Satsuriku No Tenshi

March 3, 2019

Normally I would skip horror genres. Definitely not my cup of tea. So I was going to give Satsuriku No Tenshi the skip. Certainly I was like 99% of passing this. Until I reread the synopsis again. And then a change in heart. A change in guts. The mystery of a couple of characters stuck in a strange building trying to find their way out. Okay. So I thought this wouldn’t be as bad. After all, the twisted reason of one of the characters wanting to get out was so that he could kill the other as promised. Sick. But at that time it somewhat sounded interesting and different. And then…

Episode 1
Rachel Gardner wakes up in a strange facility. Cameras all around. A self-typing typewriter asks her several questions. We find out she is in this hospital for counselling after witnessing a few people die. After she enters the elevator, an announcement is sounded that she has been selected to be a sacrifice and all players on each floor to prepare for the play. She gets out when the elevator stops on this creepy floor that looks like an abandoned street. She tries to help an injured bird but it is killed by this maniac with a scythe, Isaac “Zack” Foster. She runs and manages to hide from him. She returns to the dead bird but notices it is a different one. She ‘fixes’ it up. Zack finds her as she runs for her life. She manages to ride the elevator up to the next floor in the nick of time. In this creepy hospital hallway, she encounters Daniel “Danny” Dickens who was the doctor who counselled her. Creepily, he tries to assure he is on her side and to look for a way out. Then he starts admiring Rachel’s beautiful eyes because one of his isn’t working. It’s his dream to have perfect eyes. Apparently Rachel has the same beautiful eyes when he saw his mother hanged herself. He has her find his fake eyes at the back while he acts even creepier before her. While he puts his fake eyes, Rachel believes the need to run. However he caught her. It gets creepier as he now seeks to have her eyes. He puts her on his operating table and hints her parents are dead. As he rants about her beautiful eyes, suddenly he gets stabbed by Zack. Somehow he chased her all the way here. But when he threatens to kill her, it seems Rachel doesn’t mind. No fun. He leaves. An announcement is made that a rule has been violated. Because other floor residents cannot attack another floor resident, this act is deemed as treachery and will also be selected as a sacrifice. Zack tries to leave when Rachel walks up to him and pleads for him to kill her.

Episode 2
Zack is not amused as he wants to get out of her so Rachel thinks if she can be useful to him, he will kill her. After helping to activate the elevator, Zack makes a deal with her (since she continues to bug him about dying) that he will kill her after she gets him out. Oh, and make a better face than this boring one too. On the next level, they see graves. There is one for her. One for him too. Rachel decides to look further and heads into the small crevice. She could hear a strange voice talking to her and letters left behind just for her. The perpetrator is interested in her and wants to give her a place… Meanwhile bored Zack smashes all the graves outside, unwittingly triggering doors inside for Rachel to move on. More letters and files on dead people. It’s got info on her and Zack too. She returns to Zack and tries to confirm with him his shady origins (something about being abused at a facility before running away and his whereabouts unknown since) but Zack isn’t impressed. Threats to kill her won’t work as she is not afraid. This reminds Zack of someone similar. A woman who lied she is a fan of his just to get away from him but he ultimately killed her. More Rachel bugging to be killed if she runs away. He warns her she will only get to die after she gets him out of here and then destroys her tombstone (which she told him not to). Zack reluctantly helps activate another trigger that opens another door for Rachel to head in deeper. He notices how she smiled and would have loved to kill that kind of face had she not had those dead eyes. As Zack waits, he is confronted by this floor’s psychopath, Edward “Eddie” Mason. Is he wearing a coconut over his head?

Episode 3
The duo argue they are the ones qualified to kill Rachel. Eddie doesn’t have time to play with him and goes to Rachel. He tries to coax her to let him kill her. After all, that is what she wants, right? He can make her death a more beautiful one. All she needs to do is say yes. Rachel is a little confused although she is still sticking to her promise to Zack. Because Zack swears to God how he will be the one who kill her, Rachel decides to side with him. Eddie is disappointed and retreats. Rachel is annoying Zack about this God thingy. Okay, okay. He gets it. He’ll kill you after they get out! In the next room, they confront Eddie who seeks an answer why she chose Zack. He is not pleased because of that God answer because that kind of freedom doesn’t exist here. Their only right is to kill others on their respective floors. He wanted to give Rachel a beautiful death but now he just wants to kill her. As the guys fight, Eddie uses his floor to his advantage as he turns off the lights. Rachel uses her mini torchlight to hide behind what is supposed to be her new grave. She jumps into it. Feeling like home? Eddie is just moments from killing her when Rachel blinds his face with her torchlight before swapping places with him. Zack then stabs him. Her coffin is now his. They take the elevator to the next floor as Rachel continues to bug and remind him to kill her if she continues to be useful. He did swear to God, right?

Episode 4
In this prison level, Catherine “Cathy” Ward believes herself as the judge and will judge them as she sees fit as sinners. Communicating via video, the duo must pass a test in the cell they are in until they find a mechanism that will allow them to head to the next cell. So they start off with the simplest one like taking their mugshots. Next cell is an execution room. Zack must be bored that he sat on the electric chair. Gotcha. Strap in for some electrifying times. Rachel needs to figure out a way to stop this or Cathy will electrocute him until he dies. So Rachel borrows his scythe and decapitates all the dolls’ head as its mechanism to free Zack. In the next room, Cathy is going to poison them with poison gas. But there is only one gas mask and if they take too long, and even more poisonous gas will seep through. The duo argue the other should wear the gas mask but eventually compromise to take turns. Rachel notices a corpse on the floor and with the clues given, she puts its severed right feet on a scale and finds some other stuffs to balance it out. She continues to find the mechanism while Cathy laughs her ass off in anticipation to see them writhe in agony.

Episode 5
To cut things short, Rachel finds a key card that would open the door. Too bad Zack doesn’t know how to use it and breaks it. With time’s up and Cathy releasing a strong poison gas, Rachel gets this brilliant idea to use the batteries of the remote because this gas is combustible. And just like that the iron door goes down. They take a rest and Zack remembers a dream. The husband and wife who ran the orphanage were sick of digging graves and burying dead kids so they used Zack to dig them. In the next cell, there is a dollhouse that strangely resembles Zack’s orphanage. The game is for Rachel to decipher a series of codes and then Zack must do accordingly. Wow. Rachel can do mental math to pinpoint words in a book. Those words hint what Zack should do or move the items in the dollhouse. Strangely they all move in a way according to his dream. Zack is holding in his anger but the last straw came when Rachel says to do as she says. Because that is what the orphanage told him and they even mock him as useful tool. Zack goes mad and destroys the dollhouse. I guess Cathy loved trolling him and lets them pass to the next room. There is a serum. One with vitamins and the other poison. Unless they inject themselves, the door won’t open. Rachel offers to inject both since Zack doesn’t want to die. But with Zack fine being her tool now, he injects both into himself. He starts feeling dizzy and has the urge to kill her. Because she is so ready to be killed by him who swore in God’s name, his self-control returns. I guess it’s no fun killing her yet at this stage. He thinks she is lying of wanting to die now and begs she won’t let him kill her just yet.

Episode 6
More Zack trauma flashback. After he has had it with doing the orphanage’s bidding, he saw this cheesy horror movie cliché: A couple so deep in making out that they failed to take notice of the killer and got killed! Zack got an idea to then kill them in their sleep. I’m sure the couple wasn’t into making out at that age. Now Zack has gone crazy trying to kill Rachel. So now she wants to live? Cornered in the final room, Rachel gives up. Now she wants to die? However Cathy fires her automatic guns at Zack. She throws Rachel a gun so she could should Zack. Although Rachel won’t do it, Zack since to be begging her to do so. She can’t miss at this range. Rachel knows he will not like it if he kills her now. Hence that sh*tty reason they are not tools and can choose how to die. Huh? Rachel gives him an impeccable smile. So addictive that he can’t hold in much longer and stabs himself. Cathy is so disappointed at the turn of these events and goes down to complain. She disrespects Zack’s body and Rachel threatens to fire. Cathy is not scared since she knows she can’t pull the trigger. Even if she could, it’s not loaded. As she continues abusing Zack, I guess something inside Rachel triggers. She pulls out her own real gun and shoots Cathy! Mad woman so crazy that it woke Zack up to slice her dead. They find the exit and after all they have been through, they can tell they are quite happy about it. Yeah, no crazy b*tch to b*tch about. Before they reach the next floor, Zack collapses from continued loss of blood.

Episode 7
Rachel goes alone on the next floor to seek help. However in this chapel-like floor, Rachel experiences a few strange things. Smell of sweet smoke and the constant changing rooms with strange words asking her to reveal her true self and confess her sins. She even sees visions of her dead parents wanting her to come to this side but she will stick with Zack and slices them. Eventually collecting their blood and splashing it all over an angel portrait, Rachel finally meets the priest, Gray. Knowing she needs something to treat Zack, there is none on this floor but there may be some on Danny’s floor. However he can guide and help her get there in exchange she undergoes some test. All he wants is to know who she truly is. Rachel needs time to think so she returns to Zack to check on him. He is still stubborn and trying to act tough but relents to leave it to her. In addition, he tells her if she is going back down, go back all the way to his floor and in his room, retrieve his knife. Rachel agrees to Gray’s terms as they both head back down. On Cathy’s floor, this is where she will begin her test. She needs to turn on the electricity that powers the elevator. Rachel goes ahead but encounters zombies! The best way to rid of them is to operate the automatic guns from the control room. Rachel notices Cathy’s body is no longer around but can’t be bothered with it as she flips the switch to fire at all the zombies. Rachel looks like a zombie shooting zombies?

Episode 8
The ghost of Cathy mocks Rachel for killing everyone just for her convenience. On Eddie’s floor, zombie hands grab her feet but she stomps them all despite their cries for help! Of course Eddie’s ghost comes to her. Feeling disappointed she did not care about how others feel and don’t see any other kind of happiness. That’s why all those around her like Zack will die suffering. Gray is not impressed Rachel used violence to quickly get to the next floor and in Danny’s floor, Rachel is briefly attacked by some green slime. She cannot find the cure so she tries to hurry back to Zack. Gray takes this as she doubts him. He hypothesizes that all that happened could have been her own doing. Meanwhile Zack dreams. After killing the orphanage parents, he killed a woman who was dumb enough to get out of her car just to check on the kid she accidentally splashed water. He killed her just to sleep in her car. The next morning, a blind guy finds him and brings him home for food. Asking why he is doing this, it’s because he is lonely. Zack felt some chill that night and thought killing the blind guy would ease it but couldn’t. So he goes to town and kills a drunkard. The chill is still there. He returns to the blind man and tells what he did but he isn’t surprised. One day he went out and left a note. Zack of course can’t read. But a blind guy can write a nice note? Zack got tired of waiting and goes to find him. He sees a commotion. A crowd gathers before a dead corpse. It isn’t long before Zack finds the murderers. Yeah, they took his stick and was camping nearby? Zack kills them and that is when he realizes he wants to kill such happy people because such people make monsters like him. Now, Zack is still sleeping but Danny has found him.

Episode 9
Luckily Zack has enough energy to get out of Danny’s way. I don’t know if this vest he is wearing protected Danny from Zack’s scythe, the reason he is still alive. I thought that was a deep pierce. Anyway, Danny isn’t thrilled to hear Rachel wants to be killed by Zack. He tries to make a deal with him. In exchange for medicine, please gorge out Rachel’s eyes. Of course he won’t do that even if he is the one to kill Rachel. Danny just leaves and Zack doesn’t have the strength to chase him. Rachel has found Zack’s room, takes his knife and then quickly returns to him. Zack is not there so Gray now confirms that everything that has happened is due to her doing (this includes why Danny started to act very strangely). As she is exerting negative influence, he will pass judgment on her. Rachel rants about Zack’s promise and his oath to God but Gray poses the question if God chose not to make his promise come true, what would she do then? Rachel is stunned as suddenly a giant white snake attacks her. Scared Rachel runs for her life and luckily stumbles into Zack. But could she be hallucinating because there is no snake. We get more Rachel-Zack drama talking about God and everything. Oh damn it, too boring to follow. Yeah, Rachel doesn’t know anything about Zack, so what? The mundaneness is interrupted when the snake appears for real and attacks them. I guess this is where Zack’s knife comes in hand to fight the snake since it is light. But eventually his scythe is the one that is able to slice it dead. Because Rachel is being so annoyingly concern that Zack will die from his wounds, he becomes pissed if she really wants to kill him or not. Damn that God swearing line she quotes again. Now he tells her off that there is no God. You shocked, Rachel? Yeah, she’s so confused. She’s even thinking if anybody else said that same line that Zack spouted, it won’t do. What? I don’t get it. He makes her smile. So ‘creepy’ that he gets to ‘sleep’. Better hurry up and go find the medicine. He gives her his knife. Hopes this would increase her usefulness.

Episode 10
Rachel follows a white rabbit and falls down a hole to… Wonderland! Nope. Just Eddie’s coffin. Then she gets electrocuted by Cathy’s chair and then stabs a bleeding mirror. Weird. Finally before Gray who proclaims he has met Danny and took possession of his medicine but will not give it to her easily. He questions her about the things she has done and if she truly believes in God. Otherwise why did she not give any answer? Gray initiates her witch trial and calls for witnesses to testify. Yup, the usual suspects. Feels like going to be some sort of twisted summary as they testify what Rachel is. Cathy goes first as she crazily explains Rachel being the most criminal of criminal and that her most criminal thing to do was robbing her of the role as judge. She wishes her a watery death. Next is Eddie. He views her as stubborn and selfish and that the biggest difference is that she doesn’t know what happiness is and ignores it all. He wishes her death by spikes. Finally it is Danny. It’s that obsession with her eyes again. He views her soul as beyond salvation and can never be saved simply because she steals from others. He reminds her that the real her is not a soul that should be stolen. With all the testimonies done, Gray will not hand down judgment to her. He proclaims her a witch and she will die via being burnt alive.

Episode 11
Rachel continues to deny everything. Since we’re on the topic of God, Gray tells her that her God doesn’t exist but his. Because he is God! Because Rachel doesn’t want to be killed by this priest who calls himself God, she sees a weird vision of Zack. Not sure how but after realizing that Zack is her God, she wakes up from all this illusion. Yeah, I figured that out when they entered this floor. Gray is surprised she woke up as she tells him what she made was a promise with her God and not a contract. She has him lead him to his room where he kept Danny’s medicine. She won’t kill him because he is not needed. Thus he warns her that God hates liars and those who are unclean. Rachel returns to Zack and applies the medicine and even sews up his wound. Then as they take the elevator to their next floor, she asks how he got those burnt marks on his skin. Apparently his mom’s boyfriend tried to burn him to death but he fought back. When they reach the next floor, Rachel realizes she cannot tell something to Zack because it will expose she is a liar and that he’ll hate him. Plus, her hands are already tainted. She remembers this is the floor where she was. She doesn’t want Zack to open that door but…

Episode 12
Rachel starts panicking and gets desperate for him to kill her now. Of course he won’t. I guess the stress got to her so she faints. Zack is then lured into some room and locked in by Danny. He tells him to explore this floor and know more about Rachel if he wants to get out. As Zack explores the other floors and rooms, dodging traps and killing enemies, Danny and Rachel are watching every move of Zack on the TV. Danny can’t wait the moment Zack finds out the truth about her and Rachel is like, please no, please no. Zack almost fell into a spike trap but the one who saved him is Gray. His explains his purpose to observe him. Something about people using religion for their own ends. Those who are placed on the lowest floor are no more than test subjects for observations. In order to test and judge them, he needs angels. He thought Zack was the purest and decided to make him an angel. But he violated the rules and attempted to get out. Not just himself but with Rachel. He now makes them both his observation and wanted to see what kind of actions they will take. Since Zack doesn’t get it all and is only interested to get to the next room, Gray gives some hints and after a few ‘easy puzzle solving’, Zack enters what is believed to be Rachel’s room. There is a TV that plays the news. Police arrived at Rachel’s home only to find her parents’ corpses that are riddled with bullet holes and knife wounds. Also, the bodies have been unnaturally sewn together with threads. Police found Rachel unharmed but in a state of confusion. Wow. Zack reacting in a shock manner in what he sees next?

Episode 13
Danny records Rachel’s confession. She found a puppy and wanted her parents’ advice. However they were too busy fighting and accusing each other. She returned to the puppy and although she can’t remember what happened next, it is hinted she killed it and ‘fixed’ it. Returning to her parents, she witnessed dad killing mom and he is going to do the same for her but she shot him. Because she wanted a perfect family, she sewed them together the way she wanted like how she did for the puppy. That’s why when the police took them away, she was sad. Nothing really worked out for her. It took Zack this long to smash the TV? Tired of the drama? Or rather Danny now harassing her? Zack returns to them for answers because apparently Rachel’s past wasn’t the answer he was looking for. Danny reveals Gray made this floor for her at his request. However she lost it after reading the bible. Something about she cannot be forgiven and since she is impure, the reason she wanted to be killed by Zack. Danny gives Zack a choice to die here or leave Rachel. When she asks if he will continue to be her God, he didn’t hesitate to say he is never her God. Rachel fires a warning shot to show her displeasure while Danny loves the eyes she is showing now. It becomes a slightly comical chase as Zack goes after Rachel and almost falls into her traps. Finally in her room where they square off and prepare to kill each other, just another troll by Rachel as she shoots the window? Just to tell us the outside scenery and moon is fake? Maybe Rachel is just disappointed to learn that there is no God and made Zack her substitute God. But even so, he insists he isn’t her God. When Danny holds Zack at gunpoint, he wants Rachel to end this drama. Yes, please do. She fires at Zack.

Episode 14
Guess what? She shot Danny instead! She killed him because she wanted to kill Zack herself. Eh? So why didn’t she shoot him in the first place?! More confusion because Zack is really going to kill her but Rachel is now pleading don’t kill me because I’m unclean. WTF?! MAKE UP YOUR MIND! Then this talk about Zack being Zack and not her God, blah, blah, blah. So if she really wants to die, swear only to be killed by him. Man, I didn’t know getting killed was this complicated. As they find the exit, Rachel remembers there are none leading up. She believes the real exit is one floor below. As there is no power, Rachel goes back to the room to turn it on but before her is Gray. So this talk about God again, huh? So Zack is no longer God or an angel. This means he can betray her. Whether Zack is telling the truth or not, they decide with their own hearts. She has already accepted he isn’t God. Gray’s final question for her is who she is. Rachel is Rachel. Duh. Are you sure? Duh. As she asks for the exit, he reveals it is behind the stained glass on his floor. Rachel says goodbye to her parents and stuffs on this floor as she will never come back here again. Before they proceed, Rachel realizes she needs to get her gun. Then they realize Danny’s body is not around. Yeah, that doctor is still alive somewhere. Lurking. He has also disabled her gun so it’s useless. Zack breaks the stained glass to reveal a very long stairway. He gives her his knife since it is better than nothing. The trek up seemed like forever when suddenly an announcement is heard. Building detonation is in sequence. Really?!

Episode 15
Only way is to run up. Oh dear. Metal bars. With the flames catching up, Zack is paralyzed by his trauma. Don’t worry. Rachel will figure a way out. By hitting the bars with the knife?! WTF. I guess this irritated Zack to overcome his trauma and now his scythe can cut through the bars?! Whatever. Running up, oh dear. A rock slab. Is this going to be a recurring thing? Thank goodness Zack’s scythe can slash through it but the price to pay is his scythe broke. When they finally reach the top, damn we got to drag this drama on because it’s the same thing again. Do you want to kill Rachel or not? Yeah, you’re free to do so. Or not. Yeah, yeah. We get it. Also about Zack hates lies. Can we move on already? This drama enables Danny to creep up on Rachel and shoot her. See?! He is the one who activate the alarm and now he won’t make them fulfil their promise. Rachel angers Danny that Zack is not a monster or God but a human. Danny is incensed that he gave her everything. Even a floor of her own. So what did Zack give her? This puny knife?! Rachel isn’t bothered if the promise can or cannot be fulfilled. Danny going crazy and shoot her one more time but short of killing her. Also putting a few bullets in Zack. Why didn’t he just kill them outright? Isn’t that his plan? And because of that, Gray shoots Danny. Yeah, didn’t kill him too. So while he tells Zack to get out and save Rachel, Danny has a chance to shoot back. This is just getting too draggy…

Episode 16
After letting Zack and Rachel escape, Gray confronts Danny. Final long talk between them? You bet. So Gray admits he was wrong thinking he was an angel because he was pure to only one thought even though that thought was killing others. But now he wields his blade for others, he has become human. More accurately, he was human all along. That is why Gray shoot Danny to atone for his sin. Huh? Danny is also partly to blame because he brought her here and tried to become her God. Danny thinks it is better than nothing. Otherwise he will have nothing and no one will accept him. In the end, all of them are just humans and it is humans who created God. So it’s time Gray stop playing God’s role. Yeah. Time to end it all with the wall slab dropping on them. At least Danny got to see a vision of his mom in his death. Zack carries Rachel out of the burning building. Lots of confused people starring. The police telling him to surrender. Surprisingly, Zack obliges because he believes in their promise. Once he puts his hands behind his head, the police swarm him with brutality like as though he is a serial killer. Oh wait. He is. Was. News of this become viral all over. We hear interviews from the police detective but he sounds indecisive and unsure about Zack being a serial killer for Rachel but overall decides he is one. You sure you know what you talking? And the counsellor talks like as though she knows what to do best for Rachel. So yeah, we see Rachel recuperating and taking counselling. But it’s obvious we see her mind so far somewhere else. Fail on your part, counsellor! And then the counsellor decides to break protocol and divulge some info on Zack that she shouldn’t just because Rachel feels so uneasy not knowing his fate. Yup, she tells her Zack is sentenced to death for his serial killings. I thought she wanted to cut her from things she fears? Fail! And then, one night Zack crashes into her room. Hey. Where did he get the scythe? Did he steal it from the discount mart on his way here? Anyway, he escaped from prison and the police are hot on his tail so better be quick Rachel. Do you still remember the promise? So now if she wants to be killed, stop crying and smile? Geez, why is dying so hard? Or is this some sort of weird coded way of saying I love you? Not!

Kill Me Baby: Death Becomes Her
And after a very draggy drama and plot… They leave us hanging on whether Rachel was killed by Zack or not???!!! WTF???!!! Are they saying they are leaving it to our imaginations?! I expected better than this! So the closure and conclusion is now solely based on what we think it is supposed to be? Hmm… Let’s see. Final scene shows blood on the broken window. Isaac’s knife on the floor. No bodies to be found anywhere. Oh, Isaac and Rachel eloped and went on to kill everybody else in town and became known as the new Bonnie and Clyde!!! Better than Rachel to be cooped up in another ‘facility’ while she slowly loses her mind, right? Better be wild and free! Sighs. Damn. Whatever the conclusion, I’m just couldn’t be glad that this series is finally over. Thank God for that. Hey. At least I’m not lying.

I got very bored with the plot quickly. I don’t think the entire premise is that confusing. Because of the draggy drama of the main characters reassuring us of each other’s promise, not only it enhances the confusion but it got a lot irritating. In almost every episode, we see the constant insecurities of both Rachel and Zack as they try to reassure the other to fulfil their promise of him getting her out and she getting killed by him in exchange. Like as though this was the biggest excuse to drag out this whole boring drama. And there is this insecurity of Rachel at first worried that Zack about not being her God. So does she want to get killed or not? Are they some sort of perfectionists? There are so many ways to die and even by Zack’s hands and she wants it like this and like that. Yeah, even for Zack. There are so many times and chances he could just kill her but she must fulfil that strict condition of having a better face. Uhm, doesn’t she have that face towards the end? Oh, but they’re not really out yet. Damn technicalities! I mean, just kill her already instead of dragging it out to 12 episodes. Oh wait. Make that 16 episodes! WTF?! It’s like they’re not serious about the killing at all.

It was just one big boring and draggy sh*t that I started worrying if the other mysteries that my mind has been asking would be answered. Like for example, what the heck is this facility in this first place? It looks like one big elaborate madhouse with totally sick people in it to play with each other. Is somebody watching or monitoring it all? Like the government? Hell, this underground labyrinth would be one big useless facility if it doesn’t serve a purpose in the bigger picture, right? Could it be some very rich guy watching all this for his amusement? Then what about those English words that pop up in the initial episode and sparsely after that. What are they supposed to be? Who wrote those? You see, all these mysteries sound so much more interesting if there was an answer to it but instead we are stuck with that repetitious Rachel-Zack drama of promise reassurance. Bummer.

I think they wanted to add some variety by putting in some sort of puzzle solving thriller like in Eddie and Cathy’s level but I don’t actually see the significance and relevance of it. Puzzles are supposed to make you think and get you enlightened when the answer is provided but this one feels even more mind boggling. It makes me think why the heck do we need to go through all that just for the elevator to the next floor? Why is it this simple but yet this complicated? Especially you start to wonder why the elevators cannot just go straight up to the top floor. There must be so many elevators then, huh? And so far apart from each other? Man, I thought IKEA making you walk everywhere was bad enough… Yeah, man. Why make it so complicated?! Maybe to make Rachel look like the genius because you know, she is the brains and Zack is the brawns. And the fight scenes are like mediocre. Just because we have to utilize Zack as a crazy killer so we see him simply swinging his scythe. I guess some people understand and feel better if they hit something.

I’m not a religious person but there seems to be quite a few conversations and debate about the faith to God. Maybe they are trying to stir up some thoughts and thinking about this topic but with religion being such a touchy subject these days, can we even get a normal discussion without resorting to violence? Yeah, reality is much worse with people ready to go in for the kill. Everyone should be arrested and put in this nuthouse and let the battle royale begin! Oh right. This entire world is a big giant madhouse complex already and we all think we are Gods in our own minds. No wonder Jesus won’t be coming down again to save us from our sins because we clearly let the first time he died go in vain.

It goes without saying that the characters feel like crap. Saying about Rachel and Zack’s relationship would make me sound like a broken tape recorder. Zack is made even more annoying because of his short temper and tendency to get mad and rough. And Rachel is like the total opposite, lack of feelings and doesn’t give a sh*t. They only tolerate each other because, wait for it, the initial promises they made. So this is their bond? Even till the end, I still cannot feel how closely they have bonded together because of all the boringness that had seeped in. I always thought Rachel would look better if she smiled. Looks like I got more than I bargained for because her smile looks creepy even if it is genuine! So not used to it. So please, go back to your mundane poker face. I regret it. I like it better when you have no emotions. The other annoying character is Danny. This guy is just so hard to kill like as though he cannot die yet so he can prolong our suffering as he pops up when we least expect it to rant about whatever twisted ideology he has or wished upon the rest. Yeah, more draggy drama coming your way. If you’re made even more confused (like yours truly) then it’s like a bonus point achievement for them.

This means the other characters also feel like tools to somewhat further and enhance the bonding of Rachel and Zack. However as I said I don’t see all that in the end and hence these characters feel as empty and shallow like mud puddle. Yes, each of them have their sad and twisted past and history and it would have been a lot better if we had a glimpse of that. Too bad they have become some sort of shallow one dimensional antagonist of the arc. Zack’s history is sad and twisted but as I have said, in the end it feels like it doesn’t matter because I just don’t feel the connection. And I thought Rachel would have hers and it would be the biggest twist. Turns out to be meh. Yeah, everybody has their own twisted problems. But I wonder if Gray is the master of this entire facility as he is the main observer everything and knows it all. He occupies the highest floor and can seemingly ‘teleport’ to other floors with ease. He just pops up. Like the final stairways to freedom, if there were bars blocking in the way and after Zack slashes it, how come he suddenly stands before them at the exit?! Is there another route there?! Did Gray lie? Zack hates lies, you know…

For the horror part, it only worked for the first episode for me. The jump scare of Zack being a crazy killer suddenly appearing and screaming trying to get Rachel’s head did shock me at first. But after that, everything else feels so bland and boring. Yup, blame the draggy drama for turning this horror series into one draggy drama instead. Even if the spooky atmosphere like Eddie’s graveyard level, Cathy’s prison and Gray’s weird hallucinations, thanks to the drama, it does not even feel a bit scary. With Zack being such an angry dude, after a while it gets old and you won’t be even moved whenever he yells his head off. This makes that other crappy horror series Ousama Game to be even better because that one was so cringe filled and bad that it was funny. This one is just plain boring. So boring that I could have fallen asleep and Freddy Krueger would give up killing me in my dreams. Yeah… Really.

Another disappointment is that there are just a few mad people in this facility. I was under the impression like there would be 100 of them! I don’t know why but I thought since the initial plot of that announcement saying Zack is to be targeted because he broke the rule, I was thinking that the other many floor guardians are eager to hunt them down. After all, everyone in this madhouse is craving for blood one way or another, right? So instead we only have like 6 people in this entire facility? Take away Rachel and Zack and that’s like only 4 opposition? Holy sh*t! Only 4?! It’s odd to think that Rachel and Zack will steadily progress to the next floor while the next floor resident waits for his/her turn. Bummer for the one at the highest floor assuming the ones at the lower levels didn’t kill off the main characters. What ever happened to this announcement anyway? It feels so redundant and a lame reason to give others a reason to fight Zack. I’m sure even if they didn’t violate the rules, they would still attack if they come to their floor. Remember, everybody is sick in the head so screw whatever rules.

The art and animation feel like they want to give some dark and spooky claustrophobic atmosphere but I was so bored at the drama that I didn’t even feel influenced by it. There are also a lot of blood especially Zack and Danny being the tough asses taking in some damage. So once you see blood splatter all across their shirt, it will stay there for the rest of the series. Yeah, looks like we’ve gotten immune to all the blood. Character designs, they look pretty normal. I thought they would look even more twisted, maybe like some inhuman monster or gay feminist dude but they mostly look normal. I don’t think Eddie wearing a pumpkin on his head is anything scary. Zack wearing a hoodie and having bandages all over, not scary. Danny having a fake eye? Surprising at first but gets old even with his long devil tongue. Animated by J.C. Staff who produced lots of other better titles out there like Shokugeki No Souma, Prison School, Bakuman, Shakugan No Shana, Saiki Kusuo-No Sai Nan, To Aru Kagaku No Railgun and DanMachi.

With a small cast, the voice acting isn’t anything that special. Nobuhiko Okamoto feels at home as Zack because of his previous roles as angry characters like To Aru Majutsu No Index’s Accelerator, Bakugou in Boku No Hero Academia, Ryou in Shokugeki No Souma and Kaname in Mahou Shoujo Site. Takahiro Sakurai tries to sound crazy as Danny but he is just passable. I only remember his other seemingly twisted character role as Bernard in Junketsu No Maria. The other casts are Haruka Chigusa as Rachel (Tsugumi in Soul Eater Not), Houchu Ohtsuka as Gray (Shiro in Arakawa Under The Bridge), Mariya Ise as Cathy (Levi in Fairy Tail) and Natsumi Fujiwara as Eddie (Chihiro in Shounen Maid). Feeling wasted is the awesome opening theme, Vital by Masaaki Endoh. This hard rock feels so out of place for this draggy drama but it is one of the things that I prefer a lot in the series. This song feels at home for those who are familiar with his style during his stint with JAM Project like One Punch Man’s opening. The ending theme, Pray by Haruka Chisuga as a slow rock isn’t also that bad but I prefer the opener a lot. Note, this might be my own speculation, but I guess the final episode felt like it couldn’t wait to end and hence they played the full entire 3 over minutes of the ending song just to fill in the gap…

Overall, the anime is crappy and a big disappointment if you are anticipating some sort of horror factor to spook the hell out of you. But to be fair, this series was adapted from a game so who knows it worked differently in that format. Although it was also adapted to manga, as far as the anime part is concerned, it is not good. I was mostly confused and bored to death with the draggy drama and the constant reminder of Rachel wanting to be killed by Zack. Sometimes you want to pray to God but this series makes you question your faith even if there is a God after all for letting such mediocre adaptation grace our screens. Okay, don’t blame God for bad production of us humans. Maybe the better way is to just forgive and move on. Or just scream and wreck everything. No wonder God has already abandoned us.

Noragami Aragoto

August 13, 2016

I am making a wild guess here. I suppose there are enough people who remember that god of calamity and his freaking cheap services to do anything and that is why we now have this sequel, Noragami Aragoto. And perhaps Yato’s advertising has been so effective that lots and lots of people have been employing his services that he has gained enough money for the producers to create this second season. Wait a minute. You’re saying that Yato is saving to build a shrine of his own instead of giving it to anime producers, right? Oh well, you know how Yato tends to blow all his savings on useless things, right? Right?! And so, Yato might remain a poor God and his dream of getting his own shrine remains a very distant dream, but at least we got a second season. That’s not so bad, right?

Episode 1
It looks like any other normal day for Hiyori. But her soul still easily slips out from time to time. She joins Yato and Yukine doing a babysitting job (for 5 Yen of course!) since the mother had sleepless nights and is now asleep. However Yato senses the room is under siege by an Ayakashi. Yato draws Yukine but the latter is being too sharp and cuts the furniture. Yato refreshes our memory as a lesson for Yukine how to draw a Boundary. Reviewing the situation, this Ayakashi is just an illusion. The real one is the baby’s image in the mirror and it was formed after the baby years a playmate. With the exact strength, Yukine cuts the mirror and destroys the monster. As for the mess in the room, Yato’s great idea: Run! I don’t think 5 Yen will cover all of that. Hanging out at Kofuku’s place, once again everyone cannot believe Yato blew his funds and got conned out to buy another luck charm. This is why he will never ever get his own shrine. While Yato and Yukine are out in the streets to solicit for business, they have to hide since Yato spots Bishamon close by. She is chasing a girl who is being eaten alive by an Ayakashi. After painfully purifying her, she names her Mineha and makes her into her Shinki and lets her live in her household filled with many other Shinki. But Kazuma is worried about her for taking in too many of such spirits because it is taking a toll on her health and it is not getting any better. Her doctor, Kugaha later tells her about that day when Kazuma went missing for a while (from last season). It was to attend an ablution ceremony with Yato. Meanwhile as Hiyori continues to nag Yato to fix her situation (and thus the reason she will be sticking around him more often because heck, he took her 5 Yen!), Yukine meets and befriends another similar Shinki by the sakura tree, Suzuha. He is one of the many servants under Bishamon.

Episode 2
Kugaha meets up with Nora and there is some shady alliance going on between them. Yukine continues to hang out with Suzuha and hears his great stories of Bishamon. He also hears his heartbreaking story about a girl whom he is still waiting to show up at the sakura tree as promised. Every summer, Tomoko who visited her grandma wandered to his beautiful flower garden. Each time she visited, it is like she never remembered who he was. He watched her grow up into a fine young teenager till one day she never turned up anymore. He notes the living are quick to forget them but he still has hopes she will remember him if she sees this sakura tree. This causes Yukine to start worrying if Hiyori would forget him. As Suzuha continues to wait at the sakura tree, Kugaha pops up to manipulate his mind and feelings how Bishamon has never called him for ages. This melancholy allowed many Ayakashi wolves to devour him. Bishamon wakes up in cold sweat that night and could feel one of her Shinki has died. But who? That’s the problem when you have too many. The next day as she walks around her mansion and notices the dead flowers, she realizes Suzuha has died since he is the one who tends them. Yukine brings Hiyori to the sakura tree to introduce him to Suzuha but he never showed up. Instead, they caught Yato spying on them since he was sending trolling texts about them getting cosy to each other. When Kazuma spots a blight on Bishamon, he thinks one of the Shinki is tainted and gathers all of them so Kugaha could diagnose who. None. Kugaha then advises Kazuma to be careful and keep his confidence in check as they can’t afford to lose an exemplar like him. It makes Kazuma wonder if he had been mistaken all along. Because when Bishamon comes by, Kazuma doesn’t see the blight on her shoulder anymore. That rainy night, Kugaha confronts Yato at the sakura tree. He thought he could best that unpopular God but he was wrong. Yato is still many times better than him. Yato has an idea what has happened as Kugaha takes his leave after learning his lesson the hard way. But no matter, his plan to make Bishamon disappear is already in progress and he is going to make Yato help him do that.

Episode 3
Aiha, a Shinki of Bishamon who is jealous of another fellow Shinki, Tsuguha, is the one who has the blight but since she is in cohorts with Kuguha… Kuguha tells Kazuma about Suzuha’s death so it makes him go investigate further. Then Kuguha goes to fan the fire by whispering to Bishamon he saw Suzuha and Yukine together. Yukine starts to understand why Yato told him to stay away from the sakura tree. He saw him placed a bouquet of flowers there, an indication Suzuha has died. This also means Yato is feeling his pain and he sure doesn’t need Nora to bug him about entangled and unravelled bonds. When Kazuma steps near a shrine, Yukine accidentally pushes him. They fell through a portal that leads them right back to Bishamon’s mansion. If Bishamon sees Yukine, she will… Oh, too late. She gets hostile with Yukine but he starts reprimanding her of not taking good care of Suzuha and even went as far as to mention how he cared for her and kept on smiling so she wouldn’t suffer. She couldn’t even protect a Shinki and this family stuff is just crap. Some of the Shinki start crying and causing great pain to Bishamon. Bishamon questions about Kazuma’s help in Yato’s ablution ritual. He tells her Yato is not her enemy but saviour. She cannot accept it because Yato slaughtered her family. When she fires her gun, Kazuma draws a Boundary to protect Yukine. Immediately she exiles his name from her family. The only person relishing in this family feud is Kugaha. Just as planned… With Bishamon’s executives in disarray because Kazuma was a very good team player, it gets worse when Kugaha tries to take control and put false hopes that they need to focus and not lose their direction. So now Kazuma is crashing at Kofuku’s place. Has her place become a freeloader hostel? Yato is still in pain because Yukine continues to cry over Suzuha’s death. One evening at the park, Yato and Hiyori are attacked by Aiha. They wonder if she attacked because he doesn’t have Yukine with him. But Yato can still best her even if she has a cursed weapon. He tries to extract answers from her but she runs away and in great timing, Ayakashi spiders keep him at bay. They are from Kugaha as he kidnaps Hiyori. Luckily Kazuma was nearby and frees her. He is shocked to see Aiha in cohorts with Kugaha. He paralyzes them with his bind. Even more shocking, Kugaha can still move. Kugaha is a bit disappointed Kazuma’s name wasn’t revoked entirely but at least things are getting interesting. If Kazuma is nameless, he would be immune to his incantations. By the time Yato returns, nobody is around. Only Hiyori’s sleeping physical body.

Episode 4
Kazuma and Hiyori are sealed in a cave. It is dangerous for Hiyori to stay in her spirit form as she will die. Speaking of which, her physical body is hospitalized. Her parents are worried she is in a coma and the doctor detected her breathing getting weaker. Kazuma is trying to think why Kugaha is doing this and his name that his incantation had no effect on. This prompts Hiyori to wonder why Kazuma’s name is different from the other Shinki as they end with Ha. When Gods take on Shinki, so such naming sense would make it like family. Ma was the previous family of Bishamon. Kazuma is the only survivor in which Yato slaughtered them all. While Bishamon also survived, she fell into sorrow for a long time till that turned into hatred. She obtained many Shinki over the centuries to form a new family. Despite this being a kind hearted move, Kazuma has always feared this would be her own undoing. Aiha is getting restless as her body is even more blighted than before. She is horrified to hear Kugaha’s plan (which is also guessed by Kazuma). He intends to replace Bishamon by killing her off. Because the people continue to worship her, a new God will be born under her name. Kugaha will then groom the new God to his own will. But is Kugaha strong enough to kill Bishamon? That is why he is going to have Yato kill her. Speaking of which, Yato thinks Bishamon has abducted Hiyori and is on his way to her place. Because he has no shrine of his own, he begs Tenjin to send him there. He refuses at first but with Hiyori’s life on the line, he agrees with 2 conditions. One of them that his name will not be mentioned being involved in this.

Yato goes on a rampage the moment he arrives. Bishamon is waiting and she too goes berserk. The epic clash has Kugaha anticipating the moment Yato kills her. Because he has drugged and weakened her so it would be easy kill for him. Furthermore, with Aiha feeling guilty as a conspirator, the more reason Bishamon isn’t at her optimum. But she is still able to hold her ground. Hiyori wonders why Yato would go so far so Kazuma explains that he was the one who requested Yato to slaughter Bishamon’s previous family. Long ago when Kazuma was just admitted into her family, shortly after she became blighted. The family became restless when the culprit was never found. Bishamon’s blight got worse. With the Shinki starting to distrust and suspect each other, I believe they too got blighted. Kazuma became desperate. He thought of killing everything and then start anew again as a new God. He heard about rumours of a god of calamity who slaughtered everything with his sword, Nora. He went to beg to Yato to kill his entire family. However he had no means of payment although he would give his life and his name back to his master. Yato agreed to kill them all who are now merged into an Ayakashi with Bishamon being absorbed in the midst. He slaughtered everyone mercilessly and right before Bishamon’s eyes. Sad to say, Bishamon survived the ordeal and her hate for Yato endured. Now Hiyori understands why Kazuma once told her Yato is their enemy and saviour. The battle between the Gods continues fiercely. Yato is separated from Yukine and this allows the other Shinki to bind him. A chance for Bishamon to kill Yato but Yukine uses his body to protect him and gets cut in half!

Episode 5
Yato could feel Yukine’s name has not disappeared. Calling him again, this time Yukine transforms into twin blades! I’m not sure about the science behind this but this kind of transformation means Yukine is a Blessed Instrument. The fight continues until Aiha’s medicine wears off. This means Bishamon is now infected by her blight and this also infects the Shinki she is using. Kugaha awaits her final moments as he explains his goal behind this. He has gotten sick of this place. He doesn’t like how she hoards all those useless Shinki and consider them her family. To further weaken her, Kugaha unleashes his Ayakashi to devour all the weaker Shinki hiding inside the mansion. Hiyori is getting weaker after being in this state for too long. It isn’t the fact that Kazuma’s pounding on the door broke it down. Aiha unsealed it. She regrets what she has done, blaming herself as the source of Bishamon’s blight and wants Kazuma to save everybody. Hiyori wants to come too since she is the only one who can save Yato. Nora hypnotizes Yato to go in for the kill. Luckily he is snapped out by Hiyori’s voice. Although he learns the truth that they weren’t kidnapped by Bishamon, the war goddess has lost all reasoning and continues to view Yato as the bad guy. After all, she feels her other Shinki dying and believes Yato is the one slaying them like before. Her blight has gotten worse. Yato has no choice but to kill her although she will be reborn soon. Before he could do it, Kazuma gets in the way and gets cut by her. He hugs her and gets blighted while he reveals the truth that he was the traitor who ordered the slaughter of the Ma family. He has always wanted to tell her but seeing her sorrow of not wanting to lose another Shinki, he couldn’t bring himself. It was her hatred for Yato that gave her strength too. He blames his misguidance for bringing her pain again. Once Bishamon comes to her senses, she releases her Shinki in use and starts crying like a child that her Shinki are dying again.

Episode 6
Yato calls out to Kugaha and the mastermind pops up. He continues to blame Bishamon for all that has happened. She is supposed to be the mightiest war god but instead played house by bringing in lots of Shinki. She also dragged them into this grudge and blighted them as well. The only way left is to kill herself so that when she is reborn anew, he will probably guide her. Before he could touch her, Yato cuts off his hand. All he hears is a child whining about his mother. If he wants his master’s love, then earn it. As right and wrong concepts do not apply to Gods, this means every move a God makes is righteous. Kugaha summons an Ayakashi to fight Yato but it’s time Yato shows us why he kicks ass. Before he could make Kugaha his next target, Bishamon won’t allow it. She is his Shinki still. She remembers picking him up when he had nowhere to go and how his medicines always helped her. Though, she should never have forgotten the pain stems for her Shinki’s cries. Despite all that, it is true that Kugaha has never blighted her once. In that case, she sees his actions to do this for her sake as righteous. But now she must do what she needs to and releases his name much to his dismay. Bishamon goes to handle the Ayakashi inside the mansion. Yato would have followed too but Hiyori has seen lots of action and drama for today. The remaining Shinki are taking refuge at the spring. The Ayakashi attacks but here comes Bishamon to free her fallen Shinki. It is sad and painful for her to go through this again but this is what must be done. Kazuma wakes up with Bishamon by her side. She tells him Aiha’s ablution was successful and those who survived are recovering well. Kazuma wants his name to be released for he has disgraced her twice. He will only end up hurting her. However she is okay with that as he is human and is allowed to make mistakes. She wants him back as her exemplar since she got lost without him. She lifts his exile and he is more than glad to be back. As to better know her Shinki, Bishamon has an exchange diary with all of them.

Episode 7
Everyone is happy that Yato and Yukine came back in one piece. However Tenjin reminds Yato of his other promise. The other condition was to sever ties with Hiyori. This would mean she will forget all the memories they had. She doesn’t want that and told him she wants to stay with him longer. Eventually he didn’t sever the tie. Hiyori returns to her normal life. She does well enough to go on to the next grade. Yato continues to bug her to join his Yato Club. WTF. Bishamon is being interrogated by the Gods about her recent actions. Her grudge for Yato is not to be mistaken for her grudge to some of these Gods because they know some lower Gods are trying to leech off their name. They are also concerned that masked Ayakashi have infiltrated Takamagahara and regret Bishamon’s action to release him as they could have found out who was behind it. Seems he is a Nora with many names. The recent events have thrown Earth and the Heavens in disarray so Bishamon is tasked to observe the behaviour of every Ayakashi. Yato is being met by one of the Gods of Fortune, Ebisu. He is willing to pay him any amount to buy Yukine as a Blessed Instrument! OMG! Look at all that money! Is he going to sell him? Ebisu even says if Yukine joins him, he will pay him a million every month! Now look at the bling in Yukine’s eyes! Yukine is surprised when Ebisu calls him an exemplar since he risked his life for his master. Ebisu feels a Blessed Instrument is wasted on a God who has to reside in the shrine of others. When Hiyori sees all the cash around, she fears the worst. But Yato says he did not sell Yukine. However if Yukine says he wants to leave, it is his choice.

Yukine talks to Kofuku about being Yato’s exemplar. He is surprised when Daikoku says he is also an exemplar to Kofuku. Although Kofuku says she doesn’t need him to protect her, she did tell him all he needs to do is to raise her when she reincarnates. Each exemplar is different and has their own way of protecting their master so none of them is wrong. Yato gets a call for a job but now that he has money, he is getting picky! Yukine kicks some senses into him to accept the job. After that, they talk about money. This has Yukine deduce that every time his Shinki dumps him, he has Nora to fall back on. That is why he has not gotten rid of her. Yato spots an Ayakashi but it is so small like a flea, he couldn’t catch it. It even stole his money! Yukine notices the Ayakashi loves money and runs back to get Yato’s money. It made him realize that he cannot put his desires first as an exemplar. Yukine then scatters the money all over town! Oh, Yato’s money! He felt the need of doing this because he feels Yato might choose between him or Nora. If that is the case, he must get stronger. This money scattering succeeds in luring out the Ayakashi. Only if Yato isn’t busy trying to pick up those bills… Yukine is serious when he advises Yato to forget about the money. It’s only money, right? Yeah. Screw that. Time to kick some Ayakashi’s ass. Yukine did the honourable thing to turn down Ebisu’s offer but Yato is depressed after losing that cool sum. Hiyori then brings in a little shrine she made just for him. Now he has a shrine to call his own. He is so happy that he cried. Don’t laugh. It’s his dream, remember? As said by Kofuku, ever God would love their have their own shrine because it shows the gratitude and appreciation people have for them.

Episode 8
Ebisu seems to be trying to control a masked Ayakashi. If you are wondering why Yato is ‘harassing’ Hiyori like a boss, it is because with his little shrine, he is now officially recognized in Takamagahara and can even sell merchandise legally! He even has his own little shrine plot but Yukine prefers to stay at Kofuku’s more comfy place. Manabu fails in trying to confess to Hiyori when he tries to thank her for all she did. However Hiyori credits all that saving to Yato. But Manabu doesn’t remember that guy. Learning more from Kofuku, it seems a God will disappear if people forget about them. Even more so for an unknown God like Yato who never existed for anyone. It was a struggle for him to do so in the past. That is why he is so grateful when he got his own shrine because it means somebody remembered him. Daikoku thinks he must have other followers too. Otherwise how can he survive throughout centuries based on that belief. Because Yato was also young and a kid before, it raised a question for Hiyori if he had parents. Meanwhile Yukine seeks Kazuma’s help to train him in using incantation. Well, more practice… Meanwhile Yato sees Nora and wants to end things with her. But she is not happy since he was the one who made her a Nora. Is he going to betray them now? She sets upon her masked Ayakashi wolves to attack him. Helpless and defeated, she says all they need to do is to obey father. Hiyori is worried because Yato is missing for a week. What happened to that drama queen who kept harassing her? So this is not normal? She continues to ask others but they have not seen him. This makes her fear that she might forget him if she continues not to see him.

A mother weeps over her daughter’s murder. The killer only got a prison sentence and not capital punishment because it was his first time. More disheartening, he was smiling during the judgment. Therefore she is seeking Yato’s help to kill him and seek justice for her daughter. Yato and Nora kill him in prison. The deep cut that leaves no traces left police baffled of his sudden death. Nora tries to convince him this is how people appreciate him and that Yukine cannot perform such miracles. Hiyori too has been filling his head with crap and don’t think he can stand on his feet with them. She assures they will not betray him. Bishamon and Okuninushi visit Ebisu who is sick. The latter is not amused because he has been getting sick often. After they are gone, it is revealed his compatibility with the masked Ayakashi failed. All Ayakashi he tries to turn into his puppet will blight him. He needs to rectify this. He gets word that the Locution Brush has been found. Yato and Nora continue to kill wrongdoers. One day Yato realizes he has been in this state for a month. Memories of Hiyori flashes across his mind. He needs to get out and return to her. Nora won’t let him so he goes berserk, even overcoming all the masked Ayakashi wolves. He calms down when father comes in. There is a job for them. Once they are done with this job to rescue a conjurer in the underworld, Yato is free to do whatever he wants.

Episode 9
Yato and Nora are outside the entrance to the underworld. The Ayakashi would be the least of their problems because Izanami, the queen of the underworld is on a far different level than Gods as she is eternal. Nora vows to protect Yato if he is afraid. As they head inside, they are surprised to see Ebisu. This is the person whom father has asked to rescue. Meanwhile the Gods are in a gathering at Takamagahara. Kofuku thought of seeing Yato here but he isn’t. The gathering’s purpose is because they now know who the conjurer of the masked Ayakashi is. They believe it is Ebisu and he will be under arrest immediately and all his Shinki interrogated. This also means his group of the Gods of Fortune will have to remain here. Hiyori seems to have forgotten about Yato. Because she joins her friends on a triple date outing at an amusement park that Yato wanted to visit very much. Ebisu won’t leave this place yet as he needs to find the brush. Therefore Yato had to go great lengths to protect this dude from Ayakashi attacks since he is clumsy. He notices Ebisu blighted so he explains the failed experiments of the masked Ayakashi. Ebisu is interested in naming an Ayakashi like naming a Shinki but it is harder and uses more power. But with this brush which is in Izanami’s hands, he will be able to solve this problem. Speaking of that queen, they saved the trouble of finding her as she brings them to her quarters. Yato is shocked to see her as Hiyori but Ebisu sees her as an old lady of his favourite restaurant, Olive Tree. It seems each sees her differently as an attempt by her to keep them here forever. Izanami is willing to give the brush but on a condition one of them stays here to become her friend. Ebisu plans on leaving Yato behind so they start fighting. Ebisu riles Yato about talking about his very weak existence and on the verge of disappearing. Yato argues back he like any other Gods were born out of people’s wishes and it is only natural he wants to keep on surviving. Ebisu gets the better of him and wins. Izanami is delighted that Yato will be her friend and gives the brush to Ebisu. Yato learns that Nora also serves Ebisu. It is then Izanami realizes this was just a trick and they’re not going to stay. Furiously, she sends her zombies to go after them as they escape. Meanwhile Hiyori is having quite the fun till she realizes she is getting a souvenir for someone she couldn’t remember. It irks her so much that it is bothering her that she cries. What to do but her ‘boyfriend’ to kiss her.

Episode 10
Hiyori must be regretting what happened. When Yukine talks to her, it took her a while to recognize him but when she does, all her memories of them come flooding back. Yukine can’t understand her big hug. With Kofuku haven’t return since the gathering, Hiyori goes out to find Yato. Well, you won’t find him in the living world. He is still running away with Ebisu and he had to sacrifice a few of his Shinki to escape. The latter explains the importance of leaving with the brush for the umpteenth try. As the world is filled with chaos, the reason Gods are needed. But with this brush, he can help bind the Ayakashi and prevent misfortunes they cause. This motivates Yato to protect Ebisu harder. Thinking of Hiyori’s smile? She is doing research on the various God names. Yato is rarely mentioned. She thinks of going to Mayu. Kazuma explains that heaven is in disarray, the Gods of Fortune are being held and Ebisu is blighted. Despite the heavens let his numerous reincarnations slide, this time they are taking action. Kazuma hopes Tsuyu can help find out what is going on further. As she is not really a Shinki and the spirit of a plum tree, she connects with the trees of the world to partially see what has been going on ever since. As the Gods of Fortune are being held, they are told how heaven is going to punish Ebisu as they have discovered Ayakashi masks in his place and many of his Shinki are Nora. Ebisu’s grand scheme has also been confessed by some of them. Okuninushi goes on a rampage threatening to go to war with heaven again. Kazuma picks up Bishamon to get their side of the things done. Hiyori and Yukine are at the gate to the underworld’s entrance but it is sealed and they can’t slash it open. Yato stays back to let Ebisu get away. However his hopes are dashed when the exits are completely sealed off. Yato is captured and about to be done in when Ebisu says he will stay by Izanami’s side. He hands the brush to him to bring it back to the surface as he knows he will die soon but reincarnate later. Yato cannot accept that because he wants to help him. Does he have any desires he wants to do right now? And since he does, Yato takes him and makes a mad dash to escape. Not another chase. Izanami has been fooled for the umpteenth time? But the exits are blocked. Then make one! Ebisu uses the brush to summon many Ayakashi and create a hole. As they are being sucked into the vortex, Yato gets pulled back down.

Episode 11
A Vent opens so Hiyori and Yukine rush towards it. Suddenly Hiyori cannot move. And they are shocked to see Kugaha who is now a Nora since Yukine cannot bind him as he does not know his name. Kugaha tells them Yato is with Nora. As Yukine is weak, Yukine takes him to run while Kugaha continues to attack. Yukine becomes irritated that Yato is with Nora but with Hiyori’s words to believe in Yato, Yukine unleashes a powerful counterattack to knock out Kugaha. When they reach the Vent, they see Bishamon and Kazuma attending to a very blighted Ebisu. He tells them what has happened and hopes they can save Yato. Izanami thinks she has gotten Yato. It’s just his slipper… Yato and Nora are hiding somewhere. Yato remembers Nora never blighted him as a Shinki once. He gets up to look for a Vent but Izanami has found him and drags him away. Hiyori remembers Kofuku can open Vents but the latter tells her as a human being, she cannot enter the underworld as she won’t come back out alive. So Yukine pleads to Bishamon to go save Yato. But the only way for Yukine to enter the underworld is to become someone else’s Shinki. Can he afford to become a Nora? Bishamon assures she will bring Yato back. Kofuku opens the Vent for her to enter but it closes shortly. It could be that Izanami is trying to seal off the underworld. Bishamon finds Yato in a weakened state with Izanami. She reminds her Shinki to concentrate on rescuing Yato and not try to defeat Izanami as this is her home ground. Yato can’t believe they are doing something insane so Bishamon mentions about his hatred for him. Although she knew everything and the massacre of her family was never his fault. She had to hate him to move forward. She can’t believe he has saved her twice and will have to repay her debts. She warns him not to give up because there are others outside waiting for him. Ebisu notices Hiyori and mentions there is another way to bring Yato back and it requires a human from the Near Shore.

Episode 12
The heavens decide to take out Ebisu. Bishamon is entangled in Izanami’s hair. One wrong move and she will be sharply cut. Ebisu explains the only way to save Yato and that is for a human with ties to him to call his name. Hiyori desperately uses this Soul Call into the Vent. Bishamon only comes out when she calls her. So why not Yato? Could it be Yato is not his real name? Unfortunately nobody knows about it because he never told anybody. Perhaps Yato could be regretting that now. He thought of not telling anyone so as not to make them hate and leave him. Now they have bigger problems because the subjugation force from heaven is here. They aren’t going to listen to any reasons as they fire their arrows. Ebisu summons his Ayakashi to stave them off. Bishamon helps him. Hiyori continues to call Yato’s name. She believes it is his real name because he was so happy when she made him a shrine. Then she realizes his writing may be pronounced differently. When she yells out Yaboku, Yato instantly returns. Too bad for Izanami. Alone again, naturally. Bishamon holds off the subjugation force for everyone else to escape. But here comes the mighty lightning dragon, Kiun. Bishamon tells her Shinki to believe in themselves and with Kazuma believing he must be more dominant than Kiun, he manages to strike and bleed the dragon. It’s raining blood! And while Yukine has time to chide Yato for not telling them everything, the subjugation force summons a giant Pacification Ring over the sky. It means you’re f*cked. Because like hell they care about killing mortals now. This is how heaven works? And why do they look like Sith Lords now? But there is always a way. Yato tells Yukine to believe in himself as not only they cut the blast but the giant ring itself! OMFG! With Yato’s past reputation I’m not surprised. But Yukine? Yeah, surprised. You think it is over when the subjugation force traps Ebisu in their ring. Game over?

Episode 13
Yato went to see reincarnated Ebisu (now a little boy) recovering at Bishamon’s mansion. However he kidnaps him and brings him to Olive Tree. Does he have the money? So that’s why he stole Kazuma’s wallet… It is sad this new Ebisu does not retain his memories as Yato feels miserable the last Ebisu died because he felt they could become good friends. As Yato explains the things he did with the previous Ebisu, Ebisu thinks he must be a bad guy that deserved to die. Yato strongly objects that. Flashback reveals after the subjugation force blasts Ebisu with the ring, he was a few moments away from death. Ebisu regrets he wanted to live but soon ‘exploded’. Therefore Yato is now feeling a great regret over this and just wants this chance to apologize to him. Bishamon, Okuninushi and Tenjin are briefed by Kunimi, Ebisu’s new overseer about Ebisu’s goal in obtaining the brush. His desire to control Ayakashi to help people because he believed wealth isn’t the only thing that would make humans happy, has always left him sick and dying many times. The brush is now missing and Kunimi hopes it stays that way as he doesn’t want Ebisu to touch it again. Yato talks to Yukine that he has killed many with Nora. He wants to stop that. Speaking of her, she pops up blaming him for abandoning her but forgives him for completing his job. When Yato asks if Ebisu was killed in place of their father, Nora admits that somebody needed to take the fall. Ebisu just happened to share an interest in controlling Ayakashi. One little push from father and the heavens got all riled up. After Nora berates Yukine for not having what it takes to carry Yato’s burden, Yato does the unthinkable by releasing her. She always smiled like that no matter who died and never changed. He can’t smile with her now. He is no longer Yaboku but Yato. Despite being the god of calamity, he wants his new purpose to be someone who can make others happy. He doesn’t know how to do it and wants Yukine to be his guide. He tells him to do things as it is as always. Since all he can do is kill, then kill the disaster before it strikes. He is his exemplar and will always be by his side. Hiyori is touched by this and prays Yato will become what he wants to be since both of them chose each other. She hopes so because she believes in them. The brush seems to be in the hands of father and he knows about Yato releasing Nora. He is taking a form of a young high school student named Fujisaki.

Hiyori is at a skiing resort with her family. Yato and Yukine are also here because they desperately want to follow her and reveal their failed and silly exploits in getting here. Seems Kofuku and Daikoku are so here. Company trip? Tenjin too. Company trip? Bishamon and her Shinki too! Let me guess. Company trip? Then there is the rivalry between Yato and Bishamon as they try to settle it via ping pong but Yato ended up cutting the table. Meanwhile a psychopath plots the murder of everyone. He first starts by killing Yato! He waits for the next morning to let everyone find the hideous decorated corpse but everyone starts laughing and taking pictures of Yato hanging in his underwear! Baffled he is still alive, psycho dude kills him again via poisoning. Still alive? Yato gets arrowed, shot and even exploded but he still won’t die! It took a while for Yato to realize somebody is targeting him. So he becomes a detective to find the culprit. He accuses Kazuma! Because he might be mad for turning his underwear inside out. But realizing Kazuma didn’t even know that, he changes his accusation to Bishamon. Because he ate her pudding! He continues to accuse others and in the mean time reveals all the untoward acts he did on them previously as their motive for killing him. Yeah, Yato just killed himself many times over. The last straw came when he accuses Hiyori because he has been taking unsuspecting pictures of her and uploading them to social media to spread his Yatoism. It’s a good thing it never caught on. Hiyori beats him up. It is when they see the psychopath kidnap him and throw him off a cliff! Yato still lives! Why won’t he just die?! He reveals he did this to write his next mystery novel. But he has been writing so long and his works were never accepted. When an idol new to the industry got a jump on him, he became agitated. He decided to become a real murderer and create and write real murder scenes in prison. His name will surely go down in history. Yato chides him for his shallow thinking while revealing his own failed pathetic idol stint. Yeah, he only held a concert before cats and pigeons… Don’t ask. He tells psycho guy to pick up the pen and fight instead. He repents his actions and when he learns Yato cannot die because he is a God, he becomes his follower! No kidding! Yato is happy he will right his next novel based on him. However the editor rejects it and recommends a mental hospital! Meanwhile Yato eagerly waits for his book that will never debut… Keep waiting…

Hiyori is surprised when Yato calls her as he wants to take her out to a nice place and treat her. Who’d knew that it is Capyper Land! The place where she got her first uninvited kiss! Oh, the trauma! I wonder how Hiyori is holding it all in. Besides, isn’t it Yato the one who wants to visit this place the most! Yeah, it is his dream! He believes those Capyper mascots are real! Just like Santa Claus, eh? Meanwhile Kunimi seeks Bishamon and Kazuma’s help because while he and young Ebisu are taking photos on Earth, they got separated and lost. As you might have guessed it, Ebisu is at the park and joins Yato’s group. Yato is ecstatic when a Capyper mascot wants to take his photo. Actually he went for Ebisu. How sad… Even Yukine got one… Bishamon and Kazuma see Ebisu safe in Yato’s care. And since they are here, why not check out the place. For the rest of the day, Yato is having great fun. Kofuku spies on him and has this evil thought of ruining his fun only to be stopped by Daikoku. Can’t stand to let Yato have all the fun? When a lost kid mistakes Daikoku as her dad (because they are wearing the same clothes), Daikoku and Kofuku decide to stay and chill. More fun from Yato but it may be tiring for Hiyori as she tries to prevent him from knowing the truth that Capyper isn’t real. Eventually Ebisu wanders off himself and into Bishamon and Kazuma.

Night fall and there is the Capyper parade Yato wants to see badly. But this triggers Hiyori’s trauma. The kiss… Then it turns into a huge commotion when Yato keeps bugging reluctant Hiyori to watch with him or it will damage his social life (what social life?!). But to the crowd, they think it is some lover’s quarrel. Yeah, some high breakup drama this is. Eventually she relents but she is not putting up a smile. That genuine gloomy face makes Yato feel bad. He takes her to leave but that is when she turns around to apologize for all this. She also says she wants to be with him a little longer. This leaves Yato wondering how true those words are. Isn’t this looking a little romantic? Kofuku is enjoying the fireworks when she spots a cockroach. In her fear, she uses Daikoku to crush it, accidentally unleashing a Vent. This causes a little havoc on the parade. Hiyori’s worst fears come true when Yato spots who really is behind the mascot. Middle aged men? Trauma mode on. Just like how kids realize there is no Santa, it is the same for Yato who couldn’t believe this lie. No amount of liquor can cure his depression. But a little Capyper hand puppet play by Hiyori saved the day to make him believe once more. Hiyori receives a letter of thanks from Ebisu as well as some of the photos from the park. She is surprised he took one when she was apologizing to Yato. Yup, it sure looks romantic from this point of view.

Home Is Where Your True Name Is
This season doesn’t disappoint and certainly live up to its expectations. At least from my point of view. Although not perfect at times but at least it brings a reasonably good mix of action, drama and comedy. You’ll be satisfied with the fights and its magic effects. You’ll be satisfied with the steady pace and flow of the plot as well as some of its revelations and progression of certain characters. You’ll definitely be laughing your ass all over whenever Yato gets into his usual idiotic mode. I think it is one reason why we come back this season. Yato can kill without remorse but he sure can make us laugh. Why is it that he is still not a famous God? Maybe that is precisely the reason why… And of course with lots of other potential and development especially that foreshadowing at the end of it all, it looks like it might just get better or worse. But that will be another time if they decide to make another season out of it.

The first half of the series was entertaining and interesting mainly because it was a big conspiracy setting up the 2 big beloved characters of the series on a warpath. Yeah, like Captain American taking on Iron Man, eh? What more, a scheme hatched under their very own nose to make them fight. With their bloodied and raging past between them, all it needed was a simple light of the fuse for the fireworks to go off. It was exciting as well as nail biting rush since you can’t help wonder if they will actually kill each other or only one will emerge victorious. Of course we all know that it will eventually end in the typical path of that the duo will survive, overcome their obstacles and cast away the big puppet master behind it all.

Then came the second half and I felt this one is a bit of a letdown although it is still interesting in its own sense but it doesn’t match up to the awesome epic one that was in the first half. Basically it focuses on Yato trying to shake off Nora as he does one last job(s) for father in hopes he can start anew again. Well, meeting Ebisu in a way was a good thing because Yato finally actually decided to change his outlook and all for the sake of his future and the future of those he cares. The second half’s plot also feels like to forebode a next sequel because I am sure with their father now in the picture, it signals the start of things yet to come. But that of course is another story and another season that I will save for another day. If it happens.

Although there are still comedic elements in this season, I can’t help feel that is toned down. With the kind of story arcs you see this season, it is no wonder. Therefore we see less of Yato being an idiot of trying to solicit business from other people and take a (slow) step closer to his own shrine or even one where he blows his money being scammed to buy useless charms. Hence, this season is more of drama and action as it tries to move the plot forward. The basics and introductions have been done in the first season so if you want to refresh your memory, go watch it again.

It is hard for me to say whether the character development is lacking this season. Because for example the first half as we know is about Bishamon so there are lots of emphasis in focusing on her past and character on how she came to hate Yato and then finally settling her score with everything Yato related. It could have been Bishamon’s season but since they inserted the Ebisu’s arc in the later half, I guess I can’t be saying this season of Noragami belongs to only Bishamon and her Shinki. Old characters like Tenjin and Kofuku didn’t seem as important as they are this season and being in this season feels like so that we still remember that they exist. You know how bad it is for a God when we forget them, right? Even new ones like Okuninushi had potential but with the lack of screen time, nothing more to be said. Then there is Aiha who turned into a good girl after Kugaha’s betrayal. After that despite being called on for missions with Bishamon, she wasn’t standing out that much either.

I think one of the main characters that suffer from the lack of development would be Hiyori. For most of the time she is just hanging around and though her character role does drive the plot like being kidnapped to start the final fight between Yato and Bishamon and somebody who could call Yato’s name to bring him out from the depths of the underworld, there is nothing more about her. After all, she already had her stint in the first season. With the events that have happened, I am beginning to feel that Hiyori doesn’t want her wish to be granted after paying her advance to Yato. There were a few chances for her to do so but seeing she doesn’t want to take them and wants to stay with them a little longer, I guess this sums up about it. Yukine is also not much here but he does grow especially into Yato’s trusted Blessed Instrument. Unlike last season when he did the unthinkable by blighting Yato, his only serious worry would be to be Yato’s exclusive Shinki or Nora. Competition is good, right?

As for Yato, now that Hiyori has created a personal shrine for him, does this mean he doesn’t need to solicit for more cheap business to get his own? I mean, doesn’t he want to have a bigger one and one that is filled with all his dreams and desires (as comically described in the first season). I suppose not. He has a place to call his own now. But still he continues to freeload in Kofuku’s place… Other people’s things are always more pleasurable to use, eh? Now who the hell can we call to and fix our leaking pipes for the price of 5 Yen?! But if you want to pinpoint of who Yato really is, it is hard because sometimes he is a real scary God if you get him mad. Sometimes he is a serious God and gets things done when it is really needed. There are even points when he became indecisive and unsure. But most of the time he is just a goofy idiot trying to leech off and have fun. And cause everyone some sort of inconvenience along the way. I think it is his way of trying to get attention. Yeah, whatever works…

And as we have seen so far from this anime that nobody has really died or being killed off (not counting those minor characters whom we do not care and whose roles are just solely to be killed), there is always a chance for them to return in the future. Like Kugaha. Bishamon didn’t finish him off. Yato couldn’t finish him off. Yukine certainly didn’t dispose of him completely. So what are the chances he will be back as another bad boy the next time? Don’t tell me he might team up with father and bring another round of chaos to the heavens and earth. Same case with Nora. She might have been released by Yato but the fact she is not dead means that she will still be back to haunt Yato and perhaps make him regret for him doing that to her.

Ebisu’s reincarnation and failure to retain memories of his past selves brought up the question of this hole in the plot. If he has been doing the same Ayakashi controlling method for so long, dying and reincarnating in the process, doesn’t it contradict the rule that a God loses all those memories after being reborn? Unless he left messages of his work behind or orders to his subordinates to remind him to continue his work. That may be possible. Or maybe as said, due to his sincere personality to help humans, his character tends to evolve and think the same as he grows up and ends up trying to control Ayakashi.

The opening theme is Kyouran Hey Kids by The Oral Cigarettes (WTF is this kind of rock group name?!). This rock piece has a funky feel to it and this is what makes the song particularly catchy and exciting. It might not entirely fit the overall theme and feel for the series and sounds more fitting if you look at it that it should fit Yato’s theme. But it is not as odd as the ending theme, Nirvana by Tia. After all that dark drama, blood and gore action, suddenly you hear a sunshiny song. How contrasting is that? Like how the opening theme I say is befitting Yato, the ending theme is one that fits Hiyori.

So if you want to see a third season of this series, be sure to remember Yato and the gang. Or you can just donate your 5 Yen and more, flash those bundle of cash in the face of the producers especially Yato so that they cannot refuse. After all, this world is only nothing but money, money and more money, right? Heh. You know how much budget it makes to make another anime despite how freaking popular it is, right? Yato would be freaking happy if his anime ran as long and continuous as that ninja and pirate series. Unfortunately those 2 animes are like Gods and remembered more often than Yato will ever be. Time to get back to making your name the old way by servicing for jobs. I am sure there will be some kind of uproar if Yato decides to increase the price of his service to 6 Yen! Such atrocity! I want my value for my money! Well, you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.


August 16, 2015

Having problems that you can’t fix yourself? Missing Cat? The pipe is stuck? Need somebody to do the chores? Don’t worry. With only a price as cheap as 5 Yen, you can get all that done and with satisfaction guaranteed. Wait a minute. What kind of human would ever provide all that service with such a cheap price? That’s right. No human would. All this is possible if you call a certain god and pay your 5 Yen to him! Sounds like a good deal and too good to be true? Well, it is the real deal! Ah, yes. It might be mind boggling that a god is stuck doing such chores that only humans would do and I supposed that is what being a Noragami (literally means Stray God) would do. Well, I suppose this god is trying to collect funds to make his own shrine. I know there are lots of questions you want to ask about that but this story isn’t just about a god trying to do odd jobs to achieve his goal (thus eliminating any speculation this is totally a slapstick comedy show). When he accidentally saves a girl from an accident that would have killed her, she turns into a half spirit, they work together battling Ayakashi monsters who bring harm to humans. Along the way, gradually revealing a dark secret from his past.

Episode 1
Yato just finished destroying an Ayakashi. However his Shinki (Divine Instrument), Tomone wants to call it quits! She can’t bear to be with this poor God in a tracksuit. How insulting. But you can see how happy she is with her newfound freedom. Yato is adamant he’ll get 120 million worshippers and stand above all Gods! Yeah well, good luck. I mean, he needs to advertise via wall graffiti about his problem solving business. And any call he gets, he becomes an eager beaver to be at your service for a mere 5 Yen. This includes finding somebody’s lost cat. Hiyori Iki is a martial arts lover when she spots Yato trying to get a cat crossing a road. As expected, a bus is in the path. She pushes him away. Good news: They live. Puzzling news: Isn’t that Hiyori’s body in the middle of the road? Wait a minute. Is she dead? The next thing she knows, she is in a hospital bed and her family and friends are relieved that she has woken up. CAT scans show she has no problems whatsoever. When Hiyori mentions about a guy in tracksuit, they don’t remember and think she might still be in a daze. That night, Hiyori is surprised Yato pays her a visit. From underneath her blanket! She wanted to call the police but he is here to clarify that although she is the first human who tried to save him, it wasn’t really necessary. He claims he is going to be God although he is a stray one right now. Maybe she should call the police… He warns that without a Shinki, he can’t stay here long and this place is crawling with bad Ayakashi.

Over the next few scenes, Hiyori seems to feel heavy and can’t keep herself up. It’s like she wants to fall asleep or something. I mean, your friends would be really worried if you just suddenly collapse in the middle of the corridor, right? Then she remembers. Yato was trying to find a cat. She decides to go look for it. Yato is trying to use catnip as bait. Sure, he got the cat. But now he is confronted by Ayakashi monsters who want a piece of him. Yato can’t do much against this giant toad since he doesn’t have a Shinki. Surprisingly it is Hiyori who comes to his rescue. That’s the second time. She uses her martial arts move she copied from her favourite martial artist, Tono and it worked. Well, if only it didn’t regenerate… Now run! After at a distance, Yato points out her soul slipped out. You can see her body ‘sleeping’ on the fence. After handing the cat back to its owner, Hiyori wants some questions answered. What is happening to her? Far Shore and Near Shore. The living world people live in is called Near Shore. Far Shore is what people call the afterlife. Then there are those in between like Ayakashi who are incarnations of emotional energy. Hiyori panics upon thinking she is an Ayakashi. What can she do to stop letting her soul slip out? He’s a God, right? Maybe he can help. For a cheap price of 5 Yen, he can make her wish come true. I hope it won’t be the case of you pay peanuts, you get…

Episode 2
Hiyori has a hard time adjusting to life. How can she when her soul keeps slipping out in most unlikely of places and her pals thinks she is such a heavy sleeper. Despite in her soul form, she still can touch and contact things. Of course it is fun hopping around town but when she starts to notice Ayakashi around her, it doesn’t sound so fun anymore. It is explains the Far Shore denizens coming in all shapes and sizes. They are everywhere and only animals and babies can see them. It has been 2 weeks and Hiyori is of course furious that she has already paid him and nothing has been done! Well, he is busy with other jobs… He warns her that she is both a living and an Ayakashi. This makes her stand out and attract other Ayakashi who wants to eat and corrupt her soul. Then he goes on ranting about his dream of saving up all the 5 Yen coins to build a shrine of his own… So why can’t he just fix her problem? He doesn’t have a Shinki. In other words, he is useless without one. Thinking that if she could help find one for him to speed up solving her problem, she goes to find spirits that would serve Yato. Well, she looks like a weirdo peeking into corners and holes to call Ayakashi to work for Yato. I think she’s scaring them. Yato is definitely a useful guy to call to when you have plumbing problems in your toilet. Heck, he even fixes your bath as freebie! All for a meagre 5 Yen! I want this God! Yato gets a call from Hiyori as she claims she has found him a Shinki. This giant spider… That’s not a spirit, it’s an Ayakashi! Now run! Hiyori thought she could fight it but Yato saves her and in return got his hand bitten. It’s a kind of disease and defilement if he doesn’t cure it soon, he will die. The chase continues as Yato spots an uncorrupted spirit in the form of a tiny snowflake. He initiates the ritual to turn him into his servant and Shinki. He names him Yuki and as Shinki named Setsu. His casual name will be Yukine. Yato now has a sword in hand and cuts the spider. Hiyori couldn’t understand but see Yato crying (he must have peeked into Yukine’s past during the bonding ritual). Yato heals his hand with holy water from the shrine. Yukine then turns into a boy who feels cold from his surroundings. Yato gives him his tracksuit to wear but he won’t wear that stinky piece and would rather borrow Hiyori’s scarf. That’s just insulting, isn’t it?

Episode 3
Yukine can’t believe this God he is serving. So poor, living off the streets, finding their food from the dumpsters and his wall graffiti advertising that is just so unprofessional. And Yato even got the cheek to make Hiyori treat them at a diner. At first she is surprised that others can see him. Yato explains that he is not invisible, just hard to notice. He tests Hiyori how many waitresses she noticed. She guessed wrong. It’s the same that applies to him. People see him but forget him soon after. I mean, you don’t remember all the people who passed you in the streets, do you? More unbelievable, Yato and Yukine are eating like there’s no tomorrow. That hungry, huh? Yato gets another call for a job. Hiyori won’t let him run this time and joins him. They find themselves in a shrine and Hiyori recognizes the recited poem. He is Tenjin, the god of learning. Now this is what you call a real God exuding charm and reverence so Hiyori and Yukine bow before him! He is even wise to give Yukine advice not to prostrate before other Gods as it would be an insult his master. He also introduces his Shinki (feels like they are miko priestess cosplayers). As he is the one calling Yato for a job, due to exam season, he has his hands busy with the number of requests so he would like Yato to take care of the Ayakashi in this area. He knows Yato has been sleeping in his shrine without permission and has nothing better to do. Heck, he even teases Yato to join him and could make him branch manager of his shrine over the country. More mockery when he gives a 10,000 bill and seeks change… The income gap… Tenjin then has his Shinki, Mayu to guide Yato around. Does Mayu look familiar? Yup. She was formerly Tomone! I can tell she is living a better life under Tenjin. Hiyori asks Tenjin if Ayakashi is bad. He didn’t give a direct answer except he hints she can easily interfere with them.

Mayu brings them to a site where Ayakashi possess them and drove them to suicide. A waste of young life. However Yato says if people want to kill themselves, go ahead. They are already possessed so it doesn’t matter if they’re dead or alive. They can’t even become Shinki. Hiyori is mad about this and goes off to stop the Ayakashi herself. But they soon overwhelm her and try to coax her to join their side. They pin her on the rail tracks but before the train runs her over, Yato comes to her rescue. He warns her to take care of her tail. That is what connects her soul to her life and if it is severed, she will die. A depressed student is being possessed by an Ayakashi to walk into the middle of the tracks. Yato rushes and makes it in time to cut the Ayakashi. However Yuki was too frantic that his blade was so sharp it cut other surrounding objects. In the aftermath, Hiyori asks Yato about saving the day when he said to let them die. True, but he refused to let anyone die in front of the Shinki. Even if life is tough, they should be grateful for being alive. Hiyori realizes all the Shinki didn’t die via suicide and are people who still wanted to live. Therefore having other people waste their lives in front of them is something Yato cannot stand. She felt so touched that she started crying. Don’t bother, it’s just debris in her eyes. Yato and Yukine sleep in some shrine and the latter accepts his tracksuit as blanket for the cold night.

Episode 4
Yato is famous! He has lots of worshippers and living the rich life! He is trendy! He’s got his own limo and shrine maidens! Too good to be true? That’s right. Just all a freaking dream. Yukine kicks him down the shrine stairs… Too noisy to sleep… What is even more frustrating is that Yato bought some pot from a lady who guaranteed his happiness (among other stuffs). He’s been had. Hiyori breaks it! After that advice to pull himself together for Yukine’s sake, Yato wants them to meet somebody. OMG. This cute chick, Kofuku Ebisu is his girlfriend?! She’s not faking it either! He makes up some emotional plea he can’t provide enough for Yukine so she gives him some money! Then this big guy, Daikoku beats him up! Oh dear. Is this some love triangle going on? They learn Daikoku is Kofuku’s Shinki and be careful not to stare at him too long. He looks scary… Especially when Yato ‘jokes’ about him liking kids. But Kofuku warns them that Yato despite his goofiness, he is actually a scary god. Yato happily gets a call for a job. Yusuke Urasawa is about to jump off the building and kill himself. Then Yato pops up and accidentally pushes him off! OMG! You killed him! This is going to be a really long fall. Because Yato has got time to introduce and advertise himself, exchange name cards and even have time for Yusuke to tell his sad story of why he wants to kill himself. His company just went bankrupt and he wanted to call his mother but accidentally dialled Yato’s number. I can’t believe his advertising is that effective.

Anyway, flashback reveals Yusuke picked up a high school girl who ran away from home. For the sake of anonymity, Hiyori’s face is used. Don’t ask. He took her in and they had a pure relationship. Bad luck started when he took her to an amusement park she wanted to go so much. It affected his work performance and his savings dried up. Before he knows it, he started accumulating debts. At that point, he still loves her but couldn’t bear to be a burden. Yato asks for her picture and true to his suspicion, his girlfriend is Kofuku! In actual fact, Kofuku is the god of poverty. Yato shows Daikoku as her ‘boyfriend’ and wants him to forget her and sever ties. But Yusuke won’t. He truly loves her. Yato tells him off that he isn’t worthy of love if he can commit suicide. Yusuke’s last words for Kofuku are for her to lead a happy life. Yato has Yukine transform into a sword and sever his ties. A soft landing for him. They go confront Kofuku who doesn’t think it was her fault since she was just trying to have some fun. And Daikoku is sad she did it behind his back. Of course, he didn’t allow her to do things because of the bad luck she brings. Daikoku is impressed that Yukine is able to cut ties, something that is harder than creating ties. Hiyori thinks Yato as a scary god is a hoax but Kofuku insists it is true. He killed a Shinki a long time ago. He also killed people since he was the god of war. Because people’s wishes are what allow gods to exist, distinguished gods are remembered while obscure ones are forgotten. What do you do to avoid being forgotten? You grant any wish you get no matter what. When Hiyori asks Yato why he brought her to see Kofuku, he just says if anything happens to him, go straight to them. A girl, Nora appears before them. She wants Yato to call her by the name he gave her and will always be waiting for that.

Episode 5
Yato teaches Yukine how to open a Boundary that prevents Ayakashi from crossing over. Only a Shinki is able to do this move. Yato and Hiyori argue over to look after Yukine. Obviously that kid goes with Hiyori. Who wants to be with a stinking tracksuit guy living in shrines? She lets him live in her older brother’s room as he isn’t staying here anymore. Of course her plan works to perfection as the housekeeper and parents can’t see her. Till Yato drops in. Not that they notice him either. He is here to check things out as he explains unlike this house, shrines are sacred grounds that protect them from Ayakashi. He doubts Yukine can handle it because he is afraid of the dark. He can’t sleep alone in the room so he goes to Hiyori’s room. Despite with the night light, he can’t sleep since she is sleeping right next to him. Before he could harbour perverted thoughts, Yato makes his appearance. Next day, Hiyori takes Yato to the mall. Although he is just borrowing stuffs, Hiyori views it as stealing and doesn’t want him to do that. He wanders off by himself before Hiyori realizes it. Yato is again watching them as he explains how he can feel Yukine’s pain. This is the price to pay for having a Shinki. It is only one direction too. Only negative emotions like jealousy, fear, desperation and greed. Because Shinki are once human. And people sin. Therefore even if what humans perceive to be right or wrong, it doesn’t apply to Gods. This includes hurting or killing someone. He will give Yukine his divine punishment in due time. Yukine realizes too late that night has come. He hears a girl cowering in the alley and calling out to her mom to pick her up. However he knows she is a ghost who died in a car accident. He agrees to wait with her till dawn till her mom comes pick her up. When Hiyori comes by, the girl is lured by the voices of the Ayakashi. Yukine creates a Boundary to prevent them from crossing but the girl has been tainted and now wants a piece of him. Hiyori saves him from being devoured but she also requires some saving from Yato. He agrees to help that girl and has Yukine turn into a sword. However Yukine is dismayed that he is going to kill her. A person who is this corrupted by an Ayakashi will only experience living hell of utter damnation. It is their job to release her. Yato cuts thorough the Ayakashi like a hot knife through butter. He feels Yukine’s pain.

Episode 6
Yukine is freaking out at any Ayakashi he sees and wallows in depression. Hiyori tries to find him but bumps into her friends who think she is having a secret boyfriend. Yukine’s dark side got the better of him as he steals a skateboard but Yato stops him and wonders where he got it. He lies Hiyori bought it for him. Nice timing, Hiyori is here as he asks her and seeing the circumstances, she also lies that she did. Suddenly Yato is attacked by a war god on a lion, Bishamon. This S&M lady is the strongest war god?! Yato flees with Yukine as Bishamon is adamant in hunting him down. Yukine’s instable emotions are also affecting Yato’s stamina. In fact, his back neck is partly tainted. Yato doesn’t want to hide anymore and takes on Bishamon head on. She has so many Shinki that it makes you scared. Like Yukine. Taking direct hits could kill him but I think they were really lucky. Yukine is shocked in hearing that Yato has killed a Shinki before. Meanwhile Hiyori runs to Kofuku and Daikoku for help. They don’t want to help since it is a problem between Yato and Bishamon. Then Hiyori realizes that Bishamon’s grudge on Yato may be because he killed her Shinki. They tease that she likes Yato. Or could it be he blackmailed her? Kofuku decides to help anyway. Hiyori uses the distinct nice scent of a God to locate where Yato is. Yato is catching a breather in the woods as Yukine’s dilemma is continuing to affect him even further. He worries that Yato may kill him if he becomes useless or screws up. No time to argue because Bishamon is here. Kofuku drops in by opening a vent that has lots of Ayakashi gushing out. Did she blunder? Yato wants to use this chance to escape but Bishamon orders her lion to bite him. Yato cuts its eye to free himself and this makes Bishamon mad. Kazuma suggests they retreat now and when she doesn’t want to, he reminds her she can become Ayakashi food if she wants to. But does she have the right to put the rest of her Shinki in such predicament? She backs down and everyone makes their escape. The taint on Yato is getting bigger and he can’t cleanse it. He worries it might not work out with Yukine. But Nora reminds him he can always use her.

Episode 7
Hiyori comes to give Yukine breakfast in his room but it seems Yato is here! Did Yukine run away from home? She goes to Tenjin for help and he admits Yukine was here earlier trying to work under him but was rejected. Because if Tenjin takes him in and calls him by a new name, he will become a Nora. Wait, Nora isn’t a name? As explained, Nora is a Shinki with many masters. They are despised because they are more likely to betray their master. He gives an example of becoming Hiyori’s godfather and calls her by a different name. Would she like that? Hiyori cannot ask more since the mere mention of Nora sends shiver down their spine. Hiyori later spots Bishamon but Kazuma caught her. He casts a spell that makes her unable to move. She is praying to God for help but all she could think is Yato. She is so screwed. But this spell is to avoid Bishamon detecting her as she and her team are out to exterminate Ayakashi that escape the vent. After she is gone, Kazuma reveals his ability to grasp everything that is going on around him. He warns her not to meddle too much in this affair and confirms Yato is their enemy. However he also owes him his life and hopes she could save him. He knows the blight Yato has is not from outside and from within. It is caused by his Shinki and must be disposed off before it is too late. A Shinki prone to misdeeds will cause his master to fall ill. The pain will accumulate and spread throughout the body. Yato finds Yukine as there is a job. But who could have figured out it was manning a convenience store counter?! Hiyori leads Kofuku and Daikoku here as the latter duo have a request they want Yato to handle that isn’t their style. Yato senses Yukine’s misdeed and thinks he has stolen cash from the register. Actually he stole the donation box. He runs away. Yato accepts Daikoku’s job to take out an Ayakashi but makes them man the counter. Hiyori feels confused after all that has happened and slaps herself to come to terms that Shinki isn’t just instruments. Yukine is Yukine. Meanwhile Nora is trying to play mind games with Yukine and telling how pathetic he is. Yato is here and Nora wants him to use her. She can kill anything he wants. Yato tells Yukine not to listen to Nora because the enemy he must slay is this moth Ayakashi. However Yukine’s blade is dulled and cannot cut through. This also weakens Yato. Nora tempts him to use her but Yato uses purified water to reforge Yukine and cut through the moth. Rabou notes how Nora has been rejected. Back home, Hiyori is left to think about Kazuma’s words that if Yukine isn’t dealt with soon, Yato will die.

Episode 8
Toilet is where you do lots of thinking, right? Hiyori is doing just that but what the f*ck is Yato and Yukine doing here???!!! Well, apparently their client is also here. So is Manabu Ogiwara a peeping tom too? Actually he is here hiding. His classmates always harass him so he is hiding in a place where they won’t find him. Manabu is getting depressed just thinking why all this is happening to him but Yukine is just getting pissed and leaves himself. He gives Manabu something dangerous to solve his problem. Manabu experiences yet another bully so the voice of an Ayakashi starts egging him to kill them. Yukine observes the students go about interacting and stuffs and he starts feeling envious. Bishamon visits Kofuku to consult the possible openings of other vents. Bishamon hints that she knows of Kofuku’s relationship with Yato. But Kofuku doesn’t care. It’s none of her business. She threatens back if anything happens to Yato, be prepared for a big storm. Manabu confronts one of the bullies and throws him a cutter. As Yato said, if he is going to use one, give his enemy one too. The Ayakashi dares Manabu to cut him and be free but he manages to suppress that feeling. The bully is so scared that he peed in his pants! That should teach him a lesson. Manabu remembered what Yato said. Had he used it, he would be tossing away his humanity and will have nowhere to go. With Manabu’s case solved, Yato starts feeling weaker because Yukine is closer to the dark side. He is envious he cannot join those ‘friends’ and Yato knows he has realized what he wants but cannot cross the line yet. When it reaches boiling point, Yukine starts smashing all the windows with a bat. Yato collapses and Hiyori is terrified to see blight all over him. She realizes he was enduring this all the while. She also gets infected when she touches and carries him. She then ticks off Yukine that each time he does something bad, Yato has to suffer and has been enduring it. She regrets not trying to stop him. Hiyori brings Yato to Kofuku but upon seeing their condition, Daikoku immediately draws a Boundary to block them from getting closer.

Episode 9
Daikoku only lets Hiyori in so Kofuku can cleanse her. The only way left to solve this is via ablution. Yukine must be punished or else. Daikoku leaves to find 2 more Shinki who will help with the ablution. He begs to Tenjin for help and only Mayu comes forward. The other Shinki aren’t so keen because they heard news of its failure, friends that never come back after performing it. Daikoku continues to beg at other shrines for help but nobody is willing to lend a Shinki as they do not know who Yato is. Hiyori can’t sit around and do nothing so she leaves to find the last Shinki. She thought of calling Nora but decided to go for Kazuma. It is no time to be worried about Bishamon connecting her to Yato. Yukine continues to be unrepentant so Daikoku tells him to take off his shirt. To everyone’s horror, there is a big Ayakashi patch stuck on his back. Because Yato will not revoke Yukine’s name and banish him, the Shinki trio start their ablution by forming a Boundary to trap him. It is some sort of beating that goes on till he confesses his sins. Otherwise, he will turn into an Ayakashi. Which is what is happening right now. Yukine continues to feel jealous that the living has got what he has not. The Shinki trio can’t hold out for much longer. Yato feels the need to call Yukine’s name before he turns to the other side or the corruption covering his mark but he is too weak to eke out a sound. This is when Hiyori steps in to convince Yukine that Yato was like a father to him. He endured everything despite what Yukine did. Is he going to betray somebody like him? If so, she is no longer his friend anymore. Yato gets the strength to say that Yukine may not be able to interact with Near Shore people. However he has given him a human name so use it to live like one. This is when Yukine is overcome with guilt and starts apologizing and confessing all his sins with all his heart. It is a tiring experience for everybody and Yato couldn’t be grateful to everybody. Especially for Hiyori. Had she not brought him here, he would have died where he was. Had she brought Nora, he would have used Nora to slay him due to the unbearable pain. Had she not intervened in it, they would not have been saved. Time for emotional group hug!

Episode 10
Yukine is working part time with Daikoku to pay off his debts. But Kofuku’s services don’t come cheap. That will be 5 million Yen per service. And she sought her help twice… So young, so in debt. Hiyori takes it out on Yato. She contracted him and he hasn’t fixed her problem yet but got her into the debt trap. Yato then visits Tenjin to convey his thanks. While the guys argue, Mayu talks to Hiyori and Yukine. They notice one of Tenjin’s Shinki is missing. She explains Hiyori’s corruption was infectious. She stung Tenjin and was immediately banished. Yukine was lucky to have Yato believe in him but take care never to do that again. Yato wants Tenjin’s help to solve Hiyori’s problem. He doesn’t know how and has been putting it off. So that’s why… But Tenjin suggests cutting ties with her. It might fix her condition since his connection grants her too much focus on their world. Hiyori meets up with her friends to make arrangements for the shrine visit. They mention about rumours that if you pray to some God called Rabou, he’ll rid the person you want. Hiyori calls Yato to invite him to visit the shrine on New Year’s Eve. He would love to come. Right after he cleans this dog kernel job he took… Rabou spots Hiyori and wants to slay her for deluding Yato. However Nora wants her alive for now as she has some use. Hiyori thought she spotted Yato and tries to follow him. Actually, he is running late to the shrine since he had to meticulously clean every dirt in the kennel. They’re going to be more late than that since they are ambushed by many scorpion Ayakashi. This is of course a test by Rabou to see his Shinki’s power. Hiyori comes into contact Nora who didn’t like how Hiyori played a big part in Yukine’s ablution since it was a big chance for Yato to revoke his name. She sends her wolf Ayakashi to hunt her down but they disappear once the sun is up. Nora warns a god of calamity known as Rabou has awakened. If someone wishes for it, he can kill anything. Even a God. He has come to kill Yato. She blames Hiyori for weakening Yato and the only way is for her to stop existing. Yato finishes his Ayakashi slaying and makes his way to Hiyori (Rabou looks disappointed). Hope he isn’t too late. The food stalls are still open, right? It better be since he thinks Hiyori is going to treat them. But boy are they surprised that Hiyori doesn’t recognize them. This isn’t a joke, right?

Episode 11
Yato and Rabou are killing people like the wind in the past. Even now, Yato continues his murder spree. Yato on the other hand is annoyed that it is only him that Hiyori doesn’t remember. He tries all sorts of methods to make Hiyori remember. Not working. Then he made the wrong move of being desperate. He thinks coming to bed with her will return her memories! I think she would love to forget about this. Yato bumps into Nora and knows she has a hand in this. She admits she has easily taken Hiyori’s memories easily in this little marble. She tries to tempt him about the fickleness of human feelings but for once Yukine snaps him out. Nora becomes Rabou’s sword to fight Yato and tries to tempt him to remember who he is. Again, Yukine snaps him out. Yato is forced to withdraw as dragging this out might kill Yukine. Rabou is disappointed this is not the Yato he knows. Nora promises to give Hiyori’s memories back if he visits them. As informed, not many know of Rabou now although back then he was famous. He was also the god of calamity alongside Yato. Rabou was once human and probably worked as a spy. At the end of his job, he was killed to be silenced. Those who feared being cursed made him into that god. So those with unjust wish will have it granted through Rabou. Humans, Ayakashi or Gods, Rabou will kill them. Yato seeks Tenjin’s advice but the latter believes this is the best time to cut ties with Hiyori. She gets to live her normal life. Thus Yato decides to give up on her. But Hiyori has this faint feeling she might have known Yato before. Yukine calls to meet Yukine to narrate a picture story (drawn by Yato) about their previous adventures. You know the last page is drawn by Yukine because it sucks. Unfortunately she can’t remember. Nora sees Yato and warns Hiyori’s memories are fading. At this rate she will be an empty vessel. Better make that visit quick. To Yukine’s horror, Hiyori now doesn’t remember him. He is so sad that Yato felt it. It’s decided. They’re going to get back her memories. They go see her one last time to apologize and state their plan. She starts crying but doesn’t know why. When she tries to hug touch them, they disappear.

Episode 12
Hiyori’s soul seems to be transported with them to Rabou’s domain. As the calamity gods fight, Yato gets trapped in a water bubble. Hiyori pulls him out instead of running away. Rabou is not happy this is not the real Yato and wants to know where that god of calamity has gone to. Believing Hiyori is the one responsible for this, he tries to kill her but Yato blocks his sword and takes her to run. Rabou then throws away the marble. As Yato desperately tries to get it, he slashes it, scattering it to bits. Hiyori falls unconscious. She is just an empty shell now. You mad, bro? You hate him now? Good. Because Rabou got cut and a kick that sends him flying metres away! Yato is mad. You’re going to regret this. Yato finally lands a strike on his shoulder. Rabou has been waiting for this moment as he summons the Ayakashi storm and absorbs it into his eye. In the fight to the death that is enough to shatter rocks and change the landscape, falling rocks threaten to crush Hiyori. Yato goes to save her but Rabou intercepts. Hiyori is in some dream-like state. She smells a familiar scent (because Yato is protecting her via hugging). And then she wakes up. She remembers. She’s back! Yato is so happy that he starts rubbing his cheeks against hers! She beats him up for that. Nora is surprised she could break her spell all by herself. No time for happy reunion yet since Rabou takes her hostage. He is mad that Yato will not return to his old self but Yato doesn’t give a damn. He doesn’t care about the past that has no meaning now. Rabou blames Hiyori and is going to kill her. Yato tells Yukine they’ll end this in a strike. Hiyori might get hit but this is where Yukine needs to draw up his Boundary. He can do it. They can do it. That strike works. Hiyori is freed and the Ayakashi inside Rabou is destroyed. Yato lands the final blow. Rabou’s face starts cracking. He reveals that people will always hate and forget gods of calamity. Therefore when he woke up from his slumber, he wanted to be eliminated not by just anybody, but by Yato who knows him. Time to get going. Bye. Nora notes his failure and needs to talk to father. Yato wants Hiyori to cut all ties with him to return to her normal life. But she won’t because she wants to be with him forever. Kofuku interprets this another way and looks forward to it. This calls for a celebration? But with only 5 Yen, he’ll hear her out. Yup, he heard her loud and clear. May their fates intertwine.

Hiyori is making her high school debut and she thought she’s going to have a pretty normal high school life till suddenly a change in image! I didn’t know Hiyori is bold enough to go up to class to make such a cool/embarrassing debut. Actually, it is Yato who has possessed her body and Hiyori’s soul is only left to watch in embarrassment about the things he is about to do. This is the start of hell… Even more disheartening is how Kofuku is Yato’s partner in crime as they go ‘have fun’. It might seem ‘Hiyori’ is flirting around, joining activities and serving others with utmost politeness. This is because it is all part of Yato’s ploy to increase his business potential by handing out his name cards to them. Hope they don’t get the wrong idea. Her friends are freaking shock at this new badass image of hers. Meanwhile, Kofuku is seducing the teachers. They are willing to give all their money or break up with their girlfriend just to be with her! This school is done for! Yukine and Mayu are watching this and don’t like this a bit. They report to Tenjin who is also worried because if the council gets word of it, Yato will be reprimanded. Time to take action. ‘Hiyori’ will confess to the entire football team if they win. Great motivation? Tenjin and Mayu dressed in swanky outfits are about to do their job but several girls start admiring them so they get distracted by their company to show off.

‘Hiyori’ laments the pathetic state of their football team. Supernatural bad luck befalls on the team thanks to Kofuku as Daikoku takes her away. Can’t take this anymore, ‘Hiyori’ joins in and plays football herself to defeat and win the game! 10 goals!!! The goal is almost destroyed by ‘Hiyori’s’ super kicks! Everyone celebrates how cool ‘Hiyori’ is. Including the original one. Then it’s time to take a bath. Oh no you don’t! There is nothing the original one can do to stop the imposter. Unknown to ‘Hiyori’, a pervert has placed a hidden camera and is watching this changing scene from his classroom. Hiyori and Yukine wonder why the former is appearing on the video in real time when the pervert gets startled. More surprising is not how he can see them but rather what he is doing. The pervert destroys the camera to hide evidence. They realize he is being possessed by an Ayakashi. He starts panicking and jumps out to kill himself. Hiyori grabs his hand but how long can she hold on? Stupid Kofuku had to bump into them. The pervert falls but ‘Hiyori’ jumps down to save him. Despite ticking him off like a badass delinquent, everybody finds her so cool! Unfortunately her shoulder is dislocated. Play time is over as Yato is being punished. I’m not sure if they’re going to stick his head into a bucket of cement. Yukine is chiding him like mad especially about the injury that would have been permanent on her. Yato reasons he did all this because he was lonely. That sounds pathetic. Surprisingly, Hiyori forgives him. Next day in school, Hiyori has gained lots of followers and admirers! Everyone loves her! Well, it’s better this way, right?

Yato thought he could enjoy the food and hanami alone with Hiyori and Yukine. Turns out that girl invited everyone else. Including Bishamon! OMG! She is giving them a chance to clear things up? How can a few minutes together clear things up when they’ve been fighting for hundreds of years? Before any fight can begin, Yukine points out his friend who was also once her Shinki, tended to this tree. She can stay to appreciate its beauty but if she is here to fight, please leave. Despite Bishamon staying, it is a pretty awkward situation sitting right next to Yato. It’s like they can explode any second. So we see the rest of the characters (including all of Bishamon’s Shinki in human form) interact with each other. Yukine is shocked to learn that the Shinki enjoy a better life than he is and that is pretty normal! They get to go on trips and vacations! Why is he stuck with a poor god who even stole his hard earned money?! The tension between Yato and Bishamon is rising so Bishamon’s lion decides to play circus and jump through fire hoops. Your mane is on fire… But it’s back to hating each other for the duo as they drown it with bottles of sake. I don’t think that is going to help. It reaches boiling point when they are going to go at each other’s throat. Suddenly Bishamon becomes an emotional wreck. She’s saying that is not his fault that got her Shinki killed and that it was her fault to begin with for the obliteration of some clans. Something about her being saved by him twice too. Guess what? Yato covers her mouth with his hand and kisses over it!!! Everybody is in shock except for Kofuku who must be the only one enjoying the spat from start. It gets worse when drunk Yato insults and badmouths her so Bishamon beats him up like a coin box! Tenjin wanted to diffuse the situation but was told to stay his boring butt out of his. Just great. Three fighting gods… Kofuku may not join in but she got owned by having bowel discomfort from the sake.

Back at Kofuku’s home as Yato recovers, a magazine from heaven drops into Yukine’s hands. It is a magazine that advertises jobs for Shinki and also does survey. Why doesn’t Yukine know about it? Because Yato is hell bent on not letting him know as he rips the magazine to bits!!! After Daikoku have a hard time to restrain him, Yukine goes through the magazine to see lots of tempting offers. There is also an interview with Mayu in which she complained about the poor life with her previous master that shall only be known as Mr Y! So they’re just knitting out in the cold in their spare time? I don’t blame her if putting his hand over her shoulder while boasting about his future shrine to be considered as sexual harassment. This gives Yukine the motivation that he can do anything. All he needs to do know is to fill in the form and throw it back to heaven. Yato will also of course be punished. Sounds good, no? Bishamon is recovering as she goes over the surveys from her Shinki. Kofuku runs over to give Daikoku a big hug because his big simple loving words for her were just enough to warrant that. Yato laments he got his punishment that his golden crown logo has turned into a golden poop logo! But at least something that everybody can smile about because the survey that Yukine filled in to change jobs, he declined it and wants to stay on as he is. That’s good, right?

It’s A Bargain!
I know it is dirt cheap and really worth your money but that is only when the job gets done. So in the case of Hiyori, it all rings a familiar bell in real life of the contractor you hire putting it off many times with lame excuses despite being paid the deposit upfront. And in Hiyori’s case, it gives her a reason to stick around Yato and gang a little more. Overall, this series is not too bad with a decent mix of supernatural, action, drama and comedy. Though the same level of decency can’t be said for its plot and direction of the story because as seen in the biggest non-solving case of Hiyori, it fails to give us that satisfying conclusion for a short one season anime series. But of course you do know now that at this point this anime has been given the green light for another season, right? I theorize that more than enough people have been paying him 5 Yen to warrant enough funds for another sequel. Yeah…

Most of the character development surrounds the trio of Yato, Hiyori and Yukine. It is the interaction between the trio that gives off most of the comical effects and probably one reason why decided to check out this anime despite knowing it is a supernatural theme that is not my usual cup of tea. The lack of understanding between Yato and Hiyori, especially the different worlds that they come from and the frustration of Yato never ever getting her wish done are the source of the many instantaneous funny factors that make you burst into a little grin from time to time. I would say that they put in a good balance in it so as not to turn it into a total slapstick comedy and dilute the worth of what this anime is about: Fighting Ayakashi. Thank goodness the supernatural factor isn’t that scary or else I would have sleepless nights. Though, it does give me the creeps.

So back to our main trio, they are as interesting and amusing as they are. Yato feels like he is deluding himself trying to become the best god ever with the best shrine he will (eventually) make. I don’t know how long that will take since if you do the calculations, it will take years for him to finally build his shrine. Has he ever thought of increasing his price? Accept more donations? Has he factored in inflation? Will the cost of building a shrine go up in the future? Who is going to build his shrine anyway? I suppose humans would since he is collecting 5 Yen. Oh, will he take foreign currency? Is there any other better effective way to advertise his services other than name cards? Ever heard of the internet? Facebook and Twitter? And of course, with his character always wearing a jersey, it makes him look like one whom you shouldn’t take seriously. A weirdo. Heck, his idiotic behaviour is also top notched. Maybe he wants to get away from his bloody past and what better way to do that than to totally change your character to the other end of the pole. But you can’t beat his enthusiasm in taking up jobs. If only people were like that. But it might make him sound desperate to do things for a meagre price. Even odder is how he tends to spend them all on useless charms. I can see why he is never going to get that shrine of his in the near future. He needs to take classes on financial management. Of course Yato isn’t all just a plain idiot. He cares for his Shinki and Hiyori because he is responsible for them. He doesn’t use conventional ways to deal with Yukine when he goes astray and continues to believe in him even when he is close to turning to the dark side. That is why he is perhaps a stray god in this sense.

Hiyori on the other hand, must be the most patient and yet frustrated client in Yato’s clientele base. Because her simple wish of keeping her soul intact is still unresolved. Doesn’t it feel like she’s been cheated out of her 5 Yen? Can she wish for her money back? Well, I don’t remember Yato having this money back guarantee policy. So she gets dragged into all those supernatural stuffs just because Yato prolonged his case in helping her out. I suppose it is his policy to solve it once he takes the case because it is true that he hasn’t founds a solution yet. Besides, he can’t refund her 5 Yen or else he will be 5 Yen short to achieve his dream! Every penny counts! I can speculate that deep down inside Hiyori doesn’t want her soul to get back to her original state. It is more evident at the end of the TV series that she wants to be with him. Did she forget about her original goal then? Well, good or bad thing, she has saved Yato a couple of times but she’ll have to be contend that she’ll have to slip out of her body more often than before. Won’t other people find her habit of suddenly falling asleep in the middle of streets to be just too odd?

Yukine started off as a lost, conflicted and confused young lad. He doesn’t know where he belongs and the more he sees the interaction of living human beings, the more he gets irritated in getting something he could never get. His untimely death made it all worse. Turning into the dark side is easy. It was the case of spare the rod, spoil the child. Yato’s hope that Yukine would come to his senses but he left it too late and till the verge of death (and lots of beating up) before Yukine turned back to the right path. All a good lesson and reminder that all he wanted was just a place to belong and somebody to accept him for who he is. Like a family. It is a good thing that he is given a second chance in life. So don’t go wasting this one. I’m sure he’ll finally appreciate it. All in all, the 3 main characters have bonded and grown so much together that it would be just sad to see them break up or for Hiyori to return to her normal life.

The rest just feels like a side distraction and some disappointing. Basically their past is not delved in very deeply. Just felt like an introduction for this season. Like Kofuku and Daikoku are a funny and amusing pair as they are but they don’t really do anything that really makes a great impact on the overall series. I suppose Kofuku being a cute girl even in her personality, do we let it slide? Or maybe it is her bad luck that spreads to bringing poor character development to others? Tenjin is there mostly for some advice and Mayu helps out a bit perhaps out of nostalgia because Yato was once her master. Most disappointing character development goes to Bishamon. After appearing halfway through the series and letting us know that her goal is to kill Yato (although it is only hinted but not confirmed that Yato killed one of her Shinki), after that first battle that got distracted by an Ayakashi storm, her presence felt redundant. It is like she is around just to remind us she is so, just keeping the city safe with her Shinki, patrolling and watching over it. That hanami event didn’t do much justice either despite revealing a little juicy interesting bit. It’s not like they reconciled and probably worst off than before. And I thought she would be the character, the ‘final boss’ of this season that Yato would face off with.

Turns out the villain of the series is to be that Rabou guy whom I later found out that he is an anime-only character. Many confused him to be one of Bishamon’s Shinki because he certainly looks close to it. I too would have fall into that confusion since I don’t read the manga. So maybe that is why there are mixed feelings from fans for the series because the anime ended by deviating from the original source material by including this Rabou guy. Well, it was mind boggling that all he wants is Yato to become his original bloodthirsty self so that he could just die by his hands. Maybe had he told the truth from the start, Yato wouldn’t have been so eager to do it. So I suppose with the outcome at the end, perhaps it ties things up neatly without deviating too far from the manga. Nora remains the most mysterious character because not much is known about her especially about her past relationship with Yato. Going by her status as a stray with many masters, in our terms, doesn’t that make her a whore?

Action scenes are okay. If you like supernatural stuffs and characters fighting them, I would say that this one would be satisfactory. Although some may find it boring that there aren’t any special moves or power ups (heck, Yato himself is already a god so why does he need to go Super Saiyan for?) because mostly it is just slashing and cutting the Ayakashi to finish it off. However it isn’t just mindless slashing to kill off Ayakashi but in the midst of the action, you’d see how the characters interact and grow especially with Yato and Yukine trying to forge a trust between them. But if you are looking for more exhilarating and gory action (say, Shingeki No Kyojin or even Akame Ga Kill), then you have to look elsewhere.

Art and animation style looks good especially during the fight scenes, they are fluid and laced with special effects that are nicely done. Maybe it is because I was watching the DVD version of this series and that is why there is quality in it. (The reason why this blog is over a year late since the series ended). Ayakashi designs are rather okay but sometimes it may feel a little scary (but not to horror lovers and experts) because personally seeing scary eyeballs pop up from the darkness do send shivers down my spine. Okay, it is not that bad but I’d prefer to see pantsu shots than that. Speaking of fanservice, you only get a handful panty shots in the OVA (the first one only for that matter) that aren’t anything much. Even so, those aren’t really close ups at all. Just from a distance. If you have very bad eyesight, you might not even see it. It just feels like a little reward and thanks for sticking around to watch the OVA.

There are a handful of recognizable seiyuus lending their voice to this anime. For example, Hiroshi Kamiya as Yato feels typical like some of his other ‘idiotic’ characters like Mephisto in Ao No Excorcist and Araragi of the Monogatari series. Then there is the ever omnipresent Yuuki Kaji as Yukine, Aki Toyosaki as Kofuku, Daisuke Ono as Daikoku, Miyuki Sawashiro as Bishamon, Jun Fukuyama as Kazuma and Takahiro Sakurai as Rabou. The most surprising one was Rie Kugimiya as Nora. It never crossed my mind it was her behind that soft voice since after all these years, I am still used to recognizing her trademark tsundere loli voice. Though she did voice characters that aren’t of this trademark, at least there was something familiar that would make me think it was her. It wasn’t in this case. Maybe it wasn’t the fact that she doesn’t appear much but because I wasn’t listening close enough. The rest of the casts are Maaya Uchida as Hiyori (Rikka in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Asami Imai as Mayu (Noire in Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation) and Toru Ookawa as Tenjin (Saazbaum in Aldnoah.Zero). The opening theme is a rock outfit, Goya No Machiawase by Hello Sleepwalkers. Sounds rather okay but nothing that special. The ending theme is another rock based, Heart Realize by Tia. Also sounds okay and nothing spectacular.

We all know how desperate Yato is to get business, right? Therefore if you have anything in mind, feel free to give him a call and I am sure he’ll do it all for a dirt cheap price that no other human competitors can match with such efficiency, speed and service. Why go through the hassle of praying the traditional way at temples and shrines when there is a better and faster way to fix it? Need somebody to do your homework while you play your video games? Call Yato. Want to break up with your lover but don’t have the guts to say it in his/her face? Call Yato. Want to get more porn material for your fapping desire? Call Yato. This guy gets it done without complaining. Except putting your soul back together he can’t guarantee that. Suddenly I now know what he meant by let our fates intertwined. Me, stuck with this cheap idiotic stray god in a jersey (now with a poop logo)? I’ll give it a pass even if you pay me a million dollars to be with his friend. Some things are not worth the money.

So many girls, so little time. I guess from the previous seasons, I have come to expect what this series is going to be about. However no matter how interesting and successful a formula is, it will eventually get old and boring. And though I wouldn’t find the act of Keima trying to conquer more girls to free their Loose Souls to be boring yet, let’s say that this fourth instalment (if you consider the double OVA episodes as the third season) very much shifts away from that formula. The World God Only Knows – Goddesses Arc, as the second title implies, it is more than just Keima trying to conquer girls. Heck, there aren’t any new girls to conquer. Without giving away too much, let’s just say that Keima now needs to re-conquer some of the girls he conquered. Woah. Wait a minute. Is that like trying to revisit and redo the conquest again? In a way, yes. Don’t jump the gun yet thinking that they are ripping us off with this God of Capturing having to revisit old flames again. There is more to it than meets the eye. Hey. The girls he conquered shouldn’t have memories of him so they wouldn’t really remember him, right? Right? Or not. What happens when that girl do retain memories of that conquest that led to their first kiss? It’s something Keima requires and needs all the galge experience to pull off. Because it’s not just them at stake. The world will be in danger if Keima doesn’t have them love him again. Complicated? That’s why we always stick to games when it comes to this, no?

Episode 1
Keima narrates his love for dating games and 2D girls and why 3D can’t be like them. Also the narration of the story so far and some of the girls he has conquered while we were not watching. They include Yui Goidou whom he swapped bodies with and learnt what it’s like to be a girl; Akari Kurakawa the mad scientist who disappeared without a trace; and Tsukiyo Kujou who loves everything beautiful that she turned into the size of a doll just to be beautiful. He has conquered a total of 14 girls. And now that Elsie is calling him for another conquest, he has to save his games and head out for his real life conquest. Meanwhile after a hard day’s work as an idol, Kanon requests some time to study but is shocked to see that alter ego of hers again, Apollo. But lively Apollo claims she is a goddess who could bless her and feels her powers are returning gradually. Kanon of course thinks she is so tired that she is seeing things. When Keima and Elsie go to school, they bump into Tenri who transforms into Diana. Noticing her halo on her head, she explains she is a goddess from Heaven. When there are demons, there are goddesses too, right? What does Diana want? Keima to marry Tenri! As Loose Souls feed on negative energy and goddesses require love to grow, she wants him to make Tenri happy so that her power will return. You think he’ll do that? Kanon returns to school since it’s the test and she is garnering everyone’s attention. However she is only focused on Keima who is pretty much focused on his galge at hand. Yes, he doesn’t give a damn about the test. In the toilet she tries to talk to Apollo about Keima but the latter knows she likes him, causing her to blush. She insists she isn’t in love with Keima. Really? Kanon with tsundere potential? But she seems to be remembering bits of pieces of being with Keima.

Diana waits outside school just to remind Keima to be closer with Tenri. He asks if her presence has something to do with the Loose Soul troubles they’re having. Apparently yes. The soul cycle involves Earth, Heaven and Hell. When people on Earth die, their soul goes to Hell to be purified before being sent to Heaven for restoration. But the ancient demons of Hell known as Weiss tried to corrupt humans to increase their power and rule all 3 worlds by decimating Heaven and turning Earth into a graveyard for souls. Of course the modern demons opposed it. Along with the goddesses, they banished Weiss who were once gods from Heaven. The goddesses who banished them were the Jupiter Sisters which Diana is part of. But the seal has been broken bringing the goddesses and Weiss back to Earth. As she wants to see her other sisters and forces Keima to help find them, she also explains to co-existence of goddesses and Loose Souls and by this logic, her sisters may reside in the girls that he has conquered. Keima doesn’t want to waste time looking for a needle in a haystack but she says there is a clue. If that girl houses a goddess, she will remember everything as their memories can complement the girl’s. Looks like he has to check it out. Meanwhile Apollo warns Kanon that she feels somebody is watching them. Kanon narrowly escapes being attacked and in her fear she thinks it’s only a figment of her imagination. Next day as she is taking the test, she sees her attacker and the first thing she did was to run up to Keima and hug him! She is the only one she can rely on. Imagine the scandal this will cause if this popular idol is seen hanging out with the dweeb. Oh wait, they’re already being seen. This is more interesting than the test, no? Keima confirms that she remembers everything, including the kiss. She then confesses she loves him. See? What did I tell you this is more interesting than the test. Keima takes her hand and run but Apollo materializes. She doesn’t need his help and goes off alone, leaving him stunned that a goddess resides in her. While trying to find a place to hide, she is attacked by the perpetrator whom he believes is an agent of Hell. She is stabbed and the purpose of the attack is because as long as the sisters are around, Hell can never be revived back to its glorious days.

Episode 2
Before Apollo gets trapped, she lets loose an insignia which serves as a warning to her sisters. The perpetrator wants to finish the job but Keima’s teacher, Nikaidou is there watching. Keima and Elsie are shock to see Kanon unconscious. They bring her back as Haqua tries to heal her. Elsie is reduced to a cry-baby and it’s surprising to see Keima very worried. He’s never looked like this before unless it has something to do with his galges. Haqua fails to do anything about the knife stabbed in Kanon as it is laced with forbidden ancient demon magic. There is a Vintage mark on it indicating this cult only knows how to use this strong magic. Thanks to the goddess’ power, Kanon is kept alive otherwise normal humans would have died. But there is a limit. Only a week till Kanon dies. Keima is serious in wanting to save Kanon. Therefore he wants all the information he can get. As Diana’s power alone is insufficient to extract the magic, Keima thinks with the combined help of her other sisters, there is a chance. There are 6 sisters in total. Diana will go into hiding and doesn’t want to be contacted unnecessarily. What is the next step? Idol training for Elsie. Say what? This is to replace Kanon. Thanks to the magic disguise, she fooled everyone. This means Haqua becomes Elsie. I guess Keima needs a competent assistant. He’s serious. Next, Keima makes a prank call to his mom that her husband is in trouble so she leaves immediately for South America. Hey wait. I thought she loathes her husband? Anyway with her out of the house for weeks, Keima will be able to focus better. Thanks to Kanon’s confession, this makes it easier for Keima to search. It is already said the goddesses could be housed in any of the females he conquered. If that girl still remembers him, she will still be mad due to the confession. And here comes Chihiro pouring hot coffee over his head! Her hand slipped? Suspect #1. In class, Ayumi kicks Keima so hard that his mark is left on the wall. See? So fast we’ve got suspect #2. Keima goes around talking to the rest of the conquest and has narrowed down the list. He feels those who are hosting the goddess are closer to him and in the same grade as others like Mio and Kusunoki totally have no recollection. He narrows down the suspects to 5: Chihiro, Ayumi, Tsukiyo, Shiori and Yui. The assumptions he makes might be far-fetched but he has to work on all the information he has right now. He is so serious that he decides to stop being God. Now he will be the devil.

The plan now is to awaken the goddesses’ power and that is to fuel it with love. Since the girls are feeling down after the Kanon rumours, the goddesses’ power lay dormant. He needs to make them fall in love with him again and conquer them all at the same time. Impossible? Remember how he plays his galges simultaneously? First he goes up to Ayumi to apologize and confess he is the only one for her. But she kicks him and runs away. Suspicious? Next, he does the same to Chihiro but she ignores him and walks away, though there is a hint of anger seen in her. At the lab, he encounters Tsukiyo who doesn’t recognize him. Keima is suspicious because this might be her way of being mad. He continues being persistent by being by her side at the rooftop. Suddenly Ayumi walks in so he pushes Tsukiyo to hide. A love triangle at this point will be difficult. But Tsukiyo elbows him and runs away, telling him she doesn’t want to see his face. Instantly Keima knows she remembers everything because that is not what a stranger would say. As for Shiori at the library, the sight of him has her hiding her face behind her book, not wanting to make eye contact. Obviously. The question is whether she still loves him or not. Keima gets a surprised when Yui wants to know him. She is dressed as a boy due to the lingering effects of the last conquest when they swapped bodies. Keima is certain she doesn’t remember but she pulls him to lie on her lap and she wants to know him better. Yui confesses she likes him and doesn’t care about the Kanon rumours! How odd! How does it feel to be confessed now? Haqua didn’t like this unholy act and kicks Keima in the head. Maybe next time, Yui. That night, Chihiro calls Elsie but Keima picks it up. He feigns that Elsie wants to walk with her home after class. This is part of his plan for the next stage as the stage for searching for hosts is done.

Episode 3
Keima explains the basics 101 of walking home with a girl after school. Yeah. Look at that tight schedule. He’s a dating pro, remember? With Haqua keeping her 2B Pencils band mates Chihiro, Ayumi, Yui and Miyako at practice session, Keima tries to deal with Tsukiyo first. She is persistent in not acknowledging him. After playing the fundamental 3Fs (Follow, Fool and Finisher), he manages to get her permission to see her in her astronomy lab on Sunday. I guess Haqua was too good in practice so it ends early. She couldn’t stop Ayumi and Yui from leaving. Keima rushes back but trips. He sees Yui entering her limo. I guess his schedule is screwed up now. Since Ayumi and Miyako are there, he puts her his next priority. However Miyako seems to be like a third wheel, especially bringing up that Kanon rumour which doesn’t sit well with Ayumi. He is about to ignore Miyako and confess to Ayumi but spots Chihiro and Haqua walking nearby. After entering a building and taking recovering steps, Keima finally nails it to Ayumi. He doesn’t care what she says, he will continue to be with her. This left her stunned. Haqua takes over as Keima goes to be with Chihiro now. He accompanies her at the music store. He compliments the song that she wrote but she gets embarrassed and leaves. Next up is Shiori. This should be easy as she is alone in the closed library. Haqua distracts her so that Keima could browse through her notebook. To his surprise, she wrote some sci-fi story and herself as the protagonist so much different than in real life. Is this the real her? Total opposite. Oh, there is this guy in the story that resembles Keima. It’s him.

The story is very much like the conquest they had, only their roles reversed. This confirms Shiori remembers. But when the scene is about to get to the kissing part, several blank pages later, suddenly Keima dies and Shiori didn’t feel sad or anything! Hmm… Must be the Kanon rumour. Shiori is embarrassed to see Keima read her story. He has made some amendments that he lives but Shiori rewrites them again. The story relay goes on with Shiori having him dead and he revives himself. Till Keima finally writes he wants to be with her even more that she gets embarrassed and runs away. That’s it for today. Outside, he spots Yui trying to peek into the library. She saw him when she was in the limo and came back. Because Yui is being proactive in wanting to date Keima, he tries to take control of the situation and be the one who leads. Yui has been observing Keima and knows he puts up the same expression with Chihiro and Ayumi. Trying to be a Playboy? She gives him a present which turns out to be a girl’s school uniform. It’ll be troublesome if people see 2 ‘guys’ dating, right? Yui isn’t going to wear it. She wants to teach him the true meaning of love. Thanks to Shiori’s exit as distraction, Keima makes his escape. He certainly had enough for today. Next day, Keima is about to leave home for his dates but Nora is at the door. She has a message for Elsie. Keima becomes a retard and suck up to Nora so he could squeeze information out from her. Since the bureau of Hell has given new orders to find the goddesses hiding on Earth. Keima wants Haqua to remain here and be on good terms with Nora to extract as much information as possible. Also, don’t let her find out about Kanon. He is going out to the library now. He needs to move fast because the days are counting down and Kanon has not much time left.

Episode 4
Haqua couldn’t stop Nora from leaving. Because the miasma from Kanon is seeping out badly, she goes to check on her. Nora finds out about this. It was just a decoy so that Haqua could lead her to it. She forces Haqua to explain what’s going on. Keima is at the library and seems he has the permission to read Shiori’s story. Now it’s some medieval fantasy? He scores it right when she allows him to read the rest of the story. After she leaves, the library turns dark and the shelves and books attack him. When he prepares to take the attack, it stops. Realizing the culprit doesn’t want him dead, he deduces it can’t be Vintage or a demon. He sees Tsukiyo’s doll, Luna. This confirms that the Jupiter Sister, Vulcanus resides in Tsukiyo. She wants Keima to stop seeing Tsukiyo. She doesn’t want a filthy animal to be with her beautiful Tsukiyo. Not after he is seen trying to two-time her with that librarian. Luna tries to get the paper proof of their fling but it was just a distraction so Keima could run out to the rooftop where he finds Vulcanus. She explains she has a weak body and poor senses but the ability to put her soul into objects and control them. Keima wants to talk to Tsukiyo and he has his chance. He understands she is mad because he never came to see her as promised. She remembered everything from the conquest after all. Keima continues to be persistent and try to worm his way into Tsukiyo’s heart despite all the benches Luna threw at him. Tsukiyo mentions she was happy being alone till he showed up. Keima instantly hugs her but was punched in the face when he mentions that fate crap. But he hasn’t given up yet. He wants to kiss. It will solve everything. After getting pounded even more, he doesn’t care what punishments he will receive. He needs her to love him a little longer so that he could protect her. The world is filled with beautiful things and to find them together. That was enough to convince Tsukiyo to stop Luna from attacking. However Luna lost control of her power and slams a bench on his head. Ouch. Tsukiyo believes in him and kisses his cheek. Angelic sprouts out from her back.

When Haqua mentions that the Loose Souls squad won’t prevent ancient Hell from being revived, Nora mentions that Vintage may have planted agents in the squad. Who do you think the orders came from? Keima and Vulcanus return home. However Diana is bothered. Vulcanus’ wings are proof that her power has returned. This means Keima must have done some special act of love with her, right? You jealous? Plus, Vulcanus has Keima carry her and even tells him not to speak to other woman even if they are her sisters. Can we cut the chatter and save Kanon first? Vulcanus and Diana combine their power take out the knife and remove the curse. However Kanon is not waking up and is seen ‘submerged’ in water. The goddesses note it is a desperation act from Apollo to protect herself. They can’t do it and only Apollo herself must recover her power. They think their other sister Mercurius would know what to do but Keima is not happy because this might lead to a wild goose chase. Like in those RPG games, huh? Nora thinks of reporting this to get a medal but Keima makes a deal with her to hide this information for a week. Later, Haqua apologizes to Keima for being useless. She was the top of her class and she failed. Keima is okay with it but she isn’t. Diana interrupts them and wants Keima to kiss her. Then she hugs him and pushes him away. So want to kiss or not? She feels guilty that she might be the cause why her wings couldn’t spread. Tenri has loved him for 10 years and yet she her powers didn’t recover as fast as Vulcanus. She realizes it’s her fault for thinking Keima as a perverted animal. She will try to be good to him now and wants to engage in the ritual of love. Not so fast. Because now it’s Haqua’s turn to interrupt. Can they argue somewhere else instead of stepping all over him? Keima apologizes to Diana. It is his fault that she hasn’t recovered her power yet. We might not see the act of love they did but we see how satisfied and happy Tenri was and the wings that sprout from her back.

Episode 5
Keima wants Vulcanus to go home first while he finds the other goddesses. This is to minimize the risk of being attacked by Vintage. He gives her a tag made by Haqua. It’s like some sort of distress signal when she tears it off. Vulcanus leaves so Tsukiyo can lead a normal life but she’s still wary of Keima’s womanizing ways. Later Yui is seen outside Keima’s house but he ‘chases’ her away that he doesn’t like persistent people. He now shifts his priority to conquer her. He thinks a goddess is controlling her because her personality is different. Yui used to be an obedient rich girl. He needs a major event that Yui won’t expect. At school, Yui spots a lovely girl and goes after her. Could it be… COULD IT BE!!! OMG! It’s Keima cross-dressed! He really did it, huh? Yui is happy. This is part of Keima’s plan to be the heroine and be conquered as if he tries to be the hero, it won’t go anywhere. He has conquered many 2D girls so he knows all the different routes to play. Keima continues to act like a shy girl hanging out with her. Then he surprises her by asking to go out on a date. This causes Yui to fluster and run away. She’ll think about it. Wasn’t she the one who was bugging him for a date? Keima explains that this is the real Yui and not the goddess. Because in their previous conquest, they switched bodies, he is trying to invoke her memories of the time spent in her body. While Yui is trying to calm herself down in the toilet, suddenly the Jupiter Sister, Mars awakens from her slumber. Think you’re seeing things? Yui can’t be bothered to entertain this goddess of war as she needs to think about the date with Keima. And so she meets Keima at the park and even brings along an appropriate dress for him to wear. A butler and his milady? Keima also cooks for her but it sucks. On purpose. Because she has been accustomed to good rich food and won’t be surprised. She likes his home cooking. As she goes to buy drinks, Mars talks to her and decides to support her in her battle of love. Several punks try to hit on Keima. Seriously. They’ve got such a bad taste. Yui tells them to go away and unwittingly just the slightest touch, she sends one of them flying. Keima thanks her and she hugs him.

Next, they enter a castle attraction where they dress up as a prince and princess and go through floors in some adventure. Along the way they got separated so Yui looks for him. In a room, she sees a hooded character holding unconscious Keima hostage. She wants her to reveal the other goddesses or say goodbye to Keima’s life. Yui tries to push the evil character away but the mere touch repels her. It is then Mars materializes and she shreds the hooded person’s clothes into bits. It’s Haqua! Close to naked! Before she runs away in shame, she beats up Keima and will get back to him for this. Seems this is part of his plan to use a fake crisis to invoke Mars. At least it’s better than a real crisis. Keima continues his act that he doesn’t like being saved by a heroine. Yui replies that it’s a girl’s job to protect weak boys. They kiss and her wings sprout. While Yui is a very happy girl (or guy, depending how you look at it), Mars wants to fight and defeat Weiss. Keima tells her that her powers are not as strong as they used to and to take the tag. Mars agrees to restrain herself and be on their best behaviour. Till then. On their way back, just when Keima is talking about a real attack from Vintage, he almost gets devoured by a giant eel! Look who is back? Elsie! I totally forgot about her. Something about her stage show being cancelled so she’s back to cook dinner. I guess Keima doesn’t even want to taste it. Not even treating her nicely after she’s gone for 5 days? Besides, he tells it to her bluntly that it’s because of her absence that he manages to find 3 more goddesses. True, isn’t? It shows how useless she is…

Episode 6
Shiori recently recognizes this beast that is possessing her: Love. She is confused about Keima. From looks of it, he’s a jerk, pervert and cross-dresser and the worst part is that she shared her first kiss with him. To top that, he broke his promise and never came back to read her work. Shiori thought she saw Minerva (one of the Jupiter Sisters) but this led her to Keima sitting in the library. He’s cross-dressed… How she wishes the god of romantic encounters would just die… She is surprised that he is here to read her story so she lets him stay. He thought he was boring her why he is cross-dressing so she suggests talking and telling more about himself. He wants to do that as they walk home. She hopes he will come tomorrow as she wants to write a story of him being the protagonist. Of course this is part of Keima’s plan. He calculated she has trouble finishing her stories because she lacks confidence in her material. Once she does, her affection level will be maximum. However come next day, she hasn’t even wrote a single word! Thus Keima is forced to stay with her till she writes one as the deadline is tomorrow. This is the only way because she might try to escape otherwise. While Keima waits by her side, Shiori starts thinking what she wants to write. Sci-fi again? Let the universe be in peace. How about Keima? How much does she know about him? She tries to find inspiration from other books but got tempted and wasted time. So much so, the Keima in her imagination starts questioning her if she’s going to write. She is after all the author. She even wonders if everything and that kiss was just a figment of her imagination.

Just when her confidence is low, the real Keima tells her she has to ability to write stories. Stop thinking. Start writing. There are many different stories in the world but he is only interested in hers. Write about yourself. A girl who loves books and lives in a library. That’s the story he wants to read. Shiori thinks that would be boring and slightly got distracted by Minerva. When she turns back, Keima is gone. It made her realize that time when Keima kissed her was real. Then she picks up her pen. She narrates her story. The books she read this week, some fun, some boring, etc. She also talks about her library committee friends and the role of books to others. In the end, she wrote “I love you, Keima”. Of course he read that and for that short period, Shiori transforms into Minerva. The loli sister flusters about talking to stranger. When Shiori is back, she is embarrassed to know he has read it. She tries to take her writings back but Keima grabs hold of her. He says their story isn’t over and pecks her on her cheek. Then he gives her a tag as a ‘present’ to wear. The clincher that has her heart fluster is when he says he wants to see her every day. She is left speechless. After he leaves, she sees Minerva but still couldn’t believe that loli before her eyes. As we see wings sprout from her back, Shiori has found her little confidence today because she has found her voice.

Episode 7
Elsie is doing a fine job impersonating Kanon but in between she just slacks. As for Keima, he has been hit with a flu. It gets worse when Nora sends her buddy Ryou to watch over him. Keima starts his sick event by calling Ayumi so that she would visit him. Not wanting Chihiro to clash at the same time, he tells her reasons not to come. True enough, Ayumi visits him and she sees Keima sprawled on the floor. He really acts sick too so Ayumi has no choice but to put him back in his room. His plan to max her affections for him with some close encounters is working well till Chihiro shows up at the door. It doesn’t help when stupid Ryou ushers her in. Well, he was told to inform him of any girls coming, right? Keima can’t let both friends see each other or else it will be bad ending. He forces Ayumi to hide under the blanket. Ayumi’s only breather is when Chihiro leaves the room to get something but even so, the affection level for her is dropping because despite what Keima says that Chihiro is here for Elsie, her words indicates that she is here for him. Chihiro realizes the thickness of his blanket. Was he that cold? She turns up the temperature. I think Ayumi is dying underneath. Chihiro tells him she has completed the song but without the lyrics yet. Keima wants her to play her song in hopes to increase her affection level despite knowing he’ll lose some of Ayumi’s. He is impressed with it. Happy with his answer, she leaves. By that time, Ayumi is close to passing out and her clothes drench in sweat. She beats him up for being a pervert. Just when Keima is going to nail the clincher with Ayumi, Chihiro returns but stops short outside his door. She confesses she likes him. Keima is taken aback but pretends not to hear. Because he can’t let Ayumi leave so soon, he fakes pain (because she beat him up) to make her stay. Later he excuses himself to the toilet. He has miscalculated Chihiro’s affection level and to further complicated things, they’re both close friends. His only option is to choose one and go all in. He decides to stick with Chihiro and calls her but she isn’t picking up. It’s because Ayumi calls her and heard about rumours she confessed to Keima. She did admit doing that so Ayumi says she has found her true love and will root for her. Keima’s feigning can’t make Ayumi stay anymore. Because if he is still in pain, she’ll get Chihiro for him. Keima couldn’t understand she isn’t angry anymore, what more mentioning Chihiro’s name. He has a bad feeling about this. Chihiro wonders if Ayumi was in the room with Keima.

Episode 8
Haqua and the rest of the Loose Souls squad are in a meeting with their bureau chief. Haqua suddenly asks about Vintage and goddesses rumour in which the chief replies that Heaven have not informed them that those residents in question are goddesses and all those in Loose Souls squad are thoroughly screened. Haqua feels she is thinking too much and puts her faith in the chief. Suddenly the Public Safety squad arrests her. Meanwhile Diana wakes up Keima to gather her sisters because she wants Apollo to perform a divination. First thing, the sisters are glad to reunite with each other but they soon end up fighting over Keima. Sister or not, when it comes to a guy… Keima brings them up to where Kanon lies and is told that they have to be careful because if they’re not, the spell will cause Kanon to become water permanently. The only option is to ask Apollo to stop the spell herself. The sisters combine their powers and Keima suddenly finds himself submerge and into a new world, a world of oracles. He sees Apollo and it seems she is busy praying as the Weiss is gaining ground. However she is fighting a losing a battle since she is only a holy maiden that can change the flow a little and has only 3 days left. Keima tells her off about there is no such thing as luck in true conquest. Kanon appears and believes in him because she was once saved by him. When Keima returns to his own world, the sisters are tired out and couldn’t believe they couldn’t summon Apollo. Keima realizes his illness is gone. Elsewhere, Haqua sits in prison and is furious she is being treated like a prisoner. Nora pays her a visit and mentions the stupid thing she did by asking that in public. She thought she wanted everyone to know and make it hard for Vintage to move around. Nora then lets her think what if Vintage had planted somebody in the higher ups. Only the chief has the authority to move the Public Safety squad, right? Nora leaves to make her own preparations. She won’t help Haqua who has no money or connection. Is Nora part of Vintage too? She lets Haqua hanging…

On the day before the cultural festival, while Ayumi is chosen to be the pageant candidate for the class, Keima thinks deep about the remaining goddess. It is clear Chihiro remembers the conquest but why would Ayumi visit him? He needs to be control in all of the flags as he can’t conquer either of them if flags he can’t anticipate are triggered. Keima puts his plan in motion by bumping into Chihiro. But to his surprise that she is the one who asks him to be her date for the campfire after he thanks her for visiting yesterday. But he needs to really confirm so he talks to Ayumi and wants to show her his move on Chihiro. Walking up to Chihiro, he mentions about something good if 2 people bring the same thing. Chihiro gives him her guitar pick. This is his plan to see how Ayumi reacts one last time. Because if she is mad after seeing Chihiro with him it means she still has some level of affection and hosting a goddess. Keima tells Ayumi he plans on kissing Chihiro today. Ayumi is calm and just tells him to be nice to her. Chihiro and Keima meet up to see the pageant. Ayumi is on stage as she sees Chihiro and Keima leave for somewhere less crowded. Keima needs to kiss Chihiro and bring out her affection level but fears Vintage might attack and thus wants to find a spot without anybody. What’s it with these people because there seems to be everybody everywhere. Even the supposed secluded spot is filled with couples! Keima is about to give up but since Chihiro really wants to find somewhere without others, the duo walk hand in hand away. Lastly, Haqua is to be punished for treason.

Episode 9
Ayumi doesn’t want to attend the after-party of the pageant. She happens to see Keima and Chihiro going up to the rooftop. Keima is acting like the shy guy just to prompt a kissing scene. At first Chihiro is reluctant but relents. She wants him to be gentle because this is her first kiss. Say what? Her first? Does this mean she doesn’t remember the conquest? Looks like she is telling the truth. And so the last goddess, Mercurius resides in Ayumi as we see. Keima thinks she can end this route and switch over to Ayumi but he wonders how he’ll explain it to her since it is Chihiro who was always taking the initiative. When Chihiro says she loves him, Keima expresses shock he didn’t know she likes him. She always made fun of him so how could he believe that she really likes him? And then she kisses him. She asks if he likes her. No. Eh? Keima says he only did this to get back at her because she always made fun of him. And you think this galge lover would fall in love with a real girl? Get real! I can feel Chihiro’s heartbreak. Ayumi who has heard everything confronts the jerk. Keima tries to switch over to Ayumi’s route but before he can say who he truly cares about, her knee reaches his gut. You’re the worst! So Keima soaks in his bathtub pondering what has happened. He doesn’t need another distracting because Diana is here and wants him to love Tenri and bring out her wings. Eh? I thought they did this already? She feels she has really fallen in love with him and that is inexcusable since he’s supposed to be Tenri’s fiancée. She believes her guilt is what’s curtailing the power of Tenri’s love. She gets desperate and undresses herself. Don’t worry, she’s in a swimsuit. However Tenri is too shy so both ladies exchange some cryptic message about being with Keima that pisses him off. He tells them to get out. He’s already feeling lousy after what he did to Chihiro. When he comes out, he sees Tenri sitting at the stairs, she performs a few magic tricks for him. She says the Keima she loves is the one always playing his games. That’s why she doesn’t want him to worry about her. She’ll find a way to bring back Diana’s wings so keep playing his games and smile. Keima smiles and thanks her.

On the day of the festival, Keima goes to see Chihiro’s band practice but nobody is around. Elsie has returned too and I guess all that celebrity treatment has her talking like one. Then it hit Keima. He never realized his school’s emblem was a goddess. He has Elsie take him to the theatre, which is the oldest building in the school. The hole he dug 10 years ago with Tenri is gone. Then he has her take him to the seaside. That hole in the cave is gone too and it looks like somebody sealed it off rather than being covered up naturally. Noticing pointy rocks in the sea, now he has Elsie turn them invisible to go behind it. He notices the strange wave formation and dives in. They are surprise to see an opening inside. Even shocking is something ominous. Like as though a big bad experiment is going on. Elsie’s alarm goes off so Keima tells her to fly and get away from here as far as possible. Unknown to them, Nikaidou and Limuel are watching them. It seems they removed the barrier just for them without letting the occupants inside the rock know. Because if the duo are captured, they’ll be at a disadvantage. Back at school, Elsie mentions that egg-like things are mature Loose Souls and the black figures belong to Vintage. Raising a Loose Soul without a host? Keima then makes the connection. Their goddess emblem. The hexagon shape of the emblem. The sealed passageway. An operation beneath a huge rock. Something big is about to happen here. What does it mean? It means it has nothing to do with him! He wasted time on an empty route?! What if the Loose Souls get out? That’s Elsie’s job, right? I’m sure she can handle it. Because right now all he has to do is proceed with the conquest. Keima confronts Ayumi.

Episode 10
Ayumi acts first. A kick in the gut. This doesn’t deter Keima. Now he becomes the cafe master of his class because Ayumi is the waitress. He tries to sweet talk her and it could have worked if Chihiro had not come into the scene. She sees how close they are. Although Ayumi warns Keima never to talk to her again, he continues so as not to give her time to think. Chihiro swaps shift with Ayumi. She mentions about being rejected by Keima. Although she was serious, I guess things weren’t right. She hopes Ayumi would stop talking about her to Keima. Meanwhile, Lune, a member of Vintage is down at the festival downs preparing to go on a goddess hunt. She tags Ayumi. Keima is looking for Ayumi but bumps into Chihiro. Then he tells her straight. Any route he chooses to conquer Ayumi, Chihiro will be in the way. He wants her to form an alliance and cooperate with him. Slap! Still persistent? Face kick! Chihiro beats Keima to talk to Ayumi. The latter wanted to apologize she was never rooting for her. Because when Keima broke her heart, all she could think of was him. Keima tries to interrupt the conversation when his tag rings. Vintage members surround and capture them. Not only them. All other goddess hosts have been rounded up. Thankfully here comes Haqua to rescue Keima and the girls. She looks more power up and badass. Flashback reveals she was secretly smuggled out from Hell by the chief. Her dismissal and punishment announcement is so that Vintage won’t act and kill her. Chief explains a battle between good and evil in Hell long ago. It made the place uninhabitable. When new Hell was constructed, nothing below the surface changed. It’s time to end it. She gives Haqua the Scythe of Testament that was only given to nobles. Because she is no longer part of Loose Souls squad, she operates outside the law, she is the only one who can save new Hell. Chief wants her to save Earth and protect the goddesses.

Haqua easily dispatches the Vintage minions with her new speed and agility. When things are okay, Keima wants Haqua to play along that they are part of some film club doing some acting and special effects. At least they believed it. Haqua explains that Vintage hacked into her data to obtain information on the goddesses. Keima tries to call the other goddesses but none picks up. Haqua also lets him know that all of the goddesses have been attacked. However they don’t know which one is hosting the goddesses so they capture all the girls Keima has conquered. Ayumi leaves the scene but Keima allows her since this is crucial to her conquest. He wants Haqua to protect her without her noticing. But who will protect Keima? Nora offers to help not because she wants to because she doesn’t like Vintage messing around in her area. Keima has Nora watch Ayumi while Haqua to protect him and drags Chihiro back to his home. They notice Kanon/Apollo has been taken too but not ever goddess has been taken yet. Here comes Diana. She saw strange figures abducting Kanon and lay low. Tenri was spared because Nora was the one who captured her Loose Soul (from the last OVAs) so she isn’t a suspect. Keima makes a quick call to Elsie and seems the airhead is doing fine. Less one thing to worry. Haqua has done her research before returning to Earth. Seems Vintage wants to revive ancient Hell. They are going to use that rock as a portal to open and release all the Weiss here. Beyond that rock also exists a space-time gap that separates Earth and Hell. There also sits East Greda Fortress, the seal the goddesses placed. Vintage intends to abandon that barren world and replace Earth as their Hell. And tomorrow they’ll put their plan in action. Gee, that’s not much time left, isn’t it? Haqua and Diana want to play heroine and stop it but Keima says no. Because nobody will be able to stop it if war breaks out. They can’t let this turn into a war. The only option left is to conquer Ayumi and bring all the goddesses together. Because Vintage would have killed them had they interfere but they did not and tried to capture them. This means they still have a chance. Keima hears Chihiro eavesdropping outside. She wonders what they are going to do with Ayumi. Just in time. Chihiro gets a call from Ayumi. Keima picks it up and says he will confess his love to her. Then he has Diana guard the house, Haqua follow him and Chihiro once more being dragged along.

Episode 11
Lune’s superior doesn’t want the goddesses to be killed but it seems she’s not interested in listening to their order. Keima meets Ayumi when she is bathing. It’s going to be hard to sweet talk her but you won’t know if you don’t try. In addition to being splashed hot water, he gets punched because somehow he got her panties. Don’t ask. He wants her to meet her at the river to tell her something. Please come. If you want your panties back. As he waits, Haqua explains to Chihiro about Vintage and why Keima is targeting Ayumi. Ayumi arrives and there are some close moments. However they have to move because Vintage is heading their way. Wherever they go, Vintage is around. They’ve swarmed the area. Keima does a good job in distracting Ayumi while Haqua fends them off. While resting outside the convenience store, they come into contact with Lune. She is about to follow them but Nora cuts in between to introduce herself. Lune flies away. As being out in the open is too risky, their only way is to take shelter indoors but Keima doesn’t want his confession ruined in a building. Can’t be picky, can’t we? So they end up in Miyako’s home nearby. Keima wants to know what Chihiro is up to because he needs only 5 minutes and a big event to end this. He doesn’t need such detours. Chihiro doesn’t want Keima to treat this like a game. Though she is still sore over her rejection and heard everything from Haqua, she will help him to make it up to him. Chihiro tries to talk in a way to let Ayumi have Keima but it is only making it worse by making her feel guilty. When Miyako suggests trying out their band uniform, Chihiro gets to speak to Ayumi privately. Asking if she really likes Keima, then she replays the recording of what Keima said about the detours and such. She warns Keima is a liar and is playing a game to seduce her by tonight. Keima is not pleased she ruined his plan. Now you can see him try to talk his way out of this. When Chihiro says only idiots like them are only fooled by this scumbag, Ayumi gives Keima a hard slap for the lies and runs away. Miyako forces Keima and Chihiro to clean up before leaving. It is then Chihiro tells him that if he truly wants Ayumi’s heart, he must truly love her because she is an honest person and is confused right now.

Nikaidou talks to Limuel about how they were pretending to guard Elsie as the fake Kanon to draw Vintage’s attention away from the real one. Seems they have realized it last minute and now many of the goddesses have fallen into their hands. It’s all up to Keima now. Haqua wonders why Chihiro ruined everything. Actually she wanted to destroy the love triangle between them. With that, Chihiro is out of the picture and now it boils down to just them. Keima realized it right away because she did not mention about Haqua or Vintage. Suddenly Keima appears before Ayumi on a white horse! Is this a joke? The real world means nothing to him. He lives in the ideal world and refuses to be someone he is not. He will only show her his perfect side. Ayumi throws down the ultimatum. If he is serious about her, he should marry her. Can’t do it? He will but there are certain criteria to fulfil like being childhood friends, proposal and a kiss. Since they don’t have the childhood friends part, Keima accuses her of not being serious. Oh, she’ll show him that she’s serious. She drags him home to introduce him to her parents! Shocking to find your daughter suddenly bring home a man? He’ll have it no other way so Keima gives her a wedding gown and confesses she loves her. However she isn’t convinced since he sounds insincere. He repeats his lines. She beats him up. Her dumbfounded parents decide to go back to sleep. Yeah. Maybe they’ll wake up thinking this is just a dream. This cycle goes on for 10 minutes till Ayumi confesses to him. That is how a sincere confession is done. Then she rushes out because if they’re going to get married, it has to be a romantic place, right? Nora warns Haqua that Vintage is closing in but gets stabbed. However as pointed out by Ryou, it is only a decoy. As instructed by Nora, he has been placing many decoys around the place and the real Nora is closely watching over Ayumi. They are given veils to hide themselves. Suddenly Lune appears before them. Haqua will take care of her so Keima and Chihiro can go to Ayumi.

Episode 12
It’s a close between Haqua and Lune with the latter being a sadistic maniac. Chihiro wonders why Keima doesn’t just tell Ayumi the truth because that’s all it takes. He realizes that this might be what they devised and the reason Ayumi is being aggressive. Keima meets Ayumi on the ship at the seaside park. He says he has given up and will tell her everything. However there is a condition. She can only asks a question and the rest will have to wait. So what’s her first question? Does he love her? No. That was straight up. Does this mean he has been lying to her? That’s a second question. Ayumi beats him up and knows he has a reason to do all this. She’ll do her best to help him but he refuses. He is not doing this so people could love him as he is only trying to reach an ending. He won’t let anyone take responsibility of this gamer’s love. He then tells Ayumi he loves her. They proceed with the wedding but Ayumi doesn’t want to exchange vows because anything he says can’t be trusted. Right? However she trusts his feelings. She decided to do so if he came here. He doesn’t want her to take such conquests lightly so she hits back that she doesn’t want others to manipulate her feelings. She is the one to decide to fall in love with him. As she kisses him, her angelic wings sprout. Just in time. Because Vintage surrounds the area. Diana swoops down and grabs sleepy Mercurius from Keima’s arms to complete their mission. Looks like Tenri told her about the kiss so I suppose that’s why Diana has such large wings now. So it was all just in her head? Limuel and the rest of the Loose Souls squad pop up to fight the Vintage menace and take control of the situation. It’s time to regain their pride. Keima is surprised to see her because she is Akari. Well, the next part feels cheap because it feels fast forwarded. How the Loose Souls squad tear up the place inside the rock, destroy that hideous creature awakening, rescue the unconscious girls, awakened the goddesses who in turn free Apollo before sealing off the entire rock. I guess that part wasn’t so important, huh?

Because the more important pat now is Keima and Chihiro. To them, their part is over. She follows him home because she left her guitar back at his place. She’s got the concert gig for the festival. Seems the both of them have this reserved feelings on what they want to say to each other. Even their goodbye doesn’t sound convincing. Or at least it sounded sad to me. She wonders why he would date her. Was there something inside her too? No there wasn’t. She is ‘relieved’ because she wouldn’t want to end up in such a mess. Doesn’t sound so relief to say that. As for Haqua and Lune’s match, it ended in a draw. Lune senses her Vintage going down so she decides to call it quits and praises Haqua for putting up a good fight. At the band concert, only Chihiro and Miyako turn up. They’re going to go on with the show anyway. But in the last minute, Ayumi, Yui and Elsie turn up. Chihiro asks Ayumi on what she did. Whatever it was, she decided by her herself. When the band is a whole, Chihiro even advises the audience to tell them how they feel if they like someone. From experience, I guess. To her surprise, Kanon comes on stage. As thanks for helping out, she wants to sing with her. The performance goes on. But the most intriguing part is we see Keima moping alone. He regrets saying that heartbreaking line to Chihiro! That was not what he meant to say! OMG!  What does this mean?! His feelings for her were true?! Elsie narrates the aftermath.  All Vintage members are rounded up and their plan to revive ancient Hell is halted. The irony is that Nora is promoted to a section chief for helping defeating Vintage but since Haqua was ‘fired’ from the squad, she didn’t get anything. Not fair! As for Keima, he is back to normal playing his galge. But… Why the gloomy face? Why not happy seeing his 2D girls? He shuts down his games and heads outside…

Everybody Loves Keima!
This has been a very interesting season so far and it was really fascinating to see Keima weave his charming magic to conquer the girls once more. Therefore even if the girls are of those he has conquered (despite Tsukiyo and Yui being ‘new’ additions at least in terms of this anime), it doesn’t feel boring but as fresh as how he performed his conquest the way he does best. As this season is entirely focused on the goddesses’ arc, ironically it is Keima who is the one as the main focus. The first half of this season shows Keima identifying and conquering the goddesses with the remaining half dedicated to conquering the final goddess, Mercurius, who in turn doesn’t feel like anything important due to her lack of appearance and impact in the series. Therefore I find it ironic that the second half of this season to be mainly Keima-Chihiro-Ayumi affair because with Ayumi being the last host of the Jupiter Sisters, she was the first girl in the series that he conquered. And the first shall be the last? I am not sure if Keima has to continue help Elsie free more Loose Souls but the ending left me boggled. The part how Vintage was easily taken down wasn’t the one that felt cheap. I could accept it because after all, this series is about Keima and his conquest, right? You don’t need to see the goddesses doing their job and the rest of modern Hell coming back to kick ass. We all know that is going to happen anyway.

It is the part about Keima’s feelings. I am really curious to know if his true feelings were for Chihiro. From his body reactions in the last few scenes, I would definitely say that he does like her. Considering so, this means he has greatly shifted from his love of his thousands of 2D girls for a single real woman! That is an unbelievable change! And perhaps when Keima rejected Chihiro, maybe he was just putting up an act just for the sake of the conquest. So when his conquest with Ayumi ended, he just realized what he lost. Has he? I don’t know. I need another season to confirm this! Besides, Keima was absolutely different this season. I’m not talking about his suave conquest personality but his general personality as a human. Because you see him worry and take responsibility in something other than his galge. When he first put up such expression when Kanon was in danger, it made me think if this is the same guy I knew from the previous season. He takes on the responsibility to bring back the goddesses with his love. Partly because if ancient Hell takes over Earth, there won’t be time and place for his galges, right? Even if this is some speculated answer I come up with, it doesn’t feel that Keima is doing it for this reason. He genuinely wants to end this. It also got me thinking why he is so serious in taking up this conquest. Was it because when Kanon truly confessed to him, it hit him the impact of what being in true love really means? The clincher was when Chihiro confessed to him outside his door. So that’s why if it’s really Keima x Chihiro, I would never really see it coming. Also, he wasn’t so obsessed with his galges this time round as he is busy trying to re-conquer the girls. So when he started playing them in the end, I just felt it was odd since Keima has been gone so long without stuffing his face with his handheld. See? It proves he can survive without it, no?

It is still fun to watch Keima using her charm and suave lines to conquer the girl and even though sometimes it just feels cheesy and his acting was just pushing it (a nerd who only gives attention to his galges suddenly acts so shy in front of you like as though he wants to tell you something deep from his heart?), it proves that he hasn’t lost his touch. Furthermore, it shows that the girls are just normal high school girls. Every girl in a way wants to hear some guy sweet talk or say those cheesy romantic stuffs despite knowing this guy is a big dweeb. Or in the case for many of the girls in this series, they are just acting tsundere. They want the guy to take the lead. Because deep down inside them, they already know they like Keima in one way or another so it is just up to him to push the right buttons and make it convincing.

I don’t know if this is a good thing to say because with Elsie being out of the picture for the important parts, this allows Keima to do his job more efficiently. I know Elsie is not that useless but my perception from her from the past seasons is that she is some useless moe blob who only knows how to whine a lot to her kami-nii-sama. And he is the one who gets the job done. It’s like she doesn’t matter in this season. So by impersonating as Kanon, at least we see her do a decent job to fool others (hah, true Kanon fans can’t even tell her apart? What a shame to be called so). Therefore there was no love lost for me when Elsie wasn’t in the important parts. With Elsie’s part being replaced by Haqua, at least she shows some competence and a fresh change as Keima’s partner. Hmm… She isn’t as tsundere as I thought she would from her first appearance back in the second season. When the world is at stake, there are more important things to consider than your pride. I also thought that because Kanon got her own spin-off OVA prior to this season, it is the reason why she made limited appearances in this season and only reduced to an unconscious idol covered in water. You can’t have the limelight focus on you all the time, can’t you?

To sum up the romance in short for everyone, they love Keima for sure! Whether they remember the conquest or not but as we see they really have a special place in their heart for him. Sometimes it is hard to reach but with Keima pushing the right buttons and being the experienced and suave charmer he is, in no time it’s like falling in love all over again. For all the girls he conquered, the goddesses and even Loose Souls squad from Hell like Haqua, everyone loves Keima for sure. Okay, almost everyone. Like Nora who she sticks around him because she finds his weird ways fascinating is also an indication that she also likes him, right? A different kind of like. Just like how Elsie’s admiration for Keima is more of big brother than the girlfriend-wannabe type. This dude is so good that he has goddesses and hell girls liking him, a mere human (with god-like qualities perhaps?). Wow. I really need to start playing galges too. Because if powerful goddesses like the Jupiter Sisters start arguing over the right to be with Keima when they first reunite after a long time instead of saving the world or their imprisoned sister, it shows that Keima must be something important, right?

There is this mysterious presence to Nikaidou. From what we see here, she definitely has a connection to Hell and is more than just Keima’s homeroom teacher. Most of her screen time in this season is reduced to some watchdog especially looking out for Elsie while impersonating as Kanon. It’s a reason why Elsie didn’t really fall victim to Vintage’s scheme. Another mysterious character is Lune. She seems like going to be the main antagonist but when Vintage went down, she also went out of the picture. It is not sure if she has been captured like the rest or still at large. If it is the latter, then there is a probability that she might still harbour plans to revive ancient Hell. Still, I feel her character is somewhat under-utilized for this season because if I’m not mistaken, she was the one who set the ball rolling by stabbing Apollo in the beginning. Then you see her brooding and waiting from time to time till her ‘important’ bout with Haqua. Even that wasn’t really much and in a way a tad disappointing.

There are a handful of stuffs that I do not understand while watching the show. Maybe I was thinking too much or not paying enough attention. For starters, how on Earth did the Jupiter Sisters end up in those girls? How long have they been there? Because sealing Weiss was something they had done a long time ago and certainly those girls weren’t born yet, right? Assuming it is before Keima found and conquered them, a time when they had Loose Souls trapped within them, it also boggles me that the dormant goddesses’ power wasn’t enough to fend off those Loose Souls. I figured this is to be because the girls who host the goddesses retain their memory, right? This means the goddesses must have been inside their body when Keima began his first conquest on them. If the goddesses inhabited those girls after Keima’s conquest, then I don’t think they would remember the conquest ending with the kiss in the first place. So when Keima conquered them for the first time, shouldn’t he have awakened the power of those goddesses? Also, what was the connection of the school emblem with the bunch of stuffs that Keima said? I don’t get it. Was it some big clue that this big town was the key to revive ancient Hell? How? Why? Couldn’t they have chosen a less obvious place?

To show the seriousness of this series, the next episode preview is different than what we see from the first 2 seasons. There isn’t a still end card illustration or artwork at the end or some silly galge conquest-like narration (especially about Elsie’s infatuation with fire engine trucks – in which she still is, by the way) though the narration is still enough to be considered comedic. All the episodes are no longer named as Flags because as we know it’s not about Keima releasing Loose Souls but the goddesses’ power. Of course there are still some comedic parts to it but just to break some of the tension. Otherwise there are lots of those love drama and the likes.

All of the seiyuus of casts from the previous seasons are retained. Seiyuus playing the roles of the girls that host the goddesses also double up as both the girl and the goddess. After all, it’s like the same person inside of you, right? They look similar and their personality is also very much alike. Except for Ayumi and Mercurius. Maybe that is why it was hard to detect that goddess. Joining the new line-up include Yuka Iguchi as Tsukiyo/Vulcanus (she sounds a bit like Mako from Girls Und Panzer), Ayahi Takagi as Yui/Mars (Wakana in Tari Tari), Haruka Tomatsu as Lune (she sounds more like her monotonous character like Hitoha in Mitsudomoe) and Ai Shimizu as Akari/Limuel (really couldn’t recognize the voice of Mai-HiME’s Mikoto after haven’t hearing her for so long). Since I didn’t do it the last time in my Tenri-hen’s blog, here’s the roll call for those casts: Kaori Nazuka as Tenri/Diana (Nunnally in Code Geass), Megumi Toyoguchi as Nora (Winry in Fullmetal Alchemist) and Takuma Terashima as Ryou (Stone River in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes).

Once more, the opening theme is so Enya-like with the lyrics as usual all in English. God only knows -Secrets of the Goddess- by Oratorio The World God Only Knows sounds like something similar to the opening themes of the first 2 seasons. Same singer, same style. The main ending theme for this season is Kizuna No Yukue sung by the seiyuus of the Jupiter Sisters. Actually there are 7 versions of this song. One song version per goddess and the final one being a group version of all the sisters singing together. The rest are one-episode-only ending songs like With…You… by Haqua’s seiyuu and Hitomi Kara Snow by Kanon’s seiyuu, both of which are slow anime pop ballads. Hajimete Koi Wo Shita Kioku ~Piano Bansou~ by Chihiro’s seiyuu isn’t really an ending theme but feels more like an insert song and is that new song Chihiro created. The duet of 2B Pencils and Kanon, the pop rock-like Hajimete Koi Wo Shita Kioku graces the final episode. So technically you have a different song for each episode (only the first and seventh episodes are without ending themes) and every main/important girl character this season has their share in singing them. And no, Elsie is not main or important this season ;p.

Love and dating both in real life and in games are pretty much similar to each other. Just that in the former you can’t hit a save button and redo when things go wrong. Otherwise if you think about it, trying to conquer/seduce/date a girl in real life in some ways is like a game. But don’t term it like that to your girlfriend because coining that term feels like you are not taking her seriously. Keima’s curious behaviour at the end also proves that a galge nerd can change even if it is just temporary and passing feelings, he is still human despite his god-like behaviour of focusing on his galge and doing other chores simultaneously. It gives him something to think about and that both 2D and 3D girls have their own merits and disadvantages. You can’t have best of both worlds. Or can he? So has Keima reached his premature ending? Or is this his true ending? If it’s so, it’s an ending that I didn’t expect to see so soon. Not even experienced galge gamers can see it coming. Truly indeed, a world that God only knows…

N/B: 2D girls may be flat in general but in certain areas they can be much more rounder and raised than 3D ones!

Binbougami Ga

April 7, 2013

Some people have all the luck. Mind sharing it with the rest of the world? Well yeah, typical human behaviour has it that when one has too much good luck and fortune, you might not want to share it with others for fear of being leechers and ingrates. Whether you believe it or not, to maintain the balance of harmony among all elements, there is this God of Poverty that takes away your fortune and gives it to the less fortunate. Well, at least that is what Binbougami Ga is.

Ichiko Sakura has it all. She is rich, popular among the boys and has the curves and body to flaunt it. The envy of every girl. In short, she is the most fortunate person in the world. At least in this anime. I’m sure it’s not her hormones because I don’t think science would sufficiently explain why she is lucky throughout most of her life. Not only her body produces excessive amount of fortune energy, but it turns out that she sucks fortune from others. To stem this problem and imbalance, Momiji the God of Misfortune/Poverty is dispatched to steal her excessive good luck to regain worldly balance. But can Momiji succeed in the battle between luck at ends of different poles? Theoretically the matches are already certain seeing that Momiji is the one representing misfortune and wouldn’t stand a chance against Ichiko’s extreme fortune, right? With them both at each other’s throats, it becomes more than a battle of balancing the harmony because both women are duking it out for their own pride. Will they learn a thing or two along the way? You bet. Let’s see how far they can ride their luck on this one.

Episode 1
Momiji’s boss, Yamabuki assigns her to take Ichiko’s fortune. She easily takes up the job because she got jealous of her cow tits compared to her own no tits. This is what misfortune is all about… In school, Ichiko’s popularity continues to soar among the guys. She’s enjoying her rosy life and has never had it this good. What a streak of good luck since birth. However despite being blessed, she still isn’t perfect. She has a flaw: Her f*cking attitude. She might be putting up goody-two-shoes face in front of her admirers but deep down, she looks down upon others. So that’s where Momiji comes in to give her the scare of her life (hanging herself in the toilet?) and put her back in her rightful place. She thought it’s a creepy pervert and calls the guys for help. By the time they arrive, Momiji is gone. Her imagination? Momiji continues to harass Ichiko back in her apartment and tells her the facts of how she is absorbing other people’s fortune. She gives a glimpse of Ichiko’s gloomy future if her fortune is taken away but the main problem is that if she continues to drain the fortune of others, she will ruin and ultimately put their lives in danger especially those she holds dear. Like Ichiko cares about all that crap. Momiji takes out a large needle from her horrible faced teddy bear, Kumagai and starts attacking Ichiko. Like hell she is going to get stabbed by that. Of course Ichiko’s luck means misfortune befalls on Momiji and the needle pierced her own head! Ichiko’s butler, Kikunoshin Suwano drives Momiji back (to wherever that is). He is happy that this is the first time Ichiko brought a friend home (weren’t they trying to kill each other?). As her butler, he has been by her side since young and is an important person to him. He hopes she can continue to be her friend.

Tomorrow comes and is Ichiko’s birthday. While her male classmates shower her with presents and cake, Momiji sees Suwano collapsed in the kitchen while trying to make a birthday cake for Ichiko. Ichiko gets word that Suwano is hospitalized and rushes over. Diagnosis reveals he suffered a heart attack and it is a good thing he was discovered earlier or else it would’ve been fatal. Ichiko is told to be prepared for the worst. Suwano has no other family members. His wife died 4 years ago and Ichiko is her only family. Ichiko eats the cake alone at home, thinking back how Suwano was always by her side instead of her busy parents who were always away on her important day. Ichiko blames Momiji for causing this but the latter reminds her it is her nature of taking luck from others. Suwano has finally run out of luck. She has to make a choice. Continue to live a blissful life and let others die or end up as a bum in the streets and let others be happy. Because happiness is to be shared. Ichiko is adamant that she still has no misfortune so Momiji jabs the needle into her chest. After taking the necessary amount of fortune, she warns she may experience a little bad luck at first and need some time to stabilize and become a normal person. However Ichiko isn’t done yet. She isn’t going to let her steal her fortune and knocks her out! Taking the container of luck while Momiji gives chase throughout the city, Ichiko arrives at the hospital and smashes the container. Suddenly everyone in the hospital feels so much better. Some even cured. Suwano survives the heart operation. As he recuperates, though Ichiko ‘blame’s him for ruining her birthday and fires him, her intentions is to let him enjoy the remaining years of his life. If he continues to stay near her, he’ll be constantly be put in danger. So living alone isn’t so bad. Till Momiji returns a week later. What is she doing here? Ichiko’s fortune is back up to its excessive level. The fortune that she spread around ended up coming back to her. I guess Momiji is here to stay. I guess it’s another round of b*tch fight! Ichiko gets a postcard from Suwano. He’s getting married! Man, that was fast!

Episode 2
If having Momiji bum around her apartment isn’t bad enough, here she is as a new transfer student in her class as Momiji Binbouda! Deadpan humour is her specialty? Let the b*tchy rival continue! Momiji continues to set up pranks for Ichiko but her luck has her evade them all at the skin of her teeth. Finally she blows her top with the blank paper prank. It causes the guys to be suspicious of Ichiko. She needs to get rid of the beggar b*tch before her reputation goes down the toilet bowl. She meets a bald monk, Bobby who begs her to shelter him. Unfortunately, he is a pervert and starts rubbing his face on her legs! Get away from this guy! Back home, Momiji messes up her place. She tries to be calm but the last straw came when Bobby starts rummaging through her undies. I guess she can make an exception to beat up this monk. After calming down, he introduces himself as a travelling monk banishing evil spirits. He came to this city upon seeing a great amount of energy and believes it to originate from Ichiko. Her breasts. Just kidding! Too bad it didn’t stop her from beating him up. He gives her a wooden sword called Soumin Shourai and from all that crap explanation, what I understand is that it increases her spiritual power to kick that Poverty God’s ass. Ichiko confronts Momiji but she doesn’t pay serious attention to her. She’s fooling around. Momiji even takes a snapshot of Ichiko in a ridiculous outfit and threatens to show it to the boys. Ichiko gets serious and the power from her Soumin Shourai materializes the 12 Chinese zodiac animals to aid her. Bobby is easily caught in the cross-fire while Momiji knows she is up against a formidable foe. Momiji summons the dead warriors to do her bidding but those lazy bums don’t feel like doing anything. Ichiko powers up and blasts Momiji out of her apartment. Yamabuki wants Momiji to return since she couldn’t beat Ichiko although she went all out. But Momiji’s pride is on the line and she won’t give up so easily yet. She is really going to ruin Ichiko for this disgrace. Meanwhile Ichiko is having a tough time putting up with Bobby, her zodiac animals and undead warriors bumming in her room…

Episode 3
Unfortunately Momiji is back bumming in Ichiko’s apartment and she’s brought a new gadget to repel misfortune when used by someone with high fortune. Too bad Ichiko’s perfect baseball swing means the gadget goes out flying through the window. Cocky Ichiko says she cares about no one else besides Suwano. Momiji loses to Ichiko in another round. In school, Ichiko ponders what is there left to her perfect life. Aha! A boyfriend. So the handsome hunk who has been seen asleep since the first episode, Keita Tsuwabuki wakes up and Ichiko feels this guy should be the perfect handsome prince on a white steed. He follows him and to her dismay, all that grand perception of him doesn’t turn out what he is supposed to be. A small cram house? Where the hell is that castle she imagined? On pretence to return his student ID he dropped, he invites her in as goodwill. Ichiko is disheartened he has 4 younger siblings to take care of (in order of seniority: Rika, Ryuuta, Mika and Sorata)! It’s time for Ichiko’s inner angels to do brainstorming. They decide to reject this because they don’t want to play ‘mommy’. Keita reveals their parents left them in debt after leaving them to find some treasure. They never came back. Keita takes on odd jobs to support his family (the reason he sleeps in class). Although they don’t have money, they are happy together. Ichiko becomes arrogant because she thinks money will solve their problem and throws down a few notes. It’s no surprise Keita’s siblings are at awe with this much. However Keita picks it up and throws it back at her! Ichiko leaves with bitter feelings but as Momiji points out, she might be rich but is morally bankrupt. But she doesn’t care about her personality issues since she’s here to do her job.

Ichiko meets Ryuuta and his friends at the convenience store. Thinking of getting back at Keita (earning his siblings’ affection and thus making him apologize), she buys Ryuuta a card and her luck means he gets a very rare card. Unfortunately Ryuuta thinks Keita will get mad if she tells him Ichiko bought it for her. His card is blown away by the wind into the drain. He goes to pick it up and gets lost in the sewer. Rika realizes Ryuuta isn’t home yet so Keita goes to find him in the storm. He goes to see Ichiko but learns she bought Ryuuta a card and pays her back. He admits what Ichiko said was true and probably they would take it for granted if they had money. He wants to set an example for his siblings and refuses to be in her debt. Ichiko takes it as if he wants help, he should just ask. Momiji lends Ichiko another of her gadget to pinpoint where Ryuuta is. Momiji thought she doesn’t care about anybody but Suwano. Her excuse is that she wants to wipe that prideful smirk of his face. Ichiko feels disturbed because Keita gets to eat together with his siblings while she always had her meals alone. Keita sees Ryuuta hanging on to his life at the edge of the sewer. The water is fast and furious. Keita couldn’t reach and Ryuuta slips off. Ichiko dives in to save him and of course her fortune means they both get out safely. Ichiko sees the brothers hugging and realizes the letter Suwano wrote to her that the kanji word for ‘person’ is derived when 2 humans lean on each other. Despite her reckless stunt, they thank her. She too starts feeling warm on the inside. Momiji had to ruin it when she tries to suck her fortune. Ichiko breaks her needle and the familiar argument could easily drown out the sound of the rain. Oh. It stopped raining…

Episode 4
While Bobby insults Momiji that anybody without breasts isn’t a woman, Momiji fishes out Momou Inugami from the river. Momou is a masochist and revels seeing Momiji again. Yeah, he likes her punishments. She hits an idea to steal Ichiko’s fortune. She tortures Momou and turns him into his true dog form. You’d think he’d turn into some ferocious form, eh? Instead, he shrank! Ooohhh… How cute! So the plan is to get close to Ichiko and steal her fortune. But the stray puppy in a box for adoption tactic didn’t work since Ichiko is suspicious and ignores it. But Momou follows her into her apartment and is freaking surprised that her room is filthy and messy! Just how much junk can she produce in 3 days?! Momou tries to grab her fortune but bears painful repercussions. Isn’t this heaven to him? Momou observes Ichiko over the next few days. Her stinking personality matches what Momiji told him but notices a happy expression he had never seen her put up before when she reads letters from Suwano. She keeps them all in a box. Momou thinks if she had only cared for others like the way she cared for Suwano. He prepares to take her fortune while she is sleeping but once more it backfires. The housekeeping arrives and cleans up anything that is on the floor. Because Momou accidentally kicked Ichiko’s precious box down the previous night, it means the cleaners accidentally mistook it for trash. Momou sees how upset Ichiko is and follows her to the dump site where she starts searching over the mountains of garbage. Momou is surprised that Ichiko continues to search for the box through the night and shows no signs of letting up. In a dilemma that Ichiko is the brutal and haughty woman she is, after seeing her tears, Momou uses his nose and sniffs out the box. Ichiko is so relived and hugs Momou. He wonders which is the real her. Back home as Ichiko baths with Momou, such pleasure means he turns back into his human form. So screwed! Ichiko uproots her bathtub and slams it on him! I think he enjoys it. Upon realizing he is Momiji’s ally, the God of Poverty also gets trashed. Bobby too. Nobody is spared… And she’s not letting Momou back in again.

Episode 5
Momiji is up to her tricks again. She’s making a deal with Urashimako. Yes, that turtle dude… Odd to see it slowly crawling through school while Momiji laughs like an idiot? Definitely Ichiko would suspect this beggar b*tch is up to something nasty again. She thinks this package is another gadget for Momiji and unwraps it to get rid of it before it could reach her. However it’s a trap as Momiji points out it is an aging box from the turtle guy. Turning her old means her reflexes will be slow and thus easy to steal her fortune. Too bad Ichiko turns into a kid! Even Soumin Shourai has shrunk and this means her powers too. I guess the box got missed up. Despite that, Ichiko is still quick enough to escape from Momiji’s clutches. You can thank her luck for that. She accidentally meets Mika and her friends at the park and after ‘blending’ so well with them, she realizes she needs a place to stay and can’t go back to hers. She persuades Mika to bring her back to her house but along the way sees Bobby and Momou trying to hit on some girls! But the perverts aren’t lolicons (which is a good thing) so they ignore her. Ichiko does a submission move on them to get them to listen. Learning that the aging box will turn her back to normal, she has them find it for her and in return they can get anything they want. Look at how the simpleton and perverts’ mind works. What she meant was money or food… They team up and get fired up to get the box. Momou throws her a dog whistle and in times she needs him, just blow it.

Ichiko arrives at Keita’s house. Again. Thankfully they don’t really recognize her so her identity’s safe. She calls herself Michiko and tries to cook up a story to stay. She can’t say she has no parents because Keita will call the police. Abusive parents? He’ll go over and beat them up! If Ichiko won’t say, Keita won’t force her. As they eat together, they remember they had a guest the last time. Rika snaps and goes into sister-in-law mode. Not happy thinking about that cow tits, no? Keita says he will bring them out for picnic tomorrow since it’s his day off. Despite the siblings having fun in their little house, Ichiko can’t help feel irritated. Meanwhile Momou and Bobby have lost themselves in the red light district… Momiji calls Urashimako and blames him for the mix up failure. He wants him to get 2 aging boxes and doesn’t care what kind of troubles he will get into. Or else he will be turtle soup in 3 days! Momiji finally finds Ichiko residing in Keita’s house. Ichiko is frustrated she wet the bed since her bladder has turn into of a child’s. She’s going to kill that freaking Poverty God for this humiliation. So the gang head to the hill slope for picnic. Keita praises Ichiko for being a tough girl because she didn’t cry when she tumbled. Ichiko didn’t like being treated like a kid and runs away into the forest. Suddenly she is ambushed and captured by Momiji and Kumagai waiting in the forest. It is evening and time to leave and Ichiko is not in sight. Keita goes to look for her and wants his siblings to wait at the bus stop below because Ichiko may have gone there. Keita finds a shoe belonging to Ichiko on the ground and fears the worst. Suddenly he loses his footing and falls down the chasm!

Episode 6
Keita is miraculously alive but has broken his leg. Ichiko tumbles out to where Ryuuta and his siblings are waiting at the bus stop. Seems when Momiji and Kumagai caught her, a real bear appeared. Ichiko used that chance to escape when they were handling the bear. The last bus comes and goes so they wait and believe Keita will come back. Soon all the siblings start crying that Keita may have run away and leave them like their parents. Ichiko also remembers such memories of her own. She goes off to find Keita. She blows the whistle to call Momou and make him smell Keita’s handkerchief. She finds her unconscious but Momiji zaps her from the back to take her fortune. Because Ichiko broke her needle the last time, she can only afford a smaller one. This little fortune will be enough to save his life. If Keita dies, she’ll be fired from her job and pulled away from the human world. But for Ichiko, if she lets him die, she’ll feel bad. So the little fortune is enough to heal Keita’s leg as he wakes up to find little Ichiko sleeping next to him. He thought he is lost but a path of yellow flowers guide him back to his siblings. A happy reunion. Momou and Bobby lament their failure (they have only themselves to blame). They see Urashimako being bullied (turned turtle by bullies?). Though they help him up, now they threaten him to hand over the aging box. Out of the pan and into the fire… Momou tells Ichiko about the aging box so she plans to ditch Keita’s family tonight. To her surprise, Rika allows her to stay as long as she wants. That night she ponders she might be jealous that this house has everything she doesn’t but if she wants to continue staying, she must stay in this form. That night Ichiko tries to leave but Keita is still up and spots her. She gives an excuse that she likes Ryuuta and wanted to be friends with him as she is moving to America soon. Though Keita isn’t sure about the details, he is still grateful to Ichiko for saving him. Momou and Bobby give Ichiko the aging box and it turns her back to normal. They can’t wait for their reward but she is in no mood to give it to them. Maybe next time. I guess she’s not shedding crocodile tears. Momiji notes Ichiko had the power to grant whatever she wants but didn’t realize what she really wanted until now. On the other hand, Momiji is going to make turtle soup out of Urashimako for failing!

Momiji, Kumagai, Bobby and Momou and partying away like hell in Ichiko’s apartment. Till the demon herself came back. They know they’re in for sh*t but realizes she’s not her usual self. They see her spacing out and sometimes not realizing the pranks they play on her (unless it is perverted). Bobby and Momou try shock therapies to bring her back but it backfires. Bobby gets blown into the sky when he groped her. Momou ‘kills’ himself when Ichiko gets nice with him. Momiji observes her and thinks that Ichiko is in love with Keita, the way she is acting all nervous around him. But Momiji falls into despair when Ichiko ignores her. Back to drowning out their sorrows via partying in her apartment. Momiji even gets warning from Yamabuki if she slacks off, she’ll be replaced. Surprisingly Momiji agrees to that. She feels things are not annoying as it used to be and that it’s just pointless. So she’s saying she loves all the mayhem? The real reason Ichiko is being nervous is because she doesn’t know how to properly return Keita’s handkerchief. Yeah, she’s cracking her head on how to do it. First she stalks him and then she stammers all the way like a nervous nut. She goes crazy knocking her head on the pole. He thanks her for returning his item once more so Ichiko returns to her arrogant self. Now that she is back to normal, she is f*cking shocked to see her apartment has turned into a pig sty. Why the hell is Bobby sitting around naked?! She blows her top!!! But the idiots didn’t freak out. They love the old Ichiko! She’s back!!! The familiar pain and chaos are back! Yeah, they won’t have it any other way. As for Momiji being replaced, hell she’s going to let that happen since her rivalry has been renewed. Ah, back to normal.

Episode 7
Ichiko has been suspected of stealing when a couple of girls (the real thieves) bump into her and all the evidence fall on her. The tomboyish Ranmaru Rindou steps in to lecture about justice but sly Ichiko shifts the blame onto her. She accuses Ranmaru as the mastermind so the police catch her while Ichiko slips free. It’s not the end yet because Ranmaru becomes a transfer student in her class! What goes around comes around. She tries to imitate a manly face to disguise herself (apparently the guys around her try to imitate this ‘trend’) but Ranmaru easily recognizes this b*tch. Ichiko easily feigns being hurt so all the boys start protecting her. Thanks to Momiji, she knows where Ichiko lives and pays a visit. She wants to teach her a lesson but bad luck means Ranmaru falls off the balcony. Don’t worry. She survived. That’s 13 floors down. Is she human? Soon an official duel between Ichiko and Ranmaru takes place at the gym. Ichiko’s shining lady luck means Ranmaru instantly loses. What a letdown. Everyone thought they’d see some fight. The only winners are Keita and Momiji as they made a killer from the bets. Yeah, they know how it would turn out. Keita helps Ranmaru up and she starts having feelings for him. As part of the agreement, Ranmaru is to leave school. However that didn’t stop her from returning as a new transfer student and her new purpose in life is to defeat Ichiko. Maybe Ichiko should have worded her to get out of her life.

While Ichiko have the boys are on her side, Ranmaru has the girls (because the b*tches are jealous about Ichiko’s popularity). But everyone won’t get to see another cat fight since Keita wants his peaceful sleep. Ranmaru’s crush on Keita is obvious so Momiji and Ichiko agree to help her out. Of course Ichiko’s ulterior motive is the defeat this tomboy once and for all while Momiji’s is to strike Ichiko when she least expected it. The girls go out shopping and Ranmaru can really look pretty as a woman when all dressed up. But she’s not confident because her dad won’t allow this. He wanted a son to inherit his dojo but got a daughter. Ranmaru was raised as a boy instead and vowed to turn her into the best female karate fighter. Despite all that, Ranmaru still respects her dad for raising her all alone. Next day, Ichiko sees Ranmaru back in her normal clothes and a bruise on her face. Knowing her dad did this, Ichiko pays a visit to Ranmaru’s home after this. She sees Ranmaru being beaten up as daddy tears up her skirt Ichiko bought her. He isn’t happy she has become this weak. Ichiko has had it and barges in (break down the fence, that is). She doesn’t like the way he doesn’t respect his child’s happiness and challenges him to a fight. Of course once more, shining lady luck means he loses quickly. Ichiko lectures him he doesn’t know Ranmaru’s happiness and has no right to steal it. She is about to land the final blow but Ranmaru blocks it. She doesn’t want her to hurt her dad as she knows nothing about him. Back home, Ichiko naturally feels bitter on how everything turned out. Ranmaru’s father notes how she has made a good friend because there aren’t many people who are willing to put themselves in danger for the sake of others. Ranmaru goes to thank Ichiko but she puts up her usual arrogant attitude that she’s never wrong. Bounced back so easily…

Episode 8
Though Ranmaru is making friends easily, the other girls don’t want Ichiko in their mix. Ranmaru sees Ichiko putting up a depressed expression despite telling she isn’t interested in joining them. Ranmaru tries to make friends with Ichiko and first she is really shocked that Momiji is right that she has nothing better to do but count tatami mat strands!!! Ichiko continues to be prideful so Ranmaru tries to rip her face! She thought she was putting on a mask or something. Ichiko can’t stand their annoyance anymore and throws them out of her apartment. Through the window. It’s the thirteenth floor, remember? Momiji gives Ranmaru a gadget that allows her to hear one’s deepest secret but she won’t use it since it’s useless if Ichiko doesn’t tell it herself. Ichiko tries to avoid Ranmaru so one of the bullies, Akane Tange knows what’s going on and ‘helps’ Ichiko get away. It’s a trap to knock her out and lure her to an old school building. She has prepared several guys to rape her and will upload this humiliation on the internet. Thanks to Momiji spotting this heinous act, Ranmaru barges into the building to beat up the guys and send them retreating with tails between their legs. As Ranmaru confronts Akane and the other bully girls, she realizes Ichiko has secretly escaped. Suddenly the building starts to collapse. Ranmaru holds up a pillar while he tells the bullies to run away. They did just that and couldn’t care less what happens next because they don’t want to take responsibility. Ichiko is in a dilemma to help Ranmaru out. If she saves her, she’ll always come back to annoy her. Momiji hits bull’s eye when she claims Ichiko is afraid of getting close to others.

Flashback reveals Ichiko was best friends with Kurumi Minowa. Ichiko wanted to give her chocolates to Yuusuke and Kurumi used the friendship excuse to give theirs together. However Yuusuke only gave Ichiko a cat hairpin and Kurumi got jealous. She confronted Ichiko and wanted her to give it to her or else their friendship is off. Ichiko gave in and Kurumi thought of confessing her feelings to Yuusuke. However he rejected her because he likes Ichiko better. Kurumi turns into a devil and tells him Ichiko doesn’t like him and gave away the hairpin to her. Since then, Yuusuke treated Ichiko coldly. Momiji beats up Ichiko to her senses to stop thinking about the past. But she fights back and returns to her normal self. Not before Momiji extracts a little fortune from her. She tosses it to Ichiko so that she could do whatever she wants. It’s her call. Ichiko gives her little luck to Ranmaru and they bust out of the collapsing building. In the aftermath, Ranmaru listens to Ichiko’s past. Ichiko is still bitter that everyone puts up a facade and that ‘friend’ is just a word. She knows Ranmaru will be like that one day and use her. Ranmaru assures she will never become like that. Yes she will. No she won’t. Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. Really? Believe it. Ichiko bursts into emotions. Ranmaru and Ichiko become friends and call each other by their first name.

Episode 9
If you’re wondering why Momou and Bobby aren’t going to be featured in this episode, it’s because they were chasing a group of girls jogging and the police caught them. Ichiko’s class will be playing tennis mixed doubles. I guess Ranmaru wants Keita to be his partner. For life. Can’t even take the heat of her own fantasy, eh? Lots of guys want Ichiko as their partner but the handsome Shion Adenokouji who is known as the Prince of Tennis becomes her partner. Meanwhile his rival, the gorilla-like Gorihara becomes Momiji’s partner and you can expect this is the start of an epic rivalry. They make a bet if Ichiko wins, Momiji will get out of her life forever. Otherwise she will have to hand over her fortune without resistance. Yeah, they even make the bets for the guys. Shion will lose his hair while Gorihara must make love to a real female gorilla in a cage. F*ck! They can’t lose! Ichiko puts fear into Gorihara while Shion is surprised by Momiji’s flexibility! She can take any serve from any angle. She’s like a rubber woman! With Shion taken out by Momiji’s phantom serve (all of them were real, by the way), Ichiko attaches Soumin Shourai to her racquet and hits away. The immense power creates a sandstorm as the ladies duke it out via power battle within the storm. Is this even tennis anymore?! I’m sure the others don’t even know what’s going on. In the end, there is a freaking huge crater on the court and the match ended in a draw. Yeah, the rivals think it isn’t over till one of them is dead. As for Shion and Gorihara, they develop fear for women and just the slight mention of Momiji and Ichiko’s name (in terms of food) will send traumatic shivers down their spine. Poor things…

Ichiko tries her hand at cooking. But it’s a wonder how all those delicious ingredients turn out into hideous poison 2 minutes later! Even her fingers are covered with band aids. Where the hell is her luck?! She gives up and orders pizza but Momiji hogs it. Till she spills it. Out she goes flying through the window. I guess instant noodles will do. So now does Ichiko know how to appreciate Suwano’s cooking? Momiji meets Kuroyuri, another God of Misfortune sent by Yamabuki to help her out. However her true goal is to upstage Momiji and steal all the glory and credits. Momiji knows her well and manages to rile her up as usual. So when the duo try to take out Ichiko together (she’s in yet another poison cooking), double misfortune means they end up getting the bad, right? Yeah, Kuroyuri has Momiji’s needle stuck in her forehead! Worse, the cake in the oven explodes! It’s a wonder how Ichiko can even make a cake do that. Momiji gets an idea to finish their challenge via cooking contest. Kuroyuri will be the judge and the better tasting dish will be the winner. They are to cook her favourite dish, nikujaga and though Momiji cooks like a pro master chef, it turns out to be a luxurious fancy steak. This isn’t nikujaga… As for Ichiko… WHAT THE HELL IS THAT DARK THING?! There’s a face crying out in agony if you look closer! Oh f*cking sh*t! Is that food?! Is she going to eat it?! Don’t judge it by its appearance but its content! Kuroyuri sucks up her courage to eat Ichiko’s dish. Though we don’t see the kind of expression she puts up, just the sound of her making those ghastly sounds is enough to imagine what hell and convulsion she is going through. As Momiji said… She vomited her guts out!!! Oh sh*t!!!! So is Ichiko going to eat her own food? Well, she doesn’t want to die yet. Did she know she was cooking poison? Kuroyuri reports back to Yamabuki about Momiji’s progress. She’s doing great and don’t worry!!! Yeah, so traumatic that she doesn’t want to go back there again, eh?

Episode 10
Ichiko finds an abandoned kitten in the rain and brings it back. So much different treatment from Momou, eh? She calls it Tama. When Ichiko uses the toilet, some guy with a sh*t head (no kidding!) appears from the toilet bowl! The sh*t just stood up and talked! Ibuki as he is called, claims is the Toilet God. Say what? Since he’s starting that fortune and misfortune balance thingy, Ichiko has heard it all before and flushes him down. What a deserving fate… Then at school, Ichiko gets a threatening letter from Momiji that she has kidnapped Tama. If she wants her back, get down to the gym. Momiji teases Ichiko about the bitter feeling of losing someone and notes that even if Ichiko wasn’t interested in rescuing Tama, she would’ve used Ranmaru instead. Ichiko is pissed and uses Soumin Shourai but Momiji pulls out a gadget that sucks all her fortune. After Momiji leaves, Ichiko tries to rescue Tama. However the building starts to catch fire. Prior on, Akane and her bullies were illegally cooking ramen in the store room and left in a hurry when Ichiko came in. Momiji realizes the gym is on fire and makes a u-turn because she knows she’ll be in sh*t if somebody dies. Ibuki appears before Ichiko. He continues his speech that Ichiko cut him off then. His duty is to look after childbirth and childcare. In short, he is here to save Tama and not her. Noting that misfortune befalls on all humans close to her, despite she saved them, Ibuki says enough is enough. She doesn’t have the right to take that little happiness away from others. Ibuki is about to transfer some of his fortune to Tama (I don’t want to know if it’s sh*t luck) but got a little distracted and injected too much. It turns Tama into a cat deity. Tama guides Ichiko to safety and Ibuki won’t interfere since it is Tama’s wish to save her. They dive out but crash into Momiji who is climbing in. With the fortune container breaking, luck is spread all over. Ichiko summons Soumin Shourai as it comes bursting from the ground instead. Natural hot water starts gushing out and douses the flames. Ibuki gives a round pendant to Ichiko. It will help prevent Ichiko from draining fortune from others. Later Ibuki meets up with Momiji and it seems they are in cohorts to teach Ichiko what is truly important. But they can’t let word get out that she’s behind this or else everything will be over.

Episode 11
Momou and Bobby are so happy because the fanservice episode has finally come. To celebrate this ‘milestone’, they even start singing a song on boobs! It all began when Ichiko returns home only to see Momiji running a mud bath for the God of Decay (some giant mud ball?). Yeah, she’s so poor that she has resorted into selling her body! Not to mention earlier on, Yamabuki did warn her about her failure and this time she is serious in punishing her if she brings back no results. Because the bathroom now stinks (plus, Momiji hasn’t bathed in years!), Ichiko decides to bathe at Ranmaru’s house but her dad is using the barrel, old style. I guess it’s more worth it to hit the public bath. Ranmaru wants to tag along too. Guess what? Keita and his siblings are there too. Sensing something bad? Yup. So are Momou and Bobby. Rika sees Momou and Tama turn into human form and gets freaked out but to Keita, the only thing on his mind is how to make money using them via magic performance. Ranmaru almost turned the water into bloodbath after fantasizing too much about Keita (“Deep emotion!”) while Ichiko teases Mika she can touch her boobs but it will cost her 5,000 Yen per touch and that Keita will work himself to death to pay that debt back. Mika starts crying and Rika tells off Ichiko not to bully her. Ichiko assures her body will grow like hers in time but she points out Rika is still as flat as a washboard. Momou and Bobby are going to peep and they’re encouraging Ryuuta too! Momiji thinks she can sneak up on Ichiko and beat her up with a sadistic gadget but somehow Momou got in the way. The girls beat him up and now he has to face Keita’s wrath. He is mad he might have seen his sisters. Good thing they already left but getting beaten up by a guy is a major turn off. Ichiko manages to pin Momiji down and with Ranmaru’s help, they scrub and wash Momiji clean. Kumagai isn’t spared too. How does it feel to wash away all the years of dirt? Suddenly Momiji has shrunk! WTF?! So putting her back in hot water will return her to normal?

Bobby will ‘avenge’ for Momou’s sake but Keita stops him. He tries to convince Keita he is still a guy and now that his brothers have left, there is no reason to hold back. But Keita only has good things to say about Ichiko and Ranmaru. Bobby dismisses Ranmaru because that woman is nothing but muscles and not cute. Obviously Ranmaru heard it all and kicks through the wall. Though it knocked Bobby out, she accidentally saw Keita’s abs. She gets dreamy and collapses. Too hot to handle? The bath water sure didn’t do her in. Keita tries to calm himself by reciting the pi formula (as told by grandma) when the wall collapses and he glimpses Ichiko’s full frontal nudity. Ichiko’s inner angels hold an emergency meeting to discuss the next step that should be taken but everybody is panicking that nothing gets done. I guess the ‘meeting’ took too long so Keita turns her around and walks away. Instead of coming to the bath to wash the stress away, now he is all gloomy. Momiji leaves the bath house wearing Ichiko’s clothes while Keita digs a hole in his garden. No, he’s not going to bury himself. I suppose he has had enough trauma bathing in public and is digging his own outdoor bath? Next day in school, Ichiko and Ranmaru as so embarrassed at yesterday’s events that they are wearing a mask as disguise. They’re going crazy just at the thought of that incident. Worse, Keita wears a paper bag over his face! But the most shocking one has got to be Momiji. Why, she is so kind and polite! Who the hell is this person?! Did all that washing wash away her poor attitude?

Episode 12
Momiji is popular at school and good at all the subjects! Even Kumagai is now a cute teddy and a hit with the ladies! What the hell is that teddy doing in school anyway?! Even when the guys are split over Ichiko and Momiji and end up fighting, Momiji politely lectures them to behave. She’s emitting Buddha’s light! Is this really the God of Misfortune? I guess the teacher was so touched that she is the first person ever to care about him and his class that he abandoned the class to go and cry. Momiji even lectures the girls about treating Ranmaru as a girl and transforms her into one. Ranmaru couldn’t take Keita’s compliments (he just woke up from slumber in class) and goes berserk. Ichiko is still not buying his nice act despite Momiji truly wants to be friends with her. She thinks this is a trap to let her guard down and when that happens, she’ll steal her fortune. Ichiko ropes in Momou and Bobby and the dog god is traumatized this isn’t the Momiji he knows. Ichiko wants Bobby to use his perverted moves to unmask Momiji but instead of groping her boobs, he covered her eyes and plays “Guess who”. No boobs to grope? Emitting to pure an aura? Even Momou can’t tolerate Momiji’s kindness. That’s like pain to a masochist. Ranmaru’s turn. All she can do is wait and pray. How long can she wait? 10 or 20 years? Not going to work for Ichiko. So I guess everybody is already accepting the new Momiji except for Ichiko who is still paranoid. Despite Momiji losing her powers, her mission still isn’t over and hopes Ichiko could share her fortune with those less fortunate. Ichiko still doesn’t buy that and spills her cooking. This causes Momiji to cry and run away. Now Ichiko looks like the villain. Ranmaru makes her go after her.

She manages to catch up and like a tsundere tells her she’s doing this because Ranmaru told her. Ichiko still can’t accept her change in character because she came into her life to steal her fortune and all of a sudden she wants to be friends? Momiji apologizes and doesn’t want her to be unhappy. After all the old Momiji had done? Ichiko still doesn’t want to share her fortune with others since she’s not a saint and doesn’t care about others besides Suwano and Ranmaru. Hey, before it was only Suwano, right? And besides, when she shared her fortune, she didn’t anything, right? Momiji feels she should make more friends and the fortune that she shares will come back to her as happiness. When they go back, Ranmaru has prepared the bath for them. Ichiko is dismayed she has to share with Momiji. Momiji hopes that Ichiko would call her by her name when she has made lots of friends but she’s still pessimistic that would ever happen. The days pass and it’s like Momiji really turned over a new leaf. Those ruthless attacks become a thing of the past and though Ichiko felt her days are much peaceful, she feels something is missing. I guess we know what it is. One day as Kumagai and Tama are playing at the park, Ryuuta’s football accidentally hits Kumagai away and into the garbage truck. Then out comes… The original horrible faced Kumagai! Momou is surprised to see this and as we learn, this happened because he is dirtied. Thus they band together to get Momiji back and get her dirty. Momou comes crashing through the window to kidnap Momiji while Kumagai ties down Ichiko and Tama. They’re going to turn Momiji back and won’t let her interfere. Yup. Kumagai extracts all the garbage from his stomach! So he is going to change Momiji right here in Ichiko’s apartment?! It’s going to stink. But Momiji wants to say her final farewell to Ichiko and promises she won’t run. She is glad that despite the short time they had, she had fun. She truly wanted to be her friend and with tears in her eyes, she hopes Ichiko won’t be too hard on the original Momiji.

Episode 13
Ichiko breaks free and trashes Kumagai and Momou. She won’t let Momiji return to her normal state having her this way is much better than that beggar b*tch that she can’t get along. Kumagai is serious in taking Momiji back and fires his bazooka filled with trash. Ichiko takes Momiji and dives through the window. Free fall! Thankfully Ranmaru was passing by and grabs them. Momiji tells them if they can just evade them till sunset tonight, everything will be okay. They chance upon Bobby driving a truck doing his delivery job. Ichiko wants him to give them a ride to another town but he’s not going to let her have her way. Till she mentions he can grope her boobs all he wants. Simpleton. I’m sure Ichiko must be lying when she told him that. So it’s pedal to the metal. All for the sake of pinching those tits. Ichiko tells Momiji she’s just doing this for herself so Momiji mentions people who think only of themselves will lead themselves to destruction. Yet Ichiko used to place Kurumi’s happiness over her own although she knew what would happen. That’s why if she truly wants, Momiji will always be with her. Kumagai and Momou are catching up fast. Ranmaru realizes all they need to do is keep them away from Momiji so she fights Momou to let the rest get away. How can she fight him when he has turned into a dog? Besides, he wants to be pummelled even more. Since Soumin Shourai is sealed, Ichiko asks Bobby for any other tools. He gives her Jazz The Hyper that increases strength and speed (Bobby used it for his own perverted ends to peek). Ichiko lets Bobby drive Momiji away while she and Tama face off with Kumagai. Kumagai easily rids of Tama by letting her chase a ball. Kumagai realizes Momiji hasn’t told Ichiko about the truth so he tells (writes actually) that if a God of Misfortune stays clean and loses her powers for a week, they’ll become human. So? Gods like them in order to communicate with humans, possess a human-like doll. This means Momiji will turn into a human-like doll if she isn’t returned back to normal by deadline and will never do so again. It is like death! Ichiko is stunned by the revelation as Kumagai knocks her out. He catches up with Bobby and intercepts the truck.

Ichiko wakes up surprised to see Keita by her side. Seems Keita had to cover for Bobby who went missing after a delivery (I guess they’re co-workers recently). Ichiko is still in a dilemma if she should go after Momiji so she asks Keita a hypothetical question if something annoying leaves but when she does it leaves the prickly feeling in your heart. Keita says she already knows the answer. Otherwise she wouldn’t be this upset. She goes ‘crazy’ just thinking about the original Momiji and Keita is glad that she is able to be her usual self. Ichiko calls it even for answering her question (he saw her naked, right?). Kumagai confronts Momiji on the bridge top and wants to know why she didn’t tell Ichiko the truth. She felt Ichiko had really changed. She has become kind to others. Though they can solve things by forcibly taking her fortune, it would leave her unhappy. If Ichiko chooses to shares her fortune, everyone will be happy. That’s why she wanted to stay by her side and support her in using that fortune for others even if it means losing her life. Besides, there are other God of Misfortunes around. Kumagai won’t have it this way but Momiji slips off the bridge. Just then, Ichiko speeds up and grabs her hand. She lectures her about thinking about others but not herself. Would that be happiness for her? Ichiko will decide what is best for herself. Also, this means she realizes she feels at peace whenever she is crazy. For the first time, Ichiko calls Momiji by her name and lets go of her hand. Momiji crashes down into the garbage tow boat. Behold! She’s back! Ichiko tells Kumagai this is what Momiji meant to be. If she disappeared like that and leave the score unsettled, she wouldn’t like it. I guess she prefers to do it the hard way to drive her out. And as expected, Ichiko and Momiji trade insults and the argument heats up. Ah, back to familiar territory. In the aftermath, life seemingly returns to normal. Suwano is reduced to tears when he learns Ichiko admitted she has made friends. As for the forgotten Bobby, he has been charged for possessing an illegal driving licence and causing destruction. Even being interrogated by police, all he could think about is touching tits. Somebody lock this monk in the asylum! He didn’t get to touch any boobs anyway…

Rich B*tch, Poor Bimbo…
Don’t be fooled by that tantalizing next episode preview at the end for a new shocking turn of development! It is definitely fake! Overall, I enjoyed this series very much with all the laugh out loud moments. They should really make another sequel no matter how absurd it is. Oh well. I guess my fortune isn’t really that great. In addition to the laughs, we could also learn a thing or two. Especially humility and counting one’s blessings. Ichiko is a very good example of a person who has almost everything but yet nothing. As I have mentioned, despite her great luck, this doesn’t necessarily translates to being perfect. Otherwise she wouldn’t have that stinking b*tching attitude to begin with. If her luck was really perfect, her childhood days would have been much happier with her parents around instead of just having her butler as company, right? What about her cooking? If she had really good luck, any ingredient she touches would’ve turned into a wonderful meal instead of deadly poison that would make Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka’s Seraphim’s horrendous cooking amateurish. She might have all the money in the world to buy anything she wants, the perfect body that every girl envies and desires, the popularity and the admiration from the boys that makes her a celebrity. But moral wise, as Momiji puts it, she’s a bankrupt. Having lots of money doesn’t necessarily get you true blue friends. You earn such friendship and respect.

It may be wrong to fully blame Ichiko on her snobbish attitude because of her past and the way society treats her. Would Ichiko have been a better angel if she had not been a victim of Kurumi’s jealousy? Would Ichiko have been a much politer person if all those jealous school girls would just shut up and treat her as a normal friend? If you don’t put up a tough exterior, it might have gotten worse. All the while, all she wanted was just a friend. She had been a lonely figure till a certain God of Poverty showed up. But as always, when somebody like Momiji turns up in Ichiko’s life, you can tell that despite she is still the same woman we know before, at least her humanity points fare much better than before. She learns that sometimes helping others gives that feel good factor that money can’t buy. And with Momiji back to her usual self, you can say the love-hate relationship will resume like before. Isn’t that Ichiko’s way of telling us that she cares for Momiji? Despite giving us all that excuse she wants to drive her out with her own hands, blah, blah, blah. What she truly wants deep down is her company that she treasures so much, right?

Momiji may have the attitude to match with Ichiko but I don’t think she is really a bad person. She’s just doing her job as a God of Poverty and sometimes Ichiko’s arrogance really gets to her so I suppose she needs to let loose some steam once in a while to teach her a lesson. Ironically, despite her title as the God of Poverty, I feel that Momiji is a blessing in disguise for Ichiko because without her, I don’t think Ichiko would have improved so much as a human being. Then comes Ranmaru, the second ‘angel’ for Ichiko. Every girl needs a best friend, right? Even if she’s the tomboyish type. Kumagai proves that he isn’t just some mascot that bums around writing comebacks. In the final episode he shows that even a ragged teddy bear has a human heart because he doesn’t want Momiji to sacrifice herself so that Ichiko could be a better person. Would a lose-win situation suffice? Nay. I say let Ichiko’s fortune do the job and make it a win-win situation! As for perverts Bobby and Momou, I feel their presence were just for comical relief. If Momiji isn’t enough to take in all that beating, this couple of guys would provide great extra trashing when needed.

As for some of the other minor side characters, I was hoping that some would play a more prominent role but I guess this series has Ichiko and Momiji hogging the spotlight. For instance when Kuroyuri made her debut, I was sure that she was either going to be sticking around for at least a few more episodes or be the turning point in the series that will affect the main duo. However she only lasted for one stinking episode. That’s it. Gone. Can’t stand the misery of Ichiko’s cooking, eh? Same case for Ibuki. So what after he gave Ichiko a pendant to prevent her from stealing other people’s fortune? Shouldn’t Momiji have done that in the beginning? Yeah well, if she did, we might not enjoy all the hilarious slapstick chaos. So what was the deal Ibuki and Momiji made? Did Momiji know beforehand about the consequences of being cleaned and setting up the events that led her to the public bath house to be washed spotless? Even if so, how did Ibuki fit into all this unless his appearance was just to make Ichiko the importance of life. After that, you won’t see the Toilet God anymore. Another one episode only character. Just like Shion and Gorihara. Can’t blame them for being traumatized, eh? What happened to Urashimako? I guess he became turtle soup for real. Haha! As for Keita, I felt after his arc that involves saving brother Ryuuta and the picnic incident, his role seems to become less significant. It felt like he is around just to remind us he is still there and his thoughts are mainly how to make a quick buck to earn for his impoverish family, which I don’t think he’ll hesitate to do. His poor life isn’t what everybody would love to go through but at least he makes an honest living, gets to sleep well at night and is happy to know that his siblings are happy. You can see the ultimate difference between Keita and Ichiko and what each clearly lacks. I’m sure you would know which is the better one.

I guess with all the comical slapsticks, exaggerated action and drama, there won’t be enough space for some love chemistry. Who am I kidding? Blossoming romance in this anime? Despite Ranmaru having a huge crush on Keita, it feels just for comical purpose. As if it becomes a natural reflex action for her to go berserk and crazy every time that guy pops up right before her eyes. Well, it’s good to know that despite years of being raised as a boy, deep down she is still a girl. I had this thought that Ichiko and Keita would end up being a couple but from the way things were heading, prospects look dim. Not even that incident whereby Keita accidentally saw her naked body would turn things around. I guess Ichiko didn’t really want to play mommy to a poor guy with younger siblings to support and looks like she ditched the idea of having a boyfriend for good. I suppose the only true love that occurred in this anime is Suwano and his new wife. And please, Bobby and Momou’s perversion isn’t considered true romance. That’s just sickening.

There are lots of trivia to spot if you keep your eyes open and though I won’t say that they are filled over to the brim but there are enough scattered and peppered around. If you know your animes well, that is. Many of them involve Momiji or Ichiko and sometimes even Kumagai dressed up or cosplaying as such characters for a short while. For example, Rosario To Vampire, Medaka Box, To Love-Ru Darkness, Dragonball, Lupin, One Piece and Bleach. From what I observed, Dragonball parody is often used like how it was used in an example that a certain hero from that anime always keep winning while a certain villain always keep losing. I guess now we know why that always happens, huh? Blame it all on Ichiko! There is even a Death Note parody scene whereby Ichiko and the other characters parodied characters of that psychological thriller series. The trivia are fun to watch and spot and it adds pleasure and increase the overall effect of funniness. So even without the perverted antics of Bobby and Momou, Momiji’s cheeky harassment to screw up Ichiko’s life or Ichiko’s annoying reaction to it all, the show is still a laughing riot thanks to this.

Right at the end of the series whereby there is an end card illustration, which is just chibi and comical sketches of Ichiko and Momiji. When I rewatch them again at one go, I notice there seems to be a short nonsensical story in each one. Feels like some little plant is sprouting out from Momiji’s head as it grows into a big tree. The ‘red apples’ it bears turns out to be Momiji clones, much to Ichiko’s horror. Then she wakes up from it as a bad dream but it seems the nightmare has come true as all the Momiji clones are partying away in her room. Huh? Oh, there’s a plant sprouting out on Ichiko’s head too in the end! Also together with the end card illustration is the second title. I’m not sure what this second title is for since I don’t see it appearing in the main episode proper (maybe just for laughs?) but I notice that some of them parody anime titles that would reflect the misadventure of the next episode like The Disappearance of Binbouda Momiji (parody of The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi – Suzumiya Haruhi No Shoushitsu), Gentiana In The Middle Of Somewhere (Horizon In The Middle Of Nowhere – Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon), My Classmate Have No Money (No Money – Okane Ga Nai) and There’s No Way I Have A Smaller Tits Than A Littler Girl (There’s No Way My Sister Can Be This Cute – Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai). Then there are some which doesn’t seem like anime titles like Washed And Knife Up, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, Ibuki Seat and Get Whipped. The mid-intermission is also another funny section with the characters in random poses or silly antics/costumes.

Also another one of the more amusing sections is the Nadeshiko Ga segment (brought to you by Eromotion?) right before the next episode preview. In this segment, we have this bratty and arrogant oujo-sama-like girl, Nadeshiko hosting this short segment with her dialogue-less butler, Shinobu as she teases viewers to find her cameo appearances during the episode. This segment reveals her position in that episode if you care enough to do a Where’s Wally search. Then she’ll give out that arrogant laughter at the end. Of course it will be boring to just see her do the same thing in every episode so they did a little variety by cancelling this segment in one episode due to lack of time (hear her go “NooOOOOooOOOOooOOO…” in the background), fast forwarding it at 3x the speed and making her sound like a chipmunk and even superimposing her face as that sh*t dude when she didn’t really appear at all. So who is this girl, really? She doesn’t seem to have any impact in this series probably just to amuse us or screw with our heads wondering who the heck she is. In later episodes, there are very short comical skits called Extra Round. They have no impact to the actual story or the episode proper and the skits include Bobby in his twisted vision spots the words “BOOBS” when the kanji words coincidentally are lumped together, Momou getting into his bondage position in just a second, Yamabuki lecturing Momiji for her failure but will let it slide since she was easily ‘bribed’ by her favourite glam rock material, Bobby showing his obviously fake and made up driving licence to get a job and Momiji switching bodies with Ichiko and plans to run wild around town with her huge tits (and also ruin her reputation) but soon returns a minute later because she finds it tough walking around with big boobs as they can’t stop bouncing about.

Kana Hanazawa is perfectly casted as the role of Ichiko. Over the years she has played a myriad of characters from retarded lively ones to shy and soft-spoken girls. As Ichiko she displays lots of angst and frustration courtesy of the beggar b*tch. She sounds more like Mahiru from Kamisama Dolls. Only add more angst to it. Haruka Tomatsu as Ranmaru sounds more like her Beelzebub anime role as Yuuka Hanazawa because of her loud hoarser voice she is making. Kikuko Inoue as Yamabuki clearly didn’t sound like her dreamy voice roles like Belldandy in Aa! Megami-sama or Kasumi in Ranma 1/2 so I couldn’t recognize her voice initially. Hiro Shimono as Momou sounds pretty familiar because that’s the same kind of voice he puts up when playing idiots (Akihisa in Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu) or perverts (Ryousuke in Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai). Other casts include Yumi Uchiyama as Momiji (Nagi in A Channel), Kouki Uchiyama as Keita (Ichika in Inifinte Stratos, Midnight in Fairy Tail), Yoshihisa Kawahara as Bobby (Yasu in Nana), Koji Yusa as Ibuki (Ichimaru Gin in Bleach), Ryoko Shiraishi as Kuroyuri (Hayate in Hayate No Gotoku), Asami Shimoda as Ryuuta (Kotomi in Seitokai Yakuindomo), Shiho Kawaragi as Rika (Sekai in School Days) and Hiroshi Naka as Suwano (Naoyuki in Clannad). Rie Kugimiya made a cameo appearance as Kurumi and though she didn’t do her trademark tsundere loli voice, she is still recognizable with that cute high pitch voice and it was convincing enough to make her character almost turn into yandere mode.

The opening theme, Make My Day by Piko may start out sounding like a video game song but what I find amusing about this pop rock is the lyrics. Especially during the chorus when she starts singing one way, two way, three way, four way, bad day go away. It sounds cute that it rhymes like that in a row. But the ending theme is my favourite since this rock-like piece, Koi Boudou is quite a catchy tune despite the singer, Happy Birthday (yes, this is the name of the group that sung this song) doesn’t have one of the best voices around and isn’t likely to become idol or megastar material (in my opinion of course) as she sounded like she had a few rounds of drink and gotten drunk. If you know how the Japanese pop rock group, Nano Ripe sounds, you get the idea. Close to that. But I guess that kind of voice would suit the pace and feel of this song as I have imagined a high pitched, squeaky and cute one won’t really do. Neither would a mature one would make it work either.

It is true that when you share your fortune with others, your own fortune will grow and multiply itself. You become happier and more luck spreads around. Like that say, giving is better than receiving (unless you’re an ‘M’). Well, theoretically that should be okay but if you start thinking about world balance and yin-yang it may not be possible since if there are rich people, there must also be poor ones. Rich only exists because there are poor. Just like why there are beautiful people because there are ugly ones. Without darkness, light won’t exist. Maybe I shouldn’t get into too many details on this topic. We’ll save that for another day. Despite this series trying to tell us that sharing is caring, not everything in this world should be shared generously. I certainly don’t want to catch the illness you are having. For hygienic purposes, don’t share the same towel, handkerchief or even the same underwear… Even if you’re a pervert!

Nekogami Yaoyorozu OVA

July 20, 2012

Remember that lazy cat that does nothing but laze around the house? No, not Garfield but Mayu the Cat God. Unlike the former who is a glutton, Mayu bums around the house all day doing nothing but playing old video games. Hey, what’s a bored cat got to do since he got banished from Takamagahara for illegal gambling. Of course this Nekogami Yaoyorozu OVA feels like one of those fillers. Heck, the TV series also felt that way since it’s about Mayu and her other friends (mostly deity pals) in their little daily adventures. So if you’re hoping for some news to further the plot of searching for Kukuri’s successor as the guardian cat on the moon shrine, please don’t. Just enjoy seeing Mayu and co enjoy life on Earth. And since this OVA was released in spring, what better way for it to be a hanami (sakura viewing) episode.

Ohanami Ghost Busters
Shamo reads Yukina’s manga based on real life incidents. This time it is about a rumoured ghost of the abandoned hospital that had a single sakura tree in its garden. Off topic, Shamo seemed like she was the one responsible for the hospital closure… Well, she is the God of Poverty. Meanwhile at Yuzu’s place, Mayu is playing a video game with Hasumi. Why a cold game on a cold day I wonder. Anyway they lost. The rest of their friends think of doing hanami so Gonta being the manly (fox) man who wants to impress Yuzu, he volunteers to go look for a nice hanami spot (he heard that magic word of ‘porori’ that he might see Yuzu ‘reveal’ something). However the place is crowded and he got swept away by the crowd who wants him to join drinking with them. Meanwhile while waiting for Gonta to return, Hasumi mentions she spot a lone sakura tree at an abandoned hospital. It’ll be a perfect quiet spot for hanami. Yuzu can’t leave the store unattended in the middle of the day so Yoshino suggests watching the shop while they go because in the course of her job, she has seen lots of sakura flowers bloomed. Down but not out Gonta gets lively again when he hears the magic word, actually it’s Shamo buying takoyaki from Boss and Lackey’s stall. Oh, they’re still around but if Shamo’s around, shouldn’t the place be out of business? He joins them and learns about the abandoned hospital setting in Yukina’s manga. It is said that there were many victims being stripped naked and tied up. Oh… Speaking of that tree, Mayu and the gang are already there. Mayu could sense a ghost girl watching them but since she isn’t threatening, she just lets her be. They settle down and Sasana and Meiko are in a competition by bringing in tons of takeaway foods. Can they finish all that? As they take a group photo, the ghost girl secretly joins in.

Gonta returns to the shop to warn Yuzu but only finds Yoshino. When he learns where the rest have been, he tries to rush over there but bangs his head on the door’s ledge (despite successfully avoid crashing into the vases). When he wakes up, there’s no time to lose but he may have been too late because the sakura tree is attacking Mayu and co. The tree grabs Yuzu and Gonta and since he can’t break free, Mayu transfers their Friendship Power so Gonta can power up and break free. Then the tree explodes (WTF?!) and Yuzu safe in his hands. The ending gets sweeter for Gonta because Yuzu wants to marry him and they kiss! CAN THIS BE OH SO TRUE?! Of course not. In your dreams! That was when Yurara hammers Gonta up with her hammer because she is pissed off that his stupid dream is so ideally perfect and lacks realism. Yuzu would go anywhere with you? Sparkly teeth? Power of friendship? Get real. Gonta is still back at Yuzu’s shop so when he’s up for real, he rushes over. Mayu and the gang are still having their nice picnic when Gonta warns them about the ghost and wants them to leave as soon as possible. But Mayu says they don’t plan on meddling with her so it’s okay to leave the ghost girl alone. Perhaps Gonta went out of line by saying it’s because of the lingering ghost, she’s causing everyone problems and the construction can’t continue. The ghost girl can’t let that slip by. She thought she would let them hang around thinking they are harmless hanami people but now she thinks they are comrades of the construction guys.

She makes herself visible and warns them that she’ll protect this tree. However she chooses to solve her problems easily and not via violence. That is, they’re going to play the traditional game of strip rock-scissors-paper. Oh, so that’s how the victims ended up naked. They must’ve got distracted by her cuteness. Yuzu steps up for the challenge because she knows she isn’t evil and that she can’t leave her alone. Because of this, Gonta volunteers to go first. In short, he lost every match. Down to his underwear, he realizes he has been thinking too much on Yuzu and not on the game. Focusing his mind to turn the tables can he make a comeback? Nay. He lost. Totally naked! Ghost girl ties him up with the tree branch and just when Gonta thought it would be his ‘victory’ that Yuzu sees his naked body, looks like everyone wasn’t paying attention to that loser. Bummer. Next is Yuzu and she’s not going to lose. Erm… Okay, she lost. Wow! Yuzu in her undies! Wohoo!!! Gonta must be the happiest man to see this. Only if Mayu and the gang weren’t blocking his view. BUMMER!!! CAN’T SEE A DAMN THING!!! Mayu and friends think there is something fishy going on seeing ghost girl is on a winning streak. They feel she’s pulling some trick. There is indeed a trick. Each time she touches the tree, she gets to read the mind of her victim and thus she knows what hand they’re going to put. Mayu notices this and remembers hearing stories about plants and trees having abilities to read minds of living creatures. In the final move, Mayu shouts out to Yuzu what’s for dinner. In that distraction, Yuzu’s mind is disrupted as ghost girl can’t read her next move and loses her hand. But it’s us viewers the ultimate winner because Yuzu’s sarashi accidentally comes undone… Okay, so we don’t get to see her tits. At least we’re not as bad as Gonta who still can’t see anything. Total bummer.

Yuzu talks to ghost girl and the latter would hear out her wish since that was the deal. Even if Yuzu only won once, it was because ghost girl was cheating in the first place. Yuzu thanks her instead since she loves this sakura tree ever since she was a child. She never thought she would see it again. She further remembers this tree was the hospital’s centrepiece and actually got removed via depth-charge 3 years ago. You mean it wasn’t fell like other trees? Anyway this is the reason why ghost girl should ascend to heaven. At that moment, ghost girl felt inner peace and crosses to the other side. The sakura tree also vanishes. And Gonta, you can stop complaining about ‘porori’. It’s long over… Later, Mayu relays the news to Yuzu that a new park is being built on that hospital ground. And on Yuzu’s cupboard, the group photo of the hanami and the ghost girl in it. Wait a minute! A ghost in the picture?!

Seriously. Haunted Sakura Trees?
Well, the OVA seems okay and I guess one of the few reasons was to have a little fanservice on Yuzu. If you’re her fan, that is. But that doesn’t amount to anything much and felt just like a little ‘reward’ for sticking with the series (there was no fanservice whatsoever in the TV series as I recall). Mayu may still be the lazy cat but despite her being the star of this series, I thought the impact of her presence was very much lacking. So much so it felt like she’s just a side character. Of course the biggest idiot hogging the screen and the one who will draw your attention is Gonta because even though he’s a god, he’s still a guy and a pervert who wants to see Yuzu with her clothes off. I guess it’s a blessing that he didn’t get to see any ‘action’ in the end. Always a loser, huh? I suppose being the God of Wealth doesn’t mean you will have all the luck, eh?

Hasumi makes a decent appearance in the OVA and though not much, it’s not as scarce as her miniscule screen time in the TV series. Likewise, I also almost forgot about Sasana and Meiko. I thought they weren’t there with the gang. Yeah, they seemed like the ‘ghost’ to me. Haha! I thought there would be competing even more among each other over Mayu but they’re rather mild here despite that short single scene. Aren’t they supposed to fight over Mayu whom they want to marry? It’s complicated. Go watch the TV series if you want to know what I mean. So the other characters like Shamo, Yukina, Yurara, Boss and Lackey were just around so that you won’t miss out on them. The OVA could have been done without them if you ask me but if you don’t put them in, you’ll start asking where the heck are they such as Akari, Shizuha, Amaterasu, etc.

The ghost girl who seems to be haunting the sakura tree was just someone who had an attachment to the tree and wasn’t really someone evil. With the tree gone at the end, I guess that means the tree is also a ghost, eh? Though she doesn’t feel scary or spooky (heck, do ghost girls residing in sakura trees look this cute?), I hope this doesn’t make anyone start freaking out and be paranoid that sakura trees may be haunted and think twice about hanami. Maybe if you hear the Weeping Willow cry, then that’s a different story. Run and don’t look back!

Kamisama Dolls

April 22, 2012

What makes someone or something God? Is it their looks? The reverence? The awesome power that one beholds? Anyhow as long as that thing or person is viewed to be much more powerful than the average Joe, there is a high chance that you might consider that something or someone a God, right? In Kamisama Dolls, one of those ‘Gods’ comes in the form of huge mechanical woodwork. Doesn’t seem majestic but wait till you see its devastating power!

Kyouhei Kuga comes from a secluded village that ‘controls’ such giant Gods with powers known as Kakashi. Gifted people who control them with their minds are called Seki. And when you put together a God and human combo, you can always tell that there will some conflicts whatsoever because it is human nature to show off how powerful we are. Kyouhei is an ex-Seki, having giving up his position and has left the village for Tokyo. If you think if he is a country bumpkin, think again. The village may seem like a backward laidback town but like still waters run deep, there is something more than meets the eye, something dark and secretive. Or else, why would a simple and good kid like Kyouhei leave especially his family behind. And like in most clans or families that run things by the generations through the bloodlines, Kyouhei’s past slowly creeps back into his life. It’s like as though he never left. Couldn’t leave. Never will.

Episode 1
A scene of wreckage and chaos as kids are fleeing and fighting for their lives. In present time, Kyouhei arrives late for N University Sociology Department’s 7th annual party. His buddies make him the ‘sacrifice’ to go confess to Hibino Shiba (partly he likes her too and was planning to do just that). Outside the restroom, nervous Kyouhei fumbles his way and was interrupted by drunk Suou. With the massive failure, Kyouhei drowns himself with beer and sings his heart out over karaoke. While he’s unconscious, he dreams how his father allowed him to leave the village that time has forgotten since he has relinquished his rights as a Seki, though mom was against it. Even his sister Utao wasn’t too fond that her onii-chan was going away. He wakes up and finds himself sleeping on Hibino’s lap. When it’s time to go, they are horrified to see a corpse in a very bloodied elevator. The place is cordoned off as the police will have them take their statements tomorrow. Kyouhei and Hibino part ways.

As Kyouhei rides the train home, he recalls that the marks on the corpse were probably from his village. He felt somebody stalking him and rushes home. In the elevator, a Kakashi appears from the bottom. Kyouhei isn’t scared and recognizes it as Kukuri. Its Seki, Utao is waiting for Kyouhei just outside. Kyouhei notes how she hasn’t mastered controlling Kukuri yet. In his room, Kyouhei has tons of questions to ask. Why are they here since he’s not involved in the village’s customs anymore. Besides, Kukuri is the village’s most closely kept secret. Utao mentions Aki Kuga has escaped. Flashes of slaughtered bodies come to Kyouhei’s mind. Apparently someone in charge of him screwed up and after Aki learnt Kyouhei left the village, he escaped. Speaking of which, that badass kid breaks into Kyouhei’s room with his Kakashi. He mocks Utao for not being a real Seki and taunts how the village sent a little girl to capture him. Utao continues to use Kukuri to fight Aki’s Kuramitsuha but is no match. Thinking this loli needs more training, Kuramitsuha flings her out of the apartment. Kyouhei becomes mad at that crazy bastard but Aki replies it is not him who is insane, but the village. Good news is that Kukuri caught Utao. Bad news: She uses Kukuri to blast a hole in the apartment.

Next day, Hibino’s dad, Shingo (who hails from the same village as Kyouhei) picks Kyouhei and Utao up. They are going to live in his house from now on since the shrine has contacted him to look after them. And orders from the shrine cannot be disobeyed. Kyouhei remembers how the aftermath of that attack, people from the shrine came to collect Aki (man, he’s restrained in a bag for corpses?! How dangerous is this dude?!). They allow Utao to live with Kyouhei and consider it as her training. Kyouhei doesn’t like the way he was bossing him around but he quotes the shrine’s orders are absolute. Kyouhei felt in the end though he left the village, he’s still their slave. Back home, Hibino asks Shingo about this village thingy which he never talked before. He never because he wanted to protect her. He explains Karakami Village has a treasure they’ve kept since ancient times. He has Utao summon Kukuri as demonstration. Soon Hibino and Utao get acquainted and later Hibino welcomes Kyouhei to her house. Meanwhile the convoy that’s supposed to bring Aki back. Yeah, it crashed and the important ‘package’ escaped.

Episode 2
Flashback sees how Utao was in a procession to become Kukuri’s master. Detective Kyousuke Karahari and his partner are investigating the mysterious bomb blast at Kyouhei’s apartment. Kuuko Karahari of the True Science Club drags a member to the club house to conduct their true investigation of the unexplained mysteries and occult so that they can use them to destroy the so called science that dominates the world. She’s pretty confident about that… Kyouhei helps train Utao control Kukuri at the woods. He explains to Hibino the means of controlling Kakashi is passed down. Certain people are chosen to be a Seki and they put their soul into and share their heart with the Kakashi and control them. Kakashis has been used in building, logging and repelling enemies. Aki was one of that talented people but had an attitude problem and thus imprisoned. Kyouhei was once a Seki but got fired because he didn’t have enough talent. He was Kukuri’s previous owner but Utao took his place. He thinks it’s for the best as she is better at putting her heart into the Kakashi. Though she needs more concentration.

Meanwhile the only club member threatens to quit the True Science Club. But Kuuko won’t let her only slave, oops, she means member go. Heck, she doesn’t even know his name! He won’t give in to her seduction either. As they struggle in the car, little did they know that an unwatched flame will soon lead to an explosion. What do you expect with that cramped club house? So boom! The club house was near the vicinity of Kyouhei and co. First thing Utao said that it wasn’t her fault. Haha. This means she always gets blamed for the slightest thing that goes out of control, eh? The slave, er, I mean member is unconscious and is heavily pinning Kuuko down. With Kyouhei’s instructions, Utao uses Kukuri to rescue them. However she still isn’t good at controlling so she gets disheartened and feels he hates Kakashi and shouldn’t have come. But he disagrees and pats her head. Instead he was happy to see her again. That boosted Utao’s confidence as she brings the duo to safety. The compliments got to her head so she accidentally dropped them in the river. Don’t worry. They’ll be alright.

Kyouhei and Hibino attend college and the latter is worried if it’s right for Utao to stay at home all day. He mentions not to worry since she is doing correspondence courses that Seki are allowed to do via their village. Kuuko drops in on Kyouhei and Hibino at lunch. She teases them for being so close. Kyouhei gets disheartened when Hibino strongly objects but Kuuko knows this means that she could only have feelings for him. Though Kuuko got yelled at for causing the club house to be on fire, she notes there are many ways to deal with that stuff. But what puzzled her most is the big kokeshi doll-like monster. First she thought if she was dreaming but if someone did come to save her, couldn’t that person have also reported the fire? Then she sees her father, Kyousuke at school (she calls her own dad by his name). She isn’t pleased seeing her old man around. She even got the guts to twist his fingers when he said something inappropriate (at least to her). Kyousuke recognizes Kyouhei but the latter refuses his offer for a car ride home thinking they should be more careful not wanting him to figure out anything about them. Meanwhile bored Utao is trying to further her training skills by using Kukuri to man the video game control. Of course she flops and breaks it. She manages to hide it from Hibino’s dad, Shingo and agrees to go help him with the store.

On the train home, Hibino thinks Kyouhei wants to be a Seki again because when he was teaching Utao, it felt he wanted to control the Kakashi himself. However he doesn’t want to have anything to do with it all. He notes the power of the Kakashi brings disaster to all. An uncontrollable power that shouldn’t be used. Misery befalls both the person who uses it and those it is used upon. He doesn’t want Utao to experience that. When they arrive home, they are surprised to see Utao helping out with the cafe. I guess you need a loli to increase the popularity, eh? Yeah, Kyouhei start having weird ideas that she should dress up as a maid.

Episode 3
The convoy that was bringing Aki back were talking about some discord between the Kuga and Hyuuga families. When suddenly Kuramitsuha stabs the driver to crash to truck and then slices off the arm of the other guy! He couldn’t care less about the families, shrine or village. Utao is really bringing a new meaning to the word moe with her clumsiness. So cute, yet so destructive. Suou visits the cafe and takes an instant liking for this cute loli and gives her an extreme molestation, freaking her out. So it’s no wonder Utao serves everyone else nice except her. So how to get to Utao’s heart? Buy her a cake! But this is all part of scheming Suou so that once Utao takes a bite, she plays guilty mind games about putting on weight and becoming fat! Utao got traumatized because she did sample quite a lot of the cafe’s cake and loves eating them for lunch. From now on, cake is a taboo word! At least for now. It doesn’t help when Kyouhei returns with more cake! She starts biting his head like a certain glutton nun…

Hibino takes Utao out to the park. She also helps her train Kukuri underwater. She suggests picking something up so Utao concentrated to hard and pulled out a wrecked car! Everyone saw the car flying in the air before splashing back into the pond so the duo quickly get away before they become suspects. Kyouhei is supposed to meet up with them but bumps into Aki (I thought at this point he looked like Index’s Accelerator). Kyouhei doesn’t want to cause a commotion and pleads him to return to the village. However, he’s not the kind who listens. He doesn’t like the way he’s bowing his head, pleading him to return. Aki tries to stir the hornet’s nest by suggesting he kill that girl he was with at the karaoke box. This made Kyouhei very angry as he grabs his collar. This is what Aki wants. To show his true self and not pretend it never happened because they have walked the same path ever since. Suddenly a Kakashi crashes onto Aki. Kyouhei recognizes that Kakashi, Uwazutsu belonging to Koushiro Hyuuga. He notes he will take away that pain the ass away from him and warns him not to get involved. Aki lives up to his name as an escape artiste. Yup, he’s good at running away. You thought he’d be easily done for under that Kakashi, eh?

A truck driver spots a kid on the elevated highway and serves to avoid hitting him. This causes him to go off the barricade and threatening to crash into Hibino, Utao and other the people below. Utao instantly summons Kukuri to catch the truck before it slams into them all. Later Hibino thanks her for saving her and this is the second time she has saved lives. Utao heard a voice praising her sarcastically. She suspects it to be from a Seki. Aki has barely escaped and is resting on the rooftop thinking back when they opened the gate to hell and lost all kinds of things that they could never recover in exchange. That’s why he’s so pissed at Kyouhei for pretending it never happened and feels he doesn’t deserve to live a happy life. He snaps out in time before Uwazutsu slams into him. Another fight on the cards. Nearby, Kuuko just finishes up her illegal part time job (shows how she disrespects her dad, eh?) when she spots those monsters fighting in the air. Rushing towards its direction, she comes into Aki. He throws his coat to confuse her. She almost got hit by Uwazutsu. Now she’s scared and makes a run but sees Aki falling before her. Koushiro seems to have got the help of that kid, Kirio Hyuuga or else who could’ve barely beat Aki. Kirio pinpoints Aki’s location but it seems he is gone. Actually Kuuko is dragging that unconscious guy away. She thought she found something great.

Episode 4
We go a little back in time when Aki and Koushiro face off. Koushiro offers him to come to Hyuuga’s side because their leader welcomes him and if he lets the Kuga side catch him, he’ll only be thrown behind bars. However Aki isn’t interested and fights him with Kuramitsuha since he understands how Uwazutsu works (it can instantaneously appear and attack). But as Aki makes a run, he is puzzled why Koushiro can still see him despite in hiding. Then thinks it’s his smell. That’s when he comes face to face with Kuuko. To put that theory to work, he throws his coat at her and immediately Uwazutsu attacks her but still misses. In that instant, Aki rides on Kuramitsuha and would’ve slashed Koushiro’s neck if not for another Kakashi, Takemikazuchi interfering and knocking him off and Kuuko hauling him away.

Back home, Kukuri is dirtied and covered with algae so the girls clean it up. Kyouhei returns when the girls are bathing. Utao immediately lets Kyouhei know she met a Seki today but is unsure who that person is. Kyouhei also tells her he met Koushiro who is after Aki. Utao is surprised and loses her balance. Kyouhei got worried when she screamed and barged in. And saw things that not even gods should see… Is it any wonder that Hibino isn’t on talking terms with him? Later as Kyouhei talks to Utao, he thinks Hyuuga must have sent multiple Sekis for Aki. Next day in university, Hibino calls Kyouhei not because of that bathroom incident but rather she heard Kuuko murmuring something about she had found someone connected to those kokeshi monsters. They plan on visiting her and to also call Utao to come along. Speaking of Kuuko, she has got Aki all tied up and gagged (and stripped!) in her room which resembles so much like a dumpsite. She starts interrogating him about those monsters and wants to know more. She threatens him with a modified air gun and fires several painful shots into his body to show she means business. Kuuko mentions she is sick of this world and all the fakes when she got into the paranormal. But that incident she saw got her excited. She continues to bombard him with questions so Aki easily disarms her with a slice from Kuramitsuha. With that little demonstration, he lets her know what she needs to know. This is his power. She was thinking if he could share it but it’s not something you can easily split into half and give it away.

As Kyouhei and co approach outside Kuuko’s apartment, they see her barging out (like running away from a rapist!). Then they see Aki. Kyouhei grits his teeth. Aki sees Hibino and introduces himself as Kyouhei’s old buddy. Then he understood why he’s so obsessed because Hibino looks a lot like sensei. Instantly Kyouhei becomes violent and punches Aki’s face without stop! Aki points out to Hibino that this is his true nature before escaping by falling off the ledge. I’m starting to think he’s really good at escaping. So as Kyouhei and the rest mount a search for that guy, Kuuko is getting excited and as she changes her clothes, she is surprised to see Aki back in her place. He plans of making this his hideout since nobody would think that someone who ran away would return to the same place. Kyouhei is searching for Aki in a frenzy. He remembers sensei’s words to stay as Aki’s friend forever. I doubt he can do that. He’s so frustrated that he starts punching the wall and his bloodied knuckles wouldn’t just be broken and perhaps the wall too if Hibino didn’t find and calm him down. Meanwhile Utao comes face to face with Kirio and is shocked to see her face similar to hers. She says Kuga were hiding them all and that they are both each other. A pair like Seki and Kakashi. He is Utao’s Seki. Utao summons Kukuri but is no match for Takemikazuchi’s might and is sent flying away. It almost crashes onto Kyouhei and Hibino. Kyouhei recognizes Takemikazuchi but not the Utao clone. He is surprised when he addresses him as ‘onii-chan’.

Episode 5
Utao charges Kukuri to keep Kirio away (and also Kyouhei and Hibino from being too close to each other). Kukuri and Takemikazuchi engage in a public battle that has everybody stunned right before their very eyes. Kyousuke is part of the crowd and notices Kyouhei because the latter is trying to calm Utao down. As Kukuri lies low, the plan is to sneak up and attack Takemikazuchi with its only knife weapon since Takemikazuchi is able to do range attack with its lightning. Kyouhei wonders who this Kirio is and if he is in possession of Takemikazuchi, does it mean he is with Hyuuga? Utao makes Kukuri dash towards Takemikazuchi but Kirio already saw her move and electrocutes Kukuri. But Kukuri uses its arm to shield itself and grabs a hold of Takemikazuchi. Another electrocution to release that pestering Kakashi. This causes Kukuri to lose an arm. Then hiding Kukuri in the forest, Utao is clearly shaken and it doesn’t help when Kyouhei yells at her that her rash actions would destroy Kukuri. As Hibino calms her down, Kirio finds them and lets them know that it was Utao who started it. He taunts her for not cut out to be a Seki. Though he is here only to tease her, however the events that happened have made him changed his mind. Takemikazuchi unleashes a full lightning blast on Kukuri but to his surprise, Kukuri automatically absorbs the lightning with its other arm and returns the power to Takemikazuchi, destroying it into pieces. Koushiro comes by and returns Kukuri’s broken arm. Then he lectures Kirio for always losing his head.

Back home, Utao is understandably upset so Hibino comforts her. Kyouhei is on the phone but gets no answers from the shrine. The only way left is to return to Karakami and see a Kakashi specialist to get Kukuri fixed. Utao doesn’t have to worry since Kyouhei will come along with her. Shingo learns about what happened and is somewhat glad that Utao can’t move Kukuri for the time being. The Kakashi battle is all abuzz on the TV news because these days, anybody can be a cameraman. After Kyouhei finishes his bath, Hibino asks him if she could tag along with them to Karakami. Hibino must the slowest driver ever. I know she wants to be careful driving her car through the forest but I think the snail is even faster than her. So slow that it boggles my mind how the heck she nearly crashed into a tree! Kirio is back in his village and fears seeing the head of the Hyuuga clan, Sahei. True enough, Sahei beats him with a stick till he bleeds for damaging Takemikazuchi in a pointless battle. He threatens to send him back locked up in the storeroom, something Kirio doesn’t want and pleads for a second chance. But Koushiro prevents Sahei from hitting Kirio anymore because he considers that kid to be his partner since their mission to capture Aki is still on. He asks Sahei if he was the one who released Aki but he rubbishes the thought. Sahei’s mistress, Ayame talks to him about Kirio’s fighting his first battle and that he needs time as compared to Utao who is progressing. However Sahei who notes he has raised him in secret for 12 years feels it’s time to say goodbye and lately he has become doubtful about the event that caused everyone to think those 2 children are so important. Something about the ability to communicate with the Kakashi from within the womb. A sign that they would be a higher level Seki. But now he thinks they may be too hasty. However his concern is that they need to quickly find a Seki powerful enough to control the Kakashi called Amaterasu. Hmm… Like one badass Kakashi being wrapped up…

Episode 6
Upon arriving at Karakami, Kyouhei and Utao’s mom, Hitomi immediately hugs Utao. Kyouhei sees his dad, Yasuyuki about Kirio but he doesn’t know much since he wasn’t at Utao’s birth. And since she had a hard labour, Hitomi lost her memory of it due to the shock. If he wants to know, he should ask grandpa and others present. Kyouhei is not too happy he didn’t care to find the truth and ran away but Yasuyuki mentions the same about him when he left Karakami and everything to Utao. Later Kyouhei, Utao and Hibino go see Moyako Somaki who is a Kakashi repair woman. She reprimands them (through the soft speaking voice of her grandpa) the disrespectful way they treat Gods. I’m not sure if Moyako realized she needs to edit some of her words because she doesn’t bat an eyelid when she used words such as ‘balls’ and ‘crotch’. But it is not Moyako that Utao is afraid of seeing. Rather, her sister Yurako. Upon seeing Utao, Yurako instantly hugs and bugs her in an annoying fashion. Hibino and Yurako almost ended up in a tug of war over Utao! Inside the workshop, they also see Takemikazuchi. Seems Koushiro brought them here and their job is to fix Kakashis and not take sides. Moyako explains how Kakashis are given their own breath of life. Though their workings may be wooden and mechanical, they use Kamu No Chi, the God’s blood with the combination of special resins and soak it in a tub for several days. Moyako then takes Hibino to the woods where the resin trees are grown. The trees here are somewhat like an internet. Some psychic wave thingy I guess. So much so if you’re ‘connected’ you can read the minds of others. Moyako demonstrates by reading Hibino’s mind and causes her to be embarrassed. Then Hibino sees a beautiful and sad vision that she cried.

Utao sees her grandpa and was being told she failed. He tells her about Kirio, her younger twin brother who was snatched away during birth by the Hyuuga in secret. He only planned to tell her when she is older. Utao gets permission to tell Kyouhei so long as she takes responsibility as she’s an adult now. Okay, maybe not quite. How the heck she tripped like a kid? Meanwhile Koushiro brings Kirio back to his home and his lovely wife, Kii-chan. He teased him that Kirio better not be his child from somewhere else ;p. As Kirio takes a bath, Koushiro sees the hideous scars on his back. Then he makes good dinner for that deprived kid. Kirio envies Utao because they’re supposed to be the same. Two days later, Kukuri is fully repaired as Moyako guide Utao in practising with Kukuri. During the break, Utao seeks advice from the ladies on how to treat a younger sibling. While Moyako’s methods are brutal, cruel and violent (must be speaking from experience with Yurako, eh?), Hibino prefers the gentler method of smiling and giving a big hug (note, Hibino is an only child). Once they part ways, Utao suggests they fly but Kyouhei has doubts for Hibino. His worst fears came true when Hibino is hanging on to dear life. Complaining about the height, speed and just about anything. Because Utao isn’t concentrating, this causes Kukuri to suddenly drop momentarily. Kyouhei grabs on to Hibino. Her shirt. Almost pulling it off… As for Utao, she’s clinging on to Hibino’s legs. Her pants. Almost pulling it down. In just a few more seconds, she’ll be unclothed… Utao further blunders by making Kukuri go up instead of down. So once they finally get back on ground, safe to say Hibino didn’t lose any of her clothes and more important, her cool. After all, she’s somewhat used to it. After Kyouhei and Hibino pray at a grave, the sudden downpour catches them off-guard as they seek shelter. Hibino asks him about Aki, the sensei that he mentioned and their relationship. So I guess it’s flashback time. Going back 6 years in time…

Episode 7
Chihaya Senou just arrived in Karakami when she sees Aki being surrounded by Atsushi and his gang. Atsushi is trying to throw his weight around that he is the new Seki for Kuramitsuha. Chihaya tries to stop them but there is nothing she could do. Aki mocks Atsushi’s ability in controlling Kuramitsuha and as Atsushi is about to use his Kakashi to slice Aki, Kyouhei and his Kukuri butt in. Atsushi and co back off for now. But Aki continues to ignore Chihaya. Chihaya becomes a school teacher in the village and it is obvious that Kyouhei develops a crush on her. Aki meanwhile is forced to walk her dog. I don’t know why he obliged. Atsushi tries to force himself on Chihaya but was slapped. She complains to the principal but was reminded that the Kuga and Hyuuga are absolute in this village since they run the shrine and that she should behave herself. Kyouhei also complains to Yasuyuki but he tells him to take his grumbles to the principal himself or just shut up. Kyouhei goes to find Chihaya and assures that he will protect her. On her way home, she meets Aki (still walking her dog?). She asks why he doesn’t attend school and his reply is that so that they wouldn’t hate him. He warns her this place will be cold to her unless she is in the in group. As for himself being lonely, he’s been alone for a long time in this sh*thole.

Next day in class, Chihaya is shocked to see a slanderous note on the blackboard. The one she slept with her student’s dad. She can’t take it and skips class. Till she bumps into Aki (still walking the dog?). She gets scared when she looks into his eyes and decides to go back to school. In no time, Chihaya’s bad reputation spread throughout the entire village and people start shunning her. Atsushi again forces himself on her but she resists. The dog bites his leg (damn bastard kicked the dog!) as distraction while Aki hits Atsushi’s head with a stick to take Chihaya and run. Back in her home, she admits that she did sleep with her student’s father and was caught red-handed by the kid. She saw his eyes like as though his soul shattered into pieces. When he rushed out, he was knocked by a truck, though he survived. That incident forced Chihaya to quit her job. So is it a wonder she couldn’t get a job anywhere else? So that’s why she saw the same eyes in Aki’s then. Then she kisses him. Aki knows she wants to get revenge on me since she can’t get it on the kid. Chihaya pushes him down and they make love. Well, you can’t turn sex down, can’t you? F*ck first, talk later. Chihaya wants to go somewhere faraway with him but Aki still has something left to do here. And it’s about reclaiming Kuramitsuha.

One day Kyouhei wanted to confess to Chihaya but she spoke first and told him to be friends with Aki. Pictures of Chihaya sleeping with Aki got into the principal’s hands. Seeing she has violated the rules of this village and especially being seen with Aki, she is forced to leave school and the village. While she is packing her bags, Atsushi kidnaps her. When Aki comes by, he sees the poor dog slashed dead and a letter that Chihaya is in that bastard’s custody. Rushing to the scene, Atsushi lets loose his hate for Aki and is about to kill him with Kuramitsuha. However Chihaya leaps in front and got killed protecting Aki. It boggles me how a human can dash faster than a Kakashi. Unless Atsushi is a poor master, which proves how he failed to stop it from slicing Chihaya. As the bullies start panicking, Atsushi is going to cover up by killing Aki and calling it a lover’s suicide. However Aki somehow manages to wrest control Kuramitsuha and stop it dead in its track. Then the village people rush in after hearing the commotion. They are confused of what is happening. Aki goes crazy and slaughters everyone with Kuramitsuha. Say, it’s raining blood. By the time Kyouhei arrived, it was too late. He couldn’t contain his sadness and anger. Soon Aki was imprisoned as Kyouhei buries Chihaya’s body. Shortly he stopped becoming a Seki and Kuramitsuha was sealed. It was only much later Kyouhei learnt Aki didn’t kill Chihaya. The beautiful and sad scene Hibino saw was the one whereby Aki was walking with the dog.

Episode 8
Utao takes up Hibino’s advice to smile but the more she practices, the creepier it seems. When they leave Karakami, Utao spots Kirio. She flies up to him with Kukuri and tries to put on a smile. Because she took too long, Kirio sticks out his tongue and walks away. And Yurako didn’t make it in time to see off Utao… Good grief. Back in Tokyo, Kyouhei decides to take Utao to the beach since she has never been to one. But upon arrival, they are stuck indoors because of the typhoon. Since their rooms are leaking, Hibino and Kyouhei go get the inn owner Murata. A tree suddenly crashes into the wall and pins Murata down. The electricity also goes out. Hibino goes back to get Utao (in the bath) so she could use Kukuri to pull Murata out. As they grapple in the dark calling each other’s name, they bump into each other. It’s amazing Utao hit into Hibino’s stomach instead of her boobs. Does this tell you how short she is? Okay, her hands were actually stretching out. I guess it’s so dark that Murata even thought Hibino was the one who pulled him out from beneath (Kukuri was holding up the tree so maybe he thought it was Kyouhei). Couldn’t he tell about the boobs? Kyouhei and Hibino go outside to bring in the generator since the electricity breaker isn’t working. A signboard threatens to slam into Hibino’s head when Utao swiftly controls Kukuri to take her out of harm’s way. Next day, it is fine sunny weather but Utao got praises for what she did last night.

Back in the city, Hibino goes off to the library to return borrowed books. Since Utao has never been to a library bigger than the one in her village, she relishes the chance to go. Shingo seems to have forgotten to return a book so Utao is up to the task of bringing it to the library herself. Ironically once the ladies are gone, the cafe is void of any customers. Tells you what kind of people patron this joint, eh? The guys talk and it seems Shingo mentions that even though it has been 20 years since he left Karakami and severed ties, he felt the village never lets anyone born there go. Kyouhei reflects and now understands after telling Hibino about that flashback. He quit being a Seki for fear of what’s inside him and Aki. That fear he may just snap and kill everyone. At the library, Hibino is surprised to see Aki reading there. Aki can tell from her face Kyouhei has told her things. She admits but the one thing she couldn’t understand was why he was so obsessed with Kyouhei. It’s fine if he hates the rest and deals with them himself but don’t drag Kyouhei along. Aki wonders if she likes Kyouhei. She doesn’t know but feels it doesn’t have anything to do with him. On the contrary, if they’re together that means it matters to him regardless of what Kyouhei wants. When Hibino brings up Chihaya’s name, Aki threatens her with Kuramitsuha. She quickly apologizes. Returning back on the topic of Kyouhei, he mentions that nobody realizes that there is something terrible and dark inside of him. On second thought, maybe he did that’s why he’s avoiding him. He has an idea that if he does something to her, that will anger Kyouhei. Kukuri whizzes through in between them. Hibino tells them not to fight in here.

So I guess they settle it outdoors in the park. Utao is much better in controlling Kukuri and wants Aki to return to the village because Gods aren’t meant for killing and destroying but saving and helping people. He disagrees because all their Gods could do is just murder and destroy. Simply because they have human hearts inside. He wants them to tell Kyouhei this game isn’t over yet. When the girls return, Hibino is so upset that she locks herself in her room. This causes frantic Kyouhei to come knocking on her door and even more when he finds out they met Aki (it may break if he continues at this rate). So noisy and irritating that Hibino has no choice but to open up. And Kyouhei had to fall all over her. Now it’s Utao’s turn to punch and kick that unfaithful brother. But the reason she is breaking down is because she is confused about her deeds using the Kakashi. She is in a dilemma that no matter how much good she uses, it will still bring destruction. Kyouhei calms her then she must decide what it does and if she doesn’t want to do those things, Kukuri will be a good God. Meanwhile Kyousuke who has been researching on the matter himself is waiting outside the cafe while Koushiro and Kirio arrive in town with Moyako.

Episode 9
Kyousuke patrons the cafe and Utao is obviously panicking when she serves him. It may seem like Kyousuke is bullying a kid with his questionings but Shingo ‘saves’ her by calling her back to the counter. Later Moyako pays Utao a surprise visit and also to check on Kukuri. She asks if Utao had used Kukuri’s left hand (the one which absorbed Takemikazuchi’s lightning) but she was unsure. Seems Kyouhei was only able to use this move and honestly Moyako didn’t think Utao could pull it off (yeah, it ruined her happy mood). The reason Moyako is here is because Koushiro wanted Takemikazuchi back immediately though the Kakashi is still in repairs. She is dedicated to her duty of making sure the Kakashi is functioning back to normal, thus the reason she came with him and continue fixing it. She has a couple of gifts for Utao. First one from Kirio: A message of “STUPID!”. The second one is from Yurako. Utao not looking forward… A doll of Yurako that Utao can sleep with? Late in the night Kyouhei walks Moyako back as they talk about recently running into Aki and also on Kirio.

If you’re wondering about Kuuko’s absence for the past few episodes, wonder no more. We see that crazy girl doing her own crazy research on Karakami since freeloading Aki isn’t telling her anything. She tries to seduce him for answers on that day where several people died simultaneously in a mudslide. Only thing there was no record of a mudslide. She concludes there may be a reason Aki can’t return to Karakami and that he might have been a mass murderer! She gets this crazy idea he needs to do something big and flashy to change the world. Aki isn’t motivated (probably her seduction wasn’t as good as Chihaya) so she even hints of doing it with him (seriously) when Kyousuke comes ringing on her door. After making Aki hide, she reluctantly sees her loathsome dad. He invites himself in checks around the place, finds nothing and leaves. And as for Aki, he already fled through the window. Koushiro gets a surprise call from Kyouhei to meet. Kyouhei ponders about Kirio’s wellbeing as Koushiro assures that he will protect that kind as long as he is with him. Kyouhei has other questions for him but all Koushiro said is that he needs to decide quickly. Or else he’ll get himself killed and involved lots of other people. Koushiro signs off with a message from Kirio that he too wants to meet Utao. Kyouhei ponders lots of things during another party with his N University mates. Then he runs into Hibino and it’s that semi-déjà vu feeling to confess again. Only thing is that his pals didn’t set him up. Too bad he got interrupted by Suou again. Didn’t I say it was semi-déjà vu? Aki too has a lot on his mind. He wonders if he has gotten as far away as Chihaya wanted him to. But he feels he has nowhere to go and have to blast that sh*thole off the face of the Earth. Kuuko comes by with a guy, Shimoyama to see him.

Utao dresses up and gets prepared to meet Kirio. She thought Kyouhei was saying how cute she was but actually he was looking at Hibino’s elementary school graduation photos. Not wanting to lose out, Utao also has a picture taken with Kukuri. Still having problems smiling properly? So Koushiro’s side meets with Kyouhei and co. The former mentions their families may be enemies on the surface, but that doesn’t mean they can pick fights every time they meet. Kyouhei also doesn’t want that. Reminding Kirio to be a man and keep his promise, Kirio promises never to fight Utao again. However a voice taunts their actions. Koushiro wants Mahiru to come out and when she did, she immediately hugs Kyouhei’s arm. That’s another one more rival for you Utao.

Episode 10
The Hyuuga girl is bored that Koushiro and Kirio left the village and sees no reason why she should be a good girl. Yup, she’s here for her beloved Kyouhei and couldn’t care less about the Kuga and Hyuuga thingy. Utao tries to tell Mahiru to get her fingers off Kyouhei but was pushed away. Hibino stands up for Utao but was told to shut up whether or not she had direct or indirect ties with Karakami. Looks like only Kyouhei can calm her down. Koushiro wants her to immediately return but she starts throwing a tantrum that everyone is ganging up on her. She unleashes her Kakashi, Magatsuhi and attacks Koushiro. Any Kakashi that is trapped within Magatsuhi’s barrier, their Kamu No Chi will be cut off from their Seki (it means you can’t control your Kakashi). Moyako threatens to stop maintaining Magatsuhi and during that distraction, Utao uses Kukuri to cut the barrier allowing Uwazutsu to pin Magatsuhi down. Mahiru is so pissed that it ends with a big explosion and a crater. Don’t worry, everyone is safe.

Meanwhile Kuuko and Shimoyama bring Aki to Takeshi Hirashiro, the first Diet member from Karakami. He knows Aki pretty well and finds the conflict between the 2 families to be primitive as he believes Karakami’s treasures can be put to good use for the people. Kuuko contacted him when she investigated the village and found its connection. Aki realizes that Hirashiro was the one who freed him from prison. He did so because he thought Aki would kill those village elders (he feels the need for their elimination due to change in times) but he vanished and popped up in Tokyo instead. Aki isn’t interested and is about to walk away when Mahiru crashes into the office with Magatsuhi, complaining just about everyone and everything. Aki and Mahiru see each other and didn’t know Hirashiro had contacted the other. Seems he wasn’t just soliciting one of them (giving that Karakami’s future as an excuse of course). Though Aki notes the cry-baby Mahiru have grown up, she still thinks Aki as a loser. Then their Kakashis fight each other to trash the place and if Aki was a second faster, he could’ve sliced Mahiru. But her barrier was activated and it’s game over. Shingo notices everyone’s gloominess. Obviously who can’t be after what happened. But Utao is more concerned about Kirio not wanting to call her onee-sama but instead called Mahiru that. So troubled that she didn’t know she is on her 6th bowl of rice! Koushiro meets up Kyouhei to find out his connection with Mahiru. Likewise, Mahiru also forces Aki to listen her flashback (inclusive with all the taunts that he can’t do anything without Kyouhei).

About 8 years ago, Kyouhei and Aki found Mahiru and Magatsuhi unconscious near an abandoned mine. She recently underwent her inheritance ceremony to be a Seki. Aki gets rough with her while Mahiru tries hard to hold back her tears and put on a tough face. Because they feel something from the mine, they decided to check it out. They see a dormant Kakashi and think if they give it a Seki, it will move. Aki thinks of making this their secret Kakashi but obviously good guy Kyouhei feels it’s more appropriate to tell the adults. Suddenly the Kakashi activates and binds Aki. He heard a voice wanting to devour his hatred and obsession. Kukuri cuts Aki loose as the kids make a run for it. The Kakashi start blasting even when the kids got outside. Kyouhei suggests they cooperate and defeat it. When Mahiru traps the Kakashi with Magatsuhi’s barrier, she is suddenly paralyzed with hypnotic fear. She could’ve been done for if Kyouhei didn’t save her. Kuramitsuha stabs the Kakashi from underneath but it didn’t go deep enough. Then Kukuri slams right into it. The kids are exhausted and shocked. Mahiru is clinging onto Kyouhei with absolute fear. Aki understands why because that Kakashi eats one’s mind. By doing so, it doesn’t need a Seki to move. Their reprieve is short-lived when the Kakashi resumes its attacks. Kyouhei is seen carrying inconsolable Mahiru while dragging Aki away. Kukuri blocks another blast from the Kakashi but the kids are sent flying. The Kakashi closes up on Kyouhei ready for another blast. He was so scared to be so close to death that he passed out. The next thing he knew, adults were all around him and the monster was destroyed. Ever since, his mind has been broken. And maybe for Mahiru too. She adores her beloved Kyouhei and if not for him, they all would have died if he had not opened Kukuri’s left hand.

Episode 11
Continuing from the flashback, Kyouhei may not have remembered what happened before the monster Kakashi’s blast but Mahiru and Aki saw everything. When the Kakashi fired, Kukuri’s left hand absorbed its blast and repels back at it, completely destroying the powerful Kakashi. That scene affirmed Kyouhei as Mahiru’s hero. So I guess the reason why she teamed up with Hirashiro is because as long as Kuga and Hyuuga are fighting, they both can’t be together. After all that incessant talking, Aki got her to ‘listen’ when he says Kyouhei already has a girlfriend. Yeah, you’ve guessed it. The one with the huge racks.

Utao draws a complicated relationship diagram of the characters involved in this series. She’s serious, eh? But Hibino is impressed that she can write harder kanji words. Once Kyouhei return, they have him tell them what he told Koushiro. After Moyako fixes Takemikazuchi, she goes off with Hibino to do shopping together. See the amount of bags they have? They could’ve bought the entire store. Meanwhile Utao bakes cookies for Kirio. On the way back, Moyako heads to the ladies as Hibino waits. Unfortunately she got kidnapped by Mahiru. Once Moyako is done with her business she felt something has happened to Hibino seeing all the shopping bags are strewn over the floor. In a private penthouse, Hibino is tied up and the first thing Mahiru did was to molest those melons like as though it was the evil thing that would seduce Kyouhei away. Mahiru tells her off that a piece of crap like her isn’t worth dating Kyouhei. Her glossy rant of her ideal couple includes words like modern Romeo and Juliet, get married, destroy the village’s old rules and rulers and new paradise. I’m sure you can make a sentence out of it. Hibino puts on a sad expression when Mahiru claims Kyouhei as the strongest Kuga Seki (that is what Aki said too). Mahiru gets rough with her and lectures about her belief in the strongest of the fittest. Shimoyama informs Hirashiro about Hibino’s kidnapping and he can’t do anything to stop or else that crazy b*tch would’ve killed him. Anyway he is called to watch Hibino because Mahiru wants to go on a date.

After Kyouhei calls Koushiro and speculate Mahiru may be behind Hibino’s kidnapping, Mahiru arrives in a whirlwind probably like a whirlwind romance she wanted so much with Kyouhei. Unfortunately she landed and crushed Utao’s box of hard baked cookies. Mahiru admits that she took Hibino. Kyouhei denies that she is dating Hibino but Mahiru doesn’t believe him and thinks he may still fall for that witch’s wiles! Utao couldn’t stand anymore of her ranting since her cookies have been trampled to death! Their Kakashis fight each other but Kukuri was thrown aside. Mahiru wants Kyouhei to the village with her but he can’t. She gets upset and disappears. Gone with the wind. But she left the place in a mess. Yeah, like her, she’s a mess too. Moyako notes he sucks in negotiation (sarcasm at this point?) but the truth is, Kyouhei can’t lie. Kyouhei is in a dilemma on what to do so much so he sees a vision of Aki taunting him about looking cooler as an outsider but isn’t and that he has no Kakashi and not a Seki anymore. Kyouhei wants Utao to use Kukuri to follow Magatsuhi (which apparently teleported) when he receives a call from Kuuko to go to Setagaya penthouse. Moyako also tags along because she feels responsible. And Shimoyama plans on doing something horrible to Hibino. He says he wants to see Kyouhei’s reaction? I think he’s just thinking with the brains between his legs. Can’t resist the temptation, eh?

Episode 12
Apparently when Kuuko was messing around with a device, she overheard Hibino’s kidnapping. She didn’t like what happened to her friend and hacked for details, knocked Hirashiro out and stole keys to the penthouse. Then she sees Aki tied up in the storeroom and just throws him the keys to free himself. Actually he doesn’t even need it. Just summon Kuramitsuha to break free! Hibino struggles with Shimoyama upon her impending rape but was told to behave or else he’ll shock her with the taser. Shimoyama doesn’t consider Kyouhei his friend because in that village he is just a peasant if the Kuga and Hyuuga are rulers. However Hibino doesn’t think Kyouhei thinks of him that way. Just as he’s about to get to the good part (Hibino’s body, not the story lah), Kuuko whacks him out with of golf club. Hole in one! After she frees her, they run into Hirashiro now dangerously armed with a gun. Kuuko locks Hibino outside the rooftop while she handles Hirashiro herself. Kuuko is crazy enough to use a distraction to come up close to him. As they struggle, a gunshot is heard. Hibino fears the worse and rushes down to get help. However she’ll have her own set of problems to deal with when she meets Mahiru, who is totally upset over Kyouhei’s rejection. She wants answers from Hibino. Mahiru couldn’t understand why he would throw away all the power in his hands so Hibino thinks it would not get him happiness. However this only confuses and upsets Mahiru further because if he was that powerful, shouldn’t he have gotten everything he wanted? She flings Hibino off the building but thankfully Kyouhei and co come to her rescue. Meanwhile Shimoyama comes to and sees Kuuko all bloodied and Hirashiro’s lifeless body. Kuuko throws the gun at him so a lady passing by thought he was the killer! Then Kuuko pretends to be his lover and make they both make a run for it.

On the rooftop, Mahiru is determined to eliminate all those in her way and make Kyouhei hers. Utao decides to fight seeing she too has a reason to fight (the cookies, remember?). But the fight between Kukuri and Magatsuhi at first looked like a Kakashi version of pro-wrestling. Koushiro and Kirio are watching from afar. Not only them, the ordinary citizens are yet again dumbfounded of another huge fight in the sky. Kukuri stabs a critical area Magatsuhi to cease it from moving. Mahiru is clearly upsets and orders Magatsuhi to get up even if it doesn’t. As explained by Moyako, its control system was cut through so it won’t listen to her anymore. Suddenly Magatsuhi rises on its own and grabs Hibino in one of its tentacles. Then it intimidates Mahiru but she isn’t pleased and orders it to put her down. Eventually she overcame this with her sheer mental strength. But that won’t last for long seeing it starts attacking them. Kyouhei pushes Mahiru out of harm’s way. She thought her prince charming saved her but that turned to despair when she noticed he was more concerned about Hibino. Magatsuhi flies off with Hibino but Kukuri hits it down as a pole impales through its body. Magatsuhi starts shooting beams, something she never knew it could do or seen. Moyako says a Kakashi’s abilities are influenced by its Seki’s personality and this means Mahiru hasn’t fully mastered Magatsuhi. Kyouhei climbs up to try and free Hibino. But its tentacles start pounding him as Kyouhei grits his teeth and hangs on. Takemikazuchi and Uwazutsu join the fray. However as Takemikazuchi is about to stab Magatsuhi, the latter uses Kukuri as a shield. Kukuri’s vital control system is cut as it falls below. While Kirio is stunned, Takemikazuchi gets fired by the beams. Kyouhei is trying so hard to free Hibino from the tight grasp that eventually he too gets trapped. So tight that he starts remembering how he told his parents about wanting to leave the village for Tokyo. Yasuyuki allowed him to do whatever he wants for the next 4 years because he’ll eventually become the head of this family. Kyouhei realized that was a warning he’ll never escape this village. Despite that, he wanted to live his own life and not one the village prepared for him. Then in Tokyo he met Hibino and the rest was history. Kyouhei is so mad that the village may take Hibino away from him that he is about to snap. A tentacle lands a massive blow on his head. Kukuri rises and starts moving on its own.

Episode 13
Kukuri furiously attacks Magatsuhi and destroys its tentacle. Kyouhei and Hibino’s fall are broken by Uwazutsu. Koushiro tells Moyako leave (Kirio seemingly went missing. Actually he ran away). Utao and Mahiru are paralyzed by the shock so they’ll have to carry them away. Kukuri pounds Magatsuhi like a punching bag (I thought it looked like some super combo punch) and in the end, Magatsuhi is totally destroyed. Kyouhei continues to lie in coma in hospital as Hibino, Utao and Shingo wait. Mahiru and Kirio each ponder why is everything so screwed up and what have gone wrong. Kyouhei remembers back his past and felt like an outsider from start to finish. He had the power but was powerless. He once tried to tell Atsushi and his bullies to lay off Chihaya but is shocked to hear she has been sleeping with Aki. Then on the night whereby Aki slaughtered everyone, mad Kyouhei pinned him down and attacked anyone else who tried to interfere. Even if it was his grandpa. Utao was also there and saw what was happening. She ordered them to stop and in an instant, Kukuri stopped dead in its tracks. That was when he lost Kukuri to Utao. His nightmare continues when he sees Hibino being taken away. Reach as his might, he yells out that Hibino belongs to him! It’d be fine if he said that in his dreams. Well, he was somewhat sleep talking so in reality he is hugging Hibino desperately. Yup, she heard it too. Utao didn’t view that as fair and gets her fair share of hug from onii-chan. At the hospital rooftop, Kyouhei things of going back to the village to avoid Hibino being dragged further since Aki and Mahiru have come after him. However he was reminded that she can’t abandon him when he’s in trouble. And about her being his, it’s not that she likes being viewed as his personal property, but at least she’s happy. Then she kisses him. Didn’t see that one coming. They could have done a second round after the hug but a granny came by for fresh air. Well, at least it wasn’t Utao. Speaking of which, she is disheartened that Kukuri can’t move anymore. So back home after Kyouhei gets discharged, Moyako does some checking and doesn’t find anything wrong. It’s not like there is anything broken or if Utao is the problem. She can’t ascertain it. Maybe they need to take it back to the village to get a more detailed check-up. Kyouhei asks Utao if she likes Kukuri. She says she does because Kukuri is a good God.

Kyouhei feels everyone is suffering because of him so Hibino thinks maybe if he feels so, he could start atoning. But he doesn’t need to be the only one who atones. Another romantic moment interrupted when Moyako calls for Hibino’s turn to take the bath. After that, Aki pays Kyouhei a visit. Seems Aki plans on returning to the village because unless he settles things, he can’t go anywhere. He also heard that Sahei had that Kakashi monster that attacked them revived. Though Kukuri destroyed it, seems it regenerated and he dug it up from the old shrine. As for his hatred and wanting to destroy everything, though Kyouhei has his own problems with the village and his parents, at least he doesn’t destroy everything like him. Even so, Aki says that he can’t go back or reset things now and have to keep moving forward. Then they talk about the good ol’ times and got into a petty argument. Enough for them to start laughing at how petty it was. Felt good, eh? Why wasn’t it like this before all along? Then Aki leaves and tells Kyouhei to take care of himself. We see short snippets of Sahei and Ayame watching over Amaterasu, Kuuko and Shimoyama hiding together, Kyousuke continues to patron the cafe and Utao lets loose her gluttony. Utao talks to Kyouhei about the many Sekis before them who controlled Kukuri. She wonders if her feelings will be remembered by Kukuri hundreds of years in the future. Kyouhei believes it will. Kyouhei is now determined that he won’t run anymore and will settle this. The next tantalizing scene shows a rejuvenated Kukuri and a powered up Kyouhei facing off with that Kakashi monster.

Short 2-minute specials that come with the DVD. They are random, funny and nonsensical. Nothing to do with the story whatsoever. I suppose it’s for those of you who haven’t got enough of the loli in Utao, the fanservice in Hibino and Mahiru’s angst.

Special 1 – In a dating simulation-like game, Utao Plus has the viewers dating, well, Utao. So you get to take her out shopping and make her try on various outfits, much to her embarrassment. At the end of the day when Utao is happy you accompanied her and pat her head, Aki shows up to tease her. Yup. He saw everything at the shop. Embarrassed Kukuri unleashes Kukuri while Aki does the same with his Kuramitsuha. Another explosive affair. But Utao isn’t happy her date is ruined. Was she using this as a practice to date Kyouhei?

Special 2Hibino tries out her new swimsuit but is horrified the see the flabs around her waist (I don’t see anything – maybe it’s a girl’s thingy). Worse, she didn’t seem happy about her weight on the scale. We couldn’t care less what Hibino is talking about because all our eyes are fixated at her bouncy boobs when she does push-ups and sit-ups despite her having the perfect boobs, slender waist and back. In the end, Hibino gains more weight because of the muscles she obtained during the workout.

Special 3Mahiru treats us viewers by giving us her stern mocking lecture and even beating the camera up. I guess she needs to take all her pent up frustrations out seeing beloved Kyouhei isn’t here. How convenient. I am not an M. But I don’t think she’s listening. She feels she wants to really make us stupid guys understand her deep sadness so much so she unleashes Magatsuhi to teach us a good lesson. And because she is bored, she is going to play with us a lot more. Should we feel honoured? Doesn’t look like a play that we guys would enjoy…

Special 4 – Utao must be devastated seeing the viewer votes for the specials are in. Yeah, she might have gotten first place. Or else why dedicate this special to Utao doing cosplay in various dresses while being photographed by Hibino? Why is Hibino so obsessed in putting more outfits on her and snapping away like crazy? I didn’t know she had this sort of fetish. The final straw came when she wants Utao to wear a sexy see-through lingerie. No way!

Special 5 – Utao must have come up tops against in the viewers’ poll, eh? She’s doing an interview of Tokyo in her swimsuit by visiting various landmarks like Tokyo Tower, Akihabara and Shibuya. Each time she feels its large magnitude, feels scared and gets swamped by a group of crazy otaku guys. Mahiru thought she was taking pictures of her without her permission so she chides her before humiliating her with Magatsuhi, letting the otaku guys take all the pictures they want of Utao. Can’t bear to take this anymore, Utao summons Kukuri and the epic explosion means everyone gets caught in the cross-fire. They find it awesome?

Special 6 – It’s Mahiru’s turn to top the polls. She’s relishing in her victory. So do viewers finally understand her or they just fear her? This time we see her taking us to the festivals as she shows us the fireworks. She is bragging about the special display she is going to make especially for us but I guess we’re hesitating to come along with her since she did mention she’ll show it if we become her slave. But do we have a choice? Then Aki pops up upon hearing the commotion and he teases her about this date. Yeah, he promises he won’t tell Kyouhei. They summon their Kakashi and fight but it accidentally lit the fireworks. I don’t think the wild display was bad but there goes Mahiru’s festival.

Killer God Dolls
If not for the ‘to be continued’ message right at the end, I would have certainly considered to be one of those unpleasant animes that ended so abruptly with everything left hanging, that I would have cursed furiously without hesitation. It’s not that I am happy with how things ended but that message ‘softens’ the impact. It still left me wondering what really happened to Mahiru, Kirio and Kuuko. The first 2 seemed to have run away. They start reflecting on things. Period. The crazy girl also ran away with her ‘lover’. Period. Aki is still on the loose. Then show ends. But still the show had promising developments so I guess if there is going to be a sequel, I would definitely want to watch it to see what happens next to the characters and the village.

The most amusing character is definitely Utao. Her blunders and even trying to work hard seems to make her look funny. There are times she may be serious or sad but that will soon turn into something comical. From trying to smile properly to being devastated seeing her cookies destroyed, you can never tire of her cuteness. Yurako is also amusing but only to the point she is annoyingly clinging all over Utao. Good thing or bad, she doesn’t get any much screen time. Kuuko is getting crazier as she gets. She is not afraid to take risks and no matter how wild or disrespectful she is towards her dad, the last bit clearly shows she still has a human heart and treasures her friendship with Hibino (heck, Hibino is her only friend in university!). I hold Hibino responsible for 95% of the series’ fanservice. It’s pretty obvious isn’t it? At first when I glimpsed at her, I just thought how those boobs were so huge that they seemingly are at the point of just ripping through her shirt! Love it or loathe them. At first, Mahiru may seem like an obnoxious b*tch but that is only because she is totally blinded by her love for Kyouhei and her twisted ideal being the survival of the fittest. Her haughty attitude may be something to watch out for but I feel it’s because she’s been cooped up in that village just like the rest for too long. Sometimes you need to take your dog out for a walk, right?

No matter how much Kyouhei tries to run, eventually he realized he can’t really escape from the village. He may have given up the position as a Seki but that doesn’t mean his powers are also gone. I’m sure there is a big chance that it is sleeping dormant within him. He is just afraid to turn into a bloodthirsty killer and unable to control it by hurting his loved one. Aside from the story, this could have turned into a harem series. It’s a four-way tussle for Kyouhei. With his the little sister with brother-complex, the classmate girl and the childhood village friend. Seems there is a lot of potential in this sense, right? But wait? You counted three? Who is the fourth one then? No, not Moyako because from her body language she seems to have feelings for Aki though this is not confirmed. Believe it or not, I feel it could be Aki! That guy just doesn’t show it but he’s hanging around Tokyo because of Kyouhei, right? I just wonder why he didn’t live with him or at least close to him if he was that obsessed. Maybe he doesn’t want Kyouhei to bug him about going back to the village. I find Aki’s role a little redundant in Tokyo. Besides to provide some fight sequences and flashback mode. All he does is bum around Tokyo. If he meets someone he knows, then they ‘talk’ or fight. Then he runs and disappears. At this rate, Koushiro and Kirio are going to have a hard time bringing him back. Or is Koushiro just delaying on purpose? It’s not like he’s a terrible hunter or tracer. It’s hard to classify if Aki is really a bad kid. Though he admits he kills and his ideology twisted, but it feels every sh*t that has happened was due to the village. Yeah, you could say those elders at the village are the main villains. Oh, I noticed this too. Sometimes when a person from the village steps foot in the city, the typical answer for the ‘veteran’ is to say “Go back to the village”. Is that place a safe haven or rather it’s for the good of the city folks? The most redundant character role I feel goes to Kyousuke. Maybe it’s because the series ends halfway so we don’t get to see much of his nose. In the end, Kyousuke is still investigating the matter without any solid leads unlike his daughter. In such a way he is a character that you won’t remember much. If you ignore him in this series, it won’t change much of anything either.

The fights between the Kakashis are rather okay but I won’t say that they are mind blowing or anything that sort, though each of them has their unique design and abilities. The concept of Seki and Kakashi somewhat reminded me of Mai-HiME’s Child and Orphan. Not to say the design of the Kakashi is similar but if you look from it from a general point of view, it does have that similar feel. But I can’t help get this feeling that Kukuri has this uncanny resemblance to Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica’s Kyuubey! Yikes! Doom I tell you if they’re really related! And to think that the Kakashis are made out of wood, somehow the way I see it, those giant Gods exterior appearances make them look like as though they’re made out of metal and steel. Maybe somebody did a very good paint job. I just wished that there were more Kakashis appearing in this series but I guess if there is another season, maybe they’ll show more of them because I’m sure the Kuga and Hyuuga family aren’t just small units with members that you can count with your fingers and still have leftovers. And they should be since we’ve caught a short glimpse of a new Seki and Kakashi in the final scene.

A funny thing about the Kakashis is the way they hum when they are activated. It sounds like a computerized and muffled voice droning a creepy song. Sometimes when Kukuri does this, I thought it was a creepier version of Woody Woodpecker! There is something about the unconscious movements of the Kakashi that I noticed. Sometimes the Seki doesn’t command them to do certain things. It may be the Seki who isn’t masterful yet but it’s like the Kakashi sometimes has an unconscious mind of its own. The reflex and protective move by Kukuri and Magatsuhi’s intimidating act. After all, they are not called Gods for nothing so something supernatural of that sort must be residing in them after a very long time. The drawing and art of the series may be your conventional Japanese anime. But there is something about the faces of some of the characters especially Utao and Mahiru that makes them look, how should I put it, cartoonish. Maybe it’s their eyes that are slightly bigger than usual and their thin mouth line that nearly stretches across the face. Looking like Pac-man I thought.

On a trivial note, before the next episode (I don’t think there was ever a proper one) there is an amusing and fun segment called Kamisama Dolls Corner hosted by a real life little doll version of Utao and an equally little doll version (sometimes done in CGI) of Kukuri. What she does here is rant away with some ‘important’ points in the series and in addition to her fast yapping and scatterbrain, you can see some of the images or sketches of the characters and Kakashis that appear. Utao is so funny and cute that you can’t help smile each time she talks. Heck, is there even a full stop in her sentence?! Except only for one episode (I think it was the flashback episode) whereby the duo were like ‘dead’ either because they were so sad that they’re lost for words or so bored that they fell asleep. And as for Kukuri, it is just happily spinning around. Spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning… Oh Utao, you sure love Kukuri, don’t you? I don’t know what happen subsequently, but later there are few Kukuri clones turning up at the end! So Utao, maybe you want to really make a full sequel spin-off with this corner like you wished because I don’t really mind you yap for almost half an hour :).

Misato Fuken (Yami in To Love-Ru) is totally cute and moe in her role as Utao and is a perfect fit with all the different expressions this loli puts up. Miyuki Sawashiro too is also at her crazy voice as Kuuko. You can picture her something like Maria in Arakawa Under The Bridge and Ultear in Fairy Tail. Kana Hanazawa was slightly unrecognizable at first as Mahiru because she was acting like an arrogant princess filled with lots of teen romance angst. A departure from her other soft-spoken character roles like the titular character in Kobato, Shiori in The World God Only Knows and Aoi in Asobi Ni Iku Yo. Other voice acting line-up includes Nobuhiko Okamoto as Kyouhei (Usui in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama), Ai Kayano as Hibino (Menma in Ano Hi Mita Hana No Namae Wo Bokutachi Wa Mada Shiranai), Ryohei Kimura as Aki (Hinata in Angel Beats), Katsuki Murase as Koushiro (Masa in Seto No Hanayome), Yumiko Kobayashi as Kirio (Azumi in Yakitate! Japan), Ayahi Takagi as Moyako (Megumi in Special A), Rie Yamaguchi as Yurako (Mackenzie Torisu in Freezing) and Makiko Nabei as Chihaya. The opening theme, Fukanzen Nenshou by Chiaki Ishikawa is to a catchy Latin beat. Sometimes it makes me want to get up and dance a tango myself. The ending theme also by Chiaki Ishikawa is at a moderate pace entitled Switch Ga Haittara. It also has the gloomy and depressing feel just like the special ending song for that flashback episode, Natsu No Niwa. Only difference is the latter is much sadder.

There is something more going on beneath the Karakami village. Why is it that this village only house beings that are called Gods? Just how long has it been since the Kuga and Hyuuga families have been fighting each other and for what real purpose. Sahei’s anticipation of Amaterasu (which points out to be that powerful Kakashi) definitely has a bearing on the destiny of both clans. What purpose do they have in maintaining and handing down the Kakashis throughout the generations? What hidden powers doe the Kakashis have? Will things really be settled if the village and its elders are no more? Will it really be over then? Ah, so many questions so I hope the sequel do come out. Not just looking for these others, but looking forward to see more of Utao’s cute antics and blunders ;p! With Kakashis appearing recently in the eyes of the public, though many are stunned at the aerial battles right smack in the city, many of them would just pass it off as some filming effect. Great apathetic reasoning, eh? Well, you can’t blame them since in movies these days, the effects are so real which renders everything so fake.

It is true that depending on the person, one can turn into a bad god or good god. As long as humans are the masters of these ‘Gods’ (ironically should it be God who governs over men?), you can never be too careful if there will be some megalomaniac who just wants to blow up the world for fun/boredom/weariness or take over the globe. Maybe that is why the real Almighty above has abandoned us and left us to our own devices. Just look at how destructive it is considering it is just one Kakashi. Now that is what you call playing God.

Nekogami Yaoyorozu

April 15, 2012

Cat Gods are supposed to bring in wealth and prosperity, right? And I’m sure those cute little lucky Maneki Neko are just what everyone needs to bring good luck into their business or family. So what happens when you have got a Cat God who does nothing but bum around all day? Hold on. Don’t jump your guns yet. There is a reason why the Cat God doesn’t really live up to her expectations in Nekogami Yaoyorozu.

Everybody, meet Mayu. In short, she’s a Cat God from the God Kingdom of Takamagahara. However due to her disobedience, she busted out of house arrest and if you think that was bad enough, she broke out and went illegal gambling! Woah! No wonder she was stripped of her powers, sent crashing down to Earth and currently lives with the orphaned but kind Yuzu Komiya who is the owner of Yaoyorozudou, a Japanese antique shop she inherited from her late parents. However all Mayu does is eat, sleep, bum around and play video games. Uhm… No different than a real lazy cat, isn’t she? Only real cats don’t play video games. So with Mayu banished to Earth, her stay won’t be as boring as her daily routine as she will get involved with other Gods and their antics. And enjoy the merrymaking in the meantime too.

Episode 1
Short clips see how Mayu’s garden guardian and childhood friend, Kuroe busted her out of her house arrest to go illegal gambling. Of course they are caught by Mayu’s strict mom, Akari (most of the time she is just in upset mode over Mayu. If not, always) and she is reprimanding her daughter like nobody’s business (and her husband for being too lenient). She strips her powers as punishment and banishes her from Takamagahara. She is forbidden to return till she is granted permission to do so. Four years have passed since and Mayu continues to bum around playing video games while Yuzu has a hard time juggling with the monthly expenses. At these times, Yuzu has an emergency fund but forgets where she put it. But do not fear for Mayu’s power is to find lost items and memories (though it’s just a small simple power and the only one she has now). With the reserve cash in hand, Yuzu warns this will be their last resort. As she goes out, she meets the local Fox God of Wealth, Gonta. From his body language, you can tell that he is in love with Yuzu. It’s no big secret, though. He is here to warn that the God of Poverty is coming to this town. Speaking of which, Shamo is already in town and her effects are devastating. See how a company president (we’ll call him Boss for easier reference) who is happily eating snacks while watching his stock prices go up, suddenly finds his shares plummet to all time low till he is bankrupt. Scary. Gonta has lined up a military defence to prevent the God of Poverty in town. They are also helped by Sasana and Meiko, both claiming and fighting over Mayu as their fiancee. Say what? Flashback reveals the fathers of Mayu and Sasana met and arranged a marriage between their daughters because each thought the other was a boy. Couldn’t they just confirm their gender in the first place before this relationship got messy? Anyway, you can tell that Sasana and Meiko will never get on good terms, fighting each other over Mayu for every single chance they have. Even if it’s just using their ‘duty’ to help Mayu out as an excuse. As for Meiko, when she was young nobody talked to that princess and granddaughter of the Daikokuten God due to her status. Except for Mayu. The rest is history. So before a cat fight (mind the pun) could happen, Gonta snaps them out of it and reminds them of their actual mission.

Because everyone was impressed with Gonta’s God of Poverty radar, they didn’t realize Shamo has already slipped into town. Via another tiny and unguarded bridge. How careless. What’s more, Yuzu has picked her up and brought her back to her own place. She went as far as bathing her and treating her to a nice drink. Does even God of Poverty have the luxury of enjoying all these? So once Gonta and co realize their slip up, they rush back to see Yuzu and Shamo happily together. Besides, Shamo is playing Mayu’s video game. Gonta tries to prove his worth to Yuzu by protecting her. They also start devising a plan to get rid of this God of Poverty since their powers on Earth are limited. Gonta wants to challenge Shamo to a duel. However Yuzu blows her top and is disappointed in Gonta (oh, the heartbreak). That’s because nobody listened to her. She chides them about ganging up on a single loli and can’t believe this is how gods in this town work. They should be ashamed of themselves. Shamo then hugs Yuzu and reveals that she is the 1st Class Property Inspector Shamo. She is here on an investigation and her observation reveals that the immaturity of this town’s gods is off the scale. However she came to understand through Yuzu and the people who live here are uncorrupted and healthy. She is going to recognize their daily efforts and their test this time will be… Watering? After Shamo leaves, Mayu discusses with Yuzu about the influential god she is. There are bad things in this world that can’t be eliminated. Life and death, good times and bad times. They need each other and can’t be separated. As for why Yuzu picked Shamo up, it’s because it reminded her of the first time they first met. And soon Shamo returns to Yaoyorozudou just to continue playing Mayu’s video games. Irresistible, eh? But soon they receive a delivery. Man, it’s a huge package!

Episode 2
Apparently it’s not Yuzu who ordered it (Mayu teased her for ordering something even though they were low on funds) since it is addressed to Mayu. The sender’s name isn’t clear either. Inside the package is a very fragile big jar. Mayu thinks Yuzu should sell it but she keeps postponing it. The big jar is causing a traffic jam and other nuisance. Can’t take this anymore, one night Mayu carries it all the way on her back and dumps it illegally off the road. Next morning as Mayu reads the paper of the delayed sakura blooming, they are visited by the Cherry Blossoms God, Yoshino. Actually she messed up a package she sent to Mayu. It’s supposed to blossom pickled radishes but she mixed it up with the sakura ashes. How can she screw up with the obvious size in jars?! Anyway Mayu knows she too is in deep trouble. After revealing she dumped the big jar, Yoshino becomes inconsolable that she screwed up her job. If they don’t find it, the sakura trees won’t bloom and it takes a whole year to make those ashes. I guess Mayu has to take responsibility and go return the jar. She is confident that she remembers where she dumped it and leads the gang there. However to their horror, it has been taken away to the dumpsite as mentioned by Boss (now he is working as a lowly dumpsite worker with his Lackey). You think it would be easy for Mayu just to use her powers? Yeah, guess how big is the dumpsite? BLOODY BIG! Sasana and Meiko also come to help (obviously) and they challenge each other whoever finds the jar first gets Mayu. As they hit and strike away, it causes lots of choking dust. Not very helpful, eh? Yoshino feels so bad that Mayu could hear the voice of the sakura ashes. Using her powers, she manages to pinpoint its location. Seeing how broken the jar is, the other gods (Meiko and Sasana putting their difference aside) summon their powers to revitalize the jar as good as new. Then Mayu and Yoshino fly around and spread the ashes so all the sakura trees are in full bloom. Yoshino thanks Mayu for her help and notes without it, her immaturity would have made her give up a long time ago. Back home, Mayu is reading a comedy manga, Her Happy World Little Misfortune (a slapstick comedy of a girl living with a shinigami) and Shamo is at their place playing video games.

Episode 3
Manga artist, Yukina Kamo and her little familiar assistants (they look like mini Santa helpers?) are rushing to complete a deadline of their serialized manga while Yukina’s editor, Akane Shinozaki waits patiently. They manage to beat the deadline and the familiars thought they could rejoice and rest. But Akane notes they should start working on their manuscript for the next special issue. Oh sh*t. See the slave driver Yukina is! Shamo reads Yukina’s work in a magazine (another hilarious slapstick take. This time including a grenade…). Then she pays Yukina a visit and sees her in a chaotic state. With that look in her eyes, Shamo knows she has a bad feeling when Yukina wants her to help her out with her manga! Seems her familiars are on strike and Yukina is not in favour to use the contract which will have them not disobey her command. I guess Shamo has no choice but to help out so she calls Mayu and co over. With all of them eager to help out, Yukina entrusts them specific task like cooking, washing and also with her manga work. However as for Mayu, she is just made to do nothing! I don’t know why Mayu is making a big fuss she wants to help out. It’s not like she’s being helpful around Yaoyorozudou anyway. So much so Mayu falls into despair for not being useful! Then she sees a new video game console and is about to test it. At the same time, everybody is working to the max and you know what they say the same power point sharing the same electricity output, right? So as Mayu activates the console, a blackout occurs. So some fumbling here, fumbling there and when the breaker is turned back on, some of the pages are spilled with ink and curry. Oh, how can they beat the deadline now? Yeah, everybody is staring at Mayu like it’s her fault. Anyway it is. Take responsibility!

Meanwhile Boss and Lackey are delivering tofu when their truck got fall into a trap hole. Seems the familiars are taking refuge like rebel guerrillas in the woods. So I guess Mayu’s plan is to capture them without using the contract. However the rest got ahead of themselves. Meiko and Sasana engage in their own petty battle to see who gets Mayu and their squabbling cause them to fall into a trap hole. And buried alive! Gonta easily got entrapped on a tree while Yoshino’s sakura magic didn’t work and got easily tied up and thrown into a cell. Mayu is confronted by the familiar’s leader but he is surprised that Yukina didn’t hire them to get them back. Yukina appears before them and tears up the contract. Though they are shocked, they thought she doesn’t need them anymore and are prepared to go away. But Mayu tells them off is this how close their bonds are. Yukina mentions that they are irreplaceable and overcame lots of obstacles together. Though she isn’t their master anymore, but if they’re okay with it, they can come back and work for her. I guess shedding some tears also work so all the familiars gladly come back to her. With Yukina making up with her familiars, Mayu reads her next released volume and notes a lot of spirit went into this work. Yukina also treats her familiars well and makes them her handmade pudding instead of getting some from the store. Meanwhile Yurara Makuragi enters back to town on her anteater and notes how this place has changed.

Episode 4
Yuzu’s friend and customer, Haruka visits Yaoyorozudou and wonders if she has anything to sell. Haruka notices a nice plate but Yuzu points it isn’t really original. Actually it is but the drawing was repainted. Haruka notes that she is new in this antique business and not to let it get to her but the way she said it made it more depressing for Yuzu. Yurara is spying on their conversation and leaves thinking how confusing it was (she is looking for Yuzu’s dad, Makitarou). She narrates how she came from faraway places to eat dreams and after seeing how Mayu is dozing off, I guess she’ll have to do with this snack. Inside Mayu’s dream, all Mayu does is eat, sleep, bum around and play video games while the other girls tend to her. Man, she’s like a queen! Annoyed Yurara hammers Mayu’s head because she can’t stand her for even trying to sleep in her dream! Yurara introduces herself as the sacred beast that devourer of nightmares call Baku. Though many of them are wilful. Yurara is further pissed that Mayu’s dream lack creativity (what’s with the totally white backdrop?!) and changes her dream into a snow storm and then a hot simmering desert. Mayu feigns unconsciousness so that she could hammer Yurara with her bat with nails when she closes up but Yurara changes her mind and goes away. Soon Mayu claws herself to wake up and finds Yurara sleeping next to tired Yuzu. She head butts the dream eater and the next thing they know, they are looking through the eyes of Yuzu’s cats, Kotetsu and Mike. Noting that this is Yuzu’s dream because Yuzu here is her little self, Mayu isn’t fond of this dream because she knows something terrible happened. Mayu tries to warn Yuzu but all she sees is Kotetsu purring at her.

Yuzu’s dream includes one of her parents whereby they left for a short trip and left Yuzu in charge of the store. Yurara realizes her parents must have died and this upsets Mayu and wants her to erase this nightmare now. Cool Yurara tells her people dream about good and sad experiences. By dreaming, they can crystallize them as memories. That’s why she can’t just erase all the nightmares. Yuzu receives a call from Makitarou. Mayu knows this is the call that defines it all and doesn’t want her to pick up. The call is from daddy and about the promise. The scene changes to one whereby Makitarou laid out several antiques for Yuzu to choose as her gift. Yuzu chose and expensive bowl and though she wanted to use it as a dinner bowl, it was too precious that her parents fear they may break it and put it somewhere safe. Yurara continues explaining to Mayu that this is one of her forgotten memories. A memory of an old promise that had sunk along with that painful memory. All she can do to help is by turning sad experiences that people struggle with into happy memories. That’s why nightmares aren’t just erased. When Yuzu wakes up, she remembers this memory and finds that bowl stashed away in the storeroom. Next day, Yuzu tells Mayu about that dream she had so Mayu notes Yurara was wilful. Yuzu asks what happens to forgotten experiences and lost memories since the dead rise up to heaven. Mayu answers since people can’t keep memories connected to this world, it goes to the moon and into a vault whereby they are watched over by cats. She’s not pulling a fast one. At least for this series. Haruka notes some of the antiques on sale but feels Yuzu isn’t even interested in selling them simply she puts the price tag as ‘market price’. Gonta is happily rushing towards Yaoyorozudou because he won tickets at the mall raffle to the beach. I wonder how many things he bumped into on his way here. I guess he won’t feel any pain so long he is happy in his delusion.

Episode 5
Gonta finds it weird if he would go alone with just Yuzu. Why is he even contemplating if Mayu should come along? Anyway with the rest of the girls popping up, I guess it’s safe to say everyone is going. Since Yuzu said the more the merrier. However upon arrival, it is pouring like cats and dogs. Gonta is so disappointed that he can’t help repeating his frustration of seeing Yuzu in a once-in-a-lifetime swimsuit. So annoying! Seems Shamo is also there and is in their room because her roof leaks. Since Gonta is the only guy, he is made to sleep in that leaky room. And you thought his day was bad enough, eh? Meanwhile Yukina is also at the resort to help get some new ideas for her manga but is experiencing writer’s block. Gonta feels left out, whether it’s soaking in the hot bath or playing ping pong (at least he got to see Yuzu’s boobs bouncing around…). He thought the rain will let up tomorrow but as pointed out, it’ll be stormy for the entire week since a typhoon is approaching. Gonta is going to take care of that damn typhoon for the sake of love! Yukina comes up with ridiculous premise for her manga and feels they are no good. I wonder how many paper she has wasted. Her familiars could do nothing but to help clean up. As they take out the trash, unknown to them the crumpled papers fell out due to a hole in the bag. Gonta picks up a piece and feels somebody is trying to give him hints to defeat the typhoon. Following its instructions, he buys a big tub and lots of food ingredients to make nam pla. Some Thai food. Thaiphood. Typhoon. GEDDIT?! So the next piece of paper he picks up has instructions to do some serious endurance training to defeat the typhoon. Well, after eating lots of Thai food, you need lots of exercise to get rid of it, right? Haha! Not another pun! Finally he sees a piece and thinks may be it. So while the other girls have a scrumptious meal while helping out with suggestions for Yukina’s manga, Gonta suits himself up with buckets, rain clothes and other assortment of armaments. Gonta then charges straight into the typhoon to attack it head on but was easily blown away. Then on the news, everybody got shocked to see Gonta flying away in the background. Mayu realizes that this is Typhoon No. 16 and makes a call. Hasumi Shirasaki who is the god of this typhoon answers the call from her childhood friend and gets excited upon learning about some rare limited materials in which today is the last day. Immediately she u-turns the typhoon and what do you know? It’s all bright and sunny! So as the girls take it easy sunbathing on the beach, Gonta is sick and confined to bed… Oh Gonta…

Episode 6
Mayu and Yuzu take a train back to the countryside to visit Yuzu’s grandfather, Genzou Saeki. In this flashback episode, Genzou remembers the time she brought Mayu to his place. Yuzu is also troubled because there was this guy, Shinji Katou who was bugging her, now ‘harassing’ Genzou into selling an antique. Yuzu stomped her feet that she isn’t interested in entertaining his request. That time, Yuzu’s parents had just passed away and naturally she became the owner of Yaoyorozudou. She wants Genzou to teach her the trades of the antique industry as she wishes to follow her parents’ footsteps. First he tested her to point out which antiques were fake. Though successful, the next test was a hard one because he wanted her to pinpoint the most valuable one. Yuzu couldn’t answer seeing that the fake may even sell more than the original. Because of that, Genzou fails her. Later Mayu confronts Genzou to seek the answer on the right one and he says that there is really no right answer. Mayu is upset he tricked Yuzu so Genzou notes how she cares for Yuzu and wished she keep an eye on her. She would only if her powers weren’t so weak. Genzou thinks it’s enough. Katou continues to ‘persuade’ Yuzu but she doesn’t give in. I guess with her being stubborn, it’s time for desperate measures. That night Katou sneaked into Yuzu’s place and tried to switch a real bowl with a fake. However he is caught by Mayu and Yuzu red-handed. Cool Katou says that he is willing to buy both the real and fake bowl for 3 million Yen. Yuzu has a feel on both the bowls and tells Katou wants Mayu to put both bowls into Katou’s bag. Is she selling to him? Actually she doesn’t want his money either. What she wants is the real bowl in his breast pocket! No wonder Katou was so cool. Both he had in his hands were fake in the first place. Katou is amazed with her ability as Yuzu reminds him that antiques are forgotten items separated from their owners due to circumstances. Thus their business in the antique industry is to help them meet their new owners. Katou realized his erred ways and is ready to be arrested by Yuzu wants him to do a favour instead. Next morning, he approaches Genzou to nicely ask if he would sell some of his pieces at his price and to give Yuzu an introduction to the antique business. Because of Yuzu’s smile he couldn’t refuse. Back in present time, Yuzu hands her souvenir she got from the beach to grandpa. He notes she is doing well and never stood a chance against her.

Episode 7
Gonta’s local shrine will be holding a festival so what better way than to acquire the help of his pals, right? Many hands make light work. Gonta is panicking upon seeing Shamo at the festival as he can’t afford to have the effects of poverty now. But Shamo shoots back that unlike them, she can control her power. As the girls go take a bath, Gonta tries hard to refrain himself from unholy thoughts. Harder than you thought, eh? That night when they can’t sleep, Mayu suggests telling ghost stories. Something Yoshino is not in favour because she’s weak in hearing them. I guess Mayu managed to convince Yoshino to even start off the ghost talk. Each one of their stories turn out lame like Yoshino’s severed heads on the ground (construction workers working in a hole), Mayu’s cheap handphone call plan (which runs up into millions of yen later), Meiko’s knee injury at the sea (urban legend of barnacles by the way), a house with a dog that always barks at Sasana (at least it’s scary to her) and Shamo’s recount of an unexplainable being that does nothing but eat, sleep and play video games all day (that’s Mayu, right?!). Meanwhile Gonta’s mom, Shizuha is scouring around the festival grounds to see if she could get any of the spoils. Mayu can’t take any more of this lame ghost stories and starts telling one herself. Around last year while she was walking through the feels, it was stormy and she saw a zombie with red eyes and ran for her life. Curiosity got the better of her as she retraces her steps to the field only to see footprints. Footprints leading to this very room they are in now. Suddenly they hear footsteps getting closer and start to freak out. Actually it’s Shizuha. Meanwhile Boss and Lackey have opened a stall at the festival and are experimenting with their nam pla ramen. Seems when they were at the beach, they found a tub and ingredients (left behind by Gonta) and thinks it was God given. So now he is trying to make the kind of ramen that will enthral the taste buds of everyone. Only thing, it stinks too much. Can’t he smell it? Once everyone is asleep, Shamo talks to Shizuha about the zombie Mayu saw. They feel it’s the God of the Fields, Noukougami. Apparently he always comes during this time of the year as we see him turn the fields into fields of gold! Next day the festival is on the way and everyone is having so much fun they got separated. Yoshino continues to live the ghost story nightmare when she comes across Noukougami Does he always look this ugly?

Episode 8
Mayu is playing a gambling game with Shizuha and lost. Not only her allowance but her RPG game which she took an entire year to level up! She tries to beg for human empathy but seriously what does a fox and cat have to do with it? Shizuha sees Yuzu and teases her that she should marry her Gonta quickly. Then she hands over Mayu’s allowance to use it for her feed or else she’ll blow it all away on something foolish. Meanwhile Boss and Lackey have become successful nam pla ramen businessmen that they have opened a big shop and are raking in the cash! The nam pla still stinks, though… Mayu is disheartened of what Shizuha may do to her game. Abandon it on the street, let a doggie pee on it and finally being rolled over. In real fact, she hands it over to Gonta who feels he already have this game. Because Yoshino and her grandpa, Shoudou are here, Shizuha thinks of gambling with that old geezer. Mayu convinces Yuzu to accompany her to go talk to Shizuha to get back her game. Gonta is surprised to see Yuzu visiting him (he didn’t realize Mayu was there till much later). Anyway as part of Mayu’s plan, the duo came to work part time in his shrine. See the double standards when Gonta treats Yuzu super nice while he couldn’t care less about that sh*tty Cat God. Gonta assists Yuzu in cleaning up the storeroom but ends up just looking on and fantasizing. Meanwhile Mayu goes in search for her precious treasure and meets Yoshino. She sends her off to where Gonta and Yuzu are. Just when the mood is going fine for Gonta, Yoshino comes in, ruining his moment. Mayu spots her game in a room but Shizuha is coming. I don’t know why but she summons a box to hide. Right in the middle of the hallway. Of course Shizuha is suspicious but lets it slip since she is interested in her gambling and will finish off that old fart with her loaded die (cheating die). Mayu heard this and comes out of hiding to accuse her. The others heard the commotion and rush over. They confirm her loaded die and since Mayu have no proof she used that die during their game, I guess they’ll have to settle this gambling matter with gambling. The die will be provided by grandpa and thrown by Mayu. In this odd-or-even game, Mayu throws the die and Shizuha has to make the call. When she threw them, Shizuha’s sharp eyes saw Mayu switching it to the loaded one. She calls for even but it turns out odd. Then she realized the ones in her hands initially were the loaded die while the switched ones were real. So Mayu was just relying on pure luck? But she says she couldn’t cheat when the stake is her beloved game. Shizuha tells Gonta to hand back the game as he remembers this is the game he borrowed to Mayu a year ago! She never returned it, eh? While Mayu happily skips her way home, she thought she forgot something. Yeah, she did. Shizuha has Yuzu stay at their place and Gonta, I don’t know if he’s happy or sad. Mayu is so addicted with the game that she didn’t realize Yuzu wasn’t around to make dinner. Maybe this will fuel her appetite.

Episode 9
On a rainy day as Haruka visits Yaoyorozudou, Yoshino is also there visiting Mayu but is bored to death. So what else to do? Tell ghost stories! Yikes! Mayu starts by telling the time how she was being reprimanded by mom for breaking the house arrest rules. Mommy didn’t really believe Mayu was repentant and thus banished her from Takamagahara till she invites her back. Yoshino was laughing so hard because she thought the ‘ghost’ was Akari! But that’s just the prelude. Oh, now Yoshino is cowering in fear again. Soon after Mayu was banished, she arrived at a shrine and sees the dead spirit of Kotetsu. Even if Kotetsu doesn’t speak in human tongue, I guess it’ll be easier for use for both cats to communicate so. Kotetsu this is his territory and doesn’t believe is a Cat God. Given her fallen status it’s hard to believe. However if Mayu entertains his wish, she will have his territory. He wants her to help a girl (Yuzu) in his stead and if Mayu is a god, it should be easy. Mayu is suspicious why a cat like him would care for a human girl. He mentions they have a small connection. Flashback reveals how kind Yuzu picked up a bruised Kotetsu and let him stay at her place. Kotetsu further explains Yuzu recently lost her parents and is protecting their store by herself. He notes humans have a hard time being alone. He warns not to make her cry and goes off. Looks like Mayu has to do it whether she likes it or not. Yuzu is seen coming to the shrine and pray so Mayu pops up as a god willing to grant her a single wish. Mayu continues to follow and ‘bug’ Yuzu for one though she is adamant she doesn’t need any. Yeah, Mayu seemed so desperate for a Cat God who doesn’t care in the first place. Finally Yuzu relents and wants her to look for her cat Kotetsu (the reason why she came to the shrine to pray). Mayu remembers Kotetsu’s words of entrusting Yuzu to her and gets upset that Kotetsu didn’t know anything about her in the first place. Back at Yaoyorozudou, Mayu starts using her depleted powers as Yuzu starts crying. She says her wish won’t come true as Kotetsu won’t come back because when a cat’s time is up, they silently slip away. She is sad that she can’t even say goodbye. Then Kotetsu pops up and reminds Mayu about making Yuzu cry. Kotetsu relays his message via Mayu. Something about cats having their own code they must adhere to. When Yuzu and Kotetsu hug, the cat soon fades away. But there is a gentle smile on Yuzu’s face. In the aftermath, Mayu notes that cats too are like humans. They pretend to be tough but nobody likes to be alone. Back in present time, Yoshino continues to pester Mayu for the details that happen after as the other friends show up to have a noisy dinner gathering. I guess Yuzu is happy that she got her wishes come true. All except for business prosperity.

Episode 10
Demon rats are invading the store at the moon shrine. But Kukuri and Amane banish them all. Amane kills a demon rat that was escaping. Kukuri tells her she shouldn’t have done that because that rat had given up on attacking the store. Plus, their duty is to protect the store and not eliminate the rats, though their numbers have been increasing lately. Lord Tsukuyomi visits them and after Amane finishes preparing tea, she overhears how Tsukuyomi notes she is not ready to be Kukuri’s successor. She feels devastated and runs away. Kukuri wanted to go after her but was told to leave it because someone who loses her composure easily won’t last long. Sasana and Gonta visit Mayu with good news that her banishment has been lifted and that she should immediately return. Gonta is happy that Mayu should leave right away because this would mean having Yuzu all to himself. But that cat isn’t going to entrust Yuzu to a loser like him! Seems Mayu isn’t interested in going back. After all, on Earth she gets to eat good food and play video games all day (cue for Yuzu to strike her head). Mayu says she is the master of a shrine (albeit a very small alter) and decides to get back to ‘work’. And what she meant was playing her games. This time Amane strikes that lazy bum. The rest are thrilled to see Amane here because they have this great respect for Kukuri. Amane describes her as the greatest valour and divine power among the Cat Gods and their job is to protect the stores from rats. Just like Earth rats that gnaw on crops and such, the rats from the underworld chew on human memories, though they are trivial memories. Though they don’t pose any risk to human lives, if they do not protect the unowned memories, they will be devoured quickly. Amane then lets Mayu know that she has been chosen to be Kukuri’s guardian cat instead of her. Unless there is another Cat God named Mayu, Tsukuyomi has made his decision. Can this lazy bum do the job? Not that she was really looking forward to it either. So I guess the reason why Amane is sulking here is that Mayu is going to replace her. Mayu disagrees with it all and plans to see Tsukuyomi. But their divine powers aren’t strong enough for them to return to the moon. Plus, Mayu doesn’t want to see Akari and return back to Takamagahara because being on Earth is much more fun than being in that cramped place!

Yuzu invites Amane to stay for the night as she observes how the rest of the noisy fellows bond. Noisy but happy, aren’t they? Meanwhile Akari and her husband wonder how they end up in this situation because they are being called to see the Sun God Amaterasu, the highest deity in Heaven and most important in Takamagahara. Yeah, Akari must be wondering where the f*ck is Mayu at this important hour. Amaterasu reminds them that Tsukuyomi insisted that it must be Mayu. At night, Amane couldn’t sleep and ponders her immature and rash decision to leave her post. She was here just to observe Mayu but due to circumstances ended up staying. She thought she spot a demon rat and chases after it. But Mayu tells her not to be so bloodthirsty because it’s just a normal Earth rat. She apologizes for being edgy as Mayu takes her to a roadside ramen stall manned by Boss and Lackey. Amane pours out her woes about the increase in demon rats lately and since she isn’t enough to protect the stores, that’s probably why Tsukuyomi chose Mayu. She is puzzled why a lazy bum got chosen so Boss tells her that it’s because she was arrogant. He recounts his story of arrogance. His company ended up in bankruptcy so he started rebuilding his life and business with this nam pla ramen. Once it was popular, he got arrogant again and ended up losing everything again. He laments he is being haunted by the God of Poverty. Speaking of which, Shamo is here! She tastes his ramen and notes it doesn’t stink this time. Elsewhere a demon rat possessed an Earth rat.

Episode 11
As Amane follows Mayu around, she chides her when is she going to return to speak to Tsukuyomi. Mayu doesn’t want to rush it because first she needs to gather their allies. What allies? Well, Mayu seems to be going around town helping kids who are stuck at a certain level with their video games, treat a couple of store grannies some persimmons in exchange for some freebies. Amane is still down that she deserted her post and won’t be let off lightly. Then they see a demon rat gnawing at their food and start chasing it. Mayu calls forth all the cats to help out seeing hunting rats is the task of cats whether they are gods or normal felines. As the demon rat runs, it is forced to change its course of direction each time a cat blocks its path. Finally cornered at the park, Amane slices it away. Amane realizes that she should be returning to the moon herself because after all there is no way for atoning if she just runs away from her post. Plus, she realized she misunderstood a few things and needs to solve her own mistakes herself. She also understands why Mayu wanted to stay on Earth because of the warm company of her friends. But as for going to see Tsukuyomi, Mayu is on her own. Haha! Meanwhile at Takamagahara, Meiko and Sasana are being summoned by Akari. They thought it’s a challenge to rid the annoying other once and for all over Mayu. Anyway as Akari informs them about the unbelievable task that Amaterasu handed her, she was wondering what the hell Mayu had done that could led to this. She shows them a card and the girls got pretty shocked.

Mayu has her fill with Yuzu and Gonta before deciding to leave for Takamagahara. Gonta taunts that this place may even do better without her but nobody’s listening. Mayu enters Takamagahara and thought she could sneak around but was caught by Kuroe. Kuroe agrees to help out and opens a gate for Mayu. When she steps in, she finds herself behind a cellar and demands to know the meaning of this. Meanwhile with Mayu gone, Gonta is more nervous than ever. Wasn’t he hoping this sort of atmosphere alone with Yuzu? He notices her frown and decides to tell a joke to lighten her up but realizes how dirty it was (the man in the bus bus-ted a fart?) and decides to change to story. However each time he was about to get to the good part, he is being interrupted by Shamo followed by Yoshino. By that time Yuzu prefers to hear his story another time and just enjoy the food. Yeah, it wasn’t a funny story to begin with anyway. Suddenly Sasana and Meiko bust in with breaking news that Mayu is to be engaged to Tsukuyomi! They are shocked to hear this because the story as far as they heard doesn’t match up. Especially the one about Amane’s replacement. I guess it won’t be as simple as if she could just refuse the marriage. After all, Tsukuyomi is the second most important deity after Amaterasu. Yuzu is worried that Mayu may not return. Mayu tries to trick Kuroe by tempting him to gamble with her. However Kuroe has learnt his lesson from the previous botched attempt and has become more serious this time. And now Akari comes in for interrogation… Oh Mayu, you must be sh*ting in your pants right now, aren’t you? The demon has arrived…

Episode 12
Sasana, Meiko and reluctant Gonta barge into Takamagahara to rescue Mayu. Little do they know, they have set off an alarm so Kuroe knows where they are. Inside the room, the gang are surprised to see Mayu in a beautiful wedding gown. They get so taken in by it that they forgot their original mission. Akari and Kuroe come in so the girls beg for her to free Mayu (she is drowsy due to being stripped of her powers). But since Akari is under orders from Amaterasu, she cannot defy her orders. The girls are adamant to take Mayu by force so Akari chants as spell that sends them to a dessert land furthest from Takamagahara. Meanwhile Yoshino is tasked to take care of Yaoyorozudou but she is just jittery about anything. Heck, she thought Haruka was the enemy! Anyway that lady is here to give them a haunted plate for Mayu. Say what?! Oh, off she goes… Yoshino tries to brave herself but in the end chickens out. Yoshino notes that since Mayu is a Cat God, they have an incredible eye for seeing through suspicious people since they are protecting something. Yoshino notes how worried Yuzu is but the latter pretends she isn’t. Elsewhere Sasana, Meiko and Gonta pick themselves up. Sasana is about to give up so Meiko pounds some sense into her. Sasana mentions her relationship with Mayu is based on a misunderstanding of their fathers a long time ago. They made a marriage pact in front of Amaterasu and couldn’t rescind it. Still her feelings are based on that pact that was made by mistake. Though she is not sure of Mayu’s feelings, she is still important to her but doesn’t think the opposite is true. Meiko lets her know that what is important is how they and Mayu feel. If anyone gets in the way, they just kick them aside. So can Sasana let those unimportant feelings be the reason to let Tsukuyomi take Mayu away? Is that what Mayu wants? They need to get to her and find out what she really wants.

Elsewhere, Mayu, her parents are in a marriage meeting with Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu. Akari hopes Mayu won’t screw up when Tsukuyomi requests Mayu to take a walk with him. Mayu mentions about taking over Amane’s post and wants to know the real deal behind this scheme. He reveals the truth that Amaterasu misinterpreted when he said “I want Mayu”. He thought it was interesting and decided to play along. Mayu is not happy since it put her pals in a spot. As for Amane’s post, it seems that girl passed on her misunderstanding to her. Though there has been an increase in demon rats, Tsukuyomi wants Mayu to be the store guardian and there is no rule that there can only be one guardian cat. Tsukuyomi wants both of them to be guardian cats and this would also mean Mayu will stand a chance to be Kukuri’s successor. Though Mayu’s powers are weak, that is because Akari hasn’t totally lifted the seal over her. He doesn’t want her to underestimate herself. It is her passion and devotion that comes from within that is important and wants her to consider what is best. As Yuzu and Yoshino are being visited by Shamo, Yurara, Hasumi, Shizuha and Shoudou, the trio are breaking through the walls of the palace (I wonder how they got back so fast). They fight the numerous cat guards and are even helped by Amane (giving an excuse that her feet moved on her own. Probably she’s tsundere). Once everyone confronts Tsukuyomi, they plead that they can’t do something this outrageous. Looks like he wants to play along and tells them what if he says no. The trio are prepared to go all out. Seeing that, Tsukuyomi is going all out too and views them as obstacles. He chants a spell that has everyone (including the guards) to lower their heads. They cannot move a single muscle nor speak. But when Sasana pleads to Tsukuyomi, he is impressed that she could move her mouth after being hit by his incantation. He frees them all and concludes this emergency drill. See the shocked expression on their faces? He lets them go but reminds Mayu that he’ll be waiting for her answer. Yuzu sees off her guests as she cleans up the place. Suddenly Mayu drops from the sky. Must be a very hard landing. Yuzu scolds her for making her so worried but nevertheless makes dinner for her. Yuzu spots the haunted plate from Haruka and notes that it’s just a normal plate and not cursed. They both welcome each other back home. In the aftermath, the marriage meeting was called off due to Amaterasu’s misunderstanding. The folly has got Akari so worked up that she fell ill! And though some doubt if Mayu will ever be the cat guardian on the moon, this means Amane will have to carry on alone for awhile. She vows to do her best. Once everyone learns Mayu is back, they converge at Yaoyorozudou for a feast. Mayu feels she wants to stay her a little longer when Yukina runs in looking for help. Her familiars are out on a flu so you guys better start helping her complete her manga before the deadline. Now can you see why Mayu loves it around here despite the ruckus?

The Cat Is In The House…
It was quite a fun ride with some funny moments and antics especially among the gang. But as we have seen that the most important aspect is togetherness despite of one’s status as gods or humans. Even if Mayu continues to bum around like a lazy cat around the house, I guess for a lonely girl like Yuzu it is better than nothing, though she has her pet Mike to keep her company. Look at it this way. When you’re up in the heavens, you are expected to shoulder lots of responsibilities and keep the good name of the gods. But when you have fallen and not the vengeful kind of fallen god, you can bum your ass around without anybody giving a hoots. Just treat the town people nice and look how popular Mayu is in this town? She may still keep her god status but she still treats everyone else to the same kind of treatment. Okay, maybe some like Gonta is an exception. But be it you are a god, human, fallen or popular, another important aspect is to treat others nicely. Though it is heartbreaking to know that Yuzu lost her parents at a very young age (though it was never seen how they died in this series), she never losses herself and continues to be exceptionally kind to everyone in need.

The other supporting characters are lovable in their own way. The rivalry between Meiko and Sasana provide some of the comic relief when they start their cat fight over Mayu. It may be bad for me to ask for more of such screen time but if that would happen, I figure that would be tad annoying. Deep down beneath that facade to get rid of each other, the important thing is that they love Mayu and though it may be controversial that the kind of love they feel for Mayu is more than just friends (was there ever a rule forbidding gods to be yuri or lesbian in the first place?). Gonta is another funny guy. All because of his love for Yuzu. I guess when it comes to love, it doesn’t matter if you’re the same gender or status. I suppose his ‘jumpy’ word is “Porori” which literally means “Falling off”. Each time he hears this word, he gets excited that he may be able to see something ‘fall off’ from Yuzu. Too bad (and a good thing) it never happened. As the series progresses, I noticed how Gonta’s role has been made into one that is supposed to be ignored. See how in some scenes Gonta’s presence was nearly transparent and in some, the drawing of his character was so simple that it shows that it isn’t worth putting more effort into a character that is possibly going to be ignored anyway. I find that Boss and Lackey’s presence and purpose in this series is a little side distraction. We see them as a tale of falling from grace, rags to riches, failing again before coming up nice and slow. There is a lesson in all this and it’s true that when you are arrogant, you lose sight of what is important to you. Thankfully he perseveres and has a faithful follower that continues to call him boss and follows him through thick and then even though he is no longer the president of a company. That is what you call loyalty.

Besides providing a little moe factor, Yoshino was just someone who loves visiting Yaoyorozudou. Akari has got to be the ‘meanest’ character ever because all we see her each time is getting pissed about her daughter. She never fails to think that she might have done something wrong to end it like this. I guess she is the only person that Mayu truly fears. I mean if you’re a weak, feeble and forgiving guy like her father, it’s no wonder Mayu got the guts to not learn her lesson and disobey the rules. Yukina’s manga is hilarious and something I wished it would turn into a spin-off series. She is another eccentric character and her entire life is just drawing mangas and beating its deadline. Thank goodness her relationship with her familiars are back to good so this means she’ll get more help from those little helpers. Some of the characters like Yurara and Hasumi make very short appearances and I feel it didn’t have much impact except for that particular episode whereby we get a glimpse of Yuzu’s past and the typhoon’s cause. Due to the short duration of the series, there aren’t enough episodes to cover some of the aspects such as Mayu and Hasumi’s childhood days but I guess some of the important ones like how Sasana and Meiko ended up liking Gonta and turning him into their fiancee are explained in a speedy manner. Say, is there a rule to say that gods cannot be polygamous?

Speaking of video game consoles that appear in this series, I notice that the real names are being used such as Sega Dreamcast and Sega Genesis. Hmm… These consoles are considered old and as far as I know, Sega has stopped producing game consoles after year 2001 (Dreamcast was the last console they released). As we all know the video game console market is being dominated by Playstation, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo. So it makes me wonder how old the setting of this anime setting is. But then again, since Yuzu is an antique seller, it might be possible that she keeps game consoles from yesteryears. And also, since she is a poor girl that hardly makes ends meet, I’m sure Mayu is stuck with only playing old fashioned games. I guess when you’re bumming around like a freeloader, you can’t be choosy, picky or complain the kind of new and latest games and softwares you want to have in your hands, right? Heck, I don’t really see a Tablet or iPod anywhere here. Note: Gonta’s God of Poverty detector doesn’t count though it may closely resemble like those Apple gadgets. But still if Mayu is so obsessed into her games, shouldn’t she be at least interested to know about the latest ones? So long as she can play her games and level up like crazy, any console will do.

The casts nicely fit their characters with Haruka Tomatsu (Nagi in Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens) voicing the lazy bum Mayu. Yui Horie (Kotori in Da Capo) and Aki Toyosaki (Yui in K-ON!) are very much identifiable in their respective roles as Yuzu and Shamo. Other casts include Yuko Sanpei as Gonta (Sasha in Seikon No Qwaser), Ayana Taketatsu as Meiko (Azusa in K-ON!), Mako as Yoshino (Yurie in Kamichu), Ai Kayano as Sasana (Menma in Ano Hi Mita Hana No Namae Wo Bokutachi Wa Mada Shiranai), Ayahi Takagaki as Yurara (Mitsuba in Mitsudomoe), Kaori Mizuhashi as Yukina (Miyako in Hidamari Sketch), Kanae Itou as Amane (Amu in Shugo Chara), Rie Tanaka as Amaterasu (Suigin Tou in Rozen Maiden), Ryoutarou Okiayu as Tsukuyomi (Byakuya in Bleach), Ryouko Tanaka as Shizuha (Yahiro in Yosuga No Sora) and Satomi Arai as Akari (Shirai in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun). The opening theme is Kami-sama To Issho, a duet by Haruka Tomatsu and Yui Horie. A lively piece that somehow has me thinking it is suitable for a video game in addition to that generic anime pop feel. The ending theme is by Haruka Tomatsu entitled Oh My God. Another generic anime pop. As for the background music, I noticed that most of them have that casual and slightly jazzy feel. Somewhat reminds me of those kind in Hidamari Sketch or GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class.

I’m not a cat lover nor do I have any of those Maneki Neko in my household. The last time I watched another cat-themed anime (albeit a very little) was Mayoi Neko Overrun and that anime had me thinking that I shouldn’t pick up stray cats from just about anywhere. But if a Cat God drops in, decides to come and live with you, perhaps that’s a different story. Maybe all that bumming, lazing around, eat, sleep and video games are a blessing in disguise. Maybe and hopefully. Because I don’t want to be the one doing all the work and cleaning up the mess! Naturally humans like us tend to be nice to deities and gods in hopes of some favourable return, right? It’s hard to find people that are truly kind from the bottom of your heart. Though not many, there are some. If Cat Gods are out of fashion, maybe Bunny Gods will do? Hope they won’t just hop around ;p.

The World God Only Knows

August 27, 2011

In the world that we live in, it’s always hard to find the ideal man/woman that we desire. That is why galges with bishoujos were created in the first place to sooth and satisfy lonely hearts of guys who wouldn’t really stand a chance of having one in the real world. Hah! I made that up. So what kind of world is that? Well, it’s only The World God Only Knows (Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai).

Keima Katsuragi is one of those who may fit under the label as otaku. However his only obsession in this area is that he is an avid gamer of galges. He is such a master in these games so much so he is dubbed the God of Capturing over the internet. How masterful he is? He is able to ‘capture’ and ‘conquer’ any 2D girls of any game thrown at him. Wow. I wish I had that skill too. Oh, what am I saying? In other words, he is a 2D lover compared to 3D, eh? I know, unlike 2D girls, 3D can be irrational and incomprehensible. Hey, that’s what he said. But that’s why 2D girls are attractive, aren’t they? Unlike many other otakus, Keima is much different. Instead of being the typical fat and average otakus we are known to, Keima is actually an intelligent person! So much so, he can be so absorbed playing with his handheld PSP right in the middle of class, right in the middle of lessons and right in the middle of when the teacher chides him. It’s amazing that he can achieve high (if not perfect) grades and still concentrate on his game! How many of us can fully concentrate on doing 2 things at a time?

Flag 1.0: Love Makes The World Go Round
His world is literally shaken when he receives an email challenging him to capture a girl in episode 1. Without thinking further, he accepts it. The next thing he knows, a demon girl with a broom (not a witch, mind you) appears before him, calls him kami-sama (God) and says that he has entered into a contract with her. She is Elucis de Lute Ima or Elsie for short. She instantly takes him on a mission to hunt for loose souls. To Keima, this reality must be just a bad dream. Yeah, just keep denying it. But reality just keeps coming back to haunt him. Based on the strict conditions of the contract from Hell, if it is not fulfilled, the collar on his neck (which signifies the contract he entered) will cut his head! Don’t worry, once his contract is fulfilled, it will be removed. Might as well suck it up and get over with the contract. So what are these loose souls? Supposedly evil spirits that got loose and hide themselves inside girls (thus possessing them) who are facing some sort of personal problem. If they aren’t removed, these loose souls will become stronger and will eventually take over the host body. So all Keima has got to do is to get close to the girl, understand their problem, solve it and yes, make them fall in love with her. In that sense, it will be like forcing the evil spirit out of the heart (thus the reason Elsie needs a human ‘accomplice’ for her task). Sounds easy, right? Not if you’re a 2D lover. Now that has got to be a real nightmare and some sort of divine punishment.

So as Elsie’s first detected loose soul is Ayumi Takahara, Keima’s athletic classmate who not only accidentally cause him to break his beloved PSP, but also left him to do all the class chores. Yeah, this is going to be tough. Keima isn’t really going to bother with it so tearful Elsie thinks of dying with him (both will die if the contract is fulfilled). I guess he doesn’t want to mix up reality and fantasy and make it look like he is to blame for the failure so what else to do but to do the job. Just like harsh reality, Keima observes lots of stuff that doesn’t fulfil the ideal of an athletic track girl in 2D games. Firstly, she didn’t tie her hair. Say what? I didn’t know that. Anyway Ayumi soon ties her hair to get serious. Then Keima proceeds to cheer for Ayumi practising for her sports meet by putting up support banners so much so Ayumi becomes embarrassed by this stalker and beats him up each time he comes to support her. Then they see her being admonished by their cocky seniors. Later during another practice, Ayumi trips over a hurdle and collapses. Her foot is injured and the meet is tomorrow. That night, Keima meets her and knows that she is faking her injury. He observed that she didn’t tie her hair that time and thus wasn’t running seriously and thinks she planned her fall. Ayumi comes clean and mentions that she practised hard but can’t improve her time. She thinks her seniors are right when they told her off. Keima just tells her to run as fast as she can because she shouldn’t be worried about the ranking. After all, she is already ranked first in his heart. Gasp! She flusters at first and panics but eventually asks if he would come to support her tomorrow. Keima accidentally falls off the stairs but when he regains his balance, Keima and Ayumi’s lips meet. At that very moment, the loose soul is chased out of Ayumi’s heart as Elsie traps it in her jar. In the aftermath, Ayumi wins first place in the meet and was even praised by her seniors. Keima congratulates her but she doesn’t remember who he is. As narrated, the after effects of every successful capture will result in the host losing the memories of the capture. It’s better for them this way right? And just when Keima thought he would get his easy life back, he gets a surprise when Elsie turns up as not only a transfer student in his class but his sister as well. Ah, now the envy of all guys.

Flag 2.0: Demon Of A Little Sister
Sure everybody is thrilled about Elsie in episode 2 but when she tries to stand up for him by saying that every darn girl in the world will fall for him, everyone bursts into laughter and Keima falls into embarrassment. Hey wait. Isn’t the contract over? Apparently he has to capture all the loose souls in this town. And there are lots of them. Oh boy. That’s why read the fine prints of the contract next time. So being his sister means she has to live in his house, right? How is she going to pull this one off? She meets Keima’s mom, Mari. With a smile, she says that she is her husband’s illegitimate child! OMG! She even has a ‘letter’ from her late ‘mom’ to prove it! Mari calls her husband immediately wanting a divorce. Don’t even think of coming back! Poor guy didn’t know what hit him. Mari is scary when she’s mad. She accepts Elsie into the family. Later Keima takes Elsie to a store selling lots of those kind of games he plays. She tells him the important factors called BMW (not the car but Blood relation, Memories and Wonii-chan moe – WTF?!) that lacks them to be proper siblings. Elsie bites his fingers so in this sense she is related to him by blood. Does this count? Back home, Elsie tries to be a good little sister by cooking. Uhm… It seems the dishes she cooks are weird. Eyes in the meals? Who in their right mind would eat something that disgusting?! Apparently Keima is tied up like a mummy so yeah, this is really hell. But surprisingly it tastes good. Then she also cleans up good. But when she maximizes the power of her broom, it blasts a hole in the wall. Annoyed Keima goes to take a bath but the lights soon go out. He feels something touching him and it turns out to be Elsie who is trying to help him wash his back. Why are these seemed like triggering forced little sisters events? Cliche? Elsie mentions how she has an older sister who is good in everything. All she ever did was cleaning so when she was selected on hunting loose souls, she became happy. Keima rationales that though what she is trying to do won’t make her his real sister, as long as he can’t get loose from this collar, he can’t cut ties with her. And you thought after that nice speech, Keima would have calmed down but it seems Elsie slipped up again when she washed his PSP. With soap. Now that really crosses the line.

Flag 2.5: Baby, You’re A Rich Girl
More embarrassing moments in school when a classmate reads out loud the embarrassing moments Elsie wrote she did with Keima (that bath thingy). Then when they go to buy bread. They see a rich obnoxious girl, Mio Aoyama using her 10,000 bill Yen to buy soba bread. Since she doesn’t believe in using small change for her purchase, she tells the lady to give her to amount of bread worth that amount. WTF?! It’s a sell out! So the other students have nothing to eat lah… That’s the problem of being filthy rich. And yes, she has a loose soul detected inside her. Elsie thinks this is going to be a tough one but veteran Keima has played many games with this sort of character. Tough on the outside, soft on the inside. Yeah, all he needs is just to break down her armour. Then Keima practises his confession lines with Elsie but she flusters too much to have any effective feedback. Next day, Keima boldly confesses to her but she rejects him immediately. Yeah, harsh reality. They tail Mio back to her home and to their surprise, it isn’t a large mansion but a little rundown apartment! What is going on?

Flag 3.0: Drive My Car
As they eavesdrop in episode 3, they learn that her father was the president of Aoyama Central Industries and recently passed away. The chauffeur is begging her to come to her senses but even so, Mio refuses to alter her lifestyle even if mom is working hard to make ends meet. Yeah, all that bread piling up on her table. Can she eat them all? The chauffeur can’t take this anymore and leaves. That’s when Mio spots Keima outside and is devastated somebody else knows her secret. Keima decides to redo his strategy. Next day, he waits outside her home and offers to be her chauffeur. A bicycle? At first she’d rather walk but tripped. Then Elsie changes the bicycle into a rickshaw so that seems rather acceptable for her to ride though she maintains an excuse she hurt her leg. For a gamer like Keima, stamina of cycling is a problem. But he has to suck it up and paddle hard, each time the rickshaw becoming more and more sophisticated looking and attracting the stares of other students. So much so Mio becomes some sort of a slave driver. But wait. She’s laughing. She realizes that and immediately stops before returning to her cold personality. Then Keima spots an invitation to a ball and plans to go in for a kill.

Flag 3.5: I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party
He chauffeurs Mio there and she is upset that he brought her to this place (she didn’t to attend in the first place). Mio is surprised that Keima dresses up and looks a little handsome. He continues to be considerate while she continues to be cocky. Since she doesn’t want to go into the main party hall, Keima suggests that they have their own party here in the yard. Then some of her dad’s colleagues come by and mock Mio before leaving. Keima tells her that she had already live the life that her dad wanted in honour of his memories. But she should live her own life now. Memories of her father flow through her mind but she is still hesitant and thinks Keima is pulling some sort of a trick. He throws her an ultimatum. Either return to that rich life or choose her own way of living. That’s because he wants to be in her heart. He kisses her and that’s when the loose spirit is set free and is captured inside Elsie’s jar. In the aftermath, though Mio is still the same bratty girl, she seems happier and learned to live within her means. Yeah, now she uses coins to buy those breads.

Flag 4.0: On A Crusade
There is this legendary game whereby nobody could capture this girl. Seriously? Nobody? Let Keima do the job. So in episode 4, Keima plays his PSP all day long, 24/7 just to conquer this heroine of the game, Sora Asuka. However he too is nearly on the verge of giving up. You see, he should’ve known better himself when the game was finally released after many delays and the many bugs it has. The glitch involves a scene being repeated or returned to the original scene no matter what kind of answer one chose. Like as though it is looping or restarting again. Though the game is off the shelves, Keima is going to solve it or his reputation will be tarnished. First Keima enlists Elsie’s help to list down all the possible routes by making different sets of pattern and combination that he goes through in hopes that there will be an undiscovered route which will lead them to the real ending. The glitches are so weird that they range from the scene being shown upside-down to even an old man as Sora! Obviously at this point Elsie is worn out but Keima soldiers on. He doesn’t blame her because he believes there are no bad heroines (“They’re always someone waiting to be saved at the end!”). Keima perseveres and finally after many scenes after scenes, could this be the ending that Sora finally shows everyone her picture? Okay, some gibberish words came out. Back to the start! Hundred more hours of gaming! No way! In the end, a short line on Wikipedia reveals about an internet rumour that one person managed to see the real ending of the game. However nobody believed it and it was soon forgotten. Oh man…

Flag 5.0: Idol Bomb!
Elsie is excited that her favourite TV idol, Kanon Nakagawa wins the new artiste award in episode 5. However Keima isn’t because he prefers his 2D idol and gives supporting points why they are much better than 3D idols. Yeah, 2D idols get to improve with time while live idols become old and fade away! News has it that Kanon will be a transfer student in Keima’s school. The entire school is abuzz. Except for Keima who is busy playing his galge. Kanon spots him and tries to hint but he is indifferent. This hurt her feeling as she zaps him with a kitty-like stun gun! She is upset that he doesn’t recognize her, unlike happy-go-lucky Elsie. Kanon signs on Keima’s PSP her autograph (getting back at him?). Because he continues to show no further interest, she constantly zaps him. She has 2 stun guns! How electrifying can this get? And yes, Elsie detects a loose soul in her. Kanon goes about her busy and tight schedule as an idol but she is still upset about that one person who doesn’t recognizes her. She issues Keima a challenge letter up to the school rooftop. She is going to blow him away with her top idol performance. How the heck was the stage erected there in the first place? But you know what? He was playing his PSP all the while. Wasted her breath, eh? She was going to zap him again but she receives an important call of duty and is whisked away in her helicopter. Keima is thankful that his PSP is spared but as Elsie wonders why Keima is unappreciative to the troubles Kanon has gone through, he mentions that it is likely a trap when a girl chases after your love (speaking from his gaming experience) and the irony that idols are supposed to be hard to catch and yet she is chasing after him. Besides, she erased his PSP memories. So that’s why… Kanon continues her personal idol stint for Keima but the same: No reaction. As she sinks into depression, Keima and Elsie are shocked to see her vanishing.

Flag 6.0: I’m Ordinary?
Actually she is somewhat transparent. So in episode 6, Keima changes his attitude and tries to say that he was listening but she isn’t buying it. After evading all her angry stun gun charge (like a reflex by now), she walks away disappointed. Keima reveals that he was acting like a bad guy just to find out what is troubling her. Needing to know more about Kanon, Elsie feeds him details that every Kanon fan should know. But really, does he really need to know about her turtle pet? Kanon on TV announces her concert at Narusawa Seaside Hall with her upcoming single Happy Crescent. During her performance on TV, she notices a fan in the sea of audience not paying attention to her and was texting all the way. She becomes annoyed so much so she messed up her lyrics for a while, puzzling her fans. Elsie decides to head over to the TV station to see what is bugging Kanon but when she arrives, she is whisked away in her car. Elsie meets a group of Kanon’s fans (including an old uncle) waiting in line outside. Elsie learns that Kanon was originally from an all-girl group called Citron that was supposed to promote its leader, Lime. But Kanon outshone her and eventually the group broke up. Keima decides to initiate a plan for her capture and it seems he knows what is troubling her. He starts attending her performance and cheers her on, giving her the much needed strength to continue. As time passes, Kanon relies more and more on Keima as he is being whisked to her side for just about anything. She becomes happier when he praises her song. Then on the night of her performance at Narusawa, she goes missing from the dressing room.

Flag 7.0: Shining Star
A flashback in episode 7 that sees Kanon during her time in Citron when the trio were eagerly excited to debut here. Seems this was what attributed to her ‘disappearance’. She saw a vision of herself telling her that everyone will abandon her if she screws up big time. As all the staff frantically search for Kanon, fans are already streaming into the hall. Keima feels he needs to be the first one to find her. Kanon is her transparent self and her morale at all time low, thinking she can’t do it and needs to go find Keima. Eventually Keima and Elsie find her. They could’ve saved all the trouble and time if Elsie had actually thought of using her loose soul detector in the first place. Duh… Now it’s Keima’s turn to weave his magic. Kanon wants him to give her the courage to impress all those people but Keima tells her that she will have to do it on her own. Hearing the echoing roars of the fans cheering her name, Keima adds that everyone has been drawn to her light and that he can’t keep her for himself. Kanon gets her confidence back and bids farewell. She kisses Keima and the loose soul kicked out and successfully into custody. Kanon returns and apologizes to her manager before going out on stage to wow her fans. As Elsie and Keima leave, she wonders if his perception for live idols has changed. However he notes that Kanon isn’t an idol anymore but a shining star.

Flag 8.0: Coupling With With With With
Episode 8 is a series of snippets and events overlapping. So you need to be patient to see all of it connecting as a big picture. First we see Mari taking a shower and is alerted when she feels a presence of someone and a cake is being thrown out into the bushes. Next, Keima isn’t pleased that Elsie is cooking him more of her strange meals. Who would want to eat a bento that has eyes and tentacles sticking out of the box! She gets hurt when he calls her a bug demon (like in that glitch game). She gets an advice from her friend to bake Keima a cake to get some praise. I think the teacher, Kodama is really blind not to be able to tell that Elsie substituted herself with an inflatable self. She ditches class to borrow the kitchen and try baking a cake. However the ingredients she uses are all weird. Plain weird. Why are those things still living? And why are all those eggs so big like dinosaurs? Then one of the eggs hatch and a menacing mandragon wrecks havoc by chasing her. She temporarily sees Keima but walks away and just says that he will witness her true power. She continues her baking and when she is about to put the finishing touches, the mandragon eats the strawberry. Then the other eggs hatches and the little monsters (like cute Pokemons, eh?) surround her, wanting a piece of her cake. Then the whole room exploded because Elsie was heating the oven over a fire. WTF?! Back home, Mari receives a call from Kodama that he can’t make it for a house visit. Mari is okay with it. Keima with his head bandaged tells Elsie that he knows she was missing for school. She denies it and says to herself that she’ll someday make him a successful cake. However Keima notes that he hates sweet things. Poor Elsie ends up throwing that recipe magazine away.

The next scene is from Keima’s point of view. After that horrible bento from Elsie, he thinks if she hates him. I say he has too much on his mind because he can actually concentrate playing his game and at the same time, Kodama hands him his test sheet back. He scored a perfect 100! Yeah, does being perfect give him the right not to listen in class and do whatever he wants? He’s not listening… Outside, Keima has a short encounter with mandragon flying by and Elsie with that true powers line. Kodama substitutes Keima’s class for PE so he punishes Keima for being cocky with more laps. Keima shows him that he can still run if he puts his mind to it! Wow. Though he drops in the end, Kodama tells him he’s going to pay his house a visit. Keima tells him off so he is going to teach him a lesson when an explosion occurs and the mandragon is seen flying out and chases Kodama. Keima goes back and sees a cake on the bushes and thinks it is what Elsie may be up to. Mari is fixing her bike when she gets a call about Kodama’s visit. Seems she doesn’t like that gay guy but thinks of taking a shower since she is quite dirty. Then she thinks there is a peeping Tom and goes to chase him. But when she realizes that the intruder is a robber and has broken in, she becomes afraid. Holding a flower vase as her weapon, she tiptoes closer to the sound coming from the fridge. Then she whacks the intruder with it. Turns out to be Keima eating the cake. So sorry! Next, we see the mandragon confronting the alien bento on top Keima’s house roof. Kodama is just outside when he witnesses the alien bento swallowing the mandragon whole after a fight! Oh sh*t! Better call it a day.

Flag 9.0: Inside And Outside The Big Wall
Because Elsie continues to be ignorant about the world, Keima tells her to go read up more in episode 9. She visits the school’s extensive library and since the book on obsolete modern words is too much for her, she starts with something simpler: A book on fire engines. She gets so infatuated with it that she tried asking the librarian, Shiori Shimomiya for more books about it. But Shiori is so absorbed in her reading that she seems to be ignoring her. Even if she did manage to get her attention, Shiori seems to be just staring at her, not saying her word. Then her loose soul’s detector goes wild. Aha… She brings Keima to the library when Shiori comes back with a tray full of books from the library relating to fire engines. All 458 of them! The fact is that Shiori has read every darn book in the library but couldn’t say it for fear she may be deemed a weirdo. She sees Keima and is lost for words on what to say to correct her position but returns to her seat and continues to safely read in her world of her own. Shiori narrates about her love for books, what they represent and what they mean to her. Shiori observes a couple flirting in the library but her shyness wouldn’t allow her to stand out and voice her opinion of what they’re doing to desecrate this sacred place. Then the library committee chairperson gives her a list of books to be disposed off this month. Shiori reluctantly goes to pick the selected books. There is one high on the shelf that she can’t reach and when she does, she loses her balance. She falls back on Keima’s body as he catches the book. Shiori’s mind is racing on what to say appropriately. It must seem like an eternity when she finally blurted out a blooper. A word combo of thank you and economics principles: Arigaron. (Arigatou = thank you; Keizaigenron = principles of economics).

Flag 10.0: Inside Of Me…
Shiori becomes flustered over her blooper in episode 10 so she quickly leaves and just forgets that all this happened. However Keima says that he thinks these books aren’t necessary anymore and that they take up space and should be digitalized. Of course this stopped Shiori in her tracks. Though she has her objections, the most it could come out was just in her head. She eventually brushes it off as everyone entitled to their own opinion and that she could never argue with a scary person like him. Then he mentions that a book can be discarded after being scanned, she turned around and let loose a “Baakaaa!” (Stupid) at him. Sounds funny, though. Of course she walks away and as usual it’s part of Keima’s plan to find out her problem. Hey, he can’t tell if she doesn’t speak her mind, right? Since Elsie is obsessed about reading on fire engine, he knows she’s not going to be much help. It’s all down to yourself. When you want to get something done… Shiori remembers since young she had a problem of voicing out. Whether it is not her fault in breaking a vase or even writing pages of book reviews instead of telling her friends by mouth about her opinion (of course they find it weird). That’s why she finds her freedom in books as they don’t rush her and that she can learn in silence and live out her life in books. During the librarian’s meeting, the chairperson indicates that the new media room is approved and that books will be discarded. Shiori stood up but didn’t say anything. The rest didn’t think she has objection to say and the meeting adjourns. I guess Shiori is a little too much when she mentions the need of communication via talking and why didn’t our ancestors learn to speak via telepathy. Hey, we could’ve been advanced life forms if we can ever do that. Then she catches Keima scribbling in a book and snatches it away. However he says he is making corrections. I guess he’s knowledgeable in the game area so I can question his details and the errors that were made. Of course he mentions that giving wrong info is defeats the point so this time Shiori ekes out a funny “Ahoooo~” (Moron) at him. Hey, that’s 2 words now. At least Keima thinks he’s engaging in a conversation with her rather than making her mad. Though she may not show much on the outside, significant changes may be happening beneath the surface. On another time, Shiori instantly snatches another book Keima is scribbling. But it turns out to be his own book. Because of that, some psychological role reversal happen when she speaks her inner mind out about opposing the media room and being thrown off pace with people like him. On another time, Keima mentions how he prefers this quiet place as opposed to the noisy exterior. Shiori agrees about this fortress of paper that keeps the noises out. In her reflex, she introduces herself when he tells his name. Elsie teases Keima that he is relatively making progress with a girl that rarely talks but a more important issues is bugging Keima. He is wondering what the emptiness in her heart is. Then they see her shredding a paper. Putting it back together, it is a notice of book disposal to prepare for the new media room.

Flag 11.0: The Last Day
It’s not a case of action speaking louder than words in episode 11. Shiori singlehandedly barricades herself inside the library, locking out all her committee members. The chairperson knocks for her to open and though Shiori is startled by the incessant knocking, she continues to lock herself inside her own world. She falls asleep and dreams how she never got into opening her mouth to talk. That one time when she was late for class, she thought of staying outside when the class ends but wandered to the library. That’s where she found her sanctuary. It is night time and the chairperson is still knocking. Unbelievable. She didn’t want to call a teacher so as not to jeopardize the media room which she put so much effort in getting approved. Keima comes in from the hole in the ceiling made by Elsie. Like some sort of an angel descending from the sky, eh? Isn’t there any other better way for her to let him enter? They spend the time sitting close to each other. Not saying anything. Shiori’s mind starts getting frantic as usual when the electricity is cut. The committee members finally thought of this and resetting the password, eh? In the darkness, the mountain of books starts collapsing over them. It would be ironic if they got crushed by it, eh? Now it’s Keima time. With his smooth words, he says how he wished the real world would leave him alone so Shiori replies that she just wants to live here in her peace and quiet. Keima refutes that all she wants is to talk to others but is afraid to say something wrong that will piss them off. He asks her if she is trying to protect her books or her sanctuary from the outside world. Shiori starts thinking that it may be too late for her voice to reach others but Keima will give her the courage she needs to do so and kisses her. Her loose souls evicted as Elsie confines them in her jar. When the committee members finally get in and confront Shiori, she apologizes and voices her objection about the book disposal because she feels that every book has its own story to tell. Everyone is surprised that she talked! Yeah, that sentence itself is probably more than what she spewed in her entire life time! The chairperson agrees on holding another meeting for the book disposal though the media room stays. Shiori couldn’t be happier than that. Then Shiori asks if there was someone else besides her here, nobody could recall. Shiori feels she received something in her dream. Keima is on the rooftop continuing to play and finish his galge as Elsie reseals the hole. In the aftermath, Shiori uses her faint memories that there was someone there at that moment as a basis to write a story. When the chairperson catches her writing something, she quickly hides her work to cover a few embarrassing parts.

Flag 12.0: More Than A God, Less Than A Human
Keima is looking like a zombie. Like the undead. Why? Because he has not played enough galges ever since Elsie came into his life! What kind of reasoning is that? And you thought it was the other way round, worn out due to overplaying. How do we know he has not played enough then? Look at all the galges piling up in his dark room! Yikes! What is he going to do about food? To hell with that, playing games to make up for lost time is all that matters. He locks himself in his room as concerned Elsie takes a peek into it for the first time. A shocking scene as we see various game consoles, game pads and monitor screens! In his Capturing God mode, Keima is playing 6 games simultaneously and not losing concentration on each one! Wow!!! Such enhanced speed, foresight, intelligence and stamina! His hands are moving so fast that he resembles like some Hindu God! Then unleashing his secret Synchronicity technique, all the games ended up with a kissing scene onscreen! Superb!!! Elsie, you may want to step out of the room and give that nerd some space. As Keima takes a break and I don’t know how he came up with this equation that each time he uses the Capturing God mode, his lifespan will decrease by 3 years. Then he gets an email from an online Wiki asking if he has beaten the Princess Derby game yet. This one involves movement (swinging the console) so with his lack of stamina, he uses his Capturing God mode to win the game and that post his victory online. Then he takes out all the previous console versions of Princess Derby and starts playing them simultaneously! Wow. The consoles on his hand and body make him look like as though he’s going through some battle. I guess he played too much so much so the consoles overheated. Elsie checks up on him and sees him in some yoga pose. Let’s continue to leave him alone… He’s in some peaceful plains and when he returns, he gets the resolve to continue. But this time as Elsie checks upon him again, though on the verge of collapsing, he is setting up and trying to play 24 games at the same time! Isn’t that going too far?! Elsie asks him if he ever felt lonely playing games in his dark room like a machine unlike other boys his age playing outside. She feels sad for him. However Keima replies he is not suffering and is happy to drown himself playing these galges. He starts his game and now this is just unbelievable. The way his movements now to play all 24 games surpasses those of an orchestra conductor or a DJ! Elsie, you may want to leave him alone some more… Finally Keima completes all the games except for one more. However his vision starts to blur as he realizes he has spent hours using his Capturing God mode. That means he should’ve been dead, eh? He is going to pass out but suddenly sees all the 2D girls giving him the strength and encouragement to go on. He completes the final game and follows the girls into another realm where they happily, well erm, he plays more games, the girls flank him. This must be heaven, right?

Flag 12.99999: The 2D Girls God Only Loves
Well, that isn’t the end yet because right after the final episode, it is announced that there will be a second season. So that’s why they put a pun of changing ‘owari’ (end) to ‘okawari’ (second helpings – which means a sequel in this sense). It debuted back in April 2011 (yeah, already ended its run by the time this blog is out). It’s just like taking a season break before resuming. They even had a cheek to put a new character right at the end saying that a sequel was necessary or else she want get to debut! So I’m expecting more havoc with this new character and definitely more loose souls to capture. That means more girls for our hero to capture. If they were only 2D…

Keima’s love for 2D girls is amazing. I think I could never surpass him or even get this close. It’s frightening to know that he has this incredible multi-tasking job and able to concentrate in both his studies and games and yet achieve perfection. It’s like he is God but at the same time make him so much less a human. What is he, really? To think that he would do well to capture 3D girls is another amazing feat. For a person who only loves 2D girls and couldn’t care less about reality, he sure put his gaming knowledge and experience to good use. Whether or not his feelings to help the girls are sincere or just putting up an act (so that he could complete the contract with Elsie), he is really one smooth talker (especially when he goes in for the kill/capture). He just needs to smile more often. If only I could use those lines in real life. So who says that games have such a bad influence? It depends on how you use your knowledge and experience. If you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. That is what Keima proved. But did you notice that Keima don’t really hate 3D girls? Even if his act was just to help in capturing the girl, if he really hated them, he wouldn’t have been so effective in the first place. With each capture, he not only becomes more tolerable to girls of reality (at least in my opinion), but learns and discovers his true self, though it is pretty much the obsessed galge player we know.

When the climax or conclusion to the capture the girl is near, Keima’s favourite phrase is “I can see the ending”. Yeah, playing lots of galges really helped him foresee the possible routes and outcomes. It applies in real life too. I mean, how far could it run? Another quirky thing about Keima is his over-dramatic, flowery and poetic explanation to Elsie during certain scenes about what’s going on. Actually, I don’t even understand it myself so much so it would’ve been better if he had gotten to the point straight. As for Elsie, I find her to be somewhat of a useless moe idiot most of the time. At times, it can be annoying. I thought she as the heroine would help aid Keima but to me, it’s that guy who is doing most of the work (in the sense of the planning and strategy he puts forth). I’m not saying that Elsie did nothing throughout the capture but I just wish she was portrayed to be more useful, that’s all. Perhaps she’s naive. In that case, she’s got a long way to go.

It’s a bittersweet feeling for the other conquered girls. It’s good that they have their problems solved and the loose soul vanquished in the end, but it’s somewhat sad to see them lose memories moments during the capture. When they have finally fallen in love with Keima, they lose their memories. He could have amassed his own harem the way things are going and if not for the reset. But I guess he would prefer to have his 2D girls around him anytime. In the end, the ‘freed’ girls to become better persons themselves. Though unrelated, this ‘dating’ of different girls somehow reminded me shades of Amagami SS. In that series, each heroine gets her own little story arc though they date the same guy but their stories do not intertwine. So you could say that in another ‘universe’, he ‘shagged’ them all. Keima’s case is pretty much similar, only difference there isn’t a different setting in the time flow or each arc with another girl starts afresh.

Of all the voice acting in this series, the best one has got to be Kana Hanazawa as Shiori (Tenshi/Kanade in Angel Beats, Kureneko in OreImo). She was damn cute when she tried to tell off Keima in her shaky and unconfident voice. I have to admit that I purposely replayed those parts so that I could hear that kawaii expression over and over again. Other casts include Hiro Shimono as Keima (Akihisa in Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu), Kanae Itou as Elsie (Sanae in Shinryaku! Ika Musume), Ayana Taketatsu as Ayumi (Azusa in K-ON!), Ao Yuuki as Mio (Murasaki in Kurenai) and Nao Touyama as Kanon (currently her only other role is Tiger in Star Driver Kagayaki No Takuto). The opening theme is all in English. The name is the same title of the series (the English one) and is sung by Oratorio The World God Only Knows. Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the song sound like a faster beat of Enya? Though there are a few ending themes, the main is Koi No Shirushi. Depending on the girl being captured in that arc, the seiyuu of that girl will sing this theme. Other ending themes include Tatta Ichido No Kisei by Tomo Sakurai for Sora’s arc (she’s also the voice of the Sora character here) and Happy Crescent by Nao Touyama (typical J-pop idol song). The final ending theme by Hiro Shimono with Oratorio The World God Only Knows is called Shuuseki Kairo No Yume Tabibito. I think Hiro Shimono is purposely made to sing out of tune so much so it sounded very funny! The cacophony won’t t hurt your ears but tickle your ribs instead. LOL. There was one point he was even screaming like Tarzan running out of energy! AaaaAAAaaaAAaaa~ LOL!!! Then there are lots of other insert songs but these are mainly sung during Kanon’s arc.

If you’re an avid gamer, I’m sure that you can spot many trivia related to galges. Since I’m not one who plays such games (or any other computer or video games in the last few years), I’m not sure if those references are just parodies or real ones. But I think they should be the former. Don’t want to get sued, eh? The next episode preview is another amusing section. With an end card illustrated by various people, we hear Keima narrating based on his references to galges such as game characters will never betray you in real life (because girls on the other side of the monitor have feelings too!), galge characters created by maths are beautiful (what has it got to do with prime numbers?), describing the girl you like that makes up of pixels and data (as opposed to protein and calcium), galges can overcome all barriers to language and culture (so that we can borrow them once somebody is done with that game), unrequited love cannot happen in galge (if true love ever happens, it probably is a bug) and the best one whereby games have stories that will come to an end but however they are made in a way to have sequels (that’s why this series isn’t ending yet – a hint?). I’m not sure if Elsie’s short sentence at the end serves as a rebuttal. Even if it did, it didn’t make sense. At least not to me.

Keima didn’t get ostracized by other people simply because he couldn’t care less about the reality and is careful not to mix it up with fantasy. He didn’t turn into a pervert, molester or stalker, right? Otherwise, I’m sure there are many people out there who have negative remarks and stereotyped views about his obsession. To each his own. As long as you enjoy it without hurting others, I think it’s okay. So it’s alright for me to stay up all night throughout the week watching animes? Time to take out my hidden stash of 2D girls and drool over them and fantasize the paradise. What kind of world is that that I am dreaming of? Well, one that probably God only knows.

NB: If you wonder why 2D girls always look better than 3D girls, here’s my reason: They look much gorgeous in HD and high resolution! You can’t beat that, can you?


August 12, 2011

Before there was a certain Haruhi that became God in the eyes of many, there was Yurie Hitotsubashi who was God of men. That’s right, a middle school girl became God. At least that is what happened in Kamichu. The God here isn’t referring to any Christian themed God that so many animes are using nowadays. A big majority of Japan’s religion is based on Shinto or Buddhism. This series is on the former. What I understand is that in this religion, there is a God to everything. Not just physical stuff but intangible ones like feelings and disposition. Well, it is going to be one hell of a crowded universe filled with God for just about anything don’t you think? I’m not saying that this series is intended to make you a believer of the Shinto religion but if you are looking for a nice and slow paced show and the kind that enjoys slice of life genres, you’d want to check this out.

Set in the sleepy town of Japan’s inland sea, Onoshima of the Hiroshima prefecture, being God isn’t a grand or easy job as you think. Yurie is a very shy and petite girl so it doesn’t really help that she is suddenly ‘burdened’ with such a huge responsibility. Aside from her God status, a big majority of this series sees her dealing with life like a normal middle high school girl. From dealing with big issues like attending Godly meetings to helping those in need to solving problems of the world, Yurie still has her own little problem to solve in her own backyard. Like summing up the courage to confess to the boy she has a crush on. And you thought it would be easier if she’d just used her divine powers, eh? Well even if there was an option (which I think not), confessing one’s feelings can be a daunting job. That’s why it always comes from the heart.

Episode 1
Yurie laments to her friend Mitsue Shijou that she has become a God but not sure of what nature. Classmate Matsuri Saegusa soon befriends her because she considers Yurie her soul friend as she lives in a local shrine, Raifuku. She takes Yurie up to the roof to find out what kind of God she has become by doing superhero poses? Embarrassing! They notice Kenji Ninomiya doing his calligraphy on the rooftop (he is the only member thus no club room). Matsuri notices Yurie’s crush on him and tells her about the legend that if she confesses on a very windy day on the rooftop, her love will come true. They continue the practice as Matsuri tells her to shout “Kamichu” (combo of god “kami” and middle schooler “chuugakusei”) to make some wind (not the wind from your other end, silly). Nothing worked. Matsuri invites them to her shrine for more training. What?! We’re continuing with this? There, Yuri takes her luck reading and it reads a little luck while her love relationship is presentment of a storm. They meet Matsuri’s little sister Miko (Miko in a miko outfit? Besides, she looks like a little version of Enma Ai!) because she believes she can tell what kind of God she is. Unfortunately she can’t so they decide to ask God. Doing up some scary ritual (at least from Yurie’s point) it ended with Yurie giving a big sneeze. Back home, Yurie panics when she sees the TV news that an impending typhoon named Yurie is heading their way! Why does the typhoon eye have her face in it? She gets a call from Mitsue to meet at school. Along the way, she sees spirits hanging on for their life as the wind builds up. She feels guilty as the cause. She reaches school and sees Matsuri who offers her assistance to stop the typhoon. After setting up and doing the rituals, however the typhoon didn’t recede. They see Ninomiya trying to save his makeshift club room (he’s doing that?!) but gets blown away by the wind. Yurie earnestly wants to save him and after saying “Kamichu!”, her hair grows long as she rides a spirit up into the typhoon. She grabs Ninomiya’s hands and slowly the typhoon disappears. As they float down, Yurie remembers Matsuri’s advice on the legend and takes this chance to confess to him. They safely land into the swimming pool but Ninomiya wonders who she is. How embarrassing! Next day, life returns to normal. Yurie goes to school and sees the spirits around and thinks it isn’t a dream. Seems everyone knows she has become a God, though she is pretty much the same. Ninomiya still the same dense guy too. He remembers Yurie’s name wrongly. Yeah, some even requesting her help to fix simple things! Being a God is tough.

Episode 2
Everyone loves teasing Yurie as the new God because she’s cute and a simpleton. Matsuri isn’t happy they’re looking down on her. Later she invites Yurie and Mitsue to her shrine as they will be holding a festival. When Miko returns, Matsuri wishes her to open the main shrine to see their local God, Yashima since Yurie has become one. As they pray, Miko then tells them the truth that she hasn’t seen Yashima for 3 months. She didn’t tell daddy because she thought she’d hurt his feelings. When they tell him, daddy decides to resign as head chief and concentrate on his vegetable farm (not the popular online game lah). Then they write and put on charms so that they can see the spirits around town and ask them about Yashima’s whereabouts. However they do not know where he is. Finally one thinks that he may be at where Gods convene at a shrine at the mountain top. Since only members are allowed, only Yurie can go further as she disappears into the small shrine. She enters the weird but peaceful world and is taken on the boat ride to ask the denizens about Yashima. However there are too many Gods so many aren’t sure who he is. Finally Yurie finds him at some bell place. She learns he is trying to form a rock band and wanted to embark on a new world because he doesn’t want to end up as a local God. Though Yurie says she doesn’t understand his complicated feelings, she likes the town and Miko is worried about him. She thinks she shouldn’t run away from home without telling anyone. He commends she has a stronger will than his and possess a pure heart and agrees to return to the town (plus, I think his music talent sucks). Yurie returns and since Miko is the only one who is able to see Yashima, she breaks down in happiness as he apologizes. Because Matsuri can’t see him, Yashima possesses Mitsue’s body to apologize. -The festival is bustling with people. Yurie meets Ninomiya at the back doing his calligraphy for the festival (he initially didn’t remember her name!). She asks if he believes in God and he replies since she is, he believes but it doesn’t matter either way. He notes that she can make many people happy and hopes his calligraphy could do the same. It’s Yurie’s turn to go on stage to officially declare herself as a God. She goes up but nervously. And before that, was that Yashima possessing Mitsue to do some helluva rock show? Man, she didn’t know what got into her!

Episode 3
Yurie is worried that her pet cat Tama has been missing for a few days. In school, Matsuri puts Yurie through some sort of God consultation service and they learn that many of their problems involve money. They summon Yashima (he comes riding on a pigeon and possesses Mitsue!) that the God of Poverty (let’s call him Binbou for short) is coming to this town based on the warning issue. Yashima and Yurie write charms as preparation to ward off the bad luck. Then they go placing the charms around town. Yashima tells Yurie that it’s impossible to fulfil everyone’s wishes as this would cause them to do nothing. He suggests she join the God Association so there will be some delivery and collection of requests that she can fulfil. That night, Yurie remembers how she first adopted Tama as a stray kitten. In the bath, she suddenly sees the entire town blackout! Misfortune befalls on the town the next day as everyone is inconvenienced, bad luck happening and business going bust. Yashima finds out that Binbou is already here and the warning issue is out-dated one (Matsuri slapped Mitsue’s head so hard that Yashima fell out!). The only way is to confront him and chase him away. They need to find the place with the worst luck to pinpoint his location and it seems their shrine is it. They prepare to confront the unknown when they spot Tama. However it’s not a normal cat as it stands on its two hind legs. Actually it’s Binbou possessing Tama. Matsuri scares it away and chases it down like a mad hunter trying to shooting it with her arrows! When Yurie finally manages to catch up with him, she wants him to give back Tama and that he is causing the town trouble. He agrees and is about to leave but Tama pleads him not to go because he saved her life. Flashback reveals Tama ran away from home to explore new possibilities but drowned. That is when Binbou saved and possessed her. He didn’t mind leaving but Tama persists. Yurie agrees that Tama could keep him if she looks after him. As Tama jumps into Yurie’s arms, Yurie’s hair grows long and she releases an aura that turns all bad luck into amazing good luck! Wow! Later Yashima explains that Binbou’s power is cast off in this town for now and that Yurie needs to fill in that power once in a while. The forecast series for the God of Poverty is even suspended. Binbou notes how Yurie is kind to keep her so Yashima says she will not abandon those in trouble, whether a person or God.

Episode 4
Tama seems to be more intelligent than usual. Though Yurie’s parents don’t mind, her brother Shoukichi becomes suspicious. A little lunchbox lands outside Yurie’s yard. A trio of spirits appear and they claims they are from God Association to help her out with the wishes. They are Team Happiness. Looks like she’ll have her first one as the TV reports a Martian UFO crash-landing in the capital. Yurie is whisked away to Tokyo. She meets the Prime Minister for the first time (he also quips meeting God for the first time). She is thrown into a room to make contact with the Martian (a cute pink jellyfish?) being held captive. “Diplomacy is guts!”. Martian uses a telephone piece so that they could communicate in Yurie’s language. She learns Martian is here to return a ‘lost’ NASA Viking spacecraft stranded on Mars. The PM is making arrangements to hand it over to US because he is some dog to Uncle Sam. As Yurie goes to buy souvenirs, she sees a couple of army helicopters trying to lift the Martian spacecraft. To her horror, she sees Martian being strapped and taken away and the PM lied and twisted his words about her release. -Yurie is taken away but she tosses a transmitter as requested by Martian. She creates a device out of it and makes everyone except Yurie temporarily fall asleep. They seek refuge inside the building as they chat about going home. The PM takes charge in capturing the Martian and orders the army to storm into the building. Yurie manages to write a charm to slow their movements to escape. The army chase them outside but it’s just a fake decoy by Team Happiness. The real duo are sneaking towards the UFO but luck runs out when a bunch of army point their guns at them! The whole lot pointing their guns at a little girl?! Pointing their guns at God?! Well, all the more reason to. How does Yurie get out of this? Through diplomacy by telling them about the exclusive defensive security policy on they have no right to attack them and the proper time to use their weapon! She’s right! They back down and so they coolly pass through but meet the final obstacle in the PM. He struggles to capture the Martian as part of his ambitions to improve relations with USA. A part of the Viking fell off and hit his head so he faints and taken away via ambulance. He deserves it. Yurie and Martian say their farewell and emotionally embrace. Martian hopes she will visit Mars. How long would that take?! Back in her hometown, Team Happiness comes with another request. Now a large submarine emerges from the sea and the news reports about the government coming into contact with people living at the bottom of the sea. Looks like she’ll miss class again.

Episode 5
Yurie’s cold causes her to collapse while doing her consultation service in class. The client thought God died right in front of her! Yurie’s mom, Akane fetches her home early to see a doctor and rest. The next day, her cold got worse so she has to spend another day in bed. Ninomiya finally gets Yurie’s name right but is still blur about her sickness. Can you consider that a progress? Shoukichi follows Miko home to buy a get well charm for his sister. Back home, Team Happiness pays Yurie a visit. Next day, Yurie’s dad, Kenkichi decides she should stay in bed for precaution though she is recovering. As Yurie is talking to Tama, her spirit suddenly floats out from her body due to the charm. Curious Yurie floats around town and is fascinated by the scenery. Of course humans can’t see her and only the spirits. One spirit in particular thought she had given up being a God and became a ghost instead! Yurie goes to see Mitsue and Matsuri in school but they can’t see her so she goes to the rooftop to fawn over Ninomiya doing his calligraphy. As she tries to touch his face, he reacted as though he knew she was there (maybe it’s just the wind). Just then Yurie disappears and the next time she opens her eyes, she’s back in her body and room. That evening, Mitsue and Matsuri pay Yurie a visit. Matsuri made a get well charm for her but it’s a strawberry flavoured lizard-on-a-stick! WTF?! If Yurie wants the get well calligraphy from Ninomiya, she has to eat it! And she does, no matter how much it sucks! That desperate for anything Ninomiya, eh? The next day, she is all better and returns to class. She remembered that she forgot to bring Mitsue’s hand-outs and tries to rush back. Matsuri thought she’s sick again and suggests a papaya flavoured charm. No way!

Episode 6
The test results are out and Yurie’s position fell as low as 96 though she won’t have to do a retake. We know a certain person’s consultancy service is to blame for getting her busy. However Matsuri continues to “think about the future” so poor Yurie has to attend more consultancy service, this time it’s the summer love fortune telling special. Can a girl who lacks the experience give proper advice? As she hears out another client, Kiyomi Noto, Yurie is surprised to learn she has a crush on Ninomiya! Short flashback reveals he ‘saved’ her from a harassing dog. In a dilemma to help or not. She accidentally does so by suggesting she join the calligraphy club. In order not to be left out, Yurie also thinks of joining it as an excuse to help her though we know it’s to keep watch and not lose out. Going to his club room at the rooftop, Yurie gets the shock of her life when she seems him shirtless! No air-cond lah. He is delighted with 2 new members and they get a taste of his bad memory of remembering their name or existence (too focused on calligraphy?). Ninomiya takes the duo on a jogging practice (so that they can experience different calligraphy writing?) while Mitsue and Matsuri are just bored tagging along. More training like writing blindfolded and doing chores for an old lady in return to see her calligraphy works. All the while, Kiyomi notice Yurie’s reaction towards Ninomiya and gets suspicious. That guy too seems to be spending more time closer to her (though unknowingly). While Ninomiya goes to get more paper, Kiyomi confronts Yurie and asks if she has feelings for him. Yurie flusters and couldn’t answer. Oh dear, God lied! Oh the way home, she seeks advice from Mitsue but she can’t give any specific answer but to do what she thinks it’s best. Next day, Yurie is to hand her club resignation when she spots Kiyomi handing her confession calligraphy to Ninomiya. That guy isn’t as dense as he is. He realizes what she is trying to say so he apologizes. Heartbroken Kiyomi wants him to take responsibility and accept her feelings. She resigns and runs away. Passing by Yurie, she tells her that it’s her turn. Yurie soon turns her resignation but Ninomiya is okay with it. Back to like how it was, isn’t it? In the hall as the principal gives his speech before they break for the holidays, Yurie notices Kiyomi seems to have gotten over her heartbreak and chatting happily with her guy classmate.

Episode 7
Shoukichi is getting more suspicious about Tama’s behaviour but Yurie brushes it off as summer mirage and pesters him to get ice cream. Just when he gives in, Yurie’s pals arrive to bring her to the beach so Yurie doesn’t need the ice cream anymore. How vexing. Since the beach is crowded, they head to the cove and they have the entire beach to themselves. Maybe it’s just me or the drawing because Mitsue looks fat in the swimsuit. It suddenly rains so they take refuge at an abandoned beach house, Hamakaze. They notice the very old equipment and photos on the wall. Once the rain passes, they resume their fun. Back home, Yurie is in pain due to sunburn. Team Happiness crash in to remind her about the God Association’s meeting tonight for her welcoming party. Apparently it was buried under her summer cards so she missed it. In the land of the Gods, Yurie is given a warm welcome and a special robe by the President of the God Association (another funny little weirdo). She continues to meet the Gods that attend and find a bunch of retiree Gods of Hamakaze. As they chat, they talk about a boy and girl who loved each other very much and wonder if they have become a couple and found happiness. Upon the President’s advice to test the powers of the robe to grant their wishes. Outside Hamakaze, Yurie gathers all the photos and after yelling “Kamichu!”, the robe’s powers lights the night sky with fireworks and those photos enlarged. All those who patron Hamakaze before have a strange feeling to return to it. First to arrive are Yurie’s parents. They are surprised to see each other so as Yurie kisses their foreheads, they are transported back to Hamakaze’s bustling times and relive the nostalgic memories. Seems they are the legendary couples that the retirees are talking about. Talk about twist of fate. Soon the other people come streaming in as they relive the good times. Oddly when Yurie and her parents reach home, they have a serious case of sunburn. I thought it was just an illusion and in their mind? Sunburn at night? Apparently the nostalgia was real. Damn real alright. Better than your 3D TV. You can even feel it…

Episode 8
It’s odd that Yurie needs to use the pencil for her MCQ questions. But it’s all the same answer! Divine retribution? Matsuri tells them about rumours that cats in this town collectively disappear and run wild against the elderly. They seem to confirm one case when they pass by an elderly man’s store being attacked by cats. Shoukichi spots Tama doing a Shouryuken and Bruce Lee moves, punching the leaves. Yeah, he may be really seeing things. Yurie asks Tama about the strange coincidence but she didn’t reveal much. That night Tama sneaks out thinking Yurie is asleep but she tails her to an abandoned shipyard whereby she sees lots of cats gathering. Just when the cats think they spot an intruder, Yurie turned into a cat. Tama knows Yurie followed her. She explains this place is called Cat World, a utopia for all cats to mix around indiscriminately. The cats’ leader, Tyler returns as he showers the cats with food gifts. Tama continues that Tyler gathered followers from his great leadership and trained everyone to defend themselves from dogs and schoolboy bullies. However when he targeted humans to be their enemies, the cats are split into 2 camps though more are joining him. Tyler announces of announcing their independence of Cat World (for real?!) so Tama opposes him, thinking it would be a mistake as this will lead everyone to be captured. Tyler suggests that they duke it out in a Cat Fight to determine the new boss. Erm… The Cat Fight seems more like tag team wrestling. How can Tama stand up against the big fat cat Dave? Oh sh*t! Size does matter… Not. Yurie tags Tama in time so Tama gives Dave her Shouryuken and knocks him out. When Tyler enters the ring and reveals his twin tails, they realized he is a cat God. No wonder he’s got brains. Tyler’s swiftness catches Tama off-guard and nearly won. Yurie and Tama tag each other in between. When Tama is pinned down, Yurie summons her Kamichu powers to land all the sour umeboshi into Tama’s mouth. The sourness wakes her up totally and accidentally knocks Tyler out. Everybody couldn’t believe it but Tama is the winner and their new boss! Yeah, “The taste of victory is sour”. Next day, Tyler decides to leave for another town to start anew because he wants to do things his way (rather he doesn’t want to be bossed around by her). And so we have a complicated relationship for Yurie and Tama now. Who is the real owner?

Episode 9
Ninomiya leaves class early because he’s got a date. SAY WHAT?! A date with old man Gen to fix his roof. Phew. However he slipped and hurt his hips so the gang temporarily take care of him. They learn he was a soldier aboard a warship, Yamato. He tells them about his days serving proudly on it. Back home, a fishing boat spirit, Mitsubamaru requests Yurie’s assistance to help Yamato’s spirit to come home. Currently Yamato is at the bottom of the East China Sea. Though he is helping out other sunken ships, recently he has been talking about returning to his birthplace in Kure, Hiroshima. Yurie speaks to Yamato to find out about his feelings. It’s weird to see her speak through some seaweed as a communicator. Yamato feels okay to remain since he doesn’t want to return in an embarrassing dilapidated state. Mitsubamaru disagrees and wants him to be honest with his feelings. Yurie mentions that there are lots of people who remember and are proud to serve on board him. Since she will do what she can, Yamato agrees to return. Yashima advices that Yurie needs to get ‘in tune’ with Yamato by understanding and learning his specifications, purpose, etc. Yurie reads up a lot on Yamato with the help of Mitsue and Matsuri even does some measuring to get an idea how large Yamato is. She evens get confidential info from the PM! Yeah, he’s in her debt after all. Can a girl like her digest and absorb everything? Then they go back to Gen and listen to more of his stories. He mentions about wanting to see that ship again. Yurie leaves her body in the care of Mitsue and Matsuri as she travels in her spirit form with Mitsubamaru to see Yamato. Upon arrival, she uses her powers to restore him to his magnificent state and surface it. Grateful Yamato thanks everyone and leaves it to Mitsubamaru to watch the sea in his place. Ninomiya and Gen are invited to the riverside. Matsuri places charms on them so they could see the spirits. All the spirits are eagerly waiting for Yamato’s arrival and when it does appear, Yamato parades through with pride. Gen feels happy to be able to see Yamato once more. Since Yamato and Yurie’s heart are in sync, she can read her thoughts about Yamato and her crush about Ninomiya. However embarrassed Yurie tells him those are confidential matters! Ninomiya continues to help Gen fix his roof as he thanks Yurie for giving him inspiration on what to write for his calligraphy. Gen wonders if they’re dating (Yurie flustering) but Ninomiya mentions that they’re just friends (now she’s disappointed). Mitsue and Matsuri’s teasing report status: Petite warship Yurie sinking into deep silence, over.

Episode 10
Yurie for student council president! Yeah, part of Matsuri’s scheme. She is against it but after Matsuri’s smooth persuasion that she’ll be able to give Ninomiya a club room and be grateful, Yurie is giving it a shot. The only other candidate is Ukaru Nishimura isn’t happy. How would you feel if you’ve been doing all the hard work all year long? Plus, you’re up against God. Well, everyone in school has a right to step for its presidency. Back home as they discuss their ‘strategy’, Matsuri mentions how Nishimura plans to scrap low activity clubs like the calligraphy and her Raifuku Shrine and impose some strict moral laws. So the only one who can save this school from turning into a prison is Yurie. Now she’s really into it. They make leaflets to distribute to students. Nishimura with the newspaper club catches them red handed distributing leaflets with envelopes. However it isn’t bribe money as he thought and just a luck fortune reading. Nishimura is embarrassed and apologizes. Matsuri wins this round. At the rooftop, Matsuri and Mitsue hint that somebody may give him a club room as a present, prompting Yurie to blush. However that guy is so dense and thinks it’s Santa Claus! He can’t even guess who when they hint it’s somebody closer. As Yurie resumes her consultation service, Nishimura enters to plead to God that he wants to be president no matter what. What an ironic situation. She’s in a pinch. Yurie thinks it isn’t fair since he’s trying to manipulate her. However he disagrees that everyone has a right to ask God for help and if she can’t help a single person, she can’t help the entire school! Matsuri appears and gives that grumpy kid a divine intervention chop on his head. The argument ends when Matsuri nails right in the head that offerings and wishes don’t mean a thing if one doesn’t put in effort! Wow. Matsuri just sounds like her over-enthusiastic manager. She’s all fired up and should be running for president herself. She should be. Nishimura apologizes and leaves. Round 2: Matsuri wins. After a week, the day of the elections come. Nishimura gives his passionate speech about change and make this school a role model in the prefecture. He’s so good that he can be a politician if you ask me. But is it enough to motivate the students? They don’t seem impressed. It’s Mitsue’s turn to give her speech as representative. She decides not to use the pre-written speech she wrote with Matsuri and tells her earnest feelings of Yurie, even embarrassing stuff that had them laughing. In the end, it isn’t because Yurie is a God the reason why she helps those in trouble, but rather her nature. Everyone applauds Matsuri’s speech and this gives Yurie confidence to do hers next. However she blunders at first go by banging her head on the microphone. Bummer. That’s why everyone loves her and finds her adorable. So it’s obvious that Yurie won the seat but Mitsue and Matsuri aren’t happy. Seems she gave a status quo order on all club activities, which means Ninomiya will remain roofless. For Matsuri, her dream of settling her Raifuku club into the student council is dashed. So that’s what she’s scheming. Plus, she has turned the entire school into some spirit funfair. Nishimura is the new president due to the revote and wants Yurie to wake up from her sleep and turn the school back to normal (because he’s swamped with work). Yeah, she’s sleeping for a week already. Her hair is damn long!

Episode 11
A classmate spots Shoukichi and Miko taking a train together out of town and skipping school. She reports this to Yurie, Matsuri and Mitsue so they go tell the teacher. Mitsue suspects that they may be eloping so the teacher calls their parents to school. They discuss if they notice anything different about them lately (Akane did mention he changed his underwear from briefs to trunks though that isn’t really the point). The classmate mentions that Miko may have been depressed after missing an important shot in her archery semi-finals competition. They think of reporting to the police but Yashima possessing Mitsue tells them not to get other parties involved. She wants them to get their belongings so that Yurie can use her powers to track them down. Just like a police dog, eh? Isn’t the map too small even if it’s the entire Japan? Yurie uses her “Kamichu!” powers as it pinpoints that they’re still in the same prefecture.  Should have got a prefecture map. Yurie falls asleep after using lots of her powers. Miko and Shoukichi are in town, attracting lots of stares from other adults. They take a break at a fast food joint. It’s funny and cute to see Miko struggling to eat a burger! Shoukichi spots someone familiar and takes Miko by her hand and run. After a safe distance, Miko says that she didn’t run away from home because of the tournament. Matsuri gets worried about Miko’s wellbeing so Yashima/Mitsue comforts her that she is stronger than she looks. He knows because he talks to her on a daily basis. Flashback that they were talking about Miko wanting to do something with her life. She seemed embarrassed to say it but was cut off when Matsuri came by wanting to form some band with Yashima (and that was just yesterday). Yurie must be having a tiring day because each time she wakes up, she has to do “Kamichu!” to pinpoint their location. By that time, Shoukichi and Miko has already been to the movies and used up whatever money they have left for roadside stall food. At the park, Shoukichi suggests that they go back but she says she can’t. She wonders why he’d go so far for her. His answer is simple: Because they’re friends (I was thinking he liked her or something, hehe). Further talking reveals that Miko looks up to her sister very much but the next time she sees her, she may hate her. Something about Yashima likes Matsuri and Miko herself likes that deity. Shoukichi wonders if she would be okay not telling her sister or anyone else about how she’d feel. I think at that moment, he wanted to confess (big probability) but a bright light appears before them. Seems their family have arrived (finally got it right, eh Yurie?). They happily reunite as Matsuri breaks down in relief. Miko apologizes as both sisters emotionally embrace. This brings back memories when their mom died and Miko was inconsolable. Matsuri comforted her that she and dad will protect the shrine. Everyone goes home together. Miko hopes to see Shoukichi tomorrow.

Episode 12
As mentioned by Yashima, there is a God convention, Kamicon at Izumo for a month so Yurie has to temporarily transfer school. Everyone there seems to be very formal with her since everybody here is God-worshipping to a point that they are afraid to approach her. A funny part was how she went to buy bread at the school shop. You know, all the rowdy kids pushing and shouting to get one. Then when they realize that God Yurie is there, they immediately pave a path through and the seller even served her the bread! Ninomiya learns that Yurie is gone for Kamicon so Matsuri and Mitsue wonder if he’s got any business with her. Not that he has any but he mentions that something is missing without her around. The duo get excited because it is a sign that he is acknowledging Yurie’s existence. Yurie attends the convention and learns she has to attend some courses to power up her divinity powers. Heck, there’s even a stamp for each course she attends. Yashima is also there (more like interested in that goddess Benten rock group). He offers her some advice to take those that interests her so that she can decide on what kind of God she wants to be in the future. Yurie attends both the convention and school. She must be a very busy girl running here and there in both worlds. After the mid-term exams results are out, Yurie’s position turns out dead last. She sinks into depression, feeling lonely and nostalgic that she wants to return home. At the convention, Benten comes sit by her and talks to her about her godly dilemma. Well, Gods can’t ask others for help, can’t they? So it’s ultimately they have to rely on themselves and their friends. Soon a month pass and on Yurie’s last day, she’s supposed to give her final words of blessing. Instead, she apologizes for being a coward and couldn’t take the initiative to make friends with everyone. But her classmates also do the same and express their wish to become her friends. They wish that she will return here again next year. This raises Yurie’s spirits. Yurie returns home and is happily greeted by Matsuri and Mitsue. They wonder if she was lonely there but she says she made lots of friends.

Episode 13
Matsuri is anti-Christmas because at this time of year nobody visits Raifuku Shrine.  But does she have the rights to impose her plans on Mitsue and Yurie too? Yurie’s Year End Thanksgiving? Yeah, dragging her pals along with her scheme, she even gets Ninomiya to speak his mind about Christmas. Actually that guy said he isn’t that interested so I don’t know why Yurie find that manly. Mitsue, better wish to get a boyfriend next year. Oh wait, there’ll be exams then… God damn… Matsuri’s plan is to hold an event at Raifuku Shrine brighter than anywhere else. They distribute leaflets at the shopping district but the manager isn’t happy she’s obstructing with business. Yeah, this has nothing to do with religion. Even back home, Matsuri imposes a ban on celebrating western festivities to her family! They continue to put up posters everywhere but Matsuri goes overboard by pasting over other businesses! Part of the Raifuku is event sees Yashima wanting to do a rock concert using Mitsue’s body. Mitsue is dead against it since not only it’s embarrassing but it affects her reputation (she finally gets to speak to him without being possessed via some charm). Yeah, Guitar Demon Mitsue-chan. A demon at a shrine? A mascot? Mascot her foot! Release his new single? His talent sucks. That strikes right in the heart. Yashima agrees to postpone the concert and go on a journey. Not thinking of stopping for good, eh? Soon the manager comes looking for Matsuri and her dad and complain about her interfering with their Christmas efforts. Her dad could only apologize but since she won’t trouble them anymore, he wishes that they could allow her to do what she wants since he believes she’s working hard for her cause. They agree as long as she doesn’t get in their way. Yurie’s grade has a slight improvement. She musters up the courage to invite Ninomiya for Raifuku’s event. He can’t since he has a job so he pats her head and wishes them to do their best. Now that’s the best present she’s ever got. The event is a success and back at home, Miko gives daddy and Matsuri a present. Matsuri is still against this western customs but Miko says she just wanted to give them presents as thanks for everything. While Matsuri gets a butterfly hair clip, daddy gets a hair growth tonic…

Episode 14
This whole episode sees Yurie trying to things from her kotatsu without leaving it as she is tired after working hard at Raifuku. For instance talking to Tama/Binbou and making the cat get her breakfast. Then as Tama is trying to eat like a human, Shoukichi spots her. Tama tries to resume acting like a cat but tumbles on its way out. Well, Shoukichi couldn’t care less anymore. Then Yurie has Shoukichi give her a pen after mentioning about some fortune reading from Miko. However Yurie’s supposed to hand it to him but it’s missing now. Upset Shoukichi just walks away and just tells Yurie to on the TV herself. She improvises by using a rolled-up newspaper! Her parents return from visiting the grave, Kenkichi seems to be taking pictures of Yurie (she mentions he should take parts that are ‘growing’ – sorry Yurie, it’s not there yet). Then she gets a call from Mitsue and remembers her New Year’s present. Before Kenkichi could run away, Yurie pins him down! And she’s still attached to the kotatsu! She bugs him to give him one even if New Year’s Day is well over so he agrees. Then she reads New Year greeting cards from the PM, Martian and even Yamato but the card she’s anticipating for isn’t here. Matsuri calls her and Yurie learns that she got Ninomiya’s card and even Mitsue too. Though Matsuri says that she can’t decipher his message, she tries to console disappointed Yurie that maybe he is late in replying or got lost in the mail. Yurie is excited to find her New Year’s present to be a 5000 Yen bill but when Binbou touches it, it turns into a 1000 Yen bill! Poor luck. Shoukichi returns from shrine visiting and shows Yurie the fortune reading he drew. Just like his name, he has little luck. Then he gives Yurie Ninomiya’s greeting card from the post office since they can’t decipher the address. Happy Yurie can decipher what he is trying to say. She decides to do some service and changes Shoukichi’s luck reading to super luck. Shoukichi isn’t happy because he prefers status quo.  Then when Akane explains how she left a fortune reading from Yurie’s pocket in the freezer (the one from Miko), Shoukichi rushes there. He opens it to see it as bad luck. How disappointed. Was he lucky in that sense? That night, Yurie writes a reply greeting card to Ninomiya when Team Happiness crashes in with loads of greeting cards from the association. It flooded the house so will Yurie have to reply them all? It’s going to be a busy year…

Episode 15
It’s that day again. The day girls give their chocolates to the guy they love. Unfortunately, Yurie has made Valentine chocolates every year for Ninomiya but she was too afraid to give it to him and ended up eating them herself. Besides, Ninomiya doesn’t consider Valentine’s Day an important event because that day is for dried sardines. Say what?! Yurie tries to make some chocolates back at Matsuri’s place and also talk about their future. That night after dinner, Yurie receives a bunch of romantic requests from Team Happiness. There’s even one from the PM! Yurie decides to give them all chocolates, making them happy. Next day in school, Yurie seems pretty confident it’ll go well. Till she realizes she forgot to bring her chocolate. However Matsuri and Mitsue are going to help her as they enlist the entire girls in their class to help out by gossiping about Yurie near Ninomiya and keeping him from leaving. During recess, Mitsue cycles back to get the chocolates so Yurie has to time to work up a confession. Yurie wonders why everyone is doing this for her seeing they should have their own chocolates to give. Yurie is still nervous so Matsuri gives her words of encouragement and tells her that everyone is supporting her. Even the entire townsfolk are praying for Yurie to succeed! Their answer is simple. It is thanks for all those consultation services. Meanwhile Miko gives Shoukichi chocolates as she too leaves some for Yashima at the shrine. Mitsue finally gets the chocolates and rushes back just in time. How come nobody got surprised when Tama/Binbou came running in on 2 legs while carrying the chocolates to Yurie? Well, at least till it spoke. Yurie goes up to the rooftop to meet Ninomiya who is deep in thought on what to write for his big calligraphy project. Ninomiya seems doesn’t want to be disturbed but this time Yurie becomes a little stubborn and manages to divert his attention to her. Then she does it. She confesses her feelings and wants him to go out with her. Err… Does that guy understand what she said? Why is he staring at her for so long? Then it hit him. He finally understood. He finally gets inspiration to write the enlarged word ‘love’ on the paper. When that is done, Ninomiya turns to Yurie and says that he too likes her. The entire school who was watching from afar bursts into a wild cheer and applause. Then a huge gust of wind blows Yurie and Ninomiya into the sky with the ‘love’ paper. It’s like they’re sitting on a magic carpet.  As they soar through the sky, the see all the spirits cheering them on. Matsuri notes that legend of confessing on the rooftop during a big wind will be a big hit. Yurie wants to confirm if what Ninomiya said is true and not a fluke. He assures that he really likes her. Why? Because she’s weird. Take it as a compliment. Besides, it takes one to know one. Hey! His girlfriend is God! How is that for respect!

Episode 16
Yurie and Mitsue are going to help clean Raifuku. Since it is big time cleaning, they’ll be sleeping over. Akane is happy since this would leave her and Kenkichi alone. Urm… Did they forget about Shoukichi? Operation spring cleaning starts as they find certain things like Matsuri’s dad was some rocker in his heydays. He gets nostalgic when he sees a hoola hoop and tries it out. Rock and Roll! Love and Peace! Seems fun till he hurt his back. Out of action. They need some guys to move things so they call Shoukichi over (if not for Miko, I guess he won’t come). Matsuri also took the liberty to call Ninomiya to come so this flusters Yurie. However he seems to be looking at all sorts of brushes even if Yurie is being left alone with him, she’s nervous. Then a stray dog comes barging their way (because it accidentally got poked by a prickly spirit). Ninomiya saves her by pushing her away but this has him fall on top of her in an ambiguous position. I’m sure her friends will have lots to say when they see this. It’s not over yet as the dog runs off, still in pain. Ninomiya goes after it because it has his brush in its mouth. So that’s more important? Anyway Ninomiya and Yurie chase the dog throughout town via bicycle. They finally catch up to it at a rock on a high place. All tired out. Once they catch their breath. Ninomiya wonders if Yurie is tired with him because she seems so tense all the time. Of course not. She asks him the same question since he never called. The reason is because he has no business so he can’t call even if he wanted to. She says she’ll pick up the phone if he calls before 8pm and wants to hear his voice. He agrees. They return to the shrine as Kenkichi stops by to give them ingredients for their dinner. Shoukichi decides to go home despite Miko inviting him to at least stay for bath and dinner. On the way back, Kenkichi wonders who Ninomiya is so Shoukichi says he is Yurie’s boyfriend. Kenkichi got so shocked that he nearly fell off the stairs! He wants him to come to his place and judge him by himself! Even if Yurie is God, she is still daddy’s girl. Yashima, who has been out all day, returns after buying a limited edition of Benten’s guitar model. In a magazine article, it seems Yurie has won an award for being the rookie God of the year. That night when the 3 friends sleep, Matsuri and Mitsue pester Yurie on what she did with Ninomiya. She was shy to reveal but eventually mentions about managing to get each other to call. The duo become disappointed that it wasn’t something like holding hands or kissing. Yurie nails right in their hurt spot when she mentions she is the only one with a boyfriend. Her friends jump on her and I don’t think they’re going to let her sleep tonight. Next morning, Yurie takes a fortune reading as it reads average luck and watches the sunrise over the hill. She wishes for them to do their best this year.

Even God Is Having It Tough…
This is such a heart-warming series. It may not be much but the important thing here is to help out those in need. Yurie does not actually need to be God or even a high ranking person to do good. She’ll gladly help out those who asked. At times, Yurie may seem slow and dense but she is not stupid. It’s just the way she speaks in a soft spoken and shy manner. Maybe it has got something to do with her God status? That’s why she’s somewhat cute when she blushes or when she puckers her mouth. She may overall be the same self but ever since, I think she has made lots of big improvements and step forward. For instance, confessing her love to Ninomiya. That is one big hurdle cleared. She has to. With all the support from her friends and townsfolk, she can’t go wrong. See, sometimes even God needs to rely on others. So it’s not the fact that she grows into a better God, but a better person as well. That is what is most important. Better than some characters who get such status to their head and misuse their powers so much so the need of a hero (and anime story lah) to come forth and bring down the power abuser. The other characters are equally amusing and likeable. Matsuri may seem like the bossy type and is always thinking about ‘exploiting’ Yurie’s consultation service to clear her Raifuku Shrine’s debts. Probably it’s her assertive but friendly nature that gives Yurie the much needed push. Or else that little teenage goddess won’t even budge herself. Matsuri is also the type that isn’t afraid to speak up or say back, even if the other party is a God like Yashima.

The ever polite Mitsue ironically laments that nothing exciting actually happens in her life. Doesn’t she consider getting possessed by Yashima to be exciting? Oh right. She doesn’t remember being possessed. And that rock guitar hero thingy too doesn’t cut it because it really embarrassed her reputation. Oddly, she seems to be Yashima’s target for being possessed. Well let’s see. He can’t possibly possess Yurie because she’s God. How can a God possess another God? The Raifuku sisters, not likely because it’s not right to possess miko priestesses. That’s my opinion. Besides, Yashima has that uncanny look to Gintama’s Gintoki, don’t you think? I thought he would play more significant role than just bumming around in town (since it’s his job to stay put in this town to protect it) but I guess he just gives Yurie some Godly advice, that’s all. As for Team Happiness, I find them amusing each time they come crashing to Yurie and greeting her with some sort of hip shaking dance. Ninomiya is another weirdo we love. His mind is clouded with nothing but calligraphy so much so you don’t even know what this guy is thinking. He is so dense and clueless about Yurie’s advance that sometimes you just want to smack him and tell him straight. But even so, will he even understand? You can’t help feel pity for poor Yurie sometimes. Unlike many other guys his age who are interested in other stuffs like girls or cars or doing things that normal teenagers would, it’s no surprise that Yurie takes a liking for him. You know what they say about birds with the same feather. Who am I to judge others weird? Another ditzy character is Akane. The way she speaks and says things is like she’s quite carefree. This doesn’t mean she isn’t a good mother to Yurie and Shoukichi. Speaking of that kid, I thought there would be another side romance blossoming with him and Miko. But for now, I guess they would just remain friends. I did mention that Miko do look like Jigoku Shoujo’s Enma Ai. Ironically their school’s winter sailor uniform which is black, has that striking resemblance to Enma Ai’s too! If you’re not careful and in the middle of the night you see her…

The pacing of the story is at a calming pace and the episodes may sometimes look like independent of each other. There are some things that do not make sense or seem implausible for instance the visit by the Martian. But I suppose with a series dealing with spirits and the likes, there’s nothing wrong with doing so. Hey, look at the anime Bleach for instance. Speaking of the Gods, I just kept wondering how many types of them there are seeing that everything and everywhere there are weird looking Gods. I don’t want to say it’s for the artists to get creative with their design for the different types of Gods but sometimes they look weird enough to constitute that they are from some horror movie. At one point, I even tried guessing what kind of God that particular strange-looking God is. Well, if that God has game pads coming out, then it must be the God of video games, right?! Haha! So with the new invention of the iPad, I think a new God is in order. I wonder how it would look like. It also made me wonder where do retired Gods go and how they are being replaced seeing that this is possible here. Well, in that case the universe is going to get a lot more crowded than usual. Another left unexplained is what kind of God Yurie became, though I am pretty sure that I have read somewhere that she became the God of men. Plus, why she was chosen was also not explained. But that isn’t important. Hey, it could have been anybody. Hmm… I’m just wondering why there wasn’t any celebrity-kind of hype with paparazzi and people around Japan flocking to see Yurie considering she has gained popularity with her God status. They’d want to meet God in person, right? Literally. But as I have mentioned, probably with the big majority of people in Japan are Shinto followers, so having learned of a new God isn’t something that will make heads turn. At least that is what I think for this series.

Seeing that this is a year 2005 production, the drawing and art of the sceneries of the town is acceptable. They won’t make you go “Wah!” but enough to provide you the scenic eye candy of any Japanese towns located by the inland sea. Hmm… Perhaps it is my hardware issue. Another bonus is the calm and soothing background music. I really like the gentle acoustic plucking of the guitar and some of the tranquillity of the piano. Of course there are faster beats but the slower ones are those that are worth it. I have to admit that dialogue-wise, this series has got the best short lines as compared to other animes. Not only Yurie, but the other characters too. Because of so, it really does tickle your funny bones. You may not laugh out loud but it’s enough to make you chuckle. Plus, they may not say it in an exaggerative manner and a calm way but the meaning and impact is there. On a trivial note, I didn’t realize this till I do a little reading up. The titles of each episode are taken after Japanese pop idol songs of the 80’s and 90’s. Well, I’m not really into that music that time so I guess I don’t really know. The opening theme for this series that greets us with a nice harmonica play is Hare Nochi Hare by Maho Tomita. For that moment, I thought it was Hare Hare Yukai… (of Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu for those who don’t know). The ending theme feels more like rock pop idol material, Ice Candy by Mako. By the way, she is the voice of Yurie and she fits the character role to utmost perfection. Though she has been in this anime scene for a long time, her resume isn’t that ‘long’ (sorry). Her other roles include Akiha in Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo and Koume in Hanamaru Kindergarten. Issei Miyazkai as Ninomiya is also perfect because he really makes the character sound like a dense blur case, if not someone who is a dreamer. His other prominent role is as Gen in the movie Barefoot Gen. Ai Nanoka was recognizable in her role as Miko (Fuura in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei series) and likewise Chiwa Saito as Tama (Rebecca in Pani Poni Dash). Other casts include Rika Morinaga as Matsuri (Sousei Seki in Rozen Maiden), Kaori Mine as Mitsue (Tomoko in Muteki Kanban Musume), Kousuke Okano as Yashima (Recca in Flame Of Recca), Makoto Tsumura as Shoukichi.

So Yurie may not be as popular as Haruhi and if you were to mention her name, many would just give you a blank stare. But if you have a problem that needs some solving and a touch of divine intervention, we know a little middle school girl can be more reliable than your local two-faced bomohs with ulterior motives. She has done almost anything that has been requested from her from granting wishes to curing curses and even diplomacy with extra-terrestrial life forms. There is nothing impossible that she can’t do. If God willing, I would even suggest her to cross over into other animes and solve its problems and issues! Though I’m not saying she’s 100% effective and accurate but hey, it all works out well in the end, right? We need more ‘Gods’ like her. As for me, I won’t go so far to say that Haruhi is my God and manga is my bible (because I don’t read them, hehe), but I can say that anime is my religion. And I have been an avid follower of it ever since I finished school. So just keep those animes coming for the years to come and I’ll be just fine and faithful, you’ll see. I wonder if I could request Yurie to grant me a 2D girlfriend too…

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