The Plus Ultra is still going strong. After 3 successful seasons, Boku No Hero Academia S4 is back stronger than ever because as we have seen at the developments of the third season, the retirement of the symbol of peace AKA everyone’s favourite superhero, All Might has left a great hole and vacuum not only in this story but as well as in the hearts of many viewers. How are we to move on from here? Even if All For One was taken out in the process, the nasty League of Villains are still lurking. Will it be the new generation of young superheroes’ turn to shine? Like they say, a hero is not made overnight. And in this series’ case, over a season.

Episode 64
A small newspaper company needs any scoop on All Might after defeating All For One but the police and superheroes have been tight lipped on this. Then comes in journalist, Taneo Taneda. Remember what All Might said about somebody’s turn next after that epic battle? Taneda believes he wasn’t referring to villains but his successor. Judging from the way he said it (he wouldn’t have worded it so nicely if he was addressing it to baddies, right?) and how he became a teacher at UA, it could be he is finding a successor. Taneda has narrowed down a few possibilities and thinks that successor could be in Class 1A since he is devoting his time there. He promises to get the scoop as the agency has arranged an interview with Class 1A. Well, actually more like observing them. He would take pictures of them in their daily activities and ask questions. Cue for introduction to all 20 Class 1A students and their Quirks in case any of you forget them. Hey, it’s the fourth season already… Taneda’s elimination process and journalist guts have him believe All Might’s successor is Midoriya. He goes talk to him and admits he is a big fan of All Might. Who isn’t? After all, All Might saved his father from some factory bombing many years ago. That gave him hope. That’s why All Might’s retirement came as a shock. Hence there is unease slowly seeping into society. Taneda reveals his Quirk of being able to produce camera lens throughout his body as well as printing instant photos. Then he deduces Midoriya as All Might’s successor because of the similarities in Quirk and certain coincidental events. Midoriya didn’t admit but because of his panicky looks, Taneda likes him for being unable to lie. Taneda apologizes he came on pretence of writing an article of the daily lives of students at UA. But he just wants to assure if hope is not lost. Now he is certain he doesn’t need to give false encouragement to those who are uneasy. Even All Might has retired, there is still hope. He promises not to report this juicy scoop. Taneda keeps his promise as he lies to the agency he didn’t get any scoop on the successor. However he does have this photo of All Might eating a meat bun! That will do! Yeah, people are so desperate to have anything on this guy. Secret safe for now.

Episode 65
Midoriya calls Gran Torino and hopes he could do works studies with him. However he is busy and thinks he should refer to All Might to introduce some people. Say, Sir Nighteye? That guy was All Might’s ex-partner. Continuing from last season’s cliff-hanger, we see Twice bring Overhaul to join Shigaraki’s side. Overhaul is believed to be the heir of a yakuza group, Shie Hassaikai. Overhaul is not concerned with All Might’s retirement but All For One being out of the picture too. With both sides without a leader, who will be next? Shigaraki takes this as an insult because naturally it would be him, right? Instantly, Overhaul calls his plan to gather troops a delusion. He then explains that training camp ambush whereby he lost very valuable villains. If he can’t handle a small group of crazy villains, how can he handle a bigger group? Overhaul adds he is here not to join him. Unlike him, he has a plan but needs a lot of money. Since nobody would invest in a yakuza, he thought this group would have the name recognition. Once everything is in order, he will make use of them and be the next leader. Of course Shigaraki won’t have this and kick him out. Magne tries to kill him but Overhaul’s Quirk has Magne’s body explode in every bit! Mr Compress tries next but is lucky to get away with just an arm. Overhaul’s grunt protects him from Shigaraki’s decay. With both sides down a men, Overhaul doesn’t think this is beneficial. Once he calms himself down, then they can talk. Shigaraki’s men want revenge but he won’t let them go berserk.

Aizawa relates the bad news that after the meeting among teachers, they disagree with the students doing work studies. Or at least only work under agencies with good track records. Midoriya goes to beg All Might to introduce him to Nighteye. He turns him down and gives his reasons. Even if he can’t introduce him, at least not in person. Hence All Might calls Togata as he is currently working under Nighteye for a year. He asks his opinion if Midoriya qualifies. Togata in turn asks Midoriya the kind of hero he wants to be. Initially is to save anybody with a smile. But after going through all that, it isn’t as easy as he thought. Hence he wants to become stronger so as not to worry others. Okay. Good enough. Before Nighteye’s agency, Midoriya is worried since Nighteye has this very strict image. But that is only in the media. He has a different side. As he values humour, if you can make him laugh once by the end of the day, then he has acknowledged you. The moment they open the door to his office, he is tickling his assistant, Bubble Girl! I guess she read the report in a boring manner. It’s all up to you know, Midoriya. Hence he tries to make an impression of All Might! What do you think? It sucks, right? Yeah, Nighteye thinks he is insulting All Might! Oh dear. That wasn’t funny. This is going to be a tough day.

Episode 66
Apparently Nighteye thinks his expression is slightly off! Yup, Nighteye is a super big freak fan of All Might and has all the memorabilia in his office. It then descends into some trivia talk of All Might. Yup, they’re both super big freak fans of All Might. But Nighteye isn’t going to easily accept his work studies. He must proof how he will benefit his agency. Not by his words but by his actions. So if he can take this seal from him within 3 minutes, he passes. This is going to be tough as Nighteye’s Quirk allows him to see the future of those he touched and had eye contact, albeit just for 1 hour. Midoriya bounces about like Gran Torino but Nighteye is still able to see all through his moves and dodge. He even taunts Midoriya that he doesn’t see him worthy as All Might’s successor. In fact, he thinks there is someone else worthier. Midoriya tries a daring move but still fails. Time’s up. Nighteye soon learns that Midoriya was trying not to mess up all the All Might memorabilia. He is amazed despite being upset by all the provocations, he still thought about the situation around him. With that, Nighteye accepts him to his agency. Back at the dorm, Midoriya’s classmates are pretty impressed he got to work with Nighteye. Not only Midoriya, but others like Tokoyami got an invitation from Hawks, the third ranking agency. Even Kirishima, Ochako and Tsuyu get a call to meet the Big Three. Midoriya’s first day working under Nighteye, they’re going to do public patrolling. Nighteye is also doing a secret investigation on Hassaikai. The group is under surveillance by the police and they’re so far being obedient. But recently, Overhaul is making strange moves and rumours have it that he made contact with the League of Villains. Because they have no proof of any criminal activity, they cannot take action. Their job is to get more info and make sure they don’t find out about them. Fate has a strange way of turning things out because Midoriya already bumps into Overhaul at the alley who is seeking this horned loli girl, Eri to come back with him. She looks very afraid… Something not right…

Episode 67
Eri clings onto Midoriya and doesn’t want him to go. Togata smooths things over to not let in any suspicions and even so, Eri still clings onto him. Because of that, Midoriya now questions Eri’s bandages. Overhaul claims Eri to be his daughter and she has too many bandages. It would be even more suspicious if heroes turn a blind eye. Overhaul agrees to tell them in the back alley and not in public. As they follow, Eri detects Overhaul’s killing intent and decides to go back with him. Midoriya and Togata return to report to Nighteye. Midoriya is told off not to rush it. He is not some special hero who can save anybody he wants. In fact, he is trying to request other agencies to help out with this case. Because this leaves a bad taste in Midoriya’s mouth, he can’t concentrate in his classes so he goes to confront All Might to tell the truth once and for all. Did he knew about Nighteye knowing about One For All and that he wanted Togata as his successor? He wants the whole truth but All Might never told him thinking it wouldn’t benefit him. Try him. He needs to know everything as his successor and not just as a fan. Okay. Don’t regret it. Nighteye was his partner for 5 years and the brains of his operation. But 6 years ago, they parted ways due to their differences in value. Because of that devastating injuries, Nighteye wanted him to retire and find a successor. Obviously All Might couldn’t wait that long and wanted to continue to be the symbol of peace. That argument dissolved their partnership. When Nezu recommended Togata, unfortunately All Might came into Midoriya first. He didn’t tell him because he was his fan. That was when Midoriya realized Nighteye could look far into the future like 6-7 years. He realizes All Might would be dead! That’s like this year, no?! Midoriya wants him to remain alive so that he could see him live up to that promise. All Might assures that ever since meeting him, he has resolved not to die. But so far Nighteye’s prediction came true. It is a reason why he can’t face him all this time. All Might is confident he might have twisted fate in some ways so Midoriya vows to also do that for him. He suggests talking to Nighteye again to see his future. That would be assuring, right? But All Might doesn’t want to inconvenience him… It’s a matter of life and death!!! Meanwhile Shigaraki calls Overhaul and will give his answer.

Episode 68
Ochako and Tsuyu along with Nejire take out baddies fighting each other on the streets. Eh? Is one of them a Titan?! Anyway, they are doing work studies under the hero, Ryukyu. She tells them that they are among the heroes who are called to help out Nighteye’s case. Meanwhile Shigaraki sees Overhaul and wants to know his plan. It has something to do with this special bullet. Apparently it disables one’s Quirks, an improvement over All For One’s ability. We take a detour seeing Kirishima doing his work studies along with Amajiki with Fat Gum. After they manage to subdue some low level criminals, one of the criminal fires a special bullet into Amajiki before running away. This seals Amajiki’s Quirk as Kirishima goes after and corners him. The scum fights back but is no match for him. He then complains and cries about wanting to become strong before injecting himself with a serum that makes his Quirk go berserk. Now that he is all powerful, he goes insane as he projects longer blades from his body. Kirishima is at his limit trying to defend the public with his hardening ability but after remembering Bakugou’s words, he hardens himself even stronger and in his ultimate form, bulldozes the scumbag down. The effects must have worn out so the lowlife is back to his usual cry-baby mode. He still tries to pull a fast one and escape but is luckily caught by Fat. Kirishima’s heroics have earned the praise of the public as they are hopeful to see such a young and energetic hero. This gives Kirishima a lot of motivation as he thanks the crowd. It is no surprise that Kirishima along with Ochako and Tsuyu are top trending searches on the internet. Well, maybe it’s a surprise to them after all. Bakugou getting angrier the more he hears how much the rest are achieving…

Episode 69
Midoriya, Kirishima, Ochako and Tsuyu are being called somewhere for a meeting. Not only they see Big Three but some well-known heroes and minor ones as well. This meeting is organized by Nighteye and they will be discussing about Hassaikai. Based on their investigation, it seems Hassaikai is trying to increase their presence and has made contact with others outside their organization. Their goal is to expand their organization and increase their funds. It is suspected that their main income source is unauthorized drugs. Fat explains the bullet the disables Quirks. Thank goodness Amajiki’s Quirk has returned to normal this morning. Analysis of the bullet shows that there are human blood and cells in it. Revealing Overhaul’s Quirk is to break down and assemble things, this can also be applied to Quirks. Hence he could be using this to make those bullets. What is disturbing is that he might be using Eri’s body into bullets and selling them. Right now it could be the bullet is at a testing stage so he is using others to test it out. Once it is completed, who knows what they’ll do with the final product. Midoriya and Togata feel angry as well as frustrated because they couldn’t save Eri. Nighteye mentions the problem is that they don’t know how far Hassaikai’s plan has progressed and because they have branches all over Japan, he needs the heroes to help determine its exact location where Eri is held. Aizawa notes about Nighteye using his Quirk to see the future instead of this useless deliberation. However Nighteye explains the very limited extent of his Quirk. That’s why he can’t use it on anybody or anytime. He needs to make sure the future is certain instead of using it haphazardly with so many uncertainties. Anyhow, the priority is to locate Eri and save her. Later outside, Midoriya and Togata continue to be frustrated. Aizawa comes to give some advice and motivation and you bet they’re back up with their renewed vow to rescue Eri. Gran Torino asks Nighteye’s opinion about Midoriya. He finds him almost the same as All Might. The madness living inside them he couldn’t understand.

Episode 70
Midoriya and those involved cannot disclose and talk about anything. They have to bite the bullet and keep the frustration inside. Even though Aizawa allowed them to join in this mission, their role is very minimal and if there are other factors that changed the conditions, they’re out. Midoriya is obviously holding in all his frustrations. Even Iida talks to him and hopes as friends he can talk and get it off his chest. It’s those same words Midoriya once said to him but he now feels a lot better. A few nights later, they get the call. It’s operation time. Nighteye has discovered Eri is being held in Hassaikai’s stronghold. Apparently a member went to buy girly toys for her. He didn’t know about toys and even mentioned those series that were already out of production. So Nighteye ‘helped’ out and managed to use his vision on him to determine where Eri is. Now everything is all set to go. Of course Overhaul has also gotten wind of this. I mean when a huge number of pro heroes and police are gathered at their HQ, something big is going to happen. Hence Overhaul goes to say ‘goodbye’ to his father who is in coma. As the heroes and police are outside the yakuza residence with a warrant, a Hassaikai member comes barging out and trashing them. I guess there’s no time for protocol. Everybody go, go, GO!!! It is a mad dash deep into the underground maze. And yes, Overhaul has anticipated this. That is why he has prepared some of his finest men for this. They will buy them time as he takes Eri to escape and hide.

Episode 71
This episode focuses a lot on Amajiki and his insecurities of low self-esteem. A new transfer student in class, he was already so shy and made worse when nobody came to talk to him after. Only Togata did and he viewed him brighter than the sun. As the police and heroes raid deeper into the hideout, the whole place starts to become wobbly and turning into a living maze. They realize it could be the work of Joi Irinaka whose Quirk allows him to enter objects and control them freely albeit objects that are no bigger than a fridge. Amajiki continues to doubt if he can pull this off. Lucky for him, Togata reminds him he can. After Togata rushes off first, the rest of the group are then dropped into a room to face off with Toya Setsuno, Yu Hojo and Soramitsu Tabe. Amajiki claims he can handle all of them by himself and wants the pro heroes to save their powers for later fights. Fat puts his trust in him as they leave him to take care of the trio. Although Aizawa has temporarily nullified their Quirks, it will not be long before the effects wear off and they attack Amajiki with their solid teamwork. Of course, cue for more flashbacks of Amajiki’s low self-confidence and his admiration for Togata who is the total opposite. And yes, Togata’s powerful words to make him get back on his feet like how he has a much powerful ability and something bigger than the sun. You just need to have confidence. When Amajiki is in dire straits, he eats the enemies’ Quirk to quickly manifest his own and knock them out for good. Amajiki cannot understand the pain and suffering they went through. But he understands their strong bonds.

Episode 72
Some of the rounded up yakuza guys inform that they don’t like doing this but they have to. Otherwise Overhaul will kill them. Most of them respect their old boss for valuing chivalry and refused to group to become a designated villain organization. But with Overhaul taking over, he has made decisions that goes against the wish of its members. Irinaka realizes he needs to get rid of Aizawa. But when he tries to do so, Fat and Kirishima jump to his defence and got pushed into another room to face off with Kendo Rappa and Hekiji Tengai. Kirishima is confident he could take on Rappa’s punches but a single punch sends him flying away and cracking all over. Fat then jumps in to absorb all of Rappa’s hard hitting punches. Because Rappa is a crazy martial arts maniac, he will not have Tengai interfere with his barrier. It’s a man to man fight! Meanwhile Kirishima is close to broken. Just when he thought he has gotten stronger, he realizes he is still weak and just got in the way. Cue for his flashback. Kirishima always wanted to be a hero but seemed to be lacking to be one. Mina was in the same school as him and she seemed to solve most of the bullying cases. As she is applying for UA, this had Kirishima also shared the same thought. One day, a villain threatened a couple of girls for some direction to a hero agency. Kirishima wanted to act but his body was too scared to move. Eventually it was Mina who intervened and told him the directions (to the police station). She was also scared but this made Kirishima felt pathetic of being a loser. He was set on giving up being a hero when he saw a video interview of a hero from the olden days, Crimson Riot. Supposedly the hero whom he drew his inspiration from. Hearing his interview about chivalry, Kirishima got his steely resolve to enter UA and become a hero to protect people. Fat’s defence is close to being decimated. However this is because he has been absorbing all of Rappa’s punches. He is about to unleash the most powerful punch back at him when Kirishima steps in to defend. Though he is knocked down again by Rappa’s punch, this allows Fat to return the favour and send Rappa and Tengai into defeat. One Punch (Fat) Man! Oh sh*t. Fat is pretty buffed with his fats gone!

Episode 73
Rappa still wants to fight? But he wants to fix up and heal Kirishima first. Then they can resume their fight to the death. Rappa explains he came from some undergrounds MMA fight. Because no opponent was ever good for him and they ended up pleading for their lives, he became dissatisfied. Until his fight with Kirishima. True power only comes when you’re life is at stake. But why is he with Hassaikai then? He is only here to beat Overhaul. He lost to him and was forced to join. Ever since, he lost all challenges to that bastard. He doesn’t care about Overhaul’s plans whatsoever. Something about needing money to distribute something in huge quantities. Irinaka gets desperate as he tries to move the walls again. Thanks to Rock Lock’s Quirk of locking things down (albeit temporarily and only a small area), the heroes aren’t having the roughest ride. Irinaka then separates them. This time Rock Lock finding himself alone with Toga. She stabs him. When Midoriya breaks through the wall, oh no, 2 Rock Locks! He is claiming he stabbed the imposter but Aizawa knows better and nullifies the imposter. Toga has been revealed but manages to slightly wound Aizawa before fleeing. Meanwhile Twice and a Rappa’s clone face off with Nighteye’s side. Nighteye easily destroys the clone with his mini weapon. Oh, time to run. Twice and Toga regroup as they recall what happened a few days ago. Apparently Overhaul wanted Shigaraki to put some of his men in Hassaikai to limit their movement. So when Shigaraki told his men about this, they weren’t too happy. Shigaraki explained it might be Hassaikai’s intention to slowly win over them. But Shigaraki will never trust them and will use this chance to conquer them from within. Hence he let Toga and Twice do this mission. Because he trusts them. Toga and Twice provoke Irinaka to make him go berserk.

Episode 74
We hear Overhaul talking about the success of using Eri’s abilities to extract whatever necessary to make the special bullets to nullify one’s Quirk. Even if they manage to make only 5 bullets per month. He believes they need better facilities and money to make the ultimate bullet that will permanently erase one’s Quirks. We see Twice and Toga meeting Overhaul as per agreed. Because they aren’t cooperative, Shin Nemoto’s Quirk forces them to reveal their Quirks. They earned their trust when the duo reveals no betrayal from Shigaraki. With Irinaka really pissed off, this allows Midoriya to pinpoint and take him down. Twice and Toga take this chance to betray the yakuza and leave. Meanwhile Togata has reached Overhaul. He is stopped by Nemoto and Deidoro Sakaki as they make him tell the truth that he regretted letting Eri go the first time. But Togata still fights back and defeats them because he cannot betray Eri’s kindness again. She was willing to return to hell by letting them go. Togata has since vowed that he will become her hero. He snatches Eri away from Overhaul as the latter tries to play mind games and guilt trip them. Like Eri being a cursed girl and he has to get his hands dirty each time she becomes selfish. Overhaul also tells the truth that Eri isn’t his daughter. He has no children. Using his Quirk, he aggressively goes on the offensive. He doesn’t care if he hits Eri because his Quirk dissembles and assembles things so he can put Eri back together again like always. Togata’s permeation saves him from the spikes Overhaul creates from the ground although he cannot get a clean getaway as long as he is holding her. So he puts her down and uses his abilities to predict his enemies. Overhaul getting a beat down? Overhaul throws a bullet to Nemoto. However he is in a dilemma to shoot who. Then he aims at Eri. Togata instantly protects her and gets shot. Instantly he loses his Quirk but even so, as long as Overhaul doesn’t touch him, he is okay. Yup, Togata dodging Overhaul and still beating him as always! Too cool!!! But at this point he has taken a lot of damage. Frustrated Overhaul spills his intention to fix tainted people like him and erase their Quirks forever. Togata is one step away from certain death when here comes Midoriya and co breaking in! It’s about time!

Episode 75
Aizawa manages to suppress Overhaul’s Quirk. However Overhaul screams for Hari Kurono to wake up. He pins Aizawa down, allowing Overhaul to regain his Quirk. Overhaul then kills Nemoto so as to fuse with his body and get stronger. Although Midoriya fights Overhaul, he only has power and speed and his attacks are predictable. Hence Nighteye tells him to help Togata and Eri escape. As Nighteye fights Overhaul, he is trying to use his foresight to secure the best future despite promising himself never to use it to determine someone’s future. Especially after he saw All Might’s death and thought that future could have been prevented had he not used his Quirk. He could’ve been overthinking but who knows? However Nighteye can never see that future because he gets killed! Sort of. OMG! How can you see the future when you’re dead? Midoriya returns fighting. Nothing pumps you up seeing your allies going down, huh? Midoriya tries his best to predict and think like the enemy. But Overhaul gets psychological. He warns Eri another person will die because of his selfishness. With that, Eri leaves Togata’s side and returns to Overhaul. After all, what can these heroes do for her? Overhaul knows that she knows it well it is better to hurt herself than to hurt others. He rubs it into Midoriya by saying Eri doesn’t need him. Midoriya still won’t lose hope and will keep fighting. Time to break the monotony. Because other heroes now come crashing in.

Episode 76
When Ryukyu’s team was handling the baddies outside, Midoriya came to tell them where Overhaul’s position is and to give it all to their spot. That was how they came crashing him. But seeing that Midoriya is in a heated battle with Overhaul, who was that earlier Midoriya? Turns out to be Toga in disguise. Eri jumps towards Midoriya since she is through in seeing people die. Overhaul is mad. Flashback shows Hassaikai boss told Overhaul about Eri. Her Quirk is viewed as a curse because her father disappeared after touching her and mom subsequently abandoned her. He thought her Quirk was similar to Overhaul and had him research about it. Overhaul then discovered her Quirk was to rewind time of things she touches. Unfortunately she doesn’t know how to control it and is unaware about it. Eri uses her Quirk on Midoriya. So he is shocked to find himself using One For All at 100% without any repercussions. Even more so, his injuries healed. However since she has no control, his body sometimes feels pain. Overhaul demands Midoriya give Eri back because she is cursed. He claims he is the only one who can disassemble and reassemble her. But Midoriya views her Quirk as a blessing and hopes she could help him out with it. Overhaul continues ranting about his dream to destroy the current world order and bring humanity back to a point without Quirks. Therefore he accuses nobody understands Eri’s value. But Midoriya at full power punches away Overhaul. More flashback in his unconscious state. Boss told him to stay away from drugs because this is not his ideal. He understands Overhaul wants to repay his kindness but doesn’t appreciate he is taking things too far to a point he also starts fights. When Overhaul told him about his plan to use Eri’s Quirk to rewind Quirks, boss told him to drop it. Eri is human. Devastated, Overhaul then put him in critical condition. He will only wake him up once his plan succeeds and show him that he was right. Overhaul wakes up to take back what is rightly his but another full power punch from Midoriya knocks him out for good this time. Nighteye can’t believe he saw the future of Overhaul escaping and Midoriya dead. But he never saw this future of Midoriya emerging victorious over Overhaul. So the future can be changed after all.

Episode 77
Eri’s Quirk is going berserk and at this rate she might kill Midoriya. She can’t control it. Is this it? Thank goodness Aizawa is here to nullify and put an end to it all. In the aftermath, all the injured are taken away to hospital. Overhaul also the same but I guess nobody saw it coming that Shigaraki would come to attack. They’re so confident that they only put 1 hero, Snatch (Hulk Hogan?) to guard them? Too bad he too got killed. Shigaraki then steals the special bullets and then cuts off both Overhaul’s arms so that he can no longer use his Quirk. Then he taunts him that all his hard work will be for waste as it will be the League of Villains’ turn to steal all the credit. In hospital, Midoriya is feeling well. Aizawa updates him the other heroes and they are also recuperating fine. Eri is being quarantined and she is a bit feverish. Of course now comes the bad news. With All Might even here, this means Nighteye’s damage was so serious, he has not much time to live! Not even Recovery Girl could do anything further. OMG. Is this the end?! Everybody getting emotional and pleading for Nighteye to live. The most emotional being Togata of course. But Nighteye only has gratitude for Midoriya and everyone else. For their energy made him believe that the future is uncertain and can be changed. He regrets luring Togata in initially as a vessel for One For All but he continued to follow and believe in him. He knows he will be a fine hero and the only future that shouldn’t change. Lastly, he hopes everyone would keep smiling. Yeah, that’s going to be a tall order since he just breathed his last breath… Oh dear… NIGHTEYE!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Episode 78
Tsukauchi receives reports of sightings of Kurogiri deep in the forest. He has Gran Torino assist in helping him. Although successful, it seems Kurogiri is looking for a wandering man. Look no more because here this giant is! Apparently Gigantomachia is a hidden faithful servant other than Shigaraki that All For One raised. Midoriya is discharged from hospital but decides to visit Togata who is still under observation. To his surprise, Togata is all happy. I guess no use being gloomy. Besides, Nighteye told him to smile, right? Midoriya feels bad that his Quirk is gone and even goes as far as to suggest to give him his. Togata declines because it will give him trouble instead. Also, Aizawa told him that if Eri one day learnt to control her powers, she might able to rewind his Quirk back again. Midoriya, Kirishima, Ochako and Tsuyu return to their UA dorms and their worried friends happily welcome them back. And now we focus on Todoroki and Bakugou because they have been under the provisional licence training and will soon undergo a test. As Aizawa is busy with duties on Eri, Mic and All Might are here to escort them. All Might heard from Gran Torino that they managed to arrest Kurogiri after a rough scuffle but had to let Gigantomachia get away. It was one or the other. When reinforcements came, the giant is nowhere to be found. So I guess it’s more than meets the eye of leaving a destruction in his wake and being this big that they can’t find him? Todoroki and Bakugou are at the centre where they stumble into Inasa, Camie and Shishikura who will also undergo the same. Also, Endeavour meets All Might and wants to talk.

Episode 79
In this special class, Todoroki, Bakugou, Inasa and Camie are picked out to take care of… Naughty kids from elementary school! These kids think they are better than heroes and not even the teacher can handle them. I suppose if our heroes can’t handle a bunch of kids, are they good enough to handle villains worse than kids? Of course we see them get pushed around and bullied by them. Meanwhile Endeavour asks All Might the meaning of the symbol of peace. Because despite he has worked her to solve crimes, the crime rate has still gone up and he also felt something invisible that All Might built up is chipping away. Honestly, All Might also doesn’t know what it is and in short, despite all the comparisons between them, he doesn’t need to copy his symbol he was aiming for and must find a symbol that suits him. Back to the babysitting, I guess being nice and polite didn’t work. Even trying to make them feel shine also didn’t work because they still think they are high and mighty. Yeah, the kids still stepping all over them. So are our heroes going to use violence and fight back? Well, the kids are ready to retaliate and do the same.

Episode 80
The kids go all out with their Quirks. No mercy. If those heroes went down, they won’t be much of a hero, would they? So they play it cool and combine their powers to make one giant slide for them to ride! Eventually the ringleader is forced to give in because Bakugou’s surprising advice that if he keeps looking down on others, you’ll never know your own weakness. Speaking from experience? Hence our heroes’ plan to widen the kids’ horizon works like a charm. Instantly they are no more naughty kids. At the end of the day, UA and Shiketsu discuss to have possible joint trainings together since the League of Villains are starting to target other schools. Todoroki still hates his father but Endeavour says he is proud of him to be his son. Alas, he will work hard to become a father and hero he can be proud of. Wow. That’s something you don’t expect from him. With school back in session, heroes attend the official funeral of Nighteye. His agency is taken over by his sidekick, Centipeder. Eri has awakened but still emotionally unstable. Though, her horn that is the source of her Quirk has now shrunk. But Midoriya notices something weird about Aoyama. This guy is stalking him?! Even watching him sleep from outside his room’s balcony?! WTF???!!! And then Aoyama leaves a message. He knows… Oh sh*t… You bet Midoriya is wary of this gay. So during training, when they are alone, he takes this chance to ask him what that message meant. What Aoyama knows is that his Quirk isn’t compatible with his body. Because Aoyama himself when he uses his navel laser too much, he gets stomach ache. He was born like that. He has been watching Midoriya using his Quirk ever since he enrolled at UA. If he only faces painful things, then he will never sparkle. Midoriya is relieved that Aoyama was just encouraging him. Sorry folks. No gay time. So Aoyama is now one of Midoriya’s close friends? Oh, possible gay time maybe…

Episode 81
Mina is a good dancer so Midoriya thinks of learning some moves to incorporate into his fighting arsenal. I think he mastered the robot perfectly… The cultural festival is around the corner and Aizawa wants his class to decide what they will be doing. Can they afford to be relaxed at this moment? As pointed out, this might not be as popular as the sports festival but other students from other sections will be looking forward to this. Iida takes over and everybody has got their ideas pitched in. It’s going to be tough to decide what to do. Surprisingly it is Todoroki suggesting doing a band performance because it is something that doesn’t stress out others. Everybody then turns to Jirou as she is a music fan. However she is not confident with this as she only views this as her hobby. But as you can see, with some praising how cool she is, she’s going to take the chance and do this. Midoriya and Togata visit Eri since she has requested to see them. Seems she still blames herself for getting others hurt. Even though smooth operator Togata manages to calm her down, Midoriya realizes Eri is still not saved as she still being shackled by the shadow of Overhaul. Then he gets an idea that the hospital can let her out for 1 day so she can attend UA’s cultural festival. Great idea. Meanwhile the police is looking into a video uploaded by Gentle Criminal. He robs a convenience store and when multiple heroes arrive, the video is cut but it ends with him owning all of them. Then he doesn’t take the money he robbed because that is not his intention. His goal is to get his name down in history. La Brava, his petite assistant reports that they aren’t getting as many views. Gentle thinks that he needs to achieve a greater feat for this in order to make himself more magnificent.

Episode 82
Every time Gentle’s video get deleted, La Brava reuploads them all back again. Despite being a villain for 6 years, Gentle has hardly made any waves. Unlike Stain and the League of Villains who got everyone’s attention using violence, Gentle’s ‘criminal’ acts are more, uhm, gentle. For example, exposing a store selling expired goods. In order to make a name for himself and stand out more, he is targeting UA next. As the villains have been targeting the school lately, hence their security is enhanced. So the plan is for Gentle to sneak in. So, that’s it? Jirou and her classmates discuss about the kind of music the want to put on. New rave type? Somebody has got to be playing music instruments. Surprisingly, Bakugou can play the drums! But then he says he isn’t doing it. Because Bakugou heard how other departments still talk behind their backs, he thinks that it is not their problem to consider how those other departments feel. It’s not like they want the villains to attack the hero department, right? They’re here to fight and not to make friends. So if they’re going to put on a show just to ease their stress, forget about it. Let’s just kill everyone with their sound! Twisted thinking, but he’s got a point. So we see the rest picking up instruments like Jirou taking on bass and vocals (she’s got the best angelic voice anyway), Yaoyorozu on piano, Kaminari and Tokoyami on guitars. The rest are either in the special effects or dance team. Midoriya talks to All Might about his problem when he fought Overhaul. All Might suggests he learn some range attacks and also guides him on basically what looks like controlling the percentage power output of his Full Cowling and increasing it to a higher percentage in a short amount of time. Midoriya has got the gist of it and now it’s just practice, practice and more practice.

Episode 83
We see the preparations for the cultural festival going well. Togata surprises Midoriya and his classmates by bringing Eri. Taking a break, they go around to see what others are doing for the festival. This includes Monoma bragging his class will be doing a better play (a rip-off of Romeo x Juliet, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings?!), meeting some of the contestants in the beauty pageant like Nejire, Hatsume showing off her new robot but it explodes again. Eri feels conflicted since she has never been to such a lively place before. Nezu gives her some motivation to look forward with excitement. Flashback shows the police wanted to force UA to cancel this festival in fear of villains targeting again. But Nezu persisted and in such uncertain times, they can’t let the future look any bleaker. Midoriya returns to practice only to learn he has been ‘fired’ from the dance team to be transferred to the special effects team. Something about they need him to move Aoyama about as the disco ball. Although his role has been reduced, as long as he gets to dance somehow is fine since he told Eri he will be dancing. Then it’s more secret training with All Might but they almost go found out when Hatsume comes by to look for her lost device. She notes that the device he requested can be ready soon. This has All Might remember he used some support device before but because it was bulky and not as effective as using his own body, he stopped using it. This has Midoriya start searching for a rare movie of All Might with a device. He never knew! Because of that he, stumbled into a lame video of Gentle. Speaking of him, he tells La Brava the route they should take to UA. It seems they need to stop by some obscure café that serves some elusive tea, Gold Tips Imperial. Since it is open early, they can have 90 minutes of tea break before they head to UA! Upon reaching UA, La Brava will use her hacking skills to disable UA’s security sensors. Gentle is truly grateful for La Brava’s hacking skills because before this, his videos had very low views and only harsh comments. Until La Brava a self-declared fan came to his place and decided to help him with his dream. Yeah, he got more views on his videos, right? Ugh. Cheesy romance drama moment, Gentle x La Brava?! Not sure to cry or to feel cringe…

Episode 84
Our heroes are making final preparations and practice. Midoriya realizes the rope needed to hold Aoyama has worn out from all the practice. He intends to buy one early next morning as there is a hardware shop that opens early. On the early morning of the festival itself, Hatsume has given him a pair of gloves as his accessories. After buying the rope, he stumbles into Gentle and La Brava as they are exiting the café that is just next door to the hardware store. Although Gentle is wearing a mask, Midoriya could recognize his voice. The villains try not to get involved but Midoriya knows he wants to do something to UA and will not allow it. Uhm, did Gentle posted that plan on his video? If so, why nobody else knows it? And if that’s the case, did Midoriya jump to conclusions? Hence Midoriya is going to stop him at all cost because as said by Midnight, the school has fought hard to keep this festival going. Even if the false alarm sounds, the entire festival will be cancelled. Not going to let everyone’s efforts go to waste. However Gentle won’t be easy to deal with as his Quirk is making things he touch become elastic. Including air. Both sides won’t give up. Gentle trying to get away from him and Midoriya trying to catch him. Thanks to the gloves, Midoriya can now shoot air cannon. Thanks to Mina’s dance moves, he is now able to move with more agility. And of course, thanks to All Might for all the personal training. Although Gentle reveals to Midoriya his plans only to sneak into UA and not kidnap or kill anybody, Midoriya still will not allow any danger to befall on the festival. Gentle then pulls off a dirty move, turning a steal beam elastic to seemingly drop on a passing civilian below. He knows Midoriya will go catch it and he does. But in the event if he fails, he planned to bounce it back up and not hurt the civilian. Midoriya is using all his strength to balance the steel beam as the criminals make haste to UA. Midoriya still won’t give up. He can still fire air cannons, though. 14 minutes to the start of the festival but 69 minutes till his class performance.

Episode 85
We see a short rivalry between the contestants of the beauty pageant. I think we have the stomach to see this ‘fight’ so we return to Midoriya vs Gentle. All Might’s successor is still hot on Gentle’s tail and won’t give up. La Brava wants to use her Quirk but Gentle says they need to save that for their escape. Midoriya catches them and pins them on the ground. Cue for La Brava’s flashback. After summoning to write a love letter to the boy he loves, he mocked and bragged it to his friends. She lost all faith and became a shut-in. That’s where she stumbled into Gentle’s video and saw hope in it. Ah, such fun times causing mischief together. Now, La Brava uses her Quirk that powers up the person she loves. The more her love, the more the person buffs up. Though, it is only temporary. Though Gentle is stronger and faster, Midoriya who has fought tougher enemies can still match his might. Now cue for Gentle’s flashback. He dreamt of being a hero but kept failing the exams. The straw that broke the camel’s back was he tried to save someone from falling but his Quirk got in the way and he caused more injuries. After that, he was despised and mocked. He gave up his dream. Not until many years later he saw a classmate of his became a successful hero. Too bad he couldn’t remember who Gentle was. So that’s when he started thinking about becoming a villain so as not to be forgotten. Midoriya and Gentle put their big dreams on the line. Too big to hold for themselves. La Brava tries to do some hacking but the patrolling heroes have arrived. She tries to warn Gentle but Midoriya has subdued him. The effects are off. She throws kiddie tantrums not to take Gentle away from her. More flashbacks of their times together just to pull the heartstrings even more. Then finally it’s over. Gentle gives up and says he’ll turn himself in.

Episode 86
As Hound Dog interrogates Gentle, he mentions his crime is to kidnap a girl and brainwash her. Hence all blames like with him and is the only one guilty. Asking Midoriya for his side of the story, he just puts it as Gentle wanted to play a prank on UA and he disagreed. Seeing this isn’t any emergency or threat, the festival will continue. Gentle’s last words for Midoriya are that he was once from a hero course. He hopes his feelings reaches to those intended. This has Midoriya thinking how they have a lot in common. Because he could have turned out like him. Now Midoriya rushes back and he has enough time to change, heal his injuries and join the rest before the performance begins. It’s packed to the brim as we see them strut their stuffs. Song, dance and special effects! Everything. The best part is seeing Eri’s smile. Safe to say that everybody had a good time and even the sceptics were blown away. After that, it’s just a short clip of that mishmash rip-off play. They added Star Wars too?! Damn, I would’ve loved to see this one! Midoriya gets some lecture by All Might for not answering his phone (damn missed calls!) as well as angry Hound Dog but he is let off so that he can go enjoy the festival. Then the beauty pageant with the contestants doing weird things. Is this what you call trying to appeal for votes? It ends with Nejire winning it. We see everyone having fun at the festival and you bet it was the greatest day ever. Now we shift to our minimal criminals being interrogated at the police station. The police is impressed with La Brava’s hacking skills but she is not interested in using that for good. Only to help Gentle. As for Gentle, he is still trying to convince police that La Brava isn’t involved but they aren’t fooled and know he is lying there is no brainwashing involved. When Gentle says he did all this because it reminded of his days as a hero. The police note then it is good that they stopped him today. Gentle now reduced to tears.

Episode 87
Because Eri’s horn is growing, rather than leave her at an orphanage, UA decides to take her in. With Togata on temporarily leave, he has a lot of time to take care of her. Remember that Pussycats team? They’re back and paying Class 1A a visit to inform them so. Also, the Japanese Hero Billboard Chart that ranks the heroes twice a year. It is going to be the first time that the rankings will be without All Might. So here are the rankings in ascending order: 10) Ryukyu; 9) Yoroi Musha; 8) Wash (WTF?! Washing machine hero???!!!!); 7) Kamui Woods; 6) Crust; 5) Mirko; 4) Edgeshot; 3) Keanist; 2) Hawks; 1) Endeavour. As the top 10 heroes give their speech, Hawks tries to rock the boat since everyone is giving a boring speech. So he claims Endeavour doesn’t deserve to be ranked first but fourth. This forces Endeavour to just tell everyone to watch him. Hey, action speaks louder than words, no? At the backstage, Endeavour is mad that Hawks was just putting up a show. In fact, Hawks wants to support Endeavour to become number 1. But in order to do that, he needs to have that assurance whom everyone can depend on. Also, Hawks wants Endeavour to team up with him as there are rumours about Noumus in his hometown. We see the different crowd reaction as they walk in public. Everyone gathers around Hawks as he friendly greets around them. Nobody approaches Endeavour for his ferocious looks. Even when he tries to shake hands with a hardcore fan, he runs away because he doesn’t think Endeavour should do such a thing! Hawks tells Endeavour of the numerous sightings of Noumus all over the place. Hawks has tried investigating by going all over the country but could only deduce they are rumours. It seems somebody is trying to spread them and stir uneasiness but it isn’t enough to make newsworthy headlines and just confined to housewives or schoolkids’ talk. Suddenly a Noumu crashes in their direction. Just the right time to prove Endeavour’s worth. Something he can hit and understand.

Episode 88
We see Todoroki’s mom being visited by her other children, Natsu and Fuyumi. Natsu is not pleased that dad has officially become number one but this doesn’t erase the atrocities he did towards his family. However mom continues to put faith in him. Despite he has not come to see her personally, she knows he is trying to face his past and family. Endeavour realizes this Noumu is different from the rest. Not only can it regenerates, it talks and can think. It is obsessed of fighting the strongest. Both go all out but no matter how much Endeavour burns him, Noumu regenerates. Hawks meanwhile provides support by rescuing trapped people. And the worst case scenario: Endeavour gets knocked out. Everyone watching this live is horrified. Panic starts to set in and people being overly pessimistic that this is what it looks like without the symbol. Not until that hardcore Endeavour fan points out that he is still fighting and risking his life for them. Endeavour continues to fight the Noumu with Hawks barely keeping up with the support. Eventually he brings Noumu high up into the sky where he can unleash everything with no worries of damaging things. He realizes this Noumu could be an alternate version of him. He doesn’t want to be this anymore. Endeavour unleashes the hottest flames ever. Finally he emerges victorious with his fist raised in the air. Everybody heaves a big sigh of relief. Especially Todoroki. All Might almost got a heart attack. And as Midoriya puts it, even if All Might has retired, heroes still have to move forward and those who will carry on his will are them.

Road To Hero
Hmm… That curious vision that Midoriya saw at the end. What a teaser. I don’t think Aoyama spiked his cookies but haha! Just kidding. But don’t worry. Don’t worry, people. I definitely saw it coming a few episodes before the series ended because there is going to be a fifth season! Hooray! This series has grown too big just to let it end there, no? Even if they already intended to have a few more seasons in tow. Now hopefully we can see the young heroes go up against the League of Villains.

Honestly, this season isn’t as great as the previous. GASP! What blasphemous thing am I saying?! Don’t get me wrong here. I still love this series but just that this season doesn’t live up to the expectations that I had even though I have taken into consideration that All Might will not be playing a big part. You see, the first half was the better part with some of the young ones going in to rescue Eri as well as at the same time taking down the Hassaikai group. It was everything of what I expected. At least most of it. But then came the second half. It was just f*cking boring sh*t! I mean, what the heck do they need this Class 1A doing some band thingy???!!! Why the f*ck do they need to do some Hibike! Euphonium spoof with them playing instruments and dancing?! It’s just so gay!!! As boring as Todoroki and Bakugou’s babysitting stint. The second half was really forgettable although they ended it with Endeavour in the limelight, which is somewhat passable. Yeah, Endeavour vs the Noumu was a great piece of action to end the season and if only more of the second half could be like that. A reminder that this was what made the series so great in the first place. So can we have more of this and less of the boring stuffs next season?

Although I have said the first half is exciting and quite interesting, it isn’t without any flaws. At first I thought they were rushing things in because you know, suddenly Midoriya and Togata stumbling into Eri and Overhaul. Wow. Then things started to develop quickly from there. I guess I shouldn’t be complaining too much because if they drag on with more investigations blah, blah, blah, I might have criticized them of trying to drag out this arc. So by getting straight into the thick of the action of this arc, we see some cool matchups as well as certain heroes getting their due limelight and focus. However this means that the men that Overhaul prepared just to stall their heroes, I thought they will be formidable foes and have their own backstory to tell. Unfortunately the way things played out, they are just ‘tools’ and stepping stone to serve as better fleshing out on the heroes in focus. Sure, some of them did. But it’s just superficial. Nothing more. And I also thought with 8 of them, they would feature 8 different fights with heroes but they made them into group fights. So well, I guess this part wasn’t part of my expectation.

The other big unfortunate thing about this Hassaikai arc is when it ended midway and Overhaul was actually taken out for good, it reminded me that perhaps Overhaul and his groupie weren’t meant to become the main antagonists as I thought they would be. It reminded me of my sentiments when our young heroes were dealing with Stain’s case a couple of seasons back. So thinking back in retrospect, Overhaul and Hassaikai were sadly just another stepping stone for the League of Villains. After all, we have to be reminded from time to time that this is actually the main and biggest threat to all of our young heroes, UA and possibly mankind. It was really a shame because I really thought that Overhaul would actually become a formidable villain even if he did not eventually team up with Shigaraki’s side. Hence putting the heroes in a more pressured position where not only they have to look out for the League of Villains but Overhaul’s side as well. Oh man, that’s the biggest ‘disappointment’ I have for this arc.

I understand that the League of Villains can’t initiate a swift strike after Overhaul has been done in. They need time to prepare for the next stage and hence the second half acts like a breather for our young heroes. And that is why it is unfortunately such a boring second half with our top Class 1A guns like Todoroki and Bakugou needing to babysit some naught brats just to show us that they still got what it takes to be heroes (okay, okay, being heroes is just not pummelling baddies and making them eat dirt) as well as that gay Hibike! Euphonium crap going on (oh sh*t, can’t fathom Midoriya x Aoyama gay sh*t if that ever happens!) just to show that our heroes could take a well deserve break and at the same time give others a good time. Heck, it’s the only way the entire Class 1A is going to get together and do something. Lastly, ending the season with Endeavour trying to make a mark and proving why he is indeed the man to take All Might’s spot. Even if he can’t fill his shoes, at least something to keep the hope flame burning. This small final arc isn’t bad but after a string of boringness, it’s going to take a lot more than this to get my Plus Ultra back.

As for the characters this season, some are hits but mostly there are misses. Especially the Class of 1A as only a handful of them have been featured to rescue Eri. This means the others like Iida, Bakugou, Todoroki, Tokoyami, Yaoyorozu who are supposedly favourites among the characters of Class 1A have been casted on the side-lines. While Class 1A still hold close bonds together, this awkward mission that has only some of them featured somewhat made me feel that the rest aren’t as important. Let’s hope only for this season. They’re pretty forgettable in that sense and hence that’s why that boring cultural festival band thingy just to show us they’ve still got that teamwork going. Other than Midoriya, the only other one who shines is Kirishima as they definitely give him a lot of the spotlight this season to (harden) flesh out his character. Ochako and Tsuyu were also part of the mission but they’re playing more supporting roles than hardcore character development. And the other characters from other classes and divisions of UA and other schools, they make their cameo but overall still forgettable this season. I have a hunch Eri would become a mainstay character now that she is living at UA. Hard to say about her now as she’s just starting to open up. After all, we need a loli character in this series ;p.

Perhaps one of the greatest shocking moments in this season is the death of Nighteye. Yup, I didn’t expect them to introduce a new character and then suddenly have him killed off at the end of the arc! Oh man. This is too cruel. But I guess some deaths are necessary to move the plot and characters along. Because Nighteye is relatively a new character, we haven’t invested a lot of time and emotions in him yet. So killing off his character might not impact us a lot had they kill off, say, All Might! Yikes. Last season we talk about Togata being the closest character to replace All Might because of his charisma and abilities. With the developments seen here, I guess it is safe to say that ‘competition’ and doubt are no more. It’s all up to Midoriya now to carry on All Might’s will.

I also want to note that during the cultural festival arc, the minor villains of Gentle and La Brava didn’t really help make this arc interesting at all. Having a small time villain trying to disrupt the cultural festival feels like they’re trying to put Midoriya in the main role and show us his steely resolve why he is on the road to become a worthy hero. The only thing interesting about Gentle and La Brava is their past. It goes to show and prove that everybody no matter how small and insignificant they are, each one has a story to tell. A further testament that not everybody is lucky to become a hero and that there are countless more who failed. Thus this brings up the question of would our young heroes have also taken such a path had they had no guidance or someone to show them the right way early on? It is a very interesting question because otherwise baddies like the League of Villains and even Overhaul would not have existed and in turn there would be no heroes at all. Their stories would make an interesting watch of why they turned to the dark side and of course as much as we understand and support the villains, we just couldn’t agree with their twisted methodology of how they carried it out. Basically can we all agree that it is society itself that is churning out such villains? You reap what you sew. Hence Gentle and La Brava’s story is the only thing I find very endearing as well as heart breaking. Heck, maybe they should have a spinoff series whereby our young heroes took a walk down the dark path instead! Yikes. Not sure if my heart can handle that.

Action sequences continue to play a big part this season and they’re not disappointing to say the least. As I have pointed out, I was hoping there would be more heroes fighting against Overhaul’s chosen men during his escape but it felt more like some group fight. Also, not forgetting Midoriya learning and powering up bit by bit as he gets to handle his Full Cowling better and better. Art and animation also remain the same. Strange looking people, some with odd parts and extensions but I guess at this point we must have already learnt not to judge a book by its cover, right? And yeah, not forgetting that this season still has our heroes’ name and Quirk popping out on the screen if they appear for the first time in THAT PARTICULAR EPISODE! Get ready to be spammed Midoriya’s One For All in every episode! This series is so mainstream and popular enough, they still want to do it for the main characters?! I bet the producers could be thinking that this is also awkward but seeing that they’ve started the silly trend, they can’t back out of it now. Imagine not seeing that in the next season. We’ll be wondering if something has gone wrong!

Of the new seiyuus joining the casts this season, I prefer Yui Horie as La Brava because she sounds just super cute in her character. The other seiyuu I recognized is Shinichiro Miki as Nighteye. This season’s first opening theme, Polaris by Blue Encount fits the series like a glove with its heroic and rock outfit. I just wished they didn’t change it because the second opener, Star Marker by Kana-Boon just sounds so f*cking gay! Yeah, just to match the animation of Class 1A doing their band thingy. Seriously, go back to the heroic rock one! This is the same for the ending theme. Koukai No Uta by Sayuri as the first ending theme is hard rock and although I didn’t quite like this one, this is still way much better than the second ending theme, Shout Baby by Ryoku Oushoku Shakai. Doesn’t sound gay but just weak in comparison. Then there’s the insert song Class 1A sung at the festival, Hero Too by Jirou but vocals supported by Chrissy Constanza. You don’t think Jirou’s voice could sound this American, huh? Also sounds weak if you ask me. Feels like it lacks some oomph.

Overall, this fourth season isn’t quite as exciting because of the boring second half. It’s supposed to be the bridge that will connect to the next season but I hope it will get better from there. We’ve already come this far so this series can’t technically fail big, right?! Oh dear. I read some comments over the internet how some are already not liking this season… Yeah. High expectations. Too high the expectations have already become. Too high the standards that All Might have set for the next generation to overcome his legacy. But it is only then a hero is worthy of being called so and someone who could forever live in our hearts. Too bad this season isn’t technically that hero yet.

One Punch Man S2

September 28, 2019

It’s finally here! 4 years later! That’s right. But better late than never because with all the hype and anticipation for One Punch Man S2, it better deliver. Yeah, a hero always makes his late entrance. So you never heard of this guy? You know. The superhero that ends everything with just a single punch, hence his eponymous hero name. Yeah, that would hardly be any fun. But fun enough to have garnered many followers to warrant another sequel. So how many more can he add to the body count list of defeating his enemies in a single punch? We’ll just have to see.

Episode 1
A villain thinks he can harass the women in public. However with the arrival of King, he grovels and begs for mercy. You see, the people is happy that he is one of the strongest S-class heroes and they’re so happy he is back! After doing his errands, some giant robot challenges him. But King tells him to wait as he needs to go to the toilet. Can’t fight at full strength if he is holding it in, right? But in the toilet, we see King’s true nature. He is actually a coward. Although he attracts bad luck, before he knows it, the enemy is down. He didn’t anything. Somebody else always did. Because he didn’t deny, one thing led to another and now he is in this sh*t. That’s why he wants to quit being a hero! The only way left is to run. What about the robot? Don’t worry. Genos is tackling it. King goes back to relax but WTF why is Saitama here?! He saw him bought some video games and is interested to play with him. He plays along until Saitama asks if he is so strong that he doesn’t want to fight anymore. Yeah, he saw him running away. Oh sh*t. How to answer? Then a monster crashes into his place. Time to prove it? King remembers how always gets dragged into such mess but somebody was always there to clean it up. Hence he always ends up running away. Was Saitama the saviour? Yup he was and still is. Saitama easily destroys the monster. King repents his action. Although Saitama doesn’t care and doesn’t want to lecture him, he wonders if he is going to continue lying to the public. Genos meanwhile barely defeats the robot threat and sends the parts to Kuseno in hopes he can do something to help his upgrade. But he is reminded to find clues about the cyborg that destroyed down his home and went on to destroy countless of towns and lives. Don’t worry. Genos will also get to that. That’s why he needs to undergo training from a master. Meanwhile Sitch, the minister of justice for Hero Association has gathered lots of ruffians at HQ. He plans to seek their help with heroes to fight against the foreboding omen. It is gaining ground as there are more disasters happening every day. As Sonic is among the group, he is disappointed that Saitama is not here and leaves. He is not going to play hero with them. Meanwhile Fubuki and her team also target Saitama and they’re going to move in now. What’s Saitama doing? Playing video games with King!

Episode 2
Sitch continues his briefing but among them is Garou who claims he supports monsters. He wants to know who the strongest is here and will kill them all. Some of the heroes attack him but they are easily killed. Then he goes off to kill all the other ruffians. He lets Sitch live since he has had enough warming up. He warns he will return stronger in 6 months so be prepared. Sonic is outside Saitama’s door. Genos confronts him and won’t let this pipsqueak do as he wishes. Hence an epic duel begins. Meanwhile Fubuki and her team ring Saitama’s door. They try to be intimidating and to cut all that threat short, she is offering her to join her faction. Of course he declines. When she orders her men to attack him, they are easily repelled. Fubuki gets serious to fight him but Saitama lectures her that she doesn’t know what it means to be a hero. She is not cut out to be one since she is more interested in factions and crushing newbies. That’s why she gather weak lackeys so that she feels stronger. The fight is interrupted with Genos-Sonic accidentally cutting in. Fubuki is shocked and confused to see Genos calling Saitama his master. This S-class cyborg calling this B-class hero his master? Genos continues his fight with Sonic but Saitama stops him since Genos is going to destroy the whole place just to take out Sonic and his speed. Hence Saitama shows him how it’s done. Sonic relishes this rematch and does his special ability of moving so fast that he cloned himself 10 times. But Saitama does his side step so fast and cloned himself 100 times!!! OMFG!!! Yeah, Sonic lost. Fubuki explains her situation. She remains as top of B-class because A-class has got lots of crazy heroes whom she can’t control. As we know Tatsumaki is her sister, she is always number one. Hence being number one of B-class is the only thing she can. She thinks manipulating factions isn’t wrong until King waltzes in. Friends with Saitama? WTF is this super strong group? She wants to join!!! Oh man, looks like she joined another faction. Meanwhile Sitch is disappointed that the committee is more interested in giving heroes their nicknames instead of addressing Garou’s threat. They think other S-class heroes can handle it when they are up to the task. Speaking of Garou, he is on a hero hunting spree.

Episode 3
Bang mercilessly beats up his best disciple, Charanko and exiles him from his dojo. Charanko talks to Genos about this and the latter deduces Garou might be behind this. You see, Garou was once Bang’s student and with that incident at Hero Association HQ, Bang is distancing himself from his students to avoid bystanders getting hurt if there’s an intense battle. On the way home, Charanko spots Garou trying to pick a fight with Licenseless Rider. But Tank Top Vegetarian who was recently defeated by Garou, brings back his brothers and S-class master, Tank Top Master to give his due punishment. At first it seems Tank Top Master owns Garou and could have defeated him had Licenseless Rider not stop him to spout crap that Garou is still human. Garou turns the tables and defeats them. He is going to kill the rest of them. Of course they all lose and when Charanko decides to enter the fray, no surprise upset either. Saitama visits Licenseless Rider and Tank Top Master recuperating in hospital to find out about this Garou dude. Despite being human, Garou seems to be a master in martial arts. All attacks were dodged, parried and blocked well. Even his strikes to the joints and vital points were brutal. It’s like he was able to read his moves. Unlike monsters who let lose all their strength in a rampage, Garou has special techniques to break people. Visiting Charanko, he gives Saitama a participation ticket for a martial arts tournament. Since he is injured, he can’t participate. Oh sh*t… 3 million yen prize money… Meanwhile Garou continues his hero hunting by facing off with Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio. Once he learns their moves, it is easy to bring them down. After all, he also knows all their trump cards since earlier on a kid lent him a guidebook on all the known heroes. Later Garou stumbles into Saitama. Thinking the latter is some low level hero trying to get some fame, Garou strikes first but Saitama is hard!!! I mean, real hard!!! Then Saitama just chops him down and Garou loses all strength and passes out!!! OMFG!!! Don’t get in my way of shopping! So why is Saitama buying a brown wig? So it’s not to permanently cover his head as Genos worries that the baldness may have got to him? Nah. It is to impersonate as Charanko at the tournament.

Episode 4
When Garou was young, he loved monsters but found it baffling the heroes always win despite the monsters also tried their best. In that case he will become the ultimate monster and won’t lose to anyone. Garou wakes up in the dumpster, not remembering what happened last night. With Garou targeting not only heroes but Hero Association as well, it is suggested that S-class heroes become their bodyguards. King was called but he is busy ‘fighting a boss’. Yeah. Playing video games. Hence Metal Bat now babysits an executive and his son. When an attack occurs, it isn’t Garou but some monsters. As Saitama waits for the tournament to story, some cocky guy who seems to know Charanko talks to him. He talks about last year’s event where somebody impersonated a participant and went on to win the tournament. That is why this year all disguises and aliases are banned. Otherwise you get sued and even banned permanently. Oh sh*t. The guy believes that impersonator was Garou. One day he got tired of training and decided to beat the crap out of everyone while Bang was away. Though he badmouths Charanko, Saitama calls him a coward since he quit his dojo but Charanko fought Garou one on one. After Metal Bat defeats the monsters, looks like bigger monsters (even monsters have seniors?) attack him. It might seem Metal Bat is having a hard time fighting them but after he pumps himself up, it becomes easy as pie. But it’s not over yet because giant grandpa monster is here! It seems the monsters are targeting the executive and it’s a good thing Metal Bat has been able to hold his ground. With the city under evacuation, Garou is glad to hear Metal Bat in the vicinity. Metal Bat is already busy trying to take down this behemoth and Garou is itching to have a fight with him? He’s serious. Here it comes! Don’t make Metal Bat mad. Because he’s going to bash your crazy head in!

Episode 5
Metal Knight comes to deal with the grandpa centipede monster as Garou fights Metal Bat. However the more damage Metal Bat takes, the stronger and faster he becomes. It somewhat ends only when Metal Bat’s little sister, Zenko intervenes. She forbids the men from doing more violence so I guess nobody can defy nor hurt a loli so that’s that. Some monsters are watching Garou in action. Phoenix Man approaches Garou and invites him to Monster Association. However he is not interested. Phoenix Man leaves for now but believes they will be seeing each other again as long as he is targeting heroes. Once they’ve got the executive’s son, the monsters retreat. However monsters in other cities are still running rampage and many A-class heroes have fallen by the wayside. Meanwhile the martial arts tournament is about to begin and we are introduced to lots of the weird participants. The highlighted ones include defending champion, Bakuzan and an unrivalled contender who has returned after many years of absence, Suiryu. Saitama faces off with the cocky Zakkos who thinks he is hell of a strong. Too bad just one slap is enough to put him down! Damn, is Saitama that strong? Rather, Zakkos is that weak! Yeah, you can hear the crowd in the background laughing like as though this is some sitcom!

Episode 6
Suiryu instantly takes out his opponent. Meanwhile monsters are popping up everywhere and a few are close to the martial arts tournament. Bakuzan doesn’t want the organizer to announce or it will cause panic. If any are close enough, he’ll take care of them. But it is of course Genos who goes to take care all of them before Saitama’s next match. But he is going to miss it since some of them are pretty tough. Because Saitama is now facing off with Bakuzan. The latter thinking he is some newbie with no ambition so he brags what he is going to do to him. Then in one punch Saitama sends him flying out of the ring! OMG! An upset! Genos has finally taken care of the last monster but something fast takes him out. Meanwhile Fubuki is fighting a monster babe who can turn others into her zombie slaves with her whip. She intends to use Fubuki to lure out Tatsumaki but don’t need that because here comes Tatsumaki to clean up Fubuki’s mess. Monster babe can tell she is dangerous and uses her zombies for her escape. She only succeeds since Fubuki doesn’t want Tatsumaki to hurt her zombie-turned subordinates. Suiryu’s next opponent is Snek. The latter contemplating how he has gone weaker and not being able to protect the people like before. He gets riled up hearing Suiryu’s reason for being strong just for the money and to have an easy life. He also believes in survival of the strongest. Because whether there are heroes or not, humans will still survive even if there are monsters or not. That’s how nature works. And in 1 kick, Snek is defeated. Meanwhile we see the king of Monster Association, Orochi. He is pleased with the reports of the rise of their Monster Association and sending panic waves to Hero Association.

Episode 7
While more monsters pop up, don’t fret because S-class heroes are fighting back. Those we see in action include Drive Knight, Child Emperor, Pig God, Flashy Flash (?!) and Tatsumaki. Atomic Samurai discusses with his other sword buddies on taking down Garou before Bang gets defeated. But one of them has betrayed the human race and ate monster cells to become one. He wants them to eat them too or die. Unfortunately for him, Atomic Samurai’s slash is so fast that he disintegrated before he could move. Back to the tournament. After a few boring rounds that end in a single hit, we are now here at the finals. Saitama versus Suiryu. Suiryu starts off with a feint but powerful kicks. This is just warm up, you know. Saitama isn’t fazed and he is more concerned in holding down his wig! Must not get busted. They come to an agreement that Suiryu will teach him martial arts in exchange to be entertained. So a few more powerful moves but it is clearly Suiryu is holding back. And Saitama still holding down his wig. Not until Suiryu starts badmouthing the Hero Association that it hits a nerve in Saitama. So when Suiryu does a surprise kick on Saitama and his wig fell off, Saitama doesn’t give a damn. So if Suiryu wants to have fun, shouldn’t he not get any stronger? Luckily Saitama holds back or else Suiryu would have died. But the force was enough to blow away his shirt! The officials have disqualified Saitama because he broke the rules and declare Suiryu the winner. But the crowd doesn’t want this exciting match to end. So does Suiryu. He gives it his all as he slams and punch all he’s got into Saitama. So after all that Saitama is still okay? But Saitama has learnt something about martial arts. It’s all about the flashy moves, right? And just with the swing of his hips, Suiryu is flung to the other end of the arena! OMFG!!! Cue for Saitama to escape since the officials are going to capture him. Suiryu is in shock that he lost for the first time. Not so fun now, eh?

Episode 8
Suiryu is being awarded and he doesn’t look too happy. Suddenly monsters storm into the arena. One of them being Goketsu. He was previously this tournament’s winner and was rumoured to have been killed by monsters. On the contrary, he was captured and given a chance to eat monsters cells. Now he is stronger than ever. He wants all of them to eat monster cells or die. Those who are weak or desire power eat them and quickly evolve into monsters. However they are easily taken down by Suiryu. Goketsu finds it a waste to kill him and gives him a chance to change his mind. It sure sounds tempting he can enjoy life and do as he wishes but Suiryu passes. He doesn’t want to end up looking ugly. Suiryu fights Goketsu but realizes he cannot even make a scratch on him. As he gets puzzled, he sees Bakuzan and asks for his help. Bakuzan then admits Suiryu is stronger than him but has now given up on being the strongest human after seeing the irony of him having a hard time fighting these monsters. Hence Bakuzan eats all the monster cells to transform himself. But his body can’t handle it and he collapses. To Suiryu’s surprise, Snek and Lightning Max return to help. They easily defeat the monster subordinates but Suiryu is shocked the duo is going to fight Goketsu. Suiryu uses this chance to run as the duo gets pummelled but Suiryu is also hammered by Bakuzan. Looks like his monster activation was delayed. Goketsu leaves and tells Bakuzan to come to their base. But first, Bakuzan torments Suiryu and enjoys every moment of it. On the verge of death, that is when Suiryu sees the importance of heroes. He realizes he needs them and desperately calls out for help. Bakuzan is going to stomp other unconscious participants but they are quickly whisked away by Saitama! IT’S ABOUT TIME YOU SHOWED UP!!!!!!!!!! He thanks Suiryu for holding out and he came after hearing his cries. IT’S ABOUT TIME WE HAVE SOME ONE PUNCH MAN ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 9
Bakuzan mocks Saitama. He should’ve sensed something wrong when his punches and kicks have no effect. And then Saitama does his specialty. One punch and he is dead!!! Suiryu informs him what is going on outside as well as Monster Association and those monster cells. He is devastated that Saitama is going to face off Goketsu. He believes he is destined to save more people than die here. But surprise! A decapitated head of Goketsu!!! Suiryu is so impressed that now he has a new goal: He wants to be a hero. Oh Saitama, I know you’re being realistic but please don’t be a wet blanket. How does Suiryu becoming his disciple sound? No way! With the monsters suddenly disappearing, Saitama is left to think deep. He has been bored and this recent events and even joining the martial arts competition out of curiosity, nothing has changed. He talks to King about this empty feeling and how he can’t grow anymore to be strong. Hence he is so bored. For once, King says some mind blowing things. Saitama refuses to do things, take up challenges or stimulate himself but yet he complains. If he wants to see something new, he must open a new path himself because life is an endless journey. If he thinks becoming strong is the end goal, he is mistaken. The endgame of a hero isn’t that simple. Being courageous and taking action for the sake of others is what give heroes their meaning. In that sense, he is still not the ultimate hero. After hearing all that, Saitama is even more bored! Meanwhile, a shocking surprise as Garou barely escaped and is covered in bruises after picking a fight with S-class hero, Watchdog Man. He believes he still has a chance to grow stronger and will test that when he sees King. He is charging at full power when Saitama kicks him away, thinking he is one of those punks trying to earn a name for taking down a hero. Sonic is being confronted by comrades from his village, Tempest Wind and Hellfire Flame. It seems they have joined Monster Association and want him to do the same so they can take down Flashy Flash. Sonic refuses but they give him a monster cell in case he changes his mind. Sonic contemplates on turning into one because his goal is to defeat Saitama and his humanity side already died when he lost. Is he going to eat it? Based on Drive Knight’s info, Hero Associations discuss about Monster Association and their initial ploy is to play along before finding a way to destroy them. Then a message from Monster Association arrives. We see Sonic eating the monster cell. But not after he cooks it well because he is disgusted to eat it in its raw form. What does he feel? A super diarrhoea coming up!

Episode 10
Gyoro-Gyoro negotiates to the Hero Association that the monsters want to be left alone and promise will not rampage anymore. Hence the recent rampage was just to show them their power and hopes both humans and monsters can live in harmony. When one of the executive agrees and puts down his gun, he is shot and killed! So this is just a joke by Gyoro-Gyoro. The real deal is this. He wants Hero Association to gather all their heroes and come to their base to rescue the hostage. Once the message is done, the parasite monster is going to kill them all but S-class hero, Superalloy Blackluster easily squashes it. Gyoro-Gyoro addresses the monsters that this plan is to gather all the heroes and destroy them all once and for all. Once this happens, they can easily take out the rest of the humans. Some monsters aren’t impressed to pledge their allegiance to Orochi. Hence Orochi shows his fearsome tyranny by eating losers, monsters who lost their fight during the rampage. Noticing that Goketsu isn’t around, Gyoro-Gyoro checks about and sees his corpse. Uh oh. Things aren’t going too well. Genos has been given a new body by Kuseno and advised not to rush in. Monster Association makes an official war declaration on Hero Association. Child Emperor is mad that Metal Knight wants out of this operation. The latter thinks this plan will only bring forth more casualties. He has sent in the proposal once they find the Monster Association’s hideout, they should just nuke the damn place and forget about rescuing any hostage but since the executives are thinking about their funding, they rejected his proposal. Hence he doesn’t want anything to do with this mission. Garou takes a rest in that secret shack of that guidebook kid. But other A-class heroes led by Death Gatling have surrounded the place and want him to surrender. Of course Garou won’t do that so they start fighting. As Garou is weakened, he cannot effectively defeat them. Furthermore, the heroes are in sync working well to take this guy down. Eventually Garou gets hit by a couple of poison arrows and is losing strength. Last chance to surrender.

Episode 11
Death Gatling talks about the hierarchy among heroes and that S-class heroes are treated differently. Something that irks him and many other heroes because there are many other talented heroes ignored. Hence he gathered these other Hero Association heroes to make a name for themselves and prove they aren’t just second rate heroes. Garou thinks some would be disappointed in that kind of thinking. Amazingly despite his weakened state, Garou manages to fight back and take out all the heroes. He has learnt their pattern and timing. He even went as far as protecting the shack from Death Gatling’s all-out firing. Yeah, all the bullets had no effect on him. After Death Gatling’s defeat, the poor kid got so scared of Garou that he runs away. Before Garou could take a breather, Genos pops up. Apparently one of the heroes called for backup. With renewed and upgraded power, Genos goes head to head with Garou. Meanwhile Saitama loses his consecutive 81st video game match with King! Damn. Maybe he’ll take out some steam with those monsters rampaging near his place. King asks about Genos because he hasn’t been back and might be taken out by Monster Association. Nah. Saitama believes that guy will be okay. On second thought. Maybe he’ll go check on him. We continue the epic power fight between Genos and Garou. The latter trying to mimic Watchdog Man’s moves for a surprise attack but Genos is still better. Suddenly monsters pop up to tackle Genos. They are here with orders to assist Garou and to bring him to join Monster Association. Garou doesn’t appreciate the help, though. Of course Genos rebounds and kills all the monsters. Just before Genos can finish off Garou, here comes Bang. Time to put an end to this.

Episode 12
Time for master to give his disciple a beat down punishment. Garou tries to flee but Bomb (Bang’s older brother) stops him and joins in the beat down. So great the beat down that it looks like Garou’s life flashes before his eyes. The point in time whereby school kids were playing heroes and they made him the monster. Not that he has any problem with it nor the most popular kid in class, Tatsu playing the hero. It was rather he learnt of the injustice because all the kids ganged up, played unfairly to let Tatsu dominate over Garou that he had no chance to fight back. Even when he did, he was scolded by the teacher that he went berserk and owed everyone an apology. Garou was mad. Unforgiveable. Hence becoming this hero hunter was to make such people feel the blow of the weak. Garou revives and is about to get real when Phoenix Man snatches him away. He lets grandpa centipede handle those pesky heroes. Garou is frustrated and doesn’t acknowledge this because it is meaningless if he doesn’t do it himself. But Phoenix Man tells him he only has himself to blame for not being strong enough to finish this off. We see Bang and Bomb use their martial arts to break the centipede’s exoskeleton. However it moulted and revived. Genos decides to handle this and against the old dudes’ advice not to throw away his life, he does so anyway. Even with all the firepower and innovations he has, including burning the monster from inside out, the centipede is still breathing. At this point Genos is close to defeat. He has tried everything in his book and yet he cannot defeat this monster. He is starting to question his own worth. Bang and Bomb take other heroes for safety but when they realize they will bring the fight back to the city and there would be more casualties, Bang is going to sacrifice himself? Don’t worry, that won’t be. Because King makes a brave announcement to the monster that he has brought Blast (the S-class hero whom this monster has a grudge with). After throwing more insults, the centipede charges at King. Any time now… Saitama!!! This baldy pops up and destroys this monster for good in one punch!!! IT’S ABOUT TIME!!! Genos then asks his master what he is lacking. Uhm, maybe power? And Genos is now enlightened and realizes the path he should strive for! Time to go home.

Own Pace Man
WTF… With that cliff-hanger ending, a third season is very most likely although no news of it has been said. But I’m very sure of it. There’ll be a third season. Very sure… Because if it does not happen, it will surely leave a bad after taste in the mouth. There will be many disappointed fans and angry viewers alike who have come to expect so much and this is what we get? Oh come on. You can do better than that. Why didn’t they expand and make this into a double cour season in the first place? Not enough original and interesting material? Not enough budget? Not enough interest (NO WAY!!!)? Maybe there were reasons but I guess there are somethings behind the scenes that we will never know.

No doubt that this season is also great, I can’t help feel there are mixed feelings while watching this season. You see, there were times when I felt that the martial arts competition as well as introducing the antihero called Garou felt more like time wasting although I believe that it eventually helps in contributing to the bigger picture overall plot. Because of Saitama being away for the martial arts tournament, this contributes to Saitama making somewhat less screen time this season. Yes. This feels somewhat strange seeing he is supposed to be the star of this series. However when I think about it, Saitama being away at the tournament and oblivious to the Monster Association’s rampage, this gives other heroes of Hero Association more screen time to flex their muscles. Remember, Saitama can literally win a battle with just one punch! What was his name again? Therefore had Saitama not participate in the tournament and went on the fight the monsters, it would have been one rather monotonous (although not necessarily boring) affair. After all, so far nobody has ever lived long enough to take his second punch if Saitama is serious in throwing his first punch. So yeah. Saitama racking up the monster body count might be good for Saitama and all you Saitama fans and supporters. But this means other heroes would not get that much needed screen time and some of them might not be even introduced. Then yours truly will complain about this show should do away with all the other characters and just let Saitama and the few be the only heroes in this city.

Then there is the other interesting side plot of introducing another strong character, Garou. At first having this hero hunter felt like also filling in the time and void since showing Saitama participating in the tournament would be just absolutely boring as you know it won’t take up as much screen time. Garou proves to be formidable and what makes him more interesting is his support for monsters. This does not necessarily mean he wants to become a monster but merely he cheers on for them. Many of us never question why we support the heroes and always undermine the villains based on our simple thinking of because they’re the good guys or bad guys. This is natural for many of us so what happens when you have an irregular like Garou? Because of his different opinion, he is shunned and that is probably what drives him to become strong and prove others wrong and that monsters can also become heroes. Sure, many monsters live to destroy humans, etc but not all of them. We don’t really question why they attack those with valid reasons of attacking humanity and thus Garou is out there to prove that point. Maybe they just want to get along? Nah! Garou’s reverse support sometimes reflect reality. You know, when you’re a kid you support all those heroic heroes. But as you grow older into an adult, you realize and connect better with the villains. Yeah, monsters here could have earned the sympathy of some viewers had not they look so hideous. Had they look like those cool mutants in X-Men, well, maybe. Garou does have a valid point to prove. Just that he might be going about in the wrong way. So remember kids, remember who you bully back in elementary school. It’ll definitely come back to bite you if you’re not careful. Despite Garou making his name around as the hero hunter, I don’t think he’ll have the last laugh just yet.

As mentioned, thanks to the martial arts tournament as well as Garou the hero hunter, these help give other heroes some of the spotlight and introduce some that we have not previously heard of. While I have no complaints about the heroes, sometimes I feel that this is just one big convention of weird cosplayers. You know, heroes seem to have this unwritten code of wearing really odd clothes to supposedly match their ridiculous and odd powers. I guess there are so many heroes that sometimes it becomes a chore to really differentiate them. It’s like whatever ideas you got here, please throw them in and we’ll call that some A-class or B-class hero. Some even so lazily named like Megane because he wears glasses. Not that I can see how his power comes from there either. Then there is this typical cowboy westerner who shoots with his twin pistols. What’s he called? Gun Gun. Yeah… And there is this punk who has a Mohawk hairstyle so he is called, you’ve guessed it, Mohican. Damn. These heroes sometimes feel more like jokers and seeing them when they are first introduced it serves up to make you smile and laugh. If you want more laughs of the kind of lazily named heroes, you can look up the internet. Yeah, you’ll find plenty of such hilariously named known heroes for now…

But for all the other characters that have appeared in the first season, some are a hit and miss. Hits like Genos who seems to be trying to improve himself battle after battle so as Saitama’s disciple, he seems to be making quite a steady progress despite still having a lot more room for improvement. That is why the much needed final episode to have some Genos drama to doubt his own abilities. And just like that his insecurities are assured thanks to Saitama’s whimsical (and possibly honest) answer. Even Metal Bat is cool going so far as to have an episode named after him! Some misses like Tatsumaki just making that one short stinking cameo appearance and it feels like Fubuki has more screen time than her. Albeit that is just the start of the season and when the real sh*t starts to hit the fan, she’s like back into the shadows. Same for Sonic and from the looks of it, I think his revenge match against Saitama will yet be put on hold again. Though, I have a feeling that Sonic will eventually team up with Saitama and the heroes. I may be speculating wrongly but this baddie isn’t just a baddie and for him to still be alive and come this far, he’s got to have more than that. I know this series isn’t over by a long shot yet but it’s sad thinking that many of such beloved characters are somewhat ‘forgotten’ and ‘not heard of again’ by the end of this second season. Damn, I really starting to hate how this season’s cliff-hanger ended.

Talking about the star of this series, Saitama seems awfully side-lined this season. But remember what I said about him easily defeating his opponents. Having him do that for this entire second season may not be so fun. That’s why even the final episode we see some other action and drama from other characters before Saitama shows up his short cameo and ends everything. Are we supposed to be happy or disappointed with that? Because you know sh*t is going to happen if Saitama takes more than one punch to defeat his enemies, right?! Hence we see him being absolutely bored at the martial arts tournament as well as hanging out with King and playing video games with him. The irony is that he never wins against King and this might be a sign that says if Saitama doesn’t end his fight in one punch, could he have actually lost the battle if the fight requires the enemy to take many hits before keeling over? This is really food for thought. Even much more than the thought of why his gloves are still intact after his one punch specialty. Because if the monster wears the same material from his gloves, will they be safe from his punch?

Saitama being the strongest character (though not officially in this series’ setting) means that he is just bored with everything and there is nothing more that could challenge him. This explains why he sounds so monotonous and so mundane in everything he does. Like as though he doesn’t care. Actually he does. Somewhat. But he views it as troublesome rather than something excited to look forward to. We can see it from both sides of the coin. While he does look like he has reached the pinnacle of supposedly being strong, this might look like an insult to those who have been trying so hard but never reached a fraction of his strength. Essentially both are right and wrong. Nobody is perfect. Not even Saitama is because although he is definitely super strong, he isn’t quite happy. He has been questioning his life’s goal and purpose but thankfully he still has stuck to his heroic qualities. He might sound half-hearted in shelling out his motivation to many of those heroes he stumbled into and saved, but I’m sure he also means it. I mean, I’m sure he isn’t just saying it for fun that if you have time to be depressed, you should use that to move forward and improve. And because he is at the peak of being strong, he certainly can’t see what ordinary people see. So sometimes it is also good like for King to give a good pep talk to try and bring him down to perspective. So keep trying harder in those video games.

With Saitama having this line of thought, there is this scary thought that he might just screw being a hero and join the Monster Association or become a solo entity like Garou and just go around killing others for thrill. Because he is the main hero and character and what we have been invested seeing in him so far, it is not very likely he will turn into that but as the chances aren’t zero, there is still that dangerous small probability. I know I won’t like it to see Saitama turn out like that and I am very confident the producers won’t (lest they want to anger everyone with this sick twist) but still, sometimes you can’t help worry about this small minor unimportant stuffs.

Saitama may not have realized it but he does change a few people’s lives that he has touched. As we see from last season why Genos decided to follow him and become his pupil. This season we are introduced to Suiryu who is probably a frog in the well. He thinks nobody else is stronger than him until he actually meets one. And the irony was how he viewed heroes with disdain and doesn’t really care much about them until his own life was in peril. It goes to show that a man can change. It would be really even more awesome if Suiryu actually becomes Saitama’s follower and I am betting that he would. Otherwise it would be a waste to just introduce this character and then toss him away like he never existed. Then Saitama’s exclusive club of strong people will continue to grow…

Just like the heroes, the monsters are equally, uhm, is diverse the correct word? Sometimes I feel that designs of characters who are ‘ugly’ enough are to become monsters instead of heroes. And you’ve guessed it, some of them even weirdly and hilariously named. Like Black Sperm… Seriously?! And did Sesame Street’s Big Bird moonlight as Phoenix Man or his distant cousin or something? So last season we had an alien coming all across the universe just to fight the best. Now we have a local antagonist and with the introduction of Monster Association, we can see that things are really heating up and sh*t probably to hit the fan another time. Interestingly the monster cells seen that can turn humans into monsters should have been fleshed out better but I guess they might want to leave that for next season and I hope they do. Are there cells to turn monsters into humans? Well, I certainly don’t see humans making this technology. They might have created the most advanced and destructive weapons but I don’t see them doing so in this medical and biology thingy. Orochi being the ruthless king of the monsters, let’s hope he would give Saitama a much better run for his money than last season’s Boros so that we are all entertained.

This season’s action bits are still top-notched and it is the driving factor why this series continues to be popular. All the ridiculous and overpowered moves from the characters are still fun to watch no matter how freaking fast or absurdly strong they are. You can say the firepower packs a punch. You think that they are strong enough? Wait till another character shows up and shows us another stronger move! So earth shattering. If monsters don’t destroy the city, the impact of these monstrous heroes would do the job. These heroes sure put those in Dragonball to shame. It’s not merely just over 9000! It’s over 9 billion may not be even enough! And then of course, Saitama’s specialty of ending it all with just a single punch that makes him look like making no effort whatsoever (and making other heroes slog like hell with their skillsets and firepower), I don’t know if we are supposed to be glad-cum-entertained with everything ending so fast.

With last season’s seiyuus retained, new ones are added to the already bloated casts. Yeah, a lot more heroes here so I believe the list is twice as much. But I’m going to mention the notable and main ones. Heh. Not much. Those I recognized include Hiroki Yasumoto as King and Takehito Koyasu as Gyoro-Gyoro. The rest are Hikaru Midorikawa as Garou (Lancer in Fate/Zero), Masaya Matsukaze as Suiryu (Ren in Jigoku Shoujo), Atsushi Ono as Orochi (Giriko in Bleach) and Kenji Nomura as Goketsu (Ushiyama in Golden Kamuy). Maintaining the absolutely epic style of last season’s opener, JAM Project returns to sing again this season with an equally epic hard rock Seijaku No Apostle. Don’t you just feel the power welling up in you right now?! And that totally epic metal hard core scream at the end of the song! YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!! Also following last season’s trend, the ending theme is also a slow ballad, Chizu Ga Nakutemo Modoru Kara by Makoto Furukawa (voice of Saitama). Though, this song doesn’t feel as empty and hollow like last season’s. Damn, Saitama belting out this piece? If he wasn’t a hero, I bet he is a good crooner!

Overall, this season still rocks but because of the cliff-hanger and Saitama not in action in so many scenes, some felt like this season is a downer and did not live up to its amazing first season. Sometimes I too get caught in that thought and that it could have been much more epic even though there was an onslaught of heroes vs monsters action. That is the danger when you have built up so much hype and expectation that you become too big to fail. If Saitama knows all this and could break the fourth wall, he would have told us all off to stop b*tching our lazy asses because the producers and staffs worked really hard to bring you this epic entertainment! So at least be grateful you can watch this season in comfort without having to worry monsters suddenly come stomping in your neighbourhood and all animes on air have to be temporarily suspended until further notice! Yeah, that would suck a lot. Look at all the monsters that the anime industry has created. Now it is coming to bite them back with toxic fans and complacent viewers now complaining about how ‘inferior’ this season is. The only heroes that are going to save this series and the anime industry is to make better animes!

Boku No Hero Academia S3

January 26, 2019

Oh yeah. More teenage superheroes. My Hero Academia has been garnering a lot of fans and rave reviews over the years so it is no surprising that Boku No Hero Academia S3 was inevitable. So inevitable that we already knew it at the end of the second season over a year ago. I hope this third season will pack more pows and punches and go to greater heights than ever before. Because at this point a handful of series reaching its third season start to decline… I hope I didn’t jinx it… But always believe and go beyond! Plus Ultra!

Episode 39
We see Shigaraki depressing over the recent incidents but he’ll make everyone realize how fragile their justice is. Also a brief reminder of Class 1A heroes and their Quirks. All of them. If you think Mineta and Kaminari are hardworking by booking the school’s pool, it is too peek at the girls swimming of course. They invite Midoriya but they didn’t expect him to call the rest of the other guys. So we see some flashbacks of Midoriya’s exploits last season. Yeah, such a great guy. Then the guys decide to hold a competition to see who can swim the furthest. Of course with Quirks allowed, some look like ‘cheating’. Eventually it boils down to the top dogs of the class, Midoriya, Bakugou and Todoroki. More flashbacks of Midoriya’s heroics and before we can get to the start, Aizawa cuts short the fun. Pool time’s over.

Episode 40
Even if it is the summer holidays, it is no rest for our heroes because they will have a training camp in the mountains. Helping to supervise them is the veteran hero team of Wild, Wild Pussycats. They consists of Mandalay, Pixie-Bob, Ragdoll and Tiger (uhm, cross-dresser?!). Training begins when they arrive because they must get through the forest fighting golems to get to their inn. Remember to get there in time or else you’ll miss lunch. Of course and exceptional display of their Quirks in action but they took too long and now it’s dinner time. At the inn, they are introduced to Mandalay’s cousin, Kouta. Seems he hates heroes. After dinner, they take a bath and Mineta as usual tries to satiate his perversion only to be stopped by Kouta. They slip as Midoriya catches Kouta. He learns why Kouta hates heroes. His parents were heroes but died in the line of duty protecting citizens from a villain. As a kid then, he couldn’t understand what it all meant. Despite society praising heroes, to Kouta he cannot understand them and finds them unpleasant. Next morning, Aizawa has Bakugou demonstrate his growth by throwing a ball. Compared to the last time, it seems he barely improved. Aizawa explains they have improved in the mental and technical levels but their Quirks themselves did not. Hence this is the real focus of this training camp.

Episode 41
We see our heroes doing rigorous training to control better their Quirks. Class 1B is also here to join in the training. Looks like they have to put in more effort. Now you know why Class 1A got so much attention in the previous seasons. Also because they are the main characters ;p. Midoriya tries to talk to Kouta who still hates heroes so he talks to him in third person about a friend he didn’t inherit any Quirks (that’s himself, right?). Kouta is still not impressed. Meanwhile a small group of villains led by Dabi has arrived. Their plan is to ambush the young heroes in training in a small group. So why need to wait all 10 of them to arrive? Shouldn’t the 7 of them be enough then? After dinner, our heroes play kimodameshi. Except those who failed, they continue to undergo training by Aizawa. Sorry folks, can’t go play. This means with the odd number for kimodameshi, Midoriya ends up by himself. As the game gets underway, suddenly something feels wrong as poisonous mist fills the area and the forest is on fire. Yup, the villains have begun their move. Why so shock to see baddies here? Sure, they were assured how secure this place is and how this training is conducted in secrecy. But after all that has happened in previous seasons, do they not take any precautions just in case?

Episode 42
When Aizawa receives a telepathy message from Mandalay about the attack, he rushes out only to be put out by Dabi. Mandalay has also relayed orders to students not to engage in fights and return to the centre but I guess some of them have to be stubborn and prove why they are future heroes. Like Midoriya of course. Because he only knows where Kouta is. Speaking of him, he is about to be assaulted by a villain named Muscular. Guess what? This is the dude who killed his parents! What coincidence. Thankfully Midoriya saves him before he becomes pummelled meat. Muscular is looking for Bakugou but since Midoriya is here, he is okay with that. Midoriya fights him but despite putting up all his strength, Muscular is still overwhelming power due to his Quirk of powering up his muscles. Even when giving his 100% punch, Muscular still survives. This only serves to make Muscular even more excited because now that play time is over, he wants to get serious. He doesn’t care about the League of Villains’ goal as long as he could fight and kill. Oh my. Midoriya has both arms broken from the use of his Quirk and is tired. Can he still stand up to this villain? Not when he reminds what it takes to be a hero. He’s not going to run away. However as he is weakened this time, it looks like he is done for. Until Kouta distracts him with his feeble water Quirk. Amazingly Midoriya gets back up and is much stronger now! Holy sh*t! His punch is now 1,000,000%! F*CKING POWER!!!! That definitely knocked him out. Kouta must be so confused and relieved that he never expected somebody like Midoriya to risk his life for him. Definitely his hero now.

Episode 43
When Dabi ambushed Aizawa, he was able to avoid and pin him down. However Dabi soon melts away. That was just a doppelganger created by Twice. When Aizawa makes his move, he stumbles into Midoriya and Kouta. Midoriya leaves Kouta with him and needs to relay a message to Mandalay so she can telepathically relay to all students. He cuts in on Mandalay and Tiger’s fight with Spinner and Magne and is able to let Mandalay relay the message of allowing all students to fight as well as the villains’ target is Bakugou. Speaking of him, he and Todoroki are fighting off the crazy Moonfish. Meanwhile Tetsutetsu and Kendou are trying to find the source of the mist. Mustard plays cheat as he uses a real gun but thanks to Tetsutetsu’s metal Quirk, it saves his life many times but is taking a toll on him. Mustard also badmouths how dumb UA students are and at the same time rant about his own jealousy of being denied. It finally took the combined might Kendou and Tetsutestu to break his gas mask and knock him out. Midoriya is trying to find Bakugou but is saved by Shouji. It isn’t because they are being attacked by a villain but rather Tokoyami’s dark shadow turning into an uncontrollable monster.

Episode 44
Midoriya’s plan is for Shouji to head where Bakugou and Todoroki are and then have them light up to defeat the dark shadow. However Bakugou doesn’t want to light up yet. He lets the dark shadow beat the sh*t out of Moonfish before doing so. Yeah, saved them the trouble. Bakugou isn’t pleased that he is to be escorted and protected. Meanwhile Ochako and Tsuyu have a hard time fending off slasher girl Toga. Crazy girl wants to be friends with them and somewhat knows about their desires. Especially Ochako who loves a certain boy and wants to be like him. In this distraction, Toga manages to steal Ochako’s blood before escaping as Midoriya’s group is in sight. But then they realize Bakugou and Tokoyami are missing. Yeah, let the person who you’re supposed to be protecting walk behind. Anyway, the duo has been ‘stolen’ by Mr Compress. He ‘compressed’ and hid them in his small marble. As they have got what they came for, he signals to the rest of the villains to pull out. Midoriya and co furiously chase after Mr Compress. On the other side, Yosetsu Awase and Yaoyorozu are desperately running away from this creepy Noumu. Damn it has all the horror tools embedded into its multiple arms! They could have died but Noumu suddenly stops and walks away. They think it is because the goal to kidnap Bakugou has been achieved. Yaoyorozu creates a tracker and sticks it on Noumu. As Mr Compress is getting further, Midoriya becomes angrier. He won’t give up and insists he is not in pain. He comes up with a plan for Ochako to turn them weightless and then Tsuyu will fling them closer. So they altogether crash at where the villains are supposed to meet up.

Episode 45
Vlad King refuses to let some of the students in the centre to go out to fight. They are soon attacked by Dabi who mocks that they cannot tackle a small group of villains. Aizawa returns to destroy this fake as he warns not to give in to the provocation as it is their goal. Still, Aizawa won’t let them fight as they are not sure if the villains are targeting other students. Midoriya and co fight to get back their friends. As Shouji grabbed the marbles, they run. Kurogiri then opens the warp to let the villains escape. Mission failed? Actually Mr Compress swapped the marbles so the one in Shouji’s hands are fake. Before the villains could retreat, Aoyama fires his laser as distraction. The marbles fall off but our heroes could only save Tokoyami. Bakugou still got kidnapped. In the aftermath, there are reports and news criticizing UA left and right. Although 3 villains were caught, Pixie-Bob had a serious head injury and Ragdoll went missing. Some of the students are still unconscious from the poison mist. Nezu and the UA teachers discuss their next possible step and perhaps a traitor in the mix. All Might gets a call from Tsukauchi that he might have determined the hideout of the villains after taking statements from Aizawa and Vlad, plus previous field work from his officers. This is a top secret rescue and clean up mission that will require the help of a lot of heroes. Midoriya finally wakes up in hospital. His classmates visit but the mood is sullen after what has happened. Kirishima makes a bold suggestion to go save their friend although this is vehemently opposed by Iida who believes this should be left to the pros. Kirishima and Todoroki came to visit the hospital yesterday and overheard All Might talking to hospitalized Yaoyorozu about how she placed a tracker on Noumu. He thinks of having her create another receiver. If they don’t move now, they’ll never become heroes.

Episode 46
The students reason they can’t let their emotions take over and do what they please or else they will be no better than the villains themselves. After they leave, Kirishima tells Midoriya they are still going ahead with their plan. Midoriya gets the doctor’s analysis that despite Recovery Girl using all her might to heal him, keep up with this again and he will find himself unable to use his arms any more. A little good news from all this depression is that Kouta wrote him a thank you letter. Meanwhile Tsukauchi has gathered a few top heroes for the covert mission. Midoriya joins Todoroki, Kirishima and Yaoyorozu but they are interrupted when Iida is against this. Before Midoriya could explain himself, Iida punches him. A very emotional plea from his side that he is worried for everyone. He worries Midoriya might become like his brother. By going ahead with this plan, do they not care about his feelings? They assure they are not going to fight head on but a covert operation to save Bakugou. Hence Iida wants to join them as excuse to supervise them. Tracking the tracker to Yokohama, Yaoyorozu suggests they disguise themselves as the villains know how they look like. I’m not sure if these clothes are convincing as they stand out even more. Then they see on TV a public apology by UA headed by Nezu and Aizawa. From the hostile crowd reception and bias media, they know UA is being vilified. Shigaraki and his villains are also watching this. They want Bakugou to join them as they explain they plan to make society think what is justice and heroes. Shigaraki as Bakugou released to treat him as their equals despite knowing he will attack them. And so Bakugou did just that. He rejects their offer to ‘harass people’ as he stays strong to his true inspiration who is no other than All Might. He always wins despite being in a pinch. He wants to win like him.

Episode 47
The press grilling continues as Bakugou thinks hard of a way to get out. Surprisingly Shigaraki remains calm and doesn’t want the rest to hurt this important piece. He seeks All For One to lend his powers. Midoriya’s side tries to peek into the building and they are shocked to see so many Noumus. Before Shigaraki could have his comrades put Bakugou to sleep, All Might crashes in while Kamui quickly restrains the villains. Shigaraki orders Kurogiri to warp the Noumus here but looks like he can’t. He cannot locate them. That’s because Mt Lady and Jeanist crashed into the building to apprehend all the Noumus and retrieve Ragdoll among them but she is still in a vegetable state. Shigaraki is not impressed All Might is here. Short flashback shows All For One saved Shigaraki when nobody else did. Shigaraki is so mad that suddenly warp portals open and all the Noumus start showing up. The heroes are in shock because Kurogiri is unconscious. In this havoc, Bakugou is kidnapped again. A couple of minutes ago when Jeanist’s side secured the building, All For One popped up and decimated the entire area in a flash! Midoriya’s side were still in hiding but now they are shaken and traumatized with the absolute destructive power they saw. So powerful that they saw a hallucination that they were killed!

Episode 48
All the villains are warped back to where All For One is and All Might’s side is left to deal with the rampaging Noumus. Jeanist and the rest still live thanks to his quick thinking of pulling them out from harm’s way. Too bad All For One knocks him out. Shouldn’t he kill him just in case? With his villains gathered, Midoriya is too scared to move and he is desperately trying to think of a way to save Bakugou and escape. Then here comes All Might blasting into the scene. All For One can stand up to his mega punches. He then opens a gate for his villains to escape while he stalls All Might. Of course Bakugou won’t go easily so he too puts up a fight with the villains. Midoriya then has thought of a way to rescue Bakugou without having them resort to fighting and they can get away clean. But it all depends on Bakugou. First, Midoriya and Iida will use their power and speed to blast through the wall using Kirishima’s hardness. With that opening, Todoroki will create a tall ice barrier that will take them high enough out of the enemies’ reach. Then Kirishima needs to give the signal to Bakugou to come with them. It has to be him and not the rest as he is the only one who has been building an equal friendship with him. The plan works out like a charm with Bakugou responding nicely to Kirishima’s call. The villains are surprised with this as they try to chase and get Bakugou back but here comes Gran Torino whipping them up with their speed. All For One is now held back by All Might to let them escape. All For One opens a warp to force his villains to escape, disheartening Shigaraki who doesn’t want to leave his master behind. Now that All Might can fight without reserve, All For One uses his warp to turn Gran Torino into his shield and make him bear the brunt of All Might’s punch. But All Might becomes so mad of his atrocities that he manages to land the biggest punch in his face. Too bad he is still okay. He mocks All Might for being so worked up and has seen this exactly before: From the previous One For All successor, Nana Shimura.

Episode 49
Flashback shows when All Might was an apprentice under Nana, he wanted to be the pillar of strength the people could rely on as the country’s crime rate isn’t decreasing. All Might and All For One continue their epic punching. Like the true baddie he is, he targets a trapped civilian so All Might is forced to protect her. This causes All Might to lose much of his power as he turns into his deflated form and shocks everyone who is watching. Even if All Might still stands strong to his principles, All For Might plays reverse psychology. He tells him that Shigaraki is Nana’s grandson. This weakens All Might mentally. The crowd who has been critical of villains are terrified to see All Might in this state. However they start cheering for him. He is still All Might. They want him to win! With all their voices reaching him, All Might gets renewed hope and power as both hero and villain power up their arm for one amazing epic punch of the century. When their fists clash, All Might’s arm is in danger of losing. I mean, he was taking on a monstrous arm embedded with lots of Quirks. But this is a trick as he used his right hand as bait so he could punch All For One with is left in the head (supposedly his weak spot). Here comes the biggie! United States of Smash!!!! WOAH!!!! Is this the most American of American punch?! With that, the final flame of One For All fizzles out inside him. The people cheer in relief over All Might’s victory. When All Might signals it is your turn next, the crowd cheers and thinks all the villains are going to get their asses whooped. However Midoriya interprets it differently and he can tell the message was aimed at him to carry on the torch for One For All. He can’t help cry.

Episode 50
Tsukauchi asks about All Might’s interactions with Nana’s family. Apparently after her husband died, she tried to protect her son in a foster care to keep him away from the hero world. She specifically told others not to contact him even if the worst happened to her. But now it has all backfired. Todoroki returns home to see his father training like mad. He is upset. Why shouldn’t he? Guess who is going to fill in the number 1 spot now? Midoriya meets All Might again but is punched as punishment for not listening. He tells him he has officially retired and cannot fight anymore. He is always disappointed when Midoriya fights, he ends up injured. Except for the last time. He felt really proud of him and wants to devote himself to properly raise him. UA has come up with a new dorm system for young heroes to live and bond together. All Might and Aizawa go around to seek the official permission of the parents at their homes. All give their blessings and it’s much easier than they thought. Except maybe some family members yelling at each other. That’s the real shocker. Like Bakugou’s mom who is so glad they have this system. But the only one who opposes this is Midoriya’s mom. Speaking honestly as his mom, she is very worried of her son getting injuries on his arm. It made her always thought he would be better off happier Quirkless and watching heroes do the saving. As UA cannot stop her son getting injured, all the more reason she cannot let him be in their care. Midoriya tries to give excuse it is all his own fault that he doesn’t listen but then she blames it on UA’s responsibility. If her son wants to be a hero there are many other hero courses other than UA. Midoriya returns to show her a thankful letter from Kouta. It was that proud moment he was a hero. He agrees he can go to any other school as long as he gets to be a hero. All Might is moved and as he prostrates himself, he feels the need to properly raise him as he believes he is the next symbol of peace. He will do so even if it costs him his life. What else can mom do at this point? It’s not like she hate UA and All Might is his reason for living. She just wants him to be happy so don’t give up your life. If he can promise that, she will leave him in his care. Midoriya better make sure he doesn’t worry his mom again. All For One is in a special prison for villains. He monologues and mocks All Might’s missed chance to leave or die. Because now All For One too has passed the torch to Shigaraki who will use all his hatred and regrets to move forward.

Episode 51
Our young heroes move into their dorms. But before that, Aizawa gives all of them a pep talk. To cut things short, thanks to All Might all retiring, he would have had everyone in this class except Bakugou, Jirou and Hagakure (both girls were out due to the poison gas) expelled. Those who didn’t went along with Midoriya were equally guilty for they did not even try to stop them and in a way betrayed UA’s trust. As the students get cosy with their dorms, the girls have this idea to see each other’s rooms. Room raiders? Some are embarrassed, some are just plain, some are quite creative. Except Bakugou and Tsuyu, everyone has seen each other’s room. I’m not sure if they have seen Mineta’s because nobody wants to go to this little pervert’s room. Everyone votes who has the best room and it seems the winner goes to Satou! It wasn’t his room actually. It is the great sweets he made. In fact, all the girls vote for him! Damn, the ugliest guy got the girls’ heart? After this fun, Tsuyu speaks to Midoriya and those who went to rescue Bakugou. She felt sad that despite warning them at the hospital, they still chose to do it. She thought of telling them now even if she can’t gather her thoughts properly. She wants everyone to have fun together again. I guess a few friendship tears are okay. They’re going to need it when they start getting back on track with their daily lives as heroes.

Episode 52
The next step for our young heroes is to take a provisional test for their hero licence. As the test is tough and the passing rate is only 50%, they need to develop their ultimate moves. With the help of Midnight, Ectoplasm and Cementoss, the young heroes train and try to develop at least one ultimate move. Midoriya is having trouble developing his because we all know how his arms will get destroyed each time he goes overboard with his Quirk. All Might stops by to check on them. He advises Midoriya he is still trying to imitate him. He knows his problem but can’t tell him outright otherwise he won’t learn anything. Thinking he needs a better design costume, he heads to the support department to get some advice with Iida and Ochako. Hi Hatsume, long time no see. Excavation Hero take in their requests for process but how come it feels like Hatsume wants to test out her failed prototypes on them? Midoriya starts to see the whole point and what All Might meant after witnessing Hatsume telling Iida to run with his hands in order for his legs to cool down. A few more days of training and we see what Midoriya has learnt. A slab threatens to fall on All Might but Midoriya kicks it away. In addition to his fists, he can use One For All for his legs too.

Episode 53
It is also thanks to Hatsume’s support braces on his arms and sole that enables Midoriya to fight more effectively. Time for the provisional hero licence test. Upon arrival, we get to see more weirdoes from other schools. Like Inasa Yoarashi from Shiketsu High School might look like a passionate guy who loves to do things passionately but he was once offered to attend UA via recommendation but for unknown reasons he turned it down. Then there is Ketsubutsu Academy in which You Shindou suspiciously looks similar to Midoriya. Only much taller, more talkative and sparkling. Then there is the hero, Ms Joke who makes enemies unable to stop laughing while she pummels them, it seems she is constantly bugging Aizawa to marry her. As all hero wannabes gather in the hall, they are being told about the effect of Stain had on the hero world and hence they realize the key factor is speed because for those who can’t keep up will find it tough. Hence this year’s test will only see the first 100 heroes passing. Gee, 1,540 wannabes taking the test. That is less than 1% passing rate! Drastic reduction from 50%! But don’t worry, at least that quota is enough to fit all of our UA heroes, right? So this is how the test will be. All participants will put 3 devices anywhere on their body as long as it’s an open spot. Opponents try to hit it with a ball. Successful hits cause it to light up. You’re out if you have all 3 devices lighted up. To pass, you need to defeat 2 participants. Also, they are given limited balls. As the test starts, Midoriya’s plan is to have everyone stick together and do teamwork. However Bakugou and Todoroki prefer to go solo. Midoriya’s worst fear comes true because all other schools are targeting them. Their Quirks are well known since the broadcast of the sports festival. But if you the others think they are easy meat, think again because it’s time to see the fruits of labour our UA heroes have been putting in.

Episode 54
We see some of the Shiketsu heroes strutting their stuff against their UA counterparts like Shikkui Makabe with his hardening, Itejiro Toteki with his boomerang and Tatami Nakagame with her telescopic. But it is Shindou’s ground vibration Quirk that causes the UA heroes to be separated. Meanwhile Inasa uses his whirlwind Quirk to suck up everyone’s balls (why does it sound so dirty?) and drop them like hail. Because of that he becomes the first to pass and also took out 120 participants! Midoriya gets careless as he gets 1 down by Camie Utsushimi from Shiketsu. She is able to somewhat ‘disappear’ if he looks away. Apparently this isn’t her Quirk and is thought at Shiketsu. Camie is very interested to get to know more about Midoriya. Other heroes turn up to try and steal the show. Midoriya dodges their attacks and sees Ochako signalling to help. However she loses his footing and Midoriya goes to catch her while dodging enemy attacks. So cool or what?! This scene that trolls us that Ochako is looking at Midoriya with loving eyes as she suddenly tries to put him out of the game but Midoriya is faster and slaps the ball out of her hand. This is Camie in disguise and her Quirk is to shape shift. Midoriya knew it was a trap all along because the real Ochako would have used her Quirk to float and not expose herself to danger without any plan. With the real Ochako and Sero coming in to help, Camie is forced to put this getting to know session on hold. Meanwhile Todoroki encounters a group of coloured ninjas from Seijin High School. Are they ninja versions of Power Rangers wannabes? Todoroki is having it tough to deal with them. There is only so much his own Quirk can do.

Episode 55
Even if those ninjas cooperate seamlessly, Todoroki adapts quickly and turns the tables on them. With that, he becomes the first from Class 1A to pass. Elsewhere, Yaoyorozu, Jirou, Tsuyu and Shouji enter a building. However they realize too late as this is a trap set by the highly intelligent Saiko Intelli of Seiai Academy to corner them. At first it seems like they know all about their Quirks as they set traps to seal off their Quirks one by one. Their plan is to finally make Yaoyorozu to use and exhaust her Quirk. Then they will all march in and take the win without any struggle. With the temperature dropping in the sealed room, naturally Yaoyorozu could have easily materialized some items to escape or fight back. But as she thinks further, all her answers lead to the same conclusion of their defeat. She finally hits a solution to materialize earphones for them all and use all that she’s got to create a large speaker. Jirou uses the sound wave to attack and pass out the Seiai opponents. When the coast is clear, it looks like easy victory for UA but Saiko takes Yaoyorozu hostage and even if her school can’t win, she’ll at least take her down. Too bad she didn’t see her other comrades busting in to save her. She never realized that they would abandon one of their own even in such dire situations. I guess this means the quartet wins, huh? Hooray! More UA students pass! Midoriya hatches a plan to use himself as bait so that Ochako and Sero can restrain and secure more enemies (this was his initial plan for UA to stay as a group and to secure a large number of opponents and use them as ‘target practice). Because in the dying minutes, people are getting desperate and will be restless. Meanwhile Kirishima and Kaminari somehow followed Bakugou. They encounter Seiji Shishikura from Shiketsu who could turn people into some mashed potato blob? Yeah, Kirishima turned into one.

Episode 56
Bakugou rushes to fight Shishikura but falls into his trap and turns into a meatball. Kaminari is all that is left but he realizes why Bakugou was trying to focus his attack in a smaller way instead of letting out a big blast and hurt everyone else. Kaminari does the same and injures Shishikura. This releases the rest from the meatball spell as they take him out. But there are other candidates too. What’s there to worry over these small fries? Easy meat. Similarly, Midoriya, Ochako and Sero’s tactic work as they too pass. With more candidates passing and those remaining getting desperate, Shindou’s side uses this chaotic chance to take out others in the vicinity. UA has 11 students passed and there are 10 slots left remaining. Uh oh. Can they make it? Iida finds Aoyama hiding and with other desperate candidates hot on their tail, Aoyama believes he is a liability and will only bring them down if Iida continues to protect him. Hence he uses his navel laser as distraction so that when others target him, Iida can quickly take them out to pass. Of course you know no UA students are going to leave their own behind. Aoyama may have attracted others, but he also have attracted the rest of his scattered UA pals who now converge and combine their Quirks to take down those minor characters and pass. Phew. And that makes 100 candidates. All of UA students pass this first round! As the successful candidates wait for their next test, Shiketsu’s Nagamasa Mora chastises Inasa and Camie for going ahead and fight solo instead of fighting as a team. Because of that, many of their comrades and especially their senior, Shishikura failed. For our successful 100 candidates, the next test is a rescue mission.

Episode 57
There are professional people to play the victims (not politically!) from Help Us Company AKA HUC! You mean there’s a real job in playing the victims (again, not politically!)? They are to rescue as many as they can and score points. Those who score higher than the threshold will pass. During the break, Mora confronts Bakugou and apologizes on behalf for Shishikura’s rudeness. He wishes to have a good relationship with UA. However the same cannot be said for Inasa as he hates them, especially Todoroki whose eyes are the same as Endeavour’s. Well, duh. He is his son. Oh, you mean not that kind of eyes meaning. As the rescue mission gets on the way, UA gets berated by the pros for ignoring this and that. Looks like they are the ones who will be giving our potential heroes the score. UA split up to smaller groups and use their Quirks to help remove and send the victims to safety. They also cooperate with other schools when the need rises. But Bakugou is as his usual. Still yelling at victims at least those who are not of serious injury. Want to minus his points? You better be prepared to face his wrath! However this rescue mission has another twist that none of the hopefuls saw coming. There is a villain attack happening simultaneously! Although it is part of the test and staged by pro hero, Gang Orca, the candidates must now juggle with both saving the victims and fighting the villains. Must they choose either one? The choice is obvious for true heroes.

Episode 58
WTF?! Why do they need to take a break and show a special episode?! Oh well… Midoriya, Bakugou, Ochako, Iida, Todoroki and Tsuyu are in a special class conducted by Aizawa. This is to see if they are able to assess the situation and deal with it. The scenario is that All Might is playing the villain and is holing up in a jewellery store and having 3 hostages (played by Cementoss, Midnight and Mic). At first our young ones decide to access the situation but impatient Bakugou barges in. Suddenly the villain is dead! From now on it becomes a detective game to decipher what happened. After questioning the hostages and confirming there are no other parties involved, it seems plausible that the culprit is among the hostages. However Midoriya puts on his thinking cap and deduces this theory. He believes Midnight knew the villain. Knowing he was on his way to rob the store, she called the police. Then she enters the shop and the villain confused with an acquaintance got a bit chaotic and also took her hostage. Because it’s strange that the store is in the process of being robbed and Midnight entered it. With the heroes on scene and to avoid their relationship being exposed, the villain killed himself. So for the sake of love, they tried to protect each other and it ended up with the villain taking his own life. Congratulations! This was exactly the scenario they thought up. However Aizawa fails them because they failed to capture the villain. He was only pretending to be dead and has now escaped during the deduction. So it wasn’t about love in the first place? Later All Might receives an email from Melissa Shield, the daughter of David Shield, All Might’s sidekick and scientist when he was in America. They are now living in I-Island. All Might prepares his trip there but he also wants to bring Midoriya along to hone his skills as his successor. So this is just an advertisement to go watch the movie if you want to find out more?! Oh well, I’m glad we’re back to the original schedule next week.

Episode 59
Shindou suggests everyone evacuate the victims while he staves off the villains. Too bad he got paralyzed by Orca’s supersonic wave. Todoroki and Inasa are here to stop the villains but they realize they still have bad blood with each other. It seems Inasa hates Endeavour (refused an autograph?) because of his cold angry eyes. He saw the same in Todoroki. Although not intentional, their Quirks get in each other’s way, making their situation even more pathetic like as though they are fighting with each other. When yet another wrong timing Quirk goes awry and almost hit Shindou, luckily Midoriya pulls him away. We see more in depth of Inasa’s hatred. He loves everything passionately especially when it comes to being a hero. But with that experience with Endeavour, he was the only exception. The only hero he hates. During the qualification exam at UA, he beat Todoroki by a whisker in a race. Although Inasa was pretty sporting, Todoroki then was still consumed with hatred for his father and never looked nor acknowledged Inasa. This infighting has Orca taking the chance to semi-paralyze them. Realizing their unsightly and selfish behaviour, the duo although could barely move, combine their Quirks to create a flaming wall to surround Orca. He gets weak when it gets dry. With the victims safely evacuated, soon other heroes drop in to fight the evil henchmen. After Todoroki and Inasa give out and Midoriya lands a surprise kick on Orca, the exam is declared over based on the fact that Bakugou’s side has extracted the final victims. The points are tallied. Guess who are going to pass…

Episode 60
Wow. So many passed! So we can expect our usual heroes to pass! That’s right! Except… Bakugou failed?! Todoroki and Inasa too?! Gosh. Top 2 UA students failed?! I guess Todoroki and Inasa apologize and realize their mistake and even though it’s too late, let this be a lesson for them. The students are handed a sheet that explains how their demerit point system works. Those who passed may only act as a hero on their own only in emergencies. But for those who failed, don’t despair as there will be a special 3 month long course for them to take and after passing this individual test, they will get their provisional licence. When Midoriya asks Mora about Camie because he is interested in some technique she mentioned about hiding one’s presence, it seems she has already gone home early. Too bad nobody knows that the Camie who took the test is actually Toga in disguise! Her Quirk allows her to shapeshift to the blood of those she steal and she has stolen Midoriya’s blood. All Might visits All For One to find out Shigaraki’s whereabouts. Even if he knows, do you think he will tell? All For One tries to deduce the situation outside after All Might has retired. He believes that now that Endeavour is the top hero, there are still those who do not trust him and causing some instability. Hence some other villain groups might take advantage of this instability to rise to the top. He expects some infighting just to rise to the top. All this because of All Might’s new weak form and his retirement. He will not be able to save people as his wish and can only look on in his powerlessness. All Might is not cowed. He will not be killed by Shigaraki and will not die. Is he being desperate here not to lose? Back at the dorm, Bakugou calls out Midoriya to talk. After all that talk that indicates he is still jealous of Bakugou for surpassing him, he explains his deduction that Midoriya received his Quirk from All Might. Both of them idolized All Might and aim to be like him but the irony is that Midoriya who did not have Quirk at all until All Might came to town, was acknowledged by him without Bakugou realizing it. Then he passed the provisional licence test but Bakugou did not. That’s why Bakugou wants to fight Midoriya again. Right here. Right now.

Episode 61
Bakugou thinks that if All Might chose Midoriya, does it mean that Bakugou’s way of admiring All Might was wrong? Because you know, they both admired him greatly. And so the power fight begins. We hear more of Bakugou’s ‘complaints’ about Midoriya being weak and suddenly he got strong. It seems he feels guilty for being weak and was the one who ended All Might’s career. Midoriya realizes he has been carrying a lot of burden all this time. This fight isn’t about winning or losing. It’s just to release some pent up frustration. Also, time to get serious and test out the limits of his new moves. Hey, if they’re going to fight, might as well go all the way. Bakugou’s complaints continues as he thinks Midoriya is getting arrogant, acting like as though he has surpassed him. Normally anybody this bullied would have stayed away but Midoriya saw all the good and amazing points in Bakugou, that’s why he always continued to follow him. In the end, it looks like Bakugou overpowers Midoriya. Cue for All Might to pop up and stop the fight because he too has heard everything. He tells Bakugou why he chose Midoriya. Then he was powerless but more heroic than anyone. Bakugou on the other hand already had powers. He wanted Midoriya to stand in the same ring and compete. All Might doesn’t want Bakugou to further blame himself since eventually this is the fate he had to walk. He believes both of them who admire and fear each other, they can work together and become greater heroes. Not the answer Bakugou wants to hear and after All Might reveals everything about One For All being passed down (so that he is now equal footing with Midoriya), he promises to keep it all a secret. Midoriya and Bakugou get into one of those rivalry arguments that they’ll surpass the other. Can they both be number 1? Oh, right. Reality says no. Returning to the dorm, Aizawa punishes them to house arrest for a few days. Looks like they’ll be missing the new term’s opening ceremony.

Episode 62
Jin Bubaigawara narrates with All Might’s retirement, Endeavour is now the top hero. However because of his rough attitude, many don’t like him. In the eyes of some, he looks like a normal person pretending to be a superhero. Jin sounds like he is having split personality and the only way to stop all that is to put on his mask. He is who we know as Twice. He has the ability to duplicate things and long ago he cloned a lot of himself to do chores. However they all ended up thinking they should be the boss and started fighting each other. In the end, all but one survived and he is unsure if he is the original self. The League of Villains have scattered throughout different areas to recruit and make their organization bigger. For Twice, he is looking for crazy people like him as he views superheroes only save good people. Maybe he has found one. This psycho pyro dude, Overhaul. Back at UA, Aizawa explains they will have hero work studies in this semester. So it’s like having hero activities outside school. But doesn’t that sound a lot like the internship they did? So do they call it by a different name since they have their provisional licence? Anyway, Ochako is distraught because this means all the hard work she put in during the UA sports festival was all for nought. I don’t understand Aizawa’s explanation how it’s not what she thinks it is because the festival wasn’t just the only way for agencies to recruit potential heroes. As Midoriya is under house arrest and his classmates cannot tell him, this only makes him frustrated and dying to know. But he’ll get to know about it and play some catch up once his house arrest is over in 3 days. Just in time because Class 1A is going to have more details of hero work studies by UA’s seniors and top students known as Big Three.

Episode 63
Funny how Big Three are supposed to be the top UA dogs and we’ve heard nothing about them until now. Tamaki Amajiki is too shy to face them while Nejire Hado is too talkative, asking questions before anybody can answer. And if you think they’re weird, wait till you see the top hero of them all, Mirio Togata. Passionate dude wants all of them to fight him now! I guess action speaks louder than words. As it begins, did Togata distract everyone by turning naked?! We see how he slips through things and even warps to punch all of them in the guts! No reaction time! As noted by Amajiki, what is truly fearsome is not his Quirk but how hard he worked on them. First wave over, now Togata goes in on the second wave. You can’t touch him but he can touch you. Midoriya might be able to predict where he pops out next but he still gets owned. So once that’s dusted, time for some explanations. Togata’s Quirk allows him to slip through anything. His ‘warp’ is because when he deactivates his Quirk, his mass and other mass don’t mix so it ‘rejects’ and ‘propels’ him out. The most mind blowing motivation about using his Quirk is that because everything slips through him, this means he cannot breathe and even light goes through him! Hence he experiences nothing! So he worked hard to improvise, predict and think faster than his opponents. He went from dead last to being the top student in UA. Hence the reason he wanted to fight them is because it is faster to tell them via experience. Therefore the work studies are different than the internship in a way that they are no more treated like guests but as pro heroes. Wow. This guy is so motivating and the closest to All Might, you think he has a chance to be his replacement? But as our UA students prepare their next step, the League of Villains are also making theirs. Twice brings Overhaul to meet Shigaraki who knows this is one crazy fish who has swam in.

Age Of Plus Ultra
OMG! OMFG!!! I knew it was going to happen! There is going to be a fourth season! Hooray! It goes to show that a superhero’s work is never done. And even though the journey is long we have all been walking through this together so you bet that I am going to be one of those many who will continue to follow through! At least for the animated version.

While this season itself is still interesting with the training camp arc as well as the provisional licence arc, the biggest impact that everyone would remember this season is the retirement of All Might. He is just a supporting character in this series but yet I can’t help feel surprised and sad that he won’t be making his usual superhero appearance. He will still be around but not as the buffed version we all prefer and love. I know that this series focuses on our up and coming young heroes and that one day All Might would have to retire anyway. So it is just sad to see him go out and retire this way. But it makes me wonder if this is the best way for him to go out. Him fighting against the biggest baddest supervillain mankind has ever known and defeating it in the eyes of the public was the only way he could ever cemented his legacy forever.

Even when this season ended, I still could not believe to bring myself that All Might will no longer be standing there as a main player on the mainstage. This just shows how much of an impact All Might has on the masses despite technically being a supporting character in this story. To rephrase a line in one of those Batman movies, for All Might’s case, he lived long to be a hero. Salutations to you, All Might! Rest well! They try to soften the blow with new character Togata who seems to be the most promising and next in line to replace All Might in terms of charisma and power. Unless there is some sort of dark sickening twist written for him awaiting his fate (horror if he ends up being the next bad guy!). So tell me again why we didn’t hear of this guy who is closest to being All Might before? Are we really setting up Midoriya to be the next All Might successor?

Midoriya and Bakugou continue to develop so finely this season as they navigate through their thorny and erratic, uhm, friendship? Can we call it that or has it upgraded into rivalry? It is great to see that Midoriya is using other methods for his Quirk to help lessen the burden of his One For All since if he is going to be a fine hero, he needs to take better care of himself instead of always being reckless and then needing have other heroes clean it up. Especially Recovery Girl who feels like it is not going to cut it next season if she continues to heal Midoriya’s grave injuries as it is going to sound more like plot convenience. But I guess with someone as young as him, the only way to learn from it is via being foolish. As long as he learns, he will continue to grow at his own pace.

Bakugou is still the same temperamental hot headed dude. Once more when he fought Midoriya again, I thought he was going to bring back those annoying jealousy memories I had of him back in the first season. Luckily we get to hear from his side and what makes him ticked off. At this point I am in a dilemma even if Bakugou changes his personality, will I like this kind and polite Bakugou? Being the furious and emo kid is how we all know him. Despite all that anger, we have to give him credit that he never waived nor turned to the dark side because his kind of character is stereotypically one who would have crossed over but thank heavens that did not happen. It would be unthinkable to see Midoriya-Bakugou relationship turn from friendship-cum-rivalry into good versus evil trope like Naruto-Sasuke. Yeah… So hats off to Bakugou for being able to keep his dream and vision alive even though he lost it in the anger department. After all, he needs to stay true to his explosive Quirk. Say, why does the kidnapping of Bakugou somehow remind me of the kidnapping of Eren from Shingeki No Kyojin?

One of the biggest dilemmas of having a series grown this big is the amount of characters. This season introduces a few more characters especially heroes from other schools and while they do seem interesting, overwhelming and having their own potential, I just have to remind myself to be patient because this is their debut so things are going to take time to properly flesh them out. That’s we are already confirmed to have another season, right? But the problem I keep worrying is that even so, many of the Class 1A members aren’t given so much of a prominence either. Sure, a few appearances in the spotlight here and there and don’t expect to get Midoriya and Bakugou level of focus. Like Iida who was thrust to the forefront last season now seems to be back to be the proper class rep. Todoroki feels like he has fallen from grace but this is just a temporary setback till he gets his foot back again. No matter how far he tries to get away from his father whom he hates very much, it becomes his greatest downfall. The fact is that he will always be tied and related to Endeavour so the best he could do is at least accept and move on.

Ochako is still having her heart fluttering thinking of Midoriya. So when are we going to have a superhero romance of Midoriya x Ochako? Superhero universes do it all the time! Remember Scott Summers AKA Cyclops married Jean Grey? Even Reed Richards AKA Mr Fantastic and Sue Storm AKA Invisible Woman. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Peter Parker AKA Spiderman and Mary Jane. Clark Kent AKA Superman and Lois Lane. Okay, maybe the last 2 married normal people but still, where’s the superhero romance? Sorry folks, not ruining a great series with cheesy teen romance. Better for us to keep daydreaming about it.

The League of Villains at least made a decent appearance this season unlike last season I was complaining how they didn’t have any impactful appearance after that USJ incident at the end of the first season. Even if their plans are somewhat thwarted again and they go into laying low mode, this serves to plant the seeds for their future where it is going to be an epic clash between superheroes and supervillains of the new generation. Nothing much about them is revealed for its current members for now because I believe if this series is going to be great, it needs to do justice to the antagonists too and give their side of their twisted story and see how they end up becoming villains instead of heroes. Was it because the system failed to save them? It would have been interesting because at that point when we are unable to sympathize which side to choose and support, that is what will make the series greater. Greying the lines between what makes a hero and a villain so.

One funny thing that I started wondering is that with the recent attacks targeted on UA students, the dorm system is in placed to help foster closer ties among them. But you see, the ironic part was that the USJ incident as well as the training camp, he villains easily targeted them because they are all in one place! Now that UA has put them and make them stay in one fixed location, isn’t that making it even more dangerous? That’s like putting all your eggs in one basket. Boy, there is going to be a lot of explanation, heads rolling and outrage from the media if the villains ever make an attempt to attack the dorms. I know the dorm is equipped with hi-tech security, closer to the teachers, blah, blah, blah. But there is still a possibility of that happening. They better be prepared and expect the unexpected. You know villains are going to strike when you least expected it. That’s how the USJ incident and training camp episode happened, right?

At this point, I am starting to feel that one of the biggest annoying things in this series is the constant pop up display of the characters’ Quirk on screen. Every time! Every episode! Yeah, yeah. We already know Midoriya’s Quirk is All For One. Those who still don’t know DO NOT deserve to continue watching this series. Hence in every damn episode if that familiar character pops up the first time, it’s that reminder again to us on screen that we should take note of his/her name as well as the Quirk. It might be welcoming for new characters but for older established characters, give it a rest, will you? I bet I can name all the Quirks of Class 1A with my eyes closed. No kidding. Maybe that’s how they make us remember because I sure still can’t remember the majority of the Quirks from Class 1B. Yeah, those heroes from the other class is way too side-lined. And hence the mid-intermission of displaying the characters’ biodata is also in a way getting old especially for established characters. I mean, we have quite a number of new characters introduced here and all they could mostly do is recycled the old ones? Are they saving the newer ones for next season?

The action scenes continue to play a big part in the series. What is a superhero series without all those action sequences, right? This season still packs all those power punches and they are still entertaining to watch. With our young heroes starting to develop their own powers based on their Quirks (some including some very quirky names), you won’t be bored seeing them pulling off the same moves. Though, they are still quite limited at this point. For the art and animation department, they still look good but I still maintain that with so many weird looking people, it feels like this Earth is more like an alien planet. Seriously, can people live with strange looking dick heads walking among them?! Just saying. Also, I want to point out if some of the character designs are ‘stolen’. Okay, maybe to put it in a better way, imitation is the highest form of sincerity. Because when I first looked at Twice, I was wondering what the f*ck is Deadpool doing here?! They think they can fool us by replacing his red spandex with black and cut down on his sarcasm. Remember that Muscular guy? I wonder if they were paying some sort of homage to Dolph Lungren… I also wonder if Mora was also inspired by that hairy monster, Cousin Itt from Addams Family. Yeah… What about Togata whom I feel is a buffed up version of Tintin. No, seriously. And if you run out of inspiration from the outside, just copy what you have! Like Shindou looks similarly close to Midoriya, right? Just taller. Heck, even I think Dabi looks like an evil version of Midoriya.

While this season’s first opening theme, Odd Future by Uverworld is still epic and befits the series like a glove, however the first ending theme has got to be the worst of all! Personally, Update by Miwa sounds so girly and gay that, I don’t know, my hair just stood on ends hearing this song. I was like going WTF continuously till the song ends. It just derails all the greatness of this series so whenever the episode ends, I would quickly skip this ending credits just to save myself from having delusions that this song is going to pull down the greatness of this series. Yeah… It makes me wonder if they couldn’t find an appropriate song in the last minute and decided to go with this. The second opening theme, Make My Story by Lenny Code Fiction is also cool but not as great as the first. And thankfully no more gay songs for the second ending theme with the slow rock of Long Hope Philia by Masaki Suda.

Overall, the third season is still as superb as the first and second and I enjoyed every moment of it even the slow ones and that blatant movie promotional stint. While things are looking up for the superhero genre for this series, I can’t help be sad that at this unfortunate coincidental time that one of the greatest legends of comics, Stan Lee has passed away. The retirement of All Might suddenly hit me of this. They may be gone but they have left a great legacy behind forever to be remembered as well as give hopes and dreams to a whole new generation that would continue to spur those hopes and dreams to greater heights. And for people like me, that would be like waiting for the fourth season to come out, no? Oh yeah. We’re so blessed and wonderful indeed to live in an age of Plus Ultra. Excelsior!

Boku No Hero Academia S2

February 2, 2018

After that pretty meh American-like superhero series, The Reflection, I guess it is time to go back and let the Japanese show us how it is done, their brand and take on superheroes. Heh. And with that, Boku No Hero Academia S2 is here for all those who have been waiting and it even gets better this season because this season is double cour! Twice the length of the first season! Wohoo! I guess more interesting (AKA weird) characters and heroes are going to pop up but seeing how the main characters are just students of a superhero school, I’m not expecting them to take on the world yet. But still, even though it is all just training and practice and the likes, anything superheroes do will still be super and of epic proportions.

Taking place right after the USJ incident, Aizawa and Thirteen are recovering well and are back to teaching Class 1A in no time. So we see them doing a mock rescue simulation with some pretending to be victims and the rest trying to use normal means without their Quirks to rescue them. The next simulation is to locate victims in a devastated city. Basically, one big hide and seek game. As Todoroki ponders about his own past and forced succession by his father, he is attacked by a villain. This bull mask villain then disrupts the rest of the simulation as the other students are shocked to see Todoroki, the strongest in their class defeated. He closes off all the exits to take on them. Bakugou as usual, hot and fiery tries to take him down on his own. However it is Midoriya’s plan that has everyone combine and use their Quirks that help pin the villain down. Before they could do some serious damage, the villain unmasks himself to be All Might! I guess sorry can’t cut it right now. Todoroki was also in on this since All Might asked his help. Flashback shows All Might suggested it to Aizawa. The latter was against it as it might traumatize them but All Might believed it would help strengthen them after the USJ attack. They must learn to have the determination to overcome anything.

Episode 14
All Might writes to his mentor about the aftermath of the USJ incident. Although many small fries of the League of Villains were arrested, the ring leader was never caught. He also writes about the potential he sees in Midoriya to succeed him. Class 1A is shocked that Aizawa shows up in class when he is supposed to be recuperating. He is here to announce an important upcoming event: The UA sports festival. There has been a debate whether to cancel it in light of the recent villain attack but it is decided to continue to show that a little shake up like that won’t deter their spirits. This event is also one of the most important in Japan since hero agencies will also be here to scout potential sidekicks and recruits. The students get motivated to do their best. Ochako reveals her intentions to become a hero is for money since her family is broke. Midoriya has lunch with All Might as he is being told that the recent fight with Noumu has now limited his power to only 50 minutes. Although Midoriya still can’t regulate his power, he noticed that when he used it against a villain then, it had no backlash. It was the first time he tried to use his power on a person. Since All Might doesn’t have enough time and those with evil intent are starting to realize it, he needs Midoriya to succeed him. The time has come for him to show the world that at UA sports festival. He wants him to tell the world that he is the next All Might, the fledgling symbol of peace.

Episode 15
The festival is briefly explained. Hero classes are not the only classes in UA. It also has support, business and general studies. The event brings all such classes together to compete. There will be preliminary stages before the finals. Because Class 1A became ‘famous’ during the USJ incident, many from other classes are here to check them out. Especially this villainous-looking Hitoshi Shinsou from the general studies here to make his war declaration on them. We see montages of them training and before you know it, the festival is here. Before it begins, Todoroki comes up to Midoriya and declares war on him since he is suspicious that All Might has set his eyes on him. Midoriya might feel Todoroki is way better than him, but he isn’t going to give up without a fight. All the students head into the arena. The festival is to be hosted by R-rated hero, Midnight. Bakugou as the representative for the first years, goes up to make his speech. He pledges… He’ll be number one! We expect him to piss off everyone from the start. Midoriya feels something odd about his speech because it’s like he is driving himself to a corner. The first game is an obstacle course. As long as they stay within the course, anything goes. As the race flags off, the students make a mad dash to the narrowing hallways. Todoroki gets ahead of the pack by freezing everyone. But his trick doesn’t work on a few with Quirks. Like Bakugou who is just mad in hunting him down. Their first obstacle are robots used during the entrance exam. It’s child’s play for Todoroki as he freezes them all and times them properly to fall and block off the path for the chasing pack.

Episode 16
We see some of the students using their Quirks to get pass the robots. But Midoriya uses his brains and luck instead. Using a broken metal piece of the robot, he manages to slam those aiming for him in the right moment. The next obstacle has them crossing chasms. This stage is where the support class shines because they are able to showcase their inventions. Like Mei Hatsume and her overkill gadgets that get her easily across. The final obstacle is landmines. Though they are easily marked to be identified, they won’t kill but the blast is enough to send you flying out. At this point, Bakugou catches up with Todoroki and they’re fighting each other. Bakugou is mad that he declared war to the wrong person. Midoriya is at the back of the pack. He uses his brains again. He gathers a few mines and then slams on them to propel him high into the air riding on his metal piece to the front. Then he uses Todoroki and Bakugou as springboard and a final blast to push him to first place. He makes a final dash back to the arena where he wins first place! Todoroki and Bakugou arrive second and third shortly. The top 42 advance to the next round with Aoyama propping up the final spot. If you are wondering why cowardly Mineta is placed so high (18th) and Yaoyorozu so low (17th) it is because that midget stuck on to her back and ride her all the way! Yeah, he killed 2 birds with a stone as he probably admired her ass all the way. The next game is kibasen. So as to be fair, the points of each participant is based on their standings from the obstacle race. 42nd is worth 5 points, 41st is 10 points, 40th is 15 points and so on. So what is the top guy worth? 10 million points! Wow. Everybody is now staring and targeting Midoriya. Literally everyone is eyeing on him now.

Episode 17
Midnight explains the rules. With a team consisting of 4, the team’s points are totalled up in the headband to be worn by the rider. As long as the rider doesn’t fall off and touch the ground, even if you have your headband stolen, you are still in the game. But those who deliberately try to make other teams fall will be immediately disqualified. The students are strategizing who is to be in their team. Midoriya knows points are not important but needs the right people. Of course no one wants to be in his team and lots of people seem to be wanting to join Bakugou’s team (lucky ones who got in are Kirishima, Mina Ashido and Hanta Sero). On a side note, Mineta is in despair as no chicks want to join his team. Surprisingly Ochako agrees. Better to team up with people you know, right? Why do I have a feeling it is more than that? Midoriya’s next plan is to have Iida but he refuses him. He has been losing to him ever since the entrance exam. If he intends to be great, he must stop following him. Iida joins Todoroki’s team that consists of Yaoyorozu and Denki Kaminari. Hatsume surprisingly wants to be in Midoriya’s team because as all eyes are on him, this will make her equipment well known. The last person he needs on his team… Fumikage Tokoyami. The plan is for Midoriya to keep running until the time runs out. As expected, all teams target him. However thanks to Hatsume’s equipment that allows the team to fly, plus Ochako’s making everything lighter and Tokoyami’s dark shadow twin to dispel attacks from all sides, it is the perfect defence and getaway. With half the time gone, the rankings are up to see the standings. Everyone is shocked that half of the teams have got their headbands stolen by team Neito Monoma, launching his team to second place. Including Bakugou’s team. This slick dude explains the reason why hero Class 1B has many of its students end up in the middle or the back of the pack, enough to make it to the next round as compared to Class 1A. From the back, they are able to observe their Quirks. Because he mocks Bakugou for being an ‘annual villain victim’, as expected he is enraged and changes his plan to take him down before he gets Midoriya. Midoriya continues to run away but this has to come to a stop. Because now team Todoroki is targeting him.

Episode 18
Todoroki uses his ice to block off other teams and to limit Midoriya from running all around. With both of them duking out, the other teams have no choice but to steal from each other. As Bakugou tries to attack Monoma, he is shocked to see he possesses the same explosive Quirk. Then he realizes that is not the case. Monoma’s Quirk is to copy other Quirks whom he touches for only 5 minutes. Bakugou is so mad he won’t be defeated by this that his explosiveness breaks through Monoma team’s barrier to snatch back a couple of headbands. Iida uses his secret move in which he accelerates faster than the eye can see for Todoroki to snatch Midoriya’s headband. This is his trump card he never told anybody but using this move means he will be immobile for a while. With time running out, Midoriya makes his last ditch attempt to steal back his headband. He plans to use his Quirk on Todoroki. The move is successful. No damage done to his hand and it leaves Todoroki in shock. However Midoriya got the wrong headband. By the time they’re going in for another charge, time is up. The top 4 teams move on to the next round. Todoroki’s team is in first place. Bakugou comes in second. Shinsou’s team is a surprise third. Guess who makes the final cut? Thanks to Tokoyami’s dark shadow stealing a headband from Todoroki in the final seconds, Midoriya’s team takes fourth place! As the festival takes an hour break, Todoroki pulls Midoriya over to talk. All Might meets up with Endeavour, Todoroki’s father who is only second in the hero rankings to All Might and not impressed with his son’s performance.

Episode 19
Endeavour brushes off All Might and it is still obvious he still resents the latter after all these years just by being number one. Midoriya fears his secret with All Might may be exposed when Todoroki explains he could feel the same aura from All Might from him. But Todoroki thinks he is All Might’s secret love child! Before this can become a joke, Todoroki continues and reveals his father as Endeavour who has always been stuck with the number 2 label. So if Midoriya has something to do with the number 1 hero, all the more reason to beat him. Because Endeavour couldn’t beat All Might, he shifted to his next plan. Force marrying into someone with a Quirk to produce a powerful offspring with an equally powerful Quirk. Endeavour is trying to fulfil his own desire by raising him to be a hero to surpass All Might. Todoroki won’t be his tool. He always remembers mother crying. She told him his left side is ugly. While pouring boiling water on it. That’s why Todoroki picked a fight with Midoriya to show him what he can do and without using that Quirk of his. Midoriya might be overwhelmed hearing this. But he has a responsibility to the people who have supported him and hence he challenges back Todoroki he will not lose. While the draw for the octo-finals is going to start, surprisingly fellow 1A classmate, Mashirao Ojiro wants to withdraw! He was on Shinsou’s team. Everyone is shocked but there is something about pride he can’t say (hinting it has something to do with Shinsou’s Quirk). Similarly, a guy on Shinsou’s team from 1B also wants to withdraw. Midnight likes their passion and allows. With 2 spaces left, the duo to replace them are Ibara Shiozaki and Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu (both are from the team who has been fighting hard to defend their third place in the kibasen before being snatched away last minute by Shinsou’s team). The draw is done. The first match pits Midoriya against Shinsou. When Shinsou wishes him for a good match, Ojiro quickly shuts him up and doesn’t want Midoriya to answer him. There are recreational games for those who didn’t make the cut before the octo-finals. But now the real match is here. The rules are simple. You win by immobilizing or pushing your opponent out of the ring or make him/her quit. Otherwise anything goes. Of course, no moves that could kill. As both Midoriya and Shinsou take the stage, Shinsou starts badmouthing Ojiro as a coward. This makes Midoriya mad. Suddenly his body freezes.

Episode 20
Aizawa takes a look at Shinsou’s stats and notes how the entrance exam was unfair. Because it was a display of physical Quirk, Shinsou’s Quirk never stood a chance and that’s why he didn’t end up in the hero course. But he knew that if he had done well in the games, they would review him and transfer him to a hero course. So as you might have guessed, Shinsou’s Quirk is brainwashing. He tells Midoriya to turn around and leave the arena in which he obediently does. Midoriya remembers Ojiro telling him about this. As long as you answer him, you will fall under his Quirk. Ojiro had no recollection under his spell but during the kibasen when his shoulder was accidentally bumped, he regained control of himself. Some kind of shock is needed to regain control but not sure how much of it. When Midoriya is close to the edge, he sees visions of a few people. It causes him to use his Quirk that in turn damages his fingers, breaking him out of Shinsou’s spell. Shinsou is shocked with this as he tries to make Midoriya answer his hard hitting questions. Midoriya shuts up and tries to push him off the edge. Shinsou fights back but Midoriya eventually does a judo throw. Midoriya wins and advances. Flashback shows Shinsou’s classmates were really admiring his cool Quirk and gave him ideas on how to use it. Despite how tempting it was to turn to the villain side, he never strayed from his dream to become a hero. Midoriya understands his frustration of unable to become a hero before he got All Might’s Quirk. Shinsou is surprised when his classmates praised him for a good fight against the guy who was first in the obstacle courses. There are also a few heroes interested in his Quirk to fight against villains. It was enough motivation for Shinsou not to give up entirely. As Midoriya gets treated, he asks All Might about the vision. One of them looked like him so he figures if that vision is all those who inherited this Quirk. Maybe. But All Might believes it wasn’t that that broke him out of the brainwashing but his strong emotions. The next match is Todoroki against Sero. We all know how this will end, right? Before Todoroki takes the stage, he isn’t pleased to see father who tells him to give up his rebellious side and use his power. Todoroki won’t and will win using only mom’s powers. Todoroki freezes half the stadium to immobilize Sero! Talk about overkill!

Episode 21
Here are the rest of the matches’ highlights…

* Shiozaki vs Kaminari: Lightning boy got no chance against this God praying vine girl, easily absorbing his shocks and trapping him in her vines. All over in a second…

* Iida vs Hatsume: Iida agrees to use Hatsume’s devices for a fair fight. However she is just using him to advertise her products! After 10 minutes of being fooled around, Hatsume voluntarily steps out of the ring. Her work is done… Iida, you’ve been literally taken for a ride.

* Aoyama vs Mina: Looks like laser belly boy can’t fire too long as he gets a stomach ache. Mina turns the tables by sliding around, dirtying his belt, cuts loose his pants and an uppercut to finish it all. How embarrassing…

* Tokoyami vs Yaoyorozu: Dark shadow has no lag time compared to Yaoyorozu who needs to recollect her thoughts to materialize things. He keeps hitting her hard and when he stops so and she has a chance to fight back, she realizes she is already out of the ring. Oh… So sad for her… So pitiful… No chance to do anything…

* Kirishima vs Tetsutetsu: What happens when you have overlapping characters with the same hardening abilities clash? Oh boy, this is going to take a while… Hard punches that go nowhere… When they finally knock each other out, it is a draw and will be decided with an arm wrestling match later. So while we wait…

* Ochako vs Bakugou: Why does this feel like the most disturbing matchup ever? Oh, we’re out of time for this episode…

Episode 22
Ideally, as long Ochako can touch Bakugou, she can levitate him and have a chance at winning. So when the match starts, she charges straight at him. Of course he blows up everything to keep her from coming close. With his sharp reaction times, it will be hard to even distract him. Ochako gets blasted but never gives up. The crowd is starting to feel painful to watch. Some even boo Bakugou for bullying a girl and should end the match if he is a pro. Aizawa shuts them up because Bakugou is acknowledging Ochako as a serious opponent. After more blasting, Ochako puts her true plan into motion. All the ground debris that Bakugou had blown up, she touched them and are floating in the air. She drops them all on him like a meteor shower and hopes this would give the necessary distraction for her to touch him. However Bakugou unleashes his strongest blast to blast everything away. No chance left. Bakugou is about to get serious attacking Ochako but she collapses from exhaustion. Bakugou wins. Midoriya goes to the waiting room to wait for his next match but is surprised to see Ochako fine and chirpy. Meanwhile the arm wrestling match between Kirishima and Tetsutetsu gets underway. Kirishima wins when Tetsutetsu’s arm cracks from metal fatigue. Remember kids, eat more iron. After Midoriya leaves, Ochako gets a call from father who praises her for her efforts. You know the usual stuff that will eventually… Please don’t cry… PLEASE DON’T CRY… Too late… Midoriya stumbles into Endeavour. The latter sense his Quirk is similar to All Might. He tells Midoriya about his son’s duty to surpass All Might and this match will be a very instructive test bed. Midoriya replies he isn’t All Might and at the same time, Todoroki isn’t Endeavour.

Episode 23
The most anticipated match is here. Midoriya vs Todoroki. Todoroki starts off as expected using his ice powers but Midoriya powerfully deflects them all with his finger. Each time injuring them. So if he is going to do this all the time, at this rate he’ll run out of fingers… When he is used them all up, Todoroki tries to go in for the kill but Midoriya used his injured finger to continue deflecting. It’s looking even worse than before. Midoriya is visibly mad. He lectures Todoroki about Quirks being physical abilities. This means it has its limits. He notices Todoroki trembling from the over usage of ice powers. It could have been easily solved using his flame side. However he remains stubborn and wants to be number one with half his strength? He hasn’t even put a scratch on him! Technically, he is right. Surprisingly Midoriya is the one who is able to punch Todoroki despite the punches are weak. Seeing Midoriya going so far and pushing his limits despite his injury makes Todoroki remember his abusive childhood with his father who has always been trying to make him stronger to beat All Might. His only solace was his kind mom but one day he heard her breaking down that she couldn’t raise a monster who is looking more and more like his father every day. When mom tried to hurt him, Endeavour put her in a hospital. Todoroki blamed his father ever since and made that vow not to use his power. With Midoriya reminding him that the power he has is his, Todoroki remembers mom telling him it is okay for him to be a hero. It is when he starts using his flame side. Everyone is shocked to see this. Not Endeavour. He is happy his son has finally acknowledged himself. For those who analysed deeper, they believe Midoriya has done a great service by saving Todoroki. Both sides power up for one final ultimate decisive blow. Do you think Midoriya can withstand the power of fire and ice? Had not the judge intervene with some ground block in between, the explosion might have been even severe. In the end, Midoriya is out of bounds and unconscious. Todoroki wins.

Episode 24
Endeavour is happy his son has gotten over his childish tantrum. After he graduates he wants him to work under him. However Todoroki says he hasn’t forgotten anything. It was just at that moment he forgot about him. Midoriya’s bones in his arm are all shattered. Even if Recovery Girl heals him, it won’t be the same. So we have Midoriya apologizing for not living up to expectations and All Might advised not to praise his act because it was reckless and foolish. Despite all that he has done, it has the essence of what a hero is supposed to be. Midoriya’s arm might have this crooked look and scars but it should serve as a reminder not to be reckless again. Recovery Girl warns she will not heal him again. So find a way to use that Quirk without being destructive. All Might reveals a shocking truth to him that he was once Quirkless. Back then, having a Quirk wasn’t as common as today. His master believed in him and left All For One with him. Back to the match, Iida quickly pushes Shiozaki out and likewise, Tokoyami also pushes Mina out with ease. Iida tries to call his brother but he is out busy trying to hunt down Hero Killer Stain. Bakugou looks to be on the defence even though he bombs Kirishima. But after Kirishima is at his limits because he has to strain his body to harden it, Bakugou shows no mercy and bombs him till he knocks out. The first semi-final match has Todoroki against Iida. Iida uses his super speed to avoid his ice, even giving him a deep kick that is sure to knock anyone out. Iida tries to quickly toss him out of the wrong but he realizes too late that Todoroki has frozen his engines. With his entire body immobilized in ice, Todoroki advances to the finals. At the same time, Ingenium has been done in to a bloody pulp by Stain who claims all the heroes are sh*t and the only one qualified to kill him is All Might. Bakugou bombs the hell out of Tokoyami and knows his shadow’s weakness. As long as there is bright light, his shadow is rendered ineffective. Tokoyami gives up. It is going to be the most explosive and fiery final. Iida gets a call from his mom as she updates him on his Ingenium’s situation. As Stain vows to reveal the hypocrisy of society to the heroes, Kurogiri appears before him and wants to talk.

Episode 25
Even before the match in the waiting room, Bakugou is already blowing his top at Todoroki who is ever more confused if he should use his fire power. Bakugou tells him off he doesn’t care about his problems. He wants him to go all out with his power and that will make his defeat worthwhile. The final starts and Todoroki unleashes his huge ice power. Bakugou and his explosions and anger just blast it all away. As Todoroki is not using his flames, this only incurs Bakugou’s wrath. He doesn’t want to win this way and if he doesn’t have any intention to win, don’t stand before him. When Midoriya screams out to support Todoroki, he gets a little motivated. However when Bakugou releases his fury of blasts, Todoroki withdraws his flames. Todoroki is unconscious out of bounds. Bakugou is super mad now for this easy win. Midnight had to knock Bakugou out before he gets violent. So yeah, Bakugou wins the overall. During the awards ceremony, Bakugou is restrained like a mad dog! Tokoyami and Iida share third place but the latter had to leave to attend family matters. All Might hands the medals to the podium winners, gives them advice and a big hero hug. Bakugou still b*tching about why he won’t accept this win. Just shut up and take the medal! Iida reaches the hospital and is shocked to see his brother barely alive and in ICU. Sadness overwhelms him to see the person he admires to be in such a state. Likewise, Todoroki also visits the hospital to see his mom for the first time. At first his presence would put pressure on her. But after his fight with Midoriya, he realizes that in order to move forward and become a hero, he has to see and talk to her. Even if she doesn’t want to be rescued, he will do it.

Episode 26
On the train, it seems Midoriya is famous because everyone recognizes him. Today’s class will be for our young heroes to choose a hero name. Aizawa also informs with this they will go pick and do their internship in hero agencies who are interested in them. Todoroki and Bakugou lead with the offers with thousands of agencies wanting them. The rest are just so far away… However none for Midoriya. Midnight will help out since she is a pro in hero names. So we have some like as though they’re trying to be funny like Aoyama’s I Cannot Stop Twinkling (is this a sentence?) and Mina’s Alien Queen (you mean as in that Hollywood sci-fi horror movie?), some are creatively puns like Tsuyu’s Froppy and Ochako’s Uravity, some are just huh like Mineta’s Grape Juice and some just describing their ability straight. I mean, Invisible Girl? Todoroki is a surprise because he goes with his first name, Shouto. Iida remembers his brother telling him he cannot feel his legs anymore and this is the end of Ingenium. He wants him to take over his place. However Iida follows Todoroki’s route and goes with his first name. Midoriya also goes with something similar. His previous nicknames all had All Might in them (just at Junior, Super, Captain, etc). This time he picks his nickname, Deku. Bakugou needs to cool down and think of names that doesn’t sound scary. King Explosion Murder? Lord Explosion Murder? Later All Might talks to Midoriya to tell him a hero agency has submitted late an offer to Midoriya. He is Gran Torino and All Might’s mentor. He must be a fearsome guy since All Might is shaking while talking! Aizawa notices Iida’s pick of hero agency. It is in Hosu City, the place where Ingenium was taken down. No prizes to guess his motives here. Midoriya learnt what happened to Ingenium later over the news. He never said anything to Iida because he never talked about it. Before each leaves for their internship, Midoriya talks to Iida and says if he needs help, let him know. Of course Iida puts on that assuring smile but away from those eyes, he has this vengeance look on his face. Midoriya arrives at Gran Torino’s place and gets the shock of his life when the old guy pranks him with his own death.

Episode 27
Gran Torino might look like a senile old man with dementia but he is still powerful. He tests Midoriya’s strength as he bounces about the place with his jet propulsion. Of course Midoriya loses and couldn’t see it coming. He has watched Midoriya fight and tells him his admiration for All Might is a liability and shackle. He needs to get stronger fast but time and enemies won’t wait. So how? Think about it yourself. Maybe he doesn’t know the answer either? We see the other heroes in their internship. Bakugou meets one of the top 5 popular heroes, Best Jeanist. He is not amused jeans face doesn’t like him despite his agency requested for him. Best Jeanist points out his fatal flaw in his personality. There is a thin line between a hero and villain. They are just opposite sides of the same coin. He is going to teach Bakugou on how to control his emotions and enforcing his morals. Stain is taken to see Shigaraki who wants him to join his ranks. When Stain learns his plan to kill All Might and all those he don’t like such as Midoriya, Stain becomes disappointed of his childish tantrums and is going to kill him. Midoriya tries testing out his Quirk in the alley at night. Let’s say he has a long way to go. It is no surprise he looks all beat up next morning. Midoriya understands why All Might is afraid of Gran Torino is because he is always getting beaten up as his training. However Midoriya is unaware of All Might’s late predecessor who was Gran Torino’s best friend and how he came to look after All Might. Midoriya hits an inspiration when he microwaves the taiyaki. He now understands how his Quirk works. Because he thinks of using them when the time calls for it, it will take time to warm up and power on. So why not switch it on from the start and let it flow through his body? He starts getting the feel of it but isn’t sure if he can move his body at this state. Care to test it out?

Episode 28
Gran Torino gives him 3 minutes to touch him. Midoriya gets creative in ways to stop his jet springing. Although he fails, he has improved a lot. Tsukauchi talks to All Might about his investigation on Noumu. The original body belongs to a thug with a criminal record. After doing some DNA tests, they found 4 different people’s DNA intermingled inside. His body has been modified to hold multiple Quirks. Given that only a Quirk is possible for a body, it is very likely there is someone with a Quirk that can give others Quirks. All Might believes that man is starting to move again. Stain almost kills Shigaraki and Kurogiri. However he is shocked when Shigaraki is able to rot his blade. Stain was just testing him and although their goals are opposites, currently they have the same goal. However Shigaraki doesn’t want this crazy guy in his party. But Kurogiri believes Stain will be a good asset. Gran Torino takes Midoriya to Shibuya. That is where their next training will be. What better way for some real experience in fighting different real villains under real circumstances. Midoriya knows he will pass Hosu and hopes to contact Iida then. Iida is being advised by his mentor not to use his Quirk for selfish reasons since it is against the rules. He knows Iida joined the agency to search for Stain. Speaking of which, Stain is back in Hosu. In his bid to reform this city, more victims are required. The concept of hero is no disillusioned. They do not really help and are only in for the money. They only act like heroes. Until the world realizes this, he will continue to appear. Shigaraki still can’t accept his way of doing things so he unleashes several Noumus to wreak havoc. Gran Torino and Midoriya are riding the train when they see fire in Hosu. A Noumu beats up a hero and crashes into the train. Gran Torino immediately fights this one. Iida doesn’t think this flashy chaos is Stain’s style. He must be ‘delighted’ to come into Stain as he stops him from killing another hero in the alley. As Stain warns him to go away, Iida is mad he is not even his target. He then lets him know the name of the hero who is going to defeat him. Iida takes on Ingenium’s name.

Episode 29
Noumus are indiscriminately attacking people. Gran Torino can handle one well. He gets backup from Endeavour. Midoriya is trying to head to the centre of the commotion. He hears a hero looking for Iida since he isn’t around. Realizing that Iida isn’t the kind to disobey in such a situation, it means he must have found the Hero Killer. Mad Iida continues to praise how great his brother was but Stain lectures him about using his own power for revenge. That is furthest away from being a hero. He should die. In good timing, Midoriya arrives and punches him away. Iida is shocked he is here to save him and warns Stain’s Quirk to make one’s body paralyze after being cut. Midoriya knows he isn’t up to handle Stain himself and sends an SOS message. Iida doesn’t want him to get involved and run away. But if he does that, what good is a hero? He fights Stain but also gets cut. Now he is unable to move. Stain likes Midoriya because of his thinking and will let him leave. Before he could kill Iida, here comes Todoroki to save the day. He got his SOS. Midoriya is one who doesn’t signal for help without reason. It must mean he is in real trouble. Todoroki has no qualms switching between his ice and fire powers to fight Stain. Todoroki gets cut but Midoriya is able to move and prevent the unfortunate. He deduces a few possibilities about Stain’s Quirk why some are able to move. It seems he can paralyze your body by licking your blood and how long you stay paralyzed depends on your blood type. Stain confirms O type is the shortest in which Midoriya is one. Midoriya and Todoroki team up to fight Stain while they wait for the pros to come. Todoroki knows the pain and narrow vision Iida has because he too was in his shoes. When he visited his mother and told her everything, she cried and smiled as she knew he would be able to move forward without anything holding him back. Todoroki joined his father’s agency so that he could see and experience first-hand why he was number 2. It was just simple as that although he still won’t forgive him for what he did. With Stain getting more aggressive and Iida still bugging for them not to get involve, Todoroki tells him off to look properly at what he wants to be.

Episode 30
Iida reflects on his immaturity and his past admiration for his brother. He gets up and uses his acceleration to save Todoroki before he gets sliced. They continue to attack him but Stain is still dangerously strong and fast as ever. Iida’s exhaust has overheated as he seeks Todoroki’s ice power to cool it down to the right temperature. At the same time, Midoriya is able to move and powers up to charge at Stain. They manage to thump Stain at the same time and Todoroki finishing him off. He is finally knocked out. What a fight. Meanwhile Endeavour easily defeats the other Noumus despite each having multiple Quirks. All he needs to do is just adjust. Prior to it all, when he first arrived here, he wanted to show his son what it’s like to be a hero but Todoroki got that message from Midoriya and ran off on his own. Endeavour has the other heroes to head to where his son is. They are shocked to see the kids tying up Stain and defeated him. Iida makes his tearful apology to them. Suddenly a stray and injured Noumu kidnaps Midoriya. Its blood somewhat dripped on Stain. He licks it and becomes enraged as he kills it. This is all for the sake of his just society. Shigaraki is mad that his Noumus are dead and Midoriya of all people has turned up here. Endeavour pops up and sees Stain. He is ready to fight but Stain gets up. His infuriating madness sends a deadly shiver down everyone’s spine. He dares to take on all the fakes on his own and proclaims only All Might the true hero can kill him. But all that madness dies down when he passes out. While standing up. Phew. It has been one hell of a night.

Episode 31
The trio are in hospital recuperating. They are visited by the dog faced police chief, Kenji Tsuragamae. He tells them Stain has got lots of broken bones and burns and receiving treatment under close monitoring. He talks about rules in the superhero profession and hence their supervisors will be punished. Todoroki is not amused. Had they not act, there would have been casualties. Is he saying rules are more important? Tsuragamae continues that this is the official police opinion. However if this gets out, they will be praised by the public. Luckily there are few witnesses. This means they can go scot free and their violations will end here. Nobody knows. Which is better? However their supervisors will still be punished. The media is filled with reports on Stain. Shigaraki is not happy. Because it’s like the Noumus are just side stories. Iida has finished his examination. There is long term damage to his left arm. It could be healed with a transplant but after reflecting the truth Stain said, he would like to keep his arm the way it is till he matures as a hero. Midoriya understands and he hopes they could grow strong together. All Might gets a call from Gran Torino complaining about Midoriya. Because of that he has got a pay cut and teaching licence revoked. However he is here to talk about Stain. With the hype coverage on Stain and relating him to the League of Villains, it might encourage other villains in the shadow to follow in his footsteps. He believes the man who killed All Might’s master and the one who made a hole in All Might’s stomach might have foreseen this and must be planning to move again. With Midoriya admiring him so much, it’s time to tell the truth. Meanwhile some shady black market dealer is ruing business is down since crime is down after Stain has been arrested. However his buddy knows of a good way to make money. Showing an internet video of Stain’s idea of how he wants to kill current fake heroes and instil the old real ideal of a hero (which he was rejected and mocked in the past), this video has been taken down and re-uploaded many times. This means his way of life is infectious. Many have not noticed yet but those evil scattered throughout the world in darkness are now making their way to the League of Villains.

Episode 32
The official story released by the police is that Endeavour saved the day by defeating Stain. Midoriya, Iida and Todoroki are not mentioned by name but it is noted the interns got their injuries via accident during their internship. Although we get a glimpse of the others doing their internship (Bakugou still needs to work on his crudeness as he is still making the kids cry!), the main focus is on Tsuyu. Her internship is with the coast guard hero, Selkie the seal and Sirius is in charge over her. Tsuyu feels disappointed when she is ordered to stay and watch while the rest answer a request from the coast guards to apprehend stowaways. Selkie and his men inspect the suspected ship but get trapped. Sirius whose Quirk is sensitive hearing could tell this ship was just a decoy as Selkie orders her to stop the main ship. It is up to Sirius and Tsuyu but Sirius gets taken as a hostage by the squid villain. Tsuyu is in a dilemma whether to lie there were no stowaways as the baddie wants her to or else Sirius is dead meat. She realizes what it takes to be a hero and instead reveals their current location. Squiddy goes ballistic and tries to kill Tsuyu. Luckily her agility as a frog saves her but she can only dodge his tentacles for so long. Before she gets done in, here comes Selkie to beat the crap out of him and save the day. The stowaways are arrested and they put a stop to their plan to distribute some illegal drug. Tsuyu is very happy when Selkie calls her an excellent hero even though she doesn’t have a hero licence yet.

Episode 33
The internship is over. Midoriya leaves but not getting a goodbye lecture from Gran Torino. He asks despite being All Might’s master, why isn’t he a famous hero? He never wanted to become one. He just got his licence so he could use his Quirk freely. Back at UA, our young heroes are given another basic training, a rescue race this time. In this industrialized labyrinth, the first to reach All Might wins. Midoriya surprises everyone using a hopping move he copied from Bakugou (that guy is getting mad again) but ultimately he slips because of unequal footing while landing. After class, he goes to see All Might as requested. First he assures the One For All Quirk cannot be simply transferred unless the bearer wishes it so Stain licking his DNA can’t steal his Quirk (remember All Might gave Midoriya his Quirk via eating his hair strand). Now for its history. It was derived from a certain Quirk in the past. A Quirk that could steal other Quirks and make them the holder. So there was this one guy in the past who stole Quirks and used it to commit evil acts to spread his influence and get others to follow him. However not everyone could accept the Quirk he gave them. Some became vegetables. Something like Noumu. Others had some sort of mix or change in the Quirk. That guy too had a Quirkless younger brother who has a sense of justice and didn’t like what his older brother is committing. So he was forced to submission to have a Quirk. A Quirk to pass on Quirks. That is the irony of One For All as its justice came from evil. So why an old story? That guy probably had an immortal Quirk. The defeated younger brother decided to entrust his Quirk to future generations in hopes that he would be defeated one day. All Might thought he defeated him but is still found alive and is now the mastermind behind the League of Villains. Therefore One For All is the power inherited to defeat All For One. Midoriya is willing to do what it takes but All Might feels something is wrong but can’t bring himself to tell him. Because when that time comes, he might not be by his side anymore. The League of Villains’ big bad boss didn’t think Stain could get caught but is more than happy others will look up to him and go on a rampage or join the League of Villains as an outlet to release their urges. Currently he is in a race to fix up his body and believes Shigaraki has what it takes to become the League of Villains’ leader and the next him.

Episode 34
The final exams are coming up. There will be written and practical. Mina and Kaminari prop up the bottom of the class based on their midterm rankings. Surprisingly, Mineta is has high as 9th place! First is of course Yaoyorozu followed by Iida, Bakugou, Midoriya and Todoroki. With some of them wanting to be coached by Yaoyorozu, she gets motivated to help them as she starts deciding in setting up her ‘party’. Monoma tries to intimidate Class 1A that they invite trouble but is taken out by fellow classmate, Itsuka Kendou. As apology she tells them information she got from her seniors that the practical will be fighting against robots. Bakugou seems to be getting worse because he is angrier especially at Midoriya and wants to settle everything at the finals. Back to those days? Everyone who goes to study at Yaoyorozu’s place is shocked to find her living in a big mansion. Too great a hospitality… The written exam is over and now it’s time for the practical. However everyone is shocked to learn it will be them against the teachers. As a pair, they will try to take out the teacher by putting on handcuffs or escape from the arena. For handicap, the teachers are worn bracelets to restrain their power. Midoriya and Bakugou are paired up to fight All Might. Aizawa purposely set this pairing because of their bad relationship. A few days ago, the teachers discussed about Stain and the League of Villains. Baddies might be invigorated by it and hence robots will not be the best practice anymore. Hence this students vs teacher suggestion. The first match pits Kirishima and Satou against Cementoss. However all the brute might they use eventually tires them out as Cementoss is able to eternally flow his cement. They lost and this sends shockwaves to the rest. Midoriya realizes this exam’s key is to see how well the students deal with their weakness. Next is Tsuyu and Tokoyami against Ectoplasm.

Episode 35
Their best chance is to escape but Ectoplasm can create clones of himself. Tokoyami and Tsuyu use their Quirks to complement each other. But as they near the exit, the real Ectoplasm stands between them. He now forms a giant clone that has captured them. While Tokoyami’s dark shadow keeps Ectoplasm busy, Tsuyu hatches a last ditch ‘disgusting’ plan. She pulled out the handcuffs she has been keeping in her stomach and passes it to the dark shadow without being seen. So during the clash, Ectoplasm gets cuffed. They passed. Iida and Ojiro is having a tough time against Power Loader who is digging holes everywhere. Iida improvises to let Ojiro escape and they too pass this test. Next up is Todoroki and Yaoyorozu against Aizawa. Yaoyorozu continues to have low self-confidence. She follows his plan to escape as he stays back to hold down Aizawa. Since Aizawa can nullify Quirks, Todoroki is easily defeated. She becomes indecisive to whether save him or escape. And she already turned back to go save him. Still undecided, Todoroki tells her to think of a plan because this is what she is supposed to be good at. She gets her confidence and comes up with one. First they run away enough from his vision to get back their Quirk. Todoroki then forms a large ice wall to put up a barrier between them. When it’s time to move, they cloak themselves. Aizawa thought they could hide from his nullifying but when he attacks, it is just a decoy. She then catapults ropes that looks like Aizawa’s but they are actually some sort of alloy that when burnt, returns to its original shape and this restrains him. They put the handcuffs on and pass the test. Ochako and Aoyama are having it real hard with Thirteen sucking everything. Aoyama is sure a joker joking at such moments. Ochako tries to think what Midoriya would do in this situation. It prompts Aoyama to ask if she likes him.

Episode 36
The shock has Ochako losing her grip and being sucked towards Thirteen. Now, he can’t get too violent with her so he stops his suction. With Ochako in ‘rage’ over Aoyama’s words, she turns into some ‘monster’ and quickly cuffs him. At least it worked. Next is Mina and Kaminari against Nezu who is also UA’s principal. They have a hard time running from his destruction since his Quirk allows him to calculate the aftereffects easily. In the end, the got cornered until time ran out. Next is Jirou and Kouji Kouda against Mic. Mic’s voice is deafening. Jirou has an idea using ants but Kouda is afraid of bugs. Noticing Jirou’s ears are bleeding, Kouda mans up to face his fears. Soon bugs start crawling from out of the ground over Mic. He passes out and this gives them an easy path to escape. Next is Mezou Shouji and Toru Hagakure against Snipe (Overwatch’s McCree?). This one is easy seeing Hagakure is an invisible girl so she easily cuffs him while Shouji distracts him. Oh, she can accuse him of molesting her too. Mineta is running away! But he is mad? Actually Sero saved him from Midnight’s Quirk that makes one sleep when smelling her fragrance. So Mineta is jealous that because of that, Sero gets to touch her boobs and sleep on her lap. Mineta is reconsidering why he became a hero. It was to be popular with chicks. Well, looks like he is so far away. But being at UA he learnt that heroes here aren’t cool because they are heroes, they are heroes because they’re cool. Midnight is coming after him as making her wait is unleashing her sadistic side. But this is all part of his big plan to trap and her make her stuck with his Quirk at the opposite end of the arena. This allows him to carry Sero out to the exit with no hindrance. Job well done. His only ‘complaint’ is that he need not have to work this hard had he not been saved.

Episode 37
As usual, Midoriya tries to talk to Bakugou for a plan but he is yelled at and told to shut up. Nothing works. Argue too much and here comes All Might with his full power. He doesn’t pull his punches and shows no mercy in pummelling the boys. While Midoriya thinks of running away, Bakugou has only defeating All Might on his mind. They only get in each other’s way. All Might tries to advise him on his anger as well as his envy on Midoriya’s sudden improvement. But when Bakugou tells him off he would rather lose than seek help from that pipsqueak, Midoriya surprisingly punches Bakugou and then takes him to run. In the alley, Midoriya admonishes him for giving up because he was never like that. That is why he admired him. So try using him at least once before giving up. Well, looks like Bakugou has got a plan. A pincher attack that has them blast All Might in between (Midoriya borrowing one of his explosive gauntlets) and then make a mad dash to the exit. But he recovers in no time and soon another round of beat down. This time All Might destroys Bakugou’s gauntlets to prevent anything similar from happening. Bakugou refuses to give up as she continues to fight All Might head on as he throws Midoriya towards the exit. All Might tries to thwart this but each time Bakugou distracts him. Without his gauntlets, each explosive blow is putting a strain on his limbs. In the end when Bakugou is knocked out cold, Midoriya turns back to give All Might a good punch and then retrieve Bakugou and head for the exit. They finally do so and pass. And perhaps All Might is already at his limit. Recovery Girl is having a hard time healing them. Barely. All Might notes their tremendous growth and room for more improvement. Meanwhile a bunch of new weirdoes inspired by Shigaraki’s attack has come to apply to join the League of Villains.

Episode 38
Shigaraki doesn’t want these freaks to join but Giran the broker hopes to accept them because he gets a cut for introducing people to join. So meet Hibiko Toga and Dabi. Since they are so hyped on Stain, Shigaraki blows his top and tries to attack them. They too attack back but thanks to Kurogiri’s warp, they miss each other. He advises Shigaraki to accept them since he will need to use all the help he can get. Back at UA, those who failed the practical exam fear they cannot join the summer camp. Then Aizawa relays the good news that everyone is in. Of course a failure is a failure and those who failed will have a different work lined up for them. Most of them decide to go shopping together tomorrow to get the necessary stuffs. At the mall, they all go their own way and agree to meet back later. Ochako is now very conscious around Midoriya and runs away. I guess being heroes from UA is famous because they are quite recognizable. In fact, one of them approaches Midoriya and knows him too well. Why, it’s Shigaraki! So this is his crazy face without those hands. He warns Midoriya not to do anything silly as he is here to just talk. If other heroes come to his aid, he can take down 20 or 30 people before being taken down. Shigaraki talks he is jealous that all his work has been upstaged by Stain. I mean, they’re the same so why is Stain more popular? Midoriya says he could understand Stain. Although defeated, at least he had his conviction right till the very end unlike Shigaraki who just gave up and went home during the USJ attack. This makes Shigaraki very relieved. Because now he believes the root of the cause is All Might. He is going to use Stain’s ideals as a stepping stone and doesn’t have to do what is different.

At this point, Ochako returns to apologize but sees Shigaraki. He ends the conversation and leaves. Midoriya wants to know about All For One’s goal but he doesn’t know or care. Shigaraki warns him to be careful because the next time they meet, he might kill him. Shigaraki is happy of his new conviction to kill All Might because without him, it will show how fragile the justice in this world is. After Ochako reports, the mall is evacuated and locked down. But Shigaraki was nowhere to be found. Midoriya is taken to the police station to give descriptions of Shigaraki’s look to Tsukauchi. Midoriya might feel he didn’t do enough but at least there were no casualties. When All Might picks him up, Midoriya asks if he failed to save anyone before. Lots of them. Those he can’t reach and in dire need of help right now. It’s sad but he is only human. That’s all the more reason to stand and smile so that the symbol of justice can always be lit in our hearts. A bit of a heart breaker when Midoriya’s mom comes to pick him up. She can’t take all this anymore. It’s bad for her heart. Tsukauchi talks to All Might about the UA students might be getting targeted more frequently. He suggests quitting UA. All For One is happy that Shigaraki now has conviction. This means more baddies will join and approve of his conviction. He will provide and support all Shigaraki needs until he is ready to take over him.

Taking place after the internship, we see Tsuyu introducing her froggy family as well as how she made friends with this snake head girl, Habuko Mongoose. A frog and a snake best friends? Today’s hero class will have 4 guests from Isami High School to join them. Aside Habuko, the rest are Kashiko Sekigai (class rep material), Dadan Tadan (fatty pessimist) and Romero Fujimi (overlapping angry character). You bet Fujimi and Bakugou are going to hate each other. They will be participating in a survival game. Divided into teams of 4, they can capture their opponents with tape and the last team standing wins. Midoriya has his mini harem of Ochako, Mina and Tsuyu. Their plan is to stay where they are and not move. The other teams have the same idea but Bakugou has a different idea. He goes around singlehandedly busting a couple of teams. When he faces off with Fujimi, the latter releases pink gas. It is bad because anybody who breathes in turns into a zombie! That is Fujimi’s Quirk. So slowly one by one the other survivors get bitten and even turn into one. Yeah, even Fujimi himself. Tsuyu and Habuko are so good friends that the latter doesn’t even bite her in her zombie form. Too bad Tsuyu got bitten by others. When All Might jumps in to save the day, because he is in his deflated form, the rest thinks he is a zombie! Even the zombies don’t bite him thinking he is one of them! Midoriya, Todoroki, Ochako and Mina are trapped in a cave. The only way is to bust forward. So when Midoriya does so, it looks like the Quirk effect is over and everyone returns to normal, not knowing why Midoriya busted their ass. Bakugou takes this as a sign of challenge and beats the hell out of him. In the end, both sides are really sorry for this but Bakugou and Fujimi are still at each other’s necks. More friendship power between Tsuyu and Habuko. All Might is sorry for what happened. He thought a cake could cheer Midoriya up but his entire face is bandaged…

To Be Hero
Well what do you know? There is going to be a third season! Hooray! The season is saved. The series is saved. My day is saved. My heroes indeed. With so many potentials going on, it would be a waste to just end it like that this season. Because now we have the final final big boss, right? Or don’t tell me there is going to be a twist and there is going to be a final final final big big big boss? Whatever. Just as long as the next season is coming, you bet I’m going to be there. I guess this is a perk of being a normal citizen-cum-bystander without any super powers. You get to watch from the sidelines the people with awesome super powers clash and battle it out while hoping you don’t get caught in the crossfire. Yeah, don’t stand too close to the action, silly. So get ready my popcorns?

This season itself did not disappoint. While it might not be perfect but at least it still lives up to the greatness and all that epic hype stuff as expected and hoped for from the first season. This season might still show our budding young heroes still in training and honing their skills but remember, what is the name of this series again? Despite the double cours and the arcs are a bit long (the sports festival, the internship and the training against the teachers are the only arcs this season), it doesn’t feel a bit boring and in fact each of the arcs are interesting and intriguing in their own ways. Each time it made me looking forward to the next episode with lots of anticipation and when that episode comes, it doesn’t disappoint. Kudos to a good season and let’s hope this momentum can be kept up in the next.

This season does some justice to some of the characters in Class 1A instead of the Midoriya-Bakugou focus that we were getting in the first season. Namely, Todoroki and Iida. We see them grow along the rest of the class as well as with our main duo (I assume their rivalry has also grown to new heights) and you can’t help feel the more you want to support them. Though, there are some characters in Class 1A who are still very much lacking but I guess I can’t complain this season. If you really want to give each of them decent screen time, it would have diluted the screen time of some of the more important ones like as aforementioned, Todoroki and Iida. So even if they still have a much lesser impact, but at least they still have a slightly more screen time thanks to the final arc of training with the teachers.

Bakugou is still as annoying this season but he is much less annoying compared to the first season. Firstly we don’t see him often getting mad each time he gets to be on screen or whenever Midoriya takes the spotlight. Sure, he does get annoyed and angry but it feels like he has learnt some sort of control. It’s a great step but he still needs more anger management class. While you can’t deny the love-hate relationship between Midoriya and Bakugou, I suppose this is the way they interact. This is the way they are as friends. Nobody ever said friendship was a bed of roses. And the question if Ochako likes Midoriya… Still not really answered this season but is greatly hinted. We all know deep down but we just want some sort of on screen confirmation.

While Class 1A heroes are growing steadily and learning to become fine superheroes themselves one day, my main concern and worry was for Yaoyorozu. I had this fear that she would become a villain. Because I noticed that very disappointed and disillusioned look on her face ever since she did badly during the sports festival. There was this risk that she would turn to the dark side as she may have been fighting depression from within while we were not looking. Thank goodness that fear of mine was all unfounded as she got back to her groove in the end. For now. Hopefully. It would have been a shocking turn of events to the series but at the same time leave a bitter taste in the mouth of viewers. She might not be as prominent as the rest but she is still part of the overall team. If she ever really did turn to the dark side, it would be a real shocker and although it would give rise to future interesting stories and clashes, I don’t think we could stomach this one in the long run. Because Bakugou is always that angry dude and is most likely to go rogue and for Yaoyorozu to become a villain is just unthinkable.

Other characters to note from Class 1A is Mineta who seems to be having a fun ride despite all the cowardice actions he has been seen doing. Being physically the smallest, he is the biggest pervert, but it is shown that even if he wants to hit on the chicks, he still needs to put in some effort. Kirishima is slowly establishing himself as the joker and comic relief character due to his hard headedness. Making him even more so is his character purposely overlapping with Tetsutetsu. Double the jokers, double the fun? Though it is a good thing that in the latter half of this season, the mid-intermission screen shows the bio-data of the Class 1A students, the one thing I find very irritating and annoying is the fact that in every episode when a character first appears, their names and Quirk description will always be on screen. Not just Class 1A but every other characters as well. I get it. You want us to remember who they are and the power they have but if you’re spamming Midoriya’s name and Quirk in every damn episode, you have got to be the most stupidest person on Earth to not understand what his powers are (generally) after watching this far into the series. Even so, I still can’t remember the Quirks of the lesser known characters. And so the spamming will continue…

With my praises for the characters of Class 1A, however I seem to have this little discontent with the other characters outside this class. For instance, Class 1B and some of the other students in the other classes. These few new characters during the sports festival were great introductions and breathe some freshness into the season. But when the season ends, that is it for them. It is a shame because I thought Shinsou and Hatsume had some potential especially the former. This guy has an interesting and mysterious personality to him that makes his character hover between good and evil. His Quirk is so villain-like and it is a good thing to see him in a hero class. Had he had more screen time and prominence, I would have probably worried about this guy as much as Yaoyorozu of turning to the dark side. After all, being a hero is no bed of roses too with all the regulations and politics, being a hero and saving the day isn’t as easy and straightforward one might hope for as a kid.

Another disappointing character is Stain. And I don’t mean on an overall character kind of stuff. Though a very lethal and dangerous character, I thought this Hero Killer would be a mainstay, a new antagonist aside the League of Villains or maybe join them. You know, a superhero series needs more than just the same villain so the story doesn’t get boring. But unfortunately his appearance during the internship arc is rather short and ironically taken down by a bunch of students. This is the guy who has been going around killing heroes and he got defeated by a bunch of kids (because they are main characters material too). Alas, too bad he was just part of a little stepping stone for Iida’s story and character to progress as well as setting a bigger stone in movement for the League of Villains, especially Shigaraki’s newfound conviction. This is assuming he won’t return next season but there is this faint hope he might because he is too good of a character and villain to be wasted like that.

Speaking of this group of villains, this season they are pretty much ‘disappointing’ too but that isn’t entirely a bad thing. They were introduced and appeared late in the first season and after that awesome and life and death battle at USJ, they need some time to recuperate. Shigaraki’s final episode encounter with Midoriya and their first on non-battling terms is an indication that things are going to get even more heated up. Stain’s actions that led to his eventual fall did open up new possibilities for the group and with a bigger villain with past ties with All Might lurking in the background, I believe they will make a bigger and more devastating impact next season instead of the little failed skirmish Shigaraki unleashed here.

It is no doubt that the superhero action is the highlight of the series. It doesn’t disappoint this season too although there is this dilemma of mine if some of the fights are too short. I know the more important ones last for a few episodes but I suppose there is this give and take to not bore us by giving each fight equal screen time. The season might last up till 50 episodes in that case. After all, some fights are really over in a matter of seconds. Despite everyone having a single Quirk, it still doesn’t get boring to see the way they use it in various situations and circumstances. So while we do not have some indestructible Noumu as the end boss (the ones during the internship arc didn’t last long under the combine effort of the veteran heroes), at least we got to see why All Might lived up to his name as the world’s greatest hero with some great pounding explosive action with Midoriya and Bakugou whose Quirks do pack a punch. On a trivial note, I guess this season we don’t get to hear All Might spout his American city names in his punches. Except New Hampshire.

This season also continues to rock music for its opening and ending themes that very much befit the superhero genre. But still, not as hardcore and as epic as the one in One Punch Man. This season we have Peace Sign by Kenshi Yonezu as the first opener and Sora Ni Utaeba by Amazarashi as the second one. Dakara Hitori Ja Nai by Little Glee Monster serves as the first ending theme while Datte Atashi No Hero by Lisa is the second ending theme. Oddly, the first ending animation credits feel like one for the girls of Class 1A since it is all on them. The second ending animation credits feel even odder because Class 1A students helming RPG roles slaying monsters and dragons. Weird.

Overall, an amazing second season that makes me feel the series is better than all the Marvel and DC cinematic universe put together. Though, I have not been watching many of such Hollywood blockbuster movies recently. But I get that feel. This series is one of the few anime titles whose second season is as good or better than the first season (Shingeki No Kyojin and Shingeki No Bahamut to name a few) and it is one of the best action shonen type animes out there (sorry Naruto, you’ll never beat this series in my books). So maximum scores for this solid season for a highly entertaining season that really makes me look forward to the next. It’s not just Plus Ultra, make that Double Plus Ultra!

The Reflection

January 21, 2018

Looks like the superhero phenomenon isn’t going anywhere soon. At least the western kind of superhero. So it feels like they are trying to expand into the Japanese market and see if it will hit big with The Reflection. Giving weight to why this series has all the ‘hype’ is because it is co-created by Stan “The Man” Lee himself and Hiroshi Nagahama, a Japanese director who is famously known for directing Mushishi. This isn’t the first time Stan Lee has tried his hands in creating and making an anime with superheroes as he already did so back in 2010 with Heroman. Too bad I didn’t see that one. The synopsis is as vague as it can get. After a certain incident a few years ago, certain individuals obtain several super powers. Some become heroes, some become villains. How and why this phenomenon came to be? Tune in to find out. I hope it isn’t just lazy writing and hence the obscurity of the synopsis to cultivate ‘interest’ to tune in and watch. Because from the guy who created lots of Marvel greats like Spiderman, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, the Hulk and the X-Men, I’m having high expectations here…

Episode 1
In New York Times Square, there is an aerial battle raging on between uhm, iron-man with uhm, frog-man and bat-man. Don’t mind the property damage and all the citizens snapping and filming away with their handphones. Iron-man defeats frog-man by making him stuck in some sewer hole. Meanwhile, journalist Eleanor Evans stumbles into uhm, x-spidey fighting against uhm water-astronaut. Being distracted, Eleanor is then taken hostage by uhm, tentacle-hoodlum. However she has some sort of power that is able to free herself. X-spidey seemingly gets stabbed by water-astronaut. But he absorbs his power and leaks him. Then he also absorbs tentacle-hoodlum to defeat him. Then there is this uhm, flame-woman appearing before him but he disappears since the agency reinforcements are here to round up the defeated baddies. Iron-man finally defeats bat-man. The press interviews him. They want to know his name. He is called I-Guy. WTF. I feel like making a joke out of iPhone… The crowd wonders if he will continue to protect New York. Sorry, he lives in LA. As the baddies termed as the Reflected are being transported away, their comrade, Steel Ruler easily breaks in and frees them. Today’s events make the news as they talk about the Reflection incident that happened 3 years ago when the world was hit by strange smoke and light. Many recovered, some died but others suffered some sort of side effects. Nobody knows why it occurred but it wasn’t a terrorist attack. This could be what manifested in today’s events. Eleanor returns to her home and is surprised to find x-spidey there. She notes that what happened to them 3 years ago wasn’t something that affected everyone equally. They were chosen.

Episode 2
We get a glimpse of those strange smoke and light descending on the world 3 years ago. Now, 3 years later in New York, the mayor is giving his speech for this memorial when his talk is being hijacked by Flaming Fury (flame-woman). She accuses everyone of forgetting them and did not care about their suffering. They will open their eyes. This stunt is actually to lure out X-on (x-spidey) but he is already in the crowd taking out some of the Reflected. Flaming Fury didn’t realize or know about I-Guy and wonders if X-on has an ally. X-on looks through Eleanor’s files. Is she his stalker? He praises her thorough research as he can tell she too has powers although unstable. Eleanor explains she is a survivor of that incident. But gaining such powers made her a bully victim. She felt lost until she came to know about X-on. She hopes he could make her his disciple to help control her powers and make the best of it like he does. However he doesn’t want to take that responsibility. Instead, he hopes she would shift her attention to Wraith. Who is that? That’s for her to find out. Yeah, I think he doesn’t know either. I-Guy (real name Ian Izzet, but he is no Tony Stark) returns to his base in LA where his team celebrates his successful debut. I think all that air sickness makes him vomit and passes out. He dreams of that incident 3 years ago. He was hit by the light but survived. He was once a singer too. Also, we play clips of I-Guy’s fight with bat-man and frog-man but this time with dialogue with his team. I-Guy continues to be the new hero of LA as he sweeps crime and the people love him. He’s even got a red carpet treatment. Steel Ruler and Flaming Fury are speaking with their comrade, Mr Mystic (Stan Lee?!) as they discuss about the Reflected are those who were hit by the smoke and light and became criminals. It is their job to take them in. They are going to let I-Guy work had so they are able to find more Reflected.

Episode 3
Eleanor looks at the footage of Times Square before the ceremony. She thinks she spotted a suspicious person but isn’t sure. There were also lot of weird happenings then but the one who caught her eyes is the disappearance of Jennifer Allen who works at a boutique. Strangely, 2 days before, her cousin May from Dayton, Ohio also disappeared. Footage also shows a strange figure there. Eleanor’s place is suddenly on fire. Luckily she manages to escape. X-on knows this is the work of Flaming Fury. It means she is on the right track that they have something they don’t want to see. With nowhere to go, Eleanor wants to follow X-on to Dayton to investigate. Along the way, they talk about that smoke and light incident. It is believed those hit by the smoke turned into violent monsters while those hit by the light gained powers from some internal change. At Dayton, Eleanor almost runs into a wheelchair girl, Lisa Livingstone. As precaution, she takes her to the hospital but nothing serious. Her father a cop, isn’t pleased with the outsider but Lisa claims Eleanor is her friend and has invited her home for dinner. X-on follows a suspicious person. He knows he has been tricked since at this car junkyard, Steel Ruler can bend and twist metals to her will. However she escapes since she doesn’t need him anymore. Lisa’s dad tells Eleanor about the incident 3 years ago. A repeat drug offender took Lisa hostage. His team went in when the Reflection happened. Luckily nothing serious happened. Dad blames himself as he has made many enemies. That’s why he wants to protect Lisa. But Lisa never thinks of herself as unfortunate nor has she blamed anyone. What dad is doing is only holding her down. After Eleanor picks up X-on and they return to Lisa’s place, her home is in a mess. X-on calls Deborah for a place of metal stockpile in Dayton. Steel Ruler and blob-man are torturing Lisa and her dad. They believe Lisa is a Reflected although Lisa denies. X-on arrives to fight Steel Ruler but blob-man is going to crush Lisa with his inner cutters. That is when her wheelchair turns into some awesome robot loaded with guns and missiles! Woah! Mini mass weapons of destruction! She is able to defeat blob-man and save her dad. Dad has never told Lisa but during that incident he saw green lights absorbing into her and her wheelchair. Lisa can’t stay with him anymore as she will only bring danger. She wants to learn about these powers and flies off. Steel Ruler is pleased since they have made some progress.

Episode 4
Eleanor thinks Lisa’s power is great. Well, her robot ran out of energy and they almost crashed! Eleanor has also done more research on the Allens. It seems that there are several kidnappings with women of that surname in a few cities close by. It’s like as though they’re kidnapping those they think are the Reflected. There is another one, Michelle in New Orleans. That’s their next destination. I-Guy continues to be the hero defeating villains. However the media paints him as an irresponsible one because a few hours later, the villains escape and had to be rearrested. Not his problem! Also, Ian seems to have a problem about being jealous of I-Guy because he wants to show who the true star is so he has his producer set up some show. At some party, he is about the sing that 80’s one-hit wonder, Sky Show but did he forget his lyrics? It seems the moment he opens his mouth, the glass cracks. He is taken off stage as Ian believes his producer was right. The world doesn’t want Ian now. So he plays Sky Show as I-Guy? At New Orleans, Eleanor goes to do her investigation. But at the bar, the master says Michelle has already been taken by Merchant and Trader for being a Reflected. The duo are something like buying and trading Reflected. Eleanor sees a kid, Ben being bullied by punks as they believe he is a friend of that Reflected. When Eleanor uses her power to save her, she receives the hostile attention of the crowd. The local police, Warren Dallas wants to take her in but Merchant and Trader pops up to take her away. Reflected shall take care of the Reflected. After all, their goal is the same: A world without Reflected. Lisa is mad that X-on isn’t going to do anything to save Eleanor as he is pondering about Michelle’s case. Fine. She’ll find her by herself. Eleanor wakes up in a mansion. She enters a room crowded with people.

Episode 5
Inside the mansion, these people have powers. Michael Hoden explains that ever since that incident, the fear and hatred for the Reflected grew. People would become violent with them and then claim self-defence. So much so the police were also joining in to attack them. Thus he has searched for the Reflected and sheltered them here. Lisa is looking around. She almost gets mixed up in some bar brawl but Ben saves her. Looks like Dallas is also on the take from Steel Ruler. Eleanor finds Michelle but the latter is not pleased to be holed up here. She insists she is not a Reflected although Michael believes she is. He may be blind but he can tell. 3 years ago, he was gambling his money away when the incident happened. He returned to his wife, Vy who was mad about throwing away their money. She turned into some armoured beast and shortly after he lost his eyesight. But the only thing he could see are the Reflected. Hence all those here are those Reflected hit by the light. Those hit by the smoke don’t want to have anything to do with them and are more violent. Eleanor mentions about other Reflected trying to mobilize and doing something but Michael is bent on protecting Vy and others from the outside world. That is why he is given this power. It is his atonement. Ben tells Lisa that Merchant and Trader do not eat Reflected as widely believed but sheltered them. They are then kidnapped by men who force Ben to reveal that location. Ben tells them it is deep in the wetlands otherwise Lisa is shot. And those guys are actually the police under Dallas. When he mobilizes the force there, Michael confronts them and doesn’t want to fight them. Dallas doesn’t believe a word since he has lied to him all the while. The police opens fire as Vy protects Michael. Her armour chips away to reveal her original human form. Is this time for some romance? Well, the police cuts it short by firing again. Vy returns being an armoured beast. Eleanor uses her teleport power to try and take down as much police as she can. Steel Ruler is here as she orders electro-guy to attack. Electricity and metal don’t mix… Luckily here comes Lisa and X-on. Not even electricity can beat a huge missile in your face. The baddies escape, the police rounded up and Michael feels he now wants to let the sheltered Reflected out into the world so they can fight together. Eleanor wants to relay that message but no one is left in the mansion. Too late?

Episode 6
Eleanor has done more research and from all that confusing computation, it looks like the place where there are lots of Allens living is San Antonio. Time for another road trip. Since Michael and Vy are tagging along, I think Eleanor is going to need a bigger car. However the evil Reflected have been stealing the Allen women from our heroes. Like this sea-dragon-guy who gave Vy and Michael the slip because he swam too deep. Lisa failed to apprehend shadow-cat-guy because her robot is too big to move inside the museum walls. Eleanor lost tack before clone-maker-guy made everyone look the same. X-on failed to follow Dead Wing (bat-man) because of his ultrasonic wave. With the news reporting the daring Reflected crimes, X-on calls Jim, his detective friend. I don’t know what hacking he did on Eleanor’s laptop but the next target is Nina Fischer. Not Allen? Women change their name when they get married, right? At this barber store, this grumpy woman isn’t Nina but her mother, Margaret. She hasn’t seen her daughter in 20 years as she has gone to LA and never contacted since. Michael could see her as a Reflected so looks like she is forced to come along. Flaming Fury and Dead Wing try to intervene but this is just decoy truck by Jim, Michael and Vy. The rest are on their way to LA. As Margaret lectures Eleanor about being an adult, Eleanor suddenly sees a vision of Wraith. He claims only she can see him and wants to talk to her. He acknowledges her power and needs her on their side to make this world their own. It is what Darkness desires. Eleanor will not betray humanity but is told Darkness will decide that. In LA, mother and daughter reunite. They are hostile at first but soon the tears keep rolling. But it is short-lived as Steel Ruler is here. She wants the last of the targets to be handed over and Eleanor won’t get hurt. Since they refuse, she is going to take them by force. You know bullets won’t harm her, right? I-Guy crashes into the place.

Episode 7
Steel Ruler makes a cage to trap them but I-Guy breaks out. Flaming Fury aims for the ladies but has to face X-on who absorbs her powers and fights her head on. Steel Ruler is about to back her up but here comes Lisa keeping her company. Dead Wing has spotted Eleanor taking the ladies to run. But now he has to play with I-Guy. Panther-guy catches up to Eleanor and beats her up. Meanwhile Margaret and Nina are being absorbed into some shadow. Margaret seems to have some power as she teleports Nina away but at the cost of her life. When all the heroes and villains converge, Steel Ruler receives word from Mr Mystic that this is an unfortunate incident but they have enough to move forward. Eleanor is distraught at why they are doing this. Steel Ruler says this is all for the plan. Everyone is part of it and they cannot escape. You and me. When I-Guy tries to welcome them to LA, he gets punched by X-on who blames him for his interference. He could have saved the family. He accuses him of playing a hero and just a lighthouse whose mindless light attracts and lures out those with abilities. Back at the motel, Eleanor tells X-on about her vision of Wraith. He thinks he is the perfect bait then. In that case, she’s not going to hide around. I-Guy returns to his base and he is sulking over what X-on said. So as he plays his guitar on the streets and reminisces the good ol’ days, Wraith suddenly pops up before him. He thanks Ian and gives him tons of cash for doing what he is supposed to. He has done so much for them and now it is his time to ‘retire’. As a hero. Leave his future to him as he needs a fool who is empty and listens to orders. Ian rubbishes it but Wraith replies I-Guy only exists because of his team. He will welcome him the Hollow King any time. Ian rushes back to his base to see all his team dead. He plays a recent recording from one of them talking about how they believed they could do things together, etc. Ian lost his singer job because his voice became a weapon and that’s why he became a hero. Since it is ridiculous to have so many people to put on his outfit, a hero should transform by himself. That’s why they have just finished creating a version 2. They want him to test it. This sports car? Eleanor waits and sees Steel Ruler before her.

Episode 8
I-Guy (dark version?) beats up street punks in order to find out about Wraith. He could have killed them had not X-on stopped him. Eleanor avoids Steel Ruler’s attack with her teleportation. Eleanor wonders why they even bother with them because if they’re not their targets but still keep coming after them. Especially her. First it is to test her abilities. Secondly it isn’t fun for Steel Ruler. She claims Wraith will envelope the world with darkness and make it equal for everyone. She might sound twisted saying if she cannot grasp light, let darkness envelope everything. Flashback 3 years ago she was a victim of a robbery. Left for dead after being stabbed, those smoke touched her. She became who she is and killed her perpetrator. The hostages they took in New Orleans, she is willing to release them if Eleanor comes to their side. If Eleanor is going to ask X-on for an answer, don’t bother. He only finds answers for himself. He won’t save his friends. After handing her a pendrive, she tells her to meet her here again at dawn if she agrees to the terms. Eleanor is then taken in by Deborah in her surveillance truck. It seems her unit has been monitoring the Reflected. Eleanor is not amused with all that is happening, they did not take action. Since their mission is to find Wraith’s goal, she hopes Eleanor can help them. By being bait? Even if it is a trap, will she go? Eleanor asks her connections with X-on. She doesn’t know anything about him and only deal when their interests align. Eleanor checks the pendrive. Some newspaper clippings, footage and info on people. She goes to confront X-on to ask what is she to him. Nothing to say? From the pendrive, she learnt of some fire incident 20 years ago. All died except a boy who survived. This boy ‘x’ went missing. Is it him? Not answering too? How about if he lets his friends die? He admits he does. Eleanor also admits she is weak and can’t do anything but she isn’t going to sit around and abandon people. I guess this means she is going to accept Steel Ruler’s terms. Deborah meets Jim and X-on back at the motel and discuss that fire incident. X-on tells them what he told her and Jim thought they agreed on it so that nobody could have regrets. With Eleanor going to Wraith, Jim believes it is a trap because there is no way they’ll keep their word. We’ll see. Because she is already meeting with Steel Ruler.

Episode 9
Despite Steel Ruler telling her this is an obvious trap. Eleanor doesn’t care and still goes with them. After entering their truck, Deborah and her team try to tail them. To shake them off, a Reflected makes them see snake illusions crawling everywhere, sending them into the panic. Deborah takes over the wheel as she overcomes the illusion so another Reflected has the truck drive straight through walls. I think Deborah knows the place like the back of her hand so she is able to keep up. It ends when Volt (electro-guy) turns them turtle. He could have killed them had not Vy tackle him. With the SWAT team arriving, Volt flees. Meanwhile Lisa pretends to wake up from her sleep. Yeah, she heard everything. Doesn’t anybody find it strange she was sleeping with her glasses on? Anyway she is grateful for them for giving her this chance and to continue believing in Eleanor. She is about to go alone to find her but the SWAT team has surrounded the place. Seriously, nobody heard them? They are brought back to their secret base. This is the LA branch for the Anti-Reflected Squad who is headed by Clarence. He explains they have been monitoring the Reflected and termed those who were hit by the smoke as Darkness Reflected and those by the light as Brightstar Reflected. No prizes guessing which side is which. Their surveillance somehow stopped working like as though someone from the other side can turn it off. Deborah says it is no surprise since they have been dancing to their tune all along. The whole time they wanted them to see what they could do, thus they never bothered about being watched and always retreated. But this time it was different. Since they have Eleanor, Deborah feels they were really trying to kill her. As Eleanor refused to cooperate, that’s why Clarence brought our Reflected heroes here to monitor them until they know what’s going on. Lisa will not have her freedom taken away and transforms to defy. This also causes Vy to do the same. However Michael can see her trying to tell him that the other side is calling her. He tells X-on that Darkness is calling her so X-on wants her to go there so she can lead them to Eleanor. Okay. But why does she need to bust out and leave the place in a mess? Ian’s car is like Knight Rider. It can detect and inform nearby Reflected as Ian begins following her. Michael thought X-on’s plan was to offer Eleanor to see Wraith’s plan despite being risky. However X-on views Wraith as not the problem but Eleanor. Speaking of her, Mr Mystic greets her, sure their master is looking forward to see her.

Episode 10
Eleanor goes off on her own and Mr Mystic doesn’t want the rest to go after her since she will find her way to their master. Lisa and co have arrived at the mansion. They are greeted by Mr Mystic who gives them a warm welcome by letting Flaming Fury and Volt dispose of them. Lisa thought she saw Eleanor wandering around so X-on goes to tail her only to be obstructed by Steel Ruler. I-Guy has arrived too and faces off with Dead Wing. When he learns he is the one who killed his friends, his energy spikes. His blast vaporizes Dead Wing! OMG! This is the power of anger! Eleanor tries to find the hostages and ends up in some weird cave where she meets Wraith who is glad she has come to him. You know all those times she was researching him? Yeah. He thinks she is really into him. Like a stalker? Weird. Eleanor considers him the enemy for all they had done but he says they were merely gathering the Reflected. He asks despite they are always a step ahead but allowed her to follow behind. It’s because she is connected to him. She chose him. Not X-on. That guy has no friends and would not hesitate to betray. This leads to Wraith mentioning about how her parents abandoned and never cared for her. Because all they cared was his dead twin brother, Ethan. That’s why she strayed from them and reached out her hand to cling to X-on. But he didn’t. Because she meant nothing to him. But there is someone who needs her. Those hostages are not kidnapped. He reached out his hand to them. Their existence matters and are necessary fragments part of something bigger. Take his hand and be acknowledged. When X-on manages to dispose Steel Ruler, he follows Eleanor to a cave. This is a trap set by Mr Mystic to lure him there but he didn’t expect Steel Ruler to also closely follow X-on into it. By the time X-on arrives, Eleanor looks like she has reached out to Wraith. Because Wraith has now possessed her. Using her body, he transforms to his actual form: Ethan. And if you still don’t get it, Ethan = Wraith.

Episode 11
Steel Ruler is shocked Eleanor is Wraith. Wraith says Eleanor was only in the way and would have never gotten this power had she remained so. In order to eliminate her, she needed to wish herself to disappear. He thanks X-on for that. That is why he brought him here to witness this. Because of him, Eleanor knew her true self as worthless. Wraith begins a ritual. In this desert of White Sands, New Mexico where approximately 500 Reflected are teleported here, they see a group of those Allen women. All except Nina has died during the ritual. They had this teleport power and hence to teleport this large number of people, hence they were kidnapped. Wraith and his merry little band of Reflected pop up. Some pledge their allegiance while others wonder who the f*ck this bastard is. Wraith addresses the Reflected about being discriminated since their appearance 3 years ago. While some want to kill the discriminators, Wraith doesn’t believe it can happen because of their small numbers. What they can do is change the world into one where they can live in. A world of Darkness. That is why he has gathered them here as he needs their powers. Some rubbish this and walk away as others follow suit. X-on gets a call from Deborah that the military has detected them and is sending the army to deal with it. Get out of there. Well, too late. They’re already here. Why is it at such times is the US Army so quick and responsive? Actually they are here not to harm them and just want everyone to leave. But chewing-gum-guy hypnotizes one of them to fire. This causes the panicked Reflected to fight back. And so all hell breaks loose. X-on signals to the heroes to stop this fighting otherwise Wraith will get what he wants. Michael can see Brightstar Reflected turning into Darkness Reflected thanks to the hatred and rage. This is Wraith’s plan. So as they try to stop the fighting on both sides, Wraith also mobilizes his henchmen. But it seems Steel Ruler has a little hesitance in her heart. Dead Wing is back to face I-Guy. Yeah, version 2 because he is all mechanized. In the end, Wraith just zaps everyone. WTF.

Episode 12
Wraith is controlling all the Reflected. We get another I-Guy vs Dead Wing fight. Let’s hope this settles this dysfunctional fight once and for all. Dead Wing’s ultrasonic microwave is paralyzing him and causing pain. Luckily he is saved by the appearance of magical girls!? Power Rangers version?! Finally those Japanese high school girls make their ‘proper’ appearance. They help take down Dead Wing before I-Guy disintegrates him for good by absorbing and using his own ultrasonic microwave against him. When all the Reflected stop dead in their tracks, looks like Wraith has gotten enough power to make forth Darkness. It’s getting pretty dark and windy in here. This means all Reflected who are still alive lose their Reflected power. Vy reverts to her human form. Too bad Michael can’t see her. Is this time for some cheesy romance? X-on asks Wraith’s goal so the standard protocol for villains to tell everything now is that he will have everyone become one with Darkness where nothing and eternity awaits. For that, it is why he let Eleanor die. Everyone struggling to get close to Wraith but they get blasted back every time. Oh look who is peeking out of that darkness window? That’s Darkness? Wraith is shocked to see Eleanor before him. Or is this her ghost?! She tells him that everyone has walked a dark path in their life and hence they aren’t tainted by his darkness. WTF. Are you saying Wraith’s darkness is just pussy level darkness?! Wraith is confused (so am I) that Eleanor succumbed to him. Yes, she did but she can’t hold on to him forever. From what I understand, Eleanor created Ethan to cope with his loss or something. Her darkness was her dead brother. Since she can’t hold on to herself or make herself disappear, she decided to live with her darkness. If that is true, then who is Wraith?

At this point, X-on has grabbed on to Wraith and absorbs his power. This enables some light back in and the Reflected heroes get their power back. X-on makes a stunning revelation that everyone has misunderstood: He is not a Reflected! It is heroes versus villains (including the ‘highlight’ of those Japanese girls owning a frog family?!). Steel Ruler defects and fights Flaming Fury. Everyone cooperates to take own Wraith before I-Guy finally blasts him to smithereens. Full light is back. And Darkness is like, oh, guess I don’t need this. Bye. Great happy news to go with the happy ending is that Eleanor returns once Wraith is gone. All the other surviving villains retreat. Those who are not so fortunate like Steel Ruler get taken into custody by the Anti-Reflected Squad. These people always arrive in time just for this, huh? I-Guy and those Japanese girls strangely click with each other. Eleanor talks to X-on and regrets doing something awful. He notes using the power of Darkness to create someone who shouldn’t have existed but she eventually was the only one who could defeat him and she did. You are the one who can only decide on how to use your own powers. Eleanor and X-on have different views about darkness and light. The former believe both exist among each other while the latter each exists separately. Suddenly there is a huge phenomenon getting bigger over the sky. Green light and purple smoke. Second wave?

The Rejection
And so we are left with a typical cliff-hanger soon after a happy ending for the current arc. Leaving enough for another potential season because other main baddies like Mystic Man and Flaming Fury are still running free. But as far as this season is concerned, I would rate it as somewhat average. I believe this isn’t going to be the next big mainstream hero thingy since my guts are strongly telling me this won’t be overtaking classic Japanese heroes or even dethroning current popular Marvel and DC superheroes. For every successful hero and villain series, there are many more which don’t necessarily succeed. Maybe some will shine for a while before falling back into the darkness of time where nobody will ever remember it again. The neglected, I’d say.

I don’t know. The story and plot feels a bit awkward for me. Although it sounds like your typical and cliché superhero good guys versus supervillain bad guys, the entire series feels like one big chase across the United States to prevent the baddies from realizing their goal. It is somewhat laughable when you think about it because the villains are so ‘considerate’ enough to tease and let them follow on their tail but enough time for them to escape. It’s like the villains have always been toying our desperate heroes and leading them from one point to another. Got played and danced right into the palm of their hands? And playing that Reflection incident card feels like a weak link because it wasn’t properly explained. Maybe it didn’t have enough episodes to flesh out so basically for some strange reason to give people strange powers, so basically the Reflection can be said to be something like this: You get hit by light, you is good. You get hit by smoke, you bad. Basically, a term used to describe mutants which is otherwise trademarked by a certain series. And of all places, the final fight had to be in the middle of a desert. Hardly the most exciting of places but I guess it is an excuse not to animate detailed buildings and backgrounds. Yeah, makes it a lot easier.

The main characters themselves also don’t feel that inspiring. Like X-on who is supposedly the main star and hero but most of the time he keeps to himself and only speaks whenever necessary. In this modern age and day, the line is further greyed so it is understandable that X-on isn’t as goody-goody as one might hope to be. But he is still a hero so he still has to have some heroic qualities, right? He never explains things straight up, whether why his goal is Wraith and about his sketchy and tragic past that is only teased and hinted. Maybe that is why those who rarely speak are such a mystery. So when X-on revealed he isn’t a Reflected, I’m sure we are searching for answers how he got such weird super powers. He could have been a victim of some experiment gone wrong. That slightly explains why his powers are so different than the rest. Eleanor is a lost soul who got even more lost and till she finally meet Wraith, she got lost forever. That is what happens when the superhero you look up to don’t reciprocate your feelings. You turn to the dark side!

Every hero isn’t perfect and has some sort of problems. I-Guy feels like that hero. First he has got an ego problem getting jealous that his superhero side is more famous than his musician side whom he wants to be remembered for. I don’t see how his heroic antics are more bane than boon and even so, that just feels miniscule. So he is like the unwitting tool for villains and goes into further depression when his friends are killed. Don’t worry. They’ll live on forever digitally in that Knight Rider and suit of his. For most of the entire series, I-Guy looks like his role is to brood and seek revenge for his buddies. Is it me or does Dead Wing feel like a character who is created to be a mockery of Batman? It is hard not to think it is not related to anything politically correct these days because that is what I feel Lisa is for. It feels like she is needed to show that handicapped people too can be superheroes. Or maybe they just need some sort of excuse to turn something into a mecha. Super powers come in all types of forms. So I’m not sure if Michael’s ability to see different Reflected is of anything useful. Because otherwise he has not fighting skills and mostly clings on to Vy as that iron monster-cum-Godzilla Hulk smashes her way through things.

It just boggles the mind that Wraith wanted to get rid of Eleanor and the only way he can do it is to psycho her into wishing that she doesn’t exist. It just feels so awkward. He looks like the big bad boss but he isn’t that powerful considering he has to do this roundabout way just to eliminate her. Maybe just to take over her body as vessel? So Wraith is her dead brother? Or rather she is Wraith? Just a figment of her own imagination? Was she the main bad guy and the main hero who defeated herself? Wow. So original plot twist. I’m so confused about her and Wraith in the end that it didn’t matter anymore because if the baddie is gone, that means good ending, right? There are a handful of very strange villains but sadly with their very limited appearance, it makes you wonder if they are just there to make up for the numbers. Like some you see them once and then you never see them again. Did they forget to include them later? And then some new ones just pop up later and make you go, “Who the f*ck is this guy?! Haven’t seen this dude before”. Yeah, some of their names are really an eyebrow raiser. Like… Liquid Terror… Like, WTF. I guess it is slightly better than X-on and I-Guy. I mean, don’t you feel those names are like weird even for a superhero? Like X-on, let’s get it on! I-Guy, You-girl. I-good, you-bad… Like, WTF.

Throughout the series, you will notice there are a group of Japanese high school girls who seemingly aren’t related to the story and the plot of what is concurrently going on. In almost every episode the quartet get a few seconds focused on them as they hang in school, at a fast food joint before hopping on a plane to America for their school trip. Yeah, those English lessons better come in handy. Anyway, they are the Japanese all-girl pop group, 9nine. They somewhat play as themselves here and initially their roles aren’t as clear because they seem to look more like a detached distraction from the main story. Since the setting of this story is in America, let’s not forget that there is some sort of Japanese involvement in this too. And what do American people think most about Japan? High school girls! Wait, what?! Anyway that is how I think these girls are shoehorned into this series that would otherwise have no effect on the main storyline whatsoever. Not at first. It’s like a little deal to promote 9nine. After all, can normal Americans name 1 Japanese idol group? I think they can name a few Korean ones…

And for some odd reason they finally make their ‘proper’ appearance in the final episode. I mean, it would be a waste for them to just make cameos here and there without getting into the action, right? If it was so, they would have been even more forgettable. I know this is a superhero movie but the thought of them conveniently finding those costumes right in the middle of the desert and then suddenly after putting them on they know how to control and use their powers effectively is rather absurd. Unless you’re saying Japanese high school girls are always perfect as heroines. Making it funnier is how everyone in this series is speaking in Japanese although that is for convenience to the viewers. It gets odd when the girls and I-Guy don’t understand a thing they say despite speaking in Japanese. Get what I mean? The Americans speaking in Japanese are ‘automatically translated’ into Japanese so that’s why it feels funny to hear them all speaking in Japanese when it is supposed to be American English. I believe this would be even stranger in the dubbed version. Assuming they dubbed the Japanese girls’ voices into English. If they remained, then all makes sense.

One of the notable aspects of this series is the visuals. In other words, the animation looks like it is straight out from a comic book. Either you love it or you hate it. Anime purists who have been so used to the typical conventional Japanese style anime may not like the very comic book style art, the shading and tone of the overall because in some ways it does make the series look like low quality. I mean, if you compare it with your typical Japanese anime visuals, this one looks below average. The comic book visual style somewhat gives it a reason and excuse for this ‘quality’. Just take a look at some of the backgrounds. It feels like it is lazily done. Then it is covered up in the name of this comic book style visual. Besides, with many of the heroes and villains having a mask or their face covered like X-on, I-Guy, Steel Ruler and even Wraith, it reduces the need to animate their mouth whenever they speak. Even for those like Eleanor, you just kinda feel a bit odd the animation when they speak. Heck, the final episode whereby all the Reflected got zapped and turned into some purple lump of blob feels like everything was done so lazily.

I am not a comic book fan and have been out of the scene for many years. Yes, I was once into Spiderman during my youth buying a few comics to read and that was a pretty long time ago before I got ‘corrupted’ by anime. Even so, I feel that the character designs especially of the Reflected are just average and somewhat meh. Like for instance X-on, I thought they mesh in Spiderman, Deadpool and I think that old X-Men costume of Cyclops. I think. I got a feeling that I-Guy was inspired by Iron Man but at the same time his armour costume design somewhat reminds me of Star Wars’ Boba Fett. Same thing I feel for Flaming Fury like as though they drew inspiration from Overwatch’s Zarya. And Vy’s monstrosity design feels like they’ve just given up and just designed some lump of sh*t for the character. Seriously. This is a bit far-fetched but sometimes when I look at Steel Ruler, I thought I see X-Men’s Storm in her.

One thing I noticed that kept bugging me throughout the series is the flickering of lights. As in, in certain scenes, I noticed the background will start to flicker for a few seconds. It is not that obvious but it is noticeable enough and too many times it becomes a bit annoying. I thought it was my hardware problem but I don’t seem to have this problem with other animes I watched. Could the source of the video be corrupted? If so, all of them? So it made me wonder if this strange flicker is some sort of subliminal brainwashing message that the producers hid throughout the episodes for some sort or ulterior motive and agenda. Well, thankfully I think I’m still okay. Not that I want to rush out to buy American comics or Japanese manga. Maybe all this paranoia is just me, huh?

Superhero genres need to have this action, right? Meh. Just so-so for this one. The ridiculous plot of our heroes chasing down the villains from time to time are just an excuse for some sort of little skirmish and clash. It is nothing spectacular. Compounded with the visual styles, maybe it is better to read a comic book and then let your imagination run wild. Like X-on who has got this lasso thingy that is why I thought he resembles a bit like Spidey, plus I think he has some ability to absorb other powers and this gives him a free pass to use it whenever the plot and scenario conveniently compels him to. I-Guy shoots lasers from his suit while Lisa’s machine isn’t exactly anywhere near Gundam so don’t expect any sort of flashy arsenal or fireworks. Essentially, characters who live up to their nicknames in using their power like Flaming Fury’s flames, Steel Ruler’s steel and Volt’s electricity. Hardly anything exciting but I guess it is better than nothing. Oh, the one thing I think it parodies about Hollywood action in this series is that helicopters explode! Did you notice them?! Yeah, only in Hollywood, helicopters’ existence is to be exploded no matter the reason. Well, we had our fun here.

Voice acting is just okay with me recognizing Miki Shinichiro as X-on and Youko Hikasa as Steel Ruler. Stan Lee who has always made cameos in his Marvel movies also plays Mystic Man here. Of course he voices that said character in the dubbed version. His Japanese equivalent is Tomomichi Nishimura (Anzai in Slam Dunk) and he sounds close enough. Stan Lee also lends his voice to the original Japanese version although that is only left to reading the next episode’s title and previously on The Reflection. No, not the entire summary. Just the lines, “Previously on The Reflection”. What the heck is Excelsior anyway? What does it have to do with anything? The other casts are Mariya Ise as Eleanor (Levi in Fairy Tail), Satoshi Mikami as I-Guy (Sloan in Durarara!!x2), Satomi Hanamura as Lisa (Anise in Galaxy Angel Rune), Toshihiko Seki as Michael (Senketsu in Kill La Kill), Yuko Sanpei as Flaming Fury (Sasha in Seikon No Qwaser), Kouki Miyata as Wraith (Hanatarou in Bleach), Mika Doi as Deborah (Coby in One Piece) and Ryusei Nakao as Jim (Frieza in Dragonball series).

There isn’t any opening theme but if it is, I suppose this nameless orchestra piece is as epic as it could ever get and it is definitely made for superhero movies. The kind of grandeur you would expect to hear at the opening of any superhero movies you go to. So it is kinda fitting for this sort of superhero theme. The ending theme is of course sung by 9nine, SunSunSunrise. It feels like a dance pop beat like how I vividly remember and like the other only song I heard from them: Shoujo Traveler which is one of the ending themes for Beelzebub. The ending credits animation feels a bit trippy because you see silhouettes of them dancing and prancing about amidst the fanciful colours and patterns ripping across the screen. For the first few episodes where I-Guy was still making decent appearances, the insert song of Sky Show (although credited to Trevor Horn who produced the series’ soundtrack, it is originally written and performed by Christopher Braide) is constantly spammed in the first few episodes. Like as though it was going to be the theme song of the show before it somewhat faded into obscurity. Is this the reality and reflection of one hit wonders?

Overall, this isn’t the deal breaker for western superheroes or one that would greatly penetrate into the Japanese market or even the rest of the world. Hey, even if you are the great Stan Lee, there will always be some hits and misses. He scored more hits of course but this one feels more like the latter. Mediocre storyline and poor as well as uninteresting characters leave a lot to be desired. Some might use this as ammunition as to why western and Japanese comics can never mix. A total rejection of anything non-Japanese. If this was their idea to save anime or give it a new leash of life or direction, well I guess it didn’t. So let’s hope this series would be given a proper closure, given its dues and criticism and then we all should move along. Otherwise like they say, you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. Maybe that is what Stan Lee’s cameo here means???!!!

Boku No Hero Academia

December 17, 2016

Oh no. Do we need another superhero series? Currently Hollywood (or rather Marvel and DC’s cinematic unit) is having a blast turning popular comic book heroes and adapting them to the silver screen. Well, the superhero genre might not be so obvious in the Japanese market since you know, Japanese’s version and outlook of their own traditional superhero takes on a whole different meaning. You know those tokusatsu and sentai pieces? Yeah. Those. However there was also One Punch Man. That was awesome. But recently the more complex one I watched was Concrete Revolutio and boy it was more than just superhuman. It was just freaking confusing. So when Boku No Hero Academia came out, I was viewing it with scepticism because I was wondering if it is going to be another confusing plot over plot superhero story. You know how Japanese are bloody good in telling their stories, right? Yeah, look at Final Fantasy… But well, I read it wasn’t going to be that complicated seeing it will be something like an American inspired action style superhero but with some Japanese tweaks.

Episode 1
It is narrated how 80% of the world population developed some sort of super power called Quirk and thus drove many to live out their dreams as superheroes. We see a group of superheroes taking down a giant, uhm, rodent villain? The super strong Death Arms (Elfman?), the water specialist Backdraft (fireman?), Kamui Wood (wood version of Loser?) and giant Mt Lady (Ginormica?) successfully rope in the villain as Izuku Midoriya watches on with much fascination like the rest of the crowd. The class teacher believes all his students won’t want to further their education since most of them possess super powers and would straight away become a superhero after graduation. However, the obnoxious Katsuki Bakugou will not follow their path and instead brag about his intention to attend the country’s top school, UA where its acceptance rate is always low. He is cocky and confident he can go there and surpass the greatest hero of all time, All Might. Surprisingly Midoriya also wants to go there. This does not sit well with Bakugou who is also his childhood friend as he takes out his rage on him. He wanted to be the only student from this school to get enrolled there but Midoriya spoilt his plans even though he does not plan on competing with him. He continues to harass and threaten him not to enrol there and even burns up his notebook containing his observations of the heroes he admires. Midoriya never fights back. Flashback reveals he is a big fan of All Might and wanted to be like him when he grows up. He cannot wait to develop his own Quirk. Unfortunately the doctor diagnosed him as Quirkless and it broke his heart and dream. It must be one of those rare cases since his parents do possess small amounts of Quirk. Devastated Midoriya continues to watch videos of All Might’s heroism and still wondering if he could be a hero. All his mom could do was just hug him and apologize but that wasn’t what he wanted her to say. On his way home, Midoriya is assaulted by a slime monster and as he is about to be killed, All Might saves him. Like any other kid being up close and personal with his idol, Midoriya becomes nervous. All Might hasn’t got all day as he needs to fight crime but Midoriya latches on to him as he takes off. There are so many things he wants to ask him. On a rooftop, he asks if someone without a Quirk can become like him.

Episode 2
Suddenly All Might deflates and becomes a skinny person! OMG! Looks so different! You might think he is some homeless unemployed drug addict! Naturally Midoriya is shocked. All Might shows a scar from an enemy attack 5 years ago. He can only stay buffed up for 3 hours every day. He has to put on a smile to give people hope and trick his fear within. All Might is reluctant to confirm if he could become a hero without power. If he still wants to help people, go join the police. Apparently during Midoriya’s clinging to All Might, slime dude escaped and now is possessing Bakugou who is still seething mad about Midoriya’s same aim. Because of Bakugou’s fire power, the fusion with slime villain is causing other heroes unable to go near him. All Might is also at the scene but in his current form he cannot go save the day. Midoriya subsequently passes by there and he feels guilty for being the cause of this event. Before he knows it, his body moves by his own as he dashes towards slime guy to rip his friend out despite a futile attempt. In the eyes of others, it seems like a suicidal event. And in Bakugou’s, he is mad that he didn’t ask him for his help. Thanks for nothing. This scene gives All Might the strength he needs to buff up and save the day. So f*cking powerful that his punch even changes the weather!!!! OMFG!!!! In the aftermath, All Might gets all the media attention, Bakugou gets praised and Midoriya lectured for his reckless behaviour. To show his ‘thanks’ Bakugou is still mad and reminds him he never asked for his help and he never helped him. Got it?! But Midoriya gets his deserved thanks personally from All Might. If not for him, All Might would not have acted. It reminded him of what it means to be a hero. He remembers all top heroes’ stories have one thing in common and that is their bodies moved before they had a chance to think. This makes Midoriya overcome with emotions as he remembers his mom’s words. What he wanted her to say then was that he can become a hero.

Episode 3
All Might perceives him to be worthy to inherit his power. Contrary to the stories on him, his power is not natural born but passed down. He has been looking for a successor and believes Midoriya is the right person. Although it will be a tough road ahead, Midoriya accepts the task. But first why must he drag a thrown away fridge at the beach? At this rate, Midoriya’s body cannot accept his power otherwise he will explode! Thus he must build up strength and stamina. So he must clean up this entire beach filled with discarded appliance junk?! Better get started. Oh, and to make sure he does so before enrolling in UA, he only has 10 months to do it. So we see him putting all his effort in following All Might’s menu. Train hard, study hard, eat hard. But he might be overdoing it so All Might warns him it might have a reverse effect. However Midoriya’s reply is that he wants to be like him and so he has to work harder than anybody else. On the day he is supposed to ‘graduate’, All Might is surprised he cleaned up the entire beach on his own! OMG! From a skinny boy to one with decent muscles! It all paid off well. So how is Midoriya going to inherit his power? All Might plucks a strand of hair for him to eat. Say what? It could be anything as long as it contains his DNA. No sh*t. This has got to be one of the weirdest power passing methods ever. Now Midoriya is at UA’s entrance exam. He is nervous. Bakugou ignores him and Midoriya is even more nervous when a girl, Ochako Uraraka talks to him. Ironically he calls their talk successful when he himself didn’t even say a word. In the hall, Present Mic explains the different tests and battlefields the candidate will go through, the points the will score depending on the enemy type and difficulty. Time for Midoriya to show the fruits of his training. But he is still as nervous as hell.

Episode 4
As everyone begins destroying the enemy robots for points, Midoriya is too slow and lagging behind. Then a giant robot appears. Everyone runs away from it because as told during the briefing that this one has no points and to stay away. But when Midoriya sees Ochako stuck under a rubble, he didn’t hesitate to go rescue her. He initiates his inherited power (by squeezing his butt and yelling out?!) and knocks down the robot in a single devastating punch. One Punch Man? Unfortunately because his body is still new and not accustomed to the power yet, his feet and right hand are broken. He is falling to his death but Ochako touches him to allow him to levitate and then a soft landing. The other participants are wondering if this nervous guy was putting up an act all the while but Tenya Iida realizes everyone is missing the point because he saw how Midoriya went to save her despite knowing the time limit is almost up and aware of his own safety. UA’s granny nurse, Recovery Girl then uses her super healing power to heal Midoriya as good as new. A week later, Midoriya is spacing out because he knows he has failed. Despite barely passing the written exam, he scored zero for the practical. Then a letter for UA arrives. He braces for the worst. Inside is a hologram video of All Might telling him he has started working at UA. He also shows a video of Ochako feeling responsible for what happened to Midoriya and wants to give some of her points but was refused. However those points aren’t just what a hero is graded on. The giant robot was a test to see a hero’s self-sacrifice. Midoriya scored a near perfect from the judges. So basically he qualifies for the academy. Time to let those tears of happiness flow.

Episode 5
Midoriya sees All Might as the latter congratulates him for his acceptance. He also mentions that he didn’t tell the faculty about their relationship. Midoriya makes his way to his first day of class at UA. The top 36 are accepted and split into 2 classes. Right off the bat he sees Iida and Bakugou quarrelling. While Bakugou believes Midoriya cheated his way to get in, Iida respects Midoriya and views him as more powerful than himself. Their homeroom teacher, Shouta Aizawa looks like a tired sleepy guy. First he has them all put on jerseys for physical education. As Bakugou was the top scorer during the test, he has him demonstrate throwing a baseball infused with his power. He scores an amazing 750 metres. The other students are motivated this looks like fun but Aizawa pours cold water on that. He suggests after 8 tests, the one in last place will be viewed as no potential and will be expelled. That’s bad news for Midoriya, right? While it may sound unfair, Aizawa explains that Japan is filled with disasters and selfish villains. It is a hero’s job to overturn that. They must have what it takes and UA is going to give them hardships after another. Through the various tests, we are introduced to some of the characters and their Quirks like Iida with his engine power, Yuga Aoyama with his naval laser and frog girl Tsuyu Asui. In the baseball throwing test when it is Midoriya’s turn, he is about to use his power but Aizawa steals his power. Aizawa is known as Eraser Head, an underground hero who erases the Quirks of others with his sight. Aizawa doesn’t view Midoriya highly and knows he cannot control his power well. He believes Midoriya can be reckless with his power just because somebody is going to be there to save him. Even if it is not his intention, others around him will be forced to. His actions reminded him of somebody with similar passion. Aizawa returns his power and gives him a chance to throw. Midoriya remembers the need to work harder than the rest. As he throws, he concentrates his power only on his index finger at the last minute. The ball is thrown at an amazing 705 metres. Despite his finger is broken, he shows Aizawa he still can move it. I’m sure it still hurts…

Episode 6
Bakugou is mad. He attacks Midoriya only to be restrained by Aizawa. As the rest of the tests continue, Midoriya knows the baseball throw was only his best as he has been doing the remainder with a painful broken finger. It is no surprise he ends up in last place. So he is out? Then Aizawa says the expulsion is just a joke. It was just to bring out their upper limits of their Quirks and make them do their best. Phew. But Bakugou still not happy… Naturally being a hero academy, normal classes are boring as hell. The hero training class is the exciting one everyone is waiting for and more so when All Might will be teaching them! For more realism, everyone wears their requested hero costume. Midoriya has his mom to thank for. She peeked into his notebook and thought this was the costume he wanted, which is actually a poor sketch of All Might. So this is debatable. They look more like cosplayers… For combat training, All Might will split them into teams of 2. One will play the hero and the other the villain. The heroes have to sneak into the building and disarm the bomb while fighting off against villains in the limited time. While Midoriya has Ochako, his nightmare matchup comes true as he is to face off with Bakugou and Iida. And since the latter team is playing the villain, I guess Bakugou is more than happy to go all out to beat his ass. The training begins as Midoriya and Ochako sneak in successfully. But shortly Bakugou comes attacking and targeting Midoriya at full force although the latter anticipated this. Bakugou might not do well in close combat and confined space but he is still hell bent to kick his ass. But surprise! Midoriya does a judo throw. You think he has been a weakling all the time? He has been observing Bakugou’s fighting style ever since and knows his moves. It’s all in his notebook. Impressed? Well, Bakugou is madder now.

Episode 7
Midoriya tells us Bakugou was the local town’s rascal. When his Quirk manifested, he started going down the wrong path. Midoriya continues to evade Bakugou’s blows since he knows how he thinks. It becomes a hide and seek game. Bakugou angrily thinks back about their past. He used to bully Midoriya in front of their friends. He became cocky when his Quirk manifested. He thought he was unbeatable since everyone was so impressed with it. It got worse for Midoriya since he was the only one without a Quirk. One day Bakugou fell into the river. Midoriya wanted to help him but it only served to provoke Bakugou because of his sympathetic face. He still thinks he is better than him. Ochako has found the bomb but Iida has discovered her. He knows about her gravity Quirk and has taken the liberty to clean out the room so she cannot touch anything and levitate them. Once Bakugou finds Midoriya, he unleashes a powerful blast that could have killed him! This guy is serious! He wants Midoriya to show his Quirk. Bakugou gets the better of Midoriya since he uses his instincts and guts to attack, catching him off guard. Since Bakugou is still mad Midoriya is underestimating him, this makes Midoriya scream that he wants to beat and surpass him. As the guys clash, Midoriya manifests his Quirk on his right arm. Then he tells Ochako to do it, in which Midoriya is sent upwards, breaking the floors. Ochako uses the pillar to batter the debris as Iida as distraction before she jumps over to touch the bomb and win it for her team. Well, Bakugou is still mad he is being underestimated so Midoriya tells him he wasn’t planning to use his Quirk as his body cannot handle the impact. However he had to as there was nothing else he could think of.

Episode 8
There’s a post-battle analysis for them with Momo Yaoyorozu giving detailed analysis why Iida is the MVP since he took into consideration and prepared well for the enemy. Unlike Bakugou who acted on his own driven by his personal grudge, Midoriya getting pretty reckless and Ochako who lost focus at times. So we have the other freaks students strut their stuff but you know they won’t make any impact and their battle fast forward and cut short like hell since nobody was dramatically injured like Midoriya’s battle, right? So the only highlight is Shouto Todoroki who uses his ice power to freeze everything for an easy win and not only he has freezing powers but heating powers to melt! Yeah, Bakugou is already reeling from his loss and he sees this guy who is more freaking powerful than him. Welcome back to Earth. After Midoriya heals and returns to class, everyone admires him and wants to be his friend. Except Bakugou of course. He continues sulking so Midoriya goes to talk to him about his ‘borrowed’ powers and would one day beat him with his own Quirk. This only serves to make him mad as usual but for his standards, he is doing quite well to hold in his anger. But eventually he screams and yells (and cries) that all there is for today’s match was that he lost. That’s it. After seeing Todoroki, he knew he couldn’t beat this guy and Momo’s comments were spot on. He vows to become number one again and that will be the last time Midoriya beat him. All Might tries to be a good counsellor for Bakugou but the effort is not appreciated. I know, he’ll surpass All Might too, right?

Episode 9
Ever since All Might is working at UA, the press has been trying to get him for a comment. As always, they are always turned down at the doorsteps of UA. The class now has to choose a class rep. Everyone is fired up to become one. A poll is made and Midoriya comes up tops with 3 votes! You can bet Bakugou is mad and wondering who the f*ck voted for this weakling (Ochako is one of them…). And Iida who wanted so much to be class rep got zero votes! During lunch, Iida reveals about his family who has been heroes for generations. Ingenium the Turbo Hero is actually his older brother whom he admires a lot. The alarm is alerted and it seems somebody has trespassed into UA. This causes the students to panic as they try to exit. For hero wannabes, this is sure chaotic. Iida sees the trespassers as the press. He feels the need to let the rest know to quell the panic. Once he gets to a higher place and everyone’s attention, he reveals the truth and calm follows. When class resumes, Midoriya passes his class rep position to Iida since he is more fitting. He can’t turn down a nomination, can he? The UA staffs are examining how the press got in. Somebody destroyed part of the barrier. Like as though somebody instigated this or trying to declare war on them. All Might is doing his usual heroic stuffs. He noticed he has gotten slower and his transformation time lesser ever since he gave part of his powers to Midoriya. Midoriya told him he told Bakugou how he got it but seeing he isn’t the type to blab, he lets it pass. Too much saving has caused All Might to run out of power. So he has to sit out the class’ next training which is supposed to be with Aizawa and Thirteen. They arrive at the Unforeseen Simulation Joint (USJ) where they will train on how to rescue civilians in various terrains. The students thought what happen next is part of training. Because those shady people popping out from the black hole are real villains!

Episode 10
They believe there is a villain with powers that prevent the alarm from going off and since USJ is an isolated away from the main campus, for villains to attack, they must have a specific goal in mind. Aizawa shows his power isn’t just temporarily erase Quirks but he can also do hand to hand combat like a pro. Thanks to the villains fighting in big groups, they are confused whose Quirk is being erased and it makes them harder to coordinate. Thirteen and the students evacuate but Kurogiri blocks their path. He states they are from the League of Villains and their plan is to kill All Might but they don’t see him around. He then uses his warp to scatter the students all over the place so that other villains waiting can kill them. Midoriya is whisked away with Tsuyu and Minoru Mineta to the shipwreck simulation. They are attacked by the enemies waiting in the water but are quick enough to leap onto the single boat. They deduce the enemies’ strength is water based since they are not trying to climb onto the boat and waiting for them to fall in. It is also believed the enemies are unsure of the students’ Quirks because Tsuyu has the power close to a frog and thus fighting in water gives her advantage. Thus the reason the enemy scattered them is to beat them with numbers and experience. And if they’re here for All Might, does this mean they have a sure foolproof way to kill him for good? The trio discuss their powers at hand. Tsuyu adds hers include sticky tongue, high jump and some toxic mucus which is pretty much useless. Mineta? Just sticky round balls that can’t come off… Useless? The enemy won’t wait as they sink the boat. Mineta is reduced to a pessimistic coward but Midoriya has a plan. He jumps off seemingly going to attack the enemy. In actual fact he uses the powerful flick of his finger at the water to create a whirlpool force and suck the enemies into the centre. Tsuyu leaps off with them as Mineta throws his balls into the vortex. Now the enemies are gathered and stuck together. Great job guys.

Episode 11
Midoriya plans to go help Aizawa to help lessen his load. But they can only hide and see him continue fighting. All seems to be going good till Aizawa fights with the creepy Tomura Shigaraki. He has observed Aizawa’s fight and knows his Quirk effectiveness is getting shorter and shorter and isn’t meant for a long drawn fight and in big groups. Shigaraki seems to have the power to rot/break anything upon contact like how Aizawa’s elbow is now exposed. Aizawa is then bludgeoned to a bloody pulp by this monstrosity Noumu. I guess calling him a bird brain wouldn’t be right… Meanwhile Thirteen wants Iida to use his speed to rush out of USJ and call for reinforcements. He uses his black hole suction to suck in Kurogiri but the latter’s warp has his own power destroy himself. The other students stall Kurogiri as long as they can till Iida manages to break out from USJ. Kurogiri knows it is game over when reinforcements are called. He tells this to Shigaraki who is very disappointed they will now have to leave. But before that he wants to kill a few of the students. That means targeting Tsuyu. She would have been done for had not Aizawa unleashed is Quirk to erase his power. Midoriya quickly puts all his power into his punch to smash him. At first he thought he could finally control his power since his arm didn’t break. But before him is Noumu blocking his punch and he didn’t even take any damage. Could this monster be the villains’ trump card against All Might? Before these kids are done for, here comes All Might smashing in. The hero always arrives in the nick of time, right? And you can bet on All Might’s face that he is one pissed hero.

Episode 12
All Might is fast! Too fast for the eye to catch! He beats up all the small friends and rescues Aizawa. He leaves it to Midoriya to take him to safety. So cool! See that big smile of his? That’s not his smile. He’s mad. You’re in for a payback big time. But as he fights Noumu, he finds his punches have no effect. Shigaraki explains Noumu’s Quirk is shock absorption. The only way is to scrape off his skin. All Might is about to do that but Kurogiri’s portal has Noumu get All Might in the back and at his scar. Kurogiri is going to close the portal and tear his body to half. Midoriya can’t stand this and rushes back to save him. Could have been owned by Kurogiri had not Bakugou come blasting to beat up that mist guy as revenge. Todoroki freezes Noumu to allow All Might to escape. Too bad Eijirou Kirishima didn’t have a chance to show his cool side to beat up Shigaraki. But if you think the heroes have turned the tables, think again. Shigaraki calls Noumu. The latter breaks out despite breaking his body. Because his body regenerates! It is his other Quirk! Noumu could have killed Bakugou to free Kurogiri had not All Might block the punch. Although this weakens him, the boys want to back him up but All Might tells them to just watch how the pros do it. He resumes his epic punching battle with Noumu, so epic that the turbulence and impact is preventing others from getting close! HOLY SMOKES!!! Every punch All Might throws is over 100% because he is going to beat the crap out of Noumu so fast that he can’t regenerate in time! Super strong, super fast punches!!! Holy sh*t!!! So epic till Noumu gets punched away into the sky! He became like Team Rocket!!! Everyone is amazed at his top power although All Might is being modest (and honest) that he would have ended in 5 hits but needed 300 punches. However he has only a minute left to maintain his form and Shigaraki is now getting mad of this ‘cheat code’.

Episode 13
Midoriya knows All Might is at his limit and is just bluffing the enemy. Shigaraki is panicking this wasn’t supposed to happen but Kurogiri has him analyze their situation. All Might definitely has taken some damage, the trainees appear to be frozen in fear and they have underlings they can still use (I guess nap time is over). This has Shigaraki charging straight at All Might. In an instant, Midoriya uses all his strength on his legs (breaking them) to leap and try to intercept Kurogiri. But he uses that portal thing and Shigaraki is inches away from breaking Midoriya’s face. However Shigaraki is shot in the hand. The other hero teachers have arrived and they show what it means to be pros. Kurogiri takes Shigaraki and escape. Midoriya feels useless but All Might thanks him because if not for that few seconds he bought, he would have died. Shigaraki and Kurogiri return to their hideout. Shigaraki cursing that the information they’ve got was wrong. Communicating with a third party, he mentions they were just unprepared. Even more so they’ve lost Noumu. Shigaraki continues to blame Midoriya. Had he not been there for that split second, he could have killed All Might. It is suggested they need to gather the rest of the elites from the league. Then they’ll show the world why they are to be feared. The students are briefed by inspector Naomasa Tsukauchi about the condition of the injured. Aizawa and Thirteen will live although they are very injured and will take time to heal. Noumu is also believed to be found in the forest nearby. He is pretty much docile and tame as he obediently lets the police capture him. Tsukauchi then goes to visit All Might in the infirmary. They are best friends so he can see All Might in his deflated form. All Might is concerned about his students and is assured they are all safe. He corrects Tsukauchi that the students fought and risked their lives and will become strong heroes.

And So A Hero Is Born… Or Made?
And just like any other great superhero series, there will always be a sequel! Oh yes. I couldn’t be happier to know that because it would be a shame to just let this first season which is seemingly mostly just an origin story to end right there. Lots of potential and development waiting and it would have been a waste not to have another season and go. Hopefully this series will not tank like some unpopular superhero movies that were slated to have sequels but were immediately cancelled due to poor reception. But I’m very sure I’m not the only guy who decently believes this series is great enough to deserve a sequel even if they didn’t announce it right at the end of the final episode.

However when the series first started, I didn’t find it as interesting. Here I was thinking it is going to be another (almost) boring superhero origin story because we see Midoriya from a rags to riches kind of story. From a normal kid to a budding superhero he has always dreamt of. Nothing special, right? Origin stories tend to be a bit boring in that scene since it takes time to build up the main character. But during the closing stages of the season when the League of Villains start to appear, this is when it started to get interesting. At least from my personal point of view. Because we have seen our trainee heroes just doing training and stuffs. Things that aren’t in immediate danger or life threatening. And then suddenly you have professional villains turning up and crashing into the party without any announcement. That’s where things start to shake up a little as we see them using what they have learnt (at least it went well for them despite taking on low level baddies but it is good enough for a start) while being kept at the edge of our seats because the big strong bad bosses just seemed scarily invincible. How are they going to best this? How are they going to turn this situation around? So it is ironically that with the appearance of the League of Villains, they inject freshness and excitement in the closing arc for this season.

You can’t help feel you want to root for the young heroes and All Might to kick the baddies’ ass. Even though it is just silly at times but hey, aren’t all superhero stories silly in some way? Isn’t that what fantasy of pop culture is supposed to be about? I mean, the plot is cliché and predictable enough especially if you have seen so many superhero movies and those with much darker tones, this one pales in comparison. Hero tries to train himself up to par. Bad guys come to wreak havoc. Hero overcomes his weakness. Hero saves the day. Typical, no? Only difference is that the hero doesn’t get the girl in the end. Haha! Well, maybe not yet.

Because this is an origin story, the focus centres mainly around Midoriya. Nothing wrong about that except for the fact that there are other great characters especially heroes in his class that show as much potential as him but had to be sidelined and relegated to minor supporting character role. This is one of the pitfalls of having so much great characters but with the limited number of episodes of the season, they feel under-utilized and under-developed. You want to write them off as insignificant extras that contribute nothing but after halfway through, you feel like they are more than just extras. They are part of this superhero class team. It is just a shame that they don’t get more screen time thanks to the lack of it so they sometimes show short pieces of them here and there just to remind us that they still matter. Remember those professional full-fledged heroes at the beginning? They didn’t matter anymore in the end, huh? Sad…

Making it more frustrating in the characters department is the fact that the League of Villains themselves are awfully interesting! So I went to browse a bit on them on the internet and they have a bunch of odd motley crew. They’re weird. They’re badass. It is like some serious sh*t is going to happen if both sides of the divide ever clash. Things are going to get down and an epic clash of titans shaking the world in the ultimate battle of good versus evil. So we have a glimpse of Shigaraki and Kurogiri as the mainstay villains as part of the League. They are creepy (especially with Shigaraki having severed hands covering all over his body and eerily starts scratching his neck whenever he is feeling stressed up) and they are no pushover. I’d love to see more of them and duke it out with our young heroes in the future. Not too sure about Noumu’s future since he ended up not in hands of the heroes so whether or not he will become an asset to the heroes or a time bomb for betrayal in the future instalment is yet to be seen. But he does put up a worthy fight with All Might and that makes him a formidable villain to look out for and to be on the lookout at all times.

Back to discussing our main heroes. Like I said, the first half seems slow because it focuses on Midoriya slowly achieving his dream to become a superhero. It might seem annoying because Midoriya is basically a weak kid. I mean, people these days want their superheroes to have flaws, right? Because Mr Perfect doesn’t quite cut it or satisfy us anymore. Even so, we see him whining and having some low self esteem issues. But you can’t blame him because he has always been a normal human. A normal high school kid. And then suddenly you thrust him into the world of superhero, something new. What do you expect of him? He may have been observing and noting down superhero stuffs but it is a completely different thing when you are the superhero yourself. So despite all the pain and suffering, I am sure Midoriya can only grow and get better. Of course he has to work harder than the rest as he is still the weakest and this time maybe not b*tch so much about it.

Also making the first half somewhat annoying and unbearable at times to watch is Bakugou. You know, this dude is always in angry mode. He makes Angry Birds look like babies. This guy is so furious, has got so much fury, rage, anger, wrath and whatever other words you can think of, inside of him that he is literally a walking time bomb. Ironically that is what his Quirk is, right? But the irritating thing is how he seems to take it out all on Midoriya. The slightest thing, he snaps. The most trivial thing, he screams back. I mean, get over it. That’s what we want to shout back to this guy but we fear he might not give a sh*t and bomb the hell out of us. So there is something more than meets the eye about the odd relationship between Midoriya and Bakugou. Something that is not shown yet why Bakugou hates Midoriya’s guts like how we hate Hitler. Something must have happened. A strange love-hate relationship. Of course when he realizes he isn’t the strongest and just being a baby throwing tantrums, the hostility towards his childhood friend lessens because there are more pressing issues to worry about. Like villains who want to destroy the world, maybe? With the appearance of the League of Villains, he seems a bit irrelevant ever since trying to keep his outbursts under wraps. But don’t expect to see the last of him yet. I believe he’ll make an explosive comeback in the future.

And the other main character is All Might. He is the supposedly playing the mentor role in this season to our budding young superhero. In a way, you could say that Midoriya and All Might saved each other because without each other’s action-cum-motivation, they wouldn’t have ended up in UA and currently where they are right now. Like a typical cliché American superhero of justice (noticed all his moves are named after an American city?) with big bulging muscles and strength and a big smile exuding flawless confidence, he shows that he isn’t just for show and shows us in the end why he is the greatest symbol of peace. So great that the baddies even developed an opponent just for him. If that isn’t badass enough, I don’t know what is. Of course no heroes are without their flaws as in All Might’s case as we have seen he cannot maintain his ultimate strength forever. Despite being the best superhero, he is still human underneath all that power. You can’t stay at the top forever. But he is still top of his game despite weakening a lot.

As I have also said earlier, the rest of the characters in Midoriya’s class feels wasted since they look like they have lots more potential. Even some of the ‘main’ ones like Iida and Ochako feel like a big miss. You know, we need a character who is straight lace guy and Ochako the shy girl. So if you expect to see any romance between Midoriya and Ochako, continue to dream on. Oh come on. Can you not tell that such a girl usually harbour a secret crush on the main character? I mean, seriously. Then there is Todoroki who seems to be the most powerful among all the other students thanks to his fire and ice power. He has this mysterious feel but sadly he is just a side character here. Remember that annoying Aoyama guy? I thought he was going to be some annoying supporting character with his arrogant handsome looks but he dropped out of the radar and I didn’t even know when.

Well, that’s all I can say. Say… I kinda noticed something. The more I watched the series, the more I realize how some of the characters take an uncanny resemblance to the characters in Naruto! Don’t believe me? I think there was a YouTube video comparing them to that. Because Midoriya is like Naruto, don’t you agree? Just a lot a wuss. Then there is Bakugou like Sasuke (anti-hero personality), Ochako like Hinata, Aizawa like Kakashi and well, All Might and Might Guy! Nearly same name, right? I wonder if Tsuyu the frog girl has something to do with Naruto’s frog familiar…

Superhero genres usually mean action, right? And you got it all in here. Why else would you want to watch a superhero flick? No need for super convoluted powers that need to evolve and transform you into a higher being because levelling up is what you need to do to beat the villain’s ass. Every superhero here has a Quirk that they will use to fight. Whether it is powerful or useless, it depends on how they use it. So if you aren’t a fan of confusing level up powers and fights, be glad that this series is more straightforward. Because there is nothing simpler than kicking ass via brute strength. You’ll see that a lot from All Might because what else can he do besides Detroit Smash, Texas Smash, Missouri Smash and even Oklahoma Smash! Hey, no New York Smash? Will Los Angeles ever be part of his Smash series? But each punch All Might does, you can feel its super strong impact and it’s no joke that he literally blows you away with each blow. That’s real power. We hope Midoriya can do a decent amount of punching too but we fear he will always break some body part and needs to resurrect it later. Oh, you like explosions and want to see them? Bakugou has got it covered for you. Ice power, fire power, electric power, elemental power, gravitational power and whatever other powers you want to see, I’m sure the rest of the characters have got them covered.

Art and drawing for the overall series feels a bit cartoonish. It is to have that comic effect because some of the fonts you see here have this comic book-like effect. But as for the character designs, we all know how silly some superheroes even in the western world look, right? I mean, really. Sure, the design is to make them stand out and look cool but sometimes in other shades, they just look plain silly. So that is why sometimes I feel that the weirdness of the design gives the author ‘creative freedom’ to design some of the minor supporting characters. Because they look as hell weird as they are like monsters. You know, it is like certain Quirks transform your entire human form permanently into a strange looking alien or monster. Serious.

So you have really weird looking heroes and it doesn’t help their costumes make them even look weirder. Sometimes it makes you want to say that this world is like one big comic-con and cosplay event. Like Momo who is so scantily clad it makes you think if she thinks this is a video game. Where all female characters are scantily clad! Because. Video games. Yeah, and guys like Bakugou and Kirishima decide to go shirtless, huh? Or at least minimum cloth covering their top. Show off those abs! Then you have Tsuyu whom I thought looked like a certain Japanese ghost character because of her big staring eyes although later I finally come to terms that she is a weird looking frog. And some look like other characters like Mineta I thought what was Kateikyoushi’s Hitman Reborn’s Lambo doing here. Oh, doesn’t Midoriya look a bit close to Hunter x Hunter’s Gon? Earlier I did say Ochako was like Naruto’s Hinata. That was her personality. But I find that one of the other students resembles a lot like her. What’s her name again? Kyouka Jirou was it? And there’s this other guy too, Rikidou Satou whom I thought just came out from the Kinnikuman series…

Animated by Bones, this is a veteran anime production studio that has done many animes and including some superhero themed ones before. Namely Heroman whom they have collaborated with Marvel’s Stan Lee. Then there is Soul Eater and Captain Earth just to name a few of the superhero genres. Oh, Concrete Revolutio was also under them. So I guess that is where they have the experience. Other titles made under their belt also include Space Dandy, Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist (including the Brotherhood reboot), Noragami, Ouran High School Host Club, Kekkai Sensen, Darker Than Black, Hitsugi No Chaika, Scrapped Princess, Bungou Stray Dog, Gosick and Rahxephon.

Voice acting isn’t bad with some of the recognizable ones including Ayane Sakura as Ochako, Junichi Suwabe as Aizawa, Yuuki Kaji as Todoroki and Marina Inoue as Momo. However the most surprising one is Aoi Yuuki as Tsuyu. Wait. That was her???!!! Oh my. After being stereotyped in hearing her voice roles, I thought I have heard it all from her. Apparently she managed to surprise me in this role when I found out since Tsuyu talks a bit flat like a robot. Never knew it was her. Kudos and hats off. I wondered why Bakugou sounded familiar. I couldn’t put my finger on it till I realized much later that he is the same guy behind To Aru Majutsu No Index’s Accelerator. Yup. Nobuhiko Okamoto. For the rest of the casts (there are lots of them I’m going to leave out since they are unnamed in my blog since well, didn’t make enough impact for me to even name them?), they are Daiki Yamashita as Midoriya (Hiro in Glasslip), Kenta Miyake as All Might (Klaus in Hayate No Gotoku), Kaito Ishikawa as Iida (Havia in Heavy Object), Ryou Hirohashi as Mineta (Alice in Aria The Animation), Kouki Uchiyama as Shigaraki (Ichika in Infinite Stratos), Takahiro Fujiwara as Kurogiri (Pippin in Berserk movies) and Tokuyoshi Kawashima as Tsukauchi (Jaguar in Concrete Revolutio).

The opening theme is The Day and your typical rock music needed for such a superhero genre. Well, at least it fits the theme of the series quite well. Not as hardcore epic as the one in One Punch Man but still decent in its own right. If the style of the song sounds familiar, it is because Porno Graffitti sang this one. If you heard Melissa from Fullmetal Alchemist and Hitori No Yoru from Great Teacher Onizuka, you’ll definitely be familiar and be at home with the singing style of this group. The ending theme is Heroes by Brian The Sun which is another rock outfit.

Overall, this is still an entertaining and enjoyable superhero series. Lots of heart pounding action although you have to wait till the end of the series to get a decent one. There might be holes in the plot and many of the characters are not fleshed out properly but hey, have you seen a superhero movie done right in just its first outing? Wait, what? Deadpool, you say? That guy is on a different level. And besides, everybody knows him, right? Like every other superheroes whether in comic book (mostly) or other forms (video games), it takes more than just a single session to tell the entire story. You know a superhero isn’t made in a day, right? But all I’m saying is that this series should be given some more time to prove itself. Give this show a chance. You might like it. Or not. Maybe this series is too American for those seeking something that needs to be too Japanese-esque. Whatever your tastes and ideals in superheroes are, because I am sure there is a superhero that we all look up to and aspire to be. That kid inside of us still dreaming that we will become the superhero we always dreamt of. Superheroes aren’t just for kids and has never has been. They’re there for everyone.

One Punch Man

August 28, 2016

How many episodes does it take for Super Saiyan Goku to finish his fight with his arch nemesis, Frieza? Well, don’t be surprise it will take at least a minimum of 10 episodes! Oh no! Why so freaking long?! Well… One episode to arrive on scene, one episode to scream and shout at each other, one episode to power up, one episode to show off all that warm up, two episodes for flashback, one episode for warming up fight, one episode to shout out for another power up to the next level, one episode for another flashback and then ten episodes for the actual fight and another five episodes to end it. Yikes! That went over 10 episodes!!!

What am I saying? You know why superheroes take some time to defeat their enemies, right? That is because there has got to be a lot of fighting and punching in between to weaken the enemy before defeating him. Am I right? But let’s say that what happens if all that could end in just a single punch. Say what?! How can you defeat an enemy in just a single punch?! Where is the fun in all that? It will be all over too soon before we even get to sit down and warm up our seat to watch the awesome fight! Yes people. It is true that there is a superhero that could end it all in just one freaking punch. One Punch Man. The titular hero is so freaking strong and could end any fights with just a single punch that he himself has become bored and mundane. Where’s the challenge? Yeah, even he is struggling to cope with his seemingly boring ordinary daily life. There are other challenges to overcome, you know. Ah yes, whoever said being a hero is easy?

Episode 1
The city is under attack by… Purple Piccolo???!!! Oh my. Who is going to save the day? Who is going to save this poor kid about to be squished by this DBZ knockoff? Don’t worry. Here comes Saitama. This bald dude is going to save everything? Laughable! And then… One punch! Piccolo clone explodes into smithereens! OMG!!! Flashback reveals Saitama was an ordinary salaryman. Actually he is still trying to find a job and unsuccessful for the umpteenth time. He still had hair then, though. He bumps into this Crablante monster who is killing everybody in his path while finding a kid who drew nipples on his body. Because Saitama had suicidal tendencies, Crablante lets him live. Saitama then sees that kid. He thought of minding his own business but when he sees him going to be killed by Crablante for real, he instinctively saves him. Despite getting beaten up several times, Saitama then finds his ultimate strength to counter it all and pull out all his innards!!! Ever since then, he began training strictly for 3 years until he is so freaking strong enough to destroy anything with 1 punch. Along the way, he became bald. Sighs… Now he is living his mundane ordinary life. Buying his usual groceries at the store when suddenly a giant monster begins stepping all over the city. It is another case of a mad scientist who did several tests on his brother who wanted to become the strongest man in the world. Mad scientist dude revels in squishing people like ants with his giant brother. Saitama flies up on his shoulder and when mad scientist brother tells him to get rid of this bald dude, giant brother smacks the wrong shoulder! OMG! He just killed his own brother! Well, he might be strong be he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Giant brother feels empty after his brother’s death and before he could go on a rampage, Saitama defeats him with a single punch.

But Saitama has been plagued with personal issues lately. He doesn’t feel the same before when he started becoming a hero. He doesn’t feel the thrill in fighting anymore. It is like he has become an emotional robot. Because all he needs is one punch to end everything. Where is the fun in that? So he thought at least living his mundane life and doing the little things he enjoy would be okay. Then suddenly the underground people destroy his home. These Subterraneans are going to make the surface their home since the underground has been overpopulated. They are going to do this by wiping out the surface dwellers. As Saitama fights the ugly hordes, he could feel his adrenaline rushing. They put up a decent fight and this has been the thrill he had been seeking for so long. He takes on all of them and even kills off the big king. Yes! This is it! This is the exhilaration that he wants! Then suddenly… He wakes up! Damn dream sequence! But that dream may be a foreboding omen because those Subterraneans are here. Unfortunately they look pathetic. And when Saitama finishes off one of them and dares for them to come at him, the rest decide to cowardly go back and live underground forever. Yeah, they even said sorry for invading. What a letdown. Yeah, he became too strong alright.

Episode 2
Saitama might be the strongest dude but he still has a hard time trying to swat a mosquito! OMG! Is this a joke? Meanwhile the city is under curfew because of a swarm of mosquitoes sucking the blood of anything in its path. They are actually under the control of Mosquito Girl who is using them to collect blood as her food. Genos the cyborg has been tracking her down and fights her. Knowing she cannot best him, she flees to buy some time. That is when Genos stumbles onto Saitama. Still trying to kill the bug? Mosquito Girl returns with a bigger swarm to kill Genos but he burns a big radius of the city after confirming no other life forms are around. But Saitama is still alive. Only naked. Mosquito Girl has enough blood to transform into a super fast and powerful monster to rip Genos apart. Genos’ only hope is to self destruct and take her along with him. But Saitama punches her and she splatters into a big paint of blood! Seeing how strong he is, Genos wants to become his disciple and starts bugging him at his apartment. Saitama isn’t interested in taking him in but I don’t think cyborg guy is listening. He even went about telling his past of his poor but happy life till a crazy robot destroyed his town and family. He was the only survivor. Dr Kuseno performed body modifications on him and it has become his mission to find this robot but so far has found no clues. Feeling indebted to Saitama, he vows not to die before getting his revenge. Therefore he wants to study under him to obtain the greatest power to achieve his goal. His long ass story is put to a halt when Saitama screams his head off for being too long and just to summarize it in 20 words!

Meanwhile, a mad scientist, Dr Genus learns that Mosquito Girl has been defeated. But with one punch? He wants Saitama and to study him as a specimen. Before Genos can ask to start his training under Saitama, he detects presence of enemies surrounding the area. Too bad this praying mantis dude got owned by Saitama before he could finish his introduction. Then there are these weird weakling beasts outside, frog man and slug man outside the apartment, having second thoughts if this was such a good idea after all. Saitama easily knocks them underground and even lectures them about crashing through people’s ceiling. But he is also pulled under by this mole dude and confronted by cocky lion king while Genos takes on this gorilla dude. The beasts get cocky but Saitama is as his nonchalant self. He gives them a chance to apologize and go away but since that didn’t work, a single punch to kill off lion guy! Mole guy starts panicking and digs underground to hide but Saitama is waiting… How the?! Hello. Welcome to hell! Genos has defeated gorilla guy and the latter acts tough that his mouth is shut. But when Saitama brings the lion king’s eyeball, his balls shrink and will tell everything! Genus learns his beast army he sent has been eliminated. He and his clones are surprised at the turn of events.

Episode 3
Long ago, Genus was a brilliant scientist and got lots of awards. However there was a problem. None of his colleagues supported his idea of artificial evolution of humans. He became disillusioned and went on to do research on it by himself. It was till he is 70 years old that his efforts yielded results. He regained his youth, made clones and named his lab House of Evolution. Since gorilla’s summary is too long, he is told to summarize it in 20 words! In short, Genus is interested in his body. No, that is not a gay statement! Saitama wants to finish this today since tomorrow there is a sale at the supermarket. Genus and his clones detect Saitama and Genos coming towards their base. The clones become restless when Genus suggests unleashing their last trump card. They have set traps and this will only be their last resort. When the heroes arrive, Genos blasts the entire tower away! Bummer. And Saitama wanted to at least see what the enemy looked like. They find a trapdoor and an underground passage. Genus sees Carnage Kabuto. This giant beetle has been locked up underground and killing his clones. He deems himself as the strongest and most intelligent being ever although Genus sees him as a failure because he lacks humanity and is very mentally unstable. Kabuto charges through the passage and wipes out Genos. He tells Saitama to face him in a big empty underground room where it is used to test fights and such. Genos is not done yet and tries to burn Kabuto but he could easily deflect his flames. Flashback shows Genus considers everyone himself as inferior. This realization made him agonize. That is why he wants to see how this new human breed will transcend humanity.

Kabuto is cocky as usual. He is going to finish off with his super speed and strength. But when he gets behind Saitama, suddenly he starts feeling scared and backs off! Everyone is shocked with this reaction. Kabuto notes that despite his pathetic appearance, his guts is tingling that he is a freaking dangerous man. Kabuto can’t stop sweating. With everyone wanting to know how he became this strong, Saitama is going to reveal it. Listen carefully to his secret. The most important of all is to stick to your training strictly. It took him 3 years to get this strong. 100 push-ups , 100 sit-ups, 100 squads and running 10km. Every day. This is the only way to become strong instead of tinkering with genetics. But it is Genos that gets mad at his crap. He doesn’t believe in all that. This joke isn’t the reason he became his student. He wants to know his true secret. But that is all he did. Kabuto is also mad that he becomes so pissed, he transforms into his ultimate carnage form. He will not stop rampaging for a week in this mode and will kill everybody in town after he kills him. While Saitama gets pounded mercilessly, he starts thinking that if Kabuto goes berserk for a week, that means what about the damn supermarket sale???!!! This won’t do so Saitama punches and destroys him!!! Don’t f*ck with this guy! Genos says that they can make it for the sale if they run back now. So as the duo hurry out, Genus still in shock decides to give up on evolution. Screw science. He is the one who must change. Yeah. Good point. A couple of agents are investigated the burnt site where the tower once stood and they believe Genos could only do this.

Episode 4
Hammerhead (did I see this guy from Dragonball somewhere?) and his men are decrying about the injustice for the need to work like dogs and thus creating a society of imbalance wealth where the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. Nobody is listening… So their first job is to destroy the luxury apartment of the richest guy in town, Zeniru with the power suits they stole. Oops. Wrong apartment. Their terrorism is all over the news and Saitama isn’t really interested till he realized the single trait they all share: They are all bald! He fears this trend will make him be seen as a villain. So he goes out to stop them but good luck in trying to dismiss the public pointing him out as a terrorist! Zeniru sends his henchman, Sonic to take care of the terrorists. No, he is not a blue hedgehog but a crazy bloodthirsty ninja. He easily decapitates the goons like hot butter. Hammerhead is formidable but eventually gets a kunai in his head. Thanks to his thick skull, he manages to fake death and slip away. That is when he bumps into Saitama. Since he is not going to join his gang, he is going to kill him. A single punch is enough to shatter his power suit and send Hammerhead running away with his life intact but butt naked. Saitama is attacked by Sonic who mistakes him as Hammerhead’s henchman. However Saitama is fast enough to dodge all his attacks. His pride as a ninja is hurt so Sonic shows off his supersonic speed but Saitama thinks he just wants to boast about it. He knows. Look at his innocent smile. Yeah. ‘Innocent’…

Sonic is shocked he can see through his attacks even at this speed. Saitama could have punched his balls and would have been a painful death had not Sonic pulled back. There was contact but it was enough for Sonic to feel the pain. I’m sure it hurts as hell but hey, at least it is intact. He vows to go for training and return stronger to defeat him. When Genos visits after being repaired Kuseno, he sees Saitama depressed. What is bugging him? Actually he is thinking of the big problem that nobody knows him as a hero! So all those monster and bug destroying feats, nobody cared? Realizing that Saitama’s name didn’t pop up on the news and only some minor hero who took the credit for disarming Hammerhead’s gang, he wonders if Saitama is registered with the Hero Association. Oh look. There is a website you can look up. One can register at the nearest branch, take a test and once confirmed, will become a professional member to do lots of hero work and even get paid from donations. Anybody else self proclaiming as one are just weirdoes. Well I’ll be damned. Saitama never knew about this? Genos is not a member because he didn’t think it was necessary. Saitama suggests they go join and then he will take him as his disciple. Agreed. Meanwhile Hammerhead is killed off by some weird guys who purposely let his gang steal the power suits to collect data. Thanks to Hammerhead’s thick skull, he still lives. Yeah, now he has regretted his way of life and will get an honest job. So glad to be alive, eh?

Episode 5
The committee is discussing the increase in heroes entering the certification exam. However it is noted that the quality of heroes has reduced throughout the years and this year’s evaluation must be more critical. Saitama as at the exam. He is so fast and powerful that he is already done with the task when others are about to begin! Holy crap! Why is there a whack-a-mole game at the test too?! Saitama is so great that it discouraged some heroes. Yeah, going home, aren’t they? Despite Saitama’s awesomeness, he only got C-rank as opposed to Genos getting the highest S-rank. There was an interview Genos underwent. The agents asked him about the burnt down side of House of Evolution they have been tracking down. Genos didn’t hesitate he was the one behind it and immediately they pass him. Seems the duo are the only successful candidates and they have to attend a special seminar helmed by this cocky A-rank hero, Snek. He warns them about embarrassing themselves but didn’t he just put up an embarrassing pose? Even more insulting is how they’re not listening to his crap. The duo also learn a little history of Hero Association. Formed only 3 years ago, it was by Agoni, the grandchild of a millionaire who was saved from a monster by a passerby. He then used his fortune to establish this system. While Snek is complaining about those amateurs, he is being told that Genos scored perfect in written and physical tests. As for Saitama, he did poorly on the written tests. Despite his perfect score in the physical, he is only admitted based on the fact that he broke all Hero Association’s test records by inconceivable margins. It is like as though there is a god residing in his body. Snek fears he would soon be surpassed by them and out of jealousy goes to attack Saitama. He got owned in a single punch. I believe Saitama didn’t even go all out or break a sweat, that’s why he is still breathing.

Genos trains with Saitama and wants him to go all out so he too can be serious. This fight might also give him insight on Saitama’s powers since he believes his master cannot explain his secret well. Despite Genos pulling off every firepower in his arsenal that leaves burn marks on the terrains, Saitama could easily dodge them all. Genos thought he isn’t being serious so when he does, he is even faster than before! Genos thought he is done for when he sees Saitama’s punch coming into his face. But he stops inches before hitting his face. However the aftershock was huge that it turned the cliff into a huge valley! OMG! I am sure Genos is ready to call it a day since he realizes he can’t see himself coming close to this power. During lunch at the udon house, we see Saitama isn’t the strongest after all because Genos beats him in the udon eating competition. Do cyborgs need to eat? Genos is approached by a handsome A-rank hero, Sweet Mask who wants to talk outside. Genos returns shortly and there was no fight as Saitama expected. He was here to give his welcome to the association. Because Sweet Mask is quite a popular hero, several pretty girls (and ugly ones too) want to shake hands with Genos for being friends with Sweet Mask. I guess Saitama could see the different treatment between their ranks, eh? Better move up fast. Genos remembers Sweet Mask’s advice not to be too quick to be hot headed or he will get burnt. Saitama thinks he got deeper into trouble now that Genos is officially his disciple. I’m sure he didn’t count on him moving into his place as he brings all his stuffs. But after seeing Genos’ stack of notes as rental, it is a big welcome! Oh yeah. Nothing changes your stance better than money.

Episode 6
If having to think up of an acceptable training regiment is stressing out Saitama, wait till here hears how C-rank heroes must be involved in some hero activity at least once a week or they will be deregistered! Because A-rank gets to fight terrorists and monsters, C-ranks are usually reduced to catch petty thieves. Time to make up time for idling around the house. Saitama manages to convince Genos with this crap he just made up about not training his body but his mind. Then off he runs around town to find any crime. Too peaceful! Oh well, there is always tomorrow. That’s the thing with procrastination. Yet another peaceful day. Time to panic? He stumbles upon Sonic who wants to kick his ass. Saitama ignores him since he is busy. Sonic swiftly cuts him but Saitama is swifter as he breaks his sword with his teeth! Sonic couldn’t even see it coming! More trouble for Saitama when a civilian calls this hero, Tank Top Tiger to apprehend Saitama! Because he was running around with a scary face yesterday! Disturbing the peace? Sonic easily puts him to sleep with his explosive shurikens and then continue his big fight with Saitama. Yeah well, the entire town is going to be destroyed at this rate. Hope this counts as work. A committee is keeping track of reports of the various top heroes and their activities on various alphabet cities. This committee was formed because of the substantial damage to the cities and thus the need to prevent it by detecting any potential threat via investigation. City Z has the highest number of monster attacks and has been increasing over the years.

Top A-class heroes, Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio are sent to investigate this ghost town. It is natural that people fled the city after experiencing too many monster attacks. During their investigation, they stumble upon a seaweed tentacle monster. Golden Ball intercepts it but he didn’t count his bullet to be broken. Then he got owned. Mustachio takes him on but realizes the monstrosity he is. Before he is defeated, he requested backup from Hero Association. The monster is disappointed about everything. He thought he could take it all out on Saitama passing by. Bad choice. And so Saitama is going to have a nice dinner of kelp and seaweed. Yum. The report on City Z is handed in as nothing extraordinary. But it is noted despite the A-class heroes failed to defeat the monster, they fear it might be still roaming around. Even more baffling how the reinforcement heroes came and saw a freaking big devastation at the battle site. It made them feel scared about what had happened. The investigation continues and rumours start spreading to humans and monsters alike that there is a much more dangerous monster lurking there. Saitama is glad his rank went up a bit thanks to quelling that Sonic incident. But he is disheartened that despite Genos being ranked last in S-class, he is voted the 6th most popular based on appearance. I guess Saitama had to stop him from reading aloud and further all those comments.

Episode 7
Genos receives an emergency call to gather at Hero Association. But when he arrives, it is empty. Only he and another S-class hero, Bang are there. It seems a meteor has deviated from its trajectory and is about to hit City Z and affect its adjacent cities. All S-class heroes have been called to handle to problem but looks like nobody is interested. Besides, the evacuation announcement just made panicking worse. Genos goes to stop the meteor and he has no choice but to test out his prototype arms. Before he could make a move, fellow S-rank hero, Metal Knight is here to destroy the meteor. However his intention is not to help but to test his new weapons. He isn’t afraid of losing and dying since he is controlling this robot body via remote. When his fiery missiles fail to even scratch the meteor, Genos starts panicking that it is all up to him. Will his firepower be enough to stop it since Metal Knight failed? Bang is here to tell him off about worrying too much so Genos screws his thoughts and fires away. Nothing happens. Doomed. But don’t worry. It is Saitama’s turn. He jumps up to destroy the meteor in a single punch! OMG! Missiles can’t do the job but his fist can?! However… The meteor breaks up into pieces and rains down on the city. Damn… In the aftermath, it is reported that although City Z is visibly in ruins, it is not completely destroyed. Because usually the shockwaves from the meteor would have destroyed everything even if it was in pieces but Saitama was able to stop that with his punch and minimizing damage. I guess it isn’t that all bad. Plus, nobody died. However Genos is concerned that despite his heroic efforts, he knows that the ordinary people view him as a villain who destroyed their city. It is all over the forums.

Thanks to their heroics, Genos and Metal Knight move up a rank while Saitama moves up over 300 places to fifth in C-class! OMG! Unbelievable! Perhaps the only thing preventing him from being promoted to S-class is because the association thinks he got help from Genos and Metal Knight. Saitama goes to patrol the city alone. That is when Tank Top Tiger calls out to him. Yeah, he brought his brother, Tank Top Black Hole to get his revenge. But honestly, Saitama doesn’t even remember this dude. So instead of beating him up, big brother has a better idea to break his spirit. At the top of his voice, he blames Saitama as the one who destroyed the city and causing unnecessary troubles to others. With the crowd gathering and the typical ungrateful herd mentality, they all chant for him to resign as a hero. The brothers get greedy to make this as their publicity stunt as they claim Saitama wants to take out his frustrations on the people and they are here to stop him in a fair fight. But you know… Tank Top Tiger gets punched away and Tank Top Black Hole starts squirming in pain, pleading for his life and admitting all his lies! Saitama is just holding his palm. Yeah… In a surprise move, Saitama then admits he did destroy the comet. Also, he tells everyone to shut up b*tching about their inconvenience. Tell that to the meteor and see if it listens to you. So just shut the f*ck up! Genos is here to bring Saitama home before he starts blowing his top and making him even balder. Hah… Genos assures him even if the public turns against him or doesn’t appreciate him, he will always follow him for he is the most incredible person he has ever met.

Episode 8
A sea monster terrorizes another city. It could have been vicious tentacle rape had not he been taking out by a single punch. Guess who? Despite the public forums view him as strong, many believe he steals credits of others. Soon, more sea monsters (and more vicious sea tentacles) attack the city. The alert is sounded so S-class heroes stream in to fight them and the people evacuate. This Stinger dude (Lancer?) manages to defeat all the monsters till he loses to the super strong Deep Sea King. Not even Lightning Max had a fighting chance. Then here comes this macho gay hero convict, Puri-Puri Prisoner. This S-class hero is a convict? Yeah, assaulting too many handsome guys and beautiful boys. He escaped with Sonic. Prisoner and Deep Sea King are evenly matched in terms of strength. However after Prisoner pulls off all his combo punches, Deep Sea King is still standing and blows him away with a few punches. Sonic thinks his speed allows him to take him on. At first he is fast but slowly he realizes Deep Sea King is getting faster and stronger. It must be the rain enhancing his true powers. He makes a wise decision to escape for now. At the expense of his clothes. So when Genos just came running into the city, he thought he saw a pervert. Deep Sea King turns his attention to slaughter all the civilians taking shelter. He is not taking any prisoners. Some of the heroes at the shelter thought they could buy time but they got owned in no time. So much about that. Saitama runs into fellow hero, Licenseless Rider while on his way into the city. He thought he saw a naked pervert zoomed by. He goes to check it out but lost him. At that time, Licenseless Rider got word that Deep Sea King is attacking the shelter and pedals there. He dropped his handphone just when he gets a call from Hero Association. Saitama picks it up instead and hears how S-class heroes have been defeated and they stand no chance. Saitama’s serious face says otherwise…

Episode 9
Genos arrives to fight the monster. He throws every arsenal in his book but Deep Sea King regenerates and fight back. When he spits acid at a girl, Genos uses his body to protect her. Gosh, he looks worst than Terminator. All bare, uhm, bones and metal? Before he could be finished off, Licenseless Rider comes to attack. Unfortunately he too takes a beating. Another hero to bite the dust? Licenseless Rider knows very well himself that despite being a C-class hero, he cannot win this. But yet he must try. It isn’t about losing or winning. It’s about him taking him on right here, right now. The crowd is touched and cheers for him but a single monster punch is enough to knock him out. There goes the hope. Oh wait. Here is Saitama. It’s his turn now. A big punch from Deep Sea King doesn’t even move him! And he calls that punch weak? Saitama throws his usual punch enough to blow the monster away and even clears up the sky! WOW!!! Unbelievable! Sonic returns with his gear… It’s over dude. In the aftermath, Genos receives lots of fan mail. There is one for Saitama but it is a threatening letter calling him a cheat. Flashback after Deep Sea King’s defeat, the crowd is ever so grateful but a stupid jerk said the monster boss wasn’t that tough after all. Even though many heroes were defeated, their titles meant nothing and imagine if a C-class hero could beat it, they are all just talk. Since the heroes are paid with their donated money, they had better protect them and it is a good thing this one turned out well. The crowd wants to punch that jerk but that is when Saitama declares it was a good thing he was late. Because the other heroes weakened the monster for him and thus it was easy for him. Now he will claim all the credit. He wants everyone to spread the word and look after the fallen heroes otherwise his credit will be tainted. This made the crowd rethink that the other heroes were more heroic. Genos felt bad but if this is the path he wants to walk, so be it. But if the next time it happens, he will have his say. All is not lost since there is a letter thanking Saitama. Then another letter that promotes him to the top of C-class. Soon he is called by Hero Association for a promotion test to B-class. He accepts the test since it will get him out of the bothersome weekly quota. Deep Sea King’s defeat is on the front page of the newspaper. The fallen heroes must be feeling sour. But Prisoner wants their ass but they have energy to run. Prisoner sees an article calling him a failure. After a lengthy test, Saitama is now a B-class hero. Licenseless Rider treats him to oden to celebrate his promotion. He is the one who sent that thank you letter.

Episode 10
With all the king monsters gone, this dinosaur lizard king is going to claim his right to take over Earth. He is confronted with S-class hero, Tatsumaki who ignores him because she just got some call over some problem. They both ignore each other until they’re ready to fight. But dinosaur dude dies after a meteor crashes into him. Saitama and Genos are in Bang’s dojo when they receive an emergency call for all S-class heroes to assemble at the HQ. Saitama meets a few of them like Atomic Samurai. Because Saitama is not even S-class, those heroes act arrogant. But since Tatsumaki is a little brat, I guess Saitama can ignore her ranting. So we are briefly introduced to all the 17 S-class heroes. Yeah, they look more like weirdoes. Only Metal Knight and the top S-class hero, Blast are missing from this meeting. First, the heroes are to decide whether or not they want to accept this mission. If they do, they will be confined here until the disaster to avoid public panic. The great seer, Madame Shibabawa has died. Many of her predictions that befall Earth are accurate. She died choking when she saw the greatest disaster ever to befall Earth. She managed to leave a note but that is all it states. Nobody knows what it is actually. The building is under attack by tengu monsters but they are swiftly cut down by a hideous alien. A big mothership hovers over the city. And in a single powerful blast, 99.8% of the city is destroyed! OMG! Only the HQ is left standing since it was built by Metal Knight. Some of the S-class heroes engage with this multi-headed alien blob, Melzagard but it will be hard to cut him down since he can regenerate fast. When S-class hero, King who is also the strongest man on Earth says it is impossible to reach the mothership from here and should concentrate on finding Metal Knight, Tatsumaki blows her top for him being pathetic and doing nothing. She will take care of this herself. Genos wants to help but she plans on going solo. After all, Genos notes that there is no need for the heroes to work together because he knows Saitama is already inside the mothership. He is leaving a trail of dead aliens in his wake as he searches for the big boss.

Episode 11
Geryuganshoop is shocked that a lone intruder has destroyed 23% of the ship and killed half the crew! But the big Cyclops boss, Lord Boros says the ship will be fine as long as the sphere is not damage. Atomic Samurai, Bang, Prisoner and Metal Bat continue to engage in futile a fight against Melzargard. All they can do is just keep hitting till something happens. When they notice a tiny marble inside a head and smashing it means instantly melting that head, they get motivated to find it and slowly they take out the heads one by one. Geryuganshoop seeks help from Melzargard to kill the intruder but he too seeks his help to come down and fight. But they decide they will just use the artillery to bombard the entire city. Saitama is running rampage that he is lost. Geryuganshoop is desperate to get him off the ship that he will guide him to the exit. But sneaky Saitama did the opposite and ends up in the control room. Geryuganshoop uses his super telekinesis power to control gravity. Not affecting Saitama one bit. He then uses pebbles as deadly projection but Saitama views it as child’s play. Boring. A flick back at him splits the octopus’ head in half! Game over. The bombardment is set to fire now. Before the heavy missiles could rain on the city, bratty Tatsumaki uses her telekinesis to return them to where they come from. Guess who got a taste of their own medicine? Licenseless Rider and a few other A-class heroes help out with the evacuation of the city and those who are injured. Melzargard is down to his last head but Bang takes a direct hit. Saitama has found Boros’ chamber. Cyclops boss is happy he has reached here. He introduces himself as the captain of his alien pirates, Dark Matter. He is the strongest being in the universe. So strong that nobody could best him and he ravaged everything in sight that he became bored. Till a seer told him of a great warrior could match his potential. His crew think it was just a ploy to get rid of him to the far edges of the galaxy but the trip of 20 years is worth the wait. Show me your true strength! Saitama isn’t amused about his boredom crap and his single punch sends him flying. For the first time, an opponent he punches didn’t die! It only shackles his armour which seals his strength. Oh sh*t… Time to return the favour. He transforms into his true form. Since when is electrifying disco punk the trend?

Episode 12
The super epic fight begins that puts Goku’s Super Saiyan fight look like a baby! Meanwhile with Tatsumaki using her telekinesis to wrap up things on the mothership and send other aliens crying about their mama and homeland, some of the S-class heroes just went home. Drive Knight leaves Genos with an advice that Metal Knight is his enemy and should stay away from him. Melzargard is on the offensive but is surprised Bang is still alive. After seeing him regenerate so many times, Bang even knows where to get and crush his marble. We return to our epic fight between Saitama and Boros. The latter thought the fight is his and starts bragging about being the strongest and his regenerative abilities. But Saitama looks bored and just asks him if this fight is still on. Oh, it is just getting started. Saitama is punched away as far as the moon! OMG! How can he breathe? Don’t care. But he jumps back down to Earth! Hope he didn’t change the moon’s trajectory. You bet Boros is shocked that he is back and survives. He is going to be a worthy opponent to defeat. Now they are going all out that makes Super Saiyan fights look like babies. Saitama unleashes a series of consecutive punches. It blows Boros to bits but he regenerates. He then gets serious with his, uhm, serious punch (aren’t all his punches serious?) and defeats Boros for good. Saitama praises him for being a strong dude. Boros In his last breath calls him a liar because he knows he still has strength left and this wasn’t a battle for him in the first place. The mothership is going to crash so all the heroes better get running if they don’t want to become S-class pancakes.

Sweet Mask arrives in the aftermath and wants to know what happened. The heroes explain but he is not amused and calls them pathetic. Is he the one to say for arriving late and not helping? Despite so, he claims the heroes couldn’t save a brick of the city. Sweet Mask argues he never get promoted to S-class despite having the chance because he wants to prevent useless heroes from moving up. Probably a big fight is going to start between Sweet Mask and Metal Bat but Metal Knight drops into the scene. Genos realizes he has come to salvage parts of the mothership and he doesn’t deny it. He will use the parts to create better weapons. Because better weapons = better peace. Some of the captured aliens thought they could talk their way out. They are all instantly killed by Sweet Mask. He calls them evil and there is nothing else to be said. Sweet Mask views Genos as a disappointment. This act reminds Genos he was once like that, rushing to mete out justice. Saitama finally breaks out from the mothership. I guess he even got lost after that. Since master and disciple are ignoring Tatsumaki, she starts insulting them. Saitama tells Genos to shut her up but he gets owned! Bang puts a stop to their in-quarrel. Looks like Saitama has to pick up Genos’ pieces. Oops, he ripped his arm? In the aftermath, news of the alien invasion and the city destruction hog the headlines for days before it died down and forgotten. Hero Association reconstructed their base to be stronger and give those who are ranked A-class and above to live there. They have also built roads and infrastructure that would give faster access to heroes to other cities. In another city, this pig king of the underworld unleashes his terror. And you know who destroys him with a single punch, right? But Saitama doesn’t look too happy… After that awesome fight with Boros, he is not pleased of returning to one punch again! All over too fast!

An origin story because you know, Saitama still had hair. After defeating another monster, he notices his jersey is ripped again and sends it to his usual tailor to fix it. Little did he know, tailor uncle just got a last warning from a loan shark punk to come up with the cash by tomorrow or else. Uncle has taken the liberty to design a tougher costume for him. Looks hideous… Because he is so kind to do so, Saitama feels bad to turn him down. After all, he isn’t sure about this hero thing and is only doing it as hobby. Meanwhile the punk reports to his boss about the tailor. He will finally get his shop deed. It seems some inner voice tells him to destroy. Saitama walks around the abandoned neighbourhood and notices what uncle said was true that with the high crime rate, many shops have closed. But he too has his own problems because the landlady comes knocking on his door at an ungodly hour looking for his 3 months in rent! Next day when Saitama goes to collect his jersey, he sees uncle handing the punk his shop’s deed. Of course you know how extortion works and since he can’t keep up with the interest, it’s time to handover. He hasn’t called the police because the loan shark group lives in an apartment where the police cannot touch them. So with direction advice, Saitama promises to head there and negotiate to get his deed back.

He didn’t expect his landlady to be living there! Also, he encounters weirdoes from counterfeiters and underwear thieves. The only reason he got motivated to beat them up is the reward those dumb criminals mention they have. Finally he enters the room of the loan shark boss. He shows a card and explains about the law how uncle has cleared his debts and now that he is just overpaying and thus has no right to seize his deed. This causes the boss to go mad as he transforms into… A BDSM goldfish monster? Yeah, no wonder Saitama calls him a pervert. Boss shows off his power and once again his jersey gets ripped. But when Saitama hears there is a high reward on him… Landlady wonders why Saitama is at her doorstep. He doesn’t have the rent money to pay her but he has rounded up these criminals with a bounty. He has already called the police and if she turns them in, consider it as his rent payments settled. However she gets upset instead because now her main income source is gone! Oh sh*t! She is the ringleader? As a result, he gets kicked out. Uncle picks him up on the streets and to show his gratefulness for returning his deed, he has created a costume for him (his trademark costume of the series). Of course uncle says he is already getting old and was probably looking for a reason to retire and close the shop anyway. Saitama puts on the costume and feels weird about it at first but eventually gets used to it. It seems Saitama is telling this story to Genos of how important this suit is to him. But he thinks Genos hasn’t been listening because Genos thinking the essence to become a true hero is to have something important, he wants Saitama to throw away the costume so he could personally give him a new one. I don’t think that was even the point…


12 minutes special when you buy the DVDs and cannot get enough of our super strong bald hero.

Special 1
After watching a stalker movie, Saitama has a feeling that somebody is stalking him. It is actually Genos trying to know more about him as he camps across his place. Of course Genos also has to be careful because he thinks Saitama is being cautious and on his guard. At a family restaurant, he observes Saitama ordering only a kid’s meal of fries. No money… It’s a sin to be poor. Yeah, small portion too… Remember, a kid’s meal… After he returns from toilet, he notices a fry missing! He calls the waitress but do you think she can possibly explain? Yeah, she looks scared… Genos is the culprit stealing the fry and will analyze it thinking it would be the diet that made Saitama strong. Saitama believes the stalker is the one who stole his fry and will wait for him to show up. No show… To compound his bad day, there is this handsome guy monster turning people into dry skin. He reminds Saitama that they fought 6 months before and was defeated. The shock of the defeat left his skin dry and so he underwent some strict moisturizing regiment and did random stuffs to attract his attention. Saitama misinterprets all that as him being the stalker AKA French fry thief. Poor pretty guy gets owned big time for a misunderstanding. But hell yeah, Saitama still saved the day, right? He narrates about his fate of being a hero that will have others seeking grudge on him. It is not that he doesn’t want fans but at least it would be nice for someone to notice his efforts. He then remembers a disciple wannabe. Meanwhile Genos analyzes the fry and finds out to be a regular fry. Disappointed? So the next day, he takes his first bold step to ask Saitama to become his disciple.

Special 2
Genos is confronted by Don Pacino and his men. The latter have Genos’ precious key. Don wants to know his connection with this man who is from a rival gang and once he tells him, he can have the key back. It all began when Genos and Saitama at a public bath. There’s some mindless chatter on what expression to say when it feels good. Why can’t a normal “Ahhh~” do? Yeah, even Don is arguing a better way to say it. Anyway, after they are done, Saitama hand the key to his place and cautions him not to lose them since it is dangerous around these days. That is when Saitama remembers some time limited cheap sale. I wonder how he could stick so many brochures in his pocket. Because he worries he cannot cover all of them in time, Genos suggested they split up to cover more ground. Unfortunately Genos had his hands full in defeating some toilet bowl villain and because he was 2 seconds late, the store clerk turned him down. No offer. He rushed to the next store but it was closed with a notice. That is when the rival gang guy passed by as Genos sought an answer. He was told about Don as the new boss around and the shop might have closed down because they can’t afford to pay protection money. That is when Don and his men picked up Genos’ dropped key and want to talk. Don is shocked that Genos and this guy had no relation and they wasted their time hearing his useless story. Well, he asked, right? They are so mad that they pull out their guns. Genos realizes they are wanted men and have no intention to return his keys. I don’t think their bullets can match his firepower. Genos gets the keys and returns home. Saitama is already back as he has an extra set. Genos has stopped by another store on his way home and got some premium meat in which they make and enjoy a delicious sukiyaki.

Special 3
Sonic is still reeling from his trauma of his fight with Saitama. It always ends with Saitama punching his balls! Yeah, that has got to hurt. No matter how he envisions it, he cannot see himself beating Saitama. Sonic is currently living in the woods with an old hunter, Matagi. He tells of his experience of fighting a bear that give him a hideous scar on his arm. Although he survived, he feels afraid each time he thinks of that. The only way he can overcome his fear is to defeat it. The same applies to Sonic. He goes to train himself and one day saves a little boar from a giant snake. At first he sees Saitama in it but overcomes it to cut it apart. The boar sticks around him and Sonic names it Ino. Sonic continues his training until he finds his confidence. He then returns to the city while leaving Ino in Matagi’s care. Sonic’s parting advice is that if he gets confident of his skills and yet lose, the result will always be the same. That night the bear comes by and Matagi despite still shaking knows he must fight after remembering Sonic’s words. The bear tears the place apart and flings Matagi about. He is out of bullets too. Before the bear could kill him, here comes Saitama. Ino upon seeing his face flees! You know Saitama is such badass when even the bear starts feeling afraid. Dead meat. Saitama and Genos enjoy a good sukiyaki with bear meat although he would have preferred boar meat.

Special 4
Bang needs to know why Saitama’s punch is more powerful than his after that meteor incident. He goes to spy on them and couldn’t comprehend their master-disciple relationship. Sizing him up, he finds Saitama to be quite ordinary. He invites them to do some muscle training in his dojo tomorrow. Surprisingly Saitama accepts. But next day, Bang waits and they never show up. He goes to spy on them again and learns Saitama accepted only because the old fart won’t get off their back if they refused. Bang then witnesses Saitama swiftly trying to save something from an incoming truck. Luckily Genos lifted the truck but Saitama is left to rue that the cat was actually a plastic bag. And there goes his meat he bought. Bang then invites them to his dojo because he has meat for them. Yeah, that is how you ring Saitama in. Before he gives his meat, Bang wants to challenge him in a few things. Whether it is tile breaking or karuta, Saitama does it better. So it is decided to play penalty rock-scissors-paper. Saitama always loses and he always slips in reaching for the helmet. By that time Bang already knocked the toy hammer on his head. Finally after the umpteenth time Saitama wins but his hand once again slips in reaching the hammer. Bang feels nostalgic how his dojo was filled with youth. Bang realizes Saitama is going to whack him and he is wise to get out because the helmet is destroyed by his strength! Bang is shocked and left wondering what would be of him had this been a real fight. He admits his loss and gives them the meat. Then he passionately waxes lyrical about the essence of martial art, which is basically his way of trying to coax them to join his dojo. Sorry dude. Not interested.

Special 5
Fubuki and her group successfully defeat another monster. But she becomes disheartened that their efforts are nowhere mentioned in the papers. Even more depressing is how her older sister, Tatsumaki makes the headlines even without doing anything. She takes a train ride for a change in pace. Genos is also there, coming back from an errand of buying crabs for Saitama. He recognizes her as the top rank B-class hero. He receives a call that a serial bomber has put bombs on the train and will explode when it reaches the next station. Genos goes into action. Knowing her psychic powers, he has her levitate the passengers out to safety while he tries to stop the train. There is also a girl onboard who is a C-class hero. She volunteers to go find the bomb. Genos is not making any headway in slowing the train down. All the passengers have been safely evacuated and the bomb is found in the toilet. Fubuki levitates the girl out and she thinks her only way to minimise damage is to isolate the bomb. Before the train reaches the station, Fubuki and Genos are levitated away. Tatsumaki easily levitates the train high into the sky and even compresses the explosion. When the sisters come face to face, the feeling is not mutual. Fubuki walks home and the girl thanks her for saving her. She explains about being the last ranked hero in C-class and felt she was making any progress. But after today, she wants to continue becoming a hero. She hopes to rise up to B-rank and join her group. But Fubuki hints that she has already accepted her. Genos sees Kuseno and wants him to add psychic powers. Of course it is out of his field as he wonders if he needs it to fight a great enemy. Actually it is so that he would have brought crabs that won’t explode. There are crabs that won’t? Meanwhile Saitama continues to wait for his crab meat…

Special 6
A murder mystery at the hotspring inn?! One of the heroes, Zombieman is dead. Previously, Hero Association decided to treat all the heroes as reward for saving Earth from aliens with this wonderful hotspring inn relaxation. Some aren’t too happy that the reward is given to all of them despite some were blatantly missing in action during the invasion. So the usual drinking and celebrating. Before they know it, everyone gathers around Zombieman’s body at the hallway with a sword stabbed from the back. Child Emperor plays detective as he tries to deduce and narrow down the suspects. As the sword belongs to Atomic Samurai, however he does have an alibi so he wasn’t the one who went and stab Zombieman. Prisoner is also suspected as he is the only convict and thus the least trustworthy. Even more so Zombieman did have thoughts on targeting Zombieman as his sexual target! Saitama is another suspect since nothing much is known on him. Genos defends Saitama that he is so strong that he doesn’t need weapons to kill. But then Genos starts thinking maybe he could. Child Emperor asks King next since he was the first one who spotted the body. He recounts when he first saw the body, he reported it to the front desk and returned to his room. That’s all. More suspicions on him because instead of joining the rest in the hotspring, he went to soak by himself in his own room. A fight is looming when Tatsumaki warns she’ll restrain all of them if they start acting up. Just then, Zombieman wakes up! Well, his name is already a dead giveaway that he can’t die. He relates last night he was quite drunk and couldn’t remember much and just slept there when the sword stabbed him. All he remembers is the sword flying towards him from someone with aura like Tatsumaki. Is she the culprit? Tatsumaki defends herself that she knows Zombieman is immortal and wouldn’t die like this. Besides, she was drunk too and doesn’t remember much. Since it doesn’t bother Zombieman, everyone just let it go and return. Later Child Dragon is shown footage from the CCTV that Tatsumaki was the one who threw the sword at him. She was clearly drunk. But her motive remains unclear. When Saitama and Genos talk about this, Genos believes Saitama may be the reason. He teased her to stop acting like an adult because drinking is only for grownups. She got infuriated and forced herself to drink more sake. Then she took out her frustrations on Zombieman knowing he can’t die.

Sucker Punch!
Wait! What?! It ended too soon?! Just like Saitama’s one punch?! Oh, come on! I was really enjoying it and they had to put up that seemingly rushed ending, which doesn’t feel much of an ending by the way. Oh well, just like how Saitama has got to live with his devastating single punch each time he goes out to the battlefield, we must also live with the fact that this series is only one cour for now.

With so much potential for development, it is a shame that it would be a great waste if this series does not get any more seasons. Because the one thing that was the downside of this series only having a dozen TV episodes is the fact that there is not enough focus on the other superheroes. Saitama and Genos have their fair share of screen time in the initial episodes but as we get to know more and more heroes, it feels like this bunch of S-class heroes are as interesting and weird as they are. That is why personally I felt disappointed that some of the S-class heroes didn’t even get any proper screen time and only appeared just for introductions. It would be really interesting to get to know all of them.

Because in the world we live in today, being good or bad is not as obvious decades ago. Everything is such a grey area. That is why I was hoping to see ego clashes with Saitama and the other top heroes. Heck, even comic book hero groups like Avengers and Justice League have their own share of problems, right? I mean, when you have a group of very weird looking heroes (there is a pig glutton among them, am I not mistaken?), there is bound to be friction as we have already seen in some of them. Some like Metal Knight even have their own personal agenda. For all you know, the heroes are no better than villains and what makes them different is just the tag and label of hero on them.

So let me say again that if I had to point out the most disappointing aspect of this series, it would be the character development part on the other heroes. Or even other characters like Sonic who is pretty much like the villain for now and it feels wasted that he isn’t focused very much after his initial bout with Saitama. Yeah, with monsters rampaging, we have got no time for this fast ninja who seems to be more of a clown when he is not in deadly ninja mode. And Sweet Mask? There seems to be more than meets the eye to his upfront beautiful face…

But as far as our main hero Saitama is concerned, sometimes I find it unbelievable that with such simple exercises and discipline has turned him into a God-like character. Yeah, he is so strong and so fast that it is as though he has got the God cheat code on for eternity! So strong and fast that he is just bored when he fights his very cocky and enthusiastic (and soon to be dead) opponents. Like as though he was reading for the script and knows every inch and move his opponents will make. Those who survived will turn over a new leaf! Yeah, seeing his power is more fearful than meeting Satan himself. So if all that doesn’t even make him God, I don’t know what will. Despite all that, the irony is that Saitama is fairly unknown even in his own city. Like nobody cares who destroyed the monster in a single punch? Like no Hero Association members ever questioned who defeated the monsters to save the cities? Aren’t they even curious to find out who? That is why it just boggles my mind despite being the strongest, he is so relatively unknown like as though he is existence under the nose of everybody.

And at the rate Saitama destroys monsters that keep popping out from the ground, sky, space or anywhere on Earth, it is just a matter of time before these creatures become extinct. Uh huh. Maybe that is how the dinosaurs went extinct. Before you know it, Earth will once again be the world’s safest place thanks to Saitama! All hail Saitama the God! Despite Saitama’s boredom, he still tries to live a modest life and works his way up the honest way. He even questioned if joining Hero Association is the kind of hero he wanted to become. That is why it is sad that he decided to play the villain in becoming the bad guy after defeating Deep Sea King. If taking all the credits is not his style, but being the bad guy? Just think about the implications of Hero Association if he did. What will the public think about them? Will they need Hero Association when they have Saitama to do the job? But not everybody will be against Saitama as some like Licenseless Rider are on his side.

I believe Genos is trying to be a good disciple under Saitama’s wing. Mainly his role in this anime sees him observing and analyzing his master’s actions and words and then reflecting them on his own. I am not sure if there would be anything Genos can learn from Saitama because he himself is quite powerful in his own right. Just that when you compare him (and everybody else) to Saitama, they pale in comparison to his unbeatable power. Something tells me Genos is as ‘immortal’ as Saitama because there are some fights when he is beaten up so badly that he could have been scrap metal, after a few fixes by his master, he is back like new. So as long you don’t destroy, say, his heart or brain, you can fix him up always?

They mix action and comedy well in the series and it is one of the main reasons why this series is popular in its own right. You thought it would be boring with Saitama being able to finish off his opponents with just a single punch, right? Well, you’re wrong. Despite it is true that Saitama does end all his fights (except the one with Boros) in a single punch, the ensuing comedy before that which includes the enemy always bragging he is stronger, tougher, hardy, etc will never fail to amuse you. They will never ever know what is coming at them and it is always too late by then. And yes, before Saitama ends it all with his single super punch, there is wanton of destruction before that. This means you see heroes getting owned, panic across the city and the monsters running rampage before Saitama does his usual. That is why it is never boring to watch every episode. Another ‘downside’ to Saitama’s single powerful punch is that the enemy will die and you will never see him return ever again. Yeah. No rematch. Ever.

Just only one problem that bugged me after all those awesome fights: If Saitama can destroy anything with just a single punch, how come his gloves are still intact?! Think about this. I am sure that he can control the intensity of his punching strength to not give instant kill. But for those that became a victim to his super death punch, how come his gloves are still in one piece?! I have seen his costume and caped messed up a little but his gloves are still in perfect condition! Don’t tell me he can channel his energy to bypass his gloves and directly towards his enemies! Well, it is no surprise since this guy can blow your mind by doing the unexpected an impossible.

Art and drawing feel pretty fine until you realize that Saitama looks like the laziest hero and main character design ever! I know they want to make him look plain to deceive us with that boring look to hide his strength but you can’t help when looking at his face and comparing to the others who are more ‘anime-like’, Saitama’s face is so cartoonish! Even your 2 year old can draw a better face than his! But I am not saying that Saitama’s plain looks is bad but just that it is so contrasting compared to the rest. That is, until he has that menacing serious look. Then you are in real sh*t, baby! But if I want to pick a bone in the looks category, I can go on mentioning at how odd at all the heroes look themselves. I guess with super powers, it makes you look different, huh? And the monsters and aliens? Some look ferocious and some looking comical enough that it makes you think the producers called everyone to come up with a few monster designs and the rejected ones end up in laughable roles. Really. Naturally this show lacks fanservice but unless you are thinking about being gay with Prisoner, we prefer much to keep it that way. Except for Tatsumaki who seems to be hinting the haitenai phenomenon with the slips in her long black dress. All the fanservice you need?

This series has a lot of seiyuus due to the sheer amount of heroes, monsters and other minor characters. Of course recognizable ones include Mamoru Miyano as Sweet Mask, Yuuki Kaji as Sonic, Aoi Yuuki as Tatsumaki, Yuuichi Nakamura as Licenseless Rider and Rikiya Koyama as Deep Sea King. The rest of the casts are Makoto Furukawa as Saitama (Banri in Golden Time), Kaito Ishikawa as Genos (titular character in Kyoukai No Rinne), Kazuhiro Yamaji as Bang (Senor Pink in One Piece), Masaya Onosaka as Prisoner (France in Hetalia series), Toshiyuki Morikawa as Boros (Ugo in Magi), Kenjiro Tsuda as Atomic Samurai (Mikoto in K) and Tesshou Genda as Metal Knight (Soro in Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation) just to name a few. I just feel lazy to go over the rest…

The heavy rock opening very much suits the pace of this series. If The Hero!! ~Ikareru Ken ni Honoo Wo Tsukeru~ has a familiar rocking sound to it, it is because JAM Project is behind this song. So get your vocal chords ready as you try to scream out your heroic lyrics of this piece. Oh yeah! One Punch! Power! Get power! Oh yeah. That was a real good screaming. However the ending theme feels weird. Hoshi Yori Saki ni Mitsukete Ageru by Hiroko Moriguchi isn’t that bad but this slow ballad seems to have somewhat a lonely and hollow feel in it. I mean, after all that great action and comedy, when you hear this song, it makes you wonder if the producers had mistakenly put in the wrong song for this series. The special ending theme for the final episode, Kanashimitachi Wo Dakishimete no doubt is a slow pop piece, at least sounds better and very much fitting to the way it ends. It leaves you with a mix of emotions in your heart as you hear this song while the credits roll up the screen.

Overall, this is one of the few enjoyable superhero themed anime series out there. It is different than lots of recently adapted comic book superheroes and even those from the manga simply because our main hero isn’t your typical hero with a brooding past, big muscles, charismatic looks or the kind of high and mighty or super sense of justice attitude that everyone has come to expect these days. He is just an ordinary guy who is trying to live out his childhood dream of being a hero but it doesn’t turn out the way he dreamt of. Great for people who doesn’t like fights to prolong for over 20 episodes and just finish it all in a jiffy. Yeah, there are so many impatient people these days… Otherwise, I am sure this show that has fights ending too quickly would have you start appreciating fights that last longer than a single punch, right? Oh, carry on Goku. Carry on your fight with Vegeta for the next 20 episodes. We’ll savour and appreciate every single punch you throw from now on. And when you’re done with your match, we can come back again and do a rematch that lasts for another 10 episodes.

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