April 14, 2019

Initially I was planning to watch Darling In The Franxx seeing that it was that time again I felt I should watch a mecha anime. Mecha series by Trigger aren’t so bad, right? At least I watched Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann a long time ago although this was by their former studio, Gainax. But after reading mixed reviews of it, I had second thoughts. Then I read how SSSS.Gridman was better and more fun and thus I followed my guts to watch it. Here I am. So technically this isn’t a mecha series and a tokusatsu one. Yeah, I do had my fair share of watching the tokusatsu series in my younger days like the Ultraman series. I believe watching this one would bring back some of those nostalgic memories. But SSSS.Gridman isn’t an original tokusatsu series by Trigger. At least this is their take of the Gridman series from the early 90’s. Joint collaboration with Tsuburaya Productions who created the Ultra Series and of course Gridman being one of the many creations of it. And so I’m hoping to see some awesome giant hero vs giant monster action to relive those old days…

Episode 1
How conveniently cliché. Yuuta Hibiki is amnesiac. He knows and remembers nothing. Until this Gridman guy calls him. This Hyper Agent wants Yuuta to remember his calling. However only Yuuta can see Gridman on the computer screen and it is just a blank screen for Rikka Takarada. Reluctant Rikka is tasked by her mom to bring Yuuta to a hospital and then send him home. They are classmates but for some reason Yuuta collapsed in front of their store and didn’t wake up when they tried to. Yuuta also sees a giant scenery kaiju but it looks like only he can see it. From his handphone, Rikka is able to locate his address. Another cliché of Yuuta living alone and his parents are conveniently away on a business trip. Next day, his friend, Shou Utsumi pick him up and head to school. Of course, no recollection of who he is. No harm starting over as friends. Rikka’s friends tease her she now has a boyfriend. Because Yuuta had so much on his mind on what happened (oh, the irony), Akane Shinjou gives her special bread as his lunch. Utsumi warns Yuuta that gesture was just out of pity rather than anything nice since Akane is the most likeable girl ever in school. So he is saying he has a crush on her? Utsumi wants to see this Gridman he is talking about so they head back to the store. Gridman repeats his lines and only Yuuta can see him. Rikka thinks of sending him back to the hospital when Yuuta feels something strange. Something bad is going to happen. Suddenly a kaiju pops up and starts destroying everything! Cars flying, buildings on fire. Yeah, one of the fireballs hit school! Hearing Gridman’s voice of the need to combine, Yuuta gets sucked into Junk (the computer). Now he materializes as a giant Gridman and battles the kaiju. Too bad he runs out of energy fast! Utsumi notices Yuuta’s voice can be heard from Junk. He also realizes the kaiju’s weakness on the neck. Rikka thinks the only way to communicate is to type into Junk. Yuuta receives the message and decapitates the kaiju before destroying it with his beam. Once over, Yuuta is purged from Junk but Gridman says this is only the beginning and there are many more to come. Utsumi is thrilled they saved the city and should form an alliance but for Rikka, she can only take so much for today. Next day, the trio are shocked that the school is back to normal. Like it was never destroyed in the first place.

Episode 2
Nobody remembers about the kaiju or Gridman. Like as though everything is reset. Almost. The trio notice some of their friends are missing. Akane seems interested about this Gridman that Yuuta is talking about but he only can say what he knows. Akane returns to her home where it is filled with rubbish and cabinets of tokusatsu models. It looks like she is conspiring with Alexis Kerib to materialize the kaiju. When the trio are before Junk again, this time this weird man, Samurai Calibur walks in to optimize Junk. Now Utsumi and Rikka can see and hear Gridman! Now they go around asking the families of their missing classmates but it seems all of them have died some time ago. Rikka feels depressed because she doesn’t want to lose friends this way and be the only one who remembers them. Akane finishes another kaiju and with Alexis materializing it, she decides to kill her homeroom teacher because today he bumped into her and did not apologize. And yeah, lots of destruction and casualties just to smoke out one guy. Our heroes return to Gridman as he tells Yuuta he only exists in energy form in this world. So unless Yuuta accepts him, he cannot fight. Hence Gridman gives his Primal Accepter so Yuuta could call forth and combine with him. Gridman fights the kaiju but looks like the beam isn’t working this time and reflects back. Damn, is Gridman this weak and is low on power? Are we out of options? Not if Calibur can help. It seems he doesn’t turn into another Gridman but rather a giant sword for Gridman to use. With that, Gridman slashes the kaiju in half. The day is saved and Akane is not pleased Gridman ‘cheated’. Rikka is glad her friends are still alive and goes to meet them. Yuuta feels sad he couldn’t save some people but as Calibur puts it, had he not step in, more would have died. He must continue what he is doing. Next day, looks like everything is reset once more. At least the homeroom teacher is still alive and this time he is politer.

Episode 3
Akane seems to be making a deal with a petite kid, Anti. Utsumi tells Yuuta his theory that if Calibur could transform into a sword, could it be that humans can transform into kaiju? This makes Yuuta feel guilty but no time for that since a kaiju is detected. Akane has given the signal to Anti transform into a kaiju to lure out Gridman. So as Yuuta combines with Gridman to fight, he realizes this kaiju can talk. Further making him guilty that kaiju is indeed a human. Now that he can’t fight, he gets pummelled. Even when Calibur comes to assist, the kaiju is faster and stronger. Oh no. Junk turns off and Yuuta and Calibur didn’t come back. Are they dead? Rikka and Utsumi fall into depression, causing some tension in between. Meanwhile happy Akane treats Anti to food and notes what Utsumi said about kaiju being human. If he only knew that kaiju had no true form. As Rikka and Utsumi continue to sulk, a bunch of Calibur’s weird friends enter. They say Calibur and Gridman aren’t dead. What about Yuuta? Why don’t they call him themselves? Guess what? He picks up his phone! But he is unsure where he is. As Calibur explains, they are just waiting for the kaiju to pop up to fight again. So far still waiting… So this waiting game is called off as Calibur returns to reality. Gridman returns to lure out the kaiju. Akane is not amused Gridman is alive and has Anti transform again. Another fight on the cards and this time Gridman is able to confirm this kaiju is purely a kaiju and its goal is to destroy Gridman. Now he can fight with clear conscience. This time Gridman is assisted by Battle Tracto Max, a battle tank who can also combine to become Gridman’s huge power arms! Gridman matches the kaiju’s speed and strength. I believe it is Gridman’s victory even if the kaiju isn’t destroyed. Because it ran out of power and reverted back to Anti. Akane is glad with Yuuta’s return. Gridman introduces Yuuta to his allies, Neon Genesis Junior High Students. Together with Calibur, Max, Buster Borr and Sky “Vit” Vitter will be helping him fight alongside Gridman. Now that the tables are turned, Akane is displeased with Anti and throws food at him.

Episode 4
Akane suspects Yuuta to be Gridman but has no conclusive proof. So she tries to get close to Rikka. Rikka’s friends, Namiko and Hass seem to have hooked themselves up with a group date with some popular online boys known as Arcadia. They invite Rikka to join and since Akane wants in, I guess it’s perfect. You bet Yuuta and Utsumi aren’t thrilled about hearing this. What else to do? Tail them in secret! At the karaoke, one of the guys was unknowingly rude to Akane so she made an excuse that she needed to leave. With that, I guess Utsumi calls off the ‘stalking’. But it’s not for Yuuta. He is worried seeing Rikka getting along fine with one of the boys. Heck, even Max comes to talk to him and asks him if he likes Rikka (which he somewhat confesses. Maybe) since it is so frustrating to watch them. Anti still hangs out outside Akane’s place. She isn’t amused but offers him a chance to kill Arcadia. However Anti can’t do that as his mission is only to defeat Gridman. Akane ignores him. Something then happens to 3 of the Arcadia boys. When Rikka meets up with her friends, she knows something is wrong as the sole Arcadia boy and like everyone else believes there is only a member in this group. Rikka then goes to meet him and is now certain when he is being targeted when a strange fog envelops. And then… Tentacle attack from a kaiju! If not for Calibur saving them, they could’ve been goners. Calibur relays this back to his comrades and Gridman is shocked that there is a kaiju he cannot detect. Oh well, time to fight. However with Anti in the picture, the monsters fight each other for the right to fight Gridman. This has Neon Genesis all jumping into Junk to help. But wait. This old PC can’t handle the power and starts to ‘freeze’! How to solve? Rikka unplugs to restart it and even kicks it! It works! Old fashioned urban legend works! With all of them coming back to reality, looks like Yuuta only brings Max into the fight. After Gridman defeats the kaiju, too bad Anti ran out of power when it’s his turn. Good thing. Because Gridman too. In the aftermath, Yuuta manages to summon his courage to ask Rikka to grab some food together. Score? Well… She calls her friends to join in. So close… But Rikka has thoughts about kaiju appearing near her. Could she be the reason?

Episode 5
A class field trip to the mountains. Such lucky kids because they’re going rafting! During the break, Akane talks to Yuuta. Indirectly she asks about his transformation and although he doesn’t understand what she means, his reaction basically confirms that he is Gridman. With that, Akane calls Alexis to unleash the kaiju. It’s the biggest kaiju ever because the entire mountain becomes one! Of course Yuuta cannot combine with Gridman unless he enters Junk. Instead of evacuating with the rest, Yuuta and co run towards the train station. Luckily along the way there is a public phone. Luckily Utsumi got money. Luckily Rikka knows her shop’s number (yeah, damn phones these days can’t make us remember numbers anymore). Yuuta calls Max to bring Junk over. So they purchase it from Rikka’s mom (do they have enough money?) and bring the entire thing on train! I guess the station master must be kind enough to let them plug in for electricity. Meanwhile Akane is lost as she is puzzled Gridman hasn’t appeared for the longest time. Anti finds her and brings her back. When Yuuta reunites with Neon Genesis, it’s Gridman time. Finally he shows up and Anti too abandons Akane to go fight him. This time no falling out between the kaiju as they relentlessly attack Gridman. Gridman has assistance from Borr who is a driller with missiles. Eventually they destroy the big kaiju with some ultimate beam missile attack and the earth all came crushing down on Anti. In the aftermath as they go back, Max ponders why the kaiju only appears around Yuuta. Hmm…

Episode 6
Yuuta continues to ponder Akane’s words. Because everyone has already forgotten about the field trip, he wonders if Akane is not affected by the reset. Meanwhile Anti is still hanging out at Akane’s place, awaiting for her orders. She tells him to go kill Yuuta. Kill him and there will be no more Gridman. You mean he believes her just like that?! Too bad Rikka finds Anti foraging for food and takes pity on him. Not only she feeds him but takes him back to her place to bath him. WTF?! Akane on the other hand sees Utsumi and talks to him about being a fan of the kaiju. They hit off but her goal is to ask if Yuuta is hiding something. Eventually Utsumi replies Yuuta is Yuuta. He can’t tell her on the grounds he doesn’t want to get her involved. Elsewhere, Yuuta meets a strange girl who claims she is a kaiju. She wants him to ‘date’ her and the treats are on her. As they take a train out of the city, she tells him nothing exists outside of the city. When the train reaches the boundary, Yuuta falls asleep. Only her music has him regain his consciousness. She reveals that Akane is the one who is making the kaiju, destroying and fixing the city over and over again. This is to suit her liking and all those killed are those she didn’t like. While making all the kaiju, her heart and the city have become like a kaiju. Hence Akane is like God and her twisted heart allows her to be manipulated by somebody else. If Akane is making kaiju, why is this girl against her? She is not made out of Akane and is the original kaiju that existed long before this. She is telling him all this as thanks since her predecessors owe him a lot. Yeah, thank his amnesia for not recalling all that. As Yuuta makes his way home, Anti attacks him but Max and Calibur protect him. They reason there is no Gridman here and just a normal human. Anti gives up and leaves. Yuuta recognizes him as the talking kaiju as Max suggests reporting this to Gridman. Failed Anti returns to Akane. He should know the mistreatment he is going to get for failure.

Episode 7
Yuuta tells his friends about what the kaiju girl said but they find it hard to believe. In school, Anti attacks Yuuta directly but is told that Gridman will not appear if there is no kaiju. Anti leaves but hatches an idea. Yuuta then asks Gridman about the kaiju girl but he too doesn’t recall anything about her. Yuuta’s only option is to ask Akane directly. Oh, she’s waiting for him in his room! Since he knows her secret, this makes it easier for her to explain. She wants him to join her and they can do whatever they want as God. He rejects because he cannot betray his friends. He is appalled to hear the reasons she killed off people and then rebuild the city. When he asks how she makes those kaiju, she then calls Alexis to meet up. He mentions how Akane designs the monsters and he only brings them to life. Yuuta’s Primal Acceptor resonates, indicating a kaiju but Akane brushes it off she didn’t make any for today. Then how do you explain this UFO flying outside?! Yuuta returns to Gridman to fight. But it seems the UFO can regenerate and its attack and speed faster than before. Akane returns home only to learn this UFO was made by Anti. It is possible because his hatred for Gridman is even greater than hers. With Gridman having a hard time with the UFO, Vit lends his assistance as he is a jet. With aerial capabilities, Gridman finds the monster controlling the UFOs in the clouds and Anti is with it. They soon fight but our friends soon learn what Yuuta said is true because they see a flying city. Gridman easily defeats the kaiju and Anti. Alexis now believes Anti isn’t strong enough like Akane to create true kaiju. He is going to discipline that kid. So when that failure is rummaging for food, Alexis attacks him and blinds an eye.

Episode 8
Not sure why Neon Genesis is discussing with Yuuta and co about the floating city and aliens (Alexis) at school. They’re sure attracting attention and have to put this off to another time. When they confront Akane, since they know she is the source of the kaiju, this makes it easier for her to explain her plan. She is going to unleash one during the cultural festival and shows them the upgraded kaiju she made. Back at their base, they discuss about this as well as Gridman maximising his power if he reduces his size. This way, all of Neon Genesis can participate and doesn’t use up much power. However Rikka is against the idea of fighting her friend. Postponing the festival or even telling Akane nicely not to do it seem unlikely. Utsumi hits Rikka’s nerve when he says she uses her emotions to think. So the guys go talk to Akane directly but she refuses to back down. She claims she hates the festival and believes to guys too share the same sentiments. Meanwhile injured Anti stumbles into Rikka’s mom’s shop. Borr is suspicious but Calibur allows mom to feed him and then let him leave without saying a word of thanks. All this just to get his contacts? Akane and Rikka talk. The former confirming killing others. When Rikka doesn’t accept her ways, Akane dares her to kill her then. She can’t. There is no way anything Akane does will make Rikka hate her. She designed her that way. Akane tries to tempt her to join her side but Rikka refuses. Rikka then talks to Yuuta about her failed talk with Akane. She thinks of apologizing to Utsumi first because he wouldn’t expect that. This gives Yuuta an idea. On the day of the festival, Gridman pops up first. With the people in disarray, they evacuate and this reduces the casualties. Furious Akane releases the kaiju. Gridman is half his size but is able to combine with all Neon Genesis to become one might mecha and kick ass! In the aftermath, Utsumi and Akane apologize to each other. Akane didn’t come to school, citing she isn’t well but her words still resonate with Rikka. For the rest of the afternoon, the festival went on well without a hitch.

Episode 9
Is this a restart? Yuuta having amnesia again. But this time Rikka is replaced with Akane. This time she claims they are dating. Meanwhile Utsumi is thrilled with Akane being a kaiju fan and they go to kaiju conventions to buy kaiju stuffs. Also, Rikka is very good friends with Akane. Of course as you might have guessed, it is all a dream. Our young ones are in a deep hypnotic sleep. Anti is mad there is a kaiju but Gridman hasn’t showed up. He confronts Neon Genesis but is told Gridman is on ‘vacation’. Anti heeds their advice to defeat the kaiju so that Gridman could appear. Thing is, the kaiju is like a ghost. It just passes through everything without making any damage. Hence Anti cannot connect his attacks. At the graveyard, Yuuta after seeing Gridman’s reflection, remembers reality. He will not join her in living in this dream forever because there are some things he must do. Bye. At the same time, Utsumi also realizes this is a dream as his other friends are not around and he is experience streaks of good luck. Bye. Same case for Rikka. She won’t stay forever in this dream of hers. Bye. Akane is left disappointed and sad that she cannot even reach them in their dreams. So Yuuta summons Gridman to defeat the kaiju. But that is just the dream world. In reality, the kaiju materializes and starts destroying. Neon Genesis then combine themselves to form Powered Zenon and take down the kaiju. Anti calls Calibur why Gridman still hasn’t shown up. Because there is no need to. Gridman will not fight Anti since he is a living being with a heart. Anti insists he is still a kaiju. With Yuuta and co waking up, they point out there is still someone who needs to wake up: Akane.

Episode 10
The gang are talking about Akane being God and if so, are their memories also created by her. The best way is to ask her directly but it looks like her home is no more. It’s just an empty space. She must have ran away. So more discussion about memories and if she is the reason why Yuuta lost them and Gridman initially being incomplete. Like as though they were separated before coming here. As Calibur fights Anti, he asks the question of what he will do after defeating Gridman. That stunned look says it all. He never thought that far. A kaiju appears. Gridman and Neon Genesis combine to easily take it out. Of course Anti joins the fray but is easily defeated. Again. It seems the earlier kaiju’s corpse continue to remain and as for why Anti is always spared despite being a kaiju, Gridman says he is alive. Unlike other kaiju who aren’t living things as they are created out from Akane’s malice. Damn technicalities. Akane is depressed of yet another failure. Anti asks why she gave life to him. She claims he isn’t one anymore because kaiju cannot read people’s feelings. She tells him to go somewhere and do something else. Another kaiju bursts out from the earlier kaiju’s corpse. It kills all the other scenery kaiju. When Gridman and Neon Genesis go to tackle it, they get easily overwhelmed by its power, speed, agility and pranks. Like as though it can read their movements. Gridman is going to lose for real when suddenly Anti comes to his defence. Reminding us again his goal is to crush him, Anti then transforms into his own version of Gridman. He knows this kaiju is Akane’s heart. Hence he can read her feelings. Anti uses this to his advantage and defeats the kaiju. The rest realizes Anti’s true form. He is actually Gridknight, one who protects Gridman. At this point Akane has found their base and realizes how Junk works to materialize Gridman. Not even God knows everything. Because she throws away a lot of things that she can’t remember. Then that’s not God, am I right? When Yuuta tries to talk to Akane about being used by Alexis, she stabs him.

Episode 11
Akane then trashes Junk. But the most mind boggling part is how everyone just stood around in shock and let Akane leave slowly. Like, WTF?! With all communications down, they can’t call for an ambulance so they send him to hospital. Thankfully he lives (because main character) as his vitals are missed but in coma. Alexis confronts depressed Akane and wants her to make kaiju but she can’t anymore. Gridman is no more after she stabbed Yuuta. But there is still Gridknight. Even so, she can’t. So Alexis uses previous kaiju models to go on a rampage. Anti pops up at the hospital. Because he is no longer a kaiju, he is here to repay his debts of causing trouble to humanity by fighting the kaiju. Unlike Neon Genesis who can’t help if Gridman isn’t around, Anti can become Gridknight easily. Although he fights the hordes of kaiju, there are still too many. Neon Genesis then returns to fix Junk. Yuuta dreams of Gridman. In short, Yuuta is actually Gridman. When he wakes up, he tells Utsumi the truth of why he has no memories. He is Gridman inhabiting Yuuta’s body. Until Gridman is gone, the original Yuuta will wake up. He understands why Akane had to stab him since she was driven to a corner in a world she made. That’s why there is only something he must do. Yuuta returns to Junk and with Neon Genesis by his side, Gridman returns to aid Gridknight dispose all of the kaiju. Rikka finally finds Akane but is told to go back to her friends since this doesn’t involve her. Rikka snaps back it does. Aren’t they already friends? Conversation interrupted when Alexis needs Akane’s kaiju. She still insists she can’t make them but he corrects her that he is fine with her becoming one. Instance abreaction!

Episode 12
With Akane the kaiju running rampant, Yuuta tells Anti to take care of her because he has something to do first. Alexis mocks Rikka for thinking that she is Akane’s friend. A creation of God who thinks she is God’s friend? How sad. Alexis claims Akane did not change and she was like this from the start. Because nothing changed, that’s why everything is so great. Rikka vows to change Akane. Good timing as Yuuta is here to pick her up. Then it’s off to pick Utsumi who feels useless as a normal kid who did nothing. Story can’t move if he keeps sulking so let’s go. Anti manages to dive deep into the kaiju to pluck Akane out. But he is promptly disposed off by Alexis. They’re so busy talking that they didn’t notice him creeping up? Alexis then combines with Akane to become a kaiju. Since she still has all that hatred, this gives Alexis the power. Back at base, all of Neon Genesis get their own Primal Acceptor. This allows them to combine with Gridman and transform into their ultimate true form, which is the original Gridman design. It might look like Gridman easily beating up Alexis but it seems he can regenerate. All thanks to the being empty and hence infinite. Alexis explains there was nothing here but providing kaiju to Akane allowed her to create and destroy and ideal city. Because there are some irregular factors beyond her control, the reason she needed kaiju to do so. Hence Alexis wants to make that wish come true by doing that over and over again. When Gridman is on the verge of defeat, he bounces back with Fixer Beam! Apparently this beam supposedly fixes Akane’s heart. But its true power comes from humans because you know, the power of mortals and being finite. That’s how you defeat something immortal! With that, the city and everything returns to normal. Akane is still having doubts about leaving but with the voice of her friends have her come out of the darkest recess of her heart. In the aftermath, Akane and Rikka talk. Akane wants to leave town because she has done unforgivable things. She admits she is a coward and is weak. Rikka gives her a parting gift and hopes wherever she goes, she will leave an impression. She is after all their God. And in a blink of an eye, Akane disappears. Now it is time to say goodbye to Gridman and Neon Genesis since they too will be leaving for home after sealing up Alexis. Some words of gratitude and hope before our heroes fly for home. Utsumi and Rikka wait for the original Yuuta to wake up. Meanwhile Anti is saved by the kaiju girl. Because he has repaid his debts, he is now like one of them and her family before. Last scene sees Akane wake up from bed into real life. I mean, real 3D footage!

Bakemonogatari: Greatman!
So Akane wakes back up and returns to reality? Everything in this world we have seen was just part of her dream? I have to say that I somewhat understand her because there were times that we just want to run away from the real world and create our own world and live in that idealistic and perfect fantasy world that we live in. Assuming this was all just a dream and in her head, the basic rule of thumb for every dream is that it will eventually end and you will have to wake up. Oh well. I suppose if the world Akane crafted isn’t working out the way she wants to, might as well return to crappy reality where a lot more things are out of her own control. What happens to the world that Akane has left behind? Probably doing fine on their own as long as Akane is also doing fine.

The story isn’t anything exciting but it isn’t all that boring either. There is this mixed feeling of both. Because aside the action bits, there is a lot of drama in between. The mystery of who Yuuta actually is, the goal of Akane, what the heck is Alexis and his goal as well as the curious nature and setting of the town itself are all intriguing questions to keep you wondering but eventually when you think about the overall story at the end, there isn’t nothing much to it to tell actually. Basically the power of humanity and the finite saving the day because when you have something so limited, it gives off more value. Yeah, that limited edition thingy that is out of production must be worth a lot, right?

The same can be said for most of the characters. Because in between the tokusatsu action, there seems to be some sort of, uhm, draggy drama between the friends. It isn’t like Yuuta’s group of friends are the most exciting and happening group ever. It feels like a strange group of bedfellows only coming together because of the loose relation they are to Gridman. I mean, nobody else in this town retain their memories after the reset. So it only make sense that these people stick together. Otherwise, Yuuta being the main character as well as being Gridman himself doesn’t sound really exciting. I mean, I had the gist that he is Gridman in the earlier episodes because otherwise how to explain his convenient amnesia. Then you have Utsumi who is just more of an Ultra series and kaiju maniac and Rikka just being a normal girl and possibly stirring up some romantic interest but (thankfully) never materialized. She just ended up being somewhat friends with Akane, that’s all. I suppose that is important enough for Akane to move on. As cliché as it is, Rikka has a couple of friends who aren’t important to the plot. But I keep wondering if Hass has some sort of chuunibyou or eternally sick since she has the sick mask always on. Unless this gives her some sort of character that we don’t really care.

But they aren’t as bad as Neon Genesis whom I feel are like as useful as the accessories role they are meant to be. Because seeing the big masked guy, the serious guy with swords, the bratty violent little girl (who loves kicking Utsumi’s shins) and the uhm, normal guy hang out and bumming around at Rikka’s mom’s place makes them feel that they aren’t of any use. Unless Gridman goes into action, only then they can flesh out their role as weapon-cum-vehicle-cum-accessories to aid Gridman. Other than that, they’re like just hanging around and if Rikka’s mom wasn’t this laidback and if I was her, I should be asking them if they really have anything else better to do like get a part time job instead of waiting for kaiju to show up and then transform.

Then there is Akane as the supposed villainess but she is just a lost girl. Despite we are told that she is playing God and the God of this world she creates, it feels she isn’t any close to the omnipotent and omniscient as the Almighty. Perhaps what she wants is just a nice little world to be with her friends. But it keeps backfiring since they don’t usually go her way. Ironically she cannot bend them to her will, the way she wants them and this causes her to sink further into depression. Akane’s case of wanting to play safe and stay in a dream is one of those debatable subjects because if the real world and reality sucks so hard, shouldn’t this be a lot better? Unfortunately for the sake of a better story, ‘good guys’ will usually have the mentality that it is much better to suffer in reality and take on all the pain because it proves we are alive, blah, blah, blah. Rather than stay in the comfort zone of the dream forever. Yeah, like WTF. You representing all of humanity now? Can Akane just stay happy in her own dream? If she doesn’t have this what else will she have? Oh right. Her friends. Damn clichés.

Anti also feels weird at the start. It soon became some sort of a running joke that he only exists to be defeated. Quite the irony of his role and existence to defeat Gridman. Because he rushes into battle, tries to turn the tide in hopes that would make him fight Gridman, but in the end, he never wins. Gridman defeats him or he runs out of power to continue. Is this some sort of joke? Then I should have seen this coming but they pulled the rug from under my feet. Because if you constantly fight an enemy but do not clearly defeat it, then there is a possibility that the enemy will become your ally. I mean, it’s variation of the shonen cliché of the enemies you defeat then become your friends. With Anti becoming Gridknight, now Gridman has an ally to help fight kaiju. Better than fighting each other and having the same stalemate outcome, right? Too bad Gridman has gone home. How will he ever get a chance to defeat him again? He finally finds his redemption and now groupies with the kaiju girl whom I believe is the personification of all the other real kaiju of other tokusatsu series. I mean, where do dead kaiju go after being defeated? I think there’s a deeper meaning and connection for the kaiju girl. Otherwise if you’re a casual viewer like me, her appearance doesn’t make any sense or meaning to everything. And Alexis being the final boss whose goal is to destroy via using someone sharing those same sentiments? Pfft. Boring.

It’s been a long time since I left the tokusatsu world and even though it did rekindle some nostalgia, I guess there are still certain stuffs I find it pretty funny or strange. For example when such great warriors meant to fight great monsters could quickly run out of power! OMG. Don’t they carry a spare battery? I remember during my Ultraman years, this was mainly the talking point among my friends of how ‘weak’ Ultraman is because he runs out of energy after taking a few measly beatings from the monster. So it’s the same here. Gridman running out of energy after a bout, were they like fighting for half a day? It’s not even 5 minutes and his blinker is already blinking. You can say his giant size takes energy to maintain but with all the great technology today, surely they could have improved on this, no?

Then there is the part where the tokusatsu fights the monsters and leave a trail of damage in the city. Because in every episode of the tokusatsu series, it’s like the city has been reset. Do you know how long it would take for the city’s infrastructure to be rebuilt? I know national safety is priority but if Ultraman is going to beat down the kaiju every week, Japan isn’t going to be a habitable place for years to come. And with the people going about in their daily lives, not fearing another kaiju will pop up, they must really trust Ultraman to come to save the day, huh? I mean, you want to put your child in constant danger by living in such dangerous environment? Better migrate to somewhere where kaiju don’t appear. So this series may provide that answer that was plaguing my younger days of this issue. It’s a solution that I accept even if it might not be the best answer.

And the scenery kaiju that are supposed to clean up the town and reset it back to normal, that could be a representation of how we as kids used to play with toys with our own hands. We use our imagination to crush and destroy imaginary cities and the likes. Once it’s over, we put it all back into the box. Yeah, this feels very much like it. Or how we create scenes and stories in our head and the next time if we didn’t like how it went, we can just ‘revert’ to that original point and imagine another route.

Of course now it goes without saying that the best parts of this series and other tokusatsu shows are the action sequences. At least, that is the attraction of the genre. The reason why we kids look forward each week to see what kind of ‘creative’ monsters the tokusatsu will fight. While the fights here might be cliché, but it is a big load of fun. The fights don’t take a bulk of the episode and don’t last long. After all, tokusatsu battles are like huge wrestling matches infused with some magic beams and other accessories. They need to sell their merchandise so it’s only logical why the hero has so many other accessories to combine with and a few variations to go with it. So seeing Gridman taking on the kaiju here does feel fun and takes my mind off the less than impressive drama moments.

Art and animation feel pretty good. The character designs might not be that unique or impressive but considering this is made by Trigger, the art looks a lot better than some of their other works that has that cartoonish looks. Like Little Witch Academia, Kill La Kill and even Darling In The Franxx. CGI is also used but they don’t stand out like a sore thumb as they blend perfectly during the action sequences. If they start putting in real live people in rubber suits, I think that will be a big slap in the face. I believe the kaiju designs are taken inspiration from other tokusatsu series but they don’t ring a bell since I wasn’t that big of a tokusatsu fan then but it’s just a feeling. Yeah, I could still identify an Alien Baltan if they put one in. And of course Gridman having close resemblance to Ultraman needs no further explanation. Looks great and his combination sometimes make me feel he has turned into Transformers.

Voice acting feels pretty normal. Nothing spectacular to men. Helming the casts are Yuuya Hirose as Yuuta (Aizawa in Handa-kun), Hikaru Midorikawa as Gridman (Lancer in Fate series), Yume Miyamoto as Rikka (Megumi in GJ-Bu), Souma Saitou as Utsumi (Tatsumi in Akame Ga Kill), Reina Ueda as Akane (Mira in Dimension W), Tetsu Inada as Alexis, (Komamura in Bleach) Katsuyuki Konishi as Max (Oga in Beelzebub), Ryousuke Takahashi as Calibur and Masaya Matsukaze as Vit (Saiko in Saiki Kusuo No Psi-nan). Although I recognized Kenichi Suzumura as Anti, I never did for Aoi Yuuki as Borr until I finished watching. I thought her was familiar but never bothered to really think about it. Though she wasn’t in that trademark cutie squeaky voice, recently she has been voicing character roles that move away from that stereotype. Hence I never thought it would be her.

I love the opening theme of this series, Union by OxT. It is a catchy rock piece that befits the genre and this series like a glove. Now I’m having a dilemma if this song is better than Clattanoia from Overlord. Because the rock side isn’t as heavy as the latter and it gives that hype feeling that you want to support Gridman or other favourite tokusatsu heroes. Can they be joint number one? The ending theme is also another rock outfit, Youthful Beautiful by Maaya Uchida. Also not bad but in comparison I would prefer to hear Union. There are a few insert songs but I found out that they are from the soundtrack of Inferno Cop. Heck, even the original Gridman song made a cameo in the final episode, Dream Hero by Norio Sakai. I didn’t see this series but sampling this song, how come it feels like 80’s disco?

Overall, it was a fun series to watch for the season. It brought back some nostalgic memories of the genre. Especially the fight scenes, slick animation and the opening theme but not so much the characters and the story (I read somebody online made a pun of SSS being Show’s Story Seriously Sucks! Somehow I couldn’t agree more). It wasn’t so explosively loud or in your face like Kill La Kill or Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. It is simplistic in its own way and not too overbearing. After all, the clichés are abound only because it is somewhat a tribute to the original Gridman. If there are more tokusatsu animes like this, I would sure like to give it a chance. But hopefully they can fix the low energy problem by that time. You know how annoying when your Smartphone runs low on battery power and then suddenly goes blank, right? Damn, the irony of the limits of finite power!

Blue Gender

July 15, 2017

Imagine yourself putting yourself to sleep in a cryogenic freezer in hopes to see a better world in the future. And when that supposed time came, all you see is destruction and overrun by aliens. Is this the future you sign up for? Oh hell. This is reality. Deal with it! This is the case for our main protagonist in Blue Gender. He has an incurable disease that current medical technology cannot cure so he undergoes a programme in hopes the future will hold a key to save his life. Should have wished he slept forever because now it has turned into a hell hole and a survival mode set on the most difficult level ever.

Episode 1: One Day
Yuji Kaido wakes up in a daze and confused. He has been sleeping in some chamber and several men are trying to transport him out. They are then attacked and devoured by a bug monster. Yuji is of course terrified as he climbs out of the chamber. He could have been its next meal had not a mecha ally save him. But since he doesn’t know if this is friend or foe, he runs away. His memories slowly come back as he looks around his dystopian surrounding. Wasn’t Japan a pretty normal place? Oh yeah. The doctor told him he had an incurable disease. He and a few other patients underwent some genome therapy. Something about the current medical technology isn’t available to cure them so they are put to sleep and to be waken up several years later. Well, looks like Yuji woke up to a nightmare. He might want to go back to sleep… Because monster bugs eat and spit out humans like giant cabbage balls! He further remembers his best friend Takashi promised to take him to a faraway trip the next time he wakes up. Wanna bet he is already in a ‘faraway place’ right now? Just kidding. Another bug attacks. Luckily mecha ally saves the day. This time Yuji sees the pilot’s face. Marlene Angel and she is human. Thank goodness, right? She has him follow her orders if he wants to live. More bugs invade. Luckily her comrades, Keith Bean and Joey Heald jump in to help kick bug ass. Once the rest of the team arrives, they bomb the entire facility as they make their escape. Yuji has some questions. Marlene answers them. This is the year 20131. Those monsters are called Blue, a mysterious lifeform that is a threat to mankind.

Episode 2: Cry
While they rest and eat, Yuji learns that there were orders to retrieve Sleeper samples like him. Luckily Yuji as the only surviving Sleeper left because had there been no survivors, the team would have been abandoned. Yuji becomes mad because he didn’t want to wake up to this nightmare. I suppose a few more explanations to calm him down? It is unknown how long Blue existed but their existence was confirmed in 2017. At first they thought it is some biological weapon created by a rogue nation but they soon turn out different. They are attracted to human civilization to feed on them. Before you know it, Earth has become their nesting ground. Blue has also evolved in their own ways. When humans ran out of place to hide, the survivors are now living in space orbiting the planet, Second Earth. The team is to wait for pickup orders. Yuji is still not happy and would rather continue sleeping? Or would he rather die? Marlene tells him off he is free to die. But till she clears her orders to bring him back to the space station, he must live. As the team prepares to take off at the sea airport, Yuji sees many other Sleepers. Apparently there are quite a few around the country and other teams have orders to retrieve them. Guess what? Yuji wants to wake them all up! WTF?! He himself didn’t want to wake up to this nightmare and now he wants to let other Sleepers experience this nightmare?! Oh yeah, Blue now attacks. Such great timing. This surprise attack results in lots of casualties. And Yuji still wants to wake up those Sleepers? Marlene, please slap this guy to his senses. Thank you. Let’s go. Eventually they manage to take flight. Too bad other Sleepers perished. Good news? Perished in their sleep. Sorry, my bad. Yuji is still angry he would rather die than wake up to this nightmare. But then he changes his mind he doesn’t want to lose to these bugs.

Episode 3: Trial
With the rise in activity of Blue, they have to take a detour to meet up with the recovery team. They are still being attacked. Since Yuji is still chicken sh*t, in the aftermath he wants to learn how to fight to be of use. But Marlene is against it since she won’t jeopardize the mission. Joey wants to give Yuji a chance since they are short on men so Marlene will only allow 3 days. I hope that’s enough time. Luckily Yuji has some talent. Then there is this weird moment whereby Joey is humming a song Yuji’s mom once sang to him. It’s nostalgic. Strange to hear both guys hum a strange tune… Next day when they are to depart to sea, another Blue wave attacks. Yuji and Joey team up in their mecha to fight but Yuji still has some fear. Okay, make that lots of fear. Their mecha is knocked down and despite Yuji trying to draw his will to live, he is still pissing in his pants when the Blue is trying to rip open the mecha. Again he needs Marlene to save his ass while he conveniently faints. When he wakes up, the team is starting to depart. He goes to join Joey fixing the mecha. And they hum that weird tune together… Why do I find this creepier than Blue?

Episode 4: Agony
When they arrive in Korea, it seems the entire recovery team is wiped out. They need to find a way to contact Second Earth now. As they move along, Yuji spots a young girl, Yung and her dog being cornered by a Blue. The team ignores his plea to go rescue her so Yuji jumps out to go kill the Blue. Wow. His first kill! Proud, aren’t you? But Marlene slaps him because this would only attract more Blue. For the time being they have to camp here so they follow Yung to some secret hideout where there are other survivors. Yuji is so happy to see others but it seems they aren’t too happy to see them. Yuji disobeys orders as he follows Yung deeper. He sees more people suffering. Can his heart take it? A man tells Yung not to listen to Yuji because people from Second Earth cannot be trusted. When Yuji returns to camp, he demands answers about the people’s condition here. Marlene explains due to limited resources of Second Earth, only those who are picked get to live there. Those left behind are assumed dead. In short, they were abandoned. Don’t tell me Yuji is going to try and save them all? So that night as he sits alone in agony, Yung comes to offer him her food! He isn’t so bad to eat them. Just take one and give back the rest to her. Yung finds him different from the rest so he explains he is from another era. An era where he looked to the future with hope. Safe to say this isn’t the future he was looking for. He promises to save her. He has an idea to contact Second Earth and show them this place’s condition. Then they’ll send a rescue party. Did he lose heart when he returns to camp because he sees Joey and Marlene having sex! Next day, they move out and storm a telecommunications tower. It’s their only chance to contact with Second Earth. But will everything still be working because it is now a nesting for Blue. Oh, they get to witness one hatching right now. It has evolved too!

Episode 5: Priority
Knowing just hatched Blue won’t attack them, they head to the communication room. Surprisingly it is still working although the interference is great. It seems the Russian picks them up so this is their next destination. Apparently the evolved Blue attack them. Marlene is injured but not as bad as Joey. Oddly, this guy asks Yuji if he remembers their friendship song before he dies! WTF?! No wonder Yuji is so traumatized. And Marlene acts like she doesn’t give a damn about Joey’s death. Then they go blow up the bridge which is the only way to get to the secret hideout. Apparently Blue in this area can’t fly or swim but they sure can make their own bridge! Yuji is not happy Marlene plans to use the survivors as bait to lure Blue to a certain area and wipe them out. If he has a better way to save them, please say so. The assault begins and all seems going well till there are too many Blue overrunning the place. All the survivors get killed or eaten. Strangely, Yuji and Yung stare at each other before he sees her being killed before her eyes. WTF. The commander is going to sacrifice himself to blow up the place to take Blue along with him. He tells Marlene to complete her mission to return Yuji. After the big explosion, Yuji becomes sad that he couldn’t save Yung.

Episode 6: Relation
As they trek through the highlands, Yuji still can’t get over Yung’s death. Marlene tells him those people were doomed from the start and that there was nothing they could do. This makes him even mad as he thinks she thinks nothing of those lives. He wants her to spit out the truth she loves Joey because he saw them making out that night. Marlene brushes it off as anything scandalous. Because they don’t know when they will die, it is only right they want to do things that feel alive. They are living in a different time and Yuji’s old values don’t mean anything. They take shelter from the cold as Marlene huddles close to him for body warmth. This didn’t give sweet dreams to Yuji, though. Instead he has Blue nightmare and wakes up in cold sweat. At least he is glad he is still alive. Continuing their trek, Marlene seems tired and slips off the ledge. Luckily Yuji catches her. She feels like she owes him but after all she has done to save him, he calls it even. Suddenly it’s like Yuji has a change in character as he becomes positive! He tells about his promise with Takashi and has hope he might be on Second Earth. She dismisses it due to the selection process. She adds she wasn’t selected too but rather picked up by a rescue squad during another attack wave from Blue. Her hatred for Blue who killed her parents made her trained hard and became a top military student. She also had to learn about ‘survival’ because men forced themselves on her and called it some sort of charm to make it back alive. She likes it? Yuji maintains his optimism that he would go all the way to Second Earth. After all, they’ve already come this far. He wants them to get there alive. That’s the buzzword. It makes Marlene happy and kisses him.

Episode 7: Sympathy
They stumble into a mini paradise. An abandoned township to be exact. It’s no surprise they quickly refresh themselves in the pool. But a damn Blue just had to attack. Luckily Marlene wounds it enough so it escapes. A guy named Dice in a mecha came too late. He claims he is the only friend they’ll find around here. Dice seems to take a liking for Yuji as he has him help fix his mecha while he ignores Marlene. When Marlene threatens, he swiftly overpowers her. But since there is a sign that the Blue might be coming back, they quickly make haste. In his hideout, Dice asks if Yuji would stay here a little longer. But Yuji has come this far and he wants to get to the Russian station with her. Dice understands but can’t come along with them since there is something he still has to do. Next morning, it seems Marlene has left in his mecha. Dice deduces she has gone back to that township since it has a supply depot that houses a buggy. True enough she is there but that damn Blue returns to attack. Yuji tries to be a hero and become the decoy. When Dice struggles with it, he wants Yuji to shoot the core. He can’t do it because Dice is dangerously close to it. With Marlene firing away, Yuji just dumps his worries and follows suit. Finally that pesky Blue is dead. Dice pays tribute to a nearby grave and claims his work is done. He is now able to leave this place and join the duo on their journey.

Episode 8: Oasis
Sandstorm. Blue attack. Almost out of ammunition. But what could be worse than all these? Yuji falling off the buggy! Horror! Luckily he is picked up by a nomad tribe. He makes friends with the chief’s daughter, Elena. Wow. Yuji really getting used to the life in the countryside. Heck, there is even time for them to have romance? And when they are about to kiss, a large explosion ruined the moment. Oh. Looks like bad gangs are coming. If you’ve seen Mad Max, you’ll know what I mean. After rounding up the nomads, they claim to be some military unit hunting down Blue. They are short on supplies and want them to hand over whatever they have. When they refuse, they get violent and start ransacking the place. Elena tries to be a hero but gets kidnapped. This forces Yuji to become a hero as he easily hijacks the mecha and fights back till they escape. Despite the day is saved, the nomads now fear Yuji. They even ignore him. Only Elena won’t treat Yuji like sh*t. She goes to be by his side to talk to him. He found a map to the Russian station in the mecha but is now unsure if he would find any answers if he goes there. Elena says he won’t change wherever he goes. She wants him to stay here by her side. It’s easy to convince a man by inviting a kiss. No interruptions this time. And one thing led to another. No wonder Yuji is all smiles next morning. But then he hears motorized sounds coming from a distance. Looks like Marlene and Dice are closing in.

Episode 9: Confirm
Yuji is happy to see Dice and Marlene, vice versa. Marlene doesn’t look too happy to see Elena close to him. After refilling, Marlene wants to continue their journey but Yuji says he is staying. She fires a warning shot and warns him she will drag him by force. Elena dares her to kill them. Yuji protects her. Marlene puts her gun down. What now? Yuji packs up with the nomads and leave, thinking he will be fine with this happy life. A Blue then attacks Marlene and Dice. They are having a hard time fighting it. Yuji could hear the commotion in the back. Now he is in a dilemma if he should go back and help. So he’s not resolved to live to nomad life? Because here he is thinking which woman he should choose. Screw all that because blondes are better. Yuji turns back and this leaves Elena sad and disappointed. Bye. Yuji went back to get the mecha to help fight and destroy the Blue. Then Yuji continues his journey with them to the Russian station. Once arrived, they part ways with Dice.

Episode 10: Tactics
Several Blue try to attack the base but unmanned sentries easily destroy them. If so, why didn’t the entire Earth armed them you ask? Well, they require lots of energy and their range is limited. And now they have a programming bug problem as they cannot distinguish friend or foe and attack the duo. Luckily the guys from the base help them out. The commander explains their next mission to destroy a Blue nesting in the main computer area so they can get the sentries back on their side and blast off to Second Earth. Later Yuji finds another Sleeper. Seamus Han says he was the one who found her. This beautiful angel asleep in a world of her own instead of this filth they are stuck in. He is sad that they cannot be together much longer once he hands her over to Second Earth. He is dismayed those people think of her more than nothing but a lab specimen. This makes Yuji think a lot about his own predicament. Regretting you should have chosen Elena? Next day, the assault begins. Marlene is in a group fending off Blue and the sentries while Yuji is with Han’s team sneaking into the base to hack the terminal. Yuji is really anxious and trying to pressure Han to be faster because Marlene is really in danger with ammo running low. Why don’t you do it yourself? Finally Han overwrites the system. They prepare to blast off but something is wrong. Han has betrayed the team as he is going to blast off alone with his angel.

Episode 11: Go Mad
Suddenly there’s no power. You think Han is stupid for coming back but he knows they can’t kill him as he is the only one who knows how to hack. They go check out the power source and find an evolved Blue feeding on the energy. Now everybody is scared. Nobody knows what to do. They can’t simply fire or risk damage the sensitive controls. And those out there fighting the horde are fast running out of ammo. Han then just loses it. As he tries to pry the bug off, he screams about giving his angel a better life and fate than this hell hole. I guess the bug got fed up of his incessant stabbing on its hard shell so it turns around and sucks the hell out of his life force. And after only Han died, they shoot and kill it. WTF. The rest try to figure out how to restore the power. Yuji wants to go support Marlene despite the commander won’t let him. He punches him and doesn’t care about his operation. He is going to fight. All the fighters in the battlefield have been killed. Marlene is the only one left. She is about to blow up herself but here comes Yuji to the rescue as he commands supporter sentries to aid her. She tries to be a hero that she is prepared to risk her life. All that wavers when Yuji ‘threatens’ he isn’t going to space without her. And so she comes with him and they blast off in the shuttle. Yuji treats her wounds and realizes it is good to be alive. Then he kisses her. Good to be alive indeed. However it is ruined when a Blue parasite using Han’s body attacks. Yuji uses his body to protect Marlene before she finishes it off. True horror for Marlene when she sees his blood floating all over.

Episode 12: Progress
After Yuji rolls into ICU, Marlene is brought to the high council. Guess what? Despite her efforts, they blame her for falling behind schedule and accuse her for making the Sample fight. Despite telling about Yuji’s volunteerism, they think it is fabrication. Then they argue about the Sample condition and how to proceed to the next phase. Anyhow, Marlene is deemed not fit for active squad combat and will be sent for re-education. As she heads to the medical facility for check-up, she goes to find Yuji. She is glad he is still alive although being experimented on. Realizing that the council has deemed her unfit as a soldier, she now needs to prove to them in her on way otherwise because she believes she did nothing wrong. But she gets off on a bad start during the mecha simulation. Because she tries to save the humans, she hesitates. This earns her points deduction. And why does one of the humans have to look like Yung?! Now she spaces out and loses. The drill sergeant, Amick Hendar punches her! Then in the team simulation, against orders to leave the injured teammate behind and get along with the mission, Marlene defies orders to help him while killing Blue along the way. She has got to show everyone this way because this was how she survived with Yuji. Although impressive, they up the difficulty and Marlene loses. She is sent back to the medical facility but she is happy because she can go see Yuji. However he is already gone.

Episode 13: Heresy
Marlene is caught by Amick. She undergoes more training and fails. For some reason, the security around her is lax because Marlene manages to hack and find information on the guy who took Yuji away. He is Seno Miyagi, a director of the military’s science division. Amick picks up her defection and sends an army to intercept her. Marlene is not as dumb as you think, giving the soldiers the runabout. Then she disguise herself as a nurse personnel to get more information on Miyagi. Adding more insult, the soldiers must really not know how Marlene look like because she is extracting data right before them! Worse, Amick and another high profile director, Doug Vreiss are addressing this problem a few feet away! They’re blaming each other that they aren’t supervising Marlene enough but have to solve this problem before the high council discovers it or they’ll be severely punished. While they’re at that, Marlene is already done and is now on her way to experiment room where Miyagi is. It seems his team is experimenting on an evolving Blue which has completely fused with a human body. She takes him hostage back to his room to ask for Yuji’s whereabouts. Since he won’t say, she hacks his computer and access privileges. At this time, the hacking has made her whereabouts known. Amick leads the arrest but after Marlene is done, she short circuits the place and makes her escape. Apparently those dumbs soldiers can’t see in the dark. She runs all the way to the lab where Yuji is but the final hurdle stops her. They have revoke her access privileges. Cornered, I don’t think telling how Yuji is more than just a sample isn’t going to convince them. Before she could be arrested, somebody opens the door to let her in before closing it shut. Inside the lab, Marlene is horrified to see the experiment on Yuji. I don’t think screaming his name would make him wake- Oh wait. It did!

Episode 14: Set
With Yuji waking up, Marlene breaks into the experiment area just to get him. With the high council already noticing this, they bring both Yuji and Marlene in for hearing. They want Marlene to explain her actions and because she stays silent, they mock her for doing this to try and find a sex partner. And when Marlene does break her silence, she says she doesn’t know why she is doing this! All she knows is that she can’t let Yuji be. If that doesn’t sound like love, I don’t know what is. Interestingly, they agree to tell her the truth with a condition that she gives Yuji back unconditionally. Long story short, 2 years ago they discovered data from Sleepers containing some B cells that can activate and produce some antibodies that can wipe out Blue. Combining it with the mecha stimulates the cells further and even heals injuries quickly. Yuji realizes he was once begging for help but now he is going to help the world. Miyagi intercepts and suggests letting Marlene stay with Yuji as it would be interesting to see their interaction. The high council disagrees and as they argue about authority and rights, Yuji makes his offer. He agrees to let them use his body for whatever experiment to fight Blue. However he will accept nobody but Marlene as his partner. Marlene, you look so happy. The high council goes with Miyagi’s suggestion. Yuji and Marlene are taken to a training facility where there are other awakened Sleepers. One of them includes a young girl, Alicia Whistle who is flirting and bugging with Yuji the instant she sees him because she wants to know about life down on Earth. I don’t think it’s pretty. Marlene and Yuji show what they’ve got as they ride the mecha to battle another one. Although impressive, they lost. Noting how impressive their opponent is, they believe he too is a Sleeper. Marlene remembers seeing Tony Frost in the first lab with Yuji.

Episode 15: Calm
In another simulation, Alicia is totally slacking as she watches in awe Yuji and Marlene kick Blue ass. Later Alicia seems to love molesting Marlene’s soft skin. She hints she wants to take Yuji and thinks Marlene is acting dumb since she says she has no feelings whatsoever for him. Says the woman who caused pandemonium throughout the station over a Sample. Yuji talks to Tony. He wonders why he is maintaining his equipment since the mechanics here do a very good job. Tony doesn’t trust anyone. He believes everyone here is not right. His past life on Earth doesn’t mean anything and his goal is to survive. Alicia takes Yuji somewhere. Marlene, you looking worried for a woman who doesn’t care about Yuji… In some dark area, Alicia dropped her bag, asked Yuji to get it and then leaves him to almost fall to his death while she goes spy on something! What is it so interesting that she had to almost kill him? There’s a couple having sex! Apparently everywhere if you take a closer look, there are couples making out! However this isn’t Alicia’s goal as he takes him somewhere else. Somehow they got lost and end up in some restricted area where laser beams are constantly shooting at them. Run! Meanwhile Marlene too is in the midst of getting f*cked. Too bad Yuji is on her mind so she dumps the guy to go look for him. Worried, isn’t she? But she stumbles into Tony and finds out he is trying to hack data on Yuji and Alicia. Too bad he hacked wrongly and the security sounded. Marlene escapes and as she hides, this is where she bumps into Yuji. What are you doing here? Then they see the magnificent view of a sunrise over Earth. Yuji believes this is what Alicia wanted to show him. Speaking of her, she is separated and watching this sunrise elsewhere. And she’s blaming Yuji…

Episode 16: A Sign
Teams are instructed to take down Blue nesting in Africa. However the Blue wave are just too many and the fighters are panicking they have no core to destroy as in their data. Worst, they are ordered to maintain their position instead of retreating and got slaughtered. Now it is time for Yuji and his team to head into a battlefield with a new upgraded mecha. Tony kicks ass and uses his instinct to find and destroy the Blue’s core! Then he goes off by himself to finish a nestling on his own! One man army? Alicia is being a liability, being scared at everything and needs to be saved by Yuji. In the end, Yuji’s team has a new mission. Because the main nesting cannot be destroyed by missile, they are to sneak in and detonate it. Yuji is preoccupied with enhancing his mecha’s performance to stay on par with Tony that he ignores Alicia’s advances. Yo girl, ain’t nobody got time for that! As the mission gets underway, Tony again goes off by himself. Yuji suggests he and Marlene go set the explosives while the rest rendezvous with Tony. Alicia didn’t like that. Who is he to give orders? Yeah, she follows him. So after setting the explosives, they are confronted by the Blue hordes. Yuji tries to be a hero and take them down, thinking he can be Tony’s equal. Yeah, this guy is on fire. Could have been done in had not Marlene saved him. They manage to leave in time before the detonation takes down the nesting. In the aftermath, Tony is reprimanded by the superior. Despite the mission a success, there were so many disobedience. So he thinks he can win the war by himself? Tony just smiles and says back, isn’t that why they woke up Sleepers? Plus, feel free to win the war by themselves if they think they can. Marlene talks to Yuji about his ‘competition’ with Tony. He’s got this inferior complex to him and wants to be stronger to save Earth from Blue.

Episode 17: Eclosion
Yuji’s team are fighting another horde of Blue. This is part of Yuji’s plan of using himself as bait so the rest can destroy the nesting faster and they can all return to Second Earth together. Tony didn’t think he could do it and this pissed him off very much. So they settled it via coin toss and Yuji won. While fighting Blue, Marlene notices Yuji very agitated and trying to rush things. He feels he is responsible for this operation and cannot fail. They stumble into several African kids living in the jungle. Because of incoming Blue, Yuji fires away and doesn’t care about those kids. Marlene tries to make him stop but he won’t let her get in the way. She sees Yuji become a savage taking down a Blue. As they rest at the rendezvous point, Alicia as usual comes to b*tch and flatter how good Yuji is. Marlene isn’t moved because she believes this is not the real Yuji. Alicia thinks she is jealous of him since he is now a better soldier than her. Marlene goes to talk to Yuji but he is obsessed in tweaking his mecha to improve its performance and beat Tony. Yeah, this guy is keeping a score. When she asks about those kids they saw, she is shocked to hear he doesn’t care about them. If they are going to exterminate Blue, they cannot concern themselves with such trivial matters. He believes they will eventually be killed by Blue. As another sortie is alerted, Marlene is shocked and sad to see the gleeful killer look on his face as he suits up to go fight Blue.

Episode 18: Chaos
Marlene wakes up from a nightmare that Yuji ruthlessly kills Blue and even sacrificed her for it. Yuji receives high praises during testing. Because he thinks he has already come this far, instead of testing, he continues to train. Marlene notices Miyagi coming in to see the data of the Sleepers personally. She suspects something amiss because he once said to test out Yuji’s abilities with Marlene by his side but now the environment has totally changed. Fellow comrade Rick thought he could have sex with Marlene but she uses her feminine charms to let him be her donkey to deliver some data to Miyagi. Later Marlene is ‘arrested’ and brought to Miyagi’s secret hideout. He has received her data. Comparing with the earlier data, he realizes the Sleepers’ data has been tampered. The Sleepers’ B cells have a higher value than expected. It seems not only they have superhuman powers, they have this telepathic connection with Blue. This means they can read Blue’s minds and predict their movement. But there is a darker meaning to all this. When B cells first appeared decades ago, there were no treatment and thus those infected reluctantly became Sleepers. Experiments of B cells were conducted on various animals to find a cure but it all backfired. However the B cells evolved and you can say Blue is actually the product of those experiments! This also means Sleepers have a potential to become Blue themselves when their B cells are activated, usually when under stress or being pushed. Yuji is no longer an ordinary human with his B cells slowly taking over, he is becoming more and more like Blue every day. Guess who will occupy Earth when those Blue are eliminated? Marlene disagrees and believes Yuji is human like her. Miyagi is glad he has chosen her. She might get through Yuji via human emotions. That is why he wants her to join his secret organization, Arks to fight against the high council’s plan to progress on this. They will need to remove the high council from their position of influence. The alert is sounded for another mission on Earth. Too bad the soldiers leaves without Marlene. What is just but one solider? Too late to rendezvous with them, Marlene. You are left behind. Screaming Yuji’s name won’t help either because this guy is obsessed in settling his score with Tony for this mission.

Episode 19: Collapse
Marlene still insists on going to save Yuji. Miyagi suggests hijacking the shuttle dock first. So they start raiding and the entire place got locked down. By the time they hijacked the shuttle dock, the high council members have already fled in their comfy ship. Meanwhile Alicia is happy she gets to pair up with Yuji to replace Marlene. Too bad she still slacks. Then she watches in awe as Yuji and Tony are in fierce Blue massacre. Yeah, they’ll eradicate this North American nest in not time. Then it turns to shock as she watches him overkill a dead Blue. He then shoots at her direction without warning when a Blue creeps up on her. She is mad that he could have killed her but he is even madder. Get in the way of his Blue and he’ll shoot you! Oh dear. Is this really the guy you like? Looks like killing Blue only soothes him. Sorry, I take that back. It makes him crazier. So Alicia is wondering if she dump Yuji or not when Tony offers her to join him. Marlene has arrived and sees Yuji in a pinch. Don’t worry. He manages to get out of it and kills all the bugging Blue. Not too sure if she is happy or disappointed. It should be the latter because she could see his madman face. Yeah, killing Blue is like his meth.

Episode 20: Versus
I suppose words aren’t going through Yuji. Because trying to warn him how he’ll turn into something more ferocious than Blue makes him attack her. Not surprisingly he couldn’t finish her off because he knows she is his saviour but also the one who woke him up in this hell hole. Yet he can’t kill her. WTF. He defeats her and then goes off to happily kill more Blue. Thanks to Tony and Alicia going off on their own deep inside the Blue’s nest, the outside teams are having trouble fending off the Blue. Eventually all of them got annihilated. It shows you they’re useless without Sleepers, eh? Meanwhile Miyagi continues his shutdown of all other stations on Second Earth to cut off the lifeline to the high council. Marlene again confronts Yuji and fights him. She is going to do all it takes to stop him. He fires away and when he shoots off her helmet, it seems it makes him remember something. Yuji is defeated in his hesitation but that isn’t enough to stop him. He claims how he lost everything and is alone. Nothing will stand in his way. Blah, blah, blah. Marlene is just sad listening to his drama. Not sure if he is a bad shot or just purposely missing her because she walks closer to him and doesn’t fear being shot. She wants Yuji to return to his original self. There is still hope. So how do you make a man turn back to his old self? Why, you kiss him! A montage of Marlene flashes through his mind. Looks like he calmed down. Even if it is a victory for Marlene, looks like the remaining troops have evacuated and left them stranded.

Episode 21: Joker
Marlene is able to find a working shuttle. She goes to get Yuji but he is still in vegetable state. Meanwhile Miyagi contacts the high council for them to give up. However they tell him they did nothing wrong and something on Miyagi’s part that he did they deflect the blame to him. Also, they threaten the hundreds of sleeping Sleepers in the medical facility that they could dispose of. Because of Miyagi’s humanitarian side, they expect him to give a positive answer and return the military facility back to them. When Tony and Alicia’s shuttle hail Second Earth, Miyagi suddenly orders not to let them in and shuts them out. The high council on the other hand welcome the Sleepers with open arms as they believe their B cells are the only factor to take back Earth. Guess what? Tony and Alicia brought back Blue to invade! The party’s here! Tony then contacts Miyagi to tell about his plans to destroy Second Earth and to prove that all their worst fears are true. Because Blue were evolved by the same B cells like Sleepers, this means Sleepers are also meant to kill humans. Therefore the awakening of Blue was no accident but destiny. Mankind was doomed to be exterminated long before they destroy the planet. To stop Tony from ramming the station into theirs, some troops try to invade. What were they thinking? They became instant Blue fodder! It’s like waiting for their meal to arrive. Gochisousama. Marlene manages to contact Miyagi and been told the atrocity that Tony is trying to commit. This makes Yuji go crazier. Miyagi places his hopes on them to stop Tony. If they fail to stop his madness, they must kill him. That statement somehow calmed Yuji. The thought of killing him… Now he gets serious that he can do it. I don’t know who is crazier at this point.

Episode 22: Dogma
Yuji and Marlene enter the space station. They find Lu Li Chang, the only survivor among the high council cowering and hiding in fear. Even more so when she sees Yuji as she thinks he is like Tony. When they hear something breaking through from the other side of the door, it turns out to be Rick and his team including Lu’s twin sister, Su who has been working for the high council by manipulating data on Sleepers’ performance to deceive Miyagi. They just never thought it would turn out like this. Their priority is to stop Tony and Lu’s guess he would be at the main computer trying to activate the propulsion to move the space station. Yuji, Marlene and Rick make their way there and they are surprised to see Alicia in their way. I guess no use trying to talk to her since she has become something like Tony. But Yuji refuses to give up. I mean, if Marlene managed to get through him, why not the same for Alicia, right? So this guy tries to nicely tell her things but you can see Alicia descending into madness as she blames it all on her jealousy that he prefers Marlene to her. Flashback shows when she was with Tony in that nest, she was freaking scared being surrounded by Blue although they didn’t harm her. Tony then gives her hug a Blue’s egg while telling her how they are the messiah, blah, blah, blah. Alicia must be so grossed out in hugging the egg and that is when she got ‘brainwashed’ and ‘reborn’. Yeah, just an egg… But she has had it and order the Blue to attack and kill everybody. Marlene and Rick fend them off while Yuji is still adamant in trying to get through Alicia but she is throwing tantrums like a child. Rick gets injured after Yuji retrains Alicia. Rick tells Marlene to shoot Alicia. She hesitates since Rick says do it and Yuji says don’t. Yuji stands in between. I suppose he can’t see this coming because Alicia pulls out a knife and is about to stab him when she gets shot. By Rick.

Episode 23: Soliste
Lu and Su have everyone evacuate the space station. After patching up Rick and Alicia, Yuji and Marlene want them to evacuate since they would only be in the way in their fight against Tony. Sad but true. Yuji and Marlene make their way to the main computer and have to fend off automatons sent by Tony. Finally they are outside the room, Yuji must be feeling chivalrous because he signals to Tony that he is here to stop him! So much about any surprise attack. But then again, Tony would have anticipated people trying to stop him. Tony hooks himself up to a computer as Yuji tries to get through his head about him doing this. Tony explains about some grand will that needs to be done and thus Sleepers like him will be the one to carry it out. In short, he views himself as a messiah. Maybe he just wants to do it for himself. I suppose this revelation that B cells were born on Earth and that Earth knew mankind would give birth to Blue by its own hand sounds like crap. So why is Yuji and Marlene looking so shock? Yuji becomes mad when Tony plays footage how other humans continue to be slaughtered by the Blue onslaught. Meanwhile Rick gets killed off by a Blue. Alicia just wakes up and walks away like a boss. After a few struggles, Yuji shoots Tony in the face. Then they regroup with Lu to evacuate and flee the space station as fast as they can as it will soon self-detonate. At this point Yuji realizes Rick and Alicia aren’t on board and fears the worst. Tony isn’t dead. I guess he is really a messiah as he cannot die after taking a few bullets in the face. But before him is Alicia. She thinks they have had enough. Tony is wrong. Screw this grand will thingy. They just woke up too early and should go back to sleep. Tony is looking pretty scared now for a messiah. Alicia hugs him and wishes for Yuji to live. The space station explodes.

Episode 24: Compass
Miyagi is now the new leader as he addresses the crowd of their success and casualties. He explains how every living thing’s cells have this self-destruct order to purge impurities. Therefore those Sleepers with B cells are actually Earth’s way of self-destructing (what Tony called it as its grand will). You serious? Thus he suggests making Second Earth their permanent home because if they try to take back Earth, they’ll only be attacked by more Blue. So sever their ties with Earth and we can live peacefully till kingdom come. You serious? I guess everyone is so tired of thinking and fighting, they just give him a round of applause. However not Yuji. He is now overcome with guilt that he is the same like Tony and didn’t save anyone. Marlene, can you calm this dude down? Amick and Doug are thrown into prison. However Amick escapes by using the oldest trick in the book. Because the stupid guard didn’t see her inside from his peeping hole and unlocked the door to check. She’s hiding behind the door in the blind spot you dimwit! Oh, now he is dead. Amick wanted to kill Doug too but he pleads she needs his help to get out of here for his goal is only to get back at traitor Miyagi. Amick hijacks a ship to return to Earth. She rather die there than in this prison hole to stay true to her principle she has always lived by (to take back Earth, that is). Miyagi lets her go since she isn’t doing harm to others. Although Yuji opposes, here comes Doug to take Miyagi hostage. He tries to get Yuji on his side but when he won’t, he targets Yuji. This gives enough time for Miyagi to shoot him dead. Too bad. Yuji is even more frustrated when Miyagi doesn’t answer his questions. Because of that, he is now feeling guiltier about his existence as a Sleeper and the reason he woke up. Though Marlene is responsible for that, she is glad she did wake him up. From now on, no matter what happens, she wants to always be with him. Enough to calm that guy down. It’s so beautiful when they’re not talking because they have a really long kiss. And then it leads to sex! Are you glad you’re alive now? Nothing beats the blues like sex. But I don’t know if it is a happy thing for Marlene since she’s remembering her past amidst the intercourse.

Episode 25: Adagio
Yuji leads a mission down to South America. They come into contact a village of local tribes and make camp there. Although there is big Blue’s nest nearby, there have been no signs of Blue ever since. Flashback shows Miyagi noticing a migration pattern of Blue all heading towards Guyana. As he doesn’t have enough information to deduce if this is a threat, Yuji volunteers to check it out. From what I understand, it seems Yuji is prepared not to come back to Second Earth too since this place doesn’t have enough supplies. It seems so peaceful and a different form of living as Yuji and Marlene go about their usual activities. One morning she wakes up without Yuji next to her. While finding him, she sees a big trail of destruction. She goes to tell Yuji who is test bombing the nest about it. Accounts from the villagers confirm their reports that Blue were migrating on this trail about 3 months ago. Funny thing is that the trail leads away from the nest. As they follow the trail, it leads them to a deep chasm. Yuji leads half his unit inside while the rest standby outside. They are shocked to stumble corpses of Blue. Marlene thinks this is a Blue graveyard. Could it be that Blue received a suicide order from Earth? Once humans are purged, Blue becomes the main population and because they are the new ‘threat’, Earth gave the order to purge themselves. This sounds so f*cked up but it could be possible. However Yuji doesn’t feel good. He feels a strange force coming deep from this place. Then the ground caves in. They next thing they see is a mysterious energy before them. And a hideous ugly mother Blue emerges. This makes Yuji mad.

Episode 26: Let Me
The Blue is super fast and strong, killing lots of the team. Marlene tries to scan for its core but there is none! Are they screwed? Yuji suggests concentrating on the gaps in its armour and rip it apart from the inside out. Easier said than done since it is still a tough nut to crack. Finally Yuji manages to stick his gun into its mouth and fire away, splattering all its guts and insides. Too bad the casualty list is high. In fact only Yuji and Marlene are left. Better stop Yuji before he goes on a guilt trip blaming himself for the deaths of his men. All that is left is to find the answer in the energy. However he tells Marlene not to come with him. He will go this alone. His reason is because he has the B cells, it is most likely to treat him as a friendly compared to Marlene. Who knows what it will do to her if she steps in. We soon realize why Marlene is desperate to be with Yuji and continue living together. It’s because she’s pregnant! Oh yeah. Don’t want to be alone, right? Don’t want their unborn child to be fatherless, right? So Yuji tries his convincing skills again that he needs to ascertain what Earth wants, if this is going to happen again, etc. He is this doing this for their unborn child. That sealed it. As Marlene heads back out, Yuji climbs and interacts with some weird liquid trying to imitate his movements. Then he enters and once he reaches the core, he becomes one with Earth! Really. He can see everything from anywhere on Earth! Even peeking through the past when humans thrive to the emergence of Blue! Man, this guy is now the 3D Google Maps! Yuji realizes Earth has now been reborn. Meanwhile on Second Earth, all the dying inhabitants become crazy. They rebel against Miyagi and they shoot him to pieces! Violent death! That’s not all! They start killing each other till Second Earth destroys itself! Good riddance? No need to care about them anymore. Not sure death by Blue or this is worse. Marlene anxiously wait for Yuji’s return at the village. Then she is all smiles when he comes back. A big hug and a big kiss. Yuji is glad Marlene is right that they can live a happy life here together.

Blue Haven Is A Place On Earth
Uhm… I don’t know. Doesn’t the ending feel a bit lame? I mean, it is a good ending only because Yuji and Marlene survived all the odds against them to continue to be together in the end. But aside that, everything else feels somewhat rushed. Like how they tried to kill off the madness on Second Earth like as though they don’t want to give a f*ck about them anymore. What a dramatic way to end them. Then what was that understanding Yuji had when he was inside the core? Was it really Earth’s will? Left to viewers’ discretion? Is it puny humans with no B cells can never understand? I can’t believe it. After coming all this way and this is the kind of answer and ending we get? It’s like they ran out of ideas and stopped caring. Overall, this retro piece is still entertaining even though there were a handful of moments that were dumb and didn’t make sense. And yeah, there were quite a few of them like Marlene’s commotion through Second Earth just to get to Yuji. Oh well. All that matters is Yuji and Marlene end up together, right?

I believe that veteran anime viewers would watch this mature sci-fi series for its character development which is heavily focused on Yuji and Marlene. There is certain a lot going on between them and that they have gone through to make steady amounts of development and drive the story forward. We see how events from the start when Yuji was found changed them and the decisions they make that perhaps had an important outcome and bearing of the fate of humanity.

For instance, Yuji started off as a whiny brat whom you will love to slap because he can’t adjust himself and get over the fact that the utopia and hope he had been pining for is long gone and vanished. He also has this empathy to save other humans because he could relate with them. Marlene on the other hand is a typical by-the-book soldier bent on keeping him alive till she completes her mission, hence no unnecessary emotions all the way. The dynamics and interaction between the duo and their journey on Earth as they try to get to Second Earth affected their overall character because by halfway they switch personalities. Marlene is now the one with empathy and compassion while Yuji turned into a heartless competitive I-must-be-number-one jerk. The irony of their existence and relationship is based on one saving the other. Marlene saved Yuji and awakened him. After that it is Yuji’s turn to ‘save’ Marlene during their journey on Earth. Back on Second Earth it is her turn to save him from the unscrupulous high council and self-destruction. And now that they are together, he finally saves both of themselves (if I may so include their unborn child too) from it all in the end.

There are many other characters but they only fulfil their necessary role as given. Like Tony was predictably turning into a mini boss antagonist when he awakened as the destroyer-cum-saviour of mankind. There isn’t much to know about his past because the way they set him up to be the baddie towards the end. Alicia also feels a bit wasted. She was supposed to be Marlene’s love rival but I feel that itself never got off the ground. She does make her little moves but it doesn’t impact on anything in a great way. She is more like observing and wishing she was Yuji’s lover instead as she is more of a useless but lucky girl in the battlefield. It’s a good thing they kill her off with Tony to save the trouble of unnecessary drama should she survive. Because it would be awkwardly painful to see her coming in between Yuji and Marlene at the closing stages when their bond is already at a crucial stage.

For the rest of the other minor characters, you can’t help wonder what happened to them. Because like I’ve said, they somewhat just exist to fulfil their role that would ultimately drive the impact and plot on Yuji and Marlene. So what happened to Dice after he drove them to the Russian space station? Do we not care what happened to him or if he has become Blue fodder? What about Elena? Yuji had sex with her. That has got to be important, right? Oh. Maybe not. I guess her nomad tribe can live off the land. And whatever happened to Amick after she escaped down to Earth? Don’t care, right? She can be Blue food for all we care. Should have been shot with Doug and save us the trouble of thinking about her fate. Just like how they finally did it with the entire Second Earth in the end. Man, I still can’t get this ‘big joke’ out of my head.

If you think about it, the true antagonist of this entire series is planet Earth itself. You think that our planet is just some big rock filled with the right compounds to sustain life but we have all taken granted for it until this anime. Yup. Earth is such as a badass that it can’t take the overpopulation of humans and their wastefulness of resources that it had to go to this elaborated length to just wipe out humans. Yeah, and you thought God exists, eh? And when humans are gone and no longer a sizeable number causing threats, it had the Blue kill itself. Ah, mother Earth can now be filled with the abundance of only Mother Nature. Earth, why you sneaky little piece of rock. Perhaps Earth made Second Earth go berserk and kill themselves too. After all, we shouldn’t underestimate our little blue planet. A handful of natives, a few scattered and abandoned humans as well as main heroes Yuji and Marlene aren’t enough to destroy Earth, right? At least a few centuries later. That will be another story.

One thing I realized while watching the series is the hilarious but unintentional misspelling and bad grammar! I know this series was released right before the turn of the millennium and perhaps at that time Japanese weren’t still very proficient in basic English when it comes to show business. Therefore it is quite funny to see them misspell certain words and the bad grammar that are usually on screen instructions or signs. Making it even funnier and ironic is the fact that the characters in this show are assumed to be non-Japanese. Okay, so they may not be English but thinking about it if they made this simple mistake only makes it feel that such mistakes can only be made by a Japanese who didn’t do much spell checking to begin with and thought it was alright and even in the worst case scenario nobody would noticed. I sure did.

Commenting on the action sequences, they aren’t the most spectacular but they are pretty decent in that era. Be warned that there would be lots of blood, gore and sometimes human bodies being split in half whenever puny humans try to combat the hordes of Blue. Even if blood don’t look as real as today’s standards, at least better than some animes that cut out blood entirely and make it look like as though every kill is empty. Looking at you, Noir…

Art and drawing are of course in retro style. Even if I were to watch it during that era, I believe the animation is pretty decent and solid for its time. Because of the sci-fi genre that mixes several nationalities together, the characters mainly do not look like your typical conventional Japanese anime character with big wide eyes and kawaii looks. Sometimes you might think a western company collaborated with a Japanese studio to produce this anime. It was AIC who produced this anime. They did classic hits like Tenchi Muyou series, Aa! Megami-sama and Sakura Taisen just to name a few. As for the Blue creatures, sometimes I feel like their designs were rejects from Ultraman or Masked Rider series. Uh huh. I felt that such bug monsters could easily be passed off as monster-of-the-week in those sentai shows. Some look creepy, some look weird and some look nasty. Well, anything goes as long as they look threatening to mankind.

Both the opening and ending themes are sung by Houko Kuwashima who is also the voice of Marlene. While Tokihanate as the opener is your usual rock outfit to get you into the groove of this anime, it is the ending theme, Ai Ga Oshiete Kureta that stands out and I like the most. This is a very slow and beautiful piece despite at times it somehow reminds me of The Bangles’ Eternal Flame. I’m not saying this song is very similar but I have this feel that somewhere during the song it might just break out into that piece. Oh beware. The ending credits animation is entirely on naked Marlene. This means seeing her full blown tits for certain parts of the animation. Not sure if the version I am watching is some uncut version as I couldn’t find other versions of it. Well, this show isn’t meant for kids to begin with.

There was a movie released a few years after the TV series ended. However as I read it is a big summary of the TV series. This means lots of drama and scenes that made this show a decent one all went out of the window. Even the final arc was not even inside due to time constraints and thus a different ending. Not even new animated scenes could save it since they basically sever and dismember the efforts and dynamics of the TV series into this piece of crap. Oh, I didn’t watch it. Not planning to after reading a few reviews trashing it like how Blue carves up humans like a hit knife through butter.

Overall, this is quite a mature anime for its time and definitely not for younger audience as it deals with some dark themes as well as a handful of sex scenes. It might not be popular than some of the other more famous animes during that era like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Slayers, Cowboy Bebop and even Rurouni Kenshin but it is still something worth to check out if you like sci-fi drama and action. Sometimes there is a reason why we humans have incurable diseases. It is just Earth’s way of saying, “Please die. Just, just die…”. That is why for now there is no remake of this series like how Hollywood is currently doing as they have run out of ideas. Thank goodness Japan don’t really do remakes, right? Oh right, the Negima series… Sometimes it is best for an anime like this one to be just crystalized this way and sleep forever like the way it is. For better or worse. We don’t want to wake up in a future that has a remake or reboot worse off than the original and make us nostalgic how the good ol’ days were much better off.

Heavy Object

December 11, 2016

Oh no. It is that time to be hypocritical again. This time I decided to watch the mecha themed Heavy Object simply because I read somewhere there are maid characters in this anime. Yup. Shame on me. But I can’t help it. I love them too much till it became a silly reason for me to pick up this series that would never have easily been on my list of anime series to watch. Not even a casual one. And with this reason, that is why I am here. I hope the maids will be worth it. Yeah, really. And I’m sure I am deluding myself if Heavy Objects are some sort of term referring to maids. But instead, in the near future where the face of war and how war is conducted has totally changed. No more infantry foot soldiers and fancy jet fighters or tanks. One big mother spherical weapon called Object is now used to fight battles. A country losing an Object is akin to losing the war. This is the story of how a couple of young engineers bring those juggernauts down with their ingenuity and instinct for survival. A story of David versus Goliath. The bigger they are the harder they fall.

Episode 1
Despite human’s advancement in technology, they never stopped fighting each other. You see all the wars they fought till this super military weapon, Object obliterated allies in a blink of an eye and its defence is super hard. It changed the face of war with nations using Objects piloted by Elites to do most of the fighting. So it is no surprise that in the remote Alaskan base, a couple of low ranking soldiers, Qwenthur Barbotage and Havia Winchell are relegated to and so bored shovelling snow, they decide to go fishing and hunting deer respectively. While Qwenthur waits for his catch, Milinda Brantini talks to him since the guys forgot to off their communicators and was heard all over the command centre. As her Object, Baby Magnum is being maintained, she thought of killing time to see what they’re doing. They talk about the second generation Objects which are more specialized for certain places or objectives compared to the multi-role first generation and this allows them to perform better. Milinda is suspicious that a mechanic like him transferred here although he claims it is a faster way to learn Objects and become rich quick. She warns him not to be too greedy. As expected, the guys get an earful from their sexy but strict superior, Frolaytia Capistrano. But she lets them off lightly since they manage to shoot a deer and she can have BBQ tonight instead of the usual sickening base rations. Later Qwenthur goes to help maintain Baby Magnum. He accidentally pushes some buttons that causes the seatbelt to tighten over her body. I don’t know but I believe this is our fanservice cue for her boobs to protrude! Qwenthur’s mind must be crazy thinking about what he should do next and the obvious fanservice before his eyes. Milinda saves all that trouble by ejecting her seat. While having BBQ with Frolaytia, Qwenthur asks her what if an Object loses (because Milinda once said her upcoming battle she didn’t have any confidence to win). All you need to do is raise the white flag. Losing an Object is as good as losing the battle and it is pointless for the victor to go after helpless infantrymen. But in the next battle, Baby Magnum did get destroyed. Qwenthur for the first time finds himself face to face with the enemy’s Object.

Episode 2
We see the battle between Baby Magnum against Water Strider. They’re racing to get a favourable position to shoot each other. Whoever does it first wins. And perhaps Baby Magnum wasn’t suitable for this terrain and it contributed to its downfall. Even when the fight flag is raised, Water Strider continues to attack and decimates the entire base! Dead bodies everywhere. Qwenthur and Havia thought they are done when Water Strider turns away. They do not understand why they are alive. Till Frolaytia tells them Milinda became a decoy to buy time for survivors to escape. Qwenthur doesn’t like this a bit so he is going to do this insane rescue mission by himself. He sees Milinda captured by ground troops. He is nervous in taking them out as he never killed before. But when those assholes start talking about raping her, he pulls the trigger to take out a couple of them and Milinda finishes off the rest. The last one shoots a rocket launcher at Qwenthur and he could have died had not Havia pushed him away. Milinda is confused why they saved her without any protection. Even more so, she sees herself as a person who looks down on them and protecting them all the time. Qwenthur admits Objects are the monsters but who has been toughing it out alone in piloting those monsters? They have to run when the Water Strider targets them. Using their resources, it seems they have dived into a cave and blow up the entrance. This is just a decoy to make the enemy think they are trapped in the cave and to go searching for them. They are actually outside plotting their next move. It seems like a crazy idea to buy time for their comrades to escape because it is either they die with honour or live with guilt for the rest of their lives. They’re going to find Water Strider and find its weakness.

Episode 3
The trio discuss about what they know on Water Strider. Eventually they decide to go sabotage its maintenance base since it must be maintained every day to perform at optimum. Qwenthur and Havia sneak inside, careful not to trigger any alarm but it is going to be a tall order to take down the entire facility with very limited arsenal. As Water Strider is spotted returning, Milinda is in a dilemma to alert her comrades as this will signal to the enemy their presence. She runs off on her own. Time is running out for our guys when Qwenthur finds a maintenance manual. He goes off to find some part and stick a bomb in it. Water Strider returns and maintenance personnel start striding in. The guys get out in time as they randomly toss their bombs around. Then change of plans when they see Milinda captured. Again? I guess she let herself become the decoy again. After coming this far, surely they’re not going to abandon her again, right? Upon Qwenthur’s request, Havia hacks the communication so he could call Frolaytia to send reinforcements. Once done, they are surrounded by enemy guards. The enemy chief toys with them and after Water Strider finishes its maintenance, Qwenthur causes a distraction by attacking the chief and then sets off a bomb that he placed in a Water Strider’s part. Although nothing happens, Qwenthur then explains how Objects is a big load of secrets and when it is incapacitated, the system will automatically self destruct. He believes their Object is no different than any others. What is manmade can also be destroyed by man. Soon, Water Strider explodes and it takes out the entire base! Our heroes saved by scraps of metal? The enemy soldiers fire at them but I guess that’s what those random bombs are for. Before the mad enemy chief can shoot Qwenthur, he is taken out by Frolaytia’s snipe. Looks like her reinforcements are here. And they continue bombing the already destroyed base? Overkill? Just to be safe… Our heroes return as real heroes and attend a ceremony to be awarded with medals. But the real award is when Milinda thanks them for saving her. But they too thank her for always keeping them safe. After getting their medals, they thought they could retire and live a happy life. Then they hear military plans of their next posting for the next battle. Yup, they’ve been had. Screw this damn war!

Episode 4
Not only Objects get their due maintenance but the pilots too. Yeah… Because some lucky doctor is rubbing lube all over Milinda’s naked body for her usual maintenance. Meanwhile our newly promoted guys are tasked with a new mission to stop an Object named Tri-Core. It is believed that it is delivering oil to terrorist associations. Although Objects do not run on fuel, the sale of oil will give terrorist affiliates some source of revenue. Thus the guys are stationed at an oil rig at Gibraltar to stop it from advancing to the Mediterranean where it will distribute its oil. This means the guys will be at the front lines. Death has been accelerated faster. Even more so the higher ups are now watching them and any screw ups means there will be consequences to pay. And then Tri-Core attacks. Uh huh. It is like shooting at oil rigs as target practice. When undersea mines can’t even stop it, you’re really screwed. The guys are wondering about Milinda’s Object. Haven’t they heard? It is being fitted with sea adapting accessories. That is why the duo are called to stall it until she is ready since they have a reputation for taking down Objects without an Object. Screw this sh*t! Jump off the rig now if you don’t want to be blown into pieces! Call it lucky or unlucky, they’re still alive. They put on their diving mask and dive under to avoid being rammed. Then they get caught in the net which got caught in the Object’s fin. They climb up to the deck to put explosives around but the enemy soldiers start attacking. They shouldn’t be too relieved that Baby Magnum is here. Because she might blow the smithereens out of them. Qwenthur contacts her to inform they are on board and to switch to lasers. But due to bad reception, she misinterprets a different kind of laser which is as devastating. It would be really bad luck if they get killed by friendly fire. After they jump off into the sea and blow up the deck. Mission accomplished? Well, Tri-Core isn’t sinking and still running.

Episode 5
Frolaytia picks them up and then into the rescue helicopter. She reminds them their mission is done once Milinda is on the battlefield. However they notice Milinda’s attacking tempo decreasing. Tri-Core is taking out her weapons and attacking ability seeing they know this is going to be a long drawn out battle. At this rate, she will sink. Of course this means Qwenthur wants to go save her, much to Havia’s dismay since they were lucky to survive all that, are they going to risk their lives again? Well, he hopes he remembers the Alaskan lesson about everything manmade has a weakness and can be destroyed. Qwenthur jumps back into the sea. He notices Tri-Core has only been moving in clockwise direction and something in it must be damaged. He realizes its weakness and starts swimming towards it. Something about its fins and the balance it keeps Tri-Core afloat. He sets his explosives to go off and explode the mines on the net. Havia thought he wants to blow up the fins but Qwenthur’s aims is to blow up the net stuck to it. His logic is that with Tri-Core being 3 times heavier than standard Objects, it produces a phenomenal amount of kinetic energy. So if the fin is useless, the shifting of mass will not occur and this will put a strain on Tri-Core itself. Thus using its own weight to destroy the Object. Tri-Core malfunctions and sinks. However Qwenthur is caught in its tidal wave. Thankfully he is caught by Baby Magnum. Back on the helicopter, the guys are treated to teasing fanservice by Frolaytia as he eats with her legs open and even baths nearby, letting the guys only watch her silhouette on the curtains. I think Qwenthur appreciates more the personal thanks from Milinda. But time for some news. The good news: This mission will elevate their status even further but no more commendation medals or event. Bad news: There is something going on at Oceania and the higher ups want them to scramble there right now! No use complaining guys. You’re the MacGyvers of the series. Deal with it!

Episode 6
Now the guys are raking tumbleweeds in some desert? Oh well, what else is there to do but to watch videos of his military idol known as Mini Skirt Santa (to be nicknamed Ohoho since her real name is unknown). Wow. Those G-cup boobs are such monstrosity! Those are real Heavy Objects! Hahaha!!! The duo also talked to a curious young girl at the border but were told off by Frolaytia not to slack since there are many reporters waiting trying to dig up dirt on them. They go visit Milinda who is in yet another suit tuning maintenance. This time using a flute to tune? I don’t know the musical connotations but seriously? She lets Qwenthur see the flute. Not only he tries it out and did an indirect kiss, he doesn’t play well so this sends weird sensations to her. By the time he notices something is wrong, he thinks she has been holding it in and needs to go to the toilet! Oh yes, she has been holding it in and now she is letting it all go. One big punch coming up! The guys then happen to pass by Heavy Object, Rush who is piloted by no other than Ohoho. Qwenthur is happy to learn a lot of technical stuffs from her but this doesn’t sit well with Milinda. They sound like they get along so well, eh? To show her disapproval, she sweeps their jeep off the ground. Frolaytia will be working along with Flide who isn’t a soldier but involved in the development of Elites, to oversee the security at Oceania. He orders her to attack. Baby Magnum and Rush fire into the woods to flush out the enemies. Seeing nothing comes out, they think it is a dud but this is where the guys come in. They need to scout into the woods to check if there are communities before the Objects move on to their next target. Ohoho turns on enthusiastic Qwenthur with details about the pressure suits Elites wear (they’re probably bluffs) and this makes Milinda mad. This causes the girls to clash in their Objects. Yeah, the guys remind them they’d rather see a cat fight in a swimsuit! But for now they are allies. Once this mission is over, they’ll go back to enemies so watch your back. The guys head into the forest to scout. They see the military massacring the local community. Qwenthur spots a familiar young girl. Okay. Time to get involved.

Episode 7
When they attack just to create diversion, the enemy instead fights back because there is an unknown sniper cutting them off so all they can do is just fight back blindly. Qwenthur and Havia receive reinforcements but Havia wants to take care of the sniper. Eventually the sniper, Seewax is caught and fiercely interrogated by Frolaytia. He is just a journalist who maintains what he did was right but from what I understand, his single shot will start a misunderstanding that will lead to a great massacre and have undone all the efforts they have done. Back to square one. With the higher ups already giving their orders, it feels like they’re going to let this massacre slide. The only thing they can do before the massacre happens is to find the water plant the enemy is operating from. As Qwenthur and Havia try to narrow down all the possible plants, the alarm to sortie is activated. It seems Flide has discovered the enemy base based on the satellite picking up its reactor activating. Qwenthur senses something amiss because the enemy has been hiding all the while only to let it be spotted like this. He realizes it could be a trap because this reactor might be a prototype (before building an Object, it is standard practice to build a prototype reactor to test it). So if they blow it up, it has got the energy to blow 200 kilotons. In other words, big sh*t! They sneak into the briefing room to look for clues but Seewax tells them everything since he heard it all. Mind boggling that the interrogation room is right next to the briefing room. Seewax wants to be taken along too to atone his wrongdoings. Making their way there, the guys communicate back to base to let everyone listen that the one at Great Sandy is a decoy and the real threat is at Tamami Desert. They have no time to verify the source and that is why they suggest both be taken out. Qwenthur suggests Milinda to use her long range attack to destroy Great Sandy to avoid getting caught in the blast. Frolaytia will not give permission to this but the guys make a bet with her (including doing kinky stuffs to her body parts?!) and mention that they are doing this on their own will and she can hold them responsible. They might be up against an Object but hey, that’s their specialty, right?

Episode 8
The duo are at Tamami Desert and confirm the sighting of the enemy’s Object, 0.5 Gen. Heck, it even fires a practice shot destroying the mountains! They request reinforcements to focus here and Milinda is happy to oblige except Ohoho blocks her way. Flide jams their communication and tells everyone to ignore the duo. Then he personally contacts them to tell them they must die here for their acts have been giving hope to terrorists thinking they can take down Objects as humans. The guys don’t think so since if they die here, the massacre will happen. They know Flide has his own interests to protect by prolonging the war so they make a bet to see who can take each other down first. Heading inside its hangar, they are shocked to see electrocuted corpses. It seems the crews tried to increase its energy output but it backfired. So they are going to destroy 0.5 Gen by overflowing it with power by connecting to its broken cable. But 0.5 Gen spots them and fires. Qwenthur is injured and immobilized. Havia too had not for his devil’s luck when the cable reaches its maximum length, the jerk throws him off the tractor and thus the shot missed him. Qwenthur gets an idea as he tells Havia to climb the water tower. Qwenthur fires into the water storage and uses it as conductor to connect the power supply. Boom! With the enemy down, Frolaytia orders Milinda to go rescue their men. Flide is not about to give up yet as he sends another Object, Exact Javelin to fight Baby Magnum. Frolaytia confronts Flide about the hijacked transmission. He maintains he exerted his influence to protect the world since those boys are only destroying the balance and roles of Objects. Frolaytia threatens to court martial him although he claims he has the police, court and military on his side. Qwenthur sends the enemy attack patterns to Milinda as she easily claims victory over Exact Javelin. I don’t know how fast Havia was but he returns to the base to give a good punch in Flide’s face. You lose. Flide thinks they’ll regret this but they refute because if the world is all about the stronger winning side and with better numbers, then that world can go screw itself.

Episode 9
You’re wondering why the guys are being treated to such low errand job of filling bullet chambers after their miracle victories. Life so unfair… Havia finds a raunchy training video and oh my, it gives them the motivation to do their job faster!!! But then their watching is interrupted when Havia’s fiancée, Lady Vanderbilt contacts him. Busted? Thankfully or not, Frolaytia takes the guys away for another mission. What have they done to deserve a mission in freezing Antarctica? A survey aircraft that was flying by was shot down by the enemy’s SAM and its crew taken hostage. Their job is to find the enemy base on foot. Some political geographical thing that doesn’t allow the use of satellites for easy tracking. Oh, Objects will just break the ice if they set foot. So once they find the enemy base, they can relay to Milinda who will fire via long range. The guys engage a group of enemies. But a group of baby penguins walk by! OMG! Both sides stop to watch how cute they are! OMFG!!! When they’re gone, they resume fighting. F*cking sh*t! Should have just brought penguins. Once Qwenthur has them where he wants, he bombs the ice as underneath is an abyss. After finding the enemy base, they are set upon by rail guns. As they hide from its blast, Qwenthur has Milinda fire at their coordinates. She looks like she has missed but when the rail guns fire again, they topple. Qwenthur’s plan was to weaken the ground in which the rail guns were anchored to as they have very powerful recoil. The enemy base is secured but nobody is in. The guys then find a suspicious probe robot nearby that is operating via remote. It seems it is trying to hijack a satellite and fire its laser at a moon resort. Frolaytia says it is no cause for worry because if they are targeting this elusive general, Buffer Planters whom they have been trying to rid for a long time, they’ll just turn a blind eye and let the terrorists do their job. But they remember Havia’s fiancée is at some faraway resort. Havia contacts her to confirm. F*CK!!! I think she got the wrong idea of that word… So the guys pretend to slip up to stop the firing. Why does it always have to be 1 second left on the clock? The duo are reprimanded by Frolaytia but since this is an unofficial extra mission, they cannot be officially punished for all their violations. Phew, right? Milinda discovers power supply cables from the sea. She is baffled why it can move around secretly and if this Object is submersible and has stealth capabilities.

Episode 10
Our heroes are now going to fight another war against Mass Driver Conglomerate (MDC) at the Amazons, some huge mega rich company that makes mass drivers (powerful weapons that can shoot right up into the orbit) that broke away from its parent company, Capital Enterprise. There are lots of messy political stuffs that I don’t want to go into. Apparently MDC is the one behind that Antarctica drone and moon resort attack plan and are believed to be hiding an Object. Thus from what I understand, our heroes have to get involved in this war just to ensure their overall long term safety. As Milinda receives report that there are iron ores detected via satellite behind a mountain, she fires but it seems there are no enemies responding. But when the crew begin to land onshore, multiple enemy shots are targeted at them. Oh what the heck, Baby Magnum just blasts the entire mountain range! The guys check the area and it seems there were only gun barrels and thick power transmission cables. They then scout on food for any sightings of MDC’s Object but nothing in sight. Then they hear over the transmission radio from Major Halreed Copacabana, a noble and Elite pilot of Bright Hopper relaying to Frolaytia to wait for his team before commencing their operation. Of course she will only begin right on the dot. It seems Halreed is suggesting her team damage the Object enough for him to take down and steal the glory. Frolaytia of course rejects that so Halreed advises her to accept his proposal, both public and private. Well, looks like Frolaytia is also a noble and having her own high class problems and she’s not too happy about it. She contacts Qwenthur and Havia to return to base. Change of plans. They’re going to settle this before Bright Hopper can interfere and mess up their operations.

Episode 11
Big Hopper is on its way when he detects enemy shells targeting at him. Halreed fires at the shells but they turn out to be chaffs. Before he knows it, artillery shells coming down at the speed of mach 25 heavily damage Big Hopper! Everyone is shock at this development as Qwenthur deduces the chaff was used as a big reflector for the target. This also means the enemy can accurately target while remaining hidden as they are not relying on satellites. Qwenthur suddenly knows what the enemy is up to and in the nick of them calls Milinda to move. Had she not, Baby Magnum would have been totally destroyed by the incoming shells. It only sustained moderate damage. The enemy shells then destroy the main base. When Qwenthur wakes up, Frolaytia is by his side. Their base is devastated but they are considered lucky because the shell somehow detonated in mid-air. Even if it didn’t reach its target, the effects were still devastating. She proposes that they retreat from this mission since they have no way to engage the enemy. Meanwhile Havia has Baby Magnum hide under some anti-reflecting cover for the time being. They are contacted by Halreed’s subordinate, Corporal Bilany Saronna who suggests working together to take down the enemy. The plan is for Baby Magnum to fire a shot at a nearby dam and flooding the area to immobilize the enemy. Havia is of course against this as there are civilians living around the dam. No sh*t is given for them. If Baby Magnum won’t cooperate, they’ll just blow up the dam themselves. And they’re already there. While Havia will personally go to stop them, Qwenthur and Frolaytia will go scout the enemy Object codenamed Break Carrier which is on its way to their base. As they wait, Qwenthur learns a little about Frolaytia noble heritage. Her family has this trait that will produce 100% male. Don’t start thinking she is a cross-dresser! She is a true blue woman. Because of that, rumours get out of hand that she will produce a male and this is important for noble families who are seeking a male heir. There is a long list of potential candidates who are just out to bed her. That is why she prefers being on the battlefield instead of a safe nation and will be as useful as she can till she is as old as a granny. Halreed is one of them and although one of the kinder ones, she can’t help feel happy when Big Hopper was taken out. So living and dying on the battlefield is true freedom for her.

Episode 12
Havia is now at the dam. Communicating with Qwenthur, it seems all he needs is just to find a bomb and disable it as the sum of its destructive explosion is needed to destroy the dam. As the bombs are wired, Havia just shoots the wire. It is then Bilany comes out of her hiding to fire at him. Her team also try to take him out with shoot to kill orders. Bilany gives him a chance to surrender. That is when Havia tells her that Baby Magnum is now on its way to rendezvous with Qwenthur. They will take out Break Carrier therefore her destruction of the dam will be unjustified. Thus Havia’s goal here is to buy them time. As Break Carrier will be approaching from 1 of the 3 routes, the reverberating mountain echoes are making it hard for him to determine where it is coming from. With time running out and they have only 1 shot to decide, Qwenthur suggests they each take a route and if it is a dud, it should be the third one where Baby Magnum is waiting. Milinda isn’t getting any response from Qwenthur so she is jealous that he must be having a grand time with Frolaytia. So call Havia to complain? He is in a pinch too… Break Carrier appears at Qwenthur’s route. However his communication is broken. The only way is taking out his gun and firing at Break Carrier? He is not that dumb to finish it off with a pee shooter but rather his shots resembles Morse code to relay a message to Milinda. How many f*cking bullets does he have?! And Milinda is so sharp she can pick it up but the enemy so dumb trying just to locate where Qwenthur is? Baby Magnum fires through a mine shaft, obliterating Break Carrier. There, another one bites the dust. Havia and Bilany’s fight ends once victory is confirmed.

Qwenthur know gets a proper beating from Frolaytia for pulling such a dangerous stunt. Later Havia discusses with Milinda that there was a different Object that bombarded them when they arrived at the shore. It could be the mysterious Object that can’t be detected by radar or sensor. Frolaytia is about to begin her personal sadistic torture on Qwenthur when she gets contacted by Halreed. He survived the ordeal and because his participation is considered heroic, he has now moved to the top of her potential candidates list. He wants her to return or even retire from the military for a check-up. Qwenthur can’t stand this arrogance anymore as he quickly fondles Frolaytia’s breasts and indicates they are in an illicit relationship. This upsets Halreed as he will have no vulgar woman bear his child. Time to start looking again? Well, embarrassed-cum-upset Frolaytia certainly showed her gratitude by beating him up to the max. I’m sure there would be consequences if word of this goes around since it will make her look like a slut. More importantly, will Qwenthur be pulling off this stunt each time she rejects a candidate? But she is still grateful that he was bothered about her situation and wanted to do something about it. It’s a good thing Milinda didn’t find out about this, right?

Episode 13
Frolaytia and a few others are discussing about the survivors of MDC somehow invaded and took base of Amazon City, the world’s largest ghost town after it was abandoned when some virus popped up. With Baby Magnum still undergoing maintenance, they suggest to work together and pool resources. Their only fear is how many Objects MDC has. There is also talk about Sladder Honeysuckle who is now in charge of MDC. He is a genius as he is MDC’s in-house Object designer. Their mission now is to kill him and in turn the survivors will fall apart. On an unrelated note, seems Milinda has found out about the breast fondling and questions Frolaytia about it! This will be the toughest battle yet… When the guys enter Amazon City, survival is imminent because they are about to be attacked by… Amazon ants!!! After throwing all they’ve got, finally they use smoke and explosion impact above it to kill them all. Phew. It couldn’t be worst timing for Frolaytia as she receives communication from Buffer regarding Honeysuckle’s asylum intention. Qwenthur and Havia inspect the enemy base. Many died because of the ants’ bite. They also inspect the enemy’s ammo and find it odd about its supplier. Suddenly they get an emergency call from Frolaytia to quickly finish their mission. Seems Honeysuckle and co are planning to seek asylum with Intelligence Union and all they need to do is hole up and wait until then. This will give Intelligence Union pretext to invade the area with their Object. In turn, Capital Enterprise will fear their technology will be leaked and send their Object to intervene. And if you take into account MDC might be having a hidden Object, there will be 4 Objects waging war in the area, making it hell on Earth. Oh, looks like it is already here. MDC has brought out their spare gun from Break Carrier which is a high output rail gun.

Episode 14
With the uneven ground, Baby Magnum has trouble being mobile and the compact buildings are preventing her to have a clear shot. A jet fighter ally bombs a clear path. When Baby Magnum makes a move, Qwenthur feels something amiss. Why is the enemy using a rail gun? It must mean they don’t an Object. Considering how rail guns need ground stability to fire, he realizes this one is a decoy to lure Baby Magnum. Too late. Caught up in a huge explosion. Meanwhile Frolaytia is talking to Intelligence Union’s Lieutenant Colonel Lendy Farolito about her kingdom’s goal. She is here to get the mass driver space technology and not the rail gun. Frolaytia thinks she is trying to confuse her with information so the only way is to kill Honeysuckle at all costs and thus eliminating her reason to intervene. Because Baby Magnum is stuck and damage, this naturally sets it on a self destruction mode. Milinda is trying to override the command but since it is not working, the only option left is to eject. However somebody throws a wire net over the hatch. Imagine Milinda being cut into strips ejecting at the speed. Qwenthur hurriedly rushes over, throws a bomb to destroy the net before Milinda could eject safely. However she spots a suspicious guy aiming at her. Sitting duck. Luckily Qwenthur was fast enough to distract him for Milinda to safely land. As Qwenthur takes cover, he discovers this guy is Honeysuckle! Qwenthur doubts if any country would accept a traitor and it seems Honeysuckle’s aim is to destroy the conventional doctrine. That is, using non-Objects to destroy Objects (just like how Qwenthur has been doing). He is confident that with his rail gun technology and expertise, it will be his selling point. Furthermore, such prototypes cost less to produce compared to Objects. Whether successful or not, it doesn’t matter as he is projecting a great possibility. Although Qwenthur gets a flesh wound from Honeysuckle’s bullet, he did another decoy move as he exposes his body wrapped with bombs. The real bomb was thrown near Honeysuckle and he almost got caught in the blast. It’s game over when Havia secures him. In the aftermath, Honeysuckle is to be tried in their country and because of their failure to kill him on the spot and end all the complications, Intelligence Union and Capital Enterprise are trying to ‘negotiate’ for his release in which they are no circumstances to oblige. The guys think they’ve done another great job till Frolaytia mentions all the violations they did. Including the breast fondling! Still having a grudge over that? The only way to get back her trust via results. How does another mission to destroy Objects at the far end of the Earth sound? Yeah, military punishment sounds a whole lot easier.

Episode 15
Qwenthur and Havia are secretly exchanging their porn stash. Suddenly Frolaytia and her all-female team of inspectors barge into the place to arrest them and confiscate their porn. Yeah, they’ve got porn for all sorts of categories! I suppose there is only 1 way to overlook all this: Go on another mission. Welcome back to Alaska, boys. Remember their first mission when they destroyed Water Strider? Since its wreckage has been lying around for weeks, Intelligence Union has been sneaking into the place in search of any technology as well as scavenge for rare metal parts. They have also built a satellite to transmit information back so it is the guys’ job to destroy that station. Because so, they may come face to face with Rush. The duo bomb certain routes to confuse the enemy as Baby Magnum and Rush face off. When Ohoho hints Milinda to surrender so she can capture her mechanic as her prisoner, no more talking, just kill the hell out of each other. Both Heavy Objects take heave damage. They rush back to their station to repair their main cannon. The guys believe it will be their victory since those routes they make are like a maze. In terms of time, Baby Magnum will finish repairs first and win it. However Frolaytia contacts them with an emergency. Rush is not heading back to its station but meeting the maintenance crew halfway. They are dragging the parts via manual labour using power suits! This means Rush will finish reparations first. As the guys are still in the area, they need to sabotage the repairs. It is a very risky and dangerous move but there are no other choices. Qwenthur knows one of the routes have heavy rubble and that Rush must detour in which it will pass closest to them. After Havia fires a missile at Rush as distraction, Qwenthur swings on board. Ohoho detects a little bug and fires all her mini cannons to shake it off. When Rush is starting its maintenance, Qwenthur drops into Rush’s cockpit and holds Ohoho hostage. But he is shocked to see her true form. A flat chest loli?

Episode 16
Qwenthur is in despair! His dreams crushed! Give back those G-cups! Apparently Ohoho’s busty self is just a 3D rendered model. So real, eh? Although Qwenthur tries to hold her hostage by making her do nothing, she quickly activates her AI, Juliet. Rush disengages from repairs and instantly heads out to the battlefield. Qwenthur is tossed like inside a washing machine from the G-force. Baby Magnum has not progressed much in its repairs and is forced to engage Rush. To taunt the enemy, Ohoho starts singing! Well, since Juliet is handling the combat, it leaves her free. To up the ante, Ohoho shows pictures of her flirting with Qwenthur. You know how this is always a death flag, right? So Milinda gives him the ultimatum to get out of there or she’ll blast him along with Rush. And then he had to say this: If he dies, there is an engagement ring in his barrack. Return it to his fiancée, Angelina back at his hometown. Immediately Milinda fires her full force at Rush!!! Then she gives him options to die. Qwenthur continues to mention about his playboy status with some foreigner named Julia to rile up Ohoho. Then he gives Milinda commands to lead Rush to be blocked by an obstacle. Although Rush is faster and packs more firepower than Baby Magnum, suddenly it shuts down. From Qwenthur’s explanation, what I understand is that Juliet recalculated risks trying to avoid a checkmate but got itself into one. The messages Qwenthur relayed to Milinda weren’t for her but to Havia to manipulate some infrared targeting system to make Rush mistakenly think Water Strider’s main guns are aiming at it.

Ohoho can shut down and restart manually but Qwenthur tells her to quiet and shut off communications. He hints there is a bomb at the back of her seat. It seems when Rush halted despite having overwhelming advantage, her higher ups deemed her as a traitor and is going to blow up the Object. Because it is not Rush or the Elite that they want. It is Juliet. Ohoho becomes mad as she blames and punches Qwenthur repeatedly. He makes a deal with her to let her escape since her song was nice. In exchange for her life, they get to capture this enemy Object intact. After she ejects, it is revealed this was just an elaborated cooked up plan. The bomb is from Qwenthur. Although Havia can help keep this a secret to Frolaytia and Milinda, the problem now is to cook up an excuse for Milinda who is raging who the f*ck are Angelina and Julia… Ohoho is picked up by Lendy who assures her despite Rush’s loss, their military attaches importance to control systems and AIs so it is okay. Besides, they have a backup of Juliet’s system. Even if Juliet is seized, there are measures to keep its intelligence under wraps. After Ohoho realizes she has been tricked, she slaps Lendy and threatens to shoot their own team if they pull this off again. This makes her want Qwenthur all to herself.

Episode 17
Their next operation will be a night time blitz at the Kamchatka Peninsula. Qwenthur is getting supply parts for Baby Magnum when he stumbles upon a woman in black uniform. This strict lady pulls out her gun and demands his rank and affiliation. Once she realizes he is a student, she goes away seeing that is not her jurisdiction. It seems such people are like the police for the military to keep an eye on them so they won’t commit crimes. Frolaytia initiates her battle plan briefing with the engineers. Their mission is to destroy a coal mine belonging to Faith Organization. It is believed this is their power source for their Objects and will greatly stifle their movement. Also, it is spotted they have deployed a second generation Object codenamed Wing Balancer. In short, Baby Magnum is no match head to head with this amphibious gunner. And because the Kamchatka Peninsula’s geographic layout is not suitable for Baby Magnum, that is where the engineers come in to hack in some radar facility. I’ll skill the technical details. After they complete their mission, a grace period will be given for the commander to surrender and coal mine staffs to evacuate before Baby Magnum fires and destroys everything. The engineers are split into 2 teams. Havia has Cookman, Myongli and Westie trekking to some point. Qwenthur has Nutley, Charles and Charlotte Zoom (that strict lady in black) for company. I’m going to cut out lots of small chatter as they proceed with the operation. Aside Baby Magnum, there is also Indigo Plasma on their side but this is just a decoy to keep Wing Balancer in its place while the engineers carry out their mission. When Qwenthur spots the enemy’s target plane, he relays to Charles. However there is no answer. Blood is hinted splattered in his area. Qwenthur and Charlotte are then shot in the back by Nutley.

Episode 18
The duo are still alive because their f*cking thick backpack protected them (at the expense of their communication device). But Charles is confirmed dead since Qwenthur has his dog tag. And Nutley didn’t bother to check if they’re dead?! I understand we can blame the bad weather for poor vision but if he was travelling with them, he should have known what they were carrying, right?! So he just sabotaged their hacking device and gone ‘missing’? Some spy. Meanwhile Havia’s group is not too pleased that before them is Wing Balancer. Running away now won’t do any good so it is believed Wing Balancer has some build bridging mechanism to cross the terrains. If they destroy it while it is crossing the gorge, maybe they’ll seize victory? Well, don’t bother. Because Wing Balancer flew over the gorge!!! The turbulence and impact blew everyone away. Literally. It might have even caused Cookman and Westie’s life seeing they were flung deep into the ravine. Havia and Myongli enter the barracks and discover a room that is seemingly kid friendly. Till they realize it is a spy room trying to learn their country’s language and culture. Qwenthur and Charlotte are walking through the mine shaft. A civilian bringing first aid appears. Charlotte is ready to shoot to kill but Qwenthur stops her. Because of that, Charlotte gives him a gun not to defend himself but to commit suicide in the case that girl goes to report to the enemy and then they swarm and corner them. As the epic battle between Baby Magnum and Wing Balancer begins (it’s jumping everywhere!), Havia beats up Qwenthur thinking he screwed up on the operation. After explaining thins, Qwenthur notices this isn’t a coal mine but a mine filled with diamonds, they realize this is a war over resources. But they find it odd if it was over it, why isn’t the enemy Object stationed and guarding here? Based on Myongli’s theory, perhaps there are civilian pacifists trying to learn cultures and languages for diplomacy unlike higher ups who want to wage war. Thus the people in power want to get rid of them and make it look like they get crossed in a fight between Objects. And you know the backlash if they are killed by the nation whom they were trying to reach out the most, right? This means Baby Magnum is very much in danger as Wing Balancer is luring her to shoot at the mines. Qwenthur and co make haste but stopping them in their tracks is traitor Nutley in a powered suit.

Episode 19
The civilian attacks the powered suit with a pick, giving Qwenthur a new lease of life. The guys split up as Nutley chases Qwenthur and Charlotte. He drops explosives along the way to slow it down but Nutley retaliates by throwing a rock. A debris cuts and injures Charlotte’s leg. Playing hide and seek in the mine, Qwenthur ends the game by planting explosives in the diamond ores. The blast and impact pierce through the powered suit, making it Nutley’s glittering coffin. Qwenthur then hacks a communication device to communicate with Milinda. Talking about the rage of air cushions in newer Objects, he then discovers Wing Balancer’s weakness. You might think he is crazy to shoot at it with his rifle. But it is actually to take out the sensors at the bottom of its feet as they are used to sense the uneven ground and terrain. With that taken out, a single shot from Baby Magnum is enough to send it toppling over. Qwenthur thought the war is over and victory is theirs but when Frolaytia contacts him about the civilians still being target, he didn’t see this one coming. Indigo Plasma fires a powerful blast to destroy the mines! Qwenthur realizes that the higher ups want the war to continue. The enemy isn’t just confined to the different factions but from within. Nutley wasn’t a spy from the other side. He was a spy sent by their own country. Qwenthur laments the atrocities of war but Frolaytia relays the good news that there are no civilian casualties. Everyone escaped via underground submarine since the mines used to be a submarine base. Back at base, Myongli can’t believe how the guys are so nonchalant after what they’ve been through and the possibility of an impending civil war. Well, they’ve been having the devil’s luck and living this far… You learn to take life as a joke. Charlotte admits she isn’t cut out for this kind of job. She also mentions she is a ‘fan’ of him ever since hearing his heroics of taking down Objects with his ingenuity. Then a box of diamonds drops out from Qwenthur’s pocket. She was going to get mad about him but lets it slide since she has no authority over students. Later Charlotte reports to her commander and clears Qwenthur that his victories aren’t due to List’s scenarios but his own efforts. He has her continue sticking with List and investigate Flide who has escaped and now a fugitive.

Episode 20
Indigo Plasma is attempting to cross the Atlantic Ocean into Europe. The plan is to intercept it with Baby Magnum, Snow Quake and Active Sledge. The decisive battle will be held at Victoria Island. There is this briefing about this noble dude, Prizewell City Slicker behind this ‘war’. He is a selfish person who gets what he wants. He started falling out of favour so his goal is to threaten their homeland with overwhelming military might to get people to listen to him again and to have his say in matters. When Milinda is worried about the maintenance granny as she is acting unusual, Qwenthur goes to talk to her. He is shocked to see a beautiful photo of her in her teens. Granny is an emigrant from Capital Enterprise (supposedly the old Japan) when her daughter and her husband were almost executed because of their philanthropic ways which was seen as ‘hurting the economy’. Now they live in an immigrant settlement city near Victoria Island. Qwenthur and Havia go help their infantry by sniping the enemy’s infantry engaged in a gun battle. As they inspect the bodies, strange gas starts flooding the place just as when the Heavy Objects are arriving to engage in heavy fighting. Everyone runs for higher ground as Qwenthur finds it odd it isn’t poisonous or flammable. Then it hit him. Just in time for everyone to duck, a big area blows up. Qwenthur explains some plasma cannon thingy in which its high temperatures will be spread via gas. That is why the enemy infantry was trying to spread the gas around. That area now is a huge magma crater! Snow Quake takes damage in its base. Baby Magnum makes a risky move to save it before it gets toast. The guys believe the battle will turn in their favour if Active Sledge arrives. However they hear reports it has been sunk! But how?! 6 stealth Objects emerged from underneath the sea. Once those Objects arrive on land, Slicker makes his broadcast about the stagnation of their country due to the many languages other than the official language. That is why they aren’t united. He will make their country great again by eliminating all the other inferior languages.

Episode 21
Nobody is going to believe about Slicker’s BS exercise when they know he is targeting the immigrant city. Luckily Frolaytia evacuates the personnel of the base first before Slicker’s Objects blast it to smithereens. As Snow Quake’s Elite has ejected, Baby Magnum is damaged but still operatable, Frolaytia orders the crew to scavenge parts and go fix it before Slicker’s Objects destroy it. However granny is not around and it is believe she has fled to the village to save her family. Qwenthur and Havia get into an argument about the former’s risky move. Qwenthur argues about Slicker’s Objects. Are there really 7 of them? Do you know the cost and manpower to maintain and operate one? Some may just be a ploy to deceive and throw them into confusion. Qwenthur proves his theory by examining the carrier the Objects arrived on. Because of the structure of the cheaper metal it used, in no way it could have supported a real Object. Thus some of the dummy Objects may not even have any other fire power except their main guns and they can even take them out with their weapons. Havia agrees to participate in this crazy attempt one last time. Suddenly they are attacked by mercenaries of Capital Enterprise. FINALLY! THOSE FABULOUS MAIDS APPEARED!!!!!!! WOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Led by Wydine Uptown, they capture the duo and want them to trick Baby Magnum’s Elite to eject and after they capture her, this place will be defenceless and when Capital Enterprise make their move, they’ll get rewarded.

Qwenthur wants to buy their services but they mock him of not knowing his position and his allowance cannot buy them. Then he shows a box of Kamchatka diamonds. You listening now? Qwenthur says he has a few more boxes of it and will give it to them at the end regardless of the outcome. After verifying its top quality authenticity, suddenly it they become goshuujin-sama! Gladly at your service! Wow. Money really rules the world. Hitching a ride to the immigrant city, it seems only Qwenthur only gets first class treatment as Havia is scorned since he didn’t cough up any cash. They discuss about the strategies the enemy might be using. Whatever it is, the maids will gladly use all their expertise to help. Granny has reached the city as she frantically gets her daughter. She notices all internet and even the telephone lines cut so as not to spread the panic. She tells her daughter what is going on and then slaps her when she panics. Granny doesn’t want her to tell others as she is only here to save her family. She will bear this sin and responsibility. They go pick up the husband and granddaughter. But since the enemy Object is already within firing range, granny feels she has failed and there is not enough time to escape. That is when she is contacted by Qwenthur and Havia via walkie-talkie that they can’t have her die on them just yet. They’re going to stop the Objects and the maids will gladly oblige their orders to take out anyone who stands in their way.

Episode 22
The maids use land and air drones as distraction. The Objects take the bait and destroy some of them. The gas is fired and it is getting pretty close to where Qwenthur is. If not for the drone shooting it away and Qwenthur throwing his bomb to disperse the gas back, he would have got caught in it. Like how it destroyed its own ground platoon. Qwenthur notices the destroyed pieces of the fake armour from the fake Object. Although it is thick, it is very light. He contacts granny for help on how to analyze it. Using some radio frequency, granny speculates the ‘armour’ is just special ceramic to make it look like an Object. Yup, everyone was visually fooled. The communication is then jammed so Qwenthur contacts the maids to initiate their attack. So one of the remaining drones behind the Objects fire a shot. This has the AI controlled Objects to turn around and vaporize it, taking out the entire infantry following behind! This AI is certainly dumb! Because of the gas the infantry was carrying, this means the plasma also turned the area into that magma crater. Thanks to the subzero temperatures of the land combined with the heat from the plasma, the sudden shock in different temperature causes the fake Objects to crumble! All that is left is Indigo Plasma as a pissed Slicker is going to wipe out Qwenthur. But Baby Magnum is here. She fires her cannons at Indigo Plasma and since his side is shrouded with the gas, everything goes boom. Baby Magnum shields Qwenthur from the impact. Safe. It’s good he is alive because the maids are so afraid they won’t get their payment. Money face. In the aftermath, Qwenthur and Havia pick up granny who is ready to face the music. However they say Frolaytia will overlook this as long as she makes up with results. Back at base, Frolaytia is not amused the higher ups are fighting over who to take credit. She just hates the paper work that comes with it. Learning that Qwenthur teamed up with a bunch of mercenary maids, she has checked that every mercenary under Capital Enterprise is registered. The maids are not. She has a feeling he might have met a troublesome bunch. It is revealed the maids are under Intelligence Union’s Lendy. They were sent as spies and to destroy information on Rush. They have erased one and all that is left is one more. Charlotte is seen interrogating Honeysuckle in prison. He warns to act quick or else Baby Magnum’s battalion will be annihilated.

Episode 23
Qwenthur and Havia are in the middle of a flower field. But they’re not stopping to smell the flowers. They are on a peace mission to exchange a prisoner, Klondike. Originally from Faith Organization, he is popular and has many followers around the world. Because he preaches peace and non-violence and his teachings are more like ideology, he doesn’t fit into Faith Organization. They don’t want him but want to be seen protecting him. This is the same for every country as they don’t want him to spread his ideology but cannot risk international incident if they kill him. So they just detain him. He has been ‘tossed’ around various countries and this time Intelligence Union is willing to take him in. Before Klondike goes with Frolaytia for the handover, he meets Qwenthur and Havia. He questions their ideology of killing one to save thousands. He has them think again if that kind of thinking is the reason why war never ends. Meanwhile Milinda and Ohoho are having a war of words since Milinda is chirpy about Qwenthur making and giving her a small mirror gift. Let the b*tching fly. As Qwenthur tries to calm her down, all communications to her is cut off. Contacting Frolaytia about it, she too is having the same problem. It seems an unknown source is trying to obstruct her. She traces a source to a nearby town and wants them to deal with this before anything unnecessary crops up. On the way, they are contacted by Charlotte who tells them Flide might be behind this. As he ran the Elite training programme, he has data on Milinda and is traced to be in this area. Because all the superpower Objects are in the area, Flide might want to hack Baby Magnum and trigger a big war by foiling the exchange. By the time the guys arrive in a dilapidated house, Flide has already finished his final hacking. All systems in Baby Magnum shut down. Milinda experiences some kind of kaleidoscope horror vision before everything is restored. Back to normal? Then she targets where Flide is. Part of his plan to die along with the hacking evidence. He chained himself so the guys have to escape themselves. After Milinda fires a shot, she targets Rush and both Objects now engage in a bloody battle. She doesn’t listen to Frolaytia’s orders to stop. As explained by Honeysuckle, Milinda has been affected by this cognitive intervention programme for Elites, Mirror of Truth which was developed by Intelligence Union. Now Milinda will interpret every data as negative. It cannot be stopped since the key died along with Flide. The only way to stop this from getting out of hand and Klondike from dying is to destroy Baby Magnum.

Episode 24
Qwenthur and Havia get hit by a stray shot. While Havia sustains injuries and not life threatening, Qwenthur is on the verge of death. Had not Wydine find him, he might have bled to death. The doctors desperately try to bring him back to life. Fortunately he lives. But ironically he wakes up as though he was just lightly injured. By his side is Ohoho. It seems she is not piloting Rush as it is being remotely controlled. Lendy meets Qwenthur for the first time and learns about Mirror of Truth. She is interested to know more from his source. Qwenthur talks to Honeysuckle about this. He reiterates what we already know. The only way is to destroy Baby Magnum as he suggests all the parts that could easily obliterate the Object. With Frolaytia confirming the higher ups have decided to abandon Baby Magnum, I guess the only way for Qwenthur is to screw all that and do it by himself. He is going to inflict enough damage to force eject Milinda but not kill her when he destroys the Object. Ohoho reminds him he is their prisoner and proposes that he defects to Intelligence Union and becomes her personal maintenance engineer. However he rejects her. I take it that he chose Milinda. His reason threads along the lines that Elites like her have been alone all the time and building thick walls around themselves. Isn’t it the same case for other Elites and Ohoho as well? Whatever. He requests Ohoho’s help to pilot an Object if she wants to repay her debt from Alaska. Qwenthur and Havia ride their jeep as Ohoho gets into her Rush to fight Baby Magnum. Ohoho’s role is to lure Baby Magnum to a designated area. However feeling the need to save Frolaytia still in the battlefield, she strays from the course. With no time left (Capital Enterprise and Faith Organization are also mobilizing their Objects), Qwenthur decides to become the decoy. It’s of course another dangerous stunt. He former contacts Milinda and despite telling her not to shoot their jeep, she interprets as an order to shoot it. In a well timed coordination, she fires and the jeep is hit. This distraction allows Ohoho to fire some sort of powder gas into Baby Magnum’s cannons. When Milinda fires, the cannon’s heat causes Baby Magnum to explode but enough to eject Milinda out. There is some technical explanation from Qwenthur about this but I’ll skip it. I don’t understand and couldn’t really care. But it seems Qwenthur took a big gamble with that shot and got very lucky this time he wasn’t killed. A happy ending as Milinda happily drops into Qwenthur’s arms. Honeysuckle and Klondike have their own comments that Qwenthur can be the new change that everyone should look out for.

Heavy Fanservice
Not really. But in every episode, there is guarantee to have at least one fanservice scene be it a small subtle one or a big obvious one. A close up on those boobs or those curvy asses, well I guess we need to have our little distractions from the plot and mecha action. Heck, even many of the sponsor screens have a seemingly fanservice-like pose from a scene in the episode. And yes, sometimes our pervy nature of our main duo is one of those small reasons why fanservice is forced into the show. Raunchy training video anyone?

I have to admit that watching the first few episodes, I was already hooked on where the series was heading. Yeah, it made me forget (but not entirely) that I would be patiently waiting for the maids to pop up and squeal with glee. Seriously. I was going to do that. But thankfully the resourcefulness of Qwenthur and Havia was the one that kept everything interesting because they were thinking outside of the box to bring down something that is so many times bigger and more damaging than them. It was absolutely thrilling and mind blowing to see them come up with creative and ingenious plans and tactics to bring down the enemy. Sure, it got a bit stale after a few arcs and after halfway through, I thought they might have ran out of steam seeing they somewhat follow this formula albeit with a bit of tweaking. But still, it is still fun to see them in action and get out alive after all that.

Which brings me to the next point at how freaking lucky the duo are. Yes, people. These guys have lady luck smiling on them. I am guessing Qwenthur is such a ladies’ man that not only he has some of the girls in the series interested in him but even lady luck herself can’t help be on his side throughout the series. They could have died anytime from the extremities and impossibilities that they are facing but they always get out alive and the most are only a few scratches. Nothing as serious as breaking bones that would have put them out of commission for weeks. I mean, they prove that beating an Object all by themselves isn’t just a fluke. They do it all the time! Sure, there are times when they are in a pinch but there will always be something that will get them out of their unlucky situation and turn the tables in their favour. If Objects were a casino, they’d strike jackpot all the time! They are better than cats or Contra cheat code because it is like they have infinite lives. Making them even luckier is the fact that they get to travel around the world! Notice how each arc brings them to different locations around the world? From the freezing cold of Alaska to the deep waters of Gibraltar and the dense forests of the Amazon. I think they visit cold places more often as they revisited Alaska and Kamchatka as well. Man, these guys got a paid trip around the world. Of course you can argue that they are risking their lives on the mission but hey, I guess those are the perks and dangers that come with the job. You lucky bastards!

Another fun part that kept my interests in the show is the dynamic interaction between Qwenthur and Havia. These two are inseparable, probably fated to be together and may God forbid, die together on the battlefield. Though, it is always mainly Qwenthur’s initiative that drags Havia into the mess because the latter would very much like to stay out of trouble. He could have an easier noble life back in his home town had not this military requirement that requires him to rack up some reputation points. I hope it was all worth it for his fiancée. Because no matter how much Havia screams and complains, I guess he will eventually have to tighten his seat belts because he is already in for the ride with his partner. With all the jabs and prodding the duo make, it is never a dull moment to see the dynamic duo get things done and outsmart the enemy. And with them going around destroying Objects without using Objects, I bet that when they reach well into their adults there won’t be many Objects left because you know how freaking hard and expensive it is to maintain such war machines. They’ll rack up such reputation that even Elites would run upon learning if they are present in the battlefield. Like how a mouse could scare away an elephant, no?

I want to say that Milinda completes the trio but she is hardly physically with them. Because if you noticed she is mostly cooped up in her Baby Magnum most of the time. Seeing her outside of it is something rare. I would say that half of the time you will see her piloting inside the cockpit of Baby Magnum. Though she plays a pivotal role in many of the missions as you still need an Object to finish the other Object or at least stave it off before Qwenthur works his scientific magic, somehow I just don’t feel Milinda is as close as the guys. They are out on the battlefield but she is inside her Object while the guys are on the ground. Even if they are separated at least the guys have more physical contact with each other on occasions unlike Milinda who is often on standby inside Baby Magnum.

So that is why I thought that the only way to make her relevant (notwithstanding the final arc which feels like a shoehorn so that she would have some sort of ‘proactive’ role) and have something to do with Qwenthur is to make her have this secret crush on him. It is so freaking obvious. She likes him. Any other girls come into the picture, she pouts and you can see a drastic change in her attitude. Not even Frolaytia is spared. Not sure if the guys know about this or just deliberately ignoring it because you can’t have your love in fruition when you’re on the battlefield, right? Because you can hear Havia teasing lightly about this and Qwenthur is like, well, not sure if he’s just acting to just appease her. So if you’re hoping for some sort of romance, it is a big miss. It’s like trying to bait us with a potential harem because nerds with brains like Qwenthur is a hit with chicks (girls dig brainy guys, right?) but nothing of it materializes. Just a distraction. Or is Ohoho trying to piss off Milinda by trolling that she would steal her man? If I am not mistaken, in one of the later arcs, there was this idol reporter waltzing into the base doing her cutie reporting. I believe she was trying to look for Qwenthur but left disappointed as she couldn’t find him around. Duh. He was on the battlefield risking his life. What is his relationship with him? Could she be another love rival? It feels like a waste and troll just to show cameos of her in that arc.

Having described the trio, there is nothing more we can say about the character development about them or any other character partly due to the nature of this series. If you want to know more about their past in depth, you’d be disappointed because there isn’t much to know about. I mean, how much do you know about Qwenthur? We know a bit more in Havia and his Vanderbilt fiancée but that is about it. How about Milinda as an Elite? How did she end up in this position? What is her back story? Again, nothing told. At least Frolaytia has slightly more back story and past despite being shoehorned as part of the story arc. So what else can I say about Frolaytia that she is like your typical higher up who acts strict and is quirky in her own way but cares for her subordinates. Busty assets to flaunt and tease Havia just because she can.

Oh, before I forget too, by the times the maids appeared (it’s about time), I have almost lost my enthusiasm that I had as I did from the start since my main interest by then is Qwenthur and Havia’s feats. Not to say that I totally lost interests in maids (NEVER WILL!), because at the start and end of each arc my conscious would be telling me that there was no show from the maids here. Could it be I was deceived? And then they finally pop up. Didn’t do pretty much except providing backup to Qwenthur and then off they go. Well, what was I expecting anyway. Other characters are like, uhm, well I don’t know how to elaborate more. Ohoho is only remembered as Milinda’s rival on both the battlefields (give me back those G-cups too!). Lendy is sneaky (I think everyone in Intelligence Union is as sneaky). Charlotte, why do we still need her? Anybody else that matter? No? Baddies? No? Honeysuckle. In prison. Flide? Dead. Slicker? Dead. Nutley? Dead. Halreed? Finding someone new to go f*ck with. Haha! With baddies and characters with names like these, oh boy, sometimes you wonder if the world has gone ‘internationalized’ is a good thing or not.

For the plot, overall it might sound silly and recycled seeing that every arc is more or less the same. Some country is going to do something bad. Our heroes need to interfere. Qwenthur and Havia have racked up a reputation big enough to be sent around the world to stop and foil the enemy’s plan. And they did it. End of mission. Mission successful. Well, at least it is easy to follow this way. That is why the ‘ending’ didn’t feel like anything much because you know, if there was going to be another arc, it would probably follow this same formula. That is why there isn’t any closure for any of the characters because it is most likely the same stuffs will continue. But hey, at least Qwenthur gets the girl in the end. Literally. Besides, if you look at the settings of the world, a few things feeling unrealistic especially about Objects being the sole thing that are used for war. I know such behemoths are so precious and important but do they really need to do away with classic military weapons and arsenal? Because they are all just reduced to just useless supporting roles. And somehow the world is only divided into 4 major powerhouse countries. I don’t know. In today’s reality with more countries breaking up, I can’t see why it will all turn to just a few of them. Oh right. They did something similar in this setting for Code Geass too. And to call those big sophisticated war machines as Objects… Can’t they come up with a classier name? Don’t get me started at the penguin scene. What the f*ck was that all about?!

Then there are those sci-fi and engineering terms. Well, I’m not saying that they are as bad as To Aru Majutsu No Index but there are enough spewed around to make it sound, uhm, authentic. You know, they can come up with all those classy sounding names and terms and all those BS and still get away with it because I’m just too dumb to understand what it all means and too lazy to even Google and find out how true it is. I’ll just accept them all! And I’ll also give an excuse that I am not an engineering or science student to understand all that crap.

The action scenes especially the Objects facing off with each other do not disappoint (fire and explosions, okay?). While they might seem that they are just shifting and realigning to get better positions than their opponent and then firing big beams, you can feel the powerful impact when they fire their main cannons. It really packs a punch. Definitely you do not want to be caught in between the crossfire. Your entire existence will be erased right down to your last DNA I kid you not. Seeing the enemy Object crumble in dramatic fashion also yields some sort of relief because after all the hard work our little heroes put in and to see it pay off is just satisfying. Though, it is a bit silly that something this big and almost indestructible would be destroyed just like that. You know, the end level boss is so tough and once you finish off his last health point, he breaks down and disintegrates to bits. Like as though their DNA molecules have reached their limit in holding up and just let it all go. Seriously.

The art style and animation are pretty fluid and good especially with the Objects using CGI, they don’t look very jarring and blend in perfectly. It is no doubt about the quality because the veteran anime studio, J.C. Staff did this (in collaboration with Sanzigen too). If you find similarities in their art style in other animes, say To Aru Majutsu No Index, now you know why. With a big part of the backgrounds and scenes concentrated on the battlefield, this means the natural environments like the icy desert and the plains, not to say they are masterpieces but good enough to look at. At least it isn’t urban warfare. On a trivial note, the mid-intermission eyecatch is a good place to view comprehensive details on Objects if you really want to get to know its specs. Although eventually many of them will be repeated because there are only a handful of Objects in the series. However the second part of the eyecatch might feel a bit out of place. Because they are just silly random poses of the characters (mostly fanservice for Milinda and Frolaytia) that borders comical. Screw all the technical stuffs. We need to laugh and get a boner sometimes.

I’m not sure why I thought it was Akira Ishida behind Qwenthur’s voice but it was rather Natsuki Hanae (Inaho in Aldnoah.Zero). Maybe at first they sound closely similar but as the series goes on, there was some notable difference but I still thought the character was so. At least I didn’t make the same mistake for Shizuka Itou as Frolaytia and Rikiya Koyama as Seewax as well as Satomi Arai as the head maid Wydine. Rina Satou as Lendy? Didn’t think it was her since she lacks screen time and more lines. Hisako Kanemoto as Ohoho? Trading her “~de geso” line for “ohoho” laughter? There are quite a number of casts here thanks to the nature of the series. Some even playing multiple roles albeit they are just minor background characters that we’ll never notice anyway. So the rest of the (selective) casts are Kaito Ishikawa as Havia (Genos in One Punch Man), Eri Suzuki as Milinda (Chinatsu in Flying Witch), Saori Oonishi as Charlotte (La Folia in Strike The Blood), Maaya Uchida as Vanderbilt (Rikka in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Yoshimasa Hosoya as Honeysuckle (X-eins in Valvrave The Liberator), Ryota Takeuchi as Halreed (Shiro in Ansatsu Kyoshitsu), Katsuyki Konishi as Slicker (Laxus in Fairy Tail), Ryuusuke Oobayashi as Flide (Soun in Ranma 1/2) and Shinpachi Tsuji as Klondike (Makarov in Fairy Tail).

Both the opening themes are sung by All Off. Both are hard rock pieces supposedly to give you a feel and pace of what this series is about. One More Chance is the first opening theme while Never Gave Up is the second one. But it is an easier pace for the ending themes. Dear Brave by Kano as the first ending theme is still a rock outfit. The second ending theme is Unchanging Strength and is more of a slow anime pop. Done by Yuka Iguchi who only sang and did not provide any voice acting. Not even a cameo. I suppose with Milinda’s limited appearance, I have a feeling that is why the ending credits animation is mostly all on her.

Overall, I have to admit that despite falling under the mecha category that I dislike, this series has been a fun and enjoyable ride thanks to the boys’ cleverness and interesting tactics to take down the nearly invincible despite the stacking impossible odds against them. Not to mention their teamwork that sometimes could border as a manzai comedy duo (they can be good stand-up comedians if they retire). Also partly thank the maids for appearing or else I might have been feeling more disappointed had they not and screamed deception. Also thanks to the big mecha action to remind us why war is big business and reinforce and make us feel less guilty why we will forever fight each other despite you’re not supposed to take this anime seriously. Last and not least, thank the few fanservice peppered throughout because what is all that explosive action if you don’t have a little boobs and butts to show even if they are just mild. Sex sells. Hentai parody when? Heavy Sex Object. Haha! Song parody when? He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Object. Haha! So yeah. Why the heck do we want boring peace anyway when we can have so much fun in war?


October 8, 2016

Oh gosh. I didn’t know it would be this quick. Just when I thought I had rebuked such typical show of borrowing so many elements from other series in the same genre, here comes another one. Yeah well, perhaps in this sense it isn’t as bad as Saijaku Muhai No Bahamut, but Hundred still feels like it has borrowed from harem, mecha and sci-fi elements from other similar animes. I’m too lazy at this point to list them down now. Heck, making it worse is how the name of this series sounds lazy as well. And I thought it wouldn’t be so bad (of course it is) had it been about a cheap sleazy fanservice filled anime about a hundred girls chasing after a single boy and hence the name of the series. Alas it didn’t turn out that way as it got its name from something less inspiring. At least from my point of view. Oh well, what to do? Since I love this genre so much and keep coming back, might as well sit back and relax the cringe worthy crappiness. You know, new boy with high hidden talent arrives at new school. Has dark secret and past. Meets a handful of girls who would become his b*tches, including the b*tch that hated and challenged him at the start, fights monsters with their mecha suits, more girls, crisis that threatens to harm innocent lives, saves the day, more harem hijinks. Oh yeah. I’m getting pretty good at this now.

Episode 1
Why is it always the main character must have some sort of traumatic past. His old city ravaged by a monster and he tried saving a girl. Something among those lines. It is no wonder Hayato Kisaragi once more wakes up from such dreams as he approaches the academy ship of Little Garden. Apparently Hayato has some super reputation as a pair of girls wait in line to welcome him. Not the kind to revel in the spotlight, Hayato gives them the slip only to be spotted by Reitia Saint-Emilion. Before he knows it, the crowd gathers around him like a rockstar. His specialty must be giving the slip because he easily does that. Emile Crossfode, his childhood friend hugs him, glad to see him here. Please bear in mind this is a boy!!!! No sh*t. Or is it… Later Reitia apologizes to Hayato for calling him out like that and making him attract attention. Students attend the opening ceremony at the hall hosted by student council vice president, Erica Candle and Liddy Steinberg. The president and queen of them all is Claire Harvey. Noa Sheldon and Liu Xuemei arrive late as they were the ones waiting for Hayato. However Claire will not take this sh*t and tells them to pack up and leave. Woah! Such heavy drama stuffs on the first day? I’m sure Hayato wants to protest but he is too meek. Surprisingly it is Emile who stands up to that b*tch. He risks expulsion too as Claire explains the failure to follow orders will lead to death of the entire squad because as Slayers, they will be fighting monsters called Savages. Emile brings up Hayato’s Hundred compatibility score so Claire asks Hayato’s opinion. He too opposes their expulsion. And thus Claire challenges him to a duel in which their expulsion will be cancelled if he wins. Why is it that such genres has the main character end up fighting the powerful b*tch on the first day?

Later Emile introduces Hayato to his best friend, a technologist on Little Garden, Charlotte “Char” Dimandius and her cat maid assistant, Meimei. There is also this autonomous computer that controls Little Garden, LiZA. Basically a powerful AI. Char proceeds to explain about the mecha suits known as Hundred (a term derived from Century Armament) that is only effective against Savages. They have many forms but ultimately their goal is to protect humanity. Since Hayato is willing to shoulder that responsibility, Char gives him his Hundred. Hayato than has a mock practice with Emile. And he gets owned. At the end of the day, he remembers he forgot to visit his little sister, Karen at hospital. Now, how to you please a pouting woman? A peck on the forehead like she wanted? Ah, now she is all nice and sweet again. And why do animes that feature nurse, they must have super big boobs?! Is this hentai? You can’t blame Hayato for looking at Miharu Kashiwagi’s boobs, right? When he returns to his room, he is shocked to see Emile changing. Don’t jump to conclusions yet… Emile throws stuffs at him. So after calming down, why is Emile in his room? Because they’re roommates, silly! As Emile sews his uniform, he accidentally poked his finger. The little blood is enough to send Hayato’s trauma activating. He quickly sucks his finger to stop the bleeding. Hardly anything romantic. He explains himself that he was involved in a Savage attack years ago so this is somewhat his reflex. And now time for Hayato and Claire’s battle to start.

Episode 2
Claire is so confident that she is willing to give Hayato a few handicaps like support from Emile and she herself won’t use full body armament. When it starts, Hayato couldn’t control his acceleration and rams into Claire. More cliché stuffs. Hand on boob. Oh dear. Mad girl. How will she get married now? She fights back and Hayato is losing. Before she is about to finish him, something inside him activates. His movement changes, he is faster and his attacks sharper. Is this Hayato? She is forced to use her full body armament to stop him. Although it might seem she broke the rules and officially won, she claims she lost to herself. Therefore this match is a tie. Later she visits him in hospital. He has no recollection when he transformed. She is curious to know who he is because for a student to just wield Hundred for a couple of days and pull off all those super manoeuvres and corner her, it shouldn’t be normally possible. Next day, Hayato agrees to go out to Central town with Emile. Because Emile wants to date him. Bear in mind he is a guy… Or is it… Hayato attracts lots of stares because of the duel with Claire. Even Karen calls him as the hospital staffs are talking about it. So worried this sister that she gets permission to leave the hospital to join Hayato. She meets Emile for the first time and her suspicions are good as ours. Is he really a boy? Even more disturbingly, Karen hopes there isn’t any gay time between them. They noticed an advertisement of a popular idol, Sakura Kirishima who is going to have a concert on a nearby island, Zwei Island. Karen joins them in the outing and well, not sure if this is bad luck because they bump into Claire and her student council members, including Claire’s assistant, Chris Steinbelt. Claire needs his help for the student council. More accurately, she wants him to join Selection, a special unit under the student council. He will remain as a student and get to fight real battles with Savages. Seems they don’t have enough Slayers due to a previous mission. Of course all this is voluntary. If Hayato is joining, Emile wants in too but they claim he doesn’t qualify. This is when Emile dares them to a challenge right now. Liddy isn’t happy Emile is being rude so he challenges her instead. Wait a minute. They are going to fight right here and right now?! Thankfully the alarm goes off before it gets serious. Looks like Savages have appeared on Zwei Island. They will settle this later but Char suggests Hayato and co to be taken along too.

Episode 3
Despite his looks, Chris is actually a smart analyst. There 3 Savages on Zwei Island and to be Trenta type. Claire changes her mind of not deploying Hayato and Emile because they lack experience. Claire’s plan is to hold off the Savages till the support from Warslarn HQ arrives. Char didn’t think she would rely on her older brother, Judar who is also the CEO. But Hayato reminds her of what she just said about noblese oblige, using your powers for the sake of those who don’t. If they wait for support, the city will be destroyed. Char adds that her recommendation was from LiZA and the newbies are their best bet in reducing damage. Claire agrees but the duo will remain on standby. Our student council veterans easily take the first one out. Emile pushes Hayato into the action and they too easily take out the second one. Why is it always the last one that is the toughest? Erica and Liddy almost died and yet Claire still believes she can settle this herself and not need their help? Guess what? She runs out of energy! Could have died too had not Hayato carried her away. They are in the Savage’s firing path but if they move, the airport will get hit and many will die. Hayato uses his barrier to deflect the beam. Nicely done. When Emile defends unconscious Liddy, his clothes gets ripped apart. Well, what do you know? Boobs! I knew it all along! Hayato remembers Emile as the girl from his trauma, Emilia Hermit. He goes to protect her but gets crushed by the Savage’s might. And then this is where Hayato transforms again into his full body armament. He is going wild. Going on a rampage. Man, he is savage! The only way to stop him? Emilia kisses him! Calms him down. Instantly. Together they destroy the Savage. With all that done, time for Claire to be shock in seeing Emile as a girl. It is unfortunate Sakura’s concert was cancelled but nobody got injured thanks to them. And as compensation for making Karen worried? A kiss on the forehead. Nobody’s kiss must outdo her.

Emilia strikes a deal with Claire to continue pretending to be a guy or else the entire academy will be in uproar. Time for Emile to reveal what he knows. He was infected by a deadly Savage virus then. Hayato helped by sucking out the virus and this made him infected too. People with such virus are called Variants and there are less than 10 in the world. A characteristic of the virus is that you lose yourself when you are about to die as the virus activates itself. Emile managed to control it via training. So why did he pretend to be a guy? So he can live in the same room as Hayato? I don’t know if I should call that gay… I’m confused… I didn’t know the virus is a little pervy too because it makes Hayato fall over Emile and squeezing those boobs. How to calm him down? A kiss! This is the reason: To suppress an activated virus, an inactivate virus must be administered. What better way than kissing, right? So we’re going to see lots of kissing from now on? And before the duo could romantically kiss this time (no virus in the way this time), Claire barges in to remind Emile about moving out only to see this scandal. They panic as Hayato fumbles onto Claire. A hand on her boob plus their lips met! OMG! Hayato, why do you always steal Claire’s first times?! The boob groping, the carrying and now the kiss. What next? Her virginity?! Claire and Emile quarrel but the former is made to shut up when Emile mentions about kissing Hayato. I don’t know how this turned out because now Emile bugs Hayato for a kiss. Trying to be the character with the most number of kisses with the main character?

Episode 4
Hayato and Emile are in a mock battle with Reitia and Fritz Granz. Hayato almost lost it but manages to control his inner demons and wins the fight. He is then called by Claire for a mission. As Sakura’s concert is postponed, she has personally requested Hayato to be her bodyguard. It seems the dangers of Savages still lurks. There were 7 in total detected. While in the previous episode 3 were defeated and the balance 4 were shot down upon re-entry to Earth, only 1 body was found. Yup, do the math. They are pretty much out there still. So poor Emile can’t go on a morning date with Hayato since he has to leave early. Hey, did they sleep next to each other on the same bed?! This is a girl pretending to be a boy, you know? So here Hayato is being Sakura’s bodyguard. Inside her room once they are alone, she becomes aggressive in asking him to marry her! She saw from the video how Hayato slain the Savage and instantly liked him. She goes on ranting about announcing it over the media and even planning out their wedding, family, kids, house, pet and oh, a rainbow in the sky. Wow… The only way to stop her is to play her game so Hayato agrees to do all that and wants to seal it with a kiss! Then she backs out and goes take a bath. Hah! So she was just teasing and trolling after all. Or is she… Then there is that accident in the bath in which she calls him to get her recorder. He tries to pick up her clothes strewn all over the floor and she misinterprets it. A little clumsy moment has her slip on the soap. If not for those damn convenient steam, Hayato could have seen everything and really have to marry her. After the usual press conference, Sakura takes him to the site where she is to hold her concert. It seems she is also a Hundred as she transforms into her sexy fairy suit to fly around. There is some explanation about her energy sense to create illusions from Char. Why is she here? Char and Sakura’s manager, Souffle Clearrail used to be colleagues and Char once saved Sakura’s life before. After done with his bodyguard job, Hayato returns and thinks he is the only one to use the public bath. Heck, there Emile is. Emile gets jealous after learning Hayato gets to call Sakura by her first name and wants him to do the same. At least Emile didn’t ask him to repeatedly spam it. Emile shows his scar across the body that is almost healed. And this is another typical women’s logic because Emile has been flirting all the while and when Hayato accidentally gropes her boobs, she screams and calls him a pervert. WTF?!

Episode 5
Claire wanted to give Hayato some poolside fanservice when she realized too late she wasn’t wearing her top. Free show! Immediately Liddy wants to kill him (even if it’s not his fault) but slips and has her crotch on his face! In rage, she squeezes his crotch! Super ouch! On to serious business, Claire tells him about some variable stone that was stolen during last month’s Savage chaos. Thieves might strike again so he has to be more careful guarding Sakura. On to private business, she wants to challenge him to some swimming duel. I think he made a good choice to pass up wearing those Speedos. Instead he went out on a date with Emilia. What are the chances of others seeing them? Emilia believes it is nil since not many students are on this island. You know say because here comes Fritz and Reitia! Better hide in the changing room. As Emilia goes to get drinks, Claire calls him that Sakura is missing. Not kidnapped but by her own will since she left a note. So everyone is searching for her and she wants Hayato to join in too. Why does Claire sound mad? Because she saw on the surveillance cameras of his date with Emilia. Stalker! To make up for it, he must go shopping with her next time. Speaking of Sakura, here she is right before him! She wants to meet him? Not wanting to risk Sakura seeing Emile, he agrees to go with her. Hayato informs Claire and again she doesn’t sound too happy. Yeah, another girl beat her to him.

At the Grand Canyon, she gives her thanks for saving him. When she hums a familiar song, Sakura mentions that this is a song her mother wrote and not many people hear it. Upon learning his sister is Karen, she quickly put together events that ascertain that they once met before. They met at a shelter after another Savage attack that left her mother dead. The siblings listened to her humming and Hayato noted how it made him feel much better. She can’t believe meeting again the guy who changed her life. Thanks to him, she gained confidence and continued singing. Subsequently, Sakura’s father whom she has never met suddenly claimed her and took her back to his homeland. Shortly she fell ill of a virus. She lost her ability to sing then and Souffle was put in charge as her genetic engineer. However her dad sold her off to Warslarn research facility where the lab’s director, Vitaly Tynayanov and his scientists injected fluids from Savage virus into experimented kids. Many children died. Sakura survived and gained her ability to sing again. However, Vitaly’s goal wasn’t to cure the illness but to turn normal people into Slayers. Regardless of the side effects, the vaccines kept being injected. Sakura’s singing managed to calm them down for a while although it did nothing to completely cure them. In the end, she survived by mere luck. Sakura is happy that Hayato is also a Variant like her. Fate? Coincidence? Taking a bus on the way back, a Savage attacks.

Episode 6
Hayato fights the Savage while waiting for reinforcement to arrive. Sakura supports him and she doesn’t care if people start thinking they are a couple. Emile, Fritz and Reitia are here to back him up. In between fighting the Savage, Emile has time to pry Hayato and Sakura apart. Too close? Surprisingly, Sakura’s voice could make the Savage stop dead in its tracks. Before Hayato can deal the final blow, he is attacked by a group of strange people. They kill the Savage and fight off the rest of our Slayers. Once they get the Savage’s core, they retreat. Seems they work for Vitaly. Back at the academy, Claire explains that these people are Hunters. Illegal Slayers, so to speak. They are going around taking Savage’s core because it is equivalent to the variable stone. At least in monetary value. This information is top secret and they are not to share it with the rest of the world. Later Hayato goes to talk to Sakura. She believes her songs affect people because she is not an ordinary singer. It is because she is a Variant that she can. She is sad her songs don’t actually reach anyone and is just deceiving people. Of course Hayato disagrees with all that. He was touched by her song when they first met. She didn’t have the virus then, right? Such sweet words give Sakura hope once more. She even iterates that she is going to fall deeper in love with him. Sakura performs her concert filled with songs, special effects and flying around. I can’t believe when she sings that familiar song, Karen instantly recognizes her from back then. She has been a hardcore fan and never even realized this once?! Next day when the gang sees off Sakura, she cheekily pulls Hayato’s hand in pretence of shaking them but quickly kisses his cheek! Gasp! Shock! Let the cat fight begin! She promises to see him soon. Probably he didn’t count on this soon because he wakes up to find Sakura on top of him!!! OMFG! And then Claire and Emile barge in to see this atrocity. Sakura clings on to him, the rest try to pull her away. Since when did Hayato become their tug of war? Forget Savages, these girls are savage!

Episode 7
Beach episode! I guess we need one so we could give Miharu an excuse to show off her hentai boobs. It is times like these that Emile hates being a guy… Because Sakura is hogging all of Hayato’s time. Not only Hayato is the hotly wanted property but Claire too because Erica and Liddy duke it out to put suntan on her. More fanservice hijinks as Hayato ends up planting his face in Claire’s boobs. Too bad we cut short this fanservice moment as Judar arrive in his helicopter to bring Claire back. Something important must have cropped up. Later Claire tells her Selections that they have a mission to do a joint clean-up mission with UN’s peacekeeping army. Judar then talks to Hayato and asks him what powers Little Garden. If you think it is some nuclear reactor, then you’re wrong. He takes him down to a secret chamber where a girl is seen in a capsule. She is LiZA. She is the one powering the entire Little Garden. Oh, did he mention she is Judar and Claire’s sister, Liza Harvey? The first Slayer and Variant. Claire is not pleased Judar told Hayato such sensitive information. Judar believes Hayato will be a top Slayer that could change the world’s power balance. Thus he needs to know these things to protect them at all costs. Also, Hayato has divine blood in which he can wake up Liza. All he needs to do is touch the capsule… And… Nothing happens. Looks like he hasn’t got enough power yet. Judar’s reason to rush is because he fears Vitaly might come get her. Judar has a past with Vitaly and needs to talk to her soon. Hence this clean-up mission is just a cover-up so he can capture her Hunters and get some information.

The gang are dropped off at Tian Quan City. Instantly this bratty girl rushes to hug Emile and almost revealing his identity. What’s this about Emilia being a hidden princess? Emilia apologizes she lied to Hayato about her name. It isn’t Emilia Hermit but Emilia Gudenburg. Third in line to the Gudenburg royalty. When you have a girl so obsessed about her princess, you can tell she hates the main character. Claudia Loetty from Britannia’s Slayer army begs Emilia to come home but Emilia has vowed never to go back. But can Emilia do it for the sake of Claudia? Not a chance because she loves Hayato more! Another women’s logic: For Emilia to turn out like that… Whose fault is it? Damn you Hayato! Claudia challenges him to a duel over Emilia. Claudia gets pumped up in fighting Hayato. Too bad Emilia is cheering at how cool Hayato is. Eventually lesbian girl loses and being the sore loser she is, she wants another match. Not a chance. And since Emilia won’t give her face to go back with her, I guess that’s that. Shock! Heartbroken! Claudia runs away in tears, though she is not giving up yet. And she still blames Hayato for it all.

Episode 8
It could have been a normal debriefing had not been Claudia is part Emile’s group. Yeah, she is going to show and prove how superior she is to win back Emilia’s heart. When is she going to learn she is not coming back to you? A little dressing down from Claire at least has Claudia shut up a bit. I’m sure we’re not interested in the fight against Savages or seeing Claudia the b*tch showing off how good she is. Because we’re more interested to see who sleeps with who for the night. Worst possible combination for the shift for Emile is that he got Erica while Claudia goes with Claire and Hayato. After changing shifts, Claudia tries to hook Claire and Hayato and send them on a patrol-cum-date. So she thinks she can get Emilia back? She should try harder… Indeed Claire and Hayato spot a Savage. I don’t know how Claire can even trip but thankfully there is Hayato to finish the job. Meanwhile Claudia tries to tell Emilia that Claire and Hayato are dating by the lake. Although feeling shock, Emilia still won’t give up on Hayato. Yeah, it is not enough a reason to run back to he own country if the person she loves is dating someone else. See, what did I tell you?

So while Claire cleans herself at the lake, they talk about Hayato’s power and his experience as a Variant. He mentions when he enters into such mode, he feels his senses numb. She believes Liza must have experienced the same thing. Liza is a designer baby as Savage fluids were injected into a fertilized egg. However this is not the doing of Vitaly as she was a mere assistant. It was Linis, their mother. How could a mother do that to her own child? It was the only way she believed could beat the gods in war. Liza exhibited extremely rare and abnormal talent as a Slayer from a young age. But one day she unleashed some forbidden power to save Claire from a Savage. Ever since she has been in slumber mode and giving off enough energy to power Little Garden. Liza is Judar’s trump card and the reason Claire is the captain is to watch his actions closely. Liza isn’t a tool for ambitions but her precious little sister. She wonders if she has failed being a captain for prioritizing her personal reasons but Hayato understands those feelings. If Karen did not need treatment, he wouldn’t have become a Slayer in the first place. An emergency call startles them. Again, how the heck did Claire slip her naked body onto Hayato?! A reason to blame him and have him take responsibility. Anyway the emergency call is from another squad. They are being wiped out by those Hunters. Fritz’s group just got done in as Claire confronts them in her full body armament. She is stronger than them and warns them to cooperate and give answers. Then it starts raining, giving the Hunters the advantage.

Episode 9
The rain powers up the Hunters as they defeat Claire. Before Krovanh could finish her, Hayato and co arrive. The fierce fighting continues although Krovanh’s sisters, Nesat and Nakri are taken out. Krovanh claims this world there is only despair. That is why they are going to change the world. Man, Krovanh is hitting so hard that Hayato could even glimpse his memories! Let’s see. Child slavery. Mistreated and abuse. They escape. Along the way, Nesat lost an eye. Saved by Vitaly, she could restore it but also give them new powers that would set them free. Hayato too has his own reason to fight: To make this world a better place and protect everyone he cares. This serves to make Krovanh mad as he doesn’t care what the virus will do to him as he ramps up its power. Fortunately a Savage rises from the lake to attack. Krovanh suggests a ceasefire and will help out in taking it down in exchange they take its core. But no matter how hard and heavy (and mad) he hits, its barrier is not breaking. He is blasted away only to be saved by Hayato. Why oh why? Because he wants to make a world where no one gets hurt. So does this mean a harem ending is possible? Anyway, after the Hunters disable their communication jamming device, Claire is able to connect to Char on Little Garden. Based on LiZA’s analysis, the barrier can be shattered if all Slayers concentrate their firepower at the same time. Okay, let’s do it. Nothing happens. Not enough firepower, you say? Well, considering that many of them just got owned.

There is another way… Hayato and Claire must kiss! Ah… We can hear those concerned parties voicing out their disagreement. In doing so, Hayato will transfer his Variant virus to her. It is not known about the long term effects but for now, they have to take care of this Savage. So what are you waiting for? Yay! They kiss! “There is something warm entering my body…”. Oh, you make it sound so dirty. Claire powers up significantly and destroys its barrier, allowing Hayato to finish the job. He collapses into the lake and Emilia jumps in to save him. Guess what? She kisses him. Does it count since he is out? Yeah, nobody must have more kisses than her. In the aftermath, our Little Garden Slayers return as they have suffered damage so they leave it to other groups and countries to continue the mission. The Hunters are taken in and Claire has a feeling Judar is behind it. Emile tries to kiss Hayato recuperating in hospital but Karen and Sakura walk in just in time. Too bad Emile can’t add another kiss to the tally but at least Karen believes that didn’t happen because it would be totally weird for guys to kiss, right? Right?! So she’s never seen yaoi… Everyone is happy when Hayato wakes up. Vitaly realizes those hunters aren’t coming back but no matter because there will be no more hindrances to her plan.

Episode 10
The Hunters although are in custody, their lips remain tightly sealed. Vitaly’s secret lab has also been found but she has already fled and all important data deleted. Thus she is still at large. There is an upcoming festival that celebrates the launching of Little Garden, Garden’s Festa. Additional security is needed so they will join forces with Slayers from other nations. And this means a bad feeling for Emile because… That pesky Claudia is here!!! F*ck!!! Thank goodness they won’t be paired together this time. Hayato learns that Karen will also be singing at Sakura’s performance as a special guest. He wonders if it is possible as she has a weak body. Don’t worry. Char has tweaked her Hundred to enable her to prance around. As the Festa takes place, Hayato and Emile are walking around and stumble upon Reitia and Erica helping out a maid cafe. Erica is very embarrassed in this outfit but Emile teases her by taking photos and wanting to send them to Claire. But Erica gets her best revenge when the duo are ushered in. She makes Emile dress up as a maid! The other maids are impressed Emile looks so much like a cute girl! You don’t say… Erica starts fondling Emilia’s boobs and the rest of the maids egg Hayato to do the same. Bear in mind that everyone else believes Emilia is a guy and they are excited all about it because of the Hayato x Emile yaoi doujin. Yeah… When Hayato is pushed, he falls on top of Emilia and grabs her boobs. He thought it was just towels to bust it up but they’re the real deal! The maids cannot stop taking photos! They encourage them to kiss in which Emilia doesn’t mind and wants to! Hayato pleads for Erica to help out but her shift is over and she has gone back to work. You’re on your own. Just before the concert, Hayato sees Karen. He thinks her outfit is a bit revealing? Isn’t this how all Slayers dress in battle? For making her nervous, a peck on the forehead is all that she wants to calm her down. And for good luck charm. Hey, even Judar personally comes to see them to give his blessings. No kissing charm, though. As Sakura’s concert begins, Vitaly slips into the Festa after hypnotizing a Slayer. So much about security. It is Karen’s turn to sing and a little embarrassing blooper since she is nervous. But after Sakura calms her down, she starts singing beautifully.

Episode 11
Vitaly begins her own show. There are suspicious bee drones hovering all over. Attempts to catch them only has them self destruct. Then heck, they just start blowing up power lines and everything. There are automatic cleaning robots that turn into those bees and some even hijacking the entire system to have unpiloted planes crash into Little Garden! Woah. Well, that is Little Garden’s ex-super technician and designer for you. Claire gives commands for all available Slayers to take them out. It gets harder when there are Savages coming in. But these are not your ordinary Savages. They are artificially made by Vitaly as they have no core. And there are bigger ones outside Little Garden pounding on the shield barrier and in no time they will break in. Char believes this is Vitaly’s war declaration on Warlsarn. Claire wants to go out and fight but Chris is against it and she must stay here at the command centre to command and calm all Slayers. This is where Hayato and Emile come in to cover for her. Because LiZA said so too. What the f*ck are they doing in the command centre in the first place instead of helping other Slayers?! Claire gives them a condition to come back alive and protect everyone. Well, duh! The Hunters are glad Vitaly is here to rescue them. As she is launching an attack on Little Garden, she needs their help. But Krovanh remains sceptical. He believed their deal was not to hurt ordinary people and their fight was just against Slayers. Besides, he believes the people here are not that bad. Vitaly then uses some sound wave to mind control them under control. Meimei tries to save them but was taken out.

Episode 12
Vitaly is forcing the Hunters to obey her every command. Here comes Meimei again to save them. Vitaly abandons them and runs into LiZA’s chamber. Judar is waiting for her. Vitaly reveals her goal. This is about revenge. Revenge on him for pretending to love her, then used her and then threw her away. So this entire thing is basically a woman’s revenge on her ex-lover? No sh*t. She is going to make him suffer but destroying LiZA before his eyes. First, her Savages give out some sort of sound wave with viruses that weaken the Slayers. When Vitaly fires at the chamber, nothing happens. Surely it can’t be easily destroyed by a few bullet shots, right? Even more shocking is that LiZA has awakened. This is all part of Judar’s plan. By using Sakura’s songs, he gambled LiZA would awaken faster. In other words, he used her again. Vitaly fires more bullets into him but LiZA protects him. And then Judar shoots her. He thanks her for helping him a lot in his plans. What a tragic love story. LiZA then tells Sakura and Karen to sing for everyone. Their singing cancels out the virus and the Slayers are able to fight again. Hayato transforms to his full body armament to take down the big mother Savage but it is not enough. Krovanh unleashes his frustration on it but there is only so much anger can do. Now it is Nesat’s turn to get mad. In her bid to protect her brother, she uses her power to absorb the Savage. Now she is fused with it. This is dangerous as Char recognizes it as the same situation that happened to Liza. She will eventually go out of control and cause a huge explosion.

Meanwhile unconscious Hayato is visited by LiZA and is told he can save her. So what is his motivation? LiZA kisses him!!! OMG! He even gets a kiss from the super computer girl! You lucky bastard! Claire has decided between taking one life and sacrificing thousands. But wait. Hayato can save them all! She is going to give him one chance and if he fails, she will take Nesat out herself. So the method Hayato is going to save her is using his voice to reach her? Talking about freedom, eh? Well, I guess this is what diplomacy is supposed to be. But what happens if that doesn’t work? Well, they clash once and in this whatever alternate dimension, he talks to her once more. This time about trust and friends. Yeah. You can trust me. Thankfully he isn’t a politician ;p. And just like that, Nesat returns to normal. At night as the fireworks display on Little Garden, suddenly Emilia usurps us by kissing Hayato. Ah, she must always outdo the others, right? After saying their wish to be with each other, you mean Hayato is agreeing to kiss her a second time?! OMG! He did! And then everybody sees this and misinterprets this gay moment. Claudia is most mad as she corners Hayato and warns him about kissing the princess. Unfortunately she spilled all the details so Emilia has to come clean. She confesses she is a girl and a princess. Shocker, no? I take back Claudia is the maddest because that goes to Claire who is going to blast them with her beam! F*ck this sh*t!!!

From Hundred To Zero
Well, well. Are you mind blown yet? I couldn’t be happier it ended. And I’m even gladder that it ended on a cheesy cat fight but at the same time they should just extend it and see how Claire hunts down Hayato and Emilia’s ass for whatever jealousy reasons. I think that would have been a better plot than fighting Savages or that cheesy ex-girlfriend-revenge-plot-by-killing-thousands-of-innocents scheme. Seriously, there has got to be a better way than seeking revenge on you ex-boyfriend. And too bad for her it didn’t pay off and got used for one last time again by the sneaky bastard. Just as planned… Sheesh. Is Vitaly really dead or will Judar encased her in a capsule for his next phase of his plan? Don’t care. Don’t want to know.

Forgive me if I am saying how cliché, generic and typical the characters are for I have seen so many of such similar genres that they look so same that if I were to say it again, I would be repeating myself for the hundredth time. Maybe I should just post a link and refer them to my previous blogs but then again that will take a lot of work and I am feeling so lazy so just screw that. So you have the cliché and generic main character (check his tragic past, check his hidden powers, check his destiny to change the future or power balance, check his ideals that he will stick to, check his babe magnet, check everything else), his harem girls that include the flirty idol, the possessive cross-dresser, the little sister trope, the b*tches, the lesbian b*tches, the scheming big brother commander, the other guy, a rocket scientist, her furry android maid servant, an AI, a busty nurse, a typical antagonist who was once a member of the team gone astray and her bunch of misguided followers. Yeah, very diverse indeed.

So I’m not going to jump in and repeat again all the typical characters because I don’t want to bore myself again. I’m just going to note a few like Emile/Emilia is mind boggling and as annoying. Although the same person, sometimes I get so confused if I should refer to this cross-dresser as a guy or girl that I just gave up and just refer to him/her whatever my mind comes to. The weirdest thing about him/her is that he/she wants to be close to Hayato. And I mean close enough to hold his hand and arm like how lovers do. Because here I thought he/she was trying to keep his/her gender identity a secret but at the same time has no qualms in getting into situations in public that would cause people to misinterpret about their relationship. I’m not sure if he/she is trying to indirectly garner some sort of support for Hayato x Emile yaoi doujin. Because that would only make it worse because you know, every other girl would be squealing over them and isn’t that what Emilia doesn’t want? Other girls to get closer to Hayato? Either way, he/she is annoying as hell. And you thought revealing her as a real girl was the biggest surprise of the series, huh? Big joke… Even her secret princess identity wasn’t that much of a big deal. Okay, so it does to others. Especially Sakura. Because now a royalty ranks higher than an idol and guess where she stands now in the pecking order for Hayato’s love? Yeah…

The only other character that is amusing and interesting is Claudia because of her b*tch and lesbian admiration for Emilia. She never gives up. Anything wrong, always blames Hayato. I figure every such harem anime (or at least most of them) should have one girl who hates our female attracting main character because it would be more fun that way. Despite being annoying, at least she is funny in that sense unlike Emile/Emilia who is just plain annoying. Man, she should have appeared earlier because I never seem to tire of her baseless accusations. And the other amusing ‘character’ that I find is LiZA who seems to be the so called most intelligent thing on Little Garden. Because every damn advice it gives out must be so good that nobody questions it and just follows. Even though she only prints one English word on screen. How the f*ck did she not detect Vitaly sneaking onboard. Even the smartest AI has her limits. Especially when you encased a comatose girl in a capsule. And now that she is free, will she be moving around in her spirit form? That will be scary and making Little Garden looking a bit haunted, isn’t it?

The fanservice and factor is also generic and cliché. At least it is better for me to talk about this since I love this kind of stuffs seasons in, seasons out. Even though they are pretty much very similar. So by throwing in a lot of kisses, do they think they can make this generic series stand out? Well, this isn’t the only series in the genre to have a main character getting multiple kisses throughout the season. But you know, kisses are like declaration of war in harem genres and with almost every potential candidate having kissed Hayato in some way. I am sure Emile/Emilia is leading the kiss count. Then there are cheesy obligatory fanservice which include females with big boobs, females who end up in the nude (but short of any frontal nudity and hentai) and because what good will it do if you omit the cliché ‘main character must fall over and have his face and/or hands on her boobs’ scene. And don’t forget the bath scenes too. I know it is all generic and probably why we watch this anime and yet why do I sound like I’m complaining? Do I really sound like I’m complaining about this?

Same can be said for the harem side. To balance out everything, you have girls who love him and girls who hate him. I wish they had materialize more cat fights over Hayato (cat fight round 1 between Claire and Emilia when?) because personally I think it is better to see them fight against Savages that you will know they will triumph over in the end. But what bugged me was Reitia’s position. We have Emilia, Claire, Sakura and to a certain extent Karen who love Hayato. Then we also have Liddy and Erica having hots for Claire and Claudia for Emilia. So where does that leave Reitia? She is the first character he bumps into and it gave an impression that she would most likely end up being one of the potential candidates. Then what happened to her? Is she more like Noa and Xuemei level? Not really because it feels she is more than them. Perhaps like Char level? So in addition to girls who love and hate Hayato, we got girls who aren’t even on his radar. That is why I felt that she and her partner Fritz are like redundant characters. Characters who are there just to show that not everything revolves around Hayato or related to him. The other Slayer team with no ‘important’ connection to him. At least better than other background characters whose names we will never even know.

One of the most important aspects that were not really addressed is the origins of the Savages. I mean as much as I prefer the silly cat fights and I-will-have-more-kisses-to-Hayato-than-any-other-of-you-b*tches, sometimes I want to know what these are. What are they in the first place and why are they attacking the world. Because of the cheesy focus on the characters, these alien monsters get side-lined and being reduced to just baddies for our heroes to take them out. It feels like they are just existing for that reason. Not to say that I am not rooting for the Slayer heroes but it feels like hating something because you don’t understand the full extent of it. Like hating Mario’s Bowser just because he always kidnaps the princess and thus his reputation will always forever be known as the great villain. Have you ever thought he may be the one saving her from the delusional clutches of a psychopath Italian plumber? Or if everything was just a freaking act? Woah… Don’t want to go into that kind of conspiracy theory. Therefore having these Savages here just feels empty and I don’t really see them live up to their barbaric nickname. Even though the aliens have this Savage as their nickname to give them some sort of identity, it just isn’t enough. Heck, they could have just given them any name and it still won’t matter.

Action scenes also feel average and sometimes a side dish to whatever this anime is all about. Because of the need for the Slayers to show off their single set of skills and hence the need for a fight between humans and giant bugs. There is hardly any variety or even any unique moves that I would even remember as it is either they fire some laser beam or strike it with a sword. Other than that, I wonder how many bullets Vitaly’s gun can hold because she seems to be shooting it like nobody’s business without reloading. And then when it runs out, it is a sign for her to bite the dust and get shot by Judar who used only a single bullet and he made that bullet count. Oh boy…

Art and drawing feels rather okay, nothing to shout about. If the art feels similar, it is because Production IMS have also animated similar series in the harem and sci-fi genre like Shinmai Maou No Testament, Date A Live, Masou Gakuen HxH, Active Raid and Ore Twintail Ni Narimasu. Character designs feel pretty generic and I’m sure I have seen those body suit designs somewhere before but as usual, I’m too lazy to go think and do some back study. As for the designs of the Savages, I’m not sure if putting glowing stripes over them makes them look any menacing. I don’t know. It just seems weird.

Of all the decent voice acting, I only recognized Yui Horie as Char and Rina Satou as Souffle. The rest of the casts include Yoshiaki Hasegawa as Hayato (Yura Mikage in Mayoiga), Rumi Ookubo as Emile/Emilia (Nona in Death Parade), Mao as Claire (Kazumi in Gokukoku No Brynhildr), Yoshimasa Hosoya as Judar (Haruhiro in Hai To Gensou No Grimgar), Mayu Oshioka as Sakura (Mayu in Wake, Up Girls), Kaya Okuno as Karen (Kaya in Wake Up, Girls!), Yui Makino as Erica (Sakura in Tsubasa Chronicle), Rika Kinugawa making her debut as Liddy (Takako Chino in Orange), Yuka Ootsubo as Reitia (Kyouko in YuruYuri), Wataru Hoshino as Fritz (Gajeel in Fairy Tail), Chinatsu Akasaki as Claudia (Yasuna in Kill Me Baby), Romi Paku as Vitaly (Hitsugaya in Bleach), Yuuhei Takagai as Krovanh (Gowther in Nanatsu No Taizai), Saori Oonishi as Nesat (Emi in Jinsei) and Machico as Nakri (Nishiyama in Sansha Sanyou).

I have a hunch that they decided to break the monotony and add some spice in what was turning out to be a mediocre series. That is why for a short series with only a dozen episodes, there are multiple ending themes, each lasting only 3 episodes. Fortunately there is one which is quite attractive to listen to and it is the second ending theme, Tabooless by the student council top dogs (b*tches doesn’t sound appropriate, right?) trio of Claire, Erica and Liddy. It is a sultry and sexy dance beat (although the animation shows the trio in high class sexy slutty lingerie). This is far best my favourite song of the series. Others are rather okay like the hard rock third ending theme, Hardy Buddy by Fritz and Reitia, the anime rock first ending theme, Eyes On Me by Emilia and Sakura and the fourth ending theme which is a slow ballad by Sakura and Karen. Sakura also sings a couple of insert songs throughout the series like Itsuka Anata Wo and Sand Mirage but none of them captured my attention. Oddly, if Fritz’s seiyuu had a singing part, I don’t see why Hayato’s didn’t have one. Can’t sing? Too main character for his own song? As for the opening theme, your typical anime rock, Bloodred by D-selections. Nothing special, though.

Overall, another disappointing anime to add to my list with average and cheesiness in every department. Uh huh, calling Infinite Stratos as a better comparison is saying something… Because the girls there are cuter :p. But I can only blame myself for taking the bait as I am condemned forever to love such shows. That is why even when producers make the same similar shows in the future with just few tweaks and variations, people like me will still fall for it for the hundredth and even thousandth time. It never gets old. It’s like our seasonal fix for our addiction. Same time, same place next season? Yeah, if you have seen a hundred harem sci-fi series, you’ve seen them all. And that’s pretty savage!

The Melody Of Oblivion

September 18, 2016

Despite reading a bunch of reviews before trying my hands at The Melody Of Oblivion, despite knowing how all of them painted this series as something less than stellar, disappointing and bad, I was still insistent in watching this. Even my guts told me that the reviewers were right and I shouldn’t disappoint myself to watching this. But I still wanted to watch it. Why? It is one of those moments whereby I crave to hear Mamiko Noto’s voice! And from a retro show. OMFG. What kind of f*cking reason is that?! I don’t know, coming across this series at first and learning that she is the voice of the titular character, wouldn’t that be just awesome? I mean back in those days when she had roles that were main characters compared to these days as she often plays supporting or cameo roles. So without even knowing what the heck is going on (I don’t think the synopsis was even that clear. At least I didn’t really understand it), I jumped into this series with my delusions of hearing the most beautiful voice in the anime world… And then… I realized all that was just an illusion and my enthusiasm came crashing down like a rock… It was too late…

Episode 1
It is narrated there was a huge war between humans and monsters. The monsters won. Time has passed and humans seemed to have forgotten about that melody. Bocca Serenade isn’t exactly a smart kid with high grades. He is going to school to retake an exam as he meets fellow classmate, Eru Sonoda. Along the way, they see old guy Tsunagi fixing his bike. Bocca works part time for him but Eru warns about the school’s notice about working at his dangerous shop. Doing so might turn him into a vagabond. Bocca is doing some archery practice. He strikes the bull’s eye. Not sure why the teacher is not happy so he tells him to shoot through the wall. The arrow broke. The teacher then rants about being one with the bow and don’t be too over-ambitious and all that crap. I think it is just to scorn him and make others laugh at him. I’m not sure what is going on later because Bocca and Eru had a tryst later. They kissed and she’ll give him more after he retakes the exam. Not too sure if he is showing his displeasure by sitting dangerously on the edge as he mentions about his dream to be a warrior and the bow is to destroy monsters. He wonders if he remembers that incident about Kei that nobody talks about now. It was 5 years ago when they were supposed to go for a field trip but he alighted the bus because he forgot something. He never came back. It was reported he had a sudden fever but he was never seen again. Tsunagi said he was sacrificed to monsters. They spot Bocca’s parents coming to school and go spy on them. They are bribing the teacher so he could pass his retake and be promoted. Of course this has to be a secret…

This cool guy, Hol sees the mayor and wants to inspect the ‘package’. There is this young boy in some barrier and Hol wants to spend a little more time with him. Then he strips him. I hope I didn’t sign up for little boys hentai. Bocca is met with this slut annoying girl, Sayoko Tsukinomori who can tell his future. Then she makes him treat him. He shows a picture of that vagabond who is actually a warrior. She wants to know his whereabouts. But she has to run when the police have located her. Bocca realizes his wallet is gone. When Bocca goes to see Tsunagi in his workshop, he is introduced to that vagabond, Kurofune Ballard, a true Melos Warrior who has fought the monsters. He is in his workshop because all warriors need to ride bikes to fight monsters. WTF? Bocca asks why he became a warrior. Kurofune is sad that the people continue to live in oblivion because they have forgotten about the melody. There is this girl whom nobody knows her real name but they call her The Melody Of Oblivion (TMOO). Only warriors can see the vision of the goddess. He could still remember her face clearly. When the sky is suddenly pitch dark, Kurofune senses Hol coming to attack. On his bull bus? Kurofune thought he was lost in some labyrinth and isn’t too happy when he realizes he has devoured another kid. So we see them in some weird bus-bike battle while Bocca felt something resonating within him. This girl appears before him and he could tell she is TMOO.

Episode 2
Bocca and his parents are at the police station. They are paying the officer to let him off the hook. Bocca asks about his Aiba Machine (a futuristic bike) but is told the police have confiscated it. Flashback tells us that Bocca returned to Tsunagi’s workshop and asked about the mark on his arm which is the same as Kurofune. That is when he shows him an Aiba Machine he made for him. He lets Bocca ride and even name it (Elan Vital). Just then, the police surrounded the workshop. Tsunagi needs to escape and leaves Bocca to his own devices. WTF? Before he busts this joint, he tells Bocca to look for TMOO since he could see her (isn’t she behind there now?!). Doing so means humanity still hasn’t lost yet. Bocca will soon go on a very long and faraway journey. Bocca wonders what happened to Kurofune. Yeah, the battle is still raging on! Hol escapes and is now back in the mayor’s office and is requesting for something to eat. The mayor panics since he thought that should be once in 4 years. However Hol points out this kid will do. The mayor is distraught because Eru is his only daughter. Eru is called by the teacher for ‘extra curriculum’ activities. He is going to sacrifice her to Hol. He seems to be bugging Hol for his reward as he explains himself the mayor tasked him to let Eru get away. Instead he did not because he sides with the monsters and wants to join Monster Union. Hol finds him annoying and knocks him out so he could start his party with naked Eru. But before he could do that, he is attacked by Kurofune. I guess the mayor sought his help in time.

Bocca is irked about bumping into Sayoko again. She still has his wallet. But she returns it so that he could treat her again. He knows she is a thief instead of a fortune teller because he saw a wanted poster of her at the police station. Besides, if she can tell the future, why not track this Kurofune guy herself? Well, she says her chains do not always work. Whatever. However they start acting up and guess where it leads them? Yeah, right in the middle of Kurofune and Hol’s battle. Seeing how Eru is in pain, Bocca summons Elan Vital the same way Kurofune does with his. What do you know? It really responded to him. Outnumbered, Hol escapes. Kurofune chides Sayoko for not listening to him and stay put. For he is going to fight monsters. As for Bocca, he must choose what to do now. And when the time to choose comes, he must be resolute. They’ll meet again if he survives. Then he blasts off into the sky. The teacher is still trying to rape Eru? He even admits humans must obey monsters. Bocca is mad at his actions that he powers up his arrow with his mark and demonstrates by destroying the wall! Enough to scare the sh*t out of that coward! That’s it?! Bocca then invites Sayoko to hop on his bike and go after Kurofune because there are lots of questions he wants to ask him. What about Eru? Goodbye cow tits. You have been dumped.

Episode 3
Bocca camps by the roadside. Sayoko doesn’t like this idea and goes off to find herself work so she could stay in a hotel. Bocca asks around for a woman oracle he is looking for. Even if he has found out where she lives, he can’t just get an audience with her without any appointment and turned away. Who the heck he thinks he is? Meanwhile Sayoko is trying to do what she does best: Pickpocket. She targets this rich girl, Kew wandering around and when she is about to go in for the steal, a huge robot chicken wing monster drops down to kill them. Run! But cornered, who is going to save them? Ah yes. Bocca. Just in time. After the monster gets hit by his Melos charged arrow, it quickly escapes, blasting off into the sky like a space rocket. Kew takes them back to the hotel her sister, Keiko runs. She prepares a room for them as gratitude. Kew is also happily reunited with Wakadan, the heir of this hotel and supposedly Kew’s lover? Keiko shows Bocca a place where he could park his bike and tells him that these machines will not defeat the monsters. With the strange events happening, Bocca decides to go visit the oracle again. Meanwhile a group of villagers confront this Medusa girl but they got all turned into stone. Don’t they know better? Strangely, Bocca is now let in to see the oracle. He asks about TMOO and where to find her. It is believed during the war, there was a place all monsters feared: The Melody Theatre. It is said TMOO is confined there. However she doesn’t know where that place is. The oracle warns him to quit being a Melos Warrior because in this town nobody will appreciate him being one. Bocca leaves and thinks about this. He asks other people about children being sacrificed here. They don’t answer and turn him away. And there is this weird cult group of clones chanting viva Monster Union! WTF.

Episode 4
Keiko shows Bocca around town since the monsters don’t target tourists and only children. WTF? So what if I am a tourist kid? He notices a few quirks around town and when he sees stoned people, he really feels something dark is going on behind the background. Sayoko doesn’t want to get involve with this town anymore but Bocca still wants to help since Kew is obviously being target by the monsters. Sayoko corrects him that the robot that attacked Kew isn’t a monster but a machine controlled by Monster Union. Speaking of them, their local agent is no other than Keiko who has received orders from the big boss, Monster-sama to eliminate the Melos Warrior. She gets a courtesy call from fellow comrade, Uribou about her failure to finish the Melos Warrior off and if she needs any help, she’ll be glad to assist. Keiko then remembers her past whereby her father lamented she wasn’t a boy. She was outstanding in every field but because she wasn’t a boy, he could only b*tch about it. She thought she found someone similar in Wakadan but he had his eyes on Kew. When her father’s business was exposed as a fraud, he believes his family is done for and told her ‘useless daughter’ to marry off someone. Bocca meets that Medusa girl. He thinks she might be a monster after realizing a guy down the road turned into stone. There is some talk between Sayoko and Keiko about the latter should live the way she wants but she can’t because she doesn’t know how.

Then there is more flashback on Keiko whereby she can’t take it anymore and at the edge of the cape she wished for the sun never to shine here again. Because of that, the tourists will visit this place and everyone will work under her. Oh, she sacrificed all the children for this wish. Then there is this seemingly rape scene whereby she gets synchronized with the chicken wing monster. Sayoko talks to Bocca that she is worried about Kurofune. Her chains will sometimes react and point in his direction but lately it hasn’t and she fears he is dead. Bocca assures he is still alive and wants to see him. This flimsy excuse is the assurance that made Sayoko stay with him a little longer. Suddenly we see Bocca engage in a fight with the chicken monster. He damages the hull enough to expose Keiko and is shocked to see her. She tells him to go away and not meddle in their affairs because he is an outsider. Don’t use your shallow sense of justice to judge others. Ironically, it is Keiko who flies away? This has Bocca thinking if he is going to cause trouble for the things he is going to do that no one cares. You worried about that now? He sees Kew putting flowers at a torn doll near the beach. It is a grave for all the children who were sacrificed. She has resigned she is next.

Episode 5
Bocca sees the oracle again to ask about Medusa girl’s whereabouts. It’s that ship at the port, right? On his way, he sees Wakadan tied up. He claims the monster is targeting him next and pleads to be saved. As Bocca goes into action, the other people pin him down. It is just a ploy to trap him and throw him in prison. Meanwhile Sayoko bumps into Kew who doesn’t seem all that innocent anymore. She knows her sister is the monster and is no longer targeted. She explains her jealousy on Keiko as the eldest daughter, all the attention was on her and thus as the younger daughter she was treated like a stranger. If Keiko wants to kill her out of jealousy, go ahead. Kill her and she will suffer forever. She knew Keiko loved Wakadan and Kew purposely stole her love away from her. Keiko sees Medusa girl that they have captured Bocca and will personally administer his death. With that, Medusa girl leaves the place. Sayoko uses her lock picking skills to get Bocca out. Because she is bragging and talking so loud, Wakadan locks them back in. When Sayoko mentions Kew knows everything, Wakadan goes crazy. So this guy doesn’t know she knows? Bocca should have thought about this because he summons Elan Vital to bust him out so he could go fight the monster. Keiko is about to kill Kew but here comes Bocca to intervene. As they fight, Bocca finds it hard to ride and shoot at the same time. To show their strong man-machine bond, with Bocca putting all his trust in his bike and Elan Vital giving him a second chance. Bocca nails a direct head shot. Weird things happen. The lighthouse collapses. The sun now rises. The townspeople are doomed as their lifestyle is destroyed. They show their displeasure by throwing stones at Bocca. Keiko begs for forgiveness from Kew but she rips apart the doll. Huh? HUH?! HUUUHH???!!! WTF, I don’t understand it all! Bocca reflects how the oracle was right. He wonders if this is going to be the same in every town. Despite it is hard and unrewarding being a Melos Warrior, he does not regret the path he has taken. He and Sayoko ride to the next town.

Episode 6
The duo are lost at a dam thanks to Sayoko’s chains. As they climb the dam, they see a cute boy but his hand is stuck in the dam to prevent it from leaking. Forever. Then they meet Eichi Hikoyama who is painting a huge mural over the dam. They ask about this Dutch boy so he says everyone in the village knows about this problem and if he lets go of his hand, the dam will flood and destroy the town. However nobody will come to help him because he is most hated. A mechanical mouse startles them so Eichi destroys it with his arrow. Realizing he is a Melos Warrior, Eichi offers to let them stay at his place. But first he will let them meet his employer, Miri Kanaya. They pass through a room filled with people doing calculations of those mechanical mice. They are calculating the sorrow it brings from all over the world as they collect tears from the children of the world and transport them to this dam. Eichi notes these people are more like robots and it makes the Dutch boy more like a human when compared. Eichi sees Miri and she showers him with kisses for his outstanding work on the mural. She is interested in Bocca and values him at a million dollars. He asks about Dutch boy but she says he is a demon as he was born with a horn on his head. After they leave, her butler notes about Eichi being the ‘tax’ but Miri won’t have him sacrificed but make him stay here forever. The butler thinks she decided to dump Eichi for a new lover. A mark of Monster Union is seen on Miri’s body. Eichi loves how close Bocca and Sayoko are despite arguing. He was hoping he and his lover would be the same. He shows them an abandoned house across his place. His fiancée used to live here. Although he loved her, she loved another man and moved out of this valley. As Eichi has employed them to be his assistant, Bocca goes to help him paint but such menial labour isn’t for Sayoko so she tries to leave. As she is about to board a bus, another chick alights. She sees her beautiful sapphire gem and plans on stealing it. Bocca is still bothered about Dutch boy. Despite being told he was a demon, he couldn’t sense he is a monster. A giant mechanical mouse attacks. Bocca fights back. He destroys an arm which scatters into thousands of little mice. He tries to go after it but is surrounded by those mice. Of course he is no match for them but suddenly they retreat. It is that chick as she claims the sound of her bow, Meigen drives the smaller monsters away. Sayoko is busted when Bocca discovers her robbing intention. They wonder if this chick is a Melos Warrior and from around here. But when she sees Bocca’s Melos mark, she draws her bow at him.

Episode 7
Bocca will destroy this valley’s Monster Union agent and knows this is Eichi’s goal too. That chick spared him because she doesn’t see any worth in doing so. Eichi says that chick is Toune. His ex-fiancée. He didn’t expect her to come back and maybe she could be the one to finish this mural. Miri goes to see Bocca and tries to flirt with him. She also tries to buy him for $5 million and wants him to stay here as he can get his desires fulfilled. However the flirting is cut short when she hears a familiar song being played next door. She rushes over and curses the return of that girl. If you thought she dumped Eichi and shouldn’t be bothered about Toune, well, she won’t let Eichi have her. Then there is some talk about her being jealous about them (something about a garden she didn’t have). Back then, the villagers were hunting down that demon kid too. Miri and Toune worked together to try and capture it for a reward before the rest. But in the forest, a red mist shrouded them. Appearing before them is that Medusa girl who wants them to join her. Despite Toune’s advice not to go to her, Miri panicked and went over. That Medusa girl is actually Monster-sama and it is said you either turn into a stone in her gaze or go over to her side. Miri has become her agent and thus this valley is now under her control.

Miri talks with the parrot messenger about getting rid of the Melos Warrior with her charms. But when the parrot mentions about her previous house which is now under the dam, Miri goes crazy screaming like a b*tch. Then she goes to put on her lame dominatrix battle outfit as she reminisces the painful process of becoming a Monster Union agent (especially burning that mark on her). She summons all the mechanical mice to cover her as she becomes the giant robot mouse. Eichi has finished his job and says his goodbye to Dutch boy. However he is unaware that Toune is back. Bocca goes to talk to Toune to find out why she hates Melos Warriors. She says he doesn’t know the art of Meigen. She wants to duel with him. They are to take turns shooting the mechanical mice and the first one to miss loses. At the same time, she explains about Monster Union’s pyramid scheme (same case for Sayoko from Eichi). As many adults want to become an agent for Monster Union, they work hard to bring sorrow to children, thus the mice. The amount of tears collected from hurt children will help decide if you become an agent or not. So when these children of tragedy grow up, they create even greater tragedies. The cruel cycle repeats itself for eternity. Sayoko asks further about Dutch boy. He is Eichi’s rival and stole Toune’s heart from him with his clear blue eyes. When the duel is a draw, Toune suggests facing each other. But that won’t happen since the giant mouse monster is here. Eichi knows he is being targeted. Bocca goes into action and looks like he is the only one surprised to learn Miri is behind this monster and an agent. Miri tries to make Bocca one last offer to become hers: $5.2 million! You really think so?

Episode 8
After Bocca attacks her, she screams and runs away! That was fast. Eichi soon leaves the valley. He wonders if Toune wants to come along. Of course not. She wonders if people who love his painting exist. Of course. Because she came back here. What? I don’t understand. Toune then talks about Meigen by giving a form of your heart. Despite having that technique, she hates Melos Warriors. What? I don’t understand. Then there is this flashback of her after being ditched by Miri in the forest. Wandering around brought her to that demon kid. She continued stalking for days and worried the villagers will find him, hid him in her dad’s wine cellar. Eichi also found out about this. Ever since, Monster Union gain control of this valley and the dam was completed. Toune wanted to destroy it but Dutch boy stopped her as he doesn’t want the people living down the valley to perish. He stuck his hand in the hole. Toune can’t understand why he would protect the people who persecute him. In fact, her mom is dead so she couldn’t care less about them. But when he wonders if he can order him to do so, she couldn’t and ran away. Shortly she left the valley. The parrot is mocking Miri’s failure but gives her direct orders from Monster-sama to kill Bocca. And so we have another rematch. But no matter how much Bocca deals damage to her giant mouse, the little mice will be there to repair. More flashback from Toune as Dutch boy realizes it is harder for him to be kept hidden, he gave Toune his horn. I’m not sure what the f*ck just happened because despite she said she won’t, she ripped it out and ran away!!! WTF?! Now she is back with him at the dam. She sounds like a lover wanting to get back. She gives him back the horn (which is the gem) and after he attests her, she names him Sky Blue and orders him to take out his hand. The dam will be damned soon. Bocca wonders if he needs Meigen to defeat Miri. That is when TMOO whispers into his ear (cheating!) so he calls out to his Meigen, Serenade’s Heart that immobilizes and rusts the robot mouse. A shot is enough to defeat Miri subsequently. Toune then arrives in her Aiba Machine and fires into the mural to destroy the dam. Her Melos mark is on her thigh. That orgasmic face when she powers up her arrow… The water washes away the mural to reveal a hidden painting of Eichi wishing the Melos Warriors good luck. The town is submerged by the dam water and it opens a new path for our heroes to travel. Toune leaves with Bocca and Sayoko. They wonder where she got her Aiba Machine. You got have guessed from that horn. Yup. It’s Sky Blue.

Episode 9
Bocca must be annoyed with Toune’s words about his weak arrow skills so he starts practising. He is about to leave the house of his caretaker but the old dude warns him he still has a chance to turn away from his Melos Warrior life. You think he do that? Bocca heads over to the industrial plant to meet up with Sayoko who just met a girl, Coco reading some poem about death and loneliness. They are then picked up to see the factory manager, Masaru Hashimoto as he explains his factory is the largest and provides all the power in this bay. Recently there are thieves attacking and sabotaging his delivery. So why not call the police? The attacks are done with bare hands. Could it be monsters? Masaru wants to hire Bocca for life to be his security force. But Bocca tells him he has the wrong idea of a Melos Warrior. They don’t care what others think and only fight the good fight in the battles. Masaru tries to convince him about the pay and such. Bocca agrees to guard the next delivery only because he wants to know the thieves’ identity. Word of Bocca becoming the factory’s guard soon spreads to the thieving group that Coco is a part of, Centauro. Hey, isn’t that Tsunagi with them? Masaru takes a liking for Sayoko and treats her well. But he gets scared when her chains start moving. He thought it was a ghost? Bocca faces off with Centauro. He is convinced they are monsters after seeing Kron rip apart the truck with his bare hands. They claim they want to destroy what is inside. Bocca fights the boomerang wielding Hikari but his bow is broken. Don’t worry. Elan Vital’s handle can be used as one! But Nick stops the fight and brings Bocca back to their hideout. Bocca wonders how he knows their name. It is because Saburo Musashino told them all about him. Bocca is surprised that guy is Tsunagi. Centauro wonders why Bocca is working for Monster Union. If you haven’t guessed it now, Masaru is an agent and those trucks are delivering mechanical monster parts. With that, Bocca is worried for Sayoko. Masaru is seen entering some chamber to fix his machine as he tells his locked up first and second wife he has found a third one. Sayoko taking a bath finds the door locked…

Episode 10
Tsunagi explains how he was travelling around and when he came here, he decided to team up with Centauro to take down this factory. The engine of that plant is actually a spaceship, Mithranome. It was supposed to be the ultimate weapon to wipe out monsters but it failed. 31 of the 33 engines have already merged in the satellite orbit in space. Masaru is operating one of them and the other has fallen into the sea in which he intends to salvage. After all the engines merge, they will be able to access the space fortress from Earth. That is why they must stop this from happening as Tsunagi also had a hand in creating an engine. The plan is to sneak in tonight and sink the entire factory. However Bocca is against it because Sayoko is still there (speaking of which, she is chained up and being told the same thing by Masaru who is trying to kiss her only to be interrupted by the parrot. To his shock, he is told Monster-sama is here). But if Bocca goes on a rescue mission, this will jeopardize their surprise attack. Bocca refuses to become a demon this way so they warn him to do as he wish but not stand in their way. Coco suggests splitting up the team and she will go with Bocca. She seems to take a liking for him and teases him by calling him cute. Masaru dreads seeing Monster-sama. Not sure if bowling is giving him a certain trauma… Coco mentions her intention to travel with Bocca to find Melody Theatre after this. She hopes Hikari can come along with her. They face off with Masaru in his ape mecha. Bocca is hesitant to attack because Sayoko is his hostage. Coco then borrows an arrow and powers up with her Melos mark on her cheek (again that orgasmic face when she kisses the arrow…) to fire and free Sayoko. As she falls, Bocca realizes he cannot reach her in time. Hikari transforms into an Aiba Machine to save her. Bocca sees a horn over Hikari’s forehead. Nick and Kron arrive in their Aiba Machine form with Tsunagi. The Aiba Machines go after Masaru and leave the engine destruction to Tsunagi and the rest. Bocca asks about those guys as Aiba Machines so he explains they are from the Unicorn series. Inside the engines contained prohibited development of Aiba Machines with a soul. It was supposed to be suspended as their presence is more dangerous than monsters. However somebody completed the prototypes and Coco found and awakened them inside the sealed engine. As Tsunagi is keying in the self destruct code, Sayoko mentions there are still people in this plant. Those ape men people wearing masks…

Episode 11
Masaru escapes and he fears asking Monster-sama for help. However she has already left but a fellow agent, Global Yamaneko reminds him he is behind schedule and must test the space fortress tonight. Tsunagi remembers the war during the monsters was just a step short of completion. The engine Tsunagi’s team created never activated because Chief V suspended it and this became mankind’s ultimate fall. The person whom Tsunagi revered and respected the most has been labelled as mankind’s traitor and vanished shortly after. They enter a room and see ape men doing harsh labour powering the engine. Masaru explains they are not humans as they cannot possibly survive such working conditions. Therefore they are ape men. Bocca fires a shot at Masaru while Tsunagi hacks the system to free the ape men. After the Aiba Machines destroy the outside plant, they head inside to join Coco. Masaru sets his comical monkey robots to fight them as he escapes. Tsunagi now needs to key in the self destruct code in the control room so Bocca takes him there. The engine must take off and be in the air at a certain altitude for this self destruction to take effect. But setting it at 247 seconds? Gee, why the odd number? Tsunagi thought he is done but he sees a communications log and plays a video of Chief V’s last moments in the lab. Brings back nostalgic memories? I am not too sure in this video about her incomplete explanation why she cannot activate the engine because she knew something about the ape men. Not too sure if Tsunagi is crying because he believed in her or couldn’t believe she is really a traitor. Bocca had to bring him out to escape but Tsunagi can’t stand to lose his love and runs back into the flames. Bocca is forced to escape with the rest and after a safe distance, the engine explodes (Masaru probably fell to his death but it is the sea below, right?). Bocca is sad that he couldn’t save Tsunagi. Coco’s only words of consolation were perhaps it is Tsunagi’s way of living. Sayoko perhaps provided the best consolation to cheer up gloomy Bocca. A peck on his cheek as thanks for saving her. Time to get over it and move on.

Episode 12
Bocca and Sayoko are brought by a boatman, Animoto to a volcanic island where it is believed Kurofune is. After looking around, they find his wrecked Aiba Machine. Asking it about Kurofune, its headlights points towards a spot. It is a hidden tunnel hidden by the tides. There are creepy Egyptian paintings on the cave walls. Then they see Animoto being heckled by Yamaneko about the sacrifices for Monster-sama. It is then Bocca realizes the transport Animoto was bringing is a coffin for sacrifice. He gets out of his hiding and Yamaneko isn’t too pleased that Animoto broke the law by bringing other people here. He gets into his tiger mecha to fight Bocca. He thought his sound wave could paralyze his Aiba Machine. Too bad he was wrong. After Bocca defeats him, he turns his arrow on Animoto about the child sacrifice in the coffin. Animoto claims he had no choice but to do it to survive. Besides, he has resigned to his fate that mankind has lost. When he mentions the labyrinth behind this door and a previous Melos Warrior walked through it and never came out, I guess we can say that guy is Kurofune. I’m not sure what Sayoko’s problem is because now she points her arrow at Bocca. Something about leaving her behind and going into the labyrinth by himself. Yes, Bocca is not Kurofune and is different. So what the f*ck is your problem?! Bocca leaves Elan Vital to protect Sayoko while he enters the labyrinth alone. She gives him her chains as guide. She has even the cheek to ask about his feelings when he is parting with her. Like the dense guy he is, he thinks she is most relieved because spending cramp nights in his tent is like hell. Huh? Bocca no baka! See her sad face? Bocca hears somebody humming and since there is reply, it is confirmed this kid, Solo is that child sacrifice. Bocca slides down the gap to go save him. But when he lands, he finds himself on a bus during a field trip from his school days.

Episode 13
Knowing something is amiss, Bocca breaks out and finds himself back inside the labyrinth. He frees Solo from his coffin and tries to get out of this place. Then they see Kurofune. Bocca is happy to see him but not Kurofune. He is suspicious of Solo because if he is a human offered as sacrifice, why is he spared from the monster effects of this labyrinth? As explained, people will turn to stone or puppets when they see a monster’s true form. But even with this foolproof method, why did they stop it and tried to blend in with humans? Because for every thousands of humans turned to stone, a Melos Warrior is born and that single warrior is enough to wipe out all monsters. Bocca thinks Solo is a Melos Warrior. He finds a mark on his arm but Solo denies it as he has not seen TMOO and cannot use a Melos arrow. Bocca figures his power is not awakened yet. They then see a past of Kurofune being a matador in a fight against Hol. Kurofune defeated him but he escaped into the labyrinth. Because of its space-time distortion, Hol escaped death but he cannot leave this place. But somehow he managed to. That is why Kurofune is here to seal him in. One way is to engage in an eternal fight. A Melos Warrior can live forever here thanks to the distortion. Apparently they see more of Kurofune’s past. He notes all of them are his real selves. Time-space distortion crap again? Then there is a past he saved Sayoko from being a monster’s sacrifice. What made it sadder was the fact her parents chose her as the sacrifice. Because her brother is a Monster Union agent. Kurofune tells Bocca to find a way out with Solo while he finds and fight his mortal enemy Hol. However Bocca wants to switch places because Sayoko is outside waiting for him. Apparently he doesn’t care about her. He only saved her. That’s about it. Goodbye. Solo thinks Bocca has been used by him to fight the monster. Shortly, Hol’s voice is heard, mocking Bocca for being tricked by Kurofune. I don’t know why Bocca is so focused on finding Hol that he didn’t realize Solo has been kidnapped by him! Bocca tries to find a way out but you know why they don’t call this the labyrinth. He enters a room and sees Eru. Or at least something that looks like her. She starts undressing herself and invites him to have sex. However Bocca is gay and turns her down. Really! Eru asks why he would return to danger. His excuse: If he wanted to choose her, he would have stayed back and not go on this adventure. Damn right. Goodbye again, cow tits. Bocca returns to the labyrinth and fumbles his way in the darkness.

Episode 14
Bocca is talking to Kei in a bus before something painful happens to the latter. It is believed this labyrinth is Hol’s stomach and Kei is reliving this nightmare over and over again. Bocca returns to reality and sees only bones on the ground. Hol appears before him. Bocca is not amused that the children have to relive death over and over again. Hol says this is the price to pay for immortality. Bocca is determined to fight him if it means getting trapped here forever. Bocca finds himself in a matador arena against Hol. He finds it strange that Hol is using the same move on Kurofune. Because of that, Bocca defeats him. Hol summons dolls as distraction to escape as Bocca easily dismantles them with his Meigen. It could have been a mine cart chase but Bocca stumbles into Kurofune. They’re still arguing for the other to leave this place and it is their fight to battle Hol. Is this a time to fight each other? Oddly, they shoot arrows at each other and catch it with their bare hand. When they start using their Melos power, Kurofune wins. So he gets to use the cart? Kurofune finds Hol and another fight starts. Again. He wonders how Hol can get out since he shot him with his arrow. Simple. If inside here is a labyrinth, then outside is the true labyrinth! WTF?! Bocca continues to get lost. He then finds himself at the entrance but this might be a mirage since he is seeing events when he left Sayoko to venture in the labyrinth. Then the place gets flooded. He floats up and sees Kurofune’s Aiba Machine sinking down. When he surfaces, Sayoko pulls him up onto Animoto’s boat. He apologizes he failed to get Kurofune out as he is still fighting Hol. But Sayoko cries in his arms that she was worried she was going to lose him too. The island is now missing and it is rumoured to have sunk a long time ago. It is also rumoured that such island could pop up anywhere ever since the monsters came into rule. As Bocca wonders who is Monster King, we shift to a Greek-like island where every darn Greek monster exists like the Minotaur, Talos and Medusa (Monster-sama’s actual name). Monster King turns out to be Solo! He has TMOO in his captive.

Episode 15
Bocca and Sayoko are at a canal investigating a series of children vanished on a ship. When they spot a kid washed up by the side, they realize he is Sky Blue. I know he is a machine but using a tuning fork to test his pulse? But don’t laugh when Bocca uses cables to jump start him back to life! Sky Blue reveals Toune is captured inside the floodgate tower. There is a Monster Union agent, Lucky Thoroughbred who gathers children in his artificial lake behind the tower and makes them race. The losers will be sacrificed to the monster. Toune and Sky Blue cornered him but he had bombs everywhere and not afraid to detonate and kill everybody. Also, he had a machine that incapacitated Aiba Machines and Sky Blue took a direct hit. Sky Blue needs to go rescue Toune but he is still weak. Suddenly they are attacked by… Uhm, Silver Surfer? Female bunny version! She is dropping lots of bombs. In the end she escapes and Bocca gets a little injured. Sayoko questions why Elan Vital couldn’t fly. Bocca has never flown with it and feels it is too dangerous to try during battles. How about now? It won’t work when they’re not fighting. Useless piece of contraption, right? Flying Bunny goes to see Thoroughbred. She believes she knows about his defiance of Monster Union and the scapegoats he used. He isn’t cowed and thinks she is here to report him to get promoted. He demonstrates the ability to blow up anything anywhere anytime because he has placed bombs around the canal and considers this place under his control. So if she is not careful, she’ll get more than just her injured butt. WTF?! He goes to see Toune in his possession and there is no way he will hand him to anybody. He believes if he defeats a Melos Warrior, Child Dragon will recognize his strength and it would be his dreams to place bombs all over the world to control it. Man, that’s scary. Meanwhile, Sayoko is hinting some romance to Bocca. She even wants a kiss! WTF?! Thanks to his density and uninterested looks (I hope he isn’t gay), she gets mad thinking it is because TMOO is watching. Oh you don’t know. She’s just right behind them… Sayoko runs away. I don’t get her. She is the reason why men can never understand women! Sky Blue starts his journey but Hikari stands in his way. I don’t know why they hate each other so much and proceed fighting. Poor Sayoko wanders around and here comes Thoroughbred before her. Guess what? He is her brother.

Episode 16
While looking for Sayoko, Bocca bumps into Coco. Then they bump into the fighting Aiba Machines and stop them. They discuss how many children were kidnapped here perhaps to attract Melos Warriors. Coco wants Sky Blue to stay here with Hikari since there is a machine to incapacitate Aiba Machines. She will signal for help when the time calls for it. Sayoko returns with her brother. He blames her for not playing her part of being sacrificed and put a damper on his promotion. Now that things are proceeding smoothly, he will let all those who belittle him know that he is the luckiest person in the world. Is that a pun? Bocca and Cocoa sneak into a ship. Being the cheeky girl she is, Coco flirts with him inside the crate. Being the shy guy he is, Coco kisses him. She actually did! Oh, TMOO is watching… They bring up the topic of family. Coco doesn’t remember hers since she was kidnapped at a toy store while she was young. Bocca can’t say much about his own since his is pretty normal. But he is sad about Sayoko’s family who tried to sacrifice her. Flashback reveals Shuuma (Thoroughbred) has always been favoured by his parents as he is the chosen one while Sayoko is mistreated and blamed. Even worse, Shuuma asserted his dominance over her. One day Kurofune came to their house since Shuuma made contact with Monster Union but the parents shoo him away. Shortly, the parents treat Sayoko well but her happiness was short-lived as it was a rouse to sacrifice her so that Shuuma can become a Monster Union agent and rule the world. That is when Kurofune rescued her and had Sayoko live with some old female acquaintance. Bunny is looking for something to eat and stumbles upon Bocca and Coco inside the crate. Shhh… She is about to leave them alone but they barge out and attack. Bocca faces Thoroughbred to free his comrades but the latter threatens about the bombs. It is decided they will race. Aiba Machine versus… Trojan horse? Bocca wins at the end. But Thoroughbred holds Sayoko hostage. Coco has also found Toune but Bunny is holding her hostage too. Erm… A carrot to her throat?

Episode 17
Before Coco could attack, Bunny flees. Bocca fires his arrow to free Sayoko. But she is looking at him with those loving eyes like as though her boyfriend saved her. Of course she gets kidnapped again! Thoroughbred receives a personal call from Dragon about his progress. He mentions about his successful plan to ring in the Melos Warriors. If he is successful, he wants to join Operation Silent. Dragon will think about it but asks him about the cannon that incapacitate Aiba Machines. He wants it back but Thoroughbred lies he has not seen it. But if he finds it, he will deliver it back. Dragon of course knows he is lying since he got a report from Bunny. Bocca bumps into Toune and Coco but the Melos Warriors have to give up since Thoroughbred threatens to kill Sayoko. Suddenly that girl sucks up to her brother that she now realizes how wrong she was and believes he is the one. She hopes he would let the Melos Warriors go in that case. But he doesn’t believe a single and proceeds to beat Bocca up and has Sayoko imprisoned. That’s the thing when you let one stupid guard accompany her to her prison. Thoroughbred thought he is that lucky, huh? She easily gets away and when he corners her, Bunny’s carrot takes him out. Truly WTF. Thoroughbred is bragging about his luckiness and the bombs all over the place. Then it hit the Melos Warriors about Sayoko’s hint. They break free from those weak stupid guards and run away. It seems Sayoko stole the remote and will be blowing the place up. Oh heck, just press any button will do. The Melos Warriors summon their Aiba Machines and ride out. The tower explodes but Thoroughbred and his Trojan horse army are on the chase. He goes crazy trying to seek revenge, unleashing waves after waves of missiles. Bocca realizes he is at a disadvantage on the ground. I don’t know how or why and for some reason, Elan Vital then flies for the first time. With this, Bocca is able to destroy that unlucky guy for good. While Toune and Coco are destroying the rest of the Trojan horses, we have Bocca and Sayoko romantically staring into each other before kissing. WTF?!

Episode 18
As Bocca waits at the Tokyo train station, when a captured smuggler passes by him, he whispers to go find Mahoroba. Bocca returns to his tent and it seems Sayoko is in one of her moods. Let me guess. Bocca isn’t romantic enough to her? This woman is so crazy that she even kept count of how many times they kissed! 73 times! 73 TIMES?! Did she blow up that number? When Bocca is going to make 74, she gets mad because she is conscious of the place they are doing. WTF?! That is why men can never understand women! Luckily they didn’t because a private investigator comes looking for Sayoko. She shows him paintings from Eichi. I’m not sure what the talk is about. She is glad to have found Sayoko and gives her cash because she is going to retire from her job soon as she has a family. She wants Sayoko to go home. Bocca continues to wait at the station. A creepy kid pops up telling him about electric sheep. He himself isn’t a Melos Warrior although he wanted to be one but chose to remain a student. He adds he is dead in reality and this station is just some imagination. Recently there have been many Melos Warriors coming by here and all of them got lost on some train that loops around the same place forever. He hopes Bocca won’t share that same fate. Too bad Toune is on it… Sayoko bugs Bocca to stay in a hotel for once. Don’t expect anything hot. Just watching the news… Then as Bocca takes a hot shower pondering if his Melos quest is fruitful, Sayoko barges in full of rage. She is pissed that Bocca might not feel anything if she leaves. She questions what were those 74 times for. Erm, you mean 73 times? If he loves her, he should allow her to travel with him and continue their adventure like normal. Wow. Everybody is talking and nobody listening. We interrupt your argument because Kron comes in to tell them about Mahoroba. Adding to Sayoko’s woes, since their room is a convenient hideout, they’ll stay here. There goes tonight’s special… Kron explains that the second engine was stolen by Monster Union. The first engine wasn’t completely destroyed either. It was secretly transported away underwater. Monster Union plans to destroy Mithranome because it controls all Aiba Machines. Mahoroba is part of Mithranome. It was separated from it and landed somewhere in Tokyo station. It is probably recovered and the odds of it being hidden are high. This is Operation Silent. As they plan to ride up to space, they need to control Mahoroba and they have taken into custody of someone who knows its secret: The Prime Minister?!

Episode 19
They try to interrogate the PM for details of Operation Silent but he calls them fools for being young and not knowing how to keep the peace in this country now. Despite knowing children are still being sacrificed, the PM and his government sided with the monsters as their only way to pave negotiations to maintain society’s existence. Centauro goes to find Mahoroba and leaves Bocca and Sayoko to look after the PM. To the PM, the world is dead ever since his daughter died. It may seem silly to let the world fall into this state for personal reasons but for those who lived through the war, it became the reason of living to them. He recalls his youth when his entire town and family were turned into stones. It was the day he saw terror with his own eyes and noted humans can never win against the monsters. We also see Solo being a Melos Warrior and managed the hunt down Monster King the Second. When he confronted her about people being turned into stones, she says they were originally stone. Plus, the monsters were here originally. So when humans created their own society, they were just separated from the monsters. After he kills her off, TMOO blames him for starting it all. Because without a leader, the monsters will go on a rampage. The previous world will end and a war will start. Casualties will only rise. All because he killed the Monster King. So what will he do to fix this situation? I guess that is how he became Monster King III. But even with the war ended, Solo notes TMOO is still gone. While Coco is trying to flirt with Sky Blue, that creepy kid pops up to try and flirt with her. He got slapped. He returns to his base and it is no surprise he is a Monster Union agent, Electric Sheep. Dragon calls him about Operation Silent. Mahoroba is in their hands but Dragon notices that the PM hasn’t arrived at the scheduled place yet. Coco meets up with the Aiba Machines. When they think they have found Mahoroba, it is actually a trap filled with electric shooting balls. Although the Aiba Machines are okay, Coco gets zapped. The PM tells how her daughter died. More accurately, she was kidnapped at a toy store. Doesn’t this sound familiar? By the time they located the kidnapper’s hideout, it was burnt down but his daughter’s remains were never found. Bocca goes to help when he sees the Aiba Machines in trouble. That is when the PM’s agents come to rescue him. The PM lets Sayoko go and warns her if they continue to fight like Bocca, it is no guarantee a missile wouldn’t be fired from the next country. It is that kind of era now. As the PM makes his escape, Solo hypnotizes one of his agents. He shoots the PM.

Episode 20
The PM is dying and Bocca wants Coco to say where she was first abducted? Well, no big shock from the PM. He reveals Mahoroba is underground but some sheep is sealing it by feeding on its energy. Then there is this problem when Mahoroba starts launching into space. Because it has no capacity to return to Earth again. I guess Coco is volunteering to go so she has Hikari stock up all the junk food for the trip. Eichi talks to Toune on the train. I don’t know how or why but Toune was able to get off and reunites with Sky Blue. The biggest problem is of course Sayoko because she is still moping ever since. Because Bocca seems to have decided into going to space to stop Operation Silent. Because he is a Melos Warrior. But he promises if he ever comes back, he will marry her! Yeah, big words for a guy when the probability of coming back is close to zero! I suppose I understand why Sayoko is still mad and tells him off to just blast off right now and don’t come back. Is she in her period? Dragon is not pleased the PM has died. Since Mahoroba’s system might have been hacked, he wants Sheep to kill all Melos Warriors here. While the Melos Warriors fight a giant sheep monster (they need to defeat it to activate Mahoroba), Sayoko left a letter for Bocca. I’m sure it is about her feelings for him. Yeah, she loves him. Her regrets. She also talks about Tokiko, the woman who looked after her when she ran away from home. She was treated kindly like her own daughter. Later Sayoko found out she is Kurofune’s wife. Somehow Kurofune doesn’t age and thus their vast difference in looks. That’s why she thought she had a chance with Kurofune and left Tokiko. Then she met Bocca and the rest is history. She was happy when he said he will marry her. She hopes they can hold a mock wedding ceremony before he leaves. Well, I wouldn’t wait if I were you because Bocca had time to even reply back! In his letter as expected, he wants to be with her but has to leave this place. Poor Sayoko heartbroken. The Melos Warriors defeat the monster and before they leave the station, Bocca is surprised Sayoko had run all the way just the catch a glimpse of him for one last time. Why the heck do the Melos Warriors salute her when they depart? Then they blast off into space on Mahoroba. Oh Sayoko, you’re the one who is left all alone.

Episode 21
WTF is this Star Wars BGM parody?! Anyway, Dragon along with Uribou and Bunny make plans to infiltrate and destroy Mithranome. It is the same for the Melos Warriors and their Aiba Machines as they plan to protect it. It sounds confusing how they are going to do it so I’m just going to skip it. With Sayoko not around, Coco gets cheeky flirting with Bocca and even gives a cheeky kiss. When Mahoroba is in range, Dragon unleashes wave after wave of missiles to bring it down. Although Mahoroba has no weapons to defend itself, its shield is tough. Though, the constant pounding is draining the barrier fast. While Kron tries to recover the shield rate, Coco suggests the Melos Warriors head out to fight in their Aiba Machines. In space? How? She has this gel, Bio-Concerto that would allow them to fight in space for a limited time when they apply it on their skin. You know what? F*ck logic! I’m just going to accept all this crap. At such a crucial time, Bocca and Toune are conscious about their nakedness? Coco goes out to fight first. Apparently you get a free sexy spacesuit once you reach space. Bocca comes out next after he is doing being embarrassed with his nakedness. Since Uribou is restless about her debut, Dragon sends her out to fight. Coco leaves Bocca to deal with the incoming missiles as she heads back to take a dump?! Since Toune is still scared, Coco goes to convince her but ultimately it is Sky Blue who gave her the motivation to overcome her fear and set out. I don’t know. The way Toune is supposed to whip Sky Blue so that they synchronise feels like some ambiguous sex scene. Once Toune is out in space, it seems Uribou has a score to settle with her. Of course Toune is superior. Dragon then orders Uribou to come back since they will be docking at Mithranome soon. Uribou is not happy since she really wanted to finish off Toune first. The Melos Warriors also return to Mahoroba as they too will be docking soon.

Episode 22
More Star Wars BGM parody… Our heroes must also dock and enter Mithranome because if they attack it from outside, some auto defence system, Vinterlize will treat them as intruders. They’ll be dead meat. Inside as they make their way to the centre, they see a damaged chamber. Damage indicates that the fighting is recent. Sky Blue is attacked by another fellow Unicorn series Aiba Machine before disappearing shortly. Analysis shows he is Monokeros #4 and has been sleeping inside the core until today. He is the one fighting the internal security robots for space since he is unaware of the developments on Earth. Uribou is happily destroying the security robots. When the Melos Warriors finally catch up, both sides begin their clash. Toune fights Uribou, Coco takes on Monokeros and Bocca faces off with Dragon. After Dragon flexes his might, I can’t believe Bocca easily defeats him. But don’t count him out yet. Bocca then joins Nick in the central command room to hack something although it might take some time to activate. There seems to be some bad blood that happened in the past between Toune and Uribou. Uribou is shocked to see Sky Blue here. So she is one of his ex-lovers? Sky Blue, you playboy! She is disgusted to see him as an Aiba Machine and goes crazy. Dragon is ecstatic when he manages to get his hands on this treasure, Pulsator Module, the real goal he is here. With this in hand, he believes he has won. Coco loses sight of Monokeros as he hijacks Vinterlize and detaches it from Mithranome. Now Mithranome can be destroyed from the outside.

Episode 23
The Star Wars BGM parody continues… There is this strange repetition like a broken tape recorder from the characters talking about Vinterlize being hijacked and is going to destroy Mithranome. Monster Union wants that to happen to disable all Aiba Machines but the Melos Warriors won’t let it happen. Time for another space battle. It seems Vinterlize isn’t just aiming to destroy Mithranome but to gun down Mahoroba too. Although the Melos Warriors manage to take out Vinterlize, it won’t be long before it repairs itself. Dragon is adjusting his robot and using the Pulsator Module as his ultimate weapon against the Melos Warriors. It is time for Bunny to make her debut as she sets out in her giant bunny mecha. You thought our heroes had an easy victory over her. But could they have missed and part of their attacks destroyed a cow farm down on Earth?! In between real scenes and karaoke room scenes, our Melos Warriors are in shock as Dragon gloats about his victory and tells them the true goal of Operation Silent: To eliminate the trio. To celebrate Monster Union’s victory, Dragon sings a horrible rendition of the ending theme! So horrible that it is funny! The Monster Union agents continue to attack the Melos Warriors and with Dragon firing his Global Noise Cannon, it renders all the Aiba Machines useless. Dragon even continues with his next song. But this moo ballad has cow girls singing moo? Bocca is screaming and slamming his Elan Vital to move as the attacks get more ferocious. Then with some inner reconciliation with Sayoko or whatsoever, Bocca manages to get things going and fires his arrow. Nick and Kron seem to have managed to restore Mithranome’s system and guarantee it will now run forever. Because everyone except Bocca is on Mahoroba, they tell him he is the only one who can get back to Earth on Elan Vital. Goodbye? Bocca wants to save them but Elan Vital takes him back down as they enter Earth’s atmosphere.

Episode 24
Bocca crashes into the desert. He is picked up by Solo who tells him to quit being a Melos Warrior and TMOO is just an illusion created by Monster King. He brings Bocca to the cow farm whereby they see this beautiful lady, Pee gladly becoming the sacrifice (they termed it as ‘graduate’). Of course Bocca won’t allow that and goes to help her. But inside the barn which contains a bowling alley, all fun and games suddenly become horror when the Monster Union agent throws her into the gutter’s end. Bocca arrives too late but finds himself dodging her bowling balls. Suddenly a weird kid in a horse suit throws Bocca his bow to finish off the agent. From their talk, this pipsqueak is Elan Vital?! No way! Together they descend down the hole. In a place filled with clocks, Bocca finds a coffin in the centre and in it is the real body of TMOO. Solo says she has been dead for a long time. Bocca now understands why Solo didn’t turn into stone in that maze because he is the maze! Solo admits himself as Monster King Solomon III and he sings his songs solo, hence the name. From what I understand, Solo believes Bocca has become stronger than a Melos Warrior and since the other Melos Warriors have been destroyed, Bocca will soon turn into another Monster King and Sayoko his own Melody of Oblivion. A hologram of Sayoko pops up although the real body is nearby laying unconscious. Bocca frees her but Solo warns the real body will not last long. Solo wants Bocca to join and become another Monster King as being one is lonely. They’ll split their rule over the planet. Bocca doesn’t give a damn and takes Sayoko and leave. Solo tries to stop him but is surprisingly stopped by TMOO. As Bocca rides out, Solo then chases him in his own Aiba Machine. When the break through, they both fire at each other but their women take the shot. Sayoko is glad to see Bocca. But because TMOO is just an illusion, the arrow hits Solo. Life seemingly returns to normal for the people like it has always been. Another cycle seems to be repeating itself. A young boy named Kao is berated by the teacher for being a lousy arrow shooter. In place of Hol, a new monster in the form of a flutist kid tries to devour a girl. She runs to Kao for help. His arrow didn’t do much damage but Bocca is here to show him how it is done. Sayoko somehow still lives and travels with Bocca to chase down monsters.

Into Oblivion…
Oh, wait. What? It ended? Phew. I couldn’t be happier. Because it was just getting downright confusing at the closing stages. And even that seemingly rushed last episode revelations and ending feels like it made it all amount to ‘what the heck was it all about’? I don’t get it. Yeah, so the war with monsters go on and Bocca pretty much remains being a Melos Warrior, travelling with his b*tch around so that there won’t be any more lonely nights. Yup, you need a woman around to soften a man after every hard fought battle with monsters. So Solo is just lonely and wants a companion? Is he gay? Yeah, Bocca is left so what choice does he have? Can he just be friends with normal humans? I don’t know if he is really dead or not because otherwise somebody would need to become Monster King IV and the whole damn process of this cruel fate of Melos Warriors versus monsters will repeat itself again. Thank goodness the series ended and I’m out of here. Whatever potential it had or supposed to have, I’m not really that interested anymore.

I have already been warned from the reviews I have read at how just freaking confusing the story is even from the first episode. True. I thought it was just because it is the first or second episode and that more will be revealed to connect the dots once the series goes by. Too bad it didn’t. The more it goes on, the more confused I become. Generally, this entire series is about Melos Warriors trying to fight against the ruling Monster Union and its agents. That is the best I can summarise about this series. Because to see how some of the arcs end, it just confuses the hell out of me. I don’t even want to think about it. Most of them are interconnected and not 100% independent of each other. Even so, with the confusing plot and storyline, it doesn’t really help.

Making it even more confusing are some of the visuals. I believe that even back in 2004 when this series was aired, the producers were perhaps trying to be bold and make something different. Unfortunately instead of scenes in the episodes to be intriguing, it just makes them more confusing than ever. For example that tourist bath house arc. I don’t know the implications about oversized baby clones wearing metal basins alighting a bus and into a bath house. I know they are supposed to imply the infinite tourists to bring in business but I just find it creepy and make no sense. Then there is that Tokyo train arc and I don’t even understand its implication of ever showing the train since Bocca never stepped on it. How the hell Toune got on and off felt just like a waste of time because I don’t understand how it really has to do with that arc itself. And lastly that space and Mithranome arc has got to be the weirdest because of that karaoke scene in one of the episodes and female cow girls out in the field pasteurizing… Huh? I just don’t know what it is supposed to mean. So while such scenes are amusing in their own way but it hardly did any justice to make viewers understand or connect what is supposed to mean.

That is the least of why this series is such a disappointment. Because the characters themselves are as confusing and not as deep as the plot. Because Bocca is just some shallow one dimensional hero. He doesn’t even fully understand about his Melos fate and duty and just feels he needs to go around the world ridding of Monster Union agents just because of what he sees in them destroying the world. That is all you ever need to know about him. Because so, he is the only main Melos Warrior whose Aiba Machine didn’t transform into some handsome hunk. Until the final episode for some reason his Elan Vital decided to just show up in his human form. Even so, he looks so gay. WTF?! He is supposed to find the Melody Theatre but I believe you’ll forget about it seeing we are trying to understand what is happening and that nothing he does makes him closer to TMOO. So was that space deep underground of the Earth’s core the Melody Theatre? Clock dumpsite maybe. Speaking of TMOO, I can’t help feel the irony that when I remember he is supposed to find her, I want to shout out to him that she is just right behind him in ghost form. There she is! There she is! Just turn around, damn it! Even TMOO is feeling so sad about this mediocre series as she can only watch helplessly and make that sad face. Yeah… And then it turns out all to be an illusion! WTF?! Biggest troll ever!!! No wonder nobody has said they have seen or heard her.

Then there is this annoying case of Sayoko. Obviously starting out as an annoying b*tch because you can see through her fake accusations, trying to accuse Bocca of being a pervert while she herself is creating and inviting situations that would lead so. Thank goodness Bocca is dense. And you could also see through her lies that she is in love with Kurofune. All of a sudden, this status quo suddenly disappears and we don’t know when it hit us when Sayoko starts showing interest in Bocca. It is like as though they forgot all that has happened and decide to throw in this cheesy romance to distract us. And before you could take another breath, they become a couple, they kiss. And then he leaves her. Choosing fate over a girl? No wonder Bocca sucks. And just to show that Bocca isn’t the only ‘survivor’ of this wretched fate, Sayoko somehow comes back into this life. I don’t even know how she got captured unless during the space odyssey, Solo was busy capturing her.

I thought Kurofune and Tsunagi like Toune and Coco would become part of Bocca’s group later on but this is me assuming that since they met in the first episode and introduced him to this Melos world, heck, they’ve got to be part of his party, right? After all, they’re all together in a group pic in the opening credits, right? Wrong! They killed of the old geezer in some complicated old flame thingy that I don’t even know what the heck is going on. And just when I thought Kurofune was getting more screen time earlier than expected, he decided to stay back and get lost forever in that labyrinth to chase Hol. It’s like he is in love with that bull monster than his aging wife, right? Yeah, it gave us a reason for Sayoko to stop chasing after this ageless bastard and go after Bocca instead. So he is still forever chasing that bull in the maze, right? Don’t know. Don’t care.

Toune and Coco are hardly any different. To show that Bocca sometimes need help from other Melos Warriors, thus the reason why we have them and their Aiba Machines joining the fight. Their history and past are shallow in addition to being complicated. I’m not sure if complicated is the right word since I really didn’t understand what was going on when explained either. So what Coco was the daughter of Japan’s Prime Minister and kidnapped at a toy store. So what about Toune being somebody’s ex-fiancée and what the heck was her deal in hating Melos Warriors? She seems to be playing one well. She could have been a much better looking person if she smiled more instead of putting on that despair looks. Even their Aiba Machines are as shallow. Sky Blue looks more like a playboy because girls seem to can’t get enough of him and has many girlfriends and Coco has so many Aiba Machines but she just chose to use Hikari and relegate Kron and Nick to whatever brain/analysis/hacking work. Whatever. Because of Coco’s playful nature, she has to be the one who boldly flirts with Bocca but you won’t feel any sort of cat fight tension rising.

Then they decided to ‘kill off’ these Melos Warrior babes and their Aiba Machines by having them stuck on Mithranome. So what will happen to them? Don’t know. Don’t care. I believe they’re stuck with Dragon, Uribou and Bunny too. Bye-bye. They can play catch and tag forever on that space engine. Hey, wait. If Elan Vital got the capacity to go deep down to the Earth’s core, why the f*ck couldn’t he go back up to space to rescue them? They have that Bio-Concerto, right?! Oh, not enough space to fit them all on his sidecar? Then go back down one by one! Oh, there is not enough gel? Where the f*ck did Coco get them and can we just buy more of it? Oh heck, they should just kill off everybody in this series or just let the monsters live.

You think the Melos Warriors are pathetic? Well, equally pathetic are the Monster Union agents. They feel like monsters-for-the-arc and seeing that they are given some sort of animal theme, it is hard not to laugh at them because many of them feel like clowns. After all, many of these agents are just humans siding the monsters so I can see why they fail. Like Uribou who seems to have this penchant of spamming about her debut as well as spamming “Viva!”, Thoroughbred keep claiming how is the luckiest man in the world (till he runs out of it, that is) and Bunny herself is already funnily funny (carrot as weapon?) that you wonder if she is really threatening at all. Eventually all of them will be defeat but some were defeated so fast like Yamaneko, it just felt disappointing. Really. I wonder what happened to Medusa. She felt like she had potential but eventually was she forgotten? And that monster island too. What was that all about? Ah damn it. This series has trolled me for too long.

Another funny thing about these agents is that when they combine with their monster mecha, they yell out, “Just fit ribs!”. At first I thought I misheard Justin Bieber!!! OMG! Even funnier how claws grab the agents by the ribs (thus fitting the ribs nicely) as it makes them look like a human sausage of a hotdog. Really. Even funnier if the agent is female because you’ll see her boobs sticking out. Fanservice? Food for thought: If children are constantly used as sacrifices for monsters, then wouldn’t there be no more children left in the world? Even when adults join the dark side but if humans don’t reproduce themselves, won’t they die out? And this in turn would mean monsters will also go extinct because you know, no children to feed on?

Action wise isn’t really anything to shout about because they recycled the same animation and scenes whenever the Melos Warriors fire their arrow. And they use the same freaking move every time. Like Bocca with his Flash, Toune and her Flush and Coco using her Four Card. I actually don’t see the difference. The Monster Union agents too have their own bizarre attacks but that is also their one and only and the most just another one. That’s it. So expect the same kind of fight each time and its finishing. Melos Warrior powers up his/her arrow on their mark and fires to destroy the menace. I wonder how many arrows they bring and where do they get them? Because it looks like they have infinite supply of them. Can they use anything else other than arrows? Because I thought powering up via their Melos mark is what makes it powerful and effective so it doesn’t necessary have to be an arrow. Unless the rules say so that a powered arrow can only defeat the monster.

I know I have said the Mamiko Noto is the titular character and thus my main reason to watch this mediocre series. But you know what makes it even more disappointing than that? SHE HARDLY HAS ANY VOICE ROLES THROUGHOUT THE SERIES!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS UNBELIEVALBE!!! THIS IS UNFORGIVABLE!!! How the f*ck when you have an important character that is even the name of this series title to not even have a decent voice acting role?! I just don’t understand?! Yeah, I know it is just me but all I ever hear from her throughout the series is the same damn opening narration at the beginning of every arc about humans losing to monsters, blah, blah, blah, and then the melody has been forgotten. Not that I am complaining about hearing her voice but really, this is all that I can expect to hear from her? It seems her ghost stalker appearance makes even more cameo than this voice acting role. It is only somewhere towards one of the later arcs that she actually has different and more lines (that part with Solo becoming Monster King). But that is all about it. So how can I not be so upset?! Oh well, time to get over it and move on. And you’re telling me TMOO is just an illusion that is why she cannot speak? Stop giving BS and trolling me!!!

The only other seiyuu that I recognize is Yukari Tamura as Coco. That cute trademark voice of hers is still there but I’m pretty sure that isn’t the reason why I wanted to watch this series. Oh yeah. I already said that. Sure, there are other veteran seiyuus too but I didn’t really recognize them but just let me list them out here out of protocol. They are Houko Kuwashima as Bocca, Masumi Asano as Sayoko, Sanae Kobayashi as Toune, Souichiro Hoshi as Sky Blue, Issei Miyazaki as Hikari Daisuke Namikawa as Kron, Mitsuru Miyamoto as Kurofune, Showtaro Morikubo as Hol, Ken Yamaguchi as Dragon and Tomo Saeki as Solo. The list of seiyuus is also a long one considering the few arcs and each with different characters. Thus there are a handful of famous seiyuus then lending their voice like Mai Nakahara as Eru, Kana Ueda as Kew and Aya Hisakawa as Miri.

If there is anything redeeming about this series, it would be the opening and ending themes. At least they are pleasant to listen to. Will by Lisa as the opening theme does fit the pace and direction of this series but I believe it is most likely the oldies nostalgia of the series that had me liking it. You know, it seems that I am more inclined to like a song that comes from animes from the 90’s or early 2000’s. But the ending theme is better. Tenohira No Hikari by Minawo is a lovely ballad and has that calming feature to calm my heart and soul down after the atrocities of this series. Okay, so not really but like I said, it is a redeeming and the more likeable aspect for the series. I also tried singing along with it but after Dragon had his horrible stint, I stopped because I can’t help think each time when I try to even hum along, that hilarious scene keeps popping up in my head. The BGM music are also nice to hear. I have sampled a handful of them and the ones with violin pieces aren’t that all bad although the other variations like organ and flute aren’t too shabby either.

Overall, truly disappointing but I don’t regret it since I can check off my list that I have watched another older anime voiced by my favourite seiyuu. Yeah, that makes it even more disappointing, she having not enough lines. Could have been better but it did not and that is why this series has been lost in the labyrinth and oblivion ever since. Is it no wonder why the humans lost over to the humans and never recovered? Not only have they have forgotten and lost the melody, but they forgot the essence and lost it all. The plot, the story, the characters and everything that was. It is a melody that I too don’t want to remember then. Yes and sadly, I’m siding with the monsters. Viva Monster Union!

Comet Lucifer

June 5, 2016

It is that dilemma again. Because Comet Lucifer has both elements of fantasy and mecha, I was torn if I should watch this for the former. But then you know me by now, I have watched a handful of mecha genres throughout the years based on silly reasons and so as not to have some sort of regret bugging me for the rest of my life, that is why I am willing to let that mecha part slide and watch this just for the fantasy. So what is new in this original anime? Planet has lots of crystals that are highly sought for. Boy loves collecting some rare crystals. Boy wanders too far into mine. Stumbles upon girl amidst crystals. Boy meets girl. She has some sort of powers. Other parties sought her powers. The battle to fight and protect her begins. Complete with mecha hype. Yeah, original alright…

Episode 1
Sougo Amagi is mining for minerals in some ruined mine when a bright light hits him. Whatever it was, seems he has gotten the Giftdium crystal he wanted. He is so happy he rides back like crazy back home to analyze. True enough, it is the real deal. For a moment, he thought he hallucinated something because it looked like a girl smacked into him during the bright light collision. After he returns from buying his bread lunch from Vee, some inner burst of power makes him collide with Kaon Lanchester. Before he knows it, he becomes her accomplice in running away from Roman Valov and his butler Otto Motto in a high speed chase. Seems Roman wants her to try out a wedding dress as their parents have arranged for their marriage. Kaon like the rebellious kid she is, is of course against all that. I suppose Roman gone overboard in trying to take them out that they accidentally bump them down a deep mining crater. Don’t worry, they’re still alive. Meanwhile, a military unit is digging and blasting rocks so this naturally affects the underground area with all that shaking. And like always, this leads to the kids discovering they are nearby a shining lake. The water recedes to show a huge Giftdium pillar. Curious, they head up close. Sougo’s Giftdium reacts with it and the pillar breaks. An unconscious girl falls into his arms. How convenient. And then a military mecha unit storms in and with orders to retrieve Lima. How convenient too. Why do they always have to act in aggression? As they are helplessly cornered, the biggest convenience comes when the unconscious girl (Lima) activates a big giant bipedal mecha to fight off the menace. Time for Smackdown! It’s like watching Godzilla fighting other versions. Only it is mecha version.

Episode 2
Now the mecha seems to target Sougo and Kaon. Before that can happen, the military’s Captain Gus Stewart joins in the fun to beat up the behemoth. Sougo and Kaon take this chance to run but each time the mecha tries to go after them only to but stopped by Gus. Too much underground fighting causes the floor to collapse. Just when the kids are about to be doomed, the mecha conveniently saves them before disappearing. Conveniently too, Roman and Otto found them and conveniently head to the exit before the place collapses. Back at Sougo’s place, they are discussing about Lima and if the military is somewhat involved. Hajime Do Mon, the café owner and Sougo’s caretaker lets them eat some desserts to freshen up. I guess it’s so good that it woke up Lima. She mimics Kaon as she digs in to this delicious pie. So now she’s acting like a curious active monkey. Roman suggests she stays with Sougo here along with Kaon while he sorts this out by asking his parents for advice. Yeah, he is willing to put his wedding on hold. Gus is called back to HQ and what does he get? A new mecha to play with?! I suppose with his status as a great war hero, he gets to have this privilege. He sets a condition that he gets to choose his own team. So first up he visits a prison housing a very secured prisoner, Patrick “Pack” Young. Well, the guards abused him and somehow he could slip out from his chains and dodge bullets (or rather tensing his muscles to heal wounds) to kill all of them. Gus praises his skills and Pack is happy to be reunited with him. When Sougo tries to dissect a strange stone, it turns into a strange bug as it tells him off. He wants to transform into its true form but can’t. He is surprised to see the crest on Sougo’s hand. Felia (Lima’s real name) is learning words and things fast. When she tries using her telekinesis power to move things, the bug tells her not to use it recklessly. She suddenly quits using and when the curry is going to fall on Sougo, the crest works up and the bug turns into that huge mecha. So she has a name? Moura? Oh, there goes the roof.

Episode 3
Big = powerful and mighty. Small = cute and annoying. Like how Moura is stealing Sougo’s breakfast but paid the price by falling into the curry, pissing Do Mon off. No use bumming at the café so they head down to town to have fun. We learn from Moura that Felia is some being that controls this planet and sustains its nature and life to ensure the planet’s prosperity. Moura is her guardian to keep her powers in check. I guess nobody is listening to all that when they’re having fun. Because it is more fun seeing Sougo and Moura butt heads with their petty arguments. I suppose Felia was so happy that she accidentally drops her cake. She uses her power but once again Moura warns her and when it stops, it comes crashing down on some guy’s face. Little do they know, this psycho guy, Alfried Macallan has seen her wonderful power and will now display his own show for her. He starts off by hacking all the electronics in town go haywire, in turn causing lots of accidents. This guy is also a sadist as he initiates a few near mishaps near Felia to see her terrified expression. When he hacks a construction mecha to go after her, Sougo becomes the bait to lure it away from them. The girls hide in a cable car (of all places?) but Alfried has spotted them and takes control of it. Even creepier he materializes a creepy avatar to talk to Felia, making him sound like a lolicon. Moura can’t do anything because she can’t transform if the crest isn’t nearby. Once Sougo gets rid of the mecha, Alfried hacks another one to shake things up. As Sougo is now nearby, Moura is able to turn into her mecha form and fight. I guess heavy mechas fighting on a tight wire rope is not a good idea. The wire snaps. The cable car is falling. Felia uses her power for a soft landing. The day doesn’t end badly because Felia gets to see more of those cat pigeons. The backlash of the cable wire almost hits where Alfried is and he’s got a portion of his hair shaved off! What a close shave? Alfried is confronted by Gus who wants him on his team.

Episode 4
Felia is helping out as a waitress. Everybody must be impressed with her ‘magic show’. Except Moura… When Do Mon hears the typhoon is coming, he panics greatly and initiates extreme measures to protect his café. He explains the fearsome typhoon he once experienced but starts ranting about his stormy romance. Kids not interested… The rest help out but Felia looks like she is frolicking and having misusing her power that includes turning the entire garden into… Dancing vegetables? Roman too offers his help as he initiates his mecha. Since he doesn’t know how to pilot it, he is going to crash into the girls. Sougo’s crest activates Moura and turns her into a giant mecha to block and protect them. However he loses his balance and crashes into the café. Didn’t they just fix this part? Luckily they finish in time and treated to a BBQ party. Moura once again learns Felia tried to use her power. She can’t hide it and turns the BBQ fire into fireworks. Next day, Sougo and Kaon have to go to school and this makes Felia upset because she wants to party with them! No can do. She almost burst her power if not for Moura suppressing it. Poor snakey gets thrown through the window. When Do Mon leaves to check on Vee, he lets Felia look after the café. It’ll be okay since the shop will be closed. Too bad Gus and his team arrive to kidnap Felia (Alfried tracked her position by hacking the city’s CCTVs). I believe Moura is trying to stop them but can a little bug prevent a charging humvee? Smashed to pieces! Then it’s like Sougo’s inner danger sense tingled because he sensed something wrong and rushes back in the rain. He is shocked to see the café in a mess. Just in time, Moura informs Felia is in trouble.

Episode 5
Alfried tries to feed his princess but since she keeps calling Sougo’s name, he gets riled up and vows she’ll never see that pipsqueak again. Moura is able to trace where Felia is thanks to her necklace so Sougo plays catch up with Gus’ moving fortress making its way through the abandoned mines. When Sougo is detected, Pack starts firing at him. Cue for Moura to transform for some mecha action time. This means Gus is going down to settle their score. But after all that punching, Moura gives him the slip and Gus is left frustrated with their unfinished business again. Sougo tries to sneak in but Pack and his men are waiting. Gotcha. He is beaten up and locked in a room. Thanks to Moura sneaking via the vent, she cuts open the door for Sougo as they go find Felia. Felia expects Sougo opening the door but it is Pack instead. He brings her to the top where he is supposed to hand her over to some rendezvousing craft but due to bad weather, it is being delayed. With Sougo confronting him, Pack threatens to kill Felia. As Moura snatches his knife away, a little struggle ensued that has Pack punch Felia in the face! She falls off but mecha Moura saves her. I guess Gus who has just returned to the bridge, sees the mecha again, now he has to go back to fight it. I guess he really wants to settle it. From punches to laser beams, Gus loses when Moura unleashes a flurry of beams to immobilize him. I don’t know what Sougo has been doing the entire time because it was enough for Pack to return in his own mecha to kill him. If he was looking for Felia, shouldn’t he have noticed that bright purple ball in the sky? As Pack is about to kill him, Felia’s burst of emotions knocks away the bad weather as she picks up to save Sougo and bring him to a safe place. How convenient. Now she is in her grownup version, sounding less a retard. Is this what happens when she uses up all her power? Mmm… Nice body. Nice racks. No wonder Sougo can’t recognize her.

Episode 6
Felia dreams of a red castle and a shining ring. Moura thinks it is the Altar of Abyss. Its fountain is believed to contain lots of Giftdium and replenish her powers. If only a certain snakey did his job in keeping Felia’s power in check… Well, I guess they’ll be going to find out. Because Roman and Otto are against them, they got tied up while Sougo and co steal borrow their car for the ride. Eventually Do Mon unties them so looks like they’ll be going on a chase. During the journey, they stumble upon a wedding procession and with Kaon flustering about that wedding disaster, they almost crash into them! Since a flower boy was hurt and traditions cannot be broken, I guess Sougo has to replace him. There is also a tradition that if the flower boy and flower girl are close, chances are they might get married. Kaon thought she would shoulder the ‘responsibility’ but Sougo asked Felia instead. So why the lashing, Kaon? We know… During the midst of the wedding preparations, a group of military guys led by Vincent Dudley crashes the ceremony to capture Felia as ordered. Time for your fix of mecha fight for this episode. I can’t believe Kaon could even best some of them and take Felia and escape. While hiding in the shed, Felia suddenly says I love you to Felia. I believe she was trying to understand and put to use what she has just learnt about love from the bridesmaids. Kaon apologizes to her and also says she loves her. Woah. Wait. Turning yuri?! Thanks to a mecha guy for interrupting and capturing Felia before it really turns into a lesbian scene. I’m sure Kaon’s rake won’t do damage to the mecha but thankfully here comes Roman in his. If he could just cut out his lame poses… I think he isn’t sure in controlling his mecha. Well, whatever works. His clumsiness frees Felia and Dudley meets his match when Moura uses her lasers to incapacitate the troop. With the villagers throwing stones now, they are forced to retreat. Yeah, military guys lost to a bunch of normal backwater people. Bride and bridegroom are so happy and beautiful together. Sougo and Felia look similar like that. It just breaks Kaon’s heart seeing this.

Episode 7
Flashback shows Do Mon and Gus were partners and best friends during the war. The gang are on their way to the Alter of Abyss when suddenly Moura gets an afro???!!! Well, looks like they’re reaching the place. While taking a break, Felia thought she saw a glowing butterfly. As they continue, the engine bursts. Time to put up a camp for the night. Roman thought he could show off his cooking but he gets high eating mushrooms. Poisonous mushrooms! Now we all know what happened to Mario, eh? Sougo fixes the engine late at night and since Felia can’t sleep, they talk. Again she sees the glowing butterfly and they follow it. They are ambushed by Pack and with Moura summoned into the scene, he relishes this grudge fight. Too bad Gus wants to hog the action to himself so he has Pack go after Felia instead while he tackles Moura. Roman is here to assist in letting them get away while he stalls Pack. But Sougo and Felia are cornered at the rapids when Alfried inches closer in his spider mech. Call it bad and good luck, Pack throws Roman and slams into Alfried. But the impact means Sougo and co fall down the waterfall. Vee is asking Do Mon why he’d open a café. A friend once told him he makes good coffee. Unfortunately she disappeared from this world to cover up a top secret case. That’s why he swore to protect Sougo as the legacy she left behind. Do Mon points his gun at Vee and wants her to drop the act. Apparently she is a spy agent that has been feeding Gus information about Sougo and Felia’s whereabouts. Sougo and co wake up at the bottom of the waterfall. Felia and Moura are missing. They are awed at this beautiful land. They see Felia dancing amidst the glowing butterflies. When she remembers the dream, her body starts to glow and a shining ring forming in the sky.

Episode 8
Seeing the ring, they believe it leads to the Altar of Abyss. But how are they going to get there. Roman deduces via river since it flows there. Wait a minute. Isn’t the ring in the sky? While the guys gather wood to make a raft, the girls try to force Moura to eat mushrooms? But their food woes will be over because in the middle of the jungle there is a pot of curry! From whom? It’s Do Mon! I guess he figured the kids need to eat. While picking ingredients, he remembers during his military service, Gulf Zoneboyle assigned him to protect Ena, Sougo’s mom. Before the kids depart, Do Mon tells Sougo to stop this and go back because he is dealing with the military and will die if he pursues this. Of course he is stubborn and won’t listen. He promised to protect Felia and if he dies, it’s his business. Do Mon has no business in this. This makes him mad and punches the little rebel. He lectures him about throwing his life away easily and protecting someone isn’t as easy as he thinks. He thinks he wants that red crystal badly to risk his life. It is the same reason why his mom died. So everyone camps for the night. Felia thinks deeply how everyone loves everyone in their own way. More flashbacks from Do Mon. When Ena’s research finally reaches success by developing Lucifer, somebody stole it from her and she put up a fight till the end to try and protect it. Unfortunately for Do Mon, he was away on military duty and when he heard what happened, he rushed back only to find her place in flames. Next thing you know, everyone is at her funeral. Do Mon became a dark vigilante as he goes to great lengths to find and kill the culprit. Moura in her true female humanoid form talks to Sougo about the seeds of life floating through space till it finds a planet. An angel grows from it to nurture the planet. Felia is this planet’s angel and thus Moura is her fated servant. Do Mon confronts Gus to steal his pass since he has business with the bureau. To Gus, Do Mon is still the greatest soldier but Do Mon considers that guy he knows dead in that operation. Gus won’t accept this nonsense and screams something about fighting his own war. Deep in the night, Sougo, Felia and Moura leave for the ring while they leave their sleeping friends behind.

Episode 9
Because Felia has the wrong idea about Do Mon being Sougo’s dad, a little flashback tells us as Ena’s friend, he took him in when he had nowhere to go. Naturally Sougo was sad over his mom’s death. He didn’t want to eat his favourite curry made by him and wanted his mom’s. Do Mon worked hard to replicate Ena’s cooking but it was still like day and night. Kaon and the rest continue to go after Sougo instead of going back. Because they need to punch this jerk and teach him a lesson. Do Mon tries to enter the bureau using Gus’ card but since it is already blocked, he had no choice but to kill all the guards. Though, he gets shot in the guts. Too bad Zoneboyle isn’t around so he leaves a message to his secretary, Lillian Anatolia for him to meet at the memorial. Sougo is under attack by Dudley’s force (is this place a replica of Stonehenge?). Moura transforms to fight them and buy time for the rest to move ahead. Once again Gus enters the fray but this time he is furiously looking for Do Mon and blaming him for retiring before him. Gus blasts Moura away with his super cannon. Pack grabs Felia hostage. Gus is willing to free Felia in exchange for Do Mon. He blames Sougo as the reason why his mentor turned from a razor sharp knife into a dull one. Sougo protests to that. Do Mon didn’t become weaker, he became kinder. Gus thought Do Mon is here. No, just Roman. His smoke screen causes some confusion. Alfried panics when he can’t see his mademoiselle he bumps into Pack as he drops Felia. Don’t worry. Kaon caught her. Sougo then goes to Moura and revives him by piloting her. Super fast, super powerful. Gus could have died had not Pack rescued him. Do Mon is talking at Ena’s grave about Sougo’s growth. They had their first fight and he hates it because he loves that kid. Zoneboyle probably took his time coming because it’s already evening and Do Mon might have told his entire story. To his surprise, he sees Ena before him. He goes to hug her but gets stabbed. Turns out to be Lillian in disguise.

Episode 10
Looks like Kaon’s group catch up with Sougo and Felia. They’re trekking up the stairways with weird floating stones. Felia thinks she is sick since each time she touches Sougo, she starts to feel hot. Felia (and us) assures her that this isn’t any sickness of the bad kind. She’ll eventually figure it out. Somehow Vee freed herself and to her horror sees Do Mon in his own pool of blood. She relays this info to Gus and in turn he becomes crazy. While resting for the night, Roman tells Kaon a big news: He is breaking up their engagement. I’m sure Kaon welcomes it. However Roman still loves her and after this is over, he will start anew and court her again. Felia and Sougo seem to have a penchant to wander off by themselves. I guess it’s the much needed cue for them to have quality time. You know the usual. Sougo thanks everybody for everything. If not for you I won’t be here, blah, blah, blah. When this is over, I’ll take you somewhere, yada, yada, yada… Sighs… Arriving at the temple that they believe the altar lies just behind this huge door, conveniently Felia falls through a trap door. She is trapped in the middle of some crystals that begin to activate and materialize a dark version of mecha Moura. It forces her to become its pilot. And that folks is today’s mecha action with dark Moura versus white Moura. When Moura takes a big hit and is causing Sougo lots of pain, Felia pleads for dark Moura to save his life and she will do anything. And because all it wants is her, she tells Sougo not to follow her. Just like that, this kid falls into shock and depression while Felia is flown away. Trying to eke more answers out of Moura isn’t going to go anywhere because that bug doesn’t know a thing. It gets even more depressing when Vee calls to tell Do Mon is dead. No use reflecting on his warning now. Sougo blames himself for being naïve. He can’t do it anymore. Roman is going to shake him to his senses if this is how far his resolve goes. Surprisingly it is Kaon who slaps him. She is calling him pathetic because the childhood friend she knew is the embodiment of justice. She is going to save Felia. What about you? The answer is obvious.

Episode 11
Felia is having tea with Zoneboyle? He likes her so much that he will have to destroy her? Indeed this old man is senile. Sougo and Moura are attacking the bureau. They manage to breach through the force field with their pure might. But upon entering, Moura loses power. She then takes on a form of a humanoid girl. I guess what is shocking is how she looks like a cosplay girl. No wonder Moura herself is shock. Since dumb guards and mecha guards are hindering their progress, this is where Vee steals the limelight to keep those goons away to let the kids move forward. I love the way she hides her guns in the baguette and grenades in the melon bread! Holy crap! And while she is firing away, she can still reminisce about her atonement to Do Mon and Sougo. Look where you’re firing! Zoneboyle considers Felia as a tainted stone because she has taken a human form and obtained unnecessary feelings. Therefore with this device he is going to turn her back into her true and ultimate form called Lucifer and help prosper this planet further. Sougo and Moura are besieged with more guards. You think it would be even more trouble when Gus jumps in seeking revenge. But he is here not to fight Sougo and helps him instead. Revenge indeed he is here. He is going to find Do Mon’s killer based on Alfried’s intelligence. When Zoneboyle learns Sougo is the attacker, he wants him to be treated properly since he is Ena’s son. However Lillian stabs the old geezer! Lillian will kill Sougo so that Felia will fall into despair. Losing hope means Lucifer will be completely purified and thus she will unleash her true power. While Moura fights Lillian, Sougo climbs up to save Felia. I don’t think his pipe can do even a scratch on this giant machine. Lillian transforms into dark Moura. Just in time, Roman and co destroy the force field generator allowing Moura to transform into her mecha form and protect Sougo from dark Moura.

Episode 12
Felia is reunited with Sougo. Too bad he says everybody has died and they are the only ones left. He wants her to come and live with him in a new world. You would have suspected something amiss by now and so does Felia. Because Sougo is saying that her special power is needed to go to that planet and there must be some kind of trigger. Before you know it, Sougo turns into some sort of hulk but is ultimately smashed by the real Sougo and Moura. The battle is still raging on outside but Moura manages to break through dark Moura’s core and rip Felia out. Dark Moura turns into a trilobite?! The happy reunion is short-lived when some God-like voice realizes Sougo’s crest and that he is the one who wields the true power. So once again dark Moura is materialized but this time absorbing Sougo inside. It flies off seeing that Felia the useless shell is no longer needed. Of course she is going to save him. In the mean time, another planet is going to crash into this one and is causing a great turbulence! I doubt the underground shelter could do anything. When Felia catches up to dark Moura, it’s time for a little history lesson to understand and sympathize with the circumstances.

It seems dark Moura is a fallen angel. His master died aeons ago. Because the people ‘bite the hands that feed them’. That planet is Earth. Overpopulated, they killed themselves along with his master. So dark Moura has been lonely ever since and seeing this planet filled with life made him jealous. He must have gotten crazier and weaker from all those aeons of waiting so he thought it would be a good idea to create his new ideal world of utopia by slamming a lifeless rock into one filled with Giftdium. Oh, he’ll be the new archangel! Playing God? Felia fails to beat him so she is resorting to praying to big father? Didn’t work either. She regrets coming here and ruined all these lives but Moura tells her had she not, she would not have given life to this planet in the first place. Yeah, like duh… And with this renewed determination, she crashes into dark Moura. A calm scene as we see Felia and Sougo reunite. Sougo doesn’t want her to go but she assures they’ll always be together and she’ll be watching him. Last words for him: I love you. Yeah, same words from him too. Next thing we know, the planet is still there, everything is just decimated. Everybody lives. Sougo lives. The little Giftdium in his hands must be Felia. He knows. Aftermath montage that takes place many years in the future because the characters all look so old! Roman and Kaon married and have a lovely family, Gus continues Do Mon’s café as a happy hippy, I’m not sure what Pack is since his mug is on some poster, Alfried is some big corporate bigwig, Vee living the farm life milking cows, while Roman is a rocket scientist, Otto is a renowned spaceman and finally Sougo is a professor but prefers to spend most of his time outside looking for crystals. A picture of Felia on his table to remind him of the good ol’ days.

Stone Cold Luci-fail
Meh. What just happened? I don’t know. Everything at the end just felt like so rushed or to put it in another way, it seemed like everyone is starting to lose interest and ran out of decent ideas and thus that bitter sweet tragic but happy ending of Felia sacrificing herself to save the planet. Well, it isn’t all that bad since she turned back into a rock like what she had been in the first place. I thought with Do Mon killed, Zoneboyle murdered and Felia somewhat ‘dead’, they should have just killed off everybody because I don’t think that will make a difference anyhow. Really. But instead, we get a little time skip to see how everybody aged well and lived a peaceful and prosperous life. Where’s the fun in that? Like some comments that I read online, it started out great but ended in a lacklustre way. For me, it didn’t start out great. It was just ordinary. Although, I share the same sentiments that ended in a dreary way that it wasn’t anything special.

I don’t know where this anime is going. I guess this is one of the risks of being an original anime. There is no manga reference to fall back on and although it keeps things fresh because there is no such pressure and expectations, it can either turn out good or bad. In this anime’s case, more of the latter. So if I am to summarize what the entire anime’s direction is about, the first half dedicates in Sougo and friends keeping and protecting Felia from parties who want her, the second half is a journey to the altar to replenish her energy before being abruptly interrupted to the final arc of rescuing her and then rescuing him.

Character wise, I don’t really feel their impact. Basically many of the characters feel like could be done without as they are forgettable. The entire show is just one big series of Sougo and Felia sorting their feelings out. I don’t know. Since Sougo loves Felia and Felia is the embodiment of this planet, then would it not be wrong to say that Sougo is a planet lover? That aside, both felt generic and nothing really special. Sougo is quite plain himself without anything special. You’d think his strange hobby of collecting rare crystals would come into play but it doesn’t. Yeah, he sure got the big catch when he landed Felia. And a whole lot of big trouble after that. The world almost got destroyed. I don’t even know or remember why the crest got on his hand. It is an excuse so that he could have some sort of power up. Even the part of piloting Moura came much later in the series and prior to that he was just like a spectator. Felia on the other hand is almost like a retard given her nearly child-like behaviour and Moura serving like a joker because this snake doesn’t do anything useful in her little form except being annoying.

Sougo’s friends that come along with the chase feel even more redundant. It feels like they are in the series following him so that Sougo would be portrayed as somebody imperfect and to show that even the greatest heroes need friends and sidekicks. They are largely forgettable and don’t do anything much. Nothing that would leave a lasting impact. Sure, Roman’s funny mecha might deal some distractions but it doesn’t really steal much of the limelight or change the course of the plot even if it wasn’t around. Otto is much worthless as a butler because I don’t see him doing anything like a butler should do except following Roman around like an excess baggage. And then you have Kaon for a little love interest but that doesn’t really matter. No, it doesn’t. Really.

Gus, this guy… It feels like his entire role in this anime is just to initiate a mecha fight with Moura. Yes, people. The big chunk of mecha battles you see here is from them. So it is either with his silly quest for rematch or revenge for Do Mon, I can hardly think of another reason why this guy exists in this anime. Sure, he has his military orders to retrieve Felia but given the fact that he always appears in this way makes it hard to think otherwise. And I thought it was going to be something big when he picks his own crew. I knew it is just a small one and I was expecting more crazy sh*t people other than Pack and Alfried but even the duo don’t do much here. They feel pretty mild despite Pack is some bloodthirsty crazy kid who slaughtered his jailers but can’t even decently catch a stone and Alfried is just some crazy stalker material with information at his fingertips. These guys ultimately turn into evacuee staffs in the final episode. What a waste of potential.

Do Mon is a great teacher and has got a great violent and turbulent past but I guess his purpose and role in this anime is to get killed so that it would wake up Sougo. Really. His relationship with Gus during the war felt shallow because even if they were complete strangers, it still wouldn’t mean a thing. Their ‘friendship’ felt like a convenient excuse to change his goal when the time calls for it. And Vee? I don’t know why she’s working for Gus in the first place and when she decided to turn over a new leaf after Do Mon’s death, I don’t think we even care. Zoneboyle has been making cameos in every episode seen as some old guy watching through his gigantic telescope for who knows what. Sure, it has something to do with his fascination for Felia and thus the mobilization of the military to go get her. Or something like that, I can’t really remember well. And when I thought he is going to be the end finale antagonist, he gets killed off in the penultimate episode. I know it is for the twist factor but honestly, I wasn’t really expecting much from him either. Good riddance.

They try to put in a little of that romance stuff especially between Sougo and Felia. You know how typical it is. Boy finds girl. Spend a little time together. Naïve girl doesn’t understand what love is. Doesn’t know how to explain it well. Time for parting. You figure out the rest. It feels like this cheesy romance is a slight distraction and drama we don’t need. In the case if this chemistry is missing between them, then the entire story would have been even more boring because what is the point of having such a show when you don’t have the main characters liking each other? Even the unrequited love as in for Kaon’s case feels painful to watch. We know, girl. Same for Roman. And because we all know Sougo will never let his love go, he stayed unmarried and thus we are back to square one with Roman x Kaon again. If you can’t have the best, second best is not to bad either. It could have been too for Do Mon and Ena if not for the latter being dead. Well don’t worry. He followed her after he got killed ;p. Then they trolled us with Do Mon and Vee prior to that but we forgot all about it and didn’t care in the first place.

Even worse than the romance stuff is the so called subtle environmental issue reminder in the final episode. I know, we are destroying our mother Earth as we speak and at the rate we are doing so, in no time we will all kill ourselves. Yeah, yeah. We get it. We know. We heard it. But nobody cares! And the irony of it all is how the baddie is going to slam planets into each other like slamming big heavenly balls so as to create a new kind of paradise. What kind of f*cking crap is this?! You talk about saving the environment and yet you go destroy a planet brimming with lives despite the fact that humans are polluting it but even destroying them isn’t ethically correct even from an environmental point of view. Can this fallen angel at least come down and play Jesus to at least save these pitiful humans? Oh f*ck that. Killing them off is much easier. I doubt watching this would make our conscience feel guilty and take great care of our planet because we all know a dark Moura will never happen and do a Nibiru cataclysm conspiracy. Or will it?

Mecha fights? Uhm… Okay, I guess. Like I have said the umpteenth time throughout my life, I’m not a mecha fan and you can even accuse me of being a closet mecha fan but something in my guts tell me that it falls flat. Moura’s fighting abilities as a mecha are also uninspiring and boring. She can fly, she can fire beams, she can do close quarter combat, but nothing really extraordinary. So what if Gus received a new upgraded mecha? I don’t see any different in it. It just looks different so you can tell it is that dude piloting the red one. Oh, and the purple one for Pack, which doesn’t do any much difference too. All other generic mechas only have the ability to fire their machine guns till they get slaughtered and put out of commission.

Drawing and art feels mixed. The world especially the main town itself might not have that fantasy setting but nevertheless it still looks different and perhaps this is the ‘best’ in this department. Because the character designs feel a bit bland and simple. Like Felia, she just looks a bit one kind. I know she isn’t technically human but taking a human form, well let’s just say that I wouldn’t consider her to end up as a candidate for my year end blog of bishoujos. Really. Then there is Moura’s design that is so cartoonish rather than cute it feels hard to take this bug/snake/seal seriously. It’s like as though Moura is came up after the producers played a few video games and mashed certain mascots to develop her design. Really. It’s like they think it is okay to pass her off as that. Yeah, I thought Moura looked like one of those robotic enemies from Sonic The Hedgehog… I’m not a mecha fan so the mecha looks ordinary. With the military’s mecha looking so bland, it is a reason why Moura in mecha form looks majestic. And seriously, Roman’s roundish mecha even reminds me of that fat bird in Tamako Market. It feels like a joke especially you see the way it runs and operates. I’m not sure whether to laugh at it or not. Really.

The voice acting didn’t really inspire me. I didn’t recognize anybody except for that one single person. Yup. I was happy at least this anime had Mamiko Noto in it as Ena although it was just cameo. But then you know, that silly trauma inside me started to resurface when I realized that she is playing yet another character who is dead or killed off. Sighs… Why oh why… If you’re interested, the other casts include Yuusuke Kobayashi as Sougo (Marui in Shokugeki No Souma), Ayaka Ohashi as Felia (Momoka in Sabagebu), Inori Minase as Moura (Chino in Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka), Rie Takahashi as Kaon (Futaba in Sore Ga Seiyuu), Takuma Terashima as Roman (Shiroe in Log Horizon), Ayaka Suwa as Otto (Ikumi in Jinsei), Kenta Miyake as Do Mon (Klaus in Hayate No Gotoku), Kenji Hamada as Gus (Enishi in Hanasaku Iroha), Suzuko Mimori as Vee (Nanami in Kamisama Hajimemashita), Mutsumi Tamura as Pack (Sonya in Kill Me Baby), Junji Majima as Alfried (Ayumu in Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka), Hidekatsu Shibata as Zoneboyle (Dragon in One Piece) and Tomo Muranaka as Lillian (Yuuma Kuga in World Trigger).

The opening theme by Fhana is Comet Lucifer: The Seed And The Sower. Is it me or did I find her voice is a little bit too high for this song? For an anime with only a dozen of episodes, there are numerous ending themes. The first one is Oshiete Blue Sky by Ayaka Ohashi has a bit techno in it and could be suitable as a dance song. Personally I feel this is the best of the lot. Not to say the rest are bad but if I were to pick which is to my liking, it would be this one. The second one is Evolve by True which only lasts for 1 episode. Ayaka Ohashi does the third one, Hadashi No Mama Demo Kowakunai as well as the fifth one, Hitotsu Ni Naritai. Fhana sings the fourth one, Tsuioku No Kanata, which is my second pick.

Overall, sad to say that this is one of those animes where expectations were expected and it started off reasonably well for you to continue into the second half but then it starts losing steam once it is obvious that everything starts to fall apart with its poor execution of character, plot and even the mecha battles. It had potential but failed to capitalize on it like as though they ran out of interest and ideas. Many end comments I have read really felt disappointed to the point that they ask you never to touch this show and regretted watching. I am much ‘kinder’ because I wouldn’t have known all about it had I not watch it myself. Disappointing, yes. Regrets, no. It is my only hope that they should have had the Giftdium or Lucifer crystals to help made this anime successful and prosper.

Robot Girls Z Plus

December 18, 2015

I didn’t think it would happen but it did. However Robot Girls Z Plus despite being the sequel didn’t developed into a full-fledged TV series and instead remained released as ONA. Another boggling fact was that although there are only 6 episodes, each lasting about 8 minutes, they only released an episode per month! I don’t know what kind of strategy they are pulling here but I suppose if you like girls, you like robots, you like action, you like fanservice and you like all of them mashed up together, then you’ll probably enjoy this short sequel. Hey, I mean, even heroines and protectors of a city sometimes need to get violent to take out their stress, right? Right?! Oh what the heck. At least it isn’t my town they’re protecting ;p.

Episode 1
Right off the start, Z-chan is already fighting Boss in the middle of the Nerima Ward streets, causing irreparable damage. All because Boss wants to join Team Z but Z-chan won’t allow her. I mean, what’s with this lame excuse the team is full? Gre-chan and Grenda-san think how they are so alike. Of course Z-chan disagrees although Boss continues to view them as each other’s best friends and greatest rivals. Suddenly a missile almost hits them. Courtesy from Combined Girl Bong. She shoots more missiles for more destruction so Team Z transforms into their usual Mazinger or Grendaizer form to fight back. Although they shoot and dismantle her, Bong can quickly assemble herself back. Fear those card box pieces… Reinforcements arrive when Liger blocks Bong’s missile with her spear. Pon-chan then bats away another one like a perfect baseball hit. Then they steal her card box pieces before she can assemble and let Gecchan finish her off. The trio are the new Team G as they boast how powerful they are now. Boss teases to join their side since they are stronger but they don’t need her and throw her back to Team Z! It’s not like Z-chan wants her too and the duo continue fighting. See how alike they are? But Grenda-san can’t help think where Bong came from.

Episode 2
Sky Magical Girl Grangen thought she could harass some girls and make them wet and sticky but today as it turns out, the pool has become a cheap fishing spot for old guys! She spots Boss and decides to do her in although she is less of her type. That is when Team G arrives to save the day. You know it will happen. When you have a villainess with tentacles and sexy robot girls, this screams tentacle rape scene! Jeeg then pops up with her new partner, Pan-san whom she just found at a cosplay convention. Time to get serious and save the day. But how can this lame combination move do them any good? Well, it makes them look cool, right? So Jeeg thinks. Yeah. Tentacle rape punishment for them too. Jeeg’s servants, Ryouma Nagare and Musashi Tomoe drive into the scene to save them. Boss’ bait seems to have caught the plug at the bottom of the pool. When unplugged, it causes a massive turbulence that disturbs Grangen. Pon-chan then throws Grangen into Musashi. A fiery explosive finish. Everyone is sad over Musashi’s death but Jeeg has hired another guy as replacement so it is all smiles and laughter for everyone. Nobody gives a damn Musashi is still alive.

Episode 3
There is a contest to determine which new Robot Girl team is the strongest. Naturally, Z-chan is pissed and is just going to kick all of their asses but Team G interrupts. They also brag about being the strongest when Hayato pops up to announce their time is over. Time to move over and give the stage to newer teams. Like Team Gou made up of Gou, Shou and Lady Gai. They’re stealing everyone’s hearts. Then Team LOD usurps them. They comprise of Raicchi, Baru-chan and Triple Gai-chan. Not to be outdone, Team Z and Team G head on their stage to do their stuff. Then Boss comes swinging in to join them but she destroys the entire stage with her screw up. It is then decided instead of choosing a strongest team, all of them will become one strongest team called NRM 12. The girls seem to like this idea and start getting along with each other.

Episode 4
Continuing from last episode, Lightwave Girl Picudron isn’t amused with that and attacks them with her light wave. When hit, it allows her to see all you embarrassing weaknesses. So embarrassing that your armour will burst and leave you in your undies! When Picudron zaps Team Z, it seems Grenda-san has something so horrifying that it scares the sh*t out of her and this allows Team Z to escape the fanservice. Triple Gai-chan wants her team to do that embarrassing move. That’s because it involves her teammates stripping so she can wear her armour and blast volts at her enemy. However Picudron absorbs everything. Then Triple Gai-chan flashes something even more horrible. Picudron’s true form is revealed. She is some fat robot powered by peddle power by some folks in some van. Picudron laments they are victims of Robot Girls and planned this revenge. But Team J is still not amused with the trouble they have caused and finishes them. Then everyone starts teasing and taunting Gecchan’s embarrassing secrets.

Episode 5
Our Robot Girls are heading to the mayor’s office to receive a medal. For all they’ve done? I know, it is mind boggling. Even Boss is getting it. Inside her office, Z-chan blushes when the mayor praises her simply because she’s never been praised before. The girls feel something strange when the mayor tells them to pick up their medal. Hmm… Feels heavy. Turns out it is a giant trap set for them. Other Robot Girl teams have also fallen into this trap. The mayor called them here to beat the crap out of them. Her policy is to protect the city and this means Robot Girls who have constantly destroyed the city will be kicked out. She reveals her true form, an alien from outer space going by the name, Super Space Beast Gigilgan Gilgil Ganko. She then makes an announcement to the citizens that she will get rid of these violent little insects for their sake. Here is one serving of screwball coming up right at them. Boom!

Episode 6
Although Jeeg’s servants protect her, the rest somehow survive but under heaps of rubble. Our mad Robot Girls revive in time to take out their anger but Ganko is too strong for them as one by one they fall. This is the power of politics? Conveniently she pins the blame of this city’s destruction on them although her real intention is to redevelop it into a bigger city. Definitely politics power play here. Just as Z-chan is about to give up, Dr Yumi gives her some power accessory. They power up into Robot Girls Team Z EX. With even cooler powers and sexy outfits. Ganko is given a run for her money. The trio combine all their power to blast Photonic Beam Dynamic at her. However she easily dodges since it is too slow. Boss sees the beam coming her way and frantically uses her mirror to reflect it. Before Ganko can fry our heroines, the beam comes back to zap and defeat her for good. In the aftermath, a ceremony to unveil the hero who saved the city takes place. A gold statue of Boss???!!! Well, it is thanks to her that they won, right? Z-chan is furious and won’t allow her to hog the glory. Back to beating each other up, I guess.


These are actually the special extra episodes from the first season that I missed out. Better late than never, eh?

Episode 3.5
In the flying space base of Navarone, the Unwanted Robot piloted by Imaichi Moenai Ko (literally meaning girl lacking in moe) sets off to defeat Team Z and if she wins, Ashura promised her to become her mascot. So our Team Z has the ability to fly up to space for this battle. The fight begins and because Unwanted Robot is made out of cardboard, Imaichi has to quickly patch things up. But Imaichi has a trick under her sleeve. She fires her un-moe beam to turn Z-chan and Gre-chan into un-moe looking characters! Thinking victory is hers, she goes in for the kill. But Grenda-san is not affected and strikes the beam back at her. Ashura and her team got caught in the blast and turn un-moe. But for Imaichi, she now looks moe and kawaii!!! Even her robot looks cool! However Imaichi doesn’t like it because it ruins her identity! WTF?! I like you this cute!!! Team Z then gives the final super punch that sends her crashing into the rest of the baddies for ultimate victory. Don’t worry if their looks will stay like that forever because it soon reverts back.

Episode 6.5
While chasing down Ashura and co, Team Z stumble upon a mascot grand prix. Z-chan wants to get violent as usual but a huge mascot appears before them (Wooser?). He seems to try and persuade them to join him to make lots of cash. But Grenda-san shows her cleavage full of money and doesn’t need it! She then becomes some sort of sadist and beats up this yellow fellow to turn him into some livestock she makes at her secret ranch. You don’t want to know… Suddenly they are attacked by a fairy mascot that shoots acid that will melt anything. Although the barrier protects the girls, the fairy continues spinning its acid everywhere. Too bad for the other mascots. Gre-chan is furious that her computer is melted and she blows the acid back in the fairy’s face! Finally a mascot that resembles like a certain assassinated Austrian archduke who was the responsible for the start of World War 1. He is cocky that Japanese cannot best Europeans and is playing psychology that it will become an international diplomatic incident if so. Z-chan doesn’t give a damn and just blasts everything! The grand prix is falling apart! Ashura and co are hiding in a mascot but Team Z discovers them. Z-chan blames them for ruining the grand prix! If that is not bad enough, they got zapped anyway. So sad…

Episode 9.5
Pixiv is hosting a convention where fans can upload their drawings of encouragement of Team Z live. You can tell Pixiv hates them very much when she puts up that look after Z-chan punches off from the centre stage just to hog the limelight. The first few uploads illustrate the Robot Girls as oppressive and vile evil doers! How is this possible? Pixiv tells us that they aren’t actually sent by fans but by Ashura and her Underground Empire. They’re secretly drawing and uploading them to tarnish their image. Once that happens, Pixiv will get to own them as her property called Robot Girls P. Z-chan tries to add hers but it looks horrible. Grenda-san helps in but it is so questionably porn that it needs mosaic censors. Gre-chan uploads hers and wow, they look pretty good. She drew a few themes like idols, witches, Alice in Wonderland and samurai. This has everyone else motivated as they send in their inspiring art. Pixiv falls into despair and accidentally blurts out her plan’s failure. Care to repeat that? Even dumber, she denies this plan to own them out loud word for word. Time to get owned. Pixiv is beaten up and crashes into Ashura’s little workshop. Looks like they can’t post anymore pictures. Pixiv is not satisfied with this outcome and cancels her agreement with Ashura. She is going to align herself with stronger people. Better make it quick because Team Z will be continuing to kick your ass while everything else gets destroyed. Gre-chan is probably the happiest of the lot seeing one of her drawings (the idol one) won first place for the day.

Protection Via Destruction
Although this sequel is still enjoyable, somehow I feel it still falls short of being completely satisfying. I mean, there are your favourite robot girls based on past mecha series, wantons of destruction and even a little fanservice thrown in so what is it that I’m not feeling satisfied about? I am not sure if it is the slightly shorter duration of the series (the first season had 9 episodes). The episodes of the series itself already feels like fillers, so adding more filler-like episodes of destruction will not make a difference. Could it be something to do with the characters, new and old? More on this in a little while. Or maybe it is just that kind of ending that feels it hasn’t really ended yet and there could be more episodes or sequels in the future. But whatever the reason, there is something inside me that is bugging myself. Something that is telling me that this sequel could have done better but falls short of it. Maybe I’m unconsciously not a mecha fan but I even myself know that it’s crap because the cute ladies here are enough to take away thinking about that mecha factor.

As for the characters, the old ones like Team Z remain identifiable if you remember them from the first season. Especially with Z-chan being haughty and easily resorting to her punches and violence to save the day, thus the unnecessary destruction of the city from time to time. Grenda-san might have that eternal sweet smile of hers but she is some sort of secret sadist and sometimes has something bad enough that you have to censor them out. Lastly, Gre-chan the shy girl who doesn’t talk much. As for the other Robot Girls, I suppose with a handful of them, they’re rather okay but it feels like not enough screen time for all of them although some like Team G and Team LOD do take the limelight and thus Team Z wasn’t always in the fore front in every episode. I think there are some jokes pertaining to them that fans of the original mecha series would only get. Therefore I am quite blur here.

Boss as the new character debuting this season feels more like a nuisance than anything. Of course her character role feels like for comedic roles as you can see the troubles that tag along just for appearing. Maybe that is why Z-chan doesn’t want to let her in the group? Because one destructive girl is already bad enough to hog the limelight, what more two, right? Yeah. Boss’ character design somehow reminds me of that character in Mirai Nikki… Hmm… Doesn’t that lady with the oddly and proportionately bigger head feel similar? Some of the Robot Girl teams, Ashura and a host of Robot Girl enemies that the heroines faced in the first season are completely absent here. But if you are sharp enough, you can spot them making cameos in the background as unimportant background characters. Well, I guess this is an even sadder fate for them. After being chased around, beaten up and blamed, it only goes from bad to worse when you character role is tossed away just like that. And I don’t think they have turned over a new leaf either. Thus the villains of this series also shares a similar fate of only appearing for a single episode or arc and then never to be seen ever again. Yeah, who cares about the bad guys anyway? Remember Dr Hell or that little girl in fake giant robot, Darkness? No? Neither do I. So who the heck is Dr Yumi here anyway?

A bit of destructive action as the Robot Girls unleash their so called trademark attacks on the single enemy they are facing per episode or arc so that you get your trademark city destruction and send the villain flying away and turning into a shining star. Somehow the city always gets rebuild again (I am assuming so because you do not see those destructive patches they leave behind in the next episode), but we don’t care for all that, really. After all, nobody even really dies too, right? Heh. The big irony about the destruction is that buildings get destroyed but no casualties at all. I think everybody has activated some sort of God cheat mode here. Whatever it is, things will always work out with Z-chan’s justice punch, right? Fanservice aren’t aplenty and feels a bit mild just enough to tease your unfulfilled horny libido and nothing worth any fapping material. Really.

Overall, like what I have said a few paragraphs before, still an enjoyable watch but can’t be considered as anything greater. Perfect to watch if you like your characters based on past mecha series and symbolized as cute girls. A good addition if you watched the first season and somewhat like it enough for a little more. The episodes are short enough so they don’t bore you with the same cheap destructive violence and fanservice thrill. Otherwise, go back and take out your VHS tapes or CDs to watch the original retro mecha series for some big time nostalgia. Don’t tell me you’d rather put up with these girls’ shenanigans, no? And once again the day is saved, erm, I mean destroyed. Thanks to the destructive girls. Why take out your stress playing violent video games when you can do it for real in real life?

I thought everything had ended. What would the series be without that super intelligent robot? Therefore I was wondering how Suisei No Gargantia: Meguru Kouro, Haruka, a double OVA episode that lasts an hour long each would fare since it takes place after the events of the TV series. Ah yes, I remember how awesome it was watching that and sadly despite it has only been a couple of years since I last saw this series, it felt like ages and I couldn’t remember much in detail. But at least I still remember generally what happened. Phew. Not so bad, eh? Anyway, like any awesome series, it has become my ‘obligation’ to follow up if there are future episodes of it and here I am finally watching this OVA albeit being very, very late. Well, better than never. So it interests me to see what kind of story will unfold for Ledo since he doesn’t have Chamber anymore. And will there be any sort of development between Ledo x Amy? One can only hope…

Episode 1
Bellows leads her team in another undersea wreckage salvaging. Thanks to Ledo, they are able to find a good catch of usable ships. Amy has a junior under her wing, Leema as she guides her through her postal and messenger job. Being the newbie around, her curiosity of those Yunboro has her fascinated but almost got her into trouble with one of the engineers for casually touching it. Pinion tries to recruit Leema into his engineering section as he needs all the help he can get. But seriously, you need this little girl to help out with all the heavy metal stuffs? Not sure if Rackage is a citizen of this ship as she is seen making herself home on Gargantia. She claims she is taking a vacation before her next big expedition. Leema and Ledo meet for the first time and the former wants to hear all his stories with Chamber. Ledo also learns that Leema was from the Providence fleet and during the time Kugel played God. He is also interested to know what happened there but before any story can begin, Melty and Saya interrupt Ledo for trying to two-time Amy. They even let out this secret that they eavesdropped Amy asking Chamber what are Ledo’s favourite stuffs but of course the machine didn’t get it and Amy was left frustrated. Imagine Amy’s embarrassment when she finds out her friends knew about this conversation. Leema tells briefly about her fleet joining Providence and after the priestesses died, Kugel began to change and everything went downhill (see OVA 2 to refresh your memory). Ledo believes Kugel’s way of getting rid of the weak and convincing the rest to fight and give whatever to support is the same motto as the Alliance. He believes had he been alive, he would have found a way.

That night, Amy doesn’t understand why Ledo still lives in fear every day. Right now, humans are still fighting Hideauze and he feels that war is somewhat necessary. But he is here right now away from all that conflict and unrelated. On the contrary, all of them are connected to it no matter where they are. This makes Ledo think if he would handle things differently from the Alliance if he ever comes into conflict with the whalesquids. With Leema accidentally eavesdropping on the story, she wants to hear more especially that stormy incident. It was the worst kind of storm that Gargantia has ever seen. The waves were violent enough to damage the pillars, pylons, bridges and interlocks of a connecting ship, Altemia. Only a bridge is left but it could snap any time. Fairlock gives the orders for the ship to evacuate and for Altemia to scuttle. Amy notices that Saya is still onboard Altemia helping others to evacuate and goes to help look for anymore that are left behind. The only other one left is Fleiss, Saya’s brother who has evacuated his crew (after the captain threw a tantrum he would rather go down with the ship than leave it and is clinging on to his chair). After Amy evacuates an old grandpa and his grandson, back at the bridge, Melty calls to warn for them to get out now because a huge wave is going to pound them. Too late. A direct hit. This causes the last bridge to break. Now they are floating adrift. To add to the problems, a connecting ship is tilting and will capsize. Ledo and Chamber come in to push it back up. At the same time they realize Altemia’s predicament. Ledo knows well he cannot leave his position. Altemia drifts back thanks to the waves but is in danger of slamming into the ship. Once Chamber has successfully put this ship back up, just in time to cushion the impact and save a few more lives. Leema is impressed with the story although Ledo credits everything to Chamber. Amy believes even if Chamber isn’t here, Ledo will not give up.

On a beautiful clear sky day, Bellows leads her team to scavenge the undersea wreckage. Everything goes well until some gas burst that causes the rocks to collapse. In Ledo’s bit to save one of the trapped crew, he is pulled down into the abyss as his cable got caught by the falling rock. Things are not looking good. Life support is dangerously low and all communications are cut so he improvises the reserve tank for a little more oxygen. During this moment of loneliness, he remembers a similar incident when he was fighting Hideauze. He was unable to contact to any of his comrades and a horde of Hideauze is coming. Chamber suggested to stop all communication to avoid being detected but Ledo does not want to be a sitting duck and be eaten alive. He can’t trust this machine to make the decisions. Chamber agrees that Ledo should call the final shots and all he can do is to provide the best support. In short, Chamber’s power depends on Ledo and this way if he screws up, you can’t blame the machine, right?

Bellows and her crew resurface and tell what happened to Ledo. Guess who is being all worried and emotional? Of course everybody can think of going back down to bring him back up but the grounds are unstable and if a search party was dispatched, they might get buried too. Before we can turn this into Amy’s crying fest, all other Yunboro who can still dive take the initiative to dive down with whatever resources they can carry. Amy wants to go help too (because Leema is going but I can think of another good reason why) but Bellows would rather have her stay here to greet Ledo with a smile when he returns. I thought it could have been there are no more spare Yunboro for her to spare. Anyway the search party dives down and finds Ledo’s unit pinned under the rock. Time for Rackage to have her screen time by doing something useful. Her unit is strong enough to lift the rock. Bellows and Ledo communicate via Morse code and the plan is once most of the rocks are pulled out of the way, Ledo is to eject the unit’s limbs for propulsion to freedom. They only have one shot at this. And as expected it is a huge success. Amy, you can stop praying real hard now. Oh, she’s crying again. At least tears of joy. The biggest heave of relief in her life. When Ledo steps out, he receives a hero’s welcome. A better ‘prize’ with Amy giving him a big hug. Nobody better interrupt this. Life proceeds as usual on Gargantia but it ends with a cliff-hanger. In a secret room, Leema unveils and activates a Machine Caliber!

Episode 2
Rackage tries to remind Pinion about this and that as he promised but Pinion like the typical guy he is, never remembers he made those vows! Ledo and Bevel examine a blueprint extract. They believe it is of a technology that is very similar to Machine Caliber. Leema seems to be interested in all kinds of stuffs related to machine so she is much impressed with Bevel’s mechanized wheelchair as he explains despite having a weak body, he is strong because everyone supports him. If you had your suspicions on Leema, then it comes true now because she is seen talking to her underlings about their objective to get Ledo to come with them. Originally they wanted to get Kugel but he died. They have to act fast because their higher ups aren’t going to wait. Ridget listens to the community leaders about their supplies being exhausted. So when she announces they will be stopping by Dragon Palace, a major trading hub from the land, the residents rejoice. Ridget negotiates with the top officials for whatever is necessary. As a token, she is given an updated world map. They also invite her to drink after that but she got drunk. Ledo and the girls walk around Dragon Palace. This includes playing games at the carnival and getting into their swimsuits to play with dolphins. Since Leema didn’t bring hers, they shop for one and this is your few seconds of Leema fanservice. Leema somewhat envies how close Ledo and Amy are and she always wished she had spent such times with her older brother. When a pretty redhead passes by Pinion, this guy tries to make a pass and flirt with her with his cheesy lines but she ignores him. Hmm… Why do I have a feeling I know who this chick is?

Leema talks to an informer who tells her the higher ups cannot wait any longer about their top military secret weapon being outside the country. They are afraid of information leak more than anything so if you see them coming, it’s game over. She must complete the mission before they arrive. Leema remembers showing Ledo the Augmented Body (their term for Machine Caliber), Muzzle. She wanted him to follow her to help her country research this robot. Leema sits inside Muzzle and still cannot understand the sophisticated language it speaks. At this rate, the more she spends time on Gargantia, the more she is starting to hate the idea of war. Continuing her mission, this time Leema tries to persuade Amy to convince Ledo to come with her. Of course Amy and Bevel can leave with him too. Because Ledo didn’t give her an answer, she thought Amy would help him decide. In that case, Amy won’t do it. But what if Bevel’s condition can be cured on land? And so Ledo and Amy discuss this including the possibility if Bevel cannot be cured. Decisions, decisions, decisions… An unidentified fleet is spotted and because there are no interlocks, they conclude it is a war fleet from a land nation. Leema recognizes and confirms it as the special forces armada. She gets desperate to get Ledo to come with her (throwing in that Bevel cure case). Even shocking she reveals she was born on land. A distress call from Melty and Saya has them know that Amy has been kidnapped by a couple of suspicious guys. Leema knows this is the work of her underlings. She doesn’t want Ledo to follow her as Amy is bait to lure him. If he is captured, he will never return. Of course Ledo doesn’t care and follows her into her breakaway ship.

When the fleet fires to destroy the ship, Muzzle activates to protect them. The fleet warns Gargantia not to get involved but Ridget won’t sit back and let her citizens be harmed. She gives orders to fire back. Pinion sees the redhead running somewhere so he tails her and recognizes her too late. Never realized this pirate queen could look so different and beautiful, eh? She was here in disguise to gather information. Now that she has discovered something, time to stop playing good citizen and return to the ways of her pirate life. She is not risking some war with the land and aggravate the situation. Leema hops into Muzzle as she feels sorry for trying to use Ledo for her own gains. She was trying to get him involved in a centuries-long war between land nations. After living on Gargantia, she feels she has no right to take away their way of life. Ledo hops onboard with her and since the system is closely similar to Chamber, he guides in how to pilot Muzzle (some device Ledo has is also enhancing its system). With its electromagnetic attack, it tries to destroy all the fleet’s cannons. Ledo neutralizes Leema’s subordinates and frees Amy. Save the hugs for later because the fleet is now targeting Muzzle. They plan to sink the machine and the pilot deep down into the ocean to prevent it falling into enemy hands. Leema tries to continue take out the remaining cannons but her skills are not as good without Ledo guiding her.

Muzzle stops activating when it takes a direct hit. Sinking into the deep ocean, all Leema could do is just sit there and reminisce her times with the machine. Still not understanding what it is trying to say, though. But surprise! Muzzle says her name! And then it displays on the small screen a montage of ‘important events’ from its monitor. Like the time Leema was assigned by the scientists to pilot it, all the hours she spent fine tuning it, the time she joined Providence, then coming to Gargantia, showing Ledo this Augmented Body and finally recently how she piloted it. Muzzle can now decently speak in Leema’s language. It then detaches the cockpit to let Leema float up. After a safe distance below, Muzzle self destructs. Once sad Leema resurfaces, she feels guilty that her only friend is gone. What will she do now? Don’t worry. Rackage offers her to join her crew. Leema joins her as her way of atonement. While Ridget praises the people of Gargantia and their efforts to keep damage to a minimum and maintain peace, Ledo talks to Amy about the many things on Earth he still doesn’t know and this device is somewhat connected to that Augmented Body. Amy wonders what kind of life Leema had led as she was born in a land in perpetual war. But for them, no matter what troubles they may face, they’re going to live here and Ledo is going to protect Amy here. Okay. Time to continue the emotional hug.

Home, Wherever You Call It
And… They cancelled the second season!!!!!!!!!! WHY, OH WHY???!!! For whatever reasons, let is not hold a grudge for the future that has not and will never happen. As far as this OVA is concerned, despite some drama parts, it is still very interesting and brings back a whole lot of nostalgic memories of the TV series. Personally, watching the entire duration pulled a lot of heartstrings within me even if that scene wasn’t meant so. Just because of the nostalgia. With the revelation of land nations who love to fight, I guess this is what most probably how the story will continue and as seen there are lots of potential and development. But sadly as mentioned, we won’t be getting it unless somebody or a group of people start changing their minds.

Even with Chamber being reduced to just flashback memories (heck, that was just only the first OVA and the second one he did not even appear), it somewhat proves that the plot can still be interesting without the Ledo-Chamber combo. Of course the Ledo x Amy romance is still a long way to go but it is developing nicely between them. It feels like a little reward to see them together from time to time after a little ‘adventure’. It is hard to say about the recurring characters given the couple of episodes so it is unfair to say they’re just showing their faces as courtesy. Like Pinion who didn’t really do anything major here. Except the fact he might have regretted for losing the coolest chick ever? So guys out there, never judge a book by its cover or scoff of something when it doesn’t match your taste at first. I think we’re all guilty of that. I figure with the pacing and development of the second OVA, it was supposed to be an introduction for the next season but… Oh, can I not stop harping on that already?!

Another great and big plus of this OVA is the top notched quality they put in animating the visuals. The art and sceneries are just freaking spectacular and breathtaking to look whether they are hand drawn or using CGI. I tell you, they are just magnificent and awesome. No wonder I felt heartstrings being pulled within me. And despite the certain ‘slow’ drama parts, it is this art and visual that makes me feel awed instead of being ‘bored’. So if I don’t want to follow the little drama, I can always look to the background and admire the pretty sceneries. It makes Gargantia quite a majestic and beautiful place despite it is just a fleet of ships connected together to form a bigger floating vessel. Very good indeed. Even during action scenes, there is no drop in quality and the animation continues smooth sailing. This is definitely worth your money if you buy the DVDs.

On a very trivial note, I just wanted to point out that since Gargantia a very huge floating vessel, I can’t help keep thinking that shouldn’t the animation give the feel like they’re living on a floating vessel? You know, when you’re on a ship, you’re moving with the waves so there is this wavy motion effect to it. Uhm, not sure if I described it correctly. But you get the idea. Therefore sometimes seeing the scenes, it feels like the people on Gargantia are living on stable rock solid land. Get what I mean? Okay, you may argue that Gargantia is so big and thus stable. But the ocean is big too. Very big. Wave currents can be big too even for a mild one and Gargantia is essentially floating no matter how stable it is. In a way it is also good not to have that kind of effect. Can you imagine having the entire duration watching this anime with this effect? I think I might get seasick due to the realism.

Overall, a very good addition to the TV series and a must-watch for fans of the series especially for people like me, invoking the great nostalgia factor. For those who have not, please start watching. It goes to show that even if it is deep down inside our blood and genes to lust for war, peace and harmony are possible when you make it possible. It is just ironic that be it Hideauze or your own kind (technically, Hideauze originated from us human beings), men still can sure find ways to pick a fight. I guess it’s our way of saying what’s the use of being alive without having some sort of ‘excitement’. Better than being a living zombie. Or an otaku who constantly watches anime and plays games all day long on his computer. Hmm… I think this isn’t kinda bad either…


August 28, 2015

Here we go again. It is that time that I catch myself being a hypocrite. Despite still not liking the mecha genre, that never stopped me from watching a handful of mecha themed animes year in year out. And now here I am, having a go at Aldnoah.Zero. There must be some sort of better excuse, if you’re asking? As far as I can remember, I don’t know, it could be that I have misread it somewhere over the internet that this mecha show is somewhat similar to Shingeki No Kyojin. The only difference is that you replace the Titans with big giant robots. And I remember that Titan show was pretty epic enough so it made me assume that Aldnoah.Zero is also as epic as it except that it would just be mechas. Yes people, you can laugh at me for that pathetic reason but after watching the series, I don’t see how similar it is. Maybe there was but I couldn’t connect it. Anyway, as far as this story is concerned, the reason why you need big mechas firing at each other is because different nations are at war, right? Yup. Turn that into an inter-planetary level and it is all the reason you need to see such robot fights.

Episode 1
Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia is talking to Slaine Troyard that she is looking forward to her goodwill trip on Earth. Back on Earth, Inaho Kaizuka joins his friends, Inko Amifumi, Calm Craftman and Okisuke Mikuni to school as we are given a brief history of what happened. Thanks to the discovery of some ancient artefact belonging to some Martian civilization, Hyper Gate paved the way for human colonization and development of Mars. This resulted in the appearance of Vers Empire who claimed the technology like Aldnoah as their own and this resulted a war between Earth and Mars on the moon. The intense fighting caused Hyper Gate to go berserk and destroyed the moon. Heaven’s Fall happened 15 years ago. Lt Kouichirou Marito is supervising the kids in a live fire exercise. But he is already drinking this early? Later he talks to his friend, Souma Yagarai about some cover up on Tanegashima by the top brass 15 years ago. Nobody believed him now but he know what he saw. He is also concerned about the kids now having to take up military practice and what will happen if they actually find out the real truth. Everyone believes this transitory peace will last forever but what happens when those kids have to fight those guys lurking in the moon’s wreckage. How will they make up for their lies? Before Asseylum’s departure, Slaine gives her a pendant as a protective charm since he is grateful for her help that saved him from death’s door 5 years ago. However after that, Count Cruhteo beats him up to make him know his place. Later he talks to Count Saazbaum and it seems many of the lords are against their princess on this trip and tried dissuading her. Of course they know there will be retaliation if something happens to her. Or maybe they’re waiting for just that? Inaho and friends are at the procession of Asseylum’s arrival. There are terrorists working in the background and when the time is right, they let loose several homing devices that take out the security and one right on Asseylum as she crawled out of the limo! Of course this means Vers Empire won’t take this lightly as they begin their hammer of justice on Earth. Orbital Knights, its 37 clans who are also independent military units are crash landing their gigantic Landing Castle on selected cities over the world in a race to become king of the hill. As though, they have been waiting for this time for the past 15 years to fight again. A Landing Castle touches down in New Orleans. Massive explosion that burns everything away! Massive destruction. Massive blackout. And young kids are innocent enough to think those are shooting stars and make a wish for world peace. If it only was that simple…

Episode 2
The Martians begin their full assault. First they take out undersea cables and satellites so you puny Earthlings are cut off from communication. Then their Martian Cataphracts destroy all of Earth’s military and mechas so easily. It’s like they never put up a fight to begin with and head to the battlefield to get slaughtered. Inaho is back home and calls his sister Yuki who is on military standby. They’re supposed to meet up and evacuate via her car but she is appalled he didn’t use his guts and evacuate with the rest of the town. Inaho makes his way out and finds a couple of lost foreigners. Trying to tell them to evacuate, he gets pinned down. He thinks they are from some embassy and wants to make contact. But they tell him Asseylum is still alive as she was feeling sick from Earth’s gravity and did not participate in the parade. A double took part. Inaho meets up with his friends and brings along the chicks with them. They come across Yuki and her unit who are going to engage the enemy soon. Better leave quickly as this place is going to turn into a battlefield. Cruhteo sends Trillram and Slaine to go find out what happened to Asseylum. As Slaine is an Earthling, he cannot bear to kill his own men. Thus Trillram is going to ‘educate’ him about war and kills all the fighter jet pilots. Their weapons can’t even harm his Cataphract. Trillram then rendezvous with the culprits who began this whole mess. They think they can return to Vers and collect their knighthood but Trillram kills them! The leader’s daughter, Rayet Areash is the only survivor as Trillram chases her. Marito’s unit engages him but he and Yuki defy orders to go save the girl. The other units get owned. Trillram defeats Marito and goes after Yuki. She bumps into Inaho’s group (they’re going around in circles?) and leaves Rayet to them. Too bad she too cannot best Trillram. Inko takes over the driving after the driver runs out and gets owned by a slab. Trillram chases them throughout town and Okisuke perished when Inaho tried to go rescue Yuki in her cockpit. It ends when they enter an underground shelter. Marito contacts Yuki and wants her to act as bait to buy time for the civilians’ evacuation at the port. But it is Inaho who picks this message up and suggests to his friends to fight back. Their school has got some units and live ammunition.

Episode 3
Trillram contacts Saazbaum and the latter is not too happy he got 1 rat got away. Anyhow, he will order some meteor strike. Although Cruhteo’s Landing Castle is close by, sacrifices are necessary. Marito is back at his base and is not pleased there are orders for them to evacuate. A colleague of his is still fighting, the reason this place isn’t turned to rubble yet. But Darzana Magbaredge says he is the only survivor and communications are cut off so sending a rescue team is not viable. Marito says some of his students are not onboard the ferry list yet so Magbaredge will request for a search party and give him a landing craft. But if he can’t find enough people to crew it, he will abandon his mission. Yuki wakes up in the school infirmary and is not happy Inaho is going to fight. He says it back to her about adapting in situations. Now is the time. With his friends, they discuss the Martian Cataphract’s ability, its barrier seems to absorb everything and making it invincible. However this means his vision is blinded although he could attack with deadly accuracy. Something like an aerial satellite must be providing its vision because he stopped when they entered the tunnel. Inaho has a hunch this guy is persistent in getting them and they will buy the time needed to get evacuees out. Since they are going to fight, they need somebody to drive a decoy truck. The foreigner girls and Rayet volunteer. They start moving at the light of dawn. Then they release giant smokescreen all around. Trillram panics because now his vision is blocked. Slaine comes in a jet to blow away the smoke and also assist in Trillram’s vision but Inko shoots him down. Trillram goes after the truck and successfully crashes it. Rayet wants foreigner girl to escape but she won’t. She steps out and tells Trillram to stop this violence. She reveals herself as Asseylum. Trillram cannot believe she is alive and falls into shock. Marito and Inko fire all they got. The bridge collapses and Trillram is trapped in the water. Noticing that water is not being absorbed, Inaho also finds the gap in his barrier and pierces it open. His invincibility cannot be perfect and cover himself completely because for example otherwise the ground that he steps on will also be absorbed. The Cataphract goes offline. Slaine picks up Trillram who is freaking mad. He wants to go kill the princess himself or else his clan will be branded a traitor. Slaine realizes he is the one who planned Asseylum’s assassination and steals his gun to pump several bullets into him.

Episode 4
The meteor strike is here. Thankfully everybody escaped before it hits. Asseylum is back in her disguise and her maid, Eddelrittuo is glad she is safe. However Asseylum decides to reveal her true self only to Inaho. She needs to get to United Earth (UE) headquarters to contact her grandpa. Once he knows she is alive and well, the attack will stop. She doesn’t want Inaho to let others know because there may be spies among them who are out to kill her. Slaine reports to Cruhteo about Trillram’s death in the meteor strike. Cruhteo is mad and sends out a troop to find the culprit and dispense justice. Slaine wants to take part in the fight but was beaten up. Cruhteo tells him he has no place in their war and this is the moment they have been waiting for since the princess paid with her life for this. Slaine wonders if he too is trying to take advantage of Asseylum’s death and could there be a ringleader in this assassination plot. Magbaredge and everyone else is docking and refuelling while waiting for her destroyer craft to come pick them up. However an enemy is spotted. Vlad is sent by Cruhteo to kill them all and his laser sword slices through everything. The ship takes some damage as Marito and Yuki tries to repair the engine. Asseylum wants to go talk to that knight but Inaho tells her to sit put. Inaho tests out a few different ammunition to see if it is effective. But Vlad knows Calm is sneaking up behind him. Vlad does a sneaky move but Inaho closes up on him. Inaho’s mecha can’t stand the force Vlad’s Cataphract is putting on him. Inko does a surprise attack and slams the container into him, damaging his main visuals. The destroyer craft is here and lends its support. Once the engine is up and running, everyone retreats. Slaine goes up to Cruhteo to beg to take part in this war and wants a chance to avenge Asseylum.

Episode 5
5 years ago, Slaine crash landed into the Vers Empire palace. Asseylum kissed him to suck out the water in his lungs. Cruhteo reports to Saazbaum of their conquest on Tokyo but also the death of Trillram. But Saazbaum is puzzled he died in the meteor strike because he personally informed him about it. The emperor of Vers, Rayregalia Vers Rayvers cannot understand his fellow men’s actions for a full assault on Earth if his granddaughter’s death was just at the hands of assassins. His subject thinks UE is guising themselves as terrorist to assassinate Asseylum as her blood is capable of stirring the power of Aldnoah to life. That bloodline is the very foundation of the empire’s might. It still doesn’t make sense so Rayregalia calls for armistice/truce to UE. Magbaredge sees Inko and Inaho and praise their actions for repelling a Cataphract. Though, Inko credits Inaho for coming up with this operation. Cruhteo is not pleased the emperor has come up with an armistice so he is going to advise him. Saazbaum has his men investigate to uncover the truth behind Trillram’s death. It is confirmed he didn’t die in the bombardment so he wants somebody to infiltrate Cruhteo’s castle and investigate. After Cruhteo’s failed advice, Slaine sneaks into the room to communicate with the emperor that Asseylum is still alive and he saw it with his own eyes. The assassination must have been plotted by the Orbital Knights. Please stop the war. Vlad ignores the truce and attacks the destroyer to avenge his honour. As usual, the other mechas are no match for him so it is up to a high school kid to fight him. Vlad thought he can have this over in a second but Inaho has planted explosives in his armour that explode upon contact (this was originally designed to detonate and deflect incoming fire). Inaho then has the destroyer tilt to a side as he drags Vlad down into the sea. But before the mechas fall into the ocean, Inaho ejects. Vlad is killed in the undersea explosion. Because his laser sword gives out enormous heat energy, it instantly converted into high pressure steam and thus the impact destroyed him. After Slaine finishes his audience with Rayregalia, the emperor calls out to Saazbaum who has been listening. Saazbaum argues Earthlings cannot be trusted as their spies are everywhere awaiting opportunity to overthrow Vers. And so Rayregalia resumes the war on Earth. All those who harm his flesh and blood will burn!

Episode 6
Slaine is ordered to be found and killed but Saazbaum wants him alive because as the son of Dr Troyard, he might be useful in answering questions about Aldnoah’s research. Too bad he managed to escape. Asseylum is shocked that grandpa has formally declared a war. Marito lets them know about reality that they have always been at war. They chose to ignore it. Despite Asseylum was sent as goodwill to build a friendship between Earth and Vers, she became the very reason why this war ignited. Yuki makes an emergency announcement for everyone to gather. Magbaredge announces everyone will be drafted into military to fight this war. Calm isn’t happy he is drafted as a mechanic but Marito points out everyone who has been in war 15 years ago died. Technically they are all war virgins. However Inaho points out he is a survivor. That is not what the records said. He recalls the trauma of how the Martians levelled them. There were no solid evidence and his report was written off as ramblings of a madman. As long as they don’t have Aldnoah, their technology will be far behind Vers. Inaho thinks about this and asks Asseylum about it. When her grandpa first made contact with this ancient technology, it activated and recognized him as its rightful inheritor. Only his descendants have this innate ability to command Aldnoah. In exchange for loyalty from the Orbital Knights, Rayregalia gave them Aldnoah. They used it to build grand castles and Cataphracts and ruled over the colonies. Now they are setting their sights on Earth. The next refuelling station is at Tanegashima and this of course brings back trauma to Marito since he best friend John Humeray was killed. He believes it was his fault he died. Magbaredge joins him in drinking. She heard about the reports of Tanegashima and doesn’t consider him a liar. She reveals her brother fought in that war and died. Magbaredge is just her adoptive name. Her real surname is Humeray and her brother is Marito’s best friend. That too much shock for you to handle? They are suddenly attacked by gauntlets belonging to the Cataphract of Femieanne. As usual, other mechas get owned by it. The destroyer is beyond saving so Magbaredge calls for everyone to abandon it. Just before it gets destroyed, Inaho fires some kind of ammunition to blast it away. It may not be enough to destroy it but the explosion is enough to repel it off track. Then the last gauntlet and Inaho runs out of bullets. Has his luck run out? Inaho is really a lucky kid because that last gauntlet is deflected away by Slaine.

Episode 7
Cruhteo wants to go after Slaine but Saazbaum wants him to stay put. He thinks if Slaine is a spy, he might have accomplices and he will see where that rat is going to. Femieanne targets Slaine and he has a hard time running away. Inaho returns the favour to deflect the gauntlets. As the attack continues, one of the gauntlets destroys a cliff to reveal a hidden dock. Magbaredge orders to enter it and once in, they shoot the cave mouth to completely close it, leaving Inaho, Yuki and Inko outside. But I suppose it’s time to take on the big boss. Inaho thinks that Cataphract has no other weapons beside its gauntlets since it is just standing there. Inside the base, everyone is horrified to see a huge Martian Cataphract lying dormant. This was the Cataphract that levelled the place. They realize the reason the Tanegashima report was quashed was so as to hide this. Inaho teams up with Slaine to fight the gauntlets. Inaho deduces there are weaknesses in it that makes it not completely invincible. For example, its tail and its engine are not protected and if they fire in there, the gauntlets can be destroyed. Femieanne is upset that her ‘children’ are destroyed. Her Cataphract turns into a giant missile gauntlet as she tries to finish them. The duo pull off crazy stunts to avoid being quashed. Suddenly a giant flying battleship bursts out of the island. It is being powered by Asseylum. After Inaho shoots out Femieanne’s engine, the battleship collides into her and Rayet shoots the final shot to blow it up. All Martians will die for her revenge, says she. Slaine is happy to see Asseylum again and wants to meet with her but Inaho wants to know how he knows the princess is alive. He won’t answer. Inaho shoots him down. Now they’re enemies.

Episode 8
Short flashback shows Magbaredge and the rest spotted Deucalion the flying ship resting below. They are puzzled why such a good working condition ship was left behind and has no fuel garage. They realize it has Aldnoah Drive. That is when Asseylum reveals herself and uses her power to start it up. Slaine is captured and mercilessly tortured by Cruhteo to reveal his intentions but his mouth is tightly zipped. Saazbaum doesn’t want him killed or else they will learn nothing. Magbaredge talks to Asseylum, Inaho and Rayet and learn that Orbital Knights are the ones behind her assassination. But letting the public know Asseylum is alive may not be a good idea. All satellite communication is down and there is no guarantee it will reach the correct parties. Rayet is still bitter that her team was betrayed and still doesn’t trust Martians. Later Inaho tells Asseylum that the Martian he met on Tanegashima was looking for her. It shows that there are some who know she is still alive. Asseylum takes out a pendant that Slaine gave to her as charm. As his father came to Vers to study about Aldnoah, Slaine told her many stories of Earth that fascinated her. Slaine continues to endure the torture and how he will remain silent on Asseylum’s life to avoid others from exploiting her. After all, he owes her for saving his life then. Cruhteo has had enough of this farce and wants to kill him, much to Saazbaum’s dismay. Cruhteo sees Slaine smirking and beats him up. His subordinate reports the wreckage of Femieanne’s Cataphract and also that Cataphract at Tanegashima with its Aldnoah Drive ripped out. Cruhteo doesn’t think any importance of it since no Earthlings can pilot it anyway but when Slaine smirks, he senses something amiss. A few more beatings and that is when he starts to realize Asseylum is alive. Slaine also reveals he killed Trillram. He won’t let Cruhteo get what he wants and crush Asseylum’s goal of peace. Realizing he risked his life to protect Asseylum, now Cruhteo commends him for his unwavering loyalty and has his mend tend to his injuries! What a big change! Cruhteo will now find out which Orbital Knight tried to assassinate Asseylum. He wants to call for truce with Earth and seek their help to find Asseylum when suddenly Saazbaum’s Cataphract crashes into his Landing Castle. Just as Cruhteo connects all the dots he is behind Asseylum’s assassination plot, he gets killed. Saazbaum retrieves Slaine.

Episode 9
Slaine wakes up in the care of Saazbaum. He saved him because he is indebted to his father who rescued him when he was caught in the events of Heaven’s Fall. Saazbaum did not hesitate to reveal he is the one who plotted Asseylum’s assassination. Yuki is talking to Calm about how she knows what kind of face Inaho puts despite he’s looking that same grumpy view. It’s because she is his sister. Inko really gets concerned when she starts talking about Inaho and his possible girlfriend especially with a certain Martian princess (because that guy is listening to her so attentively) that Inko got out of her simulator just to go ‘take a break’. When Rayet is practising in the simulator, she starts panicking when faced with Trillram’s Cataphract. She loses the simulator. Rayet cannot understand why Asseylum is still being calm despite being betrayed and all. Lots of why this and why that but yet no answers. Yagarai has Marito undergo some post traumatic stress disorder treatment. He is to relive his trauma via simulator till he gets over it. With bad graphics and polygons? Well, it gets real all in his mind. When Marito was leading his platoon they never expected to encounter that Cataphract. Everyone got owned and Humeray was trapped in his tank that is on fire. He told Marito to kill him and reluctantly he did right before the tank exploded. Marito went crazy. So can he relive that simulator again? Slaine asks Saazbaum his reason to wage war with Earth. Something about his duty as a lord to expand his territory and also to seize Earth’s resources that they are blessed with. But does Asseylum have to die for it? Being a royalty itself is a sin. Because 15 years ago the royalty whipped the knights into a frenzy and set them on Earth. They will atone for that with their own flesh and blood. Then there is this propaganda of how Vers are brainwashed to hate Earth in a feudal system surrounding Aldnoah. To keep Vers within their grip, the royalty chose to kindle the flames of conflict and as a result led to Heaven’s Fall. Saazbaum’s fiancée, Orlane died in that conflict and this war is his vengeance. Rayet strangles Asseylum in the shower with an iron chain. Oh great. She did it this time. So who is powering Deucalion? It is losing speed and altitude. Brace for impact!

Episode 10
Inaho finds Asseylum unconscious and with no pulse. He employs CPR, defibrillators and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation till she comes back alive! Before she can reveal who attacked her, Rayet steals Magbaredge’s gun and reveals her father, a Martian spy living on Earth was the one who assassinated Asseylum after being promised nobility and riches. But after he was successful, they got rid of him to eliminate all witnesses. So no Rayet is blaming EVERY SINGLE THING that happened just because Asseylum came to Earth?! She thought Asseylum was the same like her but turns out she wasn’t (in the sense that she had no qualms revealing her identity and was calm). All Asseylum can do is apologize and cry. I don’t know what Rayet wants. She’s not happy that she doesn’t hate her that she is trying to kill her. Rayet turns the gun on herself but Inaho was fast enough to tackle and disarm her. He says he doesn’t care which side she belongs to but so far she has been helping them. Whether or not he trusts her, he thinks at least they are not enemies. Magbaredge then has Rayet taken into custody. Yagarai gives Magbaredge the medical file condition of Marito and also his prescription for her. Marito ponders about the irony about Martians killing Martians (Earth had nothing to do with it in this case, right?). He wonders how Humeray felt to be shot by his own side. Saazbaum shows where Deucalion lies after Heaven’s Fall. That Cataphract was piloted by Orlane. He explains due to Mars’ atmosphere, no matter how much land they have, they cannot harvest from it. The population grows and the people are in misery. The royalty ignored that and at the height of hatred for Earth, Vers came to believe they were superior and Earth was hoarding all the resources and trying to rule over them. An invasion was plotted and as the forces gather at the moon where the Hyper Gate is located, Saazbaum and Orlane were part of the first invading forces. It was a walk in the park overrunning those Earthlings. But suddenly the Hyper Gate collapses and the moon shattered into pieces. Saazbaum ordered a retreat but Orlane was stuck (something about her Cataphract’s gravity thingy) and thus killed. Saazbaum has vowed to lay her ghost to rest. Deucalion finally reaches UE headquarters in Russia. The refugees are taking refuge in an underground shelter that is designed to stave off nuclear attacks. But the numbers are not adding up since many refugees never made it here. So if this place is attacked, humans will be extinct. Asseylum makes a broadcast that she is fine and alive and to stop this war at once. Of course Saazbaum isn’t going to listen. He has intercepted the princess’ transmission to not reach his comrades. They are going to war. Saazbaum frees Slaine as his last repayment to his father. He is now free to fight alongside them or flee to Earth. Saazbaum’s Landing Castle is arriving at UE headquarters.

Episode 11
The attack begins. As usual Earthlings’ defences and attacks are so puny it’s like as though they’re just standing there to die. Yeah. 50% casualties already! And the missiles are digging deep into underground so easily. Asseylum is a sad princess because the war is not stopping. Was it really war they want? Her life was irrelevant from the beginning. But she’s not going to sit around and mope. She contacts Inaho about her plan to cut off the Landing Castle from its Aldnoah Drive. One with royalty blood can do so. Inaho agrees to send her there but Yuki ticks him off for being reckless again. However he tells her this is war and now that negotiations are useless and Asseylum is no longer any use to them politically, this is their best shot to reduce casualties since the only chance they’ve got is a tactical one. If they lose, she’ll die anyway. Eddelrittuo drives Asseylum in a humvee towards Deucalion with Rayet protecting them. Once Asseylum is on board, Inaho briefs his plan on how to get Asseylum to the Landing Castle. First, they’ll drop lots of decoys for the enemy to take countermeasure. Then the first wave of assault team will land and take out the other turrets and assure a safe landing zone for Asseylum. It is a freaking crazy stunt enough to earn Yuki’s wrath but is there any other choice? The plan goes well and Inaho becomes the hero taking out the turrets himself to save the rest from being blown to bits. When it is Asseylum’s turn to dive, Saazbaum shoots Deucalion down. With many systems offline, Magbaredge orders to crash Deucalion into the Landing Castle. They’re going to let Asseylum dock directly.

Episode 12
Of course with that impact, everyone is knocked out but thankfully they’re still in one piece. Asseylum’s gets into her usual guilt mode and thinks Earth hates Vers, blah, blah, blah. Leave it to Inaho to say something to calm her down. First he asks what drives war. No, it is not hatred but rather ideology, resources, territory, pride, religion, etc. Therefore war ends when such goals are achieved. It can also end another way: When too many people have died that it is no longer economical. Anger and hatred are only tools to tilt the war in your favour. He is not interested in those emotions and that is why he will not hate Earthlings and Martians. Great words. But Saazbaum is not impressed. He hates Earth for existing. Inaho becomes hero once more to slow down Saazbaum so the rest could deliver Asseylum. And this is why Inaho must be a hero alone because all those who come to his aid got easily killed by Saazbaum! Slaine is still looking for Asseylum and he is in a dilemma on which side he is fighting for. Make up your mind! Anyway he steals a Cataphract to pilot. I don’t even know how he activated its Aldnoah Drive. Inaho and Saazbaum’s fight crashes right before Asseylum and co. It might be that Inaho was using Inko as bait to test and observe Saazbaum’s Cataphract’s abilities. He realizes that whenever he shoots his gauntlets, he cannot have his barrier up and uses this chance to attack. Also, he knows that not every part of the Cataphract will be covered in that barrier. Then a close up shot I think to disable everything. But the mechas are still functioning. So how? Fist fight! Saazbaum is pissed and talking about he’ll never know the hatred and loved one being taken, blah, blah, blah. You think Inaho cares? Slaine sees this fight and intercepts. Asseylum makes her way on foot into the room and shuts everything down. Then Inaho and Slaine crashes in. Slaine is glad to see Asseylum but she goes to tend injured Inaho and happily tells him how their mission is a success. Suddenly she is shot! OMFG! Who the hell did this?! Saazbaum is not dead yet? Well, he thanks Slaine for coming to his aid. Oh Slaine, did you screw up? Slaine is so mad that he pumps bullets into him. Can you believe he missed many of his shots?! So much so Saazbaum hints by pointing in his forehead! Now what? Got no balls to do that? Slaine sees Inaho crawling up to Asseylum’s dead body. Lots of happy memories… Slaine chooses to point his gun at Inaho. Don’t even think of touching the princess. They recognize each other. They meet for the first time face to face. Inaho pulls out a gun. Slaine shoots him. Dead. With Saazbaum defeated, UE claims victory but with high casualties from both sides. Asseylum has not been heard since…

Season 2

Episode 13
19 months down the road… They’re still fighting! At least in the asteroid belt. But Slaine has powered up so much that he actually kicks ass in his Cataphract! Not a single resistance can touch him! Down on Earth, we see Rayet, Inko and the other girls sunbathing on some beach while Deucalion undergoes maintenance. Time to take it easy? There is this video of Asseylum how she discovered the truth about Earth after her ‘death’. They take the blessed resources for granted and wastes them. So now this war is to free Earth from those exploiters? Slaine returns to Saazbaum who praises him for his exceptional skills and that it was right to have knighted him. Yeah. Now he has his own personal manservant, Harklight. They go see Princess Lemrina to report their progress on Earth’s conquest. Although she is royalty, she hates the blood she has as it only serves to power Aldnoah. But nevertheless she is grateful to Saazbaum for extending his hand of friendship to her. Fun time is over as Deucalion makes a sortie when a Martian Cataphract attacks them. It freezes everything in its radius so you can’t get near him. Not even bullets. Suddenly! Inaho comes back! He wastes no time going into analytical overdrive to calculate this and that. Thank his left mechanical eye for that? In no time, he perfectly closes up on the Cataphract and kills it point blank! It thought it was overkill when the entire area went up in flames. Inko is so relieved that he is back that she instantly hugs him. So this is his first actual return? Want to know how this happened, right? Right. Flashback after Slaine shot him, he went over to Saazbaum, doesn’t kill him, swears his loyalty and ‘threatens’ him to take Asseylum and leave together. Die with his goals unrealized or live with Asseylum. I guess we know what he chose. When Yuki and Inko came, they are devastated to see Inaho in his pool of blood. They bring him back to Yagarai and I think they’re hoping some sort of a miracle this doctor can bullet. I mean, what are the chances of him surviving after a bullet went right through his eye socket? Suddenly Aldnoah’s light starts emitting from him. Is he a Martian? Actually, he might have got it during Asseylum’s CPR. It was enough to power Deucalion as it makes its way to some base up in the atmosphere. That video of Asseylum declaring war on Earth is actually Lemrina in disguise. Nobody could tell the difference, eh? Slaine goes to visit Asseylum whose body lies in some chamber and on life support.

Episode 14
Deucalion docks at Trident Base in space. Inaho is testing out a software for his eye. Its analysis is so freaking accurate that he could tell Inko’s weight as well as her nervousness in emotions that makes her lying! I don’t think this feature will bring in the chicks. But then again, does he care? Also, this same nervousness is what he detected in that Asseylum’s war speech video. It could mean this video is fake. I guess Lemrina’s disguise is so perfect that Rayregalia still believes she is Asseylum. But he is now on his deathbed as he seeks Saazbaum’s help to look after his granddaughter. Saazbaum feels bad about lying about Asseylum twice and asks for Slaine’s opinion of Vers. Something that even if they conquer Earth’s resources, the commoners’ lives won’t change. The solution is Aldnoah which is also the root of the problem. Saazbaum is grateful that the royalty gave the knights Aldnoah but are also to be blamed for creating a highly stratified society. He will bring change to Mars and wants Slaine’s help. As he orders his unit to sortie, Slaine realizes his Cataphract is not activated. Aldnoah drive is disabled. He requests Lemrina to activate it but she won’t. She thinks he is just using her as replacement for Asseylum and only admires her Aldnoah power (they might have the same father but different mothers). He disagrees and shows his scarred back and explains his tough circumstances. He might not understand the burden she carries but assures his loyalty. She kisses him to transfer her Aldnoah power. But only good for one use? Trident Base knows they will be passing Mars’ space base, Marineros Base. And within that close distance, an epic battle is inevitable. However Saazbaum’s unit makes a surprise attack on Trident Base from behind. Time for action. Both sides cannot land hits on each other thanks to the asteroids and space wind. But one can. You guessed it. Inaho! Thanks to his super eye, right? 100% accuracy! Of course, there is only another person who can rival him. You guessed it. Slaine! He has improved so much that he can dodge Inaho’s shots! And Inaho can even replay that scene to see how he super dodged it! Both guys are curious to know who they are fighting and boy, are they ‘glad’ to see each other again? It’s been 19 months…

Episode 15
Magbaredge talks to Inaho that everyone on Deucalion owes their lives to him. So if he wants to go to fight in the front lines, they will support him the best they can. She reveals they have been doing experiments of Aldnoah activation with the princess’ blood samples but cannot get it to work. Only Inaho seems to be the exception. It might have to do with that transfer during resuscitation and his exposure to her blood when she was shot. When Slaine returns from practice, Count Barouhcruz and Count Marylcian do not like him so much and are about to beat him up when Saazbaum intervenes. They do not approve of Slaine because despite if Saazbaum want to keep this Earthling as his pet dog, it is fine but knighting him has gone too far. They are sure he will betray them. Slaine dares him to cut him down now. They are about to but Saazbaum announces to adopt Slaine as his own son. Touch him, you die. They back down for now but if they suspect the slightest betrayal, they’ll kill him. Saazbaum has been thinking of making Slaine his son for some time because he needs somebody to be his heir. Then it is time for another space fight between the bases. Inko is in trouble and once again, Inaho comes to her rescue. He must be so cock sure with his analysis that he goes ahead into the battlefield of the enemy’s territory. And once again, he faces off with Slaine. Trident Base is able to shoot and break off Marineros Base. Orders are given to pull back and make defend the base but Inaho and Slaine are busy engaging with each other. They’re so good in predicting each other that it looks like a draw. Saazbaum wants to take over the fight since he has a score to settle with Inaho. His Cataphract has powered up too as Inaho fires all his got to locate gaps in his barrier. With Inko’s split second help, he manages to locate it but Saazbaum is hit with a rain of debris. Slaine explains it is not. They are bullets he fired in advance. It was a trap he devised to defeat Inaho. Although he did not factor in his barrier, he knew Inaho would somehow figure it out. Saline reveals that he never really swore loyalty to him. Especially the one who pulled the trigger on Asseylum. Goodbye father. The second rain destroys Saazbaum. Saline gives a magnificent eulogy in the aftermath and calls for the knights to unite and destroy Earth. He takes over Saazbaum’s position and wants Harklight to join him to bring a new revolution to Vers where it will be a new era for people like them. Inaho analyzes Slaine’s speech and can tell he is not lying. This means Asseylum is still alive.

Episode 16
Deucalion is set to return to Earth. Slaine talks to Lemrina about the nobles’ act after Saazbaum’s death. As of now they do not want to show their disapproval or fight over his inheritance while some still mourn him. Lemrina believes Saazbaum was a great loss to Vers. She was a result of indiscretion of her father, the second emperor Gillzeria on the moon. His second sin was Heaven’s Fall which cost him his life. Saazbaum found her and swore allegiance to her when she had nothing. She doesn’t know if he had ulterior motives but that is fine. She finds it difficult to trust someone without Machiavellian ambition. Now all of Saazbaum’s privileges are in Slaine’s possession including guardianship of Asseylum. She hopes he won’t forget the princess he is supposed to protect before him. Barouhcruz and Marylcian contact Count Mazuurek that they are suspicious of Saazbaum’s death right after he named Slaine as his heir. They suggest putting aside their differences and teaming up. Mazuurek launches his attack near Yemen as Marito and Yuki’s team head in to engage him. It’s going to be tough as always without that kid. Especially Mazuurek’s Cataphract causing a desert storm by manipulating gravity. Yeah, it’s causing their heads to spin too. Marito is taking pot shots at it for distraction when his trauma begins to work up. As always, you need Inaho for victory. A well timed shot from above disables the Cataphract and ensured their victory. Meanwhile a lone Cataphract attacks Trident Base with speed and accuracy despite the dense debris. I know who that is… And I think Inaho also has an idea who can pull all that stuffs alone. Marito talks to Yagarai about his returning trauma but the latter believes the shock therapy may be working because he is unconsciously using that trauma as a reason to fight. Reward? A glass of liquor?! When Slaine returns to base, everyone gives him the salute so the counts that are against him will now think twice about going against him. He delivered results with flying colours and no one can call him a traitor now.

Episode 17
Mazuurek has been taken prisoner. Yagarai takes a look at Inaho’s left eye and was told he wrote and expanded the software himself. He is also warned not to use it too much as there is a risk. Yuki talks to Inaho about joining this fight when he could have stayed put at the hospital. She is not like him who became a soldier to protect him. So it must be that princess, right? He believes she is still alive somewhere. He saw before his eyes that she was shot and therefore will rescue her. Inaho then interrogates Mazuurek. His loyalty to Vers is what makes him perfect for this interrogation. First he asks his loyalty to Asseylum and then reveals that the one seen in the video is an imposter. The real one is alive and being hidden somewhere. Rayet joins the interrogation after Inaho details of the events when he was with Asseylum during the assault. She is still bitter her father was killed that way but Mazuurek says in any event her father would have died sooner or later and it is better than being branded a traitor. Inaho ends the interrogation. Rayet thinks he must think she is the same stupid Martian who is living in the past. All she does is blame, hate and kill them. Although he believes she is different, she asserts she still hates Martians especially herself. Marylcian contacts ‘Asseylum’ when Slaine isn’t around. Mazuurek has escaped thanks to Inaho and Rayet. They want him to return to his Landing Castle to investigate Asseylum’s whereabouts. Inaho sees Mazuurek having the same eyes as Asseylum because both do not want war with Earth and are interested in the nature of this planet. Inaho also wants him to help investigate Slaine’s objectives. Slaine is not too pleased that Lemrina has granted an audience with Marylcian. With Barouhcruz, Marylcian wants to serve as her personal knight. Slaine disagrees but Marylcian tells him to shut it and then starts badmouthing him about his lowly Earthling status that he has no right to even set foot in this place. Marylcian challenges Slaine to a duel to see who is worthy to be Asseylum’s guard.

Episode 18
Slaine speaks to some of the Orbital Knights who support him. They find it contradictory despite Slaine wants all of them to unite but he himself is picking a fight with Marylcian. Slaine believes that Vers sees themselves as superior to their Earth counterparts and this had led to their carelessness and ultimately undoing. This is the state of Orbital Knights now. He believes some things are better seen from an outside perspective. I’m not sure if Lemrina feels bad about letting the duel happen but Slaine couldn’t be more grateful as this gives him a chance to quell any opposition. Lemrina wants to help him even if it means being Asseylum’s substitute. Marito and his team are engaging another Orbital Knight. They’ve been lucky so far because nobody has died! Then you need Inaho for victory because he is from a safe distance, pinpointing the exact location and when to shoot your weapon! Even if the knight takes out the communicators, Inaho fires some tracer rounds but Yuki decides to play hero this time and with luck, destroys the Martian Cataphract. Inaho didn’t like her sister for disobeying his order to stay clear (her mecha luckily lost only an arm) but she says there is no way a little brother can order a big sister around despite he ranks higher! WTF?! Slaine and Marylcian’s duel begins. The former is seen only running away from the latter’s many laser turrets. No letting up as it shoots from all angles. But Slaine overcomes this by hiding in some tunnel to limit its attack to only 1 angle and takes out all the turrets. Now Marylcian is the one running. Slaine then cuts open his hatch to let that bastard get suck out into the vacuum of space. Barouhcruz is forced to acknowledge Slaine’s victory as witness and as per the rules, Marylcian’s entire estate will be transferred to Slaine. Inaho’s eye is the most useful eye ever because he has been watching the entire battle from the ground!!! HE CAN SEE THAT FAR UP IN SPACE???!!! Lastly, Asseylum makes an official announcement that she will become Slaine’s husband and their new kingdom will be Earth. What is the best way to stay as that? Lemrina shuts off Asseylum’s life support system! She will be her from now on… Then… Just kidding! She switches back on and can’t kill her because she is still her sister despite their differences. After she leaves, Asseylum’s eyes slowly open…

Episode 19
Asseylum also rallies Vers to unite. This means Slaine also holds the same authority as her and this includes the power to utilize Aldnoah. Magbaredge is talking to the higher ups who would love her to continue operating Deucalion. They thing Asseylum’s announcement is just a ploy to rally Orbital Knights. However she feels they are being complacent and letting their guard down just because the tide is in their favour. Eddelrittuo reports to Slaine about Asseylum so he orders her to transport her to his castle. No one is to know about this. Not even Lemrina. So Slaine tells Lemrina about the worsening condition of Asseylum. She feels bad that he is in pain right now and that he doesn’t need to hold back in front of her. It’s because she is already his. Lemrina’s monologue tells us she has always admired Asseylum and wonders if that incident triggered it. But rest assured she will be there for Slaine in her stead. She will support him when she cannot. She can’t control herself and starts crying. Yuki talks to Inaho about recent Asseylum’s announcement. She still hates Slaine for being and asshole for shooting her brother. To Inaho, it doesn’t matter if Asseylum is fake or not. Nobody will listen to her again if she seeks for peace between the planets. Slaine goes to check on Asseylum’s condition. Suddenly she regains consciousness. Her first words were Eddelrittuo’s name. Slaine wonders if she remembers him and keeps saying his name. Of course she does. Proof of that is how she repeats his name like a broken recorder. What a lovely reunion. While they’re at that, the ugly war is still ongoing in the background. Then Slaine goes to lie to Lemrina about Eddelrittuo taking some time off to take care of Asseylum’s ‘worsening condition’. Lemrina agrees but is worried about him too. He assures her she is the only one he can rely on. My, what a player he is. Mazuurek returns to his Landing Castle and communicates to Barouhcruz. After being informed of the latest updates, Mazuurek is in a dilemma on what to do. Barouhcruz brushes off rumours that Saazbaum was killed by Slaine. And now back to some mecha action with Inaho and co fighting the Martian Cataphracts. He knows Slaine has made his move because several Landing Castles and Orbital Knights join in this coordinated attack.

Episode 20
I guess when you’re fighting against 3 Orbital Knights, it is only wise to pull back. Too late for some of the platoon divisions. Easy kill. Annihilated. Slaine orders the offensive to be continued as he remembers the first time Asseylum was put in the chamber on life support. This was the best Saazbaum could do and all that was left was to pray for a miracle. Slaine couldn’t accept this reality and goes crazy. Deucalion arrives in time to pick up its mechas but a Martian Cataphract that is able to clone itself is hot on its tail. Although Deucalion escapes in time, it takes a major damage as all electronic communications and readings are out. How can they pilot the ship then? Don’t worry. There’s always Inaho’s to guide you! Heck, he should just pilot the entire ship himself. And then orders from the higher ups came. An all-out attack to reclaim their lost territory. So they’re just throwing in the numbers now, huh? Mazuurek will pledge his loyalty to Slaine but wants to have an audience with him and Asseylum. Slaine doesn’t mind this request as long as it helps grow their power for the time being. Slaine’s guilt must be increasing as he talks to Lemrina about making Earth their new kingdom because either way, he never had a home. She too feels the same but notes whenever she is with him, that is her home. Slaine talks to Eddelrittuo about her concerns about that proclamation. That proclamation as he says was born from the weakness of his heart, holding on to his faith that Asseylum would wake up someday. And now that she has, the irony is that he doesn’t want her memories to return (her mind is still a little hazy). His priority now is to make Asseylum happy and couldn’t care less about everything else. As for Lemrina, he knows she is looking a place to belong but knows that people like them can never attain it. Mazuurek sees Asseylum and as he talks to her about Earth, the more he feels suspicious about the way she says things. Later he talks to Eddelrittuo and since the little attendant isn’t a good actor, he can tell something is wrong. Lemrina is upset that Slaine wasn’t with her during Mazuurek’s audience although Harklight told her he is preoccupied with new mission plans. Yeah, he seems to be spending more time in his Landing Castle than anything else. That includes being by her side. When Eddelrittuo passes a gift to Asseylum from Mazuurek, suddenly all her memories come flooding back when she sees the pendant. Lemrina laments how long it will be till Asseylum releases her grip on Slaine’s feelings. She goes to check on her but is shocked to see the chamber empty.

Episode 21
I’m sure everyone is depending on Inaho to analyze the enemy’s Cataphracts. Based on their abilities, they are nicknamed Ninja (cloning), Sparky (lightning/electricity) and Houdini (invisibility). Slaine contacts Lemrina and propose to do an announcement of their progress victory to rally support. She agrees and asks about Asseylum’s condition. Of course she knows he is lying when he tells her that her condition is still in critical state. Asseylum learns the war has been going on ever since she went into coma and is supposedly started by Slaine. She wants to see him to ascertain the truth. As she walks out, she sees herself (Lemrina in disguise). Lemrina is not happy. She points her gun at her and claims she is her. Inaho and co go into battle with the Orbital Knights. As usual, tough opposition till Inaho steps in with his plan. I can’t be bothered to think how it works because I know it’ll work in the end as Sparky and Houdini get destroyed. Now all that is left is to face Ninja. Make that Ninjas. Inaho gets so technical explaining about Ninja’s abilities that even his comrades tell him to get to the point! It seems that all the clones are real! Say what? And then with this plan of his, he synchronizes all his allies’ mechas to fire simultaneously at all the clones. Because they’re all real and linked so they’ll be destroyed simultaneously including the original one. I don’t get it, but hell, it works, right? Lemrina summons Slaine to explain about Asseylum’s awakening. He tells her Asseylum’s memories have not returned and still needs to use her to act as the princess till he creates their new world. Even if this is not what Asseylum wants, that is why he will create it and present it to her. Noting he has changed a lot, Lemrina than stands up. She is actually Asseylum in disguise. The real Lemrina reveals she told her everything. Asseylum points her gun at him and orders him to call an immediate ceasefire. However he is not afraid, claiming he is no longer under her authority as he is not a citizen of Vers anymore. He has his men take the princesses into custody. Just when the higher ups praise Deucalion for another great victory, they are going to send them into battle again. This time it will be way up in space. They think they’re on a roll. Meanwhile Klancain, the son of Cruhteo seeks permission to see Slaine.

Episode 22
Deucalion leaves orbit for Parnassos Base. Seems their two-pronged operation this time is to divide the enemy forces and be the bait. Magbaredge of course doesn’t intend to follow that suspicious plan. Eddelrittuo apologizes to Asseylum. Asseylum blames herself and takes responsibility for this. Lemrina blames her for waking up because had she not, she will be in full control and Slaine would not have been this confused. Klancain sees Slaine and they talk about things when the alert sounds. The Terrans have begun their assault. Inaho deduces that HQ has a bigger plan for this mission. Since the assault team is using their offensive cover for infiltration, it could only mean that the plan is to assassinate Asseylum. However they are ambushed as Slaine predicted this. Inaho also personally infiltrates the base to find her. I guess he used too much of his eye and it’s starting to hurt. And I thought he’d always be untouchable forever. The princesses are being evacuated but come into contact with the assault team. They barely escape. When Slaine hears about this, he personally goes to handle this himself. Lemrina decides not to go with Asseylum because this is her place. Where else will she go? Where else can she run to and from? Inaho is looking for Asseylum but encounters Slaine. A gun fight ensues as Inaho tells him to leave Asseylum out of this. Slaine believes their goal goes hand in hand so Inaho says he is only using her. Inaho manages to shoot the steam pipes for distraction and get away. He finally meets with Asseylum and since he is glad she is okay, he falls unconscious from his wound. His mechanical eye then takes a life of its own. It even speaks on behalf of Inaho to give escape information to Asseylum. There is no time for her to take him so they have to make haste. She leaves her necklace with him and leaves a message of thanks. When Asseylum is at the dock, she is ambushed by an assault team member but Klancain saves the day.

Episode 23
Klancain takes Asseylum aboard his ship to escape. The real Inaho wakes up and receives information from his eye. He contacts Inko if Asseylum has been retrieved. Despite the negative answer, he knows the mission is a success because she has escaped the base and calls for Inko to pick him up. The strain of his mechanical eye must be taking its toll. Yagarai fears that since he has used it too much, it is like giving part of his brain to the machine. Deucalion is ordered to retreat since HQ has claimed to achieve their objective. Slaine contacts Klancain on what he is doing and tells him to turn back as the base is the safest place for the princess. Asseylum even pleads in tears to Slaine for him to make peace with Earth. He will talk about that if they turn around now. Klancain doesn’t listen to Slaine’s orders to turn around but his loyalty is to Asseylum. She is still bent on stopping the war and wants to address the Orbital Knights but Klancain says that no longer is enough because they have swore loyalty to Slaine. Everything hinges on their marriage now. Remember, Slaine still has Lemrina who can be her. Speaking of which, she meets Slaine and pities him and her sister. Asseylum is brought to Mazuurek who is glad he is able to show his loyalty to her and also repay his debt to Inaho. Shortly, Slaine orders the commencement of an all-out attack on Earth. He will show Earthlings what it is like with no place to return. You know what? Inaho’s eye pick this news up and despite his condition, he is going into battle. Yuki must very well know this is coming and whatever she says won’t stop him. But what about Inko? She’s crying about him trying to be a hero. He might be lucky surviving the last few times but miracles don’t always happen. I suppose this guy must have run out of ideas to assure her so he guarantees they’ll all come back alive. Because his eye says so! Asseylum seeks an audience with Rayregalia whose health is very frail. She wants him to stop the war but he won’t. He cannot forgive Earth. Seems he is senile and talking about his dead son and the glory of obtaining Aldnoah that would advance mankind. Once he finally recognizes her, he hopes she’ll be a good princess and lead the people. The assault begins as Slaine rallies every Orbital Knight to attack with full power. Suddenly his transmission is hijacked by Asseylum who makes her broadcast everywhere about the regrets and suffering of this war. Therefore she is claiming her right to the throne as Empress of Vers. She also announces her engagement to Klancain and will extend an olive branch of peace to Earth.

Episode 24
The Orbital Knights are confused over Asseylum’s announcement but some still continue their attack on Earth’s forces. I guess with Slaine screwed over this unexpected turn of incidents, the only person he can turn to now is Lemrina. Yeah, she’ll always be by his side. So when Barouhcruz demands an explanation from Slaine, he orders all forces to surrender to Earth and abandon the moon base. This means Lemrina is forced to evacuate against her will while Slaine tries to be a martyr and self destructs the base! WTF?! Did they really install this feature in the base?! But Harklight and some Slaine loyalists turn back to fight the Earthlings. They won’t listen to Slaine anymore. Can’t blame them. Everybody is so confused. Just when Slaine is to resign to his fate, then he sees a familiar Cataphract approaching. Inaho is coming to get him. Rather, time to settle things between them once and for all. So in between the battle of the ‘emperors’, the rest also need have the obligatory minimum screen action time. You can tell the Terrans will be victorious since the Mars’ side are out of ammo, damaged Cataphract parts and only a small number remain. Yeah, they all become martyrs and die in battle. Eventually, Slaine also lost but instead of resigning to his fate of burning up in the atmosphere’s re-entry, Inaho goes with him to soften his fall. They crash land safely on some shore. They look okay. This time it is Inaho who is pointing his gun at Slaine. He signals and points at his forehead. Like father, like son? In the aftermath, the news reports Asseylum officiating a ceremony of the construction of Aldnoah Reactor as goodwill between Earth and Vers based on Dr Troyard’s research. It’s a symbiotic relationship with Earth using the technology to rebuild and spur the economy with Aldnoah based industries while Vers earns good foreign capital. Although some Orbital Knights still occupy Earth’s territory, Asseylum will go negotiate with them to return it. Slaine is reported to be dead (which allowed this treaty possible) but he is actually held in a high security facility. He’s like so lifeless with nothing to live for. Inaho visits and talks to him. If you’re wondering about Inaho’s pirate fashion sense not because he wants to be Captain Harlock but rather he has removed his eye due to the strain it is causing him. Besides, the war is over. He doesn’t need it anymore. Slaine is bitter that he saved him. A person who stole, lied and killed his comrades deserves death. However Inaho says this wasn’t his decision. It was Asseylum’s. Her request was to save Slaine from his misery. This turns Slaine into an emotional wreck. How can still she be so considerate for an asshole like him? Asseylum and Klancain tour the vast beach and are impressed of the endless blue sky.

W.A.R. is for We Are Right!
What the heck is this unsatisfying ending? It feels like a rushed job. Because I feel like they didn’t tie up things properly with the rest of the characters and just rushed to give a good ending. Good as in peace between Earth and Vers. Until the next conflict arises. So rushed that instead of showing snippets and montage of other characters to tie up loose ends (those attending Asseylum’s officiating ceremony isn’t counted), they feature the full 3 minute length of the first season’s song just to fill in the remaining space. Uh huh. And they didn’t even show any clips or animation during this either. Just a pitch black background while the credits of everyone and everything keep rolling as long as the music’s duration. Like as though you are leaving a cinema after the long movie ends. Yeah. That.

Honestly, the first season felt great and it was interesting enough to keep me focused on what is going on despite I may not understand everything. The cliff-hanger ending wasn’t that all bad and heart pounding enough for me to keep wondering how they will play it out. And then they had to ‘reset’ it in the second season and the war becomes more like something personally. Reset as in bringing back characters like Inaho and Asseylum who are supposed to be dead. I know they are important to the series and it wouldn’t be the same without them but somehow that is where I felt it went downhill. Not very steeply but it wasn’t as great as when I watched the first season. A hero and a princess die at the end? Not good! Might as well revive them. Feels lame… Catch-22 situation.

This is what I summed up for both seasons of this series: For the first season, it is the rise of Inaho because you get to see how this kid performed miracles to earn Earth’s victory in otherwise would have been an early loss. For the second season feels more like the rise of Slaine because you get to see how this kid fuelled by the unfortunate event that befell his beloved princess, to take provocative and aggressive action to work his way up to where he is now and surprisingly as the one leading the Orbital Knights. So while you see the rise of one of them, the other plays a secondary role in that season. Like when it is Inaho’s first season, Slaine feels like a character who just screws up everything including the one where he got Asseylum killed. When it is Slaine’s turn to lead, Inaho is reduced to being in the background doing things that lack making any big impact. Therefore this show is really just about these 2 characters as far as I can see and everyone else somehow feels and falls flat.

Inaho as the main character sometimes feel like a big fail. Because he is already such an emotionless kid unlike your puberty-hit angst-ridden main characters, you don’t even this guy doesn’t scream from the top of his voice! Where is the passion in such characters?! I mean when Okisuke died, this guy didn’t show a shred of emotions! I thought there was something wrong. Yeah, maybe his expressionless personality is something wrong. And then you see him become the genius and super kid because he always has a plan that never fails. I know he is perhaps trying to live by the motto that you won’t get anywhere if you don’t take risks but sometimes I feel that he is too confident that it will work like as though he has read the script beforehand and knew the outcome. That is why he is so calm. Oh man, this guy should switch name with his engineering pal. And now that he has got a mechanical eye, this guy is a step closer in becoming God. I think he is already one. Accurate calculations, thorough analysis, detailed computations… Wow. Unbelievable that I almost suffered stomach cramps ;p. How can you not win the war with this kind of ability? Earth should just send this one-man kid to save Earth while everybody just sit back their ass and relax. Besides, don’t you think he did most of the work in ensuring Earth’s victory? Come to think of it, who the heck designed the programme for his eye anyway? It is such a big waste for it not to be patented or anything since it has a mind of its own while you’re unconscious. Yeah right. Nobody cares…

Then there is this Slaine dude who seems to have tremendously changed. From the first season he is like the whipping kid and the subject of Cruhteo’s torment and he is only enduring it because of his loyalty-cum-love for Asseylum. He is submissive and screws up and he must be one hell of a lucky son of a gun to survive it all. And when he cleverly planned his way to the top and killing Saazbaum after legally seizing all he could, he becomes the major ‘antagonist’ fighting a meaningless war despite his calls for taking back resources, supremacy, blah, blah, blah. But as Eddelrittuo said, Slaine might not have changed all the while because his hope of having Asseylum come to was always his priority. But how is that different now that she is awakened? I guess he got confused. It’s like he is trying to cover up his mistakes with this war. Well, winners get to write and rewrite history, right?

Asseylum who was the culprit of the war and how it all started despite the irony she longs for peace on both sides. The biggest mind boggling thing about her is the fact that after she really revives, how come nobody actually questions her about her earlier decisions to wage war on Earth? Okay, assuming some may suspect the video is fake but in general, shouldn’t everybody be suspicious of her when she makes a sudden u-turn in her decision? Even more mind boggling is how she is officiating the construction without all those watching Earthlings having the slightest grudge on their face. This was the princess who came to Earth at first for goodwill. Then she declared war and now she pronounced ceasefire and peace? What kind of crap is this? Shouldn’t there at least be disgruntled humans and assassins trying to assassinate her? Because she looks so open and unguarded. The lax in security is even worse when she first arrived. I guess humans have suffered so much from the war that they also suffer from having a short memory.

The other characters just feel fleeting. Especially the final episode, the host of surviving characters are just shown for the sake of that. It’s not like they bear anything significant or anything. Like Lemrina. So what happened to her after that? Where will she go? Even if they show her making up with Asseylum or being by her side, it wouldn’t be that bad. But she is nowhere to be seen after the evacuation. Nowhere. Yuki could have seriously died of a heart attack every time she has to see her little brother take risky risks. Each time he amazingly comes back alive. So can you not blame her for being overly worried like an overprotective sister? Only that Inaho is being stubborn and doesn’t feel like sitting back. Marito seems to have his problem of overcoming his trauma. Each time he goes into battle, his trauma gets in the way that prevents him from completing his mission. In a way, it gives Inaho the very much opportunity he needed to earn his reputation. Although it might seem Marito has gotten over his trauma (because he seems to be piloting decently without reliving that nightmare), I feel he doesn’t make an overall impact. I don’t know what Magbaredge’s deal is because initially this feels like a running joke as she from time to time loves teasing her XO, Kaoru Mizusaki. Because of the decisions or opinions, she always have to remind her isn’t it any wonder this is why no men like her. WTF?! I know she looks a little tomboyish. So what?! What about you yourself, captain?

Eddelrittuo feels ‘amusing’ because in the first season, she is like suspicious of every damn Earthling who talks to Asseylum. I know she’s trying to be a good attendant trying to protect Asseylum for her own good but she’s doing it enough to make it look annoying. Can you cut that princess some slack? Then in the second season, it feels like she has been reduced to a side character in the background. Like part of the furniture or something. Haha! Just kidding. You see her more worried than before, before and after Asseylum’s revival. Lemrina also feels like a confused princess just like Slaine. All she ever wanted was a place she could belong to. And she thought by taking over Asseylum’s place she could have it and at least Slaine. And that princess had to wake up. Already a second fiddle, won’t you get upset when the first fiddler withdraws and just when you thought you’re going to get the limelight, that withdrawer returns. Frustrating, right? I assume Rayregalia must be dead, right? Is it right for Asseylum to assume the supreme throne when grandpa hasn’t kicked the bucket yet? Maybe emergency times call for emergency measures. Yeah. They didn’t even have the decency to show him breathe his last breath. Who cares for an old geezer anyway?

No time for romance on board when you have an inter-planetary war. I wasn’t putting my hopes to seeing Inaho in any romantic scenes with Inko or even Rayet. True enough, nothing of that sort happened although it might just be hinted on Inko’s side. I mean, with a guy with no expression or that sort, how do you expect any romantic clichés? I guess those are the reasons why those 2 girls are still alive and by his side. To troll us if the prospects of a love triangle would happen. Isn’t that what Rayet’s character is for? For the potential of any romance if there would be but nothing actually. This girl keeps regretting about the death of her father and won’t forgive Martians, blah, blah, blah. That’s about it. Just like Inko, in battle they are just pretty decent in holding out because Inaho is still the main man. They’re just there for the numbers, huh?

In a bigger picture, it seemed like Inaho and Slaine are fighting over Asseylum because you can sense that they both don’t want to give up on her and are doing things on behalf of her as they believed. Their whatever excuses otherwise feel like a cover up. So in the end, neither of them got the girl because for Klancain to show up at the penultimate episode (actually he showed up right at the end of 3 episodes from the finish to be exact but that doesn’t really count, right?) to usurp them both and land the big fish herself. Wow. Didn’t see this coming. And sometimes you thought it was going to be Inaho or Slaine who will get her and in worst case scenario, none of them. But no. The son of Cruhteo got her instead. Yeah, I guess the guys, the main character duo are the biggest losers. Even bigger than the loss of the war. Oh, and no Marito x Magbaredge or Marito x Yuki romance (not even any hinting ones) because we don’t want complicated adult romance in animes. Watching high school kids’ romance is better. If it ever happens here.

As this series isn’t as original as you may think it is, it is because it seems to borrow elements heavily from other animes before it. Sometimes it feels like plagiarism but it isn’t. With so many animes churning out every year, you can’t help feel the similarities the more animes you watch. So a similarity that I can see with Shingeki No Kyojin is the Martian Cataphracts that are like Titans. Earth’s forces are puny and nothing against them. They are just defenceless against those superior robots. All the shots fired at them feel like pot shots. You can never win. Unless… Then there is that Code Geass feel because you have got Slaine who is from Earth fighting for Vers whereas Asseylum who is of Vers royalty trying to make peace with Earth. But mostly, I read that many said its borrowed elements are from Valvrave The Liberator especially the similarities between the main characters and the different human factions at war with each other.

The actions bits are satisfactory. Even if I don’t feel anything extraordinary about it but at least it keeps you entertained and the norm of what mecha themed animes are supposed to be. It defeats the purpose if you don’t have cool big robots pounding each other, right? But I just keep wondering why there are so many soldiers/pilots/fighters on either side because during action sequences, we see so many Cataphracts explode and its pilot die from both sides. I think they want to rake up the body count but seriously, after all that fighting and there are still so many left in the army? While the Earth’s mechas are just plain boring because each one is about the same (of course they do not have the technology for better arms), the Martian Cataphracts are more interesting because there are no 2 Cataphracts that are the same. At least for the Orbital Knights. Each come with their own unique abilities so each time you engage with one of them, you’ll need a new plan or meet your maker. I thought the side characters should just die in the last episode’s final battle because it didn’t really matter. To save us from tying up the loose ends of where they will be, maybe they should have just killed them all. Because like for example Marito who is having his trauma problems the entire way, he should have did some last action hero thingy and succumbed to death on the battlefield. Not like he did anything much in every battle either. Yeah, I’ve said it so many times. It is always Inaho who gets the job done.

I have to admit that the animation and art are of top notch quality. I suppose when you have a mecha genre, you need to have majestic and shiny robots to appeal to the audience. Therefore in this department, the mechas of both sides look pretty neat (thanks to the help of CGI effects of course) although I feel the ones from Earth are a bit bland. They still look cool except for their ‘oversized shoulder pads’ that somewhat made me feel that if they’re going to some intergalactic American football game. Of course our hero Inaho gets to be ‘different’ as he rides an orange coloured one since it was the one he used at the start as practice. It gives him luck, right? Yeah well, they should try painting the other dull coloured ones the same and maybe the death ratio will be lowered. Then again, maybe not. Therefore I prefer the designs of the Martian Cataphracts because with different Orbital Knights each having their own Cataphracts, each with their own unique power and ability and thus their designs seem way cooler than their Earthling counterparts. Other than that, the human characters are okay as well as the sceneries. Well, I personally thought the sceneries and structures in space are better looking anyway. On a trivial note, the first time I looked at Lemrina, I thought her hairstyle looked like a pair of balls hanging on her side! Really!

Voice acting seems pretty okay and nothing to shout about. New kids on the block are taking the lead with Natsuki Hanae as Inaho (Kousei in Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso), Kensho Ono as Slaine (Hakuryuu in Magi) and Sora Amamiya as Asseylum (titular character in Akame Ga Kill). The rest include Mikako Komatsu as Inko (Tsugumi in Nisekoi), Sachika Misawa as Rayet (Black Lotus in Accel World), Shiina Natsukawa as Lemrina (Nonoka in Sora No Method), Sayaka Ohara as Yuki (Erza in Fairy Tail), Kazuya Nakai as Marito (Zoro in One Piece), Ai Kayano as Magbaredge (Inori in Guilty Crown), Kousuke Toriumi as Yagarai (Gennosuke in Basilisk), Inori Minase as Eddelrittuo (Chino in Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka), Toru Ohkawa as Saazbaum (Roy in Fullmetal Alchemist), Daisuke Hirakawa as Harklight (Muneakira in Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls), Sho Hayami as Cruhteo (Tokiomi in Fate/Zero), Takahiro Sakurai as Trillram (Suzaku in Code Geass), Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Mazuurek (Shun in Kimi to Boku), Ryota Ohsaka as Klancain (Marco in Shingeki No Kyojin), Shinji Ogawa as Rayregalia (Stresemann in Nodame Cantabile) and Taishi Murata as Calm (Eiichirou Maruo in Baby Steps). Not forgetting this, maybe it has become a little joy for me now to spot short cameo appearances of my favourite Mamiko Noto as she rarely takes on main roles these days. Despite only a short scene, she is the voice behind Orlane.

If the first opening theme sounds familiar, it is because Heavenly Blue is sung by Kalafina whose trademark voices can be heard in anime songs like Kuroshitsuji and Fate/Zero. I prefer this compared to the second opening theme, &Z by Sawano Hiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki. I don’t even know how to pronounce the title and the artist’s name. Seriously, I thought it shouldn’t have changed but new seasons call for new themes. That same Sawano whatever-this-group-name-is also sings the ending themes for the first season. I think they have a penchant for weirdly naming their songs too. The first ending theme is A/Z and sounds okay as a rock piece while the second ending theme, aLIEz has a little techno feel. Both songs aren’t that bad. For the second season, it is Genesis by Eir Aoi as the main one while Harmonious by Sora Amamiya is a mainly a rock drum cover and special ending theme only appearing for the penultimate episode. There are also a handful of insert songs but nothing that memorable for me although it does quite fit the scenes well.

Overall, if you want to pass the time for some explosive mecha action without thinking too deep about the plot or characters, this should be good to pass the time. Don’t worry. It will fly by as you are flabbergasted at Inaho’s super human intelligence, tactics and action. If they could clone and make soldiers out of him, you’re screwed. Thank God nobody did. So it goes to show that how something so minute can spark a full scale war that will leave a scar for generations to come. Hmm… Doesn’t this mirrors how World War I was started in the first place? I think everybody on Vers should just return home to Earth and humans continue to live as one big happy family. There, problem solved. Oh wait. This would give rise to a new form of discrimination for those migrated/returning people. It is perhaps a vicious cycle that would make humans learn and appreciate but then again, they never. So when is the next justice through Heaven’s Fall?

This must be an otaku guy’s ultimate fantasy show. It has everything they dream for. Sexy hot girls in tight revealing outfits. Big robots. Epic mecha battles. Music. Dragons. Sex. Oops! Just kidding about the last bit. But wait. Didn’t it have… Oh gosh. I think so! Anyway… If you are looking for an anime that contains all that elements you ever dream of, then look no further because Cross Ange: Tenshi To Ryuu No Rondo is exactly all that and possibly even more. Initially I was going to give this anime the pass not because of the ultimate all-in-one requirements it had. Heck, they had a maid here but I am sure that is not a reason strong enough for me to go watch. Maybe it is but that’s not the point. The mecha factor should have been a factor turning me off but you know sometimes my closet mecha ‘admiration’ may work a little funny from time to time. So what was it that made me decide to check this out? I noticed that this anime employed lots of recognizable seiyuus to voice the myriad of characters! Oh really?! That’s it?! That was my bloody reason?! Sheesh. The maid reason would have sounded a lot better. Despite that, even more disappointing was that Mamiko Noto wasn’t part of the cast list!!! Boo hoo! WTF?! Oh well, just got to take whatever I can. Girls. Sexy. Tight outfits. Robots. Fights. Music. Dragons. Sex. Oh yeah. Let me have ‘em all.

Episode 1
Ange is seen destroying monster dragons in her Paramail mecha. I guess it’s the only way if she is to survive. Princess Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi and her team are trailing by a point in some futuristic lacrosse final. She saves a comrade instead of going in for the win. Although her team lost, everyone is amazed by her noble gesture. On the way back, she sees a mother whose infant seems to be rejecting Light of Mana. The baby is classified as Norma and to be quarantined. Mother is of course frantic to be separated from her baby but the police keep her at bay. I am sure Angelise means good when she explains how Norma will become monsters and hopes she’ll forget this and have another baby. Mommy doesn’t take that lightly and tries to attack her but the police restrain her. Back home, she talks to her mom about the existence of Norma. They don’t understand much about it except it only occurs in females. She hopes to exterminate them so the world can become more beautiful. Mother gives her the family’s royal ring. Soon, Angelise 16th birthday is celebrated nationwide with all the ceremonies and rituals as this means she will now enter adulthood and participating in politics. During her Baptism Ritual, a sensor detects her as Norma. Everyone is in shock. Her brother Julio, I don’t know how he could usurp the king’s speech so that he could reveal the monstrosity that the royal family had been hiding for 16 years and having a Norma in politics is akin to treason. Angelise’s mom helps her escape although in the end she got restrained by the police and further proof shows she rejected the Light of Mana. It’s confirmed. She’s a Norma. How does it feel to be one now? Still in denial, she tries to attack the officer for pointing his gun at her but her mother protects her and takes the shot. Too late to apologize now. Everyone starts hating this princess now. Angelise is taken away, mother is dead and father arrested, Julio proclaims himself as the new king and will have to rebuild this tainted royal family with his shocked little sister, Sylvia. I hope he isn’t some lolicon. Angelise is sent to an isolated detention facility, Arzenal. Still fussing about who she is, she is made to shut up that she has no more royal or human rights by Arzenal’s commander, Jill. She is no longer all that fancy princess Angelise. Just Ange. Here is another glimpse of reality for her. Jill strips her and proceeds to do what it looks like rape! Welcome to hell!

Episode 2
I’m sure Ange won’t fit into a class of lolis being educated about their role as Norma to kill dragons. So Jill ends her ‘education’ and puts her into the First Squadron. She is being introduced to Captain Zola Axberg who is quite the harasser herself as wells as the rest like vice captain Salia, assault soldier Vivan, Erscha, Chris, Hildegard Schlievogt AKA Hilda and Rosalie among others. Ange is still in denial that she isn’t a Norma like them. Some of them want to beat up this b*tch while some want to give her a chance. It’s training time as she is given a dead Norma’s suit to wear. It’s bloodied all over. She’d rather be naked. Really? Guess not. Heck, Ange doesn’t even know how to dress herself! She gets a crash course in learning how to pilot Paramail. Panic at first but once she realizes how similar it is to that lacrosse game, she rides it with ease. Ange toughs it out through training and her results are pretty impressive, above average. But this doesn’t mean Ange is free from discrimination. Like Rosalie and Hilda taking her food before her eyes. But Ange is not cowed and leaves although is given warning. Like she gives a damn. Fortunately, a couple of young ones, Miranda Campbell and Coco Reeve admire her especially the latter who is eager to hear stories from her ‘magic kingdom’. But Ange is still not going to stay here forever and drafts some petition to Jill to hand it over to her royal family. Zola is going to re-educate her about her position. Uh huh. Another rape scene. Ange slaps her and her fake eye fall out! Before the rape can get real, the alert sounds. Dragons are detected and everyone makes a sortie. When they make their way out, Ange sees this as a chance to break formation and return to her rightful kingdom. Salia goes after her and warns her of her disobedience. Surprisingly Coco wants Ange to take her along too but suddenly a dragon’s blast rips her in half! OMFG! Ange is freaking shocked! The dragons are coming.

Episode 3
Priority is to destroy the dragons. Ange continues fleeing while not heeding Miranda’s words that she might not have enough fuel or even know where her country is. Suddenly a dragon bumps into Miranda’s Paramail and as she falls off, the rest rip and devour her!!! OMFG! What a violent death. Zola is up against the big boss dragon when Ange turns back and in her fear she bumps into her, pleading to be saved. In this confusion the dragon attacks. By the time Ange wakes up, she is in a wreckage and Zola’s corpse right above her. Oh sh*t… Back at Arzenal, some are blaming Ange for Zola’s death but Ange remains defiant that she didn’t do anything wrong. All she did was try to return to her country and didn’t do murder because Norma aren’t humans. Feel like killing her? Jill makes Salia the next captain and Hilda the vice. Their orders are to seek out the dragons that escaped. Ange is still fussing about her petition. Jill shows them how they were all rejected. Her country is no more and they do not recognize such a princess. Her family are finished too. Ange is made to put up the graves of her fallen comrades. Jill fills her in on the harsh reality. Because of Norma fighting dragons, it is the reason why people with Mana can live in peace. Ange doesn’t know all that and tries to prove herself she has Mana. Not working. Maybe she just can’t produce it now. Get real. Even more insulting is how it was her kind who decided the rules on Norma. Now she’s at the receiving at of it. As a dragon is detected, Ange must now get up and avenge her comrades. Kill or be killed. Guess what? Ange wants to die now! She can’t take this anymore. Jill won’t allow her and if she wants to die, die in battle like her comrades. There is an extra Paramail she can use. Villkiss is old and unstable. Suitable for a person with a death wish. As the girls ride out, the dragon ambushes them and Salia starts panicking because she has never seen this attack pattern before. More so, the weight of being the captain lies heavily on her shoulder. Ange is really bent on doing kamikaze! But she can’t even steer the thing right! Not so easy to die, eh? When the dragon catches her, all the deaths flash through her mind. Don’t want to die now, eh? Make up your mind! She gets so scared to the point of wetting her pants, her ring starts activating and turning Villkiss into one kickass robot! Suddenly like a pro, she kills the dragon! She becomes hysterical over this confused feeling of hers. Did she enjoy killing it? That denial again. In the aftermath, Ange has casted away her past and everything. She has nothing. She vows not to die as easily as her family and will live on. She cuts her hair short.

Episode 4
Jill and some are impressed Ange handled Villkiss so easily when no one else before could. She wants to initiate Libertus. Salia is worried and believes she should be piloting Villkiss but Jill wants her to focus on her duty. Ange continues to be the object of torment of Rosalie and Chris since they believe they must teach this b*tch a lesson over Zola’s death. Even if they ripped her uniform, she is unfazed. Can she walk around in that? Even Arzenal’s second in command, Emma Bronson wants her to cover up (you don’t say, how come she dresses like a slut?). Ange plays cool and even has a witty line or two back at her. Rosalie and Chris continue to sabotage Ange but karma always finds a way back at them. Yeah. Ange won’t be intimidated by their cowardly tactics. She goes to buy a new uniform. Vivian suggests buying other cool stuffs since she earned lots from killing dragons. The shop owner, Jasmine explains because the Paramail they ride is like their casket, Norma are given the freedom to accessorize however they want it. She even hints of using money to buy out her bullies or hire someone to take care of them. No thanks. Ange is fine on her own. Rosalie and Chris are being reprimanded by Salia. Although Hilda clashes with her, Salia puts down her foot as the captain. Hilda brings her subordinates back to Zola’s room. She has earned enough to buy everything that was hers. Now it all belongs to her. Including them. So does this mean she’ll be the new lesbian queen? Salia is studying about leadership and seems she is a bit bitter about Jill’s decision to give Villkiss to Ange when it promised to be hers. Vivian tries to be friendly with Ange and give her key chains as friendship. Unfortunately she smacks them away and asserts to be left alone. Now the lone wolf, eh? Another alert of dragons detected. Everyone sorties. Ange knew those b*tches has sabotaged her Villkiss and in a crucial moment whereby she decided to go fight alone instead as a team, Villkiss malfunctions (whatever Hilda planted in the air intake). Villkiss is in a struggle with a dragon as they crash to the sea below. Water is seeping in fast. The next thing Ange knows, she is tied up naked in a bed and a man sleeping next to her. Don’t tell me they’re doing 50 Shades of Grey here!

Episode 5
After the dragons are destroyed, Ange is missing but Salia wants to search and recover Villkiss. Hilda disagrees since they’re tired and low on fuel. Jill agrees and they’ll send a recovery team later. Tusk wanted to explain himself but thanks to an accident, he ends up in a lewd position with her. She manages to struggle and break free. Running back to Villkiss stranded on the beach, she sees all the lingerie stuck in the air intake. Damn that b*tch! Tusk tries to explain himself again that he is not some sort of pervert who would do those sort of things (the way he could give in detail all that must mean he really is a pervert?) when another accident makes him trip right onto Ange and in another lewd position. I wonder if Ange’s handgun has unlimited ammo. As she tries to fix Villkiss, a storm builds up. Even taking shelter underneath a tree, a snake bit her thigh. Pervy island… Of course, Tusk has to come save her and suck out the venom. It looks like a hentai scene… Even that scene cleaning up her naked body on his bed… She’s fine but still numb. Despite calling his broth horrible, she still eats it. And then when she learns how he sucked out her venom, she bites him! Well, he was told not to punch, shoot or tie him up. Didn’t say about biting, eh? Salia and her team are on a search and rescue mission but to no avail. Hilda talks to Erscha about siding Ange. She believes somebody needs to or she’ll be alone. Besides, Ange reminds her of Hilda once. Hilda disagrees and warns she will kill her. Ange is surprised Tusk is fixing Villkiss so she can contact her comrades and get home. However she says nobody will be waiting for her if she comes back. He suggests she stays here for a while. And so it’s like a couple’s paradise. Some perverted hijinks, Ange’s cooking disaster (how the hell can she make a pot blow up?) and a nearly kissing romantic scene had not for that damn convoy transporting a mother dragon hovering above. Suddenly a baby dragon destroys the convoy as it crashes (seriously, that’s all it took?). The dragon now confronts Ange and Tusk. Their only hope is Villkiss. Tusk tries to fix it as fast as he can while Ange fights it. When Ange is in a pinch, her ring shines and Villkiss activates its machine gun to shoot it. Then Ange stabs it repeatedly like a yandere. It’s dead for sure. Now that they can’t stay in the forest, Tusk suggests she come with him. Heck, he is hinting she’s pretty, seen her naked body, did ambiguous stuffs (he did all that?!) when the radio requesting for Ange is heard (reply if you are dead?). Ange is relieved and requests for rescue. So now she has a place to return and going back? She threatens him to forget everything they did. Even the venom sucking. But thanks for saving her. After being rescued, Ange requests Vivian for those key chains. Tusk also leaves the island and rides his Paramail from a hidden cave after paying respects to the grave of his fallen comrades.

Episode 6
There is an intruder at Arzenal. Momoka Oginome the maid is here to see Ange. She couldn’t recognize her at first but is glad when she does. However she is in for a real shock. Ange puts up that bitter face and isn’t fazed by Momoka’s arrival (Ange is tasked to look after her). I mean, you thought she’d be jumping with joy, right? Well, looks like she’s gotten used to the harsh life. Although Momoka is sincerely here to assist her, Ange says she has no place to return. Her kingdom is no more all because of her. She also points out Momoka knew she was a Norma all along, the reason father sent her to do things on her behalf. Momoka doesn’t know how things work here so she is appalled at the unhygienic and improper things Ange has to do (at least for a princess). This means crossing swords with Hilda and co. They don’t give a damn about whatever disrespect whatsoever. They are Norma after all. The last straw came when she learns about the hunting they do and how some end up losing limbs and undergo painful mechanical limb replacement. Ange has resigned to her fate that it is a question of when it will be her turn to be like that. Momoka vows to save her. I really don’t know how but Momoka managed to replace her locker, remodelled her room and cook great food just like the way it was! Unbelievable. But Ange is not amused and tells her to return it all and stop bothering her! Thanks for nothing. Of course this sets up the perfect troublemaking excuse for Hilda and co to ‘discuss’ how Momoka will be killed because they can’t risk a human who knows about dragons and what Norma do to expose everything once they return. After all, all those associated with her will get killed. Coco, Miranda and now the maid… While bathing, Ange sees an old scar on Momoka’s hand. Momoka was touched when Ange treated it after she accidentally broke her porcelain doll because Momoka is irreplaceable compared to dolls and dress. When Momoka says she’ll always be by her side, Ange tells her to leave. What she meant now is escape right now! But Momoka wants to be by her side as long as she can. The alert is sound as the Norma sortie to fight dragons. Ange is still frustrated over Momoka as she takes it all out on the dragons. Yeah. She killed all of them by herself and even got time to kick Rosalie and Chris’ butt! Next morning, Jill and Emma see off Momoka but they know she is going to face the firing squad. Suddenly Ange comes running with bags of cash. She is buying Momoka! Well, you can buy anything here with the right amount of money. Jill calls off the ‘transport’ and thus Momoka is happy to become Ange’s property stay by her side.

Episode 7
Ange disobeys orders again to kill all the dragons herself! Because of that, she rakes in the bounty and leaves none for others. How are they going to survive? Hey, she’s doing her job killing all the dragons and with no casualties, right? She doesn’t give a damn and dares them to execute or punish her! Jill and her team learn that Tusk is still alive and the one who saved Ange. She puts Jasmine in charge to contact him. Salia is more concerned over Ange’s disobedience and suggests Villkiss be taken away for her arrogance. However Jill tells her to solve it another way. She better find it soon because Hilda is also mocking Salia that all this would never have happened under Zola. Care to transfer the captaincy to her? To de-stress, Salia dons a magical girl outfit in the dressing room. Then Ange accidentally walks in. Oops. Sorry. Wrong room. Her stress levels just went up. Salia thinks she’ll be the laughing stock when everyone finds out. How now? She is going to kill Ange! Seriously. In the bath? She’s blaming her for everything, blah, blah, blah (even her bigger boobs?). Well, since this fight is so girly, Erscha and Vivian throw brooms to them to fight. Eventually they got reprimanded and need to write an apology essay. The next morning, Ange falls sick. She will be on standby till then. I guess Hilda and co are happy b*tches right now. Salia talks to Mei (the one who maintains Villkiss) and she mentions about Ange taking everything upon herself because she doesn’t want others to die. Didn’t you notice? Ever since she piloted Villkiss, casualties are zero. Salia thinks it is just coincidence? When another dragon alert is sounded, Salia leads her team minus Ange. This time there is a new dragon appearing and if they can take it out, they’ll get loads of money. Hilda and co rush in first without listening and they got trapped in its gravity field. The rest soon too. Vivian notices its horns are creating the field. They are about to meet their doom when Villkiss arrives. Momoka allowed Ange to pilot as long as she dressed up in thick clothes. Since she wants to do it herself, Salia puts her foot down and tells her off about team work. Well, at least it woke Ange up. Salia then guides Ange to destroy one of its horns and free them before everybody kills it. In the end, everyone earned big bucks except Ange who only got a meagre since she only destroyed a horn. She wants Salia to compensate for following orders! Or else that magical girl secret… You b*tch! Salia then tells everyone about team work and for Hilda and co to stop targeting Ange. Also, Ange need not hoard everything to herself. Surprisingly, Ange agrees as long as she is not dragged down. Chris and Rosalie also feel grateful that if not for Ange, they would have been dead. Everyone is happy except for Hilda. Traitors. Momoka and Ange get a secret transmission from Sylvia but before she could finish, looks like she got assaulted.

Episode 8
Ange is spacing out so much about her time with Sylvia that she didn’t hear orders to launch. Mei had to force launch her. What a rude awakening, eh? Coming in to Arzenal is a transport for the Festa. It’s the only day in the year where Norma can take a day off on this beach festival. How kind of them. Misty Rosenblum, whose royal family are the administrators running Arzenal, visits Emma. She wonders if Angelise is here but Emma lies she there is no such person. However Misty wants to find her as she wants to meet her. Momoka gets a call from Emma to meet Misty but Ange remembers her from that lacrosse game and doesn’t want to see her. She puts on her bear mascot and doesn’t want Momoka to be near her or her cover will be blown. As she hangs out alone at the hangar, she remembers her time with Sylvia. While they were riding a horse, Sylvia fell off and became wheelchair ridden. Momoka is looking for Ange but Hilda has business with her. Ange decides to see Misty and kicks all her bodyguards’ ass. Misty is happy to see her and mentions how she wanted to ascertain the truth about the mistake that she is Norma. But Ange cuts her short and tells her the truth she is Norma. That’s all to it. Now, Ange has a request. She wants Misty to help get her off this island. Where is everybody else? Well, they’re participating in the festival’s contest in which Chris the dark horse was the winner and Emma who was running around looking for Ange realized Misty’s bodyguards are out when she got back. Hilda wants Momoka to help her get off Arzenal but the maid will not listen to anyone but her princess. So she is willing to die? Then come Ange and Misty. Since they have the same interest, why not cooperate? Ange refuses as she doesn’t trust her. However Hilda says she has been waiting for this day and the only one who knows how to unleash the landing gears without sounding the alert. When everyone is watching the fireworks, the runaway girls put their plan in motion. Momoka pilots the transport and as it moves, Ange wants her to shut the door hatch. She is going to betray Hilda? This is payback for all the harassment! Hilda will not give in and jumps into the hatch. She has been planning this moment and even became Zola’s plaything just for this day. She will leave this place and return to her mother. Ange has a change of heart and pulls her in. By the time Jill and co arrive, they’ve already blasted to the sky. Jill wants Jasmine to contact Tusk. By the time some royal guards secure the transport, only Misty is tied up in the mascot suit. The rest are gone and parted ways to their respective destination.

Episode 9
Hilda was once a happy girl who loves her mama’s apple pies living in the countryside. It all came crashing down when she was taken away because she was a Norma. Now, Hilda steals necessaries from stores in order to get home. She gets nostalgic when she returns. Her happiness of seeing mama turns into sadness because mother doesn’t recognize her and thinks she is her daughter’s friend. Her daughter will soon be back. Ange and Momoka sneak into the former’s old friend’s home, Akiho. Just like others, Akiho is terrified to see her despite assurance Ange is still the same. No choice, Ange has to tie her up as she has called the police. They steal a transport to head to the imperial palace. However the police are already waiting but they can’t turn back now and barge their way through. No amount of Mana or net could catch her. Yeah, she’s literally slippery. They manage to escape via sewer that leads to the palace gates. Before them are the imperial guards but it seems they have Sylvia hostage! WTF?! Just when Hilda thought her mom recognized her, it turns out to be another girl named Hilda. What is the meaning of this? When Hilda mentions she is her real daughter who was separated 11 years ago and now returned to see her, mother tells her to leave! She is not her daughter and this mini Hilda is her only true daughter! Mini Hilda thought she had a sister but once she sees how Hilda destroyed her Light of Mana, she gets so scared that she fainted! Mother begs for her to leave and promises not to tell she came. Just when she had forgotten that nightmare and achieved happiness, she had to return. She wishes she had never been born! Oh, Hilda. So sad :’(. Ange defeats the guards so that Sylvia could reunite with her. But the moment they get close, Sylvia takes out a knife and slashes her arm! Oh dear. Looks like Sylvia is also one of those Norma haters. She accuses Ange of everything. If not for her, her family will still be living happily. If not for her, mother will still be alive. If not for her, she will still be able to walk. Everything is her fault. She took away everything! Ange is so shocked that she didn’t resist arrest. Even more insulting is how Julio planned all this and knew Ange would fall for this bait. Now that she is captured, all that is left is to put her on trial for her existence is her very crime. Hilda can’t even walk in the rain sad. The cops beat her up with no mercy. Police brutality!

Episode 10
Sylvia must love whipping Ange in public and blaming her for everything. Sure, why not blame the economy while at it? Oh wait. They’re not in any downturn or anything. Anyway, Julio reveals how he was waiting to hear news of Ange’s death at Arzenal. To his surprise she survived, that is why he sent Momoka there. Otherwise, do you think a normal person would be allowed to meet a Norma? Julio announces Ange’s execution and will start a new chapter in their new kingdom. The crowd cheers for Ange’s execution. She realizes who her true friends are and starts singing her mother’s song. Julio is not impressed and wants the execution hasten. When she is dropped, Tusk flashily enters the scene and save her (it’s that déjà vu feeling of his face in her crotch again). Then Ange and Momoka free each other to take out the guards. She thanks her siblings for revealing the true ugly side of humans. Goodbye. As parting gift, she throws something that slices Julio’s cheek. On the way back, Ange asks Tusk for his reason. He says he was sent by Jill not to let her die. He only lets her know he is the knight of Villkiss. Any more information, she needs to ask Jill. If you’re wondering why he is commending her beautiful blonde hair, because it was the same colour ‘down there’ too. Kill this pervert! Also, he commends her beautiful singing voice and hopes to hear her sing again. Once back on Arzenal, Jill greets her. She punches her in the gut. Time for some reflection. In an isolation cell, Salia reads to her the punishment that includes confiscation of all her belongings. This includes Villkiss. Erscha is sad that she deserted them. As some of them were born here, they do not know the real world and have no reason to leave this place. Also in the same cell is Hilda. Her face is badly beaten up by 50 guys but she took them all down. Hilda seems to be reeling from depression about her mom. She thought she would be the only person who would accept her even if she was Norma but was wrong. She now has no friends. Not even Rosalie or Chris. Because when she told them she was just using them, Chris spitted on her and told her to die. Chris bought over Zola’s place and becomes the new lesbian queen? Ange and Hilda talk about this sick and rotten world and even suggest that they destroy it. Well, sounds good. What else is there to do to a world that oppressed, humiliated and degraded them? And so that is how an unlikely friendship between them was formed. Ange’s singing soothes the souls of all those on Arzenal.

Episode 11
Julio is having sexual relations with his advisor, Riza Randog. I’m not sure about this sick mother-son role play they’re doing but Julio hates Angelise because mother always favoured her. When Sylvia goes to see him, she is horrified to see a pair of wings sprouting out from Riza’s back. Spotted, Riza seizes her and the ironic part is how Sylvia is screaming Ange’s name to save her! How dare she after all that?! With First Squadron relegated to backup duties (this means no income), Salia pays respect to Fei Ling’s grave. She is Mei’s sister. Realizing that young ones are already calling her big sister and looking up to her, she realizes she is now Alektra’s age. She remembers Alektra was the only one who returned from a mission that took the lives of her comrades. She was piloting Villkiss. Salia vowed to get revenge and defeat those dragons. However she never understood what she was lacking to pilot Villkiss. What does Ange have that she doesn’t? Suddenly dragons appear right above Arzenal. Everyone prepares to engage close quarter combat. Somebody’s singing has the dragons flee. It sure wasn’t Ange. That song powers up some Paramail and turns half of Arzenal into crater! Thanks to a dragon crashing into the cell, Ange and Hilda break free. Jill wants all units to sortie and this includes putting back Ange into Villkiss. However Salia is not happy. She will pilot Villkiss instead. Jill forbids her. Salia has had it. She worked hard but she chose that deserter? That’s right. Salia disobeys orders and pilots Villkiss. However it doesn’t move as she wishes. She gets her ass kicked while thinking too much about what she is supposed to do. Ange riding with Hilda wants Salia to switch but she still won’t. Ange makes this reckless move of jumping onto Villkiss. It was enough for Villkiss to activate up. Then Ange throws Salia off for Hilda to catch! Freaking scary move!!! Ange and the mysterious mecha battle. When it starts singing, Ange also begins hers. Both Paramails power up into some golden crisp! In some alternate dimension, both pilots meet. Salamandine wonders how a false citizen can sing the true Star Song. There are visions of them together, like as though in every different parallel world and era, the duo are always by each other’s side. She tells Ange the truth she seeks lies with Aura. Then she retreats with her dragons. Jill realizes the final piece of the puzzle to activate true Villkiss is a song. Salia realizes Ange is on a completely different level than her. It’s the sad truth, eh? Thanks to the attack, Arzenal has lost some plant.

Episode 12
Julio and some higher ups discuss about the dragons and Arzenal. Till Lord Embryo suggests either they surrender to the dragons or eliminate them. However there is a third option: Destroy everything and rebuild it again. Julio likes this idea and since there is no other way, the rest agrees. Tusk is spying on this and goes to relay this important information. Arzenal is undergoing major restoration. Jill makes Hilda the interim captain as Salia is in detention for violating orders. As agreed, Ange wants Jill to tell her everything. Since she wants to hear everything from the start… In the beginning, God created the world… Oh God… Anyway Jill puts it in a way how God created a new species of human beings with Mana because the humans of the old love fighting and killing each other. But there are those who cannot use Mana, God sneakily decided to use this to have them discriminated. With the rest of the humans discriminating against Norma, stability was achieved. Of course there are other humans with old genes who cannot use Mana. They are called Predecessors and fought current humans to claim their place. Finally after all that bloodshed, they seized the ultimate that was Paramail’s prototype which is Villkiss. However those who piloted it couldn’t control it and died. A handful of survivors learn about Norma and Arzenal and they became allies. Alektra Maria von Loewenherz was the first Norma born of royal blood and Jill’s former name. She was able to pilot Villkiss with her royal ring. Many came to her side and supported her and formed Libertus. However during a fight she lost everything and her right arm. She couldn’t afford to let Libertus go to waste. That is when Ange came in. That’s why she kept her ring and needs her to be stronger for Libertus. Ange thanks her for making her realize for spoilt pampered life but she wants to walk her own path. Vivan overslept and thinks she is taller now. But she freaks the hell out of Emma and when she looks in the mirror, she sees herself as a dragon! Soon Arzenal is alerted of a lone dragon and Vivian is forced to flee. However Ange suspects something amiss when she is humming a song she knows. Ange sings along with her and won’t let her comrades shoot it down. At the end of it, the dragon turns back into Vivian. What is the meaning of this? They notice a big hole where Jasmine dumped all the dragon bodies and being burnt. To their horror, they saw human parts in it. And as Jill reveals, humans are the real monsters. Ange gets sick that she was killing humans all along and won’t pilot Villkiss anymore or join Libertus to kill dragons. Suit herself if she wants to die as God’s pet. Later Jill is shocked to see Embryo here. She shoots him but is just a hologram. He says he never called himself God although he is a creator. Then an announcement is made. All Norma are to be relief of their duties. They have plenty of water, food and clothes for their evacuation.

Episode 13
Jill orders to ignore that bullshit and to fight back. She moves her operations to a deeper underground and orders Salia to take Ange. Because the Norma start fighting back, Julio considers this as treason and orders their elimination. Several weird machines kidnap some of them while troops infiltrate Arzenal with top priority to retrieve Ange, Villkiss and other Paramail riders. Everything else, destroy! Salia guides Ange to where Villkiss is and needs her to escape unharmed with it. Ange mocks Salia and this causes her to slap her for not understanding. Momoka drops gas bombs for their escape. They reach a room where burnt bodies of humans-cum-dragons are lying everywhere. It is that sick feeling again. Embryo appears before Ange and he too doesn’t approve of this. He lets her know that Julio is the one ordering this attack and is going to make mincemeat out of everything. When Momoka is in trouble, Ange takes out her anger by emptying her chamber on the soldier! Overkill! Vivian is kidnapped but Tusk singlehandedly killed all the soldiers to retrieve her. Ange takes Villkiss to the skies. She creates her own runway by blasting the debris in front and where all the troops were firing from. Now why didn’t the rest think of that? Salia goes after her and she’s upset that as the chosen one, she is running away from her duty, blah, blah, blah. Ange says she likes this sh*thole place but is going to bring justice to the guy who is destroying it. She powers up Villkiss and disarms Salia. Hilda and co take off but a hidden soldier snipes Chris with a headshot. Ange is on a destroying streak, sinking ships. Now that she is face to face with Julio, she shoots him in the leg and orders him to stop the attack in which he does. You know what? That look on Ange face seems like she is going to kill this piece of sh*t anyway. That coward pleads for his life and even offers her a deal to be reinstated to the royal family. Ange is not amused. Before she can kill him, Embryo stops her in his Paramail. (Seems he has healed Chris and other Norma). He admires the beauty in Ange’s rage and doesn’t want her to be tainted by doing such worthless things. He will carry her sin instead. He sings the Endless Song and blasts Julio away. Holy sh*t! A crater in the middle of the ocean! Overkill! Riza is in half dragon mode and isn’t appreciative of what Embryo is doing. Tusk tries to warn Ange to get away from him. Embryo is going to get rid of him and starts singing again. Ange rushes to save him. The survivors of Arzenal are making their escape via boarding a submarine, Aurora.

Episode 14
Is it déjà vu? Ange, Tusk and Vivian find themselves in another strange land. Looks like an abandoned city overrun with overgrowth. They cannot make contact with anybody and their communicator isn’t down. Ange rides Vivian (in dragon mode now) to scout the area and sees what is left of her palace. Did they go into the future? Or did they sleep that long for civilization to end? Villkiss is a special machine and it is no surprise it could do that to protect them from Embryo’s attack. A passing robot relays information about a safe shelter. As they head there, they only see rotting corpses. Ange wants some answers so the AI starts off with something like a war movie. Nope. This is real. Fighting between countries again. World War 7???!!! Anyway to put an end to this, Ragnamail was created (black version of Villkiss?). Despite it was successful, its weapons reacted with some reactor and caused some freaking explosion that made life on Earth inhabitable. Yup. They are the only 2 human survivors on this planet! When did this happen? 538 years ago!!! So the world ended, eh? Ange still refuses to believe it and might be some sort of trick. So she’s working Vivian like a slave driver and even badmouthing everything like how their fight for freedom was garbage and everything. This is the last straw for Tusk. He snaps. So his parents and friends all died for a garbage cause? Ange starts feeling guilty she said too much. To make amends, she gives him a cute necklace from a shop (it’s not like anybody is buying it anyway). But what is more surprising to Tusk is that he never knew she could apologize! It is getting colder but thanks to Vivian, they manage to find a room that is well maintained and with running water and electricity! I don’t know but let’s not think too much. She asks about Embryo. He is their greatest enemy, a puppet master who controls civilization from the shadows. Since it would be a pity for him to sleep in the hallway and the sofa is broken, Ange lets him sleep next to her. Hold still our beating hearts. She feels a sense of ease and maybe because Villkiss freed them from that war. She hints of ‘allowing’ him but it’s not that he is gay or anything. When his parents and friends died, he became lost and scared of his duty so he secluded himself. Till he met Ange and he saw the fighting spirit in her. It gave him the strength to move forward and a purpose of being a knight. So if he can protect her, it is good enough. She stars undressing herself! She is already tainted by killing others so is she going to add this to the list? No matter how tainted she is, he will always stand by her side. And finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for. An unforced kiss. But a damn dragon (not Vivian) had to crash in and interrupt this steamy scene! WTF?! Why now?! The ladies piloting it detected their help signal and welcome those fake citizens to their world, the true Earth. Could they have at least waited till they finished? Bummer.

Episode 15
The trio are taken to see the high priestess. Ange screws all that formal protocol and blasts away with her questions anyway. Everyone calls for her head but Salamandine wants to keep her alive since she knows how to pilot Villkiss and learn its secrets. Salamandine treats them as guests and mentions about the possibility of 2 Earths. Thanks to war and pollution, many of the humans here abandoned this planet to go to the other. Ange thinks this means there is a way back and takes her as hostage! The underlings do the same to Tusk but Ange doesn’t care since he did say he was willing to lay down his life and die for her, right? Oh sh*t! Salamandine wonders why she is so eager to go back to the killing and is going to show her the truth. Bringing her to the Aura Tower which is supposed to be Dracunium (some energy source) facility, underneath it is supposedly where the real Aura lies, some big mother dragon. In their terms, the first ever dragon. It adapted its flesh to this polluted world. Ever since, everyone here chose to live their life for cleansing and redemption alongside Aura as they adapt and turn into dragons. Males turn into bigger dragons while females are smaller ones. However, Aura is taken by the person who discovered Dracunium and created Ragnamail: Embryo. From where Ange comes from, Mana of Light seems infinite and like magic, right? That is because Aura is providing this. However it needs to be replenished and thus dragons are killed to extract their Dracunium and supply it to Aura. That is the truth of their war they risk their lives for. Salamandine’s people are killed to sustain her world’s energy. That is why they call it a fake world with fake citizens fighting a fake war. Ange still wants to go back since she is from that world so Salamandine will have to restrain her from killing more of her people. But what about the attack on Arzenal? That was to test out Dragonmail as they view Ange a threat to Aura’s liberation. She believes Ange would have done the same if she was in her shoes. Salamandine knows all about her thanks to Riza. They fight but Ange loses. Next thing she knows, she is in bed and Vivian back to being human. Thanks to some DNA alteration they did, she doesn’t have to rely on medication. Meanwhile Tusk is being used as a model for sex ed for the curious dragon girls… This time Ange slips and got her face on his crotch… And she’s making it sound like it is all his fault! Don’t cut it off! More surprise in store when Salamandine reunites Vivian with her true mother. She must have been separated 10 years ago while chasing her mother heading off to a fight. So they celebrate this by releasing floating lanterns as tribute to Aura. Ange wonders why they are being shown all this and as explained, it is to better understand them and vice versa and move ahead. Now it makes them think if they really want to go back to their own world.

Episode 16
When Lizardia (known to us as Riza) discovered Aura is among the fake humans, the high priestess gave orders to initiate the battle to reclaim Aura. Ange is still sceptical of their hospitality and thinks it is a ploy to let their guard down. She even believes that is not Vivian’s mother despite they look so genuinely happy together. Salamandine wants Ange to team up with them and fight Embryo. Help them get back Aura and they get back their freedom. Ange of course views this as a ploy to use her so Salamandine suggests a competition. If Ange wins, she walks free and can do whatever she likes. Otherwise she becomes her property. So they play ‘ancient’ sports like tennis, ping pong, golf and baseball. Heck, even formula one! WTF?! When you have hot sexy ladies in such heated battle, surely the obligated Twister game is a must, right? And despite the intense rivalry, weirdly some sort of bond is formed because the duo start laughing together. Then there’s that shower bonding scene too. They respect each other and talk about the discrimination of being a Norma. But Ange despite all that has happened, she is no longer a princess so talking about duty and leadership is none of her business anymore. In the end, it is them who want to change the world so Embryo and Aura has got nothing to do with her. But now that she has known the truth, will she not do anything? Suddenly some sort of dangerous portal appears and is destroying the town. Seems like it is blending both worlds together and those who get caught in it will be assimilated into the rocks. Tusk believes this is the work of Embryo who has the power to control space and time. Vivian’s mother is pinned under some slab after she saves her daughter. Salamandine goes into action but the high priestess wants her to retreat because she views her Dragonmail pivotal to recover Aura and cannot risk it. Ange helps out and suggests using that super weapon that destroyed Arzenal. Salamandine opposes due to negative effects so Ange lectures her about her duty as a ruler to save her people. Salamandine starts singing as well as Ange too and eventually put a stop to the menace. In the aftermath, Salamandine is grateful to Ange for helping save her people. She is surprised of the song Ange sang because it was what Embryo sang to destroy this world. Ange learnt it from her mom and likewise Aura taught Salamandine and the rest theirs. Salamandine apologizes for her immaturity to try to own Ange and wants to be her friend to walk and learn alongside her. Well Ange, you can stop calling Salamandine weird nicknames like you are doing throughout this episode.

Episode 17
Riza has located Aura beneath the palace so their plan is to raid the place and take Aura back. Ange is free to do what she wants but of course Salamandine prefers her to fight alongside them. Tusk gave Ange some hope that it is up to her to do what she thinks it is right. But that face crotch accident had to ruin everything. Tusk can guess its implication when Ange literally bites off that phallic shaped mushroom… It’s got to hurt. Ange has decided to go back to her original world since Momoka is waiting there. Salamandine respects her decision although this means they will be enemies again. Her subordinates oppose since Ange knows a lot of this world but Salamandine trusts her friend. Also, Ange will not fight them when the time comes. Vivian also wants to go back but promises to come back. A full force of dragons gather as the portal opens. In the calm of the storm, Tusk can even reveal his dream of opening up some café he’ll name after Ange once the war is over. As the dragons go through the portal, it seems they are very far away from their intended location and over the ocean. They are ambushed by a rain of missiles and many black Villkiss. Embryo has captured Riza and used her information to lure them into this ambush. Ange helps fight the enemy and wants Salamandine to retreat as they can’t take back Aura at this rate. She won’t but Tusk supports Ange that they should regroup and devise another strategy. With a heavy heart, Salamandine calls for a retreat. Ange fights the other black Villkiss and learns they are being piloted by Salia, Erscha and Chris. They are working under Embryo as he wants them to capture Ange. She puts up a lot of resistance and even yells at Villkiss to keep moving like before or else. I think the machine got scared of her and powers up. They teleport and crash land back on Arzenal. The place is decimated and abandoned. That night, some strange apparitions pay them a visit. Ghosts? Monsters? Water spirits? Wow. I didn’t Ange was this freaked out. Turns out to be Momoka, Hilda and Rosalie. Momoka is glad that Ange is back. But the most shocking event is how Hilda grabs Tusk by the balls to confirm he is a guy!

Episode 18
Ange is back onboard Aurora as she tells the rest about the parallel world and suggests they team up with them as they can reason unlike their fellow humans. However Jill rejects them and couldn’t care less about Aura or whatsoever as their mission is to kill Embryo who is playing God and destroy this world. She ticks off Ange for being brainwashed by dragons and if she wants to play boyfriend, do it after the war. But Jasmine reminds her ever since Salia and some defected, they do not have the required strength so an alliance is not so bad. Jill will make her decision when she has analyzed all the information. Ange learns about Aurora being built by Predecessors and fought Embryo. Jill has also revealed her secret to the rest and Rosalie is proudly introducing a handful of recruits trained under her: Nonna, Marika and Mary. The trio are more interested in admiring Vivian anyway. So much about gratitude. Emma has been a drunkard ever since because she was almost killed by her fellow humans and Jill was kind enough to let her onboard. Then there is a big hint about Hilda’s yuri on Ange. First, she sounds jealous Ange went missing, never bothered to contact (like she could) and came back with a man. Then in a shower scene, she’s got her hands running through her body and worried if Ange has done it with Tusk. Relieved that she didn’t, she kisses her back as sign of welcoming her back. If that isn’t yuri, I don’t know what is. Jill gives Ange her first mission to make contact with the dragons and demand a formation of a united front. Jill explains her ambush on the palace where Embryo is. However it seems her plan is to sacrifice the dragons as diversion so Ange could use Villkiss to kill Embryo. Ange is against this so Jill shows the ‘insurance’ she got to get Ange to obey her. Do it or Momoka dies! Ange still won’t and wants her maid freed but Jill overpowers her and mentions everything is for Libertus. Everything is a tool for Libertus. Momoka a tool to get Ange going, Ange a tool to pilot Villkiss and Villkiss a tool to kill Embryo. Tusk initiates Plan B by releasing some sleepy gas. They escape and free Momoka but before they can ride their Paramail, Jill is strong enough to stay awake and confront Ange. She is still bent on making Ange obey her command so Ange suggests a fight. Jill must do as she says if Ange wins. Ange cannot accept Jill’s way of doing things or else she can’t have Café Ange (she is really serious about this?). This is no different than how humans treat Norma. Jill loses as Ange sets out to contact the dragons. Despite Jill’s way is wrong, she will still carry out Libertus and wants to free Norma. She’ll do it with the people she trusts. Before they can teleport, they are attacked by Salia and co.

Episode 19
But their target is Aurora. Ange helps stave them off till Aurora submerges. Ange thought it is over but surprise, Salia turns back and shoots her in the chest. The next thing she knows, she’s back in her bed in her palace. For real? Is his a dream? Apparently not. Momoka is with her. Salia shot her with a tranquilizer and brought her back here. Ange tries to get some stationery as weapons but Salia and her guards won’t allow her. Salia explains how Embryo saved her unlike Jill who abandoned her after her lost to Ange. He treated her preciously and she now that her eyes are opened, she has found someone to truly protect. Embryo truly loves her, so she says. Salia is made his personal bodyguard and the commander of the Order of Diamond Rose. Ange still has a knack for sarcasm and this upsets Salia but she can’t overpower Ange. No use trying to find her because this is Ange’s home ground and she knows all the secret passages. Outside, Ange and Momoka see Erscha tending to a group of children. Erscha reveals she is the principal of this kindergarten Embryo established. These children were once dead but Embryo revived them. Erscha wanted so much for them to have a better life and this couldn’t be better. Therefore she will kill others who will take this away. Even Ange. So what is Chris’ reason? Left for dead, nobody cared about her, till Embryo saved her. Yeah, the same story. Then there is Sylvia whipping Riza the pet dragon slave mercilessly for bringing the wrong book! She’s upset about Riza’s poisoning that night and would have been done for had not uncle Embryo saved her. Sylvia is shocked to see Ange here and thinks she is here to kill her. With all that screaming and ruckus, I’m sure Embryo can’t read in peace. Guess it’s time to talk to Ange. He brings her to where Aura is but Ange threatens him to release it. If he refuses? She shoots him! But how can you kill God? Besides, he hates that term and would prefer the word conductor as he directs the ebb and flow of epochs. Ange starts feeling queasy. Did Embryo do something to her? He tries to brainwash her to abandon everything and accept him. He can be what she wants and can grant her desires. That’s like God, right? But when he says abandon, I didn’t think he would mean taking off her clothes too! Ange resists but falls into his hypnosis. I am guessing it is because Embryo isn’t such a great kisser as Tusk that Ange snapped out of it and bites his lips! She’s back to normal and will kill him as many times as it takes to destroy the world. Guess what? He is so freaking impressed with this drama! Meanwhile Hilda goes to see Jill but sees her sleeping. She is having a nightmare. Something about her relationship with Embryo. She was in a dilemma to abandon him to save her comrades and by the time she does, it’s too late.

Episode 20
Tusk and Vivian are captured onboard Aurora. Jill beats up Tusk for his betrayal that because of him, they lost Ange and Villkiss which is vital to Libertus (Tusk said he isn’t the knight of Villkiss but Ange!). Hilda suggests assisting Ange but Jill thinks it is useless as Ange won’t listen to her anymore. Salia is against Embryo’s suggestion to make Ange part of Order of Diamond Rose. But he assures he is just using her as a toll and that Salia is the one most important. Sweet words… Ange is brought to see Embryo who wants her to become his wife! Oh dear! Salia must be seething in anger! Ange is the most beautiful and intelligent woman he has ever met and wants her to be goddess of the new world. The old humans only knew how to fight each other so Embryo created this new breed. However they stagnated and cannot think for themselves. As Ange has seen herself, humanity has not changed and is still evil and foolish. So how are they going to destroy the world? Amplifying the song via Ragnamail using Aura’s energy to merge both worlds. The one Ange saw was just a test. Ange stabs his hand and shoulder. She’d rather die than become his wife. But then again, you can’t kill him, right? She amplifies her pain 50 times and then pleasure. Horny Ange? It’s easy for Embryo to manipulate her so if she doesn’t want to suffer anymore, accept his proposal. Meanwhile there is some yuri moment between Hilda and Rosalie but the former is not in the mood. Rosalie knows Hilda likes Ange so they both hatch a plan not to go rescue Ange but the rest of their friends. She busts Tusk and Vivian out and wants them to assist. But the place is lockdown as Jill is trying to ride a Paramail out. Hilda intercepts her and nails it when she claims Jill is trying to head to Embryo’s side. Eventually Jill is restrained. Momoka who is looking for Ange stumbles upon a dungeon where Sylvia just finished torturing Riza. Momoka helps her up and although she has not forgotten her betrayal, she wants her to live till she apologizes to Ange. Riza tells her where she could find Ange. Jill reveals she gave in to Embryo’s love because of the fear she couldn’t live up to her mission. As a result, her comrades perished. Now that everyone knows the truth, Jill cannot lead anymore and is relieved of her position. Hilda is put in charge and Jill is sure she won’t make the same mistakes as her. Ange is going through hell, experiencing a myriad of extreme feelings. After Embryo goes to start his task on Aura, Salia comes in to let Ange go. It’s not that she pity her or anything. Embryo is all she has left and doesn’t want her to take it from her. Ange repays that kindness by knocking her out so she won’t get into trouble when her escape is discovered. But now she has to deal with Erscha and Chris. Ange summons Villkiss but gets reinforcements when Salamandine returns to repay the favour.

Episode 21
Hilda’s plan is to infiltrate the palace and rescue Ange. Simple enough? Salamandine buys time for Ange to escape. However Villkiss is shot down by Chris although its shield helped protect Ange. However she is weakened as Momoka tries helping her make their slow escape. Chris fights her old friends Hilda and Rosalie and she is still bitter about how they abandoned her. Her grudge even goes way back to when they were young, how Hilda suggested she tied her hair into a single pigtail instead of having double braids. She hated it but put up with it all the while. WTF. Ange is having a hard time escaping Embryo because he can possess anybody remotely and control them to go after Ange. Heck, why don’t just possess Ange and make her come back? Oh, he can only possess those with Mana… Salamandine realizes she cannot win with her current strength and calls for a retreat. She picks up Riza but prison warden Sylvia won’t let her go. Riza doesn’t give a sh*t. That rifle of hers doesn’t threaten by a bit. Marika comes to assist Rosalie but gets killed by Chris. Ah well, I guess I know why the newbie was introduced. We aren’t going to miss her, right? Rosalie is freaking pissed but Chris retreats when Salamandine arrives. Everywhere Ange turns, Embryo’s zombies are there. Eventually she runs back into Embryo. Tusk has finally found her and starts killing Embryo. He knows it is futile since he can resurrect but it’s to buy time for Ange to escape on his Paramail. Embryo ends the match by shooting himself. Then he controls Momoka to steer Ange back to him. He can’t understand why she rejects him so much. Simple: You’re a jerk! Tusk returns to fight but this time Embryo controls Momoka to fight him. Nobody can escape the command of their absolute master. But Ange is Momoka’s master! Some flashbacks and memories of them together and you guessed it, Momoka snaps out of it. It’s like she’s making a dying wish for Tusk to take care of Ange. She attacks Embryo but gets shot. I don’t know who was driving the truck since they both got rammed and dropped down the cliff. What a way to die. I understand why Ange is so distraught. HOW CAN YOU KILL OFF THE MAID???!!! Tusk then chains Ange to his Paramail on autopilot for her getaway. Now it’s his turn to play hero. Uh huh. He becomes a martyr by blowing himself up! But does he need to blow up the entire villa? Maybe. Oh, Ange… Alone again, naturally…

Episode 22
Salia in some spanking punishment?! Still, she is not happy that Embryo chose Ange despite she swore her loyalty to him. He says intelligent and strong women only interest him because they are the ones who will create a new world with him. He doesn’t want foolish ones. This means Salia has to bite the bullet and bring Ange back. After Riza explains Embryo’s plan to merge both worlds, Salamandine suggests to Hilda they form an alliance. She agrees but only on a condition that Ange comes back. Yeah. Who knows where she is now. Embryo possesses Emma to find Ange here but she’s not around. This proves he is desperate to look for her. Erscha’s kids are killed during that attack and she wants Embryo to bring the back. However he won’t as his new world is only for new humans. Erscha pleads to him but he won’t entertain her. He is disappointed he expected her to be more intelligent than that. Ange is sent back to Tusk’s island hideout. She feels sad not having Momoka by her side. Salia is close to being yandere. She believes if she kills Ange, Embryo will see no need for other women except her. The world’s destruction begins when everyone can’t use their Mana of Light anymore. Chaos everywhere. Those high executives think it is time to escape this but Embryo tells them they are going to take responsibility for plunging the world into chaos. Hah. Serves them right. They’re screwed. Erscha realizes she has been manipulated by Embryo because he used those kids to make her work for him. However Chris doesn’t share the same sentiments as she is willing to kill Hilda and Rosalie.

Ange reads a diary from Tusk detailing the times he spent with her. Felt you should have appreciated him, eh? She wants to kill herself but is too sad to do it. Thinking back of all the things he said to her, she really regrets not appreciating him. What’s the use now that he is no longer here? And what is the point of confessing she loves him now that he is dead? But Tusk pops up to hug her, happy to hear her say that! Ange slaps him twice! She can’t believe it is him and must be Embryo’s illusion! Tusk is dead! She is going to make sure he is real. How? Having sex with him!!! Wow! If this is what gets a girl to sleep with you, I also want to be dead!!! So this is real because it must be the best sex ever, huh? Seconds? Ange tells him a certain perverted stalker wanted to destroy and change this world with her. She likes this world despite how foolish and incomplete it is. Tusk too, not because he is her knight but because he loves her. They’re going to protect this world. Ange gets another surprise because Momoka is still alive and has cooked a decent meal for them. I don’t know how she survived all that and don’t care. Because the maid is back! But thank the frying pan for stopping the bullet. Momoka says she can’t use Mana anymore and then they see the dark storm in the horizon ahead. Embryo is starting his destruction. Tusk wants Ange to ride his mom’s Paramail to retrieve Villkiss but that isn’t necessary. Using her ring, Ange summons Villkiss right before her. Wow. Just like brand new. Erscha surrenders and defects back to Hilda’s group.

Episode 23
The space-time merger is happening. Chaos. Dead people. Before it is completely destroyed, they must get Aura back. It couldn’t be better timing for Ange to return to Aurora. She gets updated about everything (including Emma who finally has decided to stop being a drunkard and join Libertus). Ange then goes to see Jill to ask for a way to kill Embryo because Tusk told her each time he dies, he switches place with a multiplex entity in undefined space. Seems Embryo’s real body is hidden in that space. The only way to get there is using Villkiss via a song. Ange didn’t like how Jill is acting like a loser so she slaps her to make her not run away from her responsibility. She reveals Salia was the one who let her escaped and she has chose to fawn over Embryo to forget her. Later Hilda is trying to confess she likes Ange in a roundabout way. It’s weird, right? A woman falling in love with a woman? Before you can answer that, Ange quickly kisses her! Oh right. The world is already so screwed up. So what the hell anyway. Anybody is welcomed in her new harem world. If you think that is the weirdest you’ve seen, you’ve seen nothing yet. Because when Mamoru asks her for some sort of charm before they go into battle, she gives him her panties!!!!!!!!!! WTF???!!! TUSK YOU LUCKY BASTARD!!! Now I’ve seen everything. The big assault begins but Embryo won’t let them waltz in like that. Yeah. So we’ve got one big messy fight with everything firing at everything and the setting up of grudge matches. Round 2. Chris vs Rosalie and Hilda. Salia vs Ange. Several selfish nobles are trying to get Sylvia to help them. What can she do? Ange accidentally crashes in. Now they want her to help them and cite that royalty duty to help her people. First of all, she tells them off she doesn’t care about them. And if they make further noise, she shoots and kills one of them! Yeah. Run like the wind you pigs. Sylvia is so scared the wet her pants (skirt actually). It might seem heartless that Ange is telling her to run when she can’t even walk. But can she? She too is still no different, blaming her she can’t walk, blah, blah, blah. Ange tells her off her injury is actually healed and never even bothered to try. She fires a few close warning shots to send Sylvia up and running! There you go. Goodbye forever. Ange returns to her fight with Salia but it seems Jill is joining the fight to see if Salia has been worthy as Embryo’s knight. Disappointing.

Episode 24
Jill is trying to open Salia’s eyes that Embryo doesn’t really love anyone. He might seem to love you now only because he’ll use you later. That is how Jill lost everything. But Salia’s heart is closed. She won’t believe what Embryo’s ex-lover says. Salia continues to be bitter that she wasn’t chosen by everyone no matter how hard she tries. Embryo gave her that chance. That is why she doesn’t need her anymore. Similarly, Chris is trying to tell her ex-friends how Embryo made her stronger. But more interestingly, Tusk is ‘bragging’ to Embryo that he knows Ange more than her. From her myriad of emotions to how many moles he has on her thigh! Ah, yes. Then he indicates how they’ve had sex. For 3 days and nights!!! WOW!!! You mad, bro? Tusk nails it that Ange accepted everything of him and thus he has nothing more to fear. When you have such great sex, any man can die happy, right? Ange meets up with Salamandine to free Aura. Salamandine starts singing. Aurora becomes a sitting duck after it takes on lots of damage. As both worlds are merging, the high priestess contacts Aurora and tells them the dragons will be cooperating with them to take down Embryo. Embryo then summons his knights to be as bait and buy him time so he can go fetch his bride. Some of them get killed. Chris becomes disillusioned that she has been betrayed and abandoned again. Everybody should just die! She starts shooting everything while her pals try to open her eyes in this dramatic emo talk. When all else fails, Rosalie jumps out of her Paramail to grab Chris as they free fall. She doesn’t care if they die, at least they die together. She can’t live without her. Luckily Hilda provided some soft landing. I guess Chris is the kind that needs lots of emo assurance to be convinced and after all that promises, she’s back being friends with them. Salamandine’s song has charged up as she blasts to free Aura. Jill confronts Embryo that she still loves him and wants to go to the new world with him. He is not amused and that he never loved her and only saved her. This is a ploy by Jill to freeze him. But she guessed wrong if she thinks he won’t be able to switch bodies. His Ragnamail shoots Jill through the gut. Goodbye Alektra. Embryo doesn’t need women from his past. He then announces how Aura’s energy will serve as the detonator to destroy the world. After that he snatches Ange and they quickly disappear.

Episode 25
Salia is back with us? Wow. She’s really repenting that she went and did something stupid. Blame it all on love. But at the expense of Jill? Don’t tell me she died just after they reconciled! Yes, but it’s true :’(. Suddenly the merger stops after it intensifies. They hear Aura’s voice telling them where to locate Embryo. The only way to get to that time-space rift is via Villkiss. But only Ange can pilot it, right? Not necessary. As long one has a strong will, Villkiss will respond. Meanwhile Ange wakes up in Arzenal. The original one. He wants to watch the end of the world with her in this premium seat but she’d rather have him screw himself. It’s time for Embryo to bore us with his story. This was the place where it all began. He and his team experimented with whatever and time stood still. He then used Ragnamail to experiment and create new worlds. Yeah, so he says he is the conductor but from the way I see it, he is playing God. Ange tries to run but no matter where she goes, Embryo is always there. And he is the wife beater he is, abusing Ange with his slaps because he is jealous a certain monkey tainted her. Now it is time to purify her with his love. RAPE SCENE!!! Embryo you horny bastard! Hilda wants Tusk to pilot Villkiss because as much as she hates to admit it, he is closest to Ange. Tusk is screaming to the machine to go save Ange. Yeah, maybe all that made Villkiss resonate. Time to go. Tusk, Salamandine, Hilda and Salia venture into the rift as lizard girl starts singing. Similarly, Ange does the same (probably to also annoy that horny bastard). They hear her voice as it guides them. Good timing to interrupt the rape (Embryo forcefully trying to open Ange’s legs?!). Tusk rescues Ange and she is so glad to see him that she doesn’t mind that face crotch move. He hands her back her panties. Got to wear something, no? See Hilda irritated in the background. Tusk lets Ange handle Villkiss while he goes to have a sword fight with Embryo.

They have to destroy his Ragnamail which is causing this merger as wells as Embryo himself as he controls Ragnamail. But Embryo has cloned several Ragnamail for the Paramail girls to fight with. Embryo even tries to play mind games with Salia. Tusk is able to wound Embryo and since he didn’t switch bodies, this means this is the real one. Embryo is still bitter that Ange didn’t choose him after waiting a thousand years for this. The girls side with Ange he was trying to force control her and that Ange is not slutty enough to fall for a coward like him! All the girls won’t allow to be controlled by him anymore and their Paramail resonate with their feelings to power up. Get this. Embryo is still puzzled why Ange won’t let him control him! So he wants to be a wife controlling husband? Well, simple. Ange is human and it is in their genes to rebel, disobey, etc. Salamandine now understands why Norma exist. To avoid being manipulated by him. They are all women so they can bear children to reject his love! So is Embryo finally ready to give up and dump Ange because he doesn’t need a woman who won’t understand his love. Ange has the best reply ever. He calls that love? He is just a f*cking narcissist who doesn’t know how to treat women and she doesn’t want the genes of a pervert who hid himself for a thousand years! It is 10 million years too early for him to even hug her! I guess she is mad enough that her blast is so powerful to rip Ragnamail apart! Impossible? Believe it! Tusk then cuts him in half! The merger stops and everyone lands back on the original Arzenal (which is bigger than the one they knew) in the original Earth. Ange and Tusk can finally hug all they want. Now that there is no reason to go to war, what is Ange’s next plan? She’ll found Arzenal as a new kingdom just for them. Of course everyone will follow her but what about the other Earth? Ange doesn’t care about it. It is like dystopia and chaotic. Ange feels they should learn to fend themselves if they want to survive. Embryo is no longer there to guide them anyway. Wah! Sylvia is the badass leader of a small resistance force! She’s taking after so much like her sister. In the aftermath, we see everyone working hard to rebuild Earth, a sombre visit to the graves of their fallen comrades and Café Ange did happen (that weird bear is the café’s mascot?).

Crossed Up, Caught In The Crossfire, Crossing The Line, Crossing Swords And At The Crossroads…
Well, it feels a bit rushed but I supposed this is the best ending that I can agree with. Because no use that they go back to that sh*t discriminating world and it is right for Ange to establish a new kingdom of harem girls for Tusk (because he is the only human male in this new world) where Norma, humans and dragons can live in peace. Let those puny ex-Mana humans learn a thing or two about survival. If they can’t adapt, then they go extinct. Simple law of evolution and survival of the fittest. Watching this series somewhat reminded me of Senki Zesshou Symphogear. Girls in tight outfits and some of them using music as part of their battle to unleash a powerful force. Furthermore, Nana Mizuki is the star of both shows so there are similarities drawn from both series. The mecha factor also reminds me of Valvrave The Liberator but personally Cross Ange feels closer to Senki Zesshou Symphogear.

Characters are great. Enough said. Despite there are a lot of main and supporting characters, some you feel may not have enough screen time (if you’re a fan of a certain character, that is), but the dynamics and relationship and interaction of the characters make it work. It is mainly Ange who steals the limelight as the most badass and changed character of the series. She is perhaps one of the main reasons why this anime rocks. Because nowadays independent, strong willed women who kick ass are definitely the in-thing today. We see her changed from a spoilt sheltered princess into a bitter, tough survivor who even has learnt to talk back with some witty lines and sarcasm! This is definitely not the same princess you knew like before. She is not perfect, though but she does learn along the way (and sometimes the hard way) what it is that is important to her. She definitely has come a long way from where she was and you could say she’s earned her place in where she is right now. If there is anybody you want to look for as inspiration whether be it business survival or something, you can look up to Ange as motivation. Despite her cold exterior initially and her less feminine ways, Ange is still very much a likeable character. She might be no angel now but I guess it is better than that God playing Embryo (or conductor or demon or whatever we want to call him).

Many of the other characters also undergo some sort of change. They start out differently and due to circumstances along the way, they change. Like Salia who is always trying her best and all she ever wanted was to be acknowledged. After so many tries, you can’t really blame her for taking the wrong path by turning to the dark side. Thank God she came back although it cost the life of an old mentor. It be nice to see her in a magical girl outfit again ;p. Then there is Hilda who started out as many would think to be the rival of Ange thanks to her b*tch attitude but halfway she becomes her ally and even admirer. You thought Chris would be the slow retard of the group, till she turned to the dark side. You thought Erscha would always be on Ange’s side. But she temporarily defected before coming back. You thought Rosalie would continue to be obsessed in getting her revenge on Zola. Then she realized being friends with those alive right now is more important. You thought Tusk was somebody whose role is to be Villkiss knight. Since when did he changed that and become Ange’s knight? Ah, I see it’s the power of love. Or maybe too many face crotch bumping. Same colour, huh? You thought Sylvia would never be able to walk again. All you need to do is scare the sh*t out of this brat and then see her run like the wind. And now she is running free like a badass survivor. See, even little girls like her can change. You thought Jill was the irreplaceable strong high commander that nobody would doubt. It took a scandal to bring her down. Sex really killed it all in her case. Haha. Oops.

You thought Emma was just a freaking useless person with huge boobs. Yes, she is still that. Haha! And there are a handful of others that don’t change like Vivian and her spunky and energetic ways even before and after the revelation that she can be turned into a dragon. After Ange, I think she has the best quips too with her straight forward lines. Salamandine never lost touch of her side of humanity despite being a dragon person. Not even losing her cool when Ange starts calling all those weird nicknames. Those dragon race bring shame upon humanity when it comes to character and personality. In fact you can say the former are being more human than the latter. Momoka too has been a loyal maid by Ange’s side ever since the start. You could say she is the only person who believed in her and stick with her through thick and thin all the way even when Ange finds her annoying. I wonder what happened to Misty. I guess she wasn’t that important of a character to the entire series and only significant for that short period.

Finally, Embryo the guy whom everybody would love to hate as we come to love and support Ange. Because nobody likes an antagonist even if he is a good looking guy to rape our favourite girl. At first he exudes this mysterious feel because not much is known about him. You wonder if he is some sort of higher being or even God himself because he seemingly cannot die and is ‘everywhere’. I feel his obsession with Ange is probably what brought a downfall to his character. Because the more he tries to force her into becoming his controlled wife, the more it seems desperate this guy is. Because it is just outright rude to not give up when a girl constantly rejects you. I know never giving up is good but not in this case. The final straw came when he starts raping Ange and the way he says things it is as though he is jealous of being beaten to be the first one to f*ck Ange. So what makes him think he can control her if he taints (I don’t think that act would be near as purifying as he claims to be) our heroine? Yeah. He’s got no style in tackling Ange like how Tusk did to let Ange have sex with him. Is the key to this ‘heaven’ the numerous face crotch accidents? And when Embryo meets his demise, we can all rejoice that he will never be coming back again.

As said, this anime uses a great number of popular seiyuus in voicing the characters. Most notably, Nana Mizuki staring as Ange. The rest (for those I recognized, that is) include Mamoru Miyano as Tusk, Yukari Tamura as Hilda, Eri Kitamura as Salia, Yui Horie as Salamandine, Yui Ogura as Chris, Kana Asumi as the high priestess, Ami Koshimizu as Erscha, Minori Chihara as Miranda and Nao Touyama as Sylvia. I thought initially Nao Touyama was behind Vivian’s voice but that turned out to be Houko Kuwashima. I know it’s not many but that is already a lot in my books. Including other veterans I should have recognized but didn’t like Megumi Hayashibara (Ange’s mother), Michiko Neya (Zola), Megumi Toyoguchi, Mai Nakahara, Akeno Watanabe and Takako Honda (Jill). It’s just sad Mamiko Noto wasn’t in :'(. This show would have been greater even if she had a small cameo part. Really. But overall, voice acting is great and they fit the characters they play well. For the rest of the cast, they include Toshihiko Seki as Embryo, Kaori Ishihara as Rosalie, Sumire Uesaka as Momoka, Mai Fuchigami as Mei, Sakiko Tamagawa as Jasmine, Yukana as Emma and Riza, Mariya Ise as Misty and Kousuke Toriumi as Julio.

Music also plays a big part of this series. When you have big names like Nana Mizuki and Yui Horie in it, you can’t expect their singing talent to go to waste. Therefore it is expected that Nana Mizuki handles the first opening theme, Kindan No Resistance which has a little Celtic feel in this rock piece. With her powerful vocals, I am pretty sure that is why this song works. She also sings the second ending theme, Shuumatsu No Love Song. Although personally I still prefer Kindan No Resistance over this slow-moderate rock piece. Well, Eri Kitamura also had a singing role in this show. The first ending theme, Rinrei is a slow rock and a beautiful piece in its own right but you can feel some sort of sadness in it. I guess when you break the singer-seiyuu combo, the song doesn’t sound so good. Because the second opening theme, Shinjitsu No Mokushiroku by Yoko Takahashi sounds so weird. I think they want to try and make it sound epic with the choir voices in the background. I think that itself is just the saving grace of the song in otherwise a weird tune and singing piece if you ask me.

There also a handful of insert songs in this series but it is mainly the Towagatari (Endless Song) and its other variations. So this is where Yui Horie is relegated to in the singing department? Kaze No Uta has this traditional oriental feel in it. Personally I prefer this version the most. Likewise, Hikari No Uta is Nana Mizuki’s solo and a bit of Celtic feel. To combine the awesomeness of both songs, that is where the El Ragna version comes in. Both singers come together and do a duet by mashing both songs together. If you hear the full version, sometimes it may feel odd because it is like both songs overlap at certain points throughout the song. You don’t know which song you are listening to but the one that I heard, Nana Mizuki’s voice seems to dominate… It could be my hardware. Or not. There is also a Hikari No Uta version sung by Embryo but personally, I think his voice doesn’t suite well with this song. Really. He shouldn’t be raping other people’s girls and he certainly shouldn’t be singing too. Really.

Art and animation is gorgeous. That includes the girls looking as hot as ever despite coming in a variety of coloured hair and hairstyles. Why not when you have a bevy of beautiful babes in tights that provides eye candy and fanservice. Otherwise, why do Norma go out in battle wearing such embarrassing outfits? I know I want to say the power is in their outfit (like my Superman theory) but think about it, would it be more comfortable to pilot the Paramail in frilly dresses. Or in a magical girl outfit? Sure, it is their casket and they may decorate it like they want to but you don’t want your laces get caught in between the controls and jamming them at crucial moments, right? So it’s a win situation for the Norma to pilot the Paramail more effectively and a win for us viewers to gawk at those delicious boobs and butts. Yeah… As for the mecha design, I’m not a huge mecha fan so they really look majestic and powerful. That’s okay with me. As for the dragons, the bigger ones look more like monster with wings. Perhaps my stereotype of what a dragon should look like gets in the way but at least they look better than the ‘dragons’ from Seiken Tsukai No World Break. If you see that show, you’ll get what I mean. CGI is also used especially for the Paramail and some of the larger dragons. Not the best but at least it is passable.

Action is also okay with lots of mecha action and power blasting effects to keep those wanting to see robot fights satisfy. It gives an excuse to see sexy ladies riding boys’ toys and fight dragons. There you have it, all in one action and fanservice. Yeah well, it goes without saying and I’ve said it for the umpteenth time that the sexiness of their outfit is a blatant excuse for fanservice reasons. Bathing scenes and especially that tantalizing sex scene between Ange and Tusk (I guess nobody wants to see any steamy sex scenes between Salia and Embryo – because nobody likes this guy). Do we hunger more for that? I wonder if that will be uncensored in the DVDs… I think it is meant to be a fanservice-cum-running-joke too because the face crotch that Tusk and Ange always end up getting into from time to time… Something tells me that this is a fanservice ‘trademark’ of the series…

I know the romance isn’t a strong point in this series but when you have action, fantasy, drama, fanservice, comedy (Ange’s sarcasm is funny) and everything else, why not put in romance as well? And so you can see how Ange turned from a non-believer into a tsundere into someone who completely puts her trust in Tusk to let him f*ck her! At least it is better than that world destroying narcissist. And don’t forget the yuri elements too. It is ironic that straight guys do not tolerate gay but accept lesbianism. I don’t know those under Zola tend to turn lesbian. There might be no men on Arzenal so where else for romance hungry women to satiate their lust? And now with Hilda totally into Ange who in turn accepts her, does this mean she is a bi? Heck, any girl pairing with Ange looks good. Salamandine, Momoka, Erscha and even Vivian… Don’t forget others like Rosalie x Chris (or is it Chris x Rosalie like she wanted?) and a big possibility that Salia’s admiration for Jill could turn into some sort of yuri relationship had she not been rejected too many times. Too bad the latter is gone now.

One of my favourite sections is the next episode preview. Basically this section is where they tremendously break the fourth wall and speak with no holds barred. It is funny because you hear the characters say things that they would never really say during the show and some of them are witty or silly enough that it really sounds funny and amusing. Like how from the first episode Ange was complaining about her unfair treatment and the lack of presence of any robots despite a bevy of beauties. Some of the memorable ones include Ange complaining the next episode reviews have always been lies and not living up to expectations and that the next episode too will not, Ange really thinking would have actually died this week and if not next week, Ange complaining nobody died in recent episodes and that the friends she makes are sure to die only for Hilda to quickly rebuke she is her friend, Salamandine complaining that when she finally made her debut she has more lines in the preview than the actual episode itself, Ange sick of doing previews with Tusk and decides to leave (like she can), Salia lamenting the kind of fate her character was being given (like being thrown into the ocean and returned as a bad guy) so Ange replies the staff hates her but Salia fires back that it could be her that they hate more, Hilda fears of losing more screen time again but Ange teases her that is what she get for calling her names in the first place and finally the final episode preview that has them making a pun of the show’s name.

Overall, this is a great show to watch and don’t let the sexiness cloud your vision. Just take the sexy parts as added bonus while you watch this impressive series. Because don’t forget it also has big robots, big epic mecha fights, music, dragons, and sex. Whoops! You can learn a lot about human behaviour and the tenacity of what it takes for one to survive. It gives us hope that even the most unlikeliest and unlikely person can still change for the better (sometimes for worse). Because nobody would have ranked a princess to be in the top 100 types of people to survive an Apocalypse. But Ange changes all that and shows it to us how it is done. It may be hard at first but the first step is always the hardest and need some getting used to. Because when humanity comes crashing down, don’t come running to Ange for help. She won’t give a sh*t about you. If you don’t take care of yourself, who else will? We are all not so lucky like her to have a good loyal maid… Or multiple face crotch incidents.

Nobunaga The Fool

February 27, 2015

Oh dear. Not another Nobunaga anime adaptation. Can’t they get enough of him? Can’t they put him to rest already? But wait. Something about Nobunaga The Fool attracted me to watch it. This Nobunaga adaptation isn’t a gender bender one in the sense that the mighty unifier of Japan is turned into a woman, so where is the motivation to watch it? Furthermore, there are mecha elements and that itself is already a put off. So what is it? They mix it in with western historical figures! Wait a minute. Me, interested in that? Okay, not generally. But I really thought how cool it is to see the likes of Nobunaga and the other warring state generals with Joan of Arc, King Arthur, Leonardo Da Vinci and Julius Caesar. Yeah. It’s a mishmash and clash of both very different civilizations.

As the story goes, this fantasy setting whereby there are 2 worlds, namely the Western Star and Eastern Star. Both worlds are embroiled in turmoil and endless fights. There is something that could revolutionize and save the world and thus bringing peace but such is only known to a ‘heretical girl’ who envisioned a saviour that would save both planets. She embarks on a mission to find that saviour but it turns out the saviour is the ‘greatest fool’ of the land. Well, did anybody ever tell you never to judge a book by its cover?

Episode 1: The Star
In 1431 France, Jeanne Kaguya d’Arc is about to be burnt at the stake. I suppose she was praying to God when she heard a voice calling her as Ranmaru. If there is a world after this one, that is where they shall gain dominance. She views him as the Saviour King. Jeanne wakes up in tears yet again dreaming this dream. Similarly, Nobunaga Oda wakes up from another dream whereby his trusted aide, Mitsuhide Akechi betrayed him. Their world is currently fragmented and embroiled in clan wars. Nobunaga is advised not to miss Nobukatsu, his brother’s coming of age ceremony. Rendezvousing with Hideyoshi Toyotomi, they notice a large force from Shingen Takeda is making their way to their border. Nobunaga deduces that they might be just testing waters by testing their ability to mount an immediate response. Nobunaga goes to warn the border fortress. However they don’t believe him since Nobunaga has racked up a reputation as a fool. They are pretty confident this fort can hold whatever attack it may come. Of course needless to say, the end result is obvious. Nobunaga is stunned and shocked at the magnitude of their lost and annihilation. Back on the Western Star, Jeanne is still the target of rumours since others believe she is demon possessed. Leonardo Da Vinci approaches her, claiming to serve King Arthur. He lets her choose a tarot card and she picks out the star. He knows about the voice that speaks to her and invites her on a journey to the Eastern Star and find the king who shall save both stars. Riding on Magellan’s ship with the pretence to test out his new Giant War Armour, when Jeanne sees another vision, Da Vinci figures it is time to move. They hijack a Giant War Armour down to the Eastern Star before Magellan could do anything. Nobunaga is reeling from this big defeat and it makes him more determined to bring changes. He isn’t going to run away. Mitsuhide and Hideyoshi agree to follow his dream. A shooting star crashes nearby and it turns out to be a ship from the Western Star. Nobunaga enters it to check it out and follows a certain scent which leads him to unconscious Jeanne. A couple of Giant War Armours are approaching the site so Nobunaga climbs into the cockpit (with unconscious Jeanne). He hears a voice (Da Vinci) about only the true Saviour King can operate this machine. And you could have guessed it. He activates this machine like as though he is a natural. Jeanne wakes up and believes he is the Saviour King.

Episode 2: The Lovers
Operating it doesn’t seem so easy, though. He is told to synchronize himself and be one. Jeanne points her knife at his throat but at that position, can she even make a decent kill? Nobunaga throws her to the back. The enemy Giant War Armours open fire but Nobunaga easily slices them. Jeanne is convinced he is the Saviour King and came to this planet to meet him. The machine shuts down after the fight. Da Vinci introduces himself before Nobunaga and his men. He whispers to Jeanne about Nobunaga being the Saviour King. They need to find out the truth then. Meanwhile King Arthur’s round table discuss about Da Vinci’s betrayal and his intentions on Eastern Star. Gaius Julius Caesar offers to take the duty of bringing Da Vinci back because he possesses a wide knowledge on Giant War Armours and can pose a serious threat to them in the future. Nobunaga and co ride a trailer back to their castle at Owari. Mitsuhide is surprised the Western Star had such Giant War Armours at their disposal unlike on this planet they are rare. Nobunaga mocks Jeanne’s mission to come to this star to fulfil a destiny because it seems like she is following somebody’s destiny. She has no choice or else a disaster will befall on her star. And nobody knows what disaster it will be. Sounds like a wild goose chase, huh? Nobunaga thinks of naming his Giant War Armour. Because he is deemed as a fool by everyone, he decides to call it The Fool. I don’t know about his naming sense but at least it sounds unique because you’d be tired after hearing all those majestic names. Mitsuhide warns they may unleash something undesirable if they continue using the machine. Nobunaga is not cowed. If it unleashes hell, he will become the demon king. Da Vinci gives Nobunaga a timepiece as token of their friendship. So what does he want in return? The truth of this universe. Nobunaga welcomes him to serve them but Mitsuhide believes Nobuhide and his retainers will surely have something to say. Besides, Jeanne is a woman. Nobunaga doesn’t mind till he is reminded about his sister, Ichihime. Nobunaga wants Jeanne to dress up as a man and will call her Ranmaru. Nobunaga crashes into his brother’s ceremony to inform a fortress of theirs have fallen. He gives Nobukatsu the timepiece. Warning that they could fall to other clans too, this is what he proposes. He shows off The Fool and Nobuhide wonders if he has intended to make himself to king of this star.

Episode 3: The Chariot
Shingen thinks of testing Nobunaga and prepares to head off in his Giant War Armour, Fuurin Kazan. Mitsuhide tries to persuade Nobuhide to accept the Western Star’s services. However they believe bringing in the barbarians will only speed up their destruction. They think they are spies for Shingen. Mitsuhide will take full responsibility but they won’t hear anymore. Nobukatsu invites Ranmaru to join him for archery. He speaks of the lack of resolve he needs to shoulder the burden unlike his brother. He pleads to Ranmaru to be by Nobunaga’s side and take care of him since he is often misunderstood. Can’t say no to that, can’t she? Da Vinci discusses with Nobunaga about the need to infuse The Fool with some Regalia to account for its weaknesses. News break out that Shingen’s forces are coming. The Oda forces are low in morale. I mean, how the heck are those foot soldiers going to fight those Giant War Armours? Nobunaga gives them a much needed lift. He fires his arrows through the cockpit window and hits the pilot! Bull’s eye! Now it’s time for the big action. The Fool versus Fuurin Kazan. During the fight, a nearby house catches fire. Ranmaru sees several children trapped and she goes to save them. However the fire blocks her exit and her trauma of being burnt by flames paralyzes her. Nobunaga uses The Fool’s sword swing to cool down the fires and save her. Shingen thought he turned his back on the match but Nobunaga was just biding his time. He was waiting for the rain to fall. It isn’t just to douse the fire but to call forth the lightning which is a manifestation of a Regalia. Queen Himiko of Yamatai is responsible for that Lightning Regalia and if Nobunaga accepts her terms, she will gladly give it to him. Nobunaga realizes too late the words he is made to recite is actually a vow to marry her! So in addition to getting this Regalia, he’s got a wife too. The Regalia powers up The Fool with awesome accessories that make it look much better than its original plain generic design. Really. And now for the big power clash. Fire and… Lightning?

Episode 4: The Magician
The Fool has better endurance than Fuurin Kazan. But after that lethal strike, The Fool goes offline. Shingen also withdraws seeing his machine is also at its limits. Everyone boards Himiko’s flying vessel, Ameno Torifune for a ride back to Owari. Mitsuhide tells Nobuhide and the retainers about Nobunaga’s marriage. They feel relieved that with this strategic alliance, others won’t attack and use this time to strengthen their defence. Nobunaga doesn’t believe in this and wants to launch a surprise attack. As both sides are logger heads, Da Vinci suggests holding a betrothal ceremony instead of a wedding as cooling off period. Of course this infuriates Himiko. Jeanne spars with Nobunaga in a sword fight. She doesn’t handle the sword well since she lacks focus and still feels guilty over that fire incident. He tells her off how she won’t be able to kill with that mentality. Because this world as at war and only those who create their own destiny will survive. Himiko interrupts them and is suspicious about Ranmaru. She unrobes her chest and confirms she is a woman. Nobunaga tells Himiko a secret so she won’t say this to anyone. Then the ladies get on each other’s nerves with strange rumours of each other’s planets. Mitsuhide talks to Da Vinci about if anybody else could pilot The Fool. Hideyoshi wants his own so Da Vinci will think about it. Jeanne couldn’t sleep that night as she kept dreaming the kids call her a demon because she was able to foresee danger (though she warned them about it but it fell on deaf ears). She talks to Ichihime and yells out her earnest opinion on Nobunaga as a big idiot. That felt good, didn’t it? Ichihime doesn’t feel sad to have a fool as her brother because others just do not see his true self. Nobukatsu talks to Nobunaga and envies his carefree way to live and feels people will be crushed by the expectations of him. Nobunaga doesn’t like this kind of talk. The commoners have to pay to see the betrothal ceremony (a disguise used to collect military funds). Himiko is in a western wedding dress and Nobunaga dresses up like a fool! The grand show begins with Ichihime singing. Himiko wants a passionate kiss (I thought she didn’t like western stuffs?) but he carries and swings her around like he used to when they were kids. To cut the cake (a giant castle?), they use the majestic sword swing of The Fool! The electricity discharge may have shocked some. Literally.

Episode 5: The Tower
Caesar is down on Eastern Star. He gets captivated by Ichihime’s beauty and vows to take Oda’s castle. Nobuhide is still not impressed with Nobunaga showing off The Fool because the enemy size is not the issue but how their men feel. Nobunaga is still adamant and will show what The Fool can do. He plots to destroy Fuurin Kazan. Himiko is visited by Ichihime who brings a message from Nobunaga. Disappointed not her betrothed in person? As he is busy making plans against Shingen, Ichihime is here on his behalf to learn how to activate the Regalia. She refuses and will tell it to him personally. So Nobunaga creates a bond with his blood and now can activate it. Jeanne ponders if Nobunaga is the Saviour King or just some destructive beast. Da Vinci thinks it is their destiny to find that out. When it is time to move out, Nobunaga prepares to ride The Fool. Nobuhide wants him to slay him if he is still bent on going. Sorry, he isn’t into slaying weak people. Suddenly Nobunaga drops dead! Actually, he is paralyzed by a drink. With Shingen’s forces closing in, Nobuhide goes into battle. He has Nobukatsu defend the castle and Ichihime to continue believing in Nobunaga no matter what. Nobuhide faces off with Shingen as Nobunaga regains his consciousness. He realizes this is part of Mitsuhide’s cunning plan. He purposely poisoned his drink to avoid him going into battle as he heard about assassination rumours on him during the battle. He suggests waiting for the right time for him to go into battle and save the day. Which is about now. Nobuhide loses but here comes his son to the rescue. The fight Shingen has been waiting for. Suddenly a third party crashes in. Caesar is going to help Shingen. After a powerful blast that pushes The Fool down, he dashes ahead. Nobunaga can’t go after him since Shingen is going to take him on. Nobuhide gets up to defend the castle. By the time Ranmaru assists Nobunaga to get the better of Shingen, Caesar stabs Nobuhide! Mission accomplished? Nobunaga becomes filled with rage that it’s enough to blow everything apart. It’s like he had become a raging monster. Nobuhide in his dying breathe has a few things to say. Well, even if father and son don’t get along, they are still father and son. Regretting this? Not as much as Mitsuhide who believes it is his fault for miscalculating and made a terrible mistake and Jeanne who thinks the disaster was on Nobuhide instead on Nobunaga. So once the old guy is gone, angry Nobunaga is again filled with rage. Heads are going to roll.

Episode 6: Strength
As Ichihime narrates, the death of Nobuhide means outside forces will see this as an opportunity to attack whereas respective supporters of Nobukatsu and Nobunaga will clash. Nobunaga is clearly missing even from his father’s funeral rites. The retainers want Nobukatsu to continue with the rites as they have waited long enough. Suddenly Nobunaga barges in and dressed as a fool. He takes Nobuhide’s ashes and scatters it around. One of the retainers, Hayashi is going to slay him for his uncouth behaviour when Nobunaga seemingly summon the wind carrying sakura petals. Then he just left without a word. Mitsuhide wants Hayashi arrested for committing treason against the clan lord but nobody dares to move. Hayashi makes his own way to the dungeon. Jeanne cannot take more of this and packs her bags to leave. Himiko couldn’t be happier. She tells her that she is unable to grasp Nobunaga’s vast potential and unless she is strong enough to see his goals and support him, she cannot hope to stay by his side during these war times. Nobukatsu talks to Mitsuhide about Nobunaga being a better clan head. But he would like to protect his land and not let his people suffer anymore. Though the retainers are oppose to Nobunaga to become the next head and pushing Nobukatsu to be the clan head, Nobukatsu assures he doesn’t have any intention of pushing Nobunaga aside and seize power. Nobukatsu plans to agree to this plan temporarily to unite the clan and then step aside for Nobunaga. Mitsuhide in his monologue views Nobukatsu as a great ruler who cares for his people. It would have worked if he lived in a different era. Because unless Nobunaga leads them, this hell cannot be tamed. He who has vowed to follow the demon lord will also become a demon. He is going to snipe Nobukatsu. But his hands are shaking… Jeanne on her way in the woods hears a loud cry. Is it a beast? This leads her to see Nobunaga underneath the waterfall and screaming his heart out. So is she having a change of heart? She then spots a sniper trying to take him out. Before she can do anything, Himiko takes the shot and dies in his arms, glad she has fulfilled her duty as his wife. The sniper got killed by female ninjas. Similarly, Nobukatsu is lying in his own pool of blood.

Episode 7: The Hierophant
Mitsuhide remembers seeing his father committing seppuku as he pulls the trigger. As Nobunaga brings Himiko in to seek treatment, Mitsuhide with a heavy heart announces Nobukatsu is dead. Everyone is gloomy. Nobunaga blames himself for being worthless. Isn’t that why he is called a fool? Even Jeanne is feeling down and talks her problems to Da Vinci. So she’s staying? Caesar talks to Shingen about what he did and he views Shingen an important ‘business partner’. Nobunaga and his retainers are discussing those responsible behind the assassinations. Many accuse Shingen so Nobunaga decides to go ask him directly. He is going to just talk and not fight. Meeting Shingen in person, Nobunaga asks him straight if he ordered those assassinations. Shingen denies. Okay. That’s it? How can he believe him so easily? Because that resolve is written all over his face and that it is not his way of resorting to cowardly tactics. Shingen has Nobunaga join in his hospitality by serving sake. And then they go fight. What? I thought they said no fighting? Oh Jeanne, you can’t understand how men think. No one is to interfere in their fight so their power battle rages on and are both on equal footing. So great that their powers cause a great mist. Conveniently blocking any witnesses of what is about to happen, huh? In the end, Nobunaga defeats Shingen by stabbing him in the chest. Shingen admits defeat and gives him his Fire Regalia and wants him to go conquer the Heavens and Earth. However before he can hand over his Wind Regalia, Caesar stabs him from the back and his little servant twins, Nell and Bianchi still that Regalia from his hand. Nobunaga knows advantage is not on his side and flees. Shingen’s men are in grief over their lord’s death. Caesar paints Nobunaga the bad guy that he cowardly killed Shingen from the back and fled. He promises them revenge at all costs. Just going as planned…

Episode 8: Wands
Shingen’s advisors give Caesar read a letter from Kenshin Uesugi that was supposedly for Shingen. Nobunaga informs his retainers that it wasn’t Shingen who did the assassination and could be some outside force trying to take advantage of it all. The main priority now is to attack Caesar and take back Wind Regalia. Nobunaga asks Da Vinci more about Caesar. He is one of the brothers of the Round Table under Arthur sent to investigate the Regalia because the ley lines of the Eastern Star is more volatile, to find those who can master it. Da Vinci goes technical in his explanation. In short, he believes there is a strong correlation of the Regalia’s power and the willpower of the one using it. The problem in storming the castle is that their forces will be outnumbered. Hideyoshi suggests building a fort overnight and Da Vinci thinks it’s not impossible. Before Nobunaga leaves, Jeanne sees a vision he got killed by Caesar. So why doesn’t she just say it if it’s going to bother her a lot? Caesar tries out the Wind Regalia but nothing happens. It must be because Shingen has left its bond to Nobunaga. The only way is to kill him to nullify the bond, take all his Regalia and get the princess. The Oda forces surprise Takeda forces with their overnight might. As they head into battle, The Fool comes into the picture. Caesar thinks it was a distraction and will handle him while the army storm the castle. However when they reach there, it is empty. The castle is just a hologram projection. Takeda forces get wiped out. The battle between the Giant War Armours begins. I thought it is rather odd to see big robots riding big metal horses. I mean, WTF. Is this even necessary? Nobunaga surprises everyone by combining his Regalia and it wields a new different power. Suddenly out of the blue, Caesar stabs Nobunaga just like in Jeanne’s vision. I guess she was desperate to save him so she rushes out into the battlefield waving the white flag. You think Caesar cares? She prays so hard for the Heavens to protect Nobunaga and suddenly this power itself manifests into another new power for The Fool. Caesar loses Wind Regalia to Nobunaga and he unleashes all the elements on him. Yeah. He got burnt, blown away and struck. What an unlucky way to lose. With Oda forces obtaining a big victory, Jeanne vows to protect Nobunaga with her life.

Episode 9: The Moon
The citizens’ spirit are renewed after the victory of Caesar. Da Vinci has created another Giant War Armour built from other parts from such machines salvaged during the war. Orleans is for Jeanne to pilot and maximize her protective Regalia. Meanwhile Caesar sees Kenshin and fights him just to gauge his strength. Mitsuhide still has nightmares over Nobukatsu’s death. Jeanne pilots Orleans fine but it seems she cannot activate her Regalia and Nobunaga finds her annoying to be at this state. Then the news came in. Caesar has formed an alliance with Kenshin. The citizens prepare to leave in droves as they believe they will not stand up to their attacks. So much for having faith in your leader. Kenshin and Caesar personally speak but it seems Kenshin doesn’t like Caesar. Unlike Shingen who possesses the true warlord spirit, Caesar doesn’t and his eyes look deceiving. Mitsuhide’s spy informs him that Shibata and Hayashi are trying to make another move again so Mitsuhide has no choice but to take action. However he his hand still trembles. What is he scared of? His hands are already tainted in blood. Ichihime comes in to talk and calm him down. Nobunaga shoots arrows at Jeanne as he believes her Regalia will activate if faced with a mortal threat. As long as she is the way she is now, her Regalia will not respond to her will. He tells him of his desire to move forward for the Heavens and Earth and unify everyone under his rule. Yet is she still indulged with her selfish desire to protect him? He wants her to take a deep look at him to see how great a man he is. What did she see? The universe! Oh sh*t! He is really that great! With renewed resolve, her Regalia activates and protects her from Nobunaga’s strike. Meanwhile Mitsuhide is shocked to hear the retainers wanting to make Nobunaga their clan lord and then surrender to Caesar as they believe war will annihilate their clan and it is better to preserve it this way. Of course Nobunaga won’t have it this way and gives his piece of mind about such cowardly method that doesn’t deserve protection. How can submitting to the enemy protect their name? He will transform their resolve into strength and those who disagree slay him now and take over. Everyone bows down to him and since all the citizens heard (thanks to Da Vinci’s loud amplifier), they rally behind their lord. Feeling great now, huh? Ichihime gives Nobunaga a gift from their father once he becomes a true man. An empty bowl. It signifies presence and absence and thus totality. He greatly accepts it.

Episode 10: Temperance
Takamagahara is a sacred and neutral place and it locates a bridge that links to the Western Star. The Round Table guys do not understand why Arthur is sending Giant War Armour to Caesar when he has failed. But they are going to punish him if he disappoints them again. With Oda clan now unified and growing stronger, Caesar doesn’t understand why Kenshin isn’t going to strike them. Why did they form this alliance in the first place? Kenshin doesn’t want him to misunderstand. It seems he loves war and chaos. For it to be beautiful, it must be big and continuous and that’s why he let Nobunaga grow instead of crushing him when his forces are weak. In other words, the better the foe, the more worthy it is to be crushed. And more beautiful. Nobunaga gets word that Giant War Armours are being sent by Western Star and will be reaching Takamagahara. Caesar hears Nobunaga is going to attack them with a large army and so he prepares his. However it is just a diversion as Nobunaga and Mitsuhide infiltrate the very lax security of Takamagahara and plant bombs. Similarly, Hideyoshi and Jeanne do the same but plant transmitting devices. Jeanne couldn’t understand why Hideyoshi can eat at this time. He explains he had a sister and died by the Oda clan’s hands. They were very poor farmers living from hand to mouth daily. Due to the war, all their harvest was taken by the army as tax. They were left to starve. His sister was already weak but it was also good in the sense she didn’t have to put up any struggle. At first he hated the Oda clan and wanted revenge. He joined the army just for that. However he realized Nobunaga is a great man and decided to follow him. However if he ever shows signs of weaknesses, he’ll not hesitate to kill him. He wants Jeanne to keep this a secret. Finally the security detects intruders but they’re all easily dealt with. The device is activated and from what I understand, this Da Vinci’s invention allows them to control and gather the power of the ley lines that makes handling Giant War Armours difficult. Then they hijack the Western Star’s Giant War Armours. But one of them has Marcus Junius Brutus piloting it as he smashes his enemies. Hideyoshi climbs into one and starts piloting but is weak. He doesn’t mind dying for Nobunaga when that big man mocks his weak resolve to kill him. He knows about it. Hideyoshi decides not to only follow him but to become a great man who will stand by his side and shape this era together. Nobunaga gives him the Wind Regalia. He activates it and his Giant War Armour becomes like that legendary monkey king. Inclusive of that cloud flying stunt. He easily defeats Brutus. Once the victory is achieved, the decoy Oda forces retreat and Caesar realizes he has been fooled this time.

Episode 11: Death
Caesar talks to Brutus and they confirm Jeanne is that girl from Domremy village who can listen to the Heavens. The question is what did she hear and it could be Da Vinci’s plan from the start. With Nobunaga’s victory, neighbouring countries are in a dilemma to form an alliance or attack him now. Nobunaga has also ordered the evacuation of his people because he knows Caesar will come and attack soon to prevent them time from mastering their Giant War Armour. Jeanne is confident Orleans can protect everyone but Nobunaga is not so certain to rely solely on her. Soon Caesar’s forces attack and won strategic points that surround Nobunaga’s headquarters. Hayashi and Shibata perished in those battles. Nobunaga, Jeanne and Hideyoshi ride their Giant War Armour into battle. However it heats up and it takes time for it to cool down. They discuss Caesar’s light spear as the main problem. Mitsuhide suggests baiting Caesar to use it once as it takes time to recharge. Orleans will deflect that first shot before Nobunaga and Hideyoshi go in for the final blow. Everything goes according to plan. Caesar finds the recharge slower than usual because Ameno Torifune carries the ley lines absorbing device. But when Caesar refuses to be defeated, the dragons of the land respond to his wish and give him immense power. Now this cannon shoots ominous red beam! Orleans goes to deflect it but the power is so great that even Jeanne is screaming in fear. This causes the beam to scatter in different directions all over the place, destroying everything. The twins love watching this and even wish for more deaths. In the aftermath, Jeanne sees how the citizens have perished and becomes traumatized. It was like the death tarot card she pulled earlier. She blames herself as death. Nobunaga hugs her and doesn’t think so. Because he was the one supposed to pull it and thus he is death. Caesar won’t kill them because it’s his policy not to kill woman (?!). But this explains he knows Jeanne’s identity. He claims victory over this war and further strife is meaningless. He wants Nobunaga to submit to him. However Nobunaga invites him to a tea party and they will settle it there.

Episode 12: The Fool
Caesar accepts and calls his troops to a temporary ceasefire. While preparations are underway, Nobunaga now understands the words of his father to understand his men. He learnt the lesson the hard way. As for if Caesar will play dirty or not, Nobunaga views this is the best time to test him and figure his intentions as well as the Western Star’s. If he asks for the Regalia, he will of course refuse to give it up. Because he believes Caesar is looking for someone who can control the Regalia. If he had only been after the Regalia itself, he could have killed Nobunaga anytime in the war. Ichihime will be the host of the tea ceremony so she teaches Nobunaga the customs. They will be using the empty bowl. Back at Caesar, he is in a dilemma. Capture Nobunaga and bring him to Arthur or defeat him and take his Regalia. Because his true goal is to make Nobunaga his ally and defeat Alexander. The tea ceremony begins and Nobunaga doesn’t want them to be too stiff or formal. How else can you enjoy the tea, right? Nobunaga begins by asking about Arthur. Caesar believes he is the Saviour King who will save this world. Arthur aims to use the Regalia’s infinite powers to create a Holy Grail to save this world from certain destruction. Failure to do so means the world will end. Caesar wants Nobunaga to surrender all his Regalia and join forces with him. In exchange, he will assure his land and people under his protection. However Nobunaga refuses because he still doubts if he would do that after handing it over. But Caesar replies this discussion is unnecessary for Nobunaga is not the one who will save the world. At that moment, Jeanne interjects and objects to it. She is certain she saw Nobunaga in her vision being the Saviour King. Could there be a possibility of 2 Saviour Kings? Nobunaga says he will live the life he wants and not change the way he lives. At first he thought he wanted a Giant War Armour, thus the hijacking. He realized what he wanted was the ability to pilot it. The Western Star must have been providing Eastern Star with such to find those with ability and it so happen Nobunaga and Caesar vied for each other. He believes now it is not the time to fight as it will bring destruction to the stars. When will they settle their score then? When he faces Arthur. Caesar proposes a temporary truce and as proof of his goodwill, he will protect his land and people with all his might. But in exchange, he wants Ichihime’s hand in marriage. Shocking! Nobody saw that coming, eh? They think it’s like holding her hostage. But Ichihime will answer this herself. She agrees to it as long as it will save her people, land and even Eastern Star. Hey, even Caesar is surprised by this. But if he fails to live up to his promise, she will take his life even if it costs hers. So is he up to it? Suddenly a crack is seen on Western Star but Mitsuhide is still reeling from the shock.

Episode 13: Ace Of Swords
Ichihime… Crying alone… Regret? Mitsuhide spars with Nobunaga. The latter still has not given up on his dream to unify Heaven and Earth. If he fails, he wants him to cut him down. Calamity is befalling on Western Star. Arthur and the Round Table discuss of Caesar’s treason. Some want him beheaded but there are those who believe he is just deceiving his allies so that he could bring everything back to Arthur. Thus even more reason to believe Caesar will backstab them. Due to the little time left, Arthur gives the green light to invade Eastern Star. Caesar also tells Nobunaga about this invasion because their ley lines are weakening. Nobunaga agrees to strike swiftly and fight their way to Arthur. Later Mitsuhide confronts Jeanne about her visions. Are they just illusions to manipulate Nobunaga? She explains about this ability she had she was young. Nobody believed her to a point they think she is the one causing the misfortune. So when she sees one, she chose to remain silent. Till she saw Nobunaga as the Saviour King. If this comes true, it will erase the feeling that all her visions only bring misfortune. That is what she really wants to believe. Da Vinci demonstrates some system that enhances the abilities of Ameno Torifune by resonating the Regalias and thus allows Himiko to cross the sea of stars. The ship is powered up and Nobunaga renames it as Azuchi, the peaceful land. Mitsuhide seeks Da Vinci’s thoughts about visions. He is then shown a painting that represents the truth of this world but Da Vinci can’t say more than that. Hideyoshi speaks to Mitsuhide and knows he likes Ichihime. He encourages to speak his feelings but I don’t think it’ll be that easy. Because Ichihime comes from a warlord clan, she accepted the proposal because it is her duty. But she is the one suffering the most about having to go to Caesar and he should understand where she’s coming from. Now it’s Ichihime’s turn to talk to Mitsuhide. She thanks him for being there, things could not be the same without him, etc. He in turn apologizes for not being able to protect her. She will go to Caesar tomorrow for her people and star. That’s why she wants him to stay by Nobunaga’s side. His dream is now hers. She gives him her comb and if anything happens to her, she wants him to bury it at Bodaiji Temple. Although he accepts it, he promises he will not let anything happen to her. Yeah. Send his ninja ladies to do the job.

Episode 14: The Empress
Hannibal Barca and Charlemagne are approaching Eastern Star. Caesar is sad that Ichihime is not smiling so he introduces to her chocolate cake. Who doesn’t love chocolate cake even if it’s their first time tasting such sweetness? As Da Vinci shows Nobunaga some contraption about compressed frozen air, Hannibal and Charlemagne drop down in their Giant War Armour, freezing the lake they stand on. Nobunaga of course goes to engage them but Hideyoshi underestimates them and gets frozen by their freezing combo. Hannibal has frozen the citizens and threatens to take their lives if Nobunaga does not hand over the Regalia. Jeanne jumps in between. She will hand over hers in exchange for them to stop. Hannibal gladly orders Charlemagne to release the hostages. Yeah. He released them alright. Release their lives. He smashes the ice. It’s raining blood. Jeanne is devastated that she didn’t keep her promise but Hannibal reprimands her for citing Nobunaga as the Saviour King. Arthur is the only Saviour King and that disrespect has her deserve a million deaths. Jeanne throws her Regalia to Nobunaga. But he can’t do anything since Hannibal is putting her blade at Jeanne’s throat. Charlemagne cuts up Nobunaga who is reduced to a sitting duck. Before he could kill him, Caesar fires his cannon into the sky to disperse the clouds that is the source of the duo’s amplified powers. Hannibal is not pleased Caesar has betrayed the Brotherhood but it seems he decided to follow his wife’s wishes. What good would a husband be if he doesn’t? Oh, you don’t know… Ichihime wanted to go to war but Caesar wouldn’t allow her. He also won’t attack since it would mean betraying the Brotherhood. However Ichihime throws him the ultimatum. Choose. His wife or his master. This sounds familiar in real life… And so Caesar is willing to cast away everything in the name of love! Hannibal orders her henchmen to finish them off but here comes Kenshin to turn the tables. They are going to finish off Hannibal when Charlemagne won’t allow her beloved to be touched. He rips out her cockpit, gives her his Regalia and then sacrifices himself by destructing his Giant War Armour to send Hannibal flying back up into space to be retrieved by their comrades. Although Hannibal has Jeanne in her hands, she vows revenge over Charlemagne’s death and will burn that planet down. She will also flay Jeanne alive but Cesare Borgia won’t allow it and stabs her! Join your beloved in Heaven.

Episode 15: The Hanged Man
Nobunaga and co are heading to the Western Star to rescue Jeanne. Cesare reports the deaths of Hannibal and Charlemagne killed by Nobunaga. Later he tortures Jeanne in hopes that she will acknowledge Arthur as the Saviour King because people will believe her words as a prophet. She will not budge but before he can torture her further, Niccolo Machiavelli wants to handle it from here. Mere physical torture won’t do. This girl must experience some mental torture too. She brings Jeanne to her home village and makes her walk through the town. Everyone hides in their homes. Crucified in a chapel, Machiavelli brings her old friends and let them explain the misfortune she has brought. She continues playing mind games from Jeanne at all the persecution she has been suffering from. Also, her parents have been exiled from this village ever since she left this star. They didn’t even do anything wrong. The only way to escape this is to acknowledge Arthur and become his wife. Jeanne won’t be cowed and has always believed Nobunaga is the sole Saviour King. Da Vinci couldn’t understand why Jeanne is brought to her birthplace so the twins report that they heard she is going to be executed. Jeanne is to be burnt at the stake and everyone in town is forced to watch. Why do they have this guilty feeling then? Machiavelli talks to Jeanne one last time. Her goal is to inherit her power. Whether it can be or not doesn’t matter. After she dies, she will lie to the people that she has obtained her power and they will believe her. Besides, the other reason she is brought to this village is because she can’t kill Jeanne under Cesare’s watch because he wants her alive for her power. Jeanne sees visions that this village will burn down. The people think it is the devil’s work and start running. Mist descends on the place and it is Nobunaga and co attacking. The attack is just a diversion to clear the way for Nobunaga to save Jeanne. The village is further engulfed in flames and Jeanne can’t bear to see the people die. Nobunaga lends his Regalia to her in which she activates the wind but the flames are too big. Her earnest determination to live as a normal human being is probably what puts out the fire. Cesare and his men arrive. Hand over Jeanne. No can’t do. Nobunaga doesn’t care about the prophecy and won’t hand over Jeanne as she is his retainer. Suddenly the villagers form a line to prevent Cesare and his men from taking Jeanne. They let them escape. Trying to make up for the awful things they did to her? However after Nobunaga and Jeanne retreat far enough, the land starts acting up and it turns all buildings and people into nothingness. Jeanne wallows in despair and Nobunaga thought he saw some horrifying vision.

Episode 16: Ace Of Cups
Arthur notes that with the Eastern Regalia wielder and the girl who sees visions appearing, the Western Star enters a new era. And when the 12 chosen are assembled, the ultimate Regalia called Holy Grail will appear. In the near future, its sacred wielder will also come to the Round Table. But will the Holy Grail or their destruction come first? Jeanne starts to wonder if Nobunaga is the Destroyer King instead because all this happened when he came into contact with this planet. Nobunaga hides Jeanne in the crevices of the dark cave to fool Cesare and his men chasing them. Then they go back out the same way they came in. Nobunaga mentions the nightmare he often saw as a kid. He was enjoying killing his people. He thinks Jeanne is more of a Saviour King than him because ever since they’ve met, he has forgotten about his nightmares. She has saved more lives than him. Whatever king he is called, he will still follow his own path. The village then crumbles to reveal an ancient temple underneath. It has familiar symbols. From Da Vinci’s theory, these pillars (known as Pillars of Hercules) are those that connect the stars. They plan to use its power to propel Azuchi back up into space and back into Eastern Star. Mitsuhide rides down to retrieve Nobunaga and Jeanne while Caesar and Hideyoshi stall Cesare’s army. When Caesar strikes down Cesare, he isn’t aware that he planted some bomb in his armour. Nobunaga is ambushed by Machiavelli who is obsessed in obtaining a Regalia because she believes this is her ticket to enter the Round Table. Mitsuhide stays back to stall her and let Nobunaga and Jeanne up Azuchi. When Mitsuhide cannot make it in time, Caesar dives down to get him but the bomb activates and disarms his armour. Azuchi warps out into space. Arthur notes the awakening of Pillars of Hercules that links both stars. It is the fanfare announcing the imminent restoration of the Holy Grail.

Episode 17: The Hermit
As Himiko tries to go get Nobunaga, in her weakened state she falls off Azuchi. Nobunaga dives down to save her and they wait on a little island before Azuchi picks them up. Da Vinci analyzes Himiko (as a painter, he is quite acquainted with a naked body of a woman) and although he detects something, he relays to Nobunaga that she is just weak from using too much power and needs to rest. Caesar and Mitsuhide are captured by Cesare. Mitsuhide is beaten up when he gets worked up after Cesare badmouths his father. This prompts Caesar to think his father is his weakness. Why would a smart guy like him work under Nobunaga? He isn’t fit to seek dominion, can’t use a Regalia so a strategist is the best he can be. His ambitions may be a means to shake off the shadow cast by his father. Nobunaga talks to Himiko about meeting when they were younger. It seems to be a sacred place between life and death and the ley lines converge where Yamatai priestesses seclude and train themselves fighting monsters within their soul. Nobunaga happened to wandered lost there and he ‘slays’ some monsters to make her smile. Nobunaga might not remember because the barriers may have tampered with his memories but for a mortal for him to live, it proves that the ley lines accepted him. She chose to become his bride not because of that but because she fell in love with him at first sight. Later Himiko talks to Jeanne and hates how she can pretend and hide her feelings even she is by his side as though nothing happened. As a woman, she declares war with her over Nobunaga. Jeanne also does the same because she too loves Nobunaga. The fool has got another set of wars waiting for him… Meanwhile Alexander is summoned by Arthur. It is time for him to move and wreak havoc on Eastern Star. To reward his loyalty, Arthur shows his face. It looks pretty normal but I guess it was ‘beautiful’ enough for Alexander to cry. As Caesar is set free, he mocks Mitsuhide one last time that he doesn’t deserve Ichihime. He tells him to take a good look at himself in the mirror. He can’t even confess to her. He isn’t worthy of her for Ichihime is wiser and nobler than him. Caesar will be the one who can bring her happiness. Bye. As Mitsuhide ponders about things, somebody attacks the guards and throws a key to set him free. Mitsuhide takes the chance. Could be the work of the twins… Alexander and his men take off heading to Western Star. Da Vinci speaks to Himiko and knows he power is getting faint. She also knows that her life is short. Just like all the other Yamatai priestesses before her. She cannot escape this fate and doesn’t want Da Vinci to tell anybody about this. Not even Nobunaga. In exchange, he can have her body and dissect and experiment on it as much as he wants. She’d like to be the last to suffer this fate.

Episode 18: The Emperor
Mitsuhide stows away back to the Eastern Star. Chandragupta leads the attack on Takeda and Kenshin’s land. However Kenshin easily kills him. I didn’t expect they got rid of this Indian dude so fast. However Kenshin lost when he faces off with Alexander. Alexander then goes around planting stuffs in the ground and when the 5 points are linked, the Holy Grail will emerge. Ichihime runs away from the guards with her ladies in waiting. Mitsuhide becomes the fast and furious to take them all out. They are glad the other is safe. But save that for later because Mitsuhide must warn Nobunaga not to engage with Alexander. Too late. Nobunaga could feel his hands shaking when he stands before Alexander. Is he afraid? Alexander is not impressed by his flashy show but no substance. Even if Nobunaga uses his Regalia, not a scratch on him. How disappointing. His Giant War Armour, Gaia is absorbing the ley lines’ power and at this rate the planet will die. Nobunaga turns into a demon and wants Hideyoshi and Himiko to lend their Regalia to him. However the power is too much for him to handle and the Regalia is devouring him. When both their swords clash, it sends shockwaves like an atomic bomb! Woah! Definitely this planet is doomed. Though, Nobunaga succeeded in breaking Alexander’s hammer but he’s going to die anyway. Hideyoshi fights Alexander so Jeanne can bring Nobunaga to safety. Alexander is disappointed that Hideyoshi still choose Nobunaga as the Saviour King. Alexander then rips apart Hideyoshi! He is barely hanging on to his life! Nobunaga is forced to retreat or else Hideyoshi will die. He will not forget this humiliating defeat. In view of his loyalty, Alexander lets them live for now. Their rampage has caused the ley lines to go berserk and the land is falling apart.

Episode 19: Wheel Of Fortune
Hideyoshi is kept alive in an ICU powered by Himiko. For Nobunaga’s sake, she will not let him die. Nobunaga will go to Yomotsuhirasaka to obtain the ley lines’ power. A place where the dragons dwell. A place where the living and dead meet. Jeanne wants to go with Nobunaga to become a stronger shield. Mitsuhide is left in charge to protect the people and castle till he returns. With Kenshin, they sail to the place. The place locks out Jeanne while the guys trudge forward. They see Shingen before them but he is actually the dragon and it is going to test their resolve for this power they seek. Nobunaga sees haunting visions of his past as well as other people he knows like Nobuhide and Nobukatsu. Jeanne wonders why she can’t enter so a voice tells her it’s because she doesn’t accept her prophecy and bear ill will towards herself. Demonic hands grab her (like tentacle rape?) and torment her to accept the sin and blame. I don’t know, it feels like some kind of rape torture. Da Vinci talks to Mitsuhide about some Noh mask, whether it will be a happy or tragic expression. Currently he is drawing a painting called The Last Supper. It depicts the Saviour King and his 12 followers that will influence the fate of the stars and universe. He wonders if he should include Mitsuhide. And the centre as the Saviour King, will it be Arthur, Nobunaga or Mitsuhide? Mitsuhide then sees visions of Ichihime before being engulfed by another vision of his past. His family reminds him of avenging them. Jeanne continues to withstand this rape torture thingy. She is adamant on her stand of not wanting to bring misfortune to others. She takes a dagger and is willing to cut off her ear. Kenshin fights a dragon but as he strikes it, it is akin to striking himself and gets injured. Likewise, Nobunaga sees the dragon composed of his people suffering. If this is the dragon’s true form, he realizes this is how it has suffered. His immaturity hurt them all. He accepts their pain and suffering. Everything. Then he calls on Jeanne to accept her prophecies. Hesitate no more. He will accept her and everything that she is. Well, that was enough to snap her out from the illusion. Nobunaga also exits the place as Jeanne notices the dragon behind him. It seems he has gained honour by offering himself to the dragon. Nobunaga and Jeanne return to their castle but Kenshin’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Episode 20: The Sun
Mitsuhide makes plans to defend Yamatai but Nobunaga can tell it has already fallen into Alexander’s hands. Caesar is sent to see Arthur who will not punish him for his betrayal as he believes he has his reasons. As he speaks about true salvation, Caesar cannot understand that so many people have died especially with Cesare burning down the village. Is this what Arthur believes in? Arthur also feels pain in the deaths of multitude and many lives indeed have been lost for that. However true salvation can only be attained when he holds the Holy Grail. He shows Caesar his pretty face. Wait a minute. Arthur is a girl?! So pretty that Caesar is just crying. Like he just saw the face of God. Arthur gives Caesar the Excalibur that will give him the strength to seek true salvation. Alexander has already plotted and connected the lines and is going the take the ley lines power by brute force. But here comes Nobunaga to stop him. Da Vinci asks Alexander if he has seen Arthur’s face because he cannot paint him otherwise. How does he look like? A man among men. Huh? And Da Vinci is so shocked in hearing that. Nobunaga and Alexander fight with the former breaking the latter’s sword. However Alexander uses his brute strength to toss away Nobunaga’s sword and this causes the place to activate. I don’t know about Da Vinci’s comment about the many possible futures has been reduced to one by this act. Life or death awaits them. Now that the ley lines power is restored, everyone starts moving in. Including Hideyoshi who is feeling better than ever as he is now part cyborg! Caesar also arrives as he walks up the altar and plunges Excalibur into it. This manifests the bridge between the stars and allows Arthur to come here. Yeah. The king is coming. As Nobunaga and co flee, Jeanne hears a voice telling her that Nobunaga is the Destroyer King.

Episode 21: Justice
Caesar sees Nobunaga and proposes peace and that Arthur’s wish of bringing salvation and prosperity to both stars. However Nobunaga turns him down noticing he has changed. Who wouldn’t after seeing Arthur’s face? Cesare then confronts Caesar of his doing as he doesn’t believe Arthur wants peace because he is an infinite darkness that engulfs all. Caesar thinks Cesare has misunderstood. He wants him to use Perfecta, a technology Da Vinci left behind that Cesare has perfected to help in Arthur’s cause. Ichihime then sees Caesar to ask his real intentions. He wants eternal peace. A world where love is equal for all. Mitsuhide is here to bring Ichihime back but Caesar wants to save her at all cost. He says that the world will be ending soon and to prevent that, the Holy Grail must manifest. That led Arthur to find a chosen one who has overcome death and will never die. That sacred being is Perfecta and has been created by Cesare’s team. Bottom line: The world will be saved after its destruction. Ah, that’s the catch. They can survive that destruction if they become Perfecta. They call this plan mad but Caesar believes Mitsuhide would love this utopia world too because as he loves Ichihime, this new world without love where all love becomes equal and neighbours. Although Nobunaga will never accept this, that is why Caesar needs Mitsuhide to convince him. Ichihime slaps Caesar now that she knows his true self. Then the inevitable. Caesar versus Nobunaga. Although Caesar loses, he is still bent on saving her and creating that equal world. The twins relay a message that Ichihime is too obsessed with life and the idea of living and thus being held back. This makes Caesar believe he needs to liberate the things holding her back and aims at the castle. Ichihime stops him so that Nobunaga can cut them down. Yes, she is willing to lay her life on the line as she believes Nobunaga is the only one who can unite Heaven and Earth. He mustn’t be swayed by the gravity of his destiny. Jeanne tries to stop him from turning into Destroyer King but to no avail. After Nobunaga cuts Caesar down, Bianchi tries to cut Caesar down but Nell impales the trio so Ichihime, Caesar and Bianchi feel like they became a human sheesh kebab! Caesar then cuts down Nell. Caesar has realized. The happiness he sought was to spend time with his loved ones. He already obtained that. In Ichihime’s last dying breathe, she tells Nobunaga she is happy and believes he can bring true peace to all. So trust in your path. Ichihime… NOOO!!!

Episode 22: The Devil
Mitsuhide dreams of killing Nobunaga. A small funeral is held for Ichihime. Mitsuhide confronts Jeanne about her vision having Nobunaga as Destroyer King. Although Jeanne is not certain if Arthur is the true Saviour King, Mitsuhide notes Ichihime fell victim to the Destroyer King. Would she follow him? She will. She has decided on that. Arthur summons his Round Table members. Those died have returned as Perfecta. They look like zombies… The time has come to manifest the Holy Grail and 4 more seats are left to complete the 12. He believes to leave this role to the Eastern Star and to bring Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, Himiko and Jeanne to his side. In Mitsuhide’s dream, he is about to snipe Nobunaga when Hideyoshi appears before him and dares him. He snaps out of it when the real one appears. He reveals he killed Nobukatsu so Nobunaga can achieve his dream. Hideyoshi is so enraged but holds back himself. He reasons he would have done it himself as he thinks the Oda clan will fall under Nobukatsu’s leadership. However he reminds Mitsuhide about their pledge they made. If he decides to call it quits before Nobunaga achieves his goal, he will kill him. Nobunaga may be losing it in grief. Jeanne hugs him and says she will support him all the way. Mitsuhide talks to Da Vinci about his reason to come to this star. As he has not seen Arthur before, he thought of coming here to meet Nobunaga to predict the future. As Mitsuhide believes he made Nobunaga into the Destroyer King, he thinks visiting Western Star’s stronghold to determine Arthur’s will and since he doesn’t possess any Regalia, this will not result in immediate bloodshed. Himiko is trying to use her lifespan to restore the ley lines of this star. Hideyoshi won’t have her do it because she did the same to him and won’t let her die till he repays her. However this is her life and she will live the way she deems fit. Mitsuhide goes alone to see Cesare who in turn brings him to Arthur. His invasion of Eastern Star is to stop the Destroyer King as he doesn’t wish for war. Because it is the Saviour King’s sole job to ensure eternal utopia on the world, he wants Mitsuhide’s help to strike down Nobunaga and become a brother of the Round Table. If he wishes for true peace, work with him. Then Arthur shows him his true face. Now he has a samurai face? Actually, it’s his father. Just like anybody else, he becomes moved and will obey his will but is crying because he is going to kill Nobunaga.

Episode 23: The World
Himiko continues to push herself. Nobunaga confronts Da Vinci and threatens to kill him for he believes he influenced Mitsuhide. He shows him his incomplete sketches and his ambition to know the truth behind this world. As it is raining ashes, he thinks it is a necessary material for Arthur to create a new world. The only way left is to storm Arthur’s castle and Himiko suggests using Azuchi to teleport them. Hideyoshi will not allow it and reveals Himiko is at her limit. Nobunaga prohibits Azuchi’s use and they will barge their way through. Hideyoshi is going to get his rematch with Alexander but Kenshin returns (is he trying to be a pirate with an eye-patch now?) and he is better than before, although he is just on par with Alexander. Nobunaga and Jeanne are stopped by Hannibal and Charlemagne. Perfecta form. How do you stop the undead anyway? Himiko is stubborn. She thanks her servants for their loyalty and services before heading off to pilot Azuchi. She uses what is left of her power to teleport Nobunaga and Jeanne into Azuchi to crash into the fortress. Nobunaga and Jeanne rush to her side. Her final words are that she will marry Nobunaga in the afterlife as a dragon. So in this life, she wants Jeanne to wed him. Everyone is sad over her death but Nobunaga won’t mourn her yet until he defeats Arthur. But in the room, standing before them is Mitsuhide. He is praising Arthur like as though he has been brainwashed. He apologizes for being the one leading Nobunaga to become the Destroyer King. He also reveals he was the one who killed Nobukatsu to save him. Nobunaga will deal with this after he settles things with Arthur but Mitsuhide won’t let them go further. He fires a few warning shots at Nobunaga and forces Jeanne to proclaim Arthur as the Saviour King. She does so. At that moment, Cesare shoots Jeanne while Arthur begins the ritual to summon the Holy Grail.

Episode 24: Judgment
Although Jeanne lives but is weak, Mitsuhide shoots and kills Cesare. But he’s happy because he knows he will have eternal life after Arthur summons the Holy Grail. Well, if that happens. Nobunaga is mad as he summons The Fool to barge his way to Arthur. Nobunaga sees the face of an old man in Arthur. This is his true self. Arthur explains others see what they want based on their values and beliefs, the reason why different people see different faces. As he is merely projecting their values and all men cling to that desire, he believes he is granting the happiness people desires. Nobunaga rejects his argument and won’t accept false happiness. Arthur is impressed that aside Da Vinci, he too rejected his view. Nobunaga just believes himself as a fool. Hideyoshi faces off with Mitsuhide and the former knows he is going to kill Nobunaga and fights him. Da Vinci is completing his Last Supper painting. After all, this is the only thing he can do, right? The painting shows Mitsuhide as Judas going to betray Nobunaga. Nobunaga rides The Fool and fights Alexander who is now in his dragon form. All of Nobunaga’s Regalia start glowing and he can feel its warmth. As the dragons fight (devouring everything while at it), Arthur begins summoning the Holy Grail and the land starts falling apart. So the Holy Grail is in the form of a woman? However something is wrong. Destruction has yet to cease. Arthur thinks Nobunaga can even destroy sacred hope. The Holy Grail breaks and Arthur is squished by the dragons’ fight. Flat Arthur. How is that even funny? Hideyoshi saves Mitsuhide from a certain death during the chaos. He makes remember about their vow. What good would a nobody like Arthur do if he rules Heaven and Earth? It has to be them. Mitsuhide’s eyes are now opened. If you want a job done, do it yourself. He is going to kill Nobunaga.

Jeanne continues to throw her support behind Nobunaga who will continue to follow the path of destruction. Mitsuhide confronts him about their unification goal. Nobunaga will destroy that too. In that case, Mitsuhide will cut him down and do that. As the guys clash swords, Mitsuhide seems like he is losing when he takes out Ichihime’s comb and stab it in Nobunaga’s neck! All his Regalia go dead. Nobunaga realizes the reason Mitsuhide cannot wield a Regalia. It is because he was not meant to do that. Nobunaga’s dragon reveals that he did not devour the people but protected them. This is partly thanks to Jeanne’s help. What he devoured were Giant War Armours and the power to create wars. Now that he has devoured destruction and will die with it, he leaves the rest up to Mitsuhide. Can he do it? Because he killed Nobukatsu, he knows the endless pain. Only a person like that can create a new world without pain. Asking what Mitsuhide truly desires, he wants peace. Then there is no place for Nobunaga here because he only knows how to destroy and loves chaos. Da Vinci realizes his painting is slightly off because Nobunaga was the one in Judas role and Mitsuhide the Saviour King. He throws away his tarot cards and jumps into the flames. So now he has seen the truth of the universe, he kills himself? Dying Nobunaga and Jeanne declare their love for each other and kiss before they head off to the other world. And what it seems like another world, a modern one like ours, a group of people is seen visiting the art museum with Da Vinci’s Last Supper painting. There are a couple of students curiously resembling Nobunaga and Jeanne as their eyes meet.

Only Fools Rush In
Uhm… I don’t know anymore. To summarize my feelings for this series, it went downhill. When it first began, it was quite interesting, the concept and mystery to it all. Also the mixture of eastern and western historical figures makes it an interesting watch. However somewhere along the second half of the series, things started to get a bit confusing. That is where the downhill ride begins. Naturally all I understood was somebody known as the Saviour King is going to summon Holy Grail to save the world but the Destroyer King will stand in his way. At least that it is what I understand. When they put in too many of those confusing explanations that I don’t really comprehend, I couldn’t connect the dots and that’s when my interest for the series waned. Too many terminologies. Too much talk. Too much drama. Too confusing. I guess summoning the Holy Grail isn’t as simple as it seems. Makes it look like world destruction is so much easier. Heck, even the ending feels crappy. I thought they should just kill everybody since they have killed a few important people and even the main protagonists themselves. Everyone alive should just do a Da Vinci and commit suicide. Thank God this show is over.

I think they tried to put in some twist in the plot and screw with our minds like having us think Nobunaga is the Saviour King all along and then suddenly he becomes known as the Destroyer King. Can we blame Jeanne for that misinterpretation? Well, she came here to this Eastern Star to find out and I presume that she assumed Nobunaga is the man with the right qualities to be that and sets off her journey with him. Who knows suddenly her inner voice decides to let her know so late that Nobunaga is the Destroyer King and even naming him in person. What is a girl got to do so late at that point? Deny? Try to change it? Accept? Live with it? And as we start to believe Arthur might be the one, blam! He gets squished (honestly, the funniest scene for me in this entire series) and who the f*cks would have guessed that Mitsuhide is the actual Saviour King. He had no signs. He had no talent in wielding a Regalia. He stained his hands. And this dude who betrayed his lord is the Saviour King? Who the f*cks come up with this kind of thing?! And as we see, the world isn’t destroyed. Time to rebuild. Too bad for all those betting on Perfecta and became one. Stay in zombie land for all I care. It’s the living that matters.

With the plot shifting towards world destruction in the second half, I suppose the importance of the Regalia which everyone seems to be fighting for in the first half that is supposed to power up their Giant War Armour becomes irrelevant. Heck, because Nobunaga got them all, right? Even those in the hands of Hideyoshi and Kenshin, for reasons unexplained (convenience is what I can see), they all float and go to Nobunaga in which I don’t see how he powers up with it because eventually they go dead. And then Mitsuhide scatters them away. Useless, huh? Why not after all the Giant War Armours have been disabled. No more wars? For real? Peace has been attained? What are the chances that idiotic humans from either side of the star won’t come up with a conspiracy to make another world war happen and destroy the universe this time? And how can Nobunaga unify Heaven and Earth if he is dead and residing in the stars? Oh sure, leave it to Mitsuhide your trusted aide who almost killed you to do that.

The many characters are great although some I feel exist just to play a small part that would lead to something. Some are shallow (are the twins just bloodthirsty kids?), some were short-lived (Hannibal and Charlemagne comes to mind) some change but without sufficient explanation (did Caesar really turn over a new leaf because of love?) and some makes you wonder what happened (remember Brutus?). One of the biggest disappointing character is Jeanne herself. Because for most of the time, she looks like somebody confused and unsure of her destiny. Even though she has made her resolve, it still feels that she isn’t strong enough. Unlike the strong and independent woman I hope for her to be, she falls really flat of this expectation because it is as though she is always following in his shadow. And when she really seems she has accepted her fate of following Nobunaga to hell and back (literally, death cannot even do them part), it feels a little too late. The worst part is it felt as though Jeanne has become one of Nobunaga’s submissive concubine!  You know, you see her in the last episode clinging on to life, clinging on to him like as though to show us that Nobunaga is the big hero and heroes always get the girl, right? Yeah. That. Because she’s been holding in her pain from being shot by Cesare and waiting for Nobunaga to finish his business before breathing her last breathe. Wow. It’s like they’re in sync when they’re dead too.

Da Vinci is an amusing character, if not someone who is full of mystery. What makes me say that is his tarot card trademark which also in a way bugs me. In every episode, he never fails to carry this pack of tarot card and lets somebody pick it up and the card picked is of course reflected in the title so it is hardly any surprise. It is just whether it would be upright or upside down. Despite him being a genius inventor and having great visions, I never knew he was quite adept in reading tarot cards. Because the instant somebody pulls out a card, he can explain what the card implies although I would be mostly left confused since the way he explains it is also somewhat in a form of a riddle. Maybe. Maybe not. I know Da Vinci has drawn lots of sketches of inventions well ahead of his time and in a sense like he is predicting the future. But tarot cards? Nice try but it feels odd. And the way he explains so smoothly and sometimes leaving others in stitches over his explanation, sometimes it felt like as though he is the scriptwriter of this show and hence he could answer what is coming. And he is always right. Almost. Heck, he himself picked the card in the final episode but when that happens, it seems he got it off a little. Maybe this is why he never picked the cards himself.

Other characters felt rather okay like Nobunaga feeling like a rebellious teen wanting to do things his way instead of being tied down by some shackles or something. He has got his good points and bad points but ultimately the important thing is that he tries to be himself and live out the dream that he wants and not what others expect of him. Then you have the very conflicted Mitsuhide who is always torn what to do and what the next best move is while Hideyoshi true to his monkey nickname acts close as one. For the eastern side, I suppose they try to recreate the events but loosely based on the real history like how Mitsuhide betrayed Nobunaga and killed him. That nearly happened here, right? I’m not so sure for the western counterpart since it is a mishmash of Europe instead of one specific country. Because even though there is Arthur, there is no Lancelot or Merlin and Alexander (who I believed is supposed to be modelled after Alexander the Great) takes up the role as the strongest knight of the Round Table.

Like I have said, with so many characters around, it feels that many of them are fleeting especially those from the Western Star. Of course be warned that they do not actually reflect those historical figures accurately and as though they just only had that in name. I felt that only Caesar (aside Jeanne and Da Vinci) made an impact since he was the first and only person from the Round Table to head down to Eastern Star and did his stuff. That was in the first half and in the second half everyone else there gets a piece of the action so it is somewhat ‘diluted’. I expected Alexander to play a significant impact but alas I do not feel otherwise except maybe to provide some muscle action. So that guy still lives in the end which I don’t know signifies what because from the way the others bow down to him it looks like he is the next leader for the Western Star after Arthur’s demise.

To even think about the romance part is atrocious. Do you even consider it here? I mean, Himiko’s love is unrequited and she knows it. Makes you wonder if that betrothal ceremony was just a show, which it is. Himiko and Jeanne’s little showdown to win Nobunaga’s heart made me think that this might descend into one those harem shows but to actually execute it would have devalue greatly this series so I guess it was better never to have happened. Nobunaga and Jeanne’s love at the end felt so rushed that it wasn’t just convincing. I knew it was bound to happen but I didn’t expect it to happen this way. Right at the end. Well, they’ve been together for almost the entire series and with Jeanne being his protector, it is unlikely that nothing would develop with that kind of bond. I don’t know if their supposed reincarnation in another world will be about rekindling lost love but that would be an entirely different story altogether. I could say there is true love between Caesar and Ichihime but only in the very last moments. Till death do them part. I think it is a bold concept trying to have a union between eastern and western people but I don’t see it working out here. Yeah. They died.

I don’t know if it is a good thing or not since the mecha fights are not the big focus of this series. It feels like a side distraction. Most of them are in the first half of the series since the second half becomes more drama-like. Even with a few varied moves and some packing a punch with the Regalia power, personally they are hardly memorable and it lacks the wow and oomph factor that would want to make me replay and watch the scene again. Really. Even the final episode, Nobunaga using The Fool after not having used it for some time feels like a reminder that in a way this is a mecha anime in some little ways. Heck, it wasn’t much of a fight either because the short bout with Alexander turned into some dragon fight. So the mecha action parts are just rather okay.

The art and animation are pretty standard and okay. Just that I feel that the mecha designs for the Giant War Armours are not appealing except maybe for the ones from the Western Star but even so, it isn’t as majestic like in some other mecha animes I have seen. Yeah. I have watched ‘a lot’ of mecha animes in my life whether I realize it or not. Seriously. Therefore when I first saw The Fool, I thought the producers didn’t put any effort into it to look ‘good’ till they put on some ‘accessories’. But even so, it still looks pretty plain overall. Although the only saving point for them is its CG animation as they are quite neatly and smoothly done.

There are quite a number of casts lending their voices and especially a handful of familiar names. Like Mamoru Miyano as Nobunaga (Light in Death Note), Jeanne as Jeanne (Mio in K-ON!), Minori Chihara as Ichihime (Chiaki in Minami-ke), Takahiro Sakurai as Mitsuhide (Suzaku in Code Geass), Yuuki Kaiji as Hideyoshi (Eren in Shingeki No Kyojin), Nao Touyama as Himiko (Karen in Kiniro Mosaic), Yuuichi Nakamura as Caesar (Gray in Fairy Tail), Tomokazu Sugita as Da Vinci (Gintoki in Gintama), Rikiya Koyama as Shingen, Kazuya Nakai as Alexander (Zoro in One Piece) and Sayaka Ohara as Hannibal (Erza in Fairy Tail).

The rest include Keisuke Oda as Arthur (Suruga in Re: Hamatora),Takayuki Kondou as Cesare (Oishi in Prince Of Tennis), Aya Endo as Machiavelli (Miyuki in Lucky Star), Haruka Ishida as Bianchi (Kanata in AKB0048), Ibuki Kido as Nell (Nanami in Kanojo Ga Flag Wo Oraretara), Hiro Shimono as Brutus (Keima in The World Is Not Enough), Kaito Ishikawa as Charlemagne (Tsumugu in Nagi No Asukara), Hiroki Nanami debuting as Kenshin, Nobunaga Shimazaki as Nobukatsu (Shido in Date A Live) and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Magellan (Sora in No Game No Life).

The first opening theme, Fool The World by Minori Chihara isn’t a bad rock piece as it fits the pace of the series. The first ending theme, Axis by Stereo Dive Foundation feels like techno rock and I think it is not too shabby either. Unfortunately the songs for the second half aren’t much to my liking not because I have gotten used to the first ones. Breakthrough by Jam Project sounds weird. I thought there was a group of people chanting the haka war cry at the beginning. Otherwise this typical rock style from Jam Project feels just ordinary. Then there is Ran by Asuka as the second ending theme. I just don’t find this slow rock piece suitable. The song is okay but somehow I just don’t find it fitting.

Seriously, I don’t think this will be the last Nobunaga adaptation ever and there will be more in the future to come. But at least it was a rather good concept to adapt both eastern and western historical figures so I guess this is the only highlight of this series in otherwise what would be a lukewarm and disappointing towards the end. Overall, this isn’t a bad series but perhaps it wasn’t just my destiny to enjoy and like it. Not one of the best Nobunaga adaptations but hey, at least you can’t accuse me of watching ‘creative’ adaptations of Japan’s greatest unifier only when turned into a woman. I know I’m a bigger fool but on second thought, if I am ever going to watch another Nobunaga adaptation, might as well see him as a busty sexy woman.

I thought it was going to get serious. Something that you know, advances the plot and goes somewhere. Maybe it did. But I didn’t see it entirely here. Because from the second title, Infinite Stratos 2: World Purge OVA sure does sound serious enough to make you think so. However when you start thinking for real again, you realize that you are watching Infinite Stratos series. You’re not supposed to take the serious things seriously. This is not why you watch this show. You are only here to see how this faggot Ichika plays around with his harem without him realizing how much they love him deep inside. This OVA is something like that. To put it simply, the girls enter a virtual world whereby a programme has them take out their most inner desires and fantasies. Oh, hoho. I can see where this is going. You know what to look forward to, right?

The Worlds Torn Apart
Tabane seems to have found something. As she takes a break, she wonders if Chloe Chronicle could help do a little favour. Meanwhile back at IS Academy, Rin is acting like a lonely tsundere. She denies she is bored because Ichika isn’t around. See that lonely love struck look on her face? Yup. Rin. Charlotte can only smile. Suddenly the place is locked down. They know something is up because the emergency lights have not come up. They are guided by Chifuyu to a special underground block. As we learn, somebody or some organization is hacking into the academy’s system and Ichika’s harem quintet need to dive into the system called World Purge to fix it. The system is monitored by Kanzashi and since they will be in totally defenceless state, this is where Tatenashi comes in on standby mode as they are expecting intruders. As for our lucky boy, he is at Kuramochi Research centre where his Byakushiki is being maintained. This sexy scientist, Hikaruno Kagaribi starts flirting with him in the meantime. I guess she must be bored after doing robotic maintenance the whole day. Ichika even has the cheek to even note how peaceful his waiting time here since the academy is always so loud. Yeah. Girls always want a piece of him for reasons he still do not get. Fishing is the best, right? If he only knew…

I suppose Rin didn’t make much impact in the last season. So here she is going first. She finds herself in her middle school uniform. She can tell this is a trap but when Ichika comes into the picture, no more a trap, huh? And what’s this? Ichika sits next to her as she flusters so greatly. They’re dating?! Next few Rin scenes… So dere-dere… They get caught in the rain, he dries her with a towel and even suggests taking a shower together! She is in the midst of taking off her panties when he comes in. Oh sh*t! He hugs her! Double sh*t! He pushes her down on the bed and starts undressing her! FREAKING Sh*t! NOW WAY!!! This Ichika doing this to her?! And has he already made up his mind that he wants her?! This faggot has decided which girl he wants?! HIM?! HE CHOSE HER?! Meanwhile in reality, Tatenashi ambushes a group of American soldiers. The reason these small fries are only here is so that we can make Tatenashi look good as she gives them her superb kicks and somersaults. Hardly much of a challenge. She is soon joined by Chifuyu but she takes on the big lady boss.

Now, before you Rin x Ichika lovers squeal in delight and this pair haters to scream your head off, now we focus on Cecilia. Ichika is her butler and has been serving her for family for generations. Uh huh. And now it is bath time. Today is going to be special because Ichika is going to wash her back. Ichika is such a naughty guy. He plays with her butt and bites her ear! OMFG!!!! This guy doing such bold things?! Before Cecilia x Ichika fans can start squealing and other haters can start hating, it’s time to shift to Charlotte. She is the maid. He is her master. Master gets what he wants on his submissive maid. Do I need to elaborate more? Charlotte elaborates for us: They can do this every night if they get married! Ichika you freaking lucky bastard!!! Finally, Laura. Despite Ichika serving her, seems she loves being submissive to him as she is made to wear a naked apron. Back to reality, Tatenashi just finished disposing off the small fries when she realizes the time of hacking and infiltration is so great. It dawned to her that the hacking group is different. Because she looks so shock, she let her guard down and this has one of the enemies shoot her (although not fatally). As she lies in her pool of blood, all she can think of is Ichika… Oh Ichika, where the f*cks are you?!

Speaking of this guy, suddenly it is like his harem tingling senses go off. In a hurry, he takes Byakushiki and flies back. Make a big hole in the wall, eh? You know how much that costs? Oh what the hell. His harem is more important. Really? He gets back in time to dispose the small fries before they can do what they want with Tatenashi. She tells him about the danger of the other girls. They are being attacked in the virtual world too. Save them. And so, it is Ichika’s turn to become a hero as he dives into the system. Continuing off from where we were in Rin’s fantasies, she is about to give in to this rape scene when the real Ichika barges in. Oh dear. Two Ichikas. How can she tell? But one in an IS outfit and the other is her ideal Ichika. She suddenly realizes what is happening and her head starts to hurt (not her heart, huh?). The real Ichika easily defeats the imposter. So easy that you think his mean looking eyes were just trolling us. Now that the threat is over, Rin is blaming him for that rape scene and wants him to take responsibility by putting her clothes back on. WTF. So it is okay for him to pull back up her panties while looking? Yes. It’s okay if it’s him. WTF. Before anything juicy can happen, Kanzashi interrupts and tells Rin to come back since she might not be safe as the attack is ongoing and for Ichika to rescue the others.

Cecilia is getting her body parts molested by Ichika in the bathtub. Then the real one barges in to save the day. Now how is he going to take responsibility for seeing her naked body? All he needs is to say her body is beautiful. Wait a minute. That was enough to satiate her? Next is Charlotte. Master Ichika is making his maid strip. Real Ichika to the rescue! Although he doesn’t have to directly take responsibility, he got his eyes poked. Poor guy… Laura is in the midst of being seduced by Ichika and I don’t know why the real one popped up from inside the cabinet. Probably he ran out of grand ways to enter the scene. As usual, the real one beats the imposter and perhaps Laura is the ‘best’ one to deal with since the shock of the flirting caused her to faint. Easy. As we have suspected, Houki is going to be the last as Kanzashi drops some weapons for him to arm himself because she is going to be the toughest of the lot. Meanwhile after all that intense action between Chifuyu and her rival, the former leads the latter to a trap where Yamada is waiting as she rains her bullets all over her. The end.

If you are wondering why Houki doesn’t get her own desire scene like the rest, it is probably isn’t as erotic as the rest. Yeah. The most normal scene. Boring. Here, she is in a kendo fight with Ichika. Though, she boldly requests him to marry into her family. The real Ichika appears all geared up as a dojo challenger and challenges the imposter to a match. However he keeps losing but refuses to give up. This confuses Houki on who this guy is because at this rate he will keep losing. This trait instantly reminds her of a certain guy. Ichika! At that moment, she wakes up back into reality with the other girls around her. However Ichika is left unconscious. As Kanzashi note, the attacks have already stopped. At the same time, we see Chloe drifting through the system core of what is believed to be Chifuyu’s personal IS, Kurezakura. She starts extracting from it. Ichika thought he saw Laura before him but she is Chloe. She introduces herself and because she has already fulfilled her master’s request, she will withdraw for now. This guy is just stumped.

The other girls are wondering what is keeping Ichika unconscious. Then Laura suggests a bold me to kiss and wake him up! Sure, some might oppose at first but when you think about it, it’s not a pretty bad idea, right? Whether it works or not isn’t the question. So as everybody hop on the bandwagon of wanting to kiss him, Kanzashi thought she could get ahead of everyone while they argue and kiss him! Not so fast you b*tch! Seems she is ‘frustrated’. I think she is spouting that long crap just to hide what she is saying. Uh huh. Because she didn’t get to take out her desires (and she really wanted to) like the rest and was about to quote Rin’s fantasies. Rin tries to shut her up by giving her a flying kick but she lands it on Chifuyu’s guts. Oh sh*t. Are this woman’s guts made of iron because Rin is the one having the recoil.

Tatenashi is probably the best girl enjoying this aftermath. Because when Ichika wakes up in the infirmary, he is surprised to see Tatenashi in the midst of changing. Not a dream. She creeps up next to him and flirts with him. Not a dream. So you see why she is the best one? She is happy that she saved him. Though, she feels a little bit sore that she too didn’t have a go with him in her fantasies like the other girls. As a consolation I guess, she reveals her real name to him: Katana Sarashiki. Ichika looked surprised but as he turns, Tatenashi is gone. A dream? No way! Later, Chifuyu confronts Chloe and knows it is Tabane who is the one behind this. She leaves a warning message for her not to stick her nose in things she doesn’t need. Chloe prepares to attack and does not heed Chifuyu’s warning that she is no match for her. Chifuyu easily overpowers her and even breaks out of her mind control manipulation. Once Chloe calms down, Chifuyu leaves. She wonders if Chloe should go see her little sister. However Chloe notes she is only an incomplete form of Laura and therefore is not her sister. Chifuyu notes she cannot lose to Tabane just yet.

Purge Your Desires!
Even with the seemingly cliff-hanger ending and some revelation about just who Chloe is, I suppose the only thing memorable from this 45 minute OVA is the cheesy fanservice that all Infinite Stratos viewers have come to accept. Yes. You are only here for the cheap fanservice, the girls in their undies, the only time when such scenes can only happen with Ichika is when it is in their head. The most ‘important’ parts of the show. Despite very few of such scenes (as compared to the duration of this OVA), I guess it is enough to make up for this OVA overall. Or not. Yeah. Not enough still. They should have just cut out that unrelated action scene of Chifuyu and whoever that woman in an IS suit is and put in more fanservice stuffs. Let us pleasure a little more from those steamy scenes even though in the back of our head, we know it is never going to be possible in real life because as we heard, Ichika himself is still freaking clueless when told about this desire thingy as he wondered why he is in all the girls’ fantasies. Get a freaking clue already!

So as far as this OVA is concerned, it is still pretty decent (how ironic) in terms of having some fanservice and mecha action. I mean, come on. What do you expect from this kind of series anyway? Now we have an idea of the girls’ deepest desires on Ichika and you could say they’re all perverts in a way even if they seem embarrassed or flustering but this is what they wanted, no? If they could have it their way, everything might have turned into some full hentai show. Only Houki is the exception because we must make it look like that Japanese have the highest honour and esteem despite they have one of the best, most varied and most creative pornography industries, right? Right?! Therefore when people ask about what you remember about this OVA, I bet you that nobody will have Houki’s version come to mind. Who says guys are the only perverts. Girls can be too and much better as far as this series is concerned (although the irony is that the perverted fantasies of the girls feel like fantasies of a guy). So is being erotic in the mind a good thing? Because whether for better or worse, some fantasies are just meant to be locked deep inside our thoughts, never revealed for others to see or know…

Kenzen Robo Daimidaler

January 3, 2015

Alright. I am going to make a vow now. Never again will I watch a mecha themed anime ever again. After the last few rounds of me somehow ending up watching mecha themed animes that I never thought would ever watch, let me right now make a promise that no matter what kind of great story, great characters, great action or great robot designs will ever make me watch another mecha anime. Cross my heart. That will be my new and steadfast resolution. And that’s why I am going to give Kenzen Robo Daimidaler the big skip. This is a mecha anime, right? Yeah. I’m not going to watch this. You can’t convince me to do so. Say what? It is sexy? Hmph. Not convinced. It has some ecchi elements, you say? Erm… Okay, I’m not swayed either *sweating*… Oh… What… The… You use the power of perversion to pilot the robot and you do so by groping boobs???!!! Oh sh*t! I have to see this one!!! OH F*CK!!!!!!!!! FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, goodbye resolution. And once again, I gave in to the power of ecchi and fanservice to catch this mecha themed anime. Shame on me… But just to clear things up, I’m not in for the mecha elements, okay. It’s for the fanser-… Oh sh*t! I think I just said the wrong thing to make it worst… Anyway, if you want to watch this show, be warned that there a fapping materials aplenty. Yeah… Hey wait. So is this a mecha or ecchi fanservice series in the first place? Or both?

Episode 1
Uninspiring robot design. The reason why mankind lost to some enemy in an equally uninspiring robot design too. Yeah. Mankind is doomed. In present time. Kouichi Madanbashi is a delinquent. A pervert. He isn’t scared of busty teacher Chieko Kakazu who wants to reprimand him for wearing a different uniform. Instead he fondles her boobs and makes his run, on his way flipping girls’ skirt. Oh Kouichi… The enemy of women! Kyouko Sonan stumbles upon him and remembers her mission to find a new particle accumulator. In short, she needs to find people who are possible Factor candidates and test them out. Kouichi is one of them. Is this her lucky day… Or not? Because Kouichi endangers his life just to peek at girls’ panties under the overhead bridge! Kids, remember to look left and right before crossing the road! When Kyouko finally catches up to him, he thinks she wants to f*ck him! They are distracted by several weird Penguin guys from Penguin Empire who start ranting proud about their ‘front tail’. They also know Kyouko is an agent from Beauty Salon Prince Intelligence. Kyouko fires a small firework as distraction to escape. But it isn’t long before they are cornered. Kouichi is going to do some serious ass kicking but gets owned. Super weak! Disappointed? Oh, not Kouichi. He isn’t disappointed by her voluptuous breasts and starts fondling them as he likes. Suddenly he powers up and beats the crap out of the baddies like a super hero! This guy really has the Hi-ERO particles and Kyouko wants him to help them fight against Penguin Empire. Kouichi isn’t interested in this Factor, Hi-ERO and saving the world crap thingy. He’s just a normal high school student. Yeah. Which normal high school student flips up girls’ skirts? So he goes home only to see those Penguin guys raiding his room. Reading his porn… They’re going to great lengths to eliminate anybody who poses a great threat to their ambition. Not wanting his rental deposit to be forfeited, he runs away while the Penguin guys nicely put away his porn before going after him.

Kyouko stumbles upon him again as she was heading to his place. And then those Penguin guys ride their ugly Antarctic robot series to destroy them. As the duo try to outrun Antarctic, Kyouko calls back HQ to request for their robot. However it’s not working and the staffs couldn’t be really bothered. They’re not motivated unless Kyouko treats them. Fine. She is given coordinates to Daimidaler. Mummified? Kouichi agrees to help since it would be interesting. They ride on as Daimidaler unwraps. Kyouko will give him hands on lessons (no pun intended – but I wish it was). Kouichi is doing great at first but since he is still a beginner, he gets beaten up. Daimidaler is also out of power when Kouichi realizes a crucial point. This machine runs on Hi-ERO power that is rechargeable and since Kouichi recharges by doing perverted things to women, Kyouko please bare your boobs for him to fondle! Are you going to let mankind get wasted just to protect your chastity?! So put that erotic body of yours on the line for the sake of mankind! Against her will, she lets him touch them. He enjoys every moment of it and this recharges his Hi-ERO particles and he pulls off never seen before moves. Not bad for a beginner, huh? They won the fight but it’s not over yet. What do you mean it’s not over? He’s not over fondling her boobs! So this is like extra reward? And so Kouichi agrees to lend his power to fight against Penguin Empire because it means he’ll get to fondle more boobs. Every fight will mean another perverted act! Yup. Mankind is doomed one way or another.

Episode 2
Kouichi is brought to the base and introduced to the 3 professors responsible in maintaining Daimidaler: Moriko Tomoyose, Soriko Majikina and Sewashiko Goya. Kouichi wants to fondle Moriko’s humongous boobs but was told to focus on Kyouko. Much obliged! They detect his Hi-ERO particles increasing so much that he must be some S-class Factor, the most powerful of them all. Oh yeah. And he gets it all by his fondling ability… When another Antarctic series attacks, Daimidaler is launched. It is a twin seater. Kyouko is also a pilot even though she does nothing. You’ll see… Antarctic moves too fast and splits itself to attack Daimidaler. At times like this, erotic powers are needed so that’s why Kyouko’s seat can move to where Kouichi is so he can get as much convenient fondling as possible. However his Hi-ERO particles are not charging up! Daimidaler could have been smashed like an iron maiden had not for some mysterious priest calling in the helicopter to unload stacks of porn magazines. Antarctic wants to get them all but in this distraction Daimidaler gets back up to fight and forces the enemy to withdraw. Back at the base, Kouichi continues his fondling harassment to see where he went wrong. The priest appears and chides him for being an amateur. He is the organization’s administrator, Kazuo Matayoshi as he goes on explaining how this organization began as a beauty salon and evolved into electric engineering that has the greatest scientists gather to create Daimidaler as Earth’s first line of defence. Kouichi is a wimp that shouldn’t be here. Uppercut! Kouichi is going to show him his worth (poor Kyouko gets more fondling) but Matayoshi swiftly moves his finger and sends Kyouko into ultimate ecstasy! How could this be? Kouichi thinks back and realizes his finger touched her nipples and just grazing her erogenous zone was able to induce such powerful reaction. Now you realize why you’re just a perverted amateur? Now take some lessons from the perverted master! All breasts are not the same! Fondling breasts isn’t child’s play! See beyond what you cannot see! Oh yeah. Kouichi definitely wants this guy to be his master.

The big boss of Penguin Empire, Penguin Emperor makes a call and wants to negotiate. However Kyouko is the one getting most emotional. She calls them liars and that they tainted her father’s heart 2 years ago. During that negotiation, Penguin Empire did the front tail dance (it is their form of greeting – don’t ask) and it traumatized him. So much so he is afraid of bananas! Since that day, Kyouko hates Penguin Empire and will not forgive them. Since negotiations have failed, Penguin Emperor is going to unleash Operation Shadow Hell. Look up the details in their shady website. All those random GIFs… A huge umbrella covers the city. When it is dark, humans will go home. They will make babies and this will produce Hi-ERO particles that they need. However, despite being dark, nobody is going home to f*ck. Plan failed. Daimidaler is launched and once again Kouichi cannot get Hi-ERO particles to recharge with the fondling. It upsets Kyouko even more when he says he might be bored with her boobs! Do you know how embarrassing is this to her?! What he meant was, if you eat your favourite dishes every day, you’ll get bored. Need more variety. How? Then he realizes Matayoshi’s words. He opens her shirt and lifts her bra to have a full view of her bare tits! That’s it! Hi-ERO powers rapidly increasing! It packs so much power that not only the enemy is defeated but I think it left a big crater in the middle of the city. Matayoshi adds to Kouichi’s lesson that imagination is important and isn’t bound by what he sees. Kouichi is fired up and wants to undergo more rigorous training. Nonstop fondling till the crack of dawn! Spare a thought for Kyouko, please!

Episode 3
Kouichi continues with his training by peeping on the professors doing yoga in tights and of course fondling Kyouko’s boobs. It feels more like a crime than training… Meanwhile Penguin Emperor is sick of Daimidaler thwarting his plans when this cute girl, Rikantz Seaberry AKA Ritz shows up and starts hugging all the Penguins. She loves Penguins! She wants to join them! Penguin Emperor has her pass a test first and it seems she defeats all the elite commandoes easily. She even does to same to his majestic when he joins in. However he disqualifies her because knocking out the emperor is a crime! So she’s out! Ritz is crying alone when one of the Penguin henchmen talks to her that the emperor and everyone else were just feeling touched that a human sympathized with them. This made Ritz vow not to give up so she goes back and polishes everyone’s front tail till it shines so bright like the sun! Penguin Emperor is very impressed and makes her part of the family! Soon Penguin Empire launches an attack on the city by reading an electric appliance instruction in a very horny fashion. Yeah. Put your plug deep into the hole… Kouichi and co think Ritz is taken hostage but apparently they are proven wrong when she pilots Antarctic and attack them. Kouichi is so hot headed and angry that his fondling of Kyouko seems forceful. Daimidaler takes critical damage when Ritz suddenly stops attacking. What gives? Too much spinning causes her to have motion sickness. Thanks to that, Daimidaler is spared but Kouichi cannot accept this embarrassing defeat. Matayoshi points out Kouichi is the biggest weakness as he relies too much on Kyouko. He must undergo some rigorous training so he can pilot Daimidaler without relying heavily on her. Kouichi is desperate to get stronger and agrees to go off on a journey with Matayoshi.

Penguin Empire is celebrating Ritz’s success and putting up a party for her. Penguin Emperor notes he will soon obtain Hi-ERO particles needed to complete this Penguin device. Kouichi has been gone for 10 days while the ladies wait for his return by playing bowling. Starting to miss him, Kyouko? And when he returns, he looks changed and more powered up. Kyouko is happy but something is not right. Kouichi won’t let her touch him! OMG! Is this for real?! Why so sad Kyouko? No more perverted harassments, right? In good timing, Penguin Empire launches another attack. This time they put panties on everything… Don’t ask. Kyouko is amazed that Kouichi doesn’t need to fondle her boobs to recharge and can pilot Daimidaler better. But why the long face? She feels sad she is not needed anymore! What is she trying to say?! Meanwhile Kouichi notices Kyouko’s back. He never realized she was this sexy before. When it’s time for the big attack, Kyouko allows him to fondle her boobs. However he can’t let go of the controls or they’ll be defenceless. There is only 1 way. Kyouko must show her boobs! What kind of a sick play is this now?! Of course Kyouko is still pouting that he was acting he didn’t need her and all. But like any other women, all she needs is her man to say the 3 most important words and she’ll forgive and allow. Finally Kouichi bursts from his holding back. He says he needs her so Kyouko shows her tits. Finally all that training of abstinence is going to pay off. His Hi-ERO particles charge up way past the maximum as Daimidaler sends Ritz to a crushing defeat. Kyouko feels glad that she is still needed but she may be regretting it. Is it her or her boobs that he really needs? Penguin Emperor isn’t disappointed by Ritz’s loss. In fact he realizes Ritz emitting a high amount of Hi-ERO particles and is a Factor herself.

Episode 4
Ritz is in a container to share her Hi-ERO particles to be infused in a Penguin. Previously experiments for this led to failure but with Ritz providing it, there will be a chance of success. One of them is reborn and shall be known as Commando Six! On another day, another Penguin attack. Wait a minute. The Penguin is piloting a Daimidaler? Two Daimidalers! Oh no! How can we tell which is the real one? Of course the real one beats the fake till it exposes Antarctic’s real form. Commanded by Six (Kouichi heard as Sex), both sides trade powerful punches and blasts. I think the city is going to be done for at this rate. Six is going to do a very dangerous move that is akin to suicide. He will do it for the sake of Penguin Empire. In the aftermath of the blast, Penguin Emperor orders his men to retrieve Six who has from the effects of the battle turned human-like. But he is not in his mecha. Kyouko visits her father at hospital and notices a handsome guy. Of course this is Six and from the effects of the battle, he has lost his memories. He felt he has met Kyouko somewhere before but each time he thinks harder, his head hurts. The duo have a lovely chat as she talks about her job as a ‘beauty salon’ and also about happiness. When Six realizes he wants to be happy with this moment, all his memories come back. She realizes who she is. If he captures her, he’ll be able to defeat Daimidaler. However he can’t bring himself to do it and runs away.

Kyouko feels happy for meeting such a nice good. But her good mood is ruined when she returns to base. The professors have analyzed the footage taken from the last battle and they have a clear view of Six’s face. Doesn’t he look familiar? Kyouko falls into dilemma. How could this be? Six enters her apartment believing he can do it this time but he couldn’t and just left a note to meet. Eventually they meet up and since they know each other’s identity, memories of their short good time will be blown away by the wind. They continue their big mecha battle as Kyouko narrates a sad monologue about her wish and happiness. Six pins down Daimidaler and is going to do another suicide move because he believes he has done something that betrayed Penguin Empire. Kyouko isn’t herself either. She tells Kouichi to fire at Antarctic’s weakness. He did and Daimidaler wins. And Kyouko isn’t happy he fired… Which is it? Kyouko spaces out in the aftermath but is back to normal when Kouichi fondles her boobs. And as truly said by the narration about Kyouko’s role, her boobs are not meant for sweet love but to be fondled like crazy! Lastly Penguin Empire is holding a funeral and tribute for Six. He has become a martyr. Penguin Emperor vows to stop at nothing till Daimidaler is defeated. Actually Six is still alive and returned to his original form. There is no way he can find himself to go correct this situation…

Episode 5
Penguin Emperor mulls over the inclusion of Hi-ERO particles and still it wasn’t enough to defeat Daimidaler. Till his henchmen reveal that long ago humans stole one of their robots and used it as a blueprint to build Daimidaler. Come to think of it, humans who have always used planes and tanks suddenly used a mecha. Strange isn’t it? Yeah, they’ve been keeping it from him since he knows he’ll be mad. Oh, he is now. He orders them to do detailed research on Daimidaler or else no food! Kyouko tries to plead to Chieko over Kouichi’s attendance. But Chieko isn’t going to believe that Kouichi is saving the world story. Kouichi proves it to her by fondling her boobs! He’s good! So what’s the proof? His Hi-ERO particles are shining ever so brightly. Much brighter when he was harassing Kyouko! You jealous? All Kouichi needs to do is to take a make-up exam (and reimburse the cost for ripping Chieko’s dress). Kyouko will help him out since he is her responsibility but Kouichi views saving the world more important than school. They end up arguing like a lover’s quarrel (at least to the professors). Then he says something that makes her heart goes soft. If not for her, he won’t be piloting Daimidaler. It is all thanks to her. Had she only heard the reason for him piloting Daimidaler because he gets to fondle her boobs… Penguin Empire launches another attack. This time they are distributing flyers on their empire and since it is raunchy, you know what this will lead to, don’t you? Daimidaler is launch and Kyouko can’t stop thinking about Kouichi’s ‘thoughtful’ words. Has her opinion of him changed? Because of that, Kouichi gets the best reaction from her while fondling. Daimidaler powers up enough to beat Ritz in her customized Antarctica. However this is not the end yet. Antarctica transforms into its true form. Although it looks the same, it is emitting Hi-ERO particles. This makes it on par with Daimidaler. Antarctica even has a Hi-ERO barrier that makes it unscathed from Daimidaler’s ultimate beam.

When Ritz sees one of the Penguin guys injured (his tail has been damaged and it won’t stand up for a while. Geddit?), she becomes filled with rage. She is going to kill everyone who bullies Penguins! Boiling with rage she is that Antarctica rips off Daimidaler’s right arm (it was always useless to begin with anyway). All functions in Daimidaler go offline. It’s like a useless pile of garbage now. Suddenly an anomaly is detected in Antarctic. Because Ritz has been overcome with her feelings, she has been absorbed by the Hi-ERO particles. Since she has not enough experience to handle this, Antarctic cannot maintain this any longer and go out of control before exploding. Penguin Emperor orders Ritz to be extracted immediately. She is knocked out and taken out safely. However Antarctic is still moving by its own thanks to Ritz’s strong emotions within Hi-ERO particles. It will still overload and explode. So evacuate the area now! Kyouko is horrified that their bailout system is not working. Antarctic is inching closer to them. Kouichi uses all his will to force Daimidaler move his hand to break itself so it could extract Kyouko away. To add to Kyouko’s misery, she heard him say last words like tragic heroes always do: He loves her. He really did. NOOOO!!! Kouichi don’t die!!! Had she only heard his complete sentence of how much he loved her boobs… In the aftermath of the explosion that probably wrecked a big part of the city, only Kyouko is detected alive as she is safely protected in the hands of Daimidaler fused with Hi-ERO barrier.

Episode 6
Since the old hero died, time to replace him with a new one! So don’t be baffled if you think you’re watching a new series. The world has now accepted Penguins. They are thriving. Prince has shut down and the professors are reduced to bidding their time bowling in their undies. Our new pair of characters, Shouma Ameku and Kiriko Kiyuna with the former confessing his love to the latter. Kiriko starts glowing with Hi-ERO particles and it seems only Shouma’s touch could calm her down. As explained, she starts glowing whenever she gets excited or her heart beats fast. Eventually they start dating but trouble comes when the Penguin men are here to take Kiriko. Shouma won’t let them and accept their challenge. Compare front tails?! Obviously somebody is going to be the winner… However Shouma remembers some secret move his father told him and unleashes Gulliver front tail! What the heck is that?! The Penguins are not impressed and made fun of him. This causes him to go into shock. Kiriko needs him to excite her so she can power up and beat those goons. How can he? He is in depression. How then? She kisses him! That radiant glow has her beat them up in no time and since they see the beautiful sunset, the Penguins start running towards it. Suddenly Matayoshi is before them. He is Kiriko’s former employer. He isn’t fond of her playing around and flirting with men. He warns her that she is being hunted by Penguin Empire and throws her a remote control. He believes that day will come when she will need it. The Penguins return to base and tired out after all that running. Ritz won’t forgive this and under the orders of Penguin Emperor, they are to bring Kiriko in. Meanwhile Chieko calls Shouma and wants him to break up with Kiriko. There are photos of them being lovey-dovey 24/7 and this looks bad on his reputation to gain entry into some higher learning institute. More importantly, this will hurt Chieko’s chance of promotion! If he needs somebody to get dirty with, Chieko will be the one. OMG! I can’t believe this teacher would strip down herself to let him touch her! But Shouma is loyal to Kiriko and won’t fall into her temptation. He runs away to Kiriko and they assert their love for each other.

When they return to class, Ritz and the Penguins are waiting for them. Shouma suggests Kiriko push them away with her light but when they kiss, nothing happens. It seems Kiriko might have gotten used to kissing so it doesn’t excite her anymore. Ritz calls them amateurs and shows how it is supposed to be done. She lets one of the Penguin dudes fondle her. That lucky bastard! Even luckier, Ritz does her God Scrub on his front tail!!! Kiriko falls into depression but Shouma thinks quick. He fondles her boobs and her Hi-ERO powers unleash to give them enough time to escape. Unfortunately that is only temporary as Antarctica captures Shouma. Ritz is going to violate him. Shouma says whatever happens to him, he will always love her. This makes Kiriko confess. She has been lying all the while. She wanted to hide this glow to live a normal life and was scared she would be found out. Till she met him. He was a convenient and loyal guy that could nullify her light and even luckier he likes her. In short, he was just a convenient tool and started dating him to use him. Shouma’s feelings still won’t change. But here is another confession. She is totally in love with him and can’t stop thinking all the time, etc. She really, really, really, really, really loves him, to put it simply. Using him as a tool was what she thought of initially. But as she spent more time with him, she realizes her love for him has grown and the first confession was to tell him the truth because she wants to be with him forever. But this confession isn’t going to do anything about Ritz doing her God Scrub on Shouma. Kiriko has no choice but to use the remote control to summon Daimidaler.

Episode 7
Kiriko rides the new never tested before Daimidaler. Antarctica is easily defeated and Shouma is saved. Penguin Emperor tells Ritz and co to escape before this Antarctica type is not meant for battle. In the aftermath, Kiriko confesses that she used to be a pilot for Daimidaler. She apologizes for getting him involved. Shouma doesn’t understand what is going on because all that matters is that he wants to be with her and help her as much as he can. Then they kiss so casually in public like there is no tomorrow. There goes Chieko’s promotion… Kiriko and Shouma return to Prince. Matayoshi explains the reason she was chosen despite there are a couple of other Factors was because her name came first alphabetically! Since the duo continue to shamelessly flirt before their eyes, it just makes them jealous. Die! One day as Matayoshi waited for hours just to pick them up from school (because their school prohibits handphones), Antarctica is spotted raging throughout the city. So it’s going to be a rematch between Daimidaler and an upgraded Antarctica model. The latter is much more superior thanks to all the data on Kiriko’s attack patterns. The only way for Daimidaler to attack back is to move massive amounts of Hi-ERO particles into the system. And this means Shouma must do very perverted things to Kiriko’s body! Even Kiriko gives the green light! OMG! Shouma you lucky bastard!!! But wait! He hesitates! WTF?! Shouma you idiotic bastard! He realizes because he did so many light hearted things to her, he believes he has corrupted the pure and innocent Kiriko he knows. He will not do perverted things to her. Shouma you stupid bastard! Are you going to let mankind die because of your morals?! Then he gets an idea. He shows his Gulliver Stick! WTF?! Kiriko is in so much shock that Hi-ERO particles blast through the roof! Despite so, this isn’t good news. Kiriko is so shocked that her Hi-ERO particles are going out of control. Yeah. Gulliver Stick. Truly fearsome. Shouma takes over the piloting but can an amateur do it? It’s precisely why he can. Since Ritz doesn’t have his fighting data, it throws Antarctica off. His punch is his kick and vice versa. Beginner’s luck. Kiriko sees how cool Shouma is and calms down. Together they power up (Daimidaler getting a new bigger hand) and defeat Antarctica. Matayoshi is glad that this pair will be mankind’s key to defeat Penguin Empire. However he still can’t stand their immoral public make out! Must they do it every time? Just die! Meanwhile Penguin Emperor isn’t pushing the panic button yet. Looks like he has an ace up his sleeve…

Episode 8
Ritz and co are trekking through the dessert. Lost… Penguin Emperor tests some teleport device and it brings Macaroni. This cute sexy babe is a subordinate of his from the other world. Matayoshi shows Shouma and Kiriko around the new base but they are more interested in cuddling and be love-dovey with each other. So irritating… Then they get lost in some store room area. Time for a cliché moment. The shelves topple over and they are trapped. Suddenly Shouma becomes a perverted monster and starts fondling her boobs. Actually he wants her to use her Hi-ERO particles to blast them out. Yeah, it did. But too powerful that they are sent flying into to command centre. No more lost. Penguin Emperor notices non-living objects that go through the transporter doesn’t have damage compared to living things. Because those things that pass through will lose something. Be it memories or something physical (the reason why Macaroni was naked when she first arrived). Ritz and co are really lost in the dessert when suddenly they are teleported back. Penguin Emperor reveals he used this transporter and after he has them say what they lost, he apologizes for using something so dangerous on them. He really wants to take responsibility but the rest don’t really mind about the little stuff. Because they are family. Aww… Penguin Emperor wants Ritz to have her physical data taken so the Penguins start off with some erotic play! The data is supposed to be crucial for their next operation so do it properly! The Penguins note that Kiriko’s measurements must be better so Ritz won’t lose to that woman and orders them to go take Kiriko’s sizes.

Guess what Shouma and Kiriko are doing? They’re playing rock-scissors-paper. The loser gets kissed. Isn’t that a win-win solution? So irritating! Heck, they even screw this game and just start kissing! Are you trying to test our patience! Sorry to interrupt your kissing time but here are those Penguin dudes. First they hypnotize Shouma out and then they restrain Kiriko. First she dares them to touch it and they think it’s a bluff to let them lose interest. When they start fondling, she realizes her plan to conjure Hi-ERO particles failed because she can’t get excited as long as it’s not Shouma. Shouma is freed from the spell and uses his Gulliver Stick to do the trick! However from this position, his pants rip and he can’t do this move no more. Kiriko is close to naked and since Shouma sees her, her Hi-ERO particles burst out. She calls forth Daimidaler so the Penguins cry it is unfair since they are here just to measure her data. Kiriko then gives Shouma measure her and let the Penguins have it. As a pride of a woman, she won’t want to lose to Ritz either. Shouma feels unfair for just measuring her. He suggests she measures her stick next time. If she wants to. But of course. When they return to base, they see Matayoshi in negotiations with Penguin Emperor who wants cooperation from his Factors as they need vast amount of Hi-ERO particles. He refuses. In that case, Penguin Emperor will take action. At the same time, Ritz is going to settle their measurement size once and for all. When she sees Kiriko’s data winning by a clear mile, she gets freaking upset. Penguin Emperor uses the transporter to teleport a mecha, Super Antarctica by Humboldt.

Episode 9
Long ago, Ritz seems to be the survivor of a war that ravaged her land. That’s where she met Penguin Emperor who was also alone and wandering. She follows him around and is taken in by his kindness. But once they reach a town, Penguin Emperor told her they had to part because it is not time for him yet to show himself to humans. He tells her to be strong and live, go find her family. Perhaps one day they will meet again. Ritz doesn’t really remember much about it but dreaming that just felt nostalgic. Similarly Penguin Emperor also dreams back of the past. When he was in the other world and his Penguin Empire is on the verge of defeat, his men created some teleport device to allow him to jump to another world. However he toyed around with it and accidentally sent himself there. Trapped in this new world, he has no choice but to rebuild from scratch. That’s when he met that young girl. Since he isn’t a lolicon, he doesn’t remember her face. Penguin Emperor introduces Ritz to Humboldt. She is one of the 5 strongest elites back in the other world (Macaroni is one of them) and looks a bit like Ritz. Although she is flat chest, she is a bit of a pervert… Ritz doesn’t understand about humans being part of his empire but he explains Humboldt isn’t human and was artificially created. It seems Super Antarctica cannot move after being teleported here. Don’t worry, Humboldt will pilot it. Oops. She forgot how! Must be the side effects. I don’t understand about this talk about using generators humans created from their technology to move it. Humboldt remembers there are robots using Hi-ERO particles appearing in the other world but weren’t that useful and changed to some thermal power system. They’re going to do the same here but how are they going to find the funds for to remake it? All the Penguins will sell their porn magazines! All for the Penguin Empire! Ritz has a martial arts combat with Humboldt. Humboldt clearly rules as she finishes her off with her clothes ripping Fiery Blast Penguin Thrust. She tells Ritz is she plans on joining the elite, she must master this fist. And so Ritz trains under this new master of hers while the Penguins rebuild a new Antarctica using parts and technology from Super Antarctica. Once it is done, Humboldt returns to her world and prays for their success. The new Antarctica makes its appearance and of course Daimidaler is called into action. At first, Shouma and Kiriko’s power of love easily overwhelms Antarctica. But this is not the end yet. Antarctica takes Daimidaler up into the air (so that the city won’t be damaged – how considerate) and it starts emitting Hi-ERO particles. Prepare for the blast of your life. Kyouko is seen lying in coma in a containment unit.

Episode 10
After all that explanation about this Evolt power, nothing happens. Failure? Kiriko and Shouma taunt Ritz as they continue to be lovey-dovey. Penguin Emperor decides to send one of his commandos over, Joseph. His front tail has a special ability. But once he is transported, curse the side effects since his front tail is not standing up! Another failure? Don’t worry. Joseph knows how to get it back up. Sexual harassment on Ritz! After recharging, he powers up Antarctica to transform into Super Antarctica (in which we shall call this new version Kai). Kai is much better than Daimidaler and is going to do the finishing blow. Shouma protects Kiriko when suddenly Hi-ERO particles burst out from him. He turns into a Penguin! What the hell?! Ritz persuades Shouma to join them as Kiriko desperately tries to cling on to him and not make him leave. Her high burst of Hi-ERO particles cause Kyouko to awaken. However this only backfires as Shouma did not change. To her dismay, he goes over to the other side and she falls into depression. The battle now takes place over the ocean since Ritz doesn’t want to city to be destroyed. Kiriko is so sad that she is bursting with Hi-ERO particles. As she was able to use it freely with Shouma around, now that he is taken away, Daimidaler is going berserk as it is being drowned in her feelings. She is going to get her revenge. At this rate the city will be destroyed. Matayoshi doesn’t care if a town or two gets destroyed in the process so long Ritz is annihilated! So go forth and destroy her! Destroy the Penguin Empire! Your name will be gloriously carved in the victorious history of mankind! Oh dear. Who is the real bad guy now? Shouma doesn’t want Ritz to attack Daimidaler sloppily because from his experience if she does she’ll be blown apart. Penguin Emperor tells her to use the Penguin Thrust. She is not confident but with all the Penguins supporting her so strongly, she begins her attack. Similarly Kiriko also unleashes her ultimate CP Slash. In the end, Kai wins. Matayoshi cannot believe this lost when suddenly he Kyouko contacts him and wants him to launch her right into the battlefield in this arm of the previous Daimidaler. It’s a gamble. Ritz and the Penguins are making their thanking speech. They protected the city. Thank you everyone. Suddenly here comes Kyouko flying in. The old Daimidaler all of a sudden appears from the sky as the arm attaches to it. Kouichi is back! What the?!

Episode 11
Kouichi in this modified Daimidaler that has a candle on its head, kicks the hell ass out of Ritz. Guess what? The molestation of Kyouko continues. Yeah, the cockpit is also modified for some bonding style groping. After episodes of hiatus and this is their perverted return? The Hi-ERO particles are bursting that it sends Kai reverting back to Antarctica version. Time for a retreat. Back at the base, we hear some explanation how this new Super Daimidaler uses 2 kinds of power and one of them being thermal (the candle). After the explosion, Kouichi found himself in a strange world. Soon, several people picked him up and modified his robot. The odd part is he can’t remember the faces of those people! But he remember being told as long Daimidaler’s left arm was still intact, there is a chance he could go back. So while Daimidaler was being modified, he was spending most of his idle time in the cockpit thinking about Kyouko (harassing her, that is). Kouichi meets Kiriko for the first time. To his surprise, he didn’t know she is from the same school and a year his senior. Meanwhile Penguin Emperor is pondering about the recent events. He knows that candle on Daimidaler is from the humans of the other world as it is their limitless power source. Large amounts of Hi-ERO particles can transfer one to another dimension and the first time teleported him there. When Kai and Daimidaler’s super impact happened the same time, the large Hi-ERO particles allowed Kouichi to return and the left arm was some sort of beacon. Further thinking has him believe that original Hi-ERO particles weren’t meant for weaponry and warfare and thus he might have done something terribly wrong. Kiriko observes Kouichi and Kyouko’s relationship but couldn’t figure it out. He’s bugging Kyouko to wear this skimpy ‘battle suit’ and wanting to practice. The professors have found Penguin Empire’s secret base. How? They just Google it!

Kouichi continues to molest Kyouko in that ‘battle suit’. Oddly everyone seems to tolerate it. I guess this is not as annoying as being a lovey-dovey couple, huh? Unknown to them, this pervy act is being secretly watched by several government men. They have records and statistics to show how sales of unhealthy and perverted things are on the rise since Daimidaler came back. They believe Prince is behind this and should have wiped them out then during the explosion. The irony is that they thought they were the saviours of the world but instead it is Penguin Empire that purified the world from such unhealthy and unholy products. Time to fix this once and for all before the people start making a fuss. Kouichi’s Hi-ERO particles are increasing more than ever so Matayoshi is happy their victory chance is bigger. Kiriko wants to go into battle too and he allows it. Because 2 Daimidalers will increase their victory chance. Although she might go berserk and explode again, since they’re at the enemy base he doesn’t care as it will wipe out the enemy! Kiriko doesn’t need Kouichi’s molestation as she can go into full burst using her own imagination. Oh really? After Kyouko picks the duo up from school, suddenly an army of Daimidaler is seen around the city and the announcement of evacuation. This old Daimidaler types can be piloted by anybody as it uses some plasma system. To Prince’s horror, they have not being disposed off as believed and are not going to use to eradicate the ‘bad guys’. They blame them for bringing back the depravity and unhealthy culture to men and worst of all, do you know how much it costs each time they send Daimidaler back for restoration? Can’t deny that, can’t they? And looks like they’re not going to give them a chance to surrender as they intended to eliminate them from the start.

Episode 12
The army attacks Prince’s base. How ironic. The one supposed to protect is attacking unarmed people without warning. More old Daimidaler models are pushing deeper to destroy Prince’s underground base while Kouichi and the ladies are running around. Can they really outrun those giant robots? Suddenly their Daimidalers burst into the scene. The professors are piloting them and managed to move it away while Matayoshi was arguing with the army commander. The kids enter their robots and it’s back to familiar territory. Kouichi didn’t hesitate groping Kyouko while Kiriko has her own lewd imagination on Shouma. Power them up Hi-ERO particles! The fight rages on but with the endless wave of old Daimidaler models, even Kouichi’s Hi-ERO particles has its limits. Penguin Empire gets wind about this internal fighting and Ritz doesn’t like what she sees. She goes to help Kouichi and co with excuse that she is the only person who will defeat them. The army on the other hand is going to destroy Penguin Empire too because anybody who attacks them is a threat to the country. All the old Daimidaler models combine into one giant ugly model called Super Sound. Kiriko is surprised Shouma comes to join her piloting. She tries hard to psycho herself despite looking like a Penguin, he is Shouma inside. And yeah, his front tail is just his Gulliver. Our kids do well to push back Super Sound and before they could land the finishing blow, the army commander tells them to stop and surrender. What gives? He explains why Prince is a menace to society because ever since they came back, human’s libidos and immoral activities have been on the rise. Unlike Penguin Empire that sucks Hi-ERO particles and leave humans void of sexual desires. Of course this is just a side distraction to let Super Sound recharge. Kouichi couldn’t give a damn about that but Kiriko feels insulted. Are doing those lovey-dovey things considered to be a crime? She won’t accept this and vows to protect Shouma. She ejects him from his seat and is going to do a kamikaze move. She won’t forgive anyone who refuses to acknowledge their deep love as she powers up with Hi-ERO particles and attacks. However she got shot down. If you thought you have seen the end of the professors, think again. Although this time their limited appearance would be to fire their bazooka at some antenna that sends the control signals to Super Sound. Although the army doesn’t control it anymore, it goes berserk destroying the city! Holy cow! This is much worse!

Kiriko wakes up and is so glad that Shouma is back being human! When he was ejected, Six seized him and under Penguin Emperor’s orders, he put some little device on Shouma and infused him with lots of Hi-ERO particles, turning him back to human (that was how Six turned into one, right?). And now that he is back, let the kissing continue! Can we do this later? The plan now is to destroy Super Sound in a concentrated attack. Kiriko won’t go berserk anymore and will join in this plan. When Shouma tells Kyouko that Six gave his regards to her, she felt a sense of nostalgia. I guess it’s a good thing because she allows Kouichi to mess her up the way he wants! Music to his ears! The words he has been waiting for! No mercy groping! And of course, Kiriko and Shouma’s kissing ecstasy… Don’t feel bad or jealous, Ritz… Their over the top Hi-ERO particles power up to the maximum to defeat Super Sound. The army commander couldn’t believe they are being saved by immoral people but here comes Matayoshi to impart his perverted lecture that lust is the proper growth of a sound youth! Don’t those hypocrites also went through the same phase and now they want to ban this from the current youth? Don’t be such an unsound middle aged jerk ass! In the aftermath, Penguin Emperor and his Penguins arrive on scene to pay their respects. He explains that their species do not have Hi-ERO particles and must collect them from others to reproduce. They are more infatuated with lust as they do not have Hi-ERO particles themselves. Because such particles in humans are unusually high, his original plan was to harness it and turn them into their kind. However it is too dangerous and as seen could turn them into humans. It is decided they leave this place and return home. After all, the transporter has been fixed thanks to all the Hi-ERO particles collected. Ritz is not happy they are going away and leaving her behind as Penguin Emperor reasons she is human of this world and cannot take her along. She begs not to be left behind and he remembers she is that girl from the past. He renames her as Rikantz Penguin Seaberry and from now on part of the elite commandoes and reborn as his daughter. This good news calls for a celebration as Penguin Empire bid farewell before heading home. Penguin Emperor and Matayoshi agree that lust is necessary for peace and prosperity. It is the treasure of the universe! Penguin Emperor warns humans not to lose their libido or they will become Penguins like them and suffer the same fate.

Mini OVA 1
What else? 5 minutes of more perversion if you buy the DVDs. Kouichi is adamant that Kyouko cosplays to help fight against the Penguin Empire (really?). However Matayoshi shoots his idea down, calling it childish and this foolish move will make his boob massaging inferior and Kyouko will hate him (I think she already does). Kouichi admits his wrong move so Matayoshi is going to teach him the finer points of boobs massaging. Because Kouichi gropes like a kid so he is going to teach him adult style! Oh God… You know what this means for Kyouko… And so here Matayoshi coaches him on this Touch & Attack method, poor Kyouko is left screaming-cum-moaning at every groping. In the end it not only brings out more Hi-ERO particles, but his groping skill also increases. So remember the hand movements, angle and rhythm! They’re all very important! I don’t know if Kyouko is just tired or climaxed. After that tenacious fondling, Kouichi could tell her left boob is a little smaller than her right! You’re the worst! And now Penguin Empire has conveniently attack. Time to show the fruits of your training. Time to show your boobs, Kyouko! NOOOO!!!!

Mini OVA 2
The scientist trio are playing their favourite game of bowling. Yeah, bowling balls in the shape of round boobs. And of course to make it interesting, they’re going to play a strip bowling competition. Soriko is much against this perverted idea but who cares? It’s her against everyone (that includes us viewers). Even if Moriko and Sewashiko lose, they are happy to strip because they don’t mind flaunting their sexy body! You go, girls! And why is Soriko so upset even if it is not her stripping? Eventually she too has to strip because of the way she clumsily wore layers of clothes. Think she will be safe? Down the gutter! Strip! Strip! STRIP!!! In the end, Moriko wins and everybody is totally naked. Soriko wants Sewashiko to be completely naked and this means taking out that strip of cloth hanging on her nose. Sewashiko starts panicking as Soriko turns into the devil and pulls it out. She got labelled as a pervert. So that tiny insignificant cloth is all that is separating Sewashiko’s modesty?

Mini OVA 3
Ritz is overflowing with Hi-ERO particles due to the generator’s after-effect so much so she is turning into some sort of sex maniac on the Penguins. Get some love! For the remaining Penguins that ‘survived’, they figure the only way to stop her love spree is to unbutton her shirt and expose her boobs. What? They think it will immobilize her. Say what again? Unfortunately it backfired. She is even crazier than ever and gives them a Godly Ungodly God Scrub (whatever, it is freaking super!). The showdown evolves into a Penguin molesting her boobs and at the same time Ritz giving him her God Scrub. It’s getting real intense. Who is going to give way first? Maybe Ritz will be first to break when her panties are off. Now she feels embarrassed? The charade ends when Penguin Emperor beats them up for trying to turn this show into some hentai flick.

Mini OVA 4
What the hell is this? Chieko trying to force Shouma to become her naughty partner?! WTF?! She’s forcing his hands to seduce her boobs as Shouma tries to resist it because he already has Kiriko. Speaking of which, here she comes and she knows Chieko is at fault. Suddenly Ritz raids the school and blasts some sort of solvent that only melts clothes. Gee, why doesn’t it melt panties? Kouichi shows up in Daimidaler to fight Ritz. In the midst of that, the sex crazed teacher is chasing after Shouma but loses him. She vows to let Shouma get a taste of her advances. For some reason too, Kyouko also gets blasted by the solvent and then another round on Kiriko. Not to be left out, Ritz also gets it and to add salt to her wound, she lost the fight. Kouichi is savouring his sweet victory while admiring the sunset as Kyouko is upset she is still naked.

Mini OVA 5
Taking place during Ritz and Humboldt’s martial arts training. Yeah. There was more that was shown during then. We see Humboldt clearly overwhelming Ritz with some sexy-cum-lewd-cum-embarrassing submission pose. The Penguins believe Humboldt’s smaller boobs are superior to Ritz’s bigger ones. Humboldt then pins her down and reveals the secret self-defence of the Penguin Empire: The 69 position! Something how the pleasures continue to repeat itself. Be warned: Extremely tempting fapping material: Girls in freaking hot 69 position!!!!!!!!! Penguin Emperor then has his subordinates remember their proud traditional art. I don’t know what this circling group dance is but it was enough to make Ritz see something and win the fight with her fiery punch.

Mini OVA 6
Penguin Empire is having a mochi party. Thinking that something is missing, they summon Macaroni who was probably in the midst of eating her abalone. The Penguins’ horniness gets activated as they strip and unrobe her. They also have Humboldt do some strip pole dancing. Ritz feels left out when everyone starts talking about Macaroni’s shrunk boobs so she starts pounding mochi with Humboldt. It’s like the mochi also have its horniness activated as it starts fondling Ritz’s boobs. The only way to save her is… Suck on her boobs! Humboldt uses some suction to get rid of it. Ritz’s orgasmic face… The Penguins are sorry for letting this happen to her and ruining the fun (you mean they weren’t having fun with the fanservice?) but Ritz doesn’t think so because as long she is with them, everything is fun. Really? Want to have another go?

The Grope-inator…
Wait a minute! So that’s the end of it?! No hanging teasers of cliff-hangers to indicate that there might be a sequel in the works if ever the producers get horny enough or more perverted ideas in the future?! You mean it ends here with Penguin Empire going home after all that?! Then what will become of Daimidaler from now on? What will be its use now that there is no more Penguin Empire threat to fight against? What will Kouichi do now since there is no more reason to grope and get hardcore perverted with Kyouko since peace reigns! Oh yeah. The irony. Lust for peace! And now that peace is here, where is the lust?

This anime will always be remembered for its notorious breast groping fanservice. This is what this anime is about. This is why you watch this anime. Everything else doesn’t matter. I supposed there is a censored version but I guess if you are going to watch this kind of anime, might as well go for full blown bare tits. Groping boobs feel like the main course compared to the panty shots that are appetizers and desserts. There are plenty of them so if you love this kind of fanservice, you’ll be fapping every episode ;p. For the record, I didn’t. If all that fanservice isn’t enough, be glad to know that the first half of the mid-intermission eye-catch is even shameless with the girls in half exposed bodies and very tantalizing-cum-inviting positions. Definitely your ultimate fapping material! For the record again, I didn’t. The second half of the intermission is the uninspiring mecha pose, which strikes down all that horniness. Why the heck do they need to put this? It would have been better if they put additional of those fanservice poses! Wasted! :). And with the cleverly named term of Hi-ERO particles, it goes to show that sometimes being a hero is also ero.

Character development is close to zero and we have all already resigned to the fact that there isn’t going to be any given the nature of this series. Which is a good thing because it avoids us from getting really disappointed. May I need to remind you the real reason why we are watching this series in the first place again? You can guess from the start that Kouichi is a damn pervert and will continue to always be one. That villainous face screams of fondling and groping intentions from miles away. The same case with Kyouko. The reason she exists or at least her character role in this anime is so that she can be violated and groped to the maximum by Kouichi while satisfying us viewer’s horny lust. In fact, you don’t think about Kyouko. You just think about her boobs! For better or worse, can you say her boobs are her greatest assets? Yeah. Those pair is what determines victory and loss! The professors don’t really play any significant role except for some little fanservice moments like Moriko’s big bust, Soriko’s leotard like as though she just came out fresh from working at Playboy and Sewashiko’s tendency for sexual subtexts in her conversation (why does she have a cloth hanging out from her nose?). Despite making a more notable accomplishment in the final episode, it is easily overshadowed once the action and fanservice resumes. I notice in their past time they love to do bowling. Nothing odd but when you think about professors and bowling, it just feels like a weird combination.

I want to say that Shouma and Kiriko are the most decent characters but their penchant of being lovey-dovey annoys me like hell too. It’s like their purpose in this anime is to piss us single otaku loners-cum-losers and rub salt into our wounds. I also don’t even know why Chieko exists but I suppose it is to provide a variety for big boobs because after a while, we all will get bored with the same groping scene. Yeah. Variety is indeed the spice of life. As for Matayoshi, he must be the master of perversion since he teaches Kouichi the finer points in being a pervert and he gets really passionate when he tells us about that lust thingy. Uh huh. Everybody is a pervert one way or another in this anime. Even Ritz herself. Despite caring a lot about her Penguin family, she sometimes has this tendency to play along in the perversion game. Yeah. Variety is the spice of life. Oh, did I say that before? And her God Scrub = Labour of love. Ultimate pleasing skill ;). The only thing ‘unique’ about the character part is how the main character goes missing in the middle of the series, be replaced halfway through, only to make a grand return in the final couple of episodes. You don’t see that very often in lots of animes, don’t you?

Ironically Penguin Empire is casted as the antagonist initially. However as the series progresses, you’ll find that Penguin Empire isn’t as bad as they seem. Because they really take great care in not damaging the city unlike our Daimidaler pilots who are just going all out with full force. They also treat each other like family and value it like a precious treasure. Penguin Emperor cares a lot about his subordinates and will not risk their lives if the battle with Daimidaler gets too dangerous. Why, he even has regrets. Isn’t that what makes him great? And ironically during their reign, they brought down the level of porn! Although this might be debatable to some but a less perverted city means its citizens will be doing something more productive, right? So now do you see why Penguin Empire is more like good guys than villains? Besides, who would in their right idea casts cute penguins as antagonists? It is like turning pandas into bad guys. It just doesn’t cut it!

So it goes to show that Penguins are also humans! Why not? With the subordinates having ordinary names like Michael, Jim, Nelson, Dennis and Jake, in addition to be a little goofy and playful at times, they are as equally as perverted as their human counterparts having seen reading human porn magazines in their spare time. Yeah, they love those stuffs. Also, since 2 of Penguin Emperor’s strongest 5 have appeared and look so human-like, I don’t really understand about how they were conceived that makes them look so but they definitely do not look as close as penguins. So is it possible there are more human looking subordinates under him? It would have been interesting to see something more about this and his army from the other parallel world. Thus it just feels fleeting that they teleport here just for a short time and then go back once they have done their thing. Can’t they stay longer? I guess this shows that they’re doing well on the other side for them to go back.

Slowly you will realize the Prince team to be villains (or acting very much like one) especially with Matayoshi so obsessed and bent on destroying Penguin Empire at all cost that he doesn’t even care about the lives of others! Aha. First sign of being a villain. Remember what I said about penguins being too cute to be villains? Kyouko hates them to the max. What kind of human would hate such cute creatures?! Only bad guys can do that, right? That’s why Kyouko in this sense is considered a villain. Though I’m not sure if her hatred for Penguins has subsided in the end because we see her dad doing fine and not fearing bananas anymore. And then you have Kouichi who is a big time molester and sexual harassment monster while Kiriko and Shouma are more interested in flirting. Yes, being lovey-dovey with each other shamelessly in public is a crime! That’s why they’re like villains in this sense! Haha! The professors? Since they help maintain Daimidaler, they are like partners in crime. Accomplice, no? And finally, we have the army guys and those old bastards sitting in their dark rooms as the final arc’s antagonist because you can’t put our young kid heroes and Penguin Empire as baddies so might as well put it on those people against sex and porn. And now with Penguin Empire and Prince seemingly making peace (although the former has gone back), does this mean that they are fighting on the same side? The side of porn and eroticism, that is! Yeah. A new reason to fight for. A new reason to live. Long live porn!

The mecha designs especially Daimidaler are one of the most hideous and the ugliest I have ever seen in the history of all the mecha animes I have watched. Even looking at it the first time already zaps the wow factor for the mecha part. It’s like they didn’t put enough effort or just simply use one of their kids’ doodles as the final draft. So laughable that it is so lame to begin with. The Antarctic series also doesn’t fare well but at least it looks slightly better than Daimidaler although generally they are still plain and boring. Of course we are distracted by the groping and ecchi fanservice stuff, the reason why we can forgive this towering metallic atrocity. That is why we can laugh it off without cursing the lack of design effort in this behemoth abomination. Although the Penguins don’t look like the bird kind and resemble more of like humans wearing a full costume getup, it is their front tail that gets the most ‘attention’. There are a few ‘stand up’ jokes about it but it all boils down to perception. Don’t judge a dick by its front tail. If you tend to think of it as their penis and major turn down to the fanservice, then you my friend are really perverted to think so. Because their front tail doesn’t even resemble close to the phallic shape. It looks more like white radish sticking out…

Action wise, there are destructive mecha battles like one would expect but then again as I have said, do you really care about this part? With Daimidaler going all out and unleashing whatever power, the city is guaranteed to be destroyed or suffer some sort of damage in one way or another. And ultimately, the entire Tokyo is now a wasteland. I wonder what the bill is for cleaning and rebuilding everything. So was it worth it? To fight and protect your right and freedom for perversion! The punches and beams of the robots are packed with lots of power and you can feel the impact. No, I’m not talking each time some high powered Hi-ERO particles start charging up. So it is like you get both your fighting and fanservice action all at one go. Kouichi must have the best job in the world. He gets to fight to so called save the world while doing perverted things. Yeah, fighting Penguins feel like an excuse to just grope boobs. Each Antarctica series has their own unique moves but it is more less the same thing of cannon, missiles and beams with a few varieties.

The opening theme is of the same name as this series and sung by Endoh-kai. If this tokusatsu-like opener sounds very familiar it is because Masaaki Endoh (of JAM Project fame) is on the lead vocals and his voice is very suitable and has covered many similar songs. Personally I think this opening song is not bad as it is packed with lots of power, passion and your usual lively and upbeat rock that gives you a feel that this is going to be a mecha series that rocks. But we know the mecha elements aren’t the main thing anyway. Otherwise, I think this is one of those songs that you would want to belt out and sing along with zeal whenever you have the chance to. It is a different story for the ending theme. Now it sounds like an all-girl group anime pop. Suki Suki//Links by the seiyuus of the professor trio also has that cute and kawaii feel. I suppose with the professors don’t make much of an impact in the series, this is can be considered their centre stage as the ending credits animation is focused almost entirely on them (sexy fanservice pose and teasers are very much welcomed, thank you).

I don’t know but I think it must be me since I feel they are trying to subtly hint us a message in this anime. That being a pervert is good?! Being young and youthful means it’s okay to have perverted desires? Well, you only get to be young once. Use it or lose it. Because a sound and healthy mind is a perverted and lustful mind! So does saving the world give you a reason to get perverted? In that case would it have been better for mankind to be doomed in the first place? I know there is this saying of make peace and not war. Because everybody will be too happy having a good time fapping to porn material instead of fighting each other. So is such immoral activities accepted in this sense? Sex and porn are pretty much taboo in many parts of the world and the older generation. If sex and porn are really that bad, how come it is thriving so well? My theory is that such people who are vehemently against this either enjoy a very good sex life or had a very bad experience with it. They’re acting like they know porn very well to be against it. Hah. Don’t deny it. It’s basic human nature and part of who we are. That’s what makes us humans. Eventually it all comes down to moderation. Porn and perversion can only be good up to a certain limit (child porn is still bad in any ways). So don’t jump on the bandwagon and start taking out your perverted fantasies in real life on others. Reality dictates that there won’t be any Hi-ERO particles produced but you’ll be slapped with sexual harassment lawsuits.

Overall, this show is definitely not for everyone and I can clearly visualize viewers will be split into different camps on their views of this series. If you do not support breast groping (pun intended) and find such fanservice to be really annoying, this anime would be downright blasphemous. Then stay away as far as possible or you might catch its perverted disease. In fact, stay away from all anime or TV shows from Hollywood or any parts of the world. Don’t watch TV. Don’t even surf the internet. Stay cooked up in a cave far away from civilization and live a life of boringness and solitude that nobody will ever care. That way your mind and chastity will be safe from all forms of corruption. Might as well be dead. And for those who love it, take it with a pinch of salt. Enjoy the fanservice. Laugh at the boobs groping. Move on. Life is too short to be depressed. So don’t be too hard on yourself (pun intended). Don’t hate porn, hate the stigma. Hope I didn’t rub this the wrong way.

Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun

November 16, 2014

Once more, how do you get a guy like me to watch an anime that has genres that I am not very interested to watch in? Namely, period dramas like feudal Japan and mecha? One sure way is to turn them into females. But if that gets too old, what else do you do? You turn it into some sexy harem romance of course! And that is how you bait me to watch shows like this as in the case of Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun. Uh huh. I am such a sucker for this kind of things. At least this anime didn’t use Nobunaga that has seen countless reincarnations and retellings over these few years. This is an original anime production (not based on some manga, light novel or game) which sees an alternative feudal Japan whereby the Meiji restoration never happened.

For those who don’t know their Japanese history (like yours truly), the Meiji restoration was what happened at the end of the Tokugawa era, signalling the end of the Shogunate era and there were political and social changes made. So for this anime, without the Meiji restoration means our Japs drove away the foreigners and secluded themselves from the world. Yeah. But that doesn’t explain how the heck they get big giant futuristic mecha robots that pack so much destructive firepower. It’s like somebody from the future didn’t want them anymore and to prevent being charged by some disposal penalty law, he dumped it back into the past. Just kidding about that bit. But really. Mechs in alternate feudal Japan? Not the first anime to do so but it is quite ironic when you think about the fact that there are some people who can pilot these heavily mechanised machines (seen them reading a manual on how to operate it?) when you don’t see a decent washing machine or coffee maker around. Yeah…

Oh, right. Don’t forget about the harem part that got me deciding to have a look at this too. When you already have huge gigantic powerful mechs in such feudal era, why not go the extra mile by putting sexy buxom babes into the picture too. Uh huh. And this guy, our typical hero and main protagonist of the story, the kind that is destined to change the future of Japan, blah, blah, blah, you get the point… You bet these girls are going to be part of his harem and help him pilot this incredible mecha. Wow. What better way than to get you into this anime. Did I mention that everybody is a virgin too?

Episode 1
Keiichirou and his buddy, Hyakusuke are about to get into another brawl to unite Nagasaki when the enemies surrender. They throw a party and call him their leader but Keiichirou isn’t pleased. Is this all there is to unify Nagasaki and Japan? He laments there are no more enemies left for him to fight. Oh, he forgot all but one. Otomi, the hostess of the greatest public bath house and the one who raised Keiichirou. She’s here to remind them to get their asses back to work. Of course Keiichirou won’t. His entire life he has never worked and only entered fights. A near naked man seeks help because this busty sexy babe, Kiriko is going to slice off his ‘ugly’ thing. It doesn’t help when the police head accuses Keiichirou of being the troublemaker and into raping men! Well, that woman is no longer around and that guy is crying… I don’t know how he got out of this one but hell he is going to find that woman in the red kimono to clear his name. Hyakusuke remembers her from the party and Keiichirou is desperate enough to barge into the women’s section just to look for her! Hyakusuke has a safer method but doesn’t this make them look like peeping Toms? Eventually they see her thanks to that trademark huge boobs but she wipes out the binoculars after sensing they are watching her. Meanwhile another murder case takes place and the police head firmly believes it is Keiichirou behind this despite witnesses saying they saw a woman in red kimono. His conclusion? Keiichirou is cross-dressing and sleeping-cum-murdering them! He really wants to blame him, huh? Kiriko confronts Keiichirou and confirms he has been living in this bath house since young under Otomi’s care. She makes him touch her boobs and because he is such a virgin, he passes out. He comes to inside the bath house after Hyakusuke wakes him up. And here is that dumb police guy coming in to arrest him but Otomi won’t allow him. Otherwise she will reveal his disgusting habit and ban him for life. Better back down for now.

Another sex-cum-murder takes place and it hits one of Keiichirou’s buddies. There is a dagger stab wound on his chest. Stupid police head again accuses him but Keiichirou sees Kiriko outside and dashes to confront her. He wants to settle things now but Kiriko kills all the hidden ninjas and reveal the real culprit, another sexy buxom babe, Houkouin. Realizing Kiriko is protecting him, Keiichirou must be the one. She couldn’t find him so was killing every young guy he could get her hands on. If being sexy and busty is one thing, wait till you see this freaking huge mecha she rides! The police now believes Keiichirou thanks to this revelation and comes to his aid. Kiriko brings Keiichirou back to the bath house and reveals she is an Iga ninja sent to protect him as the Shogun in Edo has fallen and there are parties after him. Otomi in her ninja outfit (I never knew she had boobs this big!!!) throws him a Tokugawa seal. She explains the attacks have something to do with his secret birth. But save the details for later, they have to stop Houkouin’s rampage. Because Keiichirou is a true virgin of the Tokugawa bloodline, he is can pilot this Onigami called Susanoo. There is a huge mecha hiding underneath the bath house? He gets into it and uses his beginner’s luck to pilot it. Houkouin would really love to enjoy this fight (it’s like sex to her) but she has to escape and report back to her master, Shigeyoshi Hitotsubashi.

Episode 2
Some masochist pervert is begging for Chiharu to step on him. She gets mad and transforms into her true demon fox form to give him some pain. That’s what he wanted, right? If fixing the bath house is one big pain in the ass for Keiichirou, what more Kiriko’s lecturing especially about him being a virgin and his curse of breaking into hives and then passing out when coming into contact with women. She views his ability to pilot Susanoo crucial and is here to protect his virginity. Otomi knows that Kiriko was sent here to also help pilot Susanoo. Although a man’s virginity is needed, its true power is revealed when he is nestled in the crotch of a female virgin in the back. So does she have what it takes to make him sit down there? Speaking of virginity, Keiichirou and Hyakusuke enter a red light district to lose it. Learning Chiharu is the top girl around, they request for her. Is it because Keiichirou prefers flat chests?! Chiharu gets steamy with him when Kiriko barges in. While they’re arguing about her more concerning about his virginity than his body, Chiharu stole his wallet. But outside the police head is going to arrest her because the pervert reported her for stealing his money. She beats up the cops with her nunchakus (and steals their wallets too) and before she can do the same to the pervert, he takes out a knife. Keiichirou cuts in and doesn’t like what he sees. The pervert rants about Chiharu being a monster who will do all sorts of nasty things to get your money.

Chiharu is going to kill him in her true demon fox form but Keiichirou stops her. Surprisingly he won’t raise a hand to her and dares her to come at him. She takes up his offer but it is a ploy to take back all the stolen wallet. He returns the wallets to the rightful owners and tells the pervert to get everyone out of here. Chiharu laments about her sorry state of affair. Born between a human and animal, for the last 250 years people has always looked down on her and hated her. Everyone who approached her always plotted something. So she decided to live in the shadows and do this kind of stuff. Keiichirou lectures her about doing it wrong. She might not be able to do something about the curse when she was born but if she curses the way she lives, she’ll just be miserable. He doesn’t care about curses and she should live with her face held high and someday the sun will smile upon her. He gives her his wallet if that is what she wants. Well, it’s empty anyway. So back at the bath house, now it is his turn to get lectured by Kiriko (despite she was praising him earlier on). Suddenly Chiharu pops up and is all over him. Hives all over him. She quit her red light district job and is now going to work here as a maid (Otomi hired her). She might not look like it but she’s a virgin too. This is the least of his problems because there is going to be a showdown between the women. Especially Kiriko with her deadly aura ‘warning’ the sly fox not to get too close to Keiichirou because her actions are seemingly ‘corruptive and unhealthy’. Chiharu isn’t cowed. Let the fight begin!

Episode 3
I think Houkouin is more interested in molesting her fellow comrade, Tsubaki than listening to her report with orders from Shigeyoshi to kill Keiichirou before he masters Susanoo’s power. Chiharu clearly loves flirting with Keiichirou but there is always Kiriko in the way. She even admits she likes Keiichirou and doesn’t care about his bloodline or the fact he will be Shogun someday. Because Kiriko continues to lecture him, Keiichirou tells her off he likes Chiharu better because she doesn’t keep reminding him about Tokugawa this, Tokugawa that. That stings, right? Chiharu tricks Hyakusuke to keep an eye on Kiriko so she can have her chance with Keiichirou once she is away. Seems Kiriko goes out to meet him as he wants to talk. Then how come he is sleeping in his room? Chiharu takes this chance to flirt with him. Since he still resists, she wonders if he hates her because she truly loves him. She explains when she was around 100 years old, she fell in love with a guy but worried about showing her true form. When she did, he ran away. Ever since she was scared of transforming. However he is the first person who doesn’t freak out about her transformation. I wonder how long his hives can hold. Meanwhile Kiriko knows this imposter impersonating as Keiichirou. Tsubaki is sent to stall her but she succumbed to Kiriko’s ultimate molestation technique which even got her to spill the beans. By that time, Houkouin attacks the place in her mecha. Not again. The bath house was just fixed, damn it.

Houkouin wants Keiichirou to summon Susanoo but he isn’t going to rely on that mecha again. So will his hammer suffice? Apparently not. Also, Chiharu finds out he is a virgin. Kiriko throws him the seal. Time to call for Susanoo. Yeah. Why do they keep it under the bath house? Don’t they have any other place to put it? After all that flashy entrance and preparation, Keiichirou can’t make this mecha move. Best sexual subtext quip from Houkouin: “No matter how big it is, it is useless if you can’t make it stand up”! Kiriko realizes it needs another power and pleads to Susanoo to take her. Well, the robot scans the area and takes Chiharu instead. I think she is going to love this. Once they are in position (no pun intended. Oh wait, maybe it is), Susanoo transforms into its Exploding Passion Beast God form. Uhm… Armoured Godzilla? It is powerful enough to pack a powerful punch. I’m sure Houkouin would love to stay and fight but she’d rather taste the fruit best when it is ripe. I guess this means she is going to back down for now and let him ‘ripen’ even more. So all is well for now? Even if Otomi notes Chiharu may be the woman destined to be Keiichirou’s partner, Kiriko doesn’t look okay with it. Despite saying her mission is just to awaken Susanoo and is alright if she is the key, blah, blah, blah, you can’t mistake that look on her face. Gloomy and disappointed.

Episode 4
Keiichirou is trying to hit on girls and has failed 50 times in a row! Houkouin’s words must have gotten to him, huh? Any woman with boobs, he’ll ‘attack’?! Till this woman who dresses in a man’s outfit, Hyougo Asai stops him. They are going to fight but Otomi wants Keiichirou to get his ass back to work so the lazy boy runs away. Hyougo faints because she hasn’t eaten in days so Otomi takes her in. She will do anything to repay her kindness. Anything? I suppose she has to eat her words since she’ll be working in the bath house too. Keiichirou doesn’t recognize her and tries to hit on her. Since Otomi has them work together, I guess this is also motivation for him. Hyougo observes how Keiichirou brings in the smiles. Later she apologizes for misjudging him and explains she was on a journey to hunt down her father’s killer as he was believed to be killed for trying to investigate Shigeyoshi. It was hard travelling alone as a woman because lustful men were chasing after her. This made her start hating men and it reached boiling point when she saw what Keiichirou did. He also admits his fault since he was hitting girls as he was in bad mood. This makes them even. She adds her father’s killer bears the seal case of the Tokugawa. Suddenly air pirates led by Maika Yurihara steal Susanoo to sell it to foreigners. The bath house again… Kiriko and Chiharu go fight them but are no match. Because Hyougo sees the Tokugawa seal in Keiichirou’s hands, she believes he is the killer. So now they have time to fight each other? Better hurry otherwise Kiriko and Chiharu will become dead meat.

Hyougo is obviously stronger than him and she can’t believe this weakling killed her father. Then doesn’t it prove he isn’t the killer? Because she calls him weak, it is like a taboo word to him so he gets up, gets stabbed by her sword in the arm and fights back. A pillar is going to fall on her. Keiichirou saves her from being crushed. Because she still believes he killed her father despite all the overwhelming recent memories of him being a nice guy to the guests of the bath house, she is going to kill him. Suddenly Susanoo activates and breaks free. It rushes down to Keiichirou and deflects Maika’s bullet. The ship takes a direct hit and the pirates have no choice but to flee. All this without Keiichirou controlling it. Before Susanoo can crush Hyougo, Keiichirou inserts the seal and orders it to stop. Phew. No squished woman. Later Otomi explains Susanoo has a will and soul of its own and will move to protect him if needed. Hyougo once more apologizes to Keiichirou for jumping to conclusions. She realized it wasn’t the one with the Tokugawa seal was the killer. It was a hint that the person who has Susanoo has also the blood of Tokugawa and is in Nagasaki and was told to find him. After learning he too is fighting Shigeyoshi, she decides to stay put and work here as part of her atonement. She may need his help when the time comes. As for why he saved her despite her trying to kill him, it is because it is a manly thing to do. Now that she is part of the harem, Chiharu strips Hyougo naked and to the ladies’ surprise, her boobs even surpass Kiriko’s! Furthermore, she is a virgin! Oh no… The competition just went up by one…

Episode 5
Kiriko sees Otomi coughing out blood. Later Otomi is trying to kiss Keiichirou!!! WTF?! She says being kissed by a virgin will break his curse. This granny is a virgin?! Well, she considers herself one since she hasn’t done it in decades. HELL, NO! He would rather kiss somebody else. Meanwhile the pervert bugs Chiharu again as Hyakusuke comes to her rescue. The pervert threatens he will tell everybody about her true form and cause them to not come to the baths anymore. Chiharu agrees to meet him tonight but she actually doesn’t intend to. She doesn’t care about the bath house and plans to beat him up and scram. Otomi tells Kiriko about the virgin kiss and hopes she’ll be the one. Or would she rather have somebody else he kisses? For more dramatic effect, she starts coughing like hell. Keiichirou seems desperate when he comes up to Chiharu and wants to kiss! Normally she would have accepted but since she is in a bad mood, she declines. Besides, where’s the fun in that? Kiriko stops them so he turns his attention to her. He will kiss anybody to break his curse. This breaks her heart as she slaps him. Later Keiichirou tells what happened to Hyougo and she tells him about not understanding the woman’s feelings. Like a typical man, he doesn’t really get it. She won’t let him kiss her since she is saving her chastity till she gets her revenge. Kiriko also goes to see Otomi and tells her what happened. She asks why she decides to break the curse now. It is because of a promise she made to Keiichirou’s mother, Keiko.

Taking Kiriko to her grave, Otomi explains they were good friends despite their gap in age. It all started when Shigeyoshi used his Onigami called Takemikazuchi to drive away black ships. He was imprisoned for that and lost his chance to become Shogun. Munetsugu became Shogun but before he ascended the throne, he fell in love with one of his concubines. That person is Keiko. At that time Otomi was working as a ninja in the Shogunate and eventually Keiko became pregnant with Keiichirou. She couldn’t tell anyone but her. A high ranking councillor, Sadachika Matsudaira found out. He is the guy who also ordered Kiriko to revive Susanoo. He believes if Shigeyoshi returns to Edo, the world will plunge into chaos and to prevent that from happening, he placed his hopes on Keiko’s unborn son and put a curse on him. If the child remained a virgin, he will be able to pilot Susanoo one day. Otomi was tasked to hide Keiko and her unborn son in Nagasaki. But shortly after Keiichirou’s birth, Keiko passed away. Before she died, Keiko wanted her son to live a normal life and Otomi promised her that. Now that he is old enough to decide, he must choose how he will live his own life. Meanwhile Hyakusuke fends of the pervert and his minions. He takes a beating but Keiichirou comes to his rescue and ultimately Chiharu scares him off. Kiriko sees Keiichirou floating a lighted lantern for his mother he has no recollection of. Otomi told him she was a kind person. He also says he won’t kiss her because he wasn’t thinking about her feelings. He has lived his entire life with this curse so living with it a little longer won’t hurt. Kiriko replies even if his curse is lifted, she will give up her life to defend his virginity. She then tells him about grandma’s condition and they rush back to see him coughing badly. Turns out there was a fish bone stuck in her throat and she tried to take it out. Now she feels much better. Keiichirou is going to beat her up for nearly causing him heart attack but granny doesn’t think so. He can’t even kiss a girl and he thinks of beating her? Oh grandma… That night while Keiichirou is sleeping, Kiriko sneaks in to kiss him. Next morning when Chiharu is all over him, he doesn’t break into hives. At first he thought it was Otomi who kissed him but seeing Kiriko’s blushing reaction, he wonders if she is the one.

Episode 6
21 years ago when the foreign black vessels attacked the coast of Japan because the Shogunate refused to open up trades, Shigeyoshi piloted Takemikazuchi and defeat them all in one strike. And now there seems to be an uproar within the Shogunate because as the chief minister, Naosuke Ii mentions, the Shogun is going to take on a new concubine instead of the one from the 3 families. Matsudaira talks to Ii about this and it seems Ii has made a partnership with a foreigner, Verbeck to trade the Onigami for their cannons that is said to be able to pierce through the armour of those mechas. Also, with the new concubine pregnant with the heir, it means when the heir is born, they can form closer ties with the foreigners and don’t need to fight. Souji Okita of the Shinsengumi heard this and reports back to her comrades Toshizo “Toshi” Hijikata and Isami Kondo. They are not pleased they are doing this behind Shigeyoshi’s back. Houkouin also pays them a visit and mentions if this deal goes through, the Shinsengumi will go overseas and Ii will rule Japan. The Shinsengumi report this to Shigeyoshi but he could only feel the country being ruled with emptiness and the demon raging within his heart. Souji tries to sneak in as a concubine to assassinate Ii but that fat ass was faster with the gun and has his ways with her. The new concubine’s escort arrives but Shigeyoshi cuts her down. He is arrested and brought to Ii who is going to execute him but Shigeyoshi remains cool and calls him a monster who deceives the Shogun and the people. Matsudaira thinks the banquet to welcome the new concubine should be called off since she is dead but Ii is going ahead with it. Because the concubine survived the assassination attempt. Actually, he’s going to put a new woman as a face of the concubine. It’ll be okay as long as everyone sees it. Also, he will have Shigeyoshi executed. Later Matsudaira goes to disband the Shinsengumi because of Souji’s assassination attempt on Ii. As Matsudaira hosts the banquet, he also announces Shigeyoshi’s attempted assassination and thus to be execute. He will die by these foreign firing cannons. Suddenly Shigeyoshi screams the top of his voice for everyone to listen. About the country being ruled by evil apparitions. He reveals the Shogun is already dead and that Ii has been hiding this fact. If what he says are lies, the Onigami will remain silent. Otherwise, it will answer his call. The place starts rumbling as the Shinsengumi go into action to free Shigeyoshi. In turn he cuts and slices up Ii and takes the Tokugawa seal. They slaughter everyone including Matsudaira. With the blood of everyone flowing like a river, Shigeyoshi calls forth Takemikazuchi, rising up from the grounds beneath.

Episode 7
Keiichirou and Hyakusuke are about to enjoy themselves in the red light district when Kiriko and Chiharu show up to take them back and punish them. Keiichirou feels frustrated he hasn’t been touched by a woman. Can’t he wait till peace reigns Edo? Yeah. The fate of this country rests on his virginity! Kiriko accidentally reveals she was the one who kissed him and the situation gets a little awkward. Suddenly this hot Iga ninja guy sweeps Kiriko off her feet and wants her to come with him. He is actually the prince of Iga, Sutemaru. He is on official business here. Speaking to Otomi, seems Shigeyoshi and his Shinsengumi has annihilated his village. His people are scattered. The Shinsengumi has become brutal and killed many including Hyougo’s father (what are the chances she heard this?). Their goal is to kill Keiichirou and take Susanoo. They will be here soon and the reason they attacked Iga was because it was along the way. Nothing like a good practice, eh? However Otomi knows he is also here for another reason. Keiichirou is in bad mood thanks to Chiharu describing Sutemaru as that cold woman’s ex-boyfriend. True enough, Sutemaru wants Kiriko to abandon Iga and leave with him to spend their lives together. It was a silly pledge they made as kids but she is not interested in loving anyone now and cannot leave Keiichirou’s side. Later he talks to Keiichirou and asks how much he knows about her and the thorn in her heart. Kiriko had a brother and they were brought to the Iga village. However some law prevented them to be together so big brother turned the blade on himself. Ever since, she closed her heart and stopped loving others. She thought it would be better to love no one than to love someone and lose them. Can Keiichirou say he loves her? Can he protect her? Sutemaru can.

Suddenly a big airship passes over. It is the Shinsengumi and they are here on their own thinking this would please Shigeyoshi if they bring back Keiichirou’s head and Susanoo early. Maybe they’re just itching to fight. Sutemaru ties up Keiichirou because this was Kiriko’s request to not let him fight. Keiichirou is of course not happy that someone else is going to get hurt for his sake and his rage breaks free from the ropes. Kiriko isn’t going to be the one facing Shinsengumi alone but Hyougo too. Revenge time. However the girls are no match for the bloodthirsty trio. This is where Keiichirou comes in. His hammer got sliced in half. Kondo orders him to bring out Susanoo if he wants Kiriko’s head to be kept. No choice he summons his Onigami. The bath house… He pilots it along with Hyougo and it transform into another version, Susanoo Light Flash Wind God. Kondo and Souji pilot their own Onigami to fight him. Sutemaru seduces and drugs Toshi to rescue Kiriko. Susanoo bests both the Shinsengumi’s Onigami. I guess at this rate the only option for them is to retreat. See you next time. Later that night, Sutemaru is going to leave without saying goodbye to Kiriko but Keiichirou caught him. Sutemaru explains Kiriko’s cry-baby behaviour when she was young and would always follow him and never leave. Now she has changed. She has the look that she is not interested in him anymore. It wasn’t the Kiriko he used to know and that he was the one who didn’t understand her. He asks if Keiichirou loves her. Since he couldn’t answer, he takes it as his love is so great that he can’t put it in words. See ‘ya.

Episode 8
The foreigners (Verbeck, Glover and Ryouma Sakamoto) are using Hyakusuke’s telescope to peep into the bath house. And it is Hyakusuke who gets punished by Chiharu. Life is so unfair. When Keiichirou bumps into Ryouma, he realizes his seal has been stolen. He confronts them frolicking with women in some inn and when Kiriko comes into the picture, it is made as though Keiichirou is the one at fault for losing it and that Ryouma was here to return it to him. Care to hand it back and fight like a man? Well, how do you fight like a man with a gun pointed in your face? They’re going to play rock-scissors-paper and let luck decide their fate. It would be a strip version and Kiriko will have to strip and Keiichirou loses once she is totally naked. Kiriko puts her faith in him since she is the wager. However… He sucks in it! She is down to her last cloth! Oh God… I don’t know if that gun finger movement is legal bur Keiichirou lost. Samurais barge in and demand Ryouma to live up to his promise of supplying them gun powder. Seems he also cheated them of their money and other things. So Ryouma flees with Keiichirou close behind. Glover and Verbeck kidnap Kiriko. Well, technically she is theirs, right? Once Ryouma and Keiichirou get away from the samurais, Keiichirou learns that Ryouma isn’t part of Glover and Verbeck’s group. They are selling weapons to anybody who wants to buy them. Be it the Shogunate or the samurais against them. He feels this country is in chaos and knows this seal will bring it back together.

That night, Ryouma and Keiichirou head to Glover and Verbeck’s base. After all that talking, Ryouma makes it as though this is Keiichirou’s fight. They play a one round rock-scissors-paper over Kiriko. He has to accept since Ryouma threatens to expose some doctored photo of Verbeck with the samurais. If Keiichirou wins, Kiriko is given back to them or else Ryouma will give his ship. Keiichirou wins his game but Glover pulls out his gun. Ryouma sends out a signal and this has his men fire warning loud shots from the ship. The next shot can decimate this entire island. In the end, Kiriko returns to their side and she learns the truth of how he lost the seal. They’re going to play another one round another rock-scissors-game for this. This time Keiichirou will bet his life. Keiichirou wins but don’t you feel Ryouma may have let him win? He warns of Takemikazuchi’s revival and this seal will determine this country’s fate. As the sea is wide and connected with other countries, Japan can’t shut itself forever and others may come to take it. Keiichirou isn’t sure about all that complicated stuff if he rules Japan. But he is not going to run away like before. He will face his problems head on and destroy them. He wants Kiriko to follow him.

Episode 9
What is this? Keiichirou wants to kiss Kiriko? No, you’re not dreaming. But he remembers some work he needs to do before he gets it from Otomi. Kiriko talks to Otomi about her problem that she hasn’t been chosen to pilot Susanoo yet. Could it be Keiichirou doesn’t want her? She should know better. Also, Hyakusuke confesses to Chiharu but that girl rejects him despite showing signs of being tsundere. And so our ladies have this love dilemma. One wishing the other would say and the other wishing he hasn’t said it. Houkouin patrons the bath house to talk to Kiriko. I guess with her different hairstyle and without makeup, she is less recognizable. Plus, Kiriko’s heart is very much occupied with you-know-what. Houkouin advises her to go make the move if that guy doesn’t do it. So Kiriko takes up her advice to go talk to him but it seems he doesn’t want to go to Edo yet as he cannot abandon this bath house. This is more important than ruling Japan. But if Shigeyoshi takes over Japan, this place won’t be spared. His answer is simple. How can he protect Japan when he can’t care of the people right in front of me? Even the reconciliation between Hyakusuke and Chiharu feels awkward. So annoying… Just say it already! Because things are moving too slowly, Houkouin pilots her Onigami to blast everything and destroy everything Keiichirou loves. Time to summon Susanoo. Kiriko pleads to be his co-pilot. Good news. She gets her turn this time. Susanoo Heavenly Thunder God is its version of their combination. Keiichirou says that this might not be what she wants but when he goes to Edo, he definitely wants her more than anybody else. So believe in him! Sign of approval? Just when Kiriko thought she got a much needed morale booster, here comes Houkouin with her reverse psychology. She is saying she has not helped him much because she doesn’t even realize his problem of staying in this place. All she does is complain he didn’t understand how she felt and in the end it is her feelings that are more important than his problems. That is why she was never able to pilot Susanoo. On some level, Keiichirou recognized her selfishness and let her in. In actual fact, he doesn’t need her. She only slows him down and it is best she leaves him. Kiriko is so mad at these ‘lies’ that Susanoo stops functioning. When it comes back on again, Keiichirou cannot control it and it goes berserk destroying the surroundings. Keiichirou is forced to pull the seal out and it zaps him out cold. Kiriko is devastated. It stopped Susanoo just inches from smashing Otomi! Even that granny is feeling scared! Houkouin is pleased the hatred has finally blossomed and the inner demon awakened.

Episode 10
Keiichirou is lying in bed and in pain. Chiharu is very upset and blames Kiriko for everything. Feeling guilty as well, she takes some time alone when Ryouma meets her. Seems he knows what has happened. He takes her on a ride on his ship for a detour. Going to America? Also on his ship is Maika but since she is mostly seasick, she isn’t going to be any threat. Ryouma shows Kiriko the globe of the world and how small Japan is. Since the journey to America will take 6 months, he assures he will make it fun for her so that time will seem to fly by. She slaps him. Cue for advice that no matter where she runs, she’ll end up back where she started and no matter how many detours she takes, she’ll have to face it herself. Otomi feels Keiichirou may not be suitable to pilot Susanoo. At first she did it because it was her mission but now she isn’t sure if she is doing the right thing. Hyougo will continue to believe in Keiichirou. Ryouma explains his past. He was one of those people who wanted to see how big the world and also see how Japan has progressed ever since it closed its door to foreigners. He was on board the black ships 21 years ago. He realized too late the foreigners’ intention. They wanted the Onigami and Ryouma barely escaped with his life when Takemikazuchi attacked. That’s how he got his scar on his arm. The foreigners view the Onigami as messengers of God because of its mighty power for the Onigami was used to end Japan’s civil war and once peace reigned, they were sealed away. When he hears the Onigami in Edo was revived, he wanted to see the man who could control the other Onigami himself. He believes Keiichirou will clean up this soiled country. Kiriko also believes in him and looks like the journey to America is cancelled. I think Ryouma never intended to take her there in the first place. Souji is here to assassinate Keiichirou but Hyougo is there to protect him. Souji is more powerful than Hyougo and could have won if not for some illness she is suffering. Uh huh. Her time is up. She’s coughing blood. Souji wants her to kill her but Hyougo puts away her sword because she now doesn’t seek revenge but fight to protect Keiichirou. Souji’s Shinsengumi comrades come to pick her up. At the same time, the black ships start shooting their cannons at Nagasaki. Keiichirou dreams of Takemikazuchi and finally wakes up with Kiriko by his side. He knows it was her.

Episode 11
Verbeck and Glover are going to take the Onigami by force. Keiichirou wakes up and despite his condition he is going to pilot Susanoo because he saw in his dreams Nagasaki became a sea of flames. However here is Takemikazuchi. Shigeyoshi proves to those foreigners who is boss as he wipes them out in a single blow! No chance! Then Takemikazuchi squares off with Susanoo and Shigeyoshi wants Keiichirou to be devoured by the darkness and demons to unleash his true power. He even destroys the town to make him do that. Sorry, Keiichirou still won’t be taking Susanoo’s power. So Takemikazuchi beats Susanoo up till Keiichirou goes unconscious. Houkouin fights Keiichirou’s harem and the trio are no match for her. Houkouin kidnaps Kiriko. In the aftermath, Ryouma brings Keiichirou back. Although he is lightly injured, he is out again because the demons have ‘devoured’ him. Otomi thinks something is amiss because why didn’t Shigeyoshi finish off Keiichirou and abducted Kiriko instead. Seems it is part of his plan to enrage Keiichirou because Susanoo’s true power awakens with the negative feelings. They are going to kill Kiriko before his eyes. Hyougo receives word that a big ship is docked at a nearby castle. Possibly where Kiriko is being held. She is going to save her. Chiharu couldn’t understand why she is doing this for that ice woman. Isn’t her goal to avenge her father? Because this is what Keiichirou wants. He is straightforward, dumb and never worries about the details. Is the very reason she fell in love with him. Chiharu also remembers how Keiichirou helped her and decides to join Hyougo on her quest. Hyakusuke also wants to come but is made to guard Keiichirou. Can’t let granny be alone by herself, can’t they? Kiriko wants Houkouin to kill her since she doesn’t want to be a burden to Keiichirou anymore. However she won’t and tells some miko priestess tale. She was connected to the gods and loved by them. However as a human, she also fell. She eventually connected with a demon and drove his heart mad. Why is she telling this? Because Kiriko doesn’t know enough about herself. Keiichirou wakes up and forces himself to pilot Susanoo to go save Kiriko. There’s the demon look in his eyes…

Episode 12
Keiichirou must face the Shinsengumi’s Onigami. 3 against 1. No special woman by his side. Will he win? That is why Ryouma and Maika are here in their airship to fight them off and let Keiichirou go rescue Kiriko. Maika’s new super gun can penetrate their armour and she also fires at their boiler compartment to knock them out. However they too are at their limit so they load up the entire ship with gun powder and crash it into the enemy’s airship. Don’t worry, they won’t be doing any kamikaze. The collision causes fire debris to rain down on the base. Enough distraction for Hyougo and Chiharu to sneak into the base and not fight those low level Shinsengumi guards. However Houkouin is waiting for them and beats them up just to rile Kiriko. Now it’s the showdown between the Onigami. Keiichirou is filled with rage. So much rage that the eclipse is happening! I know Shigeyoshi is superior and beats up Keiichirou but what the f*ck is he ranting about Onigami, darkness, rage, hell and the likes?! I mean, who gives the f*ck about that?! Shigeyoshi wants Kiriko to be by his side but she rather die than betray Keiichirou and turn to the dark side. In that case, her death will be his sustenance. He crushes Kiriko and Keiichirou’s anger reaches boiling point. He is zapped in one big blow as Shigeyoshi believes he has obtained eternal power and become the best man in Japan. In some dream, Keiichirou and Kiriko unite. I don’t know how this happened but the next time they return to reality, they are together inside Susanoo. What the hell is this convenience? And since they both believe in each other, blah, blah, blah, they power up and even have their own lecture for Shigeyoshi. Uh huh. Onigami doesn’t seek anger but a warm heart. He will also save them from hell and this is what it means to be the best man in Japan. Susanoo’s true power awakens and reaches its maximum and defeats the enemy with its power of light. Yeah, powerful enough to blow away the eclipse. In the aftermath, Shinsengumi recovers Takemikazuchi and head back to Edo. The war is just beginning. Keiichirou and Kiriko reunite with the rest and it seems Keiichirou and his harem are moving to Edo. Because he has finally decided to become the next Shogun.

The Power Of Virginity!
Not another rushed ending? Hero awakens his power, saves the girl, kicks ass and ultimately the baddies’, finally decides to take up his responsibility to become king. Wow. How unique is that? Okay, to be fair, I suppose this series was entertaining enough. If you can see through the fanservice bits, that is. So as long as Keiichirou doesn’t screw around with women, he will still be able to pilot Susanoo and have its ultimate power? Good luck in staying a virgin forever. If the battle rages on and on because Shigeyoshi and his Shinsengumi are just so badass, they don’t look like the kind who will give up after twice or thrice and this war could well last for decades. That means Keiichirou won’t be having any heir if he wishes to use Susanoo to help fight them. Yeah. The one time that having this kind of virginity sucks. The plot and pace of this series is decent although it leaves you with a few questions like Souji’s illness and what the heck is she suffering from because it feels like something convenient to end her fight when her coughing kicks in. Then there is also the mind boggling last scene whereby Keiichirou and Kiriko end up back together in Susanoo. Because clearly I saw Kiriko being crushed in Takemikazuchi’s hands. Unless somebody used some magic to teleport her to where Keiichirou is. Who then? Who cares?!

Character development isn’t really the best thing since if you’re watching this show, you don’t really want to see how the characters grow, right? What else would you be watching this show for? I mean, we all would somehow know that Keiichirou would be the man, the hero, the saviour and the new Shogun, right? Therefore we don’t really worry about how much he has grown because for a wild kid filled with angst, never worked so hard in his life or even touch a woman as long as he is breathing, just like many other imperfect protagonists, they don’t make the cut at first but somehow with the support of others and his deep belief, he’ll make it. Definitely. You can count on that. Oh yeah. Despite his behaviour, he cares for everyone. Enough said.

So safe to say that the other characters too just lack the oomph because mostly you see is Keiichirou and Kiriko in a dilemma about their fate and mission. You know, Keiichirou has his mind mostly preoccupied with losing his virginity while Kiriko ponders about her usefulness to him which is just a disguise to hide her indecisive feelings for him. The rest feels like they are just hanging about and biding their time. Hyougo certainly doesn’t have the desire to avenge her father anymore. So what does she do now? Become Keiichirou’s protector. How often do you see her do that? Chiharu? What the hell is she around for other than to snag Keiichirou? How often do you see her do that too? Houkouin? From what she said, she looks like a very bored woman and got her thrill when she managed to see the big bad fight and some chaos. I guess some people love disorder so much. Then there is Shigeyoshi whose rage feels like the passive kind compared to Keiichirou. Because the latter is more of the expressive kind whereas Shigeyoshi would just tell us how his heart could feel the rage and give us that evil smirk. Basically Japan is now without any ruler since he slaughtered the whole damn Edo castle. That’s why Keiichirou is now coming into the picture. But how did he know the Shogun was dead? Maybe not. Just coincidence he is going there now.

There is something more than meets the eye to Ryouma. Most of the time it feels like he is trolling around but with some hidden good intentions. Whatever it is, it is a good thing he is on Keiichirou’s side. Maika, I didn’t expect the pirate to come back but I suppose for her to appear in the early half means that she must also have some sort of importance. Or maybe not. I don’t know how Ryouma swindled her to team up with him. Yeah, she lost her ship in the kamikaze act. Then there is Otomi who looks like she isn’t going to retire soon despite Keiichirou now walking his own path. If she is not working in the bath house, she is ‘busy’ trying to match make Keiichirou. I suppose even grannies need some sort of kick before they kick the bucket. Lastly, the Shinsengumi trio. They’re just mad killer b*tches. They sure do love taking the initiative to go ahead and attack. I figure if Shigeyoshi does give them orders to attack, they’ll really let their hair down and go wild with the blood spilling. Hey. What happened to Tsubaki? After she got owned by Kiriko’s seduction technique, you’ll never see her again. Sutemaru too. This one-episode-only guy says he has got lots of ninja babes back home so he can afford to leave Kiriko in Keiichirou’s little harem.

The action bits are okay. Mostly they are the Onigami mecha battles and you have your usual big destructive mecha power fights. Enough to entertain you for the duration of this series but if you want to watch really cool awesome mecha fights, there are veteran series like Gundam around. Not to say that I have watched them and endorsed them being great mecha series. But after being around for so long and having so many sequels and spin-offs, they must be doing something right, don’t you think? Also, there is hardly any variety in the Onigami moves. Not that I can tell the difference anyway. What do you expect when Keiichirou only pairs up once with each of his harem girls and twice for Kiriko (second time for redemption?). As though that moment was just for show… I just can’t help wonder if there are any proper place to keep the Onigami besides underground. Because you know, each time Susanoo is called, it destroys part of the bath house and it will take some time to repair. It feels like a running joke. Keiichirou summons Susanoo and then the ground shakes. Cue for me to roll my eyes and quip, “Oh no. Here we go again…”. Can they just leave it out in the open? I know it would be more susceptible to be stolen but unless they like repairing the bath house all the time, that’s a different story. Aside the Onigami, there are a few limited sword fight scenes, gun battles or skirmishes among the humans. Nothing that impressive, though. I wonder if Keiichirou will get any replacement hammer after his got sliced so easily by the Shinsengumi.

Fanservice. Where do I begin? Not to say that this series is riddled with lots of them but enough to make you think that when you talk about this anime, fanservice is one of the main ingredients to describe it. I mean, look at a town like Nagasaki. There are curvaceous women walking all over! I’m sure this is not even the red light district. With Kiriko spotting huge boobs and Houkouin equally as large but this sexy babe feels like she is taunting us because she loves to caress her own boobs or stick her fingers into her mouth (complete with saliva trails…) when she gets turned on. Don’t even mention the way she dresses. Looking more like a slut than an assassin. I know, seduction techniques but… Speaking of butts, I don’t know if Houkouin likes to bare her ass because each time they show her back despite in her usual sexy outfit, there seems to be a white censor around it. To satisfy loli lovers, that’s why you have Chiharu. For those in between and love the thrill of the ‘hidden’, perhaps Hyougo fits the bill because despite dressing like a man and wrapping her boobs, once it comes undone they will possibly be the biggest melons in town. With bodacious babes and foxy flat chest surrounding Keiichirou, it is hard to believe his chastity is still intact.

The harem factor feels a bit lacking. Maybe that is just being me and getting ahead of myself and expecting something like that. Despite having Kiriko, Chiharu and Hyougo, it feels like it would be Keiichirou x Kiriko all the way. Obviously. Because even though Chiharu has been working in the bath house, gradually she starts inclining towards Hyakusuke although she still asserts Keiichirou is her main man. As for Hyougo, she is mostly missing in action and when she is around, she feels more like Keiichirou’s bodyguard than to be part of his harem. I thought Maika would be part of the harem too but since she didn’t get to pilot Susanoo with him, I guess it is safe that she won’t be his woman because women who like him must pass through this ritual of combining with him in Susanoo, right? Therefore it all boils down to the one and only Kiriko. Now that they’re going to Edo, I wonder how the catfight will take place… Maybe that will be another story to tell and the greatest battle for the greatest man in Japan will ever face. Haha!

This anime is a joint production by J.C. Staff (Ai Yori Aoshi, Bakuman, Kare Kano, Kaichou Wa Maid-sama, Little Busters, Kill Me Baby, Shakugan No Shana, Nodame Cantabile, To Aru Majutsu No Index, To Aru Kagaku No Railgun) and A.C.G.T. (Freezing, Monochrome Factor). The art and drawing seem pretty okay. I just thought that those who look like gangsters have this silly look on their face that it makes them look more comical idiots and jokers instead of fearsome and dangerous. Hyakusuke is a good example… Besides, with his pompadour hairstyle, it makes him look more like a clown, which is what his role in this anime is mostly about. Besides, the Shinsengumi when they are in their crazy killing mode, they look much dangerous and insane. You don’t want to mess with them when they look like bloodthirsty killers. For the mecha, well, with only a handful of Onigami in this entire series, the design also feels somewhat uninspiring. Susanoo in its usual form looks like some big white blob. In his transformed version, it looked like some monster that Ultraman would have fought. And Takemikazuchi I thought at certain angles it made it look like some Transformers…

In the voice acting department, I suppose the best one goes to Miyuki Sawashiro as Houkouin. It’s like she is having fun voicing this vixen villain. Make it 10 times more sexy and evil than Fairy Tail’s Ultear. Besides, don’t both characters look almost similar? It’s been such a long time since I have heard Yukari Tamura playing one of the main characters. As Chiharu, she still hasn’t lost her squeaky trademark voice. Likewise, I haven’t heard much of Ayako Kawasumi in leading roles too and it was pleasant to hear her again as Kiriko. Other casts include Tetsuya Kakihara as Keiichirou (Natsu in Fairy Tail), Youko Hikasa as Hyougo (Mio in K-ON!), Takehito Koyasu as Shigeyoshi (Kururu in Keroro Gunsou), Hideki Ogihara as Hyakusuke (Itsuki in Shuffle), Mari Yokoo as Otomi (Hiroko in Skip Beat), Hiroshi Tsuchida as Ryouma (Yamazaki in Honey And Clover), Yu Kobayashi as Maika (Ayame in Gintama) and Ryota Ohsaka as Sutemaru (Haruto in Valvrave The Liberator). I thought Mamiko Noto was the voice behind Toshi. Sounds very close but something sounds a little off. I later found out Toshi is voiced by Sarah Emi Bridcutt (Asuka in Mondaiji-tachi Ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu Yo).

The opening theme is Tamashii Rises by Kyoco. The hard anime pop rock feel of this song fits very well with the pace of this series. Unfortunately it does not appeal very much to me. The ending theme is Upon A Star by Saeko Zougou which is a slow piece and something ‘refreshing’ after all that hard rocking action and fanservice stuffs. I noticed that the handful of background music, most of them are rock based but there are some that have that funky acoustic guitar feel, which doesn’t sound entirely that bad.

Overall, this anime falls into that pitfall like many other animes. Lots of potential going to waste in exchange to make a quick buck. In the meantime, it desecrates the Tokugawa era despite being told that this is an alternative Japan. Because you know, sex sells. Heck, every gender bender fanservice period anime does that. If you aren’t into serious stuffs and just want to watch something to pass time (if you have lots of them) and is into mecha + fanservice, this series should be entertaining while you wait for the next big thing (if that ever comes – and no pun intended). So next time think twice about wanting to lose your virginity because not only it is something you’ll never get back once you lose it, it may also be the big difference that changes the fate of the world! It gives a whole new meaning and outlook to the term of getting screwed…

Robot Girls Z

July 11, 2014

Let me assert this again. I know I have said this before many times, I just need to remind (or rather deceive if you would like to put it) myself that I am not a mecha fan. No, no, no. So I was going to give Robot Girls Z the skip since this is an anime special about those mecha series robots from Toei Animation. Not even having those robots like Great Mazinger and Grendizer personified as cute girls would make me want to watch this. So what got me to watch this? As the plot goes, our main protagonists work to promote some sort of energy that the baddies want to steal. That is where the girls will also have to battle them to prevent this. And here is the clincher: “… though sometimes they beat up ‘bad girls’ to relieve stress”! OMG! This has got to be a funny show, right? It’s like Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt. Supposedly good girls try to save the city but end up destroying it instead. Yeah. This I got to see. Heh. Even good girls sometimes need to take out a little stress once in a while.

Episode 1A
At Nerima ward, Team Z consisting of Z-chan, Grenda-san and Gre-chan are handing out flyers about Photonic Energy awareness. They don’t seem too enthusiastic about their job and lament the no-show of their part timers. Speaking of which, they arrive but they look pretty suspicious. Baron Ashura looks like she has both gender halves , Garada K7 is confident she can shoot beams out of her eyes and Doublas M2 has hand puppets. Odd indeed. After much of Team Z’s harassment, the baddies reveal themselves as Mechanical Beast Girls created by Dr Hell and are out to rule the world by stealing Photonic Energy. I guess our heroines need to take out some stress so they transform into their ‘robot’ form and start beating the hell out of the Mechanical Beasts Girls. Yes. The city is going to get destroyed at this rate. Garada fears Grenda-san’s sadistic ways and gets pulverized into the sky. Gre-chan bullies Doublas by stealing her hand puppets before punching her back with it. Finally Z-chan finishes off Ashura but since she keeps missing, she just shoots everywhere!!! There goes the city… Thank goodness that with their bad shots, Mechanical Beast Girls manage to escape via train and they’re crying and sobbing all the way from the oppression! Scary, huh? People are staring…

Episode 1B
Back in the Underground Empire’s hidden base, morale is low especially Doublas who has turned into a shut-in. Dr Hell calls Ashura to inform her of the new Mechanical Beast Girls he has created but our girls are just being distracted by food. When they stop messing around, Dr Hell introduces Gromazen R9 whose ion beams can destroy anything. Anything? She is sent out immediately but lost as fast to Z-chan’s Photonic Barrier. Next is Gaia Q5 who has some sort of super magnetic power. Too bad she got blown away by Gre-chan’s Great Typhoon and her super magnetic powers means everything magnetic gets stuck on her. Now she’s a giant iron ball… Finally here is Kingdan X10. Erm… She is so shy and nervous that she is shrinking. Thinking she can’t do it herself, Ashura and Garada decide to go with her. Unfortunately Kingdan uses them as human shield when Grenda-san fires her Space Thunder. With failure so high (100% to be exact), morale is at all time low because Gromazen tries to hang herself while Gaia is just rolling around with low self confidence! So bad that Dr Hell just cuts communications for today. Have fun by yourselves, girls. Ashura tries to regain everyone’s confidence so that they can start anew tomorrow. Yeah. Let’s have a nice nabe meal first! Yay! That did the trick.

Episode 1C
Team Z thinks it is fun in the sandy beaches. However it was a trick from their superior to work on a tuna catching fish to pay for the city’s repair bills. Lots of macho man clones… When one of them catches a giant seahorse and sea urchin, they turn out to be Mechanical Beast Girls, Poses O II and Baranga M2. A huge whale ship surfaces and bratty Glossam X2 acts like the leader of the team and determined to take Team Z down. Yeah, she’s arguing with Ashura that she’s on a roll talking like the boss. But they are dumbfounded when Gre-chan mentions they should have attacked their lab while they’re gone. Never thought of that, eh? No matter. Now that they have come all the way out of here, they’re going to send Team Z to their watery grave. The whale ship bumps the tuna ship so Team Z falls into the ocean. This is the sea Mechanical Beast Girls’ domain as they move and attack fast. Especially Baranga who is some sort of pervert and molesting-cum-harassing Grenda-san. Glossam cuts their clothes and is going to cut their swimsuits too but the tuna ship’s captain throws a net and pulls them up. Now that they can’t move freely, it is Team Z’s turn for payback. They are thrown back into the whale ship. Team Z takes a commemorative photo with the ship crew’s right before the whale ship explodes. Our poor Mechanical Beast Girls have to paddle back on a little boat as Ashura purposely shuts off communications with Dr Hell who knows very well they have failed. She knows she’s going to get it… Meanwhile Team Z continues catching tuna into the night and everyone seems to have forgotten about Poses who has been hung up on the hook ever since… Cold… Hungry…

Episode 2A
Team Z are doing well and hogging all the attention at a local sports festival. Till Team T consisting of Gai-chan, Gacky, Bala-tan and Dandan crash in to challenge them and take over their starring roles. After all that mocking, it is decided that they are to enter a marathon. Mechanical Beast Girls want to enter too but it seems the places are filled up. So as the marathon gets underway, we see both sides trying to outdo each other. Well, Team T started it by cheating. They ride their machines and even fire missiles. Won’t the city be destroyed? Meanwhile another battle is going on somewhere. Bala-tan isn’t interested in the race and is eating her desserts. Gre-chan wants some so Bala-tan teases her by swallowing them all. Gre-chan can’t contain her anger and a girly fist fight starts. By the time Mechanical Beast Girls manage to participate and prepare at the start line, Z-chan and Gai-chan are fast approaching the finish line and still at each other’s throat. Their missiles wipe out the entire area. Team Z and Team T are disqualified. With all the other contestants knocked out midway due to accidents, the only one left standing is Ashura and she is the winner of the marathon! She didn’t even do a thing… At the end of the day as Team Z and Team T reconcile, it soon turns into another escalating war as the mocking gets serious… Here we go again?

Episode 2B
While eating some takoyaki, a beautiful girl is ecstatic she has found Z-chan. She is Minerva X and is supposedly her little sister. The rest are glad they have another sister to the team but Minerva quickly becomes a cocky devil to the duo, only being nice and goody to her Z-chan. Of course this is a ploy from Mechanical Beast Girls to mess Team Z. When Z-chan is at her part time job at a petrol station, Minerva doesn’t want her onee-sama to do this kind of job and to let that shrimp Gre-chan do it. Of course Gre-chan is pissed off but Minerva sheds crocodile tears that Gre-chan is being mean. This causes Z-chan to dislike Gre-chan. In the break room when the duo are alone, Ashura gives the sign to get her. But Minerva misinterprets and starts stripping to engage in some underage yuri sex! Embarrassed Z-chan notices how ‘flat’ she is. That’s because Minerva is a boy!!! Luckily Gre-chan slams open the door. Z-chan runs to her. Gre-chan will protect Z-chan and they end up in a face pinching battle, each claiming Z-chan is theirs. When Minerva fires her missile. Z-chan jumps in and takes the shot in her face. Z-chan then cuddles Gre-chan and is glad she is alright (despite her own face is pretty messed up). Minerva feels the heartbreak and leaves. Meanwhile Grenda-san finds Mechanical Beast Girls and beat them up. Next day, as Gre-chan is going to share her dessert with Z-chan, Minerva comes back. Didn’t she give up? Yesterday is yesterday. Today is today. And there will be lots of tomorrows to come. So she’s going to come every day? What a pain. And so the battle for Z-chan resumes…

Episode 2C
While soaking in the hotspring, suddenly Team Z hears an awful singing voice. Turns out to be Youko Lorelei, a legendary idol formerly from Rhine X1. Apparently Grenda-san is a big fan and knows a lot about her. Including her air this and air that. In short, she has nothing? Seems she couldn’t get a job in a city and feels she can do better here. The moment she opens her mouth, it’s ultimate destruction! Oh, the cacophony! Only Grenda-san is unaffected and loves it! Youko is even going to sing to entertain the guests at the dinner hall! Quick! Close your ears! Suddenly Belgas V5 pops up and isn’t going to let a washed up idol take her stage. Belgas is a robot created by Mechanical Beast Girls. But here is the thing. Belgas’ singing is damn good and it brings everyone happiness! Only Grenda-san is reeling in pain! So good that everybody starts feeling horny and unrobe themselves! Are we going to see some yuri sex again? Mechanical Beast Girls also get caught up in her harmonic voice and start undressing. Youko’s self confidence takes a dive since she views herself as not even close. That’s when Grenda-san beats her up to bring her senses back. Her songs can only bring people back! Are you sure? The moment she starts singing, it becomes hell. Belgas thought she can also sing a destructive tune but Youko and Grenda-san form a duet and out-sing her!!! Double destruction! Blown away! Literally they give a new meaning of bringing the house down. Yeah, even the volcanoes erupted. In the aftermath, the duo became a singing pop idol sensation called Steel Memories. Their ‘unique’ voice has garnered legion of fans. Plus, they have the most popular video on a video sharing site and have made hundreds of millions in business. True, you’ll never know what will become popular. I say everybody is tone deaf…

Episode 3A
Dr Hell probably realized this too late. Asking his girls to conquer the world was a big mistake. With the world conquest industry in slump and his investors bugging him, he is laying them off. Think of it as a long vacation. Ciao! Ashura sinks into depression so Garada and Doublas try to cheer her up. I guess they were desperate enough to buy something from a suspicious salesman. Before Ashura knows it, she is being sucked into a giant robot, Jetfire P1. Her underlings although assigned to other bosses, they insist they only want to be her underlings. Touching. With Ashura back up, first they send a challenge letter to Team Z. But they turn up late. Team Z sees P1 as a giant replica of Ashura. But P1 is no pushover as it strips Team Z to their undies to humiliate them and pound them back for some major pain! Justice is served? But best fanservice ever! Ashura is to deliver the final blow but seems hesitant. Thinking about the times they spent together? Those never existed! When she finally gets her chance to best Team Z, suddenly P1 stops functioning. This is only a demo version! Can they wait 5 minutes to download the full version? Nay. Enough time for Z-chan to use her Rocket Punch to blast them into space. As Team Z picks themselves up, another group of villains are watching them. The suspicious salesman turns out to be Archduke Gorgon. Alongside Juuma, they are underlings for the Great General of Darkness! She is going to kill them all!

Episode 3B
Team Z is so bored. So when they hear an explosion nearby, they quickly rush there to get a piece of the action. To their surprised, it isn’t Underground Empire but a giant Darkness and her underlings. Team Z whose suits are now upgraded to prevent another humiliating fanservice (aww, shucks), fights her underlings first. But Darkness doesn’t want to waste time anymore and blows everyone away. Then she destroys the barrier for the Photonic Energy building the old fashion way. Just break it with her sword! She absorbs all the power. After destroying the vicinity, Team Z is crucified. She is going to kill them when Team G arrives. Herald Jeeg (motorcycle girl doing embarrassing poses) and Get (rich oujo-sama with her own butlers – she even came in a limo!). So after freeing Team Z, they go into action. Get becomes mad when her pretty clothes are stained. Feel the wrath!!! The underlings are defeated and Team Z is worried of their reduced spotlight. Will they still be the heroines in the next episode?

Episode 3C
The quintet face off with Darkness but are no match. So weak. Before Darkness can kill them, she is interrupted with the arrival of Minerva! Lover girl/boy heard Z-chan was in trouble and came to help. But now she’s clinging all over her onee-sama… Now can Darkness kill them? Not yet. Here comes Youko and her horrible singing. Oh, by the way, Steel Memories disbanded. Anybody else want to drop by? Of course! Don’t forget Team T! With Darkness’ underlings defeated for good, all the Robot Girls team combine their beam attack (with equally ferocious names) and fire at Darkness. However Darkness is not fazed and deflects it with her nose shit! Thanks to that, the entire city is decimated! Z-chan is trembling in fear! She cannot believe their combined attacks didn’t work. She’s desperate for somebody to save her! Is this her doom? Not yet. Who is it this time? Mechanical Beast Girls arrive from the sky in P2! They manage to make this little ship using Ashura’s wedding funds. Don’t ask. Although P2 easily gets destroyed, the trio hang on her cape until it rips. Z-chan sees a zipper and uses Rocket Punch to unzip it. Darkness’ true form is a little girl piloting this big robot. She is Mycenae, the CEO of Mycenae Empire Inc and is dubbed the young genius who will take over the year. Yeah. She’s acquiring small companies… Mycenae is trying to play the cute brat but the girls are not amused. They want to teach her a lesson but she distracts them with some voice actress over there. Oldest trick in the book. She escapes via P2 but the engine is damaged and she is blasted away into the sky. You reap what you sew. At the end of a hard day’s work, the girls decide to get something to eat but Mechanical Beast Girls hijack the food van before Z-chan Rocket Punch and defeat them. The power of justice exists only for her! You don’t say… She almost died, didn’t she?

Destructive Girls
Well, it was a fun ride because from the way I see it, Team Z or any other team and villains are just about the same. Because each time their power fight ends up with the city being destroyed! It is like the trademark of each episode. I wonder how much money has been spent to rebuild it every time. And oddly, no casualties either. At that impact with the missiles slamming into the buildings still packed with people, it is amazing that nobody dies. That is why this is more of a comedy action series than anything serious. So have our Team Z girls relieved their stress? Be thankful Mechanical Beast Girls are around for you to take your stress out. I guess that is why they exist solely for this role and always lose.

The action is fine and entertaining with lots of big explosions and over the top craziness that if given to Hollywood, they might exaggerate it with bigger special effects like how explosions are a trademark in Michael Bay’s movies. The characters feel generic although they have their own quirky behaviours. Even worse for some of the robot girls are introduced and appear in only one episode. But do you care about the deep stuffs of each character’s likes and dislikes since we are here just for the action, explosions and nonsense? You probably wouldn’t care what happened to this character or that character since we are happy that the day ends well. At least for our girls. I personally think the character designs look good only for Team Z. The rest looks like weirdoes. It’s like a magical girl cosplaying as a mecha but didn’t quite make the cut.

As this anime supposedly pay tribute to all the mecha series made by Toei Animation, I suppose each girl represents some robot and I guess there are lots of them since in every episode we are introduced to at least one. Except for the last one of course. As said, I wasn’t even a mecha fan and although I remember did watching certain clips of Grendizer or Mazinger on TV, that was before my anime craze and was watching them as ‘children’s cartoon’. I figure that the moves they pull off are also in tribute to the actual moves in the original show but I wouldn’t know since I didn’t bother to do my research.

Due to the many robot girls introduced, the cast is also quite large with popular and not so popular seiyuus lending their voice. Some of the popular ones that I noticed include Yukari Tamura, Ai Nonaka, Saori Goto and Satomi Satou. As for our regular characters, they are Mariko Honda as Z-chan (Kurimu in Seitokai No Ichizon), Kazusa Aranami as Grenda-san (Tomoe in Da Capo III), Inori Minase as Gre-chan (Suzu in Love Lab), Aya Hisakawa as Ashura (Unohana in Bleach), Yukiko Morishita as Garada and Nao Touyama as Doublas (Kanon in The World God Only Knows). The opening theme is the same name of this series and sung by Kikai Shoujotai, which is basically the seiyuus of Team Z and Team G. Filled with all that power and excitement to get you into the feel of what this series is about. The ending theme is Team Z No Chikara and by the seiyuus of Team Z. Sounds like a typical anime pop.

Overall, I find this series decent despite being a fun and entertaining ride. Although I would think old mecha fans may appreciate this better but even so, watch this only if you want some laughs and not something to be taken seriously. I mean, if you have violent girls who are supposedly tasked to protect something but end up destroying everything else, who cares about justice when you can just beat them up to relieve your stress. And you can call that justice if you win. Only winners write history, right? Yeah. Pity the enemy. Pity the people. Pity the city. Pity this didn’t get more episodes.

Infinite Stratos 2

July 5, 2014

Hello again and welcome back. Do we really remember what Infinite Stratos was about? Barely, huh? Do we really remember or even care that the basic setting is supposed to be a futuristic sports genre? Uh huh. Only females can pilot so called exo-skeletons that could have been men’s greatest war weapon of mass destruction and the use of such machines are only confined to sports. Didn’t care for all that, did you? Well, good news. Or bad, depending how you take it. The sequel Infinite Stratos 2 doesn’t necessarily need you to remember that because all we are here is to see that dumbest and most dense guy and his harem. Yes. This is how we should remember this series. Even the title of this sequel is so uninspired. Instead of some fancy second title like how most other animes are doing it, instead we just have a simple number. The lone guy in an entire academy filled with beautiful girls and is the object of desire from girls of several United Nations countries. He can never choose which girl he wants to end up with simply because he’s an idiot who doesn’t even know the girls are in love with him! So annoying! So irritating. But we like it. That’s why we are back to see how long this dude can maintain his streak of faggot-ness and how long the girls can persevere. In real life, many would have broken up with this bum but it seems in this sequel, he may just add a few more. Wow! I want to be this guy! I want to switch places with him! NOW! Or, I can just be content watching all the harem problems this guy gets into. So annoying. So irritating. But we love it.

Episode 1 (Special Edition)
This episode lasts for 39 minutes, more than your usual 24. So that’s 15 extra minutes worth of footage! Since I did not see the original first episode, I am guessing those extra scenes are fanservice ones… It begins with Ichika in a dream-like state. Some intense IS battle. And his sister Chifuyu strangles and kills him. Oh my. I hope this is not what this show is about. Because big sister got fed up with his imability to choose a future wife… Because this is what the show is supposed to be about… Ichika wakes up to find Laura sleeping with him! At least she is not naked and wearing a swimsuit. She shows him a flyer about the festival to commemorate the end of summer. Great idea. Get the hint? This dumb ass wants to invite the rest and Laura’s knife almost sliced his head. But did he learn? Cecilia returns from England after a week and because she’s thinking so much of Ichika, here he is! Delusion mode on. To add to her happiness, he invites her to the festival. Rin on the other hand sulking in her room, ruing that Ichika should have asked her out. Well, there’s a chance. He comes knocking on her door to ask her about the festival but since she is scantily dressed, she gives him a knockout punch. After Houki practises her sword, she takes a shower (my, how those boobs have greatly grown). Ichika is more careful this time as not to intrude and though he gets a glimpse of a little of a certain part, he manages to ask her out to the festival. You think she’d turn this down? Of all people, Ichika is asking her out!

I also feel this episode is somewhat a Laura-Charlotte bonding episode because we see them going out shopping together. Charlotte has Laura buy some feminine clothes and because the latter thinks too much about Ichika, she requests to try out a more revealing piece. Because the duo look like a hot couple, they started attracting admiration from other girls. Sheesh… Then at the cafe, the manager asks them if they want to work part time. Laura gets to be the maid and Charlotte looking so much like a guy gets to be the butler. But they’re setting hearts aflutter with their superb service. Suddenly a hostage takes place. The brazen terrorists do not hesitate to fire their machine guns as warning and can even kill. The police can’t get near. They get cocky enough to order Laura to bring them drinks. So Laura throws the ices in the air and uses them as her bullets. This is followed by some cool tackling and ass kicking by them. One of them wants to blow himself and everything up so our girls swiftly take their guns and fire to disarm the bomb! Superbly cool!!! I want them to be my butler and maid! Later they are at the seaside supposedly to get a mysterious crepe. They heard rumours if they eat mixed berry flavour crepe with the person they like, they’ll find true love. Unfortunately the mixed berry is out so they get strawberry and blueberry instead. A little yuri moment when Laura licks the cream off Charlotte’s face. Then they share each other’s crepe because technically it’s like eating mixed berries, right? Back home, the yuri switch must have turned on for Charlotte as they are dressed in cat pyjamas and they get really close with each other. Then Ichika comes in but since he is complimenting how cute they are, they let it slide. Of course he is here to ask Charlotte out for the festival.

An intruder is detected in the prohibited section of the base but thanks to those nanomachines in her body, no bullets can touch her and she’s like a killing machine. She is here to steal the secret IS. The rest of the security start to realize what they’re up against since she transforms into her IS mode, Silent Zephyrs. They think it could be Phantom Task but before they know it, here comes the big blast. Houki is one happy girl. She never thought Ichika would have aggressively asked her out and today is going to be a beautiful day. Till she sees the rest of the girls ahead. Long sour faces… Oh God. Then it hit her. That damn Ichika… How could he?! I thought it was only special between us?! And that bloody idiot still doesn’t get it why they’re so upset!!! At the pool, Cecilia suddenly whisks Ichika away on pretence that the others are waiting. Oh yeah… The girls think Cecilia is such a nice girl to buy them inflatables before they realize they’ve been had. Split up and search out for that b*tch! Cecilia is having a nice private time with Ichika but that doesn’t last long since she needs to hide when the rest come looking. She drags Ichika underwater and smothers him in her boobs. Once they resurface, the big waves ‘flush’ them to shore. Houki and Charlotte find Ichika and pick him up. I don’t even know how Cecilia got stranded on the statue top…

On the lover’s ride, Charlotte beats Houki in rock-scissors-paper for the right to ride down with Ichika. Girls have to sit in front of the boy and the guy has to hold her as close as possible. Embarrassing? Appalling to Houki. Wished she was the one? Before the duo can compose themselves, they already slide down. Thanks to the scariness, Ichika couldn’t help grab Charlotte’s boobs! Admit it Charlotte girl. Despite calling Ichika a pervert and giving him that stare, you liked it right?! Then he has to go back up for Houki. Not the ride again. Learning from his experience, this time he switches places. However he could feel Houki’s boobs pressing against his back. Worse? At the end of the slide, Houki feels a little embarrassed. She notes his back has gotten bigger. But Ichika needs to get back up for the other girls… Oh God. Does he need to do this for all of them?! To be fair… It is evening and the girls change into their yukata for the festival. As usual, the things they do during that include goldfish scooping, eating the standard festival foods like takoyaki and candy apple. All trying to vie for Ichika, eh? At the shooting stall, the girls prove they are sharp shooters. Because Laura wants the biggest prize, it is impossible with herself so the rest offer to help out and line up like soldiers to take it down. The end of summer has them playing sparkers. Meanwhile, Tatenashi Sarashiki tells us a very important announcement: It’s time for her debut. Yeah. See you next episode. And I think another special for this special episode is the full length ending theme.

Episode 2
Ichika is in a practice match with Rin and is on the winning streak. However his shield power wears out and this enables Rin to turn the tables on him. So while he goes analyzes what went wrong, he is greeted by Tatenashi. Who is this babe? No time to worry because she points out he is late for class. And he better come up with a better excuse than talking to a mysterious lady. Chifuyu thinks he prioritizes talking to mystery girls than coming to class and lets Charlotte handle the punishment. Gladly. Here comes the pain! During assembly, Ichika learns Tatenashi is the student council president. Didn’t know that, did he? She reminds everyone about the upcoming cultural festival. So what is Ichika’s class doing? I don’t know yet. But it seems every crazy idea has Ichika in it! They view Ichika has a duty to please them! Ichika is their property! WTF?! Till Laura comes up with a maid cafe. Everyone approves. Now they can put Ichika in a butler suit. Oh God… As he leaves for special training, he is surprised Tatenashi is assigned to be his coach. She views him very weak and he doesn’t take it lightly. He accepts her challenge that the loser must do whatever the winner wants. And so in this judo match, all Ichika has to do is to knock her down once but for Tatenashi, she must make him unable to continue. Really look down on him, huh? Of course, Ichika cannot even budge her as Tatenashi explains that being the student council president means the strongest in this academy. I suppose Ichika got desperate so when he grabs her top, he accidentally tears it open! Pervert! This is going to be costly. Yup. One punch in the face. Laura is looking for Ichika and overhears several girls talking about maintaining their appearance so she too tries to do her hair only to be spotted by Chifuyu. Trying to be feminine? She tells Laura she saw Ichika at the infirmary. But what she didn’t expect is to see him on a lap pillow of Tatenashi! Eliminate the enemy! Tatenashi easily deflects her charge. You can’t call yourself his bride if you can’t even win this…

Tatenashi introduces herself as Ichika’s special trainer to Charlotte and Cecilia and wants them to help out. She has them demonstrate some formation thingy. Ichika is really paying attention if not for Tatenashi’s seductive ways of blowing in his ear. Charlotte and Cecilia see this and lose focus, crashing into each other. Now Ichika has to demonstrate with Cecilia. I don’t understand or care about all the mumbo jumbo about his firing and shield. In a nutshell, because Ichika is just a lousy shooter, his best bet is close range fighting. Tired Ichika goes back to his room only to see Tatenashi in naked apron!!! Is she his wife now?! Bath or dinner first? Or her? Special coach means special synchronization by sleeping with him, right? Oh, Tatenashi… You’re such a great tease. She loves to see his reaction. And then… Houki is on her way to his room to bring dinner. She heard Ichika not wanting her to come in. She also hears a woman’s voice behind. That bastard! Cut down the door! Cut down that b*tch! Tatenashi easily protects and disarms Houki. Heh. What will happen if you kill the only guy in this show? Don’t want that to happen, no? Ichika continues his Spartan training under Tatenashi but can’t focus since his thoughts are on Houki’s ‘scolding’ that he is pretty submissive to older women. Then he crashes… Try again… He is so tired out that his usual harem girls don’t even have the heart to pick on him (about Tatenashi) or see this rare chance to seduce him (since that president is not around). Pitiful. What more, his morale is so low that he might be the weakest made the girls cheer him up that they like guys who try their best. And also maybe a little chance to persuade him to come to their room… Trying to take advantage when he is not on his guard? And so the argument to get Ichika come to their room because they have cards to play (?!) begins. But he is too tired to answer and falls asleep. Shhh! The girls will have to make do seeing his sleeping face. Awww… Cute.

Episode 3
Now Tatenashi is waiting for Ichika… In bed! He of course locks himself in the toilet but she gets pushy and cuts down the door! She wants her massage now! I suppose for starters and motivation, she massages his face in her boobs… And so the day of the festival is here. There is a long queue outside the maid cafe. All the girls are swooning over Ichika the butler. They want him. At least Charlotte is dressed as a maid. Rin becomes lucky number one as Ichika becomes her waiter. There is this item on the menu on the set called Treat For Your Butler. Ichika tries to persuade her to choose something else but she insists. Now she needs to feed him snacks. Initially shy, Rin gets the hang of it. However the rules state he cannot feed her. So she nibbles the snack while she is sulking. Ichika notes she is cute. Gasp! Is it true? Yup. Cute like a squirrel. Neck chop! And that guy doesn’t even know why she’s so upset! There is this lady, Reiko Makigami coming over to Ichika’s table and trying to persuade-cum-pressure him to use her company’s equipment for his Byakushiki. He tries to turn her down but she is rather pushy. His classmate Takatsuki ‘saves’ him that other customers are waiting for him. She also gives him a 30 minutes break. Cecilia wants to come along. So does Houki. Charlotte too. And Laura. All want to go together? Can’t leave the cafe unattended. The winner of the rock-scissors-paper: Cecilia! Lucky b*tch! They’re trying out some instruments and after Ichika blows the horn, he passes it to Cecilia to try. She is hesitating about this indirect kiss but she took too long that the music girl changed the mouth piece. Wasted opportunity. When Ichika gets back to work, Tatenashi is here in a maid’s outfit. But she has him help out in an important matter. She makes him put on some prince clothing and crown and to wait on stage.

And so we hear her narrate about some twisted Cinderella story. It’s no longer a name but a title. The kind of title you get when you completely destroy and annihilate your enemies! So hear is tonight’s deal, there is some confidential information in the crown that the girls must get. And they’re really dying to get it because Rin is trying to kill him! She assures her weapons are safe. Yeah, right. But the way she uses her force is as good as killing him, right? But Ichika is good at running… And dodging… Even escaping Cecilia’s sharp sniper shoots. We see a short flashback why the girls are bent on ‘killing’ him. Tatenashi told his harem that however gets the crown will get the rights to be Ichika’s roommate. As the student council president, she CAN make it happen! OMG… That crown is so mine!!! Charlotte helps Ichika out but of course she is not as violent as the rest and asks nicely for his crown. He is willing to give it to her but it seems he can’t take it off. Each time he does, he will be electrocuted! Sorry, Charlotte. When Ichika protects Charlotte like a princess, holding her close to him, it just pisses off Rin and Cecilia so much that they intensify the attack till they fall down the cliff. Although safe, Ichika continues to run and leaves Charlotte behind. Thanks for nothing. Now he has to face off with knife wielding Laura! Tatenashi adds spice to it by firing her artillery cannons. Ichika like a true hero saves her before leaving her all alone. Thanks for that too… And now for Houki… She also helps him up to a tower. Then Tatenashi unleashes a boulder on them. Run! When it passes, it’s a showdown between Houki and Laura. Looks like they have to take care of each other first. Laura cut her clothes but why must Houki cut Ichika for seeing? No logic… But time is up because Tatenashi opens this ‘contest’ to all the girls! Walk-in participants! Holy cow! It’s getting crowded! Can Ichika become Usain Bolt? Suddenly he is dragged underneath a trapdoor. It is Makigami. However she beats him up. I don’t think she is part of the game or after his crown. She is here to steal his Byakushiki. He has no choice but to transform to fight this crazy b*tch.

Episode 4
Autumn (Makigami’s real name) transforms into her IS form, Arachne and it begins the intense battle. Chifuyu has detected an unknown IS fighting with Byakushiki and orders the evacuation of the rest but has Ichika’s harem station at specific points. Ichika uses what he learns into good use but eventually not good enough and gets caught in Arachne’s web. She reveals she is from an evil organization called Phantom Task and it was them who kidnapped him during the second Mondo Grosso incident. She puts some creepy gadget on him to steal Byakushiki. Meanwhile Rin and Cecilia are facing off with an incoming powerful enemy, M operating in the stolen Silent Zephyrus. Cecilia is stunned to see this and cannot fight properly. They are forced to run when M turns to tables on them. Tatenashi is here to save Ichika. But she gets stabbed! Don’t worry. The strongest girl can’t die that easily, right? Turns out it is a water projection. The real Tatenashi explains her IS, Mysterious Lady controls water and mist. Not just ordinary water and mist as they are equipped with nanomachines. Tatenashi seems to have the upper hand against Autumn and even enjoys teasing her. And then it’s like Tatenashi lose on purposely. Autumn thought she has Tatenashi in her trap but when Tatenashi hints that the humidity of this place causes one to sweat… I guess she realizes that it’s game over. With a snap of her finger, Autumn experiences explosions within her armour since the mists are able to seep into the cracks of her armour.

Ichika has the honour to finish her off but as Autumn escapes, she is assisted by M. Autumn is not happy as she has not requested for assistance. Ichika fights M but is no match since his shield energy is dropping like crazy. In the end, the baddies must flee since they are outnumbered. Autumn takes the core from Arachne and lets her IS march towards the girls. It’s going to explode! Thankfully Tatenashi’s water protects everybody. Thankfully too, the girls are knocked out because they could have been really mad to see this: Tatenashi over Ichika and her boobs in his face. She even asks his opinion about her boobs! Soft. Back at the base, Autumn is going to kill M for interfering but their boss, Squall calls them to quit it. M retreats to her room, convinced that in no time, she will get her revenge and finally reunite with her… Hmm… Doesn’t M look like Chifuyu? Tatenashi explains to Ichika why Chifuyu assigned her to protect him since she foresaw evil organizations targeting his Byakushiki. Besides, her family has always been working in secret operations. On to some not so serious stuff, she tells him about the purpose of the crown during the Cinderella play. He is appalled that is not told about this. Well, duh… And since Tatenashi is the one who got his crown, looks like she’ll continue to be his roommate. Oh Lord…

Episode 5
Ichika is being told to send something to some part of the academy he never knew existed by Yamada. Suddenly he is being attacked from all sides and a sack is covered over his head. I can pretty much guess who those 5 shadowy figures are… The next time he opens his eyes, he is tied down to a chair. And then on stage is Yamada in a cow girl outfit as the moderator of a battle to see who can please Ichika the most! I know what this is going to be about… Houki is the first contestant and she’s in a fox priestess outfit. Doesn’t it look a little revealing? She’s a little shy. He’s a little shy. Oops, spilled the tea. Don’t mind. The mood was romantic enough but Yamada had to spoil it since time is up. There are other contestants, you know. Before Houki is forced off the stage, Ichika wants to touch her… fox ears. Duh… Next is Cecilia in a Playboy bunny suit. She is going to teach him to play billiards. Of course the way she teaches him is some sort of fanservice. Then as she makes him try, she gets too close to him. Relax those muscles… How can he when her boobs are pressing against his body? When he finally pockets the ball, time is up. Ichika expresses this as fun and hopes to do it again something. Delighted, Cecilia? Next up is Charlotte. I thought she was a sheep. But apparently that scantily bikini makes her a French poodle. She tries to feed cookies to him with her mouth. As this appals the rest, it slips and the cookie ends up in her cleavage. Wait a minute. You don’t think… Would he? However Yamada disqualifies her for being lewd. WTF?! I thought anything goes?

Next is black bunny Laura. They play darts to win prizes. How come Ichika won Laura’s swimsuit?! As Yamada explains, due to budget constraints, some of the prizes are Laura’s belongings. WTF… Somehow Laura’s show ended prematurely. In the dark, Ichika is whisked away by Tatenashi. Can’t let the girls have all the fun, eh? She wants him to meet somebody next time. She’s serious. How can he take her seriously when she’s flirting all over him like a cat? Then here comes Rin trying to give Tatenashi her kicks because she supposedly stole her cat outfit while she was distracted watching Ichika ogling Charlotte’s boobs. Tatenashi makes her escape and the harem girls want to punish Ichika. It always must come down to this, right? Everyone is ordered to the main stage for the final event. Chifuyu in a maid’s outfit?! What gives? Say a word and she’ll kill him! I guess he has to play along as she feeds him dessert. Then it turns out to be a celebration for Ichika’s birthday? That guy doesn’t even remember? Yeah, big sister says he has a habit of forgetting it. Everybody is having a nice time till Yamada asks which one of those performances he enjoyed. Dokidoki… His answer is… Chifuyu! WTF?! He thought he would be neutral, right? Wrong! Everybody got upset! So disappointed. They give him the best present ever: Beating him up. And that guy still doesn’t get why they’re so mad. On this way home, he comes into M. She reveals her real name as Madoka Orimura. She is him and in order for her to remain as herself, she will take his life. She shoots at him.

Episode 6
Ichika was quick enough to avoid the first shot. Laura saved him from the second. Madoka flees as she is not fond of being outnumbered. Since Laura didn’t have her eye-patch, Ichika comments how beautiful her eye is. Like a gemstone. This causes her to reveal she was looking for him to have a chance to be alone together. And then she beats him up. What does this guy do to deserve that? Ichika and Charlotte are in some escort mission. Seems Charlotte asked the other girls but they were busy with something else. Till Ichika came along… Blessing in disguise? True enough, a couple of unknown IS attack the place. The duo go into action to apprehend them. When one of them fires at an inflammable container, Ichika dives to protect Charlotte. Although he is fine, tests indicated something is wrong with Byakushiki. He cannot summon it. Chifuyu wants him to hand it over as it would be dangerous for him unable to summon it when Phantom Task is targeting him. Charlotte feels responsible for the incident and wants to protect him. Laura suddenly shows Ichika a catalogue of striped panties! Which does he prefer?! This raises the alarm to the rest of the other girls as Laura explains she got this idea from her senior officer Clarisa who is also an anime and manga ‘expert’. Panties flashing? You get the idea. Suddenly Charlotte feels her panties disappear! She runs away and thinks that just like Byakushiki, her IS is also experiencing some abnormalities. As long as she put on panties, it disappears! Ichika tries to rush her to class. They trip. I don’t know how Charlotte ended up in front of him when he was tagging her along from the front. He didn’t even see anything and got his daylights punched out. And so this no pantsu thingy is making Charlotte unable to concentrate. And then Laura saw it when the wind blows up her skirt. No pantsu! She makes an emergency call to Clarisa. She explains the ‘illusion’ of no pantsu and from that angle it is as though she is not wearing any. The ‘advice’ from the ‘expert’ relieves her a lot. A lot.

Charlotte thinks a lot too. She is worried if Ichika finds out about her no pantsu, he will feel disappointed in her fetish and leave her. Wow. She really thought that far. She will keep it a secret till Byakushiki returns to normal. Of course the other girls heard and have her spill the beans. And then it’s back to fighting over Ichika. Fighting over to protect him. Seriously. Are they trying to kill him???!!! Their hallway combat is put to a stop by Tatenashi who thinks of joining in because if she wins, she’ll get Ichika, right? Immediately the girls cease because they know they can’t beat her ass. They are made to rake the sand on the grounds as punishment. Later Ichika thanks Charlotte for everything so this made her think back about the time she broke her mom’s favourite mirror and kept it a secret for fear of being scolded. But mommy didn’t care about the mirror because Charlotte’s safety was more important. This made her realize she should have just told the truth right from the start. But there is a chance he might hate her. She reasons as long as she is honest with him, he will not hate her. So she stops him just to show him her panties! WTF?! Please look at this?! Laura sees what she is doing and peeps up her skirt. Her panties are still there. Charlotte is so relieved that she blatantly shows it to Ichika. What the hell is she doing? By the time she realized this embarrassment, it’s too late. And for that, Ichika gets blamed for being a pervert. Whose fault was it? Yamada and Chifuyu analyzes Byakushiki and it seems it was just a temporary problem (whatever that was, I wasn’t really interested) and is back to normal. And those terrorists had nothing to do with Phantom Task and were just spies. When Laura learns about Charlotte’s disappearing panties, she tells her she should have put on something which doesn’t resemble panties like bloomers. Embarrassed Charlotte rues she should have thought of that. Bummer…

Episode 7
Kanzashi Sarashiki is burnt out trying to configure some IS. She decides to go back and watch some anime. Dreaming the kind of hero who would come save and take her away from it all… Mayuzumi requests Ichika and Houki to come for an interview and model shoot for her sister’s magazine. Houki turns her down as she views it is against her ethics to be displayed like an object. But when Mayuzumi hands her vouchers for a restaurant dinner for 2, she immediately accepts! What happened to her ethics? Oh, now she’s a flexible thinker? And so the duo are there at the interview. A little nervous. Houki is impressed when she hears Ichika’s motto that he’ll protect his comrades. However her memories twisted it to “I’ll protect Houki!” and it made her very happy. But why does she need to punish the locker? Her thoughts are occupied on this that she picked a sexy gown for the shoot. They are made to do some very close up poses. I don’t know, can their nervous looks pass the test? Who cares… On their way home, Houki’s mind wanders that if they were alone, they might have kissed. I think she really wanted that. Her high heels got stuck in a manhole and she sprains her ankle. A cue for Ichika to carry her home. She falls asleep as she murmurs she loves him. Dumb guy didn’t even hear it even though her mouth was right next to his ear…!!!!! Meanwhile Squall confronts Madoka about her unauthorized contact. Her job is to steal other countries’ IS. Squall punishes her but Madoka’s reflex was fast enough to save her skin. Madoka is riled up when Squall knows about her intention to settle her score with Chifuyu. Madoka attacks her back because she doesn’t want her to look down on Chifuyu despite she no longer has her own IS. Squall advises her to lie low till the next mission. Ichika confronts Chifuyu and asks if they had other family members. Like a little sister? She confirms he is her only family. With that tone? That’s assuring enough.

Chifuyu announces a tag team tournament designed to improve their skills in view of the recent hijacking of IS. Those with personal IS must improve their skills. Hey, don’t those harem girls fit the bill? We are distracted a little with Charlotte and Rin feeding Ichika their lunch. He comments they could be good wives because of their good cooking. They then try to hint what kind of partner he likes for the tag tournament. He doesn’t get it that they’re hinting about him… When he goes back to his room, Tatenashi begs him for a favour. She hopes he could be her sister Kanzashi’s partner for the tag tournament. She is a little shy and gloomy and although a representative of Japan, has no IS of her own because her developers were focusing on developing Byakushiki so hers got pushed back. Ichika felt bad about it and agrees to it. For once, this dumb guy can guess the sisters are not getting along well because Tatenashi doesn’t want him to mention her name. But first Ichika must overcome the other ‘obstacles’. Laura boldly tells him to team up with her. It’s a must. Here’s the form. He boldly refuses her because there is somebody he has in mind. Like an angry wife, she tries to kill him! Only to be stopped by Chifuyu. Trying to give the husband-wife excuse isn’t going to work because Chifuyu says she will not accept such violent sister-in-law! Laura in depression mode… Houki and Cecilia are happy because they think Ichika is the one he picks. They feel bad for the other. That’s what you call counting your chickens, right? Ichika walks into Kanzashi’s class to ask her to be her partner. She turns him down instantly! What the?! Lots of girls would die just to be with him and this lucky b*tch rejects him?! He tries to change her mind but she tells him off that she has the right to punch him but feels tired so she won’t do so.

Episode 8
Kanzashi is stressed out in calibrating her IS. So it’s no wonder when for the umpteenth time Ichika comes to bug her about pairing up, she slaps him!!! OMG! No girl would hurt him… Oh wait… His harem tried to kill him many times before so I guess this is nothing. So Tatenashi finds out that things are not going well on Ichika’s side. She explains Kanzashi is trying to assemble her own IS and is quite stubborn. Learning he got slapped, she cheekily teases him maybe it’s because he touched her butt! If not, for someone who would waste such unnecessary energy, it could mean one thing: She likes him! Very perspective. With rumours spreading that Ichika has been pestering Kanzashi to pair up every day, the rest of his harem girls are fired up in training. They’re going to make him regret in not pairing him and will show him the true meaning of terror! Just you wait you bastard! Tatenashi goes up to Houki to request pairing up. She doesn’t mind so Tatenashi takes her measurements. I guess the only aspect she lost to Houki is her breast size… The harem girls think it’s nice for once that Ichika comes looking for them. Till he mentions he is looking for Kanzashi. Ichika you jerk… Get out of here now! And that guy doesn’t know why they’re so angry!!! Aha! They must be nervous about the tag team tournament. Oh brother… You got it all wrong! Kanzashi tests her IS, Uchigane Nishiki. Everything goes well till some booster thingy malfunctions. She drops like a rock and resigns to her fate she will never catch up to her sister. Of course Ichika sees this and saves her. He is glad she is alright. Can you see the change in Kanzashi’s reactions towards him now? Oh yeah. Can she be officially part of the harem now?

Seems they’re being friendly now to a point they can even eat together. Heck, Ichika even feeds her! OMG. Is that an indirect kiss?! So much so, Kanzashi can’t concentrate in class and all her thoughts are only filled with Ichika! Probably his daily stalking was effective because she sees visions of him asking her to be her partner. Hell, she even sees her favourite anime hero in him. She accepts to be his partner. Think that was a dream? Actually, she unknowingly said yes in reality too! Ichika is so happy that he takes her by the hand to the office to register. She even gives him permission to call her casually. She is flustering more and starts thinking that she may even like him! Spot on! Meanwhile there’s some sort of bonding going on between Tatenashi and Houki. The former knows that Houki doesn’t have very good relationship with her sister but is still glad that it is not to a point they hate each other. Trying to hint something about her own? Ichika has some of the maintenance crew look into Kanzashi’s IS. They calibrate back up to shape in no time. See, that saved Kanzashi from all the unnecessary stress. Ichika returns to his room only to be greeted by Tatenashi who wants a back massage. She talks that he is close to his sister. Is being strict considered close? It shows that she cares for her and he is special. Kanzashi is going to give her cookies to Ichika when she sees her sister coming out from his room. From the conversation, she realizes that they are in cahoots. This breaks her heart so much that she runs back to her room and cries uncontrollably. Wow. She must really have fallen for that useless dude.

Episode 9
Kanzashi is still reeling from the fact this is a setup by her sister. During Tatenashi’s speech for the tag team tournament, Ichika spends his time looking for Kanzashi!!! Yeah, yeah. She’s sitting somewhere sulking about everything. Before Tatenashi could officially flag off the tournament (wait a minute, there are only 8 teams?), suddenly the academy is attacked by unknown and unmanned IS drones. Hold on a second. Doesn’t this look familiar like last season? Before start of some game, some baddies attack and puts the event on hold. WTF?! These drones are upgraded versions from their previous ones so it means they really can kick ass. So powerful that they are giving our heroines a hard time. Kanzashi stumbles into one and becomes paralyzed in fear. So scared that she calls out for a hero to save her. Yup. She calls out Ichika’s name. And like a miracle, here he comes swooping down to protect her. But Kanzashi won’t be a damsel in distress as she wants to fight alongside him. Tatenashi does a very risky move that causes a big explosion. Kanzashi gives Ichika the green light to see what is happening over at the other gate and will handle this one herself. Of course when she sees big sister unconscious on her monitor, she becomes distraught. She becomes so mad and turns into a killing machine. However she is unable to destroy its core as her weapon power is empty. Even more distraught when she sees Ichika out cold. It’s back to that mentality that she’s a useless coward. No such thing as a hero in this world. And then… Tatenashi uses her body to shield Kanzashi. Bloody. Blood flying everywhere.

The sisters are like in some astral dimension, talking together like how it should be. How many years has it been since? About Kanzashi’s concern there is no hero, oh, here is Ichika in this dream too. He says there is no such thing as an invincible hero. He is human who cries, laughs and loses sometimes. As one, he can fight without running away even if it risks death. Otherwise he can never be himself again. Not convinced yet? Tatenashi adds she may be weak and all but she’s still human. As long as she stands up to the enemy and accepts her weaknesses. Back in reality, Kanzashi has got the confidence to do it. Tatenashi gives her an Aqua Crystal as charm. Because Ichika’s power is empty, Houki wants to refuel him but she needs time. Kanzashi will buy her that time and holds her ground well against the drone. Once it’s done, the trio combine their moves to bring down the drone. One of the missiles containing Aqua Crystal that Kanzashi fired is stuck in its core. Tatenashi activates it to explode and destroy the drone once and for all. The rest of the heroines also disengage the enemy by taking out the core. Tatenashi wakes up in the infirmary with Kanzashi by her side. Tatenashi feels she owes it to Ichika for making this happen because now the sisters are on good terms again. Could it also mean Tatenashi likes him? I hope so… Add more to his harem! Repentant Kanzashi apologizes for being a bad sister but Tatenashi has never stopped loving her. Cue for emotional breakdown scene. Meanwhile Yamada and Chifuyu are analyzing those unregistered cores. Although they only have 2 of them in hand, Chifuyu wants her to report to the government that they are all destroyed. She may risk putting the academy in jeopardy but she is confident enough to bet her life on this. Kanzashi is on her way to Ichika’s room. She is resolved to tell him her feelings. Oh yes. I’ve been waiting for this. She hands him a package containing her favourite hero anime. Brings back memories to him. He asks if she likes it very much. And she yells out she does before running away. But we know she’s going to be disappointed because as she takes a breather feeling relieved that she has blurted out her feelings, she realizes that he is a dense guy and must have took her confession the wrong way. He thinks she loves the anime a lot! True enough, it is! So frustrating…

Episode 10
After a couple of episodes focusing on Kanzashi, now we have our harem girls back… They’re confronting her! Oh yeah. I was waiting for this to happen. Five is already a crowded field, what more another one. They want to know if she and Ichika are dating but since Kanzashi says there is nothing going on between them, they feel relieved and become good friends. Wait. Just like that?! Don’t let your guard down! Meanwhile Ichika feels he is being setup because the student council ordered him to take physical measurements of the girls! I know it’s to calibrate the IS suits to fit them better, but him? Definitely a setup. Chifuyu gives him a blindfold. That guy is grateful till he finds out it’s see-through! Yup. Definitely a setup. So the girls are here and they would love this guy to take their measurements. He thought he would be fine with his eyes closed. What is he? Some sort of super human trying to use his third eye to see? Although we are left with our imagination, you can hear how Ichika screws up, touching the wrong parts, causing the girl to fluster like mad. What the hell are these soft things… Just open your eyes damn it! His harem girls didn’t like what they see and you can guess what happens to him after that. Some of the girls lament that their waist size has expanded but Ichika doesn’t really care about that. Oh brother. You don’t know how girls feel, don’t you? He starts complimenting the cooking of every girl except Cecilia because we know, her cooking can kill mankind, right? Rin wants Ichika to tell her the truth to save mankind but that guy doesn’t want to be so bad hearted. So Cecilia takes cooking lessons from Houki. She even brought a live chicken… I don’t even know how she can misinterpret straight instructions. But as we learn, never leave her alone unattended. When Houki attends a call, Cecilia feels the need to make it look better and sprays the colouring and some aroma. So when Houki gets back, she finds that those chicken bits are looking very good. She takes a bite… Next day, she’s absent from class and called in sick. Very rare for that to happen. I wonder why…

With Houki out of the action, Cecilia seeks Charlotte’s help next. Charlotte can guess what happened when she learns Cecilia and Houki were cooking together. Then she makes the fatal mistake of leaving her unattended. Oh, that killer looks in her eyes… Must add more colouring… Everything seems fine when Charlotte gets back so she has a taste of the dish… Late at night, Laura wakes up hungry. She thinks the pot was made by Charlotte for her. Looks good. LOOKS good, if you know what I mean… Next day, Charlotte and Laura absent from class… Was this a ploy by Cecilia so she could have Ichika all to herself for lunch? Even if it wasn’t, it was hell of a good one. But when she sees Kanzashi’s colourful kyara bento, Cecilia seeks Rin’s help. Rin refuses because she doesn’t want to die! However seeing her pitiful puppy dog eyes and the effort she put in (her fingers are all bandaged), she gives in. Although Rin didn’t make the fatal mistake of leaving her unattended, Cecilia gets the wrong idea about using more firepower in cooking. Yup. She blasts the kitchen with her cannon!!! Now you know why she should stay away from the kitchen? Next day, Cecilia apologizes to Ichika that she couldn’t make lunch for him because the kitchen yesterday somehow exploded! WTF?! Ichika is fine with that and will teach her to make his favourite dish. Sounds ambiguous if you really hear what they say because Ichika is teaching her to make onigiri. I guess the best part is him trying to guide her to make it. It’s like he is wrapping her from behind. So romantic… So warm… He thought the warmth is from making the onigiri… Duh… Meanwhile Squall tries to force Tabane to work for them. Bribing with exquisite food? Since she won’t, they threaten her. Tabane can beat up Autumn even with a smile! Not even Madoka in Silent Zephyrus can beat her! With a smile! She knows who Madoka is and is willing to make a personal IS for us if she comes with her. Oh, she wants to keep her too. Thank goodness the episode ends or else you’ll never hear the end of Tabane’s squeaky ranting. No full stop in her sentences…

Episode 11
It’s time for a field trip. The girls are in an intense card game to see who gets to be in Ichika’s group. To their dismay, he is in charge of photography and is put in a different group. Now, why didn’t he say something this important earlier on? You mad, girls? Definitely. At the site, Ichika receives a mysterious luggage. It is Tatenashi hidden inside! How did she?! Kanzashi immediately stuffs her back and throws her back into the truck! Good move! But that is just her clone… Cecilia must be feeling romantic amidst the falling maple leaves. Ichika takes a beautiful picture of her. Flattered? When she looks at the picture, she is half outside it! He is taking pictures of the scenery?! WTF????!!!! What is the meaning of this Ichika???!!! Then all the other girls hound him to have their photos. His lens fall into some ditch so Charlotte offers to help. Since she’s stretching low, he could see it. No, not the lens… Charlotte gets embarrassed when she finds out but to make up for it, he must hang out with her. Cecilia, Rin and Laura are trying their luck at some superstitious love rituals at the shrine. They get jealous thinking Charlotte is getting ahead of them with this ‘date’. Ichika denies it is a date (pissing Charlotte off). He pisses off everyone by saying they should enjoy themselves. They’re out for his head! What? Was it something he said? He bumps into Kanzashi in kimono. Anger level for the rest of his harem has just risen to boiling point. Rising even further when he carries Kanzashi away, princess style. Then he had to bump into Houki. Are we having fun yet? Later Houki gets to be alone with Ichika as they walk through the bamboo grove. He wants to take a picture of her but Squall offers to take it for them. She comments they both look good and Ichika is let baffled how she knows his name. Did he tell her? Of course not you dummy. Charlotte and Cecilia want to see the photos Ichika took but since they’re flanking his side and too close, their boobs are rubbing against him. Soon all the other girls want to see. I don’t know how many boobs he got himself molested. Because of that, he drops the camera below. Gee, why don’t the other girls help find it for him? Instead, he goes it alone but sees Madoka waiting for him. She is here to take his life. Deja vu? This time not in Silent Zephyrus but Black Knight. Houki and Cecilia notice Ichika is not back in the train when they are about to depart so they go look for him but stumble upon Autumn. Time for rematch. Chifuyu is about to go look for the trio when the train is suddenly automatically hijacked. Tatenashi confronts Squall about Phantom Task’s goal. Squall attacks her. Ichika wants to know why she is after her but Madoka claims her target is Chifuyu. Surprised?

Episode 12
Ichika is defeated. Madoka flies off to find Chifuyu but is kept busy with ‘small fries’. To add to the tension, there is a bomb on the train. 30 minutes and counting… Tatenashi continues her battle with Squall, likewise Houki and Cecilia with Autumn but they conveniently defeat her and head towards Ichika. When Madoka is going to fire at the train to destroy everybody, here comes Ichika to protect them. Bad guys always make the mistake of not making sure the hero stays dead. Kanzashi has finally managed to locate the bomb with her hacking so the other girls scramble to diffuse it. But is it too late because it exploded. Ichika got distracted by the explosion and thinks he is too late. Thanks to that, Madoka stabs him. Actually everybody is alright because the girl managed to contain the blast in a shield barrier. Houki is crying next to Ichika’s ‘lifeless’ body. Her tears must have activated something. Then it’s like deja vu because this is where the opening scene of this season comes in. Ichika getting killed by ‘Chifuyu’ who is actually Madoka. Of course he can’t die yet since his friends are still fighting so he pleads to Byakushiki to give him more power. The other girls are engaging Madoka in a destructive battle. Thanks to squall powering up some fireball barrier, the girls are weakened. Till Tatenashi unleashes some secret cannon weapon and a revived golden Byakushiki charging into the attack. Huh? What? I don’t understand. Oh what the heck. The baddies take some damage too and Squall orders a retreat as they cannot go on like this and have collected enough data. Ichika reunites with everybody and is glad everyone is okay. We see Tabane hoping Chifuyu would ‘enjoy’ this gift and promises more fun stuff is going to happen. After all this, now we’re back into familiar territory because Ichika is soaking alone in the hotspring himself. He wonders why Madoka has the same pendant as Chifuyu. Well, duh? Haven’t you connect the dots yet? Unknown to him, the hostess switch the gender sign. As usual… He is about the get out when the other girls come in. Now he’s stuck and assimilates as a rock. Tatenashi notes Houki’s boobs have grown bigger. I don’t know. The steam is covering so I can’t see. Ichika has been in hiding for so long that he passes out. And the girls freak out when they see a dead corpse resurfacing. HEY WAIT A MINUTE! It just ends like this?! WTF????!!!!!!!!

Indefinite Decisions -> Infinite Cat Fights -> Definite Mayhem!
I know I wasn’t going to expect much or even a decent ending but this one really gets on my nerves! So what if Ichika just floats up unconscious? At least it would have ended ‘better’ if we see the girls beating him up and throwing him out but nope. There is nothing. Straight away to the end credits and no epilogue after that too. Isn’t that just the worst? Or am I the worst? Nah. Blame the show. At least in the last season, we get to see everyone became sort of jealous because it looked like Ichika and Houki were hogging some quality time together. Even that they will leave you to your imagination what happens next. But this season? Too broad to leave it to our imagination. I know this show is overall a big crap. But the ending made it crappier. I know only loser guys like me without a decent girlfriend and only have an imaginary 2D girlfriend to show my sorry state will only watch this sort of anime (Oops! I think I revealed too much of unnecessary info there) but at least give us an ending that harem lovers will leave with at least a smirk.

So basically this season doesn’t ‘disappoint’ because as usual Ichika is your world’s biggest idiot and most dense person when it comes to the part of romance. He can win an Oscar for it. That factor contributes to why this show is a classic harem anime. Yes, people. Don’t get me wrong. This is a classic harem anime because the lone guy doesn’t choose any girl (ever), gets away with it and he is still being loved by everyone while they continue to fight over him. In this sense, that is why I consider this anime to ‘shine’ greatly. Otherwise, more decent anime viewers would have thrown this anime into the trash bin. There is no development or advancement with the characters. Everything seems status quo. My logic dictates that if any one of the usual girls gets ahead in her relationship with Ichika, the rest will be fuming and forming a deadly alliance to take her down. So it’s best to stay as they are now. Going nowhere. Hoping Ichika would come to realize that he really likes one of them and chooses. CHOOSES. Which of course I don’t see it happening in the even if there is Infinite Stratos 3, Infinite Stratos 4, Infinite Stratos 5… Right up to Infinite Stratos 100. I don’t think he is like that guy Kodaka in Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai as in he knows what is going on but pretends nothing is happening.

Although the fight scenes involving the IS machines are still impressive, however I feel those are the ‘boring’ parts. Because we’re here for the harem factor, right? Thus during the final episode action scene, I was itching for it to be over so that the series would resume back to its more familiar route. I know. Seeing them fight among themselves is better than seeing them fight against some evil organization whose existence we don’t even care if it is relevant to this anime or not. Even if for the big chunk of the series it is about his harem and even that nothing goes anywhere, it was still enjoyable because we get to see how this faggot tries to be friends with all the girls and not having the slightest clue that he is slowly opening the Pandora Box. I mean, his intentions of wanting everybody to have fun together but think about this, as a girl in love with him, you want him to be the only want to invite you out to somewhere. It makes it very special. It makes it very romantic. It makes it everything. And then you realize he too has called the other girls. Don’t you just feel mad and want to turn yandere and chop him up into pieces? And that’s the odd part of his harem. They have the tendency to get mad so quick and Ichika will be the first person to get beaten up whether he is at fault or not. But mostly it is. So do they deserve each other? God must be a harem lover for making this atrocious harem situation go on for 2 seasons… Some episodes have a slight focus on one of the girls with Ichika like Houki’s interview-cum-photo shoot, Charlotte acting as his personal bodyguard and cooking with Cecilia. Despite these close moments, it doesn’t feel like it moved anywhere. It is like as though to just satisfy fans of certain pairings for that short moment.

Adding into Ichika’s harem is the Sarashiki sisters and from the way I see it, it is going to get more complicated and messier now. The only thing which prevents me from considering the sisters to be part of the true blue harem like the usual quintet is because they don’t engage in silly antics, embarrassing showdowns or other stand offs like the other five. Kanzashi is so shy and timid that it would made Charlotte looking like a monster. I doubt for the time being she will be one who is pro-active to fight for Ichika’s attention if there is ever a silly need for some harem tussle. Tatenashi on the other hand is superior and always in control. In fact, she stands above all the other harem girls put together. She doesn’t need to stoop so low or get down and dirty like the rest and thus sometimes it makes me wonder if she is truly in love with Ichika or just messing around with him. Of course I prefer to believe it is the former. Also, although we could guess that the duo will be part of Ichika’s harem, they somewhat arrived too late especially Kanzashi who only made her appearance past the halfway mark of the series.

But don’t write off Chifuyu too and I’m guessing she has a higher ‘authority’ than even Tatenashi. It’s just that she puts on a strict face but deep down inside, maybe she just wants to cuddle him and smother her little brother with lots of love. Yikes! Don’t want to be caught dead by her saying that! Feels like she is the ‘last boss’ if the other girls want to end up as Ichika’s bride. Win the approval of your sister-in-law! Yup. That’s how I feel, the reason why they respect her in addition to being their revered teacher. With the siblings part of his harem, it almost completes Ichika’s United Nations harem because from what I read, the Sarashiki sisters have a bit of Russian blood in them. But still don’t have the all-important American girl? As I read, there was supposed to be an American IS candidate although she wasn’t part of the main harem. In the last season when everyone fought against an unmanned IS, it was supposed to be an IS piloted by that American candidate but went out of control so as usual Ichika had to be the hero and save the day. And he got a peck on his cheek. Man, I would have really loved to see that reaction among the girls but the anime had to turn it into an unmanned IS threat. Bummer. Now that I have remembered something, it seems that another potential girl of Ichika’s harem didn’t make her appearance at all this season. Remember Ran? The sister of Ichika’s friend, Dan? I remember she was quite conscious about Ichika and even wanted to enter the same IS academy as him. I suppose with Ichika having a lot on his plate this season, maybe that’s why she is omitted. Not that the red head will make things better anyhow.

Here’s a point to ponder. Although that all the other girls in this academy are interested in Ichika, they aren’t that interested to the point where they will actually engage in dirty dog/cat fights. What does this show? Two things. One, that they view him as a ‘tool’ and for something fun and casual. Because if they really want him to their boyfriend, they would have joined the harem fight. Which will make it a lot messier than before because it will be hard to animate hundreds and thousands of girls who are chasing after your ass. Heck, can you even keep track of their names!!!! Even this would have turned off the most serious harem anime lover. Hmm… Maybe they know they can’t compete with the main ones so they don’t even bother trying. So therefore in this sense, those other extra girls who do not really harbour such desperate romantic feelings for Ichika leads us to fact number two: His harem girls are just desperate cases. They’re supposed to be IS representatives from their country and when it comes to love, they act in such a manner. Disgrace? Well, at least it shows that they are still young girls who want to experience love. I’ll give them points for persevering, though. Oh, fact number three: At least everyone in this academy is still straight and does not resort to yuri. I thought I hoped to see or at least some sort of eye candy of something yuri but amazingly, everybody here isn’t a deviant who read yuri mangas or a fujoshi fan. Good job! Think about it. Even if there are some fujoshi cases, who are they going to fantasies for Ichika’s male partner? There is no other guy around! Thank goodness?

I know IS is supposed to be some sort of sport but the way we see those machines armed with all sorts of technical and dangerous weapons and everybody spouting terms that rocket scientist would only understand, it is ironic that such weapons are loaded onto the machines for sports. As seen in the final battle how their IS can cause very destructive damage around the area. Amazingly there were no casualties. I hope those tourist areas didn’t get damaged. Therefore it is mind boggling and ironic that such weapons are created for this IS sport. Realism? You want realism? Might as well go to war. That is more real than anything. And thus with such real dangerous weapons, it is no wonder that an evil organization is going around to steal IS around the world. For whatever purpose and reason they’re doing it (I am guessing world domination, what else is there?) and how they are connected with Ichika’s past, we can’t be bothered about it since we’re here for Ichika and his girls and that the baddies don’t really make an impact. Madoka just wants to kill her sister for who knows what reason. Autumn is filled with lots of rage that you think anger management classes won’t help. Squall sounds like an old woman despite looking like an attractive young blonde. Now that Tabane has teamed up with them, it’s going to be messier. Ah, I’ve said that word again. Really, I thought her child-like and fun, sparkly and lively personality was amusing since that personality is what makes her a super genius in making all those IS machines. But it wouldn’t have done anything to this series even if she had more screen time.

Joining this seasons’ cast of line-up is Chiwa Saito as Tatenashi. She sounds like she is having lots of fun voicing her role. In addition to blonde lolis like Rebecca from Pani Poni Dash or Rachel from Linebarrels Of Iron, the liveliness she puts in reminds me of and is on par with Taokaka in BlazBlue Alter Memories and Mamejiro in Blood Lad. The rest include Suzuko Mimori as Kanzashi (Nanami in Kamisama Hajimemashita), Ai Kayano as Madoka (Mei in Sukitte Iinayo), Fumi Hirano as Squall (Lum in Urusei Yatsura) and Yuka Nishigaki as Autumn (Yuu in Guilty Crown). Minami Kuribayashi who did the opening theme in the first season, again does the same for the sequel. I thought True Blue Traveler sounded like a ‘cousin’ of last season’s Straight Jet. As for the ending theme, it is now performed by the main quintet of Ichika’s harem. Again, I thought Beautiful Sky is like a spiritual successor last season’s Super Stream. It feels so familiar… I am thinking that as long as you see the girls running along behind Ichika, it’s safe to consider they are still part of his harem. So when Kanzashi is so called ‘accepted’ into this harem, she also sings along to this ending song and adds to the running pack. And of course with Tatenashi propping up the harem in the final episode, we’ve got 7 girls singing this song. There is also a photo at the end of the end credits animation which features Ichika and his harem. Since Chifuyu is in it, one reason why I think she is an unofficial harem of his member. I mean, you need to have the big sister type, don’t you? Besides, this idiot chose big sister’s performance during that stage battle so in a way you could say he might harbour some hidden big sister fetish… Or maybe he just doesn’t want to get killed. Big sister’s strike is deadlier than any of the other girls combined.

It is with mixed feeling when watching this show and even when it ended. Harem lovers would love how this show being a ‘classic’ harem anime but would also hate how Ichika is being a faggot and possibly gay because after being surrounded by a bevy of beauties and that everyone in school from students to teachers and heck, even the enemies are all woman, if he still doesn’t harbour any ‘healthy’ perverted thoughts on any girl, it just confirms that he is just being homo. Yup. Like as though he is the only man in this anime. That makes him very special, right? No wonder there are a handful of UN girls trying to get him. Besides Ichika’s jaw dropping density performance, everything else won’t garner some sort of award or honourable mention. You watch this show just to enjoy how this guy can lead-cum-play-on his harem (isn’t it?). You laugh at all their silly antics in the name of love. You hope for something would happen between them even if it is the slightest thing but fall flat on your face back on the ground when you realize nothing is ever going to happen because Ichika is a jerk who doesn’t care about the girls’ feelings (oblivious may have been the right word but then, who cares?). It would be even more dangerous if you are inclined to a particular girl and rooting for some sort of pairing because if it doesn’t, you might just go into a fit of rage (go Ichika x Cecilia FTW!!!). Hey, it’s only a show… In view of all this, I think it is better to watch this harem cat and mouse game instead of having one myself. Everybody is an armchair critic anyway.

Valvrave The Liberator

June 8, 2014

I think I am really starting to think that I may be a closet mecha fan. From time to time I will find myself picking to watch a mecha series despite each time I deny that I am a fan of such genres. True, that I have not watched epic mecha series like Gundam or Macross but over the years I have watched mecha themed animes from Linebarrels Of Iron to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and even Code Geass. Each time, I was okay with the mecha battle and action. Heck, I guess it’s better than watching yaoi or hentai. Now my journey of mecha animes has brought me to yet another mecha series. This time, Valvrave The Liberator or also known in its original Japanese name, Kakumeki Valvrave. So does this really mean I am a mecha fan? Well, I still think I am not but I figure I do not dislike the genre as much as I did before. Maybe watching a whole lot of range of animes has broadened my perspective? Yeah. In time, I’ll be excepting yaoi and hentai too.

I’m not really sure nor do I remember why I picked this one up despite there were a handful of other mecha series similarly at that time. Maybe it was the characters? Sure, there are nice looking characters and some pretty girls here. Maybe it was the comedy factor? Sure, every anime has that ice breaking comic relief scene. Even the grimmest one would. Maybe it was the action? Sure, who wouldn’t love to see big robots punching, slicing, hammering and shooting whatever they have in hand with another giant robot. Maybe it was the interesting plot? Let’s see… In the distant future, men have the capability of living in space. However mankind can be divided into 2 factions: The westernized-like ARUS (Atlantic Ring United States) and the German/Russian-like Dorssia Military Pact Federation. However there are those that remain neutral and they belong to JIOR (Japan and Islands of Oceania Republic). And so you’ve guessed it. When a country remains neutral, there is temptation to seize it as their own for whatever nefarious plans. When a particular peaceful module of JIOR gets attacked by Dorssia, so happens that this school district module has to stand up on its 2 feet and defend itself. Yup. A boy who reluctantly becomes a hero. He and his mecha pilot to save the day and bring new order and hope to the people of JIOR. And then there are those dark secrets and conspiracy unveiled along the way. Typical. Unoriginal. But heck, when you have mecha power backing you up, you can’t complain, right?

Episode 1
As narrated, men continued to expand colonizing the universe. With the completion of Dyson Sphere, space colonization has accelerated that 70% of human population have left Earth. A group of transfer students enter the JIOR Sphere. But they seem to be Dorssian military in disguise as they slaughter the welcoming crew. Didn’t expect this to happen, do they? It’s more peaceful down at Sakimori High School because we see Haruto Tokishima in an eating contest with Shouko Sashinami to decide which clubs get to use the grounds. Haruto lost. And the loser gets blamed. In class, Shouko is puzzled why Haruto kept looking and her and pesters him to tell. Because she’s cute when she’s quiet. That wasn’t sarcasm. I think Shouko didn’t really get the picture because she thinks that he thinks she is uglier if she talks! In general, don’t men view women that way? But the most baffling thing was how Shouko confronted Haruto and bugged him about this right in the middle of class! It’s like nobody cared or give a damn! Where the hell is the teacher?! Later Haruto once again talks to Shouko regarding that eating contest. He didn’t like such competitive stuffs and would rather share the place. One of those Dorssian boys, L-elf Karlstein heard it and it seems he has a grudge with the word ‘half’. He confronts Haruto and tells him off about sharing. Should you share a girl’s love in half? Then he pushes him down and lectures him about people coming to beat the crap out of him but won’t fight back. Although the incident is blown over without anything serious, Shouko is upset about it. But Haruto is okay and thanks her for worrying. Then it’s like suddenly he isn’t timid anymore because he wants to tell her something. Shouko is the one who flusters and needs time to prepare herself. I guess they took too long because something just crashed in. That’s because the Dorssian forces have invaded JIOR. The place soon turns into a battlefield and the citizens panicking and hiding for cover.

The Dorssian transfer students hack their way into a secret underground lab in the school and kill all the scientists. Before L-elf could take the Valvrave mecha, one of the scientists ejects the robot to the surface. Oh, how convenient. Just where Haruto and friends are. Shouko wanted to help somebody stuck in a car but the beam blew the place up. Haruto becomes devastated. No time for hide and seek. When reality hits him, he becomes enraged. He wants revenge. Conveniently he climbs into Valvrave and it’s like as though he knows how to pilot this thing and activates it. Or it could just be he is hitting the buttons randomly. But it won’t budge. The Dorssian forces try to force Haruto out. Just before he could give up, his thoughts are filled with L-elf’s words and Shouko. Then he sees the option on the screen to abandon his humanity. What the hell. Go for it! He gets injected in the neck and it’s like some sort of auto check-up is done on him. Valvrave is activated 100%. Now Haruto is like a natural piloting Valvrave as he crushes all the Dorssian forces. Too fast. Too bright. Too powerful. You’re all f*cked. Once it’s over, everybody is singing praises of it! The cyber space is filled with such comments. They can’t stop the commenting. Apparently somebody uploaded Valvrave kicking Dorssian ass onto the internet. Some in surprise, some with questions, some want to be his friend, some think he’s cute. But I guess Haruto is the only one who isn’t jumping with joy. Shouko… When he climbs out of Valvrave, he is approached by L-elf. He suddenly believes what he said earlier about competition. That’s the least of his problem because L-elf stabs his heart! Then shoots him several times! Just when he thought he had won, Haruto springs back to life and bites his neck like a vampire! Wait a minute. Vampire and mecha combo?

Episode 2
Haruto’s friends, Saki Rukino, Kyuuma Inuzuka and Aina Sakurai arrive on scene and are devastated to see blood all over him. The Dorssian students tell them to get away from Valvrave. They are surprised when L-elf points his gun at them and fires at A-drei, blinding his left eye. While Haruto’s friends escape to a nearby shelter, the rest of the Dorssian students, H-neun, X-eins and Q-vier fire back. L-elf runs into the shelter. The friends wonder why he is helping them. L-elf says he is Haruto and doesn’t know how he ended up in this body. Could it be the bite? They believe in him since Haruto has a bad losing streak in rock-scissors-paper. But Haruto wants to go back out and reclaim Valvrave and kill those Dorssian bastards. Revenge is still on his mind. Meanwhile Dorssia has taken over JIOR who have surrendered unconditionally. They will now be under Dorssia’s territory and the citizens are being deported. X-eins reports to his commander of their successful takeover and also L-elf’s betrayal. Haruto didn’t bat an eyelid in killing some low Dorssian army and the scientists examining Valvrave. All is fair in war. He is surprised to see his own body and all the wounds healed. As Dorssia begins to counter attack, Saki enters Valvrave with him. She wants to test out a theory. First she ties Haruto up and then has him bite his own body. Instantly, Haruto is back in his original body and L-elf awakens, surprised at the turn of events. Haruto starts up Valvrave but it looks like an amateur piloting this mecha. Somehow Haruto pilots out into space. More enemies show up. Is surrender an option? Now he pilots like a pro and slashes them all. I think it must be revenge. A-drei despite injured goes into battle mode. Revenge too?

A-drei fires all he’s got at Valvrave. It suddenly stops. L-elf has broken free of his bind and takes Saki as hostage. He is demanding answers from Haruto because A-drei just labelled him a traitor for shooting him. He doesn’t remember what happened and was sure he killed Haruto. Haruto then receives a call from Shouko. She’s still alive buried underground with teacher Takumi Kibukawa. You should hear the relief in his voice. He promises to get back alive and to meet her. Because he wants to continue that discussion. With renewed hope, Haruto is just as motivated but he can’t do anything much because he notices if the heat capacity reaches 100, it will overheat and Valvrave will stop functioning. But L-elf has noticed something in its numbers and other data so I don’t really understand about his explanation when that number reaches the weird 666. That, plus his newfound determination to live, Valvrave literally goes on fire. Well, it seems like it or it could be very bright lights. Then it does hara-kiri and unleashes a powerful blast that disables A-drei’s mighty mecha. Dorssia is utmost surprised with this super blast. They are forced to retreat when ARUS forces arrive. L-elf continues to demand Haruto for answers. He accuses this monster to behind everything that has happened. Haruto looks extremely shocked. When Haruto lands back in JIOR, L-elf is taken into custody. The discussion continues. I suppose he got cold feet in wanting to confess so he tells her all he wanted to say how lame her shirt was. Lame. Can you blame Shouko for getting real upset? Yeah. That shirt was limited edition too. Kyuuma wonders why Haruto did that. Because he has turned into a monster, he has no feelings. If so, why is he breaking down and crying so badly?

Episode 3
L-elf is under interrogation. When Haruto mentions L-elf’s name, the interrogators quickly point their gun at the Dorssian and tell him to up on his feet. L-elf hints a loud speaker, earthquake, panic, 3:14 and the answer will be behind him. The ARUS army arrives and JIOR residents welcome them. Like heroes, huh? But not as much applause when they see Haruto. He’s the real hero. The real star. Yeah. Even girls want to give him their mail address. Lucky bastard. Haruto then analyzes his blood in the lab. Seems normal. But something else is abnormal. The cut on his finger heals immediately. Do you think he should go see a doctor? Saki doesn’t want him to because he’ll be treated like a lab rat then. Suddenly Haruto’s blood starts acting up. He then turns into a vampire and tries to bite Inuzuka’s neck. After all that pushing and resisting, Saki’s slap is the only thing that snapped him out? So what just happened? Before they can think about it, Haruto is brought to meet Senator Figaro, a politician from ARUS. He shows him the website which his heroic deeds were uploaded by young hacker girl, Akira (using an alias named Rainbow). There are many comments wondering about Haruto’s whereabouts so he is advised to reply and let them know. The moment he does so, the web is flooded with all sorts of comments and praise. Even celebrities and top athletics are rooting for this guy. They love him. How does it feel to be a hero? But why isn’t Haruto smiling? Figaro says he is their only hope for JIOR. Haruto understands that as they want him to fight. On the contrary, Figaro wants him to run. What Haruto defeated is just a fraction of Dorssia. He views running away is not the same as losing. You die when you lose but as long as you survive, you win. Meanwhile those interrogators and guards must be slacking because they didn’t even notice L-elf unscrewing a screw on the chair he is sitting on. Then he tosses it up to break the only light in the room. Lights out. He takes the broken glass shreds and cut himself free, cuts all the useless people and slaughters the rest without mercy by ‘borrowing’ their machine gun. They never saw that coming. Now to initiate the next phase in plan.

A-drei and the rest return to Dorssia’s main fleet. They meet Commander Cain Dressel and are honoured to participate in the reconquest. A-drei is still reeling from L-elf’s betrayal but Cain understands this friendship thingy. Haruto helps the students evacuate. The loudspeaker in his hand just reminded him of L-elf’s words. At that time, warning has been sent to ARUS soldiers around the campus of an escaped Dorssian prisoner. 15 minutes later. Even L-elf feels disappointed. He doesn’t care how big ARUS army is or being seen. Because he pulls off this cool manoeuvre as he skydives down and the floors behind him go boom. He checks his own physical and mental capacities and deems them as what they should be. He deduces Haruto is the irregularity. Meanwhile Haruto is checking around if there are other students left behind in the building. Then this delinquent guy, Raizou “Thunder” Yamada confronts him and wants him to hand over Valvrave. He wants to avenge his friend and isn’t going to listen to Haruto’s crap or let him hog all the glory. Well, at least there is one guy who doesn’t view him a hero like the rest. Shouko thinks she saw somebody still in the building and goes to check it out. It leads her to Akira’s room and looks like she is still hacking unaware of Shouko’s presence. The big ship to evacuate the students hits a snag. Some smoke surprise attack causes it to be stuck. There’s your earthquake. When the students realize they won’t be getting out soon, panic starts to rear its ugly head. What’s next on the agenda? Oh, look at the time. It’s 3:14. And the last prophecy comes true. Haruto looks behind to see his answer: L-elf! After taking out Yamada, he wants Haruto to form a contract with him. They will bring revolution to Dorssia.

Episode 4
Those ARUS guys are in a meeting. Their plan is to defend the borders from Dorssia until they can get their hands on JIOR’s secret weapon, in which they will declare war with them. Everybody votes in approval. None objects. Akira starts throwing her stuffs for Shouko to get out. She starts shivering in fear and doesn’t want her to tell others about her existence. Haruto rejects L-elf’s offer since he is the enemy. He tells him his words are prophecies and knows that he must form a contract because he has got no other choice. He will help save this school and his girl. Haruto thought of using Valvrave but L-elf shoots it down. The contract is the only way. Haruto is bent on using his cursed power to protect others so L-elf replies he has to stain his hands to do so. In the event if Haruto decides to form the contract, do the peace sign to him. Haruto returns to Figaro and the rest of the ARUS troops inspecting Valvrave. Haruto tells them to get away from Valvrave since it is cursed. It goes unheeded. When one of them enters the cockpit, the programme views him as a mistake. He gets injected and his body blows up!!! The place is under attack by Dorssia. Figaro panics since he thought it wasn’t supposed to happen so soon. He wants to evacuate and couldn’t care less about the students. This upsets Haruto that he lied. Well, you know politicians. Haruto tries to bite one of the solider but realizes it only works when it is directly to the skin. Figaro has Haruto secured and shall be taken back along with Valvrave for research. Figaro lies to the student about the ‘earthquake’ as some maintenance work and assures their evacuation. Akira and Shouko heard his lies via intercepted transmission and know he is lying to the students. She calls Haruto but he is tied up to pick up. The soldier ends the call. When Inuzuka finds Shouko, she tells him they’re in big trouble.

Satomi Renbokouji, the student council president initiates an emergency meeting to hear Shouko out. However without proof, they can’t believe her and would rather believe ARUS. Shouko is in a bind because she cannot tell about Akira. She starts stripping herself in some twisted logic to show how pure she is. Okay, so they get the idea. We don’t get any Shouko fanservice. While the student council vice president Takahi Ninomya and other students distract the soldiers. Yuusuke Otamaya leads Shouko and Inuzuka inside some ventilation to where Haruto is held. The ventilation breaks and Shouko falls on the lone guard. This easy? Shouko realizes why Haruto didn’t pick up his handphone. Figaro is about to leave when Haruto tells them about ARUS’ lies. The students are worried. The hero can’t lie, right? Figaro then shows his true colours. He takes up a machine gun and fires at Yamada blocking the way! Just short of killing him. While the student panics, Haruto seizes Valvrave (after biting one of the guards). He regains order but the students’ joy is short-lived. Because L-elf announces every other module except this has been under Dorssia’s occupation. This means their families have been taken hostage. He does the peace sign, forcing Haruto to consider. While everybody is at a loss on what to do. Shouko comes up with a brilliant idea. She suggests to blackmail Dorssia back. Because if they harm their families, they will hand Valvrave to ARUS. She also forces Figaro and ARUS to work with them. Or else they’ll give Valvrave to Dorssia. Now either side cannot do anything will not act rashly. She shows the peace sign to Haruto. I’m sure he’ll gladly go with her on this one. Shouko has further plans. She wants this module to be declared independent and not rely on others. A bunch of kids running a ‘country’? Well, it sounds exciting so everybody votes for independence. Valvrave then goes up into space and surprises Dorssia by attacking the module. Actually, he is cutting and separating the module as part of their independence. L-elf starts laughing because he didn’t foresee this.

Episode 5
It’s been a week since the independence was declared. At least there is peace since ARUS and Dorssia aren’t making any rash moves. The kids are ruling the nation as their own. Yeah. No adult supervision. Like a dream come true to do anything they want’ eh? Especially Shouko who is having the most fun. Throwing items from the supermarket aisle and dancing in the sprinkler water. Probably fun time is over when they realize that somebody needs to maintain the electricity to power up the module. Yup. Blackout. Oddly, it starts snowing too. From what I understand, some electric over-current is causing the artificial atmosphere to malfunction and turning the season into winter. Since Otamaya is knowledgeable about machines, he is sent to fix it. But why is the button to restore everything in the most unreachable place? Ridiculous. Yamada has to let Otamaya hang on his hand while he tries to swing and push it. Better hurry because Yamada is bleeding. But he is willing to withstand the pain as he doesn’t want any more of his friends to die. I guess when things are not going your way, you blame others. The girls blame Shouko for pulling off that independent stint. Otherwise all this would never have happened. Starting to realize they can’t live on your own? Going to die? Saki tells them off that they too are partly to be blamed because they went along with it. The last we need now is a cat fight among themselves. Takahi is so bent on ‘disciplining’ Saki. They trade slaps. Everyone heaves big sigh of relieve when power comes back on. So now everything is okay? Haruto gets an idea from Shouko’s attempts to quell the situation via singing. He broadcasts to the other JIOR people to tell them that the kids are doing fine, a music video with Saki singing and everyone else dancing or doing silly stuffs that is worthy of being a YouTube video. I suppose the entire universe saw their broadcast. From ARUS to Dorssia but the people of JIOR are glad they are fine. Thanks to this stint, the Haruto donation fund initiated by Inuzuka soars from a paltry few thousands to 250 million and counting!!! Haruto and Saki go down deep underground and are surprised to see more Valvrave robots. Saki is impressed but Haruto doesn’t want anymore curses and monsters like him to be made. He hopes this can stay a secret between them. She agrees in exchange for them to be alone together. Is that a sign of confession? If that doesn’t convince you, Saki’s kiss will.

Episode 6
Actually Saki wants to be famous. That kiss? In harem sense, maybe. Ignoring Haruto’s advice, she then enters a Valvrave of her own and is willing to cast away her humanity to pilot it. She flies about and is thrilled with the newfound freedom. Haruto thought she shouldn’t have done that. What about the people she cares? Well, she doesn’t care. From her sob speech, she considers herself a loner with no family and friends. She wants to escape this horrible world. Like the nice guy Haruto is, he wants to do something for her (because she’s crying…). Saki hugs him. But it’s a ploy just to bite his neck. The only other adult in this independent module is Rion Nanami, a trainee teacher and she is forced to be made as JIOR’s representative. Takahi is looking for Saki but stumbles upon Haruto. To her surprise, Haruto starts flirting with her and even wanting to ‘seal her lips’. He puts a candy stick in her mouth instead. Little does she know, this is actually Saki fooling around in Haruto’s body. Having fun? L-elf has been observing them since and is surprised Saki is a compatible match for Valvrave. He concludes this entire school was part of the plan. Soon, rumours spread that Haruto and Saki are dating. There’s that ambiguous picture of them together. Fans of the idol aren’t happy. Plus, there’s this fake announcement that Haruto considers Saki her little sister. Hey, Haruto said he helped, right? That was what the kiss was for. Advance payment. Of course Shouko doesn’t believe all this crap. The girls almost tussle over him. Why is Saki so bent on becoming even more famous if she is already so popular? She’ll vanish unless she carves her existence into the world.

Dorssia makes a surprise attack. Don’t they care if JIOR gives Valvrave to ARUS? Well, not if they can snatch it first. Satomi tries to get Haruto but they are surprised to see another Valvrave and Saki piloting Carmilla (the name she gives for her Valvrave or else we’ll be wondering which Valvrave they’re referring to). Dorssia is caught by surprise as they didn’t know there is another Valvrave. Saki is having fun destroying the small fries. It’s like as if she’s a pro in controlling Carmilla. However play time is over when X-eins releases a flurry of missiles. As part of his analysis, Valvrave is a close range fighter so if they can keep the robot at a distance, their efficiency is reduced by half. Saki becomes scared and is paralyzed with fear. Not so fun anymore, huh? Haruto begins his assault but he too is limited to what he can do when kept at bay. Even the ARUS battleship is taken out in a flash. It was carrying Figaro. Goodbye senator. Shouko contacts Saki to tell her to calm down. Only she and Haruto can save them. Everybody in school is watching her so don’t screw up. Didn’t she say she wants to be famous? This was enough to get Saki going. She wants this clip to be broadcasted to the entire universe. With everyone cheering for her and the chat rooms filled with motivating messages, Saki goes on the offense with high speed agility. She will not let the world kill her. The world who wanted her dead (snippets of flashbacks regarding her untimely retirement from her idol career). She closes in on X-eins and destroys his ship (he escapes via pod). Dorssia orders a retreat. Once again, JIOR is saved. How does it feel to be the heroine? Cain is not fazed by this failure as he has another plan prepared. He leaves command of the fleet to his personal assistant, Kriemhild.

Episode 7
Haruto shows the rest the secret base filled with Valvraves. Satomi wants to put them under the property of the student council but Haruto disagrees. He can’t say about the humanity thing. Shouko knows he has his reasons and agrees to let the Valvraves be in Haruto’s care. Everyone votes for Haruto too. Welcome to democracy. More importantly, Kibukawa will need to have a look at the machines first before letting any other students in. Later Haruto confides in Inuzuka and Aina about losing one’s humanity when using Valvrave. Haruto may have saved many lives with this power but he feels like a monster. He doesn’t even know if he’s dead. Aina believes he is human and will always be their friend. Satomi is still reeling from that democratic vote when Takahi calls him. It’s like she’s luring him to kiss her but pulls out the last minute, feeling this is wrong. Can you understand women? Shouko, Saki and the rest of the girls are in a cooking class when L-elf barges in to give a manual to Shouko. He wants to turn this new JIOR into a military state to survive. She rejects. Since negotiations failed, with a click of the button, the place shuts down. L-elf announces he has taken over this place and everyone will surrender their lives for the glory of this nation. He has filled the place with bombs so be careful where you step. Yamada climbs up to the room and with Saki, they try to beat the crap out of him but were taken out instantly. Meanwhile Aina calls Haruto a holy spirit. Because he is like an immortal who can control others and pilot Valvrave. Only God can do that, right? Haruto likes that term as it’s much better than monster. L-elf summons Haruto and wants him to pilot Valvrave and form the core of the national defence force.

L-elf is going to remind Haruto about his naïve ideals again when they are suddenly attacked by A-drei. How did he get in? Anyway Haruto gets shot while L-elf escapes and then tricks A-drei with a blinding light. A-drei still cannot believe he betrayed them but L-elf doesn’t seem interested in correcting him. A-drei views L-elf as his right hand man however L-elf won’t be anybody’s right hand man and has already picked Haruto as that. A-drei is surprised Haruto is still alive. A-drei orders Q-vier to capture them but he blasts the entire place instead. Aina gets caught in it. L-elf opens the hatch and blows them out where Dorssia reinforcements are waiting. Saki gets into Carmilla to deal with the menace. However her movements are restricted via H-neun’s magnetic boomerangs. Scared all over again? L-elf sees Haruto’s leg pinned under the beam. Cutting it off would reduce his efficiency to pilot Valvrave and there is no time to lift it. He wants Haruto to bite him and take over his body although there is no guarantee L-elf’s body can pilot it. Even if he dies, it is a calculated risk he is willing to take. This is their only option with highest chance of success. He takes the bite. Before Saki is killed, here comes Valvrave and Haruto (in L-elf’s body). Thanks to L-elf’s predictions, Haruto is able to easily gun down important enemies, go head to head with H-neun (who loves melee combat) and destroy his magnetic boomerang gun to free Saki. The plan has failed so Dorssia retreats again. Inuzuka finds Haruto’s body and knows he has taken over somebody else. He calls Aina to help move the body away but to his horror, Aina’s corpse is floating about… Haruto notices a picture in his pocket. It is a picture of a girl, Liselotte. He couldn’t understand why he starts crying.

Episode 8
When L-elf was young and running away from the Dorssian army, he stumbled upon the princess of Dorssia, Liselotte. Desperate he took her hostage. When L-elf opens his eyes, he is tied up but he isn’t pushing the panic button yet. He tells everyone their country will fall in 6 hours. He is still waiting for Haruto to make a contract with him. Do it and he will save everyone. Meanwhile A-drei shows Cain pictures he got from the infiltration. There are several other Valvraves. Cain is impressed but also mentions he is stepping over his bounds for L-elf. This means this is A-drei’s last chance to bring him back and makes him in charge for the next mission. It’s gloom and pending doom for the JIOR students. Saki laments she is not strong enough. When word of Aina’s death gets around, everyone sinks into gloomsville. Inuzuka almost loses his cool, taking out on Haruto that he didn’t protect her despite he was there. Shouko sees Akira to free her (she was tied up prior to L-elf’s coup). Shouko breaks down. Satomi is surprised somebody else has found his little sister’s hideout. More importantly, she was with somebody else other than him. Inuzuka hounds Kibukawa to let him pilot a Valvrave while Yamada was just getting angry and wanting to fight to prevent more deaths. But don’t you think more fighting leads to more deaths? Oh, here come the Dorssian guys again. Haruto and Saki go into action but this is just a distraction as A-drei leads a small team through a backdoor into JIOR. This was how they got in the last time. They even hijack JIOR ships and fire warning shots, demanding them to surrender. Haruto and Saki are having it tough themselves. It’s those pesky boomerangs again but as X-eins calculated, they don’t need to do anything as the Valvraves will eventually run out of power and overheat.

Satomi becomes desperate and wants L-elf to make a plea to beg for his life and will use this as a bargaining chip. You think he’d stoop that low? Satomi even threatens to shoot him! And you thought Yamada was the one who is going to go berserk, eh? That’s when Haruto calls. He wants to make a contract with L-elf. As expected. However he wants L-elf to save everybody with no sacrifice. Deal. L-elf easily breaks out of his chains. It’s like as though he was just lying there pretending to be tied up. As he rushes through the battlefield, he tells Haruto and Saki to wait at certain coordinates and fire all they’ve got at a particular section. The cool seawater gushes out to freeze the boomerangs, cool down the machines and also make it impossible for A-drei’s team to stay in position. Their plan just fell in one swoop. L-elf also pilots a ship to buy time so Valvrave could power up and destroy all the Dorssian battleships in one strike. Like a whiplash. Too late to even think about retreating. Once again the day is saved. Everybody rejoices. Maybe except for Inuzuka. Because he was trying to rush to pilot a Valvrave but got shot in the shoulder by a couple of Dorssian guys. He had no choice but to stay hidden in the corner but L-elf zoomed past him killing those guys without even batting an eyelid. So yeah. Don’t you think it reinforces Inuzuka’s depression he couldn’t do anything? L-elf continues remembering his dream. Liselotte offers to give half her life so he could life. How can you split a life? To a woman, her hair is her life, right? She cuts a small portion and gives it to him. Cain is happily looking through the Valvrave photos and it seems he has that I-have-cast-away-my-humanity-to-pilot-Valvrave mark on his neck to.

Episode 9
There is an online memorial for Aina. It’s streaming with rest in peace comments. Haruto leaves all battle formation and tactics to L-elf because he has decided to trust him. His vampire instincts work up again but this time L-elf punches him out in the gut and notes how frequent it has become. The module is heading towards the moon where it is said to be a neutral place. In preparation for the next war, students undergo military training prepared by L-elf. They readily accept this as they have seen enough sacrifices. Yamada is caught for the fifth time trying to sneak into a Valvrave. Inuzuka thought this will be the key but L-elf could read his intention like a book. He tells him off about seeking vengeance via emotions. Because once a pilot is chosen for Valvrave, it cannot be swapped. What happens if a talentless guy like him becomes one? Avenging won’t bring back the dead. Wars are won by calm and effective machines. Inuzuka trains himself to speed assemble a rifle. Haruto and Shouko are worried about him since he is the hardest hit since Aina’s death. Were they dating? Dorssia returns with another attack. This time JIOR has setup several defensive barriers. Valvrave and Carmilla go into action and that’s when they instantly retreat. Of course it was just a decoy for a bigger fleet to surprise attack the module. What will they do? Valvraves have been completely cut off and not enough time to head back. At the same time, a blackout occurs. I guess the defensive barriers were sucking too much energy. I have a feeling L-elf has all this planned out because with no electricity, Yamada who is under arrest, escapes his cell.

Inuzuka sees Yamada trying to enter a Valvrave and tells him not to. However Yamada doesn’t give a crap about his whining because all he cares about is revenge. Screw everyone. Screw happiness. It made Inuzuka get sentimental about Aina. I’m sure Yamada isn’t interested about his so called ‘confession’ to her. He punches Yamada. He’s not going to fight for everyone but himself. And so Inuzuka willingly casts away his humanity to pilot the blue Valvrave and defend the module from a super cannon blast that could have well destroyed it. But can he handle this many Dorssian forces? Here comes Yamada to help out in his yellow Valvrave. He’s having a field day crushing Dorssians. Revenge never felt so good, eh? The fleet’s commodore orders the use of some main cannon that will even hit their allies. Desperate, isn’t he? L-elf contacts Inuzuka and tells him about the heavy siege artillery. The beam is fired and Inuzuka who was thinking about confessing to Aina if she was around suddenly sees visions of her. Is this her spirit trying to protect him? It gave Inuzuka the resolve to not only block but deflect the beam back and destroy the main ship. Cain orders their retreat. Operation failed yet again. Inuzuka and Yamada return like heroes. Everybody thinks they were so cool. Not exactly everybody. Haruto tries to beat up L-elf because he knows very well the first attack was just a diversion though L-elf claims they got into the machines themselves. Inuzuka is fine with it and wants to fight alongside Haruto. He also mentions he was ‘rejected’ by Aina. Because she doesn’t want him to ‘come to this other side’. Later L-elf confronts Kibukawa at the lab. He wants to know why all the teachers except Nanami were JIOR soldiers. Kibukawa adds that everyone else who worked in JIOR were soldiers because this entire module including the students were made for the Valvraves.

Episode 10
Kibukawa explains some rule that made JIOR unable to maintain a sizeable defence force and thus the creation of Valvraves that could eliminate an entire fleet. Also some explanation about Runes in which information particles are broken down into. In addition, Haruto’s Valvrave is the only unit that has this weird little interface programme and that hara-kiri sword move. Nanami announces that a representative is needed to represent JIOR once they reach the moon. She feels she is not the right person to do it and wants to hold an election to elect their very own Prime Minister. And so among the top running candidates include Satomi. Yeah. He’s looking every bit like a politician on campaign. Then there’s Yamada too. This badass dude is going for the top post? I suppose among the Valvrave quartet, somebody needs to be top to keep their secret a secret. Why not Haruto? No confidence in being a leader? And why the heck is Nanami participating too? I thought she didn’t want to be the representative? Just to show she can be trounced by somebody else? L-elf helps out to oversee the election. He’s a refugee so he can’t vote. Haruto and Takahi are alone in the elevator. She is wary of him when Haruto’s vampire instincts start to take over. Before he could rape her, Saki kicks his gut. They make excuse because Haruto is attracted by her beauty, etc. Haruto tells Saki about this problem getting more frequent and fears he will become some uncontrollable wild beast. If that happens, Saki will kill him. He agrees to that. Everyone wonders why Shouko hasn’t announced her candidacy. She feels she is not a good leader. But Otamaya’s gang would definitely support her since she rescued their stuffs several times. Then the rest misinterpret Shouko is announcing her candidacy but she keeps denying she is the woman suited for the job. Meanwhile Cain tells A-drei and co this is the last time they can attack JIOR. Once they reach the moon, it is a neutral place. Cain will also be heading into battle this time. Kriemhild catches H-neun looking for documents in a room.

Shouko is acting weird so her friend Marie Nobi wants Haruto to help her. At the shrine, he sees her watching a video that indicates her father the Prime Minister is missing and may be dead because the unconditional surrender was signed by the deputy. Haruto realizes she has been fighting a lonely war and knew it for a long time. He blames himself for not knowing. He wants to go bring him back. He’s not even his father so why? He can’t stand her in tears. Someone important to him is crying. If he doesn’t do something now, when will it be? Well… That sounded almost like a confession. It gave Shouko the motivation to run for Prime Minister. She makes it in time before the deadline. Thanks to Marie who has filled out the form on her behalf. Saki who saw the whole thing confronts Haruto about his ‘stupidity’. Love between them will never last because she is a human, he is a holy spirit. Suddenly his vampire instincts start up again. In the election hall, all the candidates give their final speech. Satomi sounds so like a politician. Shouko as the last one bursts into the scene and announces they should have a cultural festival when they get to the moon! Because the war delayed it and that they could even die tomorrow, all the more they should have it. Besides, this is the only time in their lives they get to be students. Then she starts naming all the interesting and exciting activities last year (and the specific person involved) and wants to experience them again this year. Dream big! Do something different! Oh yeah! Everyone is revved up and each one mentioning the dream they want to achieve too. Lastly, Shouko wants to confess to the person she loves once they reach the moon. And all those guys think they’re the one… Dream on. She wonders if Haruto would think she had done well. I don’t think he would because he is busy raping Saki!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SH*T!!!!!!!!!! So is this really a curse? Once it’s over, Haruto probably doesn’t have any memories of the greatest sex ever. Oh, Shouko won the election.

Episode 11
In a military tribunal held in Dorssia, it seems JIOR’s ex-Prime Minister, Ryuuji Sashinami is being tried for misleading other nations by claiming neutrality and secretly developing weapons of mass destruction. Yamada has called his Valvrave Nobu Lightning (after his dead friend). Haruto feels guilty and calls Saki out to talk. She takes advantage of this. She won’t make him apologize and will be as long as she can with him. Even when Shouko calls his handphone, Saki hides it (he was busy making coffee for her – ironically he can handle a complex mecha robot but can’t operate a simple coffee machine). Shouko and the rest of her cabinet are in a group photo. They include Otamaya (Minister of Education and Science), Inuzuka (Finance), Satomi (Chief Cabinet Secretary), Takahi (Foreign Affairs), Marie (Internal Affairs) Nanami (Health and Welfare), Juuto Banshou (Transport) and Iori Kitagawa (Justice). Apparently Haruto and Saki are also part of it but they’re not here… Shouko gets a congratulatory note from Akira. She decides to speak with her real voice instead of typing it out. Spunky Shouko got carried away and hopes Akira could come see the outside world and make friends. However Akira remembers some trauma and screams crazily, smashing her keyboard. Satomi will go talk to her since she is his sister. But then… Dorssia attack! It is a much bigger fleet than before. As part of L-elf’s plan, he has the module run away. This is to break Dorssia’s formation and when they start chasing, they form a straight line. This is convenient for Haruto to power up his hara-kiri move and slash them in one strike. As Dorssia is hailing them, L-elf will accept their communications from the Prime Minister’s residence. Hey, you’ve got to look the part, right?

Shouko makes her first debut as Prime Minister as she gets in contact with Dorssia’s Rear Admiral Delius Wartenberg. Without wasting time, he shows Ryuuji in his hands. He has been found guilty and will be executed. Shouko reminds them about giving Valvraves to ARUS if they hurt their families. Delius is unfazed and wants Ryuuji’s execution prepared now. Shouko calls them a coward and Delius reminds her they are at war. Anything goes. Cowardice and justice means nothing before victory. They’ll do anything to obtain that. L-elf whispers they have located their position. It is in the middle, right in the path of Haruto’s hara-kiri blade. However if they don’t fire now, they’ll lose their only chance and everyone will die. Your decision, Prime Minister. Didn’t know her first decision would be so tough, eh? Delius makes a deal that if she hands over the Valvraves, he will transfer their friends and families. What about the other JIOR people? Don’t need to worry about them. They’re just strangers. Shouko still wants to save them. Ryuuji tries to talk to Shouko one last time. He tells her to move forward to the future. He gets beaten up by Delius’ men. Once Haruto has powered up, he unleashes hara-kiri blade and 74% of the enemy gets destroyed. Everyone rejoices except for Shouko in tears. Her dad died before her eyes. She feels she couldn’t do anything. Victory is only a brief reprieve. Because Cain’s little unit ambushes from below. I guess L-elf couldn’t predict everything. Then he sets up some drill that starts boring to the core above while the rest of his men begin the infiltration. Haruto wants to go back and fight (his Valvrave is unable to move after that awesome technique). When Saki tells him to go save Shouko, that guy suddenly returns into her cockpit. What gives? Do we have time for this? He wanted to say this after the battle. What is it? He wants to marry her! Gasp! Trying to take responsibility?

Episode 12
Saki of course rejects him with the reason that being an idol she cannot be tied to anyone, blah, blah, blah. They need to discuss this another time because the more time they waste, the more Dorssian forces will advance. As of now the drill is heading straight up to the school and releasing choking poisonous gas along the way. Haruto calls L-elf to meet up. Shouko doesn’t want L-elf to tell Haruto that he killed her father. Or else he will feel guilty over it and try to take responsibility possibly by marrying her. I’m guessing that is what will happen. Cain has captured Kibukawa and from his scars he knows what kind of soldier he is. He will interrogate him later and is going to attend a ‘graduation ceremony’. Satomi contacts Shouko to tell her to save Akira. He also reveals Akira was bullied as a kid, the reason she holes up there. Akira didn’t like her big mouth brother revealing everything and intercepts the communication, saying she likes it here, no baddies, there is clean justice and a world that only belongs to her. That proves she’s a bully victim, right? L-elf and Haruto plan some Trojan horse tactic but as they enter the chamber supposed to contain Valvrave, the students guarding it are dead and Cain is there. Like as though he has been waiting for them. Haruto is easily shot by Cain (but didn’t die). For once, there is somebody better than L-elf. Cain makes it looks like child’s play when he takes on struggling L-elf who can’t even find an opening. Eventually Haruto the wuss tries to hold back Cain because he believes L-elf can only stop this. I think Cain lets him go because A-drei is waiting for L-elf. Meanwhile the other Valvraves are in a tight spot. The Dorssian forces are trying to ‘iron’ them because when the machines overheat, they stop moving.

Akira doesn’t care about living or dying and she’ll do both alone. Shouko is upset she thought that way and lectures her about their friendship. Since when did they become friends? Ever since Shouko decided. She runs to reach Akira but hacker girl starts activating lots of obstacles along her path. Just when Akira’s heart softens, the drill zooms close to Shouko, knocking her out. Akira panics. Everything mechanical in that area has malfunctioned. The only way is to get out of her box and save her. Can she do it? It does bring back traumatic and horrific memories but her promise and friendship with Shouko is stronger. It took a lot of guts for Akira to burst out of her box and rush to Shouko. However a wall has collapsed and is blocking her path. Conveniently, another path opens and it leads her to a purple Valvrave. She doesn’t hesitate to resign herself as a human (she never viewed herself as one I suppose) and activates this Valvrave. Not only she manages to save Shouko, thanks to her hacking skills she is able to hack and stop the drill, make it go back down and control all the tiny Dorssian ships to take each other out. In that commotion, Haruto and L-elf free themselves and return to Valvrave. L-elf tells him to fire at defenceless Cain. He is a dangerous man so don’t go spouting crap about justice and all that. It’s for the greater future. Despite shooting Cain to death, amazingly he is able to dodge all that! Cain then activates himself to become a super human and flies to a room containing a Valvrave. He easily activates it and the little programme in this Valvrave and Haruto’s start resonating. They are surprised to see Cain’s Valvrave taking a form of a human. L-elf analyzes that since this unit was actually broken, only specially prepared students can pilot Valvraves and Cain was able to harness its light without any equipment proves that Cain is not human at all. What is he? He is Magius, a group of people controlling the world from the shadows.

Episode 13
The president of ARUS as well the Furher of Dorssia, Amadeus K. Dorssia are summoned before the Magius council. The Valvraves have brought the attention of the council and they didn’t like how Amadeus trespassed the domain of Magius and kept it secret from them. They reveal Cain has been a Magius for 10 years and will make Amadeus one. Yup. They bite his neck. Meanwhile Akira continues her fight outside by freeing the other Valvraves and hacking the Dorssian forces. Haruto also continues his fight with Cain but cannot overwhelm him. Cain then rips apart Haruto’s Valvrave and let their little programmes (Pino and Prue) to resonate. However the system overloads so Cain no choice has to pull back so as not to damage it further and retreat with the entire Dorssian forces. Two months down the road, JIOR has successfully planted itself on the moon. Haruto became a symbol of heroism against Dorssia while Saki’s song became the best seller that brings hope to others. But it’s not so rosy for Shouko and her cabinet members as she finds out how hard it is to negotiate with those ARUS blokes. In short, ARUS dominates. Inuzuka calls his Valvrave, Beast High. It is a name of an energy drink. They’re paying him to use that name. Money matters. Haruto agrees to subject himself to an experiment as the gaps between his fits are getting shorter. L-elf and Kibukawa conclude that it has something to do with the more he uses Valvrave. Saki is concerned about Haruto’s state. She is willing to let him rape do what he wants to her like last time since it eases his pain. Tempting, right? He won’t do it and runs away.

Satomi and some of the cabinet members are leaving to Earth in what L-elf calls as reconnaissance. It is to see if there are any countries against them and to display their willingness to use military force. Saki contacts L-elf that she lost Haruto. Suddenly all the Valvraves cannot start up. L-elf thinks they ran out of Runes. Thanks to the tracking device L-elf planted on Haruto, he manages to find him and explain the Valvraves have stopped functioning. Some brief explanation about Rune particles crap. Because Valvraves pack a lot of power and require extraordinary fuel which is no other than Runes, the source that is rich in them is humans. That’s why Haruto attacks people in his fit to ‘refuel’ Valvrave. He is not willing to do it and even thinks the idea of L-elf killing him is good. He won’t have to hurt anyone anymore. But when he thinks about his harem Saki and Shouko, he takes back what he said. Because if he dies, a new pilot will be chosen. He is going to shoulder the curse but will only attack L-elf. They will share this curse, hope and the entire deal 50-50. L-elf lets him bite his neck and all the Valvraves power up. Wow. You mean only Haruto can do this refuelling? Or is it L-elf is a person damn rich in Runes? Once the Valvraves and the module carrying Satomi and co leave the neutral zone, as expected Dorssian forces are waiting just to attack them. Part of the reconnaissance to Earth is to find the ones who created the Valvraves. Because Haruto wants to destroy them and end the curse. Cain shows Amadeus several ‘children’ of Valvrave.

Episode 14
Dorssia has been defeated again. Haruto and the rest try to get Akira who has shut herself inside her Valvrave. Satomi says it is useless to communicate with her. Anything they have to say goes through him first. Akira doesn’t like the sound of it and throws him away. When everyone else is sleeping, Akira tries to sneak out. She could have done better than covering her head with a cardboard box. But Marie discovers her. Marie considers Akira her friend not because Shouko told her to help keep an eye on her. The friend of her friend is also her friend. Geddit? Akira disconnects a call from Satomi. Marie wonders why she hates her brother so much. Because he never stood up for her but keeps talking about family. She only has bitter memories. Marie notes at least she has memories unlike her who doesn’t have any so she can’t even feel sad or anything. As the JIOR guys are preparing to take the port down to Earth, L-elf has Yamada and Inuzuka bite the necks of the officer to temporarily possess them so they can give the clearance to base and let JIOR go through. Satomi sees an incoming call and was too late to heed L-elf’s warning not to answer it. Turns out Dorssia was watching their frequency and since it matches, they launch an all-out attack. Satomi starts feeling guilty he is at fault while the Valvraves launch into action. However the Valvraves cannot stay in action long and must return to the shuttle since the re-entry will cause their machines to overheat unlike the Dorssian’s. They’re like sitting ducks now. Akira moves on her reflex to destroy that Dorssian pest but she overheats and is unable to move. Kibukawa has just finished creating a gadget called Familiar for Haruto to use. Not only it quickly cools his machine, it packs lots of power in a single punch. But Akira is still in danger from burning up and she has strayed too far from the shuttle. But L-elf is reluctant to leave the course and jeopardize the mission.

Flashback reveals Satomi was under immense pressure to do well in his entrance exam so he could fulfil his parents’ wish of becoming the top elite. Akira sympathized and wanted to do something. She hacked into the school’s system. Unfortunately she got caught and though she was very scared during interrogation, what scared her most was that Satomi despite saying he did not order her to do it, he doesn’t know why she is doing this. Akira’s heart sank. That was when her bullying began. To make things worse, Satomi ignored her pleas for help and pretended not to hear. Haruto steers towards Akira as he can’t abandon her. He uses Familiar on her but the system overloads and explodes in Haruto’s face! Akira hears her brother’s plea to go save her because if she dies, he will never make things right with her. She then starts hacking the ground control radio transmissions. The idea is to latch onto another shuttle during re-entry if they are to leave their course. Nobody can hear who is talking what in the cacophony except Satomi. He begs to L-elf to save Akira. Takahi supports him that if he doesn’t, he might lose 2 Valvraves and especially Haruto who is pivotal in his plan. They need Haruto, right? And so L-elf steers close enough for Akira (pulling Haruto) to get back into the shuttle. However it’s not a good landing. They crashed. Thankfully everyone is alright. Marie notices the wound on Haruto’s eye healed. L-elf notes they have strayed from their route and have landed in Dorssian territory.

Episode 15
When the Dorssian team arrive, no Valvraves or passengers. I guess it’s good they have landed in an area where there is no civilization and the canyons are able to hide those big robots. But transportation is their biggest problem. They need a ride to JIOR territory. L-elf suggests they use the enemy. How they’re going to do that. First, a reconnaissance team to spy. He wants Saki and Akira to follow him. Akira? Can this shut-in girl go out? Probably big brother sounded so whiny that she decides to do it. L-elf notes that her skill is important for this mission. Meanwhile back on the moon, fake Valvraves are made to deceive the enemy and buy time. I hope they don’t just make up of cardboards. Also, the ARUS guys learn that the JIOR party has crash landed. Due to some fake data, they pretend to take the bait and use the existence of Valvraves to pressure Dorssia. L-elf leads the girls through the narrow ways. He knows the place like the back of his hand because this is where he was made. They arrive at a canyon village. Saki sees a couple of kids. She tries to be friendly but the boy takes out his gun and shoots her! I guess he isn’t an idol fan. They then attack L-elf and even though he may seem like he is on the run, he is cool and have a plan. As he explains to us, this is no ordinary village. It is where kids are trained to become top agents. This was where he and the rest grew up. Eventually L-elf knocks out the kids. Saki is still alive because she is a holy spirit. L-elf hasn’t killed the kids because they will prove useful. He wants the girls to take over their bodies and lure the army to this hill where they will blow it up and bury them. In that confusion, Akira is to hijack a truck back to the rest. Back at the assembly, Saki (as the boy) reports she has sighted those JIOR people. The higher ups take the bait and will head there. But A-drei and Q-vier are also here to observe.

Meanwhile Marie enters Carmilla and tries to find out more information. She is surprised Pino is interacting with her. Even more surprising, it seems they have both met 5 years ago. Obviously Marie can’t remember since her memories only go as far as 2 years back. Haruto finds her and is surprised. Meanwhile L-elf’s plan begins as planned. Yamada and Inuzuka take out the flying base of Dorssia but unknown enemy fighter machines enter the fray. Yamada doesn’t care as long as he gets to kick some Dorssian butt. Unfortunately he doesn’t know the enemy’s strength. Their laser blasts away Nobu Lightning’s arm. When it is supposed to be Haruto’s cue, that guy is not around. That’s because he is confronting Marie. How come she gets to talk to the programme? Of course she too wants to know what Haruto is because she was damn sure his right eye was damaged and now it’s healed. Haruto probably would have started from the top explaining everything when Marie is suddenly shot in the forehead! OMG! L-elf saved us the trouble of a recap episode. Haha! Now stop the talking and get back to your position because the war has started. Anyway Haruto is upset he had to resort to violence just to prevent Haruto’s real identity from being leaked. Well, what do you know? Marie gets up. Could she also be…

Episode 16
Marie remembers she was a loner when she entered high school. Not because she didn’t want to. How can she get to know others if she didn’t even know herself. A-drei takes a look at the landscape and then orders a retreat. He knows this is part of L-elf’s plan and trying to bait them. Furthermore, this is like his home ground. Saki calls L-elf just to let him hear A-drei’s orders. L-elf is stunned that A-drei is part of this mission so he has to prematurely set off the bombs and take down at least half of the Dorssian forces. This means L-elf’s team is also caught in the ground collapse. Marie is somewhat saved thanks to Valvrave protecting her. In her haste, she gets inside it. L-elf tries to find out what Marie is but how can she when she doesn’t even have memories. Pino then answers it is because she used them. A-drei and Saki (still in the boy’s body) are separated from the rest of the force. A-drei does mouth to mouth CPR to revive the kid. He sees a familiar writing carved onto the rocks and starts laughing. It brings back memories. As part of his spy training then, he killed a friend. He was connected to the royalist, supporters of the old order. If this was found out, the entire team would have been held responsible for the crime. So A-drei killed him in secret to stay alive.

Pino explains to Marie that they met before Valvrave was developed. They were in a same place. Marie was a test pilot when Valvrave was in development phase. In order for Pino to operate, she ‘ate’ her memories. L-elf realizes that the riches human source for Runes comes from the memories. The more she ‘eats’ them, the more Marie loses her memories. Then suddenly, she can’t remember how she enrolled in this school or the entrance ceremony. Akira has hacked the system and relays information to her friends. Everyone is in dreaded situation. Yamada and Inuzuka are being attacked relentlessly by the Dorssian reinforcements. Satomi’s side has been captured by the Dorssian. Their only hope is Haruto and his Valvrave. So where the heck is he?! However Marie is reluctant to pilot Valvrave. Afraid she will lose more memories. Then she remembers Shouko’s words. They might not be able to get her past back but they can make more future memories. With that, Marie pilots Valvrave and begins her attack, using never seen before moves that astound everyone. Even more powerful than Haruto. Although her memories are eating away, she is confident she can make them again. L-elf picks up Haruto and says their plan is back on track. He tells him Marie is the original pilot of Valvrave. Once everyone hijacks a Dorssian transport and flies away, Marie has already forgotten everything. Who is Haruto? She is glad they are friends. Valvrave reaches 666 to enable the hara-kiri sword move. The most powerful slash ever destroys all the Dorssian forces in the vicinity. Marie is unconscious in the aftermath.

Episode 17
Marie is dead!!! L-elf, Haruto and Kibukawa ‘interrogate’ Pino. Although she does admit she ‘eats’ Runes in the form of memories, past and ultimately life force, she says she is not at fault as it is Valvrave who killed her. Isn’t that the same thing? She blames the humans who locked her in this programme and she became some sort of a Rune collector for Valvrave. Kibukawa knows she is telling the truth. Marie’s body showed abnormally low signs of red blood cells. Something that doesn’t happen to a person who is recently healthy. He also cautions Haruto since he too has shown such symptoms. He might end up like her if he continues to use Valvrave. Haruto wakes up from a nightmare that nobody remembers him. When the red alert is sounded, Haruto becomes clumsy in piloting Valvrave as Marie still haunts him. However it was just a test by L-elf to check to see if they’re ready. Or rather to see if Haruto is still of use. L-elf briefs the rest that the Dorssian royalists plan to support them as they want to take back control of their kingdom before the coup. However in exchange for the supplies, they have to take out an underwater submarine called Phantom. H-neun tells X-eins that A-drei has been found alive. This brings back memories 12 years ago when they were fighting to survive and almost died as terrorists but Cain saved them. X-eins then leaves to meet Cain at his Grunau villa. H-neun talks to Kriemhild about this and she says there are lots of rumours about Grunau like those who went there never return. She hopes he won’t do anything silly since plans are in motion. L-elf explains to Haruto about Phantom that it’s a ship that is unknown and doesn’t exist in Dorssian army records. As the royalists don’t have equipment to track it underwater, the reason they are needed. Phantom has an emblem that belongs neither to the royalist or military.

As Haruto and L-elf infiltrated the underwater base, H-neun also infiltrates Grunau. He is going to find out Cain’s true identity because he saw him doing un-human-like stuffs. However Cain is there. Like as though he knew he was coming. I guess he did. H-neun still remembers clearly what he said 12 years ago about never asking a friend to watch his back but be strong enough to watch his and his friend’s back. But today he said the opposite thing. Cain shoots and injures him. Bloodied H-neun runs away and stumbles into a room where Amadeus and the council are in some ceremony. A ceremony that requires a huge amount of Runes. To H-neun’s horror, X-eins will be the next ‘sacrifice’ (because the council wanted a young intellect). Meanwhile L-elf and Haruto find in a large room with humans in chambers. Runes are being harvested from them. L-elf is surprised that Runes weren’t a discovery from JIOR as Dorssia has been using it too but for what purpose? Haruto fires into a few chambers but it didn’t change anything. L-elf tells him he can run but the world won’t stop moving. Satomi’s group is being attacked by Dorssia. Inuzuka can’t hold them off much longer. L-elf contacts Satomi and wants him to pilot Valvrave, lying that Haruto is injured and playing mind games with him to save his sister. From what Pino told him, the entire school is able to pilot Valvrave (so it’s interchangeable now?) and by rotating the pilots, they don’t have to worry about running out of Runes. Haruto is upset that he knew this all along but L-elf says that Haruto is not fit for combat now. He can’t let a coward who can’t fight properly to pilot Valvrave. Haruto thinks he doesn’t understand how it feels like to have memories and life being sucked out from you. L-elf thinks he doesn’t understand how powerless he feels. He can’t even pilot Valvrave. And so Haruto goes back to pilot Valvrave because he can’t let anyone else bear the curse. Due to Marie’s hara-kiri slash that softens the bedrocks, Haruto shocks the ground to erupt the volcano and destroy the Dorssian army. He doesn’t care if L-elf is going to over-use him till he dies. He is confident of ending this war before his body collapses. How sure is he? X-eins finds Cain in the room but surprised to see him holding H-neun’s gun. Cain mentions the ceremony has to be restarted again from scratch but they have found a new food source: Those JIOR people on the moon…

Episode 18
L-elf once tried to escape with Liselotte and left a bloodied trail. However destiny was not meant to be. She herself is in some sort of punishment and as Cain puts it, it’s for betraying Magius. She asserts all she wanted was to be honest. The kids need to get back to the moon because if it gets destroyed, they won’t have a place to call home. L-elf has a plan as usual. They’re going to ride an old rocket in some museum display. He shows them a list of deported JIOR people in the town they are heading to and by rescuing them, they should get a general idea of what is going on. Haruto realizes his father’s name is on the list. Yeah. Somebody’s mother, uncle and grandpa too. Maybe their entire family. Kriemhild secretly sees Liselotte to get some approval letter. She is baffled when Liselotte mentions the name of Mikhail. X-eins and Q-vier are still shocked over the betrayal of H-neun who has been leaking military info. The kids enter Dorssiana, the old capital of Dorssia before the military’s rise to power 10 years ago. Akira hacks into the system and once everything is running, they meet Kriemhild and her men. She was L-elf’s ex-superior. She hands him the approval letter. But when she asks if there is a person called Mikhail among them, L-elf instantly knew where this is going. That was his previous name before he entered the Karlstein institute and adopted this identification code. He knows that the need to use this permission requires someone who is a successor to the throne. There are 63 of them but 56 are not in town. So from the remaining 7, the one who knows his old name could only be her. Yup, it’s Liselotte. He runs off. The rest are not sure to continue with L-elf’s plan. Why take the risk and carry it out if he’s not around? But Haruto suggests they should because everyone is fighting their own battle to protect what is important.

Haruto, Inuzuka and Kibukawa meet the deported JIOR scientists who are happy they are going to be rescued. Haruto wants to know if his father, Souichi is around. Here he is and he is happy to see his son. Not a single day goes by without thinking of him. That’s a frame of his gene… Freaky…  This explains his senile and mad scientist look. He reveals that he was part of the project to create Valvraves although he denies it being a weapon (the army ‘sponsored’ them with weapons) and it was supposed to be a new life form. He views at as the ultimate being of the universe. Does this mean they’re God? Souichi is happy Haruto and the rest are the chosen ones adjusted for the project. Every JIOR children born had their genes and Runes adjusted for Valvrave. They might not have given their consent but their parents did. So the children of this project are not only experiment subjects but also hostages. He wants Haruto to be proud as he is the ultimate being. However Haruto doesn’t view it as a blessing but a curse as too many has died. Since daddy is laughing like a mad scientist, Haruto punches him. He has then decided. No, actually he already did that a long time ago. He is more determined than ever to destroy Valvrave. Souichi panics and begs him not to destroy his dream and mankind’s future and progress. Sorry, dad. The big robots must go. Meanwhile L-elf has burst into the tower and leaving a trail of Dorssian blood in his wake. Not even the helicopters can get him. He enters the room Liselotte is being held captive. She is surprised that he is doing this. Because he wasn’t the same 3 years ago. Now he has created a path, a country where they can run to. He wants to take her away.

Episode 19
A-drei and Saki enter the transport that JIOR hijacked but find nobody. Saki snoops around and finds her Carmilla. She also finds her original body and bites it to return. However A-drei sees it and wants to question her. The scientists are evacuated but Souichi decides to stay put, disappointed at all the deserters. Cain knows how L-elf thinks so he has his Dorssian army attack the museum and blow up the runway. L-elf rescues Liselotte not because he wants to repay his debt of her saving his life. It’s because he also loves her! I could never have guessed. Okay, I somewhat had a hunch it was something like that. He kills all the Dorssian forces in his way but here is Q-vier. He is happy fighting L-elf in a knife battle. Till Haruto blows up the wall to rescue them. However L-elf wants him to take Liselotte as he is going to settle things with Cain. Pino is surprised to see Liselotte and wonders who she is. Liselotte admits she is not human and is the same like Pino. She is a Magius, a creature that has taken hold of a human body. Centuries ago, their race crash landed on Earth and lost contact with their own kind. As they need a body to survive, they possess living things. As for Haruto, he is more of something that takes after them. He remembers Souichi’s of trying to create a new life form. Over the long duration of their war against humans, they formed an organization the 101 Council where the most influential Magius and humans were chosen to keep their existence a secret from the public and secure nutrients (Runes) for their survival. Humans are the only things in this planet full of Runes. Thus Liselotte survives by consuming humans. Because she tried to reveal the truth and coexist with humans, she is punished with some curse placed on her. Her Runes are drained at regular intervals and is constantly on the brink of death.

Haruto returns to protect his friends at the museum from the attacking Dorssian army but is close to overheating. Liselotte thinks it is time to part as she only went with him or L-elf wouldn’t have gone further. She tells Haruto L-elf told her he loved her but she can’t reciprocate that because a Magius can never be with humans. Haruto objects to that (based on his experience I guess) and doesn’t want her to write it off like that. Praising L-elf for all the amazing qualities he has, he is sure L-elf wouldn’t want this and can make her happy. L-elf has been riding his back and avoiding all the attacks that come his way but not without taking some damage. He arrives at a control centre and calls Satomi about the change in plan. They will use the road as their runway. But there is a drawbridge that shortens their runway and they won’t make it for lift off. That’s why L-elf is there to lower the drawbridge. Once the rocket blasts off, Q-vier fires and damages the thrusters. At this rate they won’t make it to the atmosphere but if they abandon, Dorssia will attack them. L-elf didn’t count on Haruto to come back and rescue him. However Valvrave is on the verge of overheating and can’t help push the rocket. So Liselotte flies out and uses her curse to stop the damage. Remembering her younger days, as beings not of the body but the soul, she never understood this thing called love till she met L-elf. Thanks to him, she thinks she does now. She would love to return that love to him. Things start to take a toll on her. She starts losing her memories and when the rocket breaks through the atmosphere, she loses her life. L-elf is devastated to see this. Haven’t seen him showing so much emotion before… His efforts all in vain?

Episode 20
The Valvraves are trying to shoot Phantom down. No luck. Haruto has no choice but to charge and hit it with his sword. Although Valvrave overheats, it manages to save the day. And they manage to do it for once without L-elf’s plan. Yeah. L-elf is so sad sulking alone that he’s practically useless. Going by his own terms, that is. He’s still clinging on to his past as he scribbles on what was supposed to be the best method to save her and where he went wrong. The walls, the floor, the ceiling… It looks like he wrote some rocket scientist equation. Conclusion: There was no way he could have saved her despite all the simulations. Haruto and co return to a hero’s welcome. Shouko’s hug just shows how much she missed him. Everyone is being interviewed by a famous journalist, Bar