I almost forgot this series had an OVA. Mondaijitachi Ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu Yo OVA is another one of those many anime series to have their OVA released and being bundled with another volume of their light novel. Of course, don’t expect to find anything that furthers the plot and the OVA is just something extra and what this series is about. The problem children gifted with supernatural powers play Gift Game in an alternate world to obtain rewards for their community. This time, their Gift Game will take them to a potential hotspring if they win it. What is an OVA without a little fanservice, right?

An Account Of A Trip To The Hotsprings
A girl named Hifumi is being chased by a group of slave traders. Luckily for her she falls off the cliffs and into Izayoi’s arms. Hifumi realizes they know Shiroyasha and the kids realize belong to a community that Shiroyasha mentioned. Because the ruffians won’t give up the girl and laugh at them no names, Asuka summons Deen to take them out and the rest showing off their super power to put some fear into them. Now they know their place. Trudging along, Hifumi explains she is a pupil of Sukuna Biko Na, a mischievous deity who is responsible for protecting sake brewers and travellers. As part of the household, they are in charge of developing water sources. The kids were called in to participate and liven up this Dedication Festival. The slave traders were after her because they want her Gift of locating water sources as water is a very precious commodity in Little Garden. Hifumi and the kids meet up with Black Bunny, Leticia and Lili waiting at the town. Lili and Hifumi know each other since her mother is a Shinto theologian and relied on them for water in some of their offerings. The girls are motivated to participate in the game since not only they get to soak in the hotspring if they clear this game, they get a lavish banquet served as well. Gathering at the square, it seems there are lots of communities participating as well, including Ayesha and her Jack-O-Lantern.

Shiroyasha official starts the 2,234,464th Gift Game, Sukuna Biko Na Ferry. The conditions of the victory include pulling out unsealed stakes and knock them into the centre of Sukuna Biko Na shining waterway. But before they can get the right to pull out the stakes, they must clear mini games around the town. One win equals to one right of pulling out one of the many stakes in this giant crater. The gang split into teams so they can clear mini games faster. Izayoi-Black Bunny enter a room with possessed women in loincloths. Izayoi lets Black Bunny take the fall (they want to change her into loincloths) so he could meet the boss of this place (some moth) and easily defeat him. So easy? Black Bunny picks a stake and pulls it out. However it is the wrong one and milk starts gushing out over her. What does this scene look like? Did I mention pulling out the wrong stake would activate some sort of penalty? It’s going to be a long game… You-Leticia clear their eating game but also pull out the wrong stake to get an explosion of natural gas in their face. Asuka-Lili also clear theirs and also pull the wrong one. They got tentacle raped… And so our gang continue to win mini games but I can see this sort of pattern forming. Black Bunny always gets some sort of liquid spilled over her (Izayoi is smart to be left out), You-Leticia always get the explosion (they’re going to get a natural afro at this rate) while it’s tentacle rape for Asuka-Lili (I wonder if they can get married after getting violated for so many times).

It is already night fall and the problem kids are the only ones left in the game because the other gave up halfway and left. Who could blame them? Every stake they pulled are misses. Now they are at the last one. What are the chances? This should be it, right? When they pull it out, they thought they hit it but the water dissolves their clothes! I guess another miss. So as the gang take a break, they discuss what went wrong. Trying to reread the rules again, they find a line oddly written. Sukuna Biko Na is a deity from across the sea so the tile of Ferry should refer to the other end of the sea. However ‘waterway’ was written instead of ‘ferry’. They realize it shouldn’t be pulling out unsealed stakes but rather sealed stakes. Although there was no need to pull out all of them, they need to knock it in as stated. Izayoi has deciphered the rest of riddle. These stakes are supposed to be pulled out and then knocked in. But where? Because Sukuna Biko Na isn’t just a Shinto deity but also refers to a minor planet in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. This is where the waterway refers to. But they don’t have to knock it in that far. Because the actual location is in the middle of the reservoir. (The kanji word Mars and Jupiter is fire and wood respectively and those poles are located at the opposing ends of town. Drawing a straight line between them has it meet in the centre). Izayoi knocks a stake in and the hotspring water starts gushing out. Izayoi gets the best spoil because he gets lolis Leticia and Lili to scrub his back while admiring the moon in the open bath. Because controlling the waterway means controlling a greater area, he starts formulating a plan. Black Bunny is wary if he is going to come up with some prank. But the rest think if it is interesting, they want to participate too because they want to have a hand in teasing Black Bunny. She better watch out for herself… And poor Jin is waiting alone back home wondering when the rest will come home. Shouldn’t he have tagged along too?

The Games People Play…
Pretty much expected. Nothing much happens. Nothing serious. Nothing dramatic. No bad guys to fight. No storyline development. Just plain fun and games for our problem kids. There is nothing lost if you don’t watch the TV series but jump straight in to watch this OVA since it is like a filler and a standalone episode. Of course it is better you watch the TV series too. Nevertheless, this OVA is enjoyable by itself for those who love to see the problem kids flaunting their super powers in a badass way (which is of course legal in this world) and winning the Gift Games that they play. Black Bunny is still perhaps the ‘best’ character to tease and toy around with especially Izayoi. Who wouldn’t like to see rabbit girl’s reaction when being teased? Just like in the TV series, the explanations to the puzzle are based on some legend or fairytale. Since I am not well read, it takes a little enjoyment out of watching this OVA as I couldn’t really understand or connect the explanation at the end. It should have made me do at least a little research on it but in the end I got so lazy and didn’t even bother to even Google it. That’s why in the event if I ever participated in such games, I might just lose interest and opt out halfway or even before the start. And games that require some knowledge and thinking… Mmm… Not really my cup of tea. Not really qualified. I think I’ll pass even if the grand ultimate prize is a harem of beautiful 2D girls.

If you have a chance to experience a different kind of fun and excitement in another world, would you take that chance and throw away everything you have and take up that challenge? When I first heard that Mondaijitachi Ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu Yo is about a group of teenagers whisked away to another world to help and fight on behalf for a group that has fallen in games, I thought it was going to be something like Dog Days. You know, kids with athletic abilities higher than the average and a world whereby entertainment is defined by games called ‘war’. Well, close enough but not exactly the same. There are many differences and one of them include that although they are athletic, these kids possess supernatural powers so they are much more stronger than the Dog Days’ counterparts who just possess enhanced talented athletic skills. Also, the inhabitants of this alternate world include various races and not just cats and dogs (and squirrels). So don’t expect to see almost everyone having animal ears and tails…

Episode 1
Izayoi Sakamaki is one bored kid. He wishes something interesting would happen now. Oh look. There’s a group of delinquents bullying a weakling. He wants in too and starts throwing rocks into the river. It causes a great tidal impact! Everybody starts running. A letter falls from the sky into his hands. Elsewhere, Asuka Kudou questions her maid if somebody has entered her room. Obviously nobody but Asuka has the key. Then how come there’s a strange letter on her table? She feels this is going to be fun. The cat of You Kasukabe brings to her a letter and before she knows it, she is falling from the sky into another world along with Izayoi and Asuka. They get to know each other but Izayoi and Asuka are being sarcastic with each other. They can sense somebody watching them all this time and flush bunny girl out from behind the tree with their super powers. Aren’t they bullying her? Yeah, they even pull her bunny ears out of curiosity. When everything’s settled down, Black Bunny welcomes them to Little Garden. She is giving them a chance to participate in Gift Games because they possess supernatural powers which are called blessings. Gift Games are competitive games using blessings as bets. Of course the higher the chips bet the higher the rewards. This is if you win the game hosted by the host (people who preside and administer over the games). Anybody can be a host as long as they can prepare a prize. Black Bunny decides to have them try a simple game while continuing to explain about communities in which residents of this world must be part of. It would be difficult to survive without joining one. She provokes them into playing the game but deep down inside she is scared sh*t because she knows they might just get angry and leave. However they agree and if they win, they get to do anything to her. Anything but sexual.

After signing the T&C contract and taking a look at the cards, Izayoi starts off by slamming the table and causes some of the cards to turn face up. The girls pick the cards and win. They mention they’re still within the rules. As for Izayoi, despite his hand on a faced down card, he still wins because he memorized all the cards’ position. The first thing he wants to do is to ask if this world is interesting. Without hesitation, she says yes. Black Bunny brings them back to Master Jin Russell but is disheartened to learn that Izayoi has gone off on his own to see the edge of the world. Not that the other 2 girls could care about him. Black Bunny changes hair colour and leaps in great speed to find him while Jin takes the girls into Little Garden as he explains the races and community living in this area. Black Bunny needs to find Izayoi quick as she fears he might get tricked by gods into playing one of their games. Oops. Hear that crashing sound? Too late. Looks like he has challenged a god to a Gift Game. The water dragon is already so pissed… Izayoi remains cocky and arrogant that he can defeat this god so the god sets his simple rule to win. So cocky Izayoi is that he tells the dragon off that games end not when a winner is decided but when someone loses. The angry dragon charges but Izayoi dispels its force and knocks it out with one flying kick to the head! Meanwhile Asuka is impressed that You is able to communicate with animals. Their chat is interrupted by Galdo Gasper, leader of the Fores Garo community who claims Jin, the leader of the no names as the weakest community on the East Side. Black Bunny is so happy to receive a large water tree sapling as reward. Now she doesn’t have to buy water from other communities. Izayoi asks her if she is hiding some deal breaking thingy the whole time. Otherwise, what is the point of her calling them out to this world?

Episode 2
Izayoi doesn’t buy her answer that she summoned them here to have fun. He can tell something dire has happened to her community and that they’re on a decline. Black Rabbit explains communities are like countries and each of them has their own banners (like country flags). Up till a few years ago, theirs could be found all the way till the end of East Side. However they were targeted by an enemy and were wiped out in a single night. Only one creature can do that: Demon Lords. You cannot turn down their invitation for Gift Games. When they lost, their community was stripped of its name and banner. Only Jin the current leader and Black Bunny can participate. The rest are all children aged 10 and below. Why don’t they just disband and join another community? She wants to protect the home of their friends and get back their name and banner from the Demon Lord one day. That’s why she has no choice but to depend on them. Izayoi finds it interesting to take down the Demon Lord and will help her. Galdo wants the ladies to join his group seeing Jin’s group has no merit. He boasts about his community that has won every battle that placed their banner at stake. However they refuse. Surprise? You is here to make friends while Asuka who hails from a privileged family threw away all that to come to this world. Surely she doesn’t want to go back to such environment again. Galdo is pissed but Asuka tells him to shut up and sit down. It seems the powers of her words bind that person into full obedience. She makes him reveal the truth how he could emerge 100% victorious when banner matches are rare. He kidnaps the community’s women and children and uses them as blackmail to participate. Then once the community is absorbed, he kills the children! Asuka is disgusted with him and frees him from her spell. Galdo is enraged and wants to get back at her but is easily pinned down by You. Asuka gives him 2 options. Kill them all to eliminate all witnesses or run as far as he could. Or he could play a Gift Game with them. Of course Black Bunny is devastated to learn things had turned this serious but is confident she’ll win if she sends Izayoi. Guess what? He refuses. The girls picked the fight and he won’t try to get a piece of that pie. He’s staying out.

Black Bunny takes them to see Shiroyasha of Thousand Eyes to appraise their gifts. First thing this Japanese loli did was to smother her face all over Black Bunny’s boobs! The trio learn more stuff especially about gates. There are 7 of them and the lower your number, the closer you are to the centre, which indicates how strong you are. No names live at the outer edges. Shiroyasha brags she made that water dragon a god. Izayoi thinks she is stronger than that serpent and wants to challenge her. Shiroyasha takes them to her ‘board game’ in another different dimension. The game is that one of them needs to ride a griffon without falling off as he flies around the lake once. You steps up to this. The griffin will bet his pride and You will bet her life. The griffin accepts her challenge seeing that she is willing to become his dinner if she remains alive after falling off. The ride begins and though You is amazed with the griffin, the chilling speed and sub-zero temperatures of the altitude could have made any normal person lose. Plus, it seems You can withstand the G-force the griffin is giving her. You remembers her father always telling her stories when she was in hospital. He gave her a wooden medal and it enabled her to walk. You is determined to win this game and become the griffin’s friend. The griffin finishes his round and is congratulates You’s victory but she faints and falls off. Her medal activates her back to consciousness as she floats down to safety. Izayoi thinks her other ability is to take abilities of other creatures and make them her own though she dismisses it as proof of being friends. Shiroyasha hands the trio each Gift Cards. It has capabilities to store their gifts. Izayoi notices his reads as ‘unknown’. They head to no name’s community destroyed by the Demon Lord. It is barren, annihilated and in ruins. Though it was only 3 years ago, it felt like 200 years have passed. Izayoi is now more excited to fight this Demon Lord. Galdo gets his neck bitten by a vampire loli. She claims he has been given the gift of the beast.

Episode 3
The water tree floods the entire are with water. Things are starting to look good, eh? Enough for the girls to even take a nice bath. Several messengers under Galdo are forced to sneak in but Izayoi has been waiting for them and ambushes them first. Noting his true power, they beg him to destroy Galdo’s community and set them free. However Izayoi refuses. He also tells them about the hostages Galdo killed. Then he points to Jin as the man who will defeat every single Demon Lord out there and take revenge on their behalf. Later, Jin is not pleased Izayoi has made things complicated because it would attract the attention of Demon Lords. Izayoi tells him to look at the bigger picture. They have nothing to symbolize their community and need to surpass those who came before him. They have no choice but to use their leader’s name to make themselves known. This is to market themselves and not only the Demon Lords will take notice but all those bent on taking them down. Those who at least have a fraction of Izayoi’s powers and have backbone unlike deserters. Jin notes not all have deserted his community. He had a member now working under and owned by a high ranking official of Thousand Eyes though it’s pretty much like a slave and used to be considered a Demon Lord.  So the plan now is to have Jin win his Gift Game if this strategy is going to take off. Lose and Izayoi will leave his community. The gang arrive at Galdo’s mansion, the place of the Gift Game and the place has been overrun by trees (due to Galdo’s power activation). The rule states that to win, Galdo must be defeated and that the girls cannot use their gifts but a certain weapon. Jin and the girls enter the mansion and find Galdo, now turned into a white tiger beast. He attacks and Asuka’s word power doesn’t have any effect. You blocks it and wants them to leave. She takes the sword on the wall to fight it. Asuka orders Jin to leave but she should have been more specific because he took her and run too.

Once outside, Jin explains Galdo is a tiger who learnt magic to take a human form and became a demon via Demon Lord’s power. He believes a vampire has turned him into a beast with vampiric abilities (the reason why the sword is laced with silver). You returns but is all bloodied and soon falls unconscious. Asuka takes the sword and goes back into the mansion and wants Jin to look after You. Asuka remembers Black Bunny’s words about her words of authority gift. If she refines it, she will be able to control. Asuka burns the mansion to flush out Galdo into the woods. As her gift has the ability to control numerous gifts that exists, this brings about miracles. She powers up the sword and stabs Galdo in the forehead. The game is won. His death returns the place to normal and frees the people. Black Bunny takes You to the community studio for healing. Jin laments he didn’t do anything so Izayoi wonders if he still wants to go ahead with the plan. He does because even if the worst happens, with his name upfront he could reduce harm done to everyone. Izayoi announces to everyone about Jin, the man who defeated Galdo. He has him return their community names and banners. After that, he proceeds to tell them to remember 2 things: This kid whose name is Jin (that’s one way of drilling it into your head with this repetitive advertising) and the fact he pledges the take down the Demon Lords. Everyone believes in him and throws their support behind Jin.

Episode 4
As You is recuperating, You learns from Black Rabbit their former Demon Lord friend. She is called Leticia and is an intelligent person. When their community lost and fell into ruin, she was taken by a Demon Lord and ever since been offered as prize in various Gift Games. Like a property. Black Rabbit is confident they can win her back in the next Gift Game. After she leaves, Izayoi tells the eavesdropping intruder to show herself. The vampire loli makes no haste in attacking him. Black Bunny stops Izayoi before he gets serious. This is Leticia. As they talk, Asuka wants to know why she helped Galdo. She wanted to see if they’re worthy of protecting this community and notes their gifts are somewhat unpolished. Initially she wanted to see Black Rabbit to disband this community but learnt she has summoned the trio. Now that Izayoi has put Jin’s name out, it’s harder for her to do so. Black Bunny notes she could return to them if they win the next Gift Game but Leticia points out that it is cancelled. Meanwhile Leticia’s owner, Luios is talking to Shiroyasha who is infuriated that he just cancelled the Gift Game. Seems he has found a buyer for Leticia. He purposely provokes her. Leticia still wants to test how strong Izayoi is. They will be tossing a spear and the one who gets hits first loses. Leticia starts off but Izayoi throws it back with all the power he’s got. Leticia is relieved he is strong and is willing to take the hit but Black Rabbit pushes her away. She notices her Gift Card. She used to have such a great gift as the Lord of Vampire but now has lost her divinity. Suddenly the Eye of Gorgon inches closer to them and Asuka is about to fall victim. Leticia pushes her away and takes a direct hit and turns into stone. The Perseus community army take back their property and since they’re being rude with Black Bunny, she blows her top and summons her Spear of Indra. However she misses when Izayoi pulls her ears. He is holding himself back not to fight so what gives her the right to go on a rampage? WTF. Izayoi says that the person they need to talk to is Perseus leader.

Meeting him at Shiroyasha’s place, Luios is awed with Black Rabbit and wonders if she wants to join him. The rest refuse since her sexy legs belong to her! Yeah, they’re purposely making her mad. Anyway Luios won’t change his mind about the game’s cancellation. Black Rabbit accuses his army for intruding but he says she lacks proof. Plus, he throws the accusation back at them saying that they might be the ones who stole Leticia. All the reason he won’t undo her petrifying to prevent her from running away before the sale. He continues to mock Leticia and Black Rabbit couldn’t take this anymore. However he proposes a trade. He will give Leticia back if Black Rabbit is willing to become his vassal forever. Black Rabbit is in a dilemma. Asuka uses her authority to make him kneel before him. He becomes mad, breaks free and is going to use his scythe to hit her when Izayoi stops it with his finger tip. Shiroyasha stops them before it gets out of hand. Black Rabbit will think of his offer so he gives her a week. Asuka tries to drill it to Black Rabbit’s head that nothing good comes out from being with this scumbag even if her noble intention is to save Leticia. You is now fully healed and joins the conversation. There is another way to save Leticia without Black Rabbit sacrificing herself. It’s some Gift Game corresponding to that legend of Perseus slaying Gorgon. However several conditions must be met before that and it could take years. Izayoi breaks down the door (even if it wasn’t locked) and is confident he can get it done. Luios is surprised Black Rabbit comes to see him. Is she here to be his? Nope. She wants to challenge Perseus. She shows them gifts that display the authority to challenge a legend. He can’t back out no. How the heck did she obtained the eye of Kraken and Graeae so easily? You know Izayoi’s power, right? Yeah, he thought the water dragon was tougher…

Episode 5
The gang are outside Perseus’ base. In order for them to get the right to challenge Luios, they must not be spotted by the guards stationed throughout the base. Even so, they make their noisy and grand entrance with a big bang. The guards go into full alert mode. Asuka makes herself visible and loses her right to challenge Luios to fend them off. This is part of their plan to make somebody as a decoy. You uses her senses to detect a guard wearing an invisibility helmet. She gives it to You to be invisible so he could take out the other guards. You gets hit by a guard whom she cannot sense his presence. Izayoi also cannot find him. You then uses her medal and finds his position via ultrasonic wave. She informs Izayoi of his position and he instantly knocks him out. He takes his helmet and gives it to Jin so that they could enter the top floor where Luios is waiting. Luios is amazed that they manage to reach him and berates his useless guards. But as the leader of Perseus he is not going to fight them and summons his former Demon Lord called Algol. Algol’s scream turned everyone, friend and foe and the other surroundings into stone. He gets cocky in ordering Algol to crush the humans. Jin wants Izayoi to show his true strength and this is where the party just gets starting. Despite Algol unleashing all its power and strength on Izayoi, the kid is unfazed and even breaks out from it. In addition, he carries and slams Algol despite the Demon Lord being bigger and heavier many times fold than him. Agitated Luios attacks but got kicked by Izayoi. Had enough of this, Luios orders Algol to end everything with her Eternal Prison that could stone the entire world. Izayoi pulls off a surprise by destroying that scream power and a finishing blow right in Algol’s forehead. Black Rabbit realizes he has both the gift to destroy heaven and earth as well as the power to destroy gifts.

Black Rabbit is about to announce no names as the winner but Izayoi doesn’t want it to end yet. He tells Luios the implication if he loses this game especially when he loses the banner. Are no names not here to retrieve Leticia? Izayoi says they can take her back anytime. He is going the bet his banner in their next little game and will take the name Perseus. That way he will destroy the community and make sure they’ll never operate again forever. That’s what you get for going up against no names. Luios is at a loss so Izayoi throws him another option: Come and fight him. Safe to say that we know the outcome despite Luios going all out on him. Leticia wakes up in the aftermath safe in the no name’s territory. The first thing the heroes want her to do is be their maid. Well, I guess this is the least she could do for saving her. Everyone celebrates their victory underneath the stars. This is because Black Rabbit wants to show them the meteor shower. Since their victory over Perseus, their constellation and flag have been removed from the sky. Perseus is also dismissed from Thousand Eyes. Izayoi feels excited that he has a new goal to look forward to. He wants to put their flag among the stars.

Episode 6
Asuka shows Izayoi a letter about a festival to celebrate the birth of the Fire Dragon. You found it by accident and it seems they are not happy Black Rabbit kept something this fun hidden from them. Feigning crocodile tears, they are going to ‘punish’ her. So they write her back a letter that they intend to participate in this festival being held on the border wall between East and North Side. If she cannot catch them at the end of the day, they’ll leave the community. Black Rabbit is so furious that she is going to catch those problematic kids and lecture them. Jin tells the kids the enormous size and distance between the gates in hopes that they’ll give up. They’re not. Not after they’ve sent that challenge letter to Black Rabbit. So they head to Shiroyasha and request her to teleport them to North Side. But first, she confirms with them that they are the community who wants to do take out the Demon Lords. She explains Floor Masters who are governors of various layers in Little Garden in ensuring peace and since they are entrusted with leading the charge against Demon Lords, they are given several privileges for this responsibility. Shiroyasha is a Floor Master and was asked to participate in this festival too. This joint festival is because the Floor Master of the North Side, Salamandra is handing his authority to the next generation who is his daughter, Sandora. She is around the same age as Jin and because she is too young to be holding such an important position, there are some parties who do not favour this. In exchange for helping the trio, she hopes they can take up a job. Since this story will take another hour, they have to beat it since Black Rabbit is coming after them. And just with the clap of Shiroyasha’s hands, they are transported to the North Side. Didn’t feel a thing, didn’t they? However Black Rabbit has caught up to them too. She’s one mad bunny. She captures You and puts her in Shiroyasha’s care while she goes after the remaining duo. Shiroyasha hopes You can enter one of the Gift Game called Duel of the Creators since she possesses that medal which is a creation type gift.

Izayoi and Asuka walk around the community and stumble upon an exhibit by Salamandra community. It led them to talk about the Halloween’s origins. We learn Asuka and Izayoi come from different times and the former just slightly after the war. Asuka explains her privileged life and was kept isolated in boarding school. So when she came to Little Garden and got to experience so many wonderful experiences, she felt very happy. They plan to make their own Halloween back at their own base but I guess they must have talked too long that Black Rabbit has caught up with them. Leticia catches Asuka as Black Rabbit is left to chase after Izayoi. He challenges her to a Gift Game. If she catches him, she can order him to do anything once. As apology she doesn’t have to wager anything. However Black Rabbit wants to be on equal terms. So the game begins and the first one to touch the other’s palm wins. Leticia and Lili bring Asuka around the community. Asuka becomes interested in seeing a little fairy and follows it. Leticia tells Lili to return to Jin for she will bring Asuka back. Izayoi and Black Rabbit’s battle heats up and even draws spectators. Izayoi is annoyed because he can’t look up her skirt despite the numerous chances! Just when Black Rabbit is about to go in for the win, Izayoi destroys a tower and sends it crumbling. WTF?! Now that it is threatening the safety of the spectators, they cooperate to break it down into smaller pieces. That’s when they grab each other’s palm. The result is a draw but Izayoi is not happy despite that it means both of them can order each a command. Just then, the Salamandra community’s military police led by Mandora arrives on scene. Had fun going on a rampage in public, did they?

Episode 7
You defeats a golem and advances to the finals tomorrow. Izayoi, Black Rabbit, Jin and Lili are brought before Sandora. Because nobody was injured and Shiroyasha has agreed to repair the building, she lets them off. After her servants leave, Sandora is happy to reunite with Jin and Lili. She wanted to come see them in their fight against a Demon Lord but her father fell ill. Her bother Mandora seriously draws his sword at Jin because he doesn’t like the idea of being friends with no names. He feels inviting them here will tarnish Salamandra’s reputation. When Mandora mentions some ongoing rumours, Shiroyasha explains a prophecy is said that a Demon Lord will attack the festival (the reason she asked Izayoi and co’s help). Though Shiroyasha won’t mention any names, she dare say the culprit who will call the Demon Lord here is known. Izayoi deduces that seeing they can’t name the person, this means there might be another Floor Master who is conspiring with a Demon Lord. It is true to a point that some Floor Masters were uncooperative with regards to this festival. Shiroyasha wants to bring justice to this person and Sandora hopes Jin and his community will help defeat the Demon Lord in his game. Izayoi hints and gets permission that somebody may so happen take down the Demon Lord before anybody else does. Asuka has made friends with the fairy though she has trouble deciphering what she says. They are at the exhibition exhibiting different works of communities. The fairy points out to a large armour named Deen, supposedly created by her community called Rattenfanger. Suddenly the place turns dark and a bunch of rats start attacking Asuka. A voice claims to have found the one who dares lie about the Rattenfanger name. Asuka’s words of authority have no effect so she is forced to flee while fending off the attacking rats who seem to be after the fairy. She is saved by Leticia (in grownup form – she was an ex-Demon Lord and full blooded vampire) but the culprit has gotten away.

Asuka soaks in Thousand Eyes’ hotspring and it heals her wounds. She ponders if her gift had any effect. She deduces if it doesn’t even work on lower level beasts like rats, it could only mean they are under influence of someone stronger than her. She compares her gifts with Izayoi and You as she can’t run around and fight head on like them. She is determined not to become a witch who manipulates others and will control this gift. Black Rabbit comes in and is worried about Asuka. After Shiroyasha’s perverted follies, they seriously get down to tomorrow’s Demon Lord business. First thing, she wants to decide on a sexy refereeing outfit Black Rabbit will wear! Serious! Okay, down to serious business. Shiroyasha wants her to referee the finals that You will be participating. Thanks to her earlier commotion, her presence in this area is now common knowledge. You wants to know who she will be fighting. Shiroyasha can’t give out names but only the community. Other than no name and Salamandra, the other 2 will be Will-O-Wisp and Rattenfanger. Izayoi could guess from the latter’s name that since it is German, it would mean the opponent would be Piper of Hamelin, a community that once served a certain Demon Lord. This Demon Lord summoned demons from over 200 different grimoires and led the community called Grim Grimoire. But it is believed to have been defeated in a Gift Game against a certain community. Piper of Hamelin should have lost its power as well. So how are the Piper and Rattenfanger connected? Jin explains that story is part of Grimms’ Fairytales. The Piper was the one who lured the children away with his pipe and disappeared without a trace. He is also known as a rat catcher who controls rats. It is not sure if he will be the one in the prophecy but it proves that there are still remnants of Grim Grimoire. Shiroyasha will have guards standby at Sandora’s festival and worse come to worse, the kids will have to do their part. Asuka is left wondering if the fairy works for a Demon Lord.

Episode 8
Izayoi and Shiroyasha sure can be perverted idiots. The latter is explaining about Black Rabbit’s skirt and the true meaning of true art and the universe within. Something about imagining the unknown and what you can’t see is art! WTF?! I’m sure Izayoi is very enlightened. You is up against Will-O-Wisp’s Ayesha Ignis Fatuus and her giant gift monster, Jack-O-Lantern. They are whisked to an Underwood Maze within some tree and they win either by finding their way out or destroy their opponent’s gift. You distracts Ayesha with a praise that she’s the ‘leader’ of her community (which she isn’t but nevertheless takes the praise). Till she realizes she made a head start. You knows where the exit is because she is following the flow of the air. Ayesha orders Jack to play with You while she makes headway for the exit. Jack explains about his origins and their community as he corners You. She realizes no matter how strong she is, she cannot defeat an immortal opponent. She surrenders. Ayesha is declared the winner as Jack ponders why You didn’t get a partner to help her in this game. She had this loneliness in her eyes and living in a community, she should learn to rely on others. Suddenly black letters are seen floating down not only in the arena but the entire area. It is the rules for another Gift Game to begin. It states Shiroyasha will be the host master and all the players will consists of the communities in this area. For the host master to win, all players must be massacred or subdued. For players to win, they must shatter the false legend and make the true legend known. I guess the Demon Lord is here. The town panics so Black Rabbit and Salamandra are tasked in evacuating the people safely.

Izayoi goes to ‘meet’ the Demon Lord and purposely crashes into one of the pair, Weser. Weser tells his partner, Ratten to go along first since any delays will make their master angry. Izayoi deduces that their names are taken from the Hamelin legend and they are demons born from it. Because there are different theories as to how the children were being abducted and ended up killed, one needs to figure out the true cause of the incident in Hamelin to win this game. Weser tells Izayoi that he is only a low level demon. Leticia is fighting a plague loli, Pest and her giant natural disaster demon called Sturm. Leticia isn’t able to beat her and Sandora whom Pest is expecting confronts her. Pest dismisses she is the Demon Lord of Hamelin. Her gift name is Demon Lord of Black Death, the Black Percher. Several lizard guards of Salamandra are hypnotized and turn against the crowd. Ayesha and Jack help disarm them. Shiroyasha trapped in a barrier explains to Jin, Asuka and You that based on the rules of this game, this game may not be winnable. She also thinks that the Demon Lord is part of a new community. Ratten appears and blows her flute. You who has super senses is the one deeply affected so Asuka orders Jin to take her and run. Ratten overpowers Asuka and knocks her out. Then she continues blowing her flute to control all the people in the area.

Episode 9
Everyone is fighting each other so Black Rabbit uses her authority to stop the game and head for the negotiation table immediately. Black Rabbit wants to find if there is any misconduct in which Pest replies they’re falsely accused of. She finds no illegality or misconduct and even the seal on Shiroyasha is legal. Pest now wants to know how the game will resume. The maximum amount of time allowed is 1 month. Jin deduces Pest’s name from the Black Death, the greatest pandemic in human history. Because she already has infected lots of people with her plague before the game, their lives are in her hands. She throws them a deal. Everyone in this room as well as Shiroyasha and Asuka to join them in exchange for everyone’s life. Otherwise she’ll just kill off everyone. Izayoi guesses that they’re a new community, that’s why they’re looking for talented members. Since the plague has infected everyone, they will die in a month and she won’t get what she wants. Pest will allow the reduction of days to 20 but Mandora insists he will kill anyone who shows the symptoms including themselves. Izayoi negotiates to discuss the change of rules to prevent suicide and killing of allies and in return she will reduce it to 5 days. No go. 20 days. Izayoi will add Black Rabbit to the list so Pest brings it down to 10 days as her best. Jin adds that the game will resume in 7 days on a 24 hour period. If they cannot end it within that period, the host will automatically win. He thinks a week is a reasonable maximum amount of time before the casualties will begin. Given that, players would be willing to accept unconditional surrender. Jin is confident he can win against her too. Pest agrees to it and the rules are settled. You and Ayesha are attending to the injured. Ayesha notes she can’t find Asuka’s location. You collapses from fatigue. Asuka finds herself inside the exhibition cave with Deen before her. A flock of fairies appear before her and wants her to put an end to this. They shall tell her the truth of what happened at Hamelin and offer her their greatest work created if she accepts their Gift Game of bringing Deen under her submission using her gift.

Four days have passed and some people are showing symptoms of the plague. Ratten and Weser discuss how Pest started a Gift Game as a Demon Lord and will be targeted from now on by communities. She will continue to fight and fight till she dies. Despite this is how the system for Demon Lords in Little Garden works, Ratten and Weser pledge their loyalty to her to the end seeing she carries the Grim Grimoire name. You wakes up with Izayoi by her side. They discuss about Black Rabbit’s Parallel World Intersection Theory on how different events occur on parallel timelines. There are points when they all converge into a single point. This time it resulted in the 130 deaths as inscribed in Hamelin. Pest, Ratten, Weser and Sturm are the players and one of them isn’t connected to this death and thus the false legend. That will be Pest. It might seem they just need to take her out but it overlaps with another victory condition to take out the game master which is Shiroyasha. Thinking about ‘shattering the false legend’ line, Izayoi deduces it means breaking the stained glasses of the legend. There are so many around town so it might be a pain to break them all. Then they discuss the mysterious thing that is sealing Shiroyasha. It leads them to talk about her original powers and that she is a follower of Buddhism, thus stripping her divine status. When Izayoi notes she governs the sun of Little Garden, it hit him the truth behind the rule that sealed Shiroyasha (something about the Black Death period when the sun entered an ice age causing the Earth to enter a period of cooling). Even if they’re the Piper of Hamelin from Grimms’ Fairytales, they are not the real Piper of Hamelin. A week has passed and the game resumes. Every able bodied person runs around town to shatter the stained glass. Pest is not bothered they’ve discovered the answer to their riddle because if it comes down to it, they’ll just have to kill everyone. She has given Weser divinity to do that. Pest then turns the entire town into that of the Hamelin town. The people now do not know where the stained glasses her but Jin tells them to find the churches because that is where they should be hidden. Weser fights Izayoi in a grudge match while Sandora and Black Rabbit flank and attack Pest. Leticia has her hands full with Ratten but the latter summons several Sturms. One of them is going to smash Jin but is knocked away by Deen. There’s Asuka controlling it.

Episode 10
Weser continues to dominate Izayoi and the latter notes that he is the real Piper of Hamelin. That is because the rest are ‘fakes’ who came later and are modelled after the Black Plague. Weser hopes he can join their community but Izayoi declines since he has another goal. Their power fight continues. But Izayoi is upset that Weser threatens to use his trump card on him but never do so. He gives in to his provocation and charges up. The power clash results in a crater. Izayoi can still stand up but Weser is at his limit since his staff is broken. Izayoi commends him for being able to fight him head on. Weser disappears as a sign he has lost. Asuka easily commands Deen to take out all the Sturms and even defeats Ratten. She feels it is too easy so she offers to play a little game. She is to play her last song and enchant Deen under her control. Although Ratten plays a beautiful piece, she fails to put Deen under her control. Her lost means Ratten disappears. Pest admits to Black Rabbit and Sandora that as the Black Death, she was responsible for the deaths of 80 million people. She also represents and is the embodiment of their resentment and malice. When the sun went into cooling period, the plague spread and so did poverty and starvation. She claims she has the right for vengeance on it. When Pest senses the defeat of her comrades, it’s time to put play time aside and get serious. She is going to take Shiroyasha and sends out a wave of pandemic. This time anybody who touches it dies. The Salamandra guards rush to get the people safe inside the buildings and unfortunately some of them perished. Black Rabbit couldn’t reach in time to save a kid. You did but is still injured and can’t get away. Till Asuka’s Deen blocks the path of the pandemic to give them a chance. Black Rabbit has a plan so Izayoi fights Pest and despite having his right arm injured, he is okay with this handicap. Then Black Rabbit summons them to the moon palace, Chandra Mahal. This way, the effects of Hamelin won’t reach them. Black Rabbit uses her Gift Card to summon the sun because if the sun is invigorated, Pest loses her power. Asuka who was earlier given the Spear of Indra by Black Rabbit, has Deen summon it and throws it at Pest (pinned down by Sandora’s flames). With Pest’s defeat, the game is declared over and victory to them all.

Asuka sees off the fairies in the cave. They tell her the other possibility for the Piper of Hamelin. When the children left and followed the Piper, they wanted to create their own town and community. Therefore they must return to their second homeland they created. They leave Deen and their 131st friend (the fairy) in her care. The fairy serves as their final record of their lives in Little Garden. Asuka calls it Melun and offers her to join their community. Izayoi confronts Mandora that it was Salamandra themselves who invited the Demon Lord to the festival. They bought over 100 pieces of stained glass mixed in with the art display. It’d be weird if the hosts weren’t intentionally ignoring it. This festival was to pit a rookie Demon Lord against a rookie Floor Master. If Sandora took out the Demon Lord, she would be seen in the eyes of public as coming of age. Seems that only people from Salamandra have died but Izayoi warns if his friends were to perish, he would have killed Sandora. Mandora tells him Sandora is the only one who doesn’t know and has nothing to do with it. They knew about it and still gave their lives. So if Izayoi wants revenge, he hopes he could just limit it to his life. Izayoi won’t do it since if his men died knowing what they’re getting into, there is no reason for him to get involved. Since his community is going to continue fighting Demon Lords, if something should happen to them by any chance, he hopes Mandora and his community will be the first ones rushing to their aid. Mandora swears that on his flag. Asuka asks Melun if she can return the barren land of no names back to normal. Apparently not. Sorry for getting everyone’s hopes up. Izayoi suggests if she has something that would work as fertilizer for the soil and break that down and restore the land. Maybe. It’s worth trying. So everybody and the kids in no name work hard to plough the fields with Deen.

Don’t Mess With The Problem Children…
I guess this series is quite okay and I did enjoy it if not for the little terminologies that put me off. You know me and jargons. The more there are, the more complicated it seems and the more turn off I become. At least they are not as a bad as Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon (that one is a major headache!) and I can still get by. As in every world have their own peculiar customs and rules, it is no surprise that Little Garden has their own set. From what we have seen and been introduced, I am sure that this is just the gist of it and the basics. If our heroes of no names are going all out to regain their lost name and banner, I’m sure they’ll get into more complicated games and the different levels and Floor Masters along the way. It will be interesting to see what kind of games they play because they don’t really seem to be the run-of-the-mill kinds. As long as the rules are adhered to, everything is fair play.

Our protagonist trio may have personality problems and being cast off as problematic children. While that is a fact, the way they selflessly act for Jin and his community makes you want to support them even more. Perhaps their problematic nature only stems from when they are bullying Black Rabbit or teasing her. After all, they really love see her reactions when they do so. Doesn’t she look cute? Even when she starts swatting them with her harisen on their idiotic antics. Izayoi, if I may put him is arrogant and cocky, even himself admitting that he is the dangerous type. Lots of people may be pissed with his attitude but he is one of the few people who can run his mouth because he can walk the talk. I bet he won’t be this arrogant and cocky had he not possess such incredible strength. He can just shut you up with a few slaps (one might be already too much and enough for normal people). So you can say that he is the strongest of the lot. So strong that maybe this is why he has become bored that nobody is able to face him head on at his level. Despite this attitude, he still deeply cares for his community. Just like the others, he is not attractive to stronger ones because he is already so strong. Where is the challenge in that? With Jin’s community just struggling to make a decent living, this is where he finds his challenge to bring this community back up to where it was. You can say Izayoi almost got it all. He’s got the strength, the power, the brains, the ‘charm’ and even the attitude to go with it. But he isn’t perfect. If he was, he would’ve been God, which he isn’t.

Asuka and You too are perfect recruitments for Jin’s community. Unlike many others who would have joined better communities, they either had it all or just want something specific. In Asuka’s case as someone privileged, she had everything under her control. Nobody stood up to her. No fun. So do you not think that Jin’s community in the doldrums is the perfect opportunity for her to prove that she hasn’t been spoon fed and take for granted what she has? And I think that Asuka has proven herself in many battles that she is able to stand up for herself and others as well. You seems like she is the one more susceptible among the trio because in most cases she gets injured or is taken out. Is it because of her inability to put her faith in relying in friends? Her goal is to make friends and I think she is doing fine making friends within the no name community but sometimes as friends, you need to rely on one another. That’s what friends are for, right? Even if Ayesha doesn’t admit it, I think she considers You her friend. I think Ayesha might be tsundere too… As for Black Rabbit, like I said it is amusing to see her get teased by the gang. As a referee, she has to be impartial and I think she does that part of hers quite well. Jin is growing at a steady pace as the community’s leader thanks to Izayoi and the rest. Keep this up and in no time he will be able to lead not only his own but other communities during times of grave crisis. Shiroyasha besides her wisdom is an amusing character because of her perverted tendencies she tends to show on Black Rabbit whenever she gets the chance. Along with Izayoi, they could have been the most perverted schemers in Little Garden and I can see poor Black Rabbit being the ultimate victim if this ever happens. So those sexy legs belong to whom again? Basically it is the bond and relationship among the no name community that bonds them together. You can say it is as tight as glue and it is going to be even tighter.

I am not very well read in my children fairytales (I guess this is what happens when you don’t read even from a very young age) so when the final arc was about the Piper of Hamelin, I couldn’t help wonder if some of the elements brought into this anime was made up or based on certain facts. Like how it was associated with the Black Death (which was something real that occurred back in the 14th century).  Even the Perseus legend that was brought up, it made me wonder how much of it was true. I figure that not 100% would be because if it was, it would be difficult to adapt it into a story that fits into this anime. Maybe. I could have just easily put this to rest by doing a little research on the ever convenient internet and Wikipedia. But I’m feeling very laze these days. Nothing more to be said… Thus it made me wonder if the communities and games here are based on fables, fairytales and legends. If so, then every story has its own ending and a way to be ‘defeated’ in that sense, right? Therefore if a Gift Game is based on some Chinese legend, all you need to do is look it up in the library and do some connect-the-dots before arriving at a conclusion to defeat it. Sounds pretty easy? Maybe to brainy people like Izayoi but not dumb ones like me :’(.

Because of the supernatural powers these problem kids posses, sometimes the power fights may seem all too exaggerated. You know, when you see the power impact upon contact. Seeing that this is a fantasy setting, I suppose it is okay. Even if Izayoi and You only use their bare hands to fight and do not use weapon (who needs weapons when your own bare hands and legs will suffice), it is still great to see them go into action. It is fun to see the reaction of adversaries who think they are all high and mighty before watching in disbelief with their own eyes how much more powerful (and cool) Izayoi is. He doesn’t even need to break a sweat when putting up a fight. It’s like he has got his cheat code of God mode on forever. Or maybe everyone here is so weak that it is not much of a challenge to him. As the anime is a fantasy setting, some of the scenery and backdrops are gorgeous. I’m saying this in the sense that the world is beautiful only because I lack seeing them in the real world or in many of the recent animes that I have seen. It is nice once in a while to whisk away to another land and dream up of another adventure in exotic locations.

On a trivial note, some of the next episode titles seem cheeky and naughty (in addition to being long and in the form of a question). For instance, “Sounds Like We’re Doing All Sorts Of Stuff In The Bath Together?”, “It Seems Some Pervert Is After Black Rabbit?” and “Someone Might Get All Kissy With Asuka In The Dark?”. The next episode preview is also amusing because most of the time we get to hear Izayoi spouting his amusing and witty lines because of his ‘dangerous’ ideas. Especially the ones that he has no shame in admitting he would love to violate Black Rabbit’s chastity that she has protected for hundreds of years or preferring her sexy legs. I can imagine all that gone within seconds if he is allowed to do so. Yeah, he might even get lucky with Leticia if not for Black Rabbit slamming the harisen into his head. Not forgetting the part how he suggested to used Thousand Eyes’ gate portals (since it is connected to almost everywhere in Little Garden) to peep at men and women’s bath for all he wants, earning the praise of Shiroyasha – seriously, this perverted one never thought about it? The only time we won’t get Izayoi featured here is when Melun decides to hide in You’s flat chest instead of Asuka’s because it is ‘much cooler’. Can’t blame her, right? After all, Asuka always puts Melun in her cleavage when she’s on the run or has her hands busy.

When I first hear Black Rabbit’s voice, I thought it sounded familiar but couldn’t put my finger on it. Learning that it is Iori Nomizu who voices her, I remember she was the voice of Nymph in Sora No Otoshimono and Haruna in Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka. However as Black Rabbit, she sounds a little mature instead of being bratty. Sure, her role here isn’t as bratty as the ones mentioned but her voice also sounded a little bit lower. Shintarou Asanuma really makes Izayoi sound like an arrogant brat and one who can live up to its power. He was the voice of Takeru in Minami-ke and Yoshiyuki in Da Capo II. Emi Sarah Bridcut voices Asuka and this is her debut in voice acting. At this point, her only other role is Honoka Jean Kisaragi of RDG Red Data Girl. Satomi Arai’s cheeky voice as Shiroyasha is still identifiable. It’s like she is this anime’s version of To Aru Kagaku No Railgun’s Kuroko Shirai. I thought Kana Asumi was the voice behind Ayesha but it turned out to be Kayoko Tsumita instead. Her only other roles in anime were Ran in R-15 and Gosan in Upotte. Other casts include Megumi Nakajima as You (Ruri in Sacred Seven), Hiromi Igarashi as Jin (Aoi in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama), Kaori Sadohara as Sandora (Shigu in Upotte), Katsuyuki Konishi as Mandora (Kamina in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann), Yuiko Tatsumi as Leticia (Riko in KissxSis), Chiwa Saito as Pest (Kirie in Girls Bravo), Yuuka Nanri as Ratten (Saori in Hourou Musuko), Go Inoue as Luios (Keith/Sky High in Tiger & Bunny) and Hiroki Yasumoto as Galdo (Sado in Bleach). I remember how Iori Nomizu was just terrible singing the opening themes in Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka. She doesn’t fare any better here. The opening theme, Black + White may start off creepy but gradually turns into a rock piece and I find that her voice isn’t really suitable to sing this piece. Or any other kind. The ending theme is To Be Continued by Kaori Sadohara and sounds like your typical happy anime pop. The amusing thing in the ending credits animation is we see the chibi versions of the girls dancing before Izayoi finishes off with his cool and slick breakdance move.

The next time you have problematic kids or children who are restless, too active to sit still, maybe you can just send them to another world where they can tire themselves out with challenges and have fun at the same time. Then they can learn a thing or two about communities and how winning games earns you commodities and other amenities. Just like playing an RPG game, huh? Maybe they’ll have so much fun that they don’t even want to come back. If you ask me if I would drop everything I have now to take up the chance of another exciting life in another world just like this one, then the answer is no. I’m not ready to give up my animes. They are my only gateway of escapism to other worlds thanks to the harsh facts of reality. But if you throw in a bunny girl in maid outfit with sexy legs, I might consider. No, not the one from Playboy, please.

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