HIDOI SUGIRU DESU YO!!!!!!!! Oh wow. Just when you thought it had ended, here’s more of it. I’m talking about Seitokai Yakuindomo S2 OVA! It has been many years since the second season ended but subsequently they released more episodes in the OVA format but in very random and unequal intervals. Making it even worse is the numbering of these subsequent OVAs. Because the movie somewhat ‘ruined’ it and there is a hell lot of confusion about the numbering. So episodes 20 and 21 are labelled as the movie, huh? Yeah, I didn’t see that movie. But I’m sure I won’t lose much. I hope. Oh dear. With those numbers thrown in to represent the movie, I’ll just accept and go with that since that is what the label of these OVA episodes that I’m going to watch said. So more dirty sex jokes, huh? Okay. Bring it on!

OVA 22
* Hata suggesting some sort of flag to be triggered with Tsuda. Stuffing a flag in his ass, that is!
* Tsuda and his girls are out. They see Uomi manning a fast food joint. Better order quickly before Shino and Aria sexualizes the food. Like the hot dog…
* Everyone takes turn singing the karaoke and each has some sort of comment for each other. Like for Aria, Shino wants her to sing slower songs because lively songs make her boobs gyrate!
* The girls help Tsuda clean the boys’ toilet? Though Tsuda explains the bull’s eye mark on the urinals, Shino turns up a notch by putting a certain ‘hole’ in its place!
* Tsuda asks Aria why girls pat their cheek when they put face cream. To increase blood circulation. However Shino misinterprets the whole line, slapping a girl’s cheek with your meat stick to improve circulation and make it longer.
* The clubs show their receipt to the student council for reimbursement. Leave it to the usual suspects to sexualize them. But the robotics club is actually buying parts to make a hermaphrodite android?!
* Shino conducts a spot check on her fellow student council members. So Aria bringing in this weird dildo is okay but Tsuda bringing in a manga is not just because it is educational?
* We see the gang at the aquarium (supposedly some leftover clips from the movie). Yeah, making some comments about some sea life. Like squid tentacles… And otters hinting about lesbian sex?
* Mori can’t swim. And since pool season is around the corner, she fears practising among the people she knows. Don’t worry. Uomi has arranged to practice at Ousai’s pool. You bet the perverts are going to make some dirty pool jokes. Like Aria, because she can’t fit into the inflatable tube (due to her big boobs), she considers it useless! Uomi and Shino force feed Tsuda. Looks like he is choking but they start posing in sexy moves so as to make him salivate and swallow better. Wouldn’t the tea be easier? In the end and after a year later, Mori is now able to show others how much she has grown. Yup, her boobs have grown the most!
* As Tsuda walks home, he sees Shino waiting for him at the gates. Knowing what comes next, he turns around! Shino had to call him out! True enough, she was going to make a sex joke. She apologizes but can’t help stop make dirty jokes. Those tears supposed to convince us? Likewise, Tsuda also admits he can’t stop playing the straight man. So they deserve each other? In this supposed next scene to shock us, Shino suddenly hugs him from the back! But it is just to twist his nipples as he doesn’t plan to walk home with her! Yeah, didn’t see that coming!

OVA 23
* Tsuda accidentally breaks an art sculpture while cleaning up. Don’t worry, it’s cheap. He can help glue it back. As he does so, Igarashi thought she saw blood on his hand and quickly grabs it. Turns out it is glue and now their hands are stuck. Oh no. Bad timing as Shino and Aria are coming in. Pretend to arm wrestle! The solution is to use hot water but now they’ve a meeting. And it becomes awkward as the duo attend the meeting with their hands held all the time. After boiling the water, because the vibe is so good between them, jealous Shino just nonchalantly pours the hot water over Tsuda’s hand.
* Kotomi is looking for new experience so she ends up being the judo club’s manager. She makes her big blunder when she washes the club members’ panties while they’re bathing. Because of that they have nothing to wear on their way home. That’s not the worse part. The way she explains to Shino how everyone’s panties got wet needs further explanation!
* Kenji Yanagimoto of the film club does an audition to find a lead role for his movie that he plans to submit for a competition. Shino is the first one to go. Acting out a scene with Tsuda whereby he has his arms around her from her back, because she is nervous, she screams something hard is touching her (his hands) but this gives everybody the greatest misunderstanding. Mitsuba is so athletic that she the cast decides to cast her as the stunt woman. In the end, Suzu is chosen as the lead because of her height. Haven’t you heard? The male and female leads are actually siblings and the film is about a previously all-girls’ school turned co-ed. Sibling hilarity in every moment guaranteed. There is this one very steamy scene in which Tsuda is on top of Shino in bed. Once more she gets anxious and her calf cramps up. She screams in pain and everybody misunderstands Tsuda entered her!!! Filming finally ends and a tired Shino leans on Tsuda’s shoulder and falls asleep.
* When Uomi has this tall volleyball girl, Yuu Hirose to pick some box at the top shelf, this is part of her plan to ask her to join the student council body. Hirose has no qualms as she is often mistaken to be a boy. Despite agreeing to join, she is more of a ghost member since Uomi gave her permission to attend her club duties first. So whenever she needs to attend student council meetings, Hirose will just give excuse that she just needs to take a dump!
* Hirose is introduced to Ousai’s student council body. Hirose offers Tsuda to test her to see that she is a real woman. And by that she means touching her throat. See, no Adam’s apple! And with Suzu conscious about their height difference, she claims she too has ‘grown’ and recites the digits of pi!
* Yanagimoto’s film manage to win a prize as we see snippets of the film’s trailer. Looks okay to me… But no release date of this film yet!
* Tsuda is embarrassed to hear his voice recorded in the film. But Shino and Aria misheard that as Tsuda’s voice of shame! It doesn’t help when Todoroki mixes and replays ambiguous lines of his…

OVA 24
* Dejima has the gang go on a mystery tour. While riding the bus, Uomi takes off her socks so as to prevent blood clot. Kotomi panics and tries to take hers off too but the perverts at the back think she is trying to take off her panties.
* The bus supposedly breaks down and conveniently there is a mansion nearby for them to stay. Isn’t the master the bus driver? Lack of actors, huh? Tsuda notices a note in his room to play the culprit. You bet this is going to be a hard time for him because soon Shino screams and claims someone stole her panties!
* So everyone gathers around to deduce and investigate. Uomi takes this chance to snuggle close to Tsuda, claiming Shino won’t be targeted again. Shino vows to keep a watchful eye on them but Uomi distracts her with a dildo…
* Panty thief strikes again with Kotomi being the victim this time. The rest deduce Tsuda can’t be the culprit because doing so makes him a pervert.
* During dinner, the culprit leaves a clue when to strike next. Shino deduces the message and what the heck everyone is scared that the next target is H-cup size? That’s scary indeed. When midnight strikes, a short blackout occurs and this time Suzu realizes her bra is gone!
* Tsuda then deduces as he claims he was being framed as the culprit. His conclusion leads to Dejima being the culprit. True enough she admits. Know she is looking forward to be punished… Everyone is glad this mystery over but one tiny little issue… Can we have our panties back?!
* The student council has an interview with clubs to conduct a community report meeting. Some of them have ulterior motives like Hata, had Suzu not spot that ‘typo’, she would have published some erotic article.
* As Uomi has got the flu, she lost her voice. Since Mori can imitate her voice, she is tasked to speak on her behalf for the day. But beware those ambiguous place cards that she writes… Read carefully before you speak! Sometimes her writing is unreadable so Hirose tries to help out but her handwriting is even worse! When Tsuda calls and Uomi has Mori take her call, Tsuda can tell it is Mori right away. This has his student council girls very suspicious how he can recognize girls’ voice easily on the phone.
* Shino thought it is Tsuda in this mascot outfit so she takes him to talk about things. Then this important part where she promises there is no dirty joke and will tell it to him seriously. However she gets nervous and a voice tells her to go ahead and say it. Turns out the person underneath this mascot is the principal! Substituting for Tsuda? Shino is reeling from embarrassment as the real Tsuda shows up. This makes Shino even more embarrassed. But as she tries to back out, the principal tries to motivate to say her feelings. To deny that is to deny his existence! This has Shino sum up her courage as she approaches Tsuda. Finally the moment we have been waiting for? Go ahead, Shino. Say what you really want to say to him. Is that a bulge in your pants?! WTF???!!! YOU MESSED UP, GIRL!!! No wonder Tsuda walks away disappointed. Maybe next time, huh? The principal asks why she couldn’t convey her true feelings. Simple. Shino blames puberty.

It’s Always Spring For Puberty & Dirty Jokes!
Yeah… Guess what? There is going to be another OVA in the second half of 2020 coming! So you bet I’m still going to stick around and watch since I wasn’t patient enough to let the next OVA come out and watch all at one go. I mean, what difference does it make? It’s not like I remember everything about this series, right? Just a bunch horny female characters (and a really short one) and a guy who retorts them all. So I can definitely guarantee you that I’ll be around then to watch the next OVA. And I won’t be surprised that won’t be the last. After all, this series having produced such irregular OVA episodes just shows that dirty sex jokes can never die. It is truly a 24/7 and 365 days all year round spectacle. I guess that is why we never grow old and tired of dirty jokes and memes, huh?

Basically I can’t say or add anything much (because I don’t remember much either) but I suppose the characters here continue to stay true to their character. Perverts never change. The straight man stays the straight man and maintains that role till the day he dies (or the producers decide to stop producing this series anymore). And the shorty still can’t manage to grow an inch! Hey, at least she has a high IQ and able to recite digits of the pi! Not sure if we are disappointed or relieved that Shino was about to confess to Tsuda but failed spectacularly. It feels like the end goal of the series but I have this gut feeling that if that ever becomes true, it will change everything. Nothing will be the same. Despite me saying that these characters don’t change. Imagine true love changing the perverts’ nature into decent ones. But nothing like a good ol’ dirty joke to bring everyone back to where they are, huh? When we were young, sex jokes are off limits and are for adults. But when we become adults, sex jokes are considered childish. So is there ever a good time for making dirty jokes? SYD screws all that because there is no restricted TPO for sex jokes. Anytime, anywhere. If a sex joke is ready to fly, let it fly! Now hand me the next OVA release!

Seitokai Yakuindomo S2

July 28, 2017

HIDOI DESU YO!!! After cruelly waiting for the OVAs for the first season to all come out and watch them, just when I thought I was finally done with them, then came the second season. Well, it isn’t so much about Seitokai Yakuindomo S2 as the TV series taking its sweet time coming out. You guessed it. It is again the OVAs taking its damn sweet time! That is why I am ‘forced’ to delay watching this series so that I can watch it all at one go. And after 2 years for the 6 OVAs of the second season to come out, I just thought to screw it and just watch whatever comes or else I would never start. So don’t blame me why this blog is more than 3 years ‘late’. Hey, it’s not a retro anime so it isn’t that kind of late I’m talking about. And you wonder why I really waited that long to just watch the sequel and its OVAs. Sighs. The things I do to watch an anime filled with sexual innuendo jokes and puns…

Episode 1
* We’re already starting off with a dirty joke regarding airlines and cleavages. Then we seem to have a dog’s eye view as we go through the city and school as part and parcel of the introduction of the characters in the series. Including dirty jokes from Shino about Tsuda’s hanging dick.
* It is supposed to be Kotomi’s first day of high school but she got lost in the city since she realized she lost her handphone. Thankfully it is found.
* Suzu also lost her dog and surprisingly it somehow found its way to school and thus why we had certain scenes from a dog’s eye view. Everybody gathers for a group photo.
* Already the start of the new term and Tsuda is trying to stave off a wave of dirty jokes from Shino and Aria. Like Shino advising him to watch out for his family jewels.
* Ironically they have noticed that more and more opposite sex are chatting freely with each other. A cause for concern? Although Suzu argues it doesn’t matter as long as they pick the right place and time, leave it to Shino to come up with cliché ideas that make it sound so dirty. For a while we are not sure if the student council is going enforce strictly the rule because if they don’t let couples f*ck, they’ll be responsible in declining birth rates.
* I didn’t know the dried squid episode continues into this season. When Tsuda enters the room, he sees a dried squid on the table. Next to it is a butt sex toy covert with yoghurt. We can see where this is going…
* Shino summons Toki since she has not joined a club and as per school rules, all students must join one. Before she knows it, she is entering a judo duel with Mitsuba. If Mitsuba wins, Toki will join the club. Otherwise, Toki will be the club captain. There’s no way out of this… In the end, Mitsuba’s experience has her taking down Toki in no time. Toki is now a new judo club member.

Episode 2
* After their usual patrol, the student council sit together for lunch. They notice Suzu not feeling well and her temperature is high. She is taken to the infirmary to rest. I’m sure some of the friends mean well suggesting stuffs to make her feel better. Like Todoroki’s vibrator… Fortunately she recovers in time for the budget meeting. Though, she is now weak from hunger.
* Uomi visits Ousai. Shino gives her a tour around and there is a separate screen to show us and compare how Shino did the same for Tsuda then. Only with more sexual innuendoes now. After the tour she notices that the males have to use the same toilet as the male teachers. As Ousai has only been converted to co-ed for 1 year, it would be troublesome for male students to walk all the way there and even more awkward if they bump into their teachers. She proposes a male’s toilet in one of the floors. This leads to them discussing of adding an additional surveillance room just for Tsuda. Does he want to see guys jerk off?!
* Lots of students are suffering from the effects of hay fever. So for Kotomi, she solved this problem by plugging up both her nose holes. Actually, that didn’t solve anything.
* Thanks to more cheesy dirty jokes, Tsuda writes a typo on the paper. He wants corrective fluid but he should have been more specific because it only allows Shino to ‘attack’ with her dirty suggestions. He manages to make the correction but realizes his permanent marker has soaked through the paper and messed up the table. Shino can help with that but in exchange he needs to teach her how to wipe her browser history.
* When all the girls somehow run out of tissue, the first person they go ask is Tsuda. Why do they assume that this guy carries extra tissues with him? Who is the dirty minded one?!
* The dried squid saga continues. Before Tsuda could do anything, Hata has already seen this ambiguous scene. He tries to explain and it seems Hata understood what he said as she repeats what he has told her. However she isn’t going to let this juicy story go and will sensationalise it. When Tsuda takes some tissues to wipe some yoghurt off his mouth, he spots Aria looking in…

Episode 3
* The second years will be taking a field trip to Okinawa. Todoroki can’t seem to get pass the metal detector and when she finally does, it seems her vibrator has been the culprit.
* With Tsuda and Suzu gone for the trip, Shino and Aria feel ‘lonely’. Yeah, nobody to rebut their dirty jokes. Don’t worry. Kotomi is here to relief her brother. We’re so worried… Uh huh. She didn’t know being part of the student council is such hard work.
* During the field trip, Tsuda and Suzu are shocked to see Hata around. She claims her newspaper club has no second years… So she’s here illegal… She needs a favour from them and that is to keep an eye on teachers Michishita and Daimon. She smells some romance between them. Of course Tsuda will not be a snitch.
* Suzu wanders around herself and realizes too late that she is lost! And she dropped her handphone somewhere. So a search is conducted for her. Ironically when Yokoshima can’t help being attracted to a store that sells penis biscuits (yes, those actually exist), that is where Suzu is. She was waiting here as she knew someone was bound to react to these.
* Kotomi goes home tired. It looks like she missed her brother as she visits his room. But now is the chance to find his hidden porn magazines! Not going to find any…
* The field trip continues to some scuba activity. Hata continues to remind Tsuda about his ‘mission’. Not giving in… The scuba dive as well as feeding fish gives Yokoshima a dirty idea… Looks like our Ousai student council girls aren’t going to be left out because they too conduct their own pool activity in school premise! Kotomi tells Shino that there are rumours going around that Tsuda and Shino are dating. Shino dismisses their relationship is anything like that.
* That evening, Tsuda sees Daimon giving Michishita some shiny present (no, it’s not jewellery). He thinks to keep this to himself and not tell Hata.
* Shortly he gets a call from Shino. Missed him? Actually, she called just to ask if he has any wet dreams. Hang up now.
* Back in school, Michishita catches Yokoshima red handed in some strange masturbation act. Putting fish feed over her privates and let the fish…

Episode 4
* Uomi got wet when a car splashed puddle on her. The student council lends her a jersey to wear. She tries to mention several of her ‘interesting’ parts wet in a bid to make Tsuda have a boner. After her clothes are dried, she puts them back on as the girls notice her undershirt is short. Shino believes by exposing her stomach will eventually lead to exposing her underboobs.
* Igarashi is doing her moral policing job as well. But each time she comments how those offenders should have taken after a certain role model student like Suzu, her believes are smashed after seeing them too ‘breaking’ some sort of moral code.
* The dried squid episode continues. Tsuda explains to Aria. She teases him a naughty boy before running away and apologizing for disturbing. Looks like she too got the wrong idea. Tsuda realizes too late he has left the room and when he returns, Suzu is now standing there.
* Todoroki explains to us the history of vibrators of Japan!
* Kotomi can’t sit still while studying in the library so Todoroki suggests a chair with a vibrator!
* Tsuda and Kotomi fail their tests so they have to take a make-up exam. The student council girls offer to coach them but since their good subject is maths, they have to decide who gets to teach it. Suzu wins since she is the treasurer. Obviously she is good in calculations and this prompts Kotomi to quip that she is a calculating woman.
* Noticing Tsuda has a bad posture while studying, Aria and Shino thought of putting a porn magazine on his head to correct it.
* Hata has been spying outside their house in hopes of finding some scoop. Too bad she couldn’t find any. So she tries to make Shino cosplay as a cat?
* The student council members and Kotomi are at Aria’s family amusement park to test some of the rides. Thankfully Suzu is tall enough to ride them. Barely.
* Tsuda thought Shino is afraid of heights. Yes she is. But those which are fun do not count.
* At the end of the day, everyone has had enough rides to last a lifetime. But the perverted girls think it would be more exciting to take the rides going commando or nude.
* Tsuda doesn’t understand Kotomi’s new form of pleasure since she did experience rides of other amusement parks before. Actually Kotomi’s panties got wet during an earlier ride and since she has been riding the rest without any till they got home. Her eyes have been opened to a new world…

Episode 5
* Kotomi sends a dick picture of Tsuda when he is a baby to Shino. However she sent the wrong picture of Tsuda’s face Photoshop on a bodybuilder’s body. You bet Shino is going to be confused about the bulge.
* Hata tries to interview Shino about the affair allegations with Tsuda. Shino dismisses it and wants to know where she heard those rumours. Hata accidental mentions of her careful information manipulation. So she’s the source!
* Hata is to write an article for the school’s new swimsuit. The student council didn’t know about this and are surprised to find out only when they have to model for it. Shino felt jealous Aria doesn’t need to use a pad. On the contrary she does. It is to make it look like she is a guy hiding her crotch! Then they tease Tsuda he should use one to make his bulge look bigger.
* Mitsuba is leading her judo club to train like doing bunny hops up the stairs and running a marathon through the city. Toki might be a fast runner but it seems she got lost in the city.
* A cat seems to be taking residence in the school after students carelessly start feeding it. Now it is causing mischiefs by stealing items. So when it steals a judo member’s towel, they try to catch it but Mitsuba catches Tsuda?! Is this supposed to be a pun of a thief of your heart?
* So the best way to lure the cat down from the tree is for Aria to dress up as a cat and be its friend? Anyway it worked. It is revealed that the cat has its own family and was stealing to take care.
* As the judo club will be competing in the Nationals, a rally is held to boost their morale. Surprisingly Yokoshima gives the first speech like as though she watched the judo club grow. Daimon is actually the judo club’s advisor.
* All the judo club members then give their own speech which is then rebutted by the crowd. A few more performances from other clubs follow after that. Kotomi sees Toki who skipped out on the rally. Toki claims she got special permission from Mitsuba to skip it since she doesn’t like this kind of stuff. But Kotomi thinks she doesn’t like being visually molested by the crowd.

Episode 6
* Shino is in a dilemma. Because a guy from the talent agency asked if she would like to be a model. This is the same agency that handles the currently rising pop idol group, Triple Booking. As she ponders about it and thinking about the times with her friends, she decides to take up the offer.
* At the agency she meets the staff as well as Triple Booking in the flesh. Why do I have a feeling they take after so closely certain main characters… But one of them whose name sounds similar to Shino seems to have the same perverted thinking like Shino. Only in anime where it is natural for more girls to be horny.
* The manager wants her to take voice lessons as well despite only being scouted for modelling. She views Shino having the potential but after hearing her say a streak of perverted words… So Shino takes up voice training. They let her sing whatever song she wants. What kind of song has so many horny words?
* Shino becomes a famous idol. One day she meets up with Tsuda for dinner. He introduces her to his girlfriend. Somebody who looks exactly like her and shares the same name?! Apparently all this was just a dream. Shino decides to reject the offer as she wants to focus on her studies.
* More squid saga. Tsuda and Suzu are in sync as they try to explain themselves. After Suzu hears him out, she tries to clean it up. However she starts getting suspicious if this was yoghurt, then how come it is so sticky like…
* The student council will hold a self-defence drill. They have the judo club do demonstrations. Tsuda is made to be the ‘victim’ and gets a taste of Mitsuba’s hell throw. Doesn’t matter if you are sadistic or masochistic. It still hurts like hell.
* Igarashi didn’t really want to participate as Hata tries to psycho her that this may help her get over her androphobia. She faces Tsuda but caves in. She got a lot of advice on self-defence but if it is from Shino, be prepared for lots of sexual subtexts. Perhaps she has reach a point of being sceptical so when Tsuda is being nice to her and praises her, it still makes her heart rate go up. Not of the romantic kind.
* Aria thought of having a naked bath with Dejima for some female bonding. But the maid got naked and prepares herself in bed.
* Tsuda accidentally hits his hand on the furniture. He licks it but Shino sees this and is shocked he is trying to kiss his lover.
* Continuing from the squid episode. Shino and Kotomi notice Aria spacing out. She tells them about Tsuda and the sex toy. This is where they go full blast with their dirty thoughts and opinions. Unfiltered, uncensored and unstoppable. See how important a straight man is? They decide to talk to him.

Episode 7
* Suzu is walking her dog and meets several people she knows like Dejima, Hata, Yokoshima and even her mom. All of them tell her their recent experience which has something to do with f*cking outdoors.
* Aria draws Roman alphabets of WXY vertically which looks like the body and anatomy of a woman. Others try to ‘correct’ it.
* Growing a morning glory in the room, they discuss what it means. Also read: Sexual subtexts.
* Todoroki buys 2 copies of manga. One for use and the other to keep. She also buys 2 cucumbers. One to eat and the other to play with.
* Tsuda and Kotomi see each other’s grades. With Tsuda having A’s and B’s, she quips that is the reason he can’t move on to the third C-base.
* The gang help to take out the telescope in Tsuda’s family garage so that Kotomi can watch the stars as part of her research. But sifting through the stuffs, Kotomi is busy reading old manga instead of being busy with her hands. Tsuda takes out old porn magazines so Shino quips he will have his hands really busy this time.
* Once the telescope is assembled, Shino makes jokes how telescopes aren’t just used to point up. They are also pointed down to peep at women bathing. She also makes a joke of the different angle of the telescope to represent erection at different ages.
* Suzu helps adjust the telescope to let Kotomi see certain constellations. Too bad Kotomi has no idea what she is saying or seeing.
* Before the school’s pool is opened for summer use, the student council members are testing it. Dejima acts as their lifeguard but her intentions of teaching CPR have sexual subtext to it.
* When the pool opens, the student council members become lifeguards and are paid ice cream. Shino is very focused in watching the girls to find who is wearing fake pads.
* With Uomi joining in, this prompts Tsuda to remember he also took the entrance exam for Eiryou and passed. However he picked Ousai since it was closer and the slope towards Eiryou was killing. It made Uomi annoyed.
* Kotomi’s leg cramps up despite being in the shallow part of the pool so Tsuda and Shino dive in to save her. Luckily it is nothing serious. Shino notes she has to go commando now.

Episode 8
* The student council members are at the beach to scout for next year’s seaside school trip location. Expect the usual beach antics. Like Tsuda putting lotion on Aria’s back in in return she does the same but only with her feet. Shino lost a beach volleyball game and took the lost seriously. He says it is just a game so she accuses him of playing with her heart!
* They test the route for the kimodameshi. Suzu is very afraid of the dark and couldn’t stop clinging to Tsuda. You know how awkward he is having to stoop and walk all the way.
* In their room, when they hear strange tapping on the ceiling, Suzu quickly bolts to the bath. Turns out to be a stag beetle attracted by the light.
* Then they visit the festivals. They play the shooting gallery and Suzu again freaks out when they order guns for an extra person. Actually Kotomi is using both hands to shoot. She misses all with her left.
* So the fun is over and now reality hits them that they haven’t do their homework. When the student council girls arrive at Tsuda’s home for it, Kotomi has already fled. Dejima serves them as they study. When Tsuda claps because they are finally done, Dejima barges in but disappointed it is only a clap. She thought it was the sound of hips banging.
* More dried squid! Suzu questions what the heck this sticky liquid is then. Seriously Tsuda doesn’t know. She freaks out when some of them get stuck on her shirt. You think nothing could get worse than this? As Tsuda tries to calm her down, they realize a few girls staring at them…
* Tsuda learns of his Photoshop bodybuilder photo when Shino sends one to him asking for his opinion. He is going to have a long talk with Kotomi… Shino then calls Suzu who is in the midst of supervising Mitsuba and Todoroki studying. Mitsuba feels sleepy so Todoroki has a great idea for her to use a vibrator to wake her up. Then they pet Suzu’s dog for a change of pace.
* Shino calls Aria next who mentions she is dripping in sweat all over. It isn’t any sexual subtext but you know how she says it, right?
* Kotomi is in big trouble as Tsuda seeks answers for this picture. Apparently she used it in her elective and the teacher gave praises of this splendid art! What is wrong with everybody! He doesn’t blame her for putting it in her handphone since the teacher judged it as good. But there had better not be other copies. Well you see… In the art gallery, a large crowd gathers around that picture but slightly modified with a samba theme. And a bigger bulge. Kotomi is a dead girl… By the way, did you see Todoroki’s art sample in the form of a vibrator?

Episode 9
* Hata down in the dumps? Apparently she lacks club members to finish articles so that’s where the student council is roped in to help out. Of course as you would have guessed the articles would be anything but normal. Take for instance words that people find hard to pronounce. They interview people and some give weird answers. But don’t ask Yokoshima. Because the hardest words are about breaking up…
* There are rumours that Daimon and Michishita are engaged. Don’t worry. Hata will use her brilliant conversational skills to confirm that. Just bring them to her. So we see her like a sly interrogator trying to make them admit. Because she saw them stuck it in! The engagement ring. Michishita believes it is time to admit so she confirms they are getting married.
* With the article published, the school is now abuzz of the teachers’ engagement. Hata would love to repay the student councils. Tsuda suggests she owes them but she purposely misconstrues that as he wants her to blow them. You want her to suck it?!
* Tsuda and Suzu are unsure of an unfamiliar person in their room. Shino and Aria recognize her as Furuya, the previous student council president. She gets along well with them and you wonder if they take their dirty talking after her. Maybe…
* Suzu likes Furuya since she doesn’t comment about her height. Noting that Suzu is the treasure, Furuya would love to help out. However she uses an abacus as she is not familiar using electronic devices. Shino proudly teaches her how to use her computer although it was Tsuda who taught Shino those methods.
* Before she leaves, she gives them tickets to her university’s festival. Shino and Aria have been here before. Yeah, they remember some amateur porn backdrop somewhere along the hallway…
* They visit her class’ café which is using a western theme. Suzu wants to go to the toilet but Furuya wants to train her stamina by letting her go through the haunted house.
* They attend a concert by Triple Booking. Suzu gets their signature and they mistake her to be a small girl till they learn her age. They feel bad and try to sooth her by saying she looks younger than her age. Suzu doesn’t feel any better, though.
* Uomi and Tsuda learn that their cousins are getting married to each other. This will make them related. Uomi wants him to call her onee-chan. At the wedding, the bride is giving a touching speech that has everyone in tears. Except for Kotomi. She’s just yawning.
* When Shino learns that Uomi and Tsuda are somewhat related now, she starts puffing. She gives an excuse that her mouth is full with the wedding treats.

Episode 10
* The student council heads to the mountains of Aria’s family estate to go mushroom picking. Oh. I can see where this is going… Dejima is their guide and she is rarely dressed in casual clothes since it would be difficult to go hiking in a maid outfit.
* Because Suzu brings a little bell to ward off bears, the nice ring has Tsuda keep mentioning how much he finds it cute and wants it. Please not that Suzu’s name means bell. So you can imagine each time she flusters when he says that.
* Don’t forget sexual innuendoes like Dejima preferring to stick dark mushrooms in her mouth without hesitation and Shino wanting Tsuda to show his long mushroom.
* After finish picking, they cook their pickings in a cabin. There is a special plant Dejima found. Where? At the spot where she was peeing. Let’s hope it was cleaned.
* As the cabin has only 2 rooms, Dejima is upset she has to choose whom to sleep with. Tsuda decides to sleep in the living room. Due to equality, all the girls decide to sleep in the living room. Defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?
* Back at school, the student council also functions as lost and found department. Kotomi has found a lost panty in the locker room. It belongs to Aria. Shino tells her to write her name on it next time. If not, put her passport picture on it.
* Tsuda feels he isn’t full from lunch. Mitsuba like a tsundere gives him her food. Suzu is stressed from the recent work. Todoroki like a tsundere gives her a vibrator.
* The student council are busy preparing the pumpkins for Halloween. Shino makes her witch costume and as she sits on the broom, she wonders if it has a groin protector.
* Suzu dresses up fully in a pumpkin costume. However everyone can recognize it is her. The smartest girl in school and she can’t figure out why? Hint: Her stature.
* During the Halloween, Hata notices Igarashi dressed like a fairy and proceeds to taunt how indecent her dress looks. It might be enough to turn people on.
* Some of the students take part in a costume contest. Todoroki might look normal in a Medusa outfit. Just that her snake hairs are made out of vibrators! The judo club wins the competition.
* Aria who was complaining how tight her outfit was for her boobs all day long, when Halloween over, she is reluctant to take it off as she has put so much effort in making it.

Episode 11
* Shino suggests writing an article about the rulebook since Ousai turned co-ed. How come those new rules sound like sexual innuendoes? Not surprising where they come from, right? Suzu notices Tsuda’s crooked blazer’s tail. She volunteers to hold it for him but it makes her look like a child holding on to her father.
* Igarashi joins the student council to do some year-end cleaning up. There is also supposed to be a surprise spot check tomorrow but she fears people may have got wind of it. Cue for Shino and Aria to make leaking jokes. Suzu suggests using codes to prevent such leaks. Cue for Shino and Aria to come up with sexual innuendo codes.
* When Aria asks Shino how many sugar cubes she wants, she thought she was asking her age. When Tsuda asks the same for Suzu, she also misinterprets the same way.
* The good news is that the spot check rumours didn’t spread. But because Hata was eavesdropping on them, she misinterpreted the whole thing and those coded words she heard them say she used it in her article. A whole bunch of new rumours that Shino is on top and Tsuda the bottom?
* The student council are invited by Uomi to visit her school’s cultural festival. Uomi shows them around and most of what the classes are doing are based on the concept of interactive fun. Sorry, no porn related activities, though.
* The student council and the teachers shovel snow outside school before the closing ceremony. Aria slips due to the slipperiness but still can quip how she got snow in her butt. Tsuda remembers fond memories of making snowman. Shino too. Only she tried to pee on it to make it look like lemon flavour.
* Back in their room, Shino and Aria note how the year is nearly coming to an end. They didn’t realize the year passed by so quickly and start looking at Tsuda hinting about ‘fast’ jokes.
* Everyone gathers for sukiyaki. Aria tries to eat a huge wiener and this turns on Dejima. She can’t stop drooling. Kotomi right away goes to sleep after the meal and doesn’t heed her brother’s words that she’ll turn into a cow. Till Suzu scientifically explains how all that will lead to cancer did she immediately get back up.
* When everyone is asleep, Shino dresses up as Santa to give everyone surprise presents. She looks at Kotomi sleeping very erotically. Because Tsuda quips the grass is greener, she checks Kotomi’s ‘grass’! After putting Suzu’s, Shino didn’t expect Aria to still be awake. Aria can tell she is Shino though the latter lies poorly she is Santa. But Santa is a foreigner. She is his illegitimate child.
* Shino would like to help Aria sleep better. Since Aria prefers to hug a big pillow, Shino wonders if Suzu fits the bill. Doesn’t hurt to try. So Aria wakes Suzu up and in a scary tone says she wants to have her! Shino translates that as she wants to sleep with her. Still sends shivers down Suzu’s spine, though.

Episode 12
* It is New Year. The gang lines up to get their lucky bags. Igarashi is also there but to remind them to behave since Ousai has a reputation. Not sure what kind of reputation she meant because Shino is already making a dirty pun to her.
* Uomi flashes a ‘V’ to Suzu. So she flashes back. Because of her stature, her sign lines up perfectly with her ‘V-line’. A trap by Uomi to hug her unexpectedly.
* Hata interviews everyone about their resolution but can’t help insert her own dirty thoughts into it.
* Shino almost drank Tsuda’s teacup and thus almost had an indirect kiss. This makes Aria quip if he wears her panties on his head does that mean his lips has indirectly kissed her crotch.
* Mitsuba has the student council put up a manager recruitment poster for her judo club. Kotomi thinks of trying because she is not in any clubs and has no experience. Better don’t.
* Shino advises everyone to sleep well so as not to catch cold. Igarashi heard that and chides her for knowing everyone’s sleep pattern. However Shino and Aria turn the tables on her because how does she know that they know about people’s sleep pattern? Gotcha!
* Aria feels her back is stiff so Shino volunteers to massage her shoulders. However she massages her boobs and then ‘curses’ them to grow bigger so she could have more backaches!
* The girls give their chocolates to Tsuda. Spying Shino had to opine he should make a tsundere reaction. Suzu is unsure how to give hers so Aria has her follow this script of hers. She totally acts like a tsundere. However Tsuda has no reaction since he is unfamiliar with it.
* Tsuda thinks what needs to be given on White Day. Kotomi suggests it can be more than candies. Bananas… Get what she meant?! As he is shopping for candies, he bumps into Uomi. Coincidentally the student council girls are also here. How did Aria think Uomi is here to strip Tsuda? Uomi understands Tsuda’s intention to hide what he is doing. So she says they’re dating. Shock? Eventually they found out. Tsuda returns the student council girls the chocolate. Sorry Kotomi. None for you.
* The squid saga continues. Tsuda tells Suzu not to move as he takes off the liquid from her shirt. This feels like fake slime. So Tsuda calls all the ‘suspects’ since they are those he ran into after he went to the cafeteria. He has them explain their alibi. Kotomi sounds the most suspicious since she is most nervous. Last is Hata as she explains hers. She is the one who put it. That’s it?! What an end to this mini saga.
* Shino thinks of making lunch for Tsuda since his lunch is too simple. He thought of asking for a sandwich but Shino misinterprets of the sexual kind. Suzu also shyly hints about it and asks him what he likes to eat, he didn’t get the clue and says gummies.
* Tsuda walks home with Uomi. Shino, Suzu and Mitsuba see this and they have this uneasy feeling in their heart.

Episode 13
* When Tsuda goes home, he is surprised to find Uomi. Kotomi told her that their parents won’t be home. Shortly, Shino is at the door. Do I smell some sort of rivalry coming up? They both get fired up cooking for him. Hope they don’t burn the house down. Also, they are making too many dirty jokes. Hurry up before Tsuda dies of hunger.
* Since it is already late, Uomi wants to stay. This makes Shino also want to stay. They watch a DVD of a silent movie. The girls start making jokes about silent sex.
* At night when they sleep, Uomi asks Shino when she wanted to stay and she followed suit, does this mean she likes Tsuda? Shino denies that so Uomi quips she doesn’t need that maybe because he is already her slave.
* Next day, Suzu and Aria visit but are shocked to see Uomi and Shino in. This prompts Aria to wonder if they had a foursome.
* The girls help do the housework. Tsuda feels bad they’re doing the work and tries to cook for them. He should have known better than to cook bukkake soba. You know what they’ll say, right?
* By evening, the girls leave and hints they would come again if the chance arises. Kotomi just got off the phone with her parents. Looks like they won’t be back tonight either. So extended stay?
* Hata interviews Shino and Tsuda. All she needs now is a caption. Since student council husband and wife would do, how about master and slave? Shino approves! And you wonder why Shino later is mad at Hata when rumours about them start spreading.
* Since Igarashi is still afraid of boys, Shino suggests Tsuda to train her by breathing on her from behind. This makes her freak out and slip on the stairs. Tsuda grabs her hand. She is okay. Is she cured? When another guy bumps into her, she freezes. Shino is suspicious how come it only works for Tsuda.
* Mitsuba used to think she wanted to be a guy a long time ago but her parents keep telling her to act like a girl. Because guys can say things they want and talk aloud as they want. Well, obviously she doesn’t realize Todoroki has been doing all that since like forever.
* Tsuda represents the first year to read the valediction for the graduates. Lots of tears and emotions on the final day seeing their seniors graduate. Tsuda and Suzu chase after graduated Shino and Aria. They are mad they left without saying anything. It is because where the heck are they going with that giant sushi roll in hand?! They have some spare and let Tsuda and Suzu eat them. Why does it look like they’re sucking dicks?
* Tsuda finds it weird for them to eat it at this point of the year so Shino what Ousai’s student council is really about: Sushi rolls. There’s some history dating back how merchants and geishas would use them. Thus sushi rolls is a great demonstration of how eroticism and tradition can come together in wonderful collaborations. Good things come from dirty jokes!

OVA 14
* The student council girls converge at Tsuda’s house for New Year’s lunch. Tsuda ate too much and needs to loosen his belt. This prompts Aria to also take off her chastity belt. It was the first time Tsuda saw what it is and didn’t know what it was and thus no punchline.
* Kotomi feels her handwriting in calligraphy sucks. Obviously she thinks of writing with her butt.
* Tsuda drops his eraser in the room. As he crawls around to find it, Shino comes in and thinks he is into some baby S&M play. He tries to pretend to do push-ups but now she thinks he is having air sex.
* Igarashi catches Hata trying to spy on Shino and Tsuda. Since she is convinced by rumours about them as an item, Igarashi hopes Suzu would conduct a private investigation into their affair. Aria had to quip about investigating private parts…
* The girls are in the sauna. Shino’s bikini top came off. She thinks her skin is so smooth that it caused this wardrobe malfunction when it is actually the wrong size.
* The gang go skiing. Suzu fails in getting off the ski lift and starts thinking people would think of her as a small girl who fell down.
* When they play snowball fight, Kotomi finally has snow in her face and this is what she wanted because it looked like she got a facial.
* The student council are having some sort of heat endurance in the room with their clothes fully on. Kotomi loses out first and strips and being the only semi-naked one somewhat thrills her. Shino eventually calls this endurance off because she didn’t lose any weight. So that’s her ulterior motive…
* Now we have the entire class having an ice endurance in the pool. Aria comments how beaver keeps warm with their fur and this prompts Hata to twist what she is implying. Those with the hairiest beaver will have an advantage. Who is feeling demoralized now?
* Slowly some of the contestants who can’t stand further the cold get out. Kotomi and Todoroki can’t stand it and they want to wet themselves. Eventually Mitsuba and Suzu (barely trying to keep afloat) outlast everybody and become double winners.
* Uomi wonders if she should grow her hair as long as Shino. Shino states the good points of doing so. Like using your hair as a bra.
* A beautiful sunset and Uomi realizes she left her handphone at home. Because of this, she gives an excuse that she will be coming to Tsuda’s home.
* Shino leaves school late after everybody has left and chances upon Furuya. She notes Shino has become a fine president and asks her successor. Sheepishly she says Tsuda tentatively. Shino panics when Furuya hints she knows. About her forgetting to wear panties today that’s why she waited for everyone to leave before making her move.

OVA 15
* Shino sprains her ankle during PE. Thus she wants Tsuda to read her speech at the assembly. Of course he is nervous and can’t do it. Shino thinks of using Suzu as her crutch. They look so awkward. When they trip and Tsuda tries to catch them, Aria walks in and see the duo riding him like a cowboy…
* Hata requests the student council to narrow down photos she took on the judo club as its poster. When they narrow it down to 2, it is decided a coin toss would decide the final. Since none of them have a coin, Aria suggests using a dakimakura. Toki eventually has a coin. But she tosses in style and causes it to drop on the floor. Now everyone is searching…
* The student council members are cheering for their school’s softball team. They are facing off with Eiryou in the first round. This means an odd showdown between Shino and Uomi. Tsuda realizes his watch died so Shino had to quip maybe it was because he was moving his wrist like a piston… Get it? She then suggests buying a new one instead. Since he has nostalgic attachment to it, this makes her quip about his virginity.
* Hata hopes Suzu can help out take photos of the tennis match since she will be elsewhere. She tells her to seek Tsuda’s help. Suzu thought she could do it by herself but then she understands what Hata meant. The crowd is blocking her. She sits on Tsuda’s shoulders for a better view.
* Now they go cheer on the judo team. Toki injured her foot in the previous match. She believes it is nothing and can still go on. Till Kotomi made a naughty joke about it that almost demoralizes her.
* During lunch, Tsuda eats a plum and can’t help salivate from the sourness. Suzu shows her extensive knowledge about the secretion that protects membranes and teeth. Too bad Shino ruined it with a fellatio quip.
* The student council members do radio exercise to prevent sluggishness during the summer. Igarashi sees them and Shino invites her. She declines because she doesn’t have constipation. When Igarashi’s hand accidentally touches Tsuda’s, Aria knocks her out by quipping his right hand is also his lover.
* Dejima is caught in the act rolling around in Aria’s bed and smelling her pillow. Yes, she has been watching from the start. Dejima loves it and wants her to continue watching and be embarrassed!

OVA 16
* Kotomi is late for school and gets scolded by Shino. However she tries to play dumb which makes her look even guiltier. Suzu suggests adjusting her clock to 5 minutes earlier. Guess what? That is too tough so she set her clock to 5 seconds earlier!
* Suzu’s dog again sneaks into school. Igarashi seems to be able to pet it despite it is male. Aria comments this means there must be someone out there for her. When Igarashi says she prefers men who take pride in themselves, Aria twists her words that she would want to step on their pride and dominate them.
* Hata interviews the student council girls in hopes there would be some love conflict. Disappointed there is none, Aria and Shino further add Tsuda can only use 2 holes at once and that it is going to be a foursome.
* Hata comes to the student council’s room because she lost her camera. She is going crazy as she treats her camera like a part of her body. A certain reproductive body part. Luckily they have it. As part of the procedure before they return, Shino asks what is inside. Hata changes her mind that this camera might not be hers.
* A cat is outside the school gates, Tsuda and Shino tried to pet it but got their hands stuck. When Suzu reports to Aria, she rushes down to the infirmary to confirm. Thank goodness they aren’t stuck in that sense. So when Aria tells this to Yokoshima, she got the wrong idea they were fisting.
* When Shino changes the light, it slips her hands but it falls and bounces off Aria’s boobs. Yet Shino is mad. So they switch boob sizes with Shino putting loads of pads and Aria wearing a girdle to restrain them. Both are very uncomfortable with it.
* The class has a marathon race. Because the starting pistol is broken and they have no replacement, Shino has this idea of using a swatter to hit Tsuda’s ass!
* Hata interviews Daimon of his impressive stamina. He brags he is the PE teacher after all. This makes her wonder if he trains himself with Michishita at night…
* Tsuda and co make their way to school despite the heavy snow. When they reach school, Daimon tells them school is cancelled. They left early and didn’t see the announcement on TV.
* Yokoshima joins the student council in their room for lunch. She is hungry and brought 3 portions of food for herself, thus there were 3 sets of cutlery given to her.
* They play the king game. Yokoshima becomes king and has Aria confess her failed relationships. None. She hasn’t even been into one. Disappointed? When Tsuda is king, the girls stare at her. This makes him uneasy so they tell him to order them to do whatever he wants because he is their master. Imagine what is running through Igarashi’s mind when she overheard that.
* During the parent-teacher conference, Uomi becomes Tsuda’s guardian. Yokoshima reads Tsuda’s status quo grades although he is doing a fine job as the vice president that everyone is confident with him. Uomi knew he was a good boy because she purposely put her panties in his obvious sight and yet he didn’t touch them. It’s a good thing he didn’t fall for this trap.

OVA 17
* Kotomi goes to school without fixing her hair. Because she is certain she is going to sleep through class!
* Tsuda realizes too late the curry bread he bought yesterday has expired. Shino comforts him that it is better than an expired condom.
* The student council finds a yearbook in which Yokoshima was a student. When Tsuda notes she is an OB of this school, she didn’t like how that abbreviation of old boys make her sound. So Aria believes it meant old b*tch for her.
* Todoroki decides to enter a robotic competition and has completed her robot. All that is left is to attach a dick.
* The student council along with Mitsuba and Toki play tennis. Aria has had some experience before so she coaches them. Although she was quite good then, why did she quit? Her boobs weighed her down. Suzu cannot reach the ball despite jumping. So what she do? She throws her racquet in the air. Nailed it! The ball accidentally hits Tsuda in the crotch. They worry if the swelling would mean he is happy about it. Aria personally coaches Tsuda. As she takes him from behind, he could feel an odd sensation. It’s her strap on dildo!
* Eh? Still have more dried squid episode? This time we see how Hata placed the ‘mysterious liquid’. She just waltzes in and smacks it there when nobody is in. There. Simple.
* Uomi is calling Tsuda in an affectionate way from outside the school gates. This has all the girls swooning over their supposed relationship. The more ambiguous her words, the more the girls swoon. Apparently Tsuda’s parents are going on a trip again. So Uomi’s worried about him being home alone. What about Kotomi? She’ll be staying at Toki’s place.
* Next morning, Tsuda finds the rest of his student council girls along with Uomi making breakfast for him. Time to be careful… Shino and Suzu act like tsundere dismissing they are worried about what Tsuda did last night. So Tsuda explains what happened which is pretty much nothing but leave it to Uomi to twist the words to give a wrong idea. So when they heave a sigh of relief that nothing happened, they realize they are late for school.
* Shino seems like being nostalgic in the student council room. Everything looks fine and dandy till a picture of that Photoshop Tsuda drops out from a book (overly tanned and bigger boobs samba theme?!). She cannot stop laughing and it seems Kotomi has won the bet.

OVA 18
* Uomi is late for school and the reason she gives is because she stayed over at a boy’s place. Purposely trying to shock everyone?
* Suzu thought of changing her hairstyle. Eventually she decided to stick with the old one and this almost caused her to be late for school. When Aria asks if Tsuda notices anything different about her and he couldn’t tell, she pouts revealing she went to a beauty salon.
* Tsuda notices the judo club practising. Since they are playing around and getting each other wet with the hose, Tsuda gets conscious and realizes there is nowhere safe to look. Then he looks at Suzu and this makes her mad for thinking she is a safe space.
* Hata wants to go on a lookout that will span overnight since a kappa is said to have been spotted. Although the student council don’t really approve of this, they allow it since they will accompany her. Hata uses her dad’s apartment nearby for the stakeout. Suzu asserts she isn’t scared of the supernatural but as usual gets freaked out by the slightest.
* Each will take turns on the lookout. For those who are sleeping, it seems they are short a sleeping bag. Aria thought she had counted right. Tsuda reminds her his dick isn’t counted is one! Suzu is stuck in the toilet as there is no toilet paper. Hata says she didn’t prepare any but she can use the talisman there. Time for Suzu to freak out. I wonder if all her sh*t came out…
* They talk about what to do if they really find a kappa. Tsuda will sell the picture to a magazine. Suzu will keep it a secret to ascertain it. Shino wants to use it to make Ousai famous and Aria wants to be its friend. Hata chides them all for believing that a kappa exists…
* Hata suddenly sounds the alert that a kappa is spotted! What is it doing?! Intense anal f*cking???!!! Tsuda thinks it is Dejima with a man.
* In the end, the kappa didn’t appear so they leave somewhat disappointed. It is revealed later that the kappa is indeed Dejima in one. Her day off is over. Time to go back.
* Shino and Uomi swap schools for a day. Uomi as acting Ousai student council president hopes her team can call each other by their first names. Suzu and Aria blush when Tsuda tries it. Uomi thinks they blush too easily as she lifts up Aria’s skirt.
* During the meeting, Igarashi can’t help be irritated over how close Uomi is to Tsuda till she had to tell her off. Later Hata interviews Uomi. She is hoping to hear some love triangle since Uomi is considering a certain someone as a friend and rival. It gets weird since Uomi admits she likes NRT and doesn’t mind losing.
* We take a look at Shino’s side. She is nervous. She thought slapping her own cheeks to alleviate it would leave marks. So instead she slaps her own butt! Eiryou’s student council vice president, Mori walks in and sees this… She will soon learn all the sex quips that Shino will quip unashamedly.
* For example when the principal makes his speech about looking at different perspectives, Shino takes a look at a girl sitting on a floor and imagines it from a different sex position perspective!
* Shino looks like she is alone and feeling home sick. Mori thought of talking to her and asks about her vice. However she gets jealous and pouts that she will not tell her about him! Once Shino leaves, she is happy her Ousai counterparts are here to pick her up.

OVA 19
* The student council gang are on summer vacation camping by the river. Tsuda hopes the girls could lend him a hand so Aria thought he wants to jerk off! To pitch the tent!!!
* Tsuda wonders how they are going to start a fire. Shino thought of using the plastic bottle as lens to make a spark. Dejima on the other hand wants Aria to spank her butt. That’s a different fire…
* They watch the beautiful night stars. Kotomi hopes that she could find a new star and name it. This is because so she can sell its naming rights at a high price. Suzu is scared for a while when she saw markings on the rock that made it look like a human face. Shino has a solution: Draw panties over those markings.
* That night while sleeping, Suzu seems to be looking nervous and begging to Tsuda that she can’t take it anymore. We’ve seen this coming from miles away. She just wants to go to the toilet.
* Back home, Uomi pays her visit. Tsuda politely says she can make herself at home. She wants to start undressing… As they discuss Aria who is probably on holiday in Europe right now, Kotomi is confident she can speak a few European languages since she thinks she heard a few of those words in manga and games.
* The judo club doesn’t have enough members training during the holiday. So they borrow a doll somehow the student council has? I know we’re asking if it really is a sex doll… Yup, it has a voice function of the ambiguous kind too. Despite looking like a bishoujo, I find it looking creepy… After practice, the gang is split to eat cold or hot food. Mitsuba suggests both. Tsuda reminds her their stomachs will explode.
* At Tsuda’s place, the student council members are doing their homework. Tsuda suggests making some cold adult flavour snacks. Aria is quick to response if it is semen…
* The gang reflects if they did anything meaningful during their vacation. All state their noble doings until Aria says hers grew 1 or 2 sizes bigger. It’s her heart, not her bust…
* Hata takes photos of the student council in their school uniform as part of the school’s brochure. Suzu notices she isn’t used much and is quite free when Hata requests to use her indoor shoes as she needs to take pictures of every item Ousai has. Suzu is puzzled since she is better off using a new one. Don’t worry, Hata intends to label everything as used. Suzu rejects.
* Tsuda sees the final product and Hata did quite a good job. Of course she Photoshop some of them. Like how Shino has very big boobs… A girl can only dream..

Shimoneta To Iu Gainen Ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu Na Koukou Seikatsu
Well, well. It seems that instead of making me go crazy with another OVA, there was a movie announced. Phew. Thank goodness. Because if you know me, seems I have this aversion of anime movies and because of this ‘loophole’, it spares me the excruciating wait of waiting to watch it. Because I’m not. Haha! In your face! Make that, in your cum filled face! Whoops!!!! So this is how a few episodes of this series has corrupted my mind. Oh wait. Aren’t they releasing a new OVA with it? ARGH!!!

So this second season and its OVAs don’t really bring anything new to the table. The same format of short skits in each episode and with a big majority of them ending up with some sort of sexual innuendo punchline by a dirty minded character and a comeback from a non-dirty minded character to retort it all. Some are funny, some I couldn’t really understand and some made me wonder if these characters just love to talk dirty. Though, I feel the sex jokes and puns are just funny enough to make you react a little, a little chuckle instead of bursting into a loud laughter and start rolling on the ground laughing till your tummy hurts. At least better than making weird noises from the bedroom… That is why I feel they have this small section in some episodes called “Aria’s What’s This” to test to see how dirty minded you are. Uh huh. It shows a shadow outline of something you think it would be racy but it’s not. That’s the punch line. Shame on you if you think of something dirty!

As for the characters, they still remain the same and nothing much changes. After all, we are here to hear their dirty thoughts instead of watching them develop into proper characters, right? Well even if there is anything that ‘develops’, it is how good and natural they are making dirty jokes and comebacks. Oh, they’re already good at this since the first season so this season isn’t any different. So really, nothing about them changes. Except maybe a slight minor thing like Tsuda and Uomi are now somewhat related but that doesn’t really affect anything important. Oh, maybe for Tsuda’s unofficial harem since Uomi is now making more appearances than before although still sparingly. Then there is Daimon and Michishita getting married but that isn’t important since there aren’t any teen sex jokes we can capitalize from it, right? Then there is Igarashi’s slight improvement towards Tsuda’s ‘touch’ but so minimal that it is the same as no progress.

Since I have nothing else to talk about the characters, let me just repeat a few of the things to remind myself. Because like Tsuda whose role is to be the straight man rebuking all the perverted jibes and wisecracks his perverted ladies come up with. Since he is doing it on a very regular basis, we hear him retort in all sorts of voice tones ranging from angry, surprise and to even one that makes him sound like a retard. When you have been retorting for so long, it really dumbs down your IQ and personality. Thankfully Tsuda isn’t influenced by them yet.

To give variety to Tsuda as the straight man, Suzu can be considered as his ‘partner’. So if Tsuda isn’t the one retorting, it would be Suzu, one of the very few main girls in this series who isn’t dirty minded (also to show and remind us that not all girls are perverts). Therefore in order to make her stand out (pun not intended), you will notice they keep making this somewhat a running joke of her. Whenever Suzu’s head is barely peeping at the edge of your screen, there will be an indicator to tell us this is where Suzu’s head is. Really. I believe it is done deliberately in every episode so you won’t miss her or mistake that ‘bump’ to be something else. And as if to give variety and not annoy us viewers each time this happens, sometimes they use the indicators to indicate others too like Shino’s head and Aria’s boobs. Thanks for pointing them out. Couldn’t tell them if they weren’t denoted (read sarcasm). I remember Suzu would go into F-bomb rage whenever her stature is pointed out. It seems less here though she still does get mad.

As for the other dirty minded girls especially Shino, Aria and Kotomi (who feels like she is a pseudo member of the student council, though she is part of the go home club), sometimes you wonder if they are consciously dirty minded or perhaps they unconsciously think it is the norm because they are making such indecent jokes like as though it is their second nature and naturally. The irony is that when it she starts thinking it to be on a pervert level (at least on what she considers to be so), she baulks. She doesn’t approve of it but has she looked at herself in the mirror of the kind the things she said? I have this theory is that maybe she is making those dirty jokes just to get Tsuda’s attention. You know, she likes him. More on the romance later. But after so long, she would at least have gotten the idea. Unless she loves seeing his reaction and retorts. As for Aria, she continues to be the polite and gentle rich lady as though being a dirty minded is the way she was raised.

So throw in a dirty minded little sister Kotomi, an obviously dirty minded robotics maniac Todoroki (I am starting to believe she has a penchant for dildos), a frustrated dirty minded teacher Yokoshima, a masochistic dirty minded maid Dejima, a subtly dirty minded student council president of another school Uomi, you’ve got almost a full cast of perverts designated to make you laugh via indecent jokes. Hata is also a pervert in a way but I view her as more of a sly schemer trying to get racy scoops to spice things up despite her deadpan voice and looks. Okay, in this sense she is a pervert too. Mitsuba isn’t actually a pervert but being a simpleton, she does sometimes act and says things that makes her look a little bit like one. Toki is the farthest away as being dirty minded but since she is more of a delinquent type, her presence in this sexual innuendo obsessed series is very light. Surprisingly Furuya as the previous student council president is introduced as a new character but nothing much that would impact anything except that she too is another dirty minded girl but has matured a little ever since she entered university. Still one, though. With her, it makes me wonder if being dirty minded is a tradition for Ousai’s student council president. Because if so, Tsuda is going to break that combo.

It was this wishful thinking of mind to hope for some sort of harem or romance. I can speculate that the student council girls have a thing for him whether they realize it or just being in denial. It is especially evident when they come over to Tsuda’s house to make him breakfast or dinner. Are they really that worried about him? Aria might look like she is sticking around because it is fun and oblivious to love but you’ll never know. Now with Uomi in the mix, the competition might get heated up since she looks like far most the dangerous one because she has this still waters run deep aura. I won’t discount Igarashi since her ‘miraculous’ cure over Tsuda’s touch only means to speculate that she has feelings for him. I can’t tell for Mitsuba since judo is all on her mind. There was one time in the last season indicating this but it was just red herring. This season there is that cat catching incident. Although it doesn’t indicate much, let’s keep our options of his harem open, shall we? I am guessing why no one is making any sudden moves yet because who knows when Hata will pounce out from nowhere to scoop up scandalous stuffs and spread it faster than the plague or computer virus.

The art and animation style as well as the seiyuus are pretty much consistent and the same as the previous season. Now that I come to realize that GoHands animated this series and all its seasons and OVAs, I now noticed that a few scenes have odd colour hues although they are not very obvious. If you watched K, Coppelion and recently that stink bomb known as Hand Shakers (why does this anime title still feels like a dirty pun?), you will understand what I mean about the weird colour tones used. But for this series, everything is still mostly colourful and bright except for some very few scenes. Like in the previous season too, Triple Booking does the opening theme of Hanasaku Saikou Legend Days which feels like a typical genki anime denpa song, and Satomi Satou doing the ending theme, Mirai Night which is a rock beat.

Overall, if you love sex jokes but not horny enough to watch ecchi anime or even real hentai and porn, these ‘high quality’ sexual innuendoes and puns would be the right aphrodisiac tonic for that lonely nights boring nights when the only option is to play with yourself play single player video games or watch a movie meant for singles. Definitely not for those easily offended who will start screaming sexist and perversion every second. This series f*cks those kind of people and goes ahead boldly with its brand of jokes. Only in anime where you can find a bunch of dirty minded girls who can spew sex jokes so much that it makes you cringe after hearing them too much. Nah! Do gamer guys ever get bored of their gamer girls? The couple that talks dirty together, stays dirty together? Just to note, it’s not a dirtier mind that I have after watching this. Just a sexier imagination.

N/B: Shino should have made a joke about SYD. Sucking… Your… Dick…

Ane Log

September 11, 2015

It is the norm that women always blame men for being perverts because all they ever do think about sex 24/7 (or at least for the most part of it). They always think that men view women nothing more than just sex objects whose purpose in life is to satiate their horny lust. Aren’t they sure that it could just be a figment of their imagination? Case in point: Ane Log. Our main character seems pretty much like a normal high school teenager and a big sister. However she keeps thinking (and believing in it like religion) that her little brother is the world’s biggest pervert. Every move he makes, any sound he says, anything he does, will send her to ‘think one step ahead’ of what this pervert is trying to do towards her. In reality, her brother is the most normal, plain and ordinary person in the whole wide world. Oh yeah, the mind is the most dangerous place after all…

Episode 1
Moyako Konoe has a little brother named Akira. He is a pervert who is obsessed all over her. So she thinks. Yup, she is certain he is that. All because when they were young, he told her he wanted to marry her. I guess Moyako took it as a sign and start of his perversion. We basically see Moyako’s thoughts and how far she goes in her delusion labelling Akira a pervert. Like when he commented how good her miso soup, she thinks it is his proposal to her! And there she was thinking that she has looked up on the law about blood related siblings cannot get married. Moyako never has a rest day, hour, minute or second about this. Because even in school, her childhood friend, Kasumi Kurose is not spared of this. Whether she wants to or not, she is forced to listen. Like how Moyako is complaining Akira may be purposely using her toothbrush. Because Kasumi brushes it off, Moyako thinks she is on Akira’s side. Worse, she thinks Akira is using some feudal war strategy to make her submit and surrender! Everybody in class is looking at her scream… The trio have lunch together and as usual, Moyako starts thinking this scene has them look like they are part of Akira’s harem. She even goes as far in her delusion about the same bento she made for them. So what’s the big deal? As people are not aware they are siblings, by looking at the same contents they would think they are in love with each other!!! Can you believe this girl?! So she rather starve than eat her food? But when Akira mentions they have the same contents, Moyako is forced to swallow her entire food in one bite! In a blink of an eye.

On the way back, Moyako thinks Akira is watching her from the back and enjoying her body to the fullest. She screams pervert when he taps her shoulder and swings her back, nearly hitting him. This attracts the crowd but Akira clarifies he is her brother. Thinking she is not well, he holds her bag for her. Because he is walking behind her again, it is that thoughts he is enjoying her hipline. She warns him don’t stand behind her if he doesn’t want to die! Back home, Moyako pours a glass of milk for him to drink. Oh God… I saw this coming… Pouring milk to him as though the milk is from her. Moyako’s milk… Holy cow!!! As Akira hasn’t finished his game, he tells Moyako to go bath first. And sure enough, she thinks he wants to peep on her. She thought she had won by locking the door. Only later to realize that this pervert’s intention is to drink the same bath water that she soaks in!!! So she thinks the correct dosage that he needs to drink. Then she rushes out in her towel and a glass in hand. Her body was soaked in this water. Now drink it! No way would he do that!

Episode 2
Akira is out of shampoo so Moyako brings it to him. Then this fearsome thought: He might be waiting to flash her! She leaves it at the door but he wants her to bring to him. Because he is in the tub, she thinks he’ll be waiting for her in a lewd position. She blindfolds herself but slips on a soap and splashes into the tub. Her clothes are all wet and see through. This might be his goal! Later when Akira accidentally pours coffee on his pants, it is that time for her delusion he wants her to clean that part up. He might even want to flash to her as he is going to change his clothes! She thinks of blowing it dry. They’ll be late for school! When Fuuka Saeki is stopped by the teacher for her different attire, Moyako also reminds the teacher that she should also be treated similarly. She chides him of the difference in treatment just because Moyako is a bright student. The duo become friends but the normalcy streak ends when Moyako warns Fuuka about her perverted brother. Right now he might look normally dressed. But he left a button unbuttoned so as to when she buttons it, he will smell her hair! Fuuka finds it hard to believe but seeing how serious Moyako’s expression is, she must be telling the truth. So happen Fuuka and Akira are in the same class and sit next to each other. She becomes wary and puts distance between them.

Later, looking at Akira’s face, Kasumi can tell that mark was because he was sleeping in class. But Moyako had different ideas. He was rubbing his face on her photo! Fellow classmate, Brisa Umehira believes he was licking it but Moyako shoots down all her theories why it wasn’t so. When Akira approaches them, they want to know if he was rubbing or licking! Moyako has baked cookies for Akira during home economics. She realizes there are heart shaped cookies in it. Those kind of shapes means love, right? She tries to take it back from him but it slips from their hands. The cookies are now crumbled. Saved but sad. Akira then picks them up and eats it. It is delicious despite without a form. What? No perverted comeback? Because the siblings do not join clubs, Brisa suggests Akira to join one to reduce his libido on Moyako. But that sister starts thinking he might start a club and grow an army of big sister lovers! The friends are at Moyako’s house to watch a football game and support their country playing. Because they are talking using football terms, Moyako fears they might be talking in some secret lingo about her. She tries to decipher a few of them and ends up misinterpreting them as perverted meanings. Even the football formation could mean sexy body parts and pose! What a dreadful secret language! Yeah, she’s shaking like a jelly. She needs to stop and save this (like how the goalkeeper saves Japan from conceding a goal) so she tells them off to stop the obscene talk but is told they’re just talking about plain football.

Episode 3
Moyako and friends go buy swimsuits for the summer. As she is about to try them on, it is that unhealthy thought again. Akira may be planning to peep on her. She texts to Kasumi for help. Since she doesn’t understand what the heck it means, she shows it to Akira who in turn goes to see what the problem is. Moyako panics after hearing his voice. She drops her handphone and somehow he slips on it, crashing into the changing room and onto her boobs. She’s screaming rape and why are the friends so calm about it? Fuuka taking down notes?! Moyako is working at a maid cafe but she is disheartened to see Kasumi and Akira here. Brisa must have told them this secret job of hers. As usual, Moyako starts thinking that by being a maid, she must be submissive to Akira, the reason he is here. Quit fantasizing. Are you ready to take orders yet? As Akira orders omelette rice, part of her job needs to write some words on it in ketchup. Oh dear. How did she get the idea that he wants her to write his love confession on it? Before you know it, she drowns the entire plate with ketchup. They think Moyako being a clumsy maid makes her look cute. At first everybody laughs. Till Moyako thinks it is part of Akira’s plan to do something dirty on her and ticks them off. Late that night, Moyako is having trouble going to the toilet. Because 2 hours earlier, she was watching a scary horror movie with Akira. She freaked out and hugged him. Now she thinks this is his perverted plan to get close to her. I guess she can’t stand it anymore and tiptoes through the dark hallway. As she passes his room, she heard noises. She thinks Akira has been planning this toilet trip too! He has been waiting for this moment to go to the toilet with her! Akira gets up because he needs a glass of water. Because it is dark, he sees a figure (Moyako) in front of his door and he freaks out. She also freaks out thinking there is a pervert around.

Moyako and friends are at the beach. Their swimsuit and nice body are making heads turn. The mere thought of a drowning accident sparks a frenzy deliberation that Akira plans to drown himself so he can get unlimited kisses from her CPR! So before he sinks, she grabs on tight to him to stop him from drowning. But isn’t she drowning him in her boobs? It is time to split the watermelon in half. Moyako is blindfolded and guided by the voice of her friends. Then it hit her. What if Akira has been misleading her instead of to the watermelon but to him? She will not allow this chance for a lucky pervert and start smashing about. Watermelon destroyed… Finally they play fireworks. Of course Moyako had to think further that sharing sparks means sharing their love. This might be something like an indirect kiss. To avoid sharing the light, she quickly puts out his fireworks. While playing sparklers, Akira suggests combining their light to make it big. But wait! Fusing sparklers is like fusing together? It is like brother and sister becoming one? She can’t let this happen and wrestles Akira into submission. Ah, he went out before the sparkler lights did. As they ride a train back on the way home, the friends see the siblings leaning on each other as they sleep. Aww, so cute. I hope Moyako isn’t have any perverted nightmares that will have her suddenly jolt up and screaming nonsense while scaring the daylights out of everyone. Oh, it’s already night time by the way.

You’re Just Over-thinking It!
Ah yes. Watching this series might ignite the argument of why men can never understand women or what is going on in their head. Now you wonder why you never did something but yet your girl still accuses greatly of doing something. Ah yes. Moyako. That’s the reason. You provide a great insight. Now we know. And unfortunately it still does not solve anything because now we are more confused to as what actually girls think! Call them cute and they’ll accuse you of trying to seduce her. Ignore her and she’ll accuse you of being a jerk thinking she is not attractive enough for you. Ah yes…

But let us just confine our comments and thoughts for this series, shall we? Moyako is both hilarious and amusing due to her insecure nature of overthinking if her brother is trying to take out his perversion on her. No, wait. She is convinced he’ll do it! Therefore despite the series is very heavy on the monologue of Moyako (heck, that is what the second title of the anime says – Tomaranai Monologue (Never Ending Monologue)), this is where all the funny parts come from. You will never cease to be amazed at all the ‘creative’ thoughts that she could come up with. The slightest thing can be turned into something exaggerated and dramatic. This is a good example of how to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Therefore it can be concluded that Moyako herself could be a very perverted person. Just that she is in denial about it and puts all the blame on her poor brother who doesn’t have a clue in what is going on. If people have the ability to read minds, they’ll be shocked in reading this one. Oddly after all these years, assuming Akira has never made a single perverted move on her, she should have known better whether her brother is a real pervert or not. By continuing this delusion shows further evidence that Moyako herself is a pervert. So much so it has become her nature. Besides, if she can imagine such perverted thoughts, how does she know all those perverted stuffs in the first place? Aha. She may have done her research prior to this or have seen enough hentai and porn to imagine all that, am I right? So do you not think that Moyako is a true blue pervert? You can see how she shifts the blame by labelling Akira as a pervert at the start of each mini arc. She’ll narrate she is the daughter of the Konoe family who has a brother who is a perverted and likes (insert whatever word you want here).

Other characters play just a supporting role and don’t really make that much impact since it is Moyako that is the one stealing the limelight, the main focus and reason for watching this anime. Like Akira whom as I have said is the most normal boy ever but becomes the scapegoat of big sister’s perverted delusions. Thought to ponder: If Akira is no longer around (say, he goes off to college or overseas), would Moyako’s fantasies stop? Because as you can see Akira is the cause of why Moyako starts having dirty thoughts. Oh wait. She’ll start overthinking about some abandonment play thingy and perhaps blame Akira for making her feel lonely and then run back to her arms! And do perverted stuffs! See! I’m starting to think like Moyako!

The rest of Moyako’s friends aren’t that significant either. Feels like they are there so that it won’t entirely be a monologue series. It goes to show that despite Moyako having all that heavy thinking, she still has friends around her. Brisa can speak on the same wavelength and craziness with Moyako but I’m not sure if this is because this is her nature or she loves to see the reaction that she displays. Then there is Kasumi who is just there to sometimes play the rebuking role and Fuuka just watching and observing over everything. She is in a big dilemma to whether Akira is a pervert as claimed by Moyako. There is a character named Fubuki who is just mostly reduced to narrating a handful of lines but I don’t see what the point is introducing her character if she doesn’t even make a decent appearance (she only does but for a short while in the third episode) or impact in relation to the stories. Just introductory level at this point, maybe. That’s the thing when you have not enough episodes to flesh other characters out. And not enough characters to see all of Moyako’s delusions ;p.

Ami Koshimizu is absolutely perfect as Moyako. She did a pretty good job in portraying the varying ‘worrying’ levels of her character especially when she starts screaming thanks to her indecent delusions. It is just funny and hilarious. Hats off to her. I didn’t recognize it was Aoi Yuuki’s voice behind Brisa. Maybe she’s all grown up? Nah. Even so, her voice shouldn’t change that much. Must be my ears failing me. The rest of the other casts include Takahiro Mizushima as Akira (Nagasumi in Seto No Hanayome), Satomi Akesaka as Kasumi (Esdeath in Akame Ga Kill), Mariko Honda as Fuuka (Inu in Etotama) and Sayaka Ohara as the narrator/Fubuki (Erza in Fairy Tail). The ending theme, Aneson ~Moyako Nee-san No Tomaranai Mekake Song~ by Ami Koshimizu is a fun piece to hear. After watching the hilarity and all, this lively anime pop rock tune is just the right tonic and dessert.

Overall, this show is funny because of a certain girl tending to think perverted thoughts and accusing her bother for it. I thought they should expand this into a proper TV series but the thought of hearing Moyako screaming her head off over something that does not exist in reality may be a little too tiring. Turning this into a running joke may be stretching it too. I mean, can you stand a girl yapping nonstop the entire time? Seeing this show is mainly on the monologue of Moyako, can you handle it when you hear her going full ranting for 1 cour? It’s no more funny. That is why I don’t blame Akira for turning into a serial rapist-cum-killer if he snaps at a later point in life. I hope it will never come to that.

Lastly, I believe normal and ordinary people would enjoy this series seeing the deluded perversions are just for laughs and not meant to amount to insult a certain gender. Extreme so called feminists might want to call or argue whatever they want. Making women look bad and like as though they are not enough as sex objects (Moyako has big boobs after all) and painting them as the ones with dirty thoughts. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and delusions… After all, the discrimination between the genders still exists even today. Especially with the line that says a man who sleeps with hundreds of woman in 2 weeks is legendary. But a woman who sleeps with 2 men in the span of 100 days is a slut. Don’t fret and pull your hair out arguing about this. Go watch some porn and let off some steam. We’ll be much happier that way :).

Seitokai Yakuindomo OVA

January 17, 2014

UNFAIR! MEANIE! HOW CRUEL!!! When the TV series for Seitokai Yakuindomo ended somewhere back in 2010 and released OVAs instead, I was pretty much happy with it. However, each time after one or two OVAs were released, they announced the production of another OVA. So being the good ol’ guy who prefers to watch an anime series at one go, I waited. And waited and waited and waited and waited. AND WAITED AND WAITED!!! Each time I was about to go watch Seitokai Yakuindomo OVA, another damn OVA was announced. Man, this is starting to piss me off! When can I start watching all the OVAs in peace? Heck, how many OVAs are there going to be?! Finally after more than 3 years of irregular intervals of OVAs, it finally ended with 8 OVAs. But not with the announcement of a second season. FFFFFUUUUUUU~!!!!!!!! That’s running right now, right? Therefore I decided not to wait anymore and just watch the OVAs first. I’ve been waiting so long for it that the only thing I remember about this show is that the sexual innuendoes and jokes rule every skit of it. And that half of the girls in this show are perverts and responsible for making dirty jokes that could make the guys blush. And there is that lone guy in the series who retorts them all. I think he would have been a retorting king by this point. But seriously. We’re only watching this show because of the sexual innuendoes, right? We’re all perverts after all…

* Kotomi is going to start her first year at Ousai Academy. Shino, Aria and Suzu are here to give her a commemoration present: Books, books and more textbooks! Not all fun and games, huh? They advice her to find someone whom she shares an interest with. For them, they both love playing with their nipples.
* Shino advises Tsuda not to stand over puddles. Because people will think you peed in your pants. Shino reprimands Toki for the way she dresses. Actually, she’s more concerned of the price tag sticking out from her shirt.
* Kotomi observes Tsuda is ‘popular’ with several girls. Even his handphone is filled with their names. He dismisses he is such a playboy and just ‘plays’ with them. Getting the wrong idea…
* Yokoshima feels she is not respected as a teacher so Shino tells her to place her hand over her heart and reflect. She places it over her nipples and starts caressing them. Like it? There you go…
* Shino reprimands a girl who is walking with a hand in her pocket. But when Tsuda does the same thing, she wonders if he is playing with it inside his pocket!
* Tsuda has a pimple on his butt so sitting hurts. Shino worries that people think he might have some sort of gay sex. And with summer, the mosquitoes are out in full force. Why does their bite look like nipples? Shino plants fake nipples on her arm…
* Unexpected: When Shino stretches, she accidentally unhooks Aria’s bra. Expected: The window is left open and blows up Aria’s skirt. Shino saw what’s underneath.
* Suzu accidentally got her skirt stuck when she closes the cabinet. She thought Tsuda saw everything but he dismisses it. She blows her top thinking she was too small for him to see!
* While everyone is cleaning the pool, Suzu accidentally slips and causes a wet patch on her butt. She is afraid people would think she peed in her pants but Shino notes it looks more like ‘love juice’.
* On the day of the swimming competition, Suzu forgot her goggles so a friend would gladly borrow hers. But they look like yandere and ahegao style so Suzu doesn’t want them and even wins her round. Suzu is the referee for the water volleyball. She loves this because people are looking up to her. Hata is interviewing Shino who is hard catching her breath. She might want to hurry up because the longer it is, the more she sounds like masturbating.
* During the kibasen event, Mitsuba tells Tsuda she is not good in this kind of stuff. I thought she was an athletic girl? Actually, she has motion sickness. She instantly lost. Tsuda notices the different and mature side of Shino and Kotomi thinks he is undressing her with his eyes.
* Elementary School Student Council Members? Jidoukai Yakuindomo? Well, looks like an elementary version of Shino. She is still the same. A pervert. Reprimanding an old teacher for indecent dressing. He forgot to zip up his pants.
* Koyama is the trainee teacher for her class and the first thing Shino asks her is if she has a boyfriend followed by is she a virgin. Later she even asks if it’s better to do it raw the first time.
* Koyama laments Shino is good in sports and studies but her perverted behaviour needs some checking. She sees her reading a story to a kid and feels bad for judging her. She goes to commend her but she slipped her tongue. She mentions eroi (perverted) instead of erai (admirable). Shino blushes and thankfully no erotic comebacks.
* Koyama’s tenure ends and is touched by everyone. Especially Shino’s words for her not to change. What she meant was her inner self of being a virgin. Koyama screams her head off at Shino for her to change instead. But she never did…

* Yokoshima talks about her relatives wedding recently. It made her feel left behind. She is wondering if she should poke a few holes in the condoms…
* Because Tsuda will take over Shino as student council president, she has him observe her. Being her perverted self as usual…
* Shino’s horoscope says blue is her lucky colour but their school uniform is hard to put anything blue on. So how? She stands on the rooftop and hopes her face will turn blue due to fear of heights! When Aria mentions how she’s put on weight recently because her boobs feel they’ve gotten bigger, Shino’s face turns blue. Suzu is happy because she charted a small growth. However Shino spoils that by saying lolis with big breasts are unbalanced. She just turned blue…
* The student councils go round checking clubs that bring unnecessary items and confiscate it. Hata is confident her Newspaper Club has nothing to hide. But what is this big box of secret? It contains secret that the student councils won’t want it leaked or it will be the end of them. Confiscate it!
* Shino wonders why Igarashi is bad with guys. She relates when she was in elementary school, she was told to practice and write the kanji word of man. People started thinking if she was frustrated.
* As the student council is going to pull out weed, they pass by a remedial class in session. Not wanting to make a nice, they tip toe pass it but Shino could hear somebody’s wet underwear of splish splosh. Aria?! Shino gives Tsuda that spiteful stare each time he says about plucking weeds and trimming them. Do it all at one go!
* Tsuda has a bad stomach ache and just relieved himself. Aria wonders if he accidentally caught his dick in the zipper. Tsuda went a second time and now it’s Shino’s turn to say a pun of akachin (some antiseptic medic) and chinko (dick). Medick…?
* Hata mentions her club is planning to serialize a romance novel in the school’s paper. Actually she’s not into this kind of stuff as she has run out of materials to cover. She was hoping in asking them for some romance story advice. On the other hand, never mind. And her story sounds erotic… Ban this publication right now!
* The student councils accompany Mitsuba and her Judo Club in their summer camp training. Mitsuba has them run 10km but has bought them drinks to help keep their fluids up. Sure… If the fluids they carry in a bag doesn’t weigh a ton… The student councils sit in the shade while watching the judo girls practice. They feel bad and start cheering for them. Then they got thirsty and start drinking, which feels like trying to piss them off.
* Suzu notices one of the girl’s judo uniform has big holes in it due to being overused. Shino then barges in and wonders whose lewd hole is that. Her mind is the one with a big lewd hole.
* Mitsuba gives her thank you and do your best speech to her club members. Sounds cool and mature till she starts fumbling. She can’t read the sign cards Suzu is holding up…
* The Ousai student council members will meet their counterparts to strengthen bonds and exchange ideas. Tsuda is worried about his image and wonders if he should change. Shino chides him for thinking about it and wants him to stay the way he is. How can she say that when she did some bust up herself?
* Uomi of Eiryou High School is introduced to Shino and gang. She thinks Suzu is a shy person and wants her to come closer. Isn’t that the reason why she is ‘small’ is because she is far away?
* One of the topics asked by Uomi is about men and women finding themselves in abnormal circumstances to come together. Aria believes it is possible because her parents f*cked each other when they first met.
*When both presidents shake hands, Shino notices how smooth Uomi’s is. She takes care of them. But Shino’s feels sticky… She forgot to wash ‘that’ off. Uomi is not surprised since she has heard of her reputation. It can’t be that good, can it?
* Shino meets Uomi in the streets. They get together and start exchanging email addresses. They start praising each other for the creative erotic names they have. I think these 2 will click just fine…

* Kotomi is lazy. She wants to take the easy way out to finish her homework. Her Evil Eye isn’t working. Tsuda’s strict supervising is more effective…
* As she talks to Toki about her homework, it seems she did but Kotomi doesn’t believe this traitor. She even blames her for asking all the questions during supplementary class. Toki suggests asking her brother. She did. It was yesterday. And what day is it today? Finally, the desperate girl wants to copy her homework and is willing to give all her holes! Don’t need it! Besides, use your brain like how she did too.
* There is a stray dog that just entered the school. Turns out to be Boa, Suzu’s dog! I’m not sure if Shino is trying to pick a fight because she reasons why Suzu and her dog have been together for a long time is because they were the same size since she was a kid. No one is answering the call back at Suzu’s home because mom is out searching for the dog. Just this once, Yokoshima allows the dog to stay in school. Boa sits quietly in the room while the student council members discuss their work. However Shino and Aria got distracted by it despite Boa being a good boy.
* The student council girls visit Tsuda’s home on Sunday. His parents are away for a business trip. Imagine the kind of settings those perverts can come up. They want to help out with the cleaning and with everyone have their specific room to clean, Aria wants to clean Tsuda! Shino notices his boxers split and wants to sew it. She wants his measurements so Kotomi estimates it gets this big in the bathroom. Too much unnecessary information…
* There is a typhoon building up when it gets dark. Dejima’s car is in repair so I guess they’ll have to stay over. Tsuda smells something good from Shino since she just stepped out from the bath. Shino doesn’t smell any semen in his room…
* Suddenly a blackout. Shino gropes in the dark and she can tell it’s somebody’s breasts. Maybe it’s because Aria is moaning…
* Suzu is scared of the dark. Kotomi takes this chance to tell a ghost story. Shino starts off about one on Yokoshima. She used to be a victim of kanchou (poking one’s finger in one’s butt). Each time that was done, she paid them back with a fist f*ck. Scary indeed. Suzu seems to be serving the rest more and more drinks. Are they full enough to go to the toilet yet? Next day when the storm blows over, the phone rings. Shino picks it up. It’s Tsuda’s mom. Worst timing…
* Hata is invited to Aria’s mansion to be part of the household fireworks’ display. Is Aria a famous person? She is famously perverted. And don’t start with Dejima. She’s proud of showing off how clean all the rooms are. Not a speck of pubic hair.
* The girls investigate a big old warehouse. Since it’s dark, Suzu holds on to Tsuda’s hands while telling him not to get separated from her. She’s the one who is trembling. Shino falls through the wooden floor and her body is stuck. Hata is interested to get down to the next floor…
* Dejima has prepared bath for them as she has foresaw they will be dirty after getting out of the warehouse. Now hand over those dirty underwears! Later Tsuda notices Dejima sighing. While she was helping to dress Aria, she isn’t embarrassed anymore to be naked.
* Soon the rest of the other classmates as well as Uomi join in for the fireworks. Uomi asks about Suzu growing up overseas and would like to greet her western style. She hugs her and pats her back. Is she trying to find out if she is wearing a bra?
* Before the big event, Dejima has everyone play sparklers first. She will prepare the water. And by that she means she is going to pee in the bucket!!! Stop her! When the fireworks start, Shino’s tongue slips and says ‘tama’ (balls) instead of Tamaya.
* Suzu is lost at the festival and she is worried she might look like a lost child. A lady enquires her about it and the first thing Suzu asks is her age. She is 15 years old. Suzu instantly rebukes her and that she is 17 and not to look down on her!

* Tsuda is alone in the room so he starts cleaning. However he spills the pail of water and wets himself. Shino sees this and gets the wrong idea. She runs away screaming aloud that he wet himself with all the sticky ooey gooey stuff. Her misinterpretation has her tell Aria and Suzu that Tsuda was masturbating in the room and made it smell like dried squid. And when Igarashi heard about this, she fainted standing up!
* The gang are at hanami. Suzu is about to enjoy a sakura petal floating down into her palm when she is tackled by Kotomi who thinks they’ll explode if they make ground contact! WTF.
* Suzu hears a girl crying after her balloon gets stuck in the sakura tree. She offers to help. Letting the kid sit on her shoulder and stretch. Keep stretching! Just a few inches more! When she finally gets it, the girl wants to thank her and at least know which elementary school she goes to. Depression starts sinking in for Suzu…
* Hata seeks permission to camp in school as her club is trying to investigate the 7 mysteries of Ousai. Ghost hunting? Obviously Suzu is scared and is happy that Shino shoots down this dangerous activity. However that is short-lived as Shino says the only way around that is to let the student council join her! And so Hata and the student council students get ready to explore the school. Suzu puts up a fake brave front. She didn’t bring any charm to ward off evil spirits like the rest. Does this mean she is doomed?
* First mystery: The cursed staircase. It is believed to be said that when a girl once walked down the stairs, she stepped on something soft and it turns out to be a man’s smiling face. Or could it be possibly be some masochist happy to be stepped by girls?
* Second mystery: The red pool. It is said swimming at this hour, something will grab and pull you underwater. Aria takes a swim and nothing happens. But what is that mark on her shoulder?! It’s actually a mark left by the rope of her bra.
* Third mystery: Entrance to girl’s bathroom. The toilet bowls are said to be connected to the underworld. The only way to get rid of such demons is to use holy water. Don’t worry. Everyone is equipped with that. That’s why you go to the toilet, right?
* Fourth mystery: The house cleaning wife. Or it could be just some ghost in naked apron. It didn’t turn up as Hata hoped for.
* Fifth mystery: The eternal hallway. When ghosts pass through here, you are trapped forever. Aria feels scared and wants to hold Tsuda’s hand. Suzu blames it on Tsuda he is scared of the darkness and will hold his hand. Hata quickly whispers to Shino that Tsuda’s dick is still available!
* Sixth mystery: Music instruments in the room move at night. But there is someone there! Igarashi! Hata scares her by changing the mystery that music instruments turn into men at night.
* Seventh mystery: The black thing. It is believed to exist in the judo hall. Mitsuba will gladly take care of it but Hata mentions that the ghost will not appear around active people. Mitsuba leaves and there goes Suzu’s hope for defence.
* They are to spend the night here as it is believed something will creep up on you while you are sleeping. Suzu is already covering herself with all the thick sheets. Even in this heat. Deep in the night, Tsuda feels something is coming up onto him. Could be the ghost for real? Turns out to be Yokoshima!!! Next morning, everything is in order. Nobody notices Yokoshima being tied up in a futon nearby.
* Hata leaves disappointed as no ghosts appeared. She considers this a failure since she has nothing to report. The rest feel bad for her but that is soon about to change because what she is disappointed is that even though it was a harem situation, nothing happened at all!
* Suzu accidentally drops her coin underneath the vending machine. If Tsuda can’t reach it… Tsuda notices Shino likes mayonnaise in her food. Aria warns her too much of it and it looks like a bukkake meal. Shino sees a rice on Tsuda’s face. It looked like a romantic moment when she uses her finger to pick it up. Then she stuck it back in his mouth.
* Due to the difficulty in balancing the club’s budget, Yokoshima would talk to the principal to help out with the student council’s problem. They thank her for it and although she is happy that she is being relied on, she feels disappointed because this doesn’t feel arousing.
* The suggestion box has seen better days. Not much suggestions coming in lately. Tsuda suggests putting a theme like suggestions for the cafeteria. This idea is scoffed off as childish but the next thing they know, it is filled to the brim with suggestions! Tsuda even put his own. I guess everyone has something they like to eat.
* Cake seems to be the most popular suggestion but Shino wants to consider the minority’s opinion. Aria makes a sex joke out of it.
* A cake with strawberry becomes the choice of the cafeteria. Shino had an unfortunate episode with it. While she was eating a bowl of strawberries, one got away and she couldn’t find it no matter how hard she tried. When she returned to eating, she realized she just sat on it. She was glad her panties were strawberry prints then.
* Shino and Uomi continue to keep contact with each other. Then here she is making a surprise appearance. She seems to be looking at Tsuda in a strange way. She wants to talk to Shino since it is too long to write them via text. She considers herself not very sociable and wonders if it’s a good thing. Shino says that is her personality and not a liability. She should be proud with it for it can create an image gap. Uomi wants to thank Shino for hearing her out and suggests a place she can enjoy any time all year. However Shino knows where the G-spot is. And that was what Uomi was going to suggest!

* Kotomi has finished writing her homework on siblings. The forbidden kind. Tsuda has her erase and redo everything again.
* Shino feels good wearing fresh new uniforms without crease. Suzu then spots one and Shino becomes embarrassed she forgot to iron her panties.
* Tsuda feels hot so Shino takes his temperature by touching their foreheads together. Cheeky Aria puts in sound effects to make it look like an amateur kissing scene. Shino feels sleepy and thinks if she chews on something, she’ll stay awake. She chews Aria’s ear. Aria got turned on.
* Shino seems nervous. Aria knows what is going on and tells her it is useless to hide it. Actually she has been holding this long to go to the toilet.
* Aria slips down the stairs. Is she hurt? She thinks something has penetrated her very deep. Suzu also experiences the same thing. Because she is wearing a skirt, she doesn’t to be carried via piggyback style. Tsuda carries her in her arms. Then, Shino also falls down but Tsuda couldn’t catch her in time and it looked like she feel on his crotch and Aria sees this ambiguous scene. Finally, Tsuda accidentally steps on Yokoshima’s feet. Apparently she wants him to step on her!
* Continuing from last episode’s ‘dried squid’ incident, Suzu senses something amiss and goes to the room to check it out. She sees Tsuda flinging his pants (since it is wet) and misinterprets.
* For the cultural festival, Kotomi tells Tsuda that she class is doing a no panties cafe. Oops. Make that notepad cafe. You’re supposed to use your notepad and order and you can do sexting with it…
* Shino’s class will be doing a butler cafe whereby the girls will be dressed in men’s clothing. Aria finds it troublesome because some fake ones are too big and won’t fit in the pants…
* Tsuda accidentally sees Shino changing when he returns to the room. He saw her in boxer shorts. She was trying out the butler uniform.
* On the day of the festival, Shino has no problems greeting females. How about males? Aria suggests thinking like a gay. Aria has observed Tsuda enough to act like a man. She’s trying fidget something inside her pockets. Note: He did not do such a thing! Aria welcomes Igarashi to the cafe and it would be perfect for her since she has fear of men. However noting that there is squid smell all over the room for full experience, Igarashi would gladly pass this one.
* Uomi is here to fill in somebody for the softball team in Ousai. Over the course, she keeps staring at Tsuda with that strange glance. Her thoughts are that she thinks he knows about her shotacon fetish! At the end of the game, Uomi and Shino talk and they are glad they are very similar people. Because they get aroused at the same spot.
* Hata is looking for 3 more participants for Ms Ousai beauty contest. Conveniently, she has the student council girls to help out. Tsuda notices something amiss. How come the poster says 11 participants, which is enough participants, as opposed to Hata’s 14 participants? Misprint? Did she print that herself? She denies… Doesn’t sound convincing…
* Hata interviews the contestants but it feels like a chance to tease them. For instance, she mentions how cute Shino is. Her boobs, that is. Aria is glad to throw things away for her friends. Hata wonders if she threw away her panties. She didn’t because she isn’t wearing any! Then there’s Suzu but she gets worked up when she heard somebody calling her a kid. She tries to show off the adult she is by brushing that off with a smile. A scary smile. Igarashi seems to be tricked by Hata to join this contest. Hata gets psychological with her telling her all the men’s eyes looking at her and that it is lewd for a person like her to be here. She fainted and needs to be stretchered away. Even Kotomi is here and she is enjoying this like some sort of idol. When asked what changes she experienced, her reply is that her breasts got bigger. Did it? After a host of unknown extras, the final contestant is Yokoshima. She is squealing in delight to be part of the contest till Hata sarcastically puts it she should try to be Mrs if she has time to be in this contest.
* The judges are to write down which girl they want to put it in. Their votes, that is. Shino is the winner but the crown seems too heavy for her head. When she hears Tsuda voted for Kotomi, she starts sulking. He thought Shino would have garnered enough votes to win and voted for Kotomi as her brother since he thought she wouldn’t get many. For this very reason, Kotomi starts sulking too.

* Tsuda is sick and won’t be able to attend school today. He leaves the tsukkomi part to Suzu! Can she do it? Well, when Shino mentions about this time of year when they have to take care of themselves and Aria’s reply is that she’ll stop masturbating naked, Suzu couldn’t say a thing. For the rest of the patrol and whatever antics they get into, Suzu couldn’t make a decent comeback and is feeling tired and tired. The library is a quiet place to relax her mind. Till Todoroki mentions about her new vibrator that it’s so quiet you couldn’t hear a thing. Suzu is too short to reach the top shelf. Todoroki helps her. Suzu feels she doesn’t need to go this far to cheer her friend up. She replies she doesn’t lie to her friends and admits she can naturally go crazy for a guy’s lower anatomy.
* Suzu is getting even tired. Hata had to pop up and tell her to reveal her true self. Like her orgasm face. Suzu goes home and sleep and hopes tomorrow comes fast. It did and she doesn’t seem well rested. Till she sees Tsuda back. She is so happy that she rushes to hug him. Imagine this scene. Suzu is so short that her face is the same level with his crotch. What does it look like to you?
* Aria gets a feeling somebody (Shino and Suzu) is staring at her boobs. She feels the need to go change her underwear. Eh? What?
* Tsuda is feeling the chills of the season. Shino advises the perfect way to warm up by thinking hot things. She starts fantasizing about tentacle rape… Aria mentions she saw a couple doing something in the bushes. Tsuda mention the term she used is quite old. So she says it more bluntly. It’s your guess what word that is since there were censors.
* Dejima gives the student council members a ride home since they’ve been working all day. She then starts coughing and Tsuda wonders if she has car sickness. She’s imagining she was pregnant. This reminds Shino she is not good with boats. Tsuda comments he has never ride on one. Shino wonders has he ridden on men in that case… Dejima took the wrong route so it’ll be longer to reach home. The girls fall asleep and Shino realizes she fell asleep on Tsuda’s shoulder. He doesn’t mind. I’m not sure if this is on purpose or not because Aria also falls onto Tsuda. Her face on his crotch.
* Tsuda’s dried squid episode continues… Tsuda explains the misunderstanding and Suzu believes him. However she fears false rumours are already spreading seeing Shino’s reaction. Tsuda points out he was cleaning due to the dried squid on the table. However there is no squid. Only several crumpled tissues. That is when Suzu’s trust in him crumbles. In order to show she is an adult, she believes in him. A growing boy, that is. Now it’s her turn to run away screaming aloud. When Tsuda returns to the room, the squid is right there on the table. Just what in blazes…
* Shino gives Tsuda her Valentine chocolates. It’s obligatory. She misinterprets he likes in-laws because ‘giri’ could mean both. Aria also gives hers. He notices the cuts on her fingers. She got it from flower arrangement. She realizes her mistake that she should have said it was from making the chocolates. Suzu is too shy to give hers and wants to put it in his shoe locker. However it is too high up so it’s much easier for her to give it to him while yelling about his elevated locker. Even Yokoshima has chocolates for him. She says to wait for her in 10 years but realizes she would be having all kinds of trouble by that time. Mitsuba too gives Tsuda chocolates. It sounded like she finally confessed but I guess she balked at the last minute and says she loves making sweets instead.
* Kotomi doesn’t seem happy Tsuda got this much chocolates. So she eats some of it even though she is on a diet.
* Shino and Tsuda are out shopping for supplies for the student council. She blushes knowing the fact they are alone. She dismisses it by saying she is in heat. Said the wrong thing? Shino fears she has to ride a glass elevator but remembers what Uomi advised her. The elevator drama they act out didn’t work. She heard riding elevators can make your ear pop and to look down to stem the problem. But she bends down so much that it looks like she is looking at her own panties.
* They have bought a lot of stationery and Shino is concerned about him holding all the stuffs. Because she is worried he won’t have any free hand to adjust his dick.
* Shino wants to treat Tsuda for helping out. Hata happens to be there spying on them and putting words in their mouth with her adlibbing. Like, paying with her body… Though Shino is not please with Hata’s actions, she doesn’t mind it if Tsuda is okay with it. This seemingly romantic mood is ruined when she tells him his zipper is open.
* Shino laments she can’t do her usual arm crossing pose while carrying all the bags. With only one arm free, she holds Tsuda’s arm instead.

* Tsuda suggests to take a student poll in what career they’re interested in and invite a person in that field to give a motivational talk. The suggestion box is filled to the brim. Guess what the majority chose? A maid!!!! Hah. This means Dejima is invited, right? Yeah. Who could ever hate maids? Dejima gives her perverted speech but it’s a good thing the hall is empty!!! Even better: It was just rehearsal. Dejima may start off like a pro in teaching the girls how to clean and how to cook but it always ends up with some sexual innuendo. She just spoils it.
* The dried squid saga continues… Tsuda shows Kotomi the dried squid on the table. She reveals she was the one who brought it. After Yokoshima gave it to her, she came here to share with them. However nobody was in. Since it was too tough to cut, she left it and went to the cafeteria to get a scissors. That was when Tsuda came in the first time. Of course Kotomi was told the scissors could not leave the cafeteria so she returned and that’s when she saw Tsuda chasing Shino. She took the squid to the cafeteria (which explains why it went missing) but to her dismay it already closed. When she returned, she saw Tsuda chasing Suzu before putting the squid back. Tsuda is relieved the misunderstanding can be cleared up. But what about the tissues? Because the place smells like one, she decides to put give it a fitting decoration. Suddenly Tsuda becomes mad…
* Aria seeks the advice of her student council fellows. She got a request for a marriage meeting. Dejima is most upset. Wasn’t she the one who said a maid must be calm at all times? Aria hopes Tsuda can act as her boyfriend. After all that sex jokes, they start practising to act like a couple but you know, the sex jokes have to ruin it. Shino has this pain in her heart watching them flirt. Could it be? Could it be? Then she realizes… She must be in love with Aria!!! Didn’t see that coming, did you? Next day, Aria tells them the marriage meeting was suddenly cancelled. Turns out the client’s son was a regular customer of Dejima… All’s well, ends well?
* Yokoshima gladly tells what questions will come out in the exam because if the class average goes up, so will her reputation. Tsuda requests for some tutoring so Shino becomes his sensei for the day. Since Mitsuba’s class does not have good class average, they request Suzu to tutor them. Everyone seeks her advice when they have problem. Even Yokoshima. Which questions to put up? Do your job! In the end, Yokoshima’s class got the best class average in their grade. She’s happy her reputation has risen. She’s not supposed to say that out loud, isn’t she?
* Everyone attends the official opening of Aria’s hotspring inn. When the girls dip in, Shino is surprised that Uomi had actually big boobs. You can never tell since it’s always hidden underneath her clothes. She tries to hint about their friendship being student council presidents so Uomi had to ‘slap’ her and tell her off about being shallow and getting caught up in people’s appearance. Shame on you! She hates her. She also for some reason hates Aria… What did she say about people’s appearance just now?
* Igarashi is keeping a close eye on Hata so as not to let that mischievous reporter girl get her way. But she denies bringing in any camera and shows her clean hands. The rest noticed something flying around so Shino shoots it down with a rock. Turns out to be a mini helicopter with camera… Hata is so busted this time…
* Everyone makes resolutions for the new year. Dejima would like to get piercing. Shino doesn’t want her body to have holes and Aria retorted she can’t be a virgin forever. I guess Tsuda can’t stand it and had to retort from the other side of the wall.
* Everyone waits to see the first sunrise. They are confident something wonderful will happen this year. Yeah. Like another season of this series? And nothing lewd? Don’t count on it.

School Rule #xxx: Dirty Jokes Never Get Old…
It’s either you love or you loathe it. The dirty jokes, that is. Either you take them lightly or you view them as stomach cringing. You might get offended even. But for my case, there were some sexual innuendoes and puns that were hard for me to understand so it got me scratching my head and got me thinking if there was a sex joke in here or is it just an ordinary joke. Overall, if you aren’t the kind to get easily offended, screaming every line as sexual harassment, I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy the sexual innuendoes and puns, and that big part itself never changed since the TV series. So if you like the first season, you’ll love the OVAs as desserts. But oh wait. Don’t go yet. Because there is the second season right now. Which of course I’m planning to watch it and fill my head with creative sex pick-up lines (just kidding). Just the problem of how many episodes there will be… I don’t want to go through the ‘trauma’ of waiting half a decade just to catch the entire series. It’s a good thing I never followed the other ecchi series, KissxSis OVAs which somewhat follows this format. Phew.

So for everything else from the characters to the plot (what plot?), it just remains the same. Half the girls I know in this series are big perverts. Especially Aria, who talks like as though being a pervert is the norm in her life. If you here a rich lady speaking this way, I’m sure you’d be flabbergasted. Where are your lady-like manners? Oh what the heck. We men don’t really care about that, right? We just lump her in as a slut as we see it convenient. As for Shino, she too has a perverted thinking but it feels ironically odd because she isn’t really a pervert in that sense. Get what I’m saying? Although she says things that may be misinterpreted as perverted stuffs (sometimes intentional), she isn’t the kind that really approves of being a pervert. I hope I worded that right. Then you have Kotomi, Yokoshima, Dejima and Todoroki as perverts. First you laugh at their perverted nonsense, then you shake your head… Even new character Uomi has fallen under this category and it seems she has a tendency to hug Suzu just to feel for her bra. Hata is a pervert too but not a very obvious one as she goes around trying to take photos of scandals despite her deadpan face.

Those who aren’t perverts are still quirky with their own weird personality. Like Suzu who has a very high IQ but very short stature. Just like that kid in Fullmetal Alchemist, you don’t want to go about and say that ‘S’ word (not sex, mind you!) in her face or else you’ll get a lot of ‘F’ words back at you. She too is afraid of the dark and ghost stories which makes her cutely funny. I guess characters need to have other traits if they’re not being perverted. Mitsuba isn’t one too but she comes across as naive and a simpleton judo member. Then there is Toki but she doesn’t make as much appearance as the rest so her outlook is that she looks more like a delinquent. I would have been a dangerous combination if you put a pervert and a delinquent into one character… Lastly, Igarashi is still afraid of men but something tells me that she might get over it. Or not.

I can’t think anything more about Tsuda since his role in this anime is just to retort the sexual innuendoes and puns the girls could creatively come up with. I don’t know if he sounds tired after retorting them skit after skit, episode after episode. But he looks like he is still going strong. Not when you even have your own sister who is a pervert. At least we can say it doesn’t run in the family… At least Kotomi gets more screen time appearance than she did in the TV series since she has become a new student of Ousai. Welcome to the perverted club? There was a moment I thought I would see some romance development but at the rate the OVAs were showing, I was only wishful thinking. There might be a handful of scenes indicating Shino liking Tsuda but it’s nothing conclusive. It could just be her or the scene setting it up for another sex joke. But we all know that all the girls like Tsuda. Partly because he is the only male around that is ‘dependable’.

Once again, it all depends on the person’s tolerance to dirty jokes. For these girls to start so young, you can imagine what their thinking will be when they reach adult age later in life. Will it only be them or are there other schools and other societies in the country that have the same perverted thinking as them? In that case, I suppose you can say the future is really screwed. Haha. It’s like trying to say that being a pervert isn’t bad. It’s only bad when you violate the modesty of others. So once in a while, it’s okay to hear and laugh at some dirty jokes, sexual innuendoes and perverted puns. Because we are all perverts anyway.

When an ecchi anime releases an OVA after its TV run, you can guess what kind of OVA it will be, right? And so without any surprises, Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai OVA is nothing more than another shameless attempt to capitalize in making sales and profits from DVDs by including an additional OVA episode for fanservice. You watched the TV series for fanservice, now you watch the OVA for more fanservice. And boobs too. Yeah. They are visible here too. The TV series I watched was the uncensored version so why should the OVA be censored? Whether you love big natural boobs, big fake boobs or even flat ones, they’ve got it all here.

Revealing! Swimsuit Contest
I suspect this OVA must take place before the merger of Earth and Grimworld. The time when Lisara just transferred to Momozono Academy and is trying to find the genius or special specimen she is seeking for. Before she can force Ryousuke to come help her search, Iria makes a special announcement that for tomorrow’s pool opening, they will have a special swimsuit contest. After conducting a survey, the finalists to participate are (guess who) Iria, Lisara, Quele and Mina. Who else? Lisara isn’t amused that she is dragged into this and confronts Iria. Why is she doing this? Isn’t it obvious? Iria wants to beat her and show the obvious victor between them. The winner will have the loser kneel before her and do anything the winner wants. The students will judge which of them is more appealing as the winner. Iria mocks Lisara she is trying to run away or scared. So what’s in it with Lisara if she wins? Iria will give her information about the special specimen she is seeking. Seriously, we’re not interested in that, aren’t we? Back home, Lisara instantly beats up Ryousuke before he could finish his poll of which the students favour. It’s Iria in case you want to know. It’s her boobs, right? But Ryousuke wants to coach her in doing poses that will steal the hearts of men. He goes on ranting the deeper meaning of men’s fetishes. Yeah well, Lisara sees that as him wanting her to do erotic poses, no? Lisara is right to pass up this chance but how can she after Ryousuke is determined to train her. And that, his smooth talk about her having a great figure and shouldn’t run away, blah, blah, blah. Of course she has a condition that he can’t do anything perverted to her. Can he?

Meanwhile Quele talks to Mina about their participation in this contest. Quele is in because this is her chance to see Lisara cry but she praises Mina having the necessary assets to woo the guys. She views her having natural weapons as compared to Iria’s fake tits and Lisara’s flat plains. Quele molests her boobs and will show her that her body is appealing enough. Then she lets her try several swimsuits and it seems it gets skimpier and skimpier. Can she really go out on stage in this? Ryousuke coaches Lisara to pose the best sexy pose that will turn every guy who sees her on. Well, I wasn’t. Haha. Maybe she’s not putting her heart in it since she is quite embarrassed. Ryousuke’s sweet words about her hidden potential and determination had some effect. Just when he thought they should start with something easier, Lisara wants to learn the toughest pose. She’ll go all the way. And so the entire night the master-student perfect Lisara’s sexy poses. Too sexy for our eyes? I think Caesar is enjoying it. See the smirk on doggy’s face? Because he’s a dog, I think Lisara could forgive him for jumping on her. See? Even the dog can’t resist. Finally Lisara perfects the crouching tiger pose.

Just before the contest begins, I guess Iria tries to play some mind games to demoralize Lisara. In the locker room, Iria waltzes in naked, proudly showing off her boobs. While she and Lisara are arguing, Quele rigs Lisara’s swimsuit. Muneyo hosts the first swimsuit competition and the guys (and even girls) are eagerly awaiting the participants. Who but Muneyo can be the best judge of breasts? First up is Quele. However she drops a bombshell by announcing she will be pulling out from the competition as it is too heavy a burden for her. However the crowd loves her since she puts up her moe act. Next is Mina but she is missing. Ryousuke has an idea where she is and rushes to her. She is sitting alone outside. She didn’t have the confidence to go on stage in her swimsuit. Ryousuke said some nice things about her so the most she did even with her regained confidence is to put on the swimsuit to show it to him exclusively. At least Ryousuke was straightforward to say if she wasn’t his childhood friend, he would have dived into those delicious boobs. Thank goodness she is. By the time he returns, Iria and Lisara are already on stage. Iria is commanding the crowd with her waving. Yeah, see how she is shaking those huge jugs to garner support? Everyone is bewildered that Lisara is wearing a t-shirt on top of her swimsuit. This is part of Ryousuke’s plan, right? It certainly is. He shoots his water gun to make her shirt wet. Everyone revels at the sight of seeing through her t-shirt and the slender sports swimsuit underneath it.

Both of them are to appeal to the crowd but it seems Quele’s plan is starting to take shape. Because of the water, her swimsuit underneath is disappearing. Lisara panics and becomes embarrassed. Till Ryousuke offers his hand to help her up. I don’t understand the implication of this because Lisara takes Ryousuke and jumps into the pool. She frees herself from the swimsuit but Ryousuke is drowning. She brings him out but the crowd is looking at her soak through t-shirt. She’s not wearing anything underneath. Iria mocks her that she is so indecent and bold and that she doesn’t have a swimsuit, this means she is disqualified. She’s counting her chickens and wants Lisara to bow before her. But Ryousuke stands back up and explains about Lisara’s appealing factor. Ranting about Venus and the primitive age, he is trying to convince them that the new appeal is to cast away their swimsuits and to be free! Be naked! Be a nudist! The ultimate swimsuit is to wear your birthday suit! The guys are enlightened and acknowledge him as their greatest villainous eroticism leader! And the rest of the girls leave the place seeing this has become unrelated. Iria can’t believe she is losing support. Yeah. Both the crowd and her boobs. Those fakes are not holding up… She vows to get back at Lisara next time and leaves the stage. This means she withdraws, right? And so the inaugural competition is won by Lisara! Back home, Ryousuke strips naked to live his up to his motto of ultimate swimsuit. Lisara can’t take this anymore and beats him up.

Let It All Hang Loose!
Ah… Nothing much… Unless you’re talking about the fanservice of course. So did you enjoy the fanservice? Yeah, we sure had lots of boob shots and panty shots. All those delicious close ups and angles. I’m sure all this has given a much needed recharge for Ryousuke’s ‘kingdom’, right? Enough to last him for days. Unless Lisara zaps it all. But don’t worry, his perverted powers aren’t easily depleted and easily replenished. There are some close moments between Lisara and Ryousuke but it doesn’t feel like it impacted and made their relationship deeper. Like the drowning part, I’m sure it was something along this line but I just couldn’t feel it. Besides, we have been so numbed watching all the boobs and fanservice, why do we need to care about the relationship between the characters and the plot of the story? And remember, if you want to try and test out to be a nudist and hang them loose, the weight you may feel that has been lifted off your shoulders is just probably your clothes. Otherwise, you don’t want to regret having to live with the weight of embarrassment after that.

Imagine if you could draw power and energy just based on your sexual power. Sounds like a hentai anime, right? Well, even as the title indicates, Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai should have given you a little hint that sex isn’t somewhat possible. So you can’t call it hentai without the sex part, right? Anyway, this doesn’t stop the series from being an ecchi genre with typical fanservice aimed at male target audiences. That’s why we guys watch this anime, right?

You can’t have an ecchi anime without the main guy being a pervert himself. That would have defeated the purpose of making the genre so. Just like any normal healthy boy his age, he enjoys looking at girls’ breasts, thighs, boobs, their underwear, you get the idea. But you won’t get to see him doing this very often. He has a ‘chance’ to put his overflowing perversion to use when he contracts with an elite Grim Reaper. Guess what? She has to use his energy to preserve herself as long as she stays on Earth. Guess what energy is that. Yup. I guess that is what fuels this dude and is what going to fuel her. But it’s all going to be a waste since this guy is going to die soon and what a shame that he has to die young and isn’t done with his pervertness yet. No choice, he has to help her in her mission if he wants to extend his life and continue his perverted lifestyle.

Episode 1
Like I said. Ryousuke Kaga is a pervert. To prove it, he is ogling at the breast of his childhood friend, Mina Okura and even notices she has breached the F-cup barrier. So is it no wonder at Momozono Academy, he has developed an infamous reputation for being a pervert? I mean, look at him admiring the bras of the girls in soaked clothes. I’m not sure about some showdown with another pervert, Hikaru Tamano because Ryousuke is claiming his horniness is evil. What’s the difference? Anyway, Ryousuke returns home only to see a girl, Lisara Restall standing outside his house. He must be loving seeing a girl in wet clothes and even offer her to come in and dry her clothes. Don’t lie. You want to get lucky with her rather than help her, no? Inside, Lisara seems to know all about Ryousuke, including his father’s death and mom who is now working in Germany. She takes a look at her bracelet and sees a number of 12,000 and is not impressed of its weak figure. Anyhow he’ll just do. She gets up close to him catching this pervert’s guard off and then stabs him a broken sword right in his heart and then taking some energy from him. After she finishes bathing, she kicks and wakes him up but I guess he must be having some perverted dream about seeing some red threads so when he suddenly gets up, his head ‘collided’ into her lower body part. She beats him up but I think he is an M because he is enjoying it and insists on seeing her panties. If she was wearing one. Even better! When their hands made contact again, it’s like some energy start swirling around. She demands to know if he had undergone some transformation but he’s lost. She introduces herself as the highest esteemed family heiress from Grimworld. Did he understand that? What about all living things having souls tied to their bodies with energy and in the event of death it is their job to gather them? That’s like a Grim Reaper, right? Yeah, he starts laughing. Since she set foot in the human world, her energy levels deplete rapidly and did a provisional binding ceremony with him to bind their souls together temporarily with the broken sword called Gram (it only affects the soul that’s why there is no bodily harm). How much did Ryousuke understand all that? She wants to have sex with him so much that she cooked up such a story! If beating this guy up doesn’t change his pervertness, maybe summoning her badass flaming scythe would change his mind. Yes. She’ll make him forget!

Suddenly little blobs start entering the house as they form into a tentacle creature. Lisara initiates a barrier around the house so the outside world will not get affected by whatever destructive moments they’ll soon be engaging. Ryousuke cowers in a corner while Lisara fights the monster and trashes the house. However she soon runs out of energy. So much so her clothes are disappearing! Stop staring at her boobs and help! Help indeed but why touch her boobs?! But she felt some power flowing through and makes a comeback to destroy the monster. That’s the good news. What’s the bad news? The house is totally annihilated! But sex is all on Ryousuke’s mind. Yeah, he thinks her energy revived in one burst after contact. He concludes his energy explodes from his body when he experience sexual thrills. Is he stupid? No. He’s a pervert! Horniness = Love = Justice! WTF?! He doesn’t really care about her quest to find a special specimen of some hero or genius and form a proper bond to increase her stature. As long as it’s against his horny policy, anything else won’t do! How does she get this guy to listen? Reminding him she is a Grim Reaper, she has the ability to see death. His life is fizzling out and will die in 3 months. Nothing can change that. Looking pretty worried for a pervert now, eh?

Episode 2
Don’t worry. There’s a way to save him. Help her find that special specimen and she will use it to save his life. Yes, please do. He’ll do anything to make his horny life last longer. Maybe he should die right now. Lisara predicts right a panda’s death so Ryousuke believes she is a Grim Reaper. Then she collapses since she runs out of energy but now that she has fallen into his arms, he replenishes her. So great his ero power that even his house is fixed back to as good as new! Next morning, Ryousuke is shocked to realize his ‘kingdom’ is gone! Thanks to Lisara using his energy while he’s asleep to replenish herself. Guess what? Whenever she does that, he can’t use his ‘kingdom’ for 2-3 days! Oh sh*t! There goes his ero life. Anyway to search for that special specimen, she has transferred to his school starting today (that uniform, did she borrow it from Natsuiro Kiseki?). Outside, Ryousuke introduces her to Mina and when she touches her hand, the bracelet shows 1,500,000! Lisara is popular with the boys. It’s part of her plan to touch their hand and get their reading. Even Tamano makes a move on her but she slaps him! Wuss boy threatens to tell his father and runs away crying. Yup. That’s all he’s made up. Lisara remembers her distant cousin, Quele Sellier gave her a pendant that reacted to this school having the special specimen though it has faded. After Ryousuke learns Lisara’s mission to become stronger to support Grimworld like her generations before her (otherwise monsters would come after her), he agrees to help her out. I don’t know why he introduced her to weird guys. Eating noodles upside down? Playing flute with his nose? Never change his underwear? Do you want to shake his hand?! Better wash it clean. The special specimen eludes her till Quele pops up. I’m sure Ryousuke digs those huge jugs. She is here because she has located the special specimen: Tamano. Serious? Suddenly a monster pops up so Quele tells them to head along while she stalls it. However this is also a setup because the monster is her familiar.

Quele goes to spy on Lisara talking to Tamano in the boxing ring. Prior to this, she also had setup Tamano to shake Lisara’s hand and planted something in his hand. To Quele’s dismay, Tamano is going to shake Lisara’s hand. If she wants to, get down on her knees and apologize. Ryousuke isn’t going to allow that and takes Lisara away. Tamano isn’t going to let this slip. Quele then butts in and doesn’t want them to fight and shake hands instead. When they do, magical chains start to bind Lisara. Quele inserts a bug into Tamano’s ear to make him unconscious and forget all that he saw. With Ryousuke’s power, Lisara is able to break free. Then both girls transform and set up a barrier, ready to battle. Ryousuke digs this transformation scene whereby he gets to see the girls go naked for several seconds. Quele reveals her true nature that she plans to take over her job in supporting Grimworld by getting rid of Lisara. She’ll take the special specimen while she’s at it. Lisara loses power quick but before Quele could finish her, Ryousuke touch their breasts to stop them from fighting. Feels like fluffy bread, huh? He wants Lisara to use his energy but has his ‘kingdom’ replenished yet? Hey, with his pervertness so great, he doesn’t need to wait that long! Quele is surprised that his horniness is a solid energy source. Lisara powers up and blows Quele away but the latter manages to escape. When they return home, they see Mina waiting inside the house. She wants to know if Ryousuke is hiding something. He thought she won’t believe him but on the contrary she does. Because earlier in the day, she saw Lisara disappearing into thin air in school. Lisara sets it straight that Ryousuke is just her business partner and their relationship is not like what she thinks. He’s not her type. But still, Mina can’t believe his horniness is an energy source. Believe it. Just like car runs on petrol, Lisara runs on his libido! Leave it to this guy to come up with erotic wise cracks…

Episode 3
Mina suggests Lisara to shake hands with the top talented students in this school. There are 8 of them and Muneyo Meshiyori is one of them. What’s her specialty? She can accurately detect the breast size of any girl with just a glance! WTF is this talent? Hell, it’s one for Ryousuke. Muneyo doesn’t consider any breasts below 80cm to be a woman. That means Lisara too, right? Therefore she won’t shake hands with her. So the one with the largest breasts is her goddess and that happens to be Iria Fukumune, a model for Merlot Life Insurance and Ryousuke’s top idol. Her breast size is actually 92cm instead of the reported 90cm. Wow. If Ryousuke doesn’t believe her, they can settle this because Iria will be holding a handshaking session at Merlot’s office. So Ryousuke throws a challenge if Iria’s boobs are smaller than 92cm, she must shake Lisara’s hand. Mina is still awake that night in her room when Quele pays her a visit. She has hypnotized her parents and they believe she is a transfer student who will be staying at their place. She starts asking about Ryousuke. Lisara and Ryousuke get a big shock to see Quele turning up with Mina at the train station and Mina is fully aware about Quele. In short, Quele has formed a contract with her to keep staying in this world. Illegal? Lisara’s doing isn’t any much different. Quele talks to Lisara that Mina really cares about Ryousuke because she heard her ranting on him last night. Lisara wants to confirm if it was her who sent the monster to attack her when she first arrived. She denies but after being threatened about her trustworthy info source, she reveals Merlot to be it. Ryousuke lines up with the other fans to get Iria’s signature. Seems Iria has that bracelet and is not impressed with Ryousuke’s low figures. She gets excited when she detects high numbers in Muneyo. Guess what? Muneyo admits she was wrong. Her bust size is actually 92.5cm! Before you know it, Iria and Lisara had a b*tchy showdown. Eh? Do they know each other? Apparently they went to the same school in Grimworld together and are rivals in just about everything. Lisara always topped her as Iria always come in second place. Great. So Ryousuke’s angel is a Grim Reaper? Hell, his fantasy is falling apart.

So great the b*tches hatred at each other that it’s enough to change the weather into a freaking storm! Better run for your lives! Iria initiates a barrier and transforms. We further learn that to further enhance Iria’s status, she plays pop idol in the human world and Merlot is a company in Grimworld to aid sufferers of chronic energy deficiency. Something as to steal energy from humans (Iria draws her energy from her zealous fans). Lisara says the royal family knows of Merlot’s existence but the Restall family still surpasses Merlot’s energy accumulation. Iria scoffs everything off and starts relating her hardship. She joined this company so that she can use this Frockie weapon to defeat her. She adds that she is not superior to her in everything. I supposed you could’ve guessed what that area is: Boobs. To Ryousuke, he is enjoying seeing Iria’s bouncy boobs in action. It’s his treasure chest. Get it? Chest! Iria entices Ryousuke with her sexy poses and this upsets Lisara. She makes it a point that if anything belongs to Lisara, she’ll want to steal it from her. Iria pummels her and Ryousuke wants her to use his ero powers but she refuses. Aside her pride, Mina understood that if her partner got energized from looking at another woman, she too would be disappointed. Iria is about to unleash her final blow but Ryousuke takes the hit. Then he starts lecturing. Yes. Lecturing about how men are always suffering because of getting aroused by boobs. Animal instincts, says he? He laments they are fighting over their breast size and that each girl has her own unique treasure. The variety of treasures brings romance to his life. The very existence of girls is his treasure! After finished getting zapped (porcupine hair as a result?), Lisara absorbs his power and blows Iria away. No match.

Episode 4
How can Ryousuke still be her fan when he knows her real identity? She’s still got the boobs! Is he trying to say Lisara’s boobs are inferior? Hope he prepared himself for that. Oh, guess what? Iria becomes the new transfer student in Ryousuke’s class! Looks like there’s a higher chance of b*tch fights with Lisara. Iria is shaking hands with the eager boys and Lisara knows this is her ploy to gauge their strength. So Lisara brings her to the rooftop for a private chat. Seems Merlot is trying to find the special specimen and it is in this school. She wasn’t interested at first but if it’s something Lisara is looking for, she would love to beat her to it. It makes her want to sabotage her more. There’s your cat fight signal. They’re going to duke it out when Ryousuke stops them. Girls shouldn’t be fighting over each other. Quele who is watching somewhat views Ryousuke in a different light. Lisara leaves as she doesn’t have time to waste with this foolishness. Iria then uses her seductive charms and big boobs to get Ryousuke to show her around school. He can’t say no, right? But what does Lisara has to say about it? Heh. She gave her ‘permission’ to do what he wants. Lisara goes off to gather clues about the genius and asking around leads her to the library. Before she could make her move, she spots the monster blobs outside the window and rushes back to the rooftop where Quele and Mina are. Meanwhile Ryousuke is in a heavenly place: The girls’ locker room. He’s already starting to envision all those juicy boobs. Because he wanted to see girls change so much, Iria voluntarily changes in front of him! It’s part of her plan to gauge his power and the more stimulated he is, the higher the numbers. Iria tries to convince him to make a contract with her (using her boobs is always the best answer). Since he isn’t sure about Gram inside his body, Iria explains it is a special item that protects the royal family. It is split into 2 and as we know, one of them is inside Ryousuke’s body. The other half belongs to the male of Galdarblog family though it is rumoured to be missing. According to legend, the sword half is only dormant and will awake only in a crisis. Ryousuke parallels that to a penis?!

Lisara and Quele have a hard time trying to take out the monster. Like always. If only her power source is here. Mina goes to call help from Ryousuke (she knows where he is because Quele told her). By this time, Iria is upset that despite all the fanservice she has given, his power is not rising and puts back on her clothes. Ryousuke rushes to the scene to see Lisara down. He lets her absorb his power it seems pretty weak. Iria recognizes this monster as something that Merlot created. She attacks the monster since she prefers to defeat Lisara with her own powers. Ryousuke gets more stimulated when he gets to see Lisara’s boobs. So he prefers smaller boobs? Not quite. It must just be Lisara. He gives Lisara all his sparkling ‘kingdom’! Here comes the power! In one slash, Lisara destroys the monster but the impact is so great that, how should I put it, it made Iria’s breasts smaller. Eh? What? So they’re smaller than Lisara’s? Lisara explains about Iria coming from province in Grimworld so she used some illusionary magic spell to increase her breast size and raise her class level. No wonder it was so big like as though it was unreal. Too good to be true, huh? Iria is sad that the folks back home won’t like her but Ryousuke reminds her that it isn’t the size that matters. It is the warmth inside that counts. You think Iria wants to believe his crap? Worse, he tells her to take a look at his ‘kingdom’ as proof! That earned him a slap alright. Lisara remembers about the school genius and goes to the library. He sees a group waiting for Ryousuke and putting on an emperor’s cap on him. They ask him perverted questions and since he remembers he had club activities, he gladly joins them. So… He is one of the geniuses?! As Mina puts it, he is known as the horniest and stupidest boy in school and Ryousuke himself doesn’t know about it. I guess this trims down their geniuses in this school to just 6, huh? Oh Lisara. She must be so disappointed.

Episode 5
Quele gets her energy replenished each time as Mina tells her stories of Ryousuke. Mina notes how Quele has changed and has come to like Ryousuke. If only he wasn’t such a pervert. But that wouldn’t be Ryousuke anymore, right? Quele still has doubts with her feelings over Ryousuke so as she takes a night walk, she sees Ryousuke and Lisara taking out another monster. Lisara only got a scratch but Ryousuke vows to prepare harder next time. So as Quele spies on him, this preparation of his turns out to be reading a dictionary? As Mina explains, he is good in manifesting images and words so remembering those words and even the page number will help him in ‘recharging’. He is so engrossed with reading the dictionary that he doesn’t pay heed to Lisara. Quele and Mina follow him around doing his training to a point he is using an invisible dictionary! That night Quele pays him a visit but she gets surprised when he is sleep talking. She backs out when he mentions about kissing. Lisara goes on her own to find all the geniuses and all of them on the list are not what she expected. Another big disappointment? Yeah, she should’ve guessed the list of geniuses may be some sort of bogus when Ryousuke is on it. She should’ve got the hint. When Lisara returns, she still sees him training with his invisible dictionary. Because he continues to ignore her, she blows her top that she isn’t doing this for fun and has not much time left. She runs away fuming as Ryousuke who got his concentration broken, goes after her. Lisara rests at the park. And good timing. Because there’s a monster. Ryousuke felt his chest in pain for a second. He bumps into Quele and Mina but continues to search for Lisara. When he finds her, she’s already in the tentacles of the monster. Ryousuke replenishes her power to free her. He then apologizes for making her mad despite not knowing what’s going on. He was training hard for this moment.

Then we see him going into Zen mode. What’s he doing? He’s reading from his invisible dictionary. Quele can’t see it so Mina says to see not with her eyes but her heart. Suddenly, she can really see the dictionary too! Because they love Ryousuke, is the reason why they can see it. Quele flusters and knocks herself out upon knowing she loves him. Hey! Ryousuke is a Centaur or angel in their eyes? Are they hallucinating? So we see Ryousuke reciting words from the dictionary and despite remembering normal words like papyrus, summer and room, all of them leads to some perverted meaning. Well, yeah. I admit he is really good in memorizing the pages of where those words are… Lisara realizes they can’t defeat the monster because of its water attributes. Lisara is fire. The monster grabs Lisara once more as Ryousuke tries to do another recharge. She doesn’t want him to risk his soul further but the monster grabs him too. Lisara thought he has died when his body becomes motionless. Perhaps he was just concentrating on his final recharge word: Impossible. There is no such thing as impossible when it comes to his ero! Protecting Lisara is his mission! A bright light emits from his chest as he uses this concentrated power to destroy the monster for good. Lisara is fine but wonders why the lost Gram reaction ended up within Ryousuke. Ryousuke soon comes to as Quele and Mina want Lisara to make up with him. Still don’t want to? Otherwise Quele would gladly take Ryousuke for her own. Ah yes. The all-too-familiar fight over a boy is finally here. Let the struggle begin!

Episode 6
In Grimworld, some war is raging on. Galdarblog insists this world must follow his path and rains his own destruction. Boom! Lisara explains the broken Gram in which the patriarchal Galdarblog and matriarchal Restall hold a piece each. Too bad Ryousuke already knows about it from Iria. It irks Lisara just to hear her name. Oh, she’s back from her nationwide tour and has even brought back snacks for them. Oh, her humongous boobs have returned too. So the baffling part is how Ryousuke already had the other half of Gram inside of him because Lisara sure didn’t know she was completing it as a whole when she made a contract with Ryousuke. Mina thinks there is someone who can explain about this. They contact Ryousuke’s mom, Satomi in Germany. I’m sure she’s more interested to see which girl he is interested. And I’m sure we’re more interested to see the girls introduce and fight over him. Even the topic changes to about boob size. What’s the fuss about boob size? I guess Lisara has the smallest among them… Anyway back on track, after Ryousuke explains what happened and how Lisara is staying with him, Satomi remembers how this is pretty similar to how she met his father. One rainy day, he was standing outside her house staring into space and had no memory of anything including his name. This scene is looking very similar, no? She got attracted by his good looks and took him in. You could say the rest is history. Because he doesn’t remember his name, Satomi called him Ryousuke. So his son is named after his father? Satomi reveals another truth. His dad isn’t dead yet as he believed. It was all made up, scattering his ashes in his hometown. More accurately, he is missing. One day when Satomi was pregnant with Ryousuke, daddy acted strange again. He then stabbed Gram into her and that’s the last she saw of him. His last words were to settle some score and will leave his sword with his child. Later Lisara and Ryousuke discuss about now Gram is a whole since he inherited it when Satomi was pregnant. Ryousuke’s dad sounded like he is one from Grimworld and there’s this legend that says when Gram awakens as a whole, Grimworld will be in a crisis and its wielder will rise up and stand against evil. That’s like a superhero, right?

Quele is irked that Ryousuke and Lisara may resort to horny stuff to power up. She feels she must capture his heart first and pleads to Mina for help. Iria also talks to Lisara about Ryousuke and the latter brushes off about being worried for him since he will die in 2 months. Iria during her nationwide tour talks to her manager about the special specimen detection at Momozono but she only mentions about that single burst of energy detected 3 months ago. As for Lisara’s failure, the higher ups in Merlot have decided not to take any action on that matter. Iria feels strange since she believes that monster was controlled by Merlot. Meanwhile Galdarblog has realized his lost Gram sword is in the human world, which explains why no amount of searching could locate it. Lisara and Ryousuke are about to face off another of those monsters. Quele jumps in to show how capable she is. She might be doing great at first but the monster turns into several mini blobs that easily suck their energy. Quele could’ve been a goner if not for Mina coming to her recharge rescue. Ryousuke uses his invisible dictionary mode but he too is at his limits. He vows to protect the girls and was doing this all for her and not because he wanted to save his own life. His touching statement made Lisara shed a teardrop. It drops onto his chest and suddenly he felt an enormous surge of power flowing through his body. The enormous blast destroys the monsters. Galdarblog who has been watching their action realizes that it is only Lisara who was the one able to unleash the powers of Gram. He must act now and not delay. While Quele is disheartened that she blew her chance to show off her good side to Ryousuke, suddenly Galdarblog drops in and takes Mina as hostage. He tells Ryousuke and Lisara if they want this girl back, they must come to him. So it’s decided. They’re going to Grimworld. Well, Ryousuke is going to need all the confidence he can get against this guy.

Episode 7
Lisara, Ryousuke and Quele are flying through a secret passageway to Grimworld. They have to take the backdoor since they don’t want to tell their enemies “Hi guys, we’re back”, right? Free falling from the sky, Lisara points out a tower name Tuleslay that gathers and stores all energy from humans. This energy is important to keep their sun burning. In the nucleus of Tuleslay is a gate that links Grimworld to Earth so when a human is about to die, they use that gate to travel and absorb the human’s energy before kicking the bucket. Gee, that’s very considerate not to waste any energy when we’re about to die. The Restall family was in charge of the gate to moderate the Grim Reaper traffic but Galdarblog revolted and started a war and are in control of the tower now. Quele’s water magic allows them to have a soft landing. Lisara wants to retreat to her home and make plans but Ryousuke insists on barging ahead to rescue Mina. He is confident he has Gram and that Galdarblog stands no chance. Meanwhile Iria gets orders from Merlot headquarters wanting her to destroy the targets because with Galdarblog’s influence, the Restall family will be destroyed. Iria realizes that the monster is sent by them and wants Lisara trapped. Mina wakes up in a room in Tuleslay. She meets Galdarblog who rants about this world needing to return to its former self and joining forces with humans. In order to reclaim the human world and take back the lost royal treasure which is Gram, an immeasurable power is needed. Learning that Ryousuke has taken the bait, he goes off to prepare for battle. Ryousuke fights the monsters with Gram and powers up with his invisible dictionary. Ketsudan ryoku = Decision power = Butt power! Oh, the play on words… Quele is injured during the monster’s rampage and Ryousuke starts to panic. He can’t see the words in his invisible dictionary anymore. Only with Iria dropping in and Lisara lending her hand were they able to annihilate all the monsters.

Ryousuke wakes up and thinks he is in heaven. Does heaven have a pair of beautiful maids? And the goddess can’t be Lisara, right? Because she’s got boobs… Enough to earn him a wake up punch! The goddess turns out to be Almeia, Lisara’s mom and they’re back at Lisara’s home. Ryousuke is relieved that Quele has been healed by them. Ryousuke realizes Lisara’s mission of coming to Earth to attain greater powers to fight Galdarblog. Lisara laments she couldn’t find that special specimen but Almeia points out she found a kind and gentle knight instead. Ryousuke feels he is not that great after remembering he let Quele get injured and apologizes for being cocky. Almeia has her maids, Hild and Urs to heal him. If this healing process looks and feels so horny, I’m sure everybody especially Ryousuke would gladly want to do it. However Ryousuke is not in horny mood because he is still traumatized by that. Despite his physical wounds healed, Amelia can feel there are still unseen wounds and wants him to rest while he can. Lisara talks to Quele that she and Iria (who has intelligence on how to infiltrate Tuleslay) will go face Galdarblog as Ryousuke is in no condition to fight since he won’t be able to unleash his perverted powers. In the worst case scenario if she fails, Lisara will leave it to Quele. Mina remembers how she was quite close to Ryousuke since young. He always helped her and it’s no surprise she took a liking for him. She even tried to confess once. The perfect setting. Sunset, alone after school with the sakura petals scattering. If only the train didn’t muffled out her words. Because it was then Ryousuke vowed to protect all girls as his treasure. So much about wanting her to pay extra attention to only her. Quele makes her way to Ryousuke’s room. She undresses herself and wants him to f*ck make love with her.

Episode 7.5
This recap episode is supposed for Lisara and Quele to access Ryousuke’s power and capabilities. Instead, we see them narrating the events up to Mina’s kidnapping before their departure to Grimworld. From the time Ryousuke met Lisara outside his house, the unleashing of his perverted powers to replenish her in their first battle, their fight with Quele followed by one with Iria, his training of using his invisible dictionary and Satomi’s back story of Ryousuke’s dad. It’s as though Lisara and Quele are being a pair of commentators, commenting their thoughts on certain scenes. Quele is like infatuated with Ryousuke and Lisara embarrassed about her fanservice scenes. Of course you can’t leave out those important and juicy fanservice scenes, can’t we? Ah, that’s why we watch the recap again despite learning nothing new. We just don’t get tired of those small and big boobs, don’t we?

Episode 8
Lisara rendezvous with Iria and looks like this is part of Iria’s plan as she is obeying Merlot’s orders to break Ryousuke’s contract. As they rush through the forest, it brings back fond memories of the training they went through. Lisara thanks Iria for everything for without her, she would have not been the top of the class. Lisara goes to seek the Restall army’s help to attack Tuleslay as a diversion. Quele starts getting horny with Ryousuke in order for him to get his horniness back. But Ryousuke is in no mood. Where has his ero power gone to? Then he realizes from Quele’s words that Lisara has left on her own and Quele was trying to seduce him to get his powers back to aid Lisara. No time to mope in the safety of this mansion when Lisara is out there risking her life, right? The Restall army attacks Tuleslay and Galdarblog isn’t going to just welcome them. Welcome them he did. A fiery one, that is. And Mina couldn’t have picked a better time than to escape from her room via climbing outside the window, tiptoeing on the ledge. So what do you expect when the attack between both sides really starts to shake things up? She falls off, of course. I guess when a person is about to die, their life flashes before their eyes and for Mina, the times she spent with Ryousuke and her unsuccessful confession. Makes her really remember how much she loves him, eh? As she screams out his name, a powerful energy flows through her. Galdarblog realizes the importance of this woman and orders his army to capture her.

Ryousuke and Quele see the bright energy light from the mansion and worry that something may have happen to Lisara or Mina. They want to make haste but were stopped by Almeia. Almeia clearly told Quele to stay put and not take care of Ryousuke so the maids coolly inch closer towards Quele to execute their punishment (whatever that is). Ryousuke won’t return to the mansion with her seeing Lisara is out there risking here life. But that is more the reason why he should. Because Galdarblog’s aim is to seize Gram from within him and must stop him at all cost. What Lisara is doing is merely a necessary action as Restall’s heir. That’s why she left without telling him. Iria guides grateful Lisara inside the tower but the latter realizes this is a setup when the door closes behind and all the monsters appear and surround her. Her fire magic doesn’t work so she is tied up as the monsters take turn to whip her like a punching bag. Ryousuke can’t accept this heir crap thingy. I guess seducing him by making sleep in her bosoms isn’t working either. He was confused at the start but now realized that it is because of Lisara that first brought his powers to light. He is confident Gram’s power will guide him and as long as he is one with Lisara, they can unleash Gram’s true powers. To prove it, Ryousuke pulls out Gram from his chest! Then he heads off with Quele to where Lisara is. I don’t know what Quele did to the maids but they end up in some pretty ambiguous fanservice position. Meanwhile Iria shows us she is no cold hearted b*tch because despite with Lisara’s downfall she can finally beat her, it’s no use if she is no longer her rival, right? What’s the use of beating her not with her own powers? Those few nice words Lisara said prior must have made her guilty, no? So screw Merlot’s orders. To hell with Galdarblog. Iria comes busting back and frees Lisara from her chains as they cooperate to destroy the monsters.

Episode 9
As Lisara runs through the corridors to search for Galdarblog, Mina has been captured and brought to him. He wants to know how she released that burst of energy but of course she doesn’t. Mina is so scared that it causes her to demonstrate that energy burst again. So that’s how. Lisara arrives on scene so Galdarblog unleashes his demon sword, Tyrfing and fends off her attacks. Then he holds Mina hostage. Guess what? She’s the special specimen! Who would’ve guessed. And for her to be so close to Lisara and she never have once guessed it. Didn’t the number on the bracelet when she first touched her give her an indication? Mina is on the verge of losing control of her powers but Galdarblog realizes he can’t seize it either because the mark of Sellier family is on her. As long Quele has a provisional contract on her, no one else can control her. Galdarblog orders his army to find Quele to undo the contract. So will Lisara undo hers and hand over Gram? Over her dead body! Well, she might want to take that back because Galdarblog defeats her and is moments away from making her a sacrifice when Ryousuke arrives on scene. I guess it saves Galdarblog the trouble to find him, eh? Gram versus Tyrfing. Who will triumph in the battle of power? Seems Tyrfing has the edge. But Ryousuke isn’t out yet. Galdarblog says even with its immense power, this sword cannot open the gate. That’s why he desires Gram and kept a lookout for the special specimen. If Gram is truly a sword that can defeat evil, he wants Ryousuke to prove it so that it’s not just a legend. Lisara doesn’t want Ryousuke to bear anymore of this responsibility so he hugs her and gets his motivation back. We see him fantasizing some dating scene with Lisara that eventually ends up with them in bed. I guess it’s his ero way of powering back. Surprise, Galdarblog? Yeah, when they are joined as one, they are the strongest. Get it? Galdarblog sees Tyrfing ‘quivering’ and realizes Ryousuke has awakened Gram’s power to such an extent. In the final face off, Ryousuke powers up Gram and fires at him. But Galdarblog didn’t resist and instead takes the stab. He admits he loves humans and is proud Ryousuke is able to overcome this obstacle. His kind was tasked with diminishing the human race to ensure future prosperity. But they pitied humans and lengthened the lives of humans who were supposed to die. This threw everything off balance and Grimworld suffered energy deficiency and this affected Earth as well. Their option is to wait for a dismal future. To avoid this, they must destroy the barrier between Grimworld and Earth and this is what Galdarblog was trying to do. He thanks and congratulates Ryousuke and should be proud of what he has done. The tower shuts down as Ryousuke emits a powerful energy while lamenting all this is his fault. When Lisara wakes up, she sees both worlds have been fused and Galdarblog’s army advancing through the devastated city. Hey! Notice something? Notice Lisara was semi-naked with her boobs exposed for this entire episode!!! Woot! The short fantasy didn’t count of course…

Episode 10
Ryousuke wakes up in his room but it’s his dog that greets him. Suddenly Mina is overcome with emotion when she steps into the room. As we’re being told, Ryousuke was out unconscious for a week after expending so much energy on Gram and the girls were really worried if he would ever open his eyes again. Lisara says the Restall army’s appearance has calmed things down for now. Though Ryousuke still feels guilty that everything is his fault, he can’t wallow in self guilt now since the girls especially Mina, are very worried. But he’s not out of the woods yet because he has only 2 weeks left to live. Hey, they’ve got the special specimen, right? Ryousuke gets superb service with Lisara and Quele serving him porridge in naked apron. Not 100% naked because Lisara is wearing a swimsuit underneath. I guess Ryousuke still loves it. Iria just returned as she mentions about everything being shut down, the trains, handphones and network system. She is being whisked away by the duo and to her surprise finds out they haven’t told Ryousuke the whole truth yet. Mina thought Ryousuke is searching for his porn books. Well, she was cleaning his room and found them and nicely arranged them in the shelves! What is she? His mother? Actually he is trying to find his handphone. His computer is missing too. Actually his handphone and computer were accidentally put in the washing machine. WTF?! How can you do that to a PC? Airhead excuse? What about his TV? Lisara sold it for money. Shucks. Because Merlot is in a mess, Iria can no longer return to her apartment and wants to stay here. Well, the more the merrier. Besides, who did she contract with for energy? Oh. His dog. Ryousuke wants to head down to the internet cafe to look up on happenings during his slumber but the girls want him to play cards instead. The loser strips a piece of clothing. See how fast he instantly walked back in? He’s game. Feast your eyes on the sexy colourful lingerie the girls are in. Looks like Ryousuke is the only one fully clothed. Wow! Sexy! Lisara has the ‘honour’ of being the first to remove her bra and go topless. Ryousuke anticipates in baited breathe till all his cards fall out from his sleeve. Busted. Can he fake airhead excuse? Nope. He gets beat up instead.

While resting in his room a Grim Reaper, Dalnia Earhart reminds him about his balance life and that she is here to do his job. Ryousuke is pretty confident the special specimen is around but Dalnia chides how unworthy he is after the destruction he caused. What destruction? She shows him everything. The other girls tell Mina that her special powers activate when she confesses to Ryousuke. Just thinking about him will enable he to release all that energy. When a special specimen was detected 3 months ago at Momozono, she was trying to confess to Ryousuke, right? After so hard in getting Ryousuke’s confidence back, now he’s back to trauma mode. He is not too happy the girls hid the truth from him. Iria knows who Dalnia is. She is also from Merlot and has reputation of completing all her job. Ryousuke wants to go out and fight but the girls won’t let him. Dalnia tells him the hard facts that the soldiers are laying down their lives by orders of the crown and that all humans are supposed to die anyway. Once Ryousuke expires, she will guide and secure his energy. Thanks for letting us know his grim fate, b*tch. Lisara is confident she can save his life with the special specimen but Dalnia knows Mina is in no condition to release her powers and not prepared to do so. Until the day Ryousuke dies, she’ll be living here. Great. After threatening to take his life, now she’s freeloading. Dalnia makes herself at home while Ryousuke just spaces out. Of course he has no mood to eat if you know your days are numbered. Iria talks to Lisara, thinking it’s best she should think about the best ways to spend her remaining days with him but she insists their relationship isn’t like that and would never fall in love with that pervert. Liar. Ryousuke can’t sleep too. How can he after all that guilt. I wonder how he got his TV back and got to watch some debate raging on TV about the Grim Reapers having the rights to take lives. Ryousuke feels it would be unfair if his life was only spared after all this. He wonders what he can accomplish in a week and if he used his remaining time in a way which leaves no regrets, is that considered accomplishment? He wishes he noticed Lisara’s feelings but she disagrees she feels the same about him and needs to accept Mina to save his life. She just wants to keep her promise. Really? Nothing more?

Episode 11
Satomi returns and is relieved her son is not dead. Yet. What do you mean by that?! He better not be dead! Urm, I think strangling him would just hasten his death, don’t you think? So when Satomi meets the other girls face to face and learns the way he can be saved, she leaves it in their hands to save him. Ryousuke and Mina are set up to go out on a date today. It beats me why do they need to wait for each other at some distant park when they just live next door to each other. Leaving things to them won’t see much progress so Lisara, Quele and Iria tail them just to give them a much needed push. Quele temporarily controls a stray dog to attack them so Ryousuke saves Mina by pulling her to his side. That gets the ball rolling. Whether it’s watching a movie, shopping, playing the crane game or having a meal, it’s pretty odd to see that they are the only people around! Where the heck is everybody else?! Like a dead town ravaged by zombies?! Satomi meets Dalnia and the latter as usual becomes a wet blanket on Ryousuke’s life. She pours cold water on Lisara’s theory that the special specimen can save him. Based on her experience, they will end in failure. But mama isn’t going to listen to her because she believes Lisara can do it. Based on her experience, there’s no such thing as a sure thing. Even death? I guess now the only thing they can do now is to wait and see. Lisara leaves as she feels the lovebirds don’t need her help but Quele and Iria continue to stay on. At the hilltop, it’s the perfect setting for a confession. Mina finally confesses she loves him and has feelings for him ever since young. Her powers start activating. But we know it didn’t work because we see Quele and Iria returning to Lisara and reporting the bad news. Why it didn’t work? Because Ryousuke turned her down! Bummer. That dimwit! Lisara is so upset that she is going to confront him. Oh, he’s back. How convenient. So why the hell did he reject Mina? Because he can’t lie to his feelings. Because he loves Lisara. Why am I not surprised? Lisara shrugs off she had feelings for him and remember the part about Ryousuke considering all the girls his treasure? Yeah, she may just be part of it. She wants Ryousuke to apologize to Mina, confess to her, become her lover, throw her arms around her, kiss her, make love to her, etc. Wow. That’s a lot of things to do. Isn’t this a sign that Lisara cares for him? Well, Ryousuke would love to hang around Lisara more. If only he didn’t collapse!!! NOOO!!! No funny! Wake up! So much about saving him. As the only guy around, how can you leave your harem girls alone?! The only guy around is dead. Or at least fallen back into comatose state. Satomi and Mina are inconsolable.

Episode 12
Dalnia is here to reap his energy and assures she is not taking his soul as they are both separate matters. But if she retrieves the energy, the bond between the soul and body will break permanently, right? So it’s like almost the same thing, no? Lisara wants Dalnia to give an extra day but she’s not listening and proceeds with her ritual. However she can’t extract his energy upon finding out Gram is inside him as this means his body and soul can’t be separated. She wants Lisara to remove it but Lisara begs to give more time. Dalnia chains her down and is going to continue with her ritual but Iria pushes her away. They both transform and fight. Mina receives an SMS from Ryousuke (he sent one before his collapse and due to the networking thingy, it reached her late). He reveals that he heard her first confession clearly but couldn’t give her an answer right away. If she wasn’t his childhood friend, he may have looked at her as another woman and married her. So for that reason, he apologizes to her but still likes her a lot. This was enough for Mina to release her special specimen power. This is timely as it interrupted Dalnia and Iria’s fight (the latter would’ve lost for good). The plan now is for Lisara to separate her soul from her body and use Mina’s power to bring Ryousuke’s soul back. First, Quele takes out the broken sword within Mina’s chest (the way she’s screaming in pain looked like as though she was going through labour!), then Lisara uses that broken sword to stab her own chest. Dalnia assures she won’t be taking any action and will just observe. At least till her curiosity is satisfied. However she notes if the soul is separated too long from the body by force, it will be rendered incapable of returning back. Lisara follows the chains as it leads her to Ryousuke. He is in a daze and doesn’t recognize who is calling him at first. He then realizes it’s Lisara but he doesn’t want her coming any closer or she’ll die too. Lisara is as stubborn as him as she tries to pull him back up but gets pulled down. Barely hanging for their lives, Lisara starts explaining her predicament. Since Ryousuke is too dumb to understand, she tells it straight to him that she loves him. It’s his perverted part that she hates and can’t let him die. If that isn’t reassuring enough, maybe this kiss will. So is he convinced?

Lisara returns to her body and to everybody’s relieve, Ryousuke is back alive! I think Lisara is the most emotional one. Ryousuke apologizes for making her worried and will do his best to make her smile from now on. Suddenly the special specimen power starts radiating massively from within him. How can this be? She gets an idea. In the aftermath, we see Dalnia explaining her Life Jewel concept. Grim Reapers and humans will start making regular contact with each other to develop a new two-way custodial relationship. This is because human energy can grow in exponential amounts depending on the person’s happiness level. That’s why they should support their lives and provide them with a way to elevate their energy levels till their deaths. This way, they’ll also acquire larger amounts of energy. Since then, Grim Reapers start living among humans in this world. Meanwhile Lisara won’t share bath time with Ryousuke even though they’re a couple now. You know what’s on his mind. However he assures her he still has the responsibility to make future of humans brighter with his power. His first big step for that happiness is to improve general birth rates! Oh. Can you see where this is going? Lisara doesn’t think so… Outside, Mina had this ‘evil’ thought that if Lisara continues to feel like this for Ryousuke, maybe there’s a chance she can steal him away. Here’s another rival to add: Iria is back and thinks of contracting with Ryousuke to create the best and biggest Life Jewel. For profit of course. After getting beaten up and bleeding all over, Ryousuke continues to revive with his ero powers and will keep on doing super erotic things to Lisara. For her sake. For her sake? The other girls won’t let him have his way.

Sexual Healing…
What a mediocre ending. Well, it’s not a surprise since I expected something like this too. So the world didn’t revert back to normal? Still fused? Wouldn’t it be strange now that humans and Grim Reapers are walking side by side? Won’t humans be always looking over their shoulder knowing that death can strike any time now? It’s closer than they think. Even if they’re going to keep up with this Life Jewel thingy and improve relations with humans, it still doesn’t dispel the fact that they are Grim Reapers, right? The ones who will take your soul when you die. Oh, what the heck. Why do I care? All I care is whether Ryousuke would have gotten lucky with Lisara or the other girls at any time in this series. Looks like it is safe to say that everyone continues to be a virgin. Keep trying harder, Ryousuke. Maybe you can use your immense perverted powers to overwhelmingly corrupt Lisara’s mind and change her opinion that sex is good for the soul. I mean, look at it this way. If Ryousuke replenishes via his erotic powers, then he transfers that power to Lisara, shouldn’t she too be ‘influenced’ by that perverted energy? Unless you’re telling me all energy in its raw form is clean and it’s just that Ryousuke’s thoughts are as dirty and impure as a garbage dumpsite. Yeah. Maybe that.

The characters are just pretty decent (oh, the irony) for such a genre. Nothing extraordinary. Perverted kid has some sort of dormant power within him which he can use for greater good when the time calls for it. How often have we heard the main hero having this kind of trait? Although Ryousuke is a pervert, however with the ability to power up easily with his erotic mind, it somehow just feels that the title of this series is somewhat redundant. I mean, as long as Lisara keeps absorbing his power, we are told his ‘kingdom’ won’t be ‘functional’ in a few days. That would normally be the norm. Thus he can’t play H. He can’t be ecchi. He can’t do hentai. He can’t have sex. Because there isn’t any erection! And then you see him using his invisible dictionary mode which replenishes his power and ‘kingdom’ so fast that it makes you wonder if you can stop his ‘little buddy’ from getting aroused. Speaking of his invisible dictionary, I also thought trying to remember pages of the dictionary that contains his favourite words is also somewhat redundant. Do you think it would be better to just remember the word? Why the heck do you need to go through all that number to flip through those imaginary pages and reach the right one when you can just recall a particular word straight? No need for flipping time. No need for extra memorization. Faster replenishing of power. Easier, don’t you think? Now that he has a little group of treasure on his own (called harem), he should be taking extra care of them. They are after all his greatest treasure chests, right?

Do you think we can consider Lisara as a tsundere? For most of the obvious part, she shrugs off her feelings for Ryousuke and insists that it is part of her duty or mission. I understand that girls would want to hesitate in declaring their love for him at first because of his perverted reputation. Imagine what others would think if a girl like you starts admitting to have feelings for a pervert. So what does this pervert have that others don’t which makes the main heroines in this series flock to him? Every main guy like him has his own principles too so that really feels kinda generic. Don’t tell me Lisara has been absorbing too much of his perverted energy and may have come to become ‘hook’ on them. Okay, she doesn’t look like it. Mina has been hanging around him for so long that it is only natural that she would develop feelings for him. Quele has heard so many wonderful stories of Ryousuke from Mina and if that doesn’t convert her into a Ryousuke fan, I don’t know what will. Iria initially wanted to best everything that Lisara had a hand in and though snatching Ryousuke is one of her agenda, it feels like she gradually develop some genuine feelings for it although it is not obvious that she has shown such feelings towards him. Yet. I guess with a girl like Iria around, it keeps Lisara on her toes because as the role of an eternal rival, where would the fun be if you’re no longer there t be taken down and defeated by your own hands? Absolutely boring. Absolutely no challenge. So despite Ryousuke being a pervert in which is a core of him they dislike, I guess they’d rather take the package as a whole and deal with it. Because as they put it, a pure Ryousuke is not Ryousuke at all. Yeah. Pervert = Ryousuke. So it’s like they’re in love with his perverted side too, right?

At first it baffles me to who this Galdarblog guy is. I was thinking if he was playing the badass villain the entire time just for that moment. Well, seems like it. If you don’t act like the villain, then heroes like Ryousuke won’t take you seriously. Then he won’t power up to his full potential and release all that immense power. Then I did some research a bit and to my surprise that he is supposed to be Ryousuke’s dad! I’m not sure if this is a troll or not because it was hard trying to get more information on this (maybe I was just plain lazy). If Galdarblog is indeed Ryousuke’s dad and Satomi’s husband, then there is one big issue that bugged me. If he was the one who inserted his broken half of Gram into Satomi, why the hell can’t he remember that it was there in the first place? It doesn’t make sense. Unless you tell me that his amnesia thingy is so bad that after he left Satomi and returned to Grimworld, he lost all his memories all over again. Yeah maybe. So what was his unfinished business he wanted to settle and left Satomi while she was still pregnant? This part of the flashback is still unclear so maybe if there was another season produced, it would address this issue. At first I also wonder why he can’t remember his son when they first confronted each other. Then I realized he has never met his son when he left. Therefore I guess he doesn’t know what he looks like when growing up. I was hoping that his fatherly instincts would kick in and do a Darth Vader revelation thingy and go, “Ryousuke… I am… Your father!”. Guess not. So is Galdarblog dead? When both worlds fused, we hear the Restall army were still fighting Galdarblog’s army. At least this is what I understand. Therefore what was their goal again? Was it to combine both worlds to save the hassle of collecting human energy and save Grimworld? Heck, get the energy source directly! As for Amelia, I thought she and her maids had too little and insignificant screen time to have any impact on the series. One thing odd about Amelia is that when she talks, you can see little flame sparks coming out from her mouth when she speaks. It’s like as though her guts are made of fire and she’s a walking incinerator!

The fanservice and ecchi scenes are the main motivation why one would even want to watch this show. Yes, sadly the storyline and characters weren’t that interesting enough to overwhelm the fanservice section so I guess for perverts like us, we revel more in seeing big tits and small tits in each episode. I’m not sure how many versions are there but the version I watched is the uncensored one. Yes, that’s right. In each episode, you’ll get your fill of bare tits in your face, especially Lisara. Are you turned on now? Well, after the umpteenth bare boobs, it just ‘loses’ its ‘magic’ feel. Take for instance this. You are a first timer stepping into a nudist colony. Your head will turn and your eyes open real wide when you see real tits in the flesh before your eyes. It’s like holy cow! Mamma Mia! Then when you’ve seen too many of boobs, your interest starts to diminish. I mean, it’s the same umpteenth boobs for heaven’s sake. But somehow we never seem to tire out, season after season for ecchi animes, right? What’s the magic attraction in that? :). Of course the uncensored version isn’t totally uncensored as there are a handful of parts that will be censored too with a streak of blinding light when it is deemed too ‘dangerous’ to be shown. The next episode preview is also amusing because it is where the characters rant about especially Ryousuke and his perverted lines. For example, honestly becomes horniest-ly, the girls wanting him to use their breasts and perhaps the best one was whereby he wanted to use his throbbing manly thing to shoot white stuff on his face. What white stuff?! The light! THE LIGHT, that is!!! If he had said that sooner, he wouldn’t have got beaten up by Lisara. Hehehe…

I can’t say that I am pretty pleased with the action although it isn’t that horrible. I just somehow don’t find them engaging enough. It’s already bad enough that I don’t remember the names of all those spells the girls spout during battles. My memories are worse than Galdarblog’s. I don’t know if this is a trend but whenever Lisara jumps into action with the monsters or her rivals, she tends to get beaten up first. Beaten to a point her clothes start tearing away. Fanservice, I know. Just reminds me of Ultraman. They fight a monster till their energy is dangerously low before making a comeback with some power up or help. One thing I want to mention about the monsters that Merlot keeps sending to attack Lisara, they seem to come in lots of shapes, sizes and colours. So much so they remind me of those colourful cute but dangerous monsters in Senki Zesshou Symphogear. No kidding. I thought the difference is that they don’t turn you into ashes upon contact. Then another funny point I want to point out is the suit that Restall and Galdarblog’s army wear. I don’t know. It made them look like bugs. So is this some fantasy world or a world where Grim Reapers come from? Even wearing in black cloaks won’t be as bad. Get what I’m saying? When Lisara was treated as a punching bag by the monsters and as a result her skin became bruised with burn marks, I thought it looked like she had contracted some sort of skin disease. I don’t know. It felt nauseating. It’s a good thing it was healed in the end.

In certain ways, I can’t help draw several comparisons how this series is similar to High School DxD. Both the main male protagonists are perverts and aren’t embarrassed in becoming one. The main heroine whom the heroine is contracted to is a red head from a highly esteemed family or clan who takes this guy under her wing and he becomes some sort of her ‘slave’. They are highly speculated to end up with each other and become a couple compared to the other girls. Instead of demons, angels and fallen angels, we have Grim Reapers and monsters from another parallel world instead. Both the guys too have some sort of hidden power that can be used to turn the tables on their enemies. However I feel that High School DxD is more superior in everything else compare to this series (except for the amount of boobs this one showed). While I do look forward to the sequel for High School DxD, I can’t say the same for this one as even if there is a sequel, I may or may not want to watch it. Most probably I will but even so, the enthusiasm isn’t as great. I’d only expect more boobs after all…

For the voice acting part, Hiro Shimono as Ryousuke feels like he is a perverted version of The World God Only Knows’ Keima Katsuragi or any other characters with angst and turn it into a perverted wave. Minori Chihara as the emotionless Dalnia reminds me of her other expressionless character roles like Chiaki in Minami-ke and Nagato in Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu. Other casts include Aya Endo as Lisara (Matsu in Sekirei), newbie Arisa Nishiguchi as Quele, Misato Fukuen as Iria (Rika in Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai), Kaori Ishihara as Mina (Kanna in Ano Matsu De Matteru), Aya Hisakawa as Almeia (Maya in Tenjou Tenge) and Shinobu Matsumoto as Galdarblog (Touma Amakasu in Campione). The rock outfit opening theme is Reason Why XXX by Sayaka Sasaki and the anime pop ending theme by Yozuca is entitled Platinum 17. Somehow both songs remind me of their respective themes in High School DxD.

What’s the use of having so much overflowing erotic powers if you can’t f*ck the girls in your harem? Haha! You can always do it yourself but I guess that defeats the purpose and beside the point. It’s like having the greatest library in the world with all the books within your collection but you can’t read. For decoration? I’m sure most guys have their ‘kingdom’ not for decoration. Is it the size or performance that counts? Remember, even if you are overflowing with such distasteful power, don’t go f*cking around to release all that pent up desires. But don’t wait till kingdom come if you know what is good for you ;p. Time to take out those Playboy magazines to replenish mine… Here comes my COSMOS!!!

Nana To Kaoru

March 9, 2012

I actually waited and waited for over a year thinking that there would be more episodes of Nana To Kaoru. Then it crossed my mind perhaps this is only a one-shot OVA. So what the heck. Just watch the single episode. For those wanting to watch this OVA, it is strongly suggested that you have some sort of BDSM or S&M fetish or at be least able to stomach the kind of kinky act that is to play out. If you don’t understand what that means, it’s better you go look somewhere else.

I do not have such fetishes but after reading the short synopsis in Animenewsnetwork, which goes something like this: “Nana is an honour student who the entire school respects and admires. Kaoru is a known pervert who gives most of the girls the creeps. But these two have a secret and that secret is they both love S&M and they meet secretly to experiment with each other“. Aha. A comedy, right? So I thought. Well, it’s funny only if you think a model student is secretly into such things.

Needing more information on what it is about, I read the ‘longer’ synopsis from MyAnimeList, which turns out something like this: “Kaoru is a 17-year old virgin who has an S&M fetish. He has always dreamt about an S&M relationship with his childhood friend Nana, who is looked upon as perfect and is always the target of boys’ eyes. Their relationship has somewhat deteriorated through the years, due to them hanging out with different people and because Kaoru is not taking his education too seriously. One day though, Kaoru’s mother gives some of his S&M toys to Nana for safekeeping – Nana finds the leather one-piece that Kaoru bought and tries it on but accidentally locks herself in it and doesn’t have the key! Kaoru frees her of the one-piece, but then Nana realizes she may like Kaoru’s hobby more than she thought and subsequently the two of them start engaging in so-called “breathers”. These breathers are intended to relieve Nana of stress, stress originating from her attempts at keeping her grades and her name perfect“. Does it have any ring that indicates this is a comedy? Well, maybe my misinterpretation is to blame. But you can’t deny the fact that there is ecchi element in it. S&M style of course.

So to recap what I was in for. Nana Chigusa is your typical top and model student. She’s got the looks, she’s got the body, she’s got the brains, she’s got the grades, she’s got the activeness to be involved in club activities, she’s got the popularity, she’s got the nice personality. Oh, so perfect that she is literally everybody’s dream girl. Be it boyfriend wannabes, teachers, parents or friends. However not everyone is perfect because deep down, she has a secret fetish that would scream front page headlines scandal. She loves S&M. She gets her thrill from it. She unwinds with it. She gets her piece of mind from it. Seriously. And helping her out and the only one who knows about this secret is her childhood friend, Kaoru Sugimura. If you know a girl who is into this stuff, you’d be an idiot not to take out your fantasies on her, right? Right. Don’t blame him. That’s what being a guy is all about.

As the OVA begins, we see Nana and her class have just finished the test. Of course it’s child’s play for her. Her friend, Yukari Mutsuki is pestering her about the secret of her success. Get plenty of rest, etc. You know the usual stuff. Then they pass by Kaoru who is walking from the opposite direction. Though their eyes met, both Nana and Kaoru walk pass without greeting. And that’s when Nana notes to herself she indeed has a secret for her success. I bet we already know what it is.

Nana anxiously waits in the room for Kaoru because she can’t wait to start their soft S&M play. It’s not that she’s over excited in looking forward to it because she’s still somewhat embarrassed and nervous. The tension is killing her. Then she notices a package and inside a sexy one piece leather suit. She remembers it was this outfit that led her to realize her fetish. If Kaoru’s mom had not given her the package that belonged to Kaoru for safekeeping that day, she probably wouldn’t have been like a curious cat and tried on the suit. One thing led to another and further recalling reveals Kaoru was really taken aback on how good she looked. Nana was so embarrassed and her chest in pain but at the same time loves the kind of sensation that is giving her. Even Kaoru’s stares were enough to make her feel like as though he is touching her. And true enough, instead of just watching and admiring Nana, Kaoru ‘upgrades’ to touching and then molesting her. Feels good, right? It’s a win-win situation, I guess.

Back in reality, Nana is caught red-handed fidgeting with the outfit. Seems today’s S&M try-out is experimenting with some bonding with ropes. Since Nana can’t be totally naked, she wears her swimsuit. Seeing how erotic Nana is, Kaoru warns her that he might not control himself. Thanks. That warning really helped. I thought she was going to counter with some disclaimer too. Another part of Kaoru’s idea is to take pictures of Nana with his camera. So Kaoru snaps away, admiring every inch of Nana’s beautiful body, making that girl feeling embarrassed. I thought she was supposed to get used to it by now. Maybe you can’t be a master overnight, eh? Next, Kaoru has her squat with her legs open. He then ties her hands behind and blindfolds her before completing the bondage over her entire body. Because she can’t see him, Nana gets jumpy not knowing where Kaoru is. It sounds like he’s over there but he could be here. Before she knows it, Kaoru makes her do very embarrassing positions and snaps a picture of her expression. She thought he was forcing her but he says that she also loves it and her erected nipples are her proof.

Then he unties her blindfold to let her see for herself. Nana makes a priceless expression that Kaoru captures on his camera. Noting that her face and expression is the only thing seen, he wants to send this photo of her to everybody! Nana objects because as part of the agreement, if she says no, then Kaoru will have to stop. But you’re talking to a guy. A guy who’d say anything and give you the world just to get into your pants. Kaoru feigns he never heard of that deal. He continues that she puts up a totally different side in school and wonders what it would be like if everybody finds out. He wants to let everybody know the real Nana is a pervert. Is this considered blackmail? I’m not sure if he did because next day in school, Nana seems fine though she is cursing that pervert. Looks like he hasn’t blown her cover yet. If you can keep her all to himself for now, why not? She meets him outside waiting and realizes that she too is just like him. A pervert. Tonight’s try-out is at the park. Kaoru has Nana take off her panties as she goes to buy coffee at the vending machine while he waits. I guess there’s thrill in being ‘vulnerable’ beneath while traversing the crowd. Your fate depends on the wind…

Urm… So what else can I say? I wasn’t ‘stimulated’ to see this S&M bondage thingy even if this one is considered mild. I have to admit that I was a little disgusted in seeing this. Well, at least I know this isn’t my kind of thing. Not going to try this out ever. But as for the anime related stuff, as an OVA, it doesn’t offer much. You’d just see a couple of kids doing S&M play. That’s it. Probably it’s to introduce things but you don’t really get the feel of the deep relationship between the childhood friends and the way they showed it made it feel kinda ’empty’. I mean, if 2 parties are going to engage into this kind of stuff, there has to be a certain level of trust and feelings in their relationship, right? Unless you’re some kind of porn star that’s a different story.

One thing this OVA tells us is that it isn’t necessarily sex that many would find their thrill. BDSM is just one of the many weird fetishes that humans tend to find exciting (if you’re into it, that is). This type is something less seen and if you are curious enough, you’d probably find different types of S&M styles over the internet. I went to the series’ official website and briefly saw a handful of different bondage (it was all in Japanese so I couldn’t read, haha). There is even a live action feature on this series but of course I didn’t watch it. So if you want much more erotic and depth in story, many viewers suggested the on-going manga doesn’t disappoint. Then again, only if you are into this sort of fetish.

I can’t help notice about the drawing of the characters. The way the shading and the lines, Nana seems pretty odd. Maybe it’s her lips and big eyes. As for Kaoru, I guess they want to paint a picture that he’s a pervert and from first looks, he really does look like one. In addition to that, I thought he looked like a toad, a frog. Serious. And for a big part of the show, it’s like both of them have this permanent blush on their faces. Yeah, it’s embarrassing enough to engage in this kind of act. Nana may be giving out embarrassing voices and her facial expression may look like she’s in pain (I think those are tears of joy, no?) but I guess it’s a natural way of enjoying this kind of engagement. It would sound totally odd if you’re over happy and very noisy, right? Kaoru too is somewhat embarrassed doing this because notice his stammering whenever he wants to do something on her? Maybe a few more times they’ll both become pros in this. The close-up angles on Nana also occupy a big part of the episode and this is where the ecchi part is. Makes you feel like you want to touch her yourself, eh?

Right at the end of the episode, there is a “To Be Continued” notice so that’s why I thought there would be more episodes. Maybe, maybe not. It’s been around a year and nothing has been heard of it. Perhaps too ‘hot’ for some people to handle? If you’re wondering why this series wasn’t classified as hentai is because nobody had real sex. No penetration, no totally nude bodies with the obligatory mosaic censors. So BDSM isn’t what many would really think it is. A sick play by sickos alike. There are psychological effects of pain and pushing of limitations to take into account as well. Not to say that this kind of act is anywhere near holy or the new trend whatsoever but everyone is a pervert in their own ways. Ironically for S&M fetish, how can one feel stress-free or freedom ‘free’ when one is all bound and gag? Like they say, no pain, no gain.

Bakuretsu Hunters

January 28, 2012

If you like old classic animes with magic and adventure, then you should try Bakuretsu Hunters or also known as Sorcerer Hunters. Well, not really your RPG type of game-turned-anime but you know how all animes are back in those days? A group of imperfect heroes setting out on a journey to rid the land of evil people who are abusing their powers at the expense of the innocent citizens. So how long ago is this series? Oh, not too long ago. 1995. Wow. I suddenly feel so old.

So okay. One of the main reasons that got me into trying this series was the synopsis. Apparently in this land known as the Spooner Continent, there are some sorcerers that can use magic. Some use it for their own gain and turn it into the land of the law and rule with an iron fist. Thus the people are at the mercy of these heartless sorcerers. But do not fear. There are secret groups called Sorcerer Hunters who go about punishing these evil blokes to keep the land safe. I mean, after many years of war and strife and with peace settling in, you’d want to maintain it as long as possible, if not forever. Is this the storyline that got me attracted? Well, no. This one was: “Under the guidance of Big Momma (their boss) Carrot (who turns into a giant monster every time he’s placed under a magic spell), Gateau (a bodybuilder), Marron (a mage), Chocolate and Tira (who can transform into dominatrix’s at will) must stop the evil sorcerers from picking on the weak. However, none of them (except maybe Marron) have a clue to what’s going on”. Ah. I thought this was going to be a funny show. Funny, yes. But not in the way that I thought it would be.

Episode 1
Carrot Glace meets a young girl, Lila. First thing he asked her is to go out with him! Her reply? Run away! But he gives her his umbrella and goes away. He returns to his mates, Marron Glace, Gateau Mocha and sisters Chocolate and Tira Misu (both whom are fighting over that perverted Carrot). An angel in a Chinese dress, Dotta appears to relay a message by Big Momma. They have to eliminate Viscount Regner as he is secretly raising a Gamuru, a fearsome dragon. Plus, he is abducting women to raise this dragon in which they must also destroy. Carrot rushes off to save the damsel in distress. Does he think nothing except pretty girls? Seems Big Momma has also sent someone to guide them. Turns out to be Lila. The gang learns that her sister Laura is missing and her parents died a long time ago. However it’s revealed that Lila is a spy for Regner. Carrot sneaks around the lair and sees Laura trapped in a cage. Just because a pretty lady asks to be rescued, doesn’t mean you have to rush in, right? See, now he falls into the pit. And Gamuru is supposedly to be in it… Lila and Tira talk about loving the same person. Lila knows it well because she too likes the man but her sister was the one that ‘won’. Suddenly Regner’s hands come out of Lila’s mirror to strangle and abduct Tira through it. Seems Lila is doing this because she hates her sister for stealing her only love and will do anything to make Regner happy even if he spells out what he is doing. He entrusts her to protect him since he knows those Sorcerer Hunters will come to kill him. True enough, Chocolate, Marron and Gateau arrive. Chocolate is surprise and upset that Lila is part of this and what she is doing. Chocolate transforms into a sexy babe (S&M style) to save Tira from being Gamuru’s first victim of the day. Regner hides himself behind his illusion mirrors. She warns Lila not to touch the lever that will send Laura into the pit. However she doesn’t listen so Chocolate shoots her wire string but is blocked by Tira and breaks her handcuffs. Marron uses his magic to light up the place so with Regner’s shadow visible, Chocolate strikes him and breaks all his mirrors. Regner drops the cage into the pit but Laura comes running out! Look at those toes running up the chains!!! Amazing! But it’s not Laura! It’s Carrot! How the heck did he perfectly disguise himself as a girl?! Anyway he had earlier saved her and Laura should be home by now. He tells Lila the value of her only sister because he too has an only brother (Marron, that is. Is he badmouthing him with all those stupid, perverted comments?). He even thinks that they should go on a double date! Tira throws Lila’s mirror into the pit so Regner dives in to grab it. Oops. Looks like he became dragon food. And they don’t need to take care of Gamuru since they’re confident it’ll get food poisoning. Do men taste that bad? Lila happily reunites with Laura.

Episode 2
Big Momma gives the Sorcerer Hunters another mission: To destroy a Metasenia Flower which uses prohibited magic by attaching itself to a person, sucks its life and its seed creating a living clone out of it. Arriving at town, Carrot rushes in. Because he spots a wagon filled with young and pretty girls! Actually, they’ve been shunned and forced to leave town by Lady Amore who is jealous of their youth and beauty. Seems she has taken all their boyfriends and is the one in possession of that Metasenia Flower to create an ideal male. Yeah, she is so bored that she doesn’t appreciate food! I don’t know why, perhaps Carrot doesn’t like long explanations so he swallowed a pebble! WTF?! As the guys roll into town (the girls in hiding to prevent suspicion), Amore spots the guys and takes interest. She envisions putting all their good features together to result in the ideal man she dreams. I thought it looked like nothing close to all 3 of them. That night she pays a visit by disguising herself as a flower seller. She is taken in by Gateau’s muscles, Marron’s politeness and Carrot’s, erm, energy? But in the end, the leaf she gave them turns out to be a seed of the flower as it stuck onto their face. It causes them to go into a vegetable state. Tira decides to settle this herself and wants Chocolate to be by Carrot’s side. Amore is eagerly awaiting her ideal man to be born from the flower when Tira sneaks up on her and attacks with a broom! Then she takes off her sunglasses and turns into another battle-ready sexy babe! Amore recognizes the Sorcerer Hunter but won’t give her ideal man to her. She throws a leaf bit Tira deflects it back to Amore’s face. While the guys return to normal, has Tira become the new Amore? I mean, she’s enjoying a luxurious life in her place. However she sets frees all the manservants and tells them to remove the Metasenia Flower, in which they happily obliged. She notes that men are much cuter when they’re imperfect. I can think of lots of reasons women would disagree on that.

Episode 3
13 years ago, Sacher Torte AKA Zaha (because that’s how you pronounce it and I feel it’s much cooler spelling it this way) left Big Momma because he believed her chosen path was wrong. He promised to return with his own ideal to create a new reality and then he will be closer to God. Carrot is being his lecherous self hitting on just about any woman in town! Eventually he is taken by the Oiblert’s family butler to see the mistress, Barbara to tell tales of his adventure. Yeah, Carrot just wants to have a passionate night with her and gets ahead of himself with his perverted fantasies. Just when he thinks he is going to get started for real, to his horror he spots his mates staring from outside the window! Don’t want to be caught dead in those sisters’ eyes, eh? He takes Barbara like a doll and runs away! His mates are puzzled how he ended up here first when they realize Barbara’s butler is a sorcerer. He’s not just an old geezer because he is one creepy dude who can bend his joints in all directions! Look at him standing on the ceiling! This is no horror show! He gives the gang a good fight. Meanwhile Carrot is being brought to a dark room and Barbara reveals her collection. They are handsome men turned into stone. So is Carrot going to be part of her collection? Heck no. Ugly men like him get abused! Say what?! Barbara is actually a sadistic S&M queen as she starts whipping Carrot. I think he’s enjoying it. Marron and Gateau fight the butler to give the girls time to find Carrot and will take a while to take down the butler. When they do, they didn’t like seeing another girl laying her fingers on him. Since when it’s their absolute right to step over him? Chocolate transforms to her S&M type and it’s a battle to see who has the right to abuse Carrot. As Barbara fires a shot at Carrot, she thinks she has the last laugh. However as mentioned, though Carrot is powerless and can’t use magic, he has an ability that allows him to absorb magic. This will turn him into a Minotaur called Zoantrophy. He squishes Barbara instantly! To turn him back, it is Tira’s turn to transform and start whipping Carrot back to normal. So who’s the real S&M queen here? In the aftermath, one of the girls that Carrot tried to hit on is seen crying near the stone body of her boyfriend in the mansion’s rubble. Carrot returns her flower hair accessory and she goes off on her way.
Episode 4
It’s the Sorcerer Hunters’ day off so they head to the beach. Oh no. Guess which pervert is on a rampage? It’s sad that the beach girls have to beat him up to keep him at bay. Lots of times. Somebody should lock this pervert up! However this attracts the attention of a woman named Bomber. She has a favour to ask and wants him to accompany her to tonight’s fireworks festival. He can’t turn her down, can’t he? She gives him a charm and puts it on his pinky as a promise. He remembers her as the woman who was arguing and broke up with her boyfriend earlier on. Tira and Chocolate aren’t happy he’s frolicking with another woman and has him go search for a non-existent beach ball. It’s a trap as he falls into a deep well. But they didn’t count on his power to climb out, eh? Yeah, it’s that promise that spurns him. That night as he makes his way to meet Bomber, the transformed sisters tie him up on a cross like a crucifix on a mini hill. I guess they didn’t calculate that with his perverted power, he manages to break the base of the cross in his struggle. With his legs free, he runs through the woods, across rivers and waterfalls like Jesus Christ with a cross tied to his back. Man? Where did he get so much energy? The fireworks start as Bomber gets worried. Tira and Chocolate approach her and apologize Carrot won’t make it. But speaking of the devil, he soon comes rushing in. What did I tell you about his energy? In his happiness, he leaps too far and comes crashing into the many fireworks cannons below. This sets off a chain reaction of all the other cannons. But the public can’t tell the difference if it’s messed up since it still looks pretty. When it’s over, Bomber comes rushing to Carrot and thanks him for the big success. Big what? Seems she is a fireworks artist and is part of tonight’s fireworks competition. Initially mistakenly placed the ignition on top of her fireworks. She thought Carrot was the right person to ignite it since she saw him taking all those hits and physical abuses well. I’m sure she got the wrong idea but it’s true. Then her boyfriend returns. He apologizes and wants to start anew. She forgives him and they happily reunite. Oh Carrot. The heartbreak. But he takes it like a gentleman and tells her never to let him go and walks off. But don’t despair, at least he has Chocolate and Tira who will always be with him.

Episode 5
Carrot’s ‘girl sensor’ must be working perfectly well because he rushes over to a large lake to see a young girl. Guess what’s her name? Lake. After learning she is alone and has no parents, Carrot plays with her. Nothing hentai lah. But he sounds so gay. Having the time of their lives, eh? When Carrot’s mates show up, Lake is nowhere to be seen. Oh, don’t tell me… Because of that, Carrot sinks into depression. That evening when Marron goes to look for food and the rest prepare fire, a grown up version of Lake appears beside him. Now he’s back to normal. They have a little chat before Tira catches him in the act of fooling around with another woman. However Lake again mysteriously disappears. That night, even though Carrot is tied up, he hears the voice of a woman calling him and I don’t know how he broke free, but he did. He follows the voice to see a middle aged woman. Carrot knows she is Lake. How? She never changed. Plus, he’ll always recognize a girl he loves no matter how much she’s changed. Oh, I’m sure he recognizes thousands of girls. Marron returns to his mates and warns that they have to leave this place by sunrise as he has been told a fearsome tale by the villagers. Lake tells Carrot that this lake existed before men and once every 100 years, it will test humans to see if they’re worthy to continue existing. The energy of the lake slowly changes the spirit of the lake into a human form but can only be outside the lake for a short while. Meanwhile Carrot’s mates are running to find him because they are worried about his fate. Whoever the spirit encounters is tested as a sample of the world. If that person has an evil heart, the lake will flood the village. Okay, besides Carrot’s pervertness, he’s a good guy, right? Nothing to worry. Well thing is, if that person has a good heart, he too will lose his life. The next time Carrot sees Lake, she is already an old woman. She collapses in his arms and he has a favour of her: To play with him again. She promises since she felt very happy to be with him despite a short while. He also promises he won’t forget about that. Soon Lake disappears down the lake as she thanks him. When Carrot’s mates arrive, they are relieved he hasn’t been turned into stone. They get a shock he suddenly drops like a rock into the lake! Nothing serious thankfully. Don’t scare us, man. He soon resurfaces and points out to the beautiful sunrise scenery.

Episode 6
Marron is attracted by the sad but pure grass whistle of Kou. Meanwhile Carrot tries to get a bunch of local girls to cooperate to help solve a case. By telling their underwear colour?! A ploy easily spotted by Tira as she ties that pervert up and drags him away. She reminds him of their mission to catch the culprit of using some Forbidden Curse that turns people and things into pure crystal. When she returns to the rest, Carrot must be one hell of an escape artist because he switched his place with a dog! How did he do it?! While frolicking along, he tries to flirt with a girl, Lin and she takes a liking for his quirkiness. Suddenly a bully interrupts. Carrot tries to stand up like a gentleman but gets beaten up! He gets rough on the girl. Kou is passing by and is upset over what he sees and aims his grass whistle at the bully. During the struggle, Carrot got in the way of Kou’s whistle so he absorbs the magic and turns into Zoantrophy. Tira, it’s your job. Later Kou confronts the bully at the outskirts and belts out his punishment. The Sorcerer Hunters hear the grass whistle and rush to the scene to see the bully totally crystallized. Marron starts to have suspicion so he talks to Lin and learns her parents are dead. She has a brother who vowed to protect her but left to become stronger. That night at the inn, Marron discusses this with the rest. Seems Kou may have got the power he needed but doesn’t quite know what to do with it. Marron thinks of talking to him first. That night, Carrot is being his pervert self again as he sneaks into the ladies’ room to confess his love for Lin. Turns out to be the wrong bed because he confessed to Tira! She punches him. Shouldn’t she be happy? Oh yeah, he said Lin’s name. Marron confronts Kou and wants to place seal on his powers but he wouldn’t allow that since he had obtained something to protect his sister. The ladies’ interrogation of Carrot has to be put on hold since they hear fighting outside. Part of the streets (and that poor dog) has turned into crystals during the fight. With the other Sorcerer Hunters arriving, Kou ups the ante and in his rage is consumed by the power, crystallizing everything. If not for Marron’s barrier, they could’ve been part of the cool solid rock. Then an attack that almost puts Carrot’s life in danger, Marron becomes upset and rages against Kou. He does love his bro that much? Marron is to deliver the final blow but Carrot comes in between. Can Marron stop in time? Well, let’s say Kou isn’t seriously hurt. Kou and Lin emotionally reunite and promise to stay with each other. In the aftermath, Big Momma praises Carrot for a job well done. Thinking he’ll get a big reward, she reminds him of all the past mistakes so they’re even. So he’s back to the starting line. Haha!

Episode 7
Saint Light River is a magic river that flows in mid-air. There’s this Flowing Spirit ritual whereby legend has it that a rock is thrown into the magic river upstream. Over time as the stone rolls down and is reshaped by the water, if it is shaped into a human, a saviour who will release the world of sadness will be born. The family responsible to throw the stone from the top is Rivertop while the family responsible to pluck it is Marineside. Sorcerer Hunters visit the Elder Chief of Rivertop and learn the ritual has been carried out 18,253 times. He believes a saviour will come. They see a picture of Marina Marineside, the girl in waiting who will devote her life to the saviour and must be purely free from the desires of the world. If the saviour is not born? She will die a virgin. Chocolate and Tira transform and is going to teach that old geezer a lesson for ruining the youth of a woman but is stopped by Gateau. Where’s Carrot? He’s rushing down the road going to seal his fate with Marina!!! Of course this means the sisters are hot on his heals to prevent that from happening. On his way, he bumps into Daniel Riverside and hides with him. Daniel mentions a certain girl he loves residing down the river but doesn’t have the courage due to their traditions and legends. Urm, Carrot not interested to hear it all. Carrot head butts him, Daniel strangles him, Carrot tells him to just do it! Carrot starts shivering when he realizes Chocolate and Tira show up. He pretends to be dead but as Chocolate notes, she is NOT a bear! They attack so he escapes down the magic river via a big wok. Daniel is seen arguing with the chief and then leaves in a huff. As Carrot flows downstream, he picks up the cat who earlier stole his fish. Then he falls off and nearly drowned but the cat saves him. Yeah, it performed CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Carrot! His first kiss went to a cat!!! But no time to rest because the sisters have catch up so it’s back down the magic river. Seeing him paddle so hard with so much energy, the sisters decide to give up. Meanwhile Daniel is on his way down too. When Carrot reaches the end, he is happy to see Marina but to his dismay, Daniel beat him to it and they’re both embracing. Heck. Even the cat found its own lover. Carrot, you’re just unlucky. Then Carrot spots a human shape rock under the river. He calls out to the lovers but starts thinking over the chief’s words how Marina have to devote her life to him. I guess it’s better to keep quiet, eh? And the chief isn’t such a stubborn old goat because he accepts the young generation to make their own legend.

Episode 8
Carrot wakes up from a nightmare but can’t remember it. So irritated Tira hits him on the head and tells him to sleep forever. They get a new mission from Big Momma. Their target is a mad professor named Lionia. She also leaves it to them how he is abusing innocent people. Big Momma notes that this mission may be Carrot’s awakening. In town, the gang sees Lionia recruiting the men to help fight evil spirits in the Ghost Town behind his castle in exchange for their children’s safety. Carrot got the guts to console some man’s wife by hugging her! It’s no wonder he got kicked out of her house when he became ‘too kind’. Marron and the rest ride Lionia’s wagon to Ghost Town but soon learns it’s a trap. The next thing they know, they’re in Ghost Town but their bodies have become kids! Seems Lionia loves playing with kids and with his magic diorama, all his tricks become real and terrifying in Ghost Town. It can be scary for kids, you know. He is playing with his candle trick when Carrot sneaks in, blows it out and sneaks out without Lionia realizing it! Must be the wind. Carrot heads to Ghost Town but is terrified with the skeletons and other beasts Lionia unleashed. As for the rest, with their kiddie bodies, their powers are not much use so their only hope is Carrot. Speaking of which, they are reunited with him. As the sisters are about to cry in relief in Carrot’s arms, it is Carrot who cries in theirs for being fear of those skeletons! I guess he never change. Some last hope he is. With Carrot telling what he saw, they realize Lionia is abusing innocent people by turning them into children and have to defeat him. As they head to the exit, Lionia burns his diorama. Then his room explodes. Play with fire lah… But the burning town starts to relive the terrifying trauma Carrot has. Something to do with Zaha. It is so great that he turns into a rampaging Zoantrophy. Though he has not been hit by any magic, Lionia’s diorama is a magic one so he must’ve slowly been absorbing it. Tira and Chocolate transform but Big Momma notes Carrot can’t bear his past and that fear has made him turn into Zoantrophy and his power is running wild. The sisters can’t stop him so she intervenes to calm him down. Carrot finds himself a kid and sleeping in the comfortable arms of Big Momma. When he wakes up, he wonders why everyone said he saved them but he doesn’t remember anything. Big Momma prays he must accept his dreaded past the next time for the sake of the future.

Episode 9
Lord Croissant is a rare sorcerer who uses his power for good so it’s no surprise that the people love him. However Big Momma receives a request for the Sorcerer Hunters to kill Croissant. Though they don’t accept requests from anonymous people, the requester mentions that Croissant had killed a Sorcerer Hunter named Opera. She is Gateau’s partner and he is visibly upset to know this. They go see Croissant and he allows them to do anything and even challenges to kill him if they can. Telling his story, Croissant built an opera stage and met with an opera singer Anna Pestori. He fell in love with her but was soon kidnapped by an evil sorcerer Bagel, whom Gateau and Opera was chasing after. Bagel had this obsession of turning those he kidnaps into animals and in Anna’s case, a cat. Though Croissant and Opera teamed up to rescue Anna, Opera stayed back to let him escape. Gateau is not convinced but Croissant knows Opera’s last words, “Open the door”. Croissant notes that Opera’s body was later found so he wonders it is Gateau who killed her. Later Bagel was killed by other Sorcerer Hunters. Anna appears and I guess that’s when bored Carrot decides to take interest and flirt around. Back in their room, Tira wonders if Croissant is the requester. Requesting his own death? Since he is invincible under the full moon, he is trying others to kill him. Gateau isn’t still convinced. And Carrot? He still hasn’t given up on Anna to sing for him! The sisters are going to give their punishment so Anna tells them the truth. Croissant teamed up with Bagel and betrayed Opera and killed her. Anna isn’t in love with Croissant and is merely a pet to him. Back to their room, Gateau thinks Anna is the requester since she is afraid of Croissant. As Chocolate goes out to search for that lecherous Carrot who slipped by her fingers again, she sees a cat transformed into Anna. Croissant won’t let her go since she has seen that. They fight but she is no match for him. At the stage, Anna tells Gateau that she wants him to take her away from here. She can’t be herself ever since she was rescued. Seems she is cursed to take on the form of a cat and the only time she’s human is on a night of a full moon. Gateau wonders why she lied because Opera would never turn her back on the enemy. Croissant appears and says his existence is only for Anna. Though it is Bagel who turned her into a cat, Anna is barely keeping herself in human form because of his love for her. Anna insists that she loves the stage instead of him and wants the applause and cheers of the audience and not his love. Carrot applauses at the moving stage performance so Croissant throws him a knife and wants him to kill Gateau or else he will kill Chocolate (all tied up). Croissant admits that he was the one who killed Opera to show his love for Opera. No choice, Carrot points the knife at Gateau’s neck (is he playing around?) and the latter doesn’t seem to be worried. Carrot eventually decides not to because he knows Chocolate will kill him later. Spot on! Marron and Tira bust in to save the day but Marron’s seal has no effect since it’s full moon. Anna goes up to Croissant and stabs him (I thought killing him was impossible). This shows that she doesn’t really love him. Well, I guess it was enough convincing for Croissant. With that, Croissant disappears along with his mansion (why must mansions collapse when their masters die?). In the end though they couldn’t figure out who the client is at least everyone is together for the moment. And Anna turned back into cat? Carrot makes an uncalled remark saying how he could’ve been a free man should Chocolate be killed. But she is not in a good mood and is going to kill him! “Open the door!”. Oh Carrot. You’re so dead.

Episode 10
In a gambling town, Sorcerer Hunters are to investigate the sorcerer-sponsored gambling murders that have been occurring here. But Carrot just wants to gamble and flirt with the girls! All they need to do is win big to lure the sorcerer out. How can they do that? As Big Momma explains, since their hearts are pure, God will be on their side! WTF?! Isn’t gambling bad? Gateau arrives as a drifting cowboy and makes his entrance by beating up Vegas‘ men. Though he only wants meals and not money, he will do anything. Vegas’ wife, Ruriko allows him and since she said so, Vegas permits it. Meanwhile Chocolate, Tira and Marron are winning big so much so they’ve been invited to a special gamble. I guess God really is on their side. Except for Carrot who is accumulating debts and acting like a desperate gambling addict! He is thrown into a prison as he witnesses Vegas kills another hopeless addict with the snap of his fingers. Carrot is amazed by his strength and will do anything to get out. Anything? Ruriko invites Gateau into her room but he soon leaves. In the special gambling area, Chocolate, Tira and Marron realize they’ve been set up when Vegas unleashes a monster to attack them. Everybody else bets on them. During the fight, Gateau who was sneaking around joins in. Then in the final push, the monster goes berserk and rams a pillar, causing Vegas to fall off his balcony and to his death. What?! That easy?! With his spell gone, the monster reverts into… Carrot?! Man, his face is all bruised up. As Gateau leaves town, Ruriko mentions how she just wanted him to have a pleasant memory as a memento of his trip. Gateau replies he is a Sorcerer Hunter before a man. As the Sorcerer Hunters leave, Carrot was let known he lost big at the casino to get inside among the enemy. But he got sealed inside that monster by Vegas’ magic. But everything ends well, so I guess it’s okay. Carrot makes an uncalled remark when he says Gateau kept the girl all for himself when everyone is having a hard time. He gets another punch in the face.

Episode 11
The gang haven’t eaten for 2 days and Carrot is so hungry he ate grass! YUCK! But that can wait since Big Momma gives them a mission to find out and put a stop to a sorcerer using forbidden magic of Mind Separation (separating one’s soul from one’s body) and Mind Harmonize (putting that soul into another body). Carrot tries to ‘steal’ an apple from a tree but was told by a villager not to touch his mother’s tree. The Sorcerer Hunters decide to back off since the villagers aren’t too happy about it. Suddenly Carrot smells something nice. Woman! Oh sh*t! Where the heck did he get so much energy?! He sees a hot babe in the flowerbed till he realized some hot guy is sleeping on her lap. Disappointed? The maid, Sanchu seems pretty concern with Yukke Namuru when he suddenly collapses as he’s about to shake hands with Tira. Marron notes how he doesn’t have long to live. Inside the mansion, they see his twin brother Kuppa. But they soon leave since they have no business here. Till they realize Carrot isn’t with them. Man, he hasn’t given up on Sanchu. Sneaking around inside the hallways, Carrot eavesdrop Sanchu and Yukke talking about the latter not wanting to be the devil and is worried about Kuppa. Kuppa suddenly emerges from the ground and he sees how lovely the both of them are. Comparing them like his parents, he uses Mind Separation on Sanchu and places into his parent’s portrait. His mom comes out of the portrait but it’s just Sanchu in the form of his mom. Carrot tries to stop him but was stopped and half his body stuck to the ground. The rest of the Sorcerer Hunters come in. Sanchu starts crying and wants to return to her original body. Flashback reveals how the twins lost their parents very young. They dabbled in this Forbidden Magic and used it on a random couple. However they could not touch them. Kuppa is disappointed and since they want to return to their original bodies, Kuppa stepped and crushed a materialized gem from the magic, killing them both. Yukke is shocked and felt guilty so he uses Soul Harmonize to turn them into apple seeds and planted them. Kuppa wants to turn Yukke into his father so they can live as a family like before. He also knows Yukke has spent his life turning all those gems into apple seeds and delivered them to the couple’s family. By doing so, he is using part of his life force. Kuppa then wonders if they have ever had their father put them on his shoulders or their mom to stroke their cheek with her hand. He is envious they had it all and God had to take important people away from him. He starts using Mind Separation but Marron uses his seal to backfire on him. In his last breath, Kuppa realizes how warm Sanchu’s hands were. Sanchu and Yukke declare their love for each other as Yukke says they’ll always be with her. He also wishes Sanchu raise both their trees so he uses Soul Harmonize on themselves. In the aftermath, Sanchu grows both the apple trees just fine.

Episode 12
A monster created for war via Forbidden Magic during when Spooner Continent was at war, Lord Chronodragon is about to be revived. Big Momma says they can’t kill it but can put it to sleep for another 50 years by destroying a gem at its tail. Man, this Chronodragon is so big that a village is situated right smack in the centre between its head and tail. At the village, grandpa Bread tells them that there is a way to kill Chronodragon for good and that is by destroying a crystal at its head. The Sorcerer Hunters are puzzled why Big Momma didn’t tell them of this. I guess Carrot is willing to do the job for Bread’s granddaughter, Butter. Don’t lay your hands on her! That night as Marron and Gateau go to scout the place, the sisters are worried that Carrot has escaped to flirt with Butter. Surprisingly, he went to speak with Bread and he breaks the ice with some Best-Playboy-in-Spooner-Continent talk. Yeah, guys will be guys. Bread mentions when he was young, he saw a legendary hero (Zaha) appeared and killed Chronodragon. Next day as they set off, Bread also wants to undertake this journey. Marron and Gateau come back from their journey and show a torn doll. They feel he has not told them the entire truth. Bread reveals the land built on Chronodragon is very fertile. Though the villagers reap its benefits, they were living in fear. When Chronodragon was about the revived, that hero appeared and killed it. When it died, it released all the energy in its body once, destroying his entire village (probably why Big Momma didn’t say a word on this). He feels that if Chronodragon is revived, Spooner Continent will be devastated and it’s better to sacrifice a few lives for the greater good and be free of their fear. But the gang do not agree with him and have decided they will put it to sleep. As Sorcerer Hunters get ready to climb the tail, they realize Bread has gone alone to the head. Carrot rushes off in hopes of stopping him in time. Age must have gotten to bread as he catches his breath while resting halfway. He sees a vision of the hero who lends him his power. Bread is at the top and is about to sink his dagger when Carrot calls out for him not to. Bread fights the hero’s will but this exhausts him greatly. He lies motionless in Carrot’s arms. Yeah, Carrot can even make a joke about ‘blossoming a few flowers’ so he can’t die at this place yet. Meanwhile the other Sorcerer Hunters destroy the tail’s gem and prevents Chronodragon’s revival. But they hear Carrot’s blunt incessant screams from across. Next day, Butter goes on a journey to bury grandpa at a place without Chronodragon. Carrot is obviously depressed as he wonders if Bread’s way was wrong.

Episode 13
Big Momma reprimands Sorcerer Hunters for not only failing to seal a Forbidden Magic book, Rouge Camera, but release it as well. Guess whose fault it was? All the more, Dotta was there so they’ve got to clean this mess up. In town, Dotta spots Carrot in old feudal clothes extremely popular with woman! She realizes she has lost her wings but isn’t worried since she never liked it anyway. Then she sees another Carrot, hurrying to finish this mission as he rushes off. Meanwhile Chocolate and Tira see Gateau an oil merchant and flocks of woman are coming over to see his muscles. WTF?! The sisters find feudal Carrot playing around with his harem. They’re going to whip him good. However this Carrot remains stubborn and doesn’t want to return to them but stay with his harem! They see Marron who is a little girly and is satisfied in just watching over his brother. The sisters are upset that they’re the only ones who didn’t get their wish like everybody else. They meet Dotta and are brought to their own house. They are greeted by Carrot with a bowtie and he is happy for all 3 of them to live together. Chocolate happily agrees but Tira so as not to lose out decides to stay as well. Several days pass and on a day Chocolate and bowtie Carrot leave for shopping, Tira spots the original Carrot. Inside the house, Carrot says he tried to get Rouge Camera inside the harem but the girls were very tough. Tira is confused of who he is and for once Carrot is spelling way the particulars of the mission! They are here to seal Rouge Camera that reads people’s wishes and desires and makes them come true. They failed to seal it and were swallowed by it. Tira can’t remember it because she is bewitched by the camera. So this world is a fake world created by that Forbidden Magic. Tira tells this to the rest but they don’t believe her. They wonder if that Carrot is making this up. Then they realize that Carrot isn’t around and must be on his way back to the harem to destroy this world, which will cause them who are part of this dream to disappear. At the harem, there are 3 Carrots now! Which is the real one?! Bowtie Carrot takes his sword out and is going to kill the fake ones. However the rest can tell he is the fake because he did not go after other girls. Chocolate cuts him as he is revealed to be Rouge Camera. He intends on sucking them in again because he can’t exist without a story since he is a book. He insists they are fictional characters in a made-up story and reality doesn’t exist. The other Carrots confront him and wonder what will happen if they combine back into the original one and see what if the original dreaming one disappears. They one to be the ones who will determine what is a dream or reality. He sounds like a real man trying to do it but soon they chickens out. Enough to piss those sisters off. Just do it!!! They are all thrown out of the book as Marron seals it. Everyone is glad that they’re alright as Tira wonders if Carrot is the real deal. But wait. Are they really out of the book or still in the dream world? Something for you viewers to figure out.

Episode 14
The Sorcerer Hunters are being hired by a rich dude, Londo to rid of a monster residing in the gold mines or else the villagers will starve since this land has no crops and depends on its gold. But that fat pig himself seems have more than enough to eat. However later Londo’s clerk tells them to stay away or else they will earn the wrath of their local God. Leina prays at a local God’s statue and is surprised to hear God’s voice saying how she’ll meet a wonderful man. Turns out to be Carrot. She isn’t amused and says he’ll be punished by God for doing so. What’s Carrot’s answer? God is his close friend! Oh God! He even pulls a prank that his hand got eaten by the statue but Leina runs away in embarrassment when Carrot points out in a way she was concern for him. Leina is a hard worker and does her work without complain. However the employers take her for granted and leave her do all the jobs while they relax themselves. Leina is saving to buy a butterfly hairpin but that dream is dashed when it was just sold. A little girl, Boro whom she is a friend of got it because her mama bought it for her. And Leina thought her mama had financial problems. As Leina trudge along, anger starts to build in her heart and she finds herself in posh restaurant. She also spots a girl who thought she was sick but is well and chatting happily. She realizes she has no money to pay and decides that she too can be dishonest and tries to walk out. However a waiter catches her. But she is saved by ‘God’. Yup. It’s Carrot who picks up her tab. She thanks him and will repay but he doesn’t need her money and just wants to go out on a date. Leina is not amused because she feels he is just like every other people seeking to take advantage of her. But she backs down upon seeing his silly funny face and apologizes for taking out on him. Though she won’t really date him, at least they can have tea together. And while Carrot is fooling around, his other mates are working their ass off. At the gold mine, they realize the sound of the monster is due to the wind blowing through the tunnel (thus the monster doesn’t exist) and the clerk may have been fooling his master to keep this secret all to himself. The clerk is watching them and doesn’t like this one bit that his secret his exposed but has a plan up his sleeve. Carrot is about to move in on Leina when he sees Marron. Looks like he has to excuse himself. Better hurry because he’s in a middle of a date. The clerk soon kidnaps Leina and hires her to bring Carrot to him. She is tempted by the gold at first but refuses since no matter how poor she is, she won’t sell her heart. At the mine, Marron shoots Carrot with a magic stone and turns him into Zoantrophy. He goes on a rampage. Everyone sees Zoantrophy and thinks it is God (since they both look alike). The clerk is going to use Leina as a hostage but when Zoantrophy closes in, he runs away. Yeah, his act backfired and came back to haunt him. Leina thought she was done for but Zoantrophy ignores her. She thanks ‘God’. Londo is trying to run away with as much gold he can carry but Zoantrophy destroys his mansion, much to the joy of the people. Now it’s time to bring the beast back. Yeah, a couple of women are the ones who could tame ‘God’. It is raining gold coins as the people starts picking them up and hails God for justice done. Boro wants to share some of the gold she got with Leina but she doesn’t need them because she has got something very precious from God. Big Momma praises the Sorcerer Hunters for a job well done but Carrot may have did a little mischief by stealing a piece of gold himself… Leina continue to work hard and she may be the first girl who really thinks Carrot is God and will always be thinking of him. Yeah, maybe the God of Pervert, that is.

Episode 15
There is no assignment this time so it’s a vacation for the Sorcerer Hunters. Somebody quickly restrain that Carrot! Big Momma discusses with one of her knights, Millefeuille along with Dotta about the time to Zaha has come. Zaha has sacrificed many during his journey in order to achieve his goals. He has been gathering souls that cursed him and absorbing them and transform them into his own power. At that moment, he is most vulnerable and they will use it to strike him down even if it’s a cowardly manner. Now he is at Soul Home, the summit where souls with hatred gather. A village girl is running scared from those souls and bumps into Carrot, seeking his protection. Time to show his manliness. But the souls go away. He meets her family who are grateful and tells him about Soul Summit. The girl also mentions that a hero (Zaha) went to the summit alone and hope he is fine. She wouldn’t mind giving her heart and body to him. Not to be outdone, Carrot also rushes to the summit to defeat the troubled souls and bring peace to the village. I guess his motivation is the girl, not saving the village. As Zaha starts the process of absorbing souls, Big Momma appears and is about to blast him. Suddenly Carrot shows up (fooling around in Zaha’s clothes?) so Big Momma abandons her plans since her powers will kill him too. Though alive, Zaha is hurt so Carrot help nurses him as he sets up a campfire. Both have a feeling of seeing each other before. Upon knowing Carrot saw his soul absorbing, Zaha picks up his sword and is going to kill him but his injury prevents him to go further. Meanwhile Big Momma informs the other Sorcerer Hunters to go save Carrot. Carrot continues to treat Zaha nicely. But he has a condition. Since Zaha is going back to the village as a hero and girls will flock around him, Carrot wants at least one girl. Plus, he will keep what he saw a secret. Zaha wonders why he came back knowing he still wants to kill him (that feeling is still there). His reply is that he is the messenger of love! Even though it’s silly, Zaha takes a liking for him since he looks very convincing. But when he learns Carrot’s name, he gets mad and is going to kill him. At that point, Big Momma interrupts by splitting the land and sends Zaha falling into the chasm. Big Momma laments how their failure to defeat Zaha was because of Carrot, though he won’t be punished for it. Millefeuille will continue on Zaha. The Sorcerer Hunters rescue Carrot, not knowing entirely what happened while Zaha still lives and is bent on making him realize his dream. What’s with that gorilla scream? Pain or just his way of letting things out?

Episode 16
I guess Chocolate and Tira stepped out of their line by punishing Zoantrophy too much that Carrot needs to see a doctor. But upon seeing the cute nurse Arama, his injuries instantly vanish and his flirt switch on! The sisters want to beat him up but Arama protects him since he is injured. Then Dr Iiwa steps out to see what’s happening so Carrot overacts his pain and wants her to admit him now! I know it’s fine for Carrot but Gateau saying how his heart is also hurt too?! He got whacked of course. Carrot isn’t pleased to see his mates paying him a visit. I don’t know why but Gateau starts stripping and showed him his stomach muscles as his present! He swings this way too?! Out! Chocolate fantasizes some dramatic ‘tear-jerking’ delusion with dying Carrot getting pervy on her. Since Carrot got hurt by her delusion, he kicks them all out. With the big obstacles gone, he can go flirting all he wants. Yeah, he wants Arama to cure him with her love! Oh, she has a needle for him. Oh, he’s feeling better now? However she has phobia of needles but will be okay if she uses a bigger one. Oh sh*t! Now who is going to get screwed?! Oww!!! Later he goes to see pensive Iiwa and offers to help her out. A rock suddenly drops on his head (from you-know-who) so clumsy Arama drops loads of ice on him to freeze the hell out of him, and then pour boiling hot water. He’s going to rack up more injuries at this rate. That night, Carrot still has so much energy to release and is not going to waste his youth. He sneaks into Arama’s bed but finds Tira waiting. He escapes but Chocolate is at the door. Let the punishment begin! You know, this is a hospital and they shouldn’t be making so much noise. As he escapes, he is pulled away by Arama and brought to Iiwa since the latter wanted to see him so much. Could this be it? Meanwhile Marron and Gateau see a villager with stomach pains and wonder why he didn’t go to the hospital nearby and everyone is just standing around. However they respond with that fearful look in their eyes. Carrot walks through a room filled with specimen jars till he sees Iiwa waiting next to a bed. She seems very inviting. She’s been thinking about him all day, her heart set on him and her heart crazy for him. He dives towards her but suddenly sees a scalpel in her hands. Marron and Gateau meet up with the sisters as they learn from the villagers Iiwa is a maniacal surgeon and performs any surgery regardless of one’s sickness. Carrot is tied up as Iiwa prepares her surgery while Arama starts up the chainsaw!!! Oh damn!!! And his mates… They’re not going to rescue him and just having tea since they really want him to be in better care and pray for a successful surgery. Yeah, this will be a good lesson… He’ll be alright. Hope this will cure his pervertness.

Episode 17
Perhaps that surgery didn’t cure him because Carrot continues to flirt. And gets rejected. But the Sorcerer Hunters get an emergency call from Big Momma and are transported to her castle, Sutera Church. Seems the revival of a Magic Fortress (by Zaha of course), a giant floating castle created during the war that will devastate everything in its path into ashes. How are they going to stop this fortress? They have to climb to the top and to its eye and defeat the enemy who is controlling it via his will. They have to do it fast because the fortress is on its way here. So the Sorcerer Hunters are thrust into action while Big Momma stalls for time by putting up a big barrier around the castle. It’s not going to be easy since the gang have to traverse various traps and undead skeleton army. As they reach the top, a creepy humanoid (its eyes and mouth switched places) emerges from the eye. He wonders why they are stopping him. Big Momma recognizes him as the boy from that time during the war, the boy who admired her and thought it would be worth his life if she recognized him. Carrot plans on turning into Zoantrophy but Marron thinks otherwise since it will be too much magic for him to handle. Eventually he becomes one and true enough he comes crashing. As the Sorcerer Hunters think it’s the end of the line, the Haz Knights, Millefeuille, Cinnamon Tea, Chiffon Cake and Kahlua Milk appear to dispose of the minions. Big Momma then reunites with the boy. Inside the fortress, they see his corpse as Big Momma realizes how lonely he must have been all these decades as he used his life to seal this fortress. She apologizes and accepts her heart since he has always been thinking of her. With that the fortress crumbles. The Sorcerer Hunters comment about love transcending time and the power of love. But it’s a different kind of love for that idiot Carrot because he tries to hit on Millefeuille! Till he finds out he’s a guy… Zaha notes the force of will becoming a great power. Since Big Momma has shown her Haz Knights’ power, he is going to realize his dream since the rest must be within the Sorcerer Hunters. Hey, I noticed something in this episode. No girls for Carrot to hit on!

Episode 18
Zaha is in a fight with Lord Tartlet but he gets stabbed and killed! Big Momma summons the Sorcerer Hunters for another important assignment. Their next target is Tartlet, a Magic Engineer (one who developed Forbidden Magic during the war). At the end of the war, all Magic Engineers were sealed to prevent them from creating new forms of Forbidden Magic. She sensed Tartlet’s seal has been broken and fears it will bring an era of war once again. Flashback reveals Zaha making a deal with Tartlet. In exchange for getting killed, Tartlet will absorb all his powers. But he must rid of the Sorcerer Hunters. Failing to do so within a period of time, Zaha will absorb his life. So it’s either one who will live or die. As Tartlet blazes a town with his newfound powers, you think a newly freed person is going to quietly get sealed back again? Yup. The Sorcerer Hunters will have a tough time caging this power-crazy guy back. As Tartlet unleashes his stone golems upon them, Zaha is watching the fight via a crow. He remembers how he was scaring young Carrot and co by wondering which one of them is the God of Destruction (yeah, his goal is to destroy the world). That’s because with great fear, it will bring back memories of the past and they will become aware of the other self. Zaha peeks into the souls of the fighting Sorcerer Hunters but sees them as reincarnated past heroes and not the power he seeks. Based on deduction, that means Carrot has got to be the God of Destruction, right? He peers into his soul and what does he see? Girls, girls and pretty girls everywhere! HAHAHA!!! Oh, you’re so screwed! A fool till the very end! He laments his death was all for nothing as Tartlet continues to absorb his powers till he can’t control them and goes out of control. Carrot absorbs his magic and turns into Zoantrophy. Zaha realizes his other form and peeks into his eyes and finds the God of Destruction. Zoantrophy smashes all the golems and eventually Tartlet himself. Tartlet realizes he got the short end of the stick because when he mentions he will be the new ruler and the one closest to God, Zaha comments that’s why he cannot win against God himself! Plus, a mere sorcerer like him couldn’t absorb and handle all the great powers like Zaha. With that, Zaha absorbs his life and revives.

Episode 19
Lord Wacky knows a famous painter, Julian Monet is in town and plans to make easy money by buying his paintings and selling it to collectors at a higher price. However he needs capital for that and this means unreasonable tax increase for the innocent citizens. Yes, it’s a job for Sorcerer Hunters once more but Carrot as usual prefers to be chasing skirts. Good thing, he got rejected but does this mean he’ll give up? Till he bumps into Julian painting. Suddenly Tira and Chocolate feel awkward for this painter guy. Let’s say they’re blushing around him. Julian realizes that he can complete his painting. Not because of the sisters but Carrot! Making him as the model, it’s like magic and with a stroke of the brush, Carrot forms onto the picture with doves around. Carrot gets bored and starts hitting on the girls but all he attracted was doves. Marron notes he isn’t an ordinary person since his picture is able to predict the future. But Julian says pictures must be drawn from the heart and the heart mirrors the truth. His pictures aren’t complete unless the heart of the subject is shown. He then invites them to stay with him at his rented cottage. The sisters realize his paintings are sceneries so he mentions he only draws people if it’s family, friends or lovers. He then invites them to be their model. The sisters tell Carrot that they’ve found a new love and wish him well. Carrot is supportive of their happiness. Looks like he finally got his freedom. Yippee!!! As he continues to flirt around, he still sees visions of the sisters reprimanding him. What is this lonely feeling? As Marron notes, there are some important things that can only be seen in the distance. That night before they leave for their mission, Marron tells Julian to leave them quietly. He knows that it’s concerning the girls. The Sorcerer Hunters ambush Wacky’s mansion as he attacks. The sisters seem bungling and not their usual self. When word that Julian has already left town is out, Marron explains that Julian was well aware of what’s going to happen and was planning to leave anyway. Wacky gets upset and is going to kill them. Firing at the sisters, Carrot uses his body to protect them. He says he prefers them to return to their original way and he won’t mind getting whipped many times. This proves it. He’s a masochist. He becomes Zoantrophy and stomps the greedy bastard. Now it’s the sisters’ job to bring him back and well, the whipping tonight seems more painful than usual. Back at the cottage, they see some of the paintings Julian left for them. A scenery of the wheat field to wish for peace, Carrot’s picture to show the life force of the earth and the one on the sisters which slowly transforms into their other selves and Zoantrophy in the background for courage.

Episode 20
Health freak Wacky is so into health that he has slaves moving his revolving gold statue. Let’s say it looks like the Oscar trophy giving a Furher salute. The Sorcerer Hunters move into town with the guys dressed as girls to elude Wacky’s capture. A little boy, Next mistakes Carrot as his dad. This attracted the attention of the guards who want prove that the quintet are sisters. Marron shows his pretty face (bloody convincing!) and the guards apologize and leave. The odd part was how Gateau was blushing! Man, he is dangerous. Next’s mom, Yesterday takes them in and reveals Next’s dad died 3 years ago and was murdered by that evil sorcerer. Plus, Carrot resembles him a lot. Carrot seems to be getting along fine with Next. Yeah, there’s a kid in every one of us. Just more in him. Or is it, he’s trying to win Yesterday’s heart? Better be safe than sorry and tie him up just in case! That night, the sisters talk to Yesterday about motherhood. Later they chat about their own real parents which they don’t know since they were raised by Carrot’s parents from young (this explains why they’re ‘close’ to him). Next day, Next goes up to the sisters and squeezes their boobs! OMG! Has Carrot thought him to be a pervert?! But thankfully, when he said he will play with them, it was just normal kiddie’s play. Carrot reads a diary of Next’s day and his happy days watching Next grow. Suddenly Yesterday is kidnapped. Carrot and Next stayed back but Next insists he wants to tag along to see his father’s murderer die. Yup, he knew dad was murdered all along. Carrot tries to be a man and tells him that even baddies are people. I don’t know, being honourable doesn’t suit him. Yeah, he’s better off being a pervert. As the Sorcerer Hunters barge in to attack Wacky and his macho men underlings to rescue Yesterday, suddenly Carrot and Next come in. Giving an excuse that the kid won’t listen isn’t going to cut it. Carrot turns into Zoantrophy and says he’ll avenge his dad and watch every bit of it. Zoantrophy tears the place up as Next watches everything without blinking. In the aftermath as they prepare to leave, Carrot hopes Next will take care of himself and for Yesterday, if there’s anything urgent, don’t hesitate to call him. But Next is the one who tells him to lay off his mom! He’s going to grow up to be a fine protector. Next asserts he’ll become a Sorcerer Hunter when he grows up so Carrot gives him his dad’s diary and says there are more important things than becoming strong. I knew it. Carrot is better suited as a pervert. Big Momma laments that the Sorcerer Hunters should have more time (to defeat Zaha) when Zaha pays her a ‘visit’. He is here to tell her that he is going to Platinum Mountain to harness the energy that will unleash the God of Destruction in Carrot. Tira and Chocolate wonder if their real dad is a pervert like Carrot. Better not think of the possibility. But he is nowhere near that because it’s revealed their real father is… Zaha!!!

Episode 21
Big Momma sees a fearful prediction that the God of Destruction has been awakened in Carrot. Haz Knights sets off to Platinum Mountain and faces off with Zaha. The blast is so powerful that it ripped a faraway bridge Carrot, Tira and Chocolate are crossing. The sisters thought Carrot is going to save them but he just saved himself by grabbing on to their plank. Idiot! No time to worry about that. There’s a waterfall ahead. They regain conscious later at the riverbed and no serious damage. Resting in the nearby cottage, Chocolate thinks of stripping to dry their clothes. Tira was hesitant but what choice do they have? As we know, Carrot isn’t interested in them and leaves giving excuse to find firewood. Firewood? Hey, has that guy ever lift a finger before? The sisters talk about being their true selves when being in love. That night as Carrot snores like a pig, the sisters thought the other was sleeping and snuggle close to him. Sleep talking Carrot hugs them and says he’ll make them the happiest people in the world, much to their happiness. I bet he was dreaming of some other girl. Chocolate knows of Tira’s feelings for him and says should anything happen to her while she’s on duty, she wants Tira to look after Carrot. Tira says the same for her. Carrot’s sleep talking topic is wide. Yeah, it includes food, getting punished for being lecherous (must be natural, eh?) and of course, going after more babes. The sisters decide to punish him for real by pecking him on his cheek each. Haz Knights’ assault continues well into the night but Zaha has the upper hand. The Haz Knights are getting beaten up while there is no scratch on Zaha. Finally it is between Zaha and a very worn out Millefeuille. No prizes to guess who will be the only one left standing. Morning comes, Marron and Gateau find their mates sleeping safe and sound. However Carrot wakes up in cold sweat as he sees vision of Zaha taking him away. But the rest do not see anything as Carrot struggles in pain. Hey, I noticed something in this episode. The second time there is no side character babe for Carrot to chase! That’s because it’s the start of the final arc…

Episode 22
The Haz Knights are being healed in Big Momma’s bubble. Though they failed their mission, she is glad they came back alive. Millefeuille knows they cannot beat Zaha and wants to know what her plans will be but she tells them to concentrate on getting healed. Dotta informs the Sorcerer Hunters to return to Sutera Church. For some reason, Big Momma didn’t straight away teleport them as she needs time to prepare something. Hmm… Carrot seems perfectly normal now. Yeah, he’s going to flirt around. What happened to that pain anyway? In a town, Carrot realizes he is in hell because the old guys are dressing like girls! Then he learns of a new sorcerer, Margo who is behind all this and plans to stop her. It’s going to be real hard because Margo looks like a trendy teenager. Oh, I can see why Carrot wants this mission so badly. However the rest mentions they have been ordered to return to Sutera Church and did not receive orders to rid of any evil sorcerers here. Plus, Margo’s harsh laws are pertaining to clothing and food and the lives of the citizens are not threatened. But Carrot will not accept that reasoning. He asks them what is Sorcerer Hunters. He can’t do anything he wants and just being ordered by Big Momma to go around killing baddies. Is that what being Sorcerer Hunters is about? NO! It’s to help those in need. Shock! Those words coming from this man?! He plans to stay back so the rest return without him. And I knew it was too good to be true because he’s going to spread his wings!!! THAT IDIOT!!! That night, he crashes into Margo’s place and is going to give her his sense of justice. More like fooling around. She isn’t interested and has her manservants beat him up. Yeah, he is really that useless. Tira and Chocolate sense something wrong and decide to turn back. Can’t leave that pervert all alone after all. Marron and Gateau come into a couple of Sorcerer Hunters who have been ordered by Big Momma to rid of Margo. Gateau borrows Carrot’s words about being Sorcerer Hunters but since the duo are stubborn, they fight. And lost. Carrot could’ve got beaten up further if not for the sisters. Yeah, they’re the only ones who are allowed to punish him. The sisters advice Margo to be a good girl and go home. But she refuses and shoots her magic. It hits Carrot. When he turns into Zoantrophy, Margo got scared, cried, reflected on her actions and will go home and be a good girl. The sisters tell her a good advice she can use when she grows up: Love. In the aftermath as things return to normal, well almost. Carrot is still trying to hit on Margo! But she rejects him thinking this old man has no money! The sisters realize this was Carrot’s true intention and beat him up. But still he doesn’t learn. After Margo reunite with her dad, he still asks her to date him when he’s rich. Margo isn’t going to buy that and tells him off that money can’t buy true love! Smart girl! Big Momma remarks how Carrot has become to understand the freedom to decide, act and the responsibility behind all that freedom. If he wishes to shatter this fragile moment, she may have to defeat him her own way. She wonders if Carrot will say her method is wrong like Zaha but notes he too must have his own way.

Episode 23
Though the gang returns to Sutera Church, Big Momma tells them to rest and have dinner. The all-important urgency was that she wanted to see them since she regards them like her own children? That can’t be just it, right? As they leave, Big Momma notes that what she said wasn’t a lie. She really wanted to see them. For one last time. Carrot pigs out during dinner but the rest have doubts since Big Momma is acting suspiciously strange. The sisters think Carrot is going to get fired and thus this is his last supper. They go meet her and plead for Carrot’s case. Going to the extent that they’ll do his workload or quit Sorcerer Hunters. Big Momma on the other hand says she is doing this for the sake of the continent but when she finds out about Carrot’s dismissal, she gives off a laugh. Marron and Gateau are also suspicious that Haz Knights aren’t around to protect Big Momma and ‘threatens’ Dotta to tell the truth. She brings them to where Millefeuille is being healed and they are surprised that the powerful Haz Knights are in this condition. They talk about the purpose of the establishment of Sorcerer Hunters, to keep evil sorcerers at bay who abuse innocent people. Giving an example with sorcerers as a wolf, the citizens as sheep, when you put them together, common sense has the wolf always eats the sheep, right? Unless you keep the wolf properly fed and in this case, sorcerers are given privileges. But some sorcerers abuse their powers and cause torment (just like how wolves sometimes kill sheep just for fun). Then they talk about Zaha. He is the former leader of Haz Knights and thought it would be best to destroy the world by looking for the God of Destruction and thus separated himself from Big Momma. Speaking of which, I don’t know how he got up to some lost city in space, stabs his sword into its rocky ground to unleash all the Platinum Energy to target down to the world. He doesn’t believe in Big Momma’s way of not shedding unnecessary blood because he firmly believes there will always be evil in a human’s heart. The weak and powerless will still be persecuted. By crushing this chaotic world, a new ideal world will be built. Big Momma doesn’t acknowledge his future of sacrificing innocent lives. Legend has it the God of Destruction once destroyed the world but the Four Peer Gods defeated him and the world was created. However the God of Destruction has been reincarnated in another form and is living in this world. Zaha knows who this God resides in and that is Carrot. Marron deduces that the only way left to save the world is to seal the God of Destruction. Thus their return to the church can only mean one thing: To kill Carrot since what Zaha fears most now is losing Carrot. Tira and Chocolate couldn’t believe their ears as they realize what Big Momma’s words meant now. Carrot is being called by Big Momma as he lies asleep on her lap. She asks his dreams. His reply? GIRLS!!! But he wishes for his dream to be the same as reality since he too would like his mates to be around. As Big Momma prepares to kill him, the first person to interrupt is Zaha. He is appalled by her way of doing this. If she is planning to take an innocent life, then her way is no different than his! However she says that instead of letting the Four Peer Gods (reincarnations of the other Sorcerer Hunters) do it, she will beat the burden herself. When the rest come in, Zaha disappears. The church starts rumbling as Carrot wakes up and sees Big Momma crying.

Episode 24
The lost city hovers over the church as Zaha unleashes the souls to wreak havoc. Carrot wants to confirm if Big Momma tried to kill him but she couldn’t answer. But for the rest, the solution is clear. If they get rid of Zaha, then Carrot will not be in any of this sh*t. Carrot wants to come along since they’ve always been together. Useless or not, that’s another matter. Big Momma just lets them go, believing they are the Four Peer Gods who will stop the God of Destruction. Riding up the flying rocks onto the lost city, they confront Zaha. No matter how much they fight, they couldn’t even land a scratch on him. Zaha tells them that he has met them all before and the reason they can’t remember because Big Momma sealed their memories. He has them remember them once more. During when they’re kids, they’ve always played together and Zaha was indeed on their side then. Though he isn’t Tira and Chocolate’s real dad, he plays a father figure to all those who do not have parents. Yeah, he was such a kind man showering them with simple gifts and sword lessons. Till that obsession to find the God of Destruction and scared those poor kids. This fear from his younger days has causing Carrot’s power to go berserk. He is in a daze and if left alone, he won’t ever return to being human again. He starts feeling the pain, brushing aside his mates as the God of Destruction within is close to awakening. Partially transformed, Marron tries to calm him and uses his life force to seal the God of Destruction and return Carrot to normal. Carrot is upset and mad as Marron lies motionless in his arms. Zaha mocks Marron that his love for his family killed him and thus a poor excuse for a comrade. He is going to awaken his awful power within Carrot. He summons a stalagmite that pierces and curses through Marron’s body.

Episode 25
Gateau steps in to take revenge for Marron since he is obviously stronger than Carrot. However Zaha is much stronger and sends the muscle man flying a few blocks. He mocks him that his concern for his friends is his weakness. Then he summons a stalagmite through his body. Now he tries to get it into Carrot’s head that his inner force was the one that destroyed this lost city. Hmm… Pretty much looked like our world, doesn’t it? People, cars, traffic jams, buildings. Then the God of Destruction. Poof! Everything goes up in smokes. Carrot understands why Big Momma wanted to kill him and was going to resign to his fate to let the sisters kill him. However they want him to live even though they know they can’t win. Though the sisters fight, it didn’t take long for them to get a stalagmite each. Dotta is saddened by their deaths but Big Momma says that since they’re the Four Peer Gods, they will continue to live forever although their flesh has been destroyed. Though their souls will go and live in another world, they will lose memories of this world and will never return here. And in that other world, it seems the quartet are living the life of high school students? Tira and Chocolate spot Carrot and have a feeling they’ve seen him before. They also instantly take a liking for him. But during the festival, they see him with another girl so they try to forget and give up on him. Carrot gets beaten up but he tries to remain cool despite his sadness of his dead peers. He even has time to wise crack that Zaha is taking out his frustrations on him because he can’t live the way he wants or fall in love. What about the difference between love and desire? There is no difference! Wow. Enough to make Zaha mad. Don’t try to understand fools. Zaha continues to use Carrot like a punching bag but Carrot can withstand all that pain better thanks to the hard training of a certain pair of sadistic sisters. Zaha tries to make him give up hope in order to bring out the God of Destruction. Carrot then dares him to kill him, knowing well if he does so, the God of Destruction in him will also die. Zaha throws down his sword and lets him decide to whether ruin the world or himself. Dotta lets loose a blood curling scream as she is devastated to see Big Momma killed herself.

Episode 26
I don’t know how they got time to put Big Momma nicely in a coffin when the end of the world is so close. But looks like Big Momma’s soul too has gone to the other world. She meets Tira and Chocolate and they recognize each other. As the sisters tell their problems about the guy they love, Big Momma gives them hope and encouragement to be true to their feelings. As they rush off to find Carrot and give him a Christmas present, they bump into Marron and Gateau. Both sides are trying to find a certain person but can’t remember who he is. Meanwhile Carrot takes the sword and stabs Zaha. I guess he missed all the vital parts since Zaha is still alive, shattering the sword from his own body. Zaha starts using his Platinum Energy so Carrot makes a run for it and falls into the sewer. He is cornered and Zaha starts firing the energy into him. Carrot tries to resist the God of Destruction from awakening so it might seem like he’s becoming a mad man trying to maintain his sanity. Screaming here, aimlessly swinging his sword there. Raging here, berserk there. Man, it’s tough. The lost city crashes onto the ground below as Carrot cannot withhold it any longer. He calls out to his mates’ name and they instantly remember who he is. I don’t know how, but suddenly their curse has been uplifted and they return to this world. Hey, the guys are going shirtless! Don’t hope for the same for the ladies but you can expect their clothes to be more revealing and sexy. Yeow! However everyone is surprised to see Carrot in the hands of the God of Destruction (his face looks calm and happy?). Instead of fighting Zaha, they rush to greet him who is barely conscious. The sisters confess their love to him. I guess Zaha is also at a lost of what to do. And yes, Big Momma revives much to Dotta and the Haz Knights’ relief. The lost city warps back through some portal. In the aftermath, Big Momma and Zaha confront each other. Big Momma says he has lost since he underestimated them but Zaha admits nothing and through time and space, it won’t be over. She notes how he never changed. Neither will she. Zaha leaves but it looks like he is in another world. Is he trying to start all over again? And in this world, somebody that sounds like Carrot is trying to hit on a girl. Going skydiving?

Eh? What the heck is this unsatisfying and rushed ending? Several months after the TV series ended, the OVAs of the series came out. I learn that there were complaints that the TV series wasn’t being faithful to the original manga works and thus the reason why 3 episodes of OVAs were released at the end of 1996 and early 1997 to appease fans who thought the TV series was ‘drastically’ changed to adapt it suitable for children. WHAT?! What do you mean suitable for children? How the heck should this kind of show be suitable for children? Carrot’s obsession in skirt flirting is already a bad point. Oh, what the heck. We’re all living in a screwed up world, whether it’s reality or fantasy. So I guess the OVAs are being much more true-r since there will be more characters that did not appear in the TV series that will show their familiar face and the character designs too will revert back as to the original works.

Some kid named Potato Chips or Potee for short is seen rampaging through the sets because he wasn’t featured in the TV series. What a way to start off the OVA by breaking the fourth wall. He is adamant that he will show his true powers here. But he is swallowed by the tsunami that Jii was riding on. On to the story proper, the Sorcerer Hunter ladies are soaking at the hotspring for a much deserved rest. Yes, fanservice and boobs galore. They meet Potee’s mom, Salad. Though she looks like a loli with a youthful body, she’s actually 35 years old. Things like that can only happen in anime. Tira has a bad feeling that perverts are watching them. True enough, it is Carrot along with Potee and Jii from atop a rock. Chocolate thinks of paying Carrot a naughty night visit so Salad too wants to join in. Why do the sisters look so surprised upon hearing that? But it’s happiness for the guys and they even talk back to the narrator! Since Carrot has angered the narrator, he makes the rock collapse and has them fall into the hotspring below. Hey! Why the heck is Marron in the middle of the hotspring?! During meal, Gateau introduces his little sister Eclair. Yeah, Carrot instantly wants to flirt but thankfully Tira and Chocolate’s hand slip, putting a stop to his lecherous ways. Carrot starts fantasizing doing a threesome with Salad and Eclair. Then Dotta appears. Her overly long speech makes you feel like you want to tell her off STFU! So long that you might even forget this is a delusion by that pervert. So when she’s done blabbing, she turns into some magical girl to punish Carrot but he turns into Zoantrophy and goes even wilder. Yeah, she got owned too. Even Chocolate has her own fantasy doing it with Carrot.

That night, Carrot kicks thing off by sneaking out of his room to go night visiting. Potee and Jii also follow, much to his dismay. The first room they visit is Eclair and they see the sexy body of… Gateau?! WTF?! He’s doing macho poses?! Don’t worry, Eclair is also there doing macho poses. WTF?! Gateau teaching her to master the macho poses for the sake of their late parents?! WTF?! Anyway it was enough for the perverted trio to lose interest and head to the next room. That would be Dotta. But she and her lover Sirius are gazing at each other nervously. Carrot can’t accept this ‘newcomer’ to be Dotta’s lover and tries to intercept. However they are so deep in gazing at each other that they are oblivious to noisy Carrot. Next room. Now Carrot is frustrated and is going to molest Salad cukup-cukup but Potee won’t allow that. Jii holds Carrot down while Potee rushes to Salad’s room to protect her. Meanwhile Chocolate begins her night visit to Carrot’s room with Tira following close behind. When Potee enters Salad’s room, Salad had just left to check on Potee. She enters Potee’s room but couldn’t find him. Suddenly the lights went out and Chocolate starts caressing her, thinking she is Carrot! With Tira turning on the switch, Chocolate is shocked to see herself over Salad but the latter doesn’t mind and notes it’s her first time doing it with a woman. Carrot breaks free from Jii and barges into Salad’s room and instantly kisses her lips! But… She is actually Potee! YUCK! Trying to get out of his nightmare, Carrot spots Salad in the hallway and rushes towards her while the ladies are groping in the dark. Oddly if it’s so dark, why doesn’t Tira take off her glasses? Carrot pounces on Salad and will be her partner this evening. But that won’t do because Chocolate and Tira saw what he’s doing. It gets worse when Salad says to do it gently with her. The sisters transform into their S&M costumes and get ready to whip and kill that unfaithful bastard. Looks like they won’t go gentle on him. Elsewhere, Potee thinks it’s his chance to hit on some girl in her room but to his dismay sees Jii underneath the blanket. The old geezer misinterprets Potee has feelings for him and starts chasing for his love. Yeah, the whole night’s screwed. Everyone is screwed. In the head or some other part. Even Big Momma loses her sense of seriousness when she indicates she might transform into a magical momma and punish them.

Marris Eden is running away from a pack of zombies trying to… Rape her? An insignia glows on her forehead as she clobbers one of them with a rock. She realizes she killed her dad. Bloody… Then she falls off the cliff to her bloody death. But… She wakes up and walks off. As narrated, a magic book called Necronomicon (not a necromancer version of otakon, mind you) was created by some evil group for immortality. Though it is currently sealed in a secret labyrinth, it has killed 200 million people during the war! Big Momma summons the Sorcerer Hunters for their next mission. The client this time is Marris. Yeah, Carrot already wants to flirt with her. But he realizes she’s rather emotionless and cold and even starts pressing her boobs! Hit him on the head, girls! Big Momma explains she was transformed along with her entire village into living zombies by a necromancer, Death Master. Originally necromancers have powers to turn dead bodies and make them do their bidding. But in Death Master’s case, he can turn a living person into a zombie doll. Marris somehow escaped that fate when the insignia on her forehead disappeared. Thus breaking Necronomicon is the key to saving Marris and the rest. Millefeuille will join them on this mission since he is guarding the seal of that book. Hmm… He looks like a cross between Bleach’s Yoruichi and Kuroshitsuji’s Prince Souma. Hey, he sounds more girly, acts more girly, more talkative, flirtier and ‘naughtier’! He’s clinging onto Carrot! Even if it’s not his fault, Carrot gets hammered by the sisters. As Millefeuille leads them to the place, he once again gets flirty with Carrot so the latter tells him off to act like a man! This is a cue for Gateau to show his manly muscles. Then Millefeuille starts fondling Chocolate’s boobs and Tira’s thigh. Yeah, they like it. With the gang in their silly antics, Marron talks to Marris and learns she has no feelings whatsoever and would rather die than live like this forever. But Carrot won’t allow it since she has to go on many dates with him! Somebody should continue to hammer him.

Walking inside the cave, Carrot wonders how to beat Death Master so Millefeuille thinks all he needs to do is absorb his magic and become Zoantrophy. Then he gets flirty with Carrot again, prompting the sisters to butcher him. But Millefeuille says that he isn’t only interested in Carrot but everyone else. So he’s a bi! As Millefeuille unseals Necronomicon, suddenly they are surrounded by zombies. Death Master thanks them for unsealing it as he will finally be the King of Death. The zombies attack while the heroes try to hold their ground (Carrot being useless running around as usual). When the book falls into Marris’ hands, Death Master controls her to make her give the book to him. He then turns all the zombies into stronger hideous demons. Then Death Master’s magic hits Carrot and he turns into Zoantrophy but Millefeuille thinks it’s not enough. Death Master absorbs the book and transforms into a strong skeleton monster and slams Zoantrophy away. Tira cuts off his head but it rejoins back. Death Master is giving the Sorcerer Hunters a hard time when suddenly Zoantrophy turns into a powerful dragon and disintegrates Death Master!!! Wow! A second transformation! Soon everyone in town returns back to normal. Carrot still wants to date Marris as celebration but the sisters won’t allow him. Uhm… It seems Death Master isn’t really dead yet because a part of his hand wasn’t disintegrated as he resurrects. He is confident that he is a zombie master and therefore can’t die. But his joy is short-lived as Millefeuille (in his Haz Knight armour) is there to kill him for good with his Phoenix Ascension. Big Momma praises him for a job well done and hopes he will continue to guide the rest. She also says those kids will become necessary things and Millefeuille will do anything as she commands. Oh, Carrot still not giving up on Marris. So is Tira and Chocolate. Always back to square one, eh?

Legend has it when this holy tree is in full bloom (the last time being 10 years ago), lovers who confess under it will forever live happily ever after. And for demonstration, we have Potee and Jii doing it! Disgusting but funny! When it comes to the kissing part, angry Chocolate throws them away for ‘insulting’ the legend. Then when she thought her darling was behind her, it turned out to be a drunkard old man. Oh! How the heck did this once quiet place turned into a popular crowded tourist hanami festival area?! Oh Chocolate, I can understand your pain. It gets more unsightly when Carrot is doing his skirt chasing. Stop it! You’re ruining the mood! Oh who cares? Nobody’s listening. Even Potee and Jii are chasing girls. Carrot gets involve in a brawl with a man over a soba stall girl. That guy turns out to be his father, Onion. But the girl ditches them both. Now we know why Carrot is so lecherous. Like father like son. Carrot is disappointed with all the ugly men doing their ugly performances. Yeah, at this rate he can’t find any pretty prey. Then he spots a pretty girl, Shiorina. He goes up to her and his speech is very poetic and romantic. Unfortunately he can’t maintain that momentum as he turns into pervert. Chocolate and Tira whip him up for good just before he could kiss her lips. And all the ugly men get a free show of the sadistic sisters whipping the perverted loser. Gateau doesn’t want to lose out as he strips and flexes his muscles and macho poses with Eclair. “Look at me!”. Oh! Big Momma is also there and she lets her hair down by belting out a song! Dotta lets Marron smell some alcohol so he becomes drunk and puts on a crazy fire show. It’s one crazy night. The narrator is so pissed that everyone is having fun so much so he threatens to quit the second half.

Well thankfully he didn’t because we continue with glimpses of young Carrot and co’s past playing on this tree. Tira is crying because she’s stuck up the tree so Carrot helps her down. Chocolate wakes up to see everyone snoozing but Tira is watching at the tree. Chocolate climbs up and sees the view and remembers how she caused trouble back then. She ran away and up this tree. Everyone went looking for her but only Carrot finds her and tried to persuade her to come down. Chocolate just sat there without saying anything so Carrot stayed at the bottom of the tree with her. Tira and Chocolate see Carrot running their way. Suddenly he is very manly and cool. He wants to say his feelings for her. Though he is surprised to be affected by the legend but he realized something. The legend is just a way to be honest with himself. He wants to put an end to this stubbornness. The sisters listen and could this be really it? The moment that Carrot finally wakes up to their love? Carrot confesses that he loves her. Oh, those words. Must be magic words to their ears. “I love you… Shiorina”. Eh? Shiorina is seen waiting at the opposite side of the tree and she is troubled on what to do as she meets up with another guy. Carrot realizes his blunder while the sisters are frustrated about this embarrassment as they slowly put on their S&M outfit. Hahaha! I knew it was too good to be true! He was just using the legend to seduce but it backfired! Now his speech sounds so perverted and desperate. As he tries to pound on Shiorina, he pounds into Tira and Chocolate. Let the whipping begin! It’s the end for you, boy. Feels good taking it out on him, eh? The sisters drag a ‘lifeless’ Carrot away. What’s with that fed-up-but-still-won’t-give-up look on their face. Disappointed? Of course. How long have you known Carrot? I think they purposely let his head bang into a pebble. Ah, a legend ruined by everything so unholy. If only they could turn back time and return to those innocent young days. Whereby everyone was just playing and having fun.

BAKA-retsu Hunters…
Everything was totally silly though it was pretty enjoyable in its own way. The only reason why I said that and what makes this series fun is Carrot! Without that lecherous flirting bastard, the show would have been passed on as something mediocre. Maybe in fact it is one seeing that a big chunk of the TV series sees the Sorcerer Hunters gang randomly going from one town to another doing the same mission. Get rid of the evil sorcerer abusing his/her powers and useless Carrot has nothing but girls on his mind. Though there are a couple of episodes following this formula but given a little twist like that Rouge Camera episode, I feel it’s just practically overall the same. The OVA may be true to the original works but I also feel that it didn’t serve as anything important for development. I mean, look at the first OVA filled with fanservice and comical hijinks moments, the second one to remind us what they do and the last one also a comical feature but with memories and flashback. I think if you really want to know what’s happening or appreciate the bigger picture, you still have to go read the manga. Besides, I browsed through Wikipedia and find that there are much more, yes, very much more of other characters that did not even appear in both the TV series and OVAs.

I have so many things to say about Carrot and mostly is about his flirting ways. But I think that will just be repeating myself over the same thing. At times he may say the right heroic words that make you go “Wah!”, but often it feels like there’s an ulterior motive behind it. There are times he also has the best comeback lines too. It’s ironic that he calls himself the messenger of love and it feels like an excuse to go pounding on poor girls. He just never learns. In each town he goes, it’s like his lessons of getting beaten up by the sisters resets. Maybe there are a handful of girls who like him simply not because he’s a lady killer but of what he indirectly did to save their circumstances. Otherwise a big majority would love to put this guy on their list of women’s number one enemy. Oddly he doesn’t want to flirt with Chocolate who is so ever ready to even give her own body (whether he wants it or not). I just wonder why Chocolate and Tira can never really get tired of putting Carrot in line. Their ‘tolerance’ really amazes me. I guess this saying is often true: Women always hope for the man to change but men always think the woman will stay the same. The opposite is often true. In a deeper sense, Carrot and the sisters are like a masochist and sadistic pair, don’t you think? Carrot is really annoying, disgusting but funny and rather convincing when he is chasing after girls. How often have you heard a hero or a leading character with such an undesirable trait? Probably turning into Zoantrophy and smashes around is the only time he is being useful. Heck, I even wonder why he carries around a sword and I’m sure he never uses it properly except randomly swinging around like a toy. Otherwise, he has to rely a lot on his mates to complete the mission. I don’t really know what Big Momma sees in him unless she beforehand knows the God of Destruction resides inside him and wants to show him the true path by treating him kindly. So if you’re wondering why Carrot doesn’t get punished because he likes giving other girls a hard time, it’s probably because he isn’t a sorcerer. So I guess that ‘loophole’ saves him, huh?

I noticed that there is a visible difference between the characters between the OVAs and TV series. Though Carrot is the useless skirt chaser in both, but in the OVAs, he is much noisier. Marron in the TV series seems to be the serious dude and the voice of reasoning in the group and his only expression comes when big brother is in trouble. But in the OVA, he shows more of his sad and concerned (in a disappointed way) looks. I know Gateau himself is a little oddball in the TV series but in the OVA, his character is totally like a stripper wanting to show off his abs anytime, anywhere! As for Tira and Chocolate, their dominatrix outfits in the OVAs are more dangerously revealing. Probably that’s what is toned down in the TV series. Big Momma is an obvious different one in the OVAs because she too has her funny side that we never see in the TV series. In the latter she always exudes an air of maturity and exceptional kindness (she never raises her voice even when she’s disappointed). In a way you could say that she is quite a respectable person. Then come the OVA, she’s like so laughable. Don’t even mention about Millefeuille. That guy is like a totally different character. If I didn’t get to know his name, I wouldn’t even probably know it’s him. Oh, I noticed his Haz Knight’s armour pretty much ‘toned down’ in the OVAs. What do I mean? In the TV series, the Haz Knights’ armour is so big and bulky it makes you wonder if they can fight in those outfits. Whereas in the OVAs, the armour is the right size and what all typical hero battle armours should be. Oh about Dotta? She’s still cheery in both versions. Just that she’s more talkative in the OVAs. So what I figured out is that the OVAs are more comical than the TV series and if this is so, does this mean this is how the mood and pace of the original works are? And then some new characters like Potee and Jii, I thought they would make an impact in the OVAs but unfortunately they were just as comic relief and nothing important. Salad, Eclair, Onion and Sirius make appearances so short that if you think about the plot and character development, you can even leave them out. What plot and character development?! I don’t think this series has strong points in these areas as well. Like I said, it’s a silly show so you’re here to see the comical stupidity of Carrot.

It’s hard to say if Big Momma’s way or Zaha’s way is the right one. After all it boils down to your own perception and believes. Looks like even after the big war on Spooner Continent, there is still a need for secret groups of Sorcerer Hunters to go around putting abusive people in power rightfully where they belong. It’s a never ending job and since we all know too well that humans don’t change. Give a little bit of power, they think it’s God given and their right to rule over others. Besides, I wonder what happens to all the bad sorcerers the heroes dealt with. Do they die for good? Or they get imprisoned somewhere? There are some mind boggling things for instance Zaha’s ambition of being closest to God. What does he mean by that? But it feels like he is playing God by wanting to destroy and recreate the world. Is that what he meant by being closest? So him going around gathering souls so that he can unleash some power to awaken the God of Destruction. I mean, he could’ve just head to Platinum Mountain in the first place since as far as I’m concerned, that was his desperation move to achieve his goals. Am I missing something here? Or is it he needs to find out where the God of Destruction lies? What about the final scenes whereby the God of Destruction awakens but did not destroy the Earth? What does that imply? Then how the heck did Big Momma revived herself in the end? It feels like she just killed herself to go to the other world to help bring back the Sorcerer Hunters. But in the event if she doesn’t do so, I’m sure Carrot’s voice will still reach the rest without her intervention.

There is something strange and peculiar about this series that has been bugging me ever since I watched the first episode. It’s the majority of the characters whom are named after desserts, snacks and food! I know in a fantasy genre, it’s nice not to have your typical Earthly Tom, Dick and Harry names or those hard-to-pronounced (thus hard-to-remember) tongue twisting names like as though you are reading a different alien language. But naming them after edibles is certainly an eyebrow raiser. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong but with the setting and pace of the show, having the characters named so cuts the enjoyment since there is a feel of inappropriateness. What do you think about bad guys named after delicious sweet desserts and characters after tasty edibles? Feels like I’ve just lost my appetite and don’t have room and stomach to savour any more treats. Like some weird aftertaste lingering in the mouth. But then again, this could be just me. If the characters are not named after food, they are named after some ordinary English words. Uhm… Yeah, it may just be me. The action and fight sequence aren’t anything to shout about and I feel the recycled bits and scenes are often too repetitious. For instance Chocolate and Tira’s full transformation scene is getting a little tad tiring because well, it’s the same thing over and over again. Do that for almost every episode and you can have that scene burnt into your cranium for the rest of your lives. As for the drawing and animation part, somehow I find the OVAs are a little sloppier than the TV series. Maybe in the latter’s case there are more comical moments but even so, it feels the animation isn’t as good as the former.

Surprisingly the TV series’ opening theme, What’s Up Guys, a duet performed by Shinnosuke Furumoto and Megumi Hayashibara (who are the voices of Carrot and Tira respectively) is a catchy funky piece of beat. At times I couldn’t help shuffle my feet each time I hear this song. The ending theme is Mask by Masami Okui and Kasumi Matsumura and feels like a song suitable for dancing at night clubs. I’m not saying that I frequent such joints but hearing those techno disco-like beats, that is the kind of expression that first conjures up in my mind. As for the opening theme for the OVAs, it is sung by Mari Sasaki entitled Shoot! Love Hunter. Not as appealing as the TV series’ but resembles a feel more towards anime pop. Just like the OVA’s ending theme too, Whip On Darling by Megumi Hayashibara and Yuko Mizutani (the voice of Chocolate). The lyrics are about their feelings for a certain good-for-nothing you-know-who. I can’t help smirk at the final lines of the lyrics which goes “~I will make him turn toward me, my darling. Until then be a good boy~”. I don’t that is ever going to happen. Surprisingly there are a few nice background music, some slow and sexy, some fast paced and adrenaline pumping, some comical to eerie and suspenseful. But it may just be me again since I often hear the same ones being played over and over again.

There is a sequel spin-off OVA called Sorcerer On The Rocks. Yeah, I think it’s named after that hard liquor. However I didn’t feel like watching it since I have had my share of this series so I’m rather ‘full’ at the moment. As I read, this sequel spin-off has an entirely different cast of characters and plot. Hmm… I think if there is no funny Carrot going around hitting on girls only to have his advances rejected and be at the painful receiving end of a certain bunch of sisters, I think I’ll pass. Hah! Please don’t think that I have taken inspiration from him and become Carrot version 2. Even if he really exists in this world, I don’t think all the sexual harassment lawsuits are going to put this guy down. Where else to lose all those energy of love? So how the heck can the God of Destruction reside in a guy who is so pervy? Should have been the God of Pervert instead. Well, some things are just hard to explain. But I guess the important lesson that we should all learn from this series and Carrot is that, to make love and peace, not war. Be cautioned though, there is still a limit of how much love you can show :).

First, it was a sister. Now, a brother. What do I mean? Look at the title. How ridiculously long can it be? If OreImo’s full name is mouthful, then Onii-chan No Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne should also qualify as one. Literally translated as “I Don’t Like My Brother At All”, contrary to its title, it’s not about sibling rivalry or love-hate relationship. Does the word incest ring a bell? But it’s not going to be like Yosuga No Sora. This one is without all that drama and much more funnier. Unless you don’t sit well with this kind of genre, then even the jokes and the fanservice of this show may leave you in some bad taste.

So our protagonist is Nao Takanashi. Despite that incest taboo, she loves her brother, Shuusuke very much. Obsession is perhaps the right word here. So strong her brother complex for him so much so to the point that she is willing to go all the way and perform incest. The kind who would love to see his perverted brother who has evil intentions for his own little sister. Of course, this is just her deepest darkest intention as Shuusuke doesn’t know of this and he himself naturally as a growing boy, has his own collection of porn. Do you want a kind of sister who goes into your room, check your porn collection and throw away any porn related stuff that isn’t related to incest?!

Episode 1
Nao is giving Shuusuke some service. She purposely pretends to sleep with him in bed while panicky Shuusuke contemplates if he should do something really wicked to his sister. Yeah, she’s really inviting him. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Nao is annoyed by his indecisiveness. Shuusuke finally decides to steal his sister’s lips when mommy comes knocking on his door to remind them their breakfast is getting cold. Nao purposely shows Shuusuke her pantsu to awaken the evil intention in him before service time is over and puts back on her innocent sister act. On the way to school, Nao meets up with her friends Haruka Katou and Hirono Kusuhara and tells them about the stuff she did with her brother. Seems they’re rather disgusted with her onii-chan fetish. Back home, Nao continues to put up more service time for Shuusuke. How does the bath sound? You can tell she’s twisted to the point she wants to smell his briefs! Then she argues with him over a popsicle clad only in a towel. Want to bet it will drop off? It did. Now, what will happen if mommy happens to walk right in? Sister rape? Later Nao offers to clean up his room and boy, she knows where he keeps all his porn mags. How many magazines does he have anyway?! He can run a bookstore at this rate. While ‘cleaning out’, she finds a photo album stashed behind a drawer. She flips through the pages to see Shuusuke’s younger days but oddly there are no photos of her. There is a photo with a girl with twintails next to him. She is going to show mummy this but she whips out the wrong book. S&M Colosseum? Naturally, Shuusuke gets called by his parents and he gets a good pep talk over his extensive porn collection. Yeah, even daddy wants to ‘confiscate’ it. Oh no you won’t. Mummy already saw through his intentions. Oh Shuusuke, don’t you just feel like dying now? Later Nao confronts her parents about the photo album and wants to know the truth. Ten years ago, daddy’s best friend and his wife died in an accident. Only their daughter survived though she lost her memory from the trauma. That girl is Nao. She is devastated that she won’t be able to go into that forbidden incest thingy but rejoice that she is able to fall in love and marry Shuusuke legally. Yeah, that means legal sex too. Though Nao is shock with the news, she is grateful for having parents like them. She doesn’t want them to reveal that she has known the truth to Shuusuke because he treated her like his little sister. Partly, it was Shuusuke who asserted and wanted to be her brother then. She went further by explaining all his perverted habits and fetishes. Wow. She must really have a keen observation. Collecting porn mags since 12 years old? Using more tissues since 14? Attracted to black knee socks? HAS 20GB WORTH OF PORN HIDDEN IN HIS COMPUTER?! It’s not him who is scary, but rather how she knows all this fact! Nao wants to go thank Shuusuke when she sees him playing an eroge. Yeah, Shizuru-chan might be his only salvation after all that hell he has been through today. Nothing beats a girl in swimsuit with black stockings, doesn’t it? Because Shuusuke is so engrossed in the game (like a pervert), Nao unplugs the power point. Oh, oh…

Episode 2
Better do something before he gets sexually frustrated. So Nao comes into the bathroom to tease and scrub Shuusuke’s back in a swimsuit and black stockings. Just like Shizuru, eh? Of course all good things have to come to an end. Service time over. Next morning, Nao once again is over sleeping Shuusuke. He wakes up earlier than expected and this throws her off. As she leaves for school, she notices a twintail girl, just like the one in the photo, stalking from behind a post. That girl turns out to be Iroha Tsuchiura and is the new transfer student in Nao’s class. She quickly becomes Nao’s acquaintance and seems like a pretty nice girl. She also meets Shuusuke when he comes in to Nao’s class to give her the keys to the house she forgot. Then Shuusuke leaves for his AGE Explorers meeting. What’s that? In short, a group of virgin guys who seek out erotic and porn materials. That’s why they’re called All Genre Ero Explorers. They comprise of the captain Keiichirou Kishikawa, Takumi Yamashiro and Daigo Kurosaki. They give Shuusuke a porn mag to cheer him up after learning what happened. Shuusuke is on his way back when he comes into Iroha. At first he didn’t remember her but after tying up her hair twintail style, he recognizes her. Now, when a childhood friend makes a return like that, it has to mean that they made some promise, right? As usual, the girl always remembers but the guy doesn’t. How does she make him remember? She kisses him! She even wants to continue off from the last time the left! However Shuusuke can’t do it and iterates that Nao is his sister. Speaking of which, that sicko girl is in his room doing some erotic stuff with his recorder… Shuusuke comes back depressed and it is clearly written all over his face. He hides underneath his blanket in fear and in the dark room, those ‘horrifying’ memories with Iroha starts to slowly emerge. When he was young, he played doctor with her just because he was curious to see a naked girl’s body. It was a harmless play for him but for a girl like Iroha, it’s a promise, right? A promise to be her lover. Oh sh*t… This causes Shuusuke to become averse to porn! Oh no! He’s not a pervert anymore?! Can it be true?! He throws away all his porn collection. Even Nao’s seduction backfires because he is not interested in seeing his sister’s slip! He went a step further by quitting AGE! This is serious. He is serious. Nao tails him and is annoyed to observe he is trying to go on the right path of studying instead of awakening to his perverted side. She even brings him to the porn section but was told off that a girl shouldn’t do dirty things! Yeah, he’s completely normal now and you don’t like that? Iroha calls Shuusuke to talk at the school’s rooftop. Seems Iroha is also a keen observer on Shuusuke’s perverted habits. Why, she even told him how he didn’t even do it yesterday when his average was 5 times a day! WOAH! She even knows which hand he does it with!!! At this point, Shuusuke has already lost it. He tries to climb over the fence and probably jump himself to death. But Iroha restrains him as she says she is to blame despite being his lover for not being there for him when he needed the most to f*ck!!! F*CK!!! Or even there to have sexual fantasies about a non-blood related sister. After managing to pin him down, she puts his hands over her chest and forcefully exchanges his handphone number. She also gives him a gift so that he doesn’t need to hold back himself: A condom. This girl… Nao’s onii-chan sensor must have led her to the rooftop but it would’ve been chaotic if she actually had caught them in that act. Unfortunately, she didn’t. That night Shuusuke gets that dreaded call from Iroha and he is being blackmailed to listen to her if he doesn’t want Nao to find out that doctor play. This is why Iroha knows all of Shuusuke’s habits. She has a telescope observing him every night! No privacy!

Episode 3
Nao gets ready for her morning teasing upon Shuusuke in her maid outfit in. But it seems he has given her the slip. Oh, what has happened to her brother lately? Nao follows Shuusuke who is out on a reluctant date with Iroha. She’s more like a stalker. Haruka and Hirono also see this and tail Nao. The AGE guys are disheartened to see Shuusuke having a girlfriend and already crossed the line into adulthood. So the date literally has the pair go watch a movie, the video arcade, shopping for a swimsuit and buying matching rings. At the end of the day, Iroha can feel that he still isn’t accepting her. She shed crocodile tears about how he forgot about her and is all over her non-blood related sister. She wants him to kiss her but he couldn’t since there is no reason for him to do so. Iroha went on to reveal ambiguous details of how he has seen her naked body. Haruka and Hirono receive an SMS. Seems Nao has noticed they were tailing them and let them follow her! Now they’re in sh*t. Unless they want something really bad to happen, they better quickly snap a pic of Shuusuke and Iroha together. Iroha doesn’t listen to Shuusuke and continues to act like his lover. Haruka and Hirono meet with Nao and it seems Nao is enjoying everything that has happened. Nao calls Shuusuke to say that mommy has finished making dinner so Shuusuke uses this excuse to leave Iroha. Nao wants her pals to send her the picture later but upon looking at it, they notice Nao was in the picture and looking real happy facing their way. Nao manages to convince mummy to say that she was home all day as alibi. So of course confused Shuusuke is damn puzzled how the things he did during the date got found out. Yeah, Nao left little hints of things they did in his face. This doesn’t help when Iroha calls him and knows everything he has done. This guy really has no privacy. He starts going crazy and accidentally caught glimpse of Nao’s panties. She got embarrassed and beat him up in her panic. Deep that night, Nao notices her brother sneaking out of the house. She tails him to find him nervous in a convenience store. He manages to sum up his courage to buy a porn magazine and Nao is proud of him. Some sister… Shuusuke went home and had a ‘feast’ with the mag. He looks totally satisfied. In school, Haruka and Hirono panic upon meeting Nao. Even more panic when Iroha comes into the picture. They’re talking so friendly but you know in the background, a cat fight can spark any moment. Shuusuke begs his AGE guys to rejoin them again but they’re not going to exactly let the traitor back easily after all that he has said. But Shuusuke shows proof of the expensive porn mag he bought yesterday. Everyone welcomes him back and vow to embark on a journey to look for leaked idol porn with bad video quality so much so you can identify the porn actress. This is what AGE is all about, right?

Episode 4
The beach episode has Nao going to cukup-cukup rape her brother. Just kidding. But we all know what her intentions are. It all happened when she pesters lethargic Shuusuke to take her there. She threatens him he got money to spend on some girlfriend but non on his sister. I guess her dark aura must have made him scared and ran to mummy to beg for some spending money. Haruka and Hirono are also at the beach. But Iroha too? Yeah, look at their dumbfounded faces each time Nao and Iroha ‘clash’. Even with their friendly facade, the rivalry over Shuusuke is heating up. Poor guy ends up caught between the duo and it’s like some sort of punishment. Whether it’s eating shaved ice or splashing water. Iroha is getting too close to Shuusuke so Nao rams him with an inflatable boat. Unfortunately he got knocked out and starts dreaming about his Shizuru-chan from that lovely beach confession to a nurse play and that horrendous tentacle thingy. In reality, Nao and Iroha are facing off with each other to save and resuscitate Shuusuke. At this rate, he’s going to die. Well, at least he can die happily with Shizuru. Then the much awaited mouth to mouth CPR. Who is going to do it? Yeah, another face off. Hurry, or Shuusuke won’t live another day. Shuusuke dreams that he is to kiss Shizuru’s soft lips. But in reality, everyone is shocked at what has happened. Somebody performed mouth resuscitation on him. Who? It’s Kishikawa! OMG! His first lips stolen by a guy! And Shuusuke is crying not because he is happy that they offer him to go to the bathroom and enjoy some erotic mag. Poor guy. Unfortunately, this isn’t a dream no matter how much he hoped for. As they take the train home, Shuusuke notes how he couldn’t take his eyes off everyone’s cute swimsuits. But Nao’s one is the cutest even though she is his sister. She notes how it was all worthwhile coming here. But when he elaborates she was so cute in her school swimsuit and black stockings… Oh Shuusuke, I’m sure you’ve never tried dying once, right?

Episode 5
Shuusuke continues his midnight rendezvous of buying his usual porn. He bumps into another hooded fella and their packages got mixed up. He goes home and is dismayed that his erotic porn has been switched to BL! Total gay! Next day in school, he thinks he receives a love letter in his shoe locker but is a threatening letter from Mr X to return the goods or else he will tear his porn mag in front of his parents! But you know what? He already trashed it to pieces! Oh no. He confides with AGE but from the discussion, Shuusuke’s on his own. Yeah, their existence must never be known. But Kishikawa is kind enough to lend him some yaoi magazines (his treasured secret? Does he swing that way too?) for the exchange. That night he meets Mr X. Nao and Iroha (complete with night vision goggles!) spy on him since he is acting weird in school. Shuusuke makes the exchange but Mr X isn’t happy this isn’t the magazine he bought. He goes berserk and promises head will roll if he doesn’t get his hands on that rare and much awaited copy! During that, Mr X’s hood accidentally come off and he is not a guy, but a girl! She is Mayuka Kondou, Shuusuke’s class rep. Is this the kind and polite girl he knows? Well, everyone has a dark side. Kondou threatens Shuusuke into making a choice. Either he risks watching his precious porn mag get destroyed right before his eyes or reveal it to her sister back home (Shuusuke thinks Nao is innocent and has no resistance to this kind of porn). Since he can’t do either, she gives him another option: Be her pet. He must listen to every word she says or else say bye-bye to this magazine. I guess the only other reason Shuusuke accepts this is that Kondou is wearing black stockings. Must be deluding himself with some sick perverted fantasy to do that, eh? While Iroha is upset that Shuusuke is able to prostrate himself before some other woman, Nao seems happy over everything that has happened. Shuusuke’s first task is to get Kondou a drink. All in the name to protect Nao! Next morning, Kondou shows up at Shuusuke’s doorstep with the excuse to pick him up from school every day since he is always late. Every day? Well, mommy doesn’t mind seeing that his cherry boy may have gotten himself a girlfriend. In school, Kondou continues to call Shuusuke for things so he starts thinking how the event like giving him her lunch would trigger some erotic event. Spying Iroha is irritated that he got fed by some woman or even accidentally showing her slip and as usual Nao is totally digging into it. That night Shuusuke sneaks out to meet Kondou. This time she wants him to buy a hardcore BL magazine that she’s too embarrassed to buy. He has too. Or else his porn mag… Yeah, it’s still her hostage. Nao is shocked to find a BL mag underneath Shuusuke’s bed and dreads he might be swinging the other way. However that was just an act as she is interested to see his face when he goes buy one. Speaking of which, it’s one of those embarrassing moments Shuusuke would like to forget or kill himself. He returns to Kondou and she is happy that he is able purchase it. She thought when her secret was exposed, she had no choice but to kill him but now finds this rather fun. Oh no. Looks like he won’t be getting out of this mess soon.

Episode 6
Nao rummages Shuusuke’s room to find all his porn has one thing in common: Black stockings. She has Iroha do a special investigation. Shuusuke continues to buy BL mags for Kondou and each time she leaps with joy, Shuusuke takes this chance to peep at her black stockings. And Iroha has a counter to count how many times Shuusuke did that! For each success, Kondou pets Shuusuke’s head for a good job done. Isn’t she just treating him like a pet? Both Iroha and Nao note the other as a good stalker leaving Shuusuke no privacy. It’s the case of the pot calling the kettle black. Nao is going to interrupt this flow before he falls for Kondou’s libido. Putting on her black stockings, she teases sleeping Shuusuke, who is dreaming of Shizuru. Time is out when Iroha comes knocking. She introduces herself to Nao’s mom and says she recently moved back. Though mommy recognizes her, she is puzzled why Iroha knows about Nao (they’re classmates, remember?). Iroha is annoyed to see Nao sleeping with Shuusuke. Not to lose out, she also goes to sleep next to him. Shuusuke’s dream is filled with a harem of black stocking girls. He really looks so happy. Then Kondou comes by. Mommy is worried if Shuusuke is two-timing. Kondou sees the reason why Shuusuke can’t get up. Iroha and Nao pretend to wake up and even if Iroha introduces herself as Shuusuke’s childhood friend and lover who would do any kind of play with him, Kondou remains cool and polite. You can’t easily break her. Kondou went on with her smooth questioning of what is so likeable about that pervert who likes looking under a girl’s skirt and is part of a suspicious organization exchanging indecent materials in school. Can’t answer back, no? Well, if you take away all that, he have lots of good points too, right? Instead of denying, Kondou actually went and agree, even saying she likes him too! However she notes her affection for him is different from them. Just then Shuusuke wakes up and panics upon knowing the conference in his room. Can’t believe he slept through all that talk like a log! Then they all argue to undress him. Uh… Shuusuke continues buying BL books for Kondou at midnight. She asks his opinion about gay sex. Of course he’s not into it unlike her. She decides to lend him one book so that he could give it some thought. Serious? Serious. He actually started reading it but his happy face is not because he turned into a homo, but rather his mind wandered into fantasizing something indecent with Kondou. And the real BL stuff, he can’t really handle it. Next day he pours his troubles to Kishikawa but suddenly the latter unleashes his inner gay onto Shuusuke!!! No way! Indeed, it was just a bad nightmare. Oh, the trauma. But for Nao, she is relishing of seeing Shuusuke’s painful expression and the wild beast he has turned into. While Iroha thinks of a need to rescue him from that BL-loving pervert, Nao is looking forward to the kind of trials Kondou will be giving her onii-chan.

Episode 7
Shuusuke seems very happy. No, it’s not that he masturbated as Iroha noted. Something is odd since he is on his way somewhere. Well, he is meeting up with AGE and they are going shopping at Akihabara. Keep your eyes peeled for trivia of posters of other animes like Yosuga No Sora, KissxSis and Chu-Bra! As usual, Nao and Iroha follow them. The AGE guys can’t wait to fulfil their desires once they get there. Even if they are perverted, they have this clause that they must not act evil (engaging in criminal adult activities). The AGE guys browse the store individually based on their fetish. Iroha is overwhelmed by the culture shock but Nao is just cool. She’s seen a lot of this stuff with her brother around, right? The AGE members start arguing among themselves why their fetish is better. Kurosaki loves older married woman, Yamashiro has step-sister fetish and Kishikawa is into childhood friends. I guess reality sucks for them (because they don’t have it) to even fall in love into this kind of category. Shuusuke gets caught in between and labelled a sukatoro (a type of porn genre about eating or drinking faeces…). As punishment, they make him buy a sukatoro DVD. The AGE guys take a break at the maid cafe and their atmosphere is tense. They’re still arguing over their fetishes so in the end they all split up and go their own ways. Shuusuke remembers the first time he was embarrassed to buy porn but Kishikawa helped him through it and that’s when he joined AGE and underwent many erotic frontiers. Eventually everyone realize that they are much happier together and reunite. Yeah, everybody is a pervert in their own way. They bury the hatchet and patron the maid cafe. The cafe has a special event today and they are dressing up as little sisters. At the end of the day, everybody goes home feeling satisfied of getting what they wanted. As for Iroha, I’m sure she has learned lots of stuffs and needs to restudy and increase her scope to suit Shuusuke’s expanded tastes. As for Nao, she’ll still throw anything that is not little sister related. That itself sends a cold shiver down Shuusuke’s spine. Be careful, you’re being watched. Always.

Episode 8
Because Shuusuke continues to be Kondou’s midnight pet, he failed every subject! At this rate, he is going to have summer classes. Kondou helps out by giving him a personal tutoring in his home. But can he study with all the sexy distraction? Oh, did I mention Iroha and Nao are also there? This is going to be tough. Yeah, Iroha hinted that he wanted to be in the medical profession because of ahem, ahem. Shuusuke excuses himself for some private time but things are going to get even more heated up. Iroha and Nao are in some competition to give Shuusuke some panty shots. But Nao has better experience and we see Shuusuke’s record-breaking 16 panty shots per second!!! Nao gives him a nutrition drink but is intercepted by Iroha. The argument ends up with the drink being spilled over Kondou’s stockings. Need more private time, Shuusuke? Then Iroha invites Shuusuke to an indoor amusement pool. However a ticket is valid up to 3 people. Yeah, so everybody’s coming too. Including Haruka and Hirono. I guess Shuusuke must be hoping for some erotic event with Kondou so much so he’d rather teach her to swim than be with the rest. Kondou is rather uncomfortable since she hasn’t been up close with a naked guy in real life. Then Kondou gets a new sensation each time she touches Shuusuke’s nipples. Yes, she can’t even take her eyes off it! Nao suspects something amiss and questions Kondou which body part of her brother she likes best. She probably hit bulls-eye Kondou gets embarrassed in talking about it. At this point, Iroha has ‘stole’ Shuusuke for her own and they’re going to ride down the tube. Since Shuusuke isn’t ready, the slide ends up with him submerge underwater and unconscious. Now he dreams of Shizuru and Kishikawa tickling his nipples with a brush! In reality, Shuusuke comes back to life not because of CPR, but rather because Kondou is pushing his nipples. Stimulating, isn’t it? Who needs CPR when you can have that. As for Nao and Iroha, they’re still arguing who needs to do mouth to mouth resuscitation. It’s already over… Back home, Kondou says she’ll be leaving the country for a while and leaves him a note. Is this the moment he has been waiting for? Well, not exactly. It’s a list of BL magazines he has to get for her while she’s away. He can’t miss a single one. Boo hoo!

Episode 9
Though Shuusuke continues to buy those books in hope of getting some erotic reward from Kondou, Nao flashes a little naughty pose in her yukata so Shuusuke has to beg mommy for some money to spend at the festival. With Kondou temporarily out of the picture, I guess this is the perfect chance for Iroha and Nao to duke it out for Shuusuke’s attention. Yeah, each has their own fantasy that eventually has Shuusuke doing them in. Meanwhile the other AGE guys are at the festival trying to find a shrine with a legendary adultery treasure. Based on the different stalls they go, they undergo subtle tests to see if they’re worthy before moving on to the next trial. Shuusuke is experiencing heaven and hell with Iroha and Nao competing with some fanservice and skinship through goldfish scooping, shooting range and even how to eat a chocolate banana or frankfurter in such an ooh so stimulating way. Then at the water balloon section, Shuusuke got a pair of golden balloons. The AGE guys see this and think he has passed the test. They drag him away so naturally Shuusuke goes into trauma mode that something gay is going to happen to him. But as explained it is to some legendary porn material. With all the ‘keys’ in their hands, they unlock the shrine and a bright light emits from it. What’s this disco ball doing inside there? Some of the stall owners show up and tell them that’s just decoration. The real treasure lies behind it, which turns out to be a book called “Onii-chan becomes an eel”. I guess they can’t handle this type of porn so they scream and run away. And the owners were ready to hand it over to them. Nao is searching for Shuusuke and trips, lamenting the wasted chance she should have been with him. Suddenly he comes by and carries Nao on his back in his bid to escape the owners. They spend some quality time together as they watch the fireworks (oh Shuusuke, you can’t carry a girl on your back without caressing her bottom, can’t you?). When Shuusuke goes back, he realizes he forgot to bring his handphone (the reason why Nao and Iroha couldn’t contact him when they were searching for him). Then with all the miscalls from Iroha, the latest one shocks Shuusuke. It’s from Kondou. He rushes to meet her at the park and give her all the BL books she requested. He is taken by her stunning yukata and wonders what kind of reward she will give. A kiss? Nope. Just a pat on the head. Disappointed? Kondou notices his loose clothes and gives an excuse to fix it because all she wants is just to touch his nipples. Maybe they should get a room.

Episode 10
While Shuusuke is out for another midnight rendezvous, he sees a scantily clad lady on a vending machine. She disappears like the wind while confirming the scum he is. Next day he tells this to his AGE members when that mysterious lady shows up and throws them a message for them to meet. Kishikawa remembers seeing her from a cosplay magazine and specializes putting on very extreme costumes. She is known as Princess Leila in the underground world of cosplay. Say, isn’t that outfit too from Star Wars’ Princess Leila? They think this is an invitation to the underworld. Can’t let this rare chance pass up, can’t you? They meet her as she reveals that this world is being targeted by the ruler of destruction. Her mission is to find a saviour who lives like a scum on this planet and give him guidance. Yes, they are all possible scum candidates to be this planet’s saviour. But she needs to test if they have what it takes. That night, the AGE guys meet Leila at the park (Nao and Iroha spying of course). She has them strip their clothes! Then she starts some flashy belly dance but is interrupted when a person whom she calls Clone whacks her head. She is annoyed that she has to go though lots of hardships and put up with her weird acts. As they argue, Leila gives her the slip by blowing into her ear. But Clone knows Nao and Iroha spying so she confiscates Nao’s handphone filled with pictures of Shuusuke. She’s rather appalled that they’re chasing after such a scum like you-know-who. Clone wants them to help her out seeing at this rate, Shuusuke will be in danger as Leila is looking for a partner. In school, AGE guys dig more information about them. Leila’s real name is Ran Yatagai and her older twin sister is Rin (Clone) who despises her. Apparently Leila doesn’t have a boyfriend and they have no way to communicate with her. They are bothered how Clone knows of the place. Nao and Iroha meet up with Clone as she tells about the ceremony since her sister has completely vanished by concealing her presence. Shuusuke is spying (now it’s his turn) but he can’t make up a word they say. The AGE guys meet up with Leila in a secret base. But she notes that it’s only a matter of time before Clone finds out. Seems they have passed the approval test and must rush to the next step: The awakening ceremony. Here, when many eyes go through the darkness, the soul of the saviour shall awaken. But what if he doesn’t? That means she has drawn the wrong straw and will have to restart her search again. The guys think that they are this close into joining the underworld when Clone appears to tell them something like that doesn’t exist. She threatens if they go to the ceremony, all the girls will wear jerseys underneath their skirts. They think she’s bluffing but she has that confident look in her face. They realize she may be the student council president who has the powers to do such a thing. The AGE guys in fear of that decides to listen to her but Shuusuke says he’ll go to the ceremony alone on his own free will. That night as Shuusuke meets Leila at the park, she starts doing an erotic belly dance over him. Nao and Iroha are recording this as proof. Well, at least Iroha wants to master this and seduce Shuusuke. Leila tells him to embrace her and leave this place. However he is reluctant seeing that means into the crowd. Nao spots Kondou passing by. She panics if she sees Shuusuke like this, there is no way he can withstand it and that pain of hurting her feelings will cause him to revert back to a pervert. Shuusuke thinks he has heard Nao’s scream so his mind goes crazy that if she was to see this unexplainable situation, she will know of his pervertness. In his panic, he takes Leila and runs out of the park and into the crowded street, oblivious to all the stares the public is giving. Leila is happy that she has found her saviour, her partner. Clone then comes up to Nao and Iroha. She claims that her sister won’t be bothering them anymore. She caresses Nao’s lips and notes how wonderful it is. Oh sh*t! Don’t tell me she is…?! How does it feel for once the tables turned on her?

Episode 11
Nao gets a stinking rotten squid in her shoe locker. Someone is trying to harass her but it’s not Clone but a bunch of fans of Mirei (that’s Clone’s nickname given by them. It means beauty). They are upset that Nao is monopolizing their idol all to herself though she denies and is the one being stalked. But with Clone’s ‘warning’, those b*tches back down and obey her words never to pull of such a prank again. Shuusuke meets Leila on the school’s rooftop and she needs to teach him on how to be a proper saviour with manners and grace. First with vocal training. Eh? Well, his perverted delusion is his motivation to do such embarrassing things. Nao tries to get away from Clone but the latter points out that Nao is a typical M. If not, mentally one because of her fetish for her brother. Clone has lots of fans, right? She could easily amass her own harem but she states that she isn’t into ephemeral pleasures and prefers to obtain things which are hard to obtain. Like Nao’s lips. Looks like Nao can’t escape her. Yeah, even Iroha takes this chance to take care of Shuusuke during her absence. Nao is forced to have a sumptuous lunch alone with Clone. She gets more excited to see how wonderful Nao’s lips are and wants to preserve it in formalin and kiss it! Guard those lips tightly! Iroha spies on Shuusuke who is giving an excuse that he is sick, the reason why he can’t do her errands for the past few nights. Then Leila comes in and telepathically communicates to meet after school. Is that possible? She assures him that the saviour she seeks isn’t a boyfriend or a sex-mate. Shuusuke-Leila and Nao-Clone see each other across the road. They start misinterpreting the other’s situation. Back home when they cross paths, Nao thinks Shuusuke must be thinking she’s becoming a lesbian while Shuusuke thinks she has heard from Clone that he intends to join a secret underworld membership. The atmosphere is awkward and tense. They need to do something to resolve this fast. Shuusuke sneaks out to meet Leila. She notes he has improved in some sword skill and wants him to open a bag. He finds a sword in it and she is confident he can do it since he had no qualms running through the crowd that night. Nao can’t shake off Clone so she has Iroha see herself the intensity of her problem. Clone has a song filled with lyrics nothing on Nao’s lips. So the plan is that they need to break up Shuusuke and Leila. This will cause her to go on a journey to look for a new saviour and thus Clone will set off her journey to capture her. Shuusuke gives his AGE guys the location and time of the meet. They’re looking forward to it. Nao and Iroha try to bluff Leila by using some fake prophet voice via their handphone. So that night at the park as she tries to communicate with the prophets, she doesn’t easily believe the words of the ‘prophets’. Clone can’t let their plans go on any longer and swiftly takes Nao’s lips. But the thing is, she kissed the wrong person. It’s Iroha! But she finds her lips wonderful too! Leila knows Nao is spying and warns her that her friend is in danger of being sucked dry. When they confront her, Clone is happy to have Iroha and takes her away. Nao is happy she is free from her. Oh Iroha, don’t you just feel betrayed! Leila notes that she did this to escape from Clone and that she knew that the prophet thingy they made up is fake because the prophet only exists in her mind. Since Nao and Clone have accomplished their mission, Leila thinks it’s her turn to connect fiction with reality via Shuusuke. Next day, as it is revealed, this whole saviour thing is just a cosplay event in which Shuusuke was ‘trained’ to play out for. Leila didn’t tell him about the original story since to be true to the saviour’s role, he has to be bewildered like his destiny. Oh, everyone sure has been given the run-around. Speaking of which, Shuusuke isn’t here yet. Then she realizes she has given him the wrong meeting place. That’s where the AGE guys are now. A place without a single soul. Is this really the underworld? As for Shuusuke, he has been caught by the police for wearing something so dangerously revealing and was bailed by his mom. No wonder that was what that embarrassing trial was for.

Episode 12
Since Shuusuke and Nao’s parents will be gone for a day to attend a funeral, the siblings are left home alone. Oh, you know what this means for Nao. Even that Shuusuke pervert is dreaming of making some tough ecchi decision in his ero-simulation with Nao. To take his mind of this evil thought, he decides to go cook. But Nao starts her teasing by dressing up as a maid and giving him a little slip-showing service. That guy is sure fun to tease. Then Shuusuke blunders, spilling oil and the food all over themselves. Crawling to the bathroom to wash off the mess (I hope by standing in the shower, it won’t ruin the maid dress), Nao wants his help to unzip her clothes. Because he is taking too long, she kicks him out. Then it’s his turn to soak but Nao barges in as she is afraid after hearing sounds of heavy breathing. Shuusuke searches around the house drabbed in only a face towel. Meanwhile Iroha is spying on Shuusuke and realizes that his parents are out and thus alone with his sister. Say, what happened to her ‘rendezvous’ with Clone? How the heck did she escape? The way I see it, there’s no traumatic effect on her. Shuusuke doesn’t find anybody suspicious but Nao gets disheartened upon seeing him wearing her favourite face towel. With a certain part touching it, now she can’t use it anymore. In the struggle, the towel came off. Then the doorbell rings. Oh… Timing just couldn’t get worse. Fortunately, Shuusuke got enough time to put on some clothes and it seems Nao is hearing those same perverted heavy breathing. Shuusuke is going to face and teach them a lesson but it’s just those AGE guys. They’re here to pick him up from their monthly morning jog. Have they turned over a new leaf and living the healthy life? Well, it’s that time of the month whereby unused books are put out for recycling. This means, there will be lots of porn mags ‘waiting to be rescued’. As much as Shuusuke wants to go, he can’t since he has to take care of the house. But Nao allows him to go since the guys came all the way to pick him up. Well, there’s an ulterior motive to Nao’s actions. Unbeknown to the guys, the pick-up date has changed to next week so she relishes the chance to see his disappointed face when he gets back. Oh, Nao. You’re the devil in disguise. The AGE guys run around town but to their dismay couldn’t salvage or even find any ‘literature’. Iroha thinks of coming to Shuusuke’s house when she spots the guys running around and tails them. Then the guys see the notice board and realize their efforts have been in vain.

Partly because of that (and earlier on in only a face towel), Shuusuke is burning up. As he lies in bed, he feels guilty this is God’s divine punishment leaving Nao at home to go hunt for porn. Nao also feels the same as she nurses him. But that won’t last because she is thinking of stealing her weak brother’s lips when she is interrupted by the doorbell. Who could it be? Iroha. First thing she asks is if they have crossed the sibling relationship border (since she saw him running around naked earlier on). Since Nao denies it, Iroha invites herself into Shuusuke’s room and sees him sick. She even thought they were playing doctor! Then the doorbell rings. Now it’s Kondou’s turn to turn up. Upon realizing Shuusuke is sick, she feels guilty that it may have been her fault for calling him out every midnight. As Nao goes to get porridge, Iroha thinks of replenishing his fluids. She unbuttons his top and goes over him while holding water in her mouth. But Nao returns so Iroha spits out all the water on his poor face. Kondou has also returned as she has bought pudding for Shuusuke. Because Nao and Iroha are fighting over who should feed the sick kid porridge, Kondou manages to feed him her pudding. Yeah, she also goes crazy over his unbuttoned top. The ruckus continues till they spilled the hot porridge over him. Realizing he won’t heal at this rate, Kondou takes Iroha out so as not to bother them. So Nao finally has some personal time to spend with Shuusuke but she falls asleep by the side of his bed all night. Morning comes as Nao prepares to head to school while Shuusuke continues to stay in bed. He didn’t hear everything she had told him about resting so she leaves in a huff. Outside, Shuusuke thanks her for taking care of him. This catches her by surprise and the gust of wind blows up Nao’s skirt to provide Shuusuke some much needed fanservice. Her comment? “I don’t like onii-chan at all!”.

Episode 13
This is a series of chronicles of Nao’s observation diary on Shuusuke’s turn on habits. Yeah, that guy really has no privacy. First we have Nao purposely taking a bath so that Shuusuke can peek at her body but he feel for the bait of black stockings in the washing machine instead; After another porn swap with AGE, Shuusuke helps a lost girl find her mom. Mommy is grateful till his porn mags dropped out. Nao’s conclusion? He does good deeds but they always turn out badly; On a train Shuusuke have to wait till the end of the line so that everybody is off so he can get his hands on some abandoned porn the rack. However the train official took it before he had a chance; The next time he waits for such opportunity, he learns that the sex article turns out to be an economic review instead. Frustrated, isn’t he?; The AGE members walk onboard a train to snap pictures with their handphones. Turns out they snap porn articles and stories in preparation for a porn famine that might befall on Shuusuke; The AGE guys are going to attend the yukata festival after realizing girls don’t wear any pantsu underneath. However the festival is cancelled as it’s raining. Not wanting to give up, they waited the entire time for at least a single girl to show up. None did; Shuusuke is forced to forgo watching his porn DVD and go out with Iroha on a weekend to watch a 5- hour Director’s Cut of Zombie League The Final Act! In the end he couldn’t take it and ran out from the cinema; Nao purposely dresses as a maid so that Shuusuke could order her around with tasks and peep her pantsu. He wastes no time in doing so and it makes him look so pitiful; Shuusuke loves black stockings so much that he is using a black marker to colour out women’s legs and make it look like black stockings! Then he begs mommy for money to buy a new edition of Shizuru but she gets suspicious of the exact price he is asking for; On a night he sneaks out to buy porn at a vending machine, the machine spits out his money and then ate his 1,000 Yen bill and thus he can’t enjoy his moment with policewoman Sayaka. Shuusuke goes to beg mommy for money to ‘save’ Sayaka; In class, Shuusuke is suddenly turned on in Geography class when he hears the word “SEX” in the place of Essex. Because of that, he begs mommy to buy a very detailed atlas as he searches for places around the world with erotic sounding names. Hmm… Maybe that’s how we should get boys to be interested in this topic; The AGE guys are discussing the “Onii-chan becomes an eel” porn book as Kishikawa assigns Shuusuke to become the Key Master. Back home, Shuusuke hides the book but you know, you can’t hide it from Nao. She is shocked to see this kind of porn but since it involves little sisters, she allows it; Kondou calls Shuusuke out one night to wait in line to obtain limited special edition BL copybook volume that is for free distribution. Shuusuke is like the odd one out in the line of girls as they return him with odd stares. Shuusuke is so conscious with this that once he realized, the copy is already out of stock. He gets an earful from Kondou so he pleads he will make it up for her and do anything. Anything? Yeah, she gives him a list of free BL copybooks he needs to wait in line! ARGH!!! Because of that, Shuusuke has nightmares each time reading the BL as Nao observes him. She has a go at one of the BL copy and almost got absorbed into it! Finally Shuusuke hands Nao an unexpected birthday present which is supposed to be a book she likes. Later Shuusuke and Kishikawa swap porn books. But when Nao opens her present, she is aghast to see a porn book featuring a childhood friend complete with twin tails! Shuusuke steps in to ask how she finds the book so she throws it at his face! But she’ll let this one pass since he was thinking about him. And I guess Nao’s penguin book got swapped with Kishikawa as he is confused with the kind of turn on he’s supposed to receive from this.

Hentai No Onii-chan Totemo Daisuki Dakara Ne…
Well, I can’t believe the TV series ended with a whimper just like that. I have to admit that it was a fun and entertaining ride throughout the series seeing the ‘trials’ of Shuusuke even if this kind of genre employs over-used fanservice and sex jokes that offers nothing relatively new or refreshing. It got a little interesting when the odd bunch of twin sisters came into the picture. However they decided to end it with an episode that showcases some quality time of Nao and Shuusuke. I felt the link between the penultimate and final episode was missing. It is as though like everything that happened during that frantic ritual did not happen at all. Especially Clone and Iroha. She’s got her hands on Iroha’s lips so how in the end did she let her go? Unless she has got her filled and tossed her away as she has outlived her usefulness. Iroha didn’t seem bothered that her first kiss was stolen by a lesbian because she didn’t seem pretty effected or shaken up in the final episode. But I’m thinking why did Clone initially wanted to thwart her sister’s plans? I mean, she could have go straight to her goal and get Nao instead of just running around the bush. Unless that was a distraction to serve getting closer to Nao? So did Shuusuke ever made it to the convention? What about the AGE guys who happened to be at the wrong place? Did they get disappointed? Did they join the wrong group? Did anything happen to them?

The fact that Nao learns of her true relationship with Shuusuke didn’t change anything but instead ‘worsens’ her appetite for her onii-chan fetish. Shuusuke didn’t find this fact out but I’m sure that even if he does, he won’t treat her any differently than before as Nao noted. I thought there would be an episode to explore about their past and one about Shuusuke and Iroha’s childhood. I’m not sure why all of a sudden she returned. Did she feel ready to fulfil their promise? And as usual, it is always the guy that forgets about the promises he made when he was young. But the girl never forgets. Can you now see how this is very close in real life? So maybe no past exploring thingy because we’re pretty much preoccupied with the antics the gang are up to. That’s why we watch this show, right?

To sum up about everyone here: EVERYBODY IS A PERVERT! Each in their own peculiar ways. Shuusuke and the AGE guys are perverts because of their own fetishes. Nao is a pervert because she likes giving a little service and suggestive poses to her brother and thus see his reactions when he does perverted stuff. Iroha is a pervert because she is willing to get down and dirty with Shuusuke. Kondou is a pervert because of her love for BL and recently acquired fetish for nipples. Shizuru is a pervert even if she’s not real because she is part of Shuusuke’s fantasies. Leila is a pervert because of her skimpy dress and unusual way to recruit somebody just to play a role at a cosplay event. Clone is a pervert because she’s a lesbian. I wonder if Nao is some kind of sadist seeing she loves seeing her brother in distress. Each time he puts on that expression, she is all too loving it while Iroha can only frust in silence. Looks like Iroha has got lots to learn and catch up if she wants to make Shuusuke hers. That’s why all those observations should come in handy. Speaking of  which, Nao and Iroha are the master stalkers they are. It’s scary having these ladies tailing you and knowing what you do every second of the day (even right down to the very details of your fantasies!). They can easily work as government spy agencies, if you know what I mean. Poor Shuusuke will never have his own private time. Always under the watchful eyes of the duo. It’s ironic and odd to see Nao and Iroha calling the other the stalker that they themselves are. Just like the pot and kettle case, eh? But oddly I’m not too sure if I should consider Nao a tsundere. If her plan to give Shuusuke service backfires and they end up too close, she gets really embarrassed and beats him up unconsciously. I also wonder if Shuusuke is sexually frustrated (probably he is conscious about this fact himself) because of all the troubles he went through.

Initially when Iroha came into the picture, she seemed rather aggressive in making Shuusuke hers and even getting bold (the condom?). But when Kondou came into the picture, she somewhat is relegated into a stalker position. I’m not sure if Kondou’s feelings for Shuusuke can be constituted as the same level as lovers even though she is treating like her personal pet to buy those BL books she is so embarrassed to get herself. Well, nobody knows you’re reading these kind of books, right? So why doesn’t she just go in to the shop and buy the book with her face fully covered? I mean, nobody would recognize her, right? Till that unfortunate encounter with Shuusuke of course. Then when she starts to get her new kicks by pressing his nipples, isn’t that just her obsession over a tiny part of his (no pun intended) instead of any real love? But as compared to Nao and Iroha, she is the calmest and level-headed one when it involves matter with that guy. Unless if his nipples are showing… I was wondering what happened to Haruka and Hirono towards the end of the series. It felt as though they have been forgotten. Man, those two certainly start shivering when ultimate rivals Nao and Iroha start talking ‘friendly’. So far so good. No explosive fireworks let loose yet. Ironically, Hirono loves watching the love drama-cum-tension unfold between the protagonists so each time she starts drooling over that thought, Haruka has to remind her how she won’t die a peaceful death. See, didn’t I tell you that everybody here is some kind of a pervert? Even the people in the streets are perverts. How? I concluded this after that recycling thingy. Makes you think what kind of neighbourhood this is if people decided to throw away so much porn stuff, right? Case in point: Shuusuke’s huge porn collection. That says it all. How can he stuff so much of ero magazines in his small room?! No wonder the porn industry is thriving. And those are just books. I don’t know about the other porn items if there are any…

Now with everyone being labelled as a pervert, this means this series has its fair share of fanservice, right? That is only true and you will enjoy the most of it if you buy the DVDs. Boo hoo. So what else is new? Though not every panty shots are censored (enough to tease viewers and wanting more), but the majority of such scenes are censored out using penguins and cats. Yeah, animal mascots for the series? Sometimes those bird and feline can really get to you. It’s quite annoying. It’s not like I’m a pervert wanting to see the colour and shapes of their panties. Ooohh… I think I just contradict myself there. I guess the penguins must be Nao’s favourite animal that’s why it’s reserved for her and everyone else’s the cat (especially Iroha). So don’t be surprised if you see a deadly penguin and cat aura between these 2 ladies. At the end of each episode, there will be a short segment called Onii-chan’s Sexual Habit Observation Diary. As its name suggests, it is Nao’s personal diary about Shuusuke’s perverted habits for that episode. In short, a short recap and her thoughts about her onii-chan’s fetish. Something about the drawing and art of this series that bugs me. The way the characters are drawn, my first impression of them was that they are somewhat anorexic! Yes, the characters are thin and lanky but oddly that thinness made them look boney like as though they don’t have enough to eat.

Nao’s voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it where I heard her from. Then I found out she was voiced by Eri Kitamura, images of that horny loli, Rin from Kodomo No Jikan came flushing in. Ah, it definitely suits her. Surprisingly I could recognize Marina Inoue as Iroha. Well, she wasn’t trying to sound like tough girls role like Tsukiumi in Sekirei or Kyoko in Skip Beat. She sounded more girly here, like the female Natsuru in Kampfer and Kana in Minami-ke. Other casts include Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Shuusuke (Mikado in Durarara!!), newbie Kazusa Aranami as Kondou, Mako as Shizuru (Yurie in Kamichu), Minori Chihara as Leila/Ran (Nagato of Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu) and Rina Satou as Clone/Rin (Misaka in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun). The opening theme is Taste Of Paradise by Eri Kitamura while the ending theme is Ari Ari Mirai by the trio seiyuus of Nao, Iroha and Kondou.

It’s okay. It’s alright to have your own weird fantasies and fetishes so long as they don’t hurt anybody. That usually is a very hard line to draw in reality. But if you’re going to be as pure as snow, might as well be a rock at the bottom of the ocean. I wonder if Nao is the root of the problem that caused Shuusuke’s horniness to grow as it is now. Maybe. Maybe not. But looks like his siscon libido isn’t going to be awakened any time soon. Although his fetish is black stockings, notice all the kinds of ero genres in his porn mags collection? Yikes! He even had a short spell with BL! Like they say, variety is the spice of life. After all, there is nothing to be embarrassed about because everybody in this morally declining society is a pervert, one way or another.

Seitokai Yakuindomo

May 21, 2011

Remember that bunch of student council that laze around doing nothing but talking and getting warped in their own world and fantasies? Seitokai Yakuindomo isn’t a sequel or even related to Seitokai No Ichizon whatsoever. However there are a few similarities that I can see from both series. They focus on a group of student council members (duh!) and being the comedy genre, Seitokai Yakuindomo has lots of sexual innuendos and jokes. Lots of them. Perhaps in almost every gag, scene or line they show. Yeah, you can learn some new words in relation to sex here. So why wasn’t it classified as hentai? It’s mainly just talk. And even if they do show diagrams, be assured that they are heavily mosaic. So if you’re the kind that isn’t comfortable with sex gags and jokes, feel free to watch another anime.

Having said that, you’d think the perverted thinking one is the guy, right? Wrong! It’s the girls! What the?! Takatoshi Tsuda has just enrolled in Ousai Academy. Previously the school was only open to girls but this year it opened up to the guys as well, making it co-ed. Therefore, to some it has got to be harem paradise as females outnumber males by, I don’t know. Let’s just say male students are a very rare breed. Tsuda on his first day meets the student council members (all girls, by the way). They are president Shino Amakusa, the secretary Aria Shichijou and the treasurer Suzu Hagimura. Tsuda gets ‘invited’ to join the student council as the vice president so that they can have opinions from the male side and him to represent his gender. Sounds fair, eh?

Unfortunately, diligent Shino and rich girl Aria’s thinking are a little perverted. Okay, maybe too much. So much so each pervy line they come up with (amazingly, you got to hand it to them for even managing to think at such a way), Tsuda has to counter it with a comeback whether or not he raises his voice or just lethargic and tired of it all. Thankfully prodigy Suzu (her IQ is believed to be at 180) doesn’t share the same perverted thoughts but she has this peculiar complex about her body size and height. She definitely looks like an elementary school kid and if you really do say something about it, she flies into a rage! Just like that kid in Fullmetal Alchemist. Don’t say the ‘S’ word. But you can’t help that Suzu is so short that at times there will be signs pointing over that this is Suzu’s head or indicating where she is. Of course there are other colourful characters like the advisor of the student council, Naruko Yokoshima and Tsuda’s little sister, Kotomi. Uh… They have perverted thinking too. Why are the girls here so messed up? Then there’s this journalist, Ranko Hata, head of the newspaper club. She may sound deadpan and monotonous but she enjoys taking photographs and selling it for scandal/profit and even fakes articles or purposely twists her interviews to something scandalous. Dangerous girl. Each of the episodes is divided into short skits. Some of them just short random ones that zip by fast enough that you’ll be wondering what on Earth just happened. As such, I’ll be just blogging some of the important highlights of that episode. Important, I think.

Episode 1
Tsuda meets the student council trio and gets his first experience on how perverted Shino and Aria are although Shino did mention she didn’t want people to think of her as a slut. Girl, after more or less 13 episodes of the same thing, you’re fit and qualified to be one. Tsuda also gets a tour of the school and some of the important places. Like the girls’ toilet… Later they decide to have a suggestion box for the students on how to improve or if there are any complaints. Guess what some of the suggestions are? And guess what the ‘hole’ of the suggestion box looks like? Next, Tsuda is being interviewed by Hata. How to have the council a good image when you-know-who are acting so perverted, not to mention Hata’s misinterpretation? Get use to it, Tsuda!

Episode 2
Tsuda sees a bunch of girls encouraging their nervous friend, Mutsumi Mitsuba to go talk to him. After summoning her courage, what she actually wanted to say was she wanted to make a judo club. No love confessions this early yet. Tsuda takes Mutsumi to go see the student council but it seems to start a club, they need 5 members or else they’ll be just an unofficial one. Thinking that having an odd number of members would make that odd person left out, Shino increases the requirement to 6 members! As a duty for the student council members to play role model to the rest, they need to be in the top 20 rankings so Shino helps Tsuda to study. Since she’s thinking perverted stuff, it’s no wonder Tsuda decides to get Suzu to coach him. However she’s too strict and he’s too ‘slow’ so he goes to Aria. Then again, that maybe a bad choice. The test results are out and Shino is ranked first again so Aria teases her that her own boobs is the only thing that could beat her. Haha. That was supposed to be funny, no? The student council members help move equipments in the storage room to their respective class. See, it’s good to have a guy around to help carry those boxes. Tsuda meets Yokoshima for the first time and after their initial conversation, he really thinks she needs professional help. We all too. Shino and Aria’s grade are to leave for a field trip so they leave the student council in the care of Tsuda and Suzu.

Episode 3
The field trip to Kyoto begins. Too bad Tsuda isn’t here to counter their perverted jokes but Hata is waiting for an opportunity to take scandalous pics of them. Tsuda has to complete a load of paperwork but it seems he has no time to complete them because Kotomi keeps bugging him to do her stuff. This includes trashing her own room. WTF?! Too bad he gets reprimanded by Suzu the next day. Meanwhile the field trip, Shino is troubled getting her photo taken because a crane seems to get in the way. Also, Shino is excited of visiting a historical place but goes crazy when she finds it to be under renovation. Tsuda follows Suzu back to her home to complete the paperwork. On the way, they meet a foreigner. Tsuda stammers his way while Suzu is flawless. Till the foreigner calls her a little girl, did she snap and even say the F-word! Oh gosh. Aria and Shino stop by a shop and are in a dilemma on what to get Tsuda for souvenir. Something perverted I guess… Then they stop by deer park and while Shino feeds a deer, the deer got all over her like as though she was being raped! A similar case happened to Tsuda. He was helping Suzu getting a book from the top shelf but she slipped and fell over him. Then her mom walks in a sees this. By the way, she didn’t freak out.

Episode 4
Aria and Shino return from their field trip and give Tsuda and Suzu their souvenirs. Hata comes in and shows the gang photos of them that she took. Later a melon bread left by Shino on the table went missing and she first suspects Yokoshima. True enough it was her. Mutsumi goes to talk to Shino for advice because she is nervous when somebody approached her she wanted to join her judo club. Shino gave her perverted advice but since Mutsumi is oblivious of what she meant, so it’s like they’re both talking different subjects. Shino must be sleepy so she wasn’t concentrating during Hata’s interview so she unknowingly accepts her proposal of a public improvement plan that includes a pool opening article with a sexy photo of her. Later the student council members celebrate Shino’s birthday. Then she open presents she got from them. Tsuda gives her a music CD while Aria a pedo bondage teddy bear. She’s loving it… On a rainy day, Tsuda and Shino share an umbrella as they walk home (Hata as usual tailing like a future Paparazzi). Tsuda gives the whole umbrella to the birthday girl and goes back home soaked in the rain. He caught a cold.

Episode 5
Tsuda is shocked that Aria and Shino are serious and without their usual perverted punch lines. Unfortunately, that was just a dream. Yeah, he’s got fever to dream something like that. Tsuda stays home recuperating so Shino later pays him a visit and feels guilty for making him sick. She gives him a porn magazine to make him feel better (just like what Kotomi did too). Kotomi eavesdrops and hears ambiguous sounds coming from his room but actually she was just digging his ear. Mutsumi tries to test Suzu’s IQ but doesn’t even know the answers to the questions she posed. Some of them even wrong and Suzu had to correct her! Tsuda is back to normal health as Shino dreads the day of having posed herself in a sexy photo for the pool. Thankfully she gets by. There seems to be someone in school that Aria is interested in. Turns out to be a stray kitten. Yokoshima lures Tsuda to the resource room and probably has something perverted on her mind but Tsuda locks her in. For the school’s 50th anniversary, Shino tries to put up a website but is no good with computers so Tsuda helps her. In the end the website looks like a shady one. Hey, everybody will visit it, right?

Episode 6
This episode begins with some idol action flick and a horror film that Suzu and her mom are watching in episode 6. They fight over the remote control. The student council members are to investigate ghostly sounds in the school. Unlike Shino who is totally into it, Suzu isn’t good with horror stuff but is dragged along. Turns out to be Yokoshima reading some Boys Love magazine and those sounds are just her lustful panting. Tsuda and Shino are invited to watch Mutsumi and her judo class practise. Shino later has hiccups so Aria tries some unconventional methods to stop it. Putting a shoe close to her face? For the summer vacation, Shino wishes her student council members to keep a particular day free because they’re going to the beach. It’s a traditional event to strengthen their bond. By now, I can think of 100 perverted ideas why she thought so. The girls go shop for a swimsuit and Suzu indeed looks like a child when she dons one.

Episode 7
Yokoshima drives the gang to the beach. The usual fun in the sun and sand. Suzu tries to hold in her anger for being mistaken as a child while a beach bum tries to hit on the girls but fails because Aria claims Tsuda as her husband, Shino’s inflated dolphin hit his crotch and he got more than he bargained for when he tried to tackle Yokoshima. Yeah, she becomes a lustful monster that hunts him down! Because Yokoshima got drunk and passed out, the rest have no choice but to stay at a nearby inn. The girls aren’t fazed of having a guy like Tsuda stay with them since they think he is into 2D. Worse, gay. Shino and Tsuda just came out from the bath when they spot Hata. Oh no. That means trouble. They bribe her with a drink to make her remain quiet. That night as they sleep, Shino unconsciously crawls next to Tsuda and sleep while Hata tries to snap a scandalous shot from afar. Morning comes and Yokoshima gets a reprimanding that all this happened because of her fault before they take a drive home.

Episode 8
For the upcoming sports festival, why the heck all the sports events they suggest are related to sex?! Oh yeah, it’s Shino and Aria we’re dealing with. Hata comes in for another interview for the heck of it and to make profit from anything scandalous she can take. The girls are having a hard time taking care of a fly in their room so when Tsuda manages to swat it, they treat him like their saviour. The disciplinary committee, Kaede Igarashi pays the student council a visit and thinks something fishy and unhealthy is going on between them. No thanks to Hata who has blown their cover of their previous beach trip. Well, she didn’t really say anything. She just showed them photos. Smart ass. As Kaede interviews the gang, we learn she has fear of males and thus the reason why she enrolled in this school. But her nightmare began when it opened up to guys. Kaede leaves them with a warning. But Shino assures Tsuda won’t do anything funny on them because he’s the kind who would rather get raped than to rape! The judo club is to have a practice match with another school. However a member got injured so Shino decides to step in as a substitute. The match has both teams with 2 wins and 2 losses each and Shino will be entering as the 5th and deciding bout. She manages to win the match since she was throwing her opponent by imagining some forced upon Boys Love romance.

Episode 9
This has to be the most screwed up previous episode summary because it narrates nothing on sexual innuendos. Shino decides that the student council will have their own newspaper so that it would be easier to publicize events and announce things. Tsuda is tasked to write an article essay but I’m not sure about how Shino and Aria interpret after reading it because it became dramatic and strayed from its original path. Their newspaper becomes a success but it seems his story is making girls cry… Later everyone helps to set up for the sports festival. Sports day arrive as the girls take part. The other ‘unimportant’ guys are sad that they seemed unhappy even with this newfound harem. They rational it’s because they aren’t part of the main story and rejoice. Kotomi comes to cheer for her brother. The final relay race between clubs sees the student council taking the win. Shino’s rational for making Aria the third runner rather than the anchor (which was given to Suzu) was because she doesn’t want a situation whereby the win was decided by her boobs. To end this episode, they resume that dramatic story written by Tsuda with more exaggeration. What the hell?

Episode 10
The student council members pay a visit to Aria’s large mansion. They meet her maid, Sayaka Dejima. Oh no. Not another pervert. Especially when it comes to Aria. Dejima is a new maid so it can’t be helped if she gets lost while taking the gang around the mansion. Suzu is having a hard time trying to be sensitive because everyone else around her seems ‘dumb’. She dreams of becoming a taller and bustier self but eventually has that horrible feeling. Kaede is still having troubles communicating with the opposite sex so Kaede interviews her and twists her past experiences of being a moral committee member by cheating on lots of men. Then a little peak of how Hata passionately does her Paparazzi job and all the necessary equipments she brings along. The school cultural festival is here. Aria enters her play though her lines are totally screwed up (sexual innuendos included), Suzu taping her mouth to prevent herself from screaming inside the haunted house, Kaede trying to pour tea to guys from a distance and Yokoshima doing well in a basketball competition. Tired Tsuda fell asleep on the bench and wakes up when the festival is over and Shino sitting next to him. She cheers him up that they have the folk dance tonight and wouldn’t mind if he dances with her. Shino’s body language may indicate she has something for Tsuda but that’s just premature (no sex pun intended). Hey, for once a normal ending without any punch lines or innuendos.

Episode 11
Kotomi pleads for Tsuda to watch her study because she can’t concentrate if nobody does. Seems she is trying to enrol into Ousai Academy and all the questions Tsuda asks in the mock interview moves towards a perverted direction. Hata interviews Mutsumi and learns that her future dream is to become a bride. Shino and Aria fight over Tsuda for his help to carry things so Suzu comes in and misinterprets what she sees. She experiences another one when she sees Shino and Aria caressing each other’s hips (something about their desirable hip size). The student council members spend time spring cleaning their room and not a dust in sight. Shino gets flustered when she hears Tsuda complimenting her beauty. Turns out he was referring to the window wiping job she did. The gang are invited to Aria’s villa for a Christmas party and Kotomi is even invited. As the party starts, Tsuda remembers how Kotomi asked him about Santa’s sexual desire. I mean, would it be more effective if they hang panty stockings instead of the typical little red ones? Then the present exchanging part, the light is switch off and everyone gets a random present. To Tsuda’s horror, he receives the one he doesn’t want most. It’s from Dejima and the present seems to be vibrating… Later Shino personally gives Tsuda a present for his hard work. Why is it vibrating too? Then they go out to play in the snow and miraculously saw Santa! I think he is fake because there were only 2 reindeers pulling his sleigh. He gives them a present. Guess what? It’s vibrating… Even Santa is sick!

Episode 12
For the New Year, the student council members pay a visit to the shrine together. Suzu ties her hair to Tsuda’s hand so as not to get lost and to prevent people from thinking she’s a kid and Kaede starts shivering when she sees Tsuda next to her. It’s not the cold, you know. In school, the gang thinks Yokoshima is terminally ill because she has no interest in any sexual desires! Hata too is a little ill (the media is easily infected by the trend?) but that doesn’t stop her from going around twisting Tsuda’s words. Suzu helps to tutor Kotomi for her entrance exam. Kotomi wants her to verbally abuse her?! Not going to happen. Suzu becomes a little happy when she is being praised by Kotomi. For Valentine’s Day, the other guys are anticipating chocolates from the girls. Why not? Since they make up the majority. However it isn’t going to be because the girls here give the chocolates to their own same sex. But for lucky Tsuda, he gets some chocolates from his student council girls. Soon Kotomi takes her entrance exam but you’ll wonder if she’ll pass or serious since her answers on the multiple choice sheet resembles some picture. Like she understood the questions anyway. Kotomi then attends the interview for her entrance. Guess who is the teacher interviewing her? Yeah, it’s Yokoshima. Due to their perverted thinking, they get to communicate with each other on good terms. Because so, Yokoshima thinks of passing her! What kind of teacher is this?! So when Tsuda has a vague hint of who interviewed her, it’s no surprise he would think the world is over. The results are announced and Kotomi is successful in her application. Thinking this is a dream, she wants to be pinched. Shino pinches her nipples. Yeah Tsuda, reality is so messed up.

Episode 13
Suzu introduces her student council members to a friend of hers from the Robotics Research Club, Nene Todoroki. If Tsuda thinks she is going to be another ordinary person or a mad scientist the most, think again because this girl has got a few screws loose in her head. Yeah, she creates some inventions that even needs mosaic. Why are many of the girls in school like this? How did Suzu ended up befriending her anyway? Mutsumi’s actions seem to indicate that she has feelings for Tsuda and just when she’s about to confess, turns out she was just worried about her sweat from judo classes and thinks Tsuda has sweat fetish. The producers had the cheek to put the ending credits in the middle of the show. No jokes. Really! We see snippets of Kotomi going through the dilemmas of love of some baseball guy. Even the acoustic background music does fit the mood of the way it is shown. The second half of the series sees the gang reminiscing memorable memories. It isn’t your typical flashback or recap episode because many of their memories are screwed up or made up. It’s mainly how they first met and the first appearance of the other characters. Yeah, more like fantasy and drama than anything real. Then a short clip about some magical girl show called Magical Mako (Heartcatch Pretty Cure parody, I guess) and finally the gang breaking the fourth wall like talking how the year passed by so fast like as though it felt like just 3 months, which is a typical duration for a 13 episode anime. Shino and Aria will still be sticking around in the student council even if they are third year seniors now. Yeah, what would we do without her sex jokes. And that’s how it ends to. Work harder with your assholes tightly close! So, how can you not blame people for thinking you’re a slut?

Episode 14 (OVA)
There is actually episode 14 but this is the OVA that came out back in April 2011. More or less the same sexual innuendoes. We see Kotomi attending the opening ceremony as Shino gives her opening speech. Amidst all that, Shino’s mind starts to have this dilemma about lifting her skirt up! Later Kotomi pays a visit to the student council room as Shino takes her on a tour to various places that have a high probability of doing lewd things. Say, doesn’t this feel like deja vu, Tsuda? Only difference is that Kotomi is real fired up, even having her own comments about it. The student council students have Todoroki fix their clock as Tsuda comments she’s good with machines and her reply is that ‘machines’ often tinkered with her (read that as a sex joke). Hata interviews Kotomi. As usual lots of weird questions but it ended with both of them spewing out Tsuda’s sexual delusions (all false by the way). Suzu disses the idea of sitting on Tsuda’s lap when her chair is too small. She also scorns him for when he did something that was off by 1mm. The reason being, she just measured herself and grew by that much. “Don’t look down on 1mm!”. Kotomi introduces the student council members to her first friend: Toki. Looks like a delinquent girl. However they find she’s a klutz. Shino was going to reprimand her for dressing sloppy but Kotomi stood up for her saying she looks hot so she easily gives in. Then it’s Kaede’s turn but after Aria mentions about Toki looking like a guy, she touches her flat chest and calls it safe. Afterwards they learn her sloppy dressing was because she accidentally tucked in her shirt into her panties instead. Yeah, really a klutz. Why are they looking so relieved?

Then Hata interviews Toki and as usual, more weird questions. The student councils discuss on who is to become the next student council president. Tsuda suggests Suzu but she refuses because she is too short and nobody can see her at the podium. Hata interviews Dejima about her work but you know, that’ll usually turn out into something perverted. The school is having a sketching competition as Shino and Tsuda pose for Aria and Suzu. Aria suggests that they kiss! Tsuda becomes Suzu’s model and the latter gets pissed off thinking he is looking down on her! Then when they change to Suzu, Tsuda notices that he is out of paper so the other girls including Yokoshima (why the heck is she hiding there in the first place?) tease him about making a sex gag. Then the student council members practise using the broadcasting room. Suzu is learning which button is which and accidentally presses Aria’s butt. This turns her on and if one isn’t bad enough, Shino gets dragged into the flow. Shino has a test run over the microphone and that skirt flipping dilemma comes to mind again. Tsuda sees Shino doing a pretty fine job without mistakes but Aria mentions that during practice with a banana, she bit it. At the end as they leave school, Shino makes that same blunder statement of working harder with their asses tightly closed. Lastly, Shino meets her childhood friend Amano and introduces her to Tsuda. Seems they both click very well but Shino seems to be puzzled over what they’re talking about.

This Isn’t Student Sex Counsel
I can predict what kind of year Tsuda will face. Hopefully his thinking won’t turn into like them after staying together in the same room for too long. I hope that wasn’t too ambiguous. As you know, the sex jokes have become some sort of a staple food for this series. So it’s either you love them or disgust them. Tsuda has got to be so used of making counter comebacks that if somebody were to make a sex joke without him around, it feels really odd. You know who to call whenever such an occasion arises. Yeah, maybe since the school just turned co-ed, you can’t blame some of the girls for being ‘deprived’. Shino and Aria can be future porn stars or make a career out of it :).

During the course of the TV series, there are many lines that were purposely censored out. However the fansub that I watched went a step further by putting in translated words in replacement of those censored lines and making them look like a whole complete sentence. Though whatever they say may be up to one’s guess (of course it must be something naughty, or else why go censor it?), nevertheless it feels better and less annoying instead of translating the lines with censored-out words. In a way, it doesn’t ‘kill’ the joke as we get to ‘understand better’ and ‘see the whole picture better’ with the complete line. You’d get irritated if they’re making a statement only to be filled with beeps and you would have to guess in order for you to comprehend. Or else, you’d still laugh but rather because it’s a ‘cue’ for you to do so but you won’t get the meaning. Do you *bleep* and get what I *bleep*? See, now do you understand? Good job and hats off to those fansubbers.

There were a few instances whereby Shino’s appearance may have indicated that she have some feelings for Tsuda. Like that umbrella incident or the time she actually mistook Tsuda’s window cleaning compliment as one for her. I was hoping that maybe something romantic would develop out of this but I guess nothing really much happened. Maybe it’s just her. Well, this series isn’t about character development (it’s about sex gags for the umpteenth time) so don’t expect anything much. Kaede won’t be getting over her extreme fear of males anytime soon and Mutsumi will always be the simple-minded girl misinterpreting Shino and Aria’s perverted jokes. Aria may be a rich girl but she’s just a ditz, if not for her being a brunette, she would’ve been a classic example of a dumb blonde. For instance, you may be wondering why she’s standing like a log in front of a door. Till she realizes that unlike in her home, doors at school aren’t automated and thus won’t open by itself. Duh! Perhaps that’s how she got her twisted perverted thinking. It doesn’t help when Dejima is an equally twisted maid herself. With Yokoshima being a shotacon, makes you wonder how she ended up being a teacher. I hope the students won’t grow up the wrong way under her guidance. Hata has got to be the most amusing character because of her sneaky-like behaviour. What’s more, after hearing Satomi Arai voice lively characters like Shirai in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun and the narrator in Ookami-san To Shichinin No Nakamatachi, it was just mind blowing to hear her play a deadpan role. In fact, it suits the character very well.

If you keep your ears open, you’ll notice that the title of each episode segment (except for the last episode, all the other episodes are divided into three parts) are lines said by the characters somewhere in that section. Due to the nature of the skits, that segment doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the title. And because of those stamps which serve as comeback points, you may get confused or unaware that it is the title. At the start of each episode, while Aria hits a drum and Suzu blows a whistle, Aria will tell viewers about Ousai’s school regulations. Actually they don’t feel like any sort of rules at all. Feels like some random nonsensical lines made up for the purpose of making us viewers go “Huh? Say what?”. Yeah, not even Tsuda is amused. As for the next episode preview, it is just a narration of what pages the anime will cover from the manga. I didn’t like both the opening and ending theme of the series. The opening theme is Yamato Nadeshiko Education by Triple Booking (seiyuus of Shino, Aria and Suzu actually) and each time I hear this ‘lively’ piece, I felt goosebumps coming up all over my skin. “We love Ousai, we love SYD”. The ending theme entitled Aoi Haru by Angela (initially I thought it was by Yu Kobayashi who did the voice of Yokoshima) is even more unbearable. Especially the part whereby the singer squeezes in lots of words into a single line, making it sound like a weird kind of rapping or fast talk. Getting those goosebumps again! Oh stop it! I don’t want to hear it again!

Even for those of you who find the pervy jokes to be funny, just remember to never try them anytime or anywhere. Unless you know that person very well, it may be very offending and you may get into trouble for sexual harassment. So do you think it’s better to have a bunch of student council with such a thinking? Unless everyone shares the same thoughts. I don’t think it would be right for me to say this series would be a good substitute for sex education because of the terms, words and ideas you see from watching it (damn horny Japanese people…). Maybe SYD also stands for Sexy Young Damsels. Oh no. I think I’m starting to think like them already.

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