Raz Dva Tri Chetyre! Wao~ssu! Waiwaiwaiwai shicatte! More lolicon maid for me. At least Uchi No Maid Ga Uzasugiru OVA is just a single episode released for the BDs. But you can expect more or less the same kind of antics from the bunch of characters if you have watched the TV series. A certain maid with killer abs and an extreme unhealthy fetish for little girls freaking out this particular half Russian half Japanese loli whom she is taking care of and the latter is trying to reject her unhealthy love but at the same time find it hard to things without her while trying to carry on her normal life after her mom’s death. Life has never been so fun-cum-annoying…

Part 1
Hotspring episode! More precisely, a resort spa thanks to Midori’s parents’ hospitality. Sure, the TV series had that but it was interrupted with Misha getting lost. Now we can feast our eyes in peace with lolis and maids in swimsuits all day long! Sort of. Misha invites Mimika and Yui here. Of course, Tsubame came uninvited although she claims it is to protect her from the filthy views of lolicon perverts. Is she talking about herself? With Midori looking mature in her swimsuit, Tsubame can’t stop getting nose bleeds from the loli swimsuit fanservice. Hence they tease her to take off the cover of her swimsuit before it gets blood soaked. Well, if you can stomach those abs and muscles. Tsubame acts all violated being seen in public. But it’s just a silly ploy to make Misha take responsibility and sign this marriage agreement. Please don’t ruin the fun. And so we see the lolis having their fun and a few times almost ruined thanks to Tsubame being a lolicon jerk. But thanks to the great security, our lolis’ chastity and fun are protected. As they change and prepare to leave for home, Misha realizes something grave. On the way home, Tsubame could tell from the way she sheepishly walks. Yup, she isn’t wearing any pantsu. She was so excited that she came wearing her swimsuit underneath and forgot to pack an extra pair. This gives Tsubame the excuse to go all out to protect her secret garden. WTF… Excuse for her to get suspicious at everything that threatens her oujo-sama’s secret garden. I wonder if this is an excuse to take advantage and get some herself. But thankfully no untoward incidents. But a few steps from home, suddenly there is a typhoon! Damn, the heavens even want to peek at Misha?! Before Misha is about to give up, Tsubame f*cking Falcon Punches the sky!!! WTF???!!! IT WORKED???!!! Pure coincidence but still WTF. When they finally reach home, Midori asks why she didn’t just buy a pair on the way home. Oh…

Part 2
Misha watches an anime about a very clumsy maid. I guess it’s for fanservice because each time she slips, her pantsu is showing. This prompts Misha to think anyone can be a maid. However Tsubame shockingly slaps some common sense into her about fiction and reality. Then something about how reality doesn’t have people take maids seriously and how this anime’s maid lacks ambition, etc. With Misha getting irk, she carelessly says she can prove by doing all that by being a maid. I guess she fell into Tsubame’s trap. Because now she has to make good her words and this loli maid outfit Tsubame made, I suppose she was waiting for this day to put it on her. Even Yasuhiro can’t help snap a pic of his lovely daughter. One for the road! With Misha bent on getting through this, she’ll do what it takes and doesn’t want Tsubame to help. Otherwise it would be meaningless if she is shown the tropes. So we see Misha doing the chores and getting clumsy but without the fanservice. When she is about to clean her late mom’s workroom, she realizes it is tough being a parent or a maid to do such chores every day. She gets her resolve to continue being a maid for the day and makes a delicious curry dinner for herself and the maids. I wonder if the meal is ruined when Tsubame suddenly says I love you to her. She explains it is because she gets to see how Misha has grown up and showing her different sides. Hence her love just keeps growing. But Misha knows the game she is playing. Because Misha has confiscated her handphone and shows all the secret photos that she has taken while Misha was being as a maid. So engrossed in watching her that she didn’t realize her pets helped stole it from her pocket. Now you know why Tsubame wants her to be a maid? Pressured, Tsubame tries to explain herself but of course being blindly positive that she’s doing this for the future of their children isn’t going to cut it. Misha deletes everything. Best gift ever.

Desperate Housemaids
Still fun, still funny, still cute, still annoying. Nothing really much to expect here. No twists or revelations of any sorts like suddenly incorporating a new maid character into the mix. Just the same ol’ Tsubame using every excuse she has to justify her lolicon tendencies towards Misha and every failure makes her even more determined. Oh well, like they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Misha, her strength and weakness both in one package. Misha is still hanging in there quite well as a kid. With her knowing how to play Tsubame’s game at times, I am confident that she won’t grow up into a psychotic traumatized person. I don’t think she hates maids. Just Tsubame in particular she dislikes. Stress on the word, dislike. If she did hate maids, Midori would be no different but Misha still accepts her a lot more than Tsubame. Speaking of Midori, she is still the same masochist in every perverted way. Even things going her way has her thinking it is just to give her false hope and then make her come crashing down in despair. You gotta love her twisted logic. Yui is still wanting to challenge Misha for whatever reasons and this short part feels unnecessary so as to just solidify her character for the sake of that. Since that whatever challenge she threw down to her didn’t really materialize anyway.

So this OVA didn’t really break the mould or change anything in particular. Anybody who watched the TV series would feel really comfortable at home with all the familiar stuffs and settings. Just add a bit of lolicon swimsuit fanservice and a very idiotic and clumsy in-anime maid fanservice. Thankfully I’m not a lolicon so I didn’t get turn on seeing lolis in swimsuits. Misha looks cute in a maid outfit too but I didn’t drool over her like a certain lolicon pervert did. She should be the star of the next season (if that ever happens) as she takes over being her own maid! Uchi No Maid Ga Watashi Da! It is somewhat true that in reality, people don’t take maids seriously. Because instead of cleaning, cooking and doing the laundry (like what maids are supposed to do!), maids are now there to serve you omelette rice meals with your name or whatever written in ketchup, then chant the magical good luck charm, “Oishiku nare!” to make it become tasty. WTF?! Do maids actually do that kind of stuff???!!! Moe~! Kyun~! Thank you Japan, for helping to rebrand the image of maids worldwide. Banzai meido!!!

Uchi No Maid Ga Uzasugiru

February 17, 2019

Heh. First they tried giving me a boy maid. Thankfully I didn’t turn into a shotacon. And then there was that busty dragon maid. Thank goodness I didn’t convert into some furry fetish. And now we have a lolicon maid! Oh… Uhm… Well… Okay, good thing I am confident I won’t turn into a lolicon but will I be turned on by a maid who is into little girls? What the heck am I saying?! Anyway, in Uchi No Maid Ga Uzasugiru, the maid of the main character is such an annoyance since she loves little girls. Hence the daily shenanigans and struggles of their odd relationship. Loli harassment! I hope this anime won’t make lolicons hate maids!

Episode 1
Tsubame Kamoi is out of luck. There is no job offer where she gets to spend the whole day with a little girl. She returns to the house where she spotted her ‘snow angel’ 1.5 years ago. Yeah, there was this cute half Russian girl, Misha Takanashi that caught her heart. But now the place looks unkempt and there is an ad outside hiring for a maid. Part of the requirements is to be tough and strong so she fears a bratty little fat kid. To make sure, she climbs up to pole to peek into the room. There’s that little girl Misha! Misha is so freaked out, she ran to her dad, Yasuhiro for help! Dad is so happy his daughter came for help and wants to celebrate! Tsubame is ushered in and already Misha is feeling the creeps. After Yasuhiro’s wife died, the place became messy as she did the cleaning and laundry. He can’t be at home always, he needs someone to take care of the place. As Misha is known to play pranks on maids, they don’t last long. Misha pours muddy water over Tsubame in hopes to kick her out but she is unfazed. This is nothing to her. You see, Tsubame is from the military and ex-JSDF! Instantly she sizes up Misha’s measurements and freaks her out to hide behind her dad again. Misha thinks there is no way to beat her after seeing her killer abs! OMFG!!! But the annoyance level increases when Tsubame wears her school gym clothes since there are none available. Dad is so happy to see them getting on together so well.

Next day, Tsubame returns wearing a real maid outfit. She doesn’t mind the stares of the neighbourhood as long as she get to be with the loli. In order to dig up dirt on Tsubame, Misha uses her pet ferret, Kumagoro to film her. Looks like she is going to put her panties on her head. Nothing happens. In fact, Tsubame knows about the recording and says hi. I don’t think there will be any searches in Google to kill someone easily without anybody finding out. Later Tsubame wants to eat lunch with Misha but she won’t come out of her room. So she fans the delicious curry in her bid to get her out. Misha is tempted but tells her to leave it at the doorstep. Once the coast is clear, she opens the door. Don’t look up now because she’s hiding on the ceiling! Caught the loli! Misha becomes upset thinking Tsubame only likes her because of her looks. This makes her no different than everyone else. However Tsubame assures she only likes girls who have not menstruated! As she brags about her preference of angels who can’t reproduce yet, Misha quietly takes the curry into her room and locks the door. Remember to draw the curtains too so that pervert maid can’t see you eating from outside the pole. With summer vacation here, Tsubame thinks Misha has no friends and needs to provide a healthy and happy life. Thus the next day she arrives in a school gym outfit with the logic she needs friends her own age (at the expense of the neighbourhood giving her that trashy look). Tsubame wants to know more about Misha but the feeling is not mutual for the loli. Here’s to more annoying days ahead. Papa can’t be so happy to see them ‘happy’ together like this. So touching…

Episode 2
Tsubame’s attempts to be friends with Misha so far… Failed! But she notices Misha loves playing an online game and hatches a scheme to create a fake account and pretend to be her friend. She imagines Misha will be shocked to learn the friend is her all along and they’ll become real friends. If only real life was this easy. Creating a new avatar under the name Kinue, she makes a friend request thinking there aren’t many ferret lovers in this town. Yeah, 65 friend requests and all of them filthy male lolicons! Look who’s talking?! Finally the real Misha shows up and accepts her friend request. Meeting up in the game, Tsubame’s avatar is a cute little girl but Misha an old rough and tough guy? Better to stem those weird invitations (but she’s still getting them, though). Both play the game well. Tsubame notices Misha taking pictures of Kumagoro as she needs to send them to her friend Kinue. Tsubame is delighted in hearing that but can’t reveal her identity. For now, she leaves the house without harassing Misha but this only makes her suspicious. Next time they log online and clear a very difficult game, Tsubame accidentally calls to Misha. This only ascertains Misha’s suspicions that Kinue is Tsubame. Immediately she logs out. Game over.

Misha wakes up only to find herself being carried by Tsubame to the forests. They’re going to camp together?! This is the worst. This is to make up for that online game incident and also she is hoping Misha will get that Stockholm Syndrome. A lot of campers thought they were like mother and daughter but of course this brings back some unpleasant memories for Misha as she scoffs off Tsubame as her mom. She agrees and creepily describes all her different Caucasian features. Since Misha can’t go home alone or she’ll get lost, looks like she’ll have to camp for the night and also help cook food (because she thinks Tsubame will kill her if she doesn’t cooperate). Their food taste good but of course Misha won’t admit it. Tsubame seeks forgiveness for that online game incident and won’t leave the mountain until she is forgiven! Instant forgiveness! That night she can’t sleep so she is bored and looks at the stars, only to remember mom’s last words that she will be one and be sure to look for her. Problem is, too many stars! Not sure which is hers. Time is right for Tsubame to invite her to sleep inside where it is warm. Warm indeed but Tsubame can’t stop sleep talking about turning Misha into a cute girl! However just when it gets interesting (Tsubame talking about how her father died around Misha’s age and that’s when she wanted to fly), sleep Misha falls asleep. Misha finally returns home and because she so happily describes the fun she did during camping, Yasuhiro points out the obvious only to make Misha embarrassed. So it’s fun or not?

Episode 3
Tsubame is tempted by other young girls. But her heart must stay strong to only Misha! Then she realizes, is Misha not going to school? After luring her out of her room with ice cream, she asks about school. Russians don’t need to go to school! Local law exemption? She plays dumb and later asks Yasuhiro. Because of her looks, she attracts attention. Yasuhiro blames himself for putting Misha through this. She told her if she be a good girl at school, mom will recover but did not. So he left her alone and hopes she’ll get over this. Tsubame will go to school with her and be the centre of attraction but she’ll get arrested in no time. So she goes talk to Misha again and of course another no. Hence Tsubame gives an example of a different looking kid in one’s class. It is sure to attract attention. You can only judge someone by their appearance before you get to know them. Tsubame then goes on to rant how she knows Misha a lot by how much toilet paper she uses! And with more other habits of Misha she observes, Misha decides to go to school! Just to avoid being with this annoying person! Man, if this was reverse psychology, it worked like a charm.

Yasuhiro must be so proud that his daughter finally decides to take her first step to school. Only, if Tsubame isn’t there waiting to go with her. Trying to pretend to be a girl sick for 3 years and is now resuming school? Nobody’s going to buy that. Misha goes off alone and meets up with her classmate, Mimika Washizaki. It seems there is a problem in class. Both were supposed to take care of the hamster. During the holidays, the teacher decided to put both hamsters in a cage so as to only clean 1 cage. Now it has multiplied! Meanwhile Tsubame remembers a room that Yasuhiro told her not to enter. It is an important room to Misha and it is believed it contains her late mom’s belongings. So for that day for Misha to open her heart and show her that room, she prepares a surprise back to school party at home. Once she is done, she decides to check on Misha at school. After sneaking and breaking in, outside her class she peeks and sees Misha and Mimika taking control of the situation as they address the hamster problem. Wow. She’s a hamster pro. Tsubame is so impressed but too bad she is arrested by the police. Misha returns home, shocked at the party bash. But Yasuhiro is heard over the phone apologizing. You know what the maid has done, right? Too bad, instead of spending time with Misha in this party, she has to fix up the school. At least the parts she broke into. Apologizing can only get you so far…

Episode 4
Misha keeps 3 of the hamsters. Noticing Yasuhiro will be working overnight and Tsubame doesn’t come over during weekends, it’s freedom! Too bad here is the maid. Yasuhiro called her to come. This means she’s going to stay for the night. Oh no. She’ll protect her from any evil! Says the one who is most evil! Tsubame is tempted to bath with Misha but decides not to. She thinks that if she does this often, Misha will feel lonely and eventually invite her into the bath. Not happening. Just get out! When she goes to bed, Misha is shocked to see Tsubame already waiting in her bed. Misha was so engrossed in her games that she didn’t notice her sneaking in. Kicked out of course. Next morning, Misha wakes up and plays her games for the entire day. When she is about to retire to bed, she realizes she forgot to do her homework. Hence Tsubame helps out by interviewing her about her future dreams. As she wants the easy life, why not marry someone rich? Tsubame offers herself because she has a bit of money. It’s not from her maid job but her side job of making doll clothes. That fetches a lot on the internet. Misha is not impressed. She wants to have a peaceful life without her around. Tsubame doesn’t get it and believes the harder the mission, the better the reward. But Tsubame has money, why does she need to work? Nothing is much better than taking care of a Russian girl and she is also fulfilled doing her hobby. Misha now knows what to write. So we see her read her dreams in class. She loves animals and wants to do a job relates to it. But she’ll consider the financial rewards and ways to increase her assets so she can get a high security house to keep a certain maid out. Such a realist. Later Misha looks up the internet for the doll dress. One is named after her. Better not go any further…

Misha is ecstatic when Mimika wants to come over to play. So happy that Misha forgot and only realized there is this perverted maid waiting for her. She foresees that either Tsubame will harass her to death or kill her to protect her oujo-sama. Bad ending either way. However Mimika is already here and shockingly Tsubame puts up the most courteous and polite maid act ever. Is this really her? Mimika learns that Misha can talk to animals. Misha thought others would find it weird but Mimika is impressed. Finally Tsubame’s true colours are revealed when she wants Mimika to put on a cute dress. Surprisingly she agrees. Because of her brothers keep messing her up (nothing hentai!), she can’t afford to wear cute dresses. Mimika laments she doesn’t have nice blonde hair but Misha prefers black hair. The case of the grass is greener? Conversation interrupted with Tsubame almost ‘dying’ from the young girls’ conversation. Tsubame lends a pair of decorative glasses for Mimika to complement her dress. As Mimika leaves, she thanks Misha and her maid because before today, she never liked her hair and glasses. Misha is glad Mimika calls her by her name. It’s like she achieved a friend, no? So her special nickname for her is Washiwashi? Misha also starts taking better care of her hair.

Episode 5
Yui Morikawa thinks she is the cutest in class. That is of course until Misha turns up. Oh dear. We’ve got a jealous loli on our hands. Hence she walks around a popular street in hopes of getting her picture taken by a famous children magazine. Too bad they asked Misha instead. And Misha turned them down! That’s it for Yui. She challenges Misha to a cute contest. I guess Misha can’t say no. It gets worse with Tsubame agreeing. Yui lays down the rules. They should spend the money they have to accessorize themselves. Mimika will judge who will be the cutest. So Yui’s 512 Yen is going up against Misha’s 12,000 Yen?! Well, Yui already has a head start considering she is already dressed quiet fashionable. Even with all that money, Misha’s poor taste in fashion is so poor… Thank goodness for her maid and friend. In the end, Misha chose something simple and Mimika points her as the winner. Yui won’t accept this so Tsubame takes the liberty to strip Yui! Has she finally turned into a criminal? Actually, Yui overdressed so it is hard to focus what is cute on her. With more fashion tips from Tsubame about more is less, Yui now considers Tsubame her master! Yui is then scouted by the magazine for her picture. Happy Yui posts it online and as usual, an uncle who always posts first comments on getting a low angle view. She doesn’t understand so Tsubame brutally explains what it means. Immediately she blocks that pedo. A few days later, that uncle is seen arrested on the news. Misha hopes the same would befall on Tsubame.

Misha’s school is having its sports day. Yasuhiro and Tsubame are here to watch. Initially Misha gave Tsubame the green light to come as long as she doesn’t stand out or say anything. Too bad that won’t last long because bad luck falls on Yui as she sprains her ankle. It’s like God don’t want the class ace to race. Yui requests for her master to replace her and with Misha feeling pressured by everyone, here comes Tsubame to the rescue. Really? They accept an adult to replace a kid?! We can see Tsubame is so efficient in the ball toss that the other teammates don’t need to do anything. Naturally the opposite complains of unfairness and wants a handicap. Yeah, even tying her hand behind her back, Tsubame still aces the tug of war and relay! Finally it is the 3-legged race. Misha is doomed because if Yui was supposed to be her partner… However Tsubame matches her pace to run at Misha’s speed. But Misha knows at this rate she will lose and wants Tsubame to do her best. However Tsubame would prefer to match her pace and run to the finish line together, something that is harder to do. Misha doesn’t care about anything but winning but luck is on her side as other teams tumble and they end up in third place. In the end, somehow the opposite team win the overall. Can’t say Misha’s side cheated now? But Misha notes the need to work on her stamina. But first, she has to get over her dad and maid fawning over the recorded video of Misha in action. Needing to upgrade the TV to 8K just to watch Misha in HD? Don’t waste money!

Episode 6
If there is anything Misha doesn’t need, it’s meeting another weirdo. Unfortunately for this goth loli weirdo, Midori Ukai, Misha blows her whistle and soon the police comes chasing this molester. While escaping, she kidnaps Mimika but she too has a whistle. Thank goodness for Japan keeping their lolis safe! Out of the frying pan and into the fire is what best describes Misha. Yeah, another weirdo waiting at home. As she tries to Google ways to get rid of her, she thought Tsubame is once again peeping from outside her window. Nope. Midori. From what she says, it looks like Midori is infatuated with Tsubame although the feeling is not mutual. She goes away after being threatened. Misha learns Midori is Tsubame’s former senior officer in JSDF. If Misha can think if JSDF is full of perverts, JSDF better start cleaning up their act. But Misha hits upon an idea. She thinks of using Midori to get rid of Tsubame. Misha thought her food bait was silly (since Midori craved for Tsubame’s cooking) but it worked! Misha tries to hear her out but too bad her loli brain can’t understand this ‘complexity’. You see, Midori falls on and off in between depression and ecstasy just thinking about Tsubame. Oh, time for flashback. When Midori was in the JSDF, she was working under the division to train dogs. It took years for her to get closer and bond with the canines but one day Tsubame as the new staff appeared, all the dogs suddenly obey her! Midori felt insulted but at the same time started to fall in love with Tsubame! And so this is where he one-sided love story began. Worse, Midori tries to act like a dog! Is she trying to be her b*tch? Anyway, Tsubame wasn’t impressed. As they take judo training too, Midori always set up for Tsubame to throw her down. Best feeling ever.

One day all that stopped when Tsubame suddenly quit. Desperate Midori confessed to her but was rejected. Midori was ecstatic of the rejection? Long story short, Midori is a masochist. So it was somewhat conflicting that after Tsubame left, the hole in her heart was both exciting and depressing. Yeah, Midori fell down the pecking order so low that even her training dogs rank higher than her! Considering Midori is now unemployed, how will she get money? Guess what? Midori’s family is filthy rich! Woah. Misha now feeling she wants to be a responsible adult and have a proper job than lazing around all day playing video games! This is when Misha tells Midori her plan. She wants Tsubame out of her house and since their goals align, they’ll work together. She is going to hire her as her maid. Somehow Misha kept her maid outfit in the garbage bin? Or was it a lucky find? She tries to change in public as Misha stops her and warns about being arrested. Midori complains about how uptight Japanese police are. More flashbacks as we see Midori molesting a young girl whom she thinks would be Tsubame’s taste. Yeah, the police arrested her. And now too because she got wardrobe malfunction and hence indecent exposure. I don’t know how all that worked out but Misha brings Midori back home and tells Tsubame straight in her face that she is fired. Midori is her replacement.

Episode 7
Surprisingly, Tsubame accepts it and leaves. Woah. Is Misha feeling guilty that she’s the bad guy now? Reminder: Labour law says you have to give 1 month notice for fired employees! Misha tries to look on the bright side that the annoyance is gone. But with Midori making dinner for her, WTF is this vomit induced curry?! Looks bad. Tastes bad! It doesn’t help that Midori is a masochist and loves Misha’s reprimanding. So masochistic that she eats the curry too! I guess it’s the same for breakfast. Watch how the toast gets burnt and then eating it. She really is bad at cooking for a purpose, huh? She might not be a great cook but at least she is a great cleaner. So for food, Midori solves the problem by ordering take-outs. Misha is all happy at first but when you have pizza and sushi every day, she’s starting to feel tired and wants to go back to the ordinary food. One evening, she spots Midori looking pretty anxious. That’s because she spotted Tsubame alone at the river. Can’t go to talk to her? Somehow Midori accidentally pushes Misha towards Tsubame. Awkward. Misha tries to sound that it’s not her fault but Tsubame tells her straight up that she rejected her and is not wanted in her life. That’s all to it. Misha then pleads to her she wants her to make dinner and snacks again. But she didn’t see this coming. Tsubame recorded that on her drone! She knew Midori sucks at cooking and waited for this opportunity to spring. Sneaky! Looks like Tsubame is rehired. But what about Midori? Can’t fire her without 1 month notice. And so we have 2 maids now working at her place at least for 1 month.

We see the maids making breakfast for their masters and it is Tsubame’s intention to watch Misha’s sleeping face and then wake her up. Too bad Misha is already up because she got used to how freaky it was and to avoid all that she now wakes up earlier. Tsubame tells Midori that cleaning Misha’s room is a task only for her. That is because she wants to pick every strand of Misha’s hair and make it into a replica doll for her birthday present. Wow. Her grand delusion sure thinks she could make Misha marry her. Too bad Midori asks the same question if she made a doll out of Tsubame’s hair. She’ll immediately reject it! Ah, she loves the rejection. Midori has went far to dress as frilly as Tsubame likes. In the process, trying to figure it out was also fun. Is it a good thing or bad when Tsubame says outright that she isn’t her type so no matter what dress she puts on, it’ll not attract her. Maybe a both. Midori loves the rejection and at the same time Tsubame trying to make her feel better. Later the duo put on a disguise to go stalk Misha coming back from home. Misha doesn’t have a clue this old lady is Tsubame. She also pretends to be hard on hearing if Misha happens to talk to her. At the end of the day as the maids part, looks like it is going to take a while as Midori is saying goodbye to Tsubame every few seconds. Misha realizes as long as she is dependent on Tsubame for food, she can’t get rid of her. If only she has a weakness. Is there?!

Episode 8
Misha learns that Midori’s family runs a super famous hotel. Because they call her back, Misha wants to go stay there! With the maids begging Yasuhiro, too bad father will be the only one who has to stay back at home. Misha is awed with the luxurious suite. But why a tent here? Midori’s going to stay here. She relates how she pukes at nice things and wonders if she was switched at birth. Hence her parents got fed up and had another son who will become their heir to take over the business, allowing Midori to do whatever she wants. Misha settles the sleeping problem with Midori sleeping in the middle and Tsubame next to her. If Tsubame tries to cross over to rape Misha, she’ll kill her. Can she? Next morning, Misha gets a shock awakening with Midori bleeding all over! That’s the side effect of being too long in something nice and comfortable. Misha insists that Midori joins them for breakfast and all the other attractions this hotel has. Soon reality hits as Misha realizes Midori’s one month is up and she is still looking for a job (something that abuses her and with low pay – there are so many jobs in the world that fit that). She would love Midori to stay but Yasuhiro can only keep one. Misha has no qualms suggesting Tsubame marry Midori as she pities the latter. Tsubame refuses and would prefer to marry Misha instead. Rejected. Because Misha doesn’t like her one bit! So it’s okay for Midori but not for Tsubame? Yeah, double standards. In the end, Midori faces reality and leaves. Misha is a sad girl. Tsubame is an envious girl. Because Midori pets Misha’s head as goodbye. A week later, Misha continues to worry about Midori. Jealous Tsubame believes she is fine. Suddenly Midori rings at their doorbell. Apparently she bought the house next door. She tried to waste her parents’ money in some forex investment but it brought her more returns instead. So she bought a house and started her own cleaning business since she is good at it. She also means cleaning up houses with people who died in it…

Horror for Tsubame! Because she realizes Misha’s pantsu is missing! Yeah, she knows all of Misha’s pantsu well. Immediately Misha and Midori suspect her and threaten to call the police. Yeah, they’re not going to believe her she isn’t the culprit. I’m sure Tsubame would have wanted to say if she was the culprit, why would she have alerted them but they don’t listen and deduce this obvious fact on their own. Misha learns from Tsubame’s dirty trick as she records a line that makes Tsubame seemingly admit she is the criminal although it was just part of a sentence. Tsubame goes to clear her name by investigating the crime site. All the fingerprints are hers. Get ready to call the cops on her. After amazingly describes what panty thieves do, Tsubame now remembers what happened. As she was hanging out the clothes, a delivery rang at the door. Tsubame put Misha’s panties into her pocket to go answer the door before forgetting all about it. Now you can call the police. Later, more horror for Tsubame! Because now her own pantsu is missing. After taking a bath, she comes out to find them missing. Midori would be the suspect but Tsubame knows her well enough not to do that because she gets her kicks by wearing the same kind as hers. The degrading makes her happy. I guess the rest aren’t going to take her missing panties seriously because Midori is willing to lend hers while Misha suggests wearing Yasuhiro’s if she is so damn shy in going home without one. The real culprit turns out to be the hamsters. Did they steal it for nesting?

Episode 9
Misha calls Kumagoro. Because it’s time to go to the vet doctor! Fearing the needle, Kumagoro escapes. When Misha cannot find the ferret, she ‘interrogates’ the hamsters. Misha starts to panic. Yeah, it’s a big deal for her. Thank goodness Tsubame is here to help but her efforts are not appreciated. You can’t trust a lolicon with an ulterior motive. Misha calls Mimika to help put up lost posters of Kumagoro. Searching for it in the streets is futile as Misha remembers the day her mom died, she felt alone. Yasuhiro then bought her a pet ferret and it became part of her family. Tsubame relies on her last resort for the search. As Midori keeps a retired police dog at her place, Misha lets it sniff Kumagoro’s scent. Naturally it sniffs back to her house. Tsubame had to show her authority to the playful dog to make it do its job. Eventually it leads them to Yui’s house. Misha thinks Yui kidnapped Kumagoro but Yui is cocksure she did not and dares them to go look into her house. Isn’t that Kumagoro with her little sister, Yuina? Misha wants Kumagoro back but Yuina insists she found it and is hers. Tsubame would love to add another loli to her harem and even a small girl like her understands the implications of how scary this woman is. She gives back Kumagoro and apologize. All is well, ends well. Except that they’re going to the vet now. Ferret horror continues…

It’s such a cold day and Misha didn’t want to get out of bed and even thinks school is cancelled due to the snow. Oh well. Reality sucks. Off you go. She meets up with Mimika and sees her a little fat. She admits she was eating a lot of chocolates otherwise her brothers would eat them. Yui is trying to show off her winter fashion when Misha enters the class and now all eyes are on her. Instinctively Yui challenges her to a snowball fight. Normally there is no reason for them to accept except Mimika wants to lose weight. So the rule is whoever lands the most snowballs in 10 minutes wins. Their other friends will judge. At first, Yui seems to be leading as she is pro in making and throwing snowballs. Luckily or not, Tsubame disguised as a snowman give some hints in splitting their role as well as how to make harder snowball. Now that the tables are turned on Yui, she is calling it unfair? Wasn’t she the one who set the rules? Oh, her friends already gave up judging quite a while ago. So can we call it a tie? Because if they really kept count, Yui would have lost. Grrr… Oh Yui, just “Let It Go”! Haha! Misha thanks Mimika and this pure friendship moments is ruined because a certain lolicon sees it as some beautiful loli yuri. Time to bust the maid out of the snow.

Episode 10
Yasuhiro wants to go on a vacation with Misha to the hotspring. Too bad loli prefers to stay home. Is she implying she prefers to be with the maid? Until Yasuhiro mentions the hotspring has capybara. Instantly Misha wants to go and this means she doesn’t have to see Tsubame. Now she relishes not seeing her face? Hence Misha doesn’t want father to tell Tsubame about this as she delicately plans how to go on this trip without raising Tsubame’s suspicions. All seems clear along the way until they reach the inn. Because Tsubame will be their matron! Oh sh*t! Feel like going home? But we just got here? Tsubame claims she was looking for some part time job but actually her spying on Misha is what got her to know about this. Misha can’t enjoy the bath alone since Tsubame is always there. Annoyed, she goes to pet the capybaras. Suddenly she sees a panda. A panda? In Japan? She tells Yasuhiro about it but he doesn’t believe. Hence that night Misha thought of going to get some evidence when Yasuhiro is asleep. Too bad she forgot to take her handphone and is lost. When Yasuhiro wakes up and realizes Misha is not around, time to hit the panic button. Oddly, stalker Tsubame wasn’t anywhere near Misha? Anyway she offers to go find her and wants the guilt ridden father to stay behind so as to welcome Misha back. It would be bad if he comes along and something happens to him. Because he is Misha’s only parent left. Sometimes she says some sensible stuffs. But most of the other times, just disgusting…

Misha thinks she will die in the wild. On the bright side, she can meet her mom. On the downside, she’ll miss all her family and friends. However thinking about Tsubame means death is much preferable! Suddenly Misha sees the panda. Strange, it is walking bipedal and eating fish raw? Pandas eat fish?! Misha thinks it is a brown bear in disguise. Don’t look now but big mama brown bear is here! Is Misha done for? Good thing or not, Tsubame is here to save the day. How can she even take advantage of this situation to hug Misha? So is she going to fight the bear? Well, she starts ranting how much she loves Misha. The bear just walks away! Even animals know not to mess with this psycho. While Misha is now safe, she is now keeping her distance with this pervert. When other rescue workers come, Misha gladly goes to them. They return to the inn as Yasuhiro lectures her but it is a pretty mild scolding. Misha regrets what she does as they apologize to the staffs. At least Misha shows a bit of compassion to Tsubame but she’s pushing her luck of asking her hand in marriage. Will papa approve? Yasuhiro is a bit overprotective of Misha now. He wouldn’t really know what to do had she been lost and he can’t go save her like Tsubame. He hopes she would properly call him daddy one day.

Episode 11
Flashback of the happier times Misha and her mom. Wow. So touching. Misha is happy that Mimika is coming over for a sleepover. Of course she is not impressed with Tsubame taking the initiative to set up all the elaborate stuffs. All she needs to do is make delicious snacks for them. I guess that will do. As Tsubame cleans up, there is a room that she was forbidden to enter, she wants to clean it. Immediately Misha shoots her down. Don’t ever enter that room. That room is actually Misha’s mom’s work station and it holds a lot of memories for her. Later Misha thinks of cleaning it as it is obviously dusty and dirty. Looking at the Herculean effort needed to clean, I guess she’ll postpone it to another time. When Mimika arrives, why is Yui here too? Apparently Mimika bumped into her along the way (fighting with a cat?!) and thinks Yui wants to be her friend. Misha invites her to stay over. As the girls have fun, Misha orders Tsubame to sleep outside to guard them from weirdoes. You mean like this one peeking at the edge of the house and almost being arrested by the police? Yup. Girls, meet Midori. I guess she’s joining them too? As the lolis bath, Misha can’t let her guard down and anticipates Tsubame barging in. None of that happened. Surprised, huh? Since Tsubame saved her in the woods, Misha relents and wears the pyjamas Tsubame made for her. Tsubame could die now but if she did, she won’t get to stalk enjoy further loli time. As Misha is preoccupied thinking about Tsubame because she is strangely nice today, her friends think she is a tsundere for her maid. She denies. Proven their point? Then it turns into a pillow fight. Ah, such fun.

Deep in the night as Yui needs to go to the toilet, she takes Mimika with her. WTF they witnessed Midori trying to it upside down on the toilet seat???!!! Surely scared the hell out of them. Then they see Kumagoro juggling the hamsters. In the darkness I guess it looks scary so they unwittingly hide themselves in the forbidden room. Accidentally they trip over some stuffs and though Misha’s mom’s stuffed bad was a monster and ran out. The duo slept the entire night huddling each other. Misha thought they were close friends. As Misha goes down, she sees the forbidden room’s door open. At that time Tsubame just came back. Misha becomes visibly upset about somebody entering the room. She suspects Yui since she was curious about that room yesterday. Immediately Tsubame covers for her and says that it was her who enter the room. This makes Misha even madder, telling her off this is a place for her family and not for any outsider to enter. She locks herself in that room.

Episode 12
Mimika and Yui realize their mistake and want to apologize. However Midori tells them not to waste Tsubame’s efforts. After they leave, Yasuhiro rushes home. Although Tsubame apologizes, Yasuhiro blames himself for not being a good father. So it’s time to confirm why Misha is so fixated with that room. As you would have known, it is her mother’s studio. Sometimes Misha always finds her way there to play with mom. You can say there are a lot of dear memories of mom there. After mom died, she stayed there for a while thinking mom was hiding somewhere. With that, Tsubame yells from outside the room to make Misha realize that her mom is not in that room. Of course it only serves to make her mad. Later Mimika and Yui call Misha to apologize. Misha also knows. Even if Tsubame always makes her mad, she would never do anything to hurt her. Midori enters the room via ventilation. Technically not inside the room? She gives her food and portable potty and says Tsubame is currently cleaning the house. When Tsubame is done with the task, Midori confronts her about Tsubame’s u-turn attitude of thinking she can no longer be with Misha. She scolds her if her love for Misha is that thin. Please think again what is the most important in the world to her.

Soon Tsubame talks to Misha but remains outside the room. She explains her past. Her father was in the JSDF and because he always bought her macho and toys for boys, it’s the reason why she ended up loving girly and frilly things. Despite all that, she loves her papa dearly. So when his death was sudden, she was in shock. Her mom probably couldn’t bear to see her like this and told a white lie that he went to the skies. It is the same reason Tsubame went into JSDF so she could see him in the sky. She trained hard for that day and when she finally took off to the skies, of course she already knew, he wasn’t anywhere. Misha admits that she wasn’t mad with anybody who entered the room. It is the fact that she didn’t feel anything when she entered. It means she had fun every day without her mom. It’s like she has forgotten about her. That is why she is mad with herself. Tsubame continues that she was forced to quit the JSDF because of her failing eyesight. Her right is now completely blind. Misha feels bad she lost everything but on the contrary, Tsubame found her light: It’s you Misha! With Misha making peace with herself, she opens the door to bring Tsubame in so they could clean the room together. In the aftermath, everything returns to normal. This includes Misha still not calling Yasuhiro her dad, Yui challenging Misha to a challenge she already lost before (did she forget?), Midori back to her creepy masochistic ways and yes, Tsubame still not giving up on marrying Misha and even have her babies! If she doesn’t, she’ll hold her dinner hostage! WTF?!

Devious Maids
I guess life is not perfect and definitely not a bed of roses. For Misha to continue accepting Tsubame as her maid shows that she clearly values her a lot and is willing to put up with her annoying habits and constant harassing and pestering for years to come. It’s the small price to pay for having her delicious cooking and snacks. Oh Misha, don’t rush into answering Tsubame’s questions (although I know what your answers already are). You’ve still got a lot of years ahead of you so take your time and enjoy your childhood and don’t let the lolicon spoil it all.

Depending on how you find your comedy, Tsubame’s antics level are at annoyance level or at funny level. While this series doesn’t spam in your face Tsubame’s loli love antics, it does enough to make you laugh. After all, that is what the series is going to be mostly about. If the entire series is going to have Tsubame trying to fulfil her sick fetish and without some character building moments, I think it would be very distasteful and we would be just freaked out. It is like the lolicon version of the Road Runner and Coyote Show. You know that cartoon that has a certain coyote nonstop trying to get his hands on a certain road runner in every skit. That is basically what that series and cartoon is all about. So thankfully although there are some really ‘freaky’ moments when Tsubame goes overboard with her loli love (do you not find her delusions of Misha to be very disturbing on an uncomfortable and unhealthy level?), I find them amusing and hilarious to watch. After all, how can you not love a maid character!!!!!!!!! See the light today, people!!!! Maid characters are the best!!!! Always!!!! Wohoo!!!! Ahem. Now I understand how Misha feels…

I know some of the comedy effects are exaggerated but there is one thing that boggled my mind. It is that panda incident. I kept thinking there was some sort of motive behind it. After all, you don’t find pandas other than in mainland China. It was even walking in a bipedal fashion and eats raw fish it caught from the river. So I thought it had to be somebody in a panda suit. Perhaps Midori. And then nothing came out of it. So what the heck was all that? Therefore this ridiculous moment was just some rushed plot convenience so that Misha will open her heart a little and learn her lesson. Don’t always be a brat to Yasuhiro and Tsubame because technically when she’s in trouble, they are the only ones capable of protecting her.

Love her or hate her, is Tsubame a blessing in Misha’s life or is she a curse? Or both? It is indeed sad that Misha lost her beloved mom at a very young age and I am not even sure what happened to her real biological father. I am assuming mom remarried Yasuhiro because it would be really strange and rude for Misha to call her father by his name. It’s not that Misha really likes him and at first it feels like he only does so because he is the only one left she can rely on. All Misha wants is a family and it is unfortunate she can’t have her real mom with her anymore so everyone else like Yasuhiro, her pets, her friends and to an extend her annoying maid helps her fill that void and hopefully in time to come, Misha would be able to see Yasuhiro as her father. Yup, what Misha needs isn’t a maid. It’s a family.

Even though Misha dislikes Tsubame, it is not like she entirely hates her. That part where she was temporarily fired proved it. Even if Misha only likes Tsubame for her delicious cooking, at least there is a part of her she likes. There are certain points where Misha ponders over Tsubame’s history and it’s a sign that she cares, right? Over the course of the series you can see how Misha has ‘transformed’ from a girl who freaks out at the sight of Tsubame to one who just doesn’t bother anymore. Like as though she has learnt to counter this sicko by not giving in and overreacting because it seems that it was Tsubame wants. So she just makes sarcastic comebacks and enough to ignore the annoying maid that it makes her feeling confused and snubbed. That’s the way to play this game. You adapt. If you can’t beat ‘em, ignore ‘em. If the logic of Tsubame being persistent with her will make Misha finally give in, then the same logic would also apply to Misha if she constantly rejects her, Tsubame will give up and go away. The question is who will prevail first? It would have been super uncomfortable if Misha and Tsubame really gone down the yuri path (even if it was for reverse psychology). Adult woman and a loli seem like a very sick hentai genre. Thank goodness the rejection force in Misha is strong!

It’s a running joke that Tsubame is a lolicon and hence this peculiar character of hers that give rise to a lot of questionable situations and things she does. But don’t worry, since she is from the army, an excuse why she can do almost anything with ease. I don’t think I have ever seen any other women with such great abs like hers except for Shingeki No Kyojin’s Mikasa. Yeah… It is nice that we caught a glimpse and insight on Tsubame’s past. Especially about her father and why she wanted to join the JSDF. It might be short but it was impactful enough. Not really clear how it led to her lolicon behaviour but more importantly it gives Tsubame some character we can somewhat sympathize with (albeit 1% is good enough) instead of one who just an overpowered, can do anything and everything as well as an annoying lolicon. But for now, she’ll have this reputation of being a stalker trying to torment a kid in the name of love and disrespecting her privacy time. Yeah… Can you say that Tsubame’s twisted character is also because she somewhat come from a broken family? And only one with such background can help another in the same predicament? Good for Misha, she doesn’t need to learn lessons the hard way.

Even if Tsubame loves lolis and young girls who haven’t have their first period yet, boy I have bad news for you Misha. Because once you have become a teen and have your first period, Tsubame will dump you! On second thought, maybe that is what Misha wants and the only way to legitimately get rid of Tsubame. But she’ll have to wait for years. So I guess this series is a bit short sighted because when the time comes as Misha grows up, what will be of Tsubame’s love for her? Will all those sick lolicon moments turn into true love? Maybe. But for now we see Tsubame’s delusions of marrying Misha and frolicking with her as though Misha will never age. If Tsubame’s love for Misha does not transform from a lolicon to a genuine one, man she is going to be real disappointed when reality hits her since Misha will be growing up real fast when she hits puberty. Every lolicons worst nightmare when their lolis grow up. I’m also thinking that even if Tsubame doesn’t think she is harassing Misha and this obviously would scar a little girl for life, is it because she doesn’t think Misha will grow up?!

The running joke for the other sicko maid, Midori seems to be that she is a hardcore masochist. The lowest of the lowest life from. I just want to know when her status will go below a water flea. Well, technically everything in this world can be hard on you if you’re masochistic enough. So no matter how kind you are to her, she has this twisted way of twisting and misinterpreting it to some sort of punishment on her. Technically you can say that with her around, that’s why we can’t have nice things. Because she is so averse to it. So it makes me wonder that in the worst case scenario if Tsubame gives up on Misha and decides to go for mature lesbianism with her, will Midori still love Tsubame? I mean, being rejected is what gives her the pleasure. It is amazing that Midori has not tried self-mutilation but I guess that would be too much for this cute series.

Other characters feel okay. Like Yasuhiro trying hard to be Misha’s dad but he can’t be a proper one since he is always tied up with his job. I’m not sure what he does but it seems his boss might be some sort of slave driver, often making his employees coming back to work on weekends and long hours, hence Misha is often alone. Don’t want to repeat the tragedy of losing your child like a child loses her mother. But if Yasuhiro screws work, he can’t afford to let Misha live comfortably and even hire maids to take care of her. Yeah, being a single parent sucks. Maybe he should see Usagi Drop for some inspiration. Mimika feels like she is there so that Misha has another person to call a friend while Yui perhaps just wants somebody to be her true friend. That’s why she is always showing off to impress people and targeting Misha just because she thinks she has everything better just shows she has inferior complex. Competing with her feels like an exaggerated excuse just to hang out with her. She won’t admit it but I think they’re friends now, right? Last and not least, Kumagoro and the hamsters provide some animal mascot relief (animal cuteness in addition to loli cuteness) but they don’t have any significant impact on the overall story.

Art and animation are quite bright and clean. Well, Doga Kobo animated this series and they have done quite a few titles under their belt that has cute or beautiful characters such as YuruYuri, New Game, Gabriel Dropout, Love Lab, Sansha Sanyou, Mikakunin De Shinkoukei, Himouto! Umaru-chan, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Plastic Memories, Luck & Logic, Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyou and even in the same season, Anima Yell. It’s no wonder why there are cute girls and cute maids aplenty. Heh. But is it me when I first saw Misha, I thought she resembled a lot like Shichisei No Subaru’s Asahi. Yeah, the cute loli looks is there. And why does Yui remind me of Mitsuba from Mitsudomoe? Yeah, that bratty attitude and very similar hairstyle. Because Tsubame has an eye-patch over an eye, I keep wondering if she took this look from Rozen Maiden’s Bara Suishou. Well, the rose pattern over the eye-patch seems pretty familiar. There is one scene I remember the animation feels weird. When Misha first saw Tsubame outside her room, she got freaked out and ran all the way to Yasuhiro. The camera angle of following a panicky Misha makes the whole thing feel odd because it’s jerky and it makes Misha look more like a comical clown the way she runs and slips. Weird.

For the voice acting, I somewhat find Shiori Izawa as Yui (Moka in Kuzu No Honkai) to sound a bit strange because she sounds like she is trying to hold back her voice in her bit to try and sound bratty. Or trying too hard that she sounds like a fake loli. Not sure if I explained that correctly. The other casts are Haruka Shiraishi as Misha (Kirie in Himouto! Umaru-chan), Manami Numakura as Tsubame (Narberal in Overlord – probably why her character sounded so familiar), Mao Ichimichi as Midori (Bada in ClassicaLoid), Sayaka Harada as Mimika (Chiya in Urara Meirocho), Masayuki Katou as Yasuhiro (Demiurge in Overlord) and Kikuko Inoue who is already at that age whereby she can sound so motherly and as Misha’s mom (I guess she is no longer always 17! Haha!).

The opening theme, Uza Uza Wows by the duet of Misha and Tsubame is a lot fun to hear. Catchy opener with Russian words (Raz Dva Tri Chetyre! One Two Three Four!) and spamming of the cute waiwaiwaiwai~ that it makes me want to sound like a broken recorder. Lots of energetic exuberance that sums up mainly the relationship of the duo. The same duo also sing the ending theme which is another interesting song to here. Tokimeki Climax may sound like a rock song fit for a morning workout and maybe it is so (the ending credits animation are mostly about the duo working out) and the banter between the duo in the lyrics is as amusing to listen as always. Zenryouku! Sou ai desu!

Overall, a cute and funny show and I love it because of my maid fetish. Not the kind of ideal maid I would like to have but still a maid so this series get a free (bias) pass and thumbs up. Those who cannot find humour in this series might write it off as some sick perverse sexual harassment of minors. But why does it not seem so serious when a female is a lolicon? Imagine if Tsubame was a man, this series would have been bombarded with brickbats. It would have been distasteful and taken off the air for trying to promote pedo culture. Despite all the uncomfortable adult things that are being done to or imagined on a minor, this series has its hilarious moments. Try not to overthink and be offended with everything, okay? If Misha can put up with the most annoying maid ever, I’m sure that you snowflakes can put up with a harmless and fun anime series.

Oh boy. After that ‘tormenting’ mix of blending maids with a young boy, I was wondering if they would throw something else to the mix. Thank goodness dragons aren’t so bad. Wait. What? Dragon maids? Imagine combining something that is legendary fearsome and something that is legendary cute. Cool! And so Kobayashi-san Chi No Maid Dragon is about a dragon taking shape of a human maid to serve her human saviour. That’s all there is to it. Nothing really epic or suspenseful. I think I can live with this one. Better than having a boy maid, right?

Episode 1
Kobayashi thought she drank too much and is still having hangover the next morning. Because when she prepares to leave for work, a giant dragon is before her! Then it transforms into a kawaii dragon maid, Tooru. So have they met before? Apparently Tooru is grateful when she saved her in the mountains. To show her gratitude, she wants to work as her maid. Maid? But why? You see, Kobayashi loves maids! Well, Victorian era maids. At first she didn’t want to take on Tooru but seeing how dejected she is, Kobayashi gives her a ‘chance’ to fly her to work. Safe to say that is the last time she’ll be riding like that. Tooru needs to be thought the basics of what maids do. Otherwise she might destroy the house or kill any guests at the door! Plus, whenever Tooru is unsure, she calls her fellow dragon friend, Fafnir for advice. Too bad it is kill everything for him! Tooru did some good when she manages to scare off a couple of thieves trying to break in. Will the police believe them about seeing a dragon? When Kobayashi’s colleague, Makoto Takiya invites her out for a drink after work, Tooru is overcome with jealousy. She’s trying hard to hide her killing intent! Tooru thought she could join in the conversation but it is so deep with engineering terms! She will soon learn how ‘dangerous’ Kobayashi can be when she is drunk. She becomes an obsessed maid loving freak as she forces Tooru to be a real maid. On the other hand, Takiya also turns into a typical otaku to give his otaku ideas. In the end, Tooru had to transform into her dragon form to fly passed out Kobayashi back. She lets Takiya see her true form although he would like to think of himself as drunk. Oh, she has some invisible barrier that prevents other humans from seeing her too. Kobayashi buys casual clothes for Tooru as thanks. Then she has her learn hygiene practices from the internet while she is away. Are you sure? Well, time to consult Fafnir… Kill everything! Maybe not… Maybe Quetzalcoatl (or Lucoa if that is too hard for you to pronounce) will help. She goes on ranting about some Midgard tree and its roots… Don’t ask. As the laundry won’t dry in time due to the heavy clouds, Tooru uses her dragon breath to blow them away for a sunny day! Kobayashi returns home and catches her sniffing her clothes. Nice scent? When Tooru sleeps with her, she has nightmares of her past where knights and wizards try to kill her in another world. A sword struck her. Kobayashi asks if it still hurts. It doesn’t now.

Episode 2
Kobayashi accompanies Tooru to the shopping arcade for the first time. It seems Tooru has made friends with all everyone! When a snatch thief is seen, Tooru asks for permission to stop him. As long as she doesn’t expose her dragon self. Okay. But she uses her super speed and strength to overpower him. Well, glad everyone is cheering her heroics. Back home, a little loli dragon is at the doorstep. Kobayashi thinks she is Tooru’s friend but Kanna Kamui starts accusing her as a slut and to break up with Tooru! Tooru almost misinterpret Kobayashi ‘cheated’ on her with a little girl. Kanna turns out to be her friend and is looking for her since she went missing. Kanna mistook their ‘date’ at the bazaar although Tooru blatantly admits she is in love with Kobayashi. But it seems there is another reason why Kanna is here. She is exiled from her world for a prank. Therefore it will be futile to send her back. I guess we know where she is going to stay. Though, Kanna tries to act tough that she doesn’t trust Kobayashi. Okay. He won’t force her. Tears of joy? Kobayashi wants to take the dragon ladies outside to play so Tooru whisks them to some faraway plains. While Tooru relaxes, she is shocked to see the dragons engage in death match! Is this how dragons play? They claim they are keeping it to human standards since they saw it on TV. Sorry to crush your dreams. As Kanna hasn’t been in this world long, Tooru thought of teaching her some human stuffs. Well, there are some she isn’t sure so she probably lied a bit. Cars run on magic, do they? As they continue to hang out, Kanna speaks to her as she thought she was dead. On the verge. She escaped to this world and that was when Kobayashi saved her. Thus she is now her maid to repay her debts. Then they go peek at Kobayashi at work in their dragon form. Don’t worry. They’re hiding behind the clouds. Oops. I think Kobayashi saw you.

Episode 3
Due to the cramped space of her current apartment, Kobayashi decides to look around for a bigger space. She finds one with a rooftop that is a communal space. First thing to do is to clean and pack up their stuffs. Tooru finds old photo albums of young Kobayashi and slacks off. Kobayashi finds her old manga and starts reading, slacking off. Tooru finds an old maid outfit Kobayashi ordered. She put it away since she saw how bad she looked in it. Tooru gets permission to try it on. Chest area a bit tight… They finally move their stuffs over to the new place. Kobayashi uses the rooftop to wash Tooru in her dragon form. Since she is so huge, it feels like washing a car. After a hard and hectic day at work, Kobayashi mistakenly walks back to her old apartment! On her day off, Kobayashi is annoyed by the noises of her neighbours. Tooru on her behalf goes to tell them to quiet. The loud noises are from Ms Sasakibe’s cooking (?!), Mr Yana’s hideous KISS imitating rock music singing and old Mr Soune who is using a drill to carve his wood! Eventually the trio argue and blame each other for being loud. Tooru wants to kill them all when Kobayashi comes up with a solution to organize a schedule the times they don’t want others making noise. Otherwise earplugs can be the other option. Kanna couldn’t find the perfect spot to sleep. She finally does. On Tooru’s lap. Kobayashi wants to invite Takiya for a party here. Tooru doesn’t like it but Kobayashi also has her invite her friends over. Well, Fafnir appeared in his demonic dragon form! Luckily Tooru tells him to turn into his butler form as shown. Finally arriving is Lucoa. Man, she’s got big boobs fit for a porn movie! And she’s dressing like a slut?! While Fafnir gets hooked (and annoyed) playing that Dark Souls game, Kobayashi tells Lucoa that she is grateful for Tooru. Before she came, she wasn’t smiling as much. The same can be said for Tooru. But Lucoa seems to have something against liquor. Tooru reveals something about her being drunk and got kicked out from her goddess seat. When Kobayashi is drunk, she starts harassing Fafnir to be a true butler before turning to force strip the mature dragon ladies.

Episode 4
Noticing Kanna is looking at kindergarten kids walking pass by their place, Kobayashi decides to enrol her in school. But first they need to buy supplies. However Kanna is picky about her stationery as she wants them cute. The bag is expensive so Kanna understands the need not to add any more costs and puts back a cute keychain she wanted. Then there is this interesting point of view when Tooru asks why the school uniform needs to be the same. Kobayashi replies the need to be similar or else one would get ‘eliminated’ as humans don’t like things that are different than themselves. Kanna is so excited for school that she sleeps with her bag on?! Till she realizes how uncomfortable with it and throws it off! Everyone loves Kanna as the new transfer student, thinking she is some foreigner. However Riko Saikawa is jealous and wants to challenge her. Kanna starts crying since all she wants is to be friends. This makes forehead girl repent and step down. Of course Kanna was just shedding crocodile tears. Just as planned… And now Riko is some sort of biggest admirer of her. One day Kanna brings Riko home as the latter is crying. Just now at the park they were almost hit by a ball from few teens playing dodgeball. Because one of them was rude, Riko didn’t like it and challenged them. Challenge accepted. Too late to realize the sh*t she has gotten into. And since Riko isn’t popular, she can’t recruit others for tomorrow’s challenge. That’s where Kanna has her dragon pals to join in. It is no surprise that the dragons owned and dominated the match and send the losers running away in heavy defeat. But after that, the dragons have their own score to settle with each other. Thus the playground turns into a battlefield as the dragons pitch their powerful explosive throw at each other. Yeah, it’s literally hell. Don’t worry. Lucoa can revert things back to normal and tweak people’s memories. How convenient. Next time, try to play normal dodgeball, okay?

Episode 5
Tooru is bored so she sets her invisibility mode to peek at Kobayashi at work. However she gets mad to see her chief scolding her to fast track some project. She trips him. But that bugger continues to tell off Kobayashi to work faster and Tooru as going to explode! So what she do? She trips him multiple times! He just can’t get up! OMG! Is this some comedy? After work, Tooru could tell Kobayashi was around. She wonders if she was that bored so Kobayashi explains she just wanted to know about her more. Kobayashi remembers a colleague telling her how much happier she is now. She wonders how she was like back then. It doesn’t matter because she has forgotten. Oh, the chief got fired for abusing his power. Fafnir decides to live in the human world for a while. Tooru wanted to let him stay here but since Kobayashi shows to no sign, maybe the mountains will do. That night, the news reports a monster being spotted and police are dispatched. Next day, Tooru reminds him not to stand out. Fafnir didn’t like sneaking about to hide himself from humans. Maybe he should just kill everybody… Tooru decides to help him find a place to stay. Fafnir asks her since she has gotten used to this world, can she kill a human when she returns to theirs. She intends to stay here. Even if Kobayashi will die, she treasures these moments right now. She doesn’t want to have regrets. Since no agency is willing to take Fafnir’s gold, Kobayashi has an idea where to house him: Takiya. It seems he has no qualms letting Fafnir stay. In fact they get along well. Yeah, they’re gaming buddies now. Tooru and Kanna watch a spoon bending magic on TV and want to try too. Despite they can easily bend a spoon with their strength, they aren’t happy because you’re supposed to do it easily. So Kobayashi blows her top when her entire utensils are bent. Learning what they’re trying to do, Kobayashi easily demonstrates she can do it! Tooru is shocked, thinking humans have some hidden power. As she doesn’t want to lose out to humans, she goes on a cliché training that includes waterfall mediation, balancing mediation and even bear training? Don’t ask. In the end, she still has brute strength. Tooru then teaches her how to do it via science. She knows what she wants is to understand humans and that’s why she’s desperate when she can’t. She advises to do things that only she can do. So the next magic trick that shows a magician’s assistant being transferred to another box, Tooru pops out in her place instead! Real magic?

Episode 6
Riko invites Kanna to her home. She hopes to bring Tooru too since she has her own maid. Folks, meet Georgie. Despite not in a traditional maid outfit, Kobayashi instead takes a liking and starts ranting about the evolution of maids. Wow. So deep… Naturally they both click very well and Kobayashi doesn’t like it. But since they invite her to talk more about maids, I guess it’s not all that bad. However with the duo talking deeply about maids, Kobayashi feels left out. Riko plays with Kanna in her room. I want to say there’s nothing naughty about it but they’re playing Twister… As they play video games, Kanna feels worried if she is making friends well. Riko then admits she likes her a lot to the point she wants to marry her! Kanna agrees! Then she goes on top of Riko! Something steamy could have happened had not Tooru barge in wanting to leave but the maid maniacs won’t let her. Once they do, it is revealed that Georgie is Riko’s older sister and another maid fanatic. Lucoa visits Kobayashi to tell she has a home to stay here. Apparently a kid, Shouta Magatsuchi tried a ritual to summon a demon. She answered the call first. I am guessing he is mostly shocked over her huge tits. What Lucoa wants is for Kobayashi to help explain to him that she isn’t a demon. Shouta comes from a line of mages and was thus performing the ritual. Mages are living here quietly but one day if they have to return to their world, Shouta wants to become a full-fledged mage. Thus he is working hard and that ritual. But Lucoa can’t be a freeloader. She needs to do something. She can’t be a maid since mom does the housework. Whatever she offers, Shouta doesn’t need it. Wow. This kid is level headed. The only last thing left is to offer her body! This freaks him out as he believes she is a succubus. Wow. This kid may be gay. Takiya seems to be training Fafnir to become a full-fledged otaku for events. Fafnir is also addicted to gaming, spending 21 hours and levelling up like hell! He doesn’t sleep or eat! He narrates about humans being hits or misses. While misses are quickly known, the hits take time to know if they’re the right one. It is troublesome to spend time with every humans but he feels the misses who trespass his home to steal his treasure were better. Though, he believes Takiya is a hit.

Episode 7
Beach episode! Fanservice time! Especially Lucoa who is just bordering indecency with those bikini and boobs. Oh wait. She is! No wonder Shouta is so afraid and hides behind Kobayashi as his safe space! So we see them in the usual fun of putting lotion, overpowered watermelon smashing and Tooru turning into a dragon to give them a sea ride. Tooru wants to know about Kobayashi’s family. Pretty normal. Even her way of keeping in touch with them from time to time is normal. But from Tooru’s side, she can’t bring Kobayashi to see her parents because they hate humans. In her world, Tooru would be the odd one for sticking with humans. It’s a reason why she wants to spend more time with her. Kobayashi and Tooru visit Comiket to help cover Takiya. Apparently Fafnir is here but he has his own doujin circle to sell! A few minutes after the doors open, there seems to be an earthquake. Actually the crowd stampeding in! Are you scared Tooru? She helps out in the line and learns how fearsome Comiket can be especially the heat. A photographer thinks she is into character despite her attempts to clarify she is a real maid. During their break, they visit Fafnir’s booth. He is ‘dead’. Only his booth has no line. Not selling well? Apparently his book has real curses in it! Outside, Tooru can sense that there are a lot of other creatures from other worlds walking freely around. The best place to hide a leave is in the forest. When she talks to them, they run away in fear after knowing she is a dragon. She gets permission from Kobayashi to expose a bit of her true form. This has photographers flocking to take pictures of her. My, such a long line. At the end of the day, Kobayashi asks how her first Comiket is. She gets to reassure her love for her. But when Takiya requests their help again for winter Comiket, Tooru runs away! No more torture! I guess Fafnir is another defeated soul. Sales definitely didn’t go well.

Episode 8
For Kanna’s upcoming field trip, she wants Kobayashi to make her bento. But Tooru insists to do it and since Kobayashi won’t back down, it’s going to be a food competition. Lucoa, Fafnir and Kanna will be the judges of this best of 3 rounds. First round goes to Kobayashi since her tomatoes beat Tooru’s salad. Next round goes to Tooru because Kanna prefers hamburgers to bacon and eggs. For the final round, Tooru lets Kobayashi taste some fruit candy she bought. Then it turns out to be a carnivorous creature trying to eat him! Of course Tooru gets disqualified for bringing ingredients from another world. After dinner, another dragon lady, Elma crashes in and wants to take Tooru back. Despite being strict with Tooru, she is actually a nice person. Kanna explains Elma and Tooru don’t get along because they are from different factions. Even dragons have factions? Elma is from the harmony faction who wants to get along while Tooru is from the chaos faction who wants destruction. Does it sound like Tooru’s the baddie? The last time they fought, 3 islands were decimated! So they’re going to settle it again? Not in this house! Tooru opens a portal to the plains where they could fight. But once Elma steps in, she closes it! Sneaky! Elma returns the next day and you can tell she is upset. But looks like her stomach is growling. Here, have a bread. Now that she has had her fill, she leaves happily. Kobayashi is shocked when Elma is introduced as his new colleague. Apparently this is coincidental. Her job is to see if other creatures would be able to live in harmony here. Obviously she lacks knowledge of human’s technology and Kobayashi has to teach her. Elma dreads pay is only in a month. What will she do about food and rent? She explains she can’t go back as she doesn’t have enough power to open a portal like Tooru. Kobayashi buys her a croquette. She’ll be glad to teach her things. When Kobayashi returns, Tooru could smell a different scent on him and gets jealous. Kobayashi is sleeping on her much needed day off but Tooru wants to clean. And she really cleans everything spick and span. When Elma comes by to give Kobayashi a protective charm as thanks, Tooru gets jealous and blows her away! Tooru hints to her that she is selfish and holding back a lot and yet she is being mean. Kobayashi replies about the complexity of human relationship. Sometimes she puts distance with others. She has friends but not close friends. He pats her head and hopes she understands. That’ll do. Tooru will make her a protective charm too.

Episode 9
Kanna wants Kobayashi to come to her sports festival but she can’t citing work. She can’t take the day off as that is the same day of her project’s deadline. She will have Tooru accompany her instead but Kanna isn’t happy. She starts sulking as Tooru tells Kobayashi that Kanna probably wants to be spoilt by her since that’s the reason why she got exiled for playing pranks just to get her parents’ attention. One day Kanna spies on Kobayashi at work. When she comes home, she tells her she doesn’t need to come. Knowing she is just putting up a fake front, Kobayashi decides to work longer hours and beat the deadline so she could have that day off. Kanna is really happy when Kobayashi tells her she is able to come. So for the sports festival, we see Riko loving every moment of it especially the 3-legged race since she gets to have the most physical contact with Kanna. Either she wins it or she screws up. Shouta is embarrassed to acknowledge Lucoa is here because she is always cheering for him and her boobs can’t stop bouncing. Well, that seems to contribute to his victories since everybody else got so distracted. For the final relay race, Kanna slips up and drops the baton. Her class is in last place when she finally passes the baton to Kanna the anchor. Kanna zooms past from last place to win the race and the overall for her class! Everyone praises Kanna as Riko feels guilty and dares not talk to her. Surprisingly Kanna licks her face. She thanks Riko for putting in the effort. Kanna thanks Kobayashi for coming. Despite she can’t go all out like she used to, it’s better to be with everyone else. Kobayashi wonders how much of herself has changed since she is able to participate in this kind of activity.

Episode 10
A guy from the shopping district was supposed to put on a show for the old folks home for Christmas. But he is injured and Tooru volunteers to take his place. Since Kobayashi is busy with work, Tooru rounds up the rest. They brainstorm on what to do and it is decided they adapt that matchstick girl story. Fafnir becomes the director since he sucks at acting. But his authoritarian ways means everybody fails! Lucoa has Shouta cross-dressed and he looks like a real girl! After Elma takes over as director, it seems Kanna is most fitting to be the matchstick girl. As they practice, they also try to infuse a few things to make it interesting like 47 Ronin and magical girl (Fafnir’s idea). Kobayashi and Takiya arrive in time to watch the play. Starts off normal till Fafnir pops up as a demon lord bestowing magical girl powers. Then there is Lucoa as a scantily clad fairy, accidental setting fire on a city, Elma as a samurai trying to avenge her lord by fighting Tooru the head of her clan. Yeah, they even use real fire and magic! The old folks think it is great CGI! Kobayashi thought the play is done for but she sees how everyone is enjoying it. The play is a success and everyone celebrates and parties back at Kobayashi’s place. After everyone leaves, Tooru takes Kobayashi on a night flight in her dragon form. Tooru also has a present for her. Not sure what this thing from the other world is since it is mosaic out. Kobayashi doesn’t look impressed, though… Kobayashi also has a scarf present for her. This makes her happy and starts flying haphazardly. Careful. Don’t want to kill your master on Christmas night, do you?

Episode 11
Tooru wins a kotatsu from the shopping raffle. Now they’re addicted and can’t leave. The maid is becoming lazy… So much so nobody wants to answer the door. Tooru is forced to and each time after attending a neighbour and going back to the kotatsu, another doorbell rings. They talk about the Chinese zodiac and Tooru can’t believe the story in which the dragon comes after the tiger and rabbit. Kobayashi has Kanna and Tooru dress up in their kimono so they can go their first shrine visit on New Year’s Eve. The rest are there too. Tooru gets a great curse for her luck reading. Apparently this must be a good thing for a dragon since she’s so happy about it. After midnight, Kanna suggests everyone visit Kobayashi’s home and share the kotatsu. But the little ones fall asleep and the adults continue their New Year eating. Eventually they fall asleep where they are except for Fafnir who continues to stay away playing video games. I swear that dragon has never slept. They manage to get it up in time to watch the first sunrise of the year. Then it is back to kotatsu addition again. Kobayashi throws an orange skin but misses. Not even Tooru wants to pick it up, giving excuses. Heck, Kobayashi went to pick it up so she can throw it again? Missed again! Why so troublesome? Kobayashi soon receives a call from mom asking if all is well. Tooru doesn’t seem too happy. Tooru wonders why Kobayashi doesn’t return to her family for the New Year. She isn’t on bad terms with them but is used to life like this. What about Tooru? She could go back if she wants to. Tooru replies that living here with her is her life now. Kobayashi gives her first New Year’s money to Tooru and Kanna who for the first time receive them. Shouta despite dreaming of auspicious things, they are all in the form of Lucoa! It’s going to be a bad booby year…

Episode 12
Tooru as usual cleans up the place sparkling clean and does the laundry. All that is left is to make dinner. Unfortunately she is over budget and hopes the chicken store seller could give her a discount. He would like the do some service for her but this price is already as low as he can go. No choice, she goes back to her world to get those ingredients. Well, as long as it’s not her own tail. A flashback shows how Kobayashi and Tooru met. Kobayashi was having a rough day with his boss hounding him over the deadline and covering mistakes of others. Naturally on her way home she started drinking and got drunk. She missed her stop and got off in the mountains. That is where she met injured Tooru in dragon form. But Kobayashi is so drunk that she isn’t scared of her threats. She even hugged her and pulled the mighty sword from her body! Tooru is surprised and grateful since she lost a fight with the gods and ran away here. She didn’t think someone who lacks in faith would be able to pull it out. Kobayashi continues to be a drunkard forcing Tooru to drink. She transforms into a human form to do so. They both get drunk and started complaining about their lives. When all is done, Kobayashi offers her to come stay with her since Tooru is alone in this world. She can also be her maid. The rest as we know is history. When Kobayashi asks if there are humans in her world, Tooru describes a human girl she once associated with. This bandit girl was on the run after attacking a noble and hung out in the mountain ruins where Tooru resided. Tooru threatened to kill her but she isn’t afraid. Bandit girl asked what it’s like to be a dragon because she could do whatever she wanted. But Tooru wonders if it is so since as a chaos dragon, there was hardly anything she could freely do. Bandit girl says if she had freedom, she would become a maid and fall in love with her master. Even if that sounds like enslaving, at least she did it because of her own choice. Tooru then hang out and listened to more of her stories till one day she decided to cross the mountains to the next country. That was the last she saw her and wouldn’t mind seeing her again. She could be why Tooru is Kobayashi’s maid now.

Episode 13
When Tooru is out shopping, suddenly her inner voice is trying to sow doubts that she can no longer keep living like this. It is trying to tell her she is a dragon and not a maid as well as the possibility she will have a reason to return to her world. As much as Tooru tries to fight it off, before she knows it, her father appears. He believes she doesn’t belong here and forcefully takes her back. Kanna sees this and tells Kobayashi that Tooru has returned to her world as she cannot go against her father who is the Emperor of Demise. At first it shocks Kobayashi a lot as she tries to maintain her composure. Trying to live a normal life without a maid is hard. Kobayashi is forgetful, rushing and clumsy. A subtle reminder to tell us to appreciate our maid! So gloomy that Riko doesn’t even have the mood to sexualize gloomy Kanna. One morning, Kobayashi hears Tooru’s voice outside her door. She has returned! But their reunion is short-lived. Her father returns and is not amused she has done so without permission. He reminds her about the rules of the world that must be obeyed and that they can’t interfere in this world. Her feelings to stay here is not relevant. When Kobayashi wants to speak up, father shoots a warning shot breaking her glass! It scares the sh*t out of her! But she gathers her courage to say what she wants. If Tooru wants to stay then she is staying. Can’t interfere in this world? Then he can’t kill her. Then there is some future possibility how dragons might invade this world if they are influenced by this. But Kobayashi argues if it is so, it is not Tooru’s fault and he is just twisting it to make her look responsible. She relates all the good qualities of Tooru. The best one: Because she is a maid! Don’t take away my maid! Father and Tooru then go to another dimension to fight. Kanna brings Kobayashi there to intervene. She lectures him about compromise and respect. They can understand each other if they spend time with each other. They have been doing so for some time and if she can have faith in Tooru, why can he have the same in his own daughter? Seeing her resolve, father although still does not approve of it all, backs down and leaves for now. He will not take it from a creature who has a different lifespan than them dragons. Tooru gives Kobayashi a big hug. They return to their normal lives and it is sure good to have a maid around. Tooru knows there will come a time to part with her master but right now she wants to treasure the time they have together and believes she would not be better off had she not met her.

Tooru looks like she rigged the Valentine chocolates. That evil laughter… But when she gives it to Kobayashi, she is hinted and warned about the trust that will be forever lost. Instantly she takes it back. Yeah, there was really something in it. If you’re wondering why Lucoa has so many bowls of chocolate, Shouta can guess she is planning to cover themselves in it! In school, Kanna receives lots of Valentine chocolates and this makes Riko jealous. Eventually she gives hers as Kanna seeks permission to eat it now. Riko must like her fingers being sucked, eh? Elma shows Kobayashi she got a chocolate from a colleague. However other colleagues soon give Kobayashi theirs and in no time she has a big haul. You jealous? Kanna who wants more chocolate, returns home and finds Tooru’s hidden rigged chocolate. She eats it and then offers Kobayashi some. The moment she bites, she feels something strange. She realizes too late this is Tooru’s chocolate. Before she becomes a pedo, she goes to sleep. Tooru comes in to check what is wrong. But are things going to get hot between them? Suddenly Kobayashi blows her top at Tooru for wearing to wrong maid outfit. Turns out the chocolate had alcohol properties and it avoided getting her into serious problems. The whole gang take a trip to the hotsprings. We get a bit of fanservice but don’t expect much. Kobayashi asks the question of why the dragon girls take the human form as they do because they could have looked cuter if than this. There is some brief magic process explained but I’m not in the mood for that. This has Kobayashi wonder her dragon form. Each start fantasizing what she would look like. Weird imaginings. Fafnir learns that Takiya planned this trip as part of the community to help look out for them after that Tooru’s father incident. He also considers Fafnir part of this community. Takiya teases him as a tsundere because he says how much he hates him. Later we have weird ping pong matches. Tooru and Elma’s are too fast for the naked eye to see, Takiya and Fafnir looked like some choreographed cheering while Kanna and Riko are just the girliest and cutest! That night, Tooru gives Kobayashi a clean Valentine’s chocolate. As thanks she lets her hold her hand. Give an inch, want a mile. Because Tooru wants to consummate with her. She’s not supposed to say that out loud. Okay. Cut the talk and let’s just do it! I don’t think that’s what she meant either. On the way home, the tired girls are sleeping but Tooru and Elma still have enough energy to fight each other.

Dragon Musume No Iru Nichijou (No, It’s Nothing Epic, Really)
I supposed the sudden change in pace and drama for the final episode is necessary to give some ‘shock’ value because we have been watching their everyday lives and antics, it might be getting too predictable and boring after all. With Tooru’s dad making his fearsome appearance to take her back, at least it shakes things up a little. It isn’t a laughing matter when the maid gets taken away! No way! Never in a million years! I expected it to somewhat end with Tooru getting to stay with Kobayashi because I just love a good sense of justice. What justice? The good guy always gets the maid in the end! Yahoo!

I have a few questions that kept occupying my mind ever since. For example, if dragons can turn into humans in our world, why not they transform and assimilate into humans in their own world? Assuming humans there are the same as those here, it’s not like they could tell apart assimilated dragons, right? Unless they can’t transform here but then again it doesn’t make sense because there is less magic power in this world. Maybe it is a dragon’s pride to show who is boss in the other world. Also, if Tooru’s father mentions about the fear of other dragons following suit and then some sort of invasion as well as non-interference, does it not make any sense because I thought they are from the chaos clan? Creating trouble and destruction is what they’re supposed to do, isn’t it? Am I missing something here? Ah well, something a human like me cannot understand. Lastly, how did Kanna open up a portal to let Kobayashi settle the fight between father and daughter? I thought she was so weak that she couldn’t return to her home? Maybe she has improved so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. Aside these unanswered questions, it doesn’t diminish my overall enjoyment for the series.

The characters are lovable and that is what makes this funny series even more enjoyable. But if I have to point out the most ‘boring’ character ever, it would be the titular character herself, Kobayashi. She is somewhat bland, plain and normal. That’s it. She has a bit of her own quirks but that is usually overshadowed by the quirkiness of the other characters around her. Basically she is a nice person who treats her maid well. She minds her own business. But as you might have noticed, having those dragon girls in her live has made her a better person as she smiles more and has something to care about. I have this conspiracy theory that Kobayashi is a female instead of a male is to prevent from making this series look like some sort of horny dragon harem. That is why Kobayashi is also closely dressed and looks like a male to have that androgynous look. Therefore no sexual subtexts and jokes are to be expected if the main character is to be a man. I mean, could you not resist it if you have a maid? I know I won’t… :-/.

The dragon girls add live and colour with each of them having a distinct character. Without them, Kobayashi would have been living the same boring life had not Tooru (maid dragon), Kanna (loli dragon), Lucoa (boobs dragon) and Elma (foodie dragon) entered her life. Well, maybe she would have more peaceful and less intrusive life but it didn’t turn out that way. So for Tooru, she is like the eager maid who wants to serve her master wholeheartedly. She has a potential to become yandere if her master doesn’t give her the appropriate attention and mixes around with others but thankfully this isn’t that kind of anime. In a way, Tooru sounds a bit possessive as she wants Kobayashi all to herself but she has to open up because you know what they say, sharing is caring. Sometimes. That’s why perhaps there is this running joke that Tooru always wants to cut off her tail and slip it into her cooking to let Kobayashi eat it. Well, dragons are lizards technically so their tail can grow back…

Despite the normal but extraordinary master-servant relationship between Kobayashi and Tooru, I can never see that this will turn into some sort of pure romance. It never hit me until I was typing my end thoughts for this blog. Is it because Kobayashi is female? Is this another reason why Kobayashi is a woman? Oh, you’ve never heard of yuri relationships, haven’t you? There are stories about masters and their slaves or maids falling in love and eloping but it never crossed my mind for this one. But the dynamics of their relationship goes to show that despite their different species and world origins, they are able to put aside their differences and trust each other to live a normal life. Case in point for Tooru who mistrusts humans before coming to this world. Now she has a place to come home to and look forward to tomorrow. So can you say that a bad day at work for Kobayashi is actually a blessing in disguise that led to this fateful encounter? I think it is.

Kanna is ‘better’ than Kobayashi in terms of personality despite her monotonous and emotionless character. Well, at least she is moe and cute. You can never beat that. Doesn’t it make you want to hug and cuddle her? Don’t you want to have a dragon pet sister this cute to hold in your arms and squeeze to death? No? Okay. Lucoa sometimes gives Tooru advice but they’re usually not really the best. Basically she is practically useless besides her boobs. Fafnir has surprisingly turned from kill-everything to a hardcore otaku that he is probably the dragon that has assimilated the closest to humans. And of all the human kind, the otaku. See, people. Anime conquers even dragons! Too bad his doujin never sells. I have a theory that he now takes his kill-everything notion to online games. I guess that way is better. Elma was introduced quite late in the series although it feels like it is purposely done for the comedy effect. Strangely despite her constant ‘riff’ with Kobayashi, Elma is quite incompetent and seen as one who loves to eat but can’t afford it. Personally I think she isn’t as useless compared to Lucoa because at least she is seen trying and learning despite still failing. At first I thought she was a unicorn or narwhale because of her single head horn and her fish-like tail but I guess dragons come in all forms of shapes and sizes.

For the human characters like Riko, she is fast becoming stereotyped as some sort of lesbian and gets her kicks whenever she is with Kanna. It is like that loli dragon is a form of drugs for her because each time she has physical contact with Kanna, you can see that orgasmic ahegao face. As though this is what defines her existence and reason to live. A total opposite for Shouta because ever since Lucoa started living in his place, the constant shoving of boobs in his face has left this kid traumatized. And you thought that this would turn him into a future king of perverts by starting young but instead it had a negative effect. This guy has learnt to fear boobs that flat chested girls like Kobayashi are his refuge and solace! I guess lots of boys his age would love to trade places with him but you won’t know the real hardship until you’ve been in his shoes.

If Kanna exists to satisfy fans of flat chested loli, then the same can be said about Lucoa whose existence is to satisfy those who love big boobs (the kind of boobs that exist only for hentai). Dragons having big boobs in their human form may sound like fanservice but I guess this is the only way to not ‘lose’ their majestic assets. I mean, dragons are huge so naturally they would have huge tits too, right? Because of this, it got me thinking that if all the dragon ladies have big boobs (I know Kanna hasn’t have them yet but give her some time and she’ll grow a voluptuous pair), then in turn don’t you think that Fafnir has the biggest dick ever too???!!! OMG!!! I know you’re going to kill me for saying it but just think about it. If it is no exception that the dragon ladies have such big busts, then it is only right for male dragons to have big penis, am I not right?! Probably why Fafnir doesn’t seem to show it is because we might be ‘intimidated’. Or maybe he just has a sma-… Whoops!

The one thing that boggles me although it doesn’t really have any deeper meaning to it is the scene in between the skits in each episode. You see, as each episode can be divided into a few skits, they are ‘set apart’ by a yellow background followed by 5 dots that eventually turn into numbers or symbols. This in turn form some sort of equation, pattern or emoji. Like I said there isn’t anything deep about this and could be for just fun but I can’t help think that there is some sort of conspiracy behind to it all. You know, maybe a cheat code or something?

The art and animation might feel all cute and moe. It fits the comedic and simplistic nature of this series. Animated by Kyoto Animation, they also did a few series that had this kind of art style such as Lucky Star and Nichijou. Yeah, you’re not always going to see K-ON! style or Clannad visuals always. Everything is bright and colourful that sometimes it looks like a cartoon for children. Even if the dragons are in their beast form, they aren’t that ferocious looking. Fearsome, yes. But not that scary enough to scare the daylights out of me. Me? Scared of dragons more than ghosts or bugs?

Daisuke Ono as Fafnir sounds familiar. Well, almost. Because of his butler outfit in his human form, I kept remembering he would be like Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. Just without the grace and devil’s smile. Yuuichi Nakamura as Takiya is also recognizable although no raising his voice and getting mad. Heck, even as a gentle single dad in Amaama To Inazuma has one moment of him screaming at the top of his voice. There is something familiar about Georgie’s voice too. Oh right. It’s Yuko Gotou! Not sure if she is considered retired since fans would know about her health issue many years ago that made her go on a hiatus but in the past few years she did come back a while and do some voice acting. The last I heard from her was in 2015’s Nagato Yuki-chan No Shoushitsu and Ushinawareta Mirai Wo Motomete in the year before. Hmm… Does she have a limit of only voicing 1 anime per year? If so, quota reached for this year!

The rest of the voice acting casts include Mutsumi Tamura as Kobayashi (Sonya in Kill Me Baby), Yuuki Kuwahara as Tooru (Hakua in Shomin Sample), Maria Naganawa as Kanna (Tamaki in Stella No Mahou), Minami Takahashi as Lucoa (Megumi in Shokugeki No Souma), Yuuki Takada as Elma (Rin in Busou Shoujo Machiavellism), Emiri Katou as Riko (Kagami in Lucky Star) and Kaori Ishihara as Shouta (Aladdin in Magi series). It is hard to dismiss the opening theme, Aozora No Rhapsody by Fhana. Some of the lyrics are fast paced almost like a rap. But the thing that is amusing is the opening theme credits whereby the characters are doing cute stuffs. Or weird stuffs. Like the very weird part where everybody stands with their hands apart like a ‘T’ and then spins around! Spin and spin! Human helicopter?! But the ending theme, Ishukan Communication by Choro-gonzu (basically the seiyuus of the quartet dragon ladies) is too cute! The way they sing this song flawlessly and in a cute rhythmic way without tripping the nonsensical but cute opening lyrics is just amazing. I guess it will take a lot of practice and biting my own tongue if I am going to be able to come close and sing the same way as them.

Overall, this anime is funny and enjoyable. Shockingly for me it wasn’t the maid part which I was initially being biased on that will make me love this anime but I was wrong. The maid element didn’t come close as the other aspects overwhelm it. Maybe the maid outfit design wasn’t really to my taste. Decent but still not my favourite type. The skits are light-hearted and funny, the characters are adorable and wonderful and you can learn a few life lessons as well. What? Life lessons? Like being a family despite coming from different backgrounds and worlds. Also, despite our short fleeting time in this world, the most important thing are the times spent together that counts. It could be years or just seconds but as long as that is precious, it is worth more than any gold or silver in the universe. Woah. So deep. So heart-warming. So cute. Sometimes this series might seem like an over the top show about a pet being grateful to its master. We hear a few stories about that in life and seen a couple of them in the movies. But have you got a dragon maid as your pet? No, I don’t think lizards count. And yes, better to have dragon maids than boy maids. Anytime.

With my ever growing obsession for Japanese maids, it was about time that I finally gave in to my long time thought that I should go watch a series about the true and historical origins of a maid. Yes, those domestic helpers of wealthy households in the western world. The original maid before Japan somewhat ‘corrupted’ the term. Uh huh. Emma: A Victorian Romance isn’t exactly a historical series about maids in England but as the title suggests, a forbidden romance between the different classes during the Victorian era. So no sci-fi elements or exaggerated fantasy adventures of alternate retelling of history. No maid cafes, no nekomimi maids, no mercenary maids or assassin maids. Just your plain period English romance involving a plain English maid.

Episode 1: The Present
William Jones seems to be hesitating to knock on the house of his ex-teacher, Kelly Stowner. Accidentally the maid, Emma opens the door, bumping into his face. Now that William’s family is part of the gentry, he decided to take his teacher’s heed to visit her although he did it on an unscheduled notice. William can’t seem to take his eyes off Emma. Kelly receives a message that she needs to meet someone so the stay is cut short. After he leaves, Emma notices he has forgotten his gloves. Kelly knows he will come back to get it but seeing Emma staring at it, he tells her to go return it to him. Unfortunately he was already long gone by then. Back in his mansion, he can’t help think about Emma and is unenthusiastic when his personal old maid, Theresa tends to him. Emma apparently has lots of admirers like the mailman. He even gives her a letter and is willing to wait for an answer. Thanks to Kelly’s teachings, Emma is able to read and write but unfortunately it is mostly to use to write rejection letters. Next day, William is shopping at his favourite antiquity shop when he spots Emma walking outside. He happily goes to talk to her and walks her home. However he doesn’t want to take back the gloves as it would give him another reason to visit Kelly again. William has noticed that Emma has bad eyesight and her current prescription isn’t helping. He offers to make new glasses for her. That night as Emma contemplates about his offer, she remembers as a child she had a hard time with her visions. There were numerous times she broke the pots and missed spots while cleaning. Eventually Kelly noticed this and got her glasses. It was the first time she saw how beautiful the world was. She never knew the world looked like this. In view of this gift, Emma declines William’s offer. He asks if she would like anything else in exchange. She would like a lace handkerchief as it was a dream of having it. Immediately he goes to a shop and gets her one. It makes her very happy and in turn he too is a happy young man.

Episode 2: Two Worlds
William waits at his favourite antique shop and pretends to window shop just so Emma could pass by and he coincidentally could help her. She wants to return his gloves but he will leave it for another time. Emma thinks it is an excuse to visit Kelly. Theresa admonishes William for giving excuses to skip work and she has to cover for him. At this time, Williams’ siblings, Grace, Vivian, Arthur and Collin just returned from a health resort. William is called by his father, Richard about him rejecting invitations. As they have already ascended into the upper class, they need to ‘improve’ themselves. He wants William to attend tonight’s ball and mix with others. Of course he becomes a wallflower. An old acquaintance of Richard, Lady Campbell introduces her daughter, Eleanor to him. He dances with her. Next day when William is accompanying his sisters to buy parasols, Eleanor comes in. Grace and Eleanor know each other. Vivian thinks the duo are getting along pretty fine and leaves them alone. When William buys a parasol, Vivian thinks it is for Eleanor. It gets awkward when he says it isn’t. Emma sees William leaving the shop with the ladies. She quickly turns around and walks away as fast as she can. Next day, William visits Kelly and this time to retrieve his gloves. Kelly then sends Emma to buy sugar in which William wants to accompany her. All part of Kelly’s plan? William gives the parasol to Emma but she declines it as she cannot accept more luxurious stuffs. He apologizes for his rudeness as he thought he would like to see that smile again. He’ll stop giving her presents but would like to see her again from time to time. So who will he give the parasol to? Theresa. As thanks for all the troubles he caused. When Eleanor sees that parasol being held by happy Theresa in the streets, she couldn’t help giggle a little.

Episode 3: The Confession
One morning William wakes up to find his friend from India, Hakim Atawari is right at his doorstep. He brought along his entourage too. Yeah, how the heck did he bring his elephants into England?! Anyway as an old friend from the Indian royalty, he is here to stay for a week and this visit is supposed to be a secret. But when the newspaper reports about, it is hardly a secret anymore. Thus Hakim wants William to take him around town. Those English blokes are going to be surprised to see this jumbo ruling the cobbled stone streets. Luckily they are passing Kelly’s street so it is an excuse for William to pay another unexpected visit and ‘recover’ from the elephant ride. Almost got motion sickness. I guess this is why somewhere down the line England passed a law banning elephants on the streets. Anyway as Emma treats William, Hakim can’t seem to get his eyes off Emma. It is so obvious he is smitten by her. Next day, he and his servants go out early just to help Emma with her errands and send her home. Jealous white boy can do nothing but spy on them. Nothing suspicious so far. Next day, William is baffled a client wants to show him some work he ordered. Did he? When he sees Emma’s name engraved at the bottom and realizes the one who ordered it was Hakim, he rushes to Emma’s place. Too bad Hakim already beat him because he is all dressed up like an Englishman. Stalk outside is the only thing William can do. As Kelly is not in at that moment, first Hakim tells her he is here just to see her. Then he asks if she is William’s lover. Since she isn’t, he is glad so because as one of William’s few friends, he would like to start this off on a fair note. Then he confesses he likes her and wants to protect and see her again. Uhm, so does she need to give an answer? Naturally William has got a lot on his mind. His worries up a notch when he hears about Indian royalties don’t normally visit England unless they’re looking for a bride. I hope this wasn’t what mail order bride used to be.

Episode 4: Myudie’s
Hakim driving a motorcar inside the mansion? It has been over a week and Hakim is still around? Well, something caught his interest lately… We know what it is. Hakim takes William out for a spin with the motorcar. Then it runs out of petrol. Myudie’s, a library that catches Hakim’s eye as he goes to browse the porn section with William. How do you like your 19th century porn? They are caught red handed by Emma who is also there to borrow a book for Kelly. William tries to explain this awkward situation but Emma runs off. On the way home, William feels Hakim is keeping a secret from him. Yeah, Grace’s tennis invitation. It seems everything is going ‘against’ Arthur. He ignores Collin’s questions of what a prefect means since Arthur just became one. Poor boy cried even when he got his answer. Did he understand all that? Arthur also was too harsh with Vivian playing tennis so Hakim had to take over and make the little girl happy. There is a good mood between William and Eleanor as he teaches her to play tennis so Arthur comments if things get good between them, they will be closer to peerage. That night, Hakim tells William that he confessed to Emma but was rejected. You can tell William feels relieved. However Hakim wonders why William doesn’t tell his true feelings to Emma. Excuses like he doesn’t know her isn’t going to cut it. Because Hakim warns if he continues to dawdle, Hakim might steal her again. Next day William meets Emma and tells her about his friendship with Hakim. Because of the school they went together, it taught them how to express themselves freely and thus why Hakim was so straight upfront with his confession. However William can’t be like Hakim and sometimes he feels envious. When Emma mentions he is fine the way he is now, it boosts his mood.

Episode 5: Dinner Party
All Emma knows about Kelly was that she married her husband, Doug at 18 in an arranged marriage. But she lost him at 20. She worked as a governess for 30 years before retiring and living here alone since. Kelly realizes she forgot she invited the Knoxes to dinner tonight. So as Emma scrambles to prepare the food, Kelly props up the place. Everything is well done until Kelly realizes the rain has seeped into the roof and ruining the wallpaper. With time running out, she has Emma call handyman, Al who is also an old friend of hers. He manages to fix it in time before the guests arrive. As Kelly has Emma treat him to a drink in the kitchen, Al tells her some of the old stories like he and Doug were best friends and Kelly was the governess for the Jones. Fortunately for Al he gets to stay for dinner since the Knoxes got their delivery boy to say they can’t attend tonight’s dinner. So Emma hears more of Al’s ‘sarcasm’ about Doug and Kelly’s blissful marriage. When Al passes out drunk, Kelly remembers Emma moved in here the same time she bought this house. That was 5 years ago. She asks if Emma is going to turn down William the same she did for Hakim. She says he is a strange but good man because he doesn’t mind her status as a maid. When asked if she loves William, Emma doesn’t answer. When Kelly retires to bed, she accidentally slipped and fell from the stairs. Luckily she only sprained her ankle. During the slip, her precious necklace broke into pieces. Emma has collected them but Kelly tells her to leave it as it is. However the next day Emma is able to put everything back together again. How? She noticed the necklace Kelly was wearing in a photo with her husband. She knows it was Doug’s gift to her. Kelly decides to give it to her since it doesn’t suit her anymore. Kelly dreams of her wonderful time with Doug as a newlywed. And making Al as their errand boy.

Episode 6: The Visit
Richard is not happy that his son is idling around too much with Hakim. Even more so he is often out. We all know by this time he is always hanging out with Emma. At the ball, William didn’t turn up but ironically it is Hakim who did and he is showing all the gentlemanliness of the English aristocracy that Richard would love his son to have. While talking with Eleanor’s mother, he learns that Kelly has been injured. Thus he summons his son and chastises him for not saying anything about it despite he knew it for some time. Hence they are going to pay a courtesy call to her soon. William feels awkward in between as Richard talks to Kelly. Her injury has made him realize that although he is healthy right now, you’ll never know in the future. That is why he wants his son to quickly succeed his family business. Hence he has made arrangements for a young lady who is interested in William to be acknowledged into the family as soon as possible. William is shocked to hear this and protests. But he couldn’t answer when Richard asks him if he has someone else in mind. At this point Emma who has heard too much is spacing out and is making a few simple mistakes. Richard would of course take into consideration the feelings of his son but he prefers him to marry a person of the same person. William assures he isn’t marrying a foreigner but what father meant was England despite being a nation has 2 countries within itself: The upper class and lower class. Although sharing the same language, they are still considered as different countries. The Jones take their leave and this leaves the young ones deep in their thoughts.

Episode 7: Crystal Palace
William and Hakim attend a party hosted by Eleanor’s family. It looks obvious on his face that he doesn’t want to be here but at least he still has the courtesy to talk to her and show his face. When Emma gets a letter from William to meet, she looks happy. She requests for a day off but Kelly gives her the entire day. Oh, she lends her red dress too. Emma meets William at Crystal Palace, a giant structure made out of crystal exhibiting worldly items. As William shows her around, I have a feeling he is trying to show off his knowledge about the exhibits. So much so he was too fast for her pace and they got lost in the sea of crowd. Luckily they manage to find each other and continue talking. Then they sit down and talk. And talk and talk and talk… So much so they didn’t hear the staffs yelling it is closing time nor do they notice everyone else streaming out and that it has gotten quieter and darker. Wow. So absorbed in their conversation, eh? And when they realized it, too late. Locked in. Those staffs didn’t do their job to check… William wanted to throw and smash the glass but Emma stops him. We’re civilized, right? I guess the good thing is that they can talk all night for all they want. I don’t know how talking this much can lead to a kiss. Oh wait. It’s the 19th century. By next morning, a staff opens the door and is shocked to see them. Somebody didn’t do his job… They head home like as though it was nothing. William goes home to sleep (he was watching Emma while she slept) so Richard is fuming he is sleeping at this hour because Eleanor and her mom are here because they made an appointment to go riding. Maybe next time. Richard then says William has no escort for the next dinner party. Eleanor would love to be his escort. Everything’s set then. Kelly knows Emma just returned this morning but pretends she was sound asleep and didn’t know she came back last night.

Episode 8: Clock
Kelly now falls ill and her feet hasn’t recovered yet. It is evident as she has lost much of her appetite. Kelly notices her pocket watch needs more winding than it works so she sends Emma to repair it. Emma reads another letter from William. This time it states he is going to try to convince his father and hopes she will wait. When Vivian notices William has been sending lots of letters out lately, she thinks it is to Eleanor. He denies and says it is business correspondence. Not sure if Hakim is trying to stir the hornet’s nest because he says it is to Emma. The siblings wonder if this Emma is some duchess or baroness but William tells the truth. She is a maid. This does not sit well with Arthur and Vivian who clearly oppose this. The argument is cut short when Richard returns home and William is going to speak to him about this. As expected, he says no. Despite Emma is a good woman, it is not the question of character. He explains about the responsibilities of a ‘cultured’ woman. Although a horse can be trained to become a fine race horse, a cat cannot become a horse. If he further pursues this, he will be thrown out of the family. He chastises William if he is going to abandon his ancestors’ hard work for his own selfishness. Emma talks to Kelly about William’s letter. She has thought about it but realized that in reality the gap between their classes is too big. Kelly remains positive it will work out for her. Later Kelly talks to Al and she has a request. She wants him to support and encourage Emma in her love. When Al is seen rushing to get a doctor, Emma fears the worse. She returns the repaired pocket watch but Kelly is just lying there unresponsive. No matter how much Emma prompts her, there is no response. Reality hits Emma hard. It is the saddest day in her life.

Episode 9: Alone
Emma attends a small funeral for Kelly. Al helps shift some of the unwanted things in Kelly’s house to his friends. Emma also packs some of the stuffs but continues to live in the house all alone and sad. Al advises Emma to at least tell William about this. Meanwhile William has decided to do his duties and attend the dinner party to win his father’s approval. He escorts Eleanor and she can tell that something has been bugging William for a while. During dinner, she talks about not disgracing the family’s tradition in which William generally expresses how much he hates it because keeping up tradition for the sake of tradition is like being stubborn. It doesn’t help when Richard comments like as though he has set up William and Eleanor permanently. Eleanor isn’t feeling well (perhaps eating and drinking too much and in that tight corset) so she takes her leave without giving William a chance to say his true feelings. Maybe she doesn’t want to hear it too. On the way home, William talks to his father about what he said. He doesn’t like it and assures he is thinking about their family’s wellbeing as well. He is still adamant about his unchanging feelings despite how much he objects but Richard will not hear any more about it. Emma couldn’t sleep that night. She cries just at the thought of her late master.

Episode 10: Missing One Another
Emma is at the gates of the Jones’ estate. Hakim’s eagle eye vision spots her as he tells the butler to let her in as she is William’s acquaintance. She is having thoughts of staying but is made to stay till William gets back. He on the other hand is at the antique store trying to wait for Emma. But when the staffs tell him Kelly has passed away, William looked shock. He runs out and heads to Kelly’s place. The doors are locked. From the backdoor, he peeks into the window and finds most of the furniture gone. His heart sank. While William’s siblings are spying through the door at Emma, Hakim comes to talk to her. She is here to say goodbye to William and plans on moving back to her hometown by the sea. Care to elaborate on that? After letting him know that Kelly has passed away, Hakim asks if she will come back here. Never again. He finds it strange that they both love each other so why go to a faraway place. Vivian thinks Emma is here to seduce her brother so she barges in to give Emma a piece of mind and to get out. Grace takes her away while Arthur tells her to be careful of her reckless act because if others find out about William’s love for a maid, they’ll be the laughing stock of the gentry. Emma thinks of leaving but Hakim won’t let her. He gave up his love for her just because of William and won’t let her decide this herself. She remains stubborn and leaves. That is when William just came back. The first thing he does is to hug her and apologize for not knowing. Everybody in the mansion sees this scandalous scene. Time for father to step him. He slaps his son for this shameful act. William defies him. Richard tells Emma to leave now and Emma gladly takes up his offer. William gives chase but it seems Emma runs faster than him! In a skirt! Emma returns to Al’s place.

Episode 11: Past
Emma tells him that she will be returning to her village so Al tells what Kelly had requested of him. But it isn’t like he could afford her or refer him to any of his acquaintances on such notice. Rumours of William’s romance with a maid spread throughout the Jones’ household. Some are even joking about this scandal. It isn’t long before this reaches the Campbell’s household. Naturally Eleanor becomes depressed. During a party hosted by Richard, he had to go apologize to Eleanor’s mom for this farce and vows to get strict on him. Of course William continues to defy his father. If he cannot marry Emma, he will marry nobody else. Richard reminds him about responsibility and respectability and how mixing both classes would be disastrous. William will not listen and walks out of the house despite being grounded. He heads to Kelly’s place but he should know nobody is living there. As Al is passing by, he brings Jones back to his place. Welcome to the slums. First time seeing dirty and poor people in masses? As Emma isn’t in, Al tells William what he knows about her as told by Kelly. Born in a small poor town near the sea, her parents died young and she went to live with her uncle. She was subjected to abuse and hard labour by her aunt who disliked her for the ‘extra mouth she had to feed’. One day as she is supposed to sell clams, she got kidnapped by a human trafficker. Inside the carriage are also kidnapped young girls her age. As much as she screams and struggles, the carriage is on her way to London. While the trafficker tries to bargain for the right price, Emma took this chance to escape and loses him. She knocks from door to door in hopes to find work for a piece of bread but the maids will not accept her as they fear their master’s wrath. Eventually a maid took pity on her and let her in. Aside working in the house, she sold flowers on the streets. I guess William has heard enough so he leaves.

Episode 12: Lily Of The Valley
As Emma is really leaving today, Al tells her what he told William and thought they passed by each other on the way back. That didn’t happen. He thought William might have gotten cold feet after hearing her story and should have at least come to see her off. Emma visits Kelly’s grave one last time. Further flashback reveals after Kelly just retired, she was visiting a friend who hired Emma for some garden work. Kelly liked how Emma had that intelligent look and wanted to hire her as a maid. Her friend was sceptical she could do maid chores but Kelly is confident with the power of education. Emma agrees to let Kelly take her in and learn all that Kelly has to teach her. The rest is history. William talks to Hakim hinting he might not deserved Emma. He wasn’t at her side when she needed the most. There is also the risk of scepticism and the likes if William brings her into the Jones’ family. Up till now he has only thought of his own feelings and never about what he should do to make Emma happy. Thus he became scared at the thought to meet her as he wondered if he is important to her. Hakim goes on to call him a pathetic miserable coward (because William told him to). He doesn’t have the courage to lose her and yet he played the tragic hero role. They love each other and yet they are confused about it. When Hakim tells him Emma is leaving today, William makes a rush to her place. However Eleanor is here for a riding appointment. She knows something is wrong but understands and lets him go. He wants to confess something but all she says is that she will wait for him no matter how long it takes. With that, William makes haste. Of course she has already left and their carriages miss each other. William finds a note on the door addressed to him. She writes about her regrets and peace of mind. William now rushes to the train station and Emma is already boarding. He makes it in time to finally face her. But all she can say is thank you. Then off she goes. William who has been running the whole day after her thinks he can run after a train? After the steam locomotive is long gone, William sits around dejected before leaving. Emma only sheds a tear.


The second season of the series. More maid romance drama after that abrupt and unsatisfying ending, but of course.

Episode 1: New House
It has been a month since Emma left London for Haworth. Currently she is employed on probation as a maid in the Molders’ estate under Madam Dorothea (they were riding on the same train and somewhat hit it off). Meanwhile William is attending another party. Hakim is amusing the English blokes with his elephant tricks. Yeah, probably why William didn’t want to be here. An awkward meeting with Eleanor. It is obvious he doesn’t have feelings for her but that’s not how she sees it. While Emma is outside, she sees the lady’s maid, Nanette talking and flirting with some military guy, Randy. Emma is caught by her for eavesdropping and warned to keep this to herself. Nanette explains she knows she is being used by him but she has to do it for the sake of love. Emma understands how she feels. When Dorothea is going to hold a dinner party tonight, she needs to have that blue fan. Although she dislikes it, it is a gift from the family she is inviting. Word spreads that the fan is missing and all the maids and butlers are called. Emma is suspected as she was the one cleaning Dorothea’s room. Some believe Emma is innocent but others remain suspicious of the new maid. Emma has her room searched and even stripped. Hans the butler is out getting parts for a broken clock. He sees Randy giving the fan to his girlfriend. He enters the pub to punch him! The girlfriend gives the fan back after he asks. Hans discovers Nanette has a part in this and punches Randy for her. Military man lost to a butler? With the case solved, the dinner party proceeds well. Next day, Nanette is fired by the head housekeeper, Mrs Wieck. Sad, she tries to poison herself but Emma stops her. Nanette doesn’t understand why she did this despite she tried to pin the blame on her. She know how she feels. This matter is brought up to Dorothea who finally finds out what happened. Emma goes out of her way to plead for forgiveness for Nanette. Dorothea laughs and agrees but Nanette will be assigned to another job. Nanette breaks down in tears. As she likes Emma’s honesty, she hires her permanently. William continues to be heartbroken and Hakim just loves teasing him about it. Eleanor makes her move as she writes a letter.

Episode 2: Moonlight
The Molders are holding a birthday party for their daughter, Ilse. When Theo, the pet squirrel of their son, Erich runs up a tree, Emma offers to climb and go get it. Although it ran back down, Emma is now stuck. Sort of. Hans offers to help but Emma insists she is alright. If that’s the case, he leaves her hanging. Literally. She falls but luckily falls on her butt and didn’t break any bones. As thanks, Erich pecks a light one on her cheek. Grace receives Eleanor’s letter that she hopes to visit Crystal Palace with them. William didn’t want to join in at first but seeing how his younger siblings are bugging him and Collin’s puppy dog eyes, I guess he is going. There, Grace is kind enough to take care of the siblings to let William show Eleanor the place. However because he is so distant, she gets frustrated and leaves. It took William a while to notice she is gone! He starts looking for her and even has Arthur help look. When William finally finds her, she can tell William is still thinking about that person. They are so close yet so distant. At that time when William left Eleanor stranded to go after Emma, she felt sad that her love had disappeared. She wondered if he would feel the same if she disappeared too. So William goes back home and complains to Hakim that he will have nothing to do with Eleanor ever again. Dorothea throws a party for her servants. But it seems Emma is prone to feeling sad and crying. The alcohol did this to her? I believe she can’t help think about William. And the same goes for William too. Dorothea thinks of taking Emma as her attendant to Mrs Trollope’s house.

Episode 3: Cool Rain
Trollope has an unusual house. It’s like a mini greenhouse. William is called upon by Richard about missing a dinner party of one of their important clients. He also saw William’s carelessness in handling their account. He chastises him about the importance of succeeding him as an heir instead of wallowing in his trivial personal problems. William storms out. Even Arthur knows what he is thinking. He has no interested in becoming the heir to bail him out. Arthur even tells off big brother about this love depression of his. If the person he loved saw him like this, she would be disappointed. And if this is how someone acts after being dumped, he wouldn’t want to fall in love himself. Grace is sick but needs to attend a charity play otherwise the hostess will spread rumours and won’t let it go for 100 years! William agrees to go in her place. He didn’t realize he is sitting next to Eleanor. Apparently Grace and Eleanor were supposed to go out together. Blessing? Not for William. Even more surprising is Hakim and Vivian in this Romeo and Juliet play. Everybody is crying except William. He’s not impressed… Eleanor leaves as he doesn’t want to see her crying. He goes after her. I think he took it the wrong way when she says she wants to stay here a little while. Because he goes off and Eleanor had to chase him in the rain. William ignores her until she catches up. She maintains she will still wait for him. Although William says being with her makes him happy, he realizes it is only easing his loneliness. It’s not love. She hugs him. When the rain stops, he notices she has dropped one of her shoes. He helps put it back. When Dorothea expresses she wants to go back to London again, Trollope remembers London didn’t quite suit her but the only thing she liked was Crystal Palace. Hmm… Is Trollope William’s mother? Emma’s most prolific memory was of course her kiss with William. William accompanies Eleanor home. He asks if her foot hurts. It’s not her foot that hurts. Get it? I think he gets the hint and holds her hand. Change of heart?

Episode 4: Courtship
William is dating Eleanor and taking her seriously. Meanwhile the maids of Molders are talking about Dorothea’s trip to London. Polly in particular is very excited to be chosen. However to her dismay, Emma is called. It seems Wieck has assigned Emma and Hans to go to London. Emma wishes to opt out but Wieck tells her this is an order and not a request. Hans thinks she hates him that much but she assures he has nothing to do with it. William couldn’t come to the beach with his sisters and Eleanor since he is being responsible with his work. Suddenly a lavish carriage arrives. She is Monica and Eleanor’s elder sister who is married to the Mildrake family. When Eleanor tells of the man she loves, Monica seems surprised. The jealous kind of surprise. Emma thinks of getting out of this London job by smashing a vase but is hesitant. However Polly helps her with it! Emma takes the blame she smashed the vase and so Wieck has to reconsider her. Polly takes this opportunity to barge in and promise she’ll work hard for this trip, blah, blah, blah. It seems Polly has an ulterior motive. There is an ad looking for a maid that pays well and she plans to quit here and join them. However Hans sees the address and knows this place is a scam to lure innocent girls in and make them do dirty work with low pay. In worse case, she’ll be sold off in the streets. Polly now is scared as she finds Emma to look for Wieck. She admits breaking the vase and doesn’t want to go to London anymore! Wieck never intended her anyway. But shockingly Emma says to reconsider her going to London. What’s with these fickle minded people?! Meanwhile Monica dashes her way in the rain to the Jones’ estate. She barges in looking for William. She found Hakim’s room first. With William entering, Monica chides William for not being worthy of her sister because of those easing loneliness words. Eleanor managed to catch up and with the Jones sibling watching, the drama just increases. William then admits he said all those but now holds Eleanor dear. He then proposes her to marry him. Richard is very happy at this and welcomes Eleanor into the family and will call her parents to pay his respects.

Episode 5: Embrace
Dorothea goes on a shopping spree and guess who she meets? Trollope doing the same too. Because Trollope will be attending some party, her maid Martha is worried she doesn’t have an attendant. Dorothea suggests Emma to be her attendant. Meanwhile William and Eleanor are getting ready for the engagement party. It’s like Eleanor still has doubts over William’s love because when he comments any dress looks good on her when asked, she gives that sad look thinking he is not interested! Oh God. If this is what his married life will be… Grace has written a letter to mom about the engagement party and she has replied she will turn up. Emma pays a visit to Kelly’s grave. Al knows something is up when he sees flowers on her tombstone. Emma is made to try all the dresses in which the ladies find every piece she wears on very lovely. The corset must be hurting… Even lovelier when Emma takes off her glasses. At the engagement party, Richard meets with Eleanor’s father, a viscount. The latter asks about his wife so the former answers due to circumstances they are living separately and is confident she will arrive. The viscount doesn’t seem too pleased he too has ‘circumstances’. Although they shake hands, later the viscount throws away his glove! If you’re wondering why Hakim isn’t around, he’s already gone back to India! Finally? Trollope arrives at the party with Emma. Mother and son are happy to see each other. At first Emma and William couldn’t recognize each other because Emma is blind as a bat without her glasses and she looks gorgeously different. But upon closer look, they realize who the other is! It gets awkward when Grace brings Eleanor to introduce to mom about William’s fiancée. For added drama, Emma couldn’t take it all and faints! She is put to bed and a carriage will pick her up next morning. So after the party and when everyone has left, William quickly goes to where Emma is sleeping. They finally have their moment together. They hug and cry like they’ve never seen each other for ages. Well, it certainly feels like so because Emma says she missed him a lot. And then the inevitable that would certainly add to the gossip scandal of every elite b*tches: They kissed.

Episode 6: Success And Loss
By the time William wakes up in the morning, Emma is long gone. She walked all the way back to Trollope’s hotel. Trollope can tell from her body reaction about Emma’s romance with William. Mother knows best, right? When William asks Grace where mom is staying, Richard is not pleased because today they’re supposed to make wedding arrangements with the Campbells. Then William drops the bomb: The engagement is cancelled! WTF?! When he arrives at the hotel, Trollope is expecting him but Emma has already gone back to Haworth with Dorothea. Mother and son take a walk together as mom reminisces about the past. Richard didn’t attend public school and rumours were rife he was desperate in getting into the gentry. No ladies would want to dance with him except for Aurelia Hartwick (Trollope). They hit it off and soon got married. By then, many ladies were gossiping about this because no lady would marry an upstart like that. The Jones had to attend many invitations as they were benefactors to their estate. But each time Aurelia was tired or suddenly started crying and this made others think she is being rude. After getting a diagnosis from a doctor, it seems the air in London is bad for her and Richard feels it is best she goes to live in the outskirts until she gets better. They don’t know how long it’ll take. Trollope believes Richard had a reason against William’s decision because they will be up against all of society. Later Richard and Trollope meet as they talk about their son. Richard thinks they are unwilling to see reality but Trollope believes they will whether they want to or not. Polly notices Emma has become more distant since her trip to London. It’s like she is immersing herself in work more than before. Maybe Polly is just being lazy? As the Molders have roots in Germany, they celebrate their own version of Christmas. A giant pudding is baked for the servants. Emma is ‘lucky’ because inside a pudding there is a ring that symbolizes a lover while Hans has a church bell that symbolizes wedding. While this is just a game and not to be taken seriously, Emma can’t help think that God is testing her.

Episode 7: Evening Waves
William talks to his dad that he will see the Campbells to annul the marriage. Even if he is threatened with disownment, William will still go ahead with it. So when William drops the bombshell to the Campbells, you can see the literal shock on Eleanor’s face. Though William will atone for this (how?) and this is entirely his own fault, the viscount reminds him about the laughing stock they’ll become and that this engagement is like a contract. It is still valid as long as both sides to not agree to cancel. He can tell William might have some affair with a maid or a useless girl to come to this decision but William disagrees that nobody in this world is useless. Of course, Eleanor is now in utter depression. Rumours soon spread about the marriage cancelled because of a love affair with a maid. Vivian is very much against this annulment and Arthur is condemning William for using this as an excuse to justify his feelings. Dorothea’s husband doesn’t want to accompany her to some charity party. Dorothea decides to make Emma her company again but since she is so against it, Dorothea just makes Emma her attendant. Also at this party is Eleanor as her mother hopes to have her take her mind off things. But Eleanor doesn’t feel like it so mom has to advise her about standing proud and confident to blow those rumours away. And then the inevitable. Eleanor and Emma’s eyes met. It’s that dreaded feeling again. Luckily Emma quickly goes away before anything untoward happens. So when she gets back, all the servants are talking about the rumours. With Emma suddenly bolting out like that, they deduce that she might be that maid in the rumour. Reluctant Hans is tasked to bring her back. He sits with her and fixes her broken timepiece while telling stories of how he admires watching his father fix watches. To his shock, Emma starts crying before running away. I don’t think his story was that boring or sad. Emma can’t help regret and ponder why she kissed William. She wasn’t being rash. She just couldn’t control her impulses. Simple. You’re in love with him, isn’t it?

Episode 8: Whereabouts
Emma tries to drown herself at sea back in her hometown?! Luckily Hans is there to save her. Though, it wasn’t Emma’s intention to kill herself but she did think about it. They stay in a nearby cabin as Hans explains why he got this job (because it provided boarding) and feels Emma is different than the other maids because of her determination. William is drowning himself in work and seemingly trying to rush to secure contracts and investments. Eleanor continues to be gloomy so her father tells her off for being pathetic for allowing an upstart to go back on his promises. Monica won’t take this and defends Eleanor. Why, she is going to bring Eleanor to William to settle it. Don’t worry. Hakim will send her on his elephant. So he’s back? This explains about the Indian bug Monica is bitten with as she is fascinated wearing Indian clothes. William is surprised to see Eleanor riding with Hakim. As they talk, Eleanor hopes to change for the better and become strong. William apologizes for being selfish and regrets what he did. He shouldn’t have done this to her knowing very well he can’t forget about Emma. This only hurts Eleanor further as this means he never had the same feelings she had for him. What’s a lady got to do but to run away in tears. As Emma and Hans have not returned, Polly thinks they have eloped. Well, some might start to feel they have taken Emma for granted because she is quick and meticulous. Speaking of the devil, they return. Immediately they are summoned to Dorothea’s room for explanation. Dorothea cannot let this slip since Emma left without any notice. She asks Wieck for her opinion. She doesn’t want Emma to be given preferential treatment. So in other words, sack her. However Hans stands up for Emma. As he forced her to return, this means Emma was fully prepared to face the consequences. He hopes Emma could be forgiven. With Emma agreeing, the issue is solved. The maids are relieved. I mean, without Emma they’ll be so much busier. She’s such an important person in the house and worth 3 of you maids put together! Finally Hans tells Emma that she might have said she has no place to return. Well, this is her place now.

Episode 9: Resolution
Trollope pays a visit to Dorothea. She feels guilty even though it wasn’t her fault that her son’s engagement might be annulled. But seeing Emma in high spirits, she is relieved that she has put her past aside and is a strong woman. Eleanor is still reeling and perhaps getting worse in her sobbing. But suddenly she stops all that because if she doesn’t overcome this, she’ll always be at an impasse. So she starts eating lots of sweet stuffs, goes out riding and do sketching of her personal maid, Annie. Her mother is worried this might be taking a toll on her and thinks calling off the engagement would be better. The viscount agrees but they will be the ones who will offer the cancellation. At first he thought the Jones’ fortune would help their financial situation but now they are back in the black, he doesn’t need them anymore. William has been receiving letters from clients who do not wish for him to attend. Many of such clients are close to the Campbells. Even if William attends some of the party that he is not shunned, he hears others badmouthing his family. It is safe to say that they are now social outcasts. Richard receives an official letter from the Campbells to annul the engagement. He tells this to his children. Vivian is most upset this means she cannot make her debut in society and she has worked hard for it. An option is for William to be disowned and the Jones seeks forgiveness from the Campbells. However William has no intention to leave his post and he will still marry Emma. This makes Vivian hate her big brother. Hakim overheard this and even talking with William won’t resolve anything since they’re at a point where they can’t appease everyone. William makes a surprise visit to Trollope to get information on where Emma is now. She tells him the information because it is not for her to decide on William and Emma’s life. She has envisioned her children of how they would grow up to be like every day. William has turned out far better than she had envisioned. Emma opens the door and to her shock it is William. Right away he asks her to marry him and promises to protect her for the rest of her life.

Episode 10: By The Window
Emma tells him to leave and with Dorothea coming into the picture, he takes his leave but promises to be back. At this point, all the servants are pretty sure Emma is that rumoured maid. William continues to drown himself in work but because of his reputation, many clients stay away and thus contracts are hard to come by. Every day William waits outside the house but Emma ignores him. He even wrote letters. A drawer choke full of them and she never reads them. If reading them causes her more pain, then why keep instead of throwing it away? Don’t tell me it’s rude. Hans had to go tell William off that Emma already told him she never wants to see him again. William knows Emma rejected him but he can’t give up because of that. Hans might think he is just being selfish in this case but if he doesn’t let out all his feelings, Emma will never have any closure. Hans apologizes to Emma for overreacting. Then he invites her out this Sunday since Dorothea gave them the day off. During the outing, he asks her to marry him. The reason being since she accepted his invitation, he has his expectations. If she hasn’t forgotten about him, why didn’t she turn Hans down? He wonders if she is running away of guilt. It is a good thing he asked her out because she might never break up with him. William talks to Hakim for advice for he has lost confidence for the people around him who are against this. He never thought Emma’s feelings would change. The next time William visits her, he gets close enough to speak his mind and make her listen (all the servants are all ears listening to the drama too since Dorothea also wants to see this interesting conclusion). He understands her hesitation because the last time he said he would protect her, they were just meaningless words. They will face difficulties in high society but he is confident they can overcome it together. He won’t abandon her halfway. Since this is still bothering her, he throws her a final ultimatum. Next week he will be waiting at the fountain at Crystal Palace. If she fails to show up, he will give up on her.

Episode 11: Time
William learns the bad news that the government has withdrawn the pledge for the railway project in South America they are heading. Furthermore, a baron has been standing in their way and the government. This means their stocks are now worthless piece of papers and their losses go into millions. Their options are limited but William decides not to give up and try to go talk to a government official. He gets a little hope since the government guy will see what he can do. William doesn’t stop there as he seeks to gather investment pledges from his friends. So far he has a few of them but many rejected him. Despite Hakim also lending him a lot, the Jones are still short by a million pounds. The baron sees the viscount and looks like they are doing some pretty shady stuffs. Although the viscount doesn’t really like it and warns the baron to know where he stands. William receives more bad news from Richard that they may need to sell assets from the family to compensate their clients’ losses. This means closing down the company. William thinks if they give up now, all they did until now are for nought. Richard says they have only a day to make a difference or the government will really revoke their pledge. It seems the viscount has heard about their activity of gathering investors and he is putting pressure on them. Furthermore, the viscount is forming a new railroad company. William’s siblings are worried about their future. Although he assures them they will take care of each other, inside he is stressed up. Arthur tries to help up by giving some names he got from his friends to help alleviate the situation. He had to swallow some of his pride to get it so hope this helps. Dorothea’s husband reads about the government’s decision to auction off a railroad company. However she is more interested in Emma’s decision which is today. Seems Emma decides to head out. The servants are abuzz since they think she will accept William’s proposal. Emma visits Kelly’s grave and then visit her old place. It is under renovation since a new tenant will be moving in soon. She remembers talking to Kelly about her worries about William because even though she loves him, she is worried she cannot make him happy. Kelly told her that is already her answer. When Emma leaves, she hears a commotion about a fire. Dorothea’s place is burning down.

Episode 12: Flower
Money before love? William needs to go around to secure the funds first or else many who around him will be bankrupt. Note, this doesn’t mean he is prioritizing business over love. However with so many rejections, the last name on the last, the earl finally agrees but the amount he pledged is just peanuts. Then it’s like a miracle because an old client decides to hand a cheque to him for the balance after seeing how he worked so hard and persevered and changed his mind. William has a feeling Hakim had a hand in this because that client has trading ties with India and he knew exactly the amount needed. Time to head for Crystal Palace. Meanwhile Emma rushes back but the fire is already too wild to be stopped. She wanted to go get something important from her room but Hans stopped her. Firemen eventually put it out and Emma returns to her room, glad the handkerchief is still alright. Hans talked to her and wonders why she is still here when she loves William so much. He admits he was happy when she came back but when he saw the way she tried to save the handkerchief, he finally understood how much she loves William. Realizing it would be useless to wait for her, Hans wants her to be happy. With everyone giving Emma their blessings, she runs off to Crystal Palace. Last time William ran after the train. This time Emma runs after a bus! And she manages to catch it! In a skirt! OMG! I have a feeling Emma’s hidden talent is running! Seriously! But by the time she reaches, the place is at closing hours. William isn’t seemingly there. But wait. There he is. Why must he sit in some hidden spot and not in a place to be easily spotted?! First things first. When they see each other, a big hug. A few tears. Then William pops the question. Emma agrees. Finally. The drama is over. I suppose this means Emma will have to quit being a maid to become William’s wife as she says goodbye to Dorothea and the rest. At a party, Richard and the viscount bump into each other. The latter is not amused he has no shame but Richard asserts he did nothing wrong and is proud of his son. The viscount remains arrogant telling him to watch his mouth if he wants to remain in this society. It is hinted that Eleanor might have found somebody new. Emma writes to Dorothea about her blissful life with William and their 4 children!

Pride & Prejudice
Finally we can put 2 seasons of impasse to end. If you think about it, it looked so simple and all they have to do was be true to their feelings and everything will be done. But remember, living in such a period, such is already highly unacceptable in high society. It is a good thing that William and Emma finally end up marrying each other and have a happy family because it would have been a real tragedy and slap in the face had it ended in somewhat the similar disastrous fashion as the first season. Yeah, happy endings are a must especially when it involves a maid :-). And of course, had it been that simple, there would be no such drama for us to watch in the first place. So, thank you?

I have to admit that this series is one long drawn out romance drama between William and Emma. If I actually think about it, the entirety of both seasons are just boring. However something kept me interested in wanting to know more and perhaps that is to see if William and Emma could really hit it off. Though, I have my reservations it would go anything but well because, you know, drama. Yes, the different classes in society as well. So it had me thinking, if Emma wasn’t a maid, would I have actually classified this series as downright boring? Did my blind love for maids prejudiced this romance drama to be a little fascinating and interesting instead of outright dreary and draggy? Maybe.

And so for the obvious reason to drag out the romance drama between the upstart gentry and the maid is because of these English blokes not being able to show their true feelings to each other. Not to say that it is very much different than today but yeah, partly it is because life in that era is like that. Being too flamboyant is somewhat frowned upon as it is viewed as ‘uncivilized’. Therefore you can’t blame William and Emma and the rest of the other English blokes putting up poker faces in the name of culture, civilized manners and etiquette. Not to say that everybody here are like robots but watching them from my era it feels so unreal. But like I said, life is like that then. Even when you hear William confessing to Emma and her reaction in hearing those shocking words, you can feel that there aren’t enough emotions in their reactions. It is like they are trying to be reserved or something. Uh huh. Poker face. Even when Eleanor was crying the first time after talking to William, it doesn’t feel heart breaking enough. Get what I mean? Emotional outbursts like exaggerated surprises are only for today’s so dramatic emo drama.

Sometimes I feel the final ‘drama’ of that railroad project feels like a distraction. Because with the romance drama already at boring point, they need something else dramatic to divert our attention. And also to show how William has matured into a fine man with his kindness and perseverance. Yes, it has nothing to do with all that has happened so far but I suppose this is also somewhat necessary because in the end you see William and Emma living a cosy life in their big mansion and beautiful garden. This means he must have been successful in his final negotiations push, right? This at least smoothens their livelihood in the gentry. Otherwise all will be for nought if they have to live in poverty and your usual husband-wife argument with accusations, blaming and regret all get thrown in the mix. Something we don’t really want to see happening between them, right?

Although William and Emma are the main focus of the series, because focusing solely on them too much will be such a bore, that is why sometimes we are distracted with other secondary characters. Some are do play a minor important role while some just feels redundant. For instance, Kelly might not feel that she has a lot of presence in the first season but she does have a vision and insights for Emma. Not only teaching and raising her as a proper woman and maid, she quietly gives her support for her till her death. It is such pity that a great character had to pass on and continue to exist in flashbacks and memories of Emma.

Then there is the boggling Hakim. His existence and role in this series is just baffling. I know he is William’s friend but he hangs out in the Jones’ estate all day doing nothing by lazing around, smoking his shisha or something. Sure, he gives William some advice but that is sparsely and does his dealings behind the scenes indirectly. I’m sure he is interested to see how things between William and Emma turn out since he had to ‘forfeit’ his chance. It’s like he needs to see this through and get an ending he wants or all will be wasted. And to think he would be William’s rival for Emma but that died out as soon as it came. Besides, isn’t he part of the Indian royalty who is supposed to be ruler of his country or at least some state? What is he goofing around in England for? Should he not have some sort of responsibility as a royal member? Even more mind boggling are his woman servants flanking his side. They feel like emotionless robots. Real life dolls to be more precise. They just bum around with him.

Another baffling character is Trollope. Even after the reason for her living separately from her family, I don’t understand why she had to change her name. To avoid others from knowing who she is? I’m sure she is so out of the picture for so long that anybody would hardly remember her. Of course maybe they will remember if they remember she is Richard’s wife. She after all skipped a lot of parties which is seen as a rude sign. Also, if she sometimes visit London, why doesn’t she visit her family? Because as far as I understand, she hasn’t seen her children since William was a child. Maybe she doesn’t want to give her children false hopes especially Vivian who was just crying when she went away. So living the non-hectic life alone in the outskirts is better? So much about the quality of life. And since she is still living by herself in the end, I am guessing she’ll live like this till she kicks the bucket.

Seeing the poster for the second season, I was anticipating there was some sort of romance going to bloom between Hans and Emma, thus this could be the ‘drama’ for the sequel as he becomes the third wheel and obstacle to vie for Emma’s affections. Well, they sure trolled me. Hans is unsociable and not the kind of guy that any girl would want. He doesn’t like Emma at first but after he learns more about her, he stands by her side. And because I said about English people having poker face, I can’t tell if he really loves Emma or if he is just trolling her when he proposed to her. In the final episode, he comes clean with his feelings but even so, that feels quite indirect. He must be trying to be considerate knowing Emma’s heart belongs to somebody else forever. So as usual he has to put on his poker face and be a real man to let her go.

Dorothea is a nice lady but I don’t really see her making any much impact on the series except with her being friends with Trollope, it is like a convenient plot to have William and Emma meet again and screw up their feelings for each other. Besides, it got me thinking that naming the second season as Molders’ chapter felt a bit misleading because the household doesn’t really play any big impact in the overall flow of the story. Just a place where Emma is working and residing now. Sure, you can argue something about Hans relating to this but what I meant was the Molders’ household itself. My impression was that something major would come out of it especially Dorothea’s husband who wouldn’t even matter if he never appeared at all. Maybe it is just me thinking too much.

William’s other siblings also don’t do much. Grace is playing the big mother and big sister, Arthur getting by, Vivian the cheeky brat who is really looking forward to her debut in society and Collin… Oh Collin, this is what I remember about him. It seems to be a running joke that when Collin asks a question, everyone ignores him. He keeps asking and they keep ignoring him. Until he cries! Proof that nobody pays attention to kids until they start wailing? This is less obvious in the second season because I don’t see him asking questions anymore. Not really sure if Vivian and Arthur have really accepted Emma but looking at how things turned out, they just have to get over themselves and accept reality. They’ll be too busy with their own stuffs in society to bother about somebody’s life that don’t really matter in theirs.

Sometimes I feel pity for Eleanor. She might be a little naïve but can you blame her for this is her first time coming out to society and in love? She tries so hard to win William’s heart and attention and all this while he was looking away, she never gave up. Even during her short stint with William, it seems she still has some scepticism about his love. Her joy becomes short-lived and it was like a slap in her face when he cancelled it. Then she couldn’t stop crying and feeling hurt. Thank goodness ice cream wasn’t a thing then because she might have tried to nurse her broken heart by turning into a glutton. And it is also a good thing that she didn’t turn into a vengeful yandere that she decided to hunt down Emma and take her out. What did I tell you about the non-existence of sci-fi elements and exaggerative fantasy adventures in this series? It is good to see her try and get back on her feet and get over this. Because it will be a shame for her to see her crying for the rest of her life and die a spinster. Though, it is not sure whether she really got it going with her potential beau but then again, she isn’t the star of this show. In this context, Eleanor is like the third wheel in William and Emma’s romance, right? It is amazing these women never enter a cat fight when they see each other once. Wow. English people are this civilized? At first I thought why Monica didn’t want to give William a beat down. But I suppose she is putting her trust in her beloved little sister she loves so much and let her sort it out. Otherwise for a woman who could even stand up to her own father wouldn’t let this lie down and maybe give William a piece of her mind. And she being bitten by the Indian bug? Yeah, those clothes are airier and easier to move in compared to the stifling and stuffy Victorian dresses.

So back to our main characters, William and Emma. William looks like he has grown into a different in both season. In the first season he was the carefree and not-taking-any-responsibilities eldest son and even if he frolics around till he finds his love in Emma, that even doesn’t feel that he is serious. I mean, it feels like he is taking this love thingy with Emma lightly. Not until Emma left till he had to nurse his broken heart and change. He works hard to become the heir of his family business that every father would be proud of. More drama added to his life with his surprise engagement to Eleanor and surprise cancellation after fate chose to screw him over again. So he works even harder and even the penultimate episode distracted us with the threat of their family going bankrupt or something. That won’t happen to a main character, right?

Emma on the other hand is quite blessed. If you consider that among all the maids, she won the big lottery of marrying into a rich family, no? It is unfortunate she has a tragic and sad life as a child but thanks to Kelly, she is able to live a decent life. So when she falls in love with William, she becomes confused and in a dilemma if she would become his homewrecker or something and that is why all the drama of Emma trying to reject him and shut out her own feelings just so she wouldn’t shake the fabric of society. I don’t know being this way is considered considerate. For the sake of the plot, it isn’t. Either way, they would still face some sort of hardship. Being true to their love means earning the wrath of society as the entire class of nobles and gentries will be against you. Hiding your feelings means hurting yourself and staying untrue to yourself. But I’m sure English people can handle the letter. Because they’re a pro at being, wait for it, poker face. And to think that Emma had lots of admirers then, it shows that even back then people love maids! Viva maids! Emma’s hardworking attitude earns the respect of the other maids in the Molders’ estate. Because I think some of them like Polly is really a funny girl. She thinks highly of herself and dreams bug but can’t match humble Emma in any way.

One thing I really love about the series is the beautiful and catchy opening theme. Silhouette Of A Breeze by Kunihiko Ryo is a very nice and lively instrumental piece. Even if it doesn’t match the romance drama atmosphere of the series, it really does catch your attention. There are a few versions of it like the piano one and the Celtic version which is used for the second season’s opener. Of course this original version is still the best and my favourite. I’m glad they retained this song as the opening theme because I don’t think I would really like it if they changed it like how certain animes do. What I mean is that there are some first opening themes that I really like and is much better than the subsequent opening themes. So for them to remain this piece whether intentionally or not is good. Because there was almost a 2 year gap between both the seasons. Maintaining the instrumental themes, the ending songs are also instrumental. Yeah, it would be weird to hear songs in Japanese in an English setting but hey, it’s already weird to hear English men and women speak fluent Japanese! So for the first season we have Menuet for Emma by Tokyo Recorder Orchestra as the ending theme and Rondo Of Lily Bell by Kunihiko Ryo for the second season. They sound rather okay and lovely in its own right but still it can’t beat the opener.

The art and animation may not really stand out but it is rather because back in the Victorian era, everything is drab and gloomy, right? But if you are talking purely about the art style of this series, it might not seem anything special. However if you really take a closer look at the surroundings, you will notice the details of the English life during the era. As I discover, the manga author of the series is quite fascinated with the English culture and has done her research on the subject. So while the backwater inventions, furniture and buildings may look ordinary and nothing that strikes you, you should be aware that life in that era is, well, like that. So it is with much fascination for me to see the Victorian style British life that is depicted close enough to what it was in this anime. Making my experience watching this series better is the extra historical information at the end of the episode, courtesy of a kind fansub doing extra research on the Victorian culture that gives us an insight to their life. So now you know why those silly Victorians dip in the sea with their fully clothed ‘swimsuits’. Try not to laugh…

Because of both season having almost 2 years of gap in between them, the studios that produced them also changed. The first season had Studio Pierrot who did many famous animes like Bleach, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul and Yuu Yuu Hakushou. For the second season, it is Ajia-Do who did Zettai Shonen, Nintama Rantarou, Kaiketsu Zorori and recently Shuumatsu No Izetta. Thankfully there is no difference in the art style. At least, nothing that is very obviously different. But I would like to note that the strangest looking character is Eleanor. At first I thought her features like her face and eyes are somewhat, uhm, elongated. She looks a bit strange that way. Like an alien? This isn’t so obvious for the second season or I might have gotten used to it. Of course, I have to comment on the maid designs too. Nothing as flashy and sexy as the modern day Japanese counterparts but they still look stunning despite the boring black and white garb they don all day. Yeah, it proves that the original classic can still look good today. Well, if you’re maid obsessed anyway.

Overall, they don’t make such romance drama animes these days. It would have been boring to death seeing how anime has evolved so much and viewers’ expectations and tastes have changed to a different level. There are a handful of series involving romance with maids but Kaichou Wa Maid-sama, Mahoromatic, Hand Maid May and even Hanaukyou Maid-tai aren’t nowhere near this level. This series is a refreshing watch because it is a period romance drama without all the flashy typical anime stuffs and the accurate details to the historical stuffs are sure to fascinate you (if you pay attention, that is). I don’t think I want to live in that era even if I had a maid serving me. Nothing beats the internet to find and download all those maid pictures, movies, games and more! Oh well, time to go back to my favourite modern Japanese anime maids. Cheerio English maids. Konnichiwa, tadaima nihon meido-tachi.

Shounen Maid

November 5, 2016

FFFFUUUUUUUU!!!!! I knew it. I think they are on to me. It is like they knew my fetish for maids and my dislike for the yaoi genre so they had this idea to mash in both genres just to make me watch it! Because they know I can’t refuse anything with maids. Especially cute kawaii Japanese maids. Oh FFFFUUUUUUUU!!!!! Just as its title implies, Shounen Maid is about a young boy dressing up and working as a maid for his adult male employer-cum-guardian. Well, if that doesn’t send your yaoi or shounen ai alarms ringing at the highest level, you must either be a hardcore fan or one who is already used to such genre. And so here I am, trying to satiate my maid desires even if it means having a cross-dresser, even if it means having to become a shotacon for the moment, even if it means putting up with whatever yaoi tropes they’ll throw at me. Bring ‘em on! I’ll take it all, I tell ‘ya! Viva maids!!! Viva Japanese anime maids!!!

Episode 1
Chiyo, the beloved mom of Chihiro Komiya suddenly dies of a heart failure due to overworking. Where will Chihiro go now since he has no relatives? On his way home, he sees a man scared and cornered by a puppy. After saving him, Madoka Takatori recognizes Chihiro. He is his uncle. Arrangements are made for Chihiro to come live with him in his mansion along with his confidante, Keiichiro Shinozaki. Chihiro thinks Madoka got it all wrong since mom told him she had no relatives. Well, she cut herself off from the main family. Chihiro is upset the family never helped her although this is Chiyo’s wish. Even if it disgraced her father, she left home and had him. She was free to choose to leave her parents’ protection. Chihiro is still mad and in that case won’t accept his help. He runs away but how far can he run? So at the kitchen, he is already having it tough thinking about a future without his mom. Then the biggest scare of his life. The kitchen is in a mess! This big mansion and Madoka couldn’t hire a decent housekeeper? What is it about not being good with strangers? This clicks Chihiro’s OCD as he starts cleaning right away till it is sparkling clean. Apparently not only the kitchen but the entire mansion is dirty! So Madoka makes him a deal that in exchange for food and boarding, he can work here. Chihiro remembers his mom words that those who don’t work cannot eat. He accepts the job. But why in a maid outfit?! Hell yeah! Still weird, though… (It seems Madoka made the outfit himself and tricked him into wearing it). So Chihiro cleans the mansion without rest. He won’t stop until is clean and even threatens Madoka to not intervene! Dedication… The tiredness got to him as he accidentally breaks a vase. Although stubborn at first, the guys tell him to take it easy. After waking up from his rest, Chihiro finds the guys cleaning a room. They plan to make this room his. Well, at least it is bigger than his previous house. However Chihiro is not impressed with their cleaning and has them start from the top again! Later, Chihiro learns from Keiichiro that Madoka is a clothes designer. So he is not a rich NEET who stays at home all day? That night he peeks into his room, the only room he is not allowed to clean. He is amazed to see Madoka at work with all the dresses for a play. He looks so different. So adult. Chihiro prepares tea for him and advises him to rest too. Next morning, Chihiro is delighted he has finished his dress. Unfortunately it is cat pyjamas for him. His real work is still WIP. Time for Chihiro to blow his top.

Episode 2
Chihiro answers the door to find Miyako Ootori outside. He thought she is Madoka’s sister from the way she addresses him but is actually his fiancée. Apparently she ran away from home. Again. Another fight with father? After hearing Chihiro’s ‘amazing’ story, she vows to work hard to earn her father’s trust to become independent. Thus she dons a maid outfit (that’s more like it!) and becomes Chihiro’s disciple. Unfortunately she is clumsy and breaks almost everything. When she is tired and morally deflated, a few words from Keiichiro revive her. Miyako cooks proper dinner for Madoka but the kitchen is in a mess. Chihiro is not pleased that Madoka is the one who taught her baking and thus the mess. Later Chihiro talks to Miyako about her arranged marriage. But he knows she likes Keiichiro from her body language. He advises her not to give up because if she does, she won’t have a winning chance. When Miyako’s father is here to bring her back, he sees Madoka flanked by the maids. He is shock with his fetish and decides to call off the engagement as Madoka nonchalantly agrees. Well, all as planned, right? But couldn’t he do it in another way that is less bad taste? When Chihiro meets his school friends, he can’t tell them about his maid joke or they’ll laugh at him. His friends are curious to see how he is really doing and tails him back to the mansion. Shocking, right? Even shocking is how they see him in a maid outfit. Busted. Chihiro comes clean with what has happened and his friends accept it as long as he is fine. Miyako comes on Sundays for baking lessons with Chihiro. After learning Miyako and Keiichiro’s favourite food, it dawned to Chihiro he doesn’t know Madoka’s favourite food. Instead of asking, he cooks lots of dishes. Well, Madoka finishes them all! Even madder when Madoka says any dishes Chihiro cook will be his favourite. Later Chihiro remembers his mom used to make tamagoyaki. He makes this for Madoka and this brings back memories of Chiyo’s cooking. Only, it was very burnt back then. Not to say Chihiro’s is perfect but at least better. Madoka realizes Chiyo has improved over the years because of her frustration for her failures to be eaten as if they were delicious. Chihiro vows to perfect them but in exchange Madoka must be the taste tester. But before that, his friends become his guinea pigs to test taste his black and burnt failures. I hope they can stomach this.

Episode 3
Chihiro finds an abandoned puppy and couldn’t bear to let it be so he secretly brings it back to the mansion. Then he sees Keiichiro reprimanding Madoka because he brought back a cat despite being allergic to it. All the more reason for Chihiro to hide the dog from this cat lover. Because Chihiro has been acting suspicious, soon Keiichiro finds out about it. He will help find a proper owner for the dog but first Chihiro must apologize to Madoka. Chihiro fears he has hurt his feelings by keeping it a secret but shortly Madoka is back to his idiotic ways. Chihiro is delighted to see his friend, Yuuji Hino here. It seems his grandpa is the gardener who comes to tend the garden from time to time. Grandpa is a nice man and is willing to let Chihiro stay with his big family. However Chihiro declines seeing he already has a place to call home. That’s a big relief for Madoka, no? Eventually Miyako takes in the dog. Oh, he is called Antarou. Something to do with red bean pastes. After Madoka and Keiichiro leave for a bridal fair business trip, Chihiro is left home alone for the first time. The first thing to cross his mind? He can clean in peace! As Madoka gave him a handphone, Chihiro is unsure how to use it and seeks Hino’s help. Then we see lots of unreplied gay-like messages from Madoka. Starting to get the wrong idea? Chihiro cleans the house so much that he develops a small fever. He goes to bed but it is so quiet that he can’t relax. He calls Madoka on a whim but quickly hangs up and shuts off the handphone. He falls asleep and dreams of his mom’s kindness of making him porridge. When he wakes up in the middle of the night, he is shocked that Madoka is by his side. Well, he thought something is wrong after he hung up. Yeah, the taxi fare is going to kill him. Madoka stays with him all night and even makes him porridge which pretty much reminds Chihiro how similar Chiyo made hers – bad. Next morning Chihiro’s fever has gone down and Madoka gets to taste his delicious home cook food. Better than eating outside. Chihiro thinks he is skipping work since Keiichiro is now in a bind after discovering a note Madoka left behind. He is going to get a lot of scolding when the time comes.

Episode 4
After seeing Bearded Baron (Chihiro’s term for cockroach) in Madoka’s room, he is definitely going to clean it and nobody is going to stop him. (A toy dog is enough to keep Madoka locked in). While cleaning up, he spots many empty present boxes and just throws them away thinking they are just trash. After the room is cleaned, Madoka is sad. It’s like somebody else’s room! But even sadder when he learns those ‘trash’ are thrown away. Then he starts acting awkward. Late Chihiro learns from Keiichiro that Madoka treasures those boxes. He is the kind who treasures the wrapper more than its content. Feeling bad, Chihiro scours the garbage to find all those wrappers as he remembers why his mom never threw away silly scribbles Chihiro made on the fridge. After Chihiro hands them back, he gives him a box to put all his important things there. Otherwise he will just throw it away. That’s a warning. Chihiro and Miyako make pudding and since it tastes good, Miyako will use this to steal Keiichiro’s heart. But could Keiichiro be dense because despite the guys dropping some obvious hints about the pudding, he remains ignorant. Yeah, Miyako wants to be a top pastry chef, right? Chihiro spots Keiichiro’s forgotten planner. Then come slipping out is a picture of a beautiful girl. OMG! WHO IS THAT BABE?! He hides it back before Keiichiro comes back to retrieve. So the thought Keiichiro has a girlfriend bugs Chihiro greatly as he confides in Madoka. Obviously that guy doesn’t know what discreet means so he asks Keiichiro directly about it! Keiichiro can smell what is going on as Chihiro apologizes for looking without permission. He then takes out many photos of that beautiful girl. One of those pictures is Chiyo. But who is that beautiful lady? Well… That is Madoka!!! OMFG!!! Chiyo used to tease him by making him dress up like a girl. He didn’t resist and she enjoyed it. Why is Keiichiro having it? To use it as dirt on Madoka. But since it has lost its surprise element, don’t worry there are others. Others?! There is also a toddler picture of Miyako in which Chihiro tells to her to inspire her that it is the first photo he took and always carries it with him. To Madoka’s horror, Keiichiro has reprint extra copies of the photos for Chihiro. Think of it as keeping evil at bay. Miyako also has one on Keiichiro enjoying his pudding.

Episode 5
Chihiro sprains his ankle while cleaning at school. This means he has to rest and no do his usual maid job. Who is going to clean and cook then? Don’t worry. Madoka is your maid! Time to worry… And dinner is all nothing but sweets… The next day, Madoka gets help from Miyako. They both did a decent job but falter when they try to cook Japanese food as requested by Chihiro. Seeing how down they are, Chihiro realizes he shouldn’t be sulking so he changes his preference to stew and sweets. There is a flashback when Chiyo saw Madoka off at the airport as he will be going to France to study. He was worried of leaving her alone but she assures she is strong and wants him to come back stronger as an adult. After Chihiro and his friends watch a horror movie, Chihiro is shaking in fear despite he is saying otherwise. So a cue for Madoka to sleep with him? But he gets a nightmare of a ghost chasing him and his fear is fuelled further by his friends’ ghost rumour talk. Of all nights, Madoka had to be away for a trip leaving him all alone. He thought he heard sounds outside and thinks it is a thief and will go intercept the intruder. However he gets freaked out by the smallest thing and he ultimately faints when this ghostly figure is at the door. Turns out to be Madoka forgetting his key. Making Chihiro mad is that he brought back a stray cat. Madoka argues that it is only natural to help one in need just like how Chihiro brought home that stray puppy. Chihiro asks why he helped him then, it is because of a promise Madoka made to Chiyo. She said when she is in trouble, come help her. That is why he kept waiting but of course she never did seek his help. But a promise is still a promise. What Chiyo gave everything up to protect, Madoka will properly protect in her place. Chihiro gets the same nightmare but this time he helps the ghost and everything turns into a sweet dream. Morning comes, Chihiro is alright. But Madoka is not because he gets scolded by Keiichiro for bringing home a cat.

Episode 6
Chihiro spots a suspicious guy on the streets and his is right to avoid him. However he forces him to help out. Turns out he is Ryuuji of the popular boy group Uchouten Boys that also includes Hayato and Ibuki and he looking for Madoka’s mansion. Madoka is contracted to make their uniforms but Ryuuji doesn’t like his boyish uniform since he is tired of his boyish role in the group. Unfortunately Madoka cannot change anything as he has already submitted his design. Ryuuji will not leave until he does so. While he complains, he learns the truth of Madoka’s taste in frilly clothes and accidentally badmouths Chihiro’s maid outfit. He feels bad later and wants to apologize but Chihiro is acting like it never happened. Ryuuji comes to terms after talking with Madoka that he has a duty to show what the fans want to see. It isn’t as embarrassing as he thought it would. Soon, Hayato comes to get Ryuuji to go home. He hopes to come again sometime. Since Uchouten Boys’ special programme is held on the same day as Madoka’s birthday, Miyako suggests coming over to plan his birthday party. He is still scratching his head on what to get as present while he helps Miyako in the kitchen. During his break, he spots an old lady scared and cornered by Antarou. He ‘saves’ her as he learns she isn’t the master of this mansion but a lady named Kayako. After getting to know who Chihiro is and what is bugging him, she hints if the present has to be a physical object. If he thinks hard and back on what Madoka likes, he should already know the answer. Chihiro and Miyako dress up with cat ears and tail for the party. This must be heaven for Madoka. But he isn’t too fond when Keiichiro puts them on. They watch Uchouten Boys’ show as they also dedicate a special birthday song for him as thanks for the outfits. Just this one time, Chihiro holds in his pride and wears the cat pyjamas for him without complaining. Only a few more hours before the day is over…

Episode 7
Keiichiro is worried that Chihiro doesn’t study at home because he would rather use that time to clean. But how can you argue when Chihiro scores perfect in most of his tests! Straight A’s student! As there will be a school open day next week, the students have to write an essay about what they want to be in the future. Hino knows Chihiro well that he won’t tell Madoka about the open day so he gives Madoka a head’s up. Dinner between them feels awkward. Later Chihiro laments he still can’t sum up the courage to tell Madoka but thinks it is fine if he doesn’t turn up. Then he remembers his mom lectured him when he did not tell her about it. So Chihiro tells Madoka and he is more than delighted to come. Chihiro’s worries were unfounded. But Madoka’s secret is busted because he knows what he essay is all about. As they discuss about this, when Chihiro was younger, his future goal was to become rich. Simple, right? It was so that he could always be with his mom. Madoka gives him the freedom to put down whatever he wants and also gives some suggestions. During open house day, Hino’s big family is here! Embarrassing? That’s not all of them, though… When Madoka and Keiichiro arrive, they look sharp and elegant, thus standing out like a sore thumb. They have got kids wondering who this hunk is to Chihiro. The day proceeds well as we learn Chihiro wants to become a hotel baron. When it is over, his homeroom teacher, Sakamoto would like to talk to them about Chihiro’s living conditions and if he is doing well. Chihiro and Madoka plead for Keiichiro to help out but clearly they are on their own. Take some responsibility. Madoka’s inability to lie has Chihiro stomping his feet each time he is about to reveal the dangerous truth. In the end, Sakamoto didn’t need to worry as she believes they are getting along just fine. Back home, Keiichiro dumps lots of management books to Chihiro so he can achieve his dream. Hey, you have to start somewhere, right? Madoka has also put an early investment in his room: A study desk.

Episode 8
Chihiro is so happy to get a vacuum cleaner for his Christmas present. Really. Since he will be doing a major spring cleaning, his friends volunteer to help. They didn’t count on Chihiro putting maid aprons on them! Hino saw this coming and brought his own apron to save the embarrassment. Miyako is also here to help and she thought she could show the boys how it is done. Unfortunately she still needs to take instructions from Chihiro and ends up being clumsy. Chihiro thought his hard work is undone when Madoka makes them treats. This means he messed up the kitchen, right? Surprise! It’s so sparkly clean. But Chihiro knows his trick because he threw all the dirty utensils outside! On New Year’s Eve, Madoka and co drive to their winter villa. Also tagging along are Hino and Miyako. Chihiro can’t help being a worrywart if he left the house locked. He thought he could clean the cabin but it has its own caretakers. Bummer. After ice skating, they eat nabe but Chihiro is appalled Hino and Miyako chuck everything inside the pot instead of letting the stock for the soup boil. To reduce Chihiro’s anxiety of homesickness, they let him make and serve drinks. Chihiro and Madoka stay out till the wee hours of dawn to watch the first sunrise of the year. Chihiro used to do this with his mom via watching from their apartment window. Miyako is lovely in a kimono. There is a food glut since Miyako has her chef made some, the boys brought some of theirs, Keiichiro ordered boxes of takeouts and the caretaker even cooked for them. Oh well, let’s fat together. But before that, they take a group photo. Maybe trying to compare before and after?

Episode 9
It’s déjà vu again as Chihiro saves that old lady from another dog. To repay him, she hopes to have tea with him when he is free. Back home, Chihiro receives a visitor, a small girl named Hana. She is Hino’s little sister and they had a fight. You mean she ran all the way here? Chihiro calls Hino to come pick her up and that was before Hana told him not to tell anyone she is here. So when big brother is here, she views Chihiro as a traitor in addition to hating her brother. Hino reveals he accidentally read her diary without permission. So young and she already knows about invasion of privacy. Eventually she falls asleep in Madoka’s work station. Hino lets her stay here for the night and returns home. As they babysit her, Madoka remembers Miyako used to run to him whenever she fights with her father. Chiyo would often side with Miyako’s dad to even the odds. So to Madoka it feels kinda funny seeing these siblings fight like this. Next morning, Madoka has created a magical girl dress for her. Isn’t that from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica? Namesake I’m confused… Hino arrives to pick her up so the siblings reconcile. But Hino has to put up with her in the embarrassing dress as they walk home. But now Keiichiro is breathing down Madoka’s neck as he failed to work last night and must catch up. Ryuuji is also here to stay since he is so free. But since Chihiro has a date with that old lady, he has Hino babysit him till he comes back. Of course what is more thrilling than tailing to see who this chick Chihiro wants to see. She indirectly talks about her daughter who left and a grandson whom she wishes to see. Ryuuji and Hino’s spying is eventually exposed. After the kids left, it is greatly hinted that the old lady is Chiyo’s mom. She notes Chihiro is a good boy but Madoka has not changed. She thinks it would be better for him to come live with them. Chihiro punishes the busy bodies by having them sweep outside in a maid outfit.

Episode 10
Chihiro is suspicious of Madoka’s behaviour. Then he catches him in the act. He has been hiding cats in his room! How does he overcome his allergy? Wear a gas mask! Time for another good round of lecture as Keiichiro confiscates them. With all the cat hair lying around you’d think Chihiro be mad, right? Wrong! He is happy he can clean something! So with all the bed sheets and clothes out to dry, Madoka wears some makeshift cat prints tunic. To help him deal with his cat loving syndrome, Miyako leaves lots of cat dolls in his room. Which is fine but it crosses the line when Madoka puts some in Chihiro’s room as well. On another day, Chihiro spots the old lady trying to lure a cat with some tuna with chicken tenderloin canned food. Failed miserably. Chihiro leaves after a short chat but he is puzzled how she knows he is going to visit his mom’s grave. Chihiro and Madoka make their way to Chiyo’s grave as they clean and wash her tombstone before making their usual prayers. This spot also lies Chihiro’s father who died shortly after Chihiro was born. It is natural that Chihiro doesn’t think much of him and he doesn’t even know how he looks like seeing many photos that contain him, he tries to cover his face. Not much of a photogenic guy, is he? After they leave, Chihiro forgets to take the bucket and returns. He is surprised to see the old lady there. Madoka is not too happy she is here. Why can’t a mother visit her daughter’s grave? She then introduces herself as Kazusa, Chihiro’s blood related grandmother and apologizes for not telling him earlier on. Chihiro is left in shock. Madoka knew Keiichiro told Kazusa about Chiyo’s grave (since she asked) and thinks she is trying to get on Chihiro’s good side. But he isn’t one to say since he is the same as her, trying to be family with him. Chihiro continues to be confused. He thought he would be mad if he met a member from the main family but he didn’t.

Episode 11
Madoka wakes up from a dream when he got sick during a house party after being anxious meeting so many people. Chiyo wanted to stay by his side but Kazusa told her to return to the party and left Keiichiro to care for him. Chihiro is spacing out that he cannot concentrate in school and becomes clumsy. His friends are worried about him. Wait a minute. There is a girl who likes Chihiro?! Anyway Hino learns about it and plans to cheer him up. First he calls Ryuuji (because he has nothing better to do) to go play video games with Chihiro. He is busy cleaning. Not in the mood. What about Madoka? Not in the mood either. Plan failed. Next plan, he sends Miyako. Although she is treated with the usual hospitality, she still cannot break through their gloominess. She knows too well it is an internal family problem and cannot butt in. In another attempt to help cheer up Chihiro, Miyako suggests a hanami here and invite all his friends. So for the first round of hanami, we have the usual suspects plus Uchouten Boys. Making it better is Hino’s grandpa bringing a real sakura tree! Except for Madoka locking himself in his work station. During the party, Keiichiro apologizes to Chihiro for telling the location of his mom’s grave. Chihiro doesn’t mind. Keiichiro says that despite Kazusa’s cold appearance, there is more to her than that. After Uchouten Boys leave, the ladies now arrive for the second round. At this point Chihiro goes to get Madoka to join them. He is making everyone worried. I guess the tamagoyaki also did the trick. Chihiro talks to Madoka that he met Kazusa vey much earlier and felt like she was his real grandma. Then it turned out to be true. He always thought the main family are cold people and would give them his piece of mind when he sees them. But it turned out different and it was fun. Madoka dreams again that dream. But at the end of it when he woke up, Kazusa was by his side after the party ended. It made him think that a woman like her can also grow old. As the new school year starts, Hana is officially starting elementary. Madoka vows to work harder so mom in heaven doesn’t have to worry. He’s a big boy now.

Episode 12
Madoka is working around the clock to finish his dresses for a wedding project. Naturally he is tired and Chihiro does his best to look after him. One day his temperature is a little high so Chihiro heads to the store to buy some cool sheets. She spots Kazusa in yet another failed attempt to lure a cat. Chihiro tells about Madoka being sick and Kazusa remembers he is always so when the season changes. However Chihiro explains he isn’t in such a bad shape. Chihiro has a little scare when Madoka collapses but it is actually nothing to worry about. He is just tired after completing it all. One night he spots Madoka sitting by a wedding dress. This was the first dress he designed and was supposedly for Chiyo. Of course she never got to wear it as she never had a proper wedding. He jokes he might give it to Chihiro if he gets married. Chihiro puts him to bed since he is still feverish. He returns to the work station after remembering he left the cool sheets there. He is spooked when somebody or something gave it to him! He trips and the chair moves by itself to break his fall! What is that girlish laughter?! OH SH*t!!! Chihiro runs back to Madoka’s room. Hear something tapping at the window?! Oh, the window isn’t shut close. That night as he dozes off next to Madoka, he is visited by a ghost girl! FREAK OUT! But we all know this is the young version of Chiyo as she asks him what happened throughout that year. Basically, a summary of the things that happened throughout the season. After Chiyo hugs him, it is time to go be by her husband’s side. Only then Chihiro recognizes her as his mom. But too late. She’s gone and it’s morning. Was it a dream? Madoka thought Chihiro flicked his head during his sleep but he knows mom did that. Wait. So the ghost is real?! Please tell me he dreamt about getting flicked. Life returns to normal as Chihiro continues to reprimand and be strict on slacking Madoka. This guy just recovered. Cut him some slack, okay?

Clean Freak!
You know, this entire series can be said to be one boring affair and there is nothing that would highly indicate that there was going to be any gay moments. Subtly maybe but it won’t be in a way where casual viewers might pick up. Heck, the final episode was so boring that it is like they tried to put in some supernatural elements of a visiting ghost to spice things up! I know it is insane to have your mom in her young version to come and visit you after a year but it beats having a man raping a young boy, right? Oh sh*t! I thought there would be some sort of suspense. You know, Chihiro being forcefully taken to live in the main family’s house and then after experiencing all those high aristocracy lifestyle, he felt it wasn’t for him and came running back to Madoka. I would at least suspect something of this sort to end the series but nope. Kazusa’s ‘threat’ to take him back was just a pipe dream and a big troll. It never happened. Not even a thought of it after that. Instead we got this lukewarm final that could have been inserted randomly in between any episode.

So I have to largely blame myself for getting paranoid in thinking how much shounen ai and yaoi elements there would be in this series. It is so mild that it wouldn’t even occur to you at all. In fact, is there any? If there would it would be close to almost zero. Otherwise this show would not even make it in airing on national TV. Sure, the prospects of a handsome young wealthy man and his (formerly) poor young boy being forced upon (in which gradually becomes a voluntary habit) a maid outfit. From the outlook of it, there is this danger it is hovering just above the thin line between what is even considered as yaoi. Thank goodness nothing unholy came out of it.

I don’t know how I am supposed to feel seeing Chihiro in a maid outfit which is of course the ‘attraction’ of the series because personally I think his maid outfit isn’t that cute. It just borders along the lines of average. I’m not against LGBT or queer people but my preference has always been straight. So looking at Chihiro in a maid outfit but instead of wearing a skirt he dons his pants just makes this whole maid thing feel like, uh, semi-maid. Of course there is Miyako but she doesn’t make as much screen time. At first I thought she would be the ‘saviour’ as a real maid seeing I have this unfounded fear that my penis and testicles would overload and filled with gay particles from watching the show and then explode. Yeah, seriously. And thus the need for a female maid to reduce that side effect. Too bad she only makes cameos in many episodes but it is a good thing too that this show is mild if not close to zero yaoi elements.

If seeing Chihiro in a maid outfit makes you weird, imagine if Chihiro’s character was a girl. Yes, it would have been filled with fanservice to the brim and it wouldn’t be any different if this had a fair amount of yaoi elements. Oh, what is that you say? They already did something like this before? Oh, right. They did Kore Ga Watashi No Goshuujin Sama AKA He Is My Master. So it all boils down to your sexual preference. I mean, they could really make a hentai version of this series itself if they turn Chihiro into some sort of she-male added with the fact that he is a shota and there you have it child porn! Not so obvious and clear cut the laws about this in Japan…

Despite its relatively small number of characters, this series just does a decent job in developing the characters as its focus is mainly on Chihiro and Madoka. Although Chihiro has changed throughout the series, it is not a drastic one whereby you can compare before and after shots of him. Because even at the start of the series when he lost his mother, he didn’t seem all too distraught about it. He carries on with his life like normal like as though she never existed in the first place! I mean as a young kid whose only other close family member is his mother, you’d think he would become grief stricken for losing his only family that he has always spent most of his time with. Perhaps Chiyo did teach him about independence and I suppose that is a good thing for a boy his age. But seriously, most of the times as I can see him, he doesn’t really act like he misses his mom. Some occasional nostalgic flashbacks but even so that doesn’t ring any alarm bells and serve only to propel Chihiro to rethink his current decisions whatsoever. Maybe all that cleaning takes his mind off the depression.

Unlike boys his age who would prefer doing typical boys’ stuff (like playing video games?), Chihiro is all smiles when he gets to clean. In the eyes of others, it makes him look like a sissy, right? So real men don’t clean furniture, mop floors and cook? Yeah, nobody is going to take care of you… Chihiro’s clean freak OCD is so great that even the school’s cleanliness has to be up to his standards! At least for his class. No dust or dirt will get away from his attention! And you can certainly be in for an earful that is far worse than a drill sergeant when he finds out you are not thorough enough.

Then there is Madoka whose seemingly close relationship with Chihiro ever since he took him in probably stems from his own problems with the main family especially his mother. Although it is a promise to Chiyo that he is fulfilling to take care of her son, sometimes I feel that it is more like the fact that Chihiro looks very closely to Chiyo and since the duo were quite close together, it might be the case of him wanting to relive his times with his sister. Many of Chihiro’s characteristics are closely similar to Chiyo and this brings back certain nostalgia to Madoka. Because of that, it is like sometimes he knows a bit about Chihiro. The seed doesn’t fall far from the tree. Other than that, Madoka is a nice guy but sometimes tend to slack whether for work, penchant for taking in cute stray cats despite his non-life threatening allergy and has no talent whatsoever in keeping clean. Some people are like that. His casual attitude is the ammo needed for Chihiro to fire his salvo of lecture and the much needed comic relief and bonding between the duo. It goes to show that it isn’t just one way communication in all aspects and no typical master-servant relationship.

Other characters feel like hit and miss. There could be more potential but sadly it is not fleshed out in the anime. I am sure the ongoing manga has got it covered and it is not fair just to criticize the anime since only a handful of chapters of it are adapted. Even the main issue of why Chiyo left the family is not fully addressed or the problem that strained Kazusa’s relationship with her children is not properly shown. I suppose it isn’t that bad since they are still talking to each other. More like out of sight, out of mind. If I don’t read the manga, how do I know something like this along this line? Well, this is parodied in the final next episode preview. They’re breaking the fourth wall to tell us that it is already the final episode and they haven’t covered many more chapters from the manga. Yeah, I’m going to flat out believe that.

So like Keiichiro whom I always just sees him as his secretary standing around, noting his schedule, sometimes giving him stern reminders about his work deadline, drives him around and confiscates his illegal strays. It would be interesting to explore Miyako’s relationship with him but then again we don’t really know if Keiichiro is just dense or playing dumb. He has been serving the family for so long that it becomes his life mission to just serve. Miyako feels like the cutie girl who is just there to prevent this show from becoming filled with 100% pretty boy testosterones. Uhm, what? Her running joke is that she can never do chores right and always needs Chihiro’s directions but ends up clumsy. At least after the umpteenth try she can now cook decently. Now to train her for cleaning duties… Speaking about love and romance, it would also be interesting to see further developments about the girl who has a crush on Chihiro. After all, Chihiro is such an independent and useful boy so which girl wouldn’t like such a dependent guy as her partner? Stop screaming feminism. We’re not even going close to there… Kazusa’s appearance for the most part also feels like a running joke especially her failed attempts to lure a cat. Kinda reminds you of a certain girl in Anne Happy… Ah well, no matter how elegant one looks, they still have a comical side you don’t often see.

Then there is Hino the sharp and observant best friend for such main characters and keeps an eye out on him. Ryuuji feels a bit out of place. Imagine a member of a famous boy band comes hanging out with a bunch of commoners. Not too sure if the media knows about this because it is like as though he casually comes when he is free. It’s not like he put on any thorough disguise as well. He feels like a joker among all the characters but at least he has more screen time compared to his other members who simply feel unimportant. Last but not least is Chiyo who sadly becomes part of the statistics and trope of a good parent being taken away too soon and leaving her son all alone in the world just so we can have a story and setting to tell. She exists solely in flashbacks in which are where she truly ‘comes alive’. She is a good mother and has imparted lots of good lessons and love to her child. Speaking of lessons, each of the episode titles is named after an idiom with life lessons such as “Those who don’t work don’t eat”, “A man never goes back on his word”, “Learning doesn’t happen in a day”, “Charity brings its own reward” and “All’s well that ends well”. They aren’t just idioms for the sake of being one but they are subtly that episode’s lesson that Chihiro and us can learn.

Art and drawing feel decent and simple. But I can’t help notice that the characters have their eyes slightly bigger than usual. I know a typical trait of Japanese character designs is their big (sometimes sparkly) eyes and is prominent in almost every anime out there. I just thought that this one seems slightly bigger than usual (not that I have an accurate measurement or anything) like as though this anime was like you know, targeted for kids aged like between 10-12 years old. Because with the simplistic design of the characters, it makes them look a bit cartoonish in a way. Despite the plain simplicity of the characters, I noticed that some of the sceneries and backgrounds are quite nice to look at. I’m not saying it is a masterpiece but they didn’t cut corners on this area. The end card illustration at the end of every episode is illustrated by different people but somehow I can’t help that most of them look somewhat the same. This anime is produced by 8-bit who did the Grisaia trilogy, Infinite Stratos, Absolute Duo, Tokyo Ravens and Yama No Susume so you might see a little bit of similarity in some of these works.

The only seiyuu I recognized is Yukari Tamura as Chiyo. While it is great to hear her voice again after some time, somehow something inside me just feels that her voice didn’t quite fit Chiyo. Don’t get me wrong. She played her character nicely. It is just that I have this stereotype view that after hearing her typical trademark squeaky voice for years, playing a caring mother doesn’t seem like a voice that wouldn’t go with the character. At least on the outside. She has played a host of characters throughout her voice acting career from the usual squeaky lively Ranpha (Galaxy Angel series), loli types like Nanoha (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha series), retards such as Misha (Pita Ten) and even emotionless types like Ichigo (Onegai Teacher and Onegai Twins). So when she took on this role, it sounded odd at first because I was expecting somewhat more of a mellow and mature female voice to helm this part.

Playing Madoka is Nobunaga Shimazaki (Shido in Date A Live). I can’t help feel he sounds quite gay. Do men who ply their trade in the fashion world or involved in stuffs that is for women to sound and/or act effeminate? Not to say it is a bad thing and considering the mild shounen ai theme, his character doesn’t feel wrong but there is this ‘fear’ that he might just explode into some full hard on gay time with that kind of gay voice. Yikes! What am I thinking?! The rest of the casts are Natsumi Fujiwara as Chihiro (debuting in her first main character role), Yui Makino as Miyako (Sakura in Tsubasa Chronicle), Tomoake Maeno as Keiichiro (Camus in Uta No Prince-sama series), Mitsuki Saiga as Hino (Phantom in MAR), Natsuki Hanae is Ryuuji (Takumi in Shokugeki No Souma) and Yoshiko Sakakbara as Kazusa (Kaoruko Kinoshita in You’re Under Arrest).

The opening theme is Innocent Promise by Trustrick. Sounds like a decent anime rock music and nothing that catches my attention. Since this anime has their own in-anime pop group idol, why not make use of them and sing the ending theme? And thus to make up for their lack of decent screen time in the episode proper, I figure Uchouten Boys did the ending gig with Zutto Only You. Heck, the entire ending credits animation is solely on them. Sounds like another typical boy band pop song with all that fanfare stuff. But the ‘scary’ thing about this song is at the end. Because after the music ends and when everything goes completely silent, suddenly you hear the guys whisper some words. Personally, this sounds quite eerie because as grown men trying to whisper softly but loud enough so you can hear what they say so it sometimes sounded mumbled and thus the creepy effect like as though a serial killer is sending you a cryptic warning message! Yikes!

Overall, this is just a decent series about a young boy coming to terms with his new family and what it means to have a family. There is nothing too shocking or dark that would make you seriously want to examine its concepts and what it probably means for the show and in real life. You can also learn a few things from this show like the meaning of family and friends, counting your blessings, looking forward in life with optimism and positivism, and being grateful for a maid to clean your house. Yeah, I think I still prefer my maids as females anytime, thank you. The sad thing is that in real life the only guys in maid outfits you’ll see will be those mainly in porn.

Steel Angel Kurumi

July 22, 2012

Imagine if you have a maid who is strong enough to lift and carry anything hundred times her weight. Imagine if you have a maid who is faster than the speeding bullet, train or Superman. Imagine if you have a maid whose unrivalled loyalty would put Hachiko to shame. Imagine if… Hey wait a minute. Would that be a maid anymore? So it is in the case of Steel Angel Kurumi that I thought these all-multi-purpose artificial humanoid should serve its purpose well in the development of mankind instead of being used as modern warfare weapons by the army. Of course there is more than meets the eye to these super human maids knows as Steel Angels and their purpose of being created.

Set in the Taisho era (circa 1912), it is a wonder why we have such high-tech advanced technology in an era whereby development is just picking up in Japan. Do you know what a steam powered locomotion is? Yes, it is that era. So having these Steel Angels that are so lifelike would actually be unthinkable at that time. But instead of really focusing on the dark sinister truth that the reason Steel Angels were made (that will be much later towards the end), we are going to see the misadventures of one Steel Angel in particular, the pink haired Kurumi who was accidentally awakened by a weak (read that as being bullied) priest boy in training during a dare. You know when a baby bird hatches and the first living thing in front of its eyes will become its mother? Yeah, the same thing when a Steel Angel awakens by a kiss from her master.

Episode 1
Dr Ayanokouji feels Angel Heart Mark II will be the trump card that will save mankind as he looks at his mechanical doll, Kurumi floating unconsciously in a test tube. Meanwhile Nakahito Kagura is being forced to come along with his brat friends to Ayanokouji’s mansion to rescue a girl. Rumour has it she was kidnapped, dissected and only her head was left in a jar pleading for help. Since Nakahito comes from a family of Onmyouji, that’s why they’re bringing him to defeat the evil doctor. Along the way, they pass by a military excursion but decide to leave seeing they don’t want any trouble with them. But this means the plan to invade Ayanokouji’s mansion is still on. Seems the military is bent on bringing that doctor back too and is making their way over. Hmm… What is that huge thing they are transporting? The brats sneak into the mansion and pushes Nakahito down into the dark place to get the job down. He makes his way through the dark hallways and corridors and it seems the place is like a creepy experimental lab. The brats hear funny machinery rumbling noises and think it’s the evil doctor getting mad. They start getting scared and flee, leaving Nakahito behind. That kid enters a room and sees an unconscious mechanical doll, Kurumi. A slight tremor jolts the place but it thrusts Kurumi forward. Nakahito and Kurumi’s lips meet and this activates her. When she opens her eyes, she starts calling him master and gets all clingy over him. Ayanokouji rushes to the scene and is puzzled over her activation when the ceiling collapses. It is Dr Reiko Amagi on a huge robot and she is going to bring him back to the military.

Episode 2
A group of men are meeting and discussing the emergency situation of Ayanokouji’s Steel Angel has been activated with Angel Heart Mark II. They are very concern about this and can’t afford to allow this to go unchecked. Meanwhile Amagi wants Ayanokouji to return to the military and continue to do research on Steel Angels but he refuses because he doesn’t want them to be killing machines like her Kongo. He then orders Kurumi to destroy Kongo. Eh? What did he said of not turning them into a killing machine? I guess it’s not a human life so it’s fine. Kurumi refuses because she doesn’t recognize who this strange old man is. He tells her he is her creator and she misinterprets he is her mother! When the other soldiers surround the place, the support Kongo was on gave way. A slab falls on Kurumi as Kongo grabs hold of Nakahito. Amagi has no choice but to use Nakahito as hostage. But Kurumi breaks out from her slab, destroys Kongo’s arm with a punch and saves Nakahito in lightning speed! Wow. Kongo continues to attack but Kurumi stops its brute strength with her hands. Then she tosses it in the air like a beach ball and kicks it away! She makes it look so easy. Ayanokouji wants Kurumi to rescue him but she doesn’t feel like it till Nakahito mentions for them to just get out of here. Ayanokouji brings them back to a shrine. Nakahito rushes into his brother’s arms, Kamihito, proclaiming how scared he was. Seems Kamihito and Ayanokouji know each other. Kurumi gets jealous because somebody else than her is hugging her master and throws Kamihito up on the roof. Meanwhile the soldiers find Amagi stuck to a tree. They report that their target got away but found a woman among the rubble. Why aren’t they in a hurry to bring her down? They want to see her pantsu, do they? Amagi reports her failure to the general and will accept any punishment. But Amagi wants him to come see an object of research she recently obtained. Ayanokouji and Kamihito talk to Nakahito to find out how he activated Kurumi. Did he do anything weird? He remembers the kiss but is too shy to tell. They kept pestering him so this annoys Kurumi. Guess what she did? Eventually Nakahito reveals the kiss though it was an accident. Ayanokouji thinks it’s impossible but all Kurumi cares is that her master woke her up with the power of love! I guess it beats whatever speculations they explained about her awakening. Not that she or I could understand. Elsewhere in a lab, Amagi shows the general another Steel Angel she got. This second one called Saki was developed by Ayanokouji in absolute secrecy. The general could even joke how life-like it is. Yeah, think of touching her boobs? Noting that there are 2 Angel Heart Mark II with different sizes, Amagi says the smaller one fits Saki’s heart size. Again the old geezer could joke the bigger one is meant for bigger boobs. Haha… Amagi is going to do her best to get Saki working.

Episode 3
The general introduces Amagi to Dr Brandow of the British Empire and wants them to work together in activating Saki. Brandow had worked with Ayanokouji in developing the Steel Angel Project when the latter was studying abroad. Ever since, Brandow has also conducted his independent research at the British Royal Academy. Nakahito thought he is having a nice morning dream till he realizes he is sleeping in the bosoms of Kurumi. He screamed like as though he saw a ghost. He is apparently embarrassed by this and is acting strange during breakfast. Kurumi thinks he is not feeling well and though his body temperature may be slightly high, Kamihito assures that is a sign he is healthy. Ayanokouji visits Kamihito to tell him that his mansion is surrounded by the military and it has become their possession.  He also notes that Saki and the Angel Hearts have been taken but is assured they’ll not awaken Saki since this the technology they have in this era will make it impossible. As Nakahito and Kurumi sit around bored in the room, Kurumi wants him to call her plain ol’ Kurumi and order her to do something. Or else she’ll cry! So who is the master around here? Not wanting to cause a scene, he orders her to get some rice curry with cutlets. Out in town, they arrive at a popular curry house but why the heck are they cross-dressing? So that nobody could recognize them? But when they bump into a couple of ladies in trenchcoat, they flee. Nakahito feels they should return home. That’s an order. He gets reprimanded by Kamihito for disobeying his instructions to stay. Kurumi protects Nakahito and says if he wants somebody to take the punishment, she is willing to take it for her master. Also, seems the trenchcoat ladies have tailed them back to the shrine. At the military training grounds, the general and the professors are using a couple of Kongos to test out Saki’s strength. She surpasses all expectations and destroys them all with ease. General notes with Saki in hand, no enemies will stand in their way and will become the greatest world power. Great. Just what we need another megalomaniac. He thanks them both (Brandow attributing Saki’s activation solely to Amagi) and then asks about Saki’s obedience. Amagi mentions she has an in-built obedience circuits and cannot disobey. I guess this was just a question for the perverted general to ask if Saki could even do ‘that’. Without flinching, Amagi confirms she can as long as she gives the orders.

Episode 4
Kurumi is in a romantic lovey-dovey dream about Nakahito. She’s just hugging the blanket. Nakahito and his brother are up early doing their usual cleansing ritual at the waterfall. Kamihito is a pro so he emerges from the waterfall without being wet at all. They meet with Ayanokouji and he wants Nakahito to come with him to his secret lab in Izumo to find out the mystery of how he activated Kurumi (he still doesn’t believe that accidental fluke). Originally Kamihito was supposed to do it with his mystical magic but Nakahito managed to do so without the use of any spells. Ayanokouji notes that since he has awakened Kurumi, he is the only one who can control her. Meanwhile Amagi orders Saki to go defeat Kurumi. As Nakahito sweeps the grounds, the bullies confront him and want him to spit everything out. They think something big has happened seeing the military is occupying the decimated mansion. As they get rough and forcing him to tell, Kurumi in search of her master jumps in and pushes them away. She was about to teach them a lesson for picking on her master so Nakahito orders her to put let them go and that she shouldn’t be rough on people. I hope the bullies learn a lesson from now on. Still, Nakahito isn’t amused and wants to be left alone. Kurumi ponders if she has done anything wrong for Nakahito to hate her but she dismisses she was doing what’s best for him. Suddenly her heart beats and feels something strange coming. Saki arrives at the shrine looking for Kurumi. Showing her strength, she cracks the shrine pole with a single chop. Ayanokouji is surprised Saki is activated. When Kurumi shows up, Saki straightaway attacks her. She wants her to stop seeing she is wrecking Nakahito’s home in their power fight. Kurumi doesn’t fight back and only evades upon realizing something. Saki continues to pound her mercilessly.

Episode 5
The guys don’t understand why Kurumi refuses to fight back and continues to be Saki’s punching bag. A shrine pillar is about to fall on Nakahito. Kurumi quickly protects him and shoves it away. Nakahito learns that he ‘ordered’ her not to get rough on people, the reason she isn’t fighting back. This allows Saki to pin her and is about to strike her throat when she suddenly stop dead in her tracks and collapses.  Amagi makes her appearance and laments that Saki’s forced activation via electric shock didn’t work. Thus Saki’s awakening wasn’t a real one. Ayanokouji is shocked to hear it was Brandow’s idea. From the way Ayanokouji and Kamihito said things, Kurumi is happy that Saki is her little sister (at least to her understanding). Seeing she wants her activated, I guess there is only 1 way left. Yup. Nakahito must kiss her. After much pestering, he sums up his courage to give it a shot but was pushed away by Kurumi who changed her mind. Yeah, her master’s lips only belong to her. So how? Kurumi will do it herself. Serious. Once Kurumi kisses Saki, she activates, surprising everyone. So this method really works. Saki is also happy to learn Kurumi is her big sister. But she won’t listen to Amagi anymore (she wanted to examine her body). Nakahito notices Saki’s badly injured body and tells her that it is okay to get rough, depending on the situation. Do you think she understand that? Suddenly something crashes down on them. Ayanokouji is injured and unconscious. Seeing destroying Kurumi has failed, Brandow takes him away in his… UFO?

Episode 6
Brandow is talking to his employer about Kurumi and the Angel Heart Mark II. He is concerned about Kurumi and feels the need to retrieve her as soon as possible. Hey, there are lots of unactivated Steel Angels there. Amagi learns from the general that everything from the Angel Heart Mark II to the blueprints has been taken by Brandow. Looks like he is a spy from an enemy country but intelligence couldn’t determine his existence as a spy which means they are dealing with an unknown enemy manoeuvring in secret. I don’t believe this. The army making this kind of mistake? He can’t make any move because the Steel Angel Project is only by a top few high ranking people in the military. Rousing the army against an unseen national threat is not logic thus he can’t exercise his powers of command. Blaming Amagi for it all, he wants her to resign. But from the way the general puts it, it means that Amagi won’t be troubled by the system by acting independently if she quits the army. She gladly resigns and it seems the general has an ulterior motive. One of the Steel Angels taken is to his liking: Karinka. Kurumi and friendly Saki help rebuild the shrine. They also take the initiative to build a love nest. Oops, I mean a lovely little house nearby. Amagi sees Nakahito and asks him about his collaboration with Ayanokouji. It was the new life he sensed he was creating. Ayanokouji’s science utilizes the power of mysticism that Kamihito’s family has guarded tightly throughout the generations. By combining science and mysticism, a new life is born. She has a request. Wanting to know about the secret of Kurumi and Saki’s activation as well as Ayanokouji’s reason for being kidnapped, she wants Nakahito and the Steel Angels to follow her to Ayanokouji’s secret lab at Izumo. I guess there goes their time at the love nest, I mean lovely little house. Remember the couple of ladies that trailed Nakahito and Kurumi back to the shrine a few episodes ago? Seems Eiko Kichijoji and Yoshiko Koganei are spies working under the general to watch over and secretly aid the Steel Angels. The general really seems to take a liking for Karinka. He’s even carved a wood sculpture of her. Don’t lose her head… Kamihito is doing some fortune thingy and he saw something unpleasant. The next morning, he sees the rest off and is confident they’ll be fine since Nakahito has the guardian angels of science and mysticism.

Episode 7
Kurumi is thrilled of seeing Mt Fuji during the train ride. Upon arriving at the destination, Nakahito is in need to see a doctor because he ate something disagreeable. Saki is tasked to bring their luggage to their inn alone. So much for that wonderful plan to be with Kurumi. I guess it doesn’t hurt if she just fantasizes herself doing little naughty stuff in bed with Kurumi. Kurumi is against the doctor examining Nakahito’s body. Nobody but her can touch his naked body! Till Nakahito says she must listen to what doctors say. Objection overruled! Koganei and Kichijoji are spying outside and it seems Koganei may have a thing for Nakahito because she is noting how cute his naked body is!!! (On a side note, Kichijoji has a thing for Amagi…). The doctor doesn’t find anything threatening with Nakahito and all he needs is to rest. As she goes back to her room to take some prescribed medicine, an imposter knocks her out. She then returns to the rest to have them take a litmus test with a reason there is food poisoning going around. Nakahito and Amagi’s litmus turn out okay but Kurumi’s wasn’t. The imposter needs to further examine her and ushers her into the room where she has Kurumi strip everything. Yes, everything. Soon, Amagi and Nakahito collapse. With some weird radar scanner, it seems the imposter has scanned and confirmed Kurumi’s Angel Heart Mark II. Because Amagi and co took too long, worried Saki made her way to the clinic and to her shock, sees Amagi and Nakahito out cold. The imposter is alarmed that she hasn’t examined Kurumi finished yet and has no choice but to flee via the window. It is revealed she is Steel Angel Kaori, created by Kageyoshi Kirimoto from Saitama. In the aftermath, Saki and Kurumi have that wonderful hotspring bonding-cum-skinship. At least that’s what Saki is dreaming for but to her dismay, Kurumi is already having her fun with Nakahito in the hotspring. Yeah, beaten again.

Episode 8
Amagi wakes up from a nightmare of being separated with Ayanokouji. Seems it has been days that Amagi and co have been stuck in town because a boulder has crashed onto the rail tracks. The army is having a tough time moving it and looks like they’ll be staying for a while. Amagi asks around for other modes of transport but none are able to do so. Kurumi comes up with an idea that she and Saki should go push the boulder away but Amagi doesn’t want them to do so because it will risk their secret being exposed as the boulder is currently at the centre of attraction of the public. So what does Kurumi understand from all that? She’ll put up a concert and be loved by everyone? No, no, no! That it will be okay if they do it without everyone seeing? Still, Amagi forbids them to leave this room. Will they listen to her orders? Later Kurumi tries to strip Nakahito into going to the hot bath with him. They accidentally drop the basket with Amagi’s belongings. Nakahito sees a locket containing Ayanokouji’s picture. Then as Amagi goes to the dining hall, he only sees Nakahito and fears the Steel Angels may have went to the site alone but Nakahito assures her they are taking their baths. Isn’t it awfully long? Yeah, they love their baths. Nakahito apologizes about seeing her locket and asks the kind of person Ayanokouji is like. Well, let’s just say he’s a good guy, strong sense of justice and it’s safe to assume that Amagi likes him. The army is still trying to pull the boulder with their tanks but it isn’t budging. Seriously, can’t they just blast it? Maybe ammos cost a lot then? But it seems Kurumi and Saki are at the scene as they secretly push the boulder away. The army is relieved but another Steel Angel, Tsunami (created by Kaori Kubo of Chiba) notes how Kurumi and Saki easily moved it since it was controlled by gravity. Kurumi and Saki return and feign they have finished their bath but Kurumi’s slip of her tongue that they can move on since the boulder is moved gave her away. Hey, look at her dirty boots. Yeah, I guess Nakahito was equally guilty in giving them orders to do so. No wonder he looked so nervous. However to Amagi’s relief, she hears the people praising the army for pushing the boulder away.

Episode 9
Kaori and Tsunami are reporting to another Steel Angel, Kaga about Kurumi’s powers that exceed all expectations. They think it’s because of the mystic power and her absolute master Nakahito. Amagi and co prepare to leave for the next town via train. Nakahito spots an old lady rushing to get on board so he has Kurumi carry her before the train departs. The old lady is grateful. In the next town, Kurumi sees a poster of a fireworks festival tonight and starts fantasizing her lovey-dovey fantasy with Nakahito. However Amagi notes they have to leave early next morning much to Kurumi’s dismay. All is not lost when Nakahito mentions they can watch the fireworks from their inn. So Kurumi rushes everyone to the inn but leaving poor Saki behind. While Nakahito and Kurumi go watch the fireworks on the rooftop, Amagi and Saki to the packing. Next door, Koganei and Kichijoji are eavesdropping but as usual, they get their usual fetish fantasies in the way. Kichijoji teases Koganei by reading out loud her steamy doujin fantasy with Nakahito!!! Extreme!!! Kurumi and Nakahito could’ve kissed if not for the fireworks distraction. What? Just the fireworks? No other nosy people? Nakahito recounts the events when he met Kurumi and thinks he finally understood his role with her. Happy Kurumi hugs him. As Kurumi goes off to get drinks, Kaga kidnaps Nakahito. Kurumi returns not only to find her master missing but a voice telling her she has her master. If she wants to find him, she must come to where this voice originates. Kurumi starts jumping from roof to roof across town in search for him (amazingly, nobody saw her. Maybe it’s too dark). Saki can also sense something wrong.

Episode 10
Kurumi reaches the rocky cliffs. Kaga throws Nakahito to her and reveals their true goal was to get her. Meanwhile Saki guides Amagi with her instincts to where Kurumi is with Koganei and Kichijoji close behind. Kaga wants Kurumi to come with them but of course she’s not going anywhere without her master. Seeing she has chosen this path, they plan to destroy her. Kurumi doesn’t fight back and evades their attacks (though she still gets beaten up). She doesn’t want to fight her same kind. Kaga blames Kurumi for having Angel Heart Mark II but she herself doesn’t know what it is. They think she’s playing dumb and for her to have forgotten her true role as a Steel Angel is unforgiveable. Seeing her as a threat, they are going to destroy her for good when Saki saves out of harm’s way. The trio start combining their moves to stir a huge whirlwind. Nakahito gets caught in it and injures his leg. Kurumi becomes so upset that she fires a powerful red projection right out of her fist to even dispel the hurricane! Woah! Kaga and co could barely stand. They still want to finish Kurumi off but their master tells them to back off for now. Saki wonders about the Angel Heart so Amagi thinks it must have something to do with the people who stole it from the military facility. Kurumi is stunned over what just happened. Koganei and Kichijoji just witnessed something incredible and feel they will understand the reason the general sent them on this mission. Back at the inn, Nakahito wishes to be left alone. He ponders about his uselessness and is Kamihito was around, he could’ve used his mystic powers to help Kurumi. Kaga and co report their failure to Dr Walski but he has them rest their bodies. Noting the instant power Kurumi exhibited that surpassed everything previously measured, he wants to hasten the awakening of Karinka.

Episode 11
Walski’s men are putting in the data retrieved from the battle with Kurumi into Karinka. He is confident she can counter Angel Heart Mark II because she is equipped with 2 Angel hearts. Kurumi is having her usual morning daydreaming fantasies. Saki thought of getting in part of the action but was punched instead. Yeah, Kurumi’s daydream suddenly turns into one beating up those who hurt her master. Saki goes to wash herself up and sees Nakahito sitting by the river himself. They talk about the recent events. Kurumi is finally awakened from her pig slumber by Amagi who is in search of Nakahito. As Kurumi searches for him, she sees them together, what more holding hands (actually Saki prevented Nakahito from slipping down). Her jealousy kicks in and she doesn’t even believe either words that it’s a misunderstanding. She takes Nakahito away for breakfast and the atmosphere gets awkward. Each time Saki tries to do something for Nakahito, Kurumi butts in to do it herself. Nakahito tells her to cut it out and this breaks her out. Calling her master an idiot, she goes out of the room. Amagi later talks to sulking Kurumi about the thing called jealousy and the best cure for it is to quickly go apologize openly and honestly. Kurumi took her advice and comes rushing into the room. She didn’t know she bumped Nakahito towards Saki so from her view, it looks like the duo kissed! In actual fact, it did not meet but very close. I guess that means no apology, eh? First the hand, now the lips. Stupid master!!! Kurumi really sulks for good, not talking to them during the meal. Later Saki summons her courage to go bath with Kurumi and comes clean there is nothing going on between her and Nakahito because she actually loves Kurumi. Kurumi also loves her because she is her one and only little sister. Just like that, their relationship is mended. Saki is so happy that she couldn’t sleep that night and thinks of bringing back cinnamon cookies so that Kurumi would be happy first thing in the morning. Seriously, the stores are open at this hour? As she runs along, Karinka ambushes her. She is disappointed her big sister is this weak.

Episode 12
Cheeky Karinka is faster and stronger so Saki has no chance to counter attack and gets beaten to a pulp. If you’re wondering why she still beats up Saki even when the sun has risen, it’s part of her plan to lure Kurumi out to save her so she can destroy them both at once. Kurumi and co see a note from Saki saying she’ll return by morning. She hasn’t and Kurumi has this bad feeling something may have happened. Figuring out Saki may have head to Kyoto to get cinnamon cookies, the gang take a train there. That far? And Saki was running there all night so it beats me how she would reach back by morning. Brandow contacts Karinka about completing her mission to eliminate Kurumi. Being the rebellious kind, she intends to do so but they didn’t say when. Since she has just awoken, she wants to go sightseeing. Brandow orders her to finish Kurumi now and not let her guard down but she doesn’t listen because she thinks she is strong. See how she crucified Saki on to a wooden pole? Saki should’ve ‘slept’ longer because this only means Karinka has time to ‘play’ with her boobs. Perhaps there’s a reason why they didn’t make her chest this big. What am I thinking? Upon arrival, Kurumi uses her sisterly instincts to guide the gang to a shrine. She is appalled to see Saki in a mess and won’t forgive this Karinka for it. She refuses to acknowledge her as her little sister but Karinka blames Kurumi for this happening to Saki because she should’ve arrived earlier. Amagi recognizes Karinka from the blueprint in Ayanokouji’s lab and wonders who made her from that diagram. Cocky Karinka is confident she is the strongest Steel Angel because she has 2 Angel Hearts but Kurumi is sure she will avenge Saki.

Episode 13
The big battle begins. Though Kurumi gets pounded, she can still match Karinka’s strength and speed. Karinka multiplies herself to up the challenge but Kurumi can still stand her ground. Kurumi just wants Karinka to apologize and she’ll forgive her but that rebellious girl isn’t going to do what she’s being told. Hey, she couldn’t even obey her master, right? Nakahito tries hard to invoke his mystic powers to give Kurumi some wind wall barrier but I guess he was too slow and Kurumi got owned and her Angel Heart went offline. Karinka is about to harvest her Angel Heart when it restarts again. But this isn’t the Kurumi we know. She is like an evil robot with no emotions. Showing her fearsome powers, she turns the temple into Swiss cheese with her blast! It’s amazing she blast everywhere except Karinka. Warning shots? Karinka got so scared that she can’t move. Now isn’t a good time to talk. Kurumi is really going to kill her. Nakahito thought he is seeing things but it is true that there are black angelic wings sprouting from Kurumi’s back. Probably it took him a while to realize what’s happening too because Karinka could’ve been scrapped metal if he hadn’t shout out for Kurumi to stop. In an instant, she returns to normal and apologizes for what she has done. Thinking it is the same as with Saki, she is going to kiss Karinka. However she wakes up before their lips touch. No lesbian scenes. Karinka runs away. Koganei and Kichijoji are stunned at what they saw and will need to report back to the general. Meanwhile in Walski’s flying fortress, Brandow informs Karinka is in hiding and could not be contacted. Walski thinks the effect of having 2 Angel Hearts has caused the obedience circuits to malfunction. Seeing desperate times comes desperate measures, he is going to use ‘that’ plan.

Episode 14
Karinka is pouting like mad but being the sore loser she is, she is going to find out Kurumi’s weakness and beat the crap out of her. Meanwhile Amagi and a bunch of scientist prepare to repair Saki. In the mean time, Nakahito will have to stay with Kurumi. Oh yeah. Big chance to make a love nest. However it is not what Kurumi wanted because the place they are staying are stationed with guards. She wants to go on a date and throws a tantrum when Nakahito refuses. Not even his orders work. Kurumi then forces him to come along with her. See, no matter how many guards you put, she can just evade them all by jumping past them. Koganei and Kichijoji are tailing close but they spot a girl (Karinka in a very good disguise) zooming past them. How can a girl on a bicycle go faster than their sidecar? Kurumi and Nakahito try out the many rides at the amusement park. Karinka acts as the park’s staff and pretends to take a survey of where she gets her energy. Koganei and Kichijoji sense something amiss that she wants to find out about the Steel Angel and plan to intercept. Kichijoji uses a sticky tape on a rod to fish away the paper so the rest thought it was the wind. Karinka isn’t giving up and this time comes back with more forms and on a wooden board. Before Kurumi can write, Koganei throws a card to cut off the tip of the pencil. Next time, eh? Yeah, Karinka returns with a full booth and a pen. Now nothing can stop her. She even offers all-she-can drink lamune. The detectives hide in a nearby booth and shoot a sticky substance on the pen. Kurumi can’t write so Karinka tries to take it off. It is so sticky that it tore of the paper and in her haste, the lamune bottles got smashed. Better luck next time. Karinka senses something amiss coming from the nearby booth and attacks. Her disguise comes off but seeing nobody is in, she goes after Kurumi. The detectives are hiding on the ceiling and realize she is the Steel Angel Kurumi battled the other day. Kurumi and Nakahito continue their date. She is proud nobody can interfere with their love time but feels bad for that hard working staff for working. Well, Karinka isn’t giving up yet… Yeah, hard working alright.

Episode 15
Koganei and Kichijoji report to the general over what they saw. He orders them to take a picture of Karinka. I guess it’s because he really likes her. Meanwhile the repair on Saki is making headway progress but Amagi is concerned when Nakahito told her about Kurumi sprouting black wings. Kurumi and Nakahito are on their way to the Milk Hall to work part time to help cover for travel expenses. Karinka in yet another good disguise (school girl uniform) is at it again but Kurumi starts staring at her? Could it be her identity has been found out? Yes. Kurumi thinks Karinka loves playing disguises and recognizes those knees anywhere! WTF?! As part of Karinka’s plan, she pretends to be goody-goody giving reasons she has become a good girl after her kiss. Kurumi starts smothering her with her love but Nakahito doesn’t trust her. But with Kurumi’s plea, Nakahito eventually relents. The trio start working as waiter and waitresses in the Milk Hall. Karinka observes klutzy Kurumi getting into all sorts of trouble while poor Nakahito either bears the brunt or helps her out in a fix. She is pissed she could lose to a dummy like her. When the bar master tells her to get back to work, Karinka becomes klutzy herself and is disheartened she has been categorized the same as her idiot sister. Nakahito helps her out and says to do their best because he wants to believe in her. Karinka starts blushing at his straight looks. Because she can’t take anymore of Kurumi’s silliness, she brings her to the rooftop and asks her straight but politely (she’s getting goosebumps doing this). Kurumi couldn’t answer (because she doesn’t know) so Karinka becomes pissed and leave. That night Nakahito asks Kurumi’s rendezvous with Karinka at the rooftop so Kurumi lets him know what she asked. After thinking a long time, Kurumi realizes why she is strong. She owes it all to his kiss. The kiss which started everything and made her powers a miracle. Eavesdropping Karinka concludes she can get strong by kissing Nakahito and targets his lips.

Episode 16
Saki is fully recovered and Kurumi receives her with lots of love. Karinka dreams big of stealing Nakahito’s lips and beating Kurumi up. Yeah, dream on. As Kurumi and co board the train, Karinka comes running to Saki to apologize for what she did (she’s a bloody good actor). Saki of course forgives her. As the train moves, Karinka plots her way to kiss Nakahito. The detectives are watching nearby and a certain shotacon can tell that Karinka’s target is Nakahito. I’m sure we can tell why she’s pretty concerned for Nakahito, right? She can predict the moves that Karinka will make! First, Karinka pretends to get a closer look of the ocean view but as she is about to kiss, Kurumi butts in so she kisses her cheek instead (to Saki’s horror). Kurumi thinks she loves her that much and returns with another peck on her cheek (also to Saki’s horror). Next, Karinka feigns dust-in-her-eye move and wants Nakahito to get it out. When her lips are getting close, Saki slams her fist into her cheek. Conveniently, there was a mosquito. But it still hurts. Lastly, Karinka purposely spills her water on Nakahito’s clothes and wants to take responsibility. She ushers him to the back of the train. Saki wants Kurumi let Karinka to handle it. However Saki too has an ulterior motive. If Karinka hits off with Nakahito, then Kurumi will be all hers. At the back of the train, Karinka tries to forcefully strip him. The bumpy train movements of course had them slip and their lips met. Too late Koganei. His lips are stolen. Though we don’t see any improvements, Karinka feels stronger. Hmm… Must be her mind. At the next stop, Karinka is going to punch Kurumi but she stops it with her fist. Karinka realizes she didn’t get stronger and remembers Walski’s words and comes to a conclusion the kiss only works on Kurumi’s Angel Heart Mark II. She is about to sink into depression when Nakahito apologizes to her for his carelessness. He has observed her and that she is trying her best to be a nice girl (her acting all this while must be bloody good). He hopes that can start over and be friends. Karinka starts blushing and shakes his hands. From now on, she couldn’t care less about Kurumi. As the train ride resumes, Karinka keeps staring at Nakahito and even sitting up close to him. Kurumi didn’t like what she’s doing but she claims she’s just a kid and doesn’t understand. Saki agrees with Karinka and Amagi reminds Kurumi to act like a big sister. I guess you can say in this way, Karinka has beaten Kurumi, eh?

Episode 17
The gang arrive at Izumo. But they’ve got a new problem. Kurumi and Karinka fighting over Nakahito. Amagi reminds them about their important mission of finding clues to help them uncover Ayanokouji’s kidnapping. I think they prefer the petty fight. Boy, it’s going to be hard. Yeah, solve the problem by just putting Saki in between them. She’s like a ‘rock’ between those 2 squabbling ladies. Amagi asks around but nobody knows anything. While eating at a ramen store, they are visited by a lady named Nadeshiko. She recognizes the Steel Angels and proceeds to bring all of them to Ayanokouji’s secret lab underneath a temple shrine. Nadeshiko reveals she is a Steel Angel as well and though she was built earlier than the trio, she was supposed to watch them awaken in this lab. But that didn’t happen. Noting that Ayanokouji has been kidnapped, she has been guarding this place ever since by his orders. She feels that people from the Academy are the culprits behind his kidnapping. Who? A group of scientists from the future to change mankind’s history. Ayanokouji is one of them. Now that explains why there are such high technology inventions in this era. However Ayanokouji did not agree with their way of using Angel Heart and split. He wanted the power of Angel Heart Mark II to protect the entire world. For that, he needed a powerful mystic. She thinks Nakahito is the person Ayanokouji was seeking as a mystic is the only one who can control Steel Angels loaded with Angel Heart Mark II. Since Kurumi is the only one here with Angel Heart Mark II, the other one is with the Academy. Anyhow, the fate of humanity depends on it! Kurumi didn’t understand all that complicating hullaballoo stuff. What she understood was her love and her master’s will save the world! Karinka butts in to tell her they have kissed but Kurumi doesn’t believe. She dares him to ask Nakahito himself. Which she did. Her fears come true upon seeing his reaction. So she asks him the all important question: Which does he love more? Of course he can’t really answer that, right? Kurumi narrows down the question. Narrow it down? How? “Do you love Kurumi?”. Now that is even tougher! Instead of giving the simple and certain ‘yes’, he ‘expanded’ it by telling her he feels better when she’s around. Enough for Kurumi to be happy. But Nakahito wants to be left alone for now because there are important things he needs to think about. Like about his powers and burden to save the world. Yeah, humanity’s fate is resting on the shoulders of this little kid. As he ponders alone at the beach, he sees a strange kid, Mikhail walking towards him. Though he can walk on water, but he’s no Jesus Christ. He pleads for Nakahito’s help to save him but I guess Nakahito got hypnotized and follows him. Well, the good thing about Kurumi is about her annoyance of wanting to be with Nakahito every time. So when he’s not around, she senses something amiss.

Episode 18
Kurumi and the rest search for Nakahito but couldn’t find him. Kurumi blames herself for causing this to happen. Nadeshiko believes he may have been kidnapped by the Academy seeing she saw something in the sky but wasn’t a shooting star. Karinka seems to know where that place is. Nakahito wakes up inside Academy’s base with Mikhail next to him. The latter wants his help to stop Kurumi (because she listens to her master) so that they can take out her Angel Heart Mark II and store it elsewhere. He explains an Angel Heart has the power of angels sealed within it, the reason Steel Angels aren’t just mechanical dolls. However Ayanokouji wasn’t satisfied with that and built and even more powerful Angel Heart Mark II. Since he was relying on a power they were never meant to touch, there is something else within that Heart too. It also contains the power of demons. Remember Kurumi sprouting black wings? Yeah, that. Nakahito doesn’t believe that demon crap but Mikhail warns if Kurumi transforms into that, there will be no turning back and the world will be destroyed. Still, Nakahito won’t do something that results in Kurumi’s death. Mikhail realizes he loves Kurumi but tries to convince him Steel Angels don’t need love. They are things. Nakahito begs to differ because he has seen different emotions coming from Kurumi. Nevertheless Mikhail notes it is a thing trying to pretend to be a human. Since he loves her that much, it is all the more reason why he must stop Angel Heart Mark II with his own hands. Is he willing to watch Kurumi turn into a demon? Mikhail leaves to give him more time to think. Amagi reports to the general about Nakahito’s kidnapping and soon, Koganei and Kichijoji formally introduce themselves to Amagi and the Steel Angels. Upon the general’s orders, they are to escort them to the military plane where they’ll be heading towards Academy’s base. Nadeshiko will stay behind and wait for Ayanokouji’s return. Nakahito thinks really hard and all the times he spent with Kurumi. There is no way she is a demon with that smile so innocent. Well, they say still waters deep.

Episode 19
The heroines arrive at the flying fortress of the Academy. The Steel Angels and Amagi dive down. Don’t they need parachutes? I know they’ll survive the fall but won’t that be a hard thud? Anyway Karinka leads them through the maze since she is familiar with the place. Then they see Nakahito. Kurumi and Karinka rush to greet him without thinking. Turns out to be a hologram and this is a trap to separate them all. Amagi meets Brandow who brings her to Walski so she can hear herself about the truth. Walski starts explaining that in the future, everyone was living in peace till an unknown and powerful enemy whom they refer to as Demonkind attacked and destroyed the peace. Seeing normal weapons had no effect, they merged science and mysticism to create Steel Angels and Angel Heart. However the Demonkind’s power was overwhelming and Angel Heart didn’t exhibit its full potential power. Something was missing. It was the power of a superior skilled mystic needed to draw out Angel Heart’s true potential. But in the future, mysticism was on the verge of extinction and even so, they are inferior. That’s why they return to the past to impart that knowledge to the future. However Ayanokouji objected to that idea because he felt it wouldn’t guarantee them in defeating Demonkind. He believed in making a more powerful Angel Heart and created Angel Heart Mark II by sealing Demonkind’s powers within it along with the power of angels. Walski and the rest felt it was too dangerous to be used as a weapon as they do not know if they could control its power. Amagi couldn’t believe Ayanokouji would create something so dangerous for mankind. Walski says only Nakahito is the only one who can stop Kurumi. He wants Amagi to help convince Nakahito to stop her before she turns into a demon. Brandow brings Amagi to unconscious Ayanokouji (he has been in this state ever since) and leaves them for a while. Meanwhile trapped Kurumi’s persistence pays off because she keeps banging the unbreakable wall till it breaks. Frantically finding and calling out to her master, she beats up all other Steel Angels that get in her way. She comes into Tsunami and co and she is adamant on going to her master’s side. Mikhail visits Nakahito to get his answer. His reply? He has faith in Kurumi. Since they have no time, Mikhail hypnotizes Nakahito and kisses him! OMG! Yaoi scene. But… Mikhail transforms into her true Steel Angel form.

Episode 20
Kurumi blasts the trio away with her super powers. She continues her search when she runs into Mikhail who has both Angel Heart and Angel Heart Mark II. She traps Kurumi in a shrinking energy barrier. But Kurumi’s power of love for her master has her bust out in no time. Kurumi continues to throw futile punches at Mikhail. In a swing, Mikhail slams Kurumi stuck to the wall. She reminds her that Steel Angels are created for humans and must never put them in danger. As she is about to retrieve her Heart, Kurumi deflects her hand. She didn’t see that coming? Anyway the deflected blast knocked out a tower and caused the surrounding areas to explode!!! Ayanokouji finally wakes up as Amagi explains everything. They go to confront Walski and he wants them to stop the Steel Angels from fighting each other. Ayanokouji is shocked to hear Walski created a Super Steel Angel by combining 2 different Angel Hearts to create Mikhail. Though Walski was against it, it is the only way to stop Kurumi before her demon powers awaken. Ayanokouji rubbishes that thought so Walski wants him to shut Kurumi down with his own hands. However Ayanokouji says Kurumi has no shutdown system. He adds Steel Angels aren’t just mechanical dolls and if he pits Steel Angels against each other since they are not their true enemies, pitting 2 angel elements against each other will yield unknown results. Saki and Karinka cooperate to get themselves out. Then they hear Nakahito’s cries and bust him out of the room. They go search for Kurumi and see her fighting with Mikhail. They can’t interfere because they know they are no match. So just watch and pray. Kurumi wonders why they must fight. Mikhail replies she is something that must not exist. Kurumi isn’t going to lose so she starts activating her power.

Episode 21
Kurumi is blasted off Academy and into the forests below. Mikhail fires a powerful shot to make sure she’s dead. Well, a big part of the forest got destroyed in the process. She goes down to confirm but Kurumi surprises everyone watching by standing back up. It is then Kurumi’s inner power activates and she loses her senses. Faint outlines of the black wings can be seen. Mikhail attacks again but it doesn’t work. Kurumi goes on the offensive but each time she gets hit by Mikhail, she gets back up like the hit was nothing. It’s like she’s an emotionless and heartless killing machine. Mikhail gets a taste of pain when Kurumi easily throws a tree log right into her! The power fight continues and if this goes on, the entire forest would be wiped out! I’m serious. Mikhail’s combat abilities reach her maximum. Kurumi deals the final blow with an enormous power blast. So powerful that the only thing Mikhail can do is shout her name. Nakahito wants Saki and Karinka to take him down to stop them because he could tell Kurumi doesn’t want to fight and that there was sadness in Mikhail’s eyes. When they arrive at ground zero, Kurumi is the only one left standing and this time her black wings are completely materialized. Looks like turning into a demon is the ultimate price she paid.

Episode 22
Kurumi doesn’t recognize them and fires away. Even if Saki and Karinka protected Nakahito, he still got wounded. At least a bloodied shoulder. Walski orders using some gravitational force to suppress Kurumi’s movement. It didn’t work because Kurumi unleashes her Barrier Globe to protect herself and negate the gravitation force. Then she targets the Academy by firing a beam. It’s like slicing through butter with a hot knife! Yeah, looks like a mini Death Star. A boulder is about to crash on Nakahito and the Steel Angels but thanks to Kamihito’s mysticism, they didn’t become pancakes. Kamihito is here because of the dreaded premonition he saw. The Academy crashes hard on the ground and though the base is heavily damaged, there is still power for certain functions and everyone is safe. They just got a bad landing. Walski and Ayanokouji blame each other that this happen. Ayanokouji explains that Steel Angels have souls just like humans. By sealing Demonkind powers, the power of Angel Heart can be increased. Because Walski made them fight, the angel element that governs Angel Heart rejected them and thus Demonkind took over. Now Kurumi is governed by Demonkind and is a Chaos Angel. Nakahito gets treated in the base while everyone else discuss what to do before Kurumi fully regenerates. That will be in 2 hours time. Now she’s sleeping like a baby in her Barrier Globe. Yeah, all hell will break lose once time is up. The only way left as Walski thinks is to focus all the energy Academy has in annihilating Kurumi’s existence, even if it destroys Academy itself. Saki protests against the method because she believes Kurumi can return to her normal self. But Ayanokouji is not saying anything. But another emergency is creeping in. The Barrier Globe is rapidly expanding and so is the Demonkind wave reading.

Episode 23
Kurumi fires another black beam at the grounded Academy. This time damaging the crucial power reactor that is needed to annihilate Kurumi. As Brandow states, attempts to redirect and bypass power source are futile because this is as much the base can take. Repairs will take 3 hours, something they don’t have the luxury of waiting since Kurumi will be fully recharged in an hour’s time. Kamihito volunteers to slow down Barrier Globe so he starts chanting to keep it from growing. Walski is at a loss of what to do. Kaga comes in and has grasped the situation. She and her Steel Angels will offer to convert their energy into the power needed to compensate the power shortage and even pass the 100% output mark. Though it may cost them their lives, she reminds them that Steel Angels’ duty to protect mankind. If they can use their lives to accomplish this, they will be proud to do so. Walski has no choice but to agree with them. Karinka and Saki go see Nakahito and hope to cheer him up. However that kid still blames himself over Kurumi’s transformation so much so Karinka had to tell him off that she likes him and did everything for him even though she knew he did all he could for Kurumi. She won’t forgive him if he gives up on Kurumi. She won’t like him like this. Now it’s her turn to get emotional. What good would it do if there are 2 of them crying? Well, Saki the ever kind comforting soul is always there when you need a shoulder to cry on. The sun is setting and Kamihito must be one awesome dude fully concentrating in his chanting. However he must be at his limit since Barrier Globe is expanding. Finally he breaks. I guess he is only human. Nakahito comes to the bridge to learn what is happening. All the more to hear from Ayanokouji that their only choice left is to annihilate Kurumi. Yeah, he’s not going to let that happen. Ever. Saki and Karinka join the other Steel Angels in lending their energy while the Chaos Angel revitalizes.

Episode 24
Well, the mini Death Star is much bigger now. But deep down inside Kurumi’s consciousness, she’s calling for her master and feeling very cold. All the Steel Angels lose their life giving their energy to the reactor. It is only a matter of seconds before the final blast will be fired. Nakahito rushes out towards Kurumi but he was stopped by Kamihito. Big brother had to slap him to make him realize that he can’t do anything. Not that he is being negative but really, what can he do? As they head into the safety of the base, Nakahito heard Kurumi calling him. He gives Kamihito the slip and rushes back out. Everyone can’t stop the impending shot because if they do, everything will be wasted. Nakahito gets absorbed into Globe Barrier and meets Kurumi. He hugs her as he whispers that no matter how much she changes, Kurumi is Kurumi. That was enough to awaken and return Kurumi to her normal state. WHAT???!!! IT WAS THAT EASY???!!! But too late. The final powerful blast is fired. This might be even bigger than the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima. But it boggles me it didn’t destroy the nearby mountain. Next scene we know, Kurumi kisses Nakahito and awakens him. Reverse, eh? Another mind boggling thing is that, assuming if they were caught in the blast, how come only their clothes got zapped. Even if the Barrier Globe protected them, how the heck did they lose their clothes? Whatever. Anyway Nakahito confesses he loves Kurumi and they both kiss again. This time, their kiss emits a powerful light. So powerful that it returns all the energy to the other Steel Angels, reviving them (including Mikhail). Wouldn’t want this to end on a bittersweet note, don’t we? Everyone is surprised at the turn of events (probably watching the duo kiss too) and no Demonkind presence is detected within Kurumi. Ayanokouji realizes their mistake. They have overlooked something very important. It isn’t the mystical powers or the strengthening of Angel Heart that matters. The most important thing to a Steel Angel is the relationship of trust between herself and the mystic. To put it in another way, it’s the power of love. Yeah, love conquers all. Koganei and Kichijoji return with the military reinforcements but it’s all for nothing since it has been settled. But it’s good, right? Believe me, I don’t think all those Kongos would even have a chance against evil Kurumi (they fail badly against Saki, remember?). Nakahito and Kurumi see the first star in the sky. He believes if one sees it, they’ll be guaranteed to be happy. But Kurumi doesn’t believe it because she has been happy for a long time.

Steel Angel Kurumi Encore

I thought this was going to be a summary recap because of the name in its title, Encore. You know, as in, do it once more all over from the top. But instead of boring us with 4 OVA episodes that summarize what happened in the TV series, Steel Angel Kurumi Encore is in fact an extension of the said series with four additional episodes that takes place in the aftermath where the TV series ended. The plot is nothing serious and feels like fun and fillers. So I guess Encore is like, fans couldn’t get enough of the Steel Angels and want more. I think I’ll stick with that.

Episode 1
Amagi talks to the general about Ayanokouji who is trying to rebuild Academy at a ramen stall where Saki and Karinka are working at so that they won’t ‘get in the way’ of Kurumi and Nakahito as who knows what those 2 are doing back at the shrine. Suddenly a movie agent from Shochikubai Movie Company is taken aback by Saki’s beauty and wants her to become an actress! At first Saki was reluctant but seeing how excited Kurumi and Kamihito were, she decides to give a try. Saki gets new experience being an actress. Sometimes she fouls up but she carries on. But she also likes her new job because she gets to be physically closer to Kurumi (she acts out scenes for her during the bath). Saki soon becomes famous and has her own fans. One day, the director lets Saki in on the good news that she’ll have the chance to act in Hollywood for over a year. However this means she won’t be returning to Japan for that period though he assures her this is for her future and will leave after the end of their current movie project. Saki contemplates of quitting acting because she can’t see her beloved sister anymore. Ultimately it is up to her to make the decision. One night she sees Kurumi sleeping with Nakahito and hears her talk in her sleep that her master is the only one for her. It’s decided. Saki leaves onboard the liner as her sisters and Nakahito wish her goodbye. It might get lonely but it’s for the best. But for Kurumi, she’s got Nakahito. As the liner leaves, Saki sees Kurumi crying and then suddenly jumping into the water! Saki also jumps down into the ocean and swims up to Kurumi. She feels happier by her side. Well, what a wasted chance because she soon learns Kurumi had dust in her eyes and jumped into the ocean to wash it off. WTF?! But Kurumi notes that she too is happy that she didn’t go because she is happier with her by her side. Yeah. It’s short but welcome back.

Episode 2
Karinka isn’t happy about Kurumi and Nakahito’s usual morning ruckus. She then receives a love letter wanting to meet at a certain place and she can identify him with a rose in his pocket. Kurumi also finds out about Karinka’s date and is happy for her. Next day, Karinka isn’t pleased that Kurumi rushed her so much so she is 30 minutes earlier than her appointed time. Worse, she knows her sister and Nakahito are spying on her. Why are they cross-dressed again? This time they brought Saki along and I know she has to disguise herself because she is famous. But disguised as a thief?! It’s amazing nobody reported her. Then the mysterious date shows up… Kamihito?! Karinka quickly takes him away while the ‘stalkers’ follow. Later Karinka finds out Kamihito didn’t write the letter and it was just a coincidence he is wearing a rose in his pocket that the florist gave. But Kurumi and co see them as a lovely couple and start confusing themselves if they marry, would Kamihito be their older or little brother-in-law? Kamihito thought she should return to her waiting place but Karinka wants him to hang out with her for the rest of the day. Simply because it’s more fun to see those ‘stalkers’ panicking. So whether it’s riding a tram, at the movies, the zoo or the department store, Kurumi is like the idiot and feels like she’s on a date with Nakahito. Karinka’s feelings get confused when Kamihito praises her and even thinks she could have had a better time with the mysterious date. But she realizes she is not ready to fall in love yet. Kamihito takes it as she is still attached to Nakahito and it’s okay not to give up because a person’s feelings can’t easily change. She should be herself and cherish how she feels at this moment. I guess this means, Karinka isn’t giving up on Nakahito because the rivalry to wash his back with Kurumi continues. And the real mysterious date turns out to be… The general! He’s still waiting there! But it’s already late. He isn’t giving up yet so tomorrow he will send her another letter!

Episode 3
Kurumi is bugging Nakahito to kiss her like how he first did when they are being visited by Nadeshiko. But she’s only here for a quick visit as she has to return to Ayanokouji’s place. Kamihito notes how Nadeshiko is the epitome of an ideal Japanese woman even if she’s a Steel Angel. Since Nakahito also agrees, this worries Kurumi. She decides to be one and thinks really hard. Think, think, think and think. Nothing. So much so Saki discreetly helps her out by giving her a book on it. I’m not sure if Kurumi can understand those hard words. Oh well, never give up. Next morning, Nakahito is surprised that Kurumi has turned into an elegant and polite traditional Japanese woman. She excels in cooking, flower arrangement and even sewing. Even if she gets praised, she has to hold back her squeal and maintain her proper manners. Plus, it’s tiring to uphold the traditional way. Nakahito wonders if she is pushing too hard since she looks exhausted but she assures him everything is okay. But true enough, she collapses while cooking. When she wakes up, Nakahito has heard everything from Saki and tells her to just be herself. She is worried about not becoming his ideal woman so Nakahito relates when Nadeshiko was here, he was impressed with her ways. However she notes that he and Kurumi had something that others don’t no matter how much one practices: Feelings. It is important how they feel and care for each other. That’s why they should both be themselves and take it slow, walking on the same path. Thus Nakahito likes the way Kurumi is and pecks her on her forehead. I guess this will do. Happy Kurumi returns back to her genki self and hugs him.

Episode 4
All the Steel Angels rebuilding Academy heard this rumour that whoever kisses Nakahito will be the strongest Steel Angel. They confront Nakahito and Kurumi at the shrine wanting that kid to be their master. It’ll be over in just seconds. Like he can do that. Like she’ll allow that. Kamihito offers to be their master but they ignore him. Nadeshiko returns seeing she has heard the rumour. Seeing both sides aren’t going to back off, Nadeshiko suggests a competition in which the last one standing will be Nakahito’s master. The first round is a true or false question relating to Nakahito. Get a wrong answer and you’re disqualified. Only 5 will get to advance. Though Nadeshiko and Saki are the judges, at this point a mysterious masked Steel Angel, Yaoi makes her debut. Who? Actually it’s Koganei in disguise. So she’s still after that kid’s lips, eh? Embarrassing questions pertaining to Nakahito is asked and the field is quickly reduced. In my opinion, those Steel Angels shouldn’t just guess blindly because they should have followed Kurumi who is the best Steel Angel who knows everything about Nakahito, right? So the candidates are narrowed down to Kurumi, Karinka, Yaoi, Kaga and Tsunami. Second round is an Old Maid card game. But Tsunami got disqualified though she finished her cards. Since there are joker cards with Nakahito’s portrait, the rules state that you’re supposed to hold on to them if you love him that much. WTF?! So with Tsunami discarding everything, I guess it’s out for her. Third round is based on luck. Rock-scissors-paper. Karinka lost while Kaga got disqualified because she used some Steel Angel skill in 0.0001 second to cheat. So in the final between Kurumi and Yaoi, they’re supposed to carry Nakahito, complete a jigsaw of his portrait and take him to the goal. It’s a close fight as both sides are neck to neck and Nakahito exchanging hands several times. Racing towards the finish line, their tugging causes Nakahito to be in pain. Kurumi immediately let go and this causes Yaoi to win. Thankfully Yaoi didn’t kiss him because she knew Kurumi did something admirable. Kurumi praises this spy from the military. Eh? How did she recognize her? Her knees! Oh yeah. I forgot about that peculiar recognizing ability. The other Steel Angels aren’t happy and want a rematch seeing a human competitor was involved. However she says that even if they redo, the results will be the same. The reason they got these far is because of their important feelings for each other. A one-sided feeling is no good for a mystic and Steel Angel. If they have feelings, then they will all be able to find a fabulous master. This event was to make them realize that. Yeah, but how did the rock-scissors-paper fit in that? So I guess it has got to be Kurumi for Nakahito, eh?

Steel Angel Kurumi Zero

What the?! What happened?! Suddenly from all that annoying comedy and light-hearted moments, Steel Kurumi Zero suddenly becomes a heavy melodrama that is void of any antics and funny moments that you would expect in this series! You’re not going to laugh a single bit here. Guarantee. The triple OVA episodes are gloomy and serve as a prelude to the birth of Angel Heart. So that is why it is named Zero, eh? So the past takes place in the future. Confused? Maybe that is why Kurumi and her sisters were modelled as we know them. And the stage is just the apartment room they stay in. Never changes. No other characters except them too. Feels like a stage play…

Episode 1
An announcement to advice everyone to stay indoors due to the acid rain. Bored Karinka complains she can’t go out so Excelia warns her not to. Kurumi returns from her club activity and makes a confession. She has a guy she likes. It is her club instructor and she felt happy that they get to chat. Her sisters want to know more but Excelia the landlord isn’t too thrilled. Because Kurumi forgot to ask his name, Excelia looks up the database and his name is Michihito Kagura. Upon realizing his registration number is #132459 Gamma, Excelia suggests they stop searching for more info on him. She tries to dissuade Kurumi from seeing him by throwing questions if she knows where he came from and liking him based on meeting him the first time. Kurumi is adamant she likes him so Saki the moderator settles the situation. As Kurumi and Saki bath together, Kurumi is still worried and unsure. Saki gives her advice and encouragement like a big sister. She believes in her and will support Kurumi. Soon Kurumi announces she not only wants to be with the person she likes, she also wants to see everyone happy. A bright light emits from her body. Is it an angel?

Episode 2
Medical check-up indicates nothing wrong so Karinka thinks it is ESP and she’s an esper. Though Kurumi is worried, Excelia thinks she’ll be a good research subject. Like she wants to be that. The topic changes when Karinka gets upset that her boobs didn’t grow. Next day, Kurumi is off to her club activity and is going to confess to Michihito. She is given several words to say. Saki is positive, Karinka just unsure while Excelia remains pessimistic. She feels it will not go well. Karinka thought of spying on them but Saki thinks that’s rude and has her go shopping so that they can celebrate when Kurumi comes back. Excelia investigates something called Angel Holder in her laptop. As the girls wait for Kurumi to return, they notice she is awfully late. Perhaps they are doing something cheeky? Then when she comes home, they can tell it didn’t go well because she’s putting up a gloomy expression. If you’re not convinced, how about now as Kurumi starts crying and hugging Saki? As explained, Michihito said he loves her. So was it tears of joy? Actually it will only be a week. In one week’s time, Michihito will leave the city and never return. Though he understood her feelings, Kurumi felt it was unfair and continues crying. Karinka then wants to celebrate since Kurumi has a boyfriend and she’s going out. It’s not that she’s heartless but if she cries, Michihito will feel sad and certainly she doesn’t want that, right? Surprise this is coming from Karinka. Kurumi promises not to cry anymore. She then washes her face and the bright light begins emitting again. She thinks her feelings are so strong and that she loves Michihito so much that it shines and takes an appearance of an angel. She believes she’ll be alright since she has the angel’s blessing. Excelia is eavesdropping outside as she notes how she wants to believe the strength of her feelings is calling the angel. Next day, Kurumi leaves for her date as the other girls support her. This goes on for a week till the day Michihito leaves the city. That night, Kurumi couldn’t stop crying. So much about the promise.

Episode 3
Even if Michihito is gone, they still keep in touch via Voice Mail every day. Phew. Thank goodness for technology. Each time the laptop beeps, Kurumi would come rushing just to talk to him. Even if she’s in the middle of the bath and only clad in a towel. But that conversation turns out to be their last. It has been 2 weeks ago since Kurumi heard from him and this causes her to sink into depression and lock herself up in the room. Saki won’t forgive him if he was just playing with her feelings. Karinka notices Excelia have the address of Michihito thanks to her hacking even it is unethical. That guy still reads his mail but why isn’t he contacting Kurumi? Excelia explains that she have known something like this would happen a long time ago and because it would cause Kurumi to be shocked, she didn’t say anything. Remember his registration number? Seeing he has a Gamma, it means he is a Holder. When humans feel inferior, they submit into a life of humility and live in an unconscious state. So what happened to Kurumi was caused by him saying he loves her. This illness may take a toll on his health and his body may stop functioning. Excelia continues explaining about living things, existence and fate. Showing the scars when she once cut her wrist, Excelia too was once a Holder. Getting out of her sickness was her goal in life and meeting Kurumi, Saki and Karinka gave her a new power of life. That is the reason why she is alive now. To cure Michihito’s illness, Kurumi must summon the angel. Suddenly the laptop beeps and instantly Kurumi rushes out to answer it, beating everyone else who was nearby -_-. She starts pouring out the things she do, her feelings, that she wants to kiss him and knows he is dying and in pain. In tears, she will summon the angel to ensure his happiness because she loves him. When she says those 3 magic words, again bright light emits from within and this time an angel materializes. Excelia narrates that this is what Ayanokouji said. Fairness is disguised. An angel descends. An angel’s calling. The angel appears to a person of pure heart. Its existence was contained in her heart and therefore the Angel Heart was summoned. I guess this was the memories Kurumi had when she was first awakened by Nakahito’s kiss in the lab. Kyuiiin!!!

Steel Angel Kurumi Ni Shiki

This sequel doesn’t feel like a reboot of the series nor does it feel like a direct continuation. Taking place 75 years after the first season ended, Steel Angel Kurumi Ni Shiki sees the usual gang but as new second generation Steel Angels in a new modern misadventure of their own. New era, new environment, new master, some upgrades, but same ol’ habits die hard, right? Right. But this sequel feels more yuri in fact and there aren’t any ‘real’ enemy and drama that we see in the original first season. Yeah, feels like some mindless plot for Kurumi to stay with her new master 24/7 and other jealous people who are bent on separating them. So what about being protectors of mankind’s future? Have they forgotten about that? Not Kurumi, the producers lah.

Episode 1
Nako Kagura isn’t just a miko priestess but a cellist playing to the crowd. Did I mention that she is clumsy too because she almost stepped on a chicken on her way down. Yeah, everybody thought it was somewhat funny that she tripped. Oh, I may want to add she is a simpleton too because she gullibly believes Misaki, her mom’s word that she will meet a lovely person this week (she got it from an astrology book) and for that matter she has to prepare a room with 2 years worth of textbooks by taking it to the unoccupied warehouse. While transporting the books, she meets her friend Uruka Sumeragi who helps her out. Nako shows an underground path she recently discovered. Curiosity kills the cat as they venture down the dark path. Uruka teases scaredy cat Nako that there is something when it’s just a lie. But the second time round, there IS something. Making a run for it, they get lost in the labyrinth till the seek refuge in a dark room. The pursuer inches closer and it is revealed to be a cute dog. As Nako is infatuated with its cuteness, something tells us this isn’t just an ordinary dog. See its computerized eyes as it is scanning its surroundings? Suddenly the room activates. The Buddha statue starts flying towards them. Another round of running around the underground maze till they finally get above ground. The statue seems like it is going to stomp on Nako when a bright light swallows her. Inside the light, Nako hears a voice (sounds like Ayanokouji) wanting her to hear his wish. Seeing her as the successor of this temple and for the sake of the future, he wants her to revive his daughter, the new advanced and reformed type of Steel Angel. She is Kurumi. Not just Kurumi but Kurumi Ni Shiki (Second Generation). The statue cracks open and falling out comes Kurumi. I suppose at the angle you can’t escape your lips getting kissed. So with that awakening kiss like how Prince Charming did to Sleeping Beauty, Kurumi wakes up and Nako becomes her master. It’s starting all over again.

Episode 2
Kurumi is so happy that Nako is her master that she kisses her again! Uruka is horrified because well, Nako’s lips are supposed to belong to her. I guess that says a lot. Nako thought she was just dreaming when she wakes up in bed with Misaki by her side. Apparently not. Kurumi is there too. Misaki seems to know a little about Steel Angels because grandpa used to tell her stories about them (though very exaggerated). Plus, she had grandpa’s diary that explains them all. Yeah, that diary that they always used as a coaster for hot cooking pots. No respect for books… Though Kurumi can’t remember much of her adventure before this awakening, her (annoying) cheerfulness is still there. Then the doggie comes in and it is revealed to be Can-1, Kurumi’s companion. However Misaki gets infatuated and attached to that cute dog. Now she makes it her new companion, eh? Nako takes a bath and we recognize Kurumi’s trademark airhead-ness as she gets in with her while making a big foam with the body soap. Uruka returns to her mansion so dejected, so long face that her dad, Tenkai is shocked that his beloved daughter didn’t respond to his greeting. Uruka in her room tries to calm down but she can’t help think that Nako’s lips have been stolen but that pink airhead. Now getting frantic, Uruka takes her binoculars to check on Nako’s household (they are neighbours by the way). To her horror, she sees Nako running out in her towel while being chased by naked Kurumi. Uruka breaks down in tears and to eavesdropping Tenkai, he is going to get to the bottom of this as he calls GAIN, the family’s troops. Yeah, it’s a big deal if his precious daughter cries. Next morning, Kurumi goes to school with Nako. Seems Misaki has arranged for her to be in the same class. Off Kurumi carries Nako jumping and gliding through the air. Nako is thrilled with this jet coaster-like ride. However that enjoyment comes crashing down when Kurumi mentions she doesn’t know where her school is. Great. So now they’re lost.

Episode 3
Somehow they manage to reach school but Kurumi continues to be the cheerful airhead despite being late, much to the teacher’s ire. Kurumi is clinging to Nako so close that everyone is talking about them. Jealous? Uruka’s worse fears come true when she spots them together. At the rooftop, Uruka finds out that Kurumi has bathed, slept and even borrowed Nako’s pantsu! All true but somewhat exaggerated. She wants Nako to stay away from this person because she thinks she’ll be taken advantage of due to her quiet nature. But Kurumi starts getting teary eyed wondering if she’s bothersome (we think she is). I’m sure Nako couldn’t go with Uruka’s flow and her heart softens when she sees Kurumi in that state. So yeah, Kurumi is not bothersome. While Kurumi rejoices, Uruka sinks into further depression. Meanwhile Tenkai receives an application of Kurumi as the transfer student from Misaki. Then he receives a call that GAIN has been dispatched to ease Uruka’s heart and that they have found the ‘enemy’. On the screen, Tenkai is shocked to see Kurumi’s picture. He wants GAIN to start their mission immediately! Now it’s his turn to go hysterical. As Kurumi carries Nako out of school, a stealth bomber parachutes down a mecha that suddenly attacks them. For some reason, Uruka can tell this robot from the family’s army division is from her dad. Yeah, the mecha’s name is codenamed Uruka. The principal can’t do anything about the mecha smashing around the school grounds simply because of the written agreement. I can tell his hands are tied by a certain someone. Kurumi evades with ease the mecha’s blows but when Nako gets hurt by a wood splinter, Kurumi gets mad and calls forth Can-1. Instantly that canine comes flying (transformed into a jet?!) and then Kurumi rips apart her school uniform (WTF?!) so that Can-1 can deliver her maid uniform with a few enhanced features (for a transformation scene I guess). WTF?! Then in a single strike, she destroys the mecha. While everyone is shocked at what they see, Kurumi realizes she has just ripped the uniform Misaki gave her and calls herself an idiot. Uruka notes she isn’t an ordinary girl. Tenkai is upset that his mecha got trashed and in his anger accidentally breaks his Buddha statue. But this uncovers a sleeping Saki…

Episode 4
Tenkai plans to awake Saki and make her as part of his family agents for the sake of Uruka’s smile. Kurumi excels in sports that she has gathered a huge number of fans. How does it feel like to be in the spotlight now? Kurumi listens to Nako playing her cello. Her cellist teacher, Yutaka Kizuki praises her playing though there is room for improvement. Kurumi didn’t like Kizuki for wanting to make Nako practice forever. But if Nako says Kizuki is a nice person, Kurumi accepts him. Tenkai’s bunch of scientists are at a dead end. They can’t seem to activate Saki and the big boss wants her awakened now. Uruka spots them and she misinterprets what they are doing with a body naked of a lady. Kurumi and Nako return home and they are surprised Uruka is there (probably she bribed Misaki with lots of seafood). Actually Uruka is here on a mission. Tenkai wanted her to retrieve a secret book on Steel Angels believed to be in Nako’s household to activate Saki. So for the sake of their future, Uruka pretends to be a nice and friendly girl (despite how she loathes it). When Nako and Kurumi take a bath together, she starts searching the place but Can-1 interrupts by chasing her around. She blames all this happening to her on Kurumi. After dinner, Uruka thought of staying for the night seeing she doesn’t want to be home alone. Nako and Kurumi thought they spot somebody (Tenkai peeping with his binoculars) on Uruka’s mansion’s veranda but Uruka panics and dismisses they are seeing things. Then she sees the secret book being used as the pot’s coaster. She starts acting strangely, distracts the ladies to take the book and changes her mind to return home since she did saw her father on the veranda. Bedtime, Kurumi asks if Nako likes Kizuki. She dismisses that fact and she only admires him because he is a great cellist. Kurumi wants her to choose who she loves more. Kizuki or her. Of course she can’t. Tenkai praises Uruka for getting the book and now nothing will stop them from achieving their goals. Yeah, keep dreaming…

Episode 5
Reading the book’s instructions, Tenkai doesn’t believe the rubbish of the needed love bond and kiss to awaken Saki. Uruka is still delusional. She sees Nako in Saki and fantasises that they will be together from now on. So much so she kisses Saki! Oh sh*t!!! Yeah, her first kiss went to a Steel Angel instead of a certain someone. But look on the bright side. Saki indeed awakens. Uruka finds it odd that Saki keeps calling her her master. Saki (in teary eyes) wonders if she has seen her other sisters but of course Uruka doesn’t know anything about this. Misaki makes Kurumi debut as a miko priestess along with Nako to revive the shrine. It doesn’t disappoint because with all the crazy fan girls squealing, they rake in big money. So much money that they can even afford shabu-shabu. Uruka still dreams of her ultimate dream with Nako when Saki wants to wash her back. She relents when she puts on that teary eye act again. Uruka feels disgusted at Saki’s praises about her beautiful soft white skin. Next day, Kurumi receives a love letter in her shoe locker and is about to discard it but Nako says she mustn’t break the heart of her admirer. If she says so. As Kurumi waits for the person, it seems this is a setup so that Saki can destroy her in one shot in a surprise attack as instructed by Uruka. Saki pulls off a powerful punch but Kurumi is able to catch it before it connects to her face (not without creating a powerful crater in the wall!). With their Angel Heart resonating, Saki recognizes her sister and rejoices. Hmm… Looks like she still has some affection for Kurumi since she is holding her arm. Kurumi also remembers her and introduces her to Nako. She learns Uruka as Saki’s new master and since they live next door to each other, they can see each other often. Isn’t that good? Well, not for Uruka, who is appalled ever since this development unfolded. What a turn of events. Didn’t expect this, eh? Kurumi concludes that it was Uruka who sent the love letter to get Saki to meet them. Saki is grateful but I’m sure that wasn’t her intention, right? Nako didn’t know Kurumi had a sister and Kurumi really would’ve forgotten all about her if not for today. Yeah, there are loads of other things she can’t remember. So I guess both sisters are so happy that they start waving and calling to each other right across the room, eh? Uruka is saddened that her first kiss was laid to waste and blames Saki. She thought she’s having a nightmare and sleeps with her. I’m sure that’s not the problem. Next day, Kurumi and Nako find Saki a transfer student in Uruka’s class. Hey wait a minute. If Uruka is a year older than Nako and Saki is Kurumi’s younger sister, doesn’t that make things complicated? Oh what the heck, since Kurumi has got Nako (hugging all over her) and Saki has Uruka (holding her arm closely). Nako feels this is bad luck while Uruka a great evil.

Episode 6
Nako plays the cello much to the delight to Kizuki and the rest. He thinks it’s like she’s in love. Nako denies but Kurumi insists she is. This is where Uruka affirms that Nako IS NOT in love. Saki realizes Kurumi and Uruka love Nako but she herself loves Kurumi and Nako. She wishes she was Nako. Love is so one-sided, eh? Later when Uruka finds out Misaki is making swimsuits for Nako, she offers to take them to her private island in the south when Misaki agrees to make a swimsuit for her. Uruka thought she could get rid of the Steel Angels by not letting them on the plane, giving an excuse they are heavy. No problem. Just fly alongside the plane! Uruka finds her swimsuit to be quite revealing and sexy. To her dismay, Nako and Kurumi are wearing the same pattern. Did Misaki run out of materials? Or could it mean her swimsuit is meant to be a special treat? Uruka laments she couldn’t spend a single second with Nako because Kurumi keeps hogging her. While they are out on a boat, Uruka plans to get rid of Kurumi by telling her about the legendary lemon pearls. If they find and give to their loved one, they’ll forever be together. Kurumi dives down as Uruka is confident she’ll not come back up. Indeed there is a lemon pearl factory on the sea floor but it is tightly guarded and will not let a single intruder in. This will spell Kurumi’s doom. Or so she thinks. Kurumi is attacked by mechanical sharks and one of them took her top. Saki dives in to see what’s taking her so long and sees what’s happening. Kurumi is adamant to get that top back (because Misaki made it for her) as she summons Can-1. The dog turns into a fish tail so Kurumi can match the sharks’ speed.  Saki helps take out the sharks as well as riding the missiles to take out other torpedoes. WTF?! In the end, Kurumi crashes through the factory and manages to get her top back. But the factory explodes and rains lemon pearls. Nako thought she saw a mermaid but it turned out to be Kurumi. Back on shore, Kurumi gives Nako a lemon pearl and is so happy they can be together forever. Uruka is left cursing the outcome and doesn’t accept Saki’s lemon pearl.

Episode 7
Several priests are in a ceremony to awake Karinka. Uruka isn’t happy Kurumi once again is too close to Nako and calls dad to unleash another mecha. He’s already sent one as they speak but soon as the giant robot lands, Kurumi destroys it in a single punch and is pissed for interrupting another together-time with Nako. Back to the drawing board… Because Nako intends to enter a concour, she didn’t tell Kurumi and co that she’ll be back late and practises under the eyes of Kizuki. Since Misaki too isn’t home, Saki offers to cook for Kurumi and Uruka. She is happy they will get to taste her cooking. Uruka on the other hand is grumpy seeing she is invited but Nako isn’t around. Then they wait for Nako to return so they can start. Time passes and it’s getting late. Kurumi turns on the TV to bide the time. A channel is showing a woman pouring out her troubles that her husband had an affair with someone in his club and they both eloped! Uruka fears the worst as this may be happening to Nako. She starts screaming right in the middle of the room! Some delusion she got. Thinking she is in danger, Kurumi takes her and rushes to school. Looks like Saki will have to wait for another time for them to taste her cooking. Uruka is uneasy flying so high so she struggles and accidentally covers Kurumi’s eyes. This causes her to crash into the school building. Rushing along, Uruka is disheartened to see Kizuki close to Nako. Could it be true? Actually because of that ‘earthquake’, Nako fell and he was just applying a band aid. Uruka realizes she slipped up this time and just says they were here to get her since it’s late. Kizuki notes the nice and caring friends she has. Kurumi carries Nako on her back and she gets her confidence to do her best for the concour. Nearby, Misaki meets a priest who tells her that the last Steel Angel of the second generation series has been recovered and will revive soon. She is worried the effect it will have. So after all that chanting, Karinka finally opens her eyes.

Episode 8
Karinka is surprised at the development of the city 75 years on. Yeah, she sports a new hairstyle and her outfit isn’t dangerously revealing like the last time. Kurumi is throwing a tantrum by herself because she is bored and Nako is busy with her cello lessons. Uruka revels in her despair till she realizes she too is in the same predicament. Saki gets an idea and tells Uruka that Nako’s class has been cancelled and wants to meet her at the park. She also tells this to Kurumi. If you’re wondering why Nako didn’t tell them directly it’s because it’s Saki’s scheme to meet them both at the park in Nako’s stead. Then she’ll use Nako’s lateness to accompany them and they’ll have a swell time together. You and I know this isn’t going to work out the way she wants. And since Kurumi and Uruka are so infatuated that they’re going to be with Nako, they didn’t really bother to think logically. As Saki runs along, she gets attacked by Karinka. Uruka and Kurumi bump into each other at the park and while waiting for Nako to show up, Uruka shows pictures of them as childhood friends. She envies Kurumi who can be honest with her feelings but Kurumi feels Uruka too can be like her. Suddenly Kurumi’s heart feels pain. She gets a telepathic warning from Saki about their little sister. Suddenly the liner crashes onto land close to them (I wonder how Karinka hijacked and steered this big ship) and Saki is tied to the pole on the edge of it. Karinka meets Kurumi and wants her to come with her to meet the people who revived her. Because Kurumi doesn’t remember anything, Karinka’s reminder about Steel Angels to serve humans, bla, bla, bla, didn’t ring a bell to the airhead. So Karinka beats her up and chides her for the things she is doing now which is not accomplishing her true purpose. Kurumi doesn’t fight back while Uruka watches in horror. Then when it starts raining, Nako and Can-1 come by and see the inevitable.

Episode 9
Karinka tells Nako she is going to take her sisters with her and that she is too weak to even oppose her. So don’t even think about fighting back. Kurumi surprises her by getting back up on her feet despite still being weak. Kurumi says she’ll always wait for her master and this prompts Karinka to further pound her. Uruka tries to wake Saki up but there is no response. Karinka gets cocky while fighting Kurumi (who has called forth Can-1’s powers) and blames her for all that has happened. Nako didn’t want the sisters fighting but Karinka lashes back she doesn’t know anything and smacks her. This of course enrages Kurumi. Meanwhile Uruka is desperate to awaken Saki and kisses her the second time. Saki immediately opens her eyes. Uruka blames Kurumi that Nako is hurt but wants Saki to discipline her disobedient little sister. Then she realizes her second kiss… Karinka didn’t like the fact she could feel Kurumi’s power in her Angel Heart despite having the advantage. Kurumi and Saki team up to fight Karinka but are still no match. Nako’s worries and feelings reached Kurumi that her Angel Heart starts to power up. Karinka couldn’t believe the surge in power and continues attacking. Kurumi is able to stop her attack with just a palm. It ends with Karinka’s defeat as she realizes Kurumi’s sudden power. It took 120 priests to awaken her but only a small frail girl to awaken Kurumi. Before she falls into the sea, she also realizes how cute Nako is. Oh dear… Misaki notes this is Nako’s true power. Her love is what makes a Steel Angel strong. With that power, they will make the future better. As everyone reunite, Uruka and Kurumi get into an argument about the power of love. They try to outdo each other that their love for Nako is bigger than the other. You must be tired of hearing this, Nako girl? She thought pinpointing at the rainbow would solve it all, but it only fuels their love argument. Bridge of love? Yeah, they even get Nako involved… Guess what happens the next day? Karinka becomes the new transfer student in Nako’s class! She shoves off the girl sitting next to Nako and makes that her seat. Kurumi not very happy… Just great. Now she gets another rival and the bickering is not going to simmer down. Bad luck for Nako indeed.

Episode 10
Karinka is now staying at Nako’s place. Don’t ask. Because of that, she and Kurumi get into an argument that results in breaking Nako’s precious cello! Oh sh*t!!! Though later Nako forgives them, the duo still feel guilty. And the concour is around the corner. However Uruka saves the day as she brings Nako back to her mansion. To her delight, it is filled with various famous cello brands. Hmph. Rich people and their money… Since they are expensive, Nako has to practice here and so for the time being, she stays at Uruka’s place. Uruka even had Kizuki come to her mansion to guide Nako. Kurumi and Karinka lament Nako not around and because of them she got into trouble. Thinking Nako wants her cello back, they decide to go buy it but you know how expensive one is, right? So how? Work part time. Man, with these ladies using their super strength like child’s play, the construction company should just hire them and fire all the other workers. They don’t even need equipments because the Steel Angels themselves are sufficed in carrying all the heavy materials. So in the end, they manage to buy the cello (the pay must be damn good for them to buy it this fast) and on their way to meet Nako, the head priest who revived Karinka, Toushi confronts them. He is not happy Karinka disobeyed his order and is now siding with the enemy. He and his priestesses (it’s odd to see them in office saleswoman clothes rather than miko priestess outfit) subdue them both. But Kurumi’s Angel Heart resonates as her feelings for Nako is strong. They break out of the barrier and continue their journey. Toushi wanted to give chase but was stopped by Misaki. She wants the Steel Angels to continue doing what they are doing now (protecting their loved ones and enriching their heart) and not let this old bastard decide the future he claims he is protecting. Toushi agrees to back off but cautions he will be watching them. Nako is happy Kurumi and Nako got her a new cello as she lets them hear the fruits of her practice. Uruka is back to her grumpy ways because Kurumi butted in. Then as she watches the TV programme on the upcoming cello concour, she learns the winner will be an exchange student at a prestigious music academy in Wien, Austria. Then it hit her. Nako will be going away! NO WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!

Episode 11
Kurumi asks Nako why she wants to be a cellist. It is her dream to go around the world to let people listen and comprehend her music. The concour is tomorrow as Uruka reluctantly meets Kurumi about Nako going away if she wins the concour. They don’t want to be separated from her, right? Nako comes up with devious schemes to prevent Nako from attending the concour but they all seem criminal-like. Because gloomy Kurumi didn’t say anything and even if she did, it was just she doesn’t know anything anymore, Uruka gets upset that she’s all talk about protecting her master, bla, bla, bla. She’s not going to rely on her. Uruka sees her dad and begs him to give her the latest Mobile Armour that is still in experimenting phase. She even agrees to be the test pilot. Though reluctant, he eventually agrees seeing Uruka ‘threatens’ she will not smile for him. Always daddy’s girl… Misaki walking back from an errand late that night sees Karinka alone and sad. Karinka tells her about Nako going away and thinks she will be sad if that happens. Misaki gives her advice like parents normally do. To believe in your own feelings. Early dawn, Uruka is at the gates of Nako’s home. She is adamant to stop Nako even if this will make Nako hate her. But right in front of her is Kurumi. All Kurumi wants is to hear Nako’s cello performance and doesn’t want Uruka to interfere with her dream. She takes Uruka far away but is intercepted by Karinka as she crashes onto a building top. Karinka mentions abut Nako’s power required to save the future and thus the need for her to get stronger. That’s why it’ll be bad if Nako goes away. Uruka thought she has the same thoughts as her but Karinka tells her not to get the wrong idea and that their feelings are different. Despite so, they have a common goal and same opponent. The power battle begins and at the rate they’re going, they might just destroy the building. Hmm… The Mobile Armour Uruka is wearing looks scanty… Maybe that is what makes it light but destructive. Though Kurumi gets beaten up, she’s not going down easily because she is going to protect Nako’s dream. Nako wakes up and prepares to head for the concour, unaware what is happening between her childhood friend and the Steel Angels.

Episode 12
Nako is nervous as the concour begins. But she is going to do her best for everyone’s sake. Speaking of which, it’s her turn. Meanwhile Kurumi always stands right back up even after being beaten to a pulp by Uruka and Karinka. Toushi and his priestesses are chanting faraway but it has no effect. Once they think Kurumi is down for good, they rush over to the music hall. Nako has already started playing so how? Uruka is going to fire her missiles into the hall!!! WTF?! What is she thinking?! Nako is inside and will get hurt! She doesn’t care? There’s no other way?! However Saki (carrying Kurumi with her) pleads them not to do it. Kurumi still has enough strength to rant about her master’s dreams. She doesn’t want Nako to become sad and wants her smiling always. Uruka takes on Kurumi in yet another flashy missile battle while Kurumi reminisces the good times she spent with Nako. It’s amazing that nobody heard the missile explosions rocking outside. Ironically, Kurumi could hear Nako’s cello instead. After taking a direct blast (even Can-1 got blown off), her feelings for Nako are so strong that her Angel Heart activates and a bright light emits. She sprouts wings of a white angel. Everyone including Toushi and his priestesses are amazed at the sight. Except for Uruka. I guess it wasn’t the bright light that blinded her. It’s her jealousy. She is still adamant on taking care of Kurumi despite pleas from Saki not to. Then after memories of Nako flashes through her mind, she then realizes and stops her actions. She breakdowns and comes to terms that she too wants Nako’s dreams to come true. At the end of the concour, Nako is announced as the winner. Later Nako goes to meet the gang outside, though she is puzzled with Kurumi’s messed up appearance and Uruka’s flashy fashion. They congratulate her and wish her all the best overseas. However she says she is not going abroad. That’s because the winner of the high school division will be going to Wien. Plus, she really doesn’t want to go overseas in the first place. What a big relief! And this means a big hug from happy Kurumi. I guess this also means back to the normal bickering over Nako’s attention. Yeah, Uruka and Karinka want Kurumi to stop hogging Nako all to herself. Nako thinks this tussle is some ultra deluxe bad luck, but a good one. WTF?! Then it isn’t bad luck, right? So Nako and Kurumi continue to live together with the latter carrying her all the way to school while the rest wait for them at the gates.

Kyuiin! Goshujin-sama, ~desu…
Those are the 3 words that I would exactly summarize what Kurumi is. More accurately, these are somewhat her favourite words. Basically, I find Kurumi quite annoying throughout the series. In both seasons, her persistence in wanting to be with her master makes it irritating to watch. And being such a ditzy airhead herself, it is somewhat silly. I’m not saying that I hate her, just that how can a moe heroine be so irritating in almost every scene she appears? I’ll give her full points for her unwavering loyalty towards her master but she needs to learn about restraint and reservation. It’s like there is almost no private time for her master to be by himself/herself. She’s always bugging to be with her master and attaches herself like a leech. Plus, the way she hangs on and wants to do everything makes her an overprotective manic. However she can be too demanding when it’s come to reassuring if her master loves her or somebody else more. How can you even compare? But then again, being an airhead has its good points. She doesn’t really understand those complicated stuffs and simply goes with her guts feeling of love. Yeah, love conquers all. Like the saying goes, those who actually win are those who don’t really keep count of the score. And yes, the early bird catches the worm too. What do these idioms have to do with Kurumi? That’s right. She’s usually the first to get her arms wrapped around her master. I think she can break the world record of the most hugs and embraces done in a lifetime. Oh, what about that uncanny ability to recognize knees? I don’t know if it’s a programme error. Since she has no shutdown feature too, I guess changing her attitude won’t be possible, eh?

The disparity between the first and second season left a lot to be desired. There were many questions forming in my head by the time I finished the entire series and I was hoping the second season would somehow have some connection with the first. What happened to Nakahito and the gang during the Taisho era. How did Kurumi and her sisters end up in a frozen state before being found by their new masters. Why Kurumi doesn’t remember much about her past despite being a mechanical doll/robot. How the heck did Can-1 became Kurumi’s companion. It’s like as thought the second season is a spin-off unrelated to the first season. It’s like they’re using the main characters from the first season and inject it into a new series with a modern twist. Therefore any answers for all my questions were never answered and the second season just ended with a big letdown. 75 years must be a big gap to fill and definitely things must have changed. Thus the second season’s plot tussling and fighting over Nako seemed like a filler and rather forgettable as compared to the first season’s plot in which we had the mind boggling people from the future trying to save humanity by going back to the past. The threat of the real enemy Demonkind never felt it was there all along. We were just told some super alien being is destroying mankind in the future and the Steel Angels combined with the powers of mysticism are their only hope. Hence, the first season was like fighting against inner demons and clash of ideals instead of unravelling the mystery that may be the key to save the world. At the rate we see Kurumi and her sisters are going 75 years later, are we so sure mankind will be able to defeat those Demonkind? Besides, if I want to start thinking about those time paradoxes, I would have a severe migraine now so it’s better I stop all those questions of how the future will change by changing the past because if you do, the change in the course of history may not even make you present in the future and thus the inability to send you back in time to change history. Phew. I think I just got a headache there.

Commenting on Saki, I find her to be just a quiet observer. I know she displays more lady-like manners than her other sisters but in both seasons I feel she’s just like an observer as she can’t really butt in or intervene to make a difference. Each time things don’t go her way or as she wishes, she’ll just lament and heave a sigh. So if Saki wasn’t part of the main heroines, I guess the story will still move on and will not tangent off drastically. Karinka is the brat of the pack and causing trouble is her specialty. Especially to Kurumi. Her temperamental and scheming behaviour makes her fun to watch but I guess she lacks luck the reason why Kurumi always comes out top. In both seasons, Karinka’s debut is somewhat similar. She is awakened by an unconventional method, seeks Kurumi to beat her up, doesn’t obey her master’s orders, just when she loses to Kurumi she doesn’t care about her anymore and her new target is to get close with Kurumi’s master. Say, I’m wondering what happened to all the other Steel Angels. Since they have made their appearance in the first season, there were none other than the usual trio in the sequel. Are they saying Kurumi, Saki and Karinka are the only Steel Angels awakened in this era? Or have the others gone to the scrap metal factory? Besides, don’t you think that the other Steel Angels’ costume look like cosplay outfits? You can mistake them for being an otaku convention gathering. I guess the creators got creative in designing their clothes too, huh?

For Kurumi’s masters, they may both be nothing extraordinary and weaker than what many would perceive as main heroes and heroines in animes (they’re kids for heaven’s sake). Though they find it troublesome having Kurumi around at first, gradually they learn to understand and accept her. So going through all the misadventures must have blossomed their relationship. The annoyance becomes part of the routine and I bet if Kurumi isn’t around anymore, they would feel lonely without her smile despite her being an airhead. So what happened to Nakahito and Kurumi at the end of the first season is anyone’s guess. Heck, they may even get married but and even though there are some things that seemed impossible between humans and Steel Angels, I suppose this pair can make it happen. Yeah, love is always the answer. It may be hinted that Nakahito may be Nako’s grandpa but this is just my speculation. So what about Nako and Kurumi? I think it will turn out yuri. The antagonists in the series aren’t really baddies. Walski and Brandow were just doing what they feel they believe is the best path for both sides while Uruka was totally blinded by jealousy. Probably they had focus on the wrong thing because they feel Kurumi is the source of their trouble and must be eliminated. Once they get their perspectives right, they understood that it isn’t just about Kurumi but everyone else that is associated with her. The other minor characters aren’t that prominent though they play a little role in the development of the story. Romance wise, besides the tussle between the main characters, the rest felt like unrequited love. Ayanokouji x Amagi? Didn’t happen. General still has his obsession over Karinka? Maybe he died happy in his dreams. Koganei and Kichijoji’s admiration over Nakahito and Amagi respectively? Maybe it’s best to just keep it to themselves. Will Uruka ever make Nako hers? You already know the answer. As long as a certain ‘demon’ is around, those childhood memories are her only salvation. I hope Uruka learns that no matter how filthy rich she is, money can’t buy me love. You need to earn that.

The action bits are rather okay and it may feel exaggerative because the Steel Angels pack a power punch so a big crater is to be expected if they miss their target. The way they go rocking is like they could level the place in minutes if no winner is decided. Besides, I’ve been pondering this in the second season. Wouldn’t the Demonkind sealed inside the Angel Heart appear if Steel Angels were made to fight each other? Kurumi and Karinka do have their bout but the threat of the demon was never really present in the second season. Unless as said back in the first season, all traces of Demonkind vanished at the end after that revelation kiss. Can-1 as additional accessory to Kurumi’s arsenal felt insignificant and if it wasn’t a dog, it could be something else like say, a machine.  Either way, it isn’t going to play any significant role in changing anything big. It’s just an excuse to make Kurumi fly and have a little more variety to her attacks instead of her usual punches and kicks. As for the fanservice, there are little bits of nudity here. Meaning you can see the tits of the girls when they enter the bath or hotspring. The short opening animation of advising viewers to watch at a safe distance in a well-lit room is a little amusing because the characters are drawn in chibi form. Sometimes they make funny comments especially those episodes featuring an unknown character at first, which will have our main Steel Angel going “Who is that person?”. I find it odd with the next episode preview. I don’t know why or the reason behind this but it is done twice. After the first version of the preview, the second version has a slightly different set of lines and dialogues with some scenes differing from the first.

Atsuko Enomoto is okay in portraying Kurumi as an airhead. She was the voice of Misaki in Angelic Layer and Yukino in Kare Kano. Sometimes I feel hearing too much of Kurumi’s kawaii voice and speech pattern may start to get on to your nerves… Veteran Rie Tanaka as Saki is still fine voicing polite characters like Alice in Cube x Cursed x Curious and Chi in Chobits as opposed to devilish ones like Suigin Tou of Rozen Maiden and crazier ones as in Sanada from UFO Princess Valkyrie. Other casts include Masayo Kurata as Karinka (Koyomi in Girls Bravo, Shinobu in Love Hina), Houko Kuwashima as Nakahito and Nako (Sango in Inu Yasha – I guess you can say though Kurumi have different masters in different times, they’re still by the same seiyuu, eh? ), Hirotaka Suzuoki as Ayanokouji (Tatewaki Kuno in Ranma 1/2), Ai Orikasa as Amagi (Ayame in Sakura Wars), Yasunori Matsumoto as Kamihito (Galian in Marchen Awakens Romance), Tomomichi Nishimura as Walski (Elder in Chrno Crusade), Toshiyuki Morikawa as Brandow (Naraku in Inu Yasha), Kikuko Inoue as Nadeshiko (Belldandy in Aa! Megami-sama), Omi Minami as Excelia (Mika in Doki Doki School Hours), Mie Sonozaki as Uruka (Hazuki in Happy Lesson), Kotono Mitsuishi as Misaki (Excel in Excel Saga), Rikako Aikawa as Can-1 (Hare in Hare+Guu) and Unshou Ishizuka as Tenkai (Bunta in Initial D).

All the themes are sung by the seiyuus of Kurumi, Saki and Karinka. The opening theme, Kiss Kara Hajimaru Miracle is an infectious and cute song despite sounding a little silly. What do you think of the song with lyrics like these: “Pawafuru mirakuru ima kuru; Hajikeru majikaru wandafuru’ Rirkaru Komikaru koi suru torokeru; Mi-ra-ku-ru-mi”. Sweet… Rhyme-y… Probably this song is one of the few best parts and saving grace of the series. The second season version is the same song but given a more modern techno and dance beat. Yeah, now you can dance to the tune too. The first season’s ending theme, Eien No Kotetsu Tenshi sounds dramatic with all that horns blowing in the background. Steel Angel Kurumi Encore’s ending theme, Suki-suki-suki-suKisu Shite sounds like it’s back to that cutie silly but lively pop style again. As with the dark and gloomy theme of Steel Angel Zero’s theme, the ending theme called Hajimari No Kiseki sounds just that. The second season’s ending song is Sunda Aozora No Mukou Ni and is a slow-moderate anime pop piece. There is also a live action version of this series but I didn’t watch it. I briefly read it is something similar but has its own divergence from the anime as well. Well, don’t want to be watching more of Kurumi’s annoyance in 3D.

Having this kind of maid sticking around you may be annoying, bad luck or the work of the devil but consider it a blessing in disguise. It shows that not only the popular people get the girl (or a maid or cybernetic robot in this case). And you can always depend on them to do everything from A to Z without complain. We’re just not sure of the sex part seeing Nakahito didn’t get to try it out with any of the trio because he’s too shy and underage. Whoops… So watch this show if you only like your maids with super powers and sugary-coated moe. Otherwise you won’t get anything much (perhaps just guilty pleasure) or lose anything important. Okay, maybe just your time if you are the kind of person who feels that time is so precious that it is not to be wasted. Even so, what the heck are you watching anime? But really, a kiss just to activate a high-tech and lifelike robot? If it was that easy, you don’t need a rocket scientist to bring life into such automaton. Call it the kiss of life, but can I do the same if my computer isn’t working?

Maria+Holic Alive

March 24, 2012

Dear mother still up in heaven,

Oh God. That lesbian is still alive. That nose bleeding perverted lesbian pig still lives. I thought she have died from a massive nose bleed that a sequel wasn’t possible. Actually, the season ended with an abrupt cliff-hanger so I suppose that means there will be a continuation whatsoever. So I guess we’ll have to put up with more of Kanako Miyamae’s disgusting habits in Maria+Holic Alive. Yeah, I guess that is what “Alive” means and refers to.

A basic recap of the series. Kanako loves girls and is allergic to boys. That line tells a lot. That’s why she enrols herself in the Catholic missionary high school, Ame No Kisaki so that she could find her female romantic partner. Unfortunately her roommate is a cold hearted cross-dressing boy (Mariya Shidou) with an equally sarcastic but emotionally deadpan maid (Matsurika Shinouji). Thus Kanako’s dream is very much a distant dream. Add all the odd characters and friends in her life, you can say that the dream is still pretty much elusive. All she gets are abuse, her common sense challenged daily and frustration that would drive anyone up the wall. Ah well, that’s all part of being alive, doesn’t it?

In contrast in my previous blog of this series, I will be referring to Mariya as a ‘she’ instead of a ‘he’. It makes my life so much easier because for most of the part, Mariya looks, sounds and acts like a girl. So why not? This means Mariya’s equally cross-dressing twin, Shizu I would be referring as ‘him’. Confused? Not to me :).

Episode 1: The Forbidden Women’s Dorm
Has Kanako become a polite and kind lady? In your dreams! That’s right. She’s just dreaming till Mariya rudely wakes her up. Mariya further teases the yuri pig by dressing in an air stewardess dress causing her to further nose bleed. What a way to wake up to a bloody day. To start the day off, Kanako gets an idea to run with a piece of bread in her mouth like in shoujo mangas. However she trips on Yonakuni and got lost in the thick mist. She ends up at the abandoned First Girls’ Dorm. During lunch, she tells her friends about it and it is said that a couple who confesses to each other under a legendary magnolia tree on their lucky day, eternal happiness will be granted upon them. This was also the tree that Kanako’s parents met under. It is decided that they will go to watch the tree blossom tomorrow. Back in her room, Mariya and Matsurika caution Kanako about her attempt because the dorm is laid with traps. Because the boys and girls dorm were located next to each other, there were perverted attempts to get over. Thus the girls laid traps over traps till the place is filled with them. So much so no one comes in, no one gets out. Due to this, the first dorm was closed and now abandoned. Mariya warns about the harsh trials one must endure to see the tree and many failed by even getting past the front gate. Surprisingly Mariya supports Kanako as the cross-dresser leaves the front charge to her as she would like to also see the tree. Kanako, Yuzuru Inamori, Sachi Momoi and Nanami Kiri get ready to enter. Her friends see her determination so they decide to go along with her. Sachi picks the lock to open the front door. Kanako goes in first but an arrow is fired at her. Ryuuken Ishima pushes her out of harm’s way (banging her head into the glass). She too would like to join their journey after learning about it. Oddly as they trek through the corridors, they feel the place is neatly maintained. The first trial is to soak in very hot bathtubs. The longer you soak the more coins you get. I don’t know. That’s what the rules said. Kanako’s fantasizing has her drop into the bathtub. Saves everyone the scalding, eh? Yeah, she got a bunch of coins too. Thanks Kanako.

Next trial is to play a slot machine and summon somebody. Just exactly who? Matsurika?! She makes it clear Mariya has no hand in this and was paid handsomely (in a gem stone) for this part time job. Seems God and Yonakuni are watching everyone on a big video screen. The next trial is strikeout in which one must pitch through a window with numbers on its glass. Ryuuken flops so with 10 coins, Kanako can ‘summon’ the deus ex machine Matsurika to do the job. All Matsurika did was go up close to the window and break each one of them with the ball. The next amusement, oops I mean trial, is a super speed treadmill. Kanako tries running on it but ran out of steam. She wants to use 10 coins to summon the deus ex machine but since Matsurika isn’t paid over time, she goes off. Kanako continues to beg Matsurika for help but was slapped by Sachi. She reminds her of her mission to rediscover the memories of her late parents and must try harder. After going through more trials that resemble so much like amusement, finally they are up against the final boss: God. Behind her lies the door to the tree. Nanami gives her strawberry rice cake since God requested it. God purposely drops the key and goes off. As they unlock the door, not only they see the tree but Mariya and Matsurika inviting them to tea underneath it. Kanako understands the secret of the jinx that eternally ties couples together. It doesn’t matter which side confesses. Just making it to this tree means going through a lot together. If they don’t care deeply for each other, they’ll give up halfway. Suddenly Kanako learns that there is a secret emergency exit which serves as a shortcut to this place (otherwise safety regulations for the building can’t be approved!). Kanako is appalled of the suffering she went through. Everyone knew about it but after hearing Kanako’s determination to charge through the front, they just followed her. Mariya surprisingly has nice words for Kanako. At least she now knows what her late mom felt. But that is just a cue because she has to go back the way she came! God is showing her the way in… NOOOOO!!!

Episode 2A: Playing The Forbidden Game
It’s June and supposed to be the hot summer but it’s raining like cats and dogs. Why? Because God says so. Kanako is not only stuck in her room with Mariya and Matsurika, but Ryuuken and God as well because they are here for Mariya’s tasty sweets. To liven up the mood, Ryuuken suggests playing Romance of the Three Kingdoms card game. Huh? See how obsessed Ryuuken is in the topic? She knows just about anything about its generals. Of course Kanako is the only ‘dumb’ one and feels left out. Kanako tries to change the subject and suggests they should talk about something current instead of in the past because well, everyone in the Three Kingdoms are pretty much dead. Ryuuken laments her inconsideration of others so God takes out some simple Moe Concentration card game that even idiots can easily play. Then Mariya takes out her personal card game set: Fun with Law: Criminal Law Set 2! It even comes with narrated CD! Now everyone can have fun learning about law! Matsurika shows her personal cards. However they turn out to be gemstones and serve more as her wish-list with suggested retail price. Even Yonakuni has his own ESP cards! This causes Kanako to throw a tantrum that she wants her own cards too. But she may get more than she bargained for because Touichirou Kanae comes in and is willing to answer her distress. Her hives are breaking out… Kanako is screaming in terror… Then Mariya’s snack finished. This means God has no reason to be here and stops the rain. The sun suddenly comes out! WOAH!!!!!

Part 2B: Secret Reception
As Kanako reluctantly cleans up the room, she is upset that Mariya and Matsurika don’t give a damn about her. Yeah, Matsurika is playing her handheld game… Kanako tries to tell them off that if they don’t keep clean… But when she swipes the window pane at Mariya’s side, she is surprised to find it squeaky clean. She then realizes the different ‘gap’ between their cleanliness even though they’re in the same room. She requests for ‘Overseas Development Aid’ but Mariya refuses. This has Kanako fantasizing her own personal maid (why are they all girls from Infinite Stratos?) and starts throwing a tantrum. In view of this, Mariya already has someone prepared to help with her cleaning: Kanae. See how Kanako collapse… Maybe she overworked herself…

Part 2C: Rewards of Bashfulness
Unlike her friends, Kanako couldn’t tell Nanami had come to class with a different lens as reward for the mid-term exams. Sachi also bought herself her own reward: a screwdriver. Huh? Yuzuru thought Kanako was being mean when she asked about the former’s reward. Turns out to be chocolates. Kanako tries soothing her that they are cute though those little bits are expensive. Beats Matsurika’s gems, eh? Kanako goes back and wants a reward from Mariaemon (Mariya + Doraemon) so she was being told off that rewards are reserved for those who work hard and then succeed. Because Kanako starts throwing a tantrum, Mariya has just the thing prepared: Kanae! Get ready for father time! I’m sure Kanako would be grateful for any reward that will free her from these circumstances.

Episode 2D: Do your best Touichirou!
Kanae is thinking how to properly respond a handphone SMS. Seems recently he has been getting lots of SMS from Mariya to help Kanako. Since he teaches Japanese language, using emoticons may be improper but decides to use it to keep it short and trendy. However he is in a dilemma on what emoticon to use to avoid unwanted misunderstanding. Finally he settles for a chick.

Episode 3A: Greed’s Tremor
God warns Yonakuni about getting fatter than he is now… Too late. Kanako thinks she has been looking for love in the wrong place and decides to dress up and head to the big city to find one. But when she finds she can’t zip up her skirt, she tries to make excuses to rational her weight gain isn’t so. Thinking back, she blames Mariya’s high calorie sweets that caused the problem. However she is made to go back further into the root of the problem. From patissieres to the basic ingredient of sugar cane. Kanako tries dieting and only eating shiitake mushrooms since this will cause her to salivate and in turn reduce the amount of water in her body and thus her weight (WTF?!). Because Nanami is talking about chewing marbles (instead of stones like what boxers do for training), Kanako is tempted to steal Sachi’s marbles. During the meeting between class reps, starving Kanako is disheartened to learn that Ayari Shiki will be discussing the cafeteria menu! Actually everyone is giving such high class names that Kanako couldn’t imagine what those dishes are. And even if they do, the way they explain in detail makes Kanako want to have a taste of it. She finally couldn’t take it anymore and sees Shiki’s hair as croissants and pounds on her. Kanako locks herself in her room and turns it into one big sauna in hopes of reducing her body water. Looks like the heat fried her brain. Yeah, she’s like a psycho person in a strait jacket walking around with 2 iron balls chained to her feet! Honoka is talking to her friends about seafood so Kanako overheard that and loses control. She wakes up in the infirmary and her instincts have her attack the school nurse, Tonomura after mistaking her boobs as melons! Amazingly she can still nose bleed. How many fluids does her body contain? After 3 days without proper meal, that night, her stomach is growling like mad. She creeps out of the room in search of food! Suddenly a loud scream is heard. Ryuuken wakes up and rushes to the scene. To everyone’s horror, they see Kanako up on the ceiling like that monster from The Thing trying to swallow Yonakuni! In the aftermath, Kanako is being reprimanded by Mariya and Matsurika. Though she has bitten Yonakuni, assaults on pets are considered damage to property. They also tell her to do her diet properly by exercising and reducing calorie intake. Even so, Kanako has the guts to say doing it by the book is boring! Kanako gets serious in her dieting and avoids all the late night sweets. She is happy that she is able to fit into her skirt but only to be told walking around in those clothes in Ame No Kisaki is forbidden. Plus, they won’t let you leave the campus just to have fun. Kanako is so disheartened over her suffering that she starts eating all the sweets to make it up for her misery in this prison. But of course, one can always apply to go outside with a reason to study at a friend’s place. I wonder what will be her reaction once Kanako finds out about this…

Episode 3B: Do Your Best Touichiro!
Kanae blames the rain that makes his clothes rather tight. Mariya and Matsurika start selling him some fantastic diet which actually turns out to be one big pyramid scheme. And that father is so convinced with Mariya’s smooth talk and conviction. I guess there are lots of gullible people who would still fall for this ‘business model’.

Episode 4: The Captive Maiden
Kanako is in the midst of a trial for biting Yonakuni. God is the judge while her friends Yuzuru, Sachi, Nanami and Ryuuken are the jury. Mariya is the prosecutor while Matsurika is the defence lawyer. Either way, Kanako is screwed. Mariya and Matsurika also put up a convincing performance to make the jury feel that they are having a hard time going against each other. So with both sides arguing what Kanako did during her assault (they have ‘video evidence’. More like clips from the previous episode), they call in witnesses to give their testimony (even that seaweed creature in Kanako’s bag makes its appearance. Oh, don’t forget Kanae too!) and it seems Nanami’s reasoning is always against Kanako, much to Sachi’s dismay. Yeah, she’s bad at reading the atmosphere and merely wants to speak the truth. The twist and turn of the trial turns from one that is trying to deliberate Kanako’s actions as sudden or pre-mediated to one that accuses Yonakuni as the culprit to make Kanako attack the dog in self defence. During this period, Kanako has got the cheek to worry about her status as this series’ main character. If she gets labelled as a criminal, the show might be cancelled! However when she starts fantasizing the beautiful female prisoners and jail wardens, she thinks going to jail isn’t as bad! WTF?! However she feels her priority is to keep her status as the main protagonist of this show (she can always work as a jail warden during her summer vacation. Like anyone would!). Kanako gets up and decides to reveal a secret that no one else had heard before. But then the alarm clock rings and God decides to leave to watch a certain anime that only airs at this time of the week. She leaves the deliberation up to them because, no one can simply deprive and interfere with God’s once-a-week enjoyment. Oh sh*t! Yonakuni hops along with God and hey, shouldn’t the injuries be healed in a few more weeks? The dog is walking fine, though… In the end, the jury finds Kanako guilty to the charge of property damage and looks like Matsurika already has made the necessary preparations for her punishment: Kanae! A sermon from him till morning! Hell begins now! Kanako comes back exhausted (Mariya and Matsurika can’t help make dirty comments) and to her dismay she learns today is exam day! Kanako set the new record by becoming the first girl in Ame No Kisaki to fail all her subjects so much so an emergency meeting was called. That bad, huh?

Episode 5A: Sullied Sisters
Kanako refuses to believe that she is that stupid and gives some lame excuses. So desperate to tell that she is not stupid, that she explains her elder sister who has gotten into the worldly renowned California Institute of Technology to be a REALLY STUPID SCHOOL! WTF?! Plus, her sister is the really idiotic one! I wonder how her imagination turned so malicious. I wonder why Mariya and Matsurika have to put up with this. So they substitute Kanako by talking to a stuffed bear while the real nympho is tied and gagged in the closet. Thank heavens. But even so, Kanako still isn’t repentant. I guess Mariya will have to put her foot down and make sure Kanako does a collection of make-up questions from every teacher (I guess they were really serious in this grave matter) and do nothing but study for the next week and pass all subjects in her make-up exam. Mariya goes to the Archery Club early and meets some of the members, Banri Tsumugi, Chifumi Satsuki and newbie Komachi Yamaki (a self-proclaimed Mariya devotee who joined the club just to be close to her). Kanako still hasn’t learnt her lesson as she spies at the Archery Club. She is dismayed that Mariya is fooling around with a bevy of beautiful maidens. Unfortunately her fantasizing of Yuzuru has God catching her in the act of not studying. When Mariya and Matsurika return to their room, they don’t see Kanako around and think she has escaped. But God mentions since she assumed the chairmanship of the committee to deal with Kanako’s failing grades, she has increased her studying time. In short, Kanako is sent to a place where time flows differently. Though it may be a week here, but Kanako will be spending a year studying!!!

Episode 5B: Mischievous Fingertips
When Kanako comes back, she has longer hair, grown 2 centimetres taller and sporting an accent?! And she wants everybody to give her their study skills?! But it seems that Kanako isn’t the only one who changed. Ryuuken sports a very weird hairdo too. Her class table has been decorated by Shiki with rhinestones, resin and those flashy stuffs. Seems Honoka was the one responsible for the hairdo and her close buddies also don outrageous hairstyles. Why is there a cat in the hair? Honoka offers to do Kanako’s hair and because her hand is touching the back of her neck, the usual bloody geyser from her nose… Honoka continues to do Kanako’s hair even if she’s passed out. Yeah, you could say it is one hair-raising style! Anyway, Kanako managed to scrap pass the make-up exams. Ryuuken invites Kanako to play her personal card game. Since it is based on Japan’s historic battles, as Ryuuken mentions the interesting thing about this game is no matter how hard the players try, they can’t change history! Furthermore, Mariya announces those cards on sale and there will be an official tournament tomorrow morning. Participation is compulsory as God adds. The lowest ranking student will be punished to watch continuously the long running three-story series, Legend of Japanese Heroes box set. All 165 episodes on 45 DVDs!!! FUUUUUU~!!! And without blinking!!! I guess you know what this means for Kanako. She is so desperate to buy those cards that she is knocking on the store’s door in the wee hours of the morning. Nobody’s home… Now does she appreciate Japanese history?

Episode 6A: Heart Pounding Mission: School Scramble
These are the events that happened while Kanako was away. So much so Matsurika ‘hijacked’ the series and calls it Matsurika+Holic. Ryuuken is looking for Mariya but was told by God that she is away visiting her family. Fumi Kumagai talks to Tonomura about using card battles as teaching supplement to learn Japanese history. Mariya notes that she understands her intention to include fun in her teaching, she feels it will not convey her feelings to her students. Mainly because of the cheap card materials. Mariya suggests to let her handle the printing job and they can bang out 300 starter packs and 1000 five-card booster packs! Then we see her analyzing in how to make sales and profit with these cards to the extent of selling it to the boys’ school of Mihoshi No Mori as well. Kanako’s friends are worried about her absence so they decide to brighten things up on her table by putting a flower and her picture. Does it give a feel that she’s dead? Elsewhere Ryuuken’s followers comment about the hairpin she got from Shiki so Honoka takes this opportunity to do her hair. The sales of the cards shoot up (thanks to God forcing the girls to buy) and for Mariya and Matsurika, it’s like printing money since they only incur printing costs. Seems Mariya and God are in a little dispute over the official rights for this Sunday’s tournament so Mariya assures she’ll handle it so God would like to talk about the prizes, penalties and God’s royalties. What God’s royalties?

Shiki finishes decorating Kanako’s table as suggested by Kanako’s friends. Kanae was passing by and saw this. He misunderstood that Kanako had passed away. He happens to pass by Mariya and Matsurika and since both are talking ambiguously, Kanae is convinced Kanako went to heaven. Well, Kanako did depart to somewhere else not on this Earth. Kanae further misinterprets Kanako committed suicide over her make-up exams. Then he got the cheek to even think he should consider the happiness of girls in front before him and will bring forth their true smiles. Mariya and Matsurika can tell from his eerie gaze so they excuse themselves. Next thing we know, Kanae is stuck in a pit hole at Mariya’s mansion. Shizu’s butler, Rindou (also Matsurika’s twin) was the one who dug the spot and even thought of burying the father completely by planting a tree! Of course Shizu reprimands him and takes Kanae inside. But Kanae upon looking at Shizu, starts having that sort of feeling in his heart. I guess being a shotacon is fine for him too, eh? He can’t take the pressure anymore and dashes out in a bathrobe. Though Shizu is clueless, Rindou notes that the stare the father gave him is not the kind generally given to men. Kanae meets Mariya and Matsurika on his way out (they’re coming back from club activities). Before Mariya could finish asking, he tells them he has no right to stare at her. Actually what she wanted to ask was why he was coming from her house in a bathrobe. Walking through the corridors of the school, he chances upon Maki Natsuru. He somewhat takes a liking of her scent and sees her shaken face. Oh no. This guy is starting to think he’s fallen in love with her. Natsuru meets up with Shiki to tell her Kanae is a pervert who walks around the campus in a bathrobe. Don’t tell me he is falling for Shiki too? All these events are actually what Matsurika is typing an SMS message to her father what has happened over the week! Kanae sees Kanako with that outrageous hair-raising hairstyle. If she dyed it blonde, she may have looked like MAR’s Rapunzel.

Episode 6B: Matsurika’s Journal
Kanako is in the midst of being erased as Matsurika asserts her presence is not needed in Matsurika+Holic! Though the second half nearly become so Touichirou+Holic. Mariya chides her about wanting to take over the entire show and that her little journal section wasn’t enough. Oh, Kanako is close to complete erasure!

Episode 7A: The Real Swimming Competition Full of Pretty Girls
Mariya and Shizu are challenging each other to… Who is taller? Surprisingly Shizu beats Mariya by 0.3mm! However Rindou starts spouting some embarrassing details that we users aren’t going to hear. With the exams over, Kanako is looking forward to the swim meet. Oh God. Girls in swimsuits. Double trouble. She’s looking forward to flying tops and all. Sh*t. She should have been taking exams for the entire month. When that day came, as usual, Kanako’s nose bleed turned the entire pool into a blood pond. Why does she have so much blood? In a blink of an eye, everything was over. Kanako laments that Shizu and Mariya switched places for the kibasen. She heads over to Mariya’s mansion with intentions to apologize to Shizu for the flying top incident. Really? Why is she sneaking around? But she gets caught in a trap. Yeah, courtesy of Rindou. Rindou brings the ‘victim’ inside the house and as we are being told, these are traps he set intended for Mariya (they’re in some sort of war since young?). Rindou loves the battlefield and survival games but Mariya would’ve been happier if he didn’t turn the entire garden into a trap loaded battlefield. The loggerheads are bickering so much so Kanako got annoyed to at least let the VIP out of the net (she’s making me laugh). Kanako soon apologizes to Shizu and he forgives her. However Mariya cautions her of being too kind because Kanako’s the kind that’ll start getting cocky. Still, Shizu stands up for Kanako as she may have her reasons. Mariya wants Kanako to go back to the dorm while she’ll be staying here. Because come tomorrow, she’ll understand.

Next day in school, Kanako sees the swimming teacher, Ayano Enjouji. She wants her to redo the flying top incident because she finds it electrifying and wants to see it again! She even brings Mariya! Is her secret going to be revealed?! Fortunately not because it’s just a dream. Kanako is in despair when Mariya touches her but is surprised that she didn’t break out in hives. This could only mean this person is Shizu. Since it’s Mihoshi No Mori’s swim meet, both twins switched places. Because of that, Kanako is looking forward to the entire day with doing whatever she desires with Shizu. Unfortunately, this isn’t a dream. Yeah, Matsurika pinched her cheeks hard to confirm this. Then suddenly Shizu runs up to Kanako to confess that the swim meet was a lie. Shizu convinced Mariya to switch places just to see her. Her heart pounds when he thinks of Kanako?! You can’t be serious?! Could this finally be her romance? However Enjouji tells them Kanako’s lips are hers?! WTF?! Love triangle?! Then poof! Kanako wakes up from her dream in class. Haha! A dream twist in a dream! Kanako is desperate for Shizu to stay here and if an accident won’t happen at Mihoshi No Mori’s swim meet, she’ll make one! She makes all the necessary preparations from getting the best seafood from Honoka to give to God so she can get the emergency exit key to the First Girls’ Dorm. And a change of clothes to avoid being identified as Ame No Kisaki’s student. She takes this life and death mission seriously that she wants her pals to deliver her rosary to her younger sister in the suburbs if she doesn’t return! Once at Mihoshi No Mori’s pool, she is thinking how to involve Mariya in an accident. Because she thought for too long, Rindou sees her and she is surrounded by guys! Hell time! Rindou thought she is the judge for the kibasen. I don’t know how Kanako ended up putting on her swimsuit and in the middle of the pool, but the guys start converging at her from all sides when the game starts. Death becomes her…

Episode 7B: Rindou’s Journal
Rindou narrates his love for survival games and setting traps to ensnare Mariya. But the traps always catch unintended victims (remember Kanae’s case too). So why is Enjouji caught one now? Looks like a dream from Kanako. Apparently Matsurika forced this dream twist to get back her segment…

Episode 8A: Sullied Innocence
Kanako is disheartened to find that even for summer vacation, there is a special class only for her. Yeah, her failed-every-subject incident must be really infamous. But learning that summer classes have always been voluntarily attended, if she could just get several students to attend class voluntarily, she’ll have her beautiful harem for summer. All is not lost! I think she just lost it. But after asking a few of her friends, seems they are all going back home to help out with their families. They have a future to think about and it’s not like life ends once high school ends. So much so Kanako believes in the Mayan Prophecy that the world will come to an end in 2012 and that the moment to live is now! Kanako is annoyingly singing to herself Sachi’s birthday song (which is tomorrow). She ponders what kind of present to give her and takes out a photo album filled with secret shots of Sachi! She even has a few sets on other girls! Stalker! It’s no surprise why Kanako gets beaten up by the sadist, eh? Mariya confiscates the book and still Kanako isn’t repentant. Sachi is so popular that they are having her birthday celebrations at the church during the summer holiday (Matsurika quoting she’s even generous and kind towards industrial waste like Kanako). Everyone is thanking Sachi for the ridiculous aid that helped them out (don’t ask). Even some gay Frenchie. Who the heck is that?! Before Kanako’s turn to give Sachi’s present, she is being called out by Mariya. Outside, she confiscates the gift and opens it to find a devilish babydoll dress. What was she thinking? Increase her cute appeal? I think Mariya would do a better job by returning it. Returning to the church, Kanako compares everyone’s outrageous gifts. She is sure Sachi would accept her ‘thought that counts’ but that will make her the villain in the eyes of others. When it’s Kanako’s turn, she wraps herself as Sachi’s present! But after seeing everyone’s presents that made Sachi smile (and Mariya’s words of forcing her perverted hobbies unto others), Kanako apologizes for not getting any present and runs off. At the park, Kanako thinks back about the days when Sachi helped her out. She has been the kindest one to her since she stepped foot in this school. Sachi then finds her and says she got her present. That photo album? Apparently Mariya gave it to her with an excuse that Kanako wanted to capture brief expressions of hers which will never be repeated again. Sachi will treasure this album, not knowing the real secret intention behind the album. Kanako wanted to confess but was stopped by Matsurika. She didn’t have a proper present and if she told the truth, what would happen? Would it make anyone happy? Even if Sachi would, will everyone else be happy? That’s why they feel Kanako must learn a lesson that there are things that can’t be resolved with just a mere apology. As punishment for trespassing against Sachi, Mariya hereby revokes Kanako’s speaking rights for the next episode! A background character without any lines! Oh yes! For once Kanako will shut up!

Episode 8B: Matsurika’s Journal
Mariya and Shizu trade each other’s homework but to Shizu’s dismay, his share is several piles compared to just a single compilation. Mariya helps out by reading aloud some of the questions but they sound so much like riddles. Yes, Mariya is just reading it. To make up for the injustice, Shizu has her answer a riddle. Something to do with bread (pan) and frying pan. Both put on a serious face and play poker as they can’t come up with the correct answer. The servants aren’t of any help because Rindou said some random line while Matsurika reads a stupid line to come up with a punch line.

Episode 9: The Precocious Fiance
Tota Hanabusa came all the way from Osaka to Ame No Kisaki to see his true love. At the gates, he has a spat with Kanae and the father is losing. He gets labelled as a dangerous animal with a Lolita complex! He’s trying to argue his way out that difference in age has nothing to do with love? The chatter stops when Ryuuken comes by. In the cafeteria with her friends, Tota is praising the beautiful girls in this school except for one: Kanako: Yeah, her mouth is fully covered! No yapping for this episode! In view of Kanako’s no-speech, Rindou, God and Yonakuni take the liberty to do some commentary and narration on Kanako’s behalf. Oh, how screwed up will it be? Yeah, the commentary will always be distracted with something else like jet fighters, helicopters and Geronimo. What? As Tota introduces himself, he also confidently mentions himself as Ryuuken’s future husband. Him calling Ryuuken so casually has Kanako her blood boil but she is taken away by Mariya because her friends decide to leave the love birds together. But beware. Kanako isn’t going to yield just yet. Ryuuken and Tota stroll around the campus and we learn that this guy is obsessed with stag beetles and has the tools ever ready to catch them. So is here to see his fiancée or collect beetles? Ryuuken learns Tota has visited her parents and was told she wanted to go to a different university and can’t come home (they are against it). Tota believes her place as his wife should be at home because he’ll do the work and savings to get that modest but happy life he wants to make. Ryuuken reminds him that he’s the only one taking this fiancée thing serious because all this was just a joke by her grandparents over drinks. Tears start welling in Tota’s eyes. He is seriously in love with her but laments she can’t say the same for him.

Meanwhile Kanako has gotten herself loose (except the mouth piece) and is trudging closer to the duo like a crazy stalker killer/ninja! She has that murderous aura! However she was distracted by Shiki and Natsuru. She tries to hold her nose bleed after fantasizing about Natsuru’s short skirt. Unfortunately she can’t and at a safe distance, she lets the blood flow. Now the mask is so tainted… Though she would love to take the easy way out by having Shiki take her to the infirmary, her priority now is Ryuuken and that obnoxious kid. The only thing in her heart is destruction and nothing will stop her from destroying that love till nothing is left! Dangerous. When she finally catches up to them, Kanako challenges Tota by showing him a stag beetle. However she instantly lost. And on home ground. How can you beat this expert? However Tota praises Kanako for trying to give her credit. He apologizes for saying mean things to her and lets her keep the beetle because it suits her (he put it on her face?). Then he gives a good luck charm to Ryuuken for her studies. He knew she was taking the university exam (because she’s his fiancée) and came here just to give her this. He decides to head back to Osaka and promises the next time they meet, he’ll be a better man. Say Kanako, you should learn a lesson or two from this kid. Tota passes by Kanae, apologizes and hands him a stag beetle. Later when Kanako’s mask has finally been removed (oh God. The yapping has begun), she is lamenting her tanned skin when she was out looking for stag beetles and only put mayonnaise as sun lotion. Come to think of this, vegetable oil does fry stuff, right? Anyway Matsurika suggests fighting fire with fire by using mayonnaise. Kanako is happy that they’re all in this together but gets beaten up because Mariya and Matsurika certainly aren’t as stupid as her. Go suck the mayonnaise yourself!

Episode 10A: The Holy Man’s Scapegoat
Matsurika gives Kanako a rosary and even though it’s from that cruel maid, I guess Kanako would be happy to receive from any girl. Till she learns the rosary belongs to Matsurika’s father. Worse still, it’s cursed! Matsurika’s dad immediately SMS her to tell the wonderful news of how he felt so light and liberated suddenly. Oh Kanako… Ever since, Kanako has been having nightmares in her sleep. This leads to sleep deprivation and she could use less trouble when Kanae comes barging in to help her problem. She’ll do anything he says as long he doesn’t touch her. Lying on the bed, Kanae has her count legs of an octopus to fall asleep. Octopus has only 8 arms, right? Yeah, it always worked for Kanae because he dozed off before 8. Not for Kanako. Next Kanae tries hypnosis but since Kanako mentions a capybara, Kanae misinterprets it for her hidden desires and will surrender himself to her! The trauma was horrifying enough to knock Kanako out. Ah well, at least she can sleep peacefully now. Mariya is grateful to Kanae so she gives him the cursed Rosary. Yeah well, he accepted it without second thoughts. Ever since, he feels very heavy and has nightmares of a little girl visiting his room. You know what? He thinks she is the fifth love of his life! Get real!

Episode 10B: Banquet of Lewd Dreams
Though Kanako’s curse is gone, she is asking Mariya and Matsurika for any other variety of cursed items. Why? She can’t get over that little girl who always visits her in her dreams and thinks other cursed items will have a sexy woman figure. So that’s why… Is that all she ever thinks? Matsurika first hands her the air stewardess’ cursed panty stockings (resulting in a scenario in which the stewardess calls the need of a girl who is constantly being mocked by others and also yuri), then a nurse’s cursed nurse cap (trying to make the nurse read an eye test but find out a word is missing so she uses her own body to make that word) and a female manga author’s cursed G-pen (drawing yuri images till she nose bleeds). Finally it is revealed those items aren’t actually cursed but belong to collectors with a certain taste. Oh Kanako, you’re so screwed…

Episode 10C: Forbidden Relationship
Kanae laments the cursed rosary but ends up coming up with a pun. “Aku No Jujika” can both mean “Evil Cross” and “Business Hours Open At Ten”. Also, “Noroi” can mean “Curse” or “Slow” (though different writing). Kanako comes up to Kanae and would like him to return the rosary because she misses the little girl. Great. Not only human girls will do. Is she so desperate to even want a cute spirit girl? Kanae misinterprets that if Kanako knows about the little girl, this must mean a love triangle. God and Yonakuni come by and the former is surprised to see the rosary in the father’s hands. She lets them know it belongs to her but lost it through time (just how old is she?!). This rosary used to be her favourite because it comes with a ‘lovely friend’. While Kanako panics upon God’s advice that some things are better left unknown (God’s childhood days, that is), Kanae thinks his fifth love ended pretty quickly. Did it even start?

Episode 10D: The Nape In Summer
Kanako loves the summer and when the girls don the yukata because of the ‘destructive power of the nape that peeks right on the edge of the yukata’. Oh God… She starts getting delusional but when the moment comes, she is disheartened that nobody tied up their hair so it’s safely hidden behind it (phew). Because she still can’t let the topic of napes go, Nanami lets her know that 70% of Japanese women wash their napes first. I guess the other girls fall into the remainder 30% as they state the other parts of the body that they wash first. Does it really matter? I don’t want to know. It ends with everyone watching the fireworks.

Episode 11A: The Younger Sister’s Juicy Secret
Miki, Kanako’s younger sister drops by Ame No Kisaki for a visit. Kanako laments she needs to do special homework for the summer holidays (because of her miracle epic fail) instead of having bikinis and drenched see-through shirts. With Miki coming into the room, I guess Kanako would have pounded on her own sister if she hadn’t said the sensitive subject of her becoming bigger. Kanako realizes Miki is here because her friends actually sent the rosary (remember that incident back in episode 7?). Then Miki hands Mariya the graduation essay of Kanako as she reads aloud her embarrassing dream of wanting to become just about everything. But the one she wanted to be most was a princess. So she once liked boys? Embarrassed Kanako takes the book away and runs away. In class, she is guarding it tightly and though her friends pretty much wanted to see it, they start narrating their own embarrassing dreams. Well, sounds noble if you ask me. As Kanae enters the class, he sees Kanako clutching the book and her sorrowful look has him think that she is torn between the gap of her dream and reality. He decides to make her believe in her dream when he remembers his own dream that never came true. Yeah, he wants to be a wonderful groom. In this state, he’ll never achieve it. So how? He tells her that dreams don’t come true and be strong like him. Er… You’re touching her hand. Later Kanako sees Miki strolling on the campus grounds. They talk about the good old days when they all came together at Ame No Kisaki as a family after mom died. Miki wanted to find out more about this school and ran away once but Irene (the director of Ame No Kisaki then and Mariya’s grandma) welcomed her and that is when she first met Mariya who was tasked to take care of Miki. An Archery Club member spots them and brings them back to the club room. Kanako sees how Miki interacts well with everyone and feels jealous. The girls think Miki should enrol in this school and be the Archery Club’s manager and cute mascot. Miki further explains how she first saw Mariya pulling her bow and was captivated. She was inspired ever since.

Kanako stand this anymore and takes Miki away. She warns Miki that she can’t think about Mariya and it’s definitely no good. To make her understand, she blurts out Mariya is a boy. So happen Mariya and Matsurika are there. Kanako realizes the sh*t she’s in because there is no way that cross-dresser would forgive her now. Especially since she’s smiling, there has to be something sinister underneath, right? Kanako right away gets down on her knees to beg for apology and to let Miki off the hook. Mariya plays it cool and brushes that nonsensical talk. This is Mariya’s way to cover for Kanako but I guess Kanako was dumb and pushing her luck that she tries to convince Miki that she doesn’t break into hives when she touches Mariya and that she is not a boy. If she had shut the f*ck up and let it slide, this would not have happened. Miki takes Mariya’s hand and touches Kanako. It’s breaking out! Miki would like to have a private talk with Mariya. Mariya admits he is a boy but Miki says she’ll enrol in this school since her dad wanted all his daughters to study at Ame No Kisaki to begin with. She’ll join the Archery Club and once she does, she wants Mariya to date her. This is not a threat to keep her identity a secret but rather she was in love with her for a long time. Mariya feels she is just upset that the person she thought was a woman turned out to be a man. At a distance, looks like Matsurika and Kanako couldn’t contain their curiosity and eavesdrop on them (Kanako tied up of course to prevent from doing anything destructive). Kanako witnessed the moment Miki’s heart got shattered and decides to cheer her up. But this was a giveaway that she was spying on them. Miki notes that Mariya avoided dumping her and pretended nothing ever happened but to Matsurika, she just dodged the entire thing to prevent it from becoming into a messy relationship drama. Soon Miki departs and promises to come back as a student of Ame No Kisaki next year. After all, this is the place her parents met and where she found the love of her life.

Episode 11B: Matsurika’s Journal
Are you curious what Matsurika’s dream was when she was young? An oil tycoon. Hah! I thought it would be something like world destroyer or conqueror.

Episode 12: Kanako’s Birthday
Kanako has been banned from using the public bath due her tainting nose bleeds. But she has to study in a room adjacent to it and hopes she can finish it before 31st August. It’s her birthday. Kanako tries to give hints to Mariya and Matsurika about that special day but I think they’re just pretending to be dumb by giving loads of other important events that happen on that day (including Malaysia’s independence!) and making a pun out of it (8/31 = Vegetable Day: Ya (8) Sa (3) Ichi (1), get it?). Even if Kanako hints a birthday, they go on ranting birthdays of famous people instead. Would it be a surprise that nobody remembers this lesbian’s birthday? So desperate that she tries to hint it to her friends with puns but I guess it got twisted somehow. This including going to great lengths to write that date on the ground with her blood! Finally her friends conclude it could be her birthday since she’s acting so weird. Sachi suggests a surprise party and asks Kanako if she’s free on that day. Of course she is. Kanako thinks this is a sign she’ll throw a surprise party and becomes happy. And that I mean starting her delusions. Ryuuken also got the hint and asks Kanako the same. I guess kind Shizu was the only one who remembered Kanako’s birthday and calls Kanako about her plan on that day. Wow. She must be super delusional by now. Even Kanae thinks of celebrating it with her on behalf of her brother (in the previous season, it was said that her brother died of some composer disease. A lie obviously). Yeah, Kanako isn’t looking forward to his birthday bash at the church. I mean, she’s got Sachi, Ryuuken and Shizu to choose from, why would she choose that father’s letter over the girls?

On her birthday as Kanako eagerly waits, the only invitation she got was Kanae’s letter and a direct mail from the Yuri Friends Monthly magazine to meet at an event in Tokyo. She walks around hoping that there would be a surprise at the corner but nothing came up. Finally entering the public bath and finding nothing, she breaks down and contemplating if she should accept Kanae’s invitation. She’d rather go to the Yuri event. However not giving up, if they’re not going to surprise her, she’ll surprise them! Waiting in the public bath can be tedious. But when she starts fantasizing, ah well, there’s the nose bleed again. Mariya and Matsurika find her ‘frolicking’ and tease her about the birthday bash she’s supposed to go. Kanako spots a hole in the wall that fits her rosary. As she puts it in, the water starts gushing out and the trio start falling deep into the sewers. Deep underground, Kanako laments spending her birthday like this especially spending time with the cross-dresser. But Mariya wishes she would stop blaming others. Firstly it was her fault that she is spending her birthday alone because she told everyone she was free on today when her friends asked her about her plans for that day. As for Kanae, Mariya understands she doesn’t want to be invited by him but he still wanted to celebrate for her out of the goodness of his heart. He could be waiting at the church and who hasn’t responded yet. She has trampled on the goodwill of everyone else. Kanako decides to head over to the church to apologize to Kanae. Then she’ll go to the Yuri event. She never change, eh? I don’t know how the seaweed got here but it suddenly multiplies due to the hot water. Run for your lives! They come up to a dead end but with a familiar slot machine that will summon somebody. Kanako inserts a coin and out comes Rindou! He takes the offensive to let the ladies through. Then they are confronted with the seaweed in Kanako’s bag. Mariya and Matsurika get tangled (fanservice cue?) so Kanako could press ahead. When she arrives at the church, she is surprised that everyone is there singing her happy birthday. How come Rindou, Mariya and Matsurika are there too? Did they find a short cut? Or did Kanako take the long way? Shizu lets her know that when they found out they were planning a surprise party on the same day, Mariya suggested they all get together and throw her a big party. How sweet and considerate of Mariya. After all, birthdays only come once a year. Mariya gives Kanako her birthday present: A peck on the cheek. Holy sh*t! The hives! THE HIVES! Lastly Kanako narrates that though she hasn’t find the love of her life yet, she has met so many people who are dear to her. I hope she doesn’t mean it in a perverted way.

Kanako+Whore-lic: Bloodied Maria
Well, it was a pretty hilarious and chaotic run for this sequel. Once again the ultimate yuri love Kanako wanted so much eluded her again but that doesn’t stop her from continuing to have lewd and wild fantasies and delusions. As the main protagonist of this series, she is someone that you will both love and hate at the same time. Her sickening delusions are the source of comic relief. You want her to shut up and stop dreaming but at the same time you want her to do so, so that she could receive the ultimate punishment that would all make us laugh and say “You deserve it!”. Okay, so we are all sadists and no better than her. But really, she hasn’t changed or learnt from her previous lessons whether it is a few episodes ago or in the previous season. How low has she sunk I wonder. The same ol’ yuri pig who will continue to live a life of hell and trials so long as she keeps up what she’s doing. Not only high school girls suit her taste, but as seen from this sequel, convicts and spirits. My guess is that the next time she’ll even go for female animals… That is what you call desperate case.

This series loves using cliff-hangers for dramatic effect. Just when you think something big is going to happen, it turns out to something insignificant. Like the swim meet was perhaps just a dream in a dream. Something to torment Kanako? I remember when the first season ended, it also ended in this manner. Something to do about the rosary pendant before an abrupt end. So where was all that in the second season? Also, the series loves breaking the fourth wall. Since when Kanako is concerned about her character appearing regularly in the show? Though she has an episode that strips her of her speaking role, it felt good but at the same time empty. Our ears may get tired after hearing too much of Kanako’s delusions but lacking it would defeat the purpose of why this show is funny in the first place. Hmm… Maybe Matsurika should really have a spin-off series herself.

I notice that in this season, Mariya wasn’t the prankster and sadist she was back in the first season. No doubt she still does abuse Kanako for her own amusement (and for her own good). Even if she was reprimanding Kanako, it is mainly to make her realize her own stinking attitude. But still that bloody b*tch doesn’t learn… Mariya may not totally be an angel as she has her own ulterior motive especially the sale of those personal card games. But I suppose it’s just to make a profit. Otherwise, she still maintains her polite and graceful manner in front of the rest (Kanako is always an exception). As for Matsurika, she is still cruel as ever with sarcastic comments not only for Kanako but sometimes towards her master as well. In this sense, she is by far the coolest character to me in the series. If she was a master and not a maid, she could’ve been much worse. Though Kanako’s friends do not make much impact, at least they do still have their fair share of screen time. Whether it is Sachi’s helpfulness or Nanami’s inability to read the atmosphere.

This time round I felt Honoka, Shiki and Natsuru’s screen time and role in the sequel were reduced. In the previous season, Honoka was the one responsible in making that creepy seaweed bag Kanako’s possession. Here, she is reduced to a tsundere. If I remember, Shiki is Mariya’s cousin and there is some sort of rivalry between them. In short, they don’t like each other and you can feel sparks will fly if they ever cross paths. That doesn’t seem to happen here except for just a short little moment during the cafeteria menu discussion. Kanae is somebody who thinks too much. Too much for his own good. Heck, you can see words coming out from his head each time he speaks from his mouth or head. He’s got this dilemma of being in love with the girls and trying to uphold his integrity as a priest. But often he is always being used by Mariya and Matsurika to ‘punish’ Kanako. Each time Kanae comes close to Kanako, she’ll start yelling and screaming random words like as though she has become a broken down machine or a mad woman. And each time Kanae tries to decipher the meaning of those words. He’s got extensive knowledge but what’s the use when it’s not rightfully applied.

It’s nice to bring about some new characters like Tota and Miki. We get slightly deeper insights on some of the characters. But I feel that they serve just as teasers. The other little bits of information like the probability Kanako may once liked boys, the Miyamae sisters, the mysterious past of God and the battle between Rindou and Mariya serve as interesting bits. Perhaps more will be revealed if there are future sequels? But the plot about Mariya and Shizu switching genders and school didn’t come into prominence much. In the previous season, it was some game to see who will take over the directorship of that school. Maybe that’s just it. So far you can say their identities are still a closely guarded secret and won’t be busted anytime. Even if Miki is added to the list of those who knows Mariya’s true gender, I don’t think she’ll go rant about it. SHAFT productions usually have that weird feel in their art and animation. The sequel retains its trademark visual styles and though it may have a variety of other drawing styles (usually during Kanako’s wild delusions), I won’t say it is as much as some of their other works such as Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Bakemonogatari. As usual at the end of each episode, there will be a short segment called Omake (Bonus). They are short and random nonsense that does not have anything to do with the main series. Sometimes you want to laugh out loud, sometimes you just want to scratch your head and go “Huh? What was that all about?”. Of all the Omake shots, the best one has got to be the parody of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. So is it possible to make a free contract with Kyuubey?!

As the casts of the sequel are retained, once again I would like to take my hat off to Asami Sanada who is the voice behind Kanako. She does a good job and especially hilarious whenever Kanako goes into fantasizing mode or just screaming in horror. From one minute she can be experiencing heaven and the next a hellish torment. Her character is so noisy that it even annoys others right in the dead of the night! Yu Kobayashi to me always has that crazy voice and though she doesn’t make Mariya go screaming and blowing her top more often, her voice can switch between angelic and demonic with ease. Marina Inoue doesn’t need to put in extra effort to put up with Matsurika’s deadpan and emotionless character. But I guess that’s what makes her character cool. For the first opening theme, Mousou Senshi Miyamae Kanako by Tomokazu Sugita (voice of Kanae) sounds like a tokusatsu-like theme for Kanako. Only difference is that it is singing about the delusional warrior Kanako is. Make that very. The second opening theme is surprisingly annoyingly infectious. Entitled Runrunriru Ranranrara by Yu Kobayashi, it is crazy and wild. The song fluctuates between cherubic and devilish. That’s why Yu Kobayashi does a pretty fine job with it. Sometimes it sounds so funny (it has a little Arabian tune to it) that I can’t help myself from laughing and sing along the ‘catchy’ chorus. Of course the animation is a crazy mix as well. Among them we see include Kanako drawn as a pig and we have Mariya dressed as Alice In Wonderland skipping by. An episode when Matsurika hijacked the show, not only she sings in her deadpan voice, some of the faces of the characters are replaced with Matsurika’s mug! It’s like wearing a mask over your face. The ending theme, Dou Ni Mo Tomaranai by the seiyuus of the Ame No Kisaki girls, sounds like a video game song or at least a song fit for a detective series. The special ending song for the final episode, Don’t Mind Don’t Mind by Yu Kobayashi is yet another crazy piece to end this crazy series. Plus, there is a short segment at the end which previews the Maria+Holic Movie. Another one of those nonsensical Omake? Well, it must be since I haven’t heard anything about it till today.

Perhaps if Kanako was more refined in her approach and not a wild horny beast desperate for romance, I’m sure her yuri dream will go well. I think her late mom in heaven would have long turned in her grave seeing the embarrassing antics of her daughter. With so many nose bleeds, the school may need loads of fresh paint. So many nose bleeds that Kanako could have been a frequent blood donor (better not get a blood transfusion from her or else you’ll get the HIV – Happy Idiotic Virus). Too many nose bleeds that it puts the most perverted anime guy to shame. But if it makes her happy, why not? Of course not! There’s a limit on how happy you can be.

PS: My mother is still alive and doing fine as always :)

And so the world continues to spin and turn on its axis as life goes on for everyone. Well, that’s what I thought Soredemo Machi Wa Mawatteiru (literally means, And The Town Still Turns) to be. About everyday people living everyday ordinary lives. Oh wait. Why is there a picture of a maid there? Is it about the ordinary life of a maid? Well, not exactly. It’s a little tough trying to sum up what this anime is about but I’ll try.

It’s about this clumsy and lackadaisical maid, Hotori Arashiyama who works in a local maid cafe called Seaside and is into detective mystery novels and films. But the story of the series is mixed and scattered with different other types of genres like aliens, ghosts and the supernatural. Hey wait a minute. I thought this was supposed to be a slice-of-life comedy? Yes, indeed it still is. Just that the many random stories are being told that way. Interesting, no? Odd? Yes. That’s why it’s interesting in its own way. Now, add a bunch of other zany characters and you’ll either love it or hate it.

Episode 1A: Fortune Cafe (Before)
Hiroyuki Sanada does his homework at Seaside. The only reason why he is doing it here (or perhaps why he is even completing his homework) is because he has a secret crush on Hotori. Too bad it’s one-sided. That doofus girl won’t even see it from a mile. Hotori sits next to him to copy his maths assignment but panics upon realizing some mix up between Japanese and European writing system. Discovery of the century? Anyway, Sanada is just happy that he got to be next to her. But back in class, their math and homeroom teacher, Natsuhiko Moriaki can tell she ‘cheated’ due to the blunder she wrote. See? Copy blindly lah. Lecture time. Hotori relates her troubles to her friends, bespectacled Toshiko Tatsuno and Harue Haribara (I thought she was a guy because she was ‘ugly’ with her beaver teeth! Forgive me, please). Tatsuno expresses interest in the maid cafe and plans to come by later. Be my guest. Seaside hardly has any customers and I guess I can assume why. The head maid, Uki Isohata, I thought she was a grandpa in drag. But she really is an old hag in a maid outfit. Please forgive me… What I’m saying is that there are no cute maids to attract customers. Get what I’m saying? It’s no wonder Tatsuno is pissed off that they even have the nerve to call this a maid cafe! She proceeds to give Hotori a lesson on how to properly act and greet as a maid. Uki suggests Tatsuno to work here but she already has her commitments in the ping pong club with Haribara. Then a customer is about to come in, Arai Kazutoyo a local shopkeeper. This is Hotori’s chance to strut what she has learned. However Hotori panics and her clumsiness only magnifies the effectiveness of her charm. Yeah, the customer is all over her! POW! So the rest of the scenes have Tatsuno trying to teach Hotori to be a clumsy maid. Let’s say she’s a natural. Then when Sanada comes in, Tatsuno finds out that he is a frequent customer here. She instantly wants Uki to hire her! Yup, she has a crush on Sanada. What else motivation does a girl need to don a maid outfit just to get the attention of the guy she loves? Her divine calling, says she? More like she’s in love. Yeah, just to note that they’ll have more staffs than customers…

Episode 1B: Fortune Cafe (After)
Hotori invites Sanada to Seaside after school for Tatsuno’s debut. As the girls make their way to Seaside, they are being caught by Moriaki who thinks they are flouting the school rules of having a part time job. They think they can lose him but he’s not that stupid. Yeah, they even lead him back to Seaside. He isn’t going to let them off easily. But how does Moriaki know about this? Apparently when Hotori invited Sanada, Moriaki was in class. Yup, he heard that. Haha. So it’s her fault by the way. But Tatsuno isn’t going to let her dream job slip away and plans to get permission. Well, Moriaki isn’t here to make them quit too. So girls, suit up and charm him of the ways of the maid… Erm… 22 minutes have already passed since… Is it that hard to put on a maid outfit? Hotori feels defeated that Tatsuno beats her in everything pertaining to maid appearance but as Moriaki notes, there is 1 aspect Hotori will always win. Hotori starts taking this as a sign that Moriaki may be in love with her! But what he meant was Hotori will always beat Tatsuno on eyesight! Duh! With Hotori out (I guess her confidence got crushed), it’s Tatsuno’s turn to make Moriaki’s whatever plan backfire. He orders black tea but Tatsuno is disheartened that Seaside doesn’t even sell tea! Well, Uki’s reasoning is that when you think of maids from England, you only think of coffee, right? In this case, Tatsuno seeks to capitalize on Hotori’s clumsiness by serving coffee instead. The coffee starts foaming as it is actually soda powder. But this clumsiness did not appeal to Moriaki as he starts his sharp lecture on how the heck she can mix up a coffee mixer and a soda powder. He continues ranting about her irrational behaviour. Well in a way, I guess he forgot about getting permission. As for Sanada, why hasn’t he turned up? Actually, he is standing outside. He can’t go in upon seeing Moriaki inside. Don’t want to be caught, eh? I don’t understand the end part whereby Moriaki is being served by pretty maids in which everything turns into a horror maid house, one where you can check in but never out. Maybe this is what Seaside cafe is really is.

Episode 2A: The Sexual Harassment Lawsuit
Somehow Hotori can’t seem to get Moriaki’s face out of her head. In love? I don’t think so. She tries to take her mind off it by reading a detective novel but again his face pops up as one of the characters. Her little sister, Yukiko wants to play so she brings her down to her little brother, Takeru and forces him to play with her. How? He shuts off his video game. And he hasn’t saved his progress. They start blaming each other and when eventually Takeru hits Yukiko’s head, she starts crying. Because of that, Hotori gets the ultimate blame from mommy Yukimi. This is going to be one noisy affair. Thus Hotori decides to hang out at Seaside even if it’s her day off. Tatsuno is also there. In case Sanada drops by. Uki is surprised and wonders if Hotori is in love seeing she mentions about seeing Moriaki’s face in her head. I don’t know how the talk wandered into maths of differentials and integrals. Then some advice of deducting the perpetrator of a crime via the highest paid voice actor. Huh? Uki sends Hotori to buy onions and potatoes but on her way, she meets her arch-nemesis, the policeman, Shunsaku Matsuda (his hairstyle I thought he popped out from the Flower Power era). Is it a wonder to see why these 2 are like cats and dogs? Hotori flouts the rules by riding her scooter in a no-scooter zone. He tries to stop her. She ends up crashing into his crotch. Ouch! Probably that got Hotori to mix up her errand as he got potatoes and carrots instead. Then when she gets milk, Mr Policeman and the shopkeeper, Kikuchi Takanori pass remarks that it might help her ‘grow big’ so she takes this offence as a sexual harassment. Still not pleased, she scoots off on her scooter. How many rules has she already broken on this? When she goes back, Sanada is already in Seaside. Seeing her drinking milk, he mentions about her getting bigger. Hotori is upset that everyone is talking about her boobs and is going to sue him for sexual harassment even if what he meant was her height. Tatsuno leaps to his defence and becomes his defence lawyer. However we won’t see the trial because Uki on the other hand isn’t pleased with Hotori’s mix up and thinks she should develop her brains rather than her boobs.

Episode 2B: Shop Girls Are Sophisticated
Hotori comes up with a new way to greet customers. Rejected! What’s with that Vulcan salute? The trio shopkeepers of Kazutoyo, Takanori and Yuuji Sanada (Sanada’s baldy father and fishmonger) follow mysterious arrow signs that lead them to Seaside. Seems it is Hotori’s genius plan but they fell for it, right? Since they’re here, might as well discuss the festival plans here. However the maids are purposely screwing up their orders. Hotori becomes upset when Mr Policeman comes in and shows her all the arrow signs he has taken off. She continues to be rude to him so Tatsuno and Uki slam the tray into her head. Always maintain a service with a smile. Obviously she didn’t learn her lesson because she starts chasing a pair of high school kids for 30 minutes around town thinking they mocked her (dock 30 minutes of pay!) and badmouthing the regular trio shopkeepers for being a freak show (be grateful they’re giving you business by eating here!). Tatsuno comes up with a plan to design a signboard to attract better customers who will appreciate maids. Well, Hotori has to help out after being reminded by Uki the 10 years worth of free curry she gave her each time she came running and crying to her with her problems. The girls start painting upstairs and after hanging it out, they are disheartened to see a large Naito Dentistry signboard next to their block. Hotori tries to cut it down with the hacksaw but the dentist caught her in her rage! Apologize now! Hotori’s back day continues when she tries to deduce the perpetrator via voice acting as her siblings watch it on TV. They deduce who the culprit is even before being announced. How can this be? It’s a rerun. Grrr!!! Hotori forcefully turns off the TV, leaving Yukimi in tears. Oh, big sister is going to get it again…

Episode 3A: Eyes
Moriaki visits Seaside again. Could it be he is in love with Hotori? NOT A CHANCE!!! He is here to request a favour seeing she is into detective mysteries, she may help him solve a problem. He shows him a portrait of an old man. While the rest thinks it’s normal, only Hotori feels it is odd because the painting’s canvas is a perfect square. Moriaki further narrates how this painting was done by his late grandpa, an unsuccessful painter and a habitual gambler. After his death, he split his paintings between Moriaki and his other two siblings. But the real issue lies in the other portrait. The next portrait he shows has an old man with 4 eyes!!! Freaky! He couldn’t understand why grandpa did this and as you know as a math’s teacher, he seeks logic in his explanation and seems Hotori is the girl for the job to present him with an acceptable answer. The rest came up with their answer but it sounded lame like Tatsuno’s astigmatism (then there should be multiple nose, mouths and ears too, right?) and Uki’s grandpa-is-a-four-eyed-alien sure didn’t make the cut. Then it hit Hotori! Eureka! Moriaki is called to listen to her answer but were first given simple arithmetic problems as hints. Moriaki didn’t like how she’s beating around the bush so for the first time Hotori gets this high and mighty feeling of what it’s like to torment those who are less intelligent. Role reversal, eh? So Moriaki, how does it feel now when somebody forcefully drills into your head about something you don’t understand? Oh, can you accept this? Something she understands but he doesn’t? Anyway, now the real explanation. Hotori shows a dice she made with the portraits and the other sides which are hand-drawn. The number of eyes reflects the number on the dice since grandpa was a gambler. So when 6 sides of the portrait are divided between 3 people, this work of art lost its meaning. OMG! For once Hotori looks so smart!!! Is this the end of the world?! And true enough, Moriaki found the remaining 4 portraits and gives it to her as a token. Now she has a complete dice of weird eyes hanging in Seaside. Creepy! Take it down!

Episode 3B: The Cat Boy
Due to the last outing, can you blame Uki and Tatsuno to make extensive preparations to make sure Hotori doesn’t screw up on her errand of buying carrots and onions, no matter how ridiculous? Why not save the trouble and just do it themselves? Along the way, she sees a pretty young boy, Futaba Kon searching for his cat, Koban and tries to deduce the kind of person he is based on his voice and appearance. Kon knows who Hotori is since she is quite famous around here after that scooter stunt with the police guy. Koban isn’t coming out from a narrow alley and Kon’s attempts of persuading Koban to come out isn’t working (partly Hotori is trying to make stupid jokes out of it). Yeah, so dumb that it starts snowing. Suddenly Hotori strangles Kon!!! Her reasoning is that if Kon is in danger, Koban might come to rescue him. That’s not a dog! When the onion rolls out, Koban comes out and starts playing with it so it’s their chance for them to grab it. But Hotori panics upon seeing that Koban has no tail and thinks she might have accidentally snap it off! But Kon explains that Koban is from a breed of cats without tails. And yeah, waiting Tatsuno and Hotori really feel they should’ve drawn her a map and told her not to stop and smell the flowers. Next day in school, Hotori gets the shock of her life to see Kon in her school. Kon is not a boy, but a girl! She isn’t somebody younger than her but her senior! And Hotori really panicked when she thought she’d at least knew everybody’s name in her class. Hah! She even thought she’s a ghost! Kon is also a senior to Haribara in the ping pong club. So next time beware when you assume because it will be ASS-U-ME, get it? And even if maid and meido (underworld) sound the same, they aren’t the origins of maids so don’t ever write that down in your answer sheet!

Episode 4A: Formulas Of Love
I don’t know how many horoscope fortunes Hotori has watched but I guess she must been selective to choose one that suits her. Yeah, one that says about her intimate encounter with someone. And that someone she thinks is Moriaki. Well, it did turn true when he imposes extra classes for her!  As Moriaki watches over Hotori, his second nemesis, he remembers how his first nemesis was his maths teacher back in 2nd grade school. He couldn’t accept the answer of some division problem and stood up. The class cheered him. But when she akin it to real life like how there will always be balance and that you can’t finish everything like seeds and bones, the class jeered him and was embarrassed. He starts narrating how he gets this sickly feeling in his stomach each time he marks Hotori’s paper. The way she amassed ‘duck eggs’, she could open a store and sell them! Look at how she even writes the answers! Some halfway, some bastardized symbols. Just when he found something he could circle correct, he realized it was a big zero! She got everything wrong! Thus he thinks she’s a serial exam murderer! Though Hotori is confident of being a detective and maths has got nothing to do with it, Moriaki shoots back that she’ll forever be stuck in this grade. Horror! Hotori tries to be a smart ass by giving an equation for him to solve like how a sphere can fit into the house when the holes weren’t that big enough. Turns out her answer was the house was built around the sphere! Thinking outside the box, she says? See a very upset face here? I guess Hotori has no choice but to take up the maths book because she doesn’t want to be stuck forever. This has Tatsuno explaining a story she heard. Seems there was a student who loved Moriaki years ago. She finally summed up her courage to write her confessions in a letter. However his reply was appalling. And in maths equation. (Boy + Girl ) / Morals = 0. WTF?! This reached the word of the principal but he was so moved that he hung up that equation in his office. As for Moriaki, he ponders how Hotori and his maths teacher look so alike. Could it be she went back in time to be his maths teacher? That’s not how maths teacher should be thinking, should they? And what the hell is Hotori’s answer of Moral < Love?!

Episode 4B: Curse Roulette
As Moriaki rests in the teacher’s room, he and his other colleagues, Kameda and Nishi talk about reading tea leaves in a cup which spells your lover’s initials. What did Moriaki see? A pi symbol! That’s not even an initial! I guess maths will always be his first love. Kameda’s cup turns into the kanji of ‘curse’ and suddenly his chair stand breaks. No serious injuries though. In class, you just got to love the excuses Hotori can come up with for being late. You think Moriaki is going to buy it? So it’s more lecturing time after class and on the way to the teacher’s room, Moriaki has this devilish thought of putting a sweet revenge on her for his daily torture. He is going to make her sit on that broken chair and make her embarrassed falling down. He can’t wait to see that surprise look on her face. However upon entering the room, he sees 3 of the chairs mixed up. Oh no! Which is which? Oh, shoot. He should’ve marked it. His mind starts going wild thinking the consequences of this roulette game. Will it backfire on him? The chances are 33.33% He remembers that pi symbol and it’s starting to resemble to kanji word for ‘death’ (they look really similar!). Thankfully Hotori is stupid enough not to realize why Moriaki is sweating in his pants even though he is obviously acting very strange. Very indeed. So they pick a chair and at the same time, sit down together. One, two, three… Plop. Phew! Nothing happened. Then Kameda comes in and sits on the third chair. Oh dear… And Hotori continues to give outrageous horoscope excuses for her tardiness. The torture never ends…

Episode 5A: Toshiko Tatsuno Cannot Be Broken
Tatsuno won tickets to the screening. Now she just needs to get Sanada to come with her. Easier said than done. She picked a less popular movie so it would be easier for her to win the tickets and since the screening is on a specific time and date, she’s got a better chance of success. As the days start ticking down, Tatsuno really finds it hard to just tell “Please go out with me to the movies”. Okay, maybe those words are hard if you’re a girl in love. Every opportunity wasted no matter how close she got to him. Whether he is fooling around cleaning class or she flying down a flight of stairs and accidentally landing on Kameda’s foot (I don’t know how she got away by quoting history lines). On the day of the screening, Tatsuno is working at Seaside. What happened? She decided it’d be better to let life work for her instead of she working for life. Uhm… So she doesn’t mind passing that chance to be with Sanada? Well, he’ll always come to Seaside, right? And yeah, Hotori won free ticket passes too…

Episode 5B: The Amazingly Weird Card
Hotori teaches Yukiko to be an observant detective. She gets more than she bargained for when Yukiko draws her without boobs! Man, she’s observant. Takeru is a master of those card games and his buddies are amazed. However snobbish Eri Isezaki (why do her friends call her Ebi?) warns him about bringing such stuff to school. In class, Takeru gets a note from Eri saying that she will be visiting his home this Sunday. Shocking, eh? Even big sister is encouraging him to go haul her in and gave him some money to spend. Seems like a date to me and Takeru would be a dead corpse if his buddies find out that they’re out together like this. Let me give you a hint on Eri: She’s a tsundere. That explains it all. She wants Takeru to call her by her first name, has him buy ice cream and that poor kid gets pounded if he says the wrong word. Then in a candy store, Eri buys one of those card game packs but to Takeru’s horror, his friends are outside the store and are coming in. The granny was kind enough to let them hide in her room behind. The guys are looking for Takeru so granny has the cheek to say he might have gone to the world of adulthood! If they ever get what she means. Eri gives the deck of cards to Takeru. But to treasure it, he’s not going to use it to avoid getting mixed up. Takeru notes her different side from school. Back home, Hotori is commenting how youngsters have no shame flirting in public. She wonders where her lunch is as Yukimi points out she can eat with them since she’s like a kid and gets along well with them. Grrr!!! Next day in school, his friends wonder where Takeru has been so he lies by saying he was visiting a relative. When Eri comes in and as he tries to be friendly with her, she beats him up. It’s back to the devil woman. Poor Takeru is so confused. Back home when Takeru is commenting how mysterious women are, Hotori couldn’t believe her ears and laughed like mad! Actually he was referring to a character in the game card. And as for Yukiko, she dug up more dirt on Hotori by finding her exchange diary. She’s sure turning into a fine detective.

Episode 6A: Pandora’s Box
Hotori enters Shizuka Kameido‘s antiques store to get an early birthday present for Tatsuno. Of all places, she picks this one? How about that weighing scale so she can weigh the perfect amount of sugar for your coffee? Well, it’s broken. A creepy mask as a love charm? Shizuka put it on her face so much so it can’t come out. The usual gang are at Seaside to celebrate Tatsuno’s birthday. Hotori goes through the list of presents the rest got. Then she gives hers which is some box that she should only open on her actual birthday. Actually that won’t be coming true since Hotori mentions Shizuka got that box without the key. Now that makes it creepy. After that uncalled remark how this place is eternally reserved (Uki should hit her more times on her head), Hotori asks for Sanada’s birthday, in which he answers February. Then she pesters Kon but she is reluctant to say. Kon tries to change the subject but naughty Hotori has grabbed her student ID book. She tries to get it back but in vain because that stupid maid blurted out the date, which is today. Now everybody’s mood is ruined. How will she make amends? She gathers all the confetti on the ground and re-throws it over Kon. Happy birthday! That’s not going to cut it. Now she’s giving an excuse she needs to give her a present and the only thing left is that love charm. Since Tatsuno says she would prefer that, Hotori thinks switching won’t be a problem. Back home, Hotori and Kon pick the lock of the box and find a love charm inside it. Disappointed? As for Tatsuno, she storms back to Shizuka’s store to return this hideous gift. When Shizuka takes a peek into the box, she gets freaked out.

Episode 6B: Business Trip Maid Service
Tatsuno and Hotori have 2 weeks to complete their computer assignment. Hotori suggest going to Tatsuno’s house since her brother has a computer to complete their assignment. However Kon is sick so Tatsuno needs to go look after her. This has Hotori deciding to do her work at Sanada’s place. Uki lets her go seeing that they don’t have customers. What about the shopkeeper trio? Oh, she thought they were part of the furniture. That hurts! But guess who is tagging along too. Yeah, Tatsuno won’t miss this kind of chance in the world. Hotori calls Sanada about their visit so he sends them to buy some cream puffs in a faraway stall so that he has time to clean up his porn mags lying around everywhere. But he still has to delete all the porn images in his computer since Hotori will be using it. Oh, now you’ve cleanse yourself of the worldly desires. The girls arrive but upon realizing he doesn’t have a scanner needed to complete their work, Hotori leaves. Oh my! He deleted all his porn for nothing! Then Hotori spots a novel she thinks she lent him but she trips and his place becomes messy again, all the porn mags scattered. Hotori becomes shock and gives him a new perverted nickname. His life is so over… No choice, they go to Kon’s place. They see her in bed and her fever is serious. Kon says an embarrassing word so much so she was prepared to kill them! But they calm her down and convince her she was just spewing gibberish. As they put her to bed, they cook and clean for her. Hotori notices Kon’s weird guitar. It’s actually a bass guitar because it has only 4 strings. Duh! She tries to play it but there is no sound so Tatsuno turns on the amplifier. Can you imagine the deafening sound that could even spring Kon out of her bed. It’s amazing she didn’t die of heart attack. Hotori and Tatsuno return to Seaside and they see Sanada’s dad wondering why his kid is depressed. Hotori mentions about his lecherous tendencies so papa thinks sonny did something to her! Next day, seems Tatsuno has caught Kon’s cold and Seaside is closed because well, Uki too caught the sickness. Then it hit Hotori why she’s the only person not feeling ill. Remember the saying that idiots don’t catch a cold? What does this tell you about Hotori? She starts feigning that she’s so healthy that it makes her sick. Not working…

Episode 7A: Lover’s Elopement
Sanada didn’t like the idea of eating bread and crab for breakfast. As he waits at the bus stop, he is surprised to see Hotori there. Seems she doesn’t want to be late this time and woke up earlier. Ran out of excuses to give? Or rather some alphabetical discrimination during roll call? Yeah, it’s unfortunate her name is first on the list. As they ride the bus, Hotori falls asleep on Sanada’s shoulders. He must be thanking God for this moment. However he is in a dilemma to wake her up when they reach their destination or miss it. His choice? He’s not getting off! They end up at the last line. First period has already started and the next bus arrives in 20 minutes. Rushing back won’t do any good since it’ll be quite a distance back. Sanada suggests skipping school today so Hotori is receptive of his idea. They walk through town and Sanada’s face turns red when Hotori takes his hand to walk. Well, it’s her habit since she has younger siblings so it’s natural. But Sanada isn’t going to give up this happiness even if it uses up all the energy reserves in his life. Die happy, eh? After having lunch and at the river bank and having nonchalant chat about what will happen tomorrow, they take a bus back as Hotori notes how they used to play all the time as kids. He wonders why they stopped so Hotori gets aggressive trying to make him remember why. Turns out he and a bunch of kids didn’t want to play with a stupid girl. Oh, that has got to hurt. Brings back memories, eh? He apologizes but it’s no big deal to her now. Sanada goes back to his room and tries to write a diary of today’s outing. Yeah, it’s just 2 lines. Oh yeah. I’m sure he’ll win the Booker Prize for this.

Episode 7B: Night Walker
Hotori got freaked when she thought a ghost was at her door. Turns out to be Takeru who can’t sleep. Thanks to Hotori’s energy drink, he’s wide awake now. They decide to take a night stroll to lose those excess energy. They pass by Seaside to see Uki and the 3 loyal shopkeeper customers hanging out and the shopping arcade feels deserted like a ghost town. Passing by Sanada’s shop, she thinks of calling him to hire him as a bodyguard. Since she forgot her handphone, Takeru offers her his slingshot in his backpack to aim at the window. Unfortunately, Sanada just came out for fresh air when he got hit by the acorn right in the forehead! He’s one angry kid ready to rumble!!! Hotori, make sure you don’t let him know about this… Then they pass by a ramen stall and the owner recognizes her. But… Mr Policeman is there! It’s like his reflex action when her name is just mentioned, he goes into alert mode! It’s just your imagination, sir. Then at the convenience store, Hotori screws around with Takeru’s head as they cross over to midnight, confusing the kid about how tomorrow become today and today became yesterday at this point. When they return, Takeru realizes that Hotori must have sneaked out many times since she’s a pro when it comes to covering her tracks. I don’t mind that the siblings take a bath together but don’t you think Takeru is a little too old for this? Shouldn’t they have any shame of bathing together? And I’m not sure about Hotori’s method of killing somebody with a banana and then getting rid of the murder weapon by eating it. Seriously, do you eat a banana that you have just whacked someone with?

Episode 8A: The All-In-One World
On a rainy day, Hotori, Tatsuno and Kon take shelter in front of an auto laundry shop. After Hotori’s pestering that has Tatsuno getting them all drench, they decide to dry their clothes inside. Luckily nobody is in so they strip naked while they wait. Hope nobody comes in. They notice a dryer with lots of undies in it. They put their clothes back on once it’s dry but feels that their outside is just warm and need something to warm their insides (no perverted jokes here). Hotori buys an udon meal from the vending machine and watches it make the udon fresh. Kon buys one herself. Hmm… Tastes mediocre. Then Tatsuno buys a hamburger from the hamburger machine and finds it to be pre-packaged and ‘dented’. Plus, it has all the meat in the world put into it. Horse, rabbit, beef, pork chicken, you name it! Now Hotori tries the ham with melt cheese and it’s piping hot. With their stomachs full, Hotori feels they need to add this fun factor to Seaside but Tatsuno cautions they should improve their coffee first. When the rain stops, they leave. The person who was doing the undies turns out to be Haribara as she comes in to collect them. That night when Hotori is hungry, she returns to that laundry shop to buy food. She also sees Kon there eating away. Already hooked on vending machine food, eh? Later at Seaside, Tatsuno gives a jar she couldn’t open to Sanada. He does it with ease so she tries to find a really hard jar for him to open. When she finds one, it rolls off her hands and into a tight corner. I wonder how she gets so much strength to lift the furniture. But that would defeat the purpose if she could open it, right? Then when Uki returns, Tatsuno notes her torn stockings. When she lifts her skirt, Sanada spits out coffee upon that sight. Hotori and Tatsuno misinterpret he has a thing for Uki! Looks like he ‘died’ again.

Episode 8B: Band’s Labyrinth
For the school cultural festival, Hotori’s class isn’t doing everything simply because everyone is busy with their club’s own cultural activities. This leaves Hotori, Tatsuno and Sanada free. Kon comes by Seaside to show the gang that she has got a ticket to perform on stage at the festival. She wants to put together a band. All she needs is a keyboard and guitarist since she herself plays the bass. The drummer part has been taken care of and the honours goes to Haribara who went into drumming as part of Kon’s special training to improve her ping pong stamina. Hotori mentions she could play something keyboard-like while Tatsuno something guitar-like, though it’s been a while back. But to Kon’s dismay, Hotori plays an accordion while Tatsuno a violin. Well, not every instrument that has strings can be considered a guitar, dimwit! Though she accepts their instruments, it’s going to be a real pain to hear them play together. Even granny can’t take it. Let’s say it’ll speed up her migraine. Care to turn it into a karaoke cafe then? On the day of the festival, Tatsuno is happy to be able to walk around with Sanada. She invites him to come and see her performance but he says he’ll come even if she didn’t invite him. On the last day, those words have Tatsuno regretting what she said and is obviously nervous. She gets into an argument with Hotori and soon Haribara (who realized she has been tricked by Kon to play drums for this gig). Then when Kon comes in, they realize how cute she is in a maid outfit and felt lost. So the girls dub themselves as The Maids go on stage and put on a… Erm, sounds weird but it’s pretty catchy. I thought it sounded like a country song. Next day after clean up, life returns to school like as though there is no trace of that vibrant festival that took place.

Episode 9A: Clash! The Fairy VS The Reaper
A wife sells her husband’s weird collection to Shizuka to get rid of it at any price. The husband later reclaims it at any price.  This goes on and on and the price keeps increasing each time till both spouses come face to face at the shop. They argue to sell and buy so many times that Shizuka tells them that they owe her 5 round trips! During gym class, Tatsuno is infatuated seeing Sanada in basketball action while Hotori thinks she has jumped through some portal over a pole vault and landing somewhere off. Then a ping pong match between Tatsuno and Haribara. Their skills are fearsome enough to be dubbed the Fairy and Reaper! Even Kon has her own legend that will send shiver down people’s spine because she is known as the Devil or the reincarnation of Satan! Is this ping pong we’re talking about or some fantasy legend? Tatsuno and Haribara start their paddle action and because of that girl’s dramatic narration, everything seems so exaggerated. Like Haribara’s Reaper’s Scythe that makes you really stretch to receive the ball so much so you will fall and knock yourself out! Sounds like so recently made up… But Tatsuno is on the verge of experiencing this deadly effect but when she notices Sanada watching her so her determination has her get up and return the shot. In the end, Tatsuno lost simply because she is no match for one who kept practising continuously. Hotori comments that since she wants to be a detective, she doesn’t need to excel in gym because she’ll be finding out the culprit not catch him. The point? If Tatsuno is going to be Sanada’s wife, you don’t need to excel in ping pong. Haha. Sounds like she’s mocking her. And the reason why Sanada was so intensely watching Tatsuno? Her bouncy boobs…

Episode 9B: Collector’s Frenzy
A guy, Ryousuke Moriaki is disheartened that his mom’s favourite sweet shop will be closed at the end of the month since it’s not doing well. Shizuka takes a bite of a Rainbow Delights snacks and finds it delicious. She learns her grandpa got it from a stranger who randomly handed the snack to him. Also, grandpa has never seen such a snack in his days. Next day, she passes by Hotori and Kon and asks them about it but they have never heard about it too so it can’t be one of those new kids’ snacks. Shizuka tries to call the number on the wrapper to order more but the line is not in service. Seeing the snack has not expired yet, she Googles on its name and location but finds nothing. Plus, there is no city by that name in this prefecture. Shizuka starts thinking if this could all be fake but the part where a stranger gave it to grandpa is her only clue. She rides her bike out so that she can scout all the possible sweets and confectionery stores in that prefecture. While stopping at a ramen shop she asks the store lady about it and is surprised that she is the third person to have asked her the same question. The more answers she tries to find out, the more questions surfaces. She sure has a hard time sleeping. Yeah, she even thought if she really ate that snack or it was just her imagination. Then the inn lady takes her through the corridors and walking pass a door, she finds herself in the supposed city. However she wakes up from it as a dream. Back at Seaside, Shizuka has Hotori and Tatsuno recreate the snack’s flavour but couldn’t come close. Hotori deduces that the snack can only be from the future! Why? See the expiry dates have only the last 2 digits of the years so it may not be of this year but 100 of years in the future! Thus it’s totally possible for cities they’ve never heard of to spring up much later in the future. Well, who are we to say wrong? Say, she’s eaten too much of those and her stomach hurts. But what Hotori said may be true because Moriaki is seen at a welcoming home press conference about his success for time travelling! Since he is hungry, he felt like eating one of those Rainbow Delights. The press wonders if time travelling has made him crave for common man’s food. Common man’s food? Everyone takes out the snack and tells him they are practically sold everywhere. Looks like what Moriaki tried to do became a successful miracle in the future, eh?

Episode 10A: Holes
The news are reporting of mysterious holes popping up overnight. There’s even a hole expert to say how they are not man-made since they are perfectly round! At school, Kon is very excited about this holes incident and bugs Hotori to take her there since it occurs near the place she lives. However Hotori is very depressed. No joke. She ignores Kon but she tells her the least she could do is to tell it and get it off her chest. Hotori explains that she is the one responsible for making the holes! Last night when she went to the store to buy ice cream, she spotted a weird ray gun on the street. She picks it up and somehow accidentally triggers it. Now there’s your first hole. Then a weird alien being beams down, speaks to her in incomprehensible alien language. What should she do? Give back the gun? Give her ice cream? Then another bug alien shows up. And Hotori is caught in between their feud! In her fear, the gun activates to cause more holes and evaporates the bug alien. The weird alien takes the gun and blasts into the night sky. So will Kon believe her story? More importantly, will Hotori get arrested for making those holes? Kon shows her a weird bullet-like item she found yesterday. Hotori believes it looks like the same material as the ray gun was made. Kon demonstrates how this thing can restore broken things back to its original state, thus the reason why she believed her story and wanted her to take her to the place. There, they repair all the holes like as though none of them were there in the first place. However they unknowingly restore that bug alien too! As they walk away, the bug alien prepares to smash them! And what happens next is up to you to imagine. Heck, this story is even up to you whether you want to believe or not.

Episode 10B: Grandpa Smart Ass
An old guy, Zenji talks to a near-bald guy at the park but he doesn’t respond. Koban starts staring at him so it is then we find out Zenji is a ghost! He remembers how he was on his death bed in hospital and died. His soul left his body and was ready to be picked up to heaven. But the angels missed him and got someone else instead. Thus Zenji fell back down to Earth and is upset he didn’t get an escort to heaven. Though he is not sure what he did to screw up, he has been wandering around alone ever since. Oh, that was 10 years ago. WTF?! Seems only animals can react to him but not humans. Not even the shrine priest. They’re so oblivious. We see Uki praying to an altar of her late husband which turns out to be Zenji. She still loves him and ‘talks’ to him about her day. Zenji is obviously listening close by and notes if she keeps praying harder, he might move on. Till she gets clumsy with her words. Maybe she’s not praying that hard after all, that’s why he’s stuck. He also hears her talking in her sleep how he never bothered to visit her in her dreams and is probably goofing around over the other side. Zenji sits by a table in Seaside. Uki seems to be staring at his direction and tells Tatsuno to leave a coffee at that table. Zenji is shocked that she is able to see him as she approaches. Then she sits down and sits the coffee. Hah! It was for herself! Sanada is seen making a very long-winded, complicated prayer about his chances for Hotori. So Zenji’s comment? God has got it tough! Yeah, it’s not the part of granting people’s wish is hard, it’s figuring out what the wish is. Don’t worry? God will understand? Hopefully…

Episode 11A: Josephine’s Summer
Scene 1: Morning With Ayumu Arashiyama
Hotori’s dad, Ayumu narrates his peaceful morning walk with their tanuki (raccoon dog) pet named Josephine through the quiet shopping district, only to be interrupted by some of the lively shopkeepers about the upcoming typhoon. He passes by a jogging lady who always greets him but I guess with that chubby looks, it’s more like a turn off, eh? He tries to buy coffee at the vending machine but realizes the wind partially blew off the ‘out of service’ sign. Yeah, it ate his money. How bad can his morning get? With the wind picking up pace, pages of newspaper starts flying into his face. Turns out clumsy Hotori tried to pick the newspaper while brushing her teeth. WTF?! Back home, his kids pester him to take them somewhere but he isn’t interested and gives the ‘I don’t have summer break like you guys’ excuse and tells them to get big sister to take them out to the public pool instead. The kids aren’t happy and start moaning and groaning. Ayumu notes how his only true friend is Josephine. Yeah, somebody who doesn’t talk back, right? Plus, he has Hotori walk the dog on his behalf this evening. Dog?

Scene 2: Hotori Arashiyama’s Summer
Hotori’s siblings aren’t happy she’s off to class during summer break. Like she has a choice. Yeah, she thought she was late for her maths remedial class but turns out to be the first one. Wait. She’s the only one! I wonder how long Moriaki has been waiting. As usual, he is frustrated with Hotori’s low scores in maths. Why, there was this recent exam he just changed the numbers but the rest of the equations remained the same and amazingly that dimwit girl managed to score even much lower! Oh, he could feel the pain in his ribs. But he has a ploy that may get Hotori to like maths. He tells her how maths and detective work are alike and he is pretty convincing in telling the clues (formula and equations) will lead to the culprit (answer). Is it working? Hotori got motivated to solve maths but in the end… The case can’t be solved! Oh, here comes the pain again…

Scene 3: Josephine
Hotori reluctantly takes Josephine out for a walk. Seems Josephine wants to go the other way and pick up weird things. Hotori meets Kon and Haribara. After that name-calling insulting greeting exchange, Kon starts laughing at Josephine and notes how the pet is walking the pet! She can’t control herself! Hey, doesn’t Hotori’s face look like the tanuki itself too? Haribara can’t help herself too as Kon takes a picture of the duo and continues laughing. Upset Hotori sends Josephine to attack them but she’s just being cute. Back home, Hotori wakes up from a dream whereby Josephine told her she is packing up and leaving to return to the mountains. She rushes outside to see Josephine not in her kennel so she panics thinking she may have really left for good. She acts out a dramatic ‘come back’ scene so her family inside wonder what the heck is she doing drenched in the rain. Yeah, Josephine is inside with the family because of the impending typhoon forecast. Next morning, she tries to teach Josephine to shake hands like a dog in order to avoid others to call it a tanuki. WTF?! Is he blind? Or is she stupid? Or both? But it’s useless because Josephine licks her hand. However Josephine isn’t as dumb as she looks. She notes ever since she came, she observed the pecking order (from highest to lowest): Yukimi, Hotori, Yukiko, Takeru, Josephine and Ayumu. Yes, the only guy is the last in the order. Then it Hotori, she realized this is how Moriaki must have felt when he tried to teach her maths. Oh…

Episode 11B: Kon-senpai’s Silent Rage
Kon returns home to see Hotori letting herself in. Her boiling point starts increasing when she sees Hotori sleeping comfortably in her bed, the air-cond set at 24 degrees Celsius, a random inflatable next to her bed, a lukewarm drink Hotori took out from the fridge, drank and left outside and the worse of all that will piss her off is she left Koban locked outside. This does it. Kon turns off the air-cond so Hotori’s tropical dream of being served by several Josephines turns into a fiery fire of hell! Then as Kon cooks omelette, Hotori suggests in putting sugar. She pesters her as Kon politely refuses. But her persistence got to Kon as she gives off that scary leave-it-or-else warning enough to shut Hotori up. Hotori tries to sing a beach song but it sucks. Back at Seaside, Tatsuno waits for Sanada to show up since it is Hotori’s day off and wants to ask him out to the beach. That courage mustering feat again, huh? I thought she didn’t want to work for life? Anyway Sanada comes in looking for Hotori but was told that ‘the 2 of them went to the beach’. Sanada starts to panic that Hotori went to the beach with another guy and he might jump ahead of him in confessing his love to Hotori! Screw the beach! He’ll show the sea my rage! Then Tatsuno stammers in her invitation. Screw the beach! She’ll show the sea her rage! In actual fact, the ‘guy’ Hotori went out with is Kon. She thought she is going to have her perfect summer but it all goes downhill from here. When she tripped, her inflatable burst, it started raining and the waves washed away her top. Hotori is inconsolable like a cry-baby, not even caring her dignity as a woman while Kon tries hard to keep her calm. She tries to buy her a nice warm curry but the kitchen is closed. Boo hoo! There goes her summer…

Episode 11C: Mr Poorman
Actually this short black-and-white panel skits are scattered throughout the episode. It’s about the interaction between Mr Poorman and Mr Richman. The joke is about Mr Richman trying to show off the Mr Poorman so when the latter accepts his offer, it turns out more cheapskate than originally thought. Like having a sumptuous meals turns out to just be a picture and putting it under the pillow so you can dream about it, catching a beetle and only putting it in a gold cage that has 2 bars (so as to lower the cost. WTF?!), buying a popular DVD to watch but got no DVD player to watch (hence just admiring the DVD), visiting his winter villa which turns out to be shovelling snow to make a hole and a mixed rice that has nothing mixed in it. So who says being rich is all about style and content? Who is really the poor guy here?

Episode 12A: And The Town Still Turns (Part A)
There is a little tension between Kon and Tatsuno because of some petty issue that the latter’s refusal to join the ping pong club and the former thinks she was a wuss and ran away since she couldn’t beat her. To ease the tension, Hotori shows a fountain pendant, a combination of a magnifying glass and Mont Blanc pen (the pen part she received as a gift from her uncle). Hotori is pretty confident she is going to patent this ingenuity but Kon have to spoil her party and tells her the Mont Blanc pen costs very expensive. And she cut it in half just to fix it to the magnifying glass… To add salt to her wound, this combination isn’t anything new and is already long in the market. Oh, the heartbreak. Because of that, Uki allows her to go home and rest. Back home, she gets a call from uncle who is asking how she finds the pen. Gulp. Yeah, he wants her to come and visit him for the summer holidays. Double gulp. Needing an excuse to distract him during the visit, Hotori scours through the magazine to see a contest prize worth 5 million Yen. All she needs to do is write a detective novel and win first place. In addition to the money, her work will be published in Mystery Magazine. So Hotori burns the midnight oil writing her detective murder mystery about some murder that took place on some Jelly Island. Tatsuno got killed followed by Kon. Brilliant detective Hotori points out Kon is the culprit and her death was just fake. Yeah, some ping pong club thingy. Hotori is pretty confident she’ll land first prize. So much so it’s the case of counting her chickens before they hatch. Yeah, she’s dreaming she’ll make it big and famous. A week later, she receives a letter from Mystery Magazine. Thinking something amiss since it’s still too early before the final results are announced, she is disheartened to read that her works did not make it pass the initial round! Oh sh*it! She goes into deep shock and didn’t see the incoming truck. When she wakes up, she sees her lifeless body! OMG! An out of body experience! I’m not sure if the truck killed her or the shock. Must be the latter because her body looks pretty okay. The truck driver seemed pretty worried. Then she is whisked to heaven with the angels showing sketches of her past life. Is this how life flashing is done?!

Episode 12B: And The Town Still Turns (Part B)
I don’t know how, Hotori ended up in some Egyptian judgment chamber to be decided if she would go the heaven or hell (did they make a joke on the light holy feather?) before being whisked away by a Japanese admin guy who tells her to get into the Japanese line. Hmm… The Heaven Immigration Bureau looks like city hall. Hotori is being told she will get her approval as residence in about 2 to 3 weeks. The admin guy accompanies Hotori since it’s his job to assist new residents. He gives her a white flower named Silent Flower (kuchinashi no hana) and got the guts to make a pun that dead man tell no tales (shin nin ni kuchinashi). You can’t blame Hotori for beating him up. Hey, she just died. He brings her to an arcade to have fun so Hotori tries some Ghost Picture whereby she can make ordinary Earth pictures into spirit shots and tries it on Kon. Then she looks through the binoculars to find her body. At the hospital, the doctor gives the ultimate bad news that Hotori may be in coma and never wakes up, much to her parents’ dismay. Ayumu then runs off. She also sees how her siblings cried very hard (who are they going to fight with now?), her friends though arguing about Hotori still believes she can’t just die yet, Moriaki shedding tears upon knowing what happened (nobody to reprimand?), the shopkeepers being restrained by Mr Policeman because they want to get the truck driver’s head, there is a tear in Mr Policeman’s eyes too, Sanada very upset because he hasn’t confessed his feelings to her yet (why take it out on the swing?), Uki praying to Zenji that he will take care of Hotori (sorry granny, there’s nothing even grandpa can do), Ayumu rushing all the way to the temple and dumps all the money in his wallet to pray to God for Hotori’s recovery. Hotori suddenly felt how everyone cared for her and in tears realizes she still wants to spend time with them. However the admin guy says it’s impossible to go straight back and she may be able to see them again if she works hard here. Suddenly Hotori is being called to the bureau. She learns that she can go back immediately since her body is intact and her brain has miraculously recovered. Of course she’s not going to pass this up. Before she returns, she promises to pay a visit to admin guy’s grave but he replies that once she leaves this place, she will have no memories of being here. Hotori wakes up in hospital and is surprised this is some sort of candid camera. The nurse is shock of her miraculous recovery and calls the doctor. In the aftermath, Hotori recuperates in hospital as worried but relieved Kon visits her. Hotori is back to her usual self because she notes how daddy poured 3,400 Yen into the donation box to revive her and this means this is all she is worth! Plus, she found a new excuse for her Mont Blanc pen: It was crushed by the truck. She still hasn’t lost touch of this knack. But Kon thinks she got into this mess because an evil spirit possessed her. Showing a picture as a proof, Hotori freaks out upon seeing a hand over her shoulder! How did she mess this one up?

And The World Continues To Turn…
It is nice to know that no matter how clumsy or lackadaisical Hotori is, the kind of girl who will never score double digits in maths (no, I didn’t develop fear of maths after this), the girl who dreams to be a detective someday or somebody who just has a knack for giving excuses to get herself out of trouble, everybody still cares for her. It was a heartbreaking moment to see everyone crying during Hotori’s absence. I mean, without her, the town will never be the same, right? It shows she still has a role to play. So Hotori, rest assured that even though you are an idiot, you are EVERYBODY’S lovable idiot! Haha! Don’t take it the wrong way. In that sense, you are quite the ‘useful’ girl. Don’t worry about your clumsiness, some people in some parts of the world fawn over such ‘appeal’. Overall, the series is quite okay with its randomness and comical ways. I had much fun laughing out at some of the funny and silly moments but there are times whereby it left me stumped because I do not understand what is going on. This is usually the case when it deals with the unexplained supernatural stuff like aliens and time travelling. But I guess I should just leave and accept it as it is. That’ll be easier on me :). Because this is SHAFT’s production, you can still see some of their trademark visuals like that trademark despair sequence from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei or the dramatic effects. However there aren’t many varieties of visual creativity as compared to their other works so you’ll just have to do with what they’ve got. Of course the end card illustrations from different illustrations provide a little amusement.

Truthfully, I would have also preferred to see some of the characters making more screen time appearances rather than one-off or short ones. Perhaps if they have made this series a little longer then it would have been so since all the episodes are directly adapted from the chapters of the manga. And as I found out, as of to date, there are around 60 over chapters spanning around 8 volumes. I would have liked to see the relationship development between Takeru and Eri, the continued rivalry between Hotori and the ‘lively’ Mr Policeman, the cause and reason Zenji never went over to the other side, and yes, the one-way love chemistry between Hotori-Sanada-Tatsuno. But I guess I’ll have to make do with the random fun. I also love the narration that occurs at the beginning and the end of each episode. How should I put it? They serve as ‘words of wisdom’ and something for us viewers to think about since they are in a way related to that particular episode’s story. For instance, episode 3’s “Eyes are organs that actively convey unspoken intent, emotions and inner thoughts. Eyes can say just as much as one’s mouth” or episode 9’s “Humans pray to beings they cannot see or whose existence they cannot prove. If one’s prayers are answered, they believe in the existence of their guiding force. If not, they doubt whether their prayers were sufficient”. Sometimes it serves as a punch line like in the final episode whereby Hotori was taken to Heaven: “The town is home to many people. And just like that, there is now one less”. In many of the episodes, Josephine also appears in still pictures in between the episodes. But her words are shorter and random. Ending each of her sentences with “~poko”, what she has to say may or may not have any relation to do with what is going on. Sometimes I am left scratching my head to see how it is related. Or maybe it doesn’t at all.

Chiaki Omigawa is perfectly suited to play Hotori. Knowing her since she first debuted as Maka in Soul Eater, her voice definitely brings out the inept and lazy character in Hotori. Be it complaining or just being idiotic, you can’t help feel her ‘unpolished’ voice suits this role. I think it may be the first time for me to notice this. A guy voicing a female’s role. Who? Takahiro Sakurai as Uki! Here I thought it was an old woman or at least an elderly lady taking on the role but no, it is that very guy who voiced Suzaku in Code Geass and Jenos in Black Cat. Wow. He really sounded so different that I would never have thought a man was actually voicing this role. Maybe old people’s voice doesn’t sound as distinct as young males or females. I also thought and was bloody sure that Aki Toyosaki was the voice behind Josephine. But to my surprise it is Miyu Matsuki! I wouldn’t have guessed Hidamari Sketch’s Yoshinoya or Hayate No Gotoku’s Isumi would sound so close to Aki Toyosaki. Well, if it’s that ditzy dreamy voice, I suppose I can’t tell. Tomokazu Sugita is the voice behind Moriaki. Since I know him as Gintama’s Gintoki, each time I can’t help think he might turn into that silver perm samurai each time he raises his voice. Also, with Shigeru Chiba as Mr Policeman, I can’t stop myself from wondering if this guy will change into One Piece’s Buggy because his lively screaming really sounds like that clown pirate. Other casts include Ao Yuuki as Tatsuno (Mina in Dance In The Vampire Bund), Ryoko Shiraishi as Haribara (Hayate in Hayate No Gotoku), newcomer Rieka Yazawa as Kon, Miyu Irino as Sanada (Syaoran in Tsubasa Chronicle), Satsuki Yukino as Shizuka (Kagome in Inu Yasha), Emiri Katou as Eri (Kagami in Lucky Star), Mutsumi Tamura as Takeru (Kio in Asobi Ni Iku Yo), and Youji Ueda as the narrator (Saemon in Basilisk).

As shown in the ending credits animation, I thought that Kon and Haribara eventually would join the Seaside maid team but looks like it wasn’t to be. But at least they did their maid band gig for a short while during the festival. And so the ending theme, Maids Sanjou! by the Maids (the quartet behind the voice of Kon, Hotori, Tatsuno and Haribara) is a weird rock song (constipation as part of the lyrics?). Kon’s bass cover, Tatsuno’s electrifying violin, Hotori’s clumsy accordion and Haribara’s drumming, this ragtag bunch of maids seem like a maid version of K-ON!, don’t you think? How I wish their performance wasn’t confined to just the ending credits. Hmm… I kinda noticed this but doesn’t Kon’s bass resemble closely to K-ON’s Mio’s bass? But that red bass guitar back in her room looked so much like K-ON!’s Yui’s guitar. Besides, is it a coincidence that Kon’s name and K-ON! are the same spelling?! The opening theme by Maaya Sakamoto, Down Town is sung Broadway style and the animation feels like it plays out to the saying ‘the world is your stage’.

Life no matter how it turns out will continue to go on anyway. Just like show business. Just like the economy. Turning is part of nature’s law. Ever heard of the vicious cycle? Turn, turn, turn. Ah, who could forget that song from The Byrds. The world has been spinning on its axis ever since the day it was born. And perhaps the subtle theme here is to appreciate life and do the things you love because after all, we are only temporary tenants in this world. And when you’re gone, the world will still continue to turn… Oops, don’t want to end this on a gloomy affair. So let’s end this with three cheers for maids! Long live anime maids! Viva Japanese anime maids! Oh, too much maids is already making my head spin round and round and round and round…

Azusa, Otetsudai Shimasu!

January 13, 2012

OMG! It’s no doubt Mamiko Noto! She’s in here as a leading character in Azusa, Otetsudai Shimasu! Well, if I didn’t go around randomly browsing anime series, I probably wouldn’t have stumbled upon this. Yeah, you could say she was the sole motivation that got me to watch this single OVA of around 45 minutes rather. Not because if there was comedy in it or am I a baseball freak (which is the theme for this OVA). Theoretically, if the role she was voicing went to someone else, I would have never watched it at all. Prejudice? Call it a particular obsession to a particular seiyuu.

The setting is in the not so distant year 2099. I guess in the future where everything is so automated, it feels so like in the past. Get what I mean? Robots and technology everywhere but it feels they’re so backwards no matter how ‘futuristic’ they are designed or functioned. Shunpei Harumaki is one of the baseball members of the Karugamo ‘Ducks’ High School Baseball Team. His grandpa Senzou is also the team’s coach. He is running late for a practice match. You can tell their baseball club hasn’t being doing well for a long time because their rivals, Eagles High School is really looking down on them. What’s more, Eagles have bought 2 high-tech sports robot in their team! Is that even legal? Consult the rule book! Yeah well, seems like it. Type 93 Ieyasu has 3 legs to bat. Is that legal?! Up to 4 legs are allowed. Type 92 Hideyoshi has a special disappearing demon ball ability. Is that LEGAL?! Up to 3 demon balls per match. Looks like Ducks are going to have it tough. However Ducks’ Captain mentions the rule they have forgotten: If your opponents don’t have sports robots, you are forbidden to use any! Captain is laughing like mad that no matter how technologically advance their robots are, they can’t use it against them since they don’t have a single sports robot. So it’s going to be flesh to flesh slugging. In the end, Ducks lost 0-26. Yeah, they got hammered and roasted. To add salt to injuries, Eagles’ captain thinks they need to go back and practice more since they hardly had one with Ducks. Total insult! Back home, Shunpei thinks they need to get a sports robot too but Senzou scoffs him off and says sports robots are evil. They don’t have a heart so they don’t understand the true spirit of baseball.

Next day in the club room, the club is in a pinch because senior Nakazato is quitting. This means they will be one member short to play and their club will be disbanded if the minimum number of members (nine in this case) isn’t met. So the only ones left are Captain, Shunpei, Doujima, Tonomura, the Yamada twins, Tanabe (everybody seems to be ignoring his presence) and the only girl in the club Mizuho Yuuki. Captain wants the twins to split into triplets! Is it possible? What about using that washing machine invention that Shunpei was inventing? Wait. Can it even play baseball? So the only option is to buy a sports robot. Where to get the money? Don’t worry, the drinks stall owner lends them his funds to kick start their dream. Shunpei and Doujima head to Akihibara to scout for a sports robot but they find out sports robot costs more than what they have. Nothing is cheap nowadays. What do you expect? A few pennies in a jar to cover it? When they finally find one that is within their budget, it turns out to be a maid robot, Azusa. The reason I could only think of why they bought it was because she’s rather cute. Or rather desperate to have another member. Back in the club room, Senzou is not too happy that they got a robot because it’s like their lack of guts will make them rely on that damn machine. Hey, at least it is made in Japan. Geddit? Maid in Japan. Haha! Those twins sure can come out with this kind of jokes. As Shunpei starts it, Azusa is rather stiff and talking very loud. Hmm… Maybe she needs some oiling. After that, Azusa is functioning as normal and apologizes for the trouble she has brought and would love to do anything to help out. Because she needs to oil her legs, the guys start gawking with keen interest. Mizuho beats all those dumbasses up. But since she is a maid robot, can she play baseball? Well according to Shunpei, she is a multi-purpose maid robot and certain stuff is like baseball. Like chasing after cats is like running and pounding a drying futon is like batting. I see… So all they need to do is to teach her the finer points of baseball. Thing is, she doesn’t know what baseball is. Oh boy. This is going to be a long day. Seems she is rather clumsy, klutzy and easily runs out of breathe. Wait a minute! A robot getting tired?! WTF?!

As an old humanoid model that is rare these days, Azusa needs to have her energy recharged the old fashion way. The members are contemplating to register Azusa and have her as their team manager seeing that having a cute girl in this testosterone-soaked club is soothing itself. What about Mizuho? Don’t they see her as a girl? They note she acts like a guy and have no boobs! Mizuho gets pissed that they don’t mind having metal boobs as long as they’re big and beats them up again. See, she’s acting like a guy. Back home, Senzou is giving Shunpei the silent treatment and eats his dinner at a separate table. Shunpei tries to lighten up the mood by saying he should bring Azusa back to cook but again he dismisses the idea and that robots should only be used for jobs that are too dangerous for humans to handle. Things like cooking or baseball should be done solely by humans. Next day everyone is shocked to see the club house cleaned up and in tidy order. Even the toilet is sparkling clean! So clean that they don’t even have the heart to take a piss.

Captain announces that everyone will be going on a training camp. Now. Right in the middle of class? Senzou has made arrangements that their summer vacation starts early but this means their winter vacation will be shorter. Too good to be true. As for the place, it will be Senzou’s hometown and they’ll be staying at the temple. The rest start giving excuses not to attend especially Mizuho who is concerned about separate toilets and rooms since she doesn’t want to put up with the den of wolves as her parents are pretty strict about their only precious daughter. However Senzou made the call and mommy is pretty happy to have her go on the camp since the adults can have a quiet summer. So much for that. No Mizuho, you’re not adopted. Upon arrival, they meet the temple priest who is Senzou’s close friend. Training begins with them pulling out weeds. By hand. Under the hot sun. How has this got to do with baseball? Maybe it builds character, stamina, patience… Senzou talks to the priest and he sees something different in Azusa. Senzou is surprised at his words and mentions she’s a robot. Next day, training continues with them pulling rubber tyres and a baseball practice that literally knocks them all dead tired. Azusa cooks them all a decent meal. During that, Shunpei spots Senzou visiting a grave. Talking to the priest, that grave belongs to Shigeharu Aida, the first person who created sports robot. But the priest reveals more that Shunpei didn’t even know. Shigeharu and Senzou were childhood friends and often played together when they were young. With declining birth rate and kids these days not interested in playing baseball, Shigeharu created the first baseball robot 20 years ago since the decline of baseball was unbearable for him. The first sports robot he created was so perfect that it was deemed a failure because it lacked of something called ‘heart’. Because of that Shigeharu sealed it away and devoted himself to create a robot with a heart. The reason Senzou hates robots is because he probably couldn’t do anything for Shigeharu.

Next day as the team is practising baseball, Shunpei is deep in thought over the priest’s words so much so he didn’t see a ball coming his way. Azusa spots this and activates enough power to catch it. Then she throws it back to them. So fast and hard that the metal fence dented! They learn she is usually in Economy Mode but can power up at will during her Power Mode. They have her test out several pitching and batting and her power is awesome. However she seems to have frozen after that. By using her Power Mode, her power often runs out very fast. The gang aren’t worried about it since they are confident every dugout has a power output to recharge and it’s not like she needs to be in Power Mode every time. Thus she can save some energy during other times and use Power Mode whenever the time calls for it. With the team’s spirits lifted, they teach Azusa several techniques that they specialize in. I don’t know why but the Yamada twins thought her how to do a manzai comedy. Maybe this is what they specializes in. Before they know it, it is the last day of their training camp. The rest wonder what kind of life Azusa had prior being put on sale, the master she had and the memories before they met her. They have mixed feelings since it’s sad that her memories can be wiped out a push of a button but at the same time, if she remembered them, it might be very troubled.

Back in the club room, Captain mentions their first match proper will be against Eagles. Time to regain their honour. Azusa is ready to do her best when she freezes. Looks like she ran out of power but Mizuho notices her time between recharges is getting shorter. Oh no. Doing further research, her battery lifespan is almost up and recharging her over and over will degrade it. Azusa is an old type model so her battery can’t be easily replaced. Plus, Azusa’s battery is made to last 12 years and she’s way passed that. They hear Azusa ‘sleep talking’ that she’ll be alright because she wants to help them out. The day of the Kantou preliminary tournament is here and Azusa still needs to be recharged. Eagles are laughing at their obsolete model as Ducks realize Eagles have added a new solar type robot, Type 99 Nobunaga to their team. Senzou gives his team a pep talk that they’re thinking up of excuses of losing to a team that have 3 sports robots but the real reason they never won was because they never gave it their all and were afraid to lose. However they retaliate by saying that they won’t run away or give up. That’s the spirit. With Azusa starting off, she surprises Eagles with her 150kmph pitching. It must be embarrassing to lose to a maid robot, eh? With Azusa effectively using both Power and Economy Modes to counter Eagles’ offence, they manage to keep the score tie. Nobody has scored yet. With Nobunaga coming into the fray, Eagles manage to score some points as Azusa continues her recharge during the turns. During that, nobody notices of Tanabe. He is like so non-existent that not only humans, but robots too can’t detect him going from one base to another! It’s like he suddenly showed up and everybody is stunned to see him there! Tanabe is so sad that he doesn’t mind losing or going out as long as somebody notices him. Captain also pulls off some weird batting move to catch his opponent by surprise.

Next up is Azusa as Senzou reminds her not to use her Power Mode since she is next on the pitching list. Though she agrees but Senzou notices she is lying because she went full power on the batting. See the steam coming out from her body? Ducks are leading by a single point margin. The final stretch is near and if all goes well, they could win it. They don’t want Azusa to use Power Mode recklessly because they want to continue playing baseball with her tomorrow. But when it’s play ball, she again uses her Power Mode to catch the ball and collapses. Suddenly her inner core powers up and she transform into a serious baseball player with the kanji words ‘heart’ over her forehead. Shunpei and Senzou realize she has switched to emergency reserve mode and she may be Shigeharu’s legendary robot with a heart. Azusa is going the end it all in 3 pitches. She even warns the catcher to stop her ball with his chest protector. Get ready. Grit your teeth. For the first throw, her throw was so powerful (170kmph, that is. So fast Ieyasu has no time to react) that she sent the catcher and umpire flying back. On the second throw, she reaches 2000kmph!!! Then on the final pitch she is going all out. Shunpei realizes what she is doing and yells for her to stop. After using up all her reserve power, she froze forever. Not. Back at school, Azusa is back to normal and continues to play baseball with everyone. Yes, they have won but Senzou is still sceptic that they were just lucky. Priest talks to Senzou and he never knew that the odd item that was given by Shigeharu and was using all the while as a paperweight was her battery and heart.

Always Glad To Help Out
Well, I guess it was okay for a short OVA. Nothing pretty much extraordinary. Now that I have got my fill of Mamiko Noto, I guess I’m pretty satisfied even if the series didn’t offer anything new. Basically it was just a bunch of underdogs going against all odds against a higher rank and cocky team (which probably led to their downfall because they underestimated their opponents). In the process, they bond together and become close enough for them to draw the spirit and determination which every team needs to make a miracle come back and win. Even if this is just Ducks’ first win in a long time, there will be more obstacles and greater opponents to come. Playing at the Koushien as a big dream for every baseball player so it’s not going to be easy. But that’s a different story.

Azusa as the ever helpful robot wasn’t treated as a robot or even a maid, but an equal comrade. Everyone cares about her and although they discover her Power Mode, it’s not like they abuse it and use it to their advantage. They even get worried about her next recharge. However her past and origins do bug me because I was slightly interested in knowing how she came about and ended up being on sale (shouldn’t outdated models by sent to the scrap metal yard? Too cute to dispose?). Maybe if they decided to expand this into a TV series or more OVAs, this area will be explored? Not likely. It has been years since this OVA came out back in 2004. Another thing which bugged me was when she transformed into that legendary baseball player. She obviously sounded like a different person that it wasn’t the voice of the Mamiko Noto that I use to know. Perhaps a different seiyuu? Not listed anywhere so I can’t verify this.

The other characters may not be deep enough since it’s only a single episode but most of them are amusing to keep this OVA entertaining. Like the Yamada twins’ manzai comedy and puns, Tanabe’s non-existence that nobody seems to notice, Captain’s loud and boisterous attitude and Mizuho’s tomboyishness. Call them all weird but in that case every team is weird in its own way. The winning formula is  always the trust, bond and teamwork that make them successful. Senzou may not like robots and some of his words are true. Robots lack the hearts that make us humans unique but notice that he gradually accepts Azusa for who she is? And when she lied about not using her power, did you notice that was a trait that makes us human? So who cares if Azusa is indeed some legendary sports robot with a heart. As long as she has a heart, it is all that matters.

Maids and baseball. You rarely see them in a sentence together. I guess now we can see maids in a different light. Instead of being proficient at local chores like cooking and cleaning, you can have one that excels in sports too. See the usefulness of maids? They can do just about anything and everything. Never underestimate them! Of course Azusa here being a robot means she is being programmed but like us humans, she too can learn. Using robots in sports that only humans should participate diminishes the true meaning and spirit of the sport. We strive for perfection but when we become too perfect, what does it really mean? Hmm… Maybe we can hire some maids to help in our country’s flagging badminton or football sport. Maybe Azusa would like to help out?

Kaichou Wa Maid-sama

October 29, 2011

When you talk about a girl having an otaku secret that nobody else should know or find out about, out thoughts will go directly to Haruka Nogizaka, right? Well, there’s another one that fits this bill but other than that, that is where the similarity ends because Kaichou Wa Maid-sama is totally different in all other aspects.

If Haruka is a rich perfect oujo-sama, then Maid-sama’s main heroine Misaki Ayuzawa is the exact opposite. Firstly, she doesn’t have the perfect manners that will make guys swoon over her. Rather, she is aggressive and demanding especially when it comes to boys. Seika High School is a public institution and was just recently opened as a co-ed school. Previously it was an all-boys school. As the only female president of the student council, she makes drastic changes with her autocratic rule to protect the low female ratio at school. Seems noble but when you step on a guy’s pride, you’re going to expect lots of trouble. Secondly, Misaki comes from a poor family. Apparently her dad vanished and left a huge debt so Misaki takes it upon herself to work hard and support her mom, Minako and younger sister Suzuna. Another reason why she enrolled in Seika is because the fees are cheap. Well, she didn’t get picked up by a filthy rich butler and being made his maid-cum-bodyguard-cum-confidante-cum-everything-else. She gets by doing a part time job that nobody else will ever know. A side that will threaten her very image if anybody knew about it. She works part time as a maid at Maid Latte. Doesn’t sound that bad, eh? But imagine her tarnished image if the delinquent boys find out about it. She can no longer push them around nor will they listen to her. Yeah, this seemed like the perfect plan for Misaki’s life but you know, life is never a bed of roses. Till she meets this popular, attractive and handsome hunk, Takumi Usui. You can say her life is going to be more unpredictable and at a drastic pace.

Episode 1
The first episode introduces all these settings. From how Misaki works hard to the top of the student council for the betterment of her female students, to other characters such as Misaki’s friends Sakura Hanazono and Shizuko Kaga to the gentle student council vice president Shouichirou Yukimura and the Maid Latte workers like the owner Satsuki (she’s actually 30 years old despite her kiddie appearance), bespectacled Subaru, college student as part time maid Erika and the one who always gets into the character of her job Honoka (often criticizes Misaki for hiding her maid job from others). Misaki continues her patrol and reprimands delinquents Naoya Shirakawa, Ikuto Sarashina and Ryuunosuke Kurosaki for their sloppy dressing and ear piercings. Then she tells of Usui for bluntly rejecting a girl’s confession instead of doing it more discreetly. She does sound like you mother-in-law, eh? We also see a different side Misaki when she dons her maid outfit. It’s like she’s a totally different person. Super moe and kawaii! This is where her life starts as a living hell. Usui spots her while she takes out the trash at Maid Latte. What are the chances this won’t spread like wild fire in school? Oh, her life is so doomed. Surprisingly Usui is seen waiting for Misaki after she finishes her shift and she tells him why she’s into this maid job due to her financial circumstances. At school, Misaki learns the kind of cool guy Usui is from Sakura and Shizuko (from their perception of course) and it seems he may not like girls because he rejects all confessions though girls are still coming in trying to ask him out. So what are the chances if he doesn’t like girls, will he like maids? Well, that really isn’t related since Usui makes a bold entrance through the front door of Maid Latte, catching Misaki by surprise. She has to serve him as her mind goes psycho wondering if he is challenging her or just fooling around. Misaki continues to work so hard that she takes all the student council responsibilities upon herself when the body couldn’t solve it. She gets sick but perseveres. Usui offers to help but she tells him to mind his own business. Then the worse possible moment as she is taking out trash at Maid Latte, her identity is further busted with the appearance of Naoya, Ikuto and Ryuunosuke. She isn’t feeling well so she can’t fight back. They’re going to get their revenge when Usui tells them off not to touch her (while holding her in his arms!). Apparently the trio apologize and back off immediately. Seems Usui has some kind of commanding presence not only on them but the entire guys at Seika. You better listen to him if you know what is good for you. Misaki wakes up back home with Minako by her side. Next day at school, she is feeling much better but asks Usui why her secret is still safe. He told the trio not to leak it out as this was some sort of his personal entertainment. Plus, he doesn’t intend to rat out her secret. She feels indebted but doesn’t know what to get him. He suggests being his maid for a day. Say what? I think he’s serious. She said anything, right?

Episode 2
The guys at Seika are causing their usual perverted nuisance against the girls. Devil Misaki locks the perpetrator in the gym but cool Usui later kicks the door down to ‘rescue’ him. The school cultural festival is near and Misaki has already set her sights what kind of festival this is going to be. Yeah, one thing is for sure. You can see her hatred for males cropping up. Her student council guys are powerless against her. She has vetoed everything. She has the final say. You can’t disagree. All is final. Some of the other guys confront Misaki about their ideas for the festival like a baseball tournament and even have taken in views from others. However Misaki isn’t budging a bit even if this event is Seika’s tradition. I guess the guys have no choice but to use their last resort: Usui. Though this isn’t what Usui wanted to do, he advises Misaki to listen to the boys. Misaki is further irritated when Usui becomes a regular patron at Maid Latte. To make things worse, the delinquent trio have also become regular customers and a big fan of Misaki. They have become so tame that they seemed like idiots now! Yeah, that’s why they are nicknamed the Baka Trio! Usui even has the guts to lift Misaki’s skirt wondering if she’s wearing any panties underneath! I guess that’s why she hates guys. Then more of Misaki’s ‘injustice’ when she shoots down the guys’ suggestion but quickly approves the girls’. Because of this, the guys plan to do something on festival day itself. On the day of the festival, Misaki patrols the school grounds for any untoward incident. She is horrified when she sees that group of opposing guys dressed in weird cosplay outfits and taking over a classroom. Usui is also taking part and dressed as a commercial pilot. Misaki will not have this nonsense continue and reprimands them outside. But the guys tell her off that she is arrogant ordering them around and that the bottom line is that she hates guys. The guys get up and leave and Misaki notices the cafe shortage of staff. With Usui’s advice ringing in her head, she swallows her pride and makes a u-turn, pleading the guys to help but they aren’t interested. Misaki goes to help the cafe herself. Unwittingly, Misaki uses her maid skills and almost got herself exposed as a professional maid. When Usui helps her out, the guys get interested to see the fun and loads of customers streaming in so they turn back and help out. At the end of the day, Misaki thanks Usui once more. He gets bold by cornering her over the tree and says he has no intention of leaking her secret because she is after all his personal maid. You’d think she’d accept that?

Episode 3
Satsuki gets this idea of turning Maid Latte into an imouto (little sister) event. This doesn’t sit well with Misaki so Honoka gives her an earful about the laws governing the world (WTF?!). Then for the coming Battle Maids theme, Satsuki asks Usui’s opinion for Misaki’s colour. Transparent dress?! Sicko! Later Usui asks the Baka Trio for their opinion. They have their own passionate opinions and got carried away by it. Misaki reprimands Yukimura when he is browsing a confiscated magazine about imoutos. Then she asks Sakura and Shizuko for their opinions and concludes that perhaps Satsuki is trying to create a tranquil environment. Misaki is still having a dilemma about this imouto event as she tells Usui about why Maid Latte is special to her. He notes that she is fine the way she is. Misaki is seemingly doing well in her imouto role at Maid Latte but she has to serve Usui making lots of unreasonable demands. As a maid-cum-imouto, you can’t refuse, can you? When Usui gets up and leave due to her bad mood, Misaki gets into her imouto character to tell him not to. She looks so cute that as though she’s a natural tsundere type! Next day at school, Usui gets another confession call from another girl. Seems he prefers to pay attention to Misaki who used her hands to save a guy from the falling ladder at the library. In the end, he tells the girl that he is a maid otaku fetish. Can you accept that? Later he confronts Misaki and knows that she is hiding the pain in her hand. He helps bandage it at the infirmary. He notices that whenever someone is in danger, she will help out regardless of whether that person is a guy or girl. She affirms it and will help out even if it is him. At Maid Latte, Usui knows Misaki is pushing herself and hopes Satsuki would look after her and not make it obvious. Satsuki also knows how hard she is working and giving all her best no matter what. Usui now knows what colour best fits Misaki: White. Because it’s like moving forward without getting other colours tainting it but at the same time, makes you want to taint her as well. And so Misaki gets the white dress for the Battle Maid and gives her merciless chop on the Baka Trio. They changed their mind to go easy on them after one of them really gets knocked out! Yes, boss!

Episode 4
Famous internet idol, Aoi Hyoudou makes her entrance at Maid Latte. She is Satsuki’s niece and though the customers swarm all over her, Satsuki isn’t impressed. Seems she got ‘disowned’, the reason why she is here. Bratty Aoi continues to selfishly do what she wants at Maid Latte by wearing the maid uniform but this isn’t a place for kids to play. Then when she first sets her eyes on Usui, well, she’s going to make that guy fall for her. Then a pinch when the cook can’t come due to an emergency. Who else can cook? Satsuki is desperate and hires Usui seeing that he can. She has him undergo a little test but he passes with superb flying colours! They’re tasting a piece of Heaven. Next day, Aoi continues to attract Usui’s attention but all she got was the usual boring swooning reaction from other customers like the Baka Trio. Usui doesn’t seem interested in her. Later Aoi spots Misaki in normal clothes when she goes off her shift so she starts getting upset that she didn’t care about her feminine side, what more seduce Usui. Say what? Next day, Aoi tries to get bold by getting close to Usui and says that she only wants him to be hers. Usui then overpowers her, wondering if she knows what that means. Then Misaki comes in and sees Usui over Aoi over the floor. Though he got punched away, Aoi gets slapped for trying to test her limits. Misaki goes on to make her realize that people will one day accept for who she is and find her cute. Then her wig falls off. AOI IS A BOY!!!!! Probably the reason why Usui was immune to her charms was because he knew ‘she’ was a he. Aoi says that though he is a boy, he likes to wear pretty dresses but everyone laughs at him for it. Even after all that lesson, Aoi didn’t change and vows to come back prettier to woo Usui’s heart. Next day, Aoi comes to Maid Latte in his usual male school uniform. Upon seeing Misaki’s casual dress, he gets riled up and instantly takes her out to get some clothes suitable for her. Then Aoi witnesses how Misaki singlehandedly arrest a snatch thief. He thinks her moves were rash. She apologizes for making him worry but that’s the way she is. She is best being herself. A tomboy and a cross-dresser. This world has gone crazy. Aoi decides to make some clothes for her. Next day at Maid Latter, the maids are taken in by the feminine dress that Misaki is wearing, though she doesn’t really feels right. Yeah, I feel the brutish Misaki fits her. Oops. Don’t hit me. She was expecting everyone to laugh at her but for Usui, he’s getting turned on! Oh, that alien pervert!

Episode 5
Satsuki hands Misaki a taser gun since recently there has been reports of stalkers assaulting maids. But Misaki declines since she can protect herself. I hope she’s strong enough when she meets a guy twice her size. One day, Satsuki attends some meeting so Misaki, Subaru and Erika are left handling the shop. But the latter duo had to leave for something so Misaki closes the shop alone. Then she felt someone grabbing her from the back and overthrows him. Turns out to be Usui. Then he tells her that she needs to be more aware of herself because she’s still a girl. After Usui left, he spots a couple of suspicious people running by the back lane. Usui is worried about Misaki so much so he ignores random women on the street asking to go out with him! Can they actually just do that? They see a handsome hunk and go ask him out. Women these days are so bold. Misaki is left alone to run Maid Latte again due to one of many Satsuki’s busy meeting schedules. However this time Misaki gets tied up for real by a pair of stalkers. That very same pair who turns out to be regular customers of Maid Latte. They’re going to make their move on her. Usui’s Misaki-in-danger sense must have led him to jump up to the second floor. He was going to bust through the windows when he saw an incredible sight. Misaki becomes stronger than Wonder Woman as she breaks free from her handcuff via brute strength (amazing!) and takes them out in a single blow! So who’s the scarier one? Yeah, she didn’t need Usui’s help all along. Though he already broke through the window. The stalkers are rounded up and reflecting on their actions. Being the otaku they are, they want to receive their punishment but Usui says Misaki is not for rent. Another reason for her to take out her frustrations. After the stalkers get picked up by the police, Misaki gives the cutest thank you to Usui. Probably it made his heart skipped. Satsuki returns but when she sees the broken window, she collapses. That’s going to cost a lot. Later Misaki gets embarrassed when she learns that the picture of her in feminine clothes is in Aoi’s handphone. And there’s more from where that came from. Poor Misaki has a hard time deleting it. Looks like she’s got a lot to catch up to be technological savvy. Too bad Aoi sent one to Usui.

Episode 6
One day, out of the blue, Misaki gets 5 disciples. I don’t know how this came about but they really want Misaki to be their master and learn everything about her. I don’t know too if they’re clones because they all look and sound the same. It’s annoying enough that they follow her everywhere, taking down notes on everything she does (mostly all the brutish ones). But they crossed the line when they want to follow her to her part time job. Thankfully with Usui’s help, they give them the slip. At Maid Latte, Usui earns enough points to challenge Misaki and beat her to take a commemorative photo with her. The Baka Trio also got enough points and after seeing Usui victorious, get confident of doing the same to beat Misaki but was no match for her. Try again. Next day at school, more annoyance from the ever-following followers. But good thing is that they always support Misaki no matter what. But each time when it comes down to following her to her part time job, Usui is always there at the right place, right time to give them the slip. At the rooftop, Misaki mentions how she is afraid of letting them know of her maid identity as she thinks it will destroy their hopes and image of her once it is blown. She doesn’t want to disappoint those who are good to her. Usui won’t. But he teases her when he takes out that photo. During the struggle to snatch it back, the photo fell off and close to the clones. Usui will go take it back before they see it. How? He’s going to take the shortest and fastest route by jumping down! IS HE CRAZY?! HOW MANY FLOORS IS THAT?! So why is he doing this? Not just because she said so, but also because he likes her! Then he kisses her! OMG! Didn’t see that one coming! Then he jumps off! OH SH*T! He really did it! Misaki starts to panic as she rushes down. He finds him just coming out of the pool. Though he is messed up, the trees broke his fall and more importantly, he has the photo safe in his grasp. Then the disciples come by, wondering what just happened. Misaki is ready to reveal her secret but Usui quickly covers her mouth and cheekily wonders if it is the way he keeps her after school, shocking the disciples. They start dreaming that Misaki is Usui’s cool bodyguard and won’t interfere. Usui recuperates in hospital and reveals that he didn’t want Misaki’s revealed because he doesn’t want more fans. Imagine if more people know about her maid job and love her for it, that will mean more rivalry, right? He wants her to take care of him in a maid outfit but she gets embarrassed and storms off.

Episode 7
Misaki is a little clumsy since that kiss is clouding her mind. To her surprise, Usui is released early from hospital and pays her a visit at Maid Latte. He gets flirty but she pushes him away. Her heart is confused when she gets a call from Sakura. Seems some of the Seika guys are involved in a street fight with the student council of a prestigious school, Miyabigaoka. Seika’s guys don’t want to apologize so the Miyabigaoka’s Hirofumi Koganei expects them to come to their school to do so or else this will turn into a school conflict. Misaki is already having her hands full on how to solve the situation. She gets jumpy whenever Usui’s face gets close to hers. Usui can tell she is troubled so he kisses unsuspecting Yukimura on the lips!!! SH********T!!! His first kiss went to a guy but Misaki feels better now that Usui’s just a sexual harassing moron. Misaki along with the Seika delinquents with Usui head to Miyabigaoka and in Koganei’s chess club, the duo remains adamant not wanting to apologize. However when Koganei calls them ‘flies’, Misaki gets upset and wants him to apologize first. Seeing this is getting nowhere, he challenges them to a game of chess and if they beat him, he’ll take back his words. Only Usui has played chess before and volunteers. Even if this Koganei is some high ranking national professional chess player, Usui didn’t care much about it and soon makes that guy sweating in his own pants. In the end, Usui easily wins and sends him reeling in shame. And no, he did not take back his words after all. Koganei tells the danger Seika is to his student council president Tora Igarashi but he got splashed by water for being too noisy. Next day, Igarashi visits Seika in a grand manner. However he is polite and full of manners when speaking with Misaki. He is here to apologize on his student’s unruly behaviour behalf. My, he’s such a gentleman. Then he witnesses Misaki unleashing her brute side when she overthrows a naughty student. He is impressed by her might and beauty but he is here for another reason. He is here to invite her to join Miyabigaoka’s student council. Everything from her school fees will be taken care of and she needs not pay back anything! Wow. A deal too good to be refused. And Igarashi is dead serious on this. When Igarashi goes back into his limo, we see his true colours. He is interested in Misaki but has some ulterior motive and wants his vice president, Kanade Maki to keep a close watch on her. Maid Latte’s theme today is butlers and only female customers are allowed in. Misaki must be having the joy of her life because she’s surrounded by so many female customers. I hope she’s not into that kind of stuff. Usui notices Misaki quite happy as she mentions how she is a guy at heart. Usui gives her another life lesson when he undresses himself in front of her. Hey, they’re both guys, right? So being topless together won’t be an issue. Because Misaki can’t do it, Usui notes that she is a girl after all. Meanwhile Maki has come back with reports on Misaki and Igarashi is surprised to find out about her maid job. He has a surprise welcoming ceremony all laid out.

Episode 8
Maki visits Misaki at her home and presents her with lavish gifts in hopes of persuading her to join their student council. At first she has no intention of joining but when he mentions that Suzuna’s future can be taken care of as well, Misaki falls into a dilemma. If she thinks her own Seika guys don’t care about her, she gets a pleasant surprise that the delinquent duo stood up for her because she protected them and tells off others who badmouth Misaki. She thinks hard day and night before coming to a decision. She is at Miyabigaoka when Sakura calls her. She hangs up. They feel they’ve been relying too much on Misaki and if they want to snatch her back, they can’t lose to Miyabigaoka. They go rally up some support from the student council to go over to Miyabigaoka. Misaki meets Igarashi and is to reply to his offer when one of the students accidentally trips and spills the drink all over her. After she takes a shower, she finds her clothes missing but Igarashi says he has taken them to the dry cleaners so she’ll have to make do with a revealing maid outfit. She was reluctant to put it on so Igarashi thinks she is injured and wants to come in. Misaki has no choice but to hurriedly put it on. But she’s a pro in wearing those kind of outfits so she’s perfect. Then her fears start to realize when Igarashi asks her if she enjoys dressing up as so and shows a picture of her Maid Latte uniform. He continues to mock her that he felt disappointed in her since she fell for this easily. He takes out a suitcase of money and throws it at her, thinking she’s in for the cash. He overpowers her and says that she is no different than other useless women. However Misaki isn’t going to let this slip by and tells him off about looking down on others. Plus, she is here to turn down his offer to join Miyabigaoka and has no intention of stepping down as Seika’s student council president. Igarashi’s grip is hard so much so she can’t get herself loose. As his face gets closer, Misaki could only call out to Usui’s name. Speaking of the devil, he barges in (man, he took out all the guards stationed outside?). He snatches her away from Igarashi’s hands and they leave. Usui praises her for standing her ground well before descending into his usual teasing. Once they reach the outside gates, Misaki is surprised to see all her Seika friends greeting her. They are glad that she has come back to them. But this isn’t going to be the last time we’ll see Igarashi. He still has something sinister up his sleeves.

Episode 9
Totally a filler episode with no relation whatsoever to the story. If you know the popular Japanese folklore called Momotarou, take heart that this is a twisted version of it using the series’ characters. Of course who else to fit the main hero better than Misaki? Yeah, she looks like a samurai girl. She goes on a journey to hunt and destroy a monster responsible for capturing ladies. Along the way she meets the Baka Trio as the dog, monkey and pheasant and Usui the… Ringmaster? They arrive at the village but they see men fighting among themselves. Seems without women, all the guys didn’t bath nor have anyone doing their laundry so they stink. They really stink, I tell you. Stink so much that they look pathetic. So they take a boat to the monster’s island and along the way meet Suzuna as Otohime, Aoi as the turtle and battle Igarashi and his crew of pirates. When they finally reach the island, they see all the ladies dressing up as maids. Then Misaki gets the surprise of her life when Usui turns out to be the monster because all the ladies address him as their master. Misaki prepares to cut that fellow down but the girls say that she has misunderstood. They came to live on this island on their own as they can’t stand their own lives back there. They are satisfied with everything here and that’s how Usui’s house was taken over. He wants Misaki to go out with him and against her will, they both became a couple and go on a journey. And all these turn out to be Misaki’s nightmare because Usui is letting her listen to this crappy story while she’s asleep on her desk.

Episode 10
Sakura is a devoted fan of the band Yumenishi and particularly in love with their lead vocalist, Kuuga Sakurai. Misaki accepts Sakura’s invitation for a tea party with Yumenishi. Uninterested Shizuko is made to tag along. The Baka Trio are working part time so they can earn and spend more time at Maid Latte but to their surprise see Misaki at the cafe where they’re working. What’s more, the quartet of Yumenishi becoming their blind dates. Misaki is happy seeing Sakura’s joyous face. But it seems Kuuga as he tells his bassist Kou that he is more interested in Misaki. The Baka Trio start panicking when they eavesdrop this. Kuuga invites Misaki to their concert and totally ignores Sakura. Misaki declines but he keeps pestering. Later as Misaki refreshes herself at the washroom, Kuuga and Kou confront her. She asks about Sakura and he merely tells her that he is doing this out of fan service. He doesn’t have any feelings for her and will have to reject her. Kuuga closes up on shocked Misaki but is interrupted with Usui coming in between them. Oh? He’s working here too? Actually he was passing by, heard it all and stole the uniform of one of the Baka Trio. After Kuuga leaves, Usui mentions that he is possessive when Misaki relates the problem she is facing now. Kuuga goes back to the table as Sakura continues to be the eager beaver fan. But she soon realizes that Kuuga is not interested in her because he asks her to bring Misaki to the concert and starts praising her. Sakura tries to hold back her tears while putting on a happy face but she can’t hold back any longer as she stood up. Kuuga wonders if she is mad at him and Misaki too since she did the same. Misaki chides him for his attitude and grabs his necktie and tells him off she will never hand Sakura to the likes of him. Shizuko who has been staying quiet and ignorant all the time blows her top and gives them an earful about being considerate. They leave as cry-baby Sakura finds comfort in Misaki’s arms. She says the next time she falls in love, she wants a guy who pats her head like this. As for the Yumenishi guys, they are having bad service from the Baka Trio. So only now make your useless appearance, eh? I find it odd that the other Yumenishi guys, guitarist Shou and drummer William just sat there like a rock doing nothing! It’s like they’re part of the furniture.

Episode 11
Usui helps Minako pick up her dropped apples. This leads him to Misaki’s house. Oh boy. Not only does he know where she works but now where she lives. She can’t even have peace in the sanctuary of her own home. Usui proves himself useful by fixing the broken floor boards so much so they can be assured that there will be never the same hole at that spot again. Sakura and Shizuko spot Usui and Misaki coming out of the house together and think that they’re a couple. Sakura pesters Misaki to tell everything though she denies that everything is just a misunderstanding. Disappointed? Then they discuss the kind of life he lives and is interested to find out his address (at least for Sakura). So when Misaki gets off early from Maid Latte, she spots Sakura and Shizuko in horrible poor disguises trying to tail Usui to his home from Maid Latte. All the places he went turn out to be true from what Sakura fantasizes! From a high class swimming club to high class boutique and to a super high class restaurant. They think he’s meeting up with some hot chick but she meets someone else and Usui is just eating by himself. Why does Misaki feel relieved? Then as they continue to tail him like stalkers, they see him do weird stuff like playing shogi with old folks and help children cross the street. Just who is this dude? At the end of the day, Sakura and Shizuko got tired and went home. Misaki spots Usui looking at an abandoned kitten in a box. He’s not good with animals so the kitty scratches his face. Usui reveals that he knew they were tailing him all day and led them on a wild goose chase. Now that explains why everything he did was random and unrelated. After learning all Misaki wants is his address, he hands it to her on a piece of paper. See, just that simple if she had just ask in the first place. Usui returns to his high-rise but seemingly barren apartment with the kitten.

Episode 12
It’s the sports festival and for the obstacle race, the first prize is to kiss Sakura! Boo hoo! Which guy would pass up this chance? So leave it to Misaki to save the day. Yeah, she’s going to enter and win it to protect her lips. Not only that, she enters every race and wins. The other guys are no match for her since Usui isn’t interested in participating. Misaki is tired but soldiers on for the last obstacle race. Of course Usui can’t let his personal maid suffer so he too enters the race. With the number of participants and kiss hopefuls reducing drastically, it becomes a three-horse race between Usui, Misaki and Gouda. Gouda plays dirty to knock Misaki off her feet but Usui is there to save her when it matters most. Usui catches up and beats Gouda to the finish line. While he is sulking, Misaki crosses it to take 2nd place. Usui gives the reward to Misaki so Sakura pecks her on her cheek. Gouda is frustrated and thinks he should’ve come in second! Next up is the costume race, an event for those who aren’t sports inclined. Misaki gets this sinking feeling about this race but nevertheless wants to participate to protect the other girls. Of course will Usui not join in? Yukimura is also in since he is glad the school has made events for those without athletic abilities. The race starts with participants picking a random sack and must change into it before dashing to the finish line. Of all the costumes, it must be fate for Misaki because she ended up with a maid outfit!!! But it’s better than those embarrassing weird outfits the other guys have to don. Since the tent is dark, Misaki’s sack got mixed up with Yukimura’s. So he goes out with the maid outfit. Hey, he looks damn cute! Then all the guys start teasing him, stopping him dead on his tracks. Misaki wants to go out to give them a piece of her mind but Usui reminds her that if she goes out without changing, she will be disqualified. He continues about change when someone does his best. Misaki is pumped up, takes off her top and changes into her outfit. Yukimura trips along his way while the others continue to laugh. Then he is helped out by a pirate samurai (Misaki) and ninja (Usui). Misaki tells them off what’s wrong for being serious in this costume race as the trio cross the finish line together. While Usui bandages Misaki’s sore feet, she ponders about bringing up improvements for the costume race at the meeting. Usui commends her for her hard work and kisses her hand, surprising her. And as for that maid outfit, it actually belongs to the Baka Trio. They made it especially for Misaki to wear it when somehow it got lost (they were searching for it the entire day). Imagine their broken hearts when they find it all torn up. All their heart and soul into it…

Episode 13
Gouki Aratake beats up his underlings. But he’s not satisfied as the boss of Seisen Middle School because he hasn’t surpassed the Whirlwind White Demon who was Naoya. So when they visit Seika, they are surprised to see Naoya acting like a moe idiot. Is this really him? Hey, why is Yukimura cross-dressing as a girl? Forced to? Aratake mistaken Yukimura for Naoya’s girlfriend and kidnaps him! Misaki and Usui learn about this and head over to Seisen to rescue him. Guess what? This is where Aoi goes to school. The Baka Trio are still clueless about Aoi’s internet persona as Aoi tells about this school’s gangsterism. There was once a big group before he enrolled and were united but now broken up. Yukimura is being held at an abandoned building. Attempts to tell Aratake that he’s a guy just couldn’t work. He couldn’t believe a cutie like him isn’t a girl! Aoi has a plan instead of barging into the place in their school uniform. That is, to act out a gangster scene. Why does it feel like they’re acting in a film? However their plan backfires when they get unwanted help and advice from passing Suzuna and later Satsuki, Sakura and Shizuko. Yeah, Misaki’s disciples are there too. Aratake waits for Naoya to show up and remembers how he lived up to his nickname. When Aratake was cornered by bullies, Naoya showed up and beat them all up. Then Naoya told him the way to solve things is via violence and when a kid looks up to someone as cool as him, you’d believe every word he says. Aratake’s subordinates begin to doubt Naoya since after he graduated, he went into hiding. They don’t think Aratake fits to be their leader. He punches him. That’s when the calvary arrives. The Baka Trio continue to be their frolicking carefree selves. Brings back nostalgic memories, eh? Then Naoya and Aratake start trading punches. Usui holds back Misaki because this is between those guys. Fighting to them is like a form of communication. Aratake is defeated and everyone welcomes back Naoya. Aratake mentions all he wanted was to be as strong as his hero. Then when he learns that Misaki is Naoya’s boss in school (because she tore out his earring), they bow in respect for her upon Naoya’s whim. They mistook her meido (maid) title for meido of Hades/hell (same pronunciation but different writing). And with everything ending well, there’s a little tiny bit left that they forgot. Yukimura! Yeah, poor guy sitting all alone in the dark totally forgotten.

Episode 14
Misaki is happy because she has been hearing comments on the street that Seika is less scary than before. Hard work paid off, eh? Then odd things begin to happen when her student council members start doing careless mistakes they don’t usually do like misplacing the accounts books or dressing like a delinquent. Then Misaki hears the broadcast playing a rather sleepy music. She enters and sees a guy in a hood, Soutarou Kanou claiming that he is running some kind of test. However he soon hypnotizes her and orders her to embarrass herself in front of others. Seems this guy has a problem with girls because he feels Seika doesn’t need more females. Misaki wakes up at the infirmary with Usui by her side and she’s acting all drunk. She even starts seducing him but Usui is not amused and ties her up. Usui senses something amiss and suspects that Kanou guy because well, he’s acting strange. Who wouldn’t suspect anything from a hooded guy in this kind of heat? Usui confronts Kanou and knows his interesting technique. Kanou uses hypnotism on him but it doesn’t work. Usui grabs his shirt and then lets him go. Later when Misaki learns about this, she confronts Kanou and his grudge against girls. As long as she is Seika’s president, she is bent on increasing the number of girls in this school. Too bad she got hypnotized again. By the time Usui finds out about this and rushes down, Kanou has already told Misaki that she will hate Usui to bits at 5pm tomorrow. Well actually, it isn’t different than before, right? But Usui is testing her patience because he calls her non-stop back home. Even right in the dead hours of the night. He tries to get psychological on her by wanting her to like him! Kanou is on the prowl again. He hypnotizes Yukimura so that he could give Misaki drowsy medicine instead of blueberry supplements. Later Usui finds Misaki half conscious at the rooftop. She gets this weird idea of wanting him to hit her so that she’ll hit him back and feel refreshed. Huh? Of course he would never hit her. She realizes that she hasn’t thanked him properly for what he has done at the festivals. She nods off as Usui notes he doesn’t want to be hated by her and will come to her rescue no matter how many times it takes. Kanou is pretty confident his plans are turning out the way he expected it.

Episode 15
However Kanou gets surprised when Misaki isn’t asleep yet. She stands up and claims that she got infuriated after hearing more and more of Usui’s pervertness. She understands why he hates girls now and tells him to get ready for punishment. Misaki organizes an open house cafe since there will be girls from other schools paying a visit. All the girls will be helping out and for physically demanding tasks, they will have Kanou do it. Much to his dismay because he is surrounded by girls. Kanou tries several times to escape but he can’t escape the watchful eye of the demon (you know who)! Misaki observes Kanou and concludes that though he is avoiding girls, he doesn’t treat them like enemies. Plus, he isn’t allergic to them either. On the day of the school tour, Misaki leads the group of girls but with Usui around, they’re more distracted to him than anything else. Misaki gets an idea and has Usui help out with the demoralized sports club. In no time, all the sports club tussle for Usui’s attention to bring in some recruitment. Yeah, he excels in all of them. Meanwhile Kanou’s phobia in women is starting to creep him out even though they’re being totally nice to him. Kanou isn’t amused when the girls put on a bunny butler outfit on him. He pours his complaints to Misaki. Flashback reveals that his dad told him girls are fragile and easily broken. That’s what happened to his mom when she left home. Although he knows that this is not true, the trauma and fear that he might break them easily still prevents him from approaching girls. But as Misaki points out, he should’ve realized that within the past few days he has been working with them, they aren’t as fragile as he thought. With one of the girls having issues with fear of men, this is Kanou’s chance to stop running away from his problem and help her out. He casts his hypnotism spell on her. In the end, she gives off a laughter but feels she isn’t afraid anymore. Misaki commends Kanou for doing well and as promised, she forgives all that he has done to her. And with Kanou’s part done, now she has to deal with Usui, who wants his reward for the day’s workout. Since a simple thank you won’t do, she pats him on his head. Is that enough? Well, he wants to ‘attack’ her. Of course not! Lastly, Kanou gains respect for Yukimura because he was dressed as a girl all day long and nobody found out he was a guy. Well actually he couldn’t find his uniform and change out of this. From now on, I noticed that Yukimura and Kanou will be always together like an inseparable pair. Though, don’t expect any yaoi BL stuff between them.

Episode 16
Maid Latte takes a trip to the beach. Too bad for those Baka Trio. Their happiness turned into despair when they learn Maid Latte will be temporarily closed for the summer. Satsuki’s younger but tanned sister, Nagisa runs a beach house there. Aoi is here since he got ‘disowned’ again. He is being made to work so he has no choice but to do so, so that he can return home (and cross-dress too). And what the heck is Usui doing here? Well, Satsuki requested his presence and he’d do anything if it involves Misaki. As the girls have fun, they realize that Nagisa’s beach house lacks customers since it is the furthest away. In order to boost publicity, the Maid Latte girls go into action. Serving maids in swimsuits? A definite sure kill. With the crowd coming in, Misaki goes to help. Usui did something sneaky by kissing her back! With this, she won’t have the courage to go out with a kiss mark on her back! Thus she has to wear a t-shirt over her bikini. That night as they celebrate over BBQ, they think of going to the hotspring nearby since Satsuki has free tickets. Wicked Honoka starts spouting haunted stories of the place, causing Misaki to start shivering though she did put up a lousy act to hide it. But she is more afraid of the kiss mark on her back being seen so she passes this one. After everyone has left, Usui finds her sulking and blaming him. Then she realizes Satsuki and gang have forgotten to take the free tickets and takes it upon herself to deliver it to them alone even if she’s afraid of ghosts. While walking through the dark path, she suddenly sees a ghostly like and is scared out of her wits. Turns out to be Usui with a lamp. He locked up the shop and decided to go with her. Noticing that she is breathing heavily and recuperating from the shock, Usui hugs her. It seems to calm her though she continues to call him an idiot. Then more surprise for Misaki when Aoi spots them hugging while he’s walking back from the convenience store. He is irritated that they won’t admit that they’re dating and that she likes him, in which Misaki vehemently denies that they’re even a couple. When Misaki finally delivers the tickets to Satsuki, she learns that these are extra free tickets. Oh, all for nothing. Nothing but shock treatment along the way.

Episode 17
Nagisa still doesn’t like the way Aoi cross-dresses but will allow him to do so if he wins today’s beach volleyball contest. He wants to pair with Nagisa since she was the champion but due to the age limit, he has to find someone else. Seeing how serious Aoi is, Misaki decides to be his partner. But Usui gets worried when the winner will also get to be a beach princess for tonight’s festival. That means lots of people will be taking memorial photos. Yeah, I’m sure he doesn’t want anybody else to do even keep photos of his personal maid. He doesn’t want her to go but she is adamant that she’ll participate. Misaki is surprised that Usui is also participating and is pairing with Erika. Misaki-Aoi hammers their opponent into oblivion. No chance at all! As expected, they progress to the final round against Usui-Erika. Usui is proving to be a hard nut to crack and making Misaki and Aoi running around. Misaki notices this and thinks back at all the times Usui helped her out but unwittingly yells out why he has to be the enemy this time round. Then Misaki trips when she tries to return a serve and her back threatens to hit against the pole. I don’t know how but Usui was faster than The Flash as he uses his body to cushion Misaki’s fall, letting his own body hit hard against the pole. Bruised? Definitely. Misaki feels guilty for obtaining victory this way and in a way follows Usui around instead of joining the congratulatory festival. Usui continues to tease her but lets her know he doesn’t want to see Misaki in costumes that will make other guys happy since it is likely they have weird ideas of their own. That’s the reason why he tried hard to win. Misaki thinks Aoi’s predicament is more important but to Usui, she is more important. We could have the first kissing scene but the fireworks distracted them. They return to the rest and see Aoi happy because she was made the queen of the festival. Everyone takes a commemorative photo. As for the Baka Trio, they are waiting outside closed Maid Latte, lamenting their ill fate for Misaki to return.

Episode 18
Misaki remembers her debt to Usui for the festivals. Yeah, he still wants her to be his personal maid a day. While Misaki is working at Maid Latte, Maki suddenly shows up with intentions to buy this shop. His family runs a chain of famous high class restaurants and after their study, they figure this is the best spot for their target audience. They plan to open an English theme butler cafe. That means they will have to tear down this place. Misaki thinks this is some sort of revenge since Igarashi shows his face but he’s here to support him. Plus, if they have any doubts of the quality of butlers, they are invited to the footman audition next week. Maki wants Satsuki to consider and if she’s unhappy with the compensation amount, he’s happy to renegotiate. As they leave, Misaki confronts Igarashi outside about his ploy. Usui pulls her back before he toys with her. Igarashi asserts that he’s just watching over Maki opening his first shop and is serious. Misaki is also serious that everyone at Maid Latte works hard. Igarashi mocks her if she’s going to be a professional maid once she graduates. He suggests she fights Maki for ownership and a good chance to see how she treats her customers. However there is a catch. No girls allowed at the audition. Will Misaki let this slip by? Of course not. She cross-dresses as a guy along with Subaru (because she’s flat chest. Sorry). The audition is crowded with footmen-wannabes. To cut down the number of participants, since this is a two-member team competition, the first task is to carry one’s partner while running a marathon. The first 50 will pass. Satsuki is grateful that they’re going this far for her but Misaki says that they’re not going to lose even before it starts. Misaki-Subaru of course passes but they also meet the Baka Trio and Kanou-Yukimura who are also participating. Want to take a good guess who that guy in a cat mask is? The next round pits the teams with lots of hard work like moving tableware, pot cleaning and glass polishing. But the next part Misaki dreads because they have 1 minute to change into tailcoats. Subaru couldn’t change in time and lets loose a girly scream. Everyone gets suspicious to hear a girl’s voice. They suspect it’s those cat mask people. Turns out to be Usui and Aoi. However Aoi is disqualified since he is not a high school student. Then attention turns to Subaru and she too is disqualified after she admits she is a girl. The partners will also be automatically disqualified but Igarashi is one of the judges feel that it would be waste to let such talented people slip by and suggests Usui and Misaki form a pair but must meet the requirement. Usui admits his age and gender. Misaki is stutters at first but admits that she is a guy and convinces them by putting Usui’s palm on her chest! Since he comments how flat it is, everyone is convinced.

Episode 19
Thus the second half of the audition continues. They are to set a glamorous table suitable for an afternoon tea and are free to use any tableware and food. Surprisingly Usui is more knowledgeable in setting what kind of food and its position. During the break, Yukimura goes over to Usui and is surprised to see him but Usui feigns he is a different person. Yukimura believes it! Misaki is in a dilemma which toilet to enter: Male or female. Passing Igarashi just gives off a snicker. With the audition resuming, each team are given a number which corresponds to their turn to serve the judge posing as a customer. They are to show their loyalty and elegance in the strictest manner. Well, Misaki-Usui got the one right at the end so there’s enough time. Unfortunately Misaki got surprised with Yukimura’s sudden appearance and in fear that her cover will be blown, she trips off the ring. Again Usui comes to her rescue by using his body as soft landing. Though his hand is injured, he is okay to carry on. It occurred to me that since they have time, why didn’t Usui get it treated at least a bit instead of waiting for everyone else to finish their turn. Of course it worsens lah! Misaki feels guilty and tries not to add to his burden during their turn. With Maki as the customer, Misaki does every physical task in Usui’s place, arousing Maki’s suspicion. Usui remains calm and will do anything his master wishes so Maki wants him to play the violin. Maki wants to enjoy this longer so Misaki’s mind again starts to go into that conflict. Usui seems pale but he soldiers on. She stops Usui and tells Maki about his injury. Maki chides her wilful act for making him stop what he is doing even if he has to will to do so. But Misaki earnestly tells him when there are others who are supporting you, you may want to support them back. She has come this far because of their support and the reason why they’re able to satisfy their customers is because of this atmosphere they have. That’s why she loves that ship and excuses herself. Misaki needs to contact an ambulance to take Usui to hospital (now his hand has swollen a lot). Misaki thanks Satsuki so the latter asks what would she do if the location and appearance of Maid Latte changes. She replies she’ll go anywhere and to her aid if she needs her help. Satsuki thanks her and is fortunate to have such good employees. Igarashi finds Maki spacing out. He thinks about his uncompromising policy and the strict English society rules he was brought up to follow and thought customers would be satisfied with that. He lost his direction after listening to Misaki. Igarashi says that there are other top grade locations and will gladly give part of his land for his shop. Which means Maid Latte stays so he can learn from it too. Satsuki must be over the moon since Maki has withdrawn his proposal to buy over. Meanwhile Misaki pays Usui a visit at his apartment. She makes porridge for him and though it sucks, he still eats it because it was made by her. Yeah, and feed him too since he can’t use his hand. Misaki mentions that she’s quite reliant on him even though she wants to repay his debts, all she can do are these useless stuffs. Usui hugs her and comments she’s sly. He also says he’s reliant on her because to him, she is wonderful. Lastly, Yukimura is devastated that he got disqualified but oddly Kanou passed. Although they were a pair…

Episode 20
Yukimura’s little sister, Ruri dreams of being a princess. But Yukimura doesn’t seem like the person who would fit her criteria. He doesn’t look like a prince. At least she doesn’t have onii-chan complex. Sorry, my bad. So what is her ideal vision of a prince? Usui! Yeah, just like any other girl who sets her eyes on him, they fall in love with him and want to marry him. Ruri is no different. Thus Yukimura wants to regain that princely image she once had of him by asking Misaki and Usui’s help (she only looked up to her brother at that one time since he’s friends with the ‘prince’). Usui meets Ruri on their date while Misaki, Aoi, Yukimura and Kanou spy from behind. He seems pretty boring but still has his charm. Like when Ruri tripped, he didn’t do anything but she is all happy when he helps her up to the clinic. Can’t blame Usui for not being interested in doing this. Yeah, he’s not a lolicon. So much so the other girls think how great he is for this little girl to have a cool brother. Not some pedo guy if it’s somebody else. Misaki gets this conclusion that Usui may turn into a pervert and steal Yukimura’s position as her brother so she has this plan to make Usui the bad guy while Yukimura comes in as a hero to save her. Aoi even has a camera and some extra actors (Baka Trio – but they flop as fast as they arrive) as well. Due to the previous ‘trauma’, they start hiding when Sakura, Shizuko and Satsuki pass by. Misaki acts as a heartbroken princess being tossed away by Usui and enters this love triangle. He plays along but Ruri knows it’s her dumb brother behind it and hates him. Then she runs into a restaurant and causes some kind of havoc. I don’t know how but she made the cabinet fall. If not for Usui holding it and Yukimura covering her, she could’ve been a flat loli. But Ruri still thinks it’s their fault for ruining her day. Yukimura puts his foot down for being selfish. Both siblings then made up and she apologizes. Ruri goes home with Yukimura and notices that Usui’s princess isn’t her but you-know-who. Yukimura also notices that Ruri has shown a little maturity on her side. Later, Aoi dressed as a girl is shooting a promotional video of herself. Since Yukimura and Kanou do not recognize him, he has them help out. Yeah, the Baka Trio are also in. They go on filming but Aoi feels something is still lacking. Flower petals? Yeah, he has the Baka Trio collect them. Like counting sand, eh? He has Yukimura and Kanou get some stuffed toy animals. Aoi comes back in a maid outfit but she scorns them for comparing her with a certain type of maid. As they continue with their antics, Aoi takes out the chip from the camera when an unruly guy bumps into her, causes her to drop it to the bushes below. Aoi leaps to catch it but was grabbed in time by Misaki. Seems she was chasing that snatch thief. Everyone offers to help find the chip but he wants to be left alone. He thinks they hate him because he said mean things to them. But they don’t mind it especially the Baka Trio since they always insult each other (that’s how they talk). They don’t find her words insulting and like people who speak their mind. Then they start calling each other idiots and end up fighting. Truth hurts, eh? Misaki beats them up and could understand why Aoi finds them irritating. But Aoi laughs. As for her chip, it fell into Usui’s hands. Yeah, he’s sleeping on the bench below. Though Aoi has better perception on them, but would they want to be her servants? Maybe the Baka Trio would…

Episode 21
A glutton, Hinata Shintani transfers to Seika. As usual, Misaki turns into devil reprimanding the sports club guys leaving behind their awful stench in the building. They will have to participate in a mass cleaning tomorrow whether they like it or not. Because of Yukimura’s feminine touch (I guess he’s good with this now) of suggesting to prepare onigiri for them, they couldn’t refuse. But now they have a problem to make large servings of onigiris. Leave it to Misaki to think up of something. Later Kanou approaches Misaki and wonders if she’s dating Usui. Denial mode on! This leads to him thinking if she’s not his girlfriend, why did she visit him and make him porridge? She shrugs it off as debt repayment and nothing more. Later Kanou sees Usui. Yeah, another love letter in his shoe locker so he wants Kanou to go on his behalf! No way! Kanou asks that if he finds all this confession troublesome, shouldn’t he get into a relationship? Perhaps a certain demon president? Usui says he is tired of it and it’s troublesome when you get serious about it. Next day, Misaki and the student council body make onigiris. Only Misaki sucks. Is that an iron ball? Anyway all the tired guys stampede for the share of their grub. Till Misaki becomes her demon self, everyone flees for their lives. At the end of the day, Misaki is the only one eating her own onigiri as she nods off. Oh wait, make that another person: Usui. He pecks her on her head. Kanou is further puzzled by their actions and wonders why they have to lie and not take a step further. Next day as Misaki ponders about the mysterious disappearance of her onigiri, speaking of somebody falling out of the sky, turns out to be Shintani trying to bite bread crust! Not wanting to waste precious food? But this desperate? Oh, this guy is transferred into Misaki’s class and he gets off with a weird start. He can smell any kind of food no matter how hidden and wants to eat it! With those puppy dog eyes, I guess the teacher can’t even help but let him do so. Till Misaki steps in. Then he cries like a baby. She even confiscates his precious bag of bread crusts! Then Sakura and Shizuko report to Misaki that Shintani is in trouble. Well actually, more like having fun. Seems the guys are fascinated with his accurate food description and each time he guesses correctly, they give him the snack. Let’s say his record is 100% and he has amassed lots of them, happily munching them away. During that we learn his parents passed away and lived with his grandpa who works on a farm. With his appetite, grandpa jokes his entire plantation won’t be enough this way but he took it seriously and thus the reason why he decided to move back to the place he once lived. Plus, he is here to look for the girl he first fell in love with (wanna bet who that is?). How does he know which girl? Heck, he knew he made this promise line to her: “I’ll follow Misaki-chan forever”. That narrows it down a lot. Fate, huh? Then Misaki starts to remember. Yup, he is that fat kid (how the heck did he slim down after chowing down so much food?! It’s a mystery!) she used to play with. She used to call him You-kun because she misread his kanji name. While Sakura is ecstatic with her past date, Usui doesn’t seem happy with this new rival. Then while Shintani overviews the scenery from a tree, he slips. Misaki calls out to his old name but Shintani as agile as a cat lands on his feet. He could be representing Japan at the world gymnastics championship. He asks her name and once he realizes it is her, he hugs her! Seriously?! Yeah, seriously.

Episode 22
The Baka Trio and other guys are looking forward to their outdoor trip. Yeah, paradise they say. However it turns out to be one boring temple-cleaning-soul-searching trip. As Misaki pointed out, this tradition was probably handed down by disappointed souls who have gone through this utter boredom as revenge. So it’s work, work and more work and no play. But for the girls, they’re interested in Misaki’s love and thus her motivation on this trip is to talk about love topics with her. Shintani seems to be to only one who can stand up to Usui where other guys fear him. Because of his airheadness, that’s why. Misaki finds Shintani searching the warehouse without permission. For what? For food. Yeah, with the stingy temple not generous with the food amount he gets (at least to him), he needs to eat his fill. Then as expected, they got locked in. Shintani’s in a dilemma on what to do because you know when a young boy and girl locks themselves inside, who knows what can happen. There are a few close-call scenes but nothing suggestive like how he wants her to look at him as a man. And as expected, Usui can find Misaki anywhere, any time. He ‘kidnaps’ her and hearing what has happened, he’ll look at Shintani as a man (read sarcasm). After 3 days, Misaki thinks the guys won’t have enough energy to fool around (even the Baka Trio have reached ‘Nirvana’) but her pals caution that the girls will meet a dreaded fate on the fourth day. But it seems Shintani and Usui still have enough energy to ‘fight’ among themselves. Misaki takes them outside to reflect upon their actions so this is when Usui starts calling Shintani, Sanshita (underling). Shintani asks if he’s dating Misaki but he mentions if it was so, he wouldn’t be doing such troublesome things. On the fourth day, it is raining heavy as the girls realize the curse. Seems the guys are so unsatisfied, they have become somewhat like zombies, losing their senses and are going to unleash their pent up desires on the girls. Yeah, they’re going to assault them! Any girl is fine! The girls are placed in a separate area but the heavy rains prevent the teachers from setting up barricades. Misaki fears the worse so she goes out alone to ask the teachers for the next best step while promising the girls she will return. On her way, she meets the guys. Shintani tagged along because he thought it would be fun playing cards with the girls. But do these guys look like they’re going to be just satisfied with playing cards? The guys begin their attack on Misaki so she fights them. However it’s going to be tough because all they need is just one guy to pass through her and to the chick’s den. But with Usui siding on Misaki’s side, the guys cower and run away. Don’t want to mess with him. You can’t beat Misaki-Usui combo. Oh, count Shintani in too. Misaki returns to the girls, much to their relief. Later she meets up with Usui. He corners her and asks if Shintani is special to her. She says that they’re just childhood friends so it’s normal she is on better terms than other guys. Plus, she’s always concerned about him since he’s an idiot getting into all sorts of mess. But she notes Usui is even more troublesome. Probably he took it as a compliment and was going to peck her forehead when his stomach growls. Need so much energy to keep up with that Shintani guy, eh? But the guys are disheartened because Shintani has eaten all their portion! Now they’re going crazy once more! Yeah, they’re hallucinating a sexy meat! Oh, Yukimura. Run!

Episode 23
Erika is down because she accidentally made a promise to a customer that she will date him if he wins Maid Latte’s upcoming Sweets Feast. Misaki assures that she will help her out. Yeah, she cross-dresses as a guy and enters the contest. The Baka Trio are there too but wait, Shintani too? Apparently he heard there’s a food contest. Oh boy. Where’s Usui? He’s in the kitchen making all the sweets. Eventually Erika’s customer bows out and it’s down to Misaki and Shintani. She thinks of letting him win till she learns that one of the prizes include a commemorative photo of your favourite maid. Shintani saw the list of maids and chose Misaki since she bears the similar name to his first love, not knowing that they’re both the same person. Misaki is already damn full but she needs to protect her identity. In the end, Shintani wins. Misaki leaves in a hurry and rests on the park bench. Usui lends his lap for her to lie down and at the same time teases her with his usual stuff. Then in school, Sakura and Shizuko invite her for some sweets buffet. Definitely will pass this one. Misaki learns that Shintani still doesn’t realize that she works in Maid Latte. But to overcome this problem, Satsuki suggests that she accompanies Shintani to Maid Latte, after a while she leaves and returns in her maid outfit but with a disguise so that he can’t recognize her and take the photo. Oh, Usui’s tagging along too in case of anything funny happens. They start talking about the good ol’ days like how he views Misaki as a good girl because always find her cute when she smiles. I’m sure Usui isn’t happy hearing all this. Besides, their conversation is getting too friendly. He taps her feet so she accidentally changes the topic into part time jobs (Shintani is currently working part time as a gas attendant). Shintani wonders what hers is (she claims it’s in the food industry) and thinks Usui may have seen her in it since he is keeping his silence. Misaki panics since Usui may spill the beans and lie. Feeling uneasy, she gets up and leaves. Usui realizes she can’t lie to him that easy. Shintani tells about his past how he was lonely after his parents died but Misaki was always there to encourage and cheer him up. Asserting that she’s the girl that he loves as a kid, Usui takes this as a challenge to him. Misaki just finishes changing into her maid outfit and is calming herself down. She declines Satsuki’s horrible face mask and notices Shintani easily comforting a baby while her mom’s away. Then she goes out and meets him. Shintani gets super surprised to see her and starts hounding her with questions but Usui steps in. He’s dressed as a butler and warns him not to make a move on this shop’s maid and gives him a big lollipop! Then he brings her away and outside. While they’re chatting, Shintani also comes by. He gets excited seeing her wearing the cute dress when Usui pulls Misaki away and warns him if he ever touches her again, he’ll bite him. Yeah, notice Usui’s fierce Doberman against Shintani’s gentle Akita breed? Like he stands a chance…

Episode 24
Thankfully for Misaki, Shintani doesn’t plan to tell anyone her secret job. Sakura pesters Misaki if there’s any progress in her love life. It’s always fun to watch other people, right? Even Satsuki is interested if Usui is jealous now that Shintani knows about her work here. Maid Latte will be having a special anime cosplay event as witches. Since Misaki is unfamiliar with the anime, she has to watch all 40 volumes of Little Maid Witches. Okay, maybe just the important ones. Late one night as Usui gets off from his shift, he is trying to find the cherry tree he once climbed and fell off when he was young. Well, he didn’t find the tree but rolling persimmons. Yeah, it’s Minako and her habit of losing her fruits on the streets. Just like deja vu, she brings him back to her home for helping out. Oh, now another guy knows where she lives. Suzuna instantly clicks with Shintani bringing back all the fond memories they did as a kid. Trolli Cheese Hamburger formation? Suzuna asks if he likes her sister. Shintani instantly blushes and stammers. Once they learn what he was searching for, Misaki also remembers the tree and after he fell off it and got hospitalized, that’s when he promised to forever follow her. Maid Latte is in full swing as the witches. Aoi was probably the one looking forward to it but was denied by Satsuki. Usui comes in as a customer but they notice him different than usual since he’s not with his usual sarcastic remarks. Probably Shintani got to him? Speaking of which, he too becomes a frequent customer at Maid Latte. The Baka Trio take another magic challenge to get their elusive photo of Misaki but once again flop. As for Shintani, initially he wants a spell to beat his rival. But since these kind of things you have to do it with your own strength, he wishes for a spell to find what he is looking for. At the back, Aoi and Satsuki argue about friends and relate this topic of Usui to Misaki. Aoi wants to know what he means to her now. She couldn’t answer. This pretty much occupies her mind for the night. She takes out the trash and sees Usui waiting for her. Apparently he overheard their conversation and wants to know her answer. She throws a punch but he grabs it. He notes that when she is unable to lie, she expresses herself violently. Thus he will use his actions to express his feelings. He pulls her close and hugs her. She tries to break free but he holds her tighter and chants a magic spell for her not to lie. Misaki is ‘weakened’ and confused how could he cast a spell when he’s not even a witch. It’s not that kind of spell. Meanwhile Shintani has found the tree and is happy it has grown really tall.

Episode 25
Shintani wakes up from a dream when Misaki bid adieu when he left for his grandpa’s farm. While the other boys still see Misaki as a merciless demon, to Shintani, she is the gentle girl he has always known her to be. More flashback about his past when he was growing up. Oddly, he is popular with lots of girls but only a certain girl preoccupies his mind. He keeps dear to his heart a notebook that Misaki gave when they parted. Misaki is not amused that Sakura is inviting her to Yumenishi’s school’s cultural festival. Considering what happened the last time, Sakura notes that Kuuga has changed but Misaki isn’t that convinced. Oh yeah, Usui wants to tag along too. At Maid Latte, Erika does some fortune telling act on the Baka Trio’s future on Misaki. Since she can’t see anything, it means there’s no future! Bleak! Totally hopeless. Then it’s Shintani’s turn. She reads his future with Misaki as a paper balloon. While others laugh it off as being deflated, Shintani remains positive as it can be inflated again. Erika adds that his optimistic nature may change the course of events at the end. This interests Usui to take his fortune reading. Erika panics at the outcome so Usui tells her to come honest. Their future? No future at all! I’m not sure if she’s pulling a fast one or for real because her acting is good and is definitely into her role. But she notes that if they insist on being together, they have to confront big trials together. Well, Usui seems gloomy after that. Is he also acting or for real? Misaki tells him is not the kind of person who would believe such crap and even so, would he allow her to go so easily? Then she just realized the impact of what she just said. Shintani watches from afar and for the first time, he has that very concerned look on his face. Starting to realize everything, buddy? Next day in school, Shintani helps Misaki clean the corridors left dirtied by the sports club guys. He gets clumsy and accidentally wets their clothes. Usui is concern not about her getting a cold, but her walking around and letting others see her visible undergarments. Well, she didn’t mind since it’s not really showing. But he won’t allow it and lends his shirt to cover over her. Or else he’ll strip naked. Don’t let that perverted alien do that. Shintani could only watch in pain as they go away together. Usui gives of a “Woof!”. Shintani shortly does the same but with tears in his eyes. He remembers how he was talking with his middle school friends about this Misaki girl. They think she already has a boyfriend and panics at the thought. One of them wonders if he is serious in finding her when he gets to high school and cautions he’ll get more disappointed if he gets his hopes too high. So as Shintani ponders over it, he’ll only think about it when Misaki finds him a bother. Hasn’t she all along? Misaki, Usui, Sakura and Shizuko attend Yumenishi’s school cultural festival. The band makes their appearance, enough to make the girls go crazy and shoving, knocking Sakura off her feet. But Kuuga ‘saves’ her and hopes that the girls will have to be good if they want to follow them. But of course. The crowd separates Misaki and Usui from the duo. Misaki hears comments that Kuuga has changed like he doesn’t flirt with fans anymore. But she is still worried for Sakura so Usui thinks it’s no use thinking too much about it and might as well go have some fun.

Episode 26
The school festival continues. Usui is so hot that girls even tried to pick him up. Have they ever heard never talk to strangers? Unless hot studs don’t count. Basically what we get are a few scenes that have Usui and Misaki spending some ‘quality’ time together. Then they participate in a love trial to see how strong their bond is (because Usui wanted to see how compatible they are) as they need to clear several tasks at each station and failing one means they totally fail. Those who pass will receive an invitation to join the after-festival celebrations. But there’s another catch, they both have to keep holding each other’s hands throughout the game’s duration. The challenges include eating a large bowl of ramen, ping pong match and balloon quiz. Each time Misaki has to put her pride on the line and hide her embarrassment so as not to lose out to Usui or at least show her weak side. Needless to say, they made it. Meanwhile Shizuko is pissed that Sakura had dragged her to wait for Yumenishi’s debut on stage. Yeah, in 2 hours’ time. Which means 2 hours of lecture for Sakura! And when they do arrive, they don’t disappoint. Especially Sakura and the other girls are just mesmerized over them. At the end of the concert, Sakura is utterly shocked that she will be touring the festival with Yumenishi members so much so she is rendered speechless so Shizuko has to explain on her behalf to Misaki. Then Misaki bumps into Kuuga. Though she still has her reservations on him, Kuuga isn’t interested in a mean woman like her anymore. But Misaki can clearly see from his body reaction that he has indeed changed and now likes Sakura for real. But he gets defensive and tells her to go play with her boyfriend instead. Yeah, that self-proclaimed stalker. No, make that weird and perverted alien stalker. He wonders if she is making him suppressing himself but she is left wondering what his words meant. Then Usui comes by and was going to leave the grounds but Misaki still wants to stay back for the celebrations. He is surprised because she’s asking him to accompany her. Truly unexpected. Usui and Misaki are dressed as Romeo and Juliet (part of the prize when they win the love trial). Then in a classroom alone together, she asks if he is suppressing himself when it comes to her. He closes up on her, she starts stammering, not even knowing why she asked all those silly questions. Misaki’s face is clearly red when she takes his hand and says that she’s suppressing herself. Showing her true tsundere side by blaming him for always making her angry and fooling around, she would never have realized it if it’s not for that love trial game: She had always wanted to hold his hand! Woah! In addition, her heart skips when he’s near her, she feels lonely when he’s not around. Why is it she can’t maintain her composure in front of him. Yeah girl, that’s a long way of putting it that you’re in love. Usui responds by saying she’s too cruel and wondering how far she would go to make him suppress himself to be satisfied. He’s always around her because he is interested to see her reactions. And for what he is suppressing himself for, he just can’t put it in words. Yeah, best describe it in action. The moment we have all been waiting for. Finally! They kissed! Though he says he loves her, she says she hates him instead. I guess when a girl says she hates you, means she likes you, right?

Episode 27
There’s a special episode that came out with the DVD as some call it episode 27 but it only lasts half the time compared to the episodes in the TV series. Seems Misaki had accidentally ripped her maid outfit so Satsuki allows her to bring it back home to fix it. Suzuna helps to sew it but she puts in on right after! Ever wanted to feel what’s like to be a maid, eh? After Shizuko delivers some food on to Suzuna that she won from some prize (she did deliveries to cover for her ill brother), then it’s Minako’s turn to put the maid outfit on. Surprisingly how come it fits them? She too starts acting like one. This is followed by Sakura doing another radish deliver for Suzuna (coincidentally her big sis fell ill so she too had to cover for her). Misaki can’t stand anymore of her family members wearing her suit and wants it back. This means, she has to wear it. Now she has to act like one. Minako has her to take a stone outside the garden. But Murphy’s Law strikes. She hopes no one will spot her in the outfit and what do you know? Usui and Shintani are right at her doorstep! Of all the guys, it has to be them both together. Well, better than any others. How did they end up together? Usui had to help out Shintani when his pumpkins are rolling all over the street. And it had to be on the street Misaki lives on. So Usui thinks she even dresses like this at home and that her house has become Maid Latte too. So the guys are invited in as they talk about Usui’s stray kitten he picked up. Seems he hasn’t given it a name since. I mean, he never tried calling it! So everyone comes up with weird names for the cat. How come they are simply giving it names from things within their sight? Toothpick? Fridge? No class! Usui asks for Misaki’s opinion so she suggests Licht, which is a tea leaves brand. He agrees since it has a nice ring to it. Plus, it was given by Misaki. Why would he refuse that? Misaki gets embarrassed when Suzuna points out that she’s still wearing the maid dress when she could’ve changed so Usui teases her that he wants to be served tea by maid Misaki. When Usui goes home, he feeds his newly named cat. However he notes it is just like Misaki because it gets hostile towards him when he tries to pet it, then went into hiding before slowly coming back into his warm lap.

Lala Special
There’s another short DVD episode lasting 12 minutes called Lala Special. Divided into 3 parts, the first part has some of the characters of the show introduce themselves and their role in the series like Misaki and Satsuki. Even the Baka Trio have their screen time but as usual they screw up. The best one has to be Usui because… Specialty: Observing Misaki; Favourite food: Misaki; Favourite word: Misaki. Oh yeah, gotta love him. The second part uses that scene at the end of episode 2 whereby Misaki meets Usui to thank him for helping out at the cultural festival. This time, we have the characters voicing over the scene in their delusional fantasy versions. Like Satsuki’s personal maid love and rewarding affair, Usui’s S&M love confession and the Baka Trio not only had their own version as a group, but as individuals! One is a love triangle, the other an otaku fetish and another about erotism and panties. WTF?! Of course we have Misaki’s version, which is a totally different scene in which she managed to persuade Usui to turn over a new leaf and build a new Seika together. But in the end, will Usui be okay if he’s not a perverted alien? Well, Misaki would allow a little but then again, define ‘a little’. The last part shows a montage of clips from the TV series with some voiceovers over the characters. What they’re trying to say in the end is just an ad to promote their monthly Lala magazine issue and the series’ DVD release. Yeah, go get them.

You Just Maid My Day…
So… That was quite a mild ending, I’d say. As expected, Misaki and Usui end up together. Even if the former still refuses to admit that she likes the latter but that’s the thing about being a tsundere. Misaki sure played that role to perfection. But more of tsun than dere ;). By introducing Shintani late into the series, I thought this guy was going to be a major factor in affecting the ‘harmony’ between Misaki and Usui. The way it is played out, I don’t think it even came close. He felt just like a comic relief in between them rather than a real threat that will turn into some complicated love triangle. Even if he was late in realizing his feelings for Misaki, that even pose a serious threat because of his airhead tendency. His role was somewhat ‘wrapped up’ in the penultimate episode because the final episode wanted to focus more on Usui and Misaki so that viewers would be reminded that it should rightfully be these 2.

After meeting Usui, Misaki’s life has definitely taken a drastic turn. With him around, she is constantly being reminded that she isn’t always the one in charge. Without him, she may have turned into a man-hater. You could say that Usui is God sent. He is quite a cool character despite his laidback personality. He is the only person who could throw Misaki off her feet and pace. She’ll never know what he’s thinking or do next. Listen to all the lines he has to say and throw to her. They are quite interesting and till a point where she is rendered speechless. However Usui’s past remains a mystery throughout the series because I was hoping that there would be some light shed on his mysterious background. For instance there are snippets in the ending credits animation showing a young Usui and probably a lady who could be his mom that left him. None of these are given any prominence in the episodes. Usui’s extensive knowledge in cooking and even the high class lifestyle was never really explained. I did a little research and found out that he’s supposed to be an illegitimate child of a Japanese father and English mother and was adopted by his mom’s cousin. Due to the personal tutoring he gets, that is why he excels very well academically. However after being bored of isolation, that’s when he decided to enrol into a normal public high school in Japan. Though he likes Misaki deep down in his heart, probably the reason why he never took the next step in their relationship was because he enjoyed seeing her cute flustering reactions. And if they’re a couple, you couldn’t do anymore of these, right? Speaking of which, based on my reading up, I read that in later chapters of the manga, they did end up becoming a couple and started dating. So for all those girls who fell in love with him at first sight and have the guts to confess, look elsewhere.

Shintani may be an airhead but he is the only guy that poses a real threat to Usui. I know I did mention that he doesn’t seem threatening to break them up, but because of his airhead personality, he does not really fear Usui. His honest and goody-two-shoes character is somewhat like a thorn and a third wheel that comes between Usui’s personal space with Misaki. The Baka Trio are so idiotic that you can expect their role as losers and comic relief. How can a bunch of delinquents become tame otakus? Yeah, the power of maids. Don’t underestimate them. The other characters are lovable and quirky in their own ways but they don’t leave much of an impact. Kanou appeared as an antagonist hating girls due to his misguided perception but later becomes someone docile. He doesn’t fear girls as much as he does before but it’ll be a long way to go before he gets to interact with them naturally. Yukimura naturally looks good as a girl, he should consider doing part time otaku job of cross-dressing and nobody can tell the difference. Speaking of cross-dressing, Aoi doesn’t do so as frequent as he always did. What happened to his plans to woo Usui? Maybe after finding out he only has eyes for Misaki, he gave up? Yeah, he really gets irritated seeing them still not admitting to liking each other. Satsuki loves voicing out her fantasies especially when it’s about Usui and Misaki. So much so she can’t control her ‘flowers’ rampaging out of control. She’s already 30 years old and still acting like that. Ah well, there’s a child in all of us. Emotionless Suzuna is an amusing character because of her knack (or perhaps very lucky) to win many prizes and bargains from contests and promotional events. It feels like some kind of trade off because if they had money, they would have bought it instead of winning. Keep this up and they can earn a fabulous vacation without Misaki breaking too much sweat like how some people work and save up their entire lives just for that dream vacation. I was expecting Igarashi to do something major because he is still quite interested in Misaki though not in romantic terms. But after that Maki’s-footman-hiring arc, it seems the Miyabigaoka guys have been forgotten. But Igarashi isn’t totally a baddie as there are times he shows compassion though it’s to his own fellows. Even if Yumenishi’s Kuuga seems like a jerk at the start, he eventually changed to somebody better. Not sure if he and Sakura will turn out to be a couple.

Though the main drawing and art of the series caters to bishonen and bishoujo, meaning you can expect almost every guy and girl to be pretty, handsome and attractive. That means even the delinquents here are good looking themselves. However the same cannot be said about the background because at times upon closer inspection, they seem like water colour paintings. But I guess you won’t really notice them if you focus on the great looking characters. But during comical times, they don’t stay the pretty people they are. Sometimes they turn into their chibi mode or just a very simple outline of their bodies. Remember how police draw a white outline over dead bodies at crime scenes? Erm… Something like that but fill the inside with white colour. The Baka Trio, living up to their nickname perhaps are the ones undergoing the most ‘transformation’ when they get moe and such. Yeah, at one point they even turned into a jelly! Of course the various moods of Misaki from being mad to her aggressive devil and yeah, tsundere. For a girl like her, she sure displays lots of mood swings. Thanks to a certain alien pervert. The series also likes to fill the screen with kanji words for sound effects and other narration. I’m not saying that they will be totally annoying like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei in the sense that every scene will have different words that you need to pause and read them all, but it’s enough to make it feel like as though you’re watching a manga. Get what I mean?

Ayumi Fujimura fits her role as Misaki and displaying her various moods. I guess playing tough girls role like Raimei in Nabari No Ou and Mafuyu in Seikon No Qwaser makes her suitable for this character. Nobuhiko Okamoto voicing a laidback Usui feels like a departure from some of the roles that he played like angsty Kashino in Yumeiro Patissiere, nice guy Leicester in Shukufuku No Campanella and the samurai kid Yoichi in Asu No Yoichi. Aki Toyosaki as Satsuki (Yui in K-ON!) and Kana Hanazawa as Sakura (Sora in Mahou Tsukai Ni Taisetsu No Koto: Sora No Natsu) are recognizable since they pull off their trademark lively and genki voices. Though Yu Kobayashi did Shizuko (Ayame in Gintama), I feel with her crazy powerful voice, it doesn’t suit the character. Well, but that’s just my perception. Other casts include Atsushi Abe as Shintani (Touma in To Aru Majutsu No Index), Hiromi Igarashi as Aoi, Kazuyoshi Shibashi as Yukimura, Kousuke Toriumi as Kanou (Gennosuke in Basilisk) and Kaori Ishihara as Suzuna (Reki in Hidan No Aria). When I first heard the opening lines of the opening theme, My Secret by Saaya Mizuno, I heard “Douka, please can you keep my cigarette”. It’s secret. SECRET! How the heck could I misheard that? Otherwise it’s an anime pop song for this kind of genre. However I find both the ending themes somewhat unsuitable because they are rock pieces. Both sung by Heidi (the lead vocal is male, by the way), the first ending theme is Yokan while the second one is Mugen Loop. Partly I think it’s because Usui is the main focus here. It’s like the ending credits animation is dedicated to him. See how hot he is with his shirt off in one scene? Isn’t he manly? Now, don’t go falling for him. He’s already got Misaki, remember?

With quite a number of guys knowing Misaki’s identity, at this rate maybe the entire school will find out about her secret job, eh? But even if they find out about it, I’m sure that they’ll accept Misaki for who she is. After all she has always been a considerate and helpful girl. They may be surprised that she would be doing this kind of job but I’m sure they’ll understand after listening to her predicament. Then perhaps she’ll realize that there is nothing wrong being a maid. What is more important is that she brings smiles to others that she serves. But then again, the image of certain people may not sit well the public. Imagine if the Prime Minister of Japan loves manga… Oh wait, there was one, right? Then again, you can always argue that the contents of the heart matters. But these are a different tale altogether. Of all the types of maids, I guess the best one has got to be Japanese anime maids because you get to do anything to them… XD. I wonder if I can get a personal maid to wish me “Itterasshai, goshuujin-sama”.

Asobi Ni Iku Yo

June 18, 2011

What do you think when you hear a series with such a name as “I Come To Play”? Furthermore, would you even suspect anything fishy with its second title, “Bombshells from the Sky”? Yeah, I don’t blame you. Maybe you’re thinking that this is another one of those soft porn series. Asobi Ni Iku Yo may be a romantic ecchi comedy but it isn’t anything hentai. Heck, I don’t think that’s even an excuse. Alien cat beings that look like your Akihabara neko-mimi-onna complete with tail, check. Wearing tight body suits, check. Harem, check. Physical action… gun fights, I mean, check. Storyline… Erm… I’ll leave it to you to decide. I guess these are what you can look forward to for this show.

Episode 1
Seems like Earth has come into contact with aliens and three different factions are trying to decipher what the heck “I came to play” means. Are they the aggressive king wanting to take over the world? Are they like little kids just wanting to play? Or are they just here for breeding purposes and ensure survival of their race? Okay, I made all that up. We also some chic in a body suit infiltrating some ship but the captain detonated and sinks everything. Back on the hot and warm shores of Okinawa, Kio Kakazu attends a memorial service of his grandpa’s death anniversary and meets up with his eccentric uncle Yuichi. He must be thinking how on Earth this happened because a cute cat girl is sitting and drinking among them. She is Eris and her cat ears and tail are for real. Hey, that makes her having 2 pairs of ears, right? Kio accidentally sips the beer and passes out. Next thing he knows, he wakes up in bed to see semi-naked Eris sleeping with him. Hope he hasn’t done anything to her. Why is she doing this? Apparently uncle Yuichi told her to do anything she likes. Haha. Okay, so I guess you must’ve figured it out by now that if a tsundere next door neighbour-cum-childhood friend comes checking on you even if it’s some excuse to see if Kio is hiding some porn magazine, you can tell she has a crush on him but obviously doesn’t want to admit it. She is Manami Kinjou and gets a rude shock after seeing Eris coming downstairs. It’s a very good scenario for misinterpretation. So what happens when Kio’s homeroom teacher, Maki Itokazu too comes in and sees the ‘foreign product’? Yeah, I know. We’ve seen this cliche so many times.

So the gang sit down and talk as we learn Eris is here to play while collecting info on Earth. Yeah, that’s got to be convincing enough. She even demonstrates with some hologram communicator thingy to move some spaceship. Since it’s all over the news, you might be an idiot not to believe. Eris also reveals her Catia race’s intention to befriend Earth. I’m sure every guy would want to be friends with a hot cat lady. We see gun freak Manami and CIA wannabe spying on their conversation with her high-tech equipment and relaying information to her supervisor JACK (believe me, it is her initials because her real name is too long and too hard to remember). Seems there is more than meets the eye to this Manami girl. Heck, even Maki-sensei too. What the heck is this Beautiful Contact Sect she belongs to? A bevy of spy beauties flanking unsuspecting Kio? Oh yeah, add another girl to the harem while you’re at it. She is Aoi Futaba and though she may look shy and soft-spoken, behind that exterior is a tough fighting machine. That girl who kicked ass in the beginning was her. Belonging to Japan’s Immigration Bureau and nicknamed Momiji the Devil, she too has a secret crush on Kio. She asks him for a date but was ‘interrupted’ when her ‘uncle’ takes her away for some secret mission. Aoi scares that ‘uncle’ by showing how serious she is, making him swear in his pants when she fires a warning shot at the windshield. And all these 3 ladies, they seem to have orders of taking out Eris. I thought it was more of the harem thing, the less the better but it’s actually each of their organization have something against Eris. Hey, I don’t even care.

Episode 2
Manami and Aoi continue to watch Kio and Eris. Apparently Eris is in the midst of experiencing her first mating season. Need I elaborate more? She is acting a little seductive because she read some ‘materials’ underneath Kio’s bed. Good thing (or bad, depending how you look at it), nothing happens. Next day, Eris introduces her several Assistdroids, cute little speechless androids that can help around with just an order. That night, Maki’s Beautiful Contact makes its first move. They try to eliminate Eris as they want to cut off ties between humans and aliens. Say what? And they claim to represent humanity? That’s a joke, right? Not. Aoi changes her plans to intercept. Eris is tranquilized and kidnapped by Manami who later hands it over to JACK while Yuichi takes Kio away. Kio recognizes the watch Manami was wearing (due to a particular scratch mark) so he knows it was her then and pleads her to help find Eris. They also have Beautiful Contact to help them. Eris is being held at some military base probably being treated like some hostile alien. Kio and the gang break in and would you believe it, the military isn’t as good as these people. Kio is relieved to find Eris safe. Apparently she doesn’t need their help to break out and freed herself. So now another tough part of escaping. Eris summons her Assistdroids to disarm all the tanks right down to the army’s uniform to leave them stark naked. That’s alien technology for you. Probably it would be embarrassing if it was reported they lost to a bunch of kids so it was covered up of course. Back in Kio’s home, the gang gets a surprise visit from Eris’ superiors. They have decided on making arrangements for a formal friendship. That means, they’re going to be staying here a little longer, right?

Episode 3
How do you convince a nation to be on friendly diplomatic terms? Why, dress in swimsuits of course! Real cat ears even better! So, that’s how Japan succumbed to defeat, eh? Just kidding. Due to Manami and Aoi’s previous actions, they have been treated as traitors from their organization and they can say bye-bye to their career in it. Fortunately, Kio’s house is made the embassy of Catia with its own laws and under the Catia government (attacking it would lead to an interplanetary war, so they say) so by staying here, both girls will be safe. Ah ha. So a prelude for a harem setting, eh? Yeah, they can all live happily together. Can they? Wait a minute. A small plot of land becomes an embassy of Catia? What more, someone’s house? Oh sure, it’s not like the neighbours will be bothered by it. But don’t hope for any cat fight between the girls yet. After seeing enough action, fighting among each other is the least they’d want to do. So what better than to chat and get along and learning more about each other. Manami and Aoi talk about Kio, getting to know they both like the same guy. What do they see in him anyway? Beats me. Suddenly an intruder sneaks into the house and kidnaps an Assistdroid. Manami and Aoi have no time to put on any clothes as they chase the suspect. Naked. Hope the darkness was enough to cover them. Though they manage to save the Assistdroid, the suspect escapes. Finally they realize their predicament when Kio sees them. Later as Manami and Aoi talk, Manami decides to support Aoi for Kio. Eris offers the girls to become members of Catia embassy because of their special talents. Manami gets a call from JACK about some information about the suspect. And that suspect turns out to be some eye-patch maid, Sarah, apologizing to her master, a 12 year old girl for not being able to bring her gift.

Episode 4
That little girl, Antonia (oh yeah, her full name is ridiculously long, I tell you) addresses her fans of the Underside of the Kitten Paw, a group of people obsessed about cat ears (what else?) and plans to worship Eris as a their new God (why not? She’s the closest thing to the real deal). I guess a rich girl like her have so much time, so much money to waste. Yeah, she’s got a huge ship of her own. Meanwhile Eris is feeling a little energetic as explained, she is going into heat. Something to do with her first mating season, I guess. Kio, you lucky bastard. Just kidding, nothing happened. Yet. Manami and Aoi are given their own personalized Assistdroids to command. If we have alien cat race, then we have an opposing alien dog race too, right? That’s Dogisia (dog ears anyone?). Led by Jens and her snickering dog-like Muttley (I see some resemblance to the sidekick of Dastardly), they plan to prevent any diplomatic relations with Catia and Earth. As part of Eris’ mission to observe human culture, technology and economy, which better place than to do so at Akihabara. Oh God. Of all places. I don’t know what else to say. Really. They have a fun time browsing and shop till they’re broke. It’s too tempting to resist. While waiting for a train, they sense something amiss because the entire area is void of people except themselves. Thinking that this is a trap, the plan is to let Eris, Kio and Manami board the train while Aoi go find the responsible party and will rendezvous with them later. However it’s a diversion as the real trap is on the train. The train is ambushed by maids as they kidnap Eris and Kio. Aoi comes chasing with her bike (she can actually keep up with it?). The unbelievable part was how Aoi was hit off the train, tumbled down to the tracks so much that it definitely looked it hurts and miraculously, she’s alive and not a broken bone! Manami and Aoi do some research on the fanatic group and get ready to go on another mission while Antonia addresses her maid army that the dawn of their world is here. Yeah, too much free time probably.

Episode 5
Kio and Eris wake up in their captive room but are treated like kings. It’s no harm staying for a while, right? After the sumptuous meal, the duo try to breakout but it seems Eris is in mating heat so she can’t use her power suit effectively. They are soon being accompanied by a life-size Assistdroid. Mascot? Definitely it’s someone underneath it. Yeah, it’s Antonia actually. Kio notices the place is big and lonely. All the video games are customized to be single player only as the maid explains it wouldn’t be right for the followers to beat Antonia or have the heart to intentionally lose. Meanwhile Manami and Aoi try to rent a powerboat for their rescue mission but found out that Yuichi had bought it. He agrees to let them use it but in exchange they have to help out with his gay film director buddy. After dressing up in a very revealing outfit, the duo ditch filming before it starts and charge towards Antonia’s cruiser. See all the high-tech weapon and system, a bunch of girls can even shoot a hole and penetrate into the ship. The ship is taking on water as the maids go into action. Sarah is immobilized by all things cute so she can’t fight back when she sees the real Assistdroid. Aoi takes on Jens who has also infiltrated the ship in a battle of the power suits. Jens commands her army to shoot at her coordinates. Manami finds Kio and Eris. They bump into Antonia and her other maid, Maya. The recent events have opened Antonia’s eyes as she feels guilty for troubling Eris and orders everyone to abandon ship. Kio decides to go back and look for Aoi. With Eris’ suit he borrowed, he manages to find her and escape before they become part of the watery grave.

Episode 6
While the Catia superiors are discussing about the possible interfering by Dogisia, Manami and Aoi continue to train. Manami makes a deal with Aoi that if she teaches her to fight, she’ll help Aoi get close to Kio. Chaika gives Manami and Aoi a large simulator area to practice since the backyard just couldn’t cut it. Kio on the other hand takes Eris to meet his film club members. They want to film an alien movie but think Eris looks too human so they decide to ditch the idea and do a romance film instead. This turns on Eris. Aoi practices her cooking and gas a virtual Kio to taste it while Manami does the same with her target practice while going ecstatic over the fact with all the guns at her disposal. Manami asks virtual Kio about his feelings and he answers them honestly. For instance, he confessed he liked her but thought she already had a boyfriend (that JACK) and thought he got dumped. This only upsets Manami further as she remembers how her favourite watch got that particular scratch (probably that’s when her feelings for him began). Back in reality, Aoi has Kio to test her cooking but finds out that the virtual Kio’s answer and the real one differs because the virtual one is what she ideally wanted and that there is no guarantee to know the thinking of the real one. Manami takes heart that her argument with virtual Kio was just that, a figment of her heart. As for Eris, she is forced to take pills to end her mating season prematurely. Now where’s the fun if no cat girl pounds on Kio.

Episode 7
I expected this to happen and it finally did. Eris becomes a transfer student in Kio’s class. Heck, so is Antonia and her maids too! Man, it’s getting crowded. Do you go around protecting your oujo-sama by pointing guns at other students that get too close? Kio’s film club president is trying to recruit members. Eris decides to join and this causes the rest of the girls to join. Kiasu… Now they’ve got a glut of female members. The film club is going for a beach camp. During the ride, the original film club’s female members can tell that they’re in because of Kio. Manami brushes this off and says that Aoi is after Kio instead, causing her to fluster and panic greatly. Antonia offers the girls to wear her expensive swimsuits. They realize that the swimsuits have a hole in the back to accommodate Eris tail and one of them was wearing it backwards! Nose bleed! During the night barbeque, Kio takes Aoi to have a private chat. Unfortunately, it isn’t a confession. Kio wants her to teach him to fight so that he won’t be that wussy boy the girls will always have to protect. Aoi felt hurt and decided to excuse herself to be alone. Thinking she’s just a fighting doll in his eyes, Aoi takes out her frustrations on Eris that she can’t win. Eris tells her that she feels safe with him when a little girl, Ichika pops up before them. The camp is also suddenly attacked by Dogisia Assistdroids. Aoi is able to fend off the little army with several special power seals Ichika gave her. In the aftermath, they conclude Dogisia Assistdroids cannot regenerate like Catia’s so they probably stole electronic items to repair themselves (which solves the case of missing electronics on the island). Do broken Dogisia Assistdroids are shipped in a crate and returned back to Jens.

Episode 8
Another broadcast by Antonia and Eris to their fans to slowly turn this cult thingy into a proper fan club. Can it? Aoi continues to train Kio but later sees Manami lazing around though she gives an excuse of not wanting to interfere with them. This leads them to have a short tussle and firing guns with bullets that eliminate inanimate objects. Read: Their clothes. And this leads them to have a full all-out jungle guerrilla duel to settle their argument over you-know-who. At the end of the confrontation, Manami wins so the loser has to do what the winner says. Manami wants Aoi to kiss Kio. No way! Okay, at least for a start, change the way she addresses him. Suddenly a couple of snipers target them. If not for their quick reflex, Manami could’ve taken one in the head. According to Aoi’s plan, Manami is to bait and attack at the same time to allow Aoi to find their position. Another unbelievable moment is when the sniper fires a shot at Manami (must be real confident to leave it in the hands of her friend), Aoi’s sharp shooting skill disintegrates the sniper’s bullet! The snipers try to escape since their position has been discovered (not to mention that all their clothes have been disintegrated) but are cornered. Manami and Aoi come back home as Kio and Eris have prepared dinner with the help of the Assistdroids. Since Kio is being dense and oblivious to the efforts Aoi put in, Manami locks his neck. As for the snipers, they are shipped back in a crate to Jens. Why still naked?

Episode 9
Eris tells the gang that the first Assistdroid will be paying them a visit. She tells them a little about its history like how an accident made it trap in some space time rift and was recently retrieved. However Eris feels gloomy about it. Soon the first Assistdroid, Lawry arrives at Kio’s doorstep. They talk about how early Assistdroids were made to resemble like humans and because of that could sometimes bear hatred or fear. Catia was split in having such Assistdroids as some of them think it was a disaster and this led to a civil war. Though the ancestors have already repented, Eris still feels guilty, the reason why she is feeling down and doesn’t know what to say to her. Kio takes Lawry to the sea and shows her the beautiful side of this planet. Lawry tells him about her kind master and wishes to carry out his final wish by singing a song from Earth on a night sky (this isn’t a joke). Lawry starts singing some lonely spaceman theme which soon turns into a musical collage by all the girls in the series. That song is supposed to be a hit? In the end after Lawry departs for home, Kio is being told that a masterless Assistdroid has the option to choose a new master or deny a recharge. Lawry chose the latter. She’s glad that all the Assistdroids in his hands are happy.

Episode 10
It’s Christmas as Manami pushes Aoi to make a break with Kio while she has the opportunity since Eris’ mating season is put on hold. Captain Kuune takes a break from her spaceship post to visit Kio and Eris and leaves Melwin in charge. Kuune gives Kio a power bracelet as an emergency weapon and hopes Eris will teach him how to use it. Manami isn’t happy of Aoi’s present choice to give Kio. A DVD of an old TV show? Aoi wishes to take it slowly and prefers for things to stay the way it is now. She’s just happy to be with him. Because of that, Manami gives Aoi a dressing down like she would lose her romantic chance to be with him. That girl sure has a problem. Like she’s the one who is dating him in the first place. Yeah, probably she’s using Aoi as an excuse that if they both start dating, she’ll start giving up on Kio. Lame. Suddenly they are being attacked by Dogisia Assistdroids, who then attack the embassy. I guess they really mean war this time. At the same time, the Catia spaceship is being ambushed by them as they burst their way with explosive seals and freeze the Catian space personnel in time. Kuune has been injected with lethal nanomachines, which causes her to collapse. Before she falls into a comatose state, she gives Kio her multi-task bell. Melwin makes contact with them and both sides learn what is happening. Seems Dogisia has retained absolute control over Catia’s spaceship. With everyone and everything locked down and there is nothing they could do about it, the spaceship will crash into Earth within 2 weeks.

Episode 11
Well, actually Earth won’t be crushed by the spaceship. As explained, there is some programme that will disintegrate the ship that will not decelerate when entering a planet’s atmosphere. But there is a way to redirect its path and that is to restart the main system. However only Kuune is able to execute such orders, thus the reason she was made unconscious. The Catians realize Kio having Kuune’s bell and immediately recognize him as their new captain. For their rescue mission, they get Antonia to buy a rocket (damn filthy rich kid she is) so they can head to space and Ichika a seal so that they can unfreeze the Catian personnel. Just as they thought they have everything going as planned, they receive news from Antonia that no country is willing to sell her a rocket due to the pressure and threat by Jens. Though they just need a rocket engine, there is a way to create the body. Kio can do it. Eh? How? Using Kuune’s bell to imagine and materialize it. What the? Oh, whatever. As for the rocket engine, the gang head to some chilling country. Maya’s ex-comrade, Colonel Arishkova agrees to give one to them. While Kio is trying to imagine the rocket, Manami confronts him about his decision on Aoi and Eris. Well, let’s say he wants more time to think about it. Afterwards, Aoi who eavesdropped on them confronts Manami and isn’t happy that she is poking her nose around. She chides Manami for possibly misguiding him and knows she also likes Kio. She was just forcing him to do something she herself can’t do. Both girls start slapping each other but before it can blow into an all-out cat fight, the alert is sounded as there is an intruder in the base. Aoi finds the intruder holding Kio hostage. She recognizes him as the captain of the boat who blew himself up in the first episode. Aoi’s sharpshooting skill disarms him quickly. The intruder isn’t happy Arishkova is selling out their country. But they have bigger problems to worry since they receive word that NATO is on their way here to annihilate them after believing they are terrorists who has taken over the base. They will arrive in 3 hours. But it’s more than enough time for Kio to finish creating the rocket. Yeah, he makes it seem so easy. Antonia and her maids stay back to buy the rest time as they get ready to blast off into space.

Episode 12
Would you believe it? Those maids on bikes take on the NATO army in tanks and are winning? The terrain is icy too. Anyway as Kio and co wait for the rocket to refuel, Manami once again bugs Aoi to confess now. She’s really got a problem so much so she herself snaps and takes out her frustration on Eris, like how she was here way before that cat b*tch (made that one up) and knew Kio much longer. Eris doesn’t know what’s really going on but seeing that both Manami and Aoi really like Kio, she suggests that the 3 of them become his lovers! Oh yeah, that is what a harem is all about. Finally the ship is refuelled and they successfully blast into space. While the Assistdroids build a warp module, Jens and her Dogisia army (in little UFO ships? Really) start their attack. Before they start their battle, Aoi gives Kio a kiss as her replacement Christmas present. Manami soon follows suit and finally Eris as not to be left out. Wow! That’s 3 kiss in a row. He really scores with them. With the romance put on hold for the moment, Eris, Manami and Aoi don some sentai-like outfit (complete with their own moves, weapons and flashy names) to fight them as they buy time for Kio to warp to the Catia mothership. Can 3 ladies battle hundreds of enemy ships? Heck, theses babes kick ass, don’t they? Kio’s ship crashes into Catia’s mothership as he makes his way to the rest fighting the waves of Dogisia Assistdroids while the Catia Assistdroids free the frozen Catia personnel. When Kio reaches Melwin and her crew, he is taken to a core centre to reboot but it rejects his orders because he is not Catian. Upon their advice, Kio wishes upon the bell to alter his DNA into a Catian. They don’t call it multi-tasking for nothing. Meanwhile our ladies beat Jens in a dogfight as the latter crashes into her launch base. However based on the calculations, it is going to crash right onto the Okinawa island. Manami and Aoi decide to alter its course to make it burn up during re-entry but this would mean sacrificing themselves. I mean, at this point, what have they got to lose? No, seriously. Oh course we can’t have hot babes dying in the last episode so a miracle has to happen. Kio’s ship zooms pass by in time as Eris grabs them in before the base vaporizes. As the girls happily reunite with Kio, they are shocked to see Kio with cat ears and tail! OMG! Why didn’t he change back after that? Beats me. Yeah, Antonia sure loves him even more now. Another potential rival? In the end, everything returns to normal as Eris shows the gang a Space Elevator as Catia’s present to Earthlings, an equipment to get into space without using a rocket. Hey, it looks like a big Christmas tree and what do you know? Because of its water droplets cooling off (and some other mumbo jumbo), it’s snowing on Okinawa.

Playtime’s Over!
Oh, thank God! It has finally come to an end. Overall this whole series was just mediocre and I really found myself hard to stay up and follow right till the end. There were too many loopholes and inconsistencies to begin with. For instance, Manami and Aoi being fugitives seeking refuge at Catia’s embassy and even with that inter-planetary threat, how come no CIA or immigration bureau members come close to take them back or at least approach them? Can we humans actually let ‘traitors’ go? It is mind boggling that the girls can actually take out a group of army so it makes you think, why the hell does the country need an army for? Just call in this bunch and they’ll do the job just fine. Kio being an otaku should have at least smelled the love triangle between Manami and Aoi miles away and yet he is as dense and blur as a rock. Okay, even if he doesn’t know their true feelings, his actions really do indicate that he is totally oblivious to their hidden crushes. No wonder he currently doesn’t have a girlfriend. Those kids going up to space in the final episode, I wonder how they can withstand the blastoff into orbit when they have no astronaut training whatsoever. See, so many questions and probably much more so much so I have already forgotten on purpose.

The love triangle between Manami and Aoi felt like a little side distraction to everything. Sure, we see a little tension here and there especially Manami who is really annoying trying to set Aoi and Kio up just to cover her own drawback and failure. Eris as a cat will always have that playful and flirty character but she doesn’t seem to be taking the love relationship any further. Besides, her mating season got ended prematurely. Any chance for that in the future? Some of the supporting characters felt like they had no impact at all in the series like Antonia and her maids. After the kidnapping of Eris and Kio, it’s like she and her cult club toned down a lot after becoming their allies. Even if her maids didn’t play any significant part in stalling the NATO army, I’m sure our main heroines can do an equally good job. Maki and Yuichi have been reduced to just minor characters and I was hoping that they would somehow play a significant role (besides pretending to be Eris and Kio as decoy in the final few episodes) because I think Yuichi is pretty cool in his own ways while I thought Maki would’ve been part of the harem. Maybe there’s too much already.

Ichika remains as the most mysterious one. Popping up from nowhere in the middle of the series, not knowing if her motives actually make her an ally or foe to the gang and in the end, where the heck is she? Who is this girl in the first place? Say, what happened to that JACK girl anyway? Jens and her Dogisia army may be the main antagonist but I felt she wasn’t much of one seeing that she spends most of her time in some room devising her plan and her only physical contact with the main protagonist was that short fight with Aoi onboard Antonia’s ship. She and Muttley never felt threatening at all. The Assistdroids are cute in their own way but too many of them doing just about anything sometimes make them a little annoying. Good ol’ little assistants we can always rely on, eh? They’re even useful in providing ‘censors’ with their signboards during fanservice moments in addition to light angles and ‘dark shadows’. So if you want to see it all laid bare without those irritating obstruction, go buy the DVD.

The opening theme, Now Loading… SKY! by Sphere is quite a catchy pop piece with a little hip hop in it. There are 3 different main ending themes, each attributing and suiting to Eris, Manami and Aoi. They are Happy Sunshine by Kanae Ito (for Eris), Omoide Ga Jama Wo Suru by Haruka Tomatsu (Manami) and Kokoro No Madobe Nite by Kana Hanazawa (Aoi). Of course a few special ending themes like Oira Wa Sabishii Spaceman by Minori Chihara (Lawry) and the final episode’s Smile Peace from Kanae Ito, Haruka Tomatsu and Kana Hanazawa. I find that some of the background scenery of Okinawa during the summer time to be quite breathtaking. So all isn’t lost considering the poor plot and storyline, I guess those art and drawing are the little salvation points for this series but still it isn’t enough to save it from being just second rate. There are several trivia and parody to spot if you keep your eyes open. For example, Seiken No Blacksmith’s characters of Luke and Lisa making their short cameo appearance as with Kampfer’s Mikoto and Akane.

So the next time friendly cat aliens or any other extraterrestrial life forms come looking for peace and to make friends with us, why not? Especially if they come wearing school swimsuits. Don’t want to pass up this chance, won’t we? Ironically if Catia really wants to befriend with others, shouldn’t they make peace with Dogisia too? Maybe it is the latter who doesn’t want? Perhaps that’s why cats and dogs never got along well. And if there is another sequel for our Catia girls to come play, would I want to watch it? Well, let’s just say I came, I saw and I left for good! Don’t want to play anymore!


June 11, 2011

I’m sure we all dream to have a maid to take care of our daily needs like cooking, laundry and cleaning. One that is hard working and does not slack off or run away for unknown reasons. So how can you have a machine robot that works diligently and also at the same time looks human enough with emotions and feelings? Just watch Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden. She fits both descriptions. What? Did I give an impression that it was possible in the real world?

Episode 1
As introduced, Mahoro, a battle-type android, her lifespan is coming to an end. Because she has contributed greatly by defending Earth from aliens, the Vesper Organization decides to retire her. Though her days are numbered, if she lives without fighting, she can live for 398 more days as opposed to 37. Suguru Misato takes a bus home to interview a hired maid when a couple of robbers hijack it. Scared Suguru plucks up his courage to tell him off but the robber is unfazed. Mahoro is on that bus too and quells the menace by stopping his bullets with her fingers and then knocking them out. After everyone gets off safely, Suguru returns home and finds Mahoro in his place. After hearing her explanation about being an android, defending Earth from aliens and her duty of being a maid to fend off boredom for retirement, he decides to give her a try. His house is filled with filth to the brim! You can’t see the floor! Good luck Mahoro on cleaning. By the way, his parents died when he was young so he has this large mansion to himself. After cooking, she goes bath with him. Suguru must be daydreaming that he nearly drowned in his tub. When he comes too, apologetic Mahoro laments she’s not fit for this maid job and breaks down. Suguru immediately stamps the contract and gladly hires her.

So in each episode, you will see how the master-servant relationship grows as they both bond together. When I say master-servant, I mean nothing ecchi though this show has some of those ecchi elements and slight nudity. Suguru being a normal boy growing up has his own interest in reading Playboy magazines but that is just about it. He doesn’t do anything dangerous like outraging the modesty of Mahoro or any other girls. Even so, his ecchi habits don’t sit well with Mahoro. Ironically as this is an ecchi series, Mahoro’s trademark line each time she spots or confiscates one of Suguru’s porn magazines, “Ecchi na koto ikemasen to omoimasu” (I think ecchi is bad). Come on, can we guys have a little fun of our own? Not on her watch. And at the end of almost every episode, a countdown of how many days Mahoro has left before she ceases to function. Hmm… Might be ticking down slowly, but hey, why the rush?

Episode 2
Suguru’s pals and classmates (Toshiya Hamaguchi, Kiyomi Kawahara, Miyuki Sakura, Rin Todoroki and Chizuko Ooe) are suspicious of his new maid since he gets to eat delicious bento and his clothes are well ironed. Mahoro drops by to deliver the dessert she forgot and shocks everyone. They ask their relationship and she replies “I offered him my body and heart… I hope to contribute to him…”. Suguru’s single homeroom teacher, Saori Shikijou isn’t happy because she got her eyes on him but now another girl comes between them. Suguru remembers Mahoro cleaning his room and may have stumbled upon his porn mags under his bed. He rushes home and too bad she has already done so. He gets a good lecture that being perverted isn’t good and the real functions of a female’s breasts. Later his friends pay him a visit for Tanabata festival. Saori shortly drops by and interrogates Mahoro. Though Mahoro doesn’t like lying, she sees how uncomfortable Suguru is and makes up stories of her past. Saori is still suspicious so she stays back for dinner (also to seduce him). Even Mahoro has this uneasiness feeling in her heart. Then it’s bath time and since Saori won’t allow them to do anything lewd, she decides to go in the bath too. It ends up both ladies taking a bath. Saori throws down the gauntlet and mentions how Suguru loves big boobs as oppose to her non-satisfying little ones. Mahoro punches her boobs. Saori isn’t going to give up yet. Mahoro changes her Tanabata wish of world peace to having bigger boobs. I guess this is more important, eh?

Episode 3
In the hot summer, Mahoro tries her best to do housework and not let the heat or sleepiness get to her. After shopping ingredients for dinner, Mahoro is pissed to see Saori coming to their place for dinner. It’s like she’s treating Suguru’s home like her own place. Mahoro’s jealousy causes her to accidentally blow up the heater so they go to take the public bath run by Miyuki’s family. They treat him like part of the family (since dad got 4 girls and has always wanted a boy). Suguru pays a visit to his father’s grave. Mahoro realizes that she was the one who killed his father during one of her mission (she was ordered by him to do so). Thinking that he may hate her once he finds out the truth, she decides to atone for her sin by serving Suguru till her very last day.

Episode 4
The gang heads to the beach and though Mahoro didn’t want to come along giving her maid duties as an excuse, the rest have her tag along since there isn’t any point if she doesn’t come. After buying their swimsuits (why is Saori flaunting hers in the shopping centre? Isn’t that sexual harassment?) it’s time for fun in the sun (the usual horny Saori on the prowl). Due to last night’s error on a military ship using extraterrestrial weapons, a giant robot crab is wrecking havoc on shore. More like ripping the girls’ bikinis off. Mahoro goes into combat mode to subdue it. Both sides are in recharging phase but Mahoro knows she won’t make it in time so Suguru helps and guides her to shoot and destroy it. Thankfully due to the thick smog during the battle, the rest didn’t see anything so Mahoro and Suguru were able to fake an alibi by being unconscious.

Episode 5
The Vesper council are reviewing Mahoro’s recent combat. They receive a letter from her describing her summer activity: Ascertaining rumoured ghost stories of Suguru’s school as a research project. The guys are scared to their wits after encountering first hand a ghost girl with red hair climbing the stairs. Mahoro (in a miko priestess outfit) notices this to be a prank by the girls but decides to play along. Mahoro then actually meets the real ghost and they both get along with each other. Seems the ghost can’t move on as she’s waiting for her guy to confess her feelings. So after the guys find out the girls were behind this, they head to the pool and see a ghostly encounter. Actually it’s Saori sleeping naked in the pool to cool down! What’s more, she thinks the kids are having an under-18 orgy party at the pool! Anyway the gang soon see a real ghost swimming and everyone faint. Mahoro knows who this ghost boy is and takes him to see the ghost girl. They confess and disappear. Back at the council, they are pleased with Mahoro using her remaining time wisely. However when they read her request for breast enlargement, they shoot it down! Flat chest lovers!

Episode 6
Mahoro has been chosen to dance on the stage at Bon Odori. She was reluctant to participate till she saw Saori as one of the past girls to do so. Mahoro summons her servant, Slash (is that a black cat or panther?) to help Suguru’s dog, Guri to keep watch over the house while they’re gone. After donning a yukata and with lots of practice, the dance goes well, much to everyone’s delight. The friends meet up with each other during the break. However Saori was there to ‘kidnap’ Suguru to do horny things. Till she bumps into Mahoro. Then a shooting contest with Suguru as the prize. It got serious so much so Mahoro was going to use her real guns with live ammo! Thankfully the shop closes. Later Mahoro seemingly has fun in the rain and after it stops, everyone watches the fireworks.

Episode 7
A pair of escaped prisoners could’ve killed Chizu who was on her way to school in their speeding car but she was saved by a good looking guy, Tou Ryuuga. He soon becomes a science teacher in Suguru’s school as all the girls start swooning over him. Suguru’s friends come by his house later (Saori invited herself of course and still acting like it’s her own place) and Mahoro becomes disturbed upon learning Ryuuga’s name. During her shopping errand, she is forced to fight Ryuuga in an armoured suit. Seems he wants to settle this match to see who is stronger: Vesper’s Mahoro or Saint’s Ryuuga. Luckily with Slash backing her up, he flees. Back home, Mahoro’s mind becomes preoccupied with thoughts of why a Saint warrior is acting on personal reasons. Both sides have fought with each other countless times to decide the human race’s fate though the fight was never finished. Ryuuga goes around school asking for info on Suguru and it seems everyone has nice things to say about him. Of all people, he had to ask Saori, who suspects him of being a gay shotacon! Later Mahoro and Slash confront him and want him to not involve Suguru but he isn’t fazed. Back home, Suguru notices Mahoro acting strange and thinks there’s a link between her and Ryuuga.

Episode 8
Mahoro wakes up from a nightmare of killing her commander. In school, Suguru goes around asking his pals about Ryuuga so much so they think he swings that way! Especially you-know-who. Ryuuga returns to his HQ to train as he narrates how he was made to believe he was the strongest. All that vanished on his first mission when he was easily defeated by Mahoro but was spared. Thus he wanted to settle the score and trained hard. Come Saturday, Suguru invites everyone including Ryuuga to his house for a BBQ party to discreetly find out if he has any connection with Mahoro. He then takes Ryuuga to his room. He learns that Suguru doesn’t know the truth of how his dad died (he was told he died during an accident in an inspection trip). Suguru tried to proof he could live on his own till Mahoro came along. Why is he telling him all this? Because Mahoro is like family to him. Later when Mahoro confronts Ryuuga alone, he tells her he has been given a ‘warning’ not to touch her and offers her to a challenge. Mahoro agrees and gets to pick the time and date.

Episode 9
Mahoro requests Suguru to go out on a date with her. So when Saori finds out about it (other than Mahoro owning a car and a driving licence for just about any vehicle!), she plans to put a stop to their lewd activities (look who’s talking). Mahoro knows Saori will tail them and even wants to wipe her out with her missile arsenal! Thankfully Suguru suggests doing nothing. Suguru and Mahoro enjoy their time at the amusement park while unlucky spying Saori always have to bear the brunt of her actions. In the Ferris wheel, Mahoro tells him about Ryuuga and that he came to investigate them both. Since he found nothing interesting, he’ll be leaving soon. At the park, Suguru mentions how she sometimes has a sad look on her face, causing her to be a little depressed. She then hugs him so he reconciles with her. She can tell him her secrets when she’s ready and happy. Messed up Saori comes by and pesters Mahoro for a ride home after both ladies made a short temporary alliance to scare away thugs threatening Suguru. When they return, Mahoro prepares herself to face Ryuuga and promises to be back.

Episode 10
Flashback of Mahoro created 9 years ago for war. Though she was incomplete, she was sent to undergo lots of adaptation tests. We also see her spending some quality time with her colleagues (at a hotspring probably that’s where she got small boobs inferiority) and Commander Misato. Her records of defeating enemies even if they sent in new versions exceeded expectations as they continue to use her as deterrent and warning. In order for her to take some time off fighting, she is shown a large collection of the world’s movies to pick and watch those of her choice. Like she can finish all of them. Mahoro continues to live intertwine between war and peace as enemy attacks continued intermittently. Till that fateful day when a base in USA was under attacked and Misato ordered her to shoot him. In present, Mahoro gains intuition after all those battles and seeing so many died as she prepares to face Ryuuga.

Episode 11
A Saint android, Sera, narrates how their kind left their own planet a long time ago and travelled through space in search of civilization. They forgot how their planet looked like and only remembered its deep blue, probably why they got attracted to it. Since Earth was the first civilization they contacted, they didn’t want to fight but Earth was too underdeveloped and opposed any form of contact, thus Saint had no choice but to built robots to fight. Mahoro and Ryuuga prepare their face off as he wonders if her current life away from being a warrior and serving Suguru as atonement for his dad. She answers that was her initial intention but after spending time with Suguru and his friends, she decides to live the way she is now and her remaining days as a human. He finds it hard to understand her reasoning. Suguru becomes upset when he finds Mahoro’s farewell letter and confronts Slash. Though he is reluctant to tell where Mahoro is, Suguru orders him to bring him there as he is also his master. Mahoro and Ryuuga fight but Mahoro seems defensive and evasive. But it’s all a big gamble to set him up so that she could fire a super cannon that sucked the town’s entire electricity and blast him away! However Ryuuga still stands despite getting hit.

Episode 12
Ryuuga quickly counterattacks and rapidly pounds Mahoro. She remembers the time Suguru and co invited her for picnic (Saori inviting herself of course) as they talk about their future. But she is snapped out from Ryuuga’s incessant hammering. He is however unhappy that Mahoro isn’t showing her true powers and summons his trump card, Break Blade. Just then Suguru arrives and comes between them. Not caring what happened in the past, all he wants is to be with Mahoro. Ryuuga couldn’t understand his actions and hurts him to get him out of the way. This upsets Mahoro as she now unleashes her trump card, an energy blade from her fist. As she charges, Ryuuga realizes Mahoro’s expiring soon and the reason she chose to live with Suguru. Mahoro stops short of hitting Ryuuga because he put away his sword and admitted defeat. Mahoro and Suguru fly and embrace each other in the sky.

Mahoromatic: Motto Utsukushii Mono

That wasn’t really the end yet as a second sequel called Mahoromatic: Motto Utsukushii Mono (Something More Beautiful) spawned several months later after the first season ended. It takes off where it left off from the previous.

Episode 1
It begins with life returning to normal for everyone as Ryuuga returns and continues to be Suguru’s science teacher. He confiscates Suguru’s porn mag. Though Ryuuga is a friend now, Slash isn’t going to accept that even if Suguru and Mahoro are okay with it and confronts Ryuuga. He wants to continue living as a human after his last battle with Mahoro but Slash isn’t going to buy that and they both fight. They are stopped by Mahoro. During her long lecture, Suguru takes this chance to get his porn mag back (Ryuuga approves it) but when Mahoro finds out, she chases after him. Ryuuga and Slash chat so the cat says he’ll pretend not to notice him. Mahoro is successful in her confiscation. An artificial human nicknamed 370 approaches Mahoro and Suguru. While saying how she wants to live with them, if not for Mahoro’s quick reflexes, 370 could’ve been sniped out. Mahoro takes her somewhere else to talk but soon are being attacked by 3 Man-eater machines. Mahoro fights and destroys them all before escaping with unconscious 370. Feldlance reports to Professor Mephlis about Mahoro’s early interference that causes the failure of 370’s capture. However he is ecstatic that things are going on as planned and will tell Kanon tomorrow. Is this guy a stalker because there are lots of Mahoro pics on his wall?! Mahoro returns home with 370 to waiting Suguru.

Episode 2
370 is now called Minawa and works as Mahoro’s helper maid. However she is a total klutz and must be taught from scratch. Since she is same age as Suguru, she attends school with him. A bunch of people called Kanrisha (Keepers) are discussing about Vesper and Saint, especially the latter’s silence recently. They talk about the recent destruction of Man-eaters and how Mahoro fell into Vesper’s hands. They plan on going on a final decisive battle to unite the world and humanity and destroy those who disrupt stability. Mahoro decides to pay Minawa a visit after worrying too much about her. She, Slash and Ryuuga watch from afar her clumsiness and profuse apologizing. Then a football match, they thought she was going to do some reflex thingy but gets pounded in the face. Funny part: Mahoro disguised as a lamp post, lost her footing and the post hit right on Saori’s head! Mahoro, Slash and Ryuuga discuss that Minawa may have ulterior motives since she is Keepers’ android. But she recalls Suguru suggestion for them to live together and to get to know each other. If she lost the beauty of her heart, she’d be no better than the Keepers. That’s when he named her Minawa and suggested her to be her little sister. Mahoro hugs him. Mahoro wishes Ryuuga and Slash to take care of Suguru if anything happens to her. Ryuuga promises to do so.

Episode 3
Mahoro seems to be obsessed about making her boobs big like using a vacuum cleaner. Even if she did enlarge it, Suguru didn’t notice! Suguru’s pals are talking about UFOs in class when a real one suddenly hovers above their school. Ryuuga points out that it’s just Saint’s s unmanned advertisement craft and their purpose to gradually reveal extraterrestrial life to humans so as not to shock them. They want to see if they can live peacefully with humans. Saori finds out that Mahoro is using some sort of breast enlargement machine and mocks her. Suddenly the machine got onto Saori’s boobs and turned them into freaking humungous pumpkins!!! Then it got Minawa and turned them sizeable. Next onto Suguru and he too got boobs! Mahoro is pissed it only doesn’t work on her and destroys the machine. Haha! Mahoro gets word that Keepers’ giant machine is going to terrorize the town and goes to fight alone. Minawa soon joins in but she gets captured. Mahoro has no choice but to use the bra weapon her Vesper team sent her and say the embarrassing activation password: Breast Missile! The machine is destroyed and Minawa saved but Mahoro is traumatized when Minawa constantly mentions Breast Missile. However it was all just a dream so next morning everyone’s boobs revert to their normal size. Suguru tries to cheer her up by mentioning he prefers small boobs and the benefits of having smaller ones. But this only furthers depresses her. Can someone tell her that size doesn’t matter? Guess not.

Episode 4
Mahoro receives a report from Vesper that there is a bomb planted in school. She disguises herself as a transfer student under the name of Mahoko Suzuki to search for the bomb. Seems her pals instantly recognize who that new girl is. They search but did not find anything suspicious. They also notice somebody else is looking for the bomb because there are other holes dug up. Suguru’s pals eavesdrop them looking for something and conclude that they must be looking for a legendary love item that will deepen one’s love. Eventually Mahoro finds a rocket-like item in a freshly dug hole. But Keepers soon send their android to retrieve it but was taken out by Suguru’s pals in weird disguises. Yup, Mahoro and Suguru definitely recognize them. Soon they all start fighting and chasing for the item while Slash fights and takes out the android. In the end, it’s Saori who caught the item as it bursts open. It’s revealed to be her time capsule containing pics of her school days and her love diaries to a guy she had a crush on, Makoto. Saori is the culprit digging the holes because she wanted to get rid of it before the school undergoes renovation next year and discovers her embarrassing stuff. So it was a false alarm. What a wild goose chase. Vesper needs to have their intelligence department revamped…

Episode 5
Minawa wakes up from a dream whereby her predecessor, 369, left her. It’s Christmas as Suguru takes Minawa to town to buy presents. Funny part was how Ryuuga found out the shocking truth that Santa doesn’t exist by a couple of kids! Hamaji tries to ask Mahoro what Minawa likes as he wishes to get a present for her (because he likes her). The usual gang turns up at Suguru’s home for Christmas party. Saori being the usual nuisance so much so Mahoro had to threaten her several times that she’ll bury her for real! Hamaji rigs the gift exchanging lottery so that he could give his to Minawa (a picture frame). I find the rest’s presents are tad too weird. Ecchi book? Bust enlargement book? Diet book? And is that “Delight In The Morning Rush” some sort of horny book? Minawa’s present to Hamaji… A spanner. Minawa needs to go out to buy some stuff so Hamaji’s pals know about his crush on her (Mahoro and Suguru oblivious) and sets him up to accompany her. Along the way, he gives her a pair of mittens. At the end of the party after everyone has left, Suguru gives Mahoro, Minawa and Slash a scarf each.

Episode 6
It’s New Year’s Day and what a way to start it off with a fight at the shrine between Mahoro and Saori about 2D small breasts and fake CG polygon boobs (seriously), a duel of fortune reading, intensive pounding to make New Year cakes, a heated card battle that destroys the precious items in Rin’s house and a heated traditional badminton game (Minawa got in between and was sent crashing into the public bath chimney). On a side note, Hamaji tried to confess to Minawa but was interrupted by her hiccups. Try harder next time. I guess the fighting has to stop some time as they all go to the public bath, watch movies, a curry dinner at Suguru’s home (listen to Chizuko’s passionate curry judgement!) before finally burning stuff to mark the end of 10 days New Year. Minawa sleeps closely with Mahoro but unknown to them, Mephlis is observing and collecting their data via hidden transmitter.

Episode 7
Suguru sneaks out against Mahoro’s order for the town’s annual Hiryu Festival of Darkness (read: legalized all-out brawl). Mahoro and Minawa go to town to search for him and get involved in the fight after learning its simple rules. For example, safe inflatable weapons are only used and you lose if the flower on your head is broken off. Suguru and Mahoro-Minawa combo individually fight their way past friends and waves of townsfolk to reach the shrine (Minawa’s klutz earned her lucky wins – drunken technique?). Suguru arrives first and faces off with last year’s champion: Saori: He lost via her cleavage. Then it’s Mahoro’s turn (Minawa’s clumsiness took herself out) as Saori becomes a rampaging monster that puts Mahoro into defensive mode. Finally Mahoro uses her final technique that will also hurt her pride as a girl: Flat Wall Chest Attack! Saori lost and Mahoro is proclaimed the new champion. The crowd cheers her on so Mahoro gets sucked into their pace and accepts her victory.

Episode 8
Suguru’s grandpa, Yuichiro Gonoe comes to temporarily stay at his home. Of course he is also a little quirky. As Suguru’s friends and teachers visit, he observes Suguru’s ‘harem’, trying to get pervy with Saori (she actually pointed out to him that ecchi is bad!) and teases Ryuuga over drinking. That night, Yuichiro wants to peep at the maids bathing and manages to smoothly convince Suguru to take part. Of course they get busted. As Mahoro is giving them a dressing down, Yuichiro smoothly turns the table on Mahoro and says that she is the one who is most ecchi instead. Shock! During bed, Yuichiro gives Suguru some advice about being an elegant man (not a joke here). Next morning before Yuichiro leaves, he talks to Mahoro. Seems they know each other as he is her boss at Vesper. He just wants to make sure things between her and Suguru. They also talk about Minawa as Yuichiro mentions Mahoro has found something she doesn’t want to lose. After he leaves, Mahoro thinks the reason he visited was he wanted to see them 1 more time before the day of destiny that will conclude the future of Earthlings and Saints arrive.

Episode 9
Mahoro has a hard time explaining to Minawa about the significance of giving chocolates to loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Minawa remembers on the last day she met 369, she made a promise with her to survive because the latter wanted feelings. Ryuuga is stalked and swamped by lots of girls giving their chocolates as Hamaji’s pals set him up to meet Minawa. After that, the girls head over to Suguru’s home to give their handmade chocolates so that kid’s in a pinch on whose to eat first. It’s a decision tougher to make than your test questions. It gets complicated when Saori joins the competition (a boob-shaped chocolate laced with super drug!). Since Mahoro is giving him the cold shoulder, there is only 1 way out: To eat all the chocolates in 1 shot! Amazing but he soon collapses. The girls head home obviously disappointed but as Chizuko points out, Suguru values friendship more than love. Due to unfortunate events, Minawa has to chase her ‘fleeing’ handmade chocolate throughout town. She returns all messed up to waiting Hamaji and only manages to buy a little chocolate as replacement while apologizing. But Hamaji is grateful and shares the piece with her. Though Suguru has a little trauma of eating chocolates, he accepts the chocolates Mahoro gives him since he can keep and eat it later. As Minawa waits for Hamaji to get something he forgot, she encounters Feldlance.

Episode 10
Minawa is taken to see Mephlis. Seems her task was to gather info on Mahoro but they were all useless. He has no choice but to give her a final but easy mission to capture Mahoro: Kidnap Suguru and in exchange he will give her feelings. Minawa has lots on her mind that her actions are a little unusual. As Minawa and Suguru walk home together, Slash suddenly gets defensive. He deflects a knife from Feldlance as Minawa holds Suguru to a hostage. Mahoro, who has been walking Guri, heard a gunshot and rushes back to see the house destroyed and Slash heavily wounded. After being told what happened and the stakes, Mahoro flies off to rescue them. Suguru is imprisoned with Minawa (to watch over him) when Mahoro busts into the place. She fights Feldlance shortly before encountering Minawa using Suguru as a hostage. Mahoro throws down a gun but a machine binds her. It’s trying to make her powerless and causing her great pain. Suguru and Minawa rush to save her. Suguru tries to make Minawa realize the feelings she has all the while. Mahoro admits she was the one who killed his father. Minawa thinks she has found her feelings and fires several shots to free Mahoro but was shot in return. Mephlis becomes upset because those useless feelings always betray him. Unconscious Mahoro falls down into the core so Suguru grabs and falls with her.

Episode 11
Slash dives in to save the duo as Ryuuga destroys the place. Feldlance confronts Mephlis. Seems he is collecting data for Kanon and to use his research for reference material. He shoots Mephlis before making his escape. In the aftermath, Suguru meets the Vesper commanders while Mahoro stays by Minawa’s side till she recuperates. A scientist analyzing Minawa is disgusted with the many irrationally surgeries on her body but is amazed she survived so long. Ryuuga offers to take Minawa back in hopes their technology can treat her. Soon Mahoro and Minawa return to Suguru’s home and they all go to the hotspring with their friends (surprisingly Saori was invited). The girls set up Suguru and Mahoro to meet and spend quality time together at the hotspring. I guess they acknowledge defeat to Mahoro. Surprisingly, Saori too is calmly letting them go. Suguru and Mahoro try to reduce the ‘lies’ told to their friends as pre-arrangements have been made for Minawa to transfer out from school to cure her illness. Minawa gives her farewell speech to everybody but promises to return once she is well. Later Hamaji and Minawa have their private chat and Suguru and Mahoro the same. Mahoro feels she doesn’t want to die yet. Due to the recent event, her time to cease functioning is unknown.

Episode 12
Keepers gets word that the American president is going to betray them by revealing details of alien contact, the secret war between humans and Saints and even Keepers’ existence. They send 2 snipers (one being Oswald) to assassinate him. Kanon sees Keepers boss and reveals info on Mahoro like how some parts of her are alien technology but oddly her inner parts used screws and its manufacturer is Kono’s Heavy Industries of Japan. Mahoro wakes up from a nightmare of vomiting screws, nuts and bolts. She wanders outside the house and meets Feldlance. He mocks her about fear and death and reveals his mission to kill Suguru. He proceeds to rip her till her undies and caresses her soft body and a final weapon called Shining Darkness yet to be removed inside her body. In the aftermath we see a path of destruction and it’s Feldlance who is popping up from the rubble. Mahoro goes to see Yuichiro as he requests her to take Suguru and run. Suguru is in school and hears the TV news that the American president has been assassinated (familiar to Kennedy’s?!). Plus, Vesper has been blamed for the assassination. Then Mahoro comes flying in her harrier jet (like True Lies?) to pick up Suguru, though he doesn’t know what’s going on. Ryuuga and Minawa discuss with a Saint comrade, Leesha about humans preparing for war next time since they have successfully manage to jump into space.

Episode 13
The people in Vesper are apprehended for interrogation. Yuichiro attends a party thrown by the Keepers. He hears that they have made a giant fleet to space. They say it’s to make peace with Saints. Yuichiro mocks their ideals and thinks they should’ve resolve contradictions between humans first. Soon he unleashes Slash to rip the party apart. At the end of the bloody chaos and destruction, looks like only Slash is the only one moving. Mahoro and Suguru crash land nearby some South American ruins. Then they walk to the nearby beach and watch the sunset together before kissing. Finally. Better late than never. Suddenly Feldlance appears since he followed a transmitter in her brooch. Mahoro tells Suguru to run to the nearest city port while she fights Feldlance but promises to meet up with him there. Mahoro and Feldlance start their fiery power battle. In the end, Mahoro binds Feldlance and emits a powerful force bright enough so much so it can be seen from outer space and a large crater carved out from the island.

Episode 14
Ever since Mahoro ceased to function, Suguru left Japan to seal his painful memories. Soon the Keepers organization collapses as Earthlings and Saints reconcile. But Saints never settled down except on Silva Plana, a colony colonized jointly by Earth and Saints. 20 years have passed, in a bar Kanon is trying to get a man named Jils to return him to his homeland Earth. However he is being attacked by a samurai guy before being completely taken down. This Kanon is just an android model manufactured towards end of Keepers’ existence. Seems there are other Keepers android models as well. Jils is in cohorts with that hard bitten samurai, that turns out to be Suguru! He’s currently an assassin hunting all these androids. Suguru hears a familiar voice and is surprise to see Saori! Why, she still looks young and sexy! Though she recognizes Suguru, seems she is taking out her sexual lust on a couple of new male students under her wing. She’s not interested in him anymore? Forever a shotacon… Ryuuga talks to Leesha about the future, how Sera and Minawa are doing. Leesha tells how she fell in love with Yuichiro and became the first union between Earth and Saint. That bloodline continues in Suguru. Meanwhile Jils betrays Suguru by stabbing him in the stomach since Suguru himself has a bounty on his head. Apparently nothing happens because Suguru is part machine so he slices Jils into half, revealing the android he is. Suguru patrons a road stall while thinking back about the good times. I don’t understand this part because it’s like Mahoro in some suspended animation or subconscious thingy talking to Leesha, she suddenly materializes before Suguru. You can’t blame that guy as he thinks he saw the Angel of Death. Till she mentions her trademark ecchi line and for them to go home. They both emotionally reunite. What the heck! Suguru revert back to his young self again?! As the credits roll, we hear voices of the gang talking while past episode clips play by. Mahoro’s dream is to be Suguru’s bride. A final silhouette showing Mahoro and grownup Suguru together.

What the?! What a weak ending that was! No doubt the ending was rather dark, it was ridiculous that Mahoro who had ceased to function suddenly appears right before Suguru to be reunited with him. This isn’t a dream, right? It’s real, right? Mahoro did really appear before Suguru. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention to all that confusing mumbo jumbo in the end but does Mahoro really need to make Suguru wait that long? So reunited and it feels so good, eh? It’s like the producers didn’t want to make it a bad ending but 20 years feels like a period far too long for it to end it this way. So much so it made me ponder on several questions such as the whereabouts of the other characters and what actually happened to them like Suguru’s pals. Did they move on? And the Vesper council, did they become free and innocent after all that? Most likely since Keepers is gone. I suppose that means Vesper has become insignificant too, eh?

Mahoromatic: Summer Special

Perhaps to not leave a bitter taste in viewer’s mouth, a special episode released a few months after the second season ended entitled Mahoromatic: Summer Special and takes place somewhere during the second season. Mahoro finds a porn book belonging to Suguru and confiscates it. He reports this to his male friends at the park but they are relieved that she hasn’t confiscated the ‘ultimate’ one. To their dismay, they realize she was eavesdropping (while playing some hide and seek game with a little girl). Mahoro gets all the girls to help search and confiscate that book and even manages to bribe Saori with some fine wine to do so. On X-day itself, Mahoro and the girls march into Suguru’s room with an arrest warrant! Luckily Suguru saw this coming and already fled with his friends. Mahoro is going to hunt him down. Soon Kawahara and Hamaji got captured but Saori, who stayed back at the house to do some ‘investigation’, fell for one of Mahoro’s trap. Mahoro finds Suguru but he summons Slash to escape. But Mahoro is hot on his tail and chases him no matter how far they go.

Ironically, Slash tires out so at the edge of Hokkaido, Suguru wonders why Mahoro is adamant in ridding porn so Slash reveals it may have stemmed from his dad. Seems he too has his secret stash of porn. When Mahoro found out, he tried to hide it by saying ecchi isn’t good. She confiscates it all and so that’s how it all started. Backfired, eh? Plus, Misato even ‘made’ Suguru into an ecchi kid when he told him that guys have to be ecchi! Mahoro catches up to them so after seeing her iron will, Suguru is going to give up but they both collapsed. When they return home, everyone feasts as celebration for extermination of porn! But the guys don’t seem fazed. Later Mahoro enters Suguru’s room and decides to give him back some porn after seeing his determination today. Minawa’s clumsiness has Mahoro realizing Suguru’s fake walls. The whole stash of porn is stacked behind it! The guys spent the night hiding it all and thus that chase was just a diversion. Reprimand time… The guys lament that all their porn is gone but Suguru mentions Mahoro only found 15% of it and that his fight has just begun. The guys support him. Unknown to them, camouflaged Mahoro was eavesdropping. Yeah, it’s a never ending battle to rid porn.

Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri

Maybe after a long time, it is a good thing to remind us of all shows again. So back in the late quarter of 2009, a 2 episode special called Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri felt just right to remind viewers that our android maid isn’t really dead yet. So okay, so it takes place somewhere during the second season when Mahoro still has 270 days left. That’s quite a lot. Just kidding.

As usual one morning as Mahoro wakes up Suguru, clumsy Minawa accidentally bumps into Mahoro and this in turn reveals the stack of porn mags Suguru hid in his window. See, what did I tell you that you can’t get rid of porn? Later their friends come by requesting Mahoro’s help since they will be putting up a service maid cafe at the town’s anniversary festival. Mahoro insists that they should do everything themselves from making their own maid outfits to baking but she will help and teach them along the way. Saori was invited by the girls since they need adult supervision. Oh no. You know what this means when loggerheads like Mahoro and Saori meet, right? The gang works hard and is close to finish as the day draws near. After taking a well deserved bath at the public bath, the girls give Mahoro her own maid outfit as thanks, designed by them and the idea from Suguru. Minawa too has her own matching set. The gang parts to complete their final preparations. Unknown to them, Feldlance has been observing them. At school where Suguru and Minawa are, Minawa goes off alone to retrieve something when she is being attacked by Keepers’ robots. Mahoro senses Minawa in danger and turns back to rescue her from the clutches of the machines. Suguru also knows something is amiss when he sees Minawa’s ribbon on the ground and shattered glasses strewn all over the place. Mahoro is upset that they have messed up this special place belonging to Suguru and his friends and will take the fight back to them.

Mahoro battles the machines as she tries hard to keep her maid outfit intact. Not possible seeing how violent those robots are. Suguru takes unconscious Minawa to safety as the fight becomes aerial. The fight ends when Mahoro fires several shots into the robot and sends it crashing into Feldlance’s plane high up in the sky. When Minawa comes to, she notices injured Feldlance behind the corner. He says it was them who sent her here and have no intention of bringing her back. This ‘show’ was just a put on so that the higher ups won’t be suspicious. He leaves when Mahoro and Suguru come to check on Minawa. Mahoro tells Minawa to live life to the fullest and to experience things. Ryuuga and Slash come by to offer their help to rebuild the school since Mahoro needs to concentrate on sewing her torn outfit. She beats them up when they mention about her panties being visible. Next day, the gang makes it in time and readies all their preparations to open their cafe. You could say that business is bustling and a sell-out. At the end of the day, Mahoro bakes them a congratulatory cake. As she dances her way, her maid outfit rips to pieces! Luckily the girls brought spare clothes and have Mahoro put those casual ones and set Mahoro and Suguru to go out to the festival together. The other girls also head out with Minawa, leaving the ‘unimportant’ guys behind. During the break, Minawa suddenly gets excited because she thinks everyone is lovey-dovey with Suguru just like how Mahoro is with him, catching everyone by surprise. Well, being with him for a long time doesn’t sound like a good excuse. But they note he is cheerful now because of Mahoro. Night fall, Mahoro changes back to her trademark maid outfit as Suguru comments how this really fits her and it would be nice if they could keep spending time like from now on. But Mahoro knows in her heart she doesn’t have that long (we all also know how the TV series ended, right?). The duo reunite with the rest including drunken Saori (fresh from her awesome solo violin performance. No kidding!) and watch the fireworks.

Still counting down…
I’m not sure if there will be more production of this series. Oddly, I would have preferred the series when it was about the gang having fun and spending time together which probably served as fillers. So when it got a little serious like those background organizations and some intergalactic war thingy, I felt turned off. And with that kind of ending in the TV series, it was a real damper to the series. I thought everybody should’ve died seeing the way things turned out and the uncertain fate of the rest. So it’s better for them to spend their happy youthful days together even if it’s just confiscating Suguru’s porn, right? But you know, these kind of days won’t last forever and Mahoro herself knows that better.

It’s amusing to see the eternal rivalry between Mahoro and Saori. When these 2 argue, it has got to be about these 2 things only: Suguru and boobs. Big flabby ones or small compact ones, take your pick. Because Mahoro is an android, I guess that is the reason why she always comes up tops against Saori. It makes me wonder how that shotacon ever became a teacher. Well, maybe she takes out her fetishes only on Suguru? Till he grows up as seen then. Minawa is another amusing character. She’s so clumsy and klutzy in every moment that you’d find her adorable and lovable. Really. She has that blur look on that face and her soft and slow talking makes her even cuter. I guess her role in this series is as the dojikko maid rather than anything else. The other funny girl is Chizuko and her huge appetite. She really loves to eat and she has this hilarious skill that when she pops a food into her mouth, she goes into superb ecstasy so much so she can even tell where the ingredients came from! She can be an excellent food critic when she grows up.

Romance wise, don’t expect to see any of the characters becoming a couple. That’s because we’ve seen the ending in the future, right? Even if Mahoro and Suguru are oblivious to each other’s feelings, at least they have come to terms that they do need each other. Even their girl pals and Saori did acknowledge their lost so it’s about time they give up. Can’t beat a maid who is good in almost everything, right? Same direction too with Minawa and Hamaji. That clumsy girl is too blur and naive while that guy is too panicky so you can see each time even no matter how many times they’ve been given a chance together, it’s back to square one.

After Mahoro’s ultimate clash with Ryuuga, I felt like that Saint dude has been relegated to a secondary supporting character in the second season and he is just bumming around though his reason is to live an ordinary human life. The same case with Slash. Hey, I think Guri has gotten pretty attached to him, don’t you think? As for the other characters in Vesper, Saint and Keepers, I felt they didn’t have a major impact on the series except for the climax part when it matters most. Those Vesper guys (except Yuichiro) have never meet Mahoro ever since she started becoming Suguru’s maid while we’ll never know the reason about Mephlis final words about feelings betraying him.

All the opening themes are sung by Ayako Kawasumi (who is also the voice for Mahoro). I don’t know how to put it, but they sound like they are connected to each other. The songs are Kaerimichi – On The Way Home (1st season), Soreiyu (2nd season) and Tadaima No Kaze (OVA). As for the ending themes, they are sung by the trio of Miyuki, Rin and Chizuko. It feels like each of them has a particular theme. For instance, Mahoro De Mambo of the 1st season felt like mambo, Triomatic Ran! Ran! in the 2nd season has that marching beat, Summer Special’s Hiryu Musume Ha! Date Ondo akin to a festival beat and Ma No Tsugi Bugi from the OVA resembles like the showy Broadway. Each of them sees the trio in chibi form doing their dance and also that trademark ecchi line somewhere in the middle. For the TV series, after the ending credits and before the next episode preview, viewers are treated to a short segment called Satellite Poemer. I’m not the kind of person who appreciates poems so I don’t really get it when the characters start waxing lyrical about the ordinary stuff like food or being together with someone.

So people with maids out there, treat them better for they are humans and not androids in the first place. For Suguru and Mahoro’s case, I hope it won’t make people get the wrong impression that a master and servant’s relationship should go further and deeper than it is. Remember to properly hide your Playboy magazines if you don’t want others to stumble upon it. Who needs that anymore when you have the internet, right? See, you can eradicate a huge secret powerful organization but not porn.