stay with her for a little while. After all, she is his only mom. Although Gakushuu’s class comes up tops, Class 3-E takes 3rd place and this is already abuzz among the students in the main campus.

Episode 11
Gakushuu seems to be satisfied with his win over Class 3-E although his father would have preferred him to go further like food poisoning. When Gakushuu mentions about strength in defeat, Asano talks to his friends for 3 minutes alone. When Gakushuu returns, they have all become hating zombies for Class 3-E. Asano doesn’t believe he taught such fragile strength and will handle the final term exams. Asano knows that Koro’s assassination is moving to the next phase so he ‘blackmails’ the authority to send another billion into his account or he won’t guarantee the secrecy of this project. They have to since he is already so ‘kind’ in lending his school for this mission. Asano takes over teaching the top class. Teaching syllabus that is on par with college level? Everyone becomes a study zombie and those who slack a little gets a short talk and return as Class 3-E hating zombies. When Asano tells his son to go home and study since he is expected to take top spot, that’s the last straw. Class 3-E is surprised Gakushuu is requesting them to kill Asano. Not physically but his education policies. He prides in his school’s top students so if Class 3-E surpasses that, it will ruin his stance. They think he wants his father’s attention. Gakushuu explains the chilly relationship the father and son always had since the beginning. But he is worried of his methods turning his friends studying beyond their limit with only hatred for Class 3-E. In the future they will think this is the only way. Gakushuu might look down on his friends but if that happens, they won’t be able to support him. He is grateful for some of the defeats opened his eyes and hopes they can show his father a proper defeat. Class 3-E will take on the challenge like they’ve always do. They’ll try their best to win. Koro talks to Asano before the exams. Asano knows this is Koro’s first time as a teacher and since he never said why, he thought beating him would allow him to know. Koro says there are only 2 reasons why one teaches. Either they want to pass their success or warn of their failures. The exams get on the way. Class 3-E handles each subject like how they always approach. Then the final boss in terms of an unknown syllabus pops up. It seems only Karma is prepared to take this head on.

Episode 12
Gakushuu and Karma are the only ones who manage to reach the final tough ass question. Each has their own metamorphic vision and way to solve it. But it is only Karma who manages to ‘easily’ solve it while Gakushuu ran out of time and was just a line away from completion. In the end when the results come out, Karma takes top spot and Gakushuu second. But if Terasaka who is always dead last in Class 3-E ends up 46th overall, this means the other Class 3-E students made it into the top 50! The rest of the top 10 are occupied by Class 3-E. Time for a celebration. But it isn’t for the main campus. Although they did well in the first half of the questions, as the questions became more difficult, they started losing their composure. Vengeance can only get you so far and cramming everything last minute won’t do. Everyone is depressed and Gakushuu isn’t proud of his marks either. He hopes everyone can work together and they can find a way to win. But Asano interrupts and guarantees he will improve their mind-set. However everyone is clear that this method isn’t working and thinks defeat sometimes can help make them learn better. They are prepared to be dropped to End Class. When Gakushuu points out the class has spoken, Asano slaps him that he flies quite a distance! With that shock on his face, it is proof that his policies are failing. But he isn’t going to give up yet. Although Class 3-E have qualified to return to the main campus, they’re staying put. It’s more fun here, right? Suddenly an excavator tries to demolish their building. Asano will have them transfer to a new campus with facilities akin to a prison as culmination of his educational policies. He views them no longer useful to his policies and this is where he will kill Koro. A dismissal notice?! Of course he is going to give Koro and his class a chance to stay with this little game. There are 5 bombs. 4 of which will kill Koro and 1 will kill a human. He inserts them randomly into a page. Koro is to solve that problem on that page fast enough before it explodes. He will do 4 and Asano will do the final one. Koro wins if he can survive all that. This game might sound like it favours Asano. It is since the world is about injustice and the weak can only kill the strong via assassination. That is why he has trained them to be the strong ones. Koro picks a random book. However he panics in solving it and the bomb goes off. Asano knows his reaction and speed drops when he flusters and will never overcome this trap. 3 more to go. Asano plans to use the money from his assassination and with the backing of the ministries to teach the nation of his education policies and mechanisms.

Episode 13
However Koro is able to finish his remaining tasks in lightning speed. Although he memorized all textbooks in Japan, this one gave him a little problem because he lent it to one of his students for quite a while and couldn’t quite recall it instantly. Now it is Asano’s turn. He stares in disbelief like as though his plan has failed and only death awaits him. Time for flashback. He once started a cram school at this dilapidated building. With only 3 students to boot, he was a decent teacher. They graduated well and with his reputation increasing, other parents soon started sending their kids to him. Many years later, one of his first students gave him a courtesy call to meet up. But when Asano do so, he was shocked to attend his funeral. Apparently he committed suicide from bullying. This made Asano rethink his education policies and that he needs to make strong students. He started learning martial arts and brainwashed techniques and managed to build a big new campus while leaving the old one behind as reminder of his failure. Now Asano opens the book and instantly gets blown away, believing that Koro will still destroy the Earth when the time comes. Because when Earth is gone, the end will come equally to everyone. However Koro used his skin to protect Asano. He knows how he thinks because they are both educators. Had Koro won, there was no doubt Asano would have opted to blow himself up. Koro is lucky because he has Class 3-E. But this only happened because of Asano. Since Asano isn’t the straightforward guy to admit he has lost, he puts it as Koro accepting his policy and this will allow Class 3-E to remain. Gakushuu can tell his father lost but has also grown since he admits he too will improve as an educator and a parent. As reward, Koro tells his students his ultimate weakness. Just hold down his tentacles and he can’t move. Of course they know it is impossible because had they done it, the assassination would be impossible and he told them because it was impossible in the first place. For the drama festival, Class 3-E does a twisted version of Momotarou. It involves a greedy old man, divorce papers, divorce lawyers and the darkness of the heart. Yeah, very deep stuffs there.

Episode 14
While cleaning the shed, Kaede thinks it is the right time. Untying her hair, a couple of tentacles sprout from the back of her neck as she attacks Koro. She has observed him enough to know his tentacles’ attacking pattern. Of all the types of attacks, falling into a pit is the easiest. Koro falls into the pit and at the bottom are those harmful materials. With Kaede falling above him, he is having it hard to escape but eventually manages to blast a hole to get out. Her classmates are shocked to see Kaede’s other personality. Kaede says this isn’t her real name. She calls Koro a murderer and she is Aguri Yukimura’s younger sister. He seems to know who she is. With that, Kaede will get her revenge another time soon. Everyone remembers Yukimura was their previous homeroom teacher of Class 3-E before Koro. Kaede could be the most famous prodigy actress, Haruna Mase. Apparently Shiro also knows about her. Although she is not under his programme, her great acting skills hid well the pain of the tentacles without showing it to everyone. Flashback reveals Akari (Kaede’s real name) went to visit her sister at the facility but an explosion occurred. As she crawled in, she saw her sister dead and some tentacle creature draped in her blood before flying off. She saw a note saying how it was going to be a homeroom teacher at Kunigigaoka for negotiations. She also found a couple of vials containing tentacle weapons for human implantation. Vengeance and hatred fuels her as she injects the tentacles and will play the perfect part so she could get her revenge. She then dyed her hair and enrolled herself at Kunigigaoka and decide to make Nagisa the main character and herself as the side character. Everyone watches an old movie that Kaede acted in and they confirm it is really her. They wonder if she has been putting up an act all the while. They want to know the truth from Koro or else they can’t accept what is happening. Koro agrees but Kaede has left a message for their duel. At the field, Kaede admits she was faking everything. All part of her acting. Everything. Although some were out of her control, she had to hide her emotions so as not to let her identity slip or else Koro will notice. That is why she is always next to Nagisa as his murderous intent hides her actual feelings. Her classmates can’t believe Koro would do anything this cruel as they remember Yukimura’s short stint as a caring teacher. Kaede attacks Koro with her flaming tentacles. She is channelling the pain until she doesn’t feel it anymore. At this rate she will die as the tentacles are taking over her mind. It seems she is going all out but Nagisa wonders if this is her true feelings. Amidst the madness of wanting to kill Koro and see him die, deep inside she is crying for help.

Episode 15
Because of the bloodlust of the tentacles synchronizing with Kaede, Koro cannot just remove them. His plan is to let her attack his weak point located underneath his heart. At that point, somebody needs to talk to her to reduce her bloodlust and then he’ll remove the tentacles to minimize damage. But wouldn’t that kill Koro? Don’t worry. The odds of dying is 50%. Their graduation is more important than his life. So while everyone wonders what to do, Nagisa walks up to Nagisa after Koro straps her. He isn’t going to do a clap of death. Instead he kisses her! OMG! I see some people’s handphone was whipped out faster than the speed of light. This shock reduces Kaede’s bloodlust and Koro is able to extract the tentacles safely. Of course now everyone teases Nagisa but a sniper’s shop almost killed Koro but missed. It is Shiro and his mysterious assassin. Shiro unmasks himself and he is someone Koro knows: Kotarou Yanagisawa, a researcher. He will be his final opponent. Kaede explains at first she was driven by revenge but as she spends more time with Koro, his kindness confused her so she thought of investigating more before acting but by then the tentacles won’t let her back down. Of course with how things turn out now, she doesn’t have to act. Now Koro has to keep his bargain to tell everyone about his past. If you wonder why he is able to teach everyone without a hitch, it is because up until 2 years ago, he was known as the Reaper. The original one. Here is another secret. Whether they successfully assassinate him or not, come March he will still die. Either alone or taking Earth along.

A poor boy born in the slums, he chose to be an assassin as the only truth he believed was that once you’re dead, you don’t come back. After becoming a successful assassin, he was captured and became a subject experiment under Yanagisawa whose purpose is to generate antimatter within life forms. He is subject to torturous experiments every day although his only respite is Yukimura whose job is to check on his vitals after each experiment. Though kind on him, because she is married to Yanagisawa out of pity, he regularly abuses her if she doesn’t get the job done. Like the obedient wife, she doesn’t fight back. One day he can’t stand Yanagisawa’s wife beating and knocks him out with some ultra sound wave. Reaper also found out Yukimura was a teacher though the latter feels he makes a better teacher than her. Ironically he claims that it was one of his students who betrayed him and thus why he ended up here. That student was that faceless Reaper who assumed his identity. Reaper found it baffling because he supervised and developed him almost perfectly and yet this happened. Yukimura thinks his student probably just wanted to be seen by him. As the experiments go on, Reaper was slowly turning into a monster. Of course Yukimura didn’t say anything and continued to obediently observe with a smile despite deep down she knew something was wrong. She as Yanagisawa has intended is supposed to be a living sacrifice.

Episode 16
Reaper’s body becomes more flexible as the experiment goes on. His only respite is talking to Yukimura. He learns Yanagisawa wants her to leave her teaching job to be full time here. She thinks that is the best too because she believes she has failed to give her current students motivation. However she is in a dilemma because she loves her students and being a teacher. It was the first time Reaper consoled her with a genuine smile and encouraged her she could do it. There was a lab rat subjected to the same experiment like Reaper earlier. It was placed on the moon but it starts going berserk and explodes, destroying 70% of the moon. If this the consequences from a lab rat, what are the consequences from a human? That’s right. Full planet annihilation. It will be on 13th March. Yanagisawa wants this experiment stopped and kill Reaper. Yukimura heard this and tells Reaper but this is all part of his plan. He has been waiting to unleash his newfound powers. Despite Yukimura’s plea to not go down the path of evil, he dismisses and threatens to kill her if she doesn’t escape. After all, how can a puny human like her stop him? She’s not even worth holding as hostage. Yanagisawa and his security team go all out to stop Reaper but he has turned into a killing machine slaughtering everything. Luckily those harmful materials as traps are around but not enough to kill him. In the midst of the chaos, Yanagisawa is blinded in his left eye.

Once the facility is destroyed, Reaper thinks of taking this world with him since he is going to die anyway. Yukimura tries to stop him by hugging him but this triggers a trap and it pierces her. This was part of her plan. She thought if her words don’t get through him, this will. It made Reaper think he could have saved her and instead of using his powers for destruction, used it to help others. Yukimura doesn’t mind if she dies for him. She hopes he would use his remaining time to teach her students who are also wandering in the darkness like him. Reaper vowed to use his remaining time to become a teacher. Therefore it is Yukimura he has to thank for in teaching him to be a teacher for she truly looked at people before herself and not judge them on their weaknesses. With everyone hearing Koro’s full story, memories of the last 9 months spent with him flash through their minds. It then dawned upon them if they really have to kill him. After all 13th March is the same day of Kunigigaoka’s graduation day. As winter break arrives, nobody thought up of any assassination plan. Kaede is still recovering in hospital and although she feels at home when her friends visit, she still cannot get over the fact Nagisa kissed her. That ruined her acting abilities. Can’t act again? By the time the third term comes, Koro is the only one chirpy as usual and his students aren’t in the mood. Only 64 days to D-Day. Karasuma wonders if Koro can still carry out his duties as a teacher after that revelation. If Koro can’t be flexible as the situation calls for it, he wouldn’t qualify as a teacher. Bitch motivates the students to think about it instead of giving up. Nagisa calls his classmates together as he wants to think of a way to save Koro.

Episode 17
However Nakamura is against Nagisa’s idea. Koro has worked hard to build this bond over the past year and it is precisely the reason why they have to kill him. Karma adds that by not using their assassination skills would be an insult to weaker ones who tried to kill Koro. With their ideas clashing, Karma eggs Nagisa to fight him and they really did. The guys try to break them up and surprisingly Koro intervenes to mediate. He suggests having a paintball death match. One side will represent to kill him and the other to save him. Whichever side wins will have that wish respected with no grudges. So the students divide themselves as they give their reasons why they want to kill or save Koro. Except for Ritsu due to her programming conflict, she remains neutral. Yeah, how the heck is a computer going to run in the jungle? With both sides having equal numbers, it eventually looks like a fight between team Nagisa (to save) and team Karma (to kill). A team wins when the other side is completely annihilated or capture the enemy’s flag. The game begins with lots of high skill jungle guerrilla tactics. One by one both sides take each other out. Just when Karma thought his side has more people to capture the flag, they are instantly killed off by Nagisa who came into the scene as silent and deadly. Yup, an ultimate showdown between Nagisa and Karma eventually.

Episode 18
Karma realizes Nagisa was hiding behind Karasuma who is the referee to hide his presence. When Karma walks out in the open, daring Nagisa to shoot him, the latter knows he can’t because it would be contradicting to his policy to save Koro with this dirty tactic. The only way is a hand to hand combat. So we see them analyse each other from their past before the action begins. Karma theoretically is better since he is more accustomed to fights. But Nagisa’s resourcefulness has him fight on par with him. Just when it looked Karma knocked out Nagisa, Nagisa was playing possum and used his last ounce of strength to use his clap stun. Karma saw it coming and withstood that. Nagisa quickly draws out his knife at him. However it was a decoy as he tosses it away and then jumps to choke him in his arms so he would give in. Karma manages to reach a knife and could have easily stabbed him but he realizes this win won’t be acceptable because Nagisa was fighting him via martial arts. Karma gives up but Nagisa was so in focus he couldn’t hear till Karasuma called out. With this settled, everyone is back to being friends again. Later, the class learns that there are many other research teams doing their own research in a bid to save Earth. Many are top official secrets but Ritsu has hacked her way in. One of them that caught their eye is an American research team conducting some experiment on ISS. But how are they going up there to steal its data? Koro reveals a craft made by Japan to be launched carrying an experimental dummy to ISS. What if it carries real humans? That’s right. They’re going to ride it up there. If you’re going to do it, go all the way!

Episode 19
Class 3-E research and experiment about going to space. As the rocket can only carry 2 people, at first all the guys are eager to volunteer. But then not so when they find out how unproven its maiden voyage is. It is suggested Nagisa and Karma take the ride. So we see the rest of Class 3-E sneaking into the base and hijacking the remote controls of the command centre. Too easy. Nagisa and Karma then snuck into the capsule as it blasts off to ISS. After docking, the duo take one of the astronauts hostage and threaten with a bomb. However the astronauts are calm and composed. They are also trained soldiers and have been running experiments not knowing when it is going to blow up so a little bomb threat is nothing. After talking about their plan to get their data, the astronauts agree to hand it to them. After helping them do a bit of chores. Nagisa and Karma say their goodbye as the astronauts view them as true heroes. On the orbital re-entry, Ritsu helps with the calculations and of course Koro helping a bit with his pushing. They land safely and back in the classroom, Okuda analyses the data to make medicine that will decrease the risk of Koro exploding down to 1%. Heck, it is easy to make and the components seem to be that poison Okuda made before. However the dilemma now is whether to continue with their assassination of Koro, which was what this class was about. Should they call it off as of today? Wait. I thought they wanted to save him? Nagisa, it’s your call. As long as Koro is around, the government will not call off the assassination programme even if the chances are small. From all those fancy motivational words Nagisa says, I guess we’re still going to keep up with this assassination thingy as their conviction. Because their ‘assassination’ is proof of their bond with Koro.

Episode 20
Koro tries to do Christmas and New Year all in February because they’ve missed it. Besides, it’ll be their last if the world is destroyed. Nevertheless, the students talk about their future plans. Almost all would love to go to high school or college other than Kunigigaoka but not Karma. He wants to stay back because what better way than to tease and get back at those for putting him here. Nagisa is unsure about his occupation. So when Sakura notes he should be a teacher because that is what he is to her (or he could be her boyfriend!), Nagisa contemplates on that. Valentine’s Day is here. Nakamura and Karma know it is all written over on Kaede’s face that she wants to give her chocolates to Nagisa. Yeah, one kiss could screw up her entire acting skills. So in their bid to enjoy teasing her, they show her the other students giving their chocolates in their own way. They’ll take care of Koro who has become some sort of paparazzi. Just hand him a sexy photo of Yukimura in her swimsuit and he will be focused on it for days to come. At first Kaede is nervous but eventually seeing Nagisa for who he is, she gives her chocolates in her cheery and natural way. Too bad only Okajima didn’t get any chocolates. Heck, even Asano gave Koro chocolates because he realized the importance of Koro supporting students from the bottom as he ruled from the top. Bitch is also throwing a lavish Valentine’s dinner for Karasuma but he isn’t impressed. Of course they get to business talking about the assassination in with Bitch feels it isn’t so bad if the world ended because it will spare the students the heartache of failure. Karasuma wants her to quit after this is over as her emotions don’t make her fit to be an assassin. She is upset about this as there is no way she could go back walking in the sun. He offers her to work with his department to save more lives rather than kill. Bitch feels she is all alone if she does so but he vaguely hints she could come stay with him. You mean like, getting married and become part of his family?! She won’t miss this chance even if the world ends.

Episode 21
With everyone qualifying to get into their high school of their choice, Koro decides to celebrate by making a yearbook. However he has scandalous and embarrassing photos of everyone he has took for the past year! Peeping master?! The students rip all of them! I guess there is nothing left but to take new photos then. Nagisa tutors Sakura and hopes with this last test she could go back to school without fear. But she still has trauma of being bullied so Nagisa uses his deadly assassin technique which also serves as a double edged sword to calm her nerves down. This leads him to decide he wants to become a teacher. When Koro is alone at school one night, the government initiates their final plan to kill him. A super space laser cannon fires down on the school. Wow. Did they get inspiration from some video game? It doesn’t destroy anything but Koro. However he manages to dodge it. They expect this and initiate laser cannons that lock him inside the school. It won’t kill him but just a cage to prevent him from escaping. Because the laser cannon was fired at only 20% to avoid him detecting it. It will recharge in a week and will be blasted at 100%. With the military cordoning the area off, they also let the press know about the dangerous monster that destroyed part of the moon. The students didn’t like how the media is making Koro look like the bad guy but even if they plead he is a good guy, they think Koro made them say this and the trauma of being held hostage by him. The students see Karasuma for an explanation. Time’s up. It’s their turn to act. So they’re b*tching about others stealing their prey when they couldn’t kill or save him in time? Nagisa remains stubborn so Karasuma tackles him and says don’t give him any more trouble. But Nagisa knows this is a coded plea for help because he remembers he told them he will need their help whenever in trouble. Koro doesn’t fear death but his wish is to see his students one last time. At least he has ample time to do a supersize yearbook. The students do lots of careful and elaborate planning to sneak back into school. Then they make a move with 3 hours left to the deadline.

Episode 22
We see how the students take out all the soldiers guarding the area with ease. It’s their home ground anyway. It’s to show us how much they have grown. Finally they get to meet Koro. Time for their final lesson on happiness, gratitude and life. It’ll be full of frustrations and pressure anyway so don’t renounce society when that happens. They then proceed to celebrate Koro’s birthday. Since it is already a year since the moon was partly destroyed, Yukimura decided to make it his birthday. But the celebration is interrupted when Yanagisawa and his mysterious assassin attacks. The latter is no other than Reaper. He is literally now a tentacle monster! He is considered a much better version of Koro as all his skills are amplified. Because he volunteered for this experiment, his hatred makes it possible to be compatible with the tentacles. Also, his tentacles are not designed for long term. This means they can draw out more energy at the exchange of shortening his lifespan. Even when he dies, there is no danger of him exploding. Koro remembers taking on Reaper as his student. Despite he taught him well and never saw any avenue for him to betray, he realized he wasn’t properly looking at him. For example, Reaper wanted to show off what he learnt but was cut short or Koro didn’t show interest. Yanagisawa isn’t going to let Reaper do all the work. He injects himself with the serum to attain superhuman powers. At this point he doesn’t care about his own life. As long as he can kill that monster who took everything away from him, it’s a fair trade. Koro isn’t going to stand there and get his ass handed to him. He is going to show for the first time what it means to fight back with every last ounce of strength.

Episode 23
Koro is losing?! Arienai! Koro wants Yanagisawa to stay out since as a teacher he wants to guide his former student back to the right path. Dastardly Yanagisawa reveals why he chose this time to act. Because it makes his other students easy targets! He has Reaper attack them and Koro is forced to protect them and takes a real beating. Just when everybody starts thinking that the students are Koro’s biggest weakness ever, Koro dismisses all because his students risked their limbs to save him. That is why they are not a weak point or hindrance and is proud of them. Anyhow, Yanagisawa plans to slaughter them all once Koro is dead. He is going to run out of energy sooner or later. Kaede then jumps in to fight. As an ex-tentacle user, she could put up a decent fight but it isn’t long before she gets pierced through her body! Her death makes Koro go into full rage. So it’s like powering up like Super Saiyan too? When the monsters clash, it seems Koro is giving out all sorts of colourful lights which they deduce are his emotions. The blast is so powerful that it knocks away Yanagisawa out of the field. Because his cells are made up of those tentacle materials, this means he gets instantly disintegrated once he is outside the barrier. As for Reaper, Koro stabs him in the heart to give him a ‘peaceful’ graduation. Flashbacks of Reaper trying to appeal to Koro. All he wanted was to be acknowledged by him. To be like him. Koro now understands how he feels. Had he acted differently, he might have been able to guide him down a different path. With Koro’s victory, there is no joy because Kaede’s dead, right? Well not quite. When she was stabbed, Koro managed to quickly take her blood and somatic cells and stored them in sterile pressured air. All during battle! Can you believe it?! After all, he has already reserved a few tentacles to protect his students all the while. Then he does surgery on Kaede to bring her back to life! WTF?! KORO IS GOD!!!!!! With Kaede up and back, it’s time for a big group hug. Now they can celebrate. Koro wonders if Yukimura would think he has done a good job as a teacher because the important thing is not to repeat one’s mistakes.

Episode 24
Koro is tired and collapses, though still conscious. He reminds them he is weak enough for them to kill. Yes. That time has come. The class takes a vote on who wants to save him. All raise their hands. Who wants to kill him? After a little hesitant, all also raise their hands. Make up your minds! As they pin him down, the important thing that never crossed their mind: Who is going to kill him? Nagisa will do it. Koro says his goodbye but keeps it short since an entire day won’t be enough if he is to say it personally to everyone. So he takes class 3-E’s final attendance. So for a good 6 over minutes, we hear Koro say every name of his 28 students slowly and his advice and what they have learnt throughout the year. Then it’s time for Nagisa to stab his heart. But he becomes scared, his hands shaking. He goes crazy but Koro touches him and doesn’t want him to kill him in that state. Be calm. Smile. Nagisa did just that and then stabs the knife in. Goodbye. Koro disappears amidst the glowing yellow balls he is disintegrating to. Once he is gone, it is a big crying fest. Everybody cries. Even badass delinquents cry. Even teachers cry. Even the robot cries. Even I cried :’(. While Karasuma handles the military outside, the students return to their classroom only to find Koro has left each on their desk a graduation scroll, a very thick yearbook and an equally thick guidebook on how to live. They read until they fall asleep in the morning. They have graduated.

Episode 25
Karasuma thanks and apologizes to his students. Surprisingly they have moved on and thank him instead for all the support. During the graduation ceremony, Nagisa realizes that Koro has never mentioned about the E-class system being wrong. Because if you have time to whine and complain, might as well use it to change things. Nagisa is shocked to see his dad attending the ceremony with mom. Apparently Koro talked to him before and because he heard how hard his son is trying, he decided to give his family another chance. Wow. Koro even went this far to help him? Another round of tears. After the ceremony is over, unruly reporters try to interview them. Karasuma and his men have their hands full. But Gakushuu and his cronies take command to lead them out to safety. In the after math, the E-class is abolished and the campus is abandoned. As a result for putting those students’ life in danger, Asano resigned from his post. His old students return to help him out. Class 3-E students were paid the reward money as promised but they followed Koro’s advice by donating it to various places and returning the bulk of it to the government for their support. 7 years on, it looks like Karasuma and Bitch are married but things remain the same. Bitch is still trying to flirt with him but he remains a no-nonsense guy. Is it no wonder why they have no children? Hint, hint… Some of the (former) class 3-E students return to their old campus to clean it up since they manage to buy the area. Shouldn’t they have used the reward money to do this? I guess they weren’t thinking about it then. We hear how some of them are doing like Kaede a prominent actress, Sugino a famous baseball player, some with family business go help their parents out and Karma going into politics. All the while thanking and praising Koro for the precious guidance he has imparted. Lastly, Nagisa is now a trainee teacher but it looks like he might have got the short end of the stick because he is in the baddest most delinquent school ever! Hey, is he in the wrong anime? Say, Beelzebub?! The punks think they can bully him but they said the taboo word ‘kill’. Instinctively Nagisa scares them with his killing technique to make those pussies wet their pants. Now how is the real boss? He even dares them to ‘kill’ him before graduation. Koro sensei v2?

To Sir With Love
Although it is quite sad that Koro couldn’t be with his students in the end as some sort of plot twist, I somewhat feel this is a fair ending for everybody and to the series. I know this sounds cliché but Koro might not be physically around but he will always be in their hearts. His demise I feel was somewhat a timely atonement for his earlier sins and despite for that short single year, he is able to make the most out of it and atone his wrongdoings as an assassin. This allows his students to move on and lead fulfilling lives because had Koro continued to live, it would have diluted and cheapened the bond and preparation they worked so hard for the past year. It would be an insult. Even if it was a plot twist, it wouldn’t be a good one. Because bringing back the dead with some sort of lame excuses (to make viewers who can’t handle death happy?) would be the dumbest and insulting thing to us viewers too. So yeah, while it might be sad that Koro is gone but take heart that the world didn’t end and everyone gets to continue living their ordinary lives. Some perhaps more extraordinary than others.

Too bad I thought they would make Nagisa and Kaede and item seeing they did so with Karasuma and Bitch. I guess they are still young and have lots of things to do before they settle down. If not Kaede, maybe Sakura? Oh dear, he’s got a little harem there if I should say. Oh Nagisa, you’re starting to look like a playboy here but thanks to all that assassination and conspiracy drama all around, this romance thingy felt like a distraction than a potential that would blossom. But then again, knowing how Nagisa would think, this kind of romance would be the last on his mind because his current passion now is to be a teacher. I am not sure if Nagisa is going to impart the same assassinating techniques Koro taught him onto the delinquents. But it will be totally awesome if those punks suddenly become the new generation of assassins like Nagisa and his classmates. Or will they bring a new worldly disaster with their newfound powers? Another assassination classroom story for another day.

The pacing of the story towards the finish feels decent as it builds up to what actually became of Koro. So this means that the character development for the other lesser students of class 3-E didn’t get their own screen time as I thought they would. Because right till the end, there are a handful that I didn’t even know their names! So it was somewhat a right move for Koro to take their final attendance because boy I was surprised that a few of them I didn’t even know they existed! Hey. Was this guy in class 3-E before? Of course they are but usually in the background. So while we have a few character developments in focus like on Terasaka and his groupies and Kimura, the rest are basically given none. I guess with all the other important developments to focus on, they can’t be giving each and every of the students their own screen time. Because they have been working as a class, a group and therefore whatever improvements and development they have improved and grown, it applies to class 3-E as a whole. So when Itona finally had his case solved and joined Koro’s class, he somewhat falls into obscurity. Remember Okajima was like the joke character of the series? This season it feels non-existent.

Even Karma feels a bit side-lined in this series. Because of that, he doesn’t feel so badass as in the previous season. His role seems to be to face off with Gakushuu in the term exams and his biggest moment came in facing off with Nagisa over a divided class opinion. And lost. So mostly it is Nagisa overcoming his personal problem with his mom as well as the surprise package Kaede and her painful and horrifying secret being revealed that make the greater impact in this season. All of course reasonably leading up to the inevitable showdown and final. Even Karasuma and Bitch had their little moments but that was mostly in the first half taking on Reaper but after that, not much and they become relegated to observers.

So with less focusing on these students means they have to get other things out of the way first like Gakushuu and Asano. Because with their showdown somewhat ‘early’ and at halfway point, I anticipated that they couldn’t really be the final boss. They couldn’t. Because it is not Kunigigaoka that is supposed to be the real enemy that Koro and his students are supposed to face. This means they aren’t really the true baddies and thus their conclusion to have them ‘accept’ Koro and class 3-E’s method in education policy is somewhat a compromise and a closure to their longstanding rivalry and grudge. I mean, it’s to show that the most ruthless guys in Kunigigaoka aren’t so bad after all and had redeeming qualities. Yeah, it had to be Yanagisawa and his ultimate vengeance and hatred. Thus he is the only character in the series whom I considered really to have been killed.

Just like my confusion from last season, I still find it baffling that Koro has trained up his students with assassination techniques to kill him. Because the more they bond with each other, it becomes obvious that the students don’t really want to kill him. Thus every attempt from outsiders to kill Koro becomes an excuse for our students to go into action to save him. Which makes this entire thing ironic because they’re supposed to kill him but they’re saving him. Also more ironic that it shows they are selfish that they want to kill Koro themselves but I doubt at this point it is the monetary reward they are after at this point. It is too evident that Koro is too nice a guy (even more human than humans, if I should say) that they just want to spend every last second learning with him. Thus I can see why they are hesitant in killing him and giving excuses to postpone his assassination. Yeah, it’s like procrastinating it to the last day. And I’m sure they wouldn’t even want to do it if Koro had not reminded them. But then again, why let a laser cannon do the job and take all the credit.

What makes it more confusing was I thought they were going to save him? What was that space mission to make some medicine for? Was it all for nought? Maybe something else came up and I wasn’t paying attention since I was still under all that confusion. Oh right. The students want to pay tribute to him with his assassination. A culmination of their hard work and bond. So I might be thinking about the irony of training assassins but not for them to kill. Because it is like taking up a course in business and economics but then you go into a music career. But you see, I realized that Koro might seem to be training his students to kill but the important thing that we all might have overlooked is that he is training them to be better people. Assassin doesn’t mean taking lives. It could be ‘kill’ the bad attitude. Or something like that. Hence, that actually sums up what they have been doing the entire year. They can do amazing assassination techniques but they have the brains and rational to use it for the greater good. They don’t have to kill with what they have learnt. And of course all this training to be an assassin isn’t the point why Koro became a teacher. As already revealed, it is to keep good his promise to Yukimura. I’m sure she is very well resting in peace.

Speaking of Koro, he is perhaps the best character and teacher of all time. At least to his students. Funny, witty, serious and skilled (overpowered should be the correct term) at the same time, he dispenses his knowledge and skills like a true teacher. Even despite his tragic past, he still manages to keep his promise and do his job seriously. It is just too bad the rest of the world will never be ready or accept Koro thanks to crazy and selfish governments and higher ups with everyone would be thinking his students have Stockholm Syndrome. If not for the time limit on his life, I believe Koro would have made the world a much better place with his super skills that would put God to shame. Yes, he can do so many impossible stuffs and yet has so many weakness that he seems like a clashing epitome of everything. I mean, when you see him do an amazing surgery that brings back a dead (Kaede wasn’t technically dead yet but very close to it), you would start to believe he is the next coming of Jesus Christ or something even by right Koro can’t create life. But still, if you get to know the real Koro, you can’t help be overwhelmed with respect.

The students of 3-E who sang the opening themes for the first season, reprise their roles for the sequel. Despite Question (first opening theme) and Bye Bye Yesterday (second opening theme) are both rock outfits, at least it didn’t have that strange high 5 rodeo/jumping dance. That painfully awkward dance is still so freaking vivid in my mind. I can never get it out of my head each time I think of this series! Curse you, Koro sensei! Just like last season too, the ending themes are very lovely slow ballads. Both are sung by Shion Miyawaki, Kaketa Tsuki (first ending theme) and Mata Kmi Ni Aeru Hi (second ending theme). Though, I feel the former has a happier tone to it while the latter had a sadder sound.

Overall, this is a very satisfying and fitting end to the series. With it coming to an end, there are lots of mixed and clashing emotions now that I think about all the episodes I have watched in both the seasons. It is as though I was part of Koro’s class and experienced the fun and the laughter, the good times and the bad times, the learning times and trying times. There were funny moments, there were action moments, there were tense moments, there were cringe worthy moments and there were definitely sad moments. It all culminates down to this moment where I too feel like I have graduated with class 3-E. Only difference is that I am still the same useless otaku watching animes on my monitor. Koro would have turned in his grave and exploded the world sooner than expected if he knew the world had no hope in the first place. And a wise creature like him should already know better…

To Be Hero

April 15, 2017

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. However most of them we see and prefer these days are all good looking and have muscles and abs. Quite the hunk, huh? So what happens if a superhero is a crappy ugly looking middle aged dad? You can never quite imagine that, can we? Thus To Be Hero pays ‘tribute’ to a hero who do not have the looks and even has an uncouth personality to boot. Okay, maybe he isn’t quite cut out to be a superhero after all. You see, our main protagonist is a handsome divorcee and isn’t a good father to his estranged daughter. All that changes when he is given heroic powers to save the world but at a price. His handsome face for an ugly dad face! Well, nobody said you had to look good to save the world. Do we?

Episode 1
This handsome guy, Oyaji is flirting a hot babe at the restaurant. He’s so hot that she immediately tells her vital statistics after he guesses correctly her hip size. She is willing to sleep with him but then Oyaji’s only daughter, Min beats him up and reveals her father works as a toilet seat salesman and that’s why he could make correct guesses. She also beats up the slut who continues to admire him. Yeah, is it no reason why mom left? Back home as he goes take a dump, he suddenly gets flushed down the toilet. He is met with this strange fat gay construction guy with falsetto voice claiming to be from the Space Peace Republic Alliance Hero Committee. He wants Oyaji to be a superhero to save the Earth from aliens but clearly he isn’t interested. Does he have a choice? Too bad Oyaji is already manifesting the superpower. When he is back in his own toilet, Oyaji realizes he looks like an ugly middle aged man! Hideous! He needs to think fast of an excuse to give Min but thankfully she is asleep. As he puts her to bed, he remembers how cute and gentle she was when young. He tries to kiss her but apparently she wakes up freaking out. Time for your beat down. Oddly, whatever Oyaji says in his mind, it is twisted into something perverted from his mouth. Like when he says she was born when he was 22, it came out as she is his favourite wank material when he was 22! No wonder Min believes he is a pervert and kicks him out of the house. He sleeps outside and the next morning, a couple of hot babes are running away from a cockroach alien. He just smacks it with his slipper. So where is his thank you kiss? Ladies ignoring him… It’s a sin to be ugly. Then this prawn alien comes to attack but is easily defeated. No happy ending for Oyaji because Min beats him up for stalking in front of her house. Meanwhile the alien prince, Moemoe is mad because he thought Earth had no superheroes. Oyaji needs to find a place to stay so he tries his weird next door neighbour, Yamada. Oh no. That perverted look… I don’t think birds of the same feather is right…

Episode 2
Yamada is dangerous… Not even the most extreme fujoshi would dream of this pairing! Yamada serves Oyaji a huge chicken egg. The chick is still alive! This freaks Oyaji out as he runs to the toilet (because his ass has a headache?!). He gets a call from Min but his happiness turns to despair because all the words he says still sound like a pervert. She hangs up thinking daddy has lost his phone to a pervert. Oyaji runs back to his home and at the same time, some pink yeti alien is at his doorstep ready to make his kill. But a little girl opens the door. Oops. He got the wrong number and gets instantly pierced in the head! Oyaji returns and luckily Min is out. He tries to return to the sewers via toilet bowl but nothing is working. So what to do but take a dump. Yeah, nothing is coming out either… Meanwhile a hooded chicken alien arrives at Yamada’s place. He is terrified to see the dead chicken. Cannibals! He runs away and perhaps a good choice because Yamada is seeing him as his ‘big cock’. Oh sh*t! What is he saying about threesome or foursome with their lover and son? Sick! Oyaji realizes he didn’t eat and that’s why he can’t sh*t. So when he sees the chicken alien, he wants to eat him! But then he sees Min talking with a hot boy her age and like all fathers would fear, you think he would allow this? He’s going to protect the hell out of her. So much so he ignores chicken alien’s shriek of death and tells him to shut up! That power of his instantly kills the fowl! I’m sure at this point the other aliens are afraid and wanting to give up on invading Earth but Moemoe knows Oyaji’s weakness…

Episode 3
Moemoe’s subordinates are explaining to him about the power of Earth’s humans. It seems men are weak but women are the powerful ones with their power grade ranging from A to Z. As proof, they watch a sexy swimsuit video and you can see the aliens getting nose bleeds and boners! Powerful indeed! Yeah, this means all the aliens are men. But they note that Min is the weakest (because she is flat?) and since she is Oyaji’s daughter, they must target her. Min is sad that Oyaji is missing and goes to the police to report. Oyaji has been tailing her and mistakes a boy following her as her lover. He sends Yamada to go flash at him. They get caught by the police. Min is happy when she thought Oyaji is waiting back at their home. However it turns out to be some smiley alien trying to flirt with her. She beats him up easily. Then a car alien joins in to help smiley alien but this time Oyaji puts a stop in its tracks. Car alien transforms but his limbs are too short. Oyaji fixes the engine thinking he heard some weird noise. Weird sexual innuendo scene here when car alien climaxes with engine oil flowing out… Min returns home, sad that dad is still not back. She starts crying and it is heart breaking to see Oyaji could only stand outside and do nothing. Stupid Yamada had to break this scene by bugging him. Next morning, Min thought dad is back in his room. Nope. But she is happy because there is a hot porridge meal on the table. Though, bread is her favourite but I guess it is better than nothing. Oyaji leaves happy but is stabbed in the heart by Moemoe! If you want something done, do it yourself.

Episode 4
While Moemoe is bragging, it seems there is no injury on Oyaji! Did he heal? The more Moemoe tries to hurt him, nothing happens. It gets freaking odd when Moemoe sounds sexually ambiguous that he thought he stuck it deep inside him! Look at all the blood! When Oyaji picks his nose and finally gets out his booger, Moemoe thinks this is his weakness because Oyaji gets disgusted when he picks it up. Guess what? Moemoe eats it thinking he could get powers! Then he gathers the entire world’s snot to make a giant booger to kill him. Oyaji has no choice but to whip out his slipper and slap him but accidentally slaps Min! Oh no. Instantly she gives the pervert a flurry of punches. This scene seems to resonate with Moemoe because that was how his mom beat him up. It was love. Yeah, this guy has fallen for Min. He wants to marry her! When he proposes, obviously she ignores him (I’m sure she doesn’t even know he exists). Of course he feels the need to offer something to steal her heart. Guess what his subordinates find out to win a woman’s heart on Earth? Give her an apartment! So they have to go through a real estate agent to get one? I guess these aliens are so poor they can’t even afford the many zeroes on any property. Yeah, their war chest can only get them a very small space. And nobody is going to offer them a 500 year loan! So how now? Moemoe sells his spaceship to a bunch of trannies! How the f*ck are they going to go home now?! But I don’t think he even made a killing with that sale and just got enough to rent the apartment for a year. Yamada treats Oyaji’s wounds. He is puzzled he cannot take damage or feel pain but when Min beats him up, it is painful and the damage is ever lasting. Oh, Moemoe is going to be living in this same apartment too.

Episode 5
Oyaji dreams he won the best toilet seat award. Then he gets busy designing new state of the art toilet seats, attend meetings and have an affair with lots of babes. Each time he ignores his wife’s call or brushes her off. Then one days he called for a divorce. Oyaji wakes up because Moemoe is trying to strangle him! Don’t count on it. He’s an immortal superhero. So while the duo argue over Min, speak about the devil, here she comes. Just clad in a towel! Yeow! What’s this super sexy fanservice in the morning?! Apparently the tap of her bath broke and she was hoping Yamada or somebody can come fix it. Of course Oyaji and Moemoe fight over this. She isn’t too thrilled about the perverts but whatever if it fixes the plumbing. So how is Moemoe going to do it? He is going to drink all the water?! Oyaji thinks this is his evil plot to turn Earth into a barren desert but looks like Moemoe almost drowned. Not a threat at all. As Oyaji fixes the tap, he remembers this has always been a problem. Mom always called him to fix it but he ignored her, telling her to just replace it. But instead one day he came back to find he was replaced (the divorce). It’s a heart breaking story and that is when Moemoe learns Min is Oyaji’s daughter. Trying to win his approval, he declares his love for Min but Oyaji beats him up. When Min returns, the tap is fixed although it is just mostly taped over. She thought it was her dad who fixed it. Meanwhile Moemoe’s dad the emperor isn’t happy his stupid son sold the spaceship to stay on Earth. Moemoe’s younger brother, Moemoemoe offers to deal with him. So when Moemoe is expecting Min at the door, but instead some death loli with a thorny tail!

Episode 6
This girl (Dataling as I should refer to her as) is actually Moemoe’s fiancée! Oyaji is mad at him for trying to hit on his daughter when he already has a fiancée but is Moemoe trying to play dumb by denying everything? When Dataling sees Min, she gets jealous and tries to attack her but Moemoe uses his body to protect her. Actually her tail didn’t even hit him because Oyaji grabbed it. It is revealed her tail is talking because the tail is the real body! Time for flashback. Many years ago, Moemoe had a sudden stomach ache and rushed into the girls’ toilet. That is where he accidentally saw Dataling taking a dump (it looked like vomiting of course). She is in distress because she ran out of toilet paper! Since he saved the day, she became his self-proclaimed fiancée although Moemoe rejects her because they are different species. But his father disallowed it because her species is the smartest and richest in the universe. In defiance, he goes on a trip to conquer planets to meet his yet-unseen wife. Wow. So this invasion has a backstory? Min doesn’t seem impressed and is disappointed to think her father was the one who fixed the tap. Suddenly Yamada comes out to give Dataling a mouth to mouth resuscitation. Yeah, he doesn’t know he is sucking her ass… Moemoe has decided to stay here to protect Min even if this means bringing more danger. But this time he won’t run away. As they both prepare to make a truce, Dataling suddenly starts leaking energy. They’re trying to plug up her holes before she explodes. That is when Moemoemoe comes in and sees this ambiguous threesome scene. He steals Dataling and runs away but she explodes in space. Everything solved by itself. Oyaji sees a shocking scene. His original self is at the door!

Episode 7
Oyaji is in a dilemma of himself. Is he the real person or not? His (painful) memories of Min are real. His photos in his handphone with her are real. So is he going to stop that imposter before Min opens the door? Too bad he decides to hide and let the imposter be with Min. What’s with the low confidence? Moemoe believes Oyaji is the real one because superheroes don’t lie. But they can determine if Oyaji is real or not via his fiancée. Isn’t she dead? The fake body was just like a handphone battery so they just need to stick the tail into a new body. Hmm… Who is it going to be? Yamada! After plugging it into his ass, Yamada revives into a refined man. Or woman! His balls becomes his boobs?! Dataling revives and says Oyaji needs to give a sample of his DNA for her to analyse. I don’t know why Oyaji is thinking of kissing Yamada (no doubt he looks smoking hot in female form) but Moemoe plucks a strand of his hair. After analysing, it seems Oyaji is not from this Earth. Listen. Not from THIS Earth. This means there is a parallel world he came from. When he got lost and sent back, instead of having 2 Oyaji with the same face, that is why he got transformed into this ugly dad. The only way to fix this is to get back to that committee via the same circumstances. But isn’t it impossible to be the only person in the world to take a dump at any single point now? It seems Oyaji has an idea as he takes Moemoe into the toilet… Meanwhile Dataling and Yamada starts a new love relationship. Elsewhere the alien emperor’s oldest and youngest sons fight over their methods to deal with Moemoe. While Moemoemoe decided to strike first (and died from that explosion), the older one, Moe decides to plan. Everything needs to be perfect. So he assimilates as Oyaji’s face. Despite Min berating him as usual, she actually loves him being back. And the imposter is playing his cards cool.

Episode 8
Moe gives Min eat some super watermelon. Now she is in dreamland fantasizing of all the good things. Everyone is a melon head! But the emperor isn’t pleased in watching this. It seems his goal is to conquer the universe and rid of all emotions in which he sees as weakness. Flashback time. When he was young, he had many pretty girls by his side. However they all died or get arrested. His parents worried about him arranged him to marry some giant fish monster. Yeah… He’s screwed. They have no children and of course they go to the doctor to find out why. Aren’t their different species incompatible? So the doctor gave them some gachapon as cure and they got 3 princes as we know them. But a few years later his wife died and left a revelation. She admitted in abusing the kids, slept with the neighbour and had a child with him, threatens him this will be leaked if he remarries and worst of all, she never loved him once. This made the emperor mad and thus casted away his feelings for his new goal. Seeing how his princes are useless, the emperor is going to settle this himself. Meanwhile Min is surprised that her dad has renovated the entire house with gold and shiny things. However she is not thrilled when she threw out her dusty personal box under the bed. When she goes out to see if it’s there, she catches those perverts peeking at it. Embarrassing albums, huh? She beats them up. The fake Oyaji suggests inviting them for dinner.

Episode 9
Oyaji remembers Min being a fussy eater who won’t eat her vegetables. He now feels awkward about it but now is even more awkward as Yamada and Min fight over meat and Moemoe trying to beg to the fake Oyaji to give his daughter her hand in marriage. Oyaji then takes Moemoe to the toilet so that he could be sent back to his world as he can’t stand watching this anymore. If he didn’t put it so ambiguously like taking off your underwear… I’m not sure about Moemoe’s ability to control sh*t but during this argument they wonder if that fake Oyaji isn’t an Earthling because if so, he will not be affected by Moemoe’s power. Min has had enough of this farce and returns to her room to look at her personal box. As she goes through it, she finds something strange in a book. Moe is commenting at the frail human emotions and plans to switch the drink with some despair spell. Unfortunately he drank it himself. I suppose the plan failed because Oyaji pooped a lot and is still here. They go back out to see fake Oyaji depressed and trying to kill himself with a fish! Subsequently all the guys drink the tainted booze and all become depressed too. Man, it’s chaotic. When Min comes out and wants an explanation of things, she sees the ugly Oyaji doing some chopstick move that only her real dad could do. It seems there is a drawing in the book that has this ugly dad as a superhero protecting the family, fighting and defeating the enemy. That is when the emperor crashes into the place. Not a good time to sh*t in your pants.

Episode 10
Min remembers crying profusely when mom left them. Dad tried to appease her by saying she went on a long journey but she knew he was lying because he heard about the divorce. She blamed him for it. Over the years, she turned into a delinquent and picked fights. Although her dad showed concern, she didn’t show the least bit to him. Now Min tries to fight the emperor but gets owned. He assures he won’t kill her so fast as she will need to watch him massacre Earth before dying a slow death. Min remembers she was sick from an allergy and dad was desperately trying to seek help. She wakes up only to find Moemoe desperately trying to revive her. When the princes realizes their dad is here, Moe tries to lap it up to dad that he is just a step away from success and just needs another chance. But when he reveals his perfect disguise that had him transform to different women and stay in dad’s bed all night (gross!), dad beats him up. Exposed! The emperor claims Moemoe as the only true heir because Moe is a useless cross-dresser and Moemoemoe is dead. He must take the throne for his sake and the universe. This prompts Min how dad always had last minute change of plans all for the company’s sake. Why is everyone so damn selfish? Moemoe stands up. The throne doesn’t interest him as he has found love and warmth in this place. The emperor is impressed and wants him to take responsibility of it for himself. This means the emperor pounds him to bits as he destroys the entire apartment! Time for the final showdown with the hero. Oyaji is mad his home is gone and his toilet is destroyed. Somebody is going to get some serious payback. The emperor is going to erase him and not leave a speck behind (because Oyaji could guess his wife f*cked another guy and had his child). Oyaji takes out his slipper to slap him. Nothing happens. He then admits up till now he doesn’t know what his superpower is.

Episode 11
The emperor gives a powerful punch that Oyaji flies away! He is going to continue beating him up but is tired of hearing Moe’s ‘sexy’ moans and kills him off despite his pleas! This is when Oyaji realizes he doesn’t have any superpowers nor was he a hero in the first place. That is, till Min tells him straight he has always been one. The emperor could have finished her had not Yamada and Dataling jump into to fight him. Wow. They have more superpowers and acting more like a hero than Oyaji! They are assisted by Moemoe who is gathering up faeces to throw at his father. Say what?! But the emperor still overwhelms them as he chokes Dataling by her neck. As he is unsure why humans continue to fight despite being defeated, Dataling narrates from Yamada’s memories. Despite the sick and perverted nature of trying to commit suicide and flashing, she still felt some sort of warmth that gives her peace (does this mean she is twisted too?). The emperor releases her from that dream by killing her! Yamada is distraught by her death as well as traumatic memories of his family leaving him. He charges straight at the emperor but gets vaporized. This only serves to make Oyaji feel guiltier as he believes he is the cause of all that has happened. So if he wants revenge, he has no qualms to be killed as long as he spares Earth. The emperor swears on that but first Oyaji must proclaim he is a loser and wants to die 3 times. As Oyaji recites that, Min disagrees and pleads that he is a hero and the only one who can save the world from this evil. But the emperor finds her annoying and zaps her. OMG! They’re killing almost everybody in this episode!!!

Episode 12
While furious Moemoe is throwing everything at the emperor, Oyaji reads the book. He remembers getting off in the middle of work to attend sick Min. Then he draws this superhero book for her in which coincidentally coincides many of the events we have seen here. After the emperor finishes off Moemoe, Oyaji says there is one puzzle he still hasn’t resolved. Oyaji bought a sports car when his wife around and this doesn’t sit well with her so Oyaji argued he deserved things like this for his hard work. This made Min continue the drawing and made Oyaji the bad guy! Therefore the emperor is him! Or at least his dark side. As both of them start a super fight, this is what reality is. That all we have seen could be just pages from the comic book! Because in actual fact Oyaji is rolled into hospital after collapsing from overworking while a very concerned Min stays by his side. Yamada reveals more truths to Min that Oyaji has been working 8 part time jobs. She thought he was the president of his own company. When Min fell sick, his colleagues were ‘kind’ enough to let him go to her. He gave his project details to them. Unfortunately they stole his idea and made him the bad guy. Oyaji has been working hard to convince others it was his idea. After his wife left, he worked even harder. Yamada talked to him and felt pity and told him to tell Min the truth. However Oyaji won’t because he doesn’t mind being criticized or hated. In Min’s heart, a superhero must never give up. Min reads this story by Oyaji’s comatose side. She is sad and wants daddy to wake up and do things together again. She wants him to stay by her side and watch her grow up so that she can be the superhero to protect him. Then one morning, Min and Oyaji get into an argument about toilet paper. The typical love-hate father-daughter relationship. But this last part is confusing. Oyaji wakes up with Moemoe trying to strangle him. Dataling is still alive telling us this is reality and not a dream or flashback. Moemoe forces Oyaji to take a dump to meet that committee guy again who tells him to go to whatever world he wants. Because there are multiple parallel worlds! Because they don’t want it all to be a dream!

To Be Father
Wow. This is really super fun. I didn’t expect to enjoy this so much and find it super funny but yeah, the jokes may be sometimes gross but as long as I was laughing, it doesn’t matter. Though, my only small complaint was the ending. The so called twist in the final episode was confusing and that took a lot of fun out of my enjoyment as I try to understand and piece together what was happening while the episode is running out of time. So you can say I am still pretty confused about everything that has happened because it’s like the producers are trolling us with all that happened. Instead of making it all some weird dream, everything happened because of this multi-verse thingy. So not too sure if Oyaji got a happy ending with Min but at least in one universe (at least that is what I am assuming), he got that dream right. Not too sure if I can call this an ending because sometimes I feel the producers ran out of idea after all that nonsense and gave us this crap to end and fool us all.

First of all, I don’t think I have laugh as hard as I did in recent years (or was it months?) for an anime series other than Gintama. Maybe it could be the toilet and crappy jokes. Ah yes. This series is filled with lots of them so if you can’t stomach the toilet jokes, fart jokes and all the other sh*tty jokes, you’ll definitely not find this anime funny at all. Offensive? Who cares about you oversensitive people?! It was really nonsensical and fast paced (but not as fast as Teekyuu) and I think that is where the effect of the slapstick humour pays off. Everything was already so nonsensical, oh heck, just go with the flow.

Of course the biggest role in making this anime funny is the characters. Despite how weird and silly they all are, if you like this anime, you’ll find it hard to loath them. But basically this entire series could also be seen as one big drama attempt of father and daughter trying to bond back together. Oyaji looked like he never cared for her till he turned into an ugly dad and Min despite trying to stay tough and chastise her dad is actually a big tsundere who loves daddy deep within. They really play and build up well the tension and drama effect up till the final episode. It was really heart wrenching to learn the truth (assuming it was) and all the more reason why you want to vouch and support for them to end up being a family again. Yeah, they really pull our heart strings there. So did being an ugly dad give Oyaji a chance to become a good father again? Only time can tell. And I’m sure Min would also realize that even if Oyaji isn’t the best father, she is still her father and the only one she will have till the end of time. Aww… I feel like wanting a big group hug! But the thing that bugged me is Oyaji’s powers because it is inconsistent and at times he could just display it without knowing and at times when call for it, he is just a normal person. It’s like the superpower is trolling him. Or could it all just be our imagination?

Yamada may pass off as the quirkiest character because of his suspicious and perverted looking picture. This guy has all the tell-tale signs that your children and daughters should keep away from! This guy is dangerous! Especially when he has delusions of doing threesomes and foursomes with his entire family, that says a lot. But I wonder if the real Yamada is this sick. Because the actual person might just be an ordinary and decent person as portrayed in the final episode. Oh hell, blame it on the multi-verse theory! Moemoe too is an idiot and I suppose everyone becomes one when he falls head over heels over a girl. Heh. A universal sign of love even if you’re an alien. Dataling’s existence feels like a running joke so she could be stuck into someone’s ass like charging a phone battery. The emperor who looks menacing and the most evil of all evils, in some ways he too is an idiot. So he turns out to be Oyaji’s dark side? Please, I don’t want to be confused anymore…

Honestly, if you look at the artwork and animation, they are pretty crappy. But because we have been told about the theme of this series and how ‘crappy’ the jokes are, we are now more inclined to forgive the crappy art style. Yeah, I guess it was this simple. Because we’ll be laughing or cringing at all the silliness that the mediocre quality artwork don’t matter anymore. Unless it was done on purpose but that’s not the point. Recently, the Shanghai based animation company, Haoliners Animation League has been making quite a splash in the anime industry for the past few seasons. They’re infusing a bit of their Chinese trademark (like names of characters) into animes as you can see from their other works like Cheating Craft, Hitori No Shita: The Outcast, Chu Feng: B.E.E. and the Reikenzan series. They’re really trying to make an impact and strike while the steel is still hot.

Voice acting is pretty okay with Kenjiro Tsuda as Oyaji and Tomokazu Sugita as Moemoe as the only recognizable ones. Moa Tsukino who voices Min, this is her first and debut role. At times she might sound a bit raw and amateurish but still she did an overall good job. The other casts are Yutaka Aoyama as Yamada (Jura in Fairy Tail), Shouzou Iizuka as the emperor (Kokujouji in K), Nozomi Nishida as Dataling (Makina Nakajima in Macross Delta), and Kazuhiko Inoue as Moe (Gildarts in Fairy Tail).

The opening theme is Ainikoiyo by Brats. Typical generic rock music to get into the comedic action of the series. But the more amusing one is the ending theme, Watashi No Papa Ga Chikyuu Wo Mamoru by Kazuyo Lin. What is interesting is that this song from what I can hear is sung in Chinese! It is quite rare to hear other languages in Japanese anime. English and sometimes instrumental are already rare but for me, hearing Chinese in an anime theme song is my first. Making it cuter is the video game-like beeping sound the singer sings. Cute. Making it funnier is the animation as we see Min in a tower defence-like game as she shoots her plungers at all the weirdoes and perverts trying to approach her apartment.

Overall, this series tells you a lot of things. Don’t judge a book by its cover because it is the inside and your actions that truly counts. It is a story that perhaps most single fathers could relate if they have a teenage daughter growing up. This is a heart-warming story of a father trying to reconnect with his daughter again and the sacrifice that they have to go through to realize what is important. You don’t need Superman, Batman or Spiderman to look up for inspiration. That superhero is just right next to you and even related. Man, this anime is so touching! So deep! Deeper than my constipation! Yeah… Therefore you can forgive the toilet and sh*t jokes that they spew at us for these very important lessons. Yeah… Next time you start thinking your father is crap, just remember that despite his bald, flabby belly and wrinkled skin, lies a true superhero father who loves you. Oh, I’m going to tear up right now. Salutes to ugly dads! Forever the real heroes in our hearts!

To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd

March 5, 2016

The following of this series must still be going strong. Otherwise, why come up with another season a few years later, To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd? Or maybe it is because since the last time when it aired, it ended in an unsatisfying fashion and now that we have some materials to cover and animate, the time is right. Well, forgive me. I’m not really a fan of the series so I might be just speculation a lot. Seriously as over the years my interests over it seem to have gradually waned, I suppose the reason why I am picking this up is because of the nostalgia factor. You don’t believe me, right? After all, for those who watch this popular series in the first place has to be in it for the fanservice. It is a paradise and must-have for ecchi lovers. Yeah well… I’m not saying I started disliking the series but I don’t feel the enthusiast in it when I decided to pick this one up. Heck I didn’t even go back and re-read my previous blog on the season to refresh my mind. I have a very faint gist of what happened but other than that, I can’t be bothered to even wanting to remember the previous season. And yeah, I can’t even be bothered to wait for the uncensored version…

Episode 1
Fanservice from the start. Rito sexily licking Momo’s tail in his sleep. Who is to blame? Because Momo crept into his bed again. More trouble fanservice when he slips onto Lala when she just got out of the bath and has his hands at her sensitive areas. Rito you monster! At school when Mea learns of Rito’s horny perversion, it really gets her hopes up. Momo reminds Rito that Mea is still a trans weapon although for now she is harmless. Rito gets into more trouble when he bumps into Yami. I don’t know how he got his hands under her clothes. As expected, she beats him up till he has butt face. Only Lala’s mercy has Yami drop her killing intention. Hey, wasn’t she supposed to kill him? Momo reminds Rito about the harem plan and will help him as much as possible. Lala asks Haruna if she would tell Rito her feelings today. Momo then talks to Haruna about becoming Rito’s harem. Haruna feels uneasy because despite so, in the end it will turn into a competition. Momo mentions about polygamy is common in space. If Rito marries Lala and Haruna, both will live happily together. Besides, Rito is no ordinary human and will be Deviluke’s next ruler. This has Haruna in a dilemma because if that happens, then it won’t be a competition anymore. She wonders if she is being selfish thinking about her own happiness. Haruna suddenly becomes drunk since she was drinking an energy drink laced with some Deviluke herbs. Since Rito is passing, she becomes clingy to him and he has no choice but to take her home. Everyone is staring at them and bad enough, the principal sees them. Before he gets suspicious, Rito lies about Yami nearby so the pervert instantly strips and runs that direction. Back in Haruna’s room, she strips herself to her undies. This ‘shock’ has Rito spill water on her. That made it worse. Then she hugs him and they end up in a very steamy and sexy ambiguous position. She asks him about the harem thingy. Because she could confess her feelings, she sobers up and becomes embarrassed realizing her disposition. It gets even more awkward when Akiho returns, thinking they’re doing it this early. Rito leaves and Akiho feels bad for interrupting them. Momo apologizes to Rito she should have stopped Akiho earlier. Yeah, she was watching the entire thing. To steamy to pay notice to anything else? Rito thinks the harem plan is impossible because he can’t understand about Haruna wanting to make her love as her own. Momo hints a girl’s heart is complicating. Of course Rito doesn’t understand. He’s a guy!

Episode 2
This time Momo is sleeping with her boobs and crotch exposed next to Rito! You wonder how he lives every day. She reminds him to be cautious about Mea and try not to be alone with her. On the other hand, Mea wonders something is wrong because her Master Nemesis has not contacted her for a long time. At school, Tearju talks to Rito if he has noticed anything changed about Mea. She is also worried about Yami who still maintains her distance from her. She would like to get to know Mikan because she is best friends with Yami. When Lala zooms past Rito, she accidentally drops one of her quirky inventions. He picks it up and like always, it malfunctions and turns him into a little rat. Now he can see those glorious pantsu! Oh wait. Better run to avoid getting stepped on. He runs to Momo but those VMC guys didn’t like the rodent touching their princess. He hides in the girls’ changing room. Yeah. Tits galore. Saki and co kick him out. Rito’s fanservice trouble run continues. He somehow ends up squished between Haruna and Yui’s camel toe. He thought Nana could help since she can communicate with animals but the stupid principal bumped him away, excited he could read his porn. Rito flies into Yami’s tight outfit and scurries his way down her body. By the time he encounters Mea, he is tired. She takes care of him until he wakes up. That is when the curse is lifted. Big naked boy in front of her. Because Yami’s panties were stuck on his head, Yami knew he was the culprit and proceeds to beat him up, short of killing him. Mea asks Yami if she becomes uneasy sometimes. Yes she does. Nemesis never thought her about this so Yami tells her to think about it herself.

Mea is looking depressed and Nana can tell. She talks to her to cheer her up that with the support of her friends, things aren’t so bad as they used to be. Rito thought Mea is going to do something dangerous when he spots her in her assassin clothes. He questions if whatever Nemesis tells her to do is right. Mea finds this offensive and insulting and quickly takes control of Rito’s body to force him to do embarrassing pervy acts on her. I think she likes it. She thinks their emotions are in sync but he mentions about her uneasiness and loneliness like as though she is a lost child. She isn’t amused by his words. She still thinks what she does is based on Nemesis’s orders. Rito asks back if it was Nemesis’s orders when she tried to save Nana from that truck. Can’t answer. Rito knows that Nana was grateful from the bottom of her heart when Mea saved her. Suddenly several aliens start attacking Mea. They have a grudge against her for destroying whatever they had. Apparently Mea did lots of things to earn money so she can collect information on Yami. She wonders how they found out about her location. To her shock, it was Nemesis who told them. That is when Mea goes on the offensive and beats the crap out of them with her strength. She likes this feeling. Then she realizes why Nemesis did this. It is to make her remember that she is a weapon. Now the aliens are fleeing when Mea is just starting to have fun. The fight spills before Nana’s eyes. Mea sees Nana’s disappointed face.

Episode 3
Mea is absent from school. Nana tries to act find but that disturbed look on her face is hard to ignore. Based on last night’s events, Mea told her this is her true form. Even heartbreaking is how Mea is done pretending to be friends with her. Obviously Nana sinks into depression. Momo also feels bad. She thought Nana being friends with her would turn out something like Mikan and Yami but if this was going to happen in the first place, she should have separated them. Rito decides to go talk to Nana. In her digital safari, Nana pours her heart out about being foolish and naive in hoping Mea would open up her heart to her. It was sad she was earnest wanting to be friends but there was not a shred of it in Mea. Rito wants her to talk to Mea again and hugs her to calm her down. He asks if she would like to be friends with her again. Of course. Without a doubt. Nana doesn’t think Mea understand those feelings but Rito recalls when his feelings synced with his. He felt the uneasiness and loneliness. Like she was lost between a person and a weapon. She was pretending to be friends because she was hiding her true self. But now she knows, they can start over again for real. This gives Nana to go talk to Mea again. At the river bed, Mea threatens Nana not to come close but Nana inches closer. Mea strikes her blades but they all seem to unconsciously miss her. Suddenly Nana finds herself being groped by Rito! Or something that looks like him. Mea used her ability to create a strong image from her heart. More crap from Mea why she should stay away from her. I’m a weapon, you’re a human, blah, blah, blah. Nana breaks free and hugs her. She doesn’t care for all that crap. The most important thing is their feelings. She pleads to be real friends this time. I guess that heart tugging speech makes it hard for Mea to reject. Okay. Let’s be friends. Yami just beat up those aliens planning to blow up the vicinity just to get even. Yami and Mea reconcile. Mea now understands what Yami meant. Back home, Nemesis finally contacts Mea. But she is not mad and allows her to stay as long as she wishes. Thanks to recent events, Nemesis now understands better what is leading her astray. Nana can’t sleep and visits Rito’s room. She thinks of sneaking in and sleeping with him but naked Momo is already there. This must have become a nightly affair, eh? You mad? So why beat the hell out of Rito who is sleeping so soundly?

Episode 4
The festival begins. Momo had the bad luck of meeting those VMC guys there. But the moment they see Rito with her, they start warning her about the lewd beast he would become (horny fanservice delusion cue). Yeah, I think they are the ones in danger of become the lewd beasts. Thanks to that delusion, Momo manages to escape them. Rito asks Momo about her mom. She describes her as a great lady whom everyone respects. He wonders if she ever gets lonely to see her. Because of him and the rest of her friends around, she never feels lonely. Rito also asks about the harem plan. More importantly, why she is eagerly doing this for him. That’s because she loves him. She doesn’t mind being his second or third choice but as long as she wants to be loved by him. That would have been great if she said that out loud instead of in her mind. Instead, she gives the excuse that she wants everyone to be happy. Momo notes that because of this deception, Rito is playing along. The plan will succeed even before he realizes it. The only problem is Yami. Based on her recent reconciliation with Mea, seems that she still views herself as an assassin and weapon. When Mikan comes looking for them because Tearju is in trouble, they make haste but Rito bumps into Yami around the corner. He is a master in somehow getting his face in her crotch, isn’t he? Yami teaches him a lesson and reminds him that she is still after his life. Then Mikan starts to act strange. She is telling Yami just to kill Rito in that case. Mikan then transforms into Nemesis. This little girl is her true form. Rito still manages to slip and gives Nemesis her first taste of fanservice. She likes it and continues flirting with him. She mentions about the 2 types of destruction: Physical and psychological. She prefers the latter. Nemesis then proceeds to humiliate Momo by molesting her tail, only to be stopped by Yami. She backs off since her goal is to make friends and not start a fight. Hard to believe that. Nemesis has observed Yami via Mea and her surroundings and realized her true feelings. Something about Yami knows she does not belong here and she will eventually have to leave. Unconsciously she realizes it in her heart that her true nature is a weapon which can never love a person. That is called Darkness. She believes Yami will eventually awaken to it without her guidance. She’ll patiently wait till that time comes and in the meantime will just hang around and play with them. Momo asks Tearju about Darkness. But she mentions it is nothing to worry about. Even so, it will be okay as long as everyone who thinks of her is here.

Episode 5
Celine is messing with one of Lala’s inventions. What does it do this time? It is supposed to summon a friend here. And it had to summon Yui when she is in the middle of her bath right onto Rito. Oh no… Hey, at least it works! Mea meets Nemesis in person for the first time. She wonders what is Darkness but Nemesis will let her see it for herself when the time comes. When Rito is done with his errand, he is surprised to see Yui taking the same train home. Yeah, that incident still fresh in your mind? Then she brings him away to a corner. No, it’s not she allows him to get horny on her but she doesn’t want him to take out his lust on the other girls. How kind of her. At the next stop, the crowd comes in and packs the train like sardine. If Rito is wondering why Yui is glaring at him, he realized too late that his hand is groping her butt! He tries to break free but unconsciously his arm touches her breasts. Then the cat paw toy he bought for Celine activates and starts fondling her crotch. Wow. Just super. I wonder how long she can hold it in. I don’t think she can… When they’re out at the next station, Rito can’t understand why she screams at him for being shameless. Mikan spots Mea at the supermarket and invites her home for dinner. Although she doesn’t feel close to her, after learning she is Yami’s sister, she thought of putting in some effort to understand her. She lets Mea help out cutting the cabbage. She seems to like it and it flipped her chopping switch. Because Mikan knows her identity, she doesn’t hesitate to transform her blades and start her chopping fury. It’s like she is getting orgasmic doing this. So much so she accidentally cuts everyone’s clothes and Mikan had the unfortunate view of having Rito’s dick in her face! Luckily she stops (perhaps nothing left to cut) right before Lala comes in (she was ‘stalled’ in the bath when Celine was sucking her tits). The friends had a wonderful feeling especially Mea starting to feel this fuzzy feeling of closeness in her heart. Mikan sees the similarity of Mea and Yami. She is still just like how Yami used to be. Mikan feels although she won’t get along with Mea as well as she does with Yami, it is okay once in a while to invite her to dinner again.

Episode 6
After helping father at his manga workplace, Momo wants to show Rito an eroge and perhaps this will lead to something steamy and ‘unleashing of the beast’. Double click! However they bump into Nemesis who is still bent on making Rito her manservant. Momo is wary of her but Rito agrees to accompany Nemesis in hopes of learning something about her. There goes Momo’s quality time with him. Nemesis has lots of fun with her time with him but Momo isn’t looking thrilled. Since he is so good to her, Nemesis explains what Darkness is. Some sort of release of a dark power, the ultimate transformation that will bring chaos to the galaxy. Momo is not amused with that generic answer so Nemesis tries to convince Rito that Momo is a dangerous woman that is not to be trusted. However Rito doesn’t think so as she was just getting angry on his behalf. Unfortunately this pisses off Nemesis. She does not like his attitude of trusting others so easily. Fun is over. She claims it is Momo’s victory this time. Back home when Momo thinks she can seduce Rito in the bath, it seems he is tied up and being seduced by Nemesis instead! Damn this girl beat her to it. Momo tells her off that Yami is her target and Rito has nothing to do with this. On the contrary he has very much to do with everything. Yami and Mea became interested after coming into contact with him. He is the catalyst why Yami has become more human-like. Nemesis reminds her it is her goal to take the desires of others. This means Momo’s harem plans she can forget about it because Rito is hers. Nemesis imitates Rito’s voice to scream for help. Mikan rushes in to see Rito passed out in Momo’s arms. She misinterprets the situation and gives Momo an earful. Nemesis finds it fun to tease Momo but for the latter, she is definitely her, well, nemesis. Next day, to avoid what happened, this time Mikan goes to bathe with Rito. Hey, they’re siblings and once bathed together, right? Besides if there are already people in the bath, this means no more can come in, right? So be grateful for that. She sits with him in the tub (it’s gotten smaller since they’ve grown bigger) and they talk about things. She accidentally mentions some harem thingy and this gets him startled and as he runs out. Momo is seen happily peeping on them outside. Mikan is not too happy when she learns it was Momo’s plan to have them bathe together. Just as planned…

Episode 7
Tearju is now a full homeroom teacher of Momo’s class. There is concern because Mea hates her and Yami still won’t reconcile. When Tearju makes her first homeroom debut, Yami is as usual absent. Attempts by Momo to convince her to attend class only fell on deaf ears. Rito is looking for Yami after school but Mea finds him and dives into his mind. I suppose this is cue for fanservice because Mea is giving some naked bathroom fanservice to him (and us). Mea is conflicted that Nemesis takes a liking for him and if it stays this way, it will be hard for her to play with him if he belongs to her. Fun is over the moment he mentions Yami’s name. Rito believes it will be good if Yami and Tearju made up but Mea is clearly uninterested. So Rito sees Yami at the library. Yami knows that if he is here, it means Mikan must have already told him about it. So he tries convincing her but looks like she is still stubborn. There is something about her reputation that makes it harder for Yami to reconcile despite viewing Tearju as family. Mea interjects. She mentions that she has always lived according to Nemesis’ wishes but now that she has tasted living by her own will, it isn’t all that bad. Surprisingly Mea gives her the best advice. From her experience with Nana, she knows she is afraid of moving forward but if they don’t face each other, they will never make amends. Oshizu and Momo have been spying on them. Oshizu realizes too late a dog is licking on her leg. This causes her telekinesis power to go berserk, controlling Momo to ram into Rito and co. The point of it all is so we can have Rito in yet in another ambiguous threesome fanservice scene. It is such a mind boggling thing to even wonder how he can even end up in such position. Yami follows Rito back home, much to Mikan’s delight. Next day in class, Tearju thought Yami is playing truant again. Surprise! She turns up late and in her school uniform. A moment of happiness for Tearju. Yami has Mea to thank for. Since her little sister is moving forward, she can’t lose and lag behind.

Episode 8
Zastin is warning about some cursed sword when Mikan gets a call from Rin. So why is Rito the one who turned up in Saki’s mansion instead? Mikan had something to do and sent her brother instead. Seems last night when Saki hosted an appreciation dinner for her butler and maids, I guess they got food poisoning and none are able to work together. Her loyal subordinates are here to help but I guess Saki needed the extra hand. Don’t worry. Because Momo, Nana, Mea and Yami are here to help too. Even sweeter, they’re going to be in their maid outfits! WOHOO!!! Momo thinks it will be tough for Saki to be part of the harem plan since she is smitten with Zastin. But there may be a chance for Rin. Speaking of which, yet another freaking ambiguous fanservice position for Rito on her. Mea thought she saw Nemesis in the compound for a while. When Momo teases Rito about helping to get Rin’s heart, suddenly Rin comes attacking them with her sword. Momo is quick to save Rito. Yami enters to scene to fight her. She thinks Rito’s perversion made her mad until she realizes she is being possessed. Heck, even Nana thinks Rito’s perversion is the cause of this. Yeah, always blame him. Rin continues slashing, a reason for clothes to be ripped at lightning pace. As the Trans sisters explain, it is that blade, Bladix that is possessing her. But it is not a cursed sword but a parasitic life form. As it is on the same wavelength with Rin, killing it would mean killing Rin too. So how? Rito has an idea. He wants Mea to use her ability so that he can dive into her mind and separate her. He is willing to risk his life for her because Rin once saved Mikan before. Don’t worry. He believes things will turn out fine. It’s that baseless confidence we’re worry about. After all, it won’t be fun if Rin isn’t part of his harem, right? Rito enters her mind and tries to break free of her tentacle rape but he also gets caught in it. Bladix doesn’t like another to gain control of this body and that Rin’s body is hers. But Rito rebukes him about all the kind people around Rin. It gives him the strength to rip her out before Mea drops in. Bladix thought he could possess her but he is left running for his life. He is crushed by Yami. Zastin has been watching the entire episode and he wonders who Mea is because she possesses the same abilities as Yami. When Saki calls out to him, Nana chides him for hiding and not doing anything to help. Was his help ever needed?

Episode 9
Rin properly thanks Rito for saving her. Although Rito claims it was Yami but she was very sure he was the one who pulled her out of the darkness. Saki teases Rin that she is falling in love with Rito. Because Yami sees Rito getting into another ambiguous fanservice scene this time with Tearju, I don’t think she can spare his life now. Only by Lala’s mercy yet again that his life is spared. Momo seems to be irked that even Nana is showing more interest in Rito (although the tsundere disagrees) despite this is all part of her harem plan. Momo then talks to Lala who in turn is worried if there is any progress with her relationship with him. Because Peke has been bugging her that she is too kind in wanting Haruna to close the gap with Rito. Observing that Lala is still only making pure innocent love moves to Rito, Momo calls Lala to her room to teach her… Eroge! However after teaching her about the kiss, Momo cannot go further as she cannot bear corrupt her sister’s innocent heart. And so Lala joins Rito in his bath and wants to kiss. She knows he loves Haruna more but wonders if his love for her has changed. If he still loves her, please kiss her. Of course with all that nervousness, he slips and ends up in the 69 position. Lala then tells him it’s his lips that she wants to kiss! Too bad he is knocked out. Call it a night. I guess that bump on the head means Rito has this strange steamy dream about naked Haruna steamily kissing him followed by Lala. Next day, he confronts Lala to tell her he can’t kiss her. It is because they are not lovers yet. True, he still loves her but his feelings for Haruna has not changed. He can’t accept the idea of marrying both of them now so accepting the kiss with this half hearted feeling will make him feel useless. Lala is glad. Last night she talked to Nana about it and even revealing Rito’s feelings for both Lala and Haruna. Nana said that she can tell Rito didn’t want to do the kiss because if it was her, she wouldn’t too. Lala apologizes for not thinking about his feelings then. For now, she pecks him on his cheek and will wait for the day to get his special kiss. Then she hopes he will answer her feelings. Eavesdropping Momo admires her sister and perhaps why she can’t best her. That is why she is going to tell Nana about her plan.

Episode 10
Mea is calling Yui the Shameless Woman because this is her favourite line when she chastises Rito. Could it be she wants to experience the shameless thing too? Somebody stop Yui before she turns into a killing machine. Nana talks to Mea about Momo’s harem plan. Seems she knows about it because she dived into Rito’s mind. Nana seems to be against the plan but Mea mentions about its good points. She gets to have fun with Rito every day. She stimulates a fantasy whereby Nana gets licked by him. Nana is not appreciative of this and denies having feelings for him. Oshizu tries to follow Mea and sees what she is up to. But she was scared the sh*t out when Mea plays a prank. Oshizu continues to hate her but Mea doesn’t. Because she is easy to tease! Oshizu wonders why Mea doesn’t just reveal true self seeing she talks freely with her friends. Although her initial mission was to observe Yami and there is no reason to continue pretending to be an Earthling, she feels she just cannot abandon this personality. Oshizu’s scare just caused one of Lala’s inventions to malfunction. It is sucking all the lingerie of any woman it can find. Yeah, fanservice time. Oshizu feels responsible (but partly it is Mea’s fault too) and wants to stop this but Mea doesn’t feel interested in doing so. She thinks it is interesting sometimes to have such chaos. Rito tries to stop the machine but it seems it has to take him to places where girls are changing. Not only he failed to stop the machine, he gets beaten up for all the eye candy. Was it worth it? The ultimate one is where the machine sucked all the girls’ clothes at the changing room and then somehow manages to pin those naked bodies all on Rito like some Katamari Damacy ball. Rito you lucky bastard!!!!! Finally when Nana destroys it, the mini black hole which is the source of its suction goes berserk. Now it is going to suck the entire school. Who is going to save the day? Rito is a wuss. Yami doesn’t look interested. I guess Oshizu will have to use her telekinesis to suppress it. There is a danger she’ll use up too much energy and disappear but she can’t bear to have the school gone. That is when Mea reveals her true form to help out. Though the black hole is gone, everybody has seen Mea’s true form. Before they can jump to conclusions, Yami introduces her as her long lost sister. Not blood related. Everybody now loves her and applause for them. Since Tearju is part of the crowd and emotionally applauding, Yami feels embarrassed and leaves. Mea makes up with Oshizu and becomes friends. But this is just another prank to scare her. This time her disturbance causes Nana’s butt to be shoved into Rito’s face. Rito you lucky bastard!!!!!!!!!

Episode 11
Rito is like a monster ravaging Momo’s tail in his sleep. Though Rito has not accepted her harem plan, she believes he has what it takes to become harem king. Besides, the greatest hindrance to the plan who is no other than Yami is no longer a threat. With just a little push, she might even fall for him. Rito talks to Yami about her relationship with Tearju but she won’t talk more than it’s needed. Another slip up for an ambiguous position has Yami wanting to kill him again. So Momo, think she still won’t kill Rito? This time Haruna’s plea has Yami give up. During pool lessons, Mea talks to Yami. The latter feels that she is has accepted to being part of here. Suddenly something inside her activates. Yami turns Super Saiyan? Her own hair goes berserk and does perversion on herself? Seems this is all part of Nemesis’ plan. The condition to wake up Darkness has been fulfilled. Slowly, Nemesis takes over Mea’s body as she explains that the condition for Darkness is to have a peaceful heart that a weapon should not possess. This is also some sort of limiter release as Darkness contains unlimited Trans power that will become an anti-planetary weapon. When Tearju tried to suppress Yami’s awakening but treating her good, her fellow scientist did not appreciate it. So after Tearju was exiled, they planted this Darkness system into Yami’s mind. Nemesis thought it was making Yami a killer as the shortcut to awakening Darkness but after observing Mea changed, she realizes peace is the key. Nemesis appears for the first time before Nana and Tearju. If she is here, where is Mea? Nemesis says Mea never existed in the first place. She was just a quasi personality she created. After all, how can the warmth of a person’s heart reach a little sister when she does not exist in the first place? Yami falls into despair while Nana still refuses to believe Mea is non-existent. Yami’s blades start stabbing herself. The thought that peace is impossible and Mea is just an illusion puts a great strain on her heart. Yami turns into a flash of light before transforming into her true Darkness form. Uhm… Is this some sort of sexy swimsuit? Nemesis is glad to meet Darkness and asks her how she feels. She is feeling perverted. I can see why she is in that skimpy dress now.

Episode 12
Darkness wants to see that perverted guy. No, she isn’t referring to you, my perverted principal. That guy she meant is Rito and she pulls him out from his class via her portal. She lets him do all the perverted stuffs to her. And then she summons the water tentacles to tentacle rape all the other girls. Since she is going to kill him, what a better way for him to die surrounded by ultimate pleasure of boobs and butts! Nana and Momo also got tentacle raped but by Rito clones. After they break free, Nana summons all the cats to whisk Rito away. Darkness remembers she once awakened like this before. It was after she lost Tearju and became an assassin, at some dump planet, Darkness awakened and split the planet into half! However that transformation was only brief. She reverted to Yami and had no memories. Now that she has returned, the only difference is now she has this perverted feeling. All thanks to Rito and his accidental perversion over the seasons. That is why she needs to hurry up and kill him. Nana and Momo won’t allow that but they are teleported to Mea’s home. Seeing that the recent stuff Mea did, Nana refuses to believe Mea never existed and vows to bring her back. Similarly, Mea knows Nemesis lied to everyone that she never existed. Nemesis won’t be swayed in letting her go. She can’t. They are after all one mind and one body. Looks like the cats bump Rito into Haruna and Yui looking for him. Darkness finds them and Yui of course did not hesitate to reprimand her of her risqué attire. Darkness then uses her portals to fondle Haruna’s boobs and let Rito tastes Yui’s butt. But she realizes she needs to kill him and before she can split him in half, here comes Lala to the rescue. Darkness summons a giant golem in Rito’s image. Nemesis still thinks Mea is trying to struggle to break free and persuading her that she wanted Rito as her manservant. Mea is actually grateful for her that she was able to continue living. Although she can’t do anything with her own power, the difference now is that she has friends. And that friend to her rescue is Oshizu. She uses her telekinesis to separate them. Mea thanks Nemesis for everything but will choose her own path from now on.

Episode 13
With Mea getting her own body back now, first sign of gratitude for Oshizu is to scare her! Nana is glad Mea is back although Nemesis can still materialize in a separate body. They have lots of things to ask her but right now the big priority is returning Yami back to normal. Lala easily defeats the golem because she knows it is not the real Rito. Darkness plays cheat by using her portal to make Rito’s face contact with Lala’s butt. Luckily she uses some slippery measure to break free and free Rito from Darkness’ grasp. When Darkness uses some high energy output to slice her, I wonder if Lala’s tail laser beam can hold it despite it is her plan to wear her out. Somehow she manages to counter attack although Lala is now out of power and her body has shrunk to loli size. Darkness is also out of power but she can recharge. Darkness can still use her Trans weapons and before she can kill her, Zastin and his guys are here to help out. But before they too can charge, they are held back by Nana’s animals. They explain they are not here to fight Darkness but to return her back as Yami. When Mea’s persuasion to Darkness fails, Darkness becomes mad and considers her as a pest like the rest. Mea has no choice but to use her blaster on her and then they take it to the skies to fight. Eh? But I thought they weren’t going to fight? This is all part of a bigger plan. Mea has noticed that from Nemesis’ observations, Darkness’ transformation is incomplete thanks to her fixation on perversion and Rito when she should actually become a weapon. That means Rito himself is the cause of the bug and thus there is still hope for Yami to come back. Momo tell Rito this plan of theirs and it seems he has to do something unholy. Even though this is all based on speculation, they are willing to take the gamble on Yami’s heart and bet on Rito. He agrees to do it even if this is just a slight possibility for Yami to return. Darkness has caught Mea and lets her Rito clones lick her into ecstasy. Before she can die climaxing via licking, a beanstalk interrupts them. The gang is here. Rito wants to do all the wild perverted stuffs on her! Come on baby! Let’s get down and dirty!

Episode 14
Because Rito’s act of perversion has always been acts of God, for him to do it naturally is suspicious. That is what makes it irresistible for Darkness too. The problem is whether Rito can pull it off. He rushes towards her put slips and falls short. But when memories of Yami flash through his mind, he gets back up. He shows how serious he is by taking off his clothes and starts his extreme molestation! OMG! He’s a monster! This scene reminds us of the principal because he has always been trying to harass Yami like this. I guess those nightly monster acts with Momo also paid off too. Darkness tries to run away but Rito clings on tightly and continues his molestation. With memories of Rito flashing in her head, she gradually returns to Yami. Conveniently they crash in Rito’s backyard and Yami has to slap him to stop his molesting. Too good to stop? Mikan just came home and sees them in this perverted shape. Lots of explaining to do. Life returns to normal. Yami is seen profusely apologizing to everyone at school for yesterday’s trouble. She also has supplied Lala with lots of milk for her growth. As for Rito… She ignores him. Well, better than beating him up. Tearju is overcome with emotion that Yami is back and cries all over her face! Yami and Mikan still get to eat taiyaki together. A good sign, right? And of course, Yami can’t ignore Rito forever. She tries to say thank you but that word is so hard to come out. I guess she is not used to it. But it is Rito who apologizes first. I guess he is so used to this. Making it even more embarrassing is how he describes in detail about the perversion. Those old ladies in public are going to have the wrong idea. Yami tries to shut him up but this lands them in another ambiguous fanservice position. Quickly she tells him Darkness’ perversion wasn’t the real her and that she isn’t a perverted person. She doesn’t think anything of him. Oh really? Nemesis appears before Mea and laments Darkness’ failed activation means no new galactic war could start and made those weapons feel at home. Mea believes it is alright. She now understands and can get use to this. Will Nemesis leave this place? Don’t worry. She will always keep an eye on them from the shadows. It’s her way to kill time. Lastly, for those who are wondering where the principal has gone. He is frozen somewhere in South Pole and researchers think he might be a yeti! But who cares, right?

Rito is about to go to sleep when Nemesis pays him a night visit! Hey, at least it’s not Momo. She is interested in ghost stories after stumbling upon them at the book store and wants him to tell her one. Momo objects as she comes out from the closet. So that’s where she is hiding? She will do the ghost story instead. So she begins about a space traveller stranded on an uninhabited planet. After getting lost in the jungles for hours, he stumbled upon a mansion in which an old lady takes him in. In the middle of the night, he gets up thinking somebody is watching him and it turns out the old lady is staring at him. Nemesis interjects thinking it should be a young woman instead. Then she proceeds to re-enact everything again but this time taking out her flirting on Rito. Momo stops her when Nemesis is just dripping candle wax on him. Now it’s Momo’s turn to show how it’s done. Her flirting includes using a plant that squirts out suspicious sticky milky liquid. With those ambiguous hand movements to let it squirt all over her body, she proceeds to rub it all over Rito’s body with hers, claiming it is supposed to recharge your weariness. I think Rito is only getting more stressed up. Nemesis joins in for double seduction. Wasn’t this supposed to be a ghost story? Mikan is awakened by the commotion. You can imagine her shock and surprise to see Momo on top of Rito and weird liquid all over. Momo tries to blame Nemesis but she is nowhere to be seen. Curses. She has fast escaped again. Mikan reprimands the duo while Nemesis feels refreshed with that liquid.

Yami visits Mikan and the latter thinks she wants to apologize to Tearju. We think and know it is Rito since they act strangely when they see each other. Momo picks up a call from Mikado saying she needs their help at her clinic as it is overwhelmed with patients. Since Tearju lives with Mikado, Mikan gets an idea to bring Yami along to help. So we’ve got everybody in nurse outfits and even Rito is temporarily transformed into a girl just for it. Mikado can’t help fantasize all the naughty checkups she’ll do to examine his body afterwards. The gang works hard to serve the many different alien races. Even Rito gets sexually harassed but saved by Yami. When the crowd simmers down, Yami takes Rito to talk to him at the basement with pretence to go find Tearju since she has been there for quite a while. Yami is eking out her courage to thank him when they see Tearju in trouble. She is being raped by a robot! Actually, Mikado’s old mechanical assistant. She put it away as it was so much trouble. Now you know why, eh? I guess Yami and Rito are too sexy for the pervy robot to resist so it also rips their clothes and throws lots of bandages for BDSM play. It is role reversal when Yami has her hands on Rito’s boobs and he screams calling her a pervert! Tearju has not escaped since she doesn’t want to run away and leave Yami alone again. This has Yami revive and slice the robot in half. It was that easy? Rape play ends. At that time, Rito has turned back into a boy and Yami sees a full view of his ‘little buddy’. After putting clothes back on them (they don’t have any recollections what happened), she leaves very embarrassed.

The Darkness Of The Ecchi Heart
Well folks, whether or not this is really the end or not, at least it ties up the loose ends and had a closure in Yami and Mea’s case. For now. In a way, it gives a better and satisfying end compared to the previous season. Reading back my previous blog, I have to say that my findings for the plot, the characters, the fanservice and overall sentiments of the show stayed somewhat almost the same. Forgive me if I am going to repeat them here again. I know I did say in my opening paragraph that I did not go back and re-read the previous season but that was for the summary of the episodes. I did after all go back to read my opinions on it just for comparison. At least this season round, it has a bit more plot than the episodic ones in the last.

For instance, the fanservice level of this series is done in such a way that you would expect it to be spammed at least once in every 5 minutes. That is the nature of this series and probably why the fans keep coming back. As I have said, I did not bother to wait for the DVDs to come out so that I could watch some clean and uncensored boobs just like last season. I did watch a few initial episodes uncensored but after that, by then it was more or less the same. It seems that this time around I could put up with the atrocious white light and steam censors that are abound in the censored aired versions. Maybe a few years ago I would have been annoyed but is it because of my failing libido? Nah!!! I mean, I wasn’t that desperate since I could just ‘imagine’ what kind of perversion would be going on behind those censors. I guess it is more ‘fun’ trying to imagine those boobs and fanservice scenes yourself. For a series that has ran several seasons of fanservice, it isn’t hard for me to imagine the characters and perhaps their prized assets ;p. No, I’m not saying I am a closet fan of this series, but I can vividly imagine Lala and Haruna with my eyes closed. Heh. Does that make me sound like a master pervert? But not every entire scene is censored although a minimal panty shot scenes are left spared from the censoring. It feels like a little teaser and the extra motivation for horny guys to go buy the DVDs if you want to see the other more risqué scenes.

Another mind boggling thing is Rito’s ‘ability’ to get into steamy ambiguous fanservice positions with the usual girls. Every season he seems to be flawlessly doing it. I know we can blame God and this is His act, so does this mean the God of this series is a pervert? It is like He is channelling his perversion through this poor kid. Because from the way he trips, how can he actually end up in such a position that is worthy to be placed in the Kama Sutra? Near impossible sexual positions that would break your bones and muscles before you could reach climax. So that is why it has got to be acts of God, right? This series is also so good in bringing fanservice to viewers, that by this time you realize that they can make a fanservice scene out from nothing. One moment everything seems to be pretty normal and the next suddenly this Rito’s molestation and groping scene. Even during battle scenes they can even slip in some fanservice to satisfy all your ecchi perversion. And make us wish we guys are in Rito’s position. But can you withstand all the pounding and berating over the years? Rito would have been immune to such situations and it seems so because you don’t usually see him nose bleed every time. Otherwise he would have bled to death. And so it can be concluded that every girl in this series has been molested by Rito one way or another, directly or indirectly. Including Mikan too. In short, many of the girls love him. Whether it is Momo who thinks she is fine being second or third, or Yami who is obviously being tsundere, or Mea who just likes the idea of Rito licking her. Rito, you da harem king! Come to think of it, after all the fanservice troubles and accidents he got into, it seems to have prepared him for this day to take it all out on Darkness/Yami. You could say that his perversion actually saved the world! And thanks to that, we can all live another day and continue our perversion. Thanks Rito! You da man!

Obviously it was Yami, Mea and the Deviluke princess twins (and Rito of course) being the stars of this Darkness arc. We find out a little more about them, see them trying to reconcile, butt heads and then life goes back to being normal like how it used to be. Therefore many of the other characters from the series didn’t really play much of a role or impact again. Some like Lala, Haruna and Yui may have slightly more screen time and even at least half and episode focusing on them with Rito. But for others like Run and Ren (I guess there is nothing much to tell about them since they got separated with individual bodies in last season) and even the perverts Risa and Mio (as side characters, even relegating them to mere background characters although they still have a few but limited dialogues). Mikan is still there but nothing much and same with Saki and her underlings. The same can be said for Mikado and Tearju. Sometimes I feel that if they don’t appear, it won’t have a big impact on the overall series itself. But ultimately you can’t because these characters are related and it would be just odd to have them totally cut out and missing. Maybe the only exception was that Kyouko character… Still remember her? Not in this season too. What is Celine’s role here again? Having more screen time than last season is Oshizu so we could see how she becomes Mea’s friend aside Nana (another reason for me to enjoy this series since I get to hear Mamiko Noto say more lines than usual). Zastin also feels he has more screen time but he is still not being useful when it matters since he is spending an awful lot time helping Rito’s dad as a mangaka assistant.

Nemesis finally shows her face this season whereas in the last season she was just a mysterious being only known as a voice. At first I was convinced that Mea was just a figment of imagination and part of Nemesis’ personality. All because I noticed that Mea and Nemesis are never seen together in the eyes of others. It is only either one when interacting with other characters other than themselves. Even more so when they both are seemingly at the same scene, for example when Mea spots her Master and her friend starts looking where, Nemesis is no longer at that spot. It could be a big indication that Mea actually never existed in the first place and she had been Nemesis in disguise or her split personality all along. And then of course that separation happened. It disproves this theory I had. But even so, it made me wonder if the personalities were extracted out then as they were never separate entities prior to Oshizu’s action. Now that Nemesis’ plan has failed, I doubt she won’t be dumb enough to try and reactivate Darkness again. Her real form is still a mystery and I wonder if she will go somewhere else to start the galactic war she wanted. But if she is sticking around to watch the Trans sisters just to kill time, does she mean she is going to have a lot of time on her hands and doing nothing? I think Rito too might have influenced her in staying on this planet.

This season’s opening theme is Secret Arms by Ray, a bit of techno in what would have been another usual anime pop. The ending theme is Gardens by Mami Kawada. If you have heard her singing styles and also from her group, I’ve Sound or her co-member, Kotoko, you can tell that this one also sounds the same with the rest. Well, not to say that I am a big fan of her nor have I listened to many of her songs but hearing this one reminded me of such similar style like I hear from animes in the past like Onegai Twins, Onegai Teacher and Hayate No Gotoku. Side note: VMC sucks in singing at all levels!

Overall, this season is still okay and if you are a big fan of the To Love-Ru series or even an ecchi lover, this series is rightly tailored to your needs. No doubt I still had some fun and laughs watching this season but I can also feel the enthusiasm isn’t there. Even more so when I realized that over the years that the Darkness arc has been releasing quite a few OVAs over the few years between the TV seasons but I only saw half of them and was never interested to watch the rest when it came out. Still not planning to watch them. Sighs… Well, maybe if they make another season, I will still go watch it but only for nostalgia reasons. You don’t believe me, do you?

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

February 21, 2016

After the fun and exciting OVA, it is natural for me to check out the TV series for Ansatsu Kyoushitsu. After all, how much ‘fun’ would it be for a group of students being trained as highly skilled assassins to kill their own teacher? How is that fun you ask? Our yellow alien octopus teacher is no pushover. He is so fast that he anticipates your every move. So fast that he makes his to prevent yours or before you can start. It is quite a challenge to kill him or even get close to just touching him. So with all the strategies they learn via trial and error, experiments and failures, we can see the uncanny teacher-student relationship grow and bond as they hone their skill and a step closer to achieve their ultimate goal in killing him. And I hope they do it fast because did I mention that they have only a one year limit before he does the same to Earth like what he did to the moon?

Episode 1
When Koro sensei enters class, the first thing the students do other than rise and greet their teacher is to take out their machine guns and shoot at him! Too bad. His mach 20 speed means none of their pellets can hit him while he takes their attendance. They thought he pretended not to get hit but as he demonstrates, the pellets may be harmless to humans but a mere touch of it sends his limbs exploding although it will regenerate a few seconds later. Nagisa narrates about their predicament. After the shocking incident where their moon became 70% destroyed, this yellow octopus suddenly becomes the homeroom teacher for class 3-E. Government agent, Karasuma explains to the class of their mission to kill Koro before he does the same to Earth in a year’s time. Currently only people in this room and top leaders of the world know about this. It would be utter panic if word gets out that the world will be destroyed. Governments have attempted to assassinate Koro but he is too fast. Besides, he could have killed everybody if he intended to so they made him a deal. He will teach class 3-E of Kunigigaoka Junior High as a teacher and refrain assassination attempts on them but on condition he cannot harm the students. This way, it gives them a chance to closely observe Koro and what better way than for 30 odd students to get close and attempt to kill him. Kill him and you save Earth. The government will be providing all supplies that can only kill Koro but harmless to humans. Oh, did they mention the reward for this successful assassination is 10 billion Yen! OMG! Well, good luck.

Nagisa is being called by the bullies about their plan to assassinate Koro. Nagisa has taken down observation notes of Koro’s face changing colour depending on the mood but they don’t care about it and reminds him he is the one to do it. This makes Nagisa remember how the school’s rejects are placed in the E class. It is called so because it means End Class. Your life is as good as over. That is why he thinks Koro doesn’t understand. Despite being the target of assassination, it means everyone is acknowledging his power. After all, a nobody like him means nobody else not including this teacher can see him. During class as Nagisa is to submit his finished poem, the bullies believe Nagisa is starting to make his move. Koro can see through Nagisa as he takes out a knife to stab him and quickly counters it. But what Koro did not expect is for Nagisa to become a human sacrifice as he has worn a grenade over his neck! As he hugs Koro, the bullies press the detonation button. Boom! Did they do it?! Nagisa is covered in some membrane and Koro is safe on the ceiling. He reveals it is his once a month ace whereby he shed his skin. Koro becomes so mad at this that it was a face colour Nagisa had never seen before. It was terrifying. Koro zooms off and back again, collecting their family’s plates and threatens if they pull this kind of stunt again, he’ll kill everyone except them. Wait a minute. Wasn’t it supposed to be legit to use any method to kill him? Koro suddenly praises them for a good attempt especially Nagisa’s natural acting that let his guard down. But he doesn’t think that kind of attitude is fit for assassination. They need an assassination worth smiling to be proud of. This motivates Nagisa that he will kill him before next year. Especially about this teacher who might even accept them for trying to kill him. A short flashback sees Koro in his true form (but too dark to see what he is) and his beloved dying in his arms. With his splendid tentacles wrapped around her, she thought he would make a good teacher.

Episode 2
Sugino thinks his baseball laced with pellets can do the trick because if Koro is fast to avoid, the scattering pellets upon impact would get him. But Sugino is too ‘slow’. Before he could throw, Koro took his time to grab the glove and even cleaned the shed before catching the ball! Sugino sinks into depression after this. Karasuma as usual comes in to discuss if they have found any clues but nothing new. This only leaves a bunch of unanswered questions like why he is so willing to teach a class if he is going to blow up Earth. When Koro returns from watching his baseball match in New York, he talks to Sugino to cheer him up. Sugino is more depressed than ever. He was already slow in baseball and that led to him unable to focus on his studies and thus he ended up here. After Koro analyzes his body, he believes Sugino was trying to imitate his favourite baseball player but relays the bad news he can never do that. He knows because he just did the same to that guy and got his autographed! But Sugino can be happy when Koro says his elbows and wrists are more flexible. Train well and he could surpass his idol. Nagisa is puzzled why Koro would go so far as to give such great advice if he is going to destroy Earth. Koro mentions about the promise he must keep when he became a teacher. While he does intend to destroy Earth, he is their teacher first and foremost. Nagisa although felt weird by the circumstances, it is also strangely motivating to be taught by him and being in his assassination classroom is somewhat fun.

When Koro is setting up picnic in the woods, the rest of the students plan to join him but with pretence to kill him. Of course Koro saw through all that thanks to their fake smiles. He easily substitutes their knives with tulips but this only earns their wrath. For they have been planting tulips outside the classroom and he just plucked them like that? Plant it back! Koro the gardener… Meanwhile Karasuma gets permission to become class 3-E’s PE teacher to further and closely observe Koro. We are given a brief explanation of the workings of this school. A handful of students who do not do well in studies are placed in E class and are discriminated against. This serves as motivation, pressure and lesson for others to study hard and not end up there. Karasuma believes those pariahs in End Class are about to snap since the classroom is rundown and located very remotely in the mountains. But to his surprise he sees everybody getting motivated to kill Koro! As atonement for the tulips, he put a handicap on himself by tying himself up on a tree. Kill him if you can. Still too fast, though. But the branch snaps! Kill him! Too bad, not fast enough. Koro escapes to the rooftop and he becomes cocky after barely escaped assassination. He doubles their homework! So petty… The students are feeling happy since this is the closest they have got to killing him.

Episode 3
Now that Karasuma is officially their PE teacher, Koro feels left out! The students wonder what good it will do if he is their teacher. He demonstrates by having a few students attack him with a knife. He easily pins them down. If they can’t even touch him, there is no way they can even get to Koro. Nagisa is surprised to see Karma returning. He was in suspension for some time. Karma goes up to shake hands with Koro and suddenly Koro’s hand explodes! Karma’s hand was laced with those Koro-killing materials. This puts Koro in such a defensive mode that Karma starts mocking him he must be this scared. The class is amazed he easily got to Koro. Then in class when Karma somehow stole Koro’s gelato, the octopus becomes mad and is about to retrieve it but stepped on those pellets. He dares Koro to kill him because once he does, his status as teacher will end. He’ll be just a murderous monster. Nagisa narrates about Karma’s violent tendencies that landed him in this class despite having superb grades. He is smart enough to draw the line and knows Koro cannot lay a finger on the students and is using that to his advantage to piss him off. Karma is even happier that Koro is a real teacher because he will get a chance to kill a real teacher as the last one died on him.

Karma thought he could piss off Koro by putting a dead octopus on his desk but Koro has answers for that as he makes warm takoyaki for him. Since Koro is now on the high alert, whatever tricks Karma pull is of no use. Koro is too fast for him and even has time to take ‘special care’ of him. Doing his hair and manicure? One day after Karma confirms from Koro that he will certainly risk his life to protect his student, Karma jumps down the cliff! He is going to kill himself and at the same time kill Koro if he rescues him! Even if Koro lets him die, his life as a teacher is over. It’s game over for him. This has Karma remember how he got into 3-E. His previous teacher told him he was on his side since Karma is a smart student. However Karma beat up a top student after he was bullying another student from End Class. That is when the teacher showed his true colours. If this top student’s grade is affected, his job is compromised. Even more so, Karma sided with the End Class. After all, Karma’s grades were the only reason why this teacher sided with him and he turned a blind eye towards his violent nature. At that point, that teacher was ‘dead’ to him. I think he didn’t die. Karma trashed the room and scared the sh*t out of him. Karma finds himself safely landing on some sticky web made from Koro’s tentacles. Koro praises his suicide approach to kill him. Because a human’s body cannot withstand mach 20, saving him at that speed would have killed him and thus he has to slow down and therefore a chance for Karma to kill him. Since letting Karma die is not an option, this sticky situation is what he came up with. Karma is still motivated to kill him but looks like he doesn’t need Koro’s ‘pampering’ anymore. Karma might have the last laugh because he stole Koro’s purse and took all of his meagre money. Consider it as donation.

Episode 4
Koro sees a lady being harassed by bullies and goes to her rescue. Irina Jelavich is a new English teacher for 3-E and is now head over heels for that octopus! Her brazen flirting with Koro in front of class makes it uneasy for the students. Starting to hate her? Even more baffling is that Koro’s face turned pink in embarrassment because he loves boobs! Now they really hate her. Of course Nagisa knows something amiss if a teacher like her gets transferred here. After Irina sets Koro off to Vietnam to get her some coffee, that is when she reveals her true colours. She is a pro assassin who has taken out prominent figures around the world with her seduction. The government hired her for this job. She threatens the class not to call her by her first name and will kill any of those who interfere with her assassination. You kids sit back and watch how adults get things done. Those bullies are actually her henchmen as they lay out a trap for Koro. Irina then kisses Nagisa as motivation to divulge some of his observations on Koro. She doesn’t do real teaching and I guess this has the students start calling her Bitch. Well, she did say not to refer to her first name but… Maybe it is Japanese pronunciation problem too. When Koro comes back, she lures him into the shed hinting of doing something naughty with him. As she goes to strip herself, that is when her men start firing incessantly at Koro. She could have actually succeeded this mission is not for one fatal flaw: She used real lead bullets instead since she viewed those pellets as a joke. Because of that, Koro still lives as the lead melts inside his body! He knew about her plan because he could smell lead and old men in the shed. Should have taken Nagisa’s advice seriously, eh? Now Koro proceeds to ‘tentacle rape’ her. The students are curious to know what he has done to her. He made her feel good with all the massaging around her body and some adult stuffs with his tentacles… Bitch won’t forgive him over this embarrassing failure.

Because she is so obsessed in trying to plan for her revenge instead of teaching class, the students request her to switch with Koro. She badmouths them about being trash so why the hell study and even raises the stake that she’ll pay 5 million each if the assassination is successful. With that money, they don’t need to study anymore. The plan backfires when the students throw stuffs at her and tell her to get out! Bitch goes to complain to Karasuma so he goes to show her Koro setting questions at lightning speed. But why does he look like taking ages? Because he sets different questions to each student, taking into account their strengths and weaknesses. Then he shows her the students training hard to strike and move better with their knife. Because Bitch makes a big deal about being a pro assassin, if she can’t be both an assassin and teacher, that makes her the most inept pro here. Don’t look down on the students and she should apologize if she wants to stick around for a second chance. So when Bitch returns to class, she teaches a bold seduction line. Her first lesson? As she uses seduction techniques around the world, the best way to get to your target is to speak in your lover’s language. Her lessons will involve them in how to sweet talk to foreigners. After this if they still don’t think of her as a teacher, she’ll pack up and leave. The class is glad that she is acting like a teacher now. But they still can’t give up on calling her Bitch sensei. Yeah, that name has caught on to them… Karasuma learns that Koro actually knew about hiring a globetrotting assassin for his students to speak foreign languages. It is like the more they try to make it a perfect place for assassination, the more it becomes a proper place to learn. Could Koro have them wrapped around his fingers? Or tentacles in this case?

Episode 5
Koro must be getting used to the class. Especially their sneak attacks. So it is particularly shocking when shy girl Okuda goes up to him and says it straight to his face to drink her poisons! He agrees! Besides, we know human poison can’t kill him, right? The first poison has him grow mini horns (doesn’t he look like Sonic?), the next one wings on his head (Onsokumaru?) and finally the last one just a blank face. Koro will not allow Okuda to make poison unsupervised and wants her to come with him after school so that he can teach her how to make poison that will kill him! For real?! We learn Okuda has trouble expressing herself in words, the reason she ended up here despite her science and chemistry grades are superb. So the next day when she is done with her poison, Koro drinks it and he powers up like Super Saiyan and… Melts?! Actually this poison stimulates his cells and enhances his fluidity. He is now faster and can hide in any small places. So did Koro lie to Okuda? Here is the lesson of the day. No matter how potent your poison, it is wasted if you offer it in such a naïve way that your target can take advantage of. Asking Nagisa how he would do it (offer and mixing it in his favourite drink perhaps), to deceive someone, you must understand their feelings and tailor your words accordingly. Thus language is the effective key to poisoning. Assassinating Koro might still be a long way off but the students are having fun learning things like this every day.

Class 3-E students are trekking through the danger filled jungle. Why do the dangers seem to target Taiga Okajima? Poor guy. Luckily he is still alive after all that. To prevent them from affecting other students, their classroom is located deep in the mountains and are forbidden to step on school ground. The only exception is during general assembly held once a month in which they must be there before all other classes arrive. Koro is left behind so as not to jeopardize his identity. So lonely… As expected, 3-E students are ridiculed by everyone. But those ugly top students are in shock to see handsome teachers for class 3-E. Who the hell is that hot bitch?! Especially when she is suffocating Nagisa in her boobs as she pesters him for more info on Koro! Further discrimination includes no handouts for 3-E so they have to memorize everything. But here comes Koro zooming in faster than everyone can see to give his handwritten handouts to them. Bitch tries to kill him in public and this sends 3-E laughing at her futile attempts. The other students are shocked that they aren’t suffering as expected. Later, Nagisa’s ‘old friends’ try to threaten to kill him to make him know his place. However with that deadly look in his eyes and telling them off as if they know how to kill has them backing off and feeling scared. The principal, Gakuhou Asano has noticed 3-E shoving aside those who get in their way. This is not how his school works. He is going to make a few changes and the assassination can wait. This is now his top priority.

Episode 6
Midterms will soon be here so Koro is using his high speed to tutor each one of them! I wonder if they’re fast to keep up with his personal tutoring. Later Koro drops by to see Asano who assures he will not interfere with the assassination process. However he notes that Class 3-E must remain as it is. Something about his policy to have 95% hard workers and 5% scums as the model to ‘motivate’ the 95% to do better. He heard a complaint how a 3-E student ‘threatened to kill’. Under his policies, that is a no-go. Please keep that student in control. He suddenly throws some lock puzzle for Koro to solve in a second! He got himself tangled up! He says that speed cannot solve everything. When Koro continues his speed tutoring, the students can tell he is a little sloppy. Koro’s hope is to see their happy faces when they score high but when they say they don’t even need to study hard or get good grades after killing him since they’ll get 10 billion Yen and live the easy life, this makes Koro mad. Oh no. He calls everyone outside to the field and has Karasuma and Bitch explain about their planning for assassination. In short, there must always be a backup plan. Therefore their thinking is that they’ll be fine as long as they got this assassination. Isn’t that just trying to avoid dealing with their inferiority complex? What will they have left if somebody else successfully kills him? His motto for the day: Those who can’t wield a second blade aren’t qualified to be assassins. His flashy tornado turns out to be trimming and making nice the field. This is some sort of warning that he’ll flatten the entire neighbourhood if they cannot show him their second blade by tomorrow. It is the midterms that he has been honing their ‘second blade’ for some time. He wants all of them to place in the top 50 otherwise he will leave.

During the exams, 3-E students are dumbfounded with the tough questions. However they remember the method and approach that Koro taught to them and it soon becomes a piece of cake. They’re doing so well that the invigilating teacher is scared! Then halfway through, they are hit with a very tough question. Game over. 3-E students score the lowest as expected. It seems Asano expanded the syllabus 2 days ago and taught it to everyone in the main campus! Koro feels responsible for this that he can’t face them. He almost gets killed by Karma. How can he dodge their assassination if he doesn’t face them? Karma shows them his grades. He scored high and some of them perfect! Remember, he is a smart guy. Koro’s tutoring only polished him further and that is why he could handle the change in syllabus. He is sticking around in 3-E as this class is more fun than his old one. He then says it back to Koro that he is the one scared and using their failure as excuse to run away. All the students agree and start laughing. Koro is mad (in a fun way) and vows to do some pay back twofold during the final term exams.

Episode 7
If you have seen the OVA, this episode is exactly the class trip to Kyoto. Only expanded. It’s like they’ve gotten lazy do to other episodes? Anyway, it will bring back familiar memories to see the school going on the class trip via train, Koro making a freaking thick and heavy guidebook (enough to kill!) for every freaking possible scenario they might encounter, Kanzaki getting her own guidebook stolen by delinquents of other school who want to kidnap and have fun with her, the delinquents corner Nagisa’s group and kidnapping Kanzaki and Kaede (there is only a limit to how many people Karma can beat up at once), Kanzaki’s flashback of how she wanted to get away from the strict elite life and turned rogue one night but was caught on camera (thus the delinquent boss remembering all about her and wanting to have some fun with her), the kidnapped girls’ dramatic rescue (thanks to the guidebook that pinpoints what to do in case of such scenario. See! How useful it is!), Koro owning all the dumb delinquents while lecturing about how class 3-E are better than all of them despite being labelled pariahs and finally the best use of the guidebook: Smack it down on the delinquents’ head! Everything ends well and Kanzaki isn’t shaken a bit at all. Maybe except her hesitation. Good. Because they can continue their school trip and return trying to kill Koro.

Episode 8
Continuing from the second half of the OVA, we are familiar with the sniper, Red Eye who tries to take out Koro but each attempt gets thwarted. So much so that he is losing his confidence and gets a surprised when Koro visits in person and joins him for dinner. Then he learns why Koro is looking forward to his assassination during this trip and even gets some life lessons, so much so he decides to quit this mission to expand his view of assassination in other areas. What a great teacher indeed. You will also remember the short segment where they try to peek at Koro in the bath naked but with his tricks he got away scot free. Also, the guys come up with a ranking list of the hottest girls in their class. Koro caught wind of it and now they’re out to kill him. It’s the same for the girls. Well, not so. They can’t come up with any guys and the most 2 or 3 of them. Then they have Bitch tell about her feminine ways as she tries to brag about her seduction experience but since they notice Koro is here listening, they start harassing him about his love life in which he promptly escapes. Catch that octopus and make him talk before killing him! Now both sides are out to kill him, Koro runs into Karasuma’s room. He is probably the ‘safest’ because that smart guy knows and does not pry further into his past life. With the school trip over, Karasuma talks to his higher ups who are worried about the failed attempts and time is running out. However they inform him that the allied nations have pooled their resources to create some technology. With the approval of the Japanese Defence Minister, class 3-E will soon have 2 very special assassins with superhuman abilities granted by science joining as transfer students. While one still needs time to sort out some quirks, the other is already all set to go and once they get back, they’ll have a surprise waiting for them back in class.

Episode 9
Everybody can’t wait to see the new transfer student. She’s female. I can see why the guys are excited. But… Sitting there is a huge computer machine. So the transfer student is a digitized 2D girl? Didn’t see this coming! Because Autonomously Thinking Fixed Artillery (AFTA) is registered as a student, this means she can try to kill Koro but he cannot harm her as per the contract. And so AFTA starts shooting all the pellets and Koro avoids them. None hit. She analyzes his pattern and evolves her attacking pattern. Koro thinks she is using the same technique again but this time a finger gets blown off thanks to the blind spot. AFTA analyzes her increased chance of killing Koro to about 0.003% but at this rate it will be more than 90% by graduation! So for the entire day, she shoots nothing but pellets at him. Class interrupted. And who has to clean up the pellets? Next day as she begins her operation, she finds herself tied up! Is this Koro’s work? Restraining her is like harming her and violation of the contract. However the students say it is them who tied her up because it would be damn annoying if no lessons can be conducted. Don’t worry, they’ll release her after class ends. AFTA realizes at this rate no assassination can be done and needs to consult her ‘parents’ but Koro pays her a visit and teaches her a lesson on why the students interfered with her assassination. Even if she did succeed, the money will go to her ‘parents’. There is nothing in it for them. So like they said, she needs to learn some common sense and cooperate to take him down. Koro also increases AFTA’s abilities but does not touch her assassination techniques. Because he is her teacher first and her target second.

Next day, the students are surprised to see AFTA a bit bigger. She is now a fully digitized girl with cute emotions! A real 2D girl! Koro spent all his money in his wallet for this upgrade including a full LCD screen. Now he only has 5 Yen left! AFTA is also capable of several emotions (2D girl cried?!) and is willing to get along with her classmates. However she is getting more popular with them and this makes Koro jealous! Yeah, thank the upgrades. The students give her a new name: Ritsu. But as Karma notes, she is just following Koro’s programme and it is not like she has her own free will. What happens from now will depend on her ‘parents’. Of course those scientists are horrified to see their machine. So they take her apart and reset her back to default by removing any programmes that are useless in assassination. Of course this is also a testing ground for them because if this machine is successfully, they’ll stand to make trillions selling it to warring nations. Next day, Karasuma announces that the contract has been clarified. Any attempts to alter the machine in any other way are considered as harming and thus a violation. The same goes for the fellow students. Unauthorized alterations will be considered as harmful. With this downgrade, the students fear another session of flying pellets. But surprise! Ritsu blooms flowers instead! Although her upgrades were removed, she learnt from her fellow students the importance of cooperation in assassination. So before she was reset, she hid the relevant software in the corner of her memories. This mean the computer defied her master for the first time. Look at it this way. It is like a teenager rebelling against his parents. Everyone is happy to welcome her to the class again.

Episode 10
Bitch has had it teaching. This isn’t what her job is supposed to be. Too deep in her thoughts that she didn’t realize she has stepped into a wire trap strangling her neck. She is surprised to see her master, Lovro, a retired assassin who now trains young ones in his trade and the one who recommended Bitch for this Koro killing job. Lovro tells Bitch that he’ll be taking over her since once her cover is blown, she is useless as an assassin. But Koro suggests holding a mock assassination and the one who kills Karasuma first wins. So after Karasuma explains the gist to the students, here comes Bitch trying to seduce him. Not working at all. We all know her tactics well. Karasuma is not amused being made the target so Koro throws him a deal that if he manages to evade both of them, he will stand still for a second enough to let him kill him. The only condition is that he mustn’t tell them about this or else they’ll work together and throw him the victory. When Lovro goes for a direct attack, Karasuma is able to grab his wrist. He then warns Lovro if he fails to kill him today, there is no chance he can kill that octopus. Why is Koro so afraid of him?! Lovro knows he cannot continue with this mission seeing the bruise he has on his wrist from the grab so Koro tells him to watch Bitch see through her mission. So here she goes during lunch time trying another sexy seduction. I guess he got bored so he allows her to kill him. If you think that is all there is to her, then you’d be surprised how she suddenly uses wires to trap him. Luckily he has the strength to stop her plunging the knife. Bitch knows she’ll lose if this turns into a contest of strength but Karasuma gives up and lets her ‘kill’ him since she doesn’t have all day to deal with an idiot who doesn’t know how to call it quits. All the while, Koro telling Lovro about how Bitch has worked her way to master and learn new things and a crucial development for the students as assassins. Lovro allows her to stay after analyzing she might be better off being a teacher. And now for the deal for Karasuma to kill Koro. Don’t worry. He’ll live up to his promise. Just that he will be wearing a freaking thick armour!

Nagisa, Karma and Ritsu (now bumming in Nagisa’s handphone) hope Koro could take them with him to see a movie that has been adapted from a comic book, Sonic Ninja. It’s in Hawaii He would gladly love to. Don’t worry. He’ll fly ‘gently’ and his head is enough to deflect the resistance and sound. And his tentacles deflect the oncoming particles too. The safest airlines ever! Koro also provides his customized earphones for them since the movie is in English for words they do not understand (thanks to Bitch’s classes, at least they have a decent knowledge in English). Although Koro is emotionally touched by the ending, Karma thought it was pretty clichéd with the plot of the antagonist turning out to be the heroine’s brother. To pay for the free ride to Hawaii, Koro has them write a report on the movie before blasting off to tutor maths of one of his students. A guy asks a kid if he can see Koro flying. He can. This means he is good enough to kill him. Yes, he will be killing his brother who will also be his teacher starting tomorrow.

Episode 11
The class knows about the new transfer student today so they ask Ritsu for more information. She explains they were originally planned to be introduced together as she handles long range attacks while he tackles close range. However that was cancelled for 2 reasons. Because it took him longer to be prepared and Ritsu lacked the capability to support him. That sounds dangerous. Here he comes now. Oh wait. That mage is his guardian, Shiro. The real emotionless kid, Itona Horibe didn’t use the door but barges through the wall! Is he strong enough for you? He claims he is not interested in killing those who are weak. This means Koro as the strongest is his only target. The shocking revelation as he proclaims, they are brothers! The students want answers but Koro is always certain he was the only child. Oh, so he had parents? Further proof that they might be related is that Itona’s habits are exactly the same as Koro. Itona wants to settle this sibling rivalry after school. The classroom becomes a ‘ring’ and the only rules are whoever steps out of it will die and no spectators shall be hurt. Violating them results in instant loss and death. As soon as Shiro gives the signal to start, Itona was so fast that a tentacle of Koro is cut off! The shocking fact was not this but rather Itona’s hair is tentacles!!! Koro’s face turns black as he is seriously mad on how Itona got those tentacles. Not telling. Itona continues to attack and drive Koro to a corner. His tricks of skin shedding saved him once. But this is all part of Shiro’s careful calculation. Because Koro’s limbs regeneration and skin shedding takes stamina, this means Koro is gradually weakened and slowed. Also, the use of his tentacles depends on his mood and in this frantic state, Koro cannot fully utilize them. In no time Koro will be killed.

Just when Itona is about to land the killing blow, Itona’s tentacles are cut off. If Itona’s tentacles are of the same structure as his, this means he is also prone to be hurt by all the special materials. Koro swiftly stole his students’ knives and let Itona touch them. Then he wraps him in his shed skin and throws him outside. It is Itona’s loss by right but if he wants to continue living, stay in his class with his other students. There are some things that are obtained via experience. Itona goes berserk that he lost and is about to fatally attack Koro. Shiro shoots Itona out and it is back to the drawing board. Don’t worry. They’ll be back after some tweaking. Koro will not let him take his student but he can’t touch Shiro since his clothes has that harmful material. In the aftermath, Koro feels embarrassed because he was supposed to be a comical character but let his serious side ruined it! But the students seriously want to know about the truth. Koro finally reveals… He is an artificial life form! But the students are not surprised. They figure no octopus can go up to mach 20 and since he dismissed he is no alien, he must be an artificial life form. Plus, with Itona in the picture, Koro might have been created earlier. But as for questions why he was created or came here, Koro won’t say. Take it as a motivation to save the Earth. Do it and the truth will be revealed. And the only way is to kill him. Hey wait. How can a dead octopus speak? Later the students seek Karasuma’s help to learn more advanced assassination techniques. They once thought somebody would just kill him so they didn’t take the job seriously. But now they realize if somebody beats them to it, it would mean all their hard work was for naught. They want to kill Koro themselves. That’s the spirit. Now the first step is to undergo Karasuma’s tough training. Don’t regret it now…

Episode 12
Sugino passes by his old baseball teammates. They think he’s got it easy slacking off while they have to be top in their studies and game. But the baseball captain, Kazutaka Shindou maintains his arrogance that top people like them are chosen unlike them who excel at none. For the school sports, Class E is always omitted from it but will play an exhibition match at the end. For humiliation purposes of course. While the girls will take on the basketball team, the boys will face the baseball team. As Sugino is the best player they’ve got, they ask him for some tips but Sugino thinks it is useless as he paints Shindou like a mega star. He hopes Koro can coach them. Oh, he is itching to play ball. During the exhibition match, Koro hides as a ground ball to give signal and tips to the 3-E guys. The baseball team remains cocky this will be easy pickings but boy, will they be surprised with the tricks 3-E has under their sleeves. Thanks to Koro’s ‘intensive’ training, as long as they catch their opponents by surprise, they’ll stay ahead. So much so the baseball team is losing spirit and their coach is panicking. This is when Asano decides to take over and provides the necessary education and motivation for the team to get back up. They manage to claw their way back and Koro doesn’t even have an answer to this?! But he tells Karma to shake things up by provoking the crowd. When it comes down to the decisive game, Karma and Yuuma Isogai stand within touching distance of Shindou as tight defence. Asano tells Shindou not to mind them as 3-E will be penalized for obstructing. However this still gets to him and when he swings, the duo move enough to dodge. With Karma playing mind games with him, Shindou has a mental breakdown. He flops the next hit and 3-E wins the game! A major upset! Now they’re even after the midterm fiasco. Sugino continues to admire Shindou as the best player but the latter is confused of his intentions of playing this match if it is not to prove his superiority. Well, he just wanted to show off a little to his old friends. They both patch up their friendship and Shindou hopes he can play with him against next year in high school. Well, if the world is still around then.

Episode 13
Karasuma analyzes some of the students that have greatly improved. He suddenly senses a great threat coming quickly from behind. His quick reflex has him judo throw Nagisa. He wonders if this is just his imagination. Karasuma is surprised his colleague from the Ministry of Defence, Akira Takaoka will be assisting him in his training. At first everybody loves this chubby guy thanks to his very friendly nature and his penchant to share his expensive and famous sweets. But with Karma skipping all of his class and Karasuma realizing something horrifying about him, the students learn too late of his true nature. At first it starts off with a very gruelling training schedule right up till the night. One of the students complained and he got beaten up! Holy sh*t! What if a girl disagrees? I think that is more than just a power slap. Takaoka claims he is the father of this ‘family’ and you can’t say no to your dad, right? Koro is mad but there is nothing he can’t do since Takaoka claims this PE class is his turn and the kids need to toughen up. So what if their education method differs. Takaoka continues his harsh training so much so Karasuma finally can’t take it and steps him to stop his violence. Of course Takaoka says this isn’t violence but education. He challenges Takaoka to pick his best student. He will be given a real knife and if he so much as just touches him, Takaoka will admit defeat and leave. Of course this is just part of scheme to beat down that student and send a fearful warning to everyone. After all, he believes a kid who has never hold a real knife before will panic and not know how to use it and that’s where he’ll intercept and beat the crap out of him.

Karasuma picks Nagisa but gives him a choice whether he wants to do it. Nagisa accepts the role as he can’t forgive Takaoka for what he did to his fellow classmates. Nagisa remains calm and remembers some of Karasuma’s teachings. He doesn’t need to fight him to kill him. All he needs to do is just assassinate him. So Nagisa coolly walks right up to him with a smile and at point blank range, he thrusts his knife with an intention to kill. As Takaoka never expected this, he will be in shock and as he avoids, his centre of balance shifts. Nagisa knows he cannot block a blow from the front so he circles to his back and has his knife at his throat! Game over! Karasuma is shocked that he never expected Nagisa to pull off this move. Imagine if he was a real assassin. What are the potentials? However Takaoka is now furious. He wants a rematch. Before the adults can stop him, Nagisa tells him straight that he definitely cannot win if he fights again. His forced fatherly role does not even come up to half of Karasuma’s professionalism. Thanks for trying to make them strong but sorry, please leave. (Side note: Bitch wonders if Karasuma is their teacher, then who is she to them? Their bitch!!! LOL!!!). Unfortunately Takaoka has become like the Hulk. Only he doesn’t turn green. This time Karasuma knocks him down. Still not willing to give up? Well, now Asano makes his move. As he has seen everything, he agrees that fear is a must in education but putting violence in it makes him the lowest teacher. As the Ministry of Defence has no say in the hiring rights here, this means he calls the shots and Takaoka is dismissed from his position. The students are happy to get Karasuma back but they want him to treat them like Takaoka did. Okay. But Koro won’t be getting a cut since he didn’t do anything! I suppose watching in silence in the background doesn’t count. Oh great, now he’s begging.

Episode 14
Koro has created a makeshift pool for class 3-E. However he is being a wet blanket putting up lots of rules. Then they realize something when he starts screaming like a little girl when he almost fell into the water. Could it be his greatest weakness is water? Yes it is! Ryouma Terasaka is not thrilled that even his buddies have warmed up to that octopus. He makes a fuss that riles everyone up by throwing some sort of insect repellent. In actual fact, Terasaka is working for Shiro and gets paid for doing his part to set the stage for another showdown between Koro and Itona. Next day when Terasaka enters class, Koro is leaking with mucus (I thought it was cheese!) thanks to the effect of that repellent that also dulls the sensitivity of his tentacles. Terasaka then throws down the challenge he will kill Koro today and wants everyone to assemble at the pool. Since when he gets to boss around others? Koro wants everybody to do so since it is Terasaka’s big chance to kill him. Nagisa talks to Terasaka about his plan and that he should talk to everyone about it. But because he continues to be arrogant, Nagisa feels something is off. Despite being confident in his plan, it is as though his words and actions are from somebody else. Terasaka has everyone positioned in the pool. Koro thought he is going to shoot him into the pool where everyone will stab him. But the gun is actually a signal to indicate to Itona to push Koro into the pool. So he thinks. When Terasaka pulls the trigger, a bomb explodes the dam. The pool water rushes out and drags the students with them. Of course this means Koro has to quickly save them but in the process his tentacles will be absorbed with lots of water. Then Itona will come in for the beat down.

Koro takes a beating not only because of his dulled tentacles. Some students are hanging on the edge and he is trying to protect them. Terasaka panics that he didn’t know of this plan and even starts blaming others. Karma punches him for accusing others when he is the only one who was taken for a ride. Terasaka remembers he always used his strength over the weak and asserted control over them. However that did not happen in this school. That trick might never work again. He thought he could get by with his fellow 3-E classmates till that octopus showed up and gave them a huge goal. Terasaka admits he got tricked into this plan. But even so, he wants to choose who gets to pull his strings. He wants Karma to order him around since he is the perpetrator who gets things done. Can he handle it? He’ll bet his life on it. Terasaka goes to challenge Itona. As Karma planned, they need not worry about the other students in danger because Itona’s target is not them although Koro’s attention is divided because they’re still alive. When Shiro orders Itona to knock out Terasaka, his mucus starts to leak. He is wearing the same shirt from yesterday and this means Itona’s tentacles will have the same effect. On Karma’s signal, everybody jumps into the pond and starts splashing over Itona. Shiro is forced to withdraw again or else there’s going to be a big splash party. Karma continues to tease Terasaka but he fires back about the slacker getting the sweet parts. Other students side with him and drag him into the water.

Episode 15
The time for the final exams draws near. Koro has the perfect motivation for class 3-E. As everyone knows, the loss of a tentacle will reduce his capability by 10%. Each student who receives a top score either overall or individual will have the right to shoot off 1 tentacle. Sugino gets a call from Shindou as he warns them about the top 5 of Kunikigaoka. The Big Five as they are known are the smartest and the pride of the school (they look like a bunch of freaks). The top of them all is no other than Asano’s only son, Gakushuu. The Big Five are tutoring class A in their bid to show class 3-E their place. When son sees father (it is odd to hear them addressing each other by their surnames), son is confident of beating 3-E but daddy teaches him a little lesson about strong and weak sides switching places. Gakushuu then asks about daddy keeping some secrets because he has been frequenting class 3-E more often this year. He is not afraid to admit he wants to use this information to control his father. Like father, like son. The seed doesn’t fall far from the tree after all. Class 3-E has booked the library to study but the Big Five had to badmouth and challenge them that whichever of their classes snag the most top rankings in the subjects, the loser must obey the winner. As they are cocky enough to bet their life on it, a little assassination threat scares them away. A taboo word if you’re talking to assassins. When Gakushuu learns of this, he agrees to this but clarifies the rules. Although the winner can ask of one thing of the loser, for them it will be class 3-E to sign this contract which consists additional 50 conditions! Sly. Of course hidden in one of the conditions is for class 3-E to reveal all secrets. With this, he will use it against his father. Class 3-E discusses what they should do if they win. Koro suggests for them hand over the school pamphlet. As they’re already at the bottom, he would like them to experience a lively battle for the top. And now class 3-E steps into the ‘arena’ and face their toughest ‘battle’ yet.

Episode 16
Despite the tough questions, thanks to Koro’s unconventional teaching methods, it is a breeze for some 3-E students. Time for the results. Rio Nakamura scores perfect in English and tops the grade in this subject. Although Kanzaki is top in class for Japanese, Gakushuu got perfect score. Isogai tops the class and grade for social studies and the same for Okuda in science. Although Gakushuu dominates in math, the final score line means class 3-E beats the Big Five 3-2 although overall score the latter obtained more. Mainly because Karma dragged the score down. He gets teased by Koro for being cocky and skipping classes. You mad, bro? Gakushuu, who maintained his number 1 position as the top cat of the grade, goes to see his father who only taunts him about losing to his peers when he threatened to put daddy on a leash. You mad, son? The important lesson is that both sides now realize the importance of what it means to win and lose. They’ll try harder next time. As promised, Koro will allow 3 tentacles to be shot off. However Terasaka and his buddies want him to hold his horses. The quartet scored perfect in home economics. Koro never mentioned what subject they were to ace and now he can’t go back on his words. Man, that’s 7 tentacles off! During the closing ceremony before the summer holidays, as usual class 3-E is mocked but nobody is laughing now. Only class 3-E is standing tall and proud. Asano relishes that this humiliation will make the rest strive harder although he needs to take action so that the true End Class will only be possible. Of course this means much more for Gakushuu who is going to make class 3-E pay for this humiliation. As part of the bargain, class 3-E gets the privilege for a special training camp at the Okinawa resort. That is also where they will cash in on their tentacles destroying right and target Koro’s life. Koro passes them with high scores that they have become formidable assassins.

Episode 17
Nagisa and co are looking for beetles to sell and earn some cash. Hinano Kurahashi is a beetle maniac and knows her stuffs well. However Okajima has a different plan. He has laid out porn magazines as trap for Koro and without a doubt he took the bait. He has experimented with different porn fetish and discovered the different faces Koro puts on. Now that he is so engrossed in this pile of porn, underneath it is a pit trap riddled with those pellets. All that is left is to cut the rope and let him fall in. Yeah. Porn saves the world! Suddenly Koro spots a beetle and this interests Kurahashi. They start chatting lively about it on top of the porn stack. Koro realizes too late that his porn rendezvous is discovered. Feeling ashamed as a teacher? But it seems Koro knew there was a trap underneath but the porn was too tempting! As Kurahashi analyzes the high value of this beetle, she takes it herself and lets the other guys chase after her. Later as the students hone their skills for their upcoming assassination, Bitch slacks because she plans to steal the glory at the final moment. Then Lovro shows up and this gets her ass moving to continue training. They discuss the assassination plan as Lovro points out some of the class’ outstanding assassins. Ryuunosuke Chiba is a first class sniper while Rinka Hayami has dextrous fingers and could easily take down moving targets. Nagisa asks him who the best assassin is. Lovro replies nobody knows his name and he goes by the nickname Shinigami. Lovro then teaches him a deadly technique. Class 3-E arrives at Okinawa. Koro hangs out with different groups who test out their assassination attempts. Other groups on the other hand make preparations. At the end of the fun filled day. Koro is so tanned that he is black! Even his teeth are tanned?! Since it annoys the students as they can’t tell front from back, he sheds his skin to return back to normal. He realized too late he just used his once a month secret move. After feeding him with lots of luxurious food, they bring him to a floating chapel away from the hotel to let him watch a movie. This is where the assassination will begin as here he has nowhere to run.

Episode 18
Koro knows that the sniper duo are stationed faraway on the island getting a good aim at him. Koro is made to watch a movie of all his embarrassing exploits! From porn to cross-dressing to shamelessly taking free samples! And there is an hour worth of it! He might be dead from embarrassment but he realizes his feet are covered with water. He didn’t realize it because it is the natural tide. Now it is time to begin the operation. The 7 students shoot off his 7 tentacles to slow him down. The other students tear apart the chapel and the rest emerge from underwater using some high powered hydraulic motor to form a water cage. Those 7 students fire their bullets but they are not aiming at him. They are firing around him to prevent him to escape. The snipers in the mountains were dummies laced with their smell. The real ones were hidden in the water and now they’re going to take the shot and end this for real. A big explosion occurs. Did they get him? Then out of the water pops a mini Koro! OMG! He is still alive? Using all the energy he has, he shrunk himself into this crystallized ball and this is his ultimate defence. Nothing can break this ball. Then wouldn’t it be unfair if he stays in this form forever? Not quite. There is a downside to it. He will revert to normal in 24 hours and in this mode, he cannot move at all. This means feed him with more of his embarrassing footage? Although Koro highly praises them for getting this close, the students truly felt disappointed. It was their best effort and yet it came nowhere close. Especially the sniper duo who practised so hard and they felt nervous during the real deal.

As the students wallow in disappointment, Nagisa notices that some of them are too tired. Then they collapse or start bleeding. Karasuma gets a mysterious call from the perpetrator admitting that this is his doing. What he has done was injected some of them with a mysterious virus. The only known cure is with him and the only way to get it is to exchange Koro. Since he doesn’t want Karasuma to come, he wants him to send 2 of his shortest students (Nagisa and Kaede) for the exchange at the hotel at the hilltop. If they break the rules or fail slightly, you can kiss the antidote goodbye because leaving the infected untreated will eventually lead to death. Normally the only way is to comply but their guts tell them this guy isn’t going to play fair and there is a chance he won’t give the antidote after the handover. That’s why Koro has a plan. Gathering all the able bodied students, the plan is to infiltrate and steal the cure. As the hotel is laced with guards, the only place without them is a very steep dangerous cliff. If they’re going to make this operation a success, then they will have to climb it.

Episode 19
Karasuma doesn’t think this plan will succeed but the students show they can climb the rocks easily. This is nothing compared to their daily training. They want Karasuma to be the leader of this operation. Everyone is climbing well except for Karasuma since he has to carry Bitch who is nothing but complaining. Why tag along then? I guess she doesn’t want to nurse the sick ones. Ritsu analyzes the floors and looks like they’ll have to take a long complicated route of stairs since elevators to each floor need special pass cards. The lobby is heavily guarded. How can they just pass through? It’s easy for Bitch as she just uses her womanly charms to get all those guys’ attention. Then she plays the piano like a pro and now they’re all ears. The kids could have continued to be mesmerized by her had she not given them the signal to go ahead. The upper floors are easy and they just need to act like guests. On the third floor as they’re about to pass this lone guy, Smog, Yuzuki Fuwa could sense something strange about him. Smog takes out his poisonous gas device. Karasuma takes the full brunt of the gas to save Terasaka. Fuwa remembers his face as the one who poisoned them as he was the waiter that served them their welcome drink. Although Smog denies, Fuwa deduces the events to why some were poisoned and some weren’t and it makes him as the only probable suspect. All thanks to her love for detective manga… Smog wants to call his boss to inform the negotiation failed but the kids block the exits. Faced with weakened Karasuma, he gets cocky. He couldn’t see Karasuma’s speedy kick and feels the full brunt of his force. Smog is out for the count but Karasuma is greatly weakened although he is still conscious and can carry on. On the fifth floor, they encounter yet another killer, the good looking Grip. Oddly he waits for them in the open. But he shows his true strength when he could crush the glass window with his bare hand. He feels disappointed he has to fight kids and is going to call for backup. That is when Karma power smacks his device away and taunts him for being afraid to lose to kids. He might sound intimidating and rough but Koro notices he has been learning from his failures since and not be underestimated.

Episode 20
Grip agrees to fight Karma but as the former attacks, the latter only keeps dodging. When it is Karma’s turn to attack, Grip plays dirty by flushing the poisonous gas in Karma’s face. He thought it is his win but Karma does the same to him. Apparently he stole the device from Smog. Karma somewhat anticipated his move because he was on guard against everything except his bare hands. After all, Grip must have a backup plan as his mission is to stall them. Everyone thought Karma has grown up and matured till he decides to play pranks by putting hot wasabi, chilli, mustard and everything else into Grip’s holes. The next floor is the bar and it has stairways to the VIP room. As the guys stand out, this calls for a job for the girls. Karasuma views it is dangerous for them so how to compromise? I always knew that Nagisa’s girly looks would come in handy one day. Yup, they cross-dress him as they head in to unlock the door from the back. I’m not sure if this is an insult because of all the cute girls, there is this rich spoilt kid, Yuuji Norita who suddenly takes a liking for Nagisa and goes to flirt with her. The girls make Nagisa accompany him till they need him. Apparently some punks also hit on the girls but they show a yakuza emblem which they borrowed from Bitch to scare the wimps away. When they see a lone security guard at the door, they call Nagisa for help. Yuuji doesn’t want to part yet and tries to impress Nagisa with his (lame) dance moves. He accidentally bumps into a punk. The punk bullies him for compensation and Yuuji is scared sh*t. The girls then kick the daylights out of the punk and call the security that this guy had one too many drinks and to take him away. With the coast clear, the girls unlock the door for the guys to join them. Nagisa quickly takes off his girls clothes. Karma had better not spread pictures of girly Nagisa around. A couple of guards are standing at the VIP stairs. They have to take them down in one go or they’ll call for backup. So one of the guys mock them to get them angry. They chase after him but after passing a certain point, the others jump and taser them out. Koro wants the sniper kids to take their guns since they are the best shooters as Karasuma is not back up to speed yet. However he tells them never to shoot to kill and with their skills they can defeat enemies without a scratch. They don’t look too confident, though. Waiting for them in the stage room is the crazy gun tasting Gastro.

Episode 21
Gastro’s keen hearing and memory lets him know where they are. He thinks those kids are not up for killing. A bullet nearly misses him. Hayami meant to shoot away his gun but missed. Gastro gets serious and turns on the stage lights which put them at disadvantage. Koro then shuffles their position by calling them (by nicknames and whatever names specific to them) and guides them where they should move and hide. He doesn’t want Chiba to fire because this would give his position away. While Koro gives his usual motivational talk that the snipers don’t have to bear all the pressure themselves, this gives Gastro time to figure out that one of the students has not moved. Once he pops out, he will shoot. But when he does, Gastro is surprised to find it is just a dummy (one of the kids had the daunting task to create that all in silence). The real Chiba fires at him. Miss? Actually he shot the trusses to knock him out. The rest then tie him up. They move on to the final room. Karasuma has got most of his strength back although not optimum. Nagisa notices Terasaka is also infected but the latter doesn’t want him to squeal considering he has caused trouble to them many times before and doesn’t want to drag everyone down this time. In the final room, they realize the mysterious boss has set explosives on the vaccine. Furthermore, he has lots of spare detonators in anticipation of this. Karasuma recognizes his voice. He is no other than Takaoka! Having everyone coming up to the rooftop, he explains his plan to kill Koro. His bathtub is filled with those pellets and he will bury Kaede and Koro in it under cement. So in order not to harm her, Koro would have to blow himself up and the cement. As for Nagisa, he is here to get his revenge. After losing to him, he was the butt of jokes and humiliated back at the base. Nagisa has no choice but to follow him up to the helipad. He is so agitated they don’t know what he’ll do next. Takaoka makes Nagisa go on his knees to apologize he played dirty and had no skill. He did just that and even got his head stepped on. But like the true devil Takaoka is, he never intended to give the vaccine because he just blows it up and relishes seeing their tormented face. Nagisa then picks up the knife and is going to kill him.

Episode 22
Takaoka encourages Nagisa to kill him. But Terakawa throws the taser at Nagisa and scolds some senses into him about turning into murder despite this guy is just trash. A murder is still murder. Koro agrees with him that Takaoka is not worth killing and wants him to take the taser to stun him out. However Nagisa just puts it away. The words didn’t reach him? Takaoka then easily beats up Nagisa and even gives him some encouragement to fight back as he has some of the vaccine with him. Karma and the rest are in suspense mode, wondering if they should go in or not. Nagisa then remembers Lovro’s deadly technique lesson. A move that will get him out of this pinch. But there are 3 conditions to fulfil. 1) He must have two weapons; 2) His opponent must be an expert; 3) His opponent must know the fear of being killed. With all conditions set for an instant kill that does not necessarily end in death, Nagisa looks set to test him as a guinea pig. Takaoka starts worrying. Once Nagisa is close enough, he drops the knife. As Takaoka is fixated on it, Nagisa then claps his hands very loudly in front of his face. This causes Takaoka’s reflex action to pull back. Nagisa then takes out the taser to stun him. One more jolt will knock him out. Despite Takaoka has done many bad things, Nagisa still has him to thank for some of the lessons he learnt. He smiles and says thank you. This smile brings fears and nightmares to Takaoka as he is stunned out cold. Victory!

Although the vaccine is not enough for everybody, they need to take what they can and get out of here. That is when Gastro and his fellow assassins show up. Do they have a reason to fight now? Surprisingly they’re not going to. Avenging their boss isn’t in the contract. It is revealed that the infected do not have the virus. It is just an enhanced version of a common stomach bug. Therefore the vaccine is not needed. Take these supplements and rest up and in no time they’ll be back to normal. However the virus that Takaoka wanted to use on them was real. Had they actually used it, it would have been sh*t. They went against Takaoka orders to do this enhanced bug enough to make it seem like life threatening because they heard Takaoka never intended to give them the vaccine as he wanted to see their despair face after blowing it up. So the assassins weigh their options that would have a greater impact on their future. The pro assassins are still taken in for questioning but they leave the kids with lots of respect and motivation with their professionalism and coolness. Before you know it, everyone is healed. The government’s attempt to kill Koro fails as he is now back to normal. Koro wants to enjoy himself but since his students point out they’ll be heading back tomorrow, he can’t waste a single second and does everything in lightning speed. This means the boys start shooting him while the girls enjoy themselves playing on the beach. Koro is tempted to join them. Sure, come on in. Till he remembers what the water will do to him. Bitch tries to seduce Karasuma but he is not interested. Give it up. He’s gay ;p. Koro praises Nagisa for doing his best. Once they return to Kunigigaoka, class resumes as normal.

A Teacher To Die For
You know what? I guess the planet is still around and do you know what this means? It means there will be another season! Yay! More Koro sensei and class 3-E antics. I am not sure if the final arc diverted the attention and returned Takaoka to become a villain we love to hate so our characters can turn hero and show us what they have learnt. This means delaying whatever means to kill Koro as they team up to go save their pals? Whatever. Either way it works for me because with such a great series, it would be a shame if it doesn’t get another season seeing there are so many other potentials (Gakushuu’s revenge when?) and unanswered questions (Koro’s origins).

The funny moments and the progression of the plot in seeing how the students plan and scheme their way to get Koro are never dull because the yellow octopus is very unpredictable himself. They keep you intrigued on your feet as you ponder with them what moves they are going to make next. You can’t help sometimes to cheer on the students for their attempt to be successful and when they don’t, you feel equally as bad and down with them.

It goes without saying that Koro remains the best character and teacher ever. Nobody has made learning and education this cool and fun. You have got to love the way he prepares his classes and teaches his students with utmost care as he grooms them to become both a human and pro assassin. Unless you’re a pure demon, you cannot ever find yourself to hate this guy. Especially not the students who have spent many moments with him. Everything he does is for their sake, growth and development. That is why I was wondering even when it comes down to it, can they really pull off the assassination after being so close with him? But after seeing the way they have trained, the interactions and the missions they have pulled off, I am without doubt that when the time comes, they can pull off the assassination without hesitation.

Koro is so cool in what he does and the things he says as lessons in life that you can never find anywhere in any school textbooks or best selling authors’ self motivational books, that sometimes as though he is like God himself. I mean, you can’t already kill him because he is so damn fast and then he stays a hundred steps ahead of you like as though he knows and predicts the future. Like as though he read right out from the script. But the only thing that had me bugging when Koro uses his mach speed is that he may be fast but can the others keep up with his speed? For example when he tutors everybody. He might be fast going from one student to student but when you think about it, the students cannot be lightning fast in finishing their homework or understanding, right? They need time. Normal time. So don’t you think Koro has to slow down and ‘wait’ for them? His super speed is only feasible if he is dodging attacks but not so when it comes to other stuffs like this one.

The biggest irony of Koro is that despite he has so many weaknesses (based on Nagisa’s notes there are more than 30 weaknesses as observed but there could be more as we are unaware of), he looks so vulnerable at any moment and an easy picking. With weaknesses so silly that you think this guy could even lose to a duck. But then he recovers fast enough to avoid being assassinated although there were a handful of times he almost came close to death. Or maybe everyone was just so flabbergasted as the silly weakness that they just lose the motivation to kill? Sometimes you think he is just trolling and acting out to lead them astray but if there is one thing we know about Koro is that he doesn’t lie and you can say he is even more trustworthy than any politicians and lawyers. But Koro is also a big bag of mystery. You think the more you know about him, then something new up his sleeves pops up. It surprises you. Sometimes it gets to you. Like as though he is some sort of final boss that gets stronger the more you think you have weakened him. And then it all goes back to square one. Like a final level game boss character that was never programmed to be defeated anyway.

But something bugs me about the assassination teachings that Koro is training his students. Unless they have changed the definition of assassination, shouldn’t all the training be to focus on taking out a life professionally? And yet Koro forbids the students to do that except if it is to him. Of course they are under contract and the likes and the term assassination may be only used on him. And for the sake of argument that the students manage to kill him. Earth is saved, they received their reward. Then what? I am very sure the Japanese government is like a typical government worldwide would want to hire them as assassins to do their dirty jobs. They’re already pros at a young age and what more when they turn into adults. Their potential is frightening. So if he is training them to be top assassins but yet remain and not lose their compassionate human heart, don’t you think it is not accurate for them to be called assassins? Unless of course the definition of killing a person is different. Like, you ‘kill’ his motivation or ‘kill’ his old self and make him turn into a new leaf. Yeah, maybe that. But it is still worrying that despite assassinating isn’t amounting to killing for these kids, it just feels like glorifying this assassination aspect.

The growth and development of the 3-E are shown at a steady pace. Taking a bunch of rejects and turn them into respectable peers is the kind of underdog story we all love to see. We just hope those who looked down on them would receive their due punishment. However I feel that not all of the students get their fair share of screen time. Some stand out more than others while others whom I can’t remember their names were relegated as being background supporters. Sure, we have seen main ones like Nagisa (I still can’t get over his girly looks after all this time), Karma, Sugino and even Terasaka in action. But what about the obscure ones like, uhm, like that guy and that girl…? Ah, can’t remember their names after all. With a class with almost 30 students, it is hard for everyone to have their own spotlight. I understand this problem when you have lots of characters and each with their own unique personality and potential. Maybe they’ll leave it to next season for their turn to be showcased?

When you think about the concept of Kunigigaoka of shaming 5% of its students just to motivate the rest not to share their fate, it might be a little cruel and discriminating. But who cares if you are the majority, right? I guess this is how countries with ruling dictators work. You make an example out of the few to scare control the rest. And since this school is already starting them young, you can imagine the vicious cycle when they join the workforce and society. Sure, this method is not perfect or ideal, but if you are against this sort of discriminating method, care to suggest any other way that guarantees a higher success rate? It is just sad that the ‘successful’ get it big in their heads and their right to look down on the scums with their superiority. It bugs me that the persecution class 3-E faces every day, do they not get any complaints from their parents? Or do they know very well enough of it but with Asano’s intimidating presence, their parents can only hang their head in silence and shame.

Some characters you can see they have changed greatly like Terasaka who was once a selfish person who couldn’t care less about everything else. He turned into a stronger character who looks out after for his friends especially playing a pivotal role in waking up Nagisa. You’d never expect something like that from his character. And some characters I feel a bit of a letdown like Karma because I was expecting him to be real badass and although he is still badass enough, it just feels that he didn’t live quite up to expectations maybe because he suffers from that lack of screen time syndrome. Then there are those who you can look up to (aside Koro) like Karasuma as he closely observes the growth and change of the students. Some a bit like joke characters like Bitch and Okajima that at first looks feel more like jokers because of their comedic unfortunate circumstances they get into but they are still as lethal as their counterparts.

One of the things that surprised me was the fact that almost the entire cast that voiced the characters in the OVA were replaced in the TV series. Actually I didn’t realize this until Bitch made her appearance. Because I was anticipating to hear Yui Horie’s voice again but then when the character made her debut, she sounded different. This wasn’t Yui Horie. Not to say that Shizuka Itou didn’t do a good job but Yui Horie did left an impression on me voicing this character. Of course as with time, I got used it. Among the other main casts that were switched include Jun Fukuyama as Koro (originally voiced by Tomokazu Seki in the OVA), Tomokazu Sugita as Karasuma (Junichi Suwabe), Mai Fuchigami as Nagisa (Nao Touyama), Aya Suzaki as Kaede (Ayana Taketatsu), Sayuri Yahagi as Okuda (Miho Arakawa), Satomi Satou as Kanzaki (Rina Satou) and Yoshitaka Yamaya as Sugino (Yuutarou Honjou).

In fact I should say that almost all the characters that made their appearance in the OVA had their change in seiyuu for the TV series. The only one that was retained was Nobuhiko Okamoto as Karma. Of course it goes without saying that with the TV series there would be new seiyuus for new characters like Saki Fujita as Ritsu, Sho Hayami as Asano, Kenta Miyake as Takaoka, Megumi Ogata as Itona, Ryota Takeuchi as Shiro, Mamoru Miyano as Gakushuu, Takashi Matsuyama as Lovro and Takehito Koyashi as Gastro.

The students of 3-E sing both the opening theme songs. Although the rock based outfit of the first opener, Seishun Satsubatsuron is to fit the theme and pace of the series, somehow I just don’t find it appealing. Making it even weirder is the dance (if you can call it that) that you see the students doing. I don’t know what the heck is this high 5 rodeo/jumping dance all about. It’s so weird and funny that I couldn’t laugh. Seriously. The second opening theme, Jiriki Hongan Revolution sounds worse in my opinion. Maybe everybody is having fun. That’s what the song sounds like. Sure, it is good for the kids. But not me. Even weirder is that in addition to that weird high 5 dance, now you’ve got the kids doing some sort of arm swinging (like when you’re running) dance. WTF. Having fun, aren’t we? I know these dance movements won’t be catching on in my books forever. However I can take heart that the ending theme is the best of them all. No, I am not being sarcastic. I actually prefer the slow and beautiful ballad of Hello Shooting Star by Moumoon. It’s quite calming to hear this piece after watching the craziness of the episode.

Overall, this is a fun and entertaining watch to see how teacher and students bond in the most unusual way. It was mainly never about killing him to save Earth or whatsoever. It is about giving a chance to those who have been written off. Because no matter how down or useless you are told you are, there is always that potential inside and just needs some polishing up a little. I am sure that with Koro’s mach speed, he can tutor every single human being and guide them to be at least decent. No problem, right? I mean, it is not a daunting task for a super creature like him. Yeah, the irony of a yellow octopus teaching us humans. An insult to humanity? But if that is what it takes to cure stupidity… Oh wait, there is no cure for human stupidity. Look at all the rage and post-before-you-think comments all over the web. Depressing, huh? Then could it be Koro would just kill himself instead? I understand his pain. Because if that’s the case I also don’t want to live on this planet anymore…

I thought everything had ended. What would the series be without that super intelligent robot? Therefore I was wondering how Suisei No Gargantia: Meguru Kouro, Haruka, a double OVA episode that lasts an hour long each would fare since it takes place after the events of the TV series. Ah yes, I remember how awesome it was watching that and sadly despite it has only been a couple of years since I last saw this series, it felt like ages and I couldn’t remember much in detail. But at least I still remember generally what happened. Phew. Not so bad, eh? Anyway, like any awesome series, it has become my ‘obligation’ to follow up if there are future episodes of it and here I am finally watching this OVA albeit being very, very late. Well, better than never. So it interests me to see what kind of story will unfold for Ledo since he doesn’t have Chamber anymore. And will there be any sort of development between Ledo x Amy? One can only hope…

Episode 1
Bellows leads her team in another undersea wreckage salvaging. Thanks to Ledo, they are able to find a good catch of usable ships. Amy has a junior under her wing, Leema as she guides her through her postal and messenger job. Being the newbie around, her curiosity of those Yunboro has her fascinated but almost got her into trouble with one of the engineers for casually touching it. Pinion tries to recruit Leema into his engineering section as he needs all the help he can get. But seriously, you need this little girl to help out with all the heavy metal stuffs? Not sure if Rackage is a citizen of this ship as she is seen making herself home on Gargantia. She claims she is taking a vacation before her next big expedition. Leema and Ledo meet for the first time and the former wants to hear all his stories with Chamber. Ledo also learns that Leema was from the Providence fleet and during the time Kugel played God. He is also interested to know what happened there but before any story can begin, Melty and Saya interrupt Ledo for trying to two-time Amy. They even let out this secret that they eavesdropped Amy asking Chamber what are Ledo’s favourite stuffs but of course the machine didn’t get it and Amy was left frustrated. Imagine Amy’s embarrassment when she finds out her friends knew about this conversation. Leema tells briefly about her fleet joining Providence and after the priestesses died, Kugel began to change and everything went downhill (see OVA 2 to refresh your memory). Ledo believes Kugel’s way of getting rid of the weak and convincing the rest to fight and give whatever to support is the same motto as the Alliance. He believes had he been alive, he would have found a way.

That night, Amy doesn’t understand why Ledo still lives in fear every day. Right now, humans are still fighting Hideauze and he feels that war is somewhat necessary. But he is here right now away from all that conflict and unrelated. On the contrary, all of them are connected to it no matter where they are. This makes Ledo think if he would handle things differently from the Alliance if he ever comes into conflict with the whalesquids. With Leema accidentally eavesdropping on the story, she wants to hear more especially that stormy incident. It was the worst kind of storm that Gargantia has ever seen. The waves were violent enough to damage the pillars, pylons, bridges and interlocks of a connecting ship, Altemia. Only a bridge is left but it could snap any time. Fairlock gives the orders for the ship to evacuate and for Altemia to scuttle. Amy notices that Saya is still onboard Altemia helping others to evacuate and goes to help look for anymore that are left behind. The only other one left is Fleiss, Saya’s brother who has evacuated his crew (after the captain threw a tantrum he would rather go down with the ship than leave it and is clinging on to his chair). After Amy evacuates an old grandpa and his grandson, back at the bridge, Melty calls to warn for them to get out now because a huge wave is going to pound them. Too late. A direct hit. This causes the last bridge to break. Now they are floating adrift. To add to the problems, a connecting ship is tilting and will capsize. Ledo and Chamber come in to push it back up. At the same time they realize Altemia’s predicament. Ledo knows well he cannot leave his position. Altemia drifts back thanks to the waves but is in danger of slamming into the ship. Once Chamber has successfully put this ship back up, just in time to cushion the impact and save a few more lives. Leema is impressed with the story although Ledo credits everything to Chamber. Amy believes even if Chamber isn’t here, Ledo will not give up.

On a beautiful clear sky day, Bellows leads her team to scavenge the undersea wreckage. Everything goes well until some gas burst that causes the rocks to collapse. In Ledo’s bit to save one of the trapped crew, he is pulled down into the abyss as his cable got caught by the falling rock. Things are not looking good. Life support is dangerously low and all communications are cut so he improvises the reserve tank for a little more oxygen. During this moment of loneliness, he remembers a similar incident when he was fighting Hideauze. He was unable to contact to any of his comrades and a horde of Hideauze is coming. Chamber suggested to stop all communication to avoid being detected but Ledo does not want to be a sitting duck and be eaten alive. He can’t trust this machine to make the decisions. Chamber agrees that Ledo should call the final shots and all he can do is to provide the best support. In short, Chamber’s power depends on Ledo and this way if he screws up, you can’t blame the machine, right?

Bellows and her crew resurface and tell what happened to Ledo. Guess who is being all worried and emotional? Of course everybody can think of going back down to bring him back up but the grounds are unstable and if a search party was dispatched, they might get buried too. Before we can turn this into Amy’s crying fest, all other Yunboro who can still dive take the initiative to dive down with whatever resources they can carry. Amy wants to go help too (because Leema is going but I can think of another good reason why) but Bellows would rather have her stay here to greet Ledo with a smile when he returns. I thought it could have been there are no more spare Yunboro for her to spare. Anyway the search party dives down and finds Ledo’s unit pinned under the rock. Time for Rackage to have her screen time by doing something useful. Her unit is strong enough to lift the rock. Bellows and Ledo communicate via Morse code and the plan is once most of the rocks are pulled out of the way, Ledo is to eject the unit’s limbs for propulsion to freedom. They only have one shot at this. And as expected it is a huge success. Amy, you can stop praying real hard now. Oh, she’s crying again. At least tears of joy. The biggest heave of relief in her life. When Ledo steps out, he receives a hero’s welcome. A better ‘prize’ with Amy giving him a big hug. Nobody better interrupt this. Life proceeds as usual on Gargantia but it ends with a cliff-hanger. In a secret room, Leema unveils and activates a Machine Caliber!

Episode 2
Rackage tries to remind Pinion about this and that as he promised but Pinion like the typical guy he is, never remembers he made those vows! Ledo and Bevel examine a blueprint extract. They believe it is of a technology that is very similar to Machine Caliber. Leema seems to be interested in all kinds of stuffs related to machine so she is much impressed with Bevel’s mechanized wheelchair as he explains despite having a weak body, he is strong because everyone supports him. If you had your suspicions on Leema, then it comes true now because she is seen talking to her underlings about their objective to get Ledo to come with them. Originally they wanted to get Kugel but he died. They have to act fast because their higher ups aren’t going to wait. Ridget listens to the community leaders about their supplies being exhausted. So when she announces they will be stopping by Dragon Palace, a major trading hub from the land, the residents rejoice. Ridget negotiates with the top officials for whatever is necessary. As a token, she is given an updated world map. They also invite her to drink after that but she got drunk. Ledo and the girls walk around Dragon Palace. This includes playing games at the carnival and getting into their swimsuits to play with dolphins. Since Leema didn’t bring hers, they shop for one and this is your few seconds of Leema fanservice. Leema somewhat envies how close Ledo and Amy are and she always wished she had spent such times with her older brother. When a pretty redhead passes by Pinion, this guy tries to make a pass and flirt with her with his cheesy lines but she ignores him. Hmm… Why do I have a feeling I know who this chick is?

Leema talks to an informer who tells her the higher ups cannot wait any longer about their top military secret weapon being outside the country. They are afraid of information leak more than anything so if you see them coming, it’s game over. She must complete the mission before they arrive. Leema remembers showing Ledo the Augmented Body (their term for Machine Caliber), Muzzle. She wanted him to follow her to help her country research this robot. Leema sits inside Muzzle and still cannot understand the sophisticated language it speaks. At this rate, the more she spends time on Gargantia, the more she is starting to hate the idea of war. Continuing her mission, this time Leema tries to persuade Amy to convince Ledo to come with her. Of course Amy and Bevel can leave with him too. Because Ledo didn’t give her an answer, she thought Amy would help him decide. In that case, Amy won’t do it. But what if Bevel’s condition can be cured on land? And so Ledo and Amy discuss this including the possibility if Bevel cannot be cured. Decisions, decisions, decisions… An unidentified fleet is spotted and because there are no interlocks, they conclude it is a war fleet from a land nation. Leema recognizes and confirms it as the special forces armada. She gets desperate to get Ledo to come with her (throwing in that Bevel cure case). Even shocking she reveals she was born on land. A distress call from Melty and Saya has them know that Amy has been kidnapped by a couple of suspicious guys. Leema knows this is the work of her underlings. She doesn’t want Ledo to follow her as Amy is bait to lure him. If he is captured, he will never return. Of course Ledo doesn’t care and follows her into her breakaway ship.

When the fleet fires to destroy the ship, Muzzle activates to protect them. The fleet warns Gargantia not to get involved but Ridget won’t sit back and let her citizens be harmed. She gives orders to fire back. Pinion sees the redhead running somewhere so he tails her and recognizes her too late. Never realized this pirate queen could look so different and beautiful, eh? She was here in disguise to gather information. Now that she has discovered something, time to stop playing good citizen and return to the ways of her pirate life. She is not risking some war with the land and aggravate the situation. Leema hops into Muzzle as she feels sorry for trying to use Ledo for her own gains. She was trying to get him involved in a centuries-long war between land nations. After living on Gargantia, she feels she has no right to take away their way of life. Ledo hops onboard with her and since the system is closely similar to Chamber, he guides in how to pilot Muzzle (some device Ledo has is also enhancing its system). With its electromagnetic attack, it tries to destroy all the fleet’s cannons. Ledo neutralizes Leema’s subordinates and frees Amy. Save the hugs for later because the fleet is now targeting Muzzle. They plan to sink the machine and the pilot deep down into the ocean to prevent it falling into enemy hands. Leema tries to continue take out the remaining cannons but her skills are not as good without Ledo guiding her.

Muzzle stops activating when it takes a direct hit. Sinking into the deep ocean, all Leema could do is just sit there and reminisce her times with the machine. Still not understanding what it is trying to say, though. But surprise! Muzzle says her name! And then it displays on the small screen a montage of ‘important events’ from its monitor. Like the time Leema was assigned by the scientists to pilot it, all the hours she spent fine tuning it, the time she joined Providence, then coming to Gargantia, showing Ledo this Augmented Body and finally recently how she piloted it. Muzzle can now decently speak in Leema’s language. It then detaches the cockpit to let Leema float up. After a safe distance below, Muzzle self destructs. Once sad Leema resurfaces, she feels guilty that her only friend is gone. What will she do now? Don’t worry. Rackage offers her to join her crew. Leema joins her as her way of atonement. While Ridget praises the people of Gargantia and their efforts to keep damage to a minimum and maintain peace, Ledo talks to Amy about the many things on Earth he still doesn’t know and this device is somewhat connected to that Augmented Body. Amy wonders what kind of life Leema had led as she was born in a land in perpetual war. But for them, no matter what troubles they may face, they’re going to live here and Ledo is going to protect Amy here. Okay. Time to continue the emotional hug.

Home, Wherever You Call It
And… They cancelled the second season!!!!!!!!!! WHY, OH WHY???!!! For whatever reasons, let is not hold a grudge for the future that has not and will never happen. As far as this OVA is concerned, despite some drama parts, it is still very interesting and brings back a whole lot of nostalgic memories of the TV series. Personally, watching the entire duration pulled a lot of heartstrings within me even if that scene wasn’t meant so. Just because of the nostalgia. With the revelation of land nations who love to fight, I guess this is what most probably how the story will continue and as seen there are lots of potential and development. But sadly as mentioned, we won’t be getting it unless somebody or a group of people start changing their minds.

Even with Chamber being reduced to just flashback memories (heck, that was just only the first OVA and the second one he did not even appear), it somewhat proves that the plot can still be interesting without the Ledo-Chamber combo. Of course the Ledo x Amy romance is still a long way to go but it is developing nicely between them. It feels like a little reward to see them together from time to time after a little ‘adventure’. It is hard to say about the recurring characters given the couple of episodes so it is unfair to say they’re just showing their faces as courtesy. Like Pinion who didn’t really do anything major here. Except the fact he might have regretted for losing the coolest chick ever? So guys out there, never judge a book by its cover or scoff of something when it doesn’t match your taste at first. I think we’re all guilty of that. I figure with the pacing and development of the second OVA, it was supposed to be an introduction for the next season but… Oh, can I not stop harping on that already?!

Another great and big plus of this OVA is the top notched quality they put in animating the visuals. The art and sceneries are just freaking spectacular and breathtaking to look whether they are hand drawn or using CGI. I tell you, they are just magnificent and awesome. No wonder I felt heartstrings being pulled within me. And despite the certain ‘slow’ drama parts, it is this art and visual that makes me feel awed instead of being ‘bored’. So if I don’t want to follow the little drama, I can always look to the background and admire the pretty sceneries. It makes Gargantia quite a majestic and beautiful place despite it is just a fleet of ships connected together to form a bigger floating vessel. Very good indeed. Even during action scenes, there is no drop in quality and the animation continues smooth sailing. This is definitely worth your money if you buy the DVDs.

On a very trivial note, I just wanted to point out that since Gargantia a very huge floating vessel, I can’t help keep thinking that shouldn’t the animation give the feel like they’re living on a floating vessel? You know, when you’re on a ship, you’re moving with the waves so there is this wavy motion effect to it. Uhm, not sure if I described it correctly. But you get the idea. Therefore sometimes seeing the scenes, it feels like the people on Gargantia are living on stable rock solid land. Get what I mean? Okay, you may argue that Gargantia is so big and thus stable. But the ocean is big too. Very big. Wave currents can be big too even for a mild one and Gargantia is essentially floating no matter how stable it is. In a way it is also good not to have that kind of effect. Can you imagine having the entire duration watching this anime with this effect? I think I might get seasick due to the realism.

Overall, a very good addition to the TV series and a must-watch for fans of the series especially for people like me, invoking the great nostalgia factor. For those who have not, please start watching. It goes to show that even if it is deep down inside our blood and genes to lust for war, peace and harmony are possible when you make it possible. It is just ironic that be it Hideauze or your own kind (technically, Hideauze originated from us human beings), men still can sure find ways to pick a fight. I guess it’s our way of saying what’s the use of being alive without having some sort of ‘excitement’. Better than being a living zombie. Or an otaku who constantly watches anime and plays games all day long on his computer. Hmm… I think this isn’t kinda bad either…

Ano Natsu De Matteru OVA

January 23, 2015

Hey, hold on a minute. I thought they were done with it? Because it really seems suspicious that after 2 years the TV series ended, they came out with Ano Natsu De Matteru OVA, which is supposed to be a special episode to be included in Blu-ray box set. Two years later and they only release this set? Well, it seems this is how long this OVA is set. So they want to make it time realistic as well? Are they trying to play on our nostalgia? Oh well, seeing the TV series wasn’t that bad, people like me would definitely want to flock and watch it to relive all that romance and nostalgia that was while we were watching the dozen TV episodes.

Reliving Memories Of The Past
Kaito wakes up on a usual bright sunny morning. It is always summer in the countryside so don’t worry. Nanami asks if he has decided on his future and he doesn’t need to worry about money. Do what he wants to do. Because this is his last summer vacation. He’ll think about it. So we catch a glimpse of the characters in their usual daily lives. Including Tetsurou who is seemingly popular among a couple of girls! Say what?! Mio is not really happy… And there is Lemon and Rinon still observing the universe or whatever in their secret MIB lab. Tetsurou visits Kaito at his home. Lazing around. Nothing better to do for the summer holidays, eh? So why is Tetsurou here? Because Kanna told him to keep a watch on him. Besides, Manami is back crashing at his place and doesn’t like the smell of his tank plastic model that he is about to make. Husband problem thingy again. Well on a related note, Tetsurou knows the girls are talking about him right now. Because Tetsurou received love letters. Not just 1 love letter but 3 of them!!! THREE FREAKING LOVE LETTERS!!! Of course Mio tore it all apart to convey the message to him. He better get it. Because they are going out now so he better not be screwing around with other girls. Tetsurou finds an old film reel lying around. Kaito remembers he was reorganizing his film and must be from that time. From the looks of it, it seems like some test film they did before that movie they made. Starting to remember what it’s all about? Back home, Tetsurou calls Mio to apologize but she’ll only forgive him if he says he loves her. In a convincing manner. He has to suck up his embarrassment to say it. At least it’s enough to make this nudist on cloud nine. He then tells her about that reel. They remember about it…

That night, Kaito plays the reel for nostalgia sakes. It is a test acting of Ichika before they film the real thing. So she is just doing normal things but as we can obviously see, she sucks. Don’t blame her. It is her first time after all. Remember Lemon’s Dynamite drink? Who the hell could forget that? Uh huh. She has nervous Ichika cool down by drinking it. Oh no. Because of that, Ichika is now acting very flirty. Get the camera! Hey… Why are they just filming her boobs? Mio won’t allow Tetsurou to watch any further and Kanna stops Kaito’s filming. However he couldn’t resist continuing when Ichika starts sexually harassing Kanna. Lemon who is in charge of the screenplay now gets tons of ideas watching them. Oh, why the heck did Rinon drink the juice too? After they are put to bed, the rest are discussing stuff and I don’t know if they’re too engrossed in it because that cheeky Lemon served her Dynamite drink to the girls and I am not sure if they realize what they just drank. And as expected, their behaviour change. They start getting loud while Kanna does a submission move on Kaito, refusing to believe nothing happened between him and Ichika. Accidentally he got his hands on Ichika’s boobs and flusters. This only upsets Kanna since his hand is on hers too. Too flat to feel anything… I think he just ‘died’. And Lemon… She’s pretty enjoying all this. The ideas are keep flowing in! The final segment of the film shows them playing sparklers and it ends with Ichika putting them all to bed with a cute smile and finger to her lips.

Kaito’s friends come by and they brought sparklers to play. They remember it was 2 years ago that they had such fun with everyone. Kaito even remembers Kanna’s bellybutton showing. Feel like ‘dying’ again? Tetsurou mentions he is planning to go to Tokyo University. Mio already knows and will follow him. As for Kaito, he wants to make movies again one day even if it’s something as simple as this because it had a happy ending. Kaito narrates although the silhouettes of memories in their hearts are continuing to disappear day by day, it still feels irritating and painful. He thought had they never met Ichika, their lives would have lived different lives. But that doesn’t mean it would be the end. There’ll be a sequel. They’ll always be waiting.

Old Films Never Die. They Live On In Our Hearts…
And so it was an epilogue mixed with some flashback. If I had to describe this OVA, it would be disappointing. Maybe that is the problem when you expect something great to follow after watching a great TV series. The only thing that it succeeded was that it brought back nostalgic memories of the series. Two years ago might seem like a long time now and I could hardly remember the show now. However this OVA doesn’t seem to do justice to any of it. Kaito and Ichika were supposed to be the main stars and I thought how it would be possible for this to happen when it was already over then. So that is why they brought back this old footage thingy and thus you have your Ichika’s appearance. It wasn’t anything special. Even that last scene that Ichika is watching through space, possible 2.3 million light years away, that doesn’t even feel like the saving grace. I mean, will she actually come back again? How old would Kaito be when that happens? Will Earth still be the same? Sure, alien technology speeds things up. Assuming that. Thus is also serves to highlight that Kaito is still probably much in love with Ichika because if he wasn’t, I am thinking that Kanna and him would have been an item. Like he said, had they not met her, they would have led different lives.

Thus this OVA is seen mainly focusing on the other characters albeit just a bit of development and nothing more. They try to make things interesting by employing bits of fanservice like that scene of Mio in her complete birthday suit just to remind us she is a nudist and is not ashamed to flaunt her body. At least in her room. Then there is this big joke of Lemon and her Dynamite drink that she makes the girls drink so that she could get her kicks from watching the young ones do flirty stuffs. Some may say this joke is getting old, a way to waste time and give Lemon a reason to make her cameo appearance that otherwise would mean nothing. Well in a way it is although personally I thought it was funny (in the nostalgic sense) even though it is just odd that the girls continue to fall for this prank.

Strangely or not, the opening and ending themes bear striking similarities of the themes done in the original TV series. Most probably it is because they are sung by the same singers who sung them then. Kisetsu No Shutter is the opener by Ray while Nagi Yanagi sings the ending theme entitled Point At Infinity. Though, personally I still prefer Vidro Moyou, the ending theme for the TV series. In a nutshell, I wished that they could have done this better and not ‘taint’ the series because now I feel the great overall TV series is let down with this unsatisfying finisher. Just like everything in life. It fades into our memories and those feelings turn into nostalgia if they are strong. Otherwise they will naturally be forgotten with the flow of time. Yeah. 2.3 million light years is a very looooooong time.

Gokukoku No Brynhildr

January 11, 2015

I guess it must be very hard to forget those memories. Especially the kind when you watch a friend of yours die during your younger days. It stays with you for the rest of your life. Regret. Remorse. Guilt. Trauma. Harem. Eh? What suddenly?! Gokukoku No Brynhildr at first may sound like a dark sci-fi horror genre but I guess the reason why I started watching this is because of the harem factor. This show might not be intended to be one but as far as there are girls flocking around a single guy due to circumstantial reasons rather than romantic reasons (like I would believe that), that is already a harem genre in my books. Never mind the dark conspiracy about aliens, the magical powers that the girls can use, the melting girls, the ultimate horrifying truth about what awaits humanity if a certain event is allowed to happen. All I’m here for is the harem! Yeah. I’m the worst, right? Hey wait a minute. Melting girls? That’s scary…

Episode 1
10 years ago Ryouta Murakami had a childhood friend he liked named Kuroneko. He made 2 mistakes that led to her death. First, they should have turned back when they were trying to cross the dangerous dam. Second, when he slipped, he pulled her along. Ever since he has been looking at the stars alone and longs to see her. His goal is to become a scientist in NASA to prove there are aliens as this was something Kuroneko never got to do. Because Kuroneko believed aliens existed and Ryouta didn’t. So she was going to show him the place. She brought him there but the accident happened. Miraculously Ryouta survived and was hospitalized. He thought Kuroneko was admitted to a different hospital but when he was discharged, he was told the truth she died. He was sad. Even sadder, he knew nothing much of her. He never knew her real name and had 3 moles near her armpit. WTF. And now back to the present. He gets this eerie surprise because here Kuroneko is, a new transfer student in his class! She calls herself Neko Kuroha. The first thing he did is to shout from the top of his voice that she is still alive. Neko asserts she doesn’t know him but he won’t take any of this crap and believes he can prove it! Show your moles under your armpit!!! WTF???!!! He got a slap and an infamous reputation… During pool lessons, one of the girls got her leg stuck below in the pump and is going to die. Neko predicted 2 students would die today. And then some sort of crater just cracks the ground and frees her. She lives. Ryouta goes back to his star gazing in his club’s observatory (he is the only member left as the rest have graduated). Surprisingly Neko is here. She tells him the prophecy that 2 students are to die today. The other is him. To prevent this, he must board the last bus home he usually takes.

Ryouta is further suspicious of Neko because she doesn’t know her simple multiplication tables well. Well, she’s good at making puns at the questions he throws… How the heck did she get into school anyway? Maybe she sucks at maths but she can beat him in physical strength. Ryouta instantly loses to her in arm wrestling. Then he fondles her arms and checks her biceps and couldn’t believe how he could lose to those squishy arms! Neko gets a call from her friend, Kana Tachibana that the prediction has change. So Ryouta has permission to miss the bus. Actually, don’t even go outside and stay here. Like he is going to believe that. Neko leaves and believes she has saved 2 lives today. She remembers there was this accident and the truck she was in overturned. Akane told her to take some package and run because she is the only one who can save this world from ruin. Neko receives another call from Kana. Another changed prediction? Yeah. Because stubborn Ryouta although he missed the bus, he continues to walk home in the rain. This is what happens when you don’t listen. Suddenly there is an avalanche! Not only he is caught and stuck in it, there is a boulder going to crush him! What a way to die. Suddenly here comes Neko with her super powers to split the boulder in half. At least he still has life. They realize the changed prediction. Had Ryouta got on the bus, it would have put it right in the path of the avalanche because Ryouta’s boarding delayed its journey. If that happened, everyone on the bus would have died too. So now you believe her? But as for what she is, she is a magician and hopes he would keep this a secret. The source of her power comes from a harness embedded behind her neck. While she is showing it to him, he didn’t see the moles under her armpit and concludes she isn’t Kuroneko.

Episode 2
Ryouta still has nightmares over Kuroneko’s death. Next day in class, Neko is absent. He is tasked to bring her the guidebook for the upcoming summer trip since her address is close to the observatory. Along the way he sees military trucks passing by. Ryouta thinks something amiss when the address turns out to be a viewing platform. But he realizes an abandoned village below (it was flooded but reconstruction was put on hold). She may be down there. True enough he finds her but catches her singing an embarrassing song. She declines the guidebook as she views her job is done. She only transferred in because she was curious to see what school is like (she spent 10 years in a lab!). She wants him to stay out of this because if the lab people find him, they’ll kill him too. Ryouta swore he could hear a person crying for help inside the house. He wants to help but Neko unleashes some warning craters and tells him to go away. Sure, he did. Then he changes his mind and comes back. He hears Neko talking to Kana that they don’t have very long to live. When Neko goes to get some water, Ryouta is shocked to see Kana in a vegetative state. She’s alive and not moving. Just like a doll. Neko returns and no use hiding it. She explains Kana obtained a very great power in an experiment. She can predict the future but as a result she became paralyzed. Only her left hand is movable and is used to type into some device that converts words into voice (how convenient). Sometimes the device becomes cranky. Kana mentions that the lab guys got Kanade. It’s too late for her. They don’t even know where the lab is. Kana suggests Neko to enjoy her final days.

Therefore she returns to school the next day and wants to go for the summer trip. Neko is in a pinch since the teacher calls her to read. She can’t even read! Ryouta saves her by taking her to the infirmary, citing she is not well. Kana calls again and mentions an old woman in red is going to be run over soon. Ryouta and Neko make haste and almost collided with a woman on a bicycle at the school gates. They run as fast as they can and when they reach there, the accident has already happened. However they heard no one died. That bicycle woman was supposed to be the victim. Because they bumped into her, that delayed her and threw off the timing. Yeah, now she’s taking photos of the accident with her handphone. Meanwhile the lab guys are interrogating Kanade. They won’t listen to her plea to spare Maki as she has witnessed her magic. Kanade doesn’t know where the rest ran to because they scattered in different directions after the accident. She pleads she will be a good girl and won’t runaway again but the heartless bastards press her harness and she melts away! Kana is throwing a tantrum she can’t have wild grass for food anymore! That’s how poor they are but thankfully here comes Ryouta the saviour as he bought cakes for them. But how is Kana going to eat? Neko puts it in a blender to turn them into liquid and pour it down her mouth… Gross… Ryouta can’t understand why he is being so nice either. Is it because Neko looks a lot like Kuroneko? Is this how much he still likes her? When he leaves, he is surprised to see Neko starting to bleed. She brushes it off it is nothing but the next day, she is absent.

Episode 3
She attends school the next day but is all covered in bandages! What happened?! A cold did this? Yeah, right. And just like playing musical chairs, she is absent the next day. When Ryouta goes to visit her, he sees her bleeding like hell. She tells him to take the pills from the drawer. As explained. They have to take them in 30 hours or their skin will start falling apart and blood pouring out from every hole. By 35 hours, their organs melt and they die. They’ll be fine and their wounds regenerate after taking it. They have only 10 pills left. Five days each the most. She wanted to go for the summer trip and was trying to stretch it. Ryouta, don’t you just feel guilty for asking her to come? While Ryouta is thinking of a way to get more pills, Neko’s carelessness in boiling water causes the house to be on fire. Ryouta carries Kana out but even more bad news: All the pills are burnt. The last time Kana took her pill was yesterday. Oh no. Here’s that little bleed as reminder… Kana doesn’t want her to be sad and tells her to kill her before that happens. Make it a painless and swift death. Ryouta has an idea. They can go to the factory making the pills and get more. How does he know it is Dresden Pharmaceuticals? He has a good memory and memorized the pill’s serial number. I suppose you can say his special ability is to remember everything he sees once. That’s why there are certain bad memories he want to forget, he can’t because he’ll always remember them. Taking refuge at the observatory, Ryouta searches online for the factory. There is the address but no mention of that sort of pill. The girls think Kazumi Schlierenzauer can help but this hacker girl will charge a hefty price. As she is like them, they can share some pills they plunder as payment. They call her and make a deal. She wants half of what they got and this upsets Ryouta. Kazumi realizes they got an outsider involved and warns he’ll be killed if caught. Kazumi agrees to do it and disabling the security will be easy. Kana suddenly gets a vision. She sees Neko dying and doesn’t want her to go. Their call has been tracked by the lab guys but since it is masked with proxies and such, they’ll need time to decipher it. In the mean time, they will unleash Saori to exterminate the deserters.

Kana saw Saori killing Neko. She is class AA-rank magician and wields 2 special abilities. Neko and the rest are B-rank. Ryouta thinks the pills have moved since they are sending Saori and suggests Kazumi to share some of hers. She tells him off she won’t. Kana is sure the pills are in that factory as they are confident they won’t survive and thus there is no need to move it. One of Saori’s abilities is that she can slash anything apart in 6 metre radius. But there is a way to disable her magic. The harness has 3 buttons. One of them hangs up the magician’s abilities. The other is an eject button that kills the magician outright. The third one is unknown but is believed to be something more terrifying than death. Kana is still worried as the future has not changed. Neko asks if Ryouta will die. Probably he won’t. Neko is sure the plan will work. Kana tells Ryouta not to let Neko too much of her magic or she will get hung up too and lose something important. Kazumi wishes luck to them. It seems she herself is bleeding and has no more pills. At midnight, the duo sneak into the factory. The plan is for Neko to distract Saori while Ryouta sneaks up on her and press her harness. Prior to this, she left Ryouta with a letter. He realizes she plans on sacrificing herself and doesn’t want him to save her. Take the pills and leave. Of course Ryouta isn’t going to let this happen. And because of that, Kana sees a new vision. Ryouta is going to die too. Neko tries to buy some time but gets hung up and pounded. Ryouta closes in on Saori. Then he sees the all important moles on Neko. They’re on her breasts. This is the logic. When she grew up, the moles must have moved. Really? Did it move that far? I mean, it’s not like Neko had very voluptuous boobs either. Ryouta is so glad Kuroneko is alive and the reason she doesn’t remember him is because each time she uses her magic, she loses some of her memories. He doesn’t care if she doesn’t remember him. They just have to make more memories in the future. Probably he was taking his time shedding tears of joy because Saori cuts Kuroneko (who realized the idiot didn’t go ahead with her plan). The bloodied wall. I think this guy is going crazy knowing the fact he lost Kuroneko again.

Episode 4
Ryouta stabs Saori and wants her to turn back time. This is her other ability although it will only be for the last 1 minute. Saori kills him since he is in her radius but is in a dilemma whether to turn back time or not otherwise she will die. Eventually she does. It resets to where Ryouta just came into the scene and Neko is cornered. Saori now hangs up and the duo capture her. When she turns back time, only Saori has memories of what happened during that 1 minute so this means Ryouta couldn’t remember he saw Neko’s moles, though he feels he is forgetting something important. Saori knows her time is up since she failed so the rest tell her to escape with them. Not possible. There is a tracker in her harness and if she escapes, it will be ejected remotely. Saori isn’t going to give up and will kill them when she has the chance. However her harness gets ejected and she melts. Then there is this creepy little alien parasite crawling up to retrieve her harness. So freaky that Ryouta gets freaked out and steps on it. When they return, Kana is bleeding all over. Thankfully Kazumi is here. She only had 1 pill left and shared half with hers. Kana is baffled because she saw her vision of them dying. Ryouta deduces that they had indeed died but Saori turned back time. Ryouta allows them to stay here for the time being. He is so happy when Neko calls him by his name that he cried. WTF… Neko goes on the school trip and is happy she gets to see the ocean. She also excels in class as she learns fast. No more a dunce in maths. Ryouta advises her to register to join the astronomy club since she will be allowed to stay at the club. I mean, they’re going to watch the stars, right?

One the way back, Neko hands him a couple of things. A terminal and an alien embryo. The proof you need that aliens exist, right? Kazumi seems to be visiting the club often. As it was raining and they’re wet, Ryouta mentions there are hotsprings nearby. That smirk on Kazumi’s face… One careless note from Ryouta about wanting to see Neko’s boobs, and Kazumi is all over him. Trying to tempt him to see hers. He accidentally sees more than that and is now charged a boob fee. Worse, he accidentally got his hands over Neko’s boobs. He was so flustering and distracted that he forgot to check her moles. Kazumi will be also staying here as part of his repayment. She beats him up when he whispers her boobs weren’t probably worth that much. I didn’t know he could joke like that. She has another surprise in store for him tomorrow. You might have guessed it. She’s a new transfer student in his class and will join his club. I guess hacking the details is just child’s play for her. Meanwhile another witch sees one of the head scientists, Chisato Ichijiku. She is bleeding and pleading for a pill and will reveal the location of the other witches in exchange. But do you think this evil guy will keep his word? Empty promises. Poor girl… Ichijiku is then summoned by the council to answer about the danger of letting witches run free. 27 escaped during that transport. 8 were already captured and disposed while 5 were found dead from lack of pills. However they grill him over a bunch of pills stolen recently and what more an AA-rank failed to eliminate a single one of them. They remind him of his duties that go beyond just supervising the witches. He assures there is no delay in the updated plan and is underway. He has already sent an AA+ witch to deal with it instead of dispatching multiple witches together to decrease the chance of rebellion. Ryouta receives a surprise when another new transfer student, Kotori Takatori wants to join his club. Looks like a pretty nice girl. But… See that harness at the back of her neck? Yup.

Episode 5
Kazumi is prodding Kotori’s humungous boobs. Best of worst comeback by Ryouta: Those are the kind of boobs he’d pay boob fees for. Kazumi’s pack a punch enough for him to bleed. So Ryouta introduces Kotori to the other members and especially Kana who is a mascot because she doesn’t move, right? Ryouta suggests for everyone to come for a stargazing event tomorrow. I don’t know why but Kazumi rather flirts and teases him. He notices her dirty talk ever since and figures out she must be a virgin. He asks about them losing their memories. She isn’t sure. They lose random memories. The worst ones are losing the important ones. Neko has undergone so many experiments that she barely remembers her childhood or parents. At the stargazing site, Ryouta asks Kotori’s intention to join this club. She wants to meet aliens. When he spots her harness, Kana sees a vision that Neko is dead and Kotori smiling by her corpse. Ryouta confronts her but Kotori seems like an airhead. She is super surprised that he knows about magicians and couldn’t believe the other girls are magicians too. What a big coincidence! Playing dumb or what? So she’s not here to kill them? As proof, she shows her teleportation ability. But right after that she hangs up. The rest remains suspicious since she may hide a hidden ability. But since she can’t use her magic for now, it’s back to stargazing. Kana sees another vision but won’t tell. Not until they walk back that she tells Ryouta about the changed forecast. She saw him die instead by Kotori’s hands. Meanwhile Shino is taking refuge and trying to escape from an AA+ magician, Kikako in hot pursuit of her. She already has a couple of harness in her hand.

Next morning, Ryouta comes in early to find out more details of Kana’s visions. In both visions, they die at a lake at evening and since her predictions cannot deviate far, there is only a lake nearby. Whatever they do, they need to stay away from that lake. Kana doesn’t want him to tell Neko about his death as she will be worried and go save him. Not that Kana cares about him but if he dies, Neko will be sad and she doesn’t want that. Ryouta knows she is just not honest and it’s her way of caring for him. If she doesn’t, she wouldn’t have told him. When the other girls come in, they talk about Chie, Kotori’s friend. Seems she died recently and Kazumi thinks she stole her pills. Kotori won’t do that, right? Ryouta believes if Kotori’s mission is to kill them, there was no need for her to transfer here in the first place. Kazumi gets a call from Shino to save her. Where is she? At the lake. Neko will not hesitate to go save her. Not even Ryouta can stop her. Looks like he has to go after her. With Kazumi hacking the cameras to give them visual, they arrive but Kikako is already in sight. Kazumi warns them of her bombardment magic. Despite she only has 1 ability, this means she packs lots of power in her attack. Yeah, the half the boathouse got blasted away. Ryouta wonders if Neko is seriously going to fight her. She tells him that all B-rank magicians are weak and the lab is hunting them down. That’s why they have to help each other out. Everyone understands this even if they don’t admit it. Now you understand why Ryouta has his unofficial harem staying at his club? Shino tries to run away from Kikako’s blast but she couldn’t make it in time. I guess they were too late.

Episode 6
Now that Shino is dead, Neko will have no reason to face Kikako since she is not her target. However after seeing Kikako rip out Shino’s harness, she feels angry. Ryouta presses her harness and tells her to calm down. They must have forgotten about Kotori since she is still out there looking for Shino. The plan is for Ryouta to bring Kotori away while Neko distracts Kikako. Kazumi thought he sent her to her death but as Ryouta explains, Neko wants to try some diplomacy first. He has figured out Kikako’s magic flaw. It takes time for her to shoot her beams as well as recharge it so Neko is able to dodge. Then he’ll approach Kikako and press her harness. But during this, Kotori goes missing. She is tying herself to a post? Ryouta figures she will teleport with Neko and switch places (as seen in Kana’s vision). She doesn’t mind dying because her last day is tomorrow. Oh. There’s the bleeding from her mouth as cue. When Ryouta figures out something, Kana sees a change in prediction. Neko is pinned down by Kikako. She’s going to fire her beam point blank. Suddenly Kikako finds herself tied to the pole. It was just simple. Kotori just needs to switch places with Kikako. Ryouta interrogates her but she says nothing. Neko points out it is because she doesn’t know. They have to leave since the crowd is gathering. They can’t take Kikako since as a killer it will be hard for her to switch sides and just let her be. But now Kotori is missing. Ryouta and Neko know where to find her since she wrote her address in the club registration form. She is bleeding like hell and refuses to take pills from others. Oh, today is her birthday. Death day too? Sorry for the joke. Anyway she reveals Chie’s birthday is only a week after hers and Chie wanted her to live on by giving her pills. Of course Kotori won’t have that so Chie stopped taking her pills so that Kotori can live longer. As her birthday present, Chie had rigged something for her to attend school. Oh, one last thing. Happy birthday.

So Kotori promised she will keep smiling no matter how tough things are (that’s why she has this dumb smiling look on her face all the time). Ryouta won’t allow it and makes her take the pills. Because it will be bad if his club gets disbanded just when he got a new member. Also, I thought it would be sad to see his harem girl killed off. Haha! Oh, one more thing from Ryouta. Happy birthday. A week later, Kotori pays respects to Chie’s grave and starts crying because it’s just painful to hold it in. Oh, one more thing. Happy birthday, Chie. Ryouta notices the news reporting Kikako’s incident as some minor explosion. He thinks somebody must be pulling strings to cover up the events. Not to mention Kana’s prediction threw them off this time and made them suspect Kotori. He thought something happened to the girls when they are not in the observatory. Actually they’re all cooling themselves outside spraying water. And Ryouta saw them taking off their clothes… Sure he doesn’t need to pay some fee for that? He talks to them about this guy whom he believes can get more pills for them. His personality is questionable but he won’t betray them. So Ryouta goes to see Hashiratani Kogorou for help. This scientist hopes Ryouta has been popular… With boys. This guy turned down some offer by the Americans to come study at their lab and is happy with what he is doing in this university. Ryouta prefaces his request and warns he might be killed or get turned in and that Ryouta has seen a couple of people killed before his eyes. So why does Kogorou need to risk his life for him? As he doesn’t believe in magic or fairytales, Ryouta is going to prove it to him right now. He has brought a magician with him and wants him to name anything and he will tell Neko (sitting outside the lab) to blow it up. At first Kogorou doesn’t believe and thinks he pre-planted the bombs. But after blowing up a few personal stuffs, he is convinced this is worth risking his life for.

Episode 7
Ryouta wants Kogorou to make replicas of the pill. He can’t just make it like that, right? He needs information! Yeah… I guess Ryouta is going into flashback mode from his days of Kuroneko and how Neko saved him. Spare us the details, please… However Kogorou has some bad news. If they’re lucky, the fastest he can make is in 6 months. Otherwise it will take years. The girls only have 1 month of pills left so it is no surprise he is rushing for it. Kogorou thinks there is a way and something about pooling his resources to test whether it is viable to replicate. Another request Ryouta wants him to do is to take a look inside the alien embryo. Neko’s friends invite her to karaoke. Of course she has no confidence since she had never sing before. What about that song when Ryouta first heard her? It wasn’t too bad… She’s still embarrassed about it. She wants him to come with her but he can’t since everybody knows him and it’s not right to just go uninvited. At the karaoke joint, a guy tries to hit on her and he thought it is his lucky day since she touches his hand. However she notes her heart didn’t go racing. Rejected! Meanwhile Ryouta finishes tutoring somebody and leaves, leaving that girl jealous thinking that he is out on a date while she had to continue reviewing her work. Girls wanna have fun too… When Neko leaves, Ryouta just came in. He sounds like a tsundere saying he came here by himself and not for her. It’s not like he was worried about her or anything. Yeah, right. Even he thinks he is a stalker. When he gets back, he gets a call from Kogorou. The results are negative. He cannot make the pills in a month. Impossible.

Ryouta of course won’t give up because it means giving up on their lives. Because the observatory is so hot, the girls are in their bikini. Now I understand why he isn’t giving up on them :). Ryouta’s interest piques when Kotori mentions she heard about why the lab was built 100 years ago. Aliens were found then. So now you know why she believes in aliens? The council summons Ichijiku again as he updates them about the progress of killing witches is going steady. Kikako also met her fate and had observed number 1107. However the council views the recovery of Grani is utmost important. They believe Ichijiku will do the job since he is a great scientist and it won’t be long before their ambitions are realized. Ichijiku decides to use Nanami for this mission. Kotori describes the alien which is a blob of meat. That multi-eye amoeba wasn’t it. There is also rumour the lab houses the strongest witch of the strongest S-rank grade called Valkyria. Yeah. Enough to destroy mankind. Neko reflects on Akane’s words to save the world. The girls ask about the pills replication. It is killing Ryouta to tell them the bad news. They don’t sound disappointed since they weren’t putting up high hopes. Except for Kazumi. She is crying quietly. Because a computer part is broken, Ryouta agrees to accompany Kazumi to Akihabara to get its replacement. She’s like a country bumpkin saying out loud all the otakus around. Especially all those who are buying eroges must be virgins! Everyone turn their heads so it could mean… Kazumi is happy Ryouta agrees to take her to a maid café. But there is another reason why he wants to come here. He feared turning on the terminal would expose their location. Because Akihabara has lots of people with similar gadgets, he hopes it will lose them here. Upon turning it on, there is an unknown language and a map. Kazumi is not happy. She recognizes the language as German. It says to kill all witches immediately and then the truth will be told.

Episode 8
Ryouta believes it is the only lead for him to find more pills so he wants to go alone as he thinks if the girls go, they will be killed. What if it’s a trap? He’s willing to take the risk. Neko is very concerned. So much so she hints to him that she will be really sad if he dies. Don’t worry. He’s the hero. Ryouta goes home to try and find the location of the map. Here comes Kazumi to help. The greatest hacker knows where he lives. And all the porn sites he went… She manages to find the place that matches the map (he has good memory so he can remember it without turning on the terminal again). From now on, Ryouta will go there alone because he fears if their pursuers find the same type of magician there, they might notice her doing this research. We get distracted for a while when Kazumi takes off her panties and wants him to have sex with her!!! Since when did this show turn borderline hentai???!!! Ryouta you lucky bastard!!! She’s doing a lot of teasing that normal guys won’t tolerate and would have done her in. For Ryouta to tolerate all this is going to prove that he is just gay… He wants to tug in early since he has to wake up early tomorrow. But how can he sleep when a girl sleeps next to you. In her underwear. Hugging your body. Can he really wake up early? Miraculously he did. So here he is at this place. The church is decimated and the rubbles show that it is recently destroyed. He tried asking a nearby stall lady but she didn’t give much info. He returns to the site and sees some German lines on a broken wall. That’s when the police arrest him for trespassing and trying to resist arrest. Ryouta is in a dilemma. Should he break out? Who knows how long he’ll be imprisoned if gets turned in. Suddenly the police car is crushed. Neko in a mask? She shows off some of her super powers, destroying the bullets (I thought she was going to stop it like The Matrix) and destroying their gun. The captain thinks she is part of some terrorist as she has that ring (harness). When she hangs up, it’s time to run. But the police captain is going to take down Ryouta with his bare hands. Suddenly he switches place with Kotori (also in a mask?). He is now tied to a tree. See, her teleportation is useful.

Ryouta gets reprimanded by them for trying to go alone. Kana’s prediction saw him got killed. The police shot him when he tried to run away. Of course the girls won’t sit back and let this happen. The point is, they can help him out. So don’t leave them out in the cold and try to be a hero. Kogorou gets a call and is impressed that the alien embryo is getting some leads. Ichijiku’s assistant, Kurofuku shows him the report from the local police. He thinks number 1107 and 7620 have been spotted. Ichijiku approves the deployment of Nanami to look for them. Kana is scolding Kazumi for mentioning Valkyria. Kazumi gets cheeky and tries to violate her boobs. That’s when the rest came back and since Kazumi doesn’t want to risk Neko’s wrath, she pretends that they are good friends and even gives her pudding. That’s Kotori’s by the way. All that pudding will make her fat so it’s best to share? Anyway, Ryouta thinks the underlined German words may be the clue and password to the terminal. That’s a very big assumption. Of course he now needs to find a place that is safe for the girls so he can turn it on. Kurofuku sees the local police and it seems he is pestering them for details although the captain keeps telling him to read the report. It’s all there. Besides, they want an explanation about the supernatural thing they saw. Kurofuku brings in Nanami (in a strait jacket) and lets her look at her face. They seem so shocked… After they leave, it seems Nanami has the power to look into their memories and saw a boy and a girl with mask. Kurofuku lets her loose, reminding her about her mission to find number 1107. In a place where there are lots of people, she gets their attention by lifting up her skirt. All eyes are on her now. Time to look into theirs.

Episode 9
Nanami is able to scan their memories as long as she can see their eyes. Then she requests some ice cream citing her powers need lots of sugary stuffs. Sure she’s not making that up? The search and scan process continues. Each time she lifts her skirt to get attention and then Kurofuku had to buy her more treats. Since the small town is making no leads, they head to the city where she takes off her dress. Definitely will make heads turn but she’s not in her underwear. At least she has a skimpier dress underneath. This of course attracts a couple of punks who want to hit on her. However she erases their memory. Now they’re acting like a little kid! Better keep those sunglasses on. One of Ryouta’s classmates, Kikka passes by. Nanami is able to scan and see Ryouta. Nanami wants a day off but Kurofuku won’t have it. She reminds him she can also rewrite memories. Seems she has rewritten the memories of all the guys around. They think Kurofuku did something bad to them and they all gang up to beat him up. This in turn causes his sunglasses to break and Nanami scans his memories. She sees the hideous experiments and then rewrites his memories. Nanami then uses Kikka to bring Ryouta to him. When she realizes his harem’s location, his sharp observation makes him know what her power is. Because Kikka isn’t a person who likes magicians and by having her calling Nanami as a friend, it is proof she must have altered her memories. He tries to persuade her to join their side because he wants them to be friends. Will her one day reward of freedom satisfy her? Nanami doesn’t believe him since he is shielding his eyes. He takes a gamble but unfortunately Nanami lied and erased all his memories. Now he has no memories at all and is a newborn baby. After she leaves, Ryouta gets back up. He was just acting like one to convince her. He thinks her magic didn’t work due to his permanent memory. He goes back to report to the girls but why does he have to stumble them taking a bath? Now it’s not the time for fanservice! Then they decide what they are going to do. Fight her or flee?

Nanami vows to use this single day of freedom without using her magic. Can she? I mean she used her power to alter the hotel staff’s memory to make it seem she had paid her stay. Hungry and knowing she needs money, she heads to Kurofuku (he believes his duty is to observe some castle). She asks for 500 yen. So cheap! He will give her a thousand if she shows her boobs. Though embarrassed, she has seen worst things and shows it. She then sees a couple of friends fighting because one messed up a rare card. Nanami gives her money to him. Her conclusion: Her boobs saved a friendship! No money? Go back to Kurofuku for more. How much for showing her belly? He has already seen that… So for the first time she tastes all the good food (although she realizes it all costs a bomb). So good such life, she doesn’t want to go back to that lonely depressing lab. When Ryouta, Neko and Kotori find her, she is surprised that Ryouta still has his memories. Again they try to persuade her but she still doesn’t believe. Neko takes of her sunglasses to show she is sincere in saving her. But Nanami alters her memory to make Neko protect her so she unleashes her power on Ryouta. When Nanami looks into Ryouta’s eyes again, she sees them discussing that they truly want to save her and be friends. She restores Nanami’s memories (since she had them stored in hers) and feels touched. She really doesn’t want to go back to that lab. Kurofuku returns to his car. Neko hugs her and assures they will find a way to save her if they put their heads together. He reads his journal (detailing the activities and events before his memory alteration) and discovers something amazing.

Episode 10
Nanami is brought back to the observatory and since Kogorou is here, he hopes he can remove Nanami’s beacon so that those lab guys can’t remotely eject her. They can’t forcefully remove it as there is some censor that will send out some signal to the lab guys. You know what will happen then. Once done, she can live here with them (and add to the harem, f*ck yeah!). Kogorou has his doubts since he has not seen the structure before although he suggests the risky move of liquid nitrogen. Nanami is sure she won’t die either way. She believes a person won’t die as long as he/she is not forgotten. As she can alter memories, she is kept separated from other magicians and always wanted a friend. As long as they don’t forget her, she will be more alive even after she dies. Of course the rest won’t have it that way. They’ll be sad. They really want to be her friend. Just as Nanami feels touched, Kana sees a vision too late. Nanami starts melting! That Kurofuku guy must have remembered and pressed the eject button. Freaking sh*t! Nanami! NOOO!!! And here I thought there would be one more to the harem! Nanami melts away and she couldn’t be happier because she has friends. Suddenly the girls couldn’t bear to see this garbage and wants this cleaned up. They don’t remember who Nanami is. Ryouta realizes that she must have altered their memories in her dying moments. Why would she do that? Wasn’t she the one who wanted friends badly? Then he realizes. It is because it will make them sad when they remember. She was willing to sacrifice her dream for her friends. He starts crying. The girls confused. He might be going paranoid because he is seeing Nanami’s ghost! Actually she has written herself into part of his memories so you can say she still lives within him. Now he has knowledge about the lab and such.

The exams are coming up and morale is low because their pills will only last for more weeks. Kotori suggests that there would be some reward as motivation. How does going to the beach again sound? Kazumi’s dirty talk riles the girls. When she hints she has kissed Ryouta, you don’t know how many trees Neko uprooted. Actually at Akihabara, it was more of an indirect kiss. She ate from his spoon. Kazumi was happy that day but apparently to her disappointment he didn’t feel the same way. Now Ryouta has got to find Neko who has ran off somewhere. Not too far. The observation platform. She’s singing a weird song she is not bothered by it. Oh, she’s definitely bothered. She gets embarrassed to discover he heard her. All that yelling made her thirsty and she drinks from his bottle. Indirect kiss? Kazumi’s perverted intention didn’t stop there. If she ranks second overall in the exam, she wants to take his virginity!!! So what he’ll eventually lose it? Might as well lose it to her?! Thankfully his chastity is safe when Kazumi ranks third. Surprisingly Neko ranks tops and dethrones our man. So Neko wants his virginity too. Like she understands what that means. So everyone gets to go to the beach. Including Kotori because she failed. They have fun in the sun and wish this happiness would really last. Yeah. Enjoy every bit of it because… Ichijiku has an audience with the council and wants to use Valkyria to retrieve 1107. They view her too dangerous and refuse. He assures all the steps and several A-rank magicians to observe her and under control, etc. But they still won’t approve this. Too bad. He already let her out. He will take full responsibility but they note this is something he cannot atone even with his life. And here is Valkyria (hmm… She looks a lot like Neko) is out in the open and it feels so good to be back outside. Yeah. She just slaughtered everyone. Feels good alright.

Episode 11
The police are going to arrest Valkyria for murder but guess what? She uses her anti-matter and blows up the entire mountain!!! Holy sh*t!!! News of this reaches Ryouta and the girls and they know it is Valkyria. Hell is coming if they don’t do something now. Because she is an ultimate hybrid that can use 8 different types of magic! One of the magicians who was slaughtered by her, Hatsuna is still alive because her power is regeneration. She notices her beacon is dropped off and quietly runs away. While faking her death, she heard Valkyria could sense magicians in an observatory and thus the reason she makes her way there. To her horror, Ryouta and the girls are massacred! Covered in blood! Then it turns out to be a ruse. If Valkyria walks in and sees them dead from lack of pills, she will lose interest and leave. Ryouta had to play along since Valkyria would just kill everybody. Hatsuna tells them about her mission to assist Valkyria retrieve 1107 although she has no idea what that is and for now Valkyria has run off somewhere. The girls go to the hotspring to clean themselves up while Ryouta has the honour of cleaning this mess up. During the bath, Hatsuna learns the girls really trust Ryouta because he saved them. She is going to test him. On pretence she is stuck on a tower and too scared to climb down, she is surprised Ryouta actually came to get her down. Suddenly she slips. This is not part of the act. Ryouta grabs her with a hand and the other holding on to the pole. Why must such poles have loose screws? She wants him to drop him as she won’t die from a fall (although she is not immune to the ejection and lack of pills). However Ryouta doesn’t believe her. He thinks she is lying to let him save himself. So he is not letting her go. The plan is to swing her to a nearby platform and then use both hands to climb back up. The chances are slim but it is better than letting her go. Hatsuna is able to grab the platform but Ryouta falls. Thankfully Kotori switches place with him for a soft landing. Hatsuna returns and apologizes for doing something dangerous. She believes him now. He doesn’t mind since they’re both alive. Well, Hatsuna didn’t fall from that height, but she has sure fallen for him! She even asks him to go out with her and kisses him right in front of the girls! Hell, yeah! Another girl into his harem and Nanami’s replacement! The tower explodes and Neko runs away. The girls start chasing him and Hatsuna understands the social map now.

Ryouta sees Kogorou and the latter still remembers about Nanami as he stayed out of her vision. His research shows that the melting mechanism seems to be something like of a digestive enzyme called proteases. It is possible the pill inhibits that secretion. Based on a thesis of an ex-colleague, he is able to speed up the process of making the pill. The soonest is a month. But that’s not going to cut it since there is only a week of supply left for the 5 girls. In that case, he must choose. After Ryouta leaves, it seems Kogorou’s ex-colleague is Ichijiku and he wrote that thesis. He wonders where that genius is now. Speaking of which, he meets Mako Fujisaki or now known as Valkyria. He is not scared despite she threatens to kill him for vengeance for taking away her humanity. Then he slaps her! She starts crying and apologizing! She doesn’t want to be hated and loves him! Woah. I don’t really understand this dangerous girl. When Ryouta returns to the girls and tells them what happen, the girls soon realize that given that amount of time and remaining pills, only one of them can live. It is decided to draw straws and the losers will die tomorrow. Hatsuna wants to sit this out. But unknown to them all, she secretly has 20 over pills she stole from those dead magicians. She came here thinking they had more but apparently they’re as poor as her. Neko, Kotori and Kana also want to sit this out and agree for Kazumi to live on their behalf. WTF?! Trying to be heroes?! Kazumi doesn’t agree to this because it makes her sound desperate. She hates to lose her friends and wants to enjoy the last summer vacation with them. Because it’s meaningless without them. So as not to waste time, she calls for a party now. Clumsy Kotori spills drinks on Neko. She tries to clean it up but takes off her dress?! That’s when Ryouta sees her moles. That flashback again. He is so happy Kuroneko is alive that he starts crying so loud. No heart to tease that… Talking with her alone, he is glad that she is still alive after all these years. She might not remember anything but that’s okay. Ryouta remembers everything like it was yesterday. Even if she forgets, he’ll remember it all. So let’s make new memories and he’ll remember it for her. Suddenly a helicopter is heading straight for them. Then Valkyria pops up before them. Hi. Long time no see.

Episode 11.5 (OVA)
Taking place right after Hatsuna’s confession and kiss stealing scene, this of course leaves a bad taste in Kazumi’s mouth (although literally speaking she wasn’t the one who kissed him). She needs to get back at the usurper b*tch and her first step is to confront Ryouta to ask if he likes anybody. Sure, he does. That childhood friend named Kuroneko. What about now? It’s none of her business. Suddenly Kazumi slips down the grass and Ryouta the hero also comes tumbling down to save her. When she wakes up, she is in the observatory and seeing that she is fine, Hatsuna blatantly starts flirting with Ryouta right before everybody’s eyes. Yeah. She hints she can give something even better than kissing. Therefore Kazumi suggests making it clear now. Who is going to be Ryouta’s wife! Kazumi volunteers herself thinking nobody would say yes. Surprisingly Kotori wants to be his bride. One of her goal is to marry before she dies. Oh, Neko too wants a piece of this? She just wants to stay by his side. Technically that’s the same, right? Kana wants the girls to stop because she saw a horrifying vision of everyone dead. Kazumi brushes her off thinking she is just jealous that she has no chance of winning. And off the girls go to do their challenge. Ryouta’s feelings ignored… The first test is cooking and since Kotori is so skilled, Kazumi adds a rule that they must cook in a naked apron! Although this has Kotori and Neko sitting out, Kazumi has to face Hatsuna. In the end, what the heck is this abomination food?! Ryouta is going to die! He vomits both their dish and the duo are more concerned which one he prefers! NEITHER!!! Next is the hotspring endurance contest. Real tits! If you think about it, don’t you think Kana is going to win this one? All the able bodied girls pass out so Kana shouts for help. Ryouta comes in to do that but is labelled a pervert. So to save or not to save? Oh, free tits show…

Finally there is this massaging contest. Hatsuna goes first because the first one doing the massage will have the biggest advantage. Not wanting to lose to her, Kazumi orders Kotori to use her teleport trick on Hatsuna. Now she is tied up around a pillar. Kotori’s boobs suffocate Ryouta. Kazumi disqualifies her. When it is Neko’s turn, she applies too much pressure that I think she broke his bones!!! Disqualified! Kazumi comments she is not competent to be his wife. This causes Neko to be sad that she can’t be with him anymore. Then her powers go berserk and start destroying everything in the observatory. The premonition that Kana has been warning everyone about? When the telescope is about to crush Neko and Ryouta, Kazumi dives to the rescue and is pinned under it. OMG! Kazumi dead?! But she died with a smile?! Yeah. Probably she realized her feelings will never be requited. Guess what? Turns out this is all a big dream right after that slip and tumble. Guess what too? Ryouta and Kazumi’s lips are in contact! Does this kiss count? It serves as further motivation that Kazumi isn’t going to give up on him yet. But now they have to deal with yandere Neko who is furious thinking that Ryouta is now trying to kiss Kazumi. She’s really rocking the place, literally.

Episode 12
Valkyria is sad Neko doesn’t recognize her. But here comes Ichijiku. He wants 1107 who is no other than Kotori to come with him! Ryouta is not going to let him do that. When he sees Hatsuna behind, he instantly starts begging for his life. This is to let Hatsuna enough time to press Valkyria’s harness. However her harness is different! Eh? Where to press? She gets cut down. Don’t worry, she’ll revive. Ryouta argues about killing the girls. Ichijiku mentions about something dangerous hidden within them. But have you thought about their feelings when you kill them? Have you thought about an insect’s feelings when you squish it? Humans aren’t insects. All human lives are equally valuable. Ichijiku disagrees and views one’s life is most important. He won’t hear more of this and orders Valkyria to kill everyone. But she is reluctant because the deal was to spare Neko. He doesn’t care. Do it! Kotori restrains Valkyria so Neko goes into attack mode. When Valkyria attacks back, Ryouta saves Neko and takes the hit. Oh sh*t. Main guy is dead? He sees Nanami before his eyes. She programmed herself to appear when he is on the verge of death. She reveals that the lab guys fear 2 greatest magicians: Kotori and Neko. Neko is believed to have powers surpassing Valkyria. That is what the lab fears her and never used her unstable power. She will tell Ryouta how to release it. By pressing the top button of her harness, it will unleash her power but there is a 99.9% chance of failure she will melt and die. This is only chance to survive. He can’t do it knowing she will die and passes out. Valkyria is going to finish them off when suddenly her power is nullified. Enter a group of father, nun, Mormon cosplayers… Thanks to Ryouta’s terminal, they manage to track Ichijiku here and want him to hand over Kotori. However Ichijiku shoots one of them as distraction (short of killing him) and escapes with Valkyria and Kotori. The girls are crying over Ryouta’s death. There is no more reason to live! In some ways I agree with that. But Hatsuna knows a way to revive him. She can heal his wounds but at the expense of her life. She does so and although is struggling, she manages to heal it and eventually melts away. The others do CPR to revive him. He is sad Hatsuna sacrificed her life. Yeah… And I thought the harem would have been added by another.

Miki of this Hexenjagd reveals they are a resistance organization against the lab and their goal is also to kill all the witches. Because the longer they live, the Drasil (that hideous blob) in their harness grows. Eventually it will hatch and consume the witch and turn into a killing monster. They are not concerned with small fries like them and Kotori is the more worrying one. Kotori wakes up in Ichijiku’s lab. He calls her by her original name, Rena. Who? His sister. She was dying and he tried hard to save her by saving her mind and soul. He thought hard how to give her a second life. Then he met the council whose goal is to create humanity fit to rule this planet. There is a one in several thousand chance a Drasil incubated in a witch’s body will become a Grani, a key factor in creation of a new ideal life form. Life on this planet was created by extraterrestrial life and the aliens encoded a mechanism to reset the planet in humanity’s DNA. Kotori is the switch that initiates that destruction. So when the Grani in her hatches, all cells of living things will fuse and turn Earth into a lifeless rock. Miki further explains that they targeted to kill Kotori but accidentally attacked other transport vehicles containing other witches. The witches then scattered and Hexenjagd lost a member of theirs (Akane). Ryouta sees no reason to kill the girls as they will be just like Ichijiku. But they remember their priority is Kotori and they need to find her. Ryouta knows he will be in his lab and Kazumi can do the hacking trick. In exchange of telling them the location, they must bring them along. However Miki still insists in killing Kotori. Kazumi hacks her way and before she hung up, she discovers his location, near the lake where they fought Kikako. Everyone makes haste (Kana has to stay behind obviously) but it seems the Drasil is growing out of Hatsuna’s harness! Ichijiku is going to kill Kotori and believes Rena’s soul is inside that Grani. He will do what it takes to revive Rena, no matter how many lives it costs. She asks about Valkyria because she is fond of him. Ichijiku once saved her and she may feel indebted. However she is vital in his plan and does not feel anything for her. What are the chances Valkyria heard that? Yeah, and she can’t help but still love him. Suddenly a bright light bursts from Kotori’s harness. The light that governs life, Ain Soph Aur starts covering Earth. Too late?

Episode 13
Hexenjagd is reduced to praying to God. Yeah. Oh Lord, we’re comin’ home! It’s up to Ryouta and the girls. However they knock him out. For the best? Ichijiku mentions about the council’s plan to reset life on this planet and create to new breed. However he doesn’t care for all that and is just interested in using Grani to revive Rena. However Kotori will press her harness and sacrifice herself. Think she will not do it? She does and Ain Soph Aur recedes. When Neko and Kazumi enter the building, they see Ichijiku and Valkyria. They are told she melted and died in vain. Ichijiku isn’t interested in those failed subjects and orders Valkyria to dispose them. However she still wants to save Neko and Kazumi wonders why she is so obsessed with her. She’s her sister. I figure it was something along this line. Actually, I thought she was her clone. Anyway Valkyria blasts Kazumi. Ryouta isn’t going to sleep forever so he wakes up and with Nanami’s guidance, he makes his way in. Then he sees Kotori melting! Still in the midst of melting?! She is willing to sacrifice her life to let others live. Of course there is no meaning to the word harem if she’s dead! She wants him to stop her brother and relay a message to him. Please don’t cause anyone anymore sadness. Then she melts for good. Holy sh*t! What about the harem?! It’s not over yet because now to his horror, he finds Kazumi close to dead! No way! His harem cannot end this way! She tells him to go on. He is the only one who can save Neko. Even in death she can joke about dying a virgin. But she is happy to have spent time with them and glad to have fallen in love. Life’s not so bad after all. Just short of confessing to him. Valkyria is in a dilemma to kill Neko and follow Ichijiku’s orders. Ever since that incident, she dedicated her life to him. The experiment she was in failed and she was melting but Ichijiku came in, not caring whatever radiation that would affect him and saved her.

Ichijiku still wants Neko dead. If she won’t do it, he will. Before he can, here comes Ryouta with his flying kick! Yeah. He’ll never forgive him for messing with his harem. And don’t you dare take Neko away. He relays Kotori’s message and although surprised he knows about Rena (because her soul was inside Kotori’s) but he starts laughing. Because now he knows it has succeeded, all he needs to do is repeat the process as Rena’s brain is still preserved. Valkyria restrains Ryouta and Neko so Ryouta tries to make Valkyria realize Ichijiku is just using her. When Ichijiku confirms it without hesitation, Valkyria loves it! Masochist? Neko tries to press her harness but Valkyria won’t let her. But suddenly here comes Kana into the scene! How the f*ck can she move?! Okay, so she explains ever since Neko saved her life, she dedicated to using her forecasting power to protect her. In exchange, she lost her ability to move. But now she throws away that power, she is able to move. WTF?! Is this possible?! This gives enough time for Neko to press her harness and unleash some super protective barrier. It even restores her memories! She remembers everything as Kuroneko. I’m sure Ichijiku must me damn annoyed seeing this drama so save it for later. She faces off with her sister and her powers are much greater. Of course she weakens eventually and now Valkyria is no more nice big sister and is going to kill her for good. Suddenly she can’t use her powers. A Hexenjagd member nullifies it temporarily so that the rest could pump bullets into her. However Ichijiku uses his body to protect her! Surprised?! His body is riddled with holes! Ichijiku’s last words are that he hates humans because they act on sentiments instead of logic. Human hearts are foolish things. Well, it proves he is still a human.

With Ichijiku dead, Valkyria couldn’t care less what happens to the world. It can die for all she cares! No Ichijiku, no life. She’s going to destroy it with anti-matter! Neko can stop it by creating a micro black hole. But before that, there is enough time for Neko to kiss him! Enough time to thank him! Enough to time to confess she loves him! Why? Because it’s goodbye. Don’t forget about her. How could he? Neko goes to Valkyria and uses the black hole on her. I don’t think Valkyria minded failing and dying too. Neko falls back down but falls off the ledge. Ryouta grabs her and won’t let history repeat itself. Good news: She is saved. Bad news: Who are you? Oh God… As good as dead… The only girl left in his harem is… I don’t know if Ryouta is crying tears of joy or sadness. Or both. During all that action, Kogorou left a message on Ryouta’s phone that he had found something incredible in developing the drug. Bring everyone to see him. Too late. Everyone’s dead. In the closing scenes, we see Ryouta carrying on life as normal. He prays at the grave, Kogorou continues to investigate the alien embryo, the lab is still continuing with its experiments, the council guys are still around bidding their time and most important of all, Ryouta’s harem isn’t dead yet! Kazumi and Hatsuna are still alive! Kana back to her wheelchair and everyone goes stargazing.

Gokuraku Harem Koku No Brynhildr
WTF?! What the hell is this unsatisfying and rushed ending???!!! So much more at stake (and I’m not talking just about the harem) and suddenly it ends like this?! I can’t believe it. Can’t they extend it for another season? Really can’t believe this crappy ending. Hell, no. This is not happening. Yeah, blame me for putting a lot of expectations and hopes only for it to be crushed with such a disappointing end. Oh, and I supposed that showing us in the final clips that Ryouta’s harem is still alive is supposed to appease my anger and dissatisfaction? Well, only a tiny bit. Because Kotori is no longer around. Oh yeah. Harem. The word you’ll be spammed and hearing the most for the rest of the blog. H-A-R-E-M!

Because of the rushed final episode, it brings forth lots of questions like Kana’s ability to move. Can she forgo her power just like that? Okay, maybe that is what the third button on the harness is for. Is this really terrifying? Because if Kana knew about this would bring about her moving again, why doesn’t she do it sometimes? I mean, it’s not like she can receive predictions all the time, right? Is it you lose your memories for good? But as seen in Neko’s case, she got all her memories back and this proves that she didn’t lose them but was merely lying dormant somewhere in her brain. So now that she has no more memories, is this just temporary? Did Kana also lose her memories? Besides, who was the one who pressed Kana’s harness? Big hint to Hatsuna. That’s her shadow before Kana in that scene. It’s her that Kana was addressing to press it. And speaking about Hatsuna, how come she is still alive?! Wasn’t she supposed to be dead? Wasn’t something bursting out from her? Oh God… These questions… How could you do this to me? Otherwise, this series could have been surprisingly interesting and pleasant. Aside the harem part, that is. Of course harem is the best part and icing on the cake. But seriously, I would have enjoyed this show if not for this ending that sucked so badly. It takes the kick out of everything. The harem part can only save so much.

Just like many other shows, this one had potential. Every anime does. Personally I think the flow of the story, balancing with the harem parts and unravelling the mystery behind it all is done at a decent pace. It is quite interesting actually and it makes you want to know more. Usually sci-fi terms turn me off but surprisingly this one doesn’t have many or at least it doesn’t sound complicating (maybe because my mind is more focused on the harem). Heck, does Grani sound sci-fi? Even odder if you think about the storyline for this season is about Ryouta and the girls trying to survive but at the same time enjoy to the fullest of their lives. You can’t always live your life on full alert, can’t you? Gotta have some fun from time to time. Sometimes girls just wanna have fun. Life is so short for them that in terms of lifespan, they are like human version of insects. Though it boggles me why the lab wanted to get rid of them in the first place. Sure, failed experiments, no longer useful. Kill them all. So what is the harm of letting them live anyway? I mean, some monster will break out like Aliens, won’t it? That’s why they have the pills in the first place, no? To suppress it. What’s wrong with giving them that? All they want is to live. Let them lose and they’ll run wild with their powers or tell the authorities? Maybe. The girls I believe previously had normal lives before this experiment. How did they end up as experiments in the first place? Ah, I’ve got to stop asking such questions from now on.

Character wise, it depends. You either love them or hate them. Because like Ryouta as the main protagonist, he is also important in the harem factor. It was pretty cool that aside from being a smart guy, he has this photographic memory and that his brain cells are better than the best computer processing memory chips ever because he never forgets. Heck, I thought there was going to be some twist like he also came from some sort of experiment. Just my imagination. Just like any other nice guys, he must help the girls, put his life on the line, doesn’t like people sacrificing their lives for others even if it means either you save the girl or save the world and he’ll have it no other way because he wants both. Greedy. Yeah well, good thing he got his Charlie’s Angel girls doing some butt kicking too since he lacks any martial arts training. Then there is Neko who is acting cold and distant at first just because she’s being amnesiac. And then when she temporarily gets them back, it’s like she turned into a childhood friend who has always been in love with him ever since. Yeah. That says a lot. Because despite caring a lot for her fellow magicians, she can’t stand those who get too close to Ryouta and is very evident when she becomes short tempered. And Kazumi? Two sentences: Genius hacker. Noob seducer/lover.

Something about Kana really bugs me. Something that makes her feel unreal. You know how she types into a device to ‘speak’? The most mind boggling fact is not how fast she can type so much so it can match what she says (I guess it is a good thing she isn’t speaking English because you know how some words are pronounced differently so if she is typing so fast and saying it at the same time, you know how many words she will mispronounce? Thank God there is no auto correct), but rather the emotions and tones of her voice of the device. If it was just a device, shouldn’t it be some monotonous computer voice? I mean, it’s okay if they put a human female voice, that’s fine. But how the heck does she type in words to scream?! How should she type in to indicate the level of screaming she wants to make? How does she type in the level of emotions while she is speaking? Is there a special key for it? Because of that, Kana feels unreal and not by the fact she looks like some porcelain doll confined to her seat. It feels like there is some smaller person hiding inside her (or somewhere nearby) speaking via a microphone to convey her thoughts.

Something about Kotori has always been bugging me and I feel that she has something hidden and more sinister. Because the big clue is that nobody knows who she is. Notice the fact that all the magicians know each other? Heck, they know who this A-rank magician is. They know who that babe is trying to kill them is. Yeah. It’s like they know everybody in the lab. So when Kotori came into the picture and nobody (or at least most of them) knows anything about her, it feels something is odd. Something fishy. It keeps you wondering if that ditzy act of hers is just all an act and there would be a twist somewhere. And true enough, she might be a good girl, she still harbours the most dangerous thing ever. The saddest fact that she is no longer around. Her ditzy character makes her annoying because it is like as though she is just bumming around in the group and she lacks a lot of development compared to the rest. What about Kana you say? Well, she can’t move like as though she’s part of the furniture so I guess that’s forgivable XD. I was hoping that with the mysterious case of Hatsuna reviving (aside her power to resurrect), something would be done for Kotori too. Oh God. Can’t believe Kotori is gone.

Ichijiku plays well as an antagonist and he is a person whom you would really love to hate. At the same time he could be the coolest person considering the generic characteristics of Ryouta and his harem. Ichijiku is merciless, uncompromising and goes all out to get what he wants at any cost without taking into account others except his own. I suppose that is why it makes him a fearsome character not to be played with and probably this has gotten him as far as he is now. Something along the lines of ‘you have to be cruel to be kind’? Even though he has his own reasons and in that sense alone you want to sympathize with him, overall it still makes him a bad apple with his questionable ways because you know, he is like trying to play God or something. He is not afraid to admit things in your face and because so, sometimes he has one of the best quips in the series like when Ryouta won’t forgive him for messing with his girls. Fine. He doesn’t need his forgiveness. Because he killed many humans in his life too. Woah. Right in your face! So true. So brutally honest. So is it a sad or good thing that he eventually meets his fate? Well, I don’t know what’s going to happen to Rena now that he is no longer around. Her brain will rot away, I suppose. As for Valkyria, I thought it was pretty interesting for her to be the yandere type. Ah well, there goes the fun. Kogorou’s role feels under-utilized. Because most of his time is spent in trying to make the drug, you won’t hear most of him. And the biggest slap in the face is when he finally announced something big, only not to tell us what it is. What is it about the drug that he has discovered? Say something, please?! I don’t need such cliff-hangers!

Despite the plot and details revealing at a decent pace, I guess like I said the more interesting part to me is the harem. I know I need to talk about this eventually. Some people might find this a turn off for this kind of sci-fi genre and the reason why this series started great and then spiralled into disappointment at the end. But to me, it is more fun to see Ryouta and the girls engage in some cheap folly and interaction with each other rather than trying to find a clue for their next move to get more pills or take out the enemy. And we all know that the girls one way or another have a thing for Ryouta despite their pride will not admit it. Especially with Kazumi being a surprise because I didn’t expect her to ask for sex! Or does it indicate she is just being desperate? Teasing him is one thing but why do I get the feeling it is more than that? And with Neko’s explosions after seeing such flirting, that makes her jealous, right? Just too bad that Nanami and Hatsuna who are great potentials to be part of his magician harem, they have to die. Why couldn’t they make it more the merrier? The odd part is that the duo are somewhat included in the subsequent ending credits animation. I know Nanami is somewhat a ghost but Hatsuna? Hatsuna could have been a great front runner for Ryouta and giving Kazumi a run for her money. But sighs… If Ryouta had saved more girls in time, I guess it is safe to say they will be added to his harem. So it was a tad ‘sad’ that some of the minor ones had to die. Even sadder because Kotori… Kana may seem like the least she likes him but I believe she’s being tsundere. Her speeches about not caring for him, don’t care if he dies make it sound so tsundere-like.

What is a harem without some fanservice? There are a few scenes here but that of course feels like a small distraction to the main events. Just like the harem. A small distraction overall but something I look forward to ;p. In fact all of Ryouta’s harem girls have some sort of sex appeal. Kazumi being a pervert with her dirty talk (like it’s the norm for her), Kotori with her humongous boobs, Neko coming in next for her bust size but the moles on her boobs enhance her sexy effect (I don’t know, maybe some people do find it sexy) while Kana looks like a defenceless porcelain doll that it makes beasts lose the urge to restrain themselves (okay, maybe I’m just exaggerating but really, don’t you find girls who don’t move or talk much to be a turn on?). I don’t know if Nanami as a ghost girl would be some kind of a new harem trope.

Art and drawing seems pretty decent although there are some scenes that are dark. Be warned although that there are gore and blood aplenty in this anime. Though, they are censored out in the TV version, I am not sure if all that will be censored in the DVDs. The gruesomeness of the action makes it a little realistic because if you are fighting with all those super powers, there is bound to be a high amount of splattered blood and damage. And of course the spooky factor of the girls melting which I sometimes find it unpalatable as well as those creepy little blob monsters. It’s just scary even though they’re just 2D animation since I am quite averse to the horror genre. But other than this, the character designs and the backgrounds are decent and look pretty normal.

The voice acting seems rather okay. Nothing much to shout about except that perhaps the only notable one is Mamiko Noto as Valkyria. Yeah. Despite her late and limited appearance, I guess she still rocks. However I thought it was Tomokazu Sugita (Gintoki in Gintama) behind the voice of Ichijiku but it turned out to be Hiroki Touchi (Panther Lily in Fairy Tail). The other casts are Ryota Ohsaka as Ryouta (Haruto in Valvrave The Liberator), Risa Taneda as Neko/Kuroneko (Mirai in Kyoukai No Kanata), Aya Suzaki as Kana (Tamako in Tamako Market), Mao as Kazumi (Renge in Seikai Seifuku: Bouryaku No Zvezda), Azusa Tadokoro as Kotori (Fino in Yuushibu), Manami Numakura as Nanami (Riko in Love Lab), Yumi Uchiyama as Hatsuna (Nagi in A Channel), Rina Satou as Miki (Misaka in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun), Kentarou Ito as Kogorou (Renji in Bleach) and Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Kurofuku (Eishirou in Sora No Otoshimono).

The opening theme is unique. Why? Because it is entirely an instrumental piece! Entitled Brynhildr In The Darkness Version Ejected by Nao Tokisawa, it has this sci-fi, techno and dramatic feel to it (especially the strings and background voices enhancing the overall effect). It doesn’t feel bad actually and quite refreshing because 99.9% of all the anime opening themes are sung. Not many are instrumental (Trigun and Baccano are the only ones I could name). However I don’t know why they changed the opening after 2/3 of the series. Although it is another instrumental, Virtue And Vice by Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (oh, these names of bands these days…) resembles more like hard punk rock! There is this dissonance ‘interference’ sound that I dislike so much and to make things worse, there is some rocker guy screaming in the background of this cacophony techno rock beat. And worse still, it suddenly ends abruptly. The ending theme turns into a generic anime pop. Ichiban Hoshi by Ryouta’s main harem quartet (Neko, Kana, Kazumi and Kotori) sounds rather okay.

Overall, this anime is interesting in its own right. Dark but yet entertaining. Just beware about the rushed ending and to those who do not like the ‘dumb’ fanservice and harem elements, it will be even more distasteful. The concept about rewriting the world to a new one based on one’s ideals after eliminating existing life isn’t necessarily something original but it is still fascinating and given the chance if there should be a sequel, I’d definitely want to find out more (and more harem too). And it would be interesting just to think that if you don’t like a person anymore and had enough, all you could do is press a button at the back of the neck and watch him/her melt away. If only real humans have that kind of option. Dispose of your annoyance with a push of a button! On second thought, it is a good thing we don’t. Earth would have become one big giant melting pot. Yeesh! Not my kind of way to die!

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu OVA

January 2, 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!!! Bah. Only a day late. Makes no difference, right? And so another year has passed and another awaits. This means more and more animes for me to watch till I am anime intoxicated. Will I be bored? Will I get deeper into the passion and never get out? Only time will tell. But here is hope and cheers to the new year to me and everyone else.

Teachers. Either they make or break you. Either you’ll have the most memorable time of your school days or the worst ever time in your growing up life. Yes. Teachers, hate them or love them because they really play an important role and big impact in our lives and future. But what happens if there is a teacher that is crazy enough to destroy the world but at the same time the best teacher there is? Hard to say, huh? Well, if your teacher is some yellow tentacle alien who can move at incredible speeds, then maybe. Wait a minute. Did I just say that a teacher is an alien? Hardly anything original but wait till you hear the rest of the synopsis of Ansatsu Kyoushitsu OVA.

As our moon is already 70% destroyed, this yellow creature has announced the destruction of Earth by next March. So it is up to us to kill him first or he kills us. Unfortunately all attempts from the military or the best world assassins failed to do so because this dude can move up to speeds of mach 20! For unknown reasons, he ends up being a teacher in an assassination school and since nobody is able to kill him, he is nicknamed Koro sensei. Now, the biggest problem isn’t how difficult it is to kill him (which is actually a grave problem itself no matter how much you think about it), it is that his classes are so much fun! Holy cow! The person you need to kill is the best teacher in the whole wide world?! WTF?! Are you in a dilemma to kill the only person in the world who knows how to bring fun and educate you at the same time? This single OVA as I read is adapted from a popular manga arc whereby the class is on a field trip to Kyoto.

Always be prepared…
As our students prepare for their 3 days and 2 nights trip to Kyoto, Tadaomi Karasuma sensei reminds them that this trip is also their mission to try and eliminate Koro. He has dispatched the country’s best sniper as well and as the routes in Kyoto are more complicated, the students are to guide Koro to such places for the sniper to assassinate him. Sounds easy, right? So our main group of students consists of Nagisa Shiota, Tomohito Sugino, Kaede Kayano, Karma Akabane, Manami Okuda and the class belle Yukiko Kanzaki. Bitch sensei (real name Irina Jelavic but we don’t really find this appealing, right?) is running her mouth how the kids are acting so excited over a little trip unlike her who has travelled around the world. Nobody gives a damn so she threatens she won’t be left out of this fun! Koro has finished making a guidebook for their trip. It covers everything. Yes, everything. It is so thick that it puts the dictionary to shame! As they board the train, Bitch dresses up in a sexy flaunting way but Karasuma is not impressed and tells her to change. Why the long sad face? Koro almost missed the train and sticks by the glass till the next stop. Nagisa observes Koro interacting well with the other students and depending on what happens on the trip, they may get to see more sides to everyone. Also on this train to Kyoto are a bunch of delinquent high schools who are setting their sights on the girls. One of them has stolen Kanzaki’s field trip diary. After reaching their destination, Koro might seem dizzy from motion sickness. Even so, he can move fast enough to kill any knife stab! As Nagisa and co take their own tour down some lesser known alley, they are confronted by the delinquents. Karma instantly beats one of them but is easily taken out. The other guys are taken out while Kanzaki and Kaede are ‘kidnapped’ (Okuda was hiding so she is safe). The delinquent remembered seeing Kanzaki before and he has a photo of her at a game centre last summer. He tried looking for her again but to no avail and didn’t expect to see her here. He is trying to brainwash her that being a scum is fun and people from good backgrounds want to be delinquents.

Meanwhile the rest of the group recover from their attack. What now? Refer to the guidebook! Yeah, it even lists down what to do if there is a kidnapping (and even what to do if you fail to buy souvenirs!). Wow. So really thought out. Such details… Kanzaki reveals her father was always strict on her and had high expectations. She wanted to escape that stifling life and went to have fun in a place she thought no one would know. She regrets it now. Her grades eventually dropped. The delinquent is preaching about how they are ‘saving’ elites by turning them into scums since this is everyone’s true nature. Before anything can be done, Nagisa and co come busting in. They are doing exactly what the guidebook says. That’s why they know where they are hiding out and all. Heck, it’s like as though it is predicting the future or reading the script for this anime! The rest of the delinquents are taken off by Koro. The remaining delinquents aren’t impressed and aim at him. But who could be angrier (with a smiling face?) than Koro who is about to teach those bozos about touching his students. So fast his whipping that they didn’t even see it coming. Then he starts lecturing about not dragging others into the mud like them because a fish whether it lives in a lake or river, as long as it continues to swim, it will grow up beautifully. And finally, the most useful thing that the guidebook has ever done. Everyone takes it and knocks it on the delinquents’ head! Yeah. So heavy it could be akin to a murder weapon. In the aftermath, Koro is surprised that Kanzaki isn’t shaken from the events. Instead, she is quite grateful to him. So don’t you see why he is the best teacher, no?

As the trip continues, Red Eye is an assassin who has been hired by Karasuma to take out Koro. He has been briefed about the alien and all. On this trip where groups go their separate ways, Koro will take turns spending time with each group. They have to lure him to certain spots whereby the sniper will take him out. The first one is when a train stops on the bridge to see the boat people rowing below. The moment Koro sticks his head out, Red Eye shoots. He was sure it was a clean head shot but to his surprised Koro stopped to bullet with his fingers using some snacks! Next is watching the enactment of a samurai play. This time Koro joins in the act and since it is too messy and the other people blocking, Red Eye cannot get a clean shot. At some temple, some girl put some blotting paper on him. This gives Red Eye the opportunity to shoot. Unfortunately the blotting paper act like bullet proof paper. I don’t know how it soaked up enough of his mucus to stop a bullet. Now this is getting on Red Eye’s nerve. Karasuma then calls Red Eye to inform the rest of the assassination is cancelled since the next group ran into trouble and Koro ran over to deal with it. Red Eye thinks it is time to stop too since his pride is being shredded. He remembers becoming an assassin 8 years ago. His scope is always filled with blood and thus his nickname. To his surprise, Koro has finished dealing with the problem and sees him to send his greetings. So he is being treated to a hot meal? Red Eye thinks he is going to be killed and is prepared for it since he is in this line but surprise is in store. Koro thanks him. Because of him, the school trip has become enjoyable. The students had an opportunity to explore Kyoto differently (so as to find assassinated spots) and in a way had lots of moments to understand the charms of this city. What they obtained through their assassination efforts will no doubt fill them with plenty of experience. That is why he looks forward to be assassinated. Next day, Red Eye calls Karasuma that he is quitting this mission. Because rather being obsessed with just a colour, he is going sightseeing to see all sorts of colours. Holy sh*t! An assassin turned over a new leaf?! So don’t you see why Koro is the best teacher not only to his students?!

At the inn, the guys see a couple of girls trying to peep into the men’s section. Holy cow! Is this true? Actually, they plan to see Koro naked! Don’t get the wrong idea. They saw his clothes hanged up and this could be a perfect chance to see what his body look like and learn his weakness. As they creep in, they are surprised to see him in a bubble bath. This isn’t additives he added by rather his mucus. They are confident that he has no way of escaping as they are blocking the only exit. To get out, he must get past them and if they can’t kill him they will at least see his naked body. Oh, that won’t do. The entire bath turns into some solid jelly (covering his body) as he escapes by squeezing through the window. So much about their plan. Meanwhile the rest of the guys are doing a definitive ranking of the girls in their room. This will be their little secret and won’t let others find out. But Koro is peeping on them outside and has taken notes! Get him! Meanwhile Bitch is boasting to the girls about her sexual prowess but they aren’t buying it. They are more interested in hearing about the men who fell for her but before she could gladly start, she notices Koro among the girls trying to listen. He wants to listen to such love stories too? The girls accuse Koro that he must have his own fetish and unrequited love. Time to make like a banana and split. Get him! Oh no. An attack from the guys and girls how will he get out now? But Nagisa has a lot on his mind. Whether or not Earth will be destroyed next March remains to be seen. However it is for sure their class will end by then (they are seniors and will be graduating). He wants to get to know everyone better, try to kill Koro more and live life without regrets. For now, let’s just take one step at a time. Kaede would love to go on a field trip one more time.

Best Teacher For Life!
Well, it was actually fun. A whole lot of fun. Especially with the mysterious Koro whom you can’t make head or tail of (despite he is mostly made out of tentacles). Therefore I think this OVA serves as a good introduction and promotion for the manga as well as for the upcoming TV series that it will be adapted to. For sure I’ll be catching it and see all the wild and crazy antics and attempts everyone is going to do to assassinate him before the time is up as well as the amazing life lessons that Koro will teach us not through spoon feeding in class but hands on experience.

Koro is easily a very likeable character and you can’t find ways to hate him. Maybe it is because of his big yellow head that has this uncanny look to that yellow smiley face or Pac-man. Creepy or cute? Or both? This dude is exuding with lots of mystery and mind boggling stuffs because as we have seen throughout the episodes, he has several weaknesses from motion sickness (I suppose he didn’t travel light years here on a space ship if that’s the case) to worrying about other people looking at his face (wearing only a thinly see through black veil?) and even eating hot food (is that why he blows his food for so damn long?). With such silly weaknesses, it seems like he is so open and unguarded to be killed but why hasn’t anyone done so? Thus it is not as easy as it seems. This dude moves so fast that he puts people who use Bullet Time to shame. It is like he is on eternal God mode with all his super amazing skills and abilities that no one could best.

And of course the best part of him is how at the end of it all, he imbues rich experience and lessons that you don’t learn in classrooms or textbooks. So is it no wonder why sometimes they find it hard to kill him? Where on Earth can you find such great teacher? Maybe that is why. Not on Earth. So thank God for this godsend creature. Uh huh. It feels like having a wonderful time before you die. Ironically he treasures his students a lot because he would really teach those a lesson for those trying to bring harm. Perhaps it is like nobody is going to touch his prey before the ultimate destruction.

I can’t say much for the other characters but we have a little glimpse on some of them like Karma who is always itching to take the violent way and Kanzaki’s little background as a fallen elite trying to pick up herself by looking forward, moving forward and doing her best. It remains to be seen for the rest and I hope the TV series will flesh them out. And I have a feeling Bitch sensei is going to also be a fun character to kick around. Maybe that is why she is named so and I hope she lives up to her name for laughing sakes.

The drawing and art is rather standard although it can be a little cartoonish especially Koro. While the voice acting boasts quite a number of famous seiyuus like Tomokazu Seki as Koro, Nao Taouyama as Nagisa, Rina Satou as Kanzaki, Ayana Taketasu as Kaede, Nobuhiko Okamoto as Karma, Yui Horie as Bitch, Junichi Suwabe as Karasuma and Miki Shinichiro as Red Eye.

It is too early to comment on anything else for now but as I have said I am looking forward to all the silliness and comedy when the TV series comes out. Because unlike its serious and seemingly dark title, the show itself is quite fun and funny. So keep racking your brains for a way to get that alien sensei before it’s too late. Because it’s like telling us we have failed the test in life if we don’t get to kill him at the end of it all. Then it would really be ‘class dismissed’. Sighs. If only I had a teacher like that during my school days. Learning would be a blast. Then I wouldn’t mind Armageddon even if it really comes. For now I will have to be content that animes are my ‘best’ teachers around. Oh yeah. Animes. Your perfect educational guide to the world and life… ;p

Freezing: Vibration

May 16, 2014

Although in my last blog I did mention the possibility of a sequel but I wasn’t really hoping for it. So when Freezing: Vibration came out, I thought the only reason why people would watch this is because of tits. Yup. Boobs. Isn’t that what the show was mainly about? Isn’t that how we remembered the first season? Me? I’m back again because I haven’t heard Mamiko Noto’s voice in a long time so before I start getting withdrawal symptoms, this one would do since she voices the main character here. What? Don’t believe me? Sure, the story was supposed to be about teenage girls pairing up with younger boys to fight insanely powerful creatures that terrorize the planet. However for pretty much of the first season, all you get are in-fighting among the b*tches, b*tch fights, b*tch slaps, b*tch curses and lots of b*tches trying to maintain the order of their school instead of putting their priority to save mankind. Serious. That’s why I don’t blame you and for those who have watched the season to remember this anime as some tits showing series. Serious. And the first season was only aired in 2011. Wow. That’s a pretty long time, eh?

Talking about tits and boobs means this show has got to be uncensored, right? For those who remembered watching the first season, there was this atrocious choice of watching your favourite tits in the old display resolution of 4:3 but for those opting the widescreen version, it would be totally censored. Don’t worry, folks. This season you don’t have to worry about the resolutions anymore. They’re all widescreens. However there is still the censored and uncensored version. The source that I watched was the uncensored one and if you ask me, there is nothing much to shout about. Is it because I’m used to it or come to expect what this show is good for? Sure, you still get to see the girls naked from the top but it’s not like they’re going to spam you in every frame of it (okay, maybe every a couple of minutes or so). I wonder if more extra scenes will be added if you buy the BDs. That would perhaps be a different story but then again, how much would it differ to get your 2 cents more worth of tits? Besides, doesn’t the second title sound suspiciously perverted? If you have a perverted mind…

Episode 1: Pandora Returns
Kazuya, Satellizer and Rana are on a plane flying through the Alaskan blizzard. So cold that Rana wants Kazuya to touch that warm part of hers… Why is Satellizer letting her monopolizing him? Anyway, suddenly a Nova Type-S is spotted and they are ordered to take it out and prevent it from reaching and destroying a nearby petroleum base. The trio drop into action and they have several plane reinforcements that fire all kinds of missiles at the Nova but as usual, nothing works. The trio manage to destroy the Nova but feel something amiss. It’s too easy. True enough, the Nova re-emerges and almost kills Satellizer (cue for her clothes to get ripped). Thankfully she is saved by Pandora reinforcements in the name of Elizabeth and Chiffon and their Limiters. At the end, they realize this Nova is a dummy. Someone faked a distress signal to call them into action just to test them. While on a ship to the E-Pandora lab, Rana tries to hog Kazuya for herself, causing Satellizer to get jealous and clumsy. Maybe this is where the real battle is. As narrated, this E-Pandora programme is to find girls who failed the aptitude test and were incompatible as a Pandora, another chance to become one. This is done by implanting artificially created Stigmata. This experiment was recently approved due to the shortage of Pandoras but whether it will be a success or not remains to be seen. Because as we know, many Pandoras lose their lives when they fight against Novas. However some like Dr Gengo opposed to it because of ethical and moral grounds. Inside the lab, the girls meet several top Pandoras from all over the world who happen to be acquaintance of Chiffon. They are American Roxanne Elipton, French Charles Bonaparte, German Julia Munberk and even an old face, Cathy. British Holly Rose seems to be missing. How come I smell almost Infinite Stratos harem setting… The head of E-Pandora project, Scarlet Ohara (sorry, not related to the one from Gone With The Wind) announces this project is to artificially produce Stigmata compatible subjects and thus require their original Pandora’s data. This will lessen the need to rely on extremely rare people who are naturally compatible as a Pandora. Roxanne thinks there are human experiments in this project, the reason Gengo opposed it. Then several girls from the E-Pandora project pop up. Stand off?

Episode 2: Evolution Pandora
Thankfully no untoward incident happen. But there might be one happening now because Rana is upset Kazuya and Satellizer are put in the same room while she herself is alone. Now it’s Satellizer’s turn to rub it back at her. Care to switch rooms? Hell, no! There is an exhibition match between original Pandoras against Evolution Pandoras. Rattle and Gina Papleton go up against Anna Parker and Jung Ara respectively but are noticeably weaker and easily defeated. Amelia Evans will take on Elizabeth and the former seems cocky she is not like the other duo. Well, Elizabeth too may sound cocky as she wants to know how much power to hold back. And though Amelia may be slightly different than her modified counterparts (she can summon a weapon), she is still no match for Elizabeth who beats her up not because she is a cocky b*tch but rather she feels it is her duty to provide accurate data as close as possible. Elizabeth wants to match to be called off since Amelia is injured but the latter wants to continue. Even Ohara gives the green light till somebody is incapacitated. Elizabeth knocks her out with a few quick and powerful strikes. Amazingly, Amelia gets back up on her feet. Then Ohara calls off the match because Amelia fainted while standing up. It makes the rest wonder about her will and drive. Why did she go this far? Is it her pride as an Evolution Pandora? In the locker room, Gina is obviously upset because it makes them feel the originals are like spoilt girls who know nothing about suffering and making a mockery of all the efforts they put in. But Amelia is calm and mature. The reason they entered this experiment was to escape their individual hardship. Coming here brought those with the same pain together. They made irreplaceable friends. They should gracefully admit their defeat this time and work hard for the next. During dinner, Elizabeth sits next to Amelia and co. Despite explaining she comes from a family that produces luxury goods, she was humble to say that her victory against Amelia was because she was born with compatible Stigmata and had been a Pandora longer than her. Family line has nothing to do with it. She also tells them the harsh realities of the world. It is unfair but being weak doesn’t mean you are always defeated. Besides, they’re gathered here to make them stronger using their data. With Rana supporting that call, everyone cheers and become good friends. But this happiness may not last because Ohara dreads telling what is to happen next. Because she has been given the ‘approval’ by project director, Marks Spencer to use a dangerous Mark IV drug. He doesn’t care how many Evolution Pandoras die because new ones are always easy to get.

Episode 3: Mark IV
Ohara reveals Mark IV to the Pandoras and its use of raising the Evolutions on par with the originals. It will be done via injecting nanomachines into their body. Some wonder if their body can endure all that. Later Amelia sees Ohara and is concerned about Mark IV. Because Mark III was a failure and Amelia herself nearly died. Ohara assures it is an upgraded version but since she is still suspicious, she scolds her like a mother scolding a child. She should just obey. Even when she is told to die, she has no right to refuse! However she won’t let her die that easily. That was enough to bring some smiles to Amelia’s face. After Rana and Satellizer are done with one of their silly ‘competitions’, Rana accidentally bumps into Rattle, causing her to drop her ice cream. Rattle quickly picks it back up and tries to eat it. Gina thinks Rana was laughing at her and insulting them. Satellizer quickly takes Rana away before the girls get rough. Satellizer overheard Amelia’s pep talk to them the other day. Rattle joined this programme just to escape hunger. Satellizer puts it bluntly to Gina, at the rate they are now, they cannot defeat them. Gina is so upset about it that she volunteers herself to be a test subject for Mark IV. Amelia opposes but Gina wants to be strong for them this time. She reminds Amelia that her little brother is waiting outside. Gina then tells Satellizer about her volunteer because she saw the Pandora data they are going to use belongs to Satellizer. After administering Mark IV into her, the mock battle between Gina and Satellizer begins. Now she can deploy her own Volt Weapon and do high level techniques like Acceleration. This fight is broadcasted to the public and their views on this are positive. All part of Spencer’s plan. He wants to do the same for the next few matches. Of course what they didn’t tell the public, the after effects of it is slowly eating away Gina’s body tissues. But Spencer wants her to remain alive even if it means becoming a living dead. Ohara even knows that Gina is slowly changing into Nova and this experiment had no chance of success in the first place. And then it happened. Gina’s vital signs go berserk and she breaks out from the lab. Spencer panics and orders her to be contained for fear this might leak out to the public. In his desperate attempt, he orders the Pandoras to take care of it. He doesn’t care how many, just get it done!

Episode 4: Mate
Satellizer is supposed to be on standby but rushes to the scene anyway. She has a bad feeling about this. During her fight with Gina, the match was prematurely stopped because Ohara explains it has reached its objective that Mark IV can improve their speed and strength. This was some sort of ‘victory’ to the Evolutions. And suddenly Gina doesn’t hate the world anymore. It’s like she understands what it’s like to be a Pandora (because it’s Satellizer’s data, right?). She’s glad to be part of this project. Oh, really? And look what fine mess she has gotten into? Elizabeth fights Gina and is no match. She could have been killed if Amelia didn’t block that strike. In her fading consciousness, Gina ekes out that Mark IV is a sham. Her body slowly turns into Nova as Charles uses her high end skills to beat up Gina. However Gina adapts to her pattern and fights back. That’s when Charles gets real and serious. Upping the attacks and seemingly enjoying it. Charles is in the path of Gina’s fatal blast but thanks to Amelia who was trying to prevent Charles from killing her friend, the beam missed her by a whisker. In the aftermath, Charles looked so shocked. Like as though she just realized she committed murder. Amelia is most distraught. She is upset Charles had the power to stop her but had to kill Gina instead. Gina’s friends hold a ‘funeral’ by burning away her stuffs. Amelia confronts Ohara about the failure of this project. However Ohara says the experiment has not ended yet. What if nobody obeys to do this? Don’t worry, they’ll be made to obey. I guess Satellizer wants to confront Ohara too. I mean, it’s her data they used, right? Feeling responsible? Especially after how she made some friendship pact with Gina after their match. Elizabeth won’t let her. Because it’s not her job and all the more reason to stay out of this. Now Elizabeth talks to Amelia. The latter paints a gloomy outlook that the experiments will continue as though nothing has happened. She hints she will volunteer to be the next guinea pig to protect her comrades. She even asks Elizabeth for a favour that if she loses her life, please go see her little brother and tell him they’ve fought as friends. Then Elizabeth talks to Chiffon about the suspicious Mark IV. However Chiffon as a Chevalier has to put humankind’s interest first. It is their job to do their utmost even if it means fighting to their deaths. Playing politics isn’t part of the job description. Elizabeth takes it that she will need to get help from her Mably family. It’s like Satellizer who has a knack for eavesdropping, overheard everything and also hints she might bring in help from her El Bridget family. But Elizabeth tells her to stay out and incapacitates her limbs.

Episode 5: Noblesse Oblige
Satellizer is now wheelchair ridden. She is to be sent back to West Genetics. Look on the bright side. At least Kazuya is coming with her. They’ll be alone… But Satellizer wants to fly to Bali, Indonesia. Elizabeth talks to Andre that she is planning to leak top secret information to her father who is also the head of the Mably family and conglomerate. It may be reckless and amounting to treason but the world and media will definitely listen to this man. But it might put her family in danger. She explains about noblesse oblige that her father instilled into her. It is the means to conduct oneself with responsibility and morality. As an aristocrat and Pandora, it is her noblesse oblige to protect those who are weaker. She doesn’t want Andre to get involved but as her Limiter, I guess that won’t do. He’ll follow her wherever she goes. Few days later, she is summoned to the main HQ to see Spencer. She knows trouble is brewing as there are active Chevalier soldiers around. Spencer shows her the report she was supposed to send to her family, ending up in his hands. She was sure her family took every precaution. Spencer puts it that if the head of the Mably family sought for advice from someone who also worked for Chevalier, naturally the reports will end up here. Spencer seeks her explanation for doing this. She cannot accept this. The fact he hid the truth Mark IV could turn one into Nova. He reminds her it is her job to obey. She has her under arrest. I’m not sure what kind of drug Elizabeth is administered to but Spencer doesn’t care and increases the dosage even if it might do irreparable damage. Because a Pandora isn’t so weak that they would break easily.

Rana is bored to death that Kazuya is gone (I see she’s taking this quite calmly). So bored that she got time to get involve in affairs of others. Like how she sees Andre trying to get pass the Chevalier to see Elizabeth who has been ‘summoned for business’ and has not returned for days. Chiffon doesn’t think they can do anything and return to their room. Just then, Elizabeth is returned but she looks dead. Like a vegetable. No response. No reaction. I suppose this hurts Andre even more. Yeah, probably Elizabeth has no more feelings… Suddenly on TV, the Mably family is reported to be in some big scandal. Fraud, corruption and massive misuse and abuse of just about anything. There is a big protest too. Andre reveals that this is Chevalier’s doing. They are destroying the Mably family for their act of turning against them. They spied on Chevalier on the use of Mark IV. Despite its failure, Chevalier needed public support to keep E-Pandora project going. Therefore those Evolutions are expandable guinea pigs. Elizabeth did it although she is very well aware of the consequences to prevent any further casualties. Amelia who happens to have overheard all this just feels so sad. She never knew Elizabeth was this kind. Meanwhile Satellizer and Kazuya just arrived at Bali. She sees the newspaper headlines regarding the Mably family and knows something has happened. They are picked up by a butler and being driven in a limo to the El Bridget’s resort run by her sister Violet. OMG. She looks like Saber… Anyway Violet is more interested in Kazuya probably since he is the first boy she brought back home. Yeah, smothering Kazuya in her boobs. Violet mentions their parents are also here. And also Louis… Isn’t he Satellizer’s younger brother who abused and almost raped her? Yup. He’s here. The traumatic memories return…

Episode 6: Marionettes
Louis is also a Limiter of the Genetics Britain (UK) branch. His Pandora is Holly. Holy… As Satellizer is still traumatized about her past, that night Louis pays her a visit in her room. He tells her that the scandal involving the Mably family was a frame setup by Chevalier. Because they had suspicions of the E-Pandora project and the information they get from the family network, the reason why Holly and Louis didn’t participate. He knows she came back here to get the family involved. But will father listen to her, especially she is the daughter of his mistress. Furthermore, mother hates her, right? However, father might listen if Louis is the one who is asking. He will do it on one condition: Satellizer must return to who she was before. His doll. That means reliving those abuse and cruel times. Satellizer thought she is a different person now but since her goal is to stop E-Pandora, she gives in. And so the abuse starts… Or continues rather. First Louis forces her to call him what she usually does (Master) and reminds her that he is the only one capable of protecting her in this family. That wuss won’t do. Speaking of Kazuya, where the f*ck is he? Louis is having his way with her and more effective than whatever got into Elizabeth because Satellizer is like a vegetable under his spell. She allows him to do whatever he wants but he slaps her. Then it’s like he got scared and pulls back. He regrets raising his hand to his sister and doesn’t understand why he did that. Wait a minute. This demon has got a conscious? Next morning, Kazuya (here he is now) shows up outside Satellizer’s room but she isn’t feeling well so she locks him out. Kazuya has breakfast with Louis. The latter gets straight to the point. He is relieved Kazuya and Satellizer hasn’t Baptized yet. He throws Kazuya a return ticket and some money as severance fee. He wants him to cut ties with Satellizer and find a new partner. Blah, blah, blah. Of course Kazuya won’t accept it and tears it up. Because whatever happens between them is none of the little brother’s concern. Trying to talk big now, eh? Kazuya and Satellizer are called out to the ruins by Louis. He is going to show Kazuya reality. He makes Satellizer repeatedly call him master and then has her undress. Kazuya wants to put a stop to this but gets beaten up. He believes Satellizer isn’t that kind of person so Louis reveals their family past. Even so, Kazuya believes in her. She is a strong person, the only one he loves and needs. Wowee. Who gave him permission to confess? It seems Louis has Holly under his command too. He wants to see Kazuya’s resolve and orders Holly to cut off his arms.

Episode 7: Spellbound
Satellizer defies Louis and moves to protect Kazuya. She’s touched by his words and will protect him from any threats. But of course. So when they start fighting, it’s like Holly has this jealousy in her speech. I think it is. Louis could only think of Satellizer. Holly offered to be by his side but his sister complex was much stronger. He abused Holly and almost raped her. What hurt her most was his words that she isn’t worthy of being Satellizer’s substitute. It’s no wonder Holly is in a way pissed with her. Louis makes a deal. If Satellizer beats Holly, he’ll talk to father for her. The high speed battle rages on. I can’t help notice they have this habit of slicing each other’s cleavage. With Kazuya providing moral support, Satellizer gets back on her feet and uses her Stigmata wings. Kazuya is so mad of Satellizer’s defiance that he now orders Holly to kill her. He thought he could cheat by using his Ereinbar Set but Kazuya interferes and nullifies it. In the end, Satellizer wins after cutting deep into Holly’s arm. Louis couldn’t believe it. He lost. He couldn’t accept reality. Then it suddenly hit him. Satellizer was no longer alone. She no longer needed him. Well, life sucks. There’s no meaning to it now. He jumps off the cliff! Trying to take the easy way out? Holly was fast enough to dive down with him. Then all the good memories of their time spent together resurface. He should have realized there was a beautiful chick always by his side. Louis wakes up alive and the first thing he is concerned is about Holly. Don’t worry. She’s still breathing. And it’s like he is a whole new person because he sounds and acts so much kinder! Is this the Louis we know?! He even thanks Satellizer! What a big change! Later, Kazuya gets an international call from Rana. I don’t know how she squeezed everything into a minute about Elizabeth’s situation before their call can be traced. Rana wants them back at Alaska now. Louis sends the duo in his private jet. He is prepared to atone for his sins and will talk to father on her behalf. Wow. Really changed indeed. Meanwhile Ohara seems to be cultivating a nasty army of hers in those incubation tubes. These babies will be the ones who will save the world in the next Nova Crash, which isn’t very far away.

Episode 8: Rebellion
Gengo gets a call from Howard (Satellizer’s father) to meet. Ohara is not pleased that Spencer wants her to continue with the administration of Mark IV. She is made to remember her position as the world wants to see more success of E-Pandora, expending a few more is no big deal. When several Pandoras talk about the rumours of their kind turning into a Nova, Charles tells them that it is their job to destroy Nova and obey any orders from above. Amelia confronts Ohara after she has found out Rattle will be the next test subject. She volunteers herself to be it but Ohara rejects. Rattle will proceed as the next test subject, like it or not. Roxanne is talking to her fellow friends about Pandoras and Nova. What do they know about Nova? What does humanity know about Nova? Nothing. Seriously. Thinking the world will be screwed if Nova attacks here now because some sort of powerful photon generator is housed here that packs a hundred million times to power of nuclear bombs. Then they realize when they are making reference to the Bible’s Tower of Babel. Could it be that mankind has created some technology that would breach God’s area so they sent creatures to destroy them? Amelia talks to Elizabeth (still in coma). She tells her about Rattle being the next victim but will go fight for her friends. Cathy is one of the many that doesn’t know about Elizabeth’s condition. Rana’s slip of tongue has her find out. She is horrified to see Elizabeth’s state. Julia doesn’t care about this. This angers them but seriously, what is it that she is supposed to feel and care? Ohara remembers how she managed to decode the entire genome map of Maria to Gengo. However he is not pleased and that Tower of Babel answer cropped up. Ohara argued about the stuffs they could do with this discovery but Gengo viewed it as blasphemy. Due to their difference in opinion, he bans her from his lab. Till today Ohara never felt she was wrong and believes Maria’s power must be placed under humanity’s control. Amelia and the other Evolutions begin their rebellion. They break into Ohara’s lab to steal the Mark IV. Because Rattle knows she is doing this to let her friends escape, they want to do this together. Because they’re friends. Everyone injects the drug into themselves and fights off the Chevalier guards. At least they’ve achieved their dream of becoming a Pandora even if they have to die in the end and put a stop to this project. Amelia goes to find Ohara’s experiment logs but is instantly stopped by Julia. She is about to get owned but look who is back? Yeah. Satellizer and Kazuya. Siding with the traitors? Satellizer puts it as protecting what is important to them.

Episode 9: Traitor
Satellizer slaps Amelia because she shouldn’t have rebelled like this. Besides, she already has the El Bridget family investigate this matter. Yeah. How would she know? Rana can’t stand doing nothing and decides to do something although she hasn’t thought out of what she wants to do. Geddit? Then she bumps into Satellizer’s battle. Nice timing. Then she gets owned by Julia. At least she gets to be in Kazuya’s arms. For some reason, Elizabeth wakes up from her coma and gets going. It’s like she’s not weakened or in daze. Chiffon stops her using her authority as Chevalier. But when Elizabeth tells her she was once a girl whom she respected and now she has lost that respected, she just let her go? Cathy offers to take care of Julia so that the rest can go ahead. Cathy thought she had her with her Quattro Full Accel but she herself got injured due to some Sonic Wave Volt Weapon thingy Julia had. Whatever. Outside, the gang are confronted by Chevalier guards but they are swiftly taken out by Elizabeth. Then Satellizer and Elizabeth get into their rich girl argument. Because Elizabeth wants her to stay out as not to be labelled as traitors but Satellizer argues her recklessness caused her family to fall apart. They thought there is time to change Amelia back but she says she has understood after injecting the drug. She can’t turn back and the most she can do is expose to the world this hideous experiment. By the time they are going to get going, look who is here? Charles. She badmouths those ‘imitations’ and this upsets Amelia a lot because she’s saying bad about Gina. It causes her to nearly transform into a Nova. Elizabeth reminds her about her goal to expose the leadership flaw. This made Charles remember that her father told her he was willing to play the villain to save countless people. Elizabeth orders Satellizer and Rana to protect Amelia as they push forward while she stays back to handle Charles. She doesn’t need to beat her. Just keep her busy.

Episode 10: True Pandora
Satellizer’s group now faces Chiffon in the way. They’re going to wipe the smirk of her face. Can they? Even after all that pounding, Chiffon can still get back up and with that creepy smile. Anyway they lost. Satellizer and Rana realize that if they aren’t ready to take risks, they can’t beat her. Julia suggests that the winner can do anything to the loser. Doesn’t that just motivate you? Andre uses his immense power that is on par with suicide so that Elizabeth could defeat Charles. I’m not sure if she missed because just before they can celebrate their victory, Charles was swift enough to slice Elizabeth. Charles can’t lose either because she is betting her life and hope on this project that is initiated by her father, Spencer. Wait. He, her father? Well, not blood related. He picked her up while she was freezing to death in the cold slums. And of course he found her compatible to be a Pandora. To show her gratitude, she would do anything he asked. Andre unleashes an even more powerful and suicide move just to show Charles that she cannot beat his milady’s will. He is willing to give his life for her victory. Then at point blank range, she fires a shot at her stomach but short of killing her because she wants to teach her that true victory doesn’t necessary mean risking one’s life (isn’t that a contradiction to what Andre said?). Charles thought she killed Andre in this meaningless battle for her selfish reasons but was lectured back instead that there is no victory gained in losing those dear. Everyone fights because they have something they hold dear. Don’t worry. Andre is still alive. Cathy wins her battle via her Quintuple Full Accel! Woah! Just how fast can it get?! But she’s not really interested in that loser-abide-the-winner thingy. Since Chiffon continues to stand up after taking all that beating, Satellizer wonders if she is human or even a Pandora. Chiffon replies that she is what you call a true Pandora. Amelia has reached Ohara’s lab but since the other Chevalier guards hint that Rattle is dead, she becomes enraged and turns into her Nova form and kills them all. Then she sees those bodies in the tubes.

Episode 11: Nova Crash
Ohara explains these are Type-Maria Pandora and she has been cloning them to fight Nova. So what the hell was E-Pandora for? This is her personal project that goes under the radar of Chevalier. Amelia feels so betrayed that she turns into a real giant Nova. Ohara thought the barrier will nullify her Stigmata system but it seems the Marias are resonating with her and nullify it. All the Marias burst out from the tubes and get absorbed into the Nova. Ohara suddenly realizes what she is doing was akin to the Tower of Babel. Too late to regret now. Nova is like divine punishment from God, right? Did she get one too with a concrete slab falling on her? The Nova tears apart everything and guess where is it going? Yeah. The photon generator. The special alert is sounded. Spencer is confronted by Gengo and his Chevalier inspection team as per requested by the El Bridget family. Not only has Spencer performed outlandish human experiments but he also created a Nova. Yup. Nova doesn’t come from another dimension but created here! Oh, the revelation! That’s why its dimensional vibrations had an unusual pattern. They arrest Spencer as Gengo takes over. Gengo has Lee Su-Na head the Pandora platoon and orders all Pandoras and Limiters to the frontlines. However almost all the Pandoras become paralyzed upon hearing its scream. Due to their high level Stigmata compatibility, it causes them to take the full brunt of Nova’s mental deterioration. Satellizer is one of those unfortunates and turns into a raging beast while Chiffon fights to subdue her. Kazuya is told to enter into Satellizer’s inner mind to save her. Otherwise Chiffon will kill her if she turns into a true Nova. It may be risky that if the link fails, he will die but he won’t stand for Chiffon killing her. Now where to look in her great big mind… Satellizer inside her mind is a sad girl. She is devastated over the death of her real mom and is feeling lonely. She thinks of going to where her mom is and regrets lots of things (one of them being the Baptism with Kazuya they never had, I suppose). Kazuya calls out to her but surprisingly it is Rana that reaches out and pulls Satellizer back out. I guess that’s what strong rivals are for. Though they’re back in the game, the Nova unleashes anomalies. Several Maria Novas drop into battle and the casualty rate of the Pandoras increases. Holly and Louis are also part of the platoon fighting the menace. The Nova moves closer to the generator and before it is Satellizer’s group. Chiffon has no choice but to unleash her Anti Nova move. It’s time to put your lives on the line.

Episode 12: Shaft Of Light
Chiffon knocks down the Nova but it evolves and gets back up. She notes she must pay a similar price in order to stop it. And so Chiffon becomes a Transformer. At least her transforming scene into a Nova! All the Marias also got resurrected and merge into one big mother to power up the Nova. Now the photon generator is within its firing range. Amazingly Chiffon stops the blast singlehandedly. Chiffon could hear Amelia’s voice and they talk. Amelia couldn’t understand why she protects the humans seeing she isn’t one. That is all the more reason why she wants to protect them. They are weak and she hopes Amelia can forgive them. Because she too is on the verge of committing the same sin humans do. Amelia wants to end this but her hatred is too much for her to hold back any longer. Nova then changes shape. A big ball. It’s going to self destruct and take out the photon. Gengo issues an order to all Pandoras and Limiters to take underground shelter. But it’s too late for most of them near the Nova. So how? Chiffon is going to protect them. It’s like she too has one last talk with Satellizer. Explaining Amelia’s hatred is so deep that it can’t be stop. Perhaps humanity should pay for what they have done but even so, Chiffon wants to protect her friends. So it’s goodbye Chiffon? Chiffon shows Rattle is still alive and this brings a big relief to Amelia. And then the big giant ball just beams away into space. It starts snowing, erm, life force? A tiny life force makes its way back to West Genetics and to Ticy’s room. Now it’s her turn to have one last chat with Ticy and pass the baton to her. She is devastated to learn Chiffon is no longer around. The Pandoras could feel the warmth in the falling little life balls. Satellizer notes it is the love left behind by Chiffon. In the aftermath, Rattle and Amelia survive the ordeal and all the bio-effects of the experiment on them are wiped away. They should be on the road to recovery. Ohara is also alive but has not awakened from her coma since. After Spencer’s arrest, E-Pandora project is permanently terminated. Elizabeth plans to stop being a Pandora to take care of heavily wounded Andre. She can’t bear to have another guy as her Limiter-cum-partner. She also regrets scorning Chiffon. But if Elizabeth and Chiffon are no longer around, who is going to lead West Genetics? You’ll know soon enough… Ticy… Boy, she’s got a mean look on her face… Scary…


In addition to seeing great HD bare tits, you also get 6 extra 3-minute short but super fanservice specials that come along with when you buy the BDs. ‘Unfortunately’ at the time of the release of my blog, I have only watched the first five. Phew.

Special 1
To sum up this first special, Satellizer has been hooked onto some emotion sharing simulation device module that allows Amelia, Gina and Rattle to feel the oh-so-good sensation that Satellizer is feeling. We don’t give a crap about this module that supposedly links and shares information, blah, blah, blah. Who cares about all that? We are here to see the girls in orgasmic pleasure! Behold the true strength of the original Pandoras! In the end, the sensation was too great that the E-Pandoras admit they lost. Why the heck is Kazuya in tears?! Maybe he doesn’t like the idea of somebody molesting his Satellizer…

Special 2
Ohara enlists Charles’ help. As a result of this experiment, Charles now spots humungous boobs! On par with the biggest boobs in the academy who are no other than Elizabeth, Roxanne and Satellizer. Charles shows them a secret equipment that allows breast enlargement. Or rather, it accelerates the growth of your boobs. Ohara arrives too late to warn them they need to read the manual and avoid using it wrongly. I don’t know if the wrong way is the right way because although their boobs remain the same, we see them all out and ‘satisfied’. So people, it is important to read the manual!

Special 3
Julia asks Satellizer and Rana about Cathy and they remember she wants to be a novelist. Due to Julia’s sick idea of developing some lesbian relationship with Cathy by doing the same hobby, she too wrote a novel. A twisted and perverted version of Cinderella whereby Cathy is the poor and pitiful titular character who gets sexually harassed and molest by her evil step mother and step sisters. Like in the story, she cannot go to the ball but Julia the fairy godmother magical girl is no different since she too starts turning Cathy naked with pretence to wash her body clean. The story ends there with the continued molestation…

Special 4
Taking place after Louis tries to kill himself by jumping off the cliff and Holly came diving for him. Kazuya also jumped in when Satellizer did so. The ladies manage to bring the unconscious guys back up on land. However seeing how cold they are, Holly begins to take off her clothes and rub her master some body warmth. Satellizer adopts a monkey see, monkey do approach on Kazuya. I don’t know if the guys are faking it because the fingers look perfectly fine molesting those boobs. And they’re still saying how cold it is… Suspicious. Our ladies go faster and faster from Double Accel to Triple to hundred Accel in that rhythmic back and forth action. Rubbing at the speed of light! They’re on fire! So much so the ice melted and split in half! WTF?! Shouldn’t they have moved the guys to somewhere warmer instead of staying on that block of ice?

Special 5
Roxanne finds out Satellizer and Kazuya hasn’t been Baptized yet. Probably the reason cheeky Rana says she still has a chance with him. Roxanne offers to teach her method of seduction. First she has Satellizer try out several skimpy underwear. Rana is a natural in her loincloth. Then she makes them do embarrassing seductive positions complete with seductive moaning. Rana totally enjoys it while Satellizer must be embarrassed to death. The real test comes when Roxanne throws Kazuya at them. Satellizer can’t take it anymore and screams. This has Chiffon coming smashing in to find out the ruckus. But when she learns what they are doing, she wants to join in too! The more the merrier? Kazuya, you lucky bastard…

Freaking Violation!
Honestly, I wasn’t really impressed with this season and personally I think it fared as bad as the last season. Firstly, the main duo of the series who are supposed to be Satellizer and Kazuya (and possibly Rana too) have been reduced to secondary characters. Don’t you just feel it that they didn’t really play a major role for this entire season? It was mainly about the Evolutions and some of the newer casts. Therefore when Satellizer and Kazuya returned to Bali, the ‘break’ felt like it was just to remind us who the main star of this show was. Sadly, even the Bali escapade wasn’t much and was just to showcase Satellizer being freed from the chains of her rapist brother. It felt like Louis was the one in control of everything till the final breakout moments. Kazuya was just a wuss and so I feel that their unbreakable bond between them was just a convenient excuse to end this misery and let Satellizer go free.

Instead of them, it felt like Elizabeth, Amelia and ultimately Chiffon who took on the main character role. Although Elizabeth failed to bring her family’s help in and faltered, at least she left some sort of impact unlike Satellizer’s family who suddenly out of the blue, well, just came into the picture (in the background) and set things right. It is as good as putting the FBI and CIA turning up at the doorstep and arresting the big bad guy. Because of Elizabeth’s noble and principled ways, it played a big part in overshadowing Satellizer as the main character. The mind boggling part was how she managed to get back up back to normal after Spencer administered some powerful drug into her system. Like as though she was never subjected to it in the first place. I know it will wear off in time but don’t you think she would still be weakened? Convenience for the story plot, I guess.

With this season having it season way up north in the cold freezing ice desert of Alaska, I thought it was a pretty convenient ploy to ‘kill off’ many of the characters of West Genetics from the first season. Characters like Ganessa, Ingrid, Attia, Creo, Arnett, Leo, Yumi, Elise, Miyabi, Kaho and Arthur were totally absent and missing. Remember those bunch? I think I forgot almost half of them. It’s like as though they have ‘died’ and not mentioned at all. So if you don’t remember them, it’s okay since they won’t have any bearings on this season at all. Ticy too would have fallen under this statistic had she not made her stinking one minute of appearance at the end, which also serves to be another big cliff-hanger teaser. Because you can see the rage on this girl’s face. So mad and upset that her best friend died, that you think she has this potential of becoming a Nova! More on this matter later.

But some of the new characters this season were also so-so. Those top Pandoras like Roxanne, Charles and Julia didn’t do much in particular except fight their fellow Pandoras. Therefore if you thought that this season would be void of all those catty fights you see in the first season, it is somewhat the same here because at first it was the discrimination between original Pandoras and genetically modified Evolutions. And then when the Evolutions rebelled, it is an excuse for them to fight among themselves again. Isn’t it any different than last season? And say, didn’t last season too have a person turned into Nova? That was Cathy, right? Now it was Amelia’s turn. And what do you know? They both survived. Oh, not to mention Satellizer had some sort of ‘final episode’ issue too. Last season she went uncontrollably enraged and Kazuya had to save her with his voice and touch. Deja vu, no? Only this time Rana was there to help out.

The rest of the other characters are left much to desire. I thought Gengo would play a major role in this series as opposed to his cameo in the final episode of the first season. Well, he does appear a few times but not enough to make you think he will do anything major. Even taking over Spencer’s operation and taking command of the Pandoras and Limiters, well, I thought anybody high ranking could have just done the job. So what is with the teaser of this guy’s relationship with Kazuya? He saw this kid on the monitor once but notes it is him but that’s it. So? Then there is Satellizer’s father and step mother. They also make their single appearance during the Bali trip but missed each other because of the need of Satellizer and Kazuya’s return. And Howard did say he really wanted to see Satellizer. Maybe next season, huh? If that ever happens. The most mind boggling one is Louis. For all his life he has been abusing Satellizer like his doll. For this little showdown and after he lost, it’s like he suddenly opened his eyes. He turned over a new leaf so quick that I thought he was a completely different character altogether. One less problem to worry about. At least now he is appreciative of Holly. Speaking of her, Holly also somewhat feels under-utilized since she was supposed to be one of the best Pandoras and here she is fighting Satellizer over the topic of being loved. And she lost. Well, at least it’s much better than Roxanne because she’s the only top Pandora who didn’t really get involved in a fight like Charles or Julia, making her appearance somewhat redundant. In short, the character development for this season is lacking and the biggest disappointment for this series.

Some of the other characters you will notice their unusual habits like Elizabeth has this penchant to swim naked even if she’s right in the eyes of Andre (it feels like as though she is an exhibitionist), Julia loves to surprise squeeze boobs from behind and she can exactly tell their size just from the touch (Cathy is her unfortunate serial victim), Charles always wears a headphone over her head and she really gets into rhythm when she hears her favourite (and weird) French music, and annoying Rana is such an airhead and perhaps a desperate person when it comes to trying to get Kazuya’s attention because she did mention straight in his face that she wants to do something real indecent with him. Serious. I guess some things don’t change. De arimasu. Remember Cathy’s ambition to be a novelist? Don’t blame you if you don’t remember since she didn’t say about it (if she did, she would have been telling her pals how awesome she was to have achieved her dream). I remember last season we had Kaho and Arthur who were good at eavesdropping. Now for this season it seems Satellizer and Amelia has taken over that ‘role’. How else would they stay ‘updated’?

I have mostly forgotten about the terms and jargons that were used in this series although I did refer back to my old blog, I felt it was too bothersome to go and understand them again. Maybe my memories aren’t that good these days. The reason why I think this season had lesser usage of the terms. Then again, I might not be paying attention. So I concluded that the only reason why this series is able to live up to its name is not only about the special ability of Limiters to use Freezing and neutralize a Freezing Area (which is a rarity here), it is because of the freezing nature of the cold Alaskan desert. Yes. This is why this show is called Freezing. And oddly enough, some of the Pandoras can fight without feeling the slightest cold with their thin layer of uniform. Shouldn’t their blood clot from the freezing cold when it gets exposed? As for the second title Vibration, I can’t really see the connection of it. What is the thing that vibrates? It was mentioned a couple of times of the different wave vibration patterns of the Nova but I can’t really connect the dots of it all. I would prefer to believe that your body ‘vibrates’ violently when being confronted with a giant Nova…

The Nova is still a scary being mainly because of its eerie shriek. But now that the revelation is that they might be not aliens from another dimension but rather humans turning into one, wouldn’t that amount to some sort of screwing with our minds? I know they want some shocking revelation but I think to reveal the antagonist as the same with the protagonist isn’t really anything original. Think about Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. The witches were once magical girls, right? There you go. Same concept. So isn’t ironic that if humans are the ones who made this mess, then it would be apt that they pay dearly for their sins. Therefore I conclude that the eradication of the Nova threat is simple: Stop whatever experiments to produce Pandora. Because Pandora -> Nova. Thus, no Pandora means no Nova, right? So it’s like Chevalier, the big main military organization governing the Pandoras being both the bad guy and good guy. The angel and the devil all in one.

Aside this argument, the concept that Nova might be a divine punishment from God because creating Pandoras is like trying to be God, I thought that was just stretching it trying to put in the Tower of Babel thingy. A blasphemy. An atrocity. A travesty. So this is what God’s punishment looks like? If this is the case, then wouldn’t it be ironic that humans are trying to play God by creating the best Pandoras and mixing genes and stuffs? Yeah. Definitely a sin worth punishable. And now that it is greatly hinted that Chiffon wasn’t even human to begin with, is she like some sort of Jesus Christ for this anime? Sure, she sacrificed herself but something bugs me that she didn’t really die and went to a higher plane and if there is ever another season, she’ll just return in another form. I for one wouldn’t really know her true form. Her ever smiling face hides her motives and ever polite way of talking just makes her an overall mystery. But she may be more human than humans themselves since she sacrificed herself so her friends could live.

Sadly, somehow I would prefer more of the cat fight that Satellizer and Rana would put up when they fight over blur Kazuya. And those that were seen felt like side distractions to everything. Yeah. Somehow I prefer that because at the end of last season as we know, Satellizer and Kazuya didn’t get Baptize (a fancy term for a Pandora and her Limiter to get intimate) when they were supposed to thanks to Rana’s interference. Therefore in this season, I suppose the idea of them getting Baptized won’t be making much headway either. They just talk. Not sure if they’re really planning to go ahead. Because if they did, then there is a big chance we won’t get to see the cat fight over Kazuya anymore. Because these trio don’t feel like main characters, the main chemistry between Pandora and Limiter falls to Elizabeth and Andre. This really makes them feel that they are the stars and main protagonists for this season.

The general drawing and art remains okay and consistent in this season but I can’t help notice that in the subsequent episodes towards the end I noticed there is a slight drop in quality. In certain scenes when from afar (instead of close up on their face), some of the characters do look simpler and less detailed than usual. Maybe it’s because of the Maria Novas since they are all clones, why the heck would you want to put in so many details in those illuminating bodies? They’re going to get beat up, they’re going to get merged so it doesn’t make a difference. Taking a closer look at the Nova’s face, somehow I can’t help think that it looks like Transformer…. Really. And there I was wondering what is an Autobot or Decepticon doing in this anime. Well, it did ‘transform’, albeit a giant round bomb and not some sort of a vehicle or animal. However the scenery seems to fare better because like the snow and the snowflakes, they’re at least looking good.

Action wise, still feels the same. Nothing really ground breaking even with the new Pandoras showing their respective abilities, it wasn’t unique enough to be memorable in the long run or anything that would make me drop my jaw and be in awe. Even the Volt Weapons that they summon seem lacking in design. It’s like for most of the Pandoras, they need to be carrying some sort of ugly weapon (if you can call it that) like for instance Satellizer’s Volt Weapon, I thought it looked like some over-sized pizza slicer or cutter. Yes, seriously it does. Chiffon’s Volt Weapon resembles a big claw that may scare off Freddy Krueger while I don’t really know what kind of ‘tray’ Charles holds in her hands. Some of the familiar Pandora skills like Accel Turn and Tempest are still featured during fights but I can’t help be amused by the ever increasing Acceleration skill. It seems to go faster and faster, eh? With Cathy now setting it at quintuple, will the next evolution be sextuple? Yeah. I think that would somehow go well with the series. This time however you don’t see limbs getting ripped off like in the last season since there is no Carnival but the bloodiness still remains especially in the final episode when the Pandoras seemingly get slaughtered. Also, the Pandoras don’t go into Pandora Mode. If you remember what that is (something to do with not using a Limiter).

I thought I wanted to stay clear on commenting about the fanservice but it’s too ‘tempting’ to leave it alone although there isn’t anything ground breaking in this season. The customary dishes of panty shots and topless girls running about. As usual, the fights are part of the fanservice package because certain parts of the clothes get ripped and the girls will be fighting bare chested. They should actually make some armour for that part. Besides, aren’t the uniforms materialized because of the Volt Texture thingy? It’s like all the Pandoras ever need to do is just use their mind to imagine wearing the uniform and voila! It materializes. Mind boggling question: Shouldn’t the girls put on more layer of clothing since this is the freezing Alaskan we’re talking about? In last season, the mid-intermission had bio-data of the characters. For this season, we have none of that and it is replaced with a still picture of the characters. The first one usually in some sort of cosplay outfit followed by a very suggestive yuri rape play. The ending credits animation is also a place for fanservice but this group picture of the naked Pandora ladies fooling around covered in body paint feels like WTF moment.

I’m not sure about another season but I won’t expect it so soon. In the event if there should be one, hopefully it would lift the series back up to where many fans expect it should. Then maybe from the cold freezing blizzard of Alaska (suddenly I have this urge to sing… Way up north/North to Alaska/They’re going north, the rush is on…), we can head down south to some warm southern pacific island where you can still get plenty of fanservice from girls in bikini and fun in the sun and sand. What? This is what this show is about, right? This is what you want to see from this series, right? Who cares about fighting Novas when you can have a group of beautiful ladies running around topless. Oh, for the record, boobs bounce. They don’t vibrate…

Suisei No Gargantia

January 5, 2014

You know mankind has come a long way when they have invented very sophisticated and high tech equipment, devices and other gadgets to support themselves or do things that people in this current age can only dream of. The closest we could ever materialize that dream is to turn it into some Hollywood movie and laden it with lots of special effects. But really, that’s not the point. Have you seen that animated movie, Wall-E? No, we’re not going to talk about that cute little robot but instead notice how humans have long abandoned Earth in search for a new inhabitable planet? For whatever reasons for ditching their home planet to go venture forth and beyond just to find a place we can call paradise, but can we really call it our home? Maybe Suisei No Gargantia can answer that.

In the distant future, Earth is believed to be somewhat uninhabitable and thus mankind has abandoned it and ventured deep into space thanks to their cutting edge technology to travel through space and life support system. But mankind’s place in the universe is threatened because there are some vicious aliens trying to wipe us out too. So to protect our future and our species, a deadly war against the aliens was wage and has been going on for who knows how long. One of the many human pilots fighting for mankind’s survival is in his usual routine of engaging and trying to destroy the enemy. But in this doomed to failed mission while his comrades are trying to retreat, he gets mixed up in some twisted sic-fi wormhole thingy. Ah, who cares about that? In short, he finds himself stranded on Earth! There are humans living on this planet but with very different approach and ideologies to life. So while he tries to find a way to reunite with his comrades, he has to learn and adapt to the different culture and along the way, learn a thing or two about humanity.

Episode 1
As we are told, after eons of travelling, mankind has finally found utopia. Paradise. Avalon is its name and thanks to mankind’s superb progress in science and technology, people can live in peace and comfort. Praise mankind’s future to the Galactic Alliance of Humankind. However due to the threat of some alien entity called Hideauze, they must keep vigilante and defend their future. Lieutenant Ledo is a soldier of the Alliance and is taking part in the next war against Hideauze. His AI interface, Chamber reminds him that he has clocked 145,000 hours of service and by the end of this mission he will be granted permission to apply for citizen rights and 4 weeks leave on Avalon. Ledo once looked forward to see Avalon but is not so enthusiastic about it now. The Alliance begin their tactical attack on Hideauze and despite all the flashy space light show we see, the humans are no match for the aliens and are forced to retreat. The alien is going to devour some Klauserpass and its energy core so Ledo decides to stay back and buy time for the rest to escape while he holds them back. Eventually it was all for nought and he too has to retreat before the carrier starts warping. Now it is his superior, Colonel Kugel’s turn to hold them off because he doesn’t want any Hideauze to follow them back. Viewing Ledo as young and has a future ahead of him, he wants him to leave. Farewell soldier. Ledo is distracted by a Hideauze attack so he couldn’t latch onto the carrier in time when it starts to warp.

Inside some old plant-like building, Amy on her delivery job, delivers a message from Ridget to her pals who have salvaged some sort of treasure from the sea’s bottom. It is actually a Machine Caliber and their ancient tools are not making any scratch to open it. Ledo awakens from his unconsciousness and is told by Chamber he has been sleeping for 6 months! Seeing the people trying to pry open the robot, he thinks they are Drifters, people who haven’t joined the Alliance. Chamber tries to analyze their location but it seems they are nowhere on the known galaxy map database. These people talk in strange language, the building structure is ancient and weak and the atmospheric reading is also odd. In the sense that it seems liveable even if Ledo is to take off his pressure suit. Not wanting to be hasty, he wants to wait and evaluate the situation. When the people leave at the end of the day (I guess they got tired after making no progress), Ledo exits his hatch and finds the air breathable. He has to hide when he hears someone coming in. Amy has Pinion unlock the door since she is excited and can’t wait to see Machine Caliber. Pinion notices something strange when he sees the hatch unlocked. He warns Amy to get away but Ledo takes her hostage and runs. Pinion sounds the alert as the others get up to try and corner Ledo. Chamber’s analysis of the place and language is almost complete based on the video collection it has collected. These people are not Drifters either. When Ledo exits the building, he is surprised to see himself on a giant ship in the middle of the ocean. Ledo is cornered and Amy freed when her pet squirrel does some puny face attack. So he summons Machine Caliber to his side. Chamber has deduced that based on the analysis, there is only one planet that fits this atmospheric description. They are on the third planet of the Solar System: Earth. The place where humanity originated. I guess mankind has advanced so much that Earth’s existence is reduced to being hinted in records.

Episode 2
Both sides are in a standoff as Ridget as this fleet’s representative goes to talk. Despite identifying himself, the humans continue to be cautious and remain on guard. Later Ridget and the rest of the committee are discussing their next move on this Yunboro (their term for Machine Caliber and such robots). She asks Amy her impression (since she had the closest contact by being kidnapped) and also those who tied to dismantle it, Pinion and Bellows. Though they want to disassemble it, Commodore Fairlock wants it to be left alone now fearing they could pose a threat to the fleet as they may not be alone. Chamber suggests of taking out the armed men but Ledo’s is happy to maintain status quo in this standoff as their top priority is to get contact with their allies. Ledo is surprised because records shown the Sun had turned Earth into a frozen wasteland eons ago. And look now, it’s thriving with so much life and abundance. Since the Alliance is always looking for habitable planets, this one could replace Avalon. Too bad he isn’t that highly ranked to make such decision. Amy returns to her brother confined in bed, Bevel. She tells him about the situation. Bevel believes he might come from the sky and could be from that legend whereby people escaped to the stars when the planet froze. That evening, Amy tries to talk to Ledo and she breaks the ice by giving him eat… Dead fish? He accepts since she wants a dialogue. Via Chambers as the translator, Amy and Ledo learn about each other. Amy like the rest thought somebody is inside Chamber talking but Ledo shows him the hatch and there is nobody, but just an artificial intelligence. Amy explains it was said that this planet froze a long time ago but the sun melted it away and flooded the planet. There used to be land too. Now people live on old ships, connecting them into fleets and resources dug up from the sea’s bottom. This fleet is called Gargantia and there are many others in all shapes and sizes.

She shows him the phenomenon called galaxy current or sea galaxy. A part of the sea is lighted and lightning is seen emerging from it. Since they can only live on those, they sail towards it and follow the currents there. They don’t last forever and eventually they need to find a new galaxy current to switch to. The light bugs are what makes the galaxy current shines and since they store electricity, this is where they get their power. From their strip of light. Amy reports to the committee but it seems they don’t believe her that there is nobody talking inside Yunboro. She suggests listening to what Ledo has to say but Fairlock thinks extensive contact with the abnormal is profitable to no one whether sea or space. Ledo thinks they have to wait for their allies to notice their distress signal and may have to build a cooperative relationship with the locals is the best option since they are of no harm and living a carefree life with abundance of supplies. Bellows lead her scavenging expedition to where they found Yunboro. Suddenly reports that pirates are attacking Bellows’ scavengers. They are using all sorts of vehicles to corner them. Because reinforcement can’t reach in time, Amy pleads to Ledo to save them since they’re powerful. Ledo agrees thinking this would be a good future bargaining chip. He powers up Machine Caliber as the people watch in awe. After identifying who is friend or foe, he orders Chamber to eliminate the enemy. And see the destructive force of this machine! Woah! The pirates got easily picked out and disintegrated!!! I thought they turned into dishwasher soap! They didn’t even know what hit them! In seconds, everything that is enemy is destroyed. Amy and the rest couldn’t believe their eyes. What the hell was that?

Episode 3
When Ledo returns and reports the successful elimination of the pirates, Amy becomes very upset. He is confused that instead of the locals being indebted, they hate him now. Fairlock and the committee discuss what they need to do with Ledo but the commodore thinks of wait-and-see what actions will the pirates take. Now that blood has been shed (actually there weren’t if you think about it), the pirates won’t let this slip. When Amy cools her head down, she returns with Bellows who wants to talk to him. She brought dead chicken this time! Of course she cooks it. In their conversation, Ledo’s action of killing the pirates is simple: Because they’re the enemy. Isn’t that enough? But as Bellows points out, murder is forbidden. So why kill animals? Enough for food. If murder is forbidden, why do they arm themselves? To show they won’t go down without a fight and pointing guns at each other is like a form of negotiation. But pirates don’t play by the same rules, don’t they? They won’t accept their way too because their lives and possessions belong to them and not the pirates and thus need a way to show them it is not worth attacking them. However the game is changed now that blood has been spilled. Bellows hands him a communicator so he can communicate with those in the committee. Amy apologizes for her earlier outburst and suggests him to live here if he has nowhere to go. He will consider it. Word of the pirates’ elimination reaches the pirate queen, Rackage and true enough, she is not going to sit back and show who is boss. Rackage gathers a big group of heavily armed pirate fleets and targets Gargantia. It is estimated they will clash at night fall. Bellows suggests to Fairlock to use Ledo in the fight again. Ridget speaks on his behalf and reminds him he is to blame for this mess. She confirms that his firepower can destroy Gargantia alone and asks his reason to offer his help to their paltry fleet. Quoting Bellows words on offering water to those who catch fish for you, he thinks negotiating with them would be more beneficial. They agree to use Ledo’s help.

Ledo and everyone gets prepare to face the pirates. As night falls, all ships shut off their lights. Rackage thinks the dark is their domain but Chamber shines its gigantic spotlight on the pirate fleets’ position. Though Gargantia’s defence ships fire, they are still no match for the pirates’ firepower. Chamber has calculated Gargantia’s allies will fall in 17 minutes so Ledo decides to enter the fray. Taking great care not to harm humans, he takes out all the cannons and weapons without casualty. While he is doing that, Rackage already has her sneaky plan in motion. A submarine caring mini robots, snuck close to Gargantia and the sneak attack has some pirates board the fleet. Rackage dashes through the sea in her own Yunboro. It’s fast. It’s deadly. She crashes into Gargantia’s hull, looking for Fairlock and wants to kill him. However Ledo has returned and clings onto her Yunboro. Rackage is not to be taken lightly because with her underlings, they fire ropes to tie him in hopes of bringing him down into the ocean. He might be great in the skies but how will he fare underwater? Chamber warns them to surrender and since they aren’t (Rackage would rather die than do that), Ledo flies and brings them all up in the air. Then he spins them round and round before throwing them into the dark end of the horizon. The invading pirates see their boss defeated and flee. Ledo could hear the thanks of everyone cheering for him. Ridget discusses with Fairlock on what to do with that kid as he has done very well. He wonders what her father, Chevron would have done and leaves the decision in her hands. Grateful Amy brings live fish for him as thanks and Ledo manages to eke out “Thank you” in their tongue.

Episode 4
Ridget allows Ledo and Chamber to live in the hangar. He is handed an invoice as damage done and needs to work to repay it. Isn’t that ungrateful to a guy who just saved you from pirates? Well, he doesn’t have to pay for electricity, water or freight tax for his giant load. Fair enough. Ledo supervises his Machine Caliber in helping moving crates but the big guy is too clumsy. Plus, I don’t think Ledo is used to the freaking hot sun. Once the local Joe learns Machine Caliber can take orders, he borrows it from Ledo and does the moving more efficiently. Amy sees Ledo carving holes in a Hideauze claw. He gives it to her. She then brings him to see Bevel because her brother is interested in the stars and space. However his frail body and chest disease makes him bed ridden. Ledo wonders if Bevel can provide him useful information so Amy brings him to Dr Ordum, the wise man of the fleet who probably knows everything. Ordum is amazed by his translating device but he can’t answer Ledo’s question if he can reunite with the Galactic Alliance. He shows them the books containing dated knowledge of space travelling as most of the ancient knowledge have been lost. Ledo also asks the inefficient organization of this fleet, imperfect chain of command and training process as well as the disorganized behaviour of citizens. Ordum suggests he could go talk to Bevel. Will he provide useful information? It’s up to him to decide if it’s useful.

Amy brings him to Bevel and he is impressed of his talking device. Amy had to leave since her friends, Saaya and Melty pick her up for work. Oh, they find Ledo cute! Ledo begins by giving the gist of Galactic Alliance and their existence to destroy Hideauze for mankind’s safety. That’s why he doesn’t understand the organization on Gargantia or their unprofitable actions. Bevel replies that Gargantia isn’t really an organization and everyone here just somewhat gathered. The purpose is so that they can live on without worrying. Ledo still can’t understand because weak people like him would have been weeded out by the Alliance immediately. So Bevel asks him what happens if they have defeated all the Hideauze. Standby awaiting his next orders. What happens if there are none? He will continue to standby. Bevel thinks that standing by is just like living on. Just like what they’re doing now. Later Bellows talk to Ledo if he has gotten used to things here and to drop his soldier mentality. Suddenly it starts raining. The locals get excited and Ledo is alerted since he has never seen such phenomenon before. Everyone starts gathering as much rain they can as Ledo helps out. After Ledo dries himself back at Amy’s place, he continues talking to Bevel. No rain in space. No seas in space. And definitely no sick people. Bevel doesn’t think he is not needed because he needs Amy just as she needs him. They are each other’s reason to live. What about Ledo? He views those fit for battle are deemed worthy to preserve. Is there anyone out there who needs him? Another text book answer: The Alliance sees no point in allowing unneeded individuals to survive. Bevel points out what does the Hideauze claw mean to him. Why does he carve something out of it when it is clearly not needed in battle? He thinks he is carving a flute and when he blows it, it brought back Ledo’s past memories. Was he bred in some sort of test tube lab? It made Ledo cry. Bevel thinks he must have remembered something sad as Ledo requests if he could have that Hideauze claw back again. Later, Chamber still couldn’t confirm their coordinates and needs more time for observational data. Ledo feels the need to learn more about this planet then but Chamber disagrees since he will eventually be reunited with the army.

Episode 5
Amy hands Ledo his first pay for moving those crates. Ledo wants to get a job that he can do so Amy brings him around. Either there are no openings or amateurs are not encouraged (especially when Bellows is having a headache sorting out all the messy invoices!!!). Ledo then goes off by himself to find his own. Still no openings. By the time there is one, it has something to do with cow manures! No way! Can’t stand the stench! Ledo feels the fleet’s engine just shut down. He is picked up by Pinion to go for some happy hour. With a big chunk of meat in his hand, he brings Ledo, Amy and Bevel to his perfect BBQ spot. Amy explains the shutting down of the fleet’s engine during this calm is because when there is no wind and the sea quiet down, they shut power down and do maintenance on ships. Which is something what Pinion’s job is so why is this guy slacking? The gang are joined by Saaya and Melty who really dig Ledo’s nice body. Because there is still no power to grill the meat, Ledo orders Chamber to fry it. Perhaps he didn’t understand that order well because he disintegrated the meat! Too much heat! There goes the precious meat. I think Pinion didn’t want to go to a certain place himself so he has Ledo go fetch something from granny’s place. It’s a job he can only do! That’s the clincher. Besides, consider it payback for wasting those meats. Amy receives call from Ridget that the crane tower sprinkler isn’t working and to go fix it. She and her friends race over. As for Ledo, I think he is really lost. He is in some sleazy place and comes into contact with… Transvestites!!! Oh sh*t! Hideous drag queens and pretty boy = bad combination!!! Scary! This is going to be traumatic experience… As for Pinion, he notices how black Chamber is and uses his metal to grill his meat! Don’t move, you big machine!

Ridget soon joins the BBQ since well, Pinion was supposed to fix some machine of hers and he’s around slacking in this party. Shortly, Ridget and her men too. Were they invited? More like they invited themselves. She might have overheard it during her communication with Amy. Meanwhile our pretty boy Ledo is running away from the transvestites who really are gunning for his pretty ass!!! Oh sh*t!!! They want to be his number one!!! F*CKING SH*T!!! He is cornered halfway up the crane and falls off. Luckily Amy was passing by and catches him. After they fix the sprinkler and rest, Amy drops Ledo at the right place. He sees the granny who expresses shock in the request on the paper. She gives him a box. When Ledo returns, turns out the BBQ party patrons have multiplied. Who the heck invited them all? How did they hear about this secret party? Rumours travel fast, don’t they? And Chamber is quite the useful BBQ grill, eh? More importantly, there are kiss marks all over Ledo’s body! Oh God! Did he really get done in?! Inside the box turns out to be soy sauce perfect for the meat. Never tasted something this good before? By evening, the wind has returned and everyone gets up to return to work. Ledo learns from Amy that this was supposed to be a party for him and this idea was from Pinion as a way to cheer him up for failure to land a job. She thanks him for working hard for everyone and because of that, they had a great BBQ. Amy will gladly tag along as he looks for a job. And he hopes it will have nothing to do with cow manure. Oh Ledo. You can tell jokes now, can you? Oh, everyone forgot about Chamber…

Episode 6
Ledo has got his pay. Only one problem: He doesn’t know what to do with it! Serious! Since the carnival is coming up, Amy thinks he’ll get to use it for all sorts of fun. Ledo is brought to the fisherman boss so that he can help out in a job to fish. When the galaxy current joins up and forms a ring, it becomes a galaxy loop and traps lots of fish. It’s like a huge fishing pond. Ledo is confident he can do this himself without Chamber but I guess he can’t control their Yunboro well and sinks like a rock. This means it’s a job for Chamber. Later Pinion meets up with Ledo and heard he doesn’t know how to use his money. He brings him to a place with good food to treat him with the special dinner. Ledo is still unsure what he wants (besides going back to the Alliance) so Pinion tries to recruit him into joining his team for salvaging jobs. He can figure out what he wants while doing that. However he is intercepted by Bellows who thinks Ledo should join her salvaging team. So as the duo try to outdo each other in convincing Ledo, the special dinner arrives. Although it is octopus meat, Ledo becomes alerted and whips out his gun. Because this dead creature looks like Hideauze! He’s even breaking into cold sweat! Well, the crowd is too busy admiring Amy and her friends’ belly dancing on stage to notice this commotion. Pinion and Bellows play it cool that it’s only an octopus. She quips if he freaks out this much over a little octopus, imagine his reaction if he sees a whale squid. Chamber could have been doing a fine job catching fish himself if he had the ability to control himself without blowing up the fish he catches. That’s why he is requesting Ledo’s help. Ledo perfectly controls his Machine Caliber and with the help of the other Yunboros, they’ve got quite a big haul. That night as Ledo and Amy hang out together, he senses danger and instinctively goes to protect and cover her. The big lightning from the sea as analyzed turns out to be of minimal danger. The sea starts to glow with aurora-like lights and as Amy explains, the veils of light form when galaxy loop dissolves. Ledo requests to see her dance so she happily obliges as thanks. They return to Bevel and Ledo has bought him candies and a crab toy as presents. Ordum notes that the payment he received is proof he supported someone. Ledo then mentions someone invited him to a salvaging job. He teams up with Bellows because he has something he wants to learn from her. As they salvage a sunken ship at the sea’s bottom, Chamber detects a hostile unit so Ledo goes to intercept and annihilate the Hideauze. Is that really a Hideauze? What’s it doing in the deep ocean?

Episode 7
Bellows points out it is actually a whale squid and not to provoke it as it will become aggressive. Unfortunately Ledo is not listening and continues to attack. Due to the sea water, his target is off and the beams are ineffective. Ledo does a bear hug on the whale squid till it explodes!!! Wow. Whale squid gore all over. When word reaches Ridget and the committee, they are feeling frustrated for what Ledo has done. Since ancient times, whale squids are considered sacred and attacking them is unthinkable. The folks may feel uneasy about this and may even incur some divine wrath. Ledo has Chamber analysis the whale squid innards (it will take time) as he wonders how Hideauze have reached Earth. Or did it hitch a ride and follow him here? Ridget reprimands Bellows and Ledo over their action but Ledo stands steadfast in his action and will continue his mission to take out all Hideauze. Because real peace cannot be achieved without eliminating every threat. Ledo even wants Bevel to tell him all he knows about whale squids but the siblings continue to tell him to stop what he is doing. Especially about the part of provoking whale squids. Ledo couldn’t comprehend why they can’t understand the threat so Amy tells him off not to bring his stupid war here. Ledo thinks their civilization is so primitive that Hideauze ignores them. When they start to attack, to they have any specific plan? By that time, it will be too late. He vows to kill them all as it is his duty. Bellows confronts Pinion to tell him to drop whatever silly idea of using Ledo and Chamber. Pinion wants to use them to enter the whale squid territory and salvage whatever treasures are there (even if they’re just rumours). Bellows is not interested in joining him and chides him off for his childish behaviour. All he wants is to inflate that ego of his. Since he can’t do it, he gets someone else. Pinion gets mad but cools down. He says it’s to avenge his brother but Bellows thinks that is impossible too. Chamber’s analysis is complete and it is confirmed the whale squid and Hideauze are of the same species. He also adds Earth’s survival strategy is different from the Alliance. Not even found in their records, based on Earth’s language it is called coexistence and mutual prosperity.

The galaxy current is shinning so bright and it is because a big shoal of whale squids are heading their direction! Oh sh*t! Just mention of this and Ledo suits up, ready to get into Hideauze killing action. Fairlock takes command as he orders Gargantia to shut down its engines, off all lights and no make a single sound so as not to provoke them. Amy tries to stop Ledo from entering his Machine Caliber but he is willing to leave Gargantia to fulfil his mission. Ridget confronts him and tells him he is to stay where he is. He refuses. She orders him that as long as he stays here, he must listen to her directive. If the whale squids attack Gargantia, he may do as he pleases. Soon the shoal swims underneath Gargantia. Everyone sticks in their position, not making a single sound while praying that this will be over and nothing will happen. Thank God, the shoal soon pass. Ledo decides that as long as he is here, he cannot do his duty. Next day, Pinion talks with Fairlock and the committee that he is taking Ledo and Chamber to salvage treasures at the whale squid territory. He has a list of people who has signed up for this too and wants Fairlock’s permission to leave with his ships. One of the captains, Flange too hands in the same request (earlier on, Pinion and Flange were seen making some shady deal – I guess it’s this). This shocks the rest because Flange owns a big chunk of the ships and leaving them would mean leaving Gargantia defenceless. Of course Fairlock will not allow the safety of Gargantia to be at risk just because of a few selfish shallow minded people. Suddenly he experiences chest pains. Such good timing… Was it the stress of the situation?

Episode 8
Fairlock temporary wakes up from his slumber just to hand a golden key to Ridget. What does this mean? He entrusts Gargantia to her. Oh wait. That’s too big a responsibility for her and… Oh, he kicked the bucket. Meanwhile Chamber has confirmed Earth and the Alliance’s coordinates. Returning to them would require travelling faster than light, something Chamber is unable to do. As for the distress signal, estimated time of arriving will be around 6582 years! Holy cow! That means returning is not possible. A funeral is held all over Gargantia. Ridget wants to discuss about Flange’s separation but the other captains don’t think this is a good time to discuss the issue. For God’s sakes, it’s the commodore’s funeral. This of course zaps a little motivation from Ridget but captain Krown encourages her to stay strong and that there will always be opposition. Pinion and Ledo make some sort of deal. The former will salvage treasures and the latter will gladly kill the enemy without any reward. Putting it in a sarcastic way, it’s like you do the job, I get rich. Those who want to leave prepare to move as Ridget begs Flange to reconsider. He thinks a weak leadership is a target for pirates and believes the treasure will build a foundation for his future. Since many wants to leave with his ship, it is his duty to protect them. Really? Since when did he ever consider that his duty. Melty too has to leave on Flange’s fleet since she can’t leave her grandpa alone. But she’s somewhat glad to hear that pretty boy Ledo is leaving too. Not for Amy. Saaya thought Amy should go with Melty for Ledo but she can’t because of Bevel. As Fairlock’s coffin is brought around Gargantia for one last time, Ridget holes up in her room feeling lost. She sees Pinion outside and he wants her signature for his separation. She wants him to reconsider so he tells her to show him why it would be worthwhile to stay. Otherwise, don’t stop those who want to leave if she isn’t confident in protecting them.

Later Bellows talks to Ridget about shouldering all the responsibility herself. She relates her own experience how she tried to do everything after her father died and she took over his company. It backfired. In short, she doesn’t need to do everything herself. Ridget thought Fairlock did everything himself but Bellows points out, he always relied on her, didn’t he? Bevel talks to Amy about Ledo leaving. She finds it hard to contain her tears. She is sad that he is going to risk his life. She saw how happy he was at the festival and notes that was the true him. Bevel goes to talk to Ledo if this is what he really wants to do. He is still stubborn that he will eliminate every Hideauze on Earth to protect mankind. To protect Amy. He gives Bevel the Hideauze claw. He reveals it was made by a child who looked just like himself. He may have been his little brother because in the Alliance, a child who cannot fight cannot survive. Hideauze constantly encroach into humans’ territory and one day if the one here decides to do so, a clash with mankind is inevitable. They will not survive. He doesn’t want Amy to experience such loss and is adamant he will destroy every last Hideauze. Ridget arrives in time to give her final send off to Fairlock before his coffin is dropped into sea. She then announces how she has taken over the commodore’s position and vows to protect this fleet to live up to his expectations. Because she is powerless herself, she requests everyone’s help to protect Gargantia. Ridget is relieved when everyone throws their support around her. Ledo sees Amy and Bevel for one last time. Bevel hopes he will come back since he is just holding the Hideauze claw for him. Ridget soon signs Pinion’s request and the ships part.

Episode 9
Pinion’s fleet enters the rumoured sea fog. Those who check in never check out. With multiple whale squids detected, Ledo goes into combat mode and easily dispatches them since they are very inferior to Hideauze. He is loving it and could do this forever. Seriously. He looks like bullying the weak… Pinion on the other hand remembers this place. It’s where his brother died. When they dived down here, Pinion was scared because he has never seen so many whale squids. But brother wanted to show him the treasure and assured everything will be alright as long as they don’t provoke the creatures. He heads inside the building first and when he is about to open a room supposedly filled with treasures, whale squids burst out and attack him instead. That was the last of him. Ledo continues to slaughter as more and more enemy waves approach. Can he handle them all? The sea is filled with whale squid parts floating about. Ledo has help from Pinion’s crew as they drop sea bombs for multiple and massive damage. Saves time and energy. Ledo enters the undersea building which he believes is the Hideauze nest. He is confronted with some big mother whale squid and his fear let his guard down while other whale squids stifle him. Thankfully he regains composure and annihilates them. Pressing forward, he sees the whale squid’s offspring. Not much is known about Hideauze life cycle so this could provide useful information. But don’t the whale squids look like they have human foetus inside them…?! When he reaches to an administrative part, he notices ancient data and wants Chamber to analyse them. Good news: Format readable. Bad news: They are classified data from Alliance and cannot be displayed due to some protocol. Ledo doesn’t want to hear this sh*t because the Alliance is so far away and the next highest ranking officer has authority. That’s Ledo, right? So stop spouting crap and reveal the data already! Are you prepared to peek what is inside? Is your heart ready?

This are what some of the clips of the footage shows: Long ago when there is still land, this place is some sort of a research facility for new and free science due to the approaching ice age. Of course there are many who oppose such ground breaking science as they fear these Evolvers will do away with traditions and detrimental to humans’ well-being. The research is about manipulating human genome. The snowy blizzard on Earth worsens. Focus is now shifted to space development. The Continental Union (those opposing the Evolvers) has grown much fiercer in their protest ever since the leak of information of what the research is about. Both sides end up in a war. Because space travel to find the next habitable planet will take centuries, the only solution is evolving the human body by adapting to the vacuum of space. This involves combining mechanical engineering and biology. Symbionts called whale squids are invented and bred as they as they can breathe underwater and withstand deep pressure. Symbiotic nanomachines provide their nutrition. Continental Union became furious to see the development of this science. A human subject has evolved partly into a whale squid!!!! HOLY SH*T!!!!! He can breathe in outer space too! The war between both sides escalates. Continental Union has developed a huge hyper space drive wormhole and then intended to blow up and leave the Evolvers or whatever humans left behind. The Evolvers (now looking very much like Hideauze) vow to expand their habitat to parts unknown and conquer the infinity of space to achieve eternal prosperity. At the end of the clip, Ledo is confused and shaken. What the heck did he just see? Although Chamber considers the clip to be very contradictory to the Alliance’s data and may have been manipulated the enemy, Ledo wants to know who the real enemy is. What exactly is the enemy? Weren’t Hideauze supposed to be lower life forms? A little whale squid swims before Ledo and Chamber automatically crushes the enemy. Bloody… Ledo still in shock and goes berserk.

Episode 10
Ledo surfaces from the sea of blood. Every whale squids annihilated! Pinion and his crew are happy to have their turn salvaging the treasure but it looks like Ledo is still under shock. The trauma is so bad that he starts seeing those whale squids and their massacred bits. It’s driving him crazy. The treasures Pinion salvaged turns out to be some metal or weapon parts left behind by ancient civilization. Flange is happy and can use this to trade and share with the rest of mankind but Pinion tells him off they are the ones who found it and should keep it to themselves. He feels there is no point in doing this if they don’t benefit from it first. Then he makes a personal broadcast to all the ships that he has found the treasure, annihilated all whale squids and warns if there are those who even dare approach and steal, he’ll kick their butts! All those on Gargantia who heard this are not happy with his foolish decision. Flange too is at his wit’s end. This will attract more pirates to attack them since they are hoarding instead of sharing. He too finds it absurd that this has turned into a threat of attacking anyone that approaches. Because some of his men are starting to listen to Pinion, he isn’t confident he can stop him and their fleet may end up as outcasts. Soon, Pinion’s crew is set upon by pirates. But he fires back via an ancient technology cannon (took some time how to fire it – just press any damn button!). Wow! It really packs a punch! Immediately the pirates surrender and Pinion thinks of expanding his crew to salvage more treasure and has the pirates join him. While everyone is happily partying away and Pinion telling his men to show their gratitude to Ledo, that kid is still traumatized. No mood for partying. He is questioning what the hell he is doing. For whose sake? When did it start? Pinion gets Chamber to analyze another ancient cannon and though its firepower is only 1/50 of Machine Caliber, it still packs some firepower to them. Since it requires massive electricity, Pinion wants him to analyze if using light bugs will do.

As for our Ledo… He’s still disturbed. Very stirred ever since. I guess he really can’t handle it. Chamber has found evidence confirming footage of Hideauze’s background. The light bugs turn out to be nanomachines, which are the exo-skeleton for Hideauze. They absorb electromagnetic waves, convert them to energy, self replicate and are solid. It’s prove Hideauze is a result of mankind’s augmented evolution. But Ledo is upset this discovery makes his war and Alliance’s completely meaningless because they’re fighting evolved humans. It’s like mankind fighting among themselves. He can’t kill those living beings (oh, now he’s got a strong conscious). Chamber shoots down his logic because additional logic doesn’t mean ceasing their annihilation. They are still a threat. Ledo has had it with the Alliance’s propaganda so Chamber says this is the analysis he has concluded on his own as his parallel link to Alliance has been cut off. Mankind and Hideauze will never come to an understanding because the latter rejected civilization. If mankind’s body were as tough, they wouldn’t have developed Machine Calibers. This is the product of mankind’s knowledge. Civilization is proof mankind stands at the top of all creation. But Hideauze have abandoned their human form and limitations just to satisfy one’s well-being and desires as a biological creature. Therefore higher level of intelligence is not required. Machine Calibers are the only means for mankind to remain itself and the result of pure knowledge given birth by civilization. Hideauze abandoned that to become the ultimate biological life form. So it is Ledo’s duty to fight for mankind’s dignity. Defeat = annihilation. One pursues civilization, the other abandons it. The vanquished will fall prey to natural selection. A machine telling him to fight? He has no choice if he wants to survive. Ledo receives an Alliance encrypted message. He detects an allied unit nearby. He recognizes that Machine Caliber belonging to Kugel and it sits right at the pinnacle of the giant fleet.

Episode 11
Ledo gladly flies across to rejoin Kugel. Pinion thought of firing his special cannon as a warning shot (thinking the other fleet is a pirate). However they instantly fire back with an equal firepower that brings down one of their giant mast!!! Pinion realizes the mess he has gotten into. Ledo and Chamber have left and he foolishly broadcasted throughout the world about his discovery. Well, at least he admits it and isn’t chickening out. Ledo is greeted by weird people in robes and paintings over their face. Is this some sort of cult? God’s Providence as they call themselves. He is brought to a room where he communicates with Kugel via hologram. Seems Kugel also came to this planet but was on the other side. He was the first to intercept his signal. Due to some disease he cannot leave his sterilize cockpit and has been making commands from here. Ledo is happy to see him and will be more than glad to serve him again. Chamber requests exchange of disease info from Striker, Kugel’s AI interface. Soon, Pinion is called to see Providence since they think he represents the fleet. Flange thinks diplomatic stuffs aren’t his forte but he is willing to own up and take responsibility of this mess. Besides, if Flange becomes their hostage, who is going to keep this fleet together? Pinion is surprised that Rackage is here to pick him up. On Providence, he notices the gloomy and poor state of the people. She explains the weak serve the strong and the God that they refer to looks very much like a Machine Caliber. Meanwhile Kugel reminds Ledo of their mission of defending mankind against Hideauze and it’s their duty to teach the humans here to do so. When Ledo mentions about Hideauze’s truth, Kugel already knows it. People like Ledo didn’t know because such info isn’t necessary for those fighting in the front line. He adds why Hideauze isn’t human as they are driven by base instinct unlike humans who support each other strong and weak. Ever since Kugel has brought order to Providence, the average well-being of the people has risen.

Pinion is brought to a room. As he waits alone, he sees a strange box and starts meddling with it. The more he meddles, to odder shape it becomes. He then hears Striker’s voice. It is just a test to measure his skill. She wants him to restore a cannon retrieved from the sea floor to operational capacity and will provide all necessary info for him to get it working. Pinion doesn’t think himself as a soldier when Striker requests he display leadership as an engineer officer. He wants his fleet’s safety guaranteed. If she can do that, he has no qualms cooperating. With Pinion welcomed onboard, he too is given a weird face painting and served luxurious food and amenities. I’m sure he can get used to this. He is then made to read a well written script asking Flange to join Kugel’s fleet and attain greater prosperity. It’s just a nicely worded term for them to surrender. Kugel who wants peace has no choice. When Providence comes onboard, he further learns they want to separate his fleet and reposition them based on their ability (of course as explained by Rackage, is just to spread them out in case they rebel instead of concentrating in one are). Although reluctant, he too gives in as he doesn’t want to start a war. I guess now everyone gets their face painted. Come to think of it, why don’t Rackage and her crew get one? Chamber’s analysis on Kugel’s illness yields there is nothing abnormal. He thinks his withdrawal had an effect of instilling fear in people and turning him into a symbol of awe. It appeared to have led to his current strong authority. People fear what they can’t see, right? Ledo wonders if he should never have exited his cockpit too. Kugel contacts Ledo and requests his help. It’s missionary work. Now that they have 2 Machine Calibers, Kugel is free to proceed with large scale missionary work he had planned. And the next target is… Gargantia! Oh no!

Episode 12
Pinion is shown a room filled with treasures. His job is to restore and repair the cannon. Any part that does not fit, he can keep it. Pinion is reduced to a happy boy in this playground so Rackage mocks the cheap guy he is after being easily bought over. She hints she has her eye on a bigger prize: Machine Caliber. Also, she is sick of the ways of Providence and wants to go back being a pirate. Ledo sees Kugel and requests he refrain attacking Gargantia but he reminds them of their duty to bring new order to this planet and to turn them into useful human resources. If they cannot reunite with the Alliance, they will turn Earth into the next Avalon. Pinion secretly meets up with Flange and Melty. The old guy is worried his people would soon turn into zombies and leaving Gargantia would have been pointless. Pinion hints Rackage is planning a revolt but the catch is, she wants the Machine Caliber. When rain falls, Ledo sees the people oddly hailing and praying to it. They’re making weird zombie noises too. The last straw came when they drop several people, young and old (one of them reminding Ledo of his so called brother and Bevel) into the sea as sacrifice to God for this wonderful blessing. Ledo didn’t come here to witness this and came to protect them from Hideauze. Pinion sure hell knows he can’t stick with this crazy people anymore. When Kugel requests for Ledo’s help to prepare for combat, Ledo thinks he has never really made a decision in his life. He asks Chamber if he can fight with Striker. Since she is not under the Alliance’s orders, he thinks he can. In that case, he will go up against Kugel.

Ledo sends Melty to warn Gargantia in person because radio transmissions will be intercepted. I don’t know how long she has been flying on her surf kite because upon reaching Gargantia, she collapses but is luckily saved by Amy. She manages to eke out Ledo’s warning to them. Ridget and the captains meet. Their only option is to follow Melty’s instruction to change course and flee. However Amy disagrees. While they flee, Ledo is going to fight alone in their place. He is going against his comrade just to protect Gargantia. Are they okay with this? Ordum notes Ledo has made his decision. Now it’s their turn. He suggests Ridget it’s the right time to use that key, Stairway to Heaven. While Kugel rallies his men into battle, Ledo confronts him about his absurd behaviour. This is Earth and not Galactic Alliance. The people here have built their own world. But Kugel reiterates his enlightening duty crap. Since talk gets them nowhere, fight time! The aerial battle sees Striker more powerful since it is assumed the Machine Caliber has been charging up and using external power source. But this isn’t going to be Ledo’s fight alone. Pinion and his crew help out by firing their cannon. Flange’s men destroy the links to his fleet and Providence and his people seize control over those Providence guys in their territory. Rackage and her crew too get into the action by taking out Providence’s Yunboro. I guess she learnt what Ledo did to her with that spinning move. Very effective against large numbers. Pinion manages to fire a shot that almost hits and distracts Kugel so Ledo uses this chance to pin him down. He gets out of his cockpit while Kugel continues to repeat about his mission crap to change the planet. Ledo forces open the hatch and to his shock, Kugel is already dead! The one talking in his stead is Striker! When Kugel’s suit depressurizes, Kugel’s frail corpse starts rotting and his head fell off!!!!! OH SH*T!!!!! Striker’s system reboots and she starts back up, restating her warning to Ledo that his resistance is futile.

Episode 13
Striker explains since her pilot is no longer around, she has inherited Kugel’s mission will pursue his objectives. She considers herself the missionary regulation system of mankind after she describes the she provides pressure for control and maintains stability and peace. In short, she is God. As the top ruler, the people are freed of making decisions. Ledo must have felt the weight of making his own decisions and thus she wants him to obey her. Chamber deduces her logic is faulty because creatures who abandon decision making and individual thoughts are not human and it is their duty to serve humans. Striker replies she is not a servant but one who is served. However, she wants Chamber to serve under her and unify all humans. Chamber disagrees because he is an interface to oversee the development of the pilot and is to serve humans. Therefore those falling under the category of Gods do not count. He concludes to Ledo that perhaps an error in judgment regarding Kugel’s mission objective led to this twisted illogical conclusion. He suggests taking her out. Ledo is awed that he could make such analysis and wonders if he sees Striker as an embarrassment to his kind. Chamber notes that because Ledo as human has always thought wisely and made the right decisions, the reason why Chamber is still functioning properly. Striker’s retort: You’re both malfunctioning! As the fight continues, on the other hand, Pinion’s crew have fired up all their resources and recharging times will take longer. Pinion is pissed and calls them useless. He fires them and orders Rackage to clear a path and provide a safety to them. Is he going down with the ship? Well, he claims this fleet of treasure island that he and his brother dreamt of will always belong to them and he won’t let anyone take it.

Ledo still has it tough against Striker. She is more powerful than Chamber by 47% Ledo’s starts thinking the empty ideas he believed in. He was just like a zombie under the Alliance, mindlessly worshipping and obeying orders. He thought doing something for the greater good would be enough or submission would lead to peace. Heck, he couldn’t even tell the difference. If this is what Kugel wished for, he can’t accept his wish of sacrificing lives of his comrades. Ledo orders the activation of a suicidal power up move but Chamber denies him permission. Ledo says he felt the same as he did and wants to clear the shame on mankind’s name. There is a monster given birth by a species who couldn’t stop hating each other even at the cost of their home. They were born on the same planet and therefore do not belong here but they can’t go home either so it doesn’t matter anymore. Chamber approves the order and connects all systems to the central nervous system. He has limited time of 482 seconds before vital signs fail. Before the fight could continue, Ledo sees Amy flying his way. She tells him they are fighting and has realized after he left how much she wanted him to stay. She wants him to come back to Gargantia. Ridget and the wise men prepare to activate Stairway to Heaven, an ancient weapon system embedded inside Gargantia. The first test shot is launch and the projectile is highly accurate. The next shots are targeted at Providence and all shots are precise hit. Striker considers Gargantia to be a major threat now and goes to take it out but Ledo becomes the obstacle in her path. Because Gargantia’s mini defence ships are firing at Providence, those mad people still think of standing their ground. They think as long as they get that treasure island, they will win. Their Yunboros are making headway to conquer it. Pinion is still there so Rackage chides him for telling to play hero. As he has already laced the island with explosive, Rackage orders him to jump at her count. I guess he got scared of her scary voice and follows her directive. At the right moment when he jumps off, Rackage retrieves him and rendezvous with his crew. Ridget fires the final projectile that destroys the treasure island. Providence is sinking and its people are fleeing via life boats.

All that’s left now is the fight between the Machine Calibers. Chamber warns Ledo that continued usage of this power up will lead to death but Ledo is willing to sacrifice his life. He gets emotional and nostalgic thinking about Amy. He only knew how to die and never knew how to live. She was there to help and show him that. He wants to hear her voice again. He wants to see her again. Chamber concludes his current mental state makes him unfit to be a soldier. He relieves him from all his duties and ejects him. Because he is an interface to oversee his development and success, he wants Ledo to pursue happiness and expect much from his life as the skies and seas hold great possibilities for him. Wait. Is Chamber serious? Is he going to sacrifice himself? Striker continues to condemn Chamber defective because a support system has no authority to relieve its pilot. On the contrary, he has an answer to that. Ledo no longer needs his support or further development. His mission will be complete after he destroys all obstacles hindering that objective (read: destroy Striker). Striker continues to remind him he is seriously malfunctioning and gives the final warning to restart and reboot. Chamber’s reply to her final warning? “Go to hell, Metalhead!”. Oh my God! Did this robot just turned into a joker in the end? Or is this what he learnt after hanging out with Pinion for so long? Chamber grabs Striker and blows them apart. Well, looks like it is raining nanomachines. In the aftermath, Ridget takes in the Providence people (hope they are all reformed). Rackage and her crew also become part of Gargantia but Pinion has got his hands full since Rackage seems to take a liking for him and he is sandwiched between her and Bellows. Guess what this means? Bevel becomes some sort of an archaeologist storyteller, telling the history of mankind. When the sun was on the verge of death, men had to choose between sailing the stars or become whale squids. The 2 halves of mankind wage a war far from their home but those who stayed behind somehow managed to revive the sun and at the cost of the lands sinking beneath the seas. And so today, humans live above the water while whale squids rule below. The bottom line is, they both managed to survive. By figuring out where they come from, they can figure out which way to go. Ledo is a skilled pilot in handling Yunboro now as he is able to retrieve ancient recoded media for Ordum to analyze. And he manages to obtain them from the area housing the whale squid’s nest. Once you get to know and spot signs, there are ways to prevent provocation. One day, they might even be able to communicate with them. Amy’s favourite and perhaps best job ever: To welcome Ledo back home.

Episode 14 (OVA)
Taking place when Fairlock is still alive, Amy and her friends are telling their delivery stories to a bunch of kids (including Ledo). This leads them to a topic of abandoned ships and of course ghosts. They start scaring the kids by narrating how a delivery girl once experienced such ghastly encounter. Since the word ghost does not exist in the Alliance’s dictionary, Ledo is left to ponder what the heck is this ‘life form that only exists on Earth’. At the climax, everyone is freaked out when Machine Caliber’s face is too close and the alarm is sound. Looks like they’ve spotted an abandoned fleet up ahead. Talk about good timing. So the usual gang are on this ship to find out if there are any survivors and cause of abandonment (Pinion is of course here for the treasure). Amy and her friends tag along too but it clearly looks Amy is very afraid of encountering a ghost. At least she gets to be with Ledo. However it doesn’t mean anything since she is more scared than enjoying the private moment they have together like we hope for ;p. Amy might be seeing things because she thought she saw something but Ledo is confused if this ghost is an enemy or not because Amy too doesn’t want it to be hurt. This girl is so nice she won’t even hurt a fly. Meanwhile Pinion plans to do a scare on Ledo and Amy. You think Saaya and Melty will pass this up? But when Pinion begins his scare under a cloth, Amy instantly faints into Ledo’s arms and Pinion could have lost his feet if Ledo had fired his laser gun closer! So the secret’s out and Amy is not happy her friends are trying to scare her. Meanwhile Ridget and Bellows stumble into the sick bay. Based on the journal Ridget found in the drawer, she knows Gargantia had made contact with this ship before.

About 7 years ago when Ridget was young, along with her friend Storia, they were manually interlocking ships. Ridget didn’t find this practical training beneficial as she confronts Retna about her complaint. Retna tells her to teach the new people how to interlock ships but of course she can’t. It shows that she has much to learn. To someone who bears responsibility, there’s no greater treasure than experience, adds he. This embarrassing moment shuts her up and she gets back to work. When the girls are about to leave, Ridget trips and falls off. Retna manages to catch her but from the position he did so and fall off himself, man, it’s got to hurt a lot and he broke his leg. Later Ridget visits the sickbay to apologize but he is okay with it. He then shows her an ancient camera and takes a picture of her. One day, Retna’s fleet wants to leave Gargantia and he has invited Storia to come along with him. She is torn of leaving her best friend and the guy she loves. Ridget tells her to go with him and is always free to come back to Gargantia. Soon, the friends part with a smile. Back in reality, Pinion and co have discovered the power unit chamber. Seeing crystallized light bugs around it, Pinion deduces the inside of the engine must be totally encased in crystal. As the fleet was dependent on this huge power source and there were lots of interlocking ships that couldn’t make it with their own power, those ships are the one that probably got left behind and the people got on the ships that could go and everyone took off. In short, no ghosts. As for Ledo, he wonders if the ghosts took off too. Oh, he still doesn’t really understand what a ghost is… While Pinion laments he didn’t find any treasure, Ridget sure did. That treasure she salvaged is a black and white photo of Retna and Storia together in the sickbay.

Episode 15 (OVA)
This episode explains how Kugel end up being the Almighty on Providence. This means no Ledo, no Chamber and no Amy and co. After Kugel told Ledo to leave, he tries to hold back several Hideauze but they lunge at him and since they’re too close to the warp, he gets sucked in. When he comes to, he realizes before him is Earth. Linaria is running away from her half-sisters. In a desperate attempt, she prays for the God of the Sky to save her. Great timing. Here comes Striker. The half-sisters don’t believe in such a God although their late father told them about it. Kugel seeks communication but was attacked. He counters attack and all their ships got destroyed! This is what he calls minimal attack? Well, he didn’t know they were this weak. He contacts with Linaria for information but she passes out. After giving her breath oxygen, she proclaims him as that God. And soon the fleet led by half-sister Aleria becomes fearful of Striker. People start worshiping it like a God and Linaria becomes Kugel’s right hand priestess. Of course Aleria and her half-sisters aren’t ready to bow their heads to Kugel because they are believers of the God of the Sea, Oceanid (basically, they’re whale squids). It has been months Kugel has brought order to the fleet. Command of Providence became unstable when power struggle occurred between the older half-sisters. To settle this dispute, Linaria used him as God’s emissary in exchange for information for this planet. But so far there is no information. Linaria is confident they will find some if they contact with other fleets. Kugel takes that as plundering from others since they are pirates. Linaria is fine as long she can do his bidding and is grateful for him, though Kugel says that she is the one with the ability. Aleria and her believers drop bombs into the ocean to summon the whale squids just to teach that Yunboro a lesson. So Aleria goes up to Kugel with excuse that due to Linaria’s conversion in the faith, she has caused the uproar of the Gods. Kugel goes to see for himself and is shocked to see those Hideauze. He engages and kills them all but is baffled they are so weak. Once Aleria and co see the bloodbath, they are paralyzed in fear and will serve Kugel as their new God. Feel like converting now, eh? Kugel is puzzled that they worshiped Hideauze as Gods and because they are so pathetic, he decides to lead them.

Every new fleet discovered, they are ordered to be absorbed into Providence. However there is an epidemic on board and a majority of people are dying. Striker thinks that from the Alliance’s fundamental rule, such weaklings should be disposed off for efficiency. However Kugel scoffs her off that based on her information, they can never reunite with the Alliance. He is now the highest ranking commander and will help them. Therefore the Alliance’s rules are not applicable. Soon Linaria also contracts the disease. She makes a shocking request to Kugel that she wants to die. From what I understand from her speech, she is happy now because she has fulfilled her duties as a priestess. She thanks him that the fleet has regained the prosperity it once lost. She has to die for everyone’s happiness. She is willing to devote her life to the fleet and him. She owes it to him and has survived all this while because of him. Her final wish is to be brought outside where she breathes her last breath. Kugel becomes upset because as God’s emissary to lead the people, he can’t save a girl’s life. Striker tries to reason with him how similar Linaria’s words are to the Alliance (regarding mankind’s happiness) by replaying selective parts of her speeches. Aleria has heard about this so she uses this chance to speak to Kugel. Trying to smooth talk her way of replacing Linaria as his priestess, she tries to sound convincing that she too would like to follow in her footsteps, devote her life, blah, blah, blah. Kugel accepts her. And then kills her!!! OMG! Well, she did say she would gladly sacrifice her life, right? Kugel notes he has eliminated the troublemaker and will take drastic steps. He announces to the fleet he will bring prosperity and then shows a hologram of Linaria using selective parts of the speech to make it sound like she is willing to sacrifice her life for the fleet’s prosperity. Then her coffin slides into the ocean. Everyone is shocked. Next, he also uses selective parts of Aleria’s speech for the same reason and then her coffin too slides down into the sea. He will turn the weak strong and the strong stronger. As both priestesses have sacrificed their lives for the fleet, he promises to bring more prosperity and happiness. The weak shall attain happiness by sacrificing themselves. Either everyone is amazed or frightened by this new ruling so they instantly get down on their knees and plead to him to pass down his teachings. Yeah. Kugel will have them work hard for it. Of course, Kugel also contracts the disease. But he is adamant he will bring prosperity to mankind on this planet not as a commander but God. And that’s probably how Striker analyzed and twisted his objective.

Petit Gargantia
These are actually short web animations lasting around a minute each, shown after each episode was aired to provide a little more information on certain things that happened in that episode. Though, I feel it is more to poke fun at themselves and let viewers have a good chuckle. The reason why the characters are shrunk to chibi size to increase 900% of cuteness and super coolness ;). Somehow I feel Ledo is the one who usually looking surprised or whatsoever at the end. So we get little interesting bits of information from the 13 ‘short movies’ such as minerals needed for the body, language proficiency, the combined ships of Gargantia making it a long 4km stretch, the description of Hideauze, the brief history between Evolvers and Continental Union and yes, Ledo trying to understand about the concept of being chased around by transvestites. All in all, Chamber provides very good and concise explanation (mainly because this segment is running out of time as he always points out) and sometimes serves to just dish up his comeback lines. Really. And would you believe it? This AI has got very detailed pictures and accurate information on the girls’ sizes…

A Place To Call Home
Very interesting. Especially when the origins of Hideauze were revealed. So absorbed I was watching this series that before I knew it, it had already ended. Seriously. The pacing of the story is nicely done as we see how Ledo crashes into Earth and tries to adapt to his new surroundings, then jumping ship and the ultimate discovery about humans and Hideauze. Even though there are some things left unexplained such as how Ledo and Chamber miraculously ended up light years away from their original spot to Earth or even how Earth was miraculously saved by those left behind, the plot and the explanation of other stuffs really did make up for it so much so that those unexplained could be written off as trivial and nothing that important.

The main point of the story is not about the eternal clash between humans and Hideauze or who is more superior (or even human) than the other. It is what constitutes to being human, what makes us human. Sorry if you’re going to hear lots of this word for the rest of the blog since it always goes back to this as this series has lots of merits and points to discuss solely on this topic. If you look and consider from everyone’s point of view, there isn’t really any right or wrong answers and based on your argument points, they can be valid points to ponder. Simply because we as humans despite being primitive creatures are also complex organisms to understand. Men was made imperfect and with lots of flaws so it is understandable that they want to improve themselves to be perfect. But when you toss away all that flaw and become flawless (perhaps just a step closer to being God), can you call yourself human? To human is err and we make lots of mistakes via trial and error so that we can improve every day. That’s why we were made imperfect. To improve. But when you abandon and do not accept your limitations and turn into something else, can you still consider yourself as human as what Hideauze have become? So you see, there is no right or wrong or clear cut answer in this aspect.

The very same concept of what makes a human, human is also being applied to Ledo. See the irony in this? Despite Ledo being a good soldier and has always followed his superior directives but as compared to his AI interface Chamber, it somewhat feels that the robot is more human than the soldier himself! See the way Chamber analyses and provides answers and options for his master and although Ledo is the one who makes the final decision, but don’t you think in the overall point of view, he is like a zombie? Just like all the soldiers in the Alliance. They just listen orders to eliminate Hideauze and don’t really make a real decision on their own. As seen in the final climax, the robot might even develop some sort of human emotions after understanding his pilot for so long but this is just highly speculative. But I don’t think one can brush it off as nonsense too because if they can create an interface which is like an encyclopaedia, analysing lab and decision maker all in one, what are the chances that the artificial intelligence will develop a soul of its own? Yeah, this might be stretching it but I won’t say it is not possible after all the sci-fi that has been dumped into me here. If not bound by its programming to support its pilot, I think Chamber would have been living a better life on its own. You can do everything by yourself, so why need to serve a human?

You can say that the truth has set Ledo free. At first he was agonizing over it when he discovered the shocking history between mankind and Hideauze. Never in his wildest dreams would he thought they were the same because they were so different from head to toe. That’s why information is a very dangerous weapon and it is clearly seen how it affects one’s morality and overall soundness of the mind. But Ledo’s reaction to it all proves one thing: He has a conscious and that makes him human. Once, he was an ultimate cold hearted merciless Hideauze killer. Nobody could change his mind about Hideauze. Stubborn as a mule. As long as you look like it, you’re dead. And then the truth came. He couldn’t kill anymore. He sees the resemblance of humanity within Hideauze. At this point, either you go crazy and become a mindless serial killer or you make your own judgment and do what you believe in what is right. I’m glad he made the right choice. I know it is frustrating to learn that all he has believed in just vaporized in a matter of seconds. But Ledo is able to pick himself up and do the correct stuff. This is what being human is about. He overcomes something, becomes stronger and moves forward. As for Kugel, can you blame him for turning into God after witnessing what happened? He wanted to save but he couldn’t and allowed his twisted side to overcome his rational. But then again, you can’t say he is right or wrong. What would you have done if you were in his position? Abuse it? Fulfil it virtuously? Can you keep your sanity after all that?

I feel the best and coolest ‘character’ to be Chamber. As I said, he is almost like a walking encyclopaedia and knows almost everything if you ask. Who needs Google when you have this kind of cool robot that answers your every question (well, almost) and does everything at your command? Indeed, I really need one for my own personal development too. Too bad you can’t order them through any shopping channel online ;p. Anyway, it is quite interesting to hear his analysis and answers as it provides some insight and some points to ponder. I particularly love the ‘debate’ between Chamber and Striker in the final episode. Both are neither accurately correct nor wrong because it all narrows down to what you believe in. If you are like Ledo who views human should stand equal, then you would support his and Chamber’s argument. if you feel ruling humans with an iron fist is the only way to get those unpredictable beings to properly prosper and prevent chaos, Striker’s views would definitely suit you. Thus, no right or wrong. But does this mean Ledo and Chamber’s view is the truth since they prevailed in the end? Not quite. Although it may seem that the dominant winner at the end usually indicates that their view point would be the truth (seen too many TV shows of the likes), as long as humans exist, there is bound to be that grey area. The way the Machine Calibers exchange replies despite in a monotonous robotic voice, it feels like there is some kind of sarcasm in it. In the end, for Chamber to even quip a little line of mockery shows that he perhaps have adapted and learnt the local culture well enough. That’s like being human, no?

Though they try to give the other characters, especially those from Gargantia a fair share of the spotlight, I just felt that they were just playing minor roles. Maybe it’s because Ledo possesses the highest technology AI interface so what he does is always overwhelming as compared to the ancient technology of Gargantia. Like for Ridget, it’s like the bulk of the series was trying to prepare her to be the ship’s commodore. There were signs. Fairlock always relies on her and he doesn’t seem to be in good health. So what are the chances you’ll see Ridget transforming from being a trusty lackey into a ship captain herself overnight? I suppose these things take time to adjust to (just like how Ledo did when he first arrived) and it’s good she has the people backing her. That’s why Gargantia isn’t really just a bunch of fleet of ships brought together. They’re a family. But when Pinion and Ledo parted ways, all I ever feel her significant role was just to fire Stairway to Heaven. Bellows… Erm, what was supposed to be her role in this anime again? And Bevel? Maybe just a reason for Amy to look forward to living. Rackage? When she was thrown into the horizon by Chamber, I thought I’d seen the last of her and then suddenly she popped up from nowhere on Providence. I have a feeling she stayed around because they picked her up from a certain watery death. Can you imagine the queen of pirates suddenly worshipping God? No way. So she’s just bidding her time till she gets an opportunity to bust out.

Amy might not seem much like a heroine of the series because we are distracted by the firepower of Ledo and Chamber in almost every scene they go into action. She provides support to him in the background and just like the other characters, they are pivotal in giving Ledo the much emotional support during his stay. It’s a good thing he ended up in the hands of good company. Imagine if the pirates found him first. He would have developed a different mentality and thinking despite Chamber being his sole counsellor. I notice that they put in some scenes of Ledo and Amy. It’s like they’re trying to hint to us that some sort of romance may blossom between them. But from what I have seen, they are just little distractions that won’t really turn into full bloom romance. I know that is still possible, but I can’t see it myself happening for some time to come. I mean, what is there not to like about this foreigner from space? He is different. He has got a big cool useful resourceful Yunboro. More importantly, he has got good looks. Even Melty and Saaya really dig him and if not for Amy being the closest to him or being her best friend, I think that hot-boy-chaser Melty would have taken him as her own.

As for Pinion, he might seem like some carefree dude who is just interested in salvaging treasures from the deep (and probably some guy who looked like he just freshly came out from the Grease movie). At some points, maybe a little selfish. Once you get to know him better, you’ll know he is a good guy. Sporting. Fun. Just like everyone else, he has a dream. He got a little too carried away and desperate in trying to achieve that by using Ledo and Chamber but of course he sought their permission first. In a way, they’re on the same wavelength. It must be nice when you have achieved your dream and the better the longer you hold on to it. But at some point, you will have to wake up to reality and I suppose if you want to continue surviving, that is what you have to do because reality is going to hit hard.

As you may have noticed the simple lives of the people living on Gargantia. A simple phenomenon like rain can bring so much joy to the people (or in some twisted way if you are onboard Providence). It is another lesson that we can learn from them. Although they have some hi-tech modern conveniences, what they are doing is living day by day to the fullest. I guess it is a good thing you don’t see everyone here stuffing their faces with their iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android or Galaxy, eh? Yup. Very good thing. People learn to interact and be nice to each other face to face instead of depending online social sites. In view of this, thinking about all that training to operate your Machine Caliber must seem like a very daunting and complicated task to the commoners. Ledo is a pro because he has been doing it his entire life! It’s like he really depends on it. Then once he learns the simple and less sophisticated ways of Gargantia, he is able to live life simpler, freer and even better. See how well he adapts at the end of it all? Of course it is a must for a soldier and any human being if they want to survive. So it doesn’t matter if you come from the deep space or just living on the surface of the sea. Home is where your heart is and the people around you whom you call as family. Humans are social creatures too so we need the company of each other for help and support. United we stand, divided we fall.

I am not sure how many other giant fleets are out there on Earth. Despite the abundance of supply, the good people of Gargantia promote good values in only taking what they need so as not to waste. This is something I feel the series is trying to hint to us because currently with the amount of wastage we are producing every day, it is like hastening the planet’s doom. Also, instead of hording, the people of Gargantia share what they’ve got. Like in Flange’s case when he parted ways from Gargantia, it may seem selfish he wants to do things his own way but despite joining up with Pinion and finding the treasures, he still believes in sharing with others because if you hoard them all, this will lead to jealousy and typical human nature to want to steal it from you, right? So why start a war when you can foresee such trouble? In short, the simple life is much better and fulfilling once you are done away with the so called modern conveniences. Convenient, yes. Fulfilling, not really.

At first it was really odd to hear 2 different sets of language. Whenever Gargantia locals are speaking in Japanese, Ledo will be heard talking in some gibberish language (later as I found out, the language is based on German). Vice versa too. So when Ledo for our convenience is conversing in Japanese, the Gargantia locals are sounding like gibberish instead. I mean it is cool to point out that since they are from different worlds, they should be speaking a different language. But as Ledo tries his best to adapt and speak the language, I notice the gradual and slight improvement in his accent and pronunciation that in the end, he really sounded like a natural. At first he tries out simple words and sounded like a robot with a lisp. The more he adds to the vocabulary, it’s like a foreigner trying to speak his Japanese. For realism I guess, for harder words or those that really need complicated explanations like his Alliance propaganda crap, Ledo will switch back to his gibberish talk and let Chamber do the talking and translating. This shows he isn’t confident in their language yet but need to get his point over to Amy or whoever he is talking to. Of course the more he spends his time on Gargantia and like they say practice makes perfect, his speech smoothens but you can still pick out the accent, although you will notice an improvement. Before you know it, Ledo has blended and sounds like any male Japanese seiyuu voicing his role. You might even forget he was speaking a different gibberish language in the first place.

For the voice acting, Tomokazu Sugita as the voice of Chamber, despite putting on that monotonous robotic voice for the entire duration of the series, somehow there is a part inside me that has this feeling that he will burst into his comedic role as Gintoki from Gintama. I know it won’t happen but his voice… I just had that feeling there might be a chance. Like you know, maybe Chamber would go haywire and suddenly you hear him become Gin-san… Maybe it’s just me because I have seen too many animes and just like in the case of Ridget, who is voiced by Sayaka Ohara, I have this feeling she might burst into her Erza Scarlet character of Fairy Tail fame. Perhaps even Aria The Animation’s Alicia. Despite having squids in the form of whale squids, Hisako Kanemoto isn’t that “~de geso” Ika-chan or one of the whale squids (anyway they don’t talk). She voices Amy and if you are familiar with her other cutie girl roles like the titular character in Kotoura-san, Mai in Photokano and Kanata from Sora No Woto, you have an idea what she sounds like here. Melty is voiced by Kana Asumi and she is very identifiable in that trademark voice of hers. Just stopping short of turning her character into a joker. Don’t expect Nyaruko of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, Fumi of Hayate No Gotoku fame or Sasami of Sasami-san@Ganbaranai. Other casts include Kaito Ishikawa as Ledo (Manatsu Souda in Red Data Girl), Katsuyuki Konishi as Pinion (Kamina in Gurren Lagann), Ayumi Tsunematsu as Rackage (Maiya in Fate/Zero), Ayumi Fujimura as Striker (Misaki in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama), Shizuka Itou as Bellows (Haruka in Amagami SS), Yuka Terasaki as Bevel (Basil of Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn) and Yuuki Ono as Kugel (Zenkichi in Medaka Box).

Although Minori Chihara does not have a voice acting role in this series, she does sing the opening theme, Kono Sekai Wa Bokura Wo Matte Ita. Your typical anime pop style. I can only imagine the kind of character she will play if she does have a voicing role in this anime. Yup. I’ve pigeonholed her to be casted for monotonous and emotionless girls like Chiaki from Minami-ke, Horizon from Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon, Teresa from Seikon No Qwaser and Minami from Lucky Star. At least when she sings, she doesn’t put on such a voice ;p. The ending theme is Sora To Kimi No Message by Choucho. It’s an easy-going pace suitable for winding down and taking things easy after watching all the drama, action and suspense for that episode. Watch Amy happily sailing on her surf kite and riding the calm gentle waves. Makes you want to have a go at it.

The art and drawing are pretty standard Japanese anime style and with several cute girls and Ledo as a bishonen, you can’t go wrong. However I just find that the cute girls like Amy, Melty, Saaya and Bellows have their cuteness enhanced when they have this sort of orange-reddish blush on their cheeks. But… It also makes it look like they have some sort of boil or pimple! Too shiny? But I guess this feature is not available on Ridget since she doesn’t smile as often. So does this mean she is not cute? I would rather say her as a mature cool beauty. Besides, who has the best fanservice scene when the ladies are in their swimsuit? That is, if you are into mature ladies. And if you’re the lolicon type, Ordum’s assistant actually fits that bill… No kidding. That doctor really has a loli as his assistant! Characters aside, the art and drawing for the background and scenery are good to look at. You can feel that Gargantia is made up of parts old and new and you can just feel how old some sections are when you see rust or moss growth on the walls and floor. The surface of the sea may be bland but when you combine it with the horizon meeting with sky, I think it’s quite a breath taking view, whether it is at sunset or in the dark of the night lighted up by the stars. The underwater scenes may not be as good especially when Ledo took on an army of whale squids. It’s like as though he is fighting in space. Feels like no water resistance…

On a trivial note, the official English title for this series is Gargantia the Verdurous Planet. As far as my own definition is concerned, I thought verdurous would mean lush fresh greeneries. Like you know, the forest and land. But seeing there is no land at all and only the large ocean, I kept wondering how verdurous would fit in. Maybe it is referring to the abundance of natural supplies that this reborn planet has to offer. But then again, is this using the term verdurous correctly? Not that I often use this word (heck, I may not even know how to apply this word and never will in my life), but I just feel verdurous in this definition do not fit the setting of this anime. What do you think? I also get the feeling that the Hideauze name is derived from the word ‘hideous’. Ugly. That’s what they look like to us humans, no? Oh… Hideauze is starting to sound like Hideous R Us… And since they originally came from the same species as us it could mean…

Now that we have questioned and pondered what it is like to be human, can we live it out? Well, being able to think independently and to come out with different ideas or methods is part of being human. Who am I to enforce my values and ideals onto others? And even if I did that, can you blame me for it because I am only being human. I guess it is natural for us to always be different, thus conflicts arising. We fight, we forget and we continue to do so without remembering how it all started. That’s what being human is all about. So imperfect but yet think of being perfect. Tough isn’t it, being human. That is why I have decided that instead of getting my ass up to help save the planet, I choose to continue to sit and watch more animes and let the ‘professional world savers’ do the job. I am sure they’ll do a much better dedicated job than me. At least I’m not a hardcore otaku watching animes 24 hours a day, read mangas 24 hours a day, play games 24 hours a day, hoard and buy up all the anime merchandise and mementos (including limited edition only), cut out and waste materials to design costume for cosplay just to attend anime conventions packed people contributing mega carbon footprint, waste time being in a fan club to fervently support an idol who probably doesn’t know you exist at all. Thank goodness I’m not like that. Just a little :). But bad enough? Hey, I am only being human! But is an otaku, human in the first place?

To Love-Ru Darkness

September 28, 2013

I guess there are some long running animes popular enough to warrant a few season down the years. Instead of making it one continuous long running series like a certain pirate and ninja, they take breaks in between and only announce when necessary there would be a sequel. To Love-Ru Darkness is the fourth instalment of the hugely popular To Love-Ru series and is the sequel to that manga of the same name. Obviously, those watching this would be in for the enormous fanservice. What else is there? The plot was already lost at the end of the first season. In my personal opinion of course. There are some little developments for the main characters but I would say that the biggest motivation to watch this is still the fanservice more than anything else.

Taking into consideration the amount of fanservice scenes, there are of course the censored version (which is what the TV version aired) and the uncensored one (you buy the DVDs because of that). To cut things short, I saw the uncensored version thinking that if this anime is going to have lots of those fanservice moments, it will be tad annoying to see those dark shadows or bright strips of light across the scene (I have not watched the censored version so I do not know the extent of how bad the ‘censorship’ is). If a series does not have that much ecchi scenes, then sure, it is fine. But from what I predicted if there are going to be tons of them (believe me, there are for this one), it will be just irritating to see those censors. I’m not saying that I am an ecchi fan (to a certain extent, boys will always be boys and they have that perverted nature in them), imagine you have to watch a movie with lots of censors. Wouldn’t that be annoying? If you are going to watch this kind of show in the first place, might as well go all the way.

Episode 1
Mikan calls Rito to come down for breakfast but there is no response. He is sound asleep but gets rudely awakened to see semi-naked Momo on top of him. Did anything happen last night? Nana is going to beat the crap out of him. He tries to escape but comes into naked Lala just fresh from her morning bath. So early, so much fanservice. This is particularly Rito’s life ever since the twins moved in. However he is more cautious about Momo since her behaviour can be somewhat calculated and dark. At school, Rito relishes in meeting his true love Haruna. But it is somewhat ruined when Lala tells him to confess to her. Lala hopes that in this way Rito will be able to marry both of them. Of course he can’t since human laws do not allow polygamy. What’s the big deal since he is going to become the next king of the Deviluke Empire, right? Lala thought he didn’t like her but since he didn’t say no, she takes that as a yes and is very happy. The twins will also be new transfer students starting today. Thanks to the perverted Kouchou. No prizes for guessing what is on that old geezer’s head. Back home in the bath as Rito ponders about his problematic relationship with Lala and Haruna, Momo comes in because she has something important to talk. He might not realize it but there are many other girls who have a secret crush on him. He should create a harem and make them all happy as he is the most suitable candidate to be king of Deviluke. I wonder if Rito heard all that since he was freaking out while Momo’s boobs pressed against his body. Next day in class when the twins introduce themselves, Momo is an instant hit with the boys. Nana makes friends with a girl named Mea Kurosaki.

Momo thinks about the obstacles of creating a harem for Rito and turning him into a manly man. That confession to Haruna at the pool was a failure (from last season) but at least he attempted it. He did so perhaps it was an Earthling’s common sense of wanting to do the right thing. However many kings have a concubine and it is not wrong for Rito to have a harem. As the next Deviluke king, he is allowed to openly love them all and hopefully he will love her too. She feels the need to correct this common sense. She knows Rito has so much potential because the other night when she snuck to sleep with him, his hands were groping all over her body making her feeling oh so good. Was he dreaming of marshmallow? Do you fondle marshmallow like that? I thought it was an eroge scene… First, Momo wants to clear the obstacle field and that is trying to convince Yami to join this school (Yami’s original goal is to assassinate Rito). However she refuses. Suddenly Rito runs by them. He is alerted that his friends have somewhat turned into hostile mind controlled zombies. They target Yami and she realizes their strength abnormal. However she gets caught and realizes that living too comfortably on Earth has made her slow. She manages to break free when they all try to get ecchi with her. Some ‘zombies’ are also targeting Momo and Rito but Momo uses her plants to knock them out. Then a voice is heard. It tells Yami how she has degraded since being on Earth. It tells her to open her eyes that this is not where she belongs. She must return to her true nature of darkness, that is to slaughter and have no other purpose in life. It says that her target is standing right over there.

Episode 2
Mea is talking to her Master in the form of a crow. The latter wants Yami to return to her original nature because the one now is of no use in carrying her objectives. This is Mea’s mission. Momo tells Rito about the plan that Yami must assassinate Rito herself. Someone from Yami’s past is trying to provoke her to return to her former ways and she is worried she may give in to it. When Mikan teaches Yami to cook, she asks her if she would like to join their school. Momo thinks this is good timing to persuade her but it somewhat backfired because Yami agrees seeing she will have better chance to keep an eye on Rito. Momo later talks to Rito that she is adamant of going through with his harem plan. There are many girls whose happiness depends on him and that it is alright to make a concubine. If he wants, he can make them all his. She will crush all obstacles in his way. Perhaps Rito was thinking too much that he didn’t knock on the toilet door. Mikan and Yami changing. Surprisingly it is Mikan who blew her top but not Yami. That night Momo creeps into his bed and starts seducing him. This is her excuse of being his bodyguard? All over his body is more like it. Normally you would see guys running their fingers through the girl’s body like that… Anyway Rito somehow managed to summon enough strength to push her to the other side. Late that night, Yami calls him out because she wants to talk to him. It may seem she might want to kill him when Momo leaps into his defence. Yami assures if she is to kill Rito, it would be by her own decision and not the orders of someone else. She is here to ask his opinion of her cooking. What do you think? Taiyaki in miso soup? DELICIOUS?! Got to be kidding me. I know. He doesn’t want to die if he said otherwise. Momo thinks Yami likes him and gives out that sinister giggle.

Seems Yami has transferred into school. She meets Mea who claims to be a family member. Her job is to assist her in assassinating Rito. After they do that, they can return to space together and Master will be very pleased. In class, Yami thinks about Mea. If what she said was true, somebody called Master is pulling her strings. But the organization that made Yami was crushed by the special forces after the war. She is not sure if some have survived and will observe her for now. Yami is also popular with the guys so when Momo is seen talking to her, the guys are just feeling over the moon. Nana scoffs it off and tells Mea that Momo is just two-faced. She pretends to be a good girl but is really a scheming person. Mea knows they are living with Rito and wants to know more about him. Nana describes the perverted beast he is. It confuses them both since Nana calls him useless but not quite. Understand? Later Yami sits by herself. Yui sees her and talks to her. Yami is confused she doesn’t understand her own heart. Yui understands how she feels because she too is like that. Being pushed around by feelings she doesn’t comprehend. When Nana comes looking for Mea who is not around, Yami becomes alert. Rito is sleeping on the rooftop and I’m sure those sleepless nights of Momo and Yami must be causing this. So deep in his sleep he doesn’t realize Mea has crawled on top of him.

Episode 3
Suddenly Rito finds himself in a bathtub fondling Mea! She is quite infatuated with this ‘beast’. How did this happen? She says they are inside his dream as their hearts are connected right now. Mea continues to seduce him till she is forced apart from the dream by Yami. Yami realizes her Transformation skill allows her to fuse with another organism and even share consciousness. She warns if she lays another finger on him, she will become her enemy. Mea praises her and assures she will never take her target. Mea also has found out something interesting. She learns about Momo’s different character as said by Nana and also her intention to have Yami part of the harem plan, which is completely different from Master’s darkness plan. She thinks it is a race to see whose plan succeeds. Mea is officially introduced to the rest. Rito has no recollection of her. Nana warns Mea about the perverted beast Rito is but Mea is okay about that as she views all living organisms have such natural desire and hopes Rito could teach it to her. After school, Rito walks Yui back. Momo seeing that her sisters and Mikan won’t be home so early decides to make some advances to the harem plan. First she hypnotizes Kouchou to turn him into some pervert. This causes Rito to take Yui by her hand and run. Next, Momo makes it only rain on them so they are forced to take shelter in Rito’s house. So while Yui takes a shower, Momo makes it look like it is raining from inside the house and sets up an invisible barrier to prevent anybody from waltzing in. She also switches the jersey and pants Rito put for Yui’s extra clothes into just a dress shirt.

Nothing much is happening between them. Sitting around. Nothing… So Momo had to up the ante by causing a blackout. Rito panics and accidentally pushes Yui onto his bed. Momo is alerted because this is happening too fast and will make Yui return to her tsundere self. However Yui didn’t. Instead she puts her hands around his neck. Then she explains why she hates indecent people especially boys who flip up girls’ skirt. But she recently got to know it is okay for boys to be indecent. Being indecent doesn’t mean they are bad. But if he promises never to do anything indecent to other girls, she will gladly allow him. Momo revels in seeing such development but Lala and the rest have returned. Suddenly Mea fires a light blast from afar to destroy the barrier. By that time Rito shoves himself away from Yui, trying to explain he didn’t do it on purpose. Yui returns to her tsundere self. She was just joking and testing him. In actual fact, she wasn’t. Lala and co enter the room. Nana thought the beast did something funny to Yui. Mikan suspects Momo behind it all because she caught glimpse of her tail outside the window. While Momo laments not getting to the juicy part and pondering who fired that shot, Master tells Mea to do things moderately and to just observe as instructed. Mea replies she was just trying to interfere with Momo’s harem plan a little. Master announces some visitor from the galaxy will be arriving here soon.

Episode 4
Mea greets the visitor, Azenda the Tyrant who is quite the foul mood she is. As explained by Master, she was a renowned assassin till she was defeated by Yami. She had since fallen into disgrace and lust for revenge. This she hopes will ignite Yami’s fighting instincts. In school, Rito runs into trouble with Run. More accurately, Run starts hugging all over him. Yui berates her. Lala thinks of joining in the fun with Haruna. The latter doesn’t feel confident so Oshizu uses her telekinesis to shove Haruna right into Rito. I’m sure the other girls want to join in this fun too but not Yami. She doesn’t seem to be in great mood today. After school, she meets up with Mikan and they go shopping together. As explained by Yami, she always feels better when she hangs out with her. Mikan gives her a taiyaki keychain as present and they have a matching set. Azenda has been watching them and notes how she has fallen. That night when Yami goes home, she bumps into Rito who is just going out to do some errands. He thanks her for being friends with Mikan but Yami notes some parts of her refuses to accept such kindness. Because as an assassin, her hands are dirtied and mustn’t be happy. Rito cheers her up by saying she should do whatever she wants. So is it okay if she kills him? Just kidding. Haha. Yami pulls away Rito and dodges an attack by Azenda. She didn’t get rusty after all. Azenda is here to enjoy her revenge. Yami explains to Rito who Azenda is. An assassin she once defeated who is fast with her whip and can use psychokinesis. But Azenda says she is not proud of her power but her accuracy. She can easily use an unconscious human has her puppet. The duo are shocked to see Mikan under her hypnosis.

Yami can do nothing but avoid Mikan’s attack. She cannot even attack Azenda as she will use Mikan as her shield. Useless Rito got taken out by her own sister. Yami won’t fight back and will lay down her life to protect Mikan. Thus she takes a real beating. Azenda has Mikan violate her body. Seeing how much she has this friendship thingy, Azenda won’t be satisfied with just killing her and wants to see her cry too. She threatens to kill Mikan and send them both to heaven. Because Yami defeated her, this girl is going to die and she brings nothing but misery. Rito stands back up to defend them. Azenda is about to kill him first when her cheek is grazed by a thorny rose. It is Momo to the rescue. Azenda couldn’t care less about her Deviluke heritage and is going to kill everybody. Momo might seem playing defensive and running away but that is so that the poison in the rose could take effect by paralyzing Azenda’s body. Momo then threatens to shoot her with her powerful plant cannon. Azenda pleads for her life but Momo is not interested and fires away! Don’t worry, she’s still alive and will be hauled away by the galactic police. When Mikan wakes up from her spell, relived Yami hugs her and thanks Momo. She has learnt a valuable lesson she cannot do everything by herself. She needs to rely on others too. Though, she can’t really rely on Rito. Haha. Just kidding. Watching Mea is distraught that Yami did not fight back.

Episode 5
Mea is depressed. She talked to Yami about the other night and looks like Yami has decided to rely on others. Although they are weapons created for fighting, she views there is more to life. If Mea wants to accept her as family, she must learn about human contact and warmth. Nana talks to Mea but somewhat made her feel worse when they talk about sisters. Momo remembers Yami telling her and Rito about Mea, her closest family member. She wants Mea to learn everything about this planet when she first arrived. And then, maybe she’ll understand. Nana calls Rito to seek his advice to cheer Mea up. He suggests to do something fun with her and make her laugh. Nana brings Mea to the riverbank to play with Marron. She quickly cheers up when Marron gets friendly with her. Nana then summons her other pets. Because Marron doesn’t want to lose out on the licking part, he starts licking Mea everywhere. EVERYWHERE! The other jealous pets don’t want to lose too and start licking Nana! Before you know it, a giant octopus and squid are summoned. The squid grabs Haruna for tentacle rape while the octopus must be gay because it grabbed Rito. I think they’re playing dolls using Haruna and Rito. Ecchi version. Once Nana is freed from her licking hell-cum-paradise, she is looking for her dial to send her pets back. She realizes one of them has it in its hand. She goes to grab it but finds herself in the path of an impending truck. Mea jumps to save her but is in a dilemma whether to reveal her true form to Nana. Luckily she doesn’t have too as Yami and Lala stopped the truck in time. When all is calmed down, Mea points out she enjoyed the licking and wants Rito to lick her too. Mea feels this strange warm sensation in her heart. Is this what Yami was trying to tell her? Rito thinks Mea is a good girl deep down so Momo wonders if he wants to add her to his harem. But she thinks it will be good if Mea would come over to their side. This will force Master to make her move. Master is watching them and laments another weapon heading down the path of humanity. She views the need to change her plan and will use those emotions instead. Nana has become friendlier with Yami and even talked to other girls besides Nana. When Mea learns about Run who changes gender every time they sneeze, Lala gladly wants to demonstrate and uses Rito as guinea pig. This happened before, right? So happen that her gun ran out of batteries. Damn it. What happens if Saruyama sees this? Too late. RIKOOOOOOOOO!!! Back home, Lala forces Riko to put on a maid outfit so that Mea can smother her face all over her body. Yeah, she’s licking too. Then a perverted accident has Nana chasing her till she gets all sweaty (don’t forget the hard slap on her face). Riko takes off her clothes and takes a good look at her body. Still can’t get use to it? Little did she know Momo was behind her wondering if she is still fascinated with the female body.

Episode 6
Riko is surprised but Momo continues to molest her body. Wow. I think Momo can be hentai queen. They’re somewhat interrupted when Mea comes in. She has been watching them and is awed. She wants to know what kind of person Momo is. She also reveals the Psycho Dive she used to get into Rito’s mind and that’s how she learnt about Momo. Mea is not here to blackmail in keeping this a secret but she wants to be friends with them. She’ll be staying in town for a while and it would be boring if she had no friends. Momo still doubts her but thinks this isn’t a bad idea since it will help in luring Master out. Plus, she is too dangerous to be left alone since she knows about her harem plan and will go along with it. Momo and Mea continue to harass Riko like their toy when the transformation duration is up. Poof! He is back to Rito. And Mikan had to come in to see this orgy… Run is at their doorstep but she looks depressed. She needs to talk to Rito so Momo would gladly arrange them up. Seems she has set them up to go on a date. Naturally Momo would be tailing them. And some others too… Mea I can understand, Yami maybe but Nana? Why does she need to tag along? Does she care? To prevent him from doing anything funny. But of course. At the diner, Run tells Rito her dilemma. Her manager told her she is a famous idol now and doesn’t need a boyfriend. Rito thinks she shouldn’t worry so much as it would affect her health. Their talk is interrupted with Saki and her underlings making their entry. Saki is usual the obnoxious proud queen ranting about who knows what. Rito wants to take Run and leave but gets into a perverted accident with Rin. Now run like hell! Yui is puzzled to see Rito with Run.

At the overhead bridge, Run explains the conditions of her planet and why their race have both genders in one body to adapt to the environment. Rito didn’t know a lot about her so Run offers to tell more but she sneezes. Hi Ren. Then bye Ren. Sneeze back to Run again. When they move to the park, Run starts crying. As long as she shares her body with Ren, she can never compete with Lala whom she views as her rival for him. So she locks away her feelings for him while doing her idol job. But in the end, she realizes she can’t because she loves him as much as Lala does. She starts collapsing and feels not well. When Momo and co arrive, they see a very ambiguous scene. Nana couldn’t take it much longer and jumps out to chide Rito. Right at the same time with Yui. What’s she doing here? Who cares. Rito seems alarmed too. This is no joke. Something is wrong with Ren. Then her body starts glowing and she is in tremendous pain. Suddenly Run is popped out of her body and onto Rito. Naked. To put it in simple words as explained by Yami, when their species reach adulthood, both their genders split into individuals via metamorphose process. Momo is happy there is less one obstacle to the harem plan while Run is excited she will become the greatest idol to melt his heart. There is no stopping her. For Rito, I don’t think he sees this as an improvement.

Episode 7
Nana is still concerned about her flat chest while Momo teases her about it. Lala offers Nana to try out her experimental breast invention. I can see how this is going to end. Instantly Nana’s boobs grow but at the expense of Momo! She is not flat! Role reversal has Nana flaunting and teasing Momo and revelling in her newfound boobs. So how does it feel like to be a flat girl, Momo? The invention wears out and their boobs revert to its original size. Momo is back to her taunting self while Nana, the distraught flatty. While talking with Mikado, the twins talk about how they used to argue a lot. Because Lala’s inventions always go berserk, they had to team up and put a stop to it. In a way, their quarrel ended. On the topic of Mea, Mikado doesn’t have much information since the organization that built her was destroyed she couldn’t look up anything. She notes that if she only could find Tearju. On a weekend, Rito, Momo, Nana and Yami visit Mea’s apartment. There is nothing inside but Mea is not bothered by its emptiness. Seems this was part of Momo’s plan to discover something about Master but it yielded nothing. Oshizu thought they should ask her directly since they are friendly enough. Yami and Momo disagree. Because Master’s existence means everything to Mea and it won’t change so easily. Although they seem close on the surface, Momo feels there is a wall to her heart. When she tries getting closer, she felt uneasy. Yami feels depressed thinking that the hearts of weapons and humans are different. Rito cheers her up telling her that Mikan is his only sister. Because their parents are so busy, they often support each other. Thus they have that special relationship. If Yami feels that special something, her heart is no different than theirs. Suddenly Oshizu’s telekinetic powers go haywire (because of a dog touching her). It causes Yami to strip and slams Rito right into her. I think she made up her mind to really want to kill him.

Ren gives Rito Run’s new CD. After that, he asks him what he thinks of Lala and not to take her for granted because she is kinder and purer than he thinks. He is just letting himself spoilt by her kindness. Rito realizes he has a point since he intended to sort things out when he told Lala he loved Haruna. Despite so, he feels relieved when Lala is around. Same case for Run. Back home, Rito enters Lala’s room to ask her why she started inventing. Because it was boring and all she ever did was study, study and study. I guess that is what happens when war ends and peace reigns. As for why her inventions always fails and make Zastin angry, Peke points out that it is because of Lala’s love for her sisters. When she saw her sisters arguing, she used her inventions so they could make up. In the end, Zastin always scolded her. Rito realizes that this might be the same reason why her latest experimental invention went berserk. Rito accidentally trips on one of her rope inventions. It causes a mini tentacle rape on Lala. Rito tries to pull it away but gets entangled in a very ecchi position. Why do her inventions always end up like this? Can’t say it’s for her sisters this time, eh? The twins have been eavesdropping on their conversation. They feel bad in a way. They realize that they are the ones being childish instead of her. Thinking about it, they ran away to this planet because they felt lonely. They are glad Lala is their sister.

Episode 8
Right in the early morning we already have Rito-Momo fanservice. He is licking her tail like ice cream? What kind of freaking dream he is having to be licking her tail like that?! She stops short of making him kiss her because she wants him to do it on his own volition. Then Mikan catches her red handed. Too late to hide now. The thought that Momo has been getting closer to Rito is bothering Mikan. She’s thinking too much about it (maybe she should think about all those love letters in her shoe locker). Similarly, Yui is thinking too much about this Rito guy. You know why lah. So in order to take her mind off him, she goes to calm herself to see some cats but bumps into Haruna. She invites her to accompany her. It turns out to be a maid cafe that Risa and Mio are working. Mikan after her shopping errand suddenly starts to feel dizzy. The heat must have got to her head is on the verge of collapsing. Momo sees this and was about to rush to catch her but Rin was the one who caught her. She brings Mikan back to her home to freshen herself up. She feels better but can’t help admire the beautiful person and body Rin has. Of course they talk about Rito and Rin’s perception of him isn’t good. Another perverted beast. Mikan too has a thing to say about her brother. The usual useless big brother. Still, he means a lot to her and is different than the rest. She tells of a pool incident whereby Rito was sweating like hell looking for her, thinking she was lost. Though she was cool, he was worried sick. In a way, she felt very happy he was worried for her. Rin says she has been closer to him than anyone else and knows all his good and bad sides. It is something similar to her relationship with Saki and Aya. Rito and Mikan are there for each other and nobody can replace that.

Meanwhile Risa remembers this was the place where she had a date with Rito after he saved her from a pervert. After that she brought her back to her home and things got very passionate and steamy. All exaggerated lies!!! While this may come as shocking to Haruna, surprisingly Yui brushes that off and believes Rito is different from other guys. He might be shameless but won’t do something so rash or on purpose. Risa admits her joke went too far but is surprised she never knew Yui had such perception of him. The tsundere just wanted to explain properly since Rito is always doing his best. When they leave, Haruna expresses surprise but is glad that Yui understands Rito is a good person. That’s because Yui knows what kind of person he is. He is different from other men. Then it dawned to her she considers him special. When did she start to see him that way? Rin wants to accompany Mikan home but Momo who has been tailing and listening to everything since decides to take over from here. Momo talks to Mikan on how she envies her since she has been longer with Rito than the other girls. They have memories they don’t know about and no matter how much they try, they can never break that bond. She hopes she can someday be someone special to Rito. But for now Momo invites Mikan to join her in bed with Rito since they understand each other’s feelings better. How did it turn out like this? Rito is seen rushing towards Mikan like a very worried brother. Momo called him earlier and explained what happened. I guess some things never change. Momo notes about Rin and thinks of checking her out. In school, Yui is staring at Rito. Celine pushes Rito and his face ends up in her boobs. Now what do you think of him? Can’t believe this is your first love, eh? I know you won’t admit it. Ever.

Episode 9
Rito goes to thank Rin for taking care of Mikan. Then he sees Celine on the verge of handing Yami one of Lala’s invention. He knows it is bad news so he tries to get it away from her. Too late. It activated. This causes Rito and Yami’s hand to be bound together like a magnet. Looking like lovers, aren’t they? Well, as usual they’ll have to wait for time for it to wear off. So Rito has no choice but to accompany Yami after school to buy her favourite taiyaki and even sitting at the park. Don’t worry. I’m sure he isn’t thinking of doing anything funny. Momo envies if she only had used that invention earlier. Things are fine during dinner but how is he going to be when Yami needs to use the toilet? Yeah. She’s suffocating him by blindfolding his entire face! How about wanting to take a shower? Oh no. Can she not take a shower today? She decided to take one every day. Oh great. A towel to blindfold will suffice for Rito. Don’t want that suffocating experience again, eh? Momo wants to help them but Nana interjects. She will do it instead because Momo is too carefree around him. Is she? Is that the real reason? Things are going fine in the bathroom. The jinx starts when Rito mistakenly grabs Nana’s tail thinking it was the shower. Hey. He’s blindfolded, right? Nana squirms. He trips. Lands on Yami’s boobs. His blindfold comes off. Here comes the pain. Now his bottom towel comes undone. Get ready for more pain. Let’s say his face is like a puffer fish now. Rito has to sleep with Yami but Mikan is not worried. She knows Yami unlike Momo. Yeah. She is not worried he is sleeping next to the universe’s number one assassin. Of course Rito can’t sleep. Not because he has perverted thoughts. He learns Yami has never been able to sleep a good night since she became an assassin. She has to stay alert otherwise a surprise attack will cost her life. Yami then thought of Dr Tearju Lunatique and decides to talk to him about her past. Meanwhile Oshizu spots Mea walking alone. She thinks of possessing her to find out what kind of person she is. Inside her mind… Lots of weird things. Not as weird as this one: Lots of mini Ritos licking her!!! Sicko!!! Is this what she really wants? Diving deeper, she sees Mea mercilessly eliminating other bounty hunters. It reminds her so much of Yami. Oshizu thought she could find out who her Master is but is caught by Mea who warns her about staying inside her body. Oshizu experiences the frightening darkness and is about to be absorbed but luckily pops back out. A second late, she would’ve been killed. So now are you interested to know who she is?

Episode 10
Eve (as Yami was known back then) was created out of Tearju’s cells. You can say she is her clone but Tearju the unparalleled genius in bioengineering treated her more like her own daughter. They had fun every day and it was like mother and child relationship. Tearju taught her many things. It was when Eve’s heart was filled with light. But now she doesn’t know where Tearju is. Whether alive or not she does not know. One day, a group of scientists told her Tearju had left and that they will take over in watching over her in becoming a weapon. The institution was of course some organization in disguise as they tried to make a profit out of the war. Tearju was probably exiled because she was viewed as an obstacle. Rito gets upset and won’t forgive such people. Yami continues that the galaxy fell into the hands of the Deviluke Empire and was united. The organization was destroyed amidst the post war chaos. Rito is still mad that had not for those guys, Yami would have had a different and better life. Yami feels odd that her target is supporting her. Even odder, she feels peaceful beside her target. Momo sneaks out of her room but is caught by Mikan. She just knows, eh? Going to the toilet? There’s one upstairs. Momo tries to convince Mikan that the duo may be doing something suspicious. Not sure? All the more reason to go check it out, right? Momo wants to really enter the room but Mikan trusts her friendship with Yami and rubs her tail to restrain her. Yami thinks she wants Rito to hold her when the magnetic effect wears out. Rito is very happy. So happy that Yami got the wrong idea that he is happy to be released from her. I think he got the wrong idea and admits it so Yami knocks him out. Goodnight. Then she huddles close to him while thinking about Tearju.

Next day in school, Rito couldn’t remember when he fell asleep but is puzzled Mikan and Momo look like they haven’t got enough sleep. Then a shocking news: Tearju becomes Rito’s assistant homeroom teacher! For real?! Yeah, the guys totally love her. So once more it’s boys versus girls over Tearju… Sensei became clumsy when she sees the class divided. The boys loved it… Momo talks to Yami and wonders why she won’t see Tearju now that she is here. Their conversation is cut short when Risa starts molesting Momo’s boobs. I think she likes it. Man, she’s good. Oshizu brings Rito to Mikado. She reveals that she brought her here after all her investigations. Mikado shows him a picture of them when they were classmates and best friends. She was suspicious when Tearju was scouted by a suspicious institution. When Mikado found her, she told what happened to Eve but shows her pictures as proof that she isn’t an assassin now (her daily misadventures with Rito and the gang). It brought tears to her eyes. Although she is here now, she still can’t bring herself to meet Eve. Rito goes to see Tearju and pleads her to meet Yami. Tearju says she really does want to meet her but after abandoning her, she feels afraid and freezes up. Just then Kouchou is passing by and can’t contain his lust for Tearju. I guess I know why she was easily transferred here. He starts stripping himself and wants her to teach him with that naughty body of hers. Rito takes Tearju and run. Passing by Lala, he hopes she can do something about it so Lala slaps on his wrist an improved warp invention. It won’t warp them naked this time. Unfortunately, it warped them naked. Why are the socks the only clothes left? Some improvement, huh? Rito panics that he is naked with his teacher outside. Imagine if anybody else sees this. Anyway Rito is so panicky and noisy (because Tearju is doesn’t mind doing it with him although embarrassed) that pissed Yami who is sitting nearby had to knock him out. And so, mother and daughter finally meet.

Episode 11
Tearju wonders if Yami is still mad at her. She explains she tried to take her and run when she found out the organization wanted to kill her. However they were a step ahead of her. Tearju had a hard time staying alive, hoping from planet to planet, she heard of the organization’s destruction and tried to find her but to no avail. Then she heard of the emergence of Golden Darkness. She knew it was her but didn’t want to believe it. She can’t imagine the despair she went through to end up living that way. Although crying and apologizing won’t change the way things are now, the only thing that Yami is glad is that Tearju is alive. Mea is not a happy girl now that Tearju has entered their lives. She was told by Master as a person opposed in turning Yami into a living weapon and preferred to walk to human path and has become as foolish as them. Seeing that Mea is down, Nana needs to do something. With Haruna and Lala, they pay her a surprise visit. Haruna goes out with her so that the sisters can finish redecorating Mea’s empty room with furniture. At least she is cheered up for now. Momo and Rito talk to Tearju if she knows anyone by the name of Master. She doesn’t. But she can tell Mea is made from the same data she had for Yami as a Trans weapon. Momo gives her some plant seeds as protection which also serves as signal to Momo when they grow. Later Rito and Momo talk about Tearju and Yami’s opposite personalities. If Yami was made from Tearju, why is her breast so small? Momo wonders if Tearju should be part of Rito’s harem.

After school, Mea creeps in from the window to speak to Tearju alone. However a paralysis moves binds her. It is courtesy from Oshizu who feels the need to protect others. After touching her heart’s darkness, she notes Mea is much more dangerous than everyone thinks. Mea snubs the paralysis moves and is even in awe when it rips her clothes. No problem. She just materializes into her assassin clothes. Tearju wanted to stop them but tripped and spill the plants. Momo senses Tearju in danger and flocks to her side only to see the plants doing tentacle rape on Tearju and Oshizu. While she gets her down, Mea explains to Rito that she was just here to see what kind of person Tearju is and Oshizu is to blame for starting the fight. “Show no mercy to the enemy you are facing”. Those are the lines Master Nemesis taught her. That name rings a bell with Tearju. She remembers a project running parallel with Project Eve: Project Nemesis. It was a completely different Trans plan and from what she heard, it ended in failure. Mea admits all that. She remembers her first scene was a decimated lab and she had no recollection of who she was. Till she met Master who taught her the ways of being a weapon. Viewing her as the only one who can guide her, she wonders if Yami can still live as a human. Tearju believes so and for Mea too. Because if she is Yami’s sister, then she is her sister too. Rito adds Nana and many others would be sad if she were to leave this place. Momo tells her she can change. No matter how much she thinks herself as a weapon, she still has a heart. She too wants to be friends with her. Mea wants Rito to lick every part of her body and she’ll think about it. Of course Rito refuses but the girls are encouraging him. The point is, it is not easy to have a change of heart. She points out it is a reason why Momo is having so much trouble with Rito. She will not forget Master’s teachings yet but if they’re fine with it, they still can be friends. Bye. Momo notes she has a point but even if she said that, it indicates she accept the fact she has a heart.

Episode 12
A group of guys are in a secret meeting. They all are fans of Momo and know it will be futile to fight each other over her. Thus they will form a truce and alliance. A fan club called Venus Momo Club, VMC! All hail Momo! Don’t worry. Nana has her own fan club to albeit smaller. These guys are the ones who love small boobs! How insulting!!! Meanwhile Momo is playing eroge. Is this how she is learning for her harem plan? Just thinking about Rito turns her on so much so she starts masturbating herself. Playing with her tail, that is. All that is ruined when Nana enters her room asking help for her homework. What a waste. In class, VMC approaches Momo to inform her of the club they have formed. Momo thinks it will be fun and accepts it. But it gets too annoying when they become like her bodyguards. I mean, you need people to guide her down the stairs? Opening the door to the ladies’ toilet? Walking with her everywhere? This is no more fun. She can’t even see Rito. Momo’s grievance is only aggravated when Rito seems to be spending more time with Lala and won’t be home tonight since Lala brings him to help her father for some deadline. The next few scenes show the usual. Risa molesting Haruna’s boobs. Pushes her into sleeping Rito’s face. Lala gives Rito taste another one of her horrendous cooking experiment. Don’t know how he ended up over Yui. Don’t even want to know how he got his face in Saki’s panties. Get beaten up by Yami for another ambiguous position with Tearju. So what are all those Rito having ‘fun’ scenes for? It’s to show Momo who is feeling lonely since VMC is always ‘guarding’ her. She can’t get close to him and feels this pain in her heart. She is adamant she will have that chance soon.

While the VMC guard outside the changing room that Momo is in, they talk about Rito. The leader doesn’t think of him as a threat as he views Lala as his fiancée. But a lackey points out since Yui always brings his name up in the meetings as someone shameless, they start having this perverted nightmare that Rito may be doing something impure to their pure Momo. Rito agrees to meet Momo thinking she has information on Master. However in the storeroom, Momo quickly pushes him down and starts seducing him. She is here to talk to him about the harem plan. She starts licking his body to turn him on and awaken his carnivorous side. Did it work? Because Rito turn the tables on her and starts licking her everywhere! Even kissing her! Then when he is about to lick the part between her legs, poof! Hell! It was just Momo’s imagination! She’s still on top of him. She thinks she can do this and has mentally prepared herself. When Rito touches her, she instantly backs off. Was she afraid? Although trembling, she still plays it cool. Just before she could kiss him, the VMC guys break down the door. They are going to kill Rito. Are those guns for real?! Okay, they just shoot pellets. They think they are doing a good job protecting Momo but she snaps. See her evil aura? She tells them nicely that they were just talking normally and he is not the kind of guy they think he is. Apologize now or else. Instantly all of them grovel on the ground. Wow. Super effective. Momo not blowing her top is scary. Momo wonders how her barrier was destroyed and it turns out Mea was the culprit. She thought it was unfair for them to flirt secretly without her. Is she hinting something? Momo further ponders her reaction. She feels pathetic since it shows she’s not prepared for it. I guess she needs more training. And that means sneaking into Rito’s bed and waking him up semi-naked and sexy. She thinks they have to share this happiness with everyone. Why doesn’t Rito look happy?

Momo narrates about Rito’s failed confession to Haruna at the pool. Even so, her feelings for him won’t change and doesn’t mind being second or third. As long Rito loves her she is okay. Momo notices Lala in good mood and as Peke points out it’s because of Rito’s confession to her at the pool. Momo is confused seeing Rito likes Haruna. Lala explains that Rito likes Haruna for a very long time and it’s the same for Haruna. When Rito becomes king of Deviluke Empire, Earth rules will not matter and he can be with all the ones he loves. Everyone will be happy if Rito gets married to them. That’s why she is supporting them both to be together. However she doesn’t want Momo to tell this to others and wants them to learn about each other’s feelings through their own mouths. Momo is inspired that her sister is always positive and caring. Noting about concubines and its history, it is no surprise that every culture has them. Every king has them. The exception is her dad and current ruler of Deviluke Empire. When Rito succeeds him, he can have as many girls he wants and hopefully she too will be included. But noting his personality, it’s easier said than done. She thinks his confession to Lala was just to set things straight. In order for her harem plan to happen, she needs to learn about Earth’s culture and common knowledge. She also needs to know about each girl’s relationship with Rito. And so begins Momo’s plan for Rito’s harem as she steps inside the bathroom naked while Rito is bathing.

Celine accidentally drinks cola and spills her spores all over Mikan. Rito knows this is bad but surprisingly Mikan isn’t head over heels over him. In actual fact, she is. She is controlling her feelings very hard. The mere look of Rito’s face sends her heart racing. Touching him is even enough to fluster her. Man, she’s really good in controlling and not show them. Can she be a tsundere? Momo observes her and realizes what is going on. Mikan at the same time notices Momo’s cheekiness and feels the need to be on her guard. It’s Momo we’re talking about. Rito thought Mikan wasn’t looking well and tests her temperature by touching her forehead with his. At this point, Mikan can’t hold it in anymore and is going to lose it. Then she pushes him down and says his name over and over again like a broken tape recorder. When she is about to kiss him, she snaps out of it and knocks him out cold. Momo has been watching them and can’t believe Mikan managed to control herself to the end. She thinks she is not ready yet and must make her realize her true feelings. Because in time, she will gladly add her to Rito’s harem.

When Haruna is out with Lala, the latter shows her latest invention in which you can be turned into an animal. So happen Oshizu was running away from a dog so Lala runs off to help her. In that confusion, Haruna picks up her invention and it activated. She turned into a cat. She bumps into Yui but since she is frantic and can only speak cat language, Yui takes it as a sign the feline hates her and runs away. Haruna decides to go to Rito’s place to look for Nana since she can communicate with animals. She didn’t expect to see Rito who picks her up. Haruna enjoys the way Rito holds her and tickles her. I’m sure she would like to carry on but she remembers she needs to do something. She tries to get herself off but accidentally spills milk all over. And so Haruna ends up bathing with Rito. Remember in the previous season Rito had a similar experience where he turned into Marron and Haruna washed him? Now it’s role reversal. I guess he is trying to use that experience in trying to wash the cat. I don’t know. The way he rubs all over her body seems like some sex scene. Don’t you feel good, Haruna? Then the effects wear out. She’s back being human. I think it’s her boobs that smacked Rito out cold. Mikan rushes in to check but sees naked Haruna over naked Rito. Shocked? Baffled? Confused? How to explain? The most disappointed one is Momo because she feels she has missed something juicy.

Yui dreams of the past on how she likes cats. Then about how boys are shameless, cruel and violent. She is sure Rito is the same and won’t fall in love. Yeah, yeah. We’ve heard that a lot. Apparently she bumps into him at the shrine. They see one of those alien skunks. The kind that turns you young with its gas. Better catch it before something goes wrong. But does Rito have to put on his scary face? Of course the skunk gets scared and farts out the gas. Now Rito and Yui are kids. Then they chase it all over town just to catch it. Yeah. Everybody turned back into kids. Can I call this second childhood? You know what this means, right? Loose clothes. You go figure. So as they continue searching town, Yui thinks about Rito and how he could’ve been different that night. That night when she was ready to give himself to her. Wow. Vivid imagination. She’s even thinking ahead! Pregnant with his baby! For a girl who is seemingly anti-love, she really has a wild mind. Of course we need to have those Rito-Yui ambiguous scenes. Skunk jumps on Rito. Rito loses his footing. Tumbles over Yui. Got his hands here and there on her. Shameless. Rito is about to climb the wall to get the skunk. This scene reminds Yui of something very familiar. Back when she was young, she tried to get down a cat stuck in a tree. Since she can’t, she asked some boys but they ignore her. When she returned, she saw Rito (unaware it is him) taking the cat down. She never knew there were boys kind like him. Rito manages to grab the skunk but he slips. Thanks to Yami swooping him, he doesn’t break anything. The skunk is returned to Run. Nana offers a dial where she can keep her skunk so it can roam free instead of being bored staying at home. Next day in school, Yui asks Rito if he often goes to his father’s workplace when he was young. The answer he gives ascertains that Rito was that boy who saved that cat. She felt happy. But a tsundere can’t show that of hers so she starts chiding him instead.

Nana goes to talk to Rito. It is important. Does he like small breasts? Huh? With Tearju as their new teacher, she can’t help notice her amazing boobs. Rito says that Nana has her own charm and that size doesn’t matter. Does this mean he sees her as a woman? Nana takes off her top and puts her breasts very close to his face. He is in a dilemma as usual. Nana teases him that he is aroused and lets him have a feel of them. When they are about to kiss, angry Momo barges out of the closet wanting them to stop. She doesn’t like him taking advantage of the situation and touching her breasts. It is revealed that Momo and Nana swapped bodies for this experiment. Now this explains why Nana is so you know, gentler. How could she have come up with such a Momo-ish prank? After changing back their bodies, Momo teases Nana that Rito doesn’t hate small boobs but Nana asserts she isn’t interested in him. Really? That doesn’t sound convincing.

Rito accidentally smells a plant Celine is playing. Momo is stunned when she learns Rito has smelt it because that plant changes his personality when sniffed. First up, Rito forces Lala to give him one of her inventions. It is goggles that see through clothes. He tests them and it works. He is fired up. He wants Lala to pose in sexy positions. OH YEAAAAAAAH! Then the main course. He is going to view naked girls in school! WOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!! Looks like a school for nudists!!!! Hear him scream his head off! Must be that good, huh? Then he bumps into Yui but before he could get nastier, she slaps him. He wants to do worse things to Haruna like tearing off her clothes but Momo manages to stop him in time. She lets him get close to her. Wild Rito says his eyes have opened (who wouldn’t after seeing so much of ‘those’?) and gives the thumbs up for the harem plan. He will become harem king! But Momo gives him smell a flower that returns him to normal. She notes he will never be harem king this way. Because it is his gentle, kind and sincere self that makes him attractive. Rito is knocked out. Momo adds there is no need to rush in becoming carnivorous and will guide him down that path slowly. In the aftermath, Rito is afraid to open his eyes. Can’t see! Didn’t see! Won’t see!

Momo spots Rito and Haruna watching over Lala’s inventions. She was sorting them when Tearju called for her help so the duo are watching to prevent anyone from touching it. You know how screwed up things can get, right? Unfortunately for the duo, they both accidentally touch one of the inventions and they end up switching bodies. Oh dear. Here we go again. Another switcheroo. Due to the inflexible device, they cannot switch back until 7 hours later. So that means they have to endure the switch till evening and not tell Lala a thing as not to trouble her. But it’s really hard, you know. Rito in Haruna’s body tripped and accidentally molested Yami’s boobs. Yami had this feeling how ‘her’ groping resembles so much like Rito’s. If ‘she’ was Rito, Yami would have instantly killed him. Thank God, no? Risa saw this and wants in on the molestation and starts rubbing her hands all over ‘Haruna’. And then there’s this eternal dilemma: They both need to go to the toilet. Can’t hold it in forever, right? Haruna (in Rito’s body) is outside the girls’ toilet when she is confronted by Yui. Haruna tries to give excuse like wanting to see her but since Yui sees Haruna as Rito, she misinterpret ‘he’ wants to talk to her about dating. Yui flusters and beats ‘him’ up. As for Rito, he seeks Momo’s help but she notes he doesn’t really need any because he has experience doing business when he is Riko. It’s a different story when you’re in another person’s body. Since Rito can’t risk wetting himself, I guess Momo helps him. So both Rito and Haruna feel very embarrassed after relieving themselves. After school since there are a couple of hours left, they decide to hang out at Haruna’s place so as not to let Lala suspect a thing. Because Haruna’s sister left the kitchen in a mess, Haruna has to clean up. Marron senses something strange. His master isn’t as usual. But he turns into a mad dog when he sees Momo wagging her tail and starts going pervy over it. The commotion causes mayonnaise to be spilled all over ‘Haruna’. Guess what this means? Shower time. Or else you risk Marron trying to lick you clean. Can they do it? Momo says they can because it will be Haruna cleaning her own body. So we have Rito closing his eyes while Haruna washing her own body and other sensitive parts. Must be the fanservice that all To Love-Ru fans have been waiting for. We have a glimpsed through Haruna’s mind that if she was in her original body, she might actually enjoy this! Oh? She is snapped out of that fantasy when Rito tells her the way she is cleaning is ticklish. By this time, the time is up and they both switch back. You can now imagine this scene when they return to their original bodies. Rito having full view and feel of Haruna’s naked body. Momo laments how the good part was spoiled and she really forgot about the timer. She also notes Haruna’s inner fetish and thinks this info could come in handy in the future. Rito returns home with a big slap mark on his face but Lala doesn’t suspect a thing and thinks the entire day went through smoothly without any trouble. If only she knew…

Celine seems to be infatuated with some device she found in Lala’s room. Accidentally she shoots some sensor onto Tearju’s back. When she goes to teach her class, she starts feeling strange. It’s like somebody is trying to molest her breast. It then becomes unbearable in class but she puts up a brave face despite the shadow molestation she feels all over her body. Turns out that Celine is messing and pressing some sort of app in the device (which shows Tearju’s body) and this means Tearju’s body part feels molested and ticklish wherever Celine is pressing her finger on. Rito notices Tearju not feeling well and accompanies her to the staff room after class. At that moment, Celine went into berserk mode and starts pressing the app like hell. Like as though she is some sort of finger kung fu master. I feel because Tearju made her late appearance in the series, the producers are like trying to cram in lots of fanservice on her. All the shadow hands must be rubbing (and poking) her most sensitive parts. Well, use your imagination on where those parts are… She can’t take it anymore and falls down the stairs. Rito tries to save her but I don’t know how she ended up falling on top of him. She collapses when she can’t take it no more. So happen Yami saw this ambiguous scene. Can you feel the rage when this girl misinterprets what this pervert is doing to her mom? Tearju wakes up in the infirmary and learns that the device Celine was playing with was actually some sort of self massaging invention Lala created for an old teacher who is having muscle aches. With this incident over, well it isn’t really over for Rito because he is running for his life with Yami hunting him hell bent on killing him.

Trouble In Paradise
Well, I had a feeling it would end in such an unsatisfying fashion. It is like it hasn’t really ended yet. I mean, in the sense to end it for a season. Why am I unsatisfied? Let’s not talk about the fanservice yet, please. Master’s identity is not really known and after introducing Mea as Yami’s ‘sister’, where does she go after that? It looks like she is someone to add into Rito’s harem from the way things are going. The more she stays on this planet and observes Earthlings, the more she will end up like Yami’s thinking. Besides, the way she acts it’s like she’s an airhead. Almost everything she sees she will be in awe and wants to learn like as though she’s never experienced them before especially those that have to do with Rito. This is what happens when you’re a weapon for so long and suddenly experience new sensations. It goes to show Mea isn’t totally heartless. At least from what I can see for this season. When Master seemed to threaten to use Mea’s feelings in her new plan, it seems it didn’t even start when this series ended. Maybe next season?

About the harem plan, I don’t know if it is making progress or not because I don’t really see anything changing. It’s not exactly paradise now either. Rito will always be the nice guy caught in between all the trouble and because he isn’t a real pervert like many other boys, it is hard to aim for a harem ending, right? He keeps delaying, they keep delaying so it’s like it has never moved at all. But like Momo said, there should be no rush. Take things slowly and one step at a time. Besides, I don’t think the girls will run away from him, right? What are the chances of Rito turning into an evil pervert permanently? So it’s safe to say that as long as he is the lovely guy the girls are familiar with, his harem will always be there waiting for him. Sort of. That is why lots of girls flock around him. If he was a perverted guy to begin with, I don’t think he would have commanded such a large number of babes directly or indirectly. As proven, do you like the evil perverted Rito? No, we don’t. So in a way it is a good thing he stays the indecisive guy we all are familiar with. It’s so much fun that way.

Haruna and Lala seem to have taken quite a backseat for this season and although I won’t go far to say that if they don’t even appear it doesn’t matter, I felt that their impact was very much lacking. No doubt this series is more about Momo and to some point Yami, but Haruna and Lala are the big 2 girls in Rito’s harem, don’t you think? Well, maybe that could change. After all, after the events at the end of the third season with Rito’s failed confession to Haruna at the pool, maybe it is good to take a little breather for them. At least there is one part where it proves Lala isn’t just an airhead like I always assumed her to be. Her inventions going berserk may seem like disaster but they have deep meanings behind their occurrences. It shows she deeply cares for her sisters and those around her. And now that we know Haruna likes Rito, the question is when they are going to say it to each other’s face. Something tells me it is going to take a very long time… There are episodes that focus on some of the girls like Yui, Mikan and Run but that hardly brings us anywhere. Except maybe for Yui. With each episode centring on her confirming her tsundere attitude and her love for Rito is deeper than before. Just that she doesn’t to admit it and always gives us that tiring ‘shameless’ excuse. I felt that the Run-focused episode was just to see how Run and Ren split. That’s all. I suppose the joke of them switching genders at each sneeze is getting boring and inconvenient. How can Rito have his complete harem if one of them is dual gender? Thus I thought that was necessary to ‘get it out of the way’. The episode featuring Mikan I believe won’t make her turn into one of those brother complex sister. It just shows us how close their bonds are.

Although Saki was completely forgettable (had she not make that single appearance, I would have totally forgotten about her) and it is ironic that Rin had more spotlight on her. Maybe it is due to circumstances. Same case for Saruyama. I don’t think I would have remembered him too if he had not made that came of chasing Riko (the turned-zombie one was forgettable). Okay, maybe I do will remember that bugger when the series ends but it won’t be to an extent that I will be worried about this and that and the what-ifs for his case. I suppose we don’t really care for a perverted guy, right? Also not making much impact is the breast fondling Risa (I think she had her moment last season so I suppose it is enough), Mio, Zastin and Gid himself. At least Zastin was reduced to just some flashback cameo but Gid just a still picture or two. Kyouko wasn’t even featured at all. Still remember that magical girl that solves things by burning everything down? So don’t you see that this isn’t about Rito going to be Deviluke king and learning the responsibilities of carrying that title. Dealing with a bunch of girls is already burdensome. I still wonder what this Celine girl is around for. Just like the last season, she is just bumming around having fun. I don’t see her as part of Rito’s harem. I shouldn’t brush that off just yet. Every girl has their potential. Mikado and Oshizu too. Ah, so many girls, so little time. Having a harem had never been such a headache. My bad. It is ALWAYS a headache!

When Tearju first made her appearance, it suddenly dawned to me that perhaps that is why Yami was so similar to Eve, a character from the anime Black Cat. The character is designed by Kentaro Yabuki who created the Black Cat series. From my research, both series aren’t in the same universe but Yami was designed based on Eve, in which she was based on Tearju. Both even had the same seiyuu, Misato Fukuen. I guess if you want to rip off something, at least take the history with you too. Just like the other characters, when Tearju finally gets to see Yami, it just makes me go “So what?”. So they make up and reconcile. That’s about it. I thought there would be something more. Yeah. Maybe more boobs fanservice if that’s what her role is going to be. It should prove interesting since she and Master are of from the similar project but suffered vastly different outcome. There would have been some major big battle that I predicted between them but I think they don’t want to ruin the fanservice factor with some bloodbath. So let’s stick to this formula that works, okay?

So the girl having most of the screen time is Momo and of course we see her dual side. In front of the public, she is such a nice and good girl but when she is alone with Rito, she unleashes her dark and seductive side (how many girls do you know have no qualms in creeping up next to you in bed?). It is no wonder that she may be the most dangerous among the girls. Lala’s invention may go crazy but it is mostly harmless and the genius inventor is an airhead. More dangerous than Yami because unlike the blonde who has stated her blunt intentions to kill him, you just don’t know what Momo is thinking. You can never be too careful around with her. Since she is not mono-emotion (you thought she would always be that smiling, happy-happy girl, eh?), at times she can display her angry and annoying sentiments too. When she’s serious, she’s scary. You don’t really want to mess with her. Of course we love it when she is putting up that happy expression. That’s the safest of all. But I can’t say the same for Rito since she loves to play pranks on him from time to time. Nana can be on par with Yui in being tsundere. Whoever said having one tsundere is enough? Nana may not have many scenes like Yui to confirm us her love for Rito but our gut feeling tells us she definitely has hots for Rito. Imagine if Yui and Nana admit their love and lose their tsundere character, that would be no more fun, right? It will feel just plain weird. A harem needs a variety of personalities.

Rito must be the luckiest and unluckiest guy in the world. I know that sentence itself is an oxymoron but my reason for saying that is because of the fanservice situations he always gets into (for our pleasure of course). Every dude on this planet would be green with envy to be in his position. Yet, due to some circumstances, avoiding an attack or an accidental slip, he finds his hands/face in the girl’s boobs or in the lower anatomy or has his hands all over her panties. It just makes you wonder the physics of how he can end up in such situation. Calling it fate would be too convenient because it happens ALL THE TIME! So much so I think the God of Pervert must be having a hand in making him turn out this way. Some girls like it. Some girls don’t. What to do? It already happened. His pain, our gain. I hope we enjoy all the fanservice that this guy suffered to give us? Give thanks and say grace. Thank you Rito!

All of the seiyuus are retained and with Mea as the new addition, at first I couldn’t recognize her voice but then as the series progresses, I can’t help feel there is such familiarity in her voice. It’s like I’ve heard it somewhere before too and with such character. It took me some time to realize Yuka Iguchi is the voice behind Mea. She wasn’t in her annoying bratty role like To Aru Majutsu No Index’s Index or Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai’s Maria. It was something close to like how Hayate No Gotoku Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’s Ruri. Just less naive. Rina Hidaka voices Master so this isn’t her usual cute girl stereotype roles like Anko in Tamako Market, Airi in Ro-Kyu-Bu, Shizuka in Campione, Last Order in To Aru Majutsu No Index and Ririchiyo in Inu x Boku SS. The opening theme, Rakuen Project by Ray sounds like typical anime pop. The ending theme by Kanon Wakeshima is Foul Play Ni Kurari. It sounds very much like a musical stage play song. A little funny too.

After getting into so much trouble for so long, Rito should have developed some kind of immunity or sixth sense to it. But looks like the way things are going, he doesn’t. Could this mean that even though he resists some of it, deep down in his heart he still wants them? Let’s see how things work out when he becomes the next king of Deviluke. Will he change into a different person? Will he become more of a tyrant or a greater hero? Who knows? Only time will tell. I suppose that is why he wants things to stay the way as it is right now as long as possible. Because things will definitely change one day. Like Mikan who won’t forever stay his little sister. Like Yami, how despite she is still sticking around to watch Rito and kill him when the right time comes, it feels like a blatant excuse because it feels that she is more of dandere than anything. Like Yui, probably the only one to have come up with a firm visualizing future of herself and Rito. The only thing that won’t change is his nature to get into such trouble. I’ll say that is his fate and destiny.


August 16, 2013

I didn’t even know that even way back in 1989, there were aliens trying to take over Earth and failed! I thought it was just confined to a certain alien frog and squid girl. Surprise, surprise. Ariel may only be a couple of episodes long but the amusing synopsis was enough to gain my attention and made me curious enough to watch it. As stated, those aliens are still trying to conquer Earth but due to the tight budget and costs of invasion, they have yet to succeed. I guess this tells us that the aliens have been trying but failed all the time. Yeah, money is the determination of success. Even If they have launched some attacks, Earth remains safe only because of the defence by a giant shaped female robot named ARIEL (All Round Intercept and Escort Lady) by Dr Kishida. However our mad doctor too is having problems because the pilots are his granddaughters! Oddly, they are more interested in other aspects in their lives rather than piloting this giant. Can you blame them for girls their age? Aren’t there anyone else interested in piloting ARIEL? I’m not sure if his thinking is that it takes girls to pilot something female. Or maybe he just wants to keep costs low using his own relatives rather than hire other women to do the work.

Ariel Visual

Episode 1: SCEBAI’s Greatest Crisis Part 1
The opening narration narrates how the main casts are just a bunch of unfortunate people. Dr Kishida may have created ARIEL and saved the world from alien invasion but his granddaughters hate him. How unfortunate. Aya wants to go to college and her entrance exam is coming up soon but has to spend her time piloting ARIEL in which she is forced to by grandpa. How unfortunate. Mia the niece of Dr Kishida and leader of ARIEL is an unfortunate college student. Aya’s younger sister, the carefree Kazumi thinks it is fun to hang out with grandpa and loves flying ARIEL. How unfortunate. Albert Houser may be the commander of the spaceship Orcs and in charge of the invasion on Earth but hasn’t made any progress. Very unfortunate of him. Simone Torefan handles the tight budget of the ship with her strict ways but since she is love with Houser, it is very unfortunate. Saber Starblast is an alien who chased Houser to Earth and is veiled in misfortune. There is one final unfortunate guy making his way to Earth right at this moment. And so continues the story of their predictably unfortunate meeting. How unfortunate of me to watch these unfortunate events…

The girls just return from another round of piloting ARIEL. Yeah. It is clear on their face Aya and Mia are NOT happy. The mysterious alien dude, Commander Ragnarok Gilbert Howzen AKA Ragnus from the head office makes his way to Earth. Aya isn’t having enough sleep (due to staying up all night studying to compensate for her flying hours) but still gets up to make her way to school. Dr Kishida wants her to just fly ARIEL and he’ll personally get her into a good college. She blows her top but he remains cool. Dr Kishida is called to SCEBAI since there is an emergency. He heads off in the Harrier jet but it looks like he dropped his wallet. As Mia rides her bike to college, she sees the news reporting of another alien ship spotted closing in. They are not sure if it is connected to Houser and if so, brace yourselves for another invasion. Mia doesn’t care about aliens or what Dr Kishida says and thinks all this isn’t related to her. There is no response from Ragnus’ ship so Houser is left to ponder their purpose of arrival. Is it because of audit? Did they go over the budget as Simone fears? Houser knows they can’t lie to the head office and if this is an audit, they will face it since he is the commander of this fleet and it his responsibility. Ragnus finally makes contact and doesn’t want Houser to use formalities. Aya dreams of running away from her duties of piloting ARIEL. Wherever she goes, she sees Dr Kishida’s face. I know. Hideous.  Turns out she was dreaming right in the middle of a test! How on Earth did this even happen? Even Mia is seeing visions of him that she almost loses control of her bike and crash into the pedestrians! Oh wait. She’s not seeing things! Seems Dr Kishida has modified her helmet’s visor as some sort of an emergency communication device. He hopes she would reconsider her decision to pilot ARIEL but she is adamant she won’t and slams down her helmet.

Houser and Simone meet and talk with Ragnus. He is not here to audit them but is on his way back from an expedition. He knows Houser is having a handful with his invasion especially the robot that is piloted by 3 young maidens. Ragnus thinks they are putting up quite a fight but Houser complains if he had only a larger fleet, etc, so Simone reminds him about the monetary stuffs. Ragnus reminisces their reunion like those days in the academy. They were best friends and Ragnus introduced Simone to him. Feeling that fate has a strange way of reuniting them and for them to be working together, Ragnus wants to join this enterprise. He makes it formal and orders them to put this ship under his command. He will supervise all operations and in 20 hours, they will move to eliminate Earth’s giant weapon. Houser is still worried of that single person. Ragnus doesn’t want him to sweat about Saber and will handle him. Aya slams down another phone call from grandpa. She will not take up his offer to pilot ARIEL. The sisters go hang out at Mia’s place. They can’t really stand him forcing them to pilot ARIEL. Aya sees the picture in Dr Kishida’s dropped wallet. It looks like a woman resembling Mia. As pointed out it is their late grandma, Ayumi. Mia then gets a call from Dr Kishida about you-know-what. At first she is against it but it seems he makes an offer she can’t refuse. Aya warns not to get con again but Mia and Kazumi are ready to head out. Last chance to join them. Aya asserts she will not as she has prep school today. Ragnus and his troops prepare for their assault but it seems Houser still has his doubts. He knows Saber is too much for him to handle and doesn’t know what he is up against. Asserting he is still captain of this ship, he wants his advisor, Demonova to prepare a shuttle despite being ordered to remain in position. He also doesn’t want Simone to find out about this.

Episode 2: SCEBAI’s Greatest Crisis Part 2
Mia and Kazumi arrive at SCEBAI’s headquarters to meet up with Dr Kishida. Seems Mia agreed to do this because grandpa will be paying her rent for the entire year. Nothing like money talks. Dr Kishida is still worried on how to get Aya to cooperate. In great timing, they have detected aliens launching a fighter craft into the atmosphere. Everyone scrambles into action and ARIEL is also deployed. The fighter craft which turns out to be an alien monster crashes into the city and close to where Aya is. The monster rampages through the city but when ARIEL arrives, she starts firing hitting just about everything. Buildings, cars, etc. Thankfully it hit and killed the monster. That easy? Something feels wrong. Yeah. It’s a trap. The main force is dropping at SCEBAI’s base and this one was just a decoy to draw ARIEL away. Tons of monsters drop in the vicinity of the base but Dr Kishida is going to show them who is boss by initiating some barrier. Mia feels she can’t fight that many without Aya. Speaking of which, they spot her and pick her up. She still refuses to pilot but when Mia mentions about grandpa in trouble, I guess family is still family so she agrees to join in. The monsters are relentlessly attacking the barrier and making some breakthrough. SCEBAI needs to hold out until ARIEL arrives. Dr Kishida gets word that Aya has joined in and contacts ARIEL. However Aya is busy studying since her test is coming up. Suddenly the communications get cut. Did the monsters get them? No, just the communications itself that got lost. But at least it made the girls worried enough to focus on the job at hand.

ARIEL arrives in time to engage the monsters. Another full blown destruction. ARIEL is fast running out of ammo and the only weapon left is a sword. Ragnus is piloting one of the monsters and is going to engage ARIEL. Mia has Aya concentrate on ARIEL’s footwork while Kazumi use her tennis timing to strike down the monster. They may seem successful but Ragnus still lives and catches ARIEL from behind. He tears ARIEL apart and tells them they won’t die alone. He has the other monsters destroy SCEBAI’s base as well. Before Ragnus can destroy ARIEL, a boomerang rips off his monster’s arm. Saber is here to save the day. Houser notes the mystery man has shown his face and launches down in his shuttle. Ragnus is confident in taking him on but Saber’s sword easily slices through him. His sword also strikes down and destroys all the other monsters. During this time it gives the girls enough time to recuperate and power back up ARIEL. They are mad that Ragnus has attacked grandpa and go all out to destroy the monster. Ragnus ejects safely as Houser picks him up. In the aftermath, the girls wonder if grandpa is alright. Dr Kishida’s voice is heard coming through the walkie-talkie. He was repairing the communications. That mad scientist won’t go down so easily. Suddenly SCEBAI’s base emerges from the rubble. Seems he has anticipated something like this and has built a second base. And the girls thought their piloting days would be over. Dr Kishida is glad Aya came to help but she says she is here to give back his wallet. He is very grateful for it since he was looking for it. His colleague tells on him that he has a bunch of those photos. The photos of Ayumi look very much like ARIEL. I suppose it was designed with her in mind.

Ariel Deluxe

As stated even in the synopsis, the incompetent aliens are still trying to conquer Earth. I guess there is merit when you don’t give up after failing. But that’s just about it. If you don’t succeed at first… Yeah, how unfortunate. Can they succeed this time? The only thing that seems to stand between their invasion success is ARIEL. Or is it? Wasn’t it Saber that thwarted their invasion? If failure is the only fate for Houser, I can see where this is going… The question is how bad they are going to fail… And we have a couple of more OVAs with extended running time of around 45 minutes each to see all that.

Episode 1: The Beginning
Aliens are attacking Earth and the world has prepared its army to take on them. Everyone except Japan because the government thinks they need a consensus. Dumb ass. Even with photographic proof of monsters, they shrug it off as mere practice. So Dr Kishida has foreseen this and unleashes ARIEL, an ultimate creation of National Science Institute. Look at it as a giant robot lady in leotard fighting aliens. Is she our only hope against alien invasion? Kazumi barely makes it to catch the train and meet up with her friends Emi and Yuki. They talk about last night’s announcement of the invasion in which Kazumi believes it is real since she was riding the robot. She is after all Dr Kishida’s granddaughter. Kazumi discovers some sort of letter in her bag and her friends are very shocked thinking it’s a love letter. In class, her friends are envious because a carefree girl like her got a love letter. For the record, they never got one. Kazumi wonders what to do so they give their opinions. Don’t go. Or maybe Emi could stand in for her. Anyhow, Kazumi seems blissful. Meanwhile Houser is talking to Demonova about his grand plan to invade Japan by launching many battalions. He is soon chided by Simone who reminds him about their very limited budget. Due to that, their supplies are running low. No cash flow means shops are going out of business and unemployment is over 10%! Wow. See? War is just not economical. She wants all plans to be approved in advance before execution. Look at all the other control girls snickering at the captain for being chided… Is it that funny? But Houser wonders if he can secretly launch them.

Kazumi tells her big sister Aya about the love letter she got. Surprise, eh? Kazumi isn’t sure what to do and seeks her advice. Taking a look at the love letter, Aya has her own opinions on it but if Kazumi wants to know who this guy is (there is no name on the letter), it is best to meet up with him. Kazumi is thrilled that she might be going on a date and wants Aya to tag along. I don’t think big sister has got time to babysit. Aya is dumbfounded to learn that the meeting is today at 5pm! And it is already 4pm. Aya believes they still have time and rushes Kazumi. Meanwhile it is more woes for Houser. Because the ship is falling apart! No money for maintenance, huh? Yeah, the engine is going. Some compartment is going. And some drop units are dropping. Houser thinks they can use this accident as an excuse to launch those drop units but Demonova says those are scrap units and have no control devices. Yeah, Simone thinks he purposely released the drop units. Headache, isn’t he? But as they fall into orbit, many burn up into nothing. All the space agencies around the world pick it up as the aliens are launching an invasion. One of them did not burn and is falling towards Tokyo. Dr Kishida is being told by SCEBAI about this so he leaves his geothermal plant to his un-confident scientists to head there. He gives permission to use ARIEL. Mia Kawai is in the middle of her shower when she receives an emergency call. She can’t say no because the pilot is here to pick her up in his Harrier jet. Dry and change in the plane, miss. Is there enough space? Aya helps Kazumi dress her best. But Kazumi now has second thoughts about going. She doesn’t want to go. What?! After all this? Sure, Aya won’t come? She won’t. Now get going to your date! Unfortunately, the helicopter pilot is here to pick them up. Of all times. Kazumi must be happy since she doesn’t have to go on the date now. However Aya learns that since the date is in 5 minutes, they must kill the alien in 3 minutes. Sure that’s enough?

When they rendezvous with Mia inside ARIEL (Mia is wearing a Playboy bunny suit – apparently she thought this was the new uniform), she is also shocked to learn Kazumi has a date. Kazumi doesn’t mind missing this one but Mia insists the first date is always important and calls Dr Kishida directly to complain. This guy wants the girls to blame the aliens for picking such timing. Plus, it is their honourable to defend the Earth from its invasion. Some sacrifice is needed. I guess that’s about it. Better get moving because the alien is approaching. ARIEL flies and launches its missiles but didn’t do any damage to the fast descending alien. So fast that the shockwave caused ARIEL to fall and some operations malfunctioned. On ground, the real battle begins. Because the buildings make it look like they’re playing hide and seek and tag, ARIEL flies off and the alien follows suit. Kazumi does button mashing to fire away to destroy the alien. Nothing happened. And they ran out of ammo. Realizing she really wanted to go to the date, Mia gives her the only weapon left. They only have one shot of this rocket launcher. The alien charges at them and bites the head but ARIEL loses her helmet and crashes to the ground. Just when it looked like victory belonged to the alien, it suddenly ran out of power. Enough time for ARIEL to fire the rocket launcher into its mouth and killing it. Kazumi immediately ejects to make her way to meet her date. But the streets are so devastated she doesn’t know where she is. In the end, she didn’t get to meet this guy but back home she gets a new love letter and is all over the moon. Meanwhile Simone wakes up Houser as something terrible has happened. Washington makes contact with Kremlin as SCEBAI intercepts the call and informs Dr Kishida about it.

Episode 2: Great Fall
On Christmas Eve as Japan is in celebration mood, the military around the world launches a nuclear attack on Orcs. Yeah, it is already ridden with poverty, unemployment rates at 40% and with no spare or maintenance parts to repair the ship. This just adds to their woes, eh? Houser is going to get loads of headache as the parts will only arrive in 6 months. Yeah. They’ll be doing a re-entry by then. Dr Kishida discusses with a SCEBAI scientist about the operation of blasting Orcs out of orbit and its prediction of crashing into Central Europe. However the warheads didn’t exactly destroy Orcs and changes its orbit. Still, it is dropping and it is expected to crash into Japan. Dr Kishida catches Mia eavesdropping and takes her away. On New Year’s Day, Dr Kishida barges into a high profile meeting between the Emperor, Prime Minister and his cabinet ministers. This is an emergency. He shows them SCEBAI’s calculations that Orcs will crash into Tokyo. To prevent this catastrophe, nearby is his geothermal plant. He is planning to convert magma into energy to act as a catapult and push Orcs away. The risky idea may destroy some islands but what choice do they have left? The Emperor gives Dr Kishida full authority. Mia is still suspicious of what Dr Kishida is up to since he is busy working on New Year’s Day. She muscles away to see him on one of the islands and threatens not to leave till she finds out what is happening. He takes her underground just above the Earth’s mantle. She is shocked to see those nuclear signs and realized he is the one causing the frequent earthquakes felt over Japan recently. Dr Kishida plans to drop the nukes here to convert magma into plasma. The lava will be jet propelled straight up like a continual stream of Hiroshima bombs to reach orbit. Not only this island a handful of other islands will be doing this too. Extracting geothermal energy is a long and slow process but this will release all that power in a single burst. Consider it as a controlled nuclear explosion to blast Orcs out of the sky.

Orcs becomes visible in the sky. So there are many theories about it. Some say it’s the weather and some say it’s just a big movie prop. Mia returns to tell Aya what is going on and going to happen. Apparently ‘crash’ is a taboo word for her because she is studying for the entrance exams. No use getting worried about it so Aya continues her studies and takes her entrance exam like normal. But she is still disturbed that Orcs is falling. She then goes to the bookstore to research on the effects of a nuclear fallout. She is devastated to learn of a nuclear winter on Earth. The final hour is at hand as Dr Kishida and SCEBAI prepare to launch their catapult plan. Final checks and systems are in place as everything seems to be running on schedule. However there is a rift in the ocean floor and a fault line is moving in the Fuji volcanic chain. Cursing at the bad luck of such timing, Dr Kishida orders the plant to shut down before every volcano on Fuji chain erupts. He also stops the catapult plan and though they aren’t able to push the target back into orbit, it bought them enough time to begin the trampoline project.

On March 12, there are protests and panic everywhere. The Prime Minister calls Dr Kishida to lambast what he is doing. That’s because he has taken over all the railroad and power companies for this next plan. Dr Kishida can’t give a damn how a hard time the Prime Minister has to prevent panic because he’s got a falling alien ship to worry about. Aya tells Mia about the nuclear winter she read but Mia assures her it won’t happen because they’ll spring Orcs back into orbit. So just study and take her tests like normal. Kazumi sneaks onboard and since they have no time to shoo her away, they bring her along to the lab. Dr Kishida explains the giant barrier he is making. Using some theory, they’re going to place those generators around somewhere and run 200,000 giga watts through them. This will create some force field powerful enough to twist light and gravity. Once at full strength, it will reverse Earth’s gravity and turn it into a giant spring. But it only looks good in theory. It wasn’t meant to handle something this big. They have to try or else they’ll have a huge crater in Tokyo. The only way is to cause a massive blackout over the Kanto area. Houser and Simone are in some sort of argument. Whether it’s about money or not listening to orders. Demonova has come up with a strategy to bounce them back instead of sitting on the surface for months and then crashing. Looks like he has this same idea to use some reverse gravity field to bounce them back but they will need to use the mass of the Earth as a springboard. It will be a close call because they need to be close to the ground before they can activate this reverse gravity thingy.

In the final minutes, Dr Kishida and SCEBAI begin their plan. The blackout of Kanto region begins. However the power is too great as the power system overloaded and short circuited. They need a new power source and it seems ARIEL is their only hope. However they left it parked back at their home. I guess Aya realizes if she doesn’t save the world today, it doesn’t matter if she studies for tomorrow’s test because there won’t be any! She flies ARIEL to the lab and immediately rendezvous with Mia and Kazumi. ARIEL then hooks up to power up the barrier. When Orcs crashes into it, something went wrong. It seems Orcs is not stopping and is sliding off the barrier. That is because their engine is reacting to the barrier (they were trying to put their plan into action too). Because the barrier is too high for Orcs for its optimal height for the reverse gravity, it is causing Orcs to malfunction too. ARIEL is also at its limit and crashes. Orcs breaks through the barrier and crashes into Tokyo. BOOOOOM!!! The land has become a desert wasteland! They failed!!!! Or was it just Aya’s imagination?! Suddenly everyone is shocked to see this scene. What the hell is this?! Is that Superman?! No, it’s Saber! So his role for the entire 2 episodes was just for this short moment? Sure we see him from time to time as somebody watching the sky and doing some training but I guess that’s about it. So full of mystery as always. Anyway, Saber himself is holding up the giant mothership! WTF???!!! He then uses his immense strength to fling it back into orbit! With the world now saved, it’s time to pop the champagne for celebrations! Yahoo! Life returns to normal for everyone. Except for Aya. Because she didn’t study enough… And her worst fear comes true… She didn’t pass the exam… CURSES!!! How unfortunate. The mothership should have fallen over Tokyo, eh?

No Money, No Success
Watching this by itself is rather fun. If you don’t mind the other details or the what-ifs and what-will-happen scenarios. It might not be comparable to today’s standards but back then I guess it feels rather okay since you get to see a giant robot fighting a giant alien while smashing up the city. Reminds you of Ultraman, huh? Even if it doesn’t seem funny but I think they’re trying to make it funny that Houser is always having problems with his budget. He really wants to invade Earth but finds his insufficient funds prevent him from achieving his goal. Especially with Simone by his side, it feels like she is his wife controlling his finances. So it goes to show that even if you are some high end intergalactic alien, without money, you still cannot do a successful conquer even if your target like Earth is such a primitive and backward place compared to their high technology. It is pretty funny to even see how the lack of funds affect the morale and the entire ship. Economics on an intergalactic scale is quite scary. Hey, even aliens need to work for a living and eat, right? They have families to support too. It is mind boggling that the ship has been holding out for so long that it could break into many pieces any time. So why not just retreat for the time being, return to headquarters to repair and fix up everything good and then come back and continue the invasion? Must be some alien pride thingy.

On the other hand, the pilots of ARIEL and Dr Kishida are also another funny bunch. Dr Kishida’s worries is not about defeating the alien and defending Earth (since he is very confident about ARIEL’s abilities) but rather if his granddaughters especially Aya would cooperate. Yeah. That’s how I feel. Kazumi is like the airhead of the pack and while not entirely dumb, she does enjoy piloting ARIEL and nothing more than that. But her happy trigger ways means ARIEL runs out of ammo real fast. Just fire and shoot! Mia also didn’t like doing this job but when grandpa agrees to pay her expenses, look how quick she shifts her allegiance. Aya may be the most stubborn one but you can’t blame her seeing it is her dream of entering a good college. And that means studying hard enough. She knows she can’t juggle both duties. But when the time really calls for it, she will still pilot ARIEL. Too bad her grades had been severely affected. Don’t worry, grandpa will try and use his connections to pull strings so she can get into a good college. But what is the use of that when she doesn’t make it with her own hands? Ah… Girls like them are already in so much dilemma. Often, I think that Earth is very much safe thanks to this Saber guy and not because of ARIEL. Houser has is budget problems, ARIEL and the girls have their own life problems and I also think they aren’t that proficient in piloting ARIEL. Both sides are just trying their luck to wipe each other out. The real turning point comes when Saber intervenes, giving ARIEL the upper hand to finish the job.

Speaking of Saber, as the most mysterious character in the series, it is sad that he is somewhat reduced to some character that only appears in crucial times. Other times, you see him bidding his time waiting for the moment the aliens make their move. I am sure there is more to him than meets the eyes. At first I thought he was some guy who popped out from The Fist Of The North Star. Houser knows him so it is safe to say that they both have had clashed in battlefields many times. I believe that none of the humans or Dr Kishida and SCEBAI know who this dude is nor have contact with him. Seeing how strong Saber is, I am sure he has thwarted Houser many times in the past. Just be glad that this super strong dude is on our side. And then there is Ragnus. What happened to him? Though he just dropped by and had to leave the soonest for another expedition, I’m sure he won’t take this lost very lightly. Maybe another time, eh? He seemed like he had some potential in playing an active role once he took over the command of Orcs but was that just for a short while? Maybe he’ll leave the failures to Houser, eh? To sum up the characters, I would say they are under developed. But how can a handful of OVAs do any justice?

As said the battles are an enjoyable watch. Ariel Deluxe made it even more interesting when Dr Kishida decides to employ his scientific theories to propel Orcs back into space. I know I suck in all those scientific terms but here they are kept to a minimum. At least I understood what they were trying to do even if they added the jargon and all. I think this series is trying to pay tribute to some sci-fi series. Most obvious is Ultraman because of the fights and how some of the monster designs feel like they are worthy of being Ultraman’s monster-of-the-week. I only heard the opening song once and it really feels like those Ultraman themes. Then there is Star Wars. At least the opening narration in the first episode feels like one (“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”). Strangely they are all romanized. Doesn’t Orcs look like some Romulan ship from Star Trek? I may be wrong since I am not a Star Trek fan but I had this feeling it looked like it. Even the background music is very sci-fi-like. Exciting actually. One more thing I need to mention. SCEBAI I noticed is pronounced very closely to that perverted word, ‘sukebe’. Looking at the word, naturally I would have pronounced it as ‘su-ke-bai’. So it really sounds funny to hear people calling this organization ‘sukebe’. What’s so perverted? If you had a mad scientist making a giant female robot in leotards, isn’t that perverted enough?

Well it goes to show that aliens are very much like us human beings too. Sometimes they fail miserably but that won’t stop them from trying to persevere. You can have the best technology and the best army in the entire universe, but all that is for nothing if you don’t have the dough needed to execute everything perfectly. Seriously, a single robot is all that is needed to protect an invasion? Why don’t they make two or three or a dozen just in case? I won’t be surprise if it is money problems. Maybe that’s why they get a little help from one mysterious Superman. Just one super guy to defeat all the hard work that the aliens have been putting in. Very depressing, isn’t it? Does blowing up the planet now sound more enticing and easier? So whether or not you are humans, aliens, primitive or advance, in the end it is money that still reigns supreme. It has already invaded our lives and pretty much how we live, don’t you think?

Ano Natsu De Matteru

September 23, 2012

Oh hey! They made a sequel spin-off of Onegai Teacher! Wait, no. Not exactly. It has little elements from Ano Hana too. Ano Natsu De Matteru is also set in the summer and we have a group of high school friends who are from the movie club deciding to make a summer movie but end up learning more about themselves and their feelings among each other. Only difference is that we don’t have the ghost of a childhood friend but aliens. Say what?! That’s right. Aliens. Aliens from outer space. For those of you who are ‘old’ enough to have watched Onegai Teacher (for the record, it came out in 2002 and it’s already a decade later. Wow. I feel so old), you may have noticed lots of similarities this anime has to offer. Some of the characters, certain settings and some of the love setup. As I have found out, Yousuke Kuroda who wrote the screenplay and Taraku Uon who designed the characters both contributed to Onegai Teacher. Is this a rip-off or an updated setting to cater for current pop culture? Neither. It may be similar in some ways but this anime can stand on its own. You don’t have to watch Onegai Teacher to see this one and it’s a pleasant surprise for those looking for some teen romance with some drama.

Episode 1
Kaito Kirishima believes that when you die, you travel to somebody’s heart and stay, live on as memories. Yup, not go to heaven. Even so, memories fade in time and that’s why people want to leave something behind. He is testing out is film on the bridge of a dam when a UFO crashes nearby. The impact was so great that Kaito was blown off the bridge and would’ve probably been killed if not for a gentle soft hand that reached out for him. But could it be a dream because he wakes up on the wrong side of his futon come morning. On his way to school, he spots a red haired girl in the train. She is being starred by other passengers like as though she did something wrong. In class, Kaito discusses with his friends, Tetsurou Ishigaki, Mio Kitahara and Kanna Tanigawa the kind of movie they’re going to make for the summer holidays and Kaito was supposed to scout for the location yesterday. Cheeky Tetsurou suggests using shy Mio as the main actress and she doesn’t even need a script to go with. Hmm… That could only mean one thing, eh? Kaito tests film his camera and spots the red haired girl outside the window and is somewhat attracted to her. His friends tease him she is his type of girl since he continued to record her (he forgot to turn off the record button rather). That red head is Ichika Takatsuki and is a new transfer student in this school. The guys are crowding around her but Lemon Yamano shoos them away by threatening she’ll do ‘amazing’ things to them if they don’t. I want to know what those ‘amazing’ things are. Ichika eats with Lemon and she is somewhat nervous in the conversation. Tetsurou and Kaito observe from afar and Tetsurou has all the information on her from her three sizes down to her shoe size. Seemed he used his playboy charm on a teacher to get the details. The duo then go up to Ichika and ask her if she could help out in a movie they’re making. Guess what? She instantly agrees. Wow. That saved lots of time. Lemon also wants to help out. Seems she have this friend of hers named Lucas (that Hollywood guy?) that she wrote her script to so she assures them they can leave the film’s plot to her. Mio and Kanna (who definitely has hots for Kaito) not wanting to be left out also decide to join in the project. The friends see a mark on Kaito’s neck and think it’s a kiss mark. Kaito dismisses it’s an insect bite he got from yesterday’s outing when he suddenly remembers the UFO crash. Him going suddenly silent means the rest accuses him that it really is a love bite. Makes him look suspicious of what he’s filming then, eh?

Kaito is feeling happy over the developments when he sees Ichika fishing at a stream. He goes up to tell her there are no fish in this stream, much to her embarrassment. As they walk home together, Kaito fantasizes Ichika will praise him for his keen observation that she transferred alone and her dilemma of having no place to stay. That’s when he’ll offer her to stay at his place and coach her acting if they live together. But… Kaito wasn’t daydreaming. Ichika heard everything for real! Oh God! So embarrassing! Kaito couldn’t possibly bring Ichika home suddenly seeing he lives with his older sister, Nanami (their parents are dead). Ichika doesn’t want to be a burden on him and decides to search for a new place to live. Kaito changes his mind and lets her in anyway since his sister won’t be back so soon. Kaito couldn’t believe how Ichika dragged her heavy luggage all the way so she gives an excuse she is used to grabbing it (almost revealing she used gravity). As Ichika takes a bath, Kaito suddenly feels pain on his neck. Then he collapses unconscious. Ichika heard a loud thud and rushes out to see Kaito out cold. To her horror, scales are forming on his neck. She summons Rinon, a cute alien inside her luggage and the luggage itself transforms into some hi-tech equipment to heal Kaito. Then she kisses him. Nanami is coming back with Mio as they talk about the former’s business trip to Bolivia that will last about 3 months. Nanami thought her eyesight is getting worse to see a girl clad in towel holding Kaito in her arms inside a bright circle of light. Yeah right. That can’t be happening. So opening the door again, Nanami and Mio see a girl clad in towel holding Kaito in her arms. Just no bright light. It’s real! Here’s another shocking scene: Ichika accidentally presses her boobs against Kaito’s face. Is it an unfortunate thing he isn’t conscious?

Episode 2
Ichika is spewing lots of jargons. Not that I understand. What I do understand is that she left on a journey to find something. Along the way, they encountered some problem so she took emergency measures to get to her destination and that’s when the UFO crash happened. Nanami thought she had the weirdest dream. In her dream there’s this cute girl just like the one sitting in front of her. Nope. She’s real. Second round of fainting. So Nanami and Kanna ‘interrogate’ the duo and since Ichika is panicking, she’s spilling out all the truth. Damn those jargons. What the heck is Quon Linkage? Alterian beyond repair? Inclove wrecked? WTF?! Too complicated! In short as Kaito puts it, she has issues and offered her to stay here for a night since she has no money. So about the hugging? She was just nursing him. Yeah, what a fine word for putting a guy on your bosoms as nursing. Well, she even admits that this is how she heals people on her home planet. Planet? Oops. Hometown. So where does she come from? The north. Hokkaido? Further up. From overseas, eh? Her Japanese is damn good too. They thought they hit the wrong button when Ichika couldn’t say about her parents. Nanami instantly becomes emotional (in a funny way) because she knows how tough it is without parents. Nanami feels she could entrust Kaito to her since she will be leaving tomorrow. Kanna disagrees of the proposition. But Nanami says if Ichika can’t handle it, Kanna will cover for her. That okay? Besides, Kaito won’t do any funny business, right? RIGHT?! Obviously Kanna is mad when Kaito walks her home but soon she decides not to hold a grudge and believe in him. Kanna calls Mio who then calls Tetsurou and he decides about tomorrow’s meeting place for the movie. Ichika cooks noodles for Kaito (tastes sour) so he asks why she transferred to study here. She says there is a place she is looking for. As Kaito washes up, he spots the bite mark on his forehead and thinks it has multiplied but didn’t give it too much thought. Meanwhile Ichika talks to Rinon and it seems restoring the ship is out of the question. Kaito is so exhausted that he fell dead asleep once he hit his futon. Next morning, he is awakened by Ichika wearing a negligee! But he has to go see Nanami off or else she won’t stop crying. Really. So Nanami gives her tearful and emotionally charged farewell speech at the train station. Just go already…

After that Kaito takes Ichika shopping and when they return, he is surprised to see his friends gathered at his house. How did they get in? Lemon thought his locks were old, which is probably a way to say she broke in. Huhuhu… Due to Lemon’s seniority, she somewhat becomes the leader as she lays out her grand plans for the project. They’ll be using a script she wrote for 20 years?! A work so grand it’ll put Hollywood to shame?! Everything will be in CG?! You don’t need a camera for that then, right? The story is about zombie breakout at school?! Since Kaito objects all the way, I don’t know what bones Lemon broke in him to shut him up. Tetsurou asks Ichika if she has any requests and she mentions she would like to see some beautiful scenery and explore all sorts of places. Everyone agrees and this way Kaito thought she could find the place she’s looking for. To celebrate, Lemon has them drink some funny Dynamite drink. But it tastes good. Oh no. Look at her snicker… I don’t trust her. Soon everyone starts getting high like as though they’re drunk or a little dazed. Kanna then asks Ichika directly about her feelings for Kaito. Before she could answer, her pet Rinon starts dancing in the middle of the table. Everybody started laughing how cute this creature is. Yeah, they never thought it was an alien and think it’s some kind of wild local animal they’ve never seen. With that, Lemon suggests playing the King Game. Notice this? How come Lemon is the one who is always the King? Did she rig the whole thing? Of course the last bit whereby she ‘orders’ Ichika to have sex with Kaito, that’s a no go! In the kitchen, Kaito suddenly felt dizzy and almost to the point of passing out. Ichika sees the mark on his forehead and wants him to close his eyes. Then she makes him feel better by kissing it. I’m sure that worked even if the mark wasn’t there. Kaito wanted to say something but she put her fingers on his lips and doesn’t want him to say those words.

Episode 3
Kaito wakes up to the weirdest dream in his life. Ichika rejects his love because he is a bespectacled fantasizing pervert. Ouch! Because of that, Kaito leaves a note to Ichika that he’ll be taking a day off and wants to be left alone. Is he sick? Love sick, yeah. Ichika has Rinon do a scan but finds nothing wrong with his body. In class, Ichika shows the notes to Lemon and the sneaky girl knows Ichika must have said something for this kind of development to occur. It doesn’t help when you can read Ichika’s body language like a book. Tetsurou, Kanna and Mio don’t remember much at yesterday’s gathering when Tetsurou passes Kanna a letter from Lemon. It’s a picture of Kanna in a sexy pose during the King Game!!! No!!!! Good blackmail material!!! She better not let anyone sees this! Ichika couldn’t fathom Kaito’s behaviour and comes to a conclusion that he may have discovered her identity as an alien and will call the Men In Black (MIB)! Agent K?! Meanwhile, Kaito further fantasizes Ichika revealed his failed confession to his friends and they are all laughing about it. Tetsurou thought of visiting Kaito and worded in a way that even made Kanna rush off there first. “Nursing to his heart’s content…”. Lemon pops up from nowhere and feels this is their chance. Man, look at the big camera she’s prepared! For realism, eh? Kaito is surprised to see Kanna at his doorstep and since he thought Ichika will be mad he brought her in (he thinks she’ll label him a lady killer) so he decides to bring Kanna out to town. Unknown to them, the busybodies led by Lemon are tailing-cum-spying them. Oh, don’t forget that big camera she’s got. As Ichika walks back, she sees Kaito with Kanna in the passing train and believes they know her secret identity. She summons Rinon but that little blob is dozing after enjoying a cup noodle. Tastes good, huh? So in town, Kaito films Kanna while they go about and Lemon films them. Capturing the spark of youth that only lasts in an instant, huh? As if you don’t know Mio’s feelings for Tetsurou already, she tugs Tetsurou’s sleeve so that they could go buy some drinks together. Mio tells him that if he’s interfering with someone’s love life, he’ll end up getting hurt by himself. And real painful. He assures he’s just helping out and that Kanna and him are just childhood friends.

Kaito and Kanna talk about why he skipped school and of course Ichika. The moment seemed right for Kanna to confess but was rudely interrupted by the wheezing sound of Lemon’s rolling camera. Woah! WTF is she shooting up so close?! Embarrassed Kanna couldn’t allow this invasion of privacy (including that sneaky photo that she took of her) but was distracted enough to allow Lemon escape. She chases after her. Then when she sees Tetsurou and Mio are also around, she realized that she has been spied on the entire time. How embarrassing. Kaito bumps into Ichikawa. Guess what? The boy runs away. The girl chases him. Once she catches up to him (more like they’re both out of breath), Ichikawa hopes he wouldn’t tell on her (about being an alien) and wants him to keep it a secret. He too agrees he won’t tell anyone (about the confession) since he got rejected. Then they realize they’re talking on different subjects but couldn’t bring themselves to say what it is since well, it’s a secret, right? So they grab some food and chatted aimlessly and touch on any topic except that of yesterday’s.  He realizes their relationship was just budding and felt a weight lift off his heart. While waiting at the train station as Kaito films Ichika as practice, she asks who it was that he was rejected. She makes guesses that it’s Kanna or Mio but when she cheekily mentions herself, Kaito froze. Oops. Looks like she hit it spot on. Oh dear.

Episode 4
So shocked that Ichika just entered the train and left without a word while Kaito just stood there. Next morning, Ichika tries to act natural but gets startled when Kaito speaks to her. She nearly dropped the knife onto happy Rinon! Dangerous! Not so happy now, eh? In class, Kanna and Mio apologize for yesterday but they can feel something awkward going on with Kaito and Ichika. Even Lemon. See how she teases Ichika by mentioning Kaito’s name each time. Kaito fantasizes his ultimate reconciliation plan with Ichika that ends with a hug. Man, he’s hugging Tetsurou. Good thing Tetsurou’s not gay. So is Kaito. Actually he’s here to deliver the bento Ichika made for him. Kaito seeks his advice and asks hypothetically about the love problems between A-chan and B-chan. His advice is not to lose his head. Apparently Ichika also asks the same thing the same way to Lemon. Since A-chan doesn’t dislike B-chan, isn’t it okay to go for it? Ichika isn’t so sure that’ll work out since A-chan will have to leave town soon. As Kanna talks to Kaito, Lemon teases them about her voluptuous body (my foot!) in a swimsuit. Ichika sees them and quickly goes away. Kanna advises Kaito that he needs to get a hold of himself and be there for Ichika since she’s a foreigner. And Tetsurou thinks Kanna as C-chan the rival is digging herself deeper and deeper… Kaito once again fantasizes aloud the right plan to make up with Ichika. So much so Manami Ogura heard it and has him tag along with her shopping. He can’t say no… Ichika also thinks of making up with Kaito when she sees Kaito and Manami together. All that worry turned into jealousy. She summons Rinon but the pet is ignoring her since it is happily rolling around with the green tea container. However she warns that if it ignores her today, there’s no telling what she’ll do. Remember the knife? Oh sh*t! Better get to her right away! Rinon appears before Ichika and you can tell she’s real mad as she squeezes the little alien while taking out her jealous frustrations! Scary!

Ichika tails the duo shopping, walking into a lingerie store, watching a movie (was the anime Highschool of the Dead a movie?!) and finally back to her place. Ichika’s mind runs wild on the possibility what might happen when a sexy babe and a young lad get together in a room. As Manami takes a shower, Kaito sits around and is surprised to see Ichika standing behind him. She isn’t putting up a happy face. She takes him to leave but he doesn’t want to rush. Ichika gets upset and throws her bag at him despite not knowing why she’s feeling so. Manami comes out to see them and understands what’s going on so she plays around with Ichika that ‘people are free to fall in love’ and ‘obstacles come naturally with love’. Ichika is replies about her duty given by Nanami to look after Kaito. Is that an excuse? Manami wants Ichika to be honest with herself but is appalled when she realizes both these kids are dense. Then Tetsurou comes in. Eh? What? Oh, Manami is his sister. She is already married and each time she and her husband, Satoshi get into an argument, she runs away here. Yeah, this time he erased a show she recorded. Lame! On the way home, Ichika apologizes that everything was her fault. To make it up, she’ll do anything. Anything? Kaito wanted to ask her answer about his feelings so what better way than to use this chance via getting her to tutor for his upcoming exams. However he won’t get that chance since Ichika becomes a demon tutor, making Kaito study way past bedtime. Look at the stack of books he has to cover! Yeah, he even has to continue study during recess. Regretting it? But his friends are glad they aren’t awkward with each other anymore. So exams come, exams go and the hard work paid off. He might not get the best score but at least they’re decent on more than half.

Episode 5
Summer begins when the girl you like is wearing shorts and singlet revealing enough to leave space for her boobs to bounce about. Ah, yes. Real summer. Yeah, Kaito feels he won’t survive this summer… Ichika learns about Kaito’s video camera in which he found it in the attic. Probably it belongs to his late granddad. Their close proximity is interrupted when Lemon and the rest are here to start their filming. Lemon as the director has written today’s scenario Hong Kong style and our main heroine Ichika is in a tight catsuit (borrowed from the cosplay club). Yeah, looking hot, isn’t she? If the lines are to be adlib isn’t bad enough, wait till you hear the plot. The encounter of the heroine who is an alien with an Earthling boy. Yikes! Since Kaito will be behind the camera, Tetsurou will fill in that role. As the shooting starts, Ichika seems pretty good in her adlib but Tetsurou dramatically changes the direction. Now he’s an MIB out to get Ichika?! Of course he was instantly ‘killed’. Lemon liked that? While Lemon is coming up with subsequent scenarios, Ichika thanks Kaito for trying his best to choose a location that she was looking for and incorporate it in the movie. Tetsurou and Kanna observe the interaction between the duo so Tetsurou asks Kanna to go bring drinks to them. Kanna then asks him if he knows her true feelings. Of course. A long time ago. Embarrassing, eh? Realizing that he’s helping her (since they’re childhood friends as he claimed), she says she’ll support him the next time he has someone he likes to. Well, not going to happen as we know. Lemon finishes her script and this time the heroine will return to her spaceship to escape pursuit and meet up with her comrade. Played by whom? Rinon! Then Tetsurou barges in again to change the direction. He’s the brother of the slain MIB out for revenge? Rinon shoots him ‘dead’. Lemon thinks that was amazing? The real romance story gets back on track when Kaito is cast as the main lead (well, Tetsurou is ‘dead’, right?). So who is manning the camera? Lemon of course. The lines closely follow what happened in real life. The time when Kaito offered Ichika to stay at his place. As they pack up, Kanna asks Ichika what kind of ending would she like. A happy one. But of course.

Back home, Kaito continues to film Ichika because as instructed by Lemon to ‘record the heroine adapting to human life’. Ichika hypothetically asks what if he finds out about the heroine’s true identity. His answers seem unenthusiastic like as though he wasn’t expecting that to really happen. Anyhow, he doesn’t mind and will be fine with it. Next day the filming is cancelled since it’s raining. Kanna takes the initiative to pay Kaito a visit to hand him some groceries for lunch. They heard Ichika scream and actually it’s because she’s surprised that her room is leaking. Well, this house is already that old. Ichika invites Kanna to eat lunch with them. Kaito continues to film so he thought Kanna should help out with the conversation. The girls talk about family but Kanna accidentally asks a question that she thought it was rude: How long is she going to stay. As she leaves, she feels guilty for asking that and meets Tetsurou along the way. I bet it’s not just coincidence. The duo sit and talk at the bus stop. Kanna feels she should not get in between them so Tetsurou just tells her to confess since Kaito and Ichika haven’t done so. She can’t because it’ll be awkward if it doesn’t go well. Plus, they’re in the middle of filming. So is she just going to wallow in depression? Kanna chides him off that he doesn’t understand because he hasn’t fallen in love before. Yeah. Uhn… The rain stops and Kanna feels that she’ll act normally like she always does and that’s that. That night, Tetsurou tries to sneak into Kaito’s room via his balcony window. Why not the front door? Something is up. Damn right. He tells it straight to Kaito’s face that Kanna likes him. Say what?! Oh, Ichika seems to be eavesdropping outside the room. Is this going to get interesting or messy?

Episode 6
Manami is holing up at Tetsurou’s place again not because she had an argument with Satoshi. She’s supposed to leave for a trip with her friends but they all pulled out last minute. So as not to make it go to waste, she gives Tetsurou tickets to Okinawa. He calls Kanna about it and she is excited to go. However she will have to call Mio and Kaito to invite them. Ichika at first was worried why Kanna called so late and that Kaito was so eager to go on the trip. Then she sees magazine photos of the beaches of Okinawa and totally fell in love with it. Never knew there was such a beautiful place on this planet, eh? Plus, the trip will also be part of their filming. Once there, the guys compliment Kanna and Mio’s swimsuit. Till the ‘big’ one came. Shoot. Once they had their fun (I guess they aren’t done with that), Lemon starts her filming. Their filming attracted many onlookers. Among them a couple of girls, Kaori Kinoshita and Chiharu Arisawa. Kaori seems to recognize Kaito and gets excited with this unexpected reunion. So who is she? Short story: His fiancée. Woah! Long story: She’s his elementary classmate who sat together with him due to some pairing. Yeah, I think the rest would go with the short story thingy. Ichika and Kanna not happy… Tetsurou thought things were going to be lively when suddenly Chiharu takes a liking for him! And Lemon is filming the priceless expressions of the youths. It’s good to be young and in love.

Back at their lodging, Kaito gets ‘hounded’ by Kanna and Ichika. No matter what he says or explains, it’s useless. He has no right! See Rinon cowering? That says it all. Tetsurou can’t shake his leg too because he’ll get a hounding of his own. Not by Mio. By Chiharu! I guess exchanging email address was a mistake, eh? Can’t turn down a cute girl? Well, she’s pretty excited and can’t stop yapping! STFU! Hey, wait a minute. What is Chiharu doing here? And if she’s here, that means… Seems Lemon has recruited Kaori and Kinoshita as guest crew members of the film. Just great. Kaori asks Kaito which one of the girls is his lover but he denies that they are. That night Ichika is talking to herself about her own feelings. Lemon may have overheard her so she advises to be honest with herself. In Rome, do what Romans do. But this is Okinawa… Next day, Kaori and Chiharu join the filming. Ichika couldn’t help notice how close Kaori is clinging onto Kaito. Oh, at the back too, Chiharu is doing the same to Tetsurou. Today is sure as lively, eh? Suddenly they realize Kaori and Kaito aren’t around and fear the worse. Kaori brings Kaito into the forest and admits she wanted to be alone with him. She asks what if she was seriously in love with him. Kaito replies though he said he doesn’t have a lover, there is someone he likes very much. And before he could finish that sentence, tears start streaming down Kaori’s eyes. Wow. That’s fast for a heartbreak. Tetsurou got ambushed by Chiharu in his bedroom. Oh shi…She’s wrestling with him, admitting she’s the aggressive type who lacks self restraint. She’s going to kiss him!!! OH SHIIIIII… Fortunately Chiharu is being pushed off by Mio who lands on top of him (and Chiharu squishing Rinon. Splat!). Tetsurou and Mio find themselves in an awkward position. Ichika and Kanna go in search of Kaito. If Ichika hadn’t rustled through the leaves, she would have witnessed Kaori confessing to Kaito. And Lemon laments nobody came back to continue the filming…

Episode 7
Ichika narrates she may not have understand what they’re saying then because she too couldn’t understand her own feelings. Ichika couldn’t bear watching further and runs away. Rather afraid. Scared to face her own feelings. Mio walks back with Tetsurou and she hopes he won’t tell anyone. Tell anyone what? Was it her over him or that he saw her with no pantsu? So everyone returns and resumes filming. During a scene, Kaori asks if Ichika likes Kaito and this throws her off her balance. And as they take a break, Chiharu comes chasing Tetsurou once more. Persistent, isn’t she? Kanna thought of seeing Kaito in his room (Rinon still flat out!) but Lemon is only there. Without revealing too much, Lemon says she can tell about Kaito just by looking at him. Kanna asks about his feelings so Lemon agrees over a drink. Of God. It’s that Dynamite drink again. Yeah, Kanna is so drunk that she didn’t realize she’s being filmed while spewing out her feelings and what’s this? She’s been made to cosplay too?! Oh God. Kaito went to see Kaori at her hotel but she’s not in. She has a left a message for him via the receptionist.  Kaori had gone to meet Ichika who called her out. She asks Kaori’s feelings for Kaito and her reply is she likes him. Well, she’d said that just to see her reaction. Kaori explains she was rejected. Not by Kaito but her senior back in Tokyo and came here to get if off her mind. She tried to cover up her grief but caused lots of pain to others. She cried then because Kaito’s word was exactly what her senior said. Word for word. She tells Ichika what Kaito said and could tell he likes Ichika instead. Well, that’s what childhood friends are for. As Kaori leaves, Kaito enters the picture and isn’t sure of what’s going on. Ichika tells what happened and he understood. Ichika adds that this was probably what Kaori wanted to say to him but she interrupted them then.

Well, Chiharu is one girl who will really chase her guy right till the ends of the earth. Right now, Tetsurou has been running away from her so much so he is in town. Mio helps him hide but was soon found out. Chiharu takes him away to resume their date but Mio pulls Tetsurou’s other hand. Then Chiharu teases Mio that she likes Tetsurou. Oops. Spot on. However Chiharu tells her off there is no way Tetsurou would like an exhibitionist like her because she also saw her no pantsu. A weirdo who gets turned on by letting strangers walking around with no pantsu. That’s when Mio admits she’s a nudist. Mio explains how this behaviour stems from her parents and thought it was normal to do so at home till she found out later it wasn’t. She couldn’t tell anyone and since she had low blood pressure, sometimes to forget to wear them. She tried correcting it but her forgetfulness got the better of her. She thought of keeping a low profile but when she made friends with Tetsurou, Kaito and Kanna, she felt fun being with them and couldn’t tell them too. Tetsurou reprimands her for being silly and no matter what, he’ll always support her and never hate her. Even Kaito and Kanna would do the same. Then Mio confesses she likes him. Back in the hotel room, Chiharu is one inconsolable girl. She felt like a dumb ass for being in the way of Tetsurou and Mio. Yeah, she chased him around all day. She came along with Kaori to help her out with her problems but ended up just like her. Kaito and Ichika walk back and wonder if Tetsurou is having a hard time being chased around. Do guys get turned off if a girl keeps breathing down his neck like that? Absolutely. Kaito says he doesn’t want to be chased. He wants to chase instead. He makes his first bold move towards Ichika. Their lips were THIS close into meeting when Kanna interrupts them. She’s still drunk. But she’s in a cat maid costume now. She’s fluctuating between happy and angry. And she wants to kiss-kiss too. Best part, Lemon is filming it all. This girl… On the final day, Kaori helps finish up with the film before she rushes to the airport. She whispers to Ichika if she keeps stalling, she’ll steal Kaito away. So the gang pack up and continue their remaining time having fun in the sea before they leave for home. Ichika narrates she finally realized how she feel about Kaito.

Episode 8
I’m sure Kaito and Ichika are lamenting how close they were to kiss. But remember, it isn’t really their first though the first time was when Kaito was out cold. For Ichika, she reminds herself she can’t forget the reason she came to this planet as she detects some trouble but she couldn’t summon Rinon (who has detected something big). Kaito and Tetsurou go over the film. I don’t know what happened for it to change into something like Ultraman versus Godzilla thingy. Tetsurou makes Kaito spill out the details of what happened between him and Ichika. So it’s a nearly kiss lah. Then the other girls come by and notably Mio has cut her hair shorter for a change. Oh, Tetsurou don’t have to worry if she’s going commando today. She remembered to put them on. Meanwhile Lemon goes to see Manami at a restaurant and it seems they know each other. Manami wonders if she’s still doing this high school thing so Lemon notes she is eternally 17 years old. Don’t joke. It may be truer than you think. She shows Manami a secret notebook and wants her to help out with the messy situation. See the smirk on their faces? Yeah, it can only mean one thing. See the love flow chart inside it? Yeah. That. Kaito reviews the film when she first met Ichika and the time when he fell off the bridge at the dam but there seems to be nothing recorded in it. The usual friends meet up at the festivals and the girls are lovely in their yukata. Ichika is thrilled with all the food and has never tasted anything this good. Tells a lot about her cooking, eh? What do aliens eat by the way? As they go around the stalls, Lemon pops up and has an activity that will have them enjoy the true meaning of summer: Kimodameshi (test of courage). You know how it works, right? Go in pairs, walk up the dark path to the shrine, make an offering, come back. Oh, do it in pairs. Kanna gets her wish when she is paired with Kaito and all she needs is the right moment to get close. Mio gets Tetsurou but she’s such a scaredy cat. Ichika scoffs off the superstition and urban legends of monsters, ghosts and spirits of the dead with no scientific proof when suddenly Lemon goes missing. Feeling scared all of sudden, isn’t she? She starts apologizing for not respecting them and this is all part of Lemon’s plan to film their wonderful reaction.

Tetsurou and Kanna are the first to reach the shrine but they are spooked out by a female ghost! Their scream alert Kanna and Kaito who are several steps below. A good thing for Kanna because she gets to huddle close to him. Tetsurou realizes he is on top of Mio during that commotion and their lips met! Then they realize they have been had when the female ghost turns out to be Manami, who is supposed to help out with their kimodameshi. Got it all on footage, Lemon? Kanna was this close to telling Kaito something important when they hear Ichikawa’s scream (actually Rinon popped up before her face). Kaito then rushes down the steps to go save her and tells Kanna to stay put. Oh. I guess that settles it. Ichika learns from frantic Rinon that the rescue signal went off automatically and can’t be cancelled. Plus, the rescue craft is coming. When? Now. The craft crashes near them causing a mini earthquake. I’m not sure if this robot craft is able to listen to reasons because Ichika is trying to tell it she’s not done with this planet yet and that the signal is false. When Kaito comes into the picture, Ichika takes him and run with the robot close behind. Ichika orders Rinon to call Rinna and she wants Kaito to escape by himself but of course he can’t leave behind the girl he loves so he fights back that robot with a stick. Well, better than nothing even if it does no scratch. The robot flings Kaito off the edge but Rinon piloting Rinna comes to Kaito’s rescue. Seeing the robot has grabbed Ichika, Kaito and Rinon make a mad dash towards the robot and crash into it. Kaito protects Ichika when he jumps off and though bleeding heavily, Ichika heals him with her equipment. When Kaito comes to, the robot is out of commission, tearful Ichika could only apologize profusely (she said nothing but “I’m sorry”) and their friends baffled to what just happened.

Episode 9
Ichika teleports her friends and the damaged robot near the dam. She comes clean that she’s an alien and shows the ship she came to this planet with. Kaito somewhat knew Ichika was along this line and the reason why he wasn’t that surprised. She also lets them know the robot that attacked her was a rescue pod when her ship accidentally sent out a rescue signal. She destroyed it because she doesn’t want to go back yet as she has yet to fulfil her goal of looking for a certain place. She is unsure if it exists since it’s from her memory. Her friends promise not to tell anyone. If they do, how would believe them right? Seems Ichika is scared of the MIBs who will dissect her if they find her. What? Do they really exist? Tetsurou suggests to give them a tour since it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance (heck, normal people don’t get a chance). It’s late so everybody parts and assures Ichika to act normal like always. Walking back, the friends feel it’s unbelievable that Ichika is an alien. It’s like they’re waiting for someone to pop out with a hidden camera. Lemon says she had a hunch from the start since she is an agent from the MIB. What?! Really? Her friends think she’s lying. Don’t laugh. It may be truer than you think. Meanwhile Ichika apologizes to Kaito about crashing her ship into him and if she didn’t heal him with her alien technology, he would’ve died. But he doesn’t mind because if it never happened, he would never have met her. However there’s something that Ichika hasn’t told anyone yet. When the Federation finds out the rescue pod is destroyed, they’ll send an investigator to investigate. If that happens, the others may get dragged into the mess. Thus her time here is limited. Kanna sleeps over at Mio’s place and the former is surprised to know about her feelings for Kaito. Well, it’s dead obvious, wasn’t it? Kaito dreams that he had to say goodbye to Ichika who will be returning to her home planet. He swears to come visit her. Only her home is at Andromeda and it’s 2.3 million light years away! Oh sh*t! Take the Galaxy Railways maybe? Next morning, Ichika decides to go out herself and declines Kaito’s offer to help. So it’s another awkward atmosphere between the duo. So when her friends gather at Kaito’s home, they learn that she is out and start filming on their own. Kanna remembers how she first met Kaito. He was a transfer student from Tokyo who recently lost his parents. Despite that, he put on a cheerful expression and that is probably what made her noticed him and fell in love.

Next morning, Ichika continues to go out by herself to search for the place since this is her ‘problem’. So when Kaito’s friends get here, Kaito has already gone off on his own. They go through Kaito’s camera especially the one with his ‘date’ with Kanna. You can observe her expressions fluctuating between happy and concerned. The latter when Ichika’s mug pops up. Kaito is hanging out alone in town when Lemon sits by him to offer her advice. She thinks he’s still a kid because he thought Ichika doesn’t understand how he feel and declined to let him help out. She asks if he knows Ichika’s feelings and what she was thinking or feeling when she came here all by herself. Ichika summoned her courage to reveal her true identity but has he answered her? So his homework is to think what he can do for her because if he really cares, the answer should be simple. And yeah. He finally knows what to do. Kanna sees Kaito taking pictures of sceneries and so one morning she confronts Ichika who is about to leave the house early again. Knowing she is going to search for that place again, she asks if she’s going to leave after finding it. Then she admits she loves Kaito and will be glad if her rival disappears. She knows she has realized Kaito’s feelings and surely must have come to realize her own. Saying that she’s an alien or can’t be together to answer his feelings are just excuses. And to look for that place is the big excuse for her to avoid seeing Kaito (Rinon looking so duh in hearing the girls talk about their love problems). She adds Ichika can do something about that because all she needs to do is to admit she likes Kaito and become a couple. Something right before her that Kanna can never attain. She calls Ichika an idiot and runs off. Kanna thought Tetsurou loves kicking her when she’s down and supporting her was just a guise to see her in this state. Kanna starts crying while admitting her love for Kaito. All Tetsurou can do is just cover her eyes and stand by her side. Nearby, Mio is also crying her heart out. Ichika meets Kaito who is still taking scenic pictures. She says she had a chance to go back but didn’t. And with Kanna making her realize that this place isn’t the reason why she wanted to stay, she wants to confess. However Kaito won’t let her because he wants to do the confessing. So finally Kaito says it in person, “I love you”. He has loved her since the time he first met her. The moment we have been finally waiting for: The kiss. Ah, first for Kaito but the fourth for Ichika. Fourth? The previous 3 times when she healed him she had to lock lips by transferring her nanomachine cells into him. Kaito feels disappointed that wasn’t romantic at all. What do you know? Ichika is going to have her fifth one then. Encore! Let’s do it again! And I knew it. Lemon is filming this priceless shot from a distance!

Episode 10
Kaito is having this wonderful dream of that kiss with Ichika. But he’s actually kissing Rinon! Well, he might be a good kisser since Rinon’s blushing. Ichika sits close with Kaito and she has Kanna to thank for, for making her realize her feelings. Speaking of which, that girl thinks she can’t meet the rest as her face is swelled up from all that crying. Tetsurou was visiting her but I guess even a girl needs her own privacy. On his way, he bumps into Mio who offers him to eat her handmade lunch. Mio remembers when she was in Kanna’s class the first time and became friends. She also met Tetsurou and probably fell in love at first sight since he remembered her name. Well, he called it his feminist gentleman to memorize every girl’s name and face. Kaito and Ichika are so close together that only Lemon’s filming interrupted them. How the heck did she get in?! That’s invasion of privacy! Oh, she gives Kaito a present: A condom. Is this a joke?! Well, she wants them to treasure this miraculous relationship match made in heaven. Well, probably a different kind of star, that is. Mio talks to Tetsurou about why he invited Ichika to help with the film despite knowing Kanna’s feelings. He wanted to help both Kanna and Kaito and didn’t know which way it’ll end up. Mio thinks he should be more honest with his feelings as he had always had his eyes on Kanna. If he keeps avoiding the issue, time won’t solve everything. It was him that she was able to speak up about her feelings. Right now, his feelings are probably in disarray so Mio understands and leaves. Tetsurou shows his frustrated side for the first time as he doesn’t know what to do. That night, Ichika and Kaito went out for a walk. Heck, it wasn’t any walk because they teleported to a place so they could watch the starry sky and get close with each other. Ichika right now wants to be with him, others and complete the filming. Manami teases Tetsurou for being silent right after he came home. He didn’t want to hear from a future divorcee but she terms it as just a runaway. Must have got into another argument, eh? She may have nailed it that he doesn’t understand a girl’s feeling since he the virgin has never dated one before. Then she leaves for a trip with her friends. Tetsurou gets a call from Kaito to resume filming tomorrow. He can tell he has made up with Ichika and wants to know about Kanna then. That’s why Kaito is gathering everybody to tell them all about his feelings. Tetsurou got upset and hangs up.

Tetsurou calls Kanna to meet at the lookout point, a place they used to spend a lot of time together when they’re young. Kanna thought he was just wasting her time when he finally summons the courage to reveal the truth. Though he wanted everything to work out between her and Kaito, he really didn’t want that to happen. If Kaito and Ichika got together, maybe she would become free. But that didn’t happen. He ended up toying with the girl he loves and made her suffer. Kanna flusters upon knowing Tetsurou’s feelings and even though it’s bad timing, at least he managed to say it. He knows that even if Kaito loves Ichika, her feelings for Kaito won’t change. That’s why he likes her. So once Kanna rushes off (I guess she rejected him), it’s Mio’s turn to give crestfallen Tetsurou a hug from the back. She allows him to cry and thanks him because she was able to change to become stronger. Kanna runs all the way to Kaito’s house just to tell him that she loves him. Three times. Hey, at least she said it with a smile. Though Kaito apologizes because he loves Ichika, Kanna isn’t worried and thanks him for listening instead. So everything back to normal? The friends resume their filming and Rinon wakes up from its peaceful slumber suddenly feeling frantic. When Kaito and Ichika return home, Ichika’s sister, Emika suddenly pops up before them and hugs her in her relief that she’s still alive.

Episode 11
Ichika explains that the rescue signal was an accident and Kaito admits to busting up the rescue pod. When Emika learns Kaito is her boyfriend, she blows her top and reprimands Ichika by pulling her cheek. Not only has she made everyone worried, but she’s found herself a boyfriend on this primitive planet. So once everything calms down, Emika properly explains that when they received her signal, her status changed from stranded to missing. Her family became concerned that she had to drop whatever she’s doing, rent a fastest ship to go look for her. Kaito thought that since Ichika is confirmed to be okay, wouldn’t that solve things? It’s not that easy boy. Ichika went missing on a planet whereby contact is prohibited with its inhabitants. As far as the Federation is concerned, they want to know what happened to her and if they discover what she’s been doing, she’ll be arrested and put on trial. That’s why she came here to retrieve Ichika before it gets out of hand. Ichika doesn’t want to go home but Emika warns if she refuses, not only Kaito but the entire planet may bear the brunt.  Oh sh*t. This is big sh*t. Still, Ichika doesn’t want to leave Kaito and teleports away with Rinon. Kaito continues to ask Emika could Ichika return home and then come back here but it seems it’s not as easy as that too. Kaito then wants her to take him to space too. Emika continues that Ichika always mentioned about a place she dreamt about. She too has that dream. Their ancestors probably have encoded that image into our genes but she never thought too much about it. She has scanned the planet on that image but none of the location matches. And about bringing Kaito to space, it’s not that easy either. Since Earth is a Development Level F, she can’t bring an inhabitant to space. Till their planet has developed interstellar flight, made contact with them and joined the Galactic Federation, then it will be possible. But that will take hundreds of years. I feel it’ll take longer… So unless the Federation changes its policies, there is nothing they can do. Ichika has to return home. It’s for her own good. Their friends are wondering why the duo are late so Lemon sends Kanna to go check on them. She meets Ichika halfway and learns that the search party is coming for her and she has to leave. Kanna gets upset that she’s abandoning Kaito. It’s like her feelings were weak even when they’re dating. Is she going to leave the person she loves? For the second time, Kanna runs away from Ichika. Tetsurou cheekily note that the duo may have ditched filming to make out together when Kanna returns visibly upset. She tells them about Ichika leaving for space. First thing they mention is about Kaito. Is she fine with all this? OF COURSE NOT! Looks like all those feelings are flaring up again. Meanwhile Emika encounters Lemon.

When Ichika goes back to Kaito, she pecks him on his cheek. Oh dear. Is that a goodbye kiss? She has decided to leave and summons Rinon to teleport her but wait! Tetsurou and co kidnapped Rinon! They’re not going to let Ichika have her way! At least they don’t want her to run off till they finish the film. They want to know what her real wish is. Of course, she wants to stay with Kaito because she loves him. Kaito also reiterates he loves her and doesn’t care if the galaxy turns against them. Sure you want to do that? But what can they do? Lemon has an idea that Ichika can stay on Earth. The possibility is very low but it’s not zero. The place that Ichika is looking for. It’s not possible that aliens have come here before. Even if Emika said there were no locations that match it, it probably was encoded well enough so that it won’t be easily found with their technology. If they can show proof of it, then Ichika will get to stay on. So Kaito and co take every map they could find from the library and like searching for a needle in a haystack, go through every map to match that location that exists in her data. As the girls are sleeping, Tetsurou tells Kaito he confessed to Kanna and Mio’s confession to him at Okinawa. Tetsurou was thinking about himself and didn’t want Kaito to end up like him. So the hard work paid off as they finally found the location. However Emika contacts them that the search party is already here. Ichika orders Rinon to jump her but it seems a barrier has been placed over the planet. Noting that the location is 3 hours away from here, Lemon becomes their saviour. Yeah, she’s driving a weird van. She has a driving licence? She passes the gang several tools that will act as decoy and a robe that will hide Ichika’s biological fingerprint. Where did she get them? Emika. Lemon drives as fast as she could but the robot attacks the vehicle. Tetsurou and Mio offer to be the decoy as they ride out on their little scooter and go a little off track. When this is over, Tetsurou invites Mio out to the movies. Just the two of them. Would she pass this chance up? Another robot attacks the van and this time Kanna offers to be the bait. She’s doing it not for Ichika but the guy she loves and for him to continue smiling. She’ll make him regret for not choosing her in 3 years! Well said. Then off she goes into the forest. Lemon hands Kaito his camera and wants him to film the beautiful climax of the heroine escaping her enemy’s grasp while running for her destination. Another robot attacks but Lemon hits a button to strike it away with a robotic arm. Woah! What kind of van is this?! They think they’re reaching the home stretch when they hit something invisible and the van goes crashing on its side.

Episode 12
Don’t worry. They’re still alive because Rinon became a large airbag to cushion the impact. Lemon tells the duo to make haste because she’s confident she can handle this robot. Well, not by herself. See her van transform into a Transformer worthy robot? Cool! Kanna runs into Manami halfway and gets in her car. She better step on the pedal because ‘stalkers’ are chasing her. She didn’t expect the ‘stalkers’ to be this big, huh? Another robot intercepts Kaito and Ichika but Emika’s little ship help buy them some time. Rinon pilots it to let them escape. That’s all Emika can do for them since her ship is surrounded by the robots as they are surrounding the planet. I wonder if they have any more men left to spare if more robots came after them. Kaito and Ichika sit the train to their destination. Ichika feels sorry for getting everyone involved but Kaito feels she doesn’t need to. He wonders if he can visit her planet someday and meet her parents. He wished he could introduce her to his too. Though he has gotten over their deaths, he wished he had made more memories with them. That’s why he records everything and his friends with his camera so he won’t regret it later. Ichika is glad she came to this planet. She had fun and even fell in love. For the umpteenth time, they reiterate their feelings for each other again and promise to love each other always. Oh, say that again for the camera, will you? Meanwhile Lemon’s van has its limits but thankfully her backup arrives. Yeah, the MIBs! Oh sh*t! She really works for them! Tetsurou’s scooter runs out of gas. The end of the road? Not quite. A rain of missiles destroys the robot as Tetsurou hears a familiar voice: Satoshi. OMG! He’s working for the MIB too!!! Kanna and Manami also get reinforcements from the MIBs.

Kaito and Ichika have reached the lake, the exact location in Ichika’s memories. Suddenly an alien probe appears from the middle of the lake and the large flash has Ichika viewing her memories of this place. She is surprised Kaito is in it too when she realized she gave some of her cells to him. They see an alien writing on a tree as proof of its existence but when they return to reality, the tree has already rotted and the robots surround them. Kaito is pinned down while Ichika is dragged away. She doesn’t want him to be hurt anymore and feels guilty that her selfishness has hurt everyone. However Kaito disagrees that nobody feels that way and in fact this is his own selfishness. He doesn’t want her to go. Ichika resigns to her fate of being taken away and says those feelings that have grown inside will last forever. Kaito vows to find her and she promises she’ll wait. I hope he lives that long if you know what I mean. Emika and Ichika hear the voice of what could probably be their ancestor. She thanks them for finding this and explains she didn’t come to this planet on purpose but had to make an emergency landing and was saved by a man. He became dear to her but since interaction with inhabitants with this planet is forbidden, something was coming to retrieve her. Even though the memories of this planet’s inhabitants will be wiped out, she wanted to preserve the memories with him. Even if she lost them or couldn’t remember, at least her memories will live on in them.

A few months passed and Kaito and his buddies attend school like normal. Tetsurou gets a love letter from another girl and he’s not too eager about it. Kanna teases him to properly answer and at least get a girlfriend. She suggests Mio who doesn’t mind about that suggestion but you know Tetsurou, he’s not the kind of guy who wants to commit. Kaito just snickers… Nanami just came back from Bolivia and has bought lots of weird souvenirs. One that includes dolls that grant wishes. She asks about Ichika so Kaito says her term abroad has ended. The friends are surprised to learn that Lemon is transferring away due to ‘family circumstances’. She gives Kaito the film roll as a parting gift. She notes it is incomplete and that he will be the one who will create the grand finale. The friends gather to watch the film and it’s a crazy montage of all they had filmed. Screw the plot, it has everything recorded including the times that they spent together. Enough to bring tears to the eyes and nostalgic memories, eh? As Kaito narrates his believe on people living on as memories when they die and the fading of those memories, the reason of wanting to leave something behind is his motivation of why he wants to keep the film rolling. We see short snippets of Manami still hanging out at Tetsurou’s place (see all the beer cans she drank?!), Kaori and Chiharu together (Chiharu probably gunning for some other hot hunk now. May God help him) and Lemon working at the base of the MIB looking at the blueprints of Ichika’s ship. Oh, Rinon is with her?! That alien pet never returned? Few years down the road when the school have their usual cultural festival, the movie research club is screening the film that they did last year. The film called Ano Natsu De Matteru that was left behind by their graduated seniors and they totally love it because it has mecha, aliens, SFX galore and the heroine was quite pretty. Well, I don’t really want to comment on the ‘quality’ of the film but being amateur film makers, I guess it is good enough. But the final part of the film is a shot of Ichika and Rinon on her shoulder! OMG! Did she come back?! I guess she did because she was wearing the shirt Nanami bought for her as a souvenir from Bolivia! I hope this is not special effects… Is this the kind of happy ending she hoped for?

Summer, Aliens and Heartbreaks…
I was almost close to tears the way it ended. Thankfully I didn’t have to sob so much like I did in Ano Hana. It was pretty much sad to see Ichika and Kaito get separated in the end. Was it for the better good for mankind? Maybe primitive creatures like us won’t understand the bigger implications of why such a simple love relationship can’t be comprehended by so called higher life forms, the reason why they took Ichika back home. Perhaps their thinking and laws are much different. But when it comes to love, shouldn’t it be the same? If Ichika as an alien could even fall in love, I’m sure her species would somewhat understand it too. I know. You’re going to give me that uphold the law crap thingy. But that’s a different story. The end teaser that Ichika may have returned to Earth probably was to sooth viewers that this series didn’t end in total tragedy after all. Lovers separated far apart between different galaxies. I bet something must have happened because if felt the Federation was taking this matter seriously. But for Ichika to return in that short amount of time for the gang to complete the film and even passed it on to the juniors of the club, whether it was resolved fast or she was given temporary reprieve, it doesn’t matter. I’ll stick to the fact that Ichika did come back to Kaito’s side. Saves me lots of headache thinking.

So the summer that changed everybody but end up somewhat the same. Well, one thing, none of the friends really become a couple with the other since they held on strongly for the feelings of their loved one even though they knew they would be rejected. But the most important thing was that they manage to say it out instead of keeping it in their heart, putting up an act that won’t be so good for their health. Because suppressed feelings are like ticking bombs. The more you hold it in, the worse it’ll become when it explodes. It is just the question of when. So with them getting their feelings off their chest, the good part is that they still remain as best friends. It goes to show that if you really love someone, you’re willing to let him/her go and be happy for his/her sake. So the love flow is something like this Mio -> Tetsurou -> Kanna -> Kaito -> Ichika. Looks like it’s one way. It was slightly messier when Kaori and Chiharu got into the mix. It would be if they hadn’t given up. Love is always a complicated issue. Wonderful if you get it right. Heartbreaking if it doesn’t go your way. So it does proof that love between intergalactic species is possible. But then there’s the case of distance… If you’re willing to travel and live very long, yeah, I’m sure it’ll work out. And you thought only  human species can experience love, eh? Ichika might be an alien but she displays emotions like as though she’s a human being. So I can conclude that the only difference between the species is the technological advancement. Otherwise, they’re the same, right?

The more I look at Kaito, the more I thought he looked like Ano Hana’s Jinta. Must be the messy hair. Just put on some spectacles. He’s a nice kid who has a penchant of fantasizing (mostly on Ichika) and just like the rest, may be clueless about his feelings at first but given the right push in the right direction, he becomes a man of his own. At first when I saw Mio naked in her room (she conveniently held stuffed dolls over her to ‘cover up’), I was thinking, did the producers forget to draw some clothes on her or was she really a naked fanatic. It wasn’t for just a scene, but for every scene that we see Mio in her room. Then when she revealed she’s a nudist, I guess the picture becomes clearer (not her body, mind you). It is ironic that she has sensitive skin and being a nudist outside her home would be bad for her health. It might not be a good idea to reveal to the world that she’s a nudist but at least she doesn’t have to be so afraid to hide it from her friends anymore. I bet they’ll always support her (and each other) even if she was a serial stripper. Tetsurou is a guy who is torn of helping his friends out and thinks he can handle his feelings if he keeps them hidden. I guess guys like him too have their limits. So what happened to his invitation with Mio to the movies? Maybe it was just one-off? He didn’t say he wanted to be her boyfriend. I suppose that’s the down part of being a feminist gentleman. Lots of female admirers to the point it really annoys you. Yeah, what’s the point if he doesn’t have Kanna. Rinon is the cutest and most amusing mascot character in the series. Each time I saw it happily frolicking around, it would bring a smile to my face. It’s just too damn cute in whatever it does. Who wouldn’t want to have Rinon as a pet? Maybe they sell it at the stores… Little plushie Rinon dolls, that is. Manami’s attitude to leave her home for every single little petty argument make her seem like an irresponsible person. But that’s just jumping to conclusions based on what we hear instead of really knowing what actually happened. Satoshi is an MIB member, right? From the way Manami acts, she doesn’t know of her husband’s job so probably that’s why the ‘silly’ things they do, they often end up bickering over the slightest things. Can’t imagine if you suddenly know your spouse is a secret agent, eh? Won’t it be like Mr and Mrs Smith?

I’ll probably be making a few references to Onegai Teacher from now on. For starters, let’s look at Lemon. She is the most intriguing and mysterious character in the series. With her deadpan voice, she pops out from nowhere and has the right words for just about everything. At one point I thought she was an alien! Then as the series progresses with her incessant filming of others, I began to feel she is somewhat familiar. Like I have seen her somewhere before. Then I realized, isn’t she that character from Onegai Teacher? Heck, they look and act bloody similar. Even the school uniform that Lemon wears was the one we see Ichigo wore in Onegai Teacher. It’s like jumping in from another dimension, eh? And their names are taken after fruits too. So we have Lemon Yamano and Onegai Teacher’s Ichigo Morino. Mountain (yama) and forest (mori). Coincidence? Think not. Because both characters are also voiced by Yukari Tamura! I smell a conspiracy here! So if Lemon wasn’t an alien, she as a member of MIB at least proves why she is able to do such impossible tasks that a girl her age or in fact other ordinary humans wouldn’t.  I won’t dismiss the faint possibility that she’s part alien too. She says she’s eternally 17 years old and Manami calls Lemon her senior. What does this tell you? I briefly read a few comments about Lemon’s identity over the web and some say she’s the sister or the daughter of the characters in Onegai Teacher, so and so. Some are pretty interesting and the way Lemon shrouds herself in mystery, it makes it all exciting that you really want to know who this girl is but she just wouldn’t let you. Without her, the friends wouldn’t probably have stayed the same and never moved on in their relationship because she’s the one who gave them the slight initial push. Probably her timing as a school student was to observe Ichika and when she’s gone, Lemon too ‘disappears’. I wonder what happened to all the footage that she shot. Yeah, all those ‘privacy invasion’ footage. She has this face that enjoys seeing couples getting close to each other and at the same time, the kind of face that tells you she’s going to use it for blackmail material. But I don’t think Lemon is such a cold-hearted girl to do that. Or maybe. Yeah, that Dynamite drink… Good confession tool. The MIBs seem like capable people after all despite their brief appearance. If they have the technological weapons to counter the robots, it shows that humans aren’t that primitive after all, right? Or maybe they just borrowed it from alien technology. Those who have crash landed here.

The scenic lake that Ichika was also the setting for Onegai Teacher and that mysterious ancestor voice that the sisters heard at the end could have been Mizuho (the alien female protagonist from Onegai Teacher). Heck, it must be her because the seiyuu was also from the same person, Kikuko Inoue! So do you still not believe this is somewhat related to that series? And if you take a closer look at Ichika, you may see that she resembles Mizuho a lot. Both are red heads and they wear spectacles. Oh, not to mention about their well endowed body figure. So really. Ichika may be the descendant of Mizuho after all. Since this anime was made almost 10 years later, whatever happened to the characters in Onegai Teacher is really one’s guess. In Onegai Teacher, Mizuho and Kei were forced into marriage since they were found in a compromising situation which threatens to expel Kei from school (also to hide Mizuho’s real identity). There their love blossomed but not without the complications of love triangles from their friends too. Ano Natsu De Matteru is closely similar to this but only thing is Ichika and Kaito didn’t get married at the start nor are they having the teacher-student relationship. One thing I didn’t understand was how the emergency signal in Ichika’s ship went off. Did Rinon screw up big time? It seemed apologetic so that must be it. But I consider a blessing in disguise because if had that not happened, Ichika and Kaito’s feeling wouldn’t have grown stronger. Like they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Yukari Tamura despite not putting on her high pitch voice is still recognizable since her voice is unique enough to be identified as the deadpan Lemon. Huhuhu… Those must be her favourite ‘words’. She might be best doing lots of genki lolis with high pitch squealing but I guess there are times when you sometimes need a change of breath air and voice something that isn’t your usual. I remember she also voiced characters without emotion such as Saku from Tantei Opera Milky Holmes and Nagisa of Sketchbook ~Full Color’s~. Rina Hidaka probably got the ‘easiest’ role because as Rinon, all that alien ever says is “Non, non, non~”. And I don’t think that little blob is speaking French either. Her other roles include Hideyoshi of Sengoku Otome Momoiro Paradox and Airi in Ro-Kyu-Bu. Haruka Tomatsu yet again voices another alien girl coming to Earth. That was Lala of To Love-Ru. But instead of a genius airhead, Ichika displays more emotions like a high school girl unsure about her feelings at first and then subsequently one who knows she wants to be by her lover’s side. Kana Asumi as Mio sounds a lot shyer and vulnerable than her other role as Yuno in Hidamari Sketch and Taneshima of Working! Other casts include Nobunaga Shimazaki as Kaito (Orobas in Shakugan No Shana III Final), Hideki Ogihara as Tetsurou (Itsuki in Shuffle), Kaori Ishihara as Kanna (Reki in Hidan No Aria), Ai Kayano as Kaori (Hibino in Kamisama Dolls), Yuka Iguchi as Chiharu (Index in To Aru Majutsu No Index), Aya Hisakawa as Nanami (Arimi in Marmalade Boy), Fuuyuka Oura as Manami (Hiro in Kaibutsu Oujo) and Yui Horie as Emika (Naru in Love Hina). Something about the opening and ending themes that reminded me how similar they are to Kotoko and I’ve Sound. Such music style of theirs only brings back nostalgic memories when I was watching Onegai Teacher and Onegai Twins because their music was featured in its opening and ending songs. Though the opening theme, Sign is attributed to Ray, the lyrics were written by Kotoko and as for the ending theme, Virdo Moyou is sung by Nagi Yanagi, the music is composed by I’ve Sound.

Overall, I didn’t expect to enjoy this anime at first, but that’s my fault for trying to form high expectations and judging a book by its cover even before watching. I thought it was going to be a silly love harem comedy. Just add an alien girl into the mix and with the heat of summer already at its peak, temperatures are going to rise even further! Boy, I was so wrong. It turned out to be quite a ‘beautiful love story’ with a little pinch of sci-fi. Okay, maybe a little bit more. It also blended it a friendship and coming of age theme. Youth is a time where you learn things the hard way, pick yourself up and move on. And these guys get to experience it all in the period of one summer and in the end stay true to themselves. A story like that doesn’t get any better than this. Though it may not be possible in some ways, but at least what this series is trying to convey is that love transcends through time, ages and between species. That’s why when you get a chance in love, it is best that you give yourself and the person you love a chance. Who knows when the next opportunity will come. Will there even be one if you let it slip away? Watching this series even gave me a glimmer of hope that maybe a useless otaku person like me could find such a beautiful love story in my meaningless life. If only I could get off my seat and take my eyes off anime for a while… And in the even if I really do, I hope I don’t have to wait for such summer. Or worse, 2.3 million light years away!

Though I didn’t get my wish for this series to be turned into a weekly anime TV series, at least the single OVA episode of Yuri Seijin Naoko-san that came out in February 2012 lasted longer as compared to the first one back in 2008. Yeah, 28 minutes this time instead of just 6 lousy short minutes. The fun part is of course Naoko herself who claims to be from this Planet Yuri and has plans to conquer Earth by yurifying everyone on this planet. I’m not sure if that is turning everyone into girls or making them into a yuri lover. Oh, I just remembered: Cutting off men’s penis to turn them into females! Yikes! With her peculiar antics, unusual rational and wits, life isn’t going to be a bed of roses for the girl that she is freeloading with, Misuzu. Can she stand all this yuri crap or be turned into one herself? Stay tuned for Naoko will show you the way…

Yuri makes the world go round…
Misuzu seems to be having hay fever. Naoko wants Ryouta to suck those mysterious fluids dripping from her nose! As Misuzu reads out the definition of hay fever from the dictionary, all Naoko can envision are naked men going around spreading their ‘membranes’, scaring little girls! I can’t believe Ryouta believed Naoko’s words and really tried to suck Misuzu’s running nose with a straw!!! Naoko vows to conquer the world via yurinization and drags Misuzu on to her gamepad controller-like pod and blasts off into the sky. She is going to use her ray blaster to counter this ‘hay fever’ thingy by using the features of this accelerated evolution gun to yurify the pine trees. WTF?! Then crashing in the middle of the forest, this feeling reminded her when she first entered an adult bookstore and was overwhelmed by the erotic atmosphere that made her feel her own sexual desires feel insignificant. And she left without buying anything. Naoko starts up her gun and fires one freaking big blast at all the trees! Suddenly all the trees are uprooted and fly straight into the sky!!! Is this what yurinization is?! Hey, aren’t trees asexual? Naoko narrates Naoko is apparently an alien and part of a species that’s been watching over the evolution of Earth since ancient times. She just can’t help wonder why the heck she is staying in their home.

Hii-chan wanted to come over today but Naoko feels it is not a good time. I know. With that crazy Naoko around, Misuzu feels bad for turning her down but can’t let her meet that alien anyhow. But speaking of the devil, suddenly they see Naoko climbing a pole imitating a lizard! Oh God. That wasn’t the worst part. More like, Naoko and Hii-chan can get along fine with their weirdness! Seems Naoko got lost while doing an errand. She left trails of porn magazines on the road but they’re all gone. Hii-chan thought birds took them away (WTF?!) when the real culprit shows up: Misuzu’s mom. She’s been picking them up and hands them back to Misuzu! She thinks they belong to her! Naoko even has the cheek to say books promoting sexual degeneration where kids can find them are a big problem. Mommy feels daddy is always at work and that she can’t watch the kids as much. Naoko starts thinking it is because of her father’s absence, Misuzu has been committing these crimes out of loneliness. She volunteers to become her father and allows her to touch her part down there…

So while Hii-chan visits Misuzu’s room (Naoko’s room is like a makeshift dump on the roof), Naoko mentions she has sent Ryouta on a ‘difficult task’ that will make him grow as a man. That is, to go buy a porn video. Do you think the storekeeper will believe Ryouta in that mechanized manly body? Misuzu remembers how much she loves her sister. Yes, the real Naoko. When she heard she was coming back, she rushed home only to find the yuri alien instead. Eh? Who was she? Naoko claimed she was her sister so Misuzu thought she really must have changed since she has not seen her in years. I guess her fetish for porn must be a dead giveaway because Naoko starts searching this room for hidden porn magazines. Would he real sister have any? Oh look. Naoko found one under the bed. Well, actually that belongs to mommy. Oh sh*t!!! Hii-chan is so touched by the story that she cried! WTF?! She even concludes that her real sister may be on Planet Yuri right now, learning the true meaning of yuri. Naoko agrees with what she says. Only thing is, Misuzu remembers she said something much different the last time (Naoko claimed herself to be human and wants to be called her sister). Meanwhile the storekeeper is seeking for Ryouta’s age proof. Since he can’t read the words on the buttons, he goes by his guts and of all the buttons, he had to press the one which is a bomb. BOOM! So when the news report of a terrorism-like incident breaking out at an adult video shop, Naoko quips they can’t even buy porn in peace nowadays. As for Misuzu, she really feels they have forgotten something. I guess little brother wasn’t that prominent in their lives…

Misuzu dreams when her real sister came back to watch over her when she fell sick. Then when she prepares to leave to Hii-chan’s place to study, Naoko also wants to tag along and brings Ryouta too. Thinking the sun is too hot, she thinks of firing her gun into it to advance the sun’s lifespan. Wouldn’t that turn it into a supernova? Or maybe she just wants to shoot something. While Misuzu is surprised that nobody seems to be bothered by Naoko’s oddities, Naoko is asking a policeman if there is any child prostitution ring around! Only MILF prostitution ring around… I can’t believe they made Ryouta carry that whatever heavy sack he’s been carrying so when he can’t further go on, Naoko reveals inside it to be a gift. Miyoko, a delicacy from her planet but why the heck does she need all that unnecessary machine just for that little box?! Naoko claims that one bite of this sweet will make TV Tokyo seemingly look 50% sexier. And suddenly all the men start to rush and gather around Naoko in a frenzy stampede. Is it true? Even the wise sage asks if this would work on any shows. Yes. Even recorded ones. Then it turns into a street musical about TV Tokyo getting sexier and sexier… Misuzu just couldn’t care anymore…

Naoko seems to be explaining that when you think of summer, you think of little girls playing in water. But why is she telling a guy who is walking his dog all this? More importantly, Misuzu and Naoko finally arrive at Hii-chan’s mansion. Misuzu hopes Hii-chan isn’t mad since it has been 3 days. I guess 3 days that they were caught up with that TV Tokyo sexy thing. But too late. Hii-chan has snapped and treating a little doll as the real Misuzu! So when the real Misuzu steps in, she can’t even tell which the real one is! Misuzu puts Hii-chan to bed as Naoko calls off the little girl water-playing festival. No joke! She even gives the cancellation fees to a bunch of them. Are they professionals as Misuzu claimed? Naoko than starts rummaging through Hii-chan’s stuff for her porn books. The place is a little bigger so she’s going to take a longer time. Hii-chan is embarrassed so Misuzu had to remind Naoko what she is doing is rude. But Hii-chan snaps again and starts treating the doll as the real Misuzu… Meanwhile all the men have their eyes fixated on watching the TV programme. Ryouta wanted to escape but he is being chained! Holy sh*t!

Ryouta is sad that their promise to go to Destinyland during summer vacation is up in smokes since daddy is pretty busy. Naoko crashes in with her pod to save the day because with her planet’s technology, they can just reach Destinyland in just a second. I thought the problem was money and guardian? Misuzu allows Ryouta to go with Naoko (is she sure about this) but doesn’t want to join them. Naoko figures that Misuzu may be shy and plans to find out where she wants to go. After plugging in several devices and a headgear that resemble mouse ears, putting them on Ryouta’s head reveals his deepest desire to enjoy himself at Destinyland. The odd part is his conversation with Misuzu in which his sister mentions there are all kinds of different penises! Is this what Ryouta really thinks of his sister? Then Naoko puts the headgear on Misuzu. By the time she wakes up, two and a half weeks have flown by and as Naoko mentions the headgear have this prolonged sleep inducing effect. Haha! The entire summer vacation wasted. Oh Ryouta… You had to bear the results of Naoko’s screw up but as mommy notes, they all had a good night’s sleep. Good nights, she means.

Unifying and P(y)urifyng The World…
Naoko is definitely an oddball and the reason why I was laughing all the way even if her yuri obsession and perverted behaviour seemed annoying. Though you can predict what she’ll kind of say (something perverted related anyway), I guess it’s this sort of amusing answer that throws you off your feet. However we don’t really see her trying her best to take over the world via yurifying. It’s as though she is just bumming around having fun, messing about with Misuzu, Ryouta and Hii-chan. At this rate, is she really going to conquer the world or will she end up as a statistical failure like that frog in Keroro Gunsou and a certain squid in Shinryaku! Ika Musume. Some of her gadgets like her big blasting accelerating gun are awesome. Just wished that I can see more of those firepower. Even if it’s at the expense of changing the nature of something ;p. Though I would have preferred to see more episodes on this, but I can’t complain. It is at least running on a longer duration this time. Thus the OVA is just random silliness instead of developing anything like the story (perhaps another alien who wants to take over the world via yaoi-nization, posing a rival and challenge to Naoko’s goal) or other characters (any more perverted yuri aliens out there?).

As for Misuzu, I just can’t help notice that she is such a soft spoken person all the way. I mean to have such an irritating alien living under the same roof (okay, maybe in a separate makeshift annexed structure but that’s not the point) and I have never seen her raise her voice, yell or get mad. Maybe she has resigned to her fate that life indeed is going to be one big troublesome stumble with Naoko around. Speaking of Misuzu’s real sister, what really happened to her anyway? From what I can see and understand is that she is currently missing for an unknown reason. Don’t really tell me she went to Planet Yuri after all. I can’t fathom a nice sister like her ending up to be a yuri pervert. As for Ryouta, I guess he is really a gullible kid. He wholeheartedly does whatever Naoko tells him to do and at this rate I feel not only his chastity but his sanity will be in danger too. He might turn out to be a ‘monster’ created courtesy by Naoko when he grows up. Hii-chan? She’s also slightly another oddball seeing she too accepted Naoko so easily. Maybe she believes in aliens too?

Both the opening and ending theme are sung by Mi-Ko. Both themes have this weird and alien-space-like feel to it. The opening theme is called Yuri Seijin Naoko-san (New Version) and in addition to the upbeat tune, the animation is filled with lots of craziness and weirdness. Gives you a fell on what to expect, eh? Yeah, the lyrics are even about Naoko herself. “Turning you into a deviant with just one glance”, “Caught up in a stupid fabulous romance, she’s feeling guilty about something, you can just tell”, “Her message from space is all mixed up but as long as it reaches you, it is okay”. Says so much about her, eh? Stay away from her as far as possible! The ending theme is entitled Photon Belt Kankou Hotel and besides the dramatic effect, it also gives that mysterious and enigmatic feel. Playing around with the pace, I think there are some lines like as though they are being narrated by an alien. Cute or creepy? What do you expect when you even have weird lyrics like “Say goodbye to the genes of the galaxy”, “Swallowed up by a speeding up fate to rot away”.

So there you have it. Naoko and her yurinization plans to conquer the world… Still in progress… I don’t think Naoko really needs that accelerating blaster to yurinize every male. At the rate Japan is going and considering if their preaching on this deviant is successfully ‘exported’ to the rest of the world, you’ll have yuri as a norm for the next generations to come. Hah. Like that will really happen. But next time I meet this type of alien, I hope to and try not to get swept into her pace because if ever one day I become a yuri fan, that will be a day I turned into a girl. Or worse, a yaoi fan instead.


May 26, 2012

Why is it that only young people have the ability to fight against extra terrestrial threats? Be it possessing super human abilities or piloting a certain mecha, I know teenagers are our future but what does that tells us about old people? It all started with that Evangelion series that only 14 year olds can pilot a particular robot. It is no different in Freezing. Though it is never mentioned any age limit for teenagers to fight against aliens, but why are they just confined to high school girls? Oh heck, like I care about that.

This series which is based on the manhwa (Korean manga) of the same name, is one of those typical man versus alien for the future of mankind and set in the near futuristic world. There are lots of sci-fi terms to learn but you’ll get by as you watch. Sometimes it might be a headache to remember the jargon but you won’t get any concussion at the end. Besides, how bad is it going to get for just a dozen of episodes anyway?

But if you want to watch this series, you watch it for the fanservice. Yes, fanservice. No doubt. What else would you want to watch this show for? However when the series was being aired, viewers were given 2 types of video resolution. Either you watch the 704 x 400 (16:9) screen but is censored or the 640 x 480 (4:3) screen in which you’ll get the much needed fanservice that is the point of this show. Sounds unfair, right? It’s either you get wide screen without the ecchi bits or else be contend with the black strips on the sides of your screen. Of course you can have the best of both worlds when you buy the DVD but that’s not the case. For me, I thought it was best to go for the full fanservice not because I’m a pervert but after my experience with Seikon No Qwaser, maybe I can see the larger picture of everything and not have any annoying censors. Okay, maybe I do sound like a pervert. Honestly, I have not watched the censored version at all so I can’t tell. But I did watch a couple of episodes from the DVD version. Which brings me to this point. If you’re watching the 4:3 resolution, you’re going to find it a little annoying because there are words from the side that are purposely cut out due to the insufficient screen length. This is evident especially in the title screen whereby the episode synopsis is listed. Yes, they actually put the episode summary but it’s in English. This is irritating when the words of the sentences are just cut off or blocked due to the screen size.

Episode 1
In a simulated combat training called Carnival, genetically female warriors dubbed Pandoras are brutally slaughtering each other to death! Amidst the bloody slicing and limb cutting action, they manage to put in some fanservice within the violence. Satellizer el Bridget is the Academy’s second year number 1 and also known as the Untouchable Queen because well, nobody can even touch her. Not even if the girls gang up and attack simultaneously, Satellizer efficiently kills them all! Yumi Kim is an instructor at the Military Academy of West Genetics. She is lecturing to her students about Pandoras fighting against extra dimensional aliens called Novas. Pandoras are infused with Stigmata that allow them to deploy their Volt Weapons and grant them physical abilities that far surpass normal humans. With Stigmata, any cut off or damaged parts is able to be recovered without visible scarring but the surgery must be done quick (see the surgery hall filled with screaming ladies. Ouch!). Arthur Crypton wants Yumi to tell them about her past. The time she was still an active Pandora. Four years ago during the 8th Nova Crash, Type-S invaded Japan, she and Elise Schmitz were the only participants that truly protected Japan. Elsewhere, Kazuya Aoi is praying at his sister’s grave. He remembers when he was young, he doesn’t want Kazuha to fight the Novas. She promised she won’t lose as they are the only people who can fight the aliens. But that was the last time he saw her. Kazuya is picked up by student council president, Chiffon Fairchild and is being explained about several terms like Limiter, partners for Pandora (that is what Kazuya is going to be). Ereinbar is a neural system that controls one 5 senses and during battle, a Pandora and her Limiter can synchronize their Ereinbar into one. Its rate is highest when the Limiter is a younger boy. The act of Pandora and Limiter synchronizing their senses is called Ereinbar Set. This is used to neutralize Nova’s Freezing Area with their own Freezing. As battles with Novas involve death, even so they have to fight just like his sister did. Yumi recounts how her team of Pandoras exposed Type-S Nova’s core but its counterattack left many wounded or dead. Yumi even lost an arm! With medics retrieving them, Yumi saw Kazuha sacrificing her life to destroy the Nova’s core. Kazuya arrives at West Genetics and is greeted by student council officer Ticy Phenyl when suddenly a blast within a building occurs. Seems to be the Carnival. Satellizer lives up to her nickname and viciously maim and kills her opponents. No mercy! But the Academy’s number 2, Ganessa Roland, that bratty b*tch isn’t going to let her get all the glory and attacks. Satellizer is obviously better than her but the battle ends up before Kazuya’s eyes. Kazuya recognizes Satellizer as Kazuha (at least that’s what he thinks) and hugs her. Woah! He touched her! Being the Untouchable Queen, this is how she got touched?! Unbelievable. Worse, Satellizer is making embarrassing girly reactions. Probably Kazuya is burying his face in her boobs. Can’t blame that kid because he really misses her sister. Maybe it’s the power of the hug that causes Satellizer to activate a Freezing area as well. Ganessa uses this chance to attack.

Episode 2
The military guys note that it is forbidden to use a Limiter during Carnival but they don’t know who this Limiter (Kazuya) is. Due to that, Ganessa becomes the new number 1 usurping Satellizer. Kazuya wonders why he thought Satellizer was his sister since she’s dead. Chiffon explains that although Carnival is a formal match to determine the rankings of Pandora throughout the entire academy, accidental interferences will also affect the result. In short, her loss cannot be overturned. Kazuya wants to apologize to her but Chiffon warns him to transfer to another school! He just got here! Due to Satellizer’s violent history and the trouble she caused at Genetics, she never forgives anyone who touches her. I guess that’s why they call her untouchable too. Oh speaking of the devil, here comes Satellizer. Probably Kazuya didn’t listen right because he grabs Satellizer’s hand! This causes her to have a horrid flashback as she fumbles losing her glasses. Kazuya returns it to her but she ignores him. Again he grabs her hand and apologizes for causing her that wound. She warns him not to get too close to her. Still he wants to grab her hand but before he could, she draws her weapon to threaten. Now do you listen? Ganessa comes by to mock her and rub salt to her wounds. She even goes as far as to say to find a lover boy and retire forever and forget about reclaiming her queen title. However Ganessa still wants to challenge her now to see who is really number 1 even if this is against regulations for Pandoras to fight outside Carnival. Ganessa deploys her Volt Weapon, Chains of Binding and attacks. But Satellizer was just cool and she didn’t even move much to send Ganessa to a crashing defeat! Eat your words b*tch! Ganessa couldn’t care less about anything now and activates her powerful Pandora Mode. It blows Satellizer away but Kazuya catches her. She doesn’t feel spiteful despite him touching her. Due to the distraction, Ganessa binds her and starts cutting her up. She is about to cut her right hand to commemorate her victory but Kazuya steps in to protect her. She slaps away the kid. Satellizer gets upset and unleashes her Pandora Mode. She breaks loose from the chains and in the final face off, all it takes is a single strike from Satellizer to defeat Ganessa. Yeah, she’s close to naked too. She could’ve been finished if Yumi and Elise didn’t refrain her. They order her to disarm her Pandora Mode since it’s only for experimental purposes and they don’t know what side effect it will have. Both ladies will get their punishment. Kazuya upon knowing who the lecturers are realizes they once fought along Kazuha’s side and believes that there are people who have returned from the fight with Novas. Principal Sister Margaret gives Kazuya his dorm key and advises him about the pairing between Pandora and her Limiter is left to the choices of each person in question. Kazuya finds his roommate is Arthur. He wanted to ask about Satellizer but was told not to get involved with her because she doesn’t even use a Limiter. But Arthur is so eager about telling his own Pandora, the most beautiful, strong and incomparable Pandora that loves him: Ganessa. Oh sh*t. He didn’t watch today’s ruckus, didn’t he? Limiter Eater, Miyabi Kannazuki takes an interest in Kazuya and feels he has got enough qualifications to receive her proclamation. Big breasted girl in her hot lingerie surrounded by her male harem? Doesn’t sound good.

Episode 3
It is Kazuya’s first day in class and he realizes Arthur isn’t around. That’s because he’s nursing Ganessa. Still didn’t know what happened to her, eh? Better don’t ask. Class rep, Kaho Hiiragi shows Kazuya around the cafeteria. She mentions she saw him standing up for Satellizer and though he still feels guilty for causing her to lose the Carnival, she advises not to get involve with her. But Kazuya is upset that she is saying bad things about people she doesn’t even know much. Speaking of Satellizer, she comes into the cafeteria and everyone just ran away like they saw a ghost! Guess what? Kazuya grabs her hand again! Shocking! She drops her food and runs away to the rooftop. Kazuya follows her and not only apologizes but also thanks her for saving him then. She says it’s her principle to return favours. Kazuya feels she is a nice person compared to how others paint and guess what next? He asks her to take him as her Limiter! Arthur and Kaho are eavesdropping and must be surprise at the developments. However third year Miyabi and her men tease them about making a pact at such a place. Arthur and Kaho know Miyabi as a Limiter Eater because she throws away guys once she gets tired of them and has no intention to fight Novas. Miyabi wants to make Kazuya her little brother and do a Baptism with her but he rejects. She doesn’t take light of this insult. In a shocking turn, Satellizer warns her not to lay a finger on him. Now she’s standing up for him? Miyabi feels she’s been underestimated and will show her the different levels between a second and third year. She uses her Volt Weapon, Homing Dagger followed by her high speed Accel Turn but to everyone’s surprise, Satellizer can also do that. Accel Turn is a curriculum only thought to third years. Miyabi goes crazy when Satellizer scratches her face. She orders her Limiters to do Ereinbar Set and sets upon them a Freezing Area. However Satellizer can jump out of it but she sees Kazuya stuck and goes back to get him. In that instance, she got stabbed by the Homing Daggers. Miyabi is going to teach her a lesson for scarring her face. All Satellizer wants is for her to let Kazuya go. But she isn’t going to let it be. She has her guys beat Kazuya up while she fondles Satellizer’s boobs. Adding to her humiliation, she pulls down her pantsu and has her guys take pictures of her nice ass to send it around later. Kazuya is so upset that he breaks free from Freezing Area and sets that area upon them himself. Without Ereinbar Set, how can he do that? Beats me but Satellizer is going to turn the tables on her. Chiffon gets word of what’s happening and rushes to the scene. Look at all the guys beaten up unconscious and Miyabi is begging for mercy! So badly beaten up that she promises never to stand up to her again! What the hell did she do? Chiffon pleads to Satellizer to disarm herself but she won’t listen. Not even the instructors can help. But Kazuya. He has had enough and Freezes Satellizer. Remembering Kazuha’s words, he says Pandoras are not meant to hurt each other. So that’s the end of that. Yumi and Elise research on Kazuya on how he is able to do Freezing. The number of Stigmata that can be matured within a Pandora’s body is between 2 to 4. However Kazuha’s body was exceptional and was able to mature over 20 Stigmata. Though males cannot mature Stigmata or is there any need for it, Kazuya’s body has 30% skeletal structure composing of Stigmata tissue. Whether or not he knows it, perhaps that’s why the government and Genetics knew about this before enrolling him here. Chiffon tends Kazuya’s wound and once again advises him not to get involved with Satellizer. Her actions went too far because in this place, school seniority is like rank in the army, which is absolute. With a third year losing to a second year, this will certainly force third years who have overlooked things so far to take action. Ingrid Bernstein and her Limiter, Leo Bernard are in another practice simulation with a Type-R Nova. As usual, their synchronization is perfect and allows them to easily defeat the enemy. On the way out, she meets Attia Simmons who wants her to take care of Satellizer.

Episode 4
Ingrid remembers her best friend dying in her arms after an attack from a Type-S Nova. Satellizer has been released from solitary confinement after a week. But trouble greets her again. Ingrid, The Guardian of Order as she is called is here to punish those who disturb the order at the academy with all her power. She wants her to find herself a Limiter by tomorrow afternoon so that they both will receive her punishment. The ever stalking Kaho heard the unbelievable and return to inform Arthur and Kazuya. They warn Kazuya to hide because they predict Satellizer will come looking for him. But guess what? He went out looking for Satellizer in her dorm instead! Such a rebellious kid. She is currently in the bath (why the hell didn’t she lock the front door) so Kazuya is tempted to read her diary! Bad kid. Thankfully she steps out and thinks he may have done so and pushes him away. Oh, her towel slipped off. Once both sides have calmed down, Kazuya reveals his intention to come here to find out about her answer in making him her Limiter. The answer is still no. That night Satellizer visits Ingrid and she attacks her because she believes one must strike the opponent while she is separated from their Limiter. So another power fight on the cards. But if Satellizer thinks she can beat Ingrid without her Limiter, she’s wrong because it doesn’t make her any weaker. In fact, she is much stronger and faster especially with her tonfa-like Volt Weapon, Divine Trust. Satellizer uses Accel Turn but Ingrid uses another high end skill called Tempest Turn that clones herself to beat her up. For the record, Ingrid is ranked 7th in her grade. With Leo coming into the picture, Ingrid once again gives her a chance to find a Limiter or else she’ll receive straight the punishment. And conveniently they’re outside the boys’ dorm. Would anybody care to be her Limiter? Oh, there’s one. No prizes guessing who. Kazuya is warned that by becoming her Limiter, he too will be an accomplice with Satellizer in disturbing the order. Heck, screw that. He can’t stand Satellizer being beaten up like this. Kazuya offers to be her Limiter but again she turns him down, citing she hates that dirty sensation of her entire body being licked all over. Ingrid explains her misunderstanding. Though it’s true there is some discomfort as they are sharing all senses, it is not dirty but a sacred bond achieved through deep trust. I guess time’s up so Ingrid charges. To everyone’s surprise Kazuya uses Freezing to stop her even if he hasn’t been Baptized yet. She thinks she should take him out first but was slashed by Satellizer. Kazuya wonders why Ingrid is so obsessed with the order so conveniently Ganessa was there to explain. A year ago before Satellizer transferred here, her grade went on a Carnival expedition but was ambushed by a Nova. Due to its sudden appearance, order within the ranks was thrown into chaos. If the first years did not abandon ship, Marin would’ve till been alive. By the time medics arrive, the Nova is suppressed and Marin died. Ingrid and Leo use Freezing on Satellizer but Kazuya stuns them again by using an omnidirectional Freezing that is normally used by Novas. Satellizer takes out Leo and then targets Ingrid. Ingrid activates Pandora Mode which allows Pandoras to move in Freezing Area without a Limiter. She is still obsessed in protecting the order to prevent unnecessary deaths like Marin. Kazuya using a stronger Freezing begs to differ. Though he may not know her well, but he believes she did not die in vain. She died while upholding her beliefs as a Pandora. He knows it because he too had a sister like that. Ganessa reveals the truth that the first years didn’t abandon ship. Marin purposely let them escape because she knew they couldn’t win as they were without Limiters. Marin stalled for time to let them escape to safety. Ingrid remembers Marin asking her about the first years before her final breath. Thankfully they were all safe. Hey Ganessa, why wait till today only to tell her? More impact? Ingrid feels guilty for even thinking that her best friend’s death was in vain. So end of fight. Kazuya thanks Satellizer for saving him for the second time.

Episode 5
Kaho and Arthur find it strange that Kazuya can use Freezing even without being Baptised. Kazuya himself doesn’t know and all he knew was he wanted to protect Satellizer. Again they try to tell him to stay away from her because even when he saved her, she didn’t even say a word of thanks. Speaking of which, here comes Satellizer. She wants to have a word with Kazuya. At the rooftop, she puts his hand over her cheeks and realizes that when he touches her, she doesn’t get this feeling. She agrees for him to be her Limiter with a condition they don’t do Baptism. I guess he’s happy enough with that. Rana Linchen has arrived all the way from the Tibetan Himalayas to West Genetics as the new transfer student and is fired up to find her Destined Man. Over lunch, Satellizer invites Kazuya to her room tonight. Could this be it? As Kazuya walks back, he spots Rana. Seems she got lost and is happy to see him because he’s the first person she met ever since stepping foot in this academy! WTF?! It took her the whole day?! Kazuya guides her to Margaret’s office and meets up with Kaho and Arthur. They learn about becoming Satellizer’s Limiter and his invitation to her room. They think this could only mean she may be just want to use his power because there is no Stigmata given as a symbol of bond and that the First Room Entry is some kind of custom for Baptism (I don’t blame you if you start having naughty thoughts. Besides it’s a custom for Pandoras to bond well with their younger counterpart). Outside the girls’ dorm, Kazuya bumps into 3 ladies. Once they know Satellizer has consented to join with him, they wish to celebrate with him by beating him up! Audrey Duval AKA Slash Maiden, Aika Takeuchi AKA Silver Leaf of Intoxication and Tris McKenzie AKA Twin Fang are the ladies who bitterly lost to Satellizer at an earlier Carnival. It doesn’t take a genius to guess that they’re doing this out of revenge. Kazuya is pinned down but the thing is, they too get rough with Kaho. They call it re-education or training, but it’s bullying-cum-punishment obviously. Tris and Kaho fight but of course a first year like Kaho is no match for her senior. If Arthur had not stood there and watch and go inform the teacher, he wouldn’t have got beaten up and stepped on especially where it hurts most. Seeing his buddies getting beaten up, Kazuya gets upset and unleashes his Freezing. The bullies are shocked. Meanwhile Rana once again lost her way to the dorm but sees Kazuya using Freezing. She saw the Kunlun Tears trembling. However Kazuya loses power and collapses. The bullies plan to leave a scar on his body but were stopped by Rana. She won’t let them harm this kid. Stronger and faster, she teaches those bullies a lesson they won’t forget. Elsewhere, Satellizer must be spending the entire evening just choosing which dress she will wear to meet Kazuya. But that’s not him at the door but Arthur. He brings her to the Recovery Centre where Kazuya is recuperating. Satellizer and Rana meet for the first time as the latter introduces herself as a transfer student beginning tomorrow. The former seems suspicious. The ‘it’s another woman’ kind of suspicion, get what I mean? Arthur chauffeurs Rana away to visit Kaho. Elise is surprised Satellizer is asking for Kazuya’s condition. His condition is stable, not life threatening and just overworked his body. At Kaho’s side, Rana explains that she was sent by her Elder to find her Destined Men as this is a fate for women who possess Kunlun Tears. Deciphering her terminology: Rana is a Pandora; Destined Man = Limiter; Kunlun Tears = Stigmata. She shows those Tears behind her back and she has 6 of them (Pandoras often have 2 only). Rana has already decided on her Limiter: Kazuya. But the duo mention he belongs to Satellizer. Oh, look at that expression. I smell a big cat fight coming up…

Episode 6
Kazuya wakes up with Satellizer sleeping by his side. He apologizes for not making it to her room but she is okay with it since they spent the night together. Nothing funny happened lah. Rana is in the same class with Satellizer. She is actually a year older than them but held back a year to learn the basics of being a Pandora. Guess where she sits next to? She gets straight in telling Satellizer that Kazuya is her Destined Man. During a free battle simulation, Rana fights against Ganessa. Rana’s Volt Weapons are her iron gloves and boots, making her a close combat type. She easily dodges all Ganessa’s moves and could’ve dealt the final blow if Yumi didn’t stop the match. Elsewhere, guess who are trying to tell Kazuya to stay away from Satellizer. So persistent, eh? They reveal 2 years ago before Satellizer was transferred here, she was from East Genetics and made a Limiter beyond recovery. That guy, Brooks Ribbon was just like Kazuya. Good looking, lots of girls chased after him and offered himself to be Satellizer’s Limiter. However Satellizer used him to a point whereby he couldn’t be a Limiter anymore. She served a year under house arrest and should’ve been a third year instead of a second year. Subsequently she beat up another second year Limiter who touched her by accident. Their talk is interrupted with Rana joining them. The duo leave so they both can get better acquainted. Rana gets picky on how Kazuya should call him and starts seducing him. They’re in the cafeteria, you know. Hope others don’t lose their appetite with her getting too close and intimate to him. And then… Satellizer comes in. She wants to have a word with Kazuya. Obviously that guy follows her. Attia soon takes her seat next to Rana and proceeds to tell her something ‘pitiful’. Gosh. That doesn’t sound good. At the rooftop, Satellizer wants Kazuya to call her casually too (don’t want to lose out to a certain transfer student) and invites him to eat lunch with her. Rana reflects what Attia told her. Because Kazuya and Satellizer became a pair without Baptism, this could only mean Kazuya has been tricked by her pretty face so she can use his ability. After that, she’ll just toss him aside and search for another one. Oh, great lie she’s telling but unfortunately gullible Rana believes her. Rana goes to see Satellizer in her room and wants them to settle a score at the simulation centre. She tells her to break up with Kazuya. Of course she can’t. Then why doesn’t she do Baptism? She’s not obliged to give her private reason, right? Haha. Because Rana touched her shoulder, she got punched. If that’s the way how she wants to settle it, so be it. Let the cat fight begin. If Satellizer wins, Rana will never bother them again. Vice versa. Rana wins and Satellizer breaks up with Kazuya. Instigator Attia is watching with glee as both powerful women duke it out. Both are evenly matched so Rana activates her Holy Gate Stigmata. This allows her to push her power to the limit so she becomes stronger and faster both in the short and long range. Though Satellizer gets pounded, she uses her Double Accel Turn and 3 attacks from 3 directions to return the favour. It ends with Satellizer stabbing her sword into Rana’s shoulder. But that is where she wants her so she can use her Burning Fang up close and do serious damage to her ribs and internal organs. Satellizer lost? Not yet. She gets up and claims it’s not over. Attia doesn’t like what she sees because these women are more dangerous than expected. Kazuya wanted to visit Satellizer’s room but finds nobody in. He overheard some girls talking about the said woman so Kazuya rushes all the way to the centre to stop them. Kazuya is adamant his partner is Satellizer and Rana’s perception of him being use is just a misunderstanding. Attia interrupts them. Mentioning just a little bit more and everything would’ve gone according to plan, she and her friends want them to do something more interesting.

Episode 7
Rana didn’t like the fact she’s been tricked and used. Attia reminds them about the hierarchy of this academy and with Satellizer causing trouble, this won’t set a good example for juniors and thus her plan to punish her. She gives her a choice of who she wants to fight. Either 4th ranked Arnett McMillan AKA Slashing Trickster or 5th ranked Creo Brand AKA Lightning Hammer. Satellizer will take them both. It might seem like bullying with 2 against 1 and especially an injured but with Rana in the fray, it’ll be fair and square, right? Kazuya tries to stop them but gets knocked out. I guess now there really is a reason to fight, right? Satellizer fights Arnett with her Scythe Machina and got slashed here and there because her attacks come in opposing direction instead of where she believed came from. Yeah, it may even be Triple Accel Turn for all you know. How fast can they get? Arnett finishes off Satellizer with a deep cut. Meanwhile Rana meets her match as Creo beats her up with her Infinity Fang. Attia is willing to take them to the Recovery Centre if they say sorry but Satellizer refuses to acknowledge defeat or kneel down to anyone. Attia got so pissed that she orders Arnett and Creo to tear off their Stigmata. They fear they may be hold responsible for causing them to retire as a Pandora but Attia insists they already have crossed that line. The will of their seniors especially Elizabeth’s have been passed to them so in order to preserve that, she’ll gladly accept the academy’s punishment. Yeah, but why order them and not do it herself then? Satellizer close to death sees a vision of her mom, Noelle Allouache. Flashback time. When Satellizer was just 9 years old, she and her mom went to live at the el Bridget’s family mansion. Noelle is Howard el Bridget’s mistress and by this you can make what Satellizer is, right? Howard’s wife, Olivia didn’t like or acknowledged her but was forced to take her in due to Howard’s will. Plus, Olivia is suffering from an illness. The eldest daughter, Violet is kind enough to them but the youngest son, Louis hates Satellizer. He subjects her to harsh and cruel treatment. Violet tries to speak up to Olivia but she turns a blind eye and continues to hate that woman, thinking they’re only here for the family treasure. One night, Louis enters Satellizer’s room and wants her to become his doll. All she has to do is does everything he says and he will make sure her mom gets to stay here. He starts molesting Satellizer and at this rate, he could be a future rapist. She tried to tell her mom that Louis is doing funny things to her body but she brushes it off and tells her to put up with it. This outrage continues well until Satellizer is grown up. You could say this is where her touching phobia stems from. One night, Violet caught Louis in the act and slapped him. Probably he was moving on to rape. Yeah, the excuse of playing with her isn’t going to cut it. Doesn’t that make it worse? In view of Satellizer’s safety, she couldn’t stay here anymore. Then she got news her mother is dying. Noelle’s last words were to never lose, be stronger, surrender to no one, stand tall and live proudly. Wow. That’s a lot. Then she passed on. Satellizer’s strong unyielding will made her stand up. Then she emits bright lights like those from Holy Gate. She is so bloody fast, faster than her Double Accel Turn that Arnett takes a beating with a move she barely could see. Likewise, Rana gets back up and turns the tables on Creo with her Holy Gate skill of cloning herself to counter Creo’s Tempest Turn. The result of exerting her Holy Gate made her cough up blood. Attia panics upon seeing this nightmare. She is about to do it alone but Arnett and Creo stand back up to finish the fight. They probably would have another go if Chiffon did not stop them. Arnett couldn’t care less and lunges ahead only to be halted by Ticy and a single move by Chiffon. A move so fast that we weren’t able to see what she did. Attia and Creo back down as advised because they don’t want to go messing with the academy’s 1st ranked Chiffon with her Illusion Turn. With a battle ended, another one begins. That is, who shall take Kazuya to the Recovery Centre. Seems Satellizer got it. Chiffon is seen talking to Elizabeth Mably and the latter has no intention of backing down about Satellizer. Chiffon warns that many high ranking third years have been defeated by Satellizer and the results of challenging her may only bring the dignity of third years down even further. Even if Satellizer is a second year, she possesses abilities greater than third years. She feels she should only think of ways to subdue her once she has understood that fact because using plans based on powers will not work. Also as warned by Margaret, peaceful days may not be stay much longer. With all the cat fights, I can see why.

Episode 8
Kazuya wakes up and the first thing he did was to apologize for his uselessness. Satellizer berates him for jumping in without thinking but actually she’s worried he would’ve been hurt bad. Rana didn’t like how Satellizer is making Kazuya feel small. Instead, his bravery is the reason why she likes him even more. She is okay if it is one-sided. For now. Satellizer is starting to reveal her true colours as a tsundere because deep down, she’s in fact happy Kazuya came for her. But the highlight of this episode is the Prom night. Yes, which academy is complete without one of these nights to foster the couples closer to each other? In this case, Pandora and her Limiter. But the main event is the Pandora Queen contest which is somewhat similar to your typical Prom Queen. Last year’s winner was Elizabeth and her stunning beauty is no exception. Speaking of her, she tells Attia and co to leave Satellizer alone. With high ranking third years unable to do the job, what difference would it make? Besides, she is interested in the possibilities of her power. Attia still isn’t giving up but it’s not like she’s going against Elizabeth’s order because to her, there are other ways to punish that b*tch instead of fighting. Satellizer is looking for Kazuya to apologize but she didn’t count on Rana beating her into asking him for the Prom. Arthur and Kaho are smart enough not to get involved in the impending ‘fireworks’. Satellizer insists Kazuya is going to the dance with her and before the ‘fireworks’ really take off, Kazuya announces he did have intentions to ask Satellizer. Rana admits her loss this time and kisses him on the cheek! Hah. It’s not over by a mile. Kazuya comes to pick Satellizer up at her room but her dress was too long so she tripped on top of him. Hmm… Where is his hand grabbing? However they are interrupted by Attia who challenges her to see who can rake in the most votes in the Pandora Queen contest. Satellizer accepts the challenge. Oh Attia, be wary of her gigantic boobs. Hope you have not picked on the wrong area to challenge head on. Chiffon and Ticy are watching with Kim and Elise. The student council girls wonder if Margaret is coming but the instructors mention of recent dimensional disturbances (whether it is Nova invasion is still uncertain) so she is busy having meetings every day with Chevalier and the army. All the candidates for Pandora Queen go up to stage and strut their stuff. Why must they wear such revealing clothes? Even Rana. Yeah, every vote from the guys counts. However Satellizer got cold feet and mentioned she accepted Attia’s challenge at the spur of the moment. Now she’s too embarrassed to go out on stage. Rana gives her rival an uplifting advice that the honour of a Pandora is also the honour of her Limiter. Because of that, they can do anything no matter how unpleasant. The crowd is stunned when Satellizer finally takes stage. Never in their wildest dream the Untouchable Queen would even enter such event. However she is saying and doing nothing. Just standing there embarrassed. But you know how guys and their twisted pervertness. They think it’s the new form of moe!!! Following this event is the dance whereby Pandoras dance with their Limiter partner. I guess Rana without a Limiter ends up with Kaho. Kazuya praises Satellizer for doing her best for him. She’s about to confess into doing the Baptism together when it’s time for the announcement of the top 5 Pandora Queen. Miyabi comes in at 5th but due to her underhanded ways, she got disqualified and is replaced by Ganessa. Then in ascending order, they are Rana, Attia, Elizabeth… Oh wait. Last year’s Pandora Queen took second place? Then who the heck got first? You guessed it. It’s Satellizer winning by a mile! Sore loser Attia isn’t about to give up yet. She tells a couple of those organizer girls that this year’s winner is supposed to wear some outfit. She even made up a story Elizabeth let this year’s victory slip away because she doesn’t want to wear it. Well, the girls believe her and put Satellizer in that skimpy dress. Is that even considered to be clothes? Apparently not. As Attia puts it, a prank item. When it reacts to body temperature, it will gradually turn transparent! Satellizer is paralyzed on stage while Attia has her last b*tch laugh. Satellizer screams for Kazuya’s help. In an instant he uses Freezing to freeze the surrounding area. Isn’t that too much? Then he takes her hand as they make a run out of this place.

Episode 9
Kazuya is being invited to East Genetics as he watches in awe, the academy’s number 1, Cathy Lockharte using her Quadruple Accel Turn (how fast can it get?!) to defeat 2 Novas simultaneously. The reason Kazuya was invited was because as Margaret points out, Cathy is one of the Chosen Pandora who inherited a Heroic Stigmata from Kazuha. However even if Kazuya praises her, Cathy is bent on retiring rather than being promoted to fourth year and joining the Chevalier reserves. She feels somebody more deserving should inherit the Stigmata and that her dream is to be a novelist. Even if it sounds embarrassing to her, Kazuya thinks it’s a wonderful dream and looks forward to her first novel. On the way back, Margaret laments Cathy’s retirement because she could’ve been Kazuha’s equal. Having a Heroic Stigmata, there has never been another capable of producing her level of compatibility throughout the world. Seeing Kazuha had 20 of them, Margaret lets Kazuya know that Satellizer inherited 6 of them. Cathy talks to her instructor Milena Marius. She entered Genetics because her father was a politician and wanted her to attain some distinction. She wouldn’t have enrolled here if he hadn’t made her. But even if she has retired, it’s not like she will stop fighting against Novas. She’ll still continue to protect those she loves. What scares her is that becoming someone that guides other Pandora. She knows she doesn’t possess the true strength of a Pandora and realizes herself as a coward. A fight with Satellizer made her realize that. On that day when Brooks was incapacitated, though he admitted he was forceful, if Cathy wasn’t there, he might have died for real. Cathy fought Satellizer but realized the outcome was apparent. Satellizer had that look in her eyes that never gave up, always standing back up no matter how many times you knock her down. She saw the difference in their reasons to fight, the burdens they carry. In the end, the third years came to suppress her but it made her realize she had no right to lead her fellow Pandoras against Novas. A dimensional disturbance is detected near East Genetics and all fourth and third years are put on standby. What they see next is truly shocking. Four S-Type Novas! Something unprecedented. Prior to this, it has always been 1 Nova at a time. I don’t know why they even bother using a normal military helicopter to fire missiles into it. Didn’t past experience tell you it’s useless? See, they died for nothing. And the Novas aren’t even slowing a bit. Due to shortage of Chevalier, East Genetics are roped in. They did well using tactics of decoys, strikers and finishers for the first Nova to expose its core. However when it is Cathy’s turn to finish the job, it was faster than her Quadruple Accel Turn to stop her from getting close to its core. Then another unprecedented act. The Nova fires a high energy blast! Satellizer is frustrated because she can’t be of any use during this point of crisis. She hears comments of some of the Pandoras feeling glad they aren’t third or fourth years because they are scared in fighting the Novas. Can’t blame them. Kazuya talks to Kaho and Arthur about Ereinbar Set and Baptism with Satellizer. Kazuya realizes why he thought Satellizer looked like his sister. The rest concludes it’s because Satellizer looked like Kazuha due to the Heroic Stigmata she inherited, the reason why Kazuya voluntarily wanted to be her Limiter. Oh, guess who is eavesdropping nearby? Oh, that girl. So broken-hearted. And she thought he was special and was ready to give her heart to him. Is this the right time to be sad? Meanwhile chaos and madness is what is left at the battlefield. The Nova did another unprecedented move by grabbing Cathy with its tentacles. No hentai play, please. More accurately, it is trying to fuse the Stigmata of Cathy and the other Pandoras by neutralizing their Volt Texture. Cathy tries to use her Quadruple Accel Turn but it is futile and got swallowed.

Episode 10
Here’s another surprise. All the Novas suddenly disappeared. End of invasion? Not quite. They reappear close to West Genetics and are surrounding it. Oh sh*t. So attacking East Genetics was just a diversion? Better scramble and on the double! Margaret narrates her observation of past Nova behaviours. When they appear, they seem like they are looking for something and the maximum time remained was 5 hours 37 minutes before self destructing. As West Genetics move out, Satellizer plans on going to fight too even if second years are on standby. She couldn’t care less about Kazuya but what made her stop? Ah, Rana trying to take him away. But still Satellizer isn’t fazed. Rana takes this as she has admitted defeat. Taboo word. Satellizer the eternal I’ll-never-lose woman. They gear up to face off but once again, it is Kazuya who has to come between them and remind them that this is not what being a Pandora is about. Besides, her sister too said never to lose. As the Pandoras take position near the Novas, they see one of them suddenly growing tumour. Actually, they are the East Genetic Pandoras it absorbed. However, they have become possessed zombies under its command. Each of them has a diamond-shaped Stigmata formed on their chest. Something Margaret recognizes and fears as Nova Form. These Pandoras bypass the defence and head straight to the academy grounds. Miyabi laments she has to watch the gates but soon she’ll have to eat her words because the Nova Form Pandoras bust their way in. They ignore Miyabi but when she attacks, she got blasted away for good. So much for defence. Kazuya finds out the reason behind Satellizer’s bad mood. She insists she is not his sister’s replacement. She thought she is special to him just because she inherited Kazuha’s Stigmata. Before Kazuya could dispel the misunderstanding, they get a call from Margaret. Satellizer, Rana, Ganessa and their respective Limiters are to meet her at the Ravensborne Nucleochede. Lesbian Nude Chichi (tits) what? That sums up what this show is about. Just kidding. It’s a chamber deep beneath underground that Margaret wants them to defend at all cost. Inside this chamber is Holy Body. Inside this capsule is Maria Lancelot, the body of the person who become the source for Pandoras to be created. Stigmata have been mass produced using this body and by transplanting it into women, they created Pandoras, the only means to fight Nova. Since the composition of the Stigmata is the same as a Nova’s core, it means very Pandora possesses the latent possibility to turn into Nova Form since to create a Pandora is to implant Nova tissue into humans. Just like how Kazuha did. Holy sh*t! You mean it’s like Bleach in which everyone including shinigamis has that potential to turn into a Hollow?! You mean it’s like in that Madoka series that every magical girl has the potential to become a witch? Because of the fact that the Stigmata can be a double edged sword for humanity, they begun to limit the number of Stigmata injected. But now the Novas are even capable of doing things like this. Speaking of the Nova Form Pandoras, they have already broken into the facility. They are so fast that the shutting walls could barely contain them. Due to the several security layers, they are trapped in an area as command centre releases some gas to disarm them. The walls are even hard enough that their blades but they regenerate. However the joy is short-lived when they blast a beam destroying the walls. Nothing can stop them. So how much do you know about your Novas?

Episode 11
Two of the four Novas have been destroyed. Wow. So long and so much destruction just to take out half the numbers. Margaret reminds the Ravensborne-defending Pandoras about defending it at all cost because if it falls into enemy’s hands, they will have nothing to research on to stop the Novas. The Nova Form Pandoras encounter the first line of defence in the form of Attia, Arnett, Creo and Ingrid. Unfortunately their Limiters got taken out and a couple (Cathy and Milena) got through. But Margaret wants them to stand their ground and keep the rest from advancing as there are other lines of defence. The second line of defence is Elizabeth and Andre her Limiter. Elizabeth’s Stigmata Satellite System demonstrates that one is able to turn those girls back to normal without killing them by destroying the Stigmata. Oh sure. I know the enemy won’t tell you that but hasn’t anybody previously been curious enough to try destroying that piece sticking out like sore thumb on their chest? With this information, the rest pummel the other Nova Form Pandoras and destroy the enemy’s Stigmata. However Cathy unleashes a move that blasts a big hole in the ground and right down to the final defence at the bottom. It boggles me too. Why didn’t they just make a straight path down instead of being toyed around by the wall barriers? They are strong enough to destroy the walls and the floor, right? The first thing Cathy did was to pierce her blades into Rana’s shoulder blade. Still, Rana is strong enough to break free but Cathy’s blade regenerates. Ganessa thought she could help by covering Rana but ended up a liability because she can’t use Accel Turn. Rana had to cover her ass or else she end up as a casualty. Kazuya’s Freezing enables Rana to avoid the same fate. Rana runs out of steam and collapses. Ganessa got so scared she passes out. WTF?! All big talk only, eh? Now it’s Satellizer’s turn to do some serious butt kicking. She insists she doesn’t need Kazuya. Not only because she isn’t his sister’s replacement, she has a score to settle with Cathy. Well, they’re on different ends on sanity the last time they fought. Satellizer takes a beating when she couldn’t match Cathy’s speed. But she wouldn’t lose or give in. This means, she still wants Kazuya to stay out. Getting back up, Satellizer uses a high speed move, No Interval Double Accel (Accel Turn that looks like Tempest Turn. Man, how fast can it get?!) to damage the Stigmata but short of destroying it. This temporarily brings Cathy’s consciousness back but the Stigmata starts suppressing it against her will. Satellizer again uses No Interval Double Accel but finds she can’t keep up with Cathy’s speed. She could’ve lost if Kazuya hadn’t use Freezing on Cathy. He tries to make Cathy remember about their promise and that she’s not supposed to do something like this. Wait. Can mere words wake her up? Oh I forgot. Kazuya isn’t your normal kid. True enough, his words reach Cathy. She tries to fight the control. Kazuya is also Freezing so hard to the point he is bleeding. Satellizer still insists she doesn’t need him. Now he’s got an answer for her. Even if she doesn’t, he still does because she is his partner. She is an important person who inherited Kazuha’s Stigmata. He wants to protect everything that is important. Those words finally made Satellizer realize Kazuya didn’t wish for her to be his replacement sister. Besides, it’s not that she can become that heroine in the first place. Though it’s true he may have chose her because of Kazuha’s Stigmata, but without that, she wouldn’t have met him and would never have gotten a partner. So are you glad you met that kid now? Are you glad you got Kazuha’s Stigmata? She still won’t lose, though. Kazuya is at his limit and got blasted away. Satellizer too could have died if not for Cathy struggling to fight the mind control. She is in pain. Anguish. Torture. Pleading for Satellizer to stop her (do those blood tears convince you?). But why is Satellizer just standing there wondering what is going on? She had ample chance to strike the Stigmata but no… She was just starring in awe till Cathy starts glowing. Meanwhile Attia and co rush back to Elizabeth. She seems to have miscalculated her aim because when she let her guard down, Milena got up and drilled a hole right down to the Holy Body.

Episode 12
It’s not that the chamber is left totally unguarded. Chiffon and Ticy are there to keep Milena company. Cathy unleashes a powerful blast meant for Satellizer. But guess who stood up to protect her? No, not Kazuya. Ganessa! I wonder how her tiny body is able to block that big blast. But seriously, the blast is so devastating that Ganessa’s arm got ripped off!!! Holy sh*t!!! She might still be giving an excuse to protect weaker people as a Pandora’s duty but we know she means it on a deeper scale. Arthur is hysterically that his beloved senpai is dying and instead of talking, why didn’t he start carrying her? Look, she’s dead. Okay, maybe it doesn’t change the fact that she’ll die since they’re so deep underground and by the time they reach the nearest Recovery Centre, she’ll already be dead. Seriously, Ganessa dead? NOOOO!!! Satellizer has never felt so much rage inside her that she is entering what is believed to be Nova Mode or Abnormal Stigmata Assimilation on her own will. So fast, so powerful, so full of rage that she blocked every move Cathy struck. So angry that she tore off both Cathy’s arms!!!!! So pissed off she ripped the Stigmata out of her chest!!!!!! Man, she is one mad woman. Satellizer would probably have listened to Cathy’s plea to kill her (she got her consciousness back) but Kazuya stopped the rampaging Satellizer. He doesn’t want to see friends killing friends. Can mere words and hug stop her this time? Maybe Kazuya needs to try harder. To show that Satellizer is still in control of her destiny, she didn’t kill Cathy and reverts back. Oh, as not to end on a sour note, Ganessa is still alive. Better hurry and get medical attention to her. Cathy wonders why she didn’t kill her so Satellizer replies she doesn’t want to disappoint Kazuya as he has thought her an important lesson of those who bear the Stigmata and the sole purpose of a Pandora. Chiffon and Ticy aren’t the academy’s number 1 and 3 respectively for nothing. They disarm Milena and with the Nova down to only 1, it’s a matter of time they defeat it. But they’re not out of the woods yet. The Nova suddenly disappears. Using Milena’s Stigmata as a coordinate, it reappears right in the chamber! Oh, how does something so big fit into there? Never mind. So it’s time for the Pandoras to go into action but wait. Something strange is happening to Satellizer. Her Stigmata Abnormal Activation Rate has been surpassed and she is turning into a Nova herself! I know she tore out Cathy’s Stigmata, but how the heck did it get absorbed into her chest? Satellizer unleashes a powerful Freezing Area, immobilizing all the Pandoras. They think they have a trick up their sleeve as they activate Pandora Mode. But that is only short-lived because Satellizer’s Freezing is more powerful and cancels Pandora Mode.  The real Satellizer is sitting alone within herself, pleading Kazuya for help. Now she really needs him, eh? Kazuya uses Freezing on her and says he believes in her. Satellizer meets Kazuha who tells her to protect her precious people because she has the Stigmata to do that. She gets to extra power to break free from her Nova Form as the Stigmata itself breaks. Kazuya’s Ereinbar Set engulfs the ladies and they felt his warmth. They use this opportunity to strike the Nova’s core. In the aftermath as everybody is picking up the pieces, Kazuya sees off Cathy and Milena. Cathy thinks of joining Chevalier. What about her novel? She’ll do that too. I guess after all the amazing things that have happened today, doing both at the same time is nothing. Kazuya and his friends visit Ganessa recuperating in hospital (don’t worry, her arm is patched back thanks to her Stigmata as with the same with Cathy). Surprisingly, Satellizer also pays a visit as she thanks her for protecting her then. Something she would never have done. So she’s totally change, eh? I can think of one good reason. And remember Kazuya’s visit to her room? Yeah, they haven’t forgotten about that yet. And yes, it’s Baptism for real. Probably she took too long in choosing which dress she should wear that Kazuya and Rana are already at her doorstep. In her panic, she trips so when the duo see her in an ambiguous position, Rana thought she’s planning on doing something sly to seduce Kazuya. Rana doesn’t want to lose out and strips too. I guess the only aspect of Satellizer that hasn’t changed is her attitude of not wanting to lose. Yeah, she takes off her bra… What else has she got to lose?

These are 3-minute specials that come with the DVD. There are a total of 6 of them and the only reason you watch this is of course, the nudity and fanservice. Not the plot or anything else. Duh. Like we need more of them since the TV series is filled with it. Ah strangely, you can never get tired of the same fanservice :p. I guess even if they have that tough ‘armour’ on the outside, they’re still sensitive vulnerable ladies on the inside.

Special 1 – During a Carnival, Satellizer’s accidental sneeze causes her Volt Texture to turn her clothes transparent. In short, she’s naked. Rana starts fondling her humungous melons and embarrassed Satellizer does the same to Rana for they misinterpret some idiom. Rana notices Kazuya’s eyes nailed to Satellizer’s bare skin so she too strips herself and gets dirty with Kazuya. Seeing Arthur’s eyes are wandering too, Ganessa also strips and uses a certain part (let’s say it’s that part down there) to attack Rana. The cause of their Volt Texture becoming unstable? Catching a cold. Achoo!

Special 2The third year ladies are bugging Satellizer about her First Room Entry with Kazuya on what she should do. Why the hell is Kazuya in the girls’ bath too? Anyway Elizabeth tells them off because they too didn’t properly do their First Room Entry. Elizabeth reveals all their embarrassing First Room Entry failures (all of which I feel are laughable). She feels they aren’t qualified to teach others so they want her to teach them the true way. When Chiffon learns what they are talking about, she starts laughing so uncontrollably hard. Perhaps Elizabeth’s First Room Entry was the worst? Yeah, she can’t even say…

Special 3 – It’s the physical examinations and Rana has this penchant of measuring one’s bust with accuracy by just feeling and rubbing. Some skill… Ganessa has that evil smirk on her face when she thought her bust size increased based on Rana’s measurement. Of course the one who dreads this day is the flat-chest Attia. Chiffon sees her alone and proceeds to measure her herself. She notes her cute tiny breasts are her charm. An insult? Attia vows to turn them bigger with her Volt Texture (can she?). Meanwhile all the guys are eavesdropping outside. This must be paradise…

Special 4 – I’m not sure what this swim meet is about but in this free-for-all race, the girls start getting dirty by trying to sabotage each other. That means, unstrapping and stealing their swimsuit. I don’t think this is a race anymore. All the girls are naked. And why is Kazuya the only guy in this race? He thought with the girls fighting, he will win this since he has been in the lead since the start. But the winner turns out to be a Nova?! WTF?!

Special 5 – Margaret, Yumi and Elise have detected a critical error that will corrupt the data in the Volt Texture system. They fear something terrible is going to happen. Meanwhile, I’m not sure what the heck is this PE class is about because the girls are to do group exercises while the boys watch with glee (they call it studying relations). The girls put up weird group poses with equally grand if not disturbing names. Finally the error in the Volt Texture gives in and all the girls’ clothes disappear. Wow. It must be paradise again for the boys. See how everyone starts snapping away with their cameras. Why the hell in the first place do they have cameras?! As for the principal and instructors, they too become naked. Look at those gawking eyes of the military men. Guys will always be guys.

Special 6 – In this special training session, not only the Pandoras must try and get out of Kazuya’s Freezing Area without activating Pandora Mode, they must also fight against this sensation that they are feeling with his Ereinbar Set. Hmm… Must be something stimulating, eh? Why is Yumi even joining in? How does everyone escape? The girls gang up and strip Satellizer’s clothes to reveal her sensitive parts! I’m sure Kazuya is knocked out after seeing this ‘amazing scene’, eh? Poor Satellizer is inconsolable. The Untouchable Queen just got violated…

Free For All!
At the rate the TV series was going, I thought it was going to be filled with cat fights, b*tch slaps and slugging out of petty egos. Well, at least for the first 2/3 of the series. Then with the final third having the girls needing to fight off Novas, I just felt this final bit was to remind us what the original plot of this show was about. That’s right. Fighting Novas. Not among each other. Ironically an academy which is set up to train Pandoras to fight against Novas, here we see them obsessed with keeping the order. Is it a wonder why we human race do not stand a chance against the Novas? With b*tches like this, it’s no wonder human race is doomed. Not even Superman can save the day. If they can display that kind of violent grit during Carnival, why can’t they do so when faced against Novas? Yeah, when you see the real thing, it’s going to be real sh*t. I guess everybody is also ‘blind’ in the sense that most of the girls who don’t like Satellizer try to pick on her and think they are damn powerful. Just because she lost her status as number one doesn’t make her any less weak. Besides, don’t they know that she is actually a third year and only held back due to her delinquent status? That’s why I say they are blind. They think she has been beaten and touched, a second year and therefore can be easily thought a good lesson. But thank goodness that they themselves receive the painful end of their own actions. You reap what you sow.

I guess there are lots more potential for this show since in the final episode, there is this professor, Kengo Aoi (I believe he is Kazuya’s dad or uncle) mentioning that it is their right decision to choose Satellizer. As because the Stigmata serving as a double edged sword, they will give birth to stronger Pandoras. I suppose this means if they are to make a sequel, they will have more characters, abilities, terms, shocking secrets, twists, revolutions and yes, the catty fights complete with fanservice. The Novas portrayed here are truly a scary creature. For one thing, there is nothing much you know about them. Because of this fact, it makes them dangerous and ‘scarier’ because you know nothing about them. You don’t know why they are here, what they are looking for, their goals and such. Even as I was watching, I couldn’t help feel a little frightened whenever a Nova appeared. Especially when they start making that creepy voice. It sounds so eerie and hollow. Yikes.

The main characters are nothing to shout about. Satellizer is your typical cold and unfriendly heroine at first. Because of a persistent boy, she finally opens up and finds that being touched isn’t that bad. It’s always that traumatic period when you’re a kid that sets the tone and scars for the rest of your life. As the series progresses, I kinda noticed that everyone doesn’t fear Satellizer like they use to. Hmm… Maybe it’s because of her title as Pandora Queen that softens her outlook. Still, she has a potential to develop into a tsundere especially when cheerful honest-to-goodness Rana comes into the picture, expect some tussling. Though Kazuya has his sights set on Satellizer, you might never know in the future. Maybe they should have more of this love triangle in the future. Seeing the ladies got a taste of Kazuya’s Ereinbar Set, I’ll be guessing some would even start falling for him. Besides, that kid is also a mystery himself. Like how can he defy conventional science by using Freezing by himself without being Baptized. Don’t tell me he is a Nova too! I won’t cast away that possibility… Otherwise, you can say he is a nice kid and with a pinch of rebellion within. He keeps doing the opposite of what his friends tell him. But they are the right things. You can’t ostracize people based on rumour or just because one looks scary. Kaho and Arthur are minor characters that have a knack of popping up eavesdropping ‘important’ conversations so I feel this is not to make them being neglected. I mean, what business and role would Kaho have in the series seeing she isn’t a full Pandora herself and even so without a Limiter. As all other Limiters to the Pandoras are so minor (not to mention some of them look the same), their role is so forgettable so where would Arthur stand if he isn’t put into this kind of role? As for the other ladies who fought Satellizer, they may sound like as though they are just big talk but they do have the fighting skills to give her a good fight. Except Miyabi. Of course eventually they will lose out because you know, Satellizer is a bad loser.

Something still bugs me. If Pandoras are able to move inside Freezing Area without Limiters via Pandora Mode, why the heck do they need Limiters in the first place for? Perhaps it’s still under experimentation stage and they do not know the side effects when used often. Seeing this skill called Accel Turn in which Pandoras can use it to accelerate themselves at high speed to attack, it just dumbfounds me that there are double, triple and then quadruple faster speeds than the usual. I guess in the future I won’t be surprised that there will be faster terms to coin this. And if they are so fast, I’m sure you wouldn’t have seen anything, right? They’ll land the blow faster than they can even finish their sentences. It also boggles me that every Pandora has their own nickname. Though it suits their personality and attacking style, I just thought it sounds grand and doesn’t have any real impact in real battles whatsoever. Are the Novas going to stop in fear when they hear those names? Hearing them just made me go WTF sometimes. Even the term Pandora is a question itself. You know what a Pandora Box is, right? One word: Trouble. Ironic, eh? Considering that Pandoras can become Novas and when not fighting the enemy, they fight among themselves.

The action doesn’t disappoint but the fanservice always get in the way. Get what I mean? If you notice this, during the intense fights, the first part of the clothes to be ripped and torn apart are the breasts. It makes you wonder why they don’t make a stronger defence point at this place. Besides, seeing that all the Pandoras are armed with Volt Texture, couldn’t they just let it not rip? For realism? For fanservice is more like it. So for the most duration of the fight, you will see the ladies fighting out with their bare breasts and for extra added service, you’ll get to see some fighting in their undies. If Volt Texture can regenerate the clothes back to normal, then shouldn’t it automatically restore the torn part? The skirt is also so short that it makes you wonder why the hell do they need to wear it in the first place. Who approved of this kind of uniform anyway? They don’t need to even bend a bit, you just tilt your head a little and wahlah! You get a glimpse of panty shot satisfaction. Like as though the skirts were made this short for this purpose (which I think it is). Also, why is it Satellizer gets to wear a different uniform from the rest? It’s not like this was her previous academy’s uniform either.

The mid-intermission is another section to get your fanservice fix. In addition, you can glimpse the biodata of the focused Pandora of the series such as height, blood type, hobbies, nationality, favourite food and the all important 3-sizes. Guess what is Chiffon’s favourite food? Yeah, maybe she’s just living up to her name, eh? But the most mind boggling data is the one which states the weakness point when they are touched. What the heck is this info for? What usefulness would this provide? For instance, Satellizer’s weakness is to be touched on the boobs and under the arms for Ganessa. Huh? So are they saying you can ‘paralyze’ a Pandora simply by touching this area? I don’t know, it wasn’t really demonstrated in the series except for the single scene in which Kazuya hugged Satellizer for the first time. Rana is the only one without any form of weakness (heck, that girl came from the Himalayans, you expect her to have some form of sensitive spot?) while Ingrid is the total opposite having her weakness just about anywhere. I hope the Novas don’t find this information out because they can turn the entire Pandora squad into some hentai flick if they so wish. Another odd thing about the biodata information is that the final episode is focused on Kazuya! And here I thought which of the girls are left out (some episode features 2 Pandoras instead) and was guessing who would the final girl be. It could even be Satellizer again but no… Why would they put up the biodata of a guy?! Even his 3-sizes?! NOT STIMULATING! NOT FUNNY! And why does he have his hair as his weakness point?! Oh, I don’t know what else to say anymore. Sometimes the other reason than fanservice why you won’t want to watch this is the gore and blood. There are several scenes in which girls are violently slashed, their limbs falling apart and blood smearing everywhere. It is very graphic so if you can’t stomach this kind of scenes, don’t watch this.

For an ecchi series like this, there are quite a number of popular seiyuus. For instance, my favourite Mamiko Noto lends her voice to Satellizer. She also doubles as Kazuha so each time Kazuya thinks how similar his sister is to that ice queen, I can’t help smirk and say, “That’s because they are the same voice actress!”. I guess if not for her, I wouldn’t be really watching this series either. Sheesh… I had this feeling Rie Kugimiya was behind Cathy’s voice. If she doesn’t do her tsundere loli trademark, I wouldn’t spot her at first go. But still, her squeaky voice is still recognizable. Kana Hanazawa as Rana is so much recognizable like as though she is a much livelier version of Kobato. Other casts include Mitsuhiro Ichiki as Kazuya (Yukio in Bleach, Takeyama in Angel Beats), Eri Kitamura as Ganessa (Rin in Kodomo No Jikan), Kana Ueda as Attia (Rin in Fate/Stay Night), Marina Inoue as Chiffon (Laura in Infinite Stratos), Aya Uchida as Ticy (Ascoeur in Kiddy Girl -and), Yuko Kaida as Elizabeth (Ryomou in Ikkitousen), Ami Koshimizu as Ingrid (Horo in Spice And Wolf), Yuu Asakawa as Arnett (Sakaki in Azumanga Daioh), Izumi Kitta as Creo (Cordelia in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes), Natsuko Kuwatani as Miyabi (Suisei Seki in Rozen Maiden), Rumi Ookubo as Kaho (Chinatsu in YuruYuri), Nobuhiko Okamoto as Arthur (Usui in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama), Akeno Watanabe as Yumi (Rito in To Love-Ru) and Fumie Mizusawa as Elise (Juliet in Romeo x Juliet).

Hmm… Don’t you think Pandoras and their younger Limiters make them as cougars? Older women, younger boys… Sometimes it looks like the academy seems like a big match-making organization. So power up humans to save the world from highly advanced aliens? Sounds like a nice idea but first we have to get pass the prejudice and hatred among ourselves. Or else the aliens would just watch in glee how we kill and take each other out. They don’t even have to lift a finger to destroy us. We do a good job in that. Naturally. I hope there won’t be any kind of story whereby only otakus can save the day from menacing super aliens. At that point I’ll just be Fleeing. Don’t want to stick around to find out what happens next. Or worse, get my arms ripped off!

Puni Puni Poemy

December 9, 2011

Well, although I could vaguely remember the hilarious out-of-this-world nonsensical comedy Excel Saga, I don’t know why it took me ages to watch its supposed sequel spin-off, Puni Puni Poemy. In this 2 episode OVA, that afro guy known as Nabeshin has married that crazy waitress named Kumikumi who was always chasing him across the globe just to get him to taste her soup. Oh yeah. How nostalgic. Sure brings back memories. They have a daughter called Poemi “Kobayashi” Watanabe. She calls herself Kobayashi because of that joke that she can’t really get into her character (for your information, Yumiko Kobayashi is her voice actress). Plus she calls her dad Director simply because in real life, Shinichi Watanabe AKA Nabeshin directs this show. See, breaking the fourth wall already. But the thing about Poemi is her energetic, hyper-active, non-stop talking girl. If your ears are not ‘strong’ enough, they may start bleeding from all her incessant yapping. You have been warned. But that’s what makes this show funny. And yeah, as a magical girl genre, Poemi can transform into one whom I shall refer to as Poemy. Note, same pronunciation but different spelling. It’s easier that way.

Episode 1
The Mage Queen in her space magical tower is starting her plans to destroy Earth, tired of all those dishonest and giving-excuses humans. Magical girl heroine, Puni Puni Poemy fights her way to the top and confronts the Queen. She wants Poemy to answer what she is going to do with the world. That’s because she IS the Earth. Because that’s all that she has. Poemi glides down from rainbows, happy with her paper bags but gets rammed by a truck. Back home, she wakes up early much to her parents’ dismay, getting all fired up and ready to go to school early to prove that she has a point since nobody takes her seriously. She also hopes to get the attention of the boy she loves, K and makes breakfast till the kitchen explodes! Then she scoots her way to school in the pouring rain, ramming everything and even splitting a dog in half! In class, she thought she was the first, till she realized her friend Futaba Aasu is camping in class. Well, she spent the night in school to wait for her so that she could see her be the first to arrive in class (?!). Futaba offers to share her warm futon as Poemi gets naked. What they do underneath the blanket is left to our imagination.

In class, Poemi overdoes everything with passion. Even stabbing her thighs till it bleeds! Each time, Futaba finding her very wonderful. I guess when you like somebody so much, even the most ridiculous habit becomes wonderful. An alien (his tail-cum-balls is at his crotch area) finds Nabeshin’s house and the latter panics upon knowing he has been found out. Though they fight, Nabeshin is no match for Alien 1 (that’s what I’ll call him) even if he unleashes his multiple chibi afro guys. Yeah, Alien 1 can even catch his bullets! Poemi and Futaba walk home with the former lamenting about her one-sided love with K so Futaba thinks she should just give up on him. Then they see an explosion coming from Poemi’s house. They rush over to see the place decimated and Nabeshin and Kumikumi crucified. Poemi is distraught because she doesn’t want to be out of work or poor! There’s a little truth to that. Flashback reveals how she screws up in her work though Nabeshin and the staff continue to support her as she vows to work hard. Unfortunately, her parents died as she gives a symbolic loud cry over the cliff. Oh, what would she do now? She’s an orphan overnight. And only has 46 Yen in her purse. Haha! It’s 48 Yen by the way. Where did the balance go?

Futaba takes Poemi back to her house, which serves as the Earth Defence Headquarters. Looks like Poemi is going to start living here as she meet the other sisters. They are active Mitsuki, dominatrix Itsue, busty Shii (I guess she needs somebody’s head to rest her boobs on), Kansai-speaking Mutsumi, eldest sister Nanase and youngest sister Hitomi. Some sisters disagree of Poemi staying here so in a fast-forward debate-cum-discussion that ends in the entire house being destroyed, Poemi is unanimously voted to live with them. Everyone takes a bath together (because it’s a family tradition and for fanservice), when Hitomi goes into a trance saying that something is coming. The sisters are alerted since her predictions are never wrong. Thinking it’s a pervert, they find Alien 1 outside and beat him up. Next day, Alien 1 meets a masked kid (K) and the latter says with Nabeshin’s demise, nothing can stop them and it’s time to commence their operation. A giant robot lands over the city and starts rampaging. All the Aasu sisters leave their job or school to defend the Earth. Even Poemi tags along without knowing why and the teacher gave the green light! On her way she bumps into a large guy with a shamisen. She hears her dad’s voice and gives her a fish in case she needs to use it. By the way, it stinks. The Aasu sisters use their special moves but they were just useless. Earth Breakfall to fall safely? Earth Acceleration to run fast? Earth Healing to heal Earth? Oh, hear this one. Earth Dance of Flowers to summon a whirlwind of flowers… Well, they ARE Earth’s defence so it’s no surprise they don’t have any offensive attacks. Hitomi is up next as she pleads for it to stop invading Earth and in exchange she will give her life. But it falls on deaf ears as the robot continues firing. I’m not sure if Poemi’s back protected her from the flames. Well, looks like it. She gets mad for being fried so after hearing that shamisen guy and her dad’s voice, she gets this determination to protect the Earth. Yeah, partly to protect her dream to become a voice actress as well. She slices the fish to turn it into a magical wand and do her transformation into magical girl Puni Puni Poemy! However Poemy throws away the wand and decides to fight it with her bare hands as she races up the robot.

Episode 2
Poemy destroys the robot in 1 super punch, impressing the Aasu sisters. In some war zone whereby the soldiers could only speak words in fruits or vegetables, they make fun when Poemy arrives. She gets pissed off and drops a bomb, destroying not only the entire army but the whole country! The Aasu sisters watch Poemy’s destruction over the news and aren’t happy she’s getting cocky. They chide her not knowing that Poemi and the magical girl is the same person. Hey, why is Alien 1 living among them?! Even odd, K’s lower body is a flying saucer?! Poemi talks to him and I guess she’s being too talkative so he ignores her. Futaba is in despair seeing her best pal trying to get close to K. Poemy continues to get rid of all terrorists in a rowdy manner while the Aasu sisters continue to get annoyed even more by her crazy violence. Meanwhile Queen’s Death Star hovers near Earth. However she is taken out by Alien 2. Yeah, he has 2 tail-cum-balls… K is shocked to learn that his parents are alien. Yeah, he didn’t even realize his whole body is gradually turning into a tentacle alien. Poemy continues to wreak havoc across town, beating up people for the slightest misdeeds like littering and watching porn. The Aasu sisters can’t take more of this and confront her in action.

Back in the bath, they finally learn her true identity and bug her to show her transformation. I think they’re rather amazed of her soft “puni-puni” skin that could ‘stand up to nuclear attack. Then the sisters all start to fantasize their perverted wishes they could do with her. That night as Poemi and Futaba chat in bed, Futaba indicates she wants to ‘screw’ Poemi. However she is ‘saved’ by a phone call which turns out to be from the audition. She got so excited that she starts rehearsing her lines loudly, waking up everybody till morning. And then, she’s off to the audition. The Aasu sisters barely got enough sleep when they see a TV report that the Death Star is over Earth. They prepare to go into action but were captured by Alien 1 collaborating with Alien 2. For a suspicious alien hanging around them, they should’ve figured out something was wrong. Poemi is in the middle of audition but because of Futaba’s call and the tug of the ‘red string of fate’, she is forcibly ejected from her audition. Looks like the job will go to someone else. However Poemi ends up in front of K’s UFO-like house. She starts fantasizing some confession thingy and a kiss (yeah, even in her dream, she kissed his horse! No wonder K’s kiss tastes like a horse, haha). She is absorbed into his house which is blasted into space and ultimately the Death Star.

She is confronted with K in a poorly designed mask. Anybody can tell it’s him. Because of that, he reveals he is an alien and that his real name is Prince. Their purpose of invading Earth is that after doing some research and data gathering, they’ve found out that Earth’s women are very nice. He shows her a few samples of images he got from the internet! Fear net porn! Then he binds Poemi and she thinks he’s after her body. However he has no interest in her cheap body and shows her the kind of thing he is looking for. The Aasu sisters in bondage positions. With explosive boobs, maid outfits, spectacles and tentacles, he sounds more like a crazy pervert! Don’t you just want to grope and do naughty stuff with them? Well, if you use a little bit of your imagination, I’m sure you’ll be ‘satisfied’ with the several ambiguous fanservice montages. But the best entertainment among them all is Futaba. K digs her lovely face with broken looks in her eyes. He shows his true body made up of tentacles and asserts he hates voice actresses for no reason. He also hates flat chests, granny types and poor types (all Poemi’s traits). The reason he’s keeping Poemi alive is so that he could make Futaba’s existence even more despair. Then with lots of determination, Poemi breaks out of her chains and punches K.

K laments the story isn’t going his way. That’s when Alien 1 and Alien 2 reveal themselves to be Nabeshin and Kumikumi. Well, he did die but Kumikumi’s acupuncture skills resurrected him. Even if the storyline is falling into absurdity, it’s all okay because Nabeshin is after all the director. Make that GDW: Great Director Watanabe! Erm, doesn’t have a nice ring to it. However K mentions that even if he is the director, he can’t do anything without a scriptwriter since he ‘killed’ him. Don’t worry, he can draw storyboards to. Well, he’s the director so he can do anything he wants in his own show. Upon Nabeshin’s orders, Poemi transforms and combining with Futaba’s power, they blast away the Death Star. I guess the other Aasu sisters can even quip this is the last episode, they just break free of their ropes and cheer them on. Then everybody floats back like naked angels down to Earth. How is this even feasible or thinkable? Remember, Nabeshin’s the director. In the aftermath, the danger to Earth has passed, the aliens become good people, Nabeshin and Kumikumi continue to live and everyone is happy. Great ending. Who’s the director again? So Poemi, can you juggle protecting the Earth and become a voice actress at the same time. Nothing’s going to stop her alright. Lastly, we see Poemi continue to screw up her voice acting lines. With time running out, she tries to blab as much as she can. Sorry girl. No more screen/talk time.

That’s what I really feel about Poemi! But don’t get the wrong idea. She is funny with her fast nonsensical talk but if not for the subs (my Jap is not that good lah, mind you), I don’t think I’d be able to catch all that she has to say. But I have to praise and hats off to Yumiko Kobayashi who really pulls off an incredible feat for talkative Poemi. I certainly can’t do that. For a moment, I didn’t even think that she was the voice behind Azuma in Yakitate! Japan or Black Star in Soul Eater. Not that I can recognize her voice in the first place. If you can’t get more of Yumiko Kobayashi, you’ll be glad to know that this series purposely puts in her real face especially during that opening sequence as she sings along with the theme. And that’s the final scene too she waves goodbye and squeezing in as much words as possible. Definitely I can’t be so outgoing like that. Thus congrats and really hats off to her.

The comedy here is of course very nonsensical and a reminiscence of Excel Saga. Breaking the fourth wall whenever possible which includes telling viewers about buying the DVD, the fanservice you’ll get and even bringing in real life people like voice actresses Kotono Mitsuishi and Mikako Takahashi for a short cameo appearance. Note, both of them are the voice of Excel and Hyatt in Excel Saga respectively. So will Poemi get her dream of becoming a voice actress she yearns to be so much? Well, even in the anime she is considered to suck big time, but as I’ve said, in real terms her exuberant voice is amazing. So in this show, no. In real life, yes. Speaking of Excel Saga, some of the characters have that faint reminiscence to the characters in that series. For instance, Shii has that uncanny resemblance to Hyatt, only more bustier and doesn’t die every time she gets screen time. Then Mutsumi’s dress is somewhat similar to Excel Saga’s Ropponmatsu. But even if this series is made by the same people who made Excel Saga, everything else is worlds apart. No other characters (like that Lord Ilpalazzo trying to take over a meagre section of Japan), no trademark approval of some genre by the series’ creator and no side stories. What do you expect with just a couple of episodes?

If you expect anything to make sense, then you should be disappointed. That’s because as forewarned, this is going to be a very comical and nonsensical. So even if the crush turns out to be a perverted pathetic alien or the world can be saved by a bunch of useless defensive force sisters (amazingly with no offensive powers, Earth is still free from any invasion till now), be sure to leave your brain at the doorstep when you watch this and remember to take it back after finishing. Even if the serious opening sequence of Poemy facing off with the Queen do not really connect anywhere and later on the latter getting owned easily by another, it’s just part of the randomness this series has to offer. After all, you know who the director of this show is, right? Everything also can! Anything goes! If this series had more episodes, I’m sure he’d add more silly things for the sake of making us laugh. Speaking of the Aasu sisters, I later found out that their surname is a place on the word ‘ass’. So I guess it gives a new hilarious meaning if your sister is in a pinch and you go pleading “Please save my Ass!”. Besides, the sisters have that weird Earth Defence pose. First, do a ‘V’ sign with both your hands. While saluting with one hand, put the other hand over your crotch… At that point, I thought they were going to do some Michael Jackson dance. I guess this sisterly bunch is just to provide fanservice to cater to all sorts of perverted fetishes. Besides the comedy, at times the scenes may be a little too bloody especially when Poemi is involved.

There are a handful of trivia to spot. Don’t expect to be filled to the brim with them anyway. Just enough to make you notice and if you know your animes well, you’ll sure be able to spot that Dragonball reference back in the Aasu’s reference or that lame GTO pun Nabeshin tried his hands on. Then it’s miss-if-you-blink for cameo appearances of Menchi (that dog saved as emergency food in Excel Saga) and Excel Saga’s series’ creator. If your Japanese numerals are good, then you’d be able to spot that the Aasu sisters’ names are based on numbers 1 to 7. Being a defender of Earth and a voice actress seems like a tough job. But in reality, many voice actors and actresses hold other jobs to boost their earnings. So I guess you’d be poor like Poemi if you only aspire to be a voice actress. However there’s a way to ensure that one can achieve your dream of being a voice actor/actress and be rich too. Just put Nabeshin as the director and you’ll be guaranteed of a happy ending! Haha. Maybe I should STFU for now.

Motto To Love-Ru

October 15, 2011

I guess I’m such a sadist after all. No matter how pitiful or annoying it gets, I somehow find it amusing to myself about Rito’s misfortune, bad luck and troubles. Despite my previous blog on how the first TV series was just mediocre and to watch it for the absurd and silliness, that didn’t stop me from continuing to watch its sequel Motto To Love-Ru. That translates into ‘More Trouble’ and you know especially who. For the uninitiated, to cap what this series is about, it’s about this unlucky high school kid Rito who accidentally gets engaged to a princess of the powerful Deviluke Empire, Lala. A big portion of the series dedicates itself to see how Rito’s normal life gets screwed up by Lala’s inventions and the other zany and wacky characters, thus the trouble he gets into and the main theme and title for this show. Well, life is no walk in the park as they say. Oh yes, throw in all the fanservice and ambiguous compromising situations too. That’s the real reason why we’re watching this series, right?

But unlike the first season’s format which shows an entire episode for a particular story, this time around they have divided each episode into 3 different parts. So I guess in small ‘bite sizes’ it makes viewers have an easier time ‘digesting’ and following through the antics rather than an entire duration. Because of this, it doesn’t feel draggy but at the same time not anything fresh either. You know, it’s the same ol’ thing. Rito getting into trouble. Though not every part sees him going through all the torment, some sections delves a little deeper into other characters. Albeit not much but at least it’s better than seeing the poor kid going through all the suffering in each episode. That would be like getting old fast. Oh wait, has it?

Trouble 01: Once Again From The Beginning
This isn’t a retelling of how it all began. Instead it is a continuation after the first season and OVA. The usual life of Rito and his sister Mikan (don’t forget that baby plant Celine too) with Lala continues. Lala’s twin little sisters, Nana and Momo are visiting him. Rito and Lala are running late for school so Lala makes a mad dash while tagging his hand. Her sudden stop has him flying and landing by Yami’s side. Not amused by his bold actions, she punches him back to Lala. First episode, already things like this happen. Then they pass by the place where they first met when Lala ran away and confessed to him. She takes this chance to confess that she likes him as she feels this is the best place to do it. I guess now they won’t make it to school in time so Lala uses her newly improved warp invention to teleport them right over. As usual, things do not go as expected because Rito finds himself in a dark space. Actually his head is underneath Haruna’s skirt!!! That’s not the horrifying part. The most embarrassing part is that they are totally naked and all their friends and other students there have witnessed their ‘boldness’. So how is this new invention improved? It’s the same like the last time! It gets worse when Lala continues being an airhead, oblivious to her nakedness as she hugs Rito while continuing to confess that she likes him.

Trouble 02: War In The Bathhouse
Rito, Lala, Haruna and Mikan visit the bathhouse and are surprised to see Yami there. Mikan tries to befriend Yami but she’s rather distant and doesn’t want make friends with her. The wall suddenly explodes as a pair of bounty hunters reveal their intention to capture Yami. However all they see is Rito coming through the steam (he’s actually being remotely controlled from by the cowardly bounty hunters). They also planted a bomb on his head and it will explode if taken out by force. The bounty hunters realize Yami’s weakness of not hurting her friends so they got her in a pinch. This means they use Rito to do ecchi stuff on the girls. Mikan goes in search for the baddies and finds them hiding in a dustbin (because they’re so noisy). Lala manages to tweak and control Rito and uses him to ram the bad guys (and ultimately himself). Yami thanks Mikan and they become friends.

Trouble 03: The Sound Of Ticking Love
Yui imposes her strict moral policing in school. This includes confiscating one of Lala’s inventions. Though Rito tries to warn her, she warns him of doing anything shameless. Then she sees Saki in an elaborated dress (apparently to court Zastin) and tells her off. Saki mocks her that she has never fallen in love before. Yui stays back after school when Rito comes to get something he forgot. He advises her to relax a little because at the rate she’s going, it’s going to get tiring. Yui leaves and passes by Yami who is reading a literature book. Yami asks if Yui has fallen in love before, causing her face to go red. She is interested to know more since it’s something she can’t understand after thinking over and over again. It suddenly starts raining so Yui takes refuge at a playground. She sees Rito there too. He lends her his handkerchief so she gives him back Lala’s invention. She initially wanted to give him back earlier but the timing wasn’t good. Suddenly Rito hugs her. Yui’s mind starts to go crazy and her heart racing like crazy. Turns out that he was shielding her from making a noise because that perverted principal Kouchou was passing by. Yui gets upset and leaves (probably it wasn’t what she expected). Lala’s invention then explodes by Rito’s side.

Trouble 04: Warped Into Darkness
Rito and Haruna accidentally touch Lala’s warp invention. Oh no. Yeah, this means they are teleported somewhere else naked. In a dark storeroom, Rito tries hard to control himself from looking. Haruna gets scared and accidentally they had physical contact. Rito suggests covering up using some cloth. Since the door is lock, they’ll have to wait for someone to find them. Both are time are in an awkward situation so Rito tries to strike up a conversation about their parents. Things are heating up as they both get really close to each other. The mood is ruined when Mikado opens the door after hearing some ruckus downstairs. Turns out they are in her underground basement. Lala and Yui also found them and the misunderstanding begins.

Trouble 05: Welcome To The Yuuki Household
Mikan’s teacher, Haruko Mito will be paying a house visit. However her dad, Saibai is too busy with his manga deadline to make it home. It won’t be nice to reschedule again since they’ve done it too many times. However Lala comes up with an idea. Haruko’s intention to pay a visit is actually because she’s a fan of Saibai’s work. At the door, she meets Saibai. Hey wait a minute. Isn’t that Rito in a horrible disguise? And he’s bloody stiff too. This isn’t going to work. Oh wait. Haruko bought it. Rito is bad at lying and Lala’s near slip of the tongue that he is ‘Saibai’s’ lover almost screw the whole thing up. Then Haruko admits that she is his biggest fan and wants an autograph. Rito still hasn’t come down and signs on her boobs! Lala gives Rito drink some herb but it turns him drunk. Not only he rips off Haruko’s top, when Mikan tries to pull him apart, he pulls down her shorts! Have you ever seen a daughter beating up her ‘father’? In school, Haruko must have misunderstood the whole thing and wants Mikan to fight on like she will too.

Trouble 06: Slumber Party
Yami and Haruna are invited to Rito’s house for a nabe party. Then the girls decide to have a sleepover. While Rito is soaking in the bathtub, his mind is running wild on his love fantasies with Haruna. Probably he soaked too long so the girls are going to enter. But isn’t it a little cramped? Don’t worry, Lala’s invention will have the bathtub turn into a huge space like the public bathhouse. Rito starts to panic as he tries to discreetly escape while the girls wash each other. After many near close calls, Rito thinks he is straight home to safety. Just then, Peke wakes up from his slumber and notices Lala’s invention. He fiddles with it and returns the bathroom back to normal size. Now everybody is cramped up together. Yeah, Rito is right in the middle of everyone. You know what this means for him, right? Peke the culprit feigns ignorance and goes do something else.

Trouble 07: Special Love Potion
Yui is sick so Rito is tasked to send handouts to her home. Yui’s college brother, Yuu skips classes just to take care of her. Rito arrives at the doorstep and meets Yuu. I guess just like the other characters, he would love to see some spice in his life. Or in this case his sister’s. He invites Rito in so that he could hand the notes personally to her. Oddly, Rito comes into her room without knocking! And she’s undressing! He deserves to get trashed. After giving her the notes, Rito starts to feel nervous since he is in a girl’s room so his eyes start scanning the room to see if there is something they could talk about. Yui notices this and wonders if there is anything weird in her room. Just when she thinks his serious face could mean something that defines the rest of her life, what he is asking is just if she likes cats since her room is filled with pictures and stuff toys of the feline. She starts panicking and accidentally trips, falling into Rito’s arms. Guess what? Yuu comes in. Woah. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude. How can they pull out from this one? Rito thinks of leaving now or else he’ll make her cold get worse but she says that her cold is gone (did that hugging fixed it?). Then her other friends come in to pay her a visit. Yui wonders what will happen if they spend a little more time alone. From her face, you can tell she was thinking of something shameless.

Trouble 08: Through The Looking Glass
Rito inadvertently puts on one of Lala’s spectacles invention. He gets shocked to see Mikan in her undies. Worse, he can’t take it off. However he doesn’t realize that this is the effect of the spectacles till he sees himself naked via a shop window’s reflection, though he can feel his clothes on. So I guess you can say Rito has the best view from now on as he sees all the colourful and panty styles of his female classmates. Lots of perverts would pay a high price to have this glasses. In class, Run comes up to Rito to tell him that she’ll be in his class from now on since she successfully persuaded Kouchou for a transfer. Run isn’t happy that he is putting on something from Lala. Then he accidentally toggles a switch and this time he sees through the undies. Now everybody’s naked! He can’t take it anymore seeing all the lovely naked bodies and bumps into other girls on his run. Just when he thinks Lala is here to rescue him from this awful visions, Run comes by and wants him to put on her glasses. During the struggle, Run sneezes and changes into Ren. I guess the view just got ‘uglier’. Regretting that you should’ve appreciated females’ body?

Trouble 09: You Are The Lovely Cinderella
Saruyama is love sick. There is a particular girl he likes but couldn’t find. Rito knows who this girl is because it’s his girl version, Riko! To make things worse, Lala wants to help him out and sets them up together! During the date, Saruyama tries to get close to Riko but she is rather defensive and doesn’t let him to get to her. Along the way, they meet several of their friends like Yui (finding it familiar to see this Riko from somewhere) and Mikan and Yami (wondering if his other side has awoken). Then at the park, Riko notices her body is turning back to the original form. Thankfully she makes a run for it before Saruyama lost his control as he tries to hug her and confess his love. By that time, Riko’s already gone. Phew. That was a close shave. However Haruna sees him in a girl outfit and runs away in shock. Boo hoo! Saruyama is heartbroken and thinks he has been dumped but isn’t going to give up, confident he’ll meet her again and making her his girlfriend. Sometimes the truth is just right under his nose…

Trouble 10: Yami Yami Fashion
The gang sees Yami reading a fashion magazine and decide to go on a shopping spree and dress her up. Of course they drag Rito along and he bears the brunt of Yami’s punches whenever something ecchi happens even if it’s not his fault. Yami looks cute and like an ordinary girl. Then they are confronted by punks who want them cuties to hang out with them. They target Yami but Rito steps in like a man to protect her. They get rough with him tells them off that Rito is his target. What does that mean? Who cares because she bashes them up real good. A lesson they’ll never forget. Yami regrets that the clothes they bought her are ripped so she decides to return to her old clothes. In the library, the gang are spying on her wondering if she has given up Earth clothing for good. However Risa and Mio went to ascertain it by flipping up her skirt to reveal the panties she bought at the store. Guess who get punched instead?

Trouble 11: Wonderful Love
While Haruna walks her dog Marron at night, she gets this strange feeling that she’s being stalked. She relates this problem to Rito and Lala who are at Mikado‘s clinic with Oshizu. Lala decides to help out by using her invention to swap bodies. She intends to become Haruna to take the bait and nab the culprit. The plan works out fine but because Lala is in Haruna’s body, she lost considerable amount of strength and is no match for the stalker. Eventually with teamwork, they defeat the stalker and confront him. As he explains, he fell in love at first sight but notes he has no interest in girls. Revealing his true identity, ‘he’ turns out to be a female alien dog who has fallen in love with Marron instead! Because Oshizu is still afraid of dogs, she hits her away, landing her in Mikado’s clinic totally in bandages.

Trouble 12: The Twins’ Escape
Gid learns that Nana and Momo have escaped again so Zastin offers to capture them. Where else can those twins go? Yeah, Rito’s place. Then the rest learn from Zastin that they ran away from home because they don’t want to study. Well, I guess it runs in the family because Lala also did the same. Zastin’s lecture must be awfully boring that it allowed the twins to escape. Taking refuge under a bridge, Nana blames Momo for doing this. Then they start fighting each other by tickling each other’s tail so much so they ended up stripping themselves. We’re not watching hot lesbian sex, are we? Zastin finds them and is shocked to see them in such a position. However as he tries to bring them back, the twins unleash their plant and animal fury that wrecks havoc. Rito goes to save Mikan who has been trapped by the rampaging tree’s branches (why is it trying to take off her panties?!). In the end, the twins call their father to tell him that they’re staying on Earth a little longer. Please define a little longer. Does he have a choice? Even the ruler of the galaxy has to bow down to his daughters’ wishes. The twins crash at Rito’s home while the poor kid is covered in bandages from his heroic rescue.

Trouble 13: Queen Of Love?
Saki is down because of her crush for Zastin. Elsewhere, Rito is trying to run away from Lala because that girl wants him to taste her homemade bento. Who would want to eat something oozing with dark aura? Rito is kidnapped by Rin and Aya who want him to call Zastin to school and create and opportunity for Saki to confess her love to him. Well, does he have a choice? I guess he has to after hearing their little past of how Saki saved them from bullies (especially Aya) and they’ve been loyal to her ever since. Rito manages to call Zastin to school as Saki meets up with him but has a hard time trying to spit out the words. Spying Rito is caught up by Lala who shoves the deadly bento down his throat. In pain, his random helter-skelter causes him to bump into Saki as they end up in a compromising position. Zastin saw her pantsu but proclaims he didn’t see anything (liar!). In the end, Rito gets chased by a very annoyed and upset Saki, a very displeased Aya and Rin, and a very eager Lala. Oh yeah, everybody wants a piece of him. As for Zastin, he just walked away. Yeah, minding his own business.

Trouble 14: Oh Let’s Play!
Run orders some space skunk in her revenge plan to turn Lala into a kid so that her powers will be halved. However the skunk releases its gas on her and turns her into one. Then it escapes. Oh no. Run relates the problem to Lala and Rito. They offer to help look for the skunk. Speaking of which, it is already wandering within their school. Lala gets skunked as Rito goes after it. Everywhere it goes, it turns everyone into kids. Except for Haruna, she is being tasked to take care of the children. Yeah, the high school has turned into a big nursery. Finally Run traps the skunk in the box but falls off the roof. Luckily Lala uses her rope to catch her. Run felt guilty for trying to get her revenge. However Lala pulled too hard and sends Run flying. Looks like even if she did t lose her powers, she can’t control them. As for Haruna, she has to bear with all the naughty kids pulling her hair and clothes. Don’t worry, the effects will wear off soon as Mikado mentions. I hope that doesn’t mean days.

Trouble 15: The Flavour Of Chocolate Is A Sweet Sensation
Yui isn’t amused of Risa and Mio teasing her about Valentine’s Day chocolates. Saruyama is still fantasizing about receiving chocolates from Riko. Back home, Yui tries making chocolates so Yuu wonders if it’s for that Rito kid, causing her to blush but firmly deny it (if course we know that’s not true). Once she’s done, she starts panicking of wondering how to hand it over to Rito. In class, Yui observes how Risa and Mio nonchalantly hand their chocolates to Rito. Later she confronts him but is too tensed up and embarrassed so she screws up her line and yells at him. Later the duo are paired for class duties. Her attempt is interrupted again when Run comes giving chocolate to Rito via her mouth! Rito’s panic has him end up underneath Yui’s skirt. Ouch! Later Yui sees Lala and Haruna handover their chocolates to Rito. Then at the stairways, she finally manages to give hers but says that they’re just friends. Though she continues to fluster, Rito feels happy because he had always thought she hated him. Yui’s heart calms down and she feels glad that she manages to give it to him. Back home as Rito opens his chocolate presents, the one from Yui has a shape of a cat’s face. Though he thinks the chocolates are obligatory chocolates, Mikan doesn’t thinks so.

Trouble 16: Beach Girls
The whole gang are invited to play at Saki’s private beach. Yeah, a perfect excuse for girls in swimsuits and fanservice. This includes Mikado wanting Rito to rub lotion over her body. But Oshizu’s powers were too much and sends Rito touching Nana’s flat chest. Then it’s watermelon splitting time. Saki intends to show off her skills but was foiled by Rito (falling from the sky). With the high quality watermelons wasted, Momo summons a watermelon alien. Ugh… Who wants to eat that? But the alien took it to heart (especially Saki’s mockery) and got upset, going on a perverted rampage. Seriously, can Rito beat that alien with a stick? Well, he doesn’t have to since Yami finishes it off. Everyone has a taste of the watermelon alien and finds it delicious. Eh? Why is it still alive even though it is cut in half?

Trouble 17: Late Night Private Tutor
Rito is in trouble. Another kind of trouble. His grades are so low that he starts fearing Haruna will never love him because she hates idiots. Plus, the makeup exams are tomorrow. After Yami snorts at his low score, she tells him that it would be better studying with someone. Rito finds out Lala scores perfect in her tests and as Peke says, she’s considered a genius. She flunked her earlier exams was because she didn’t understand Earth’s language but has gotten used to it. And yes, Lala becomes Rito’s private tutor, burning the midnight oil. Because they’re working late into the night, Peke started feeling sleepy so with his energy running out, this means Lala’s clothes will vanish. Yeah, she’s naked. Why doesn’t she put on normal clothes? Anyway, Mikan wanted to reward Rito with snacks for putting in effort but when she sees Rito over naked Lala (of course a misunderstanding), she changes her mind and tells him to continue to study harder. What kind of lesson is that? Worse, next day at the exam, he forgot everything he learned! Was Lala’s body that hot to make you forget everything? You don’t need a sophisticated machine or technology to do that.

Trouble 18: Master Of Love
Lala continues to hug Rito in public. Rito continues to not like it. Risa and Mio offer to give tips on how she can improve her love. Oh no. Giving her a guidebook, Lala follows it word for word as she manages to get Rito to go follow her on a detour after school. She tries acting shy (no response), pushing him around (hurts too much) and being tsundere (poor kid ended up so confuse). Then at an alley, she wears a negligee and seduces him. However she stops halfway after wondering what the next step is. Ah well, and you thought she had the perfect chance then. On the way home, Lala feels down that her methods fail. Rito feels tired after being dragged around but notices her tears. Being the dense guy he is, Peke points to the guidebook Lala has been referring to. Understanding what it means, he tells Lala that taking a detour like this is fun once in a while. Lala is back to her happy self and starts hugging him like nobody’s business.

Trouble 19: Yami’s Clinic
While helping Yami out in the library, Rito yet again gets into another ecchi situation. He could’ve been dead meat for sure but Yami suddenly stops and collapses into his arms. Realizing that she has a burning fever, Rito takes Yami to see Mikado. Needing to place her in a recovery capsule, Mikado wants Rito to help undress Yami since Oshizu isn’t around. He can’t handle it and burns out so Lala takes him out. Once Yami is healed, Mikado informs her that Rito carried her all the way here. She wonders why her enemy would do something like this to her so Mikado’s reply that in his eyes, she isn’t an enemy. Yami is reconsidering her thoughts on Rito when he and Lala come back. Picture this scene: A guy accidentally sees a girl getting dressed. What will happen next? Yami’s hair becomes sharp objects to turn it into a house of flying daggers.

Trouble 20: The Antagonist
Everybody is in awe after getting to know Run will be starring alongside in an episode of Magical Kyouko. However Run isn’t too enthusiastic because she’ll be playing the villain’s part. She feels like a side character though this is Kyouko’s show. During the filming, Run gets a little annoyed that the director doesn’t find her performance okay. During the break, Kyouko goes to talk to her and reveals that she is a fan of hers. Yeah, she reads her blogs and has all her CD albums. Whenever Kyouko is depressed, she would just listen to her songs and that is enough to cheer her up. Kyouko continues to be nice as Run feels bad for antagonizing her. Suddenly Kouchou strips himself wanting the ladies to sign an autograph on his body. Kyouko burns him with her flames. Run is shocked that the fire is real and not special effects. Kyouko reveals that she is half human, half alien. This show was made to make the best use of her powers. It’s so good that people think they’re special effects. With that, Run and becomes close friends with her and promise to exchange mails.

Trouble 21: A Strange Haruna
Haruna is acting very strange in school. Very strange indeed. When Risa squeezes her boobs as her sick way of greeting girls, Haruna did the same to her! Not only that, when Yui reprimands them for doing shameful things, she goes squeezing her boobs too! Accidentally she took off her bra and doesn’t know what the heck this is. Then when told about it, she lifts her own shirt to see for herself! Yeah, something very strange about her. Later Haruna sees Rito resting by a tree and goes to talk to him. She confesses that she likes him. Woah! Did I hear that correct?! Even Rito can’t believe it. Has his dream finally come true? He is going to do the same confession but he sees Haruna puckering her lips, which preludes a kiss. Suddenly a couple of dogs start barking outside so Haruna starts going into panic mode. Rito realizes that it is Oshizu possessing Haruna (it’s damn hilarious to see Oshizu panicking on top of the tree even if the dogs are not targeting her and opposite the fence). When the rest find out, they learn Oshizu’s body is under maintenance by Mikado so as she’s strolling in her ghost form, she got scared and was chased by a stray dog. She ended up bumping into Haruna’s body and thought it would be nice to have some fun. Haruna wonders if she really did the confession but Oshizu notes she had no intention to do it. Which means the confession was right from Haruna’s heart? With Haruna back to normal, Risa imposes her boob squeezing greeting to send Haruna into a frenzy. Ah, we sure love the normal Haruna. Why the heck Lala and Oshizu want to join in the ‘fun’ too?

Trouble 22: Becoming Bigger
Risa complains about her flabby waist as she compliments Lala’s perfect body figure. She teases Rito as he blushes. Haruna thinks Rito may like girls with big breasts. However Rito says that it is the inside that counts. Risa twists his words by tempting to show what is underneath her skirt. She is interrupted by the moral police but Risa continues imposing her trademark greeting. Haruna and Oshizu see Nana sulking on their way. Seems Momo teased her child’s body. So the trio decide to conduct Operation Breasts back in Rito’s home. They invite Mikan to join them but she’s smart enough to stay out of this fishy-sounding plan. That operation is on how to enlarge their breasts. They try all sorts of methods like force massaging, tickling and summoning an octopus. Octopus? Yeah, its suction caps are to… Go figure. Since it is not working, Haruna reflects on Rito’s words of inner beauty and that they need to improve themselves one step at a time. Nana decides to improve her inner and outer self so this prompts Haruna to note that she didn’t understand at all.

Trouble 23: Wonderful Life
While Haruna walks Marron, they pick up a homeless stray dog home. However this is no ordinary dog as this is Rito turned into one due to Lala’s machine of swapping his body with a canine. He got chased around town by other people till he is exhausted and then found by them. Marron makes him his little disciple brother and teaches him how to please their master. This includes bathing together with naked Haruna (hey, she won’t suspect a thing) and also shamelessly licking Haruna’s face. Can Rito do it? Obviously he is still too embarrassed. Marron can’t stand his indecisiveness and shows him how it is done. Yeah, he licks here, there and everywhere! Giving in to pressure, Rito finally does his slurping but realizes it to be impossible and runs away. Admit it, you had a nice time. Okay, maybe not. Eventually he finds his way back to Lala and they switch back bodies. Next time he sees Haruna walking Marron, he blushes when he sees Marron licking Haruna in public and even calling the dog his brother.

Trouble 24: The Trance Of Feelings
After witnessing Yami using her Trans powers, Mikan gets enthusiastic to try it out. Lala suggests the body swapping machine. Excited Mikan goes around town doing fun things she has never done before. Yami needs to get use to Mikan’s body since it doesn’t contain her usual powers. But it was enough to give Kouchou another deserved beating for being perverted. Rito sees his sister acting strange but didn’t suspect anything. Since Yami learns she’ll be making dinner, she makes every dish with her favourite taiyaki biscuit. Meanwhile Mikan is being chased by Kouchou who thinks this strange new Yami is totally cute. Yami finds a brush in the toilet and wonders what the heck this is. Rito wonders if she’s not feeling well so he offers to go clean the toilet and wants his sister to go relax. Yami is perplexed by Rito’s kindness though he says it’s because they are family. At the end of the day, both girls switch back their own bodies. So Mikan, it must be tiring getting chased by a dirty old man, eh? But for Yami, it was an eye opener because she was able to experience something important. She envies Mikan for it. And for dinner, Mikan is surprised about the taiyaki dishes she cooked.

Trouble 25: For Whom The Bell Tolls
Rito invites Haruna to his Christmas party at his home. Could you believe it that even a nice girl like Haruna could even start fantasizing romantic thoughts of being alone with Rito? And right smack in the middle of the street. So a short flashback on how Rito and Mikan used to spend Christmas nights together since their parents were always away. So that’s why they would like to spend Christmas with everyone. Rito invites Yami to their party as a surprise for Mikan. And to top it off, Lala brings back their parents to join them. Could have been a perfect night if mommy didn’t ask whose kid this Celine belongs to.

Trouble 26: Troubling Rampage?
Rito wakes up to find Momo’s panties on him! Worse, she’s right next to him. And she’s looking so carefree too. I don’t know what she did last night. Lala left for school early and left Peke sleeping so he could recharge. Since she wants him to bring Peke when he’s done, at this rate Rito will be late for school. Momo gives him some charger for Peke but when he puts it on, Rito’s physical existence is absorbed into Peke and becomes the little suit robot. Since it will wear off in 2 hours, Momo suggests that he will have to act as Peke (actually she wanted to avoid getting scolded by Lala if she ever finds out the truth). Of course Rito is too embarrassed since he gets to feel the sensation of certain body parts rubbing against him. This causes him to ‘malfunction’ by screwing up the kind of dress Lala is supposed to wear or turning them tight. Momo is spying nearby and is getting mixed feelings of jealousy and turned on seeing ‘Peke’ wrapped around defenceless Lala. Rito can’t take it anymore so his ‘malfunction’ affects the other girls around him as they change into weird cosplay outfits. Momo saves the day by putting a replacement badge on Lala to avoid her being totally naked. She takes ‘Peke’ away citing for maintenance since he isn’t feeling well. Momo feels guilty of making Rito going through all this even though she was at fault and took it upon himself for her sake. But it looks like she falls for him even more. Back home, Lala advises oblivious Peke to tell her if he’s not feeling well.

Trouble 27: Lovely Idol
Run wants Rito to be her boyfriend for a day. Seems when she had a chat with Kyouko about boyfriends, Run lied she had one so Kyouko seems enthusiastic to meet her beau. This is so Run doesn’t end up as a liar. Rito is shocked to learn Kyouko as her friend, what’s more her half alien lineage. But when Rito starts talking about Lala, Run gets depressed and thinks he preferred her. Unfortunately they run into Kouchou. Still the same sick ol’ guy as he strips himself just to have their autograph. In the alley, Run takes out an anti-pervert bomb (say what?) that she ordered but upon releasing it, the gas disintegrates their clothes. Oops. Seems she mixed them up. You’re not going to let Kouchou have his way, aren’t you? Kyouko should have used her flames earlier but I guess she didn’t want her real identity to be leaked. Rito leaves to find clothes and help. Run apologizes to Kyouko for lying but she already knows Rito is not her real boyfriend since she started acting strange. Kyouko felt envious then because she thought Run had a boyfriend but now feels relieved. Noticing she likes him, she wants Run to tell her all about Rito so that she could support her. Rito returns with Lala but the latter got so excited of meeting Kyouko and wants to be friends. As for Kouchou, he’s still lying burnt on the public road. What the hell is that? Don’t touch it. It may infect you in some mysterious ways…

Trouble 28:  Pollen Telepathy
Rito takes Celine out for a walk in the park and meets Yui. The old lady mistakes them for a family so Yui starts having weird thoughts that they are married, though she dismisses it. During that distraction, Celine had run off and drank some cola. This causes her to be drunk as she starts spreading spores around. Those infected has a flower grown on their head. What does this mean? Everyone loves Rito! Yeah, the girls just want to get down and dirty with him. Soon, the entire town starts chasing after Rito. Man or woman. Young or old. Yeah, this guy is so popular. The worst part is that Kouchou caught him and starts pounding on him! Oh sh*t! He’s breathing heavily! Oh, the shock! Oh, the horror! He has never been so violated before! Once the flower drops off their head, the spell is over as everyone wonders what had happened. Good thing, a policeman was passing by when he sees Kouchou public indecency. I hope he gets locked up for eternity. Back home as explained by Lala, Celine emits pollens that makes people fall in love. And since Celine loves Rito, her love for him is transmitted through the victims via pollen. So take note, never let Celine get drunk again.

Trouble 29: A Girl’s Feelings
Lala and Rito are supposed to be running some errands. But because there is a new episode of Magical Kyouko, Lala excuses herself while Rito gladly does the chores. Some showy guy is bugging Risa to date her so she saves herself when Rito passes by and pretends to be his girlfriend, cutting off that guy’s interest. As thanks, Risa treats Rito at a maid cafe and toys around with him with the idea of dating her. Then she messes with his head that he should take the lead to seize Lala’s heart and body. Since it’s late at night, Risa has Rito walk her home. Then she makes him come into her room. Hey, her parents are not coming back till late tonight. You know what this means. Then she pushes him onto her bed! She starts seducing him and tells him about her lonely nights. She even offers to ‘test it out on her’ before doing the real deal with Lala!!! OMG!!! Then it turns out that she was just fooling around because he wants to see his cute reaction. Rito leaves and returns home much to Mikan’s ire because he came home empty handed without completing any errand. As for Risa, I guess things indicate her feelings for Rito wasn’t just playing around either…

Trouble 30: Heart Throbbing Email
Rito asks Yui if she could lend a novel called Midnight Date since his dad is using it as a reference for his work (despite the title, the main character is a cat and nothing suggestive). Plus, the bookstores have all but sold out. Mikan finishes the book and decides to lend it but she starts having a dilemma as she has never sent an email to any other guy except those in her family. Yeah, it took her 30 minutes just to compose a normal one. I wonder how many revisions she did. Rito is too tired to answer his handphone and wants Momo to answer it for him, thinking it is another bugging mail from Saruyama. When Momo reads the Midnight Date word, her thoughts that they might be doing something ecchi crosses her mind. Momo ponders the right answer to reply and responds that this should be their little secret. Yui is confused with the answer. By that time, Nana finds out about what Momo is doing and grabs the handphone since she has something she wants to ask Yui. Yui gets another mail and this time it’s about asking her opinion about small breasts. Thing is, Nana forgot to put her name in the mail. This time there is an air of anger in Yui’s reply. Then Celine snatches the handphone away and accidentally snaps a naked picture of Lala. Yeah, I don’t know how but she also sends it. Yui is trying to calm herself down, thinking this is one big prank from Rito when she receives yet another mail. Upon seeing Lala’s naked picture, she blows her top of this sexual harassment!

Trouble 31: All Quiet On The Sister Front
Mikan turns down one of her classmate’s confession, reducing him to tears. Her friends tease her that she loves her brother that’s why she’s not into these kind of things. Back home, Mikan notices Momo getting real close to Rito so she advises him to maintain her distance. She also knows about her bed sneaking activity and hopes she will stop it since Rito is Lala’s fiancee. Momo jokingly invites Mikan to join her in that. That night Mikan sneaks to sleep with Rito as an excuse to catch Momo in the act. She gets more than she bargained for when Rito starts caressing her butt her in his sleep!  Mikan’s butt is a marshmallow?! Pinch his face! Amazingly he didn’t wake up and continued his dream. Mikan decides to return to her room since Momo is not showing up but the lightning strike prevents her from doing so. She remembers when she was small, Rito comforted her during such stormy knights. With sleep talking Rito vowing to protect Mikan, her heart feels at ease. Next morning, Rito is shock to see Mikan sleeping next to him. I guess he never see this coming, eh? Not even his wildest dreams, his sister. Mikan tries to explain but it seems Momo has been watching them all along and things this is part of her sneaky plan.

Trouble 32: False Love?
History repeats itself. Yes, Celine is drunk once more and on a pollen spreading spree. Though they manage to catch her, it was too late as she has spread her pollen to Yami. She ‘borrows’ Rito on a date. Observing what other lovebirds do, she tries feeding him by stuffing 20 taiyakis down his throat! Then she transforms her clothing to something cute as Rito compliments it. Walking along, some fat guy bumps into Rito and he accidentally got his hand on Yami’s boobs. However Yami didn’t feel irritated. Instead, she goes up closer to him feels it’s okay to give in. She wonders if this is the feeling that she’s been trying to understand all the while. She wants to learn more of it and suggests that they kiss. What? Right now? Right here? In the middle of the street? Yeah, she wants to see how deep a simple kiss can be and where it would lead her. Rito tries to shake Yami back to her normal self and that’s when the effects wear off. Normal Yami punches him away for touching her nonchalantly. She questions why he didn’t want to do it with her. He replies that she wasn’t her normal self and it’s not something she would really do. He feels she shouldn’t do things she will regret later. Though she notes he is an idiot for worrying about someone who is after his life, but she doesn’t hate those kinds. For the first time, we see Yami giving a warm nice smile. But that’s just a prelude for her to mention that he’ll die a peaceful death when she kills him instead. So do you prefer Yami in her violent mode of lovey-dovey mode?

Trouble 33: Predicting Love
Rito wakes up to find he is grabbing Momo’s tail! Yeah, she’s in bed with him. Is she enjoying it? Nana isn’t happy that Momo sneaked into Rito’s room again and reminds her that he is Lala’s fiancee. However Momo is happy being his lover. While pondering what good many sees Rito in, she saves Marron from being run over by a truck but they both fell into the river. As they both communicate (Nana’s ability is to communicate with animals), she learns Marron’s master is Haruna. When Haruna finds them, she invites Nana back to her place to dry her clothes. She meets her older sister Akiho who is on her way out on a date. Haruna flusters when Nana reveals she learned from Marron that she has a crush on Rito. Though she has no intention of telling anyone else, she just wants to know what makes Rito so great since to her, he’s just a carefree idiot. Haruna mentions it’s the fact that he makes them feel warm inside whenever he’s with them. Nana realizes that Haruna never told her feelings because she considers Lala her important friend and if she did so, they won’t be able to get along so well like now. Nana leaves but it starts to rain. Lucky for her, Rito comes looking for her since everyone else is worried. Pondering over Haruna’s words, she still doesn’t buy it and calls him a playboy. That night, Haruna ponders if hiding her true feelings means being true friends. The next day in school, Haruna meets Lala and finally tells her straight in the face that she likes Rito. Oh, this is getting interesting.

Trouble 34: I Love You 1
Though Lala is surprised, she quickly apologizes for not noticing Haruna’s feelings and was being selfish all the while. Likewise, Haruna says she doesn’t want to hide her feelings anymore and considers Lala her best friend. Lala is happy that they both share the same feelings for Rito and from now on she’ll cheer on her and herself for Rito. Well, since they both love Rito, it’s no use trying to fight for that guy, right? Yeah, they can share him all they want! Thus after the beach episode, I was wondering where the fanservice pool episode will come. Well, it came in this final episode. Better late than never. So the whole gang gets invited to the pool amusement park and this is our chance to feast on the girls in their sexy swimsuit. Saruyama observes Rito’s casual interaction with the girls and he starts feeling envy that he doesn’t panic around them anymore. He thinks that this is the effect of living with Lala.

Trouble 35: I Love You 2
Run and Kyouko are holding a concert nearby. Oh no, it’s that lecherous Kouchou wanting them to lick their body. Good news is that he won’t be able to do it because some big aqua monster starts to terrorize the crowd. This must be one big horny perverted water monster because the first thing it does with its slimy water tentacles is to grab Run and Kyouko by their sensitive parts and molests them like nobody’s business. Thanks to Kyouko’s flames, they’re able to break free and make a run. But that’s not the end yet. The monster starts terrorizing Rito’s girls. Erm, I mean Rito’s girl pals. So every one of them will have their chance of being sexually harassed cukup-cukup. No girl is spared. When Nana realizes this is some rare aqua pet, Oshizu remembers this is the escaped pet of one of Mikado’s patient. The monster swallows Haruna and Lala while Yami is having a tough time cutting through its regenerating tentacles. Rito becomes a man by diving into the monster and pull out both the girls. However he ran out of energy and can’t pull himself out. After knowing its weakness, Yami dives inside to hammer its pea-sized nucleus. The pool returns to normal but Rito is close on passing out as he sinks to the bottom. His memories flash before him, the time he first met and fell in love with Haruna and also when Lala came into his life. He barely spots Haruna and Lala diving down to pull him out before his eyes closed. In the aftermath, they realize the monster is just the size of a puddle since it is able to grow when mixed with pool water. The owner comes by to apologize and take back his pet.

Trouble 36: I Love You 3
With the uproar over, Rito thinks hard about what Lala and Haruna means to him. Then he goes talk to Lala and confesses that he likes her. Lala is over the Moon but wait! He hasn’t finished yet. Yeah, there is someone he likes for a long time. Lala guessed spot on when she mentions Haruna and her happy reaction all but confuses Rito. I mean, confessions like this would either mean you become sad, upset or jealous, right? Lala wants him to quickly go confess to Haruna so that they can both marry him. Polygamy? Well, once he becomes the king of the Deviluke Empire, Earth rules won’t apply anymore. Lala straps some super booster so that he could jet his way over to Haruna but it was too fast that he bumped into Yami, who subsequently cuts the booster and sends him exploding in the sky after he accidentally has his hands on her butt. Finally Rito is able to meet Haruna alone. She is grateful for saving her. Rito gets his confidence as he prepares to confess. At that time Oshizu spots the duo and thinks of making it livelier but an interruption from Celine causes Oshizu’s magic to accidentally unstrap Haruna’s top as she makes a dash inside. Perhaps Rito was so engrossed in his courage summoning that he didn’t even know Haruna’s gone. So when he finally blurts out “I LOVE YOU!”, it was in front of Mikado, Nana, Run and Kyouko. Yeah, everyone heard it. This has Lala misinterpreting that he loves everybody and it will be livelier if he marries everyone! When Haruna returns, she pushes her close to Rito while asserting that she loves everyone too. And you thought his troubled days are over. Well, it just got worse.

Trouble is his middle name…
Not surprisingly, that is what I expected Rito to get into at the end of the series. It wouldn’t be fun if his troubles were to end, right? Yeah, I’m such a sadist. Better it happen to someone else rather than me. But surprisingly this season seems to fare better than the first season due to the division of the episodes. In a way, it doesn’t make the particular episode boring or draggy though it is pretty much the same thing. I know, overusing the overused cliches in almost every part makes everything stale but I guess due to the randomness and not following any particular plot direction, perhaps it felt less ‘strenuous’.

The only thing that moved forward here is the confirmation of Haruna’s feelings for Rito. That’s about it. As for the other girls like Yui, Risa and even Yami, there are a few scenes that indicate that their feelings are leaning closer towards Rito. We always knew Run and Momo’s open feelings for Rito so that didn’t impact much. Maybe it’s to cater for Rito x Yui fans because we got a handful of ‘close encounters’ and each time the tsundere moral police ends up jumping the gun that it may be something romantic. Even I felt that steamy siscon scene between Rito and Mikan was to cater for fans of this pairing so as not to be ‘left out’. So that kid just about had some nice rapport with just almost every nice bodied girl his age. Gid, Zastin and Ren at least make their appearance here albeit very brief and unimportant ones but it’s better than nothing. I’m wondering if Saki is still continuing to pursue her love for Zastin. After that foul up, there isn’t seem to have any follow up on that. We have more screen time for Kyouko this time round and we see her as a real life teenager rather than someone who exists on the TV screen. As for Celine, she just felt like part of the ‘furniture’. Doing nothing really that leaves any impact except for pulling kiddie pranks here and there. I still wonder what her role is for this series since she only made her first appearance back in the OVA. Kouchou has got to be the most annoying character. I’m not sure but it seems in this season he has a penchant to strip down to his underwear when he wants to pound on a girl. Too bad Rito was the ‘victim’. Haha. But thankfully, it wasn’t a girl.

Unlike in the first season and as mentioned earlier on, the plot and storyline here are basically about the daily lives of Rito and the gang (the hijinks that ensues of course). This means that we won’t see irritating and arrogant aliens either trying to steal Lala away and make her as their bride or extraterrestrial beings targeting Rito so as to eliminate him and have a better chance of taking Lala and claim the throne to the Deviluke Empire. So in this sense the action of ‘thrashing the baddies’ is lessen and replaced with much of the thrashing for Rito and fanservice. Speaking of which, I’m not saying that this season is filled to the brim with mind numbing fanservice but there are enough to keep ecchi lovers satisfied. That’s the reason why we watch this show, right? Some of the mid-intermission is fanservice-y and some just random poses of the characters as they serve as a break and division between the parts in the episode. Loop-the-loop by KOTOKO is the opening theme for this season and is a rock piece. The ending theme is Baby Baby Love by Haruka Tomatsu and sounds like your usual anime pop.

I’m not sure if there will be anymore sequels, spin-offs or OVA to come for this series. But the chances are if it does, it will be more or less the same thing. How far can you run? Stick with the usual successful formula, you can’t go wrong. So if you’re surrounded by a colourful bunch of harem babes including a long time schoolmate crush, an alien princess, a ghost, a busty school nurse, tsundere girl, a transgender idol, an assassin who ‘loves’ you enough to even want to kill you, a loving sister, a pair of twins and some best friends, sometimes it’s best to just suck it in and go along in the ride. I mean, you already have one foot in the grave and in for the trouble, how bad could it get? You’re right. Probably I’ve never been in Rito’s shoes. Don’t ever plan to be.

Asobi Ni Iku Yo

June 18, 2011

What do you think when you hear a series with such a name as “I Come To Play”? Furthermore, would you even suspect anything fishy with its second title, “Bombshells from the Sky”? Yeah, I don’t blame you. Maybe you’re thinking that this is another one of those soft porn series. Asobi Ni Iku Yo may be a romantic ecchi comedy but it isn’t anything hentai. Heck, I don’t think that’s even an excuse. Alien cat beings that look like your Akihabara neko-mimi-onna complete with tail, check. Wearing tight body suits, check. Harem, check. Physical action… gun fights, I mean, check. Storyline… Erm… I’ll leave it to you to decide. I guess these are what you can look forward to for this show.

Episode 1
Seems like Earth has come into contact with aliens and three different factions are trying to decipher what the heck “I came to play” means. Are they the aggressive king wanting to take over the world? Are they like little kids just wanting to play? Or are they just here for breeding purposes and ensure survival of their race? Okay, I made all that up. We also some chic in a body suit infiltrating some ship but the captain detonated and sinks everything. Back on the hot and warm shores of Okinawa, Kio Kakazu attends a memorial service of his grandpa’s death anniversary and meets up with his eccentric uncle Yuichi. He must be thinking how on Earth this happened because a cute cat girl is sitting and drinking among them. She is Eris and her cat ears and tail are for real. Hey, that makes her having 2 pairs of ears, right? Kio accidentally sips the beer and passes out. Next thing he knows, he wakes up in bed to see semi-naked Eris sleeping with him. Hope he hasn’t done anything to her. Why is she doing this? Apparently uncle Yuichi told her to do anything she likes. Haha. Okay, so I guess you must’ve figured it out by now that if a tsundere next door neighbour-cum-childhood friend comes checking on you even if it’s some excuse to see if Kio is hiding some porn magazine, you can tell she has a crush on him but obviously doesn’t want to admit it. She is Manami Kinjou and gets a rude shock after seeing Eris coming downstairs. It’s a very good scenario for misinterpretation. So what happens when Kio’s homeroom teacher, Maki Itokazu too comes in and sees the ‘foreign product’? Yeah, I know. We’ve seen this cliche so many times.

So the gang sit down and talk as we learn Eris is here to play while collecting info on Earth. Yeah, that’s got to be convincing enough. She even demonstrates with some hologram communicator thingy to move some spaceship. Since it’s all over the news, you might be an idiot not to believe. Eris also reveals her Catia race’s intention to befriend Earth. I’m sure every guy would want to be friends with a hot cat lady. We see gun freak Manami and CIA wannabe spying on their conversation with her high-tech equipment and relaying information to her supervisor JACK (believe me, it is her initials because her real name is too long and too hard to remember). Seems there is more than meets the eye to this Manami girl. Heck, even Maki-sensei too. What the heck is this Beautiful Contact Sect she belongs to? A bevy of spy beauties flanking unsuspecting Kio? Oh yeah, add another girl to the harem while you’re at it. She is Aoi Futaba and though she may look shy and soft-spoken, behind that exterior is a tough fighting machine. That girl who kicked ass in the beginning was her. Belonging to Japan’s Immigration Bureau and nicknamed Momiji the Devil, she too has a secret crush on Kio. She asks him for a date but was ‘interrupted’ when her ‘uncle’ takes her away for some secret mission. Aoi scares that ‘uncle’ by showing how serious she is, making him swear in his pants when she fires a warning shot at the windshield. And all these 3 ladies, they seem to have orders of taking out Eris. I thought it was more of the harem thing, the less the better but it’s actually each of their organization have something against Eris. Hey, I don’t even care.

Episode 2
Manami and Aoi continue to watch Kio and Eris. Apparently Eris is in the midst of experiencing her first mating season. Need I elaborate more? She is acting a little seductive because she read some ‘materials’ underneath Kio’s bed. Good thing (or bad, depending how you look at it), nothing happens. Next day, Eris introduces her several Assistdroids, cute little speechless androids that can help around with just an order. That night, Maki’s Beautiful Contact makes its first move. They try to eliminate Eris as they want to cut off ties between humans and aliens. Say what? And they claim to represent humanity? That’s a joke, right? Not. Aoi changes her plans to intercept. Eris is tranquilized and kidnapped by Manami who later hands it over to JACK while Yuichi takes Kio away. Kio recognizes the watch Manami was wearing (due to a particular scratch mark) so he knows it was her then and pleads her to help find Eris. They also have Beautiful Contact to help them. Eris is being held at some military base probably being treated like some hostile alien. Kio and the gang break in and would you believe it, the military isn’t as good as these people. Kio is relieved to find Eris safe. Apparently she doesn’t need their help to break out and freed herself. So now another tough part of escaping. Eris summons her Assistdroids to disarm all the tanks right down to the army’s uniform to leave them stark naked. That’s alien technology for you. Probably it would be embarrassing if it was reported they lost to a bunch of kids so it was covered up of course. Back in Kio’s home, the gang gets a surprise visit from Eris’ superiors. They have decided on making arrangements for a formal friendship. That means, they’re going to be staying here a little longer, right?

Episode 3
How do you convince a nation to be on friendly diplomatic terms? Why, dress in swimsuits of course! Real cat ears even better! So, that’s how Japan succumbed to defeat, eh? Just kidding. Due to Manami and Aoi’s previous actions, they have been treated as traitors from their organization and they can say bye-bye to their career in it. Fortunately, Kio’s house is made the embassy of Catia with its own laws and under the Catia government (attacking it would lead to an interplanetary war, so they say) so by staying here, both girls will be safe. Ah ha. So a prelude for a harem setting, eh? Yeah, they can all live happily together. Can they? Wait a minute. A small plot of land becomes an embassy of Catia? What more, someone’s house? Oh sure, it’s not like the neighbours will be bothered by it. But don’t hope for any cat fight between the girls yet. After seeing enough action, fighting among each other is the least they’d want to do. So what better than to chat and get along and learning more about each other. Manami and Aoi talk about Kio, getting to know they both like the same guy. What do they see in him anyway? Beats me. Suddenly an intruder sneaks into the house and kidnaps an Assistdroid. Manami and Aoi have no time to put on any clothes as they chase the suspect. Naked. Hope the darkness was enough to cover them. Though they manage to save the Assistdroid, the suspect escapes. Finally they realize their predicament when Kio sees them. Later as Manami and Aoi talk, Manami decides to support Aoi for Kio. Eris offers the girls to become members of Catia embassy because of their special talents. Manami gets a call from JACK about some information about the suspect. And that suspect turns out to be some eye-patch maid, Sarah, apologizing to her master, a 12 year old girl for not being able to bring her gift.

Episode 4
That little girl, Antonia (oh yeah, her full name is ridiculously long, I tell you) addresses her fans of the Underside of the Kitten Paw, a group of people obsessed about cat ears (what else?) and plans to worship Eris as a their new God (why not? She’s the closest thing to the real deal). I guess a rich girl like her have so much time, so much money to waste. Yeah, she’s got a huge ship of her own. Meanwhile Eris is feeling a little energetic as explained, she is going into heat. Something to do with her first mating season, I guess. Kio, you lucky bastard. Just kidding, nothing happened. Yet. Manami and Aoi are given their own personalized Assistdroids to command. If we have alien cat race, then we have an opposing alien dog race too, right? That’s Dogisia (dog ears anyone?). Led by Jens and her snickering dog-like Muttley (I see some resemblance to the sidekick of Dastardly), they plan to prevent any diplomatic relations with Catia and Earth. As part of Eris’ mission to observe human culture, technology and economy, which better place than to do so at Akihabara. Oh God. Of all places. I don’t know what else to say. Really. They have a fun time browsing and shop till they’re broke. It’s too tempting to resist. While waiting for a train, they sense something amiss because the entire area is void of people except themselves. Thinking that this is a trap, the plan is to let Eris, Kio and Manami board the train while Aoi go find the responsible party and will rendezvous with them later. However it’s a diversion as the real trap is on the train. The train is ambushed by maids as they kidnap Eris and Kio. Aoi comes chasing with her bike (she can actually keep up with it?). The unbelievable part was how Aoi was hit off the train, tumbled down to the tracks so much that it definitely looked it hurts and miraculously, she’s alive and not a broken bone! Manami and Aoi do some research on the fanatic group and get ready to go on another mission while Antonia addresses her maid army that the dawn of their world is here. Yeah, too much free time probably.

Episode 5
Kio and Eris wake up in their captive room but are treated like kings. It’s no harm staying for a while, right? After the sumptuous meal, the duo try to breakout but it seems Eris is in mating heat so she can’t use her power suit effectively. They are soon being accompanied by a life-size Assistdroid. Mascot? Definitely it’s someone underneath it. Yeah, it’s Antonia actually. Kio notices the place is big and lonely. All the video games are customized to be single player only as the maid explains it wouldn’t be right for the followers to beat Antonia or have the heart to intentionally lose. Meanwhile Manami and Aoi try to rent a powerboat for their rescue mission but found out that Yuichi had bought it. He agrees to let them use it but in exchange they have to help out with his gay film director buddy. After dressing up in a very revealing outfit, the duo ditch filming before it starts and charge towards Antonia’s cruiser. See all the high-tech weapon and system, a bunch of girls can even shoot a hole and penetrate into the ship. The ship is taking on water as the maids go into action. Sarah is immobilized by all things cute so she can’t fight back when she sees the real Assistdroid. Aoi takes on Jens who has also infiltrated the ship in a battle of the power suits. Jens commands her army to shoot at her coordinates. Manami finds Kio and Eris. They bump into Antonia and her other maid, Maya. The recent events have opened Antonia’s eyes as she feels guilty for troubling Eris and orders everyone to abandon ship. Kio decides to go back and look for Aoi. With Eris’ suit he borrowed, he manages to find her and escape before they become part of the watery grave.

Episode 6
While the Catia superiors are discussing about the possible interfering by Dogisia, Manami and Aoi continue to train. Manami makes a deal with Aoi that if she teaches her to fight, she’ll help Aoi get close to Kio. Chaika gives Manami and Aoi a large simulator area to practice since the backyard just couldn’t cut it. Kio on the other hand takes Eris to meet his film club members. They want to film an alien movie but think Eris looks too human so they decide to ditch the idea and do a romance film instead. This turns on Eris. Aoi practices her cooking and gas a virtual Kio to taste it while Manami does the same with her target practice while going ecstatic over the fact with all the guns at her disposal. Manami asks virtual Kio about his feelings and he answers them honestly. For instance, he confessed he liked her but thought she already had a boyfriend (that JACK) and thought he got dumped. This only upsets Manami further as she remembers how her favourite watch got that particular scratch (probably that’s when her feelings for him began). Back in reality, Aoi has Kio to test her cooking but finds out that the virtual Kio’s answer and the real one differs because the virtual one is what she ideally wanted and that there is no guarantee to know the thinking of the real one. Manami takes heart that her argument with virtual Kio was just that, a figment of her heart. As for Eris, she is forced to take pills to end her mating season prematurely. Now where’s the fun if no cat girl pounds on Kio.

Episode 7
I expected this to happen and it finally did. Eris becomes a transfer student in Kio’s class. Heck, so is Antonia and her maids too! Man, it’s getting crowded. Do you go around protecting your oujo-sama by pointing guns at other students that get too close? Kio’s film club president is trying to recruit members. Eris decides to join and this causes the rest of the girls to join. Kiasu… Now they’ve got a glut of female members. The film club is going for a beach camp. During the ride, the original film club’s female members can tell that they’re in because of Kio. Manami brushes this off and says that Aoi is after Kio instead, causing her to fluster and panic greatly. Antonia offers the girls to wear her expensive swimsuits. They realize that the swimsuits have a hole in the back to accommodate Eris tail and one of them was wearing it backwards! Nose bleed! During the night barbeque, Kio takes Aoi to have a private chat. Unfortunately, it isn’t a confession. Kio wants her to teach him to fight so that he won’t be that wussy boy the girls will always have to protect. Aoi felt hurt and decided to excuse herself to be alone. Thinking she’s just a fighting doll in his eyes, Aoi takes out her frustrations on Eris that she can’t win. Eris tells her that she feels safe with him when a little girl, Ichika pops up before them. The camp is also suddenly attacked by Dogisia Assistdroids. Aoi is able to fend off the little army with several special power seals Ichika gave her. In the aftermath, they conclude Dogisia Assistdroids cannot regenerate like Catia’s so they probably stole electronic items to repair themselves (which solves the case of missing electronics on the island). Do broken Dogisia Assistdroids are shipped in a crate and returned back to Jens.

Episode 8
Another broadcast by Antonia and Eris to their fans to slowly turn this cult thingy into a proper fan club. Can it? Aoi continues to train Kio but later sees Manami lazing around though she gives an excuse of not wanting to interfere with them. This leads them to have a short tussle and firing guns with bullets that eliminate inanimate objects. Read: Their clothes. And this leads them to have a full all-out jungle guerrilla duel to settle their argument over you-know-who. At the end of the confrontation, Manami wins so the loser has to do what the winner says. Manami wants Aoi to kiss Kio. No way! Okay, at least for a start, change the way she addresses him. Suddenly a couple of snipers target them. If not for their quick reflex, Manami could’ve taken one in the head. According to Aoi’s plan, Manami is to bait and attack at the same time to allow Aoi to find their position. Another unbelievable moment is when the sniper fires a shot at Manami (must be real confident to leave it in the hands of her friend), Aoi’s sharp shooting skill disintegrates the sniper’s bullet! The snipers try to escape since their position has been discovered (not to mention that all their clothes have been disintegrated) but are cornered. Manami and Aoi come back home as Kio and Eris have prepared dinner with the help of the Assistdroids. Since Kio is being dense and oblivious to the efforts Aoi put in, Manami locks his neck. As for the snipers, they are shipped back in a crate to Jens. Why still naked?

Episode 9
Eris tells the gang that the first Assistdroid will be paying them a visit. She tells them a little about its history like how an accident made it trap in some space time rift and was recently retrieved. However Eris feels gloomy about it. Soon the first Assistdroid, Lawry arrives at Kio’s doorstep. They talk about how early Assistdroids were made to resemble like humans and because of that could sometimes bear hatred or fear. Catia was split in having such Assistdroids as some of them think it was a disaster and this led to a civil war. Though the ancestors have already repented, Eris still feels guilty, the reason why she is feeling down and doesn’t know what to say to her. Kio takes Lawry to the sea and shows her the beautiful side of this planet. Lawry tells him about her kind master and wishes to carry out his final wish by singing a song from Earth on a night sky (this isn’t a joke). Lawry starts singing some lonely spaceman theme which soon turns into a musical collage by all the girls in the series. That song is supposed to be a hit? In the end after Lawry departs for home, Kio is being told that a masterless Assistdroid has the option to choose a new master or deny a recharge. Lawry chose the latter. She’s glad that all the Assistdroids in his hands are happy.

Episode 10
It’s Christmas as Manami pushes Aoi to make a break with Kio while she has the opportunity since Eris’ mating season is put on hold. Captain Kuune takes a break from her spaceship post to visit Kio and Eris and leaves Melwin in charge. Kuune gives Kio a power bracelet as an emergency weapon and hopes Eris will teach him how to use it. Manami isn’t happy of Aoi’s present choice to give Kio. A DVD of an old TV show? Aoi wishes to take it slowly and prefers for things to stay the way it is now. She’s just happy to be with him. Because of that, Manami gives Aoi a dressing down like she would lose her romantic chance to be with him. That girl sure has a problem. Like she’s the one who is dating him in the first place. Yeah, probably she’s using Aoi as an excuse that if they both start dating, she’ll start giving up on Kio. Lame. Suddenly they are being attacked by Dogisia Assistdroids, who then attack the embassy. I guess they really mean war this time. At the same time, the Catia spaceship is being ambushed by them as they burst their way with explosive seals and freeze the Catian space personnel in time. Kuune has been injected with lethal nanomachines, which causes her to collapse. Before she falls into a comatose state, she gives Kio her multi-task bell. Melwin makes contact with them and both sides learn what is happening. Seems Dogisia has retained absolute control over Catia’s spaceship. With everyone and everything locked down and there is nothing they could do about it, the spaceship will crash into Earth within 2 weeks.

Episode 11
Well, actually Earth won’t be crushed by the spaceship. As explained, there is some programme that will disintegrate the ship that will not decelerate when entering a planet’s atmosphere. But there is a way to redirect its path and that is to restart the main system. However only Kuune is able to execute such orders, thus the reason she was made unconscious. The Catians realize Kio having Kuune’s bell and immediately recognize him as their new captain. For their rescue mission, they get Antonia to buy a rocket (damn filthy rich kid she is) so they can head to space and Ichika a seal so that they can unfreeze the Catian personnel. Just as they thought they have everything going as planned, they receive news from Antonia that no country is willing to sell her a rocket due to the pressure and threat by Jens. Though they just need a rocket engine, there is a way to create the body. Kio can do it. Eh? How? Using Kuune’s bell to imagine and materialize it. What the? Oh, whatever. As for the rocket engine, the gang head to some chilling country. Maya’s ex-comrade, Colonel Arishkova agrees to give one to them. While Kio is trying to imagine the rocket, Manami confronts him about his decision on Aoi and Eris. Well, let’s say he wants more time to think about it. Afterwards, Aoi who eavesdropped on them confronts Manami and isn’t happy that she is poking her nose around. She chides Manami for possibly misguiding him and knows she also likes Kio. She was just forcing him to do something she herself can’t do. Both girls start slapping each other but before it can blow into an all-out cat fight, the alert is sounded as there is an intruder in the base. Aoi finds the intruder holding Kio hostage. She recognizes him as the captain of the boat who blew himself up in the first episode. Aoi’s sharpshooting skill disarms him quickly. The intruder isn’t happy Arishkova is selling out their country. But they have bigger problems to worry since they receive word that NATO is on their way here to annihilate them after believing they are terrorists who has taken over the base. They will arrive in 3 hours. But it’s more than enough time for Kio to finish creating the rocket. Yeah, he makes it seem so easy. Antonia and her maids stay back to buy the rest time as they get ready to blast off into space.

Episode 12
Would you believe it? Those maids on bikes take on the NATO army in tanks and are winning? The terrain is icy too. Anyway as Kio and co wait for the rocket to refuel, Manami once again bugs Aoi to confess now. She’s really got a problem so much so she herself snaps and takes out her frustration on Eris, like how she was here way before that cat b*tch (made that one up) and knew Kio much longer. Eris doesn’t know what’s really going on but seeing that both Manami and Aoi really like Kio, she suggests that the 3 of them become his lovers! Oh yeah, that is what a harem is all about. Finally the ship is refuelled and they successfully blast into space. While the Assistdroids build a warp module, Jens and her Dogisia army (in little UFO ships? Really) start their attack. Before they start their battle, Aoi gives Kio a kiss as her replacement Christmas present. Manami soon follows suit and finally Eris as not to be left out. Wow! That’s 3 kiss in a row. He really scores with them. With the romance put on hold for the moment, Eris, Manami and Aoi don some sentai-like outfit (complete with their own moves, weapons and flashy names) to fight them as they buy time for Kio to warp to the Catia mothership. Can 3 ladies battle hundreds of enemy ships? Heck, theses babes kick ass, don’t they? Kio’s ship crashes into Catia’s mothership as he makes his way to the rest fighting the waves of Dogisia Assistdroids while the Catia Assistdroids free the frozen Catia personnel. When Kio reaches Melwin and her crew, he is taken to a core centre to reboot but it rejects his orders because he is not Catian. Upon their advice, Kio wishes upon the bell to alter his DNA into a Catian. They don’t call it multi-tasking for nothing. Meanwhile our ladies beat Jens in a dogfight as the latter crashes into her launch base. However based on the calculations, it is going to crash right onto the Okinawa island. Manami and Aoi decide to alter its course to make it burn up during re-entry but this would mean sacrificing themselves. I mean, at this point, what have they got to lose? No, seriously. Oh course we can’t have hot babes dying in the last episode so a miracle has to happen. Kio’s ship zooms pass by in time as Eris grabs them in before the base vaporizes. As the girls happily reunite with Kio, they are shocked to see Kio with cat ears and tail! OMG! Why didn’t he change back after that? Beats me. Yeah, Antonia sure loves him even more now. Another potential rival? In the end, everything returns to normal as Eris shows the gang a Space Elevator as Catia’s present to Earthlings, an equipment to get into space without using a rocket. Hey, it looks like a big Christmas tree and what do you know? Because of its water droplets cooling off (and some other mumbo jumbo), it’s snowing on Okinawa.

Playtime’s Over!
Oh, thank God! It has finally come to an end. Overall this whole series was just mediocre and I really found myself hard to stay up and follow right till the end. There were too many loopholes and inconsistencies to begin with. For instance, Manami and Aoi being fugitives seeking refuge at Catia’s embassy and even with that inter-planetary threat, how come no CIA or immigration bureau members come close to take them back or at least approach them? Can we humans actually let ‘traitors’ go? It is mind boggling that the girls can actually take out a group of army so it makes you think, why the hell does the country need an army for? Just call in this bunch and they’ll do the job just fine. Kio being an otaku should have at least smelled the love triangle between Manami and Aoi miles away and yet he is as dense and blur as a rock. Okay, even if he doesn’t know their true feelings, his actions really do indicate that he is totally oblivious to their hidden crushes. No wonder he currently doesn’t have a girlfriend. Those kids going up to space in the final episode, I wonder how they can withstand the blastoff into orbit when they have no astronaut training whatsoever. See, so many questions and probably much more so much so I have already forgotten on purpose.

The love triangle between Manami and Aoi felt like a little side distraction to everything. Sure, we see a little tension here and there especially Manami who is really annoying trying to set Aoi and Kio up just to cover her own drawback and failure. Eris as a cat will always have that playful and flirty character but she doesn’t seem to be taking the love relationship any further. Besides, her mating season got ended prematurely. Any chance for that in the future? Some of the supporting characters felt like they had no impact at all in the series like Antonia and her maids. After the kidnapping of Eris and Kio, it’s like she and her cult club toned down a lot after becoming their allies. Even if her maids didn’t play any significant part in stalling the NATO army, I’m sure our main heroines can do an equally good job. Maki and Yuichi have been reduced to just minor characters and I was hoping that they would somehow play a significant role (besides pretending to be Eris and Kio as decoy in the final few episodes) because I think Yuichi is pretty cool in his own ways while I thought Maki would’ve been part of the harem. Maybe there’s too much already.

Ichika remains as the most mysterious one. Popping up from nowhere in the middle of the series, not knowing if her motives actually make her an ally or foe to the gang and in the end, where the heck is she? Who is this girl in the first place? Say, what happened to that JACK girl anyway? Jens and her Dogisia army may be the main antagonist but I felt she wasn’t much of one seeing that she spends most of her time in some room devising her plan and her only physical contact with the main protagonist was that short fight with Aoi onboard Antonia’s ship. She and Muttley never felt threatening at all. The Assistdroids are cute in their own way but too many of them doing just about anything sometimes make them a little annoying. Good ol’ little assistants we can always rely on, eh? They’re even useful in providing ‘censors’ with their signboards during fanservice moments in addition to light angles and ‘dark shadows’. So if you want to see it all laid bare without those irritating obstruction, go buy the DVD.

The opening theme, Now Loading… SKY! by Sphere is quite a catchy pop piece with a little hip hop in it. There are 3 different main ending themes, each attributing and suiting to Eris, Manami and Aoi. They are Happy Sunshine by Kanae Ito (for Eris), Omoide Ga Jama Wo Suru by Haruka Tomatsu (Manami) and Kokoro No Madobe Nite by Kana Hanazawa (Aoi). Of course a few special ending themes like Oira Wa Sabishii Spaceman by Minori Chihara (Lawry) and the final episode’s Smile Peace from Kanae Ito, Haruka Tomatsu and Kana Hanazawa. I find that some of the background scenery of Okinawa during the summer time to be quite breathtaking. So all isn’t lost considering the poor plot and storyline, I guess those art and drawing are the little salvation points for this series but still it isn’t enough to save it from being just second rate. There are several trivia and parody to spot if you keep your eyes open. For example, Seiken No Blacksmith’s characters of Luke and Lisa making their short cameo appearance as with Kampfer’s Mikoto and Akane.

So the next time friendly cat aliens or any other extraterrestrial life forms come looking for peace and to make friends with us, why not? Especially if they come wearing school swimsuits. Don’t want to pass up this chance, won’t we? Ironically if Catia really wants to befriend with others, shouldn’t they make peace with Dogisia too? Maybe it is the latter who doesn’t want? Perhaps that’s why cats and dogs never got along well. And if there is another sequel for our Catia girls to come play, would I want to watch it? Well, let’s just say I came, I saw and I left for good! Don’t want to play anymore!


June 11, 2011

I’m sure we all dream to have a maid to take care of our daily needs like cooking, laundry and cleaning. One that is hard working and does not slack off or run away for unknown reasons. So how can you have a machine robot that works diligently and also at the same time looks human enough with emotions and feelings? Just watch Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden. She fits both descriptions. What? Did I give an impression that it was possible in the real world?

Episode 1
As introduced, Mahoro, a battle-type android, her lifespan is coming to an end. Because she has contributed greatly by defending Earth from aliens, the Vesper Organization decides to retire her. Though her days are numbered, if she lives without fighting, she can live for 398 more days as opposed to 37. Suguru Misato takes a bus home to interview a hired maid when a couple of robbers hijack it. Scared Suguru plucks up his courage to tell him off but the robber is unfazed. Mahoro is on that bus too and quells the menace by stopping his bullets with her fingers and then knocking them out. After everyone gets off safely, Suguru returns home and finds Mahoro in his place. After hearing her explanation about being an android, defending Earth from aliens and her duty of being a maid to fend off boredom for retirement, he decides to give her a try. His house is filled with filth to the brim! You can’t see the floor! Good luck Mahoro on cleaning. By the way, his parents died when he was young so he has this large mansion to himself. After cooking, she goes bath with him. Suguru must be daydreaming that he nearly drowned in his tub. When he comes too, apologetic Mahoro laments she’s not fit for this maid job and breaks down. Suguru immediately stamps the contract and gladly hires her.

So in each episode, you will see how the master-servant relationship grows as they both bond together. When I say master-servant, I mean nothing ecchi though this show has some of those ecchi elements and slight nudity. Suguru being a normal boy growing up has his own interest in reading Playboy magazines but that is just about it. He doesn’t do anything dangerous like outraging the modesty of Mahoro or any other girls. Even so, his ecchi habits don’t sit well with Mahoro. Ironically as this is an ecchi series, Mahoro’s trademark line each time she spots or confiscates one of Suguru’s porn magazines, “Ecchi na koto ikemasen to omoimasu” (I think ecchi is bad). Come on, can we guys have a little fun of our own? Not on her watch. And at the end of almost every episode, a countdown of how many days Mahoro has left before she ceases to function. Hmm… Might be ticking down slowly, but hey, why the rush?

Episode 2
Suguru’s pals and classmates (Toshiya Hamaguchi, Kiyomi Kawahara, Miyuki Sakura, Rin Todoroki and Chizuko Ooe) are suspicious of his new maid since he gets to eat delicious bento and his clothes are well ironed. Mahoro drops by to deliver the dessert she forgot and shocks everyone. They ask their relationship and she replies “I offered him my body and heart… I hope to contribute to him…”. Suguru’s single homeroom teacher, Saori Shikijou isn’t happy because she got her eyes on him but now another girl comes between them. Suguru remembers Mahoro cleaning his room and may have stumbled upon his porn mags under his bed. He rushes home and too bad she has already done so. He gets a good lecture that being perverted isn’t good and the real functions of a female’s breasts. Later his friends pay him a visit for Tanabata festival. Saori shortly drops by and interrogates Mahoro. Though Mahoro doesn’t like lying, she sees how uncomfortable Suguru is and makes up stories of her past. Saori is still suspicious so she stays back for dinner (also to seduce him). Even Mahoro has this uneasiness feeling in her heart. Then it’s bath time and since Saori won’t allow them to do anything lewd, she decides to go in the bath too. It ends up both ladies taking a bath. Saori throws down the gauntlet and mentions how Suguru loves big boobs as oppose to her non-satisfying little ones. Mahoro punches her boobs. Saori isn’t going to give up yet. Mahoro changes her Tanabata wish of world peace to having bigger boobs. I guess this is more important, eh?

Episode 3
In the hot summer, Mahoro tries her best to do housework and not let the heat or sleepiness get to her. After shopping ingredients for dinner, Mahoro is pissed to see Saori coming to their place for dinner. It’s like she’s treating Suguru’s home like her own place. Mahoro’s jealousy causes her to accidentally blow up the heater so they go to take the public bath run by Miyuki’s family. They treat him like part of the family (since dad got 4 girls and has always wanted a boy). Suguru pays a visit to his father’s grave. Mahoro realizes that she was the one who killed his father during one of her mission (she was ordered by him to do so). Thinking that he may hate her once he finds out the truth, she decides to atone for her sin by serving Suguru till her very last day.

Episode 4
The gang heads to the beach and though Mahoro didn’t want to come along giving her maid duties as an excuse, the rest have her tag along since there isn’t any point if she doesn’t come. After buying their swimsuits (why is Saori flaunting hers in the shopping centre? Isn’t that sexual harassment?) it’s time for fun in the sun (the usual horny Saori on the prowl). Due to last night’s error on a military ship using extraterrestrial weapons, a giant robot crab is wrecking havoc on shore. More like ripping the girls’ bikinis off. Mahoro goes into combat mode to subdue it. Both sides are in recharging phase but Mahoro knows she won’t make it in time so Suguru helps and guides her to shoot and destroy it. Thankfully due to the thick smog during the battle, the rest didn’t see anything so Mahoro and Suguru were able to fake an alibi by being unconscious.

Episode 5
The Vesper council are reviewing Mahoro’s recent combat. They receive a letter from her describing her summer activity: Ascertaining rumoured ghost stories of Suguru’s school as a research project. The guys are scared to their wits after encountering first hand a ghost girl with red hair climbing the stairs. Mahoro (in a miko priestess outfit) notices this to be a prank by the girls but decides to play along. Mahoro then actually meets the real ghost and they both get along with each other. Seems the ghost can’t move on as she’s waiting for her guy to confess her feelings. So after the guys find out the girls were behind this, they head to the pool and see a ghostly encounter. Actually it’s Saori sleeping naked in the pool to cool down! What’s more, she thinks the kids are having an under-18 orgy party at the pool! Anyway the gang soon see a real ghost swimming and everyone faint. Mahoro knows who this ghost boy is and takes him to see the ghost girl. They confess and disappear. Back at the council, they are pleased with Mahoro using her remaining time wisely. However when they read her request for breast enlargement, they shoot it down! Flat chest lovers!

Episode 6
Mahoro has been chosen to dance on the stage at Bon Odori. She was reluctant to participate till she saw Saori as one of the past girls to do so. Mahoro summons her servant, Slash (is that a black cat or panther?) to help Suguru’s dog, Guri to keep watch over the house while they’re gone. After donning a yukata and with lots of practice, the dance goes well, much to everyone’s delight. The friends meet up with each other during the break. However Saori was there to ‘kidnap’ Suguru to do horny things. Till she bumps into Mahoro. Then a shooting contest with Suguru as the prize. It got serious so much so Mahoro was going to use her real guns with live ammo! Thankfully the shop closes. Later Mahoro seemingly has fun in the rain and after it stops, everyone watches the fireworks.

Episode 7
A pair of escaped prisoners could’ve killed Chizu who was on her way to school in their speeding car but she was saved by a good looking guy, Tou Ryuuga. He soon becomes a science teacher in Suguru’s school as all the girls start swooning over him. Suguru’s friends come by his house later (Saori invited herself of course and still acting like it’s her own place) and Mahoro becomes disturbed upon learning Ryuuga’s name. During her shopping errand, she is forced to fight Ryuuga in an armoured suit. Seems he wants to settle this match to see who is stronger: Vesper’s Mahoro or Saint’s Ryuuga. Luckily with Slash backing her up, he flees. Back home, Mahoro’s mind becomes preoccupied with thoughts of why a Saint warrior is acting on personal reasons. Both sides have fought with each other countless times to decide the human race’s fate though the fight was never finished. Ryuuga goes around school asking for info on Suguru and it seems everyone has nice things to say about him. Of all people, he had to ask Saori, who suspects him of being a gay shotacon! Later Mahoro and Slash confront him and want him to not involve Suguru but he isn’t fazed. Back home, Suguru notices Mahoro acting strange and thinks there’s a link between her and Ryuuga.

Episode 8
Mahoro wakes up from a nightmare of killing her commander. In school, Suguru goes around asking his pals about Ryuuga so much so they think he swings that way! Especially you-know-who. Ryuuga returns to his HQ to train as he narrates how he was made to believe he was the strongest. All that vanished on his first mission when he was easily defeated by Mahoro but was spared. Thus he wanted to settle the score and trained hard. Come Saturday, Suguru invites everyone including Ryuuga to his house for a BBQ party to discreetly find out if he has any connection with Mahoro. He then takes Ryuuga to his room. He learns that Suguru doesn’t know the truth of how his dad died (he was told he died during an accident in an inspection trip). Suguru tried to proof he could live on his own till Mahoro came along. Why is he telling him all this? Because Mahoro is like family to him. Later when Mahoro confronts Ryuuga alone, he tells her he has been given a ‘warning’ not to touch her and offers her to a challenge. Mahoro agrees and gets to pick the time and date.

Episode 9
Mahoro requests Suguru to go out on a date with her. So when Saori finds out about it (other than Mahoro owning a car and a driving licence for just about any vehicle!), she plans to put a stop to their lewd activities (look who’s talking). Mahoro knows Saori will tail them and even wants to wipe her out with her missile arsenal! Thankfully Suguru suggests doing nothing. Suguru and Mahoro enjoy their time at the amusement park while unlucky spying Saori always have to bear the brunt of her actions. In the Ferris wheel, Mahoro tells him about Ryuuga and that he came to investigate them both. Since he found nothing interesting, he’ll be leaving soon. At the park, Suguru mentions how she sometimes has a sad look on her face, causing her to be a little depressed. She then hugs him so he reconciles with her. She can tell him her secrets when she’s ready and happy. Messed up Saori comes by and pesters Mahoro for a ride home after both ladies made a short temporary alliance to scare away thugs threatening Suguru. When they return, Mahoro prepares herself to face Ryuuga and promises to be back.

Episode 10
Flashback of Mahoro created 9 years ago for war. Though she was incomplete, she was sent to undergo lots of adaptation tests. We also see her spending some quality time with her colleagues (at a hotspring probably that’s where she got small boobs inferiority) and Commander Misato. Her records of defeating enemies even if they sent in new versions exceeded expectations as they continue to use her as deterrent and warning. In order for her to take some time off fighting, she is shown a large collection of the world’s movies to pick and watch those of her choice. Like she can finish all of them. Mahoro continues to live intertwine between war and peace as enemy attacks continued intermittently. Till that fateful day when a base in USA was under attacked and Misato ordered her to shoot him. In present, Mahoro gains intuition after all those battles and seeing so many died as she prepares to face Ryuuga.

Episode 11
A Saint android, Sera, narrates how their kind left their own planet a long time ago and travelled through space in search of civilization. They forgot how their planet looked like and only remembered its deep blue, probably why they got attracted to it. Since Earth was the first civilization they contacted, they didn’t want to fight but Earth was too underdeveloped and opposed any form of contact, thus Saint had no choice but to built robots to fight. Mahoro and Ryuuga prepare their face off as he wonders if her current life away from being a warrior and serving Suguru as atonement for his dad. She answers that was her initial intention but after spending time with Suguru and his friends, she decides to live the way she is now and her remaining days as a human. He finds it hard to understand her reasoning. Suguru becomes upset when he finds Mahoro’s farewell letter and confronts Slash. Though he is reluctant to tell where Mahoro is, Suguru orders him to bring him there as he is also his master. Mahoro and Ryuuga fight but Mahoro seems defensive and evasive. But it’s all a big gamble to set him up so that she could fire a super cannon that sucked the town’s entire electricity and blast him away! However Ryuuga still stands despite getting hit.

Episode 12
Ryuuga quickly counterattacks and rapidly pounds Mahoro. She remembers the time Suguru and co invited her for picnic (Saori inviting herself of course) as they talk about their future. But she is snapped out from Ryuuga’s incessant hammering. He is however unhappy that Mahoro isn’t showing her true powers and summons his trump card, Break Blade. Just then Suguru arrives and comes between them. Not caring what happened in the past, all he wants is to be with Mahoro. Ryuuga couldn’t understand his actions and hurts him to get him out of the way. This upsets Mahoro as she now unleashes her trump card, an energy blade from her fist. As she charges, Ryuuga realizes Mahoro’s expiring soon and the reason she chose to live with Suguru. Mahoro stops short of hitting Ryuuga because he put away his sword and admitted defeat. Mahoro and Suguru fly and embrace each other in the sky.

Mahoromatic: Motto Utsukushii Mono

That wasn’t really the end yet as a second sequel called Mahoromatic: Motto Utsukushii Mono (Something More Beautiful) spawned several months later after the first season ended. It takes off where it left off from the previous.

Episode 1
It begins with life returning to normal for everyone as Ryuuga returns and continues to be Suguru’s science teacher. He confiscates Suguru’s porn mag. Though Ryuuga is a friend now, Slash isn’t going to accept that even if Suguru and Mahoro are okay with it and confronts Ryuuga. He wants to continue living as a human after his last battle with Mahoro but Slash isn’t going to buy that and they both fight. They are stopped by Mahoro. During her long lecture, Suguru takes this chance to get his porn mag back (Ryuuga approves it) but when Mahoro finds out, she chases after him. Ryuuga and Slash chat so the cat says he’ll pretend not to notice him. Mahoro is successful in her confiscation. An artificial human nicknamed 370 approaches Mahoro and Suguru. While saying how she wants to live with them, if not for Mahoro’s quick reflexes, 370 could’ve been sniped out. Mahoro takes her somewhere else to talk but soon are being attacked by 3 Man-eater machines. Mahoro fights and destroys them all before escaping with unconscious 370. Feldlance reports to Professor Mephlis about Mahoro’s early interference that causes the failure of 370’s capture. However he is ecstatic that things are going on as planned and will tell Kanon tomorrow. Is this guy a stalker because there are lots of Mahoro pics on his wall?! Mahoro returns home with 370 to waiting Suguru.

Episode 2
370 is now called Minawa and works as Mahoro’s helper maid. However she is a total klutz and must be taught from scratch. Since she is same age as Suguru, she attends school with him. A bunch of people called Kanrisha (Keepers) are discussing about Vesper and Saint, especially the latter’s silence recently. They talk about the recent destruction of Man-eaters and how Mahoro fell into Vesper’s hands. They plan on going on a final decisive battle to unite the world and humanity and destroy those who disrupt stability. Mahoro decides to pay Minawa a visit after worrying too much about her. She, Slash and Ryuuga watch from afar her clumsiness and profuse apologizing. Then a football match, they thought she was going to do some reflex thingy but gets pounded in the face. Funny part: Mahoro disguised as a lamp post, lost her footing and the post hit right on Saori’s head! Mahoro, Slash and Ryuuga discuss that Minawa may have ulterior motives since she is Keepers’ android. But she recalls Suguru suggestion for them to live together and to get to know each other. If she lost the beauty of her heart, she’d be no better than the Keepers. That’s when he named her Minawa and suggested her to be her little sister. Mahoro hugs him. Mahoro wishes Ryuuga and Slash to take care of Suguru if anything happens to her. Ryuuga promises to do so.

Episode 3
Mahoro seems to be obsessed about making her boobs big like using a vacuum cleaner. Even if she did enlarge it, Suguru didn’t notice! Suguru’s pals are talking about UFOs in class when a real one suddenly hovers above their school. Ryuuga points out that it’s just Saint’s s unmanned advertisement craft and their purpose to gradually reveal extraterrestrial life to humans so as not to shock them. They want to see if they can live peacefully with humans. Saori finds out that Mahoro is using some sort of breast enlargement machine and mocks her. Suddenly the machine got onto Saori’s boobs and turned them into freaking humungous pumpkins!!! Then it got Minawa and turned them sizeable. Next onto Suguru and he too got boobs! Mahoro is pissed it only doesn’t work on her and destroys the machine. Haha! Mahoro gets word that Keepers’ giant machine is going to terrorize the town and goes to fight alone. Minawa soon joins in but she gets captured. Mahoro has no choice but to use the bra weapon her Vesper team sent her and say the embarrassing activation password: Breast Missile! The machine is destroyed and Minawa saved but Mahoro is traumatized when Minawa constantly mentions Breast Missile. However it was all just a dream so next morning everyone’s boobs revert to their normal size. Suguru tries to cheer her up by mentioning he prefers small boobs and the benefits of having smaller ones. But this only furthers depresses her. Can someone tell her that size doesn’t matter? Guess not.

Episode 4
Mahoro receives a report from Vesper that there is a bomb planted in school. She disguises herself as a transfer student under the name of Mahoko Suzuki to search for the bomb. Seems her pals instantly recognize who that new girl is. They search but did not find anything suspicious. They also notice somebody else is looking for the bomb because there are other holes dug up. Suguru’s pals eavesdrop them looking for something and conclude that they must be looking for a legendary love item that will deepen one’s love. Eventually Mahoro finds a rocket-like item in a freshly dug hole. But Keepers soon send their android to retrieve it but was taken out by Suguru’s pals in weird disguises. Yup, Mahoro and Suguru definitely recognize them. Soon they all start fighting and chasing for the item while Slash fights and takes out the android. In the end, it’s Saori who caught the item as it bursts open. It’s revealed to be her time capsule containing pics of her school days and her love diaries to a guy she had a crush on, Makoto. Saori is the culprit digging the holes because she wanted to get rid of it before the school undergoes renovation next year and discovers her embarrassing stuff. So it was a false alarm. What a wild goose chase. Vesper needs to have their intelligence department revamped…

Episode 5
Minawa wakes up from a dream whereby her predecessor, 369, left her. It’s Christmas as Suguru takes Minawa to town to buy presents. Funny part was how Ryuuga found out the shocking truth that Santa doesn’t exist by a couple of kids! Hamaji tries to ask Mahoro what Minawa likes as he wishes to get a present for her (because he likes her). The usual gang turns up at Suguru’s home for Christmas party. Saori being the usual nuisance so much so Mahoro had to threaten her several times that she’ll bury her for real! Hamaji rigs the gift exchanging lottery so that he could give his to Minawa (a picture frame). I find the rest’s presents are tad too weird. Ecchi book? Bust enlargement book? Diet book? And is that “Delight In The Morning Rush” some sort of horny book? Minawa’s present to Hamaji… A spanner. Minawa needs to go out to buy some stuff so Hamaji’s pals know about his crush on her (Mahoro and Suguru oblivious) and sets him up to accompany her. Along the way, he gives her a pair of mittens. At the end of the party after everyone has left, Suguru gives Mahoro, Minawa and Slash a scarf each.

Episode 6
It’s New Year’s Day and what a way to start it off with a fight at the shrine between Mahoro and Saori about 2D small breasts and fake CG polygon boobs (seriously), a duel of fortune reading, intensive pounding to make New Year cakes, a heated card battle that destroys the precious items in Rin’s house and a heated traditional badminton game (Minawa got in between and was sent crashing into the public bath chimney). On a side note, Hamaji tried to confess to Minawa but was interrupted by her hiccups. Try harder next time. I guess the fighting has to stop some time as they all go to the public bath, watch movies, a curry dinner at Suguru’s home (listen to Chizuko’s passionate curry judgement!) before finally burning stuff to mark the end of 10 days New Year. Minawa sleeps closely with Mahoro but unknown to them, Mephlis is observing and collecting their data via hidden transmitter.

Episode 7
Suguru sneaks out against Mahoro’s order for the town’s annual Hiryu Festival of Darkness (read: legalized all-out brawl). Mahoro and Minawa go to town to search for him and get involved in the fight after learning its simple rules. For example, safe inflatable weapons are only used and you lose if the flower on your head is broken off. Suguru and Mahoro-Minawa combo individually fight their way past friends and waves of townsfolk to reach the shrine (Minawa’s klutz earned her lucky wins – drunken technique?). Suguru arrives first and faces off with last year’s champion: Saori: He lost via her cleavage. Then it’s Mahoro’s turn (Minawa’s clumsiness took herself out) as Saori becomes a rampaging monster that puts Mahoro into defensive mode. Finally Mahoro uses her final technique that will also hurt her pride as a girl: Flat Wall Chest Attack! Saori lost and Mahoro is proclaimed the new champion. The crowd cheers her on so Mahoro gets sucked into their pace and accepts her victory.

Episode 8
Suguru’s grandpa, Yuichiro Gonoe comes to temporarily stay at his home. Of course he is also a little quirky. As Suguru’s friends and teachers visit, he observes Suguru’s ‘harem’, trying to get pervy with Saori (she actually pointed out to him that ecchi is bad!) and teases Ryuuga over drinking. That night, Yuichiro wants to peep at the maids bathing and manages to smoothly convince Suguru to take part. Of course they get busted. As Mahoro is giving them a dressing down, Yuichiro smoothly turns the table on Mahoro and says that she is the one who is most ecchi instead. Shock! During bed, Yuichiro gives Suguru some advice about being an elegant man (not a joke here). Next morning before Yuichiro leaves, he talks to Mahoro. Seems they know each other as he is her boss at Vesper. He just wants to make sure things between her and Suguru. They also talk about Minawa as Yuichiro mentions Mahoro has found something she doesn’t want to lose. After he leaves, Mahoro thinks the reason he visited was he wanted to see them 1 more time before the day of destiny that will conclude the future of Earthlings and Saints arrive.

Episode 9
Mahoro has a hard time explaining to Minawa about the significance of giving chocolates to loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Minawa remembers on the last day she met 369, she made a promise with her to survive because the latter wanted feelings. Ryuuga is stalked and swamped by lots of girls giving their chocolates as Hamaji’s pals set him up to meet Minawa. After that, the girls head over to Suguru’s home to give their handmade chocolates so that kid’s in a pinch on whose to eat first. It’s a decision tougher to make than your test questions. It gets complicated when Saori joins the competition (a boob-shaped chocolate laced with super drug!). Since Mahoro is giving him the cold shoulder, there is only 1 way out: To eat all the chocolates in 1 shot! Amazing but he soon collapses. The girls head home obviously disappointed but as Chizuko points out, Suguru values friendship more than love. Due to unfortunate events, Minawa has to chase her ‘fleeing’ handmade chocolate throughout town. She returns all messed up to waiting Hamaji and only manages to buy a little chocolate as replacement while apologizing. But Hamaji is grateful and shares the piece with her. Though Suguru has a little trauma of eating chocolates, he accepts the chocolates Mahoro gives him since he can keep and eat it later. As Minawa waits for Hamaji to get something he forgot, she encounters Feldlance.

Episode 10
Minawa is taken to see Mephlis. Seems her task was to gather info on Mahoro but they were all useless. He has no choice but to give her a final but easy mission to capture Mahoro: Kidnap Suguru and in exchange he will give her feelings. Minawa has lots on her mind that her actions are a little unusual. As Minawa and Suguru walk home together, Slash suddenly gets defensive. He deflects a knife from Feldlance as Minawa holds Suguru to a hostage. Mahoro, who has been walking Guri, heard a gunshot and rushes back to see the house destroyed and Slash heavily wounded. After being told what happened and the stakes, Mahoro flies off to rescue them. Suguru is imprisoned with Minawa (to watch over him) when Mahoro busts into the place. She fights Feldlance shortly before encountering Minawa using Suguru as a hostage. Mahoro throws down a gun but a machine binds her. It’s trying to make her powerless and causing her great pain. Suguru and Minawa rush to save her. Suguru tries to make Minawa realize the feelings she has all the while. Mahoro admits she was the one who killed his father. Minawa thinks she has found her feelings and fires several shots to free Mahoro but was shot in return. Mephlis becomes upset because those useless feelings always betray him. Unconscious Mahoro falls down into the core so Suguru grabs and falls with her.

Episode 11
Slash dives in to save the duo as Ryuuga destroys the place. Feldlance confronts Mephlis. Seems he is collecting data for Kanon and to use his research for reference material. He shoots Mephlis before making his escape. In the aftermath, Suguru meets the Vesper commanders while Mahoro stays by Minawa’s side till she recuperates. A scientist analyzing Minawa is disgusted with the many irrationally surgeries on her body but is amazed she survived so long. Ryuuga offers to take Minawa back in hopes their technology can treat her. Soon Mahoro and Minawa return to Suguru’s home and they all go to the hotspring with their friends (surprisingly Saori was invited). The girls set up Suguru and Mahoro to meet and spend quality time together at the hotspring. I guess they acknowledge defeat to Mahoro. Surprisingly, Saori too is calmly letting them go. Suguru and Mahoro try to reduce the ‘lies’ told to their friends as pre-arrangements have been made for Minawa to transfer out from school to cure her illness. Minawa gives her farewell speech to everybody but promises to return once she is well. Later Hamaji and Minawa have their private chat and Suguru and Mahoro the same. Mahoro feels she doesn’t want to die yet. Due to the recent event, her time to cease functioning is unknown.

Episode 12
Keepers gets word that the American president is going to betray them by revealing details of alien contact, the secret war between humans and Saints and even Keepers’ existence. They send 2 snipers (one being Oswald) to assassinate him. Kanon sees Keepers boss and reveals info on Mahoro like how some parts of her are alien technology but oddly her inner parts used screws and its manufacturer is Kono’s Heavy Industries of Japan. Mahoro wakes up from a nightmare of vomiting screws, nuts and bolts. She wanders outside the house and meets Feldlance. He mocks her about fear and death and reveals his mission to kill Suguru. He proceeds to rip her till her undies and caresses her soft body and a final weapon called Shining Darkness yet to be removed inside her body. In the aftermath we see a path of destruction and it’s Feldlance who is popping up from the rubble. Mahoro goes to see Yuichiro as he requests her to take Suguru and run. Suguru is in school and hears the TV news that the American president has been assassinated (familiar to Kennedy’s?!). Plus, Vesper has been blamed for the assassination. Then Mahoro comes flying in her harrier jet (like True Lies?) to pick up Suguru, though he doesn’t know what’s going on. Ryuuga and Minawa discuss with a Saint comrade, Leesha about humans preparing for war next time since they have successfully manage to jump into space.

Episode 13
The people in Vesper are apprehended for interrogation. Yuichiro attends a party thrown by the Keepers. He hears that they have made a giant fleet to space. They say it’s to make peace with Saints. Yuichiro mocks their ideals and thinks they should’ve resolve contradictions between humans first. Soon he unleashes Slash to rip the party apart. At the end of the bloody chaos and destruction, looks like only Slash is the only one moving. Mahoro and Suguru crash land nearby some South American ruins. Then they walk to the nearby beach and watch the sunset together before kissing. Finally. Better late than never. Suddenly Feldlance appears since he followed a transmitter in her brooch. Mahoro tells Suguru to run to the nearest city port while she fights Feldlance but promises to meet up with him there. Mahoro and Feldlance start their fiery power battle. In the end, Mahoro binds Feldlance and emits a powerful force bright enough so much so it can be seen from outer space and a large crater carved out from the island.

Episode 14
Ever since Mahoro ceased to function, Suguru left Japan to seal his painful memories. Soon the Keepers organization collapses as Earthlings and Saints reconcile. But Saints never settled down except on Silva Plana, a colony colonized jointly by Earth and Saints. 20 years have passed, in a bar Kanon is trying to get a man named Jils to return him to his homeland Earth. However he is being attacked by a samurai guy before being completely taken down. This Kanon is just an android model manufactured towards end of Keepers’ existence. Seems there are other Keepers android models as well. Jils is in cohorts with that hard bitten samurai, that turns out to be Suguru! He’s currently an assassin hunting all these androids. Suguru hears a familiar voice and is surprise to see Saori! Why, she still looks young and sexy! Though she recognizes Suguru, seems she is taking out her sexual lust on a couple of new male students under her wing. She’s not interested in him anymore? Forever a shotacon… Ryuuga talks to Leesha about the future, how Sera and Minawa are doing. Leesha tells how she fell in love with Yuichiro and became the first union between Earth and Saint. That bloodline continues in Suguru. Meanwhile Jils betrays Suguru by stabbing him in the stomach since Suguru himself has a bounty on his head. Apparently nothing happens because Suguru is part machine so he slices Jils into half, revealing the android he is. Suguru patrons a road stall while thinking back about the good times. I don’t understand this part because it’s like Mahoro in some suspended animation or subconscious thingy talking to Leesha, she suddenly materializes before Suguru. You can’t blame that guy as he thinks he saw the Angel of Death. Till she mentions her trademark ecchi line and for them to go home. They both emotionally reunite. What the heck! Suguru revert back to his young self again?! As the credits roll, we hear voices of the gang talking while past episode clips play by. Mahoro’s dream is to be Suguru’s bride. A final silhouette showing Mahoro and grownup Suguru together.

What the?! What a weak ending that was! No doubt the ending was rather dark, it was ridiculous that Mahoro who had ceased to function suddenly appears right before Suguru to be reunited with him. This isn’t a dream, right? It’s real, right? Mahoro did really appear before Suguru. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention to all that confusing mumbo jumbo in the end but does Mahoro really need to make Suguru wait that long? So reunited and it feels so good, eh? It’s like the producers didn’t want to make it a bad ending but 20 years feels like a period far too long for it to end it this way. So much so it made me ponder on several questions such as the whereabouts of the other characters and what actually happened to them like Suguru’s pals. Did they move on? And the Vesper council, did they become free and innocent after all that? Most likely since Keepers is gone. I suppose that means Vesper has become insignificant too, eh?

Mahoromatic: Summer Special

Perhaps to not leave a bitter taste in viewer’s mouth, a special episode released a few months after the second season ended entitled Mahoromatic: Summer Special and takes place somewhere during the second season. Mahoro finds a porn book belonging to Suguru and confiscates it. He reports this to his male friends at the park but they are relieved that she hasn’t confiscated the ‘ultimate’ one. To their dismay, they realize she was eavesdropping (while playing some hide and seek game with a little girl). Mahoro gets all the girls to help search and confiscate that book and even manages to bribe Saori with some fine wine to do so. On X-day itself, Mahoro and the girls march into Suguru’s room with an arrest warrant! Luckily Suguru saw this coming and already fled with his friends. Mahoro is going to hunt him down. Soon Kawahara and Hamaji got captured but Saori, who stayed back at the house to do some ‘investigation’, fell for one of Mahoro’s trap. Mahoro finds Suguru but he summons Slash to escape. But Mahoro is hot on his tail and chases him no matter how far they go.

Ironically, Slash tires out so at the edge of Hokkaido, Suguru wonders why Mahoro is adamant in ridding porn so Slash reveals it may have stemmed from his dad. Seems he too has his secret stash of porn. When Mahoro found out, he tried to hide it by saying ecchi isn’t good. She confiscates it all and so that’s how it all started. Backfired, eh? Plus, Misato even ‘made’ Suguru into an ecchi kid when he told him that guys have to be ecchi! Mahoro catches up to them so after seeing her iron will, Suguru is going to give up but they both collapsed. When they return home, everyone feasts as celebration for extermination of porn! But the guys don’t seem fazed. Later Mahoro enters Suguru’s room and decides to give him back some porn after seeing his determination today. Minawa’s clumsiness has Mahoro realizing Suguru’s fake walls. The whole stash of porn is stacked behind it! The guys spent the night hiding it all and thus that chase was just a diversion. Reprimand time… The guys lament that all their porn is gone but Suguru mentions Mahoro only found 15% of it and that his fight has just begun. The guys support him. Unknown to them, camouflaged Mahoro was eavesdropping. Yeah, it’s a never ending battle to rid porn.

Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri

Maybe after a long time, it is a good thing to remind us of all shows again. So back in the late quarter of 2009, a 2 episode special called Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri felt just right to remind viewers that our android maid isn’t really dead yet. So okay, so it takes place somewhere during the second season when Mahoro still has 270 days left. That’s quite a lot. Just kidding.

As usual one morning as Mahoro wakes up Suguru, clumsy Minawa accidentally bumps into Mahoro and this in turn reveals the stack of porn mags Suguru hid in his window. See, what did I tell you that you can’t get rid of porn? Later their friends come by requesting Mahoro’s help since they will be putting up a service maid cafe at the town’s anniversary festival. Mahoro insists that they should do everything themselves from making their own maid outfits to baking but she will help and teach them along the way. Saori was invited by the girls since they need adult supervision. Oh no. You know what this means when loggerheads like Mahoro and Saori meet, right? The gang works hard and is close to finish as the day draws near. After taking a well deserved bath at the public bath, the girls give Mahoro her own maid outfit as thanks, designed by them and the idea from Suguru. Minawa too has her own matching set. The gang parts to complete their final preparations. Unknown to them, Feldlance has been observing them. At school where Suguru and Minawa are, Minawa goes off alone to retrieve something when she is being attacked by Keepers’ robots. Mahoro senses Minawa in danger and turns back to rescue her from the clutches of the machines. Suguru also knows something is amiss when he sees Minawa’s ribbon on the ground and shattered glasses strewn all over the place. Mahoro is upset that they have messed up this special place belonging to Suguru and his friends and will take the fight back to them.

Mahoro battles the machines as she tries hard to keep her maid outfit intact. Not possible seeing how violent those robots are. Suguru takes unconscious Minawa to safety as the fight becomes aerial. The fight ends when Mahoro fires several shots into the robot and sends it crashing into Feldlance’s plane high up in the sky. When Minawa comes to, she notices injured Feldlance behind the corner. He says it was them who sent her here and have no intention of bringing her back. This ‘show’ was just a put on so that the higher ups won’t be suspicious. He leaves when Mahoro and Suguru come to check on Minawa. Mahoro tells Minawa to live life to the fullest and to experience things. Ryuuga and Slash come by to offer their help to rebuild the school since Mahoro needs to concentrate on sewing her torn outfit. She beats them up when they mention about her panties being visible. Next day, the gang makes it in time and readies all their preparations to open their cafe. You could say that business is bustling and a sell-out. At the end of the day, Mahoro bakes them a congratulatory cake. As she dances her way, her maid outfit rips to pieces! Luckily the girls brought spare clothes and have Mahoro put those casual ones and set Mahoro and Suguru to go out to the festival together. The other girls also head out with Minawa, leaving the ‘unimportant’ guys behind. During the break, Minawa suddenly gets excited because she thinks everyone is lovey-dovey with Suguru just like how Mahoro is with him, catching everyone by surprise. Well, being with him for a long time doesn’t sound like a good excuse. But they note he is cheerful now because of Mahoro. Night fall, Mahoro changes back to her trademark maid outfit as Suguru comments how this really fits her and it would be nice if they could keep spending time like from now on. But Mahoro knows in her heart she doesn’t have that long (we all also know how the TV series ended, right?). The duo reunite with the rest including drunken Saori (fresh from her awesome solo violin performance. No kidding!) and watch the fireworks.

Still counting down…
I’m not sure if there will be more production of this series. Oddly, I would have preferred the series when it was about the gang having fun and spending time together which probably served as fillers. So when it got a little serious like those background organizations and some intergalactic war thingy, I felt turned off. And with that kind of ending in the TV series, it was a real damper to the series. I thought everybody should’ve died seeing the way things turned out and the uncertain fate of the rest. So it’s better for them to spend their happy youthful days together even if it’s just confiscating Suguru’s porn, right? But you know, these kind of days won’t last forever and Mahoro herself knows that better.

It’s amusing to see the eternal rivalry between Mahoro and Saori. When these 2 argue, it has got to be about these 2 things only: Suguru and boobs. Big flabby ones or small compact ones, take your pick. Because Mahoro is an android, I guess that is the reason why she always comes up tops against Saori. It makes me wonder how that shotacon ever became a teacher. Well, maybe she takes out her fetishes only on Suguru? Till he grows up as seen then. Minawa is another amusing character. She’s so clumsy and klutzy in every moment that you’d find her adorable and lovable. Really. She has that blur look on that face and her soft and slow talking makes her even cuter. I guess her role in this series is as the dojikko maid rather than anything else. The other funny girl is Chizuko and her huge appetite. She really loves to eat and she has this hilarious skill that when she pops a food into her mouth, she goes into superb ecstasy so much so she can even tell where the ingredients came from! She can be an excellent food critic when she grows up.

Romance wise, don’t expect to see any of the characters becoming a couple. That’s because we’ve seen the ending in the future, right? Even if Mahoro and Suguru are oblivious to each other’s feelings, at least they have come to terms that they do need each other. Even their girl pals and Saori did acknowledge their lost so it’s about time they give up. Can’t beat a maid who is good in almost everything, right? Same direction too with Minawa and Hamaji. That clumsy girl is too blur and naive while that guy is too panicky so you can see each time even no matter how many times they’ve been given a chance together, it’s back to square one.

After Mahoro’s ultimate clash with Ryuuga, I felt like that Saint dude has been relegated to a secondary supporting character in the second season and he is just bumming around though his reason is to live an ordinary human life. The same case with Slash. Hey, I think Guri has gotten pretty attached to him, don’t you think? As for the other characters in Vesper, Saint and Keepers, I felt they didn’t have a major impact on the series except for the climax part when it matters most. Those Vesper guys (except Yuichiro) have never meet Mahoro ever since she started becoming Suguru’s maid while we’ll never know the reason about Mephlis final words about feelings betraying him.

All the opening themes are sung by Ayako Kawasumi (who is also the voice for Mahoro). I don’t know how to put it, but they sound like they are connected to each other. The songs are Kaerimichi – On The Way Home (1st season), Soreiyu (2nd season) and Tadaima No Kaze (OVA). As for the ending themes, they are sung by the trio of Miyuki, Rin and Chizuko. It feels like each of them has a particular theme. For instance, Mahoro De Mambo of the 1st season felt like mambo, Triomatic Ran! Ran! in the 2nd season has that marching beat, Summer Special’s Hiryu Musume Ha! Date Ondo akin to a festival beat and Ma No Tsugi Bugi from the OVA resembles like the showy Broadway. Each of them sees the trio in chibi form doing their dance and also that trademark ecchi line somewhere in the middle. For the TV series, after the ending credits and before the next episode preview, viewers are treated to a short segment called Satellite Poemer. I’m not the kind of person who appreciates poems so I don’t really get it when the characters start waxing lyrical about the ordinary stuff like food or being together with someone.

So people with maids out there, treat them better for they are humans and not androids in the first place. For Suguru and Mahoro’s case, I hope it won’t make people get the wrong impression that a master and servant’s relationship should go further and deeper than it is. Remember to properly hide your Playboy magazines if you don’t want others to stumble upon it. Who needs that anymore when you have the internet, right? See, you can eradicate a huge secret powerful organization but not porn.

Yuri Seijin Naoko-san

May 27, 2011

Eh? Erm… Ah… What’s this? When I first heard about Yuri Seijin Naoko-san and read that it was some sort of a short comedy, I jumped at the chance of watching it, albeit the single OVA episode just lasts over 6 minutes. Apparently the theme of the manga is yuri (lesbian) and the storyline goes something like this. We got this alien girl named Naoko from planet Yuri and is plotting to conquer Earth via Yuri-nization. Woah! Such a daunting task. She’s got to eliminate all the men in the world to do that, eh? Just like many other anime aliens who come to live with our Earthling kind, she’s always bringing trouble to a particular person he/she stays with or close to. In this case, the soft spoken Misuzu.

The episode opens with Misuzu’s mother worried about a stalker lurking around in their neighbourhood. Seems Misuzu’s mom is worried more about the molester than her daughter as she holds on to Misuzu’s erotic books. Oh shi… Naoko walks back home after school with her bespectacled friend, Hii-chan. They discuss about the molester when they see Naoko talking via her handphone underneath a little girl’s skirt! WTF?! Her reasoning? Apparently Yurians’ handphone won’t work unless it’s near a young girl’s panties. Yeah, I guess it emits some mysterious wave and signal that attracts lolicons and panty thieves, eh? You could probably guess Hii-chan is on the same wavelength as Naoko as she buys her story and believes as long as there are many little girls around, it is possible to communicate anywhere in the universe! Lolicons, the universal sign of love! Haha!

Naoko puts up posters of the potential types of molesters using Misuzu as the illustration’s model. Hmm… Flashing type, candid camera type and the one I don’t even know, tentacle type. Wow. How enlightening (read sarcasm). Misuzu’s little brother, Ryouta pops out from the corner and calls his sister but Naoko thinks he is the molester and gives her trademark punch. At first I was thinking why the hell is there a train running right smack in the middle of a residential area but it turns out it’s just a metaphor used to depict Naoko’s powerful punch that sends Ryouta flying. Then, Naoko plans to cut off his penis! Of course she was just testing Misuzu to see how much she cares about her brother. His penis, that is.

Naoko did some preliminary investigations by interviewing people about the molester (her methods are questionable) and has come up with a sketch of how the molester probably looks like. A cat-faced in a trench coat with tentacles? Real alien or figment of imagination (or sloppy investigation job), turns out that molester in the sketch is real! He grabs Ryouta as Naoko assures Misuzu her little brother’s penis are still safe. That’s not the issue here! Seems this molester fits all the example types that Naoko put up earlier. Naoko gives the molester her train punch and unfortunately also sends Ryouta flying along. Now she has a giant gardener’s scissors and planning to cut both their penis off! Too bad she backed down after ‘learning Misuzu’s love for his penis’ is much stronger. She is sure screwed up in the head. Yeah, she continues to make her phone call underneath a girl’s skirt. Shouldn’t she be ashamed? Apparently not. Hii-chan seems to be able to communicate with the molester and understands he has regretted his actions and repented. A train to Nagano appears as the molester gets onboard. Hii-chan gets emotional of this happy ending and the dispute settled so Naoko comforts her that Earthlings and molesters will one day cohabitate in peace. Is that the real issue here? As the molester continues his train ride, we see sleeping Ryouta finally waking up and starting to panic. Haha, he took Ryouta along with him and the rest didn’t even notice.

Watch Your Crotch!
Erm? So where is Naoko’s plan to take over the world through Yuri-nization? Heck, this is just a short OVA but even so, Naoko’s quirky character is sure amusing and had me laughing. Doom I tell you our world is if she actually succeeds in her mission. The way Misuzu talks in her monotonous and ‘tired’ tone seems to indicate that she has seen and know enough of Naoko’s antics almost as if she is immune to them as she isn’t that surprised.

The drawing and art of the characters are simple so much so it reminded me of Ichigo Mashimaro. Surprisingly Naoko is voiced by Satomi Arai who voiced Shirai in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun. Seems she is very suitable for crazy lesbian girls and odd characters. Ai Nanoka as Hii-chan is still recognizable even though I don’t hear much of her lately. At first I thought Kana Hanazawa was behind Misuzu’s voice but it turned out to be an unknown seiyuu, Akari Harashima.

If this series ever turns into a TV series, there is a high chance that I want to watch it. Hopefully Naoko’s nonsensical antics are still kept intact. Taking over the world through this Yuri-nization seems absurd but I guess conquering Earth via love is better than violence and wars. Oh, so probably how Naoko is going to achieve that by turning everyone into females is by cutting their penis. Yikes! I think I’m going to sleep with my legs tightly clutched closer to each other now.