June 5, 2015

People these days are getting androgynous enough that you can’t really tell whether they are male or female. The lines between what looks like a boy and girl from the outside is now blurred so much that it just blows away your traditional perspective of what a boy and a girl are supposed to be. Yeah well, we can thank anime for screwing our minds on that. Throughout the history of anime shows, there has been countless cross-dressers and of course, traps. But has there been an anime whereby more than half of the characters are traps? Holy cow!!! Say what?! Technically it is so because Himegoto may be a short anime lasting only 4 minutes each and doesn’t have a wide range of characters, therefore you can say half of them are traps. So if you really have trap fetish, you should watch this show. Me? I’m here to see how this very effeminate guy is forced to become the dog of certain unscrupulous people taking advantage of his cross-dressing ways. There is no end to the shame… It’s a funny show, by the way so don’t go calling me a black hearted sadist.

Episode 1
A couple of guys are cornering Hime Arikawa. What kind of heartless bastards would do such a thing to a maid?! One of them wants to toy around with Hime despite knowing he is a guy! HOLY SH*T! Even better because he is a cross-dresser?! There are really some sick people in this world. Fortunately Hime is saved by the Shimoshina High School student council trio of 18-kin, Unko and Albertina II AKA Bell. Don’t mess with these girls. The trio also find how cute Hime is and make him part of the student council. Because it is their policy to make cute girls part of the body. Imagine their surprise when Hime says he is a guy. At first they don’t believe but after flipping up his skirt. Oh, the horror! Hime explains he was forced to wear this by those guys and was going to be sold off thanks to his parents’ debts. Yup, they travel round the world and rack up the debts in Hime’s name. What kind of parents are they?! 18-kin says the student council will pay off his debts and has the money to show for it! But in exchange, he must live the rest of his life as a cross-dresser in this school and serve as the student council’s dog. Oh God. Doesn’t this feel much worse than being sold off? So Hime is introduced to the school. No reaction? And they don’t hesitate to flip up his skirt to show he is a boy. Some think he is cute! There really are sick people in this world…

Episode 2
Hime returns home to be hugged by his sister, Kaguya. Actually, Kaguya is his brother! Oh sh*t! Another cross-dresser?! He is so happy big brother has ‘joined the club’. In school, Hime’s old friend, Yuuma Tadokoro teases him for cross-dressing. He even brings up the traumatic memories how Hime used to be forced to cross-dress. However he seriously thinks he could go for him right now! He starts the harassment but gets a kick from Unko. Hime is the property and toy of the student council! He is taken by 18-kin’s beauty but she warns him if he wants to come close, he must cross-dress. Tadokoro seeks Hime’s advice on how to wear a bra… Hime doesn’t wear a bra… The rest point out he wears panties underneath the skirt. Kaguya is not happy his brother is being harassed. Similarly, Mitsunaga “Mittan” Oda of the public morals committee and maid Hiro are watching and the former doesn’t like this a bit. When Mittan and Kaguya get to know each other, they realize they can be allies since their common enemy is the student council. Their goal is to take them down. Kaguya promises to Hime he will save him from that perverted student council. But the student council thinks Kaguya might join the public morals committee as the same birds flock together. Because Mittan is a cross-dresser as well! O…M…F…G…

Episode 3
18-kin’s father is the board of this school and since he pumps in cash, they have to do his weird orders every month. This time they are to offer their support to club activities. Hime is made to dress in a cheerleading outfit to help cheer for the guys’ cheerleading squad. Everyone is smitten by Hime. And they know he is a guy… Which makes it better… They make him do several cute poses that sends 18-kin into a fit of jealousy. Yeah. Hime is so cute from doing everything including how he apologizes. Too cute. Then during the volleyball game, their school is losing. Hime is sent to cheer on them but he slips and reveals his panties. Instantly their side get so motivated that you could hear the hall rock, to make a comeback win! Hime wears several cosplay outfits to be the model of the photography club. Too cute. What parts are they looking at?! Again, 18-kin becomes jealous and breaks them up. Later when the photos are developed, Hime doesn’t remember he was in some of them. They Photoshop in most of them and are planning to sell them… Yeah… It’s going to fetch a high price. Hime tries to persuade them to dispose of it all since that is not even a girl in the photos. The way he blushes and says that… Damn, he is cute!

Episode 4
Hime is forced to pose a semi-nude shot for a couple of art club girls to draw! Yeah, they’re loving it. However they weren’t drawing lewd enough so Bell blows her top and demonstrates sketching a very lewd picture of Hime. Once they realize who Bell is, they want her autograph. As Hime finds out, Bell is a famous manga artist for a yuri manga magazine. There is a new series she started that has the main magical boy character looking a lot like Hime… Hmm… Hime is shocked to hear Bell’s foul mouth, though she ‘warns’ her stuffed doll, Magyorubo not to say such things. Yeah. Half of the words in her sentences are censored. Though Hime is happy to learn more about his seniors, another round of foul mouth ranting makes him realize how scary Bell can be.

Episode 5
Hime’s test marks aren’t good and even more insulting that Unko is top of the grade! 18-kin and Bell also rank in the top 5! Something is so wrong… So they’re going to give Hime some private tutoring? On health studies? So suspicious… And those top students can even talk about how babies come from cabbages and storks?! They move on to the subject of cross-dressing mysteries. Is there even such a subject? They start arguing what kind of panties suit him and decide he should wear a white t-back tomorrow. Hime thought she is getting some real tutoring when Unko guides her. However 18-kin turns it into some penalty game. One wrong answer means a piece of clothing stripped! I think they’re making up the answers… In the event if Hime is totally naked (in which she is now!), they’ll just put those random white lights and steam! I think 18-kin isn’t so interested in tutoring him because she’s more interested in ‘polishing’ his femininity.

Episode 6
There is a long line at Bell’s booth at the Comiket. Hime is forced to work while the rest just supervise. Bell just loves the thought that everyone here is mistaking Hime’s gender. Her booth is completely sold out but no rest for Hime yet. Time for her cosplay action. And we’ve got lots of guys enjoying taking pictures of Hime. Low shots okay? When 18-kin hands out her business card that she is this cross-dresser’s manager, the guy seems disappointed. Is his world ruined? On the contrary, he loves it! The world is so screwed… Mittan and co are here to stop their despicable activity but the crowd mistakes them for fellow cosplayers as well (the maid…). They are forced to join in. In the end, the gang celebrates their great success. Bell is impressed with Hiro’s taste in manga while Hime vows never to cosplay again. 18-kin points out everyone was happy taking pictures of him although Hime wasn’t thrilled he spent his entire time trying to hide his gender when everyone knew about it. 18-kin shows a photo of Hime sincerely smiling. A beautiful smile that shows he had lots of fun. It is something he should be proud of. Hime blushes. Kaguya looks worried but as Ichigou says, he will always be the cutest.

Episode 7
The student council are supposed to meet the swimming club. Yeah. Hime in a swimsuit. I don’t even… But the boys are getting turned out… Hime is getting swamped… Sickos… Of course Mittan doesn’t approve of all this and because 18-kin is also doesn’t like Mittan’s suggestion, Unko suggests they have a race. The winner dictates the loser. First up is Unko versus Kaguya. Obviously the athletic Unko beats Kaguya flat (no pun intended) although 18-kin points out Kaguya’s loss was his ‘little rudder’ down there. Next are Mittan and Hime. However they realized too late that Hime cannot swim (why the heck did he jump in?). He is sinking like a rock so 18-kin dives in to pull him out. Time to give him mouth to mouth resuscitation. That won’t be needed. Hime instantly wakes up from the shock that he might be kissed. But once he learns 18-kin saved his life, he thanks her. Although she blushes, she points out his tits are showing… Wait a minute. Is there technically a problem with this?

Episode 8
Sighs… There is even not let up on weekends. Hime is still forced to cross-dress while going out with the student council trio. A couple of guys are trying to hit on Hime. You think the trio are going the beat them up and save him? Well, they put the dudes’ hands on Hime’s crotch! Once they realize, they run away! That should scare them off! So why are they shopping? They’re here to get a new bra for Hime! Why does he even need one? He is completely flat. However just by hearing that word, Bell erupts into a rage and thinks she is being insulted. She then forcefully takes Hime away to measure her chest. Feels like she is taking out her frustrations on him… Anything he says is like an insult. Time for punishment! How small can the measurement go? The panicking clerk outside thinks they’re doing some kinky S&M play… In the end, Hime is forced to buy lots of bras. So as not to go to waste, he tries them on. Kaguya sees this… That snicker… Oh sh*t!

Episode 9
This time… Hime is forced to take part in a swimsuit beauty pageant. He is joined by the rest of the student council. So as not to lose out, Kaguya also joins and has Mittan and Hiro take part too. Hime wonders how Kaguya could hide his ‘little buddy’ in such a skimpy outfit. He is wearing some support designed for cosplaying. Well, Hime isn’t wearing any because 18-kin insisted it would be better if it ‘slipped out’. When it is time for the contestants to make their appeal, 18-kin pushes Hime and he falls down exposing his… Uhm… Children, close your eyes!!!! Guess what? The crowd loves it!!!!!!!!!! And Hime won first place!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS JUST SO WRONG AND SICK!!!!!!!

Episode 10
Kaguya and Ichigou enter the room only to see Hiro doing something steamy to Mittan!!! HOLY SH*T!!! Later as they are at the school gates to check for rule breakers, Kaguya wonders if they are lovers. Hiro admits they are something like that but Mittan vehemently denies. Kaguya thinks he is tsundere. Then this big revelation… HIRO IS A GUY!!! OMFG!!!! A GUY CROSS-DRESSING AS A MAID???!!! But what about those big boobs? Hiro takes it off and shows the fake boobs behind it. Mittan wonders about Kaguya and Ichigou’s relationship too when another revelation… ICHIGOU IS A GIRL AND ALSO A CROSS-DRESSER!!! Therefore it bugs Mittan to think where they cross-dressers stand when it comes to uniform violation. Mittan wants to tell off 18-kin for that indecent exposure but is totally ignored. Unko crashes her bicycle into Mittan and thus some lewd exposure… In the end, all the public morals committee members’ names are also taken down. Technically, they’re dressing the wrong uniform for their gender, right? Mittan wonders why Ichigou cross-dresses. She hints it has something to do for Kaguya. She guesses that Mittan also does the same for Hiro but Mittan starts blushing.

Episode 11
Mittan invited Hime, Kaguya and Ichigou but how come the student council trio are here too? Well, they overheard and came. Dang. Since it is rude to push away guests who come (says Hiro), they are invited in. As usual, the trio run their mouths about Mittan’s big mansion that her father may be into something shady. Heck, they even make themselves really at home in her room. When Mittan leaves, Kaguya is in cohorts with the trio to find Mittan’s secret stuffs! Hiro shows them the cupboard where she keeps her fancy bras! There’s a G-string too… Mittan returns in a kimono, something he usually wears at home. He also has prepared kimonos for the siblings. Because they are not used to it, they become clumsy and accidentally pull each other’s top down. Fanservice? Knowing that they are traps… Eww… After they leave, Mittan relishes it is going to get quiet but Hiro points out his lax face which is a big indicator he actually enjoyed it.

Episode 12
A couple of guys try to peek into the girls’ changing room. Hime stops them but gets clumsy. They know Hime is a cross-dresser but can’t help find him cute. He tries to warn them but they are about to get rough with him. At this point, seeing how cute he is, they don’t care he is a trap anymore and strips him!!! OMFG!!! Ultimate molestation!!! The student council trio are hiding behind the bushes enjoying and watching… Luckily Mittan is here to stop this unholy act as Hiro ‘steals’ their belt to drop their pants. Mittan then calls out the hiding trio. As usual, they’re being casual about it but this is the last straw for Hime. He feels disappointed. He was trying to fulfil her duty as a student council member and this is the thanks he gets? This is not funny anymore! Oh dear… He looks serious. And for once they feel really bad that they have done something wrong. Even back home, Kaguya can tell something is really wrong with Hime. You can’t mistake that gloominess. Next day, Kaguya confronts the student council trio to tell them that Hime is quitting the student council. Wow. They look genuinely shocked. Hime continues to space out… That sadness…

Episode 13
Gloomy mood. Well, I didn’t know the student council trio cared. But 18-kin tries to stay ‘positive’ that they just need to find a new toy. However Bell asks her if she likes Hime only because he cross-dresses. Hime is having lunch with Kaguya and as the latter mentions, though it makes him sad that he has got used to seeing Hime cross-dressed, now that he has quit the student council, he is not obliged to do so anymore. On the way home, Hime gets assaulted by a couple of boys who have truly awakened to their trap passion! OMG! OMFG!!!! What the f*ck is wrong with these kids these days?! Thanks to Unko’s kick, Hime’s chastity is saved. Surprisingly, Unko and Bell start crying to him. It has been lonely without him around and they promise they won’t play around with his virginity anymore. No comment… 18-kin can’t find the right words. No need to because Hime also ends up crying. With Hime back in the student council, they cosplay and work in the school’s cafeteria to increase its profits. Mittan isn’t happy over their indecent dressing while Kaguya wants to join them. Since Hime is being whiny, 18-kin kisses him to shut him up! OMG! His first kiss… Ah well, at least everything is back to normal.

Look Out! It’s A… TRAP!!!
Thank goodness… I didn’t awaken to the trap passion!!! Thank Heavens! Thank God!!! It was funny while it lasted and thankfully each episode is just as short because I don’t know if I would still be the same if this series was like those normal 24 minutes duration anime. Can you imagine 24 minutes of trap hell and passion? I can’t. So with everything back to normal, it just makes me wonder if they will ever learn their lesson because my guts is telling that once this is blown over, everything is forgotten and Hime becomes the victim again. But that is another trap story. Therefore the big lesson of this series: Learn to appreciate your trap because you’ll never know the true value of one till you lose them. Okay, I made that up. But you can see how important Hime has become, right? Uh huh. Who else would be so gullible to be screwed around so easily and then fluster oh so real like a girl. Yup. Better appreciate your traps.

Everyone here is so twisted one way or another. Because for our main and supporting characters, if not for many of the guys cute enough to cross-dress as a girl or a girl plain enough to cross-dress as a guy, those who are straight are screwed up in the head. You can see their f*cked up and couldn’t-care-less attitude that makes you wonder the future of the nation. People like these in the student council are worrying, no? Yeah, they act like the school is their playground and other people (Hime in particular) like their property. No respect. Like they care. And for minor background characters, it seems they too are as sick as the rest because the guys, they just don’t care if Hime is a boy. Heck, once they know, it is like their inner trap fetish awakens and they really want to do all sorts of stuffs to him. Rape him. Seriously. Doesn’t it make them gay? Like they care. I mean as long as Hime looks like a girl, sounds like a girl and acts like a girl, he has got to be a girl, right? Sure, he is downright a boy as far as his physique is concerned. But 3 out of 4 isn’t bad, right? Yeah. That. And so with this logic, I suppose that is why the men, young or old, couldn’t resist succumbing to their sick trap fetish and find Hime super cute. So gay… Are they really trying to awaken our trap fetish?!

Every episode sees how Hime gets screwed up, sexually assaulted and being forced into by the student council trio’s naughty schemes and it feels pitiful to see what kind of sick plot he has to go through every time. It is already bad enough that he is made to cross-dress in various outfits, it is even worse that people know he is a cross-dresser and approve it! If embarrassment was a disease, Hime’s life would have been cut short and died by the time the anime ends. Well, you can’t blame Hime because his overall character is so effeminate that you can’t help feel tempted to take advantage of it. So cute in blushing, so cute in denying, so cute in agreeing. So cute in everything! If he was crude and more assertive, Hime wouldn’t have become a victim of this predicament and also he might have been less cute, which defeats the purpose of this anime anyway. Therefore when the penultimate episode sees Hime having had enough, this little crisis and drama were just probably to make our hearts skip a little. But my guts and experience tell me that it won’t stay that way and true enough it didn’t. All is well, ends well? Yeah, abnormal of having so many people cross-dressing or having trap fetish is the normalcy.

The most mind boggling fact of the series is how Hime is named so. I know that there are many Japanese names that are gender neutral but definitely there are some which are gender specific like Sakura, Sanae, Haruka and even I believe Hime itself is reserved for females. So how on Earth did Hime end up with such a girly name? Ah, remember his irresponsible parents? That. Now it explains everything. Some of the other character names too raise an eyebrow because like Unko, that literally translate to sh*t. I know it matches her personality but having a character named so is just bad enough. Or it could mean lucky child (in which her official name actually spells out this way) but we are more inclined to think of it as sh*t. Then there is 18-kin whose name itself reveals that she is more than 18 years old and thus the reason she might by staying back in school is because she is too dumb to graduate and thus held back. Haha!

I wonder if there is some sort of romance brewing for 18-kin towards Hime. There are quite a number of scenes that hint on this. You will notice 18-kin’s body reaction of getting jealous or stopping something when it gets too steamy. Her reactions of blushing and all feel genuine. Like as though she has some sort of feelings for Hime and can’t stand to see him being violated anymore although the irony is that at times she and her gang enjoy watching her in embarrassing situations. That final kiss may have increased that possibility. I also wonder if Mittan has any sort of crush on one of the student council members because despite his goal to take them down, we never hear the reason behind it. Could it be that he is jealous and being tsundere? There are no obvious hints like how we see 18-kin for Hime and is just purely speculation. But Hiro x Mittan… Hmm… Is this considered yaoi or yuri? I’m so confused.

The drawing and design of the characters make them look cute and pretty especially our traps. Like as though they’re trying to make us fawn over them and awaken our inner trap fetish for them. But at the same time with the constant reminder that they are guys underneath the skirt, it’s like screwing with our minds but at the same time hoping we would be enthralled and be lured into the world of traps. With so many pretty boys looking like pretty girls, it feels like God made a mistake to put them in a wrong body and thus the only way to correct this is to cross-dress. Of course the best one is Hiro because of the maid dress… Oh sh*t! Am I awakening to the trap fetish too?! It’s the maid, not the guy underneath it. The maid! THE MAID, I tell you! God damn it! They know my weakness and took advantage of it!

Therefore it is a big dilemma for the fanservice parts because although we get to see delicious shima pantsu shots and even glorious tits! Yes, exposed tits, I tell you! But then you realize they belong to guys and that sudden happiness-cum-disappointment. To see such tits and flatness on guys that look so cute like girls just feels super weird. Holy cow. It’s so wrong but yet deep down in our hearts, we have come to accept it. Have we awakened to the trap fetish? Thank God I didn’t…

Most of the casts are comprised of new or unknown seiyuus such as Yuuki Kuwahara as Hime (Rattle in Freezing: Vibration), Yuka Saotome as 18-kin (Sano in Plastic Nee-san), Saki Ono as Unko, Hisako Toujoui as Bell (Kana in Haitai Nanafa) and Azusa Tadokoro as Hiro (Kotori in Gokukoku No Brynhildr). Chinatsu Akasaki as Kaguya (Maki in Love Lab), Minami Tsuda as Ichigou (Sensei in Denki-gai No Honya-san) and Takuya Eguchi as Tadokoro (Kon in Ixion Saga DT) may have a longer list of voice acting roles but I didn’t really recognize them. The only one recognizable is Ayane Sakura as Mittan because you can’t mistake that bratty voice like the same one as Tokyo Raven’s Suzuka and Vividred Operation’s Akane. Both the opening and ending themes are sung by I My Me Mine, which is basically the seiyuus of the student council quartet. Troublemaker is the lively anime pop opener while the ending theme, Make-up is equally as dynamic.

I am not sure if the series’ title is a play on words to play hidden princess (the word ‘hime’ can mean both princess and to hide) but considering that a big majority of the characters know about Hime’s trap, how can this be something hidden? Or it could just mean ‘princess thing’ or Hime’s thing. Maybe a subtle hint to mean scream (himei) because I believe that is what Hime wants to do every time he gets screwed up and draws the end of the short stick. Unfortunately with him being so princess, you’ll hear no shrieks. Just screaming in his heart, eh?

Come to think of it now, don’t their parents or some morally upright guy start screaming their head off objecting to this cross-dressing thing? Oh yeah, I forgot. Even if we don’t see the characters’ parents here, I bet they are as screwed as the other characters because what kind of parents would let their sons become a trap? Because deep down inside all of us guys, there is this female screaming to get out. And when that happens, you start cross-dressing. I mean, it must have become a norm for Hime that when he temporarily quit the student council, why the heck is he still cross-dressing?! So used to it, huh?

Therefore you should only watch this anime if you are here for some sick twisted laughs-cum-entertainment because you’re a sick twisted sadistic person or you are one of the many characters in this anime who have awakened to the trap fetish. Because after watching this twisted trap theme, it’s like saying men is okay raping other men because women don’t quite make the cut anymore. Because women are now into hot handsome men rape each other. Because we live in a twisted screwed up world so it’s okay. No it’s not! So beware if you want to watch this show and risk getting your dreams crushed and your sexuality confused. You’ve been warned of this trap…

Genshiken Nidaime

April 20, 2014

Well, I didn’t expect they came out with another season of the previous season aired way back in 2007. I guess somehow the summer of 2013 had quite a number of anime sequels, making me think that it is the season of anime sequels. Rozen Maiden, Senki Zesshou Symphogear, High School DxD and Tamayura just to name a few. But Genshiken Nidaime is not to be confused with the second season of the Genshiken series. This is in fact the fourth instalment. Well, if you count the OVAs as another season. Nidaime may be a confusing word to some because it means second generation. Some may take it as a second season but it’s really not. Second generation I feel is quite suitable but yet not as accurate for this season because no doubt there are new members to the Genshiken club, the old ones still make their presence felt as they do return to their university club from time to time. All of them. So it’s like they’ve never left the club in the first place. And when you think of a second generation, you would think entirely new set of casts and the old ones just rolled over somewhere. But still, it is still worth the watch if you’re an otaku and a fan of the series.

Episode 1
Ogiue is worried on how to recruit additional members to Genshiken seeing Oono and Kuchiki are the only ones left. Suddenly here comes crazy foreigner and transfer student, Suzy to the fore! There you go, she’s back and joining the club. But they need to do more than that. Despite dressing up in cosplay outfit, Ogiue is going to do what she does best. She starts drawing on the white board and this attracts everyone’s attention. In the end only 2 members joined. BL enthusiast, Rika Yoshitake and I-thought-this-frumpy-woman-looks-like-a-guy, Mirei Yajima join the bandwagon. Oh, there is a third one, the beautiful Kenjirou Hato. Yoshitake seems like trying to turn this into a BL discussion by handing out her favourite BL works. Ogiue is worried Genshiken will turn into a BL circle at this rate. Cheeky Kuchiki is admiring Hato’s hair and tugs it… It nearly comes off! A wig?! Wait a minute… Hato is a cross-dresser???!!! A guy who loves BL???!!! Why do weird people end up in this club? Oono becomes interested in Hato because she wants to put on some cosplay costumes on him… Or her… Whichever. Later Suzy goes to Madarame’s house just to make him answer a call to meet with the rest. Along with some of the other ex-members of Genshiken, they try to pinpoint which of the 3 new members is a boy. Can’t really tell, huh? The rest can’t either. But when Saki comes in, she immediately could pinpoint Hato as the cross-dresser!

Back in the clubroom, Oono wants Ogiue to ensure that the newbies stay because this club has a history of members joining and then quitting. Maybe she just wants to cosplay Hato. Besides, Ogiue and Kuchiki were from different circles before they joined Genshiken. The topic shifts to Hato and how he dresses up. Where does he change? On the campus? Kuchiki wants to be the first guy to catch Hato in the act of changing and goes to find him. Of course the girls think it will be a big problem if Hato changes on campus so Ogiue is forced to call him and is relieved he is at home (I don’t know about the president’s job to guard Hato’s chastity). Yajima is the only one bothered by Hato’s cross-dressing. The rest aren’t because they had Kousaka who cross-dressed for cosplay as well as Saki. Ogiue leaves the room and to her dismay, sees Hato coming out from the woman’s toilet! Wasn’t she changing at home? Hato runs away and almost bumps into Kuchiki. Don’t worry. Her auto defence mode kicks in and gives him a judo throw. Hato is reprimanded by the rest for changing in the toilet because the police could have gotten involved (I’m not sure about this rule). Hato doesn’t change at home because it takes a long time to put on everything. She doesn’t want to miss the bus. Why not change here in this room? She doesn’t want them to think of her as a man. Yajima couldn’t understand what the fuss is all about because it would be better for everyone if she comes in as a guy. Till Kuchiki tries to be cool about telling her off something about someone this cute couldn’t possibly be a girl but Ogiue steals his line. How did they solve this problem? They have Hato change at Madarame’s place and have him give the keys to his apartment.

Episode 2
Ogiue suggests making a short pamphlet to introduce the club members. She demonstrates and it looks good. However Yajima mentions she isn’t good at drawing so Yoshitake suggests they hang out at her place to help her draw. Call it some sort of bonding between the newbies but as Yajima fears, Yoshitake didn’t really get down to drawing and wants to talk about some BL pairings. It must be a long night of fun because when Yajima wakes up, she realizes nothing got done. Seeing Hato asleep, it makes her wonder if she is truly a guy. One way to find out, right? Touching her smooth skin and remembering the beauty regime Hato did just for the skin to stay beautiful, the dilemma is continuing to tear Yajima apart. Could be a girl. Or could not. All she needs to do is take a quick look underneath her skirt when Yoshitake catches her in the act! Perverts, aren’t they? Yoshitake wants to join in but when Yajima tries to prevent her, the gust of wind blows up Hato’s skirt. What did she see? Let’s say her worst nightmare is confirmed. Everyone hands in their pamphlet and nobody guessed Hato could draw a very hentai BL illustration…

Ogiue receives a call from her editor that her one-shot manga will be published. However it will run in September and October which means it will clash with their ComiFest event. To help Ogiue with her tight schedule, the newbies go to her home to become her assistants. Kuchiki is appalled that his harem is gone and he can’t go either because Oono is there to make him stay put. Yajima is so bad at drawing that she flops at her first go. And that is even drawing a straight line… At school, Yajima laments Hato is like the perfect person and good at everything. Suddenly a guy comes up to her asking about Hato. Luckily Kumiko Yabusaki from the Manga Research Club drove him away. Yajima and Yoshitake head to Ogiue’s house and are surprised to see Hato in a shorter wig. It gets in the way of the drawing. They tell her how she is popular enough that other people are asking for her. Yajima again brings up the topic of cross-dressing. If she stops, the attention to the guys will also stop. She wants to know why she is so obsessed in cross-dressing. Her school didn’t have a manga club so the closest was the art club. She joined and when she wanted to talk BL with those with same interest, I guess you can tell what happened. Yajima felt guilty for probing her. It’s like as though she was jealous. But still, she tells Hato that she doesn’t need to force herself like this because they won’t bully her. Yoshitake tells Yajima she doesn’t understand. The reason why she is cross-dressing is because she loves it. Every guy wants to be a girl at least once. Hato adds it’s not because she was bullied or viewed it as fun. She was able to see herself and her situation from the outside. It’s somewhat interesting. Like when she got the key to Madarame’s house. That situation could lead to Hato x Madarame, right? When Yajima and Yoshitake leave for the night, they see Oono pulling up a van with Tanaka and Kugayama. She is here with loads of boxes of cosplay outfits. She is ready to cosplay. However she is shunt out because Ogiue is busy working. Thank goodness they haven’t unloaded the boxes yet.

Episode 3
Madarame returns home from work as a salary man in a sewer construction company. His place is nicely cleaned up by Hato but is relieved that his secret stash is still safe. It must be nostalgia’s sake that Madarame sits in Genshiken’s room alone. Till Keiko (Sasahara’s sister) pops in. She works in a cabaret but points out it is not a prostitution ring. There’s a big difference. Keiko is upset that Madarame tries to hide his feelings for Saki. He thought nobody knew? It was obvious. He continues to play dumb so she gets rough with him. Suzy walks in and sees them in an ambiguous position. Before Keiko leaves, she tells him to ask somebody out for real for once. Suzy suggests a way to move forward without giving up on his last love: Find yourself a new love. Isn’t that contradicting? Anyway she hands him lots of BL references… Not into that! Madarame goes home to see Hato just finishing and leaving. He almost goes crazy after thinking about something unholy with Hato. Looks like a woman, sounds like a woman, talks like a woman, but… On another day, Hato dressed as a boy is outside Madarame’s apartment. His female alter-ego is excitedly making some Hato x Madarame comments and to go for it. There’s even suggestion of pretending to be asleep and then surprise Madarame with a yaoi attack or really fall asleep and let Madarame attack him with his yaoi move. But Hato fell asleep for real and when Madarame wakes him up normally, he starts panicking. There goes the plan. Madarame cooks for him and so Hato’s mind goes wild thinking this may turn out to be Madarame x Hato flag instead. Madarame speaks normally to him because at least he is a guy (for now) and it’s tough to talk with the rest being girls. Hato mentions the voice training he did from books and internet to make his voice sound like a girl. He also mentions that he is not that a hardcore of BL because if he really was, he would have fallen in love with him by now. As Madarame continues to talk casually with him, Hato feels he isn’t wary or suspicious at all. Madarame falls asleep so Hato puts him to bed. A chance for a goodnight kiss attack? Doesn’t feel like it tonight. As he leaves, he felt something drop behind the shelves. He picks it up to see a secret stash containing photos of Saki in cosplay outfits.

Episode 4
Oono picks up Angela at the airport. Meanwhile Ogiue and the newbies are making a crazy rush to finish their work just before ComiFest begins. I wonder how many crazy nights they have stayed up together. But suddenly Hato can’t work. Because she spots a beard growing. She can’t work like this. Yajima tells her off just change into her man outfit and get it over. But… She didn’t bring any guy clothes. Yoshitake has an idea. Remember those cosplay outfits she dumped here? There has to be one that is for males, right? However… None there are! All female cosplay outfits for the trap! Disappointed? But she hasn’t given up yet. Yajima’s size is XL, right? Yeah. Yajima is forced to wear the cosplay while Hato wears her over-sized clothes. Yoshitake also ‘cosplays’ by wearing a jersey. Because Yajima realize Hato may have to go home in her clothes, she refuses to lend it to him and forces the trap to wear a female outfit instead. Yoshitake then convinces Suzy and Ogiue to dress up too. But when Yabusaki comes over, she is appalled to see them so and thinks they are not serious in making the deadline and lectures for an hour. After that she helps out and they finish. On the first day of ComiFest, our non-staff Genshiken members wait outside for it to open. Angela molests Hato’s ‘boobs’ just to ascertain he is a boy and gets scolding by Oono. As ComiFest opens, the newbies plan their route to buy the doujins they want. Oono and Angela cosplay for photographers. Yabusaki and Suzy help out in Ogiue’s booth but the president isn’t here herself because she ended up having fever. Thanks to those crazy nights…

Yabusaki is surprised that Ogiue’s doujin is well received and feels guilty like as though they are trying to profit off her. She just wanted to work with her? She sounds like a tsundere. Hato is having trouble going to the toilet. She is made clear that it is only the male toilet for her. There’s a long line… Imagine what the other guys will think when they see a girl waiting in queue. Yabusaki meets Ogiue’s middle school friend, Nakajima. When this b*tch finds out Ogiue is a president of a circle, she mocks Ogiue about trying to kill herself over a guy again. She thought something happened to her because she didn’t turn up in the last ComiFest with her boyfriend. Because back in middle school she used her boyfriend, Makita as the source for her BL doujin. He was so embarrassed that he transferred schools. Suzy is about to blow her top but Yabusaki was just cool to say this job is perfect for Ogiue. Suzy adds that Ogiue and her boyfriend are dating and very happy together. Since there is nothing more to b*tch about, Nakajima leaves. She won’t be back here again and hopes she won’t meet Ogiue. It’s better that way. Well, she’s standing right behind you now… Noticing her fever is running high, Yabusaki orders Suzy to take her away. At the end of the day, Ogiue’s doujin was a sell-out. Ogiue is brought back home as Sasahara takes over from the girls. Suzy gets jealous and hopes this boyfriend will explode. Ogiue lets go her emotions. She held up crying because if Suzy saw her so, she would worry. She made her help out a project that has nothing to do with Genshiken and got too sick to come on the day they sold their first doujin. All Sasahara says is that even if her fever subsides, she still shouldn’t go tomorrow either.

Episode 5
Everyone joins in on the third day of ComiFest. Except for Sasahara who is nursing sick Ogiue. Oono loves today because it is group cosplay. Angela still likes Madarame and tries to flirt with him but Oono puts a stop to her before she gets more daring. Hato feels bad for Madarame so he decides to go as a boy and accompany him, breaking Oono’s heart because this means he can’t be in the group cosplay. She was really looking forward to it… By the way, it’s Madoka Magica theme and Suzy is Kyuubey! Fitting or what? Hato talks to Madarame about the fest and the likes. They also talk about Angela but Madarame thinks she is only fooling around and is here for ComiFest. Hato knows he is lying when Madarame says he has no interest in 3D girls. Pics of Saki behind the shelf… Hato is probably trying to boost his confidence saying he can get along with any girl. Madarame almost interpreted this situation as gay. When they continue their ‘tour’, they see Kousaka cross-dressed. He is working to promote a new eroge. They send a picture of Kousaka to Oono and she is fuming with jealousy and frustration. She can’t go to see him because she can’t leave the cosplay area and he can’t go to see her because he is working. And yeah. The cosplay outfit of Madoka she made for Hato was wasted since she didn’t cosplay. Hato notes Kousaka as Madarame’s rival for Saki. But aren’t Kousaka and Saki dating? He doesn’t think Madarame can win since Kousaka is cute even without makeup. Talking about this to Madarame again, that guy even hints he can’t win. So Hato puts on his wig and transforms back into a girl. This is to prove he is as good as Kousaka when it comes to cross-dressing so don’t say he can’t win against him. When they regroup, Angela of course tries to flirt with Madarame but Hato steps in (translation courtesy from Oono). Angela becomes aggressive telling Hato about rights and future thingy to counter her argument of feelings that develop over time is much stronger than one night stand (as suggested by Angela). I suppose Hato panics. She losses it when she says Madarame is more of the uke type. She goes on pairing Madarame with all the Genshiken guys but the one she finds more fitting is Kousaka x Madarame! Her logic that Madarame doesn’t have time to be dating a girl? Angela is going to get serious and let Madarame’s fingers touch her breast. This time Suzy cuts in. She can’t take it anymore and gives that American a butt kick! And it’s butt kick all the way out! Yankee go to hell! Thumbs up for Hato? Hato apologizes for saying those things but Madarame couldn’t be more grateful for being saved from something much worse than death. Then it hit him. He is uke?! Biggest shock he ever had.

Episode 6
Ogiue learns about Hato calling Madarame an uke. Suzy thinks Ogiue should show Hato about her Sasahara x Madarame doujin to cheer her up. Because outside Genshiken, Hato is always alone and she only has Madarame as the only male friend. So Ogiue shows the newbies that doujin and everyone is impressed how good it is! Yoshitake wants to photocopy them! Somehow the plan backfired because it flipped some weird switch in Hato. Now she will draw what she has always fantasized. Madarame suddenly walks in and everybody scrambles to hide the doujin. Suzy called him to come to settle this but didn’t expect him to come so soon. Yajima apologizes to him because when they first saw him, they really think he is the uke type. She hopes they can ignore what they say and write it off as bad experience. But there’s an unwanted problem brewing. Kuchiki has made his decision. Just for his precious Hato, he is willing to be seme and tries to kiss Madarame! Suzy’s foot was fast enough to kick his face. But that’s not enough to put him down. Now he wants to pull down his pants! Show me your ass! Hato chokes him unconscious while Madarame runs out for his life! Kuchiki then develops some fetish for Hato’s choke. Because she won’t do it to him again, he is going to wait for Madarame to show up and attack him. Then the guy who asked for Hato, Harima comes in to show his friend about her. Yajima feels the need to do something about this because all the other members are not around. Kuchiki is being a useless coward. Suddenly there is this hot guy coming in to tell them off they do not belong here. He is Rihito and Yoshitake’s older brother. He is a shotacon. Do we really need to know that? Yajima can’t look at him because it’s turning on her yaoi switch. Rihito compliments Hato and it seems he doesn’t know about the cross-dressing. Yoshitake could tell about Yajima’s flustering and suggests they all go out for a drink.

On their way out, they are stopped by Mikami from the Circle Leadership Committee. He heard complaints and rumours of a student attending circle meeting who is not a student of this university. The description fits Hato and he hopes she could clear this up. Suddenly Harima doesn’t want Mikami to pry further. He told him he would look into it and leave it to him. He never told them about himself because if he did and tried to hit on Hato, Mikami would get angry. As he is about to get Hato’s statement, here comes Kuchiki the raging bull! Before he could attack Harima, Hato chokes him unconscious. He gets his wish… Before he passes out, he touches Rihito’s chest and he lets out a girly scream… Eh… Could Rihito be… And so it is revealed she is actually Yoshitake’s younger sister, Risa. As a basketball player, she is often mistaken to be a guy. Yoshitake brought her here just to test them if they could tell. Yoshitake also reveals her real age (20 years old) but Yajima doesn’t care for that. But because of her prank, she will have to pay for the drinks. Back home, the newbies and Risa talk and Risa expresses her wish to see Hato as a guy. Initially he is reluctant but Yajima accidentally spills her drink on her. Hato goes to take a bath and Yoshitake takes this chance to peep on her. She is going to ascertain ‘that’. With Risa holding down Yajima (because little sister must obey what big sister says), Yoshitake makes her way to the toilet. Yajima uses her fatty power to go on a rampage. Everyone stumbles into the bathroom and I guess it is the second time Yajima sees it. This time very clearly with her eyes. Since Yoshitake was the only one who didn’t see, she pesters Risa to explain further since she is flustering about it being silky smooth. Yajima makes Risa lose her memories with a big chop to her back. Because Hato never came out of the toilet, they are forced to stop for the day. On a little note, Risa decides to enrol in their university next year.

Episode 7
Sasahara is seen encouraging Ogiue. That’s because her manga really got criticized over the internet. But back to club matters, Ogiue wants to discuss what they’ll be doing for the cultural festival. Obviously for Oono, Kuchiki and Suzy, they want to cosplay. That was quickly shot down and it is suggested they write and sell their own doujin. They call Yabusaki for ideas. Little did they know that she and her friend got kicked out by her club because they helped Genshiken during ComiFest. Even so, she won’t join Genshiken. The question now is what kind of story to write. BL? Well… As long as it’s acceptable to all ages. Ogiue notes the mystery of Hato. It’s not her cross-dressing or love for BL. It is her exceptional art. She was able to switch between drawing styles and may be even better than her. Ogiue hints indirectly she wants to read a manga she writes and this shocks everyone. Ogiue can’t come up with anything to draw after she said that to Hato. Yajima-Yoshitake collaboration ended before it could start due to ‘creative differences’. All that’s left is Hato. She then tells the truth. It seems her art style changes depending on her dress style. As a girl, she can only draw extreme BL scenes. As a boy, let’s say the drawing sucks. While she was Ogiue’s assistant, she only drew backgrounds and that was manageable. So when she’s in girl mode, it’s like some sort of hidden switch got flipped and she becomes possessed and starts drawing the extreme. The discussion ends in a deadlock till Suzy suggests that everyone cooperates.

Ogiue then asks the newbies if they have fallen in love before in high school. That’s because she thought of doing a romance genre as their story. Well, Yajima seems to be acting strange. Could it be she had an experience? She explains she sucked in drawing some anime character but this delinquent guy boasted he could do better and he did. Ever since, he called her ‘Sucky’. By the time he calls her by her real name, that was the last time she talked to him. Everyone thinks this sound like a bully case but Yajima says she thought of it too. However the delinquent took back what he said. As for Yoshitake, her high school days are only filled with getting into arguments and discussions with her fellow BL lovers, so there’s nothing much. Hato is left. However she is blushing. Her face is very red. Yoshitake tries to be aggressive in trying to make her spill out the kind of romance she was involved. Yajima tried to help Hato get out of her sticky predicament but backfired. Hato really doesn’t want to talk or remember about it but Yoshitake remains persistent. She guesses Hato must be popular with guys and girls due to her style. But what about Yoshitake? Isn’t she stylish too? She notes that make-up isn’t to attract guys but to keep other girls in place! Hato is out of options when Kuchiki comes in. He is determined to do some trap cosplay with Hato. Symphogear theme? However Oono denies him that. The guys are not going to cross-dress and cosplay. It would be against Hato’s best interest to keep his identity hidden. So just no. Then they ask him about his high school romance. He easily answers yes. Apparently some unknown girl came out to him to confess and ask him out. While he was doing some topless dance at the bonfire… Don’t ask. Everyone suddenly feels gloomy but Kuchiki feels a great aura of disrespect. Hato notes that it was Kuchiki’s who saved her from her predicament. By the way, how long did Kuchiki dated her? Well, the next day, she told him never mind and he only spoke to her for less than 3 minutes. Ah…

Episode 8
Yoshitake complains to Yajima about Ogiue-Hato pairing to draw a manga for the festival. Ogiue will do the storyline and Hato will draw. She is in a dilemma to draw something or not so Yajima tells her to make up her mind. Hato is at Madarame’s place as usual to change into a girl but his female alter ego keeps bugging him with annoying BL fantasies. Especially when Hato sees an eroge. The one whereby Kousaka cross-dressed and promoted. Heck, they even used his name as that character! His thoughts go wild wondering if Madarame had already played this game and finished Kousaka’s route. Madarame is at the door but Hato’s female alter ego tells him to drop everything and show everything off. Not going to happen. Madarame takes a little walk around the block so Hato could finish changing. He’s worried about the state of his company. Will he get a bonus this year? When he returns, Hato has finished changing. Madarame tries hard to remember that Hato is a boy beneath those clothes despite her girly manner. He invites her in to talk. He realizes the eroge on the desk and tries to hide it but Hato mentions she has already noticed it. This leads to a talk about the cost of buying eroge, BL and clothes. Men’s clothes are less expensive because all you need is just a necktie. Madarame offers to lend the game (or any eroge) to her but since she is blushing, he drops the idea because it looked like sexual harassment. But what Hato is interested in is not the game but his thoughts on it. Madarame did play the game but finds it weird that all the routes have those traps getting pregnant. Hato notes to us unfamiliar viewers that in the world of BL, it is common that guys get pregnant.

Hato then asks the important question if he has cleared Kousaka’s route. Pregnancy ending and in a maternity wedding dress! This causes Hato to fluster that they have gone this far. However Madarame notes he didn’t pretty much like Kousaka’s character. When he wonders if Saki knows about this kind of game, Hato begins to wonder if this causes a tension in the relationship between Saki and Kousaka. Perhaps then Madarame will have a comeback chance. She wanted to fantasize a Kousaka x Madarame plot with Saki but in BL, you can’t really include girls. When Madarame also mentions he doesn’t mind being called uke, Hato apologizes to him for that Kuchiki incident. She has already properly told him off and it’s okay for him to come back to the clubroom. Madarame feels it’s not good for a graduate to hang around his old university forever. He feels awkward to stay there and think a change of scene would be a good idea. Part of him tells him to stay away from university. Hato blames herself she started calling him uke and thinking of BL pairings of him that led to this. She mentions about the festival and hopes he could come. Asking what Genshiken will be doing for that, Hato says Ogiue told her to draw a normal non-BL manga but all she has ever drawn was only BL. Madarame says she should draw what she wants because if it gets bad, Ogiue will stop her. She notes despite being called uke, he doesn’t ask people to hold back. Madarame promises to come. Back at Genshiken, Hato will do her best to draw a non-BL manga.

Episode 9
Sasahara compliments Ogiue’s manga. All that is left is to do the art at Hato’s place. Sasahara allows it but Ogiue thought he should’ve said no. Hato may be a cross-dresser but he’s still a guy underneath and should be worried. I suppose Sasahara wanted to get closer with Ogiue but her handphone rings. She has a bad feeling of this. Suzy and Hato are at the door. Interrupted something? In the clubroom, Yoshitake is ranting about her convoluted storyline. Whatever. Once again, Hato’s drawing turns into extreme BL. This time using Ogiue’s characters. Yoshitake is desperate to watch (and learn) how she draws porn BL but Yajima takes her away to finish their own work. Ogiue guides Hato to draw while she is cross-dressed and gives her encouragement that she isn’t copying. From Hato’s words, she could guess she is talking about that person when they were talking about love then. High school senior who is good at drawing and a fujoshi. Harima comes in to give them the rules for their cosplay during the festival. Harima tries to flirt with Mikako Takeya (Hato’s current pen name) but his friend warns he will report his every move to Mikami. After the guys leave, Hato couldn’t control her BL mode and starts drawing it. Oono gets a call from Saki saying that she and Kousaka will come to the festival. Oono is happy that she is able to make her cosplay but she hung up. Yajima’s old friend, Mimasaka turns up at Genshiken and compliments Yajima’s good art. Yoshitake thought of making her see reality but realizes their friendship bond is strong. Then Yoshitake’s old buddies show up and they haven’t lost touch of their eccentricity. A couple of girls, Konno and Fuji just arrive at the festival and they thought they saw their senior, Kaminaga. They are looking for Hato. When Madarame arrives, Hato feels bad about the awkward situation he will be in when Saki and Kousaka turns up. When Keiko arrives, she bluntly teases Madarame about Saki coming. This causes Hato to think that she might be the only one who didn’t know Madarame likes Saki. Keiko teases Madarame might be going out with Hato because the latter was staring at her. Well, we know it’s physically impossible. Hato is surprised when Konno and Fuji turn up in the room. She hopes they won’t recognize her and is confident they will not since her voice sounds much cuter and they’ll never think about the cross-dressing part. Thanks to her pen name, they didn’t see the similarity although they find the drawing as similar to Kaminaga’s. Suddenly Kuchiki blabs about Hato returning to dressing in such a way. However she is not Hato but Kaminaga.

Episode 10
Kaminaga did note that Kuchiki mistaken her for Hato. Which means she is around. Madarame points out to where Hato is. Bad move? Konno takes a closer look but still couldn’t believe. Kaminaga takes off Hato’s wig. Now you believe? Konno starts crying and blames herself. Ogiue takes them outside to talk. Flashback reveals Konno, Fuji and the rest of the girls in the art club used to admire Kaminaga’s extreme BL drawings. Konno teased Hato’s ugly drawing despite his intention to become an artist. Hato’s older brother, Yuichirou used to pick him and Kaminaga back. He didn’t understand about Kaminaga’s BL fantasies and asserts he is not into this gay stuff. Kaminaga loved BL stuffs so much so she even starts having BL fantasies of the brothers. One day Kaminaga forgot to bring her BL drawings back so Hato spotted them and looked through them in the toilet. He is of course amazed. When he returns, he sees Konno looking for them. Realizing it is in his hands, Hato reveals he likes BL stuffs. Konno gets the wrong idea that he looked through those BL drawings in the toilet. Soon the atmosphere in the art club changed. Hato hardly attends it and by the time Kaminaga graduated, rumours spread throughout school that he is gay. Konno is inconsolable and blames herself that it is her fault for telling her club members about Hato looking through BL stuffs in the toilet and thus led him to cross-dress. Hato assures her she is still the same person despite her different outside appearance. Kaminaga says if Hato really wanted to see her pictures, all she had to do was ask. She wonders if she was displaying drawings of hers, why did they mistake Hato for Kaminaga? Ogiue explains that Hato comes as a boy but only dresses so in Genshiken. Hato has switches outfits so people won’t identify her and one of them looked very much like Kaminaga. Kaminaga is impressed and would really like to see it but Konno thinks she’s being rude. She hints a reason why Hato would dress like her. It is because Hato always liked her.

Hato explains she always looked up to her and wanted to be like her (in BL terms). However as noted by Konno, in the end Yuichirou ended up with Kaminaga. What is she trying to imply? As Kaminaga puts it, a macho big brother with a girlfriend while a quiet and delicate little brother cross-dresses to look like his big brother’s girl. So? Hato wants to be like Kaminaga and be loved by Yuichirou! Hats off for her fantastic BL imagination… Even Ogiue and Hato nods in agreement and starts discussing the kind of story they can set for this. With both sides making amends, Kaminaga says they can start over as fellow fujoshi. She informs that she will get married to Yuichirou next spring. This is the reason she came here as Yuichirou wanted her to tell Hato personally. This means Kaminaga would be living in their house and can observe the brothers in their natural activity! Anything can fuel her BL imagination. Kaminaga adds that looking back, she thinks Yuichirou might have known how Hato felt. Kaminaga asks one final question. If Hato cross-dresses and likes BL, won’t her sexuality change? She says she just likes the genre but isn’t into guys. Kaminaga says that is a common line in BL. Especially, “I’m not in guys. I’m into you!”. Wondering if there is anybody who knows Hato’s real identity and yet hangs out with him. Yeah. It might be Madarame. Oh, here he is stumbling out from hiding behind the pillar before hiding back again. He was tasked by the girls to eavesdrop on them (since the cosplayers cannot leave the room). He has been making excuses why he can’t get near. Suzy tried pushing him but he won’t budge. Till she gave the ultimate move: A kiss on his cheek! He almost had a heart attack and reprimands Suzy. Then he has a bad feeling. Yup. Saki saw it and calls him a lolicon.

Episode 11
Hato sees Konno and Fuji off while Saki returns to the rest. Kousaka isn’t with her as he is in some game tournament. From what I hear, seems Tanaka and Oono are dating and the former isn’t sure of starting up a cosplay business. Annoying Keiko is also here to give her business cards to the guys. She had to point out she gave one to Madarame but he didn’t come at all. Saki says he wouldn’t. Because he’s a lolicon and a loser. She also mentions how he rejected Angela. This only proves he is a lolicon, no? Hato tries to vouch for Madarame. She did clean his room and find some eroges lying around. Keiko then discovers Hato is a guy and tries to flip her skirt just for prove! She insists on a proof so Hato whispers in her ear her manly voice. Saki thinks how popular Madarame has become. Suzy, Hato, Angela and even Keiko. She thinks of teasing him and mentions about the S&M game he had. Of course Hato tries to cover for him and mentions she didn’t find anything while cleaning his room. Try searching harder. Madarame is confident they won’t find anything no matter where they search till he realizes something. And then Hato also realizes. Dead giveaway. Something fishy… Remember Saki’s cosplay photos? Yeah. That. When Hato whispers to Madarame about this, he bolts from the room. She goes to find him and Keiko bugs Hato to tell what she exactly said. She can guess it’s something about Madarame liking Saki. Hato wonders if this is an open secret so she tells her. Keiko couldn’t believe her ass. Keiko hatches a devilish plan. Why don’t they make Madarame tell her that himself. Hato is thinking about his feelings and doesn’t want this forced upon him. Keiko blames Hato as the one for starting this and wrecked any chance of Madarame’s wish of wanting things to stay the same. Because it’s tiring to keep a secret that everyone already knows. Madarame is an idiot and can’t deal with it. That’s why he ran away.

Keiko and Hato find Saki and Madarame respectively to let them talk alone in the clubroom. Oh, Sasahara and Kousaka in cosplay are there. Surprise? Oh. Kousaka won the tournament. Kousaka and Sasahara return to the rest. They wonder if Kousaka is okay with Saki and Madarame alone. He is. Because he likes Madarame too. Doesn’t that give off the wrong impression? When the duo are alone, we see Madarame sweating in his pants and nervous while Saki is just cool. He tries to hint but is she playing dumb? Since Madarame is just nervous, Saki starts off talking about old times. Like how he first teased her by putting cat ears on her and probably thought he likes her. There’s the hint. Madarame thinks back wondering if that was the first time he liked her. It couldn’t be. Because it was when he first saw her cosplaying. He is in a dilemma to tell her. What is the use of doing so if you well know you’re going to get rejected? So he says it was her nose hair sticking out back then. He wasn’t brave enough to say it so it was easier to pretend he had forgotten. Is that what he really wanted to say with tears in his eyes? She’s okay with it. She adds she has Kousaka now and can’t be with him. Asking if Kousaka wasn’t around, would it have been him? Saki hints they might have a future together. Madarame felt a huge relief. It’s like the burden was lifted off his shoulders. Saki then suddenly starts crying. It’s like she’s relieved too. Those years she swore she wouldn’t act like she already knew but it just made her feel like she was hurting him. Madarame denies that was so. Now he knows Saki does cry easily and those days were indeed fun.

Episode 12
The duo emerge from the room and Saki admits that Madarame confessed and she rejected him. Keiko pesters Saki for details. Madarame wonders about the cosplay pictures about her. It’s up to him. In that case, he’ll keep it. He wants to leave but Keiko forces him to go back to tell the rest of Genshiken. To Madarame’s dismay, it seems everyone in Genshiken knew about his crush on Saki. Kousaka surprises everyone by saying he thought this would happen. If it did, he hopes Madarame would love him too! Is that a line he took from that eroge’s harem route? Kousaka then has Ogiue, Hato, Oono and Saki cosplay as the girls from that eroge so that Madarame could have a group picture of them. When they part, Saki asks about Madarame’s work. He thinks of quitting. She tells him not to. But she hopes he will drop by the university from time to time. Because it may really unlock his harem route. Meanwhile Oono submits another cosplay request but the teacher warns her about her thesis since she still has not have secured any job after graduation. Oono is in a dilemma because she loves to cosplay and now it’s the peak season. At this rate she won’t be able to find a job till next year. Though Tanaka could pay for her, Oono wants to pay her own way. Even if she ends up being just a housewife. Yoshitake suggests doing a cosplay CD and earn some big money from it. Oono talks to Tanaka about her problems and he is encouraging and supportive of the decisions she will make although the future is still uncertain.

I guess Oono becomes desperate as she couldn’t secure a job so she decides to do a cosplay CD. She starts posing in erotic ways despite it was agreed they were striving for generally accepted atmosphere. Touched by his consideration, Oono starts posing even more erotic. Yajima couldn’t hold it any longer and tells the truth. It was all Yoshitake’s plan. She made Oono drink an entire bottle of sake, though initially it was supposed to be a bit but Oono was tough. Tanaka reminds her the dangers in doing a cosplay CD so she breaks down relating her problems in finding a job. He tries to comfort her but is being told by Yajima how edgy she is lately. He explains he got into cosplay business because of her. He came this far only by making outfits after outfits for her to wear. Whether he will work for a company or starts his own, he was planning to make cosplay his business. Despite the uncertain future, he will think of something and help her cosplay forever. So please wait for him. The rest quickly understood that Tanaka proposed to Oono. Oono is so happy that she decides to go back to school for another year and wait. Hope she isn’t serious in that. When the newbies return to the clubroom, they see Madarame hanging around. He just returned from Akihabara. On a weekday? What about work? He quit. He has decided to live a life of a loser. Hato seems to be feeling responsible so after she changes in his room, she rushes out and hugs him! She hopes he will not stop coming to the club. Madarame is taken aback with the sudden turn of events. Is his really happening? His harem route?

Episode 13
Suzy, Yajima and Yoshitake are at Madarame’s place and blaming him. Something must have happened because Hato stopped coming to the club and even his cross-dressing ways. It felt like Madarame’s job quit was a big deal for Hato. Suzy forces him to call Hato but the ex-cross-dresser did not pick up. Even Yajima spotted Hato (in boy form) at university but he quickly ran away. Clearly he doesn’t want to see them. Suzy then suggests a club trip to Karuizawa. All the Genshiken members (including Hato – they sent a telegram to him since he wasn’t picking up!) turn up and Madarame is the only ex-member. I suppose they have a plan. But Kuchiki can’t be naughty because Suzy is really mad… You don’t want to make her angry… At Karuizawa, seems Yoshitake becomes the tour guide and rants her extensive knowledge about those Sengoku generals she loves so much. Too much history… At the inn, Kuchiki thought he could satiate his anime needs as he has brought his laptop, WiFi, etc. Till Madarame points out there is no internet connection here. Bummer. The conversation between Madarame and Hato is awkward but at least they’re talking. When it is time to go to the hotspring, everyone would love Hato to come as a girl. Because Yajima is the only one who actually saw Hato’s ‘thing’ she has a hard time trying to object to that. She can’t explain it either or else. As usual, Yoshitake’s mind is too small for a big pervert like her. She even admits her fantasy train in her mind is out of control! Everyone takes a dip except for Ogiue who is talking to Hato. She relates how she was very embarrassed when she admitted to Sasahara she used him in her BL works. She had drawn dozens of them. In the end, she felt glad she was able to change. She asks if Hato regrets being here right now. Not really. And that is good enough. Kuchiki still wants to seduce Hato but before he could sneak up on him, Suzy gives the ultimate Street Fighter combo that knocks the daylights out of him. I want to know what buttons to press just to do that!!!

Girls talk in the hotspring. Touching boobs and the likes. Courtesy of Yoshitake. Nobody can control her. Madarame and Hato continue their talk. The latter asks his next plan in life. Find a job. Duh. Hato apologizes for everything and Madarame admitted that he had thoughts Hato stopped coming to his place to dress up for good to stop cross-dressing. Has he? Not sure. He thinks he has to at some point. Why? Because things will change. Everyone too. Like how Madarame did on his job. He dismisses it was related to it this way and that Hato is a genuine otaku. That part of him won’t change. Everyone has their own fetish. It is not important if he cross-dresses or not. If he wants to, go ahead. Otherwise, don’t. Keep it simple. Back in the room, Kuchiki has horrifying thoughts about his blackout. He thinks he has been kidnapped by aliens and being conducted experiments on! Well, Suzy is the alien. And she suggests of continuing the dissection! Everybody votes for Hato to cross-dress as a girl. They prefer him/her that way. Besides, didn’t Hato bring all the necessary stuffs? And so we welcome back female Hato for the first time making her appearance in this episode. Even Yajima approves. Although she is still against cross-dressing but has gotten used to Hato’s ways. Then everyone discusses what to do for next year’s festival and other club activities. Cheeky Suzy prepared a futon side by side for Madarame and Hato. Too bad idiotic Kuchiki had to ruin it when he drops ‘dead’ on it. The club trip continues. Everyone had their fun before heading back. Hato seems happier.

This takes place before the newbies join Genshiken and I suppose it’s to give the older members of Genshiken some screen time. Back to the time when Suzy and Angela visited Japan and meet up with Genshiken for the ComiFest. It somewhat explains why Suzy and Ogiue are close to each other. Seems Suzy stayed at Ogiue’s place and since she speaks nothing but Japanese anime lines, it was hard for Ogiue trying to figure out things. The ‘epic’ things that I remember about Suzy is how she punched Sasahara in the guts, requesting to wear Ogiue’s shima pantsu when she gets out of the bath and finding the hidden stack of Ogiue’s hidden drawings behind the shelf. And the most surprising thing? She can actually understand Japanese! Much to Ogiue’s frustration. The second half sees the gang heading to Naritasan for New Year’s Day. The group splits itself into 2. Ogiue, Sasahara, Madarame, Kugayama and Suzy decide to pay their respects at the shrine while the rest follow Kuchiki via some alley shortcut to some drinking bar. Epic scene: Suzy forcing Madarame to let her ride on his shoulder. Meanwhile the girls are getting drunk at the bar and making fun of Kuchiki who has been out cold. It’s getting out of control. So when Ogiue’s group stops for tea at a rest area, the drinking spree has just gotten worse. Especially with Oono going on a rampage. Madarame excuses himself to go to toilet but gets lost. Tanaka finds Ogiue’s group and brings them to the bar. At that time, Kuchiki has been stripped! Saki excuses herself to the toilet and bumps into Madarame. She collapses but he catches her. Actually she wants to go to the toilet. After that, they walk back to the bar before proceeding to watch the sunrise. When Suzy flies back to America, Ogiue realizes she has stolen something from her: Her panties.

The Society For The Study Of BL And Yaoi Culture
I can’t say I am impressed in any sort of way. For one thing, I don’t seem to understand where this season is leading and can’t make any head or tail of it. I might not remember much about the original Genshiken series but I remember the quirky characters and the otaku parodies that made the club so. But then again, it’s perhaps their way of doing things. So what happens to everyone in the end? Life goes on. Pretty generic. Maybe it is because I am not really a knowledgeable person in the otaku world so I don’t really understand the tiff between Hato and Madarame in the end. Was it that careless uke statement that led up to all this and him quitting his job whatsoever? I can’t seem to connect the dots even if it’s staring at my face so please, somebody tell me what’s going on. Oh, I’m too lazy to even do my own research since like I said, I wasn’t impressed. Therefore I’m not interested. Really. So in the end, everything was like, meh. Hato (or whoever that character we’ve been put in the shoes of as first person view) returns to the club. Yay. Hooray. Happy ending. Good for everyone. Read, sarcasm.

Seems like Genshiken has pretty much changed since I last know them. There is no more that familiarity anymore. At least some of the obvious parts. Last time it was male majority but now it is pretty much female dominated. Not counting the old members, Kuchiki is the only true guy in the club. Hato? Erm… So girly that I am starting to believe he is more of a girl than a guy. Also, the club has somewhat turned into a BL club with almost everyone seemingly having a fair love for that topic. Some are more passionate than others who would prefer to probably be a closet fujoshi. I don’t think Kuchiki is into BL but his initially weird personality towards Hato could mean that he prefers having BL relationship in real life instead of being confined to his imagination. I don’t remember Oono being into BL as she is more into cosplay. Oh yeah. She is into bald old men… To each his/her own. Maybe Genshiken should change its name to something like Ya-Ken-Bu. Hmm… Doesn’t even sound good. There are a good amount of BL scenes (courtesy of Hato’s fantasies of changing in Madarame’s room and those eroges) and drawings (courtesy of female Hato going wild and extreme as an unstoppable BL drawing machine) to make you believe this is a BL themed anime but stops short of showing anything suggestive. If it does, the good ol’ mosaic will perfectly do its job.

A big chunk of this season seems to focus on Hato and Madarame. At least that is how I viewed it. About Hato’s cross-dressing conundrum and possible his/her confused feelings for Madarame. That guy too seems to have lingering feelings all because of Saki and I suppose it is good that he finally gets it out of his system and settled it once and for all. He wasn’t the prankster I knew him and somewhat toned down very much. Maybe life has really got to him. Hato is a bit hard to understand. I know he wants to be accepted for who he is without hurting anyone. So much so I think he has developed some sort of personality disorder. Especially when he is in boy form, his female alter ego can be seen hanging around him like a fairy trying to provoke this guy into embracing yaoi and doing all that lewd stuffs that is only limited as far as her wild imagination can take her. But when his female side takes over in reality, she’s quite shy and so girly that in your wildest dream you would never have thought she was a guy. A nightmare if you find out.

The other new characters are rather okay. At least with enough screen time it makes you feel like they’ve already been long part of the club. Yajima hardly ever smiles so much so I don’t remember she ever did. It’s like that grumpy looks is always part of her face and the only other emotion besides that gruffly moody exterior is when she flusters thinking she might have said the wrong thing or made the wrong decision. But that hardly is any different from that moody look too. Yoshitake can be labelled as the cheeky and mischievous one and even surpassing Suzy. Well, we all already accepted Suzy is kind of weird so no matter what she does, it won’t be a surprise. It’s like that girl has is crazy but not crazy enough to qualify to be put into a mental asylum. And there you have it. Suzy running around free in the campus and saying lines that don’t make sense for half of the time. But for Yoshitake, she is like riot if left alone and uncontrolled. Maybe that’s why Yajima is always with her. I kinda noticed that they’re like a pair in this sense. Could be a potential manzai comedy duo if they ever decide to get into this after graduation. I wonder what happened to Yabusaki after the ComiFest. She got kicked out and then what? It’s like she’s tsundere for Genshiken especially Ogiue but won’t admit it because of her pride and perhaps well, she’s tsundere. From my observation, I think Suzy also has this particular liking for Ogiue because of the way she blatantly says Ogiue belongs to her. Like her panties. Konno, Fuji and Kaminaga’s cameo appearance felt like it was just to push forth Hato’s past and story and let this series go somewhere.

Other old returning characters besides Madarame feel okay too. It’s like they have matured from the last time. Ogiue as the latest Genshiken president doesn’t feel like she had an impact overall in the series since Madarame and Hato hogged the spotlight. I felt her significance took a serious impact ever since she got sick during ComiFest. Oono, she’s still there doing fine and Kuchiki another weirdo but falls into the loser category. I thought he had the potential to be the funny guy even though it would be annoying but like I said, Madarame and Hato hogged everything so this guy is one of those who doesn’t have any important scenes unless it is for comic relief. The fool of the club. Feel free to ignore him as you wish. Other ex-Genshiken members pop up from time to time perhaps just to tell us they’re still attached to the club even after graduating and to make it feel like it was yesterday once more. Because new characters and different people might change our perspectives of the old entirely.

Saki oddly I remember her as the only Genshiken member who hates otaku activities but is forced to hang out in the club because of Kousaka. She’s willing to go this far for love? Don’t blame her. Here, Saki exudes an air of maturity. She even looks matured into a lady instead of that young adult look. She’s still cool and you can’t easily take her for a fool. Of course just like any other girl, also cries and feels insecure. She just doesn’t show it. Kousaka remains cool too and I don’t remember him getting upset ever. It’s like he is a very understanding guy but has no qualms doing cross-dressing. All part of being an otaku? Not much scenes for Sasahara unless it involves Ogiue but their love story may be reserved for another day (or another season). I don’t remember Tanaka being into cosplay because I thought he was into plastic models, though I barely remember he is also a cosplay designer. But then again, I don’t really know him that well. Worse appearance of the old school Genshiken members goes to Kugayama. So unnoticeable that you may think he is just some furniture following the rest. Haha! Oops. I think there was even a time in the next episode preview that Kugayama was worried if he would make more appearances. Not that I noticed. Even if he did, it didn’t make any lasting impact. Oh wait. Remember the first mysterious president of Genshiken? Don’t remember him? Neither do I. And Angela… Her brief return was possibly the flag that led to how the rest of this season is played out. Keiko is a little daring. I wonder if her failure to get her hands on Kousaka causes her to shift to Madarame. Or maybe she just enjoys teasing him. That’s because she likes him, right?

The romance feels on and off and doesn’t amount to anything much. Not at least what I thought it would be. It makes me wonder if Hato really likes Madarame or maybe it is just his BL fantasies. Then of course the season ended with Madarame closing the chapter of his secret crush on Saki. Sasahara and Oguie’s relationship felt like it didn’t go anywhere. Not at least I can see. They’re still the same as before, both pretty much occupied and busy with their own stuffs. I’m not sure if there is any headway in Saki and Kousaka’s relationship but I suppose there should be since they’re still going strong together and Saki learning to accept Kousaka’s odd fetish for cosplaying and even as a trap. I wonder if Kousaka is a bi because from the way he ambiguously put things, it’s like he is okay with either side. Tanaka and Oono seem to be going somewhere though it is just hinting. Just thinking about Ogiue-Suzy got me thinking if this will ever turn into something yuri. Ironic. Yuri in a yaoi club? It also got me thinking at the possibility of Madarame getting a harem. I know it won’t happen but imagine if it did. That won’t feel like Genshiken anymore…

Watching the art and drawing style for this season, it seems there are some changes. Although the obvious is not much but you can tell there is a difference. From what I can see, Nidaime’s art style follows closely of the manga. Something that animes these days are getting pretty much into. Personally, I thought it lacks that ‘refined beauty’ that I saw first in the prequels. Not to say the previous Genshiken’s series had quite excellent art but this season’s one seems simpler than before. For instance, Oono’s hairstyle once reminded me that she popped up from some Japanese ghost horror movie since her bangs are quite messy. Now her black flowing hair looks pretty mild here. Some of the characters look pretty odd especially Konno and Fuji. Look at their eyes. Konno’s eyes are so big like as though she came out from an American comic strip while Fuji has bug eyes. Creepy? Yajima looks so frumpy that I really thought this woman was a guy and thus I was annoyed about the mismatch of her voice to the character. Then she turns out to be female. Yikes. I thought Fuji too looked very manly but the scrawny type. Suzy is already so odd that the crazy looks befit her and it passes without me having to feel weird about her. The bags underneath Kaminaga’s eyes, I thought she looked very much like To Aru Kagaku No Railgun’s Kiyama.

An aspect that is totally changed is the voice acting department. Every character has been given a new seiyuu to voice! For instance, I remember Ayako Kawasumi was the voice behind Oono. Now she is replaced with Yukana (C.C. In Code Geass). I know it feels odd at first but I got used to it. But the good thing is that despite they sound different, they sound as close as possible to the character. But you can still tell the difference. The replaced casts include Nozomi Yamamoto as Ogiue (Yukimura in Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai), Rina Satou as Saki (Haruka in Minami-ke), Jun Fukuyama as Kuchiki (Grell in Kuroshitsuji), Naomi Oozora as Suzy (Yuragi in Noukome), Ikumi Hayama as Keiko Tatsuya (Shinobu in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun S), Kazuyuki Okitsu as Madarame (Tasuku in Seikon No Qwaser), Momoko Ohara as Kousaka (Miyashita in Mitsudomoe), Kobashi as Sasahara (Jack Roland in Strait Jacket), Takayuki Kondo as Tanaka (Oishi in Prince Of Tennis) and Misa Kobayashi as Angela. As for the new ones, Yumi Uchida as Yajima (Nagisa in A Channel), Sumire Uesaka as Yoshitake (Tamaki in GJ-Bu), Shou Saotome as Risa, Yuri Yamaoka as Konno (Choi in Tamako Market) and Risa Taneda as Fuji (Xenovia in High School DxD New). Hato’s character has been given 2 seiyuus to reflect the gender that character is in. Ai Kakuma (Hikari in Campione) does the female version while Kazutomi Yamamoto (Yoshida in Blood Lad) takes on the male version. Oh, there’s a pleasant cameo by Mamiko Noto as Kaminaga.

The anime rock outfit opening theme, Genshi, Joshi Wa, Taiyou Datta by Sumire Uesaka has cute opening lyrics. The ending theme, Aoku Yureteiru sung by the seiyuus of Ogiue, Hato, Yajima and Yoshitake sounds like a generic anime pop. As usual, there are lots of trivia for you to see. I have spotted a few myself and though it is just a fraction of the anime culture shown, I am proud of my achievement! See if you can tally up some of them here as I did on Anime News Network. Oh, the in-anime show of Kujibiki Unbalance is not seen here. Unless you consider those cameo cosplay pictures like the photos of Saki in Madarame’s hands as one.

The point is everyone is their own otaku in their own way. Nobody has the right to tell you what is good and what is not for you. Although what they say is not really your business anyway. Freedom of speech and expression, I’d say. Then again, you have to consider the laws and moral implications especially about cross-dressing. Sure you’re fine, your close friends are fine but what about everybody else? Can’t say it’s none of their business, right? Only way is to make otaku culture mainstream if you want the people around the world to wholeheartedly accept. So can we start off by saying otaku culture isn’t for geeks, perverts or losers in life. Otaku culture is the new way of life!

After all the rumours I heard about the series having a second sequel and all the fake alerts that I have never bothered with, they finally came up with a 3 episode OVA called Otome Wa Boku Ni Koishiteru: Futari No Elder back in mid 2012. However this is not a direct continuation from the original TV series that aired in 2006 and in fact I would classify it as a spin-off sequel since all the characters are different but the setting and the main issue of cross-dressing are still present.

So instead of seeing Mizuho, we have Chihaya Mikado. As stated in the synopsis, this OVA takes place 2 years after Mizuho’s graduation. Because Chihaya has been bullied and harassed in school by bullies, he has been skipping school and thus his distrust for men. His mom can’t bear to see him go on like this and thus transfers him to her old school. The catch? Seiou is a school for girls! Yup. Cross-dressing time. It just makes me wonder how he accepted that. Maybe after all that protesting and fallen on deaf ears, might as well suck it up and take the bull by the horns. Hey, it’s better than skipping school, right? So at Seiou, Chihaya undertakes the surname of Kisakinomiya which is his mother’s maiden name and becomes the focus of public attention since he has an attractive face, figure and does well in his studies. He’s like the perfect lady. Throughout the rest of the blog, I’ll refer to Chihaya as a female because, if it looks like a girl, talks like a girl, walks like a girl and acts like a girl, then it must be a girl, right? I don’t want to screw up my own brain having confusing thoughts about a boy cross-dressing as a girl. Yeah. Very confusing indeed.

Episode 1
It is Chihaya Kisakinomiya’s first day at Seiou All-Girls High School. The girls love her elegant and mature posture. Kaoruko Nanahara whom everyone knows as the Knight Princess, greets her and guides her around school as requested by teacher Hisako Kajiura. They also live in the same dorm. Before class begins, Kajiura wonders if Chihaya could get use to life here since her mom entrusted Chihaya into her care. The classmates are amazed over Chihaya’s English abilities and as explained to Kaoruko on their way back, only her mother’s grandma is a westerner and she spent most of her time studying. That’s got to be so boring, right? Chihaya offers to tutor her and Kaoruko happily accepts it only to be teased by Kaori Kamichika not to ‘cheat’. Kaori loves teasing Kaoruko by the way. As it starts raining, they see Yuu Kashiwagi sitting on the bench getting drench in the rain. She wants to stay like this because she likes it. Chihaya easily lifts her and brings her back to the dorm. Kaori notes who she lifted Yuu so easily so Chihaya replies she is very light. Yuu is brought back to the dorm whereby Hatsune Minase brings Yuu back to bed and nurses her fever. The other girls also meet Hinata Kudou. Chihaya makes English dessert for everyone and bring in some smiles. Kaoruko is impressed and praises Chihaya for having such refined skills only to be teased by Kaori. Later as Chihaya takes a bath alone, she remembers how her mom decided to make arrangements to have her enrol in Seiou and will have Kajiura push everything through since she’s also the acting principal. Chihaya pleaded that wasn’t the problem but it fell on deaf ears instead. Chihaya’s personal maid, Fumi Watarai comes in to wash her back. Part of the ‘training’ for her to get used to a girl’s body? I guess Chihaya would fail if she gets ‘excited’ seeing her loli body.

One evening in the library, Chihaya spots Kaori kissing a junior. Kaori knows Chihaya has seen her and prepares to live with the rumours Chihaya will spread. But Chihaya promises she will keep this a secret and this has Kaori note she is just like her. Different from the rest. For Kaori, she is different because she will live true to herself. Later Chihaya asks Kaoruko about Kaori. She admires her and feels is a good person. She also mentions Chihaya is beautiful, good at everything and care for others but she disagrees she is perfect. That night as Chihaya looks out her window, Kaori hugs her from behind and ascertains that Chihaya is a boy. Did the fake boobs give her away? Oh, Kaoruko was eavesdropping too. See her horrified expression? Now it is Chihaya’s turn to be prepared to be expelled since her identity is known. However Kaori wants to hear her story first. She is surprised to hear Chihaya followed such ridiculous order from her parents. Kaori explains the dead giveaways that made her suspect Chihaya is a boy. She was cautious of being touched when they first met. No matter how light Yuu is, it will still be a problem for girls to lift Yuu and Chihaya demonstrated to lift her easily. Through the eyes of a girl, she is too perfect only because it’s the role she was playing. Because Chihaya promised to keep Kaori’s secret, she will do the same for her and thinks it’s okay for her to stay here.

Over the next few scenes, Kaoruko gives Chihaya the cold shoulder. When Chihaya wanted to have a moment with her, she bumps into her friend, Kayleigh Grandselius who is talking about the stars and such. She points out Chihaya pointing under and unfortunate star. Kaoruko suddenly takes Kayleigh and leaves. Chihaya talks to Kaori and wonders if Kaoruko knows her secret. As far as she knows, she is the only one in this school who knows about it. However she cautions Chihaya may be so worried then her less than perfect acting may have given her away. As Chihaya ponders she doesn’t fit here, Kaoruko comes in to challenge her to a kendo duel. The first one to land a clean hit wins. If Kaoruko wins, Chihaya will tell her the whole truth. If Chihaya wins, she can do anything she wants. But I guess even before the match starts, the truth already came out. Kaoruko wants to ascertain she is a boy. Chihaya doesn’t deny that. Chihaya might leave Seiou since her identity is exposed but Kaoruko gets upset at her ‘perfect lying’ and if this is her way of doing things half-heartedly. She isn’t happy Kaori is also involved and wants to know her intentions. The bout ends in Chihaya’s favour as Kaori and Fumi step in. Kaoruko has calmed down and questions Kaori’s act. Something about camouflaging and imaging tactics. Chihaya will be her ally and in return she’ll protect her secrets. Chihaya wonders why Kaoruko won’t accept her. Well, there’s a host of reasons she gave. Yuu might be sad if she leaves. She kinda admires her. She looks like her older sister. Anyhow, it isn’t a bad thing if she stays. Chihaya is so happy that she cried. I guess she’s really gotten good in playing a girl’s role. While Fumi is surprised that her identity is found out by 2 girls in the first few days and everyone can keep going like it’s nothing (which is truly a miracle), Kaoruko gets flustered when Kaori mentions about girls undressing and changing. This means Chihaya has already seen Kaoruko in her pantsu, right? RIGHT?!

Episode 2
Chihaya is equally as popular and because of her unique hair colour, she has been nicknamed Silver Haired Princess. For the upcoming annual concert, Utano Sasou and Eri Nishina hope to join Kaoruko’s ensemble. Looks like Chihaya is in too. I’m not sure why Utano brought them to Awayuki Reizei just to explain about the concert. Anyway the founders believed all students should be able to play a music instrument. They also must join an ensemble to perform in a yearly concert. Kaoruko plays the cello but it seems the concert is stressing her out. Hatsune teases her about her ‘outstanding’ performance last year as Kaoruko feels she is bad in front of crowds. Chihaya plays the piano and demonstrates her elegance and class. When Kaoruko leaves the music room, Kayleigh introduces her to Harumi Kimihara, the violinist who will be part of her ensemble this year. Kaoruko practices with her group and she feels better that she can perform well now. Later there seems to be a dispute in regards to which ensemble shall use the music room for practice. There has been double booking and Kayleigh allows Kaoruko’s group to use the room first since they have a pianist while theirs only consists only of strings. However Harumi doesn’t believe instruments should be a factor to this. Since Chihaya has a personal piano in her dorm, she can use it for her personal practice. Since everybody agrees, the issue is settled. But why does Harumi doesn’t look happy? Later Kaoruko is seen talking off the phone. Something bad must have happened to make her sink into depression.

As Kaoruko practices with her group, Eri points out that she heard Harumi is transferring to another school after the concert. They think her family has issues to move in this time of year. Kaoruko hears rumours about others whispering that lenders aren’t afraid to rough you up. Maybe they should just stop whispering if they’re so afraid that she might hear. Kaoruko goes to see Harumi and the latter confirms her father’s company has gone bankrupt thanks to Kaoruko’s father. Kaoruko hopes she can do something for her. Really? Anything? Harumi chides her if she’s serious about that, then swap places with her. Give her everything you have! Your friends! Your popularity! Your future! Chihaya who was looking for Kaoruko steps in. Harumi runs away in tears. Chihaya wants to know what happened but Kaoruko won’t tell. Back at the dorm, Chihaya learns from Fumi that Kaoruko went out. In this stormy weather? Kaoruko practices her cello as she remembers about others whispering about those rumours. She is so sad and disturbed that she didn’t realize her fingers are bleeding after playing the cello so rough!!! Yikes! It took Chihaya to bring her to her senses. Once more, Kaoruko doesn’t want to say what’s wrong. Is it because Chihaya lied before? Is it because she’s a boy and unable to solve her problem? Kaoruko fears she will hate her as she doesn’t know who to answer the girl who is crying for help. As always, she only sits back and watches. She is mad at herself for being like this. After all that crying, emotional drama and hugging, Kaoruko lets known the truth. Her father is a loan shark and she’s always hate being a daughter of one. Chihaya points out Harumi knows she wasn’t at fault. While that was her form of kindness, it may be that there is no correct answer. They can only pray she tries her best to stand on her own feet again.

As the concert begins, it is Kaoruko’s group’s turn to take the stage. As they play, Kaoruko remembers her meeting with Harumi soon after. She told her she used to think switching places would solve everything but not anymore. Kaoruko will always be Kaoruko and Harumi will always be Harumi. She must accept that. Harumi knows that and despite wanting to hate her, she can’t help end up admiring her. Kaoruko says she can both hate and admire her but will always remember her. In the aftermath, Hatsune tells everyone the news that after Harumi transfers out, she went to a music school and immediately won a national competition. Kaoruko treasures a present from Harumi which is a handkerchief with a picture of a violin next to a cello.

Episode 3
It’s that time of year again for the school’s annual Elder Sister election. Students pick a senior to serve as a role model for the entire student body and she commands more respect and influence than the student council president although she doesn’t bear any official authority. However she must obtain 75% of the votes. If that is not reached, other candidates may give their votes to her. Chihaya tutors Kaoruko in the library. Did they get distracted admiring the length of each other’s fingers? That is interrupted when Chihaya is called since she has a visitor. Turns out to be her mom and is here to check on how she is doing. The interaction between mother and child seems awkward because mommy addresses her as Chitose. Plus, she is happy to know that her ‘daughter’ has enough stamina to tutor others and now that she’s transformed into a fine lady, she could hardly recognize her. That night, Kaoruko and Kaori discuss what happened today. Kaoruko is suspicious because Chihaya didn’t correct her mother when she called her ‘Chitose’. Also, Chihaya even addressed her as ‘mama’ instead of ‘okaa-san’ like she always used to. When Chihaya is in the flower arrangement club, she remembers presenting to her ill twin sister in hospital, Chitose some flowers. However she started coughing incessantly and that was the last she saw of her. Since Chihaya wasn’t paying attention, she accidentally cuts herself and bleeds. She recuperates in the hospital though her injuries aren’t life threatening. Kaoruko confronts Fumi to ask who Chitose is. She reveals she is Chihaya’s twin sister who died at the age of 10 due to an illness. Kaoruko realizes this must be the reason why Chihaya is protective of Yuu. Chihaya dreams that after Chitose died, her mom was devastated. She had to be strong for her otherwise nobody will. Even though she knows what she’s doing is wrong, she has to endure it. She is her mother after all. Soon Chihaya wakes up and is back on her own feet. Kaoruko talks to Fumi again wondering if she is okay with such decision. Fumi says her duty is to serve Chihaya and if she chooses to live as Chitose, she will abide by that.

Then Kaoruko confronts Chihaya if she really is going to aim for the Elder Sister position. Chihaya doesn’t understand what she meant since the post is decided by votes. What Kaoruko wants to know is what Chihaya truly wants. Does she want to live as Chitose? Although Chihaya says yes, the way she said it doesn’t seem convincing. Kaoruko then starts telling her all the things Chihaya are good at, even better than her. That is the real Chihaya she knows and wants her to be herself because she wants to be with her. Chihaya’s heart is still confused so she runs away. Kaoruko chases her. She catches up. They trip. She falls over her. Since the mood is right, they let their body take over. At least their lips. Kaoruko confesses she likes her and wants her to stay by her side. Chihaya in tears wonders if she can be herself. Of course she can. Then she realizes they are in the flower bed (the flowers she gave the Chitose) and it made her even emotional. On the day of the Elder Sister election, Kajiura announces the election results. The top 4 are Chihaya, Kaoruko, Hatsune and Makio Shingyouji. She offers a chance to those who wants to give their votes. Makio gives hers to Kaoruko since they’ve been through the same thing. Likewise, Hatsune gives hers to Chihaya as gratitude for mending her relationship with Yuu. Since both their total votes are still at a tie, Hatsune steps forward and suggests that they both be given the title as Elder Sister. I guess they are popular enough that everyone in the hall approves of it. So for the first time in history, we have 2 seniors holding the post of Elder Sister. This means Chihaya and Kaoruko get to be together from now and always.

The Thing About Cross-dressing…
Uhm… Well, if you ask me, this OVA isn’t really much. I suppose for those who truly wish to enjoy this drama, the best is that you read the original works (actually it is a visual novel game that this series is based on) or you are a big fan of the series. Otherwise, 3 episodes are not enough to do justice to a random and casual viewer like me who wouldn’t know how to appreciate or understand what is really going on. It felt like it skipped a lot of things and introduces a few characters and some that don’t play any significant role in the OVAs. The first episode was about Chihaya and Kaoruko and about the latter trying to come to terms with the former’s real gender and identity when it is found out. The second episode focuses more on Kaoruko and her issue of dealing with a fellow student whose family got affected because of Kaoruko’s father. Finally the third season sees how Chihaya deal with the ‘presence’ of her late twin sister, an emotional scar that has deeply affected her mom and whether or not she chooses to live in her shadow or as her own.

The cross-dressing part really did not hit me while watching this show because Chihaya is so elegant as a lady, it’s either like she is a natural or has gotten so used to the role. That’s why throughout the duration of watching this series, the thought that Chihaya is a boy never really bugged me even when his identity is on the verge of being exposed and got exposed to a hand few. It also felt that Chihaya’s identity was never in danger of being exposed. Even if it was like to some of her friends, she would just coolly accept fate. Where’s the fun in that when you don’t panic of your real identity being busted? It’s like as though she has no qualms if she gets expelled. Or maybe Chihaya was just putting up a poker face. We can’t tell since she really did a good job acting like a fine lady.

Also, the way Chihaya acts, it never occurred to me that he is a victim bully. Maybe everyone at Seiou are girls so her trauma is stemmed. Because there are a handful of minor characters, their little presence in the OVAs didn’t really do their roles any justice. Yuu was just someone Chihaya saved at first and later and subtly her relationship with others got mended. Kaori is amusing since she likes teasing Kaoruko but that only happens in the first episode. After that you don’t see her do this stuff anymore. And Kayleigh? If you ask me, if she hadn’t appeared at all, the series can go on. Then in the final episode they introduced Makio and her few seconds of overall screen time isn’t really appreciated too. Just somebody there, you know. Even Chihaya’s skyrocketing popularity with the girls felt implied. It’s like you have to accept the fact that Chihaya is already famous. Where are the hard work and the things she do to get her this popular? Like I said, if you really want to know everything and all the characters, it is best to play the game. The OVAs were just ‘desserts’.

Maybe the other reason why Chihaya accepted her mom’s absurd request of enrolling at Seiou is because of Chitose. Like she said, she needed to be strong for her and from the way things were shown, it seems mom hasn’t really gotten over Chitose yet. As for that ultimate scene whereby Kaoruko and Chihaya kissed each other in the flowerbed, it makes me wonder if Kaoruko likes Chihaya as a boy or a girl. I mean, Chihaya has been given the ‘approval’ to be the way she wants, right? So is that a boy or a girl? Of course this means Chihaya still will have to cross-dress till she graduates. Likewise the same can be asked for Chihaya. Does she love Kaoruko as a boy or a girl (for Chihaya lah)? ‘Experience’ tells me that girls who study in all-girls school have this tendency to go yuri so it is not surprising if they fall in love each other as females. Chihaya really looks and acts like a fine lady, right? And in the event if they fall for each other with Chihaya as a boy, then it would be straight but they’ll have to keep his identity a secret or else a scandal so huge that it overshadows the world’s biggest political and sex scandals.

Eri Kitamura as Kaoruko is still identifiable although she doesn’t pull off her trademark bratty voice like Rin in Kodomo No Jikan or Kotone in Softenni. Surprisingly I could recognize Ayana Taketatsu as Kaori. No reprimanding voices here like Azusa from K-ON! Or Eclair from Dog Days. Just like that calm and cool voice of Fuu from Tamayura. Other casts include Yu Shimamura as Chihaya (Hare in Guilty Crown), Sayuri Hara as Fumi (Bokuden in Sengoku Collection), Yuiko Tatsumi as Utano (Riko in KissxSis), Mana Hirata as Yuu (Hazuki in Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu), Yui Sakakibara as Kajiura (Priecia in Prism Ark), Megumi Takamoto as Kayleigh (Winry in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), Risa Kayama as Hatsune (Kouta in Sakamichi No Apollon) and Yoriko Nagata as Harumi (Jun in K-ON!). The opening theme is a lively pop, Cross X Over Sensation by Natsuko Ako while the ending theme is a slow-moderate ballad, Himitsu and sung by the typical style of CooRie. When I heard the ending piece, I thought it reminded me a little of Da Capo Second Season’s ending theme, Akatsuki Ni Saku Uta, a song that CooRie also sung.

Overall, the OVA didn’t feel it was up to mark though the art and drawing were okay (at least in my opinion it was better than the TV prequel) and the ending could be deemed as happily ever after (because the main protagonist duo got to be together. Holding hands). There were relationships between characters and pasts that weren’t fleshed out properly. I’m sure that even the most minor of the side characters have their own story to tell whether it is tragic or complicated, right? Although I don’t remember about the prequel much, the OVA lacks the comedy parts so it is drama all the way. Bottom line is, cross-dressing and enrolling into a school for one gender only doesn’t really solve the main problem, though it may solve other problems (‘side quests’) along the way. Because if it does, you would have seen a host of guys cross-dressing as girls Yup. That would be ugly. That would be disaster. That would make maidens fall into trauma instead.

Mayo Chiki

August 5, 2012

What is the difference between a butler and a maid? Butlers are usually assigned to males while females usually get the tasks of being a maid. What happens if it is vice versa? Can a female be a butler? If you cross-dress, maybe. From the premise of Mayo Chiki, viewers are told that the butler in question, Subaru Konoe is actually a female rather than a male as believed by 99% of the characters in this anime. However I am alright and would have gone along with this premise except for a little tiny issue. No matter how you look at it, Subaru definitely looks like a girl!!! I know that in anime you have lots of characters that are androgynous but seriously, no matter what manly clothes you put on Subaru to make her look more masculine, she has that girly look! And the worst part is everybody believes she is a guy. I mean, won’t they get suspicious nor have they asked if ‘he’ is really a she? Not to say that Subaru also acts very manly but like the polite butler that everyone expects to. So yeah, I really can’t fathom how everyone else could not see Subaru is not a girl. Even if I didn’t read the premise, I would instantly tell you my first impression that Subaru is a girl. Woman. Female. XX.

Of course when there are secrets, this means there is a chance that someone is bound to discover it. On purpose or by accident. In the case of Kinjirou “Jirou” Sakamichi, it is the latter. A very unfortunate latter. To make things worse, Jirou has gynophobia (fear of women) because his mother is a pro-wrestler and his martial arts sister, Kureha wants to follow in mommy’s violent footsteps. What better way than to ‘hone’ their skills by doing all the submission and painful moves on the only guy in the house (their father died of an illness by the way)? Hey girls, I have a suggestion. Why not use a punching bag? Realism you say? Well, can’t beat that. Good luck Jirou. You’re going to need them all. And thus over the years of abuse and suffering, he becomes ‘afraid’ of woman that the mere touch by them has him nose bleed. Not to be mistaken for sexual stimulation. So when he finds out about Subaru’s secret, they have to work together with the very sadistic master of Subaru, Kanade Suzutsuki to keep that butler’s identity a secret from the rest. Oh, did I mention that Subaru is such a popular butler in school that almost every girl will start fawning at the mere sight of ‘him’? Yeah. That. Man, this is going to be bloody tough. As if life isn’t already tough for punching bag Jirou. What is protecting one’s secret identity without the complicated matters of the heart getting in the way too? Yeah, life is indeed complicated even for high school students.

Episode 1
Right at the start of the episode, we already see Jirou getting his daily morning abuse from Kureha. Such a rude wake up call. As we learn, mother had left the kids all alone because she’s going on a world tour to find ‘challenging’ opponents. She is so strong that nobody can beat her, literally there is no one else left to fight her. Well, nobody said she was a good mother. In Rouran Academy, Jirou observes the oujo-sama-like daughter of the school, Kanade being served wherever she goes by Subaru. Even in school, Jirou’s reputation must be going downhill because his guy friend, Yamato Kurose thinks the reason he isn’t interested into girls is because he is gay! That already has become a rumour in school. So as he runs away to freshen up himself at an abandoned section of the boys’ toilet, he accidentally spots Subaru using a cubicle. Of all the unused cubicles, he had to open that one. First he couldn’t understand why Subaru is wearing girl’s panties. Is ‘he’ a pervert? But that’s the start of his trouble because Subaru is going to kill him as Jirou no longer have any more human rights! Don’t worry, what Subaru meant is that she will take his memories and not his life. Thanks to Jirou’s lifelong abuse, he can take the powerful punches Subaru throws at him. Fight, fight, fight and what do you know? Jirou ‘saves’ Subaru from a falling glass specimen. I don’t know how Subaru’s clothes can come undone so easily because this means Jirou groped her soft breasts and realizes Subaru is a girl. She thinks his nose bleed is him getting aroused and knocks him out with a fire extinguisher. Ouch.

He wakes up in the infirmary bed only to find Kanade sleeping next to him! And he is handcuffed to the bed. Oh dear. While seductively playing with his mind, she says she is imprisoning him because he has discovered her butler’s secret. So the question that many would ask: Why did Subaru cross-dress as a boy? The men in Subaru’s family have for generations served Kanade’s family as butlers. But Subaru is a single child with no other siblings to inherit the job. Being a girl, she cannot be a butler but Subaru insisted she wanted to. So her father gave her a condition that if Subaru can complete 3 years in high school without being discovered, Subaru will be allowed to be Kanade’s butler and the women in her family are not allowed to be one. Since Jirou has discovered that secret, this threatens that very condition and Kanade thought of doing any means to seal his mouth. Jirou realizes he has to be thankful to Kanade too because she was the one who stopped Subaru from going on a rampage to kill him. Kanade shows her sadistic side when she tests his nose bleeding symptoms by seductively touching his body. Due to his allergy to girls and a bastard who is too scared of having girls touch him, she calls him a chicken, derived from his name Sakamichi Kinjirou… Sakami-Chi Kin-jirou… Sakami CHICKEN Jirou. Geddit? Kanade wants to help him overcome his phobia in exchange he will not tell Subaru’s secret. This way, the condition made with her father is considered not broken. Otherwise, it’s death! How does an unidentifiable corpse found at Mt Fuji sound? Better accept the offer! If Jirou thinks his home will be his sanctuary, then he has to think again because on Kanade’s orders, Subaru is now living with him to make sure he doesn’t spill her secret. There’s always that accidental chance of him seeing her naked, right? Right. And he wouldn’t have count on seeing it so soon. Another memory erasing technique in order I presume?

Episode 2
Kurose thinks Jirou-is-a-gay rumour is coming true because he is seen walking to school with Subaru. He warns him about the group called Shooting Star Subaru-Sama or S4 for short. Let’s just say they are an underground fan club of Subaru and you what will happen if they find out about this, right? Why do they wear head masks that look like KKK?! Anyway, true enough there are some s4 members trying to kill Jirou but are taken out by a splinter group of S4 called Watching Over Subaru-Sama (WOSS). Let’s say this club as oppose to S4 who only wants Subaru for themselves, are somewhat a fujoshi fan group who would love to see some yaoi stuff brewing between Jirou and Subaru. Kanade gives Jirou a poorly drawn card (sheep ticket?) but powerful one. With this in hand, Subaru cannot disobey orders given by the one holding this card. Later Kanade makes Jirou go out on a date with Subaru as part of her scheme to help the former cure of his gynophobia. Something tells me this is just an excuse for her sadistic amusement. To avoid suspicions, Subaru is dressed like a girl and what did I tell you? She looks girly enough to be in a dress. They go to the arcade and Jirou plays a crane machine to get her a sheep plushie she likes. Is that blood dripping out from the sheep’s mouth? During the break at the park, Jirou explains his phobia to Subaru. Kanade soon calls Subaru and instruct her to do seductive things on Jirou in the name of curing him. Jirou is allowed to use the sheep ticket and to Subaru’s dismay, she has no choice but to follow every order he says. Jirou feels guilty even making a simple order but I guess Subaru has snapped and wants to ‘warm” him up. Suddenly Kureha lands a double kick on Jirou’s head! Seems Kureha has heard rumours her brother is going out with a guy and tailed him. She thinks Subaru has a perverted fetish to cross-dress! Kureha fights back but is easily defeated by Subaru. Kureha runs away crying in disbelief that she was defeated so easily. So this is the results of her daily training abusing her big brother? So the ‘date’ ends with Jirou leaving for home. He can tell Kureha underwent a huge shock because the teddy bear got ‘butchered’.

This problem though not resolved, there is another one brewing. It’s the physical examinations! Last year Subaru was able to evade it because she was sick but this year as told by Kanade, she must rely on Jirou. So how? For every measurement, Jirou takes the liberty to measure Subaru! I’m sure the other guys will start thinking he is really gay. And since Jirou has this gynophobia, Subaru returns the favour by measuring him. I guess it’s better than having the pretty nurses do it. Due this tiring ‘feat’, they manage to get by. As they eat together on the school rooftop, they talk about friends and Jirou learns Kanade and Subaru was always home-schooled and had private tutors. They only had a chance to attend school during high school so Subaru has never eaten with anyone else before. Jirou suggests that they should start calling each other by their first names since they’re going to be friends. Subaru manages to call him that but soon falls asleep on his shoulder. At least Jirou didn’t nose bleed when she touched him. As usual, sneaky Kanade pops up from her eavesdropping spot. She tells him Subaru probably feels comfortable around him to sleep on his shoulders. Since she has always been guarding her secret, she never got anyone this close to her. With Jirou knowing her secret, they can both be friends, a first for Subaru of course. Kanade dismisses herself as Subaru’s friend because to her, she is nothing but Subaru’s master and doesn’t see her as a friend. They used to be close but that was all in the past. Jirou goes him and Kureha asks him if he is going out with Subaru. He mentions they are just friends. Why is Kureha relieved? Because she had just fallen in love with Subaru!!! OMG! If she’d only know she had fallen in love with a girl!

Episode 3
So imagine when Subaru comes knocking on Jirou’s door only to see naked Kureha coming out from the bath. Kureha confronts Jirou talking to Kanade on the rooftop about Subaru’s reaction in seeing her body. Why is she disappointed when there is no reaction? Kanade fuels the fire by even saying Subaru is madly in love with Jirou. But rest assured, Kanade claims Jirou is going out with her instead! To prove it, Kanade knows a certain birthmark on his body (that gynophobia test). In addition, her smooth persuasion has Kureha believe that this will make them sister-in-laws if the duo get hitched. Thus she suggests a double date at the water theme park. As Subaru goes off to teach Kureha swimming, Kanade explains she and Subaru once came here as children. It was a time when they were kidnapped for ransom. Though the incident was resolved quickly without incident, Subaru felt guilty for failing to protect her. That’s when the distance between them grew and just like Jirou, she too has her own weakness. Later when Kanade sends Jirou and Subaru to get some drinks, Jirou sees a little girl drowning and dives in without second thought to save her. After all that, he passes out. He dreams of his father telling him the meaning of his name. It meant ‘close by’ and in other words, he wants him to become someone strong enough to say “I will protect you, so stay by my side”. So Jirou wakes up with Subaru by his side on the bench, claiming nothing much has happened. Really? Suddenly they get a message from a masked man that Kanade and Kureha have been kidnapped. He wants Subaru to come over to a certain location in 10 minutes. Subaru gets weak when he sees him picking up a metal knife. Jirou realizes this is what Kanade meant by Subaru’s weakness. She explains this has something to do with the previous kidnapping and thus her phobia of any bladed objects. Jirou promises to rescue them and knocks Subaru out with a punch to her gut. That easy?

Jirou arrives inside a building and faces off with the perpetrator whom he realized his target is Subaru. Jirou gets beaten up, enough time for Subaru to catch up and stop the villain from finishing Jirou off with his knife. He is surprised Subaru is no longer afraid of bladed weapons as Subaru gives him a knockout punch. Subaru rescues Kanade and apologizes for her failure. But Kanade notes her loyalty and wants her to stay by her side as her butler and friend. The perpetrator turns out to be Subaru’s father, Nagare, who is also the Suzutsuki family’s butler chief. Looks like another setup by Kanade? Jirou wakes up lying in bed of Kanade’s mansion. You can tell Nagare is not amused and doesn’t like Jirou being close with his daughter. Kanade notes how similar Nagare and Jirou are. Both love their family very much though Nagare can be overprotective and overbearing since Subaru is only his immediate family member. Subaru’s mom died when she was only 5 years old. Though her family members followed this tradition that girls cannot become butlers, Subaru rebelled against it and didn’t need a new mother, probably why she’s so desperate to be a butler. Kanade apologizes for dragging him into this mess as she thought there might be an improvement if she comes into contact with someone similar to herself. Because of him, Subaru can stay as her butler and she did all of this because she loves Subaru, who happens to be her first love. Now it’s Subaru’s turn to come in and talk to Jirou. First she starts crying in his arms. She was scared that she would lose Jirou as her friend then. The touching moment is interrupted when Kureha barges in when she heard her brother is tempting to go out with Subaru despite having Kanade as his girlfriend. This is also news to Subaru and what do you do if you have 2 angry females bent on breaking your neck? You jump out of the window even if it’s the second floor! So happen Kanade was there and he takes her as his ‘hostage’ and makes a run for it. He has had it with her lies and framing of him but she notes that she what she said wasn’t totally a lie. Especially the part whereby Subaru was her first love.

Episode 4
Subaru pleads to Jirou to let him stay at his house and be at his service. Hmm… Something is wrong. Kanade calls him to tell him that she got kicked out of the house. So I guess there is no choice but to let her in, eh? They’ll both be alone since Kureha is on a club field trip. Speaking of which, she’s tackling a bear deep in the forest. After Subaru and Jirou practice judo, Jirou is surprised that Subaru wants to wash his back. Is this part of being a butler’s job? In the midst of the washing, Kureha suddenly comes back! She broke her arm and was sent home. Oh dear. Kureha notices Jirou acting strange. Furthermore, she finds a strange pair of panties in the laundry. Thinking somebody is in the house trying to seduce her brother, she kicks open the bathroom door. By that time, Subaru has submerged herself enough in the bathtub. The sight of Subaru in her bathroom knocks Kureha out. Kureha treats Subaru with great hospitality including liking the ramen cup noodle she hates just because Subaru likes them. To add to Jirou’s misery, Kanade is also here to be part of the amusement. As his maid. Then it turns into a butler vs maid battle to see who can please Jirou. I guess the seductive moves are too much for Jirou to handle so much so he collapses. But this is not a funny matter. Kureha is worried and starts panicking that Jirou is dying. Though he is fine recuperating in bed, I feel he is going to need more time to recover because Subaru is giving him to hot treatment to make him sweat more. Eating spicy food, placing hot towels over him… And he’s chained to the bed…

Jirou could guess Kanade’s presence is to take Subaru back. So she brings him to the river bed whereby Nagare is living in a make-shift tent. Jirou is partly to blame for all this. Ever since the incident at the amusement park, Nagare and Subaru entered a cold war. Kanade’s father couldn’t take it and punished both of them by kicking them out of the house and will not be readmitted if they do not reconcile. Kanade’s plan is for Jirou to forgive Nagare. This will have Subaru’s anger subside and they can all go home. Subaru comes by to drag the sick person back and worse still, she now hates her father. Jirou just wants Subaru to forgive her father and end this crap but she is more worried she is not doing a proper job as his butler. When she saw that look on Kureha’s face, she really thought he might die. It reminded her of her mom’s case and wants to stay by his side. Jirou gives her another scare when he collapses. But soon gets back on his feet to scoffs off that he will die from such a simple illness. He wants Subaru to return to the mansion with Kanade because to make her loved ones worry means a failure as a butler. He dismisses Subaru as his butler. So with things returning to normal, Subaru is glad things turned out for the better and Jirou is his friend. Then off she goes to visit her dad who has gotten sick. Then as Jirou talks to Kanade, she kisses him! A test to see if his phobia is cured? I guess this means their work isn’t done. Oh, that was her first kiss too. Jirou thought Subaru was her first love and though she confirms it, it’s not like she’s confine to it.

Episode 5
While Jirou is on his way to school, Masamune Usami crashes her bike into him! She thought of pretending nothing happened and is shocked to see him alive! Is that her first reaction? Since Jirou notices his glasses stuck on to Usami’s thigh, he subtly tries to hint to get it but she thinks this pervert wants her panties! So he manages to safely get his glasses without touching her but when he puts them on, Usami recognizes who this bastard is and kicks him and stomps on his stomach! He finds himself in the infirmary, courtesy of Subaru and Kanade who happened to pass by in their limo and saw a strange kid sleeping on the road. Subaru seems to have a request for Jirou. She wants him to accompany her for the school festival since Kanade is busy organizing it and wants her to enjoy the festival without worries. As they talk, Jirou thought she was referring to his kiss with Kanade when he realized Subaru also kissed him. At the theme park after he was out cold saving a little girl. Well, some may call it CPR but when you stick your mouth onto others, I guess in some ways you can still call it a kiss. Subaru thought he wanted to do it again and prepares to kiss him when in good timing Kanade comes in. In her seductive style, she tells him their class will be doing a cosplay cafe. Plus, everyone wants to see Subaru cross-dress. Jirou notices Kanade dropped a love letter so she teases them about going out with this fellow and forced kiss. Anyway she plans to turn down the confession.

As Jirou meets Usami on the rooftop, she has a bizarre request of him. Be her boyfriend and accompany her for the school festival. He thought he is screwing with her but she explains she is from S4 and the first time she laid eyes on Subaru on this rooftop, she fell in love with ‘him’. During the school festival, there will be a secret all-out war between S4 and WOSS. So if there is a belief that Jirou is going out with a girl other than Subaru, this will shake up those yaoi fan girls. So if S4 if successful, she’ll convince S4 not to touch him ever again. Since Jirou is still reluctant, Usami gets pissed off and starts calling him chicken (I can she can derive this nickname from his name too) and blames him for the war between S4 and WOSS since he is so unusually close to Subaru (everyone else thinks Kanade is the only person Subaru is close to). She even shows him proof of photos of their ‘date’ and how rumours are spreading that Subaru is getting more feminine. Jirou fears Subaru’s secret may be revealed and no choice but to go along with her plan. It gets complicated when Subaru comes into the picture. She asks who Usami is and she thought Jirou was joking when he said she is his girlfriend. But since he confirms he will be on a date with Usami during the festival, Subaru punches the traitor. Jirou’s torment continues because he has to be Usami’s practice boyfriend after school. Even buying swimsuits for her when it would’ve been better if she had done it herself. So embarrassing. So much trouble. So misunderstood. That sums up what Jirou had to go through. But Usami wants him to believe in her because she believes in him. What?

Episode 6
I can’t believe nobody for a second thought Subaru is a girl in that nearly revealing Chinese dress. I know it’s cross-dress cosplay cafe but… See those small boobs sticking out? Though Jirou pretends to be Usami’s lover, it gets worse when jealous Konoe refuses to leave them out of her sight. It’s obvious they’re fighting over him. Till they see this flyer to patron the Animal Cafe. Kureha class is doing this cafe and she is thrilled to see her Usami senpai as well as Subaru. Usami gives Jirou permission to go with Subaru but he is kidnapped by a sheep mascot. That person turns out to be Nakuru Narumi and is the leader of WOSS. Not only she has this fantasy of Jirou and Subaru together, she has this fetish for glasses! Nakuru can tell Usami’s plan to deceive WOSS during the festival and warns Jirou about the deal he made with Usami because there is no way she can influence S4. Before Nakuru can reveal anymore, Usami kicks her away and admits she had been lying to him from the start and runs away in tears. Subaru insists Jirou tell him what’s going on. They infiltrate a secret location whereby both factions are preparing to face off. But what surprises them both is that Kanade is a representative of S4 and will be hosting this event. This causes their presence to be busted. So to make this cult quiz more interesting, the winner will conquer all the losers, including what should be done to Jirou. I guess if you’re a diehard fan of Subaru, you’d even know the slightest minute detail. I wonder if this is embarrassing to Subaru. Jirou and Subaru are on Nakuru’s side but they notice Usami isn’t on the opponent’s team.

As both teams are neck to neck, the final question as the tie breaker turns out to be who did Subaru gave her first kiss to. With pleas from Jirou and Nakuru, Subaru sums up her courage to point at Jirou. Eh? Kanade even has a movie as proof. Remember that amusement park incident? Yeah, that. The S4 crowd now wants to kill Jirou. He has to do something about this because the sadist is enjoying herself. No choice, Jirou makes a loud confession that he loves Kanade. She plays it cool and rejects/dumps him right in front of the crowd. Outside, Kanade further teases Jirou that she is not happy he made a false confession to protect himself. As revenge, she hugs him and says she loves him. How does it feel to have a taste of his own medicine? He asks about Usami so she explains that she was a bit different from the others and didn’t try to blend in. He rushes off to find Usami alone at the rooftop. He sees a school resignation letter in her hands as she explains how when she first saw Subaru, she thought how lonesome ‘he’ was and thought ‘he’ might be the same as her. That’s why she thought Subaru would be her friend. However after meeting Jirou, Subaru changed. She thought she hated Jirou but realizes she hated herself for being like this. Since Usami has told him her secret, he tells her his about his phobia. Subaru finds Jirou and has heard the truth from Kanade and apologizes. Jirou introduces Usami to Subaru and they become friends. While Subaru dances with Kureha at the bonfire, Usami vows to change and tears up her resignation letter. Later Usami wants to start off her friendship with Jirou by making him call her first name. But she finds it embarrassing and kicks him. And she hopes to get along well?

Episode 7
Subaru has another weird request to ask from Jirou: Elope with her! Guess whose orders this is from? Jirou faints due to the drugged drink Subaru gave him. Now where will Jirou be when he wakes up next time? Why didn’t I think of it? Right next to Kanade in bed in a luxurious hotspring inn owned by her family. Not sure if anything steamy happened last night but it seems it’s Kanade’s turn to run away from her family. Her family wanted to go overseas for the summer holidays but she didn’t want to. So is kidnapping Jirou the same as what her family was doing in deciding her schedule without her consent? Of course the pretext of this eloping is also to help him cure his phobia. As a start, putting lotion over her body. She’s making it sound so horny… You can tell Subaru is upset because she has a spiked club for the watermelon splitting event and has dug a very dig hole to bury him in the sand. Jirou patrons the beach house to buy drinks and is surprised to see Nakuru, Usami and Kureha working part time there. The trio were supposed to swim to their camp but got lost, separated and chased all the way to this beach by a shark. Usami is getting suspicious of Jirou’s purpose here with Kanade. Jirou tries to prevent the inevitable by having Subaru putting on glasses. Did he seriously think he can fool the rest with this disguise? Even Kureha thinks it’s Subaru cross-dressing. But Kanade dismisses this is not Subaru but her cousin, Punyuru Takanashi! Say what? I guess it was convincing enough for Kureha to believe. Except Usami. She confides in Jirou why is Subaru lying. Call it a good thing because Usami misunderstood Subaru’s fetish for cross-dressing going this far. Can’t she see those boobs are for real? And as for Jirou and Kanade, Kanade tells her that they are eloping. Usami doesn’t believe a word she says and even though Kanade admits she was just fibbing around this has Usami blurt out she and Jirou are close friends. Then she explains all the things they had done together although she worded them in an ambiguous manner. Subaru overheard it and got upset and ran away. Jirou catches up to her and explains he was indeed at Usami’s house because she promised to treat him to her cooking. Usami also wanted to help out with his phobia and starts rubbing her body against his in a swimsuit. Subaru punches him seeing it sounded like harassment. When they return, seems Nagare wants Kanade and Subaru to return to the family. Subaru feigns she is scared of this disgusting scary person, sending heartbreak to that poor father.

Episode 8
Nakuru makes Punyuru read out her yaoi manga between her and Jirou. She throws the book out in her embarrassment! Jirou can’t sleep that night and goes to dip in the hotspring only to find Subaru doing the same. Suddenly Nagare comes in and luckily Subaru is small enough to hide behind Jirou’s back. Nagare still doesn’t like Jirou but his words show that he truly cares for Subaru. Nagare leaves but return upon finding a girl’s panty in the laundry. Trying to cover for Subaru, Jirou lies it is his fetish but Nagare can tell this is his daughter’s favourite panties. Seriously?! Nagare is convinced he has an illicit relationship with his daughter and is going to give Jirou a kick he’ll never forget. But Subaru blocks that kick and knocks him out for good. Jirou also gets whacked when he accidentally sees Subaru’s naked body. Is this the second time? I guess this memory erasing technique worked because Nagare can’t remember why he is sleeping in the hotspring and Jirou his head is slanting to one side. After a day playing on the beach, the gang visit the festival that night. Usami can see through another of Kanade’s lies when she says Jirou is her fiancee. Kanade also realizes that Usami knows Jirou’s secret. So as the duo challenge each other at the stalls, Jirou notices Subaru missing and as hinted by Kanade, she is up in those mountains. Jirou treks along the path only to find Nagare standing in his way. Jirou learns tomorrow is the death anniversary of Subaru’s mom. Since a lot of things happened when Nagare eloped with his wife, Subaru is sleeping by her mom’s grave. If Kanade goes on an overseas trip, Subaru must follow and this means Subaru won’t be able to visit her mom’s grave. Kanade comes by and orders Nagare to enlist her for the event. Then she reveals to Jirou that this is a secret she was told that Subaru wanted to keep a secret from him.

Jirou meets Subaru at the grave. Explaining he has heard from Kanade, Subaru continues that her mom always worried if she would make any friends she is unsociable. Subaru becomes emotional so Jirou hugs her despite knowing his phobia can make him pass out again. He doesn’t care about that and wants Subaru to tell him everything about her mom. After she introduces him to her mom, he finally passes out. Then he wakes up in a tent back at the festival. Just in time for the grand battle royale even with the winner getting the grand prize of a sheep plushie doll and a kiss from the Yukata Beauty. Who? Punyuru?! You can guess Nagare will be entering this contest and is hell bent on ‘killing’ everyone to protect his daughter. As the event starts, Nakuru becomes some drunk stripper and has the uncanny skill to strip anyone of their underwear! WTF?! After undressing Usami and violating Kureha (more like tickling her unconscious), it’s a final face off with Jirou. The other last player standing is Kanade. She has singlehandedly taken out all other participants! Including Nagare. She makes a clever move by holding Jirou’s glasses as hostage. Then throwing those fakes into the lake to distract Nakuru and make her go out. Kanade hugs Jirou for being a brave soul but since she can’t let him win, I guess this means Punyuru’s kiss goes to her. Ah well. Saves all those complicated matters. Jirou wakes up to find himself lying on Subaru’s lap. She lets him know Nakuru went on a stripping rampage after she thought Jirou’s glasses were broken so Kanade had to go down and settle everything. Subaru is happy she won the sheep plushie. Then as they watch the fireworks, Subaru tells Jirou she doesn’t them to be just friends.

Episode 9
Usami calls Jirou to help her out in her part time job. But what he didn’t know is that he’s supposed to be working in a maid cafe. Don’t worry, he doesn’t have to cross-dress. The cafe owner, Maria though Jirou is Usami’s boyfriend but he dismisses anything like it. Even so, she hopes he can continue to be her friend. Trouble starts when Kanade patrons the shop as a customer. I guess Maria allows her since she was paid off a handsome sum. What happened to Subaru? I don’t know how Kanade gave her the slip but Subaru is being mistakenly picked up by a butler cafe staff to start serving the customers streaming in. So while Subaru is busy at her end (she had to work to repay the door she busted. If not, repay with her body. Yikes!), Kanade does what she does best, enjoying the amusement of seeing Usami and Jirou serve her to her whims and fancies. After spending such long hours (enough to piss Usami off), she is ready to go home till Nakuru and Kureha show up. They are temporary part timers hired by Maria. Kanade continues her patronage playing a fighting video game when bored Jirou wanted to go wash some plates but accidentally trips and rips Usami’s clothes. Why when guys do this, their hands must grope the breasts? Kanade compounds his misery by making up lies about Jirou’s maid fetish. Kureha believed her and runs out crying. While Nakuru goes after her, Kanade continues her teasing. She warns Usami about Jirou’s extreme fetish for maids with garter belts. Then twisting everything and messing with Usami’s mind if she likes Jirou or not, she convinces Usami to show her garter belts to him as proof if Jirou doesn’t have those fetishes. Unbelievably, Jirou would’ve fallen into that hypnotizing garter belt fetish trap (I guess he really digs it) if not for Subaru finally showing up (must have repaid her debts, eh?). Jirou asks Subaru about what she meant about being more than just friends. She flusters and just says that wasn’t a confession and what she meant was to be best friends. Then she returns to Kanade who has just called Kureha to clear up the misunderstanding. Usami hopes Jirou can come back here and work part time once in a while. Then she gets embarrassed and upset when Jirou mistakenly hears a ringtone that she specifically assigns Jirou’s number to.

Episode 10
Kureha looks forward to her 16th birthday. She parties along with Nakuru at Usami’s place and I’m not sure if her home is haunted with ghosts! After giving Kureha her presents (guess what Nakuru gave? Yup. Glasses), Nakuru and Usami put on a play acting as Jirou and Subaru respectively. I think it’s just Nakuru wanting to play out her fantasies. Kureha’s birthday bash continues at Maria’s cafe as Kanade and Subaru also joins in. This has her remember her 8th birthday whereby she kicked up a fuss of wanting to see daddy. Jirou calmed her down by using all his savings to buy a teddy bear (that she uses to wrestle with it). Then Kanade plays a customized fighting video game with Kureha (she was moe enough to convince a couple of game geeks to design the game in a day!) using Jirou and Kureha as the main characters. It sounds so perverted… Jirou throwing his underwear… As Kureha is being chauffeured home, she remembers during her 10th birthday, she hated mommy for whatever reasons and sulked by herself at the park. She remembers Jirou coming to pick her back and remembered that expression on his face. I hope it wasn’t the expression of her doing submission moves on him. She further remembers how Jirou never failed to remember her birthday. Except for last year. Seems he went out with Kurose after they manage to get some platinum tickets for a live show. So when he came back, Kureha took out her frustrations on her brother and even ripping the t-shirt he bought at the event. I don’t know. At this point I’m hating her for forgetting all the good deeds he has done for her. So what if he happened to forget this important day and that is just once and his first time. Kanade suggests Kureha quit being Jirou’s sister and be hers instead. Because Subaru sounded like she was defending Jirou, Kanade jokes she should be Jirou’s sister instead. Then Kureha remembers the times Jirou had been there for her in place of her mother and forgives him. When she returns home, she is happy to find Jirou has bought her a big polar bear stuffed doll. He has learnt from his mistake never to make her cry again like last year. Kureha is so happy that she hugs him. And by that she means doing all the wrestling moves. Happy birthday Kureha. Finally Usami plays a customized video game by Kanade. I already guessed it. No matter how you look at it, win or lose, it’s to piss her off.

Episode 11
As Jirou and Subaru walk to school together, Usami crashes into them. Their face was close enough to kiss. Usami breaks them up thinking she’s about to see 2 guys kissing in public. Then she scoots off and gives her half eaten bread to them. Jirou bites it and Subaru thinks it’s like an indirect kiss. Wait. She said that? Kanade joins them for lunch at the rooftop and I could see from a million miles that she planned something. Putting white wine into Subaru’s food made her drunk and wanting to strip! Taking advantage of that, Kanade orders her butler to lick the sauce off Jirou’s neck. Subaru is about to confess something to Jirou but falls asleep. Ah, miss the all-important part. Jirou notices Kanade spacing out. After putting Subaru in the infirmary, back in class Jirou thinks he may have heard Kanade making a weird but cute sound. Nyu? He’s not hearing things. Even the classmates heard it but Jirou tries to cover it as his voice. Not working. Taking Kanade away, she reveals she has this secret the entire school doesn’t know and this is her only weak point. Whenever she has hiccups, she can’t help adding “Nyu” at the end of every sentence. I don’t know whether she’s doing it on purpose because it seems so fake but by saying this, she has become cuter and has this tendency to attract guys towards her. Subaru has recovered enough to explain further that it happened once when Kanade was a child and at a party when this happened, the adults find it so cute and even argued to offer to stop her hiccups. Her bodyguards failed to quell the incident so much so the police was called in to take care of it! Similarly the same thing happened 4 years ago but this time Subaru was there to stop it. But I guess things changed because Subaru is also captivated by her cute voice that she wants to monopolize it! Anyway Kanade sends her home to retrieve tools to stop her hiccup. Yup, part of her scheme to get her alone with Jirou and do some seductive stuff. So by the time Jirou runs off and bumps into Subaru who has returned (that fast?), Kanade’s hiccups have already stopped. See? Was she faking it? But she’s not faking this one when she falls down a flight of stairs and sprains her ankle. Though she is hospitalized and her injury is deemed nothing serious, Subaru feels guilty for failing to protect her. She cries in Jirou’s arms when Nagare pops up. I guess he also wants to admit Jirou into hospital but he is here to relief Subaru of her duties. Seeing she let Kanade get injured, it is obvious that as a butler, she must take responsibility. Nagare will take over her duties to tend to Kanade but Kanade won’t allow anyone else to be her butler. However as Nagare mentions, this already has been decided by her father. Though Kanade will talk and convince her dad to overturn his decision, Nagare says that if she stops being a butler, Subaru can stop pretending to be a boy. Subaru accepts her fate and feels honoured to have served her. Then she runs off. With her leg injured, Kanade sends Jirou to go after her. He catches and hugs her. Vowing he won’t let her go even if he falls, Subaru is alright that he doesn’t have to keep her secret anymore and it’s goodbye. Not a punch to his gut but a peck on his cheek. Ultimate nose bleed! Let it flow!

Episode 12
Usami finds Jirou lying around and after learning what happened, she offers him a ride to where Subaru is. I’m sure because of her reckless riding, it’s not that he has nowhere else to hold but her boobs. He finds her at the hotspring inn and she doesn’t feel like going home tonight. Jirou calls to inform Kanade so the latter hopes they can have their very ‘first experience’. This has been bugging Jirou all night that he can’t sleep. Furthermore, Subaru even asks if there is something he wants to do more than kissing. I guess he’s trying hard to hold it in though he says he would prefer to do it with the person he loves. Subaru snuggles up close to him and he got the wrong message and is prepared to do it anyway. He gets punched instead and all Subaru wanted was to sleep together. Nothing more. So they sleep while holding hands and this calms Subaru down because mommy used to do this for her when she couldn’t sleep. I hope Jirou doesn’t lose all his blood by the time morning comes. She thinks she can’t go back being a butler but he is okay for her staying like a normal girl. Next morning Kanade and Nagare pick them up home. Jirou gets his usual from Kureha and she thinks his homosexuality has awakened after spending a night with a ‘guy’. When Jirou comes to school, he learns from Kanade that Subaru has transferred to another school. I guess you know what this means for S4 & WOSS, right? One big gloomy fan group. Suddenly, Subaru returns! Oh wait. It’s Punyuru as a new transfer student in Kureha and Nakuru’s class! Well, I suppose this way Subaru won’t have trouble trying to hide her secret. Of course even if everyone else doesn’t see it, Usami can tell that Subaru is cross-dressing but can’t help wonder why. Kanade makes Jirou carry her around like a princess as he starts to observe her soft and curvy features. If only his nose bleed didn’t get in the way of this enjoyment.

Later Jirou talks to Subaru about her choice of becoming a girl. He knows she wants to be a butler but circumstances have made it impossible for her. Seeing how she really wants to be Kanade’s butler, Jirou vows to leave it to him. He enters the most dangerous place in school. A place filled with crazy S4 and WOSS girls who do not hesitate in attacking and blaming that bastard for making Subaru transfer out. Jirou defends his ground well but instead of fighting back, he begs for them to cooperate for the time being. They start gathering signatures from everyone for a petition to have Subaru back as a butler. Seeing how everybody really wants Subaru back, Punyuru also signs it. At the end of the day, Kanade takes all those signatures back to her father and the result? Subaru is back to being Kanade’s butler! Hooray! Order is restored. Now the fan girls have a reason to continue existing. So if Subaru’s back, what about Punyuru? I can’t believe the rest believed that crappy reason she had to transfer out. Of course Usami is annoyed that everyone didn’t see through that obvious disguise but nevertheless feels happy of how things turned out. That night, Subaru calls Jirou out to the park because she wants to thank him properly. Not as a butler but as a girl. Okay, do you see where this is heading? Since Jirou is hesitating whether he wants it or not, Kanade has to come out of her hiding (those darn plan of hers again) to ‘warn’ that if Subaru doesn’t kiss him, she will. Instantly Subaru nails a good one right on his lips. Too bad his nose bleed had to ruin it all. Better hurry up and cure it or else they can’t go further beyond than this. Woah! Did Subaru actually say that?

Episode 13
This filler episode feels like giving Nakuru’s turn of attention among the main girls. Jirou is browsing through porn mags suggested by Kurose when he finds a BL magazine in the midst. Kurose thought he is really gay! Then Nakuru shows up at his doorstep and his first reaction is to close the door on her! Don’t let the true pervert get in! Call the cops! But he relents since Nakuru threatens to scream kidnap. She’s here not for Kureha but to seek his advice. Huh? Really? This was what happened. Few days ago while Subaru is relaxing in his hot bath, she saw something shiny from afar. Fearing the worse, she instantly dashes out, jumps across every obstacle (including a truck) and up the building to take out the photographer who turns out to be Nakuru, snapping secret shots of her. Nakuru then decided to save her glasses instead of the very expensive camera equipment and finds herself falling off the building. She could’ve been a pancake if Subaru didn’t grab her. Then at the cafe, Nakuru reveals her intention of wanting to sell those photos to the WOSS fan girls so she could make some money to publish her own doujin. However the steam was covering the picture so it’s no good. Kanade overheard this and willingly helps Nakuru out by giving out more pictures of Subaru! In butler form of course.

So Nakuru was able to sell out all the photos to those desperate fan girls but with cash she realized she still had one more problem: She’s in a slump and can’t finish her doujin despite the volume was already so thick that Kureha needed to use her special chop to nail the stapler down. And tomorrow is the convention. She even got Usami to help out. Nakuru gives some of Subaru’s photos to Kureha. She got so excited that she decided to show her Jirou’s room since he is away at Kurose’s place. Cheeky Nakuru starts searching for porn mags and finds quite a few. At least this proves he is interested in woman, right? As reward for ‘letting’ her rummage his collection, she leaves behind a BL magazine as a reward. So that’s how it got there. Continuing her work, she is still in a slump and figured she needed more help and called Subaru and Kanade over too! And when Nakuru is done, Subaru’s super chop like as though she’s using a sewing machine has Nakuru’s volume finally completed. Then she wants to ask Subaru about something. No, not about BL or glasses. What could it be? Seeing her so nervous and shy, Kureha and Usami think something is really wrong. However Nakuru decides not to ask them eventually. Next day at the doujin convention, Kureha and Usami spy on her since they smell something fishy (why are they dressed in Hidan No Aria and Kampfer outfits?). To their surprise, they witness Nakuru’s fans buying everything so it’s an instant sell out. After that they tail her to the bookstore, anime and game shop. Kureha realizes something amiss in all her purchases. She bought boy-girl romance stories instead of BL! Could it be she’s in love?! So shock that their presence got busted by her. So after accompanying her to measure her bust and buy some bras, finally Nakuru decides to tell them what’s bugging her. She wants to know what they think about her bust. Disappointed? Well at least you can see the frustration on Usami and Kureha’s face. After all the trouble they went through… Since she can’t ask them for advice (I figure those 2 are flat, that’s why), so she went to see Jirou for it. And so that is how this came to be. STORY TOO FREAKING LONG!!!!!!!!! But it’s not over yet. Nakuru wants Jirou to date her tonight. Yes, she’s serious.

Surprisingly, Jirou didn’t turn her down and go with her request. So they hold hands (hold your nose bleed there) and even eat her delicious bento. Jirou is trying to restrain himself no matter how cute Nakuru is looking now, underneath that exterior lies a true pervert. Nakuru also seeks his advice on her slump on BL stories. Yeah, why him I wonder… Anyway she’s serious that there’s a reason for this. Asking him his opinion when he sees her breasts, you can’t blame Jirou for putting on a cynical expression because no matter how serious she sounds, maybe it’s just the topic that she’s asking. Nakuru further reveals a while back, a boy confessed he liked her! Shock! Never in anyone’s wildest dreams, eh? Of course she rejected him because she decided to devote her life to BL novels. Knowing that she is not the type that is popular among boys, she started to think about herself. Then another weird request: She wants him to fondle her boobs because she heard rumours that by doing so it will make them smaller. WTF?! Well, she does mention about her complex of her boobs and prefers them small. Jirou gives his honest opinion that everyone has a complex or two and that guys won’t fall in love just because of breasts. Really? Is he that sure? Nakuru wants him to prove that statement with his body! He has to or else she can’t concentrate on her BL novels. What made him said okay? Well, she thought he would be the one who would save her. Yeah, Jirou the hero and all saviour. Now you know why the main girls flock around him. So if he bears and gets through this, she may just be able to get over her complex. As she starts rubbing all over him, Jirou is finding it hard not to nose bleed and manages to do so (oh, if only the rest were here to see this, I can guess what kind of reaction they’ll put and the action he will receive). Nakuru gets motivated that and even thinks he is good BL material. Hell no! He pushes her away and in that instant her glasses fell off. Suddenly Jirou sees how pretty she is! Man, she’s damn cute! Nakuru is relieved to have got over her complex but as she looks at Jirou, she can’t help notice how cool he is. Her heart suddenly skipping beat. But she got so scared at this thought that she runs away from him. Now she doesn’t want him close? So you see now why guys can’t understand women?

Cheesy Turkey…
I just can’t help but feel annoyed at the end. From the way things are going and from my experience of this type of shows (oh sure, I must be a real expert in watching genres like these now), I wasn’t placing much hope on the ending. I guessed that Subaru’s identity will come close to being exposed but since that didn’t happen, it turned out to be her life job on the line. And yeah, Subaru eventually gets to keep her job and be Kanade’s butler in the end but that is all to be expected, right? At least they didn’t use money, power or status to turn that around and instead the subtle power of friendship. So are they saying that if we get enough signatures, we’ll be able to turn things around? If only that ever works in real life (okay, sometimes it does). So maybe it wasn’t really about letting Kanade get injured the reason why Subaru got her job back but I am speculating that it is a test by Kanade’s dad to see if Subaru wasn’t just capable as Kanade’s butler but have her own circle and friends too. You can have the best butler in the world but if that butler lacks the kind of important values between other humans, then I guess you’re as good as nothing. The story flow isn’t anything unique either. You get your usual beach fanservice episodes, the school cultural festival, the maid cafe instalment and the boy-and-girl-alone-at-the-hotspring-inn drama as your expected cuppa. Some episodes give more prominence to a particular main girl and as Jirou goes along keeping Subaru’s secret, he peeks a little more into Subaru’s past and understands the situation better.

So the other thing that I am annoyed is the characters themselves. Perhaps it is the pace and the flow of the series that made me feel this way. For instance take Jirou. It’s mind boggling that he developed this phobia of girls touching him after getting abused by the 2 closest women in his life. I mean they just touch him. It’s not like they’re hitting him or something. And with so many incidents of coming into contact with females, why didn’t his body develop some sort of wacko immunity to cure his nose bleeds just like how he got them in the first place? So each time contact is made, he tries hard to hold it in. If he can’t, he passes out, wakes up somewhere. Otherwise he is just some plain ordinary guy who to his best abilities would help those out in need. Sounds pretty normal for a main character, eh? If he’s really scared and chicken of girls, what is he doing in a co-ed school in the first place? He could’ve transferred out to an all-boys’ school. Maybe being scared of girls doesn’t mean he fears them. See how he is still okay with porn magazines? I guess 2D is okay, eh? Yeah, 2D girls rock! Hopefully that nose bleed phobia will turn into nose bleed of stimulation instead ;p. Or else he will have to live with the reputation of being gay and make some crazy girls go wild and happy. The way this repetitiveness is played out somehow reminds me of a similar anime: MM! Fortunately Jirou didn’t turn into a masochist like what Tarou did and was all along. In both series, they experience getting beaten up. Lots of them. It’s no fun being guys like them. Unless you enjoy these kind of things.

I guess Subaru is the one I could say that undergoes the most change. She opens up her heart to others ever since meeting Jirou and her identity being found out other than members of the household. I feel that Subaru is torn in a lot of ways and in a dilemma between the roles she has to undertake. Though she still does a splendid job as a butler, at the same time there is this feeling that she wants to be a friend. Though she may be acting like a boy, there are times when she needs to be a girl. Get what I mean? Her growing feelings for Jirou is getting pretty obvious so I suppose even Kanade had to back down and give her a chance for Subaru to act like a real girl at least once in front of Jirou. Subaru may have a few other quirks with her and since we know that she has a phobia on bladed objects, how come she overcome them so fast and easily during that fake kidnapping incident? When you develop a phobia, it’s not that easy to just cure it and for Subaru’s case it was just poof! Gone. So why can’t Jirou do the same for his gynophobia? I guess this means with him having a long way to go, it gives a reason for the rest to stay around him. Is this chicken such a fun guy?

Kanade being the sadist is amusing to see how she will toy with those around her. She always stays one step ahead of everybody and will not allow any space for others to step over her. That’s why she’s seen as close to perfect. She’s already got Subaru as her butler, now she’s got Jirou as her personal toy. But her amusement in teasing Jirou too much has become such an annoyance instead. Don’t take this the wrong way that she’s a cold-hearted person (everyone has a little devil in their hearts) as she still cares for others but in her own way. Since you don’t really know what is going on in her mind, you can’t tell whether she likes Jirou for real but my guess is that she does or else why continue to toy around with him? There are many other guys whom she can take out her amusement from or even slap their face with cash with (that’s what she did for the school nurse) but why him? To make sure he keeps Subaru’s secret hidden may work at the start but as the series progresses, that doesn’t seem viable anymore. After 13 episodes, you think that some kind of trust has formed between them, right? Besides, do you think Jirou is the kind of guy who would expose somebody else’s secret just like that? So you think she doesn’t have feelings for Jirou? Not that she would show it even to us.

Muscle brain woman is what describes Kureha best and that is what makes her totally annoying. In her quest to be strong just like mommy, poor big brother has to endure her daily tortures. Doesn’t she have a heart? Doesn’t she know how her brother feels? Maybe too much brute force has made her an airhead and someone who is so gullible enough to believe any weird and false rumours she is being told about her brother. Doesn’t she know or trust her brother well enough? Maybe all she’s interested is just giving him some wrestling moves. But at the end of the day, she still loves her brother very much because she’s the only family member she’s got. You can blame mommy for irresponsibly leaving the house to search for someone stronger. Well at this rate, I don’t think she’s coming home because she’ll be finding none. Usami I can classify her as a tsundere while Nakuru really is a true pervert with her obsession for glasses and BL. Nagare like a good father to Subaru can be too overprotective at times and though he might try to sound or act cool, he usually ends up looking like an idiot. At this rate, I guess he and Jirou won’t be burying the hatchet very soon.

For the romance part, I guess you can say the main characters love revolves around Jirou and Subaru. Kanade may be a bisexual because she did indicate though Subaru was her first love, it’s not like she is going to stick to it till kingdom come. Kureha loves Subaru but still thinking that she is a boy. However even if she did mention that she likes him, I feel it is more towards the admiration sense because you don’t see her flustering like girls do when they’re in love. So what happens if she really gets to know Subaru is a girl? Will she turn yuri then? Usami started out liking Subaru and now she also likes Jirou as far as I can see from her interactions with the chicken idiot. Nakuru’s passion is of course BL stuff between the duo. Whatever happened to S4 and WOSS in the end? I felt that their presence didn’t have much impact in the sense that they may be obsessed over Subaru but I don’t see that passion here. Maybe it’s because they don’t have much screen time. Even so I thought since Subaru is so damn popular, if they are true obsessed fans then they would be stalking to wherever she goes. The way Subaru goes out to town and even on that fake date dressed as a girl with Jirou, you would think that some diehard fan girls would be around and take notice. Even that physical examination should have the guys at least raise an eyebrow but no… They just think how close Jirou and Subaru are. With everyone this ‘dumb’ and not as observant, it’s safe to say that Subaru’s secret is very safe. Even a smart girl like Usami still can’t fathom why ‘he’ cross-dresses. Everybody open your eyes! It’s a girl I tell you no matter how you look at it! Then again, I don’t really want to reveal it either because it’ll shatter lots of dreams and fantasies. Yeah, the truth hurts so it’s better for things to stay as they are now.

There are quite a few trivia to spot in this anime. For example, I thought Maria’s maid assistants look awfully familiar. I thought it could just be coincidence but then I found out they are actually cameo appearance made by KissxSis twin sisters, Ako and Riko despite being named Milk and Choco respectively. I also didn’t realize it at first but there are quite a few scenes with cameo appearance from Mirai Suenaga. Who? The mascot character for Culture Japan created and designed by fellow Malaysian Danny Choo. On a trivial note, I notice the episode titles are taken from a speech that occurs somewhere during the episode. Some of the next episode previews are filled with sexual innuendos that it makes you chuckle in amusement upon realizing what they’re actually doing. For example the one whereby Subaru was worried about doing something properly, how sensitive it would be and how much it hurts but it turns out to be blood donation. For the mid-intermission, the characters sputter random nonsensical words that sometimes do not make sense. I’ve been wondering about that sheep plushie and it still bugs me that people find them cute since it has a drop of blood dripping from its mouth… Maybe it’ll get even more popular if it had its guts spilling out or brain sliced open… Just saying…

After hearing Yuka Iguchi’s trademark annoying high pitch squealing characters such as Index in To Aru Majutsu No Index, Yashiro in Denpa Onna To Seishun Otoko and Maria in Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai, it was really a surprise to find her voicing Subaru because she really sounded different using a lower voice as the character. At first I couldn’t recognize her but when Subaru starts squealing in panic, suddenly it occurred to me how familiar this voice was. Then it hit me. No doubt that is the voice of Yuka Iguchi! Looks like I’ve been so stereotyped by her voice roles that I am utterly surprised that she could even voice this kind of character roles. Eri Kitamura is fitting as Kanade like her other sly characters like Rin in Kodomo No Jikan and Ami in Toradora. Kana Hanazawa as usual does her best in a full retard mode as Kureha like how she did for the titular character in Kobato, Rana of Freezing and Shiro in Deadman Wonderland. Other casts include Satoshi Hino as Jirou (Saito in Zero No Tsukaima series), Mariya Ise as Usami (Stocking in Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt), Kana Asumi as Nakuru (Yuno in Hidamari Sketch), Keiji Fujiwara as Nagare (Sven in Black Cat) and Natsuko Kuwatani as Maria (Suisei Seki of Rozen Maiden).

Subaru may not match the all-in-one butler of Hayate and the bishonen demon butler Sebastian but like any butler, despite the gender, financial status or race, butlers do their best to accommodate their master’s needs, whims and fancies. That’s what butlers are for and that’s why they are so handy to come with. So if I ever find myself caught in the same position as Jirou, probably the first thing I would do is to blame the butler because well, the butler always did it! Haha! Enough about butlers already, I prefer maids though.

Maria+Holic Alive

March 24, 2012

Dear mother still up in heaven,

Oh God. That lesbian is still alive. That nose bleeding perverted lesbian pig still lives. I thought she have died from a massive nose bleed that a sequel wasn’t possible. Actually, the season ended with an abrupt cliff-hanger so I suppose that means there will be a continuation whatsoever. So I guess we’ll have to put up with more of Kanako Miyamae’s disgusting habits in Maria+Holic Alive. Yeah, I guess that is what “Alive” means and refers to.

A basic recap of the series. Kanako loves girls and is allergic to boys. That line tells a lot. That’s why she enrols herself in the Catholic missionary high school, Ame No Kisaki so that she could find her female romantic partner. Unfortunately her roommate is a cold hearted cross-dressing boy (Mariya Shidou) with an equally sarcastic but emotionally deadpan maid (Matsurika Shinouji). Thus Kanako’s dream is very much a distant dream. Add all the odd characters and friends in her life, you can say that the dream is still pretty much elusive. All she gets are abuse, her common sense challenged daily and frustration that would drive anyone up the wall. Ah well, that’s all part of being alive, doesn’t it?

In contrast in my previous blog of this series, I will be referring to Mariya as a ‘she’ instead of a ‘he’. It makes my life so much easier because for most of the part, Mariya looks, sounds and acts like a girl. So why not? This means Mariya’s equally cross-dressing twin, Shizu I would be referring as ‘him’. Confused? Not to me :).

Episode 1: The Forbidden Women’s Dorm
Has Kanako become a polite and kind lady? In your dreams! That’s right. She’s just dreaming till Mariya rudely wakes her up. Mariya further teases the yuri pig by dressing in an air stewardess dress causing her to further nose bleed. What a way to wake up to a bloody day. To start the day off, Kanako gets an idea to run with a piece of bread in her mouth like in shoujo mangas. However she trips on Yonakuni and got lost in the thick mist. She ends up at the abandoned First Girls’ Dorm. During lunch, she tells her friends about it and it is said that a couple who confesses to each other under a legendary magnolia tree on their lucky day, eternal happiness will be granted upon them. This was also the tree that Kanako’s parents met under. It is decided that they will go to watch the tree blossom tomorrow. Back in her room, Mariya and Matsurika caution Kanako about her attempt because the dorm is laid with traps. Because the boys and girls dorm were located next to each other, there were perverted attempts to get over. Thus the girls laid traps over traps till the place is filled with them. So much so no one comes in, no one gets out. Due to this, the first dorm was closed and now abandoned. Mariya warns about the harsh trials one must endure to see the tree and many failed by even getting past the front gate. Surprisingly Mariya supports Kanako as the cross-dresser leaves the front charge to her as she would like to also see the tree. Kanako, Yuzuru Inamori, Sachi Momoi and Nanami Kiri get ready to enter. Her friends see her determination so they decide to go along with her. Sachi picks the lock to open the front door. Kanako goes in first but an arrow is fired at her. Ryuuken Ishima pushes her out of harm’s way (banging her head into the glass). She too would like to join their journey after learning about it. Oddly as they trek through the corridors, they feel the place is neatly maintained. The first trial is to soak in very hot bathtubs. The longer you soak the more coins you get. I don’t know. That’s what the rules said. Kanako’s fantasizing has her drop into the bathtub. Saves everyone the scalding, eh? Yeah, she got a bunch of coins too. Thanks Kanako.

Next trial is to play a slot machine and summon somebody. Just exactly who? Matsurika?! She makes it clear Mariya has no hand in this and was paid handsomely (in a gem stone) for this part time job. Seems God and Yonakuni are watching everyone on a big video screen. The next trial is strikeout in which one must pitch through a window with numbers on its glass. Ryuuken flops so with 10 coins, Kanako can ‘summon’ the deus ex machine Matsurika to do the job. All Matsurika did was go up close to the window and break each one of them with the ball. The next amusement, oops I mean trial, is a super speed treadmill. Kanako tries running on it but ran out of steam. She wants to use 10 coins to summon the deus ex machine but since Matsurika isn’t paid over time, she goes off. Kanako continues to beg Matsurika for help but was slapped by Sachi. She reminds her of her mission to rediscover the memories of her late parents and must try harder. After going through more trials that resemble so much like amusement, finally they are up against the final boss: God. Behind her lies the door to the tree. Nanami gives her strawberry rice cake since God requested it. God purposely drops the key and goes off. As they unlock the door, not only they see the tree but Mariya and Matsurika inviting them to tea underneath it. Kanako understands the secret of the jinx that eternally ties couples together. It doesn’t matter which side confesses. Just making it to this tree means going through a lot together. If they don’t care deeply for each other, they’ll give up halfway. Suddenly Kanako learns that there is a secret emergency exit which serves as a shortcut to this place (otherwise safety regulations for the building can’t be approved!). Kanako is appalled of the suffering she went through. Everyone knew about it but after hearing Kanako’s determination to charge through the front, they just followed her. Mariya surprisingly has nice words for Kanako. At least she now knows what her late mom felt. But that is just a cue because she has to go back the way she came! God is showing her the way in… NOOOOO!!!

Episode 2A: Playing The Forbidden Game
It’s June and supposed to be the hot summer but it’s raining like cats and dogs. Why? Because God says so. Kanako is not only stuck in her room with Mariya and Matsurika, but Ryuuken and God as well because they are here for Mariya’s tasty sweets. To liven up the mood, Ryuuken suggests playing Romance of the Three Kingdoms card game. Huh? See how obsessed Ryuuken is in the topic? She knows just about anything about its generals. Of course Kanako is the only ‘dumb’ one and feels left out. Kanako tries to change the subject and suggests they should talk about something current instead of in the past because well, everyone in the Three Kingdoms are pretty much dead. Ryuuken laments her inconsideration of others so God takes out some simple Moe Concentration card game that even idiots can easily play. Then Mariya takes out her personal card game set: Fun with Law: Criminal Law Set 2! It even comes with narrated CD! Now everyone can have fun learning about law! Matsurika shows her personal cards. However they turn out to be gemstones and serve more as her wish-list with suggested retail price. Even Yonakuni has his own ESP cards! This causes Kanako to throw a tantrum that she wants her own cards too. But she may get more than she bargained for because Touichirou Kanae comes in and is willing to answer her distress. Her hives are breaking out… Kanako is screaming in terror… Then Mariya’s snack finished. This means God has no reason to be here and stops the rain. The sun suddenly comes out! WOAH!!!!!

Part 2B: Secret Reception
As Kanako reluctantly cleans up the room, she is upset that Mariya and Matsurika don’t give a damn about her. Yeah, Matsurika is playing her handheld game… Kanako tries to tell them off that if they don’t keep clean… But when she swipes the window pane at Mariya’s side, she is surprised to find it squeaky clean. She then realizes the different ‘gap’ between their cleanliness even though they’re in the same room. She requests for ‘Overseas Development Aid’ but Mariya refuses. This has Kanako fantasizing her own personal maid (why are they all girls from Infinite Stratos?) and starts throwing a tantrum. In view of this, Mariya already has someone prepared to help with her cleaning: Kanae. See how Kanako collapse… Maybe she overworked herself…

Part 2C: Rewards of Bashfulness
Unlike her friends, Kanako couldn’t tell Nanami had come to class with a different lens as reward for the mid-term exams. Sachi also bought herself her own reward: a screwdriver. Huh? Yuzuru thought Kanako was being mean when she asked about the former’s reward. Turns out to be chocolates. Kanako tries soothing her that they are cute though those little bits are expensive. Beats Matsurika’s gems, eh? Kanako goes back and wants a reward from Mariaemon (Mariya + Doraemon) so she was being told off that rewards are reserved for those who work hard and then succeed. Because Kanako starts throwing a tantrum, Mariya has just the thing prepared: Kanae! Get ready for father time! I’m sure Kanako would be grateful for any reward that will free her from these circumstances.

Episode 2D: Do your best Touichirou!
Kanae is thinking how to properly respond a handphone SMS. Seems recently he has been getting lots of SMS from Mariya to help Kanako. Since he teaches Japanese language, using emoticons may be improper but decides to use it to keep it short and trendy. However he is in a dilemma on what emoticon to use to avoid unwanted misunderstanding. Finally he settles for a chick.

Episode 3A: Greed’s Tremor
God warns Yonakuni about getting fatter than he is now… Too late. Kanako thinks she has been looking for love in the wrong place and decides to dress up and head to the big city to find one. But when she finds she can’t zip up her skirt, she tries to make excuses to rational her weight gain isn’t so. Thinking back, she blames Mariya’s high calorie sweets that caused the problem. However she is made to go back further into the root of the problem. From patissieres to the basic ingredient of sugar cane. Kanako tries dieting and only eating shiitake mushrooms since this will cause her to salivate and in turn reduce the amount of water in her body and thus her weight (WTF?!). Because Nanami is talking about chewing marbles (instead of stones like what boxers do for training), Kanako is tempted to steal Sachi’s marbles. During the meeting between class reps, starving Kanako is disheartened to learn that Ayari Shiki will be discussing the cafeteria menu! Actually everyone is giving such high class names that Kanako couldn’t imagine what those dishes are. And even if they do, the way they explain in detail makes Kanako want to have a taste of it. She finally couldn’t take it anymore and sees Shiki’s hair as croissants and pounds on her. Kanako locks herself in her room and turns it into one big sauna in hopes of reducing her body water. Looks like the heat fried her brain. Yeah, she’s like a psycho person in a strait jacket walking around with 2 iron balls chained to her feet! Honoka is talking to her friends about seafood so Kanako overheard that and loses control. She wakes up in the infirmary and her instincts have her attack the school nurse, Tonomura after mistaking her boobs as melons! Amazingly she can still nose bleed. How many fluids does her body contain? After 3 days without proper meal, that night, her stomach is growling like mad. She creeps out of the room in search of food! Suddenly a loud scream is heard. Ryuuken wakes up and rushes to the scene. To everyone’s horror, they see Kanako up on the ceiling like that monster from The Thing trying to swallow Yonakuni! In the aftermath, Kanako is being reprimanded by Mariya and Matsurika. Though she has bitten Yonakuni, assaults on pets are considered damage to property. They also tell her to do her diet properly by exercising and reducing calorie intake. Even so, Kanako has the guts to say doing it by the book is boring! Kanako gets serious in her dieting and avoids all the late night sweets. She is happy that she is able to fit into her skirt but only to be told walking around in those clothes in Ame No Kisaki is forbidden. Plus, they won’t let you leave the campus just to have fun. Kanako is so disheartened over her suffering that she starts eating all the sweets to make it up for her misery in this prison. But of course, one can always apply to go outside with a reason to study at a friend’s place. I wonder what will be her reaction once Kanako finds out about this…

Episode 3B: Do Your Best Touichiro!
Kanae blames the rain that makes his clothes rather tight. Mariya and Matsurika start selling him some fantastic diet which actually turns out to be one big pyramid scheme. And that father is so convinced with Mariya’s smooth talk and conviction. I guess there are lots of gullible people who would still fall for this ‘business model’.

Episode 4: The Captive Maiden
Kanako is in the midst of a trial for biting Yonakuni. God is the judge while her friends Yuzuru, Sachi, Nanami and Ryuuken are the jury. Mariya is the prosecutor while Matsurika is the defence lawyer. Either way, Kanako is screwed. Mariya and Matsurika also put up a convincing performance to make the jury feel that they are having a hard time going against each other. So with both sides arguing what Kanako did during her assault (they have ‘video evidence’. More like clips from the previous episode), they call in witnesses to give their testimony (even that seaweed creature in Kanako’s bag makes its appearance. Oh, don’t forget Kanae too!) and it seems Nanami’s reasoning is always against Kanako, much to Sachi’s dismay. Yeah, she’s bad at reading the atmosphere and merely wants to speak the truth. The twist and turn of the trial turns from one that is trying to deliberate Kanako’s actions as sudden or pre-mediated to one that accuses Yonakuni as the culprit to make Kanako attack the dog in self defence. During this period, Kanako has got the cheek to worry about her status as this series’ main character. If she gets labelled as a criminal, the show might be cancelled! However when she starts fantasizing the beautiful female prisoners and jail wardens, she thinks going to jail isn’t as bad! WTF?! However she feels her priority is to keep her status as the main protagonist of this show (she can always work as a jail warden during her summer vacation. Like anyone would!). Kanako gets up and decides to reveal a secret that no one else had heard before. But then the alarm clock rings and God decides to leave to watch a certain anime that only airs at this time of the week. She leaves the deliberation up to them because, no one can simply deprive and interfere with God’s once-a-week enjoyment. Oh sh*t! Yonakuni hops along with God and hey, shouldn’t the injuries be healed in a few more weeks? The dog is walking fine, though… In the end, the jury finds Kanako guilty to the charge of property damage and looks like Matsurika already has made the necessary preparations for her punishment: Kanae! A sermon from him till morning! Hell begins now! Kanako comes back exhausted (Mariya and Matsurika can’t help make dirty comments) and to her dismay she learns today is exam day! Kanako set the new record by becoming the first girl in Ame No Kisaki to fail all her subjects so much so an emergency meeting was called. That bad, huh?

Episode 5A: Sullied Sisters
Kanako refuses to believe that she is that stupid and gives some lame excuses. So desperate to tell that she is not stupid, that she explains her elder sister who has gotten into the worldly renowned California Institute of Technology to be a REALLY STUPID SCHOOL! WTF?! Plus, her sister is the really idiotic one! I wonder how her imagination turned so malicious. I wonder why Mariya and Matsurika have to put up with this. So they substitute Kanako by talking to a stuffed bear while the real nympho is tied and gagged in the closet. Thank heavens. But even so, Kanako still isn’t repentant. I guess Mariya will have to put her foot down and make sure Kanako does a collection of make-up questions from every teacher (I guess they were really serious in this grave matter) and do nothing but study for the next week and pass all subjects in her make-up exam. Mariya goes to the Archery Club early and meets some of the members, Banri Tsumugi, Chifumi Satsuki and newbie Komachi Yamaki (a self-proclaimed Mariya devotee who joined the club just to be close to her). Kanako still hasn’t learnt her lesson as she spies at the Archery Club. She is dismayed that Mariya is fooling around with a bevy of beautiful maidens. Unfortunately her fantasizing of Yuzuru has God catching her in the act of not studying. When Mariya and Matsurika return to their room, they don’t see Kanako around and think she has escaped. But God mentions since she assumed the chairmanship of the committee to deal with Kanako’s failing grades, she has increased her studying time. In short, Kanako is sent to a place where time flows differently. Though it may be a week here, but Kanako will be spending a year studying!!!

Episode 5B: Mischievous Fingertips
When Kanako comes back, she has longer hair, grown 2 centimetres taller and sporting an accent?! And she wants everybody to give her their study skills?! But it seems that Kanako isn’t the only one who changed. Ryuuken sports a very weird hairdo too. Her class table has been decorated by Shiki with rhinestones, resin and those flashy stuffs. Seems Honoka was the one responsible for the hairdo and her close buddies also don outrageous hairstyles. Why is there a cat in the hair? Honoka offers to do Kanako’s hair and because her hand is touching the back of her neck, the usual bloody geyser from her nose… Honoka continues to do Kanako’s hair even if she’s passed out. Yeah, you could say it is one hair-raising style! Anyway, Kanako managed to scrap pass the make-up exams. Ryuuken invites Kanako to play her personal card game. Since it is based on Japan’s historic battles, as Ryuuken mentions the interesting thing about this game is no matter how hard the players try, they can’t change history! Furthermore, Mariya announces those cards on sale and there will be an official tournament tomorrow morning. Participation is compulsory as God adds. The lowest ranking student will be punished to watch continuously the long running three-story series, Legend of Japanese Heroes box set. All 165 episodes on 45 DVDs!!! FUUUUUU~!!! And without blinking!!! I guess you know what this means for Kanako. She is so desperate to buy those cards that she is knocking on the store’s door in the wee hours of the morning. Nobody’s home… Now does she appreciate Japanese history?

Episode 6A: Heart Pounding Mission: School Scramble
These are the events that happened while Kanako was away. So much so Matsurika ‘hijacked’ the series and calls it Matsurika+Holic. Ryuuken is looking for Mariya but was told by God that she is away visiting her family. Fumi Kumagai talks to Tonomura about using card battles as teaching supplement to learn Japanese history. Mariya notes that she understands her intention to include fun in her teaching, she feels it will not convey her feelings to her students. Mainly because of the cheap card materials. Mariya suggests to let her handle the printing job and they can bang out 300 starter packs and 1000 five-card booster packs! Then we see her analyzing in how to make sales and profit with these cards to the extent of selling it to the boys’ school of Mihoshi No Mori as well. Kanako’s friends are worried about her absence so they decide to brighten things up on her table by putting a flower and her picture. Does it give a feel that she’s dead? Elsewhere Ryuuken’s followers comment about the hairpin she got from Shiki so Honoka takes this opportunity to do her hair. The sales of the cards shoot up (thanks to God forcing the girls to buy) and for Mariya and Matsurika, it’s like printing money since they only incur printing costs. Seems Mariya and God are in a little dispute over the official rights for this Sunday’s tournament so Mariya assures she’ll handle it so God would like to talk about the prizes, penalties and God’s royalties. What God’s royalties?

Shiki finishes decorating Kanako’s table as suggested by Kanako’s friends. Kanae was passing by and saw this. He misunderstood that Kanako had passed away. He happens to pass by Mariya and Matsurika and since both are talking ambiguously, Kanae is convinced Kanako went to heaven. Well, Kanako did depart to somewhere else not on this Earth. Kanae further misinterprets Kanako committed suicide over her make-up exams. Then he got the cheek to even think he should consider the happiness of girls in front before him and will bring forth their true smiles. Mariya and Matsurika can tell from his eerie gaze so they excuse themselves. Next thing we know, Kanae is stuck in a pit hole at Mariya’s mansion. Shizu’s butler, Rindou (also Matsurika’s twin) was the one who dug the spot and even thought of burying the father completely by planting a tree! Of course Shizu reprimands him and takes Kanae inside. But Kanae upon looking at Shizu, starts having that sort of feeling in his heart. I guess being a shotacon is fine for him too, eh? He can’t take the pressure anymore and dashes out in a bathrobe. Though Shizu is clueless, Rindou notes that the stare the father gave him is not the kind generally given to men. Kanae meets Mariya and Matsurika on his way out (they’re coming back from club activities). Before Mariya could finish asking, he tells them he has no right to stare at her. Actually what she wanted to ask was why he was coming from her house in a bathrobe. Walking through the corridors of the school, he chances upon Maki Natsuru. He somewhat takes a liking of her scent and sees her shaken face. Oh no. This guy is starting to think he’s fallen in love with her. Natsuru meets up with Shiki to tell her Kanae is a pervert who walks around the campus in a bathrobe. Don’t tell me he is falling for Shiki too? All these events are actually what Matsurika is typing an SMS message to her father what has happened over the week! Kanae sees Kanako with that outrageous hair-raising hairstyle. If she dyed it blonde, she may have looked like MAR’s Rapunzel.

Episode 6B: Matsurika’s Journal
Kanako is in the midst of being erased as Matsurika asserts her presence is not needed in Matsurika+Holic! Though the second half nearly become so Touichirou+Holic. Mariya chides her about wanting to take over the entire show and that her little journal section wasn’t enough. Oh, Kanako is close to complete erasure!

Episode 7A: The Real Swimming Competition Full of Pretty Girls
Mariya and Shizu are challenging each other to… Who is taller? Surprisingly Shizu beats Mariya by 0.3mm! However Rindou starts spouting some embarrassing details that we users aren’t going to hear. With the exams over, Kanako is looking forward to the swim meet. Oh God. Girls in swimsuits. Double trouble. She’s looking forward to flying tops and all. Sh*t. She should have been taking exams for the entire month. When that day came, as usual, Kanako’s nose bleed turned the entire pool into a blood pond. Why does she have so much blood? In a blink of an eye, everything was over. Kanako laments that Shizu and Mariya switched places for the kibasen. She heads over to Mariya’s mansion with intentions to apologize to Shizu for the flying top incident. Really? Why is she sneaking around? But she gets caught in a trap. Yeah, courtesy of Rindou. Rindou brings the ‘victim’ inside the house and as we are being told, these are traps he set intended for Mariya (they’re in some sort of war since young?). Rindou loves the battlefield and survival games but Mariya would’ve been happier if he didn’t turn the entire garden into a trap loaded battlefield. The loggerheads are bickering so much so Kanako got annoyed to at least let the VIP out of the net (she’s making me laugh). Kanako soon apologizes to Shizu and he forgives her. However Mariya cautions her of being too kind because Kanako’s the kind that’ll start getting cocky. Still, Shizu stands up for Kanako as she may have her reasons. Mariya wants Kanako to go back to the dorm while she’ll be staying here. Because come tomorrow, she’ll understand.

Next day in school, Kanako sees the swimming teacher, Ayano Enjouji. She wants her to redo the flying top incident because she finds it electrifying and wants to see it again! She even brings Mariya! Is her secret going to be revealed?! Fortunately not because it’s just a dream. Kanako is in despair when Mariya touches her but is surprised that she didn’t break out in hives. This could only mean this person is Shizu. Since it’s Mihoshi No Mori’s swim meet, both twins switched places. Because of that, Kanako is looking forward to the entire day with doing whatever she desires with Shizu. Unfortunately, this isn’t a dream. Yeah, Matsurika pinched her cheeks hard to confirm this. Then suddenly Shizu runs up to Kanako to confess that the swim meet was a lie. Shizu convinced Mariya to switch places just to see her. Her heart pounds when he thinks of Kanako?! You can’t be serious?! Could this finally be her romance? However Enjouji tells them Kanako’s lips are hers?! WTF?! Love triangle?! Then poof! Kanako wakes up from her dream in class. Haha! A dream twist in a dream! Kanako is desperate for Shizu to stay here and if an accident won’t happen at Mihoshi No Mori’s swim meet, she’ll make one! She makes all the necessary preparations from getting the best seafood from Honoka to give to God so she can get the emergency exit key to the First Girls’ Dorm. And a change of clothes to avoid being identified as Ame No Kisaki’s student. She takes this life and death mission seriously that she wants her pals to deliver her rosary to her younger sister in the suburbs if she doesn’t return! Once at Mihoshi No Mori’s pool, she is thinking how to involve Mariya in an accident. Because she thought for too long, Rindou sees her and she is surrounded by guys! Hell time! Rindou thought she is the judge for the kibasen. I don’t know how Kanako ended up putting on her swimsuit and in the middle of the pool, but the guys start converging at her from all sides when the game starts. Death becomes her…

Episode 7B: Rindou’s Journal
Rindou narrates his love for survival games and setting traps to ensnare Mariya. But the traps always catch unintended victims (remember Kanae’s case too). So why is Enjouji caught one now? Looks like a dream from Kanako. Apparently Matsurika forced this dream twist to get back her segment…

Episode 8A: Sullied Innocence
Kanako is disheartened to find that even for summer vacation, there is a special class only for her. Yeah, her failed-every-subject incident must be really infamous. But learning that summer classes have always been voluntarily attended, if she could just get several students to attend class voluntarily, she’ll have her beautiful harem for summer. All is not lost! I think she just lost it. But after asking a few of her friends, seems they are all going back home to help out with their families. They have a future to think about and it’s not like life ends once high school ends. So much so Kanako believes in the Mayan Prophecy that the world will come to an end in 2012 and that the moment to live is now! Kanako is annoyingly singing to herself Sachi’s birthday song (which is tomorrow). She ponders what kind of present to give her and takes out a photo album filled with secret shots of Sachi! She even has a few sets on other girls! Stalker! It’s no surprise why Kanako gets beaten up by the sadist, eh? Mariya confiscates the book and still Kanako isn’t repentant. Sachi is so popular that they are having her birthday celebrations at the church during the summer holiday (Matsurika quoting she’s even generous and kind towards industrial waste like Kanako). Everyone is thanking Sachi for the ridiculous aid that helped them out (don’t ask). Even some gay Frenchie. Who the heck is that?! Before Kanako’s turn to give Sachi’s present, she is being called out by Mariya. Outside, she confiscates the gift and opens it to find a devilish babydoll dress. What was she thinking? Increase her cute appeal? I think Mariya would do a better job by returning it. Returning to the church, Kanako compares everyone’s outrageous gifts. She is sure Sachi would accept her ‘thought that counts’ but that will make her the villain in the eyes of others. When it’s Kanako’s turn, she wraps herself as Sachi’s present! But after seeing everyone’s presents that made Sachi smile (and Mariya’s words of forcing her perverted hobbies unto others), Kanako apologizes for not getting any present and runs off. At the park, Kanako thinks back about the days when Sachi helped her out. She has been the kindest one to her since she stepped foot in this school. Sachi then finds her and says she got her present. That photo album? Apparently Mariya gave it to her with an excuse that Kanako wanted to capture brief expressions of hers which will never be repeated again. Sachi will treasure this album, not knowing the real secret intention behind the album. Kanako wanted to confess but was stopped by Matsurika. She didn’t have a proper present and if she told the truth, what would happen? Would it make anyone happy? Even if Sachi would, will everyone else be happy? That’s why they feel Kanako must learn a lesson that there are things that can’t be resolved with just a mere apology. As punishment for trespassing against Sachi, Mariya hereby revokes Kanako’s speaking rights for the next episode! A background character without any lines! Oh yes! For once Kanako will shut up!

Episode 8B: Matsurika’s Journal
Mariya and Shizu trade each other’s homework but to Shizu’s dismay, his share is several piles compared to just a single compilation. Mariya helps out by reading aloud some of the questions but they sound so much like riddles. Yes, Mariya is just reading it. To make up for the injustice, Shizu has her answer a riddle. Something to do with bread (pan) and frying pan. Both put on a serious face and play poker as they can’t come up with the correct answer. The servants aren’t of any help because Rindou said some random line while Matsurika reads a stupid line to come up with a punch line.

Episode 9: The Precocious Fiance
Tota Hanabusa came all the way from Osaka to Ame No Kisaki to see his true love. At the gates, he has a spat with Kanae and the father is losing. He gets labelled as a dangerous animal with a Lolita complex! He’s trying to argue his way out that difference in age has nothing to do with love? The chatter stops when Ryuuken comes by. In the cafeteria with her friends, Tota is praising the beautiful girls in this school except for one: Kanako: Yeah, her mouth is fully covered! No yapping for this episode! In view of Kanako’s no-speech, Rindou, God and Yonakuni take the liberty to do some commentary and narration on Kanako’s behalf. Oh, how screwed up will it be? Yeah, the commentary will always be distracted with something else like jet fighters, helicopters and Geronimo. What? As Tota introduces himself, he also confidently mentions himself as Ryuuken’s future husband. Him calling Ryuuken so casually has Kanako her blood boil but she is taken away by Mariya because her friends decide to leave the love birds together. But beware. Kanako isn’t going to yield just yet. Ryuuken and Tota stroll around the campus and we learn that this guy is obsessed with stag beetles and has the tools ever ready to catch them. So is here to see his fiancée or collect beetles? Ryuuken learns Tota has visited her parents and was told she wanted to go to a different university and can’t come home (they are against it). Tota believes her place as his wife should be at home because he’ll do the work and savings to get that modest but happy life he wants to make. Ryuuken reminds him that he’s the only one taking this fiancée thing serious because all this was just a joke by her grandparents over drinks. Tears start welling in Tota’s eyes. He is seriously in love with her but laments she can’t say the same for him.

Meanwhile Kanako has gotten herself loose (except the mouth piece) and is trudging closer to the duo like a crazy stalker killer/ninja! She has that murderous aura! However she was distracted by Shiki and Natsuru. She tries to hold her nose bleed after fantasizing about Natsuru’s short skirt. Unfortunately she can’t and at a safe distance, she lets the blood flow. Now the mask is so tainted… Though she would love to take the easy way out by having Shiki take her to the infirmary, her priority now is Ryuuken and that obnoxious kid. The only thing in her heart is destruction and nothing will stop her from destroying that love till nothing is left! Dangerous. When she finally catches up to them, Kanako challenges Tota by showing him a stag beetle. However she instantly lost. And on home ground. How can you beat this expert? However Tota praises Kanako for trying to give her credit. He apologizes for saying mean things to her and lets her keep the beetle because it suits her (he put it on her face?). Then he gives a good luck charm to Ryuuken for her studies. He knew she was taking the university exam (because she’s his fiancée) and came here just to give her this. He decides to head back to Osaka and promises the next time they meet, he’ll be a better man. Say Kanako, you should learn a lesson or two from this kid. Tota passes by Kanae, apologizes and hands him a stag beetle. Later when Kanako’s mask has finally been removed (oh God. The yapping has begun), she is lamenting her tanned skin when she was out looking for stag beetles and only put mayonnaise as sun lotion. Come to think of this, vegetable oil does fry stuff, right? Anyway Matsurika suggests fighting fire with fire by using mayonnaise. Kanako is happy that they’re all in this together but gets beaten up because Mariya and Matsurika certainly aren’t as stupid as her. Go suck the mayonnaise yourself!

Episode 10A: The Holy Man’s Scapegoat
Matsurika gives Kanako a rosary and even though it’s from that cruel maid, I guess Kanako would be happy to receive from any girl. Till she learns the rosary belongs to Matsurika’s father. Worse still, it’s cursed! Matsurika’s dad immediately SMS her to tell the wonderful news of how he felt so light and liberated suddenly. Oh Kanako… Ever since, Kanako has been having nightmares in her sleep. This leads to sleep deprivation and she could use less trouble when Kanae comes barging in to help her problem. She’ll do anything he says as long he doesn’t touch her. Lying on the bed, Kanae has her count legs of an octopus to fall asleep. Octopus has only 8 arms, right? Yeah, it always worked for Kanae because he dozed off before 8. Not for Kanako. Next Kanae tries hypnosis but since Kanako mentions a capybara, Kanae misinterprets it for her hidden desires and will surrender himself to her! The trauma was horrifying enough to knock Kanako out. Ah well, at least she can sleep peacefully now. Mariya is grateful to Kanae so she gives him the cursed Rosary. Yeah well, he accepted it without second thoughts. Ever since, he feels very heavy and has nightmares of a little girl visiting his room. You know what? He thinks she is the fifth love of his life! Get real!

Episode 10B: Banquet of Lewd Dreams
Though Kanako’s curse is gone, she is asking Mariya and Matsurika for any other variety of cursed items. Why? She can’t get over that little girl who always visits her in her dreams and thinks other cursed items will have a sexy woman figure. So that’s why… Is that all she ever thinks? Matsurika first hands her the air stewardess’ cursed panty stockings (resulting in a scenario in which the stewardess calls the need of a girl who is constantly being mocked by others and also yuri), then a nurse’s cursed nurse cap (trying to make the nurse read an eye test but find out a word is missing so she uses her own body to make that word) and a female manga author’s cursed G-pen (drawing yuri images till she nose bleeds). Finally it is revealed those items aren’t actually cursed but belong to collectors with a certain taste. Oh Kanako, you’re so screwed…

Episode 10C: Forbidden Relationship
Kanae laments the cursed rosary but ends up coming up with a pun. “Aku No Jujika” can both mean “Evil Cross” and “Business Hours Open At Ten”. Also, “Noroi” can mean “Curse” or “Slow” (though different writing). Kanako comes up to Kanae and would like him to return the rosary because she misses the little girl. Great. Not only human girls will do. Is she so desperate to even want a cute spirit girl? Kanae misinterprets that if Kanako knows about the little girl, this must mean a love triangle. God and Yonakuni come by and the former is surprised to see the rosary in the father’s hands. She lets them know it belongs to her but lost it through time (just how old is she?!). This rosary used to be her favourite because it comes with a ‘lovely friend’. While Kanako panics upon God’s advice that some things are better left unknown (God’s childhood days, that is), Kanae thinks his fifth love ended pretty quickly. Did it even start?

Episode 10D: The Nape In Summer
Kanako loves the summer and when the girls don the yukata because of the ‘destructive power of the nape that peeks right on the edge of the yukata’. Oh God… She starts getting delusional but when the moment comes, she is disheartened that nobody tied up their hair so it’s safely hidden behind it (phew). Because she still can’t let the topic of napes go, Nanami lets her know that 70% of Japanese women wash their napes first. I guess the other girls fall into the remainder 30% as they state the other parts of the body that they wash first. Does it really matter? I don’t want to know. It ends with everyone watching the fireworks.

Episode 11A: The Younger Sister’s Juicy Secret
Miki, Kanako’s younger sister drops by Ame No Kisaki for a visit. Kanako laments she needs to do special homework for the summer holidays (because of her miracle epic fail) instead of having bikinis and drenched see-through shirts. With Miki coming into the room, I guess Kanako would have pounded on her own sister if she hadn’t said the sensitive subject of her becoming bigger. Kanako realizes Miki is here because her friends actually sent the rosary (remember that incident back in episode 7?). Then Miki hands Mariya the graduation essay of Kanako as she reads aloud her embarrassing dream of wanting to become just about everything. But the one she wanted to be most was a princess. So she once liked boys? Embarrassed Kanako takes the book away and runs away. In class, she is guarding it tightly and though her friends pretty much wanted to see it, they start narrating their own embarrassing dreams. Well, sounds noble if you ask me. As Kanae enters the class, he sees Kanako clutching the book and her sorrowful look has him think that she is torn between the gap of her dream and reality. He decides to make her believe in her dream when he remembers his own dream that never came true. Yeah, he wants to be a wonderful groom. In this state, he’ll never achieve it. So how? He tells her that dreams don’t come true and be strong like him. Er… You’re touching her hand. Later Kanako sees Miki strolling on the campus grounds. They talk about the good old days when they all came together at Ame No Kisaki as a family after mom died. Miki wanted to find out more about this school and ran away once but Irene (the director of Ame No Kisaki then and Mariya’s grandma) welcomed her and that is when she first met Mariya who was tasked to take care of Miki. An Archery Club member spots them and brings them back to the club room. Kanako sees how Miki interacts well with everyone and feels jealous. The girls think Miki should enrol in this school and be the Archery Club’s manager and cute mascot. Miki further explains how she first saw Mariya pulling her bow and was captivated. She was inspired ever since.

Kanako stand this anymore and takes Miki away. She warns Miki that she can’t think about Mariya and it’s definitely no good. To make her understand, she blurts out Mariya is a boy. So happen Mariya and Matsurika are there. Kanako realizes the sh*t she’s in because there is no way that cross-dresser would forgive her now. Especially since she’s smiling, there has to be something sinister underneath, right? Kanako right away gets down on her knees to beg for apology and to let Miki off the hook. Mariya plays it cool and brushes that nonsensical talk. This is Mariya’s way to cover for Kanako but I guess Kanako was dumb and pushing her luck that she tries to convince Miki that she doesn’t break into hives when she touches Mariya and that she is not a boy. If she had shut the f*ck up and let it slide, this would not have happened. Miki takes Mariya’s hand and touches Kanako. It’s breaking out! Miki would like to have a private talk with Mariya. Mariya admits he is a boy but Miki says she’ll enrol in this school since her dad wanted all his daughters to study at Ame No Kisaki to begin with. She’ll join the Archery Club and once she does, she wants Mariya to date her. This is not a threat to keep her identity a secret but rather she was in love with her for a long time. Mariya feels she is just upset that the person she thought was a woman turned out to be a man. At a distance, looks like Matsurika and Kanako couldn’t contain their curiosity and eavesdrop on them (Kanako tied up of course to prevent from doing anything destructive). Kanako witnessed the moment Miki’s heart got shattered and decides to cheer her up. But this was a giveaway that she was spying on them. Miki notes that Mariya avoided dumping her and pretended nothing ever happened but to Matsurika, she just dodged the entire thing to prevent it from becoming into a messy relationship drama. Soon Miki departs and promises to come back as a student of Ame No Kisaki next year. After all, this is the place her parents met and where she found the love of her life.

Episode 11B: Matsurika’s Journal
Are you curious what Matsurika’s dream was when she was young? An oil tycoon. Hah! I thought it would be something like world destroyer or conqueror.

Episode 12: Kanako’s Birthday
Kanako has been banned from using the public bath due her tainting nose bleeds. But she has to study in a room adjacent to it and hopes she can finish it before 31st August. It’s her birthday. Kanako tries to give hints to Mariya and Matsurika about that special day but I think they’re just pretending to be dumb by giving loads of other important events that happen on that day (including Malaysia’s independence!) and making a pun out of it (8/31 = Vegetable Day: Ya (8) Sa (3) Ichi (1), get it?). Even if Kanako hints a birthday, they go on ranting birthdays of famous people instead. Would it be a surprise that nobody remembers this lesbian’s birthday? So desperate that she tries to hint it to her friends with puns but I guess it got twisted somehow. This including going to great lengths to write that date on the ground with her blood! Finally her friends conclude it could be her birthday since she’s acting so weird. Sachi suggests a surprise party and asks Kanako if she’s free on that day. Of course she is. Kanako thinks this is a sign she’ll throw a surprise party and becomes happy. And that I mean starting her delusions. Ryuuken also got the hint and asks Kanako the same. I guess kind Shizu was the only one who remembered Kanako’s birthday and calls Kanako about her plan on that day. Wow. She must be super delusional by now. Even Kanae thinks of celebrating it with her on behalf of her brother (in the previous season, it was said that her brother died of some composer disease. A lie obviously). Yeah, Kanako isn’t looking forward to his birthday bash at the church. I mean, she’s got Sachi, Ryuuken and Shizu to choose from, why would she choose that father’s letter over the girls?

On her birthday as Kanako eagerly waits, the only invitation she got was Kanae’s letter and a direct mail from the Yuri Friends Monthly magazine to meet at an event in Tokyo. She walks around hoping that there would be a surprise at the corner but nothing came up. Finally entering the public bath and finding nothing, she breaks down and contemplating if she should accept Kanae’s invitation. She’d rather go to the Yuri event. However not giving up, if they’re not going to surprise her, she’ll surprise them! Waiting in the public bath can be tedious. But when she starts fantasizing, ah well, there’s the nose bleed again. Mariya and Matsurika find her ‘frolicking’ and tease her about the birthday bash she’s supposed to go. Kanako spots a hole in the wall that fits her rosary. As she puts it in, the water starts gushing out and the trio start falling deep into the sewers. Deep underground, Kanako laments spending her birthday like this especially spending time with the cross-dresser. But Mariya wishes she would stop blaming others. Firstly it was her fault that she is spending her birthday alone because she told everyone she was free on today when her friends asked her about her plans for that day. As for Kanae, Mariya understands she doesn’t want to be invited by him but he still wanted to celebrate for her out of the goodness of his heart. He could be waiting at the church and who hasn’t responded yet. She has trampled on the goodwill of everyone else. Kanako decides to head over to the church to apologize to Kanae. Then she’ll go to the Yuri event. She never change, eh? I don’t know how the seaweed got here but it suddenly multiplies due to the hot water. Run for your lives! They come up to a dead end but with a familiar slot machine that will summon somebody. Kanako inserts a coin and out comes Rindou! He takes the offensive to let the ladies through. Then they are confronted with the seaweed in Kanako’s bag. Mariya and Matsurika get tangled (fanservice cue?) so Kanako could press ahead. When she arrives at the church, she is surprised that everyone is there singing her happy birthday. How come Rindou, Mariya and Matsurika are there too? Did they find a short cut? Or did Kanako take the long way? Shizu lets her know that when they found out they were planning a surprise party on the same day, Mariya suggested they all get together and throw her a big party. How sweet and considerate of Mariya. After all, birthdays only come once a year. Mariya gives Kanako her birthday present: A peck on the cheek. Holy sh*t! The hives! THE HIVES! Lastly Kanako narrates that though she hasn’t find the love of her life yet, she has met so many people who are dear to her. I hope she doesn’t mean it in a perverted way.

Kanako+Whore-lic: Bloodied Maria
Well, it was a pretty hilarious and chaotic run for this sequel. Once again the ultimate yuri love Kanako wanted so much eluded her again but that doesn’t stop her from continuing to have lewd and wild fantasies and delusions. As the main protagonist of this series, she is someone that you will both love and hate at the same time. Her sickening delusions are the source of comic relief. You want her to shut up and stop dreaming but at the same time you want her to do so, so that she could receive the ultimate punishment that would all make us laugh and say “You deserve it!”. Okay, so we are all sadists and no better than her. But really, she hasn’t changed or learnt from her previous lessons whether it is a few episodes ago or in the previous season. How low has she sunk I wonder. The same ol’ yuri pig who will continue to live a life of hell and trials so long as she keeps up what she’s doing. Not only high school girls suit her taste, but as seen from this sequel, convicts and spirits. My guess is that the next time she’ll even go for female animals… That is what you call desperate case.

This series loves using cliff-hangers for dramatic effect. Just when you think something big is going to happen, it turns out to something insignificant. Like the swim meet was perhaps just a dream in a dream. Something to torment Kanako? I remember when the first season ended, it also ended in this manner. Something to do about the rosary pendant before an abrupt end. So where was all that in the second season? Also, the series loves breaking the fourth wall. Since when Kanako is concerned about her character appearing regularly in the show? Though she has an episode that strips her of her speaking role, it felt good but at the same time empty. Our ears may get tired after hearing too much of Kanako’s delusions but lacking it would defeat the purpose of why this show is funny in the first place. Hmm… Maybe Matsurika should really have a spin-off series herself.

I notice that in this season, Mariya wasn’t the prankster and sadist she was back in the first season. No doubt she still does abuse Kanako for her own amusement (and for her own good). Even if she was reprimanding Kanako, it is mainly to make her realize her own stinking attitude. But still that bloody b*tch doesn’t learn… Mariya may not totally be an angel as she has her own ulterior motive especially the sale of those personal card games. But I suppose it’s just to make a profit. Otherwise, she still maintains her polite and graceful manner in front of the rest (Kanako is always an exception). As for Matsurika, she is still cruel as ever with sarcastic comments not only for Kanako but sometimes towards her master as well. In this sense, she is by far the coolest character to me in the series. If she was a master and not a maid, she could’ve been much worse. Though Kanako’s friends do not make much impact, at least they do still have their fair share of screen time. Whether it is Sachi’s helpfulness or Nanami’s inability to read the atmosphere.

This time round I felt Honoka, Shiki and Natsuru’s screen time and role in the sequel were reduced. In the previous season, Honoka was the one responsible in making that creepy seaweed bag Kanako’s possession. Here, she is reduced to a tsundere. If I remember, Shiki is Mariya’s cousin and there is some sort of rivalry between them. In short, they don’t like each other and you can feel sparks will fly if they ever cross paths. That doesn’t seem to happen here except for just a short little moment during the cafeteria menu discussion. Kanae is somebody who thinks too much. Too much for his own good. Heck, you can see words coming out from his head each time he speaks from his mouth or head. He’s got this dilemma of being in love with the girls and trying to uphold his integrity as a priest. But often he is always being used by Mariya and Matsurika to ‘punish’ Kanako. Each time Kanae comes close to Kanako, she’ll start yelling and screaming random words like as though she has become a broken down machine or a mad woman. And each time Kanae tries to decipher the meaning of those words. He’s got extensive knowledge but what’s the use when it’s not rightfully applied.

It’s nice to bring about some new characters like Tota and Miki. We get slightly deeper insights on some of the characters. But I feel that they serve just as teasers. The other little bits of information like the probability Kanako may once liked boys, the Miyamae sisters, the mysterious past of God and the battle between Rindou and Mariya serve as interesting bits. Perhaps more will be revealed if there are future sequels? But the plot about Mariya and Shizu switching genders and school didn’t come into prominence much. In the previous season, it was some game to see who will take over the directorship of that school. Maybe that’s just it. So far you can say their identities are still a closely guarded secret and won’t be busted anytime. Even if Miki is added to the list of those who knows Mariya’s true gender, I don’t think she’ll go rant about it. SHAFT productions usually have that weird feel in their art and animation. The sequel retains its trademark visual styles and though it may have a variety of other drawing styles (usually during Kanako’s wild delusions), I won’t say it is as much as some of their other works such as Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Bakemonogatari. As usual at the end of each episode, there will be a short segment called Omake (Bonus). They are short and random nonsense that does not have anything to do with the main series. Sometimes you want to laugh out loud, sometimes you just want to scratch your head and go “Huh? What was that all about?”. Of all the Omake shots, the best one has got to be the parody of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. So is it possible to make a free contract with Kyuubey?!

As the casts of the sequel are retained, once again I would like to take my hat off to Asami Sanada who is the voice behind Kanako. She does a good job and especially hilarious whenever Kanako goes into fantasizing mode or just screaming in horror. From one minute she can be experiencing heaven and the next a hellish torment. Her character is so noisy that it even annoys others right in the dead of the night! Yu Kobayashi to me always has that crazy voice and though she doesn’t make Mariya go screaming and blowing her top more often, her voice can switch between angelic and demonic with ease. Marina Inoue doesn’t need to put in extra effort to put up with Matsurika’s deadpan and emotionless character. But I guess that’s what makes her character cool. For the first opening theme, Mousou Senshi Miyamae Kanako by Tomokazu Sugita (voice of Kanae) sounds like a tokusatsu-like theme for Kanako. Only difference is that it is singing about the delusional warrior Kanako is. Make that very. The second opening theme is surprisingly annoyingly infectious. Entitled Runrunriru Ranranrara by Yu Kobayashi, it is crazy and wild. The song fluctuates between cherubic and devilish. That’s why Yu Kobayashi does a pretty fine job with it. Sometimes it sounds so funny (it has a little Arabian tune to it) that I can’t help myself from laughing and sing along the ‘catchy’ chorus. Of course the animation is a crazy mix as well. Among them we see include Kanako drawn as a pig and we have Mariya dressed as Alice In Wonderland skipping by. An episode when Matsurika hijacked the show, not only she sings in her deadpan voice, some of the faces of the characters are replaced with Matsurika’s mug! It’s like wearing a mask over your face. The ending theme, Dou Ni Mo Tomaranai by the seiyuus of the Ame No Kisaki girls, sounds like a video game song or at least a song fit for a detective series. The special ending song for the final episode, Don’t Mind Don’t Mind by Yu Kobayashi is yet another crazy piece to end this crazy series. Plus, there is a short segment at the end which previews the Maria+Holic Movie. Another one of those nonsensical Omake? Well, it must be since I haven’t heard anything about it till today.

Perhaps if Kanako was more refined in her approach and not a wild horny beast desperate for romance, I’m sure her yuri dream will go well. I think her late mom in heaven would have long turned in her grave seeing the embarrassing antics of her daughter. With so many nose bleeds, the school may need loads of fresh paint. So many nose bleeds that Kanako could have been a frequent blood donor (better not get a blood transfusion from her or else you’ll get the HIV – Happy Idiotic Virus). Too many nose bleeds that it puts the most perverted anime guy to shame. But if it makes her happy, why not? Of course not! There’s a limit on how happy you can be.

PS: My mother is still alive and doing fine as always :)

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