HIDOI SUGIRU DESU YO!!!!!!!! Oh wow. Just when you thought it had ended, here’s more of it. I’m talking about Seitokai Yakuindomo S2 OVA! It has been many years since the second season ended but subsequently they released more episodes in the OVA format but in very random and unequal intervals. Making it even worse is the numbering of these subsequent OVAs. Because the movie somewhat ‘ruined’ it and there is a hell lot of confusion about the numbering. So episodes 20 and 21 are labelled as the movie, huh? Yeah, I didn’t see that movie. But I’m sure I won’t lose much. I hope. Oh dear. With those numbers thrown in to represent the movie, I’ll just accept and go with that since that is what the label of these OVA episodes that I’m going to watch said. So more dirty sex jokes, huh? Okay. Bring it on!

OVA 22
* Hata suggesting some sort of flag to be triggered with Tsuda. Stuffing a flag in his ass, that is!
* Tsuda and his girls are out. They see Uomi manning a fast food joint. Better order quickly before Shino and Aria sexualizes the food. Like the hot dog…
* Everyone takes turn singing the karaoke and each has some sort of comment for each other. Like for Aria, Shino wants her to sing slower songs because lively songs make her boobs gyrate!
* The girls help Tsuda clean the boys’ toilet? Though Tsuda explains the bull’s eye mark on the urinals, Shino turns up a notch by putting a certain ‘hole’ in its place!
* Tsuda asks Aria why girls pat their cheek when they put face cream. To increase blood circulation. However Shino misinterprets the whole line, slapping a girl’s cheek with your meat stick to improve circulation and make it longer.
* The clubs show their receipt to the student council for reimbursement. Leave it to the usual suspects to sexualize them. But the robotics club is actually buying parts to make a hermaphrodite android?!
* Shino conducts a spot check on her fellow student council members. So Aria bringing in this weird dildo is okay but Tsuda bringing in a manga is not just because it is educational?
* We see the gang at the aquarium (supposedly some leftover clips from the movie). Yeah, making some comments about some sea life. Like squid tentacles… And otters hinting about lesbian sex?
* Mori can’t swim. And since pool season is around the corner, she fears practising among the people she knows. Don’t worry. Uomi has arranged to practice at Ousai’s pool. You bet the perverts are going to make some dirty pool jokes. Like Aria, because she can’t fit into the inflatable tube (due to her big boobs), she considers it useless! Uomi and Shino force feed Tsuda. Looks like he is choking but they start posing in sexy moves so as to make him salivate and swallow better. Wouldn’t the tea be easier? In the end and after a year later, Mori is now able to show others how much she has grown. Yup, her boobs have grown the most!
* As Tsuda walks home, he sees Shino waiting for him at the gates. Knowing what comes next, he turns around! Shino had to call him out! True enough, she was going to make a sex joke. She apologizes but can’t help stop make dirty jokes. Those tears supposed to convince us? Likewise, Tsuda also admits he can’t stop playing the straight man. So they deserve each other? In this supposed next scene to shock us, Shino suddenly hugs him from the back! But it is just to twist his nipples as he doesn’t plan to walk home with her! Yeah, didn’t see that coming!

OVA 23
* Tsuda accidentally breaks an art sculpture while cleaning up. Don’t worry, it’s cheap. He can help glue it back. As he does so, Igarashi thought she saw blood on his hand and quickly grabs it. Turns out it is glue and now their hands are stuck. Oh no. Bad timing as Shino and Aria are coming in. Pretend to arm wrestle! The solution is to use hot water but now they’ve a meeting. And it becomes awkward as the duo attend the meeting with their hands held all the time. After boiling the water, because the vibe is so good between them, jealous Shino just nonchalantly pours the hot water over Tsuda’s hand.
* Kotomi is looking for new experience so she ends up being the judo club’s manager. She makes her big blunder when she washes the club members’ panties while they’re bathing. Because of that they have nothing to wear on their way home. That’s not the worse part. The way she explains to Shino how everyone’s panties got wet needs further explanation!
* Kenji Yanagimoto of the film club does an audition to find a lead role for his movie that he plans to submit for a competition. Shino is the first one to go. Acting out a scene with Tsuda whereby he has his arms around her from her back, because she is nervous, she screams something hard is touching her (his hands) but this gives everybody the greatest misunderstanding. Mitsuba is so athletic that she the cast decides to cast her as the stunt woman. In the end, Suzu is chosen as the lead because of her height. Haven’t you heard? The male and female leads are actually siblings and the film is about a previously all-girls’ school turned co-ed. Sibling hilarity in every moment guaranteed. There is this one very steamy scene in which Tsuda is on top of Shino in bed. Once more she gets anxious and her calf cramps up. She screams in pain and everybody misunderstands Tsuda entered her!!! Filming finally ends and a tired Shino leans on Tsuda’s shoulder and falls asleep.
* When Uomi has this tall volleyball girl, Yuu Hirose to pick some box at the top shelf, this is part of her plan to ask her to join the student council body. Hirose has no qualms as she is often mistaken to be a boy. Despite agreeing to join, she is more of a ghost member since Uomi gave her permission to attend her club duties first. So whenever she needs to attend student council meetings, Hirose will just give excuse that she just needs to take a dump!
* Hirose is introduced to Ousai’s student council body. Hirose offers Tsuda to test her to see that she is a real woman. And by that she means touching her throat. See, no Adam’s apple! And with Suzu conscious about their height difference, she claims she too has ‘grown’ and recites the digits of pi!
* Yanagimoto’s film manage to win a prize as we see snippets of the film’s trailer. Looks okay to me… But no release date of this film yet!
* Tsuda is embarrassed to hear his voice recorded in the film. But Shino and Aria misheard that as Tsuda’s voice of shame! It doesn’t help when Todoroki mixes and replays ambiguous lines of his…

OVA 24
* Dejima has the gang go on a mystery tour. While riding the bus, Uomi takes off her socks so as to prevent blood clot. Kotomi panics and tries to take hers off too but the perverts at the back think she is trying to take off her panties.
* The bus supposedly breaks down and conveniently there is a mansion nearby for them to stay. Isn’t the master the bus driver? Lack of actors, huh? Tsuda notices a note in his room to play the culprit. You bet this is going to be a hard time for him because soon Shino screams and claims someone stole her panties!
* So everyone gathers around to deduce and investigate. Uomi takes this chance to snuggle close to Tsuda, claiming Shino won’t be targeted again. Shino vows to keep a watchful eye on them but Uomi distracts her with a dildo…
* Panty thief strikes again with Kotomi being the victim this time. The rest deduce Tsuda can’t be the culprit because doing so makes him a pervert.
* During dinner, the culprit leaves a clue when to strike next. Shino deduces the message and what the heck everyone is scared that the next target is H-cup size? That’s scary indeed. When midnight strikes, a short blackout occurs and this time Suzu realizes her bra is gone!
* Tsuda then deduces as he claims he was being framed as the culprit. His conclusion leads to Dejima being the culprit. True enough she admits. Know she is looking forward to be punished… Everyone is glad this mystery over but one tiny little issue… Can we have our panties back?!
* The student council has an interview with clubs to conduct a community report meeting. Some of them have ulterior motives like Hata, had Suzu not spot that ‘typo’, she would have published some erotic article.
* As Uomi has got the flu, she lost her voice. Since Mori can imitate her voice, she is tasked to speak on her behalf for the day. But beware those ambiguous place cards that she writes… Read carefully before you speak! Sometimes her writing is unreadable so Hirose tries to help out but her handwriting is even worse! When Tsuda calls and Uomi has Mori take her call, Tsuda can tell it is Mori right away. This has his student council girls very suspicious how he can recognize girls’ voice easily on the phone.
* Shino thought it is Tsuda in this mascot outfit so she takes him to talk about things. Then this important part where she promises there is no dirty joke and will tell it to him seriously. However she gets nervous and a voice tells her to go ahead and say it. Turns out the person underneath this mascot is the principal! Substituting for Tsuda? Shino is reeling from embarrassment as the real Tsuda shows up. This makes Shino even more embarrassed. But as she tries to back out, the principal tries to motivate to say her feelings. To deny that is to deny his existence! This has Shino sum up her courage as she approaches Tsuda. Finally the moment we have been waiting for? Go ahead, Shino. Say what you really want to say to him. Is that a bulge in your pants?! WTF???!!! YOU MESSED UP, GIRL!!! No wonder Tsuda walks away disappointed. Maybe next time, huh? The principal asks why she couldn’t convey her true feelings. Simple. Shino blames puberty.

It’s Always Spring For Puberty & Dirty Jokes!
Yeah… Guess what? There is going to be another OVA in the second half of 2020 coming! So you bet I’m still going to stick around and watch since I wasn’t patient enough to let the next OVA come out and watch all at one go. I mean, what difference does it make? It’s not like I remember everything about this series, right? Just a bunch horny female characters (and a really short one) and a guy who retorts them all. So I can definitely guarantee you that I’ll be around then to watch the next OVA. And I won’t be surprised that won’t be the last. After all, this series having produced such irregular OVA episodes just shows that dirty sex jokes can never die. It is truly a 24/7 and 365 days all year round spectacle. I guess that is why we never grow old and tired of dirty jokes and memes, huh?

Basically I can’t say or add anything much (because I don’t remember much either) but I suppose the characters here continue to stay true to their character. Perverts never change. The straight man stays the straight man and maintains that role till the day he dies (or the producers decide to stop producing this series anymore). And the shorty still can’t manage to grow an inch! Hey, at least she has a high IQ and able to recite digits of the pi! Not sure if we are disappointed or relieved that Shino was about to confess to Tsuda but failed spectacularly. It feels like the end goal of the series but I have this gut feeling that if that ever becomes true, it will change everything. Nothing will be the same. Despite me saying that these characters don’t change. Imagine true love changing the perverts’ nature into decent ones. But nothing like a good ol’ dirty joke to bring everyone back to where they are, huh? When we were young, sex jokes are off limits and are for adults. But when we become adults, sex jokes are considered childish. So is there ever a good time for making dirty jokes? SYD screws all that because there is no restricted TPO for sex jokes. Anytime, anywhere. If a sex joke is ready to fly, let it fly! Now hand me the next OVA release!

Pop Team Epic

June 2, 2018

At first I was going to give this the skip. Although the main characters are drawn in a chibi way, but somehow I was slightly freaked out they look a bit scary despite knowing this series is going to be pure comedy and epic nonsense. But after reading the synopsis so many times to psycho myself as well as seeing the main characters giving a double mosaic middle finger to us, I knew I had to give Poputepipikku a try. If that sounds hard to pronounce, Pop Team Epic lives up to its name with all the parodies and references of pop culture. It has everything you want from and it is not even shy to tell us its main goal is to become a real anime. Wait. Isn’t this already a real anime? Maybe not real anime epic enough for their standards.

Episode 1
* Popuko pumps into Pipimi while on her way out. The latter lost her pendant. It is in the former’s hands. She asks to return it. She doesn’t want to. Instant obliteration!
* Totoro parody: Popuko trying to snatch an umbrella at the bus stop. Pipimi the Totoro warns her. They both get banged by the bus.
* Pokemon parody: Popuko is tasked to select her starter Pokemon pack but they are all with Pipimi’s face.
* Aliens invade Earth. Popuko shoots her own comrades so Pipimi the alien have to stop her from doing that.
* Badass Pipimi barges in and saves Popuko from some alien experiment. Shady characters let them have their way as they break the fourth wall as they say there is no way a 4-panel manga can become anime. Their goal is for supremacy and they might have gotten it via… Fidget spinners?!
* Some dumb hippo bugs the girls for food but they for feed him bugs.
* The girls are going to France and with Pipimi as a mine, she thinks French people like gestures (heck, they’re even speaking in French). So when she does those mime gestures, she got a double middle finger back.
* Popuko abuses Pipimi but the latter isn’t even mad. So Popuko tortures her like hell and turns her into some biscuit shipped for distribution and she’s still not mad at all.

Episode 2
* A party of RPG warriors summon twin dragons to defeat the demon king. Too bad they summon Popuko and Pipimi. Because of that, the duo have a field day teasing everyone like how this episode is only in sketches, getting paid to do some easy job and doing weird impersonations. We break even more fourth wall because the real seiyuus then complain to the producer how most of their lines are going to be adlib. Do a better job please! Yeah, they even break down, going crazy!
* The duo are at the zoo and it seems Pipimi is testing if the animals they have seen are new (wow so cute!) or a repeat (meh, seen it before). Popuko got tricked when a Tasmanian devil is not seen yet but yet she says it is so. Then they all laugh it off.
* A stop motion animation of the girls singing the theme song.
* Pipimi swiftly takes a picture of all their ridiculous fortunes.
* Popuko dies each time she sees a jagged speech balloon. Of course this shocks Pipimi and the cycle repeats all over again.

Episode 3
* Popuko is going to leave but her blanket won’t let her and covers her. Now she’s sleeping soundly.
* A documentary parody: Pipimi is the producer of an idol group, Tame Monkey in which Popuko is an uncouth member. Others try to tell her off but Pipimi makes them inferior and a slave to Popuko. Popuko gains more popularity although she is lazy. Pipimi tries to find suitable idol partners from humans to animals but none were suitable. She then decided the best was to mass clone her. It soon becomes a dystopia with Popuko clones taking over the world and subjugating all humans. When asked if this is the ideal world Pipimi envisioned, yes it is.
* Pipimi likes this new red car. Because red covers the blood she is going to spill! How about its hybrid specs? It means it is quiet. Oh, she can kill without making a sound!
* The girls are in France and are infatuated with baguettes. The bought a bunch home and Popuko loves them so much that she uses them as her ski.
* Popuko wants to hug that cute red panda. But the closer she gets, it turns into a big scary monster! But far away it looks so cute and docile…

Episode 4
* Popuko enters a bobsled race. Is that Dastardly?! Yeah, he blew himself up after trying to cheat. As for the other teams that zoom past Popuko, they crash into the crossing penguin and her family! Poor penguins. When a speeding sports car leaves Popuko in the dust, she combines with Pipimi the airplane! So fast that it leaves the sports car in the dust! Popuko finally wins gold but she is disqualified because she is a robot! Now that the secret is out, what do they do? Fly away!
* Popuko and Pipimi singing a spoof of Earth, Wind & Fire’s Let’s Groove. Not bad actually!
* An alien tries to act like a cat. Yeah… Is your hair standing on ends? However Popuko is not convinced and tells it to leave. Time to go back to your own spaceship.

Episode 5
* Iyo Sakuragi is a normal high school girl who is in love with the popular football club captain, Hojou. One day her dad, Pipimi marries another woman, Popuko. That woman is Hojou’s mom! To her dismay, now they are siblings. Yeah, she would have wanted to become his girlfriend. But they live a tormenting life every day since the parents do not work and gamble the money away. It is made worse when they always do stupid stuffs to interrupt their studies or sleep. Even worse, Iyo is bullied by Hojou’s fan girls every day. One day Iyo cannot take this anymore so she tries to stab them but Hojou gets in the way. He will not let her stain her hands for his sake. Although this reinforces their love, their parents continue to gamble away. 5 years later, they are happily married with twins. Popuko and Pipimi?! Why do I have a feeling the devils have been reincarnated?
* Popuko couldn’t stop hiccupping. Pipimi says she will die once she reaches 100. However she stops at 99 and self-destructs. This is worse than an atomic bomb!
* Popuko doing a lame impression of Mickey. Yeah, that Disney mouse. Does Mickey snort when he laughs?
* Popuko chases a cute bunny like forever on Route 66. Seems normal but made epic because the background music of Steppenwolf’s Born To Be Wild is being played! Easy Runner?

Episode 6
* Shogi parody. Popuko with Pipimi as her Heian spiritual guide, faces off with an opponent. However he finds her aura too intimidating and gives up! Holy cow! Popuko wins with the game not even started and no moves were made! Super record! Next is some cabaret slut queen and after 73 moves, Popuko wins while she disintegrates into sand. Next is a discount version of Tekken’s Heihachi. After Popuko makes the first move of her pawn, this machine dude explodes! Must be the way she put her pawn so epic, huh? Her final opponent is the real Pipimi who is supposed to be the pinnacle of shogi AI. The battle is so epic that it looks more like a fighting game than playing shogi. Did they both do hadoken in the end? Yeah, so epic that the entire place explodes. All that is left is Pipimi’s ribbon.
* Popuko is running late for school but her blanket, pillow, mat, curtain and alarm clock won’t let her go and let her sleep in. Ah, such warm comfy peace.
* Popuko thanks everyone and hopes all will subscribe to her channel. For those who don’t, she is going to get you…

Episode 7
* A guy is feeling depressed so Popuko recommends reading Pop Team Epic’s manga. He finds it boring and is instantly labelled a hater!
* I’m sure Hellshake Yano is about some rocker guy trying to rock the crowd with his electrifying guitar. However what makes it interesting is how the story is told using a combination of 2 sketchbooks, the cut-outs and other effects solely from just using the sketchbook. Even though I don’t really get the overall story, but the visuals of this art is sure a hell lot creative! Very creative! Kudos and hats off!
* Today’s cooking show brings you… A compressed manatee! I hope no manatees were hurt in the use of this cooking show.
* Popuko and Pipimi take a selfie of a beautiful French scenery. Turns out to be just a billboard poster.

Episode 8
* A bacon watches itself cook a bacon to eat… Oh sh*t…
* Popuko is a violent criminal in prison. But Pipimi sees an interesting side of her and has her sworn into her brotherhood of yakuza by licking the same lemon. Sour… Once Popuko is out on parole, the duo go on a notoriety spree of criminal activities. Popuko becomes Pipimi’s personal assassin by taking down all her rivals or those who stand in her way. Some YouTubing fiasco has Pipimi suspect her father is the one behind this and is bending his backs to the police instead of following their yakuza code. Pipimi quits the gang. But soon, Popuko gets assassinated. At her funeral (double middle finger as her death photo?), Pipimi brings a guy who seems to be criticising Popuko from the manga. Mad Popuko wakes up and pops some lead in his head. Pipimi blows the entire place up as the duo escape.
* The duo cut their bangs. Those who do not cut their bangs will not pass!
* Popuko shows Pipimi a music video she made. WTF is this trippy drug fuelled fantasy?! Pipimi immediately orders her to burn the tape!
* Popuko throws seeds to a tree for it to bloom. However it is just ordinary flour. The mad tree chases her. The interesting about this is how the art is done using sand art style.

Episode 9
* OMG. A short story decently narrated in decent English! (Though, the second half is in Japanese) It’s about this New Yorker boy who feels lost in life. Till Popuko and Pipimi randomly appear in his life (as Ghostbusters busting punks!). He decides to follow them and tell them all his problems. He thinks they are listening quietly to his problems but I bet they’re just ignoring him and think he doesn’t even exist! Hey, is that Robocop and Terminator Pipimi arm wrestled and easily beat!!! He cherished following the girls everywhere and believes they are showing him the other side of life. Though, I’m pretty sure they’re just randomly going places. One night when they are about to cut the tuna, he gets scared. That is when he realized he was too scared to do anything and ran away from everything instead of facing it. Hence he goes back to his ordinary life and promises to work hard. Now he is the mayor of New York as he makes his speech and pays tribute to the girls who has changed his life. OMG! So this is the back story of Street Of Rage’s Mike Haggar! Now I’ve seen it all!
* The rabbit is late for a secret tea party but stupid Popuko keeps blocking its way.
* Pipimi lets Popuko press a button. She gets a hug. But when she repeatedly presses it like mad, she gets smacked!
* Pipimi throws a deep question to Popuko. What if 1000 out of 10 people hate her? Wait. What?! She starts crying. But Pipimi says what if she is the only one by her side? Popuko is happy she is the centre of the universe.
* The duo are ordering French cuisine for the first time. I’m sure they are impressed with the fancy names and order away. They didn’t know the food they order has strong odour. Yeah, it stinks. So they go order something familiar: Ramen. Ah, nothing beats good ol’ ramen.

Episode 10
* God wants to let Popuko take over His role. Guess what? Popuko thinks it is a bother and gives Him the middle finger, blowing Him away!!!
* The duo play football but they pass and shoot using their hadoken!
* Popuko experiences bad customer service so she sets all the traps and then presses the button to call for service. Since the waiter didn’t come, Popuko falls into her own traps. Still got bad service…
* Detective Conan parody: Popuko and Pipimi are relaxing at a hotspring but a murder occurs. The detective suspects everyone there but the duo take the liberty to play detective. They keep accusing this suspicious guy with a mask and try to get him to confess with their hostess abilities. Eventually they are kicked out so they go do their own investigations. Is it me but isn’t the evidence so clear because the murder victim wrote with his blood the culprit as the hostess inn? So when Pipimi figures out the culprit, she calls everyone but starts off narrating her hostess life. Thanks to her hard work, they give her a hotspring trip to relax and sends Popuko who is the top new hostess with her. Thanks to this, they blame their trip is spoiled by the murder. Yeah, the inn hostess breaks down thinking they are putting her at fault. This has her explaining about the victim killing her dad 15 years ago. She wants to kill herself but Pipimi slaps her and gives her a second chance to come to her hostess bar. Case closed.

Episode 11
* Horror time! 4 friends are having their own party at an isolated cabin. When Aya goes to the ladies, she thought she saw shadows of 2 girls standing at the hallway. She freaks out and this alerts her friends. They take her back with them to rest. Reina accuses Aya to drop the cute act because she wants to get close with Shogo. Hayato tries to diffuse the situation so Reina also tells him to shut it and knows he has a crush on Aya. Soon the girls start trying to outdo each other they have done things with Shogo. So he is two-timing them? Hayato goes crazy and slashes Shogo with an axe! Reina runs away into her car. After starting up, she is spooked by the 2 girls in front. Panic, she crashes down the ravine. Meanwhile Aya shoots Hayato before he axes her. Next morning, all the dead friends are now in the photo with Popuko and Pipimi. They have their eyes…
* Pipimi becomes a tree. Popuko doesn’t want to be left alone and hugs her. She too becomes a tree. And that is how the legend of why the tree is protruding and has a shape of a girl.
* Popuko wonders how Pipimi became so big. Science, baby. Science.
* Pipimi reads a comment from a viewer complaining there isn’t enough keyframes. Popuko dances like hell to make more keyframes.
* Popuko talks like as though she knows all about wine. Yeah, she sounds like an expert until Pipimi tells her to just finish her grape juice!

Episode 12
* Those shady characters are disgusted at the cuteness of Popuko and Pipimi since they have ruined their whatever legend they have planned or created. With lots of terms that I don’t even understand, finally they think their next greatness will be in the form of hegemony. They send henchmen to kill off the duo but our girls get even more violent, destroying their surroundings and killing everybody. Brutal…
* Popuko can’t find her glasses. She searches until the moon. She tussles with a couple of aliens for it until they get sucked into the black hole.
* The duo are singing a graduation-like song. Until the lyrics became about killing and destruction!
* The duo crash into the HQ of the baddies and defeat all small fries and interrogate them for the mastermind. It leads them to the HQ of our shady characters who then turn into their true monster form. The duo combine and transform into their golden form and easily defeat them. In the end, this costs Pipimi’s life. But not to worry, a hot guy who is a time traveller takes them back to the past! In an alternate version, the duo survived and that’s the end!

Pop Goes The Epic
Thankfully I didn’t lose any brain cells from watching this nonsense. That’s because some of the jokes are so short and I didn’t really get them. Even though this series is garbage, it is not the bad kind of garbage. I mean, it is meant to be over the top nonsense and parodies anything it could get its hands on. In this sense it is the kind of trash we are talking about. The kind of trash we would love to have more. Can we have another second season? I’m sure if Popuko and Pipimi would have their way, they would have blackmailed and threatened the producers at gunpoint until they give in to their demands. Yeah, that’s the kind of anime this series is supposed to be. It has everything that you could ever want to in your anime!

Initially I was baffled that the series’ running time is the usual and standard 24 minutes but it is only half that time. What do I mean? You see, this show is only 12 minutes long and the second half is actually repeated! Is this a kind of trolling? However for those who keep watching the second half, you would notice there are some minor changes in some of the skits. The most obvious being the seiyuus voicing each half are different. Heck, in every episode, Popuko and Pipimi’s seiyuu are different. So it doesn’t matter if they are female or male, because either way, the character sounds funny. Even funnier if it is voiced by a male with a low voice. Just hilarious.

Hence with the seiyuus list running longer than your tax file, it was hard for me to pinpoint or pick out any seiyuu that I could recognize. I don’t think I remember if I did since the skits were so short that I couldn’t pick them out. Heck, I was trying to understand the joke too! Too much for me. What do you mean Mamiko Noto voiced one of the Pipimi characters here???!!! WHERE???!!! Must go back and find out… So the host of seiyuus that I know lending their talents as Pipimi include Ayana Taketatsu, Satomi Satou, Yuu Kobayashi, Tomokazu Sugita, Yuuki Kaji, Jouji Nakata, Shigeru Chiba and Norio Wakamoto, Whereas Popuko has Aoi Yuuki, Mikako Komatsu, Nana Mizuki, Youko Hikasa, Tomoko Kaneda, Hiro Shimono, Rikiya Koyama, Sho Hayami, Showtaro Morikubo and Yuuichi Nakamura. Yeah, this is just part of those whom I should recognize and there are lots more others helming both characters. But for other cameo characters, the list is even longer since a seiyuu is used for an extra minor despite staying the same in both halves. Sometimes I feel the seiyuus are having fun voicing their characters. You can sometimes here they aren’t serious in their role and just doing it because it is fun. Not bad actually. After all, what else do you expect from this kind of anime? The input equals the output.

Other changes in the second half include certain skits having slightly different visuals or a different presentation. Like that Mike Haggar story in which the first half was narrated in English and the next half was in Japanese. Or that horror-cum-murder story in which some sort of commentary was provided instead for the second half. There is also a recurring segment (albeit not in all episodes) called Japan Mignon. We have this young French dude who is supposedly the animator of this series talking in French. Unless you know French, you’re not going to understand what he says because the next animation scene featuring Popuko and Pipimi is supposed to be the punch line. So if you stayed around for the second half, there would be a proper translation to understand what the so called joke was. So sometimes I keep thinking that this second half with slight difference is just one big spot the difference game.

The art and animation might use the standard chibi version for Popuko and Pipimi but there are also certain skits that have their art style slightly different. I believe that some skits are produced by different people as you can see their name appearing in the eye-catch scene before the skit. I also want to note that the ‘most horrible’ art style goes to this segment called Bob Team Epic (New Series). Not only our main duo sound like guys doing their worst falsetto impression, the drawing of the girls is just horrendous and distorted like hell! I know it is done on purpose and to make the girls look funny. I think my 5 year old nephew could even draw better and if submitted, could be passed off as that segment’s animation style! Hilarious and ugly at the same time. Other visual styles include the use of live-action, stop motion, CGI (although this is kept to the minimum), 8bit retro video game style as well as real hand sewn dolls.

Can’t comment much about the characters and storyline because everything is so random and nonsensical that it doesn’t make sense trying to do so. Pop culture references are a ton aplenty and veterans would have a field day spotting them. I’m not so I wasn’t really that excited. Popuko and Pipimi are like everything. They are your best friends, your enemies, your saviour, your worst nightmare, even playing both God and Satan themselves! The world revolves around them! And other characters don’t matter because what for? If you think that yellow blob Wooser was bad enough, looks like this duo are going to give him a run for his money. Popuko and Pipimi do not have much character development between them and it is so minimal but it makes us want to care a lot about their dynamic friendship. They are indeed the dynamic duo. Pure comedy gold!

This brings me to another interesting segment. Supposedly the next episode preview but not for this series but for ‘another anime series’. Based on the ‘next episode preview’ of Hoshiiro Girl Drop, this looks quite an interesting anime! Despite it looks like a romantic comedy kind of anime, that penultimate preview makes it look even more interesting because of its tragic twist (although generally it might not be that of a shocker or original one). Heck, the art and drawing are standard bishoujo style! Also, mainly narrated by Yui Ogura in her trademark cute voice who is supposedly the main character of this series (Sosogu Hoshifuri). Also, they got a seemingly decent opening theme for this series already, Twinkling Star by Drop Stars. I want to see this anime! THEY SHOULD MAKE THIS ANIME INTO A REALITY AND SCREW OVER THIS ONE!!! Oh, wait a minute. If Hoshiiro Girl Drop announced it is ‘second season’ at the end, could this be a deeper meaning that this series is getting one?! Yeah, this series loves trolling us in so many ways. But I really hope Hoshiiro Girl Drop gets adapted.

The opening theme for the series is as the same name of its series sung by Sumire Uesaka. Can’t give an even more epic name for an epic title, can you? But I am not really attracted to this song since it uses a lot of synthesizers and I think it makes the singer’s voice sound like she is using Auto-Tune. I seem to prefer the ending theme, Poppy Pappy Day. Although there are many versions of it, depending who the seiyuus are voicing the main duo, I prefer the male voices covering it. It has that sleepy and calming effect to it. Really. Of course the one that really takes the cake is Let’s Pop Together, that Let’s Groove spoof. Care to dance and groove to this tune? Let’s pop together, all night! All right!

Overall, this strange and bizarre series might have won the hearts of many because of its epic nonsense and parodies of everything, but it is not likely to become any sort of masterpiece. In short, not Oscar worthy material. Though, it is already a masterpiece for those who absolutely love it. Therefore crap shows like this are good because they make you forget about reality and make you laugh at all the ironies and silliness. It doesn’t have to make sense or be logical. It could very well be a meme of its own. But if you think that there is all to offer to this great epic series, be warned that this isn’t the last that you will hear of them yet. They’ll be back to give us more epic memes, parodies and laughs when you least expected it. OMG. Pop Team Epic saved anime?! Just the kind of epic story-cum-meme we all need.

Seitokai Yakuindomo S2

July 28, 2017

HIDOI DESU YO!!! After cruelly waiting for the OVAs for the first season to all come out and watch them, just when I thought I was finally done with them, then came the second season. Well, it isn’t so much about Seitokai Yakuindomo S2 as the TV series taking its sweet time coming out. You guessed it. It is again the OVAs taking its damn sweet time! That is why I am ‘forced’ to delay watching this series so that I can watch it all at one go. And after 2 years for the 6 OVAs of the second season to come out, I just thought to screw it and just watch whatever comes or else I would never start. So don’t blame me why this blog is more than 3 years ‘late’. Hey, it’s not a retro anime so it isn’t that kind of late I’m talking about. And you wonder why I really waited that long to just watch the sequel and its OVAs. Sighs. The things I do to watch an anime filled with sexual innuendo jokes and puns…

Episode 1
* We’re already starting off with a dirty joke regarding airlines and cleavages. Then we seem to have a dog’s eye view as we go through the city and school as part and parcel of the introduction of the characters in the series. Including dirty jokes from Shino about Tsuda’s hanging dick.
* It is supposed to be Kotomi’s first day of high school but she got lost in the city since she realized she lost her handphone. Thankfully it is found.
* Suzu also lost her dog and surprisingly it somehow found its way to school and thus why we had certain scenes from a dog’s eye view. Everybody gathers for a group photo.
* Already the start of the new term and Tsuda is trying to stave off a wave of dirty jokes from Shino and Aria. Like Shino advising him to watch out for his family jewels.
* Ironically they have noticed that more and more opposite sex are chatting freely with each other. A cause for concern? Although Suzu argues it doesn’t matter as long as they pick the right place and time, leave it to Shino to come up with cliché ideas that make it sound so dirty. For a while we are not sure if the student council is going enforce strictly the rule because if they don’t let couples f*ck, they’ll be responsible in declining birth rates.
* I didn’t know the dried squid episode continues into this season. When Tsuda enters the room, he sees a dried squid on the table. Next to it is a butt sex toy covert with yoghurt. We can see where this is going…
* Shino summons Toki since she has not joined a club and as per school rules, all students must join one. Before she knows it, she is entering a judo duel with Mitsuba. If Mitsuba wins, Toki will join the club. Otherwise, Toki will be the club captain. There’s no way out of this… In the end, Mitsuba’s experience has her taking down Toki in no time. Toki is now a new judo club member.

Episode 2
* After their usual patrol, the student council sit together for lunch. They notice Suzu not feeling well and her temperature is high. She is taken to the infirmary to rest. I’m sure some of the friends mean well suggesting stuffs to make her feel better. Like Todoroki’s vibrator… Fortunately she recovers in time for the budget meeting. Though, she is now weak from hunger.
* Uomi visits Ousai. Shino gives her a tour around and there is a separate screen to show us and compare how Shino did the same for Tsuda then. Only with more sexual innuendoes now. After the tour she notices that the males have to use the same toilet as the male teachers. As Ousai has only been converted to co-ed for 1 year, it would be troublesome for male students to walk all the way there and even more awkward if they bump into their teachers. She proposes a male’s toilet in one of the floors. This leads to them discussing of adding an additional surveillance room just for Tsuda. Does he want to see guys jerk off?!
* Lots of students are suffering from the effects of hay fever. So for Kotomi, she solved this problem by plugging up both her nose holes. Actually, that didn’t solve anything.
* Thanks to more cheesy dirty jokes, Tsuda writes a typo on the paper. He wants corrective fluid but he should have been more specific because it only allows Shino to ‘attack’ with her dirty suggestions. He manages to make the correction but realizes his permanent marker has soaked through the paper and messed up the table. Shino can help with that but in exchange he needs to teach her how to wipe her browser history.
* When all the girls somehow run out of tissue, the first person they go ask is Tsuda. Why do they assume that this guy carries extra tissues with him? Who is the dirty minded one?!
* The dried squid saga continues. Before Tsuda could do anything, Hata has already seen this ambiguous scene. He tries to explain and it seems Hata understood what he said as she repeats what he has told her. However she isn’t going to let this juicy story go and will sensationalise it. When Tsuda takes some tissues to wipe some yoghurt off his mouth, he spots Aria looking in…

Episode 3
* The second years will be taking a field trip to Okinawa. Todoroki can’t seem to get pass the metal detector and when she finally does, it seems her vibrator has been the culprit.
* With Tsuda and Suzu gone for the trip, Shino and Aria feel ‘lonely’. Yeah, nobody to rebut their dirty jokes. Don’t worry. Kotomi is here to relief her brother. We’re so worried… Uh huh. She didn’t know being part of the student council is such hard work.
* During the field trip, Tsuda and Suzu are shocked to see Hata around. She claims her newspaper club has no second years… So she’s here illegal… She needs a favour from them and that is to keep an eye on teachers Michishita and Daimon. She smells some romance between them. Of course Tsuda will not be a snitch.
* Suzu wanders around herself and realizes too late that she is lost! And she dropped her handphone somewhere. So a search is conducted for her. Ironically when Yokoshima can’t help being attracted to a store that sells penis biscuits (yes, those actually exist), that is where Suzu is. She was waiting here as she knew someone was bound to react to these.
* Kotomi goes home tired. It looks like she missed her brother as she visits his room. But now is the chance to find his hidden porn magazines! Not going to find any…
* The field trip continues to some scuba activity. Hata continues to remind Tsuda about his ‘mission’. Not giving in… The scuba dive as well as feeding fish gives Yokoshima a dirty idea… Looks like our Ousai student council girls aren’t going to be left out because they too conduct their own pool activity in school premise! Kotomi tells Shino that there are rumours going around that Tsuda and Shino are dating. Shino dismisses their relationship is anything like that.
* That evening, Tsuda sees Daimon giving Michishita some shiny present (no, it’s not jewellery). He thinks to keep this to himself and not tell Hata.
* Shortly he gets a call from Shino. Missed him? Actually, she called just to ask if he has any wet dreams. Hang up now.
* Back in school, Michishita catches Yokoshima red handed in some strange masturbation act. Putting fish feed over her privates and let the fish…

Episode 4
* Uomi got wet when a car splashed puddle on her. The student council lends her a jersey to wear. She tries to mention several of her ‘interesting’ parts wet in a bid to make Tsuda have a boner. After her clothes are dried, she puts them back on as the girls notice her undershirt is short. Shino believes by exposing her stomach will eventually lead to exposing her underboobs.
* Igarashi is doing her moral policing job as well. But each time she comments how those offenders should have taken after a certain role model student like Suzu, her believes are smashed after seeing them too ‘breaking’ some sort of moral code.
* The dried squid episode continues. Tsuda explains to Aria. She teases him a naughty boy before running away and apologizing for disturbing. Looks like she too got the wrong idea. Tsuda realizes too late he has left the room and when he returns, Suzu is now standing there.
* Todoroki explains to us the history of vibrators of Japan!
* Kotomi can’t sit still while studying in the library so Todoroki suggests a chair with a vibrator!
* Tsuda and Kotomi fail their tests so they have to take a make-up exam. The student council girls offer to coach them but since their good subject is maths, they have to decide who gets to teach it. Suzu wins since she is the treasurer. Obviously she is good in calculations and this prompts Kotomi to quip that she is a calculating woman.
* Noticing Tsuda has a bad posture while studying, Aria and Shino thought of putting a porn magazine on his head to correct it.
* Hata has been spying outside their house in hopes of finding some scoop. Too bad she couldn’t find any. So she tries to make Shino cosplay as a cat?
* The student council members and Kotomi are at Aria’s family amusement park to test some of the rides. Thankfully Suzu is tall enough to ride them. Barely.
* Tsuda thought Shino is afraid of heights. Yes she is. But those which are fun do not count.
* At the end of the day, everyone has had enough rides to last a lifetime. But the perverted girls think it would be more exciting to take the rides going commando or nude.
* Tsuda doesn’t understand Kotomi’s new form of pleasure since she did experience rides of other amusement parks before. Actually Kotomi’s panties got wet during an earlier ride and since she has been riding the rest without any till they got home. Her eyes have been opened to a new world…

Episode 5
* Kotomi sends a dick picture of Tsuda when he is a baby to Shino. However she sent the wrong picture of Tsuda’s face Photoshop on a bodybuilder’s body. You bet Shino is going to be confused about the bulge.
* Hata tries to interview Shino about the affair allegations with Tsuda. Shino dismisses it and wants to know where she heard those rumours. Hata accidental mentions of her careful information manipulation. So she’s the source!
* Hata is to write an article for the school’s new swimsuit. The student council didn’t know about this and are surprised to find out only when they have to model for it. Shino felt jealous Aria doesn’t need to use a pad. On the contrary she does. It is to make it look like she is a guy hiding her crotch! Then they tease Tsuda he should use one to make his bulge look bigger.
* Mitsuba is leading her judo club to train like doing bunny hops up the stairs and running a marathon through the city. Toki might be a fast runner but it seems she got lost in the city.
* A cat seems to be taking residence in the school after students carelessly start feeding it. Now it is causing mischiefs by stealing items. So when it steals a judo member’s towel, they try to catch it but Mitsuba catches Tsuda?! Is this supposed to be a pun of a thief of your heart?
* So the best way to lure the cat down from the tree is for Aria to dress up as a cat and be its friend? Anyway it worked. It is revealed that the cat has its own family and was stealing to take care.
* As the judo club will be competing in the Nationals, a rally is held to boost their morale. Surprisingly Yokoshima gives the first speech like as though she watched the judo club grow. Daimon is actually the judo club’s advisor.
* All the judo club members then give their own speech which is then rebutted by the crowd. A few more performances from other clubs follow after that. Kotomi sees Toki who skipped out on the rally. Toki claims she got special permission from Mitsuba to skip it since she doesn’t like this kind of stuff. But Kotomi thinks she doesn’t like being visually molested by the crowd.

Episode 6
* Shino is in a dilemma. Because a guy from the talent agency asked if she would like to be a model. This is the same agency that handles the currently rising pop idol group, Triple Booking. As she ponders about it and thinking about the times with her friends, she decides to take up the offer.
* At the agency she meets the staff as well as Triple Booking in the flesh. Why do I have a feeling they take after so closely certain main characters… But one of them whose name sounds similar to Shino seems to have the same perverted thinking like Shino. Only in anime where it is natural for more girls to be horny.
* The manager wants her to take voice lessons as well despite only being scouted for modelling. She views Shino having the potential but after hearing her say a streak of perverted words… So Shino takes up voice training. They let her sing whatever song she wants. What kind of song has so many horny words?
* Shino becomes a famous idol. One day she meets up with Tsuda for dinner. He introduces her to his girlfriend. Somebody who looks exactly like her and shares the same name?! Apparently all this was just a dream. Shino decides to reject the offer as she wants to focus on her studies.
* More squid saga. Tsuda and Suzu are in sync as they try to explain themselves. After Suzu hears him out, she tries to clean it up. However she starts getting suspicious if this was yoghurt, then how come it is so sticky like…
* The student council will hold a self-defence drill. They have the judo club do demonstrations. Tsuda is made to be the ‘victim’ and gets a taste of Mitsuba’s hell throw. Doesn’t matter if you are sadistic or masochistic. It still hurts like hell.
* Igarashi didn’t really want to participate as Hata tries to psycho her that this may help her get over her androphobia. She faces Tsuda but caves in. She got a lot of advice on self-defence but if it is from Shino, be prepared for lots of sexual subtexts. Perhaps she has reach a point of being sceptical so when Tsuda is being nice to her and praises her, it still makes her heart rate go up. Not of the romantic kind.
* Aria thought of having a naked bath with Dejima for some female bonding. But the maid got naked and prepares herself in bed.
* Tsuda accidentally hits his hand on the furniture. He licks it but Shino sees this and is shocked he is trying to kiss his lover.
* Continuing from the squid episode. Shino and Kotomi notice Aria spacing out. She tells them about Tsuda and the sex toy. This is where they go full blast with their dirty thoughts and opinions. Unfiltered, uncensored and unstoppable. See how important a straight man is? They decide to talk to him.

Episode 7
* Suzu is walking her dog and meets several people she knows like Dejima, Hata, Yokoshima and even her mom. All of them tell her their recent experience which has something to do with f*cking outdoors.
* Aria draws Roman alphabets of WXY vertically which looks like the body and anatomy of a woman. Others try to ‘correct’ it.
* Growing a morning glory in the room, they discuss what it means. Also read: Sexual subtexts.
* Todoroki buys 2 copies of manga. One for use and the other to keep. She also buys 2 cucumbers. One to eat and the other to play with.
* Tsuda and Kotomi see each other’s grades. With Tsuda having A’s and B’s, she quips that is the reason he can’t move on to the third C-base.
* The gang help to take out the telescope in Tsuda’s family garage so that Kotomi can watch the stars as part of her research. But sifting through the stuffs, Kotomi is busy reading old manga instead of being busy with her hands. Tsuda takes out old porn magazines so Shino quips he will have his hands really busy this time.
* Once the telescope is assembled, Shino makes jokes how telescopes aren’t just used to point up. They are also pointed down to peep at women bathing. She also makes a joke of the different angle of the telescope to represent erection at different ages.
* Suzu helps adjust the telescope to let Kotomi see certain constellations. Too bad Kotomi has no idea what she is saying or seeing.
* Before the school’s pool is opened for summer use, the student council members are testing it. Dejima acts as their lifeguard but her intentions of teaching CPR have sexual subtext to it.
* When the pool opens, the student council members become lifeguards and are paid ice cream. Shino is very focused in watching the girls to find who is wearing fake pads.
* With Uomi joining in, this prompts Tsuda to remember he also took the entrance exam for Eiryou and passed. However he picked Ousai since it was closer and the slope towards Eiryou was killing. It made Uomi annoyed.
* Kotomi’s leg cramps up despite being in the shallow part of the pool so Tsuda and Shino dive in to save her. Luckily it is nothing serious. Shino notes she has to go commando now.

Episode 8
* The student council members are at the beach to scout for next year’s seaside school trip location. Expect the usual beach antics. Like Tsuda putting lotion on Aria’s back in in return she does the same but only with her feet. Shino lost a beach volleyball game and took the lost seriously. He says it is just a game so she accuses him of playing with her heart!
* They test the route for the kimodameshi. Suzu is very afraid of the dark and couldn’t stop clinging to Tsuda. You know how awkward he is having to stoop and walk all the way.
* In their room, when they hear strange tapping on the ceiling, Suzu quickly bolts to the bath. Turns out to be a stag beetle attracted by the light.
* Then they visit the festivals. They play the shooting gallery and Suzu again freaks out when they order guns for an extra person. Actually Kotomi is using both hands to shoot. She misses all with her left.
* So the fun is over and now reality hits them that they haven’t do their homework. When the student council girls arrive at Tsuda’s home for it, Kotomi has already fled. Dejima serves them as they study. When Tsuda claps because they are finally done, Dejima barges in but disappointed it is only a clap. She thought it was the sound of hips banging.
* More dried squid! Suzu questions what the heck this sticky liquid is then. Seriously Tsuda doesn’t know. She freaks out when some of them get stuck on her shirt. You think nothing could get worse than this? As Tsuda tries to calm her down, they realize a few girls staring at them…
* Tsuda learns of his Photoshop bodybuilder photo when Shino sends one to him asking for his opinion. He is going to have a long talk with Kotomi… Shino then calls Suzu who is in the midst of supervising Mitsuba and Todoroki studying. Mitsuba feels sleepy so Todoroki has a great idea for her to use a vibrator to wake her up. Then they pet Suzu’s dog for a change of pace.
* Shino calls Aria next who mentions she is dripping in sweat all over. It isn’t any sexual subtext but you know how she says it, right?
* Kotomi is in big trouble as Tsuda seeks answers for this picture. Apparently she used it in her elective and the teacher gave praises of this splendid art! What is wrong with everybody! He doesn’t blame her for putting it in her handphone since the teacher judged it as good. But there had better not be other copies. Well you see… In the art gallery, a large crowd gathers around that picture but slightly modified with a samba theme. And a bigger bulge. Kotomi is a dead girl… By the way, did you see Todoroki’s art sample in the form of a vibrator?

Episode 9
* Hata down in the dumps? Apparently she lacks club members to finish articles so that’s where the student council is roped in to help out. Of course as you would have guessed the articles would be anything but normal. Take for instance words that people find hard to pronounce. They interview people and some give weird answers. But don’t ask Yokoshima. Because the hardest words are about breaking up…
* There are rumours that Daimon and Michishita are engaged. Don’t worry. Hata will use her brilliant conversational skills to confirm that. Just bring them to her. So we see her like a sly interrogator trying to make them admit. Because she saw them stuck it in! The engagement ring. Michishita believes it is time to admit so she confirms they are getting married.
* With the article published, the school is now abuzz of the teachers’ engagement. Hata would love to repay the student councils. Tsuda suggests she owes them but she purposely misconstrues that as he wants her to blow them. You want her to suck it?!
* Tsuda and Suzu are unsure of an unfamiliar person in their room. Shino and Aria recognize her as Furuya, the previous student council president. She gets along well with them and you wonder if they take their dirty talking after her. Maybe…
* Suzu likes Furuya since she doesn’t comment about her height. Noting that Suzu is the treasure, Furuya would love to help out. However she uses an abacus as she is not familiar using electronic devices. Shino proudly teaches her how to use her computer although it was Tsuda who taught Shino those methods.
* Before she leaves, she gives them tickets to her university’s festival. Shino and Aria have been here before. Yeah, they remember some amateur porn backdrop somewhere along the hallway…
* They visit her class’ café which is using a western theme. Suzu wants to go to the toilet but Furuya wants to train her stamina by letting her go through the haunted house.
* They attend a concert by Triple Booking. Suzu gets their signature and they mistake her to be a small girl till they learn her age. They feel bad and try to sooth her by saying she looks younger than her age. Suzu doesn’t feel any better, though.
* Uomi and Tsuda learn that their cousins are getting married to each other. This will make them related. Uomi wants him to call her onee-chan. At the wedding, the bride is giving a touching speech that has everyone in tears. Except for Kotomi. She’s just yawning.
* When Shino learns that Uomi and Tsuda are somewhat related now, she starts puffing. She gives an excuse that her mouth is full with the wedding treats.

Episode 10
* The student council heads to the mountains of Aria’s family estate to go mushroom picking. Oh. I can see where this is going… Dejima is their guide and she is rarely dressed in casual clothes since it would be difficult to go hiking in a maid outfit.
* Because Suzu brings a little bell to ward off bears, the nice ring has Tsuda keep mentioning how much he finds it cute and wants it. Please not that Suzu’s name means bell. So you can imagine each time she flusters when he says that.
* Don’t forget sexual innuendoes like Dejima preferring to stick dark mushrooms in her mouth without hesitation and Shino wanting Tsuda to show his long mushroom.
* After finish picking, they cook their pickings in a cabin. There is a special plant Dejima found. Where? At the spot where she was peeing. Let’s hope it was cleaned.
* As the cabin has only 2 rooms, Dejima is upset she has to choose whom to sleep with. Tsuda decides to sleep in the living room. Due to equality, all the girls decide to sleep in the living room. Defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?
* Back at school, the student council also functions as lost and found department. Kotomi has found a lost panty in the locker room. It belongs to Aria. Shino tells her to write her name on it next time. If not, put her passport picture on it.
* Tsuda feels he isn’t full from lunch. Mitsuba like a tsundere gives him her food. Suzu is stressed from the recent work. Todoroki like a tsundere gives her a vibrator.
* The student council are busy preparing the pumpkins for Halloween. Shino makes her witch costume and as she sits on the broom, she wonders if it has a groin protector.
* Suzu dresses up fully in a pumpkin costume. However everyone can recognize it is her. The smartest girl in school and she can’t figure out why? Hint: Her stature.
* During the Halloween, Hata notices Igarashi dressed like a fairy and proceeds to taunt how indecent her dress looks. It might be enough to turn people on.
* Some of the students take part in a costume contest. Todoroki might look normal in a Medusa outfit. Just that her snake hairs are made out of vibrators! The judo club wins the competition.
* Aria who was complaining how tight her outfit was for her boobs all day long, when Halloween over, she is reluctant to take it off as she has put so much effort in making it.

Episode 11
* Shino suggests writing an article about the rulebook since Ousai turned co-ed. How come those new rules sound like sexual innuendoes? Not surprising where they come from, right? Suzu notices Tsuda’s crooked blazer’s tail. She volunteers to hold it for him but it makes her look like a child holding on to her father.
* Igarashi joins the student council to do some year-end cleaning up. There is also supposed to be a surprise spot check tomorrow but she fears people may have got wind of it. Cue for Shino and Aria to make leaking jokes. Suzu suggests using codes to prevent such leaks. Cue for Shino and Aria to come up with sexual innuendo codes.
* When Aria asks Shino how many sugar cubes she wants, she thought she was asking her age. When Tsuda asks the same for Suzu, she also misinterprets the same way.
* The good news is that the spot check rumours didn’t spread. But because Hata was eavesdropping on them, she misinterpreted the whole thing and those coded words she heard them say she used it in her article. A whole bunch of new rumours that Shino is on top and Tsuda the bottom?
* The student council are invited by Uomi to visit her school’s cultural festival. Uomi shows them around and most of what the classes are doing are based on the concept of interactive fun. Sorry, no porn related activities, though.
* The student council and the teachers shovel snow outside school before the closing ceremony. Aria slips due to the slipperiness but still can quip how she got snow in her butt. Tsuda remembers fond memories of making snowman. Shino too. Only she tried to pee on it to make it look like lemon flavour.
* Back in their room, Shino and Aria note how the year is nearly coming to an end. They didn’t realize the year passed by so quickly and start looking at Tsuda hinting about ‘fast’ jokes.
* Everyone gathers for sukiyaki. Aria tries to eat a huge wiener and this turns on Dejima. She can’t stop drooling. Kotomi right away goes to sleep after the meal and doesn’t heed her brother’s words that she’ll turn into a cow. Till Suzu scientifically explains how all that will lead to cancer did she immediately get back up.
* When everyone is asleep, Shino dresses up as Santa to give everyone surprise presents. She looks at Kotomi sleeping very erotically. Because Tsuda quips the grass is greener, she checks Kotomi’s ‘grass’! After putting Suzu’s, Shino didn’t expect Aria to still be awake. Aria can tell she is Shino though the latter lies poorly she is Santa. But Santa is a foreigner. She is his illegitimate child.
* Shino would like to help Aria sleep better. Since Aria prefers to hug a big pillow, Shino wonders if Suzu fits the bill. Doesn’t hurt to try. So Aria wakes Suzu up and in a scary tone says she wants to have her! Shino translates that as she wants to sleep with her. Still sends shivers down Suzu’s spine, though.

Episode 12
* It is New Year. The gang lines up to get their lucky bags. Igarashi is also there but to remind them to behave since Ousai has a reputation. Not sure what kind of reputation she meant because Shino is already making a dirty pun to her.
* Uomi flashes a ‘V’ to Suzu. So she flashes back. Because of her stature, her sign lines up perfectly with her ‘V-line’. A trap by Uomi to hug her unexpectedly.
* Hata interviews everyone about their resolution but can’t help insert her own dirty thoughts into it.
* Shino almost drank Tsuda’s teacup and thus almost had an indirect kiss. This makes Aria quip if he wears her panties on his head does that mean his lips has indirectly kissed her crotch.
* Mitsuba has the student council put up a manager recruitment poster for her judo club. Kotomi thinks of trying because she is not in any clubs and has no experience. Better don’t.
* Shino advises everyone to sleep well so as not to catch cold. Igarashi heard that and chides her for knowing everyone’s sleep pattern. However Shino and Aria turn the tables on her because how does she know that they know about people’s sleep pattern? Gotcha!
* Aria feels her back is stiff so Shino volunteers to massage her shoulders. However she massages her boobs and then ‘curses’ them to grow bigger so she could have more backaches!
* The girls give their chocolates to Tsuda. Spying Shino had to opine he should make a tsundere reaction. Suzu is unsure how to give hers so Aria has her follow this script of hers. She totally acts like a tsundere. However Tsuda has no reaction since he is unfamiliar with it.
* Tsuda thinks what needs to be given on White Day. Kotomi suggests it can be more than candies. Bananas… Get what she meant?! As he is shopping for candies, he bumps into Uomi. Coincidentally the student council girls are also here. How did Aria think Uomi is here to strip Tsuda? Uomi understands Tsuda’s intention to hide what he is doing. So she says they’re dating. Shock? Eventually they found out. Tsuda returns the student council girls the chocolate. Sorry Kotomi. None for you.
* The squid saga continues. Tsuda tells Suzu not to move as he takes off the liquid from her shirt. This feels like fake slime. So Tsuda calls all the ‘suspects’ since they are those he ran into after he went to the cafeteria. He has them explain their alibi. Kotomi sounds the most suspicious since she is most nervous. Last is Hata as she explains hers. She is the one who put it. That’s it?! What an end to this mini saga.
* Shino thinks of making lunch for Tsuda since his lunch is too simple. He thought of asking for a sandwich but Shino misinterprets of the sexual kind. Suzu also shyly hints about it and asks him what he likes to eat, he didn’t get the clue and says gummies.
* Tsuda walks home with Uomi. Shino, Suzu and Mitsuba see this and they have this uneasy feeling in their heart.

Episode 13
* When Tsuda goes home, he is surprised to find Uomi. Kotomi told her that their parents won’t be home. Shortly, Shino is at the door. Do I smell some sort of rivalry coming up? They both get fired up cooking for him. Hope they don’t burn the house down. Also, they are making too many dirty jokes. Hurry up before Tsuda dies of hunger.
* Since it is already late, Uomi wants to stay. This makes Shino also want to stay. They watch a DVD of a silent movie. The girls start making jokes about silent sex.
* At night when they sleep, Uomi asks Shino when she wanted to stay and she followed suit, does this mean she likes Tsuda? Shino denies that so Uomi quips she doesn’t need that maybe because he is already her slave.
* Next day, Suzu and Aria visit but are shocked to see Uomi and Shino in. This prompts Aria to wonder if they had a foursome.
* The girls help do the housework. Tsuda feels bad they’re doing the work and tries to cook for them. He should have known better than to cook bukkake soba. You know what they’ll say, right?
* By evening, the girls leave and hints they would come again if the chance arises. Kotomi just got off the phone with her parents. Looks like they won’t be back tonight either. So extended stay?
* Hata interviews Shino and Tsuda. All she needs now is a caption. Since student council husband and wife would do, how about master and slave? Shino approves! And you wonder why Shino later is mad at Hata when rumours about them start spreading.
* Since Igarashi is still afraid of boys, Shino suggests Tsuda to train her by breathing on her from behind. This makes her freak out and slip on the stairs. Tsuda grabs her hand. She is okay. Is she cured? When another guy bumps into her, she freezes. Shino is suspicious how come it only works for Tsuda.
* Mitsuba used to think she wanted to be a guy a long time ago but her parents keep telling her to act like a girl. Because guys can say things they want and talk aloud as they want. Well, obviously she doesn’t realize Todoroki has been doing all that since like forever.
* Tsuda represents the first year to read the valediction for the graduates. Lots of tears and emotions on the final day seeing their seniors graduate. Tsuda and Suzu chase after graduated Shino and Aria. They are mad they left without saying anything. It is because where the heck are they going with that giant sushi roll in hand?! They have some spare and let Tsuda and Suzu eat them. Why does it look like they’re sucking dicks?
* Tsuda finds it weird for them to eat it at this point of the year so Shino what Ousai’s student council is really about: Sushi rolls. There’s some history dating back how merchants and geishas would use them. Thus sushi rolls is a great demonstration of how eroticism and tradition can come together in wonderful collaborations. Good things come from dirty jokes!

OVA 14
* The student council girls converge at Tsuda’s house for New Year’s lunch. Tsuda ate too much and needs to loosen his belt. This prompts Aria to also take off her chastity belt. It was the first time Tsuda saw what it is and didn’t know what it was and thus no punchline.
* Kotomi feels her handwriting in calligraphy sucks. Obviously she thinks of writing with her butt.
* Tsuda drops his eraser in the room. As he crawls around to find it, Shino comes in and thinks he is into some baby S&M play. He tries to pretend to do push-ups but now she thinks he is having air sex.
* Igarashi catches Hata trying to spy on Shino and Tsuda. Since she is convinced by rumours about them as an item, Igarashi hopes Suzu would conduct a private investigation into their affair. Aria had to quip about investigating private parts…
* The girls are in the sauna. Shino’s bikini top came off. She thinks her skin is so smooth that it caused this wardrobe malfunction when it is actually the wrong size.
* The gang go skiing. Suzu fails in getting off the ski lift and starts thinking people would think of her as a small girl who fell down.
* When they play snowball fight, Kotomi finally has snow in her face and this is what she wanted because it looked like she got a facial.
* The student council are having some sort of heat endurance in the room with their clothes fully on. Kotomi loses out first and strips and being the only semi-naked one somewhat thrills her. Shino eventually calls this endurance off because she didn’t lose any weight. So that’s her ulterior motive…
* Now we have the entire class having an ice endurance in the pool. Aria comments how beaver keeps warm with their fur and this prompts Hata to twist what she is implying. Those with the hairiest beaver will have an advantage. Who is feeling demoralized now?
* Slowly some of the contestants who can’t stand further the cold get out. Kotomi and Todoroki can’t stand it and they want to wet themselves. Eventually Mitsuba and Suzu (barely trying to keep afloat) outlast everybody and become double winners.
* Uomi wonders if she should grow her hair as long as Shino. Shino states the good points of doing so. Like using your hair as a bra.
* A beautiful sunset and Uomi realizes she left her handphone at home. Because of this, she gives an excuse that she will be coming to Tsuda’s home.
* Shino leaves school late after everybody has left and chances upon Furuya. She notes Shino has become a fine president and asks her successor. Sheepishly she says Tsuda tentatively. Shino panics when Furuya hints she knows. About her forgetting to wear panties today that’s why she waited for everyone to leave before making her move.

OVA 15
* Shino sprains her ankle during PE. Thus she wants Tsuda to read her speech at the assembly. Of course he is nervous and can’t do it. Shino thinks of using Suzu as her crutch. They look so awkward. When they trip and Tsuda tries to catch them, Aria walks in and see the duo riding him like a cowboy…
* Hata requests the student council to narrow down photos she took on the judo club as its poster. When they narrow it down to 2, it is decided a coin toss would decide the final. Since none of them have a coin, Aria suggests using a dakimakura. Toki eventually has a coin. But she tosses in style and causes it to drop on the floor. Now everyone is searching…
* The student council members are cheering for their school’s softball team. They are facing off with Eiryou in the first round. This means an odd showdown between Shino and Uomi. Tsuda realizes his watch died so Shino had to quip maybe it was because he was moving his wrist like a piston… Get it? She then suggests buying a new one instead. Since he has nostalgic attachment to it, this makes her quip about his virginity.
* Hata hopes Suzu can help out take photos of the tennis match since she will be elsewhere. She tells her to seek Tsuda’s help. Suzu thought she could do it by herself but then she understands what Hata meant. The crowd is blocking her. She sits on Tsuda’s shoulders for a better view.
* Now they go cheer on the judo team. Toki injured her foot in the previous match. She believes it is nothing and can still go on. Till Kotomi made a naughty joke about it that almost demoralizes her.
* During lunch, Tsuda eats a plum and can’t help salivate from the sourness. Suzu shows her extensive knowledge about the secretion that protects membranes and teeth. Too bad Shino ruined it with a fellatio quip.
* The student council members do radio exercise to prevent sluggishness during the summer. Igarashi sees them and Shino invites her. She declines because she doesn’t have constipation. When Igarashi’s hand accidentally touches Tsuda’s, Aria knocks her out by quipping his right hand is also his lover.
* Dejima is caught in the act rolling around in Aria’s bed and smelling her pillow. Yes, she has been watching from the start. Dejima loves it and wants her to continue watching and be embarrassed!

OVA 16
* Kotomi is late for school and gets scolded by Shino. However she tries to play dumb which makes her look even guiltier. Suzu suggests adjusting her clock to 5 minutes earlier. Guess what? That is too tough so she set her clock to 5 seconds earlier!
* Suzu’s dog again sneaks into school. Igarashi seems to be able to pet it despite it is male. Aria comments this means there must be someone out there for her. When Igarashi says she prefers men who take pride in themselves, Aria twists her words that she would want to step on their pride and dominate them.
* Hata interviews the student council girls in hopes there would be some love conflict. Disappointed there is none, Aria and Shino further add Tsuda can only use 2 holes at once and that it is going to be a foursome.
* Hata comes to the student council’s room because she lost her camera. She is going crazy as she treats her camera like a part of her body. A certain reproductive body part. Luckily they have it. As part of the procedure before they return, Shino asks what is inside. Hata changes her mind that this camera might not be hers.
* A cat is outside the school gates, Tsuda and Shino tried to pet it but got their hands stuck. When Suzu reports to Aria, she rushes down to the infirmary to confirm. Thank goodness they aren’t stuck in that sense. So when Aria tells this to Yokoshima, she got the wrong idea they were fisting.
* When Shino changes the light, it slips her hands but it falls and bounces off Aria’s boobs. Yet Shino is mad. So they switch boob sizes with Shino putting loads of pads and Aria wearing a girdle to restrain them. Both are very uncomfortable with it.
* The class has a marathon race. Because the starting pistol is broken and they have no replacement, Shino has this idea of using a swatter to hit Tsuda’s ass!
* Hata interviews Daimon of his impressive stamina. He brags he is the PE teacher after all. This makes her wonder if he trains himself with Michishita at night…
* Tsuda and co make their way to school despite the heavy snow. When they reach school, Daimon tells them school is cancelled. They left early and didn’t see the announcement on TV.
* Yokoshima joins the student council in their room for lunch. She is hungry and brought 3 portions of food for herself, thus there were 3 sets of cutlery given to her.
* They play the king game. Yokoshima becomes king and has Aria confess her failed relationships. None. She hasn’t even been into one. Disappointed? When Tsuda is king, the girls stare at her. This makes him uneasy so they tell him to order them to do whatever he wants because he is their master. Imagine what is running through Igarashi’s mind when she overheard that.
* During the parent-teacher conference, Uomi becomes Tsuda’s guardian. Yokoshima reads Tsuda’s status quo grades although he is doing a fine job as the vice president that everyone is confident with him. Uomi knew he was a good boy because she purposely put her panties in his obvious sight and yet he didn’t touch them. It’s a good thing he didn’t fall for this trap.

OVA 17
* Kotomi goes to school without fixing her hair. Because she is certain she is going to sleep through class!
* Tsuda realizes too late the curry bread he bought yesterday has expired. Shino comforts him that it is better than an expired condom.
* The student council finds a yearbook in which Yokoshima was a student. When Tsuda notes she is an OB of this school, she didn’t like how that abbreviation of old boys make her sound. So Aria believes it meant old b*tch for her.
* Todoroki decides to enter a robotic competition and has completed her robot. All that is left is to attach a dick.
* The student council along with Mitsuba and Toki play tennis. Aria has had some experience before so she coaches them. Although she was quite good then, why did she quit? Her boobs weighed her down. Suzu cannot reach the ball despite jumping. So what she do? She throws her racquet in the air. Nailed it! The ball accidentally hits Tsuda in the crotch. They worry if the swelling would mean he is happy about it. Aria personally coaches Tsuda. As she takes him from behind, he could feel an odd sensation. It’s her strap on dildo!
* Eh? Still have more dried squid episode? This time we see how Hata placed the ‘mysterious liquid’. She just waltzes in and smacks it there when nobody is in. There. Simple.
* Uomi is calling Tsuda in an affectionate way from outside the school gates. This has all the girls swooning over their supposed relationship. The more ambiguous her words, the more the girls swoon. Apparently Tsuda’s parents are going on a trip again. So Uomi’s worried about him being home alone. What about Kotomi? She’ll be staying at Toki’s place.
* Next morning, Tsuda finds the rest of his student council girls along with Uomi making breakfast for him. Time to be careful… Shino and Suzu act like tsundere dismissing they are worried about what Tsuda did last night. So Tsuda explains what happened which is pretty much nothing but leave it to Uomi to twist the words to give a wrong idea. So when they heave a sigh of relief that nothing happened, they realize they are late for school.
* Shino seems like being nostalgic in the student council room. Everything looks fine and dandy till a picture of that Photoshop Tsuda drops out from a book (overly tanned and bigger boobs samba theme?!). She cannot stop laughing and it seems Kotomi has won the bet.

OVA 18
* Uomi is late for school and the reason she gives is because she stayed over at a boy’s place. Purposely trying to shock everyone?
* Suzu thought of changing her hairstyle. Eventually she decided to stick with the old one and this almost caused her to be late for school. When Aria asks if Tsuda notices anything different about her and he couldn’t tell, she pouts revealing she went to a beauty salon.
* Tsuda notices the judo club practising. Since they are playing around and getting each other wet with the hose, Tsuda gets conscious and realizes there is nowhere safe to look. Then he looks at Suzu and this makes her mad for thinking she is a safe space.
* Hata wants to go on a lookout that will span overnight since a kappa is said to have been spotted. Although the student council don’t really approve of this, they allow it since they will accompany her. Hata uses her dad’s apartment nearby for the stakeout. Suzu asserts she isn’t scared of the supernatural but as usual gets freaked out by the slightest.
* Each will take turns on the lookout. For those who are sleeping, it seems they are short a sleeping bag. Aria thought she had counted right. Tsuda reminds her his dick isn’t counted is one! Suzu is stuck in the toilet as there is no toilet paper. Hata says she didn’t prepare any but she can use the talisman there. Time for Suzu to freak out. I wonder if all her sh*t came out…
* They talk about what to do if they really find a kappa. Tsuda will sell the picture to a magazine. Suzu will keep it a secret to ascertain it. Shino wants to use it to make Ousai famous and Aria wants to be its friend. Hata chides them all for believing that a kappa exists…
* Hata suddenly sounds the alert that a kappa is spotted! What is it doing?! Intense anal f*cking???!!! Tsuda thinks it is Dejima with a man.
* In the end, the kappa didn’t appear so they leave somewhat disappointed. It is revealed later that the kappa is indeed Dejima in one. Her day off is over. Time to go back.
* Shino and Uomi swap schools for a day. Uomi as acting Ousai student council president hopes her team can call each other by their first names. Suzu and Aria blush when Tsuda tries it. Uomi thinks they blush too easily as she lifts up Aria’s skirt.
* During the meeting, Igarashi can’t help be irritated over how close Uomi is to Tsuda till she had to tell her off. Later Hata interviews Uomi. She is hoping to hear some love triangle since Uomi is considering a certain someone as a friend and rival. It gets weird since Uomi admits she likes NRT and doesn’t mind losing.
* We take a look at Shino’s side. She is nervous. She thought slapping her own cheeks to alleviate it would leave marks. So instead she slaps her own butt! Eiryou’s student council vice president, Mori walks in and sees this… She will soon learn all the sex quips that Shino will quip unashamedly.
* For example when the principal makes his speech about looking at different perspectives, Shino takes a look at a girl sitting on a floor and imagines it from a different sex position perspective!
* Shino looks like she is alone and feeling home sick. Mori thought of talking to her and asks about her vice. However she gets jealous and pouts that she will not tell her about him! Once Shino leaves, she is happy her Ousai counterparts are here to pick her up.

OVA 19
* The student council gang are on summer vacation camping by the river. Tsuda hopes the girls could lend him a hand so Aria thought he wants to jerk off! To pitch the tent!!!
* Tsuda wonders how they are going to start a fire. Shino thought of using the plastic bottle as lens to make a spark. Dejima on the other hand wants Aria to spank her butt. That’s a different fire…
* They watch the beautiful night stars. Kotomi hopes that she could find a new star and name it. This is because so she can sell its naming rights at a high price. Suzu is scared for a while when she saw markings on the rock that made it look like a human face. Shino has a solution: Draw panties over those markings.
* That night while sleeping, Suzu seems to be looking nervous and begging to Tsuda that she can’t take it anymore. We’ve seen this coming from miles away. She just wants to go to the toilet.
* Back home, Uomi pays her visit. Tsuda politely says she can make herself at home. She wants to start undressing… As they discuss Aria who is probably on holiday in Europe right now, Kotomi is confident she can speak a few European languages since she thinks she heard a few of those words in manga and games.
* The judo club doesn’t have enough members training during the holiday. So they borrow a doll somehow the student council has? I know we’re asking if it really is a sex doll… Yup, it has a voice function of the ambiguous kind too. Despite looking like a bishoujo, I find it looking creepy… After practice, the gang is split to eat cold or hot food. Mitsuba suggests both. Tsuda reminds her their stomachs will explode.
* At Tsuda’s place, the student council members are doing their homework. Tsuda suggests making some cold adult flavour snacks. Aria is quick to response if it is semen…
* The gang reflects if they did anything meaningful during their vacation. All state their noble doings until Aria says hers grew 1 or 2 sizes bigger. It’s her heart, not her bust…
* Hata takes photos of the student council in their school uniform as part of the school’s brochure. Suzu notices she isn’t used much and is quite free when Hata requests to use her indoor shoes as she needs to take pictures of every item Ousai has. Suzu is puzzled since she is better off using a new one. Don’t worry, Hata intends to label everything as used. Suzu rejects.
* Tsuda sees the final product and Hata did quite a good job. Of course she Photoshop some of them. Like how Shino has very big boobs… A girl can only dream..

Shimoneta To Iu Gainen Ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu Na Koukou Seikatsu
Well, well. It seems that instead of making me go crazy with another OVA, there was a movie announced. Phew. Thank goodness. Because if you know me, seems I have this aversion of anime movies and because of this ‘loophole’, it spares me the excruciating wait of waiting to watch it. Because I’m not. Haha! In your face! Make that, in your cum filled face! Whoops!!!! So this is how a few episodes of this series has corrupted my mind. Oh wait. Aren’t they releasing a new OVA with it? ARGH!!!

So this second season and its OVAs don’t really bring anything new to the table. The same format of short skits in each episode and with a big majority of them ending up with some sort of sexual innuendo punchline by a dirty minded character and a comeback from a non-dirty minded character to retort it all. Some are funny, some I couldn’t really understand and some made me wonder if these characters just love to talk dirty. Though, I feel the sex jokes and puns are just funny enough to make you react a little, a little chuckle instead of bursting into a loud laughter and start rolling on the ground laughing till your tummy hurts. At least better than making weird noises from the bedroom… That is why I feel they have this small section in some episodes called “Aria’s What’s This” to test to see how dirty minded you are. Uh huh. It shows a shadow outline of something you think it would be racy but it’s not. That’s the punch line. Shame on you if you think of something dirty!

As for the characters, they still remain the same and nothing much changes. After all, we are here to hear their dirty thoughts instead of watching them develop into proper characters, right? Well even if there is anything that ‘develops’, it is how good and natural they are making dirty jokes and comebacks. Oh, they’re already good at this since the first season so this season isn’t any different. So really, nothing about them changes. Except maybe a slight minor thing like Tsuda and Uomi are now somewhat related but that doesn’t really affect anything important. Oh, maybe for Tsuda’s unofficial harem since Uomi is now making more appearances than before although still sparingly. Then there is Daimon and Michishita getting married but that isn’t important since there aren’t any teen sex jokes we can capitalize from it, right? Then there is Igarashi’s slight improvement towards Tsuda’s ‘touch’ but so minimal that it is the same as no progress.

Since I have nothing else to talk about the characters, let me just repeat a few of the things to remind myself. Because like Tsuda whose role is to be the straight man rebuking all the perverted jibes and wisecracks his perverted ladies come up with. Since he is doing it on a very regular basis, we hear him retort in all sorts of voice tones ranging from angry, surprise and to even one that makes him sound like a retard. When you have been retorting for so long, it really dumbs down your IQ and personality. Thankfully Tsuda isn’t influenced by them yet.

To give variety to Tsuda as the straight man, Suzu can be considered as his ‘partner’. So if Tsuda isn’t the one retorting, it would be Suzu, one of the very few main girls in this series who isn’t dirty minded (also to show and remind us that not all girls are perverts). Therefore in order to make her stand out (pun not intended), you will notice they keep making this somewhat a running joke of her. Whenever Suzu’s head is barely peeping at the edge of your screen, there will be an indicator to tell us this is where Suzu’s head is. Really. I believe it is done deliberately in every episode so you won’t miss her or mistake that ‘bump’ to be something else. And as if to give variety and not annoy us viewers each time this happens, sometimes they use the indicators to indicate others too like Shino’s head and Aria’s boobs. Thanks for pointing them out. Couldn’t tell them if they weren’t denoted (read sarcasm). I remember Suzu would go into F-bomb rage whenever her stature is pointed out. It seems less here though she still does get mad.

As for the other dirty minded girls especially Shino, Aria and Kotomi (who feels like she is a pseudo member of the student council, though she is part of the go home club), sometimes you wonder if they are consciously dirty minded or perhaps they unconsciously think it is the norm because they are making such indecent jokes like as though it is their second nature and naturally. The irony is that when it she starts thinking it to be on a pervert level (at least on what she considers to be so), she baulks. She doesn’t approve of it but has she looked at herself in the mirror of the kind the things she said? I have this theory is that maybe she is making those dirty jokes just to get Tsuda’s attention. You know, she likes him. More on the romance later. But after so long, she would at least have gotten the idea. Unless she loves seeing his reaction and retorts. As for Aria, she continues to be the polite and gentle rich lady as though being a dirty minded is the way she was raised.

So throw in a dirty minded little sister Kotomi, an obviously dirty minded robotics maniac Todoroki (I am starting to believe she has a penchant for dildos), a frustrated dirty minded teacher Yokoshima, a masochistic dirty minded maid Dejima, a subtly dirty minded student council president of another school Uomi, you’ve got almost a full cast of perverts designated to make you laugh via indecent jokes. Hata is also a pervert in a way but I view her as more of a sly schemer trying to get racy scoops to spice things up despite her deadpan voice and looks. Okay, in this sense she is a pervert too. Mitsuba isn’t actually a pervert but being a simpleton, she does sometimes act and says things that makes her look a little bit like one. Toki is the farthest away as being dirty minded but since she is more of a delinquent type, her presence in this sexual innuendo obsessed series is very light. Surprisingly Furuya as the previous student council president is introduced as a new character but nothing much that would impact anything except that she too is another dirty minded girl but has matured a little ever since she entered university. Still one, though. With her, it makes me wonder if being dirty minded is a tradition for Ousai’s student council president. Because if so, Tsuda is going to break that combo.

It was this wishful thinking of mind to hope for some sort of harem or romance. I can speculate that the student council girls have a thing for him whether they realize it or just being in denial. It is especially evident when they come over to Tsuda’s house to make him breakfast or dinner. Are they really that worried about him? Aria might look like she is sticking around because it is fun and oblivious to love but you’ll never know. Now with Uomi in the mix, the competition might get heated up since she looks like far most the dangerous one because she has this still waters run deep aura. I won’t discount Igarashi since her ‘miraculous’ cure over Tsuda’s touch only means to speculate that she has feelings for him. I can’t tell for Mitsuba since judo is all on her mind. There was one time in the last season indicating this but it was just red herring. This season there is that cat catching incident. Although it doesn’t indicate much, let’s keep our options of his harem open, shall we? I am guessing why no one is making any sudden moves yet because who knows when Hata will pounce out from nowhere to scoop up scandalous stuffs and spread it faster than the plague or computer virus.

The art and animation style as well as the seiyuus are pretty much consistent and the same as the previous season. Now that I come to realize that GoHands animated this series and all its seasons and OVAs, I now noticed that a few scenes have odd colour hues although they are not very obvious. If you watched K, Coppelion and recently that stink bomb known as Hand Shakers (why does this anime title still feels like a dirty pun?), you will understand what I mean about the weird colour tones used. But for this series, everything is still mostly colourful and bright except for some very few scenes. Like in the previous season too, Triple Booking does the opening theme of Hanasaku Saikou Legend Days which feels like a typical genki anime denpa song, and Satomi Satou doing the ending theme, Mirai Night which is a rock beat.

Overall, if you love sex jokes but not horny enough to watch ecchi anime or even real hentai and porn, these ‘high quality’ sexual innuendoes and puns would be the right aphrodisiac tonic for that lonely nights boring nights when the only option is to play with yourself play single player video games or watch a movie meant for singles. Definitely not for those easily offended who will start screaming sexist and perversion every second. This series f*cks those kind of people and goes ahead boldly with its brand of jokes. Only in anime where you can find a bunch of dirty minded girls who can spew sex jokes so much that it makes you cringe after hearing them too much. Nah! Do gamer guys ever get bored of their gamer girls? The couple that talks dirty together, stays dirty together? Just to note, it’s not a dirtier mind that I have after watching this. Just a sexier imagination.

N/B: Shino should have made a joke about SYD. Sucking… Your… Dick…

Seitokai Yakuindomo OVA

January 17, 2014

UNFAIR! MEANIE! HOW CRUEL!!! When the TV series for Seitokai Yakuindomo ended somewhere back in 2010 and released OVAs instead, I was pretty much happy with it. However, each time after one or two OVAs were released, they announced the production of another OVA. So being the good ol’ guy who prefers to watch an anime series at one go, I waited. And waited and waited and waited and waited. AND WAITED AND WAITED!!! Each time I was about to go watch Seitokai Yakuindomo OVA, another damn OVA was announced. Man, this is starting to piss me off! When can I start watching all the OVAs in peace? Heck, how many OVAs are there going to be?! Finally after more than 3 years of irregular intervals of OVAs, it finally ended with 8 OVAs. But not with the announcement of a second season. FFFFFUUUUUUU~!!!!!!!! That’s running right now, right? Therefore I decided not to wait anymore and just watch the OVAs first. I’ve been waiting so long for it that the only thing I remember about this show is that the sexual innuendoes and jokes rule every skit of it. And that half of the girls in this show are perverts and responsible for making dirty jokes that could make the guys blush. And there is that lone guy in the series who retorts them all. I think he would have been a retorting king by this point. But seriously. We’re only watching this show because of the sexual innuendoes, right? We’re all perverts after all…

* Kotomi is going to start her first year at Ousai Academy. Shino, Aria and Suzu are here to give her a commemoration present: Books, books and more textbooks! Not all fun and games, huh? They advice her to find someone whom she shares an interest with. For them, they both love playing with their nipples.
* Shino advises Tsuda not to stand over puddles. Because people will think you peed in your pants. Shino reprimands Toki for the way she dresses. Actually, she’s more concerned of the price tag sticking out from her shirt.
* Kotomi observes Tsuda is ‘popular’ with several girls. Even his handphone is filled with their names. He dismisses he is such a playboy and just ‘plays’ with them. Getting the wrong idea…
* Yokoshima feels she is not respected as a teacher so Shino tells her to place her hand over her heart and reflect. She places it over her nipples and starts caressing them. Like it? There you go…
* Shino reprimands a girl who is walking with a hand in her pocket. But when Tsuda does the same thing, she wonders if he is playing with it inside his pocket!
* Tsuda has a pimple on his butt so sitting hurts. Shino worries that people think he might have some sort of gay sex. And with summer, the mosquitoes are out in full force. Why does their bite look like nipples? Shino plants fake nipples on her arm…
* Unexpected: When Shino stretches, she accidentally unhooks Aria’s bra. Expected: The window is left open and blows up Aria’s skirt. Shino saw what’s underneath.
* Suzu accidentally got her skirt stuck when she closes the cabinet. She thought Tsuda saw everything but he dismisses it. She blows her top thinking she was too small for him to see!
* While everyone is cleaning the pool, Suzu accidentally slips and causes a wet patch on her butt. She is afraid people would think she peed in her pants but Shino notes it looks more like ‘love juice’.
* On the day of the swimming competition, Suzu forgot her goggles so a friend would gladly borrow hers. But they look like yandere and ahegao style so Suzu doesn’t want them and even wins her round. Suzu is the referee for the water volleyball. She loves this because people are looking up to her. Hata is interviewing Shino who is hard catching her breath. She might want to hurry up because the longer it is, the more she sounds like masturbating.
* During the kibasen event, Mitsuba tells Tsuda she is not good in this kind of stuff. I thought she was an athletic girl? Actually, she has motion sickness. She instantly lost. Tsuda notices the different and mature side of Shino and Kotomi thinks he is undressing her with his eyes.
* Elementary School Student Council Members? Jidoukai Yakuindomo? Well, looks like an elementary version of Shino. She is still the same. A pervert. Reprimanding an old teacher for indecent dressing. He forgot to zip up his pants.
* Koyama is the trainee teacher for her class and the first thing Shino asks her is if she has a boyfriend followed by is she a virgin. Later she even asks if it’s better to do it raw the first time.
* Koyama laments Shino is good in sports and studies but her perverted behaviour needs some checking. She sees her reading a story to a kid and feels bad for judging her. She goes to commend her but she slipped her tongue. She mentions eroi (perverted) instead of erai (admirable). Shino blushes and thankfully no erotic comebacks.
* Koyama’s tenure ends and is touched by everyone. Especially Shino’s words for her not to change. What she meant was her inner self of being a virgin. Koyama screams her head off at Shino for her to change instead. But she never did…

* Yokoshima talks about her relatives wedding recently. It made her feel left behind. She is wondering if she should poke a few holes in the condoms…
* Because Tsuda will take over Shino as student council president, she has him observe her. Being her perverted self as usual…
* Shino’s horoscope says blue is her lucky colour but their school uniform is hard to put anything blue on. So how? She stands on the rooftop and hopes her face will turn blue due to fear of heights! When Aria mentions how she’s put on weight recently because her boobs feel they’ve gotten bigger, Shino’s face turns blue. Suzu is happy because she charted a small growth. However Shino spoils that by saying lolis with big breasts are unbalanced. She just turned blue…
* The student councils go round checking clubs that bring unnecessary items and confiscate it. Hata is confident her Newspaper Club has nothing to hide. But what is this big box of secret? It contains secret that the student councils won’t want it leaked or it will be the end of them. Confiscate it!
* Shino wonders why Igarashi is bad with guys. She relates when she was in elementary school, she was told to practice and write the kanji word of man. People started thinking if she was frustrated.
* As the student council is going to pull out weed, they pass by a remedial class in session. Not wanting to make a nice, they tip toe pass it but Shino could hear somebody’s wet underwear of splish splosh. Aria?! Shino gives Tsuda that spiteful stare each time he says about plucking weeds and trimming them. Do it all at one go!
* Tsuda has a bad stomach ache and just relieved himself. Aria wonders if he accidentally caught his dick in the zipper. Tsuda went a second time and now it’s Shino’s turn to say a pun of akachin (some antiseptic medic) and chinko (dick). Medick…?
* Hata mentions her club is planning to serialize a romance novel in the school’s paper. Actually she’s not into this kind of stuff as she has run out of materials to cover. She was hoping in asking them for some romance story advice. On the other hand, never mind. And her story sounds erotic… Ban this publication right now!
* The student councils accompany Mitsuba and her Judo Club in their summer camp training. Mitsuba has them run 10km but has bought them drinks to help keep their fluids up. Sure… If the fluids they carry in a bag doesn’t weigh a ton… The student councils sit in the shade while watching the judo girls practice. They feel bad and start cheering for them. Then they got thirsty and start drinking, which feels like trying to piss them off.
* Suzu notices one of the girl’s judo uniform has big holes in it due to being overused. Shino then barges in and wonders whose lewd hole is that. Her mind is the one with a big lewd hole.
* Mitsuba gives her thank you and do your best speech to her club members. Sounds cool and mature till she starts fumbling. She can’t read the sign cards Suzu is holding up…
* The Ousai student council members will meet their counterparts to strengthen bonds and exchange ideas. Tsuda is worried about his image and wonders if he should change. Shino chides him for thinking about it and wants him to stay the way he is. How can she say that when she did some bust up herself?
* Uomi of Eiryou High School is introduced to Shino and gang. She thinks Suzu is a shy person and wants her to come closer. Isn’t that the reason why she is ‘small’ is because she is far away?
* One of the topics asked by Uomi is about men and women finding themselves in abnormal circumstances to come together. Aria believes it is possible because her parents f*cked each other when they first met.
*When both presidents shake hands, Shino notices how smooth Uomi’s is. She takes care of them. But Shino’s feels sticky… She forgot to wash ‘that’ off. Uomi is not surprised since she has heard of her reputation. It can’t be that good, can it?
* Shino meets Uomi in the streets. They get together and start exchanging email addresses. They start praising each other for the creative erotic names they have. I think these 2 will click just fine…

* Kotomi is lazy. She wants to take the easy way out to finish her homework. Her Evil Eye isn’t working. Tsuda’s strict supervising is more effective…
* As she talks to Toki about her homework, it seems she did but Kotomi doesn’t believe this traitor. She even blames her for asking all the questions during supplementary class. Toki suggests asking her brother. She did. It was yesterday. And what day is it today? Finally, the desperate girl wants to copy her homework and is willing to give all her holes! Don’t need it! Besides, use your brain like how she did too.
* There is a stray dog that just entered the school. Turns out to be Boa, Suzu’s dog! I’m not sure if Shino is trying to pick a fight because she reasons why Suzu and her dog have been together for a long time is because they were the same size since she was a kid. No one is answering the call back at Suzu’s home because mom is out searching for the dog. Just this once, Yokoshima allows the dog to stay in school. Boa sits quietly in the room while the student council members discuss their work. However Shino and Aria got distracted by it despite Boa being a good boy.
* The student council girls visit Tsuda’s home on Sunday. His parents are away for a business trip. Imagine the kind of settings those perverts can come up. They want to help out with the cleaning and with everyone have their specific room to clean, Aria wants to clean Tsuda! Shino notices his boxers split and wants to sew it. She wants his measurements so Kotomi estimates it gets this big in the bathroom. Too much unnecessary information…
* There is a typhoon building up when it gets dark. Dejima’s car is in repair so I guess they’ll have to stay over. Tsuda smells something good from Shino since she just stepped out from the bath. Shino doesn’t smell any semen in his room…
* Suddenly a blackout. Shino gropes in the dark and she can tell it’s somebody’s breasts. Maybe it’s because Aria is moaning…
* Suzu is scared of the dark. Kotomi takes this chance to tell a ghost story. Shino starts off about one on Yokoshima. She used to be a victim of kanchou (poking one’s finger in one’s butt). Each time that was done, she paid them back with a fist f*ck. Scary indeed. Suzu seems to be serving the rest more and more drinks. Are they full enough to go to the toilet yet? Next day when the storm blows over, the phone rings. Shino picks it up. It’s Tsuda’s mom. Worst timing…
* Hata is invited to Aria’s mansion to be part of the household fireworks’ display. Is Aria a famous person? She is famously perverted. And don’t start with Dejima. She’s proud of showing off how clean all the rooms are. Not a speck of pubic hair.
* The girls investigate a big old warehouse. Since it’s dark, Suzu holds on to Tsuda’s hands while telling him not to get separated from her. She’s the one who is trembling. Shino falls through the wooden floor and her body is stuck. Hata is interested to get down to the next floor…
* Dejima has prepared bath for them as she has foresaw they will be dirty after getting out of the warehouse. Now hand over those dirty underwears! Later Tsuda notices Dejima sighing. While she was helping to dress Aria, she isn’t embarrassed anymore to be naked.
* Soon the rest of the other classmates as well as Uomi join in for the fireworks. Uomi asks about Suzu growing up overseas and would like to greet her western style. She hugs her and pats her back. Is she trying to find out if she is wearing a bra?
* Before the big event, Dejima has everyone play sparklers first. She will prepare the water. And by that she means she is going to pee in the bucket!!! Stop her! When the fireworks start, Shino’s tongue slips and says ‘tama’ (balls) instead of Tamaya.
* Suzu is lost at the festival and she is worried she might look like a lost child. A lady enquires her about it and the first thing Suzu asks is her age. She is 15 years old. Suzu instantly rebukes her and that she is 17 and not to look down on her!

* Tsuda is alone in the room so he starts cleaning. However he spills the pail of water and wets himself. Shino sees this and gets the wrong idea. She runs away screaming aloud that he wet himself with all the sticky ooey gooey stuff. Her misinterpretation has her tell Aria and Suzu that Tsuda was masturbating in the room and made it smell like dried squid. And when Igarashi heard about this, she fainted standing up!
* The gang are at hanami. Suzu is about to enjoy a sakura petal floating down into her palm when she is tackled by Kotomi who thinks they’ll explode if they make ground contact! WTF.
* Suzu hears a girl crying after her balloon gets stuck in the sakura tree. She offers to help. Letting the kid sit on her shoulder and stretch. Keep stretching! Just a few inches more! When she finally gets it, the girl wants to thank her and at least know which elementary school she goes to. Depression starts sinking in for Suzu…
* Hata seeks permission to camp in school as her club is trying to investigate the 7 mysteries of Ousai. Ghost hunting? Obviously Suzu is scared and is happy that Shino shoots down this dangerous activity. However that is short-lived as Shino says the only way around that is to let the student council join her! And so Hata and the student council students get ready to explore the school. Suzu puts up a fake brave front. She didn’t bring any charm to ward off evil spirits like the rest. Does this mean she is doomed?
* First mystery: The cursed staircase. It is believed to be said that when a girl once walked down the stairs, she stepped on something soft and it turns out to be a man’s smiling face. Or could it be possibly be some masochist happy to be stepped by girls?
* Second mystery: The red pool. It is said swimming at this hour, something will grab and pull you underwater. Aria takes a swim and nothing happens. But what is that mark on her shoulder?! It’s actually a mark left by the rope of her bra.
* Third mystery: Entrance to girl’s bathroom. The toilet bowls are said to be connected to the underworld. The only way to get rid of such demons is to use holy water. Don’t worry. Everyone is equipped with that. That’s why you go to the toilet, right?
* Fourth mystery: The house cleaning wife. Or it could be just some ghost in naked apron. It didn’t turn up as Hata hoped for.
* Fifth mystery: The eternal hallway. When ghosts pass through here, you are trapped forever. Aria feels scared and wants to hold Tsuda’s hand. Suzu blames it on Tsuda he is scared of the darkness and will hold his hand. Hata quickly whispers to Shino that Tsuda’s dick is still available!
* Sixth mystery: Music instruments in the room move at night. But there is someone there! Igarashi! Hata scares her by changing the mystery that music instruments turn into men at night.
* Seventh mystery: The black thing. It is believed to exist in the judo hall. Mitsuba will gladly take care of it but Hata mentions that the ghost will not appear around active people. Mitsuba leaves and there goes Suzu’s hope for defence.
* They are to spend the night here as it is believed something will creep up on you while you are sleeping. Suzu is already covering herself with all the thick sheets. Even in this heat. Deep in the night, Tsuda feels something is coming up onto him. Could be the ghost for real? Turns out to be Yokoshima!!! Next morning, everything is in order. Nobody notices Yokoshima being tied up in a futon nearby.
* Hata leaves disappointed as no ghosts appeared. She considers this a failure since she has nothing to report. The rest feel bad for her but that is soon about to change because what she is disappointed is that even though it was a harem situation, nothing happened at all!
* Suzu accidentally drops her coin underneath the vending machine. If Tsuda can’t reach it… Tsuda notices Shino likes mayonnaise in her food. Aria warns her too much of it and it looks like a bukkake meal. Shino sees a rice on Tsuda’s face. It looked like a romantic moment when she uses her finger to pick it up. Then she stuck it back in his mouth.
* Due to the difficulty in balancing the club’s budget, Yokoshima would talk to the principal to help out with the student council’s problem. They thank her for it and although she is happy that she is being relied on, she feels disappointed because this doesn’t feel arousing.
* The suggestion box has seen better days. Not much suggestions coming in lately. Tsuda suggests putting a theme like suggestions for the cafeteria. This idea is scoffed off as childish but the next thing they know, it is filled to the brim with suggestions! Tsuda even put his own. I guess everyone has something they like to eat.
* Cake seems to be the most popular suggestion but Shino wants to consider the minority’s opinion. Aria makes a sex joke out of it.
* A cake with strawberry becomes the choice of the cafeteria. Shino had an unfortunate episode with it. While she was eating a bowl of strawberries, one got away and she couldn’t find it no matter how hard she tried. When she returned to eating, she realized she just sat on it. She was glad her panties were strawberry prints then.
* Shino and Uomi continue to keep contact with each other. Then here she is making a surprise appearance. She seems to be looking at Tsuda in a strange way. She wants to talk to Shino since it is too long to write them via text. She considers herself not very sociable and wonders if it’s a good thing. Shino says that is her personality and not a liability. She should be proud with it for it can create an image gap. Uomi wants to thank Shino for hearing her out and suggests a place she can enjoy any time all year. However Shino knows where the G-spot is. And that was what Uomi was going to suggest!

* Kotomi has finished writing her homework on siblings. The forbidden kind. Tsuda has her erase and redo everything again.
* Shino feels good wearing fresh new uniforms without crease. Suzu then spots one and Shino becomes embarrassed she forgot to iron her panties.
* Tsuda feels hot so Shino takes his temperature by touching their foreheads together. Cheeky Aria puts in sound effects to make it look like an amateur kissing scene. Shino feels sleepy and thinks if she chews on something, she’ll stay awake. She chews Aria’s ear. Aria got turned on.
* Shino seems nervous. Aria knows what is going on and tells her it is useless to hide it. Actually she has been holding this long to go to the toilet.
* Aria slips down the stairs. Is she hurt? She thinks something has penetrated her very deep. Suzu also experiences the same thing. Because she is wearing a skirt, she doesn’t to be carried via piggyback style. Tsuda carries her in her arms. Then, Shino also falls down but Tsuda couldn’t catch her in time and it looked like she feel on his crotch and Aria sees this ambiguous scene. Finally, Tsuda accidentally steps on Yokoshima’s feet. Apparently she wants him to step on her!
* Continuing from last episode’s ‘dried squid’ incident, Suzu senses something amiss and goes to the room to check it out. She sees Tsuda flinging his pants (since it is wet) and misinterprets.
* For the cultural festival, Kotomi tells Tsuda that she class is doing a no panties cafe. Oops. Make that notepad cafe. You’re supposed to use your notepad and order and you can do sexting with it…
* Shino’s class will be doing a butler cafe whereby the girls will be dressed in men’s clothing. Aria finds it troublesome because some fake ones are too big and won’t fit in the pants…
* Tsuda accidentally sees Shino changing when he returns to the room. He saw her in boxer shorts. She was trying out the butler uniform.
* On the day of the festival, Shino has no problems greeting females. How about males? Aria suggests thinking like a gay. Aria has observed Tsuda enough to act like a man. She’s trying fidget something inside her pockets. Note: He did not do such a thing! Aria welcomes Igarashi to the cafe and it would be perfect for her since she has fear of men. However noting that there is squid smell all over the room for full experience, Igarashi would gladly pass this one.
* Uomi is here to fill in somebody for the softball team in Ousai. Over the course, she keeps staring at Tsuda with that strange glance. Her thoughts are that she thinks he knows about her shotacon fetish! At the end of the game, Uomi and Shino talk and they are glad they are very similar people. Because they get aroused at the same spot.
* Hata is looking for 3 more participants for Ms Ousai beauty contest. Conveniently, she has the student council girls to help out. Tsuda notices something amiss. How come the poster says 11 participants, which is enough participants, as opposed to Hata’s 14 participants? Misprint? Did she print that herself? She denies… Doesn’t sound convincing…
* Hata interviews the contestants but it feels like a chance to tease them. For instance, she mentions how cute Shino is. Her boobs, that is. Aria is glad to throw things away for her friends. Hata wonders if she threw away her panties. She didn’t because she isn’t wearing any! Then there’s Suzu but she gets worked up when she heard somebody calling her a kid. She tries to show off the adult she is by brushing that off with a smile. A scary smile. Igarashi seems to be tricked by Hata to join this contest. Hata gets psychological with her telling her all the men’s eyes looking at her and that it is lewd for a person like her to be here. She fainted and needs to be stretchered away. Even Kotomi is here and she is enjoying this like some sort of idol. When asked what changes she experienced, her reply is that her breasts got bigger. Did it? After a host of unknown extras, the final contestant is Yokoshima. She is squealing in delight to be part of the contest till Hata sarcastically puts it she should try to be Mrs if she has time to be in this contest.
* The judges are to write down which girl they want to put it in. Their votes, that is. Shino is the winner but the crown seems too heavy for her head. When she hears Tsuda voted for Kotomi, she starts sulking. He thought Shino would have garnered enough votes to win and voted for Kotomi as her brother since he thought she wouldn’t get many. For this very reason, Kotomi starts sulking too.

* Tsuda is sick and won’t be able to attend school today. He leaves the tsukkomi part to Suzu! Can she do it? Well, when Shino mentions about this time of year when they have to take care of themselves and Aria’s reply is that she’ll stop masturbating naked, Suzu couldn’t say a thing. For the rest of the patrol and whatever antics they get into, Suzu couldn’t make a decent comeback and is feeling tired and tired. The library is a quiet place to relax her mind. Till Todoroki mentions about her new vibrator that it’s so quiet you couldn’t hear a thing. Suzu is too short to reach the top shelf. Todoroki helps her. Suzu feels she doesn’t need to go this far to cheer her friend up. She replies she doesn’t lie to her friends and admits she can naturally go crazy for a guy’s lower anatomy.
* Suzu is getting even tired. Hata had to pop up and tell her to reveal her true self. Like her orgasm face. Suzu goes home and sleep and hopes tomorrow comes fast. It did and she doesn’t seem well rested. Till she sees Tsuda back. She is so happy that she rushes to hug him. Imagine this scene. Suzu is so short that her face is the same level with his crotch. What does it look like to you?
* Aria gets a feeling somebody (Shino and Suzu) is staring at her boobs. She feels the need to go change her underwear. Eh? What?
* Tsuda is feeling the chills of the season. Shino advises the perfect way to warm up by thinking hot things. She starts fantasizing about tentacle rape… Aria mentions she saw a couple doing something in the bushes. Tsuda mention the term she used is quite old. So she says it more bluntly. It’s your guess what word that is since there were censors.
* Dejima gives the student council members a ride home since they’ve been working all day. She then starts coughing and Tsuda wonders if she has car sickness. She’s imagining she was pregnant. This reminds Shino she is not good with boats. Tsuda comments he has never ride on one. Shino wonders has he ridden on men in that case… Dejima took the wrong route so it’ll be longer to reach home. The girls fall asleep and Shino realizes she fell asleep on Tsuda’s shoulder. He doesn’t mind. I’m not sure if this is on purpose or not because Aria also falls onto Tsuda. Her face on his crotch.
* Tsuda’s dried squid episode continues… Tsuda explains the misunderstanding and Suzu believes him. However she fears false rumours are already spreading seeing Shino’s reaction. Tsuda points out he was cleaning due to the dried squid on the table. However there is no squid. Only several crumpled tissues. That is when Suzu’s trust in him crumbles. In order to show she is an adult, she believes in him. A growing boy, that is. Now it’s her turn to run away screaming aloud. When Tsuda returns to the room, the squid is right there on the table. Just what in blazes…
* Shino gives Tsuda her Valentine chocolates. It’s obligatory. She misinterprets he likes in-laws because ‘giri’ could mean both. Aria also gives hers. He notices the cuts on her fingers. She got it from flower arrangement. She realizes her mistake that she should have said it was from making the chocolates. Suzu is too shy to give hers and wants to put it in his shoe locker. However it is too high up so it’s much easier for her to give it to him while yelling about his elevated locker. Even Yokoshima has chocolates for him. She says to wait for her in 10 years but realizes she would be having all kinds of trouble by that time. Mitsuba too gives Tsuda chocolates. It sounded like she finally confessed but I guess she balked at the last minute and says she loves making sweets instead.
* Kotomi doesn’t seem happy Tsuda got this much chocolates. So she eats some of it even though she is on a diet.
* Shino and Tsuda are out shopping for supplies for the student council. She blushes knowing the fact they are alone. She dismisses it by saying she is in heat. Said the wrong thing? Shino fears she has to ride a glass elevator but remembers what Uomi advised her. The elevator drama they act out didn’t work. She heard riding elevators can make your ear pop and to look down to stem the problem. But she bends down so much that it looks like she is looking at her own panties.
* They have bought a lot of stationery and Shino is concerned about him holding all the stuffs. Because she is worried he won’t have any free hand to adjust his dick.
* Shino wants to treat Tsuda for helping out. Hata happens to be there spying on them and putting words in their mouth with her adlibbing. Like, paying with her body… Though Shino is not please with Hata’s actions, she doesn’t mind it if Tsuda is okay with it. This seemingly romantic mood is ruined when she tells him his zipper is open.
* Shino laments she can’t do her usual arm crossing pose while carrying all the bags. With only one arm free, she holds Tsuda’s arm instead.

* Tsuda suggests to take a student poll in what career they’re interested in and invite a person in that field to give a motivational talk. The suggestion box is filled to the brim. Guess what the majority chose? A maid!!!! Hah. This means Dejima is invited, right? Yeah. Who could ever hate maids? Dejima gives her perverted speech but it’s a good thing the hall is empty!!! Even better: It was just rehearsal. Dejima may start off like a pro in teaching the girls how to clean and how to cook but it always ends up with some sexual innuendo. She just spoils it.
* The dried squid saga continues… Tsuda shows Kotomi the dried squid on the table. She reveals she was the one who brought it. After Yokoshima gave it to her, she came here to share with them. However nobody was in. Since it was too tough to cut, she left it and went to the cafeteria to get a scissors. That was when Tsuda came in the first time. Of course Kotomi was told the scissors could not leave the cafeteria so she returned and that’s when she saw Tsuda chasing Shino. She took the squid to the cafeteria (which explains why it went missing) but to her dismay it already closed. When she returned, she saw Tsuda chasing Suzu before putting the squid back. Tsuda is relieved the misunderstanding can be cleared up. But what about the tissues? Because the place smells like one, she decides to put give it a fitting decoration. Suddenly Tsuda becomes mad…
* Aria seeks the advice of her student council fellows. She got a request for a marriage meeting. Dejima is most upset. Wasn’t she the one who said a maid must be calm at all times? Aria hopes Tsuda can act as her boyfriend. After all that sex jokes, they start practising to act like a couple but you know, the sex jokes have to ruin it. Shino has this pain in her heart watching them flirt. Could it be? Could it be? Then she realizes… She must be in love with Aria!!! Didn’t see that coming, did you? Next day, Aria tells them the marriage meeting was suddenly cancelled. Turns out the client’s son was a regular customer of Dejima… All’s well, ends well?
* Yokoshima gladly tells what questions will come out in the exam because if the class average goes up, so will her reputation. Tsuda requests for some tutoring so Shino becomes his sensei for the day. Since Mitsuba’s class does not have good class average, they request Suzu to tutor them. Everyone seeks her advice when they have problem. Even Yokoshima. Which questions to put up? Do your job! In the end, Yokoshima’s class got the best class average in their grade. She’s happy her reputation has risen. She’s not supposed to say that out loud, isn’t she?
* Everyone attends the official opening of Aria’s hotspring inn. When the girls dip in, Shino is surprised that Uomi had actually big boobs. You can never tell since it’s always hidden underneath her clothes. She tries to hint about their friendship being student council presidents so Uomi had to ‘slap’ her and tell her off about being shallow and getting caught up in people’s appearance. Shame on you! She hates her. She also for some reason hates Aria… What did she say about people’s appearance just now?
* Igarashi is keeping a close eye on Hata so as not to let that mischievous reporter girl get her way. But she denies bringing in any camera and shows her clean hands. The rest noticed something flying around so Shino shoots it down with a rock. Turns out to be a mini helicopter with camera… Hata is so busted this time…
* Everyone makes resolutions for the new year. Dejima would like to get piercing. Shino doesn’t want her body to have holes and Aria retorted she can’t be a virgin forever. I guess Tsuda can’t stand it and had to retort from the other side of the wall.
* Everyone waits to see the first sunrise. They are confident something wonderful will happen this year. Yeah. Like another season of this series? And nothing lewd? Don’t count on it.

School Rule #xxx: Dirty Jokes Never Get Old…
It’s either you love or you loathe it. The dirty jokes, that is. Either you take them lightly or you view them as stomach cringing. You might get offended even. But for my case, there were some sexual innuendoes and puns that were hard for me to understand so it got me scratching my head and got me thinking if there was a sex joke in here or is it just an ordinary joke. Overall, if you aren’t the kind to get easily offended, screaming every line as sexual harassment, I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy the sexual innuendoes and puns, and that big part itself never changed since the TV series. So if you like the first season, you’ll love the OVAs as desserts. But oh wait. Don’t go yet. Because there is the second season right now. Which of course I’m planning to watch it and fill my head with creative sex pick-up lines (just kidding). Just the problem of how many episodes there will be… I don’t want to go through the ‘trauma’ of waiting half a decade just to catch the entire series. It’s a good thing I never followed the other ecchi series, KissxSis OVAs which somewhat follows this format. Phew.

So for everything else from the characters to the plot (what plot?), it just remains the same. Half the girls I know in this series are big perverts. Especially Aria, who talks like as though being a pervert is the norm in her life. If you here a rich lady speaking this way, I’m sure you’d be flabbergasted. Where are your lady-like manners? Oh what the heck. We men don’t really care about that, right? We just lump her in as a slut as we see it convenient. As for Shino, she too has a perverted thinking but it feels ironically odd because she isn’t really a pervert in that sense. Get what I’m saying? Although she says things that may be misinterpreted as perverted stuffs (sometimes intentional), she isn’t the kind that really approves of being a pervert. I hope I worded that right. Then you have Kotomi, Yokoshima, Dejima and Todoroki as perverts. First you laugh at their perverted nonsense, then you shake your head… Even new character Uomi has fallen under this category and it seems she has a tendency to hug Suzu just to feel for her bra. Hata is a pervert too but not a very obvious one as she goes around trying to take photos of scandals despite her deadpan face.

Those who aren’t perverts are still quirky with their own weird personality. Like Suzu who has a very high IQ but very short stature. Just like that kid in Fullmetal Alchemist, you don’t want to go about and say that ‘S’ word (not sex, mind you!) in her face or else you’ll get a lot of ‘F’ words back at you. She too is afraid of the dark and ghost stories which makes her cutely funny. I guess characters need to have other traits if they’re not being perverted. Mitsuba isn’t one too but she comes across as naive and a simpleton judo member. Then there is Toki but she doesn’t make as much appearance as the rest so her outlook is that she looks more like a delinquent. I would have been a dangerous combination if you put a pervert and a delinquent into one character… Lastly, Igarashi is still afraid of men but something tells me that she might get over it. Or not.

I can’t think anything more about Tsuda since his role in this anime is just to retort the sexual innuendoes and puns the girls could creatively come up with. I don’t know if he sounds tired after retorting them skit after skit, episode after episode. But he looks like he is still going strong. Not when you even have your own sister who is a pervert. At least we can say it doesn’t run in the family… At least Kotomi gets more screen time appearance than she did in the TV series since she has become a new student of Ousai. Welcome to the perverted club? There was a moment I thought I would see some romance development but at the rate the OVAs were showing, I was only wishful thinking. There might be a handful of scenes indicating Shino liking Tsuda but it’s nothing conclusive. It could just be her or the scene setting it up for another sex joke. But we all know that all the girls like Tsuda. Partly because he is the only male around that is ‘dependable’.

Once again, it all depends on the person’s tolerance to dirty jokes. For these girls to start so young, you can imagine what their thinking will be when they reach adult age later in life. Will it only be them or are there other schools and other societies in the country that have the same perverted thinking as them? In that case, I suppose you can say the future is really screwed. Haha. It’s like trying to say that being a pervert isn’t bad. It’s only bad when you violate the modesty of others. So once in a while, it’s okay to hear and laugh at some dirty jokes, sexual innuendoes and perverted puns. Because we are all perverts anyway.

Acchi Kocchi OVA

March 1, 2013

Did they manage to become a couple? Are we still waiting for that official moment whereby they become one? I suppose that’s why we will have to watch Acchi Kocchi OVA (or sometimes dubbed as the 13th episode) to find out whether or not things between Io and Tsumiki have progressed further than before. As we know, dense boy and tsundere girl won’t get their relationship anywhere if it is left in their own hands. Not even in a hundred years. Not even in eternity. So that’s why you have their friends to poke around and see some spark fly. Who wouldn’t love to watch romance of others unfurling before their eyes? Provided it is not theirs.

* Io knows he is dreaming. Otherwise, why the heck is there a cute kitty in Tsumiki’s image called Tsumikitty asking him to be picked up? There she goes sitting on his head. Oh, did I mention this dream is somewhat RPG too? There’s Hime the nose bleeding fairy who tells Io about his quest to defeat the dreadful Mayomancer (that’s Mayo and necromancer together) if he wants to return Tsumiki to normal.
* At the castle gates, Sakaki the evil gatekeeper appears to stop their tracks. But Tsumiki just land a single paw blow on the wall for them to make their entry! His role isn’t necessary. Inside, they see Mayo caught up in her own trap! Mayo frees her and at the same time ‘defeats’ her with her paw scratching. So to break the curse of being asleep forever, Io must perform a kiss-like action. Io kisses his thumb and puts it on Tsumiki’s lips. He wakes up. He sees Tsumiki and Hime collapsed from massive nose bleeding while Mayoi and Sakaki are writhing in pain. Did they all have a simultaneous dream? They relate the weird dream they have in the RPG-like dream but Tsumiki can’t say hers because the ‘kiss’ part was too embarrassing.
* On a cold day, the quintet visit the ice skating rink. Mayoi thinks they should’ve worn their cosy and warm animal pyjamas but realize they can’t fit their feet into the skates if they’re wearing those.
* Because it’s so cold and Io saying you can hammer a nail with a banana, the rest start imagining weird banana circumstances. Using a banana to cut through a nail? Moses opening the sea with a banana? Clubbing someone to death with a comb of bananas?! Just so wrong.
* Since Io seems to be skating easily and naturally, Mayoi quickly joins in but falls flat on her face. I think the ice cracked too… We have the gang narrate a few tips on how to skate before the rest praise Mayoi skating like a beautiful princess. Look how her nose bleed is propelling her away! They discuss about the origins of skating. North Pole? South Pole? Who would want to skate there? Polar Bears?
* Tsumiki slips but Io grabs her hand. She is in a dilemma. If she says she’s okay, he’ll let go of her hand. If she says no, she might have to sit out as she wants him to continue and teach her to skate. Tsumiki panics and ‘explodes’. What is ‘nokay’? Tsumiki purposely slips to fall into Io’s arm. When she sees Mayoi and Sakaki snickering, she gets mad and chases after them. Wow. Now she can skate so well.
* Io and Mayoi are skating at high speed when Io crashes into Sakaki! Accident! He nearly died. He received an overkill when Mayoi slips and elbows his stomach. Please skate with care.
* They discuss about skaters and spinning of their heads but their imagination ran wild as they imagine the skater’s hate launching into air after too much spinning.

* Tsumiki hears to horoscope this morning so she hopes she can take the initiative with her love as mentioned. When she meets Io, she hesitates but grabs his hand when he’s about to leave. Panicking further, she puts his hand on her head (not what she really intended) so he pats her. Oh, Mayoi and Hime see this… Mayoi suggests to carry on patting her head till it catches fire! On the way to school, Hime also mentions about watching this morning’s horoscope programme and is about to blurt out Tsumiki’s fortune but was stopped by her ‘scratching’. Is this part of her fortune?
* In class, they meet up with Saki and Kana and they too discuss about the lucky words from the horoscope. So ‘hand on head’ could mean iron claw strangling or face crusher smash?! Then they refer to the horoscope in a girl’s magazine and one of the lucky items turns out to be… Transcribing sutras?
* Kana borrows Io’s glasses thinking it is a lucky item so she’s going to try her luck landing a free drink at the vending machine. I know Sakaki is blind as a bat without his glasses. But can’t he recognize Sakaki from his voice?
* As the friends notice how different Io looks without his glasses (is he looking cooler than usual?), they suggest to put different ones on him. From retro to millennium glasses and even sponsor glasses. Is that even glasses? How can he see through that?
* So Io’s glasses prove to be lucky because Kana can’t stop winning and brought back loads of can drinks! Amazing. Mayoi starts transcribing her sutra since it’s her lucky word… I don’t know what she is chanting… As the rest tries another lucky word, Io thinks everything is just coincidence. They suggest ‘cats’ and somehow one appears beside Io!
* During the break, Sakaki wonders why girls are infatuated with horoscope. Io points out they may find them more interesting than men (true!). Also, this probably adds some excitement to an otherwise average life. Sakaki thinks that’s how they cope with the harshness of reality. The girls remember how they used to make charms with their everyday items. Voodoo dolls too?
* Further reading the magazine’s horoscope to find out one’s compatibility, they want to know Io and Tsumiki’s. We all know they are good compatibility, right? That’s so easy. Io says he doesn’t pay to such horoscope compatibilities because he believes what his own heart tells him more than the result of some random person’s horoscope. He always has fun with them and that is really what matters. Wow. That cool line is enough to just make all the girls fawn over his coolness. So Io pats Tsumiki’s head and she blushes. So perhaps her fortune did come true after all.

All Over The Place But Still Gone Nowhere
Ah well. Looks like they are still more than friends but less than lovers. And I suppose that even if you give them more OVA episodes or another go at another season, there is a big chance that their relationship is still the same. After all, we like it that way, don’t way? Because if it ended and they become a couple, where would the fun and excitement be? That’s why it’s best that everyone stay as they are right now. No fortune telling horoscope is going to change that for sure. I guess this OVA is okay too and just like the other episodes from the TV series, it just feels like an extension and nothing more. The usual skits between the characters, their behaviour, the cuteness and the trademark visuals and art you see then are still present. Just no Acchi Kocchi Kindergarten at the end since the series already ended.

Just like in the TV series, Hime and Tsumiki continue to contribute to the massive nose bleeding frenzy. It is odd for us to see girls give out that much blood via such stimulation. Like I said previously, the amount that they have been gushing out could have been put to good use and the blood bank would be fat, rich and healthy in stock for many years to come. Anybody in the world that needs blood transfusion can certainly get their needed amount. Provided if you don’t have a rare blood type, that is. Furthermore, you can get ‘fresh’ blood from them in every episode! All you need to do is just make Io look cool and lovely and their nose bleed will splash out like a fountain of life in no time. Easy.

So if you want something light hearted and innocent, clean good fun (can’t say about the nose bleeding part, though), you should give this series and this final OVA a chance. Though I feel that you can watch them in any order as they don’t seriously have any significant impact on the storyline. What plot? Oh, you know. A dense boy and tsundere girl in a subtle relationship and their friends love watching them interact. What is it with us who love watching love relations on others? Ah, maybe that’s why we continue to watch Taiwanese, Latin and Korean soap and romance dramas, don’t we?

Acchi Kocchi

December 8, 2012

Why is that we love to watch and sometimes get involved in helping other people succeed in their love affair? Because it is more fun compared to your own! Acchi Kocchi is somewhat like that. We have a boy and a girl who are somewhat in a subtle relationship. The boy is dense of the girl’s feelings while the girl is a typical tsundere. One doesn’t know, the other just won’t admit. More than friends, less than lovers. We’ve seen this in countless of romance genres. You can tell at this rate unless a miracle happens, a lot of poking and meddling is needed before they can become an official couple. That’s why they have friends who love watching the way they act and maybe do a little extra to help them realize and get them together. Sometimes it is amusing. Sometimes it is just frustrating. Sometimes it is fun. Sometimes it is just annoying. But love is no easy matter and should be treaded carefully. Don’t take this too seriously because this is a light hearted comedy series so expect some wacky (verbal) antics.

At first I thought when they made this series, they mashed together Lucky Star and A Channel to come up with cute characters and the antics among the group of friends as nothing more as the storyline. Especially the main heroine Tsumiki who reminds me of Lucky Star’s Konata and A Channel’s Tooru. So if you are not into such animes, you might want to look elsewhere because the gags between the friends are going to be the main staple diet of comedy and jokes. Though an episode is divided into 2 parts, most of the scenes in each part feel like a skit. Some even just lasting for a few seconds. Of course in the bigger picture they are related to each other or at least to the theme of that segment.

Episode 1
* Tsumiki Minawa tries practising to say “Good morning” to the guy she likes, Io Otonashi. Too late. He’s already here on his bicycle. Along the way, they meet their friends, Mayoi Katase and Hime Haruno who tease Tsumiki trying to get close to Io (they were ‘stalking’ on them). Mayoi got her head stuck in the wall after that, if you’re interested.
* At the school gates, they see their teacher, Kikue Sakuragawa slips and falls over a banana peel. Embarrassing. They think the only other person who can match her is Hime. She embarrassingly denies and goes to help Kikue but slips and falls over a frozen puddle. Wow. Two slips in a day. Their other friend, Sakaki Inui helps Kikue up and later tells Io that white undies Kikue was wearing. I guess this proves he’s a normal healthy guy but Io doesn’t want him to categorize him the same as him.
* In class, the heater is spoilt and they could guess when Kikue slipped, she kicked and damaged it. Mayoi offers to fix it and will get it working to 500 degrees Celsius! Like hell! Kikue has bought souvenirs for her students from her hotspring trip but Mayoi brings up the dreaded question if she went with her boyfriend. She went alone. Now she’s crying all over! They try to fix the situation but made it worst with words like ‘grave’ and ‘dirty pub’. Now she’s crying even louder! Mayoi is surprised at Io’s fast pen spinning and her commotion has Kikue throw her chalk at Io as she thinks he is the one causing the ruckus. But the chalk curves and hits Mayoi.
* When the friends are talking about animals and pets, Tsumiki murmurs how she wants to be Io’s pet! Then she acts like a cat harmlessly biting all over Io.
* Sakaki says the PA system is not working so Mayoi goes to fix it. While she is testing the microphone, she tells everyone to look to their right. What’s there? A wall. Not funny! The next time she tests it out again, she didn’t say anything and ends the testing, much to everyone‘s chagrin.
* During lunch, Io and Sakaki relate how they were caught and scolded by Kikue. It seems they were rushing to the cafeteria to buy bread and they needed to take a shortcut. Kikue warned them not to run in the hall but to her surprise, they jumped off the window of the second floor! Oh sh*t! She’s screaming her head off! Though they got reprimanded, they managed to buy the bread before it ran out.
* After school, the guys are surprised that the girls want to follow them to the video game arcade. Sakaki and Io play a fighting game (Fighting Idiot?) to settle an old score. Sakaki gets pulverized and has no chance to counter attack. Then he realizes Io wasn’t behind the controls. It was Tsumiki! Oh sh*t! Hime tries her hand at the crane machine but doesn’t know how to play. Io asks Tsumiki if she wants a plushie he can get for her but she doesn’t want. Eventually he gets one and this made her happy. Their friends realize how tsundere Tsumiki is.
* They play air hockey so it is Io-Tsumiki against Sakaki-Mayoi. Hime as the referee couldn’t keep up with the high pace of the game. So fast that she can’t even see where the disc is going! In the end, nobody scores and it’s a draw. Asking if Hime wants to try it out, she instantly gets traumatized because she can’t possibly play with them at such high speed.
* On the way back, Io suggests to Tsumiki they take a photo together. Because Tsumiki is short, Io carries her before the photo is snapped. Their friends saw everything and tease them how they’re being lovey-dovey with each other. Io is just cool but Tsumiki is over the top embarrassed.

Episode 2
* The friends head over to the cake store Hatch Potch run by Sakaki’s sister, Miiko for cake testing. Since they’re wet from the rain, Miiko has them change into waiter and maid outfits while their clothes dry. Of course Tsumiki looks super cute so the friends tease her about Tsumiki wanting to glomp and chomp Io. She tries to hold her rage in claiming she needs to act professional. Mayoi felt disappointed with that response so the rest think she’s a masochist… Mayochist…
* Sakaki demonstrates his welcome smile. Creepy and evil. Now it’s Miiko’s turn. So bright and wonderful! The friends discuss that this place charges for a smile but Io says that he’s already been ‘paid’ with their company. His politeness and waiter-like personality excites Mayoi. But for Tsumiki and Hime, I think they’ll stain the cloth with their nose bleed if he doesn’t stop.
* Noting Io looks like a bartender, they start asking for cocktail drinks which happen to be names of fighting moves.
* Everyone is satisfied with all the great cakes. Mayoi dreams she wants a house made of sweets and chocolates so when Sakaki says he prefers his to be meat, the rest imagine it to be raw or greasy. Doesn’t it look like a horror house? Miiko asks their opinion on today’s cakes and since the topic of which is the sweetest came out, Mayoi cheekily says Io was the sweetest! Nose bleed cue for Tsumiki and Mayoi! She meant the cake lah!
* Valentine’s Day is here soon so Mayoi rallies the girls to think of how they’re going to give their chocolates. Especially you-know-who. Tsumiki wrapped only in ribbons? She even suggests using a love potion! I bet that is fake.
* On their way to go buy chocolate ingredients, they learn from Tsumiki that Io prefers chocolate flavoured sweets and not plain chocolate. Mayoi suggests for the surprise element to put in frog meat! Won’t that be a nasty prank than a surprise?
* Tsumiki bakes her cake that night and waits the next morning to give it to Io. When he finally comes, she got so nervous that she slams the present into him! Body blow! The girls ask his opinion on receiving the chocolate from Tsumiki. “In one fell swoop, she took my body’s endurance to its limit”. I think they’re asking about the chocolate, not the body blow.
* In class, Sakaki shows them a whole chocolate cake from Miiko and they are impressed. He even teases Tsumiki and Io that Miiko is making a huge wedding cake for them. He’s joking, right? The next one isn’t. Mayoi gives the guys her chocolate and reveals she really put in frog’s meat! Oh sh*t! Sakaki becomes so pissed that he reveals on White Day he’ll be putting in pig’s feet in her marshmallow. Isn’t that revealing his plan? Hime also has chocolates for everybody so Mayoi teases her that she’d really fall in love with her despite being a girl. Don’t worry, Hime. She’s just joking. Hime tries to explain (long-winded) that her chocolate is in between obligation and meaningful/romantic but panics. I’m not sure if there is such a word called meaningality.
* Mayoi once again wants to help Tsumiki to get closer to Io. I guess she can’t say no. She’ll put chocolate lipstick over her lips to make it irresistible for Io. So the friends set them up as Io puts his fingers on Tsumiki’s lips and says how soft and sweet it looks. This sends Tsumiki into another flustering explosion and collapses into his arms.

Episode 3
* It’s a cold snowy day so how did Mayoi and Sakaki persuade Tsumiki to come play in the snow with them? Capture Io and threaten something funny will happen to him! That was easy. So as Mayoi and Sakaki rush out, they slip on the slippery snow. Tsumiki kicks a wooden board towards them and they land on their head. I think that’s even more painful. Hime suggests Tsumiki to warm up a bit so Io starts blowing on top of her head. Can she die this way?
* Mayoi is making an igloo but it collapses. She pleads Io to pull her out. But when he does, her shorts underneath becomes visible so he pushes her back into the snow.
* Tsumiki has created a giant snowball (I think Mayoi got rolled over. See the mark there?). How exactly is she going to put the other big ball on top of this one? Surprisingly, she has the strength to throw it but it lands imperfectly, and breaks all over Sakaki. Well, nobody’s perfect.
* Mayoi suggests a snowball fight and since Io and Tsumiki are in one team, Io puts Hime into his team because Sakaki and Mayoi’s team is Team Chaos! Mayoi and Sakaki have this snowball bazooka and high-tech snow refiller! Isn’t that cheating? Well, they didn’t break the rules of altering their snowball. The duo go on the offensive as the trio hide. Tsumiki isn’t going to hide forever so she gets out of her hiding and starts blocking Mayoi’s attack. Meanwhile Io faces off with Sakaki. With chopsticks in his fists, Io easily blocks away Sakaki’s snowball attack. Hime decides to help out and enter the fray. But she trips and the snowballs land on their head. What a way to go out. So all that is left is Tsumiki and Mayoi. Tsumiki takes refuge behind her giant snowball. Then she powers up her palm and blasts through the snowball! OMG! Does she have some super power?! Mayoi is covered with snow and Tsumiki ends the game by throwing a snowball at her. Everyone ‘abandons’ Mayoi in the snow to go get something warm.
* Io is grouped with Kyouya Saibara, Saki Sakimori and Kana Miyama in the cooking class while Tsumiki has Hime and Mayoi. So the girls discuss their cooking skills and for some obvious body language reason, you can tell Mayoi and Kana suck in cooking. We see Mayoi can’t even break an egg properly (she uses too much strength) while Tsumiki just easily breaks them without sweat and with a tap of her finger! Kana messes with onions and stings Mayoi’s eyes.
* Saki teases Kyouya about him being happy to receive cooking from a girl but she herself wouldn’t if she receives it from him. Io is going to do flambé whereby he uses wine to give more fragrance to offset the meaty smell over the fire. Saki hints Kyouya somewhat smells too. Set him on fire! Is this the kind of moe he wants?! The group is finishing their cooking so Hime’s stomach makes a cute growl as opposed to Mayoi’s explosive one. Sounds like a prehistoric dinosaur…
* Io puts the finishing touches on his beef stew omelette rice. The girls are so impressed so much so they ask him to marry them! Mayoi shows hers but it looks repulsive. Is that thing alive?!
* They sample each other’s dishes so of course Tsumiki gives hers to Io to try. She is nervously trying to ask if she would make a good bride with this cooking but Mayoi had to interrupt and cross the line with her stupid joke. I suppose she got what she deserved when her head got stuck in the wall again. Io’s reply to Tsumiki is that she’ll make the man she marries very happy with her cooking. Nose bleed cue. And Hime too. When the girls start feeding each other, Io also wants to feed Tsumiki. But he teases her by pulling away the spoon each time Tsumiki tries to eat. Annoyed, Tsumiki bites his head! I guess you could say Io is being eaten alive!

Episode 4
* Because the teachers have meeting, all afternoon activities have been cancelled. This means Mayoi wants to play kick-the-can game. I guess Tsumiki and Io can’t say no, can’t they? They’ll be divided into teams and the winning team gets food vouchers for the cafeteria while the losers must do what the winners say. With Sakaki and Mayoi giving off that evil looks, I think this is going to be scary.
* Team Oni will consist of Mayoi, Kyouya, Saki and Tsumiki while Team Escape will have Sakaki, Io, Hime and Kana. Team Oni must capture everyone within 30 minutes or protect the can till the end to win. If Team Escape as one person not captured or they manage to kick the can, victory is theirs. With the team evenly balanced up, perhaps the rivalry may heat up even more with Sakaki and Mayoi on opposing sides.
* So the chase is on and Hime thinks she won’t keep up with the game because, see how competitive everyone is so much so they’re running on the walls! Oh sh*t! Tsumiki plans to capture Io but in her imagination, it looks more like a hug. Jumping into his arms? But reality is so different. Io evades her and she crashes. She thinks he rejected her! Hime and Kana are running away from Kyouya and Saki when Hime suddenly crashes into a wall! OMG! That trap drawing of the hallway looked so real! She’s as good as captured.
* While Kana is made to distract the rest, Sakaki and Io come up with their final battle plan. They run up to Mayoi and confuse her with a sheet of curtain so she can’t tell where or who is coming at her. They pull the curtain over her. Sakaki is about the kick the can and end the game but Tsumiki as the backup appears. Sakaki is confident it is game over and though it is, too bad Io had to kick the can right into his head. Ouch. So with the gang reuniting and the guys explain their diversion tactic, Mayoi says it’s not over yet because it’s time for round two! Go play yourself!
* Io and Sakaki are guests on the school’s broadcast lunch show hosted by Ami Kirino (she claims her disgusting partner is out sick so they’re in to fill in). Ami has the guys give their advice on love problems. The first message is from one wondering how to make a guy fall for her. Sakaki starts off rather cliché. Ask him to go to the rooftop and as he gazes at the setting sun… Push him off the roof! OMG! That way, he’ll fall for you! Geddit?! Sick joke! He rearranges the way he says it but it sounded more like a threat.
* Next problem: A friend of hers has feelings for a boy but won’t admit it. Sakaki immediately identifies her as tsundere. Why is Tsumiki being stared? Sakaki acts out his tsundere mode which doesn’t make sense. Ami also plays along with some reverse psychology thingy and everything went off topic.
* Final problem: A girl tried to show off her charms but the guy completely ignored her. An oblivious guy? Why is Io being stared at? Io makes a surprising move by declaring “I love you” straight up. So much so Sakaki in his reflex has to retort it. Seriously, Io advises that she should be natural so her charms will be naturally noticed.
* With the end of the radio programme, the guys are frank that they don’t want to be back on this show again. Even Ami quips if she follows Sakaki’s advice, she’ll be hurtling down the bad end route. She gives Io the honour to wrap things up so he signs off with this message, “Tomorrow, you shall be even more beautiful than today”. I think it’s a record nose bleed because every girl in school who heard that just swooned to that.

Episode 5
* The girls talk about their measurements and it seems Mayoi is boasting that despite there is no growth in other areas, her boobs did grow bigger. Hime couldn’t say hers but the rest figured she had grown fatter. Tsumiki’s growth is also similar to Mayoi but the latter purposely won’t guess that part which grew.
* Mayoi tries to tell the guys about Tsumiki’s boobs but Tsumiki silences her. Sakaki could guess what she’s hinting at and asks Io if he fondled Tsumiki’s boobs! Io dismisses that misinterpretation and theorizes that some girls believe the feelings they hold close to their hearts will grow if they’re touched by the person they love. Sounds more logic but the girls are in awe over that statement. Nose bleed cue. Mayoi tries to rat on Hime’s weight but the latter panics and says it out herself. Feels worse, eh? Mayoi reflects on her actions that it’s bad to say bad about others. So instead, she brags about her own boobs! Has she no shame? While the guys note they have grown taller, Tsumiki hopes Io won’t grow any taller. Yeah, we know how hard it’ll be for a shorty to reach and kiss him, right? Mayoi teases Tsumiki for that bold kiss statement, Tsumi-kiss.
* The gang soon decide to play volleyball and the loser will have to buy the popular hard-to-get breads at the cafeteria. With Io firing up, I guess this is serious. Hime who has always brought her own lunch is given an explanation on how ferocious the battlefield could be. Spartan of 300 good enough example? Remembering the high level and traumatic kick-the-can game, Hime decides to sit out. Mayoi suggests Io invite her and when he does, the cuteness level is too much. I guess she really has to sit this one out.
* As they divide the teams, Tsumiki’s soft spoken nature has her being butt out by Mayoi to join Io’s team. So mad she is that her yelling blew Mayoi away. The match begins with the usual antics. Mayoi gets thrown into the net, everyone uses their feet to hit the ball, Saki and Io accidentally use and hit Sakaki with the ball and as Kana swings Mayoi, Io couldn’t help get along with the flow and did a submission move on her. Don’t worry. She’s still alive. But she wants Io to pat her head. And when he does, she became embarrassed. Never thought he would do it, eh?
* Tsumiki wants to hit the ball to Io but he missed and though her shot is in, she felt disappointed because she wanted him to receive it. In the tiebreaker, Mayoi’s growling stomach has her miss so Io’s team loses and has to go buy their ‘love’. Yeah, everybody is hungry for ‘love’. Hime hopes they’ll be careful since the Spartans are also looking for love. Haha…
* The friends are at the grassy field with their sports equipments. But since they forgot the baseball gloves, Sakaki thinks they should just use their soul to catch it. Io throws a hard one and I believe Sakaki’s soul (his hand rather) must be hurting like hell.
* As the guys throw Frisbee, Hime once more couldn’t keep up with the high level play. Can’t see a thing! Tsumiki throws a Frisbee at Mayoi and in the blink of an eye, the powerful throw knocks her away! I think it nearly decapitated her. Now it’s Hime’s turn and Mayoi shows no mercy in throwing full force. However it curves and hits Sakaki. Followed by another Frisbee thrown by Io. I don’t even know how that happened.
* While resting, a litter of cats gather around Io. Mayoi teases Tsumiki that she wants to be around Io like that too but she disagrees. True enough, Tsumiki can’t resist joining in. She acts like a cat before she realizes the embarrassing thing she’s doing. Mayoi pets one too hard that the cat got annoyed and gave her an uppercut! WTF?! Meow-ppercut?!
* Wondering if cats will catch Frisbee like dogs, Io tosses one and a black cat fetches it. Sakaki wants to try too but no cats are taking the bait. Mayoi quips they totally ignored the soul catcher and this Sakaki felt his soul hurting.

Episode 6
* The gang changes into their summer uniform. Tsumiki never thought Io would compliment her dress but to her surprise he did. Even in this hot summer, Mayoi is wearing a lab coat. She says it is different because this one is thinner. Like we can tell. Cheeky Mayoi opens Tsumiki’s top to give Io some summer fanservice. Guess whose head got stuck in the wall again? Surprisingly Io blushed. Not surprisingly, the girls nose bleed.
* The sunny day is perfect to clean the school pool. Kikue is happy her students are giving her items that keep her cool from the sun. Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, parasol and cooling gel sheet. Maybe that last one wasn’t so appropriate.
* Mayoi ties the broom at both ends and gives it to Tsumiki. With her tremendous spinning, it’s like killing 2 birds with 1 stone because while the floor gets quickly cleaned, this also provides fan and cooling effect. But Tsumiki’s fingers slip and the broom knocks Mayoi away.
* Sakaki teases Kyouya he is trying to set his sights on Saki. So Kyouya asks Io what part of a girl he finds it appealing. He says her smile. Kyouya suddenly felt his was dirtier…
* The gang plays hockey with the brush and they decide to call it Sakaki due to some twisted logic and explanation using a football and considering it your best friend. So with Sakaki reduced to the brush, everybody wants to hit Sakaki with the broom. Why does it feel they’re picking on him? And they’re hitting Sakaki the brush with so much fun. Io stands up for Sakaki and he feels grateful. Till Io calls him the brush.
* Hime couldn’t handle the weight of the water in the pail and trips. Io tries to save her but the bucket got splashed over his head. At the same time, Tsumiki trips and knocks her head into his back. This is what Sakaki calls Hime and Tsumiki’s synchronized friendship attack? At the end of the cleaning session, Kikue rewards them with ice cream and watermelon.
* Mayoi suggests doing a group study session at Io’s place. She wants to head there fast so he doesn’t have time to clean up his room. Wasn’t it supposed to be a study session? Tsumiki arrives first and while Io went to get tea, she couldn’t resist the temptation to smell Io’s shirt. Till she realizes Mayoi and Hime are watching. Tsumiki isn’t panicking yet. She notes to erase memories, a heavy impact is required to the brain! Oh sh*t! Thankfully she didn’t get to that part so as Hime promises not to tell Io, Mayoi suddenly starts sniffing the shirt and bugs Hime to do the same. Till Io caught them in the act.
* As the study session begins, Mayoi quickly decides to play video games. After getting whacked by Io, she becomes a good girl but realizes she forgot her textbook. Wasn’t she the one who suggested studying together? Hime couldn’t understand Tsumiki’s explanation so Io does the coaching. Mayoi teases Tsumiki about being jealous but gets pinched in her thighs. Oh, the screaming… At the end, they suggest going on a vacation together so Io thinks the log home he rented the last time might be good.
* Soon the exams come and go. The girls feel confident of acing it because of the study session. However they can’t remember anything except for the shirt smelling.
* Clouds are building up and Hime actually forgot to bring her own umbrella. Mayoi shows her new invention. A big heart shape? You’re supposed to stick it on the tip of the umbrella and it’ll be transformed into a love umbrella. She wants Tsumiki to have it but she refuses. Io is willing to share is umbrella with Tsumiki but she declines. Mayoi translates that as she would love to but declined because it felt embarrassing.
* Just as Mayoi is about to open her spare umbrella, suddenly the umbrella shoots off! OMG! It nearly killed Sakaki! And this isn’t one of her pranks, you know.
* On the way home, Mayoi cheekily advises Io and Tsumiki about pure white shirt turning transparent by the sky’s drops. It’s a warning to be careful about the wolf. She’s directing this towards Io. So the wolf is Tsumiki?! You can never be too sure. On the way home, Tsumiki notices half of Io’s side is wet so she hugs closer to him. He thought he has been caught by the wolf.

Episode 7
* It’s summer vacation and Mayoi is going to properly live it out by having fun first and doing homework last. Upon hearing Io has already completed his, she wants to borrow and copy his work! In the train, deciding who should seat near the window, Mayoi teases it may not be better for Hime since she might get a surprise attack. What surprise attack? Mayoi lifts up Io’s shirt to reveal his back! I think we’ve got a couple of girls down.
* As the train makes a stop, Hime goes down to get some stuff. Since she is taking a while, Tsumiki decides to go look for her. Eventually Hime comes back alone and the train is about to depart. Well, it departs without Tsumiki. Instantly Io opens the window and jumps out just to join Tsumiki so that she won’t be alone waiting for the next train. Kids, don’t try this anyhow! As they wait, Tsumiki thought it was nice of him of not wanting to leave a girl behind. She felt a little embarrassed. As for the other girls, they are surprised Io pulled that stunt. They wonder what if Io was the one who got left behind. Sakaki says he’ll throw out Tsumiki for him. How considerate.
* So once the gang reunites, they head to the log house and play in the nearby stream. Mayoi balances on a log on a stone. She falls off before Io could finish his warning sentence. Then when they’re fishing, Tsumiki accidentally hooks Mayoi’s shirt and throws her into the river. She’s drowning again. Then she reels her in like a fish instead of pulling her out. That’s a big catch she’s got.
* Io is feeling sleepy and is like as though he is going to fall. Tsumiki ponders if he’ll drop into her lap. But I guess her shoulder is good enough. Then he plops down on the mat. While the rest continue to play, Tsumiki sneakily puts his head on her lap. To her embarrassment, the rest are taking pictures of this scene and Tsumiki can’t move for fear she may wake him up. Take lots of good memories, will you?
* During evening as Io cooks the BBQ meat, everyone calls him daddy so when Tsumiki plays along, Io calls her mommy and causes her to fluster greatly. Tsumiki feeds Io so much so Mayoi tells her she should feed herself too. Because Mayoi and Sakaki are hogging the meat, the rest advice they should eat some fish and vegetables too. Then they go on ranting about some food rhythm. But Mayoi teases Tsumiki’s rhythmic order to consist of kiss and Io. The girls are full so Mayoi feels Hime’s stomach and felt something moving! The guys thought somebody flew out of the house. That’s too much even if it was a joke.
* After the girls finish their bath, Mayoi wants Tsumiki to pull her obi so she could spin. But Tsumiki’s enormous strength means Mayoi is thrown and slammed into the wall. Ouch. Because Tsumiki’s hair is hard to dry, Mayoi suggests Io to help dry it but she refuses. If that’s the case, then maybe Io can help Hime do hers. Tsumiki takes back what she said and decides to let Io dry her hair. I’m sure the rest enjoy seeing Tsumiki’s happy face.
* Next, they play fireworks. Io launches a parachute firework. Mayoi and Sakaki race to get it but trip on a log. Eventually Hime gets it. Slow and steady wins the race. Next, Io launches several bottle fireworks but it all flew towards Sakaki! Having another take, yet again it all flew in his direction. This guy attracts bad stuffs? The girls light the big rocket to the sky but the base gave way and the rocket is heading towards them. Guess what? It swerved away and hit Sakaki. I think he can fly to the moon. Sakaki suggests playing sparklers and the one who holds out the longest gets bragging rights. Instantly when it starts, Sakaki’s sparkler went out. So disappointed…
* Tsumiki wants to play sparklers with Io but Mayoi plays psychology with her if her sparkler burns out first, the love is just mutual. Hell, it did. But the sky is soon lit with other bright fireworks. While they admire the magnificent display, Io quips that the short glimpse of their smiles is more dazzling than any fireworks display as it found a place deep in his heart. Well, let’s just say the nose bleeds add additional ‘sparkle’ to the blooming flowers.

Episode 8
* The girls are studying at Tsumiki’s place but her air-cond broke down. Hot like hell. Suggestions to put tubs of ice cube fell through because Tsumiki doesn’t have that many tubs. Thus Mayoi suggests heading over to Io’s place. Along the way, Mayoi continues to be the big complainer of the heat. So in order to cool her down, Tsumiki tells her to die. It sends shivers down her spine, right?
* Sakaki is doing his homework at Io’s place and I don’t know how Io can actually play his video game half asleep. When Mayoi rings the doorbell, Io thought a scammer is at the door and ignores her. Mayoi then calls his handphone and hearing the same voice, he thought she is the same scammer and hangs up. In the end, Io lets them in after realizing who they are.
* Mayoi dives onto Io’s freshly aired futon and throws his pillow at Tsumiki. Well, she’s really enjoying it. Because everyone wants to go to tonight’s festival, Sakaki and Mayoi must finish their dreaded homework first before joining everyone. So while the duo work on their homework, the rest play video games. It proves to be a distraction because it ends up enraging them. They can’t resist the temptation of playing.
* Once they’re done with their homework, now they get ready to play but Io has fallen asleep. Mayoi and Sakaki think up of a prank to draw something on his face. Perhaps a kiss mark around his lips. Mayoi tosses Tsumiki her lipstick to do the honours but she misinterpreted and put the lipstick on herself preparing to kiss him! When she learns she’s not supposed to do that, she becomes embarrassed and hides in Io’s futon.
* The friends meet up at the festival and Sakaki nearly made an early kill when he reveals Io’s bare chest as fanservice for the girls. Getting takoyaki, Tsumiki thought Io is fooling with her again when he pulls the treat when he’s about to feed her. Actually it’s piping hot.
* Trying out the katanuki (candy cut-outs), Hime chooses an easy pattern but everything breaks when she makes her first step. Io uses the force of his finger and in a single tap, his candy cut-out shape turns into a rocker girl! Isn’t that K-ON!’s Yui? Sakaki tries to imitate his actions but his candy breaks at first go.
* Sakaki challenges Io to save the goldfish. Sakaki uses his charming technique and style to save a couple. However all the other goldfish start jumping into Io’s cup! He didn’t even do anything! To add salt to injury, Sakaki’s goldfish jump into his cup!
* At the shooting gallery, noticing the different guns available to shoot down the prizes, Mayoi dreams of using the bazooka! I think the stall will be destroyed. Hime tries her hand but gets terrified but unwanted advice, believing the shot she made will tear a hole in the toy. Well, the first shot missed and hit Sakaki (I don’t even know how that happened). The next shot hit the toy and she is glad no hole is made. Aren’t you supposed to knock it down? Eventually the toy is wobbling and drops. Hime wins it but develops new fear that the toy ‘dropped’.
* While the guys are trying out, Tsumiki gets this idea of wanting to make Io hers and shoots him! He’s not the prize! They are targeting a big chick toy and taking turns shooting it down isn’t helping. Io and Sakaki cooperate and fire at the same time to bring the huge toy down. Io gives it to Tsumiki saying that he didn’t really want the toy but wanted the sight of her being happy. I guess those words shot right through and pierced her heart. Yup, nose bleed. She’s dead. And Hime got caught in the ‘cross-fire’ too.

Episode 9
* For the cultural festival, Io and his friends will be doing a crepe stall. Io has some experience making crepes thanks to Miiko. Because Tsumiki’s body language indicates she wants to have a taste of it, Io promises to let her have the first bite. Tsumiki is happy but fumbles her words and instead of saying swallowing a thousand needles (hari sen bon) she said needle samba (hari samba). They go off topic discussing what needle samba is. Scary and perverted?
* Mayoi has the guys try out outfits they’ll be wearing for the crepe stall. Don’t they look like host guys? And with Io without his glasses, I think the girls are going to pass out over his total coolness.
* While they’re constructing their store, Sakaki learns the high tech and energy saving technology that Io and Mayoi are putting in. Radar? Eco friendly electricity? Ion batteries? Mayoi later shows them a Mayoi Flag hat and demonstrates it. But the flag breaks and guess where it falls onto? Sakaki. While that poor guy is lying in his pool of blood, the rest discuss how to stop his bleeding? Stop his heart? Apply pressure to his neck? Are they sure they’re not killing him? Sakaki is so pissed off that he just tells them to send him to the infirmary. Hey. He’s fine, no?
* Io finishes sewing his costume for Tsumiki but she refuses to wear it. With a little exaggeration (okay, lots of it), Tsumiki gives in after hearing how much effort Io put in. He stayed up all night and has blisters all over his fingers (all lies!). Turns out to be a cat outfit but because it looks so awkward, it actually fits her. Tsumiki trips on a can and falls over Io. Hime thought a big cat attacked Io.
* Tsumiki watches Io’s sleeping face and you can tell what kind of thoughts are going through her mind. Of course their friends are spying. Tsumiki wakes him up to get ready and because he is still half asleep, he grabs her hair. She sprayed her nose bleed on him. What a way to wash his face.
* Mayoi and Hime are dressed as housewives in apron. This idea was thought up by Sakaki because their crepe theme is newlyweds. But Tsumiki is not happy since she is the only one left out and bites Io! Why him? I guess putting on an apron won’t cut it too. While everyone else thinks the outfit looks good on Hime and Tsumiki, they are surprised to see Mayoi without her lab coat and panic! Is it so bad that they need to call the class rep?! Later Io makes crepes for Tsumiki and Mayoi and you can tell by the look of their face they are greatly satisfied.
* With the festival opening, the crepe store is experiencing brisk business. Io’s neighbourhood friends pay his stall a visit and cheekily ask they want a smile too. He asks back do they want a bag to go with that. Take away also can? Nose bleeding frenzy!
* There is a long queue for the crepe stall and the strawberry is going to run out so Mayoi asks Hime to put the ‘sold out’ sticker. However she is taking too long and the guys didn’t see her come their way. Then they realize she went right to the back of the queue to wait her turn! Too conscientious!
* At the end of the day, Hime and Mayoi went around the festival and got too many balloons. So much so when they tie it to Tsumiki’s outfit, she starts floating away!

Episode 10
* One cold morning on his way to school, Io sees Mayoi in a bear outfit! WTF?! She wants to scare people? Well, it’s not working. Io wasn’t scared. Then they see Io (presumably waiting for Io) and Mayoi plans to scare her. ROAR! Tsumiki: Huh? WTF. Didn’t work. Mayoi guesses that Tsumiki may be purposely waiting at certainly places to go to school with Io instead of just coincidentally bumping into each other all the time. Of course Tsumiki denies.
* Mayoi thinks of scaring Hime to make up for her disappointing run. True enough, Hime gets freaked out while Mayoi chases her with her heart out. Doesn’t she find it weird a bear sprinting on 2 legs chasing after her? Man, Hime is worn out and Mayoi is very satisfied.
* Next, she wants to make Sakaki her next victim but has second thoughts about a direct approach. Tsumiki suggests a ridiculous speeding sled-riding tactic and Mayoi is interested enough to try it out. Mayoi speeds along but it hits a can and throws her off the sled and a super head butt into Sakaki. I don’t think he knew what hit him.
* Mayoi and Sakaki see Kikue and plan to scare her but if she sees Sakaki, she’ll probably know it’s them. So how? Don’t worry, Sakaki has brought a disguise. A paper bag with a hole over his head. That is his disguise? So the duo creep up on Kikue, put her on the sled and pull it all the way to school. Dash! You’re in for the horror ride of your life!
* Io tells Tsumiki that starting tomorrow they should meet and head to school together but Tsumiki tries to dispel that she wasn’t trying to bump into him. Really?
* Mayoi is disheartened to learn that Io and Hime are busy on Christmas Eve. This sends the wrong signal to Tsumiki. Of course they’ll be busy helping out Miiko on that day. Mayoi continues to sulk because she thought she wanted to have a Christmas party with them. So much so she took her sulking into the closet. If that’s not enough, she starts provoking that Io and Hime will be alone on that day. Yeah, Tsumiki also starts sulking with her in the closet! Io invites them to work together since Miiko did say she needed more helping hands. They’re in.
* Miiko wants Io, Tsumiki and Mayoi to sell Christmas cakes outside. In a Santa outfit. I guess Io can’t refuse when Miiko smiles like that. They try on the Santa outfit but it’s just too big for Tsumiki. That’s the smallest size they have. Io gives them pocket heater to help with the cold outside so they discuss about getting heatstroke and tease Tsumiki will get one if she gets kissed by Io.
* As they start selling the cakes, Tsumiki starts fantasizing about Io that she gets a nosebleed. The rest thought she overworked herself. Kana and Saki patron them and Mayoi exaggerates the cake they buy will give them nose bleed. What exactly did they put in? Io: Love. I think that is already nose bleed enough. Mayoi gives them extra service that if they buy a cake, Io will pat their head. Hey. Tsumiki is also buying one.
* The cakes are sold out at the end of the day and noticing that most customers are females, Sakaki makes an uncalled comment that the cakes are the girls’ boyfriend for Christmas. Don’t ever let girls hear him say that! To shield Hime from that, Mayoi tells a horror story of Santa. Santa Claws… Ouch! Kids, don’t ever claw Santa’s face. Miiko has some cake for them to enjoy for their hard work. Again Sakaki makes an uncalled comment to ignore the calories and enjoy. Sakaki, the enemy of women!
* When they leave, Mayoi whispers to Tsumiki that she doesn’t have to come to their Christmas party tomorrow so that she can have a lovey-dovey Christmas with Io. I guess Tsumiki kicked her into New Year’s Day, huh?
* Tsumiki walks back with Io and notes that she had fun working with everyone. Io lets her know about tomorrow’s Christmas party but to come early to start their own white Christmas.

Episode 11
* The friends are waiting for Io to show up at the shrine for New Year’s Day. Suddenly Sakaki remembers he was so addicted to New Year’s Eve gambling that he forgot to tell Io. Look at the rage on Tsumiki’s face! So they go pick him up at his doorstep but he’s still half asleep and slams the door despite Mayoi’s cheeky statement of getting a kiss on the cheek. So she leaves it to Hime to bring him out and did her words work? Apparently Io went back to get changed so all those embarrassing lines Hime said were useless. Along the way, Io is still in a dazed as Mayoi pushes Tsumiki to him. He uses her head as a pillow?
* At the crowded shrine, the friends make a chain prayer wishing for the wish of their friend to come true. When it reaches Io’s turn, he wishes Sakaki’s wish WON’T come true!
* They talk about love charms and when Sakaki returns from buying a charm arrow, he trips and the arrow got stuck in Mayoi’s hair accessory. The rest made puns out of it.
* They watch the sunrise and decide to take a photo as memento. But the camera is tilting and on the verge of falling off the slanted pole so Mayoi and Sakaki also try to shift with the camera till they fall down.
* Next morning everyone gathers at Sakaki’s house including Kikue. Miiko teases Kikue about wanting to get a boyfriend. Mayoi teases Tsumiki’s resolution about wanting to get Io in her palm so Tsumiki puts her palm into her face. Face palm! Sakaki rants about is love for bare necks. Huh?
* They play karuta and Tsumiki gets enrages when Io and Hime’s hand touched. Thinking of wanting to touch his hand, Tsumiki aims for Io’s hand instead of the card. Oops. She’s not letting it go…
* Tsumiki pounds the mochi so as Mayoi and Sasaki watch how she pounds them flat, they twisted their sentence to say Tsumiki is a flat chest girl! Now she’s going to pound them!
* The gang eat the great food they made and this prompts Sakaki to comment that love is nothing but food to them. So true. Io teases Tsumiki by feeding her mocha and stretching it. Miiko says not to play with food so he quickly eats it. Their friends get excited to see this ‘legendary mochi game’ which will lead to a mochi kiss.
* Half of their classmates are absent due to the influenza. Hime and Tsumiki thought it would get warmer if they just imagined it but looks like it’s not working. Saki wonders what Io will say if Tsumiki catches a cold. He replies he’ll go over to her house and steal her cold. Nose bleed cue. I think they’ll be out not because of the influenza.
* Noticing several mosquitoes buzzing around, suddenly the mosquito ‘explodes’ in mid-air! Almost taking out Mayoi’s head! Thanks to Io’s superb chopstick throwing skills, this is his revenge for making sleepless summer nights. Then another one bites the dust! Wow. But could you not do it so close to Mayoi’s head? Saki feels pitiful for these mosquitoes in a hostile environment and feels like wanting to root for them. However when one lands on her hand, she smacks it dead. So much for co-existing.
* Tsumiki hears Io rejecting Sakaki’s offer. Seems that Io’s parents will be busy and won’t be coming home for a while so Sakaki and Miiko offer him dinner. He felt bad to impose on their kindness and declined. Tsumiki says she understands their feelings and if she was in their shoes she would do the same. Io pats her head before joining Sakaki to buy bread. Tsumiki flusters and is confused with this feeling she has right now. Meanwhile Io too feels weird about what he is feeling now. His face is red and can’t explain it in words. We all know what it is, right?

Episode 12
* The girls bought chocolate to make you-know-what for Valentine’s Day. I’m sure you know whom Tsumiki will give hers to even if she doesn’t say. Mayoi teases her that she doesn’t even need to ask who and Hime panicked it may not be Io!
* Mayoi explains Valentine’s Day is like a battle royale. A fierce fight to receive chocolates. Your attitude determines the kind of chocolate you make. Weak or strong! Mayoi also talks about the different types of chocolate other than obligatory and romantic. Friend-eating chocolate? WTF. And Mayoi has this cheeky intent to add a suspicious ingredient into the mix!
* On Valentine’s Day in class, Tsumiki after beckoning Io realizes she forgot to bring her chocolates! The biggest blooper in her life! Though not understanding what is happening, Io tries to show concern but I guess he wasn’t that concern enough so much so Tsumiki had to tell him off to worry a bit more! Mayoi asks if he would like to receive chocolates from Tsumiki. No comment. What? Does this mean there’s a possibility he doesn’t want to? What he meant was if he said yes, it might look as though he is demanding them.
* Mayoi gives the guys her chocolate but they still remember the frog horror from last year. They are assured there aren’t any since the girls made it together. After all, Mayoi has made the kind of chocolates that melt you heart. Really melts your heart. Oh sh*t! Is she trying to kill them? Soon Saki and Kana also give the guys their handmade chocolate.
* After school, Tsumiki rushes home as fast as she could. It is raining and by the time she retrieves and runs halfway back, it is soaked. She meets Io at the intersection as he offers her his umbrella. Wiping her face and petting her head (maybe he got a little too carried away), Tsumiki doesn’t want to give this soaked chocolates to him. But on the contrary, he would like to have them. Then he softly pinches her face to send her into nose bleeding ecstasy. I don’t think that comes with the chocolate.
* The girls discuss about White Day and the rule how it must be returned three times fold. But they aren’t sure what is it that needs to be returned three fold. Price? Weight? Speed? Mayoi suggests Tsumiki did that chocolate lipstick like last year and turn it into a chocolate kiss. It’s her last chance to get Io’s heart. So what is a threefold chocolate kiss equivalent to? Marriage registration! Mayoi asks if Tsumiki expects anything in return. Her reply is that she doesn’t want anything. You don’t give something hoping for something in return. Mayoi felt bad about her intentions and meaning of chocolates all this while as the girls are enlightened by Tsumiki the angel. It must be true love.
* Meanwhile the guys are discussing about chocolates for White Day. Since Kyouya views chocolates as normal, this doesn’t sit well with Io and Sakaki so they explain about putting in the thought and returning the feelings of the sender. They use Saki as an example but Kyouya doesn’t want to hear it from Io since he is a pretty dense guy himself.
* Since the girls made homemade chocolates, the guys are going to do the same and they borrow Hatch Potch’s kitchen. They discuss the meaning associated to what one gives a girl. Io is pretty smooth in his reply. If it’s marshmallow, it’s returning the feelings back in their purest form. If it’s candy, they are the crystallized feelings in these sweet gemstones. Wow.
* Sakaki has made pig’s feet in marshmallow. This is for last year’s revenge. Remember Mayoi frog meat chocolate? Wow. Sakaki still remembers that? Now he needs someone to test it. No way!
* On White Day in class, the guys give the girls their chocolates. Sakaki made choco marshmallows, Kyouya made white choco cookies and Io made gummi candies. Kyouya thought Saki is going to tease his chocolate for being creepy but she smiles and says she could at least thank him for the gift. Kyouya is putting up a tsundere face that so much so Sakaki feels it’s somewhat creepy. A guy being tsundere? How rare is that? As they discuss about the surprise in receiving gifts, Sakaki shows them the pig’s feet marshmallows he made. Surprise!
* Io walks home with Tsumiki and he tells her he only puts a cute kitty in her candies. Though embarrassed, she thanks him.

Places To Places But Didn’t Go Anywhere…
I thought we were going to have a final episode drama. So do you feel a little cheated when the penultimate episode ended with indications that Io and Tsumiki may actually realize they have feelings for each other? Then when the last episode arrives, it is just like any other episode. Where’s the drama? Oh wait. Did this series have any serious drama to begin with? Io is still the dense guy and Tsumiki the tsundere girl. And their friends just love teasing and watching them. Maybe status quo is sometimes the best? There is a possibility that Io and Tsumiki will change as well as their relationship with their friends won’t stay as it is when they become an official couple. I mean, they would be spending more time with each other instead of together like they always do. Though I don’t think Io and Tsumiki will be that ‘bad hearted’ to ditch their friends once they get hooked and will most likely continue their usual ways, but you can’t dismiss such possibilities. So I’m not sure if Io and Tsumiki really made any progress with their relationship. Because we’ve always seen them like that, so the way they react towards each other is expected to be like that.  If we don’t see any progress in Io and Tsumiki’s romance, I’m sure we won’t get to see any with Kyouya and Saki too. Theirs feel like the opposite. Kyouya the tsundere and Saki the oblivious. But I have this feeling that Saki is just feigning it to pull Kyouya’s leg. About Kikue? Don’t even start it. At this rate of whining each time the ‘boyfriend’ topic gets picked up, she might end up being an old spinster. Oops.

With nothing much changed in the end, you could say the same for the characters too. Everybody is basically the same the way they are as they started. Tsumiki is a cute if not odd girl in her own ways. While her somewhat monotonous way of speaking makes her cute, there are other attributes that sometimes make me wonder if she is human. Take for instance, sometimes she got cat ears popping out from her head. Sometimes she acts like one too. She bites. Reminds me of Index… No doubt she loves cats and I thought this was just and indicator it is her reaction that something interests her or something. But at points others react to it as though they were real. Then there is this superhuman strength feature. I thought it was just the series’ way of putting in exaggeration to show us a joke but it seems that the other characters also possess this kind of ability. Whether it is super strong or super speed, it just feels odd to infuse such characteristics into the characters especially in this genre. I guess Hime is the only one who doesn’t have all this super power thingy. Yeah, she might not keep up with it all if it gets out of hand. Tsumiki may be looking lethargic at times but she too displays other emotions especially when it involves Io. She’ll get lively, panic, annoyed or detest depending on what you say about her and Io. For Io, he is a nice guy and the best thing about him is that sometimes he can naturally come up with cool romantic lines that would probably sweep a girl off her feet anytime. If only I had those suave lines… Sakaki his best friends, I don’t want to put him as the loser because he too has his good points despite being more lively and cheeky. Just that certain things got a way of making its way to him. In other words, he gets hit by stuffs. Complimenting his cheekiness and liveliness is Mayoi whose eyes we will never get to see. Double trouble when this pair is in sync. Despite wearing a lab coat, the way she acts doesn’t really make her smart but amusing especially with her mischievous quips. Hime on the other hand is an innocent but very gullible girl.

Speaking of blood, for a gag anime, there has been lots of nose bleeding reactions especially Hime and Tsumiki contributing most of it. It is somewhat bloody for this kind of genre, don’t you think? Not only the characters in this show, with Tsumiki as the ultimate embodiment of moe (cat ears, tsundere, ahoge), I think this will sent viewers who fetish such moe-ness into extreme nose bleed. So get all those cloth and solutions to clean the blood off your monitor, keyboard and PC unit. The way Hime and Tsumiki churn out their nose bleeding reaction makes me realize that they may be on par with that disgusting Kanako of Maria+Holic. Just that they aren’t yuri or yaoi fanatics but romance buffs. Too wild an imagination they have. It’s amazing they didn’t die from each ‘hot’ delusion or occurrence. Each episode never fails to perform this ‘trademark’ and the amount of blood they gush out I feel could be enough to be donated to a blood bank and save several lives that are in need of blood transfusion. Really. But remember, losing too much blood is not good for your health. If it is not for the nose bleeds, the heating up or ‘mini explosions’ over the head due to feeling embarrassment are some of the little ‘dangers’ in wearing your body down if you do it too often. But then again, Tsumiki and friends like I said may possess abnormal human qualities so they can overheat or explode many times without the danger of breaking their body.

For the drawing and art, the characters do look cute and they go even cuter when they are in their chibi mode. But there is something that I want to mention about Tsumiki’s appearance. There are these light spots over her hair and if you take a closer look, it looks like as though they are water colour-like smear marks. Like somebody spilled them and she forgot to clean them. Her long overflowing hair also reminded me how closely it resembles Himea from Itsuka Tenma No Kurousagi. As for her ahoge, sometimes it gives me a feeling that it’s an alien antenna. Sometimes I have this urge of wanting to pull it… Oops. Better not. She might bite me. As for Hime, I thought there was this uncanny resemblance with Hanamaru Kindergarten’s Koume. Then you have lots of cute things floating and popping up on the screen especially that trademark circling arrows.

Simultaneously with the next episode preview (by the way is just a single line scrolling across the bottom of the stream and seemingly like a monologue of a character), there is this Acchi Kocchi Kindergarten. In this amusing section, we see Io as the kindergarten teacher while Tsumiki, Hime and Mayoi the little children that seek to play and gain his attention. For example, Tsumiki is always hanging on Io’s head (even to a point sleeping on his head during nap time), playing with a yarn ball, playing cops and robbers, in a race trying to reach Io first (Tsumiki beats them all!). Hmmm… Hime really does resemble Hanamaru Kindergarten’s Koume. Except for one episode (the school cultural festival) whereby this segment is just a one-shot antic on how Tsumiki got carried away by the balloons so Io and Sasaki grab on to her as weight and still didn’t work. It finally stops and starting to float down when Mayoi hangs on. What does this tell you? Is Mayoi that heavy?! Absolutely hilarious!

For the voice acting, I guess Rumi Ookubo (Kaho in Freezing, Chinatsu in YuruYuri) did quite a nice job in making Tsumiki have this lethargic and dreamy voice. Sometimes it is as though it makes that girl have a sleepy feel, like not enough sleep. Even when she’s angry or in total embarrassment, she sounds cute. Nobuhiko Okamoto as Io is very gentleman-like something almost similar to his other role as Usui in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama and nothing close to Niizuma in Bakuman and To Aru Majutsu No Index’s Accelerator. Other casts include Hitome Nabatame as Mayoi (Margery Daw in Shakugan No Shana), Shintarou Asanuma as Sakaki (Takatoshi in Seitokai Yakuindomo), Kaori Fukuhara as Hime (Tsukasa in Lucky Star, Run in A Channel), Yuuko Minaguchi as Miiko (the titular character in Yawara), Junko Iwao as Kikue (Akane in Mai-HiME), Tsubasa Yonaga as Kyouya (Hanabusa in Yumeiro Patissiere), Natsumi Takamori as Saki (Mei in Another) and Hiromi Konno as Kana (Sae in Amagami SS).

Overall despite the ‘nothing much happens’, this anime had some good laughs and it was enjoyable (in the light hearted sense). So don’t worry if the guy or girl doesn’t realize your feelings yet. Maybe just one day that will happen. One day. Who knows when. In the mean time, feel free to enjoy the great company, the pats on the heads, feeding of great foods, receiving great presents and the some nice words you’d love to hear whether you’re in love or not. That’s not so bad, isn’t it? Fringe benefits? Maybe for me I’ll one day get my own girlfriend (if I ever can ditch this anime otaku life – No way!). But in the mean time, I’ll prefer to watch the romance and drama unfolding of others because it’s more fun and safer that way. If anything goes wrong, I could probably just walk away and change the channel…

Acchi Kocchi

Another anime that revolves around a group of boys? Did they make a rip-off from Kimi To Boku and mix it with Nichijou? Actually Daily Lives Of High School Boys is anything far from Kimi To Boku and the only similarity they have is well, the series focuses on a bunch of high school boys of Sanada North High School which is an all-boys academy. As you have guessed that this series isn’t only focused on the 3 main characters but the other odd characters that surround them in their daily lives. That’s what make their seemingly ordinary daily lives filled fun and excitement, right? Not so if you’re on the receiving end of the joke of course.

One of the few reasons that attracted me to watch this comedy was this funny line I read from Wikipedia: “High-school boys are really simple and curious creatures. They want one and only one thing: girls. But they haven’t got a clue about them. Male teenagers are dumbfounded by the girls’ thought process, actions, appearance and everything in between. They spend countless hours amongst themselves discussing and arguing their theories which are usually completely off base. If only they had the courage to ask them instead of screwing around and talking about nonsensical things, they might get somewhere”. That basically sums up what teenage boys are, eh? Ah yes. I was once at that age. And girlfriend-less. Okay, let’s not bring up my unfortunate past. Well, after watching this anime, I can say that seeing them talk about the opposite sex is like trying to get a Full House for your poker cards. Rare. There are incidents on this topic but the host of other random nonsense makes it seem insignificant. So you could say that this ‘plot’ is somewhat a little misleading.

And since this is a predominantly guy anime, is there gay or yaoi elements you ask? Even the title sounds a little gay, don’t you think? Well, it never crossed my mind when I was watching it because I was too darn busy laughing at the silly antics the boys had to put up and deal with. Even if there are, it is probably part of the joke and you won’t really notice it. Not that I realize any. Instead of a series whereby an entire episode is one straight story, this series is divided into very short and random skits. So short that probably the longest one only lasts about 5 minutes and the shortest perhaps only 2 minutes. On average you will have around 8 skits per episode. I guess this is a good formula if you want to keep your audiences ‘entertained’ with fresh skits that are independent of each other. But to say independent is not accurate because some of the skits do have a minimal impact on the subsequent and later ones. Don’t worry. That won’t spoil your fun in watching their antics. So can we start already?

Episode 1A: Prologue
If it’s not bad enough Tadakuni is running late with a bread in his mouth, his friends Yoshitake Tanaka and Hidenori Tabata are eating leftover curry and ramen respectively on their way too. Tadakuni isn’t happy that his friends are also mashing together mobile suits and adventure heroes seeing this is a collaboration work between Square Enix and Sunrise.

Episode 1B: High School Boys and After School
Tadakuni wants to know how to get a girlfriend so his friends act out in a simulation with him but end up doing several takes because someone wasn’t following the scenario or change of setting. When they’re just about to give up, Tadakuni remembers he forgotten something important and takes the hand of his ‘girlfriend’ (Yoshitake) and make a run to see the ‘scenery’. Hidenori is impressed he should be able to score with girls with that but the only problem is… They are in an all-boys’ high school!

Episode 1C: High School Boys and Skirts
Hidenori and Yoshitake bum in Tadakuni’s room. Hidenori wants their opinion on skirts and with Yoshitake though they didn’t like the idea of ‘just a roll of cloth around your waist’, he even got the guts to ask Tadakuni’s permission to wear his sister’s skirt. Not only that. They even want to wear her panties! Then as they put their leg into the skirt, they start arguing about leg hair so Tadakuni got so pissed off that it ends up they all agree to go change and wear the skirt. But… It seems Tadakuni is the one who came out wearing the skirt! Scammed big time!!! Noting how cute he is and that he could make extra money out of this, Tadakuni gets taken in by their praises. Then his sister comes in to see her brother trying on her bra next… Oh shiiiiiii…

Episode 1D: High School Boys and Ghost Stories
Hidenori mentions he saw something strange at a restaurant the other day. When a customer left, there were 3 chopsticks on her bowl. Thinking this is a scary story, Yoshitake proceeds to tell his about shaving his nipple hair with a razor. Do nipples grow back? OUCH!!! See a doctor damn it! Now it’s Tadakuni’s turn. His friend drank something non-alcoholic and doesn’t feel good. Taking him to the toilet, he saw squirming in his vomit is a centipede! His friends stop him as they need to go to the bathroom. Inside, they see Tadakuni’s sister puking like mad! Thinking she must have overheard their story, they also vomit out to see if it’s true! Of course, Tadakuni made all that up and there is no way he could tell them that now.

Episode 1E: High School Boy and Female Companion
Hidenori is shocked to see something through his class window: Tadakuni walking with a girl to school! The class is in a commotion! Delinquent Motoharu tells them to be cool and observe. He concludes the girl next to Tadakuni is someone he just met since they are gazing away from each other and their walking pace differs. He then rallies the class for an operation to maximize their virgin power! When Tadakuni reaches the gates, he is surrounded by Motoharu and the other guys. He is going to ask who this girl is when Tadakuni gives directions for her to the station and she thanks him. So she was just a lost girl asking for directions? Red faced!

Episode 1F: High School Boy and Literature Girl
Literature Girl sees Hidenori is trying to read a book at the river bank but it’s too windy. She then sits close to him. Hidenori’s mind is racing who the heck this chick is and the need to say something cool. After thinking the lines he should say, he spouted the embarrassing lines of “The wind is troubled today”. Literature Girl then replies with “But this wind is weeping a little”. Hidenori continues to put up a cool front but knows he can’t take this any longer and calls his buddies for help. Yoshitake arrives first and utters another wind line. Hidenori is going to walk away coolly when Tadakuni arrives. However he can’t read the atmosphere and mentions something about potato chips being half priced at the convenience store. Literature Girl got enraged and beats him up! The contents of her bag come loose as Hidenori realizes she is writing a novel. A love story of boy and girl meeting at a riverbank and the main character uses the power of the wind. It’s like she wanted her fantasy to become a reality and chose Hidenori as the protagonist (this explains her oddly contorted happy face). But what Hidenori can’t accept she gave the character a particular background and thinks he is an introverted lonely otaku.

Episode 2A: High School Boys and Morning Journey
Tadakuni picks up a fine looking stick on the road when Hidenori suddenly slashes him with his umbrella. Thank goodness Tadakuni was swift enough to counter it and slash him back. Tadakuni didn’t like it that his friends drag him into playing RPG journey with the ridiculous fast pace of the story but I guess he has no choice but to play along. Yoshitake realizes he forgot to bring his back so they all rush back as Tadakuni drops the stick. Soon Motoharu picks it up and plays RPG with his friends. After a girl passes by them, they got embarrassed by what they did, drop the stick and pretend all this never happened.

Episode 2B: High School Boys and Convex Mirror Girl
Tadakuni works part time at a pizza parlour with fellow co-worker Nago and Yasunori. Tadakuni asks what do high school girls find attractive about boys. Nago isn’t too enthusiastic in answering but mentions about the face. She finds it odd that they are talking about themselves and thought they wanted her to praise them. They think Nago should work on her appeal so she brings out a convex mirror and guess what? The light must have reflected this fat ugly girl into a pretty babe! Woah! Who the heck is this different person?! The guys couldn’t believe it was her and hope to meet the girl in the mirror again. Even if that’s impossible, they won’t stop trying. Just keep dreaming…

Episode 2C: High School Boys and Friendship Power
Tadakuni’s sister beats up her brother and accuses him and his friends for stealing her underwear. Hidenori denies it is them but Yoshitake saw something unpleasant: Hidenori is wearing her bra underneath his shirt! The culprit even did a stakeout to catch the culprit. Want to guarantee that person will never appear? Yoshitake is in a dilemma but decides to tell Tadakuni when he sees that bugger also wearing his sister’s bra!!! WTF?! Then he thinks deep about their friendship and decides to bear their burden of sins to lead them back to the right path. This means, putting on a pair of panties over his head. Then he realizes he has been betrayed because his friends catches him in the act and pins him down for Tadakuni’s sister to give him a super kick. In that instant, Yoshitake reveals the other culprits too. Screw friendship!

Episode2D: High School Boy and Literature Girl 2
Motoharu is at the river bank with Literature Girl. He says he hates the wind, causing her to be pretty much shock. He continues the wind is always taking away his precious things and hopes to stop it. He walks away coolly but gave in to his embarrassment because he said that to the wrong girl! It was supposed to be his sister, Mino who just returned from the convenience store.

Episode 2E: High School Boys and Traditional Events
Toshiyuki Karasawa shows tells the guys about the school’s event of picking up trash. They didn’t like how uncool it is and see the school pamphlet. They are horrified to see a 70 hour fast event and go confront the principal. Of course he doesn’t know a damn thing since he has been the principal for only 3 years but not wanting to disappoint them, he cooks up a story that back in 1984 when the school was facing a crisis of reduced enrolment, the principal at that time pleaded his case for 70 straight hours and thus saved the school. They don’t have to fast but as long as you love the school it is enough. However that moment of touching deep meaning comes to a crashing halt when Karasawa reads the pamphlet that points out this school was founded in 1989. Oh damn!

Episode 2F: High School Boy and Childhood Times
Motoharu talks to Mino about his friends who also have sisters but do not get along as well like they do. Sister tries to make him remember they use to play at this river bank but he disagrees the human spinning game she always played with him. She insists it was him who wanted to play it very much. She wants to play that now to make him remember but he isn’t sure about their height difference now. Amazingly she pulls it off and he remembers how much he was bullied.

Episode 2G: High School Boys and Ghost Stories 2
Hidenori mentions he spotted some crap on his eyebrow and plucked it out. But it turns out to be white eyebrow hair that had grown 3cm! Uh, that’s supposed to be scary? Yoshitake doesn’t want to lose out to ghost stories so while Hidenori calls Karasawa over (because that guy knows lots of ghost stories), Yoshitake relates how he was scrubbing his face so hard that he heard a crack. Then he started bleeding before the blood and pain suddenly stopped. In the end nothing happened. Was that a true story instead? Tadakuni continues that he saw once something in Karasawa’s head when he took off his cap. However he can’t tell the guys since probably that guy wouldn’t want others to know his secret. His friends decide to ambush Karasawa before he gets here and what do you know? He is outside the gate facing off with Tadakuni’s sister! She overheard the story too? Then they all start to chase him and it is obvious what Tadakuni said was just a lie…

Episode 2H: The Daily Life of a…
Lady Yukana wants to skip school despite her 3 handsome butlers telling her not to be selfish. She insists and forces them to come up with reasons for her to skip school. You can say they are all stupid and silly which includes fake tooth, catching a cold, dog died, massive amount salted fish entrails in her lunch and someone by the name of Imada. She got so pissed by their idiocy that her front false tooth came off! Then one of the butlers picked it up and used it to chase the other butlers. Yukana got so fed up with the ruckus that she decides to go to school. Yeah, whether on purpose or not, that got her ass moving to school, right?

Episode 3A: High School Boys and Summer Plans
Hidenori calls up his friends to gather so that they can make plans for the summer vacation. He starts reprimanding them like a general to get their spirits up before starting to chair the meeting. But the rest feel they want Karasawa to be the chairman and call him over. Then Tadakuni’s sister passes by and Hidenori asks her which of the guys she would like to date. After some thinking, she picks Karasawa! Say what?! So happy he allows her to sit on her lap but she got upset and wrestles with him. As for the rest, they continue their planning and since time is running, an outing to the beach will do.

Episode 3B: High School Boys and Beach House
The guys are at the beach but failed miserably in trying to pick up any girl. Then Hidenori thinks he knows why the girls are ignoring them. Motoharu wants him to spill it out and the answer turns out to be girls like hot ramen. I think it’s a play of words with ramen (noodles) and ikemen (handsome guy). He got slapped.

Episode 3C: High School Boys and Hotspring
After taking a nice bath, the guys decide to play penalty ping pong in the losers must punch the student council president. In addition, they are required to answer correctly to a topic and 3 strikes mean you lose. With topics like Uranus’ moons and foreign presidents, seems only Tadakuni is the only one who is ‘unknowledgeable’. He thinks the rest have pre-setup this. So he decides to go with one he knows and that is, the flags of countries with a moon on it. To his surprise the others know their stuff well and the plan backfires on Tadakuni because he only knew Malaysia! Safe to say, he lost.

Episode 3D: High School Boys and Radio DJ
Hidenori is acting out his own personal radio programme while Yoshitake isn’t into his character. So reading postcards and giving replies are all part of the pretend and when the show ends, Tadakuni who was reading his manga didn’t even bother to give his closing comments.

Episode 3E: High School Boys and Summer Memories
With summer vacation almost over, the guys decide to have fun till they puke. So over the music video, we see montages of the guys having fun at the festival, singing karaoke and kimodameshi (I hardly doubt it would be fun with all guys). Then Hidenori gets a call from Tadakuni about their plans for tomorrow. He checks his calendar to find it is already 4th September and summer vacation is way long over! Thus the guys start playing shiritori together though Tadakuni’s choice of words for rebuke seems to be a coincidence that has them playing the game going around in circles…

Episode 3F: High School Boy and the Train to School
Hidenori rides the train to school and takes interest in a girl in the same coach. Actually he wants to tell her about the hair sticking out from her mole on her neck. He wants to tell her so badly but doesn’t have the guts. Seeking advice from others also didn’t help as they tell him not to do so because it may deem rude. On another day as Hidenori is in his usual dilemma, finally he goes up close to her to tell her but experiences cold feet. Then he realizes something. Shouldn’t someone have pointed it out already? Does this mean she doesn’t have friends? Is the mole a proof of her loneliness? He decides he is going to tell her even though it will mean getting his head ripped off. As she steps off, Hidenori calls out to her and points to her mole. She gets embarrassed at first but eventually gives out a smile and thanks him. Thus the story of a foolish boy who seriously worried about something this stupid ended.

Episode 3G: High School Girls Are Funky: Uniform and Boyfriend
I guess it is inevitable that if there are high school boys, there must be their counterparts too. Ikushima wonders how to get a boyfriend but since she’s too annoying, Yanagin punches her and ends the topic! Then with Habara, they talk about the things high school girls could do. Yanagin gets passionate to do everything and feels pity for high school boys because this anime is about them doing stupid things in their everyday life. She gets an idea to borrow Habara’s brother school uniform, much to her dismay. Yanagin and Ikushima frolic in a guy’s uniform when Habara’s brother steps in. A moment of AAAAAARRRRGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 4A: High School Boys and Eavesdropping
Tadakuni spots Hidenori and Yoshitake together and thinks they’re talking behind his back so he sneaks close enough to eavesdrop. First he couldn’t comprehend the odd story they’re talking followed by the dirty talk (lots of censors and bleeps!). This is followed by politics so Tadakuni wonders if he was close enough to them in the first place. He wants to be better friends with them so he steps out but it turns out they are different people despite looking close to his buddies! Who the hell are they?!

Episode 4B: High School Boys and Cultural Festival
The student council president of Sanada East High School, Ringo is going to confront her student council counterparts and isn’t going to let the boys look down on them girls anymore. When they enter the student council room, they got spooked thinking they entered a delinquent room because they consist of Vice President (let’s just call him that), Motoharu and Sanada. But quickly the guys treat the girls to tea and with much politeness. Ringo is shocked at them being perfect gentlemen and compared to their room which is clean and tidy, theirs is messy and unkempt! Role reversal, I’d say. Yeah, the girls use their room as a casual hangout place. Vice President thought Ringo is unhappy with the snack but actually she can’t let them know about her inferior complex. Then the President (let’s call him just that too) says he invited those girls here for a meeting because their schools are supposed to collaborate for the cultural festival. Because President mistakes Ringo’s friend as his counterpart, he got punched and she vows to beat him at the festival.

Episode 4C: High School Boys and Cultural Festival 2
President takes Ringo around the festival and shows them the horror house they put their heart and soul in making it the scariest. Because he claims she will scream so loud it will destroy her vocal chords, Ringo’s pride and ego kicks up and challenges him if she doesn’t raise her voice while going through the haunted house, it’s her victory. But why is she bringing her friends in too? Slowly her friends bite the dust when they meet a guy who is looking for his eyeballs on the floor followed by another whose guts and inner organs are visible and beating! Scream fest! Ringo comes into several scary ghosts as she tries to hold in her scream. Just when she thought she has reached the exit, she saw the scariest scene ever: naked President taking off his underwear! Actually he was trying to change into a ghost costume. Since he points out she screamed, she punches him.

Episode 4D: High School Boys and Cultural Festival 3
Yoshitake and Habara are tasked as the receptionist. Habara talks like as though she knows about guys but Yoshitake knows better and keeps quiet. She then nags him when he didn’t properly greet her friend. Soon Yoshitake switches place with Vice President and Habara starts to panic sitting next to this scary looking guy.

Episode 4E: High School Boys and Cultural Festival 4
After the drama club’s act, Ringo is having her confidence in their school’s light music club. She is confident she will beat President this time but he tells her to give it a rest because everyone is trying to have fun here and not ruin it with her petty ego. But he crosses the line when he says even if their school compete, the girls will never best them. This riles up Ringo as she makes a scene. President also has the same idea of fighting her and makes it clear who is wrong and who is right. Vice President fears this will tarnish the festival’s image but surprisingly everybody is enjoying the fist fight! Especially the girls! Well, seems Ringo lands every punch and kick on President and it’s like the guy couldn’t even touch her. Even if his excuse that he doesn’t hit girls, it’s probably a lame ploy for him to go down. Everyone cheers Ringo as the winner and though she doesn’t understand what’s going on, she revels in the limelight of victory but Karasawa treats it like another cultural programme and moves on to the next line-up, running her moment.

Episode 4F: High School Boys and Counselling
Tadakuni seeks Nago’s advice seeing lately he has been feeling distant with his friends. It’s not like she’s giving him a clear cut answer because eventually it is still him who needs to settle this his own way. Then he sees his friends but doesn’t know what to say. Nago says since they’re not fighting, just be normal. Tadakuni goes up to them and… Oh crap! It’s that Hidenori and Yoshitake look-a-likes! Who the hell?!

Episode 4G: High School Girls Are Funky: Humour
The girls are badmouthing the high school boys for even being alive and think they aren’t even fun to watch and just acting tough and cool. Noticing they have a high school boy living next door, Yanagin screams out to Karasawa for his meagre opinion. I guess after hearing comments like why high school boys don’t just die or why are they trying so hard to live, it’s best to ignore them and let those screaming b*tches shout till they get hoarse. Threatening him about cutting his screen time and without them they wouldn’t have got this far, Karasawa throws down several snacks and in an instant like the wild zoo monkeys they are, start picking up and eating them. Look who’s pitiful?

Episode 5A: High School Boys and Dubbing
Tadakuni and his pals watch 3 middle school girls having fun together at a park bench. For the heck of it, they start adlibbing their conversation with weird storylines that probably you won’t understand if you try to follow it. Finally they even adlib that the guys (themselves) are staring at them for a while and got depressed.

Episode 5B: High School Boy and Seniority
Motoharu meets Mino to go buy ingredients for tonight’s dinner. He didn’t expect to meet her friends as she introduces them to him. Then it’s like role reversal because her friends surround him and give that evil grin like as though they’re going to do something bad. First they tease him about his beard and since he tries to protect his pride by not giving a straight answer, Mino whacks him and warns him to watch his mouth around his elders. Seeing he can’t break the hierarchy when his sister is around, Motoharu holds it in all the humiliating torment they give him from forcing him to say words like a comedian and tying his hair up like twintails. Finally when it’s time to leave, he thought his reprieve is finally here but Mino wants him to come along with them. Why? They’re buying ingredients for dinner, right? Yup. Her friends are staying over tonight. Oh, that was the sound of his heart breaking…

Episode 5C: High School Boys and Saviour
Vice President, Motoharu and Karasawa plead to Ringo to lend them her school’s equipment. However she doesn’t give a damn. So desperate that when they corner her at the dark alley and spouting words like “Even 2.5 hours would be fine” and “It’ll only be for a little while”, it was enough for them to be mistaken as predators because some nice guy came up to them to tell them how they’re bothering her. The trio realize and no choice… They start getting violent! Guess what? They got knocked out! Actually they pretended to lose because if he ever knows Ringo knew them, it would be embarrassing for him. Now all that’s left is for Ringo to go away. Unfortunately she didn’t get the message and was going to tell him how she knew the guys. Vice President kicks her butt to give her a hint. Did she finally get it? Well, she gets rough with her saviour instead. Dumb…

Episode 5D: High School Boys and Old Friend
Hidenori and Yoshitake meet an old friend in the streets they haven’t seen for a while, Kiyotaka. However as they’re talking, they notice his girlfriend by his side giving them death stares! Is it because they’re interrupting their date time? They try to leave but Kiyotaka invites them to eat with him. I don’t know, they could’ve refused but joined him instead. So more worries because his girlfriend is giving them intense death stares while Kiyotaka is oblivious to the atmosphere. Even talking about group dating. So when they point out to his girlfriend, he explains she is his sister and her squinting is because she lost her contacts. He came to pick her home. Tension and worried for nothing!!!

Episode 5E: High School Boy and Biography of a Hero
While walking up the stairs to a shrine, Hidenori remembers 8 years ago before he met his friends, he was bullied right here. A masked boy claiming to be an ally of the weak gave him a whistle. If he blows it, he will come running to his aid. A few days later Hidenori again got bullied and at his limit as he was about to blow the whistle, the masked boy appeared and shot the bullies with his flying rubber bands. Upon knowing his fearful reputation, the bullies ran away. Hidenori asked why he came even before he blew the whistle and his answer was to help an important friend. After that he left and was never seen again. Ever since, Hidenori believed in his words and suddenly he heard the familiar tune belonging to that kid. Thinking he’ll be able to see him again, he rushes up the stairs only to see Yoshitake… Oh dear. He was that masked kid? Hidenori runs back down the stairs… I guess some things are better left unknown.

Episode 5F: High School Boy and Literature Girl 3
Once again Hidenori meets Literature Girl at the river bank. His heart is screaming “NOOOOOO!!!” as he knows she probably wants to live out her fantasy again. Yeah, look at that idiotic hopeful grin on her face. However being the entertainer he is, he doesn’t want to disappoint her and scrambles for cool words to say. He starts off with “The wind is cold” and but thought that sentence wasn’t cool enough and starts adding bit by bit. However Literature Girl doesn’t seem impressed. He finally spouts out a line believed to be his best, “The wind is sparkling” but Literature Girl fell into laughing frenzy instead.

Episode 5G: High School Girls Are Funky: Resentment
Yanagin is pissed off their song doesn’t match their movements at all and wants to redo it everything so they could earn enough to play a gig in London for a week. But taking it from the top once more makes them all out of sync instead. Later Yanagin is seen furiously punching Karasawa. Remember the sweets he gave them? They’re expired. Haha! Because Karasawa is blocking her punches and kicks, she has Ikushima hold him down. As she kicks, Karasawa turns around and lets her butt get kicked! Since that’s not working, they insult him about his insignificant existence. Karasawa takes off his hat and shows them a hideous scar. Speechless. Habara felt so pity that she gave him 5,000 Yen!

Episode 6A: High School Boys and Holy Night
Tadakuni and his friends barely escaped being hit by a brick thrown by Tadakuni’s sister! She’s totally upset! Flashback on Christmas Day, Hidenori casually asked her why she was always alone on this day. The rest is history. So as the mad girl chases them down the street, Yoshitake got kicked out of commission and Tadakuni thrown off the edge! Run Hidenori! Run!!! Then in the crowded shopping area, Tadakuni’s sister suddenly realizes she is the only one without a boyfriend because of all the lovers around her. She breaks down when Hidenori volunteers to pretend to be her girlfriend. He got punched in the face instead.

Episode 6B: High School Boys and New Semester
Yoshitake arrive in class for the new semester talking to Tadakuni, Hidenori and Motoharu about some video game. Then they joke about the wind blowing the window sounded like a miso grilled tofu. When the teacher comes in, she nervously said there was an error in the printout she handed at the end of last term. She tried to contact everyone but only couldn’t get them. Then she wrote on the board apologizing that the new school term actually starts tomorrow! I guess the reason why the boys chase her is because she’s running away laughing.

Episode 6C: High School Boys and Little Sister’s Troubles
Tadakuni’s sister visit the student council room seeking for Motoharu and Karasawa’s advice. Seems she was confessed yesterday and rejected him. So? He punched her. Oh sh*t! He wants her to see her again today and thought she needed their help. But when Karasawa learns it is her fault that they got into a fight and resulted her in getting punch, she has no choice but to solve this herself since the presence of older boys won’t help. With a heavy heart, she leaves. She goes meet her confessor and she resolves to beat him up if he punches her again. However he apologizes and leaves. Karasawa and Motoharu are watching from afar and relieved that they were worried over nothing. To their surprise, they also see Hidenori and Yoshitake nearby. They are disappointed because they wanted to play the hero…

Episode 6D: High School Boys and Ringo’s Troubles
Ringo comes to the student council room seeking for Vice President, Motoharu and Karasawa’s advice as she is bothered by people calling her tiny. However their answers are very considerate which makes her can’t trust their opinion. She wants to go ask President instead (who is in the next room) but the guys won’t let her because they know he’ll get his ass kicked. So they stall her with quizzes especially the one that had her stumped for hours (Japan has more slopes upwards or downwards – it’s the same, no?). When she realized it’s a trick, she heads next door but Karasawa imitates the sound of a cat. She starts searching it enthusiastically but upon knowing it was that bugger, she punches him and continues her journey. She sees President playing his handheld video game and asks her question anyway. His answer too is considerate that will make any girl swoon over but you know what? She got embarrassed and punched him! What the hell answer does she want?

Episode 6E: High School Boys and Motoharu’s Troubles
When a girl comes in to the student council room seeking help to find her lost dog, Motoharu blows his top and blames Karasawa for always helping people and wants him to say “No!”. He did say “No”. To Motoharu’s request. Haha! That’s not it. Soon Vice President comes in with the lost dog and the girl is so happy that she’s laughing like a maniac. Motoharu still wants Karasawa to say “No” so the latter makes a compromise. He wants the girl to pay up for their services. Not laughing anymore, isn’t she?

Episode 6F: High School Boys and Sure-kill Shot
Mitsuo wants to practice his sure-kill shots with Hidenori. He shoots a Standstill Shot that Hidenori could barely see him lift his feet. He thought this will be a goal when suddenly Hidenori catches it and notes how weak it is. Then Mitsuo uses the ace up his sleeve with his Reflection Shot but Hidenori again punches it away. So frustrated that Mitsuo grabs the football with his hand and runs straight into the goal! FOUL!!! In the end he got admitted into… The rugby club.

Episode 6G: High School Girls Are Funky: Past
Yanagin and Ikushima are arguing so Habara’s casual remark of them that they got nothing to show off has them turn against her. Calling her a flat chest and bringing her to a guy named Takahiro Matsumoto, they want him to date her since he has no girlfriend! However he just gives them 5,000 Yen in hopes they can let him off. Habara walks away depressed and it seems Takahiro can’t do anything about it. He explains back in elementary school, he was bullied a lot by her. So huge a bully that every high school boys would tremble upon hearing her name and Archdemon was her nickname. It even took every kid from the first to fourth grade to take her down. Scary…

Episode 7A: High School Boys and Gags
I’m not sure what gag Yoshitake is trying to pull off letting a crab pinch his mouth. Tadakuni tried shooting milk with his eyes but got the lactose spilled all over his face. Finally Hidenori seems to be doing some Incredible Hulk poser when he’s actually unzipping his pants without using his hands! Woah!

Episode 7B: High School Boys and Indoor Adventure
Since they’re bored, the trio decide to play Dragon Quest. However Tadakuni couldn’t follow the sudden pace of the story and the different odd characters that the duo used as party members to go defeat some demon king. It’s no wonder why he gets confused of which character they’re playing since Hidenori and Yoshitake are acting as a several characters. Suddenly Hidenori becomes a new mysterious character that appears before them! To be continued… Soon.

Episode 7C: High School Boys and Indoor Adventure 2
That mysterious person seems to be somebody seeking their help to find his lost child. So much for the tension and drama. As the confusing plot with characters continue (Tadakuni still can’t keep up with them), suddenly they hear footsteps of the demon king coming in. It’s Tadakuni’s sister. They need to tackle the ‘demon king’ now and pounce on her. However she is strong enough to hold them down. The duo plead for Tadakuni to do something or make a cool ending. His action? Just save at this point. I don’t think they can continue this anytime later.

Episode 7D: High School Boys and Older Brother
Yoshitake and Tadakuni’s sisters are talking to Yuusuke, Hidenori’s elder brother about their brothers. They want them to act their age now and assume Yuusuke as their leader should do something about it. Yoshitake’s sister thinks the girl standing there all along is his girlfriend and blows her top he should have realized her feelings for him! Actually she’s a senior from his club. Getting back on topic, she continues they stole her panties and did something awful to her on Christmas. Yuusuke realizes it’s when she ran through town bawling. Yoshitake’s sister then gets suspicious how he knew about that. It’s like he saw a picture of her. With Tadakuni’s sister holding him down (by his head), Yoshitake’s sister tries to take the handphone in his pocket but it turns out to be Tadakuni’s sister’s panties. In addition to his glasses, I think his head just snapped…

Episode 7E: High School Boys and As We Are
Hidenori isn’t amused again that Literature Girl is behind him. Even if she’s making that sad face, he’s thinking of not giving in. Suddenly the wind blows away her papers. As she tries to catch it, she trips and hurt herself. However she can’t open the bandage box and give up. Then drinking from her bottle, it tastes awful so much so she coughed it out, including her snot and all. Hidenori is trying his best not to give in and laugh because he thinks by doing these bloopers she is expecting some sort of reaction from him. As she takes out her tissues, it got blown away by the wind. Once more she trips and crashes into Hidenori. She starts crying out loud so Hidenori thinks it’s okay to be lame since that is who they are. He stands up but accidentally heads butt her unconscious. Whoops. He left his jacket with her while she ‘sleeps’.

Episode 7F: High School Boys and Careers
The teacher collects the career questionnaire the boys have filled in. She knows that they aren’t being serious and checks them. True enough, there are weird answers that piss her off (including frustrated comments). One wants to be a middle school student? A ghost? Sports adventurer? Teacher wife? Science entertainer? I don’t want to be a lawyer answer? The final straw has to be entering college so she just overturns her table. That bad, huh?

Episode 7G: High School Boys and Mitsuo
The guys are talking about Mitsuo’s bad habits that includes singing karaoke for kids, eating kiwi and getting hair stuck to his tongue, thinking electricity can flow into this room when one offs all the lights when he got his first handphone and the ultimate prank Motoharu played on him was to exchange his shoes with a girl’s during elementary school. They never realized it till they graduated. Mitsuo heard everything from outside and comes in, pretending to be cool and all. Guess what? The guys continue to talk more nice ‘info’ on him right in front of his face!

Episode 7H: High School Boys and Mitsuo 2
Continuing where they left off, Mitsuo chides them for turning his past into jokes but it seems when they continue their ‘respect’ with more stories, all of them seems to be from Yoshitake. That bugger thinks they are focusing too much on him and counters with another story on Mitsuo. Something about accidentally sitting in the wrong seat of a girl and apologized for hours without knowing what it was. Mitsuo points out that never happened. Then after thinking a while, Yoshitake realizes that it was himself… Duh.

Episode 7I: High School Girl Power
A teacher is giving the trio girls some quiz. Habara doesn’t know what that devil on a chair is while the duo answer correctly “Belphegor”. However the teacher scolds them they are wrong because high school girls shouldn’t know a demon’s name! Throwing a fit, she tells them that she came here to boost their high school girl power and that the duo aren’t that cute. Trying again with another one, Ikushima gets it right by no knowing the answer. But she blows her top once more when Yanagin gets the next one correct despite common knowledge. She chides them the need to pretend to be an idiot who doesn’t know common knowledge is what makes girls cute! WTF?! I think she wanted to take off her own skirt (to make a point that guys’ brain and eyes are directed ‘right here’) but was restrained and the segment ended.

Episode 8A: High School Boys and Motoharu’s Sister
Miho wonders if her brother has ever gone “Zukyun!” before. That’s her term for the sound of a heart being pierced. She has never felt it before and Motoharu thinks she’s always making fun of people. Then when they pass by a cute dog, she suddenly goes “Zukyun”! Is Motoharu going to slap her?

Episode 8B: High School Boys and Mitsuo’s Worries
Hidenori and Yoshitake are trying to cheer a very depressed Mitsuo sitting by the swings. The duo leave seeing there is nothing more they can do. Four hours later, Mitsuo is still wallowing in his sorrows and haven’t moved from his spot so the irritated duo kick him off the swing! Looks like they’ve been waiting all the time. Seems Mitsuo’s parents found his porn magazine and to that kid it’s a big deal. The duo just tell him to go die.

Episode 8C: High School Boys and Manga
Hidenori wants Yoshitake’s earnest opinion on his manga. Initially he was reluctant to comment seeing he isn’t into this genre but after much pestering, he lets his comments flow. Seeing he is persistent about someone getting punched in the face is weird, Hidenori beats him up and tells him off he doesn’t understand his manga!

Episode 8D: High School Boys and Balconies
A guy is asking his neighbour girl across the balcony to return his DVD. Hidenori spots this and is appalled since he’s here to lend his notes to his absent classmate. He feels jealous… A girl is writing peacefully in her room when she hears a loud thud. It’s her neighbour, Hidenori who has just jumped across over to her balcony! It’s 5 metres apart, you know. He wants her to lend her DVD. Seeing he is so persistent on it, she yells at him to go back. Another 5 metre jump back…

Episode 8E: High School Boys and Convenience Store
While Hidenori is making a purchase, he notices the rookie cashier making an error in returning his change. Realizing the line behind him has build up, he worries he’ll get panic if he corrects him, won’t be able to handle the queue and even may lose his job. He thought of telling the manager but he looks so scary. Then the manager opens the next counter and what do you know? He’s just a trainee who is having problems using the scanner too! Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Episode 8F: High School Boys and Towers
For some reason, Tadakuni’s sister has got her bag stuck up high in the tree. Hidenori and Motoharu only got involved because she said she wanted to go to the store. Hidenori steps on her shoulder to grab the bag. She’s at the bottom supporting his weight so we won’t have that you-saw-my-panties accusation. Since they are nowhere near, she punches him. Motoharu helps out as he steps on Hidenori’s shoulder who is on Tadakuni’s sister. Getting heavier, isn’t it? So close, yet so far. The only way left is to throw things to make it drop. Unfortunately the guys throw their bag and it got stuck up there too. Uhn… Has anybody thought of climbing the tree?!

Episode 8G: High School Boys and Cakes
Yoshitake asks if there is anything Hidenori wants to do now. There is. Pee in his pants! Other than that? Eat some cake. Speaking of which, there is one right now because they bought it knowing it is his birthday today. However he can’t handle sweet stuff and Yoshitake is about to punch him. Hidenori notes there is another thing he wants to do: Throw pie. Yoshitake throws the cake in his face! I guess it’s not wasted this way.

Episode 8H: High School Boys and Horoscopes
Yoshitake reads his and Hidenori’s horoscope (they are Virgo) and notes today they will experience the worst luck in an entire decade. Hidenori doesn’t believe in this crap when suddenly a bee lands on his mouth! I think he wants to spread this bad luck to Yoshitake and tries to kiss him! He slams the bee into his mouth (yuck!) and they fear Motoharu may have mistaken their act. He promises he won’t tell anyone and even prepares to pay them! They beat him up when they realize he actually knew it was a bee between their mouths and not considered a first kiss. Before they could recover, another bee lands on Hidenori’s mouth. Déjà vu? Why is he trying to do the same thing to Yoshitake?! Oh, Karasawa is there too. He uses a bug spray on them. Clearly the worst day of their lives…

Episode 8I: High School Boys and 100
Motoharu is narrating about humanity’s chances against ‘them’ since they are better in every aspect. Turns out to be a large centipede as Motoharu freezes it with a freeze spray. Continuing his narration on the bug’s traits, characteristics and other possibilities of more of its kind, he takes it outside to get rid of it. Heading back inside to make sure there are no more and making precautions not to open any small gaps in this season (Mino just opened the window to fan herself by the way), to his horror, more of those creatures turn up at his feet! Horror!

Episode 8J: High School Girls Are Funky: Ramen
Yanagin notes that Nago scored first place in the exams while she is second. Not happy, she challenges her to karate outside but gets a body blow that she couldn’t even see it coming. The vomit is flowing like a river… After giving all sorts of excuses and challenges her to finish eating a jumbo bowl of ramen. Before she could start, Nago already finished hers! Wow! In a panic and trying to come up with more excuses, finally Nago breaks her silence and wonders who she is. Oh…

Episode 8K: High School Girls Are Funky: Skirts
The teacher tells the girls their skirts are too long and to make it shorter. That is, pulling them up till their chest. But wouldn’t they look like idiots? Challenge the limits of society she says? Honestly, they look idiotic rather than cute. Ikushima notes this is when Habara’s brother comes in so teacher says he is a nice normal guy so he’d laugh it off when he sees their panties once or twice. That’s her concern? True enough Habara’s brother walks in. But he’s not alone. He brought his friends too and they see the inevitable! Shameful! AAAAAAAARGH!!! Regretting it now?

Episode 9A: High School Boys and Older Brothers and Sister
Yoshitake’s sister suddenly announces that she and Yuusuke are dating. Even that Yuusuke guy is shock. Yeah, first time he heard time. From the way she says things, you can tell if Yuusuke dates her, he’ll get eaten up! Hidenori has no objections about them dating but wonders if she can kiss him. She replies an instant no! So the guys discuss and think she must be desperate to find a summer boyfriend and finally cracked. Yoshitake can’t take any more of this and wants Yuusuke to introduce her to some of his friends instead. Looking at the list of friends he has, seems they’re all perverts. So he just picks one and calls him with an intention to introduce him to a girl. He is eager to meet her but wants to know if she’s cute. Then the guys panic because they don’t really know what her face look like (she’s faceless by the way).

Episode 9B: High School Boys and Drop Kick
Hidenori is by the riverbank when a girl named Emi lands a drop kick and sends him tumbling into the river. Guess what? She doesn’t know who he is! Actually she kicked the wrong person because Hidenori’s back looked like the friend she was supposed to kick, Kiyohiko. Hidenori doesn’t hold any grudge but wants Kiyohiko to kick Emi to let her have a taste of her own medicine. Of course he refuses and this makes Hidenori upset and throws them both into the river. Kiyohiko starts crying rather because there is someone else who understood his feelings. Then it’s like both guys suddenly bonded together and go away, leaving Emi bloody much confused what just happened at this boy-meets-boy encounter.

Episode 9C: High School Boys and End of Summer
Emi narrates how ever since the drop kick incident, Hidenori has become close friends with them and hang out for the remainder of summer. On the night of the festival when they meet up, Emi sends Kiyohiko to buy some drinks so she can tell Hidenori something important (I can guess what it is judging from her body reaction). She is relieved when Hidenori says he has no girlfriend. But she flusters when he asks about her and Kiyohiko though she mentions he is just the guy next door. Hidenori has something to say too. Mentioning his mom was disowned by her parents, he has never been to a family gathering and that’s why during his vacation he came to secretly visit his grandparents on his own. Yesterday when he asked his grandma, apparently they are cousins. Oh…

Episode 9D: High School Boys and Glasses
Hidenori comes into class in a panic because his glasses are nowhere to be found. Can’t anybody see it’s right on his head? Only Mitsuo spots this but is puzzled why nobody else sees it. They all go help him find his glasses at the toilet followed by the vending machine but couldn’t find it (obviously). Mitsuo thinks this must be a joke and the guys are going along to find a right time for the punch line. Just then, Motoharu spots the glasses on his head and everybody including Hidenori heave a sigh of relief. Not only that, they laugh it off! Were they really blind?!

Episode 9E: High School Boys and the Daily Lives of the Student Council
Vice President initiates the meeting for anything to be reported. However the incidents that are being reported are insignificant or irrelevant that it pisses off Vice President. All this upset is making his stomach hungry so they decide on where to eat and it is decided that it should be ramen. Then a teacher comes in to whisper about some scandal. Vice President and the guys head out to face the emergency while leaving President behind.

Episode 9F: High School Boys and Panties
Vice President makes a confession to Motoharu that the other day he saw the panties of a girl while she was climbing the stairs. He felt it was depressing. Don’t get the wrong idea he’s gay but rather he feels guilty for doing so. Motoharu on the other hand thinks that panties are the symbol of happiness. Wanting to prove who is right and to get a set of panties here, Vice President makes a call. So the enthusiastic eager beaver that comes by is no other than Ringo who is more than happy to help (show off rather that she is needed) them wire their internet. However that dumb girl took an hour to figure out that the cable wasn’t even plugged in! Then searching for the modem, how the hell is it stuck right up in the ceiling?! They give her a ladder to plug it in and so the guys take a peep underneath her skirt. See the expression on their faces… Once she’s done and left, the verdict is… Motoharu is suddenly overcome with guilt that they did something that can never be undone. He feels horrible for deceiving a stupid girl just to see her panties. Though his feeling is genuine, I can’t help feel he is over-reacting. That’s because he skipped school for 3 days as a result…

Episode 9G: High School Boys and Wiring
The student council guys come to Central High to help wire their computers. President’s counterpart thanks them for a job well done but still wonders why Vice President is working under this idiot. Vice President says that he was once a wild person but President gave him a chance to change and thus he is here and looking up to him as a father figure (is he that old?). She even goes on to make her vice president say he is something similar but it turns out to be all lies. As she leaves, Vice President tugs the cable to make her trip and both vice presidents feel good she deserves what she got.

Episode 9H: Archdemon
Yanagin narrates how they counter the tyranny of Archdemon who was Habara, the 10 strongest warriors of the elementary school was gathered. She and Karasawa were one of the little heroes. When the fight started, she couldn’t remember much except for waking up in the aftermath to see all her comrades beaten (probably that’s how Karasawa got his scar). However all it’s not lost because Habara too was down and this means both sides ended in a draw. Ever since, Habara lost her brutality and since Yanagin lived close to her, she was selected to monitor her. And now this is where they are now. Habara cries upon remembering this story but for Karasawa, he’s just vomiting like mad. I guess some fear can’t be easily forgotten.

Episode 10A: High School Boys and Limits
Hidenori can’t hold on any longer at the convenience store but it seems someone is hogging the toilet. No choice, he makes a move while trying his best to hold it in and think of a place he can do his business. Thinking the park has free public toilets, he heads there only to see Literature Girl reading her book nearby. He changes his mind to go look for another toilet. Can he hold on any longer?

Episode 10B: High School Boys and Consequences
The person who is hogging the toilet at the convenience store is no other than Mitsuo. Seems there were no tissue papers so he used a paper from his book. Then he experiences a string of bad luck. Slipping on a banana, an entire bottle of pepper spilled into his ramen and diving into the river to save a kitten in a box only to find out it’s a stuffed toy. He is frustrated of these manga-like incidents. Next day, another manga cliché is going to happen. You know the kind of girl-boy meetings whereby the girl who is late for school is rushing with a piece of bread in her mouth? Fortunately Mitsuo bend down to tie his shoe and avoided bumping into the girl.

Episode 10C: High School Boys and Winter
After hearing from Motoharu that Mitsuo jumped into the river again, Hidenori remembers he has something to do. He goes to the riverbank and sees Literature Girl standing there. Then it’s like she could felt his presence and turns around (with that angry look on her face). However Hidenori is nowhere to be seen and only left behind is a note: He wants his jacket back. Oh sh*t! She’s still keeping it after how many episodes already?!

Episode 10D: High School Boys and Run
Literature Girl bumps into her classmate Takahiro. Then she runs into Hidenori and panics like she saw the most unbelievable thing before her eyes. Then she chases him all over town like a mad woman! Don’t know what’s going on but better start running! Run so far that they got out of breath and even a point she was running ahead of him. So when they’re dead tired and stopped in their tracks, she grabs him by the collar and yells that Takahiro is just her classmate and not what he thinks! That was what she was chasing him for?!

Episode 10E: High School Boys and Mochi Soup
Hidenori flips through the TV channels but as he slurps his mocha soup, he didn’t chew properly and it got stuck in his throat. His family is away as he desperately calls out to Yoshitake for help like a psychic. Yoshitake too experiences the same thing. Mochi stuck in the throat because he didn’t chew it to smaller bits. Same thing but only he calls for Tadakuni for help. Oh, that guy too experienced the mocha in throat choke. But he’s lucky (or unlucky whichever way you look at it) because his sister punches his gut to make him spit it out.

Episode 10F: High School Boys and Ground
Tadakuni’s sister slips on an icy puddle. Hidenori spots this and approaches her despite her hoping that he wouldn’t. Then he slips too. Two idiots on the ground. She gets up and leaves in a hurry while Mitsuo sees Hidenori lying on the ground. He too approaches him despite him not wanting Mitsuo to come close. Then déjà vu. Because Mitsuo also slips. Tadakuni’s sister can’t take any more of this and return but slips too. Three idiots on the ground…

Episode 10G: High School Boys and Bikes
Yoshitake is just talking to Motoharu about snatch thieves when suddenly the latter’s wallet got snatched. Motoharu goes after him by borrowing Takahiro’s bike but it seems he can’t cycle! Yoshitake helps him by pushing from the back but crashes. Not wanting to give up, they repeat this get-up-cycle-and-crash process. It took him so long that the day is almost over. Then on the final try, Motoharu is able to cycle without falling down. Everybody is so happy that they celebrate his amazing achievement and forgot that important something… Oh well. Nothing beats this sensation, eh?

Episode 10H: High School Boys and Cooking
Since Motoharu insists he wants croquette for dinner, she punches him in the gut to tell him to cook that difficult dish himself. He makes the dish and when Mino tastes it, it is damn tasty! Better than what she could make! Not happy, she orders him to make her fried rice. Guess what? Bloody good! How about katsudon then? Incomparable! By now her stomach is bulging and she’s thinking he must be making her look bad since his cooking is good but made her do all the cooking all the while. When she has him make some hamburgers, she thought she could sabotage and find something to complain. However it turns out delicious so she punches him for being able to cook so damn good. He took that as a compliment.

Episode 10I: High School Boys and School
Hidenori and Yoshitake are bored in class. They play Green Light, Red Light followed by using the latter’s jacket to catch like baseball. Then Hidenori throws his shoe instead as they sit and watch. It seems their school is closed on its founding day. Why the heck are they hanging around instead and not go back or some other place?!

Episode 10J: High School Girls Are Funky: Women Who Left a Scar
Yanagin wonders what it’ll take for Karasawa to earn his forgiveness but eventually yells at her top that she too fought this crazy cold-hearted demon for his sake. Ikushima she could show him her panties but he wants her to do Kinniku Buster move. Believe it or not, she agrees as he does the crazy stunt while her friends watch in disbelief. It must hurt like hell for Yanagin while Karasawa is knocked out. Why not? Jumping down from the second level and landing on his feet.

Episode 11A: High School Boys and Fathers
Hidenori plays baseball with his father at the park in the dead of the night. Why is he using his golf stick to hit the ball?! So as they play normal catch, they talk about dreams when Yuusuke turns up. Seems he is locked out of the house and has no key to enter. Well, the guys too don’t have a key to enter, why else would they be playing catch in the middle of the night? And mommy is away on a trip for 3 days… Oh…

Episode 11B: High School Boys and Literature Girl 4
A girl (let’s call her Brown Hair Girl) comes to sit by the riverbank when she realizes Hidenori sits next to her. She panics thinking the need to start a conversation and probably he is totally into her. Hidenori realizes he was so engrossed in his manga that he didn’t notice he sat next to her. He too panics and feels the need to say something cool seeing getting up and leave would hurt her feelings. However he doesn’t give a damn, gets up and leaves, surprising her very much. Soon, Literature Girl taps her shoulder and it seems she is very angry. Did she steal her spotlight?

Episode 11C: High School Boys and Conflict
Hidenori is running away. He is in alert mode about Yoshitake out for his blood. When he thought he spotted Karasawa, turns out to be Yoshitake in disguise. So after a few tricks, they finally confront each other and vow to settle it. Yoshitake tricks him and this allows him to return to base and kick the can! They’re playing kick the can?!

Episode 11D: High School Boys and Kick the Can
Mitsuo joins in the game but it seems he didn’t expect the anything-goes rule (exception of poking eyes and hitting below the belt). Furthermore, they are using his precious Gunpla model as the can! They start off so Mitsuo gets tricked into Yoshitake’s Karasawa disguise but enough to counter this distraction to prevent Hidenori to kick the can. Realizing Motoharu is snipping from afar, Mitsuo takes him out with his marbles. However Mitsuo falls for the same Karasawa disguise trick twice and earns a punch. This allows Hidenori to kick and destroy the model. Boo hoo! However the guys gather and give him a new model set they have pooled their money for his birthday present. After buying it, they realized he already had one and thus played this game to destroy his old one. Mitsuo is touched by their kindness but realizes the set they bought is a knock off. Throw it away…

Episode 11E: High School Boys and Chit Chat
Takahiro is talking to his friend about girls who eat being cute. His friend narrates an incident that happened during the cultural festival setup day. A girl who was good in everything suddenly broke down in tears, confusing her friends. Then they found out she was too hungry to move. The point is, the fact that she tried so hard to hide her gluttony makes her cute. Takahiro then asks his opinion on the other types of girls. In the end, they sum up based on their findings, the cutest one has got to be a student council president that everyone makes fun of. Ringo happened to hear that but she scoffs off no such girl exists. She never looked herself in the mirror, has she?

Episode 11F: High School Boys and Love Letters
Yoshitake gets a love letter in his shoe box. Wait a minute. This is an all-boys’ high school, right? Consulting with his friends, they think it’s some guy trying to pull a fast one and decide to beat that guy up so he won’t do something like this again. Yoshitake waits at the park while his friends behind the bush. Then Mitsuo comes by and Yoshitake thinks he is the culprit and calls his friends out to pummel him. Mitsuo also fights back despite not knowing what’s going on. The real perpetrator is Motoharu and since he was too scared to confront them about the lie, sent Mitsuo instead.

Episode 11G: High School Boys and Distance
It is believed when a girl moves away from a boy she is next to, the boy would feel hurt. This is what Brown Hair Girl loves doing as she enjoys seeing the depression on Takahiro, his friend and a host of other guys’ face. Then when it comes to Yoshitake, it’s like he is following her around like a stalker. When she is about to ask him, he gets up and leave. Haha. How’s that for a taste of your own medicine?

Episode 11H: High School Boys and Annoyance
Hidenori narrates that he is so close with Yoshitake that everything he does annoys him. Even the smallest things annoy him. From randomly taking his time to select food, finish his food first, impulsive over-reaction, cry at movies (although it is a sad movie), doesn’t carry his handphone with him, expecting a comeback line, can’t handle carbonated drinks and one whereby he offered to help find his lost bicycle keys without being asked. You can say that just about everything he does annoy him. The ultimate one has got to be making the same joke all the time.

Episode 11I: High School Girls Are Funky: Conflict
Yanagin wants to find out who among them is the strongest. Ikushima agrees as they prepare to fight but Habara is against it as it is pointless. Yanagin is pretty confident and says back that they can’t be friends forever and for a monster reputation like her, she seems pretty relaxed. As they’re about to set the rules, Habara wants to know if they’re going to fight, why do they need rules. Then it hit them for an Archdemon where rules never applied, this mad woman would not understand the concept that rules were made to avoid the worst possible outcome. Seeing a deadly aura coming out from her, they start shivering in fear and call off their fight. I guess even without lifting a finger, they understood well who is the strongest. In that instant, Habara threw away a large rock she was hiding behind her back. Oh sh*t!!! Good thing they didn’t fight, eh?

Episode 12A: High School Girls Are Funky: Demons
Habara narrates each time she comes close to Karasawa or does something nice, his reaction will always to be on the defensive or act with extreme caution. She thinks he has special feelings for her but believes it must be an understanding. Yeah, understanding alright. More like fear.

Episode 12B: High School Boys and Lies
Motoharu asks Yoshitake what is Twitter so the latter lies that it is some Italian food and other mumbo-jumbo. He then proceeds to ask lots of other terms that include tsundere, KY and doyagao and Yoshitake clearly is making them up with his tall tales. However the final one he got MMORPG right and it seems Motoharu knew all along he was lying.

Episode 12C: High School Boys and UFO Catchers
Hidenori and Yoshitake suck playing the crane game. Then the prize they got fell close to the hole but since they’re out of money, they think of shaking the machine. Good thing it didn’t budge. Tadakuni’s sister comes by so they advise her not to waste her money on it. I guess she only took half their advice. With her monstrous strength, she shakes the machine and gets the prize!!! Kids, don’t ever try this.

Episode 12D: High School Boys and Store Employee
Hidenori is playing a crane game that has a girly figurine (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica?)as its prize. However he is trying to reason himself that it is not the figurine that he wants but rather to beat this game and the satisfaction that comes with it. To his dismay, he realizes a store employee had been watching him play all along and it seems she misunderstood that he really wanted it. Though he understands she wants to encourage the customer, now it makes him look bad like as though he’s a sissy. So when he finally wins it, the employee declares him out loud as the winner and congratulates him. So will he come back again? No way!

Episode 12E: High School Boys and Assertiveness
Takahiro and his friend watch a girl solely reprimanding a classmate guy for shirking his class duties despite having his own chores to do. So they discuss about their relationship and obligation and conclude the girl must be possessed by desire to push herself onto him like that. Then they ask Literature Girl for her opinion and without hesitation she replies it pisses her off because she will never do such shameful behaviour in public of causing the other person any trouble. But they shoot back that they didn’t expect to hear from a girl who chased down a boy from another school. She gets the shock of her life. Yeah, everybody knows about it.

Episode 12F: High School Boys and Getting Hit on
I don’t know why Ringo is hanging out with the student council guys. So bored that she wants to go have fun. I don’t even know why they bothered to oblige her. However she has this penchant of running of by herself to buy food and being hit on by several other delinquents. Well, chowing down the food is one thing but the guys had to come ‘rescue’ her and make the delinquents go away. So when another one pops up, Vice President punches the dude but realizes he just punched President!

Episode 12G: High School Boys and Frankfurter
Mitsuo drops his frankfurter so Yoshitake tries to save it but the stick stabs his hand and bounces off. Hidenori also uses his hand to save it but also gets stab (their scream is hilarious). Motoharu punches it away and it bounces off right Ringo’s face and into the back collar of Takahiro’s friend. After frantically getting it out, the stick stabs into Tadakuni’s stomach before dropping on the ground. Mitsuo picks it up and eats it as though nothing happened. All the drama for nothing.

Episode 12H: High School Boys and…
Tadakuni narrates this mundane day in his usual town will end today because it’s their graduation. Meeting with Hidenori and Yoshitake, they note the 3 of them will separate once they graduate as they are taking on a different path in life. So after graduation, Vice President is the most emotional one crying his heart out. He has taken over President’s post (he and Ringo graduated) as he gives the cry-baby some words of encouragement only possible from a senior. Mitsuo finds a birthday present in his desk and finally it is a real Gunpla model set. Yoshitake is at the shrine and digs up a time capsule he buried 10 years ago. It is confirmed he is that rubber band hero and a note he left for himself if he had become a hero 10 years later clearly didn’t come true. Hidenori and Literature Girl meet at the riverbank, spouting a few words of the wind as he extends his hand to her. I guess for once she put on a nice face. Tadakuni’s sister congratulates her brother’s graduation. I suppose it’s nice for her to be nice to her brother once in a while. Then a girl comes up to Tadakuni wanting to make a confession before he leaves for Tokyo. However Tadakuni ruins the mood because he doesn’t know who she is! Neither do we. I know it’s heartbreaking and rude to tell that to a girl but really, who is she? Have we met her? She says she came here because he said he wanted to meet her again. Did he? She is the girl in the mirror… Oh sh*t! Nago?! Suddenly Tadakuni wakes up breaking out in sweat and is annoyed it was all a dream. FFFFFuuuuuu… Lastly, Tadakuni’s notes his everyday life with his idiotic and hopeless friends is just the beginning (ironically it’s the end already) as Tadakuni runs to school with a bread in his mouth, Yoshitake upgraded to leftover cheese fondue and Hidenori slicing meat of his kebab. Well, have fun till you graduate.

Episode 12I: High School Girls Are Funky: The Movie
After graduation, the trio head to London but their archrival, Silver Demon awaits them and a heated power battle with Archdemon ensues. Of course this movie isn’t happening.

Special 1: High School Boys and Ideals
Yoshitake and Hidenori are discussing their ideals on what makes girls cute. Messy eaters? Clumsy? Having livers of steel? Broke her arm and wore a cast? Getting lectured? These are among the traits they see a girl as cute? They must have a screw loose in their heads. The duo note they’re on different wavelengths and quit this topic. Also noting there is no such girl in this world, if there ever was, they both say they would date her. Be careful what you wish for because here comes Ringo possessing all those traits! Yikes! Horror! Eat your words!

Special 2: High School Boys and Loneliness
Hidenori asks his pals if they are free for Christmas Eve but it seems they all have their own plans. So he is the only guy who is so darn free on that day and decides to visit a manga cafe. Inside, he is surprised to see Tadakuni followed by Yoshitake. Realizing the coincidence, Hidenori whips out his handphone and calls Motoharu. Over the next shelf, his ringtone is heard! Oh sh*t! Hidenori realizes why the guys acted if they actually had plans so he leaves the place immediately and pretends he didn’t see anything. I guess this is what lonely boys do, eh?

Special 3: High School Boys and Zippers
Takahiro and his friend discuss about what makes a man cool. His face? That can’t be the only trait. Since his friend falls silent, that really can’t be the only trait, right???!!! I’m not sure what his friend goes about ranting that a man’s duty is to protect woman and that makes them cool. Not like he understands that too. Then they leave and along the way, the wind blows up the skirt of a girl. Must be an eye opener for the duo, eh? For some silly reasons, Takahiro’s friend unzips his pants!!! Flasher! And the duo put up a fake act that his fly is open and can see his underwear! The girl is not amused and doesn’t give a damn and walks away. The duo thought they were so cool but in actual fact we just know they made a fool and embarrassment of themselves. Oh, hear the police siren closing in?

High School Boys Are Idiotic And Funny…
Oh yeah. Fun and enjoyable series. Too bad it has to be this short. So this is what their daily lives is all about? Nobody said anything about their abnormal daily activities, did they? The characters are lovable themselves but they do not possess enough quirky or unique traits that make them even more lovable. Basically they are quite generic. I thought Tadakuni is going to be the main character from the way things started out even if he is just 1/3 of the friends to be focused on. However I feel that his presence and role starts to slowly diminish like as though he is an unimportant side character. Heck, the anime itself makes a joke about it. There is one episode whereby he doesn’t even appear and in the next episode, it’s like he just make a couple of seconds insignificant appearance and that’s it. Maybe it’s because among the trio, he is like the most normal one. I also feel that Hidenori takes up the most screen time among the friends and he is equally the troublemaker and idiotic fellow with Yoshitake. It’s like the duo love teasing and making fun of Tadakuni too. There are dramatic moments and there are tense moments. But it all ends up as something humorous and plain silly.

I know that this show is for the boys but the way I see it, sometimes they are making some of the girls as though they are the bad apples. If not the troublesome ones. Yanagin and Ikushima already have their rotten attitude and it could’ve been the terrible trio if Habara wasn’t so demure nowadays and was her demonic self (she’s probably the only character who gets her own detailed past flashback). Karasawa is probably the coolest when dealing with those b*tches because he knows better than to fight back and just let them scream their heart out. After all, words don’t hurt like sticks and stones, right? He still fears Habara, though. Their lady teacher is such a crude lady teaching them the wrong things like it’s as though she’s making them better girls but the opposite seems true. Ringo is like someone who wants to feel of being needed and showing off. But in the process her dumbness gets in the way (it really takes her a long time to figure out something simple and even so if that something is just a trick). The sisters of Tadakuni and Yoshitake aren’t exactly your sweet onii-chan or ototo-chan loving sisters because they couldn’t care less about those monkeys. Mino is equally the same and if her brother does better than her, she beats him up (don’t even start about that particular scene whereby her friends were humiliating Motoharu). Nago, the way she talks is like she’s tired of talking and feels like someone who wants to be left alone though she will still try to offer some advice if you ask her. Literature Girl is a little mysterious and things indicate that she may have feelings for Hidenori. Why always go up close to him to hear him say those novelty lines? As for the guys, even if they are idiots at least they know how to be gentlemen especially for the student council guys. They may look like delinquents but their hearts and actions are polite and courteous. At least when they are talking to the girls. Among the guys themselves, boys will always be boys so you can expect the kind of insults and scuffles that they put on. I notice that President’s words to Ringo may sound mature but they also sting. However it feels like he is just all talk and when it’s time to walk the talk, he flops.

I guess one of the bizarre traits of this anime is to introduce several new one-off characters as the series goes by. There are too many of them and the series itself even pokes fun ‘advising’ viewers not to remember them all because it really doesn’t matter. So we have several characters popping up at the beginning and if you think about it, makes you wonder where the heck they have gone. Like, what happened to that fake tooth Lady Yukana anyway? But like they said, it doesn’t really matter. The way they introduced more characters halfway and at the end felt like those characters were going to be recurring (and I mean more than twice) but it’s just for that particular scene. The drawing and art of the series look simple and since the characters lack the fine details, I won’t say they look horrible but just simple. Hey, this is a comedy series. You don’t need beautiful art to draw you in. Just the jokes. My only gripe is that some of the characters drawn are faceless. If they are background characters that do not have any lines, then it’s fine but some of the side characters don’t even have a proper face. Okay, maybe that is a little inaccurate because you just don’t see their eyes as they are never drawn. Take for instance Tadakuni’s sister and even Mino. I don’t believe I ever see them having them having ‘the most important facial feature in Japanese anime’ despite being minor characters.

The jokes and antics can range to mild to silly that makes you go WTF. That’s why it is good to have short skits so that you don’t drag on the joke for too long and make it lost in translation or boring the audiences. The quick and fast pace of the skits will have you laughing right after as soon as you get the joke and when the segment ends. Some of the jokes break the fourth wall but this is just minimal. The sponsor screen is one of the few places for this kind of jokes and its style reminds us of Gintama (this anime was produced by Sunrise too). Just like how they proclaim a second season at the end but they’re going to do it with live action actors. Young and attractive actors, that is. Don’t know whether they’re joking and pulling a fast one or an announcement for really what is to come. Hey, anything is possible with these boys. Another amusing thing is the characters who narrate the sponsors on the screen who bring you this anime bla, bla, bla. Yeah, the sponsors who lazily bring you this anime. Or sponsors who may or may not bring you this anime. Or sponsors who bring to you this anime normally. Or sponsors who bring you this anime with a bang. You get the picture. Sometimes earning Tadakuni’s rebuke in the process. They love pissing him off, don’t they? In between the skits, a short still picture of the characters in the series as they say the name of this series. Mostly funny pictures and sometimes works as the aftermath of the skit.

I actually never thought about the fanservice in this anime. Come to think about it, they are very minimal and it won’t even cross your mind. Like when Tadakuni puts on her sister’s bra (a guy putting a bra on is fanservice?!) or Yoshitake putting panties on his head are some of the very few fanservice that comes by. But of course they serve as jokes and antics. However looking I was browsing through the web and accidentally saw a couple of fanservice scenes that I believe I had never seen them in the anime. I won’t say those scenes are tantalizing but enough for the most decent of viewers to realize it’s fanservice alert. For example, the part whereby the girls pull up the skirts high up till their chest thus the scene makes it visible to see their colourful panties and the time whereby the student council guys are looking up Ringo’s skirt while she is plugging in the cable. Was the version I saw censored? Of course as I have guessed, these few scenes come with the DVDs when you buy them. Can you blame guys for being perverts? That’s natural, right?

The best voice acting goes to Yu Kobayashi who is the voice of Yanagin. This is what her powerful loud voice does best and thus characters like Yanagin are best suited for her vocals. When she first appeared, it is like she’s screaming so loud in each of her lines that if you turn on your volume a little louder, your speaker may explode! I love it when she goes into this mode. So if you remember her roles like Ayame in Gintama or Kaede in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, you’ll get an idea how she’ll sound like here. Tomokazu Sugita as Hidenori, his character reminded me like he is a high school boy version of Gintama’s Gintoki. The way he speaks, rebuffs and make comebacks like as though he is that silver perm haired samurai. Only less the silver perm and the samurai part :). Other characters include Miyu Irino as Tadakuni (Syaoran of Tsubasa Chronicle), Kenichi Suzumura as Yoshitake (Kairi in Peach Girl), Daisuke Namikawa as Motoharu (Mystogan in Fairy Tail), Yuuki Ono as Karasawa (Kaname in Kimi To Boku), Nobuhiko Okamoto as Mitsuo (Usui in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama), Ao Yuuki as Ringo (Madoka in Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica), Chiwa Saito as Ikushima (Kirie in Girls Bravo), Yukana as Habara (Ai in Amagami SS), Youko Hikasa as Literature Girl (Mio in K-ON!), Akira Ishida as President (Hakkai in Saiyuki), Hiroki Yasumoto as Vice President (Sado in Bleach), Ayahi Takagi as Tadakuni’s sister (Noe in True Tears), Junko Minagawa as Nago (Ryouma in Prince Of Tennis), Shoutaru Morikubo as Takahiro (Shikamaru in Naruto) and Takahiro Sakurai as Yuusuke (Jenos in Black Cat). The opening theme is Shiny Tale by Mix Speaker’s Inc and I thought this pop rock outfit didn’t somewhat suit the kind of genre this series is. I felt this was the kind of song you hear for those animes with dramatic plot or action shonen anime. The ending theme, Ohisama by Amesaki Annainin sounds more like it. Like a funny but cheerful and stage play song with the singer himself singing it out with full of soul. It makes you want to go “babababa rarira ba ba”. Besides, the animation itself is quirky. We see the guys doing a stage play dressed in all sorts of weird costumes. Typical monsters, heroes, maids, animals and they even got an afro character. I don’t really know what’s going on with the hero fighting and taking out everybody (including the ‘girl’ he’s supposed to get in the end) but it’s funny watching this. Just like hearing the song. And the audiences… Some don’t really look too amused at what’s going on.

So the bottom line is, boys will be boys. As long you are around that age, those kinds of antics are expected for the growing and curious teenager. You have to go through all these kind of stuffs first before you can mature and be a wise man. But sometimes it could really take a long time or they don’t at all. I guess that’s why it’s good to have friends like these you can rely on, count on, help out, accompany with and sometimes make fun of. That’s what friends are for, right? Guy friends that are too goody-two-shoes? Sounds like he came straight out from the storybook. Non-existent. What are real friends for when you can’t even talk a little dirty joke or steal and wear your sister’s underwear? Haha. Don’t try this out. Ever. And even some of the antics they do like making a girl plug a modem on the ceiling no matter how silly it looks because it’ll make you look just bad. What about talking to girls at the riverbed? Sometimes silence is golden. If your cooking is better than the girl who has been making dinner as many times as you been to school? Just compliment her. Being friends with a girl who was once the biggest bully in town but now a very shy and reserved person? Still waters run deep. It doesn’t hurt to be extra cautious. And should they make a spin-off series about the daily lives of high school girls? Probably fill it with lots of fanservice and sexual innuendoes to cater for guys who can’t get a decent girlfriend. Just like me :(.

Domo, domo. Larufa kuina vashiina. Larufa what? Hmm… I think it must be some sort of greeting of some language. The kind of language that you learn and will know if you play the MMORPG game called Master Of Epic. Maybe the title is a play on words too because when you abbreviate it, it sounds like MoE. And when you have cute characters in Japanese anime, you got to have this moe to appeal to the audiences, right? So back in 2007, this MMORPG game has been adapted into an anime series entitled Master Of Epic: The Animation Age. Sounds pretty anime-like?

Unfortunately I did not play this game nor did I even know of its existence till the anime came out (even so I did not play it). What’s so bad about that? That’s because the anime series isn’t like your typical continuous shows with plots that viewers have to diligently sit and watch through each scene and episode to follow the storyline. Instead, this series are actually made up of short comical skits and vignettes of the game. Plus, it relies heavily on the viewers’ knowledge on the game. If you’re a person like me who know nuts about the game, you’d be at a lost and start wondering what the hell this joke meant. Yup, inside jokes that only fans can understand. Of course you’d still be laughing since many of them are of the ‘physical’ type but to appreciate it further, you need to know the mechanism and the workings of the game very well.

As each episode starts, there will be a short and ominous-like narration of the several ages that the land has gone through. From the Chaos Age to Demon King Age to Resistance Age and then War Age. It gives that dreadful feeling that if fighting is the only thing that never changed. You’d also start to wonder if this is a comedy series as mentioned.  Then the current age now as announced: The Animation Age. The opening music starts to get all kiddie-like and happy-happy. It makes you go WTF?! Yeah, I guess after all the fighting between races and clans, maybe it’s time for an age to record it all down via animation. Perhaps this is where the moe comes in. Who wants to see bloody corpses when you can enjoy gawking at cute loli elves.

I can’t really give a good comparison between the game and anime since I haven’t played it so there are some stuffs which I am not sure. For instance there are many one-shot characters in many skits. So I’m thinking if these characters really do exist in the game itself or if they are just made up solely for the anime. But you won’t see each segment to be random as there will be some recurring and familiar skits as you go along. For example, after the opening credits, each episode begins with a pair of hosts in an Opening Explanation Theatre. They will briefly explain a specific theme that will be used for this episode while putting on a manzai comedy duo act. It’s like watching a stage show. Aren’t we? Other recurring skits include the Master Of Epic TV news hosted by a Cognite announcer and an onsite reporter named Monio (it always ends with the newscaster being given by the crew to read some other news), Bukotsu and Chuu pair, a Pandemos guy sitting by the ocean (usually falling into it somehow in the end), Playback which involves some Newtar guy doing some attacks but always dies in the end no matter how many times he gets resurrected, the bandit lolis called Waragecha 5, the MoE Enterprise Troop and the daily activities of the MoE-like people.

Episode 1
• The pair of hosts introduce the general stuff about RPG and this series which has been adapted into a game.
• Somebody left a mammoth in front of the bank door and the owner is nowhere in sight. The reporting reporter, Monio gets an idea by stabbing it with his toy sword and sends the mammoth flying in the air. But shortly the mammoth falls back down squashing him.
• Collon is saved from a spider monster by a knight named Rono. They team up and go on an adventure together. However Collon thinks she is weak because he is always protecting her and runs away. Rono finds her in some ring match and her reason is to become strong. She takes a beating though she doesn’t want him to interfere. However if he couldn’t help physically, he does so giving advice, allowing Collon to evade the giant. With his fist stuck inside the ring, Collon uses him as a punching bag and wins. They amend their friendship and continue to go on adventures together.
• Chuu and Bukotsu are eating but the former is hungry. No time to go to any restaurant, she eats their summoning pet bat!
• A pair of chefs are trekking through the forest to find some seaweed for their dish when they are ambushed by bandits wearing a red mask. But do not fear! Suddenly a group of 5 lolis who call themselves Waragecha 5 make their appearance. Think of them as a cross between magical girl, Sailormoon and Power Rangers. They even have their own theme song! As protectors of justice and messengers of love and peace, they easily beat up the bandits. As the chefs are to thank them, to their surprise, they see the Waragecha 5 sifting through the unconscious bandits for any valuable belongings!!! Because they can’t find anything valuable, they run off with their red masks. Notice that one of the lines in their theme song goes, “Where in the world is the true justice?”. Oh, don’t be fooled by their cute looks…

Episode 2
• The pair of hosts introduces the thing called ‘death’ to characters in RPG.
• Bukotsu is happy that Chuu offers to shampoo his hair but when there’s somebody who offers to do it for free, he jumps into the sea thinking this is good enough but gets eaten by sharks and sting ray. Later Chuu summons zombie to fight… Zombies. Then Bukotsu thinks about how cute it is to have a pet so Chuu summons several zombie beasts.
Ranka writes to her sister how she is a pacifist and does not like to fight. While farming for bandage materials, she spots a warrior getting beaten up by a pair of sandworms. She tries to ignore him at first but reluctantly heals him a little. However he gets knocked out soon. The sandworms turn their attention to her and attack. This doesn’t dampen her spirits to be a pacifist. Next day she is picking strawberries but is confronted by several female warriors. And she gets beaten up. Still maintaining her pacifist ideal but getting an idea to run away if ever such an event occurs, the next day while chopping tree, she runs away from a menacing zombie and hides herself in a hut. She thinks her method has worked but to her horror, there are wild dogs ready to pounce on her. She’s so dead this time.
• A lady is seen fishing. But soon, everyone from animals to humans to clones dive right in so she gets annoyed and gives up. Chuu does night fishing but to her horror, she is surrounded by vicious mermen. Then for morning fishing, a huge electric eel pops up right in front of her.
• Waragecha 5 arrives at the bottom of the floating kingdom of Baha. As explained by Blue, there are treasures in it but they have to traverse its traps within a certain time limit as a team. Failure would mean death! Green and Yellow make excuses to chicken out. As for the rest, they see several fallen warriors coming out from the sky and heard the incredible damage they have taken. Using this ‘painful’ experience, they decide to do other things.
• Somebody again left a mammoth in front of the bank door. Onsite reporter Monio found the owner but he seems to be asleep. No matter how much yelling, he is still fast asleep.
• MoE Enterprise Troop led by Captain Shiozou and Private Phillip infiltrate the mysterious Irvana Valley on Diaros Island to look for dwarves but are surrounded by orcs. I’m not sure Shiozou’s weapon of bow and arrow full of wisdom and valour, but it was a flop and they take a sound beating. They collapse an entire day only to be awakened by the sound of a damsel’s scream. Seems the orcs are harassing her. The duo try to chicken out but are surprised when the orcs run away in fear. Think it’s them? Maybe it’s that giant dwarf (pun not intended) behind them. Oh yeah. They got beaten up again.

Episode 3
• Today’s theatre is about the main races: Newtar (humans), Cognite (elves) Elmony (chibi elves) & Pandemos (devil-like beasts).
• Bukotsu allows Chuu to go on a quest thinking she’ll receive a pair of cute Shippu wings. Turns out to be bat wings and she uses it as a face mask. Not cute!
Angelica laments to her friend Karen that wants to fall in love. She starts drooling when she sees couples nearby in lovey-dovey mode. She decides to go hunting. For men? No, for mice! To take out her frustrations of course. Poor mice. After beating up a few of them, she spots a Cognite guy rescuing a damsel in distress. They fall in love and hit it off. Angelica gets an idea to get attacked by large beasts so this could also happen. Well, she got attacked by a zombie but it seems she’s beating it up in her fear. She is rescued by a Pandemos guy who also advises her to be careful. Angelica totally falls for him. Hey, at least she’s not picky about looks. She decides to hunt more monsters so that she could be powerful as him and fight along his side. One day Pandemos guy is in a pinch but is saved by Angelica. She manages to ask him to go out with her but got instantly rejected simply because he doesn’t like women stronger than him or being protected by them as it’s not his style. Karen felt sorry for her but it seems Angelica is over it quickly as she starts chasing a cute Elmony kid walking by. Now do we understand why she can’t get a guy?
• A Newtar guy waits for a Cognite girl. He thinks the present she gives him is for his birthday. Turns out to be an orc’s nose. Upon her request, he puts it on and she finds it extremely cute and makes him promise never to take it off. So wherever he goes, Newtar guy gets chased by other races as they deem it as an offense or provocation. Don’t think he’s going to break the promise soon.
• Waragecha 5 are extremely bored because they’ve annihilated every bandit there is! WTF?! Then they get a call from a group of robbers who plan to rob Nishigin using some mammoth and then enlarging it via Dominon spell to fill the bank and cause the customers to faint. They’re confident Waragecha 5 will never make it. However the quintet use a secret (but cheap) technique call Character Change to change outfit and thus able to teleport. Inside Nishigin, they use a Baby Gigas, enlarging it and breaking the entire building. Yeah, Waragecha beat the robbers to a daylight robbery!
• The news report the chaotic aftermath of the robbery. Monio is on site and it seems the culprits have been captured: The robbers! Though they plead they are innocent, the witnesses do not believe them because they heard them saying about using Dominion to rob the bank (remember that call to Waragecha 5? Yeah, backfired…). To add salt to injury, Waragecha 5 got the guts to appear in front of them and beat them up for trying to be in denial! WTF?!

Episode 4
• Today’s topic is about friendship.
• A Pandemos guy in drag disguises as an evangelist named Rosario, going around spreading ‘her’ advices of love around the world with his assistant James. Their first ‘victim’ is a Pandemos lady as Rosario smacks her with a thornless love and departs ‘her’ knowledge on love aspects. Like she cares. They notice her out of fashion skirt so James instantly makes her a new one. Rosario forces her to put it on and why does it seem like cosplay? As the duo leave, the lady ponders who this weird old guy is. Rosario gives her that look so she corrects herself by referring to Rosario as madam. With that over, the lady suddenly finds herself surrounded by lots of guys truly madly deeply in love with her. So is it the costume? Next ‘victim’ is an Elmony loli James ‘fishes’ out from the sea. Rosario proceeds to put a number on her swimsuit as part of his twisted ideal of perfect love to attract lolicons! Well, she got chased by giant sea monsters. I don’t know if they’re in love with her or want to eat her. Next they force a Newtar girl (who is a chef) to put on a maid outfit which results in all her Elmony subordinates to fall for her. Want her to be like a maid cafe, eh? Finally they see a group of men dancing by the sea in loincloth. Rosario gets excited and joins in. James is shocked and wonders why Rosario was so strict with women but easy on men. Probably he’s gay…
• Monio is onsite to report a shipwreck and a heap of corpse next to it. He got scared after stepping on a snake but to his relief it’s just its carcass. Then he realizes he’s being surrounded by several of those poisonous snakes. He is so scared that he sounded like a chicken! He tries to escape but gets hit away by a giant scorpion. He lands at where all those corpses are. Now we know how they came to be, eh?
• Waragecha 5 are bored again but they get a call from Black. Since her words aren’t clear, they deduce that she’s being held at Tartarossa Palace. They rush over, battling through Ichcyon mermen and Tartarossa pelicans. They see Black lying unconscious on the ground and are saddened that they didn’t make it in time. Then Black wakes up. She was just sleepy. She called them to show them a flower that they can use to dye their uniforms. The problem was it took too long to bloom so she fell asleep while waiting. With that, the rest decide to leave her here and return back to base and go through all those obstacles again.

Episode 5
• Today’s topic is skill.
• Angelica is all over that Elmony boy, El-kun she fell for and decides to level up her skills via sewing by making him new clothes. However she learns the hard way as she has to break her back and harvest materials. Thankfully Karen lends her a helping hand. After putting her heart and soul into it, she manages to give happy El-kun as her present. Karen is disappointed that the clothes turn out to be a simple yukata. You don’t need high skills for that. However Angelica insists that there is a difference between hers. Upon closer inspection, Karen sees fine prints of the words “Angelica Love”! Angelica gets psyched up to make more clothes. For instance, clothes that are suitable for Halloween and Christmas. Angelica returns with a heap of clothes presents. So how much clothes has she sewn? Let’s say if they both change clothes every day for 365 days, the new clothes can last them for 30 years! WTF?! Just then, they notice El-kun missing and he has left behind a letter to Angelica. It says that her love is so big that he doesn’t think he could answer it and wants her to forget about him as there will be another person suitable person for her. In short, he dumped her. Karen feels sorry for her but Angelica doesn’t seem to mind though it’s obvious she’s forcing herself to be happy. She gives the returned yukata and letter to Karen’s pet, Uu-chan to devour and also the rest of the clothes she made. What a waste. Later Karen decides to go cheer up depressed Angelica but she finds out she’s sad because she accidentally gave Uu-chan ate her money and wants it back!
• Bukotsu is looking for a new backpack and is happy that Chuu has made a new one for him. However it turns out to be a kiddie elephant and bear backpack.
• As their name suggests, we see the success and failure attempts of Lucky and Unlucky.
• MoE Enterprise Troop is infiltrating the ocean depths in their submarine. Turns out that Shiozou and Phillip have toy submarines attached to their heads and are just submerged in some pool water. Phillip gets a leg cramp and drags Shiozou along with him. Their floatation device saves them from drowning but they can’t move since it requires a ridiculously long password so they drown. Infiltrating the underground cemetery of Mutum, they see a scary tomb and give and excuse that it isn’t suspicious and move on. Then they are attacked by bats and when they counter attack using special skills, it seems so comical that they blunder without the enemies doing anything. Like Shiozou’s flames that can’t even boil an egg or Phillips armour that is so heavy that he can’t move. So much so it breaks the ground and they fall deeper underground.

Episode 6
• Today’s topic is heavy. Elmony host thinks Cognite partner is mocking his short stature since she insists that she is light.
• An Elmony kid panics when he realizes he can’t move his legs and walk away. A pair of guys watching explains those who can’t move will throw out any heavy stuff they possess till they realize that money too has weight and will throw that one out too. They make a bet if he would realize if he would use a raising spell before he starts throwing out money. Since they both bet that he won’t realize it, they give up and leave. And that kid still can’t move.
• Tatsuya seems to be doing well in his gun trading business. There is a pretty Pandemos trader, Minami whom he likes and hopes she would notice his feelings (thus the reason why he opened his store next to hers). Then when he thinks she’s making a move on him, turns out that she just wanted to buy his gun. Oh, the heartbreak.
Black creates new suits for her Waragecha 5 pals. A loincloth? Haha, she’s just kidding. The actual set of clothes turns their sailor uniforms into Power Rangers-like outfits. Then they go everywhere (including in the middle of dangerous scenes and processions) just to take poses! They want people to notice them! They think Black put in so much effort so they need to appeal more. I think they just want to show off, that’s all. A mysterious field opens in front of them and out comes a giant robot. He knows about them so they think they’ve finally gotten popular. However he dismisses it so Yellow tells him off all the pain and troubles Black went through to make, sell and give away these clothes (not sure if they’re all true but they sound pretty exaggerated). The robot tells them off to stop making it emotional and mocks something about account holders of game users, which causes Waragecha 5 to zap him several times. Finally he tells of his true identity: He is the producer of this programme, P#1! Waragecha 5 aren’t amused and think he’s using the programme for personal gain. They continue to zap him and he condemns their dirty trick. Waragecha 5 proceed to lecture him about justice so he tells them off that they are no different than bandits. Thing is, they didn’t deny but admit it! Plus, to them justice always wins! So whoever wins means justice, eh? What screwed up thinking. Waragecha 5 combine their attacks to beat the crap out of P#1 till his head gets warped into another portal. Another justice victory! However they feel that won’t be the last of him. P#1 returns to his floating fortress and the defeated pilot comes of its head. He’s going to get his revenge via another stronger machine, P#2.

Episode 7
• Today’s topic is about party. No, not birthday parties. But the one whereby you form comrades.
• Bukotsu and Chuu are overlooking from above a very tall tower. She asks if he would die for her so he gladly says yes. She pushes him off the cliff!!! Then she uses a spell to transport his corpse next to her to avoid him from climbing back up.
• A Pandemos lady warrior defeats a Death Knight and sees a Cognite woman and Newtar girl do the same. They decide to form a party when a hyper genki Elmony also joins in (she dances each time she is happy). They agree to find a mummy for Elmony so she could get some curse and end the quest. However she proves to be tad annoying like bringing hordes of Death Knights back to them and letting them get beaten up while Elmony runs away because she has no fighting skills. Then she gets ‘killed’ when she walks ahead after spotting the mummy. Then when the rest plan to fight the Death Knights as distraction so that Elmony can go get the mummy, she gets killed instead. Then regrouping again, they plan to fight and bring the mummy to her. After doing so, the mummy curses her and now she has to run up to the guard at the third floor. However halfway through the curse wears off and now they have to do it all over again. Easy for Elmony to say. Yeah, it feels like the rest are being ordered around.
• A pair of radio hosts of All Night Diaros’ Midnight talks about Ichcyon. One of them believes there are just part timers wearing suits of it and doing it in shifts due to some Washington Treaty that they are endangered species. Of course the other guys don’t believe and the whole radio show is about them arguing on this.
• A pair of giant Gigas are wrecking havoc on a group of people. P#2 uses his Super Tage Tori Beam on the Gigas so that they will follow him in his plot to gain revenge on Waragecha 5. Speaking of the quintet, they get a call of P#2’s rampage (firing Sour Missile and Rocket Pants?! WTF?!) and head to the scene. He thinks they have finally fallen into his trap when they blast him. Of course he isn’t happy of their dirty tricks but they continue to mock and insult him for abusing his show powers and common sense of how the world works! P#2 calls on the Gigas to beat up Waragecha 5 but they pound on him instead. As explained, his Super Tage Tori Beam makes the target go against the person who put it on them. Yeah, P#2 thinks he screwed up on the naming! P#2 is prepares to charge at them but Yellow picks up a stone and throws at him. The entire machine falls apart! Well, it was on the verge of breaking anyway. Justice wins! P#2’s head flies back to his fortress but still hasn’t given up on his revenge yet as he has a stronger P#3 machine.

Episode 8
• Today’s topic is Shippu (something like one’s rank in an occupation).
• Monio is reporting at an Orc school. They are doing some smelling exercise which creeps him out. The Cognite newscaster warns him of a certain female orc named Akiko but Monio isn’t worried. Akiko is next to him and before he knows it, he is cut off from camera.
• Rosario and James continue annoying, oops I mean, spreading the love to the girls like exchanging a female Cognite’s spectacles to a geeky one, handing over a wand and a racoon to an Elmony girl while making over her front ahoge with various outrageous fashion to increase her magical girl appeal (she got bitten by the racoon by the way) and putting a pair of elephant ears on a Newtar and Pandemos lady when they ignore them. However they like it and almost got into trouble when they addressed him as ‘uncle’. I guess Rosario went too far as he even tried to spread his love to the sandworms and got chased instead.
• Green manages to create Waragecha Robo in a week and shows it to the rest. However she collapses not due to exhaustion but hunger. Seems she spend all her money to buy robot parts. After the rest treat her to a glorious meal, she introduces and explains the functions of each Waragecha Vehicles, 5 separate vehicles that parodies those in Thunderbirds that can be combined into Waragecha Robo for convenience. Everyone wants to ride #2 (which is a container craft) so they draw lots to determine who will get to ride which vehicle. Pink is ecstatic to get #2. Then they get a call about P#3’s rampaging (Super Catch Tooth Pulling Beam?! WTF is that?!) and head into action in their new vehicles.

Episode 9
• The hosts seem unhappy and lethargic in today’s topic about beauty. Seems their hairstylist cut them bald!
• The mixed party of female races are up against the evil Beautician. They fear her Coerced Beautification. What is that? She can forcefully change one’s hairstyle. Unfortunately for the girls, they couldn’t escape her strong grip and each got a different unwanted hairstyle like Yamanba (something like ganguro), Mohawk, bob cut and Okami (usually seen on geisha and hostess). When the girls wake up, they laugh at each other’s funny haircut before lamenting their own embarrassment. However they aren’t going to let this slide and are seeking revenge. To counter the problem of getting their hair restyled again, they shaved it bald! Then they confront the Beautician with confidence but it seems she has the ability to grow hair too! In the end, all of them got an afro hairstyle. Bummer.
• Tatsuya is doing well in the blacksmith business selling swords. Then his true love Minami approaches him to buy a new gun since the other one broke due to over-usage in some training. Tatsuya starts fantasizing of giving it free to her in return for her love. When he does so, grateful Minami pats his back so hard that he flew away and got stuck on top of a goddess statue.
• The Midnight radio hosts talk with gossip details about some necromancers dating and the possibly of a love triangle and cheating the other. Of course one doesn’t believe while the other insists it’s true.
• Waragecha 5’s Blue arrives on scene first since her jet is faster. She recklessly bombs around and getting civilians involved. They snap a shot as proof of Waragecha 5’s rampage but it seems due to Green’s technology, any shot they take will come up as a pose from Green. P#3 forces the giant Water Undine to attack Blue but she bombs it away. Then when her pals arrive, they unite into Waragecha Robo. However due to some flaws, Yellow is upside-down and Pink is in a cramp space. Green tells them off not to complain since she is the calmest one to make decisions in battle. P#3 throws a tantrum that he was ignored the last time while insisting he is this show’s producer. But a giant shadowy figure appears before them.
• Bukotsu is fighting several Tartarossa pelicans. He is losing energy when Chuu throws him something to eat to replenish his strength. Turns out to be a puffer fish. And the poison isn’t removed! Oh, he’s so dead meat!

Episode 10
• Today’s topic is nothing. That’s right. Nothing. No wonder this part is so fast.
• A silent movie style from Collon’s point of view of her times spent with Rono and then they got separated during the war but is confident they will meet again. That irony turns out to be a tragic one as Collon continued fighting on her own and one stormy night she accidentally kills Rono thinking he was the enemy (she recognized a heart memento she gave him before they part). Oh dear. It’s just so sad, too sad. This has got to be the saddest and the only gloomiest skit ever!
• The news has Monio reporting some Pandemos lady being able to fish treasure boxes out of the sea. However nothing happens. Even the next time round when it’s midnight, it looks like as though she may have caught something but her fishing rod broke. Then the next day, after catching more than 250 sharks, could it finally be the treasure? Turns out to be another shark! Suddenly Chuu and Bukotsu and the former easily fishes out a treasure box! The Pandemos lady got so upset…
• Chuu and Bukotsu plan to eat onigiri on the mountain top when they face a menacing bear. Bukotsu beats it up and they see an onigiri dropping out from it. Peeking round the corner, they spot a mother bear feeding its cubs with onigiri! They decide to go elsewhere to have their meal.
-Shiozou and Philip are trying to use some secret scroll technique against a wolf. Reading from it, it seems like a technique to tame dogs by petting their tummy. Shiozou dangles a meat and this attracts a pack of other wolves. In the end, they bite his hand.
• Continuing from the previous episode, the so called final boss blasts P#3 with her Major Idiot scream blast. Then he hits him away and fires him! Waragecha 5 continues to be defensive with this turn of events and plan to wait for the enemy to make the first move. Suddenly the final boss starts fawning over them and apologizing over her subordinate’s troublemaking ways. Plus, P#3 did everything on his own accord and never listened to her. She wants them to continue the way they are since they are very popular. Once they both turn their backs and walk away, the final boss suddenly turns around and fires a “Don’t Give Me That Crap” beam. However Waragecha 5 saw this coming and separate to their individual vehicles to avoid getting him. Well, it takes one villain to know how the other is thinking. Seems it is a ploy by P#3 and the final boss to get their guard down and attack them. The boss understands why they are on par evil as them but Waragecha 5 remains that they are protectors of justice and that they are the villains! Waragecha 5 combine into a second and cooler version of Waragecha Robo.
• Bukotsu is preparing to enter a fighting ring against Collon. Chuu gives him an item for good luck and ties it to his head. When he enters the ring, his opponents start laughing uncontrollably after seeing the ribbon on his head.

Episode 11
• No opening explanation theatre? Yeah, they just jump straight into the skits. Nothing else to say since the last episode, eh? Have they covered everything we need to know?
Fukui is the commentator for the Fire Of The Kitchen cooking tournament. The competitors are knife wielding Musashi, fire user Mai Mai and flirtatious cooking Juliano. They are to prepare a dish based on the theme of mother’s taste but they start sabotaging each other’s preparations so much so it descended into some farce. And the co-commentator, supposedly some master chef, Hattori is only interested in reading his magazines or make bad puns of the situation. In the end, all the competitors turn each other into animals. Can’t proceed anymore, eh?
• Monio is doing an interview with some runner guy who is running a marathon for 720 hours straight. He’s running for only 3 hours and is already sounding so out of breath! So why the heck is he running this much? Well, just for the fun of it and no particular reason since 24 hour marathon is so common. WTF?!
• Tatsuya is digging iron to make guns. As usual he starts fantasizing of Minami. He realized he is surrounded by enemies but luckily for him, Minami is there to scare them away with her gun. She praises the good gun he made for her. Of course he starts fantasizing and expecting that she is going to ask him out on a date but to his dismay, she asks him to make her a Gatling gun next time. Then she hits his back so hard that he tunnels underground till the next city. He sees a gachapon machine with the ultimate Gatling gun as a prize. A lady tries her luck and wins it on her first go. Tatsuya decides to try his but all he got was pocket tissues! He’s got a mountain of them! Hey, how can all those tissues fit into that tiny vending machine?
• Ranka writes to her sister that she is into fabric dyeing and plans to make her a pretty coloured t-shirt. She goes diving in the ocean to find some michihcin flower. She sees a sea bear and thinks it is drowning and goes rescue it but was chased instead. On the next try, she manages to find the flower but is surrounded by sharks and manta rays. Though she manages to escape ashore, she is knocked out by some butcher guy.
• The boss fires her “Screw This Crap” beam at Waragecha Robo. However they use some unfair technique called Cannon Energy Conversion Apparatus that absorbs the beam and increase their… Music abilities? Anyway they finish off the adversaries by playing their theme song! Argh! Can’t stand it. They exploded. After hearing it in every episode, it’s understandable. Though they feel unsatisfied with this kind of victory (because listening to their song will cause you to explode), all that matters is that they won because being strong is justice!

Episode 12
• Bukotsu thinks it would be nice if Chuu knows how to dance. Taking this an insult, Chuu quickly summons a Ghost Dance. It wasn’t up to Bukotsu’s cute expectations.
• The mixed female party plan to eat eel to heal their tired bodies. However they get scared upon seeing how big it is. The eel starts chasing them on land and they got electrocuted. But by a stroke of luck, the cliff falls and kills the eel. However their victory is hollow since none of them knows how to cook.
Angelica thinks cooking is the in-thing to get boyfriends as her delusions cause her to lead to some sleazy imagination. Yes, she’s in love again. This time she gave her bread to a hungry guy, Myuuta. He was so grateful and gobbled up her delicious bread, so Angelica got this resolve to cook for him and fill him up. And yes, Karen is forced to help her out. You can tell her cooking level when she can’t even fry a decent egg and there’s a hole in the frying pan! You can’t blame Karen for being lethargic. She gives her a taiyaki headgear to improve her cooking skill. Angelica goes on to cook a huge feast for happy Myuuta as he chows down every ridiculous dish she makes. This goes on and on till one day Karen spots a very fat Myuuta running away. Seems he realized his body physique and has to stop eating Karen’s food since there is only so much he can take (having large appetite doesn’t mean he can eat in big quantity). Yeah, he needs to go run a marathon now. What does this mean? This means Angelica is dumped. Again. Poor Angelica is reduced to tears that the 5000 dishes she put her heart and soul into it are wasted. Isn’t that too much?!
• For the Midnight radio programme, they’re talking about pets and it ends up with them arguing about a mammoth who can cook.
• A trainer is training his student Holy Drunken Boxing. He is tired when suddenly a WTF moment. Several full-body animal mascots start singing and dancing the MoE theme song on stage, bringing the guys on stage to join in the merry event. At the end, they get pumped up to fight and as they confront the giant eel, the trainer instantly got knocked out.
• Waragecha 5 are so bored that they can even have time to break the fourth wall by saying how their lines are recycled due to lazy writing and that this is the last episode. The cheer each other up by talking about the good times. Suddenly their Waragecha Robo crashes as they realize they are being surrounded by a group of army led by the boss of bandits. He is going to end their reign. Suddenly a group of characters in Waragecha suit speaking (yes speaking, not singing) the Waragecha 5’s theme song as they go battle the army. In the big ruckus, Waragecha 5 feels honoured that there are people who understand them. They decide say goodbye and end everything by detonating everyone!
• An Elmony kid manages to defeat a wolf creature but feels gloomy though victorious. Then it’s that WTF moment again. Yeah, the mascot MoE theme song and dance. Why not join them? In the end, he feels pumped up to fight but his summoned bat dies at first hit.
• The hosts for the Opening Explanation Theatre appear in the final skit and thanking viewers for watching this show. The Cognite host sterilizes the Elmony kid with a flame thrower as a final gag. Huh? I don’t get it.

When another age ends, a new age begins…
Well, it was pretty much okay. The jokes were spontaneous and many of the skits can serve as a stand alone. At times I was laughing simply because it was funny enough for a two year old to understand rather than having any background knowledge of the game mechanics. Speaking of which, after every skit, there will be an informative guide on a particular skill, spell, character, location among the many weird items that I believe you will find if you play the game. Some even how to achieve it and its characteristics. It must be one helluva epic game since it even show you weird stuffs like dancing and cooking, whether or not you find it useful is a different story altogether. Some of them are pretty amusing to read but because I don’t really know the game, it’s like trying to read advanced calculus. So you could say that most of them (in fact all) do not have any significant bearing on me since I’m not planning to play any sort of RPG game any time soon.

Of all the recurring skits, the most amusing one has got to be Waragecha 5. Yeah, a band of loli bandits trying to bring their own kind of justice to the world. Like the saying: A thief with a noble cause is still a thief. But look at it this way, if they have beaten up all the villains and baddies, then there won’t be any more ‘evil’ in this world, right? I have to admit that their theme song is annoyingly infectious. They must have played that tune so many times that each time when they play it, I would instinctively sing along the chorus. “Gangangangangan, Warage, Warage, Waragecha 5~”. Oh no. Am I under their spell? As long as I don’t get my butt kick from them, I’ll be fine. Angelica’s skit is another amusing one because she simply overdoes her love. If she kept it in moderation, the guys that she dated probably wouldn’t have run away. Yeah, when she puts her mind to something, she really goes all out in obsession. Nobody wants a crazy woman like that! Chuu and Bukotsu’s skit seems to be the shortest among the regulars and the way things indicate Bukotsu may have a thing for Chuu. Too bad Chuu doesn’t realize it. Monio is always getting into some sort of trouble in his reporting (shows that the world of journalism is a dangerous one even in RPG world) while MoE Enterprise Troop are probably the dumbest pair ever in the series.

During the course of the skit, sometimes you can see the characters’ emoticon in a word balloon but it isn’t going to be those little yellow smiley faces that we are very familiar with. They seem squarish, blocky and a bit like robot. The mid-intermission feels like a stop motion animation as we see Uu-chan and some kid fooling around. Usually Uu-chan is the naughty one chasing the poor blonde kid. Whether it’s taking a nap on the hammock, swinging on the swing or swapping head and body. The opening theme is Miracle Episode 1 and as mentioned it sounded like a kiddie song fit for Disney Channel. But that’s just the beginning and you’ll find that this piece will turn out to be another typical anime pop. See how happy everybody is, walking side by side? Mamorasete by Ui Miyazaki for the ending theme sounds moderate pace but it wasn’t anything memorable. Though the ending credit animation is just a still picture, I wonder why the characters are dressed in elaborated costumes. Not that I see them donning it in any of the skits.

I have this mixed feelings about the voice acting. No, it’s not that they suck. The issue is that the same seiyuu voices the same race regardless if the character is a different role altogether. For instance, every male Pandemos you see is voiced by the late Daisuke Gouri (of Dragonball fame). At first it might be confusing because you’d be wondering if this Pandemos guy is the same as in the previous skit. Then you realize that he isn’t because of his clothing, accessories (if any) and role in the sketch. Just that the voice is just the same. It feels like they’re trying to ‘save’ cost by having the same person voicing several roles but then again, for easier recognition I guess it’s best to have the same voice and it won’t be feasible to have many seiyuus for the many sketches and different characters. So don’t be surprised to hear every female Pandemos by Gara Takashima, every male Elmony by Mayumi Tanaka, each female Newtar by Hiroko Kasahara, all the male Newtar by Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Hiromi Tsuru as female Cognites and Kazuhiko Inoue playing all the male Cognites. But each of the Waragecha will have their own distinctive voice like Nana Inoue as Blue, Tomoko Kaneda as Pink, Yui Shoji as Yellow, Momoko Saito as Green and Ui Miyazaki as Black. Of course if you see any other female Elmony that resemble closely to one of these five in other skits, you bet that seiyuu will also voice that loli Elmony character.

It dawned to me that living in this RPG fantasy world is much tougher than in the real world because you’d have to do lots of stuff (even if they sound silly) just to level yourself up. Then consider all the dangers around you, it’d be a death wish if you don’t have the necessary skills to fight back or at least defend yourself. It’s amazing how the pacifist Ranka survived all this while. Oh wait, I forgot that there are resurrection spells here. Unless you’re trying to juggle with both your real life and virtual online life, that would be even tougher. Looks like the Animation Age is far from over the way things are going. But I wonder what age will come after that seeing that no age really lasts forever. Maybe it’ll be the Otaku Age! Perhaps by then it’ll really be known as the Master of Moe.

Seitokai Yakuindomo

May 21, 2011

Remember that bunch of student council that laze around doing nothing but talking and getting warped in their own world and fantasies? Seitokai Yakuindomo isn’t a sequel or even related to Seitokai No Ichizon whatsoever. However there are a few similarities that I can see from both series. They focus on a group of student council members (duh!) and being the comedy genre, Seitokai Yakuindomo has lots of sexual innuendos and jokes. Lots of them. Perhaps in almost every gag, scene or line they show. Yeah, you can learn some new words in relation to sex here. So why wasn’t it classified as hentai? It’s mainly just talk. And even if they do show diagrams, be assured that they are heavily mosaic. So if you’re the kind that isn’t comfortable with sex gags and jokes, feel free to watch another anime.

Having said that, you’d think the perverted thinking one is the guy, right? Wrong! It’s the girls! What the?! Takatoshi Tsuda has just enrolled in Ousai Academy. Previously the school was only open to girls but this year it opened up to the guys as well, making it co-ed. Therefore, to some it has got to be harem paradise as females outnumber males by, I don’t know. Let’s just say male students are a very rare breed. Tsuda on his first day meets the student council members (all girls, by the way). They are president Shino Amakusa, the secretary Aria Shichijou and the treasurer Suzu Hagimura. Tsuda gets ‘invited’ to join the student council as the vice president so that they can have opinions from the male side and him to represent his gender. Sounds fair, eh?

Unfortunately, diligent Shino and rich girl Aria’s thinking are a little perverted. Okay, maybe too much. So much so each pervy line they come up with (amazingly, you got to hand it to them for even managing to think at such a way), Tsuda has to counter it with a comeback whether or not he raises his voice or just lethargic and tired of it all. Thankfully prodigy Suzu (her IQ is believed to be at 180) doesn’t share the same perverted thoughts but she has this peculiar complex about her body size and height. She definitely looks like an elementary school kid and if you really do say something about it, she flies into a rage! Just like that kid in Fullmetal Alchemist. Don’t say the ‘S’ word. But you can’t help that Suzu is so short that at times there will be signs pointing over that this is Suzu’s head or indicating where she is. Of course there are other colourful characters like the advisor of the student council, Naruko Yokoshima and Tsuda’s little sister, Kotomi. Uh… They have perverted thinking too. Why are the girls here so messed up? Then there’s this journalist, Ranko Hata, head of the newspaper club. She may sound deadpan and monotonous but she enjoys taking photographs and selling it for scandal/profit and even fakes articles or purposely twists her interviews to something scandalous. Dangerous girl. Each of the episodes is divided into short skits. Some of them just short random ones that zip by fast enough that you’ll be wondering what on Earth just happened. As such, I’ll be just blogging some of the important highlights of that episode. Important, I think.

Episode 1
Tsuda meets the student council trio and gets his first experience on how perverted Shino and Aria are although Shino did mention she didn’t want people to think of her as a slut. Girl, after more or less 13 episodes of the same thing, you’re fit and qualified to be one. Tsuda also gets a tour of the school and some of the important places. Like the girls’ toilet… Later they decide to have a suggestion box for the students on how to improve or if there are any complaints. Guess what some of the suggestions are? And guess what the ‘hole’ of the suggestion box looks like? Next, Tsuda is being interviewed by Hata. How to have the council a good image when you-know-who are acting so perverted, not to mention Hata’s misinterpretation? Get use to it, Tsuda!

Episode 2
Tsuda sees a bunch of girls encouraging their nervous friend, Mutsumi Mitsuba to go talk to him. After summoning her courage, what she actually wanted to say was she wanted to make a judo club. No love confessions this early yet. Tsuda takes Mutsumi to go see the student council but it seems to start a club, they need 5 members or else they’ll be just an unofficial one. Thinking that having an odd number of members would make that odd person left out, Shino increases the requirement to 6 members! As a duty for the student council members to play role model to the rest, they need to be in the top 20 rankings so Shino helps Tsuda to study. Since she’s thinking perverted stuff, it’s no wonder Tsuda decides to get Suzu to coach him. However she’s too strict and he’s too ‘slow’ so he goes to Aria. Then again, that maybe a bad choice. The test results are out and Shino is ranked first again so Aria teases her that her own boobs is the only thing that could beat her. Haha. That was supposed to be funny, no? The student council members help move equipments in the storage room to their respective class. See, it’s good to have a guy around to help carry those boxes. Tsuda meets Yokoshima for the first time and after their initial conversation, he really thinks she needs professional help. We all too. Shino and Aria’s grade are to leave for a field trip so they leave the student council in the care of Tsuda and Suzu.

Episode 3
The field trip to Kyoto begins. Too bad Tsuda isn’t here to counter their perverted jokes but Hata is waiting for an opportunity to take scandalous pics of them. Tsuda has to complete a load of paperwork but it seems he has no time to complete them because Kotomi keeps bugging him to do her stuff. This includes trashing her own room. WTF?! Too bad he gets reprimanded by Suzu the next day. Meanwhile the field trip, Shino is troubled getting her photo taken because a crane seems to get in the way. Also, Shino is excited of visiting a historical place but goes crazy when she finds it to be under renovation. Tsuda follows Suzu back to her home to complete the paperwork. On the way, they meet a foreigner. Tsuda stammers his way while Suzu is flawless. Till the foreigner calls her a little girl, did she snap and even say the F-word! Oh gosh. Aria and Shino stop by a shop and are in a dilemma on what to get Tsuda for souvenir. Something perverted I guess… Then they stop by deer park and while Shino feeds a deer, the deer got all over her like as though she was being raped! A similar case happened to Tsuda. He was helping Suzu getting a book from the top shelf but she slipped and fell over him. Then her mom walks in a sees this. By the way, she didn’t freak out.

Episode 4
Aria and Shino return from their field trip and give Tsuda and Suzu their souvenirs. Hata comes in and shows the gang photos of them that she took. Later a melon bread left by Shino on the table went missing and she first suspects Yokoshima. True enough it was her. Mutsumi goes to talk to Shino for advice because she is nervous when somebody approached her she wanted to join her judo club. Shino gave her perverted advice but since Mutsumi is oblivious of what she meant, so it’s like they’re both talking different subjects. Shino must be sleepy so she wasn’t concentrating during Hata’s interview so she unknowingly accepts her proposal of a public improvement plan that includes a pool opening article with a sexy photo of her. Later the student council members celebrate Shino’s birthday. Then she open presents she got from them. Tsuda gives her a music CD while Aria a pedo bondage teddy bear. She’s loving it… On a rainy day, Tsuda and Shino share an umbrella as they walk home (Hata as usual tailing like a future Paparazzi). Tsuda gives the whole umbrella to the birthday girl and goes back home soaked in the rain. He caught a cold.

Episode 5
Tsuda is shocked that Aria and Shino are serious and without their usual perverted punch lines. Unfortunately, that was just a dream. Yeah, he’s got fever to dream something like that. Tsuda stays home recuperating so Shino later pays him a visit and feels guilty for making him sick. She gives him a porn magazine to make him feel better (just like what Kotomi did too). Kotomi eavesdrops and hears ambiguous sounds coming from his room but actually she was just digging his ear. Mutsumi tries to test Suzu’s IQ but doesn’t even know the answers to the questions she posed. Some of them even wrong and Suzu had to correct her! Tsuda is back to normal health as Shino dreads the day of having posed herself in a sexy photo for the pool. Thankfully she gets by. There seems to be someone in school that Aria is interested in. Turns out to be a stray kitten. Yokoshima lures Tsuda to the resource room and probably has something perverted on her mind but Tsuda locks her in. For the school’s 50th anniversary, Shino tries to put up a website but is no good with computers so Tsuda helps her. In the end the website looks like a shady one. Hey, everybody will visit it, right?

Episode 6
This episode begins with some idol action flick and a horror film that Suzu and her mom are watching in episode 6. They fight over the remote control. The student council members are to investigate ghostly sounds in the school. Unlike Shino who is totally into it, Suzu isn’t good with horror stuff but is dragged along. Turns out to be Yokoshima reading some Boys Love magazine and those sounds are just her lustful panting. Tsuda and Shino are invited to watch Mutsumi and her judo class practise. Shino later has hiccups so Aria tries some unconventional methods to stop it. Putting a shoe close to her face? For the summer vacation, Shino wishes her student council members to keep a particular day free because they’re going to the beach. It’s a traditional event to strengthen their bond. By now, I can think of 100 perverted ideas why she thought so. The girls go shop for a swimsuit and Suzu indeed looks like a child when she dons one.

Episode 7
Yokoshima drives the gang to the beach. The usual fun in the sun and sand. Suzu tries to hold in her anger for being mistaken as a child while a beach bum tries to hit on the girls but fails because Aria claims Tsuda as her husband, Shino’s inflated dolphin hit his crotch and he got more than he bargained for when he tried to tackle Yokoshima. Yeah, she becomes a lustful monster that hunts him down! Because Yokoshima got drunk and passed out, the rest have no choice but to stay at a nearby inn. The girls aren’t fazed of having a guy like Tsuda stay with them since they think he is into 2D. Worse, gay. Shino and Tsuda just came out from the bath when they spot Hata. Oh no. That means trouble. They bribe her with a drink to make her remain quiet. That night as they sleep, Shino unconsciously crawls next to Tsuda and sleep while Hata tries to snap a scandalous shot from afar. Morning comes and Yokoshima gets a reprimanding that all this happened because of her fault before they take a drive home.

Episode 8
For the upcoming sports festival, why the heck all the sports events they suggest are related to sex?! Oh yeah, it’s Shino and Aria we’re dealing with. Hata comes in for another interview for the heck of it and to make profit from anything scandalous she can take. The girls are having a hard time taking care of a fly in their room so when Tsuda manages to swat it, they treat him like their saviour. The disciplinary committee, Kaede Igarashi pays the student council a visit and thinks something fishy and unhealthy is going on between them. No thanks to Hata who has blown their cover of their previous beach trip. Well, she didn’t really say anything. She just showed them photos. Smart ass. As Kaede interviews the gang, we learn she has fear of males and thus the reason why she enrolled in this school. But her nightmare began when it opened up to guys. Kaede leaves them with a warning. But Shino assures Tsuda won’t do anything funny on them because he’s the kind who would rather get raped than to rape! The judo club is to have a practice match with another school. However a member got injured so Shino decides to step in as a substitute. The match has both teams with 2 wins and 2 losses each and Shino will be entering as the 5th and deciding bout. She manages to win the match since she was throwing her opponent by imagining some forced upon Boys Love romance.

Episode 9
This has to be the most screwed up previous episode summary because it narrates nothing on sexual innuendos. Shino decides that the student council will have their own newspaper so that it would be easier to publicize events and announce things. Tsuda is tasked to write an article essay but I’m not sure about how Shino and Aria interpret after reading it because it became dramatic and strayed from its original path. Their newspaper becomes a success but it seems his story is making girls cry… Later everyone helps to set up for the sports festival. Sports day arrive as the girls take part. The other ‘unimportant’ guys are sad that they seemed unhappy even with this newfound harem. They rational it’s because they aren’t part of the main story and rejoice. Kotomi comes to cheer for her brother. The final relay race between clubs sees the student council taking the win. Shino’s rational for making Aria the third runner rather than the anchor (which was given to Suzu) was because she doesn’t want a situation whereby the win was decided by her boobs. To end this episode, they resume that dramatic story written by Tsuda with more exaggeration. What the hell?

Episode 10
The student council members pay a visit to Aria’s large mansion. They meet her maid, Sayaka Dejima. Oh no. Not another pervert. Especially when it comes to Aria. Dejima is a new maid so it can’t be helped if she gets lost while taking the gang around the mansion. Suzu is having a hard time trying to be sensitive because everyone else around her seems ‘dumb’. She dreams of becoming a taller and bustier self but eventually has that horrible feeling. Kaede is still having troubles communicating with the opposite sex so Kaede interviews her and twists her past experiences of being a moral committee member by cheating on lots of men. Then a little peak of how Hata passionately does her Paparazzi job and all the necessary equipments she brings along. The school cultural festival is here. Aria enters her play though her lines are totally screwed up (sexual innuendos included), Suzu taping her mouth to prevent herself from screaming inside the haunted house, Kaede trying to pour tea to guys from a distance and Yokoshima doing well in a basketball competition. Tired Tsuda fell asleep on the bench and wakes up when the festival is over and Shino sitting next to him. She cheers him up that they have the folk dance tonight and wouldn’t mind if he dances with her. Shino’s body language may indicate she has something for Tsuda but that’s just premature (no sex pun intended). Hey, for once a normal ending without any punch lines or innuendos.

Episode 11
Kotomi pleads for Tsuda to watch her study because she can’t concentrate if nobody does. Seems she is trying to enrol into Ousai Academy and all the questions Tsuda asks in the mock interview moves towards a perverted direction. Hata interviews Mutsumi and learns that her future dream is to become a bride. Shino and Aria fight over Tsuda for his help to carry things so Suzu comes in and misinterprets what she sees. She experiences another one when she sees Shino and Aria caressing each other’s hips (something about their desirable hip size). The student council members spend time spring cleaning their room and not a dust in sight. Shino gets flustered when she hears Tsuda complimenting her beauty. Turns out he was referring to the window wiping job she did. The gang are invited to Aria’s villa for a Christmas party and Kotomi is even invited. As the party starts, Tsuda remembers how Kotomi asked him about Santa’s sexual desire. I mean, would it be more effective if they hang panty stockings instead of the typical little red ones? Then the present exchanging part, the light is switch off and everyone gets a random present. To Tsuda’s horror, he receives the one he doesn’t want most. It’s from Dejima and the present seems to be vibrating… Later Shino personally gives Tsuda a present for his hard work. Why is it vibrating too? Then they go out to play in the snow and miraculously saw Santa! I think he is fake because there were only 2 reindeers pulling his sleigh. He gives them a present. Guess what? It’s vibrating… Even Santa is sick!

Episode 12
For the New Year, the student council members pay a visit to the shrine together. Suzu ties her hair to Tsuda’s hand so as not to get lost and to prevent people from thinking she’s a kid and Kaede starts shivering when she sees Tsuda next to her. It’s not the cold, you know. In school, the gang thinks Yokoshima is terminally ill because she has no interest in any sexual desires! Hata too is a little ill (the media is easily infected by the trend?) but that doesn’t stop her from going around twisting Tsuda’s words. Suzu helps to tutor Kotomi for her entrance exam. Kotomi wants her to verbally abuse her?! Not going to happen. Suzu becomes a little happy when she is being praised by Kotomi. For Valentine’s Day, the other guys are anticipating chocolates from the girls. Why not? Since they make up the majority. However it isn’t going to be because the girls here give the chocolates to their own same sex. But for lucky Tsuda, he gets some chocolates from his student council girls. Soon Kotomi takes her entrance exam but you’ll wonder if she’ll pass or serious since her answers on the multiple choice sheet resembles some picture. Like she understood the questions anyway. Kotomi then attends the interview for her entrance. Guess who is the teacher interviewing her? Yeah, it’s Yokoshima. Due to their perverted thinking, they get to communicate with each other on good terms. Because so, Yokoshima thinks of passing her! What kind of teacher is this?! So when Tsuda has a vague hint of who interviewed her, it’s no surprise he would think the world is over. The results are announced and Kotomi is successful in her application. Thinking this is a dream, she wants to be pinched. Shino pinches her nipples. Yeah Tsuda, reality is so messed up.

Episode 13
Suzu introduces her student council members to a friend of hers from the Robotics Research Club, Nene Todoroki. If Tsuda thinks she is going to be another ordinary person or a mad scientist the most, think again because this girl has got a few screws loose in her head. Yeah, she creates some inventions that even needs mosaic. Why are many of the girls in school like this? How did Suzu ended up befriending her anyway? Mutsumi’s actions seem to indicate that she has feelings for Tsuda and just when she’s about to confess, turns out she was just worried about her sweat from judo classes and thinks Tsuda has sweat fetish. The producers had the cheek to put the ending credits in the middle of the show. No jokes. Really! We see snippets of Kotomi going through the dilemmas of love of some baseball guy. Even the acoustic background music does fit the mood of the way it is shown. The second half of the series sees the gang reminiscing memorable memories. It isn’t your typical flashback or recap episode because many of their memories are screwed up or made up. It’s mainly how they first met and the first appearance of the other characters. Yeah, more like fantasy and drama than anything real. Then a short clip about some magical girl show called Magical Mako (Heartcatch Pretty Cure parody, I guess) and finally the gang breaking the fourth wall like talking how the year passed by so fast like as though it felt like just 3 months, which is a typical duration for a 13 episode anime. Shino and Aria will still be sticking around in the student council even if they are third year seniors now. Yeah, what would we do without her sex jokes. And that’s how it ends to. Work harder with your assholes tightly close! So, how can you not blame people for thinking you’re a slut?

Episode 14 (OVA)
There is actually episode 14 but this is the OVA that came out back in April 2011. More or less the same sexual innuendoes. We see Kotomi attending the opening ceremony as Shino gives her opening speech. Amidst all that, Shino’s mind starts to have this dilemma about lifting her skirt up! Later Kotomi pays a visit to the student council room as Shino takes her on a tour to various places that have a high probability of doing lewd things. Say, doesn’t this feel like deja vu, Tsuda? Only difference is that Kotomi is real fired up, even having her own comments about it. The student council students have Todoroki fix their clock as Tsuda comments she’s good with machines and her reply is that ‘machines’ often tinkered with her (read that as a sex joke). Hata interviews Kotomi. As usual lots of weird questions but it ended with both of them spewing out Tsuda’s sexual delusions (all false by the way). Suzu disses the idea of sitting on Tsuda’s lap when her chair is too small. She also scorns him for when he did something that was off by 1mm. The reason being, she just measured herself and grew by that much. “Don’t look down on 1mm!”. Kotomi introduces the student council members to her first friend: Toki. Looks like a delinquent girl. However they find she’s a klutz. Shino was going to reprimand her for dressing sloppy but Kotomi stood up for her saying she looks hot so she easily gives in. Then it’s Kaede’s turn but after Aria mentions about Toki looking like a guy, she touches her flat chest and calls it safe. Afterwards they learn her sloppy dressing was because she accidentally tucked in her shirt into her panties instead. Yeah, really a klutz. Why are they looking so relieved?

Then Hata interviews Toki and as usual, more weird questions. The student councils discuss on who is to become the next student council president. Tsuda suggests Suzu but she refuses because she is too short and nobody can see her at the podium. Hata interviews Dejima about her work but you know, that’ll usually turn out into something perverted. The school is having a sketching competition as Shino and Tsuda pose for Aria and Suzu. Aria suggests that they kiss! Tsuda becomes Suzu’s model and the latter gets pissed off thinking he is looking down on her! Then when they change to Suzu, Tsuda notices that he is out of paper so the other girls including Yokoshima (why the heck is she hiding there in the first place?) tease him about making a sex gag. Then the student council members practise using the broadcasting room. Suzu is learning which button is which and accidentally presses Aria’s butt. This turns her on and if one isn’t bad enough, Shino gets dragged into the flow. Shino has a test run over the microphone and that skirt flipping dilemma comes to mind again. Tsuda sees Shino doing a pretty fine job without mistakes but Aria mentions that during practice with a banana, she bit it. At the end as they leave school, Shino makes that same blunder statement of working harder with their asses tightly closed. Lastly, Shino meets her childhood friend Amano and introduces her to Tsuda. Seems they both click very well but Shino seems to be puzzled over what they’re talking about.

This Isn’t Student Sex Counsel
I can predict what kind of year Tsuda will face. Hopefully his thinking won’t turn into like them after staying together in the same room for too long. I hope that wasn’t too ambiguous. As you know, the sex jokes have become some sort of a staple food for this series. So it’s either you love them or disgust them. Tsuda has got to be so used of making counter comebacks that if somebody were to make a sex joke without him around, it feels really odd. You know who to call whenever such an occasion arises. Yeah, maybe since the school just turned co-ed, you can’t blame some of the girls for being ‘deprived’. Shino and Aria can be future porn stars or make a career out of it :).

During the course of the TV series, there are many lines that were purposely censored out. However the fansub that I watched went a step further by putting in translated words in replacement of those censored lines and making them look like a whole complete sentence. Though whatever they say may be up to one’s guess (of course it must be something naughty, or else why go censor it?), nevertheless it feels better and less annoying instead of translating the lines with censored-out words. In a way, it doesn’t ‘kill’ the joke as we get to ‘understand better’ and ‘see the whole picture better’ with the complete line. You’d get irritated if they’re making a statement only to be filled with beeps and you would have to guess in order for you to comprehend. Or else, you’d still laugh but rather because it’s a ‘cue’ for you to do so but you won’t get the meaning. Do you *bleep* and get what I *bleep*? See, now do you understand? Good job and hats off to those fansubbers.

There were a few instances whereby Shino’s appearance may have indicated that she have some feelings for Tsuda. Like that umbrella incident or the time she actually mistook Tsuda’s window cleaning compliment as one for her. I was hoping that maybe something romantic would develop out of this but I guess nothing really much happened. Maybe it’s just her. Well, this series isn’t about character development (it’s about sex gags for the umpteenth time) so don’t expect anything much. Kaede won’t be getting over her extreme fear of males anytime soon and Mutsumi will always be the simple-minded girl misinterpreting Shino and Aria’s perverted jokes. Aria may be a rich girl but she’s just a ditz, if not for her being a brunette, she would’ve been a classic example of a dumb blonde. For instance, you may be wondering why she’s standing like a log in front of a door. Till she realizes that unlike in her home, doors at school aren’t automated and thus won’t open by itself. Duh! Perhaps that’s how she got her twisted perverted thinking. It doesn’t help when Dejima is an equally twisted maid herself. With Yokoshima being a shotacon, makes you wonder how she ended up being a teacher. I hope the students won’t grow up the wrong way under her guidance. Hata has got to be the most amusing character because of her sneaky-like behaviour. What’s more, after hearing Satomi Arai voice lively characters like Shirai in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun and the narrator in Ookami-san To Shichinin No Nakamatachi, it was just mind blowing to hear her play a deadpan role. In fact, it suits the character very well.

If you keep your ears open, you’ll notice that the title of each episode segment (except for the last episode, all the other episodes are divided into three parts) are lines said by the characters somewhere in that section. Due to the nature of the skits, that segment doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the title. And because of those stamps which serve as comeback points, you may get confused or unaware that it is the title. At the start of each episode, while Aria hits a drum and Suzu blows a whistle, Aria will tell viewers about Ousai’s school regulations. Actually they don’t feel like any sort of rules at all. Feels like some random nonsensical lines made up for the purpose of making us viewers go “Huh? Say what?”. Yeah, not even Tsuda is amused. As for the next episode preview, it is just a narration of what pages the anime will cover from the manga. I didn’t like both the opening and ending theme of the series. The opening theme is Yamato Nadeshiko Education by Triple Booking (seiyuus of Shino, Aria and Suzu actually) and each time I hear this ‘lively’ piece, I felt goosebumps coming up all over my skin. “We love Ousai, we love SYD”. The ending theme entitled Aoi Haru by Angela (initially I thought it was by Yu Kobayashi who did the voice of Yokoshima) is even more unbearable. Especially the part whereby the singer squeezes in lots of words into a single line, making it sound like a weird kind of rapping or fast talk. Getting those goosebumps again! Oh stop it! I don’t want to hear it again!

Even for those of you who find the pervy jokes to be funny, just remember to never try them anytime or anywhere. Unless you know that person very well, it may be very offending and you may get into trouble for sexual harassment. So do you think it’s better to have a bunch of student council with such a thinking? Unless everyone shares the same thoughts. I don’t think it would be right for me to say this series would be a good substitute for sex education because of the terms, words and ideas you see from watching it (damn horny Japanese people…). Maybe SYD also stands for Sexy Young Damsels. Oh no. I think I’m starting to think like them already.

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