Remember the video game consoles that are personified as goddesses in a certain anime? No? Well, you don’t need to remember or understand all that stuff if you just jump into watching Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation OVA. Just like many animes these days, it is a typical strategy for companies to make a few bucks by releasing the OVA well after the TV series has ended and right after the all the BD volumes have been released. If you don’t take advantage of that, how are you going to retain fans of the series? Or will the interest be lost by the time the OVA comes out? Since I am not really a big fan of the TV series or the game that it is based on, I’m just watching for the sake of ‘completeness’. After all, they say the OVA is the 13th episode from the TV series but as usual, don’t expect too much of it. Don’t get your hopes high up that there would be some sort of plot development or something new. It is just Neptune and the rest in… Well, just watch to see the kind of adventure they end up here.

The Promised True End
Nepgear is in a dilemma. She has to cut down Neptune as sacrifice in order to defeat the enemy. With her heavy heart, she does so but Neptune turns into several furballs and overwhelm Nepgear. This turns out to be a nightmare she is having as Nepgear is sick. It is the same case with Uni who is dreaming of Magiquone stuffing an eggplant into her mouth. Definitely traumatic. Don’t forget the twins too. They might be grown up and in the midst of a wedding. But they’re married to Trick and he is licking them all over!!! Marital rape! Histoire notes that some Shimmering Flower is the only cure. However she isn’t sure if they exist in this dimension as the last known place was the cave border between Lowee and Lastation. There is another place but it is quite far away. While Noire and Blanc go find the cave, Neptune and Vert are thrown into the other dimension. They are happy to come here because this is where Pururut and Peashy live. But upon arrival, it seems they cannot transform into their goddess form. They are greeted by Pururut and also meet this dimension’s Vert, Blanc, Noire and Histoire. At first Peashy is scared to meet Neptune but eventually she runs to hug her. If you expect an emotional happy reunion, think again. Peashy elbows in her gut! Some things never change.

The gang are outside a tower with 10,000 floors and the Shimmering Flowers are believed to be on the top floor. However they have only 3 hours to clear the floors because the next gate will open in 3 years. Can they clear it in time? Well, for convenience, there is an elevator that takes them from the fourth floor to the 9,999th floor. The catch: The ride takes 2 hours!!! Of course they are faced with level guardians and I suppose this is where they showcase this dimension’s goddesses in their goddess form to take them on. Neptune, Vert and Peashy take the ride up to the final floor and they split up to look for the flower. Although Neptune finds them, she is attacked by powerful beasts. Peashy transforms to buy them time to escape. However seeing that Peashy is in trouble, Neptune gives the flowers to Vert to head back while she stays back to help her. Although Vert is reluctant to leave Neptune behind, she is reminded of her goal here. Pururut assures that Neptune will be fine. When the 3 hours are up, Vert is teleported back to her dimension. Neptune and Peashy finally defeat the enemies. Peashy isn’t happy Neptune didn’t go but the latter explains she just can’t leave her alone in trouble and got to fight alongside her. Cue for emotional hug. Regrouping with the rest, they are trying to activate the gate to get out when a bright light is emitted. A big hole is before them and it seems the original Blanc and Noire are before them. Both counterparts meet each other for the first time. As explained, due to some malfunction, the gate will stay open for now. This means that both dimensions can travel to the other side with ease. With the young ones healed and Peashy being her naughty self stealing Nepgear’s new game, Pururut shows IF and Compa a photo of their counterparts in her dimension. Cute lolis? Then it’s time for pudding. Everyone eats the pudding Peashy makes and give toast to their dimensions and Gaminindustri. Cheers! Lastly, we see the counterparts of both dimensions getting along well with each other.

Double Dose Of Goddesses
As expected. Nothing much to shout about. Just another random adventure from Neptune and the other goddesses in another dimension that feels just like their own. Nothing different. Watching this OVA as a standalone is cool but casual viewers who have never seen the TV series might be thinking what the hell this OVA is about. Even those who did catch the TV series won’t be amused that this OVA is just like what I have said, a random adventure that has no bearing to the storyline. In that sense, it might be a little disappointing since the focus we get most is Neptune and Peashy’s ever ‘volatile’ relationship. The loli is still naughty and cheeky that she is annoying. But some people like it that way. Oh, a piece of good news: Abnes does not appear in this OVA! She is definitely the most annoying of the annoying. And I can’t believe that the gate malfunction was just a convenient excuse to link both worlds together. I bet there are lots of other caves that link to other dimensions as well. Now that it has ended up like this, it might open up a new possibility now that both dimensions are freely accessible. Yeah. Everyone might be confused which goddess is which. Oh what the heck. As long as they are that goddess, it means double the worship and power or something of that sort. But don’t go buy 2 video game consoles or another copy of video games. Unless you are that kind of obsessed collector who keeps a few copies for different purposes. One for personal use, one for exchange with friends, one for preservation, one for backup, one for…


May 24, 2013

When I first heard that Yumekuri is about a boy who loves to visit the onsen (hotspring) run by several poster girls and ends up working at that inn, the first thing that naturally came to my mind was that this is going to be an ecchi fanservice, there would be perverted hijinks and of course the harem factor. Despite being just one episode and the OVA is just 6 minutes long, I was thinking how they are going to fit all that into that limited duration. Unfortunately, they didn’t. Because it didn’t have all those that I was expecting. What you get is just a promotional teaser that feels like they are promoting the series and if the response is good, they’ll consider making a TV series out of it or a handful of OVAs.

So basically for this short episode, we see our main guy, Makoto Yukami in one of his many visits. He didn’t like the idea that Akino Mikogai is going to bring a cat to bath with her. Hey, if monkeys can do it, why not cats? Doesn’t some onsen help heal disease? He takes the cat away from her and in her attempt to get it back, she teases him that’s the reason why he has not gained any progress with the Goddess. Instant depression. The other girls, Mitomo Rokuya, Tsutsuji Tounosawa and Tokura Ushiki heard the commotion and realize that this is the same cat that tried to enter the bath during preparations last week. Regular customer? I guess human or animal, they can’t chase away their customer. So it is decided that they will make a special bath just for the cat. On a side note, I thought cats hate to take baths? Maybe this is Japan…

So the girls use their super powers to make the right temperature for the water. Oh, did I mention that the girls have some sort of super powers themselves? Didn’t? Oops. Must have slipped my mind. Tehehe… Anyway it is either too cold or boiling hot. What are they trying to do? Make steamed cat meat? Tsutsuji goes off and brings back Yuri Shirahane. From the looks of Makoto’s face, you can tell Shirahane is the Goddess. He is in awe of her beauty as always. Once she makes the ideal temperature, Akino decides to go into the bath too. I guess they have attracted lots of cats who want to soak in. Seriously, cats love to bath? Yeah well, only in Japan… So the girls and the cats enjoy their time in the onsen while Makoto is alone in a tub along with a couple of male cats. He is fine being anywhere as long as the bath water is prepared by Shirahane. Water always feels good when made by your loved one…

Soak, Rinse, Dry and Done
WTF. Let’s face it, there isn’t anything that is worth commenting. What more can you say with only a one off anime that hardly lasts 10 minutes? I think washing the dishes take even longer. So like I said, it feels just like a promotional teaser for the series. You get to peek what this series is all about. Cute girls but nothing dramatic. Having supernatural powers may feel like putting in some spice but due to the short duration, no impact is really felt and didn’t do much justice. No fanservice, no ecchi and not even that typical steam covering censors. I guess this wasn’t meant to be ecchi in the first place. Where’s the motivation to watch this? Don’t you just feel ripped off? It feels like it is going to be like Tamayura or One Off if this ever gets made into a proper series. They even had some popular seiyuus voicing the characters. Like for instance, anyone could have identified with Yuuichi Nakamura’s trademark voice when he gets excited. So as Makoto, he feels a bit like those other characters like Tomoya in Clannad. Then we have Hisako Kanemoto as Akino (Ika in Shinryaku! Ika Musume), Kanae Itou as Mitomo (Elsie in The World God Only Knows), Asuka Oogame as Tsutsuji (Erio in Denpa Onna To Seishun Otoko), Ai Kayano as Tokura (Inori in Guilty Crown) and Satomi Satou as Shirahane (Wendy in Fairy Tail). Not bad if you can have this cast as line up. But more could have been done for the storyline. So let me go take a shower and wash this disappointment off my mind.

P/S: I think this is my shortest anime review in years! No kidding!

I had a feeling this was coming. After all, when I last browsed Wikipedia briefly and saw the many other girls Keima has yet to conquer, I felt that the series wasn’t really about to end yet. How can it when all those beautiful girls have not been freed by Keima’s love. Besides, Keima hasn’t finished playing all the galges he wanted. I suppose that will take longer since he is stuck with this job. Thus to whip things up for the ‘big announcement’, they come up with a double episode OVA called The World God Only Knows Tenri-hen. As the name suggests, it is the arc of one of the girls that Keima has to conquer. Oh, I almost forgot. Along with that bumbling Elsie that is more of a moe blob than anything. So as we see Keima strut his stuffs and charms in his usual to free the Loose Soul, we learn a thing or two that may enlighten us about this entire affair.

Episode 1: Reunion
Keima is glad the summer holidays are here. It is 1,000 hours of non-stop galges! I don’t see the difference she he plays them in class as far as I remember. Unfortunately his first step is impeded because mommy is entertaining her guests who were former neighbours. Keima doesn’t remember anything especially the daughter, Tenri Ayukawa. Mother punches him. Oww. Shy girl Tenri too somewhat doesn’t remember him. With Elsie back from hell and giving Keima some weird present, she thought her sensor went off and tracked a Loose Soul for that moment. Well, maybe. It was like Tenri’s personality changed for that second there. Keima has only galges on his mind as he explains to Elsie why Tenri isn’t what he would exactly call a childhood friend. When Keima reaches to the top of the escalator, Tenri pushes him down! OMG! Luckily he didn’t die and demands an explanation (if not an apology). Suddenly Tenri’s personality changes. She becomes bold and tells him to think because it took her a lot of determination to visit his house. It hurt her that he claims he doesn’t remember her. In that case, she doesn’t wish to be helped. Then she jumps off the railing! OMG! But wait… She’s suddenly walking like normal at the ground floor? Nobody saw that? Elsewhere, Nora Floriann Leoria and her buddy, Ryou Asama have sighted Tenri as their target. Later we see Tenri talking to her other personality and she goes by the name of Diana. She pushed Keima so as to give her a talking chance. It wouldn’t have turned out like that if she hadn’t resisted and moved clumsily. She cautions Tenri that they can’t trust Keima. While spacing out at the sea park, Ryou comes to seduce her cheaply with cheesy romantic words. They are going to push out the Loose Soul in her heart as Nora uses her garment to see what Tenri desires. Keima’s face pops up and she asks if she loves or hates him. Since she is unable to answer, Nora concludes she must hate him and will kill him because between love and hate, hate is always stronger.

Elsie is disheartened when she learns Nora is already assigned to Tenri’s case. She heard rumours that she is always fast in driving out Loose Souls but her failure rate is also high and sometimes makes the spirit even worse. Keima gets another jerk reaction when Tenri came pushing him again. Scattered are all his galges!!! Tenri is too soft to warn him and before he knows her, Nora whisks him away and you hands a note (with lots of badly spelt errors) announcing his public execution at the sea park. Tenri heads that right away and though she tries to argue she doesn’t hate him, Nora isn’t convinced. She thinks Keima is the reason for the gap in her heart and thus the Loose Soul. Elsie wants Nora to stop but it makes her want to torture Keima more. Despite Elsie telling her about going against the rules, those rules aren’t really absolute. Nora agrees to spare his life but will give him a fate worse than death. She uses her garment to find out what he loves most. It’s… Yotsuba! Yokkyun!!! He loves that 2D girl! What the?! Nora destroys that dream of his and suddenly…. I don’t know Keima ‘loaded’ because he breaks free from his captivity and pushes Nora together into the sea. He is one freaking f*cking upset guy. He is going to kill the person responsible for killing his heroine for dramas sake!!! Oh sh*t!!! You’ve made this guy mad. Watch out Nora!!! I don’t know how but she manages to get away. She is picking her weapon to kill him but Ryou reminds her if she does, Elsie will suffer the same fate. She doesn’t care. Tenri doesn’t want to cause Keima more trouble and decides to go home but Diana realizes this is the man who will protect her.

Keima brings Tenri back to his school. He wants Elsie to let Nora capture another spirit and pretend it was Tenri’s. It doesn’t matter if she finds out later. Elsie doesn’t have spares so she goes off to see Haqua who might have some. Keima finally sits down and starts playing his game, lamenting he should have brought more batteries if something like would happen. It made Tenri react like as though he said something similar like this before. Diane tries to persuade Tenri to talk to Keima but Keima wants her to get her act together because end of the day, her Loose Soul problem will still be unsolved. Tenri gets the courage to ask him to follow her. Feeling odd she knows the way seeing she does not school here, Tenri in fact mentions she came here before with him. Taking off a couple of loose tiles on the floor, it reveals an underground passage. It is then Keima remembers something similar. He was worried about his batteries.

Episode 2: Chance Meeting
As the duo trek underground, Keima starts to remember what happened 10 years ago. I guess for him nothing much has change. His face is still glued with the handheld. While walking, while at school. Even the teacher is fed up. So to avoid being nagged, Keima ‘relocates’ himself to the deck of an abandoned ship at the sea park. An earthquake shook the land and he finds that the tide has covered the land connecting to the shore. But he is not the only one on board. Tenri is also there since she had no friends to hang out with in class. Not wanting to get his games wet, Keima spots a hold at the bottom of the ship’s front. Tenri follows him through the dark underground as he uses his handhelds as light source. Don’t worry. He has 8 of them! Plus, he has 100 batteries! Extreme! And still he worries he may run out of them! Best part is, he managed to finish a game! The underground is wide and long. They take a rest but Tenri is scared and hungry. Keima is calm as always giving his sweets to her. Despite putting in new batteries, all the handhelds go dead. Another earthquake rocks the place and a rock fell onto Keima’s head. Maybe that’s why he can’t remember the events after that. While he is knocked out, Tenri saw very bright lights coming closer. It turned out to be hordes of Loose Souls searching for gaps. Of course they sensed Tenri when she starts feeling afraid. They attack her. Keima wants to know how they got out alive but Diana wants him to prepare himself if he is to hear the rest. He doesn’t need to. He figures out the next scene is whereby Tenri met Diana. While the Loose Souls are hovering around Tenri, another bright light appears. This is Diana as she mentions that the Weiss are stunned and thus unable to enter her. Tenri wants her to help at least Keima. Touched by her selflessness, she decides to cooperate and bring them out. Diana enters Tenri’s body and with amazing speed, she runs through the underground with Keima in her arms as the Loose Souls gave chase. They emerge out from the school but by that time all the Loose Souls also burst out and caused the building to collapse. Because Diana is unfamiliar with this Loose Soul thing, Keima explains to her (with hideous drawings). Diana says in her time, they were called Weiss. Keima could tell Diana isn’t a Loose Soul and wants to know her real identity. She is one whom they despise above all because she ransacked hell and sealed them.

Nora and Ryou have found the duo but Diana pins a rock on them while they make their getaway. They come out of the cave but looks like the ship has been relocated a little further away. Keima is baffled since they didn’t pass a huge cavern where Tenri supposedly meet those hordes of Loose Souls. Tenri hands him a weak Loose Soul, one that clung to her when she came here. She wants him to use this to pretend it is her while she hides her presence. On the ship, Keima knows this trick isn’t going to fool Nora because it’s not easy to exorcise a Loose Soul. Elsie returns empty handed. Looks like nobody has got a spare. Keima hands her his and wants her to make it look powerful. Keima vows to Tenri that they will protect Diana. On the ship’s mast, though Keima is convincing in his act that he is Tenri’s love, Tenri on the other hand is panicking. Obviously Nora could see through it. Nora insults Keima’s way of using romance to fill the heart’s gap and Keima throws it back at her that she has never experienced true love. Nora is annoyed and pinpoints Keima as the source of Tenri’s troubles. That’s when Tenri tells her to shut up. She makes it clear she has never hated Keima and has always loved him. It’s a cue for Keima to kiss Tenri. It is a signal for Elsie to release that Loose Soul. It fooled Nora and Ryou as they got distracted in trying to catch it. Tenri passes out from the shock. In the aftermath, Keima wants to apologize for the kiss but Diana says Tenri fainted from happiness. He wants her to explain about how she sealed Loose Souls but Diana will leave it for another day. Perhaps that another day may come sooner because Tenri’s family just moved in as his new neighbour when the previous one just moved out. Still shy, but not as shy as before because at least she could greet Keima and his family.

Love Conquers All
As announced at the end, the third season of the series has been given the green light. And yes, the adventure continues. Not only that, Kanon will also be given a spin-off OVA of her own. With new characters and new insights, I can see that this series will be taking an interesting turn. The more girls Keima frees, the deeper he gets into this hell world and its workings. Will he be able to even save the place itself from something more sinister? I shouldn’t think too far and should just anticipate all the other different girls he is going to kiss… Oops, I mean going to save. Despite having some experience with real 3D women, he is still strong holding on to his love for 2D girls. Just like me ;p. How many more girls will it take for Keima to be converted into a 3D lover? I don’t want to know because maybe I too don’t want to end up that way.

So basically the characters are still the same like how we know them. Keima still loves his galges very much when it comes down in getting the job done of freeing Loose Souls, he still does it with style and charm. Calm as always, I guess as an experienced gamer, that is what you call putting his gaming experience into real life use. Elsie as always is useless and clueless. Still having obsession about fire trucks, isn’t she? Too bad Haqua didn’t make her appearance but in place of another demon like Elsie, Nora seems to be the type that will do anything ruthless and what it takes to get the job done. It doesn’t help when Ryou is somewhat an idiot too and Nora doesn’t treat him well and seemingly using him for her own ends. Will Nora and Elsie become friends or intense rivals? We’ll see what comes. As for Tenri, now that the secrets of her heart are unravelled, will she be the first girl to continue loving Keima? All the girls that had Loose Souls and their hearts freed thereafter, they will forget the lovely moments with Keima. Tenri didn’t get hers evicted. Diana isn’t even considered a Loose Soul but a friend. So there is a chance that love might blossom for a girl even after her arc has ended.

Both the ending themes are sung by eyelis, Hikari No Kiseki and Mirai E No Tobira. Seeing the old girls Keima has captured and new ones awaiting the arrival of ‘prince charming’, you could say that I am a little excited to have another go at this series. All that is left to do is wait for the next season and though I won’t have my hands and time occupied with galges, I have lots of anime series to make up for that. Hopefully some bumbling demon won’t take that away from me because I know I can never do two or more things at the same time like Keima. How does he pay attention to his surroundings and at the same time focus on his games? Is he really God? But if there are girls with problems of the heart in dire need of help, we know who to call.

Let me get this straight. I do not have nurse fetishes and thus it is not the reason why I watch Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magikarte. I heard this was a slapstick comedy so that’s why I jumped into watching this OVA series, which is supposed to be a spin-off from the anime Soul Taker. Although I didn’t watch that anime, I read it had a darker and grimmer storyline and that there are horror and supernatural elements in it. But that’s another story. For now, let’s see how this cute little cosplaying nurse can make me laugh till I hurt my stomach. Oops.

The plot: It is said that the nastiest virus, Ungrar escaped from Vaccine World to Earth. Maya, the goddess of Vaccine World ordered Mugimaru to capture it. Since people from Vaccine World can’t use magic on Earth, Maya made a magic wand for a human to use to help catch Ungrar and entrusted it to Mugimaru. On Earth, Mugimaru happened to bump into Komugi Nakahara and sought her help. But she was so fascinated by the magical cosplay and jumped at the thought of accepting the job without considering its consequences. And thus this is how Nurse Witch Komugi-chan came to be. WTF. Sounds like the world will be in serious health danger with this kid as the heroine. Praying for a miracle would be a much better alternative.

Episode 1
We are in an intense car chase scene in which Komugi, loli Runa Tokisaka along with Kyousuke Date and Asuka Sakurai are getting away from the baddies. Turns out to be an acting scene and Komugi forgot her lines. Cut! During the break, we see Komugi and Runa not liking each other very much. The rivalry intensifies when hot guy Kyousuke comes by. Yeah, Runa playing that onii-chan character very well to steal him away from Komugi. But in the end, the retake of the movie is no good. Komugi is being reprimanded by her agency president, Yui Kirihara for screwing up and the producers called and won’t be using their agency again. Komugi’s manager, Shiro Mibu hopes Yui can forgive her since she is sorry. Yui also doesn’t want to scold her much since she is a cosplay idol and thought through acting, this would level her up. Komugi is also in intense rivalry with gravure idol, Megumi Akiba. Let’s say from the way they insult each other’s breasts, they hate each other. Yui is about to blow her top so the others run away as though she’s going to explode. Thankfully she didn’t. I’m sure I understand the tough time she is having with all the goons around. Feel like wanting to quit, eh? Komugi is late for school the next day due to oversleeping. During recess, she talks with her friend, Koyori Kokubunji about classmate Kaneda who has been absent for a few days. Although Kaneda was an otaku, he helped her used a computer to setup her own homepage (Koyori is also a cosplayer and model). Komugi had Shiro did hers. She then learns for next week’s Akiba Fair, Koyori will be there modelling with Kyousuke to present a new computer notebook. How envious (see Komugi drool like mad). Speaking of Kaneda, he is locked up in his room glued to his computer screen while incessantly typing away.

At Akiba Fair, Komugi is pissed that she is made to wear a computer costume by Shiro. As always, eternal rival Megumi is there too and she’s flaunting her assets since she is the model for Toshiba alongside Koyori. While the Toshiba models are being photographed, Komugi is being bullied by the kids! During the break, Koyori is in the dressing room when she transforms into the evil Magical Maid Koyori! Kaneda has reached his limit so he turns into some ghostly virus to run havoc at the fair with Koyori charging it up to a giant chibi cat. Huh? Mugimaru detects a virus and has Komugi transform into a magical nurse witch. The giant is turning everyone into chibi cats or onigiri who only want to party. It is also being perverted grabbing the models with its tentacles. Komugi spots a plug on the giant’s ass and cuts it to turn everything back to normal. Noticing the virus escaping, she follows it and it leads her back to Kaneda’s home. I’m sure his mother won’t want to let this freaky nurse cosplayer in so Komugi had to persuade her she is Kaneda’s classmate. Kaneda seems to be ignoring Komugi and continues to type away. Till Komugi hears him plead for help. The virus is controlling him and he can’t quit typing. Komugi uses her magic to blast the virus out of Kaneda and Mugimaru captures the virus in his syringe. On the way back, Komugi remembers she has forgotten about her work. To her dismay, the fair is already over and cleaned up. But Shiro isn’t happy. Because Komugi ran off somewhere, he is forced to wear the computer costume. It is made worse when Komugi starts snickering at how cute he looks. She’s going to get it… Koyori notes her failure this time but the next time it won’t.

Episode 2
Komugi is commanding a legion of hardcore fans and increasingly getting popular since she is doing a concert that debuts her new song. Komugi is in a handshake session and you can see all the weirdoes that greet her. A doujinshi, Inaba gives her a doujin as present and tells her he will be drawing a new one for the upcoming Comiket. Koyori the evil maid laments her schemes have always been thwarted by Komugi when she sees a flyer for the Comiket. An evil plan is brewing… Back at the agency, Yui assigns Komugi for the Comiket. Once more, another round of insults between Komugi and Megumi. It got so intense that Yui had to blow her top this time. Runa is calmly drinking tea on the rooftop and feels sorry for Yui for having goons around her. She then takes out her frustration by beating up a Komugi doll. Feels good, no? Inaba is about to start his manuscript when Koyori barges in and hypnotizes him with magic that makes him unable to stop drawing. At Comiket, Komugi meets Kyousuke but is disheartened when Megumi ‘steals’ him away. They are here for a drama shoot. But Komugi gets the last laugh when she learns Megumi is just playing a corpse. As Comiket begins, Inaba starts selling his doujin and evil Koyori weaves her magic to turn everyone violent. They’re punching! They’re destroying! They’re just… So mean! Komugi is under careful surveillance of Shiro to avoid her going off again the last time. But when he is being called by a staff, naughty Komugi slips out. She sees the violence inside Comiket when Mugimaru detects the presence of a virus.

She transforms and comes face to face for the first time with evil Koyori. She thinks she is another cosplay idol… Koyori takes the liberty to explain herself. I’m sure Komugi and Mugimaru must be so bored and uninterested in listening to that ranting despite being fast forward. I wonder how long has she been blabbing. Not listening at all! Because all the otakus start taking photos of Koyori, Komugi feels jealous and won’t lose out. Soon, it turns into a battle of cosplaying poses. WTF. I guess the only winners are the fans… At the end of the session, Koyori uses her magic to turn the entire hall into one big robot. Unbelievable. She starts smashing while Komugi can only run. Then she sees an old airplane, gets inside and transforms it into G-Force parody! She even had clone comrades for the part! Where the hell did they come from? Unfortunately everybody is such a dimwit that when Komugi fires the missile, it goes back chasing them or malfunctions and explodes inside the ship. I’m sure Mugimaru is tired of making comebacks. Useless girls… Since the plane is on fire, the only way left is to do a suicide crash into Koyori and the giant robot! Yeah. Without even doing anything and ignoring her for that duration, she gets defeated. Life is so unfair. Maybe better luck next time. In the end, Komugi uses her magic to restore everything back to normal. Everything is fixed back to normal and everyone wakes up like as though none of the mayhem happened. Comiket ends and as Komugi returns, Shiro confronts her and is mad that she pulled off that runaway stunt again. He’s angry for real. She’s going to get it… Meanwhile the real Koyori is hanging on the edge of some building with no memories of her evil self. How did she get there?

Episode 2.5
This special came out after the series ended. Due to circumstances, Asuka is transferred o Yui’s agency. Komugi is in an idol event called Dream Studio 2003 with Koyori’s crew. So many fans. So tired. That’s what Komugi is. But she has energy to argue with Megumi about boobs and all. Then Runa coolly tells them if they keep this up, they won’t get paid. She demonstrates how she uses her onii-chan charm to get the guys to order more food! I think they will even eat her if she’s on the menu. This sparks another round of rivalry between Komugi and Megumi to outdo each other. Well, at least the fans are happy. Soon Komugi hears nearby Kyousuke is promoting his new music video called Reverse. Wow. A full length video lasting 4.5 minutes! Did you enjoy that Komugi? Now you got to explain yourself to Shiro and Yui for slacking off. See the fiery aura? This shows how deep sh*t she is in. Yui wishes she had such fanatic fans too but Shiro cautions they’re just small fries. Then they come into Richard, the manager for Kyousuke. Seems there is bad vibes between them as Komugi sensed. Shiro tells her when Yui was still an idol, she was rejected by Richard. She also loved him. It became a racket since the media loves this kind of stuff. Without Richard’s consent, Yui announced publicly her love for him. In ‘retaliation’, Richard also without Yui’s consent announced his engagement to Yui’s manager. Because of the scandal, Yui had to quit being an idol at the tender age of 19. So there goes her dream and the media wrote tons of articles on her ‘stupidity’.

Komugi also dreams of wanting a mature relationship and this is a cue for Komugi’s own music video! Despite the cute song, its lyrics are mostly about hating her boyfriend and not wanting to see him again! Love is sure a hard thing. Stop daydreaming and get back to work! Back home, Komugi is taking a bath with Koyori. Though Komugi notes the place was filled with Koyori fans, Koyori also thinks Komugi has her own fans. Yeah. All those weirdoes. Koyori thinks she heard something on the rooftop but Komugi brushes it off and is going to grab those ‘fallen meteorites’. The splashing bath fun proceeds without Mugimaru’s perversion because he is being tied outside to a pole. Deep in the night, Koyori awakens the evil maid and will go spread Ungrar’s evil virus around the world. I guess she should go easy on her maniacal laughter because it’s causing uneasiness for sleeping Komugi. I guess this sets another cue for another music video. This time a duet between Komugi and Koyori but despite having a pinch of samba beat, the lyrics… Insulting each other as idols. Is that the best they do? Maybe the best and the only thing they can do! Oh, the clips of the video are all recycled scenes from all over the series. Trying to cut cost, eh?

Episode 3
Mugimaru is shocked that Komugi woke up for the first time on her own!!! Like snow in summer? Has she grown up mature? But can’t say anything about her flat chest, eh? On her way to school, she happens to see Koyori and goes over to meet her. However she didn’t see a truck coming her way. OMG! She died?! Or this is just a dream? But… 49 days later… Komugi really died again for real! Her friends are at her grave, saddened with her death. Even Shiro can quip this unbelievable line: I can’t believe she would die even if we killed her! It’s a sombre affair! Komugi can be seen hanging around them as a ghost and is pretty much bored to death. Oh. She’s already dead. Just when she thought everyone is sympathetic over her death, suddenly everyone gets over it and insult her! Even death can’t cure her stupidity?! I’m sure Komugi wanted to give them a good whack but as a ghost, she can’t touch anything. Worse, all the ‘confessions’ come out since she’s not longer around. Like how Shiro secretly used to take money from her wallet and now that she is gone, he doesn’t need to repay her! Even Mugimaru has gotten over her death and goes off to find a new magical nurse. Komugi isn’t going to go over to the new side quietly as she’s going to get her revenge on those idiots. She turns Megumi’s photo shoot into ghost pictures, haunt the set at Runa’s filming and tries to pull Asuka’s legs while she’s swimming! Yui is busy with incoming calls of the ghost pictures and haunting. Meanwhile evil Koyori is bored that the flat chest magical nurse hasn’t showed up when she chances upon a group of delinquents greeting each other. Here comes another evil plan…

The ghost pictures turn out to be a blessing since the people love them! So the gang take a work-cum-vacation job at the beach and hotspring. Looks like Komugi’s revenge backfired. Kyousuke is also there shooting a movie and I think he is the only one who is genuinely saddened of Komugi’s demise. It feels lonely even without her though he sometimes feels she’s close by (closer than you think). Suddenly Kyousuke gets slightly injured by the passing delinquent parade led by Koyori. She also turns everyone in a vehicle into a mean vehicle machine. Komugi felt helpless and sheds a tear or two. Suddenly she is transported to Vaccine World and meets Maya. She is touched by her pure desire to save others and gives her swallow some ball to bring her back to life. Even Mugimaru is happy to see her and he still recognizes her with that trademark ‘washboard’. Hah… I guess he found no replacement for her. Good news: She’s back to life. Bad news: Due to her ‘grand entry’, she got run over by Koyori’s vehicle parade. Dead once more. Yeah. Didn’t expect to see her back so soon, eh? Since Komugi didn’t learn from her previous lesson, the same process keeps repeating. She returns back to life via some anime parody but gets run over. Killed. Back to Maya. Finally she’s down to her last ball. Better treasure your last life. Komugi now returns in a Speed Racer parody. Koyori transforms all the vehicles into one big giant ultra robot. Komugi seems like she’s going to do some suicide move but I guess the engine died on her. Yup. She died again. Maya is at a lost on what to do. Yeah, yeah. Now Komugi gets to choose between a gold, silver or poisonous syringe. She chooses the poisonous one and though the jab hurts, she returns back to life as a more powerful magical nurse. Mugimaru is bloody surprised he is turned into a vehicle and even used as a missile! Too bad he exploded into fireworks. Koyori thought she could enjoy the little fireworks when she accidentally sits on a self destruct button. I don’t even know how it got there. The robot self destructs so Koyori thinks of doing some training. In India. Wow. Things solve itself without the stupid heroine nurse and stupid villain maid doing anything. In the aftermath when everything returns to normal, Komugi happily returns to her production team. But they think they’ve been overworking to see a ghost and quickly scram! And I don’t think Komugi really did learn her lesson about the value of life. And Mugimaru is pissed he is somewhat ‘dead’! Do something-mugi!

Episode 4
Komugi is now into masked wrestling to appeal to new fans. However as you can tell that one fighting in the ring isn’t her. See those humongous boobs… She gets lots of fan letters, much to Megumi and Runa’s envy. Then Shiro breaks the good news. Her wrestling stint is going to get an anime adaptation. At the anime studio house, Komugi learns that one of her otaku fans, Gotou is going to make her show. Meeting with the rest of the staff, Komugi beats up a perverted guy when he fondles her flat chest. Till she learns he is Satorou Akahori AKA Pori. The original writer for her show and he is so rich from the royalties, he can buy an entire building. However since he hasn’t come up with the script yet, Nabeshin the director quits. Pori makes Komugi the main character and the director as well. He guarantees this will be a smash hit! So first, he takes her out to sleazy places like the bar. Yeah, he’s teaching her the wrong stuff with all the money he can splash. Even how to take advantage of people, make loads of money from anime merchandise and events and even blame it on others when it goes wrong! Oh dear. Komugi seems to be absorbed into getting rich. So we don’t blame her in dreaming big but she’s going around imposing her own opinions to the staffs on what is to be done while they’re working. After all that promoting event, Gotou relays the bad news that the producer missed his flight and won’t be able to make it for the opening event. Do not fear. Komugi will handle it. Yeah. She literally handles everything from drawing, colouring, background checks and voice acting. She’s good at making things worse as they are. Congrats. And when everybody is rushing to meet the deadline, here Komugi is. Sleeping like a baby. Meanwhile evil Koyori has returned from her harsh (ridiculous, that is) training from India and can’t wait to show off the results to Komugi. Where the hell did she get the walrus she’s riding on from?

On the day of Muscle Cutie Komugi-tan’s debut, Koyori drops in and turns everyone into… Uhm… Plain looking people. Not to mention, violent plain looking people. Komugi isn’t happy her show is being hijacked. She transforms and is going to stop her but finds herself transported inside the anime. Mugimaru has such muscular body… Koyori shows off her training result: Her racoon mascot, Posokichi now can speak words! WTF?! Not impressed damn it! In a tag team wrestling match, Komugi faces the multi-face goddess. Because it has faces of the girls from her agency, Komugi can’t land a hit when it is Asuka’s face and the soonest she lets her guard down, Megumi and Runa take over and beat her up. Eventually Komugi finds her weakness and strips off her bra. Koyori tags the goddess while Gotou tags Komugi. However the otaku dude lost when he couldn’t resist Koyori’s boobs. Both sides tag out with Posokichi facing off Mugimaru. The fighting got so intense that they ‘become the stars’. Now it’s up to Komugi and Koyori. The girls’ battle is also intense so much so they are brought back to the real world. Summoning their anime power, they uproot monuments and structures to whack each other. Such destruction… As they are about to unleash their awesome power, they become sketches. What happened? As Gotou puts it, they couldn’t meet the deadline. And the mother of all rip-offs, everything is cut right till the end as we see Koyori being defeated and send flying away. Komugi uses her magic to revert all the destruction back to normal. So when it’s time to resume her debut, the tape turns out empty because her magic restarted everything. That’s the least of her problems because Pori has gone missing (perhaps even running away with the money) and thousands of angry fans want their money back! Tsk, tsk. How far she’s fallen. Broke and with no penny to her name, her problem is compounded when her agency colleagues are going to get her for this farce and screw up. So people remember. Making money isn’t easy :). And goody Koyori doesn’t know how she ended up within a pod of walruses.

Episode 5
Koyori loses her match with a magical teacher, Kim Nicholas Fidel Muammar Tikriti Adolf de Komachi (notice she has names of dictators?). Or you can call her Komachi for short. Komachi realizes she is late for class and returns. But her class is a large stadium as her students welcome her. Is this really a class or some grand speech event? Meanwhile Komugi is at the dilapidated and abandoned building of her agency office. She is sad to be all alone. Mugimaru then brings her to a snack bar whereby it is a secret operation base to counter Ungrar’s plans to conquer Earth, Magical Nurse Station manned by Maya and Mugimaru. Lame name… It seems recently people all over Japan have gone missing. Maya has footage to show that it is not Ungrar but invaders who are taking them away. Maya has Komugi launch right away. I think she can make do without all those unnecessary procedures and approvals. And after all that grand scenes, turns out Komugi launches with a kiddie’s bicycle. What letdown. After journeying for who knows how long, they end up outside a large Komachi statue that leads them to a secret door where they meet Komachi who thinks they’re transfer students. Komachi puts a sell on them and the next thing Komugi knows, she’s in a high school setting with her friends as classmates. The story builds up to a point whereby her crush Kyousuke confesses to her. It’s going to get ecchi to since he is undressing her! But the dead giveaway is when Kyousuke says he loves her flat chest. Komugi knows the real Kyousuke will never say that and snaps out of Komachi’s brainwash. They’re in the middle of the stadium where every missing person in Japan has become Komachi’s students. Komachi calls upon the class rep to settle this: Kyousuke. OMG! Kyousuke slaps Komugi! She can’t retaliate as she won’t hurt him. So get zap lah! Then she confesses she likes him and with some other mushy stuff, Kyousuke snaps out from the brainwash but falls unconscious. Komugi thinks it’s a good opportunity to wake the prince with a kiss but it seems Maya steals the scene and kisses him first! Time to revert everything back to normal. See how unmotivated Komugi is?

With everyone back to normal and Maya leading everyone to evacuation, it is the final face off with Komachi. It’s going to be a 3 way fight too since Koyori is back. Komachi turns into her true loli form and explains she is from some planet and was given some glasses to become a busty magical teacher (because she wanted to be a teacher). Despite her loli outlook, she cautions she is strongest in this form. Her chalk turns drawing into real. She’s materializing an army of octopus henchmen. Koyori agrees to hold a truce with Komugi and fight together against Komachi. However both get the same idea to run away and leave it to the other! How disappointing. I guess this teaches us not to expect much from them. But once when Komachi runs out of chalk, the duo make a u-turn and defeat the minions with their magic. Yeah, claiming all the credits aren’t they? Komachi turns the statue into a destructive giant. It burns half of the planet?! OH SH*T!!! In retaliation, Komugi and Koyori combine their Magical Defence Force and turn famous Japanese monuments into menacing looking machines or weapons (some of course are useless and ‘waste of money’). Now the duo turn into evil big bullies taking it out on the poor loli! So much so they destroy the balance of the planet and split the moon in half! FREAKING SH*T!!! In the end, Koyori spanks Komachi and the latter promises not to do it again. The trio use their magic to fix Earth back to normal. They see off Komachi who vows to become the best teacher in the universe. Koyori will put off their match to another day, making excuse that Komugi seems exhausted. I guess they don’t look tired because they’ve so much energy arguing. Life returns to normal for everybody including Komugi and Koyori’s continued rivalry. One night Komugi gets a surprise visit from Komachi. She’s back and since she wanted to become a respectable teacher, she decided to study on Earth. Komugi, I don’t think this is a joke. Oh, she forgot to fix the moon!

Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magikarte Z

How can you end things yet when the fight between Komugi and Koyori hasn’t been settled? What more, Ungrar hasn’t been found and sent back to Vaccine World too. Thus, a couple of years later, perhaps an excuse to come up with another couple of OVA episodes called Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magikarte Z to finish things off. Well, all good things and slapstick comedies must come to an end one day.

Episode 1
Even during a live pool event, Komugi and Megumi can end up quarrelling. Oops… There goes Megumi’s top! It’s no surprise that Yui blows her top. Another round of scolding. Sorry won’t do. Shiro hopes she can forgive them since their ratings went up. Yui is concerned because it affects their activities from now on and there’ll be lots of shady job offers for them. She hopes for tomorrows film shoot at Osaka they won’t cause much ruckus. Guess what? The duo start blaming each other as long as the other doesn’t screw up. It descends into a full blown insult. Here comes Yui’s explosion again… Asuka, Kyousuke and Koyori are in a movie shoot in Osaka but something is bugging Asuka that she is screwing up her easy lines. After the shoot, they meet up with Shiro, Megumi and Komugi. They decide to go out together but the person whom Komugi wanted to be with can’t join them because he’s got a busy schedule. So Shiro takes the girls tour around Osaka. Asuka is clearly troubled. Seems she dislikes Osaka. Even they can see right through her but she lies that she’s just not feeling well. Back in her room, Asuka regrets lying to her friends when evil maid Koyori pops up and uses her negative emotions to spawn viruses. Next morning, Asuka and Megumi are dressed in heavy, bulky and hot mascot costumes. It’s amazing they still have the energy to get at each other’s throat. Just annoying. Similarly, Koyori activates the virus and this means Asuka who is in the middle of a movie scene suddenly starts badmouthing Osaka with lots of passion! Shocking! Then she collapses and Koyori uses all the negative energy to transform the locals into, erm, I think they’re Osaka mascots.

Mugimaru detects a virus and so Komugi transforms into a magical witch. She is about to face off with Koyori but the latter sends in her army of drummer clowns and other Osaka mascots to surround her. Komugi takes a beating since Mugimaru tells her she can’t hurt those people under the control of the virus. But she loses her patience and becomes evil instead, slapping them all into the river! So the evil maid is going to punish her for not having a heroine’s sense of justice by turning a clown into a giant. It easily sends Komugi flying away. Koyori is so happy of her victory that she thinks she’ll take over and be the star of this show. But Komugi isn’t going to give up yet. Yeah. See that evil glint in her eyes? She’s going to fight fire with fire. That means, she enlarges some marathon runner poster to fight the clown. In the end she wins and Koyori is once more unceremoniously defeated. Such inadequate conclusion. But Asuka is still influenced by the virus and is going to destroy Osaka. You know what? Komugi thinks of killing her off so she can replace her and star as the heroine alongside Kyousuke! Evil! Mugimaru squashes that thought because of her lousy acting. Eventually Komugi uses her magic to cleanse Asuka and restore order to Osaka. In the aftermath, everybody celebrates to the end of the filming in Osaka. Even Kyousuke and Yui are there to join the crew. Asuka is glad she has gotten to like Osaka. Even such a happy occasion ends in an unhappy way for Komugi. She ate too much that she needs to be wheeled away in an ambulance! Perhaps Mugimaru is right. She is the world’s greediest person. That’s so Komugi for you. Now I guess she gave us a whole new meaning to eat till you drop. Lastly, Runa curses her colleagues for acting like they have forgotten about her. Yeah, she is still bumming atop her agency office’s rooftop. But still… She laments she really wanted to go to Osaka…

Episode 2
It is narrated that Ungrar is actually the evil personality of Maya that escaped. Because Koyori had no evil personality, it is easy to hide inside her. I guess this also explains why Koyori and Maya had the same voice, eh? Komugi and Koyori continue their normal school life. But as we see each time Koyori gets into a pinch or Komugi wishes bad about her, Komugi gets divine retribution. For example when Koyori gets splashed by water, Komugi will subsequently be dumped with mud. Serves her right. One rainy day after school, Koyori transforms into the evil maid and as stated this is Ungrar taking over her body. Since this is the last episode, she has got to make it work and win this battle. Komugi is sleeping in the bath and could’ve had a cosy sleep if Maya had not popped out from the tub. She tells her since people have been feeling sick lately, this means Vaccine World is in deficit and Komugi’s power is also reduced. Meaning? She has only one more chance to transform and capture Ungrar. WTF. So what? Failure to do so means she’ll turn into a 99 year old wrinkly grandma! Better not mess up! Komugi is in another handshaking event with another set of weird fans (I think I’ll skip the usual spat with Megumi). As she takes a break in the room, Kyousuke surprisingly pays her a visit. He shows her a series of clips containing Komugi the magical nurse witch! Is her cover blown? He thinks it’s a street performer and since she resembles so much like Komugi, he thinks how similar they are. At the same time Koyori uses the net to spread her virus and sends everyone looking at the monitor unconscious. That includes Kyousuke. Mugimaru detects the biggest virus ever. Komugi wants to transform but was stopped by Maya that this will be her last chance. Komugi doesn’t care if she goes to hell just to save Kyousuke and transforms. She seals Kyousuke’s laptop and he wakes up. Now that he has seen her, she thinks he will hate her but he disagrees and is just surprised. No time for drama because everybody is going violent and crazy. Even the monuments and buildings are going on a rampage! Komugi is going to save the day but stops short of confessing her love to Kyousuke despite admitting he has always been nice to her. She just says she loves the entire world (really?), thanks him for everything and goes off to fight.

Net viruses fall from the sky and trap Komugi. Koyori combines the monuments into a hideous monster. Mugimaru wanted to excuse himself to the toilet but Komugi uses him as a baseball and hits a homerun. No effect on the monster. But Komugi doesn’t need to lift a finger in destroying the net viruses because just like in a certain game, when 3 of the same colour viruses match, they disappear! Now that’s taken care of, it’s the final face off with Koyori. But Koyori has a trick up her sleeve. She traps Komugi in a hexagram and is going to transfer to Komugi as the new host. She reveals the energy of the viruses she deleted will go to Ungrar. The human world’s health is transformed into chaos energy on the internet (the reason Vaccine World is in deficit). As Koyori starts the transfer, Komugi gradually gets tainted but hears Kyousuke’s voice. She apologizes she couldn’t save the world and remembers all the fun events she had with her fans. She drops Kyousuke’s laptop and this allows everyone in the world to see what’s going on. Komugi didn’t like how this is going. Her fans didn’t like how this is turning out. With the power of everybody’s moe, Komugi breaks free from the chaos field and gets her power back (the chaos energy that was scattered over the internet was collected into energy for Komugi). Even Posokichi surrenders! Behold the power of moe! She is about to capture Koyori but Maya stops her. She says if she continues, she’ll kill the human host. Since Ungrar was initially part of her, the only way is to transfer it back to her. What does this mean? A very stimulating yuri scene for otakus worldwide to watch!!! EXTREME MOE!!! Komugi is filled with the moe powers that she explodes and everything reverts back to normal. Don’t worry. She’s still alive. She wakes up with Kyousuke by her side. More importantly, she’s not a 99 year old wrinkly grandma. Maya thanks her since Vaccine World is no longer in deficit. But Komugi isn’t going to let her go for the troubles she went through and is going to get back at her. Meanwhile poor Koyori is stuck high up on a crane, unsure what happened that led her to this situation. Is somebody going to get her down?

In this 4.5 minute special, we see a real life small miniature of Komugi figurine learning how anime is made. Not that you can learn anything since it’s too generic and simple. It just simply shows us how an anime scene is dubbed and mixed with music to make it better. So… Was it educational?

Oh, My Good-nurse…
Everything was fun and enjoyable in this everything-goes and no-holds-barred anime. Too bad they didn’t make any more of such episodes because for most of the time, I couldn’t stop laughing hard whether they are the silly parodies or Komugi’s sh*tty attitude that causes so many problems. Despite the eternal catfight between Komugi and Megumi (sometimes followed by Yui blowing her top that would be equivalent to dropping the atomic bomb), it may get annoying that they do this on a constant basis. I guess this is the only thing that they are constant at. However since they’re always at each other’s throat for whatever reasons, they seemed amusing and hence funny whenever arguing. Despite going, “Oh dear. Here they go again with their b*tch slap and insults”, somehow it just doesn’t get tired (maybe if this was real life). So keep on fighting for the good of my laughter? The comedy won’t be superb enough to top my all-time nonsensical exaggerated laugh out loud parody anime list, but I would still advise you to leave your brains safely somewhere else before watching it and pick it up after finishing. Just to be safe not to catch some sort of ‘funny’ virus after watching this series ;p.

I guess being a slapstick comedy means Komugi and Koyori are the biggest idiots of the series. That’s what makes the series fun and funny. While Komugi is the big, lazy, selfish cosplay idiot, Koyori is only so when she is in her evil maid mode. Otherwise she is a nice person. So idiotic the duo that sometimes you could say when they fight in epic proportions, the way things are headed, the situation will usually solve itself without having either to lift a finger. They’ll just blooper by themselves and Komugi only wins just because she is the heroine. But if you think about how the way she ends up winning, she’s still a loser. Just a winner by circumstances. Mugimaru is also funny because this perverted rabbit sometimes play the straight man and I figure he’ll get tired after doing so many comebacks that tickle the funny bones. Also an eternal serial perverted bunny, I guess he never learns each time he bathes with Komugi only to be beaten up by her. I think any kind of boob size is okay to him. Though he might prefer big boobs but small ones is okay too as I noticed. Otherwise he would have been totally turned off each time he sees them instead of making a joke about Komugi’s chest. Yeah, can’t help take a jab at Komugi’s ‘washboard’, can’t he?

Is fair to say that almost every other casts in this series are as idiotic as Komugi and Koyori. Megumi is always at loggerheads with Komugi and the day they sit down and become good friends is the day Apocalypse arrives. Yeah. Like oil and fire, cats and dogs. Child star Runa might not show it since she’s putting up that calm loli facade. But she’s equally idiotic too. Other than running her mouth with rude comments, sometimes you can see her take out her frustrations on something that she makes to represent Komugi. Channel all your hate here, baby! Yui is always blowing her top and at this rate this might not be so good on her heart and health while Shiro is quite laidback and relaxed that sometimes to a point it backfires on him. Of course it’s Komugi’s fault but if he had only taken precautions… Asuka may fair better than the rest but she does sometimes lose her temper, especially when Komugi and Megumi don’t stop their bickering. With a goddess like Maya helming Vaccine World, you can’t help be worried, right? The only one who is always serious and above all that slapstick comedy backlash is Kyousuke. He’s quite a cool and popular guy so it’s no wonder he is the love interest, sweetheart and crush of Komugi. I think any girl would have fallen for this guy. He’s the only person who has never belittled or put Komugi down so is it no surprise that she likes him? Too bad this series isn’t of the romantic genre so don’t get your hopes up to see them ending up together. Except only in Komugi’s delusions. Keep dreaming, girl.

Being a parody series, there are tons of anime parody for you to spot. Only if you know your anime well, that is. As I found out, many of them parodying the Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman and Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman anime series since this production is from Tatsunoko Production. Of course both of them I haven’t really seen so I’m not quite familiar with then. Save for Gatchaman which is also known as G-Force but that was just bits and pieces here and there without really going into the anime itself. Some of the other trivia include cameo of those little figurines and my eyes were ‘sharp’ enough to have identified and spotted those from anime series such as Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan, Mai-HiME, Evangelion, Mahoromatic and Mahou Sensei Negima. Yes, I’m proud of my little achievement! Haha!

At first I thought Yukari Tamura was behind the voice of Komugi. However I knew something was off and it wasn’t really her despite her voice sounding quite close to that squeaky trademark of Yukari Tamura. I later confirmed that it is Haruko Momoi and her cute voice really fits the Komugi character very well. Yeah, I remember her other cute voicing roles such as Yurume in Yurumates, Utamaru in Da Capo and San in Seto No Hanayome. Yukari Tamura did have a role in this series but as Asuka. After hearing too much and getting pigeonholed Ikue Ootani’s roles as Chopper in One Piece or Pikachu from Pokemon from over the years, it is refreshing to hear her in a different role. She really runs havoc with Koyori especially when she’s in her evil maid form (she also doubles as Maya). From her annoying maniacal laughter to her catchphrase of “Let’s begin de gozaimasu~”, I’m sure I won’t see her the same again as a little yellow lightning monster or a raccoon dog. Oops, I mean a reindeer. I’m not sure but I wonder if Posokichi’s character was made in parody to Chopper (in One Piece, many characters always confuse that reindeer as a raccoon dog). Oh, Posokichi is voiced by an unrecognizable Ai Shimizu. I wouldn’t have guessed that this is the girl who played Mikoto in Mai-HiME or Ren in DearS with that soft-spoken voice. Yuji Ueda is brilliant as Mugimaru especially when he puts up with his falsetto voice voicing the character. He’s hilarious. There are rare times when he does his low manly voice like becoming serious or the likes, otherwise you wouldn’t know that this is the same guy who voiced Sanosuke Sagara in Rurouni Kenshin or Hajime in Jigoku Shoujo. Other casts include Atsuko Enomoto as Megumi (Misaki in Angelic Layer), Akiko Hiramatsu as Yui (Miyabi in Ai Yori Aoshi), Masaya Onosaka as Shiro (Momoshiro in Prince Of Tennis), Michiko Neya as Runa (Riza in Fullmetal Alchemist), Mitsuki Saiga as Kyousuke (Phantom in MAR) and Mika Kanai as Komachi (Normad/Vanilla in Galaxy Angel series).

Haruko Momoi sings all the opening and ending themes for this series. Well, this is Komugi’s show, right? Sometimes her voice sounds so cute that I think it doesn’t make the song sound better. Get what I mean? The opening theme for the first OVA series, Ai No Medicine is cute as ever and fits the theme of this magical nurse with its playful lyrics and cheeky tune. As for the main ending theme, Otome No Mahou De Ponde Ke Wa which is a plays to a lively samba carnival feel. The special ending theme for OVA 5 is also done by her, entitled Three and feels like slow pop to wind down the series. For Magikarte Z’s opening theme, it is Shooting Star and although it sounds pop, it sounds a little dramatic. Oyasumi is its ending theme and is another slow-moderate pop piece. Breaking the Haruko Momoi stranglehold is Ikue Ootani singing the special episode’s ending theme, Pasera, a slow ballad. Of course that special episode felt like a feature for music videos that included Kyousuke’s dark and dramatic Reverse, Komugi’s cutie Anata Ga Daikirai, Komugi and Koyori’s rivalry duet in samba-like Magical Idol Kourin and the typical tokusatsu-like Big Saitron theme. The March Earth Defense Theme (played during Komugi and Koyori’s monument uprooting counter havoc against Komachi) is a full orchestra piece that could rival Ride Of The Valkyries.

Well, I don’t really see so much Komugi going around as a magical nurse trying to heal sick people from viruses. So I guess it was just really a cosplay, huh? Yeah, she really makes things worse than before. If not for her magic that conveniently resets everything, you can put all the blame on her if the world gets destroyed. And the viruses unleashed here turn people violent and crazy instead of weak and sick. But I was laughing so hard that I think it cured my whatever blues I was having from today’s stress and frustration. I only have a stomach ache to deal with after laughing too much that it hurts. I know I won’t be calling a nurse to nurse that pain. I still prefer maids to nurses as always ;).

Sankarea OVA

March 23, 2013

Those who can’t get enough of zombies can of course watch more zombie movies. But those who can’t really get enough of the pretty zombie girl in the name of Rea, be glad that there is not only one but two, yes, you read that right, two OVA episodes. Sankarea OVA like many animes after the TV series are bundled with DVDs to give fans and viewers that extra 2 cents worth of their money with never-seen-before episodes. Despite not having any continuation from the TV series, the OVA episodes are still enjoyable for those who are fans or want to ‘close the chapter’ on this series.

Episode 13
Finally! We have Babu speaking! At least only in narrations or self comments. So we hear this little black cat narrate how there are 2 zombies in this town now thanks to Chihiro and his elixir. He also views how Chihiro has become more reliable ever since taking in Rea. I’m sure he doesn’t want to see her decaying, right? Better put in lots of effort to preserve her. Chihiro walks Rea to school and after that got ‘ambushed’ and beaten up Ranko for an unnecessary comment. Rea is glad to meet all her friends at school and during gym class, due to her mental limiters off, she aces in basketball. Without breaking a sweat! The girls are in awe they have never known she was such a good jumper. Yeah. They never knew… Meanwhile Chihiro is pondering where to take a girl out on a date. I guess that’s pressing the death button because Yasutaka goes crazy taking it out on him if he is going out on a date with Rea or Ranko or even following the sister-incest route of Mero! Elsewhere Babu is walking around and almost got run over by a car. The driver is glad Babu is not hurt and the cat notices a brown kitty feline inside the pet cage. I guess love sparks even for dead cats. Later, Babu meets up with kitty and they go on a date of their own. Babu shows off his zombie skills by jumping from one building to another distant one. Then he lets kitty have a ride on his back. It’s like almost they’re flying… Enjoying it, Babu? Even cats can have their own romance. After school, Chihiro accompanies Rea wherever she wants to go. He can’t help being a worrywart since Rea is getting too bold with her actions that might break her fragile limbs. Whether it is hopping through the rain, touching a snail and standing too close to the edge of the observation cliff for a beautiful night view of the city. He reminds her about her body being fatally wounded once and won’t recover. That is the more reason why she wants to treasure it and fill it with experiences she never had. Babu narrates about the difference between the living and dead on the topic of regenerating new cells. Of course the cycle continues for the living but for the dead, even though they are numb to pain while still conscious, eventually they will still rot away as that cycle has stopped. Babu is sleeping next to kitty when suddenly he enters into a trance and almost bites her neck. He manages to snap out of it and leaves. I guess romance isn’t what it’s quite what it used to when you’re dead, huh? Babu plans to enjoy his time to the fullest till his body decays when an owl almost swoops on him! Be careful… That owl seems to belong to some zombie freak who has just arrived in Japan. From her narration, seems she views zombies who are in a confused period to lose all rationality and devour their loved ones. She is sent by Professor Boyle to find samples in Japan. Doesn’t sound good…

Episode 14
Aria is one bored woman. Also a despicable one. Learning that Rea is entering a debate competition, she isn’t happy that none could find fault in her. But noticing Chihiro always accompanying her at the gates to school, she feels the need to punish her or else she will set a bad example. Her butler reminds her about Danichirou’s orders not to interfere in her life but she points out he never gave orders to let her get special treatment. Reluctantly, the butler will come up with a strict reprimand and as she wishes, with some substantial penalty. Moody Aria continues to take out her frustrations on her maids and then goes to drown her woes while soaking in a bath. Meanwhile Mero finds a young girl unconscious underneath the temple. Fearing she may have been abandoned by her parents, they bring her in and it seems she is not responsive. She doesn’t talk to Doon or the police and even screams when they want to bring her to the hospital. I think her piercing scream can break windows if it’s a decibel higher. No choice, the officer leaves and will bring the doctor here instead. Chihiro, Rea and Mero are advised to talk to her since they are around her age. She isn’t responsive to them either till Chihiro makes funny faces that she starts laughing. However, we can feel that the girl is targeting Rea.

One night when Rea walks down the stairs, she felt as if somebody pushed her down. Luckily she didn’t break anything. Next morning, her hydrangea leaves in the fridge are missing. She thought of getting some in the backyard but they were completely ravaged. On a side note, before grandpa gets hallucinations in seeing Sayo in the girl, somebody please wake him up! Even Chihiro thinks if they beat up grandpa, she’ll open up to them! WTF?! Grandpa doesn’t even mind! WTF???!!! More importantly… Who the hell is Sayo? Wasn’t it Sada or Kiyo?! Man, this old fart might be a player in his younger days. Rea talks to Ranko about the recent events and the latter feels that she isn’t out to get her. Maybe just try to talk a little to her and perhaps she’ll change. Rea then goes to nicely talk to the girl but she doesn’t respond in any way. Later she goes talk to Chihiro but she gets more and more confused if she is being hated or not. That night, she thought she saw the girl trying to kiss Chihiro while he is asleep. Rea confronts her and politely tells her not to do anything to Chihiro and knows she was the one behind pushing her down the stairs and ravaging of hydrangea leaves. Even if she hates her, she will keep quiet and won’t say a word on what she has done. But the girl isn’t going to let this die. In the bathroom, she punches herself. When Rea gets home from school, Doon sees her and though the girl can’t speak, she can still make nods to questions. The girl accuses Rea of beating her up. Of course Doon can’t believe her straightaway nor can he turn suspicious on Rea.

That night, Rea catches the girl trying to kiss Chihiro again and warns her to stop. The girl gives off her shriek scream and seeks solace in Doon. Rea tries to tell what happened but Doon and Mero feel the girl is just frightened. Chihiro backs up Rea and confirms what the girl has done. He was pretending to be asleep. Now cornered, the girl runs off while Chihiro and Rea give chase. They catch up when she trips at the graveyard. Since they haven’t figured it out yet, the girl makes a hint and Rea realizes she is her mother. What the?! She’s Aria?! Well the mole below her left eye maybe but everything about her is so different. Oh, maybe her stinking attitude too. She thought she wants to take everything dear away from Rea but looks like there are too many ‘fools’ around her. She is upset everybody pays attention to Rea and none for her. Especially for a certain zombie freak who has never loved a human. Chihiro gives his piece of mind that she needs to grow up or else people will hate her if she keeps doing nasty things. That’s why she’s always alone. He even teases her if she’s so desperate, she can get intimate with him. Just kidding. This upsets Aria as she starts summoning some super power. What the hell? Is she raining hail storm? Suddenly Aria emerges from her bathtub and realizes it was all a dream. WHAT THE???!!! JUST A FREAKING DREAM???!!! Rea also thought it was some sort of hallucination. Next day, the butler reluctantly tells Aria of the punishment that doesn’t sit well with teachers and friends. Aria decides to drop it since she no longer sees the necessity in punishing Rea against her Danichirou’s intentions. Chihiro accompanies Rea as she tells her about the strange dream whereby her mother was harassing her and such. She thanks him.

Dead… And Loving It!
Well, it left me with mixed feelings. The first OVA felt like a little recap because recycled scenes are being used in certain scenes that make it feel like a fast forward recap of the important events that took place during the TV series. But the ending has left me desiring a little more because they introduced some seemingly crazy chick and then you don’t see her in the next episode. So if they decided to make a sequel out of this, I’m sure this character may play the main part. And then maybe they can add crazier things like obsessed cult zombie hunters. Yeah. Like a zombie movie with roles reversal. But that’s another story. For the second OVA, the mystery of the little girl was enough to keep me on my toes because we would always be wondering who this girl is and what her goals are in picking Rea. Then when it turned out to be a dream sequence, I felt that it somewhat ruined it all. The magic is gone. So it was just a surreal crazy dream… What a let-down. In short, the OVAs were like fillers and nothing more. Despite the disappointment, I still enjoyed the double OVA episodes. Well because, Rea is still pretty when she’s dead ;p. Could’ve been prettier if she was alive XO.

In both episodes, I can sense that Chihiro and Rea are getting closer to each other but I just don’t feel the impact. Am I saying that my senses are as dead as a zombie? Rea seems to be fitting into her new home just fine and getting along pretty well with her life as well as her school life. It’s perfect. She’s almost perfect. Nobody suspects her to be an undead. Chihiro continues to look out for her but I was hoping that the OVAs would at least address the mystery that grandpa said about some resurrection medicine he created. Even if it was a slight hint. Didn’t. Not a word. Or even the mystery surrounding Chihiro and Mero’s mom (my question was whether she was a zombie or not?). Babu at least gets more spotlight in one of the episodes here and sometimes it’s refreshing to see what this undead cat is up to now he has found a new lease of life. Oh wait. Don’t cats have nine lives? I guess even Babu can tell his limitations so it’s a little tad sad that he can’t continue to pursue his love. Ranko has been reduced to a background character so much so I thought she could have been done without. If she didn’t make her appearance (like Danichirou – the photos don’t count, okay), I thought the show would still go on. I suppose the only reason why I want to see her is because if there would be a potential love triangle. Don’t see any hint of romance at all. Except for Chihiro’s love for zombies. He’s still hardcore on that. And grandpa… The senile jokes where he always forgets the food he dislikes and the soonest after Mero explains otherwise, I figure it got too repetitive and stale in the TV series so they left it out here.

That’s the end of the road for me for this series. Unless they make another season, that is. Zombies and horror flicks aren’t my cup of tea. Sankarea wasn’t really a hardcore of that genre since it’s about a dead girl trying to be alive while she was dead when she was alive. Get it? Safe to say that I haven’t been converted into a zombie lover since I will still freak out if I see corpse moving. The more reason why I should run away if the corpse is a pretty young girl. I might consider if she is a dead anime maid girl… However I still don’t think zombies are ‘vegetarians’.

I know I am weak against ghost stories and yet, here I am having a go at Tasogare Otome x Amnesia OVA. Did I not learn about getting spooked the last time? Despite the series wasn’t really a full horror and supernatural ghostly series, I still got scared. Maybe it’s that inner pride of me to finish what I started. Yeah, right. As some dubbed this the thirteenth episode (the unaired episode that was bundled together with the DVD to get your money’s worth), we see the Paranormal Investigation Club investigate several mysteries around their school. Oh yes. Don’t forget that ghost girl Yuuko that tags along with them.

Demon Slaying Maiden
We see Kirie adamant to put a rest to this ‘ash throwing’ curse that has everyone in school worried. The culprit of course turns out to be Yuuko who is throwing fish feed in the fountain. To make matters worse, Teiichi is the one who is encouraging her! Kirie blows her top that she should stop otherwise people will come up with more ghost stories but Yuuko sees her as a bully. Having it until here, Kirie throws down a challenge that if she defeats her, she must behave. Kirie seems to have confidence in the race (Teiichi quips she’s fastest at running away) but to her surprise, Yuuko beats her flat!!! As for the other series of challenges that includes pop quiz, fashion, test of courage and cooking, Yuuko defeats Kirie in all of them!!! Wow!!! How can you beat a ghost anyway? What has Yuuko got to lose? Kirie uses her last resort. She performs some complicating looking exorcism and in the end… Nothing happens! She runs away in embarrassment while telling Yuuko to just go and die. She’s already dead…

Okonogi has brought a paper that contains hidden legends from a bygone era. Really? As there are ghost stories written on it, she thinks as a club, they should go and ascertain them since the mysteries were never heard before. First up, they enter an empty classroom supposedly to be the ghost legend of Youko. Not Yuuko? If a boy and a girl perform a certain ritual, a ghost called Youko will appear. If they are destined to be together, Youko will leave a message that will have them find happiness. Otherwise, the boy will be dragged with Youko to hell! Okonogi and Teiichi try it out but Yuuko thinks this is part of Okonogi’s plan to confess to him. Thus Yuuko cheekily writes “May you burn in hell!” and drags Teiichi away. Okonogi won’t let it happen and pulls his other hand. How long is this tug of war going to last? Teiichi may split into half, you know? So I guess it’s Kirie’s turn to intervene. Telling a Japanese version of King Solomon’s wisdom, the one who lets go of Teiichi’s hand is the one that truly loves him. But… The girls aren’t letting it go! Suck it up and be a man! Teiichi is in pain and the girls turn sadist because they love to see how cute he is squirming in pain! New awakening! Thank God that Teiichi is still in one piece and the girls almost ‘climaxed’. I hope they don’t get addicted to this new sick play. Next up is a monster that apparently eats you from head to toe. Kirie thinks it is her turn to shine and puts on some Index outfit, mix with eastern and western talisman. She’s bloody confident in slaying this demon and starts her chanting. Seems complicated. Seems convincing. Till nothing happens. Yuuko even felt bad and wears a demon mask out of pity just for her. She runs away in embarrassment and doesn’t need her pity!

Finally there is this story whereby 3 or more people shouldn’t get into this bathtub at the same time otherwise something terrible will happen. The bathtub looks wide and modern and nothing happens when the trio sits in. Noting that this bathtub is built after the new school building, it means there is an old bathtub that exists somewhere since the legend was written before that. True enough, they find a smaller wooden bathtub and it seems it can fit more than 3 people. They prepare the water and Kirie and Okonogi get in. Teiichi is embarrassed to get in with them despite Okonogi making a wooden barrier for the men’s section. That’s because they’re all naked! In the name of science they must! Since when was this a scientific experiment? If Okonogi’s ‘men need to have balls’ argument didn’t work out, Yuuko suggests she can cover his private parts while he makes his way over. Eventually Teiichi does but Kirie points out since Okonogi can’t see Yuuko, that means she saw every part of Teiichi naked, right? Oh dear. Okonogi looked so happy… So the trio sink in and nothing much happens despite Okonogi making some comments about their floating boobs. Then the water starts to rise… Actually it’s Yuuko getting into the tub, sitting next to Teiichi. She’s starting to get naughty with him so Kirie couldn’t stand it anymore and punches the wooden barrier. The entire tub breaks and everyone is left screaming the nakedness they are in.

In the aftermath, they deduce that the terrible thing that would happen is that the wood would break since it was already old. As Okonogi dries the paper, hidden words start to pop up. She remembers there was a group of students doing these kinds of activities before them and it’s a club that came before the third newspaper club that she now joins. That club made journals and picked up mystery and ghost stories. When the paranormal hype died down, the club president who took up journalism changed the purpose of the club and it became the current third newspaper club as known today. As they couldn’t find topics to put in the print they started creating ghost stories. So basically, they were lying and making them up, right? Thus the paper contains discarded ideas and the Youko ghost story seems to be created by a member who fell in love and the ritual was his idea to have a date with the girl he loves. So did they waste their time over nothing? Well, Yuuko thought she had fun. That night, the girls dress in their yukata and Kirie thought Teiichi was complimenting hers. Too bad it was Yuuko’s instead. So pissed. Just when Kirie thought Okonogi complimented hers, it felt like an insult because it’s like she’s trying to say she has no curves at all. Another running away in embarrassment for her. While Okonogi and Kirie go wild with the fireworks, Yuuko and Teiichi find precious time together. They are surprised there was a club before them that did paranormal investigations and Yuuko says there’s always something to keep it going. Not the ghost stories. But the search for love. Teiichi comments that although ghosts are scary, they have some romantic charm to them that attracts people. Take for example Yuuko’s case whereby her story has been told for decades. There’s some romantic charm in it, no? It’s also a reason why they are all here now.

I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghosts…
Thankfully… There were no scary parts! Not that I was scared by a single bit out of my pants anyway. Because of that, it doesn’t feel that the series had lived up to its scary hype but that’s only because the scary part which was Yuuko’s amnesia and split personality has already been solved in the TV series. Oh, watching this OVA may have made you forget that Yuuko did have amnesia too. However as a series overall, I think the OVA isn’t bad in complementing the TV series. So I guess like in many OVAs these days, the extra episode is to have fun and make it enjoyable, a way to end and wind down the series. Therefore I was laughing and having ‘fun’ most of the time instead of being spooked.

The funniest person for this OVA goes to Kirie. It felt like she has become a clown. We know her as the serious girl who rarely gets the comical part. But here, it’s as though it is her destiny to become one.  Whether it is her failed exorcisms, running away and get disheartened that nobody goes after her or her reaction to insults about her body, she’s really a funny girl to watch. She is what makes this OVA overall very funny. Okonogi too had her moments but it is because we know her as a quirky girl so the impact isn’t really there as compared to Kirie. Yuuko is still cheeky and bumming around, teasing anyone whenever she gets the chance. Okonogi still can’t see her so I think Kirie will have her fun for some time. And more importantly both Teiichi and Yuuko continue to love each other. But it still bugs me how long this will last since Teiichi won’t be around forever. I know. Grow old, die and become a ghost like her. But he’ll be an old man by that time. But really. How do you date a ghost anyway?

There are lots of legends, myths, mysteries, folklores and ghost stories around the world and lack of proper documentation and passing down via word of mouth from generation to generation only distorts and twists everything. Whether you want to believe them or not it is really up to you. I wouldn’t say I totally believe in ghost stories but I don’t read much of them because of ‘that’ weakness of mine. Mysteries as seen in this OVA can turn out to be pretty lame or ‘nothing much’ when the truth is exposed. Be it science, common sense or just coincidence. So that is why as said by Teiichi, there is a certain charm when it is left as a mysterious ghost story. We all love a got spook, don’t we? Not me. Tell me a happy fairytale story instead. Please?

Miyuki-chan In Wonderland

November 23, 2012

There must have been countless of parodies of Alice In Wonderland or at least adaptations from that Lewis Carroll book. When I heard about Miyuki-chan In Wonderland, my thoughts were right when it’s supposed to be a nonsensical parody of that said book. Instead of Alice, we have this Miyuki girl. However as I read further, this series which is by CLAMP is not only nonsensical but a yuri and lesbian rendition of Alice In Wonderland. Ooohhh… WTF. Must see… The 2 OVA episodes of 15 minutes each are only based on the first 2 chapters of the manga and sees this Japanese high school girl named Miyuki being pulled into nonsensical worlds whereby scantily clad ladies want to have their way with her. Ooohhh… WTF. Must see…

Episode 1
Miyuki wakes up from an awful dream to realize she is running late for school. While making haste, a ditzy Bunny Girl on skateboard is equally rushing to somewhere because she too is late. Then they both fall down a rabbit hole. Or man hole. Wait. It’s too big to be a manhole. Miyuki wakes up in another world and sees a lady stuck to the door. She asks for Miyuki’s name and wants her to turn her knobs to enter the door. Where’s the knob? There. Where? Right over there. She has 2 of them. Oh. Making Miyuki squeeze her tits and putting her face into them, Miyuki goes through the other side and ends up in a forest whereby she meets a pair of Chinese twins, Cho Lee and To Lee. After asking her name, they simply want to fight her. Since Miyuki doesn’t possess any martial arts, she makes a run. But the twins split the ground and have her fall into the abyss. Now finding herself in a desert, she sees a pot filling up a tea cup and a message wanting her to drink. She regrets doing so because now she has shrunk to the size of an ant. Walking along, a Mad Hatter lady and her group invite her up to her leaf for drink. Though Miyuki refuses, she is brought in anyway. Miyuki wants to know where this place is so the only reply she got is “This is here”. Huh? Mad Hatter makes her drink another cup and this time she grows back to her normal size. Realizing it is night time, Miyuki is appalled she has missed school. There goes her perfect attendance record. Then popping up behind her is Cheshire Cat. Wouldn’t every guy love their Cheshire Cat to be this sexy? Meow! After being asked her name, Miyuki explains the outrageous adventure she had but Cheshire Cat is interested in Miyuki’s cuteness. She is about to pound on her when the next thing Miyuki knows, she is in a garden outside a castle. She sees a group of card ladies painting the white roses red. Seems the Queen prefers the red ones and if she finds out about this, they’ll be punished. I think those ladies are masochists because they really want to be punished by the Queen. Speaking of which, here she comes. Looks more like S&M Queen! Yeah, everybody is proclaiming it’s their fault and wants to be punished by her. Noticing Miyuki and asking her name, she will have her kneel before her! She starts cracking her whip as Miyuki makes a run deep into the dark labyrinth. With Queen hot on her heels, Miyuki sees Bunny Girl riding up next to her. But Miyuki is caught by Queen’s whip and something nasty is about to happen to her when she wakes up from this dream. What an awful dream. Then she realizes she is late for school and makes haste. While running along, a ditzy Bunny Girl on skateboard is equally rushing to somewhere. Hey wait a minute! Deja vu?! Have she seen this scene somewhere before?

Episode 2
Miyuki is brushing her hair in the mirror when she realizes that her reflection is doing a different action. Yikes! Her reflection than comes out of the mirror to pull Miyuki in. Finding herself in a weird place again, she sees a sign but soon realizes that it is the reverse for “Welcome to Mirrorland”. Suddenly a gargoyle lady flies by and takes Miyuki away. She gets freaked out that the sky is at the bottom and earth is on top. She’s not upside down, no? Noting she is yet again in a strange land, she struggles to break free and falls off. Yeah, she’s falling to the sky. Falling on to a flower field, Miyuki realizes she fell on a petite flower fairy. After getting off her, the fairy joins with her other friend to have fun. Touching each other’s body? They invite Miyuki to join in too but I think she would prefer very much to decline. Walking along the floating islands, she sees a very cute little butterfly lady. Because they could not understand each other, Miyuki heaves a sigh. Her sigh is so powerful that it blows the butterfly girl away! Oops! Then a strong gust of wind blows Miyuki off the island as she crashes down onto a chessboard. She sees a lady sitting in a cracked eggshell identifying herself as Humpty Dumpty. I guess Miyuki must have been used to it so before she could ask, she tells her own name. Humpty Dumpty wants her to play chess and has the pieces (beautiful ladies?) stepping onto the board. Her opponent will be her mirror self. Hey, that’s like playing against yourself, eh? Miyuki has to play because the loser will strip naked. As the game progresses, the funny thing is that when a piece captures another piece, the capturing piece will smack the other piece before the losing piece turns completely naked! What kind of chess is this?! Then it dawned to Miyuki that since she is playing herself, no matter who wins or lose, it will be her who will strip! The real Miyuki wins so the mirror one does not hesitate in stripping herself. Miyuki is embarrassed and tries to stop her from stripping but by this time, she is already totally naked. Also, when Miyuki tries to grab her, she falls right through and crashes through the glass, falling yet into another abyss. The next thing she knows, she is in her room. Phew. Bad dream? Whatever. Thank goodness she’s back home. Miyuki finishes brushing her hair and is about to leave. Unknown to her, her mirror’s reflection puts up a victory sign as teaser.

Miyuki-chan In What-The-Hell-Land
So what the hell? WTF is going on?! I guess this is what you should expect when things are just nonsensical. Questions like why Miyuki keeps getting pulled into weird worlds or why every girl in the strange world wants to seduce her (heck, why are they all women only?!) aren’t really answered because I don’t think you’re here to seek answers about all that. Just enjoy the mindless fun. As I found out further, there are other lands that Miyuki drops into such as mahjong and video game land and meeting even weirder ladies. Well, it will be amusing to see the hell she goes through before coming back to reality where she once started. Bad dream? Too vivid her imagination? Was it all real? Who knows. Good to know she’s back in one piece. Or so she thinks. Since this is a manga by CLAMP, I read that this Miyuki does make some cross-over cameo appearance especially in Tsubasa Chronicle. But it has been a long time since I have watched that show so I can’t really remember. There’s nothing much I can say about this show since this is a 1995 production, the animation quality is of that era so no big complaints. I think it would be great that if there were more short OVAs produced to see the nonsensical worlds Miyuki went through but since there is nothing, I guess I’ll just be content with this pair. So the next time if you see a bunny girl running next up to you, make sure you look straight ahead and lookout for that big hole not to fall in. Hey, aren’t bunny girls the kind you find at Playboy mansions or naughty adult clubs only?

Gunsmith Cats

November 16, 2012

Girls with guns. Don’t mess with them. And if they have a partner who specializes in bombs, you better not get on the wrong side of their books. You’ll get more holes than a Swiss cheese if you push the wrong buttons. Folks, meet the female combo team duo in Gunsmith Cats. Irene “Rally” Vincent is more than just a gunslinger with a pretty face with extensive knowledge with anything to do with guns and is equally skilled in using them while Minnie “May” Hopkins may look like a petite kid but don’t underestimate her highly self styled bombs that she makes. On the surface they may seem to run a gun shop but underneath it all, they are bounty hunters. Hey, if the police can’t take down the rampant outlaw gangs, you might as well want to use these babes to get the job done.

Based on the manga of the same name, this series has been adapted into 3 OVA episodes in 1995 and from what I read, the OVAs are not directly adapted from the manga and are considered more of an original animation story. That’s because from what I read it leaves out lots of major characters from the comic and inserts anime-only supporting characters and the plot that isn’t based on any of the manga’s chapters. So it’s like using the main characters but in a whole new different story. That’s not a bad thing, right? Well, that depends. Because it didn’t follow the events in the manga, some would classify this as a filler. After all, I didn’t really read the manga. As long as we can see them busting around with guns and bombs then I’m okay with that.

Episode 1
Jonathan Washington thought he got a wrong call from a girl when he realizes the sh*t he is in. He quickly gets up and tries to arm himself but a smoke bomb is dropped at his feet. He is arrested by bounty hunter Rally and her partner May. Back at her shop, Rally learns from Becky that even though Washington was arrested for drug charges, they have not found any drugs. Rally wants her to investigate more. Sure. If she pays. A customer comes into her store as recommended by Roy to order a gun. After he leaves, William “Bill” Collins from ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) comes in. He wants them to help out with a sting. Seems that Washington guy was handling guns and not drugs so he was trying to sell them to pay for his bail. Rally caught him before he could do that. So he wants them to contact him and ‘do business’ with him so they can catch him in the act of selling firearms. Since he can’t pay, the girls aren’t interested in the conversation anymore. However Bill resorts to blackmail tactic and has researched the illegal firearms and explosives they possess. No choice but to cooperate. If they’re successful, he’ll get them the licence to sell those stuffs and also tax deductions. Bill makes his way out and the girls show him the middle finger. The girls leave for home and discuss about Bill’s offer. And badmouth him. Unknown to them, Bill and his team are staking outside their house. They heard everything… Late that night, a group of thugs break into their house to steal weapons. Little do they know, they have sounded the silent alarm. Rally gets excited because it’s been ages since something like this happened but isn’t thrilled when May wants to get in with the action as well. As the burglars rummage through the secret room filled with firearms, Rally hits the light switch off and nails them with a couple of shots. Even if the baddie was holding a submachine gun, he missed! The last thief runs away but he ran the wrong direction. He ran upstairs and triggers May’s bombs. Boom! Thank goodness they’re just smoke screen. Soon all the thugs get arrested but their collection has also been confiscated. Rally thinks Bill had it all planned but he insists he did. Rally has no choice but to agree with his deal but with one condition. She will do it her way and doesn’t want him following her. Isn’t that two?

Rally goes to see Washington in jail and wants to buy all his ‘toys’. He agrees to do it but needs her to pay the ‘deposit’. How much? She’ll have to ask the court. Oh, it’s his bail. Rally reports to Bill and she feels she can’t trust him. He assures her he isn’t following and the good job she is doing. Bill gets called by his boss, George Black that 3 infiltrators have been killed. Bill thinks someone from ATF is leaking information especially from the Illinois branch. He can’t say because he has no evidence yet. Worse come to worse, he’ll go undercover. Meanwhile Rally gets an earful from Becky Farrah for accepting such a dangerous assignment. She promises to make it up by treating her to dinner. As long it isn’t Chinese or pizza. Really? That simple? I thought it was only through the stomach that you need to convince men. Rally then brings Becky along. Why? To watch May so she won’t go crazy. Rally arrives at the warehouse and goes in alone. After that thorough body check for weapons (that guy doing the body search must be real lucky), she is brought to Washington upstairs. He needs her to pass a test first before they conduct their deal. Inside a room, Rally is shown Bill tied up. He says they spotted a suspicious guy lingering outside and their boss recognized him and ringed him in, they discovered he is a government official. At first Rally feigns he didn’t recognize him and when she does, she blows his cover by revealing he is the weasel that tries to convince her to sell him out. Washington hands him Bill’s gun. So the test is to shoot him? Rally can tell there are no bullets in it so Washington gives her one. After confirming where the goods are, Rally prepares to shoot Bill. But in that single bullet breaks his ropes and wounded the lackey’s knee. Then in swift action, Rally and Vincent pull off stunning manoeuvres to turn the tables on their captors. The others get a feeling what has happened inside the room and move to surround the place.

Becky sees the lights go off and thinks something bad has happened. I’m not sure how May got free from her binds but she scoots off into the building thinking it’s her time for debut. While Bill and Rally round up Washington, the wall and door are greeted with a hail of bullets. Thankfully they have foreseen this and were hiding. Otherwise those goons who couldn’t care less about Washington could have put holes in him too. Bill and Rally soon bust out to do some slick gun shooting moves that put those thugs to shame. They only got a pistol and make each bullet count while the baddies armed with machine guns sprayed the entire area and couldn’t hit their target. Rally is trapped on the walkway above so one of the baddies tries to use a crane to wreck everything and bring her down. Her clothes get stuck so she tries to improvise by stripping but her gun fell down. Now she’s unarmed. And semi-naked. Bill is also having problems with the shotgun guy. May busts in looking for Rally and this distracts the baddies. In precision timing, Bill jumps out endangering himself so he could throw Rally’s gun to her. Rally jumps down to fire her at the shotgun guy while Bill takes out the crane operator. Nice teamwork. But the shotgun guy isn’t out yet and has a hidden pistol in his sleeves. That’s when May barges back in to drop all her bombs on him! As for Becky, she’s feigning she didn’t see or know anything. In the aftermath as the bad guys are arrested, amazingly after all that gun fight, there were no casualties! I thought some died! Rally and May argue and blame each other for being reckless but ultimately put the blame on Bill. But he pretends he couldn’t hear that and since he has no shame, he requests the girls for another favour. Oh no. That doesn’t sound like a joke. Run away!

Episode 2
Russian freelance mercenary, Natasha Radinov (I thought she was a guy!) just killed the security guard and completed some other shady activities that includes receiving a suitcase of heroine. Those Japanese guys thought they could mock her by speaking in Japanese but she just kept quiet and ignore them. They get a call from their boss requesting her for another job. Of course there’ll be additional fees for the job. Radinov is happy that this might involve killing somebody. Meanwhile Washington is being interrogated by Rally and May in a room in ATF’s safe house (supposedly the safest place in Washington. Washington as in the place lah). Washington is in a panic and pleads them to get him out of here and have information regarding the organization. They assure this place is safe but he tells them the ATF can’t be trusted. Rally doesn’t seem convinced so he gives her his Rolex watch so that she can deliver it to his daughter at this address but she’s reluctant to do it. The ATF guys come into the room and the conversation ends. The ladies walk out but Washington slips it into the back of May’s pocket. Then he tells them what he said is true and they’ll soon witness it. By that time, he won’t be alive. Seems May have taken up this delivery job and Rally isn’t happy she took that assignment that doesn’t profit them a single cent. Well, she’s the one to say. Suddenly Rally has to swerve her car to the side or else she would have crashed into that crazy Radinov b*tch coming from the other direction. On the TV news, mayoral electorate hopeful, Senator Edward Haints is boosting his image working with ATF and pledge for a safer America with the extermination of illegal firearms. Radinov enters the safe house and coolly kills all the ATF guards with ease! She’s like a walking arsenal because underneath her trench coat are weapons and bullets! Washington is hiding in the toilet and fears for his life. He pleads he has information on the organization but she doesn’t listen and kills him. The area is soon cordoned off and Black isn’t happy how things are going and takes Bill off the case. It’s not that he suspects him and knows someone is trying to pull a con on him but he says this isn’t a battlefield and won’t get any medal for impressing.

Radinov is back home when she receives a call from her employer. Seems her next target is Rally and May and she has done her research on them. However she has no information on the fourth person and that this man will never imagine his own partner will kill him. Meanwhile Rally and May have arrived at the address to deliver the Rolex. But Washington’s daughter… A big burly man?! WTF?! Back home, Becky thinks it is a fake Rolex and a fake address. Rally fools around with May till the latter falls down on the floor. She then notices a bugging device. Bill and his team are still eavesdropping on the girls when suddenly Becky knocks on their door to deliver pizza. Busted. Rally tells him off if he has time to snoop around, he should be getting his ass to do her licence. No choice, they leave. But all that talk was just to buy May enough time to plant a bomb underneath their van. At a distance, it goes boom! Don’t worry, nobody died. Just lots of equipment damaged. Oh, Radinov is around the corner watching. Becky is trying to figure out the connection of the watch and address. Rally thinks hard and remembers Washington was at his computer when she met him at the warehouse. They think the address is some sort of code to a website. May also sees a number on the watch and Becky thinks this is some secret access code. Putting them together brings them to an adult website. But neatly hidden beneath it is data for all the transactions for the illegal firearms before ATF seized them. This data could fetch a high price but they only need evidence now. Rally and May quickly leave to get things done before Becky could finish printing them out. On the other hand, happy Bill has just finished printing those data after yet another round of spying.

While Becky continues to stay safe in the car as usual, Rally and May infiltrate the suspicious yacht club. I mean, it’s a little heavily guarded, don’t you think? They manage to get inside the warehouse that houses the firearms but it was a setup. The baddies corner them because their boss told them they would pull such a stunt. However the girls have tricks up their sleeve. May releases a flash grenade to blind them and Rally uses her slick moves to shoot them all out. However she could’ve been Radinov’s next victim if not for Bill who is conveniently at the scene. Radinov makes her escape but bumps into May crawling around. She intends to kill her but because of the police sirens, she kidnaps her instead. Rally isn’t thrilled Bill is here and thinks he is the one who staged all this but he says he doesn’t trust the ATF more than she does. Suddenly they realize May is kidnapped so Rally gets into her car to start the high speed pursuit. I’m not sure how long Rally has been horning but it was enough to wake May up from her unconsciousness and signal the start of some synchronized attack thingy of theirs. I can’t believe Radinov didn’t tie May up properly and this allowed her to interrupt her driving. May is thrown to the back seat and during the high speed chase, May sets up her bombs. On the freeway, the ladies are breaking every rule there is to safety driving. Keep both hands on the steering (they were driving with one hand and firing with the other)! Keep both eyes on the road ahead! Don’t tailgate! Don’t swerve in and out and in between lanes! People, please don’t imitate them. Radinov shoots the wheel of a truck to send it crashing into Rally behind but her slick precision driving means she avoids the big bang. When Rally manages to fire at Radinov, shooting off her ear stud (bloodied ear?), she becomes enraged and is going to kill May. The petite girl has already finished setting her bombs and presses the detonate button. The back window shatters and the blasts send May hurtling outside towards Rally’s car behind. If not for Becky’s terrific catch, May could’ve been splat! People, another reminder not to imitate such dangerous stunt! But it was awesome! Radinov trying to regain her composure realizes she has just gone off the bridge and in mid-air another explosion turns the car into a fiery fireball. Dead for good? Rally and May are happy their tactic paid off but Rally knows this isn’t over yet by a long shot.

Episode 3
Though the police has cordoned off the area for investigations, they found the car but no body. I guess you know what this means. As for Rally, May and Becky, they’re being ‘scolded’ by their boss, Roy Coleman for the mess they’ve gotten into. He shows them a file on Radinov about the ruthless killing machine she is. She was once from the KGB but now is a freelance. Nicknamed Bloody Pierce because of her lethal skills, she is a murder machine that has been doing some illegal business for a long time and recently entered the country illegally via Canada. He wants them to leave the case to them. When the trio leave, they are surprised to see a knife sticking out from their car’s bonnet. Rally knows it is her sign for revenge. Back at their base, Rally gets a call from Haints. Seems he wants to give them an award and spearhead his campaign for anti-illegal firearms since the weapons case is finished. But Becky notes Radinov is still alive and they haven’t found out who is pulling the strings in ATF. Rally thinks it’ll be their chance to appeal directly to the government but Becky wishes to decline because it’ll be bad for her business if she shows her face and will leave it to them. Back home, May suggests Rally to try out high heels she bought for her for the event. Let’s say Rally doesn’t suit walking in them. Heck, she can’t walk well. May quips in that case the men will just come over to her. Speaking of which, there is one at the door now. It’s Bill. See, what did May say about men coming to her? Anyway Bill wants Rally’s cooperation again or else the case will be cancelled. She’s not interested and has already made arrangements to deal directly with a certain VIP tomorrow. Bill is ushered away by a policeman who has orders not to let anyone near them. Not even the President of USA. Gee, I’m glad he is dedicated to his job. Bill is back at his office when his colleague Cathy shows him suspicious telephone usage record from the safe house which is supposed to be closed off. And the user is Black. Conveniently, he is on sudden vacation now. I guess he’s the one pulling all the strings, eh? Don’t guys like him know how to cover his tracks? Bill lauds her for a good job and hopes she could keep this a secret.

Black has packed his bags and gone to see Radinov. He is panicking that he can’t hide it from them anymore and wants her to take him along. He can pay how much she wants. However Radinov is on the phone with another person and it seems the order is to eliminate him. Without mercy, Radinov shoots him dead. One bad turn deserves another. When Bill and his partner Jody barge in the house, they see Black’s body. Bill knows he is dealing with a professional killer and takes away a bomb trap hidden in Black’s body. They could’ve been blown to bits had they moved the body carelessly. Jody then carelessly redials the telephone to see the last number Radinov made and it connected to Haints’ office. Well, well. Looks like Radinov and Haints are a team, eh? Bill sees photos of Rally and May on the wall and knows they are her next target. And I guess he also realizes the VIP they’re going to see tomorrow so he rushes out. When Jody puts down the phone, it triggers a bomb and the entire house goes boom! That’s a professional killer for you. Radinov is seen talking to Haints on the phone. Although she is supposed to leave the city but she wants to remain till she finishes off those ladies. It’s a matter of pride. The rain is delaying the event as Rally and May wait in the tent. Haints’ men need to make sure of his image and have them remove all the guns and bombs. Much to their dismay. Roy assures he will look after their weaponry. As the event is underway, Haints presents the award to Rally as Radinov edges closer to the front. As she pulls out her guns, Bill shouts to warn Rally. Conveniently that distracted Radinov for a while but not before firing all she’s got before escaping. Luckily Rally’s high heels broke so Radinov’s shots miss and destroy the award instead. Seriously I don’t think they needed the plaque either. With the place in panic, Roy and Becky spots Bill badly bruised. He needs to warn Rally because this event is a trap for her. Rally and May retrieve their weapons and chase after Radinov. Rally thinks she has got Radinov cornered at the rooftop of a remodelling museum and tells her to lifts her arms in the air and turn around. However she has already planted a bomb in the nearby water tank and sets it off. The impact blows Rally off her feet and throws May off the building. If not for the ropes, she could’ve gone straight down. Radinov sticks a knife in Rally’s shoulders and won’t kill her easily and will make her suffer. May throws a flash bomb up to temporarily blind Radinov. By the time she recovers, Rally has already escaped.

May is seen carrying bleeding Rally inside the museum. She assures Rally she has set lots of traps. But Radinov isn’t stupid. She sees through all the traps and even throws a fire extinguisher into the hallway filled with bomb traps to make them think she has taken the bait. Then she follows the bloodied trail that leads her to the duo hiding inside the woman’s toilet. Thinking she has got them cornered in the cubicle, before she could start her trigger frenzy, May presses her detonate button for the bomb set where Radinov is standing and blows her away. Meanwhile Haints thinks of getting away and will use this chance to escape while the media is preoccupied with Radinov. In his room, he is surprised to see Radinov standing at the corner and tells her off about pointing the gun at him on stage too. He wants to call their partnership off and return all the heroine he gave. He gets a little scared when he thinks Radinov is going to kill him and tries to worm his way out like a politician. Just like all bad guys, he notices the gun on the table and picks up to shoot her. Guess what? It is empty. It is revealed that this ‘Radinov’ is Roy’s assistant in disguise and Becky hiding behind the curtain has recorded his confession live to the media. Yeah, what a big scoop. Everybody has seen this dirty politician’s trick. What a way to get the media to suddenly focus on you, eh? Haints thinks he can escape but outside are Roy and his men waiting to arrest him. And Haints can still try to talk about how he is doing all the cleaning of illegal immigrants and gangs for America?! Did what?! Rally and May are safe and picked up. May thinks they were careless this time but Rally thinks Radinov too was careless. Radinov is wheeled away into the ambulance but suddenly, yes SUDDENLY she jumps out with an axe in hand (where and how did she get that?!) and is going to chop Rally to pieces. Rally can’t move because her arm is bandaged. Bill fires a shot to break the axe. Rally follows up by pumping several shots into Radinov’s body to put an end to her for good. Bill wonders if Rally thinks better of him now that he can be useful. It ends with Rally noting that this is how strong they’ve got to be if they want to live in this city.

Armed and Dangerous…
So it was rather entertaining and my favourite part is of course the action bits. They were exciting enough to draw me in and glued to my seat. And sometimes the edge of my seat. The first episode’s warehouse gun shootout with the baddies is amazingly cool. The second episode’s high speed car chase with Radinov is exhilarating. The final episode’s face off with the terminator may not be as intense but it is still a good watch. Overall, it is the action that scores highly and the reason why one should watch this series but may not satisfy hardcore action junkies. I’m sure they try to throw in some fanservice too with some scenes of Rally and May fighting in their underwear (the scene whereby thugs broke into their house) but don’t get your hopes high up too much and consider them as just little extra bonuses. As for the storyline, well, it’s nothing extraordinary. Typically, the duo get involved in a conspiracy that endangers themselves and after a little digging here and there, the culprit is always the people at the top. See? So predictable. I could have guessed that when Haints made his first appearance, I had a hunch that this guy isn’t what he really seems to be on TV. True enough, he is the biggest crook and he got what he deserves like all baddies in televisions get. Smaller fries like Black get killed. And our heroines come out tops, smarter and wiser from the experience. Happy ending. End of story.

The one thing I find very odd is about the setting of this anime in Chicago, Illinois. Actually it isn’t the setting that is odd. I just find that for this very heavily American themed series, for the characters to speaking in Japanese to be just weird. I know I could have ‘neutralized’ that by watching the dubbed version but you know me, I am very anti-dubs and would rather put up with this weirdness than hearing a different voiceover. So like the senator, he is like speaking as if a Japanese instead of a true blue American. Weird, right? As I found out, despite having just only 3 episodes, there were lots of research put into this anime to make this series have this local feeling that you are in Chicago. Well, I haven’t been to that city in America so I couldn’t identify any landmarks. The production team also consulted with the actual Illinois police academy and research on the guns because as we know, Japan has a very tight control on its guns.

As mentioned, the anime leaves out lots of other characters. That means you don’t get any deep character development for even Rally and May. From what I briefly skimmed through Wikipedia, they have lots of history and ‘happenings’ in their life (the manga lasted for 9 volumes). They have the personality and past that would make worthy a discussion among enthusiasts. In the OVAs, you don’t see much of it and just get to know that they are a team of highly skilled bounty hunters, that’s all. I think they were trying to put in some romance between Rally and Bill by making them look good as a makeshift team combo but I don’t think it’ll work out. It never. Maybe they have good sync in that area but chemistry wise, they just fail to click. And May is always such a tease sometimes when it comes to Rally and men. So what happens to them all in such an ‘abrupt’ ending? Life goes on as usual for the living. Crime fighting never ends. That sort of thing.

The drawing and art despite being old school is acceptable since it is during that era but it is nothing much to shout about. Still, they manage to pull off some good designs for the cars and give details to the guns in Rally’s possession. Even the action is smooth and because of its realism (nothing that really goes overboard in defying physics), this is one of the reasons why I said that the action in this anime is quite worth the watch. This series should be a decent watch for those wanting a little action in the backdrop of an American city but not might sit well with hardcore fans of the original manga series. If you’re thinking that America is one dangerous place to live, just to assure you, this entire world is one big dangerous place. As long as there are places where humans will tread, you’re never safe. Not even from yourself. So it’s best to have some sort of self defence and alliance to keep your behind safe. You know what they say about cats having 9 lives? The way Rally and May are chalking up their enemies, they might have already extend their 1ups to over a hundred.

This is one of the few ‘old’ animes to be given the reboot years after the TV series ended. Just like my recent stint with Kaibutsu Oujo OVA, Yozakura Quartet OVA ~Hoshi No Umi~ is also a retelling and remake of the TV series. I guess there were many fans who were unhappy of how the TV series deviated from the original manga works so that’s why you have this OVA which is faithfully reproduced close to the original. Me? I don’t read the manga so I can’t really say but I do find the 2008 TV series version quite okay. Of course as far as my memories serve, it could have been better.

Also like Kaibutsu Oujo OVA, not only there are 3 episodes in total, but it took an entire year for all the episodes to be released! Yes, that is a pretty long time if you are a diehard fan of the series and every excruciating second of the wait seems like eternity. Unless of course you prefer to read the original materials instead of watching the reproduction. So basically this retelling isn’t just an abridged version but one of the chapters from the manga. You need to have some knowledge about this series beforehand if you’re going to decide to watch this OVA without scratching your head to understand the developments of the events. I’ll spare you the details because it’s much easier to Google it yourself (read: I’m lazy to rewrite a brief summary). The big focus of this OVA will be on a minor supporting character in the TV series: Rin. Yes, that Chinese vampire keong si girl.

Episode 1
Zakuro Kurumaki just entered Sakurashin City just to retrieve a ‘toy’ she lost. We can tell she’ll be the main villain for this OVA because she rots a little shrine at one of the Nanagous and steals something within it. Rin is living a peaceful life. For 2 years, she has been living and doing ramen deliveries in a ramen shop owned by a couple we shall simply call as Oya-san and Okami-san. Her adopted parents are kind and understanding people. Life is good. It’s just sad it won’t last long. See the hideous scars over Rin’s body? That tells you she has gone through hell, doesn’t it? During her delivery, she meets Akina who is on his way for a medical check-up. Rin SMS Touka about it and the latter seems pretty excited to join in. I don’t know about this but did Touka ever show us she had a crush on Akina in the TV series? Of course to her dismay, she also sees Hime at the clinic run by Juri. She thought it’s going to just be her and Akina. Hime also secretly likes Akina more than a friend? Surprise, surprise (to me at least). Touka doesn’t want to lose out to Hime on strength so Juri has them both arm wrestle her at the same time. Guess what? A mere human nurse like Juri could completely beat them youkais! Mind boggling, isn’t it? So it goes to show that it’s not your physical strength that counts. You need to know how your bones and muscles work, etc. Master them and you can do almost anything. Now it’s Akina’s turn for his check-up. Juri can tell he has been using his Tuning skills lately (a skill that sends bad youkais back to the other world). She holds his hand and a golden glow is emitted from both of them. As Juri explains, doing too much Tuning has caused him to deviate or slide away and all he needs to get himself back is to hold the hands of another living thing. Well, youkais don’t really count so it’s obvious to see why Hime and Touka are pretty upset about it. Yeah, can’t hold hands with him. After Juri makes Akina leave to do an investigation, she can clearly see how depressed the girls are. So obvious. She snaps them out by saying that they both have a crush on Akina. Also advising them that there are things a youkai can do. If they do a better job, Akina may not have to use his Tuning often.

Ao and Kotoha are at the church to see Yae. They are here to retrieve the stolen items back to the people. I remember the district chief, Yuuhi the kid who is actually a God being an oddball, but I didn’t know he was this perverted because he flipped up the skirts of the duo. There is no rule to say you can’t smack a God if he gets dirty, right? As Ao and Kotoha follow Yae, they see Hime trying to get close to a cat. The funny thing was, why is she wearing an oversized bear headgear? They can tell it’s Hime due to her trademark scarf. Worse, Yae is totally infatuated with the scene. Ao and Kotoha notice Yae’s room close by and take a peek. They see lots of bear stuffs. Teddy bears, posters, bed sheets. Just about everything. I didn’t know she was this much a bear fanatic. Because the duo failed to read the door on her sign (“Please knock before enter”), Yae is going to teach them a good lesson for seeing her secret. Hime gives her bear headgear to Yae. Hime thinks of continuing her patrol even though the crime rate in Sakurashin City is low but she takes pride in it. Yuuhi mentions something bothering him and that there was a victim in the next town. All the more reason for Hime to step up her patrol. Then Yae (still hugging on to the bear headgear and rolling…) assures her that there is a slim chance crime will not happen in this city because the city is made that way. Later Ao and Kotoha meet Touka at the playground. Touka is seemingly down because of the fact she can’t hold hands with Akina. Hey, you can just hold his hand and not necessarily just to tune him back, right? Oh well, I guess for a girl at her age, it’s complicated. Kotoha mentions about herself being half-human and half-youkai so she can only lend half her powers. But there are also other things that she can do, Touka can do, certainly more than just holding hands.

Yae is a Tochigami (local guardian) of this city and it’s her duty to put a damper on any crime. I guess this is partly why the crime rate in Sakurashin City is low. Oddly, before she heads out, she puts on the bear headgear and waltzes through the city! I guess it really boosts her motivation. A bunch of low-life criminals are planning to rob a store that has that rich looks. Seriously. They didn’t plan which store to rob and walk around so boldly with their balaclava masks looking for such stores? Maybe the street is totally empty. No wonder Yae’s job is easy. First mistake the baddies made is that they looked down on a nun in a bear headgear. They probably think she’s a wacko cosplayer. Secondly, one of them wanted to smash her with his wrench. Now this is where we get to see Yae in action. Stealing the wrench and knocking out the other 2 thieves with it. However a nearby villain (Zakuro) uses her telekinetic power to move one of the baddies’ hand and shoot Yae. Fortunately, it hit and destroys part of the bear headgear. Unfortunately, it hit and destroys part of the bear headgear. She is so in shock that the baddies got even time to tie her up! But not for long. Maybe they don’t know how to tie or she’s just to freaking strong for those losers to handle. She gets herself loose and fights back. Now she is one mad nun. Better say your prayers. The impact nearly has a car slamming into one of them. He starts praying to God for help. Haha. A believer at this point? Well, he’s looking at one. Fortunately for him, Yae just scared the daylights out of him.

Next morning, Yae brings the headgear to Akina in hopes he could fix it. He thinks she had done something incredible last night but she didn’t really admit. Akina is suspicious because he heard reports that a bunch of arrested robbers were explaining how they were defeated by someone in such a headgear. Maybe they’re just dreaming? Akina also concludes his investigation on the Nanagou. Seems there are strange things happening and one of them was like decaying. This is perfect timing for Yuuhi to explain that Enjin is on the move. He plans to make all the Nanagous in full bloom. Previously he always worked alone but this time it is different. He is working along natural enemies of the youkais known as Youkai Hunters to fulfil this goal. They aren’t just your typical villainous gang as each are specialists specializing in a certain area with incredible strength. It includes a dragon hunter, a vampire hunter, an exorcist and especially a necromancer. Meanwhile Rin is feeling very strange. So much so she starts collapsing in the middle of the road. It always bugs me why don’t truck drivers slow down at pedestrian crossings. I mean, the light may be green but couldn’t he see a helpless girl collapsing in the middle? That was even when the crossing light was green before it turned red as Rin couldn’t cross the road in time. So really. Why oh why are they speeding? Thankfully, Kyousuke uses his brute strength to stop the truck with his bare hands. But that’s not the end of the problem. In fact, it is just beginning. Zakuro controls Rin and uses her like a doll to throw Touka away and strike Kyousuke. Even a strong ogre like him couldn’t stand her single blow. Looks like Zakuro has got her ‘toy’ back.

Episode 2
Rin is unconscious sleeping at Juri’s place. If not for Okami-san (she is half-youkai) knocking her out, she would’ve gone on a rampage. Yuuhi explains in vain about their enemies making their move but everybody is too busy slurping on their ramen to listen. Can’t fight on an empty stomach, eh? Well, it’s said this is Rin’s new dish. Once done, everyone leaves to do their work. Okami-san wants Yuuhi to bring the culprit to talk to her if she is ‘that person’ (see her scary aura? That means she’s serious!). Yuuhi doesn’t take requests like Yae but that’s not what Okami-san had in mind. He needs to pay for all the ramen bowls his friends ate. Haha. Last to leave, pay the bill. Rin is having a nightmare of running away from a group of people doing a witch-hunt. Alone and afraid, Zakuro pops up to offer her help. In reality, she is rudely awakened by Zakuro who has busted into Juri’s clinic. She reminds her that she is her toy and that she is a bad girl for running away from her master. Besides, she did tell Rin that she will always protect her. Zakuro kidnaps her and along her way bumps into Enjin. Zakuro assures him that she will do his work but wants him to stay out. Hime is doing her night patrol and is tempted by the roadside stall. Then she sees Zakuro with Rin in her arms. Hime goes after her while Akina returns to get Kyousuke’s help. Seeing Zakuro has time to spare, she decides to play with Hime. At the bridge, they introduce each other but Zakuro notes that even though Hime is strong, she is not interesting. Hime makes the first moves and beats Zakuro up. That easy? Is it game over? Far from over. It’s just starting. Zakuro admits that she may be weak but reminds her about Youkai Hunters are only strong when they use their special abilities. As a necromancer, Zakuro needs not be strong herself. Using her true ability to control her ‘toy’, a possessed Rin pushes Akina away. Then she toys with Kyousuke before her fight with Hime. Though she got Hime is in her grasp, Hime ekes out a smile and this temporary breaks Rin out of her spell (Hime’s smiled reminded her of Zakuro’s when they first met). This distraction allows Akina to slam a talisman on her forehead.

With no ‘corpse’ to use, Zakuro starts rotting the ground and summons the ground as her monster familiar. Since the monsters regenerate, Hime attacks Zakuro directly but it won’t be easy since she is well guarded. A wall is slammed onto the monster and Zakuro is thrilled the interesting one is here: Kotoha. Noting that they’re both half-human and half-youkai, Kotoha doesn’t want her to put her in the same category as her. Zakuro taunts Kotoha to kill her because eventually they’re both the same. Kotoha is temporarily stunned when flashbacks of her tragic past resurfaces (she burnt down her entire town). Hime wants her to materialize a weapon but she didn’t like the lance because it’s too sharp. She reminds her about their no-killing policy. So I guess they’ll just have to beat her up till she repents, eh? If only rehabilitating hardcore criminals were this easy. Meanwhile, Ao leads the ambulance driven by Oya-san, Juri and Okami-san to the bridge. Seems they have ‘stolen’ several car batteries and left Touka behind. The battle between Zakuro and Kotoha intensifies with the former summoning more monsters (Kotoha fares better than Hime when she fights multiple enemies). Kotoha is going to have a major sore throat the way she is summoning all the big stuffs in succession to counter all those monsters. See how many stealth planes she kamikaze into the monsters?! How much will that cost in real life! Kotoha has observed Zakuro’s pattern and realizes her weakness is a life source. This is where Juri comes in. She plugs all the car batteries and runs them on the ground, shocking Zakuro with all the flowing electric.

Rin dreams of her likes (cooking) and dislikes (the starry night sky) and also the time Zakuro offered her hand. The reason why Zakuro did that was she too was alone and wanted to protect Rin. The duo started living a blissful life together as Rin learns to cook dishes and opens up her heart and her dislike of starry night skies because it makes her feel alone that she can’t sleep at night. Then at a flower field, when Rin asked why she helped her, though Zakuro said she wanted to protect her, it may be because she too wanted to be protected and that if they’re together, they won’t be alone. But suddenly it’s like she has a sudden change in character. Zakuro becomes the evil lady as we know and forces Rin to go on a killing spree upon those that tormented her. She places a talisman on Rin’s forehead and made Rin her toy. When Rin awakens, she interrupts the fight between Hime and Zakuro. Hime won’t allow Zakuro to take Rin back since she considers Rin her toy. However Zakuro threatens she can escape and return. Each time she’ll leave a scar much worse than before. In a surprise move, Rin says she will go with Zakuro because she’s been with her for a very long time and was the first person who treated her kindly. Zakuro may have felt sympathy in seeing Rin’s eyes when suddenly a flame monster engulfs her. It is the work of Enjin and he has turned Zakuro into a more powerful being. Asking Hime the population of Sakurashin City, Zakuro is glad to add 2,040 people to her corpse collection.

Episode 3
Once more, Rin remembers why she hates the starry night sky unlike other people because there is nothing for her to see as it is pitch black. Enjin is watching from afar and is being approached by Yae (still wearing that bear headgear?). She is here to ensure that he does not interfere further like herself because she believes in those kids. Kotoha is at her limits so she touches Akina’s hand to tune him back and also pass the baton to him. Zakuro attacks as Kyousuke uses his body as a shield to protect Hime from her controlling corpse power. Zakuro uses Kyousuke as his doll to fight Hime. Hime wants Zakuro to give the dragon back (the thing she stole from the shrine and the reason why Rin became weak and fell under her control). Zakuro possesses Hime but is surprised that she could break out from her manipulation with ease. Okay, make that lots of determination. Akina Tunes Kyousuke to free him from his possession. He may not have mastered the control yet but it was good enough because he didn’t send Kyousuke to the other world. Zakuro uses her final trump card in the form of Rin. Rin is not under her mind control when she blurted out how she hates everyone in this city, shocking Hime. She wants them all to leave them alone as Zakuro takes her away. Akina wants to go after them but Hime is doubtful. He tells everyone who isn’t willing to help to stay back as they’ll be in the way. Of everyone goes except for Hime and Kyousuke. Kyousuke gives her a one minute break. He reminds her how he agreed to worked with her because he sympathizes her heart’s desire to fix this city. She gets a call from her grandma informing her that everyone is safe in the shelters (during the fight, the city suddenly went pitch black). Hime gets her confidence back and unlocks Kyousuke’s bracelet to unseal his true strength before rejoining Akina and co. Oya-san too has his doubts over chasing Rin since this is what she wished for. But Akina tells him she wasn’t saying what her heart wanted. What was the reason she left the other world and came here in the first place? Life was so hard back there that she ran away here. And ever since, she has never said she wanted to leave this place once.

Zakuro is furious jumping all over town because there are no people in sight for her to turn them into corpses. In no time, it’ll be another round with Hime. Zakuro again grips Kyousuke to use him as a weapon against Hime and Akina. The distraction to save Rin failed as Akina is tossed off the building. Thankfully he landed on the garbage pile below. Touka, with her bracelet off also joins the fray. Akina gets an idea and wants Ao to telepathically inform the rest to make it to the new government building. Hime and Kyousuke got the message and race through the streets walloping all the tree monsters Zakuro summoned. Hime pleads to Rin to return but she still insists to live with Zakuro. Well, if Rin doesn’t listen, then what are the chances will Hime listen to her to stop fighting? Zakuro pounds Hime into the elevator of the new government building. Giving the signal to Kyousuke, he sends the lift up to the top floor. Hime is confident that with this city and its people’s love for the dragon, they can’t lose. Zakuro fears that she may have been lured into a place with a dragon coil but that was just a decoy. There is none. When the elevator reaches the top, Akina surprises her with his Tuning. The blast is so great that she starts flying off the building. Rin jumps down to save her. This is followed by Hime. But heck! Why is everyone else also jumping down?! Can anybody fly here? Furthermore, they’re offering to be the one as the landing cushion. When Kyousuke volunteers, they let him! Haha! Fooled. But don’t worry. Nobody is going to be a cushion because Kotoha has recovered enough to materialize a giant air bag for soft landing. Recovering from the shocking fall, Hime wraps her scarf around Rin (maybe she wants to hide her tears?). She says she wants to be with Rin even though if she hates them. Of course Rin denies hating them and then cries her heart out. Akina starts crutching in pain but Oya-san holds his hand to readjust him back. Before Rin follows Zakuro to the hospital, she has a little touching reunion with her adopted parents.

Life returns to normal for everyone. For now. Yuuhi tells Akina and Hime that things will really get tougher now but the rest take it in a positive light seeing anticipating it is half the pleasure. Wait a minute. It’s fun to anticipate bad things? Better than being all gloomy, right? As for Zakuro, she now works and lives with Rin at Oya-san and Okami-san’s place. She is more docile than before. Plus, she also has a certificate of residence and is now a citizen of Sakurashin City. Rin narrates that she now loves the starry night sky she once hated because she has someone to look up with.

Yozakura Minna…
It would be unfair to say the ending is unsatisfactory because this is just an end of one of the many chapters in the manga. I’m not sure if there are going to be any more OVA productions for this series seeing that it is obvious everything has not end yet. In fact, the tough fight may only be just the beginning. Enjin may have begun to move but he hasn’t really make his presence felt yet. He is just hanging around, watching things unfold. Then there are the other Youkai Hunters that are yet to be introduced. So perhaps future OVA episodes may introduce them and in return have the series focus on one of the heroes/heroines just like how this one is pretty much on Rin. In a way I felt that some of the characters like Ao have been relegated to a minor background character that doesn’t really stand out. Yuuhi’s assistant, Mariabelle is still around following him wherever he goes but still, her appearance lacks any impact.

There is a lot of potential in the story and characters if they really do want to continue with making more OVAs or even translate it into a TV series remake. For we may get to know more in depth about the past of characters like Kotoha, Ao, Akina and especially Hime. The bits of information like the dragon coil and Nanagou are interesting enough to warrant further expansion. Maybe throw in a little love romance while they’re at it :). For Rin, she is a lucky girl to have lots of friends and people who care and support her. She’ll just realize more that the people in this city will always love her like she does for them. It is still really unclear why Zakuro turned Rin into her personal doll to go on a killing spree. Was Zakuro hypnotized or being controlled by something sinister? How did a nice person could suddenly change into something so heartless? No matter how wicked she was, Rin still considered her as someone dear. Because she was in a dilemma and couldn’t stand her new family, friends and city to suffer any more, she was willing to leave with Zakuro. But at least with Zakuro’s case and issue settled, she’s no longer part of the Youkai Hunters and is one of them now.

One of the many areas why I find this series as similar to Kaibutsu Oujo OVA is also the drawing and art. In one word: Horrible. The TV series definitely has the characters drawn and looking way much better than the ones here. Not to say they are unidentifiable but it is such a turn off looking at those simple lines and other stuffs that lack great details. It is like as though there is a budget constraint in making the OVAs or everybody is doing a rush job to meet the release date. Hah! Three episodes over a year? Deadline excuse is not feasible. However this is how the original manga drawing looks like. But you’ll learn to get use to it instead of criticizing it all the way. It makes life much easier. Besides, it’s not that my drawing skills are superb either so it’s not really my place to say. However unlike in Kaibutsu Oujo OVA, Yozakura Quartet OVA has retained all its original seiyuu voices from the TV series. Misato Fukuen still voices Hime, Yuki Kaji as Akina, Miyuki Sawashiro as Kotoha, Fuji Sakita as Ao, Ai Matayoshi as Rin, Haruka Tomatsu as Touka and Daisuke Ono as Kyousuke. The only addition is Kaoru Mizuhara as Zakuro (Gisen in Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls).

At first when started watching this OVA, I was thinking that it may just be some comical fun stiff seeing we started out with the recognition of Touka and Hime’s possible crush on Akina. This is followed by Yae’s comical antics with her bear infatuation and the likes. But when Zakuro finally comes into the picture and abducts Rin, that’s when the real action begins. The action feels smooth and the flow not disruptive. I won’t say the fight sequences are mind blowing but they are enough to keep casual viewers like me satisfied. Just that because of the drawing that makes it a major turn off. The best fighting character to me is of course Kotoha because of her ability to materialize objects by merely saying it. So the part whereby she sent waves and waves of objects in her fight against Zakuro was quite exciting. When Yae was acting all cute and strange, my first thought was where did that kickass nun chick went to? This wasn’t how I remembered her. Then just to show us she still hasn’t lost her touch, that little brawl with those petty criminals was just a prelude before the main action shifts to the main gang. After that, you won’t really see her again except for that little confrontation with Enjin. I also remember Yuuhi being some sort of womaniser in the TV series but here, he is like a naughty perverted kid whenever he is not serious in his job. Juri is still an eccentric nurse but she wasn’t as crazy as I remember she was in the TV series. Was she?

It still bugs me that the quartet is used to describe the team of Hime, Akina, Kotoha and Ao as they go about helping those in need in the city, no matter how big or small. I always thought Kyousuke and Touka should also be part of team because they’ve always been helping out too. But to call a team of six people as sextet may sound a little dirty, don’t you think? But I don’t think that this team is really confined to these small number of people. In fact, I feel the entire Sakurashin City should be part of this ‘quartet’ because everybody helps each other out the best they can. This OVA may not show the hostility between humans and youkais living together and would give off a feel that all beings are co-existing peacefully together (there will always be exceptions like a certain bespectacled baddie). So if everybody is cooperative to protect each other, why do you need God in the first place? Maybe that’s why Yuuhi and Yae play a passive role in just watching over the city. Just in case a big time baddie with devil-like powers show up. Otherwise we could just rely on our trust, bond and friendship to get things over with. Or maybe just pray harder.

Infinite Stratos OVA

April 20, 2012

When the TV version of an anime finishes, the production of the OVA several months later usually stems to provide the missing link somewhere between the episodes, to further the plot and explain things that were not properly explained then or for nonsensical, random fun that has nothing to do with everything. And throw in some fanservice while they are at it too. So where does Infinite Stratos OVA fit in the above? That’s why we are here to find out. Honestly, I wasn’t keeping my hopes up on the first two choices. You know what this means, right? Besides, that is the only reason why I watched the TV series in the first place. Come on girls! Show me the cat fight!

Sextet of Burning Love
On a hot summer vacation, Charlotte is nervously waiting outside Ichika’s house, contemplating to go in or not. When she does decide to ring the bell, she is startled to see Ichika at the back of her. She fumbles her lines and was so nervy that she looked like a fool. Thank goodness Ichika is still the dense kid we all knew so he doesn’t see any problem other than Charlotte wanting to come into his house. Doh! However Charlotte’s private time with Ichika is short-lived because Cecilia comes ringing the doorbell next. We definitely know her true motive of being here despite her excuse of ‘just happened to be nearby’ and bought cakes from a local store. Imagine their utter dismay upon seeing ‘the other woman’. So as not to make it come to waste, the ladies get Ichika’s permission to feed them. So they both form a truce like how Britain and France did during the World War. Ichika starts off with Cecilia followed by Charlotte. I’m sure the ecstasy and happiness isn’t because of the delicious cake. Get what I’m saying? Next, it’s their turn to feed Ichika but they are interrupted by the doorbell. Who could it be this time? Who else. Not one, not two, but three girls. Houki, Rin and Laura. I guess it saves time by having them all appear at the same time. Yeah, everyone came up with the same idea. See how utterly disappointed to see ‘the other women’. They can throw their plans away on having a nice and quiet private day with Ichika.

Since it’s too hot outside, the gang play some weird Q&A board game (Laura made a mountain?) when Chifuyu returns home. The girls observe closely the interactions between the siblings and somewhat conclude they are acting like a husband and wife team. Disappointed? However Chifuyu will be heading back to the academy seeing teachers need to work even during summer vacation. Feels good to be a student sometimes, eh? Before she leaves, she advises Houki to return to her shrine to see her mom once in a while. When the girls mention about Ichika’s interaction with his sister like as though they’re husband and wife, that guy thinks it’s just natural since they are siblings. I’m sure that’s not what the girls are asking. Since it’s almost dinner time, Ichika and the girls go out shopping for ingredients. Yes, all of them. Nobody gets left behind. Due to Cecilia’s horrible reputation as a terrible cook, the other girls try to restrain her from cooking. But I guess she just won’t listen and her pride never accepting that there is something wrong with her cooking. So too late for the rest as we see her squeeze empty the bottle of tomato (or is it chilli?) and a couple of Tabasco sauce into the pot! Is she really going to feed everyone with that whatever she’s making? Meanwhile Laura shows them her shishkebab thingy which she mistakenly learnt as Japanese Oden. Suddenly an explosion! BOOM! Don’t worry. It isn’t any terrorist threat. It’s just Cecilia’s pot blowing up. If this grub was in their stomach… The girls try to relegate her to do other duties like set the table but she still insists… So the kids have a great dinner with the girls contributing their own dishes. Including Cecilia’s burnt pot. Haha! Elsewhere Chifuyu meets Maya at a bar and the latter thinks she is considerate to let her brother be alone with his ‘girlfriends’. However Chifuyu remembers something. Back during the extended field trip, she went overboard by telling the girls she will never let them have Ichika. She said the unnecessary without much thought and feels the girls consider her their rival.

For the second half, Houki returns to her shrine for the Shinonono Festival. She meets up with her aunt Yukiko and is glad to help her out for the Kagura dance. While cleaning herself, Houki reflects if her sister invented IS, she wouldn’t have enrolled in the academy, kept moving around and more importantly, stay by Ichika’s side. Houki in a miko priestess outfit takes care of the lottery fortune shrine. To her surprise, she sees Ichika. Seems he remembered about it.  Houki is kinda embarrassed because she fears Ichika will comment on her girly outfit that she will not look good in it. But in reality, Ichika actually praises how good she looks in it! Houki couldn’t believe it and thinks this is all a dream and wants to wake up! Yeah, she’s going berserk! Do you really want to not stay in this ‘dream’ then? Yukiko allows Houki to go around the festival grounds till the dance. Houki is happy she gets to walk around with Ichika in her yukata but guess who showed up? Charlotte? Wrong. Laura? Off the mark. Rin? Guess again. Cecilia, right? It has to be her! Nope. Eh? If not those girls, who could it be? Don’t say it’s Chifuyu. Darn right it isn’t. It’s Ran. Oh, the other rival that is almost forgotten. Ran and Houki meet each other for the first time and though they may seem friendly on the outside, on the inside they’re like not too happy that the other girl seems a lot better than thought. Or at least described by Ichika. As they go around the festival grounds, Houki seems a little depressed. I mean, her only time with Ichika just dissipated like that. Is he that insensitive? Then at a bench, Ran praises Houki’s amazing kendo and IS skills. Suddenly they hear screams of a certain imouto complex brother looking for Ran. He really is running around asking for onlookers if they have seen this sister of his. I guess the part he described her boobs really made Ran feel the need to go punish him. Call it a blessing in disguise because Houki gets to be with Ichika alone. I’m sure she’s trying to hint him something about kind people always flock to him but it’s time for the Kagura dance.

Houki gracefully performs the dance that it’s like she’s a different person. You would have wondered where the tomboyish attitude had gone for this beauty. After the dance, the duo walk together to the hilltop. Ichika praises her dancing. He then reflects on the events that led him to join the IS Academy. He is glad he did so because he got to see her again. Does that really have a deeper meaning to it? But for Houki, it does. See how nervous and blushing she becomes? Then the moment we’ve all been waiting for… Even if they didn’t kiss, Houki finally blurted the words “I love you” out from her mouth. Yes, that’s no dream. Unfortunately… Oh God. Yes, seemingly unfortunate the most important 3 words of her life are being drowned out by the start of the fireworks display. Bummer. Total bummer. As a consolation prize she holds Ichika’s arm as they watch the display together. See, this guy is dense right till the end. When a girl clings on to your arm like that, it could very well mean one thing, right? He’s just acting so cool… It’s not like the fireworks are that great a distraction anyway.

Infinite Harem…
So yeah. The OVA is basically one that doesn’t have anything to do with the plot or advancing it. We just get our fill of love polygon between the girls over Ichika and even so, that is just the first half. While nobody goes into overdrive mode and getting physical over that guy, the rivalry is still there and it is good to know that even though everyone loves Ichika, they still continue to stay as friends. For the second half of the series, it is more focused on Houki and Ichika as the rest of the IS girls are plain out of sight. So it may be a sign that Houki should be the best ‘candidate’ to end up with Ichika. Besides, if you remember at the end of the TV series, Ichika nearly kissed Houki, only to be stopped by the other girls (note: His first kiss went to Laura). But you’ll never know. At the rate Ichika is going, he won’t be choosing one very soon. Would it be good if he does? I mean, that will mean things will change. His interaction and response with the rest will change. Thus it’s best to keep status quo for the time being. So just keep waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting…

While this OVA is void of any sort of fanservice (the most you’ll get to see is that short and ‘nothing much’ scene of Houki in the bath), the episode is also void of any IS machines. That means no aerial IS fights whatsoever. Just plain ol’ romance harem episode that one could easily mistake it as those ubiquitous ones found anywhere. And to call this series a mecha genre… Anyway that’s not the point. I just wonder why the title of the OVA has ‘sextet’ in it. When you mention a sextet, that means 6 people. Taking into consideration the 5 girls, who the heck is the 6th person? Unless you count Ichika in. If not, it must be some other girl too, right? Who? Who?! Ran? Chifuyu? Yeah, it’s that burning question of who is that sextet. Hey, what about Tabane? Has anybody seen that quirky bunny ear genius around?

While there is still no mention of any sequel, if there is you’d probably know my intentions of watching it. Yeah, you saw through me and read my face like a book just like how I spotted the intentions of those quintet ladies to be with Ichika from a hundred miles away and even saw it coming 10 years ago. Haha! So exaggerating. Okay, maybe a little advancing in the plot won’t hurt a bit but that’s really what I see this anime for. While at it, maybe Ichika can add more potential ‘candidates’ to his harem each with a different nationality too to turn up the rivalry heat. How about having an IS pilot from Malaysia? They’re warm, polite and friendly. She could probably cook lots of great variety of dishes and teach you an assortment of lines like “Apa khabar” and “Saya cinta padamu“. Well, if Malaysia gets that far by having an IS pilot candidate in the first place.

Koko Wa Greenwood

December 10, 2011

I’m going back in time. The year is 1991. The place is Greenwood. What wood? Okay, so this isn’t a time travelling sci-fi anime series I’m going to blog. In fact, it neither has any of those elements. Koko Wa Greenwood is a very old OVA with only half a dozen of episodes and it’s about the life of the students living in an all-boys dorm. What’s a dorm without weirdoes, right? The weirder, the better. The weirder, the funnier. At least that is what I thought. Seeing this is a very old anime way before the new millennium, I guess I can close an eye.

But somehow it still bugs me that they officially translated English name of this series is Here Is Greenwood when supposedly and correctly it should be This Is Greenwood. Hah. I’m not saying I’m a pro in Japanese now but I feel the latter should be a better translation than the former. Perhaps there’s some confusion in the Ko-So-A-Do direction system in Japanese. Yeah, lost in translation. But we’re not here to study on petty grammatical mistakes. Let’s focus on the OVA episodes, shall we?

Episode 1
Orphan Kazuya Hasukawa is looking forward to living his life at the all-boys Ryokuto Academy’s dorm. That’s because his brother Kazuhiro has just married Sumire Kitani and turned it into a home of newly-weds. Plus, Kazuya is somewhat bitter over the whole episode since Sumire was his first love. He is 1 month late in enrolling in school due to bad luck like getting hit by a car, blizzard delaying his transport to the entrance exam, the post delayed the results of his acceptance and he collapsed during the opening ceremony. Phew. Now he’s back and got lots to catch up. But he’s not turning back. He is introduced to the student council president Shinobu Tezuka and the dorm president Mitsuru Ikeda. They bring him to the dorm named Ryokurin Hall. It is better known as Greenwood since it’s much easier to remember. Kazuya has a taste of what it’s going to be like living in a dorm full of weirdoes. We see lots of club members holding up signs hoping to recruit him but they’re not talking! Something about a rule that they aren’t allowed to recruit directly in dorms. If you can’t speak, you can still show, right? Yeah, there’s this weird bible dude trying to spread the word of the Lord via sales of Bibles!

From outside his room, Kazuya is shocked to see a girl, Shun Kisaragi as his roommate. However he dismissed this thought and thinks he is just a guy that looked like a girl. But Mitsuru and Shinobu dismiss it and say Shun is a girl for real! Yikes! At first they thought Shun was a guy too as all records pointed that he was one. Plus, Shun was raised as a guy. Now, Kazuya is being given a tough to help Shun graduate as a boy without letting others know her true gender. And since the walls of this dorm are thin and that they just live next door, if they hear any scream, Kazuya will be in big sh*t. Even in class, his classmates are talking how pretty Shun is and hoped she would be a girl. But Kazuya got pissed off with this thought and walks away. Yeah, they think he’s gay. To make things worse, Kazuhiro is working as Ryokuto’s school doctor! Now he’s got to see his bloody face in school too after all he’s done trying to get away from the house. Kazuya wants them to be strangers in school but Kazuhiro just loves teasing his little brother. Back in his dorm, he asks Shun why she didn’t cut her hair to make it believable that she’s a guy. She did it before but messed up so it’s better to transfer to an all-boys school, be herself and let everyone think she’s a weirdo. Oh yeah. If you can’t change yourself, change the perception of others! Kazuya seems to be getting along fine with Shun so Mitsuru and Shinobu help him in his studies in exchange.

One day when Kazuya enters the toilet to take a piss, it didn’t strike him at first but Shun was also there taking a leak. Then he realized it! Shun is actually a guy!!! Everybody was just pretending and that this was a ploy to see how long the newcomer would last. Yeah, 3 days he thought Shun was a girl! Mitsuru even took bets and thanks to the outcome, they have enough money to throw him a welcome party! However Kazuya didn’t find this funny and punched Mitsuru in his face!!! Yeah, perhaps he went overboard. Kazuya continues his crazy life at Greenwood and meet other weirdoes like the guy who lives with his bike (he carries it out from his room), one who turned his room into an occult and another a video arcade! Kazuya is relishing the chance when summer vacation comes because everybody will be gone and it’ll be peace and quiet. To his dismay, Shinobu and Mitsuru continue to stay behind. Yeah, they even get a little yaoi in front of Kazuya! Well, 19 students filed to stay back but heck, it’s better than having 200 odd students making noise, right? Mitsuru and Shinobu ask why he didn’t want to go home so Kazuya tells of his situation. They conclude that he has fallen in love with his brother’s wife so Kazuya tries to change to subject.

One sunny afternoon, Sumire pays a surprise visit to see Kazuya at the dorm. She instantly hugs him upon seeing him but he got nose bleed and ran away. Sumire feels guilty that she may have taken away his brother and is still against their marriage. As Kazuya cleans up himself, he worries that the guys may tell her some strange stories. He rushes back only to be told that she was gone. Mitsuru said he gave her a reason that he needed to attend summer classes or else he’ll fail and that he had diarrhoea last night. Kazuya doesn’t even plan to go back for the winter holidays and plans to stay at Greenwood till he graduates. However there is a tiny problem. Everyone has to go back then since the dorm will be closed and to also allow the dorm staff to rest. Oh no! What will Kazuya do? He is adamant that he still wants to stay. Then he gets a surprise present from Sumire, a hand-knit sweater for the winter. The temptation of going back is there, eh? Later Shun finds out that Kazuya and Kazuhiro were orphans. There was no ceremony during Kazuhiro and Sumire’s wedding and only Sumire’s parents came for the reception. Kazuya thinks hard how he should deal 10 days in the cold. Even Shun offers him to come live with him since his family runs an inn. I guess in the end, Kazuya decides to go home. When he comes back, happy Sumire spoils him with lots of good cooking. It feels good to be home, eh?

Episode 2
Kazuya, Shun, Mitsuru and Shinobu are reading research information on Mitsuru and Shun. Seems pretty accurate from their profile to what they do. Except for 1 tiny bit. Reina is NOT Shun’s little sister but little brother! Who can blame the researches for being sloppy. I mean, that guy even looks so girly. By the way, Reina is seen sleeping in their dorm bed. This was what happened earlier on. Flashback reveals Shinobu’s sister, Nagisa always tried to get the best of him but Shinobu was always cool and shrugged off her nonsense. Each time, she gets reprimanded by her dad for being unlady-like, who wants her to be like Mr Perfect Shinobu instead. Because of that ‘torment’, she grows up to get her vengeance on him via humiliation at least once. That’s going to be tough. At one point she even kidnapped Mitsuru and made him strip. But Shinobu and co arrived and beat her and even warned if she pulls off this stunt again, he won’t show any mercy. He’s sure serious about it. She declares that she is over with pretty boys and men and is into young girls now as her SPs (all named after letters of the alphabet) applause.

Outside her apartment, she picks up a little girl passing and hints if she would like to make some pocket money. Unknown to Nagisa, this ‘girl’ is Reina and is on her way to visit Shun. Well, I guess Reina wanted some pocket money too. How does 30,000 Yen sound?! Expensive, but it’s going to be worth it. Or is it… Nagisa’s private time with Reina is shattered when she realizes he is a boy. Referring back to her research papers, she realizes he has a brother in Ryokuto Academy. She starts devising her evil plan. Her SPs are forced to watch over him so they have to satisfy what Reina wants as they go out to get some errands. Nagisa starts her plan as she calls Shinobu while one of her SPs distract Mitsuru with his falsetto voice as a girl admirer. Man, I thought Nagisa was serious when she sniped at him! Turns out to be a dart with a message that Shinobu has to follow. Shinobu plays along but he maintains his cool because he knows his sister better than anyone else. Yeah, she hasn’t changed. Plus, he knows Nagisa’s position since the reflection of her rifle gave her away. He can see from that far?! He doesn’t care about the hostage she is holding so much so she had to tell him the hostage is Reina and that she will disfigure his face if he doesn’t come to her Flower Residences apartment. Shortly after Mitsuru puts down the phone, Shinobu calls Mitsuru and just tell him to head over that the said place. Then he runs off and hides, away from Nagisa’s eyes, much to her dismay.

Meanwhile Shun and Kazuya are out shopping and they spot one of Nagisa’s goons and tail him back to the apartment. Mitsuru is slowly on his way and also meets one of the SPs. The SP starts punching but he misses and it only took Mitsuru 1 punch to land a blow in his face. He finally understood the situation and hurries along. Nagisa is upset that she is being made of a fool for waiting and fires her darts randomly. After a few seconds, the darts explode and little papers with words of “Die! Shinobu” come streaming out. I guess it’s time Shinobu makes his move. Reina is feeling hot and wants to take a shower so the perverted SP has no choice but to let him. Yeah, he got tempted to peep… He doesn’t even know… Kazuya runs up the stairs and meets an SP and fights him. Mitsuru just comes off the elevator and did the finishing touches. Shinobu reaches his destination just outside the apartment so Nagisa calls him and chides him for his tardiness. Well, it’s on purpose since he will never ever let things go her way. Anyway Nagisa wants him to beg for mercy on his knees for Reina’s life but Shinobu just sat down in a meditating position. Because Nagisa is so engrossed in Shinobu, she didn’t realize Shun, Kazuya and Mitsuru have already barge in and took care of the single SP guarding Reina. Yeah, Reina rushed to his brother’s side and when his towel dropped off, the SP just realizes he’s a guy. Oohh…

Nagisa calls Shinobu again but the latter wants her to listen to his advice. She’s going to need it. He tells her to take a look at her surroundings. She realizes Shinobu’s pals are here and that he’s coming for her. She escapes but the mind boggling part was that she was waiting for the elevator instead of rushing down the stairs! Of course Shinobu is right before your eyes lah! Stunned and in fear, Shinobu takes out a pistol and points it at her. Yeah, remember that no mercy warning? She’s going to get it now. He pulls the trigger and a little bead pops out. Uh huh. It’s a toy gun. Looks like Nagisa is already out cold. As the gang head home, Kazuya wonders why he didn’t just rescue Reina on his own in the first place. As Mitsuru mentions, Shinobu would never get his own hands dirty. And Reina is going to buy Shun a new blouse from the pocket money she got. Was it worth it? In the end, Nagisa and her SPs decide to move out since she can’t live in this dangerous place anymore and fears the next time Shinobu will bully her. So back to the scene at the start, the gang continues reading the research information that includes Shinobu. Yeah, she even investigated her own brother. But it sounded like she is boasting herself and making a devil out of Shinobu. Kazuya is dismayed that everyone have weird siblings. Well, to each his own. Mitsuru then starts reading research information on Kazuya. I’m not sure about some info he met a girl Miya Igarashi who is involved with someone called Tenma Koizumi in some forbidden love. Did he make that up? Was it for real? Mitsuru crumples and tosses the paper away as Kazuya tries to retrieve it.

Episode 3
Shinobu and his student council members are trying to find ways to reduce the budget deficit as they need to use 15% of the budget for the prize for the group with the best show. I guess part of it is to start taking bets but since Greenwood is also participating in this year’s school festival competition and the prize money is doubled, you could say Shinobu will be contributing to it. Shinobu forces Mitsuru to help out in the festival, in which they’ll be doing a film. But Mitsuru is against it since he has lots of commitments. They meet a lady outside who requests if they would like to do a little part time job. Discussing in the room, the lady first asks them to strip! Actually she’s a manga artist and would like them to wear costumes since they fit her character designs perfectly. Yup, they need to model for her. Mitsuru is having his doubts since he’s busy when Tochizawa suddenly pops up! He agrees to ‘lend’ Mitsuru in exchange she borrows him those costumes. What, when, why, how? Tochizawa becomes the director of the fantasy film “Here Is Devilwood” (since this is his first step to achieve his dream of becoming a director).

With Mitsuru being casted as the lead hero, now they need to cast a follower. How come everyone has the same idea of who he should be? Yeah, Kazuya is against it so Tochizawa says that there will be a scene whereby he will use a real girl to play a role. So this would be a change for girlfriend-less Kazuya to hold hands with one. Consider it as a bonus scene. I can’t believe that was enough reason for Kazuya to agree to it! No wonder Shun is laughing hard. It’s like he was promised a girl in the end. Everyone in Greenwood works hard under tight schedules and respective areas to make the film a success. They’re serious since they’re going to employ CGI and even made little robotic creatures. Kazuya still isn’t happy that he has to act out a scene. Till Sumire comes by rooting for him. Looks like she’ll be in the film too. Because of that, Kazuya gets all the confidence he needs to carry on. So just a simple girl will get him going? So the story goes something like this. The King and Queen (Kazuhiro and Sumire respectively) learned that the Devil Lord, Cloretts has kidnapped their baby prince. The King runs an ad for a hero to save the baby. Why does it feel like a recruitment ad? Must be 15 years old above? Experience a plus point? Great salary guaranteed?! Soon a hero turned up: Lemon Herb (Mitsuru) so the King gives a follower to help him out: Tiro (Kazuya). As a reward, not only he will have all the treasures, but their daughter, Princess Chelsea‘s hand in marriage as well.

Filming begins so on a day Mitsuru was being ‘lent’ to the manga lady, Tochizawa and his crew shoot scenes that only involves Kazuya. Tochizawa notices several girls watching them and asks if they would like to play a role of a princess in the movie. After seeing plain Kazuya, they turn him down and think the director will put them in revealing clothes and do something pervy for the movie! Ooohhh… A lot of effort and finishing touches are put into the film. Everyone is so into their role that it’s quite convincing. Even later when Tochizawa spots several fan girls of Mitsuru calling out to their idol, he offers them the role. However when they learn it won’t be Mitsuru or even Shinobu’s hands they’ll be holding, they lose interest. What’s wrong with these girls?! Lamenting that the closing scene is near, Tochizawa has to find a girl fast. Then he sees Shun and notices the dress for one of his activities and requests him for a favour. The story continues with Tiro learning that Herb and Cloretts were childhood friends but an evil wizard ravaged their village and separated them. He believes he is the only one who can kill Cool Mint, Cloretts’ real name. The duo trek through the land as they make their way to Cloretts’ castle in Devilwood, crossing dangerous lakes and slashing dangerous creatures. Finally they enter the castle and face off with Cloretts. The Devil Lord claims that the reason he kidnapped the prince was because he needed to sacrifice a prince born on a full moon on the night of the new moon to control time. And that time is very soon. The heroes are no match for Cloretts’ powers so Cloretts will only allow Herb to live since he will be sad to kill his old friend. He offers Herb to come put down his weapon and join him. Herb does so and when they both embrace, Herb uses his armour to slice him, thus killing him. They rescue the baby and head back but Herb decides to leave north because he has 11 more old friends he has to kill (Woah! WTF?!). Though Herb left his bank account for the King to deposit his rewards, he still has to fulfil his other promise of wedding Chelsea. Kazuya is left fretting how he got Tochizawa to sweet talk him into this role because Chelsea is being played by Shun. Ah well, even if it’s not a real girl, at least he looks like one. A pretty one. That isn’t half bad, right? With the production of the movie finished, everyone in Greenwood gather in a dorm room to watch the sneak preview. Lastly Shun’s class seems to be doing a creative play (especially the backdrops) based on Lupin III.

Episode 4
Mitsuru wakes up screaming one morning when he felt an earthquake or thunder had hit him. Shinobu mocks him that he must have dreamt that he dumped a girl he made pregnant. One day on their way back to the dorm, Shun sees a cat at the gates but it shows it fangs to Mitsuru. Shinobu concludes that he is being haunted by a ghost. He’s joking, right? Maybe not… That night, suddenly Greenwood experiences a blackout. Kazuya thought it was Shun (because he tried to pull a ghostly prank on him earlier on by blowing into his ear). However it seems only Greenwood is affected and all other surrounding areas still have electricity. Then they hear a scream. It’s coming from Mitsuru’s room. Everyone is shocked (except for Shinobu who is always the cool one) to see a horrifying ghost approaching Mitsuru. Then the ghost turns into a cheery and lively 16 year old girl, Misako and electricity comes flowing back. Misako shows them she’s a real ghost by demonstrating how everything passes through her. She also says that the scary ghost was just an act to live up to her reputation as a ghost. Say what? She even confirms she is here to haunt Mitsuru and till she has all her regrets and resentment resolved, she’s going to be hanging around for a while. Yeah, the guys are happy that Greenwood will become livelier! Yeah, you’re not going to say that if you’re the one who is haunted. Shinobu even ‘abandons’ Mitsuru since this is a problem between Mitsuru and Misako. Misako sleeps with Mitsuru (floating on top of him?) as he ponders what he did to earn her grudge seeing that he doesn’t even know her. She says that one can even hurt others unknowingly. She then feels cold and wants to sleep next to him. Of course she can’t, even if she pleads and cries (I noticed her tears fell on his blanket. Are those real?).

Next morning, the Greenwood guys continue to be amazed by Misako but the dorm lady wants her out seeing no girls are allowed. The tea cup shatters when Misako feels sad and that’s when dorm lady realizes she’s a ghost. Noticing that she is haunting Mitsuru, she wants Mitsuru to hurry up and send her to the other side. Mitsuru pleads for her not to follow him to school so she agrees to be invisible for him. Later thinking she has gone over to the other side (since she’s not around), he takes a bath but to his surprise, she appears in the bath with him! Because of that, he can’t get out and holds the line of those who wants to use the bath. Later Mitsuru wants Misako to tell him what is it that she wants. Misako saddens when he doesn’t remember. Mitsuru is not amused that she’s just playing around and wants her out of here as soon as possible. This time those heart breaking words really make her cry. All the furniture starts shaking. Everything returns to normal when he apologizes. I guess everyone was okay with this till they realized their room got trashed. Yeah, unless it involves you, you’re not going to give a damn, right? Next day, everyone discusses about last night’s ‘earthquake’ while Misako ponders about being a couple with Mitsuru. He isn’t amused with her and once again ticks her off. Yeah, she’s going to cry again when the other guys force him to apologize and play nice. Don’t want another trashing, eh? That night everyone comes up with theories of who Misako is and how she died. Got dumped? Suicide? His biological sister? Take back her unborn child? Shinobu dismisses it since based on her school uniform, she comes from a faraway school so long distance relationship is not possible. Misako finds their discussion interesting and even joins them.

Then later Mitsuru feels something amiss. Misako is not around. Shouldn’t he be glad? Well, he doesn’t want to wander around the dorm. Seems Misako is visiting the dorm lady. After watching the TV drama, the dorm lady wants to know what happened to her since she has a responsibility to the guys here. Misako reveals that she has never gone out with a guy before so it’s her dream to meet a cute guy. However she got hit by a truck and died. Eh? So how does Mitsuru come into the picture? She was wondering around with her dream unfulfilled. Till she happen to pass by this dorm and spot this cute guy (Mitsuru) and decided to haunt him. Even so, the dorm lady says she can’t stay around any longer. As she leaves, she realizes Mitsuru was eavesdropping. He wants her to spit out the truth. She makes a run. He forgot he was chasing after a ghost so he crashes into the wall! Back in his room, Mitsuru gets pissed off, raising his voice telling her to get out seeing that he isn’t at fault. She starts crying louder and harder. Oh, now everyone is so concerned that he made a girl cry. Misako asserts that she too wants to be with him but Mitsuru tells her straight that she’s bothering him and also a ghost. Now everything in Greenwood goes berserk. It’s like a war zone! Shinobu says that she has spent the last few days with Mitsuru, she should be satisfied by now. What more will it take for her to leave this world? She wants a kiss from him. How is she going to do it if she’ll go right through him? She’ll possess someone with spiritual power and do it. Why is everyone looking at Shinobu? Anyway both of them disagree but everyone says otherwise. However Misako notes he has closed his heart so possessing him is not possible. Shinobu apologizes that she will not be able to fulfil her wish. Sad Misako disappears.

Next morning, Mitsuru spots the cat and picks it up. Suddenly it kisses him. Turns out to be Misako possessing it to do so. With that, she thanks him and disappears into the sky. Then it starts to snow. That night, the gang thinks there’s another haunting when the lights go out. Actually it’s Shun playing a prank by turning off the switch. But Shinobu says that the ghosts are coming. Hey, Misako’s back! She brought back a few ghost friends of hers! She met them while wandering around and after she told them about the cute guys, they asked her to bring her here. Yeah, they’re going to fall in love again and apparently that kiss for Misako wasn’t enough. They start getting excited which guy to choose! Rock-scissors-paper or draw lots? Take your pick! Well, the guys are definitely freaked out for real. Don’t want to have ghosts for your girlfriend, eh?

Episode 5
The gang notices Kazuya practically down like as though he’s in love. Maybe it was the play on words koi (carp) and the other koi (love) they got mixed up about so they bug him to spill the beans. Seems it’s about Igarashi. Though they haven’t met since, he can’t get her out of his mind and it’s driving him crazy. Is he in love with her? One night, Shun and Kazuya spot Igarashi outside having a fight with the dorm lady. She wants to come in but it’s over her dead body. Yeah, they even got rough and traded insults. Mitsuru swiftly steps in and takes Igarashi away. Kazuya follows them and eavesdrop that she wants to stay in his dorm for a few days (she’s been wandering from place to place recently). However he tells her off to go home. Kazuya steps in and wants to help out, causing Igarashi to be a little defensive. Kazuya is okay for her to stay a night but Mitsuru disagrees seeing that this has nothing to do with him and that there are 200 odd ‘wolves’ in Greenwood. However Kazuya refuses to back down and using his authority as the dorm president (also blaming Mitsuru for it), they argue and will take responsibility for it. Kazuya will let her stay for a night in exchange she will be quiet. Mitsuru bluffs the dorm lady she has gone away. Of course with a girl walking through the corridors, it’s a head turner for the other guys. She got too noisy and told them off for looking! Shun is kicked out to make room for Igarashi. I’m not sure if Kazuya got kicked out too but he is seen sitting outside his room door. Matter of ethics? Shun talks to Mitsuru and learns that Igarashi is Mitsuru’s junior and that she has no reason to run away from home because she lives alone. She used to live with her mom but she’s often posted to work overseas.

Then Mitsuru and Kazuya go in to talk to her to find out what’s really happening. She reveals that the Aisei High gang is after her. Seems Aisei and her school Sumijo are always on some kind of turf war. A few days ago she was confronted by several Aisei delinquent girls. They force her to meet up but she ignored them. Then she learnt that some of her girls unknowingly trespassed their turf so they used Igarashi’s name as their leader. Ever since, Igarashi noticed Aisei girls were waiting for her outside school and even hanging around her house. She can’t go home nor talk her way out of it so she ‘ran away’. Mitsuru scolds her for being used and making her take the blame. He also chides her for trying to play hero. As what she is going to do know, she thinks of calling a few old friends in hopes to have the confidence to confront them. As Igarashi goes to the toilet, Kazuya ponders how she turned out like this so Mitsuru says probably it’s her boyfriend. Shun is sleeping with Shinobu as he learns that Mitsuru was abandoned by his real parents (the reason why he’s living in this dorm) and ironically his adopted parents cared for him like their own.

Next morning, seems Mitsuru has got a cold. They sneak Igarashi out and promise to meet at a certain place this evening. As they part, Kazuya seems to notice a very sad look on Igarashi’s face. Kazuya later discovers due to Mitsuru sleeping in, he forgot to pick up Igarashi! And they’re an hour late. Kazuya rushes over to apologize and pick her back to Greenwood. She found out her old friends have jobs and everyone else have their normal lives. Mitsuru also went to her house this afternoon and didn’t find anybody suspicious. Igarashi apologizes and decides to leave, feeling guilty she has taken Mitsuru for granted and that she took advantage of him and bothered everyone. Since Igarashi isn’t going home, Kazuya deserves an explanation because he lent her his room and Mitsuru got sick because of her. She lets him know that there are ghosts in her house and it’s making her scared with all those creepy sounds. However Kazuya he says they are just house noises being made because everything is really quiet. He adds that this dorm makes pretty lot of weird noises and it’s full of real ghosts too! Now she’s really freaking out! Igarashi realizes she has shown him her girly side so he notes that the tough girl act didn’t suit her. Igarashi ‘apologizes’ for being a coward and not being able to do anything right. Then she starts crying uncontrollably. This is when Kazuya realizes that all those times when she put on those expressions, she was trying to hold back her tears. Once she composes herself she decides to go home. Kazuya decides to accompany her home. He talks to her that what he meant she might be happier if she acted like a regular girl. She doesn’t need to change just for a delinquent guy. However she refutes that her guy, Tenma is nothing like that and is a smart and gentle guy. They’ve known each since young and she thought he shouldn’t be with a stupid and ugly girl like her and wanted to make him hate her although he said he liked her. She feels she would embarrass him if they get married and deserved a better wife. Kazuya finds it odd that she wants to make him hate her. She says the only reason he said he liked her was because her mom told him to take care of her. Kazuya thinks she should trust this guy but Igarashi couldn’t find a reason for him to like her. Kazuya stops short of saying it’s because she’s pretty. He also realizes that she doesn’t realize it herself.

An Aisei girl confronts them and warns her to meet them at midnight or else they won’t go easy on her. Igarashi is going to do that and runs away from Kazuya seeing that the more he hangs around her, he’ll get hurt. Kazuya returns to Greenwood and tells the rest what is going to happen. Mitsuru instantly takes off to go help her. Kazuya wanted to come too but Shinobu and Shun bring him along to make some important calls. Igarashi meets up the Aisei girls. They plan on beating her up and steal her turf. Mitsuru shows up dressed up as a girl. Looks a little big, isn’t he? But the Aisei girls aren’t going to play fair. That’s because they have called a few guys to show them some pain. Before anything could happen, a flare lights up the sky. Suddenly they hear Shun’s voice and the bridge and river side are filled with all the guys from Greenwood! The girls get scared and think Igarashi has formed an army! To ascertain that fact, Nagisa comes arriving in her limo, screaming for the whereabouts of Shinobu (she was tricked by his letter of course). They think she’s a real gangster!!! Those guys become cowards and make a run for it and soon the girls themselves. Yeah, they got frightened by the sheer numbers. Don’t want to mess with weirdoes, right? With the show over, everyone goes back to the dorm as Mitsuru notes that no one is going to mess with Sumijo for a while. I wonder how those guys could sneak back inside the dorm without the dorm lady noticing since it’s way past curfew. I think she closed an eye. Oh, Nagisa is still searching… Igarashi thanks Kazuya when Tenma shows up. Seems he has heard from one of her old friends about her situation. She starts acting up but Tenma plays cool and takes her hand home. Mitsuru says that’s how they always act and they’ll probably stick like this together forever. That’s why he didn’t want to get involved in her problems in the first place. As Kazuya watch them go away, he felt like he wanted to protect her.

Episode 6
Flashback how Igarashi’s mom always placed her confidence in Tenma for looking out for her daughter. Igarashi is seen stalking Kazuya. When she sees him making a u-turn, she makes a run for it. Shun spots her running by and tells this to Mitsuru so he wonders if she’s here to see Kazuya but dismisses the thought since she won’t leave Tenma. Even Igarashi herself ponders what the heck she is doing. She just came to thank him but yet… Mitsuru invites Kazuya to help clean his temple since he will be paid. Kazuya meets his adoptive parents and his brother, Masato AKA Sho. They seem like a nice family. Mitsuru tells him the spot where he was abandoned as a baby but he already knows it because he heard it from Shinobu and co. He asks why he is continuing to live in dorms so he replies he wanted to leave home as soon as possible and thought he could get used to it. Sho isn’t happy with his plan and thinks he still thinks of them as strangers though Mitsuru says that it’s a fact.

While walking back, he wonders a bond between strangers can be as strong as a family. Kazuya is confident because love is all that matters. The subject changes when Mitsuru thinks he is still chasing Igarashi. He wants him to give up because he won’t stand a chance against Tenma. But Kazuya is worried if Igarashi will be happy with him and always be living in fear of getting dumped by him. Speaking of the devils, they chance upon Igarashi and Tenma in the opposite direction. With Tenma’s help, Igarashi nervously thanks them for what they did the other day. They part after Igarashi apologizes. Kazuya notices that going-to-cry expression on her face again. There’s an uneasy feel between Tenma and Kazuya and the latter certain can tell something’s going on. Suddenly Kazuya starts nose bleeding! I thought it was some disease. Or maybe it was just some sexual stimulant since he can’t hold it in and his head feels like exploding. Mitsuru embraces him. Back home, Kazuya asks Kazuhiro for advice (big brother must be so happy, eh?). Using a hypothetical theory if Sumire loved someone else, Kazuhiro’s answer would be the same no matter the situation. He won’t back down or give even if his opponent is his brother. Kazuhiro adds that he is just worried of being the bad guy. Kazuya realized that he was afraid of getting hurt. And if you get dumped, you’re the only person who’ll get hurt. If their relationship wasn’t meant to be, then it won’t work out no matter how. In the end, only she can make the decision. Kazuhiro asks about this Igarashi girl and seems he knows about it because he found a note in his pocket with her phone number previously slipped in by Mitsuru. Kazuya sums up his courage to call Igarashi. But when she picks up and finds out it’s him, she apologizes and hangs up. Rejected? Sumire tries to cheer him up by saying that first loves don’t normally blossom. Perhaps it was the wrong thing to say so Kazuya ran out from the house.

Because of that, Kazuya became love sick as Kazuhiro informs his pals and won’t back at the dorm so soon. Eventually rumours of Kazuya got rejected spread throughout Greenwood. On the day he’s supposed to return, he barges back and wants Mitsuru to give her address. He plans to visit her house and believes he hasn’t been rejected yet since he didn’t say anything. Shinobu notes that it’s rude to just show up at a girl’s house so he suggests visiting her at school. With Kazuya getting psyched up, all the other Greenwood guys are touched by his determination and offer their support. Kazuya waits outside Sumijo but Igarashi never turn up although he perseveres. He even got reprimanded by a teacher for waiting outside like a stalker. Then he learns from Igarashi’s classmate that she’s been hospitalized after breaking an arm from skiing but don’t know which hospital. Once they find out which hospital, the nurse told them she was discharged this morning. Oh, it’s Kazuya’s bad luck in the works again. Back home, Igarashi’s mom once more compliments Tenma for everything and that she can easily rest with him around. The phone rings but Igarashi slams it down when she hears it’s from Kazuya. Tenma knows something amiss when she puts on that gloomy face. Kazuya will not give up and decides to write a letter. However that letter was intercepted by Tenma in the mail.

Even if Igarashi is back in school, Kazuya continues to wait outside. Till Tenma shows up to pick her up. He informs Kazuya that parental permission is needed if one wants to go out with girls from this school. Then he shows Kazuya the letter from him. He can’t let Igarashi read it seeing the trouble she’d get into if her mom reads it. He tells it straight that her mom is fond of him and that he’s just making things harder for her. Kazuya says he loves Igarashi but Tenma says she belongs to him. That’s when Igarashi turns up. But she just runs away when Kazuya calls her name. She starts thinking if she’s running away from him. Things will be fine if she doesn’t fall for him as she doesn’t want to fight with mummy or Tenma. So she needs to forget about him and never see him again but will running away solve it all? Tenma assures her not to worry since he’ll always protect her and to stay the way she is. I guess that was the turning point because Igarashi got the courage to say she loves Kazuya. The train must have drowned out whatever they were arguing. Even the sky is crying for Kazuya. Down and out. His classmates dread that the worst may have happened. Then a miracle happened. Igarashi is seen standing outside the school gates. Kazuya goes to see her. She apologizes for the other day and the hanging up of phone calls. She mentions her teacher scolded her, got into a fight with Tenma and mummy giving her the silent treatment. Wow. That’s a bad streak. Even so, she wanted to see him and be a better person. Kazuya says it’ll be alright since he is here. She collapses into his arms. And just like graduating to the next stage, all the watching guys toss their umbrellas into the air.

This Is Not Hollywood
I guess everything turns out to be pretty decent. But I’m just wondering with the ending of Kazuya and Igarashi accepting each other, does this mean she has decided to break free from Tenma? Will they be a couple from now on? Maybe that will be another story. The stories are quite okay if you’re looking for a story plot that ties you down for the entire series. If you just read a line or two on what this show is about, I think you can get by without really scratching your head since the episodes here serve as stand-alone. Of course when I read about the weirdoes of the dorm, I had this perception that all hell is going to break loose with all sorts of hyper-active, troublemakers and losers. Sure, they are odd in their own ways but not that weird to warrant anything ‘dangerous’. As seen, they’re all good guys and maybe with a little mischief. I mean, they were all pretty cool and excited when a cute ghost girl haunted Greenwood! But boys will be boys. Basically instead of focusing on the other occupants of the dorm, it’s more about the 4 main guys. Each have their own share of screen time enough for viewers to divulge a little in their past. But some leaves more to be desired like Mitsuru and his brother Sho. It felt that issue was abruptly halted and replaced with Kazuya’s love story. I was anticipating something yaoi going to happen (seeing that this is dominantly a ‘male’ anime) but I guess from the year this anime is produced, it’s way too early to have anything that ‘heavy’ or any sort. This is really an old anime from ‘that era’ (the old drawing, the old style animation, that kind of music, that kind of story, so forth), so don’t expect anything ground-breaking.

From the second episode, seems that Kazuya has moved on from the pangs of his first love Sumire. There are reminiscent that he still likes her but not to the point he would sulk over and hate his brother. Him asking for advice in the final episode shows that in a way he accepted him, right? He seems to be less bitter and have adjusted to life at Greenwood. So even a guy like him can change. All you need is to give love a second chance and perseverance pays off. Maybe you need to read the manga but there is some time gap in the series. Or perhaps I wasn’t paying attention. When did Kazuya take over as Greenwood’s dorm president? At which point did Kazuya start to fall for Igarashi? I thought that teaser at the end of the second episode was just made up but it turns out to be true (maybe Nagisa’s information network is something to be feared of). Shinobu has got to be the coolest among the lot. He never panics and has a way around everything. His expressionless face makes it hard to understand what he is thinking at times. Mitsuru is the cheeky and outgoing one so it’s no surprise that apart from Shinobu, he’s got lots of girl admirers. Shun is the most carefree, cheerful and easy going among the gang. I don’t remember seeing him breaking into much sweat. Maybe he doesn’t know it, it makes him a little girly. It’s no wonder those who don’t know him will mistake him as a girl. Yeah, it probably runs in the family too seeing Reina shares the same predicament. So if it looks like a girl, sounds like a girl, then it must be a girl, right? Wrong! Shun has broken that fundamental theory. Nagisa is a crazy b*tch who just lives for revenge against her brother. And that is the very reason why she always fails. This might be a longshot, but she picking on her brother is a way of wanting to show her love and get his acceptance, don’t you think? Kazuhiro and Sumire are a nice pair of newlyweds but it’s just too bad they didn’t make much of an appearance and felt more like side characters.

Surprisingly, the ending theme song, No Brand Heroes by Chika Sakamoto (who is also the voice of Shun) is a nice and pretty song. I guess it gives a nice subtle meaning that you don’t need ‘branded’ and famous superheroes like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Ironman or X-men to save the day. That’s why they are called unsung heroes. You don’t need to be somebody to help others out. That is what essentially the guys of Greenwood live by. They help each other when really in need. Even if guys like Shinobu don’t really want to get involve in personal matters, he and everyone still cares for each other. There was a live-action version that lasted for 13 episodes and came out in 2008. I didn’t see that but I think it is more or less the same thing. So if you want to be a famous star, go to Hollywood. But if you want to meet bizarre people and bizarre happenings, visit Greenwood. Guarantee to spice up your life a little. Now you know why there are rumours that many dorms are believed to be haunted, right? Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be good looking.

Asobi Ni Iku Yo OVA

November 18, 2011

Well, they actually live up to its series’ name this time. Asobi Ni Iku Yo OVA is just more than the Catian bombshells from the sky coming down to Earth to play games only peculiar to this globe, but also as part of their research and better understanding the games that people play. I’m sure you can see from a mile coming that if you’re going to play games with humans, it’s either you expect some cheating or some ‘bend’ in the laws and natures of the original game to spice and make things more interesting. This one is more of the latter. Yeah, expect some tits showing scenes to make you laugh and satisfy your inner horniness of girls in cat outfits. So will they understand the basics at the end? My guess is that entirely, no. Because they’re simply not just humans…

At the start, we see the ever-mysterious Ichika paying a visit to a family restaurant called Kokkoroko House, supposedly famous for its superb roast chicken recipe. Yum, I would like to try that out. But we’re not here for the food, right? Albeit a different kind of ‘food’ to feast on. Inside, she feels the tense atmosphere as Kio, Manami, Aoi, Eris and Antonia in an intense card game. It all began somewhat this morning. The Catian quartet of Kuune, Melwin, Chaika and Durel are playing mahjong. Not just any mahjong. Strip mahjong. Durel is on a winning strip and the only one who hasn’t stripped because games based on strategies and tactics are her forte. However they strip without knowing the significance of doing so. See, what did I tell you? And they just went on playing and playing without giving a second thought about their modesty. If only outsiders were to see the busty feline babes. And thus our human counterparts like Aoi, Manami, Kio and Antonia are tasked into helping out because Eris couldn’t understand many of the rules. Have you ever heard reading the rule book or Google it? Ah well, it goes to show that it’s more effective when you play it first-hand. You’d understand better that way.

Of course, Manami would love to spice things up by including rewards for winners. No fun if you play a game with many players without any sort of reward or punishment in the end, right? Yeah, everyone will be serious to get that reward. Now for them to sponsor the prizes. Antonia offers a suitcase full of cash! But I guess they’re feeling guilty so they settle for her miniature model of Eris. Guaranteed to send fans of Eris go wild. Next, a research DVD of the movie club. Boring. Not just any DVD. It’s filled with footages of Kio! From sleeping to changing clothes! It’s like he’s been watched! Of course we know which girls want that disc badly. Oh Kio, you’re so screwed if they win that one. Yeah, not like he’s going to lose anything if they see anything. Really? The prize from Eris turns out to be 3 chocolate wild cats. Erm… I hope it’s their look that is just ugly and horrible. Finally, another DVD staring Aoi and Manami as teenagers in an obscene battle! Yeah, it’s those footage during the time the girls raided Antonia’s ship in head-turning bikinis by that gay baldie director Takao Kawasaki. Apparently they had dozens of spy cameras on board the boat. Bunny Amazons of Hell vs Slave Girls Group? WTF?! I guess the film is already successfully made, eh? Kio takes this opportunity to get back at the girls saying that they’ll have nothing to lose if he sees anything. Plan backfired. Now the stakes are set, it’s game time! Fast forward to where we are now at the card game. Antonia is finding a number 6 card but AssistDroid no. 6 turns up instead. In her frustration, she hits it away and into Ichika, interrupting her chicken meal. And back to Kuune’s group, they’re playing poker and as usual, Durel is the only one fully clothed. Yeah, the rest are close to nothing. Poker needs brains? Not luck meh?

Back to Eris’ section, they’re playing some pun card game. Manami is a bad liar so Kio could see through her as she accumulates all the cards that were thrown in. In the end, Kio wins. What prize is he going to choose? Aoi and Manami are dreading their most embarrassing moment will be seen. However, he plays it safe by taking back the research DVD. Well, there goes their hopes of seeing naked Kio. But at least they still have a reason to fight for. Meanwhile at the movie club in school, a pair of movie club female members tell Maki about their idea of making a sci-fi movie. Maki went on giving suggestions the kind of futuristic and abstract looks aliens should be but the girls would prefer something simpler. Like Eris, because she exists for real. Then Yuichi comes in and is looking for both the girls. They seem pretty excited for being called.

Elsewhere back at Eris’ group, Antonia wins a twisted version of Monopoly (Nahapoly?) because of her skill in acquiring assets and accumulating wealth. That’s a rich girl for you. Everyone else is bankrupt! So the prize she chose? Eris’ miniature model! She sure loves Eris very much. A short diversion as we see Jens and Muttley playing chess. Obviously Jens has to lose or else there is no motivation for us to watch her strip, right? Besides, why the hell do we want to see a Dogisia AssistDroid strip for? Moving on to a Twister game, Eris and co are really in a bind. Even more so for Kio. Because everywhere he turns to, he will end up in some ecchi position with one of the girls. Is Aoi’s butt nice to look at? What about Manami’s boobs? During Eris’ turn, she has to put a body part on a spot and chooses to use her tail. However she ends up ‘suffocating’ over Kio. Manami initially disagrees with the move but after seeing Kio getting a nice time, she allows Eris to use her tail. It sweeps Aoi’s butt so she panics and causes everyone but Eris to fall. With 2 prizes left, which will she choose? The chocolates! This means it’s all down to the embarrassing movie. The last game will be rock-scissors-paper. Coincidentally, Kuune’s group is also playing this and for the first time Durel is stripping because it is based on luck. Now we get to see her tits. Life is fair, eh?

Now as for the rest, this is a very odd phenomenon. Kio has his eyes blindfolded so that he won’t get to see the girls naked. However, he is on a hot winning streak!!!!! NOT FREAKING LOSING ONCE!!! Even if Ichika and both of Antonia’s maids are playing, Kio is the only one fully clothed! The odder part is that all the girls have the tendency to show the losing hand sign at the same time! Are their thoughts that alike? Kio, you one lucky bastard! With another win for Kio, Antonia removes her cat ear piece but Manami isn’t happy and wants her to take off her panties instead. In the struggle, Manami trips and accidentally removes Kio’s blindfold. This is the best present he has ever won! But was it worth it? Yeah, apart from all the face bruises he got (thankfully nobody mentioned about they can’t get married anymore except to him), Kio takes the research DVD. But he gives it to Manami and Aoi. He feels that they both starred in it and that they should watch it first. On one condition: They’ll have to let him watch later. So, just delaying the inevitable, eh? But as Ichika narrates, Aoi and Manami’s nightmare isn’t over. We see Yuichi and the rest watching that crappy obscene battle movie with crappy voiceovers and effects. He praises the girls for their good acting and would recommend them to Kawasaki if needed, making them both feel happy. However Maki feels frustrated and won’t accept this. I guess she’s the kind who doesn’t like Godzilla-like creatures as her alien as seen in the movie.

Still Fooling Around?
So have they learnt any lesson from playing Earth games? I’m not too sure about it but I can guarantee that they all had fun. For the stripping part, of course it won’t be so fun if you’re the one who have to strip, right? It boggles me why they didn’t try some educational games. Then I remembered, we’re supposed to have our fanservice here. So remember, if you want to play such striptease games, make sure you play with the right people. Or else… What is seen, cannot be unseen.

There is something about Ichika that I noticed. In the TV series, she was so mysterious that nothing much was known about her. In this OVA, it’s not like we know her more but did you notice during the final game where everyone strips, she had cat ears and tails too?! That means, she’s a Catian?! Well, at least we know where she’s from. I’m also not sure if there is another OVA coming up because there is an ending teaser which sees Aoi and Manami accidentally getting Eris’ top and tail respectively while they race to grab a flag in the sand. Then some message in a bottle stuck between Eris’ cleavage while Aoi shrieks in fear. Is it her humongous boobs she’s freaking out off? So the title of the next episode “Attara ii na” (I hope it’s there) doesn’t mean anything?

I didn’t have good memories of the TV series but if they do mindless OVAs like this (and probably after a long time), then I would welcome it very much. Unless if they want to make a sequel, they better put in better plot so as not to feel ‘irritated’. Oh, on a trivial note, I recently found out that the official English title for this series is Cat Planet Cuties. WTF?! Well, I guess it sounds less naughty than “I Came To Play: Bombshells From The Sky”. Even though, the content is what we already well expected, right?

I couldn’t believe that there is another OVA for the Kodomo No Jikan series. And I thought after the second season that came in the form of OVA, there won’t be another round of horny loli to go about. This is what I found out. I think. Besides the TV series and the Nigakki OVA, there are a total of 3 OVAs. The first one being the one shown before the TV series started (the little girls trying to buy Aoki a present), the second one focusing on the relationship between Kuro and Shirai-sensei and the recent one released back in January 2011, which is this blog, is the third one. Wow, that’s a long time if you consider this OVA spanning 3 over years for just 3 episodes.

In this third OVA instalment, Aoki’s 3 little students, Rin, Kuro and Mimi follow him back to his seaside hometown. His colleague Houin also tags along in hopes to appeal to his parents as his bride. Looks like she hasn’t given up yet. Aoki is tackled by his younger sister Chika. Rin and Houin start thinking that she will be their future sister-in-law. Counting your chickens, eh? Chika proceeds to greet the kids but doesn’t seem too fond with Houin because of her bigger boobs. In the car ride, Kuro hears that Chika is popular with the girls during her school days and tries to get some tips from her but was ignored (if you watched the series, you’ll know Kuro is a lesbian and has a crush on Rin but that love is one-sided). Rin and Houin blush when they hear how Chika was telling Aoki that their mom got excited when she thought he was bringing home a bride.

Upon reaching the house, the gang meets Aoki’s mom. She welcomes them until she mistaken Houin’s flabby belly for being pregnant and repetitively slaps Aoki! How can my son do such a thing?! Why is Rin trying to put a pillow up her stomach to be pregnant?! As the little ones put on their swimsuit, Mimi feigns she has her period coming and thus forgot to bring her swimsuit. That’s when Chika comes in and fondles-cum-tests Mimi’s boobs. She proceeds to give Mimi her old swimsuit and teaches her how to use a tampon. I’m not sure if Mimi’s moaning is fear or sensation. As they play at the beach, Rin bluffs Aoki that she has been stung by a jellyfish on the thigh and wants him to suck the poison out. He was really going to do so when Kuro came by to note that the permanent marker is wearing off. Pissed off Rin buries Kuro in the sand. Yeah, she’s making Mimi at least building her ‘bigger boobs’. Rin gets an SMS from Reiji so Aoki teases her that he must be free. This upsets Rin as she tells him off that Reiji only has feelings for her mom. But what Aoki meant was he was free to watch porn. That’s a joke of course. Rin continues that when her mom was still alive, the 3 of them would go to the beach and had lots of fun.

That night back home, Aoki rubs lotion on Kuro’s back as she is in pain from sunburn. Chika talks to Houin about Aoki and since the busty teacher’s flustering is so obvious, Chika decides to tease her more and invites her to drink. As Aoki falls asleep, Rin comes in and sleeps next to him naked! Then Aoki starts cuddling Rin like as though she is a bolster! When Aoki awakens, he finds Houin and Chika flanking and sleeping beside him. They reek of alcohol too. Looks like Rin couldn’t take the heat and backed out earlier. She thinks it is impossible for it to ‘fit’ in. Aoki goes to sleep somewhere else as Houin unconsciously goes on top of Chika and starts kissing her! Yeow! That passionate tongue kissing! Because of that, the next morning Chika starts to fear Houin though the latter doesn’t have any recollections of last night’s hot passion. She’s obviously acting real strange.

That evening, the little girls make preparations for the Bon festival. Aoki comes back from an errand with Houin and notices Rin looking gloomy though she scoffs it off as nothing. Night comes as Kuro tries to play a sparkler prank on Aoki but it backfires. Chika becomes scared when Houin comes in to bath with her. Crazy city girl, she thinks… Rin becomes more depressed when her sparkler dims. Later Aoki goes to talk to her. She mentions something about she thought she could meet her mom again. Aoki notes how he thought he wanted her to quickly grow up so as to change all those sad feelings to memories. But he rather let her stay as a kid around him and spend her time as one. Aoki allows Rin to hug him, delighting her very much. The next morning, Aoki and co prepare to leave. Aoki teases Kuro who is really tanned and nicknames her so (her name means black) so Kuro gives that virgin a kick in the crotch. After all those kicking, he should’ve seen this coming. Before Rin leaves, she puts a photo that she took of themselves next to Aoki’s photo during his younger days.

Summer Holiday and Lolis…
Well, this OVA doesn’t feel like much. Just a little bit more on Aoki and Rin but nothing really concrete that will take their relationship to the next level. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s not like Aoki is a lolicon because he is a good person and teacher to begin with. Surprisingly this OVA isn’t as horny as the TV serious or previous OVAs. The only fanservice bit you’ll ever get to see is that short naked scene when Houin enters the bath to join Chika. This OVA was rather more of a drama and a smatter of some funny parts here and there. Otherwise if this is the real ‘final’ episode of the Kodomo No Jikan series, then what more can I say?

I guess it’s rather okay since it has been a long time since I watched this series and even if it doesn’t amount to anything much, missing a few other characters like Reiji and Shirai. Kuro and Mimi were just playing supporting roles and not much development for them. Chika was sure funny herself because she got more than she bargained for in the end. She thought she could tease Houin and have fun doing so but it turned out that she became very conscious of her. So what about Houin’s chances on Aoki? Maybe that will be another story.

So again, this series is about the childhood times of a person. If that kid has a traumatic childhood, then there is a big chance he/she will be unstable and most likely endanger not only everyone else but himself/herself as well. So it’s best that every child enjoys their childhood as we know, we all only have one. I don’t know if I’m wasting my youth being an otaku. You can call me a kid still or a big buffalo. Anyhow you look at it, I’m quite happy the way things are.

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