May 20, 2016

Hmm… Another short anime series based on a yonkoma series. But I can tell what is going to happen in Danchigai when you have a household with only one brother and four sisters. Yes indeed. I think. When you are the only guy in the house, these girls make you look like you are running some sort of pimp house brothel, doesn’t it? Holy cow! Just kidding! Ahem… Let’s take that from the top again. When you are the only guy in the house, things won’t seem as monotonous as you think because when you have four lovely girls by your side lecturing you on just about everything and not give him a single opportunity to rest. That is what the synopsis says. Poor guy. I can imagine the pain he goes through in a house where women won’t just stop nagging…

Episode 1
Haruki Nakano is in a pinch. He can’t get up because his sister, Yayoi is sleeping on him. I’m sure he is being a gentleman trying not to push her away or wake her abruptly. Otherwise I would be thinking she must be that heavy for him! When twins, Uzuki and Satsuki come by, Haruki requests their help to wake her up but instead they take this chance to tickle Haruki. Yayoi wakes up and gets the wrong idea and chokes him thinking he did something pervy to her. Eldest sister, Mutsuki warns them not to be too noisy and disturb the neighbours or else no breakfast. The twins ambiguously describe their ‘hugging all morning’ and although Mutsuki understands what is going on, Haruki and Yayoi continue to make faces at each other. Mutsuki threatens to cut their allowance. That should put a stop. The twins cause more trouble by hugging and clinging on to Haruki before they head off to school. Yayoi helps clean up Haruki while making statements he would look cooler if he’d knew how to take care of himself. Is she being tsundere? Good thing or not, he didn’t hear her words clearly.

Episode 2
Yayoi felt piercing stares when she was changing. Turns out to be the twins. Apparently they are doing homework about their family. But does it have to be this intimate and details her favourite underwear colour? And so they read aloud what they have written about the rest. Like Haruki who is a lazy bum who is glued to his games. Haruki wants them to write something cooler that sounds like his chuunibyou but they simplify it as some saving the world crap with lots of screaming. They write about Yayoi’s good points as Haruki tries to influence them the violent tsundere she is. He got a wrestling submission move done on him. Conclusion: They get along well. Mutsuki? Everything about her is perfect. The twins get a score for their essay but it seems everybody is interested in Haruki’s chuunibyou.

Episode 3
Mutsuki loves sleeping on Haruki’s bed in a skimpy dress. It’s like she is inviting him to something horny but luckily this guy has very high tolerance level because every position she turns to is just freaking tempting. When Mutsuki is ready to leave for school, Haruki spots one of her socks dropping. Quickly he flips it up but also accidentally flips her skirt. Oh dear. Guess who is going to mete out the punishment? Despite getting beaten up, Haruki takes heart that he has protected his sister’s perfect image. When Mutsuki goes to bath, Haruki takes the liberty to hand her the towel before she goes in because when the last time this happened, she forgot to take her panties and requested him to bring it. Then Yayoi thought he was being a pervert rummaging through Mutsuki’s underwear drawer and got beaten up. Why doesn’t she just ask Yayoi to do it? Even after bath, Mutsuki frolics in the towel on his bed. Is she trying to let him see her natural self? Then she just falls asleep. Can’t blame this guy if he ever starts going into incest.

Episode 4
The siblings head to supermarket to buy food ingredients. Haruki teases Yayoi for being dumb because she suggested taking the rice first. If you do that, wouldn’t you have to carry the weight around? But you can always take the trolley, right? The problem is carrying it onto the trolley. Mutsuki and the twins taste the free samples. Thanks to their ‘enjoyable’ face, this is like a great advertising effect as other customers also feel like wanting to try it out. Haruki thinks of getting mild curry for the twins. However they don’t want to be looked down upon and stubbornly wants to try the medium curry. But why do they sound scared before eating it? Luckily it just tastes right. Unknown to everyone, it is actually the mild curry as Mutsuki bought it just in case.

Episode 5
Satsuki eagerly waits for Haruki to come home so she could read the manga magazine he bought first. And she won’t let others read with her. Uzuki used to tease Satsuki but the teacher said bullying was bad. However she has no qualms putting clothespin all over Haruki’s hair. Then she just leaves him to go play with Satsuki once she is done reading. Satsuki has an anime clock in her head and she knows when it is time to watch her favourite anime without looking at the clock. Once done, the twins go away to play. Yayoi tells Haruki that despite Satsuki’s love for anime and manga, she loves Uzuki more. Satsuki watches the same anime again and again. Haruki wonders if Uzuki is okay since she is not paying attention to her. It’s okay. She won’t do anything that Satsuki doesn’t like.

Episode 6
Is it sexy time when Mutsuki will teach Haruki anything he wants? Well, if he wasn’t her brother, I’m sure he’ll take the offer. But anyway to her dismay he turns her down since he can study for the test alone. Mutsuki feels even dejected since Yayoi did the same. After all, Mutsuki wasn’t a good teacher in the first place. Haruki and Yayoi study together and he discovers that her multiplication is not that good and the reason she fails her math test. She even makes mistakes in the simple multiplication table so he is going to have her multiply till she drops! I hope there is no sexual innuendo in there. Even more insulting is how the twins score perfect for their maths test. When Yayoi returns home after her test, Haruki bugs her to see her results. She won’t show it to him and during the struggle he falls on top of her. Mutsuki sees this and gets the wrong idea.

Episode 7
Yayoi wants to go to the beach so much but the cold season doesn’t permit it. With Mutsuki, they get an idea to wear their swimsuits in the house. Imagine Haruki’s surprise when he sees them… He thinks it is a bit immodest but Yayoi beats him up for his pervy thinking. She blames him that when they were supposed to go during the beach season, last minute they had to cancel it because he failed his test. Then they force him to join them. I hope they didn’t really strip him. The trio sit inside the small inflatable pool (seriously, I don’t think their butts even fit) and remember similar memories of their younger days. When the twins return, they see their older siblings having flu. Fun’s over.

Episode 8
After Satsuki finishes reading a manga, she is convinced she is adopted! Uzuki plays a prank and claims she is her daughter! But seriously, if they are twins why don’t they look alike? Gloom… Haruki shows proof, a picture when they are babies. What if they were switched at birth? Another picture of Mutsuki at their age, a splitting image of Satsuki. Uzuki is still not convinced so she goes to find proof by rummaging through the closet. She happened to stumble upon a bag of Haruki’s chuunibyou stuffs. With his embarrassed reaction, she is convinced she is not part of this family. But Mutsuki shows a picture of their grandma, a splitting image of Uzuki. Too bad girl, you’re not a lost princess after all. Now it’s Yayoi’s turn to be gloomy. Because everyone does well in tests except her (again, yet another dismal showing), she is crying she must be adopted!

Episode 9
Uzuki has a habit of playing pranks on Haruki so you bet he is cautious when she closes up to him. During dinner, she sits next to him instead of her usual place. He thinks he has spiked his food but it turns out okay. Uzuki points out there is a rice on his face but he quickly cleans it, leaving her frustrated. He thinks she has another prank when she wants to read to him but nothing untoward happens. Before he can be labelled as siscon or lolicon, Satsuki brings him to see an anime about a sister who loves her brother. Uzuki saw this and tried copying it. Next day, Uzuki tells him everything was a prank so he plays along that he got tricked. However he remembers that anime’s plot is about the sister having trouble confessing her love to big brother. Could it be? Nah.

Episode 10
Definitely it would be hard for Haruki to keep quiet when Mutsuki is on top of him on his bed. At night! She needs a favour. She wants him to kiss her! This is not a dream. Care to explain why? Because she likes him. Maybe she should be more specific. It seems she needs this kiss before she goes to school so she thought of practising with him. He argues a kiss is supposed to be with somebody she loves like her boyfriend. But she thinks it is okay with siblings. This kiss is necessary because her class will be doing a play for the festival. She took on the princess role and has to kiss the prince. If it is just a play, could she just pretend? Well, she hasn’t kissed anyone before. Haruki remembers her kissing various objects… That was practice? She is serious in kissing him but apparently his mind is going bonkers whether or not to oblige. He pushes her away. It seems to have upset her as she returns to her room. Feeling sorry, he goes to apologize. Actually she isn’t mad the least bit. She realized she mixed up Cinderella’s role with Snow White and thus there is no kissing scene. She hurried back to confirm this. Sorry to bother, you can go back to sleep now.

Episode 11
Haruki is sick and he collapsed while returning from the bathroom. Yayoi must be one ‘good’ sister because she just left the pillow to let him sleep on the floor! WTF?! Eventually she feels bad for her onii-chan so she puts him back to bed. Naturally he skips school the next day and when he wakes up, it is already past 3pm and Yayoi is by his side. She is even blaming him for waking up without giving warning. WTF?! What were you doing to him?! She tries to be good by wiping his sweat. When the other sisters enter, from their position they see as though Yayoi is kissing him! She beats him up and then dismisses what they think. I think Haruki is going to take a lot longer to recover.

Episode 12
There is a sign clearly outside Haruki’s room to not enter. No, he is not masturbating! But Yayoi enters anyway. She bugs him to play a game. Not a hentai game, mind you! While he is looking for the game, she falls asleep on his bed and doesn’t want to move! Thinking she is sick, he quickly brings her back. The twins play a prank on Haruki by making him watch them take a dump! WTF?! Because he isn’t ‘cooperative’, they start crying and ‘hating’ him. He thought he could sleep easier but Mutsuki is hogging his bed. It gets worse when she grabs him and suffocates him under her boobs! He has to continue hiding as the other sisters come in to sleep with him. What the heck is this sleepover party?! Haruki narrates his worries about his sister’s future but he feels spending the night like this once in a while isn’t bad. Next morning, he is ready for them to rely on him but they pack up and leave. So now they’re treating his room like a hotel?

The siblings go to the public bath. Because the girls are being noisy so much so the men’s side can hear all the ruckus, Mutsuki had to give a stern warning or else. Haruki is having a relaxing time in his bath but his thoughts seem to drift towards fanservice scenes of his sisters! After finishing, the twins are rewarded with milk coffee. I’m not sure why but they don’t like the carton version that the public bath only has as they wanted the bottle version. Is there a difference? Haruki wonders why Yayoi is drinking it too so he figures it must be to help her boobs grow. Instead of beating him up, she runs away in tears and calls him an idiot. So was Haruki expecting to be beaten up because he was shocked by this reaction? After all her punches, it is no surprise he might be a masochist.

Man Of The House
It wasn’t anything special to say the least. I won’t go so far to say that the sisters are total b*tches but it is just that they love their brother so much that the only way to get his attention by the way they know best is to bug him. He puts up with it all because they are family. I mean, if he shoos them away, what will there be left, right? Besides, this is a slice of life comedy so nothing really extraordinary happens. No shocking twists and revelations. Just plain boring daily life of a brother and his sisters. Sometimes you wished you were thankful you’re not in his shoes, right?

If you want some little short laughs, I guess the 3.5 minutes length of each episode would keep you occupied. To say that it is entertaining would be an overstatement. Because as you can see, the jokes mainly comes from Haruki putting up with the quirky bugging characters of his sisters and that is all. Maybe it looks funny in the anime but in real life if you have a sister this annoying, some may feel insulted or just dreaming to have this kind of relationship. So if you want heavy laughs, look somewhere else. This one is just light and bite size. Even whatever ‘problems’ faced in that episode is ‘solved’ in that episode. No need to bring over the issue.

Character wise, they aren’t anything special either. Haruki is a typical typically normal boy and brother (unless you count his chuunibyou past but that is pretty normal too). He puts up with their shenanigans because he is their brother. I think I am repeating what I said but seriously, there is all to it. It is good the anime focuses only on the family because usually in animes when you have the male protagonist living with an extremely cute babe or having sisters that are too adorable, usually his jealous classmate guy will get all envious and start ranting nonsense. Yeah. Thank goodness. And thank goodness he didn’t turn into a siscon character either.

His sisters on the other hand, we have the sexy and flirtatious elder sister Mutsuki who is the boldest when it comes to bugging Haruki. With such great body and sex pheromones, it is not hard to get a boner when she starts being flirty. I have to respect Haruki because he holds it in greatly and doesn’t succumb to his urges to rape her. I mean, come on. This is anime. There is no ‘immunity’ that brothers and sisters cannot like each other. Incest is okay! Then there is Yayoi playing the tsundere. Somebody for Haruki to ‘fight’ just because she is the most tomboyish among the sisters. Her running joke is her bad score in maths. Finally the twins. You have the cheeky Uzuki who is more hyperactive than her twin Satsuki who seems to have this deadpan expression stuck on her face.

In a nutshell, Haruki is surrounded by so many girls despite being his sister and their pranks, he doesn’t turn gay! Another point of respect! True! Because we don’t see his other life, I am giving him the benefit of the doubt that he is still a straight guy. Despite all the shenanigans, he doesn’t come to hate women and turn to guys for solace. I know this is creepy and I myself am surprised to have come up with this what-if conclusion but thankfully, remember the genre of this anime, then you have your usual happy ending for everybody. Too bad no incest happened either ;p. In spite of all that sexy delicious teasing from Mutsuki. Damn you, cock teaser!

Voice casting seems pretty normal. They are Atsushi Abe as Haruki (Mashiro in Bakuman), Satomi Akesaka as Mutsuki (Esdeath in Akame Ga Kill), Mikako Komatsu as Yayoi (Neko in K), Sayaka Horino as Satsuki (Mayotama in Danna Ga Nani Wo Itteiru Ka Wakaranai Ken) and Sora Tokui as Uzuki (Nero in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes). Despite being a short series, it has 4 different ending themes, each based on a sister and tailored to their personalities. Nothing that attracted my attention, though.

Overall, this series has its good and bad points being short. Despite being straightforward and simple, it feels somewhat boring although you have some cute laughs here and there. Like many of such short series, it is something you want to watch when you want to relax, don’t have any high expectations for anything and have a little more time to spare. And then it makes sister-less guys want to crave for such sisterly harem or like me, I’m happy I still dream of my maid harem from time to time. I know, there is a danchigai (big difference, literally) with reality and fantasy.

Minami-ke: Tadaima

October 19, 2013

BAKAYARO! Heh… You know when I always start my blog with that word, it could only mean one thing: Minami-ke! Yes. After a long time, we have a fourth instalment of the Minami sisters and their friends in Minami-ke: Tadaima. The second title is somewhat aptly named since it has been a long time since the third season ended back in early 2009. And then they whet our appetite with an OVA way back in October 2012 just to signal to us that they are coming back at the start of 2013. I guess it is hard to really forget about those ordinary sisters, eh? Yeah well, if you have been watching all the 3 seasons and 2 OVAs like me, I’m sure you would feel that certain nostalgia if you are going to watch this fourth season. I figure that is how producers hit on us by making sequels and using nostalgia to make us want more of something that although wasn’t the most amazing thing in history but not too bad that you hate it and something memorable.

As monotonously warned at the start of each episode, this show is nothing more than the simple illustrations of the ordinary lives of the Minami sisters. Ordinary is the word in focus here. So, don’t expect too much from it. Yeah. I wasn’t. Because if I go by this series’ formula, there won’t be anything new or shocking (because of that, I guessed that’s why the second season bombed). Expect the same old Minami sisters and their antics with their usual friends. No sudden twist in the plot. No sudden new character. No new development in any area. No nothing… Boring, isn’t it? That’s why you have been warned… Expectation is the root of disappointment. The higher it gets, the more you will be let down. But don’t get the wrong idea of me putting this show down. If you love your slice of life comedy with nothing shocking, then you better watch this show, bakayaro!

Episode 1
* Chiaki introduces us to the Minami sisters. The middle dumbass sister Kana she is not proud of unlike the eldest one Haruka whom she worships like a goddess. Chiaki chides Kana for still wanting to play around with the kotatsu and wants Haruka to say something. But since she warmed up her clothes using it, Chiaki approves of its use.
* Kana didn’t do well on her tests and wants somebody to coach her. Keiko? No way. Then she uses Miyuki to help plead to Keiko (who also didn’t do well) tutor them. It worked only because Keiko is here to tutor Miyuki and not Kana. So Kana makes them go home instead. On the next test, Kana did worst. One point lesser. As for Miyuki, she scored 100!
* Kana is with Chiaki and Uchida in the living room. When Uchida leaves for a while, Kana notes how Chiaki doesn’t care about her surroundings if she’s focused on her studying and decides to teach Uchida a lesson by leaving her doughnut unguarded. Uchida is distraught to see her doughnut missing and all evidence points to Kana although she dismisses it. Chiaki as usual didn’t react. When Kana leaves, it’s payback time. Uchida reads her manga. No reaction from Chiaki. However there is a reaction from her when Haruka calls her to taste her cooking. When she comes back, she sees this eerie silence between Kana and Uchida. Her angelic and devilish side try to reason whether they are deliberately ignoring her. She can’t take it anymore and apologizes for studying on her own. It is then revealed that they were trying to hold in their laughter thinking that the other was making a funny face. For that, Chiaki will have Uchida eat third servings of their dinner. Can she eat that much?
* Kana got enough money to get a fortune reading. She seeks Keiko’s help to decipher its meaning and from Kana’s reaction, she thinks Kana wants a boyfriend. She thinks this is Fujioka’s chance. Kana also thinks he is the fated one when Fujioka approaches her but she is actually sitting in his seat. Back home, Kana is close to confirming Fujioka is the one when he is seen visiting their home. But when he leaves and forgets to take his bicycle key and returns back up, Kana dismisses he is the one.
* Kana wants to put away the kotatsu but surprisingly Haruka is acting like a kid disagreeing with her. Then she goes to sleep underneath it. Does Kana want to put it away so badly? Put it this way. If Haruka starts getting lazy with it, she’ll never cook their dinner! Putting it away is for her sake. First, cutting off the power and letting all the heat escape didn’t work. Pulling it away didn’t have any reaction from Haruka but Kana considers it a success. When Haruka gets back from school, she sees Kana hiding underneath the kotatsu. Didn’t she put it away? She’s changing clothes in its warmth? And she forgot to bring her clothes. Can Haruka get them for her? Haruka pulls her out. Kana fanservice!

Episode 2
* Mako-chan wants to put an end to this cross-dressing. ‘She’ doesn’t want to lie anymore despite having easy access into their home. But this time ‘she’ is determined to end it. But when Haruka returns, Mako-chan goes to talk about the cookbook ‘she’ has bought. I guess the charade continues.
* Touma makes an April Fool’s Day joke that their house is on fire. Because of that, the brothers end up in some serious discussion to punish her. No dinner for her. That’s why she is now at the Minami sisters’ house as she can’t eat at home. At the same time, Fujioka is also here. He talks to Touma about playing football (remember, in his eyes, Touma is a boy). Kana makes a revelation that Touma is a girl. Though Touma is shocked at this betrayal, Kana tells her not to sweat it so much because of today’s April Fool’s joke. Though Fujioka can handle it, Touma couldn’t. She runs back home and is not even interested in dinner even if her brother wants to make it for her if she apologizes.
* In class, Yoshino almost mistakes Makoto for Mako-chan but corrects herself. Uchida and Makoto wonder if she really knows about that identity. So Mako-chan returns to Kana and is sure this time ‘she’ will stop being Mako-chan. ‘She’ gives back this hairpin as proof. Of course Kana is not convinced and has kept the number of times ‘she’ has said that. When Haruka comes in, she notices Mako-chan not wearing ‘her’ hairpin. Because a hairpin looks cute on ‘her’, Haruka gives her another one that looks like a spade as thanks for being Chiaki’s friend. Learning it symbolizes a sword, Mako-chan thinks Haruka has entrusted ‘her’ the duty of forever staying faithful to Chiaki. Looks like it is Mako-chan once more and always…
* The Minami brothers discuss how Touma isn’t ladylike. Haruo and Natsuki end up arguing who should be the one to tell her and once more leave Akira to clean up after them. Touma sees Yoshino’s advice to be feminine. But she introduces to someone better: Makoto. They should ask someone what a guy thinks is ladylike, right? Well, he doesn’t and thinks they should go ask Chiaki. She says to be herself. That didn’t work. Wondering if Chiaki is feminine or not, they think she is feminine back at home. With Fujioka the teddy bear. Touma thinks all she needs to do is cut up cloth, stuff it with cotton and sew it up to make stuffed dolls as a feminine hobby. Back home, Natsuki sees a blue teddy bear and notices someone has cut out the cotton of their sofa to make this! Touma!!!
* Touma shows the blue teddy bear to Kana and it is like a splitting image to the brown Fujioka. Kana wants to experiment switching the teddy bears to see if Chiaki notices. Of course she notices something off but Kana gives lots of excuses like the world is changing, etc. Then Kana wants them to figure out what is different with her. I’m sure they pinpoint everything but miss by a mile. She reveals she tied her twintails lower than usual. Just when Chiaki has accepted the blue teddy bear, she sees her original one and yells who the hells is this one!!! Touma stays for dinner and says that she could make clothes too since they are easier than stuffed dolls. Chiaki has a few clothes she likes that she wants her to make. Haruo and Natsuki continue to argue over who should tell Touma. Once again, Akira is left to clean up after them.

Episode 3
* Touma bathes fast at the Minami sisters’ place and this is because she notes Natsuki takes long ones. So long that a TV episode will have ended by them. Since there are no extra clothes, Kana has her try out hers and Haruka’s school uniform. Some parts are loose, some parts are tight. She prefers to wear a jersey.
* Kana did an experiment whereby she asks her friend the time when she is about to drink. This causes her to spill the drink over her clothes. She tells this to Chiaki and Touma and proves this experiment over Uchida. This theory proves the existence of airheads as believed by Kana. Uchida wears a maid outfit for the time being. Noting that Haruka will be back next, Kana thinks of testing it on her. But before that could happen, Chiaki takes the alarm clock and tells her the time.
* Haruka invites her friends to her home for some cake. Hitomi realizes she has lost her ring she got from her friend. It costs ten thousands of yen so better start looking. Hitomi realizes it was in her hand all along and it would be embarrassing to just admit it. So she rolls it away and it ends up in Atsuko’s bag. So when Atsuko spots it, she is devastated she will be accused as a thief. She admits she finds the ring but couldn’t explain how. Hitomi feels guilty so they both start apologizing to each other while Haruka and Maki are confused.
* Remembering what Touma said, Haruka talks to Natsuki about his habit of taking long baths. He felt embarrassed and denies. Hitomi sees how troubled his eyes are and talks to Maki about it. She feels his embarrassment is like those of taking long baths which is more like a girl thing. Haruka heard this and realizes she must have embarrassed him. She goes to talk to him that there is nothing wrong taking long baths and since she said so, he will do so. Then Hitomi goes to tell Natsuki that she too takes long baths (remember, she likes him). His answers about improving blood circulation and all isn’t what she is seeking. Is there anything else he should say to her? Yes. There is nothing to feel embarrassed about!
* Kana, Chiaki and Touma are happy after eating a doughnut each. Realizing there is only 1 left, they do rock-scissors-paper and Kana won. When she returns after getting more tea, it is gone. She knows one of them ate it but as Chiaki points out, if they tried to, the other would have sounded the alarm. It means there was no doughnut there to begin with! Kana almost bought that because she notices the doughnuts they ate wasn’t coated with sugar like this one. She is going to lick their mouths to see how ate it! Don’t come closer you pervert! So scared that they admit they are the culprits. When Haruka returns, everyone remembers that doughnut is for her. Haruka smells her favourite cinnamon flavour all over Kana. Oh sh*t… But Kana averts the blame to the duo for eating her share. Haruka becomes disheartened. She brushes it off as she’s on a diet anyway. They feel the need to cheer her up. So when she takes a bath, Chiaki and Touma don their maid outfit to clean the house. Haruka is revitalized and will go make dinner. But where is Kana? She is still trying to fit into the maid outfit.

Episode 4
* Hosaka wants to give Haruka his homemade bento but was stopped by Hayami. Several death slaps on his head didn’t change anything but she did gain his attention. Her smooth talk has him convinced that what he wants is for Haruka to wipe his sweat after club activities every day. Yup. It is her ploy to get Haruka to join the volleyball club. He goes into class to ask Haruka that but she is gone and only Maki and Atsuko are left. Yeah, they are feeling creepy as Hosaka rants how he will make a good meal for Haruka and her daughters. Sisters, if that is what he is referring to. And does he need to unbutton his shirt?
* Hosaka thinks of making lunch for Natsuki because if he spends his time on cooking, he will have less time for club activities. However he refuses since this scene will arise to misinterpretation. Yaoi… Besides, he wants to make a hot meal for his family. Hosaka allows it.
* Hitomi sees Natsuki’s serious eyes and thinks it is the eyes of wanting someone adult-like to cook for him. She tells this to Haruka and Kana. Kana has an idea of that: Wear naked apron! Haruka asks she can start by asking what kind of food that person likes. When Hitomi goes to see Natsuki again, she sees his eyes resolved to cook everything by himself. She tells him she likes super sweet things.
* Touma seeks a little excitement so she jumps into puddles to make Uchida wet. So when she tries to get back, she accidentally makes Chiaki and Yoshino drench. So the quartet have to take a warm bath back at Haruka’s home. However it has been raining for a few days and the laundry isn’t dry yet. Even the bath towels aren’t dry yet. I don’t know how they got to dry themselves but they are dressed in nun outfits that Touma made. As for Chiaki, she is turned into a teruterubouzu as everyone prays for a sunny day. Even Haruka! Otherwise they won’t have clothes to wear tomorrow. Hey! Didn’t something of this sort happened in the first season?
* Hayami talks to Haruka and Hitomi how they like their eggs done. Of course this reaches the ears of Hosaka and so he starts his deluded fantasy of sunny side up or turned over. Even the girls are freaked out. He might have a nice body but his brain is obviously broken. Then Hayami comes to interfere. She whispers in his ear that Haruka doesn’t mind them nicely browned. Elsewhere Hitomi asks Natsuki to kind of eggs he likes. Since it’s not overcooked, she thinks he likes her untanned. She gets alerted when she thinks his eyes are looking at her, wanting to eat her. He just feels like wanting to eat eggs. As for Hosaka, he is lying on the grassy plains, baring his exposed body to the sun. Now it’s the time to flip over…
* Hosaka shows Hayami a plate he made. I didn’t pay attention to all those words of praising how damn good it is. Since Hayami asks what he is going to fill it with, he goes off to ask others. Unfortunately why does it have to be Maki and Atsuko? Can’t escape, can’t they? So as he rants about preparing the best cuisine with the best vessel, they accidentally split it into half! Yeah. He was so busy blabbing its history and wax lyrical about it, the duo had time to panic behind his back and even bring back a kettle as replacement. Yeah, they suggest he could boil water with it. And he will follow their suggestion! Can hot water bring Haruka happiness? Does he even realize what happened to his plate? Elsewhere, the Minami sisters are having a hot ramen in a cup.

Episode 5
* While putting away their winter clothes, Kana finds Haruka’s school swimsuit and gives it to Chiaki to try. Does she think wearing it can make her swim underwater for 50 metres like her? Guess what? When she puts it on, it’s so baggy that it practically slips off! And Chiaki really got her hopes up…
* Kana and Keiko thought of eating chilled noodles and invite Akira. They notice he hasn’t switch from his winter uniform to his summer. He says he sometimes feel cold. Kana thought it would be disrespectful to eat summer food in winter clothing. Of course Fujioka wants to know what Akira chatted with Kana. Akira fears he would get the wrong idea and mentions he got rejected for chilled noodles. Fujioka gets the wrong idea from him that he needs to be more summer-like to be invited by Kana for chilled noodles. So he starts stripping his jacket. I hope he doesn’t turn into another Hosaka. He also tries to act very hot just to get Kana to invite him. But in Kana’s eyes, she sees him turning into a delinquent. Whenever Fujioka never gets invited, he meets Akira to tell him the problem and the answer is always the same. Act even hotter. Kana thinks Fujioka is picking a fight with him. This process repeats itself many times till Keiko who probably got tired of seeing this misinterpretation to go ask Fujioka if he could ask Kana to invite him. Instantly he goes back to normal and Kana thought the model student straightened out the delinquent.
* Chiaki makes some fatty rich food for breakfast for her special menu. Bacon toast pizza with extra cheese and potato chips. Yum! Kana chows it down and then goes to sleep. Then it’s leftover beef curry and buttered potato for lunch. Yummy! Then it’s sleep again. For drinks, they had gum syrup cola. That hits the spot! When Kana weighs herself, she is appalled she has gained weight and reports this to Chiaki. Apparently this is her plan so that she could develop fats for buoyancy while swimming. Kana points out she overlooked an important point. With all the fats, she will lack the muscles needed to tread in water! And so, the duo skip dinner and go on an exercising spree. If Chiaki didn’t suck in simple exercises…
* The last day of school before summer vacation. Akira tells Fujioka it is important to stay in touch so Fujioka gets this grand idea of spending his time with Kana at a family restaurant, go shopping for yukata and swimsuit, hit the beach and ending it with a big fireworks bang. Very grand indeed. So he goes to Kana but see her and friends trying to decide their plan for summer via wheel of fortune. They let Fujioka do the honours to drop the eraser. Where it lands, that will be their plan. He spots the family restaurant and prays hard to land on it. When it does, he goes into ecstasy. The girls thought it was boring but couldn’t have the heart to tell him since he is basking in his victory. Didn’t he see the beach and fireworks plan which occupies a very big portion of the chart? In the end, I guess he ended up going alone since they didn’t make plans to meet.
* As consolation, Fujioka is invited to play fireworks with them. Because the wind blows out the candle fire and Haruka had to rush back to ascertain the stove is turned off, nobody else had a lighter with them. Fujioka rushes to the store to get one while Kana takes out her primitive fire making tools. Not going to work. If she thought of this, shouldn’t she have just brought a matchbox?! Fujioka is on his way home thinking how he should hold Kana’s hand. Before he knows it, he’s already back. Kana insists on paying him for the lighter and slaps the 100 Yen in his palm. Fujioka jumps with joy that he manages to hold her hand. But Touma thought he is such a happy guy to receive 100 Yen.

Episode 6
* Chiaki tells off Kana that her summer schedule consists of only having fun. She should add some study time. You think she wants that? Chiaki makes the adjustment herself so Kana readjusts it back. This goes back and forth till the goddess Haruka comes. Kana can’t really say what her real plans are before her so she hands over a marker pen. That will be permanent, right? Chiaki writes the final plan.
* Kana goes over the horoscope with Riko and Keiko. She believes the prediction is accurate because when she spilled her glass, Chiaki’s teddy bear acts some sort of a barrier to protect her from the water as stated in the horoscope. Then when they go to the pool, Riko is disallowed to swim since the horoscope says not to go near water. Nobody is wearing the lucky colour blue too. Fujioka happen to be there so Kana sees him wearing blue trunks. It seems odd for her to be staring ‘down there’. Telling Fujioka that Riko might drown, she wants him to be by her side. As long as that happens, Riko can enter the pool. Of course this is like a dream come true for her to be with Fujioka. So excited that she almost drowned.
* Kana, Uchida and Yoshino talk about self promotions when they learn Maki and Atsuko went for an interview for a part time job. Chiaki offers to play the interviewer role and interviews Kana. She is made to describe herself. She thinks she is cute? Be more specific. Kana changes her outfit and acts cutie-like. Chiaki passes her. Now it’s Kana’s turn to be the interviewer as she interviews Uchida. She feels uncomfortable the way Kana is talking to her. Fujioka happens to come by and got caught in the midst. Chiaki hints they are doing self promoting and show them how he thinks. I guess he took it the wrong way and confesses he likes Kana. Kana then reverts to her old self, feeling relieved that she couldn’t stop acting like that till someone said that.
* The gang are at the beach. So is Mako-chan. For obvious reason, ‘she’ can’t flaunt her swimsuit. Haruka then puts some suntan on Mako-chan. Later Mako-chan helps Chiaki to swim in the ocean but was frightened by Kana. Mako-chan chides her for not acting very sisterly since Chiaki doesn’t know how to swim. She is unrepentant and throws a sea cucumber at Mako-chan. Chiaki is grateful to Mako-chan and hopes they could be friends forever.
* While everyone is having food, Kana seems to be going the roundabout way about the food but Chiaki says it straight that the food sucks. This causes everyone to lose appetite. Chiaki sinks into depression so Haruka wants to go cheer her up. Kana chides big sister for spoiling her like this. She almost collapses! Chiaki decides to break the watermelon since she’s hungry but was stopped by Haruka. She blames herself that everyone didn’t eat full. Everyone agrees to split the watermelon now and they all have the cool refreshing dessert.
* Mako-chan has worked up a tan. Which means ‘she’ can’t go around topless as Makoto, right? Mako-chan then shows a band aid ‘she’ got from Chiaki in school. However Kana points out that was when ‘she’ was as Makoto. Can’t let her find out about her identity now, eh? It would have been easier if Mako-chan just take off the band aid but because of Makoto’s stupid pride of not taking it off forever, ‘she’ can’t. Chiaki comes in so Mako-chan tries to decline anything that needs ‘her’ to use ‘her’ hand like playing Othello or eating cookies. This causes Chiaki to sink into depression thinking Mako-chan hates her. Especially that rejection pose with ‘her’ hands up. Uchida cheers her up to reassure their friendship again and tells Mako-chan how ‘she’ is supposed to show her hand. Chiaki is happy that Mako-chan extends ‘her’ hand to her but Mako-chan pulls back the last minute fearing she may find out. Depression mode again… Mako-chan no bakayaro…

Episode 7
* Summer is ending and Touma regrets she hasn’t gone to the beach. Kana agrees to grant her wish. And makes her wear a swimsuit. That’s about it. Because Uchida wants to go for a trip, Kana tells the girls to go home, pack up and meet here tomorrow for the ultimate trip. They should have seen it coming it is just a sleepover at their place. Bummer. So disappointed…
* Because Kana wants to tell ghost stories and dares Chiaki who is a chicken, Chiaki brings Haruka as her ‘shield’. She gets easily spooked? Anyway Chiaki is holding on to sleeping Haruka very tightly even if the ghost story isn’t really a ghost story. First one turns out to be a fairytale and the second one a bad joke. Then they hear a ghostly moaning and get the fright of their lives when Haruka suddenly jumps up. Seems she was dreaming. What it was, she forgot.
* Keiko and Riko are not so energetic since it is such a hot day. But Kana seems pretty energetic. She did lots of silly things as distraction to beat the heat but seeing them like that, I guess she succumbed to it too. Wanting them to take responsibility, Keiko decides to buy her ice cream. Which reminds her, she can’t have one since she has a toothache. Ouch. She was trying to forget that too. Worse, she had a winning stick. She gives it to them and since they feel bad of getting a free stick, they decide to give it to others. All of them decline. So they give back to Kana. She remembers about it and sinks into gloominess.
* Kana writes some poem on her winning stick to indicate it is hers. Then she realizes she had written exactly on another winning stick she won a year ago. She must have forgotten. Since she still has a toothache, she has no choice but to give it to her sisters. They’re really enjoying it. Thanks Kana.
* While Takeru bums around in the Minami sisters’ house, Haruka wants Kana to take a bowl of green soybeans to him. Kana wants to help herself to some but was slapped in the face!!! Her toothache… Haruka points out there was a mosquito. Honest! Chiaki sees this and gets an idea. First, she hits Kana on her head with a fan, blaming her for eating her ice cream. Since Kana didn’t buy it, Chiaki says it’s a mosquito. Kana then blames Uchida that she lost sleep when she was here on a sleepover. Actually it was Kana who stayed up talking to Uchida. Kana hits Uchida with that mosquito excuse. Then Uchida hits Touma for splashing the puddle on her then. It’s a mosquito. Touma can’t hit Yoshino so she hits back at Kana. It’s the mosquito. Kana tries to get Chiaki but she evades and blocks all her chops. Yeah, she’s deliberately trying to hit her when there is no mosquito. Chiaki trips and falls over Takeru sleeping. There was a mosquito? They see his arm with a mosquito bite. It got him.
* Kana throws a tantrum that she needs somebody to make her lunch. Go make it yourself… She tries to convince Takeru to treat her and Chiaki smooth talk him into agreeing. At the sushi bar, it seems Uchida, Yoshino and Touma somehow joined in. Very generous of him, eh? Yeah. They bump into them along the way and invited them. But Takeru will only limit them to 1,000 Yen each. Chiaki explains the different plate designs with different pricing ranging from 200 Yen to 500 Yen. But it seems she is the one who doesn’t know how to count. Or does she? How many plates has she taken and she’s only adding up to half her limit? Kana works her way up by trading sushi plates while Yoshino takes the most expensive ones right off the bat. But she’s enjoying them. At the end, seems the total spent is 7,000 Yen. Do the math. Who ate extra? Why is Chiaki’s plate more than theirs? She points out they forgot to include Fujioka the teddy bear’s portion. Takeru isn’t going to believe that. Back home, Chiaki has to work her portion by giving Takeru a back massage. When Haruka returns home and is about to make them lunch, she learns about the sushi outing. Depression mode on. She really wants to go too, huh? Don’t worry. Generous Takeru will take her. Wow. She her light up. Haruka is best when she smiles, no? Can I come too? Pretty please, Takeru the Generous?

Episode 8
* Chiaki and Kana as kids while Haruka as the lovely wife. This could only mean one thing. Hosaka’s delusional dream! He gets smack right back to reality when a volleyball hits his face. He asks Maki and Atsuko about curry so I guess they just want to shake him off and say it is something rather okay.
* Hayami once more tries to tell Hosaka that a wimp like him will never get to give his bento to Haruka. The mention about barbeque, Hosaka has this idea to do a BBQ for Haruka. Of course Hayami won’t let him have it alone with Haruka and wants him to invite his friends. So he has to weirdly ask Maki and Atsuko. I guess they got freak out on his approach. He asks Natsuki too but he will be busy with another BBQ since Touma invited him to her friend’s BBQ (I guess Hosaka will miss out on this). Natsuki invites him but he declines seeing that there is no point in this.
* He returns to Hayami (who has just finished his bento) and tells her he feels like he has been using his friends for his own benefit for the BBQ. He will only give this idea a try when Haruka and her ‘daughters’ become part of his family. Yeah. That’s like never, right? And so Hosaka practises his barbeque technique with his imagination. Tough, eh? Keep practising. And that horrendous BBQ song…
* Natsuki is the cook for the barbeque. Haruka wants him to cook vegetables first since Chiaki won’t eat them if she eats meat first. Besides, she is hungry now so it will taste good. Chiaki is disappointed to see Natsuki cooking vegetables but he points out an idiom and with Kana explaining it, it means whoever don’t eat their vegetables won’t get the meat. So Chiaki sucks it up and eats her vegetables. Then the meat comes. It tastes super good. This is what she’s been waiting for. She thanks Natsuki for cooking it good. But when she sees Haruka too close to him, she gets jealous and tries to come up with something to complain. She tells him they are still missing something. But he already has baked potatoes done. Perfect. Nothing to complain, eh?
* Chiaki tells Kana that she isn’t a vegetable convert after that last incident. It was just to get the meat. Kana shows her a programme that has you love vegetables after you watch it. It’s like a hypnosis show. Chiaki soon loves vegetables! She wants more of them!
* In class, Hosaka gives Hayami nothing but vegetables but lunch. He is forcing her to eat them. Very pushy, isn’t he? Hayami starts feeling afraid and runs for her life but Hosaka gives chase. She notices everyone at school weird. It’s like they’ve been hypnotized to love eating vegetables! She thought she could use Hitomi as distraction but she too loves vegetables! Hosaka and Hitomi become vegetable enthusiasts and continue devouring their vegetable sticks.
* Chiaki is at the mart to buy more vegetables when she sees Hosaka doing the same. She remembers him as the curry fairy from last time (from last season). She decides to follow him. And what follows next is a vegetable song by them! Vegetables are the best! In the end, a saleslady is promoting sausages and they both try it out. It brought them back to their senses. Wonder what they’re doing with a basket full of vegetables, eh?
* When Chiaki returns home, she is horrified to see Haruka watching that vegetable programme and has already been hypnotized to love vegetables. Where are the vegetables?! Meanwhile, Hayami fears Hosaka is going to give her another lunch filled with vegetables. However he has his box filled with sausages. Nothing but sausages. No variety…

Episode 9
* Takeru and his usual ranting about his lost love. If he only had the guts… Now what is he going to do with a pair of movie tickets to the greatest romance movie that is hitting the cinemas right now? I’m sure Haruka doesn’t want to hear his love problems. He gives the pair of Love Now tickets to her.
* Haruka talks to Natsuki if he likes movies so she gives them the tickets and tells him he can ask someone out to watch with him. He didn’t understand her intention till he overheard Maki talking to Hitomi about the implications of watching a movie on your date. You fall in love, right? And since Hitomi went over to talk to him, he gives the tickets to her. She misinterpret that she got asked out.
* Hitomi talks to Kana and Chiaki. Kana realizes she is holding a pair of tickets instead of one. So, instead of being asked out, was it more like to go asking someone else out? Then it occurred to the sisters. Didn’t Haruka have a pair of those too?
* Hitomi laments the awkward position she is in and doesn’t understand a guy. Kana suggests asking a guy’s opinion. And so she calls Fujioka to come. Fujioka and Hitomi are surprised to see each other. It’s not like they knew each other. They bumped into each other several times. Coincidence? Then it turns into the longest in sync combo in history. They seem to be having the same thoughts of doing the same thing. This could go on and on…  Especially about deciding who should use the toilet first. Rock, scissors, paper… How long have they been drawing? Kana even lost count… Since they can’t use the house toilet, eventually it becomes a race to the public toilet. The record of being in sync continues…
* Guess what? The race ends in a tie! Now they’re in sync of becoming friends. Will this lead to love just like in the movie? No way! See, they’re in sync. Maki happens to drop in and totally likes the show. However Hitomi won’t give the tickets since it belongs to her. The talk deviates on how a guy should confess to a girl so Hitomi boldly demonstrates what she likes her guy to do on Maki.
* Hitomi thinks Natsuki is thinking about love. Actually he is troubled that Touma isn’t doing her chores and wants to teach her a lesson. Hitomi talks to him unaware that her ambiguous words are being misinterpreted by him. She talks about expressing feelings. He takes it a form to punish Touma. So can he say “I love you!” to Touma? Don’t think he can.
* Riko seeks Keiko’s advice on how to express her feelings. Every suggestion she gives, she somewhat has an excuse on why it’s so hard. Is she serious in expressing her feelings? In the end, she thought baking cookies would do fine. Isn’t that one of Keiko’s suggestions?
* Riko reads a cookie recipe but doesn’t know how much a pinch of salt is. How much is ‘a little’? So when everybody says they want to do a little of something, Riko demands them to tell her how much that little is.
* Fujioka seems to be crying as he has dust in his eyes. It is perfect chance for Riko to lend her handkerchief but it’s totally wet. Kana beats her to it but he declines. Then he regrets he missed the opportunity to wash and give it back to her tomorrow. Now he is depressed.
* While Riko is studying in Kana’s place, she has made the cookies but can’t find the courage to bring them out. Till Kana sniffs something nice so they have a taste of it. Everybody is a critic but I guess the opinion she wants to hear most is from Fujioka. It tastes good. Wow. Happy girl now. She thanks Kana for this opportunity that allowed her to give Fujioka taste her cookies. When Kana notes how there isn’t enough salt, Riko jumps and asks her how much is that.

Episode 10
*The Minami sisters are enjoying the warmth of the kotatsu. Everything they do, they do it with it. Till Haruka sees the shocking electric bill… Then, no more kotatsu… Plug off! No, she’s not turning into a cheapskate. She is being eco friendly!
* So the sisters will have to play their part in being ‘eco friendly’. Keiko and Mako-chan learn about this and are to give suggestions to go green. Keiko suggests blowing into pens that have run out of ink to use what little ink has left inside. Kana has one finished pen and lets her try. It works! Then she blames Keiko for wasting ink and paper! Not eco!
* Then they try to share the blanket. Kana realizes Keiko is easily prone to cold and starts tickling her. Chiaki wants to share with Mako-chan. But ‘she’ can’t take the cuddling and leaves.
* Haruka continues to be cheapska- oops, I mean eco friendly. Only using the kotatsu strictly during dinner and not using the hot water while washing the dishes, causing her fingers to look cold. Chiaki sympathizes with her and will do what it takes to go green. So she supervises and instructs her green values on Kana. What about herself?
* Chiaki puts a blanket over Kana and she thinks she has a considerate sister. Till she realizes it is her ploy to warm it up for her before bed. An evil eco schemer! In order for the heat not to be wasted, Kana suggests they sleep together.
* Because Kana stole Chiaki’s blanket, she was left out cold and ends up sick the next day. So her friends discuss what food they should bring to heal her (since the original plan was to hold a snack party). Touma and Makoto enter into an argument. Touma bought leeks while Makoto brought marbled beef. In the end, with the ingredients that the rest brought, it was good enough to have a sukiyaki party. Wow. Thank Chiaki for that…
* Takeru visits the Minami sisters. Still trying to be eco friendly? He learns he missed out on the sukiyaki party a few days ago. Lamenting he wasn’t invited, the sisters take him out to an izakaya (Japanese bar and grill). Chiaki becomes scared of some of the dishes since it sounded like animal parts. Even the normal chicken, you can order different parts of the heart, liver, etc. I think she’ll settle for a normal hamburger. The beef tendon stew Takeru wanted to taste so much is out of order (just not his day) while Kana orders some complicated dish that sounded like some magic incantation.
* Once they had their fill, Kana doesn’t think they have fully appreciated the izakaya beauty and must stay late to accompany Takeru. So it’s another round of ordering. This is going to hit hard on Takeru’s wallet… Spiralling into debt… Poor guy (in relationship and monetary terms).
* Mako-chan visits the Minami sisters and learns that today is pyjamas day as said by Haruka. They are in their PJs and are allowed to laze around the entire day. Mako-chan is worried Kana is not around since ‘she’ fears ‘her’ cover might be blown. Soon Atsuko and Maki come in and learn about it and change into pyjamas. Mako-chan obviously can’t join them and tries to resist. ‘She’ tries to get them to do something else but Haruka is already fast asleep. ‘She’ whispers into her ears about a place with great sponge cake. So instantly Haruka gets up and change. Everyone else follows suit. Meanwhile Kana is still sleeping in her room dreaming of all the delicious izakaya food.

Episode 11
* Since Hosaka is still doing his mind cooking, Hayami needs to snap him out of it and trick him into doing something for her. How about approaching Haruka via knitting? Can you see where this is going? Need a scarf by Christmas, eh? However Hosaka disagrees since he hasn’t made Haruka smile yet. Has he even talked to her? Anyway the mention that Haruka likes knitting, Hosaka immediately will do so. So he stares at the girl in the next table. She could have done better if he wasn’t pressuring her. So he takes over from her. I guess Hayami may get her scarf in time.
* Hayami ignores Maki and asks Atsuko about choosing between cocoa and coffee. After some deep thinking, she chooses cocoa but thinks it’s the wrong answer since Hayami used it to mention it as the same colour as Maki’s coat that meant something mean. So there’s no right answer…
* Then, Hosaka had to ask Atsuko if something is the same or not. What?! Same what?! What was the question to even that?! Atsuko replies neither and from Hosaka’s reply, she thinks she chose correctly. But does this guy need to unbutton his shirt?!
* Even at Kana’s home with Uchida, the latter duo bug master Atsuko for advice on how to get a boyfriend. Because she wasn’t really thinking, the duo misinterpret that all they need to do is not think to get one. As for the secret of love, they really believe her answer of wearing royal milk tea coloured coat. I don’t think she was even paying attention to what they were asking.
* It had snowed heavy last night so Natsuki and Hosaka admire the pure whiteness before the latter leaves. Hitomi leaves the infirmary after taking her own temperature but was distracted by Haruka and forgot to button up. So when she talks to Natsuki and realizes her unbuttoned top, she gets embarrassed. The big question is, did he see it? Yeah. Pure white. Beautiful sigh. Makes him excited. Fluffy and soft. Want to jump right into it. But should a lot more volume. It’s understandable Hitomi is so embarrassed and runs away calling him an idiot. He was talking about the snow, right?
* Haruka has also taken her temperature and forgot to button up. She talks to Natsuki if he saw the pure white but this time he sees her cleavage, gets embarrassed and runs away. Hitomi complains to Haruka about Natsuki’s lechery and it occurs to Haruka about her unbuttoned top. Haruka gets more embarrassed the more Hitomi reiterates Natsuki’s ambiguous words.
* Hosaka is marvelling at the giant Christmas tree at the park and of course the perfection that is nobody but Haruka. Too bad he didn’t complete the scarf. So Hayami ropes in Atsuko and Maki to find out Haruka’s weakness. Something about Hosaka not seeing the true Haruka and at this rate he will see her as a goddess. So this is to hit him in the face with reality. And probably get her scarf done.
* Maki and Atsuko are with Chiaki and Kana in their home. They ask about big sister’s weakness but Chiaki is singing only praises of her. Want to hear a thousand word expression on how wonderful she is? Oh Atsuko… Meanwhile Maki takes notes from Kana about her bad habits. As Haruka comes in, Kana tries to hide what they are talking so Haruka feels left out and rants how Kana used to depend on her when she was young. The embarrassing story of Kana sleeping in Haruka’s bed and wetting it must be more than she bargained for. Atsuko and Maki conclude that if one says bad about Haruka, they’ll get some divine punishment.
* So they report back to Hayami who must be so disappointed that Haruka has no faults and is the ultimate perfect girl. And this means Hosaka is closer to seeing Haruka as a goddess. Still at that Christmas tree? Yeah. He’s even singing a song for her that ends with his poetic ranting of how mere words cannot describe all his feelings. In conclusion: Haruka is his goddess. Oh Gawd…

Episode 12
* The Minami sisters dress in their kimono. Cheeky Kana unrobes Chiaki. The little sister tries to get even but accidentally undoes Haruka’s robes. Oh no… But Haruka doesn’t blame her so they team up to unrobe Kana. Back to square one…
* After returning from New Year’s Day activities at the shrine, Kana points out Uchida had 2 mochis in her red bean soup. What does this mean? She takes out a photo of Uchida in her swimsuit during summer. This was her belly in summer. See where this is going? Kana says they will be going to the pool tomorrow.
* So at the pool Kana restrains Uchida and has Chiaki and Yoshino analyze her belly. Looks the same, right? Kana is devastated that they can’t do any more activities of intensive training to rid of that flab. Suddenly Chiaki has this evil idea. She changes her mind that there is flab in Uchida’s belly. Why? Because she wants to train her. Apparently some flashback whereby Uchida accidentally slipped while training Chiaki in swimming. So this is like revenge? However Yoshino convinces them to go for lunch first. Looks like Chiaki is most satisfied. Does she look like the one who needs training now? Yeah. Her next agenda is to have a good sleep. Lazy instructor…
* Miyuki and Keiko went overseas for the holidays so Kana and Riko ask Miyuki where she went. She can’t remember where. WTF?! Keiko is worried about the upcoming school marathon so Kana thinks of it as some sort of dieting as after that comes the physical examination. Kana realizes Riko is talking in Kyoto accent and soon it affects Keiko and Miyuki’s talking. Kana brings Fujioka over to bring them back from Kyoto. Seems to work. Maybe because Riko has a crush on Fujioka? When the conversation is over, Kana is annoyed they went back to Kyoto again.
* Uchida, Yoshino and Touma visit the Minami sisters. They don’t want to go out in the cold and prefer to stay in their warm kotatsu. No matter how much persuasion, they won’t leave. Haruka writes a list of things for Kana to get if she’s going out. Is she? Why not herself? Because she is busy. Busy sleeping in the warmth of her kotatsu…
* Eventually Chiaki and Kana are dragged out. They play snowball fight and everyone targets Kana. Because she is the only middle schooler. Finally Haruka surprisingly comes out. But she is here to hand Kana her forgotten wallet and an additional list of things to get. Why not go herself since she herself is already out? She’s busy… Oh… Kana throws a snowball at her. An eerie silence… Then Haruka throws back one at Kana! Man, that one must really hurt!
* Since Mako-chan doesn’t know about throwing beans to kick the demon out, Kana dons the mask and demonstrates. But only throwing a billion beans will get her to leave! Now they have to clean up the house.
* Mako-chan tries to play the demon and dons the mask. Because demons are supposed to be kicked out, Mako-chan decides to be a useful demon to Kana and does her every command. Didn’t ‘she’ just turn into her lackey?
* Chiaki will demonstrate what it means to be a true demon since a demon cannot be soft. When Kana demands, Chiaki fires back with her standard reply to do it herself. Isn’t this her usual self? Then she goes to help Haruka in the kitchen. Yeah. That’s the Chiaki we all know. Not some demon.
* Haruka wants Chiaki to peel the carrots and seeing she doesn’t like them, she thought she could be a demon and have no carrots today. Too bad when Haruka says they’re having it, it means they’re having it. Not even demons can stand over her authority.

Episode 13
* Makoto and Uchida think they have hay fever symptoms and tell this to Chiaki. However Chiaki thinks Uchida is crying at everything she says (her eye is water due to the symptoms) while Makoto is plain rude to have his finger sticking up his nose (his nose is runny) and hard to take him seriously. Chiaki points out she too has a rare symptom but only gets it when she comes home. She feels her body getting heavy, ringing in her ears and then feeling tired. The duo decide to visit her to help her out.
* What they see is Kana clinging onto Chiaki (body feeling heavy), pestering her about hanami (flower viewing) (constant ringing in her ear), throwing a tantrum when she refuses because the flowers have not bloomed yet (she’s tired of this charade). They realize Chiaki is experiencing all those symptoms and points out Kana is Chiaki’s allergy! Uchida wants to know why she wants to go hanami so badly so Kana convinces her and they both pester Chiaki for it. She laments they got the moron allergy. Yeah, it’s spreading and there is no cure.
* When Miyuki accidentally drops her milk, Fujioka accidentally kicks it and Kana steps on it. She blames him for being some bad ass kicker and feels she can’t get married now. WTF. She wants Fujioka to take responsibility. This sends the bells ringing for Riko about, well, ringing wedding bells between them. But Kana wants to test his kicking skills so she crumples her test paper and again by chance, Fujioka kicks it into the bin. Wow. Then borrowing Keiko’s eraser, the same thing happen. The eraser ricochets off the walls and tables back into Keiko’s hand! I don’t know about Kana putting a bucket of water and sitting on the floor a few metres away. Surely he kicks the bucket and the water will spread, right? With her skirt wet, she dresses her bottom in tracks and is convinced she cannot marry now. But Fujioka is willing to take responsibility. Before he could confess that, Keiko accidentally drops the ball and he kicks it into Kana’s face! Oh dear. She’s going to kick the hell out of him!
* As Haruka talks to Hayami, the latter learns she likes fava beans. As part of her scheme, she tells this to Hosaka. Chiaki is at the store doing errands and is having trouble picking the single thing she wants to buy. Till she hears Hosaka’s praise about fava beans and how to cook it that she is convinced and decides to do the same. Haruka tells Hayami she is amazed that Chiaki picked a vegetable. Has she converted? Then Hayami goes to tell Hosaka that Haruka already tasted that exact fava beans he made and was going to give her. No more surprise element, eh? I guess the season for fava beans has passed.
* Kana is in a dilemma. She thinks nobody will go to hanami if she asks them directly. She hears Uchida telling a secret that she and Touma only supposed to know. Touma accidentally went into the boys’ toilet. She thought it was normal that people averagely enter the wrong toilet twice a year. I don’t think people will mess up that badly. They ask Kana if she makes such mistake and she admits she once did it thrice!
* Miyuki accidentally says out a secret that she and Riko are only supposed to know. The latter knitted a scarf for a guy she likes but never gave it to him. Keiko explains to her what a secret between them means but I guess Riko is upset she can’t leverage her skill anymore.
* Maki tells Kana and Haruka a secret that she and Atsuko know: Atsuko’s boobs have gained another level. After they ‘ascertain’ it, Atsuko laments now everybody knows so Maki apologizes the temptation of wanting to tell others when one says it is supposed to be a secret. This gives Kana an idea and lets Maki in on a secret about a secret hanami place.
* Soon the word spreads to every Minami-ke character about the hanami location. Except for Hosaka. Hayami wanted to tell him but changed her mind. Thank goodness… Kana is happy her plan is proceeding well. Come Sunday, Kana wakes up early to arrive at the spot. However she waits and waits but nobody turns up. She starts wondering if her tactic was wrong and shouldn’t have kept it a secret. She is surprised when her sisters turn up. It seems they were taking some time to make lunch and this shouldn’t have happened if she had told them earlier. They are soon joined by other Minami-ke characters. Haruka thanks Kana for this secret tactic. Yeah, just between them. As for Hosaka, he is waiting at another hanami spot for Haruka. We all know she will never come. Despite so, he is happy to have shared the seasons close to her and that this is the joy of life. Well keep enjoying it this way. What a waste of all the food he prepared.

Natsu Yasumi
* This is an OVA bundled with the release of one of the manga volumes. As the title suggests, it takes place during the summer vacation.
* As summer vacation is almost at its end, Kana is more infatuated in looking at her pet rhino beetle than doing her homework. Even if Chiaki chides her for that, she still wants a change in pace. And so the Minami sisters with Chiaki’s friends end up heading to the beach.
* Because Chiaki can’t swim well and needs to make her resolve to enter the water, Kana helps her out with some silly suggestions but her friends take it the wrong way and wants to bring her into the water. I’m sure Chiaki wants to dip in seeing Haruka who has finally woke up from her nap, enters the water.
* Since Chiaki is still standing at the beach, Kana mistakes her pose for wanting shave ice. And over that cool dessert, the girls guess the several poses that each other made. Some hit, some misses.
* Back home, Haruka has Chiaki run an errand for her. When she returns, she sees the cage of Kana’s beetle open. Kana is devastated her pet is gone and blames Chiaki although the latter asserts she didn’t release it. I guess Chiaki is so bothered by it that even that night before bed time she tries to tell Kana she didn’t really do it but Kana is not on talking terms with her. So poor Chiaki sees Haruka’s solace and she believes her.
* Next morning, it seems happy Touma has found a rhino beetle as her pet. She even already has a name for it: Natsuki. I don’t know if this is her way of showing detest for her brother.
* When Kana and her friends are over doing homework, Mako-chan arrives to play but is thinks they are insulting ‘her’ that they are better off than ‘her’ by doing so. So Mako-chan rushes home to complete the homework. What did ‘she’ come here for anyway?
* Since Kana wants to copy answers, Keiko says it’s okay to ask. However Keiko accidentally asks about the empty cage if anything was there previously. Kana is still heart broken and mentions it’s still in her heart! Soon, Touma’s beetle goes missing and the brothers think it didn’t like the cramp space. Take care Natsuki! The beetle, she means.
* Fujioka sees Chiaki trying to do a back flip at the playground. It is something that has been bugging her for who knows how long. He gives her a little encouragement and some advice on how to pull it off. After some tries, she finally manages to do one.
* Next day, Kana is happy when her beetle crawls back into the cage! Hey, wait a minute?! Why is it acting like some sort of pigeon?! Anyway, Kana is glad that her beetle is back that she apologizes to Chiaki for blaming her. Since Chiaki is so happy about her back flip, she forgives her in her good mood. However she got more than they bargained for because her sisters would really love to see her do it again. And they go even further by wanting to celebrate this occasion, call her friends over and make it today as the Back Flip Day! Oh dear. Can you do it again, Chiaki? She doesn’t seem confident.
* Kana tries to snap a picture of Chiaki in action doing her back flip. Kana needs her to be successful otherwise there goes her dinner. HER DINNER! The pressure got to Chiaki and she failed.
* Kana reports the failure and although she expected no dinner, Haruka already made them. Even Chiaki is starting to doubt herself if her success was just a dream. But Haruka is confident and supports Chiaki. She can try again. So this dinner is just pre-celebration.
* That night as Chiaki tries again, it seems she is quite full from the dinner to do the flip. Nothing like a little jog to burn the calories. But when she returns, she is too tired! How unfit. She takes a rest and falls asleep! Though Kana laments today won’t be Back Flip Day, Haruka says at least today was Reconciliation Day. Haruka carries Chiaki home and Kana hopes she can do the back flip tomorrow.
* Haruka and her friends are at the cafe but Hitomi starts imposing herself over Atsuko when she fails to decide on what to eat. After all that pressure, Hitomi gives in to it and chooses the biggest steak meal. Didn’t she just randomly choose one? Atsuko is glad she finally decided and with Hitomi, they get girly emotional and make a big deal out. Yeah, Big deal alright. Later when their desserts arrive, Hitomi notices Atsuko’s order is wrong and yet she didn’t say anything. Once more it’s that pressure deja vu to get it right and again Atsuko is forced to make a hellish decision. But why does she need to choose a steak meal again?!
* Meanwhile Hosaka is at a fast food joint. He wants to order a soda but decides to hold it and thinks what else to order. Oh God! Don’t strip your shirt while thinking about it?! Too late!!! Please cover up! You’re in public! And after all that thinking, he just decides to order a soda. What the hell?!

Minami Shimai, Otsukare-sama!
I hope you weren’t expecting much. You were warned, right? And thanks to that ‘warning’, I sure wasn’t since as far as my memory serves me, there is hardly any difference or major development in this season as compared to the last. Just the same ol’ Minami-ke style jokes, that’s all. Overall, I would still say this season is enjoyable in its own right but I feel that is mainly due to my nostalgia of the series. To be fair, because it hardly breaks any new ground, some may find it boring as it is using the same formula like it always did (like how Mako-chan gags may have been done to death). However it is not that all bad since I figure hardcore fans and even moderate viewers would love it still nevertheless. This is the best formula that works for this series so why go change it? It is hard to say whether there will be another season in the future or even OVAs. Who knows? Maybe they will let this die down first and use nostalgia as the same reason to kick up another production in 4 years’ time? Who knows what might happen then. Everybody will still remain the same (like Sazae-san) or they may shock us with a twist that everyone has grown a little older. But we’ll leave that for another time.

As such, nothing much happens may be the best that describes everything in this series. The characters are still the same as far as I remember them. Kana is still the idiotic troublemaker although I feel she has been a less idiot. But still an idiotic among the sisters nevertheless. Chiaki is still the monotonous youngest sister who fawns over Haruka and not so over Kana. Her dislike for vegetables especially carrots is still there. I also feel that she uses her trademark line of bakayaro much lesser. Haruka despite being the nicest big sister everyone can have, she still has a few quirks about herself. Sometimes she acts like a child, more childish than her sisters when things she wants doesn’t go her way. Like that kotatsu. I guess it’s one of those rare sides you often don’t get to see but at least this proves that she is human. Sadly, the Minami brothers didn’t make much of an appearance either. I thought with their early introduction, perhaps I was somewhat hoping that both the Minami families would come together and have some sort of adventure or something like that. Alas, it was not to be especially Haruo and Akira felt like they’re forgettable. Natsuki too felt like that provided if he did not interact as much with Hosaka. As for Touma, she still hangs around and I too feel her presence is quite lacking.

The other characters as I have guessed still remain the same. So similar that they have not gone anywhere. Get what I mean? Hosaka is still the delusional guy who wants to make Haruka his wife but all fans can rejoice that it will never happen and the most we will just cringe in disgust over his fantasies. Somehow I feel that he does not unbutton his top as much as always. Not much passion to let out, huh? I fear for Chiaki who looks up to him as some sort of fairy whenever she bumps into him at the super mart. I hope he won’t become her idol and in the worst case scenario, accept him as Haruka’s husband! She’d be a bakayaro if she does that. Hayami still tries to brainwash naive Hosaka into doing things for her. Sometimes it works out and at other times it doesn’t. She still didn’t manage to get Haruka to join the volleyball club, though. Atsuko still the shyer one, Maki the livelier one, Hitomi still has her eyes on Natsuki but we know it will always be a one-sided love. Just like how Fujioka is for Kana and Riko for Fujioka. For those hoping any romance development would be sorely disappointed. Always remember, we have been warned to not expect much. Yeah. Remember the reminder. It’s a wonder Keiko continues to be friends with Kana despite being always dragged into her pranks. Makoto continues to disguise as Mako-chan and I don’t think he will escape the cross-dressing curse as long as he continues to fawn over Haruka and now worse, being made Chiaki’s ‘knight’. Can you say he has such a weak resolve? Why abandon it all when he’s having so much fun even if he doesn’t realize it? Uchida continues to be impulsive and lack common sense (along with Makoto or Mako-chan, I think they make quite an idiotic combo – with Kana they’ll be a trio!) while Yoshida may seem to look smarter than she is. Because you never know if she really knows something or not. Like Mako-chan’s true identity. I almost forgot about Takeru. Still the loser he is but sometimes he can be a nice uncle, oops I mean, cousin to the sisters. Well, at least he is not a total loser in that sense.

Also remaining the same are the drawing and art and the way the show is divided into a few segments for the skits. But something a little different for this season is that the mid-intermission is a still picture of the Minami sisters in some RPG-like story. This very short segment dubbed the Minami-ke Quest sees the sisters as a party of heroines on some quest to save the princess (Touma) from the Demon King (Hosaka). Of course along the way they will meet all sorts of characters from the series cast in several other roles and face extreme journey in their quest. I’m sure if they want to, they can make an episode or half an episode about this quest. Expand it into moving pictures and add some sound effects and voice acting. Yeah. Minami-ke action fantasy version. Maybe they’ll make an OVA of it. What are the chances? Nah. Also not forgetting the annoying but hilarious long -running drama show-within-a-show, Sensei and Ninomiya-kun. So after that 10 hour finale in the previous season, there is still more drama in their forbidden love affair? It is still hilarious in the short run to see them saying nothing but each other’s name. I can’t believe how the Minami sisters can get addicted in watching this romance crap. Well at least in this season, there is a love triangle for Sensei due to some other girl called Sannomiya-kun boldly seducing him. Though, their lines are still confined to calling each other’s name.

The opening theme feels familiarly suspicious… The lively upbeat and genkiness… The almost similar tune… Hey! Doesn’t Shiawase High Tension sound like a variation or rather a rip-off of the first season’s opening theme, Keikenchi Joushouchuu?! I think so! Although it is not using the same tune and just changing the words, there are some parts of the melody that overlaps with that song! Especially the chorus… M-I-N-A-M-I-K-E, Let’s go! M-I-N-A-M-I-K-E, Let’s go! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Woo!!! Yeah. Brings back memories alright. Well, at least the ending theme doesn’t feel like a rip-off of another season’s theme. Kyuusekkin Lucky Days maintains the liveliness in its tone like how all Minami-ke endings are. But to me this season’s ending piece isn’t as attractive as the previous seasons’ although this doesn’t sound too bad. There is a special ending song and a couple of insert songs but they are all sung by Hosaka! Oh God. Songs about Christmas night, BBQ and vegetables… The Latin-flamenco style of the BBQ song and the Broadway musical stage style duet vegetable song is quite hilarious if you listen closely to the lyrics. The Christmas night one sounds pretty decent but you can’t help think that it is Hosaka who is the one singing it…

So there you have it, the simple ordinary sisters in their simple ordinary lives and their nothing but ordinary friends and antics. Even though we were told not to expect much, I suppose thanks to that, it was a great way to lower our expectations so we can fully enjoy this series. I believe that has a lot to do in making this comedy quite funny. If you’re feeling a little down and need a little cheering up, something light like this series will do the trick. Because simplicity is the best in such times. Of course, don’t expect too much from it. Otherwise you have only yourself to blame for being a bakayaro. Just between you and me, I think the reason why Chiaki doesn’t say bakayaro as often as she does because as I know, too much bakayaro can kill you. Really. You have been warned, bakayaro.

Minami-ke: Omatase

January 18, 2013

BAKAYARO! You made me wait too long! Thus it is only appropriately named that Minami-ke: Omatase (meaning, sorry for the wait) is just the right tonic before the fourth season launches itself back in January 2013. That is right now, right? I guess 3 years is a long time. That was the last time the third season was aired. I’m feeling nostalgic now… I remember those three sisters. Ordinary sisters living their ordinary lives in an extraordinary way. The big sister Haruka, the troublemaker middle child Kana and the emotionless youngest sister Chiaki who is responsible for making that ‘B’ word the catchphrase for this series. If you have not watched any of the previous seasons, you may need not too as this OVA can serve as a standalone. You need not know the sisters well too if you want to enjoy this gag anime. Though I won’t say this OVA brings any revolutionary changes and just your ordinary Minami-ke episode like usual, at least this serves as an appetizer before the said fourth season.

Words of Magic
Kana is a vampire. Say what? It’s Halloween and she’s dressed up as one. Mako-chan doesn’t know what Halloween is so Kana proceeds to show this cross-dressed kid Chiaki, Touma, Yoshino and Uchida in funny monster outfits eating sweets. Kana proceeds to have Mako-chan wear ‘her’ Halloween outfit. Erm… Doesn’t ‘she’ look just like another girl? Mako-chan is b*tching about how she wants to look like a vampire but the hat and wand Kana hand ‘her’ just made ‘her’ look like a magical girl. Next, to go trick or treat to Takeru. Mako-chan is thrilled Takeru gave a bag of sweets. Kana asks Takeru for the third time and since he isn’t going to give her, I suppose it’s trick. What trick? She tickles him! Chiaki requests trick or chocolate and since he can’t give that, it’s tickling trick for him. Soon the other girls start requesting for items but he’s out of sweets. Massive ticking trick! He’s going to be tickled to death! Till Haruka says trick or soy sauce. A cue for him to go buy one? Better get moving or else Haruka joins in the tickling trick. After eating their fill, Kana wants to just go to sleep so Mako-chan reminds her about choosing between brushing her teeth or cavities. Instantly she wakes up and goes brush them because teeth are a vampire’s life.

Kana seems to be bored with this New Year’s mood despite it’s only the third day. Well, they’ve done lots of New Years things already. She wants to go back with the normal life when Hayami offers her to drink amazake (sweet sake). Yoshino tries too but she gets drunk despite amazake containing no alcohol! Soon the other girls try and get drunk too! Kana observes Hayami putting all her beer cans in a plastic bag and hiding it behind the curtain. The rest wants to play hide-and-seek and make Kana ‘it’. However they’re all hiding underneath the kotatsu! It’s getting hot… Hayami is hiding behind the curtains! It’s getting cold… Chiaki is hiding behind Kana because it’s her blind spot and she’ll never find her. WTF. Should Kana find them or not? Kana continues observing how much fun everybody is having in their drunken state and she herself is so bored and can’t even enjoy it. Next morning, Haruka wakes up later than Kana and she seems tired. Hangover? And Kana is trying to get drunk?

On a Whim
After watching a cooking show on TV, Chiaki notes she doesn’t want her food on a whim. But Haruka comes out making okonomiyaki on a whim. Mmm. Tastes good. Because of this, Kana also tries doing things on a whim but they’re just doing things the lazy way like mismatched socks and brushing a certain part of her teeth. When Haruka is out, Kana decides to make lunch on a whim. Chiaki has a bad feeling. It turns out to be bell pepper salad dish with colour ratio of 7:2:1 green, yellow and red. But it’s still basically 10:10 bell pepper dish, right? Chiaki on a whim eats one and surprises Kana. Then Takeru happened to pass by the area and dropped by. On a whim? He also bought some snacks. On a whim? Good job! Then Haruka returns and she too bought some doughnuts. On a whim? Love this whimsical thing. Kana feels great doing this on a whim thing. So on school day she on a whim gets up early and doesn’t tie her hair. She tries offending Fujioka on a whim but he is surprised she looks different and is hell bent that something happened instead of on a whim. Keiko ditches her glasses to try out contact lenses but finds them uncomfortable. Fujioka finds her weird. Riko tied her hair instead of letting it flow and Fujioka finds her weird. Kana concludes that sometimes being on a whim isn’t good.

Meanwhile Hosaka is looking distressed. He made salad the other day on a whim but couldn’t remember its taste. Oh God. Don’t unbutton your shirt… I don’t know why he has to start singing about salad and the toppings he put. Anyway he still can’t remember. Hayami even wonders if what he made was salad. If he can’t remember, why not just forget about it? I don’t think he’s going to let this one go. He’s going to name it some illusionary salad thingy. Whatever.

Because It’s Hot
Chiaki suggests Kana wear a swimsuit since it’s a hot day and she’s taking multiple showers. Good idea. She doesn’t have to change into her normal clothes that way. Uchida and Yoshino arrive to invite Chiaki to the pool but she refuses. They are surprised to see Kana in her swimsuit even though she’s not going to the pool. Maybe it got their hopes up because they too are wearing swimsuits underneath their clothes. The duo also strip down to their swimsuits so as not to leave Kana ’embarrassed’ all by herself. They notice Chiaki blowing herself with an electric fan and thought it’s not fair. She tells them logically she is the one who is wearing the most clothes, thus the hottest. She hands them a hand fan instead. The trio think of making someone fan them. Guess who? I don’t know why Chiaki has to oblige but she got tired and goes to sleep. This gives Kana an idea that she can bypass the heat if she gets tired and sleep. So she fans the duo and goes to bed. Yoshino fans Uchida and does the same. But Uchida is all alone and nobody to fan! Fanning herself can’t do the trick, using the electric fan herself is no fun, so she tries to wake the rest up. Not working. Haruka comes back and she takes this opportunity to fan her and goes to slumber. Haruka is left dumbfounded and her question unanswered why they are dressed in their swimsuits.

Haruka, Maki and Atsuko are talking when Atsuko sees a rice stuck on Maki’s mouth. She wanted to tell her but Maki thought she’s trying to tell her how beautiful she is since she’s starring at her. Perasan! This is going to be tough. Then suddenly Haruka says how much Maki reminds her of a rice ball but Maki interprets that as she’s beautiful. Atsuko wonders if Haruka also realized the rice on her face. Perhaps. She starts talking about rice brand but Maki starts interpreting them as her being beautiful. Soon Hitomi and even Hayami came by and they start talking about rice to Maki. I think they really did notice and try to tell her but she’s too dumb to think that. Later when Atsuko walks with Maki, she thought of telling her straight but was intercepted by Hosaka who starts talking about rice as the ultimate food. He doesn’t need to strip… I don’t know WTF he is trying to equate Maki = rice ball and rice ball = Maki thingy. Maki doesn’t understand why people are being weird with her today when she wipes her mouth. The rice came off. Haruka sees Maki without the rice and says her face reminds her of takoyaki. Maki thought she was beautiful. Not again. Atsuko wonders if she’s normally a takoyaki.

Wait Just A Little Longer…
This OVA itself is fun and sure does bring back to good ol’ days watching the Minami-ke series although there is nothing out of the ordinary. Though I myself can’t remember much and have trouble recalling some of the names of the side characters. Need a little more time just to remember them. Maybe I’m getting old. The art and drawing seems to follow the one from the third season so I’m expecting that the fourth season is going to follow this style too. The opening and ending theme for this OVA, Shunka Shuutou Festival and Arigatou Thank You respectively are still sung by the seiyuus of the 3 Minami sisters and has that one-kind Minami-ke tune and feel to it. If you’ve heard all their opening and ending songs, you must have noticed that the tunes seem to be one-kind. It’s not a bad thing. Maybe it’s their trademark. But hey! I notice Chiaki didn’t spout her bakayaro line in this OVA. Maybe Kana hasn’t riled her up enough yet. Maybe next season. So certainly I am looking forward to more bakayaro, oops I mean more antics from the Minami sisters and their friends in whatever they do. Ordinary girls in their ordinary lives maybe. But I sense extraordinary moe and fun coming along. It feels good to be back. Welcome back, girls.

This is one of those OVAs that I initially thought would span more than 1 episode. So I waited and waited and waited and waited for Baby Princess 3D Paradise 0 Love to come out more episodes. Till I realized that there is only 1 damn episode! Well, that’s the thing with OVAs. Sometimes there is no fixed fixture of episode releases so it’s pretty hard to determine if there will be future episodes. Or maybe I wasn’t doing my homework. Sheesh… That’s why it took me a ‘long time’ to blog this episode.

So what is this single OVA about? Have you watched Sister Princess before? Yup. There is one very obvious similarity with this series. One brother, many sisters. Only difference is that instead of a dozen in Sister Princess, we have 19 sisters!!! YOU READ THAT RIGHT! NINETEEN FREAKING SISTERS!!! One Nine!!! And you thought having a dozen was a handful already. The eldest being 18 years old and the youngest a newborn who isn’t even a year old!!! So you’re going to have all kinds of personalities, cliches, shapes and sizes of all the sisters you’re going to see. Nineteen sisters… I really can’t believe this. And if you add the young hot looking mama called, erm, let’s just call her Mama, that will be 20 girls living in this big house! It’s chaotic! I’m sure it is. Hey, wait a minute. Did I say a young hot mama? If every sister is blood related and Mama is their real mother, then she must be one hell of a baby making machine, right? So who the hell is this amorous husband f*cking his wife to even get 19 daughters?!

The single guy who is currently living with them as I figured out from watching the series, Youtarou is not blood related to them because he is somewhat the latest addition to the family. Good thing or bad thing? Well, either way it’s going to be tough and I suppose lots of people would start thinking you’re living in a pimp house. Nineteen darn sisters, I’d say… It’s going to be hard suppressing all those male hormones. How can you not when you have 19 gorgeous sisters by your side? A house filled with only girls, eh? I really don’t blame him if this house ever turns into a pimp house…

So the chaotic episode opener sees us being introduced to all the girls in the Amatsuka household. Their names and their seniority. I’m still so darn surprised by the number 19 that I have a hard time remembering their names even if they are as simple as Jane and Jill (okay, none of the girls have western names here). Youtarou returns home from school to see his sisters in various activities. Some love him, some hate him. Tall ones, short ones. Cheerful ones, quiet ones. Responsible ones, cheeky ones. Big ones, small ones. Busty ones, flat ones. Yeah, sisters do come in all shapes and sizes. If physical appearance wasn’t enough, we have one sister who can see ghosts and has a nine tail fox spirit as her pet! So Youtarou as usually has a hard time pleasing some of his onii-chan fetish sisters and ends up flat on the floor, accidentally and almost saw the panties of Tsurara, one of the sisters that doesn’t like him and calls him a manservant. She isn’t going to accept him as part of the family. Mama heard that and it breaks her heart to hear her daughter say that. She has an idea to make them grow closer to each other. She has Youtarou be the cameraman to film a promotional video of his sisters. Some love it, some don’t. I hope this isn’t a start of the awakening of a voyeurism journey.

When you have so many sisters and want to make a promotion film, what is the best location and setting? Swimsuits and a river outing! Oh yeah, all the fanservice you need and desires you dream of in the world are here. Get that camera rolling! Another onii-chan hater, Urara slaps Youtarou when he touches her butt. Is he starting off his sexual harassment starting with her? Causing a commotion and not ever going to forgive him, 18th daughter, Sora pokes Urara’s butt to reveal a hole in her swimsuit. Urara gets embarrassed for jumping the gun while the rest comments Youtarou’s ‘kindness’. I’m sure he’s a kind person. Am I surprised his horniness isn’t awakened yet? Youtarou continues to film the other sisters, including giving his ice cream to daughter number 16, Sakura; daughter number 14, Mari allowing Youtarou to like this princess’ foot; filming Kosame’s shyness. Some of the lolis need to use the bathroom so Youtarou starts carrying Mizuki in his arms. Once that is done, Urara confronts him outside to thank him tsundere style. He compliments her beautiful swimsuit so she turns into 100% tsundere but eventually thanking him.

Youtarou plays beach volleyball with the elder sisters. I guess there are certain parts more bouncy than the ball so he couldn’t focus or take his eyes off them. Please, there are some flat chests playing too. As punishment for not paying attention, he gets hit by the ball in the head and almost got knocked out. Continuing the game as Youtarou spikes, his force must be too strong so much so he dislodges Hikaru’s top. It got washed away by the current. Meanwhile Tsurara and Watayuki are on a raft but the strong current means they’re heading down the waterfall if they don’t get off. Youtarou and Mizore swim to the raft to try and pull it aside but it’s too strong (they can swim with the strong current?). Hikaru throws a rope to pull them to the side but she also sprains her ankle.

Youtarou walks into the hotspring and becomes embarrassed upon knowing it is mixed. But Hikaru doesn’t mind him seeing this is their family bath and that he is part of the family. Elsewhere Rikka, Hotaru and Haruka are talking about their boob’s size and this irks Tsurara because she’s flat. She quickly heads to the hotspring but to her surprise finds Youtarou there. Not wanting to let him see her body and the bodies of her other incoming sisters, she forces him to hide underwater. Because that guy is struggling for air, his hands accidentally strokes Tsurara and Hikaru’s butt, causing them to make weird noises and baffling the other sisters. When Youtarou tries escaping via swimming underwater (using a submarine metaphor?), it’s too late because the other sisters jump in, blocking his path. He runs out of air and surfaces. Thing is, he surfaced when Tsurara was right on top of him. So it’s like she’s sitting on his shoulders! Some sisters surprised, some amazed. Tsurara starts beating up Youtarou so he slips and knocks them both out.

I guess some of them couldn’t sleep at night but why are Haruka and Hikaru teasing him to put dripping lotion all over their body?! Haruka was serious but Hikaru stops everything and reveals her impulse to just tease him while she takes her other sister away. But this isn’t the end of his troubles. He is soon forced (tied up to be precise) to watch Rikka and Hotaru’s mini skirt idol costume. Rikka is serious in wanting to show she is not a little girl anymore and pins him to the floor. Before the unimaginable could happen, they are scared off by Tsurara. The duo chat and Tsurara displays her tsundere part. She’s thanking him but she’s not. Get what I mean? Then their faces got too close to each other and they kiss! Seriously, did you expect this especially coming from a tsundere? Mizore saw everything and teases Tsurara so the latter excuses herself. Soon after that, Mizore also kisses Youtarou. Later Youtarou sees Hikaru trying to search for her lost bikini at the river. Seriously, at this time? The fish in the ocean must be wearing it by now. He carries her like a princess but she feels embarrassed. From a distance, this scene may look quite ambiguous the way Hikaru is struggling. Eventually she gives in. As he carries her back to the sleeping quarters, she mentions that it is a miracle that of all the countless people in the world, he became part of their family. I agree. A miracle and not a fluke indeed. Then they kiss. Not once but twice.

Back home when they are ready to watch what has been recorded, to their surprise it starts off with the girls changing into their swimsuits with some of them pulling off their pranks and antics. Oh dear. So this is what was filmed? Some like it, some don’t. Some embarrassed some just cool. Tsurara stars beating up Youtarou for this immorality but as they found out, it was actually the camera in Asahi, the youngest daughter’s toy. So she was the one filming? The real filming (which serves as the end credits) sees the girls dancing and doing other activities during the trip. As eldest daughter Miharu asks Youtarou if everyone was trying to kiss him. She reveals before the trip, Mama told most of them to be nice to Youtarou during the trip since he is having trouble fitting in with a big family and to perhaps kiss him. Hikaru who wasn’t there that time didn’t know about it and realized the kiss she made with Youtarou. So I guess her kiss is the most genuine and from her heart, eh?

Sister Empire!
Hah. This OVA wasn’t anything special in particular. With so many sisters in the spotlight, it’s hard for them all to get a fair share of screen time. Seems the ‘important’ ones like Tsurara and Hikaru do get more screen time but even so I don’t feel that there is anything significant other than to provide a little amusement and drama for this one-shot OVA. It would be a headache for me if I were to try and recall which sister is which. Their faint presence was precariously hanging on to my memory and once the episode ended, there is a big possibility I have forgotten about them. Not just their name (did I remember them in the first place?) but their appearance or any unique traits. There are quite a number of seiyuus that I know lending their voice here such as Yuko Goto, Rina Satou, Haruka Tomatsu, Ao Yuuki, Kana Hanazawa, Yuka Iguchi and Kanae Itou. They are instantly recognizable upon hearing their voice. Except for Natsuko Kuwatani as Mama. No “~desu”, no recognize.

Watching a series with a bunch of cuties like them, you would expect fanservice at every corner. Well, I won’t say that the fanservice is that mind blowing but are scattered throughout the episode. Even when Hikaru went topless for quite a considerable stretch, there are these natural censors that conveniently cover her boobs. Only at one point you’d be able to see everything clearly. With the wide range of ladies, I’m sure they cater to those who are lolicons or into mature ones. That’s why you have the first half of the episode with the girls in swimsuits and then the second half in the inn.

It still boggles me why Mama would want to take in Youtarou seeing her already huge family of girls. Maybe she’s got tired of having all females in the house and a male would do some good. So far so good. He must be doing a good job holding in his horniness. The occasional gawking is natural since he is a healthy growing boy. He must be the envy of his friends if they ever know he is living with a bunch of sisters. Well, if there is ever a perverted version of Youtarou, I’m sure this anime would have been rated as an H-game for adults only. Yeah, so many sisters, so much things to do, so little time. Will Mama be willing to have more additions to the family? I’m sure she’s up to the task. The world’s population has already hit 7 billion people, you know… She’s doing a pretty good job adding to that statistic if it’s not the fact this is just an anime story. I just thought about this too. Maybe the sisters are also adopted… They may be calling each other like as though they are a blood related family but that is just to show respect and act like a family because well, they are family. So maybe having 19 sisters who aren’t really blood related would work in this way.

An aspect of this series using such an extended family is perhaps to convey the meaning of what it is like to live with a very big family. Everyone may be different in each of his or her own ways, there may be big arguments and small squabbles but it boils down to one very simple and important fact: Everyone is part of the family. This special bond and love whether blood related or not is essential to keep the family unit together. Even if sisters like Urara and Tsurara don’t like Youtarou, rest assured it’s just their tsundere style of love and deep down, they love him as much as any other sisters. How I know? I’ve seen lots of these types to know they do! Hah. So if you think having 19 sisters is just so wrong, then have you heard of a certain man in a remote village having 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren! No joke! Yeah, he doesn’t mind having more and have what it takes to keep it coming. Well like they say, the more the merrier.

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