Wait a minute! WAIT A MINUTE!!! I thought love is over???!!!! I thought the series had ended for good. Then what the heck is with this third season?! I really didn’t see this one coming. Because Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Happy Kiss is a sequel spinoff and the third season of the original, set in the near future of the original series with a new set of characters to boot. Oh boy. More magical boy gayness. Back to more love making. See that promotional poster of the boys being topless and drinking milk like a boss after a nice hot bath? Bring it on! I’m ready for it all!

Episode 1
Folks, meet our new members of the Earth Defence Club: Kyoutarou Shuzenji, Ryouma Kirishima, Nanao Wakura, Taishi Manza and Ichirou Dougo. They discuss about the original Earth Defence Club on whether they really exist or not. Meanwhile, we are also introduced to a new bunch of student council members: Ata Ibusuki, Taiju Unazuki and Maasa Shirohane. While the Earth Defence Club quintet are soaking in the public bath, suddenly Kyoutarou pulls out this weird princely dude hiding in the water. He then shows them a few magic stuffs to impress them before turning into his true yellow otter form. He is Karls from Honyala Land and wants them to be his knights to make the world happy. The rest know it is a raw deal and try to walk away from it but Karls keep begging them. Then he detects someone being sad. Yeah, this kid is sad of growing up and wants to be young. Apparently the student council trio heard his cries and make their move on him. With the quintet still refusing to work, Karls forcefully transports them to outside school where they see students running away from some monster-trumpet bird. Yup, that’s the sad guy whom they must make happy. Time for our transformation scene. The quintet kiss his ring and voila! Magical boy form! They are now known as Karls Knights Happy Kiss! They fight off the monster and even hear his unhappy pleas. But he becomes stumped with Kyoutarou’s blunt take on happiness. The rest argue for a while to make Kyoutarou as their leader since he wears red. Hence they combine their powers to make the ultimate wand that would Happy and Turn this monster back into a happy kid. Happy End. It is discovered he fears growing up as his voice would change into a low manly bass. Kyoutarou tells him not to fear because everyone will grow old as well. Too bad he runs away crying. Is that supposed to be happy? Happy isn’t something you search for but something you feel! Whatever. Karls is impressed with their first job and hopes they would continue until their Happybraces disappear (contract fulfilled) or either one of the prince brothers becomes king. Speaking of which, Furanui the fox shows up and proclaims himself as the true heir to the throne. He has the student council trio in their knight form by his side known as Edelstein and will defeat them all.

Episode 2
Our heroes recognize the trio from the student council. Seeing how dumb are heroes are, this only steels Furanui’s vow to conquer the world. And those guys don’t even care. Flashback time. It all began when King Kamo realizes he is too old to rule and set out his sons to prove they are worthy of the throne. He had Minister Wao the lemur assist them. Furanui is thrown near Binan as he witnessed how loathing and dumb everyone was, hence the need to guide these fools. He then sees Kyoutarou sleeping. Approaching him makes him want to sleep too. Ata approached him and admonished him for being lazy, all of which Kyoutarou doesn’t deny. Not even sarcasm. This makes Ata mad and frustrated. Furanui believes he is a sensible guy so after displaying his magic and ordering him to be his knight, Ata agrees to do so but wants to be compensated with magic. He brings Furanui back to the rest and they agree to join his cause. Because it would look weird for the student council to serve a mini creature, Furanui takes on a princely human form and gives them rings that will allow them to transform into knights. Too bad this story is so boring and nothing to do with our heroes that they are doing their own things! A judo guy is sad his mom makes cute bento food instead of real solid meat. Because of that, Furanui and Edelstein turn him into a bento monster that turns others into bento. Time for Happy Kiss to go into action. Taiju reveals that judo guy’s mom posts the bento she made for him online every day, causing him to enrage and turn into a monster. He always thought she did it out of the goodness of her heart but with this self-satisfaction motive, everybody is going to be turned into bento! In the end, Kyoutarou tells him to just make his own bento. Cue for Happy and Turn to turn this dissatisfied monster back to a happy guy. Furanui is not panicking with this loss since he was only testing their powers. Next time, I guess. Karls let loose some golden powders as the series’ convenient tool to erase memories of everyone. They then hit the hot baths and Kyoutarou getting his much needed sleep. In the bath?

Episode 3
The quintet talk about everyday things with proper names that nobody can’t seem to remember and hence often called ‘those things’. Speaking of which, a guy feels sad nobody remembers his name no matter how obvious it is. As he works at the ice cream shop, the student council trio sense his unhappiness and teleports him away. The store manager is not amused and wants a replacement so Taiju offers to help out. With the quintet also here, Nanao helps him out. It becomes an odd scene where enemies are eating ice cream together. They talk about the legendary ice cream server pair of Taiju and Nanao whereby they were chosen to do so during the school’s cultural festival. It was a sell-out. Speaking of which, other students also start buying ice cream that they run out of ingredients to sell. Then here pops up this strange monster quizzing them about everyday items that nobody knows their name and always refer to them as their function. I guess I’m guilty of not knowing what they are too. When they realize the monster resembles the thing that holds the bread bag together, do they even know what it is really called? It’s called a bag closure. Oh really? I thought it was a bag clip. Okay, now he is really mad so it’s time for Happy Kiss to make things happy again. Since he is so obsessed and mad about people who forget names, Kyoutarou asks if names are so important to him. Isn’t it better for people to think of him as great rather than to remember his name? Now that he is happy again, Kyoutarou vows to remember his name but couldn’t right after he said his name! WTF?! Oh… What was his name again? Thankfully he doesn’t mind. Furanui and his knights aren’t pleased of yet another successful Happy Kiss purification. At the bath, Karls try to make a silly pun of being happy with his happi coat. Nobody’s buying it…

Episode 4
Taishi and Ichirou are arguing about whether or not there is buried treasure. Then comes in this transfer student, Kingo Yonekura to settle it that there are none. You might think he often gets teased for his name to be mispronounced as buried treasure (maizokin~go) but it is rather his father is a treasure hunter and often moved from city to city. Mom left him because he was always away digging treasure and missing Kingo’s important firsts. What broke her and made her leave the family was his first words about digging up buried treasure. With his father and production team here to film the possibility of a buried treasure, Kingo is feeling the pressure. So when he tells off the rest for watching such shows, you bet Furanui and Edelstein are going to take advantage of his resentment. The quintet decide to go check out the show. Because Kyoutarou for once feel like digging, the rest also start digging. Free labour? Ichirou seems pretty desperate because he hid an embarrassing time capsule. Oops, Kyoutarou found it. Inside is a message that reads Ichirou’s admiration for Nanao because of his beautiful gaze. Please look at me always! I can see why he wants to destroy that. There is also Nanao’s time capsule. Letters of everyone’s bad habits. Was he going to use this to blackmail? Kingo has turned into a treasure chest monster and blames everything. Time for Happy Kiss to make things happy. Kyoutarou knows he doesn’t hate his father. Kingo confesses he doesn’t. What ticked him off was seeing him work so hard and yet he got nothing in the end. It might look like the case resolves itself but Furanui won’t allow it and turns Kingo berserk, shooting gold! Of course Happy Kiss quickly turn it to a Happy End. Although Kingo’s dad didn’t hit goal, he hit a hotspring source. Father and son reconcile as the former will give up digging for treasure and live life with his feet firmly planted here. It is a new dream he has given him. Later Nanao noticed Kyoutarou took something from his own time capsule. It is a photo of him and Ata being happy childhood friends in their younger days. As suggested, he sends this picture to him and Ata is not amused. Very mad.

Episode 5
There is a long line at Binan. Everyone is waiting in line for Maasa’s delicious cookies. However Maasa seems extra nice and gives more of his special sweets to a particularly frail looking guy, Honeo Sujikawa. This has everyone else resenting him. Sujikawa tells us he cannot put on weight and has a weak stomach. Hence anything he eats, he will throw up and end up getting sick, losing even more weight. We see Maasa revealing his evil plan. The reason he serves those cookies is to fatten everyone up. Of course his pals heard about this and it gets a bit awkward. It seems Ichirou and Maasa also know each other but the latter is disgusted with the former and pretends not to know him. They are actually cousins but Maasa went to study abroad and returned home looking like a different person with a different name, Magozaemon Shirahone. Yeah, he was a very fat boy. Even Humpty Dumpty wasn’t this round. When Maasa finds out about Sujikawa’s case, he is not amused and threatens he might as well turn into a monster. His pals believe so and Edelstein work their magic on him. There is a skinny chicken in ramen bowl squawking outside the ramen store the quintet are enjoying their meal. They want to ignore the ruckus but Karls has them make happy the situation. Of course the monster is so weak to do any damage and whatever source he splashes at them tastes good. Kyoutarou then tells him about some people who stress over gaining weight and some over losing weight. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re healthy and can enjoy a nice nap. After a Happy End, Sujikawa reveals he is actually healthy and strong. He can pick up a boulder with no sweat! Maasa is frustrated at this failure so his pals hope to try his cookies. The important thing is, Maasa will always be Maasa. Ichirou shows his friends Maasa’s old photo. They are surprised at how fat he is. Maasa is able to say goodbye to his old self and not mind his fat ol’ days.

Episode 6
Karls love the rainy days. But Ata admonishes Kyoutarou for not bringing his own umbrella and relying on others. So while the quintet talk about vinyl umbrellas in the bath, a creepy guy eavesdropping outside is dismayed outside he can’t make friends due to his lack of assertiveness. Since he is thinking aloud, this creeps out the friends who think he is some sort of peeper. He gets a chance when Kyoutarou comes out but since he fails to be assertive, he is forgotten. He tries to be assertive by talking about umbrellas with them but this only look creepy in their eyes. This causes him to see himself as the same fate of those vinyl umbrellas. Nobody cares eventually even when stolen or forgotten. Ah, another victim for Edelstein to work their magic on. Now an umbrella monster is wreaking havoc shooting water and umbrellas. Kyoutarou is so tired that he slept standing up?! Heck, the monster even waited for Ryouma to bring Kyoutarou back. Kyoutarou sleep talks about the usefulness of vinyl umbrellas. So as the monster lament about not being assertive enough, chance for Happy Kiss to flush bliss on him. He now takes up Kyoutarou’s advice to join the debate club. In the aftermath, Ichirou is not happy his umbrella is doodled. At least he can identify that it is his since it makes the ubiquitous product unique. But looks like they won’t be needing umbrellas anymore because rainy season is over and prove of that is a beautiful rainbow.

Episode 7
Binan will be holding a swimming event which also doubles as a popularity contest. Of course Kyoutarou isn’t interested in either and only wants to sleep while Furanui and the student council are going to use this event to show their power. If you like hot boys in hot bods, feast your eyes on them. We see various (and weird) water sport activities but the one that personally takes the cake is the kibasen event in which sleepy Kyoutarou wins just by dodging. I heard of drunken fist but WTF is this sleepy head technique???!!! Of course there is this one guy who hates swimming because he can’t swim and is often teased about it. Edelstein, your cue. So this kickboard monster shows up to wreak havoc. As usual Happy Kiss kicks in. After dodging his kickboard projectiles, time for Kyoutarou to give his advice about everyone having their own strengths and weaknesses. He might end up getting the short stick of swimming but there are plenty of other things he can do besides swimming. After he is purified, the crowd chants his name and loves that whatever hero show he just did before them. To put icing on the cake, he also won the popularity contest. While the quintet happily soak in their bath as usual, the only one not happy as usual is Ata who is frustrated his plan to humiliate Kyoutarou with this loincloth he got as penalty didn’t manage to materialize.

Episode 8
Summer vacation is ending soon and our quintet has spent most of their days in the public bath? Karls has the wrong idea of what a true Japanese summer is (being a delinquent?) so the rest correct him. Now they brainstorm on what to do for summer vacation but despite all the ideas, they are all scrapped after thinking of its hassle. Later they spot a guy camping outside. It seems this senior doesn’t want to miss his morning exercise. For the past few years he has never missed a single day during summer vacation except for the last day. Like as though there is a curse to prevent him from perfect attendance. Therefore he is going to camp here and not miss it or his summer will not end! Of course the student council who just returned from their overseas vacation sense this unpleasantness and turn him into a superhero exercising monster. Yeah, today is the last day and the exercise is called off because it is raining. Hence the monster is forcing people to exercise in the rain. Normally Happy Kiss would need to deal with this but it seems they’re going along with Karls to fulfil their summer vacation bucket list from the beach and camping in the mountains. Damn, it’s such a cold experience. Because the monster is persistent in following them and trying to mess up their activity, I guess they need to transform and take care of him first. It feels like the shortest ‘fight’ ever because right after they transform, they just tell him such exercises aren’t necessarily be done in high school or summer. It can be done any other time. Then it’s Happy and Turn. Happy End. It’s the dawn of a new morning as they happily do morning exercise with him. When asked about Kyoutarou’s deal with Karls (the reason why he was eager to tag along with this), it seems Karls promised he would grant him any wish. That wish is to repeat the last day again so he could literally do nothing. But now everyone is having this philosophical dilemma if today is repeated, is it August 32nd or 1st of September? Now the brains get some exercise…

Episode 9
The quintet need to find something to do for the school cultural festival. Searching their clubroom, they find a few party dice. They test it out and of course those who have to perform embarrassing acts as ‘instructed’ by the dice will not like it. Like Ichirou becoming an invisible chair for Nanao. And you know how sadistic Nanao can be, right? Then there is the closest and gayest moment ever with Taishi having to say romantic lines to Ichirou. Meanwhile there is a guy who also hates the festival but lets his life being ruled by the roll of his dice. Yup, time for Edelstein to turn him into a die monster. During the festival, no one visits their booth. Perhaps it’s the unfriendly poster that has everyone staying away. In order to lure people, they have to demonstrate to show them it is fun. This means based on the dice roll, Ryouma has to be carried by Kyoutarou while feeding him. Everyone is awed that they go through with this crazy stuff. As the crowd wants an encore, Ata commands the monster to attack. But as we all know, he has been part of the spectators watching. Yeah, nobody thought he was the real monster due to many people dressing weirdly. The monster felt unity from anyone while playing this game and doesn’t want to fight. Kyoutarou knows he wants to have fun and join in but this only infuriates Ata. Hence Karls has his knights transform to end this farce and make him happy. Back to his normal state, he joins them playing this game as angry Ata refuses to believe there are no such things as happy ending. Man, this guy needs to take some anger management classes or something.

Episode 10
Kyoutarou almost drowns in the bath after sleeping. So comfy that he dozed off? Then they talk about the dangers of the first one getting in because of body temperature and heart rate spiking thingy. When they head to school, they realized they have aged. It is the work of a turtle monster releasing smoke. Ata relishes seeing the quintet acting like old men but it looks like Kyoutarou has the last laugh since he is okay with it as he has always been acting like that! So we have the rest of the scenes watching the quintet doing old men stuffs and showing us senile old men syndrome. Eventually the monster got pissed that they didn’t even recognize him. It is revealed he is mad that since he has an old face, everyone kept calling him an old man so he wants revenge by turning everyone older than him. Yeah, this is going to be a drag so might as well cleanse this dude now. What is cringier than magical boys? Why, magical old guys!!! F*cking hilarious! More old men shenanigans that it’s really funnily annoying. Yeah, you can’t turn them older than they are. With Kyoutarou’s advice on how things don’t look right until you reach a certain age, the monster is in shock and this gives them enough time to do their slo-mo healing. With everyone turned back, the victim is happy to look old since this means he is ‘ahead’ of others. All looks like going for a good ending until Kyoutarou invites Ata to join them in the bath. That is when he has had it. He is mad Kyoutarou is always inconsiderate and doing things without thinking of others. Oh my. Ata is seriously mad this time. No joke. Furanui recognizes his anger and turns him into a monster! The ultimate final boss? Masked demon! This is some serious sh*t going on now.

Episode 11
Wow. Ata is really mad. He goes all out attacking Kyoutarou. Furanui and Karls argue about fear and happiness that should be the main quality a ruler has. Taiju and Maasa drop in to fight the other Happy Kiss dudes. Kyoutarou is even tired and doesn’t want to fight?! Is he serious?! At a time like this? When Happy Kiss try to Happy and Turn Ata back, he easily negates it. Flashback shows Kyoutarou is always good at everything he does despite putting in very little effort. Ata tries to copy but always takes a long time. When he finally does, Kyoutarou would have gone on to achieve much greater things. Even with the build-up in anger over the years, the stem of it all came from this one incident. After playing in the mud, they were invited to take a bath (aren’t those the original Earth Defence Club quintet?!). As Ata has never done this before, he didn’t know what to do. But Kyoutarou went straight in with Ryouma, leaving him all alone outside. So this was it? Kyoutarou then receives all of Ata’s attack just to understand his feelings. Oh boy. That even pisses Ata even more. Kyoutarou then says he tried to look for him afterwards but to no avail. By that time, Ata had already begun to truly hate him. Instead of being in the bath with him, Ata spent the whole time crying alone at the park. All he wanted was for him to invite him to the bath with him. And at the worst possible time, he said so just recently. Ata’s hatred intensifies but Kyoutarou withstands it all and hugs him. Then he invites him to the bath again. With that, all the hatred just died down. Before a handshake could solve everything, an emergency message from Kamo. He warns of an impending danger on the kingdom before being kidnapped. Karls is so sad he starts crying. The rest find it weird since he is always happy. Kyoutarou talks to him how he has brought happiness to so many and has always vowed to stay happy no matter what. I guess this means they’re all going to save Honyala Land and make it happy again. But Ata is still standing there in that handshake position… Left behind again? Damn, I hope he doesn’t take offense to this.

Episode 12
Edelstein joins Happy Kiss in Honyala Land after both sides agree to a ceasefire. They are being attacked by tin soldiers and wonder about the missing citizens. They stumble into a small group of citizens who say that Wao has staged a coup de tat. As for everyone else, they’ll know the answer soon because this strange lemur toy machine is the one turning the citizens into tin soldiers. After briefly fighting it, the princes call out to Wao inside it. Wao claims he has overthrown Kamo and took the throne as his own, blaming Kamo’s incompetence and being happy as reasons. Wao tries to coax Furanui to join his side. It is not wrong to say that Kamo favours Karls as they are always happy together. It is Ata this time who has some words from the heart. Even if Furanui has no place between them, does he really hate them? Even so, have they ever mistreated him? He might think he is alone but he isn’t. Yeah, Ata saying all those from experience… Anyway, they want to save the day and be happy in the bath. Furanui agrees and decides to join the guys. Wao is not amused he decided to become an airhead like them. Furanui accuses Wao for staging this succession competition to stage this coup. As our heroes lie temporarily defeated, time for Kamo to say a few words to pull the heartstrings like he never hated Wao but never knew he was this upset. They talked about the times they were happy together so the rest add their happy moments. Being happy is not an action to be sought out but to be felt! It’s impossible to ‘defeat’ happiness! With all the happy aura around them, it’s time for the biggest happy musical ever! Everybody sing and dance happily as our heroes transform into their super happy form. Uhm, isn’t all their coloured parts just turn white? Their super Happy and Turn cleanses Wao and returns the citizens back to their normal form. Super Happy Ending. Everyone lets Wao sleep because he is tired from his job despite all the recent tyranny he had done. If he is not happy, they’re not happy! In the aftermath, Furanui admits his loss to Karls although the latter doesn’t think it is about winning or losing. Kyoutarou suggests both of them becoming king and Kamo agrees. Wait. How the heck is this going to work? Oh well, as long everyone is happy. Ata finally joins Kyoutarou in the bath and they finish their handshake.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy
And everybody lived happily ever after. So happy that we don’t need another sequel, right?! Oh well, I guess the power of friendship guised underneath the power of happiness is always one of the most cliché things to happen for such happy turn of events and ending. Speaking of which, I’m just wondering if Wao doesn’t get punished because of his treason, would this mean encouraging the rest to do the same because you know, they know they’ll be forgiven for the sake of ultimate happiness in the end. After all, I can imagine Kamo and Karls are the kind who would easily forgive because they are so happy go lucky. But then again, who would be so unhappy in Honyala Land just to stage another coup? Everybody let’s join up to have another happy bath! Hooray!

Although a lot feels like the same and recycled stuffs from last season, I have to admit it doesn’t feel boring. I mean, essentially the plot sees a group of all-male high school boys being transformed into some super powered heroes by a furry being who will save a hapless victim of their own feelings from some sort of misery (this time with a clean flood of bath water – which Japanese doesn’t like a good bath?). Then you have the misguided student council members as the antagonist, the main characters from both sides being childhood friends and having some sort of unresolved issue, hence the antagonism. Both sides eventually come to terms because of a larger threat looming and in no time just like that, our once feuding enemies are friends again. And the whole world is happy as well as loving. Basically, copy and paste but with some modifications to the outlook so that it doesn’t feel like it is 100% copy and paste.

Surprisingly, the funniest moment in this season (and I can also consider this as the funniest for the entire series) is when the Earth Defence Club quintet turned into old men. I can’t help laugh through almost the entire moment they became senile grandpas because it was just too damn funny! Even the transformation scene was slow and its music played was as slow! Wow. You really become slow when you’re old. Yeah, even the turtle and snail are faster. Haha! Truly, I enjoyed that episode when I really did not expect to.

One of that biggest difference is the theme of happy instead of love. Maybe perhaps this is why this season looks a bit less gay. Certainly no wombat molesting kid this time. So take out all the funny gay love making puns in the first series and replace them with happy puns. Instead of love overcoming hate, we have happiness overcoming dissatisfaction or sadness. And there you have it. A new set of theme for this season. So are you happy? Yes. Are you HAPPY? YES!!! Are you REALLY happy?! YEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!! And the final episode feels a bit like having this love theme but I guess when you are happy, you also love.

The characters this season also feel like a shuffle and rearrangement from the original ones. In place of a spunky energetic overly positive petite Yumoto, we now have a polar opposite in the tall Kyoutarou. Listless, tired and always wanting to sleep. Somehow I find Kyoutarou to be less annoying than Yumoto since he prefers not to do anything unless he is forced too. Also, no wombat rape means no such annoying gay scenes but also no funny gay beastiality scenes. But Kyoutarou being a sleepyhead isn’t an entirely new personality. This mirrors En in the original series. Then there is Taishi and Ichirou that feels like a mirror to the original’s Io and Ryuu. Ryouma being the normal guy and childhood friend with Kyoutarou also feels like a mirror to Atsushi being the normal guy and childhood friend to En. Like Kyoutarou and Yumoto’s case, the same can be said for Maasa as he is like a mirror to Akoya in terms of beauty but with some polar differences like in stature. Last season we had Arima being a loyal ‘servant’ to Kusatsu. It’s somewhat the same this time for Taiju towards Ata. Last season’s sadist was Arima, now it’s Nanao. So you see, it’s all nothing really new and just jumbling things up and giving them a slightly different look. I just want to comment on Kyoutarou, for a guy who awfully sleeps a lot, he says the most mind blowing and eye opening things. It makes me wonder if that is really him or just him sleep talking. But you got to give him credit about those life lessons.

Karls as the furry mascot this time feels livelier than Wombat because of his penchant to be happy. Because of that, it makes him feel a bit more of a my-pace retard than anything gay. Yes, still a bit gay if you read too much but essentially more of the former. Not that it is such a bad thing. Furanui on the other hand feels angrier and infuriated compared to Zundar or even Dadacha. Maybe it’s his menacing fox look that made him look the part. Compared to their predecessors, both princes of Honyala Land have the ability to transform into a smoking hot hunk although they mostly remain in their furry form and the human form is mostly used during transformation scenes of their contracted knights. It is no surprising that Wao became the ‘final antagonist’ and he was setup in a way to be introduced and conveniently forgotten by the viewers until the end. Mainly because a certain seiyuu voicing him has all the trademarks of what is needed to sound like a villain… Yeah that deep low voice…

Sometimes I can’t help feel that Ata’s anger is misplaced. It gets annoying after a while to realize that whatever he does to get back at Kyoutarou, it backfires and it only makes him mad. Like as though he is offended by everything! You want to scream to this guy to take some anger management class. The entire series keeps us guessing what the heck did Kyoutarou do wrong to earn his wrath. I suppose he wasn’t that mad since Kyoutarou didn’t really realize it until the end. Is this what it means by ignorance is bliss? Yeah, he might think that is how Ata works. Even with that old bath invitation thing as the bud of it might seem laughable and pathetic, but remember as a kid, it could be a big trauma. But still, many times when I think back that is the source of the antagonism and madness in Ata, I can’t help go, “So that was it? Like WTF, dude”.

Just like in its previous seasons, the ‘trademark’ of this series is to have the guys spend their time soaking in the hot bath that is certainly Kurotama. In some episodes they can spend a lengthy time of amount there talking about things that might or might not matter. Hence your series ‘fanservice’. Considering that this is Kurotama, I wonder who is running this establishment since in the original it was Yumoto’s big brother, Goura. I’m assuming he is still around but not important enough to show his face because not relevant to the current plot.

Studio Comet who did the previous Binan instalments also does this season. But I just want to point out that the outfit for Happy Kiss somewhat feels a big baggy and loose. Like as though it is a bit oversized for them. This in turn makes them look a bit like some sort of butterfly fairy? I don’t know, they just look weird to me. Also, Edelstein’s outfit is as baggy as their Happy Kiss counterpart. A bit weirder is their ‘huge loincloth’. While the male characters have this bishonen looks, I want to point out that Ata looks so girly I thought he was a girl who transgendered into a man. This is evident as his young child self looks more like a girl than a boy. I know there are some boys in this series that look very close with traits of a girl (like Maasa) but you can still tell he is a guy. But for Ata it wasn’t so straightforward. Because of his angry looks and his male voice, it overrides his girlish-like appearance. Otherwise you might be mistaken of his gender. I wonder if he would be mad if we assumed his gender.

With a new setting (despite generally the same) of course definitely calls for an entire set of new casts. If you noticed like last time, they are all males. A rare feat because in a big majority of anime series, female casts are really essential. Hence this is one of the very few series (the only one in my books that I can think of) that uses only guys in the voice acting department. Ultimate gay bros! Anyway, the Happy Kiss quintet are mostly newbies making their debut roles, Naoyuki Shimotsuru as Kyoutarou, Ryouga Komata as Ryouma, Takahide Ishii as Nanao, Rikuya Yasuda as Taishi and Shouta Hayama as Ichirou. Then you have the veterans voicing like Hikaru Midorikawa as Ata (Lancer in Fate/Zero), Kousuke Toriumi as Taiju (Gennosuke in Basilisk), Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Maasa (Kirito in Sword Art Online), Takuya Eguchi as Karls (Hikigaya in Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Comedy Wa Machigatteiru) and Sho Hayami as Wao (Azami in Shokugeki No Souma and Asano in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu are just among the many villains this guy perfectly portrayed).

If you have watched last season, you would have noticed that there is one seiyuu who was retained but voiced a different character. This season is no different and I am starting to believe that the so called furry antagonists are of the same being! Hiroki Yasumoto this time voices Furanui and his dead low evil voice makes him suitable for such roles. A hedgehog, a squirrel, then a bear in Kuma Miko and now a fox. This guy is going to have a lot of animal spirits by his side!

Just like last season, the opening theme is sung by Happy Kiss while the ending theme is sung by Edelstein. Zettai Saikou Happy Kiss as the opener sounds like its predecessors, lively and upbeat while Warera Kedakaki Edelstein has a more dramatic feel to it and doesn’t sound as melancholic or dark as its predecessors. I want to point out that I somewhat like the insert song of Happy Kiss, the one whereby they prepare to Happy and Turn. I have got to admit, it is quite catchy to listen.

Overall, it is yet to be seen if this gets another season. Otherwise, it is really happily ever after for these people. But I didn’t really expect to enjoy this season even more than its predecessors! Am I now considered gay despite no animal raping molesting scenes or gay love terms?! In that sense, perhaps this season has ‘cleansed’ me and made me happy! Even if love doesn’t make the world go round, at least you can do is be happy with yourself. If you can’t make others happy, be happy with yourself and let that ‘infection’ spread around. After all like someone once said, being happy never goes out of style!

Oh my. You mean there is more of it?! More of the gayness?! Well, it seems that Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! Love! Love! Is going to be the final. That is why this OVA is almost an hour long! Oh boy. I don’t know if I should feel relief or sad but this is it. Graduation is looming for the gang and with that they won’t be able to stay together like before. Let’s hear for one last time for the boys.

The ending of the love…
We hear the guys discussing how Tawarayama has been revived so many times that they wonder if he is still the same person. It creeps them out thinking if he isn’t. Next we see the guys taking a bath as they talk and reminisce about things. Among them include Kusatsu having a writer’s block to come up with a graduation speech, the very short encounter of how Kusatsu and Zundar met but a very long one between Wombat and the Earth Defence Club quintet. Then there is an argument between the Beppu twins, Io, Ryuu and Akoya on which one of them is supposed to address the speech as the underclassman representative to the graduating students. Cue for each of them to sing their own character image song. Each of them. Yup, this is going to take some time. Then they realize something is wrong when Yumoto isn’t here. Something truly is when Wombat says he has not been cuddled once today! They find him depressed in the clubroom holding a sponge. What’s this? Wombat getting jealous and wants him to hug him like he always do?! Creepy! And to think he hated the ‘raping’ so much. However Yumoto is still dejected and denies he is the main character or something. The rest think he must be sentimental since spring is here and to leave him alone. Yumoto passes by Yuzuru Botan who hates graduation ceremonies. Yumoto sympathizes with him and knows how he feels.

When the graduation ceremony is here, a button monster attacks the place. Caerula Adamas go into action to subdue him but he escapes. The quintet then want to leave this to them since they have to concentrate on the ceremony. The culprits behind this are Zundar and Dadacha. They pretended to have reformed and gone home but waited for the right time to exact revenge. Battle Lovers get help from VEPPer but still aren’t good enough to take the monster down. They argue the good of the graduation ceremony when the monster questions back if the important things are found in every day, so what is the point of having this special ceremony? For the first time, Yumoto is outdebated and loses his power. Goura explains this is so because Yumoto doesn’t want the graduation ceremony to happen too. Yumoto admits that and doesn’t care about it. They should even call it off. The rest also feel the same. Yumoto is surprised and explains he didn’t mean this to bother them. It is that he wants to stay with them like this forever. The monster attacks as Yumoto’s friends protect him. Goura wants to help but Wombat stops him. This is a challenge to see if Battle Lovers can solve this themselves. After all, his love is letting things go. Zundar and Dadacha try to convince the twins to rejoin them in the universal stage but they refuse. They thank Dadacha for everything but it’s time to say goodbye. Yumoto and the rest face the reality of graduation. He thanks them for everything and for the first time they purify the monster without being in their Battle Lovers form. The graduation ceremony proceeds well. When they don’t see Wombat, they realize he has left a note in the clubroom. By the time they read this, he is already preparing to leave this planet and taking along Zundar and Dadacha with him. As Earth is now filled with love, his role here is over. There are still many planets filled with hatred and fear so his retirement is still a long way off. The guys manage to catch Wombat for the last time before his galaxy railways takes off into the stars.

Love Is Over!
Oh well, like I have said, I don’t know if I should feel at ease because it is all over or sad because everything has already ended. Unless… But as for now and at this point, it looks like another one of those series which I didn’t even expect to get a second season has finally come to a close. I suppose this is much better than many of the other animes out there which never got its proper closure and just left hanging and forgotten over time after losing its appeal. It goes to show that nothing lasts forever. Not even love. Heck, even Naruto has ended! Although technically there is a new spinoff of it running, basically the original is already done. So there goes my joke of what is the difference between love and Naruto. Love ends. Hah… Not funny anymore…

It is so obvious that a big chunk of this OVA is because of the character image songs in the first half of this show. This is why the running time could last up to almost an hour. I believe this is the first time I am hearing all of them (except the Beppu twins who used their trademark battle song) and I figure the best sounding one is Io’s since it is all about money. You know this is going to be some sort of special final goodbye when during these songs they start replaying clips from previous seasons, many of which I cannot remember. Oh yeah, those were the good ol’ (gay) days. Making it even ‘sadder’ is the ending theme, Kokoro To Kokoro De which is filled with all the goodbye and parting words. It definitely gives you the feels that it is really over.

Fighting the final monster also feels like a final parting gift for the series as we see everyone in their battle uniforms for one last time but the twist of it all is that how the power of love that comes directly from the heart heals the monster instead of the usual love attacks. It is still creepy and cringing to now think that Wombat has accepted Yumoto’s cuddles. It was one of the very ambiguously gay moments (if not bordering bestiality) that sends shivers down your spine but at the same time makes you laugh at how silly and cringe it is. Oh well, no more Wombat raping moments ever. From the looks of it, Yumoto has gotten over that since he has prioritize his friends. Good for him.

So this is it. Even if this series is gone, I’m sure the love making will not stop. Things have to go on and move forward but essentially all that love is still the same but in different forms. The only mind boggling thing is that if Wombat claims Earth is now filled with love, is this only confined to Japan? Because hell, it looks like the rest of the world didn’t get the loving touch of Battle Lovers. Oh Wombat, one day you will realize this and make a u-turn back to Earth and reunite with our boys again. And hence another sequel! Oh God. Please don’t think about this and give others strange ideas. But for now, we know a certain pink wombat is out there trying to bring peace and love to all that hatred and terror. And possible getting ‘raped’ at it. The price of love…

Oh dear. Love making is back! I didn’t know this was getting another season! I thought with all that has been said and done in the first season, there wasn’t any more left to tell but I guess I was wrong. And that strange funny mysterious attraction of gayness that somewhat compelled me to watch Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! Love!. I know the series is not that gay but from my point of view having an entire cast with only males certainly does so from my point of view. In a funny way of course. And it seems the world is under threat from a new pair of villains and thus the reason why we need more love making to save the day. Yeah, nothing beats world happiness and peace seeing hot handsome guys getting yaoi with each other. Oh wait. This isn’t what this series is about. Phew.

Episode 1
Starting off with our Battler Lovers soaking in Kurotama talking about random stuffs. Some connection between hourglass and kanchou that I don’t really care. The student council trio also join in. It seems they are going abroad to study starting tomorrow. There is an awkward moment between Kusatsu and Atsushi that is just giving the rest tension. Just say you want to come and see him off, damn it! Eventually it is Yumoto who ‘asks’ since he wants to see a plane. After the student council trio leave, an hourglass monster attacks Battle Lovers. He gushes his pink sand all over them which disintegrates their Loveracelets. Because there are no more mosaic and censors, he knows who they are now. Before he could finish them, Goura comes in furious since somebody messed up his bath. Time to back down for now. Next day as the quintet enter their clubroom, the monster is waiting there and before you know it, another epic fight begins. Before they get owned for real again, Wombat drops down to give them new Loveracelets. Different outfit means more power up, right? Yes, because it’s the second season! Oh, more wombat molestation from Yumoto too. Didn’t forget that, did he? With their new transformation and powers, they blast their love powers on the monster. But I guess the monster is also toughened up for the second season since he hasn’t given up yet. Because time is running out as the plane will be leaving soon, Battle Lovers combine their power to defeat and purify the monster. They know this kid to be Tomaru Tokiwa who was born very early in the year so he gets jealous that he becomes a year older faster than the rest of his classmates. They manage to arrive (plane is already taxing) and wave goodbye. I guess Kusatsu must be so relieved he believed in them and almost had his trust betrayed. When Yumoto asks Wombat about Tawarayama, he suddenly realizes he left his body behind. Speaking of which, twin foreigners, Akihiko and Haruhiko Beppu who are new exchange students at Binan find his slumped body.

Episode 2
Tsukuro Ouso is a chubby pretty boy and he is sad that nobody believes what he says. Till he stumbles upon the twins who are well out to corrupt him. It is that time for the Pretty Boy contest again so when Tsukuro waxes lyrical about the twins being the most beautiful, as usual the rest don’t believe him. But when they do appear, some of the boys throw down several challenges. However the twins easily best them all whether it is brains, brawns, games, cooking or just about anything. Even more so, the loser becomes their follower and they are starting to amass a huge group. Yumoto and the rest notice a large building built across Kurotama. Too fancy to be a love hotel, right? This is the first time both sides meet. Yumoto is being Yumoto as usual but the rest try to be as polite as possible. Yumoto gives them coupons for Kurotama but I can feel there is some sarcasm and insult in their ‘thanks’. The twins then call Tsukuro alone to attend their concert. We see them transform into Galaxy Idols, VEPPer! Based on our past season experience, we can tell Tsukuro is turned into a monster. The Loveracelets alert our Battle Lovers to go fight this tofu monster who starts throwing tofu at them. But it only takes Yumoto to defeat and purify him as he doesn’t like others wasting food. This is also when Battle Lovers and VEPPer see each other. Thanks to the mosaic and concealing technology, both sides are unaware of the other’s identity. VEPPer as usual being obnoxious and cocky, as they declare war on Battle Lovers to wipe them out. Oh, they’ve got a green squirrel familiar by their side, Dadacha.

Episode 3
The quintet realize their usual spot for lunch is taken over by the twins and their group of followers. They heard the twins won the contest and have a group of loyal fan boys who call themselves as Beppu Apes. When Yumoto suggests they should read a play to kindergarteners, Tagaru Katari protests since he feels it is his job and duty from the speaking poet society to do it. Of course they ignore him and the twins can feel Katari’s jealousy and sense this could be useful. The quintet talk about Japanese folklores and one of them being the Jizo and the hats. Yumoto also experienced something similar and thanks to Goura’s guidance, he did a great job. The more Katari observes them in preparation, the more his jealousy grows. On play day, the act goes smoothly. But it the straw that broke the camel’s back for Katari is when the kids are laughing instead of being moved. That is when the twins turn him into a microphone monster. As one, he is formidable because he can materialize kanji words to hurt you. Who’d knew dreams could be painful, right? Literally. Battle Lovers fight back with Yumoto giving his own lecture about love. Love is something you give to others! He relates the folklores Goura read to him as bedtime stories might not be well read but they all moved him. With the children and Goura supporting Battle Lovers, they deliver the decisive blow to end it all. Encore! Encore! Goura is glad that Yumoto has grown up well. And Yumoto in turn realizes that Goura has always been watching over him even if he is busy. The only unhappy ones are the twins as they need to find a way to defeat their enemies quick. But Dadacha tells them not to be impatient as it has only begun.

Episode 4
The twins really want to get rid of Yumoto but when they approach him and he is in his carefree form, they still can’t do anything. Back in their greenhouse, they notice Bernardo Salvatore sad. This Italian guy claims he doesn’t get along with his twin, Alan. A total opposite if you’re asking those perfect twins. It seems the Italian twins were never this bad. Only when they hit puberty did Alan start distancing himself. Thus the twins go talk to Alan to find out the reason but he won’t say it seeing it is shameful for an Italian. But after managing to convince him that they can help out his complex, Alan reveals that his jealousy of Bernardo stems from his twin’s manly chest hair! Alan has none. Thus a perfect excuse for Alan to be turned into a chest hair monster. And those are his tits not eyes. His power is of course making everyone grow tremendous chest hair. Battle Lovers fight him but get caught in his beam as they grow unsightly armpit hair before getting caught in a chain of chest hair. A hairy situation they’ve gotten into, eh? Of course they could easily end this charade but Yumoto doesn’t want to. Even if they cure him, this won’t solve his complex with Bernardo. The only way is to call him here as he is the only one who can save Alan. Bernardo never knew chest hair was the source of their animosity. He is willing to give up his chest hair by pulling them out now! Ouch! Looks painful but that is nothing compared to the pain of love, right? In the end, when both reconcile, Battle Lovers purify Alan. The Italian twins are back on good terms as they enjoy a good bath at Kurotama. Somehow Bernardo’s chest hair grows back but Alan doesn’t mind.

Episode 5
Shuzo Oka fails his training with Shigoki Munakata, the volleyball club president. Because of that, they are over as Munakata wonders if there is somebody worthy enough to receive his balls! I kid you not! When Yumoto accidentally receives his balls, Munakata believes this is the one who will receive his balls. I kid you not he is going to spam this line throughout the episode. So Munakata forces Yumoto to join his club and the latter had to since his way to the toilet is being blocked. Oh, he needs to recruit 4 members too. I can guess who they are. And so Earth Defence Club becomes volleyball members as they train to receive and touch Munakata’s balls!!! While Yumoto happily receives his balls, the rest just dodge it like a plague. Does this mean Yumoto loves playing with balls?! Eventually the rest quit (and they have an interesting discussion about why volleyball is called ‘haikyuu’ in Japanese which literally means ‘excrement ball’) only Yumoto is left playing the balls. As Yumoto and Munakata forge stronger ties, Shuzo becomes more and more jealous because he believes being near Munakata is supposed to be his spot. So he wants to be near his balls?! Anyway with the twins sensing Shuzo’s jealousy, time for another round of the usual. Shuzo turns into a black volleyball. I think black balls are something Munakata can’t receive. Battle Lovers fight the black ball but it absorbs all their powers. Until Yumoto tells him how he is already a beautiful diamond instead of needing to wait for someone to polish him up, the monster is easily defeated. In the end, Shuzo and Munakata reunite and continue their training. It seems Munakata is 26 years old and will not give up till his club enters the tournament! Good luck in doing that. Forever. I take it he is never going to graduate. Of course Yumoto has quit seeing the only club for him is Earth Defence Club.

Episode 6
There is a standoff between Io and Ryuu. Despite all the sarcasm they throw at each other, they’re still close by to each other? Apparently from what I understand from En and Atsushi’s explanation is that they have always hated each other from the start since they have the wrong first impression of the other. So everything they do together seems to be a coincidence and sometimes trying to outdo the other. Like how they join Earth Defence Club on separate occasions, En and Atsushi were unaware of their bickering and allowed them to join. Besides, the club wasn’t even official yet so there was no reason to refuse. When Kuroshiro Kumano asks the twins how it feels like to be idols, they use his insecurity and turn him into a panda monster. So when Loveracelets are signalling, Yumoto, En and Atsushi have no choice but to take on the monster themselves thinking Io and Ryuu won’t reconcile in time. Everyone is admiring how cute the panda monster is. Everything he does is cute. Even pooping. So when the trio arrive to take him on, the crowd turns hostile. Even more so their power is not enough to defeat him and the crowd’s admiration turns him big. Surprisingly Io and Ryuu turn up to beat the crap out of him. They’re in sync now? Yumoto gives them the honours to finish and purify the panda. VEPPer makes their brief appearance just to tell Battle Lovers they are not worthy of any love. In short, they hate them. In the aftermath, Io and Ryuu’s standoff continues. Didn’t they get better? It gets weirder when they start complimenting the other greatly but they won’t accept it. WTF?! So apparently this whole standoff thingy originated when they overheard other boys making fun of the other. So when they start explaining how amazing the other is but is not acknowledged, that is when their tension brew. Dumb, right? This reminds Yumoto their standoff was like the first time they visited Kurotama. At the entrance they were already bickering when Goura poured water on them and ushered them in. But if not for that, they wouldn’t have spoken to each other ever again. Yumoto then apologizes as he reveals he was the one who splashed the water. He was cleaning the roof at that time. He also apologizes for the heart shape sewing he sewed on their jacket. They don’t mind it but when Wombat makes a cheeky remark, they get offended. Love shock?!

Episode 7
At the ramen store, En surprisingly suggests doing a Christmas party and Yumoto gladly agrees and will have it at Kurotama. But what will they do for food? The ramen owner suggests he can deliver his Christmas ramen to them since his son, Hitori Hijiriya is also Yumoto’s classmate. On Christmas Eve as Hijiriya sets out his unpleasant journey (kids teasing his costume and all), the twins come to work their ‘magic’ on him. The twins pretty much hate Christmas and Santa too but when Goura invites them, they instantly accept. Christmas isn’t so bad after all, eh? But what about the monster? Oh no. They leave it to Dadacha to sort it out. So here the idol twins are, surprisingly our quintet who thought they had better things to do than hanging out with them. Maybe they had no plan in the first place. Oddly they observe the twins being obedient to Goura but totally ignoring Yumoto. When Dadacha gives the signal he failed to stop the monster, the twins try to push up the programme to exchange gifts since they want to get Goura’s present. But too late the reindeer monster is here and he is b*tching about working on this day while everyone has fun. The twins for once feel they have to leave it to Battle Lovers to defeat the monster but it seems the quintet can’t just transform in front of everyone. They try to make lame excuses to leave and the twins play along but it never worked out. Whether it is the monster calling them out for ignoring him or Goura somewhat inadvertently interrupting things. The last straw came when Yumoto pretends to fake a stomach illness so the rest can usher him to the hospital (but actually outside just to transform). The monster accuses them of fake acting so the twins rebuke him for ruining their dream. This is when the monster gets upset about everyone being selfish while he worked to the bone. Even so people complained. What the f*ck is he doing this for then?! Yumoto then invites him to join them. The gift exchange proceeds and the twins are glad they got Goura’s gift. Atsushi realizes En wanted to do this because his gift was a postcard from the student council trio doing their own Christmas gig. The monster gets Atsushi’s bag of candies and leaves happily. For once they didn’t even need to do any fighting and purifying as a happy Hijiriya automatically returns to his normal self on the way home. A Christmas miracle indeed. And no bath scene too for once?

Episode 8
Yumoto is eager to eat Goura’s soba and see the first sunrise of the year with him. You bet with the twins eavesdropping, they’re going to ruin it. So they approach, Makoto Jinzou who has been failing his entrance exams for 5 years in a row. They make him mad and then give him hope they can help him. You know the rest. Now a snowman monster, he is ordered to lock the guys in at Kurotama but a short blackout throws them off at first. Yumoto is sad his friends have to leave but they realize a thick snow blocking their path. Oh well, they’ll just stay here then. Next, the monster goes in to fight them but everyone is in holiday mood and not willing to fight. Of course snowman can’t go back empty-handed seeing the twins are already celebrating their ‘victory’. So he decides to go back and sabotage En, Ryuu and Wombat who are out to buy stuffs as they lost a game as punishment. But whatever snowman does, it works in our heroes’ favour. Meanwhile the rest are playing snowball fight and when the twins hear Goura in the midst of playing, their horror ups an ante when they see Yumoto wearing the sweatshirt they knitted for Goura. Forcing the monster to come back and fight, snowman threatens to destroy their newly made igloo if they don’t battle him. But right after they transform, snowman breaks down as he laments about his fate of repeating winter over and over again. It is Yumoto’s spring-like advice that gives him hope and purifies him without much fanfare. Of course the twins are now pissed as the guys are looking at this mishap on a positive tone. So when our Battle Lovers are visiting the shrine, the twins have had enough of their density. They go up to them and in their face reveal they are the ones sending monsters out to get them. Need proof? They transform right before their eyes.

Episode 9
The twins are furious because after their declaration, the quintet ignored them and it has already been a month and a half since! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, they get more jealous seeing Yumoto get Goura’s chocolate so they hatch a plan to rid him once and for all. The quintet receive a bunch of chocolates. Yumoto pops them in his mouth and suddenly he feels strange. Of course the chocolates are from the twins and it contains some chemicals that would create high stimulation. This means Yumoto wants to hug and cuddle everything at full force! OMG! The most gay-est scene ever! Hugging and confessing his love to each of his pals! The twins now pop up and they aren’t happy Yumoto is still too happy. They view them as their idol rivals and transform to take them out. However the rest don’t have a reason to fight and escape. So the twins go to instigate some of their Beppu Apes and make them hate Battle Lovers for all the chocolates they are getting. As chocolate block monsters, these guys are going to bring them misery. Despite Battle Lovers transforming, everyone decides to leave this to Yumoto since this idol battle thingy isn’t their cup of tea. Yumoto manages to get the monsters to cheer and support him before purifying them. Even back as normal students, they continue to love him so the twins need to act now. They are about to throw some devastating power but Yumoto quickly hugs them. They manage to give him the slip and escape. Since Yumoto is still stimulated, the rest feel the only way is to throw him into Kurotama’s bath. When Goura learns of this, he jumps in and hugs him. His serious brotherly returns Yumoto to normal. Seriously. Now the rest are starting to think the twins are more than meets the eye and can’t ignore them.

Episode 10
Yumoto sighing?! Is this the end of the world?! Apparently Binan Land is closing down. Yeah… The rest only remembers bad reviews about the place so it is natural it will be closed down. The twins also love Binan Land. So when Entao Junya mocks it, they become mad and are going to teach him a lesson. As Yumoto complains to Goura about Binan Land’s closure, his friends decide to take him there for one last time and also pay his ticket. Yumoto wants to ride this hardcore Mad Mouse ride since you have to ride it 7 times before vomiting! Once is enough for everyone! Yumoto barely remembers after that, Goura put him on the bench to rest (axe behind his back?) and then left for something and never returned. Battle Lovers have to fight a carousel monster and they quickly finish him off as they don’t want to hear his longwinded back story. Thank goodness. But here is VEPPer. When Yumoto claims they aren’t competing with them as idols and should stop becoming enemies, this only makes them mad. Ryuu and Io are right when they put it this way: I won’t date you but let’s still be friends; The investment went wrong so give me back half my money. The rest did ask why VEPPer hates them so much. They believe Maximum Gorar (Goura’s hero name) would have been their big brother. Yeah, they are fans of his TV show. Flashback time. Remember last season when the entire plot was some reality TV to destroy the world? If the current Battle Lovers was the second season, there must have been the first. That was Gorar. Then at Binan Land, the twins were held hostage by a monster. Gorar came to their rescue but was defeated. The twins were sad but Gorar revived and turned the tables to save the day. Gorar had to leave because he left someone (Yumoto) alone. The twins could only dream of him staying with them forever. Although Battle Lovers acknowledge this love-hate relationship won’t be easy to solve, they are feeling tired of all these battles and threaten to have higher authorities and third party intervention or court restraining orders! When they head back to Kurotama, Goura wasn’t there as usual to greet them. They sense something amiss as he is missing. Earlier on it seems he has a mishap while chopping wood…

Episode 11
As they look for Goura, he is not anywhere to be found. The twins were devastated to learn their father will be transferring to Andromeda as part of his job. This means no more Binan Land? Because the twins support Gorar, they are bullied by their fellow classmates. Now Goura is lying in a comatose state inside a transparent coffin in the twins’ mansion. Meanwhile the student council trio are experiencing and witnessing many bad omen signs. It is suggested Kusatsu emails to Atsushi. However his handphone is dropped inside the toilet bowl… Something awful is going to happen indeed. While the quintet are soaking at Kurotama, Dadacha comes to tell them the twins are going to take Goura out to space with them. Of course they capture him and interrogate him to spill the beans that their battle has always been a fight to see who is worthier of Goura. As the twins are arguing who Goura should stay with, Battle Lovers come in to rescue Goura. Yumoto is most upset and rushes in to fight but his pals calm him down that they too have the right to fight for Goura. However the twins will not accept their plea since they already said they don’t want to fight. Not even Yumoto’s honest plea would change their mind. Suddenly a familiar voice tells them to accept it. It is Zundar! Working for another production company, he wants them to battle it out for the sake of TV ratings. Oh, get this. Dadacha is Zundar’s little brother and he is totally in love with him. Yeah… Not even the same species… Dadacha hosts this idol battle programme to all the universe’s viewers. They can vote and Like the team they like. When it is decided VEPPer goes first, Battle Lovers are suspicious because usually the one who goes second has an advantage (like you see in movies) but yet they are confident. VEPPer starts singing and they garnered lots of Likes. This in turn become attacks against their opponents. Battle Lovers take a beating till they collapse. If they don’t get up, VEPPer will win by default. But before that could happen, Caerula Adamas returns! Since Atsushi didn’t reply, they rush back quickly knowing something is wrong. The trio are going to join the fray and show that they are different than before.

Episode 12
But Caerula Adamas hands us a twist and refuses to join in the fight. Battle Lovers revive to sing back. Not only they have garnered lots of likes but Goura is also resonating. A video shows some bird (or duck?) scouted Goura to fight. As we see him take on baddies, the twins note the bad editing of the video. His voice is not sync and he is saying words that he wouldn’t say. It is revealed that Goura was supposed to be the villain but instead became overwhelmingly popular. This derailed the producer’s goal and thus the reason the first show was cancelled. The twins were sad hearing about the cancellation and that is when Dadacha scouted them. If they go on TV, Goura will be certain to see them. But how can they when that series is cancelled? Be an idol. Idols do a lot of variety of things. And thus began the twins’ harsh journey as a galaxy idol. Just when they thought they were good enough to get their own show, that was when the show between Caerula Adamas and Battle Lovers came about. They were supposed to return home to Earth as the greatest idols and they can’t believe these idiots beat them to it. The fight resumes with some talk about love. Yumoto is beaten at first because of the twins’ twisted take on love. Actually they view themselves as not needing it because idols just trick, deceive and entice others with their fake facade. They claim they are better because of their pure intentions they do are for Goura.

When they take Goura away and vanish, Yumoto becomes distraught. So angry and worried that he suddenly becomes Super Saiyan and powerful emotions start bursting out. The other Battle Lovers know this is deep sh*t because if you consider the contest of emotions for Goura, Yumoto has the greatest. It is going out of hand but they pin him down and make Yumoto come to his sense. With that, Yumoto now has a purer view of love. He transforms into an angel and talks about the love in idol. As in ai-dol, get it? The rest also transform into angels and they purify to wake up Goura. The twins are surprised to see Goura still recognize them. Because he too sees them in his dream. They feel pathetic that they have done bad things on him and yet he still views them kindly. He sees they have grown big and strong and more importantly they kept their promise to Gorar. This brings the twins to tears. Man, it feels weird seeing guys hug and cry like that. In the aftermath, VEPPer becomes the greatest galaxy stars with sold-out concerts everywhere. The Earth Defence Club quintet soak in the bath with the student council trio. Making it merrier are the twins who have joined their ranks. Man, they are going to need to get a bigger bath. They feel they have forgotten somebody. Goura? No, he is at the back chopping wood as usual. Zundar and Dadacha? They’ve gone back to space? Hmm… Who could it be? Oh well. We don’t care. Answer: Tawarayama.

Big Brother Dearest
It really feels weird. Not about love making saving the world again (it is too) but rather this entire series is about the battle over the brotherly love of Goura. I’m not used to seeing anime series revolving around love between men (that’s not even venturing into hardcore yaoi stuffs), so to see the main characters here fighting over possibly the coolest big brother ever in the galaxy (at least for this season) it makes me feel a little weird because can this can of brother love be just your normal brotherly love or more than that?

Basically this season mainly follows the same formula as in the last. A big portion of it and at the start would follow the basic route of villains unleashing a monster who are students with problems (that we’ll never care eventually) followed by Battle Lovers fighting and then purifying the said monster. Rinse and repeat. There is nothing much difference except that this time the main focus and issue now seems to revolve around Goura. Despite not making core appearances, his background is enough to initiate an entire season to have both sides at each other. At least VEPPer trying to get rid of Battle Lovers. I guess Goura is the manliest man of all men, the coolest of the coolest, the hottest of the hottest that we have our heroes and villains fighting over him.

This season feels like a waste for Wombat. He was somewhat funny in the first season but in this season it feels as though his presence is forced to be necessary. There is no reason why this pink marsupial should return aside from the all-important ‘plot’ at the beginning to give Battle Lovers their Loveracelets replacement. Throwing Wombat further back into oblivion is the fact that Yumoto rarely rapes molests cuddles him to the extreme. There are a handful of scenes to see Yumoto doing this but it just feels forced. Because like I said, the focus now is on Goura so Wombat is now seemingly unimportant. Even as a running joke. This means Tawarayama is also unimportant and it feels he is like dead furniture lugging around. Even that ‘important’ announcement in the end about him being revived to normal doesn’t really make a difference. Like we care.

As for our Battle Lovers, since whatever back story and relationship issues they had, were already solved and covered in the first season so there isn’t anything much to cover about them here. Thus Yumoto seems to be more in focus compared to the rest of the other Battle Lovers. It is good to see that Yumoto isn’t just a simple and dense kid (although he is still mostly is) but there are times when he gets mad too. I mean, really mad. But that is only when it involves his big brother. If that is the most ‘shocking’ revelation for this season, it would be Yumoto’s never-seen-before burst of emotions. Therefore a warning to all you folks out there. Never mess with Yumoto’s an-chan.

With Caerula Adamas pretty much missing for a big chunk of this season and even when they reappear they are just reduced to a role of a spectator, the twins as the new villains of this season try to give off some sort of drama and tension especially bringing down Yumoto. Sometimes I feel that their misguided hatred towards Yumoto feels the same when Caerula Adamas had for Battle Lovers in the previous season. I heard of guys fighting over a girl and vice versa. But guys fighting over a big brother? Man, that feels brotherly gay if you ask me. Still feeling weird about it…

Compared to Zundar, Dadacha feels weaker because this flying squirrel seems to be more interested in cooking and doing chores for the twins rather than coming up with eviler schemes or something. It’s like, what the heck is he here in the first place for. I don’t know what VEPPer means in this context but at first I often misheard it as fap! So hearing FAPPer twins was really shocking! Even more so when unlucky students who get turned into monsters are ushered into the stage whereby Dadacha would announce, “Welcome to the VEPP theatre”. Wait, welcome to the FAP theatre?! Oh sh*t!

This season’s mid-intermission also has some bio-data and information on the characters albeit I feel that they are much lesser data. In fact for the Battle Lovers, they just put up their nickname and their finishing move. That’s all. After all, if you want to know their blood type, hobbies and likes, might as well refer back to the first season. Such information is only for new characters like the twins, Dadacha and Goura.

While the casts of last season are maintained, it is funny to note that Hiroki Yasumoto who was the voice of Zundar now also plays Dadacha. I thought he sounded familiar and true enough it was him. Though, he did pretty well to differentiate between both characters because Dadacha sounds very gay. Seriously. So this guy went from being a hedgehog to a bear (Kuma Miko’s Natsu) and now a flying squirrel. The other new additions are Keisuke Koumoto as Akihiko (Raul in Yuushibu) and Yoshiki Murakami as Haruhiko (debut main role). There are also tons of other seiyuus lending their voice for very minor characters just like in the first season. Those I recognized are Rikiya Koyama as Munakata, Takehito Koyasu doubling as Alan and Bernardo, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Kumano, Kazuya Nakai as Hijiriya and Akira Ishida as Tokiwa. Of course if you realize by now, they are all males. Not a single female seiyuu.

This season’s opening theme is also sung by Battle Lovers and Futten Toppa Love Is Power has that similar feel to last season’s opener as well. Of course with the galaxy idol twins, it is only right for them to sing the ending theme, Anata Wa Haruka Ittousei in place of Caerula Adamas. Typical idol song too with that almost similar feel to the first season’s ending theme.

Overall, the second season is still funny thanks to all that gayness that I feel from watching the Battle Lovers spout love making battle lines to all that sparkly transformation scene. But still, it doesn’t mean that it is any better than its predecessor. Well, I thought with the plot dusted and done in the first season, this one seems unnecessary. Like as though they needed to enhance Goura’s reputation whatsoever. At least, my overall sentiments of why the sequel was made in the first place. I’m not sure if I can take any more of the love making gayness should there be a third season. In that case I would want to be one of those students-turned-monsters purified and forgotten after every episode, never to return, never to care again.

Normally I would have straightaway given any anime series which is seemingly yaoi-like the skip and not bat an eyelid or think twice to even watch it. Not even if it is of a comedy genre. There might be exceptions that it needs to be freaking funny but that is not the point. Therefore, I was going to give Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! the usual pass until I realize what this show is about. You know it is alright for young girls to put on their magical girl love outfit and save the day with their magic, right? Now, what happens if you have boys instead donning magical girl outfits to save the world with the power of love!!! OMFG! THIS MUST BE ONE REALLY FUNNY SHOW, right???!!! I know it sounds so gay but the thinking that this must be one truly hilarious take of guys in magical girl outfits was too tempting for me to pass and thus this is how I ended up picking up this series… Or is my inner gay radar starting to awake like my hidden mecha taste?

Episode 1
En Yufuin and Atsushi Kinugawa are soaking in a hot bath at Kurotama talking about some chikuwabu nonsense when suddenly a pink wombat crashes in seeking their help! Yumoto Hakone cannot resist hugging it to death. The duo take this chance to escape the madness. In class, they have a bad feeling when their teacher, Tawarayama comes in holding the wombat! The duo try to ignore them but Wombat continues to bug them to listen to him. They want nothing to do with him but he insists about doing things for love! Holy sh*t! Better run as fast as you can! They got away thanks to Yumoto continuing his harassing. In the clubroom, they hang out with money loving Io Naruko and women loving Ryuu Zaou. There is a letter from the student council telling them to register if they want to continue to use the clubroom. They discuss about this especially this clubroom that is supposedly belonged to the Earth Defence Club. Nobody knows who put that sign here. Wombat arrives in the clubroom barely surviving Yumoto’s cuddling. The rest believe Tawarayama is dead. But when Wombat goes back under his arms, he comes back to life again. Is he recharging him somehow? After all that he is been through, he is not going to ask them anymore. He forces them to wear Lovracelets. It is their love’s given form. Kazutake Chiku is the kind of guy who is neither the best nor the worst. So he is freaking depressed about being in the middle. He is struck by some needle and turns into a chikuwabu monster. Wombat tells them to transform and fight this badass monster. And after all those gay love lines, we see their transformation scene into their gay idol outfits. They are now Battle Lovers who will protect Earth. No time to be arguing about that since they have to take care of that monster. So the try out their powers and even combine their wands for Yumoto to blast it away. Yumoto even lectures the monster about the essence of being a chikuwabu and oden. A final shower of love turns the monster back into that kid and now his eyes are opened to the feelings of love! First mission solved. Meanwhile the student council trio consisting of Kinshirou Kusatsu, Akoya Gero and Ibushi Arima are watching them and wonder if a new rival has appeared to oppose them. Kusatsu believes everything is within their expectations.

Episode 2
The student council trio are in a discussion which also serves to tell us about their mission. As Caerula Adamas and under the guidance of a green hedgehog, Zundar, they are supposed to carry out a mission to conquer all life forms on Earth. Because they view society and the world as stupid, they need to establish a model society with order. Of course they are using this school as a starting point. Battle Lovers are discussing about their new team (Wombat once again being cuddled to death by the usual suspect). They are shocked that Tawarayama is actually ‘killed’ by Wombat. When Wombat was running away from Yumoto from Kurotama, he ran away towards school and bumped into Tawarayama’s feet. He fell down stairs and broke his neck! So now to take responsibility, as long as Tawarayama is close by Wombat, his life will not be in danger. Yumoto wants to take responsibility too. He undresses himself so that Wombat will hug him! No way! Will that be animal abuse or animal harassment? Wario Hashida hates odd and uneven things in this world. So when he cannot break his chopsticks perfectly, he gets mad. Caerula Adamas views him as the perfect specimen for their experiment. They turn him into a chopstick monster that soon influences everyone into a big fight over uneven chopsticks. WTF. Of course this means Battle Lovers are called into the scene to fight the menace. And of course the monster hates them because 5 is an indivisible number. WTF. So after another power battle of love, the monster is rained with lots of love and the case is over. Kusatsu believes that it is clear Battle Lovers are their enemy.

Episode 3
Moteo Kurotori is from the ballet club and only thinks about his popularity and to be loved. He believes this time he can take the school’s Pretty Boy crown. It’s a monthly contest and I can’t help think how gay it is holding a beauty contest for boys… Kurotori goes into overdrive mode to get people to vote for him. As Battle Lovers discuss about this, probably En got bored so he decides to take part. Ryuu and Io agree too. They discuss the qualities to be popular. Strength? Money? Big brother? En arm wrestles with some strong guy and wins by distracting him. Io wins his popularity by showing his account book that is filled with so many digits! Ryuu turns into a cool gangster to get triplets to admire him as a big brother. Kurotori is sad that nobody came to his rally. Zundar views he is another perfect specimen so Caerula Adamas turn him into a black swan monster. After the votes are tallied but right before the winner is being read, the monster hijacks the stage and shoots feathers into everyone, turning them into his big fans and wanting to shower him with love. Even our Battle Lovers get caught in this trap and tussle to give black swan their undivided love. Only Yumoto is not affected despite being hit. Because he doesn’t understand what it is. Yumoto then hugs him and gives him a good lecture about love. Does he want to be loved so badly? Because if you want others to love you, you must love yourself first! Another successful mission. Caerula Adamas notes they have lost again and wonder who Battle Lovers are but Kusatsu will make them grovel at their feet.

Episode 4
Kusatsu is thinking back about his childhood past with Atsushi. They made a wish on a shooting star. Looking at the stars just made him think about that so when his friends ask him about that and his wish, it is world domination. Wombat is being scrubbed to death by the usual suspect. Our gang talk about being a kid and some shaving. Perhaps they are too noisy that an old man just walks out. However they realize they may have been wrong. He isn’t an old guy but a fellow student with an old man’s face! True enough, Oyaji Igarao is that but hates being treated as an old man. He wants to experience the youth of his life! And so Caerula Adamas heard his wish and decides to make use of his dark energy. Our Battle Lovers for some reason are tickling each other in the clubroom when suddenly they find themselves shrunk into kids! Not only them but the rest of the school too. They see this handsome prince and believe he is the one behind this. Time to transform. But their outfits are now baggy! WTF. Shouldn’t it shrink like their school uniform too? Of course this means their power is halved and they can’t walk properly Always tripping. Prince dude is going to further ruin them as he turns them into toddlers. That’s when Yumoto gets this idea to distract him before he really finishes them. He points out everybody has turned young except him. Because even if he is young, someone who is ugly will always by ugly! He isn’t an old man but a young teenager. It is that resentment of feeling old that is turning him into an old man. While in shock, Yumoto casts his love to free him. Yet another mission success but a failure for Caerula Adamas. So Battle Lovers are soaking in the bath again when Oyaji comes in. He is happy because now he has got a girlfriend who is into older men. And she made a wish on a star for this. Atsushi remembers his old wish was to become a superhero. He wonders what the other friend of his wished for.

Episode 5
Because of the auto filler blurring their faces during their transformation, Battle Lovers’ identity is safe. But there is a guy, Kou Kinosaki who is bent on finding that out. So he goes spy on them and like usual, the nonchalant chat, the over abuse of Wombat by Yumoto’s hugging and mould growing all over Tawarayama! Kinosaki comes in with his photographer, Tazawa to come interview them as he is publishing the daily lives of the students in this school. The guys are not happy and do not want to be interviewed but Kinosaki is citing press freedom, blah, blah, blah. Later he bugs them by interviewing them individually. Enkaku Sousa feels like he is a puppet of his father. Looks like he is going to be a puppet of Caerula Adamas soon. As the guys soak in the bath, Wombat displays his ugly side since he is under so much stressed. Thanks to those guys, he can’t act like normal. Yeah, pink wombat acting like a delinquent and calling names! Suddenly those annoying press guys enter. The Battle Lovers’ Lovracelets buzz so they excuse themselves by saying they need to cool down Tawarayama outside. But they can’t transform right away as it will also give away their identity. They get an idea to fake Tawarayama is dead and to leave it in Kinosaki’s care till they return with help. Now they can transform in peace. Some remote controller squid is purposely turning up the temperature to make people pass out in the gym. He gets to control everything with his controller. Wombat just knocks it off his hands for Battle Lovers to shower him with love. When they return to the bath (Kinosaki still holding on to the teacher?), the perfect timing for Wombat to end up in Tawarayama’s arms and revive that old dude. Then everyone takes a photo and it is uploaded on the website. WTF are these men in towels?! Kusatsu is not pleased especially when he knows they have sent in a club approval form and it is only a matter of them he has to accept it. Kinosaki is pleased with all the photos he got on Battle Lovers. Now on to the next stage.

Episode 6
Wombat discusses about the possibility that the monsters are appearing awfully close in their vicinity. Akoya comes in to tell that their club has been approved. However if all members do not their final exam scores do not meet the average, the club will be disbanded. Never heard of this rule. Because it’s just established. Wombat will not allow this and wants everybody to study. I guess everyone is okay and Yumoto is the worrying factor since he doesn’t need good grades because he’ll be inheriting the bath house. But his big brother, Goura doesn’t want him to become dumb and chop wood for the rest of his life like him. However the rest are baffled about him doing so if this bath house has natural hotspring, why does he need to chop wood? Can’t answer that, can’t he? Meanwhile Ichiban Itsumo is jealous of Io and wants to be the very best. He has got to stop talking to himself first. The student council approach Io to offer him to join. They will pay him. Instantly Io agrees because he’ll do anything if there’s a profit. Akoya is assured that with Io joining them, Earth Defence Club will be no more no matter the outcome. After the tests, Itsumo becomes angry that again Io scored first and he placed second. Oh, time for Zundar to hint another experiment. Yumoto scores zeroes and he is proud of it! Thanks to Io and En who did well enough to cover for the rest. Suddenly Io announces he is quitting the club for the student council. Ryuu is not happy and confronts him. Io says money won’t betray. Sure. But isn’t it Io is the one betraying? Then there is this screw-cum-tank monster terrorizing the place. Battle Lovers go into action with Ryuu confident he can take it on himself without help. Too bad he got into some tickling trap. Io can’t stand this and transforms to help save his friend. Yumoto ends it by offering to become the monster’s friend. This is the first time Battle Lovers and Caerula Adamas meet. The blur mosaics hide their face and voice so they are talking to each other without knowing each other’s identities. Kusatsu vows the next time they will surely defeat them. Hasn’t he been saying that always? Ryuu wonders why Io returned and it seems he has done some calculation to which side is more profitable. He won’t say but it’s pretty obvious, right? And so the Earth Defence Club stays. Unknown to them, Kinosaki is taking pictures of them. Oh, Yumoto thinks Goura isn’t a stupid guy who chops wood but rather he loves doing so! He wants to be that kind of man. Still can’t explain about firewood and the natural hotspring, though.

Episode 7
Earth Defence Club guys are going to the beach for summer camp. Yumoto is so excited that he’s acting like a kid. Isn’t he always? And while they travel by train, the student council trio are travelling in their luxurious limo. The quintet end up in a beach filled with only macho men! Yeah, this show really lacks girls. While they enter a cramped inn and soak in a suspiciously familiar bath house, the trio are taking life easy in their huge luxurious hotel. And then an incident props up. Io wants to know who used his toothbrush! I know we don’t really care but this is really irking him. He accuses En at first because of his nonchalant behaviour. How about Ryuu? He says he likes girls but is never seen with one so could it mean that he likes Io actually? Awkward… Nobody bothers about Yumoto because how can this retard be the one, right? Since it is too early to sleep, Yumoto suggests playing kimodameshi. En-Atsushi and Io-Ryuu pair trek through the darkness as we see them suspect each other. And a few gay positions… Yumoto is fresh from ‘raping’ Wombat but the latter slips of a cliff. Before he realizes it, Tawarayama is missing. Seems he is up and his memories hazy. He wonders why he is here. As he wanders around, he keeps attracting bad luck like falling into traps and mud. Our guys wonder if there is a monster or molester hearing such commotion so they go prepare to ambush the perpetrator. Turns out to be the student council trio who got lost after being bored soaking in their big luxurious pool. Kusatsu doesn’t like this a bit and leaves with his guys. Yeah, bad memories, no? When the Earth Defence Club guys reach their goal, Tawarayama is surprised to see his students here but he steps on yet another trap. This time he looks like a monster (because it is dark) so Battle Lovers transform to defeat him. Once they realize it is their teacher (hope they didn’t kill him – oh wait, he’s already close to dead to begin with), they accuse Wombat that this is his doing. He should try better next time. Now that Yumoto is sleepy, they return to sleep. Io is still bugged about who used his toothbrush. Give it up, will you? Nobody is going to help Wombat pick up Tawarayama… After returning from the trip, Wombat is taking a look at the photos he has taken. One of them shows Yumoto as the culprit using Io’s toothbrush. Delete the evidence…

Episode 8
Shou Komi is an otaku and even more so when he can’t take anymore of the internet trolling. Ah well, another ‘victim’ for Caerula Adamas. When En stops by the convenience shop to get some stuffs, he is shot by some being that turns him into an emo and tsundere! This causes him to fight and argue with Atsushi a lot. Not to mention the sulking. Of course when the rest find out, En really regrets that but doesn’t have the guts to apologize. The same case for Atsushi who thinks of letting sleeping dogs lie. But all that means nothing to Yumoto as he gets honest in their face and tries to help patch them up. Not working. Kusatsu is happy hearing En and Atsushi are fighting. He is laughing like a maniac? Wombat thinks a monster is behind this but its power is too weak for their Lovracelets to detect. So they go around interviewing other students who seemingly got into a fight with their best friends. All of them point out to one same spot ever since their fight began: The convenience store. Yumoto transforms and heads there to do justice and although the convenience store looks normal, it is the store owner’s son who lives upstairs that is causing the problem. He is now a kotatsu monster. Battle Lovers have a hard time dealing with the shut-in and Atsushi takes a beating. Till En comes to his rescue and feels stupid for losing a best friend to a stupid fight. Although Atsushi also gets hit by the monster’s beam, the duo patch up and work together. Yumoto even gives them the honours to finish it off. Right after that, En turns into an apologetic machine. Sorry for this, sorry for that. Even in the bath, the duo continue to apologize for every single silly thing they did wrong to each other. And I thought sorry seems to be the hardest word…

Episode 9
Kusatsu must be feeling grumpy and thus that hostile talk among his groupie. Zundar tells them to cut it out and calls for a new plan since their experiments have ended in failure. This time they’ll go on the offensive and attack! And so Uriya Makuwa who has excessive self-conscious turns into a melon monster. So when Battle Lovers go to face him, it seems he wants to talk instead. But he gives them melon riddles and leaves them hanging of the answers and to meet at a certain time and place if they want to know. However they’ve already got all the answers from the internet. Thank God for internet! While taking a bath, Kinosaki pops up to suggest them become internet idols to solve their money woes. The more famous they get, the more they get paid. It looks more like the Battle Lovers wearing different cosplay outfits and being photographed. So this is how they’re going to make the money? Compile the different photos and sell them in calendars? Hey, at least the money is good. After that, they make their journey to meet the melon monster. Along the way, there are lots of traps but they nonchalantly traverse them all. Even the melon monster didn’t expect to see them reach him! Even more disheartening is how they reveal they already know his answers thanks to the internet. So pitiful that he even breaks down and rants about that we couldn’t care less. Melon this, melon that. All the rest know is that he might be desperate and overly self-conscious. Defeated, Yumoto and the rest have final soothing words for him that at least they don’t hate melons and some food aren’t bad like melon bread. With the case solve, Zundar despite today’s mission was a failure, he feels it have a bit of an effect and is satisfied. More plans to be continued after they rest up. Is he just being lazy or ran out of ideas? Something sinister about Kinosaki is lurking. He is editing the photos and his pet goldfish doesn’t look like any ordinary goldfish… Get what I’m saying?

Episode 10
Something is wrong. Yumoto not his active and goofy self?! Something is indeed wrong. He is having a slight fever and his classmate, Rui Megawa who is also the manager of the baseball club checks on him. Megawa is popular with the boys thanks to his cuteness and glasses character. Goura overreacts after seeing Yumoto with fever. Onions for cure? Yeah, he is doing all he can to save him like as though he is going to die. Because this is the first time Yumoto is sick. You know what they say about idiots and sickness, right? The next day, although Yumoto isn’t fully recovered, he heads to school. Even more shocking is how is so proper and polite! And with glasses! It’s like a different character! Strange, huh? Yeah, it really bothers the rest. So much so they come up with conspiracy theories about his condition. But Wombat is loving it since no more harassment. As Yumoto cleans the clubroom, everyone finds an unused door behind a shelf. Likewise as the student council is remodelling their room, they spot a never-seen-before door that was behind some furniture. As Yumoto continues to be proper so much so guys want him to be their club manager! So gay! Of course this causes heartbreak for Megawa whose baseball club even jokes of getting Yumoto. And you know what this jealousy means for Caerula Adamas, no? Yeah. Now he becomes a baseball monster as he confronts you-know-who to give back his position. However Yumoto is the only one who can’t transform and is scared. The rest takes a beating from the monster’s beams and try to resist his mind control of trying to make them love him while spouting jealousy claims. Because they already have an idiotic junior whom they love. Wombat tries to force Yumoto to transfer by offering himself! He can cuddle him as much as he wants! Eternal harassment?! Is that what he wants?! Is he that desperate?! As the rest are on the brink of defeat, Wombat’s desperate shake up has Yumoto drop his glasses. Instantly he reverts to that idiotic self we all know. He transforms and showers the monster with love and advice. The day is saved. Goura rushes to Yumoto’s side and is glad he is alright but the rest are stumped how he could recognize him in their transformation. Brotherly love? Unknown to them, Kinosaki is taking more pictures of them and is glad to know his master Hireashi the goldfish will be pleased.

Episode 11
For the upcoming school festival, the club that is most popular will win a cash prize. You know what this means for Io, right? So as they discuss what to do, it is decided they are going to sell curry in their Battle Lovers outfit. Curry hero cosplay? Zundar goes to see Hireashi who believes their plans to conquer Earth is failing. They have conquered so many worlds but why is this planet so hard? Hireashi thinks it is the power of stupidity (though, some would call it the power of love). On the festival day, Wombat uses some technology to temporarily remove the mosaics so Battle Lovers can go promote and sell their curry to other students. Kusatsu is working alone in his room when he can’t stand the curry smell that he hates so much. As he follows the smell, he knocks down that unused door only to see Atsushi making it. This makes him snaps as he transforms. Atsushi realizes he is the enemy they’ve been fighting all the time. Kusatsu hates him so much that he starts attacking him this instant. Everybody else thinks this must be some super show with special effects. The other Battle Lovers and Caerula Adamas start battling each other once they realize their true identity. When Yumoto comes to Atsushi’s rescue, he is forced to hear the flashback story of why Kusatsu hates him. Similarly if Atsushi can’t remember the day he rejected Kusatsu, this is a good reason for the flashback. Kusatsu is expecting Atsushi to come to his house today but the latter turned him down as he had something to do. It was to join En in some special curry meal. Kusatsu’s heart was hurt ever since and gave Atsushi to cold shoulder. Kusatsu also blames him for breaking the promise they made when they were young: To stay friends forever. Yumoto doesn’t like this fighting and wants to break them up. To En, it looks like Kusatsu is the one sulking this entire time. Kusatsu is enraged and won’t listen as both sides regroup to start the biggest battle finale ever.

Episode 12
No more talk. Time for action. But for that can happen, Goura pops up to tell everyone not to listen to him. Seems he has Hireashi in his hands and forces him to spill the truth. Everything is a setup. This is actually a reality show targeted for the whole universe! Both sides were setup to fight each other for the entertainment of the universe! Oh sh*t! And Kinosaki is the broadcaster broadcasting it all. He interviews Kusatsu but he is shell shocked. Why not? When he learns that everything they do, every damn tiny little thing that goes back way to his childhood days, were recorded and shown to the entire universe! Wow, there must be some sick alien perverts out there who are fans of Kusatsu’s tsundere. Kusatsu will not listen to Zundar anymore because there is no point now that he finds his goal hollow. Zundar sticks his needles into Goura and turns him into some wood chopping ninja monster?! He attacks everybody and his strength is true. Flashback shows Hireashi was in charge of a reality series called Can I Destroy Earth (CIDE). Goura was the last generation’s Battle Lovers and he thwarted Hireashi’s plans each time he slew a monster without considering how badly it is affecting the ratings. Thanks to that, the show got cancelled and Hireashi was removed (and lost a girlfriend). Yumoto remembers seeing Goura sharpening his blade and heading off to parts unknown in the middle of the night when he was young but was too afraid to ask. Wombat on the other hand is trying to advocate the preservation of these ‘animals’ (humans) instead of wiping them out for entertainment. Then Wombat and Zundar descend into a petty argument of their bad habits.

Back to Goura hacking action while after Ibushi finds out Kinosaki knew this all along, Akoya punches him out. Kusatsu is still in shock to move. So when a tower is about to fall on him, Atsushi saves him despite getting injured himself. Kusatsu makes a new vow to change himself. When the ultimate combined attacks of Battle Lovers do not work on Goura, you think words will do the trick? Well, if it’s Yumoto maybe. Because he’s saying what would Kurotama be without him chopping wood. This isn’t like him. Yumoto then sprouts angel wings to free Goura! What the heck is this More Better upgrade?! It’s not over yet as Zundar and Hireashi are going to take them out in their porcupine-fish mecha. This time Caerula Adamas comes to their aid. Kusatsu turns into a tsundere trying to reconcile Atsushi in this emo drama reconciliation. Anyway they did. And so all of them now sprout angel wings to finish them off with their More Better Love attack!!! Oh, Hireashi just got a call from his director saying this show has been cancelled too. Yeah, he lost everything. So goldfish and hedgehog promise to turn over a new leaf and make quality reality shows. The festival runs without a hitch and curry hero cosplay is a sell-out. Life returns to normal with everyone taking a bath at Kurotama. Even the student council trio. The lavish life too boring already? Wombat is still with them instead of returning to his home planet because he needs to take responsibility to revive Tawarayama back to life first. So I guess he doesn’t mind being molested to death by Yumoto, eh? I was wondering what the important news at the end was. Just a short clip to tell us Tawarayama has fully recovered thanks to Wombat people doing whatever. Thank goodness?

Love Makes The World Go Gay
Here I was going to write this show off as another boring piece of gay crap until the final episode that really changed everything. Perhaps I didn’t see this coming because to have our magical boys fight each other as a source of entertainment from perverted aliens all over the universe seemed like a shocking but yet amusing revelation. Therefore, the final fight to right the wrongs somehow broke the mundane spell that this series was following so much so I wasn’t going to expect much of it in the end. Sure, they left you some clues along the way but I guess you have to be really paying attention to put the pieces of the puzzle together. For example, with the revelation of Goura as the previous generation’s Battle Lovers, we can safely assume that the Earth Defence Club was created by him or at least the room was occupied by him.

I am in a dilemma to whether call this show really funny or gay because it feels neither but on the other hand it does have its moments. It’s not the worst but certainly not the best either. Because like Yumoto’s constant harassment of Wombat seems to become the running joke of the series and although it feels funny and gay to see that pink wombat getting molested-cum-raped, it soon gets old when you see this the umpteenth time. Like it has become a staple for each episode because Yumoto can’t live his normal life without cuddling the fuzziness of this cute creature. Which makes the entire thing feels so gay if you think about it. But then you become numb after the few times seeing this and accept that this is all part and parcel of the gay-ness of the show. Because we don’t exactly see any deep yaoi relationship between the hot guys. They’re just like normal friends so I suppose for you fujoshi fans out there wanting to see even the slightest hint of yaoi, you’d be in for a lot of disappointment.

Maybe I am not so much of a yaoi fan (and never would be one) and that is why sometimes when Battle Lovers go into battle and spew all that Love terms, it feels so gay. I mean, when you have to say terms like Love Making, Love Attack and Love Is Over, doesn’t that sound gay for you? At least to a straight guy. But good thing is that it sounds funny to me so there, might sound a little gay but at least it sounds funny enough to make me chuckle. Then when everybody finally fully ‘upgraded’ themselves into angels, I thought it sounded more like bad English. More Better… Shouldn’t it be Even Better? Bad but funny. And still sound gay.

Therefore the plot of this entire series somewhat feels weak because you see a certain pattern trending once you are halfway through the series. Firstly you would notice Battle Lovers sometimes keep talking about topics that don’t really matter in the public bath or clubroom. It could be related but it was such a bore that I wasn’t paying attention. It feels like to make up for the 24 minutes duration, they insert this nonchalant talking about something. And then you have some other kid with his own personal issue before Caerula Adamas uses him as an experiment to go wild. Herald Battle Lovers to come save the day and all is well, ends well. Not forgetting that Yumoto would surely have some cool advice lines to say at the end that are true but at the same time a bit cringey thanks to the gay-ness of everything. And yeah, do not forget that obligatory bath scene in every episode! OMG! So gay!

So character wise I guess it is safe to say there is nothing deep about them because you can pretty much guess their character after watching the first episode. You’ve got Yumoto as the retard and the liveliest one of the pack. Because every group needs one like him, right? Then you have En the laziest guy who prefers to conserve his energy whenever he can, Io the money minded guy and Ryuu the lady’s man. Which is ironic because this is an all-boys school and you don’t even see a single female in this show! Yes, that is right! THERE ARE NO FEMALE CHARACTERS IN THIS SHOW! Finally you have Atsushi who seems like the normal one and he really feels like it and his glasses could only be the redeeming factor that gives him character. Heck, he should have been giving Megawa a run for his money or something. Not forgetting Wombat (whom I mistake to be a koala bear at first) who just feels so gay in the way he talks and acts and as the interim boss for Battle Lovers (and eternal rape victim of Yumoto). That Tawarayama guy… Is he really dead or not for 98% of the entire series? Sure, the good news he got revived in the end but what does this mean? THERE ARE NO DEATHS IN THIS SHOW! Nobody dies and some get the shower of love! The only ‘death’ here is the poorly forced reality series. Good riddance.

I am sure Caerula Adamas have their own vision and ideals but it just feels twisted the way they do things. It makes them feel like antagonists of the series, which is what they are. I know it is good that they don’t give up after failures after failures but they should have take it as a sign that whatever plot they’re doing, it is not working because Battle Lovers always thwart it. And of course when you have good looking guys like them being the antagonist, something doesn’t feel right. Because I am sure that there are Caerula Adamas lovers who would prefer these ‘civilized’ people compared to those slackers in Battle Lovers. Though, some would see the student council trio as being snobbish and extravagant. And true enough that big revelation came and before you know it, they’re fighting as a team to save the day.

They teased us about Kusatsu and Atsushi’s relationship and I thought they would forget about it by the time they reach the end and something trivial but I suppose it was just some small boys quarrel and sulking brought forward to his high school years. I suppose Kusatsu would have the title as the most ‘stand out’ character because of his snob, arrogance and unyielding ways. Then he acts like a tsundere lately and this makes him one of those rare guy characters who is a tsundere. Akoya and Ibushi don’t feel like they do much except always hanging around with their president. So much so if they’re just nameless extras I don’t think we’d lose much. Oh wait, you can’t have a team with nameless characters, can you? I suppose Caerula Adamas is the total opposite of Battle Lovers in terms of everything because sometimes we see snippets from both sides like as though they’re trying to get a fair share of the screen time (and also contra and contrast the extremely different poles between both groups of the wealthy have-it-alls and easygoing have-nots) but eventually Battle Lovers get more. Because perhaps the lavish luxurious grandiose lifestyle of the student council trio will make some of us go green with envy. On a trivial note, the mid-intermission shows the bios of the characters like their birthday, blood type, hobbies and likes. This is good as it gives the character more character but I doubt that a guy like me would be interested in knowing such statistics. It’s not like I want to date them or something.

Many other side and extra characters you can see are unimportant for the entire series and personally I don’t think they make an overall impact except for the fact that they serve as ‘monster-of-the-week’. The only depths you get to see about such characters that we will never care once their role is over are the negative emotions they posses and thus the sole reason for them to be turned into monster-of-the-week for our Battle Lovers to put up their fight filled with love. Eww… Besides, you can pretty much guess what kind of character or theme it would be for that episode based on that character’s name because they are named based on that negative trait or theme. Well, at least they got to be introduced with their names printed over the screen compared to our main characters who didn’t even get this ‘special’ treatment.

Art and drawing feels okay. I suppose with good looking guys abound, there is nothing to complain about but despite the main characters looking like hotties, they aren’t exactly the kind of extremely handsome studs that would make girls swoon all over in an instant. Furthermore, taking a closer look at Battle Lovers’ uniform, maybe it was just my misunderstanding that it looked like magical girl outfits because certainly they aren’t wearing skirts. Yumoto, Ryuu and Io wearing shorts and exposing their legs may have this effect because when magical girls transform, if they don’t wear thigh highs, you see their exposed thighs, right? Yeah. That. Oh, and their lengthy transformation scene. Uh huh. It takes nearly a full 2 minutes for all of them to change and say their whatever unique lines that I don’t even bother to remember. Thank goodness there are only 5 of them and only 3 in Caerula Adamas. At least Caerula Adamas’ uniform looks better. Heck, the best looking one goes to Goura. He could be some spin-off hero with that outfit. On a trivial note, when Kusatsu transformed into his ultimate dark side in the penultimate episode, I thought the ‘makeup’ on his face especially his lips make him look like some visual kei subculture dude.

The designs of Battle Lovers wands and their individual themes and elements are rather okay but I fail to see how it is all connected unless it is just for the flashiness. I mean, you have Scarlet, Cerulean, Epinard, Sulphur and Vesta but they don’t do much individually because in the end the all combine to give Yumoto the honours (because being the one in red means he is the leader, right) to finish it all. Speaking of the action and battles, they are nothing that spectacular or heart pounding. You always know how it will turn out even if they add some dramatic spice that they are in a pinch. That is why I am thinking that they put in lots of lovely magical special effects to enhance everything. Yeah, everything looks nice and sparkly. No wonder the cured boys are filled with such great warmth of love in the end. Oh yeah. The power of love! So gay…

Apparently the entire voice acting cast is male! Including the side and extra characters. Feels like a male-only club, eh? This might not be the first anime to do so but I think this is the first time I am hearing an all-male cast for a series. At first I thought the voice behind Yumoto was the only one who is female because you know, he sounds so girly. But as more episodes passed, I started to doubt that if the voice behind Yumoto is female. Because it could after all be a guy trying to sound like a girl. It felt like that. And true enough, it was a guy, Kazutomi Yamamoto behind the character. His other anime roles include Leo in Hitsugi No Chaika, Amon in Makai Ouji: Devils And Realists and Yamamoto in Gugure! Kokkuri-san. Veteran Mugihito (Keel in Evangelion) is the voice behind Wombat and I really think he sounded so gay in his role. Although I could recognize Tomokazu Sugita behind Goura’s voice, Hiroshi Kamiya as Kusatsu, I could not for Jun Fukuyama as Ibushi.

For the rest of the casts, they are Koutarou Nishiyama as Atsushi (Sakutarou Kirara in Jewelpet: Magical Change), Yuichiro Umehara as En (Wakasa in Orenchi No Furo Jijou), Toshiki Masuda as Ryuu (Takashi in Kimi No Iru Machi), Yusuke Shirai as Io (Ryo Nishikura in Gin No Saji), Takuma Terashima as Akoya (Otoya in Uta No Prince-sama series), Hiroki Yasumoto as Zundar (Sado in Bleach), Showtaro Morikubo as Kinosaki (Shikamaru in Naruto) and Hioshi Ohtake as Hireashi (Sanpei in Speed Racer). Gosh. I think that’s enough for me. Too much macho-ness is diminishing my motivation… The opening theme is sung by the quintet behind Battle Lovers. Sounds like your typical all-boys anime pop group. The ending on the other hand is sung by the trio behind Caerula Adamas. Also feels like another typical all-boys anime pop. But I’m just baffled that the ending credits animation is mostly about Kusatsu’s melancholy as he goes to watch a movie alone. Yeah, this guy has lots of things going on his mind.

I am guessing what they are trying to say in this anime is that with the excess of reality TV shows these days and all nothing but disappointing crap and scripted fakes, anything can be turned into entertainment so long you get favourable ratings. But having magical boys save the world while everybody else watches them in action? Sounds unique but generally that theme sounds pretty familiar doesn’t it? Especially magical girl fans watching their heroines utilizing their magic and save the world. Heck, don’t we feel the same by watching this series? So what are your thoughts everybody? Blam this crap or they should have another go and another season? If they make magical maids, maybe…

Overall, this series might not be everyone’s cup of tea and I am not sure if they are trying to target a certain demographic or create a new one by using magical boys as opposed to the ubiquitous magical girls theme. But if you don’t mind all that gay-ness (which is pretty mild here and considering that the only thing that makes this series feels so gay is that all the characters are guys and the fact you have a gay sounding wombat that is pink. PINK!), this show can be entertaining with some funny moments, with some little drama, with some magical battle but also a bit repetitive in its formula. Nothing like a little gender swap in the usual theme to shake things up a little bit, eh? So next time is somebody suspicious tries to recruit you in this kind of save the world via magic offer, try doing a favour by refusing because each reality TV offer you turn down means saving the negative impressions and honour that has befallen TV entertainment these days. Besides, who would want to see fat otaku guys in tight unfitting outfits save the world with magic? Not even for comedy’s sake. Cancelled even before production!

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