Himouto! Umaru-chan R

March 16, 2018

Don’t really remember if this series was going to get a sequel. It wasn’t that long ago but I guess the original was popular enough so we get Himouto! Umaru-chan R as the second season. Ah yes. The beautiful and elegant sister who could do no wrong in the eyes of the public. She is the dream girl whom every guy would love to date and marry. Until you know her terrible true personality of being a spoilt brat behind closed doors. I salute to thee, big brother who has always put up and tolerated her selfish ways. Because now he is going to do all that again in this season. Hopefully, perhaps she’ll grow and mature in some ways instead of annoying us.

Episode 1
Taihei will be away for work since the deadline is near. This means Umaru is going to stay up and do whatever she wishes! Play all the games she wants, eat all the junk food she wants and certainly watch all the late night anime she wants. This is the life. Then she falls asleep and the next thing she knows, it is tomorrow’s night! OMG! She slept through 16 hours?! So when Taihei returns that night, Umaru couldn’t be glad to welcome him back. Umaru is forced to voluntarily help Taihei and Ebina pull weeds around their apartment. Because what would others think if she starts getting lazy… At first she finds it fun pulling them out but when she almost hurts herself, she starts turning into a cry-baby and threatens to call it quits. However seeing Ebina carrying on, Umaru sucks it up and continues helping her. A class football match is coming up and since UMR pulls off an accidental skill, Sylphinford wants her to teach her. UMR thought of doing so if this means she can talk to her easily. And after that ‘world class’ training, on match day it seems they scrapped the class match thingy and just randomly put girls in one team. This means it will be Umaru’s side (containing a hell lot of never-seen-before weirdoes like as though this is some shonen anime) against Sylphinford’s side. You bet she is powered up with her training. From what I see, it is basically one (wo)man team Sylphinford against Umaru and her weirdoes. The only highlight is how the ball bounces off Ebina’s boobs for an amazing own goal. In the end, Umaru’s team fought back for a 3-2 victory. Umaru thought Sylphinford was saddened by the loss after putting so much effort but seeing how her teammates are praising her, there’s nothing to worry about. Then there’s the volleyball tournament coming soon… Oh no… Umaru thought an anime about a friendship being struck just because they walk home together is crap. But in reality, looks like she yearns for that. While talking to Ebina, she sees the ‘stalkers’ following behind. Umaru invites them to walk home together and a beautiful friendship begins.

Episode 2
Alex and Bomber arrive at Taihei’s place for dinner. This is the first time Umaru sees Alex and has this strange familiar feeling (he is Sylphinford’s brother) especially when he starts to like anime. Soon she deduces he might be her rival’s brother but in the end, the power of anime has them become good friends. Taihei and Bomber discuss about Alex being hired in the company in the first place and they’re unsure. Could it be he is a spy? He sounds like he is making a suspicious call about making contact with Umaru but is promptly hung up. Umaru uses the ear pick and doesn’t put it away so Taihei accidentally steps on it. Though he plans to buy it later, he didn’t count of Umaru’s ear itching soon after. It’s hell when she can’t scratch it. Eventually Bomber helps buy many types of ear pick much to Umaru’s relief. The best ear pick is always when someone does it for you. It reminds Taihei how mom used to do it for him. Is Bomber kidding when he wants that service from Taihei? No way! Umaru hears strange rumours that her dad is German and Taihei is a famous actor. When Sylphinford invites her to her place, Umaru sees the anime posters sticking out all over the place like a sore thumb in this very traditional Japanese house. But underneath this spooky basement is a well-respected library. It seems Sylphinford brought her here to study for their tests. It is then Umaru realizes the people got mixed up the rumours of Sylphinford’s heritage with hers. Taihei teaches Umaru how to clean, especially putting things away nicely. Those that can’t? Throw it away! Then she threatens to throw away this cleaning motivational book in which he is reading. Okay, she can keep some things. But because Umaru has a habit of not putting CDs back in its original case, Taihei has a hard time doing so and allows her to leave things messy. Umaru and her friends go watch a movie. In this Detective Conan spoof, Sylphinford is fast asleep and Ebina is embarrassed her stomach would growl but thankfully the loud noise of the movie covered it up.

Episode 3
Kirie’s sanctuary at Umaru’s place is threatened now that Alex is a frequent visitor. Plus, their anime conversations are so deep that Kirie is lost. Alex brings a new dating simulation to play. At an important crossroad, Kirie uses her own experience for the decision. Alex the so called expert disagrees. In the end, Kirie’s decision turns out right, sending the anime master into despair. Taihei notices Umaru has been spending hours on a new game just to get a rare item. Not only that, he notices others around him doing the same. If you can’t beat them, join them? Taihei buys the game and plays with her. However he only restricts it to an hour a day. Responsibilities, you know. This is his way of showing her that the game can be enjoyed this way. When she finally gets the rare item, a sequel is announced. Long nights are here to stay… Bomber tells Umaru how Taihei is once nicknamed a demon because of his top scores at school. Exaggerated but not totally a lie. When they try to steal taste his cooking, Taihei becomes mad like a demon that he actually looks scary! It causes Umaru to cry! They too realize they are in the wrong because they could have done something dangerous. Kirie’s join turns into disappointment once more. Yup, Alex is here. It seems Alex has presents for them. Yes, even you Kirie. But an erotic figurine? Kirie takes it and leaves, contemplating of throwing it away. But when she remembers how her strict family doesn’t celebrate Christmas and she never receives presents for her birthday, I guess she’ll be keeping it. After all, Umaru praised her for getting a present so it isn’t all that bad. After watching that McDonald spoof ad (more like a fake Pennywise!), Umaru now wants to eat hamburgers. So she and her friends go down there to order a hamburger combo. Oh yeah! I’m lovin’ it! Umaru notices everyone around is enjoying their burger. She used to enjoy it too but does it alone. So it’s more fun eating with others, eh? She notices Ebina ordering tons of them though she says it is for later. But for now, let’s enjoy the warmth and tender juiciness of their burger before them.

Episode 4
Taihei and the guys attend an anime concert while Umaru and her friends hang out in town. Sylphinford then invites them to a Christmas dinner at her home. There is an extra place so Umaru thought it is for Alex but it turns out to be for UMR! Uh oh. Will the secret be out today? It might be somewhat exaggerated that Sylphinford starts singing praises of her friendship with UMR but everyone knows whoever this person is, is a good person. Unfortunately, UMR didn’t turn up so after everyone leaves, Umaru decides to go back to do something. This leaves Ebina alone to walk home. It won’t be for much longer as Taihei accompanies her. But this risks them of being called a couple by a kid. When Sylphinford was young and first met Santa in her home, she wanted a wish: To have Japanese friends! Santa was so confused! She talked to Alex about it and learnt that he is going to Japan to study. It made her sad since they have always been together. Not long, she soon found some company in video games. Sylphinford wakes up from this dream and guess who is at the doorstep? UMR in Santa outfit. Couldn’t be happier. On New Year’s Day, nothing wakes Umaru up more than New Year money! So after getting an envelope from Taihei, she notices another envelope. She thinks he meant to give her 2 and takes it. Then the moment of truth. He is supposed to give it to Ebina. Oh sh*t. That guilt look is all over your face, Umaru. Knowing better, she returns it. Umaru starts realizing that Taihei has always been good to her while she has been a dick to him. Yeah, took you long enough. Not wanting others to think she is always pushing him around, she starts treating him nicely the first thing he gets home from work. However he has ‘bad news’. He has been chosen to go on a business trip and he will be away for quite a while. Aww, you don’t know what you’ve lost till you lose it. Sad Umaru cries as she cannot imagine being without her dear brother for months or years. Then it turns out it will be only for 2 weeks. Disappointed? Mad? She shows her repulsion by telling him to get out of here and stay away for 2 weeks!

Episode 5
Taihei packs his bags for the trip. He gives Umaru 10,000 Yen as allowance but when Bomber comments that isn’t enough, he doubles that amount. Umaru so happy! However when she hears the business trip to Hanamatsu is famous for its eels, she throws a tantrum and insists of coming along. Taihei and the guys take a trip there. They wonder why Kanau is coming along since she has got nothing to do with it although she planned the trip. It’s written all over her face so we can guess why. To Taihei’s dismay, Umaru actually tags along! In fear of getting his bonus cut, he doesn’t introduce her and has her sit somewhere else. Upon arrival, Kanau realizes she messed up the time. The meeting is supposed to be 8pm and not 8am. This means they’re free to do their own stuffs, right? I’m sure Kanau misinterpreted Taihei’s words about looking for the future because there’s a bridal ad nearby so to speak… Taihei and Umaru do some sightseeing. This is when Umaru asks about Kanau. Don’t worry. She is her boss and the CEO’s daughter. Not dating or anything. Yet. After Umaru has her delicious eel meal, she goes home. Taihei and the guys are supposed to help a restaurant with their customer data but they end up being the chef’s assistants? The chef is sure strict. He can even tell Taihei that he has a very spoilt sister from the way he prepares the food! Then they learn he is the older brother of Ebina, Kouichirou. Taihei remembers Ebina telling him there was a particular restaurant she was looking for that her brother was working in. He left home for Tokyo 10 years ago and never heard of him since. She hopes he is doing well. The trip ends with Taihei feeling good but not Kanau. Nothing she wanted (with Taihei) was done. When Taihei returns home, the place is in a mess! Time to blow his top. All that goodness from the trip out the window. Of course he wastes no time in restoring the place back to normal. Taihei and Umaru go to give Ebina an eel foodstuff souvenir. The same for Sylphinford but she has a feeling she has seen them recently. Yeah, Alex brought back a few boxes of them. A few days later, Umaru suddenly breaks down and cries. What gives?! She starts bawling how lonely she was while he was gone. Time for some big brother comfort.

Episode 6
Kirie won third place at a prefectural swimming tournament. Her classmates praise her but she keeps her guard up. Later as Kirie shows her certificate to Umaru, accidentally a storybook Kirie wrote using Umaru as the main character drops out. Fearing this is insulting, on the contrary, Umaru is interested to read it despite Kirie very much embarrassed about it. Sylphinford wears a kimono to school. Though it is a few days late past Hinamatsuri. As Umaru and the rest wore kimonos last year, Sylphinford feels the need for all of them to wear and take pictures of it. This time at her home. Meet her young Japanese mom. And since she is some kimono champion, the kimono that she puts on them must be perfect! Because of that, they do lovely and beautiful. They enjoy themselves with some refreshments. Kirie still believes her art is not there and wants to sketch Umaru. But as Umaru is conscious, Kirie will use her special skill of removing her presence to observe Umaru in her ‘natural habitat’. After a few sketches, Kirie feels something is missing. Till Taihei returns, she puts all her tools away in a flash. It is when Kirie realizes Umaru’s biggest smile is when she is around Taihei. Kirie then goes to shop for art tools but Taihei and Ebina stumble into her. She tries to hide them and Taihei asking some questions makes her feel uncomfortable. He then realizes Ebina was trying to be considerate and cover for her. He prompts Ebina as a kind person and this makes her fluster. Now Ebina is too conscious being around Taihei. Umaru is complaining it was so hot last night and couldn’t sleep. She bugs him to use the air-cond but he dismisses of using it so early. Something about the body will fail to regulate temperature if grown too dependent on it. Huh? I think I’ll buy the high cost reason. Eventually he got a stand fan from Bomber to cool things down. Umaru sees him lying in an awkward position near the glass door. Wow. Look at all the stars! Taihei sure knows his stuffs as he points out all the constellations in the sky. Too bad Umaru is already fast asleep. I don’t think he was that boring… Next morning, it looks like nobody got a good night’s sleep. What’s the problem this time? Mosquito bites.

Episode 7
Kirie thinks it is going to be a fine day today. At least this is what her horoscope fortune says. Although she gets to go to the amusement park with Umaru and co, ‘bad luck’ starts happening to her like tripping on her shoe lace, not tall enough to ride certain rides and her hairband snaps causing her to scream (more like opera singing). Umaru takes her to ride the Ferris Wheel as Kirie laments she is such a boring girl that Umaru will never invite her out again. But Umaru puts on a big smile and says she had fun. It raises Kirie’s spirits as they go ride the next ride. Well, with the rest of the friends. And Ebina’s boobs are constantly in Kirie’s face… Thank physics and momentum… Umaru goes to receive an award for being the top of her academic grade. Also receiving this award is a loli named Hikari Kongou but she is from the special advanced placement class. She feels she has seen her somewhere before. Snippets hint to us that Taihei taught her about the stars. Umaru asks Alex if he ever feels lonely and wants to go back to Germany and be with his German friends. He reveals he had none as he spent his time watching anime in his room. Until a ‘saviour’ suggested he go study at a Japanese high school. He is grateful for that because he made lots of Japanese friends and had lots of great time with them. After Alex leaves, he gets a call from Kanau. He quickly rushes to her place after hearing Hikari’s award and feels the need to celebrate it by watching the entire anime Blu-ray collection? No thanks. Hikari will pass. It is revealed that Kanau is his ‘saviour’. 10 years ago at Akita when Ebina was suffering from heatstroke, Kouichirou assured her she will not die and cooked her a great meal. That was the last she saw of him. By the time she recovered, he was gone. Though she knew where he went, she never understood why he left (for a job). So when Ebina moved into this apartment, meeting and interacting with Taihei made her nervous because he reminded him of her kind brother. Although she still flusters around him and has that same fuzzy feeling when she had a heatstroke, this one isn’t scary but a happy kind of fuzzy.

Episode 8
The horror! Kirie’s parents will be away and she will be left alone with Bomber! So seeks for permission to stay with Umaru in which Taihei agrees. So as not to leave that afro guy alone, Taihei will stay there in Kirie’s place. Kirie and Umaru have a great time together. It brought back some old memories where Kirie used to love Bomber very much. But at Bomber’s place, that drunk guy is crying and complaining to Taihei how Kirie now doesn’t love him. Tough times… After reading a romantic comedy manga and Umaru’s advice to believe what she wants to, Kirie decides that she is going to support Ebina. So by asking her straight up she is in love with Taihei? Oh my. What can Ebina say? That is why she is going to discuss that with her and shall root for their love. Yup, this is awkward. With Umaru spending too much time indoors, Taihei decides to get her outside and this fireworks festival is the perfect excuse. She agrees to come but calls her other friends too. Sylphinford has a makeover for all of them in traditional kimonos before they hit the festival grounds. It was a fine outing. In school, Sylphinford and Kirie describe a kind person Taihei is but of course their love is not of the romantic kind. Still, Ebina is dead shock. When Umaru goes home and thinks she can ‘scare’ Taihei from behind. However Hikari usurps her and hugs him, calling Taihei her onii-chan. He doesn’t recognize her as Hikari snarls at Umaru. Taihei has to be the kind guy by inviting her in (thinking she is Umaru’s friend). There is a ‘standoff’ between the girls as Umaru thinks Hikari knows about her secret lazy identity when she was actually talking about herself. Taihei finally remembers who Hikari is. She is Kanau’s little sister. Umaru is not impressed as she still calls Taihei her onii-chan. Hikari leaves but will come back another time. One last snarl at Umaru… Umaru questions Taihei about things like why Hikari calls him so but it’s been so long he can’t remember.

Episode 9
Bomber gives Taihei his camera since he has a new one. Umaru notices old photos in it so Taihei takes it out as not to be rude. Then they take many photos of each other. Apparently this is Bomber’s ‘gift’ to Taihei as he wants him to take pictures of Umaru now as she will not be the way she is forever. When the usual arcade is closed, Sylphinford suggests heading to an old department store. It’s quite a nice but quiet place and it soon becomes their hangout. Sylphinford is quite sentimental hanging out. Umaru doesn’t understand why until the place is closed down and demolished. Hence Umaru suggests to her friends to hang out at an amusement park the next time. Ebina visits to cook and join them for dinner. Apparently this is part of Kirie’s plan to support Ebina to get Taihei. So that way is via cooking? Oh well, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Being this close to him makes her very conscious. Umaru tries to help out to hide the fact she cannot cook but blunders. So much so a huge fire scares Ebina and Taihei had to catch her. Umaru is sorry and reveals she cannot cook but Ebina can’t hear since her mind is going all fuzzy with Taihei holding on to her. Umaru is not amused when Taihei brings Hikari back for dinner. Coincidence? She thinks not. Time for a showdown… They compete among each other to make pancakes. Fail! Ultimately it is Taihei who makes the best pancakes. However he is eating their failed creations because they said they were making for him. The girls feel bad as Hikari apologizes for lying that she met him by coincidence when it is in fact intentional. Umaru returns the award she left behind the last time but soon she gets mad because nobody praises her for getting that same award too. Umaru plays with her hamsters but gets lectured by Taihei for treating them as toys. He warns her of the stress little animals can die from. For the next few days, Umaru doesn’t take them out until one night Taihei works late. But it might be the hamsters that are considerate towards Umaru because they notice her feeling the blues that her big brother is not around so they play with her. When Taihei comes back, he scolds Umaru for playing with his hamsters. Yeah, they look like having fun…

Episode 10
Once again, UMR ‘bankrupts’ the video arcade’s vending machine prizes. Sylphinford is impressed as usual and invites her to her home. UMR learns she has the same feasting habit on snacks while watching anime. When Sylphinford is interested to play this Pokee game (thinking it is a tradition of Japan), UMR raises her voice to protest because it’s a game where 2 people eat 1 end of the stick until it leads up to a kiss. She apologizes and they go watch an anime. So happens that anime has the characters play Pokee. Sylphinford gets embarrassed and understands what she meant. Hikari visits again one night but Umaru has caught her with her pants down because she left her home without telling Kanau. Hikari is obviously panicking as Umaru tries to hint to Taihei to let Kanau know. However Umaru knows what it is like to eat alone so she allows Hikari to finish dinner with them before reluctantly giving Taihei the green light to allow her to visit once in a while. When Hikari gets home, she gets scolded by Kanau as she knew she snuck out of the house knowing she would be working late today. Sylphinford talks to UMR she was in Japan many years as a kid before. She fears the place she last visited has changed a lot. But UMR brings her there and surprisingly it has not changed a bit. This also prompts sad memories because it was the last place she visited before returning to Germany and will not see Alex anymore. They end up having a boat ride as this was what she did with Alex. Ebina is nervous should would fail her tests. Sylphinford suggests a study group at her library. Ebina claims she is weak in all subjects but it turns out she does pretty well in them. Umaru believes she has performance anxiety. They suggests way to allay her anxiety but it only made it worse. Ebina remembers the first time she transferred to Tokyo from Akita. She felt like a ‘foreigner’. She wanted to talk to Kirie but heard nasty rumours about her. She tried Sylphinford and because she was the first one to speak to her, she took Ebina’s words as a challenge. When Umaru comes by, Sylphinford throws another challenge to her. Looking back, Ebina wondered if they could be friends and now they are. She starts laughing and feels better. She has no troubles acing her tests and hopes to continue hanging out with her friends forever. Though, she still feels anxiety when Sylphinford offers any sort of challenge.

Episode 11
Bomber couldn’t find Kirie so when he visits Taihei’s place, he finds her there. He then discovers she stole his cream puffs to share it with Umaru. He doesn’t get mad at her but is glad she has a place to hang out instead of being alone at home. Just when the siblings look like they reconciled, it’s bad blood between them again when they discover they each call Umaru by a different nickname. Umaru then makes peace with both of them over a cola. Taihei visits the bookstore to get Umaru some book. He sees Kirie there but she panics and runs away. Because it is raining outside, she cannot get far. She tells him about her dream to write about Umaru and was doing research. She has low self-confidence of her dream but Taihei believes it is a great one because unlike him who was just studying all his time. Umaru comes to pick him back home but on the way he realizes he forgot to buy her book. Kirie’s next plan to hook up Ebina with Taihei takes them to the ice skating ring. Only one problem: Taihei doesn’t know how to skate and hence can’t teach her. Umaru and Sylphinford are naturals but Ebina is just totally a clumsy noob. Though Ebina is happy to hang out like this, Kirie feels disappointed the goal wasn’t reached. Hikari hangs out at Taihei’s place for dinner again. After that they look at the stars outside and this prompts Taihei to remember he was the one who taught her the constellations. Flashback shows Hikari was always alone and Kanau always scolding her for eating only bread. Who is she to say because… One day she brings Taihei home so she could give him some recipe book. Hikari could tell Kanau likes him and pesters Taihei to stay so that Kanau could cook for him. Thing is, Kanau can’t cook! So as she stares at the cookbook for hours, while the rest wait, Taihei teaches Hikari about the stars. Now Hikari hugs him as thanks for remembering her. I wonder how long Umaru can tolerate this. She would have told her off had she not see the tears in her eyes. Both girls clinging onto him hard and he can’t move. Don’t know who gave up first but eventually when Hikari goes home, Umaru sheepishly says see you soon.

Episode 12
It’s a bit cold so Sylphinford has the girls cuddle up together like an old children’s game. In public. Thankfully the warmth isn’t from the embarrassment. Umaru wants pizza so Taihei looks fired up to make it. Bomber and Alex are invited to join in and to Umaru’s horror, she learns they are making okonomiyaki instead. Technically, Japanese pizza. The guys are in a dilemma what to include it as filling. Up to you Umaru. Mix everything! It turns out delicious thankfully. Umaru bugs Taihei to buy some very expensive special limited edition game she already has for her Christmas gift. He doesn’t say anything so she assumes he will buy it. Too bad he has to work on Christmas so she’ll have to hang out with Ebina. Umaru panics when she asks what present she will give Taihei. Selfish girl never thought of that, eh? So the duo go to shop for presents. Ebina gets Umaru a hamster cap. Then they decide to wait for Taihei to show up here after work and ‘ambush’ him. Boy, is he surprised. They hand them their presents and he asks what they would like. Umaru reminds him about the game… Kanau narrates how Hikari have been acting strange lately ever since she knew Taihei. Kanau also got some school achievement award like Taihei and was fantasizing her usual. This made Hikari think she would be praised if she also got such award. She managed to do so and despite Kanau praising her, she wants to be praised by Taihei. Kanau is in a bind because she plans to invite Taihei over to dinner as her present for Hikari. She can’t. She thought of spending Christmas alone with Hikari but Hikari knows what she has been doing for the past Christmas. Watching rented videos alone before going to bed. Sad! Sylphinford invites her friends to her home to celebrate New Year. In their kimono they play traditional badminton (they call it tennis?) as well as other games. It was a swell time. After Umaru gets her New Year’s money from the guys, this year she decides not to give into her greed and save them. It might seem silly she exchanged them for all small coins but this way it is hard to spend too much at once. Uhm, you mean she has one coin left in the piggy bank? She’s hinting he could help contribute some… Then it hit her all her money is gone! Taihei isn’t going to help her this time but seeing how she is sad she can’t make good her promise to do something together, he helps donate a small sum. Umaru then lectures about how such small value isn’t much these days and hopes he could increase the amount. Why you ungrateful brat! Is sorry too late?

Hamsters Of The Same Fur Flock Together
Another year, another season. Not too sure if they would surprise me with another season seeing this series is popular enough in Japan so don’t count that out yet. Basically if you have watched the first season, this sequel feels very much at home with lots of things staying mostly the same with a few new and nice little developments but nothing much that would overhaul and change the entirety of the series. Umaru will always be the Umaru we have started to know her from the beginning and looks like she will continue to remain that way until at least she graduates high school. Don’t fix something that is not broken?

Just like the last season, the episodes feel like standalone fillers and each episode is divided into skits that may or may not be related to whatever that theme was for that episode. Hence hot really much of a plot to being with in the first season so what is the point of having one right now? So if you are watching this sequel without watching the first, you won’t lose much. But highly recommended to watch the first season as it sets up the characters and their relationship. This season expands that albeit a little. Of course we have a few new discoveries and introductions like Ebina’s brother, Kanau’s little sister and that Alex and Sylphinford are blood related.

So speaking of that, basically if you have watched the first season, you will see that this season enhances the friendship between Umaru, Sylphinford, Ebina and Kirie. It looks like there is still a long way before their relationship would hit the BFF type but they are making enough strides to head that direction. After all, the quartet each has their own quirky personality and even Umaru herself isn’t spared. She might be a genius and elegant lady in public but hides another personality whom many would never know it is the same person because of her extremely good ‘transformation’ skill of turning into that chibi character. In this group of weirdoes, we also have the overzealous and hyped Sylphinford (~desu wa!) who looks more like Umaru’s friend than her rival now, the shy and panicky Ebina and the socially awkward Kirie who is now somewhat Ebina’s relationship manager. So odd no wonder they stick together because everyone else in their school are so normal.

Interestingly, Umaru is much less in her spoilt tantrum throwing brat. I don’t even remember if I have seen her in this state this season. Even if it was in the beginning, it was mostly forgotten. Because this season sees Umaru slowly converting into one who has learnt to appreciate Taihei in his absence. Sure, Umaru is still basically the same slackster we all know and generally she still is. Even last season, Umaru too wasn’t as bad and annoying as we thought she would be (still irritating nevertheless) but here it is like as though she somewhat has matured a bit. It is just hard to imagine Umaru going into her chibi mode and start screaming her head off at this point. Perhaps with Kirie and Hikari hanging out more often, there is not much personal time for herself or even Taihei who is required to work late more often. So at least in this aspect, I believe Umaru has grown up a little and learnt to appreciate the sacrifices of Taihei. The thought that one day they can no longer be like this is a scary one. Better value what you have now and count your blessings if you know what is good for you. Because now it feels the more annoying one is Kirie hating Bomber. At might look like the series’ running joke but after a while, it just feels annoying because Bomber is trying to be the nice big brother (he still has lots of areas to improve, though) but it’s like the moment she sees him, he is public enemy number one and does not hesitate to beat him up. Like, what’s the problem, girl?

Hats off to Taihei for being the most patient and understanding brother of all time. One of those in running for the Best Big Brother Award of the year. Often siblings hate each other as seen between Kirie and Bomber which is a very common occurrence everywhere. Therefore Taihei’s patience and kindness sometimes feel wasted on Umaru for viewers who don’t know about them. After all, Umaru is his only sister and family member around and it won’t do him or Umaru any good if he goes overboard. The occasional getting mad at her is okay (because it is also mainly her fault) but it won’t go so far as to physically abuse her or control her life. Umaru is already a grown teenager and she should be able to decide by herself.

This season introduces Hikari as a new character. Nothing really much about her except now that she has become Umaru’s rival for Taihei. Another reason why she should appreciate her brother more often. Because if you don’t, some genius loli is going take him away. Hikari’s debut also gives Kanau more reason to appear albeit still very much less. With the revelation and confirmation of Alex being Sylphinford’s big brother, it opens up some heart-warming stories and flashback between them and how they come to Japan and love its culture. Heh. Which foreigner in anime doesn’t love Japan’s culture? Even Ebina has her own but that is not as focused as those aforementioned. But it is good to know that she too has some family matters. Now all that is left is to know how Kirie came to hate Bomber so much while growing up because we have seen they were so close and cute together as kids. Eventually fate has all these characters related to some way or another.

This series could potentially turn into a harem series but I highly doubt that because many of the girls seem to have a thing for Taihei. Like Kanau who is still having nervous feet around him but she is too slow in doing anything that would make an impact. Is it a good thing that Taihei is dense? Ebina is the same but I also doubt under the guidance of Kirie there would be progress. There is a chance Kirie would also fall for Taihei since she is helping Ebina and with him being so kind to her, it is not impossible although the chances are remote. Of course there is Umaru for his sisterly love and now Hikari for some loli love. Man, this guy is sure popular. Now, how to fit Sylphinford (~zushaa!) into this equation…

Last season I remember there were a few trivia from the otaku culture to spot. I am not sure about this season because I don’t remember seeing any. Maybe that took a backseat in exchange for the character development. Art and animation remain the same with Sylphinford (~shupaan!) still looking the weirdest because of those petals (or was it stars again) in her eyes. Hikari can join that list of looking weird too. In her chibi mode, her eyes really look weird. I don’t know. It feels like as though she might turn into a crazy killer… Also, Hikari’s general design of having white hair and bushy eyebrows make her look some sort of anomaly, like as though she was some specimen who escaped her experimental tube. Do geniuses look like this? Okay, Albert Einstein… Hikari looks so different that you won’t even know she is related to Kanau.

This season’s opener might not be spamming that U-M-R line and make you go crazy, but Nimensei Ura Omote Life by Aimi Tanaka (voice of Umaru) still retains its spunky liveliness. The draw this time is the ending theme, Umarun Taison by Sisters (Umaru, Ebina, Kirie and Sylphinford). Despite all the fast paced techno frenzy effects, this feels like one big odd callisthenic exercise song. Even though seeing the girls in their chibi form doing those cute callisthenic moves, I figure that I shouldn’t follow them because I realized how silly I looked. The girls are alright because they are cute to begin with… Puura, puraa, puura, puraa, puura, puraa… Okay, swing your hands like a pendulum now… Old casts retained while the new ones added are Inori Minase as Hikari (Hestia in DanMachi) and Nobuhiko Okamoto as Kouichirou (Bakugou in Boku No Hero Academia).

Overall, this season feels a bit better than the previous because Umaru doesn’t go into her spoilt brat mode and the characters are more developed this time. It still maintains its own brand of quirkiness and cuteness altogether and hence enjoyable in its own right. But just like everything else, this will all soon come to pass and this would end up as just a phase in life and only remembered in memories. We can only take so much of the childish shenanigans and all the glittering-cum-energetic ~shupaaaaaaatz and find it cute and funny before it turns into something irritating. We all have to grow up one day and change. Okay, maybe some of us don’t. Ugh… Too lazy to change…

Himouto! Umaru-chan

June 12, 2016

Never judge a book by its cover. How many times have we heard that idiom and yet fall for it? I’m sure that all of us are guilty of judging others by their appearance one time or another. Take a look over there. Look at that girl. She is pretty. She is elegant. She has good friends. Everyone admires her. She helps others in need. She probably has good grades at school too and does well in sports activities. My, this girl is an absolute role model and how I wished that girl was my girlfriend and future wife. Well, you know what they say about looks can be deceiving. Folks, if you believe all that in a girl I just described, then you’d be shocked to see the other ‘dark side’ of her. Our lovely protagonist of Himouto! Umaru-chan might have all that desirable traits in the eyes of the public. But when she comes home, she becomes a spoilt slacking brat who only feeds on junk food and laze around doing nothing but play video games! Oh dear. How could such a girl be this uncouth? As long as the world doesn’t know… Because it is her poor brother that has to put up with her whims, fancies and tantrums.

Episode 1
As narrated by big brother Taihei Doma, his younger sister, Umaru is a beautiful and helpful high school girl who also excels in her studies. She is the dream girl that every guy would die for and every girl would admire. However back home, all that cute and pretty façade is cast away as she reveals her true uncouth, selfish and slacking nature! OMG! How can this be?! Donning her favourite hamster hoodie, she bugs Taihei to buy her a manga magazine simply because she cannot be seen reading one by her friends or it will contradict her story. When he refuses, she starts throwing a tantrum worst than a toddler. Even resorting to her puppy dog eyes just to force him to bend over. Finally he gives in to the love for his sister. What is the thanks he gets? She tells him to pipe down because she is reading! Man, she is going to easily top the b*tch list of the year. Umaru also has a couple of pet hamsters and she dreams of them becoming her slaves. Of course the one doing the real taking care is Taihei. Flashback sees Umaru bugging him to buy her the pets. As usual she throws her tantrum. In the eyes of the public, Taihei becomes the bad guy for being such a heartless dick for his sister. Eventually he gives in… And he realizes she has never once cleaned their cages… Umaru continues to excel in school. Like any typical girl, she has her best friend, Nana Ebina. But not all look up to her as she too has her own ‘rival’, the attention seeking Sylphinford Tachibana who is always second best to her in everything.

I’m sure Umaru scoring perfect in all her tests would be pretty admirable. Except for Taihei who feels the biggest irony ever. How can this slacker do this well? I mean, look at the ‘important’ decisions she has to make. What anime to watch today and what kind of food and drinks to go with it! Oh yeah. It’s sure tough deciding the best mix. And once she’s done with the best combination, nothing can stop Umaru from her comfortable pleasure. Yeah, this is the life. And when it is dinner time and Taihei has made her favourite steak, she is too full to eat them. Oh God… While Taihei accompanies Umaru in playing a first person shooter video game, he remembers he needs to go shopping for groceries. This doesn’t sit well with Umaru because she was just getting started. Forced to accompany him, she pouts the entire time. Of course in the eyes of the public, they think she is the idol while that bland guy is her manager or something. Who cares. Umaru is also a dick (oh, the irony) in choosing her snacks and when Taihei thought he could pacify her with ice cream, it seems to go well till she accidentally drops it. Yeah, it’s his fault somehow. She doesn’t help carry the groceries despite a big chunk are her snacks. Then he remembered last week when Umaru helped him with the groceries, he promised her he would play a video game with her. He asks if she would like to continue their game and the smiles return to the sister. Taihei still sucks at the game and Umaru taunts he is no fun. Sighs…

Special 1: Short specials lasting 2 minutes about Umaru in a parallel world. For a start, she plays a prank on Taihei and big brother is confused there are a few versions of Umaru. They are all still annoying nevertheless. Because now he has to spoil them 3 times as much. So parallel world or not, a slacker will always still be a slacker.

Episode 2
Taihei returns from another rough day expecting to be rougher at home. Hey, what’s this? Umaru is so nice and polite? Oh, turns out Ebina is here. Even more shocking, Umaru actually lifted her finger and cleaned the place before her friend came? Unbelievable! You can’t blame Taihei hoping for Ebina to come here more often! After Ebina leaves, it is back to that slacker character. It takes a lot of energy to put up that act, eh? To Taihei’s nightmare, Umaru didn’t actually clean up the place but dumped everything in the toilet. And she’s complaining he bought the wrong snack flavour… Umaru plays her video game till morning. So when Sunday morning comes, she still has time before her anime shows. Too bad Taihei can’t stay up and is exhausted from work. Thinking of playing a prank by sleeping with him. Before she knows it, she already fell asleep. And she missed all her shows… Whose fault is it?

If you’re wondering why Umaru is so kind to let Taihei accompany her out on that day, it is because there is a simultaneous competition going on and she wants to win both the prizes. I guess he had to give in to that sisterly look of “I want to spend time with you…”. Yeah, right. Luckily Taihei manages to enter the final and the other finalist is surprisingly Ebina. He won. On the way home, thinking Ebina really wants this long cat bolster, he gives it to her. Umaru who has been watching them ever since (she lost hers and rushed over to see how Taihei is doing) is not very happy she betrayed her. Whose fault is it? But Ebina is one happy girl. Eventually Umaru orders that bolster via net auction. Once again, Umaru bugs and pressures Taihei to buy a game. This time she waits for the right time to throw her tantrum but at the supermarket, Ebina is there so her tantrum is put on hold. Ebina also joins them for lunch and Umaru suspects Taihei is using Ebina as a scapegoat to prevent her from getting what she wants. Taihei continues to ignore her till Umaru cannot stand it anymore and goes into her tantrum mode. OMG! Is she busted?! Turns out Ebina was quite deep in her thought and didn’t notice. Phew? But in the end, Taihei is still forced to buy the game. Flashback shows a year ago when Ebina came from the countryside of Akita to Tokyo. Already a shy girl, she is made even more nervous because men can’t keep staring at her big boobs! The first person who looked her in the eye and greeted her was Taihei. They are staying at the same apartment and it is safe to say because of this, it was love at first sight for her. Luckily too, she became good friends with Umaru.

Special 2: Ebina joins the special as she tries to advertise the specialties of Akita like its food. Umaru has an idea of putting mascot outfits on Ebina so they can strike it rich in town. But which mascot outfit? Time to try them all out. Even becoming the map of Akita? It makes no sense anymore.

Episode 3
The midterm test is coming up so what is Umaru going to do about it? Play video games… Incredible. Till Taihei warns about the surprisingly hard stuffs, it starts to make her worry. Then deep in the night, she has a nightmare of her friends mocking her for being weak. So she wakes up screaming and bugging Taihei to help teach her. A few days later, she scores top place. Sorry Sylphinford. You’ll have to settle for second place again. With everyone giving lovely admirable stares to Umaru, it’s hard to think there is one who would be staring at her like piercing daggers. Yeah, there’s one. Kirie Motoba. Does she have some sort of grudge with her? Although Umaru does have her suspicions, she lets her guard down at home by playing video games the entire afternoon. Thinking Taihei has come back late, she goes to scold him but to her surprise, it is Kirie at the doorstep! GASP! HORROR! OH SH*T!!! You’re busted!!! Although Kirie tries hard to contain her fawning over her cuteness, somehow Umaru ends up inviting her in. Kirie gets the wrong idea she is Umaru’s little sister. Might as well go with the flow. Umaru plays that part and calls herself Komaru. To her dismay, she learns Kirie knows where she lives because she has been stalking her for a week! Actually Umaru has dropped her student ID and was trying hard to return it back to her. So is this why those stabbing stares? In another twist of events, Kirie wants Komaru to be her master! When Taihei comes back, he is confused seeing Umaru in her slacker form before Kirie. He is scared when Kirie gives him that death scare. Umaru realizes it could be that Kirie is just shy (thus her scary look) and can only talk normally to kids.

Kirie continues to hang out with Komaru and daydreams of becoming friends with Umaru. She wants to ask for advice but that face she puts up makes her look like some sort of pervert… If Kirie’s presence freezes everything, then Umaru’s presence brings spring and colours! Kirie now gets to walk back with Umaru and she finds it hard to contain her happiness. But then she realizes that walking back with them too is Ebina. I guess everybody in this world are fruit heads, the reason why she never noticed. This causes Kirie to become jealous as she runs away. Later she talks to Komaru that she has a rival… What in the world? Umaru is watching a horror movie in the dark with Taihei. Although she is scared, she won’t admit it. She wants to watch the sequel but Taihei has to go out shopping. Watch yourself? I think she’d rather wait for his return… Then strange things start to happen like in the movie. Stormy night. Power cut. Just your imagination… Then she sees a ghostly hanging from the window and it scares the sh*t out of her. Taihei comes back and Umaru thought she could hug him. Instead, he rushes out to the window to take in the laundry (that ghostly figure) and scolds Umaru for forgetting to bring it in. They continue watching the sequel. As usual, Umaru is scared hiding behind him while watching but not admitting it.

Special 3: Kirie is now in and since she is finding a little hard adjusting to this world, Umaru takes them to the sea to train their balancing. Kirie cannot stop fantasizing about the island survival life with Umaru. Kirie and Ebina find it hard to keep their balance on the float and this scene reminds Umaru they look like paper sumo. When they sink deep into the ocean, they stumble upon the legendary Ryuugajou and are treated with the best hospitality. They are given a box at the end and thinking the legend would be different in the aftermath, but after opening it, they all turn old.

Episode 4
The video game shop owner fears when Umaru steps in. She is the legendary player known as UMR who has aced in every game she played especially the crane game, turning video game stores broke. The owners setup traps and tricks to make the games harder but each time it backfires as Umaru wins more. She wins every prize in the machine and now her room is cluttered with them. But when she sleeps, she dumps them all on Taihei. The ever attention hunger Sylphinford challenges Umaru to a tennis game. In a doubles match, Umaru pairs up with Kirie and Sylphinford has Ebina on her side. Each time Sylphinford serves up, Kirie gets to take the shot thanks to her athletic ability. On the other hand, Ebina is such a klutz that Umaru’s team may just win by default. Even when Umaru serves a weak serve, Sylphinford is so passionate to take it that she always crashes out. Back home, Umaru is like dead because of her muscle aches. Taihei receives a porcelain cat as gift from his junior colleague. Despite Umaru calling it ugly, she secretly takes it out to play and as we have guessed it, accidentally breaks it. The horror of Taihei never ever buying things again has her go into desperate mode to fix it. Wow. What an elaborate surgery. Watching videos and online information to piece it back together, the problem now is to fix the head. She has to build from scratch at it is completely broken. But she cannot remember its face! Eventually Taihei finds out she broke it but because she reflected and apologized, he is not mad. But he is mad because she spent ridiculous amount of money for all the repair materials using his credit card!

Taihei accompanies Umaru to a fighting video game tournament. Alex is also there and accompanying his sister too. We are introduced to all the weirdoes in this tournament but Umaru cannot be more surprised to see Sylphinford as one of the final competitors. As everyone wears a mask and using their alias, thankfully Sylphinford doesn’t discover Umaru’s identity. However she is so bent on being number one that she is the only one revealing her true identity to everybody. Of course the finals boil down to Umaru and Sylphinford. Obviously Sylphinford is much better as she pulls off devastating combos after combos. On the verge of defeat, when Sylphinford sees Alex looking at her from the crowd, she gets very embarrassed and runs away. Thus, Umaru wins by default. Sylphinford continues running till Alex catches her. Next day in school, Sylphinford is back to her usual rivalry with Umaru. The other girls think she is doing it for attention but Umaru knows it isn’t so because she can tell from yesterday’s video game challenge, she did put in a lot of effort and practice.

Special 4: Now that Sylphinford has joined the gang, she and Kirie argue about being number one. Ebina wonders what Umaru is the master of and since everybody doesn’t know, Umaru makes up being number one in Umaru’s Path. The Way of Umaru. She might be lying around doing nothing but there is this crap explanation of how she is channelling her energy and chakra, blah, blah, blah. Everyone follows her method lazing around till they fall asleep.

Episode 5
Umaru is playing at the arcade when Sylphinford pops up. Luckily Umaru had her mask so she recognizes her as UMR. Apparently Sylphinford wants to challenge UMR and beat her before defeating her eternal rival Umaru. So they play games based on luck, which doesn’t feel like winning at all. Heck, they give their winnings to some old man! Bless those goddesses! When Umaru mentions about having fun at the arcade and isn’t sure why Sylphinford wants to win so badly, she gives her a winner’s medal as a sign she has won. Sylphinford revels in victory. Now she wants to become friends with UMR to team up and take down Umaru! I wonder how this is going to happen. Kirie hangs out with Umaru and while it is sizzling outside, the duo are enjoying the cool comfort in their room. This is the life. When Umaru falls asleep, Kirie can’t help turn into a perverted monster. But she fears Umaru might be onto her when she starts climbing her?! WTF?! Sleep climbing? This ‘paralyzes’ Kirie as she cannot move from her spot. They fall asleep and when Taihei returns to see this atrocity, he turns off the air-cond and opens the windows. The heat immediately woke them up. Umaru is enjoying her bath. But because the bubble bath is controlled by Taihei, she sneaks out while he is busy on his computer to steal a bunch of them. After finishing her bath, she chugs down her cola to cool down. Remembering she needs to take her milk coffee, she accidentally slips and spills her cola.

Taihei does the laundry on his day off. Noticing Umaru has not much clothes (aside from that hamster one), he gives her 10,000 Yen to go shopping with Kirie and Ebina. Big brother so generous? Umaru notices the duo are still at odds with each other so she tries to calm the tension trying out clothes together. At the end, Umaru sees a game she wants to buy. However, Taihei reminded her the money is for clothes. Her devil side got to her so she bought the game while the rest of the money on cheap warehouse sale clothes. Umaru is a pain when trying to get her to wake up or eat breakfast. But she’s like an idol once she heads off to school with Ebina. We see a rare glimpse of Taihei at work. Looks like he is the responsible kind dutifully doing his job compared to his colleagues and even the helpful one. Heck, there is even a colleague who has a crush on him! Look at her reaction when his male colleagues ask who made his lunch. His girlfriend? Even though it’s a lie, he says it’s his sister. Phew… So responsible this kid that he even helps a slacking colleague finish his day’s work! When he goes back all tired only to see Umaru happily sleeping like the lazy pig she is, he can’t help resort to his devilish side by rudely waking her up. That grin proves he enjoyed it…

Special 5: The girls are now Umarangers! Little Sister Squad? So we have them discussing their plan as a team to save the world as heroes from evil megalomaniacs. Their arsenal includes a cola powered cannon and the very clichéd giant mecha hamster robot to help fight big monsters. They even tease Ebina’s nature as a shy girl who falls for the enemy commander (Taihei) since she is against all the fighting. But this gives her the motivation to fight. With their excitement reaching feverish pitch, the girls can’t wait for the evil to attack them. Too bad the baddie is still waiting to recruit his minions. No takers?

Episode 6
After Taihei sleeps, Umaru continues to have her own time. Noticing she is out of cola, she decides to head to the convenience store to get some. She returns and sees a different view of the town’s night time. However when she returns, Taihei is waiting and is mad she went out on her own. What if there are crazy killers like this Jason dude?! On Taihei’s day off, he has… Nothing to do! He did all the cleaning and chores the day before (the weekend). Sure, thoughts of Umaru bugging him occupy his mind. He goes to make char siew and then falls asleep the entire day till Umaru gets back from school. Don’t worry, the char siew isn’t ruined thanks to the auto burner. With Umaru always bugging him while he is working on his PC, Taihei decides to get a curtain to separate their single room. Umaru agrees seeing she could do anything she wants without him yelling. Taihei of course believes his work efficiency would go up. It’s like they have a new life once the curtain is put up. But soon Umaru gets bored so she ‘stalks’ him while he is working, making that guy looking over his shoulders many times. I guess things didn’t work out so they take away the curtain with the excuse that it feels a bit cramped. Taihei and Kirie join Umaru in playing the Game of Life. While Umaru has extremely good luck, Taihei has decent luck but Kirie goes from hero to zero. So as not to make her feel left out, they purposely lose the game to be on the same footing with her. Umaru is excited that today is her birthday. Look at that long wish list… She is bugging and hinting to Taihei but that guy seems to be acting like normal. Did he forget? Checking the calendar, indeed today is her special day. Hmm… At school, her friends remember and throw her gifts. Even Kirie and Sylphinford remember too. Despite all their presents, she can’t help frown over Taihei because she was really expecting it so much from him. So she rushes home and catches him in the act of putting up her birthday decorations. So he was just acting and pretending the entire morning? Heh. Taihei the responsible brother forget about her? No way.

Special 6: The girls are imprisoned. But they can escape since the grill easily comes off and they revert to their chibi size to go through small cracks. When they reach the exit with 4 doors, each decide to take their own path in hopes of meeting each other again. Each ends up in a room that has all their desires. Turns out it is a big elaborated trap and thus that is why the legend that nobody has ever escape this prison before.

Episode 7
Umaru is being lazy as usual. Even to a point of calling Taihei just for fun. Later when Umaru is looking for the box for her Hatsune Miku figurine, that is when Taihei mentions he thrown it away since Umaru said she didn’t want it (because she was busy playing her game then). This causes Taihei to feel bad. Although Umaru doesn’t really care about the box, seeing Taihei’s guilt, she can’t help play a prank to scold him. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, Taihei is nowhere to be found. She panics and starts calling for him but he is not around. When Taihei returns, she can’t help get emotional and cling all over him. Seems he went to buy a replacement. But did he enter the wrong store? This is a geisha, you know? Next morning when Taihei learns it was just a prank, of course he gets mad. Ebina goes with Umaru and Taihei to eat at a ramen store. The ramen is on par with her junk food and Umaru would love her cola to go with it. Of course she can’t. Not with Ebina around. Taihei’s colleague, Bomber is accusing him of living with a woman! Sure, he just got dumped but why the heck take out his frustrations on this guy? Plus, he doesn’t believe that woman is his sister. Whether Taihei accepts or not, he wants to come to his house. Although Taihei has texted Umaru about it, she was asleep so Bomber sees her cute sleeping face and fawns over it. When she wakes up, she freaks out her brother has become a gorilla! When Bomber goes home, we learn he is the older brother of Kirie! He wants to treat her like a little sister but the feeling is not mutual as she beats him up for trespassing her room. UMR and Sylphinford pay a visit to an old candy store and see many weird stuffs being sold. It is another usual day at work for Taihei. On his way home, he follows a stray cat and ends up in unknown parts of a residential area. When he sees a familiar poster, he remembers seeing it with Umaru before. This prompts him to think he has been working for 5 years and doing the same things that he is starting to forget these memories. Even more confusing is that he remembers Umaru calling him by his first name. When he sees the cat again and it licks his hand, Taihei remembers walking this part of town and that girl wasn’t Umaru but his mom. What a splitting image. He now knows where he is and feeling good, he will make Umaru a great dinner.

Special 7: The world is overrun by zombies. Kirie has no qualms killing her zombie brother! As for Taihei, he goes to work as usual. Because working for an oppressive company makes him like a zombie! The girls are stuck in a shopping mall but living in paradise with all the amenities. They think they are set for life but the food runs out after 3 days… Time for Umaru to play Michael Jackson’s Thriller?

Episode 8
It is snowing and we know Umaru by now she is going to stay in and play her games. However when Taihei mentions he is planning to bring out the kotatsu but the place is so messy, Umaru becomes serious in cleaning up. The kotatsu is like paradise for her. Now she can laze around like never before. It got too comfortable that she sleeps. Infectious enough to make Taihei fall asleep too. Meanwhile Kirie doesn’t appreciate Bomber sharing the kotatsu with her… On Christmas day, Umaru is anticipating Taihei will be back and they’ll have their fun but it seems he and Bomber are doing overtime. What kind of company is this! I know Bomber has the right to complain but when the section chief, Kanau comes to check, it’s back to work. She isn’t fond of Bomber and even dares him to quit. On the other hand, she treats Taihei nicely and even gets a little flirty. It is getting late and Umaru sees Taihei and Kirie at the door. He is in a Santa suit since his friend wanted to buy it. Taihei happened to bump into Kirie on the way back and she has an octopus present for Umaru. Bomber joins Taihei and Umaru at their house to celebrate New Year instead of cramming up the shrines that is pack with people. Bomber brings out his beer snacks so Umaru won’t lose out and brings out her kiddie snacks. They taste each other’s food and find some complements well with theirs. It is such a bliss that Umaru falls asleep so the guys just let her be and watch the sunrise by themselves. It is already way pass New Year but Taihei looks serious in making Umaru remember a promise she made last year. That promise is to clean up. Now she’s trying to retract her statement or being smarty pants that she didn’t specify a date and place. But that will be after they visit the shrine. Once done, she returns to her cheeky self that she will be relying on him to do the cleaning. A throwback to that overtime Christmas at office when Kanau chides Bomber and flirts with Taihei. She learns he has no plans for Christmas except to go home. When Taihei suggests they go out just like old times, flashback of their days at school (I guess she has had a crush on him since then) and her lonely days as an adult. She acts tough by passing it up but deep down she’s regretting it like mad. But at least Taihei gets to home early. Is it a bad sign when a lonely woman rents DVD on Christmas? That is what Kanau did. Back home, she receives mail of a picture of Taihei and Bomber in Santa. She crops out Bomber’s face and continues to admire Taihei.

Special 8: Edo period Umaru! Kirie as her subordinate, gives her castella. Then they go bully slave girl Ebina by pulling her obi and spinning her. When Sylphinford the ninja tries out, this makes Umaru want to have a go of being spun as it looks fun. The next morning, Taihei the officer is going to arrest corrupt Umaru but she and everybody else are out cold, dizzy from all that spinning.

Episode 9
Kirie is trying to make cookies for Valentine. She fails the first time because she is fantasizing too much about Umaru till it got burnt in the oven. The next try she is successful but Bomber at them all thinking it was for him. Here comes the pain… Next day in school, she is nervous to give to Umaru and trips. But Umaru is sharp and knows what she is doing so she picks up the cookies and eats them. Kirie also gives Taihei her cookies but she mixes it up with those burnt ones! No, it’s not chocolate… Umaru enlists Taihei’s help to assist Ebina in making Valentine chocolates. He is surprised at her fancy kitchen and she has to refrigerators! Taihei becomes an expert in telling the girls how to make chocolates (including that cheesy line of putting your feelings in it). Yeah, there is even some chocolate history. Just make the damn thing. Ebina wanted to make the chocolates for him but is too shy to put his name and eventually put hers. The rest think it is for herself. Umaru gets a distressing call for help from Sylphinford. Turns out it is to buy some DVD event of an anime. Then they go anime shopping together and talk about their brothers. At this point, we should know Alex is Sylphinford’s brother. Although Alex is into anime, in his perception her sister is not. That is why she is secretly doing this and the reason during that video game tournament, she ran away after spotting him. Sylphinford believes they are comrades because they both have big brothers. But Taihei isn’t into anime but cooking. Sylphinford thinks she should cook with her brother once in a while because it is easier to fall in love with something your loved one likes. So when Umaru wants to help Taihei in cooking, he thinks something is wrong with her!

After Umaru leaves the house, Kirie just comes in. She is shaking all over that I think the cup is now empty. Taihei has to entertain her and probably this is the first time he wishes Umaru would be back soon. He tries thanking her for those ‘chocolates’ but it gets even more awkward. The silence is killing them. After a long time, Kirie apologizes for giving burnt ones. Taihei realizes this is the reason she came over. Umaru won big at the arcade and comes home late, much to Taihei’s dismay. She thought she could confide in Kirie but looks like she’ll be going home now. Protection over. Taihei comes home late one night and sees Umaru sleeping and her untouched pudding on the table. Next morning, Umaru is throwing a hard tantrum that somebody ate it. Well, it wasn’t Taihei. Needing to set a good example, he cannot simply accuse her. Although it would have been easier to buy a new pudding, they will have a court case drama to find the culprit. Umaru’s alibi was her snack party last night and fell asleep before she could eat her dessert. She turns the tables on Taihei citing he came home late and was so tired that he ate her pudding. Taihei suggest making pudding to jog their memory because it was what he promised. After eating them, now the memories come back. After Taihei came home, he is going to put the pudding in the fridge. Sleepy Umaru ate it and asks him if he knows how to make pudding. And there you have it… Taihei is going to blow his top but Umaru keeps changing the topic about his delicious pudding and he should make more.

Special 9: Umaru the world’s famous medical doctor and her friends are nurses. When Taihei wheels in Bomber for an emergency surgery, it seems Umaru is focusing more on her snacks and games than the surgery! In the end, she hands Taihei a pair of hamsters. He blames her if he had locked them up properly, they wouldn’t have escaped and got stuck in Bomber’s hair. Yeah, now he is bald. But Umaru blames Bomber’s afro instead.

Episode 10
Umaru is sick and she thinks Taihei will have to take leave to take care of her. Sorry, girl. You’re all by yourself. To get back at him, she doesn’t rest and plays her games as usual. Next morning, it seems Umaru is well and Taihei caught her fever! But does Umaru have a change of heart as she is going to take care of him? Apparently she goes out shopping to buy foodstuffs to spike his food! But when she comes home, she sees him nearly dead and starts panicking. Not so funny now, eh? This must be a figment of her imagination as she defeats the evil Umaru virus with her leeks! Stick it in the butt! Taihei wakes up next day feeling fine. He sees Umaru sleeping next to him. Though, he reeks of leeks as it is tied around his neck. Umaru is a picky eater and won’t eat her green peppers. Despite Taihei telling her he worked hard to make those, she still doesn’t care. She isn’t pleased he put them in her hamburger steak for her school lunch and even lies to Ebina that she is the one who made it but big brother doesn’t like it. But when Ebina notes the effort to make them and that Taihei must be very happy, her conscious kicks in. Back home, she says stir fry green peppers will be okay but Taihei if she has eaten something wrong! Grrr!!!

Umaru frolics so much that she accidentally spills her cola. Little does she know, it short circuits this little blinking device. Don’t know what this is? It’s a modem! No internet! Horror! First world horror! Aha! Try looking it up at Yahoo. No internet, duh! User her mobile to search. No wifi, duh! Play games to relief stress. No internet lah! Oh no! Umaru is trapped! She is cut off from society! Taihei and Bomber return to learn her problem. She is not impressed with the funny mask Bomber has. But when Taihei tries it out, they all laugh like mad. Then they play a game of cards. See? Life without being connected isn’t so bad. Umaru visits the manga café since her home has no internet. Although the space is small, she finds the amenities convenient. It is like her secret base. A cool secret base with a massage chair, free drinks and she can read all the manga she wants. But after a few hours in, she feels bored. Even with 4 hours remaining, she gives up and returns home to be with big brother. Nothing like home sweet home, eh? We head 10 years back when Taihei is still in high school. He scored yet another 100 marks and others think he is some sort of robot. Of course Bomber only got 15. Even during this point, Bomber and Kanau hate each other despite sticking around Taihei. It is like this guy is the only reason preventing an all-out war. At the arcade, the duo challenge each other with their theories at the crane game. Both wrong. Both failed. Taihei used his brains to get 3 cat plushies for the price of 1! He goes home to little Umaru who is still an angel then and gives her the plushie. But 10 years later, he must be sick of it because Umaru keeps winning it at the arcade.

Special 10: Umaru and friends are idols and just finished a successful concert. At the backstage as they discuss their success, Ebina wonders why their concert doesn’t have singing. Umaru bluntly explains that fans won’t be satisfied with conventional concerts anymore and they need to do something different. So they discuss the novel things they should do like no one else has seen before. A sleeping concert? A mountain hiking concert? A dinner show? But the space concert has to be the ultimate because it is like the entire world is watching them. Let the concert begin! You do know that sound doesn’t travel in space, right?

Episode 11
When Ebina gives Taihei some rice from Akita, he thinks having her join them would let Umaru eat some healthy diet once in a while. That girl craves for pizza but once she tastes it, she finds it delicious. Ironically, it is Ebina’s tummy that growls after seeing a pizza brochure so they end up ordering a mini one. Umaru is having a tough time deciding what snacks to buy. We see her various personalities in her mind having a heated discussion on what to buy. No one can agree on anything and they start fighting! Mental breakdown! When Taihei eats the snack, all the little minions get shocked upon realizing that this snack was supposed to cheer him up if his proposal at work failed. Fortunately it passed so Taihei thought it was a snack for him to celebrate. Ebina joins Taihei and Umaru to eat parfait. She is having a hard time trying to be true to herself after that last tummy growling incident. She tries to hold back but eventually finishes it after taking the first bite. When it is the rainy season, Umaru’s snacks are soggy. She is lazy. Even deflated! But not as bad as Kirie who is so gloomy because of some traumatic experience. Taihei tries to help improve their mood but I guess trying to explain the elegance of the rain is like pearls before swine. So he tells them about the summer season that comes after it. Ice cream tastes better. Instantly they revive. Such simpletons. Time flies and before you know it, summer is here. Umaru hangs out with Ebina eating lots of chocolate, UMR teams up with Sylphinford to clean out the arcade again (and eat more ice cream), Umaru even wins some prize eating the stick ice cream with Kirie. More ice cream heaven when Taihei makes her a big one. Then Taihei blows his top when he discovers she has bought a secret cooler to keep all the ice cream she has bought. Busted. That’s Umaru for you. Man, I wish I had a taste of all the ice cream here! I WANT ICE CREAM!!!

Episode 12
After watching a car commercial, Umaru bugs Taihei to buy a car because he can send her to school while she uses that time to sleep! Using that beach trip as an excuse, Taihei thinks she wants to go outside and must not let this chance slip. The salesman is of course trying to sell while Taihei is worried about the 3 million price tag! But do they need a big car? Umaru quotes about sending her friends. As Taihei test drives, Umaru starts fantasizing the car life. They can go anywhere, do anything! Reality comes crashing down when Taihei is real slow because he is very worried of an accident. What if Umaru is hurt? What if the car is damaged and he can’t pay back? Anything that crosses the road (at a safe distance) scares the hell out of him! Umaru suggests to just go in Bomber’s car. Taihei packs for the trip and at night the siblings can’t sleep because they are so excited. Ebina and Kirie are also coming on this trip. Kirie is trying to hide her face from Bomber and big brother doesn’t recognize her just because she changed her hairstyle! Umaru appears as her elegant self. This is the first time Bomber sees her in this form and he is confused Taihei’s sisters have the same name. Thankfully he is dumb enough to think this is some family problem and won’t question anymore. During the drive when Taihei calls Kirie’s name, Bomber is shocked that his sister is onboard! Luckily he is dumb enough to think that Umaru’s friend has the same name as his sister! Big coincidence?! At Enoshima, the gang take walk around the island, eat local delicacies and enjoy the local attraction.

Kirie is about to ask Umaru what happened to Komaru since she isn’t on this trip but is interrupted as the birds are attacking Bomber’s head thinking it’s their nest! Kirie laments Bomber doesn’t recognize his sister just because of the change in hairstyle. He attended her high school entrance ceremony in place of mom. Since they have a love-hate relationship (more of the latter), she beat him up and this caused her other friends to stay away from her. By making friends with Taihei and Umaru, she was able to talk more. That is why she is grateful and worried if something happened to Komaru. Umaru thanks her and just says something urgent came up for her. Bomber laments his poor relationship with Kirie ever since the ceremony and perhaps he shouldn’t have come. But Ebina says no sister despises her big brother for coming. Bomber is so happy nobody has been this nice to him for this long (really?) that he wishes Ebina was his sister. Just when you thought Kirie is going to pity him, her anger has risen to boiling point. She beats him up and despite that pain feeling familiar, he still can’t recognize it is her! While Taihei watches passed out Bomber, the girls play in the beach. Swimsuit fanservice time. They are joined by Sylphinford who is on vacation with her brother on their luxury yacht! As usual, Sylphinford challenges Umaru to everything but Umaru suggests playing with her, at first she feels awkward but soon joins in the fun. Taihei thinks of letting Umaru experience the mountains next time. But as usual she is lazy and lethargic about it. Instead, she chides him for being unreliable because he forgot to buy her usual stuffs. Here is to another love-hate relationship.

Umaru sees a pillow she wants on a TV shopping channel but of course Taihei won’t waste his money. Use that long cat bolster instead. Next day, she is surprised that Taihei bought it but he becomes a lazy ass after having a taste of it. She fears he will become useless! Umaru then finds herself in a middle of an advertisement advertising the cat bolster. It has additional features like serving you and play games on your behalf to level up while you sleep! The best feature of it all is that it can become a rocket for you to ride! If you’re wondering this is too good to be true, it is. Just a damn dream. But at least Umaru appreciates more as thinks how ‘lonely’ it is. Oh, remember this bolster is the one she got from the auction. The real one Taihei won is with Ebina. Again Sylphinford hangs out with UMR so they could plan to take down Umaru. At a shop, Umaru sees a rare Hatsune Miku figurine up for grabs via lottery and feels the need to get it. Using limited cash to increase her chance, she lost. Even Sylphinford joins in. Despite having more tries, she got all worse prizes! But she is happy with it. Umaru has a gambler’s thinking because the more she buys, the more her chances will increase and thinks of going back to get more cash or use Taihei’s credit card. But when Sylphinford gives her an extra notebook, Umaru becomes quite happy over it and has forgotten all about getting the figurine.

Taihei and Umaru are eating yakiniku. Taihei thinks he is the grill master but ends up blundering and panicking, burning up lots of them. Next cubicle, Ebina is eating alone but she is a master and knows how to grill her meat and enjoy them. Mmm. Delicious! In a rare act of kindness, Umaru gives a piece of her cooked meat to him and they continue eating the rest. Both sides leave at the same time and Ebina’s face becomes hotter than the grill upon seeing them. Umaru has cast away her hamster hoodie to wear a wolf hoodie! Oh, it’s Halloween. Kirie is a witch and scares the hell out of Taihei by hiding in his closet. Is Halloween about scaring people in Japan? Noticing he doesn’t have a costume, they prepare one for him. A bloody chef? But he makes the best pumpkin dishes ever! Mmm. Delicious! Umaru loves the softness of her futon that she feels lazy to go to school. Thus she fakes having fever so that she could slack the entire day doing what she enjoys. But in no time she starts feeling guilty that she has lied to everyone and that they may not trust her anymore. Before noon, her friends are surprised to see her coming to class. She claims she has gotten better. This means Sylphinford wants to challenge her. No rest for the best? Lastly, Umaru comes clean with Taihei and reveals the trick she used by rubbing the thermometer against her body to increase its temperature to bluff him. I guess she saw this coming Taihei blowing his top. But at least her conscious is clean now.

Ms Jekyll And Hyde-chan
If you are looking to find some sort of plot in this anime, forget it. It is basically close to zero and reading the series’ synopsis is enough to get an idea of what the entire series is all about. Because every episode is divided into several skits and plays out randomly. It is good in a way that you don’t really have to a plot to follow and remember whatever convoluted storyline has aired. But because of the standalone filler-like episodes, it feels there is somewhat a break in continuity. In the sense that you are just watching random adventures for chuckles other than to have at least something to follow, look forward to and care about. By following this format, it is a great way to avoid ending a series with plots with a cliff-hanger or dissatisfying ending that would upset many as well as they can easily add on episodes or another season without falling back on the plot that has happened.

At first, Umaru was on the verge of being a very spiteful sister in my books. Because her character of bossing around Taihei like as though he is her eternal slave started to remind me of a particular anime of a sister and brother who didn’t get along together. Remember Kirino from OreImo? Yeah, I almost hated that b*tch the way she treats her brother. But after lots of episodes, you learn the character, you learn stuffs you didn’t know and in the end, the sister doesn’t turn out to be a total b*tch after all. It was the same for Umaru here. The first few episodes of Umaru playing hide and seek with her alter ego with her brother and friends sometimes make me feel hot under the collar.

But I remembered what I said in my opening paragraph about judging a book and jumping to conclusions. Despite only a dozen episodes, Umaru although still is the slacking sister, she is not as bad as you think she is. I even come to think that by bossing around her brother, this is her only way to show her love to him. You would have noticed that there are a handful of incidents that show Umaru does care for Taihei and panics like when he is not around when she thought he is supposed to and showing decent kindness. So all hope is not lost that Umaru can turn into a decent sister in any form. So okay, that might take a while unless something drastic happens. Like Taihei dies and she could either turn into a super responsible chick or just let alcohol (upgraded from cola) ruin her life. Oh well, let’s not get into that and ruin the ‘happiness’ of this series.

It is funny to see that Umaru has this ‘ability’ to change into her chibi form. At first I thought it was just figuratively speaking. Like you know, when she puts on her childish behaviour, this chibi form symbolizes it. Who knows, she actually can turn into this size without other people figuring out they are the same person! Or they must be that dumb. I know Bomber is but the rest? Chibi Umaru is definitely cute especially wearing that hamster hoodie and could have been cuter if she loses that selfish attitude. But then again, would Umaru be Umaru if she does not have this alter ego of hers? She could have been a great spy for the government with this double personality of hers. The best camouflage that nobody would suspect! Of course we would prefer very much for her to stay in her elegant form forever but I guess sometimes both sides need to ‘come out for fresh air’. Sometimes I feel a bit odd when she puts on her hamster hoodie because it is like it gives her the power to shrink into an evil chibi self. Really.

Taihei as the beloved brother is a character that you will have to give a lot of respect. He works hard as an honest salaryman and he can still find time to provide for his little sister who does nothing but laze around, if not complain her ass off if she does not get what she wants. Without this guy, Umaru would have been dead ages ago! I kid you not. This guy cooks. This guy does the cleaning. This guy does the laundry. This guy does everything! He is the ideal husband for every darn woman looking for a useful guy! And yet his efforts go unappreciated (mostly) by his closest and only family member as she continues to b*tch about like she is queen of the universe. At least in her own head. So once again Taihei, I respect you for caring so much for Umaru and I forgive the occasional top blowing when she steps out of line and yet she fails to learn it. You try to teach her but she refuses to learn and change, what more can you do? This guy has the most boring and uneventful life ever, stuck with a useless sister, her weird friends and dependent colleagues, sometimes you wonder if he had a bad karma in his previous life to deserve this.

Other characters feel okay but they aren’t as deep enough as you would expect some sort of interesting character development. For example, Sylphinford is your typical annoying halfie, the self proclaimed rival to Umaru that must challenge her to almost everything. All the time, she always has to settle for second place but does this stop her from becoming even more annoying with her future challenge declaration? Then there is shy girl Ebina whose only traits you will ever remember are her big boobs. The awkward and gloomy Kirie is a mixed baggage because her character is so awkward like as though she has a screw loose in her head. She can range from a killer stare to a creepy stalker. Her face is scary enough to scare away the devil! But either way, ever since meeting the siblings, at least they manage to open up a bit. Though, there is still a long way to go. Despite their different personalities, can you say that all 4 of them are like good friends?

Kanau is an interesting character since she has romantic feelings for the most responsible and boring guy in the world and it could have been chaotic if she was really thrown into the mix. Umaru would really start worrying if Taihei gets engaged to her because I mean, who would take care of her then? Then the fight for onii-chan begins! Not happening here. Her insults towards Bomber are always amusing to hear and despite her tough stance against that afro dude, she is like any other shy woman trying to get Taihei to notice her. So another year of Christmas watching DVDs alone?

It is a small world after all because who’d knew that 3 of the main female characters have older brothers working together in the same company? I can generally say that the relationship for each of the siblings differ from each other greatly. With Bomber and Kirie being the most obvious and most striking of the love-hate relationship. Sometimes we want to blame Bomber for being the blur head and slacker that made Kirie hate him but sometimes I think that is how they communicate. Although still uncomfortable around Taihei (albeit slightly improved), I think Kirie would rather hang out with this guy (and of course her master) rather than her big brother. I don’t see their relationship patching up soon given how dense Bomber is. Heh. Can’t even recognize his own sister… I’m not too sure about Alex and Sylphinford but I am deducing they are close enough but not close enough to know each other’s secrets. Especially with Alex being a perverted otaku who uses his workplace computer to browse through otaku products and having the cheek to ask Taihei to fix his PC when it freezes!

When you have a character that is into video games and the otaku culture, it cannot be helped that there would be popular references and trivia peppered throughout the series. Otherwise it will be just a big waste. The most obvious being that Hatsune Miku figurine. If you are fast enough you can spot other parodies that range from Street Fighter to Pokemon to Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica to Death Note to One Piece to Mario Kart and that trademark hand pose from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Artwork and animation look pretty decent. Conventional anime standards but mostly leaning towards colourful, cute and kawaii. You might find the drawing and character designs a bit simple and average but I guess that is okay considering the genre this series is. Maybe a bit unrealistic because I was wondering if Sylphinford is some sort of aliens because she seems to have sine sort of petal shaped flower for her eyes (or is it stars?). Creepy or cute? This series is animated by Doga Kobo who also brought to you series like Plastic Memories, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, YuruYuri, Love Lab, GJ-Bu and Shin Koihime series.

Aimi Tanaka is the voice behind Umaru and I believe this is her first major role as a main character. The last I heard her was as Yuyan in Lance N’ Masques. It is quite amazing she can pull off different voices for Umaru’s different persona. Maybe that is why the rest can’t figure it out. The same can be said for Yurina Furukawa as Sylphynford and Akari Kageyama as Ebina in their first major role as new seiyuus. The rest of the casts are Kenji Nojima as Taihei (Yuuto in High School DxD), Haruka Shiraishi as Kirie (Ayumi Himekawa in Glass No Kamen Desu Ga), Hiroki Yasumoto as Bomber (Sado in Bleach), Tetsuya Kakihara as Alex (Natsu in Fairy Tail) and Ami Koshimizu as Kanau (Ryuuko in Kill La Kill).

It is chaotic frantic hamster frenzy opening! You’ll be spammed with lots of chibi Umaru and her hamster forms in the opening animation credits. The song itself is a denpa song with Kakushinteki Metamorphose sung by Aimi Tanaka as crazy and lively as it gets. Hope you don’t get hamster phobia after this. “U-M-R! U-M-R! UMA janai yo Umaru! U-M-R! U-M-R! UMA janai yo Umaru!” Yeah. Get ready to be spammed that line that might send you into a frenzy. The ending theme, Hidamari Days feels more like generic anime pop sung by the main female quartet. This time the animation spams the girls having a lot of fun in the sandy beach. Ah, if life could only be this bliss. Well, it has almost always been for Umaru at least.

Overall, this series is a mixed baggage of emotions. You will feel annoyed and irritated as Umaru’s irresponsible behaviour behind closed doors. You will laugh at all their funny antics and come to realize how dumb everyone is not realizing Umaru and Komaru are the same person. You will feel motivated at Taihei’s efforts in trying to be the responsible brother. You will feel your heart warmth all inside when you realize that after all that they have been through, they are just normal siblings who want to spend time in each other’s company. You will feel disappointed that this series is more or less the same thing in every skit and despite having potentials nothing much really happens. Who am I to judge Umaru? Here I am sitting and watching my animes instead of doing something useful. I have been a slacker even before Umaru was conceptualized!

Onee-chan Ga Kita

July 18, 2014

Oh no. Here we go again. Another one of this sister animes. Yeah. Can’t get enough of sisters, can’t we? But at least we don’t have to worry about if this sister theme anime has a very long title. Thankfully it is just descent. Onee-chan Ga Kita is a short anime with a dozen episodes lasting no longer than 3 minutes each. It chronicles about Tomoya Mizuhara, a middle school student whose father just remarried. Now he has got a step sister, Ichika who fawns and dotes over him like the cutest thing ever in the world. I know having a loving sister is good but when your affection is so overwhelming and behaviour so weird that it is creepy and making you feel scary, sometimes you’d wish you are back being an only child.

Episode 1
Here is a peek of what Tomoya’s ‘hellish’ life is going to be. Ichika changing in his room! Can’t blame him if he is having a hard time trying to accept this new family. Ichika continues to creep him out by taking photos of him. Uh huh. She is so familiar with him because she has done research prior to this. What research?! She wants to live in his room but gets kicked out. Any kind of emotion he shows, she finds him cute. Definitely something wrong in the head. When she decides to migrate to his room, Tomoya puts a sign on his door that prohibits her from entering because he’ll stop talking to her. So? How does she go around it? She comes in by the window! Why is she so desperate? Because she loves him! Hmm… The only other girl who ever said that to him was his late mother. But anyway he still kicks her out. And no, she can’t migrate to his room.

Episode 2
Tomoya goes to school with his neighbour and fellow classmate, Mitsuru Hanazono. Tomoya notices Ichika taking down notes and observing him like a stalker! In his class, Mina Fujisaki is the pure angel whom every guy including Tomoya adores. However deep down, her heart is black like a devil. She revels in having the boys under her control when Ichika shows up to give Tomoya his lunch. Suddenly all the boys flock to this high school girl. High school girls are the best! Of course this causes Ichika to dislike Ichika while big sister is left wondering if Fujisaki is his girlfriend. Then his friends blurt out Tomoya has a crush on Fujisaki so Tomoya has to disagree he doesn’t like her and is not cute just to hide that fact. Back home, Tomoya thinks Fujisaki hates him now and blames Ichika for showing up at his school just like that. However he realizes she brought him his lunch and feels bad for blaming her. The step siblings apologize.

Episode 3
Ichika has her friends over, Ruri Hayasaka and Marina Mochizuki. Tomoya is relieved that they are normal. Really? Because Tomoya is staring at Marina’s big breasts, Ichika slaps the boobs! Her friends mention about Ichika’s weirdness and Tomoya is so glad that somebody understands his suffering and even cries about it! Tomoya heads over to Mitsuru’s house and the friends joke that he is heading to his girlfriend’s house instead. Don’t make jokes like this to Ichika or she’ll go insane! She’ll be too if she doesn’t hug him for a day. Tomoya wants to take refuge here but Mitsuru is jealous he has those beautiful ladies over. He wants to quit being his friend but makes a quick u-turn when Tomoya will introduce them to him. Best friends forever! So he is introduced but they think he is such a loser. Oh, Ichika continues to chase frightened Tomoya around town.

Episode 4
Tomoya bumps into Kouki Hayasaka, the school’s most intelligent student. Kouki doesn’t like people who dye their hair (what about his?) and before he could admonish him, Mitsuru comes to his defence. Mitsuru claims that although he is smart, he has no girlfriend. On the contrary, we see lots of girls admiring this bespectacled dude from afar. Even so, he doesn’t think highly of those girls. Still, he is going to punish them for their dyed hair. However Ruri is his big sister and she doesn’t like him bullying Tomoya and punches him in the face! Violent sister… In the end when they note Ruri’s future husband will have it tough and that Kouki won’t let any guy near his sister, it just sounded like he is some sort of siscon. Tomoya thinks he used to be lonely waiting for dad to come home but now with a step sister, he doesn’t have to feel that way. He is thankful that they are doing fine unlike Kouki-Ruri. Big sister is just beating up little brother… Thank goodness…

Episode 5
It is so hot that Ichika passes out. But when mommy suggests going to the pool, she revives! She even has matching sets of swimsuits for them! And so the usual gang are there. Including Fujisaki who is showing off her swimsuit to the guys. It doesn’t take long before the guys are attracted to Ichika. Short flashback reveals Fujisaki was bullied despite having a cute face. Though she fought back, the teacher told her to have a gentle heart too. When Tomoya invites Fujisaki to swim together, Ichika pushes them away. She won’t let that b*tch near her Tomoya on her watch! Fujisaki lashes out at Tomoya but he remains cool. Also, he apologizes on Ichika’s behalf (although that sister is still showing her fangs at her). Fujisaki reflects that Tomoya didn’t run when she snapped at him and she feels she should treat him nicer from now on.

Episode 6
While out shopping, they meet a blonde foreigner who is speaking in English. Ichika can speak well but it turns out Souichirou Fuji was just fooling around with them. He is Marina’s cousin who is half Russian (Marina is a quarter Russian). Souichirou takes a liking for Ichika because she looks exactly like his idol princess, Minori. Uh huh. He’s got everything there is about her. Super deluded fan. He wonders if Ichika would cosplay as Minori for him. Worse, he asks her to be his girlfriend! Absolutely not! Rejected! Ichika will always be Tomoya’s boyfriend and possibly future husband! Besides, he doesn’t look like Tomoya. WTF. This of course flusters Marina but Souichirou pats her head and hasn’t forgotten how cute she is too. The step siblings note Marina may have bad taste.

Episode 7
Christmas is around the corner and Ichika is so happy that she thinks of dressing up like Santa and deliver presents to her beloved. Please… Don’t… Kouki is fresh from getting beaten up by his sister. From his expression, he likes it… Masochist siscon… Ichika sees Tomoya buying his Christmas present. But thoughts that he may give it to Fujisaki freaks her out. On his way home, somebody accidentally bumps into him and he drops the present. A bicycle runs over it. Ichika immediately dives to save it. Despite knowing how much she hates it that this present is for Fujisaki, she tries to act calm and cool (but sucks badly). Tomoya says that the present is for her and wanted to wait for Christmas to give her. I guess it makes no difference now. Ichika gives him a big hug. She happily puts on the pink socks back home.

Episode 8
Ichika is in her kimono for New Year but she’s snapping pictures of plain Tomoya like mad. The usual gang are at the shrine. Kouki seems extremely nice to Tomoya. Because Ruri makes him be friendlier with Tomoya this year. Fujisaki is also here, probably to get her revenge on Ichika. Then Mitsuru had to claim all the high school girls are maturely sexy and there are none in his class. What does that make Fujisaki? A pretty mad girl, haha. Ichika says aloud her wish to devote her life chasing Tomoya!!! Ruri hopes Kouki can be like that but since he refuses, she swings him! Kouki and Tomoya see a boy’s wooden plaque stuck on a tree so Kouki goes to get it down. But now he’s stuck up there. Once he is down, Tomoya always thought he is the kind who laughs at the misfortune of others. Of course they get into an argument and the girls think they are getting along so well already.

Episode 9
Ichika is so relieved that Tomoya has never gotten Valentine chocolates before. She thinks of covering herself in chocolate for him but as her friends advise, it’ll just make it scarier. So she goes to Ruri’s house to make chocolates. But I guess being her first time, everything just got messy. Eventually she finishes her first handmade chocolate. Ruri also made some for Kouki. Will he accept it? Of course. The last time, she threw it at his face! Ruri wonders what if someone else confesses to Tomoya first. Ichika pulls some air punches and won’t allow that girl to be his girlfriend and must defeat her first! Ruri teaches her how to punch better! Ruri is nervous before Tomoya. But she can’t wait for Valentine’s Day and stuffs the chocolate box in his face! The chocolate is mixed with udon that he loves so much. Yeah, he’s going to get food poisoning if he eats that.

Episode 10
It’s Valentine’s Day. Our guys do not receive any chocolate in their shoe locker or desk. But some other girls do give them out of obligation. Fujisaki wonders about giving hers to Kouki so she takes the opportunity to walk home with the guys. Kouki’s shoe locker is stuffed with chocolates! To the max! But what does he think of it? Stuffing so much like that is unhygienic! Fujisaki can’t find the right time to give Kouki until Mitsuru asks her if she has any for them. The perfect chance to give it to Kouki. Noticing around a corner is a suspicious pervert no other than Ichika! She’s all dressed up to go peep on Marina? Anyway Fujisaki boasts that she gave Tomoya her chocolate. Uh huh. They end up fighting, pulling each other’s hair. They get along so well… Back home, Tomoya tastes the chocolates as stalker Ichika observes him from outside his window.

Episode 11
It’s White Day. Ichika is very anticipating… Tomoya has a chocolate for her. Yay! She pounces on him and also gives him a return gift. Fujisaki sees a random chocolate in her shoe locker and has devilish thoughts. When Kouki gives her chocolate, her hearts just melts away. She wants to confess she loves him but eventually couldn’t. Tomoya also gives Fujisaki his chocolates. Kouki mentions that Ruri gets large amounts of chocolates at this time and Tomoya realizes that there are many who take White Day as a chance to confess. Hoping it will be him? Don’t count on it. When Ichika shows Tomoya about the cookies she received from some classmates, Tomoya can’t help feel sorry for them.

Episode 12
Their parents are away on a trip. You know what this means. But Tomoya is down with a cold and Ichika tries to nurse him. Yeah, she tries to sleep with him to increase his body warmth. Get out! Ichika calls Ruri for help since she is the ‘best sister’ in the world. Maybe it’s not so much about Tomoya she needs to worry about. Uh huh. Probably Ichika is the one that needs help. Ruri admonishes Marina for bringing so many apples. Like it will help. Tomoya could hear voices downstairs but it is better than total silence. It makes him feel he is not alone when he is sick. At the corner of his bed, he sees Ichika praying like mad. Next day when Tomoya is better, Ichika has caught his cold and now it’s his turn to take care of her.

Episode 13 (OVA)
In this extra episode that lasts an extra minute, we see how Ichika came to know Tomoya. Ichika was always alone and wanted a sibling. So desperate she is that at the park when she sees a pair of sisters playing, she goes over and wants to be their big sister! Needless to say, they were scared off. Then she sees crying Tomoya who lost his mom. This is her chance to play the cool big sister. But mommy found him and they go away. Not before Ichika and Tomoya’s eyes meet. Thinking how cute he is, she hopes a boy like him would be her brother. Years passed and Ichika’s mom tells her she is getting remarried. She is shown a picture of Tomoya who will be her brother. With great enthusiasm, she starts researching on him and shows all the details to her friends. It’s scary that she knows so much about him even when they have not met! Meanwhile Tomoya narrates because his mom passed away early due to a disease, he has vague memories of how she looked like. When his father mentions he is getting remarried, he tells Tomoya that he hasn’t forgotten about his mom and he will always be their son. And so both sides look their best and eventually meet.

Onee-chan Ga Stalker!
Hmm… Okay. It was fun while it lasted. Ichika is the one that makes this short series funny and interesting because she herself is a weirdo. So weird the way she acts and talks that it might even scare away normal people. Really. Look at her agape triangle mouth which seems like a permanent feature on her face. Is she always that amazed? Then something about her eyes that make her look droopy although they seem wide open. Combined with her super loving nature for anything Tomoya, we have got ourselves a big stalker, no? As for Tomoya, he is having it hard to live with this kind of sister that leaves him with no privacy. But like everyone and everything else, give it a little time and he’ll get used to it. She might be weird but at least she loves him. Heck, it’s better than siblings who hate each other and don’t talk, right? Better than like strangers living in the same house, no? Just that Ichika may just be going overboard with her ways of showing Tomoya her affection but I guess this is her way of showing her love. Sometimes you just want to say it to her that she’s doing it wrong.

The other characters are also pretty amusing, each with their own weird behaviour. Ruri is the violent sister who doesn’t hesitate to unleash her brand of violence on Kouki whom speaking of which has this habit of calling almost everyone a hair-dyer. He sounds like an aloof guy till you learn that he might be some sort of siscon masochist. Probably the ‘sanest’ among the ‘sisters’ is Marina but her humungous boobs are the first thing that most people would take notice. Yeah, it makes her stand out. Mitsuru feels like the loudmouth of the bunch and it hints that he might like older girls especially those in high school because he doesn’t have eyes even on the prettiest girl in his class. Speaking of Fujisaki, it is fun to see her dual persona and amusing to see her get into a conflict with Ichika. It makes me sound like a sadist since I wished more episodes had this spat of theirs. I thought she had a crush on Tomoya but maybe she’s just being close to Tomoya just to spite Ichika. I was a little confused when later it is shown she likes Kouki but I guess it could have been worse if she had liked Tomoya. Then we can have a real catfight… But I have a feeling that Fujisaki can never beat Ichika as long as those guys prefer high school girls.

The art and drawing sometimes might not be sharp especially the backgrounds if you take a close look at them feels like water colour or crayons. Of course some of the characters like Ichika look strange but since this is a funny anime, you can’t complain about it and in a way, it complements and fits the anime like it should. This series is produced by C2C. Although they have worked with many other anime studio houses, the series that they are mainly in charge are all short series. Besides this series, so far they have got Yurumates3Dei and Go! Go! 575 under their belt.

The voice acting part is all okay. I am unfamiliar with all the seiyuus except for Yu Kobayashi as Mitsuru. It’s nice to hear that trademark crazy voice of her again but it feels odd that she is voicing a young boy because I’m quite used to hearing her in such crazy tone in female roles, though she did voice boys’ role like Clain in Fractale. I didn’t recognize Marina Inoue as Marina probably I was focusing too much on the comedy and the weirdness of Ichika. I wonder if they named the character after her. Nah. Other casts include Aimi Terakawa as Tomoya (Kazumi in Futari Wa Milky Holmes), Juri Nagatsuma as Ichika (Satone in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai Ren), Misuzu Togashi as Kouki (Origami in Date A Live), Ibuki Kido as Fujisaki (Chinami in Golden Time), Omi Minami as Ruri (Hyatt in Excel Saga) and Kouji Takahashi as Souichirou (Ash Blake in Seikoku No Dragonar). The ending theme is Piece by Misuzu Togashi and sounds cute.

Thankfully this series didn’t turn into one whereby incest is hinted. So sorry for those expecting such things to happen. But really, can you call it an incest because Tomoya and Ichika are from different families who do not share the same DNA whatsoever. They are just legally married and staying together. Perhaps it might be in the legal sense. For now, Tomoya’s chastity is safe till she hits puberty… That’ll be a different story entirely. So if you’re looking for a big loving sister anime that is crazy and funny to watch in your short spare time, give this one a try and it could either make you feel thankful that you don’t have such a crazy obsessed sister who knows more about you than yourself or feel great envy that you didn’t get a ‘devoted’ sister like this. If it is the latter, then I am afraid you’re a big siscon…

The b*tch is back. Oops. Sorry I can’t help it because every time I think about this anime, I will always think how b*tchy this sister is. Now she is back in another second season of Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai. It takes off where we first left off after the end of the first season after Kirino returns from America. This means big brother Kyousuke has to put up with more life counselling, more of her sister’s problematic attitude, more of her otaku little sister eroge fetish and the likes. Oh yeah. There are other girls in the mix too but when you have a little sister in the title, that says pretty much about it. I just hope that this season, things will get better between the siblings and everyone else so that by the end of this anime, I won’t have any complains to b*tch about. Ever.

Episode 1
There was once a time Kyousuke and Kirino were like true siblings. Taking baths together as a kid. One day, he just didn’t want to do it anymore and tells her off how lame she was. But do you think Kirino is going to cry? Instead, she shoots her mouth back at him over his arrogance. Maybe that’s how the love-hate (with lots of ignoring) relationship started. As we know, Kirino has returned from USA and is busy making calls to her friends to tell she is back. She blatantly ignores Kyousuke and all his hellos. He even tries giving a drink for her only to be told that she doesn‘t need it. Do you blame him for being in bad mood? So he’s talking about this issue to Manami. Over the past year, there is some sort of bond formed with his sister but if this continues (the way she treats him), it’s like the same as she did before she left. Manami is confident that bond won’t be destroyed because he is kind. Ayase is so glad that Kirino is back. She won’t allow that petite Kanako to ruin it and shuts her up. Kyousuke has his other problem. Namely, Kuroneko. He is confused about the mixed signals she is giving him. He asks her to explain but she gets embarrassed. As he is walking home, still confused, he calls Kirino just to ask her how much she loves him!!! I understand why she would hang up. Calls to her are only meant to be emergency, no? Kirino has lots of meetings or gatherings to attend so her dad, Daisuke thought of accompanying her to just about anywhere. Not wanting to let her daughter go again, can he? Late that night when both siblings can’t sleep, Kyousuke asks her if the life counselling isn’t needed anymore. She isn’t sure either. Early next morning, she slaps him up and forces him to accompany her to heaven. Read: Akihabara. Is the life counselling back on track? Well actually, Kyousuke is turned into her mule. She’s going on an otaku shopping spree!!! Poor Kyousuke. Can his body handle all the bags he’s carrying? Are there any limbs or body parts left to hang those bags? Thankfully at the end of the day, Kirino has hired a delivery truck to delivery all her goods back home. And what does he get as thanks? She gives him an eroge to play and must complete it by tonight. Thanks for the consideration. Kirino gets into her groove of playing her eroges. She’s back into her kingdom!

Episode 2
Ayase needs to talk to Kyousuke. This doesn’t sound good. Recently Kirino is being obsessed with her virtual girlfriend. Even when they hang out, she is giving more attention to the pixels than her real friend. And she has that slutty look on her face each time. I guess it feels more like a threat than anything because Ayase wants him to do something about it. Kyousuke goes to talk to Kirino and is shown the game she is playing. Hmm… The virtual girlfriend, Ayaka looks and sounds likes Ayase (want to bet it’s the same seiyuu?). Of course Kirino is also aware of this problem so she hands over the game to him to play. Otherwise she couldn’t get away from this addiction. Plus, she needs a game buddy to talk to. And so… Kyousuke becomes hooked on the game so much so Manami thinks something weird is going on. She saw his creepy face playing this weird game. Kyousuke doesn’t care and dares her. Yeah. Bring it on. She rats him out to Ayase and boy, that girl is furious! How can he solve things when he himself is addicted? Care to explain? Before her punch could connect, he gives a reason that if they need to win back Kirino, what better way than to understand the game. And so… Kyousuke demonstrates the game to her but he is acting so creepy that you can’t blame Ayase for slapping him. Can you blame her for thinking he is trying to sexually harass her, the way she is trying to get Ayaka to do those lovey-dovey stuff with him despite just a game? Guess what? He admits she is the only girl he will ever sexually harass!!! Kyousuke makes some conclusion why Kirino is infatuated with Ayaka. Not only she looks and sounds like her best friend (Ayase definite would love to object to this), when a girl treats Kirino with the sort of affection she’d show a boyfriend, it means Kirino wants Ayase to be her girlfriend. So if Ayase imitates Ayaka, she would be really happy. She is made to practise and act like Ayaka but she can’t bring herself to do it. She can’t say such indecent things to him. Another round of slap. I guess the help ends here. Ayase goes to complain to Manami how Kyousuke nearly sexually abused her!!! Well, he was putting on that perverted face while playing the game… But they can’t throw away the game because it belongs to Kirino. Manami has a plan. Next morning, Manami arrives early at Kyousuke’s doorstep to bring him out and hide at a corner. They watch Ayase trying to act like Ayaka in front of Kirino. Kirino apologizes how she was acting in front of her and Ayase does the same for getting mad over something silly. Ayase must have played the yandere route because she is willing to kill Kanako just to be with her!!! Oh sh*t! Yandere eyes!!! When asked if Kirino notices anything different, is it her creepiness? It hurt Ayase so much that she runs away in tears. Kirino no baka!

Episode 3
Kyousuke, Kirino and Kuroneko are outside Saori’s house unannounced to give her a surprise birthday visit. Suddenly a beautiful girl walks pass them and she gets embarrassed. Would you believe this pretty chick is Saori???!!!! She looks stunning without those otaku glasses. This episode is about her and the older sister, Kaori whom she hates so much. Kaori had so many hobbies, the reason the sisters never spend time together. One night she was brought to her mansion that houses her collection of hobbies. Yes. A huge mansion of all the hobbies she has done. And she’s not done yet. That time, little Saori was always confined to her bed so meeting others was a daunting task. She was scared to meet Kaori’s group circle who shared similar passion and hobbies. She did however get close to a manga genius, Kanata Kurusu (she has many other pen names). Although Kaori continue to bring her to the mansion, it’s like she was just ‘dumped’ there and left to her own devices. Saori grew closer to Kanata as she was the one responsible in bringing out the otaku passion we know Saori as. She was happy. But that didn’t last because one day Kaori announced just like that she will be living overseas. Because Kaori was the glue that held the group together, in no time the circle was disbanded and Saori found herself alone again. She even flew overseas just to confront (and slap) her sister, accusing her of causing them all to drift apart. However she points out it is a circle she created and that Saori stayed in a corner and didn’t do anything for the group. Many years later, Saori has grown up (much bigger literally). She still hangs out at the mansion alone. One night Kanata returned just to hand back the mansion’s key. Because she is going to debut as a manga artist, she can’t come back here anymore. Saori is sad that nobody does that anymore and feels so lonely. Kanata consoles and encourages her but Saori feels she can’t be like Kaori. Kanata believes she will find a way to it because she heard her made a promise that she’ll deal with it and show her sister. As a parting gift, Kanata gives Saori that otaku glasses. And so begins Saori’s drastic change in life as we know her today. Kyousuke and the rest didn’t expect to see Saori naturally beautiful. At the same time, Kaori and her circle came back for some life party. They are her groupies so it’s only natural they are at her beck and call. Saori can now show off her own circle of friends and she’s probably trying to rub it in to her sister on what they’re going to do. Kaori and co are cool about it. Seeing Saori has her own life now, Kaori and her circle leave. Saori chats for a while with Kanata. Although she feels she is still behind Kaori, at least she has made some important friends. Kanata hopes that she would pass the glasses to somebody else if she doesn’t need them anymore.

Episode 4
Kyousuke returns home only to see a naked girl before his eyes. Did eroge just become life-like? Then Kirino walks out in her towel to reprimand her not to do that. And then her towel comes undone. You know what’s going to happen. She is Ria Hagry and was Kirino’s roommate-cum-rival during her stay at America. Kirino once beat this 12 year old prodigy in running before and now she is here in Japan for some home-stay programme. Kirino accuses Kyousuke of being a pervert and lolicon for just about anything. The usual arguing. Till lively Ria flips her skirt and comments on her striped panties. So bratty… Ria meets Kyousuke and he is exactly how she thinks of him. She really likes him and starts hugging all over him. Guess Kirino’s reaction? Kirino becomes Ria’s big sister as they do everything together and Kyousuke gets blamed and labelled the usual for every misunderstanding. Don’t they get tired of this? Of course when you’re in Japan, you can’t miss out on Akihabara so Ria is brought there. She’s like a country bumpkin trying to flip up a maid’s skirt! Ria accidentally wanders to the erotic section and peeps into a book (because the character looks like her). Before she goes into meltdown, Kyousuke snatches the book away but gets a flying kick from Kirino and the usual accusation. In the end, Kirino gives her a keychain doll that looks like her (which actually doesn’t). Eventually it all boils down to another running showdown between the girls. Ria wants to know if her running power was just a fluke. When the run begins, Ria is clearly speeding like a rocket. Kirino isn’t even close. Kyousuke narrates something about Kirino realizing she is being overwhelmed by her opponent’s skill far surpassing hers. He cheers on Kirino and to make it ‘better’, he admits he is not a lolicon but a siscon! Kirino powers up and catches up to Ria. It’s a close finish but Ria won. She starts gloating and Kirino finds her annoying. That’s when she has had it with real life sisters and would stick to virtual sisters from now on. On the day Ria leaves, she tells Kyousuke she wanted to see what makes Kirino run fast and she concludes it is him. He disagrees and argues it is because she didn’t get to play her eroges or talk to her friends during her stay in America, so she wasn’t herself. But then he takes that back and decides to go with Ria’s argument. Ria hopes to grow to love him so she’ll run faster. Then she gets clingy all over him and Kirino had to see this. After she leaves, Kirino requests a favour from Kyousuke: Be her boyfriend. Eh? What?

Episode 5
Don’t get the wrong idea. He is just to pretend to be her boyfriend to meet up with someone. Misaki is from the modelling agency and scouted Kirino. She wanted to bring her back to her agency base in Europe but Kirino cited don’t-wanna-leave-my-boyfriend answer to conveniently turn her down. Misaki won’t give up yet and would gladly offer money to him to break up! That guy almost fell for it. So they try to act they are lovers but it’s not convincing. Misaki wants to try again tomorrow but Kyousuke mentions they have a date. I suppose to convince that they are lovers, they really have to go on one in hopes that Misaki would give up on Kirino. Though, they’re not sure if she’s following them or not since there is some fashion show she should be attending. But you can never be too careful. So are the duo looking like a genuine couple? If they could stop making their arguments look like siblings quarrel. Manami happen to see them and is shocked. Kyousuke can’t explain himself in fear that Misaki may be around and it would blow their cover. But Kirino relishes in seeing Manami’s expression. Priceless. Oh, she had a very late freaking out reaction too. At the café, they happen to see Kanako there. She thinks Kirino really has a boyfriend when it might be possible she have forgotten how Kyousuke looks like. They also meet Kanako’s colleague, Bridget and she wants to explain why they like each other. While Bridget is just awed with their unconvincing answer, Kanako doesn’t really feel they are like lovers. After taking photos at the booth, the bump into Kuroneko. The looks on her face is so traumatic! Can’t believe your eyes, huh? She just stood there speechless. Dropped all her coins too. Not picking them up?

Back home, whether or not Misaki was watching, it seems she has given up but Kyousuke is suspicious since she gave up too easy. After that they argue and Kyousuke tells her to take her complaints to her boyfriend and not her brother. He won’t be playing her boyfriend anymore that’s for sure. She slaps him. Maybe she’ll ask her real boyfriend next time. Not so funny now, huh? Kyousuke talks to Kuroneko to explain what happened. They discuss if Kirino really had a boyfriend. Though she points out Saori and him would be sad and less time to hang out with them, she feels she would be happy for her. But she’s not saying that with a smile. Kyousuke is so worried if Kirino has a boyfriend that he blocked the stairs and grabbed her wrist tight just to ask her. He feels guilty for doing so and she laughs at his twisted behaviour. Whether she has one still remains elusive. The gang meet up at summer Comiket since Kuroneko will be publishing her doujin. Kirino wrote the story. Kuroneko turns up in a white dress (feels a little scanty) instead of her dark gothic. That is not cosplay. This was a dress that Kirino bought her but never thought she would wear it today. As Comiket opens, it seems disheartening that nobody is buying their work. But after one buys it, it gives them hope and by the end of the day, it’s a complete sell-out. I guess they’ll be looking towards the next volume and see you at winter Comiket then. While Kirino is watching her favourite Meruru anime at the public area, a guy recognizes her. She is surprised to see him here. I take it, this is her actual boyfriend? Kyousuke’s face doesn’t look so good. If he was older, you could’ve seen his wrinkles. Haha!

Episode 6
He is Kouki Mikagami and a designer hired by Misaki’s company to design some jewellery. Seems like a pretty nice guy. Kirino seems to be getting along with him. Back home, Kyousuke gets this tempting call from Ayase to meet her at her home. Can you blame him for jumping to perverted conclusions? He takes up the offer and what do you know? He gets handcuffed! Is this some S&M play she’s into? On the contrary, she wants to know about the sticker that has the siblings’ face in it. And they seem pretty close. Now she’s looking scary. So scary that Kyousuke is panicking! After he explains, he asks if Kirino has a boyfriend. Wrong words. Now she’s even scarier. There’s no way Kirino could have a boyfriend, right? Kyousuke and Kuroneko are walking back. She admits she likes him as much as his sister does, if not more. So it must be the real deal when she kissed him then. The romance could have developed if Kirino had not witnessed the disgusting act (see her disgusted expression?). The gang are supposed to celebrate their Comiket success but it’s so awkward between Kirino and Kuroneko that you can feel a war is going to break out. And it did. Kirino announced she is in a relationship with Mikagami and have already hold hands and kissed. Kuroneko didn’t like her attitude so she leaves the party. Then the siblings start quarrelling about relationships and it’s-my-business-who-I-date so it’s none-of-your-business. After mocking her brother that he is not as good as her boyfriend, she leaves the party. Now Saori has to clean and pack up. So much for the celebrations. And so Kirino brings Mikagami back home and her mom is thrilled. Dad locks himself in his room and gets drunk. Accept reality, man! Kyousuke gets rude with Mikagami so Kirino slaps him and tells him to get out.

I guess the guys are feeling left out so father and son have a talk. Dad isn’t happy that from the way Kyousuke says she is acting mature for her age, he takes it as he is supporting their relationship. Dad throws a fit that he doesn’t like his daughter dating anyone. There goes his pride. Kyousuke assures he is on his side and will talk to Mikagami. But we see him on his knees apologizing for his rudeness. He expresses his true feelings that despite he has no right to tell her who she dates, he still can’t accept the idea that some guy will take away his sister. Sure, it’s not his business either but it still affects him. Since Mikagami admits he likes and respects Kirino a lot, Kyousuke agrees they have a lot in common and he has a lot more to offer. But no matter how amazing he is, he is still worried about Kirino and thus can’t hand his sister to him just like that. Prove your worth! This time Kirino throws the cake at his face. Stop acting so high and mighty. How can he say that after he turned his back on her by flirting with that goth loli girl? Kirino admits her relationship with Mikagami is fake and they never did those things. She got him to pretend to be her boyfriend so that Kyousuke would notice her. In the end, the siblings made up. Mikagami explains Misaki first asked him to persuade Kirino to go overseas. Though they get along well as friends, he knows a relationship won’t work. Therefore Kyousuke is right to worry. Misaki knew the duo were siblings from the start and Mikagami comments they’re bad actors. He did note that even though they aren’t dating, he can’t get in between them because their relationship is strong. Kirino wants to have the celebration redone again. Now Kyousuke has to face the wrath of his dad. He’s still drunk and misinterpreted he might have done something to his daughter. When Kyousuke goes to tell Kuroneko about the re-celebration, she wants him to go out with her.

Episode 7
Why on Earth would Kyousuke decline her???!!! Is he really a siscon???!!! I understand if Kuroneko wants to break into tears but despite all that, no matter what she still loves him. After all that love assurance from her that she loves him more than anything else in the world and he still needs time to think?! WTF?! Kuroneko is a gracious girl so she gives him after tomorrow’s celebration for his answer. When he returns, it’s Kirino’s turn to ‘reprimand’ him. She teases him about the hoax and what if it was real. He’d cry. Yes. Then it would suck. Seeing he is quite genuine in saying that, Kirino gives him some advice that if some girl does confess to him, he should consider it carefully because she really loves him. Kyousuke then goes to seek Manami’s advice. She knows it’s about Kuroneko since there has been rumours circulating in school about Kyousuke and Kuroneko dating. He didn’t even know this. Anyway she wants him to be honest and patient. The second celebration party begins and the trio apologize to Saori for that embarrassing fight. Then Kyousuke shows Kirino the sticker of them. He pasted it on his handphone and even had a picture of her in bikini as his handphone wallpaper! Freaky! I don’t know if Kirino manages to snatch and delete it. When Kyousuke escorts Kuroneko home, he has decided on his answer. He will date her. So happy Kuroneko is that she came home ‘broken’. Her sisters must be wondering what the heck happened. Same thing for Kyousuke. He’s already fantasizing and banging his head on his room wall. He’s so excited that he couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

Next day he thought Kuroneko is at the doorstep but his happiness is shot down when it is Mikagami instead. He came to talk? Has he no other friends? Apparently. After Kyousuke lets him know he just got a girlfriend, first thing he asks him is when is the right time to touch the boobs! WTF?! Since Mikagami wants to meet his game club members, Kyousuke brings him to school and the first thing Sena thinks this hot guy is, is Kyousuke’s boyfriend! OMG. She is in full BL mode with turbo. Kuroneko then comes in and learns Kyousuke hasn’t really told the club about their relationship yet. Till Sena mentions Kyousuke threatened to fondle her boobs to stop her BL mode. But everyone knows they are dating since it’s obvious. Kyousuke and Kuroneko are surprised as they clear up that they only started dating yesterday. Now this shocks the rest as they throw in lots of questions. They’re just dating? They weren’t dating a long time ago? You mean Kyousuke isn’t into his sister? Yeah. Why would he want to fondle his sister’s boobs? Too much of that and Kuroneko seeks Kyousuke’s explanation. The duo are left alone in the clubroom (sorry, the rest won’t be spying) as Kyousuke explains himself. Regret about that boobs question? Kuroneko understands and feels the same. No, she doesn’t want to touch his boobs, mind you pervert! What she meant was, because they are now dating, she also feels that giddiness. She can’t blame him for thinking like that. Kyousuke boasts he thinks a lot about her but Kuroneko differs. She takes out her notebook called Destiny Record. In short, it contains all the things she plans to do with him. It’s like she’s gotten her fantasies all written down neat and clean, eh? Yeah. It includes step by step rituals on what to do to achieve the goals. Of course they have to do those things, right? And the first step is to date. Then a date it shall be. But of course.

Episode 8
Kirino is not pleased that she sees that sticker on the fridge. Guess who put it there? She is afraid her friends will think she has this brother complex. His intention is to get along better. Yeah. But that sticker in such an obvious place? Kyousuke tells Kirino that he is dating Kuroneko but there isn’t any sudden reaction or whatsoever. He meets up with Kuroneko on their first date. She made a different white cosplay outfit just for this date, complete with angel wings. Serious. Call her Kamineko now! So what is Kyousuke’s first comment? Her boobs got bigger than the last time. Time to move on to their date… So the usual things that lovers do on their date. But since they got so nervous holding each other’s hand (and that was after they’ve done all the outing), they feel they need more practice before they can do this. At the park bench, Kuroneko wonders if he regrets dating her because he never said that this date was fun whatsoever. Plus, she’s never gone out with a guy. He says he enjoyed learning a lot about her. She takes out her notebook and shows him that one of the goals have been achieved (tell him more about herself). She also shows him another wish she wants. A picture of Kyousuke and Kirino getting along well. If that is what she wants, he’ll do it. There is also another wish she wants. That is, to visit her house. And what a convenient that they are both home alone because her sisters, Tamaki and Hinata are out playing and her parents are away. Get the picture. She has him watch an anime video with him. The scene is about to turn into a kissing scene when Kuroneko pauses it and excuses herself. Gulp. Thinking she is taking too long, he checks on her only to see her in the shower! Oh sh*t! What is this going to develop into?! Keep calm. KEEP CALM!

Just then, the sisters return and they are surprised to see Kyousuke. They are happy that he is Kuroneko’s real boyfriend because when she said she had someone special, they thought it was some virtual boyfriend. Hinata becomes the cheeky sister as she questions him with teaser like questions. Now she knows why Kuroneko told them to go outside and play. The thought of wanting to call him b*tch because they always here Kuroneko on the phone calling him as the brother of that b*tch! Think not. Realizing Kuroneko is in the shower, Hinata becomes cheekier. She thinks Kyousuke is going to marry Kuroneko. With Kuroneko out from the shower, she is surprised to see her sisters. It’s too hot to play outside. Hinata continues her cheekiness towards her big sister. Feeling sweaty and taking a bath while her boyfriend is here seems like a lame excuse. And why would she feel nervous if she was sweating? Kuroneko has had it and will re-educate her sister. Not good. See the way she grabs her by the head? I guess Kyousuke will have to excuse himself now. Kirino is playing her game when she hears ambiguous voice coming from her brother’s room. She barges in only to find them playing games. Because Kirino still feels awkward in wanting to hang out with her despite sheepishly calling Kuroneko her friend, Kuroneko feels there is still some gap between them. On another day, Kyousuke waits in Kuroneko’s house to take her out to the festivals. She looks stunning in her yukata. No perverted comments this time? At the end of the fireworks, Kyousuke mentions he had the best summer and won’t forget the moments spent with her. He loves her more than before. So what is next on the agenda? There is one more left… Break up with him. SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT???????!!!!!!

Episode 9
Kyousuke thought it was a joke but he didn’t get any reply. In school, he is told by Sena that Kuroneko has transferred to another school! When? What? Why? Well, nobody told him because they thought they are dating. Kyousuke tries to go to her house but it is empty. She has really moved out. What now? Looks like roles reversal because Kyousuke goes into Kirino’s room and slaps her out from her sleep from some life counselling! That ruined her beautiful dream with some little sister. After learning he has been dumped, Kirino didn’t have the heart to do her usual mocking because Kyousuke is really crying! But she strangles him and then hugs him. She assures him she will stay by his side and leave it to her. She also asks him what if she found someone she loved and dated him. What would he do? She doesn’t want him to answer and knows what he is going to say. They are after all siblings. The duo search for Kuroneko as they got wind she is somewhere in this hotspring town. Wow. Kirino taking the lead for once. She’s so cool. Kyousuke might even fall for her! While resting, that’s when Kuroneko bumps into them. First thing, Kirino grabs her and says they’re here to bring her back. Because she doesn’t want her to leave. Now she wants to hear why she broke up with Kyousuke. She dated him to make a certain wish come true. In other words, is Kirino fine with her dating him? Really? As in truly really for real? Is she sure she isn’t just pretending to accept it? If that’s the case, it’s not the outcome she desired. Kuroneko questions her back about that painful and troubled face she put up when they started dating. If she had accepted them, she would not have put up such expression. Kirino didn’t want her to give all that crap because she held it in. Held what in? Kirino reveals the truth. She hates her brother. Hate x 10. Make that 100. She can’t stand seeing him having a girlfriend and that’s why she pulled that stunt of bringing home a fake boyfriend. So she thought if she said the same to him then he wouldn’t have date anyone because that night when Kuroneko called her to ask for permission to confess to him, she told her to go ahead even though she was against it. But since if it’s a girl who genuinely likes him, who is she to stop her? When they dated, she started regretting it. She felt relieved when he got dumped. But he looked so sad that it made her feel bad. So she got mad at Kuroneko for dumping him and thought of doing something in return. In short, she hates her brother having a girlfriend but hates it even more seeing him sad.

Kuroneko wonders why she has gone to great lengths in pulling all these stunts and her reply is that Kyousuke is her brother and has always helped her. At least now she admits she is grateful to all the things he did for her despite some of them being dumb just to protect her. But Kuroneko wants to hear Kyousuke’s answer. He loves her but dating her would mean driving his sister mad. So what will it be? Who will he choose? Before he could answer, she stops him and declares everything a joke (so why is she shivering?). She lost conscious for a while and when she’s back up, she explains the truth. She is moving to a new city as her dad got a new job assignment. But that city is pretty close to where the siblings are. They moved house because they were given a company owned housing. Although they will be going to different schools, she notes they can still see each other. Kirino is upset she didn’t say all this earlier. It’s because Kirino tried to persuade her so passionately. And all the cats came out of the bag and all the beans got spilled, eh? The siblings visit Kuroneko’s new home. Kirino wanted to know what he was about to say then. His reply was that if she was against it, he won’t date. Till when? Till she gets a boyfriend. But he’ll not like it too, right? Yup. Back to square one. Kuroneko comes in wearing a cat maid outfit. Kirino calls her a slutty cat. Kuroneko shows them a wish she was able to manifest in her notebook. It is a drawing of 3 of them getting along well. They doubt they can be this friendly. Kyousuke is glad this chaotic episode has drawn to a close. The events made them understand each other better. There are times they will argue and there will be times they will help out. That is what being siblings is all about.

Episode 10
A few montages of Kyousuke being beaten up by Ayase for his sexual harassment pranks. And now, he is here to apologize he can’t do that anymore since he got a girlfriend. Just to be safe, she handcuffs him and is still worried about Kirino because it affects how useful he is to her! He thinks this is a perfect chance for her to separate Kirino from her sicko brother so this riles her up and she kicks him out of her room. Somebody unlock the handcuffs please… One night Ayase calls Manami and she heard Kyousuke broke up with his girlfriend. Feeling sorry and guilty for the horrible things she said, she calls him to apologize. She thinks he broke up for her sake but he denies it. She gets upset when she learns that his break up has nothing to with her. Feeling embarrassed too, she snaps and threatens him to come to a Meruru event to talk over something. Come or else! And so Kyousuke puts on that suit again to meet her. He apologizes for the sexual harassment and they agree to put their argument behind them. Then they go meet Kanako and Bridget at the backstage. Some chatter that I don’t really care. What I heard: Kanako calling Kyousuke a sexual harassment manager; Kanako wants to turn him into her lackey for today; ClariS is going to be at this event and Bridget likes this group but not Kanako. Kyousuke gets a message from Kirino that her model shooting will end late due to the busy schedule and can’t make it to the event. Kyousuke excuses himself to go pick her up. The event is going to start soon. Can he make it? And so Kyousuke peddles like mad into the photo shoot set. People might think this crazy guy is some sort of stalker. Yeah. He came in a bicycle filled with Meruru theme! It must be embarrassing for Kirino to admit he is her brother. All the crew set upon him so Kirino has no choice but to admit who this guy is. She is surprised he is here to pick her up for the event. But why the bicycle? Traffic. The bike’s getup? He borrowed it from Mikagami. Can they make it? He assures they can. Misaki tells Kirino to go as she is and cuts the dress so she can move easily. Doesn’t this make Kirino’s lower half a little more visible? So Kirino rides pillion as she argues this must be his chance to do something perverted on her after playing too much eroges. He doesn’t think their body contact will amount to anything perverted since they’re siblings. Kirino may have to live with the embarrassment as Kyousuke cycles through the public roads. And they’re only halfway there. Peddling like mad. Going uphill… Oh boy. When they finally arrive, Kanako’s performance has ended but they’re just in time for ClariS’ performance. Kyousuke takes her hand to their seat as she thanks him.

Episode 11
Mommy is suspicious that something is going on between Kyousuke and Kirino. Because Kirino never addressed her brother properly. Now she does. And she discovered that sticker on the fridge. Since when they became this close? It’s a good thing, no? As for daddy, he thinks it’s time for Kyousuke to live by himself. He already has made arrangements for his own apartment. Since Kyousuke needs to study for the entrance exam of the college of his choice, when he proves himself and gets an A, then he can come back here. It will also improve mother’s trust in him. Kyousuke tells Manami about this and she thinks it will be fun to have everyone gather for a housewarming party. Surprisingly, Kirino is the first one to visit since she feels responsible for getting him kicked out. She even buys him a fridge. In addition, she gives him an eroge to play since once in a while he needs some distraction. Does he really need this kind of distraction? If he does get an A, she will gladly do any one thing for him. Later he gets a call from Kanako, bugging him to be her manager again. I don’t think he is interested so she asks for his address so she can come over. First, her cooking sucks and then she finds that eroge underneath his futon. I’m sure there is a limit how Kyousuke can deny it is not an eroge. It’s a picture of a woman eating sausage… Kanako is suspicious he has such a game because he might do lewd things to his sister, which is what this eroge’s theme is on. Kyousuke is surprised that she knows Kirino is his sister. She saw them coming to the event together and that they both have the same surname. All she needed to do was to connect the dots and confirm it. Kyousuke explains about their fake date and the eroge Kirino forced upon him. But Kanako still believes Kirino couldn’t be an otaku as she doesn’t act like one. She thinks she was at the event to support her. I guess Kyousuke has got enough of studying that he decides to look up on the internet for pictures of sexy Ayase!!! WTF?! I suppose he can do this since he isn’t dating Kuroneko anymore. Beats playing the eroge, right? There is a website of her but let’s say the pictures lean towards cute instead of anything racy. Never knew such a splendid site exists? Bookmark it! He also notices a Kirino fan group too.

Early next morning, someone knocks on his door. As he trips and sprains his ankle, he crawls up to it but the impatient person has unlocked the door and she turns out to be Ayase. Thinking he is going to do something perverted, she kicks him. Once things calm down, Kyousuke wants to know how many strings she pulled to get a copy of his house key. He fears she is going to kill him when she takes out a knife. Don’t worry. It’s his present. Couldn’t have given something better, could she? She has heard from Manami about moving out and the condition to move back. Kyousuke is also devastated to learn Manami also wants Kirino at the party because he knows Kirino doesn’t like her much. They’re going to clash. But Ayase says Kirino is different in school. She’s like an angel. That’s why she was surprised to learn Kirino’s otaku side then (from last season). Somebody rings at the door and it’s Kuroneko. Oh no. When both women see each other, you can sense sparks are going to fly. Why does Ayase sound so concern when his ex-girlfriend visits him so early? Kuroneko replies even though they’re not dating anymore, his soul will always be hers! Seems whenever Kyousuke talks with one of them, the other don’t want to be left out of the loop. This is going to be troublesome. Ayase accuses her of no longer as Kirino’s friend because she didn’t respect Kirino’s wish that she wants to be with her brother. Kuroneko launches a scathing attack back. She doesn’t care if the siblings have sex (yes, she puts it bluntly this way) because she knows her better than anyone and wished for nothing more than her happiness. If Ayase falls for Kyousuke, can she give him up for Kirino? So the girls continue their catty talk. Ayase accusing her of being here early just to be alone with him. Kuroneko questions her relationship with him and she replies a sexual harasser and a victim! That’s for fun only, right? Because they both won’t budge, the intensity suddenly turns the scene into some fantasy battle. WTF. They’re doing this just to see who can stay with him longer? I hope they don’t kill each other. Otherwise Kyousuke has nobody to sexually harass or date again. Haha! So when they leave, Kyousuke invites Kuroneko to the party as well as Saori too. She wants to talk to him about something but he apologizes that he can’t go out with anyone till he patches things up with Kirino. She understands and will look forward to that day. Meanwhile Kirino must be having some empty nest syndrome as she bums around in Kyousuke’s room, lying on his bed. Maybe she’s even lying when she murmurs he doesn’t need to come back.

Episode 12
The girls slowly arrive for Kyousuke’s housewarming party. Fireworks could have start between Kirino and Manami but before Kirino could start her yelling, Kyousuke tells her to listen to her out first. What Manami wants is to patch things up but Kirino agrees to do that on another day. Today is not it. Okay. Temporary truce. When Ayase streams in, she was expecting some war to start! Disappointed? Of course Kirino wants to ‘talk’ to her after hearing she is responsible for lots of things behind her back. Kyousuke hears Kanako calling outside. She made him a bento and saw lots of girls entering his apartment that she thinks he’s having an orgy!!! Kirino and Ayase become angry women upon knowing Kyousuke is friendly with Kanako. The Meruru cosplayer didn’t help when she lies she’s going out with him, thus why she makes him a bento. Get a taste of Ayase’s super kick! The gang have their party outside since Saori asked permission from the landlord as his room is too small to fit. The party is going on well till Kanako brings up the touchy subject about the bento. Or rather she doesn’t want him to accept food from other girls. This leads Kuroneko to assert she is the one who will be doing that job. Sparks already flying… Then Manami interjects to take care of him. Not only his meals but cooking and cleaning as well. Oh, Saori too would like to offer that because she is rich and has so much free time. She’s pretty cool in everything till Kanako insults she is ugly. No more nice lady. So Kyousuke. Who is it going to be? Pick! Interestingly, it is Kirino who tells them to stop it because Kyousuke came here to study for his exam and cannot afford to be troubled by them. But surely there needs to be somebody who needs to take care of him, right? Kirino appoints Ayase for the job. Because she is dedicated, cooks well, doesn’t have to worry about her studies and more importantly, she hates him, right? Therefore she trusts she is the best girl for the job. Can’t say no to that, can’t she?

And so Ayase becomes like a tsundere housewife to Kyousuke and I think she’s enjoying it despite some moments she threatens him with the knife when she encounters some unlikely situations. Like his porn magazines. I guess with her coming every day till late at night, it’s hard for him to concentrate because… She’s in the shower! Tempting, isn’t it? True enough, he lets his perversion get the better of him. As he is sneaking in to peek, somebody rings the doorbell. It is Hinata and is sent by Kuroneko to check on him. When Ayase finishes her shower, both girls are shock to see each other. And the misunderstanding begins. Did he turn into a lolicon while she was in a shower? Did he move out of the house because of another woman? Kyousuke, please explain. One night while Kyousuke is studying, Ayase starts her long chatter. Let’s say it’s to thank him for helping her make up with Kirino and everybody, etc. She apologizes for lying and saying mean things and despite all that, he helped her. Kyousuke says he did it out of his own free will and also apologizes his part for lying. A month later, Kyousuke takes the exam and aces. He takes a last look around his apartment because all his stuff has been moved out back to where he once belonged. Outside, he sees Ayase. First she chides him with all the vulgar names. Then she turns emotional about him being a kind person. In short, she loves him. However he rejects her because he loves someone else. Ayase sounded like she could turn yandere with that heartbreak. She throws a tantrum he is so cruel. Because he has always been sexually harassing and wanting to marry her and this is what she gets in the end? Because she’ll kill him if he doesn’t go out with her. Kyousuke won’t budge from his decision. She blames him that he did all those things to make her fall in love with him. How will he take responsibility for breaking her heart? Kyousuke is prepared to receive her kick but to his surprise, she pecks his cheek. Goodbye. I hate you. She’s smiling when she said that?

Episode 13
In this flashback episode, we see how Kirino was inseparable to Kyousuke. Because he helped her out, fixed her stuffed doll, she admired him like a big brother like how all little sisters would. As they grow up, he started to slowly change. For example, he became reluctant to bath with her. Kirino understood the meaning of jealousy when he saw him tutoring Manami. She tried to go where he goes but she can’t keep up with his speed and stamina. She was told if she wanted to, she has to keep up with him. And so it began, Kirino’s athletic training not because she hated her brother but rather she wanted to show him and make him eat his own medicine. Before she knew it, her brother has totally changed. She confronted him about being lazy and lacked the drive he once had. To her dismay, he replied he has stopped all that and wants a quiet life. She got upset and claims he is not her big brother. Not the person whom she once looked up to. She ran over to Manami’s place, blames her for taking her big brother away and wants him back. But Manami coolly told her she can’t. Because the big brother she looked up to never existed in the first place. Kirino left in tears. Even when Kyousuke came to her aid, she refused help since she doesn’t view him as her big brother anymore.

Kirino then took up modelling and met Ayase. They become friends as the latter ask the reason she became a model. It was someone she looked up to. He isn’t around now and when he comes back, she hopes to show it to him that she has surpassed him. Kirino continues to ignore Kyousuke and is bothered with Manami’s words that siblings can’t possible fall in love with each other. She continues working hard till one day she had her first fateful encounter with the world of eroge. It was about a little sister and her big brother. Before she knows it, she sneaks out to get copies and become a started buying up books, magazines and games related to eroticism. Happy, isn’t she? That’s when she became an otaku. She spent her days and nights playing her eroges and fell in love with the little sister themes. Of course she couldn’t let her friends especially Ayase find out and even had to lie just to cover it up. Eventually she reached her breaking point and that’s when she had Kyousuke come into the picture with the life counselling. It was also something she thought she would find that she had lost. Indeed he helped her out by making friends and listened to her. Worried about her and even fought with dad to protect her. He did his best all for his little sister. Now, he might think he is just a normal guy and nothing amazing in any way. But she knows that he will never turn down his little sister if she seeks help.

Episode 14
Kyousuke’s mind is clouded with thoughts of Ayase’s kiss and time spent with Kuroneko. He needs to do something. He goes to meet Kuroneko and wants to say something but starts off with a pathetic cry. Then when he tells her, it’s her turn to feel the heartbreak. I guess I know what part of it says. After all that fantasy talk, she rips the notebook apart to free his cursed soul. Crying her heart out, she has turned into a dark angel of revenge called Yamineko. She curses everyone, everything and especially Kyousuke. There. Happy? Back home, Kyousuke asks Kirino if she would like to go out with him on Christmas. Why the heck would she do that? There is an event whereby couples get a free Christmas themed limited edition rare gift. Let’s say it’s some erotic character figure. And so at Akihabara, they bump into Akagi and Sena impersonating as lovers to get that same gift. After getting it, Kyousuke suggests to see the place at night because it would be a waste if they don’t. He has booked a hotel room. Not a love hotel, mind you. To bide time, they play eroge and she wishes Merry Christmas to her ero game character. At night when it’s snowing and outside Tokyo Sky Tower, he asks her plans for the future. She plans to study overseas again after graduating. But she’ll come back more often and won’t fail like the last time. Kyousuke wants to confess to her the person she loves but she stops him, starts crying and runs away. You can’t catch a fast runner, can’t you? He looks so pathetic running out of breath but he doesn’t give up.

He prays to God for some sort of vehicle to ride and He must be kind enough because here comes Kaori driving Saori and Kuroneko. Hop in. Actually, they hatched this date plan together so they know just about everything. Yeah. They’re stalking too. Kyousuke learns that both sisters have made up after years of misunderstanding. Just when they find Kirino, there is a traffic jam. Now he has to go on foot. When Kyousuke catches Kirino, he confesses that he loves her. Has he become a retard and can’t tell reality from his games? Suddenly a loud speaker is played. It is Kyousuke’s talk to Kuroneko when he rejected her and can’t go out with her because he is a pervert who loves his own little sister! Is that embarrassing or not? Yeah. Sweet revenge for Kuroneko? Kyousuke admits that is the truth. He rejected all the other girls so he could confess to her. He laments he hasn’t even touch their boobs yet! But he has no regrets. Even though she is out of his reach and there is a high chance she will reject him, afraid she will shun him or feel hurt, he is scared she will go back to ignore him because they were recently on talking terms again. Despite all that, he just need to tell her how he feels. Kirino finds it gross, calls him the worst and hates him. Because love affairs between siblings only happen in games, right? Kyousuke tells it to her. He wants her to stay by his side. HE WANTS TO MARRY HER! Tears of joy streaming down Kirino’s cheeks? Because she said yes!!! And don’t they find it embarrassing doing this in public because for the entire conversation, they have been yelling at the top of their voice.

Episode 15
Reality check. Siblings can’t marry, right? What are they going to do about it? Kyousuke wants to talk about their future plans as this will be life counselling for both of them. But Kirino wants to play her Christmas eroge now. She wants him to play with her but right as she starts, she stops. Her mixed feelings make her unable to go on. Kyousuke then gives her a Christmas present. Is this supposed to be an engagement ring?! He is really serious in proposing to his sister, isn’t he? He puts it on her finger. Fits perfectly. Of course Kirino again reminds him they can’t marry due to the law. But she notes if he didn’t confess first, she would have because she wanted to convey her feelings no matter what. Then as they continue their eroge, it had to be a sex scene. Awkward… The duo announce to Kuroneko and Saori that they are dating. They congratulate them and it’s good in the sense that Kirino will now stay in Japan. After all, it’s their decision. Also, things are back to normal when Kirino and Kuroneko argue about Meruru. Their intensity is shown when the scene becomes a delusion and the girls battle it out in their magical girl outfits. Kyousuke has no say in it and since he remembers Kanako forcing him to come to her concert, he takes his leave. Just when Kanako finishes singing her song, she focuses the spotlight on Kyousuke. Then with all her might, she confesses she loves him and wants him to date her. With an equal passion, he yells back he can’t as he already has a girlfriend he loves. Rejected. No hard feelings. Kanako resumes her song and her otaku fans continue to love her as though this confession never took place. Man, I thought everybody would have clobbered him. But since he rejected her I guess that’s okay.

When Kyousuke wakes up, he is shocked to see Kirino sleeping next to him! He then tries to touch her breast! Of course she is only pretending to sleep and accuses him of being a pervert. Thanks to all those eroges… So why sleep with him? She wanted to see his reaction. Then she brings him to her room. Due to some couple ritual, they will now put things in each other’s room. Yeah. All her Meruru figurines and eroges will be in his room. Or is it she doesn’t have any more space? Hey. He’ll move some of his things into her room too to be fair. Kyousuke remembers a box that she didn’t allow him to see. Now she does. There is a photo album containing pictures of young Kyousuke! Didn’t know she had this brother complex, eh? She then has him listen to her self-recordings. One of the early recordings explains she is doing this so that when her future self hears them again, she won’t forget about the bitter feelings she has right now (then). It’s supposed to give her encouragement never to lose. Another recording is how she will work hard to catch up to her brother. The last recording is from the time right before they stopped talking to each other. Kirino pondered about her future self, whether she is married or not. From what she was saying, she might have learnt the bitter truth about siblings cannot marry. She decided not to say anything because everything will fall through then and ruined. As she will only get one chance, when that time comes, she hopes she could summon her courage and look for hints on how to make things work and the person she loves to love her back.

Episode 16
Besides graduation day, we discover that Sena is going out with Makabe. Who would have thought the yaoi girl who always used Makabe as her ‘victim’ in her yaoi fantasies would end up together? Akagi isn’t sure happy about it, though. Sena also knows about Kyousuke dating Kirino but she rat on him. After the graduation ceremony, Kyousuke is surprised to see Kirino waiting for him outside the school gates. What? Can’t she go see him if hers ended earlier? It seems today is the day of the big battle. The big final battle between Kirino and Manami. Oh boy… With Kyousuke in between the girls, Manami starts off telling the siblings that they should have had enough and come back to reality. Kirino is being a b*tch mocking Manami as she puts on a very bitter face. Man, I have never seen Manami with such an expression. Before Kyousuke could stop his sister, Manami punches her in the gut! OMG! I never knew Manami could do this! That is her reply of how she is feeling. Kirino isn’t going to turn tail and cry. She slaps her back! Slap fest! Hair pulling! And Kyousuke who is trying to stop them gets punched in both cheeks! Man, this is really a big final battle. I guess actions speak louder than words. They’re blaming each other as the obstruction, blah, blah, blah. But Kyousuke doesn’t agree violence will solve anything. So back to diplomatic mode, Manami is going to bring them back to Earth. She thinks siblings dating are disgusting. Many would. Legally you can’t. And definitely their parents will never allow it. Kyousuke sides by Kirino. Manami asks how would you feel if a girl confesses to you only to be turned down because you like your sister. Likewise, what if a guy confesses to you only to be rejected because you love your brother more? How will you explain it? When you are older, can you say the same thing now?

Kyousuke doesn’t care. He knows what they’re doing is wrong and that people think main characters in eroges are stupid. There are rules and regulations to everything but he will fight them because there is something more important thing to him. Manami threatens to tell their father. Kyousuke begs anything but that. Sounds so lame but he’ll do anything to protect his relationship with Kirino. He’ll even do anything for that. Anything? So how about stop this sibling dating thingy? No can do. So if it comes down to Manami having to reveal it, he’ll just have to live with it. Manami now breaks down. She confesses she has always loved him and wanted him by his side. But Kyousuke drives in the point that again passionately yells he loves his sister. He got a slap for a goodbye. And thus the big battle with Manami ended. But he gets punched by Kirino instead. Let’s say she is worried about him always trying to pull off idiotic heroics just to protect her. In the end, Kyousuke suggests to get married. And here we are, the siblings both dressed in their wedding attire at the chapel. They think back about the 2 good years of highs and lows. In conclusion, they’re glad to be each other’s siblings. What’s there left to do at the end of a wedding? Yeah. They pull off a magnificent lover’s kiss! And then they stop everything as promised. During that night on Christmas, Kirino suggested that they act like a normal couple and make good memories. Once they graduate, they stop and return to being normal siblings. Kirino takes off her ring and walks off the aisle. Hey, they’re not dating anymore, right? In the aftermath, the siblings do return to normal but their relationship is much better albeit a little petty quarrel here and there thanks to Kyousuke’s little perversion. He reminds her about the promise that she would do one thing for him. And that thing is a peck on her cheek! Kirino reprimands him that he doesn’t know how to differentiate game and reality. More life counselling when they get back.

There Is No Way This Anime Is Going To Be A Harem Route
Just like its title and so it ends with almost a sister route. And not. I suppose for legal and moral reasons we can’t really have the siblings end up getting married or else there will be lots of complain calls and emails of protest barraging the studio house. Not to say that I would really care if Kyousuke and Kirino really end up marrying each other and screw with our minds and somehow besting the law to do it (probably illegally), but it would be disturbing too to note that brothers and sisters end up getting married. Probably watching too much animes has caused some sort of numbness in my mind and I would say that despite I don’t condone to brother-sister marriage, I wouldn’t gripe it like as though it is life or death. So it’s like the ending somewhat satisfies both divide. Those who want to see them getting married and those who don’t because eventually was just an act. One last fling before getting back to reality and society. Now you understand why otakus hole up in their room playing their eroges or galges as their reality.

My favourite scene from all the episodes throughout the season has got to be the one whereby all the girls were briefly fighting over each other to take care of Kyousuke at his housewarming party. Also that catty spat between Kuroneko and Ayase at his place. It’s like I’ve been waiting for those scenes to happen and after so long it really did despite just for a short while. I had a feeling this show won’t get a harem ending and it might be sadistic of me to see the girls arguing over this pervert but really, I guess in a way I admitted I’m a pervert too because I do enjoy watching that part. Sighs… What a fleeting dream. It proves that there are girls who really like Kyousuke. From sisters to friends and even a foreigner from America who may have complicated the mix if she was around. This guy is more popular than he thinks. And he messed up that chance just to be with his sister. Well, it shows that he sticks to what he beliefs. It’s both a good and bad thing in a way. In order to protect something he loves, he sacrificed others even if it hurts.

Although I had this feeling that Kyousuke would eventually choose his sister in the end, when the last few episodes approached, it dawned to me that Kyousuke was like ‘killing off’ the rest of the girls in the unofficial harem. You know, he confronts them, says a word or two and then rejects them. Heartbreak for the girl, she must accept reality, she goes away, moves on with life. Each of the girls was a surprise in their own way in the romance department. Like Kuroneko, she was the one who initiated the break up despite things going so well between them. I even thought he might end up with her. It was a little surprising. Probably it’s partly her fault too for wanting to break up as part of her whatever plan in her notebook. Side note: I prefer Kuroneko in her goth loli outfit compared to any other outfit (normal or cosplay) she wears. Then there is Ayase who is constantly the sexual harasser victim in Kyousuke’s books. Is she that fun to be harassed? According to Kyousuke, yes. After being harassed for so long, you think she would develop some sort of hate for this guy. Even a yandere potential! But think about it. Being sexually harassed for so long could only mean that she enjoys it, right? That’s part of being tsundere too. What about asking his help sometimes? It’s like wanting to help out Kirino is just an excuse so that she could see him. So when she really confessed she really likes this molester, it was a bit of a surprise. Even that bratty Kanako whom I never thought would end up as a potential candidate had feelings for him too. But hers felt a little too fast. By the time you realize she likes him and could be a contender, Kyousuke is already on his break up spree.

The most surprising of them all is Manami. I never thought that girl would have a scary side to her. That’s because she has always been portrayed as a gentle and timid childhood friend. She never gets mad and keeps her cool even if the situation is unfavourable. Sometimes you wonder if she really likes Kyousuke or just sees him as a friend and nothing more. So much so that if you want to analyze who would be the front runner in the race for Kyousuke’s heart, she would be dead last from what we have observed. But as demonstrated in the final episode, she provides to be a scary person because she wasn’t the Manami we used to know. It’s like she is the hidden last boss. And she really did put up a fight before getting ‘vanquished’ like the rest. So for Manami, it shows that still waters run deep. I’m not sure about Saori but I am sure she is mature not to get into that tangled mess of relationships. It’s probably my gut feeling that she likes Kyousuke too but treasures her friendship with the rest more so she is not that aggressive. Maybe if she was younger and her feelings still raw, she may have been more aggressive if she really falls for Kyousuke. But that’s just me thinking. I’m not sure about Ria because from the way she sounds, she looks up to Kyousuke as a big brother than a lover. But then again, you can’t really discount her when it involves the feelings and the heart.

I never expected Sena to be part of the harem since she is yaoi crazy and that she is quite a minor character in this season. So for her to even have a boyfriend was another surprising thing in this series. Yeah. Lots of surprises for me this season, no? It would have been a shocker if it really ended up as Kyousuke x Mikagami! No way! Otherwise, it could have been somewhat another draggy season and a slow couple of episodes at the beginning (such as flashback on Saori’s past) if not for that little cat fight that started it all and got me sitting up. Somehow this season I do not feel Kirino is a total b*tch like how a perceived her in the last season. Probably I had a glimpse of how the sibling hatred came about so there was provision for me to understand how it all started. They also spend quite a lot of time interacting together properly compared to the last season (I think). So it’s like the both of them hated each other for a long time when they actually liked each other behind it? That’s confusing. I guess when you’re that age, you’ve got lots of hormones sending in mixed signals. Therefore Kirino is not as hateful as I thought she would be and with her smiling more often and showing a lot more feminine emotions, at least there is a cute side to her. Besides, she is quite independent and knows how to differentiate between reality and game so she’ll be alright. And finally Kyousuke the man himself. Whether or not his siscon developed during his younger days or when the siblings aren’t on talking terms, he will still help his sister no matter what. She is after all his sister. What else reason do you need? And what better way to show your ultimate sister love than to propose and marry her? As a guy who prefers harem, I thought it was really a waste he rejected those girls. I know a harem should come with a variety of girls but I don’t think sisters would feel right. But really. That’s him calling the shots and his preferences so who am I to complain? At least he is straight although he is a little pervert. Hah!

This season’s opening theme is once again done by ClariS entitled Reunion. Another usual anime pop but nothing that attracts my attention. Just like last season too, every episode has its own ending theme sung by the seiyuus of either Kirino, Ayase, Kuroneko, Manami and Saori or a mix between them. The ending animation credits are different too so it gives that little extra motivation for a person like me to stay and watch. However I do not find any of the songs appealing although they a variety of ranges to them. Maybe it is because the song didn’t last more than an episode so it does not reinforce the ‘likeability’ of it. You know, sometimes when you hear a song once, it doesn’t really stick in your head or you may not like it at first. But after a few times, you get to like it as the tune sticks into your head. Thus for songs that do not last more than one episode, there is a high chance that I won’t find them appealing since I won’t purposely go back to listen to it unless it is very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very and absolutely catchy and brilliant. Unfortunately as I said, there are none here.

This show might only be fiction but there is always an implication in real life. Perhaps there are people out there who really want to marry their own brother or sister. I can think why this siblings marriage or even incest isn’t as prevalent as LGBT issues is because the numbers or not there. I could be wrong, though. Throughout the ages, mankind’s sexual preferences have deviated so much. More and more people are falling into the LGBT category although the conventional one still remains the big majority. People around the world, some are fighting for their rights as LGBT and some against. So we’re in some sort of transition period in trying to accept the new age relationship. Bad or good? Only time will tell and depends very much on the people involved. In time to come, I think sibling marriages will be just as hot issue as LGBT if there is a sizeable number of people having such preferences. If that ever happens, you can thank anime and all the eroges in the market for that. Oh yeah. Anime. Changing the way we perceive and live life. Okay to marry your sister? How about asking that to your dog as well.

I am sure this anime does not intend to make you love your sister to the point you want to marry her. There are some truths in what Manami said in facing reality too. Especially when rules and norms are formed by society, if you do not follow it, what will others think? How will they react? How will you be treated? It also made me think how long can I carry on in my own fantasy world of watching animes. Everyone in life is moving on. I’m still the same. Watching my animes as usual. I know I can’t do this forever. When will I wake up? Will I be able to? Hard to say because when you love something so much, it’s hard to give up. You become obsessed and infatuated with it. That’s why I can sometimes understand why Kyousuke was willing to give up a lot of things around just for something crazy he cherishes most that society wouldn’t go so far as to. So really, when will be the day I wake up to reality? Maybe I’ll do that in the next 100 years.

Once upon a time, there was an anime with a long title that was about a sister. More precisely, a brother who didn’t really like his sister (so do us viewers). Then came another anime with an equally long title that has a sister who loves her brother so much to the point she would consider doing adult stuffs with him. Subsequently another mouthful to pronounce anime series that has a mysterious sister suddenly popping up out of nowhere and wanting to marry her brother. Now recently we have another one of those sister animes too. Yeah, with yet another mouthful to utter, Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai Yo Ne is another one of those animes about a sister who loves her brother very much. So much her love that she sees way past their relationship as siblings and views him as a man.

You know what happens when young teenage girls overflowing with too much love do, right? I guess in such cases, the fun is always whereby one is willing and the other resisting. Would you rather see a show whereby both siblings consent to each other’s love and… The rest is up to your imagination. Too easy. No fun. Basically, all you need to know about this anime is that the sister loves her brother. A lot. To a point it’s annoyingly creepy. Wants to convert him and shower him with her love. Thankfully he doesn’t easily give in. He is not a pervert. He has his own ways of dealing with her twisted perversion. Add in other colourful characters in this harem-cum-comedy-cum-romance genre and here you have one big havoc and a disaster waiting to happen. Can it even be contained?

Episode 1
Akiko Himenokouji makes her way to the dorm her brother Akito is living. It has been 6 years since they were last together so it’s understandable that she is glad to be with him again. I guess 6 years must be a long time because all her pent up libido is going to burst out. First, she waits in the bath hoping Akito would come to peek at her. He didn’t. So she barges out in a towel to chide him what the heck he is doing. What the hell is he doing more important than coming to peep on his sister? Oh God. He had no intention. She is his sister for Christ’s sake. She tries to give that man and woman before brother and sister crap but I suppose he’s not convinced. Not giving up yet, she gives him another chance to peep. Or else. He never turned up. And Akiko had already counted up to 7,000! Can she soak for that long without getting wrinkles? Later, Akiko sulks and if Akito wants to show his sincerity, he should sleep with her in the same futon. That got shot down too. If you’re wondering why Akiko is such a good girl accepting that, after all that ranting, she thinks they’re supposed to do it outside the futon in the cold. I think what Akito meant was that he is sleeping alone. Before Akiko could continue with her sexually charged crap (something about creeping up to his bed in the deep of the night), Akito leaves her hanging. Next morning, we hear Akiko admitting she has this brother complex but Akito distracts her by changing the topic or praising her cooking. Later outside, Akito turns down yet another advance from Akito she wants to sleep on his lap. Yeah, she could die happy. However she notes as long she can be with him, she will be happy. She is grateful since the day he took her in from the Arisugawa family. When Akiko confess she loves him, Akito did the same. It almost knocked her out. Never thought he would really say those words, eh? Ah, it’s like a dream. And perhaps it still is because she won’t be having a peaceful life alone with her brother because there are other equally odd women living in this dorm too.

All of them including the siblings are part of the school’s student council. They are Arashi Nikaidou (president), Anastasia Nasuhara (vice president) and Ginbei Haruomi Sawatari (treasurer). Oh, Akiko is the secretary while Akito the secretarial sub-assistant fill in. But the one doing the real (donkey) work is of course Akito. I guess this is what happens being the only guy in the student council. But back at the dorm, it’s a battlefield. You though dinner would be nice and lovely, right? Wrong! Anastasia notes that this is the time to determine who would sit next to Akito and feed him. He has no say. Enough said. Akiko argues it is her rightful place as her sister and that he is her possession (so this guy is a thing?). Anastasia’s foul mouth has all the virgins shut up (including herself) but Akiko won’t give up her right to be next to Akito. Bringing in that he has been her brother since birth and even bought him a long time ago (WTF?!), the rest tells her to ask Akito directly. So what will be his answer? She is a good girl and he loves her. Hooray! It’s her victory! He loves her as a sister. Oh… What a letdown. Despite that, Akiko feels that even if they’re siblings, as long as they got love it doesn’t matter!

Episode 2
Akiko loves reading a forbidden sibling love novel by Kouichirou Shindou. Hoping one day she’ll end up like that with Akito, eh? Of course Akito comes in not because he wants to do her in but he has been hearing her weird “gu-heh-heh” laugh. He gets disappointed upon knowing what she’s reading and also a fan of this author. Though he allows her to keep this hobby (notice the creepy part of how her walls are filled with pictures of Akito?), he has several conditions. She must promise to keep that book out of his sight (at least do it when he’s not around), don’t make that funny sound (I know, it sounded very perverted) and never to bring up anything about that author or any books related to him. Akiko thought now they can get down and dirty but he already went back to his side and locked the door! You can never be too careful. Later Akito meets her editor, Kaoruko Jinno and she is impressed with his work. It hints that Akito is Kouichirou Shindou. In school, Akiko visits Akito in his class and probably wants to convert him into a siscon. She demonstrates being a tsundere (she’s a pro at it). As she leaves, she notices that since he hasn’t made any friends yet, she can’t leave him alone during the break. Soon Anastasia visits Akito and asks him out (tsundere style) for a picnic next weekend. It’s a good thing he said okay or else she would have switched his boxers with her used panties. Later Ginbei gives him taste her cookies. She knows his taste as they’ve been friends for 6 years. As they talk about his school life, the conversation gets serious when Ginbei suspects he is hiding something from her. Moving from Kyoto to Tokyo, transferring to St Lillian Academy and having a sister living with him. All these were done without her knowledge. How do you think she felt when he left to go to his sister suddenly? She doesn’t want to feel that again. Akito assures he isn’t hiding anything and thought they had settled the matter of him transferring away in secret. They stop arguing when they realize the other students are staring at them.

Akiko waltzes into Akito’s classroom hoping to get back their lost time. To her horror, he is not in his place. In fact, he has been called by Arashi to the student council room. She locks the door. Oh no. She asks him will he be her man. She’s kidding, right? Of course. The part about being her man. She wants to know if he would like to be her lover. That’s no difference either. Is she joking too? How about be her sex slave then? Akito’s status just keeps going lower and lower, no? If not, she can be his sex slave. Akito is taken that aback and one of the reasons Arashi loves teasing him is to see his reactions. She was about to demonstrate that when Akiko unlocks the door (she has the keys as she’s part of the student council) before her brother loses his chastity. She reminds her recess is her quality time with Akito since he has no friends. But the rest disagree because he doesn’t seem lonely during the break. Ginbei says he was enjoying her cookies and chatting. Anastasia was pushing it saying he was fantasizing about raping her! Arashi points out Akito is lonely because Akiko hogs him so he hasn’t been able to make any friends after transferring. Akito also knows this but doesn’t have the heart to say it to her. Akiko confirms this and feels bad. She promises to limit herself to visit one or two times and will watch from afar. Back in class, a group of boys invite him to join their Buddha statue appreciation club. He declines he is busy. However Akiko is giving her unsolicited encouragement from outside the door. This freaks the guys out and they back out. Maybe she should watch from a little farther. Later Akiko wants to reduce the awkwardness in their relationship and distance by calling his first name. It sounded so perverted…

Episode 3
Akiko wants Akito to help replace her fluorescent light. It’s one of her ploys, right? Right. In that case, she’ll change it in hopes he’ll come look up her skirt. Fix it yourself. If Akito has to put up with one weirdo, here’s another one. Anastasia can’t seem to enter her room because her door isn’t automatic! Will he help to open it for her? Open it yourself. As Akito is also the dorm manager, he has to help fix the pipes. Ginbei accidentally bumps her head when she finds his face too close to hers. When Akito takes in the laundry, Akiko comes rushing to tell him to hands off her panties. What the hell? This is the girl who wants her brother to peek at her panties but won’t let her touch it? So she prefers him touching them when she’s wearing it? This argument attracts Anastasia and thinking Akito prefers freshly worn ones, she is going to strip hers. Akiko won’t lose out and will strip too. Nobody is stopping her… Ginbei notices Arashi’s underwear isn’t in the laundry. She says she lost them. Anastasia thought she’s at a disadvantage because you can’t arouse a certain pervert without an underwear. On the contrary, she’s not wearing any! If you get what that means. She teases them by trying to show it. But when the wind blows, Akiko quickly covers his eyes, causing him to knock his head on the rock. Oh, what have you done? So is it a good thing or bad when Akito can’t remember the events that led to this? Later Anastasia calls Akito to his room. I guess he took his time so she ended up sleeping (and snoring). When she wakes up, she thinks of writing a letter of introduction to a manzai association as it’s her dream to be a comedian. Is that a joke? Akito notices her unpacked boxes. Since it has come this far, Anastasia has no choice but to reveal the dark truth. It is a point of no return once he hears this. Oh no. Are you prepared for this? She is… Anastasia… Can’t clean or do any housework. Eh? At home she had her butlers and maids and at school her groupies to suck up and do everything for her. So in short, she wants him to help her unpack. Or would he rather have her reveal her ‘secret flower garden’?

Akito agrees to help her but suggests he could teach her how to clean and do housework. I’m sure he would be glad to not receive any compensation. Because she would compensate her body for his work. Anastasia notes that trying to seduce him isn’t effective and has learnt something. So Anastasia learns from Akito in doing the clean up that includes how to fold her clothes. Akito praises her pretty smile and hopes she could smile more often because she looks more attractive this way. This causes Anastasia to fluster. All that’s left is a big box. Anastasia panics and doesn’t want him to open. In her haste, she accidentally bumps open its contents: A bunch of cute stuffed dolls. Akito is willing to consider this his hallucination. It’s not like he would tell anyone either. He sends her flustering again when he comments on her cute side. Later in school during recess, Akiko tries to feed Akito but that perfect chance is ruined when Anastasia joins in. She sits between them. I guess telling her straight to go away and eat lunch alone won’t do, no? She has something important to ask of him: Please be her girlfriend. Shock! Akiko almost dropped her lunch. The reason for this confession? What else? She loves him! Double shock! Now Akiko drops her lunch. She’s screaming like a retard too! While she’s at it, the duo are ignoring her. Then Akiko drops her entire lunch when Anastasia places Akito’s hands on her breasts! Because the retard is so noisy, she shuts her up by putting her hand on her breast. Total knockout. In the end, it was all a joke as she was interested to see their reactions. She notes she thought she could win him over by letting him touch her breasts but wonders if her method is wrong.

Episode 4
Ginbei flusters when Akito comes back and praises her cooking since it makes the scene look like they’re newlyweds. Then he wants to eat cake in her room. She changes into a girly outfit while he commends her excellent tea. Ginbei is glad she could see him again. Akito thanks her for always worrying about him and even transferred out of Kyoto to come here. He will treasure their friendship. I guess that word just ruined it. Disappointed he doesn’t see her more than a woman? She got distracted by the good cake he bought. Then she realized he bought this cake just for her. I guess there’s still hope. When Akito commends how cute she is in those clothes, she couldn’t believe what she heard and spills her tea over her dress. Quickly, Akito took a cloth and tries to dry it. I suppose she was so flat that he didn’t feel anything and continued rubbing. Oops. SLAP! Later Akito finishes cleaning up Anastasia’s room. As usual, she tries to twist his words and make him sound like a pervert. Noticing the lack of her stuffed animals, she feigns ignorance till it points out she should put out the things she loves. Yeah. She opens her closet and all her stuffed animals just came flowing out. Did they multiply? Anastasia continues to tease Akito with her sexual innuendoes. This guy is having it tough. Not many guys can hold it in. Especially when she introduces a ‘hole’ doll. It really has a hole. To put your hand in because it’s a puppet. But guess where the ‘hole’ is? He tries to leave but she stops him and accuses him of being a virgin (like as though virgins are an extinct species). Wanting to get revenge for her humiliation, she takes out a banana. If she’s not going to eat it in an erotic way, then she’s going to purposely slip on it to fall over him. Akito feels she is much stranger than usual and wonders if she’s sick. He touches her forehead for temperature and this catches her off-guard. So much so she panics and slips on the banana peel for real, crashing into her closet. Then she hides under her blanket and laments this humiliation.

Later the dorm girls bath together. I’m sure they have invited Akito to join but he turned them down instantly. He knows very well what they’re going to do, eh? Anastasia teases Akiko that her body physiques and 3 sizes are inferior to hers. So as the duo challenge each other, Ginbei is getting low on confidence about hers. Anastasia disagrees and notes her smooth baby-like skin. Soon everybody starts molesting Ginbei. It’s time to wash each other’s backs and Anastasia and Akiko didn’t like being paired up with each other. It’s part of Arashi’s plan to have them improve their relationship. Or maybe she just wants to hog Ginbei’s skin all for her own. When they start rubbing, they notice there is no foam and realize it is Arashi’s lotion prank. Arashi calls Akito to deliver the body soap. Of course he is not coming in despite their temptation. With everybody playing the waiting game, Ginbei decides to go get it from Akito. I wonder why he just can’t leave it on the floor and leave. As Ginbei is about to take it from him, the slipperiness of the lotion causes her to slip and fall on Akito. Now he has a full view of her naked body! What happens next is up to your imagination.

Episode 5
Arashi wants to give nicknames. Especially Akito. She wants to call him “Target” because she is the predator who always gets her prey! Rejected! But she isn’t in favour of calling him his full name because of fear she may bite her tongue in emergency situations. As for Anastasia, how would “Darling” sound? Rejected! And how different would it make for Akiko since she calls him onii-chan? She brags that because of this absolute bond, it gives her a special place with him and they all should be jealous! The trio didn’t like it. Akiko blames them for their intrusion to the dorm and ever since she hasn’t had any quality time with Akito. Suddenly they become gentler. They agree to let her do what she wants with Akito under the impression that she is sick. Akiko thinks they’re pulling a fast one but they seem serious. Even when confronted if she’s sick or not, they try to ignore the subject (albeit very badly). Their reverse psychology on Akiko worked since it made her go crazy and runs away crying. Even if it was just to tease her, they know she’ll be back to normal once they return to the dorm.

Later, Akito calls Jinno to meet up for their next meeting when Akiko comes by. Jinno is surprised he has a sister because he always thought his sibling was a brother. After the call ends, Jinno has this terrible thought that Kouichirou Shindou may be a real siscon lover! If that is true, she must put a stop to it at all cost. So when Akito meets her, he is baffled at her strange act. Yeah, she’s trying to seduce him! Fanservice cue! Well, I guess she doesn’t make her appearance often so feast your eyes on her sexy poses! Are you turned on yet! Each time, getting bolder and bolder but Akito is just trying to stay calm. Jinno wonders her plan is not working since he is into sisters. Then Akito realizes what she is doing. She must have read a recent magazine that was targeted for female audiences. Coincidentally, all her lines were the same as in this magazine. Once Jinno explains her intention and her worries if his work as Kouichirou Shindou were manifestations of his true desire, Akito clears it by stating he knows how to differentiate reality and fiction. Even that clause is stated in the book that everything depicted doesn’t relate to anybody real or dead. He swears he has no romantic feelings for Akiko. However Jinno’s suspicions didn’t subside because Akiko’s name is closely similar to the name of the character in the fiction and that Akito still keeps a picture of her in his wallet.

While Akito is checking the box in the storeroom, Arashi comes in and closes the door. Oh no. Akito knows where she is getting at and tries to get out but Akiko accidentally locks it! No one can hear him shout in the storeroom and besides, dinner time is in 2 hours and they’ll start looking for them if they don’t turn up. She’ll make this quick. Oh sh*t! Akito thinks of using the ladder to scream for help at the high window but Arashi dismantles it! Arashi corners Akito and mentions that she intends to make everyone in the dorm her target and will start with Akito. He distracts her to set himself free and jump for the window but he can’t reach. Arashi goes wild and jumps on him. Unknown to her, a jar is threatening to fall over her. Akito sees this and pushes her away and ends up on top of her. Arashi is grateful. Suddenly Akiko opens the door, thinking she has heard some loud crash. In that instant, Arashi takes full advantage by hugging Akito and mentions they were in the middle of something intense. I guess Akiko nearly went into retard mode again upon seeing this misunderstanding scene. Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, the other girls fault Akiko since she was the one who locked the door. But she says she also saved Akito from Arashi’s clutches. They suggest in that case she should be Arashi’s lover or sex toy. Arashi agrees to it since she is still turned on despite being interrupted with Akito. She orders Akiko to strip to take responsibility as his sister!

Episode 6
Jinno reads Kouichirou Shindou’s new work and is impressed by the forbidden love. However she can’t help think Akito really has sister complex and must find out. The first thing she sees when she visits the dorm is a giant hug pillow with Akiko on it! Actually it belongs to Akiko. Jinno is introduced to the other girls and Arashi knows she is not here to give Akito some work encouragement. It’s written all over her face. Before Jinno can explain, Arashi jumps the gun. She indicates she wants to ‘eat’ Jinno! New target! Thankfully if Akito wasn’t there, this ‘joke’ would’ve turned into a real sexual harassment. Jinno wants to confirm if Akito has siscon. The girls did not hesitate to reply he has! Along with all their mumbo-jumbo and universal truths, laws, etc that goes with it. Akito coolly dismisses it despite everybody accusing him of having a massive sister complex. He will have Jinno ask Akiko herself. By the way, conveniently she just came back from shopping. Akiko denies her brother has siscon otherwise she would’ve been the happiest sister in the world. In fact, she goes on to brag about her brother complex, which is a gift from God (puhlease…). This only serves to worsen Jinno’s perception. Akiko tries to persuade Akito build his siscon to a point he crosses deep into that danger zone. Akito coolly disagrees with all her suggestions but he did mention he loves her but only as her sister and shoots down all her suggestions of marrying or hugging her. She wants him to sleep with her as penance. He surprisingly agrees. She is shocked at first but soon her face becomes perverted the more she fantasizes about it. Turns out Akito was just teasing her. The other girls are like so duh watching this stupid couple act out in front of them. So the girls assure Jinno that they’re going to stop this. As explained, the trio moved into this dorm to prevent the unthinkable act of happening between a man and woman, especially when it involves a brother and his sister.

It is suggested that they will sleep in separate rooms. Akiko argues she is the dorm manager and has the right to sleep in that room but they point out Akito is the one who is doing all the work. They think of finding a proper dorm manager to avoid having Akito shouldering all the responsibilities. Akiko’s argument went so far as a flashback that creepily has her keeping count to the exact minute of how long she has not seen her brother! But not as creepy when she puts that perverted face thinking she and her onii-chan will become one. The rest won’t force her but has Akito decided. Although he loves her, it is all the reason why they should sleep in separate rooms. Disappointing, huh? So the girls gladly help shift his things out and nobody gives a damn about Akiko complaining. They just ignore. Did they hear the wind talking? Akito goes through all the siscon stuffs she bought for him and each one has siscon memories for him to make him dote on her. He sees her asleep and thinks she has cried herself to sleep. When he is about to pat her head, suddenly she has that perverted expression. So she’s not asleep. She waited for this moment. Doesn’t she have anything better to do than to turn him into a siscon? Guess not. Her life revolves around him. Akito gently strokes her face and puts her out for good. Sure he loves her. As a sister. Next morning, Akiko understands his decision. However she misinterprets that it is more exciting to obtain something harder. Arashi gathers everyone to introduce their new dorm manager. The girls have their picky preference what they expect in her. Just in luck, Arashi notes she has all those features. Plus, she comes from a famous family and is a genius. Akito has a feeling he knows this person. And here she comes. Arisa Takanomiya the 12 year old genius was Akito’s previous adoptive family. Anastasia asks her relationship with him. Guess what? She’s his fiancée. She’s glad to be back living with him. Ooohhh…

Episode 7
I guess another rival is not needed. So Akiko complains. Complains and complains about her disapproval. It’s already been a week. For God’s sakes. Isn’t she going to shut up? However the rest approves of Arisa since she is also doing a fine job. They’re not even worried a single bit. On the topic of Lolita complex, Ginbei asks if Akito likes child-like bodies (hint, hint). Too bad, he isn’t. But Anastasia is (hint, hint). Nobody asked her… Akiko will still not change her opinion so Arashi says the best she can aim for is to be his sister-in-law. That’ll be worst! So back at the dorm Akito and his sisters talk. Each time Akito praises Arisa, what he ends up saying is that he views her as his little sister. Heartbreaking, no? Akiko asserts her position as his real blood related sister. He doesn’t need 2 sisters (says who?) and should in fact pity her as much as he does for Arisa who is trying to rob her position as his sister. I suppose Akito can tell she’s faking it because of those crocodile tears. Arisa wants to be friends but Akiko still won’t accept someone who pops up and claims to be his fiancée. Arisa’s agony is cute and a turn on to lolicons and probably it would have somewhat a same effect on Akiko so she puts on her blindfold to avoid seeing her and not get infected by her cuteness. She admits she wants to give her the cold shoulder. Later Arisa is in Anastasia’s room dressed up as a bunny girl. The blonde likes it every bit… Oh no. Everyone is out picnic and except for a certain jealous sister, everyone praises her cooking. Anastasia wants to learn every bit of her. Including her favourite underwear and also want to take pictures of her in the bath. I think she can land in court for sexual harassment. Akiko tries to find fault in Arisa’s cooking by bringing up her childhood past that nobody bothers to remember. She even admits she’s trying to make a mountain out of a molehill! As we know, the problem is her, not Akito because he likes Arisa’s cooking. Arashi decides the sisters shall hold a challenge. Akiko will decide on the contest but if Arisa wins, she must stop complaining.

First up, they are to ride a swing. Seriously? I guess it’s a play of words for swing (buranko) and brother complex (burankon). While Akiko is busy remembering another useless flashback how Akito helped overcome her fear of swings, Akito joins Arisa swinging and realizes how much fun this is. You lose. Not giving up yet, the next contest sees what they should do with a kitten. Arisa is kind and gentle but when it’s Akiko’s turn, the cat bites her! I guess this says a lot. For the athletic challenge (to be able to play with Akito, I guess), Akiko challenges her to badminton but the shuttlecock bounces back and hits her face. I don’t think it’s possible. The only way I can think of is divine retribution. Sore loser Akiko only acknowledges Arisa’s ‘tiny’ victory. She will only acknowledge her as the dorm manager because she will still be Akito’ sister and wife. Then Arisa asks something that stuns everyone. Isn’t it wrong for siblings to be romantically attracted to each other? I guess everybody has been putting up with Akiko’s brother complex boasting every day that it becomes normal. So what does Akiko think? She’s pretending not to listen! Arisa talks to her that such love is legally and morally wrong but she won’t have it. Total defeat comes when Arisa points out the more she continues, it will end up troubling all those around her, including Akito. Akiko isn’t going to throw in the towel yet. She is adamant her love for Akito will persevere and insults Arisa to give up. That’s when Arisa couldn’t take it being a nice girl anymore and argues back. They both argue that they love Akito more than the other. Better than Energizer bunnies, they argue and argue and argue right till their way back to the dorm. Don’t they get tired? I guess to settle this, they ask Akito who he loves more. In the end that guy still has to be involved. How will he solve this? First, he praises the good points each sister has. That is the reason why he cannot choose either one. Love for little sisters must be equally divided without discrimination! I guess this settles it. Arashi teases them in the end Akito doesn’t see either of them as women too. For once, Akiko becomes friendly with Arisa. She notes she is not a dangerous rival. Because they love their brother a lot, their advantage is meaningless. They should help each other overcome their differences. And so the sisters become friends in love. Later Akito wonders why Arisa wanted to make friends with Akiko since she treated her as an enemy from the beginning. She was the only one who recognized her as an equal and didn’t look at her as a child because she acknowledged her claim as his fiancée. Soon, Akiko teaches Arisa how to shout out her love for Akito and even gives a lovely big brother t-shirt. Oh no. As though one wasn’t bad enough. Now here comes another one.

Episode 8
The girls are out at the store to choose a swimsuit. You know what they say about the early bird and the worm. Arashi wants Akiko’s help to tighten the tiny bikini she’s trying. Pull! The commotion has Ginbei coming in. That’s when the string snaps and her boobs smack over her face! OMFG! Arisa wants to try a bikini but Anastasia stops her because she has her own ulterior motive and fetish to have her in a one piece. She convinces Arisa to ditch that idea by saying her body will mature in time and thus to shape that future body, she must wear a one piece. Everyone reveals their swimsuit except for Ginbei who decides to stay out of this. She laments her body is appealing enough. Akiko steps up and reveals several tactics to enhance one’s body and has Ginbei try out. Arashi and Anastasia lament that they should have been more knowledgeable about swimsuits otherwise they could’ve been the ones in there caressing Ginbei. No harm imagining, right? Arisa also wants Akiko’s help but Anastasia puts down her foot and reminds them of the ultimate swimsuit: School swimsuit. Your objections are invalid! Or else, it’s that piece of tiny string Arashi suggested. That’s illegal! So when they go back, their mission is of course to show off their newly bought swimsuit and have Akito pick who is the best one. Initially Ginbei decides to stay out of this but after hearing the prize for the winner, she’s in. I can pretty much guess what it is. Akito has to go to their rooms to look at them in their swimsuit.

First stop is Arisa. Not only in a school swimsuit with knee stockings, she has angel wings and halo to boot! Including special effects of flying! Thank Anastasia’s father’s company for such useless stuff. He goes to Anastasia’s room to complain but she is in a cat swimsuit. She even has a doll to match her outfit. Next is Ginbei. She’s trying to prop up her boobs but to her dismay it’s not working. Then her pads fall out! Four of them! No they’re not pads! They are… Coasters! But do cups spill when you put on them ‘coasters’? Akito has a bad feeling even before entering Arashi’s room. When he does, she seems normally dressed. For now. She takes off her robe and she’s buck naked!!! OMFG!!! She insists she is wearing one. Only siscon people can’t see them! Run out away from this crazy woman! Finally he makes his way to Akiko’s room. For once, he sees a normal swimsuit and praises it. But that’s just about it. After seeing the rest went overboard, hers seem plain. Akiko will gladly do some adjustments but somehow it’s been-there-done-that. Akito’s already seen them. Even the naked one. I’m sure Akiko is about to blow her top or enter retard mode once she learns about that. There is one room he thought it was vacant and heard sounds coming from it. He opens the door to see Jinno changing! She took up Arashi’s invitation for this contest too?! So in the end, was it a right decision he can’t decide? He reasons that had he picked a winner, the losers won’t want to go to the beach in that loser outfit. Arashi takes this that everybody has won. So? This means everybody is entitled to the prize of deciding Akito’s swimsuit! Odd choices… And horny ones. Literally. Arashi only has a horn! What? Too small? What’s his decision now? RUN! Later we see the gang frolicking at the beach. But it turns out to be their imagination. They’re still back at the dorm. Why are they wearing swimsuits around? Because summer is still a long way and it’ll be a waste to put it back in their closet. Yeah. The early bird… Later Akito heads to Jinno’s office to discuss his work. Once more she praises his forbidden love tail. But why the heck is she in her swimsuit?!

Episode 9
Akito follows Ginbei to a secluded spot in school to see her taking care of a kitten. She’s talking to it. Seriously. What’s more disturbing is that she is acting tsundere towards it. His cover is almost blown but he manages to get away by purring as a cat. However Ginbei wants to meet this ‘cat’ too and goes over. Man. This is one big cat. Embarrassing moment in three, two, one… Suddenly Akiko shows up. Seems her friends, Reika Ryuuzaki and Ayumi Himekawa are bringing her here to let her glimpse of that cute kitten. As they introduce each other, Akito notices Ginbei is gone. Faster than the wind (Arisa didn’t even know what zoomed past her), a very embarrassed Ginbei hides in her room. Later Akito falls ill after getting out from the bath and falling asleep while writing his manuscript and calls Jinno in hopes he could extend his deadline. Akiko is adamant to be the only one who will nurse him back to health to show her unwavering devotion. It’s her ploy to get sick and let him nurse her too. The other girls argue why they should be the ones who should look after him so Arashi puts her foot down that this isn’t the time to be quarrelling. They should be helping Akito recover instead. Shame on them. She suggests they take shifts to nurse him the way they want. Nobody will complain or is allowed to get in your way. The rest misunderstood that and thinks this is a no-holds-barred competition to see who can take care of Akito the best. Ah well… Arisa comes in first and almost drops her huge tray of uhm, nutritional food. I don’t know, the more Akito hears about them, the more panicky he gets. Doesn’t sound so appetizing. She even has other foods not for eating but to speed up his recovery like smashing picked plums on his forehead or sticking green onions in his butt!

By the time it’s Anastasia’s turn, perhaps it turned out worse. Smashed plums on his foreheads and an onion sticking out not from his butt, but his ‘front’. It’s like something growing out from his pants. Akito doubts her nursing skills but she assures him she is only useless in housework. She relates her nursing experience. With her stuffed animal. Oh dear. Akito can’t sleep since her words seemed like cursing him to hell. Then on and off, she asks the same question if she can help with anything or wipe the sweat off below his waist. She wanted to show him a family technique (I think she’s making this up) and wants him to close his eyes and mouth and not open them. Oh. She’s trying to kiss him! However Akito broke his promise and opened his eyes. In his surprise, this breaks her ‘concentration’ as she chides him about erasing all the good luck mumbo-jumbo. Somewhat upset, she turns into a tsundere and leaves. Next is Akiko but surprisingly she didn’t have ulterior motives and shows her calm and mature side in nursing him! I can’t believe this! Is this really her?! Sure she is not sick?! Meanwhile, Jinno develops fever at work. She thinks she sacrificed herself and got Akito’s sickness from the phone to cure him. WTF. I think she should just go home and rest. The workload may be stressing her out. Finally it’s Ginbei’s turn. Akito’s sleep talking and motion has him pull her over him. From the way he says things, she thinks he is dreaming of that incident whereby they first met. He was treating her back and some incident after that has him stopped seeing her as a girl. Thinking back, she feels it was the worst possible way for them to meet.

Episode 10
Flashback time. Akito was a transfer student at Kyoto into Ginbei’s class. Ginbei was an extraordinary person hard to approach and was respected by both students and teachers. So when Akito casually approached her, she didn’t like it. He wants to be her friend. She doesn’t want to. But he is still persistent. From the minute he saw her, he knew she would be someone who’d stick with him through thick and thin. Unperturbed, if friends are what he is looking for, the next day, all the boys in his class tried to be his friend. Akito confronted her and knew she was behind this. However, Akito wanted to be not just anybody’s friend. He wanted to be Ginbei’s friend. Sorry. She’s not interested. Next day, all the girls tried to fight over his attention! Yeah, Ginbei even put up this harem for him. But that didn’t stop Akito as he continued to bug Ginbei to a point she got fed up and skipped school. Though feeling peace at home, that didn’t last. Akito snuck into her home (despite all that security) to confront her. He is here to pick a fight with her. Had she stated her intentions clearer, he would’ve given up. However she went the roundabout way and used others to attack him. He apologizes for his way of approaching her so he is giving her a chance to vent out her frustration by punching him in the face. The kids fight. I didn’t think it would last the entire day. Ginbei finally punches him in the face. Though it’s her victory, Akito laughs because no matter what everyone says, they are friends now. This isn’t about whether she wants to be friends or not. They are one already. He apologizes for lying previously because he wanted to make her give it all during the fight. Now after fighting that much, there is nothing left but for them to be friends. But Ginbei has told him many times she doesn’t need a friend. She doesn’t need one who follows her around and pretends to listen. What she needs is a best friend. Of course at that time it was the closest thing Ginbei thought was closer than a friend. As the kids go wash up, Akito wanted to bath together and pulls down Ginbei’s pants! Oops. He never realized she was a girl… Ginbei admits though her name is boyish and sometimes act like one, she hated herself for not approaching him as a girl. That is the cause of all their misunderstandings and hopes to clear it up one day.

Arashi takes the last shift and in the dead of the night, Akito caught glimpse of her walking out. Next morning he has recovered. But it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire. Akiko wants him to decide which of them was best at nursing him. Each is trying to lead him to pick her. They’re making a recovered person decide on something heavy, aren’t they? I guess it wouldn’t be fair to us if we hear that all of them won, right? I suppose he learnt his lesson too. So he picks the winner… Arashi! Why? She didn’t do anything, right? Precisely that. Not doing anything is best when nursing someone back to health. Akiko is close to turning into retard mode but her problem is not because he picked Arashi. Guess what? The winner of this competition gets to spend the entire day with him alone in the winner’s room with no interference! OH SH*T!!! He just screwed up big time! So the dorm is sealed off and the rest are kicked out. Akito braces himself for the worst but is surprised to see Arashi, gentle and polite like a traditional Japanese woman. Is this really her? He thought he saw her right eye flashed and notes she didn’t wear her eye-patch today. She says it is to hide a secret power it holds. This eye can rewrite people’s memories. But each time she uses it, she loses part of her eyesight. She assures she used it too much unconsciously during her younger days and her eyesight is somewhat affected. Then the story turns out to be a joke… But Arashi continues her elegant ways. At the end of the day, Akiko is suspicious that nothing really happened. Yup, that’s what happened. Surprised? The rest accepted the fact. Akiko wonders what Arashi was trying to pull. She reveals she was going for gap moe (acting the opposite sometimes of one usually is). Akito admits he did find her attractive that way. Oh no. Warning. Akiko in full blown retard mode now! Though Arashi’s shoulders are stiff from that acting, she warns next time she will devour him as a whole as her usual self. Meanwhile Jinno is sleeping in office (it’s already after office hours). Everybody has forgotten about this sick woman…

Episode 11
Anastasia just came out of the bath, admiring her own body clad in only a towel. But she notices she has no panties to wear. Her room is in a messy. Akito has given up cleaning for her. Obviously. It will be a pain to search them. Then she hears Arisa’s scream. She sacrifices wearing any panties to go protect her precious. Seems Arisa heard something from the gate. However it can’t be a pervert because she saw several green lights! Night vision goggles? Akito teases the girls that it might be ghosts. I think all of them are afraid despite denying its existence. Arashi wants him to go check it out alone. Yeah, she’s scared too. He gives them another chance to tag along. No thanks. Suddenly Akiko gets this wonderful idea to get romantic with him in the dark and joins in. Soon, the other girls also have their ulterior motives and join him. So everybody is going in the end. As they trek along in the dark path, the wind kept blowing up Anastasia’s skirt or the grass tickled her ‘down there’ causing her to scream a funny voice that scares the rest. And she did give crappy excuses why it wasn’t her. They decide to climb over a wall to take a shortcut back to the dorm. That means they will have to sit on Akito’s shoulders, right? Oh. Everybody seems to have their fun riding on his shoulders and finally reluctant Anastasia gives in. Did he notice? Did she feel good? Well, nothing much happens. Along the way, a raven flying away scares the sh*t out of them. They run helter skelter and end up separated in pairs. Ginbei and Arisa are initially scared, hugging each other. But then they turned yuri as they start molesting each other’s boobs to certify what they other have for their age is true. Anastasia is walking so close behind Akiko that it’s giving her the creep. Akiko knows something is wrong because she has been acting weird. Anastasia coolly denies and even manages to piss off Akiko her usual style. As Akiko rants about marrying her brother (even if it means becoming Prime Minister and changing the laws to allow blood related marriages), she thought Anastasia has been making fun of her. But Anastasia notes she never made fun of her ever since the day she first met her 6 years ago.

Flashback reveals when Akiko transferred into her class then, Anastasia was somewhat interested because of her beautiful skin and hair. She got close to her to even know about her dream and love for her brother. Over the years they became rivals but that was just because she wanted to be her friend. So when Akiko told everyone the good news that she’ll soon be reunited with Akito, Anastasia was interested in a way to see what kind of man could make her fall deeply in love with him. One day she sees Akiko guiding Akito around school on his first day. After that, Anastasia approaches him in her usual deadpan sarcastic fashion, calling him a scumbag to check out girls in broad daylight. I guess that’s how it all started and got stuck. We have a sudden change in scene whereby Akito is on the verge of marrying all the girls! Including Jinno! He accepts them all! Did he bed them all too?! Soon we see each of the girls having a baby in their arms. OMG! I can’t believe Akito is the father to them all?! Even Reika and Ayumi are pregnant too! Then it turns out to be Jinno’s sick dream. She’s still sick and holed up in office. Doesn’t she have a home to go back to?

Episode 12
Going back to Anastasia’s flashback, after she approaches him, she is surprised that this is the only guy who could answer her back calmly. Teasing him about being a virgin and purposely making him saying aloud (so that the other girls could hear), Akito reveals his touring of this school is because he might transfer here. In that case, to keep this pervert under surveillance and not let him wander around, she offers to guide him. Along the way, Akito is confused with her talk. Despite admitting she is nervous right now, she has the guts to ask him to go back and fetch her panties. Something that every guy would die for. As Anastasia notes, she might seem calm but deep down she is very anxious when in front of him and everything she says comes out wrong. Though Akito won’t go so far to call them friends, he accepts that part of her. That’s when she introduces herself and they shake hands. Soon he transferred in and Anastasia was living her happy life because she was able to get close to Akiko and at the same time be friends with Akito. Back in reality, Akiko is still suspicious that Anastasia is acting weird. However from the way she said things, Anastasia knows she isn’t the brightest and asks her a hypothetical question. If one day you don’t have any underwear to wear, what would you do? Akiko gives several honest opinions like running to the nearest convenience store to get them, wash and dry one that you haven’t wear for a long time or wear something else like bloomers or swimsuit. Anastasia is astounded by her answers and praises her. Of course Akiko doesn’t know if she’s fooling around. Anastasia assures her that because of her, her life now has meaning since she changed everything for her. As a token of appreciation, she pecks her cheek! Then the wind blows up her skirt. Akiko saw her commando style.

Eventually everyone returns to the dorm not finding anything. Then they hear somebody coming from the dorm. An intruder? Turns out to be Jinno. What about the green lights? Oh. Here comes a bunch of them now from the bushes! All the girls got scared and grab Akito. Each a limb I suppose. Those green lights turn out to be eyes of those cats. While everyone heaves a sigh of relief, they suddenly realize that there are really green ghost-like lights floating around!!! FREAKY! Because of that, everybody wants to sleep with Akito. It’s going to be very cramp up. Next morning, Akito realizes Arisa is sleeping naked next to him! The girls are even surprised. Don’t worry. He has an explanation. Arisa has this habit of stripping when they used to sleep together. Not good… Anastasia wants to switch, Jinno thinks in addition to his siscon, being a lolicon is bad. Arashi starts stripping and forces everyone to do the same. Till she reaches Anastasia that she realizes she is no-pan. Later as Akito writes another forbidden love story, Akiko comes in wearing a kimono. She’s here to apologize for doubting him. She remembers his words 6 years ago to trust in him and be a good girl. She feels sad there are days she didn’t think about him and hated herself for thinking like that. She got insecure and worried if he would wait for her but remained steadfast that he would come. It allowed her to try her best in many difficult areas as she wanted him to see the results of her efforts one day. So did she followed his instructions and be a good girl? You bet she did. Noting she has turned into a splendid woman, she is now prettier than before. Akiko thanks him from the bottom of her heart not only as a sister but a human being. Then it all comes to nought when Akiko returns to her horny self, wanting him to pull her obi and spin her around. He did that. But that was just to kick her out. Lock the door and continue finishing his work in peace. Akito narrates he won’t be having a peaceful life with his sister any time soon. Even with all the other girls around him. That still won’t change his way of protecting Akiko and would even remove himself if he becomes a danger to her. That is because the truth is that they are not really blood related. He has no intention of telling her these confusing family circumstances thingy yet. Making her believe that they are blood related puts the brakes on her. Imagine what will happen if that was taken away. Or maybe the brakes will fail after excessive usage. Akiko lies in wait underneath Akito’s futon to pounce on him. As long as there is love, it doesn’t matter, eh?

Love Is Thicker Than Blood
I guess like Akito said, about his complicated family history, that will be another story. Interesting or not, that will have to wait for another time. If they make a sequel, that is. Well, just don’t wash your dirty linen in public. Overall I suppose that for someone who ‘enjoys’ watching this kind of genre, everything is pretty okay. Hah. What a vague answer. Want me to elaborate on that? There’s the harem factor. There’s the fanservice factor. There’s the comedy factor. There’s the romance factor. There. Enough? Incest did not happen, though.

If you look at Akito, he is a pretty cool guy considering the havoc the girls around him are causing. Everyone wants a piece of him. Had he been a pervert, he might have not earned their respect because like I said, if one gives in to his instincts it’s no more fun. Had he not the patience, he would have moved somewhere else far away since the girls are driving up the wall almost every day. It’s like some sort of a ritual. He might not know some of them that deep but he knows how to deal with them when they start acting up. Some of his answers regarding life-or-death questions in harem genres (about picking which girl has the best so and so) don’t sound cheesy but fair and decent. Might not be perfect but at least he couldn’t choose them due to pressure or just because he couldn’t. So the lesson of it all is to not lose your cool and perhaps play along a little with their game and in the end know where you stand. That’s how Akito survived every day at the dorm. Hats off to him on how he manages to stave off their perverted sexual advances and get by every day without going crazy or turning into a pervert. About his job as a writer, it might seem ironic that for a person who has every chance to get horny with his sister but yet refuses, writes one of the best forbidden romances between siblings. I don’t know. Each clip of the forbidden tale seems to transcend time and setting. We have one from the feudal ages to one whereby it is in Paris right up to a futuristic theme. But it is basically the same. Brother has to go somewhere to get something done but assures his love for her and she does the same. Imagine if Akiko finds out who the real author is. All hell will break loose.

Out of all the girls, Akiko is presented as the most annoying (from my perspective) because of her incessant ramblings about her brother complex. And she’s proud of it. Sure, that’s her identity but it shows that she is desperate trying to win his affections. It’s funny when she goes into retard mode because sometimes she sounds like a broken tape recorder. Looks like it will be a long time (or never) till she realizes her brotherly dream. I have a feeling that even if she comes to know the truth, she will still continue to love him as he is. Only difference is that her pervertness would be accelerated further. Another creepy aspect is her ability to remember the exact second from her last activity with her brother. Is she some Swiss clock? That’s not dedication. It’s desperation! Anastasia is the most amusing girl because of the way she has with words. Usually insults. And the way she coolly and monotonously says them without batting an eyelid makes her cool in her own way. She has a way of coming up with excuses no matter how absurd it sounds. She loves teasing Akito and especially the one about calling her name as Ana because it also means hole. One second she wants him to call him that, the next she criticizes him for calling a girl a hole. It’s not that he doesn’t learn. Maybe he doesn’t want to disappoint her. Despite putting a cold exterior and unapproachable front, at times when she has her guard down, she does display a sliver of emotions. At least at points when she least expects them. I’m not sure if I should believe her that despite her sarcasm, she is actually anxious inside, her words all turn out the wrong way. I know she only has one ‘sleepy’ expression but she puts on so many masks that if you tell me her real personality is a nice and shy girl, I am more inclined to believe her as an ice queen instead. I might be wrong but I think her favourite word is ‘virgin’. I feel she uses it a lot. Whether it’s calling Akito that or in some ridiculous excuse.

I think Arashi is the most mysterious one among the girls because she is one who doesn’t have her past explored in this season. Especially her eye-patch and I have a feeling that it is more than just being fashionable or her fetish. She is the wild type and I guess if you interest her enough, she’ll set her eyes on you. Despite her untamed personality, at times she is able to show some sort of maturity. Ginbei is the most normal among the crazy girls but too bad Akito sees her more as a boyish than feminine. Then there is Arisa who is the new addition to the ‘family’. Although being labelled a genius, I don’t really see her displaying that talent of hers. Sure, she’s commendable for being a dorm manager for her age but maybe it is because she is still a young girl. Thus sometimes displaying her naivety and providing the moe factor among the girls. Her past with Akito is also not given much focus like how we have seen at least with Anastasia and Ginbei. We all would love to see how all these women come into contact with Akito and why they love him. They may not look the part like serious lovers but would Akito have taken them seriously if so? When Anastasia wanted him to be her boyfriend, I don’t think she’s joking. If they were really serious, then he rejects them, the pain would be even greater, right? So while everybody frolics around, they don’t take him seriously, he doesn’t take them seriously, in the end everybody still has that chance. It’s good to dream…

So the harem part is obvious. All the girls love Akito. No doubt about it. Albeit some of them in their twisted ways. In fact, most of them are perverts. We know Akiko and her burankon, Arashi is bisexual as any man or woman will do for her and for Anastasia, I am beginning to think that she is also a lolicon the way she dotes on Arisa. I might not want to discount Jinno too. The editor may think she is doing her moral duty in bringing Akito back to the right path, but notice the method she does them? Trying to seduce him and all, she might not realize it but I have a feeling that deep down all that, she loves him too. So what if she manages to bring him to like mature woman instead of sisters and lolitas? That would mean liking older women, right? Her role feels like a joker at times too especially when she got sick, it felt like a running joke because it lasted for several episodes despite just making unimportant cameo appearances. So for our straight thinking straight male protagonist, it is good that he values the girls and sees them as friends rather than just women. So it is going to take a lot more effort (especially you, Ginbei) if you want to make this guy see you as a woman. One way is to perhaps act the total opposite of their wild behaviour. We saw that was possible when Arashi did her gap moe.

You can’t have this genre and do without the fanservice. I won’t say that it is filled to the brim and at every 2 seconds you get your panty shots of boob shots right in your face. But there are some scenes that are darkened out and of course the more dangerous scenes that are censored with a tiny mug of that. Maybe some will be visible when you buy the DVD but I doubt all will come off because there are some parts which act as censor for the lower anatomy region. This is not hentai so there is a limit to how much fanservice they can show. Tits, yes. Full frontal nudity, no. And oh, the opening credits animation is filled with lots of sexual innuendos. Make that lots of naughty sexual innuendos. Lots of sexy shots and poses that would most likely turn you on. See the way how Akiko ‘rocks’ on Akito as she sits on his lap? See how Anastasia blows the flute? And then the girls get naked with him while putting on a stimulated horny facial expression. So are you turned on yet? Hmm… I’m thinking that after so many sexual harassments and yet Akito doesn’t get turned on the slightest, I think HE IS GAY!!! Maybe? Just kidding! Better control your libido before you end up in court one day. Like they say, prevention is better than cure.

Ibuki Kido debuts as Akiko and I guess she did quite well in making Akiko a passionate girl with extreme brother complex. I wonder if the word delusional is sufficient to describe it all. For the umpteenth time, whenever I hear a certain deadpan voice and especially characters that show no emotions, it brings to mind Minori Chihara. True enough, she is the voice behind Anastasia and this is so much like her other similar characters like Nagato in Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu, Chiaki in Minami-ke, Horizon in Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon and Minami in Lucky Star. Other casts include Ryota Ohsaka as Akito (Sasayan in Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun, Yuki in Tsuritama), Eri Kitamura as Arashi (Lilliana in Campione), Asami Shimoda as Ginbei (Chika in B Gata H Kei, Kotomi in Seitokai Yakuindomo), Sumire Morohoshi as Arisa (Himiko in Oda Nobuna No Yabou) and Megumi Takamoto as Jinno (Himea in Itsuka Tenma No Kurousagi). Despite I said Minori Chihara usually voices deadpan characters, she doesn’t necessarily voice all of them. She has a good lively voice too. That’s because she also sings the lively anime pop opening theme, Self Producer. For the ending theme, Life-ru Is Love-ru is done by Liliana Sisters, which is actually the seiyuus of the main dorm girls (excluding Arisa’s). The tune of this piece plays to a cheeky and mischievous tune although it has a little of that dance beat feel. Even the way they sing the chorus sounds cute. One thing about the opening credits is that in many of the episodes, it only starts somewhere in the middle of the episode. Many animes would have their opening credits start right away or at least a minute or two after some introduction, prologue or short recap. But for this one, it is like they finish one story first and then they play the opening theme. At points I was beginning to think that this episode won’t even have one to begin with. As for the ending animation, I thought I find it odd that the girls are doing somewhat of an air snooker action. See it for yourself to know what I mean.

With a bunch of sister themed animes, maybe there is a trend these days that having sisters are the in-thing now, whether they are related by blood or not. But this isn’t as serious as more serious incest themed animes so if you want to watch for some laughs and let off a little steam (fanservice, what else?), no harm in trying this one out. I know I didn’t convert into a siscon so there shouldn’t be any problems with other people of managing to stay sane and keeping their chastity intact at the end of the series. Unless of course you are one of those easily influenced kind or the self righteous morally right holier-than-thou sage. I suppose this is a guy’s anime because you have a sister that totally loves you coupled in with the harem factor. Where can you find such a sister in real life? More importantly, would you really want such a sister in real life? There is such a fine line between love and lust…

One day all of a sudden out of the blue, you find that you have a little sister. The kind that is related by blood. Could this be a joke? Could this be a scam? Unless you have little sister fetish, you’re going to have to thread this carefully. Supposedly to add to this ‘drama’, the little sister doesn’t reveal her real identity completely. Teasing and stalking you along the way. Could this be a prank? Could this be a rip-off? Your mind will wander and start asking questions. To make matters worse, there is not one, not two or three, but five potential ‘candidates’ that could be your little sister! I smell harem factor… What about it being a joke or scam? Who cares. As long as I can have my fill of harem setting in Kono Naka Ni Hitori Imouto Ga Iru, I’ll think about that part later on. Yeah, I’m the worst.

Shougo Mikadono is the only son and heir to the giant conglomerate of Mikadono Group. Unfortunately his father, Kumagorou at the prime age of 49 passes away after a year bed-ridden. As part of his father’s will, Shougo is to enrol to Miryuuin Academy where Kumagorou once studied. There, he is supposed to choose a lifelong partner that will support him as he will one day lead the Mikadono Group. Wait a minute. Going to school to find a potential future wife? Let me guess. Lots of girls are going to try and impress him, right? I mean, he is the son of a big company’s top gun. He will one day become president and can you see the woman who will somewhat benefit it all when she becomes his wife? Yeah. So where does this sister part come in? Apparently Shougo finds out that he has a sister he never knew and she is among one of the many students at Miryuuin. The odd part is that she tries to get closer to him without revealing her true identity. So how can this guy trust a girl who doesn’t even have the guts to show her face? I don’t know. Shougo is one of those nice guys. Guess this means he obliges and plays along with the flow, huh? With his increasing popularity with the girls and a mysterious sister to the mix, is his high school life going to be a rosy one or a thorny road. Who cares. I’m in for the cat fight. Yeah, I’m the worst.

Episode 1
Kumagorou’s death becomes public and as Shougo attends his funeral, a mysterious voice outside the window tells him she is his little sister. Thus he will no longer be alone because she will marry him. Hold on! Can siblings marry? Shougo tries to peek out the window but couldn’t see anybody. His mom, Kanoko assumes temporary leadership of the group and tells Shougo about enrolling at Miryuuin and getting a lifelong companion. Like an obedient son, he packs his things and moves into the dorm nearby the academy. While making his way to the dorm, he passes by a cake shop and notices a girl, Konoe Tsuruma coming out. She was engrossed with her handphone that she crossed without looking. Shougo is supposed to dive across and save her, right? Well, he didn’t. I don’t know. It feels like some force pushed Konoe back. Shougo rushes to her aid and thankfully she didn’t suffer any serious injuries. Her handphone is fine. Her cream puffs are okay. Being the new kid in town, Shougo seeks her help in guiding him to the dorm. They stop by the park and Konoe feels somewhat strange. In the blushing way. The kind of feeling that makes her feel she has known him for a long time. Oh. Sister candidate #1, I presume. Shougo is introduced by his homeroom teacher Maiko Kotori. I can forgive you if you think she looks like an elementary school kid – watch your attitude because she’s one aggressive woman despite her petite size. Guess what? Konoe is in this class too. Fate or coincidence? And he gets to sit next to her. Fate or coincidence? Flanking him on the other side is the pouting Miyabi Kannagi. Like as though she has a problem seeing him. I have another word for her attitude: Tsundere. I suppose she is sister candidate #2.

Shougo helps Konoe take out the garbage and he hopes she could call her by his first name because calling him by his surname would remind him of his father’s company. Konoe notices a hideous scar across his forehead. Apparently he hit his head on something hard and thus he can’t remember much about his past. I guess this might explain lots of things. Why he doesn’t remember he has a sister. Things are looking to get steamier with Konoe pressing her forehead against his to ‘soothe the pain’ (what pain?) but is interrupted when grouchy Miyabi climbs down from a tree, annoyed at their ‘show’. She was napping up there. Konoe is taken away by student council president, Mana Tendou (sister candidate #3) and her vice, Rinka Kunitachi (sister candidate #4) for a class rep meeting. This leaves Shougo alone with Miyabi. Oh well. Arguing time. She accuses him of trying to kiss Konoe but he denies and she was just looking at his scar. Anyway Miyabi doesn’t want to be outdone and if he was going to kiss her, she too must also be kissed. He refuses of course. Back in his room, he receives a package containing a birthday cake from that cake shop. Could it be from Konoe? But he didn’t tell her his address or birthday. Beside it is a small box that contains an action figure, Grand Bellion the Cyborg Soldier, his favourite show when he was young. Next to it a picture of a girl pecking his cheek (her face not visible as usual). Then he receives an unknown call. A girl who claims to be her younger sister and that she sent him all these gifts. As much as Shougo tries to ask for her identity, she only teases him and claims she goes to the same school with him. This isn’t a lie since she could tell the things he has done today. Like throwing garbage. She signs off with an I love you. Next day at school, his mind is filled with thoughts on who this sister is. He even freaks out that there is a chance he may pick a companion that turns out to be his sister. Then he notices a girl spying him from the corner and chases her up to the roof. He confronts witch girl, Mei Sagara and she admits she can’t stop thinking about him, her brother.

Episode 2
Apparently you can’t have sister candidate #5 to be the real sister. Yet. Where’s the fun in revealing the truth so fast? What Mei meant was if he wants to meet a sister, come to her sister themed cafe called Lyrical Sisters that she owns. On his way back, he is forcefully brought to the alley by a guy known as Mr X. He is from the Seiryuu Association, a secret agency that covertly deals with problems within the Mikadono Group. Shougo was investigating his father’s past so that’s why Mr X came to him. Shougo wants to know about Kumagorou’s illegitimate child. Mr X claims he heard rumours he did father another girl with another woman. After telling about the mysterious sister, Mr X wishes to avoid anything that will bring a scandal to the group. Asking if there are any girls who suddenly want to become friends, I suppose there is one: Konoe. Because if the sister is trying to marry him, she would want to get as close to him as possible. And did you see this coming? Mr X becomes a transfer student in Shougo’s class to help keep an eye on things. He disguises as Ikusu Mizutani (a name closely sounding to Mr X). I guess he’s got the looks that the girls are swooning all over him. Worse, Ikusu creates a big understanding when he starts walking home with Shougo hand in hand. Well, it’s a good thing that the main girls don’t have yaoi fetish. Back in Shougo’s room, Ikusu takes a shower to eliminate whatever odour. Shougo accidentally steps into the bathroom. Oh. Ikusu is a girl. Why am I not surprised? I know. She looked so feminine from the start that it was hard to believe that she was a man. Apparently Seiryuu only accepts men as tradition, blah, blah, blah. Gender concealing, blah, blah, blah. Why does she like exercising and lie around naked in his room? Clearly she doesn’t know the meaning of shame.

Shougo attends the academy’s dance party with Konoe as his date. Mana starts partying but is reprimanded by Rinka about behaving properly. Konoe explains to Shougo about Rinka being from a noble family and thus her princess-like personality. Shougo dances with Konoe and they both hog the spotlight on the dance floor. While Mana wants to dance with Konoe, Rinka would like to have hers with Shougo. Rinka finds she needs to keep up with his elegant dance. Though the dance ends nicely, Mana now wants her turn and bumps into Shougo, causing him to accidentally fall over Rinka and his hand over her breast. Explanations are not needed. One roundhouse kick coming his way. While cooling himself outside, he sees Miyabi sitting alone. The tsundere wants him to stay away but he insists on dancing with her. She relents. Somehow her top dress comes undone. To avoid him seeing her precious assets, she hugs him. There are many other ways to cover up but she chose this… Konoe is looking for Shougo when she sees this. Thankfully no roundhouse kick because this girl at least listens to his explanations. She fixes Miyabi’s dress but soon after she runs away. Back home, Shougo receives another call from mystery sister. She’s still not giving things away except the fact that she was with him at the dance. Shougo puts his foot down he won’t marry his sister. She cuts him off. Miyabi wonders what she can do with these little boobs of hers. She even thinks Shougo may like them small and is adamant that he wanted to peek on them when she was hugging him. What’s her problem? I guess only something that tsundere would know.

Episode 3
Ikusu has a pretty good idea on how to prevent his mysterious sister from marrying him. They should get married and have kids! Because Ikusu doesn’t know the process of making babies, Shougo shows him a book on sex education. Basically all she needs is to let him shoot his sperm into her eggs. Can she be a little more reserved on that? Apparently not because she wants to get down and dirty now! So what happens when Konoe and Miyabi come in and see a couple of ‘guys’ too close for comfort? Thank goodness it didn’t awake their yaoi fetish. Later Shougo receives another call from the sister asking if he would like to see her naked body. Otherwise, would a naked man’s body suffice? If he tells her he loves her ten times, maybe she’d consider telling her identity. Shougo did just that and it sends the sister into ecstasy. That’s about it. No identity revealed. More woes for Shougo because the next morning, Konoe and Miyabi are going to help him realize that women are more attractive. They’re going to guide him back to the right path. I can see where this is heading. Yeah, it’s better than being gay, right? Since the girls are acting like sickos (Konoe trying to undress him and Miyabi wore his boxers to sleep!), he kicks them out. Right thing to do. Even in school, the duo won’t let go of him and even give him food that is virility good. How can he sleep when they also start sleeping next to him? I can’t blame him if he loses it but he can’t help think that one of them might be his sister. What if he f*cks her? Big time scandal. He hopes the mysterious sister would call in the midst of this to prove the neither is blood related to him. She better because the duo are stripping themselves naked! The only time when he really wanted her to call and she didn’t.

I think Shougo may have developed a phobia on them and runs away the slightest chance he’s got. Of course the duo go search for him and at the same time traded insults about slowing each other down. Shougo is ringed in by Rinka who reprimands him for being chased around by girls. She thinks he should just date one of them to solve the problem but his case isn’t that easy. Yeah. The sister thingy. If he can’t date them, then at least be their friend. How would they feel if the person they want to get close with runs away? So now Shougo goes look for them. And he can’t find them. Fortunately he meets Miyabi who gave up looking for him and is on her way to buy a swimsuit since she is in the swimming club. He accompanies her and learns that the company Kyouasu who once made handphones and cameras have also ventured into swimsuits. He needs to take notes of this because this company will be a strong rival for Mikadono Group in the future. It starts raining on the way back. Shougo shields Miyabi from a splash of water (why is the truck speeding in the rain?). She brings him back to her place to shower. In her bathroom, he sees Grand Bellion merchandise and panics if she is that mysterious sister. He confronts her and asks who she want to marry. Her choice is obvious: Shougo. But he apologizes and turns her down. Miyabi’s heart breaks and tells him to get out.

Episode 4
Ikusu calls Shougo and her investigations show that the mysterious sister has been using a modified voice changer. She will tell him the results once she is done. In class, Miyabi reverts to her gloomy self. Konoe feels something is wrong so Shougo had no choice but to tell her that Miyabi is his sister and wants her to keep this a secret. Later Konoe is nowhere around to help him take out the garbage. He receives a call from the sister wishing him goodbye. Then, Ikusu calls about the results. Kyouasu did launch a sophisticated voice changer that allows you to mimic a celebrity or anime character voice. However it was deemed dangerous as it would result in serious criminal activities and thus the launch was cancelled and samples recalled. She sends him a sample of how the handphone looks like. Say, isn’t this the model the one Konoe has? He races to find her and even ropes in Rinka, Mana, Mei and even Miyabi to help look. Finally after running almost everywhere, he realizes she may be at the park. True enough there she is. He heard cuckoo clocks go off in the background during the call. Konoe demonstrates a call and proves that she is the mystery sister. She explains that the picture was one that Kumagorou took. Their parents were best friends and often played with each other. The scar he got on his forehead was when he pushed her away from a speeding car. You could say he was trying to be a hero like Grand Bellion. To her, he will always be her hero. After that, their parents’ relationship drifted apart. That’s why when he transferred in, she was surprised. She accidentally saw his address and birthday on Kotori’s desk and thus sent him the cake and action figure. As for the handphone, her father’s company is the developer. She felt bad that it got cancelled and used it secretly. The voice she used came from a character from Grand Bellion: Perin-chan. She always referred to Grand Bellion as her brother despite not being actual siblings. At first Konoe wanted to use this as a prank but she got too caught up in it and she apologizes it ended up this way.

When she was young, she wanted to be his sister but instead caused Miyabi problems. She feels bad she tricked her because they promised to play fair when it comes to him (oh really? Since when is love rivalry fair game?). So when Shougo told her the ‘truth’, she felt hurt and guilty for lying. Shougo isn’t mad at her but says if she ever feels down again, he would like to come rescue her. He is a hero in her eyes after all. Miyabi happens to come by and is not amused the duo are frolicking when she is looking all over. Yeah, that fair play thingy, blah, blah, blah. So start explaining yourself. Once the misunderstanding is cleared, Miyabi states he can marry her without worries. What? Why? I guess he forgot about that too. When they were young childhood friends, they had a make believe wedding. Surprise? They should be. After Shougo explains everything to Rinka, Mana and Mei, Shougo remembers that after his head scar incident, he was hospitalized and Miyabi’s dad treated him. That’s when they met the first time and they often play in the yard. It wasn’t long before Miyabi figured he was her first love. But when her dad stopped going to the hospital, she couldn’t see him anymore and cried every day. She kept praying that she will see him again and was happy when he transferred in. Since it felt weird to approach him after all these years and that he didn’t seem to remember her, that’s why she acted like a tsundere, hoping he would remember. She thought he finally remembered when he asked who she wanted to marry and the reason she gave that answer. Since Miyabi is serious in wanting to marry him, Konoe is also serious she wants to marry Shougo. Is there a way he can he have both? No time for jokes. How would Shougo feel now that he’s caught in between. I don’t know, but I think I’ll enjoy watching it :-). However both girls deny she is that sister at the funeral. Konoe had an entrance exam so she couldn’t go while Miyabi didn’t even know the date of the funeral. So this means he still has a mysterious sister somewhere out there. But now it’s not the time to think about this problem because Konoe and Miyabi are back to their seducing ways. No, you’re not dreaming, Shougo.

Episode 5
Now the mysterious sister is giving Shougo morning wake up calls. She even gets cheeky telling him to ‘save energy’ when they get married or else she will find it ‘soft’. Like hell he will marry her. She exerts they are destined to marry. Probably not having enough sleep got him fantasizing about Konoe. The wedding day. The wedding night. And suddenly she claims “I’m your sister!”. Woah. Big nightmare. Talking to Ikusu about this problem again, Konoe won’t be so stupid to be the suspect again. Unless there is more than one sample of the handphone released. Because he also explained to the few girls, there is a possibility that one of them may be his sister. Shougo is summoned by the delusional newspaper club president, Araya as she wants to do a long interview with him as he has earned the reputation of being the academy’s number one guy whom they want as their onii-chan. No thanks. The wake up calls continue and it is depriving Shougo of his sleep. Maybe he couldn’t concentrate when Miyabi teases him about wanting to look at her swimsuit underneath, he accidentally pulls down her skirt. And Konoe is watching… Thinking of getting some sleep during recess, he thought the infirmary would be a nice place but Mei has a suggestion for a better place. In exchange, he must come to Lyrical Sisters. The materials room will be their little secret. It is a place where she stores her equipment and research materials. Of course Shougo can’t sleep a wink knowing that he is sleeping next to a girl. Wide awake. Looking around the place, a porn magazine caught his attention. To see or not to see. Looks like Mei is pretending to sleep… Secretly watching his move.

After Miyabi’s swim practice, she accompanies Shougo to Lyrical Sisters. They are greeted by Kurumi Kashinoki, a staff of the cafe. First, he had to say the complicated dish name (it’s just omelette rice for goodness sake) and then it tastes bloody salty. How can he die of moe overload when he’s not even turned on? Mei is surprised he is a hard customer to satisfy. Shougo continues to patron the material room for his afternoon nap. Now he is wide awake when Mei greets him in a cat girl outfit. He asks why she runs the cafe. Mei explains she is an abandoned child. Her current name was given by the orphanage. Her actual birthday is not known and the current one is the day she was found. Despite being Shougo’s senior, there is only a month difference between them. Mei has always been good in maths and when a professor heard about her, he adopted and raised her. When daddy left to lecture in the Massachusetts University, Mei was left in the care of her mom to run the cafe. However she succumbed to her illness and the cafe was sold. She had to move with her father. When she wrote a paper and published it 2 years ago, it made some money and she used it to buy back the cafe since she had lots of memories there. Mei goes look for the paper that she wrote when Shougo spots that handphone on her table. Oh no. Shougo talks to Ikusu about this discovery but because of her abandoned child status, there is a possibility that she may be younger than him. Then they hear rumours that Mei is closing down the cafe and moving back to America.

Episode 6
Shougo confronts Mei about her actions. She went through lots of trouble to get it back and now why sell it? She made a promise with her dad if the cafe business doesn’t hold up, she will have to move back and live the life of a researcher. It might look like the cafe’s doing well but at this rate it will go bust. She may be good in math but not business. Shougo offers to help save her cafe. He has a friend use his drawing skills to come up with a poster and then Araya to help advertise for it in exchange for the interview. Miyabi and Konoe also help out as waitress. They better be careful in their emotions because there is a gadget that moves the tail thus revealing what’s underneath. I think her embarrass-ness can be a very good moe point too. Rinka helps with the cooking and Mana the food taster. I think she’s got the best job. It is a busy day for Lyrical Sisters with the customers streaming non-stop. It gets even hotter when Ikusu comes to help out. Now here are all the fujoshi screaming with delight whenever Shougo and Ikusu get together. At the end of the day, the increased sales means Lyrical Sisters can be saved. Mei is impressed with Shougo and wants his genes. Say what? She wants to do it right now! Strike while the iron is hot. Shougo is saved when Ikusu calls him to look for his lost cap. Turns out to be a lie because he’s got the cap all along. So to say he was watching what’s going on… Anyway Ikusu has stumbled on something interesting in her investigation. Mei is the name of the author of a paper used as a basis for the handphone’s voice changer. Shougo is so used to the morning calls that he got up earlier than the call. Looking out from his balcony. He notices the curtains in the opposite window had the same pattern as the one in the materials room. He realizes Mei could be the sister because she is able to spy on him every morning from that room. But why would she go through all that trouble?

Shougo confronts her and now that he knows she has been calling him, she explains that when he offered to save her cafe, she made advances thinking he liked her. She didn’t expect to be quickly rejected. Asking if she remembers the day of Kumagorou’s funeral, she remembered it clearly. It was a clear day when they first spoke. However Shougo knows that is a lie because it was snowing on that day. Other things that made him doubt she is his sister include the morning calls that occur at the same time and the other various things that fell neatly into place. Like as though they were all planned. Like how she was waiting on that day to lead him to the material room and purposely let him catch a glimpse of her handphone. She was planning to use her cafe failure as a reason to return to America after convincing him she is really his sister. He surprised her because he saved her cafe. So when she no longer had that reason to return, she tried to seduce him for his wealth only to be tragically rejected. While preparing to escape, she would wait for him to realize she is his sister. When he came to question her, she would act as if she was after his money before fleeing to America and thus the sister who had been intimidating him would vanish faraway. Mei wanted to make him realize this himself but in the end did herself in. Shougo knows why she did such an elaborate plan. To act as decoy and draw his attention away from the real sister. Mei reveals she actually met her when she was young at the cafe. However she is an illegitimate child and won’t be welcomed so warmly into the family. Shougo maybe but she doesn’t think the rest of the family would. She didn’t want her to be treated as a nuisance. Shougo vows he will protect her and see her as his sister, his family. However Mei can’t reveal her true identity yet. Once she confirms he has the strength to protect her, she will do so. Shougo has only one favour to ask of her: Continue to be friends with her.

Episode 7
It’s back to the rivalry between Konoe and Miyabi. Ah yes. Familiar ground. Sure, their advances may be annoying but since his memories are still fuzzy, he still has doubts they one of them may be his sister. Ikusu suggests taking a DNA test. But he should do it via someone he fully trusts because if word gets out he is doing so, it could raise unnecessary speculation. Shougo contacts Risa Seri, the company’s secretary and Kanoko’s close aide for the test. The test kits arrive so he wants Konoe and Miyabi to give their sample. Konoe thought of taking it ‘down there’ instead from her mouth, causing her to be very embarrassed. Since Miyabi won’t do it this way (she accuses him of having a pervy face when he took her sample), Shougo suggests her urine sample then. But she slaps him thinking he has urine fetish. It gets worse when everyone in the hall hears how Miyabi accuses him of being a urine maniac. Rinka wants them to tone down and watch their behaviour because the directors are coming and they are interested to see Shougo. Kotori is shaking in her lessons as the directors remain watchful in Shougo’s class. While Shougo is having lunch with Konoe and Miyabi, Mana brings him away as the directors want to see him. Suddenly the mysterious sister activates the PA system. She warns not to find out who she is or else she will expose his secrets. But surprisingly she claims that Shougo has no sister and also warns Shougo to be aware of those around him. Later talking to Ikusu, it seems Konoe still has her handphone but as for Mei, she accidentally threw it away. When she went to retrieve it, it was gone. So it’s back to the question of whom among those girls in that room is his sister.

Shougo is summoned to the student council room whereby Rinka tells him the directors find the prank to be in poor taste. In view of this, they are required to form a special disciplinary committee. Shougo will be part of it since the directors have their eye on him and feel if they uphold order and lead by example, they will see some results. Also on this committee are Rinka, Mana and the very shy Shiga (is it a corruption of ‘shy girl’?). Back in his room, Ikusu reveals that many of the girls had an alibi during the broadcasting incident. The only one whose whereabouts are in question is Rinka. Though she claimed to immediately head to the broadcasting room, it took her some time to get there. Ikusu wants him to accompany Rinka and investigate her in her activities. So the disciplinary officers go round like Gestapos, introducing their brand of iron fist. What do you expect when Rinka is in charge? Shiga’s number of screams will determine the seriousness of their crime. Especially those who brought porn magazines illegally to school. I guess everything almost becomes forbidden. No cat ears (Kurumi). No recruiting (Mei). No being delusional (Araya – WTF?!). No fun… However some girls got this idea of wanting to be a bad girl so that Shougo could ‘punish’ them. And no flirting!!! So Rinka in her bathtub has comments about Shougo being flirty and all that stuff and needs to get his act together, blah, blah, blah. We know you’re falling for him the way you’re acting.

Episode 8
I guess with Shougo being a discipline officer, Miyabi tries to take advantage of this. She purposely wears a skirt shorter than allowed. Then she denies and forces him to measure it. Shougo thinks it’s an attempt to seduce him to get him to quit. Konoe got jealous seeing this and wants her skirt measured too. But hers is obviously within rules. Oh. She’s going to make it shorter by pulling it up. Then the wind blows… What has been seen cannot be unseen. Miyabi was wearing shorts underneath (that’s why she was so confident) but Konoe wasn’t… Poor guy got reprimanded by Rinka. Because he’s too busy in his disciplinary stuff, Ikusu suggests that he take her out to the amusement park. As they’re not in school, she won’t be able to boss him around. So it’s a double date with Shougo, Ikusu, Rinka and Mana. Mana might be acting like she’s intimidating but she gets easily spooked out from the rides and haunted house. Shougo and Rinka are left to go alone into the park’s main attraction. A simulation has them shooting zombies. Rinka shows us she can kick ass. Everything is going well till the power goes out. In the darkness, she gets afraid the zombies may be groping her but when the light turns back on, well, it’s Shougo’s hands. He wanted to calm her down. No explanations needed. Slap! The rest of the day goes well and at the souvenir store, Rinka ponders at a raccoon strap and may have seen it somewhere before. Shougo ends up buying it. Back home when he thinks how much fun he had with Rinka that he didn’t had time to probe her, it dawned to him that the raccoon strap is of the same that was attached to Mei’s handphone. Rinka complains that Shougo was supposed to go patrol with her but is nowhere to be found. In fact he is right back at the student council room and was searching. He found that handphone and claims she was the person who made that broadcast. First, she hooked her own handphone to the microphone in the room. Then she used this handphone’s voice changer to call her own phone so the voice went into the microphone. Rinka dismisses it since the raccoon strap was the one he bought for her. But he points out it may be the same raccoon but the tail’s design was different. What gave her away was that she couldn’t possibly have known about the raccoon’s design that belonged to Mei. To know that, she must have seen it.

Rinka admits she was the one broadcasting as his sister. A while ago, she had a meeting with one of the directors, Genda. He told her about the rumours of the mysterious sister going around but it was the first time she heard. He wants her to investigate this sister for him. Because he will soon be negotiating a deal with Mikado Group, he wants information that will give him advantage. Rinka didn’t want to assist him but had no choice because she is engaged to his son. Something their parents decided. She wanted to give up when she found this handphone in the dumpster. She could impersonate someone else. Someone who is not bound by the pressures of an elite family. Someone who didn’t have to marry for the family’s reputation. So when the directors visit, she came out with a plan. The threats she made over the broadcast was directed towards Genda and the warning was for Shougo to be careful of him. She also made him a disciplinary officer to straighten him up. Shougo realizes she was trying hard to help him. As for her engagement, she can’t really cancel it. Gee, Shougo came out with this idea to be his girlfriend. For real? At least pretend to be his girlfriend so that she could cancel the engagement. Will it be that simple? He asserts he truly wants to help her since she has been having a hard time. She makes him close his eyes and strips down close to naked. What gives? Since she can’t lie to her own family, that’s why if they’re going to be a couple, she wants him to become her boyfriend for real. Take responsibility! Oh lookey. Just what has he gotten himself deeper into? As always, somebody has to come in. I wonder what the violation indication level is with Shiga screaming like that. In the end, Shougo quit the disciplinary committee. If having Konoe and Miyabi fighting over him during lunch is bad, it’s about to get worse now that Rinka is fawning all over him, claiming to be his girlfriend. Sure, the engagement has been cancelled and even her father has taken a liking for him. I guess this is what really taking responsibility is about. Now he has to date under the pretence of marriage. He’s got lot of explaining to do to the rest.

Episode 9
A new girl moves next door to Shougo. She is Yuzurina Houshou and was one of the attendees during the directors’ visit. She admits it straight to him that she is his real sister that the public doesn’t know. In their eyes, they are just second cousins. Kanoko thinks of her as a distant relative and won’t treat her nice if she finds out the truth. Woah. Suddenly the truth just out like that? Yuzurina is sharp. She sees a long hair strand that couldn’t possibly belong to Shougo and then she could smell the scent of a girl on his bed! She lectures him about his debauchery life but knows she has no right to tell him how to live his life. Though she doesn’t oppose him to get a girlfriend, she wants him to date a woman with all his heart under the pretence of getting married. Why is she acting like his mother? Because she is his sister. His family. She cares. Magic word to convince him. Soon he gets a call from Kanoko about the upcoming Mikadono Group’s thank you party. She wants him to bring that lifelong companion along. Still haven’t found one? Remind me what was his purpose at Miryuuin again? He promises to find one by then. Finding one is easy, I bet you. It’s just the perfect one. During the pool lessons (amusing to hear Konoe and Miyabi trade insults on each others’ boobs and butt), Yuzurina who is being shown around the campus by Rinka and Mana lets it known about the party and the sister part. Oh boy. Here comes more explaining to do.

So with the usual suspects in the store room, Yuzurina introduces herself and how Kumagorou paid her expenses all the while till his demise. Miyabi wants proof that she is his sister but she claims the public must never find that out and that all related documents have been destroyed. The DNA test suggestion comes into play again and Yuzurina would gladly do it to prove she is his real sister. Now the hardest part. Who is he going to take to the party. Everyone is jostling for that post when suddenly Mana for the first time stomps her feet and asserts she will be the one. I guess the rest scoff her off because it doesn’t make sense. Well, she has never been the front runner to take Shougo and suddenly she announces this? The jostling continues till they end up in an ambiguous position. Guess what happens when Kotori sees this orgy? Shougo contacts Seri for another DNA kit and hopes she can keep this a secret from Kanoko. I guess Konoe wants to get ahead of the pack because in addition to cooking for Shougo, naughty girl wants him to eat her as desserts! She won’t leave if he won’t eat her! Desperate case. Shougo starts tickling her feet. Well, it got so noisy that Yuzurina couldn’t help eavesdrop what is happening next door. Sounds so ambiguous. Sounds so stimulating. Sounds so lewd. She’s even nose bleeding! That good, huh? What kind of a secret move is that? She’s interested to know! Finally she can’t take anymore of the horniness and slams the wall. Cue to stop. Shougo accompanies Konoe home. Konoe wants him to eat her ‘strawberry’. Miyabi happen to walk by and see them in a kissing position. However Shougo couldn’t ‘eat’ because he thought he saw somebody. Konoe thought he is avoiding her again. The test results come back and it confirms Yuzurina is really his sister.

Episode 10
Shougo is glad that Yuzurina is his sister. She thinks to be his partner at the party. Not as a lifelong companion but as family. Of course in the eyes of the public they will still be seen as second cousins. So as not to leave out his harem, she is willing to prepare invitations to all 5 of them. Shougo and Yuzurina greet the girls arriving. Happy Mana gives Shougo a friendly hug, Mei wears her usual witch costume to this official ball and Miyabi has been looking gloomy ever since. During the party, Mana lets loose her big appetite (she could starve all the children of Somalia at this rate) while Mei takes down notes on the fine food to add to her cafe’s menu. Mei then tells Shougo that Miyabi is missing and isn’t answering her calls. Naturally Shougo goes to look for her. He spots Seri and just when he thinks of asking her help, Ikusu pulls him away to let him eavesdrop on Seri’s conversation. Seems she has found a letter that will start a scandal regarding Kumagorou. If all goes well, they can invalidate Shougo from becoming the company’s president. Ikusu reveals ever since Seri was acting suspiciously, she went undercover to investigate and she’s part of a plan to stop Shougo from becoming president. They can’t tell Kanoko as they have no proof and she trusts her secretary very well. And if she finds out about the illegitimate child, will Shougo be prepared to protect her? Shougo gets a call from Yuzurina that she has found Miyabi lost in the hotel.

Before they reunite in the ballroom, Shougo talks privately to Yuzurina about the letter that Seri has found. It is the only thing that connects Yuzurina and Kumagorou and she treasures it. But she doesn’t mind if the world finds out the truth about her for the scandal is on Kumagorou. She feels there is nothing to be ashamed of and Shougo must be strong too. In the sense he should give up his harem life and concentrate on one woman and go steady with her since he is going to be the company’s president. Because Yuzurina talked to Miyabi when she found her, she learnt a few things and tells Shougo that she probably has feelings for him and can’t be honest with herself. Back at the party, Miyabi suddenly hugs Shougo. Oh God. She’s drunk. Now she’s going to throw up! Next thing Miyabi knows, she’s in a hotel suite with Shougo by her side. Don’t worry. He didn’t do anything to her. Why does Miyabi look disappointed? She takes a shower while he waits. Then when she’s done, she surprises him by going on top of him clad in only a towel! She asks his opinion about her boobs. I don’t think she’s drunk now. I know I’ve seen in situations like this, girls are the ones who aren’t mentally prepared but this time it’s Shougo who isn’t so! If he isn’t, she’ll help him. She drops the towel! Totally naked!!! However she starts crying. She doesn’t want him to leave her again. She was very sad when he left that day and wants him to promise he’ll always stay by her side. Miyabi is put to bed as Shougo returns to the rest to see them off. Mana has eaten so much that she looks like a pregnant woman! Mei is pretty concerned about Miyabi and hopes Shougo won’t do funny stuffs on her. Or else she’ll curse him with this straw doll. A witch using a straw doll? After that, Kanoko gives her son an earful about Miyabi’s throwing up and his failure to escort the ladies he invited. Initially she opposed it but since Seri said he had social reasons to do so and she reluctantly agreed. Make sure you go thank her for that. And looks like another scheme is brewing. Yuzurina happily soaking in the bathtub notes how all the pieces have fall into place and everything is going just as planned.

Episode 11
Yuzurina teases Shougo by acting like a newlywed. Though she is just joking, Shougo wonders if that sister proclamation at Kumagorou’s funeral was a joke too. She denies she ever said that and thinks that it was a prank that any girl could pull off. During recess in school, Ikusu tells Shougo that she has been staying up late nights doing her investigation and thus the lack of sleep. She borrows his shoulder as a pillow. Then a couple of girls walk by and misinterpret this yaoi situation. Setting their hearts aflutter, doesn’t it? There goes his reputation… Later Shougo and Miyabi patron the cake shop to buy pudding to visit Miyabi who is sick in bed. While Konoe goes to prepare tea, there is an awkward silence between Shougo and Miyabi. Then she breaks her silence. Why doesn’t he kiss her. I suppose she is still bothered about that scene she thought she saw him kissing Konoe. If he won’t, then at least go out on a date with her. He has no say. He better be there. Back home, Shougo is enjoying Yuzurina’s cooking when she mentions she has been thinking about what he said earlier. She was at Kumagorou’s funeral and also saw Konoe there. She had this feeling of seeing her before and after talking about the funeral, she remembers her. But Shougo can’t believe it since Konoe said she was taking an entrance exam. Is Konoe lying then? Yuzurina cautions him not to be easily tricked and make sure he finds someone who truly cares for him and needs his support. Shougo spends the night thinking about the possibility Konoe may be his sister. Or not. Because of that he didn’t get much sleep. Those bags under his eyes… Could give a wrong impression he was up all night busy with something else… Ahem. Araya wants to interview Miyabi and take a few photo shots of her to recognize her swimming efforts. Miyabi reminds Shougo about this Sunday’s date before agreeing to Araya’s interview. Though Shougo is glad Miyabi is back to her happy self, Konoe feels that she is forcing herself to put up a happy facade. Then Shougo realizes something and turns back. Rinka reprimands Mana for using the school internet to search for sweets instead when Shougo suddenly barges in and needs a favour from Rinka. Something that he needs to know. Come Sunday, Shougo meets Miyabi and the date seems pretty normal and fun. Movies, pet shop, sushi conveyor belt, trying out clothes at the store… Miyabi even has Shougo accompany her in her swim practice. They hit Lyrical Sisters as the final stop. Ikusu is watching a video of Grand Bellion. The one that Perin-chan appeared in. Say, doesn’t the actress that played her looks familiar? Bloody familiar indeed. Hint: She is someone’s sister… Oooohhh…

Episode 12
Shougo goes out on a date with Miyabi. At the end of the day, Miyabi suddenly kisses him. Wants to become lovers. He’s happy to hear that but… Oh no. It’s that word. But he can’t. Miyabi got heartbroken and ran away in tears. Shougo sees Yuzurina eavesdropping and goes to have a word together. He knows things aren’t going the way she planned as she was trying to get Miyabi and him together. That night when she told him about the scandal would be Kumagorou’s, if he started dating his real blood sister without knowing it, it will be his scandal. He points out the DNA test may be fake and Seri may have switched it and used someone else’s result under false names. He feels like an idiot for trusting the enemy. When Kanoko told him Seri prepared the invitations, under her impression that it was him that she thought the invitations were needed. Yuzurina breaks down thinking he is accusing her. Ikusu barges in the tell her to stop with the acting. She reveals Yuzurina’s true identity is a child star named Nayuri Danno. She was a phenomenon 10 years ago but soon gave up the celebrity world a couple of years later. Shougo then recognizes she is the actress of Perin-chan. Now that the cat is out of the bag, there is no need for Yuzurina to act. She reveals on the party night, she was the one Seri was talking to at the end of the phone. She is doing this because it’s part of her job as an actress. Shougo is trying hard to control his anger but Yuzurina assures she’ll get out of his life since she has failed in her mission.

Next morning Shougo gets a call from Konoe that Miyabi is in trouble. He rushes to the infirmary and is told by Mei that she’s recuperating. Though she almost drowned in this morning’s practice, there is nothing serious. But she hasn’t stop crying since and notes it must be something psychological. Mei suspects something must have happened between them but Shougo also smells a rat because Mei is talking as though she and Miyabi are very close. Shougo is going to tell everything he knows otherwise she will be crushed by the weight of her own secret. Mei wonders if she was wrong to hide her identity. Shougo is grateful instead for protecting her all this time. Shougo goes in to talk to Miyabi. He apologizes for not knowing she was the one at Kumagorou’s funeral and the one who whispered those words. Although the entrance exam was on that day, she had a sports recommendation and the exam was on a different day. He found that out from Rinka. Since Kumagorou and Miyabi’s father were close friends, one day she heard them talking. She didn’t understand but Kumagorou wanted him to take the money. After her father transferred, they never see each other again. Then she saw in the drawer an envelope filled with money and a letter stating it was for living expenses. She didn’t know what to do when she found out her first love was her brother. So when Kumagorou died, she wanted to go see Shougo again. Since her parents are divorced and her mom often moves out of the house, she knows what it’s like to lose a family member and thought she could console him. She wanted to tell him she was his sister but was nervous. Still, she really wanted to marry him. She decided to keep it a secret otherwise she couldn’t marry him if the public found out. That’s why she knew Yuzurina was lying when she said she was his sister. At the same time she also thought it would also help in not suspecting her as the real one.

Though Shougo clears up the misunderstanding about that kiss with Konoe, she notes that he still wanted to kiss her. At that time her mind went blank and she went to see Yuzurina without considering the consequences. She told her she knew she was fake because someone received the living expenses. Yuzurina claimed she was acting as part of the family to protect the real sister, giving that same scandal excuse if the public finds out. Yuzurina convinces her to tell the person who is receiving the living expenses and will provide her full support. Miyabi reveals herself and Yuzurina wanted proof. To show her sincerity of support, Yuzurina will invite her to the party but she’ll have to bring the letter. But she also invited the other girls to avoid being suspected as it would be weird if she was the only one who came. In the end, Miyabi changed her mind and didn’t give the letter. Yuzurina was okay with it but Miyabi felt bad for deceiving her. Subsequently the letter went missing and she suspects Yuzurina. Right before Shougo and Konoe visited her, Yuzurina was at her place to tell her there was no such letter and accused her of lying. Yuzurina then suggested to be Shougo’s sister so that she could date him. It’s a win-win situation. She thought it was a good idea since Yuzurina said she would help. Shougo realizes that’s why Yuzurina lied when said she saw Konoe at the funeral. Shougo then reveals Yuzurina’s true identity. Miyabi feels guilty but Shougo forgives her because they are siblings. He wants them to be closer siblings than any lovers could be. In the aftermath, everyone goes to cheer Miyabi in her swimming meet. Later Ikusu reports to Shougo that Yuzurina completely disappeared and hid her tracks pretty good. She also has pulled some strings so that the enemies won’t pull off something similar in the future. That’s the easy part. Now here comes the hard part. The girls are fighting for his attention. Konoe must be the most desperate one because she wants him to eat her ‘cream puffs’. Oh boy. Such a lady killer… This might turn into a scandal…

Episode 13 (OVA)
Now that Miyabi is his sister, she takes full advantage of her new status by waking him up, feeding him breakfast (how unappetizing) and even forces him to strip to change his clothes. Imagine to Konoe’s horror when she sees Miyabi on top of Shougo. And she’s unfazed. Shougo hopes Miyabi could stop calling him her big brother because it brings back memories of that funeral day. Miyabi continues to hog Shougo. So close to him that it is driving Konoe crazy. No Shougo a day makes Konoe a gloomy person. It’s like Shougo is her drugs… Gloomsville… Even in class Miyabi is wrapping herself around him. Don’t they look like lovers? She even gets the right to choose which bento from Konoe or Rinka to feed him! The girls can’t sit back and let this go on and confront Miyabi. However she has the last say because if they get in her wrong books, as his sister she will not let them get close to Shougo. Oh, the authority… That’s when Ikusu and Mei suggest that they hold a competition to see who gets Miyabi’s approval. The one who wins that wins Shougo. Game for it? And so in this only episode whereby Shougo gets to date all the girls like a harem route, the girls will take turn dating him with their own concept while the rest tag along. First up is Mana. What’s she doing here? She thinks marrying the son of a big and rich company will enable her to eat more snacks. That’s all she thinks… And that is what their date is about! Snacks, snacks and more snacks! At the okonomiyaki restaurant, Shougo thinks that if he marries Mana, his life would be more peaceful. After all, snacks are only on her mind, right? Then he had to dream of something lewd. The kind where he is tired of eating her snacks and hints her humongous boobs. I don’t even know why he is flipping it with the spatula! Be careful! It’s fragile!!! Miyabi senses his perverted dream and takes him away.

Next up is Mei and her reason to date him is because it’s the fastest way to get closer to Miyabi and watch her. Her date concept is to patron all the cafes around. The first one seems like an evil cult. Only a certain delusional person could join this. Shougo would have no hand in it… After visiting the other cafes, they end up in Lyrical Sisters. Why her own cafe? If they are to marry, he is going to take over this cafe, right? Once more, Shougo has this perverted dream if he marries Mei. But I don’t know how it ends up with a scrub brush!!! WTF?! Miyabi sense… No good… Shougo, you come with me now… Next in line is Ikusu. Hey! Wait! Is this for real? I mean, to everybody, Ikusu is considered a guy! Imagine the implications if Ikusu is approved by Miyabi! Does she really want her brother to turn gay?! No way! Before they get deep enough in their date, Miyabi won’t allow this and takes Shougo away. Rinka is up next and though her concept is about calmness, why is she bringing Shougo to see her parents?! Then it dawns to Miyabi this looks more like a marriage meeting and cuts short their date! Dangerous… Konoe is the last one but she does hers slightly different. At the amusement park, she not only takes Shougo but Miyabi along as well. I guess this is the best way to win the sister’s heart, eh? Let her tag along for the fun too. Lastly, Konoe brings them to the bridal fair where they can experience in dressing up as a married couple. When Shougo and Konoe are ready to take their photo, they invite Miyabi to stand with them and have their shot. It seems that the rest of the gang have already dressed up in their gowns and are eager to know which of them Shougo will be taking a picture next. Oh boy. Major headache. Who wins the competition? Dunno. I guess everybody is a winner. And Shougo too because he gets to date everybody. Haha. Personally, I think Miyabi should approve Mana because she doesn’t get aggressive like other women on Shougo because her mind is only on food. On the other hand, too much of food means too much neglecting of Shougo. So at the end of the day, I am guessing that Miyabi won’t be approving anybody to get married with Shougo except herself. I mean, she wants to keep him for her own, right?

Sister Poser…
Firstly, let me say that I had this dilemma about the revelation of the real sister’s identity. Before the series ended, I had even thought that we might not get to even know who the real sister is and it will end in a way with that usual life-goes-on crap that may see another sequel. On the other hand, if the real sister pops up in the end, one part of me felt that I didn’t want to know so that there would still be the possibility of frolicking around in the harem. Then there’s this other part of me who really wanted to know the sister’s identity because it would leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth if it doesn’t. Now that it does, how come I don’t feel satisfied? Why am I not surprised? It wasn’t like I was expecting Miyabi to be the little sister in the first place. So when Yuzurina popped up and claimed she was Shougo’s sister, there’s this dilemma in me again. It felt too easy. How could the puzzle be solved just after 3/4 of the show? There’s something fishy. Otherwise it would have rendered the theme, especially this anime’s title useless, right? Then true enough, she wasn’t. Before the revelation of Miyabi as Shougo’s sister, it also made me wonder if Yuzurina was really the one because if she was, shouldn’t this have sent alarming bells to the main girls if one of them was his sister? The real sister would have wanted to voice and stand out to clear the misunderstanding. Especially for Mei who knew who the sister was and thus if Yuzurina claimed to be Shougo’s sister, she should have voiced her concern or showed her suspicion. Alas, Mei and Miyabi probably played it cool and didn’t do anything that would seriously spoil everything (and us).

So I suppose almost every main girl here had a chance to play Shougo’s little sister. That’s the main theme of this series, right? So we’ve got Konoe and Rinka to pretend play to be his sister and Mei who runs a sister themed cafe. It feels odd that Mana despite being featured as one of the main girls lack any significant impact. She was the only one among the main girls who didn’t get to really play sister. Otherwise she would have been easily lumped together with the other minor female characters. Speaking of which, I even speculated that it might not be one of those 5 ladies who would be his sister. What are the chances of surprising us viewers that the real sister is someone else? Hey, it could be Kurumi. She’s sweet, cheerful and cute enough, right? That’s how a little sister should be. Kotori may be a petite teacher and it might not make sense that she’s older than Shougo to be his sister but there’s a possibility that she’s lying, right? I mean, she looks the part of a little girl… Maybe not. Araya? Too delusional to be his sister. Shige? Still waters run deep. You never know. Worse… Ikusu?! Suddenly everybody who thinks of them as bromance quickly has their perceptions/fantasies all shattered! I don’t even want to think about this. The worst they could do is introduce a totally new character and shock all viewers she is the real sister. That would really be unfair. Thank goodness it didn’t happen. When Mei’s arc came to a close, it ascertained 2 things. One, she wasn’t his real sister which leads to number two. Shougo has a sister, which is not Mei. So I guess from that deduction, that leaves a higher chance of picking one from the rest, right?

Sometimes I feel that the sister theme is a distraction to the harem and romance. The series does dedicate some of episodes on the main girls and for Shougo to interact or help them out. It’s not like he knew one of them could be his real sister. So while ‘dating’ them, I guess he kept remembering at the back of his mind that one of them could be his real sister. So everybody loves Shougo. Well almost. It was fun in some episodes in seeing the girls vie for his attention. That’s why we watch this series, no? Especially Konoe and Miyabi’s rehabilitation plan to bring Shougo back to the right path of heterosexual. When Yuzurina came into the picture, the plot started moving and with Miyabi’s character giving hints along the way, thus the focus on her, the other girls don’t get to shine as much in the end. Like I have said about Mana, she’s one of the main girls and yet her role felt insignificant. Maybe too airhead for anything. She along with Mei play a more passive role in just watching from the sidelines whereas Konoe, Miyabi and Rinka take the offensive in getting their hands on Shougo. I personally feel that all 5 should be aggressive to add to the carnage fun (for my personal amusement, that is). But I suppose 3 are already tough to handle. Believe me, I think one is already a handful ;p.

So the characters aren’t really much as they are typical of what you would find in harem romance genres. The lead male in this type of series has either got to be a pervert or someone who is goody-two-shoes. Shougo as the sole inheritor of the Mikadono group of companies, he is trying his best to be responsible to himself, his family, the girls and ultimately the public. We know Shougo won’t be such a bad guy but the public doesn’t. That’s why especially when it comes to a relationship (or relationships) with women, he has to tread carefully. Once you’re tainted with a scandal, it’s hard for everything to regain its original reputation that your predecessors have worked so hard to earn. The other main girls seem typical tool. The cute class rep, the tsundere-cum-childhood friend, prideful girl from well respected family, a dreamy airhead and a cosplay intellect. Nothing much more I could say for them except that I feel Mana’s first love are food and sweets instead of Shougo (that may change if the story progresses). I think for a girl who doesn’t make much impact in the storyline, it’s ironic that I mentioned her quite a lot of times in this blogging thoughts. Speaking of sweets, Konoe I feel is a little pervy among the girls because there are a few scenes whereby she tried to seduce Shougo by wanting him to ‘eat’ her as dessert. For Yuzurina, now that we know she is a fake, she did put up a pretty good acting job. After all these years out of the spotlight, she still has what it takes to be a convincing actress. Besides, if Shougo really liked that Grand Bellion anime, shouldn’t he have recognized her as Perin-chan despite it was 10 years ago? Shouldn’t he at least have thought she looked familiar? If you say that Perin-chan doesn’t make as much appearance even as a side character in television, then Shougo wouldn’t have really remembered her face when Ikusu said about it, right? Oh wait, I forgot. His memories are still hazy due to the scar on his forehead. So yeah. Anybody can mess with his mind since he doesn’t really remember well his past.

For the time being, Ikusu seems to be genuinely on Shougo’s side doing all the covert investigations. In a big company like Mikadono, there are bound to be enemies sleeping within like Seri. So it is yet to be seen how Shougo will deal with her once they crossed paths again. Seeing that she is Kanoko’s close aide and holding a considerably powerful position as her secretary, she won’t be going out of the picture yet. I also doubt that Seri would change her allegiance despite Shougo finding out she’s on the enemy side. Besides, if there is this anti-Shougo faction, there must be some mastermind behind pulling the strings who wants to see this kid’s downfall, right? I mean, it doesn’t look like Seri wants to gun for the top position herself. I would be totally surprised if Kanoko turns out to be the real culprit. I doubt it would. Would a mother do this to her own child? So unless there is some hidden mysterious crook wanting to become the next Mikadono Group president (which is highly unlikely since everyone believes only Kumagorou’s sole son would be the one to take over), my next speculation is that there are people within Mikadono Group that wants to see the downfall of the company due to personal reasons like jealousy or Kumagorou have stepped on their feet before. It’s not like the late president was a saint, wasn’t he? Otherwise how would you explain the illegitimate child from the extra marital affair? For Kotori, I thought she always takes out her crazy aggression on her student, Tanaka. Maybe it’s because he always asks stupid questions or tries to joke around with her. It’s like there is this love-hate relationship between them. I guess a little side distraction to our main harem for comic relief.

There are a handful of fanservice scenes but the TV versions that I watched are censored. This means there will be certain a darkness darkening out the girl’s panties. It feels like looking into the black hole. So if you really want to know what colour Konoe’s sexy panties are or get your little thrill in seeing what is underneath Rinka’s skirt, buy the DVDs. Your motivation for uncensored fanservice galore which includes removal of those bath steams to see the girl’s tits. Then there are of course boobs fondling and Miyabi’s butt jokes-cum-insult. Are you turned on yet? Though Ikusu also provides the fanservice stuff by rolling around naked in Shougo’s room, I just find it annoying. No, not because the necessary parts are conveniently blocked out. But rather it is just irritating to see her without any shame bumming around or doing her research without any clothes on. It’s like she is making this her own home. Getting rid of her smell is one thing, but I highly doubt it would work when it comes to the guy and intuition of another woman. See how it didn’t work when Yuzurina worked her womanly intuition?

The art and drawing are quite typical in the sense that the girls are cute and pretty. I suppose this is a must if you are going to do a series on this type of genre. Studio Gokumi animates this series and they are relatively a new studio production house. As I read they were formed by former members of another Japanese animation powerhouse, Gonzo. If the art and drawing of the characters feel familiar, it is because this studio also produced a handful of series like Oda Nobuna No Yabou, A Channel and Saki Episode Of Side A. Also, I kind noticed that all the girls have this very light pink blush on their cheeks. Only the girls. The guys don’t have them (unless they get embarrassed or flustered). The more they fluster, the more visible it becomes. Well, maybe Ikusu is an exception since she is cross-dressing as a boy.

An amusing section is the next episode preview. It isn’t what they say for the next episode (which is sometimes hilarious too) but to see the main harem girls in chibi cat form. They are frolicking around the screen like lost kittens. I’m sure you will be too engrossed in seeing how incredibly cute they are chasing a butterfly, frolicking on the ground or bumming around the box to pay attention to that little tiny screen with scenes from the next episode. Despite their actions are always the same in each episode, unless you are not into cute things, this cute scene will make you want to go “Awww~ So cute!!!” many times over. Don’t you just want to pamper or adopt them? I guess it’s a good deal if you can have both a sister and a cat girl at the same time. If you have such fetish, that is. For more cuteness, the mid-intermission scene is like a gachapon thingy with the girls in chibi format and doing a fixed post. If only they had varied the poses more. If only they had such cute figurines in life. Oh wait. Maybe they do sell…

For the voice acting department, nothing that really stands out or catches my attention. Probably only Ryoko Shintani as the delusional Araya is amusing because you don’t often here the girl who voiced Nami in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Sae in Hidamari Sketch to sound this, well, delusional. I’m starting to think Yui Ogura as Yuzurina, her voice is really suited to play loli characters like what she did as Kuroe in Cube x Cursed x Curious, Alice in Kamisama No Memo-chou and Hanbei in Oda Nobuna No Yabou. She definitely sounds the part. The other girls in Shougo’s harem sound very much like their personality. Konoe the sweet girl is done by Kaori Ishihara (Kanna in Ano Natsu De Matteru), Miyabi the tsundere by Ayane Sakura (Marii in Joshiraku), Rinka the proud is voiced by Ayana Taketatsu (Azusa in K-ON!), Mana the airhead by Asuka Oogame (Lizleat from Omamori Himari) and Mei the scheming witch girl by Rina Hidaka (Hideyoshi in Sengoku Otome Momoiro Paradox). Shougo who is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai (Suzaku in Code Geass) too sounds like you typical male lead in a harem anime. The rest of the cast include Ami Koshimizu as Ikusu (Tenma in School Rumble), Arisa Noto as Kotori (Sara Eguchi in Saki Episode Of Side A), Aya Hisakawa as Kanoko (Yoriko in Haiyore! Nyaruko-san), Ayako Kawasumi as Seri (Aoki in Bakuman), Maho Matsunaga as Kurumi (Izumi in Saki Episode Of Side A), Mako as Shiga (Koume in Hanamaru Kindergarten) and Rikiya Koyama as Kumagorou (Kiritsugu in Fate/Zero).

The opening theme is Choose Me Darling by StylipS, your typical anime pop with the opening credits animation that befits the theme of this harem series. Yeah, girls fighting over Shougo. Oops. Maybe I should have worded it as girls trying hard to get Shougo’s attention. The ending theme is sung by the seiyuus of Shougo’s five main harem girls. Heavenly Lover is also another typical anime pop. The ending credits animation is amusing. It starts off with us having a view of chasing some girl’s butt. Then as the credits roll by, we see mini Shougo trying to get away from the chasing harem. They really want a piece of him. So who will end up as his bride? Can we make an exception and have all five of them marrying him at the chapel? Ah, a harem guy’s dream come true.

I guess what the anime is trying to convey despite the ecchi comedy harem romance setup is the importance of family values. We see that Shougo was very concerned and thinking twice about committing incest. He didn’t want to ruin himself and his family in the long run for just a few seconds of carnal desire. Instead, he wants to protect his sister and whether or not the public eventually accepts this fact is up to them to decide. There is only so much you can care about what the public says to you. After all, such private matters are none of their business at all. Also, a woman’s role to support her man through thick and thin. It may initially seem sleazy that Kanoko wanted Shougo to go find a wife in his high school years and thus the stereotype setup for one to think this will turn out into an immoral wife hunting or catfight. But which mother wouldn’t be concerned about their son and wants the best for him and his future? Though each girl may seem to have their own idea of wanting to become Shougo’s lover and eventually his wife, bear in mind that they want to become his perfect girl. Maybe some of the methods employed seem objectionable but at least they had that thought. At least, it’s the thought that counts, right? Looks like they’ve got a long way to go. Shougo shouldn’t rush into picking one. Though I am sure if he picks any one of the girls, that girl would in turn do her best to support him but he needs to be really careful so as not to hurt the rest or the one he chose. But wait too long and he’ll eventually lose everything and hurting them all.

What are the chances of a blood related sibling or relative that you never knew makes his or her appearance in your life? It doesn’t happen that frequent in the real world but it does. I’ve read stories about long lost siblings or children reunited with their family members after many long years. Would that be a touching and heartfelt moment? Well, having somebody new suddenly entering into your life definitely will change the way you do things (if you are a routine person, that is) because you need to take into account the welfare or whatsoever of this new person. Sometimes it becomes a fairytale happy ever after end and sometimes it worsens and becomes an unbearable nightmare. Still, it doesn’t hurt to be careful and a little suspicious at first till things are clarified. Because there is only one other situation when suddenly an unknown relative unexpectedly pops up at your doorstep to claim that he/she is your long lost relative and has finally found you: When you won the first prize of mega million bucks in the lottery.

First, it was a sister. Now, a brother. What do I mean? Look at the title. How ridiculously long can it be? If OreImo’s full name is mouthful, then Onii-chan No Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne should also qualify as one. Literally translated as “I Don’t Like My Brother At All”, contrary to its title, it’s not about sibling rivalry or love-hate relationship. Does the word incest ring a bell? But it’s not going to be like Yosuga No Sora. This one is without all that drama and much more funnier. Unless you don’t sit well with this kind of genre, then even the jokes and the fanservice of this show may leave you in some bad taste.

So our protagonist is Nao Takanashi. Despite that incest taboo, she loves her brother, Shuusuke very much. Obsession is perhaps the right word here. So strong her brother complex for him so much so to the point that she is willing to go all the way and perform incest. The kind who would love to see his perverted brother who has evil intentions for his own little sister. Of course, this is just her deepest darkest intention as Shuusuke doesn’t know of this and he himself naturally as a growing boy, has his own collection of porn. Do you want a kind of sister who goes into your room, check your porn collection and throw away any porn related stuff that isn’t related to incest?!

Episode 1
Nao is giving Shuusuke some service. She purposely pretends to sleep with him in bed while panicky Shuusuke contemplates if he should do something really wicked to his sister. Yeah, she’s really inviting him. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Nao is annoyed by his indecisiveness. Shuusuke finally decides to steal his sister’s lips when mommy comes knocking on his door to remind them their breakfast is getting cold. Nao purposely shows Shuusuke her pantsu to awaken the evil intention in him before service time is over and puts back on her innocent sister act. On the way to school, Nao meets up with her friends Haruka Katou and Hirono Kusuhara and tells them about the stuff she did with her brother. Seems they’re rather disgusted with her onii-chan fetish. Back home, Nao continues to put up more service time for Shuusuke. How does the bath sound? You can tell she’s twisted to the point she wants to smell his briefs! Then she argues with him over a popsicle clad only in a towel. Want to bet it will drop off? It did. Now, what will happen if mommy happens to walk right in? Sister rape? Later Nao offers to clean up his room and boy, she knows where he keeps all his porn mags. How many magazines does he have anyway?! He can run a bookstore at this rate. While ‘cleaning out’, she finds a photo album stashed behind a drawer. She flips through the pages to see Shuusuke’s younger days but oddly there are no photos of her. There is a photo with a girl with twintails next to him. She is going to show mummy this but she whips out the wrong book. S&M Colosseum? Naturally, Shuusuke gets called by his parents and he gets a good pep talk over his extensive porn collection. Yeah, even daddy wants to ‘confiscate’ it. Oh no you won’t. Mummy already saw through his intentions. Oh Shuusuke, don’t you just feel like dying now? Later Nao confronts her parents about the photo album and wants to know the truth. Ten years ago, daddy’s best friend and his wife died in an accident. Only their daughter survived though she lost her memory from the trauma. That girl is Nao. She is devastated that she won’t be able to go into that forbidden incest thingy but rejoice that she is able to fall in love and marry Shuusuke legally. Yeah, that means legal sex too. Though Nao is shock with the news, she is grateful for having parents like them. She doesn’t want them to reveal that she has known the truth to Shuusuke because he treated her like his little sister. Partly, it was Shuusuke who asserted and wanted to be her brother then. She went further by explaining all his perverted habits and fetishes. Wow. She must really have a keen observation. Collecting porn mags since 12 years old? Using more tissues since 14? Attracted to black knee socks? HAS 20GB WORTH OF PORN HIDDEN IN HIS COMPUTER?! It’s not him who is scary, but rather how she knows all this fact! Nao wants to go thank Shuusuke when she sees him playing an eroge. Yeah, Shizuru-chan might be his only salvation after all that hell he has been through today. Nothing beats a girl in swimsuit with black stockings, doesn’t it? Because Shuusuke is so engrossed in the game (like a pervert), Nao unplugs the power point. Oh, oh…

Episode 2
Better do something before he gets sexually frustrated. So Nao comes into the bathroom to tease and scrub Shuusuke’s back in a swimsuit and black stockings. Just like Shizuru, eh? Of course all good things have to come to an end. Service time over. Next morning, Nao once again is over sleeping Shuusuke. He wakes up earlier than expected and this throws her off. As she leaves for school, she notices a twintail girl, just like the one in the photo, stalking from behind a post. That girl turns out to be Iroha Tsuchiura and is the new transfer student in Nao’s class. She quickly becomes Nao’s acquaintance and seems like a pretty nice girl. She also meets Shuusuke when he comes in to Nao’s class to give her the keys to the house she forgot. Then Shuusuke leaves for his AGE Explorers meeting. What’s that? In short, a group of virgin guys who seek out erotic and porn materials. That’s why they’re called All Genre Ero Explorers. They comprise of the captain Keiichirou Kishikawa, Takumi Yamashiro and Daigo Kurosaki. They give Shuusuke a porn mag to cheer him up after learning what happened. Shuusuke is on his way back when he comes into Iroha. At first he didn’t remember her but after tying up her hair twintail style, he recognizes her. Now, when a childhood friend makes a return like that, it has to mean that they made some promise, right? As usual, the girl always remembers but the guy doesn’t. How does she make him remember? She kisses him! She even wants to continue off from the last time the left! However Shuusuke can’t do it and iterates that Nao is his sister. Speaking of which, that sicko girl is in his room doing some erotic stuff with his recorder… Shuusuke comes back depressed and it is clearly written all over his face. He hides underneath his blanket in fear and in the dark room, those ‘horrifying’ memories with Iroha starts to slowly emerge. When he was young, he played doctor with her just because he was curious to see a naked girl’s body. It was a harmless play for him but for a girl like Iroha, it’s a promise, right? A promise to be her lover. Oh sh*t… This causes Shuusuke to become averse to porn! Oh no! He’s not a pervert anymore?! Can it be true?! He throws away all his porn collection. Even Nao’s seduction backfires because he is not interested in seeing his sister’s slip! He went a step further by quitting AGE! This is serious. He is serious. Nao tails him and is annoyed to observe he is trying to go on the right path of studying instead of awakening to his perverted side. She even brings him to the porn section but was told off that a girl shouldn’t do dirty things! Yeah, he’s completely normal now and you don’t like that? Iroha calls Shuusuke to talk at the school’s rooftop. Seems Iroha is also a keen observer on Shuusuke’s perverted habits. Why, she even told him how he didn’t even do it yesterday when his average was 5 times a day! WOAH! She even knows which hand he does it with!!! At this point, Shuusuke has already lost it. He tries to climb over the fence and probably jump himself to death. But Iroha restrains him as she says she is to blame despite being his lover for not being there for him when he needed the most to f*ck!!! F*CK!!! Or even there to have sexual fantasies about a non-blood related sister. After managing to pin him down, she puts his hands over her chest and forcefully exchanges his handphone number. She also gives him a gift so that he doesn’t need to hold back himself: A condom. This girl… Nao’s onii-chan sensor must have led her to the rooftop but it would’ve been chaotic if she actually had caught them in that act. Unfortunately, she didn’t. That night Shuusuke gets that dreaded call from Iroha and he is being blackmailed to listen to her if he doesn’t want Nao to find out that doctor play. This is why Iroha knows all of Shuusuke’s habits. She has a telescope observing him every night! No privacy!

Episode 3
Nao gets ready for her morning teasing upon Shuusuke in her maid outfit in. But it seems he has given her the slip. Oh, what has happened to her brother lately? Nao follows Shuusuke who is out on a reluctant date with Iroha. She’s more like a stalker. Haruka and Hirono also see this and tail Nao. The AGE guys are disheartened to see Shuusuke having a girlfriend and already crossed the line into adulthood. So the date literally has the pair go watch a movie, the video arcade, shopping for a swimsuit and buying matching rings. At the end of the day, Iroha can feel that he still isn’t accepting her. She shed crocodile tears about how he forgot about her and is all over her non-blood related sister. She wants him to kiss her but he couldn’t since there is no reason for him to do so. Iroha went on to reveal ambiguous details of how he has seen her naked body. Haruka and Hirono receive an SMS. Seems Nao has noticed they were tailing them and let them follow her! Now they’re in sh*t. Unless they want something really bad to happen, they better quickly snap a pic of Shuusuke and Iroha together. Iroha doesn’t listen to Shuusuke and continues to act like his lover. Haruka and Hirono meet with Nao and it seems Nao is enjoying everything that has happened. Nao calls Shuusuke to say that mommy has finished making dinner so Shuusuke uses this excuse to leave Iroha. Nao wants her pals to send her the picture later but upon looking at it, they notice Nao was in the picture and looking real happy facing their way. Nao manages to convince mummy to say that she was home all day as alibi. So of course confused Shuusuke is damn puzzled how the things he did during the date got found out. Yeah, Nao left little hints of things they did in his face. This doesn’t help when Iroha calls him and knows everything he has done. This guy really has no privacy. He starts going crazy and accidentally caught glimpse of Nao’s panties. She got embarrassed and beat him up in her panic. Deep that night, Nao notices her brother sneaking out of the house. She tails him to find him nervous in a convenience store. He manages to sum up his courage to buy a porn magazine and Nao is proud of him. Some sister… Shuusuke went home and had a ‘feast’ with the mag. He looks totally satisfied. In school, Haruka and Hirono panic upon meeting Nao. Even more panic when Iroha comes into the picture. They’re talking so friendly but you know in the background, a cat fight can spark any moment. Shuusuke begs his AGE guys to rejoin them again but they’re not going to exactly let the traitor back easily after all that he has said. But Shuusuke shows proof of the expensive porn mag he bought yesterday. Everyone welcomes him back and vow to embark on a journey to look for leaked idol porn with bad video quality so much so you can identify the porn actress. This is what AGE is all about, right?

Episode 4
The beach episode has Nao going to cukup-cukup rape her brother. Just kidding. But we all know what her intentions are. It all happened when she pesters lethargic Shuusuke to take her there. She threatens him he got money to spend on some girlfriend but non on his sister. I guess her dark aura must have made him scared and ran to mummy to beg for some spending money. Haruka and Hirono are also at the beach. But Iroha too? Yeah, look at their dumbfounded faces each time Nao and Iroha ‘clash’. Even with their friendly facade, the rivalry over Shuusuke is heating up. Poor guy ends up caught between the duo and it’s like some sort of punishment. Whether it’s eating shaved ice or splashing water. Iroha is getting too close to Shuusuke so Nao rams him with an inflatable boat. Unfortunately he got knocked out and starts dreaming about his Shizuru-chan from that lovely beach confession to a nurse play and that horrendous tentacle thingy. In reality, Nao and Iroha are facing off with each other to save and resuscitate Shuusuke. At this rate, he’s going to die. Well, at least he can die happily with Shizuru. Then the much awaited mouth to mouth CPR. Who is going to do it? Yeah, another face off. Hurry, or Shuusuke won’t live another day. Shuusuke dreams that he is to kiss Shizuru’s soft lips. But in reality, everyone is shocked at what has happened. Somebody performed mouth resuscitation on him. Who? It’s Kishikawa! OMG! His first lips stolen by a guy! And Shuusuke is crying not because he is happy that they offer him to go to the bathroom and enjoy some erotic mag. Poor guy. Unfortunately, this isn’t a dream no matter how much he hoped for. As they take the train home, Shuusuke notes how he couldn’t take his eyes off everyone’s cute swimsuits. But Nao’s one is the cutest even though she is his sister. She notes how it was all worthwhile coming here. But when he elaborates she was so cute in her school swimsuit and black stockings… Oh Shuusuke, I’m sure you’ve never tried dying once, right?

Episode 5
Shuusuke continues his midnight rendezvous of buying his usual porn. He bumps into another hooded fella and their packages got mixed up. He goes home and is dismayed that his erotic porn has been switched to BL! Total gay! Next day in school, he thinks he receives a love letter in his shoe locker but is a threatening letter from Mr X to return the goods or else he will tear his porn mag in front of his parents! But you know what? He already trashed it to pieces! Oh no. He confides with AGE but from the discussion, Shuusuke’s on his own. Yeah, their existence must never be known. But Kishikawa is kind enough to lend him some yaoi magazines (his treasured secret? Does he swing that way too?) for the exchange. That night he meets Mr X. Nao and Iroha (complete with night vision goggles!) spy on him since he is acting weird in school. Shuusuke makes the exchange but Mr X isn’t happy this isn’t the magazine he bought. He goes berserk and promises head will roll if he doesn’t get his hands on that rare and much awaited copy! During that, Mr X’s hood accidentally come off and he is not a guy, but a girl! She is Mayuka Kondou, Shuusuke’s class rep. Is this the kind and polite girl he knows? Well, everyone has a dark side. Kondou threatens Shuusuke into making a choice. Either he risks watching his precious porn mag get destroyed right before his eyes or reveal it to her sister back home (Shuusuke thinks Nao is innocent and has no resistance to this kind of porn). Since he can’t do either, she gives him another option: Be her pet. He must listen to every word she says or else say bye-bye to this magazine. I guess the only other reason Shuusuke accepts this is that Kondou is wearing black stockings. Must be deluding himself with some sick perverted fantasy to do that, eh? While Iroha is upset that Shuusuke is able to prostrate himself before some other woman, Nao seems happy over everything that has happened. Shuusuke’s first task is to get Kondou a drink. All in the name to protect Nao! Next morning, Kondou shows up at Shuusuke’s doorstep with the excuse to pick him up from school every day since he is always late. Every day? Well, mommy doesn’t mind seeing that his cherry boy may have gotten himself a girlfriend. In school, Kondou continues to call Shuusuke for things so he starts thinking how the event like giving him her lunch would trigger some erotic event. Spying Iroha is irritated that he got fed by some woman or even accidentally showing her slip and as usual Nao is totally digging into it. That night Shuusuke sneaks out to meet Kondou. This time she wants him to buy a hardcore BL magazine that she’s too embarrassed to buy. He has too. Or else his porn mag… Yeah, it’s still her hostage. Nao is shocked to find a BL mag underneath Shuusuke’s bed and dreads he might be swinging the other way. However that was just an act as she is interested to see his face when he goes buy one. Speaking of which, it’s one of those embarrassing moments Shuusuke would like to forget or kill himself. He returns to Kondou and she is happy that he is able purchase it. She thought when her secret was exposed, she had no choice but to kill him but now finds this rather fun. Oh no. Looks like he won’t be getting out of this mess soon.

Episode 6
Nao rummages Shuusuke’s room to find all his porn has one thing in common: Black stockings. She has Iroha do a special investigation. Shuusuke continues to buy BL mags for Kondou and each time she leaps with joy, Shuusuke takes this chance to peep at her black stockings. And Iroha has a counter to count how many times Shuusuke did that! For each success, Kondou pets Shuusuke’s head for a good job done. Isn’t she just treating him like a pet? Both Iroha and Nao note the other as a good stalker leaving Shuusuke no privacy. It’s the case of the pot calling the kettle black. Nao is going to interrupt this flow before he falls for Kondou’s libido. Putting on her black stockings, she teases sleeping Shuusuke, who is dreaming of Shizuru. Time is out when Iroha comes knocking. She introduces herself to Nao’s mom and says she recently moved back. Though mommy recognizes her, she is puzzled why Iroha knows about Nao (they’re classmates, remember?). Iroha is annoyed to see Nao sleeping with Shuusuke. Not to lose out, she also goes to sleep next to him. Shuusuke’s dream is filled with a harem of black stocking girls. He really looks so happy. Then Kondou comes by. Mommy is worried if Shuusuke is two-timing. Kondou sees the reason why Shuusuke can’t get up. Iroha and Nao pretend to wake up and even if Iroha introduces herself as Shuusuke’s childhood friend and lover who would do any kind of play with him, Kondou remains cool and polite. You can’t easily break her. Kondou went on with her smooth questioning of what is so likeable about that pervert who likes looking under a girl’s skirt and is part of a suspicious organization exchanging indecent materials in school. Can’t answer back, no? Well, if you take away all that, he have lots of good points too, right? Instead of denying, Kondou actually went and agree, even saying she likes him too! However she notes her affection for him is different from them. Just then Shuusuke wakes up and panics upon knowing the conference in his room. Can’t believe he slept through all that talk like a log! Then they all argue to undress him. Uh… Shuusuke continues buying BL books for Kondou at midnight. She asks his opinion about gay sex. Of course he’s not into it unlike her. She decides to lend him one book so that he could give it some thought. Serious? Serious. He actually started reading it but his happy face is not because he turned into a homo, but rather his mind wandered into fantasizing something indecent with Kondou. And the real BL stuff, he can’t really handle it. Next day he pours his troubles to Kishikawa but suddenly the latter unleashes his inner gay onto Shuusuke!!! No way! Indeed, it was just a bad nightmare. Oh, the trauma. But for Nao, she is relishing of seeing Shuusuke’s painful expression and the wild beast he has turned into. While Iroha thinks of a need to rescue him from that BL-loving pervert, Nao is looking forward to the kind of trials Kondou will be giving her onii-chan.

Episode 7
Shuusuke seems very happy. No, it’s not that he masturbated as Iroha noted. Something is odd since he is on his way somewhere. Well, he is meeting up with AGE and they are going shopping at Akihabara. Keep your eyes peeled for trivia of posters of other animes like Yosuga No Sora, KissxSis and Chu-Bra! As usual, Nao and Iroha follow them. The AGE guys can’t wait to fulfil their desires once they get there. Even if they are perverted, they have this clause that they must not act evil (engaging in criminal adult activities). The AGE guys browse the store individually based on their fetish. Iroha is overwhelmed by the culture shock but Nao is just cool. She’s seen a lot of this stuff with her brother around, right? The AGE members start arguing among themselves why their fetish is better. Kurosaki loves older married woman, Yamashiro has step-sister fetish and Kishikawa is into childhood friends. I guess reality sucks for them (because they don’t have it) to even fall in love into this kind of category. Shuusuke gets caught in between and labelled a sukatoro (a type of porn genre about eating or drinking faeces…). As punishment, they make him buy a sukatoro DVD. The AGE guys take a break at the maid cafe and their atmosphere is tense. They’re still arguing over their fetishes so in the end they all split up and go their own ways. Shuusuke remembers the first time he was embarrassed to buy porn but Kishikawa helped him through it and that’s when he joined AGE and underwent many erotic frontiers. Eventually everyone realize that they are much happier together and reunite. Yeah, everybody is a pervert in their own way. They bury the hatchet and patron the maid cafe. The cafe has a special event today and they are dressing up as little sisters. At the end of the day, everybody goes home feeling satisfied of getting what they wanted. As for Iroha, I’m sure she has learned lots of stuffs and needs to restudy and increase her scope to suit Shuusuke’s expanded tastes. As for Nao, she’ll still throw anything that is not little sister related. That itself sends a cold shiver down Shuusuke’s spine. Be careful, you’re being watched. Always.

Episode 8
Because Shuusuke continues to be Kondou’s midnight pet, he failed every subject! At this rate, he is going to have summer classes. Kondou helps out by giving him a personal tutoring in his home. But can he study with all the sexy distraction? Oh, did I mention Iroha and Nao are also there? This is going to be tough. Yeah, Iroha hinted that he wanted to be in the medical profession because of ahem, ahem. Shuusuke excuses himself for some private time but things are going to get even more heated up. Iroha and Nao are in some competition to give Shuusuke some panty shots. But Nao has better experience and we see Shuusuke’s record-breaking 16 panty shots per second!!! Nao gives him a nutrition drink but is intercepted by Iroha. The argument ends up with the drink being spilled over Kondou’s stockings. Need more private time, Shuusuke? Then Iroha invites Shuusuke to an indoor amusement pool. However a ticket is valid up to 3 people. Yeah, so everybody’s coming too. Including Haruka and Hirono. I guess Shuusuke must be hoping for some erotic event with Kondou so much so he’d rather teach her to swim than be with the rest. Kondou is rather uncomfortable since she hasn’t been up close with a naked guy in real life. Then Kondou gets a new sensation each time she touches Shuusuke’s nipples. Yes, she can’t even take her eyes off it! Nao suspects something amiss and questions Kondou which body part of her brother she likes best. She probably hit bulls-eye Kondou gets embarrassed in talking about it. At this point, Iroha has ‘stole’ Shuusuke for her own and they’re going to ride down the tube. Since Shuusuke isn’t ready, the slide ends up with him submerge underwater and unconscious. Now he dreams of Shizuru and Kishikawa tickling his nipples with a brush! In reality, Shuusuke comes back to life not because of CPR, but rather because Kondou is pushing his nipples. Stimulating, isn’t it? Who needs CPR when you can have that. As for Nao and Iroha, they’re still arguing who needs to do mouth to mouth resuscitation. It’s already over… Back home, Kondou says she’ll be leaving the country for a while and leaves him a note. Is this the moment he has been waiting for? Well, not exactly. It’s a list of BL magazines he has to get for her while she’s away. He can’t miss a single one. Boo hoo!

Episode 9
Though Shuusuke continues to buy those books in hope of getting some erotic reward from Kondou, Nao flashes a little naughty pose in her yukata so Shuusuke has to beg mommy for some money to spend at the festival. With Kondou temporarily out of the picture, I guess this is the perfect chance for Iroha and Nao to duke it out for Shuusuke’s attention. Yeah, each has their own fantasy that eventually has Shuusuke doing them in. Meanwhile the other AGE guys are at the festival trying to find a shrine with a legendary adultery treasure. Based on the different stalls they go, they undergo subtle tests to see if they’re worthy before moving on to the next trial. Shuusuke is experiencing heaven and hell with Iroha and Nao competing with some fanservice and skinship through goldfish scooping, shooting range and even how to eat a chocolate banana or frankfurter in such an ooh so stimulating way. Then at the water balloon section, Shuusuke got a pair of golden balloons. The AGE guys see this and think he has passed the test. They drag him away so naturally Shuusuke goes into trauma mode that something gay is going to happen to him. But as explained it is to some legendary porn material. With all the ‘keys’ in their hands, they unlock the shrine and a bright light emits from it. What’s this disco ball doing inside there? Some of the stall owners show up and tell them that’s just decoration. The real treasure lies behind it, which turns out to be a book called “Onii-chan becomes an eel”. I guess they can’t handle this type of porn so they scream and run away. And the owners were ready to hand it over to them. Nao is searching for Shuusuke and trips, lamenting the wasted chance she should have been with him. Suddenly he comes by and carries Nao on his back in his bid to escape the owners. They spend some quality time together as they watch the fireworks (oh Shuusuke, you can’t carry a girl on your back without caressing her bottom, can’t you?). When Shuusuke goes back, he realizes he forgot to bring his handphone (the reason why Nao and Iroha couldn’t contact him when they were searching for him). Then with all the miscalls from Iroha, the latest one shocks Shuusuke. It’s from Kondou. He rushes to meet her at the park and give her all the BL books she requested. He is taken by her stunning yukata and wonders what kind of reward she will give. A kiss? Nope. Just a pat on the head. Disappointed? Kondou notices his loose clothes and gives an excuse to fix it because all she wants is just to touch his nipples. Maybe they should get a room.

Episode 10
While Shuusuke is out for another midnight rendezvous, he sees a scantily clad lady on a vending machine. She disappears like the wind while confirming the scum he is. Next day he tells this to his AGE members when that mysterious lady shows up and throws them a message for them to meet. Kishikawa remembers seeing her from a cosplay magazine and specializes putting on very extreme costumes. She is known as Princess Leila in the underground world of cosplay. Say, isn’t that outfit too from Star Wars’ Princess Leila? They think this is an invitation to the underworld. Can’t let this rare chance pass up, can’t you? They meet her as she reveals that this world is being targeted by the ruler of destruction. Her mission is to find a saviour who lives like a scum on this planet and give him guidance. Yes, they are all possible scum candidates to be this planet’s saviour. But she needs to test if they have what it takes. That night, the AGE guys meet Leila at the park (Nao and Iroha spying of course). She has them strip their clothes! Then she starts some flashy belly dance but is interrupted when a person whom she calls Clone whacks her head. She is annoyed that she has to go though lots of hardships and put up with her weird acts. As they argue, Leila gives her the slip by blowing into her ear. But Clone knows Nao and Iroha spying so she confiscates Nao’s handphone filled with pictures of Shuusuke. She’s rather appalled that they’re chasing after such a scum like you-know-who. Clone wants them to help her out seeing at this rate, Shuusuke will be in danger as Leila is looking for a partner. In school, AGE guys dig more information about them. Leila’s real name is Ran Yatagai and her older twin sister is Rin (Clone) who despises her. Apparently Leila doesn’t have a boyfriend and they have no way to communicate with her. They are bothered how Clone knows of the place. Nao and Iroha meet up with Clone as she tells about the ceremony since her sister has completely vanished by concealing her presence. Shuusuke is spying (now it’s his turn) but he can’t make up a word they say. The AGE guys meet up with Leila in a secret base. But she notes that it’s only a matter of time before Clone finds out. Seems they have passed the approval test and must rush to the next step: The awakening ceremony. Here, when many eyes go through the darkness, the soul of the saviour shall awaken. But what if he doesn’t? That means she has drawn the wrong straw and will have to restart her search again. The guys think that they are this close into joining the underworld when Clone appears to tell them something like that doesn’t exist. She threatens if they go to the ceremony, all the girls will wear jerseys underneath their skirts. They think she’s bluffing but she has that confident look in her face. They realize she may be the student council president who has the powers to do such a thing. The AGE guys in fear of that decides to listen to her but Shuusuke says he’ll go to the ceremony alone on his own free will. That night as Shuusuke meets Leila at the park, she starts doing an erotic belly dance over him. Nao and Iroha are recording this as proof. Well, at least Iroha wants to master this and seduce Shuusuke. Leila tells him to embrace her and leave this place. However he is reluctant seeing that means into the crowd. Nao spots Kondou passing by. She panics if she sees Shuusuke like this, there is no way he can withstand it and that pain of hurting her feelings will cause him to revert back to a pervert. Shuusuke thinks he has heard Nao’s scream so his mind goes crazy that if she was to see this unexplainable situation, she will know of his pervertness. In his panic, he takes Leila and runs out of the park and into the crowded street, oblivious to all the stares the public is giving. Leila is happy that she has found her saviour, her partner. Clone then comes up to Nao and Iroha. She claims that her sister won’t be bothering them anymore. She caresses Nao’s lips and notes how wonderful it is. Oh sh*t! Don’t tell me she is…?! How does it feel for once the tables turned on her?

Episode 11
Nao gets a stinking rotten squid in her shoe locker. Someone is trying to harass her but it’s not Clone but a bunch of fans of Mirei (that’s Clone’s nickname given by them. It means beauty). They are upset that Nao is monopolizing their idol all to herself though she denies and is the one being stalked. But with Clone’s ‘warning’, those b*tches back down and obey her words never to pull of such a prank again. Shuusuke meets Leila on the school’s rooftop and she needs to teach him on how to be a proper saviour with manners and grace. First with vocal training. Eh? Well, his perverted delusion is his motivation to do such embarrassing things. Nao tries to get away from Clone but the latter points out that Nao is a typical M. If not, mentally one because of her fetish for her brother. Clone has lots of fans, right? She could easily amass her own harem but she states that she isn’t into ephemeral pleasures and prefers to obtain things which are hard to obtain. Like Nao’s lips. Looks like Nao can’t escape her. Yeah, even Iroha takes this chance to take care of Shuusuke during her absence. Nao is forced to have a sumptuous lunch alone with Clone. She gets more excited to see how wonderful Nao’s lips are and wants to preserve it in formalin and kiss it! Guard those lips tightly! Iroha spies on Shuusuke who is giving an excuse that he is sick, the reason why he can’t do her errands for the past few nights. Then Leila comes in and telepathically communicates to meet after school. Is that possible? She assures him that the saviour she seeks isn’t a boyfriend or a sex-mate. Shuusuke-Leila and Nao-Clone see each other across the road. They start misinterpreting the other’s situation. Back home when they cross paths, Nao thinks Shuusuke must be thinking she’s becoming a lesbian while Shuusuke thinks she has heard from Clone that he intends to join a secret underworld membership. The atmosphere is awkward and tense. They need to do something to resolve this fast. Shuusuke sneaks out to meet Leila. She notes he has improved in some sword skill and wants him to open a bag. He finds a sword in it and she is confident he can do it since he had no qualms running through the crowd that night. Nao can’t shake off Clone so she has Iroha see herself the intensity of her problem. Clone has a song filled with lyrics nothing on Nao’s lips. So the plan is that they need to break up Shuusuke and Leila. This will cause her to go on a journey to look for a new saviour and thus Clone will set off her journey to capture her. Shuusuke gives his AGE guys the location and time of the meet. They’re looking forward to it. Nao and Iroha try to bluff Leila by using some fake prophet voice via their handphone. So that night at the park as she tries to communicate with the prophets, she doesn’t easily believe the words of the ‘prophets’. Clone can’t let their plans go on any longer and swiftly takes Nao’s lips. But the thing is, she kissed the wrong person. It’s Iroha! But she finds her lips wonderful too! Leila knows Nao is spying and warns her that her friend is in danger of being sucked dry. When they confront her, Clone is happy to have Iroha and takes her away. Nao is happy she is free from her. Oh Iroha, don’t you just feel betrayed! Leila notes that she did this to escape from Clone and that she knew that the prophet thingy they made up is fake because the prophet only exists in her mind. Since Nao and Clone have accomplished their mission, Leila thinks it’s her turn to connect fiction with reality via Shuusuke. Next day, as it is revealed, this whole saviour thing is just a cosplay event in which Shuusuke was ‘trained’ to play out for. Leila didn’t tell him about the original story since to be true to the saviour’s role, he has to be bewildered like his destiny. Oh, everyone sure has been given the run-around. Speaking of which, Shuusuke isn’t here yet. Then she realizes she has given him the wrong meeting place. That’s where the AGE guys are now. A place without a single soul. Is this really the underworld? As for Shuusuke, he has been caught by the police for wearing something so dangerously revealing and was bailed by his mom. No wonder that was what that embarrassing trial was for.

Episode 12
Since Shuusuke and Nao’s parents will be gone for a day to attend a funeral, the siblings are left home alone. Oh, you know what this means for Nao. Even that Shuusuke pervert is dreaming of making some tough ecchi decision in his ero-simulation with Nao. To take his mind of this evil thought, he decides to go cook. But Nao starts her teasing by dressing up as a maid and giving him a little slip-showing service. That guy is sure fun to tease. Then Shuusuke blunders, spilling oil and the food all over themselves. Crawling to the bathroom to wash off the mess (I hope by standing in the shower, it won’t ruin the maid dress), Nao wants his help to unzip her clothes. Because he is taking too long, she kicks him out. Then it’s his turn to soak but Nao barges in as she is afraid after hearing sounds of heavy breathing. Shuusuke searches around the house drabbed in only a face towel. Meanwhile Iroha is spying on Shuusuke and realizes that his parents are out and thus alone with his sister. Say, what happened to her ‘rendezvous’ with Clone? How the heck did she escape? The way I see it, there’s no traumatic effect on her. Shuusuke doesn’t find anybody suspicious but Nao gets disheartened upon seeing him wearing her favourite face towel. With a certain part touching it, now she can’t use it anymore. In the struggle, the towel came off. Then the doorbell rings. Oh… Timing just couldn’t get worse. Fortunately, Shuusuke got enough time to put on some clothes and it seems Nao is hearing those same perverted heavy breathing. Shuusuke is going to face and teach them a lesson but it’s just those AGE guys. They’re here to pick him up from their monthly morning jog. Have they turned over a new leaf and living the healthy life? Well, it’s that time of the month whereby unused books are put out for recycling. This means, there will be lots of porn mags ‘waiting to be rescued’. As much as Shuusuke wants to go, he can’t since he has to take care of the house. But Nao allows him to go since the guys came all the way to pick him up. Well, there’s an ulterior motive to Nao’s actions. Unbeknown to the guys, the pick-up date has changed to next week so she relishes the chance to see his disappointed face when he gets back. Oh, Nao. You’re the devil in disguise. The AGE guys run around town but to their dismay couldn’t salvage or even find any ‘literature’. Iroha thinks of coming to Shuusuke’s house when she spots the guys running around and tails them. Then the guys see the notice board and realize their efforts have been in vain.

Partly because of that (and earlier on in only a face towel), Shuusuke is burning up. As he lies in bed, he feels guilty this is God’s divine punishment leaving Nao at home to go hunt for porn. Nao also feels the same as she nurses him. But that won’t last because she is thinking of stealing her weak brother’s lips when she is interrupted by the doorbell. Who could it be? Iroha. First thing she asks is if they have crossed the sibling relationship border (since she saw him running around naked earlier on). Since Nao denies it, Iroha invites herself into Shuusuke’s room and sees him sick. She even thought they were playing doctor! Then the doorbell rings. Now it’s Kondou’s turn to turn up. Upon realizing Shuusuke is sick, she feels guilty that it may have been her fault for calling him out every midnight. As Nao goes to get porridge, Iroha thinks of replenishing his fluids. She unbuttons his top and goes over him while holding water in her mouth. But Nao returns so Iroha spits out all the water on his poor face. Kondou has also returned as she has bought pudding for Shuusuke. Because Nao and Iroha are fighting over who should feed the sick kid porridge, Kondou manages to feed him her pudding. Yeah, she also goes crazy over his unbuttoned top. The ruckus continues till they spilled the hot porridge over him. Realizing he won’t heal at this rate, Kondou takes Iroha out so as not to bother them. So Nao finally has some personal time to spend with Shuusuke but she falls asleep by the side of his bed all night. Morning comes as Nao prepares to head to school while Shuusuke continues to stay in bed. He didn’t hear everything she had told him about resting so she leaves in a huff. Outside, Shuusuke thanks her for taking care of him. This catches her by surprise and the gust of wind blows up Nao’s skirt to provide Shuusuke some much needed fanservice. Her comment? “I don’t like onii-chan at all!”.

Episode 13
This is a series of chronicles of Nao’s observation diary on Shuusuke’s turn on habits. Yeah, that guy really has no privacy. First we have Nao purposely taking a bath so that Shuusuke can peek at her body but he feel for the bait of black stockings in the washing machine instead; After another porn swap with AGE, Shuusuke helps a lost girl find her mom. Mommy is grateful till his porn mags dropped out. Nao’s conclusion? He does good deeds but they always turn out badly; On a train Shuusuke have to wait till the end of the line so that everybody is off so he can get his hands on some abandoned porn the rack. However the train official took it before he had a chance; The next time he waits for such opportunity, he learns that the sex article turns out to be an economic review instead. Frustrated, isn’t he?; The AGE members walk onboard a train to snap pictures with their handphones. Turns out they snap porn articles and stories in preparation for a porn famine that might befall on Shuusuke; The AGE guys are going to attend the yukata festival after realizing girls don’t wear any pantsu underneath. However the festival is cancelled as it’s raining. Not wanting to give up, they waited the entire time for at least a single girl to show up. None did; Shuusuke is forced to forgo watching his porn DVD and go out with Iroha on a weekend to watch a 5- hour Director’s Cut of Zombie League The Final Act! In the end he couldn’t take it and ran out from the cinema; Nao purposely dresses as a maid so that Shuusuke could order her around with tasks and peep her pantsu. He wastes no time in doing so and it makes him look so pitiful; Shuusuke loves black stockings so much that he is using a black marker to colour out women’s legs and make it look like black stockings! Then he begs mommy for money to buy a new edition of Shizuru but she gets suspicious of the exact price he is asking for; On a night he sneaks out to buy porn at a vending machine, the machine spits out his money and then ate his 1,000 Yen bill and thus he can’t enjoy his moment with policewoman Sayaka. Shuusuke goes to beg mommy for money to ‘save’ Sayaka; In class, Shuusuke is suddenly turned on in Geography class when he hears the word “SEX” in the place of Essex. Because of that, he begs mommy to buy a very detailed atlas as he searches for places around the world with erotic sounding names. Hmm… Maybe that’s how we should get boys to be interested in this topic; The AGE guys are discussing the “Onii-chan becomes an eel” porn book as Kishikawa assigns Shuusuke to become the Key Master. Back home, Shuusuke hides the book but you know, you can’t hide it from Nao. She is shocked to see this kind of porn but since it involves little sisters, she allows it; Kondou calls Shuusuke out one night to wait in line to obtain limited special edition BL copybook volume that is for free distribution. Shuusuke is like the odd one out in the line of girls as they return him with odd stares. Shuusuke is so conscious with this that once he realized, the copy is already out of stock. He gets an earful from Kondou so he pleads he will make it up for her and do anything. Anything? Yeah, she gives him a list of free BL copybooks he needs to wait in line! ARGH!!! Because of that, Shuusuke has nightmares each time reading the BL as Nao observes him. She has a go at one of the BL copy and almost got absorbed into it! Finally Shuusuke hands Nao an unexpected birthday present which is supposed to be a book she likes. Later Shuusuke and Kishikawa swap porn books. But when Nao opens her present, she is aghast to see a porn book featuring a childhood friend complete with twin tails! Shuusuke steps in to ask how she finds the book so she throws it at his face! But she’ll let this one pass since he was thinking about him. And I guess Nao’s penguin book got swapped with Kishikawa as he is confused with the kind of turn on he’s supposed to receive from this.

Hentai No Onii-chan Totemo Daisuki Dakara Ne…
Well, I can’t believe the TV series ended with a whimper just like that. I have to admit that it was a fun and entertaining ride throughout the series seeing the ‘trials’ of Shuusuke even if this kind of genre employs over-used fanservice and sex jokes that offers nothing relatively new or refreshing. It got a little interesting when the odd bunch of twin sisters came into the picture. However they decided to end it with an episode that showcases some quality time of Nao and Shuusuke. I felt the link between the penultimate and final episode was missing. It is as though like everything that happened during that frantic ritual did not happen at all. Especially Clone and Iroha. She’s got her hands on Iroha’s lips so how in the end did she let her go? Unless she has got her filled and tossed her away as she has outlived her usefulness. Iroha didn’t seem bothered that her first kiss was stolen by a lesbian because she didn’t seem pretty effected or shaken up in the final episode. But I’m thinking why did Clone initially wanted to thwart her sister’s plans? I mean, she could have go straight to her goal and get Nao instead of just running around the bush. Unless that was a distraction to serve getting closer to Nao? So did Shuusuke ever made it to the convention? What about the AGE guys who happened to be at the wrong place? Did they get disappointed? Did they join the wrong group? Did anything happen to them?

The fact that Nao learns of her true relationship with Shuusuke didn’t change anything but instead ‘worsens’ her appetite for her onii-chan fetish. Shuusuke didn’t find this fact out but I’m sure that even if he does, he won’t treat her any differently than before as Nao noted. I thought there would be an episode to explore about their past and one about Shuusuke and Iroha’s childhood. I’m not sure why all of a sudden she returned. Did she feel ready to fulfil their promise? And as usual, it is always the guy that forgets about the promises he made when he was young. But the girl never forgets. Can you now see how this is very close in real life? So maybe no past exploring thingy because we’re pretty much preoccupied with the antics the gang are up to. That’s why we watch this show, right?

To sum up about everyone here: EVERYBODY IS A PERVERT! Each in their own peculiar ways. Shuusuke and the AGE guys are perverts because of their own fetishes. Nao is a pervert because she likes giving a little service and suggestive poses to her brother and thus see his reactions when he does perverted stuff. Iroha is a pervert because she is willing to get down and dirty with Shuusuke. Kondou is a pervert because of her love for BL and recently acquired fetish for nipples. Shizuru is a pervert even if she’s not real because she is part of Shuusuke’s fantasies. Leila is a pervert because of her skimpy dress and unusual way to recruit somebody just to play a role at a cosplay event. Clone is a pervert because she’s a lesbian. I wonder if Nao is some kind of sadist seeing she loves seeing her brother in distress. Each time he puts on that expression, she is all too loving it while Iroha can only frust in silence. Looks like Iroha has got lots to learn and catch up if she wants to make Shuusuke hers. That’s why all those observations should come in handy. Speaking of  which, Nao and Iroha are the master stalkers they are. It’s scary having these ladies tailing you and knowing what you do every second of the day (even right down to the very details of your fantasies!). They can easily work as government spy agencies, if you know what I mean. Poor Shuusuke will never have his own private time. Always under the watchful eyes of the duo. It’s ironic and odd to see Nao and Iroha calling the other the stalker that they themselves are. Just like the pot and kettle case, eh? But oddly I’m not too sure if I should consider Nao a tsundere. If her plan to give Shuusuke service backfires and they end up too close, she gets really embarrassed and beats him up unconsciously. I also wonder if Shuusuke is sexually frustrated (probably he is conscious about this fact himself) because of all the troubles he went through.

Initially when Iroha came into the picture, she seemed rather aggressive in making Shuusuke hers and even getting bold (the condom?). But when Kondou came into the picture, she somewhat is relegated into a stalker position. I’m not sure if Kondou’s feelings for Shuusuke can be constituted as the same level as lovers even though she is treating like her personal pet to buy those BL books she is so embarrassed to get herself. Well, nobody knows you’re reading these kind of books, right? So why doesn’t she just go in to the shop and buy the book with her face fully covered? I mean, nobody would recognize her, right? Till that unfortunate encounter with Shuusuke of course. Then when she starts to get her new kicks by pressing his nipples, isn’t that just her obsession over a tiny part of his (no pun intended) instead of any real love? But as compared to Nao and Iroha, she is the calmest and level-headed one when it involves matter with that guy. Unless if his nipples are showing… I was wondering what happened to Haruka and Hirono towards the end of the series. It felt as though they have been forgotten. Man, those two certainly start shivering when ultimate rivals Nao and Iroha start talking ‘friendly’. So far so good. No explosive fireworks let loose yet. Ironically, Hirono loves watching the love drama-cum-tension unfold between the protagonists so each time she starts drooling over that thought, Haruka has to remind her how she won’t die a peaceful death. See, didn’t I tell you that everybody here is some kind of a pervert? Even the people in the streets are perverts. How? I concluded this after that recycling thingy. Makes you think what kind of neighbourhood this is if people decided to throw away so much porn stuff, right? Case in point: Shuusuke’s huge porn collection. That says it all. How can he stuff so much of ero magazines in his small room?! No wonder the porn industry is thriving. And those are just books. I don’t know about the other porn items if there are any…

Now with everyone being labelled as a pervert, this means this series has its fair share of fanservice, right? That is only true and you will enjoy the most of it if you buy the DVDs. Boo hoo. So what else is new? Though not every panty shots are censored (enough to tease viewers and wanting more), but the majority of such scenes are censored out using penguins and cats. Yeah, animal mascots for the series? Sometimes those bird and feline can really get to you. It’s quite annoying. It’s not like I’m a pervert wanting to see the colour and shapes of their panties. Ooohh… I think I just contradict myself there. I guess the penguins must be Nao’s favourite animal that’s why it’s reserved for her and everyone else’s the cat (especially Iroha). So don’t be surprised if you see a deadly penguin and cat aura between these 2 ladies. At the end of each episode, there will be a short segment called Onii-chan’s Sexual Habit Observation Diary. As its name suggests, it is Nao’s personal diary about Shuusuke’s perverted habits for that episode. In short, a short recap and her thoughts about her onii-chan’s fetish. Something about the drawing and art of this series that bugs me. The way the characters are drawn, my first impression of them was that they are somewhat anorexic! Yes, the characters are thin and lanky but oddly that thinness made them look boney like as though they don’t have enough to eat.

Nao’s voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it where I heard her from. Then I found out she was voiced by Eri Kitamura, images of that horny loli, Rin from Kodomo No Jikan came flushing in. Ah, it definitely suits her. Surprisingly I could recognize Marina Inoue as Iroha. Well, she wasn’t trying to sound like tough girls role like Tsukiumi in Sekirei or Kyoko in Skip Beat. She sounded more girly here, like the female Natsuru in Kampfer and Kana in Minami-ke. Other casts include Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Shuusuke (Mikado in Durarara!!), newbie Kazusa Aranami as Kondou, Mako as Shizuru (Yurie in Kamichu), Minori Chihara as Leila/Ran (Nagato of Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu) and Rina Satou as Clone/Rin (Misaka in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun). The opening theme is Taste Of Paradise by Eri Kitamura while the ending theme is Ari Ari Mirai by the trio seiyuus of Nao, Iroha and Kondou.

It’s okay. It’s alright to have your own weird fantasies and fetishes so long as they don’t hurt anybody. That usually is a very hard line to draw in reality. But if you’re going to be as pure as snow, might as well be a rock at the bottom of the ocean. I wonder if Nao is the root of the problem that caused Shuusuke’s horniness to grow as it is now. Maybe. Maybe not. But looks like his siscon libido isn’t going to be awakened any time soon. Although his fetish is black stockings, notice all the kinds of ero genres in his porn mags collection? Yikes! He even had a short spell with BL! Like they say, variety is the spice of life. After all, there is nothing to be embarrassed about because everybody in this morally declining society is a pervert, one way or another.

Phew. At first this is sure a mouthful to pronounce and remember seeing Japanese isn’t my native language. I have a feeling of some sort of conspiracy that the producers made the name of this anime very long on purpose, Ore No Imouto Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai. Thankfully many fans and viewers can identify it with its short form, OreImo, so that everybody don’t have to use up and waste 5 seconds of their breath each time trying to mention the name of this series. Saves a lot of time, energy and the environment. Okay, just kidding about the last bit. So if a title is this long, you might want to know what it means. Literally, it means “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute”.  Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Sounds like one of those ecchi series titles, right?

If you remember that other anime series, Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu, you can somewhat relate that both the girls here a same hidden passion: The world of anime. Yup, to some, that subject only conjures about moral declining standards with cute wide-eyed girls in revealing and so called kawaii outfits. It’s no surprise that as a model student and in the eyes of the public, you’d want to keep this passionate hobby as much as a secret from the rest. But unlike in Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu, the type of anime genre dealt in this series leans more towards galge and eroge. Especially those of little sisters fetish. Uh huh. You may probably be thinking about incest but as far as this anime series is concerned, there are no explicit scenes about brother and sister making love. That’s got to be a good thing, right? Hopefully.

Episode 1
Kyousuke Kousaka is an ordinary kid. He has a nice sister that wakes him up every morning, cooks him breakfast and does his laundry. NOT! Even if this is just a dream, he knows it is too good to be true because in real life, his sister Kirino are like oil and water, cat and dog, day and night. Typical sibling love-hate relationship (but more towards the latter). They hate each other so much so much so you’d wish they aren’t blood related to begin with. Like as though they’re strangers living under the same roof. So one fateful day, after a lot of coincidental topics on sisters in class, Kyousuke accidentally bumps into Kirino on her way out home. Hi finds something suspicious dropped. Kyousuke picks it up and realizes it is some CD game about making love with your sister! Yikes! He has his suspicions on whose this CD belongs to but he needs to make sure. For the record, it’s not his. He’d be dead if his mom ever caught him in possession with one of those. So over dinner, he plans to find out the culprit by indirectly talking about in the indecency of anime. His suspicion is confirmed when Kirino is the only who is acting weird. Then he fakes going out to the convenience store so that he could catch Kirino red-handed in searching his room for her lost CD. It’s not like she admitted it’s hers at first but even if it was, it’s not like Kyousuke cared what kind of hobbies she have. In the dead of the night, Kyousuke gets a rude awakening because Kirino slaps him up! This isn’t a dream. She calls him to her room and… Wants him to give her life counselling. What were you expecting? Then she proceeds to show him her closet full of anime stuff! She’s a huge fan of that Meruru character and worse, she loves playing erotic games with little sisters as its theme! You might write her off as a sicko with sick fetishes but hey, welcome to the world of anime. You can see her lining up her precious galges and even passionately talking about each one like as though she created them. So where the heck did she get all the money to buy these expensive stuffs? (For your information, just a simple collector’s item can cost a bomb and more than an average person’s salary). Thanks to her modelling job of course. What she does with her life and money is her business, right? Kirino continues to rant about her spiralling obsession and addiction to such games despite herself being a girl. Kirino asserts that she has no ulterior motives doing so and wouldn’t mix 2D and 3D together. Thinking that everything is over, Kyousuke goes back to sleep but gets another deja vu. Kirino slaps him awake again. Can she have a better method of waking her brother up? I know, she hates him so probably this is how she finds her kicks. This time, she calls him to her room and wants him to play an eroge! She wants his point of view? For a guy who didn’t know such games existed like only yesterday, this is got to be too much. But do you think she’s going to let him go? Boy, it’s going to be a long night. As a ‘compromise’, Kirino lends her laptop to him so that he could play some of the games she lent to him. I hope he has got some spare time.

Episode 2
Kirino isn’t happy that Kyousuke isn’t making much progress with the games. Well, he has a normal life to lead, right? So why the hell does he needs to be dragged into playing this when she can talk to her friends about her hobbies? Oh wait. She has no one in the same boat she can talk to. Kirino asserts she would like to keep both her different life together but apart because she knows how society looks down on otakus. Thus Kyousuke offers her a solution to join those online IRL communities and meet up with people of the same interest. Kirino does so and soon enough she has a reply giving her a warm welcome and to meet up next week. Kyousuke accompanies Kirino to Akihabara for the meet up. He sits at a nearby table where the online girls meet just to keep a watch. The pack is led by a large size girl named Saori Bajeena (uh… I’m not sure if that’s her real name or not. Certainly sounded like some human anatomy…). Saori starts the meet as the other girls chatter away. However Kirino is ‘paralyzed’ and remains silent throughout the meet. Before she knows it, it’s over. As they make their way out, Saori meets with them and would like to invite them to an after party for members who didn’t really get to talk much then. The other invitee would be a girl drabbed in goth loli outfit that resembles very closely to Rozen Maiden’s Suigin Tou, who goes by the name of Kuroneko. Because of Kirino and Kuroneko’s vast difference in taste and personality, they get on each other’s throat right at the start. Yup, they start insulting each other about why their preference is superior and the other not. As we know Kirino is a fan of the magical girl Meruru, Kuroneko is more towards the dark teen anime, Maschera. Yeah, they could even argue about the screening time of the show. Wow. These girls can certainly make an argument out of anything just as long as they stick to their passion. Well, at least we can say that they are making some progress in ‘talking’. Yeah, we didn’t know they were this ‘close’. The battle between the duo continues as they go take a look at Meruru and Maschera stores. Back home, Kyousuke continues his game ‘homework’ and is happy that he manages to finish a route. He goes to return the game to Kirino and learns that she has made some progress with her online friends such as making an appointment for the next meet up.

Episode 3
Kirino’s classmate and friend, Ayase Aragaki do their part time modelling job. Ayase invites her to go somewhere on Sunday but she claims she has other friends. No, not picking up a boyfriend. It’s to meet up with her IRL pals at Akihabara (she can’t tell that of course). Back home, Kirino plays her galge and it’s amazing how she can concentrate on her game and talking to Kuroneko on the handphone (the usual insults). Later Kirino meets up with Saori and Kuroneko at Akihabara while Kyousuke talks to his classmate-cum-childhood-friend, Manami Tamura. Seems Manami has a crush on Kyousuke but he’s too dense to take note. When Kyousuke comes home, he sees the unthinkable situation. Kirino in the living room, her eroge CD on the table and right across her dad, Daisuke. Oh no. Her secret is out. Apparently the CD fell out when she bumped into Daisuke and he has been mad about this since. Eventually Kirino runs out from home so Kyousuke goes to chase after her. Once he catches up to her, he hears her out. Daisuke lectured her about the bad influence that is so called otaku and plans to stop her from the rot. But that is not what she got upset over. It was the fact he called the stuff she loves useless. Kyousuke decides to help her out and goes to talk to dad. He tries to persuade Daisuke to let Kirino keep her hobby even if he himself knows how disgusting it is. Both sides remain stubborn so much so Kyousuke had to raise his voice and exhaust all avenues on how much Kirino has improved in this area like making friends and such. He must be that desperate because he tells Daisuke that he’ll beat the crap out of him if he doesn’t let Kirino keep her hobby! A son going to do that to his father?! Even so, Daisuke holds the upper hand because the CD labels the game only for those 18 years and above.  He is going into Kirino’s room to throw away all her games! Kyousuke goes into crazy mode now. He has to save those ‘little sisters’. He blurts out that the games belong to him and told Kirino to hold it for him. Daisuke thinks he is playing those games and doing indecent stuff to Kirino so Kyousuke exclaims that he loves those sort of games. Eroge is my soul!!! Daisuke got so angry that he couldn’t care less anymore and gives Kyousuke a huge punch. I guess this pain is bearable compared to the one he shoulders for Kirino. So thanks to his courageous feat, Kirino’s games are still intact and at least she works up the courage to thank him. For the moment, why does he start thinking how cute his little sister is? Hope he hasn’t got into that obsession already.

Episode 4
Kyousuke plays more of those eroge. Kirino continues her criticism that he needs to improve and warns him to continue playing and not come out of his room because she is having her friends Ayase and Kanako Kurusu over. Kyousuke gets some walkthrough tips from Saori over the phone. So it’s either their room is so close or Kirino is talking so loud so much so Kyousuke is forced to hear all the badmouthing she has to say about him in her room. Soon Kyousuke receives a parcel package but Kirino intercepts first and thinks it is for her. Then he gets a call from Saori that the package contains doujinshi sets of Meruru and was addressed in his name since she doesn’t know Kirino’s real name (she goes by the name Kiririn online). In order to save Kirino, he barges and steals the package just before they could unwrap it. The siblings struggle and in the end he fell on top of her in an ambiguous position. Guess what? Her friends saw it. Upset Kirino kicks him out of the house. Ayase hopes he could forgive Kirino and understand there must be a reason for all this. They become acquainted and exchange numbers. Later Kirino finds out the truth but still wants him to take responsibility for embarrassing her in front of her friends. Since she lets him do the thinking, they end up going to Summer Comiket with Saori and Kuroneko. Kyousuke gets firsthand experience of the crazy crowd, the booths and just about everything immense about the otaku life. I know, it’s scary to a commoner. They go around buying the stuff they want. There is a limited CD edition of a Siscalypse game and in order to get the last one left, they have to beat the game master. They each have their hand but flop. Except for Kuroneko, she coolly wins the game and the CD. She gives it to Kirino. At the end of the day when they are leaving, Ayase is shocked to see Kirino at this place.

Episode 5
Kyousuke and Kirino try to cover up their attendance at Comiket. Ayase was nearby due to her photo shoot. Saori and Kuroneko did them a favour by walking off like as they do not know the siblings. As they try to leave, Ayase wouldn’t let them. She keeps saying how Kirino is lying and avoiding her. Then she accidentally rips the bag and sees all the doujinshis she has bought. Ayase becomes very disappointed and tells Kirino never to talk to her again. Life resumes like normal. Just that Kirino seems depressed. Kyousuke goes talk to her but gets yelled back instead. Ayase didn’t tell everyone about Kirino’s hobby. The conversation turns into a huge argument. Kirino is further upset that Kyousuke is acting like as though he cares. Kyousuke calls Ayase to make up but the latter does not want to be associated with such people. She gave an ultimatum, it’s either her hobby or her friend. Even if he tries to say something like she shouldn’t judge something that she is unfamiliar with, Ayase mentions about a recent report about an otaku being influenced by such games and caused harm to a girl. Kyousuke goes to beg his dad for information on the case (Daisuke’s a police officer) so later he meets Ayase at the park to tell her about the flaws of the report in the journalist has apologized for his sloppy reporting. Still, Ayase couldn’t accept that disgusting hobby and wants Kyousuke to give back the real Kirino she knows to her. By that time Kirino jumps into the argument. She wants to know which side of hers is real. Is it the smart, beautiful and athletic model student she knows the real Kirino? Either way, she will not throw away both her hobby and best friend because she likes them both. Ayase reconciles with her but she still cannot accept her hobby. Kirino hints Kyousuke to step in. He shows her a doujinshi sample and talks about the forbidden love he has found with Kirino! I love my sister! Her hobby was the reason why their broken relationship was mended! I know he is making this up but this is all for the sake of their friendship. Ayase finally understood. That Kyousuke is the root of evil and wants him never to lay his finger on her best friend ever again. If he ever does, she’ll beat the crap out of him. Ah well, all for their friendship. Just as planned…

Episode 6
Some screen time for Kyousuke and Manami. In class, Kyousuke’s friend, Kouhei Akagi wonders the relation between the duo. It’s not like they’re dating but yet Kyousuke can’t stand the thought she’d date any other guys. As Kirino happily receives another eroge package, Kyousuke visits Manami’s family. You got to love her eccentric grandpa. Because he likes to set up Kyousuke and Manami together, has this special ability of eavesdropping and popping out from underneath the table when they least expected it and yes, can slow down his pulse to even look like a dead corpse! For that moment, you thought he had really died! Grandpa pesters the duo to get married throughout the day as Manami invites Kyousuke to her room for tea. He also meets her younger brother, Iwao who is a rock star wannabe but playing a shamisen? Kyousuke is sleeping over for the night so he and Manami take turns teasing each other about taking a bath together. Each time ending up getting more than they bargained for. Of course they didn’t. Bed time, grandpa sneakily arranges their futons to be next to each other. He’s telling them to sleep together or else some war trauma will wreck pain in his heart. Haha, nice try. However Manami is okay with it. That night they can’t sleep so they talk about the future and the possibility that someone confesses to her. As for Kyousuke, he prefers for things to stay the way it is now. Back at Kirino’s place, I’m wondering what her freaking problem is seeing that Kyousuke has been absent the whole day. It’s like she’s calling him idiot behind his back and kicking his room door (besides her disgusting happy hugging of her bolster size Meruru). I thought she hated him enough not to care.

Episode 7
Kyousuke comes home to find Kuroneko sitting in his living room. Looks like she is here to watch the screening of the Meruru anime after another one of those heated arguments so Saori suggests to watch together and get some perspective. Saori couldn’t make it and Kirino went back up to her room and continue whatever she is doing. Kyousuke learns that the argument this time was the novels that they were writing. Seems Kuroneko is upset that Kirino’s novel had a character modelled after a certain goth loli person and ‘gets raped and dies in the end’. Woah! No wonder she wants to kill her. Kyousuke then goes to get Kirino. He too learns from her that Kuroneko wrote her own novel. The story seems decent but what part about it she doesn’t like? Let’s say the novel is 90% filled with words so I guess it’s pretty hard to understand if you’re not into the lingo of the words she used. Oh, and the loli character is modelled after a certain sister that is ‘a sex slave to the main character’. Yeah, right at each other’s throat. Anyway Kyousuke manages to bring her down and watch the Meruru show. With synchronization on Saori’s end via phone (talk about the new definition of live screening), Kirino is all into it, Kyousuke and Kuroneko annoyed. How does it all end? Another argument lah. Later Kirino chides Kyousuke for using her laptop to surf porn (serious?!). To make that up, she wants him to help her out by publishing her novel online. She gets some inspiring comments from the author of Raigeki Bunko and brings Kyousuke along to help her with her research. This includes wanting him to stand in the middle of the road to get smashed by a car. WTF?! Then she forces him to buy an expensive accessory and even complains about his poverty status. As they go around, Kyousuke comments that her novel is just ideas from her eroge and she’s doing this for her own self-gratification. Kirino then pours a bucket of cold water on herself and starts narrating pitiful lonely lines from her novel. This attracts the stares of passers-by so Kyousuke has no choice but to take her to the nearest hotel to wash up. He gets a call from Manami but she misinterprets his situation that he’s doing something indecent to his sister. Kirino comes out from the bath and accuses him for being a siscon. Then when they leave, Kirino hits eureka on a great idea.

Episode 8
Surprisingly, Kirino’s novel is to be adapted into an anime. Taking along Saori and Kuroneko as her ‘assistants’, she meets the various staffs that will be working on her anime. We can see Kirino is so passionate about her work that she even has specific details on what to expect about it. Including the voice actors she wants for the characters. She’s going on ranting and ranting way better than an Energizer battery that you wish she’d just shut the f*ck up. But I don’t blame her. She really loves her work. The staffs are kind enough to listen to her ranting but at the end of it, they have their own ideas of their own. Very much different. Restructuring the content, putting fewer details and changing the lead character from female to male. Well, she loves little sisters so it’s no surprise that her lead character is a girl and a bunch of little sisters having fallen in love with her after being saved. But will the viewers approve of it? That’s at least what the author thinks. Now we know why adapted animes are so different from their original stuff and most of them are a huge disappointment to their fans. And poor Kirino she became so depressed that she collapses back home. Kyousuke meets up with Saori and Kuroneko and learn how her work has been unfairly bulldozed and turned upside down. Saori did some research and finds out that Kirino’s work was adapted because of some anime being cancelled last minute as some sort of quick replacement. They decide to have another round of discussion with the staff with Kyousuke acting as Kirino’s proxy. The staffs continue to stick firm with their decision and their reasoning (to retain viewers and profit of course). Kyousuke tries to stand up and persuade them to change their mind but I guess today isn’t his day because he is all lost for words. Rather, he isn’t into this stuff to make a convincing persuasion. The final straw came when the author mentions he doesn’t find Kirino’s work interesting and threatens to cancel it. This time it is Kuroneko who stands up. In her gentle but powerful words, she tells off the author that he is getting his pride in his way of this school girl’s work. In short, he is jealous because Kirino’s novel is more famous that his now out-of-print works. Kuroneko also feels his pain having written lots of them before and also chides Kirino for being the centre point of everything. It ends with Kyousuke doing the ‘closing lines’ as he gets on his knees and begs them to use their magic to turn her work into a wonderful anime like what they have been doing all the while and not break her heart. On their way home, Kuroneko wonders why Kyousuke went all out for Kirino even going great lengths to lose face despite knowing they hate each other. His answer is simple: Because he is her brother. Mind you, not because he is a siscon or masochist. Back home, Kirino is pretty happy because the staffs have decided to go with most of her ideas. Then she tells Kyousuke that the next life counselling will be the last one.

Episode 9
In this daily life episode, we see Kirino happily playing her new eroge so much so it bothers her next door brother because he can actually hear every single gross word she spews. Can’t even study in peace. Why didn’t he go to the library? Then some routes has her upset so it’s like she’s taking it out and showing her f*cked up attitude towards her laptop. Elsewhere we see Ayase doing her photo shoot and couldn’t contact Kirino (because she turned off her handphone so she could concentrate on you-know-what), Kuroneko taking care of her little sisters (despite her showy outfit that she wears 24/7, I’d say she’s living quite a modest life if not a slightly poor one – better than some obnoxious sister that we know. Also, it’s funny to see her doing odd poses while she talks on the phone while her puzzled siblings look on) and an interesting insight for Saori. Seems she is a rich elegant and refined lady who loves this kind of hobby. Due to her large size, her cosplay costumes are tailor-made. Kyousuke suddenly calls Kuroneko to get his mind off that crazy eroge lover but her voice is too loud even to distract him. Kuroneko feels sorry for him. We all do. Kyousuke gets slapped by Kirino when he points up that she dropped her panties when she went to take a bath. She calls him a pervert and it makes you think it’s like the case of the pot calling the kettle black. After that, Kirino continues her incessant swooning and fawning so much so Kyousuke can’t take it anymore and bangs on the wall and tells her to keep it down. Kirino interprets this as his disgusting fetish to eavesdrop on her. Kirino finally finishes her game, Kuroneko posts her online diary as Kyousuke reads it and Kirino bumps into Kyousuke coming out from the bath and kicks him because she is just annoyed with him. WTF?!

Episode 10
Ayase calls to meet Kyousuke to get his suggestion on what to get Kirino for her birthday present. Why should he know what his sister wants most? But we all have an idea, right? Apparently something like this happened. Ayase visited Kirino and the latter showed all her various Meruru figurines. Ayase couldn’t tell them apart and wonders why she collects them. This upset her so they aren’t on talking terms. Though Ayase hasn’t accepted Kirino’s otaku’s fetish, she’ll make this case an exception since she wants to make up by giving a gift related to her hobby. He goes back to ask Kirino but gets into an argument as usual. She thinks she’s getting to friendly with Ayase, not to mention Saori and Kuroneko so he tells her off that she isn’t his girlfriend. I’m sure we see this coming. SLAP! Later Kyousuke researches with Saori and Kuroneko on what Kirino probably wants most. They finally did. When Kyousuke informs Ayase about it, she isn’t perplexed that Kirino is into this Meruru thingy but the fact that how do you get an item that is not even for sale? Via competition of course! You’re not telling her to enter a cosplay singing contest and win it, aren’t you? Well… Putting on such erotic costume is embarrassing enough so Ayase has a perfect someone who can fit that role and possibly beat last year’s winner, Bridget. That someone turns out to be Kanako. Kyousuke tries to act like someone big but when Kanako learns he’s not a producer, she shows her bratty side. Man, she has two faces! Furthermore, when she cosplays at Meruru, she looks like an exact double! A splitting image! Kanako learns that she has been tricked to perform on stage but she have to do it if she is going to get her normal clothes back. During the contest, Kyousuke and Ayase spot Kirino among the wild crowd. Yeah, she’s really into it. The competition starts as Bridget gets a near perfect score. Kyousuke goes up to Kirino (not too amused he is around) and mentions about somebody she knows going up on stage. So when it is Kanako’s turn, Kirino can’t recognize her and kept wondering that said person. Kanako is amazing and damn good that she wins the contest with a perfect score. It’s like Meruru came to life! Back stage, Kanako returns to her bratty obnoxious self. Throwing the rare Meruru prize in the dustbin and berating all those damn otakus. So much so hurting Bridget’s feelings and causing her to run away in tears. Kyousuke learns that though she doesn’t really like this kind of stuff, she gets a kick when people praise her for doing so. So it’s not like she’s putting up an act or teasing the fans. Plus, Kanako is a regular of idol auditions so she has this special ability to remember a song after hearing it once. Kyousuke hands the figurine to happy Ayase who gives it to Kirino. Now she’s all smiles.

Episode 11
The ‘escape’ button just saved Kyousuke’s life because his mom nearly caught him playing an eroge. Phew. Since their parents are not in for lunch, Manami thinks of coming over and making lunch for Kyousuke. Kirino isn’t too happy about it like as though she’s got a problem with Manami’s existence. She thinks he brought her home to do something indecent when their parents are out. Like hell he will! Kirino shows her bossy side by making Manami do several chores but she comes out tops. She’s like a perfect housewife. But Kirino still isn’t happy. Then after lunch, Kirino sets up pranks in Kyousuke’s room by putting on an eroge screen on the laptop. Kyousuke frantically tries to hide it from her and though he manages to hit the ‘escape’ button, Manami finds his porn collection under his bed! Another trap by Kirino! Manami thinks he is into girls with glasses seeing that all his porn stuff has bespectacled girls. Then she sees the eroge on his laptop screen. Eh, didn’t he press the ‘escape’ key? Maybe it’s some programming bug? Oh, his life is over. But Manami didn’t freak out (even if he asserts that his heart is as clear as the blue sky like his initial desktop background – sincere tears included), she wonders if she would like to call him ‘onii-chan’ from now on. NOOO!!! Later Kyousuke gets invited to some party. He wonders why the receptionist kept throwing him suspicious looks till he finds out it is his own personal harem party?! WTF?! I’m as surprised as him. Hey, Saori, Kuroneko and Kirino dressed in maid outfits. It starts off with Kuroneko presenting her own manga work. How come the characters closely resemble Kirino and Kyousuke? Don’t worry, that’s the only part where they’re alike since she takes them as her model. Continuing her story, the sister has this fetish of smelling her brother’s underwear… Hold it! HOLD IT! So if we can’t go on with this anymore, I guess it’s Kirino’s turn. But she needs some time to work up her courage. While doing so, Kuroneko teases Kyousuke to call him ‘nii-san’. Kirino retaliates by throwing a plastic bottle at him. This time Kyousuke puts his foot down. He blames Kirino for the cause of his depression lately. He thought of coming to this party to cheer him up but the exact opposite happened. Kirino cuts him off but this time she doesn’t sound b*tchy. She gives him her present and apologized for everything. Saori mentions that this party wasn’t only to cheer him up but a chance for Kirino to say sorry and says that they too are partly to blame. Seems Kirino hasn’t forgotten all the good he has done from the case of convincing Daisuke to keep her hobby, mending her relationship with Ayase and wouldn’t have met Saori and Kuroneko and been a lonely person having no one to talk to about her hobby. Kyousuke is so moved (partly he has never seen his sister so sincere like this) so much so he cried! Then he opens the present and finds it to be an eroge. What were you expecting? He breaks out into laughter and thanks her.

Episode 12
Something really weird is happening to Kirino and it isn’t a dream, you know. She’s kind and nice to her brother. Of course talking to her friends, they too aren’t sure. Then Kirino tells him to come to her room. Why is she acting nervous? Could it be? Don’t worry, it’s her final life counselling. What is he to do? She wants him to buy her an eroge: I’d Never Steal Something Like Onii-chan’s Pantsu. What kind of a title is that?! I should expect it since it’s an eroge. However the game is to be a midnight release in Akihabara so he needs to go and wait in line. Like hell he is going to do it but when your little sister begs to you in a cute way, you can’t say no, can’t you? Yeah, it beats putting up her bossy b*tchy face. As Kirino covers him for their parents, Kyousuke makes his way and to his surprise finds a long line of people waiting. Hey, it proves there’re lots of fans. Then he gets a shock to see his friend Akagi there. The thing is, he made up an alibi to sleep in his place so now if he’s here, it isn’t really going to cut it, right? Then Kyousuke learns that Akagi’s sister is a big fujoshi fan. Yeah, he has been forced by her to go buy that game. Kyousuke was damn surprised when he learned about that. Isn’t he in the same predicament? I’m not sure if I’m supposed to cringe or laugh when I see that full-on homo game featuring macho men together. Don’t look down on it because there are quite a number of female fans waiting in line to get their hands on it. Akagi also learns of Kyousuke’s predicament. Their talk becomes so loud that the other queuers applaud them. It takes a brave guy to go out and buy an embarrassing stuff for his little sister. Just like how a boyfriend goes all out to buy his girlfriend lingerie. But that’s beside the point.

Kirino chats with Kuroneko on the phone (seeing the online site is down for maintenance). Kuroneko is amazed that Kyousuke has enough patience to put up with her insolence. Just then Kyousuke returns with his successful purchase. They quietly sneak in as Kirino wants him to stay with her to play the game. Call this part of the life counselling. Yeah, she’d said it was the last one but she didn’t say it was over. Then she decides to show him something embarrassing. He initially didn’t want to see it but changes his mind. Then she changes her mind and doesn’t want him to look. They struggle and he spots and air ticket to America. Kirino says that her track coach has recommended her to go there so she’d thought she take the opportunity. Oh, the flight is tomorrow morning. And she won’t be back till high school. The conversation once again turns into an argument about staying or leaving. You know, Kirino thinks he’s telling her not to go but they hate each other so he wants her to go. Kirino gets so upset that she beats up Kyousuke like a punching bag! From punches to slaps to even head butts. The next thing Kyousuke knows is that he is in his room, his faced brutally bruised. Man, how many tissues were stained in blood? Morning comes and his parents didn’t suspect a thing from last night as they thought he just came back. Plus, it boggles me that they weren’t awakened by last night’s ruckus. To Kyousuke’s surprise, Kirino is still around. She apologizes to her parents that she doesn’t want to go to America. Well, Daisuke seems to be okay with it (because she is daddy’s girl. Aww…). Kirino explains to the teachers about her rejection in school. Back home, when Kirino says that the life counselling isn’t over, Kyousuke gets pumped up and agrees. Didn’t realize how important his sister is till he was about to lose her, eh?

True Route

Episode 12.5
However that really isn’t the end yet. From March 2011, there will be 4 ONA (original net animation) episodes of the series. The first one was released in late February 2011. Dubbed episode 12.5 because as opposed to episode 12’s ‘Good End’, this one is the ‘True Route’. In other words, an alternate ending from the TV series. And why starting off at number 12 instead of 13? Well, the first half is the same in episode 12. From Kirino’s good behaviour to Kyousuke suspecting it to her asking him to buy that midnight eroge to him surprisingly finding Akagi standing in line. The ‘difference’ starts when Kyousuke can’t make it in time to take the final train home. He calls Kirino. She sounds devastated. I guess there’s where his inner siscon kicks in so he assures her that he’ll return no matter what. Kyousuke begs one of the eroge buyers to lend his bike. He understands his situation well and does so. Plus, he thinks of playing the game on the streets just to experience something new. Kyousuke paddles all his might to reach home and manages to do so. After sneaking in and taking a shower, Kirino wishes that he stays and plays the eroge with her. Just as he is about to leave, Kirino decides to show him something. Rummaging through her closet, a game called “Do You Eat Poop” drops out. WTF?! Apparently she bought it by accident. Since Kyousuke misinterprets, she slaps him real hard! Back to what she originally wanted to show him, she takes out an album but Kyousuke refuses to see it. Putting that aside, she then shows him a box filled with her report card of her track records and badges from the sports festival. Though she has never told anyone about this before, whenever she’s down or in a slump, she’ll open this box to get her motivation back. Noting that all these are her precious collections, she mentions that he’ll have to protect them from now on. Like he’s got a choice. But I guess this time he isn’t as reluctant as before and is doing it because he is her brother. He goes off to bed and the next morning, he finds Kirino has ‘disappeared’. Clueless about where she went, he asks his parents so dad tells him that Kirino had left for America this morning as she has been scouted by a track coach there. Daisuke was against it and wouldn’t pay a single yen for it but Kirino remained stubborn and will bear all the expenses from her savings which include her novel royalty. And with that, she’s gone. Kyousuke may seem shocked but all he can do now is just wish her to do her best. At the start of the next school term, Kyousuke and Manami walk together to school as the latter teases Kyousuke for being much nicer now and wonders if she should call him “onii-chan”. Still no go. Then somebody familiar passes by them. Looks like it is Kuroneko in their school’s uniform. She addresses Kyousuke as her senpai. This is an interesting alternate route but I’m not sure when the next one will come out since it doesn’t air on a consistent basis. I hope it doesn’t end up like how Bakemonogatari did. I hope that won’t become another major issue since the obvious downside is the streaming quality of the video was very bad and grainy.

Episode 13
So with this episode, it’s no longer the imouto but a kouhai (underclassman) now. Couldn’t wear her trademark dress to school, eh? Anyway Kyousuke learns her ‘human name’ is Ruri Gokou. But I’ll keep calling her Kuroneko like the rest because I’m used to it. And why the heck is she hanging out in Kyousuke’s room? More importantly, why is Saori also hanging out there too? Does his parents have anything to say about this? Saori is a little upset that Kirino is gone and never consulted them (is she your mother?). Plus, she didn’t even phone or mail ever since. In school, Kyousuke introduces Kuroneko to Manami. Seems Kuroneko isn’t the social kind of creature as she declines hanging out with them or her other friends. On their way out, Kyousuke asks if she is interested to join any club but she isn’t planning on doing so. Then they see the Game Research Club and Kuroneko tries her hand on a shooter game. She seems to pass the highest difficulty level with ease and also earn a top score. However she notes how terrible the game is and wishes the creator to go and die! Over the days, Kyousuke notices Kuroneko doesn’t mix around. Then back in his room, Saori puts weird ideas into their head that they might be doing that sort of stuff, much to their dismay. Of course they object that those were their intentions. Kyousuke really wants to help her out with her social interaction so Saori suggests joining a club. Which club? Well, it had to be the Game Research Club. Kaede Makabe welcomes them as they meet the president, Gennosuke Miura who turns out to be the guy Kyousuke borrowed the bicycle at the midnight sale. Kuroneko learns that this club has lots of programming tools and equipment and decides to join since she has the freedom to do whatever she wants with it and it’s more convenient than doing it from her home. Makabe also mentions another newbie, Sena Akagi who happens to be the same year with Kuroneko. She’s also a good player (that shooting game, she was the top scorer before Kuroneko dethroned her) but perhaps because there are no other girls, she’s reluctant to join and that’s why he hopes Kuroneko will join the club. Later Kyousuke and Manami spot Kuroneko cleaning and go help her. But she is not happy because she thinks they are pitying her. Furthermore, she tells him off that he’s doing all this so that she could rely on him whatsoever but asserts she is not a replacement for his sister. Well, there’s got to be some truth in that. Saori’s advice to him that night is that she might be afraid to lose the time that they spent together (to the extend she shunned her classmates). Soon the Game Research Club holds a welcoming party. Sena shows up and though she hates this club, she joins it to learn some programming. Seems Sena and Kuroneko know each other because they’re classmates. Worse, they hate each other and are always on each other’s nerves. Doesn’t this look familiar to a certain sister? Kyousuke wanting to confirm his suspicions talks to Sena about gaming to a point whereby she really gets excited about her fetish on full-on homo games. Yup, she’s Akagi’s sister alright. That blooper allows Kuroneko to go on the offensive. To a point whereby she even blurts out her opinions and views on it. Too late, secret’s out.  Sena goes crazy and admits her obsession on such games till she even says she had a dream of Makabe raping everyone in the club!!! WTF?! She realized her folly and starts breaking down, throwing tantrums worse than a kid.  Kyousuke calls Akagi for help so the latter manages to talk to her and calm her down. On the way home, Kyousuke tells Kuroneko that he indeed felt lonely with his sister gone. However he is worried about her and plans to help her out. Kuroneko blushes and is okay with it since she mentions she’s already given up. Wow. A whole episode without that annoying sister? What a change in route.

Episode 14
Miura announces that the girls will be making a game together for an online game contest. Plus, this is to improve their relationship and build teamwork as they’re always at each other’s throat. Can they? Since they can only make 1, they’ll decide which via vote. After school, Kyousuke spots Sena at the bookstore. He is looking for some easier material to create games. He spots her with a yaoi book but he isn’t surprised. Because of that, he thinks that he is gay! Even if he denies it, she even has this dirty fantasy of him and her brother. Kyousuke thinks hard back home and after thinking about Kirino, he suddenly gets an idea: To make an eroge! No, he didn’t turn into a pervert. His reason is that since the contest is divided into several categories, they might stand a chance if they do one that has fewer submissions. Sena vehemently protests but Miura already agrees. But Makabe wonders if it’s right to ask girls to write sex scenes. Kyousuke confidently answers yes! Sena wants Kuroneko to vent her venomous fury on Kyousuke but she starts blushing and would gladly do what she is told but gets flustered after she thinks he’ll ‘help her out’. Don’t worry, he’s not getting physical. Soon, Sena presents her proposal of doing a simple RPG game and she’s pretty good. Next Kuroneko presents her novel game but it seems she is nervous. The rest have their reservations since they don’t have much time so Kyousuke supports her. Till Sena starts mocking her, Kuroneko goes into her usual scathing mode. How does ‘masturbation material’ sound? “I’m going to show you a 100% self-gratifying masturbation material like you’ve never seen before!”. Woah! Even the guys are shocked but her facts are hard hitting on Sena. The votes are in and everyone voted for Kuroneko. Sena is upset that she got none and Miura explains she could’ve won if not for this. Well, her game is full-on homo RPG! What the hell is that hotspring orgy?! Worse, she models the characters after the guys! Miura puts his foot down and says to go with Kuroneko’s game or else. Sena starts crying like a baby and runs out of the room. After that, she never came to the club anymore. Kuroneko is making her game with Kyousuke as he tests it out in his room. He is surprised she knows he plays eroges with Kirino (because she told her). He thinks he could tease her by saying that she might have fallen in love with him but gets more than he bargained for when she admits she likes him as much as Kirino does. Then she asks if he would prefer her to call him ‘onii-chan’ or ‘senpai’ and Kyousuke prefers the latter since they’re not blood related. Kuroneko then wishes to call him the former if they’re ever alone. Then she wants him to massage her foot thinking that the brother in this family is supposed to be the sister’s slave. How true! She manages to finish her game but as Makabe tests it out, there are lots of major bugs like eternal looping and screen freeze. They can fix it but they don’t have time and the contest is around the corner. Kuroneko rushes out and barges into Sena’s classroom to plead for her help to fix the bugs since this is her specialty. How did she convince her? Well, with her lecture on a certain rival that had gone far away and the joys of teamwork and cooperation. All so true. With the girls working together, you could say their relationship is mended and they could even laugh at each other. At the end of the contest their game earned the Best Shitty Game Award. Oh sh*t!!! Well, they won something.

Episode 15
Sena is upset because there are already threads that criticize and mock their game! Kuroneko’s reply is to make a better game to shut them up. One day after school, Kyousuke gets a surprise SMS from Kirino. What is more shocking is that she wants him to throw away all her collection! This isn’t April’s Fool, isn’t it? He contacts Ayase to find out further via Manami’s handphone because she blocked his number. That was 6 months ago. Anyway Ayase mentions she did send many messages to Kirino but never got a reply. She wonders if she hates her now but Kyousuke knows that isn’t the case. Thinking that there must be some reason, if there ever was a person she needs to contact, she thinks it will be Kyousuke. Later Kyousuke goes to meet Kuroneko as promised. Seeing his depressed look, she decides to let him talk first. After finding out what happened, she chides him for being useless and all. Then she goes on to say what she really wanted to talk about. She is happy that Kyousuke supported her all the way and is glad that he thought of her as her instead as his replacement sister. That’s it? No confession like I expected? Kyousuke says he is going to see Kirino and just as he goes off, Kuroneko surprises him with a peck on his cheek! OMG! I didn’t see that coming. But she mentions that was a curse and if he ever turned into a pathetic halfway, he’ll die. It can only be lifted if her wish is fulfilled. And so, Kyousuke is on a plane to America. Thinking back, when he came home, he saw his dad so upset because he received mail from Kirino to throw away her awards. That’s when he volunteered to go see her and without hesitation, Daisuke gave him the green light. Kyousuke finally gets to see Kirino in her dorm. She must be damn surprise to see him. What’s the first thing they do together? Play eroge together! As they catch up on times, Kirino mentions how she couldn’t even play a single eroge ever since she came since her room-mate is the innocent type. Must be frustrating to hold it in, eh? Turning to the subject of her SMS, Kirino with tears streaming down her cheeks says her intention is to not be a dependent. When she came here, she set a challenge to beat a certain athlete in a time trial and till she does that, she won’t talk to anyone back home. She knew this would make everyone worry but if she won, she would just apologize and explain to everyone. But so far she didn’t win. Kyousuke then tells her to come back to Japan with him. Now he’s crying to. The main reason why he wants her back is because he’s lonely and he’ll die without her! So he really did become a siscon! He doesn’t care about her track problems and the other reasons for him being here are just excuses but all he needs is her. With that, Kirino comes back to Japan and guess who is the first person to rush and greet her? It’s Kuroneko! She seems so out-of-breath and relieved to see her. But of course, back to the usual insult trading. Things never change. She shows her a picture of her room-mate which turns out to be the fastest elementary runner. She managed to beat her once though it was a sneak attack. Well, Kirino couldn’t reveal anything more than that. Maybe that’s why she’s able to come back. Then they meet Saori outside and they go attend the opening of Meruru’s movie. Erm… So this is the reason why she came back to Japan?

“My Sister Is A B*tch!”
There is one thing that I have been dying to say throughout the series. It’s about Kirino’s f*cking b*tch-like attitude! She is the most annoying girl and sister in the history of anime as far as my memory can remember (let’s say I have long term memory problems too but that’s not the case). I’m sure many viewers will agree with me the way she throws her whims and tantrums to Kyousuke. I understand that being siblings, they are the kind that hate each other’s guts. But she’s much more irritating to the extent that she is portrayed as someone ungrateful. I mean look at her. Kyousuke goes all out to help her in something she loves so much (that you really can’t define her without those animes and H-games) and something that he doesn’t have passion with and probably never knew existed in his life before, then what does she do? She criticizes, reprimands and even beats him up. Like that time when she slaps him up from sleep, I think it was just an excuse to take out her hate on him. Thanks girl. That’s some way to show your gratitude. I was going to write her off as an all-time super stuck-up b*tch if not for the climax episode whereby she sincerely apologizes and thanks him for all that he is done. Kirino would have and could have been a much prettier girl if she smiled more often instead of showing those frowns and lose that b*tching attitude. She should take up an anger management class. Besides, when she goes fawning and swooning over her eroge, it may look cute at first but it really gets annoying after a while. But in this sense I don’t blame her and understand. It is rather her character that she shows towards Kyousuke. Her brother on the other hand is one hell of a patient guy. He may be doing this out of responsibility and guilt but I think he has been doing a bloody fine job and going to great lengths doing stuff that is even not under his jurisdiction. Ultimately, it all boils down to his love for his sister, even if he doesn’t realize it till the very end. Maybe in a way it has awakened his siscon feelings? That’s why they’re in such a hot-cold, love-hate brother-sister relationship. We’ve seen many of such cases in the real world too, right?

The other supporting characters play their role well in supporting Kirino. I can classify Kuroneko and Kirino as somewhat something like ‘frenemies’. They hate each other at first sight but in the end also help each other out though they give some other excuse as reason for doing so. Like Kuroneko ‘standing up’ and ‘fighting for’ Kirino’s novel adaptation and Kirino gradually spending more time hanging out with her and also taking the liberty to give her a call. Saori is the cool one of the pack and her large size reflects her big heart and kindness. I’m really intrigued to know her true character since we’ve seen a glimpse of her rich lady-like life. And I’m sure her Bajeena name is just a pseudonym. I also wonder if Kuroneko do have other sets of clothes because she is always seen in her goth loli drab nearly in every entire scene she appears (except for the True Route of course). No doubt it is her self-proclaimed clothes for life but if so, I guess she must have got lots of them. And seeing that she comes from a family that isn’t rich and hand-sewn them, wow, she must really love this outfit. I thought she and Kyousuke would become a couple at the end of the True Route seeing the way things are turning out but I guess Kyousuke’s siscon is much stronger, eh? Just kidding. Though there was an episode dedicated to Manami and explores her relationship with Kyousuke, I felt there wasn’t enough screen time for her. So much so it made me feel that she had not much of an impact in the series. Oddly, Kyousuke doesn’t share any romantic feelings with her (not that I know of at this point) but on the other hand, couldn’t stand the thought that she would date some other guy. Since they’ve been childhood friends for so long, she’s like a little sister to him. Possibly the reason why Kirino shows her hostility towards her. It’s so ironic. A childhood friend acting more like a sister and your real sister behaving more like a stranger. I mean, if you had to pick which sister you really want, I’m sure the obvious choice is the kind, gentle bespectacled one, right? She may not have the model looks but at least she makes up for it in her personality.

Another issue that this anime explores is the perception of society towards the world of otaku. As we know that the trend is growing internationally and gaining worldwide acceptance but there are many and those in Japan still having negative thoughts about it. It would be wrong to label every otaku a bad person because in everything, too much of something or overdoing it to an extreme is definitely bad. Take for instance those power abusing corrupted people at the top and the sex abuse cases of the Catholic churches. It all boils down on how one handles and controls the desire in them. If you can’t do so and use it as an influence or excuse to hurt others, then of course it could have been any other matters to take out those desires. So as in the case of Ayase, I can understand her plight of not wanting to be associated with those otakus and has her own negative opinions and stereotypes about them, but to steadfastly unfriend Kirino just because she found out about her hobby feels so wrong. She has known Kirino for so long and to let this little matter get to her just doesn’t feels right. Though I’m glad that she and Kirino became friends again (thanks to Kyousuke of course), it’s not that she has completely cast off her intolerance for the otaku world. So why didn’t she do the same when Kanako herself was one? Maybe she knew it all along (that Kanako was into all these sort of anime idols auditioning thingy) so it wasn’t such a serious impact unlike Kirino who has been putting up a different facade as an honour student right from the start. In short, otakus are defined by who they are because of their passion. To take it away is like taking away their air to breath. So maybe the guy next to you may be some hentai freak. But yeah, that’s what he is (am I trying to subtly hint something about myself?).

If you’re very familiar especially in the world of H-games and eroge, I’m sure you’ll find lots of eye candy and trivia on the game covers that appear in the series. Some even a parody of famous ones. Unfortunately I’m not into this kind of games so I didn’t recognize a single one. Unless that game was adapted into an anime like KissxSis, so yeah, I could spot that. But even so, that was just a burlesque. So the mid-intermission is an eye candy with covers of certain H-games being displayed. Of course with this series having ventured into several media such as manga (this show was originally adapted from a series of light novels), drama CD, internet radio shows and of course a video game. Yeah, now you can play this game too. I just wonder how much adult content it will have or will it follow the route of the anime. Let your fantasy and sister fetish run wild in this game! Note, I haven’t seen it or played it myself. Not that I would in the foreseeable future. On a trivial note, you may have realized that the titles of each episode are as long and similar as the title of this anime and they reflect mainly the actions or stuff Kirino do or attend. Well, that’s nothing wrong. Just that I feel that the way it was put seems like Kyousuke (who is narrating the title at the end of the next episode preview) doesn’t seem pretty confident that his little sister could even do those stuff. Like as though he couldn’t believe she would go to a Summer Comiket, attend an IRL offline meeting, dress up as a maid or write a novel. In a way, shows how amazing your sister is, eh?

The opening theme is Irony by ClariS. Sounds like your typical anime pop music. As for the ending theme, there are no fixed themes as each one is different song. Sometimes there isn’t even an ending credits animation and the credits will just roll while the episode continues to play out. Because of Kirino’s resentful voice, I didn’t realize Ayana Taketatsu was the voice behind her. Not that I could identify even if she wasn’t but now come to think of it, she sounds like an angrier version of K-ON!’s Azusa! Too much reprimanding of Yui has her taking it out in another anime. Haha! Just joking. Yuuichi Nakamura must have become a veteran in voicing lead male characters like those he did in Clannad as Tomoya, in Fairy Tail as Gray and in Dance In The Vampire Bund as Akira. I’ve been hearing too much of Kana Hanazawa lately (or rather she’s been quite active in the seiyuu scene of recent so much so she’s almost in just about every anime that I’ve watched) that I could instantly identify her voice as Kuroneko. Even if this one sounds dark and sarcastic, soft spoken girls definitely suits her fine such as Mayu in B Gata H Kei, Anri in Durarara!!, Sora in Mahou Tsukai Ni Taisetsu Na Koto: Sora No Natsu and Chiaki in Megana Na Kanojo. But I definitely love her when she did the titular character in Kobato. Also, Yukari Tamura (Sakura in Da Capo series, Elizabeth in Kuroshitsuji) was distinguishable as Kanako even if she was her cute moe self or her bratty one. Other main casts include Hitomi Nabatame as Saori (Nobue in Ichigo Mashimaro), Saori Hayami as Ayase (Musubi in Sekirei) and Satomi Satou as Manami (Ritsu in K-ON!).

So far I think the better sister-themed anime series would still be Sister Princess in the sense of the better and smooth relationship between the brother and his dozen of sisters. Get stuck with one b*tchy one for life and it’s enough to make you cry and pull your own hair out. I don’t have a little sister so I can’t really say for myself but watching this show (or even my stint during Sister Princess) doesn’t awaken any imouto fetish in me. That’s a good thing, right? However cute girls in frilly maid dresses are of another matter… And yeah, I think ‘m in total control over my obsession with animes :). So if you ask me if I would like to have a sister like Kirino, my answer would definitely be this: “Konna no imouto sonna ni hoshii wake ga nai!” (There is no way that I want a little like this!).

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