Ishuzoku Reviewers

May 24, 2020


Got your attention there, didn’t I? Ah yes. Nothing grabs attention and turn heads like sex does. Feeling horny but don’t want to cross the line by watching real porn? Then how about watching an anime that reviews about sex? Wait. What?! Is there such a thing?! As you would have guessed from the name, Ishuzoku Reviewers although is basically a prostitution reviewing anime, it is no sex with the same homo sapiens that we are talking about. Uh huh. Have you ever wanted to know what it is like having to f*ck a monster girl? Or what is like to have sex with a werewolf? Don’t worry, you horny perverts. There are a few brave men out there who are willing to go the distance and f*ck all those different species. After all that is climaxed and done, they’ll give and write their honest opinions and reviews of the intercourse that has taken place. So that we can make a better judgment for ourselves if we really want to go f*ck and get the best pleasure out of this certain species. Oh yeah. Think with your other head! Get ready those pens and notes, here cums the sexy evaluations!

Episode 1
With a city like a melting with so many species, there is bound to be a red light district. Stunk (human) just f*cked an elf and loves it. However his partner, Zel (elf) doesn’t really quite like it because that elf babe is over 500 years old! So what?! She still looks hot! But Zel loves this 50 year old grandma human, Mitsue. So anybody below 100 years old is his taste? So both argue about their weird tastes in women and to settle this, they ask Kanchal (hafling) and Brooz (beastman) to also give their opinions as they frequent the brothels too. Basically, only Stunk is the one who reviewed the elf babe with high marks. One day while out adventuring, they save an angel from a monster. The angel, Crim has a request to help be her bodyguard until her halo heals up so she can return to heaven. Sure. But in return they want to know if there are brothels in heaven! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! F*ck shops in heaven???!!! Stunk and Zel’s life mission is to f*ck every species there is!!! Oh yeah. I guess some of us can only dream of this. But wait. Crim is actually a boy???!!! In actual fact he has both male and female genitals. He can’t say for who knows what they’ll do to him. And because they find out Crim is a virgin, they take him to a brothel to celebrate! OMFG! Angel boy got defiled by a cat girl!!! OMG!!! Is he now considered a fallen angel?! In the bar where Stunk and Zel frequent (and now Crim works at), they post sex reviews too. There is one review from Kanchal whereby he didn’t like the sex with this octopus girl. Yup, he got more than just tentacle raped. Meidri the barmaid isn’t too amused that Stunk and Zel are earning big money just by posting such reviews. Stunk this he can ‘review’ her but gets beaten up. For a fortnight, the trio are gone just to review some harpy babe. When they come back, they have very high ratings for her. Best sex ever! Maybe except Narugami who is a Lamia. I guess birds and snakes don’t mix. Meidri isn’t all too amused at all because she is a harpy. What does this say about her? Stunk tries to get cheeky on her but she slams the barstool on him.

Episode 2
We’re discussing if dick size matters. Then thinking on which species to f*ck next, they notice the next table are tiny fairies. Heh. Heading to the fairy brothel, it’s not what they expect. Yeah, the fairy boss looks more like some gangster. They have to pay upfront a very expensive fee first before having their dicks measured. Hey, fairies are small you know. Stunk who has the biggest dick, unfortunately not all fairies can handle it and only 2 of them. Fat ugly fairy b*tches?! I guess in this case, size isn’t all that matters. Zel’s moderate size has him choose from half the field while Kanchal can get any fairies. Unfortunately, no fairies can handle Crim. OMG. In the end, all put up satisfying reviews except for Crim who felt scammed. This makes everybody wonder how big this angel boy’s junk is! Oh sh*t. With the elections around the corner, currently the Orc Party is the ruling party as it offers the right balance of eat, sleep and fornicate. Stunk and Zel might want to vote for the Succubus Party since all their agenda is f*ck, f*ck and f*ck! After a speech by the Demon Party, Stunk and co are approached by Demon Two (Piccolo?!), the PR for the Demon Party. Because demons are voted as the second most least marriageable species (the undead tops the list), he has read their reviews and noticed that because of that, some species’ popularity has skyrocketed. He hopes their review can also pull up the image of demons. But Demon Two can’t do it himself since this will be seen as election violation of granting favours. So he gives them a name card to a demon’s brothel and hopes they will vote for the Demon Party. So our Ishuzoku Reviewers head to this brothel with a lot of scepticism in mind (except for Crim who naturally wants to stay out). But once they see those huge tits that can only exist in hentai, you bet they’re in. Hence they write decent reviews. So they’re mostly cow girls squirting lots of milk when excited? Stunk and Zel discuss about how the gravity of such huge tits make them gravitate to it. Stunk tries to be funny with Meidri’s tits so she uses the gravity to slam her tray on his head. Science wins. Planet gravity > tits gravity.

Episode 3
Gender swap! After hearing about empathy, our guys decide to test out what it’s like to be a woman. Drinking a gender swap potion, their dicks disappear and their tits enlarge. You bet they’re going to spend some time playing with themselves and exploring their new body parts. As they have to wait till they return to their original self, they think of doing some lesbian stuffs. It is also a way to get a girl to teach them plenty of ways of womanhood. As they look through the catalogue, Crim seems to be ‘interested’ with the male one. You mean this male succubus thingy? The rest explain some gay stuff to him but whatever. Rainbow boys? End boys? Rain-end-boys? Huh? In the end, they suspect Crim might be into that sort of stuff… Each of them pick a girl to get lesbian with. Stunk of course picks a hot elf girl but the rest aren’t so pleased. She’s over 300 years old, you know… But the foreplay is giving him weird sensations that he didn’t like. Meh reviews. Kanchal goes for the same hafling species thinking the same species would know the ropes. Unfortunately, she is a dominatrix and using some sex toy to penetrate him. Ouch. Not a good review. Zel goes for a slime girl. Supposedly to be the easiest for first timers and can reach deep. Yup, the best time of his life. High scores. Finally, Crim went with a hyena girl. Supposedly the toughest and only reserved for more experienced patrons, this makes the rest wonder if Crim picked her because hyena types are said to have the biggest dick. In the end, Crim felt so good that she gave almost perfect scores. This only reinforces the others’ thought that he might be into gay stuffs!

Episode 4
OMFG! Too much sex has killed Stunk, Zel and Brooz! A week later… Everybody is talking about their legendary heroics. Even Meidri feels sad… The end of Ishuzoku Reviewers!!! Just kidding. We go back in time to find out what happened. The gang stumbled upon a very cheap succubus prostitution shop. Thinking it is a scam, what better way to go try it out themselves. Of course their cheap price comes from their bad attitude and they’re all really nymphos just wanting to f*ck! After being told that they must see it through and no help will be given halfway, our brave men step into the den and get ready for some f*cking. Let’s do this… Of course as expected, we see all the succubus swarm over them and they could be dead had not a huge group of orcs arrive for some revenge f*cking. Yeah, you’re supposed to do this in a large group. Hence the succubus throw them those losers out and go for those pigs. Safe to say, their review of it all is definitely no good. It took 3 weeks for them to recover. Rest up. One day, Crim accompanies Stunk and Zel to mine some fire gems. After that, they go eat some meat. Of course there is a catch. They grill their meat using the body of a salamander succubus. Is this what you call sexy meat? Yeah, time for lots of dirty sexual innuendoes as the guys barbeque their meet in certain places and making her look so erotic. But she wants to continue and take it to the other room. If you know what she means! She’ll even give them half price! Don’t leave her hanging! Of course the guys don’t want to get burnt to death. However it seems only Crim can withstand her heat and so they make out. In the end, Crim has a wonderful experience and gives the maximum score. So she tastes like BBQ all over?

Episode 5
Meidri is approached by a hooded person to hand over a request to Stunk and co. It seems the request is to go f*ck cyclop girls and there is already payment made in advance. Alright. Time to go get some f*cking done. Meidri doesn’t want Crim to force himself if he doesn’t want to go but that angel boy has become part of the horny gang so he gives an excuse that he needs a break. The bar patrons applaud?! At the cyclops’ den, the guys want the biggest bust and the receptionist of course has a selection of wide ranges. Wow. I didn’t know there is a K-cup but after seeing this series, Z-cup and beyond could be even possible. So while our guys can’t wait to f*ck those with big tits, they realize that when the receptionist said big, he meant their eyes. Oh damn. So freaky… Yeah, Kanchal got the one with the biggest eyes. Freaky, dude… Stunk and Zel hope for normal sized ones and they’re in luck. These cyclop girls actually have normal sized eyes but they also have the biggest boobs! Just because of their small eyes, their self-confidence takes a hit. In the end, all review high marks except for Kanchal who just rated it below average. Yeah, can’t get over those freakishly huge eyes… After putting up the review, they wonder who the employer was. Turns out to be a cyclop girl who has small eyes. Because of their truthful reviews, she has now gotten the courage to confess to a human she loves. I don’t know if f*cking too much means the guys now want to f*ck men?! So why are they talking about wanting to ‘eat’ mushrooms?! Oh, you mean f*ck a mushroom or fungi woman. Having a fairy, Lulou to guide them deep into the forest, the receptionist is an experienced one. Aside from the sex puns, she can gauge and tell the kind of woman they prefer and prepare the right mushroom girl for them to f*ck. However when it comes to Crim, she is stumped because she cannot determine angels’ preferences. Anyway, she manages to provide one that is right for him. In the end, all rate highly their experience. Best mushroom experience ever without even going into any sort of hallucination effect!

Episode 6
Wow. They’ve been f*cking everything and now they’re thinking on what to f*ck next?! Meidri suggests f*cking the next species that comes in. Of course this is a joke but the guys take it seriously. And the next species? A golem! Yeah, they’re going to a golem brothel. Is that even a thing? They’re not really too enthusiastic about it until the receptionist tells them they can actually make their own girl. So basically, build-a-slut, huh? Yup, they’ve got everything you need. Though you can use one that a previous client made for a cheaper price, it defeats the purpose of coming here to make your dream slut. Kanchal has this great idea as he makes a golem version of Meidri. Stunk and Zel also want one and Crim after thinking about it, also wants one. In the end, all of them rate very high and Kanchal giving the maximum score. But when Meidri finds out… Oh boy, the bar is closed for a beat down of those perverts! Keep those combos coming, lady! Hope they learnt their lesson… With denizens of darkness at the bar, it is sucking the vitality out of Crim. Hence his pals suggest taking him to somewhere with light on his next day off. And that of course means a brothel. So they are going to f*ck light creatures? WTF are light creatures?! Oh. Will o’ wisps. So I see the light conveniently covers their erotic parts. No matter what angle you look, you can’t see them. Oh my, Crim’s dick is one huge pillar of light!!!!! In the end, they review it with just average score. Because sex takes place in the public hall as customers can go in and out freely, making all the sexual activity public. Something about if done in the room, it’ll be too bright to see anything. Only Crim rates it as zero! Because he was so embarrassed the whole time and his angel eyes could see everything clearly. So unless you’re an exhibitionist and into orgies, this niche f*cking is your cup of tea!

Episode 7
Something is wrong with Meidri as she excuses herself. Stunk and Zel believe it is that time. Time for her to lay an egg! They are curious to see how it is done but the last time she beat them up. Don’t worry. There is an egg laying show for all you perverts who love to see girls laying their eggs! Not kidding! It does exist! So they head there and wait for those ladies to answer the call of nature. It seems a lot of Lamia and mermen are interested in this since they get to eat the egg after it is laid. Also, chefs and gourmets are willing to pay a high price for the egg just to cook and eat it. So the first female is up… A lizard woman? Ugh. While everybody else cheers, Stunk, Zel and Crim are cringing at this disgust. Even more so when the next one is a crocodile lady. They want to leave but it seems the next girl is of a penguin species. A bit cuter but still that doesn’t discount the fact that laying eggs now look like something gross. In the end, the trio rate the show with low scores. You mean it’s not zero? Only Narugami rates highly because he loves eating those eggs. Meidri also popped a few herself but is quite disgusted that those guys went to such a show. And as you could expect, she beats them up when they tease her now they know how it is done! But these guys didn’t learn their lesson as they feel hungry and want to go make omelettes from Meidri’s eggs. WTF is wrong with you guys?! Meidri beat down part 2! Wow. No sex this episode but it was surely a weird ‘eye opening’ fetish.

Episode 8
Oh sh*t. WTF is this girl raping scene by the KKK???!!! Turns out that this entire place is some roleplaying fantasy brothel where the babes act out to their roles given. Some of them are good and some of them aren’t. So if you’re like Kanchal who demands perfection all the way in the act, he’s going to be a tough customer. I guess it is no more an act when the girls see Crim’s ‘tower to heaven’! Yeah, they want to get raped by that! In the end, they rate averagely high scores for this idea. Stunk, Zel and Brooz contemplate on a mission that will have them be away for a week but the reward pays very high. Of course they’re going to do it but they have to make ‘preparations’ for such a long journey. Yup. A trip to the brothel. This time a real succubus brothel. The succubi here are able to provide you with all your whims and fancies down to the smallest detail. Then we get to see Crim take the ‘spotlight’. Turning Crim into an angel mayonnaise bottle, we see the succubus playing, licking and sucking it real dry. Must be delicious. In the end, our horny f*ckers rate the succubus sex with high marks. If they always provide the best service then why don’t they come here often? You see, despite being able to provide everything, the succubi will drain your life force and pleasure will start to become strain. Then it will take about a week before you get your usual libido back. No f*cking for a week, huh? I guess they can really concentrate on the mission then.

Episode 9
Hmm… No sex reviews for a week, huh? Yeah, Stunk and co have gone on that faraway special mission. It’s getting too quiet at the bar… So we see the special quest that they are doing is just delivering a casket for this vampire dude, Count Delivel. His castle is so far out so as he could sleep longer. So to thank them for their work, he takes them to the nearest brothel. I guess nobody visits this one not only it is so far away but because they’re all undead! So they’re f*cking zombies this time, huh? So while our Ishuzoku Reviewers give just average score because of the rotting stench during sex (the undead is one of the most unpopular species to f*ck with), only Delivel gives high marks because he f*cked his loyal vampire mistress. Crim has gotten into this f*cking groove too because despite not being on this mission, he went to a brothel himself. This time some slime lotion brothel. I don’t know. Some witch putting magic slime lotion on you and you get orgasm from the tentacle slime rape? Well, Crim rates it very highly so it must be good if you can make an angel feel like that. Thanks to all their f*cking reviews, there a spawns of copycats. Stunk and Zel don’t like their idea being copied but do they have grounds to sue? But they still enjoy reading those reviews. One of them includes a female director who was reviewing and filming lesbian porn. Yeah, I think she climaxed too while filming the juicy yuri shoot. Then they read a review that has a brothel ranked the full perfect score by the reviewers. Unfortunately it is located in the faraway magic city. Don’t worry. Kanchal has prepared their ride there and with their extra money from Delivel’s mission, I’m sure they don’t want to miss this one out. They invite Crim to come along and you can see his eyes lit up. He’s so happy to join them. Meanwhile Meidri realizes she lost a pair of helping hands at the bar. F*ck those perverts!!!

Episode 10
Arriving at the magic city, after paying a hefty upfront fee, it seems everyone gets to do whatever they want with this decoy doll which is a very perfect clone of a mage named Demia, for 3 days. Of course that means only behind closed doors because there was a time when everyone started f*cking her in public, yeah the sight wasn’t pleasant and thus open space f*cking was banned. We see a very shy Crim being serviced real good by the doll. Great bath time moments. Then there is Stunk having a really good time with his but cannot decide whether to give it perfect marks or not. Next morning, she even cooks breakfast for him but he prefers to eat her out, if you know what I mean! So we also see the rest enjoying theirs according to their fetish. Crim relates how she is waiting for his halo to regenerate before he can return to heaven. No need to wait so long. Because she will take him there now!!! We see Demia gladly having angel juice. I guess semen is only for humans… Anyway, she is using it to test it on various elements and hopes she can make a killing out of this research. Though, she would love to get her hands on his halo but luckily it is against company policy to take something from the customers. After 3 days, the dolls say their goodbye and disappear. Our reviewers feel sad to part with them. Yeah, it was definitely a good time to the last drop. Hence all of them give the maximum perfect score! In addition to that, they have the Centaur ladies deliver their reviews to every nook and corner of the land! Wow. Everybody now wants to come here and f*ck! This place is really heaven on earth! Only except Meidri. She’s working like mad nonstop at the bar and it’s hell for her.

Episode 11
By the time our reviewers come back, Meidri is relieved because there is this hot looking succubus guy who has business with them. So apparently he went to all those places that they rated lowly and f*cked those girls again! He thinks they don’t understand women and that is why he filled them with his passion and pleased them all! He gave maximum points to all of them! Of course our reviewers are just giving sarcastic remarks for his reviews. And then suddenly, his girlfriend stabs him in the heart! She accuses of running of with her money to ‘chase his dreams’ and blew all on the prostitutes. The rest restrain her so succubus guy talks some sweet words to make her realize she still loves him. Heh. Women. In the end, they are taken away and they know the succubus guy is going to live because he has a heart near his crotch area. Yeah, stab this one and he’ll die! Later, it seems doesn’t want to visit more prostitutes since he is short on cash. Yeah, Meidri cutting his pay ever since visiting the magic city. Although Stunk pays him in advance for the reviews, Crim still won’t go because visiting such joints still costs a lot. They suggest he take up quests and Crim still insists. Meidri had to put those guys in place and ignore their pervy calls just to get Crim back to work. Then Kanchal comes in. He is loaded with gold. He got it from the guild. Remember those reviewers trying to copy their work? Instead of trying to stop them and make no profit out of it, why not have them pay their share to them and the guild if they want to continue doing this. Yup, those reviewers are going to be their financial investors! Now they have the cash, they bug Crim to go prostitution reviewing but of course Meidri won’t allow them till he finishes his job. By the time he does, they’re already drunk and wasted. But that still didn’t stop them from getting their sex tonight. This time they visit some leprechauns. Thing is, they drink until they pass out only to have sex. I wonder how they can write reviews but they did. Not sure what kind of scores they give but it sure showed they were drunk. Only Crim didn’t get drunk and gave a moderate score. Then they realize they also hit other joints and f*cked. Can’t remember those! Worse, they spent all their money and their reviews are sh*t! Oh no. Time to go make some money. And hence they go adventuring so much that they actually saved the world from a certain impending doom! WTF?! WAS THE WORLD EVER IN DANGER WITH SO MUCH F*CKING AT EVERY CORNER????!!!!

Episode 12
Stunk and Zel review their mementos. Yup. Name cards from all the brothels they have visited. It’s like their badge of honour, f*ck version. Seeing one reminds them of the demon brothel that they never got to visit. They want to call for Crim but he is busy away waiting for some old tree to finish grinding the herbs. Waiting and waiting… I guess angels don’t do well with demons so it’s off to the demon brothels then. The moment they flash this name card, instantly they are given the VIP treatment. After the sex, they are explained why demons view contracts very important hence it is essential that you word them properly or it will turn out differently than you think. Hence our reviewers now understand why they were roped in to help in the review because it is to help give a better perception of demons. And who else better than them Ishuzoku Reviewers who give credible reviews. In the end, our reviewers rate demon sex highly. With these reviews out, Demon Two reads them to her boss who is not pleased that it came too late because the election is over and she lost! But considering the public views have shifted, she may use this to help in her next election. Demia then visits her as they talk about the airplane thingy from another world she saw to be created. It makes transportation easier. Sure. How about funding? Well… When we win the next elections. But upon realizing the other world has no magic whatsoever, she isn’t so eager to trade magic for airplanes now. Meanwhile Crim is still waiting… Is this the face of an angel who waited patiently or the face of one who has not have sex for a week?!

Everyone prays to usher the New Year. As Crim is unfamiliar with this custom, she asks Zel and is told about it. Of course Crim doesn’t think God listens to their prayers because if He does, he would have gone back to heaven! Zel tells him to be careful because that kind of statement will destroy the religion state of this world! Oh sh*t! Taking their minds of this, Stunk talks about f*cking their best f*ck last year so that they will have another good year of f*cking. However, magic city is very far and costly. Okay. Next best f*ck. Stunk goes with some elf girl, Zel with Mitsue, Kanchal the golem sex dolls, Brooz some furry beast and Crim prefers that hyena woman. Better not even think about Meidri because she won’t hesitate to really kill you this time! As they go to get their first f*ck of the year, too bad they are all full! Then the fairy receptionist comes by to thank them because of their reviews, their place is now full and only for reservation. But the reviewers didn’t give them high scores. That’s because there are many who aren’t confident with their junk. Besides, many don’t care about the scores. Just the honest reviews. She then gives them a special place to go that will surely satisfy them. If not, she’ll give them a freebie. Well, it doesn’t make them happy since she’s quite an old hag… So in this place she recommends, all their favourite girls are here. They think they aren’t real and just shape shifting off their memories. But who cares, right? As long as they enjoy their f*ck! And so they enjoy it that they give it almost perfect scores. Here’s to another year of great f*cking. On another day, Stunk and Zel got another great idea for review. Why not do a harem? Yeah. Sex is going to get more intense this year.

The Sex Files: The F*cking Sexperts!
Have penis, will f*ck. Ah, that’s the simple motto that these perverts sex reviewers have. It is also safe to say that the f*ck not for procreation but for recreation. Now that they are going to take their reviews to the next level, it is only a matter of time they may get bored and do some homo stuff! Oh sh*t! I don’t think I want to read those kind of reviews! With so much f*cking to cover, I wonder if they will give us another season? Well… What controversy are we talking about?! Well… Yeah…

This series was too controversial and raunchy that there was this initial hullabaloo surrounding it. The infamous Funimation who streamed the series and after 3 episodes in, they decided to cancel it because they found out it wasn’t part of their standards. Really? After 3 episodes? They didn’t know what they were streaming? Of course they were being thrown brickbats and everything, mocked and ridiculed for their whatever double standards or no standards at all. And when you try to ban something, people want it more. For that current time, this series was already quite popular with viewers and to do something like this (all because one single idiot didn’t like it and complained, causing the ‘righteous’ company to bend its knee) and taking it down from its streaming site was just an insult and a big rip-off. Eventually, other sites streaming it also followed suit. So are we perverts doomed not getting our weekly sex reviews?! Not quite.

Luckily for us, the saviour in the name of AnimeLab decided to carry on so that we can get our weekly fix. And with that, this scandal is soon blown over and quickly forgotten. Nobody is really complaining now at this point, right? Now we fans are happy and at least somebody is making a decent penny from this. I guess it’s true that when you decide to become woke, you get broke. What a joke! Hope you learn your lesson that you can never defeat porn no matter what measures you take!!! As long as there is great demand for it out there, it will surely exist.

Though fanservice and sex galore there are aplenty throughout this series, but honestly in my personal opinion, I didn’t really get stimulated or hard on in all of those scenes. Simply because I’m not a big fan of watching sex or porn of other species! That’s racist! But seriously. Even watching the female monsters having a good time and orgasm makes me feel all weird inside. I mean, really. Think about it. Do you really want to f*ck an octopus girl? I mean, really?! DO YOU?! You have got to be some sort of an ultimate sex maniac to do it with all sorts of creatures. So like our reviewers. As long as their dicks are functioning and the other party has a vagina, it’s all green light and good to go f*ck. Otherwise, my personal view is that watching those sex scenes are just cringe, just to put it in the mildest way that I can say it.

Sure, there are other hot non-human chicks out there that resembles closely to humans such as the elves. But I’m still not totally turned on. One reason in particular is because of the art style. You see, the overall feel of the anime has this cartoonish outlook. Even so, the ‘worse’ part is that many of the female prostitutes are somewhat flabby. I don’t think the word fat is accurate to describe them but I think they’re more of flabby. Even the slim ones seem to have this sort of look. Yeah. I’m so high standards that I prefer slim chicks. So sue me! With the art and animation one kind as well as the plump and chubby looks of the female characters, I hardly ever thought of even fapping at all! Though the art style generally reminds me of another anime series, Hen Zemi, this series isn’t produced by Xebec but rather Passione (Joshikousei No Mudazukai, Citrus and High School DxD Hero).

Seeing that this series relies a lot on such sex scenes for the reviews, as expected, there is the censored version and the glorious uncensored one. I watched the former because my imagination is superior! Also, as I did mention in my previous paragraph, the weird art style was somewhat a turn off so I don’t want to give myself ‘nightmares’ watching the uncensored version. Yeah, I’m so high standards in my beauty taste. Anyway, the censored version in a way may be annoying because censors prop out to cover the necessary parts but sometimes they are big enough to cover almost the entire screen. This is evident when there are multiple naked babes on screen and the blocking of the censors just can’t make you see anything. Perhaps this is a subtle way to go tell the viewers to watch the uncensored version if you don’t want to see such annoyance. Yeah well, my imagination is still superior! You can’t beat that, haha! But certain scenes are too raunchy to be shown and hence the entire screen is blank while the words of advising us to use our imaginations to imagine such scene will be displayed on the screen. Yeah. I guess we still can’t cross the line over to porn. See, what did I tell you of having superior imagination! Sorry to disappoint if you were expecting hentai. If you still can take more, at the end of each episode, a short segment hosted by Mitsue or some dirty old professor (can I call him the Nutty Professor?) to ‘enlighten’ you on some sex techniques or just purely dirty jokes.

I noticed that there are also quite a few sex puns in the conversation. However this is only because of the English subtitle translation that I noticed. Though my Japanese vocabulary isn’t all that good, I can still pick up a few words and their conversation is mostly normal. If not, just slightly raunchy for some puns. But the English subtitles really ramped it up with their creativity with some of the lines really turned into sex puns and sexual innuendoes. You either laugh or cringe. I’m mostly the former, if you want to know. It is befitting if you think about it because lacking all those f*ck words in English considering the kind of show this is, is just unreal. I even wonder if the names of our f*ckers are derived from sex puns. Stunk = junk. Zel = gel. Kanchal = cunt. Brooz = Boobs. Crim = creampie…

Basically there is no character development at all! Hey, this show is about f*cking, why the f*ck do you care about who is getting f*cked or the one f*cking anyway???!!! So essentially, Stunk and Zel as the main characters and the backbone of the Ishuzoku Reviewers, you can call them brave or just sick perverts. They f*ck and review first so that you don’t have to go in and then later regret your actions. While their reviews are ‘helpful’, please bear in mind that this is only based on their personality and preferences. For example, Zel who is an elf is very much age conscious. So he will not f*ck anything that is over 100 years old because apparently it’s like doing in his mom and grandma. But for Stunk, as long as you look like a hot sexy babe, his penis is always ready for action. Although many of their reviews are not very contrasting, it ultimately still boils down to their preferences. So you have to read their reviews with caution and a pinch of salt before you make your judgment. What they say is good may not be good for you. If I should say, what are you sex-pectations? Haha! After all, this is somewhat very similar to movie critics and the mass audience.

And Crim… Can he be considered as a fallen angel now? Yeah, this angel is corrupted by the desires of the flesh now. By the time his halo regenerates and he is allowed to return to heaven, heck, will he be even allowed back beyond the Pearly Gates?! Crim might not be as perverted as Stunk and Zel and he is still very much a shy person when he does his reviews. Does this still make him an angel? Well, until God says so. Which brings the question of heaven into context. With so many brothels and f*cking around, you wonder if anybody in this land would be going to heaven. Perhaps the heaven here isn’t the same definition in what Christians’ heaven would be. So it would really be interesting to see if Crim can really go back to heaven at all. But even in the case he couldn’t, he could continue to stick around and f*ck more prostitutes! Oh yeah. I think he’ll choose the latter. After all, he has got the biggest dick in the mortal land! Those girls are lucky they could f*ck an angel! And don’t despair all of those going to hell. I bet there are brothels there too! Now you can actually f*ck demons instead of eternal suffering! This is so messed up.

With so many types of species and monsters in this world, it just goes to show that sex is everything. It is like an extreme rule of Rule 34. As long as a species exist, there is a possibility to just f*ck them. Hence across the land, there are brothels here, there and everywhere. Every nook and corner of the kingdom. Like as though the entire kingdom itself is a red light district. Maybe it is just superficial as we are not shown the other areas of the kingdom so we assume that everywhere is a f*ck shop. Heh. I don’t think we would even care if there is a pasty chop in the land. We just want to know if there is a prostitution service for this certain kind of species! So every mythical creature you can imagine exists right here to fulfil you carnal desires. Want to f*ck a Cyclops girl? You got it. Hyena woman? Never thought those existed but they do. Slime girls? Your ultimate fantasies come true! Fairy girls? No dick too small to handle! Zombies? Not even death can f*ck us part! Absolutely proves that sex is the universal tune that everyone can agree on. So I bet that even when you die, heaven or hell will even have brothels at your service! I wonder what are the terms and conditions to f*ck with God!!!!!!!!!!! I know I won’t be able to handle Him but if that possibility exists, you bet there are bold ones who wouldn’t even think twice to try!

I suppose to keep the variety of the reviews, the fourth member of Ishuzoku Reviewers is usually one of the minor guys. Be it Kanchal or Brooz and some appearing only once or twice like Narugami or Delivel. It would be boring to just here from the same guys all the time, right? So when is Meidri going to get done in by those guys? Haha! If that ever happens, it will only be on the deepest and darkest porn of the web. So Meidri being the most mature of the pack because she puts up with all the perverted talk those usual reviewers do but she won’t stop them from doing it because it’s none of her business. Also, they patron her bar and bring in a lot of business thanks to their reviews so I guess it’s not all that bad. So really, when will the do a review on Meidri?! Perhaps Queen Meidri doing BDSM seems to likeliest…

The opening theme, Ikouze Paradise by the trio of Stunk, Zel and Crim… Wow, it sounds so much like Village People’s YMCA! Or at least, In The Navy or Go West. I guess these are their better hits than Sex Over The Phone. But anyway, the tune is catchy enough and filled with lots of sexual innuendoes to make you want to sing and dance along. Though, not necessarily getting your libido up or bust a nut because in my case, you already know why. Young man, there’s no need to feel down/ I said young man, just take a look around/ I said young man, pick the best girl in town/ There’s no need to be unhappy! The same trio sing the main ending theme, Hanabira Ondo which sounds like a traditional festival song but infused with more sex innuendoes into its lyrics. Then they ramp up the sexiness with disco, rap and hip hop fusion. Sexy weird?

Overall, this anime is definitely unique and making the conversation for all the right and wrong reasons. If you don’t like sex in your entertainment, definitely you’re going to scream your head till it explode and it’ll be so before you even finish the first episode. Otherwise, this ecchi masterpiece is just for pure entertainment and enlightenment on what it’s like to have sex with everything else that moves under the sun. Or lurks in the shadows. Sure it’s weird but sex itself is weird. We’re all here to have a good time, right? This anime doesn’t disappoint in that sense if you have an open mind (and libido). Though I have to admit that I do have interest in sex but I’m not that sex crazy so I’m going to pass and not even think of f*cking the other species. Because hot sexy human female teens are my only type. That’s racist! Okay. Whatever. As long as I like it. But where can I find those hot singles near my area who wants to hook up with me?! So I give this series a 6 out of 10. Not because of the sex reviews. Rather, the sex puns that I can learn and use for as cheesy pickup lines. Or not. So enough reading reviews already. Get up and go bust a nut today!


April 17, 2020

At first I thought it was going to be a normal ecchi romantic comedy series between childhood friends who act like siblings but aren’t blood related. It didn’t even occur to me that instant then that after reading the synopsis how their passion will ‘overflow’ after a weird encounter in the toilet and how this young romantic comedy will not let us say it is over, that this would be one of those mini pseudo hentai of the season. Even the poster of the main characters putting their asses together didn’t make me think so. Probably I wasn’t horny then. Only a while later as I reread it all again just to make sure I’m getting it right, it is then Overflow struck me as those sleazy hentai short. I guess the floodgates are all open wide. Let all the horny stuffs overflow the gutter of the mind!

Episode 1
Must be nice for childhood friends to live together, huh? Oh yeah. The Shirakawa sisters, Ayane and Kotone showing off how great their boobs are. Lucky boy, Kazushi Sudou returns but gets scolded by Ayane for not getting the message of buying the pudding she needs. He then heads in to take a bath but Ayane is also not pleased. She has prepared her expensive salt bath and he just dumped his ass in there like that? He dares them to bath with him. Challenge accepted! Yeah, they come prepared wearing their swimsuits underneath. Since Ayane ‘chickens out’, she lets Kotone dip in first. Kazushi using this weird excuse to grope Kotone and don’t tell me Ayane who is washing herself didn’t notice this going on?! When Ayane dips in together in this already tight tub, Kazushi’s dick enters Kotone’s pussy. For some reason, Ayane thinks this is no fun and lets them bath together first and she’ll come back later. This is the flimsy excuse to get Kazushi horny so he f*cks Kotone hard. Bet it was a good bath. Don’t taint the expensive salt bath with your semen! But just after they finished, impatient Ayane comes in. You guys are taking too long…

Episode 2
Fortunately, she goes away after hearing that they’re not done yet. Phew. That night as they sleep, Kazushi somewhat feels guilty for what he has done to Kotone?! Blame your wrong head for doing the thinking. He wants to apologize and according to porn logic, how do you do that? You f*ck her some more!!! Uh huh. Blame Kotone for having such sexy bootylicious body. Then he realizes this is Ayane! Oh sh*t! He f*cked up this one!!! Normally in this situation, you usually back down and try to give sh*t tons of excuses. But what does porn logic dictate for Kazushi? Go all the way and f*ck her!!! And so with her cute moaning and the way she allows him to play her nipples, I guess she has to keep quiet in order not to wake her sister as this f*cker rapes her in bed. Then full mode penetration until he cums. Hope he doesn’t wet the bed with his semen. I guess she gives him the most annoyed looking face after sex. But it’s all worth it after f*cking her like that. Uh huh. Her punch is also worth it all. And best of all Kotone didn’t find out because she is still deep asleep. Goddamn this guy is so lucky.

Episode 3
Oh dear. Kazushi feeling guilty again? Better stop f*cking girls if you don’t want to feel like this! Naturally it gets awkward when he is with Ayane. Probably it is his fault that she is skipping school and going home at this hour. A guy’s worst fear when she asks him why he did that last night. No more excuses for him. He apologizes but before he could proceed, she forgives him. So calling her cute gave him a free pass? And what do you know? Lesson not learnt. This activates Kazushi’s horniness. Yeah baby, let’s do it one more time. Even more so when Ayane is the one who asks him to continue from last night! You betcha! After kissing her, he goes deep inside her before climaxing. Oh yeah. The best ever. You’d think there is something wrong with Ayane after sex when she is acting all weird. But Kazushi was probably too dense to figure it out then. Because he never saw her again after that. Oh sh*t… Don’t make it sound so dramatic, please…

Episode 4
Ayane won’t even reply or answer his calls. This is serious. Even Kotone thinks he did something to make her mad. But who cares? As long as Kotone is here, still got a pussy to f*ck. And she is here to do some lesson reviews. Probably maths got boring she gets up close to him and starts kissing him. Is this part of the lesson?! Kazushi realizes she ate some chocolates with alcohol. Why is it that girls who get drunk become horny? Porn logic dictates that you go with the flow and f*ck her! So they get naked and start the show with this 69 play. Best maths number for sex! Once they’re done, it’s back to basic multiplication AKA fornication for them. I’m sure they pass this physical education with flying colours. Like how his semen is flying everywhere! HAHAHA!!! So this sex might just be a bait to get him to come to their school this weekend for the sports festival. Because Kotone really wants him to make up with Ayane. Oh well. Can’t say no after she’s given you her body.

Episode 5
So Kazushi did meet Ayane at the festival. But of course she ignores him and when he wants to talk, she goes away doing something else. After her cheerleading stint, Kazushi really needs to talk to her so he forces her to talk alone at the girls’ changing room. Of all places… So about that cold shoulder you’re giving me… Actually, Ayane was just too embarrassed to face him after their f*cking. Yup. She’s not mad at him. What a relief! He pats her head and hopes she could come by sometimes. It’s lonely without her. That really turned on the mood. Fast. The quickest make up would have turned into a make out had not the other girls return to change. So naturally they hide in the locker. Instead of silently waiting for the storm to pass, Kazushi starts molesting her! You trying to give us away?! That’s all up to you! Thank goodness the girls left in time before Ayane let out her passionate scream. Because the locker is too cramped for sex, it’s a good idea to lock the doors before having real sex. And so they can f*ck all they want before the next event. The sports festival, that is. Not whatever their next sex act! And do clean up the floor and not let your semen stain it, okay?

Episode 6
The sports day continues with Kotone in the scavenger hunt. Well, looks like she’s in luck. She needs to find an onii-chan. And with that, she wins the race! Probably this gives her the courage to go talk to him alone in the classroom. Uh oh. I can see where this is going. She wants to let him know how she really feels. I knew it. Ayane’s face flashes through Kazushi’s face. Before he has got time for some guilt trip, Kotone says she wants to be by his side. She doesn’t mind if Ayane is his number one because she can settle for second place. That’s why she wants him to look at her just for this moment. Ah, damn porn logic. There’s your cue for them to f*ck. Holy sh*t, after that foreplaying, Kazushi cums and I thought it was over. Because now is the penetration part as he f*cks he deep and she is lovin’ it. Yeah, he cums again. No wonder she’s so happy. Don’t take too long because Ayane is waiting for you both and it’s getting hot. Well, not passionately hot. The sun’s freaking hot… Can’t she just wait in the shade? PS: How many times can Kazushi cum?! Last episode was the same day, you know…

Episode 7
Ayane wants to make breakfast for him. Sure. Why not? Kazushi probably didn’t expect early in the morning as he wakes up to see Ayane in a naked apron. Is this the breakfast? Bon appetite! So apparently Ayane got this idea because her nosy friend suggested it would be good in wooing men. You damn right it is. At least for this genre. And hungry Kazushi is even asking permission to eat, uhm, I mean f*ck her. Go ahead. And here’s your sex act today. Then he bites a love mark on her tits so as to leave a proof that she belongs to him. Weird and creepy if you ask me. Both eventually orgasm and they’re so satisfied. I hope they have space for lunch. And dessert. When Kotone returns, no luck in catching them in the act. They’re back in their clothes but acting all embarrassed. But does Kotone know what happened? Anyhow, she’s glad. Please don’t tell me she’s the dessert…

Episode 8
Pool episode! This means swimsuits! Oh Kazushi. You’re ogling at how hot the sisters are, right? Oh Ayane, don’t get mad when he stares at you like that but at the same time you scorn him for his fashion sense when he says it is too revealing? Can we save this for later and go have some fun in the pool. Lots of fun indeed until the god of naughtiness decides to do some nipslip on Kotone. Yeah. Her top came off. I don’t know why Ayane has to go look for a new one for her. Wasn’t her top just floating there? Or it got disintegrated when no breasts fill it for a few seconds?! There’s literally nobody in this unpopular pool park! So anyway, Kazushi takes Kotone to hide at some storeroom. Bet your hands must be tired covering those boobs like that. Here. Let me hold them for you. And in the meantime, let’s make out. Oh yeah! Best pool episode ever? Everyone is happy on the way back. I’m sure we know who had the most fun. And as always, Kazushi being the ‘smart’ guy he is, knows that his depraved days with the sisters will not end soon. Sure, but I think we already had our fill.

My Cock Runneth Over…
I guess it is really over then. At least as far as this anime is concerned. Nothing much. Just your usual life goes on for them. Or rather, the f*cking goes on for this weird family unit. If I should call it that. Imagine it all started in the toilet and then it just blossomed like that. They’ve upgraded from doing weird sex stuff in the toilet in just about doing anywhere else, huh? Oh well, got to keep the passionate flame of horniness going and overflowing. Also, got to keep 2 tit monster b*tches satisfied. Kazushi is one really busy man.

And as you can see, there is actually no real plot here whatsoever. Heh. Which porn setting has a real plot anyway? But if you take a look at this one in particular, it really is very lacking. Nothing at all. So much so you can say the story is about childhood friends awakening to their sexual romp with each other. That’s basically it. No wonder there were only 8 episodes. I suppose it is a new trend now for pseudo hentai anime. It could have been literally anything. Current colleagues, former colleagues, long lost friends, etc. But I suppose the childhood friend trope is easier to deal with because you already have that shared bond. Hence easier to twist it and use it as a plot to f*ck. Otherwise the story is so general that the only ‘drama’ is the quarrel between Kazushi and Ayane. Therefore the twisted reasoning how they will f*ck to reconcile. I know. Porn logic. Don’t ask.

Characters… So meh. So generic. So boring. Kazushi is a college kid. Makes him a bit older so it looks legit if he starts f*cking his childhood friends who are a year or two his junior. Because of porn logic, this guy is so generic and thinks with his penis. Can’t blame him. He is at that age where it is natural to think about all those kinds of stuffs with the opposite gender. And with the sisters being so busty and sexy, this ‘aggravates’ his horny side. Yeah, you’d be a fool not to take advantage of them seeing that they also have their ‘permission’. How nice it is to have 2 girls by your side whom you can take turns and f*ck. Variety is the spice of life, they say. Good for him. F*cking a different girl a different day makes his dick stay healthy always! HAHAHA! Ayane the tsundere and Kotone the meeker one who doesn’t mind being number 2. There is always that girl in a harem who prefers to stay as the role of a concubine. Because of that, the moral dilemma being posed to Kazushi whom he should prefer. He likes Ayane but with Kotone so willingly like that, is there anywhere in the rulebook that says he can’t have both as his main? And… WHAT MORAL DILEMMA?! Just f*ck everything! F*ck, f*ck and f*ck them all!!! Oh yeah. Keep spilling those love juices of yours, Kazushi.

Is it me or did I notice that the mosaic censors for the porn scenes are somewhat lesser compared to previous pseudo porn animes? Yes, there is still the mosaic censor but this time the dick and pussies can be seen ‘clearer’. Or is my imagination that sharp that I am starting to see things?! After a couple of years censoring these parts out, they might have brainwashed us to think that this is pretty normal. The mosaic censors bit by bit lessen out as each season passes. By next season, the mosaic censors may not be even there. And we’ll get a full view of dick and vaginas. I don’t think it will happen otherwise the show itself can’t be shown outright and have to be aired via underground hentai channels.

On a trivial note, I think old veteran anime fans will notice this. Doesn’t the voice of Kotone sound a lot like Ilya of the Fate series?! Oh my God! Yes it is her!!! YES IT IS!!! That’s the voice of Mai Kadowaki! But wait. The credits listed Anzu Mitsu as the voice of Kotone. True. But that is Mai Kadowaki’s moniker when she is voicing shady adult stuffs. Because of her distinct voice and role as Ilya, every time I hear Kotone talk, I can’t help envision that it is Ilya. Even more so when she gets f*cked. OMFG!!! I can’t take my mind off this! I’m not really an Ilya fan or a lolicon but each time I hear her voice moan and groan like that, I just cannot shake off the vision that this is Ilya being f*cked!!! Oh sh*t!!! It will probably be worse if I close my eyes because I fear I might see clearly Ilya in my head then. It really feels weird after all the sex act is dusted and done. The thought that it was Ilya and not Kotone getting defiled really messes up with my mind. It goes to show how distinctive her voice is and that it could really ruin and shock you if you are not really strong enough and prepare to steel your heart to hear a decent seiyuu doing such indecent voice acting work. It’s like as though she doesn’t really want to try and hide that Ilya voice and wants to make us feel guilty and weird. The ‘punishment’ for all you perverts out there because it is our own minds now that is the biggest culprit that has sullied Ilya’s innocence. Damn. This is going to take a while for me to get over Ilya being f*cked…

Overall, this is not the worst pseudo anime porn out there and is definitely below average. Nothing really special. I thought they would put a uniformed man as the feature for this season like how a fireman and prison warden got its spotlight but I guess they might want to save other professions for future seasons. Worse, it isn’t as funny (in terms of porn logic) as I thought it would be compared to all the previous mini hentai like this that I’ve watched. Even worse, still can’t shake off that feeling that Ilya’s voice was behind Kotone’s character. This is what happens if the German loli aristocrat won the Holy Grail war and wished herself to be grown up and busty and Shirou getting all horny with her. Yikes. I like it how all my horny creative juice is overflowing and having me spew out crappy and cheesy nonsense at this point. Don’t expect all this to stop any time soon because porn and horniness flow forever eternally like an endless stream, never ever drying up. I guess they’re right when they say they won’t let us say “It’s over!”.

XL Joushi

January 10, 2020

OMG. Finally a theme that befits its porn setting. Seasons in, seasons out, we have pseudo short anime porn that usually involve themes surrounding men in different jobs or uniforms. But now with XL Joushi, the main theme is not that but condoms and a huge dick. Yes, you read that right. Those thin rubber sheath used by men in sex and a guy who possesses a big penis. Nothing gets as direct as these. And if you still need a storyline to connect condoms and the big dick, well, porn logic here you get. Some office lady needs cash and the best way is to review XL size condoms. Because yeah, at least you don’t have to dirty your own body and earn less without selling your body. And you might think how the f*ck can she test condoms without a dick? Ah, herald her male colleague who supposedly has an XL size dick… Now do you see where this is going? Why do I have a feeling that she too will become the test subject?

Episode 1
Saki Watase thought her much awaited package has arrived. WTF?! A box of XL condoms?! Stupid wrong delivery! As she drinks alone and complaining about this, her arrogant colleague, Keisuke Sudou joins in. Seems Sudou likes to lecture her on things too. But Watase gets drunk and complains how she wants to marry and settle down. Sudou brings her home only to find condoms everywhere! Boy, it’s going to be hard to explain she isn’t that desperate to snag a man! She tells the truth and what is the best way to test these condoms? Yeah… But does anyone have that dick size? Sudou claims he has! He is going to test it now! And so this is where the porn starts. Sudou molesting Watase so that he could get turned on and show us his (mosaic) erect dick. Wow. So big! Yeah, even the XL condom feels a bit tight?! Time to finish this. Finish her! Yup, penetration sex time. Oh Watase, that was great, right? Sudou leaves and takes the condoms with him. Can’t have her test it out with other men, right? And yes, he is going to test them out and give his opinion. Every one of them. Be prepared for an adventure of a lifetime…

Episode 2
Watase does her presentation well. But some sexist male thinks otherwise just because she is a woman. Of course Sudou stands up for her and tells the old f*cker to back down and accept it. Later Watase thanks him for it when some random guy bumps into her and sends her phone ringing. She tries to pick it up from her messy handbag. Well, it’s not her handphone. It’s he vibrator!!! WTF???!!! Is she intent on testing this?! Sudou thinks she is in heat and the best to solve this is to eat. You mean eat pussy? Okay! After dinner (the one with food), Watase asks Sudou to hand back the condoms because she wants to return it. No can do. Customer feedback is very important. Yeah, he wants to participate in this XL club. XL what? Time to eat desserts. Instantly they make out. I guess she’s feeling so good that she didn’t even bother to stop this nonsense. Of course they test out another condom for its lubricant. This girl so wet I don’t think any lubricant is needed. Here comes the penetration train! Wow. So good his dick inside him that she cums multiple times.

Episode 3
You mean Sudou f*cked her so hard that she can’t remember what happened after that?! She then hears Sudou talking to the boss who accepts his proposal. However she wants to assign him to a new team for it to work. But Sudou wants Watase to remain in the team and mentions all about her good points (good thing he left out how good her pussy was too! HAHA!). Boss accepts and the moment she mentions about his arranged meeting, damn Watase just got disheartened and runs away? Yeah, Sudou suspects somebody was eavesdropping because who the f*ck would drop coffee in front of the door just like that?! So back home a sad Watase is going to test the condom on herself? Oh, so that’s how she’s going to do it. But the condom over the vibrator and… Suddenly Sudou barges in. Don’t do this! You can tell she is sad over his arranged meeting because she tells him she will do the product review herself so he can do it with the new woman. Sorry to break it to you, girl. Sudou mentions he rejected his boss’ arranged meeting too. You know why? Because he is in love with you! And when he says the vibrator is no match for his real dick, why the f*ck does Watase feel so relieved and happy? I guess they waste no time in feeling each other and test this strawberry flavoured condom. Uh huh. Watase’s favourite flavour. First blowjob ever! And then he wants a piece of it too so it’s 69 position for them. After Sudou cums, his dick still so big. That’s because he still can go on for another round as he tests out this ultra thin condom. I suppose we need to have penetrative sex too. Working overtime, huh? And Watase commenting on his dick, so big, so wrong, so good… What else is there to review?

Episode 4
Watase receives an invitation from the company who makes the condoms to a conference. You bet Sudou wants to attend. Yeah, Watase getting freaked out seeing all the men here. They must really have large dicks!!! As she waits alone, Riku Narita starts to hit on her. He is supposed to come here with his girlfriend but just got dumped. Watase is uncomfortable but Narita won’t let her go. Yeah, he too has an XL dick and has her touch it! After all, it is no secret that everyone here has a big dick and tested out the XL condoms. So Watase must have tested it out on her ‘boyfriend’, right? His hands are all over her and good thing Sudou is within earshot of hearing her scream. Hence he confronts Narita and warns him to not touch other people’s girl. Thank goodness no violence. However jealous Sudou brings Watase to the toilet and when he learns she touched Narita’s dick, he is going to make sure that his dick is the true XL! HAHAHA!!! WTF???!!! Cue for him to rape her and what luck, he’s got a sample condom with him. A couple of guys come in (including Narita) so keep the noise down while you’re f*cking. It’s a miracle they’re having sex quiet enough seeing that his freaking huge dick is penetrating her to the max! Of course Narita is aware of certain strange sounds coming from the cubicle. Sudou finishes her! Narita just smirks!

Episode 5
You bet Sudou doesn’t want to come to this sort of conference again. Watase can’t agree more. And then this Narita guy just barges into their conversation and tries to hit on Watase like as though Sudou isn’t there. And when Sudou put his foot down, Narita claims he has a nice voice and they should settle it via karaoke. WTF Sudou agrees?! I don’t want to hear these guys sing and the only ‘music’ I wanna hear is Watase’s orgasmic moaning!!! HAHAHA!!! With Watase being close with Narita, you bet Sudou isn’t happy. So while they argue, Narita tries to spike Watase’s drink. Unfortunately it is Sudou who drinks it! Narita realizes he has screwed up and leaves. When Sudou starts to feel horny (OMFG! THAT BULGE!!!!), Watase realizes an empty bottle of some aphrodisiac from the conference. Yeah, they give those out too? Watase brings Sudou home. And that moment, his horniness takes off so he f*cks her. It can’t be that Sudou finishes so fast, right? Yup, second round! And more rounds to come because we see him use up several condoms!!! OMFG! How many condoms does it take to satisfy this monster???!!! Even Watase thinks she is going to die at this rate!!! Death by snu-snu???!! Her ass must be a crater right now! Maybe she’s already dead and halfway to heaven! Haha! Finally when the condoms run out, finally he cums. Just in time. In the aftermath, Sudou teases that he won’t use any sort of aphrodisiac any more. Because his huge dick is big enough to satisfy! So true! Oh Watase, you’re so dead…

Episode 6
Sudou walks into the hotspring and… All the guys are exclaiming how big his dick is!!! OMFG! Is he really Japanese?! Are they implying the standard Japanese size is way smaller than that?! Sudou and Watase are at the hotspring when Narita hugs her from behind and continues to flirt! This guy really didn’t learn his lesson. Watase doesn’t appreciate this so Sudou steps up to protect her. Since Narita won’t give up, he proposes a ping pong challenge. Too bad it is abruptly interrupted when his own girlfriend comes to take him away! What a jerk! Back in the room, Watase asks a stupid question that will of course lead to the obvious. Why invite her to the hotspring? It is only right to rest and relax after hard work. So Sudou is going to make her body feel relaxed. I can see where this is going… He first starts with an ordinary massage. And then it becomes not so ordinary with his hands all over her sensitive areas. And then here comes the big one! I hope they don’t taint the hotspring with his semen… In the aftermath, Watase is asleep and I hope he didn’t f*ck her till she tires out! Yeah, defeats the point of coming to this hotspring, no?!

Episode 7
Damn, Watase freaking out at Sudou’s morning wood. He calls it Morning XL!!! WTF?! Thinking she is interested, he lets her touch it and it quickly escalates to them having sex. Wow. Already f*cking when it’s this early in the morning? I guess it’s okay if Watase feels good. As they walk around town, they see Narita’s girlfriend arguing with him and then dumping him. You know they don’t want to get involve and walk away but instantly Narita spots them and quickly flirts with Watase. WTF???!!! Of course Sudou won’t allow that. He takes her away as Watase notices lots of young women staring at Sudou. Stupid girl, don’t you start overthinking and comparing your plain self to them… Because of that, she loses Sudou and bumps into Narita again. Damn, this guy is persistent, huh? Watase tries to dismiss him as he is not her type. So what is her type? She tries to describe Sudou’s good points. Really? That is Sudou? Narita doesn’t believe it since guys with big dicks go around f*cking people. You can tell Watase is shocked to hear that despite trying to put up a fake front she doesn’t believe him. And then Sudou returns with a couple of young ladies. Apparently he tried to help them who are lost. I’m thinking they’re just pretending to be lost just so as to hang out with him. Look at their big smiley faces… Because of that, stupid Watase now believes Narita’s words. In short, she tells him she doesn’t need him anymore and runs away in tears. What’s that about him that f*ck everything that moves?! Like, WTF?! And Narita has the last laugh, telling Sudou how Watase’s type of guy is honest but he doesn’t seem all that honest. Yeah, I mean, the only thing that has been 100% honest all this while is his dick, RIGHT???!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Episode 8
Watase is depressed so this is an excuse for her to drink till she is drunk. She passes out but somebody carries her back to a room. She thinks it is Sudou but it’s actually Narita! This guy thinks of f*cking her with his XL but then he hears her mumble how sorry she is to Sudou. Yeah, I guess that killed the mood. When Watase sobers up, Narita lets her go but look who is at the door? Sudou! Narita tries to create trouble by saying his dick satisfy Watase more! Yeah, the guys asking whose dick she likes best! WTF?! She can’t say but she certainly did say she likes Sudou! That’s it, Narita. Your rejection. Let her go. Back in his room, Sudou apologizes and admits he isn’t an honest person just like Narita said. Then he hugs her and confesses he has liked her for a long time and only acted so because he thought she hated him. Really? I’m not surprised any girl would hate you if you keep f*cking her like that! I don’t think f*cking a girl without her permission all the time constitutes to apology, but whatever. Shockingly, she kisses him (on the lips, silly). After all that he’s done to her, you think she cares this will give the wrong impression? Though she can’t say she likes his dick, what she can say is that she likes him as a person. WTF his dick felt sad and started limping???!!! WTF???!!! SINCE WHEN DO DICKS HAVE FEELINGS????!!!!! Oh right. I understand. It’s the dick that made Watase feel good! Not Sudou, right?! And so they make out. Promoted from XL superior XL boyfriend. Yup, soon XL husband. With Sudou f*cking her hard, I guess that’s why Watase changes her stance. Yup, she also likes his XL dick. Oh yeah. Might as well. There’s a lot more where it came from.

Size Does Matter: The Bigger They Are, The Harder They F*ck!
Heh. She survived all that, eh? In the end, does Watase loves Sudou more or his super huge dick better?! That’s a no brainer eventually because she has to love the whole package! Haha! After all that incessant deep penetration, it probably fried some of Watase’s brain cells because now they are in love with each other and thus this gives Sudou a free pass to continue sticking it in her as he pleases. Now Watase loves him back. Goal achieved. Eternal f*cking can begin. The end. Imagine how a big dick can help develop such a loving relationship… HAHAHAHAHA!!! Sudou, be thankful to your little big guy for getting this relationship where it is today! And oh, I guess they don’t need that condom excuse to f*ck anymore, huh? Now every f*ck is not just a test. It’s real love now. Yeah…

I’ve seen so many of such fake porn shorts that I don’t know what else to say. You don’t really question the porn logic anymore and just go with the flow. Because for the umpteenth time, for this kind of story to work, the ultimate porn logic that the woman must enjoy and orgasm every time she gets f*cked. It is the only reason why she allows the man to f*ck her again and again and again and again. They also make her weak willed because that is also the reason that would make her decide to let the man have intercourse with her again and again and again and again. This is why when you have women like Watase having inner thoughts realizing that she would become a slut this way, she becomes confused in keeping he dignity or get a free pass in continuously feeling good. In the meantime, Sudou just keeps f*cking her. Until the next drama that puts this whole f*cking thing on the line.

That is the purpose of having third wheeler Narita in this relationship. Otherwise he would be just redundant. Because of his XL size too, he is like Sudou’s competitor. Hence Sudou has to thread and think carefully or he would lose his woman to another guy with the same rare goods. You think Narita is cool? He gives off this feel that he is more of a jerk than anything because of his shameless attempts to flirt with Watase. I bet the reason why his girlfriend dumped him was because she can’t take it anymore, his huge penetration is hurting all her holes! HAHAHA!!! Oops… But I think Narita is also taking advantage of Watase because anybody can see it is so obviously written on her face that she is a confused woman. Nothing blows away all those worries (temporarily) by having a big dick coming inside you! Hey, don’t blame me. Blame porn logic at its finest! Well, in a way it is a good thing that Watase chose Sudou (obviously) and hence Narita is a double loser for losing his girlfriend and now Watase. Nobody wants your XL, you loser. Oh well, what’s a guy and his big lonely dick got to do with each other? I’ll leave that up to your imagination…

And they need to ramp up the drama and finally confirm Watase’s feelings for him because that shoehorned setting that Sudou is really a looker and has the attraction of other women’s attention (heh, wait till they see his huge goods, that will make them think twice). I understand she’s worried. Worried that she is no longer monopolizing his XL!!! HAHAHA!!! Oops… Maybe after all the constant orgasms and feel good moments with his dick has clouded her judgment. And in the end, I still don’t think that the actual true love ruled the day. It is still more of lust. So keep f*cking, you happy sex maniacs in the name of love.

The other ‘big star’ of this series is of course no other than Sudou’s dick. Of course it is definitely mosaic out but I am sure of all the anime (mosaic) dicks I have ‘seen’, his takes the cake. The biggest of the lot. We are so used to seeing female characters having such huge monster tits that we don’t bat an eyelid. But then when we see this XL cock monster, well, it does sure give that weird feeling. And the company that manufactures those XL condoms, I wonder if they really want to penetrate (pun intended) the Japanese market. Because you know, your average Japanese men don’t have even L size dicks… HAHAHA!!! But seeing the response from that condom conference, damn, you sure this is Japan?! Sure you’re not exporting to western countries? Because if Japanese guys here already have XL size dicks, maybe the American counterparts have XXXL size penis!!! OMFG!!! You are truly f*cked then! And seriously people, a single woman trying to test XL men’s condoms on herself? Like, that’s the worst no brainer plot ever.

I’m sure I can make a lot more jokes about Sudou’s dick smashing Watase’s pussy until it becomes loose or like a moon crater but just thinking about it, I sometimes feel a little pain in my crotch for her. Because you know, Sudou’s penis is so huge, it is just a miracle wonder how he manages to fit inside her tight vagina and make her cum all the time. Don’t tell me her vagina is stretchable. She’s no Elastic Girl or Mr Incredible, you know. I worry that her pussy will be ripped and torn to shreds and by that time it will no longer be porn but horror porn. Yikes. Don’t want to go there. Not really into that. So yeah, it doesn’t matter how big your dick is, it’s how you finish her and make her feel good inside that counts! Hey, she is still alive every time she gets smashed so I guess that’s a good sign? But still, it is amazing that after Sudou’s extra large penis has been inside of Watase so many times, perhaps her pussy has really gotten used to it all. Porn logic at its finest as always… Now that I’ve seen everything that penises have feelings too, now I understand why porn stars always praise a guy’s dick… Always be kind to that little big guy to get it up. Yeah…

Do you know what the most epic thing about this series is? No, aside Sudou’s huge dick, the ending thing is just epic in its own right. XL BO$$ is so aptly named as well as its lyrics are just classic. Yup, Sudou singing about his ‘goods’. Forget about Magic Mike, let Sudou charm you with this hip hop and rock masterpiece. I am sure this song would also fit right in for male strippers doing their usual rounds. Such charm. If you didn’t get turn on while watching all the f*cking in this series, I’m sure this song would at least bring a smile to your face and make you in the mood. Not saying that it could top Barry White’s sexy songs or make you rush and go make out, but it’ll make your day. Just listen to it. Yup, “XL, XL, I can’t stop them anymore XL”… Can’t get any truer than that.

Overall, just another season of average pseudo anime porn. It follows the same formula like others before. Silly porn logic setting that leads to f*cking that eventually leads to the one true love. At least, porn’s version of what is called love anyway. Anyhow, I had a good laugh at how the big dick has authority over the pussy here. Hahaha! True! I doubt this series is going to see a spike in sales of condoms or even Viagra but seeing how you can never get rid of porn as long as there are humans (horniness is just part of our nature), well, at least you can f*ck responsibly by using a condom. Help stop breed future Darwin Award recipients by using a condom today!

N/B: It’s okay and cool to have a big dick but not cool to be a dick!

Is your crotch itching right now? Studies show that men often think a lot more of sex per day on average. Even it shows so, that doesn’t mean that women do not think of the same. Thinking less about sex doesn’t mean that they don’t think at all. After all, we’re just humans and it is just plain human nature to think about sex, right? Yeah, we’re all just walking horny beasts. Anyway, when you’re that age hitting puberty, thoughts of sex especially about the opposite gender would most probably skyrocket. Hence Araburu Kisetsu No Otome-domo Yo is a story about a group of young high school girls curious on the topic of love and sex. Not to say they are horny and wet as f*ck, but there are some things that you just can’t (ironically) decently learn in school and textbooks. Navigating and fumbling their way through love and lust would probably lead to a lot of weird and bizarre situations and moments but nothing beats hands on experience learning, right? Sort of.

Episode 1
The literature club girls are reading passages from an erotic novel. Sure this is not a sex club disguised as a pseudo literature club? The only popular girl in club among the boys is Niina Sugawara. President Rika Sonezaki seems like a stuck up b*tch, Hitoha Kongou gives off this mysterious aura while Kazusa Onodera and Momoko Sudou are just plain. Really plain. Kazusa has a neighbour and childhood friend, Izumi Norimoto whom is very popular among girls. Because of this relatively closeness, other jealous girls badmouth behind Kazusa’s back that she hogs Izumi. Kazusa continues to have trouble as she discovers new erotic meanings and terms used in sex. I guess now she knows what deflowering means… As the literature club girls discuss another new released book of an author, suddenly Niina announces she wants to have sex. I mean, she really wants sex. The D. True penetration! What’s the rush? You still have a long life ahead, no? What do you mean you don’t have much time left???!!! Kazusa seeks some explanation but she’s even pretty enigmatic about that. This greatly affects Rika a lot so when she overhears some girls talking about doing it with some boys, she blows her top. Naturally the bad girls dare fight her but the boys put an end to this. No use fighting over someone who isn’t pretty. This leaves Rika red faced. Until Shun Amagi says otherwise. He thinks she is pretty but everyone else thinks he is joking. This makes Rika wondering if he is making fun of her. Back to Kazusa, now she hears girls wanting to steal Izumi’s virginity. That evening, mom send her over to deliver some food to him. Nobody’s home? But the door is unlock. Ojama shimasu. Some light and weird noises coming out from Izumi’s room. The moment she opens the door… OMFG!!! Izumi watching porn!!! WITH HIS PANTS DOWN!!! Don’t panic. Coolly put your pants back on. Coolly turn off the video. Coolly say please keep this a secret… Unfortunately Kazusa goes berserk as she darts out of his home. I guess there is only so much she could take. She runs through town and sees every damn signboard as some sort of sexual innuendo! So what is it that she is so afraid? She thinks it won’t fit?! But she starts crying over this. She cannot bear the thought of sex taking over her life. Welcome to a man’s mind…

Episode 2
Kazusa spots a guy trying to hit on Niina. Niina then sends a message to her seeking her help. So this creep of course is trying to get in her pants when Niina introduces Kazusa as the biggest slut in the group. She acts according to script and yells out loud about her itching crotch! Sure scared the hell out of that guy. Later Niina explains that because she is naturally pretty, guys often look at her in a sexual way. Hence a friend in an acting troupe taught her ways on how to go about this. She still sounds enigmatic about why she would die young. Is she referring to her youthful looks? Back home, Kazusa wants to talk to dad about boys. Too bad dad is more interested in trying to order pizza! WTF?! Oh yeah. He’s a real man for sure… But Izumi is here and he wants to talk. No progress. He hopes she would forget what she saw. Meanwhile Hitoha is being told by her editor to write something erotica. Not porn. Something erotic. Otherwise he would look for other girls who would be dying to get in her shoes. This leaves Hitoha in a bitter taste. Rika has a mishap during gym as she knocks her crotch on the horse. Vault. This has everyone laughing at her she broke her hymen. She runs away embarrassed and while washing up herself, Amagi comes to talk to her. But she still finds it embarrassing when he finds her beautiful and all. Later Rika comes up with banned words that has sexual connotations. It looks more like some bad sex puns…And then the title of Suffering of Erotica Experience somehow shortened to… SEX! Damn, they’re naturally good? Kazusa sees a girl trying to confess to Izumi. Eavesdropping, it’s a good thing he turned her down but unfortunately he didn’t finish it off since he says he doesn’t have someone he likes so that girl uses this opportunity to have him think and change his mind whenever. So when Kazusa confronts him about this, a big argument ensues. She can’t say that sex word so he is unsure of what she’s accusing him of. More woes for the literature club as the principal and his vice march in to threaten to shut down the club. They received complaints about them reading vulgar material out loud. Hey, literature is art! But the worst offence is that they have no advisor. You mean not a decent teacher wants to be the advisor of the literature club? Kazusa is most affected as this club means everything to her. But Niina also knows another reason she is crying. She asks her if she wants to do it with Izumi. Not sure? She rephrases it if there was a person whom she must have sex with to save the world, who would it be? Without hesitation, she answers Izumi. That only means she is in love with him. Problem solved. Can I assume those are tears of joy?

Episode 3
When Hitoha sees a book released at the store, she storms out furious. She calls her editor about not telling her on going with another author. He claims her works are like total fantasy and unrealistic. Because of that, Hitoha is frustrated and feeling the need for experience, the person whom she has always been chatting online with, she wants to have sex with him. In real life! Izumi talks to Niina as she was the one who recorded his confession to that girl and wants her to delete that video. However she deflects the question and ask him about the person whom he would love to have sex with. He doesn’t give a definite answer so she tells him that girls also think about sex. Even Kazusa. Meanwhile the rest are going around asking teachers to be their advisor. You mean it is that bad that nobody really wants to be it? One day, Kazusa is tasked to bring something to Izumi’s house again. In his room, she notices an old kiddie video they used to watch together. Only… This time this is where he hides is porn Blu-ray disc!!! Hitoha goes to meet the supposed person. Hmm… Looks a bit familiar. Isn’t he that nerdy pathetic teacher in their school, Tomoaki Yamagishi? He runs away the moment he spots her and manages to give her the slip. Izumi realizes his favourite porn disc is missing. Oh no. Couldn’t it be… As the literature club is moments away from being disbandment, Hitoha then brings Yamagishi who agrees to be their advisor. Saved. Who’d knew blackmail would be such a great tactic. Yamagishi reluctantly attends the literature club’s activities but he also gives off decent analysis about the texts they read. He is after all a teacher of language arts. That night, Kazusa tries to sneak back the disc when nobody is home. Then she realizes the porn scene is on the bus than on a train. She remembers Izumi loves trains so much that he cares not to taint it. I’m not sure about this logic but yeah, whatever. Just when Kazusa is glad that he hasn’t changed, here comes Izumi. He tries to make it clear and admits despite he thinks about those stuffs, he never once thought of doing it with anybody. Anybody. Oh dear. Wrong word too. Because now Kazusa is sad thinking he never really wanted to have sex with her. Those aren’t tears of joy definitely. She runs away. He tries to catch her. They fall. Ambiguous position. Then it’s like she lost all vibe and just walks out like a zombie. Enough damage for today?

Episode 4
With Rika having a change in style and losing those glasses, damn the whole class takes note of how pretty she is! She’s like a twin of that famous model, Erika! Because Amagi was the one who proposed this, they think he likes her. This has Rika embarrassed enough to tell off everyone she won’t be falling for that fool. Later Amagi approaches her and confirms that he might be starting to fall for her. However she tells him to write a 50 page report why he likes her! With Kazusa still in a dilemma over Izumi, Momoko talks to Niina about love. Niina is fine with people borrowing feelings because this would lead to discovery of your own true feelings. Hitoha approaches Yamagishi being a young man with sexual fantasies and that’s a problem since he is a teacher. He assures he has no interest in high school girls and explains how crude and unrefined they are. As for the online thingy, he had the impression Hitoha was a middle aged man. This makes Hitoha mad. So she tries to get back at him by going on top of him? I’m sure it awakened some strange lust inside her. Momoko is invited by her classmates to go karaoke. She is not used to this and even more so when the guys start singing songs about f*cking!!! Hence Satoshi Sugimoto talks to her outside. It seems he is her childhood friend and moved away but never forgot about her. They exchange contacts for a start. Momoko relays this good news to Kazusa and the former is ecstatic like as though this is straight out from a shoujo manga. This has Momoko thinking that she want to try falling for him and maybe have sex with him too. Ganguro girl, Sonoe Juujou tries to befriend Rika but the latter is not amused. Later Amagi hands over his 50 page report to Rika! Yeah, he did it. Being a critic is easy… I wonder how she can go on further if she is already startled by a few lines of him describing her cuteness. How does he fill in the rest of the pages? Spam “Cute!”. The last page should be the clincher. It asks her to date him. That lust thingy may have screwed Hitoha’s brain because now she wants Yamagishi to teach her about real sex! Izumi needs to talk to Niina about something. Hence when Kazusa sees them together on the train, you bet her mind is going to explode. Remember what Niina said about sex before dying, right?

Episode 5
Izumi accidentally talks about trains so Niina to notes she is somewhat interested in them because it is like a box carrying lives. When she spots an old man walking out, she takes Izumi by the hand to come with her. Then she calls out to Hisahi Saegusa and says Izumi is her boyfriend. Saegusa looks like he doesn’t give a damn and walks off. Hitoha is being chauffeured by Yamagishi. She hides the moments she sees Kazusa and Momoko on the streets. Yamagishi notes her aspiration to become an erotic novelist but he doesn’t want to be shunned by society by engaging in this. But he has an idea. Niina tells Izumi about Saegusa. He is a famous playwright director of Soyokaze Troupe. She was one of the many young children taking lessons under him. Niina wasn’t particularly interested and even more shocking he made her his lead actress. When she tried ditching practice, he rubbed his face on her feet! If she doesn’t want a part in this then kick him! Is this guy some sort of lolicon masochist? Saegusa treated Niina well and this went on for many years until puberty hit her. She hinted about sex but Saegusa the moment he did that with her, she will cease to be a girl. He admits she has all the womanly charms that others would find attractive of. One day when she decides to fly the nest, he will venture out and find a new vestige of her. That will be their happy ending. Izumi is shocked when Niina says Kazusa has a crush on him because that never really occurred to him. When Kazusa and Izumi’s family go bowling together, the duo feel awkward but eventually childhood memories made it easier to break the ice. Izumi then mentions about Niina. She is more weird than cute. Momoko feels weird after her date with Sugimoto. It’s like he insist in paying his part for her meal. Later she realizes from his text that he was trying to be her father since she doesn’t have one. He assures her because he also has friends in the same situation. Weird. In school, Hitoha hides in a corner trying to flash her panties to Yamagishi. However she chickened out. Apparently this was his idea as an experiment and despite she is embarrassed, she also felt excited. Rika hands back Amagi’s report. Yeah, lots of grammatical mistakes. But don’t read it now? Stubborn Amagi does so and when she tries to stop him, the papers scatter everywhere. In their bid to recollect them, Amagi spots the last page. Rika somewhat answered his question that she would also like to date him. I guess he passed. Nothing makes a guy happier when a girl says yes. Rika despite being embarrassed, I take it that she is also quite happy.

Episode 6
A group of students hope the literature club can come up with some amazing love legend for the cultural festival. Apparently they are ‘amazed’ at last year’s Hitoha’s literature reading. Actually it was so boring that they found peace and fell asleep! Grrr!!! Surprisingly Rika agrees to do it in hopes of taking the club to a higher level. Later Hitoha tries to show Yamagishi her thong. She fails again since he doesn’t look like he is looking forward to it. Kazusa and Niina’s friendship is starting to get tense. The former worried about Niina and Izumi being ‘close’ and Kazusa is comparing her plain looks to Niina’s beautiful complexion. Kazusa is upset Niina and Izumi think each other as weird. She too wants to be thought of as weird? Meanwhile Rika doesn’t approve of Amagi telling everyone they are dating because others will start misunderstanding she might be obsessed in love than academics. So Amagi asks her a simple question if she wants to date him. Because she sounds sheepishly agreeing to that, he doesn’t seemed convinced. The literature club discuss ideas for that legendary legend. However no matter how many ideas they come up, Yamagishi shoots it down because there have already been complaints and cases and hence the committee already took steps to ban it. This leads to them going on a field trip to brainstorm. Where will they be staying? You can thank Yamagishi for that. Courtesy of Hitoha’s blackmailing again of course. During the train trip, the Kazusa-Niina tension rises further with Kazusa now disheartened Niina knows Izumi’s love for trains. And they had tea together?! Flashback when Momoko tried to warn Niina about this, Niina explained how girls often hated her for accusing her of stealing guys whom she was never interested to begin with. Kazusa sounded like she is no different. In order to help her, Niina intends to make things even worse! Reverse psychology? At the villa as they continue to brainstorm, no good ideas still. Kazusa who hasn’t said anything, snaps and gives the wildest idea before calming herself down. The rest are worried over her. During bath, her inferior complex of Niina rises some more when she notices her beautiful body. And boobs. Too much for her to take that she passes out. I think it’s from the heat rather.

Episode 7
Hitoha once more approaches Yamagishi. Claiming she is wearing the thinnest sumo loincloth, she wants him to sumo toss her onto bed? Yamagishi trolls her by trying to give her a kiss but pulls back. If she is already this scared for a kiss, what more that sumo toss. Rika is probably enjoying the texts Amagi sent her but as soon as Momoko walks back in, she quickly pretends to get to work! Momoko weirdly talks about the different of simplicity between boys and girls so Rika hands her a lotion? After Niina pulled Kazusa out of the bath, Kazusa starts thinking about how pretty Kazusa’s boobs are and thinks her own boobs are stupid. WTF. She starts crying and got more than she bargained for because she asks Niina a hypothetical question what if she likes Izumi. She regrets asking that because Niina really wants her to answer. This is put a stop by Rika because as part of the literature club, words will hurt. Too bad, Niina. She really intended to start a fight with Kazusa! How to resolve this? Have a pillow fight! Don’t worry. They wrote a letter for permission and even compensate for any broken pillows. And this moment where you can’t unsee or unhear Kazusa’s words about 10 boobs jiggling during the pillow fight… Yeah… This blows away the blues. This inspires Rika to come up with the love legend. During the bonfire, stand in your crush’s shadow and whisper “I love you” and they’ll be yours. Izumi and Kazusa ponder their own feelings for each other. Kazusa manages to get back on normal talking terms with him so she realizes she wants to confess to him. Hence for this love legend, she volunteers to play out her part with Niina. While things are now going fine with Kazusa, it is Niina who has doubts now. Hence she seeks Saegusa for advice. As she doesn’t understand her own heart, she wants him to kiss her. Hmm… Felt nothing. She continues to elaborate about a potential love triangle and this gets Saegusa interested. He wants to see that romance of hers. He tries to convince her about free love and no one human should be bound to another. He wants her not to become a boring woman!

Episode 8
Kazusa wonders when Izumi will come for her recital since she needs time to prepare (her heart). Momoko has been avoiding Sugimoto and she’s surprised he turned up with his friends. She gives an excuse that she is busy so you boys go have fun yourself. Izumi talks to Niina when she doesn’t refute after a few girls badmouth about her. She doesn’t mind as long as she doesn’t make it hard for herself. Ironically she puts her hand on his face. Isn’t she making it hard for them? Rika gets depressed because she saw Amagi talk to another girl. Oddly, she seeks Sonoe’s advice since she does have a boyfriend although from a different school. So they’ve done it? Before the recital begins, Momoko is dismayed Sugimoto and his friends are here to watch. She starts pouting and Sugimoto seems to take the hint and leaves. Kazusa sees Izumi sitting in front. Calm your heart. Niina sees Saegusa sitting next to Izumi. Calm your heart. The play goes on smoothly until Niina goes off track. She then goes up to Saegusa but surprisingly puts her hand on Izumi’s chest. With everyone in shock, Izumi takes Niina out to talk. Everyone else thinks the legend is true. Izumi thinks Niina wanted to make Saegusa jealous. Even though he still thinks that guy is a pedo, if she likes him that much, he can help set them up together. This surprises Niina because she thought he would be mad at her. Momoko hears out Kazusa’s lament. She is mad at herself because after all the encouragement that Niina has done for her, she kept acting like this was some sort of tragedy of her own. Though she was shock Izumi took her hand, come to think of it, if Izumi had to go out with another girl, she would have preferred Niina. Even so, she still wants to take this chance to confess to Izumi. During the bonfire dance, surprisingly it is Rika who gets the ball rolling as she confronts Amagi. After apologizing for everything, she confesses she likes him. What this guy do? He hugs her! Now everyone thinks the legend is really true and tries it out. At the same time, Izumi confronts Kazusa. Childhood memories talk. Then came the confession. Oh yeah. Finally. Kazusa in tears of joy. Niina is seen talking to Saegusa that she now realizes the feelings she had for him isn’t love. She thought he never understood others but realized she is the same. She just had he first love and first heartbreak. That’s why she is going to have another first and hopes she can hold on to it.

Episode 9
When you’re in love, everything looks so lovely! Good for you, Kazusa. But now the other girls are calling Rika a ‘traitor’ since she now has a boyfriend. Wasn’t she the one who was being the feminist kind? Rika explains how boys are like them, humans. Now they must rethink of their perceptions on boys! It looks like only Kazusa is on her side. Hitoha talks to Yamagishi and knows he likes a fellow teacher, Emi Tomita. But he views himself out of her league. I’m wondering if this guy likes fat women since I’m starting to think he often complains about high school girls being skinny and all bones. The way Yamagishi blushes makes Hitoha think he looks like a high school boy after a confession. Momoko talks to Niina and it seems the latter is planning to steal Izumi from Kazusa. Momoko doesn’t like that idea and warns if she is willing to lose friends over a guy. She is trying to convince Niina to stay at friends but Niina replies, you can’t have sex with friends! I guess she’s not into yuri then. Izumi invites Kazusa over. Now that they are dating, sitting close together makes them really conscious. They try holding hands but their minds start overthinking about making the next move. Will this lead to sex? Thankfully (or not) Izumi’s mom returns. Nothing to see here. Hitoha schemes by cancelling club activities. This is so she can be alone with Yamagishi and has wrote a book of confession. Because she views he has not touched her as the problem, she wants him to sleep with her once and she’ll give him up forever. Yamagishi tells her to meet him after school. Niina and Izumi ride the train together. She talks about the book Saegusa recommended her. About some prince and his rose. A fox came along and helped patched their relationship up. Izumi thinks Niina is like the fox. This shocks her because that was what Saegusa also told her. The fox secretly wanted to be with the prince forever but its advice eventually made the prince realize he loves the rose more. What happens to the fox is anybody’s guess because nothing was written more on it after that. That is how the story goes for those who aren’t chosen. When the train suddenly gets crowded, Niina claims somebody is molesting her butt. But it could be a ploy as she forces Izumi’s hand to grope hers under the guise of protecting her.

Episode 10
Kazusa looking at sexy underwear to buy… Hmm… Rika and Amagi spot Hitoha getting into Yamagishi’s car. Rika gets shocked seeing what Hitoha dumped in the garbage: Her panties. Izumi rejects Niina. This devastates her. Is she not attractive enough for him? It’s like she sounds desperate because she thinks he and Kazusa are inexperienced so she offers to practice with him. The resistance is strong so he rejects her again. Poor Niina leaves dejected. Hitoha can see what is going to happen. Yamagishi will not fall in love anyhow. So when he stops at the next traffic light, she will force his hand on her pussy and end it there. At least she will leave something unforgettable for him. However there are no traffic lights to stop! Straight into the love hotel! The cheapest one! Desperate situation calls for desperate measures. I don’t think the internet can tell what to do in this situation. Going all for broke now. She pushes him down and starts to unzip his pants. Then she gets disappointed? Because he didn’t get hard on her? This signals to Hitoha that he was never ever interested in her in the first place and starts comparing herself to Emi. I know they’re both women but there’s a whole lot of difference, right? Yamagishi reasons he is a coward, ending Hitoha bawling like a baby. Momoko is texted by Sugimoto to meet. He wants to talk about her strange attitude during the cultural festival. He somewhat threatens this act embarrassed him in front of his friends but if she apologizes now, he can pacify those angry friends of his. Momoko screws all this and doesn’t even want to see him again. When he grabs her hand, she screams. With everyone’s attention, Sugimoto backs off but calls her weird. Depressed Niina then gets a call by Momoko to meet. She claims the person she hates has touched a part of hers and needs her to cleanse it. In short, Momoko confesses she loves Niina. From depression to shock, Niina doesn’t know what to say. In lieu of that, Momoko now feels guilty she has ruined their friendship. Kazusa might be inclined to buy that sexy panties when suddenly Izumi calls! I just called to say I love you… Whatever. It makes Kazusa the happiest woman on the planet. Only, she can’t undo the online purchase she just made! Next day when they go to school together, Izumi doesn’t want to be too close to her in fear others might think badly of them. Uhm, okay? This only confuses Kazusa. Why the sudden change? Rika is puzzled to get a present from Sonoe. Then the teacher comes in with a serious announcement. Sonoe will be dropping out of school because she is pregnant!

Episode 11
With the entire school knowing about this, Rika seems to be very against people’s prejudice about Sonoe being knocked up because it was her choice. However this leads to a friction with Hitoha as she believes Sonoe was also a problematic child. Furthermore, Rika hints she saw Hitoha and Yamagishi entering a love hotel together. Momoko talks to Kazusa about that question, sex with who before the world ends. Because Kazusa says she’d rather do it with a man than a female, this disappoints Momoko. Then she warns her about Niina. Hitoha reflects on everything so far. She concludes she doesn’t want to give up yet because despite how pathetic she felt, she also felt good. Niina sees Saegusa and wants him to end her girlhood. He starts feeling her up and probably his ugly scary face freaked her out. Yeah, she slaps him and runs away. No you understand why girls close their eyes in porn?! Then Niina talks to Kazusa and confesses she likes Izumi. Kazusa’s worst fears come true but after a few deep breaths, she thanks Niina because without her, she wouldn’t have confessed to Izumi. In turn, Niina realizes her own immaturity and both girls give each other a big hug. Best friends forever! But ultimately Kazusa rues this because this wasn’t what she wanted to do. So she runs all the way to Izumi’s place just to ask for sex? Can’t let Niina beat her to it? He won’t and she suspects something happened with him and Niina. Though he reasons he treasures her and wants to take things slowly, I guess that isn’t the answer she is looking for. Sad girl leaves still a virgin. While Rika is talking to Amagi on the phone, suddenly her mom barges in very angry. In school, an emergency assembly is called. Everyone is shocked when it is now forbidden for both sexes to interact with each other. Worse, rumours of Rika and Amagi were seen outside the love hotel so they might be expelled. Hitoha realizes this is her fault and when she is going to confront the principal to tell the truth, Yamagishi is already there. He explains what happened but didn’t reveal Hitoha’s identity but as some woman whom he sees a potential to share a future. Even so, they aren’t going to rescind this and use this as an example. Drastic situations need drastic measures so Hitoha and the other literature girls hatch a plan… First, they kidnap Yamagishi!!! Holy cow! This guy must be really a wuss to get tackled by 4 girls. Izumi gets a call from Kazusa. Something feels wrong when he hears her talking about crossing to the other side. Late that night, the school staffs rush to school. Hitoha leads the other literature girls to demand 1) Overturn the interaction ban; 2) Rescind Rika’s expulsion; 3) Apologize to them. They’ll not leave till their demands are met because they have Yamagishi as hostage!

Episode 12
The girls threaten to drop him! But guess what? The staffs think that since tomorrow is Saturday and have no classes, yeah they’ll come back tomorrow and discuss this! WTF?! And with that, they leave. WTF?! Rika wants to talk to the girls but they refuse to let her in. As Izumi is heard coming over, this causes friction between Momoko and Niina since the latter wants to confess to him. After all, she got Kazusa’s ‘permission’. Ultimately their argument is overheard by Izumi. Momoko forces him to make his feelings clear. He admits he is in love with Kazusa but is sexually attracted to Niina. Ouch. Truth hurts. And now that everyone else has heard this, Izumi is chastised. Even more so Amagi since he has ‘experience’ with girls. Things are heating up on how to solve this. Are they going to (pillow) fight or talk things out. This is when Yamagishi suggests playing a colour tag game. The person who is it will mention a colour and the rest have to find that colour. For example, red and crimson are the same but not. The logic behind this is that they are trying to find new words for new feelings. So by adding descriptive modifiers to the colours, this will also reveal the colours of their heart. The game begins and it seems like everybody is just target a specific person. During the game, Izumi confronts Kazusa and explains what he meant. He might be sexually attractive to Niina but it’s not like he wants to have sex with her. Izumi really loves Kazusa and wants to be her but because he fears of the sudden changes, he wants to take things slowly. Kazusa also understands this feeling. They’re both so happy that they forgot they got too close to each other. And with Niina overhearing this, I guess she knows the answer… Rika still can’t believe about Amagi’s ‘experience’ so he shuts her up by kissing on her forehead. This already makes him excited so imagine one on the lips. Oh, one is coming up until the other girls smoke them out. Since boys aren’t helping, they kick them out. The girls then sit down, reconcile and think on their next action. Come morning, the staffs arrive. Yamagishi is released but to their surprise, the entire school is covered with huge canvases written in various colours on Rika’s innocence. Savage. In the aftermath, we see Rika going to college with Amagi. She receives a picture of Sonoe doing well with her baby. Hitoha is holding a secret folder of a secret performance for her wedding with Yamagishi?! Momoko and Niina together. And of course, Izumi and Kazusa a couple.

Sex And The High School Girls
Even if it looked like the girls have pretty much found the colour that they are looking for, well, don’t stop looking as there will be other colours they will come into as they go on in life. Imagine, the curiosity on the topic of sex had them go through all this. And it was a good experience for them. They are a bit wiser now in this department, having sorted out their love and friendship. And the best part is how they didn’t have to lose their virginity to learn it. But wait! Final episode scene, Kazusa mentioning an obscure metaphor of a train entering the tunnel… It fits! So they’ve done it?!

If you look at the overall story, it isn’t anything much and might even be considered as cliché and typical. Therefore what makes it interesting is how they execute the pacing and tell the stories of each of the girls. Although at first they might seem separate by they are all intertwined in the bigger picture. So unlike in some animes whereby they give an episode to focus on a particular character before moving on to the next, this one shows the progress and development of all the girls at one go and simultaneously. Those not used to this format might get a bit distracted and confused as the scene shifts to one literature girl to another and with all their stories happening at the same time, it might get a little confusing and some getting used to.

Because sex sells, I guess personally the story plays out interestingly as we see the girls trying to experience whatever love and sex are. The different approaches and types of love all at the same time seem to bond the girls but at the same time threaten their very friendship. Is this kind of love worth it? Only the girls can answer that. Hence we see Kazusa x Izumi as the typical childhood friend turned lovers kind of trope. Rika changing the most due to the effects of being in love as we see her from some strict plain b*tch to a smoking hot troubled girl in love. Unfortunately it isn’t going too well for the rest because Niina looks like she is into netorare and this gives the series the much needed love triangle and drama. The girl who is so hard to get for other guys now ironically finds herself hard to get the heart of the one boy she likes. Hitoha initially wanted to write a good erotic story finds herself attracted to an older man, especially one who is her teacher. And poor Momoko looks like she didn’t get off the ground. The guy whom she thinks had potential turned to be a control freak and with that romance quickly turning sour, she started resorting to lesbianism. Too bad for her, the rest of her friends are all straight. Sorry yuri fans. No yuri romance here. But that last scene makes me wonder if Momoko and Niina are now one because it looks like the losers in love without the guys only get each other. Damn. I hope this doesn’t send the wrong message.

Of all the guy characters, Amagi looks like he is the coolest. Not to say he is perfect as he too has his imperfections but compared to the rest, he doesn’t look like he is trouble. What I mean is that, as seen in Sugimoto’s case, he sounds like he wants to dominate over Momoko. Izumi is a typical guy and probably confused about his feelings because it is also hinted that he likes Niina for she scores a lot better in almost every department compared to Kazusa. Probably the childhood friend relationship is the only thing that is holding him back from jumping ship to Niina. Saegusa looks like a pedo but only because from the way we are shown his character. He looks like some avant-garde screenwriter and we let it pass because it’s all in the name of arts? He sounds like he is giving Niina a choice but what if he is seemingly doing so just to confuse her? During Niina’s time of need and confusion, it seemed like it is the moment he has been waiting for to finally take her virginity. Good thing that didn’t happen. And lastly, Yamagishi. Looks like one who can be pushed around and doing things just to accommodate Hitoha. Then again, he might be the coolest because he is willing to take responsibility for everything and protect the literature club girls. But then he became their hostage and his cool factor just like drastically drop to zero! Instantly! But that colour tag game helped redeemed some of his pride.

Japan still being a largely conservative country, sex isn’t really openly discussed (though ironically they have one the most creative porn out there!). Hence when the school banned interactions between the sexes, it doesn’t even feel like a short term solution. It is just one or two steps backwards. Might as well turn the school into single gender if they’re so concerned about the immorality. Therefore the literature girls going against this ban isn’t because they are horny or hard up in seeking romance. After all, they started that weird bonfire legend so I guess this is their way of taking responsibility and seeing this till the end. Just because one girl got pregnant and one girl was spotted outside a love hotel doesn’t mean a blanket ban is justified on everyone. The intentions of the ban might be good but it’s not practical. You’re not going to live the rest of your life just interacting with one gender only, right? Society doesn’t work like that. At least not in Japan. What the literature girls did by taking their teacher hostage isn’t particularly right either but how else do you get stubborn old authoritative men to listen to you? Hey, at least no lives and virginities were lost during this tense hostage situation!!!

At and animation feel pretty bland and light. In the sense somehow it reminds me of Asobi Asobase. I thought their school uniforms were similar but double checking it, I guess I’m having a case of Mandela effect on myself. Close and almost similar but not exactly the same. Despite the character designs look simple, some of them look weird especially Hitoha who looks like as though she is some alien bug race disguised as a human. Seriously. That’s the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw her character. Must be those very weird eyes… Same case for Niina. I thought she was some snow woman tribe disguised as a human being. Must be those very fair complexion and those mysterious eyes… Kazusa is supposed to be a plain girl but I can’t help stare at those thick eyebrows. Not many female anime characters have such thick eyebrows, you know. Oh, doesn’t Kazusa has this striking resemblance to Kimari of Sora Yori Mo Tooi Basho? This anime is produced by Lay-duce who animated Magi: Sinbad No Bouken, Release The Spyce and Classroom Crisis.

In the voice acting department, I only recognized Jun Fukuyama as Yamagishi, Haruka Tomatsu as Sonoe and Natsuki Hanae as Sugimoto. The rest feel pretty okay, sometimes trying to flex their voice acting talents with certain conversations that has them talk in dramatic and loud fashion. Sometimes it’s funny to hear them in a loud voice when they usually aren’t. They are after all in the literature club and reading in the boring monotonous voice all the time could be, well, boring. The other casts are Hiyori Kono as Kazusa (Asuka in Sounan Desu Ka), Chika Anzai as Niina (Reina in Hibike! Euphonium), Sumire Uesaka as Rika (Sanae in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Tomoyo Kurosawa as Hitoha (Kumiko in Hibike! Euphonium), Momo Asakura as Momoko (Rona in Endro), Shinba Tsuchiya as Izumi (Tatara Fujita in Ballroom E Youkoso), Yuuya Hirose as Amagi (Yuuta in SSSS.Gridman) and Shunsuke Sakuya as Saegusa (Nambuuko in Seisen Cerberus – Initially I thought Saegusa was voiced by Miki Shinichiro but I guess I was wrong). Something about the opening theme, Otome Domo Yo by Chico with Honeyworks invoking some sort of nostalgia in me. Not really sure if I heard the some somewhere but I guess it’s not bad. Yume Cinderella by Momo Asakura as the ending theme sounds okay as a generic anime pop.

Overall, this is quite an interesting series largely because the taboo topic of sex is shown in the way on the characters’ psychology rather than resorting to cheap sleazy visual ecchi fanservice. Surprise but not surprise, no sexualisation of the young girls here. The characters especially the literature girls have some emotional depth whom you would like to put your support behind with instead of writing them off as horny teens trying to lose their virginity. But don’t worry if you get screwed early or later on in life, because from the moment you were born, life has got us all f*cked up!!! Haha… Uhm… Oh… I mean, as Alfred Lord Tennyson said, “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”. I don’t think applies well to virginity but whatever. It’s the savage season for yo’ maidens!

Oh my. Looks like it is the fireman’s turn. A fireman’s turn to f*ck his woman in this mini hentai! This isn’t the first uniformed personnel to get its porn treatment since we had that prison guard one a few seasons ago. But nevertheless, Yubisaki Kara Honki No Netsujou Osananajimi Wa Shouboushi feels like a trap than mere coincidence because in that same season we had another fireman themed series, Enen No Shouboutai. Is fireman the in-thing this season? Those who were currently watching that supernatural sci-fi may be confused stumbling into this one and then, gotcha! WTF is this f*cking sex porn???!!! Then you start jerking off so fast that your dick is on fire and you have to call the fire force to put out this blazing passion! HAHAHA!!! Sighs… Oh boy…

Episode 1
Ryou Fujihashi isn’t enjoying her gathering with her old friends. Especially Souma Mizuno who is teasing her and that he is some sort of a womanizer. That night she wakes up as she hears sirens. Her place is on fire! Trapped, she calls for help but soon laments succumbing to her fate. That is when Souma as a fireman breaks him to rescue her. Even protecting her from a falling cupboard! When it’s over, he scolds him for not continuing to make noise because he thought she was dead. With no place to stay, he invites her to stay at his place. And in no time she makes it like her own home and even marks her territory? When she sees his back injury, she feels bad but crosses the line. Literally. Because now that she enters his ‘territory’, he rapes her! WTF?! So this is how it starts? Literally fingering her and she feels so good. Since she cannot be the only one to have fun, I guess he starts unzipping his pants. Don’t worry. He won’t penetrate her. Just using her thighs. Even so, Ryou feels so good?! Damn porn logic. Oh sh*t. Now you cum all over your bed. You sleeping there tonight?

Episode 2
Since Souma is having his day off, he accompanies Ryou to get her paper work done among other things. On their way home, it suddenly rains. Time to prepare for bath. Oh dear. I can see where this is going. Because while Ryou is taking a shower, suddenly Souma comes in! I know it’s his home but has he got no respect for women in the bath?! Damn, porn logic… Obviously his switch is turned on so he starts fondling her. Especially using the shower head to gush the water into her sensitive areas. Oh yeah. B*tches like her always feel good no matter what, no? Even if she says no, her body seems to indicate otherwise. That is all Souma needs to continue making out with her. Sex interrupted when the power goes out. Saved by the outage. Uh huh. Ryou starting to think had this not happened, she would have gone all the way. And I’m not so surprised even if it did. Ryou returns to work as her colleagues are glad she is back. Oh, what’s this? They’re having a fire evacuation drill today? Oh man…

Episode 3
Yup, that fireman over there… That’s Souma. During the drill, a colleague, Megumi Sasahara clumsily sprays the fire extinguisher over Ryou. Don’t worry. Souma has got spare clothes. Damn, I can see where this is going. As she changes, Souma has noticed Ryou has been avoiding him ever since so he forces himself on her to spill the beans. Or else? She gets raped! So of course, porn logic dictates that it is better to get your modesty outraged than telling the truth. The truth of either his dick feels good inside her or that she loves him. Or both. The extreme molestation even continues when Megumi comes in to check on her. Uh huh. Souma continues to rape her and unfortunately Megumi can’t even tell with that shaky voice there is something wrong. Just a mild assurance is enough to send her away. Oddly, after Ryou cums, she has enough strength to just kick him out? The firemen discuss about the upcoming fireworks and want to invite some girls over. Yuuki Izumi and Jun Hase know Souma is having a fight with Ryou and tease him about it. Since Souma continues to deny, Hase then hints some yaoi gay moments with him if he keeps acting like an idiot. Souma sees Ryou and you know how women like her don’t learn her lesson because it sounds like all is forgiven if he sounds a bit apologetic and then invites her to the fireworks festival. Next rape set in motion…

Episode 4
I guess everything is okay when he agrees to do whatever she wants so as to make it up to her. Don’t believe those lies!!! At the festival, they spot Hase. Seems he is troubled that a restaurant he is looking for is now closed. Ryou remembers they just shifted to a new place nearby and offers to take him there. After guiding him there, Hase asks if she is dating Souma. Nope. Just a childhood friend. In that case, can he date her? Nice joke, buddy. Ryou returns to Souma in one piece and this guy bought a beautiful hairpin for her. Yeah, is this part of the ticket to her heart pussy? They find a secret spot to watch the fireworks alone. Souma pretty much praising everything he admires about Ryou. Is this to get her defence down? Because when the fireworks start, pretty much the cue for him to start molesting her. Ryou is shocked. This isn’t what she had in mind when he said he’ll make it up to her. Blame yourself for not foreseeing this. Ryou getting her orgasm by a handsome macho guy underneath the beautiful fireworks display… Wow. Everything so perfect. No wonder she can’t complain…

Episode 5
Now we have penetrative sex. This is one of those rare times where the sound effects (the fireworks in this case) does a bad job in covering up the important words the characters want to say (Ryou’s moaning in this case). And then they cum together. What does Souma have to say after all that? That’s a nice yukata on her. A little late… And with Ryou thinking she might be falling for him, hence inviting him to the beach? Uh huh. Nothing says that more than to further test whether you’re in love with this guy. Or maybe she just really wants his dick. Of course it won’t be just them as it will be with their friends. They play beach volleyball and prior to that, Hase makes a bet with the other guys that the winner will get the right to approach the girls. Though it is ‘publically announced’ that the loser will clean the BBQ pit. Souma is sad since he isn’t paired with Ryou. Yeah, she’s paired with Hase and she is going all out to win! Oh, and she mentions she did play volleyball during her high school. Can’t have her winning, right? Does femdom sound right for this series? Will Souma finally get his just desserts?

Episode 6
Hase is getting along with Ryou pretty well. Yeah, it’s like the end of the world for Souma. Even during BBQ and preparing the fireworks, it’s like they’ve been friends for a long time. But you know this has to stop. Because Hase asks Ryou to date him. Souma is just her childhood friend, right? I guess this has her thinking. Later as Ryou and Souma are putting away the stuffs, Ryou thinks nobody will be using the pool and jumps in. Just like that? Is she trying to get wet in all sense?! Then Souma jumps in and starts f*cking her! I guess he is pretty wet too! Fireworks starting. Déjà vu cue to make out. Yeah, sex in the swimming pool. Nothing says reigniting your pseudo love with a hot pool sex. Then she notes how big Souma’s hands when he fingers her. Because it makes me think which is bigger: Souma’s finger or his dick???!!! Haha!

Episode 7
Ryou thinks something is wrong with herself to let Souma f*ck her like that. Yeah, it’s called you’re a horny thirsty wet b*tch! Haha! Oops… Anyway, with Ryou giving him ‘permission’ to go all in, I hope Souma’s cum don’t flow back out and contaminate the pool. Ryou asks how he feels for her. If he is just her childhood friend. Before he can answer, they have to split since people are coming back. But Ryou can look forward to an answer when he invites her out on her day off. As Ryou walks by the community centre, she notices an arsonist. Right away she calls Souma (shouldn’t she call the police?!) but the arsonist spots her and chases her. She looks like she has hid well from him but the script says she must screw up and be caught. Dumb arsonist tries to strangle her but luckily Souma is able to tackle him. Wow. Is the fire station close by for Souma to arrive this fast? Even if there is a fire reported at a nearby factory, can Souma actually know where the f*ck Ryou was? I mean, she was being strangled in the alley! Of course duty over love as Souma goes to put out the fire and search for survivors. As his team caries them out, suddenly the fire spreads and locks them in. Oh no!

Episode 8
Last episode’s cliff-hanger… Nothing happens! Everybody gets out fine. Somehow. Hey, this is not a fire rescue drama. When Souma returns home, Ryou is so happy he is fine. He spots a bruise on her feet and starts to lick it. Are you sure about starting on this feet fetish? Then he tries to get it on with her but of course everything that has happened so far has confused the hell out of her. To put it shortly, she thinks he wants an easy girl to have sex with and ironically despite her claims she is otherwise, why does she let him do her in? Doesn’t that make her easy? And of course, cue for Souma to reassure her that he only wants to have sex with her. Still not convince? Spam I love you until she gives in. Oh yeah. I guess that’s enough confusion for today. Now is the cue to have sex! Feel it, baby! Let it go deep inside you! Oh yeah. Is this love she is feeling?! In the aftermath, they continue dating. Happy ever after. The end.

You Can Never Ever Extinguish The Flames Of Horniness!
Heh. That was it. Everything felt so rush and cheap. And once again porn logic telling us that once you’ve f*cked a woman enough times, she will eventually fall for you. Oh Ryou, now you can be part of that statistic. I’m sure their sex is going to get more intense after this and that now they are dating. Because going by that same logic, sex = love, right? Oh well, as long as they’re happy f*cking each other and we enjoy seeing them having intercourse, all’s well ends well.

I suppose there is nothing to tell and no storyline whatsoever. Heh. A plot in hentai flicks? But what I’m trying to say is that, last season’s washer hentai had only 8 episodes. This season seems to follow that pattern of having again only 8 episodes. Because when you have been watching this kind of series ever since this weird trend started about 2 years ago, you somewhat expect more or less the same thing. The girl gets f*cked in every episode and even had this series had the basic 12 episodes, we are going to expect the girl getting f*cked in those episodes too. After all, what else were you expecting when you watch this series? It would be more shocking had an episode not feature that kind of sex at all. And so it is not the number of episodes, but the f*cking quality! Oh yeah. Was the f*cking scenes exciting? Well, if you ask me, pretty meh. I’m so immune at this point that I’m starting to worry that such normal vanilla sex may no longer be appealing to me! Gasp! A sign I should stop watching such genres? Well you know me…

And so as you can expect, this season’s porn series didn’t make any impact on me at all. I’m now feeling like an old broken tape recorder saying the same things over and over again. It’s that timely reminder like you would expect me to say at this point. Uh huh. You know, how the woman lets the man f*ck her and do as his wish with her body and pussy just because he makes her feel good. Added bonus that they are childhood friends so you bet that relationship brings in some confusion to her. Yeah, I know this dude and he isn’t exactly a total stranger. Should I let him f*ck or not? Oops. Too late. His dick is already in my pussy. And it feels so damn good!!!! Hahaha!!! Yeah. That’s how I felt watching each time Ryou lets Souma f*ck her. You can never beat porn logic. I wonder if they were making a pun when they decided to use this fireman theme this time. Because putting out fire leads to rekindling of the old flame… Then sex ensues… Damn porn logic!

They try to put in a little bit of drama because Ryou’s colleague-cum-buddy has been hinting he is interested in Ryou. But this as expected amounts to nothing. So I have 2 theories for why this is so. Firstly, with somebody interested in the girl you have been f*cking with, it speeds up the need that you need to ‘claim’ this ‘sex object’. Instead of the status quo of Souma and Ryou having a loveless sexual relationship, at least when they become official, it is like the stamp that allows others to take notice not to touch your girl (unless you’re into cheating but that’s a whole different matter). The faster the better. My other theory is that Hase isn’t really interested in Ryou but noticing that Souma is dragging his feet on this, he makes his move so that Souma is forced to move. Either way, you bet Souma and Ryou get closer one f*ck at a time. Hahaha!

Even if this is basic straight hetero porn, some scenes here suggest there may be yaoi BL. Especially that one scene of Hase cornering Souma suggestively. Thankfully no yaoi gay sex here because it would have been really weird and sick if Hase is revealed to actually have a crush on Souma!!! WTF???!!! DON’T WANT TO EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!! Phew. Sorry for you BL fans if you got your hopes up. Because of the firemen are very muscular and buffed, it does give off that vibe that there may be BL. After all, you see the promotional poster having our 3 fireman guys posing sexily and shirtless, showing off their godly abs. I would have thought so and gave this series a pass did I not read the synopsis carefully. And a few times. Also, looking at how big and buff Souma and his fire fighting buddies, I thought they were those muscular guys from Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru, another anime that aired in the same season. Heh. So… Enen No Shouboutai x Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru + hentai = Yubisaki Kara Honki No Netsujou Osananajimi Wa Shouboushi! Unfortunately I didn’t get to measure with Souma’s buffed size, his dick would equally be in correlation and super huge! Haha! Yeah, those censors ‘ruined’ my perspective. But nah. It would have hurt Ryou so much, know what I’m saying?

The art and animation looks pretty standard. That itself is pretty good for a hentai genre. Yeah, perhaps I wasn’t really paying close attention since my eyes were more often rolling at the porn logic and when the main characters start making out. Really! I guess Studio Houkiboshi who is producing their first ever anime, they might want to get things off at the right footing. But I want to note that if there was an eyebrow raising factor other than the porn logic, it would be the ending theme, Blazing Luv. It sounds weird. So weird that it is close to being bad. Because it sounds like a mess with the dubstep in the background and then our fireman trio who sing this piece sound as flat as ever. Yeah, some weird synthesizer effects in some parts too. Had this piece being sung by better professional (AKA better sounding) voices and to a different beat and pace, it might have sounded a lot better. Though, the tune itself is generic but passable by my standards.

Overall, this is another usual mediocre anime hentai for the season. Despite me b*tching about how bad this sort of genre is, I guess it only shows my hypocrisy because I’m still watching these shows. Hey, if I don’t watch it, I’ll never come to this conclusion of how bad this pseudo hentai animes would be like. And now I can truly say they are because I’ve watched most of them. Heh. That doesn’t make me happy at all nor do should I feel proud about it. And now that we have the firemen being tainted, time will only tell when other professions like police officers, doctors, soldiers and even lawyers will get their turn in this. I am sure this anime won’t give people the wrong impressions about fireman. Maybe a small number will but for the big normal majority, we won’t be calling the emergency hotline for them to come rushing and put out our blazing flame of luv…!!! Remember, people. Please be responsible when calling for emergencies and also when having sex.

Ah… I thought I feel so refreshed after having skipped one season of pseudo porn. I thought I was going to be so over this deceiving low quality porn trap after they showed that gay BL porn sh*t last season but apparently it never went away. So you bet when they return back to hetero sex porn, I’ll be there ‘curious’ to check out what Araiya-san! Ore To Aitsu Ga Onnayu De would be. Oh yeah. Now we’re taking sex to another location: The public bathhouse. I guess it’s the only place where girls are allowed to get naked and walk around with their bare tits showing. You know the rest then. Porn logic always rules at the end of the day.

Episode 1
Aoi Yuzuki is a talented volleyball player. Souta Tsukishima… Not so much. But he does like to gawk at her in action. His daydreaming causes a ball to slam in his face and Yuzuki teases this nice block. During the break, Tsukishima’s grandpa’s public bath house is featured in the news. He claims the water has slimming effects. First time Tsukishima hear something like that. However the girls especially Yuzuki are eager to try. Tsukishima calls out to this nonsense because if they want to slim down, stop eating! No prizes to guess that he got beaten up by Yuzuki. Back home, looks like grandpa broke his back so he wants Tsukishima to take his place. Although it is just as a washer (araiya). Tsukishima goes into the women’s section thinking only old ladies will show up. WTF full of cute young chicks and from his volleyball club! WTF they don’t recognize him?! Yeah, the towel on his head makes all the difference. He spots Yuzuki and thinks of getting his payback and goes to wash her back. Wait a minute. Is this actually allowed?! Is this actually happening in real life?! Men allowed to wash a woman’s back in the women’s section?! Is this not just for porn logic?! I’m confused! Anyway, Tsukishima takes advantage of this by rubbing more than just her back. He continues to molest every part of her body, including fingering her pussy. WTF Yuzuki doesn’t scream rape and tries to hold it all in?! Was Tsukishima so good that she climax?! Her friend, Mei Sasakura teases her if the slimming is going well. If so, hurry up and slim down so she can confess to Tsukishima. Tsukishima is left in shock and wondering if Yuzuki likes him. He didn’t see this coming as Sasakura asks it’s her turn for a back scrub.

Episode 2
Tsukishima wonders why the volleyball captain and ace who is popular with all the guys wants his service. So as he gives his normal scrubbing, Sasakura then tells him to just lose the tower. She knows it’s him. That voice, that build and of course this place belongs to his family, right? This means she also know what he just did to Yuzuki and from what she heard, he must have been very good. So if he doesn’t want her to expose this, give her a better service than Yuzuki?! Gee, that’s literally saying, please f*ck me! So Tsukishima wastes no time as he starts groping and fingering her. Yeah, he is going into overdrive mode and why does Sasakura sound like she’s having sex???!!! Can’t it be that Tsukishima is that f*cking good?????!!!!! And then somebody is coming. Better hurry and climax. Sasakura throws herself on the floor and just in the nick of time when Yuzuki came in to look for her. She sees Tsukishima and realizes he was the one who washed her. Dismayed, she runs away. Meanwhile Sasakura is lying on the floor taking a breather. Best sex not sex ever, right? Yeah… This guy is so amazing…

Episode 3
Sasakura tells Yuzuki that she also got the special slimming massage from Tsukishima. You know, just to let you know. Yeah. He was good at it. Bye. This leaves Yuzuki worried. Does Sasakura have a thing for Tsukishima too? Anyhow, she blames Tsukishima for this. So during volleyball practice she lands her serve so hard on Tsukishima that he almost died. But she gets concerned when Sasakura rushes to his aid. After Tsukishima gets treated at the infirmary, he goes to the toilet. WTF Yuzuki is bathing there?! Apparently somebody switched the gender signs outside. WTF?! Instead of being mad at him here, she asks if he really did it to Sasakura. Tsukishima admits he did and prepares for the worse. Worse indeed. Because she wants him to do it to her again! And hence the usual treatment of groping and fingering. But this time more on the latter. Yeah Yuzuki, do you not know this is not part of the massage! In the end, she climaxes and Tsukishima is left to ponder because she didn’t resist, does she actually like him? No time to think because other girls are coming in.

Episode 4
Yuzuki takes Tsukishima to hide in the shower. The girls stream in and don’t suspect a thing although Yuzuki did make her presence known to them. With Tsukishima hiding, the problem is that his face is now close to her naked ass! He then hears the girls tease Yuzuki about liking Tsukishima since she constantly attacked him during the game. Yuzuki keeps denying although the rest know very well this open secret. Because of that, this turned Tsukishima on and now he can’t contain his horniness and starts f*cking her!!! WTF???!!! You mean he is willing to risk getting caught???!!! It’s not like Yuzuki doesn’t want to get f*cked by him, right? I wonder how she is going to get away with making all those weird noises. Strangely, all her friends aren’t even concerned how strange she sounds? Even if they never thought if she was having sex, did it not cross their minds that she might be in pain or discomfort or something?! Isn’t it weird that she hasn’t come out of the shower before them?! They just left like that! My, some friends. I guess it was the best sex (and several French kissing too) for them but clearly in the aftermath, Tsukishima knows he is screwed (despite screwing over Yuzuki). However Yuzuki starts acting like a tsundere. All that has happened was just a fluke and it’s not that she likes him or anything. Kawaii…

Episode 5
Tsukishima learns Yuzuki is sick. Sasakura suggests he goes see her on behalf of the club and right away he does so. That sly smile when Sasakura also tells Hidemoto Takasugi to do the same. Yuzuki’s sister is delighted that Tsukishima is here and quickly brings him to Yuzuki’s room. I guess it’s to catch her in the act of masturbating!!! Tsukishima’s slow reflexes means he got volleyball in his face. Sister leaves them alone as she attends to Takasugi at the door. For some odd reasons, Tsukishima hides under her blanket. With Takasugi sounding like a fake smooth gentleman that he cares for he, Tsukishima gets worried if Yuzuki likes him. Takasugi then takes his leave but because sister made tea for him, I guess he’ll stay longer. I guess Yuzuki isn’t the only one sick because Tsukishima is sicker! He is going to rape her?! Is it because he is jealous thinking she likes Takasugi!? WTF logic is that?! And so he starts f*cking her and since sister heard the ever louder humping noises, she turns up the volume of the TV channel. Max! Did Takasugi hear anything? Damn this guy is enthralled with sister’s beauty. But sorry folks. No second sex act here. So are Yuzuki and Tsukishima done and have satisfyingly cum? Good. Because sister barges in without knocking to announce Takasugi has gone home. I guess Yuzuki is feeling alright now that she can go back to school tomorrow.

Episode 6
Oddly, Yuzuki is avoiding Tsukishima. Is this over? The class has a field trip to the hotsprings and Tsukishima’s perverted friends drag him to go peep on the girls. They are put a stop by Takasugi and despite their lame attempts to get him to join them, Takasugi sounds like he has an ulterior motive of his own. Because he won’t let them see Yuzuki’s naked body and asks if it is alright with Tsukishima to begin with. Speak of the devil, here she comes. The guys ‘sacrifice’ Tsukishima so they could escape. With the girls coming in, Yuzuki has an idea to hide him. Yeah, dress him like the araiya and nobody could recognize him! Uh huh. They also believe this araiya works here! This means giving his special massage to the other girls. Something Yuzuki isn’t too fond. When she goes to the sauna, Sasakura invites Tsukishima to follow her there. She wants him to give Yuzuki his special massage. To motivate him, she start getting yuri on Yuzuki! WTF?! Any normal guy can’t resist this temptation so he starts going down on her pussy. Yeah, it becomes a weird threesome with Tsukishima and Sasakura pleasing overly sensitive Yuzuki. Sasakura admits she also loves Tsukishima and if Yuzuki doesn’t do anything about it, she might steal him. After the threesome, they hear the girls scream. There is a peeping tom around.

Episode 7
Sasakura admits that she also likes Tsukishima. So what she did there with him to Yuzuki was punishment for her. It’s for not being honest with herself. Yeah, you mean trying to force and hasten her feelings about this dude by outraging her modesty?! Okay. Fine with me! Haha! Sasakura will help the clear the area so the duo will have a chance to get out. I guess the wait got too long because Tsukishima now has weird ideas of his own. Uh huh. He is going to f*ck her! Extra special massage! Dick massaging your pussy is the best massage ever!!! Oh Yuzuki, you’re feeling so good, why you wanna have him wait for what?! Just cum already!!! So once they’re done achieving orgasm, I guess their heads and hearts are clearer and open to talk. Sort of. Yuzuki ekes out what Sasakura said was true and that she does like him. Change of mind as she feels embarrassed and ‘downgrades’ it as not hating him. Whatever. Sasakura comes to check on them since they are taking too long and sees them knocked out from the ‘heat’. The body can withstand all sorts of weird sex positions but a mere confession does not? That’s porn logic for you…

Episode 8
Yuzuki is letting Tsukishima rest on her lap back in their room. Sasakura leaves them alone and goes to reprimand those naughty peepers. You mean they really regretted it? Maybe they didn’t get to see any tits. Yuzuki thinks Tsukishima is still out so she narrates why she fell for him. He never gave up on his volleyball training and faced adversity alone. He even trained hard outside school hours by himself. At the same time, Yuzuki was at the crossroads in her volleyball passion. Thanks to Tsukishima’s effort, it helped her regain back her passion. So it’s that simple? She puts her face close to his but since Tsukishima heard all that, he takes her by surprise by kissing her. And hearing her true feelings makes him horny. Uh huh. F*ck time! Better still, they do it on the veranda in a lewd position. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as they both had fun. After all that, Tsukishima is about to confess he likes her but interrupted by the cliché moment of the handphone ringing. Bummer. But this makes them laugh because it’s just so strange that despite all the hentai they did to each other, they are still shy in saying those magic words. That’s “I love you” for those who are thinking more of “I wanna f*ck you”. But not impossible too for this genre.

You Gotta Hand It To Him, He’s Got A Touch Of Class!
Instead of being washed clean and free from the filthy sins of the flesh, I was flooded with more corruption and depravity instead! You know there isn’t anything much when there are only 8 episodes. Even far less than that Joshi Ochi one (which had 9 episodes). Maybe f*cking in the toilet or bathhouse isn’t as exciting as other places… Just saying… So I guess the lesson of it all is that if you are not sure about your feelings of the person you love, just f*ck each other enough and then you will soon realize you love each other! Hey, got to remember porn logic weaving its magic here!

I know porn logic rules here but I am very baffled by the fact that there are male araiya in a female area! My guts tell me this is BS and that it doesn’t exist and it is only here that it does for the sake of porn. Because I did my ‘extensive research’ online and could not even find any article whatsoever that there are legally male araiya for females. Maybe I don’t know how to look properly online but that’s not the case. So for a bathhouse that actually provides araiya is one thing (because for the old and disabled who can’t reach their backs) but for the opposite gender? In this instance, young high school girls who aren’t freaking out to see a young male their age in their section? So Tsukishima isn’t so bad looking himself so what if the araiya looks like a perverted fat otaku slob? Yeah, that changes everything. Therefore it can only be truly porn logic with Tsukishima being allowed to wash the girls’ back like that without any sort of legal repercussion. Otherwise, don’t you think there would be a lot more (loser) guys trying to land this job? Uh huh. It’s like your legal molesting occupation whatever.

Unlike in previous of such pseudo porn series I have watched, although it is true that the more times you f*ck the girl, eventually she would come to love you, this is somewhat not the case here. Because you can’t go with that flow of logic when you already have the girl liking you from the start! That is why Yuzuki allows Tsukishima to have his way with her. Touching her body and other sensitive and personal areas without so much as to scream rape. Because she already secretly likes him. Ah, there’s the catch. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the other female characters in those other porn animes are any different since they didn’t call the cops or report for rape, allowing those main character men to continue doing whatever they want. Just as long as you can make her feel good, everything else doesn’t matter. Everything is acceptable. Viva porn logic!

The Tsukishima guy isn’t anything extraordinary either. Just some normal high school kid after all. The weirdest part is how he shows his love for Yuzuki by sexing her up. Hear a heart-warming and touching story from her? F*ck her! Oh yeah! Don’t think. Just do it! I just love it when girls don’t question this strange invasion and just let the guy do as he pleases. Hey, this guy might not be good in volleyball but at least he is good in making her feel good! If sex is an Olympic sport, this guy would win the gold medal and easily leave all his competitors in the dust! Also, Yuzuki must be an easy girl to please since she orgasms so easy. Can’t lie to us. Look at that ahegao face every time she gets f*cked. So yeah, girls always love a guy who makes them feel good.

But looks like this series has reduced the age of the characters having sex to high school students. In those other series, they were usually young working adults or at least one of them is. Now we have both high school students engaging in unholy activities. Yuzuki is your typical high school girl in love and the only difference is that she took a step further and got herself violated. Good thing she liked him. Now she has another reason to love him further. Wasn’t it a good thing that she was ‘mean’ to him so as to get his attention? And then he ‘got back hat her’ with just desserts? Look where this brought them now? Ah, I just love a good love story. *Sniff, sniff*. I want to note that the synopsis described Tsukishima as a clumsy guy. I guess so. So clumsy that his dick eventually slipped into her vagina!!! HAHAHA!!!

Also like in some of the previous porn titles, the other side supporting characters are a distraction and not totally required. I mean, if every episode is about Tsukishima and Yuzuki getting f*cked, how boing is that? Oh wait. That happens in every episode. What I meant to say is that with the inclusion of third wheels, it only serves to ‘intensify’ their feelings for each other. You get worried the other guy or girl likes you and what better way than to show that you love her/him even more is by f*cking her even more intensely. Hence Sasakura is like the backup pussy if Tsukishima and Yuzuki fail and how kind of Sasakura to really let Yuzuki keep Tsukishima. Doesn’t she want her for himself too? Damn, best friends are such best friends. Maybe Sasakura does love Tsukishima a lot more than she puts in words but with her pushing Yuzuki, it might be some sort of penance for her since her best friend has got the boy she likes, all it’s not lost. Acceptable. I think. So if Yuzuki loses her way, all she needs is to give some yuri fanservice to bring her back to the right path. Damn I really love porn logic at its finest. Then there’s the Takasugi guy who is just so irrelevant and his role is probably to make Tsukishima a bit jealous and realize his feelings for Yuzuki. I mean, she is the only one who lets him f*ck her so hell no some other guy is going to take that place away. Takasugi might look dependable but sometimes I feel his character comes off a bit as a retard. Doesn’t this guy like Yuzuki’s sister? That’s another story to tell.

On a trivial note, the ending theme Renai Sensation by Yuzuki and Sasakura feels weird. I don’t know if this pop song is infused with some kind of weird punk rock music or something because it sounds more like a piece of cacophony. It’s just chaotic. The tune especially the synthesizers felt like somebody just simply mashed the keyboard and they got lucky they come up with this ‘tune’ which is as equally chaotic and frenzied like the entire song. And there is one weird line in the lyrics that goes, “I would like to be impregnated by your smell”. WTF?! I know that verse is talking about bathing and shampoo with your love but this just really WTF.

Overall, nothing really new or exciting. The irony that washing and bathing are symbolized as something clean but this show makes it all so dirtier. Perhaps the mind is the hardest to clean. Haha! I guess I have watched quite a few of these every season in the past for almost 2 years to form some sort of immunity. Not sure whether it is a good or bad thing. Because I fear that it would take a kinkier porn to turn me on! Yikes. I hope that’s not true. But that will be something that only I will find out in the future… Anyhow, I can’t say that this would be the last pseudo anime porn I will watch and that I haven’t really washed my hands off such genres. I mean, it’s not that I love to watch anime porn and only doing so out of curiosity and listed as a ‘legitimate’ anime in the seasonal chart as the synopsis sounded ‘legitimate’ (hey, it didn’t say ‘sex’ anywhere, right?). Honest. I hope I didn’t rub that the wrong way.

It’s that time of season again. The seasonal porn pretending to be part of the seasonal anime line-up. After last season’s ‘amazing’ porn, I don’t think the next season could live up to that hype. I’m not placing any much expectations on Shuudengo Capsule Hotel De Joushi Ni Binetsu Tsutawaru Yoru so I am only watching this just to prove my point. Heh. What a weird excuse. Hopefully this would make me want to stop watching the seasonal slut. Really.

Episode 1
Hadano and Minori Aizawa are colleagues and the company is having some party. Because they’re always fighting, they got kicked out. Not sure why they can’t go home at this time so they decide to rent a capsule hotel. For some reason, some idiot is still occupying Aizawa’s capsule and he’s a deep sleeper. No choice, she goes to share with Hadano. I guess all the other capsules are fully booked, huh? Because she dresses so skimpily and he caught glimpse of her delicious boobs, he starts showing his true colours as he rapes her. At least, start off by licking and playing with her pussy. Don’t yell or scream. Don’t want to wake the others up, do you?

Episode 2
Sex must be so good that the next thing Aizawa knows, it is already morning and she’s all by herself? That jerk didn’t even wake her up?! Anyway she manages to make it to work in time. Later Hadano’s dress design is complete and he thanks Aizawa for her help. Help not complete as he wants her to put it on. She has trouble with the zipper and calls for his help. I guess she didn’t learn. Because he gets turned on and blames her for seducing him. Yeah. Rape scene time. Don’t want to move too much or you’ll ruin the dress. Did Aizawa climax so hard that she screamed so loud?! Did anybody hear that?! So Hadano went overboard with this joke (JOKE?! YOU CALL THIS PUSSY LICKING RAPE A JOKE?!) and apologizes (yeah, like every man could get away with it with a sorry). He leaves her alone but Aizawa is feeling pretty confused… Yeah… Porn logic working…

Episode 3
The duo are to design some clothes for this tall but shy model, Kei Sugawara. As it is raining heavily outside, they manage to take shelter in Hadano’s car. He lets her wear his shirt. Uh huh. Too big and since it is soaking, it sees through her lingerie. Yup. Turned on time. Rape time. So now they’re going to do it in the back of his car, eh? Oh yeah. Aizawa now says it really feels good. Hell yeah! Third time’s the charm! Does this mean we can ‘upgrade’ to real penetration? Damn this guy is good that at the end of it, Aizawa wishes this moment would last longer. I hope all that literally didn’t finish too quickly.

Episode 4
As Aizawa ponders about last night’s weird car sex in the bathroom, suddenly here comes Hadano into the tub with her! Oh my. We’re starting with sex already. Yeah, she might be saying no but her body and face are saying yes! Just look at the mirror! Another fingering session, another success. Hope Aizawa doesn’t get burnt out and fever from it all. She feels weird that Hadano is acting like her boyfriend and even more so as he sleeps on her lap. WTF… Next day at work, it seems Aizawa gets chastised by a colleague because there was a mistake in the ordering and now she is stuck with thousands of material stock. Hadano apologizes and will take full responsibility for this. Oh, I can see where this is going, the price Aizawa will have to pay for this ‘clean up’…

Episode 5
Aizawa laments about her screw up. Yeah, you’re going to be screwed anyway, haha!!! Because she’s so confused and Hadano is showering her with nice sympathetic words, oh what the heck, let’s get it on with today’s porn. Yup, doing it right under the office desk at night where everybody has gone home! Heh, even Aizawa is starting to realize how much less and less she is opposing this. Well, like we care?! Next day as Aizawa is out with Kei, I guess she got too happy that he complimented her design so she didn’t see a car coming her way…

Episode 6
Don’t worry. Kei saves her. Now our female protagonist can still continue to get f*cked! Haha! Going back home, she sees sick Hadano stumbling out and collapsing on her. When he opens his eyes, he is in his bed and tired Aizawa sleeping next to him after nursing him. Yeah, I wonder if she had the strength to bring him back to bed and buy all those medication. Guess what? I guess Hadano is now well enough to f*ck her! Even if he isn’t completely healed, I guess the best way to beat his cold is sex! Don’t ask! It’s porn logic!!! He is so good that she doesn’t even mind catching his cold?! WTF are you even saying?! And to top all of that, Hadano whispers I love you in her ears. Oh Aizawa, don’t look so confused. You’re supposed to be ‘good’ at taking all this now.

Episode 7
After another long day at work at Kei’s photo shooting, Aizawa laments missing another fireworks festival. Yeah, I guess it was the same reason last year. Damn overtime work is killing Japanese! But anyway, Hadano takes her to his private cabin in the woods where he often works on his design. They put on their traditional Japanese outfit he made. Aizawa makes the damn mistake of quipping he looks cooler when he shuts up unlike when he is talkative. Yup, that’s all the sign needed for him to rape her. Yeah, table sex this time. Wow. Aizawa must have enjoyed so much that she’s actually saying she felt so happy!

Episode 8
I guess finally Aizawa admits it. She’s fallen for Hadano. She didn’t say if it’s because the sex but we know better. Because Hadano spots Aizawa is having a good time designing clothes for Kei, he decides to ‘reward’ her. Yeah, rape her in the pantry! Damn, he didn’t even close the door! Colleagues too busy talking to each other fail to notice people f*cking next to the fridge! Hello! Despite Aizawa feeling he is being roughed, damn she climaxes so fast! His tongue game must be very strong today. Later when Aizawa has finished the designs, Hadano relays the bad news that their superiors have relieved her from this project. She gets upset and is in disbelief since they have been working on this for so long. Hadano also snaps back that he too has put in a lot of effort. Aizawa so sad she just runs away. Oh yeah, Kei conveniently sees and hears all this.

Episode 9
Kei goes to cheer her up and before you know it, her blues are blown away. But did the blues transfer to him because now he is sad telling her how he always wanted to do something different by being a model. He is now focused on selling instead of doing what he wants to do. He thinks the most important thing is to make others happy. Uhm, but at your own expense? Isn’t that what’s happening? After parting ways, Aizawa apologizes to Hadano and realizes the important lesson of making others happy. You don’t mean letting others f*ck you, right? Too bad she had to say how Kei helped cheered her up and Hadano doesn’t like it. That’s it. Back alley rape time. Probably Hadano isn’t his usual and Aizawa doesn’t like all that she is feeling and pushes him today. Probably the first time sex with him sucks.

Episode 10
Such a hot day that the employees are complaining that the air-cond is not working. Yeah, Hadano will fix it and tells them to go home. Wow. They can go home?! Anyway as he fixes the air-cond, Aizawa comes to talk to him. He got distracted and falls over her. Oh dear. I think I can see where this is going. But first, he asks if he is a good boss! Why the serious question? Since he has this side, it makes her happy. Huh? Anyway, screw all that because it’s sex time. Damn, everything is so hot! Literally. Now I know why they call animals f*cking in heat! Haha! Damn, the heat must be melting them all the way till they cum!!! After sex, back to serious questionings. He wonders if she sees him as a co-worker. She worries their relationship will change if she tells him her true feelings. Then he throws down the ultimatum. After this project is over, he is going to tell her something. You mean with words? Not with your body and dick like this entire time?

Episode 11
The dresses are finally finished. When Hadano asks if she wanted some reward, why the f*ck did she blush?! Oh, so she expecting sex?! Looks like Hadano won’t betray our expectations and proceeds to reward, or should I say, rape-ward he with the best fingering act he’s ever done to her. Haha! During the night of the fashion show, Aizawa dresses up Kei and notes this is her favourite piece since it brought up a lot of memories. And then suddenly! I supposed it triggered something in Kei because he is so grateful to her for everything that he confessed he loves her and wants to forever be by her side! But catch up with you later, ‘cause I gotta hit the runway. WTF. A love triangle at this stage? Aizawa so confused. I wonder how Hadano feels about that since he is at earshot range of this conversation.

Episode 12
Kei is so hot when he takes the stage. Girls screaming everywhere! After the successful show, once again it feels like déjà vu. Because Aizawa has drank a lot and is a bit tipsy. Oh dear. Going to miss the last train again. When Aizawa says Kei confessed to her, Hadano cuts her off and wants to tell her something first. Unsurprisingly, he loves her. Unsurprisingly too, she hugs him and also replies she loves him. But what about Kei? She didn’t get to finish her sentence that she rejected him because she loves somebody else. Maybe that’s why Kei was so clear and focused on stage, huh? And is that the alcohol talking for Aizawa? And then Hadano kisses her. Oh my, get a room! Just like déjà vu, they crash at a capsule hotel. Yet again, somebody is sleeping in Aizawa’s capsule! What are the chances?! Why do I have this feeling this same guy never left?! And you guessed it, she has to go share with Hadano. Here is the clincher of why they will end up having sex: Because Hadano says it’s not like he does this with everyone else. Yeah babe! You’re so f*cking special! Let’s get it on! And I suppose they have ‘experience’ doing this before so they can have a less noisy sex…

Sex… Sex Everywhere!
Oh well, oh well, oh well… As per my expectations this is how it ends up. The basic porn logic of if you f*ck a girl long enough, she will eventually fall in love with you and let you f*ck her forever and ever. Happy ending. The end. I hope this will be the last ‘legal’ anime porn that I have to watch. But don’t place your hopes too much on me being good on my promise yet as I am known to have break them many times in the past. Like my taste for mecha animes but over the years I sometimes go watch them. So I supposed it is the same for this genre. Not surprisingly and expected, I am quite disappointed with this crap and the reason why I am not as disappointed as I sound is because I already lowered my expectations a lot from the start. Yes, it helps curtail and cushion the impact of crappiness very effectively.

I know many porn shows don’t necessarily have any plot but at least they have some sort of porn logic that make me laugh. Uh huh. Watching porn for its hilarious comedy gold ‘plot’ is one reason why I do so but I guess nobody would believe me. But for this particular series, there isn’t any of that. Just a group of fashion designers… Are they having some sort of problem with their latest project? And then out of the blue the boss f*cks the employee. I mean, WTF?! What?! WHAT???!!! Suddenly the f*cking comes out of nowhere for no absolute reason at all. I mean, like I said porn logic has anybody f*cking anybody anywhere. It just feels so weird. The slightest excuse is the reason why Hadano starts raping Aizawa. No reason needed except that this is an obligatory scene for every episode. Boom! Here’s your sex scene. It’s not like it is exciting too. It’s embarrassing to say this but after watching so many seasons straight of this kind of cheap porn, this kind of sex scene is really nothing. Damn, looks like my turned on level has risen. Dangerous. Meaning I might need even more dangerous and risqué porn for that same amount of satisfaction. But I’ll discuss this personally with myself on another day.

So what else can I b*tch about this series? Oh, do they need another third party for this? It is not like Kei played any obvious role and for the love triangle to come so late, I guess there’s your much needed drama. Because what else is a good time for Aizawa to ponder about the feelings of the men in her life. You got a superior who makes her feel good and on the other hand you got a good looking and seemingly innocent model whom I assume his love for her is pure. If Kei did end up making out with Aizawa, it would have been more of the same and he is no different with Hadano. So is Kei really integral to the series? Just like other colleagues in this assumingly huge organization, they don’t matter. In a way, I’m glad this shy tall model dude didn’t get tainted. It would really suck if suddenly there was an end plot twist and a threesome! Yikes.

I find it odd that the anime’s title is about having sex in the hotel capsule but that only happens at the start and the end. Otherwise, they are like having sex in almost everywhere else they are. Especially at office. I suppose it would be boring if they keep doing it in the hotel capsule. Literally you can f*ck anywhere in office. Just don’t let anybody find out. Not sure if Aizawa moaned out loud because I’m under the impression she does but because all the other office workers are like so engrossed talking to each other, they don’t hear any strange sounds coming from an unlocked room nearby. Yeah, so strange indeed. Might as well put the theme as some invisible man f*cking an office worker. Haha. And with the final scene of sex in a capsule hotel, looks like it is to remind us what this title was about in the first place. And what goes around, comes around! Haha!

Even funnier when you start considering the ridiculously long title of the series. It literally translates to: The Night When Me And My Boss Spent The Night At the Capsule Hotel After The Last Trained And He Passed His Fever To Me. Like… What?! WTF???!!!! WHAT FEVER????!!! Oh, don’t tell me the disease of loving sex is the fever he passed on to her. If a man can pleasure his woman so good like that, I’m sure she doesn’t want to be cured ever! Porn logic! So Aizawa became sick in terms of love sick? Craving sex from her boss despite she saying no but her body say yes? Oh Aizawa, you’re probably confused if love = sex but it doesn’t matter because as long as you feel good, everything is a-okay. Otherwise you would have reported this dude to the authorities and be part of the #MeToo campaign.

Overall, this was really disappointing to say the least. It wasn’t as stimulating as that ‘girl dropping from the hole’ one and not as hilariously absurd-cum-funny like that prison one. And about that next season anime porn that I was unsure if I was going to watch or not? Looks like I would definitely not be watching. Because I just found out that they’re going to take this porn thing to the next level as next season is BL!!! Oh yeah. Time to stay away from that. And what’s this BL story, you ask? Father and son BL???!!! HOLY SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MAH GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh God. Every day we stray further and further from thou. I’m so glad I’m not into this gay yaoi thing. Time to appreciate hetero straight porn no matter how bad they are. There is still a whole lot of fun with 1 dick and 1 pussy compared to 2 dicks and no pussy at all.

Well, well. Looks like I didn’t learn my lesson the last time. Heh. Was there supposed to be one? After of thinking of giving up on the disappointing seasonal ‘porn’, then that prison porn sh*t was interesting enough to make not abandon and keep me getting ‘addicted’. Hence I am once again here watching this season’s anime ‘porn’, Joshi Ochi! 2-kai Kara Onnanoko Ga Futte Kita. As the name ambiguously suggests, girls keep falling from a hole onto a guy. Heh. Is this a way of saying how a girl falls for a guy and they end up making love? Don’t think so much. It’s porn logic anyway. Dang, even if she didn’t fall from heaven but with enough porn, any guy would think this b*tch is heaven sent! Even if she’s just from the floor above.

Episode 1
Sousuke Aikawa tells straight to us that he is a bum and would rather work part time than go to college. He lives in a rundown apartment and the only motivation that keeps him going is the hot landlady, Yuki Shimizu. As he tries to sleep, he hears noisy thumping from the neighbour upstairs. He goes to confront but yeow, who is the hot babe here? Apparently Sunao Unyuu is an aspiring actress and was practising her lines. I know she’s not good but that bad that she is noisy? Is she trying to be a dancer? Anyway, whatever. Because she’s hot, Aikawa forgives her. The thumping continues so much so the floor gives way and she gets stuck in between! Aikawa tries to catch her but ends up having her crotch in his face. And when she really falls through, she lands on his dick. Even more amazing how his erected penis perfectly penetrated into her vagina!!! WTF???!!! F*CKING AMAZING!!! NO PENIS INJURY AT ALL!!! As expected, Aikawa gives into his horny desires as he fondles her boobs and starts f*cking her. Not surprising either, Sunao feels good and lets him have his way until they climax. When Yuki rushes in to see what the commotion is all about (she really took her time, huh?), she is shocked to see the duo in a very compromising position.

Episode 2
Yuki hears them out and finds it hard to believe. But the hole in the ceiling is real… So how? She’ll fix it and also take responsibility. How? By sleeping next to Aikawa! WTF?! What kind of responsibility is this?! That night he can’t sleep (obviously) because Yuki is so freaking hot while she sleeps. Sexy and temperature wise. Because she rolls too close to him, this triggers his horniness. Screw it because now he starts molesting her boobs. OMG. I can’t believe she is still asleep the way he gropes them this hard! Might as well go all the way. He starts to finger her. You know what? She is still asleep! How heavy a sleeper is she?! And then she finally wakes up. Shocking, right? Yeah, Aikawa’s finger has a mind of its own and continues fingering her until she climaxes. In the aftermath, why the f*ck is she so afraid of him? Didn’t he make her feel good? I don’t think prank as an excuse is going to cut it. But you know, porn logic. Hence Yuki ‘solves’ this by drawing a line between their sleeping area. Shouldn’t she go back to her room?! Better not cross this line?! Wasn’t she the one who crossed this line before Aikawa crossed the ‘other line’?! It’s amazing he didn’t’ get evicted yet…

Episode 3
Just when Aikawa thinks of stop thinking with his dick, Sunao drops down and wants him to f*ck her?! Straight from the mouth! He tries to pretend to be asleep but with Sunao too sexy to ignore and begging for sex, I guess we’re going back to thinking with his dick. So you ask for it. The f*cking begins and don’t worry about Yuki. She’s a heavy sleeper. It’s such a great sex that Sunao would love to come f*ck him again. Damn if only real life girls were like this!!!! Apparently this great sex allows him to sleep well but next morning he finds his face buried right in Yuki’s boobs. And all he got was a slap?! After last night, this is like a slap on the wrist (face, rather). Worth it. Even if it is Yuki’s fault for rolling over. Forgot that rule she made, huh? She asks if he is dating Sunao. He denies. She sounds happy. Woah. Like everything is forgiven. If only real women were like that. She even wants to make him breakfast. Did somebody just reset her mood? Maybe not. As she tidies the bed, she spots Sunao’s panties left behind during sex. Aikawa has got some explaining to do. Yuki is startled when Sunao rings the doorbell. Aikawa falls over her. It’s like her t-shirt has a mind of its own because the buttons just feel like bursting out to reveal her busty boobs.

Episode 4
With nobody answering the door, Sunao drops in from the hole. Aikawa takes Yuki to hide in the closet. Too close a proximity. Because she wants to go ask Sunao straight about the panties, Aikawa shuts her up. How? By kissing and molesting her?! WTF?! Wouldn’t she make even more noise?! With Sunao curious about the noise, thank goodness saved by the pantsu because she spots her missing panties and takes them and leave. Aikawa’s punishment? Just a slap. Still not evicted… Later when he returns from work, he is shocked that both girls announce they are going to stay with him! WTF???!!! Earlier on, Yuki talked to Sunao about a certain rapist. Knowing both have been violated and how it is risky for them to be living with a rapist, guess what is the solution? Why, have both of them live with him to stop the rape! WTF???!!! WHAT THE FFFFFFUUUUU????!!!! ULTIMATE PORN LOGIC!!!!!!! Yeah, I guess he can’t rape seeing one of them will be around to witness. Yeah, great solution. I wish this was applied in the real world. And they sleep right in his arms. Yeah, it’s like he owns this harem. Later he accidentally stumbles into Sunao bathing. She invites him to wash him. You’re not going to pass this up, right? I bet she’s just trolling him when she tells him not to have dirty thoughts while washing her back. Because now she takes off her towel and faces him. You got to look properly where you’re washing! The word self-control is starting to lose its meaning in Aikawa’s dick-tionary… Haha!!!

Episode 5
Aikawa strikes back as he full blasts the cold shower into Sunao’s vagina. Yuki comes to check since she is making weird noises. Yup, she is convinced this is part of her acting practice. Damn, she must be good, right? With this foreplay over, the duo now have penetrative sex in the tub. Such a dirty cleansing moment. Oh, the irony. Yuki comes back to check because she heard that really weird sound (Sunao’s climaxing). But Yuki spots Aikawa’s clothes in the basket… Later when Aikawa returns to his room, he sees a depressed Yuki sitting at the corner! What gives? She knows he has done something to Sunao. She believes he hates her and that is why he is doing such heinous acts on Sunao. Wait! WTF?! WTF LOGIC IS THAT???!!! Is she trying to subtly hint she wants to be f*cked by him?! Too bad Aikawa feels guilty for breaking his promise of protecting her smile. Instead he screwed over her although technically he hasn’t physically screwed her yet. Soon, Sunao invites them to the hotsprings. Yuki declines since that day the repair on the ceiling will be done. But after hearing there is a crab buffet, looks like she is willing to postpone the repair for this feast. In the hotspring, the girls talk and Sunao knows Yuki like Aikawa. That reaction says it all. Sunao admits that she too likes Aikawa and thinks her love is unrequited. In that case, shouldn’t have Sunao brought Aikawa alone here? Because she likes doing fun things, she wants all of them to have fun. Uhm, so she is into group sex?

Episode 6
Time for a reason to get pervy. Aha! Yuki being drunk. So she’s inviting Aikawa to do crazy stuffs to her. So he is teaching her how to have sex. He lets her ride on his dick in the tub although not really penetrating her. I wonder if climaxing makes her sober because she’s telling this to Sunao of what Aikawa made her do. Sunao not impressed. What’s this about trying to change to subject to the festivals? Anyway, Sunao and Aikawa head there (Yuki somehow conveniently separated). Sunao breaks down. She realizes having a third wheel is no fun. I suppose it’s more fun when you monopolized his dick, huh? She even confesses she loves him but what does this guy know about love? So the reason Sunao fell in love with him is because he took her virginity? And always cum inside her. WTF. Gee, if only real life girls were like that. Looks like she is going to take this to the next level. Ah, now I see why she isn’t wearing anything underneath the robe. Can’t he take a hint? Learning that he has not gone that far with Yuki, she wants him to treat her like Yuki. However she wants to be the only one to satisfy him. Yeah, he can cum insider her as much as he likes. Definite straight up obvious porn logic cliché here. The best sex in the bamboo grove ever. Why does Aikawa feel so bad after f*cking her? Oops I did it again? Not making any Britney reference, is he? Sunao assures him that she will not make him choose between them. So this is just for the sex, right?

Episode 7
Sunao has landed a lead role and invites the duo to her play. Although Yuki is captivated with her good performance, but you know what is even more captivating? Yuki wanting Aikawa to f*ck her right now! I guess I’m all eyes on this one. Might as well masturbate each other since there isn’t much crowd either. There’s some brief back story why Yuki loves Aikawa (something about her failed dreams) but we don’t care. Just f*ck! Yuki tries to distract Aikawa so as to look at her and not the stage. Probably not the best handjob but he still cum. At the end of the play at the backstage, Sunao whispers to Aikawa she saw everything! I wonder if the other actors on stage saw it too. Back home just when Aikawa might get serious to pick one of them, then shows up this busty babe, Yuzu Hanazono. She claims she is Aikawa’s girlfriend although he clarifies she is his childhood friend. So let me get this straight. She is going to stay here too?! Thankfully our jealous ladies believe Aikawa’s room is already at ‘full capacity’ (I wonder if they’re also referring to his dick) and put her in the next room. For some reason, there is a small hole that allows Aikawa to peep. Wow. Dang. Yuzu changing. Sexy. Suddenly the wall crumbles! WTF?! Yuzu doesn’t freak out. She loves him seeing her in the nude. Apparently they bathed together when they’re young. Looks like she didn’t grow out of it. Remembering their kiddie promise to marry, she starts giving him a blowjob. Before he can penetrate her (she invited him to), the jealous ladies barge in to beat him up. So is this the end of Aikawa’s sexcapades? Actually now they want to go to the beach and wear their swimsuits so as to get Aikawa decide once and for all he likes the best. YOU SERIOUS???!!! Man, 3 hot babes fighting over his dick that is going to die from over-f*cking. Seriously.

Episode 8
This episode Aikawa’s dick will explode… Yuzu goes first and in the float, she makes him molest all over her. He claims he has moral standards (WHAT MORAL STANDARDS?!) but Yuzu has the best reply: His heart may have morals but not his dick! OMG! SO TRUE! So screw whatever and just make out! They’re just here to feel good, right? I guess fun time is over when Sunao interrupts. Then in the storeroom, Sunao won’t lose to that newcomer b*tch and wants to f*ck him (what else is new?). Aikawa teases her by spamming how cute she is. Embarrassing but it relaxes her. Now to work his magic fingers and dick. You can’t stop now! Go all the way! He cums inside her like usual but she sounds disappointed? Did she want him to cum all over her face?! As they leave, they have been spotted by Yuki. She’s not pleased. She’s mad that he always chose her. I don’t think resting from tired of swimming is going to cut it. And then Yuki’s mood swing kicks in because she stops being mad and smiles that they should all take a shower and go home now. I wonder if that’s the I’m-still-mad-smile because it genuinely looks like a genuine smile.

Episode 9
I guess it’s Yuki’s turn. She forces Aikawa into the women’s shower with her. So she’s going to let Aikawa teach her all about sex? Well, if only Sunao would stop talking to her. Because you know the way is talking is getting stranger the more Aikawa eats her pussy. I’m not sure if Sunao knows what is going on and lets them be. Yuki’s sex ed reaches its climax when Aikawa now f*cks her from the back! OMG! Is that period blood?! First time penetration?! And then he f*cks her from the front just to see her f*cking cute embarrassed face. I also wonder if Yuzu also knows what is going on because the moaning is definitely strange and I doubt a pervy girl like Yuzu would not think it isn’t. Anyway she just lets Yuki be. Finally Yuki climaxes. I guess the other girls waiting outside knew it. Back home, Aikawa realizes he couldn’t and didn’t decide on the best swimsuit girl. You mean there was a contest?! Oh, I’m such a forgetful guy, I don’t even remember! Hence Aikawa’s true heaven and hell life begins. He has got holes in his apartment. Female holes all around him. Wow. Such a lucky bastard. And why do they all love sleeping naked together? And Aikawa is serious about choosing one of them one day? Yeah, one day. Let’s hope the harem doesn’t expand and if porn logic dictates, as long as he doesn’t choose, he can still f*ck around!!! OH YEAH!!!

Hole-y Sh*t! A (W)Hole Lot Of Top Hole Crap!
WOW! OMG!!!! You know what? It really embarrasses me to say this but I actually sort of enjoyed this one!!! In fact, this is the best hentai among all those I have seen, even topping that prison crap by a mile! Also, it must be the only series where it made me feel really horny but thankfully my self-control is still ‘superb’. Haha! Yes. Seriously. So I suppose that there are a few factors and reasons why this short porn series is way better than the rest and makes it really stand out from the rest. No, not referring to that hard erected dick.

First you might have noticed that there are only 9 episodes. That’s like only 3/4 from the usual dozen we have in the usual porn series. However each episode is slightly longer and can averagely almost go up to 6 minutes. No opening or ending themes even. Can’t waste a single moment, eh? So more banging in lesser screen time? As in, better to have one slightly longer sex scene than to have more but short sex scenes? Quality over quantity? But whatever. Also, since there is relatively no plot (I mean, who cares about the story in hentai series, right?!) and plot holes (can’t resist this pun), I suppose it would be more or less the same thing if they expand it to 12 episodes and by that time the boredom would have set in. Therefore having only 9 episodes and suddenly ‘ending’ it like that, surprisingly I wasn’t disappointed at all (unlike that prison show). Maybe it’s because of all the horniness that was welling up inside me that served as a cushion from disappointment when the series ended.

Unlike other porn series before this, this is the first time that they feature more than one girl. Yes, a harem basically. Come to think of it, the predecessors felt boring because they’re always f*cking and molesting the same girl. You’re going to see that climaxing face a dozen times and perhaps that is why it is so ‘boring’. Here, at least we have 2 girls at the start and hence the ‘variety’ of watching ‘different’ climaxing faces. Then they add another one towards the end although it really feels wasted that she came in so late and didn’t have really much screen time to show off her ‘skills’ but enough to set our tongues (dick, rather) wagging (tingling, rather).

Another reason why this is the most superior seasonal porn is the high quality of the art and animation. Yes and seriously, people. Looking back at all its predecessors, the animation quality was just moderate and downright mediocre. If I thought that prison series was good, this one is way better. Much better. The girls do look cute (much cuter than the predecessors and I’m not even drunk) and you can really see there is some quality put in the animation. Not to say it’s the best but it’s like as though this could have been a typical cliché young adult romcom anime series but they inserted sex into it. So yeah. No wonder Aikawa can’t stop f*cking them. If he passes up on any of them, it’s like setting up himself to be gay! No way, man! No way!

I know such series is all about the sex but I want to just touch a bit on the characters. As usual, nothing really deep (except Aikawa’s f*cking. Haha! Pun intended) and anything that you would want to support or cheer on. Therefore if they lack whatever background story there is, we don’t mind and care because as long as we get to see them f*ck, everything is a-okay. For Sunao as a budding actress, I can’t keep sniggering each time to think that she would have been perfect and if not more successful had she gone into porn! I know. It hit me the first time when she said that was her aspiration. I was like, “Uhm, you mean you wanna be a porn star?”. Haha. Yeah. Felt like it. Otherwise who cares about her real acting chops on stage? But it does make me wonder if Sunao is really that good of an actress, could she be faking it with Aikawa? Nah! I’m sure his f*cking will bring out all the honesty and embarrassment as seen on her face. Period.

I feel that Yuki is primarily helming a role with lots of porn logic cliché. I gives a lousy excuse and justification as to why she likes Aikawa. Yes, she’s supposed to like him but the very silly stuffs like drawing a border on their sleeping place and inviting other girls to sleep with him to stop his raping feels more like porn logic than anything. I mean, it definitely didn’t prevent our guy from f*cking around, right? Besides, don’t you think that the girls are the one who actually started and motivated him to molest them in the first place? Yeah, thankfully he makes them feel good or else they would have cried rape. So Yuki being a terrible actress is the ‘honest face’ girl whom every guy would love to see when they f*ck their girl. Finally she receives the D from Aikawa. Achievement unlocked! Welcome to the club! I feel Yuzu is wasted as she appeared so late and even the final competition didn’t do any justice. But at least it was a ‘shock factor’ that we didn’t see any character popping up to service Aikawa. So who’s next to pop up in Aikawa’s sex life? HIS SISTER! INCEST! Haha!

And Aikawa has got a very strong dick too because it seems as seen in the final episode after he ejaculates, he can actually go and f*ck the next girl and also ejaculate like as though his recover period is super fast or close to none. So don’t worry about his dick exploding or becoming limp from overusing because I am sure with the horny girls always teasing and initiating him to f*ck them, I bet he’ll never leave the dorm for the rest of his life now that he has got his own harem. Damn this dorm is going to be a place where you check in and never check out. If that is so, could it be a private red light district? If only real life was like porn where every girl you make love to wants your dick and cums so easily…

Oh, here’s another porn logic if they ever want to fix the holes. “Hello ma’am, I’m here to fix the holes. What’s that? You don’t have money to pay? How about with your body? Alright!”. Haha! But I doubt Aikawa is going to let any other men touch his women. After all, this flimsy romance being disguised as porn but I’m putting my money on Aikawa x Yuki since he is her first love and now that she allowed him inside her, looks like Sunao has got a rival catching up. Guys are like who lets them f*ck. Girls are like who gets to call them by their first name? No wonder love is so confusing. Sex is easier. So if Aikawa can’t choose who to be serious with, why not just share his dick which is now somewhat public property? Sharing is caring!

The other ‘enjoyable’ part of this series is how some of the dialogues are ‘witty’ although they may be just cheesy and downright cringe worthy. Maybe not so much the original Japanese lines as it sounds as ordinary as ever. Perhaps the English subtitled one that somehow managed to make such puns on holes and screwing, which actually make me laugh. I was like WTF but can’t help snigger at how ‘true’ the irony of the situation is. Also ‘enjoyable’ is some of the episode titles that are ‘creative’ with holes in them. For example, “The Hole That Connects Me To That Girl”, “Two Sides Of The Same Hole”, “You Can’t Pull The Wool Over My Eyeholes”, “Two In The Same Hole”, “Don’t Fill The Hole” and the best of the lot, “If There Is A Hole, I Want To Enter It”. Damn! I think there are lots of hole puns I want to make too but I think I better stop before the hole of decaying morals start to widen… But I’m still thinking when this series might introduce the glory hole… Oops!

Speaking of the title of this anime, despite its name about girls falling from the top floor, we only see it like twice before it is somewhat forgotten. I guess it would be boring each time Sunao had to drop in just to ask for sex. So with a different hole falling onto Aikawa’s dick, can we give some sort of excuse that their vaginas slip and fell onto Aikawa’s penis? Better than slipping and having your cock accidentally slip into a hole, right?

Overall, I am once again ashamed (but with no regrets) to say that this is the best of all the seasonal porn so far it has to offer because of it being superior in so many departments. Sad to say that because of this, I am now looking forward to next season’s smut. But the ‘good news’ is that since the standards have been raised so high, the next one will have a high hurdle to live up to its standards. Otherwise I might again consider abandoning it. Heh. I better be good to put my money where my mouth is. Nope, can’t say be good to put my dick where my mouth is because that will be like giving myself a blowjob and I’m not into this gay sh*t thingy! But I don’t have to keep my word because as I have learnt from this series, even if your heart has morals and brains to think, our dick has the better head and no moral compass to decide. Yeah, I don’t know what I’m saying. It feels like full of holes.

Hmm… What’s this? If Nanbaka had a porn version, it would be Amai Choubatsu: Watashi Wa Kanshu Senyou Pet. Initially I was going to give up after the last couple of seasons having very ‘disappointing’ ‘legal anime porn’. Yeah, who could be disappointed with porn, right? And then this prison ‘porn’ theme somewhat attracted my attention. Maybe something will be different after all. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m here to see how ‘creative’ and absurd the prison porn theme could be. Because I bet prison sex won’t be as ‘sweet’ as this one would be.

Episode 1
Hina Saotome is found guilty of embezzling a multi-national company’s fund. So for stealing a million bucks, she is sentenced to only a year in prison? Hmm… They must be lenient on women… Of course Hina claims she is innocent but nobody cares, right? The judicial is f*cked up. You’re going to get f*cked up. Haha! Oops. Hina (prison number 3077) is brought before the handsome prison warden head, Aki Myoujin. She is told to obey his every word until he release. I can see where this is going. Even more mind boggling that she is the only female in this prison! OMFG. I can really see where this is going. So there are no special prisons for females?! They let a poor woman who isn’t hardcore criminal to mix with the guys?! And as usual, we get our first hentai scene with her stripping down in the name of body inspection. And really, he really gets physical and fingers her! I wonder what he was hoping to find. So good his fingering that she passes out only to wake up in her cell. During roll call, she realizes she is the only female and all the criminal guys except that hot looking one staring at her, Yamato Higa. Then a fight breaks out. Even when the warden is there. I guess he don’t care. It took Higa to stop them. Wow. She is impressed with him?

Episode 2
Hina has a visitor. It is Kiyonori Yakumo, her lover and colleague who believes she is innocent. He is still trying to find a way to get her out but assures everything will be better soon. Suddenly Hina feels somebody licking her vagina! OMFG! Aki is licking and fingering her!!! This scene is more hilarious than it is horny!!!! She is trying to hold in her orgasm face and not let Yakumo know. He must be one dense guy not to see something is wrong with her expression and was he so fixated in her that he didn’t see the warden bending down over to underneath Hina’s legs? Whatever it is, this is the funniest hentai scene ever! God help you, Hina. Aki then takes her to some solitary confinement for prisoners who do not repent. Like those troublemakers this morning. God, putting her with other men who want to rape her? Thankfully Higa is there and he beats the crap out of them. Surprised he protected her, she tends to his wounds and notices his entire body with tattoos. She tells him her circumstances before she realizes she mustn’t trust any horny guys and cowers at a corner. She falls asleep and when she wakes up, she realizes he has been sitting in front and protecting her from whatever harm. She is confused if he is on her side.

Episode 3
Aki puts a vibrator inside her every morning she does exercise. Of course she cannot keep up with the movements. I guess this is the perfect excuse so when she passes out, Aki takes her to a private room to punish her for failing to do as she is told. And hence our hentai scene for this episode as Aki fingers her as she is pushed against the tinted glass while prisoners are working below. Can they see her? Well, if they look up. Oh, Higa saw her orgasmic face. Later when she does some job like all other prisoners do, Hina manages to talk to Higa. She learns he is doing time for getting caught in a mob auction and has got a year to go. But unlike her, he claims he is here for a reason. During the next roll call, Hina is relieved Aki isn’t among the wardens. He is in fact visiting his vegetable mother in hospital. When Yakumo visits Hina again, he tells her not to wait for a year for her release and then prove her innocence. He wants her to break out and he will help her.

Episode 4
It seems Yakumo has a plan to escape so that they could run away and live peacefully. Uhm, wouldn’t the law go after you for escaping prison? And why is he discussing this plan so openly when there is warden in the room? Is the warden deaf?! The first part of the plan works out in which Hina gets permission to use the shower area every day. The tough part is acting and not giving away to Aki who is constantly watching over her. Out of the blue he deems her unfit for the kitchen job. So he is going to punish her (but of course). He wants her to masturbate before him. In order not to arouse his suspicions, she does so. Not satisfied, he does it for her and before a mirror so that she could look at her own orgasmic face. Then he lets her masturbate with a vibrator. Is she good in playing with herself because I thought she could have faked her own orgasm instead of really cumming for real. Yeah, he gives her permission to cum. WTF. She calls him crazy but he blames her for making him so. I guess there’s some porn logic in there for that.

Episode 5
Aki visits his mom. Her condition is getting worse. He might look calm but he is getting angrier by the moment. The day for Hina to make her escape is here. As she showers, she uses the ventilation to escape. Amazingly in the dark she could remember Yakumo’s words of where to turn in the vent. And this is her first time! Aki returns early and notices some anomaly in the showers. What kind of high level detection is there in the control room? Seeing Hina not in the showers, he knows what she is doing. This scene… Hina is metres before freedom when she hears someone crawling behind her. It’s Aki!!! OMFG! How the f*ck did he crawl so fast?! And the way he crawls and catches her is so f*cking creepy-cum-hilarious!!! Am I watching a horny horror show???!!! And hearing Hina’s scream means Yakumo cries and knows she failed. How the f*ck did he tie a rope up the prison wall without any guards noticing?! F*ck this. It’s porn related logic. Hina is brought back to the showers where as expected, Aki this time penetrates and f*cks her with his dick. Yeah, she feels good but notices his sad face. Damn this guy is good because she cums when he gives her permission to. As he carries her on the way out, Higa is shocked to see this. Wait. What? Did he realize Aki beat him to f*ck her?

Episode 6
Flashback shows when Aki interrogated Higa, he was charged for protecting his yakuza superiors. It seems Aki would support him to be reinstated into society if he is released and leaves the yakuza. Now Higa accuses Aki of not protecting them anymore and is more obsessed with this woman. Of course he is not obliged to tell him anything. When Hina wakes up in her cell, she thought she saw a black angel before her. Nope, it’s the devil himself, Aki! Haha! What a joke. He tells her a few things like she will from now on only work in the laundry, cannot do showers (there goes her escape bid, they’re not stupid to let her attempt something like that again) and because of that escape attempt, her sentence is extended for another year. Shocking! Just like that? Do wardens have the power to increase prison terms? Of course it is rape time and surprisingly but not surprisingly, Hina can still manage to cum in this situation while thinking the bad circumstance she is in. Is she a masochist? As she continues working and it is getting tough on her, she breaks down. Luckily Higa is here and she feels assured. Even more so by his hug. She then tells him everything from her sentencing to Aki’s rape. She knows he cannot do anything but just needs somebody to talk to. This makes him want to protect her.

Episode 7
Hina is about to be gang raped by inmates when Aki whips them up and has them arrested. Knowing that this area isn’t suitable for her, he sends her back to the laundry section. Higa who has been watching all this feels angry. But this looks like a bigger part of Aki plan. So when Higa confronts Hina, he instantly kisses her and confesses he loves her! WTF?! I expected something like this but not so fast or in this fashion. He vows to protect her. And what do you know? Aki sees this and says romance between prisoners isn’t allowed. He will punish them both. First he locks up Higa in a cell. Then he rapes Hina in front of him! This guy is getting so good that Hina is climaxing and showing her orgasmic face. I can’t believe Higa managed to control his anger while watching all that as Aki blames him as the reason why Hina had more fun than usual. That’s the end of this punishment. Back in his cell. He thinks of a way to save Hina. Yeah, he calls the guard his tummy hurts and when he opens the door, Higa knocks him out!!! Holy sh*t!!! That was f*cking easy!!! I’m sure he could have done this a long time ago since the guards here are this useless but I’m figuring he was trying to be a good boy for Aki because of that trust thingy. No more good boy now.

Episode 8
Higa snoops around in Aki’s office and gets caught. Dumb. Thanks to that, he gets whipped as punishment. Uhm, not the sexiest scene unless you’re into yaoi, which you shouldn’t be watching this anyway. Then he calls Hina just to see the whip scars on his back and blames her for it! WTF?! Then something comes up. Is something so urgent that he left the duo together? With the door unlocked? And no guards?! Hina feels guilty as she tries to find out what he did. Not that he minds because now he has his sentence extended for another year, he can at least be with her. Oh dear. Then he starts to kiss her. At first she resists but I guess she relents when he says his feelings for her are real. Oh sure. Like every sex in porn is real. Besides, Higa is a criminal so this is somewhat okay? He masturbates her until she cums. Wow. She must really like it since she has almost forgotten this passionate feeling… Yeah, when you’re rotting in prison… Meanwhile that important thing Aki needs to attend is that his mom’s condition has worsened. At the hospital, he feels useless there is nothing he could do for her and if she dies, he will be alone. Well, you were screwing around with a female inmate, right?

Episode 9
I guess with sex, Higa now lets Hina know some info. Yuzuru Akatsuki who is the boss of the company Hina works in, is missing. There seems to be a link between them but there is nothing more he knows. She doesn’t know about this and there is a report of this in Aki’s office. It clearly shows he is keeping information from her. Even so, is he obliged to tell her? When she asks him about his past, he tells her about his yakuza life. Mamoru Kensaki picked him up to join his yakuza branch. He thought he was a good yakuza leader and supported him until he was set up and caught in an illegal weapons transaction. Aki’s mom has stabilized but he is on the verge of breaking and knowing this fact he have to live this feeling for the rest of his life. Hina senses something wrong when Aki hasn’t been seen for 3 days. Speaking of the devil, here he is! Right on the dot. Immediately he kisses her! However she can feel his kiss is passionate. Then he spots a hickey on her given by Higa. He doesn’t like her being f*cked by other man and will punish her. By f*cking her? Yeah, porn logic. Yeah, literally screwed anyhow. She is so scared that she obeys his command to strip. He gets mad when she tries to ask for his relationship with Akatsuki. Then he starts f*cking her. First time we see a 69! During that hot sex, Hina admits she enjoys having sex with Aki. Yeah, this guy is good. Sorry Higa. She isn’t your b*tch but Aki’s. Meanwhile Higa has a visitor.

Episode 10
Tsuyoshi Samejima is the guy who betrayed Higa and landed him here. Higa is not pleased hearing that some group is going to expand. When Hina tries to approach Higa, he pushes her away. Now trying to be a tough guy? Or he realized she enjoys sex with somebody other than him? Aki asks Hina if she now knows how it feels to lose everything. Oddly, Hina finds this sad expression beautiful?! Prison sex must have screwed with her head too. Then he accuses her for stealing everything for him. Cue for rape scene. Oh Hina, what’s the use of realizing you betrayed Yakumo and Higa since you’re having fun being f*cked by this guy? Samejima returns to report to his boss about Higa. And since boss is sick, Samejima kills him! The next time Hina approaches Higa, he continues to push her away. It seems Aki warned him about approaching her again because if he does, he’ll send him to some special section. I’m thinking this section is so terrifying that that this tough yakuza dude even chickens out. Anal probing? A funeral is held for the yakuza boss. While many of his men accept his death and new leader, Igarashi won’t.

Episode 11
Hina and Higa are tied and blindfolded. They are to be transported. Since they will split up once they arrive at the hospital, Aki is going to give her a farewell gift: He is going to f*ck her! Oh sh*t! This is some sick twisted BDSM. Yeah, I wonder if he is also doing it on purpose to piss off Higa. Too bad for Hina, she finds it good and tries real hard not to make a sound. Like that would ever happen in porn! Oh Hina you bad girl! She came!!! Luckily they finish their f*cking since the truck met with an accident. I know these might not be the most notorious criminals, but seriously not even a decent security for them?! It seems Igarashi has caused the accident. See what did I tell you about having no security?! Higa is freed and is told their boss got killed by Samejima. Higa sees unconscious Aki protected Hina’s body during the crash. Higa frees Hina and gives her a chance to escape to freedom. Well, duh?! The reason she agreed is because he called her by her real name instead of her prison number. WTF?! Aki is also taken and kept tied in some room. Snippets of flashback shows when his mom was still around, she was having an affair with Akatsuki. Aki was a rebellious kid then, but there was nothing much he could do. Now he wakes up and finds the tables have turned on him. Higa is going to interrogate him.

Episode 12
Higa explains the documents he found in Aki’s room contains Akatsuki’s private life. It is very clear he framed Hina who is no doubt innocent. He definitely has something to do with him hence the reason why Aki is using Hina as an excuse. Otherwise, why would Aki have protected Hina during the crash? The news reports the crash and Aki held as hostage. Now Higa and Hina have wanted posters. I guess living life as a fugitive is better? Higa gets a call by Samejima. He rejects his offer to join forces and knows this sneaky dude killed the boss like how he set him up in the first place. Looks like they’re going to war. Meanwhile Hina gets ‘attracted’ to the dark basement. Oh sure. Any girl would just head straight down there without suspicions. Of course there is Aki tied up. She sees him as a beautiful doll. Flashback reveals Akatsuki receives death threats after being involved in some shady business. Aki returned to find his parents hung themselves. Mom was rushed to hospital and is in coma since. I am deducing that Aki is forced to sexually abuse Hina because Akatsuki has a leash on his mom’s life. But f*ck all that because it’s now time for porn logic. Aki tells her to strip and sexually arouse him! OMFG! She does so without any hesitation! I guess he likes bondage so instead of freeing him and have sex, she f*cks him while still tied up. OMG. I guess it was the best sex ever. All the yakuza dudes must be so busy preparing for war that they didn’t hear weird screams of pleasure downstairs. And of course now that Hina is so thrilled to get f*cked by him, she reasons she was never a prisoner in that prison but a prisoner of Aki’s heart. I guess now it lives up to the series’ name of her being his pet, eh?

Episode 13
WTF?! Why the heck did they repeat episode 5 here???!!! Apparently I read in the comments that this episode was produced as a contest for viewers. WTF. Because the only difference is that there are some scenes that suddenly pop up those white gloves. WTF. Yeah. You’re supposed to count them. Not sure if you get to f*ck Hina for free if you count all of them that pops up in the weirdest place, some even acting as censors for Hina’s private parts. But I do wonder this: Do Aki’s real gloves count? Oh damn… Everyone who wants to participate must be confused if they are supposed to be counted. But there is 1 short additional never seen before scene here: Yakumo running away from the guards outside in comical fashion! Ayashikunai yo! Well, I guess this episode wasn’t so bad. Oh wait. It is. Because no sex scenes at all! Even if it is a repeat!

Jailhouse Cock, F*ck (By) Tha Police!
HOLY SH*T!!!! WTF?????!!!!! THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE WORSE ENDING OF IN THIS SLUTTY GENRE EVER!!!!!!! Everything is left f*cking hanging! They even dare put up a sign in the end that says how everything is now the beginning! What does this mean? A second season?! Holy cow. If it is true, I can’t believe it. Because with things still left unresolved, from Higa’s war with his own yakuza clan to Akatsuki’s mom and the real reason why he takes it all out on Hina, I can’t say that these are pretty decent plots but with the f*cking taking up most of the screen time, I guess for porn series like this, such potential story development is thrown on the wayside. As long as Hina realizes she loves to get f*cked by Aki, that’s the goal of this story, that’s the endpoint of this story. Period.

Despite saying how sh*tty the ending is, it is with utmost irony for me to say that after every season of such anime smut, this one is considered the ‘best’ of the lot! Holy sh*t! You mean to say I enjoyed it?! Am I being hypocritical? What I actually meant was how some of the illogical moments were so damn funny that it really made me laugh! For example when Aki crawled through the ventilation and caught up with Hina, that was one of the ‘best’ hilarious moments in the serious! It was just so f*cking comical! That is really comedy gold! The fact that Hina could even try and plan an escape with a third party outside shows how much there is a big security flaw in the system. But nobody cares. Because essentially everybody is just useless. Who cares, right? Not in porn logic. That is why of all the short hentai series I have watched, this series easily trumps the rest thanks to this bizarre moments. Good job guys. You really made me laugh with this one instead of being horny.

As usual, the so called f*cking of the woman is used as the recurring theme for such genres. It is already mind boggling how Hina could be the only female here in this prison. Assuming there are no prisons for women or Hina is the only female with a ‘criminal record’. Hence your porn logic setting here. The only reason why Hina doesn’t seek some way to put a stop to Aki’s rape is because of the porn logic of how much she enjoys him f*cking her or him doing an oral over her nether regions (literally Aki giving Hina a female blowjob is like, it sucks! Haha!). Like I have always said in my previous blogs, as long as you screw a woman long enough, she will eventually come to like it no matter how desolated and grim her situation is.

You think Hina who has been put to prison after being falsely accused would be having her heart and morale broken by sitting behind bars. But noooooo. She gets to ‘forget’ her troubles by being f*cked by the warden! Instead of hell, this prison is paradise! No wonder she is so confused on leaving. While the sex scenes are just pretty meh to me (believe me, you see them once, you probably seen them all), I believe this is the first time that for this type of series that the female got f*cked by 2 different guys. Usually it is just the main male protagonist but here we have 2 of them. Who knows if Hina had made love to Yakumo before but behind his back in prison, she has been f*cked by 2 bad boys. But now that she is living in Higa’s hideout, the chances of f*cking him is also as high as she is going to f*ck Aki willingly. Hey, variety is the spice of life. Hina, you lucky sleazy horny b*tch!!! Who knows if the rest of Higa’s guys will get a turn to ride her. She’s everyone b*tch is what I can eventually think of. And then, heh, everyone fighting over the right to f*ck Hina. Oh yeah, Hina, your vagina is a prison for everyone’s dick! Damn, I’m overthinking this…

I never really cared about the plot of such sleazy genres but this one in particularly had me intrigued. Because ever since Aki’s mom is shown to be in coma in hospital, I can’t help wondering why Aki kept blaming Hina for this and hence her incessant modesty outrage in prison. What is Hina’s connection to all this? Hmm… It really got me intrigued. It was never clearly explained even in the final episode. We are shown flashback snippets and you are supposed to guess from it. I suppose everyone here is for the horny part and not think of the mystery of why Hina is framed. Don’t want to hurt you brains, eh? Better hurt your penis by fapping too much!

I also want to point out that the guards in this prison feel like dumb automated robots. Not only that many of them look the same, they don’t seem like they are doing their supervising job well. If you take into account the lax of security in this place (this isn’t maximum security prison if I should say the least) but it feels like the guards are doing just a daycare job rather than actually watch over the prisoners. And why the f*ck do they have censors in the ventilation???!!!! Oh sure, in case prisoners use it to escape. Doesn’t that mean they are already giving an avenue to prisoners to escape?! Even more so that it is easily accessible through the showers! It’s like as though they want to let them escape and then catch them.

And the prisoners feel more like delinquents than anything badass. I’ve heard a lot about prison rape stories but I don’t hear anything here. Maybe we are not told and it is not relevant to the story. So I’m going to assume that there are none that took place and thus considering these criminals as non-criminally criminals. WTF did I just say… You see, these kind of prison rape sex is to also assert authority. With no males ever getting their anal wrecked and they aren’t even the least interested in the only female around (perhaps Aki is keeping a good stranglehold on Hina), this prison is literally sexless! Everybody is so straight and a good boy! Probably to enhance Aki as the biggest jerk around.

Also, the prisoners’ jumpsuit doesn’t make them look like prisoners. More like construction contractors or delivery job workers? And don’t they allow them to wear underwear in prison? Because Aki could just zip down Hina’s jumpsuit and start licking her naked pussy. It’s just f*cking weird… And they have a uniform for Hina’s size? Lucky her. There must be criminals who have such small feminine frame too.

Surprisingly, I didn’t expect myself to like the ending theme, Sweet Punishment by Rosukey. This rock piece sounds seemingly fitting into the overall theme of the series, which makes it not bad. Sometimes I find myself rocking to this badass beat after having a good laugh at the end of the episode.

It is with utmost irony for me to consider this erotica to be so far the ‘best’ that I have watched as well as the ‘worst’ in terms of its ‘ending’. It wasn’t so much the sex scenes but rather the absolute ridiculous hilarity of the situation as well as the porn logic that goes with it. Also, this series has a ‘deeper’ plot compared to the rest despite being cheesy overall. I thought this is going to be my last foray into this ‘legal anime smut’ but I guess bad habits die hard. That is why there is a high percentage of criminals relapsing. I might be physically free but my heart and mind are already imprisoned from watching such sinful guilty pleasures. Damn, I don’t know if I have been continually being mind raped and mind f*cked ever since.

25-sai No Joshikousei

June 22, 2018

Oh boy. It’s that time again. That time of the season for our weekly seasonal mini porn disguising itself as part of the legitimate anime titles. So now that we have covered a monk, a cross-dresser college student and a teacher, what’s next? Shockingly, another teacher-student setting, 25-sai No Joshikousei. Instead of a female teacher and male student, the order is reversed with a male teacher and female student. But as in the title suggests, the student in question to be f*cked is aged 25 years old! What kind of delinquent has her been hold back in school for so many years???!!! Won’t the school even expel her???!!! Is that why you need a teacher to come f*ck her and force her to graduate???!!! Well, no. Turns out she’s an unemployed adult taking on this ‘job’ to cover for somebody else playing truant. Yeah, porn logic. Whatever. Just show me the f*cking already.

Episode 1
You know this is f*cked up porn story-cum-logic when you have a mother of a child pleading to Hana Natori to attend high school on behalf of her daughter, Kaho Miyoshi who loves to play truant and hang out with friends instead. She is so afraid she will be held back a year and hence resorting to this?! WTF?! I know Hana hasn’t found a job yet but doing this?! Even more confusing, Hana is 25 years old and if mom says she is practically Kaho’s twin (I am guessing they are relatives), this dumb porn logic is just to make everyone else not bother that Kaho and Hana look alike so they don’t bother. Yeah, nobody cares. F*ck logic. And like in porn logic as always, Hana gives in to this ‘pressure’. And on her first day, she almost gets screwed by a promiscuous guy, Aida who thinks she is Kaho. Luckily she is saved by the teacher, Akito Kanie. He knows her as he graduated from the same class with her. He learns of why she is doing this and doesn’t condone this foolish behaviour. So if you want him to keep his mouth shut on this matter… Sex, right?! And quickly he jumps into kissing her, then fondling her private parts. Man, this escalated quickly and it wastes no time getting into the porn.

Episode 2
Hana remembers Kanie as the carefree kind back in high school and hence never expected he would become a teacher. Back to our porn, you know it is porn when Hana sounds like she hates it but her body is telling the truth that she likes it (because she isn’t resisting so hard as before). But Kanie didn’t finish her in the end. Is he satisfied for now? Probably. Because of that he thinks he can keep her secret but also warns her to act and address him properly so as not to get their relationship exposed. Heh. Nothing like a few reminders that we’re still in high school, eh? Back home, she goes through the yearbook. He looks different. Now you know why you can’t recognize him. Thus her looks never changed then, that’s why he recognized her. She then gets a call from him about the upcoming sports festival. He doesn’t think she has the stamina and wants to train her. She can’t say no. Oh dear. I can figure what kind of ‘training’ is coming up and the kind of ‘sports’ they’ll be participating.

Episode 3
Sorry to disappoint if Hana’s panting sounds like she’s being f*cked. She is just out of breath from the running. Yeah, she’s really not in shape in the fitness sense but she still has a hot body. Anyway to make her stiff body flexible, hence Kanie helps stretch her body. Your expectations for porn is never betrayed because it soon turns into Kanie molesting and fingering her. She likes it despite saying no. At the end of this session, how does Hana feel? She got a cramped foot? Haha! Best joke ever. Oh well, looks like she really does need to stretch a bit more. More worries for Hana as Kanie reminds her of their class reunion the day after tomorrow. She’ll be going with him, right?

Episode 4
Nothing much exciting happens at the reunion. Until Kanie’s horniness starts kicking in as he starts to molest her in the toilet. Since she is not a student here, he will go all the way. When a couple of guys enter, Hana is forced to keep it quiet or they’ll blow her cover. She could have shouted out rape but I guess porn logic doesn’t allow her to do that. They overhear the guys talking that they never know the duo were this close and had always thought Kanie had a crush on Hana back in the days. With them gone, now we go full speed ahead with porn and Kanie keeping to his promise of giving us penetration porn. Yup, this time he finishes her and f*cks her real good. So good that Hana can’t even move at the end of it all. Yeah, she really needs to get in shape.

Episode 5
Hana can’t stop thinking if Kanie likes her then. Back in school, Kanie didn’t like Hana wasn’t wearing much makeup at the reunion. She doesn’t want to be like Kaho who was quite showy. Because of that, he decides to discipline her and she can’t disobey her teacher, right? F*ck logic. Time to get into the screwing! As he keeps caressing her, sounds of people passing outside the room freak Hana out. He continues because of the excitement that people might just walk in and see the surprise. Literally saved by the bell because Kanie stops today’s ‘disciplinary action’. As she leaves, she realizes the door is locked. Kanie was just trolling her. He locked the door and wouldn’t want anyone to walk in on their love making. Mad Hana leaves so much so she forgot to wear her panties. It took her a while but by the time she realizes, that Aida creep calls to her.

Episode 6
Instead of panicking she has no panties, she could have said no when he asks to go out with her. Yeah, porn logic. This serves to make Aida suspicious that she has changed and become matured. She gives in to this pressure to hang out with him. Yeah, porn logic. Playing it safe by taking a riskier route. At the back of the school, he hints of having sex like they did before in the love hotel. She panics only to realize he was just joking. Because of that, he finds her even more suspicious and threatens to do lewd things if she doesn’t speak up. She could have pushed him away when his hands get all frisky especially if he feels her butt and realizes she isn’t wearing any but instead porn logic dictates she should just stand and wait there till Kanie pops up and gives Aida a warning. But out of the frying pan and into the fire. Because in the room after Kanie ascertains she is okay and the mood is right, he starts to grope and make out with her! Oh, is this worse? Or better?

Episode 7
We continue our science room f*cking as the more she tells him to stop, the more he continues until it is over. So right immediately after sex and dressed up, Hana wants to return to class because she is worried about the upcoming exams? Wow. Did the sex-cum-rape mean anything to you? Because of that, Kanie wants her to come to his apartment so he can privately tutor her. Uh oh. Is it that kind of ‘lesson’ I’m thinking? Does Hana really have to oblige him and come? Something tells me she got drugged and brought here because she herself she didn’t know how she ended up in his place. Anyway, no porn lesson because we already had our porn at the start. Porn logic. He tutors her for real and I could feel for her when she isn’t good at her studies. Yeah, I myself is out of the system for so long I don’t think I could do it all over again. When she asks about him wearing glasses, he teases her if he likes him this way. Girl, keep your mouth shut if you don’t want to always end up getting cornered and flustered. Oh, the day is getting late. Better leave. Nope. Stay here. Damn, girl. Should have seen this coming so why you looking all so surprised because at this point you should have guessed the kind of character he is. Telling us not knowing what he thinks is not a valid excuse!

Episode 8
Hana keeps pondering if Kanie likes her during high school. But why must she ponder that close to his face while he is sleeping? Oh look. Now he has awakened. And feeling horny. Is this some sort of punishment? He asks her what she would have liked him to say to her. She couldn’t answer. Time’s up so I guess the punishment is f*cking her until they cum. I guess it was so good that Hana started dreaming one part during their high school days when she tried to encourage him that having a dream is good (since he was forced to take a make-up exam and was feeling crappy). He then made her tutor her. He never told her his future. And now you remember vividly such a scene? It makes her even more confused and worried if he really does like her back then. Feeling in a spot? Perhaps more f*cking would clear your mind… Just saying…

Episode 9
Hana thinks of returning the favour to Kanie for helping her study by making him breakfast. However he is hungrier for something even more. Oh yeah. You guessed it. Horny guy starts f*cking her! Is this what they call morning wood? Don’t worry, it will be a quick one and they won’t be late for school. See, what did I tell you? They even have time to finish making breakfast too. I guess she was so spacing out that he asked him if he felt good. Of course he did! Too late to be too embarrassed. At school, mom calls. She assures she is still trying to find a full time job which isn’t easy. This has Hana re-evaluating if she is a real failure for not being able to find work and playing a student again. Well, if she got f*cked, in her case does it mean success or failure?

Episode 10
Aida wants to study with Hana (remember, he still thinks she is Kaho) at the library but in actual fact he only wants flirt with her. Thank goodness for Kanie around, right? Yeah, a teacher is going to properly supervise them and study. Hana is shocked to learn that Aida is quite a smart person. Just that he missed lots of classes and hence his bad grades. While studying, Kanie secretly fingers Hana! Oh sh*t! Try not to expose yourself, eh? Not sure how later because he takes her away and f*cks her right in the ass between the bookshelves. How the f*ck did she even let this happen?! After taking a break in the toilet and returning to the guys, she sees Kanie doing his teaching job seriously. She wonders if she is jealous of Aida for being smart. Plus, with Kanie already a proper teacher, she questions what the hell she is doing with her life. Yeah, getting f*cked… Haha! She makes an excuse to leave. Yeah, no fun leaving both guys together. This isn’t a gay show, you know…

Episode 11
Just as Hana thinks she was rude to make an excuse to leave, Kanie confronts her and accuses her she was lying and just wanted to be with Aida seeing she was sort of trying to be close to him. She claims Aida sees her as Kaho and if she keeps her distance, he will get suspicious. Even so, where’s the proof? And if she is so concern about this, why keep up with this stupid charade? That was the last straw for Hana. She’s had it. She’s leaving and it isn’t any of his business. Too bad he won’t let her leave yet and takes her into his car… This is where they (or rather he) will decide if they has business with each other or not. Rape time… So Kanie, why you regret after f*cking her? I guess her tears are too much to bear this time, huh? But for Hana, she thinks his aggressiveness is because she made him mad. Damn porn logic… And when he realizes his wrong, she slaps away his hand. Oooh, so dramatic. Hana returns home to talk to her aunt about this charade but she isn’t home. She realizes lots of miscalls from Kanie. Oh, there is one ringing now. Heck, he is right in front of her right now.

Episode 12
Yeah, now they’re both apologizing for their unwarranted behaviours. I guess all is okay now, huh? When Hana belittles herself for being useless, he has remember the time she used to coach him in high school. It might not be much but thanks to her, he is where he is now. So don’t say you’re useless. Because you let him f*ck, right?! Also, he brings up the old memories when he confessed to her. They were studying and he asked if she has a boyfriend. She said no and believed she isn’t the popular kind. When he said he loved her, she laughed it off thinking it was a joke. Now you remember? Oh my. Hana feels bad but after seeing Kanie’s blushing face, she finds it cute. WTF?! So this is the excuse that will soon enable the final sex? Yes, it will. Because now she wants to hear his confession again. He does so. She cries. WTF?! Tears of joy? Oh, f*ck everything, let’s just get naked, f*ck and get it over with. Best sex ever achieved. In the end, I guess Hana didn’t want to say directly his f*king was great so she says his confession made her happy. And because of that, she also confesses she loves him. Yeah, a dozen episodes too late but better than never nevertheless. One more kiss for the road, baby.

Very Private Lessons…
Sighs… I guess of all the mini porn anime series, this has got to be the worst. Maybe it is just me getting this fatigue. WHAT?! People getting tired of watching porn?! What are the chances?! Anyway, this series seems to have reached is ending and conclusion once Hana realizes she is in love with him. Like as though this was the goal of this series and all the sex was just steps taken to achieve that. Therefore the classic porn logic dictates that if a girl doesn’t like you, you just have to f*ck her until she likes you! That did the trick for them. So happily (f*cking) ever after. Wow. Who doesn’t love a great porn love story ending?

Therefore the issue of wherever that Kaho girl went or if Hana is supposed to continue this charade until she graduates is still up in the air. It will never be solved and if it was, who cares? As long as Hana realizes she is in love with Kanie, that’s the end of the story. Use the rest of your imagination to imagine them f*cking and having great sex until the end of days. Like I said, the goal of this series feels like to make Hana fall in love with Kanie. The end once that is achieved. Poor Aida guy is left hanging because we don’t know if he will continue to pursue Hana and the last we saw him was being left behind in the library. In a way, sad for him because there is no closure for this guy unlike other minor unimportant guys in previous hentai porn anime shorts. At least there was an outright answer that they were being dumped and rejected. Uh huh. This series really doesn’t tie up all those loose ends even if all settings were just poor porn logic excuses and hence that’s why I feel this series was the worst among it. Even more points deducted for using the same teacher-student premise.

I think Hana is a poor girl who has gone crazy after not finding a job at this age as well as the constant f*cking by Kanie made her suddenly love him after all this time. Yeah, after all the non-consensual sex, all it takes was for Kanie to mention and make remember that very vague memory of hers that he confessed to her. Yup, everything then turns around. Suddenly she takes him serious. Suddenly she likes him. Suddenly sex is now okay. Yup, Hana is already broken from it all. Viva porn logic! In addition, Hana must really still be a useless girl and since the only good she is for is letting him f*ck her, why fight it? Just drop this damn charade and they should already get married and legally have sex! They are already way above the legal age, right?! Don’t you think this route should be better? Ah, but porn logic will not allow us to go down this route even if this seems immorally wrong. Might as well continue being a teacher-student relationship where the illicit sexual relationship has more kick and fun. Can you imagine assuming Hana has been a virgin before this, gets laid and finds love in this most unfashionable manner? Yeah, love sure works in funny ways. We call it porn logic for the umpteenth time.

Not sure if Kanie is getting his revenge by f*cking her ever since she nonchalantly rejecting him. Seeing her in such circumstances, he wasted no time in taking advantage of her and if you want to blame Kanie for starting this rape culture, he can only be partly blamed. The other half of the blame solely lies on Hana’s hands because she was dumb enough to go along and get raped by him. Well, this is certainly one lesson that you will not learn in the ordinary curriculum! Such special extra lessons that give you one-on-one focus! On another note, I want to point out if Hana’s relatives are really great vanishers because they seem to pull off the greatest disappearing acts. Take for instance, Kaho. We don’t even know if she is dead or not. Maybe that’s why her mom was in denial and had Hana lived her life. And when Hana wanted to finally talk to her about this, she is nowhere to be seen. Yeah, who cares? Like as though she would care if Hana gets f*cked. It would have been an interesting premise if it followed this conspiracy theory but I doubt a simple porn show is going to have that.

Another reason why I felt this series was inferior compared to the others of the similar genre is because of the art and animation. At certain angles, Hana especially looks weird. I mean, look at her nose at certain viewpoints. Don’t they look odd? And I thought her name had some sort of meaning and connotation to it. Get what I mean? The colouring is like quite light and the art is like simple. Not in a good sense. And that I mean low quality. After all, you’re going to churn out some mediocre porn series with no story, no characters, so why the hell do you need to put in so much effort because all dumb horny guys want to see is the girl getting f*cked and her body enjoying it despite her mouth saying no. Oh and by saying that, the sex scenes don’t feel stimulating either. You know something is wrong when sex scenes don’t even make you the slightest horny.

But if there is one thing that is best about this series, it is the ending theme, Reunion by Saki Hazuki. It’s dramatic and somewhat to my taste but it feels wasted being featured here. Yeah, I could say that if I had never watched this series, I wouldn’t have known about this little gem. I must be crazy to say that this piece is much more enjoyable for me than watching Kanie raping Hana. Haha! Because I didn’t get to do in Hana! Haha! On a trivial note, I noticed Saki Hazuki also sang the ending themes for the last 2 short anime porn, that teacher-student one as well as the cross-dressing college student one. Of course this one here takes the cake.

Overall, this goes into the ever growing trashy porn category that you might get drowned or lost in the labyrinth of how scary so many of such shows exist. Forgettable. If you really want to watch porn, might as well go for real professional porn! Heh. The irony. Sometimes I feel that this series is an insult to all those who have not achieved something when you are expected or supposed to by a certain age. Because if so, you are useless and only good enough to be f*cked. Aside the porn logic, this has some merit too. Because in the survival of the fittest, if you’re not strong enough, you get screwed over and over again. Oh yeah, I can see some sort of sequel for this when Hana is 30 years old and her long lost relative she never knew needs her to masquerade as a missing cousin supposed to marry a foreigner… I can see where this is going… But I wonder how old can she be to finally be playing a MILF.

Here we go again. This season like the previous two has done it once more. Inserting a short hentai title among the list of animes of the season. We had a monk and a college student and then a cross-dresser and a college student. This time we have a teacher and a high school student. Actually, the teacher is the hot stunning babe who is going to get f*cked. Omiai Aite Wa Oshiego Tsuyoki Na Mondaiji looks set to be an illicit love affair between a teacher and her student. Though, this isn’t the first time we had an anime with such a theme because long ago we had a high school girl secretly married to her teacher (Oku-sama Wa Joshi Kousei). And that popular one way back then whereby a student had to marry his alien teacher and keep it a secret (remember Onegai Teacher?). But those had no sex scenes whatsoever and were more of romantic comedies. Now this one… I hope if you’re still in high school and have a very hot teacher, don’t get funny ideas using this as inspiration. Damn they should have just labelled this as porn. More importantly… Why the heck am I still watching such genres???!!!

Episode 1
Nano Saikawa is a school teacher but there is a student, Souji Kuga who is always truant from her class. She tries to talk to him but he brushes her off. She notices his bruises and thinks he hates her. As her parents are bugging her to go for a marriage interview, she attends one and finds Souichirou Takamiya attractive. As they spend the day together, he asks about her teaching job as she tells him about this particular troubled student. She starts feeling a little tipsy as Souichirou kisses her and wants her to be his fiancée. Chance for him to make out with her. She finds it odd he starts addressing her as sensei and then a sense of familiarity of seeing him somewhere before. Then she notices those bruises. Kuga?!

Episode 2
It seems Kuga switched the picture with his brother. The different surname is because their parents are divorced and he is living with his mother. He wants to continue sex as she tries to stop him. He only stops when she starts crying. Sly guy starts playing psychology with her. He says his father was very happy to see them engaged. Because Nano’s father and his got along very well and since uncle took care of her many times… You know where this is going. You’d bet how upset he would be if this engagement fails. In school, Nano recalls calling uncle about it and he really did sound happy despite realizing the mistake. Nano didn’t have time to explain since he hung up. Even when she tried to tell this to her own parents, they are okay with her getting engaged with her own student! Such a free world! Kuga suddenly pulls Nano in and starts to make out with her. Still worried about that student-teacher relationship? Well, she has already given her body to him and if she has forgotten, time to ‘remind’ her again…

Episode 3
Wow. Kuga fingers her until she cums. Too bad the bell rings. Time’s up. Nano you don’t look happy. Can’t let this go on, you say? In class, she realizes he is somewhat popular with the girls too but he often brushes them off. Remembering he always hangs out on the roof, she goes there to talk to him. No she isn’t going to make out with you. She wants him to stop. Age difference? Doesn’t matter. About college? Not going. He’ll take over his dad’s job. Doing this just to please his father? Kuga claims she should have figured it out as she responded to his feelings. There was this time she told him he could talk to her if he wants since she too is a lonely person. Kuga hugs and confesses he has liked her all these years.

Episode 4
Nano meets the real Souichirou and talks to him about Kuga not wanting to go to college. Don’t worry. He’ll talk to him. Souichirou quips he felt frustrated Kuga stole her away from him. Kuga has now filled up his college survey form simply because Souichirou told him if he doesn’t go to college, he can’t make Nano happier. Kuga wants assurance she loves him but she thinks it is just a passing feeling. To prove it is not, he will study hard and get into the top 10. When he does, please consider. Kuga puts in the effort and you can see him turning into a zombie! Wait. Nano feels bad now? She blames herself for taking this lightly? The results are out and Kuga scores third overall. While she can’t seriously answer him now but promises she will seriously consider his proposal. Of course Kuga wants his other reward now and he starts making out with her. Time to try penetrative sex…

Episode 5
Kuga realizes this is not the right place to do it. So he guides her to masturbate him!!! WTF?! In the end he cums all over her tummy!!! He teases her that he is turned on seeing semen on her and wants to f*ck her again. That priceless shock look on her face when it is all just a joke. This is somewhat porn so I won’t be surprised if he can f*ck her again and cum. When Nano hears Kuga has fallen ill, Souichirou brings her to see him. She feels guilty that he studied too hard and ended up like this. As Souichirou has to leave on a business trip, he has her stay with him for the night. He teases her to kiss him to get better. She actually is going to do it and he freaks out! Actually he doesn’t want to spread his illness. She assures him she is stronger than she looks. So a French kiss can heal him faster? Kuga wonders if her assertiveness today means she is serious to marry him. She isn’t sure but doesn’t dislike it when he touches her. So to say he will heal faster if she makes love to him? Or does this mean they can do more if he gets better? Yeah, he’ll heal in no time. Meanwhile Souichirou holds a picture of Nano and him holding hands as kids.

Episode 6
Nano goes to the beach with Kuga. Yeah, their families come along too. So no horny stuffs until later. When several beach ruffians try to hit on Nano, the brothers come in time to stop them. Kuga wants to fight them but Souichirou tells him to stop and the most important thing now is Nano. Later Kuga apologizes to Nano for still being a kid and unable to protect her. He thinks Souichirou is better for her. Nano dismisses it as he did come to save her and getting mad on her behalf makes her happy. Time for shower make out. Then it moves on to the bed. Remember to wear your condom. The first time it hurts. Kuga covers her eyes as he doesn’t want to see his funny orgasmic face. But she wants to. She finds it cute and gets turned on. Yeah, now they’re really getting into it. What a satisfying first time. While Kuga hopes she will love him one day, Nano can’t tell him yet but she is already in love with him. Thanks to his great sexual prowess maybe?

Episode 7
Nano wonders if he would like to participate in any of the class activities. Of course not. She quips too bad because he is quite good looking. I guess this prompts him to get sexual on her. She promises to let him come to her home this weekend instead of doing it right now. That ‘blackmail’ was easy. In her room, they go through her photo album. He gets jealous seeing all the high school guys with her in the picture. She claims she never talks much to boys. Still, Kuga laments he should have been the same age as her and be in the same class. She argues had that been the case, they would not have met (and hence no great sex). Cue for the sex starved couple to make out. The highlight is him kissing her pussy before f*cking deep her pussy. Strangely but not, it doesn’t hurt for Nano because ultimately she feels good. In school, Nano passes by a class when she sees a girl hugging him.

Episode 8
Nano looks depressed so Souichirou talks to her and learns about that hugging incident. However Nano knows it just a misunderstood situation as that girl was taking his measurements for a costume. Yet it made her anxious. She feels bad he has so many things to do at his age and doesn’t want him to feel obliged to her. Souichirou asks a hypothetical question if he was the one to pop up at the marriage interview. Would she be free of doubts? Showing her that picture, it is true that they met before and she was his first love. Because Kuga loves her, he will have to give up. But if this is not what Nano wants, he will be happy to take her. So does she love Kuga? Yes. Nano had a little too much drink so in his car when she is acting a bit horny, Souichirou tests waters by making out with her! She thinks he is Kuga and likes it! Luckily he stops before it gets worse. In school, Nano thinks that make out was a dream. She hears the good news that Kuga would participate in the cultural festival since she said she wanted to see him in a waiter uniform.

Episode 9
Kuga looks hot in a waiter outfit. Souichirou visits and the girls also view him as hot. They think Souichirou and Nano are dating as they look like the perfect couple. Also, this has many to think that Nano who has been seen hanging out with Kuga lately, to misinterpret it was actually his brother instead. Kuga overheard this and doesn’t like it. He talks to Nano later and although he knows she isn’t dating Souichirou, he still doesn’t like it she went to see him behind his back even if it is for advice. Kuga claims his brother is the perfect guy and probably has someone on his mind. Hence he will never love her. Are you sure? Thinking she would fall in love with the ultimate guy, he wants her to stay away from him. Now that’s just jealousy talking. As they cuddle, she tells him about the rumour of 2 people dancing as a pair at the night dance will be together forever. If he wants to go with her, then wait for her in the classroom. Apparently his libido cannot wait as he starts to make out with her. Yeah, he wants to f*ck her every day (although he at least does that every episode). The delicious fingering stops when the bell rings. And to think he wanted to put his ‘hot and hard thing’ inside her… Later, Nano’s student, Kayama seeks a favour from her. There is someone she wants to go to the dance with. That shock look on Nano’s face… Oh dear. Later Nano tells Kuga to meet her at the stairways instead.

Episode 10
Souichirou finds Nano crying. She feels guilty that she set up Kuga to meet another girl and wasted Souichirou’s support. It’s like the more she likes Kuga, the more doubtful and guilty she feels. He tries to comfort by hugging her but then Kuga enters. Souichirou must love his brother so much that he just leaves. However Kuga gets the wrong idea Nano set him up so she could be with Souichirou. Because of that he rapes her!!!! WTF????!!! I guess the penetration hurts. He shuts her up by kissing her so she can’t explain herself. Kuga gets this sick idea of opening the curtains of the window to let everyone see them just to know she is his. Or maybe cum inside of her. But he can’t. So he cum outside. Damn her clothes are all messy. WTF?! Man, orgasms are supposed to be wonderful but it made him even sadder. In another twist, Nano hugs him and apologizes for hurting him. Kuga begs it is okay if she doesn’t love him. Just don’t love his brother or anybody else. WTF???!!! It’s like saying either you love me or you cannot love at all! WTF?! Well, he throws her the ultimatum no matter how much she feels about Souichirou, she is going to marry him anyway. His worries are unfounded because we see Nano thinking so much about Kuga and likes the way he touches her. She wants to see him so much.

Episode 11
Kuga must be feeling guilty so he talks to Souichirou. Even more so as he learns Souichirou has loved Nano even before he was born. Wow. How old are they? And so long ago that does he mean he loved her when they were babies who cannot walk and talk? Kuga regrets raping her and thinks Souichirou should be the one to marry and make Nano happy. Souichirou calls Nano out. She has been listening. So you’ve heard it from the man himself that he should be the one to marry her. However Nano says the person she loves is Kuga. She is happiest when with him. They reconcile as Souichirou couldn’t be happier because both the people he loves are happy together. Don’t feel bad about it. It was him who loved her first as an adult (and the first to f*ck her, that is! Haha!). Of course if he makes Nano cry again, he won’t forgive. And what a way to celebrate their getting back together again with sex! Oh, glorious sex scene. You know it is so amazingly porn when they both enjoy and cum at the same time. F*ck you, Kuga! Don’t you dare say you’re dreaming! He’d do anything for her, he says, huh? Yeah, as long as the sex keeps coming in. Haha! My life sucks… :’(.

Episode 12
Hmm… They’re waking up together. Naked. They’re cooking together. Clothed. Kuga’s resistance must be strong. They talk about worrying about others who aren’t familiar with them know about their odd relationship. Kuga wants to bath with her. She declines at first but after realizing they can’t do many stuffs together outside, might as well. This is your this week’s hentai scene as Kuga plays around with her genitalia until she cums! Did he wash or mess up those parts? It ends with them sharing a non-sexual tender moment. He is happy she is looking at him as her fiancé. As long as he f*cks treats her well, right? After all, only half a year till he graduates.

Hi, I’m Your Teacher… F*ck Me, Right?
And once again we have the predictable ending of the female finally falls for the male because of how good he makes her feel. Screw that marriage thingy. That feels like an excuse to cover up their sex act. I don’t know who is more adult here. Getting married means a lot of responsibilities and sex can’t be the only big motivation, right? Well, perhaps in this porn universe, it is the only logic that is needed. As long as they keep f*cking, things will work out just fine.

Looks like this season of borderline hentai has just gotten slightly bolder. Because this time we see a little more screen time of a man’s penis (though still censored out and mosaic) as well as a few semen drops. I don’t want to sound like I am a hentai watcher expert but the sex scenes here are just pretty normal. Nothing really that outrageous if you compare to the more hardcore hentai series. Again to note, I don’t watch hentai. But I do check short clips just for comparison and ‘educational’ purposes. It’s fine if you can’t believe me. Nobody does especially if you mention you watch porn. Here, we have a few fingering, molesting and of course some real penetration scenes but nothing that would shock you out of the ordinary unless you are a total newbie. Wow. Why do I sound as though I am bored? What am I expecting to see anyway?

I don’t know if this should be a dilemma because the plot is getting worse compared to that monk and cross-dresser series. Heck, you don’t even need a plot in porn but this one is just your average high school student f*cking his own teacher. A few decades ago this might turn heads and scream tabloid headlines but by today’s standard, pretty meh. So again, porn logic dictates that if you f*ck your woman long enough, young or old they are going to eventually fall in love with you. Because all women love to be screwed by their man. Which women don’t want to feel good after all? Therefore screw your moral code whatever. As long as you can make me feel good, I love you. Remember, porn logic.

This series has Nano quick to be falling head over heels for Kuga unlike in previous instalments where it took the female up till the last episode to finally officially declare her twisted love. This is because it is established early in the ‘plot’ that both are supposed to marry. That means it is a green light to f*ck each other, right? Plus, parents don’t care so less one obstacle to worry. Therefore Nano is one of those generic porn girls who looks pretty enough so that she can be screwed all over while Kuga is your typical grumpy and moody guy because he is a teen and going through that rebellious phase. That is mainly because he is such an insecure character and the only way he thinks he could get what he wants is via sex. The only way to make Nano his is to screw over her many times. Enforcement through repetition. Sex is power. From time to time he needs some sort of assurance Nano loves him because he still has that inferiority complex to Souichirou even right till the end.

I suppose if there is anything ‘better’ than the previous series is the side character, in this case, Souichirou. Compared to irrelevant and useless side characters of those other series, Souichirou here at least plays a decent manly man. Though, his childhood days with Nano may seem irrelevant. He loves his brother and Nano so much that he is willing to forgo his own feelings for them. Though it might seem he still falls under that category of irrelevant supporting character gets rejected and fading into obscurity, at least Souichirou fares better as he has more screen time and plays a better supporting role compared to others in those other series. Better than that Kayama girl who was like a stepping stone for a plot device. I wonder if she is crying uncontrollably in her room, thinking why Kuga rejected her. Maybe a plot to kill him… Nah! But after Nano chose, Souichirou too has fallen into oblivion. No longer part of the equation and would be a third wheel if he still pops up.

Overall, this series may not be as warped as that monk and cross-dresser series but that is what makes it a little bland. The same ridiculous porn logic always applies that if you sex up your girl long and frequent enough, she’ll come to love you. Even faster if she has some added guilt. After all, Kuga is already at legal age of marriage so there isn’t going to be anything that is going against the law except for the cultural and traditional stereotypes and taboos. Still, it is best to remember that to deal with a problem child at school is anything but sex. Because sex is one subject that you should learn at school but not bring home as homework. Is society to blame if we get our sex education from the internet? Porn education, more like it… No degree, no certificate and no graduation ceremony even if you ace this one.

OMG! WTF???!!! Is this really going to be a trend???!!! Just a season before, they had this short anime of a monk f*cking his pretend girlfriend. It is borderline hentai and I theorized that they are testing the market by slipping in a very questionable anime to see if the general viewers would accept it. Because this season they have done it again with something similar, Skirt No Naka Wa Kedamono Deshita. No monks this time but a cross-dressing college guy! Is this some sort of warning to lesbian wannabes to really make sure your onee-sama has a vagina before getting screwed all over? Anyhow, whoever this poor college girl here is really getting screwed by a hentai (strange) hentai (pervert).

Episode 1
Shizuka Kominami meets up with her friend at a mixer. Since this is her first time and she is nervous around guys, she excuses herself to the toilet. There, she meets a beautiful woman, Ryou Kirishima who calms her down. They blow this joint and go drinking elsewhere. Shizuka enjoys Ryou’s company and they both like the get to know each other better. It is getting late so Shizuka wants to stay at Ryou’s place for the night. Suddenly Ryou pushes her down on the bed and starts making out. Shizuka realizes Ryou is a man since his voice changes. And the fact his dick is rubbing on her stomach. Maybe Shizuka is a bit drunk and didn’t fight back as Ryou continues to masturbate her until she climaxes. Next morning, Shizuka’s head is heavy like as though she had a hangover last night. She reads a note by Ryou. He went out for an errand and they’ll do more later. So last night was indeed real.

Episode 2
Shizuka can’t help feel tired at university. Her friend is worried she left the mixer by herself. Shizuka can’t tell her what happened but it seems she saw her left with a beautiful woman. Speaking of which, Ryou is here and hugs Shizuka from behind. Is he from the same university? What exchange university programme is he talking about? People are starting to see them as a lesbian couple the way Ryou is hugging her. Shizuka doesn’t like this one bit and is about to reveal this cross-dresser so Ryou takes her away to the toilet. Inside the cubicle, he warns her about men being wolves. That’s right. Time for another sexual harassment. He masturbates her like the last time but this time she has to keep it down because the other girls outside are worried if she is sick from making all that ‘funny’ noise. Ryou won’t stop and continues his fingering and boobs sucking so Shizuka really has to control her voice and not screw things up. Either way, she’s screwed, right? After the girls leave and the masturbating is done, Shizuka slaps him.

Episode 3
Back in class, Shizuka’s classmate, Sousuke Kuratani is worried about her after seeing her went off with that ‘woman’. Shizuka can’t tell him the details when she gets a call from Ryou. He knows her number? Apparently she gave her contacts when she was drunk then. He wants to apologize in person and hopes to see her at his place. So he didn’t give her a chance to reply? When Shizuka enters his place, he sees Ryou coming out from the bathroom naked. First time seeing him as a man. Naked man. Shizuka feels weird because Ryou as a man looks good and has a nice body. She tries to stop herself from thinking too much because it will remind her of all the sexual harassment. Ryou dresses up as a woman again as Shizuka fears the harassment will start. Surprisingly he takes her to a shop. He wants to buy her clothes as apology. Seems like nothing till she realizes she wants to help her change! She threatens to call the staffs but Ryou says he knows all of them so they won’t listen to her. Apparently changing her clothes is the same as molesting her crotch and licking her ass.

Episode 4
I suppose Shizuka has been making weird sounds for so long that Ryou decides to stop. Enough for today. Till next time. She tells him to stop fooling around and go find someone else but he asserts he is serious in her. He doesn’t want anyone else. She thought he is going to kiss her but he just compliments her hair. He teases after buying the clothes, they’ll go buy her underwear next. The harassment hasn’t end yet. While Shizuka waits outside, a couple of guys try to hit on her. Shizuka is so scared that she is close to tears. Luckily Ryou is here to save the day. He has taken off his cross-dressing since the makeup was starting to run from the sweat (due to the harassment?). When a few girls spot Ryou, he takes Shizuka and run. They are hiding from them as Ryou explains those girls are supposedly his fans. They will flock to him in his guy form. That is why he cross-dresses. He can’t let them see Shizuka for who knows what they’ll do to her. Their only option to hide is in a hotel…

Episode 5
In the hotel, Ryou takes this chance to convince her that he is serious about her. If he wasn’t he would not have approached her like this. Yeah, I thought guys will do anything just for sex. So to prove he is serious, he starts to molest and masturbate her?! And the reason she can’t resist is because he is distracting her with his good looks?! WTF???!!! And so he masturbates her until she climaxes. Probably all that feel good means he now confesses he loves her and wants her to love him back too. You can’t blame Shizuka for being confused. He does weird things to her but yet he still protected her. He isn’t a terrible person and can’t bring herself to hate him. I think it’s because he is good with his hands inside her… Haha! He tries to be considerate about her fear of guys and would stay as her boyfriend candidate until she is sure of her feelings. But she suggests if he cross-dresses… Oh dear. Why you give him the green light?! Oh… That satisfied face. I think she’s already hooked.

Episode 6
Because Ryou paid for the hotel and room service (the genuine hotel room service, that is), Shizuka repays him by going out on a date. When the train gets packed, Ryou covers her. However his knee got in her crotch. Oh dear. You mean she gets turned on like this too?! Try not to scream. Well, she is holding it well. Her training must have paid off ;p. Ryou notices this and teases her further by rubbing her crotch. I don’t know how long the train ride was but it’s a good thing she held it in. So in the end all Ryou got was a meek scolding? Well, can’t disrupt the fun at the amusement park. As they rest, she asks why he cross-dressed at the mixer. Because women like him for his looks, he wants to see whom will like him for the way he is. Shizuka wonders why she was chosen instead but she feels nervous to hear his answer. Then it starts to rain so they start finding a shelter before she gets wet. Heck, Shizuka gets wet easily in some other area. ;p. Haha!

Episode 7
Inside the Ferris wheel, he lends his shirt to her. But since he is sneezing, she shares it with him. Cue for him to have her sit on his lap. It’s time for making out but first he replies her question why he chose her. When they first met, she didn’t flatter him and treated him normally. Despite all the harassment he did to her, it would be normal for him to be hated but yet she is still here with him. He tells her she is much more wonderful a woman than she thinks. So please don’t put yourself down like that. That’s the clincher for them to start their make out session but this time Shizuka willingly kisses him. Until he starts caressing her bottom before moving on to his signature fingering. Ferris wheels are supposed to make you feel good about the ride, no? It’s a much more different ride for Shizuka… ;p. Haha!

Episode 8
The sex act continues with them upping a level. This time French kissing and Ryou wants her to say his name when she climaxes. Man, this is too easy… Despite Shizuka feeling embarrassed, she still continues doing it and kissing him. Yeah, the thrill… Then she starts thinking back all the times she was with him (not the sex scenes). Before she could confess, the Ferris wheel has completed its run. Too late to worry if others saw them but better hurry and fix your clothes. Shizuka feels indebted to him because of all the nice things he has done to her (why can I not attribute this to his love making?). As she hasn’t told him her feelings yet, how should she repay him? He wants to go on another date. I was thinking he wants to finger her again but that’s too obvious. There is always that chance whenever they’re together, right? It doesn’t matter know since Shizuka has totally accepted him.

Episode 9
Shizuka and Ryou are dating at a café. She wonders if she can make the same food here as Ryou finds out she likes to cook. Eventually she did make some cream puffs for him but is pondering how to give it to him. Making excuses she made too many? At the gates of his university, she calls him the first time but it looks like he is ‘busy’ being swarmed by other girls. He tells her to meet him in the room he is hiding. Man, I wonder if the girls at this university ever get any studying or research done since they’re chasing him for most of the time. Anyway, in the room, Ryou surprises her by giving a surprise hug. She lets him eat her cream puffs and is happy he finds it delicious. Accidentally its fillings drop on her lap. Oh no. Your excuse for this week’s sex act. And so he starts licking her lap. But I believe there is another more delicious part that he prefers licking that tastes even better, wink, wink. Get what I mean?! Shizuka is of course embarrassed. She is trying to ‘blame’ him for always doing this to her but he puts it in a way that she is considerate of him and makes it sound like she wants it. Now he wants her to lick his fingers…

Episode 10
Wow. Shizuka is sucking his fingers and describing them ambiguously. Hard and long… Is this some sort of practice for future blowjobs? She must like it so much that she allows him to take off her panties and start fingering her. But then ‘saved by the bell’ because it’s time for Ryou to attend his class. I believe he really wants to stay for this more interesting lesson. Don’t worry. Please attend your class. Shizuka will wait. Happily wait. As she walks around, she accidentally bumps into this beautiful lady, Sumire Sakurai. At least she didn’t think he is another cross-dressing dude. Then she hear rumours that she might be dating with a guy that could be Ryou. As Shizuka waits in a classroom, she sees Ryou rushing to meet Sakurai outside. They look so perfect for each other that Shizuka starts crying. From the pain in her heart, that is. Why so sad? Are you saying you’re accepting all his modesty outraging? I don’t know how long she was crying but Ryou enters the room to see her in tears.

Episode 11
Shizuka says it hurts to be with him and leaves still crying. And she starts thinking how good he has been treating him and yet she told him off like that. Man, she must be really be confused with her feelings. Ultimately, she realizes she is in love with him. Kuratani sees her and talks to her. He wonders if she had a fight with her boyfriend since she looked so happy recently. If you think Shizuka is surprised by that, wait till she hears Kuratani confesses he likes her! At least he doesn’t waste time. He asks if she would like to go out with him but she says she already has someone she likes although not officially dating yet. In that case, why not try dating him for the time being? She remembers about that boyfriend candidate thingy so she apologizes and rejects Kuratani. Well, that guy took it coolly. Now here comes the tough part. After Kuratani leaves, Ryou overheard all that and takes her to the back of the building. Shizuka can tell he is mad and needs to apologize. Ryou heard her saying she has someone she likes. He can’t accept that and can’t let her go. He angrily starts kissing her and then fingering down her ass while interrogating her about that person she likes. WTF???!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SEXUAL HARASSMENT???!!! IS THIS RAPE???!!! Oh right. We haven’t had our hentai scene this episode yet. He is so rough that he is hurting her. Not his usual, eh? Wow. She knows…

Episode 12
Ryou immediately stops when he realizes she is in pain. He feels bad and walks away. But plot twist! She hangs on to him. She doesn’t want him to apologize and since she is the one who is at fault. She admits she was jealous and the person whom she loves is him. Yeah, I’m not surprised. Ryou assures he would never hate her and confesses he loves her too. So back at his place, he makes her spam like a broken recorder that she likes him. We know how broken Shizuka already is because she says she loves his cross-dressing ways as this is how she came to like him. And I’m sure she loves that other ‘special skill’ of his too. After they agree to be each other’s lovers, let’s cut the crap of this cheesy poor romance and get the sex going! After a wet sloppy French kiss, Ryou fully undresses Shizuka and is going to try something different. You bet! He is going to f*ck her!!!! The moment we have all been waiting for???!!! Even if it hurts, Shizuka still wants him to f*ck harder and harder!!! Is this what you call love hurts so good? In the end, we have one very happy and (sexually) satisfied couple.

Like A Virgin; Touch For The Very First Time
What a disappointing ending? Because it feels like the entire goal of this series is to end up with them having sex. And then that’s it. So having sex is proof that they are truly in love with each other forever? Oh screw it all. We got our sex. We should be happy and shut up. What do you expect from this kind of genre anyway?

At first, the one thing that I wanted to say that makes this mild hentai series different that that hentai monk series in the previous season (its real name is so long and a bother to type) is that there is no dick penetration from the guy. Till the final episode happened. I know it is still pretty much hentai but without that kind of penetration, it isn’t exactly penetrative sex. All we see is Ryou giving Shizuka a great fingering for most of the time and sometimes getting oral on her. So technically is Shizuka still a virgin? Not by the time the final episode aired. By that time I thought this hentai series was just being unique whereby the girl gets fingered from start to finish. Too bad that penetrative sex in the end was like some sort of combo breaker. Besides, that first sex felt awkward in a few ways. Shizuka was totally naked while Ryou is fully clothed and cross-dressed. Usually it is often to other way round in porn, right? I guess nobody really wants to see a guy’s dick.

Hence my earlier conspiracy theory why Ryou never started pulling his pants down and bang her is maybe because he has got a small penis and his fingers are bigger than them even when fully erected. Holy sh*t! What did I just say?! Even if his penis was mosaic out and we barely get to see anything in that 2 second clip of his dick, if he can make her orgasm like that, he must be damn good. Oddly, Shizuka is the only one who climaxes but I believe Ryou also gets his kicks seeing her orgasmic face. You know how ‘messy’ it is when the real deal is done, right? I don’t see him wearing a condom in the final part and he looks like he cum all inside her. Unlike a family temple, they usually conduct their unholy act in public places from changing rooms to Ferris wheel to even at the back of his college block. I wonder if Ryou masturbates somewhere alone after the business is done.

You know this is equivalent to porn when a girl like Shizuka always gives in to Ryou’s harassment and enjoys every second of it despite she says otherwise. Because it gives this unrealistic impression that if you finger your girl long enough, she will eventually come to like and accept it all without any resistance. And that how girls like her allow guys she barely knows to screw her over just because he is good at it. Basically this is what this entire series’ ‘plot’ revolves around. Even if it hurts, her twisted thinking has caused her to accept that this is all part of the love. This is such an effective brainwash tool…

Shizuka feels confused and conflicted for most of the time ever since she got her first screwing by the cross-dresser and sometimes I feel that the reason she is sticking around is to ‘try out’ more to ascertain if this guy is worth sticking around with. After all, which girl wouldn’t want to hang around a guy who makes her feel good? It may not be materialistically but hey, it’s the inside that counts, right? Oh sh*t! Technically. You think your wife or girlfriend will let you violate and humiliate her like this? Only in porn and anime this could happen. Rare cases of nympho maybe… So is this lust or love?

Ryou can be easily passed off as a sick pervert with a twisted sense of love. But ask any guy if you were in his position and given the ‘authority’ to do that kind of stuff to Shizuka, would you not do it? You might think it is love but I theorize that if this hot guy has tons of girls chasing after him and how easily he could get any way he wants with them (I believe if he wants to get in their pants, they would easily let him), the only reason why he targets and falls for Shizuka is because she is submissive. Oh, which man doesn’t like his woman submissive? And going by the logic I said in the few paragraphs prior, the more he fingers her, the more accepted it will eventually become and hence Shizuka is now his sex slave minus the f*cking. Potential boyfriend candidate is just a nice way of saying it. And when Shizuka fully opens her heart (and pussy), then perhaps the real sex will occur. So it isn’t just a monster underneath the skirt after all. Because he makes her feel good, it’s a reason why she lets him get away with it instead of crying rape.

The other supporting characters feel so irrelevant and just convenient plot devices. Just like in that monk series who had a brother who also somewhat loved the main girl, here we also have a fellow college student who is in love with Shizuka. The only reason Kuratani exists is because so it will reinforce Shizuka’s misguided love for Ryou. Because when a seemingly normal guy like Kuratani confesses, it makes her think and count what she’s got. Sure, we assume Kuratani is decent but that is because we don’t know about him. For all we know, he got be a bigger pervert than Ryou. But let’s just assume he is a good guy. Eventually Kuratani goes out of the picture after lurking in the background for so long so that Shizuka would eventually choose Ryou. It goes to show that girls prefer bad boys. Or at least those who finger them real good. Sakurai also feels the same kind of plot device to stir some up some emotions in Shizuka and ultimately Ryou. Heck, she could have been a nameless side character for all we care. So what is Sakurai to Ryou? We’ll never know. But do we care? We got to see Ryou and Shizuka f*ck each other.

Overall, this anime feels like what I have said in the beginning, a gauge to see the viewers’ reaction and acceptance of such genre into the main mix every season. Strange, because if horny otakus want to watch hentai and porn, they should have just head straight there. I’m sure there are lots of everything and anything to please anyone of every kind of sick fetish out there. Like as though this series is to lure you in there when your curiosity peaks. Or those not ready enough for the real thing can start off with this guilty pleasure.

Because this fingering hentai is made by a different studio than that monk hentai, it’s like somebody got curious and wanted to try something similar out. Time will tell if there would be more similar series in the future. As of why it comes here instead of the underground porn, well, if you noticed the short duration of this series, porn flicks lasts over an hour!!! Yeah, too short to be considered real porn anyway. So the only thing good about all this fingering your girl theme in this series is that you don’t have to get worried about pulling out and getting her pregnant! Best of all, you can make your girl climax while at it. If everyone was this good in real life, porn is no longer needed… :’(.

WAIT A MINUTE!!!! HOLD ON A SECOND HERE!!! WHAT IS THIS ANIME DOING EVEN RIGHT HERE???!!! Souryo To Majiwaru Shikiyoku No Yoru Ni should have belonged in the hentai category even if the hentai scenes are considered mild! But it was placed along with the other animes of the season albeit not noticeably promoted. So I thought it was interesting that this short series about a monk having a love affair with a normal college girl who once had a crush on him younger, would be no harm. You know, some romantic comedy and little naughty mishaps especially from the misunderstanding arising from a profession that demands celibacy (usually). Nothing too serious. And oh boy to my surprise, there are actual sex scenes!!! WTF???!!! Oh well, already got one foot in the grave. Watching ‘harmless’ ecchi fanservice series in the past doesn’t make me any holier, though.

Episode 1
Mio Fukatani attends her class reunion. They guy she used to has a crush on, Takahide Kujou is there and as handsome as always. By the time she wanted to make a move on him, it was already graduation. Bummer. When some friends play a prank and remove his cap, everyone is shocked to see his shiny bald head. They remember his family runs a temple and that he must have become a priest too. Fukatani can’t help feel disappointed. Her love dream is over. On her way back, she is feeling tipsy. Luckily Kujou is there to help bring her home. As she lies in her bed feeling relieved that he has not changed even after becoming a priest, that is where the true colours of this demon emerge. Kujou says he is a man before a priest. Then he starts kissing and molesting her!

Episode 2
Kujou is even asking why the f*ck is she surprised. Because it’s normal for a priest to want to have sex too?! What kind of religion is that?! I want to join! He continues licking her sensitive parts till she climaxes. Multiple times. F*ck this guy is good! So good that Fukatani even passes out and lose consciousness while climaxing! She wakes up next morning with Kujou by her side, still not believing she did that unholy act with this guy. Though, she can’t remember much. He asks if she is free today. Because he takes her to his temple home.

Episode 3
When a young pretty lady calls out to Kujou, guess who she is? That’s his mom!!! OMG! What the hell is wrong with his world???!!! Kujou introduces Fukatani to his parents as his fiancée! He even says on her behalf that she agrees with whatever crap he meant when she didn’t even say a word. Fukatani feels unhappy despite he says he will love her with all his heart because it feels so empty. Later Kujou apologizes for it all. His father is trying to get him a wife and he is feeling the pressure. Of course he would like to get married to someone he specially loves. He doesn’t mind lying and hopes she could pretend to be his fiancée till he finds his true love. Second sin committed… Mother then shows them a very beautiful bedroom! Wink, wink! Time for Kujou to take advantage because even though they are pretending to be a couple, they can still practice to make children. And with that, here is today’s episode of love making session.

Episode 4
Fukatani knows it is all wrong but yet she still allows him to molest her. At least for once she puts her foot down to resist the lustful temptation by telling him to stop. Despite telling how this is all fake and just a show for his parents, deep down in her heart she still really likes him. She fends off his sweet words and runs away. She feels confused. Since it is late, she has to stay. She returns to the room to find a note that he allows her to sleep on the bed while he sleeps on the couch. Next morning, Kujou is acting all so weird. He is talking in some cheesy romantic fashion that makes Fukatani exhausted trying to keep up with all the flustering. Even mom is trying hook them up together and make Fukatani visit Kujou taking a shower. Let the love flow! She allows it!

Episode 5
Eventually Fukatani enters the bath… No turning back… She keeps her distance and tries to act tough, berating him for always teasing her and lying to his parents. Are you going against the man of God? Since she cares about his lies, that’s when he grabs her close to him. As her towel drops off, she is embarrassed he would see her entire body so she sticks close to him. Out of the frying pan and into the fire because now he is biting her ear. And then he starts washing her. Especially those dirty parts that must be cleansed… The cleanest bath she’ll ever take…

Episode 6
More confusion for Fukatani. If he isn’t really in love with her, why keep pretending? Isn’t that what pretending is all about? The next time Kujou wants to talk to her, she quickly avoids him and runs away. He catches up and tells it straight to her to say it if she doesn’t like him. She rants about being used as his plaything and should at least respect her. What respect?! She starts crying as she can’t take this anymore. She wants to stop pretending and go home. Kujou then hugs her and says he loves her. He has always loved her during those high school days. Because he stays in a temple, he knows he cannot think to stay with her so being with her was just enough. She thinks he is still lying. How to prove he isn’t? Kiss her. Okay. And then it leads to a full blown intercourse. Does she need any more proof than this?

Episode 7
More sex… She worries his monk robe will get dirty. So? Strip for him! And what is her reward for doing that? More sex! Full penetrative sex! I don’t know, Fukatani at the end says she is so happy but throughout the sexual intercourse she doesn’t have that happy look on her face. Like as though it was the face of being raped… I suppose it still made her feel so good that she forgot to set her alarm the next morning and is almost late for college. As she explains to her friend about her ‘extra-curriculum’ activity at the temple, her junior, Yukitaka comes to give a list of some space he booked. He then touches her hair and knows about her staying at the temple. Because he once lived near there too.

Episode 8
When Fukatani returns to the temple, a man who is here for some memorial service starts asking her questions. Though she is unsure, she tries to answer. Luckily Kujou is there to cover for her and give the correct answer before she made the blunder. Kujou is going to teach her more about it so she can help out better. I hope there wasn’t any sexual connotations in that. So Kujou did actually teach her some Buddhism stuffs. She is so awed he knows a lot! I mean, he isn’t just all about sex and perversion, right?! Why you have to say that because now the real interesting lesson begins! He wants to make sure there is love between them. Yup. Screw the teachings of Buddhism and let him f*ck you doggy style! I hope you learn your lesson today.

Episode 9
The duo must be really getting good and used to having sex now, huh? I hope it is the ‘energizer’ Fukatani needs to continue her studies. There’s still more to learn… While she is walking at the corridor, Yukitaka suddenly springs a surprise by showing his face. He has helped her out with some of the assignments she has forgotten. He starts acting weird as he tries to flirt with her and trying to prepare to kiss her. Luckily Kujou shows up. He is Yukitaka’s older brother. Both brothers don’t like each other. Kujou believes Yukitaka is always doing what he wants and doesn’t care about the repercussions here. Later Yukitaka tries to convince Fukatani to not stay with his brother because she will only suffer by doing boring things. She tries to resist his flirting and temptation to come with him. Kujou shows up and warns him about trying to rush his death.

Episode 10
As both brothers continue to argue, Fukatani tries to calm them down. It’s nothing. She’s alright. Fukatani is shocked when Kujou admonishes her for having little faith. It’s disappointing he cannot trust her. She is left in shock as she lashes back that she was afraid the whole while and that it is her who is disappointed in him for not trusting her. Kujou wants her to prove it by having sex in front of Yukitaka?! WTF???!!! Hey, better than having a threesome… Oh wait. That’ll defeat the point. But still, WTF???!!! And so he molests her to prove she belongs to him. Even Yukitaka feels freaking uneasy. Fukatani stops this insanity and screams she is not an object! Damn right she isn’t. But at his rate… After she runs away, Kujou starts feeling regret. The next morning, Fukatani is shocked Kujou has left a note saying he left on a trip. Mom explains that trip is for him to become a better monk and will be back soon. Imagine no more sex…

Episode 11
Fukatani reflects on things when Kujou is not around. Maybe this happened at a good time. When Kujou comes back, he immediately f*cks her! OMFG! NOTHING WAS LEARNT!!!! Thankfully that was just Fukatani’s lewd after thought. Jeez… But he is the least of her worries because Yukitaka continues to bug her by popping up wherever she goes. He claims she will encounter problems later, that’s why he will always be around for her. He points out his parents’ wedding anniversary coming soon and they will leave together. His parents get along well because mom always cried a lot. Yukitaka doesn’t want to cause problems for the one he loves and wants to be independent. He continues to try and convince her to choose him over his brother or else she’ll have problems. However she pushes him away. She has always thought about her fleeting love for Kujou. It never disappeared. He is the person she loves. Yukitaka gets upset that everyone is the same, always sacrificing for others. It makes him an idiot for doing that. Fukatani calms him down by relating one of Kujou’s teachings. You can only understand the suffering of others when you suffer yourself. She hugs him and hopes he will one day understand. Wow. Suddenly this show takes an enlightening turn?

Episode 12
Kujou finally comes home and Fukatani welcomes him home. As she tries to explain herself, Kujou hugs her and confesses he really loves her. He apologizes for that incident in front of Yukitaka but it is because he doesn’t want her to be anyone else’s. She views him as a mean but kind man (?!) and loves him very much. Cue to kiss. So what else is there left to do? SEX!!! Yeah, this time f*cking feels so much better and good than before. At the end of it all, Kujou brings her to show her a lovely present: The blooming sakura tree. Fukatani notes how many things and hardships will await in the future. But no matter how much time has passed, she will continue to love him. She loves this aggressive monk. WTF?! What could be better than another round of sex under the sakura tree?

Let God Come Into You!
Yeah, it was really screwed up… I’m not really into hentai so watching this albeit around 4 minutes per episode really feels weird. Honest. Believe me, I didn’t really get a boner watching those sex scenes. Honest!!! For the record, this isn’t the first anime hentai series that I watched and I remember that kind of ‘shock’ when I actually saw real hentai footage in it. Uh huh… Brings back memories when I watched the OVAs for Mezzo Forte… Sheesh…

For this kind of series, there are of course a couple of versions, namely the censored or uncensored versions. You might have guessed which version I saw… I did see the censored ones for comparison and it seems the obvious difference is the sex scenes. About 45 seconds or so of sex footage emitted if you feel like you wanna be a good boy but… Oh screw it. Just watch the uncensored one you horny piece of sh*t. We’re all perverts already by watching this series. Later I found out that there are 2 versions of the uncensored… I don’t know which one I watched then. Assuming is the lower quality version, does this mean the mosaic will be taken away? Yeah, instead of strategically placed objects or those blinding lights, the mosaic is the only thing that stands between the real things. You can still make out what a penis and vagina looks like. Just grainier. Though there is penetration, but not fluid comes out in the end or during despite they screaming “I’m coming! I’m coming!”. Geez… So is this considered partial hentai?

So I’m thinking the only reason why such a series (which was adapted from an adult manga of the same name) was ‘slipped’ under the radar and be shown or promoted alongside other ‘safe’ mainstream animes is that they might want to test the market. What are today’s audiences’ perception of something like this? Will they accept actual sex scenes in a series? If the response is encouraging (assumingly), I believe we’ll be seeing more of this kind of hentai stuff slowly permeating the mainstream anime seasons. Well, good thing or not, it looks like there is already one. And another this season. Oh boy. Looks like this is really a trend.

The plot and story is very thin and only made controversial because the main character is a priest. Otherwise it looks just like any other ordinary love story infused with lots of sex to distract you from the wafer thin plot. Like porn, right? Your characters are pretty average too. Just because Kujou is a priest, we start judging him he can’t have sex, etc. I know I shouldn’t be shocked because I have heard of such people who are supposed to serve God end up sexually abusing women and children. But let us not go there. It just proves that it doesn’t matter what kind of job you do or what kind of position you have, as long as you are human, you will naturally have that primal carnal instinct to f*ck and want to be f*cked. Yes, to put it bluntly.

Fukatani is also your typical average college girl. Just because she is a bit pretty, I’m sure a lot of viewers would come to think her as a slut. Too bad she doesn’t fall into this definition since she has only slept with one man. Sex crazy, you say? For me, I think she is very confused about her feelings for him initially. She does love him for a long time and still does but when she had to participate in this pretend game, it was where the confusion began. Because if they’re supposed to just pretend to be a couple in front of his parents, why are they also ‘pretending’ to make love behind closed doors? And Kujou sometimes wants her to keep it down so as not to make his parents of something weird is going on.

Therefore in the end when they finally realize their true love for each other, I can’t help think but there is just one reason and conclusion for it: Sex is good! Yup, after all that caressing, licking and f*cking, if Kujou was just freaking bad in bed, it would have been a rape case for Fukatani. Yes Fukatani, I’m sure you love him after all because after all the time he has screwed you up real good, why settle for second best? Whoever that is. I wonder if women really like it rough when making out with their man? You can’t be a pussy when f*cking a pussy, can you?

And it made me just realize how ‘unrealistic’ sex is and thus this is just porn fantasy. Kujou is so f*cking good with his hands that he literally makes Fukatani climax all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. I know she is in love with him that helps a lot but it just feels unrealistic. Feels like porn level. Even though the sex scenes are already short, hearing Fukatani moan like a porn shoot feels unbearable. (By the way, I checked the seiyuu voicing her and looking at her resume I found her other voice acting roles were for hentai. No wonder she sounds so pro). Each time such scenes come up, I’ll be wary to turn my volume down and be aware of my surroundings in case it arises any outside suspicion. No wonder I didn’t get any boner! Damn you Kujou! I want to be Fukatani and be sexed up by you!!!

I don’t know what happened to Yukitaka. Was he trying to snatch Fukatani just to piss off his older brother? Did Fukatani’s ‘enlightened’ teachings finally showed him the light? I don’t know. He doesn’t feel like a main character. He just appeared so as to force and shoehorn in some drama and put some tension in their love. So that in the end you could say that this third wheel that was seemingly going to tear them apart actually was a blessing in disguise because it made them realize their love for each other even stronger. And so they f*ck happily ever after. Thank you Yukitaka. You’re no longer needed from now on. Goodbye.

Art and animation feels just pretty average. Just because there are sex scenes doesn’t mean everything starts to look good. I don’t know. I’m not a pro hentai watcher. Animated by Seven who is an expert in animating short anime series like Morita-san Wa Mukuchi, Okusama Ga Seitokaichou, Strange+, Ai Mai Mi, Recorder To Randoseru and Danna Ga Nani Wo Itteiru Ka Wakaranai Ken. But they also animated quite a number hentai series. Well, I didn’t see any of them so can this series be my first? Definitely not going to watch them… Because of Kujou being a bald guy, sometimes I can’t help think this is what a hentai version of One Punch Man or that gorilla warden in Nanbaka would look like if they ever venture into porn after they retire as a superhero or prison warden. Oh heck, Kujou is starting to look a lot like Bleach’s Madarame too… Why do bald guys have this similar look?! Yeah, now I know why different hairstyles and colours are so important in anime. Sad, it took me this series to realize that…

So it goes to show that humans being humans will do anything and give any reason just to have sex. And in the realm of shows, sex sells. I can’t say that I regret watching this show because that would mean ‘disrespecting’ the ‘milder’ ecchi genre anime shows that I have watched all over the years. So you think that butt show, Keijo is bad, huh? I just didn’t really enjoy this series since I was expecting something else from the start. As though this series is trying to trap and bait you into checking out hentai and porn because with Pokemon Go and that stupid fidget spinners overtaking porn as all-time searched thing on Google at one time, porn producers may be worried that their reign will be toppled by other non-porn related stuffs. Don’t worry. As long as we still have dicks and pussies, the f*cking will never stop. We’re so busy f*cking and cumming, it is no wonder Jesus is delaying his second cumming, I mean coming. Damn we’re all so screwed…

Kuzu No Honkai

July 23, 2017

What do you do when the person whom you have always loved does not love you back? But you are in desperate need of that love too. You need that fantasy to keep moving forward or you’ll wither like flower before your time is up. Well, as sick as it might seem, Kuzu No Honkai ‘suggests’ you date another person as a substitute for that lonely empty heart! Not just any substitute. Example: The person X whom you love who is seeing person Y, and that person Z who has a one-sided crush on person Y also needs to be fulfilled. So what a better way for you and person Z, 2 lonely hearts to nurse each other’s broken heart and unfulfilled dreams and fantasies by making a pact to date and make out with each other until whoever achieves that goal first. Or maybe never. Warning: This series has NTR (netorare – look it up if you’re unfamiliar) and love making scenes…

Episode 1
Hanabi Yasuraoka is in love with her homeroom teacher, Narumi Kanai who is also her childhood friend whom she fondly calls her big brother. But reality has it that Narumi and his fellow teacher, Akane Minagawa very much like each other. Then it gets a little complicated because Hanabi is also in a relationship with fellow classmate, Mugi Awaya. But they’re not actually a real couple. A fake couple who view each other as replacements. Confused? Flashback when Hanabi first enrolled in high school, she is super glad Narumi became her homeroom teacher. She could be with him every day. But that soon changed quickly when she realizes Narumi had feelings for Akane. She hates that middle aged chick. More flashbacks of how close Hanabi and Narumi are during their younger days. Because Hanabi can’t cook, he knew Narumi wanted to quickly get a wife instead of relying on Hanabi’s mom. Hanabi couldn’t be angrier because of all people she had to bump in today, it had to be Akane. Nothing untoward happened as she notices Mugi have the same lifeless eyes as she does. Hanabi and Mugi soon find comfort in each other as they helplessly watch their crushes walk and talk together. Mugi reveals Akane was his tutor in junior high and how lucky he thought he was to learn she became a high school teacher. And then this happened. So back in his place as the hapless rejects bum around, Mugi starts kissing her. He suggests for her to pretend seeing him as Narumi like how he pretends to see her as Akane. Hanabi agrees since if they’re going to do this, might as well do it properly. And hence our first soft porn scene as Mugi slowly undresses her and caresses her female parts while Hanabi tries to focus not to look at Mugi’s face and concentrate he is actually Narumi. She felt good. Too bad an SMS from Narumi put the brakes on this unholy act. What a lousy feeling to read his thank you note. Mugi suggests to make a pact to depend on each other. He assures he won’t fall in love with her because she is not his type. And so is he. Hence the pact that neither would fall in love with the other began. The pact dissolves when one of them manages to make it with the person they really love. Stopping short of sex, they don’t see the problem of relying on the other if they feel lonely. So too bad to the other guys who confessed to Hanabi and got rejected. Oh heck, they’ll get rejected anyway.

Episode 2
As Mugi is about to kiss Hanabi in broad daylight, they are stopped by the screams of this petite girl, Noriko “Moca” Kamomebata. As explained, they are childhood friends from the same apartment. A teacher once saw them like prince and princess so this concept got stuck with Moca. She grew up trying to be a princess and all that is left for the prince to take the bait. And then this happened. By the way, Moca is short for “MOst Cutest Angel” I thought she wanted to be a princess? Anyway, it seems Hanabi also remembers Moca because they went to the same kindergarten. Both hate each other. Still do. Moca accuses her for just putting a nice façade before Mugi. Mugi doesn’t deny Hanabi as a horrible person so this gives her ‘permission’ for her to grab Moca by the collar to put some fear. Moca continues to disrupt their date as they try to ignore her like as though she’s a ghost. Eventually Hanabi has had enough of her being a brat and gets tough. Moca now accuses her of dating Mugi so she can brag to be cool. Despite running away, she vows not to give up. Hanabi realizes she is alone with Narumi in the teacher’s room. It’s her best chance. But then she knows it is Akane playing the piano next door. Look at how mesmerized his face is. Because of that, Hanabi takes out her frustrations singing in a karaoke joint. She sucks. She forces Mugi into a duet. He also sucks. Yeah, now they just feel lousier. So they go back to his place and continue romancing each other in this episode’s fix of soft porn. This time licking each other’s tongue… Damn it lasted so short. I guess Hanabi dating Mugi has some of her classmates thinking she is the master of dating and seeks her advice. It’s one of those complicated love problems. Girl loves childhood friend boy. They go to different schools. He finds new love. She can’t give up on him. But she too has an admirer and dates him. Now she can’t choose either. Yeah, it’s too heavy even for Hanabi’s standards. That is why Hanabi goes to talk to her best (and only) friend Sanae Ebato. She almost choked when Hanabi asks if she has a crush on someone. She gives her earnest opinion. It’s not like she would fall for a person for a particular talent so she would get something out of it. Hanabi feels relieved hearing this and before Sanae knows it, she is invited to stay over at Hanabi’s place. Sanae looks worried. I know this is her first time but what could go wrong between girls, right? Unless you’re talking about them suddenly getting into hot lesbian action!!! How the f*ck did this screw up like this?!

Episode 3
Sanae was troubled by a molester in a crowded train. Hanabi helped chased him away. Then she walked and hold her hand all the way to the exam hall. It was Sanae’s first love. Sanae can’t sleep a wink next to Hanabi on her small bed. She can’t take it anymore and that’s when she started kissing her. Sanae cries as she seeks answers if Hanabi does like Mugi at all. She has a feeling she doesn’t because she has always been watching her. Like a stalker? After Hanabi explains the circumstances, Sanae doesn’t understand why she couldn’t be her replacement then. Screw that. Please continue with lesbian make out. Next day, Hanabi and Moca pass each other. Already a ruined day for the latter. Hanabi tries hard to ignore her as the princess screams not to take her only Mugi from her. It makes Hanabi feel worse because she is just running away. We take a detour to see a bit of Mugi’s flashback. Back in junior high, there was this tomboyish but beautiful girl, Mei Hayakawa. Despite her skinny frame, she has big boobs. Mugi knows because they make out before! She was a lonely girl seeking comfort in him. Because she was dominating over him, he felt scared. Mugi wakes up and is surprised Hanabi has come over to lie next to him. So close that she felt his erected dick. He tells her to touch it. More flashbacks about Mei. When they graduated, she decided not to go to high school. Their relationship was never found out and it ended like that.

Mugi decides not to let Hanabi touch his dick since he might not stop. She doesn’t mind it. You can’t blame her. It’s her first time. She almost broke it! So he guides her how to do a handjob… Seeing how pleased he is, it makes Hanabi think she could touch him easily but not Sanae. Was it because she is a girl? Her conflicted feelings has her crying and then confessing she wants to try fall in love with him. While they eat out, they spot Akane with a man. Hanabi thinks he is her younger brother but his hands are all over her. Next day, Mugi tells her that he remembers that guy as one of the students she used to tutor, Takuya Terauchi. This makes Hanabi agitated because Mugi doesn’t see things the way she does. She was only imagining they had some connection. Mugi is his own person and loves Akane. She might just be looking for someone better, an excuse to get over Narumi and move on. Feeling angry, she confronts Akane about last night. She confirms Takuya is just a friend. This only makes Hanabi suspicious because if there is nothing between them, then why did she signalled her to keep this a secret? Both of them have the same guy whom they don’t want to find out about this. Could it be she has realized Hanabi’s feelings for Narumi? Then what about Mugi’s feelings for her? The bell rings, breaking their conversation. Akane leaves as Hanabi could smell the faint scent of cigarettes on the same dress that she wore from last night.

Episode 4
Akane narrates how she loves the feeling of being wanted. It all started when her best friend’s boyfriend liked her. She didn’t like him but was interested in the attention he was receiving since his girlfriend knew about this. It was then Akane love that feeling of exploiting others. So right now the guy she is seeing, she has lost interest and has set her sights on Narumi. Because she knows that look on Hanabi’s face. She blames her for not realizing she is on this side of the divide. Rather, she didn’t want to notice. That is why she is curious to see when she lets her guard down and has set up for Hanabi and Narumi to come talk to her at the same time at the music room so she could see Hanabi’s painful face when Narumi confesses to her. Narumi narrates he lost his mom a long time ago. As the years passed, he could only remember she had long hair. Just like Akane. Now the time has come for him to get this off his chest. He summons his courage to confess he loves her. Hanabi sees this and runs away. That satisfied look in Akane’s eyes. Just as planned. Hanabi falls into depression. Despite thinking how brave Narumi was, she now has to come to terms that the duo will be together and she would hate seeing that every day. She thought of telling Mugi this but she realizes she only wants to rely on him and not hurt him. He’ll find out himself eventually.

On her way back, Sanae calls out to her. Yeah, she has been following her alright. Hanabi is so hurt that she rushes to hug her. Then they just drop their bags and make out right in public. Luckily nobody around. Then they go home to continue more of their lesbian action. Sanae tries to be considerate. She can stop if she doesn’t want to do this. But Hanabi wants to continue. Because she loves her. Sanae takes this as her concept of love as a friend. She knows she is someone special and can’t say no in fear of losing her. That is why she is going to take whatever she can from her, even if it is her warmth. The lesbianism is getting hotter but Hanabi stops halfway as she tries to fantasize about Narumi but can’t help visualize Sanae’s face. Sanae continues to touch Hanabi in her sensitive places. She doesn’t want her to stop now because it feels good. And then the lesbian sex blows up until Hanabi has her void filled by her. She might feel good now because her conscious (in the form of her younger self) is now trying to make her feel guilty that she took advantage of someone else’s feelings and is no different from Akane. The painful truth is that she already knows it and even more so she is no match for Akane. Next day, Hanabi confronts Akane but it seems the latter knows about the feelings of Narumi and Mugi beforehand. Hanabi is shocked when Akane also knows that Mugi is relying on an accessible classmate to fill the void as replacement for the person he has no chance for. Even more shocking when she admits she loves the feeling of being desired by men even if she doesn’t love them back.

Episode 5
Hanabi narrates how mom cried when father left. Hanabi would have found comfort in being alone had not Narumi came to console her. Thus she can’t understand why for him who offered her a safe space is now abandoning her. Mugi knows about Akane’s ways. When he was still making out with Mei, she showed him Akane’s true colours as they spied on her dating an older man. He cried himself to sleep that night of the shock. But the next day, Akane came to tutor him like normal. It felt like a porn scene because she is doing things to make him conscious like ‘accidentally’ showing her cleavage. So what does Mugi have to do to ease this lousy feeling? He calls Mei and to go have sex at a love hotel! She agrees to it since she is partly responsible for his ‘adolescence’. A hot summer’s day and I wonder if the heat get to our fake lovers because it’s like they’re in heat to make out on the school’s rooftop. They can tell the other slept with somebody else but they don’t care and continue making out. They must be so confused about their loneliness because despite the pain it brings them, they also feel good. Can’t get enough? They return to Mugi’s place for more! Meanwhile Akane is bored. Damn bored! She knew Narumi would be boring but she didn’t expect this honest guy is THIS boring! So to take her anger out, she goes drinking with him and gets a little drunk. She slips as he catches her and accidentally says Hanabi’s name. The sparkle is back in this b*tch’s eyes. Boring no more. So now they’re in a hotel and she can’t believe he is asking permission for this. Then she plays the sympathy card as she mentions how close Narumi is with Hanabi. He probably wants to ease that guilt and quickly kisses her. Got him. Too easy. Back to Mugi and Hanabi, he notices a hickey on her neck and wants to give one too. She agrees but only on a condition he goes all the way. First real sex?! Unfortunately it hurts for her so they give up. Is it because they aren’t really in love with each other that they can’t do it? Hanabi leaves and doesn’t answer his question if they should start dating for real. Back home she feels lonely and hopes she has someone to sleep with. WTF?! Didn’t you just… Brace yourself because the next day is about to get worse. When Hanabi passes by Akane, the latter whispers in her ears that last night she had sex with Narumi. World collapsing in 3… 2… 1…

Episode 6
Hanabi wonders what it’s like to play with other people’s emotions. In that case, she wants to take everybody who loves Akane away and make them hers. She wants the feelings others have for Akane. She doesn’t care if it hurts others or if she’ll go empty inside. Thus Hanabi talks to Mugi and wants to date him for real. Then she tells Sanae about it because as her best friend she doesn’t want to use her anymore. However Sanae wants her to continue using her. She has already prepared herself as she starts kissing her. Hanabi pushes her away but Sanae notes she still won’t let her go. Even at the library, Sanae sits next to her and starts molesting her thigh! Be quiet… And another one in the infirmary. It’s alright if nobody finds out. Sanae says no matter how hurt or corrupted she becomes, she will still accept her. She advises to keep her feelings closed off or she’ll break. It makes Hanabi think if everyone including Akane is sad and lonely. Hanabi meets Takuya in the streets. He tries to hit on her and remembering Sanae’s words she could easily make men fall in love with her, she agrees to accompany him. So they go out together as she asks his relationship with Akane. He knows Akane has got others and he will never get her heart. This makes Hanabi feel disgusted because if that is how he views himself, then he is probably trying to do the same by recruiting her into his groupies. It’s sad and pathetic because all Hanabi wants is to beat Akane.

So Hanabi fakes she longs for love and has him make those eyes that he longs for her. Though she is still sceptical about going further as she is worried about feelings. Takuya doesn’t see any problem. If she feels good, the other emotions will follow. This has her think when she made out with Mugi and imagined Narumi, part of her must be longing for Mugi. The date ends with Hanabi managing to convince Takuya to take their relationship slowly. She learnt a few things from this. That Akane has enough self-respect and self-worth unlike herself who relies on opinions of others for her own self-worth. Thus a simple rejection is all is needed to end and making them feel that way is what love is. Hanabi remembers telling Narumi that relatives told her daddy left because she was born. He assured her this will never happen with them because they will never become romantic. Sanae warns Mugi not to let his guard down as Hanabi is popular with guys. It makes him wonder if she is cheating on him. Next time Mugi makes out with Hanabi, he notices she got better in kissing and wonders if she is now better in hiding it. He likes it that way. Now he has to hear another earful from Moca about the same thing. Hanabi doesn’t want you. It’s okay if he is totally in love with her but it’s not. So why can’t it be her? He then asks if she would like to go out on a date with him. She agrees since it is the first time he asks. She loves him enough to live with that.

Episode 7
Moca remembers she once dated somebody other than Mugi. Too bad she can’t remember his face or name so she doesn’t really consider that as a real date. It was just playing pretend. Hanabi hangs out with Takuya but since this guy is bugging for sex (and admitting sex is all that is on his mind), she gets annoyed. When he receives a call, he decides to leave. So who is this girl he is going out next? The girl who would give him sex! Hanabi becomes depressed thinking she failed to get him to be obsessed all over her. She has fallen so far she can’t tell the difference between love and lust. She is desperate for someone to think she is worth something and at the same time can’t help unrequited love feels empty. Moca goes out with Mugi. I don’t think she can really concentrate on the date since she keeps thinking about the love between them. After a movie and dinner, Mugi notices she hasn’t been looking at him for a while. That’s when they kiss. Next thing they know, they are in Mugi’s place. Lying on his bed, she remembers using her feminine charms to get her way with Mugi during kindergarten. Therefore she knows she isn’t the pure princess she ought to be. She couldn’t care what real love is about now because she isn’t going to throw this chance to make out with Mugi. She doesn’t need him to give her an answer if he loves her as long as she remains cute in his eyes. After saying another round of “I love you”, Mugi goes further to strip her and touch her body. She is scared but allows him. But then he stops. He can’t bring himself to sully her is because of himself. Moca knows he considers her special. All she wants is to live in the same world as him. If she can’t have that, what’s the point of being special. Then she realizes this isn’t helping her at all. Because she can’t throw it away, it’s holding her up. She doesn’t want it anymore. Moca leaves. Now Mugi and Hanabi find company in each other. They note they should have done this a long time.

Episode 8
Sanae meets up with her relative, Atsuya Kirishima. Despite losing contact with each other since young, a recent relative funeral reconnected them again. He had a crush on her and wanted to date her. However she slapped him after he hugged her. He knows she has someone she likes and is a girl. Despite Sanae always confirming she will never have feelings for him, he keeps thinking it is because she doesn’t label him as boy or girl. Just Atsuya. He still thinks he has a chance. Mugi and Hanabi are studying together. Mugi says he will go confess to Akane after this. She decides to jump on this bandwagon too. But right after they’re done studying, they make out with each other. To ease the nervousness? But it’s making them more nervous. So nervous that Mugi can’t finish her. Naturally. After he leaves, Hanabi remembers the previous memories of Narumi she has always treasured. No matter how warped or clumsy, she’ll love as hard as she can since there is nobody else better than him. Mugi successfully asks Akane to meet up. Since he knows he is going to get rejected, his nervousness has her take the lead. Once he calms down, he confesses he likes her. She knows it. He knows she knows it. For some reason, despite his inner heart against it, Mugi starts calling her a liar and such. Is it because he has always known he could never have her? He further calls her a slut and broken narcissist and yet he pushes her down onto the bed, undressing her and ready to make out? He wants to be her first and change her. See if he can say and keep all that after making out with her. Meanwhile Hanabi also meets up with Narumi. She sums up her courage to tell him she liked him. She still likes him and has been in love with him for a long time. She starts breaking down and the moment he hugs her, she cries her heart out. She knows this is the first and last time he will hug her like this. It makes her want to cry more. Even if it is not romantic love, she is happy to know she is important to him. And so her unrequited love has ended and she feels she is ready to move on.

Episode 9
Hanabi waited for Mugi last night but he never showed up. Only a text next morning to apologize. Could it be he really hit it off? She knows he is being tricked but sees visions of Akane telling her how men love to be tricked. Thus to soothe her rejected heart, Hanabi agrees to go on a trip with Sanae. When they arrive at Sanae’s family cabin, they are shocked to see Atsuya around. Lesbian programme ruined? So it gets really awkward between the trio. He is trying to make his advances but Sanae keeps her distance. As she blames him for ruining things, he knows what this trip is all about. Sanae knows Hanabi will never fall for her and thus this trip as their final memories together. She wants to end things cleanly but he doesn’t think she has what it takes. That night, the girls make out. Next morning, Hanabi wakes up early and sees Atsuya in the garden. He asks whom she likes. Since she doesn’t know, he makes it more specific. Be clear about her feelings for Sanae as she is not a replacement. She must decide on this trip. The girls hang out for the rest of the day and when they return, accidentally Hanabi talks how refreshing this trip is after being rejected by Narumi. Sanae hugs her and wants to tell her something. Hanabi knows what it is and won’t let her. Sanae goes ahead anyway to explain what this trip was about. In the end, she just has to let her go. They’ll sleep separately tonight and leave separately tomorrow. So no lesbian sex tonight? Hanabi won’t have it either. So she asks Sanae to be her friend, causing her to get mad and shoot back she doesn’t know how much she loves her. Hanabi will not leave her alone as she wished and wants to know more about her. Sanae realizes both of them have frightened eyes. A passionate lesbian kiss to forget it all. Can they? Next morning, Hanabi already left. Atsuya commends her for doing her best. Sanae realizes Atsuya is also going through like what she did. She decides to trust him a little. Hanabi returns to school. Annoying Moca mocks her she looks like she has been rejected. Hanabi fires back that Moca has ALWAYS been rejected! However Moca is not perturbed. For the umpteenth time proclaiming her love for Mugi is longer and much more, she now feels refreshed after what happened. Hanabi will only understand if she does something for herself. Hanabi thinks that she has thinks she has been standing all alone in this world when she didn’t have the courage to take walk on her own. Meanwhile Mugi continues to make out with Akane. Like a script straight out from porn. Teacher visits home. Parents not in. So? F*ck me, right?!

Episode 10
Mugi knows this is all role playing but he can’t help go with the flow. Don’t want to spoil it when a woman f*cks you, right? Akane narrates as she remembers the first time she lost her virginity to her senior. The more she did it, the more she felt loved. All while enjoying her own worth. She can take all their jealousy and pile them up to play with them on whim. She keeps doing this because that is all she knows about herself. This is all she knows. The only way to keep herself standing. Mugi wants to date her next week but too bad, it’s her date with Narumi. Not satisfied, somewhere privately in school, Mugi ‘assaults’ Akane just to tell her he is mad. She didn’t flinch and instead comments how handsome he is while being mad. Mugi realizes he is just scared and doesn’t want to be hated by the one he loves. He hopes she won’t go for the date but she won’t listen. This makes Mugi wonder if she is lonely because she has no attachment to the affection she gets. She doesn’t turn anyone away nor chase after those who leave. So Akane meets up with Narumi at the aquarium. It’s such a boring date. It makes Akane irritated because how can a guy who slept with her once doesn’t seem to want to do it again? How can they still continue to go on dates and act as if everything is normal? It makes it look as though Akane is pursuing him. She has decided. She is done with him.

At the end of the day when they leave, before Akane could say what she want, here comes Takuya calling her a slut and dating another man. While Takuya’s current girlfriend is scolding him for being no different, Akane feels like punching him and telling him off how he failed her test and thus dumped as her boyfriend. But that would be out of her character. Takuya leaves by warning Narumi to be careful of this slut. Before Narumi can asks, Akane admits that she is a slut who sleeps with anyone. She likes it when men showers he with attention and she can use this to stir jealousy in other women. Since she can’t stop, this is their last date. Goodbye. Akane thought it would be over and would go back romancing high school boys but surprisingly he grabs her hand and hugs her. He even tells her to not to stop. Is he more twisted than she thought? So while making out with Mugi, she keeps wondering it wasn’t that Narumi who couldn’t let go. It was her who couldn’t let go. So they talk about if they like the one they’re seeing to see other people. Of course not. This has Mugi ponder about the reason he made a pact with Hanabi and how he used Moca. It is because he is afraid of changing and clinging on to aspects of his parts he can’t let go. Despite all this, there is a person who still loves him so he has to change. It’s not too late. Apparently for his final attachment, Mugi tries to be assertive with Akane to go out on a date. He is done reading timings and signs. Despite screaming out his pathetic worthless self, he could feel the excitement in this. That’s why he still didn’t realize that she gets caught up easily. At least not yet.

Episode 11
Akane remembers one of the guys she had a fling with couldn’t accept what she was doing. He looked so sad and angry. She isn’t sure of her own feelings either because she feels so disconnected. So now here she is on a trip with Narumi. At the inn, she hints of doing it but he gets embarrassed and excuses himself. What? No wonder Akane’s appalled. She thinks back that she forced him to drink alcohol and thus they’re here now. After Narumi takes a bath, he accidentally steps on his glasses. Blind as a bat, he fumbles his way back to his room. He talks to Akane and trying to compare her beauty but she asks him if he doesn’t mind about her being a slut. What do you mean he is okay with it because she likes it? So being a slut is like a hobby? This throws Akane off as she chides him she wants to know his feelings about this. Since he has to think (seriously) she wants him to hate it! Say what?! And if he doesn’t get upset, she’ll hate him! WTF?! Must be drunk. Anyhow, he still loves her. This makes her confused why despite all that has happened he still loves her. After kissing her forehead, he says he just wants the person eh cares to have a happy life. One thing led to another as they start to make out. Perhaps for the first time, Akane felt genuinely good. But next morning they wake up with a great hangover. I believe it was the alcohol and not the sex… Akane gets another surprise when Narumi proposes to her to marry him. Although she agrees, she knows she is still calculative and needs to ascertain this. So the next date she goes out with Mugi. He knows it will be their first and last. He knows all he thinks he knows about her like how she doesn’t feel comfortable unless she attaches herself to something, the reason she clings to roles is to be freed from her boredom. In that case he hopes that be that. Before he can say what he wants, Akane drops the bombshell that she’s getting married. Stunned, he realizes she wasn’t a sad lonely woman trying to define herself to the world through a man. She has this beautiful look that is now taking a shape of her own. She has changed. There are probably many things he wanted to say but he only congratulated her. After they part, Mugi realizes he loved her as a weak and manipulative woman. He pours his heart out letting her know he will not forget how much he loved her before she changed. All she does is thank him and broken hearted Mugi is left crying in the rain.

Episode 12
By autumn, the school cultural festival is here. Hanabi seems to be living a normal life till Mugi passes before her. It made her remember how Narumi personally came to tell her about his engagement to Akane. She noticed he stopped wearing glasses. She would have preferred him with glasses as this look reminds her of his old self. She accepted his invitation to his wedding and wouldn’t miss it for the world. During the festival, Hanabi visits a class holding a fashion show. One of them is Moca in a wedding dress she designed herself. She looks damn beautiful. It made her think she was alone from the start. Her pact with Mugi was meaningless. So why did they make it in the first place? Why did they meet? During the new school term, a boy classmate seems to be interested in Hanabi. He wanted to confess to her which makes her uneasy and panicky. Before anything could happen, Sanae took her away and tells him hands off her ‘property’. But Hanabi didn’t leave him hanging. She apologizes and thanks him. Sanae has cut her hair short. She feels refreshed with her new start. The class celebrates and congratulates Narumi and Akane’s wedding. Akane gives Hanabi a ‘loser bouquet’ and manages to rile her up one last time by warning her not to let Narumi get stolen. Hanabi and Mugi talk. She wonders if they should make a new contract now that they have both lost their love. However he didn’t want to. Hanabi loves Narumi enough to accept his love so she’s okay now. She is glad to have met Mugi. Hanabi narrates they are looking for real love even if it hurts them. Even so, they will continue to seek it. Although they don’t want to let go and let it end, they have to say goodbye. They don’t need to be saved yet. As they’re looking for real love, they’ll continue to live on. Hanabi and Mugi part ways.

Nisekoi: Love Hurts
Despite the boring melodrama of the final episode, OMG why do I feel so sad???!!! Why do I feel my heart sinking?! Is it because I am sad that Hanabi and Mugi didn’t end up with each other as consolation because deep down inside perhaps that was what I really wanted. It was just sad and depressing that they decided to be together in the end but that would be for the best. For if they had chosen to remain together whether be a real couple or a fake one, it would only remind them of the pain why they resorted to this pact in the first place. Yeah so, although I’m really sad they couldn’t be together, on the bright side they have taken a big step to free themselves from this past love that is chaining them down.

Basically the entire premise of this series revolves around everybody (or at least the characters that are involved) wants to be loved. They want that special attention that satisfies them of being loved. Despite how repulsive some might view it, it is only human nature that we seek such love and comfort and in this case as seen here, they have gone the extra length to fulfil that gap. It doesn’t matter if it is the same gender, blood related or professional status/relationship. Sex ‘transcends’ all that. We do so because we can. For others who aren’t as ‘lucky’ as them (most probably otaku like us watching this), we fall back on porn. Haha! Oops…

Therefore this entire series sometimes feels like an excuse for soft porn. Just that no actual genitals were shown and no real penetration was seen. Whether it is to enhance the dramatic effect or a distraction from the mundane melodrama, this would probably be what this series would be most infamously and controversially be remembered for. It is the reason why we chose to watch it. Unless you ‘accidentally’ stumble onto this anime without checking out the plot first. Yeah, right. Not really sure if the BDs will include more detailed footage… The scenes are suggestive enough to make your horny imagination go wild. Or at least stimulate your libido in a cheesy fashion. This is assuming those watching the series aren’t innocent toddlers anymore. I’m not saying that watching these scenes would want to make you go f*ck immediately but there is a tendency that you may because unlike porn that has unrealistic sex and porn logic, how should I put it, you would find this more ‘relatable’ and ‘down to earth’. Really. I know, many of the sex scenes here feel empty and lack the passionate drive of actual couples making out when there is real love involved. But sex is still sex. Can’t argue with that, can you?

In the name of love, the characters have become tragic characters suitable for Shakespeare’s tragic plays. For the whole dozen episodes they were suffering from one way or another. Hopeless romantics if you should call them. Even their short respite in substitute partners does not really ease their pain and loneliness in the long run. Until they break free from this cycle they can never truly be happy. Thus there is a sense that we can relate to when the characters put up their fake façade and act that everything is seemingly okay. Because for most of us, life is like that too.

Depending on your moral stance, the characters can be the immoral scums to walk the face of the planet or you can sympathize with their cause. For Hanabi and Mugi, they are just seeking solace in each other’s company while yearning to have what they could not. For most of the part, they’re like dead walking zombies and you can see it in their lifeless eyes. Perhaps this unrequited and unattainable that they seek through this substitution was perhaps a blessing in disguise because it made them think and reflect their desires and in the end they somewhat manage to make peace and break free from this cycle of suffering. For Sanae and Moca, it felt like a final passionate one night stand was all it took for them to say their goodbye. Not sure if Sanae would be giving Atsuya a chance now that she has made her closure with Hanabi. But that’s a different story entirely.

I was somewhat predicting Hanabi and Mugi would eventually fall for each other because typical romance drama pattern. After all, they already said goodbye and let go their crushes and seeing that they hit off decently well with each other, why not? There were times when they were together and it looked like it were genuine moments that maybe this could be the spark of their new romance if everything else fails. Alas it was not meant to be and in a way it broke my heart too. It is a good thing that everybody was strong enough to realize the unreachable reality they are facing and move on.

The story seems to shift slowly towards Akane and less of Hanabi in the closing stages. She is perhaps a character who stood out the most. She is a perfect example of what it means for a still water runs deep. Beautiful on the outside, slutty on the inside. It wasn’t surprising to me when she was revealed as to more than meets the eye. Because I anticipated nobody in this anime is squeaky clean. Really. Her actions of sleeping with many men for attention and the thrill of dominance over others make her a character you’ll love to hate. Till you realize that she is most probably in the same boat as Hanabi. She’s in this ‘business’ for so long that she herself doesn’t know why she does what she does. A hobby? A life’s work? So when she broke out of those shackles, it’s like she found a new enlightenment and reborn again. It was like as though she was trying to find the right guy to break her out of this cycle. So who says old sluts can’t change? It was never a competition between her and Hanabi over Narumi. Rather, a realization of what true love had meant to them all the while.

Narumi is an odd person. Among all the characters, he is like an angel compared to them. Again, depending on your moral compass, his acceptance of Akane in sleeping around is very much up to debate. Put yourself in his shoes. Would you want to woman you love that you will spend the rest of your life with to openly sleep around with men? This is assuming if Akane continues her usual ways. On the other hand, Narumi accepting Akane as she is would seem like he is an open minded fellow and in a way it is good because when you love a person, you don’t really see those flaws as flaws. You accept them as a whole for the person they are. Because of those flaws, it makes you, you. Imagine him coming home one day to catch his wife in bed with another man. Just awkward…

In another way, it makes Narumi naïve and don’t really love her. Or he is saying all that because he doesn’t understand the impact or what it means to be a slut. Because in our society, the norm is sex is sacred to the one true love in your life. Your married partner, that is. Screw that. Lots of people are having pre-marital sex at a younger age. Hey, can’t say you have pre-marital sex if you won’t ever get married in the first place, right?! So hopefully Narumi who fell in love with Akane because she has this faint reminiscent about his late mom would continue to grow his genuine love for her.

I read many praise the art of this series because of how it preserves very closely to the art style of the manga. Basically there are quite a few scenes whereby the art style gets sketchy and simple. Like as though it is incomplete. Then there are those ‘special effects’ in which serves more as dramatic visualizations when the characters go into their monologue. Despite all that, the scenes are mostly in bright and vivid colours. Except those sex in the dark scenes of course. So the artwork may not be very obvious at first and looks very conventional Japanese anime but if you observe closer, you might see that little difference. Animated by Lerche who brought to us Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, the Danganronpa series, Unbreakable Machine Doll and Carnival Phantasm.

The voice acting that stands out the most is Aki Toyosaki as Akane. Although still very much recognizable, it is a very different departure from her usual airhead roles like K-ON!’s Yui, Seikon No Qwaser’s Tomo and Noragami’s Kofuku. It is a different of her that you rarely get to hear. There is an air of scheming devilishness behind her voice which makes her character a whole lot creepier as well as the sadness you can feel just by the way she narrates why she loves sleeping around with other men. Also recognizable is Haruka Tomatsu as Sanae. Like Aki Toyosaki, the joker feel in her voice has been casted away for a more serious and dramatic feel. Unlike her other less serious roles like WWW.Working!!’s Miyakoshi or Punch Line’s Rabura, there is more serious emotional impact on this one. Not Magi’s Morgiana since this character doesn’t talk much and has little emotions. Something like ReLIFE’s Kariu if you want to compare.

For the rest of the casts, it is understandably why most of them sound so gloomy for a big part of the series especially the main duo. Even if they do sound lively at times, it feels hollow. Chika Anzai’s Hanabi might as well add to her other list of nearly similar emotionless characters like Hibike! Euphonium’s Reina, Hai To Gensou No Grimgar’s Mary and Qualidea Code’s Asuha. The other casts are Nobunaga Shimazaki as Mugi (titular character in Handa-kun), Kenji Nojima as Narumi (Yuuto in High School DxD), Shiori Izawa as Moca (Pina in Sword Art Online) and Shintarou Asanuma as Atsuya (Tsuda in Seitokai Yakuindomo). The opening theme is rock based, Uso No Hibana by 96Neko. It is the ending theme that somewhat stands out. Heikousen by Sayuri despite a lively rock outfit, I can’t help feel that there is a tinge of sadness to it. It’s possibly because of the lyrics. But it is the singer’s voice that is, well, a bit flat. Especially the opening lines when there is not much music, she’s like singing it aloud in almost one flat one. And then when the music gets heavier, it somewhat shields that part as her singing remains the same.

There is a live action version of this series currently running in Japan. As if we need more soft porn to corrupt our minds. Why not head straight for real porn? Oops! Although I have not seen any episodes of it (don’t intend to. Because. 3D), I believe it wouldn’t be as obviously raunchy as I think it would be otherwise it wouldn’t air over the airwaves in the first place. I guess animes with uncanny sexual content have a higher chance of getting a live adaptation because I remember that chastise belt anime, Saikin Imouto No Yousu Ga Chotto Okashiin Da Ga got a live action film adaptation after the anime. Because sex sells. Sort of.

Overall, this thought provoking (and libido provoking) series is not for everyone as it is controversial. It is one of those series where you need to have an open mind if you to fully appreciate the plot and characters. The soft porn scenes might be a turn off to some but I don’t blame you if you are uncomfortable watching sex scenes even though many of today’s TV shows have ridiculous make out acts. Despite the tragic nature of the series, I still find that the overall story enjoyable. Not because of primarily the sex scenes, mind you. They’re like the okazu ;p… The Beatles might have said and sung All You Need Is Love Better but easier said than done because love is just freaking weird and complicated as seen here. But then again, is it love or lust? This show can be summed up with this saying: It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Well, back to more porn for us lonely singly otaku guys ;p… :-/… :’-(.

Nozoki Ana

June 14, 2013

I can’t believe it. In the shortest span of time ever, I never thought of watching 2 animes that are very close in borderline hentai. After my somewhat distasteful stint with Kagaku Na Yatsura a few days ago, now it seems I have stepped on another landmine in watching another very ecchi anime close to breaking into the hentai category. As usual, my naivety had me thinking that Nozoki Ana was just going to be ordinary ecchi fun but I guess I was wrong. It surprised me. Who says lightning doesn’t strike twice? What brings Nozoki Ana close to being hentai is that there is sex. Yes. SEX! However, it is not your standard or typical hentai because even though you can see bare tits, the genitals are never shown. Or at least kept hidden that you don’t even have the need to mosaic it out. That’s why it is not hentai but yet feels a little like hentai.

Basically, this single OVA that lasts longer than usual (almost 43 minutes) is based on the manga of the same name. The OVA was released as the limited edition of the manga’s final volume. What a way to promote your work after it has concluded, no? But the anime like the manga itself isn’t just for anyone. It’s for mature audiences, if not perverts. Heck, who am I to call others that since everyone in this world are in a way a pervert. If the word voyeurism rings and dreaded alarm in you, then you better stop. The basic premise is that a kid finds a hole in his room and happens to stumble upon seeing somebody else in the other room playing with herself. Blackmail, peeping fetish and before you know it they both start peeping on each other and get wind up for more than they bargained for.

Tatsuhiko Kido just moved into his new apartment in Tokyo for his studies in a local university. He notices a hole in the wall and peeping through it, he sees a girl masturbating!!! Emiru Ikuno somewhat knows he is peeping and looks back through the hole and surprises him. Tatsuhiko then goes over to explain himself but as she is about to close the door on him, he stuck his foot in between and accidentally falls on her. Now it looks like he just assaulted her. Worse, she takes a picture of them in this ambiguous position. Oh no. Blackmail. She agrees to erase this picture on one condition. They take turns peeping on each other on alternate days. The one getting peeped on must act normal and because she likes naked bodies, she wants them to show their bare selves. Tatsuhiko doesn’t want any part of this and wants to seal up the hole. She threatens the photo and to leave the hole as it is. Tatsuhiko leaves in a huff and tells her to do whatever she wants. Next day, it’s his turn to peep so he just took a little peek to see her beginning to masturbate! He thought she was just joking? She’s getting real! He gets freaked out and vows never to do this. I guess he can never run away from this fate because he soon learns Emiru is in the same class with him! What’s more, the same circle of friends that his best friend Yonezawa decides to call out for a karaoke outing. Tatsuhiko makes friends with Yuri Kotobiki and Makiko Terakado. Tatsuhiko confronts Emiru to forget about all that happened but she doesn’t want to. In fact, since it’s hard to continue like this, she doesn’t want them to stop exhibiting to each other. Tatsuhiko is not amused and leaves. When the friends part, Yuri thinks Tatsuhiko was staring too much at Emiru and was checking her out. He dismisses something of that sort. Yuri hints she was jealous that he might get taken away by her and wants to come to his place.

Back at his place, she asks if he has a girlfriend. No? That makes things easier. Tatsuhiko is worried about the hole and has a feeling Emiru is peeping since it’s her turn. Suddenly Yuri kisses him. One thing led to another and to Tatsuhiko’s fear, he can tell Emiru is watching. And masturbating! I suppose he understands the meaning of voyeur sex. Wanting to get out of her sight, Tatsuhiko suggests moving to a corner of the room to have sex. However Emiru uses a straw to squirt cold water on his back! It’s a sign. She wants to peep! No choice, Tatsuhiko moves back to the centre of the room with an excuse for more room the manoeuvre. At first his mind was clouded on Emiru watching them that he couldn’t focus on sex. But I guess Yuri was so damn good that he started to forget that he was being watched. Just as it was getting good, Yuri’s handphone rings. Sex, interrupted. It’s her father calling to check on her. Oh sh*t! Looks like they have to call it a night and resume it some other time. She’s serious about it. Soon, Tatsuhiko goes over to Emiru to confront her about her voyeurism. She points out he was the one who told her she could do anything. Tatsuhiko is fed up and couldn’t care less about the picture. If she wants to spread it over the internet, be his guest. Emiru continues to blackmail him. What happens if Yuri finds out he made love to her was because of voyeuristic lust instead of genuine love? Can she handle it? He can’t seal that hole too. Tatsuhiko is so mad that he wants to punch her. She remains cool that it’s her first time seeing a scary face of a man.

Tatsuhiko continues his daily life like normal so much so the peeping hole became part of his normal life. Not that he peeps through it. He continues to not associate himself with Emiru in class. Yuri snatches him into an unused room and wants to continue where they left off. However he excuses himself that he is busy with his part time job. The truth is he wants to save enough to rent a room in a love hotel. Can’t do it when he knows somebody is staring through the wall, eh? Makoto Horii notices Tatsuhiko checking out Emiru too much (because he is always looking over his shoulder when they pass). Does he have a thing for her? That’s because Horii tries to get close to her but was unsuccessful but Tatsuhiko has no problem in that. Later Makiko tells Tatsuhiko that Horii is a player and has ulterior motive. Since she is good in observing people, he wants to know more about Emiru. Don’t get the wrong idea. She doesn’t know much. Emiru may look cute on the outside and isn’t somebody who hides her own self. Makoto returns only to see Emiru inviting Horii in. She knows Tatsuhiko has come back and winks at him. Tatsuhiko won’t be fooled and resists peeping. Seems Horii and Emiru are talking normally. Then he mentions about this rumour that Tatsuhiko raped Yuri to make her his woman. Emiru laughed so loud that even next door could hear. She tells him he is a bag full of lies and the kind of person she hates most. Horii forces himself on her. Tatsuhiko peeps only to misinterpret that they’re getting it on. He is about to leave his room when he hears a cup broken. Peeping again, he is horrified to realize she is being raped. What is stopping him from taking action is that this might be one of Emiru’s tricks.

Emiru manages to whack Horii’s head to get away. She huddles away to the window but Horii continues his advances. He is going to make her submissive but she mocks his boasting so much bigger than his ‘little buddy’. Because Tatsuhiko’s one is bigger. Horii is enraged and goes into full steam in raping her. Suddenly a clock is thrown in, breaking the glass window. The other neighbours are alerted this time so Horii zips up his pants and leaves. He’ll get her next time. Tatsuhiko was hiding outside the balcony so Emiru lets him in. Cleaning up, she admits she was putting a brave front but inside, she was about to break. She thanks him for saving him and notes he was watching her. He asks if ‘that part’ is safe. She shows it to him and can check it out for himself. This is a token of gratitude for saving her. Her body would have been soiled anyway had he not stepped in. He expresses this is what he hates about her. On the contrary, this is what she likes about him. Tatsuhiko is still perturbed with Emiru that he couldn’t focus in his class. Till Yuri probably gave him the right tonic. Sex. This time they are doing it for real at the love hotel. But as Yuri cleans herself, Tatsuhiko can’t help think that sex can turn violent in an instant after witnessing Emiru’s rape. He doesn’t feel his sex drive anymore. He surprisingly gets a call from Emiru. She knows he is at a love hotel with Yuri. Guess what? She is playing with herself while talking on the phone. She even fantasizes about Tatsuhiko was the one who raped him and climaxed 3 times! She even cheekily says she’ll reserve her ‘hole’ anytime for him and if he wants to peek at it, he can do so anytime. Tatsuhiko becomes mad and was about to slam the phone when Yuri comes out. Then he intensely f*cks her. He wants her to go out with him and be his girlfriend. She doesn’t want him to be so serious first. Let’s take one step at a time. The continue having sex and before Tatsuhiko realizes it, he got his sex drive back. From now on, he wants to only think of Yuri and fill her head with only her.

Yonezawa invites his pals to the beach. Tatsuhiko sees Ana walking alone to the storeroom and follows her. She’s tired of the sun and people staring at her. So is he concerned about her that he followed her? Anyway she whisks him to hide in a locker since somebody is coming in. Now Tatsuhiko gains experience in peeping others have sex because the couple starts f*cking in the storeroom! Worse, in such an enclosed space with Emiru, she is getting very turned on! What’s more, she is using his dick to masturbate!!! Once everything is over, Tatsuhiko and Emiru return to the sea. She apologizes for giving him a love bite on his shoulder during that ‘intensity’. It’s so hot that Tatsuhiko won’t even get mad. So hot that Emiru didn’t even want to peep then. Tatsuhiko starts laughing because it’s the first time he hears her whine. While they have fun splashing in the sea, Yuri sees them and has that concerned look on her face. That night back in the room, Yonezawa knocks out first. But instead of bringing him back to his room, the girls think it is okay just to crash here. After all, everyone is so tired what could happen? You don’t say… Tatsuhiko wakes up in the middle of the night to see Yuri on top of him. She wants to get down and dirty with him NOW! I guess there is some sort of excitement in doing it with other people around sleeping. Tatsuhiko tries to finish up early because he knows Emiru is watching. That devil is already masturbating watching them. Yuri can feel he is trying to end this fast. She assures him everyone is so tired and that the already know about their relationship. If they are seen, so be it. She also mentions about watching him having a good time with Emiru. So he has to make up for that part with her. F*ck her till his condom rips? Tatsuhiko notes they’re putting up a free show for Emiru to see, he also notes the difference of staring and being peeped up because it’s like he is under some intense pressure. He admits peeping is an arousing experience because now he is totally turned on. He fears he is becoming a pervert like Emiru and won’t be able to call her that anymore. That’s his concern? Then he starts seeing visions of Emiru in his sex. He feels bad for lying to Yuri in this way. Though he doesn’t think of Emiru as someone special and not interesting in peeping, the image of Emiru he had been trying to remove from his mind started to appear unconsciously before him.

Which Hole Do You Prefer To Look Into?
This is strange… Somehow I find myself not to hate this single OVA as much. I’m not saying that I enjoy watching this show but there is one reason why I find this one more tolerable than Kagaku Na Yatsura. Because the sex part and ecchi scenes were more down to earth. That’s right. No exaggerating wild fantasy scenes that only exists in the deepest mind of the truest perverts. No tentacle rape. No weird liquid. No oversized boobs and although Yuri is busty, it isn’t to a point it was ugly and unsightly. Due to that, I could say that I find this more stimulating that Kagaku Na Yatsura. Don’t get the wrong idea. While I still stand that I do not enjoy hentai genres, but as a guy sex is in its way is still a fascinating topic. And since this isn’t really hentai stuff, am I saying that I somewhat take certain pleasures in watching this? I don’t know. Maybe yes and no.

So for Tatsuhiko, now that he has gotten involved in this perverted peeping business, whether he wants to get away from this totally is going to be rather tough. Sealing the hole in the wall won’t solve the problem. Another hole might surface. But I don’t think that’s the main problem though it is the source that started it all. For him to say that he doesn’t want to be called a pervert is like lying to himself. When he did in Yuri the first time or she letting him have a first taste of entering manhood, is he not a pervert already? Look at the way he handles Yuri during intercourse? Nothing ‘creative’ but isn’t that natural? Well, maybe there is a certain degree to what constitutes a pervert. Like I said, everybody is a pervert in his/her own ways. For now he is able to keep his libido focused on Yuri but now that he can’t get Emiru out of his mind, it signals that he would have feelings for her in the future. After all, he already has a taste in voyeurism sex. It’s not that he doesn’t like it. No one should be jumping to conclusions that Emiru and Yuri are sluts. Emiru doesn’t go round sleeping with anyone and her masturbation is her little secret of self pleasure. As far as we know, Yuri manages to stick around with only Tatsuhiko so there is no issue of multiple sex partners. Yet. When a girl invites a guy to have sex with her, it is hard (pun intended) to turn her down, right?

It is still yet to be seen what would happen if Yuri finds out about the voyeurism and how everyone involved will deal with it. Can’t say that sex will be the answer anymore, huh? Who knows? Yuri may be into voyeurism sex too because when she was having sex with Tatsuhiko while everyone was knocked out during the beach outing, she did state that she didn’t mind if they were found out. So it might be a sign that she is okay if her close friends catch them in the midst of it. But it might be a different case if she gets to know about Tatsuhiko’s hand in voyeurism. I mean, it would be okay if others watch them doing it. But watching others? As the OVA itself isn’t conclusive because of certain issues like Horii’s near rape on Emiru. A guy like him won’t let this case go so easily. He’s not done with Emiru yet. Of course it’s best to read the concluded manga to find out more. I have a feeling that Emiru is starting to show interest in Tatsuhiko as well because he saved her from Horii. Her fascination on him may have begun when he first peeked on her but it picks up after that incident.

I have watched so many ecchi and perverted shows that it feels like I have a thing for them. Well, I can’t discount the fact that I am a pervert in my own way just like everyone else in their own. A closet pervert. You need not know what it is ;p. If this is the future of how ecchi animes are going to be and the standard affair, I have to be really careful in picking what animes to watch then. It’s no more judging the book by its cover or skimming briefly and quickly over the synopsis without thinking deep enough. After all, expectations are the root of all disappointment. It should be already be questionable that I am even watching this sort of genre. Thankfully I didn’t develop any fetish on voyeurism after watching this. I know many people in general don’t like to be peeped on. It’s like invasion of privacy. But if nobody ever finds out, wouldn’t that be okay? What has been seen cannot be unseen…

Yosuga No Sora

December 4, 2011

I was expecting Yosuga No Sora to be a twincest (that is twin incest for you newbies) but after watching the series and thinking back, how can you fill the entire dozen of episodes with siblings making love? Wouldn’t that be just boring? Okay, so I guess we never tire of seeing sex scenes that’s why porn still flourishes today. And even more with today’s internet technology. However we’re not here to talk about that and I am definitely not a fan of twincest. Initially I thought that this show was of the drama-romance genre. I was only half right.

The basic premise sees the unidentical Kasugano twins, Sora and Haruka (yes, this guy has a girl’s name), moving back to the countryside village they once grew up after their parents met their demise with an unfortunate car accident. Haruka tries to play the good big brother, providing Sora with what she needs simply because she was born with a weak body and their move to the big city was to help her recover. Unfortunately, this frail girl takes Haruka for granted and acts like a spoilt princess, always wanting to get what she wants. I mean after living so long in the city, it shows how reliable we are on modern conveniences. No internet or computers in this rural area. She’s got this black stuffed toy bunny so much so it looks creepy enough that I thought it would spring to life spewing sarcastic comments like the one in Kampfer. So with the two clinging on to each other, they’ll meet life-changing experiences that will make or break them.

The way the series is played out is of the multi-arc branching format. Meaning if you have watched the Memories Off OVA and Amagami SS, you will have a good idea how this turns out. Being adapted from the adult visual novel game of the same name, you can say that there is some sort of harem here. Each of the girls will be given their own arc and storyline to tell which will ultimately lead them to become Haruka’s love. And yes, did I mention sex scenes? Nothing that hentai but you have been warned. Uh huh. Feels a lot like Amagami SS. Except it takes place in the countryside and the main guy ends up doing the girl in.

Introduction Arc
Haruka and Sora take a train to the countryside in episode 1. They are greeted by the hot sweltering weather and paddy fields that stretches right up to the mountains. They have to trek to their home so Sora makes a big fuss of walking who knows how long while Haruka tries to give her a push. I guess in such a rural place, nobody is going to charge you for jaywalking in the middle of the road. Till a limo zooms pass them. The maid to rich girl Kazuha Migiwa, Motoka Nogisaka is attracted by Haruka’s good looks. Can’t blame her. In this unhappening town, it’s so boring that cicadas could even die. Just joking. Made that last bit up. Even Kazuha takes an interest. Stopping by at the local mini mart, the local priestess, Akira Amatsume sees the twins and recognizes them, though she did not approach them as she is rather busy with her errands. Haruka gets a bicycle so that Sora doesn’t have to walk. Passing by the school, he almost collides into Kozue Kuranaga on her way out. You can say she fell in love at first sight. Yeah, must be his good looks. Eventually the twins find their way to their house. How come it took them all day? Is the countryside that big? Haruka visits his next-door neighbour and childhood friend, Nao Yorihime. Her mom is saddened what has happened but Haruka’s parents have left them a substantial amount of money so I suppose they’ll get by. Oh, Nao too blushes upon seeing him return. Is there no girl his age that won’t fall in love with this guy? Next day, Haruka introduces himself as the new transfer student in school. The class rep Kozue got so nervous when the teacher asks her to take care of him, she banged her own head on her own desk when she took a bow. Energetic Akira also tries to get friendly with him. Sora is back home and reminiscing about the younger days. Seems they were playing around in the hospital. A jar comes falling down but Haruka managed to grab it. In that odd position, Haruka kisses Sora. Haruka returns home and tells Sora all the friends he made in class, including the carefree but spontaneous Ryouhei Nakazato. Also, Haruka notices how close Kazuha and Akira are. Kozue wants to know who the girl Haruka was with earlier (his sister) while Nao remembers her younger days when she was sad and told Haruka to go away but he closes up on her face and smiled. I guess Haruka doesn’t even have time for himself because he gets chided by Sora for coming home late. So he’s her babysitter for life? That night when Haruka is sleeping, Sora suddenly comes in as she undresses herself!

Don’t get your hopes up yet. As we find in episode 2, she just wants him to take her measurements to make a school uniform so she can go to school. Haruka goes to school tomorrow and meets his pals on the way. Sora as usual stay back home so her only communication with him is via handphone. I’m surprised they have signal here. Yeah, start spamming him for every single thing, will ‘ya. I guess he also has no peace at home because Sora’s causing a fuss, wanting him to take care of a bug. She’s using hairspray? In school, Haruka gets a free massage from Akira for his overstretched muscles, Akira doing some crazy impersonation and some sowing. After school, Haruka pays a visit to Akira’s shrine on the hill. It must be tiring after climbing all those steps. He learns she lives alone but eats with the lady who runs a kiosk at the bottom, Yahiro Ifukube. At least this is one lady who doesn’t fall in love with Haruka at first sight. In fact, she scorns him for trying to stick his neck where it doesn’t belong after asking about Akira’s parents. Later he is picked up by Kazuha and notes how she is always looking out for Akira. But she too warns him not to delve deeper into this. Kazuha stops by Haruka’s house to help sew the uniform. Seems Sora is sulking. Don’t like another girl in the house, eh? Later Sora puts the uniform on and it fits. Tomorrow, she walks to school with Haruka and Ryouhei is totally into his sister. Will you give your sister to this kind of guy? It’s natural that Sora gets scared of his sudden outburst. Haruka asks him if he knows anything about Akira but he doesn’t. Later as the class cleans the pool, Akira causes her usual mischief, spraying everyone with a hose and accidentally at Kazuha. She takes her to change. Haruka notices Kazuha dropped her handphone and goes to return it to her at the changing room. He overhears Akira and Kazuha doing ambiguous and stimulating stuff (Akira was just tickling Kazuha’s ears) but the surprise thing he heard was Kazuha calls Akira her sister.

Kazuha’s Arc
In episode 3, he is met with Motoka outside who teases him for doing something despicable though he says he is only returning her handphone. He starts wondering if they’re into something yuri so he approaches Kazuha about it. She claims Akira is indeed her sister because her dad fathered an illegitimate child and refuses to recognize her as his child. That’s why she’ll do anything for her sake. In class, Haruka notices her viola. She isn’t practising for any concert and looks like the only person who heard her play is Akira, though she isn’t happy she always falls asleep. Too soothing, she says? Ryouhei invites everyone to the beach this weekend. Seems Haruka and Kazuha are getting pretty close together. On their way back on the train, Haruka asks if he could listen to her viola. Sora also notices how close they are so much so she didn’t need him to walk her back from school and tells him to go do some other thing. So, go with Kazuha lah. Haruka learns Akira is rather busy for the upcoming summer festival since she will be on her shrine maiden duties. While Haruka helps Kazuha prepare for the festival, Kazuha gets a call from her butler about her dad so she tells him off that this has nothing to do with daddy. However the butler soon picks her up because she made some promise for her viola lessons but not only she was absent last week but was 2 hours late today. She has no choice but to take her leave. She remembers the time when she was young, her dad loved her so much and bought her a viola and she was so happy when he praised her and kept practising. Next day, Haruka and Kazuha see the latter’s father visiting the shrine. She thinks he’s here just to show his face because he’s a big shot. Once he learns of Haruka’s parents, he feels grateful to him because he is indebted to his parents (they were doctors) who have helped in out in the past a lot. Haruka covers for Kazuha saying that she was in the middle of showing him around town, the reason she’s late. Then they go have all the fun at the shopping complex because he wanted to see her back to her old self. As invited by Kazuha, Haruka agrees to come to Akira’s birthday party. Then they both start to kiss. Right in the middle of the road! Well, with no traffic, you can even have sex without a car passing by for the entire duration.

Kazuha is to play to Haruka her viola after class in episode 4 but she couldn’t. She says this instrument is the one she loves most but also the one she hates. While walking back, they chance upon frantic Yahiro. Akira is missing and she’s supposed to meet the village chief. They search for her and find her collapsed back in a room at her temple. Akira is whisked away to hospital. Kazuha feels guilty for abandoning her and thinks she is just doing what her dad did. A few days later, Akira goes back resuming her temple duties. Kazuha visits her but Akira notices she is gloomy and wonders if she is the one at fault for making the couple quarrel. Kazuha insists there is nothing between her and Haruka and that she only lives for her. Akira wants to know if she can only love her and starts kissing Kazuha. She pushes Akira away. Akira then says father is a nice person and not to force herself in worrying about him. On the day everyone is supposed to celebrate Akira’s birthday, everyone is there except for Kazuha. She locks herself in her room. Haruka still bothered by everything that has happened goes to pester Yahiro for answers. Though he won’t really know what to do with the knowledge he’s got, he doesn’t want to stand by and watch either. Next day he goes to see Motoka to ask what kind of person Kazuha’s dad is. Nothing bad. Powerful, rich and caring. Doesn’t seem like the bad guy. Motoka’s slip of her tongue has Haruka know that Kazuha is but he just left her a present, a music box. That night as Haruka and Akira waits at the shrine, Akira leaves once Kazuha appears. Seems Haruka left a note in the music box, wanting to meet her. They go around the festival as Haruka learns that she understood her mom’s feelings of being betrayed by her dad and thus the reason why she didn’t allow him to see Akira and it led her to hate him. Remembering what Yahiro told him, Akira grew up under a shrine elder and when he died, nobody wanted to take care of her. Though finally someone turned up to take care of her, there were questions regarding the elders belonging and she was left with nothing but tears. Yahiro’s store supplies almost ran out and all her income was from this store. Haruka notes that though her dad didn’t want mom to find out, she is quietly watching her father from her shadows. Haruka brings Kazuha to the back of the shrine to see her dad praising Akira. He had always cared for her all this while. Then after Kazuha and her dad made up, Haruka and Kazuha return to her room and had the greatest steamiest sex ever! Next day at the shrine as Kazuha plays her viola, Akira once again falls asleep but Haruka is the only one awake so she’s glad that he’s listening.

Akira’s Arc
Turning back time and to the part whereby Haruka overheard that onee-chan line at the changing room, in episode 5, Akira came out instead so Haruka hands Kazuha’s handphone back to her and asks if they’re sisters. Later in the classroom, Akira reveals that she is the secret big sister to Kazuha and wants Haruka promise not to tell this to her. Back home when Sora shows Haruka a cross pendant he gave her as a present, Haruka remembers Akira showed him her mom’s heirloom. In class, Haruka came early to talk to Akira. He says that they have met a long time ago. Akira thanks him and in her happiness, hugs him. Remembering back one hot summer day, they went hunting for cicadas, Akira fell down a tree and though she wasn’t injured, she lost her heirloom and couldn’t find it ever since. Thus Haruka gets this idea of looking for her mom’s only pendant tomorrow. Better to get it off his chest since it’s been bugging him all night. Haruka wears his full gear to find the pendant but they couldn’t find it. Haruka reveals he saw her sad face back then when she lost it and that similar look that day in class. He wanted her to smile always. Akira then confesses she loves him but slips, causing both of them to fall into the river. The clean-up in Akira’s place as Akira boldly enters into the bathtub with him. Naked. Don’t expect any steamy scenes yet, though they shared a kiss. That night at the festival, Akira meets Kazuha. Kazuha’s mom passes by them without batting an eyelid. Akira dances as the shrine priestess in front of the crowd as Kazuha says about the local goddess whom the locals worship: Princess Sayori. Though she loved her people, the people couldn’t accept her and caused her to be distant. Even so, she still continued to love the people and pray for mankind’s happiness while hiding her sadness behind her smile. Haruka then notices Akira really shedding tears during her dance. After the dance, he goes searching for her.

In episode 6, he notices her looking through grandma’s birth records. She tries to burn it but Haruka manages to salvage it. Seems there are remarks that indicate Akira and Kazuha are of mistaken identity. They may not be related. Relating this to Yahiro, as they read the journal, we learn Kazuha and Akira were born at the same time. It seems Akira showed interest to the pendant meant for Kazuha. Haruka suggests of taking a DNA test to clear things up but Yahiro notes that this world isn’t as simple nor it will have a happy ending as he think. Plus, doing all that would put all their efforts to waste. She asks him if he has the resolve to go that far. Later in class, Akira tells Haruka that she wants to break up because at this rate she’ll end up hurting herself if she continued to love him. She was all alone after her mom and grandpa left and don’t want to lose someone she loves again. Haruka sees Kazuha for her help. She says that if their relationship was fake, she couldn’t go on living like this. Kazuha in turn asks her mom that she wants to take the DNA test to ascertain it. Mommy doesn’t seem amused. Akira dreams when she overheard how her Kazuha’s family had to adopt her. They didn’t like her but grandpa stood up for Akira and promised to protect her smile. Haruka sees Akira and tells her Kazuha has prepared what is needed for the test, which the results will be out in 5 days. Then Akira goes missing. Haruka looks for her and finds her at the train station. He says that she’s just running away and no matter what the test results are, everyone will accept it. But she says she is an unwanted child that causes trouble. She is afraid that once this is confirmed, her dreams will disappear. Haruka then calls Kazuha and Sora to the train station. In Kazuha’s hands, the test results that no one has seen yet. She gives it to Akira so she can look at it first but she couldn’t. Then Kazuha’s mom comes by. Back in her home, she shows them all her treasure box and among it is Akira’s pendant. Apparently someone found it in the mountains and gave it to her. Upon closer look, it has Kazuha’s mom’s initials. Akira was young then and didn’t know how to read. She tells her story. When she had just given birth to Kazuha, Akira’s mom was just next to her bed. She didn’t seem to care about her energetic baby so when she cradled Akira, she accidentally ripped off her pendant. Then Akira’s mom was nowhere to be found. But after Kazuha’s mom learned of everything, she paid no attention to Akira. She knew she bore no sins but couldn’t be frank with her. Opening the test results, it indicates that their bloodline is negative. Akira thanks her and later gives her thanks to Haruka via sex. Not as flashy as Kazuha’s, but hey, they did it.

Nao’s Arc
For episode 7, we go back further when Sora wanted Haruka to take her body measurements. Let’s say he’s bad with his hands on got his face in her boobs. Next morning, Haruka gets slapped by Sora… Mosquito? See her bloodied palm? Nao visits Haruka and gives him a mosquito repellent. While the girls are cleaning pool, Ryouhei has Haruka his accomplice to observe the girls in their swimsuits. He teases Haruka that he wants to see Nao’s boobs and since he flusters, Ryouhei can tell this guy likes her. Ryouhei tells Nao that she’s got an admirer and wants them to go out. But she thinks it’s impossible since he’ll hate her. Back in her bathtub, she has flashbacks how she dreaded her parents quarrelling, each accusing the other for infidelity. Then she ran over to Haruka’s place and initiated sex on him! She’s pretty well endowed for her age so I guess there are lots to teach him. Perhaps that’s how he got into porn. Just kidding. But after finishing up, Nao notices the shock look on Haruka’s face. First timer, eh? Nao visits Haruka to help sew buttons on Sora’s uniform but she’s being grumpy as usual. I guess in this little boring town, people like Ryouhei, Akira and Kazuha want to see some real romance action. If they don’t push a little, it’s going to take some time for those dense blokes to get a move on. Ryouhei forces Haruka to come to the school’s pool. He meets Nao there and they realized they’ve been set up. After Nao teaches Haruka how to swim, they both go to change but Nao feels uneasy and something weird coming from a box. Haruka comes rushing in upon hearing her scream. Turns out to be a cat who wondered into the room. Then they hear the supervisor coming. Quick hide! Since the supervisor couldn’t find them, he leaves and locks the door. Where are they hiding? In the box! It was amazingly big enough to fit them both. As they laugh it off, the box breaks and Nao falls on top of him. This brings back those first sex memories. She quickly gets away and apologizes. But Haruka says since that was his first experience, he didn’t know how to react. Now they can put this behind them, he extends his hand to hers and wishes that they move forward. They both kiss.

Walking back home hand in hand in episode 8, Nao sees Haruka off in his home. Sora doesn’t look pretty happy. Next morning, Haruka and Nao meet on their way to school. Ryouhei teases them and didn’t expect they hit it off. Because of that, he isn’t pleased that his buddy is getting a girlfriend and did some submission move on him. Sora sees Nao telling Ryouhei not to get rough on Haruka, she gets upset and splashes water over herself. Because of that, Sora becomes a b*tch and snubs Nao. Haruka and Nao think of cheering Sora up and after buying ingredients for a curry meal, they look at old photo albums. One thing led to another and they have sex. Wow. The arc hasn’t ended yet and they’re already f*cking each other. Of course they didn’t know Sora was just sleeping nearby and had walked about after smelling curry. Then she stumbles upon their unholy act and kicks Nao out! Don’t show your face here again! Sex, interrupted. Sora reveals she knew Nao and Haruka had sex when they were young. Yeah, she was watching too but I guess was too young to understand what it means. Loss of innocence, eh? Nao leaves. Sora then throws away all the good curry down the drain. Nao falls into depression and avoids contacting Haruka. She lightens up each time she sees Haruka but with Sora around, that hope vanishes. Till one day Haruka bumps into her and says that they both need to apologize properly to Sora. Nao cooks bento for her but Sora didn’t feel like eating that whore’s handmade food. Then everyone goes out to the beach. Except for Sora. Ryouhei is sure a big joker.

While they’re playing in episode 9, the ball accidentally fell into the ocean. Haruka goes to get it but the huge waves engulf him. I’m not sure what made Sora changed her mind because she decided to go to the beach. Upon alighting the bus, she sees a commotion. Haruka is unconscious and the only way to save him is via CPR. Nao did the honours. Thank goodness he came back alive. Ever since, Sora felt confused. I hope it’s not mixing up that CPR thingy with the kiss. As Haruka and Nao tour the stalls preparing for the festival, Haruka says he will tell Sora of their relationship. He goes off first but finds Sora collapsed at the doorway. She hugs him and says never to leave her side. Next day as Haruka prepares to go to school, Nao waits for him at the gates but Sora wants him to choose between them. He brushes her off and walks towards Nao. She wonders if anything has happened but Haruka says it’s nothing. Haruka must be wondering why he didn’t get any spamming from Sora. Till he received one SMS from her saying that she’s leaving. He and Nao go search for her. Sora is seen pushing the bicycle. Due to her weak body, I guess she had to dump it in the drain. The rest saw Haruka’s bike lying there but Sora is nowhere around. Haruka feels guilty for chasing her out. All their friends search around for Sora through the stormy weather. Nao finds her at the bus stop. She wants her to go back but she says once Haruka comes, they’ll be leaving because if they stay, Haruka will abandon her. She blames Nao for changing Haruka because prior to all this, he was always by her side. Suddenly lightning strikes the shed. Good thing they were already outside. However Sora realizes she left her bunny inside. Nao realizes how important it is to her and goes in without giving a second thought to her own safety. Then the signboard crashes down and blocks the entrance. Oh no! What should they do? For Nao, just kick it away! She comes out slightly messed up but with Sora’s bunny safe. Sora says she’s afraid of being alone but couldn’t bear the thought of Haruka abandoning her. Later as everyone meets up at the festival, Sora seems to have accepted Nao since she allows her to come along. And while everyone watches the fireworks, our naughty couple Haruka and Nao engage in sexual activities in the woods. Now it feels good, right? Maybe they should get a room.

Sora’s Arc
Her arc in episode 10 begins when Nao sees Haruka off back in his house. She wonders about telling their relationship to Sora but he feels rather embarrassed for now. But Haruka’s incest feelings start to awaken when he can’t stop thinking about Sora. Even the time when he measured her body size. Yeah, he even shrugged it off that they can’t do that because their siblings. Is he sure? Can he suppress those feelings? He gets protective when Ryouhei teases about Sora and when he’s with Nao, it just feels empty. He goes back and sees Sora lying on the floor clad only in a towel. She wants to feel the breeze… Haruka gets a call from Nao as she is worried he wasn’t energetic today. You should see the way Nao sits and rolls around the floor while talking on the phone. Just odd. They then fix this Sunday for their first date. But Sora bugs Haruka that they’re supposed to go shopping together. Apparently he forgot about it and apologizes to her that he already has other plans to meet up with Ryouhei. Obviously a lie. He lies further that he can’t change this plan and promises to go out with her the week after. But she doesn’t want to wait! Unfortunately if that is what he wants, she’ll have to give up on it. Haruka and Nao had their fun on their date. At night when they return home, Haruka checks on Sora but finds her crying in bed. He has Nao leave immediately saying Sora is unwell. Once she leaves, he rushes to Sora to find out what’s wrong. Sora had a nightmare whereby Haruka abandoned her. He hugs her and reassures that they are both family. Next day as the twins walk to school, Nao can tell that Sora isn’t going to give her brother to her so she walks ahead first. Back home, Haruka sees a very disturbing scene. He peeks into Sora’s room and sees her masturbating! Crying while calling out to Haruka’s name! He too breaks down. I guess everybody’s broken.

As Haruka and Nao continue to date in episode 11, it seems that Haruka’s mind is somewhere else. He can’t let go of the thought of his poor sister’s masturbating. Then it got to him. He takes Nao to a hotel and forces himself on her! But she pushes him away and wonders if he really loves her. That’s because ever since that incident in the changing room, he has never said he loved her. His answer: “I don’t know”. Take that as a no. Haruka continues to take care of Sora. Ryouhei gets this idea to go to the beach but his true intention to see Sora in a swimsuit is revealed. He blames his hand acted on his own so Akira offers him to heal it with the lake near the shrine. If he goes there, his life will be reborn and all his sins cleansed. That’s just rumours, by the way. At the library, Kozue spots Haruka reading up on different customs of siblings marrying each other. Needless to say, they’re forbidden. Then when Sora gets sick, Haruka becomes worried and takes care of her. Including giving her a bath. Haruka sleeps by the bed side and is awakened by Sora’s kiss. She says she can’t hold it back anymore and that her chest feels tight when she sees him. You know what this means? Oh yeah. The twincest begins! She allows him to do it on her as many times he wants! You bet. They’re going to do it a lot. So when they say I love you, it’s more than brother-sister relationship now, eh? Over the next few scenes, Sora gets closer and naughtier to Haruka (giving him a blowjob underneath the dinner table! Yeah, he’s even having hallucinations of her underneath his school desk). Nao notices how close the siblings are and gets disheartened. Even Kozue observed how clingy Sora is to Haruka and confronts him about it but he responses that Sora has been sick all the time so he just wants to pamper her. Though she feels that they should join with everyone else instead of being alone together. It must have become a daily affair since Haruka and Sora continue to have sex and this time at the door entrance of their home. Kozue and Nao realize Haruka had left his handphone in his class desk and go to return it. Outside the door, they hear moaning and groaning and fear the worse. Kozue opens the door and sees the twins having sex. Oh, busted.

In episode 12, Kozue got freaked out by it and runs away! Nao just close the door and leaves. While Haruka is obviously stunned that they’ve being discovered, Sora wants to continue! Haruka has been feeling down since. In school, Kozue’s eyes are so red from crying, you’d mistake her for a demon lord! Later Kozue confronts him and confesses that she liked him. She thought he was nice and gentle but after that incident, she doesn’t want to talk to him ever again! Then Haruka talks to Nao. He reveals how when Sora first came back after a long time, she wasn’t the little sister he knew, but a delicate girl he had never seen before. There are many times they played together and crossed the line. But there are times she was dependent on him. Because she was his sister, he held back his emotions. Then the next summer, he fell in love (Nao and her introduction of sex to his world). He wanted to speak the words from his heart but couldn’t find the right words. He only ended up hurting her. Haruka sincerely apologizes. Back home, he is as gloomy as ever so Sora tries to cheer him up by kissing. But Haruka gets rough and forces himself on her! Sister rape! She is willing to give in but he soon backs away. He wants to stop all that kissing and sex. Sora isn’t happy because she doesn’t care what others think of them so long they have each other. She doesn’t care about the taboo of society and if this reality isn’t really as simple as it is, then they’ll just have to clean it up. But she was greeted with a slap. A slap so hard that she fell down. Then later, Haruka is still down. Seems he received note that his uncle will return to Japan. So? They found out their parents have left no money for them. So what? They’re going to separate them. WHAT?! He thinks they can be happier this way but Sora is not too amused. Haruka continues his gloomy act till one evening he sees Sora’s torn bunny doll and she’s gone. He panics and rushes out to find her. Nao also helps out. She’s not at the bus stop or the train station. Nao says that the other when she confronted Sora, she told her it was over. She seemed pretty serious about it. It’s like they are ‘even’ now. Sora saw them had sex. Now Nao saw them doing so. Haruka thinks back and then it hit him. Remembering Akira’s words regarding the lake where one can be reborn and cleanse of all the wrongs in life, he rushes down to the temple. He sees Sora wading through the water. He goes after her despite she telling him to stay away. When he grabs her, they are no longer in the shallow zone. Now she’s clinging on to him. Or is it drowning him? Anyway they struggle till they could no more and sink. Haruka thinks that they’re going to die and this would be the best for them both, just the 2 of them in a world faraway with nobody else around. But I don’t know how this happened because when Haruka opens his eyes, he is lying on the temple steps with Sora next to him. Who pulled them out? Did she? Or were they really reborn? Sora cries in her relief that she thought her brother is dead. Haruka wonders if they should go look for an answer together to find the best way to preserve their love. It doesn’t matter if he has to suffer, as long as she’s happy. They both share a kiss and hug before confessing they love each other. In the aftermath, it seems the twins have left the countryside. Their friends discuss about them and the last time they heard from them was an SMS to Kazuha that they’re on a train going to live with their new guardians, a close friend of their late parents. Kozue is still bitter about the whole issue and wonders if they can find happiness. Nao believes Haruka can and that he isn’t wrong because there is no changing who you do and do not love. But Kozue still disagrees and ponders if the feelings were just enough. If so, there were so many things she had wanted to do. She sounds so frustrated. The twins are on a train back to their normal ways. No sex, but kissing will do.

Motoka’s Arc
Even the maid has her own arc albeit it just last 3 minutes and serves as comical extras at the end of each episode. The drawing here are in chibi form except of course when she’s naked. Don’t want to see chibi boobs, do you? Like in episode 1 when she first zoomed pass Haruka and Sora in the limo and got so excited about that virgin boy so much so she can’t stop drooling. But she gets depressed since he is with another girl (Sora). Kazuha notes that she is going to a party so she explains it’s with Yahiro and university juniors. But eventually everyone left and she is left alone with Yahiro. She goes back and masturbates so loudly that the elderly couple must be thinking if that was a ghost! Unfortunately, Motoka felt so empty after that. Then in episode 2, she is on a mission to deliver Kazuha’s forgotten stuffs but bumps into Haruka several times. Yeah, even when he’s changing. Though she fails her mission, at least she got her ‘reward’ of seeing Haruka naked. Sicko. In episode 3, there’s a weird bug alien at Haruka’s doorstep! Oh wait, it’s Motoka. I guess they’ll have to listen to her woes. Something about losing her virginity to some rich guy for money. Then she goes on ranting how she had to set the mood and pace and not lose out to Yahiro. Even if it’s being an inchworm or a dog. When she acts like a dog in front of the twins, Haruka finds her cute, much to Sora’s dismay (see her rip her bunny!). Then she starts licking his, urm… Let’s leave it there. As apology for last night, in episode 4, she tries to make things up by cooking for them. But she first impersonates Sora (nothing close) and some nice figure skating moves. With the twins impressed, she gets carried away doing other performances till in the wee hours of the morning. Yeah, forgot all about the cooking, did you?

In episode 5, Haruka, Motoka, Yahiro and Akira are playing mahjong. Why the heck is Akira’s head inflated so big?! She plans her victory move and while doing so, fantasizes how she’ll marry Haruka and end up getting naughty with him. Unfortunately Haruka wins and her plans are foiled. Yet another apology from Motoka in episode 6. Yeah, she went berserk and turned into a Super Saiyan during the mahjong game and destroyed the place, injuring Haruka. She really feels guilty of it so Haruka invites her out to the festival, much to Sora’s dismay. Again. Poor Sora really rips her bunny and runs away! After the festivals, Motoka and Haruka ended up having sex (those old couples must be really puzzled at those sounds now). But it turns out it was just her fantasy because all they did was hold hands. Oh well, at least she did have a good time. But it’s not over yet since in episode 7, Motoka becomes drunk to drown her sorrows of being rejected. She falls asleep on the road but was picked up by Haruka on his bicycle. Though she is puzzled to see him before her eyes, she lets her horny side get the better of her by stripping themselves and having sex! Yes, this one is for real. Feels good? Haruka reveals he didn’t contact her since he thought she was mad. But I guess after sex, all is forgiven. Episode 8 is at the beach and with all the other girls around Haruka, Motoka decides to unleash her secret charms and makes a cute pass at him. He understood to meet her at the vending machine. As she waits, she is horrified to see all the girls trip over him! Later at the rock, Haruka profusely apologizes that he didn’t do it on purpose. As punishment, he must listen to her. She jumps on him and starts F*CKING him! That’s the second time he scores!

Another mission to deliver stuffs to Kazuha in episode 9. Though successful, she got zapped by the lightning on her way out, giving her that afro hairstyle. But Haruka saves her and brings her to the infirmary. He is to confess but their busybody pals are eavesdropping on the development. Then back home, Haruka scores the third time as they have another wonderful sex! Continuing where they left off? But Motoka gets worried when she receives an SMS from a guy she knows. It’s all suddenly gloomy in episode 10! Motoka is in no mood for sex and has Haruka leave. I guess we can’t have this section so depressing as mini Sora suddenly pops out from Motoka’s handphone while she’s taking a train ride and starts ranting about something that’s supposed to be funny. I didn’t get it. Motoka shuts her handphone and goes meet the guy at the shopping complex. Motoka narrates the story in another gloomy episode 11 that she once dated this guy and wanted to marry him. But he left to concentrate on building his career and was busy with lots of projects. Then one day, she realized he was lying because she saw him going out with another woman. Ever since, she feels her time has stood still and as the guy hugs her, she ponders why she is even here. But surprisingly, Haruka appears on the scene. Seems Haruka heard it from Yahiro and other people about Motoka’s case in episode 12. Though he claims he is a useless person, he promises to do his best and wants her to be with him forever. Motoka is moved to a tear and realized why she came here: To say goodbye to her time that stood still. She punches the guy and rushes to Haruka’s side (though she slipped). Back home, Motoka changes into several cosplay outfits to satisfy Haruka but what he wants is her usual self. That is the Motoka he loves. Getting naked and having sex? And yeah, they get married and lived happily ever after. The best ending. According to Motoka lah.

Ecchi No Sora
Eh? So where is Kozue’s arc? Did I miss it somewhere? Apparently I did not. Well, I guess with the fixed number of episodes, I guess you can’t really fit everyone in. After all this time, I was being made to believe that all the girls will have their own arc. I mean, Kozue did appear in the credits animation so the way they showed it, many viewers would have thought that she’s part of the ‘harem’ too. Besides, when she was introduced, she fell in love with him at first sight, so that has got to be a sign, right? Even the maid Motoka who didn’t appear much in the episode proper has her own little nonsensical corner at the end. And I guess some may even go as far as wondering that Yahiro was also left out. Yup, she too has a few scenes in the credits animation that would make viewers believe that she too will have an arc of her own. But for her case I didn’t really had much hope for it simply because as I’ve said, she’s the only girl who didn’t have some sort of those lovely feelings for Haruka. Later I found out that Kozue and Yahiro’s arc do exist. Only on the fandisk, somewhat an expansion for the game.

Having Sora’s arc as the final piece and the twins leaving the town seems like a sad way to end the series. But what is important is that the twins have got and love each other. That is all that matters. The topic of incest may still be taboo in many parts of the world but as of now, the world is changing so perhaps in the near future, it may be acceptable? Do you love your brother or sister so much that you are willing to engage in sexual activities to show your love? And of course other people are entitled to their opinions, still siblings being lovey-dovey in public may not sit and go down well with some, especially those holding conservative beliefs. So how to satisfy both sides in this case? Perhaps you can continue your twincest but behind closed doors? Nobody has to know, right?

For the most part of the show, Sora is seen as a moody and spoilt princess who can’t seem to lift her own finger to do anything unless it’s something she likes doing like her online blog. She depends on Haruka on just about anything and considering the snacks she eats, I wonder if they are good for her health and body. But then again, Sora has been sick so long so I guess you can’t blame her for being grumpy. She’s lucky she has a patient and nice brother like Haruka to take care of her. But I feel that for Kazuha and Akira’s arcs, Sora has been cast aside like an unimportant side character. I know those arcs focuses on those girls but I think if they didn’t leave out Sora, the arc will still continue and end without any major glitch. They just show her bumming around here and there just to remind us that she’s around. During her own arc, she seemed less grumpy and put on a more smiley face. Was it the great effects of sex and twincest? For Nao’s arc, she became like an antagonist when she couldn’t accept Nao coming between her brother and fears that she would take him away, leaving him all alone again. Good thing she finally accepted her. For Nao and Sora’s arcs, it is Kazuha and Akira’s turn to be redundant. Kozue may not have much impact except during the introduction arc and the final couple of episode of Sora’s arc but her intolerance to incest seems to indicate that she absolutely detests anything of the likes. Because she couldn’t get over this incident, it left somewhat a bitter taste at the end of the series. It still bugs me that why couldn’t she just accept the twins for who they are? Looks like she’s the kind of girl who will protest against gays, lesbians and cross-dressings. Can we blame her? People living in the countryside aren’t as open as the urban folks. And she is so sore right till the very end, crying every time she thinks about it (there was a short scene whereby Kazuha read Haruka’s SMS of his status, she closed her ears not wanting to listen!). I hope this won’t leave a permanent scar and leave her traumatized for life. Nao is the calmest one among the girls. She doesn’t blow her top nor jump to conclusions, though she does make several mistakes when she was young and feels guilty for them.

For Motoka, what can I say about her? I prefer her during her own private corner because she is funnier and cuter that way. It’s rare to see a maid in the countryside. As we know of Akira’s over-inflated head during this corner, another odd part is that because of her big head, Akira is usually placed in the background. Ridiculous it may seem but during the beach outing, did you notice that her head was over the sea horizon and then devouring a whale?! Total nonsense! What about the cat that always seemingly sticks to her head like as though it’s part of her hair accessory? This isn’t only true during Motoka’s arc but in the episode proper, the cat does sometimes stick on Akira’s head. It’s like its favourite sleeping place. The only thing that stops this series from being classified as a hentai is that the ‘lower body part exercise’ is strategically blocked out. I guess when you see this kind of shows, you are only here for the ecchi fanservice and partial sex scenes, right? Somehow I felt that the intensity of those scenes decreases at each passing arc. Kazuha’s one is still the ‘greatest’ because for me, I didn’t expect to see something like that and it was shocking. So I guess that’s where the expectation builds up and you’d expect to see scenes which are even more steamy and passionate. But if you want to see more fanservice, the second ending animation (the one for Motoka’s arc) is filled with lots of delightful fanservice from all the girls in the series. Of course lots of funny antics too when the drawing becomes chibi (Akira swallowing Kazuha! The drowning twins saved by floating on Nao’s belly!).

The drawing and art of the series are pretty standard. I won’t go as far to say that the art for the background and sceneries are breath-taking. But the way art along with the colours and lighting give off that hot feeling like as though you are part of the summer. Maybe my air-cond is not working. But seriously, when it’s day time, the scenes are really so bright that it makes you feel hot like as though it is really the effects of summer. Then when it is sun down and dark, you feel a little bit cooler. Neat, huh? Or maybe I was so absorbed in watching the series that it affected my own state of mind? The main series’ opening credits show several important and spoiler scenes that happened during the course of the series like Nao and Haruka’s first time. But due to the multi-branching arc format, I guess you won’t comprehend it till you reach that arc. For the series’ main ending credits, we see snippets of photo album-like pictures of the twins when they were just babies, the part of their lives growing up with their parents when they’re still around to their funeral day. It just feels sad especially when Sora is crying. It makes you want to reach out your heart to her as well. On a trivial note, each of the episode titles (including Motoka’s arc) contain the name of the main character for that arc. Some obvious and some don’t. Then I also noticed this, all the titles are exactly in 7 characters only! No more, no less. Another interesting thing about the titles is the way they creatively appear. Whether they are shadows made out from tree leaves, on a bus stop sign, written on a diary cover, a word on each lantern stringed together and typing on a spreadsheet, be sure to keep a lookout for them. It’ll be easy since it’s just right after the opening theme.

Speaking of the opening theme, it is Hiyoku No Tane by Eufonius. Sounds like a pretty decent piece till she goes out of tune during the chorus part. I don’t know. Maybe it’s her style and trademark. The last few songs I heard Eufonius sing were something like that too. It just felt odd. The TV series’ ending theme is Tsunagu Kizuna by Team Nekocan featuring Junca Amaoto. Though it is a pop beat, there is a hint of sadness in the song about fleeting feelings and loneliness. Probably it is to reflect Sora. The ending theme for Motoka’s arc is one really weird song just like the animation itself. Entitled Pinky Jones by Momoiro Clover, some may consider it a moe song. But to me, I just find it weird. Is that an Indian instrument in the works? What the heck is a Chappa-chappa anyway?! I got a little curious on this group and went surfing a little on them. When I saw the album cover of the group for this single, I thought they look like the female moe version of Village People. Okay maybe not. At least one was in a chief Indian’s garb and the rest in colourful Native American clothing.

Sometimes I feel that Yosuga No Sora and another anime series School Days are close to each other and if not for the multi-branching format of restarting, Haruka may have slept around with all the other girls and got himself brutally killed in the end! Likewise if School Days’ Makoto had the option of doing this restarting thing, he may have got all the pleasure he wants with sex with every girl in that series without him losing his head eventually. With the world so twisted now, I guess there are so many kinds of loves existing. Especially in anime and manga, there are quite a number yaoi and yuri themes out there. I may not be someone who is keen on those or even incest but since it’s not my business, I don’t really mind. Hey, it’s not me who is in love (with them). So how far will the power of love take you? Only the sky is the limit.

F*ck! This is one anime whereby you can judge a book by its cover. With a title like Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt, it’s not hard for everyone to think that this show is not for kids. Damn right! Parents, you don’t want your kids watching this show because it is filled with sexual innuendos, indecent jokes, shameless rip-offs, profanities, toilet humour and the likes so for those who really get offended by watching this kind of genre, please stay out. For those who wish to journey into it, do it at your own risk. Just remember to leave your brain in a safe place so as not to get corrupted or influenced before taking it back.

One very obvious difference about this series is the drawing and art. Not your usual anime style cute, wide-eye girls and handsome hunks. Yeah, blocky and kinda… Cartoonish. At first looks, in nobody’s right mind would you have thought that this is an anime. Nobody. In fact, everything here is so different and non-anime-like so much so you may have mistaken this to be an American cartoon! Indeed 99% of the show feels like an American production (though this series is produced by Gainax. Those guys who brought you weird shows like that Gurren Lagann series, Mahoromatic, FLCL and Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai). The action and humour is so American-like. The characters are so Caucasian-like. The sounds effects that splatter across the screen like you see in comic books are in Roman alphabets and English. What’s more, all the music including the insert songs, opening and ending themes are in English. The only thing that makes this an anime besides the production house is that the main language spoken is Japanese. Even so, at times that put in some English in their sentences (usually profanity). It’s amazing this show even got past the censorships and be shown on TV.

So everybody is saying how this is a very ecchi version of Powerpuff Girls. No more the sweet little innocent kindergarten girls but grownup hardcore dirty ladies. Here is the brief synopsis. The city in focus is Daten City. No, not the City of Townsville, mind you. Just like any cities, crimes are bound to ‘flourish’. Like our titular characters, the Anarchy sisters, Panty and Stocking are fallen angels from Heaven. Say what? You heard that right. It’s Panty NOT Patty. It’s Stocking NOT Stockard. So how the heck did they become angels anyway? Their behaviour is so bad that they are kicked down to Earth for a redemption mission. But even so, will they learn? That’s because Panty’s mind is always filled with sex and men while Stocking’s head is nothing but munching away sweets and her gothic fashion. Bad role examples for angels. That pretty much says about them. You can add more if you wish. They live in a church with an afro priest named Garterbelt who is also their mentor. He gives them their missions but always gets annoyed by their f*cking behaviour (oops, first profanity of this blog). However he is not the one to talk as he too has his own weird fetish. You’ll find that out later. They have a little green dog called Chuck (at least he isn’t named after some underwear) which serves as a punching bag and retribution for all sorts of unfortunate events. Say, doesn’t Chuck closely resemble to a character in Invader Zim?

So basically the sisters’ mission is something like this. Going around in their jeep called See Through (what’s with all this underwear names?), they have to go around defeating ‘monsters of the week’ called Ghosts. They are born from men’s suffering and despair and you can easily spot them with their dark colour and red outlines. How do they do it? Well, Panty has this ability to materialize her panty into a gun while Stocking her, erm, stockings into twin swords. Yeah, taking their undies off makes it look like they’re doing some striptease show. Besides, this is the only time you’ll see the girls in hot sexy anime-style bishoujo drawing. Yeow! And that “Fly away now. Fly away~” background theme, it’s even catchier. Each time they defeat a Ghost, several number of coins called Heavens (depending on the difficulty and complexity of the Ghost) will drop as their reward. Collect enough and this will allow them to return back to Heaven. Seems like a long road. Do they even want to go back seeing all the men Panty can sleep with and all the desserts Stocking can stuff her face with? Oh by the way, another fun thing about each time a Ghost is defeated, a real paper mache model of the Ghost is made and filmed being exploded to bits! Boom! Come to think of it, can Daten City even survive the havoc that the sisters will wreck? They’re quite destructive, you know. So are they really angels?

Episode 1A: Honour Without Excretion And Humility
We are introduced to the characters and even seeing them in ‘action’. Not Ghost action. Yeah, Panty’s having her satisfaction in bed with some guy. Who knows how many she’s done in. And Stocking? Let’s hope she brushes her teeth after all that sugary treats. Anyway, the sisters are to investigate the case of people being swallowed by toilet. Yup. Here’s your toilet humour. What a way to start it off with a stinking bang. So Panty thought it is some plumber but ends up f*cking that guy. Ultimately Panty experiences of getting eaten by her own toilet bowl. The chaotic scenes that ensue sees everyone vomiting and puking whenever they come into contact with that stinking stench. What more, everyone is covered with sh*t. Ah, that’s how they’d probably feel about life. Just kidding. Oh yeah, it’s a Ghost who is behind all this. So the sh*t Ghost starts rampaging and covers everyone and everything with faeces while the stupid numerous police starts shooting at it knowing too well that their pee shooter bullets can’t harm a single thing. So leave it to Panty (covered in excretion) and Stocking to shoot and slash the Ghost for good. How many Heavens? Just one. Ah, sh*t.

Episode 1B: Death Race 2010
Panty is f*cking a new guy so much that she might be breaking Daytona’s record. Apparently she has no limit to reaching her climax because the guy reached orgasm many times fold! And I thought sexually active females should be able to climax faster and more. Anyway, there is some Ghost who is able to possess vehicles, speeding down throughout the city like nobody’s business. So it’s up to Panty (perhaps it’s best for her to leave her guy to find her new thrill) and Stocking to stop the speed demon. Of course, the useless police seem to just pile up all along the way. During the high speed adrenaline chase on the freeway, Panty’s panty got stuck on the Ghost so it’s going to be tough not to damage her precious pantsu. After possessing trucks to even trains, zooming pass clueless citizens, the crazy exhilarating chase comes to a climax when Panty gets back her special weapon and blows a point blank shot in the Ghost’s head, sending him to a grinding and crashing halt. So what does Panty learn from all this? That speed and stamina isn’t important but technique and elasticity is. Oh…

Episode 2A: The Buzz Of The Beehive
Panty and Stocking are sent to infiltrate Daten City High School to investigate a series of disappearance. They’re supposed to do it discreetly but end up entering so flashy that they attract attention. They also meet a geek boy who dresses somewhat similar to a Ghostbuster, Brief, and also an obnoxious current-queen and cheerleading club leader of the school, Barbie. With the sisters coming into the picture, Barbie’s popularity is in threat as she tries to sabotage them but it all backfires and ends up embarrassing herself. Brief who has a crush on Panty (it’s a one-sided crush by the way) offers to help out to look for Ghosts since well, he’s an occult freak. With jealousy running high, Barbie plans an ultimate attack on the sisters and it is revealed she herself is a Ghost and the one behind the disappearances. As expected. She fails and this releases all her slaves from her hypnotism. And what Panty is to do than to satisfy herself with those big and muscular rugby guys. I think she can do in the entire team.

Episode 2B: Sex And The Daten City
Panty and Stocking are living the life of celebrities seeing the release of the preview of their yet-to-be-released film. They’re really popular. Very. On the day of the premier, the announcer was saying something about their first movie but Panty isn’t happy because she did make a previous movie before. She proceeds to show to all those clueless blokes on screen live to the whole world. Well, turns out to be a porn video. However this threatens to end their high celebrity life so they go around the world and destroy every darn tape they could find. Amazingly, if this was so effective, we won’t be having issues of pirates and leaking anymore. But really, they did just that. From Egypt to war zones, that sex tape is just about anywhere lah. Ironically it could make her even more famous. If she could live with the fact of being a porn star. What’s the difference? Panty loves sex, right? In the end, they decide to keep the final copy for themselves. So on the day of the re-release of the movie, Panty gets cocky and even brags about editing out Stocking’s scene so much so she has no appearance at all. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn so Stocking leaks the sex tape onto the internet. Yeah folks. Watch it on YouTube. If it’s still there, haha!

Episode 3A: Catfight Club
Panty accidentally ate Stocking’s pudding and they ended up in a huge argument. They aren’t seeing eye to eye. How will they do their mission? Beats me. Just do it separately. So they are to track down a pair of Ghost who are luring humans like some Red Riding Hood thingy. The sisters are united but their refusal to cooperate has the Ghost pair winning. They continue to fight among each other and ignore the Ghost but get a good pounding. As the Ghosts continue to mock them, that is when they have had it and decide to call a truce, team up and put a stop to the black-red menace once and for all. So it goes to show that they will only shine when they’re working together. It takes 2 to tango or clap hands.

Episode 3B: Pulp Addiction
This episode starts in a WWII-like D-Day gloomy atmosphere (only with lots of sex gags as motivation for those doomed soldiers). You know those soldiers in the boat knowing that they’re heading to their deaths once they reach land just to infiltrate the enemy on higher ground. Something about all this is General Scottie’s fault as we see the enemy in the form of tissue box and papers absorbing the army. So in present time, Garterbelt is having a hard time holding in all his… I’ll leave that to your imagination and has the sisters infiltrate a paper plant. They meet several sperm-like Ghosts who are causing shortage of tissue papers so that men can’t ‘relieve’ themselves as revenge. The crazy slut and choco mania couldn’t care less about their problems so they blast them all to smithereens like how they normally do. In the aftermath, the story of the doomed soldiers continues. Their penetration seems like a success when they are obstructed by some sort of plastic barrier. Uh… It occurred to me that this is a metaphor of ejaculation. You know those soldiers at sea are like sea man… Semen… Geddit? And even if they triumph over the tissues, now they’ve got condoms to deal with.

Episode 4A: Diet Syndrome
You know how girls love eating cakes but never like the idea of getting fat. Stocking never had that problem and it seems to be bugging her now. She goes on an intense diet but each time her hard work turns into despair because the more she refrains, the more weight she gains! Ironic? Then trying some reverse diet thing, the more she eats, the more she bloats up! Now she’s a big fat giant that resembles somewhat like that fat kid in South Park. She just keeps on growing and growing and growing. Panty learns that the cause of all this is a Ghost who is bend on making every girl in the world fat by eating her cakes just because she herself refuse to diet. So Stocking goes to get her revenge but finds her swords limping because her stocking has stretched out too much. So while the Ghost tries to escape, Panty fires a shot into that fat blob. Stocking resumes to her normal desired figure and continues to enjoy her cakes. Isn’t she worried about putting any more pounds? Better than going through that hell diet.

Episode 4B: High School Nudical
Daten City High School is holding a night lingerie run and the bored angels decide to join in. If a school can even hold this kind of event, imagine how low morality has fallen. Heck, even this show is so questionable. Yeah, just run the race in your underwear. Hey, isn’t that mysterious host Master G, Garterbelt in disguise? I’m sure he has his own ulterior motives for his fetish. Brief gets bullied by some other guys while Panty and Stocking thrills the crowd with their presence. Hey, they’re the new queens of the school, right? However their fun run is interrupted when a quick Ghost turns up eating everyone’s underwear. However the sisters have a tough time against the Ghost because their sacred weapons broke. Needing to find a substitute, Panty takes all the guys underwear to materialize into a gun but she finds them all useless. Too small, too twisted and too whatever unsatisfied reasons. Apparently you can tell a lot about a guy from his underwear. So the only one left is Brief’s and to Panty’s surprise, his guns are as big as a shotgun. And boom! There goes the panty thief blown up, covering the entire town with undies. And would you believe Master G’s advice about underwear soothes the soul sending the students into approval frenzy? But it seems on the news report he was arrested for being a suspicious person. Oh father, father, father, help us.

Episode 5A: The Runny
Everyone in Daten City has a new fad: Picking their own nose. Shock, eh? Hey, we’re guilty of doing it ourselves. Then there is this rich dude called Oscar who invites everyone for a party on board his blimp including Panty. In the party, Panty and Oscar get a room of their own and penetrated each other… Noses, that is. However Oscar turns out to be a Ghost and something about being with Panty makes his nose runny rather than hardened nose wax. Of course he has his nefarious plans of ramming the Moon using the guests’ nose bleeds (because everyone by this time has rubbed to hard). So leave it to the sisters to go into swinging high altitude action (the guests get a different kind of nose bleed after seeing Panty’s no-pantsu) blasting past Oscar’s Ghost flies and eventually the rich Ghost himself. I’m not sure about this part but the propulsion sent Stocking flying into the Moon which causes that satellite to sneeze as well. So Panty’s final words? Which hole do you get your thrill? I’m sure she’d get hers in any.

Episode 5B: Vomiting Point
This episode takes place at a neighbouring city of Daten City, Little Tokyo. Yeah, another gloomy slum city. But the drawing here takes another different turn. The characters here look like somewhat of those from Windy Tales or Mahaou Tsukai Taisetsu Na Koto: Natsu No Sora. Yeah, horrible. Terao is a struggling salesman and his weak demeanour doesn’t help as he gets a pep talk from his sales boss to improve. Even his colleagues badmouth and look down on him. Back home, his daughter is a big fan of Panty and Stocking and wishes to meet them. Yeah, you can see he is struggling to make ends meet for his family too. On the day Terao is supposed to attend his daughter’s birthday, his colleagues force him to join them in a drinking spree. They force him to drink glasses of beer till he can’t take it anymore and pukes. In that process, his vomit turns into a giant Ghost, flooding the city and causing everyone else to throw up. Panty and Stocking arrive to swiftly clean up the mess. Terao then pleads to come to his house for his daughter’s birthday. Why would a bunch of b*tches do that? But to show that they’re not that all black hearted, they leave their autographs in which Terao’s daughter frame it up on her desk. And for Terao, he is still the same struggling salesman. The gloominess never ends.

Episode 6: Les Diaboliques
Panty and Stocking’s popularity takes a dip because there is a new pair of hot sisters called Demon Sisters, Scanty and Kneesocks establishing themselves as the new popular queens with their strict regimes. It’s always about the ruuuuule (role your tongue for its effect). Plus, they are the mayor’s daughters. Aren’t they just evil rip-offs of the fallen angels? Who am I to say who is good and who is evil. What’s the difference anyway? They’re all f*cking b*tches. Oops. Sorry. The Demon Sisters also have a pet called Fastener which is of course Chuck’s counterpart. Ultimately Panty and Stocking couldn’t take any more of the humiliation and mocking and challenge them to just whatever. However the Demon Sisters beat them in every aspect. Hands down. Because of that, the Angel Sisters are banished to the lowest level of the school where the lowest of the lowest life form dwells. Who the heck can study in this kind of environment. Oh wait. School is for studying? With the help of Brief and some puny idiotic Ghost, the duo discover that the Demon Sisters are running some underground plant that manufactures fake Ghosts. Will they let their secret be blown? Oh yeah, even the Demon Sisters have their own menacing transformation scene. Hey, Scanty wears 2 panties?! I know, it’s for fanservice but it proves useful if you’re going to use 2 guns. As the girls prepare for a showdown, Chuck accidentally steals the stone that stabilizes the plant for making those artificial Ghosts. It ends up in Brief’s hands and a chase ensues. So what follows are action-packed scenes that has the counterparts fighting each other all over school. You’ll see windows smashed, furniture torn, toilet seats breaking as they try to outdo each other in a thrilling dog fight with all the bullets splaying into every nook and corner of the wall and the sharp edge of the swords slicing and dicing, slashing and hacking the wind, the air, the wall, anything you can name. It gets even exciting when Stocking and Kneesocks play a test of chicken in their respective vehicles, See Through and the ridiculously long luxury limo, G-String. Poor Brief gets caught in between and it’s amazing he is still breathing. The fright of his life. Then the Demon Sisters hold Brief to hostage. But the Angel Sisters don’t care about him, upsetting them about their f*cking attitude. So what about the rules? The rules that good guys are supposed to surrender when there’s an innocent party involved. What makes them think they are the good guys in the first place? “Rules are meant to be broken”, says Panty girl. It ends when Brief tosses them the stone and they blast it away to not only destroy the plant, but send the entire school on fire (poor guys who are taking a leak in the toilet got their dicks burnt) before it becomes a huge damn crater. This gives a whole new meaning for “school’s out”. Scanty and Kneesocks apologize to the mayor-cum-dad, Corset but he is not happy that they underestimated their enemy and failed. He sends them dropping down into some stinky toilet bowl lockup as punishment.

Episode 7A: Trans-whore-mers
Yeah, one of my favourite parodies and as usual, Panty and Stocking are in another argument while Brief tries to calm them down. Out of nowhere, that Autobot and Decepticon leaders land in the church about to begin their generations-long feud. They all got ‘disabled’ quickly when the sisters eat their power core. This causes them to turn into robots themselves. Each have their own set of robot followers as the feud escalates into an all-out and ridiculous war for who knows how long. From surprise assaults to silly decoys, you’re wondering what the heck they’re fighting for as their subordinates slowly get taken out. Meanwhile Brief tries to convince the heads of Optimus Prime and Megatron to stop the terror of robo-Panty and robo-Stocking. They must have misinterpreted his intentions because they decide to stop fighting each other (which is good news) and destroy the human race (which is bad news)! So now we know why Autobots and Decepticons can’t merge and live together as one because as seen in this case, they become Ghosts. Yeah, even robots from outer space can turn into one. Once again, it is up to Panty and Stocking to put aside their difference and work together to do what they do best together. Yeah, their transformation scene returns them back to their original self. The sisters are happy since they received a flood worth of Heavens but Garterbelt inspects and says they ain’t worth any sh*t because they are foreign Heaven coins. So yeah, the sisters continue their little feud and probably couldn’t care less about the impending doom that will befall on mankind. Isn’t that a giant Unicron just next to Earth?

Episode 7B: The Stripping
Garterbelt is mad that the sisters are wasting money like nobody’s business. Furthermore, their careless wrecking of the city has been causing them to fall in the red. They take up a challenge to earn 3 million in 3 days but it is easier said than done because they can’t just do a simply f*cking job right. Thinking about taking the easy way out to make money by gambling at a casino. Feeling lucky, eh? Yeah, they are indeed lucky, hitting the jackpot and could possibly their target soon. They really seem like they could put all those God of Gamblers to shame. Wanting to end their winning streak, the Demon Sisters disguise themselves as a croupier in a roulette game. As we know, it is rigged so the Angel Sisters are losing the winnings like water at each bet. Easy come, easy go. And if they don’t have the cash to splash, they have to strip their clothes and sell them. Are there any takers? Of course there are. Just look at all the perverted men behind waiting for a chance to grab a piece of their lingerie. Yeah, it’s like an auction too because their clothes bid are fetching a high price and ultimately the men are waiting to see their totally naked bodies, something that the Demon Sisters are planning as revenge for their humiliation. Because once they have no cent left, they will be automatically sucked and dumped out of the casino. Then on the final decisive bet, Panty’s sneeze (because it’s getting cold without the clothes) accidentally lands the roulette ball on the right number. They win and this causes the guys to go into despair. No more free show. This also causes some Ghost machine in the background to explode and flush out all the money it has been sucking. Another defeat for the Demon Sisters as they make their retreat. Back in the church, Garterbelt is pissed off that Panty is selling her sacred weapon online for 200 grand! Talk about dirty money. And Brief, he’s buying it to protect Panty’s panties. Maybe that’s just an excuse to own something belonging to her.

Episode 8A: … Of The Dead
It must be Panty and Stocking’s bad day because they are trapped in a police base with a few others (including Garterbelt) and the entire town is surrounded by zombies. No, not the one from Michael Jackson. The one that will turn you into a living dead if they manage to sink their teeth into your flesh. It is all part of Scanty and Kneesocks plan as usual as they are able to turn corpses into zombies. Not only that, they manage to make Ghosts out of zombies too. Now that is double the times to be undead. Since the Angel Sisters’ weapons have no effect on the zombies, they have to get some real ammo to blast the head off of those zombies. However the nearest so called weapon store turns out to be a sex items shop. Ah well. This will do. So along the way, we see the remaining survivors getting chewed and instantly turned into zombies and their brains getting splattered the very next. So it’s every man and himself or in the case of our angels, woman. I’m sure they’re trying to hint that being selfish isn’t a good sign so in the end, they too turn into zombies (they got bitten by Chuck). But unlike those mindless ones, they retain their sanity. Just that their bodies are now rotting and stinky. The Demon Sisters think their plan is going to be a success but they got a slap in their own faces because the zombies surround them and they got owned. I mean, if everybody else in town has become a zombie, don’t you think you should’ve run away instead of gloating in victory (which isn’t one by the way). Panty and Stocking decide to wait till morning because of the belief that they’ll turn back into normal. But when the sun rises, they’re still the same undead. Can we call this a happy ending?

Episode 8B: One Angry Ghost
Panty and Stocking are indicted in some sort of trial which pretty looks like a TV talk show called Judgement Day, hosted by Tom Croose, who is also the prosecution lawyer. No, that’s not a spelling error. But he certainly looks a lot like the real life celebrity. They are accused of murdering a friendly Ghost (not Casper by the way), making his Ghost wife inconsolable. All evidence points to them and they don’t really have a good alibi. As part of “your right to have a lawyer”, the sisters are to choose from a choice of 3: The oldest lawyer, the cheapest lawyer, or the lawyer with the highest IQ. They want to get out of this, right? Yeah, so choose the third one. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a monkey and his IQ is said to be the highest in monkey land. Bummer. Still acting like a monkey, though. They’ve been duped. So the sisters are made to provide evidence why people should believe that they aren’t the culprits but it wasn’t convincing enough so they are found guilty (they even had everyone putting in their votes) and put into some Iron Maiden device and are to be electrocuted. During the process, the monkey also gets electrocuted and this results into his IQ soaring sky high. Now he is an ace attorney! Don’t play play! Exuding confidence and grace, he tells everyone and provides evidence why the sisters couldn’t possibly be the murderers and ultimately the killer turns out to be the wife. It is revealed that the Demon Sisters were impersonating as Tom Croose and another host in another attempt to bring down the Angel Sisters. Of course they fail and escape so they leave it to their counterparts to clean up the mess. Since the judge is pleading them, I guess they have to go put on some show. Blam! There goes the Ghost. Now they’re really popular. And the monkey? After another round of electrocution (when it revealed the Demon Sisters), it returns to its original ooky, ooky self.

Episode 9A: If The Angels Wore Swimsuits
A beach episode as the Angel Sisters relax and attract the guys. Actually they’re supposed to be helping Garterbelt with his beach house. Unfortunately the Demon Sisters come crashing in because they’ve just bought the entire beach. This leads to both sides engaging in a beach volleyball match to determine who will control the beach. The losers will have to strip naked in front of the crowd. Well, no matter which side loses, the crowd will ‘win’, right? With their modesty on the line, both sides pull off fancy moves with equally fancy names. In the end, the angels won so the demons will have to live up to their end of the bargain. Being true to the baddies they are, they break their promise and turn the entire ocean marine life into Ghost to attack the beach while they themselves flee. The Ghosts wreak havoc on the beach by stripping everyone of their clothes. The guys really love that idea till those damn f*cking mini starfish and sea anemone stuck on the girls’ body as natural censors. Does Stocking really love the sensation of tentacles wrapping around her? Seems like it. As for Garterbelt, a huge whale wrecks his house. You can say that is one heck of a whale of a time.

Episode 9B: Ghost: The Phantom Of Daten City
The Angel Sisters are ‘staking out’ for some prospective guys to do them in. I’m sure Panty is the supreme expert as she can even tell by a single look what kind of man he’ll turn out to be, turning down choices suggested by Stocking. “He’ll opt for the missionary position so he can see your face when you orgasm”. Uhn… Oh those comments… Then Stocking spots a smelly (always farting) and rude Ghost who is trying to ask girls out but they ignore him because he stinks. However Stocking falls completely in love with him! Serious! Has love really come to Stocking? She’s a changed lady now as she dresses up nicely and even cooks for the Ghost guy on their date. However the Ghost guy is being a total bastard because he is unappreciative likes as though he is doing her a favour. Even so, Stocking remains loyal to him. Just like any other girl in love, they’d do anything to be with the guy she loves. Even if that includes abandoning her duty. Though she comes clean and tells her true identity and mission to that Ghost jerk, she decides to live her life as a woman rather than an angel and wants to elope. She’s willing to follow him to hell. For once that guy is sweating and panicking. On the day of the eloping, he tries to be concern but it turns out to be Panty in disguise. She’s going to exterminate him out of concern for her sister. Stocking arrives and she is hell bent on hurting Panty if she lays a finger on him. They argue about love when the Ghost feels repentant and gives Stocking a ring (shape of a dung?) and proposes to marry her. Stocking accepts but at that moment, the Ghost felt at ease and was able to move on to the next world. Stocking returns to her normal life and still keeps the ring.

Episode 10A: Inner Brief
Due to another one of the Demon Sisters’ traps, Panty and Stocking shrink into their mini sizes. Being small doesn’t mean that they’ll be good little girls. Instead they continue to be the naughty and destructive angels we all know as they end up inside Brief’s body and mess around with his brain, lungs and whatever organs they can get their hands on. I just wonder why they didn’t play with his balls. Haha. Anyway the effect of the shrinking is wearing off so they are threatening to blow out of Brief’s body if nothing is to be done. Yeah, have you ever seen a pregnant guy? Besides that movie Arnold stared in. There is one way, though. Garterbelt is going to do some intensive surgery on his arse! Oh sh*t! GAAAAAYYY!!! In the aftermath, the sisters freshen up themselves with a shower, not caring what happened to poor Brief who probably can’t use his butt for the next few months because he got screwed cukup-cukup. His butt must be hurting like hell. Yeah, this proves Garterbelt must be some sort of paedophile because he comments on his nice posterior.

Episode 10B: Chuck To The Future
In this short trilogy that is separated into several segments, Chuck is given a little taste of the limelight. In part 1, we see the usual fight between Chuck and Fastener but it’s usually the dumb former that gets disembowelled, mashed and there’s even a pyramid chart to show the pecking order of king Fastener at the top and loser Chuck at the very bottom. I don’t understand the end when Chuck ‘win’s by unzipping open Fastener’s mask and a little devil MIB lady runs away from inside. But Chuck gets run over by a car soon. Part 2 makes use of the zooming in and out and the circling effects as we see Chuck lying in bed all bandaged and kills a fly that annoyed him. This results in a bunch of flies attacking him. They fight and eventually roast Chuck inside a microwave oven. However Chuck regenerates back after that. Is this a Terminator parody? Part 3 left me scratching my head on what the hell it is all about. I think they’re trying to employ angles and visuals of psychological horror scenes like the black and white old video camera effects. So Chuck too has a male MIB devil inside him. When he spots his female counterpart (from Fastener), she kisses him and they end up having sex. At least that is what the shadow casted on the wall indicates.

Episode 10C: Help! We Are Angels
This is an MTV-like and worthy music video of the song, D City Rock Anarchy. Yeah, the quartet of the band singing and causing a mess and havoc everywhere they go. From backstage concerts to talk shows to hitching a ride in the desert to famous places all over the world. Behold everyone! Get ready for mayhem and anarchy! With Panty taking the lead vocals, Stocking on bass and Garterbelt on drums, it bugs me how the heck Chuck is going to handle the electric guitars. Oh well, don’t think too much. And Brief? Trouble always comes looking for him. Too bad for his short appearance. In its own right, I guess I could say that this video is quite cool. They even did parodies of several album covers like The Beatles, Nirvana and Lady Gaga. Hey, come to think of it, doesn’t the drawing look so much like Gorillaz? Of course there is a part that features them in their Japanese anime style art (the part Panty and Stocking are shown naked but the guitar or hair strategically covered those necessary areas, and sprouting angel wings). So in the end of it all in the video, everybody gets arrested for the ruckus and Panty gives the middle finger. What a way to end it with a bang. One thing I noticed in this entire episode and not just this part: There is no Ghost!

Episode 11A: Once Upon A Time In Garterbelt
The Angel Sisters get another lecturing for their f*cking attitude. But when he accidentally drops some sex toy, they become suspicious that he too has some secret activity going on behind their backs. Late that night, they tail him to a secret under-passageway to find evidence to get back at him. After miraculously getting through all those traps, they come across his diary. It details his life of crime and he has done every evil deed possible. Back then, he spots a Rastafan hairstyle. Garterbelt becomes a ruthless badass criminal as he makes his way up to the top of the ladder. He got everything. Money, power, women. Just like one bad deed deserves another, he gets killed. But God decided to give him a second chance and that is to become his missionary. Of course he would screw that idea off as he would prefer to drop into the depths of hell. However God has other plans for him. After getting zapped by His lightning (that’s where he got his afro), his life becomes a living hell when he is brought back throughout time from the dinosaur age to the early years of man and even those Biblical moments (it wasn’t Eve who ate the apple. It was Garterbelt!), each time barely escaping from the jaws of death. He went on to experience happiness and suffering throughout the ages and ultimately becomes a wise sage (though I feel he still has his quirks and fetish). By the end of the story, Panty and Stocking are heavily asleep so they decide to ditch their initial idea and go do something else. Yeah, and that story was just part 1! Who the hell cares about his past! At least not them. Either way, it shows that Garterbelt is some sort of cursed immortal, eh? After the sisters leave, turns out Garterbelt is hiding behind a picture in some bondage position wearing, uhm, garter belt. Something about his bondage is a secret method of judging himself. But why is he enjoying it? Masochist? Maybe living too long has got him some screws loose in his head.

Episode 11B: Nothing To Room
The camera angles for this episode is static so you’ll be watching the sisters talk nonchalantly away (because there is no action) from a single point of view in the messy living room. I think this is the episode that has the longest straight profanity streak. Anyway, the girls are reluctantly waiting for Garterbelt to cook them dinner. Yeah, why the heck did he wake them up hours before and up till now he still hasn’t finished. Must be some grand dinner, eh? The discussion involves Panty’s idea of making a pole to space so that they could reach Heaven, the guys they did in, getting tired of waiting so they ordered a hell lot of takeout orders so much so they got tired and hungry from all that talking. Then Brief comes by to pay a visit for some lunch party he was invited by Garterbelt. So nothing happening and back to more talk like the CD he bought, some TV drama and the reasons Garterbelt is doing all this may be for their appreciation (that’s why it’s taking so long). Then all the takeout orders arrive and now the room is filled to the brim with delicious food they ordered. But the sisters agree to wait for Garterbelt since well, they’ve been waiting for 9 f*cking hours on an empty stomach thinking that he may be really slaving away for their sake. So when Garterbelt really comes in with trays of food, he tells them that his afro was voted the best by some Afro Brotherhood Association thingy. He had is fill and is stuffed. He tells the dirty b*tches (that’s what he said!) to finish everything and not leave a crumb because all this food is a blessing from God. Yes people, do not waste your food. Brief makes a smart move by taking his leave when more takeout orders arrive. I thought the sisters wouldn’t give a sh*t and ignore stuffing everything but amazingly, the finished the whole damn thing! Now their bellies are bloated (though they didn’t become a giant like in the earlier episode). And they still can talk about making a return to Heaven with that pole and f*cking some guys. What else more to do but to talk when you’ve eaten full? And just like the previous episode, there isn’t any Ghost for the sisters to bust. Yeah, maybe they got tired of it once in a while.

Episode 12A: D.C. Confidential
This episode is mainly a recap episode from Scanty and Kneesock’s report to Corset. It is a summary of how those defeated Ghosts came from (they even had their own names) and the comments made from Corset. He did mention about wanting to find some kin of the Hell’s Monkey blood. I’m not too sure what is all that about except that it will bring chaos to Daten City. Corset is unhappy with the failures of the Demon Sisters so when he sees them indulging themselves all over in some food-fetish-cum-sexual-play instead of finding Hell’s Monkey blood, he sends them in for another stinky punishment. Then he sees footage of Garterbelt doing his ‘invasive surgery’ on Brief’s butt and he thinks he may have found it.

Episode 12B: Panty + Brief
After accumulating enough Heavens, the sisters are ready to return to Heaven. Seriously? They collected enough? Anyway only Stocking returns while Panty has to remain because of her slutty ways. Which is true because while Stocking is working destroying Ghosts, Panty is busy f*cking any guy she could find. Yeah, she wants to do in 1000 guys before returning to Heaven. No sex, no life? Yeah, this would put B Gata H Kei’s Yamada to shame. Panty is forced to repeat her duty so Brief feels happy that he gets to be her new partner. Not that she cares anyway as she goes round screwing up more guys to reach her goal. She is 1 guy short of her target when Brief gets a call to attend some party. Though he refuses, he thinks about Panty’s welfare and decides to attend and bring her along. Sure she is spoilt for choice but suddenly Brief is kidnapped and Garterbelt appears and warns her that a condition in her repeated task is to abstain from sex. So what about the other guys she had sex with? Anyway to prevent her from f*cking around, each time Panty thinks she is alone with a guy, you can bet that Garterbelt will be just around the corner to put a stop to her slutty ways. That’s why two’s a company, three’s a crowd. Then Panty spots a handsome guy through the aquarium tank. However he gets taken away. Then the mayor announces the marriage of his daughter to that handsome guy who is the son of the host of this party. However he refuses to marry out of convenience and points out that there is 1 girl he is in love with: Panty. She must be shell shock of what’s going on. If you haven’t realized it yet, that handsome kid is Brief while the bride is Scanty in disguise in another one of her failed traps. The Demon Sisters attack but Panty can’t effectively handle them since she is starting to lose her angelic powers. Brief takes Panty to escape as she realizes who he is. As they drive away from the city, See Through also starts failing for them in the middle of the woods. They notice an abandoned cabin and seek refuge inside. Just then, Panty okays with the fact to make Brief her 1000th man. She takes a good look at his face (man, he really does look good) and begin their intercourse. However Panty feels pain from his penetration. Garterbelt appears and explains about the reconstruction of her angel’s hymen called Virgin Revival Syndrome. In short, she can’t have sex anymore. Then Corset shows his face (seems he and Garterbelt know each other) and his happy that she unknowingly assisted in awakening the key. Well, the key is supposed to be Brief’s dick! Perhaps no wonder why Panty felt pain. The Demon Sisters mock Panty as a virgin angel who can’t have sex anymore. They take Brief and his key away. Panty losses all her powers and even her halo. See lah. F*ck around too much.

Episode 13A: Bitch Girls
It doesn’t help when Garterbelt tells Panty off that she isn’t a b*tchy angel, but just a normal b*tch and throws her out! Panty experiences lots of misfortune but she seems so pitiful that you don’t feel like laughing at her. Okay, I take that back. Then she sees the animals and people around her in sexual intercourse and couldn’t take it anymore. What follows next is a scene whereby Panty lives a happy and peaceful farm life in the mountains. All that tranquillity is shattered when a mountain gang attacks and massacres them (see how a farm worker got his organs splattered out!). Before the granny dies, she tells Panty that there is someone waiting for him and that b*tches are supposed to live a free life and the way she wants. Panty gets her resolve back as she rides through the havoc back to Daten City where Brief is being held atop Corset’s building in some sort of weird bondage of his with Brief’s dick. It is revealed that the gang assault and granny are still alive because it is just an act and all part of Garterbelt’s plan. Panty arrives at the top and tells Corset off in her b*tch talk about crushing anyone in her way and will do anything she wants. Corset mocks her and dares her to do it with Brief. She goes up to him to finish the job they started and says that though he is number 1000, he is number one. Corset panics as this causes the power inside Brief to be stable and orders the Demon Sisters to stop her. However Stocking reappears down from Heaven to prevent their intercourse from being interrupted again. She then throws the duo up into the sky because she couldn’t stand them f*cking in front of her eyes. That’s when Brief’s Key penetrates through Panty and hits her spot. You could say she’s finally experiencing Heaven with him. When she’s done with that, she joins Stocking in her fight.

Episode 13B: Bitch Girls: 2 Bitches
Brief also comes falling down but his Key landed directly into the keyhole. This activates the final form of Hell’s Monkey as the building starts to transform and open. An Ultimate Ghost also appears from it. How come it looks like some erected penis? They attack it but their sacred weapons are having no effect and it is spewing out smelly white liquid (?!). Corset transforms into his rippling muscle self and uses the Demon Sisters as his swords and fights Garterbelt in a sick bondage battle. Garterbelt tries to warn the Angel Sisters about Corset’s plan to use Hell’s Monkey to invade Heaven and thus causing Heaven and Earth to be overrun but demons and their rules. However the sisters can’t hear him and couldn’t be bothered with it. Corset then crushes Garterbelt’s heart and kills him (he even has his own paper mache explosion scene!). Brief is saddened by his death and ticks off Panty and Stocking’s attitude for not caring. However they tell him off and see an Express Black Card from Garterbelt’s afro. This allows them to buy unlimited supplies from Heaven. Then they tell Chuck to get serious as he transform into a large menacing beast giving the sisters a ride up the Ghost, in which Corset has merged himself with. At the top, they summoned a super cannon blaster and point it towards Corset. When they fire, they realize they faced it the wrong way. They just shoot Heaven! But that’s just a blessing in disguise because a real cut out of a sexy lower body torso in white panty and stockings appear from the clouds to step and crush Corset. The gate is closed and the city returns to normal. Brief’s dick also returns to normal. Garterbelt also comes back alive. Because he is an immortal, remember? He’s not allowed to die but he gets pissed off when he learns that they have used and max out his Black Card. Looks like they won’t be going back to Heaven for a while. Back at the church, Stocking asks Panty that their Heaven-sent weapons only work on Ghosts but not people. Wondering if it works on angels, Stocking suddenly stabs Panty in the head! OMG! She slices her into several pieces too! Stocking reveals a shocking fact: She is actually a demon! Then a piece of Corset appears indicating his plan to use pieces of Panty to make a trail to the neighbouring city and open Hell’s Gate there. Everyone stares at disbelief at this development (including the Demon Sisters) so Garterbelt tells Brief and Chuck to go forth and complete their mission. Yeah, perhaps it’s their to the frontlines. Brief And Chuck With Garterbelt. How does that sound?

Special: Panty And Stocking In Sanitary Belt
This 8 minute special is what you get when you buy the DVD, not Panty’s panties, okay. It consists of very short nonsensical and random clips that lasts from a few seconds and the most a minute. Some are hilarious, some downright dirty while some just plain gross. Check it out if you’re not fainthearted. The clips include Panty being invited to throw the first pitch of a major baseball game on live TV but she strips and shoves the baseball down her uterus instead (some Japanese pun of uterus and throwing the first pitch, I guess); Brief dating zombie Panty and as much as he loves her, she bites off his lips when he tried to kiss, chewed his head and swallowed him entirely before sh*tting him out in an instant; Garterbelt introducing some of the (in)famous places of Daten City but why does it feel like he’s going on a pedo patrol?; A Mario Bros game version featuring Chuck as the playable character who dies easily right at the start till the fourth try did he managed to win the level. Notice all the sexual innuendoes in the background? The panty clouds, tits mountain, blocks made up of ‘SEX’ on it, penis-like mushrooms and vibrator-like tunnels?; Newly born babies have their private parts cut off in a manufacturing factory to become popular snacks called Prickles! WTF?! F*CKING GROSS!!!; Garterbelt playing little figurines of Panty and Stocking on his nipple during bath time; Panty purposely cutting Stocking’s hair till she is bald after she accidentally sticks her gum on it so as revenge Stocking cuts off her head top and uses her blood as her new hair fashion; Panty and Stocking doing that transformation scene but it seems their movements are mannequin-like but they become broken and they end up getting swept away into the dust bin. Aren’t the clips all just sick?

Indecent Proportion / The Lord Of The Kinks / I Know Who You Did In Last Summer / Sex Toy Story / Dude, Where’s My Condom? / Sleep Impact / The Wizard Of Orgasm / Meet The F*ckers / Booty And The Beast / 69 (parody to 300)
The New Dirty Pair…
Oh gosh! Oh dear! Oh my God! What a twist at the end of the TV series! I never expected this. To be continued next season they say?! Well, so far I haven’t heard of anything so that cliff-hanger ending is definitely a shocker and unexpected. Well, at least to me. Even if there will be one, I’m expecting it’s going to be a bigger kickass and epic success that exceed expectations. Surprisingly, the overall series is quite enjoyable and fun. Yes! You heard me right! Even with all the sheer indecency, simplicity shallowness, shameless rip-offs, cussing, vulgarities, ridiculous exaggerations, WTF moments and mindless nonsense, those are probably the reasons why this series in its own right is quite entertaining. Of course, I left my brain somewhere else too. Depending on your beliefs, it is either you will love it or despise it. Some may go into culture shock for the distasteful and shameless portrayal about everything that is just so wrong. For me, I’m currently not a fan or avid follower of western cartoons at the moment (unless it’s Spongebob Squarepants) but to do so in the ubiquitous and saturated anime industry, it is really something different and unusual experience.

Due to the nature of the episodes, some of them end abruptly and do not have any subsequent effects in the next, making them somewhat independent of each other. It doesn’t really matter since it isn’t the plot that makes us the reason to watch this, right? ;p. So unless the final episode shocking revelation falls under this category, then I suppose there is nothing to worry about. But why am I feeling uneasy about it? Panty and Stocking being angels are questionable themselves due to their f*cked up attitudes. Sometimes you’d think that they are the devil themselves (which is what Stocking may seriously be). Scanty and Kneesocks as antagonists are equally as destructive and vile but being the baddies of the series, they have to lose, right? The onscreen chemistry between Panty and Brief was probably a short one. A one-sided love affair from the start. Panty still continues to call him Geek Boy and those nice words in the end were just probably to return his confidence and let her have her last fling. As for Garterbelt, he may look like the angels’ mentor but it’s quite ironic too that he has his distasteful habits. Like he is the one to preach, scolding four letter words at the girls (probably it’s the only way for them to really listen. Hey, can’t win them over with sweet words, eh?), a priest with bondage and shotacon fetish is unthinkable. Maybe that’s why he is cursed to do missionary work for God forever.

I’m not saying that the action is one of the greatest but due to the American-like production, it is sufficient and exaggerated enough to keep us glued to the seats. One thing I want to mention about the profanity spouted. While I notice that when the characters curse in Japanese, the English translated subtitle would no doubt put the four-letter ‘F’ word even if that word in Japanese doesn’t conjure up such a strong meaning. No doubt it may not be accurate, but think about it. There is an impact when that foul word is put in so if there is a streak of offensive lines, you’ll see lots of ‘F’ and ‘B’ words in it. Either you’ll find it offensive or darn funny (like yours truly). Another point is the bleeping and censor of some of the vulgar words. I noticed this. When that word is said in English, it isn’t beeped out but if it is in Japanese it is. Are they trying to say that Japanese viewers don’t really understand the word in English? Heck, even the four-letter word and its equivalent appear as words right across the screen! Sometimes repeatedly! So forgive me if my blog uses lots of those improper words. It’s for the impact. As for the names of the main characters, with many of them named after lingerie, I just wonder why none is named after a bra. Maybe a new character if there is ever a sequel?

All of the episode titles are parodies of some Hollywood movie, though some may not have any relevance to the episode plot itself. I’m sure you can spot some obvious once for instance from the old such as Back To The Future and the recent like Sex and the City and Death Race. Yeah, notice that I even come up with a few of my own for this heading? Oh great. Looks like I’m a little influenced. Of course in the series itself, there are many parody scenes from other movies or previous works of Gainax to look out for. Unless you’re a movie buff or have seen Gainax’s past productions and possibly (though not necessary) have a sharp eye, you may overlook them since it feels like blink-or-you’ll-miss-it. This includes cameo appearances of other characters from other animes.

Surprisingly the various background music which are a mix of techno, R&B, dance beat and pop sounds catchy enough. Yeah, turn on and up your bass effects and shake the house down. However after hearing briefly their original soundtrack, most of them sound really weird. So if you buy the album without thinking of its origins, you might think it’s some American artiste instead. The opening song, Theme For Panty & Stocking by Hoshina Anniversary lasts only 30 seconds! This is also the original length of the full song! The shortest opening theme that I have ever known! It got even shorter towards the end of the series. Not lasting more than 5 seconds. As said that the ending theme is in English, if you didn’t know if this ending theme was from this series, you might have mistaken Fallen Angel by Aimee B to be another American performer released via some American record label. Ironically, the full length song on the soundtrack lasts over 15 minutes! I did a little test-listening and found out its true length is only 4 and a half minutes. The remainder? Nothing! What a waste of ‘time’. Oddly in the ending credits animation, we see the Angel Sisters going through some sort of unfortunate events and suffering like being driven off the cliff, starving to death in the desert or being chained and sawed alive. Some sort of retribution after all they’ve done?

Sometimes I think that what they’re trying to exclaim is that panties and stockings are formidable weapons too in real life, if you know what I mean. Who would have thought that a few pieces of cloth could actually ‘disarm’ a man. Don’t underestimate them… This show may be a step in declining moral standards in our modern society today. But it’s something we have to accept seeing that the world has changed so much in a short span of time with technological advances providing easy information access and information overflow. So move over Powerpuff Girls, you’re too innocent way below your age to handle these hot improper stuffs anyway. We’ve got a new sexy crime-busting duo in town. Step aside Ghostbusters because people are definitely going to call them even if they end up destroying half the city. It’s time for Ichigo Kurosaki to retire as a substitute Shinigami and let the new pair take over the limelight. And for you normal citizens out there, looks like we have something new to fear besides the monsters. If they ever come to your city, please do lock your doors and windows and especially most important of all, keep your chastity safe.

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