Mob Psycho 100 S2 OVA

November 8, 2019

For those who still can’t get over that the second season of the TV series has ended, don’t despair. There is always the OVA to cheer you up and producers to net some profit. Yup. A win-win situation. And that’s why we have Mob Psycho 100 S2 OVA. Yes, people. Finally we have a hotspring episode. But I hardly doubt it would be filled with sexy fanservice considering the protagonists of the series are males. And of course knowing the nature and genre of the series, what is it that is spooking the hotspring inn?

A healing trip that warms the heart…
Mob and Ritsu join Reigen and Serizawa for a trip to the Ibogami hotspring for a working holiday. It all started when the inn hostess came to Reigen for help. She claims her guests have been experiencing dreams of going into a parallel world. If nothing is done, her inn will be finished. At first Reigen wasn’t so sure of accepting but since she will pay for his travel, lodging and food, the question is now how many people he can take with him. During the train trip, after Mob and Ritsu head to the toilet, Reigen and Serizawa doze off and the train enters the Ibogami tunnel. When they awaken, they realize outside is a wasteland. Reigen soon realizes that wherever he goes, he always ends up back in the same coach. So this is the parallel world, huh? True enough, they are. Because they’ve been sleeping all the time so when they reach their destination, Mob had to use his powers to ‘carry’ them to the inn. They meet up with Teru who went to recon the place. After being welcomed by the hostess, they learn the legend of this place once had a portal to another world. Hence the god, Ibogami sealed it up and the people worshipped him until today. As the boys have fun soaking in the hotspring, the adults are still trapped. However Serizawa trying to be mindful and not offend Reigen who seems he is trying his best to find the source of this, manages to leave this parallel world and join the boys. Yeah, he manage to do this several times! Because of his awkward way of speaking not to offend, Reigen gets the wrong idea that he too is trying to investigate. It feels like days Reigen has been stuck here and when he tries to jump out of the train, he lands back inside the coach! No way out! Soon depression sinks in. Hunger sets in.

The next time Serizawa returns and after feeding him, only then Reigen realizes what is happening. Why the heck did he not take him along?! Reigen controls himself so as not to scold him. He is after all still a junior. After telling him to think for himself, he has Serizawa bring the rest here. So now Reigen admits he doesn’t know what the source and wants this parallel world destroyed. Of course everybody can tell that ominous mountain is the source and behind it is Ibogami but some sticky ghostly goo must be the one causing this phenomenon and weakening Ibogami’s protection. Nothing but a little power to destroy it. Finally Reigen wakes up. Dimple returns with an explanation of what really happened. Because the hostess had a slight flu, it somewhat weakened her protection power source that is situated inside her nose. As her ancestors worshipped Ibogami, the descendants develop psychic powers without even noticing it. With her flu cleaning up, looks like the parallel world is case is solved. Maybe until the next time she gets another flu. Everybody goes to sleep after a long day. But Reigen obviously can’t sleep… Yeah. As they leave the next day, Reigen gives his business card to the hostess. He also hands some to Mob since it contains Reigen’s new address. And of course, Serizawa has his own too. Don’t need to depend on those business etiquette notes anymore now. On the train trip back, Reigen dozes off and the train enters a tunnel…

Dream A Little Dream A Little Dream A Little Dream A Little Dream…
Ah well. Nothing really much, I guess. Enjoyable to say the least but at least the horror effects weren’t that scary to spook the hell out of me. Yeah, I might be having sleepless nights! Maybe I would be going into my own parallel world! Anyway, the focus of this OVA seems to be more on Reigen and Serizawa while Mob being side-lined to just a role as plot convenience. As usual, the suave talking conman shows us why he is so good being the great pretender and of course it has its drawbacks. Serizawa on the other hand who has turned over a new leaf is trying his best to make a good first impression and hence with his miscommunication, it results in something a lot worse for Reigen. He might have given Serizawa the greatest advice for his working life but he sure isn’t doing the same for himself. Is that double standards? Because Reigen still needs to admit that he needs help instead of waiting for things to turn grave. But that’s Reigen for you. Some things are hard to change. If there are more OVAs in the future, I would still love to watch them. Because the biggest mystery now that I want to know is, for that brief moment at the start of the OVA, why does a certain bald strongest hero appeared in Reigen’s contacts???!!! Can Saitama’s punches connect with ghosts?! Can Mob’s psychic powers do physical damage to monsters?! Damn, now I want to see a Mob Psycho 100 x One Punch Man crossover! That would be the ultimate parallel world dream!


September 21, 2019

What the heck?! What the hell is this trippy LSD trip?! Is this Mawaru Penguindrum 2.0? Apparently not quite so. Because Sarazanmai might have all the crazy and weird visuals that is seemingly similar in Mawaru Penguindrum, it is only because it is connected by the same director, Kunihiko Ikuhara. Otherwise this series is very much different despite all those bizarre stuffs keep reminding you about Mawaru Penguindrum. Just replace penguins with kappa. Replace destiny with desire and hope. Replace the coveted mysterious item that is Penguindrum AKA apple with something that is not so mysterious like magic dishes that grants your wish. Crazy, huh? Told you this felt like Mawaru Penguindrum v2.

Episode 1
Kazuki Yasaka narrates connections are important to him. He’ll do anything to protect them. Hence there are 3 rules he must always do: 1) Carry this box (Kappazon?); 2) Check lucky selfie fortunes of this idol, Sara Azuma; 3) Send selfies to a person he is connected to but doesn’t know. Having done all this, he doesn’t need anything else. Toi Kuji is trying to break into a car when Sara is seen taking a selfie. Naturally Toi wants her Smartphone but she won’t hand it to him and runs away. As Toi gives chase, he stumbles into Kazuki praying at the kappa plaza. He notices his Smartphone the same as Sara’s and attacks him. This causes the kappa statue to break and a small explosion occurs. Next thing Kazuki knows, he is in class. His friend, Enta Jinnai is mad he quit the football club without knowledge. More weirdness when Toi is the new transfer student in class. Throughout the day, Kazuki and Toi seem to be doing weird kappa stuffs like pouring water on their head and eating cucumbers. They start to hear weird bell sounds. It leads them back to the plaza. The broken statue acts up and turns into Keppi, the prince of the kappa kingdom. He claims he erased their memories this morning and since they know about his existence, he must do something about them. Keppi begs to help his kingdom! But Toi refuses and calls him a frog. This taboo word makes Keppi angry as he devours them and sucks out their Shirikodama from their ass! Both realize they have become kappa!

Keppi explains they are now in an alternate dimension called Field of Desires. Neither humans nor kappa can see this. When Enta is seen running by, because he can’t see them, Keppi puts a sticker to allow him to see them. Guess what? Enta thought he saw frogs! Extraction time! Now we have 3 boys turned into kappa. As explained, Shirikodama is an organ that stores human desires. But in the anus? Underlings of a zombie kappa steal boxes that contain desires. The only way to defeat it is to extract their Shirikodama. And so the trio begin fighting this cardboard zombie via musical? Yeah, it is one trippy fight to extract it. Doing so also has them learn the darkest secrets that is kept. Keppi tells them to give him the extracted Shirikodama before it melts via Sarazanmai. What is that? Whatever. Some weird dancing and poses. We learn that the box Kazuki carries contains female clothes. He cross-dresses himself as Sara and takes selfies. So it was him who stumbled into Toi trying to break in and the person he sends the selfies to is Enta! Keppi further explains Sarazanmai refers to the connection of the soul and mind and this means they share all their deepest secrets. Enta despite is shocked to learn Kazuki’s secret, believes their friendship is strong. But Kazuki is upset. He doesn’t care if anyone understands him. As long as he can be connected to Harukappa, he will pretend to be anything.

Episode 2
For their troubles, Keppi gives them a Dish of Hope that allows a wish to be granted. Stupid Enta got so excited and wastes it for a year’s worth of cucumber sushi. Damn. Hence Keppi’s job for them is to fight kappa zombies if they wish to get more Dish of Hope. Back home, we are introduced to Haruka, Kazuki’s little brother. Uhm, looks like a girl, acts like a girl, name of a girl, but a boy?! Whatever. As we can see, Harukappa is her online account name and Kazuki is pretending to be Sara for him. He wants a Dish of Hope for Haruka. Haruka is a happy little brother and has Kazuki to thank for because he wanted a cat and now they have one, Nyantaro. Meanwhile Toi and his brother, Chikai are doing really shady things. Toi doesn’t want to do this anymore although big bro says the next gig will bring in big money. With all that is happening, Toi also wants a Dish of Hope for his brother. Enta orders a package but inside is a gun! He realizes his package has been mixed up with Toi’s. Toi is trying to make some, uhm, condiment? Not sure if it contains catnip because Nyantaro waltzes in to steal it! They bump into Kazuki (dressed as Sara). Both chase after the fat cat. Weird part it enters some ninja festival that is only opened to couples. Good timing, right? Yeah, they chase a cat inside while holding hands. Can the park let a cat do as it please inside? Toi is willing to give back Nyantaro if Kazuki gives his Dish of Hope. Not going to fly.

Meanwhile a corpse of a man has been found in the river. This guy had a penchant for skinning cats but has been released since no evidence was established. This guy was once interrogated by policemen, Mabu Akutsu and Reo Niiboshi. It seems they fire some special bullets into him to extract his desires. Yeah, some weird otter dancing ritual… With cats now going missing. I guess it is cue for Keppi to signal to our kappa boys to defeat another kappa zombie. Enta shows Kazuki the gun belonging to Toi and that he is bad news. However Kazuki needs Toi to pull off this mission. It is all for Haruka. Transforming into kappa, the trio battle against the cat zombie and extract his Shirikodama to learn his secret that he has been skinning cats for their fur so he could wear them. Uh huh. His girlfriend loves cats and recently left him. So he thought by being a cat he could get back his love. Sarazanmai also reveals that when Haruka wanted a cat, Kazuki actually stole somebody’s cat just to make him happy! With the cat case solved, the policemen believe somebody is interfering. The view those who can connect desires can have a future. Toi threatens the rest to give their Dish of Hope. However Keppi points out that they must collect 5 to truly have their wish granted. So the first time was just demo? Work harder, boys. With Haruka happy that Nyantaro is found and thanks Sara for her lucky selfies, Kazuki feels relieved as he falls asleep. Just like that in the open? Because cue for Enta to steal a kiss!!!! Only the fat cat is the witnessed…

Episode 3
Enta pulls back as Kazuki wakes up! Nothing suspected. We hear Enta’s thoughts that he has a crush on Kazuki. He doesn’t know when those feelings started but he has had them for a long time. Worse, today’s lucky readings from Sara is a kiss! Otone, Enta’s sister even teases him by giving him a kisu. The fish, that is. Yup, it’s from her boyfriend. Later Enta and Haruka talk about Kazuki. Haruka feels sad that Kazuki has stopped smiling ever since he quit football. Enta remains positive that Kazuki will come back to play football with him. As Enta is thinking on how to do that, suddenly Kazuki comes by and regrets leaving football. He wants to play with him again. That’s quick. Unfortunately this is just his delusion as that person is actually Otone. She is supposed to meet up with her boyfriend but he is late. Enta then gets mad when he sees a couple of football boys playing in their secret area. When he tries to act tough, they beat him up. WTF Kazuki beats them up and saves him? Oh dear. Another delusion. Turns out to be Toi instead. Enta explains why he wants Kazuki to play football with him. A reason why he wants a Dish of Hope so badly. Meanwhile the police is investigating a corpse of a murdered man who happens to be Otone’s boyfriend and he has records of being a womanizer. Mabu and Reo claimed to have arrested him the day before, interrogated him and extracted his desires.

With brides gone missing, of course the zombie kappa is doing all this. The kisu zombie is turning brides into kisu. Among them is Otone. Enta begs Keppi to transform him so he can go save her. Yeah, get your Shirikodama extract first. So the trio extract the kisu zombie’s Shirikodama and Enta’s secrets are revealed during the Sarazanmai. We see him secretly sniffing on Kazuki’s jersey and also blowing on his recorder. And yeah, that kiss on sleeping Sara. In the aftermath when Otone returns to reality, it seems she can’t remember who she was waiting for. It seems Kazuki isn’t fazed about the kiss as he thinks it was a penalty game the football club imposed on him. Enta denies and claims how Kazuki always gave him motivation, the reason for him to play football. After Enta confesses he loves Kazuki, OMG a yaoi kiss scene! We should know better by now it is a delusion as Enta just kissed Keppi. How does it feel kissing a kappa? Meanwhile with yet another interference, Mabu and Reo are being admonished by their mysterious boss (only known as Otter) because the harvested energy has dropped significantly recently. Buck up or else he considers this as betrayal. Enta talks to Haruka that he can’t get himself through to Kazuki and wants to give up. But Haruka gives him a missanga bracelet that he threw away. Because he can’t run with Kazuki, he hopes Enta could give it to him and run together. We see Haruka wheelchair-ridden at a hospital.

Episode 4
Haruka is happy that she is going to have a handshake session with Sara. The real one. Toi gets a call from Chikai. The former is sick of living apart but the latter promises they’ll live together once things are settled. Later Toi meets Enta because the latter continues to bug him to give his Dish of Hope. Not a chance. Asking about Toi’s recent transfer to their school, he explains he was once from this area but left for a while after his parents died. Currently he is living with his relatives who are running a soba shop. Subsequently, Kazuki in a Sara’s drag seeks out Toi’s help. It seems he wants him to kidnap the real Sara so that he could substitute her place for Haruka. It’s an identity he needs to protect! This has Toi remember the ‘teachings’ of Chikai how the weak perish and will be forgotten. After their parents died (he later found out that they were cheated into debt), Chikai is seen trying to sell their belongings for money. Hey, they aren’t of any use to the dead, right? Toi was mad but was told off that only bad people survive in this world. Toi then saw Chikai meet up with his yakuza boss and being given a gun. When the family soba shop was about to be evicted, somehow Chikai managed to bring in the cash to keep the store running. Before Kazuki could finish his Sara kidnapping plan, soba bowls are now flying everywhere? And of course, a soba shop owner is found dead. He was arrested on suspicions of stealing his girlfriend’s bathwater but was released due to insufficient grounds. And also of course, Mabu and Reo arrested that guy and extracted his desires.

With a soba zombie in action, our trio transform into their kappa form to extract his Shirikodama. So that soba owner guy just wanted to make soba using the water from his girlfriend’s bathwater? Sick. And now for the Sarazanmai. Toi later found out the money Chikai got was from swiping his yakuza boss. They wanted to make him pay but because the relatives disowned him, they couldn’t touch the shop. However the boss thought of using Toi as bait to lure him out. But Toi used the gun and shot him. As Chikai witnessed this, he took the gun from his hands and shot the boss. This is to claim that he is the one who shot and killed this bad person. The brothers vow to survive in this world together. With yet another loss, Mabu and Reo contemplate of taking action. Since it is inefficient for them to go out there, they’ll have to raise the target’s desire level. Enta is devastated that Toi killed a guy but Toi insists had he not, he would have killed the brothers. It is easy to talk about morals and justice means nothing to the strong. Hence Toi decides to live for Chikai’s sake and won’t let his sacrifice go to waste. He will not hesitate to kill them if they let this secret out. Surprisingly Kazuki gives his Dish of Hope to Toi. He needs it more than him. Furious Enta opposes. He thought he was doing it for Haruka. Kazuki cuts off his ranting and claims he hates Haruka. Say what?!

Episode 5
Kazuki narrates he was the happiest kid in the world when Haruka was born. But a few years later and grandpa on his deathbed muttered the words that Kazuki’s mom is an indecent woman. He found out and realized that he had a real mother whom he was taken away from. And that was when his happiness shattered. He wasn’t connected to anybody. The plan to switch the real Sara begins. Toi knocks out the manager and then escorts the real Sara out on pretence to take some promotional photos before Kazuki in drag moves in. Meanwhile the police has found a corpse of an unemployed guy who was suspected to be involved in some natural treasure sachet incident but of course released due to insufficient evidence. And our usual duo interrogated him and extracted out his desires. No matter how many times Toi tries to lock up Sara, it seems she always escapes by transforming into some sort of kappa?! Kazuki is up on stage to greet the fans. Yeah, nobody realizes this is Kazuki except for Enta. Haruka is thrilled to meet ‘Sara’ since ‘she’ knew their password (Haruka texted her that password regarding connections before the meet). This has Kazuki remember a time when he found out about the truth about his mom and contemplated to leave so Haruka said the same things of how they are all connected in a big way. Handshake interrupted when the manager pops up to call out this imposter. Haruka refutes him and believes this ‘Sara’ is the real deal. It gets worse when the real Sara shows up. When Haruka asks for the password, she doesn’t understand, making Haruka believe this fake is the real deal. But that soon comes crashing down when the manager pulls off Kazuki’s wig. Oh no! Kazuki runs away in shame and fear.

Later Toi says some harsh words that he is the one who hurt Haruka and that eventually all their secrets will be exposed. Kazuki laments he promised never to hurt Haruka but has done it again. Suddenly Keppi interrupts them because a kappa zombie is detected. Yup, better go fight that sachet zombie. After they manage to defeat this sachet zombie, Sarazanmai reveals that Kazuki one day for the first time met with his real mom. The thing is, Haruka also had the same scent pouch as her. This regret causes Kazuki to lose the sachet zombie’s Shirikodama and thanks to that, no Dish of Hope for them. Mad Keppi also lets them be in this kappa form although Kazuki thinks he prefers it this way. Then he starts lamenting about how Haruka knew that they weren’t real brothers. More revelation as that day when he met his real mom, they both found out they each have their own separate families and decided to keep this tryst a secret and return to their respective family life as they viewed it as important. But soon, Kazuki decided to leave the family and Haruka didn’t want that. He thought he was being a bad boy and pleaded for Kazuki to stay. Kazuki turned his back and when Haruka tried to go after him, a car rammed into him. This left Haruka paralyzed from waist down and the thing that Kazuki regretted a lot is how no one blamed him despite it was really all his fault. They all continued to be a real family to him and he continued to stay with them. However he feels all he has done isn’t enough. From quitting football, stealing Nyantaro and even dressing up as Sara. It was a lie that he is doing this all for Haruka. He deceived Haruka just to protect himself.

Episode 6
Kazuki didn’t come home and his family is worried. Especially Haruka. But oh, Kazuki has gone crazy living the happy kappa life! Oh yeah, having fun doing kappa sumo? What about kappa football? Of course this isn’t going to last as Kazuki remains gloomy. When he sees Haruka in the streets, he runs away. Haruka is worried if Kazuki is ever coming back. He is approached by Reo and wonders will be arrested for stealing Kazuki’s smile. Reo is interested to see whether the inside of him is desire or love and puts Haruka to sleep before taking him away back to his police box to have his desires extracted. Nyantaro is flung away. Kazuki still can’t face himself until Nyantaro lands near him. He realizes Haruka is missing. Keppi then receives a call that Haruka has been taken away by the Otter Empire. They kill humans and turn them into kappa zombies. Time for a little history. It seems kappa and otters having been at war since the dawn of time. They fought over the energy inside Shirikodama and when the otters won over the kappa, they set the humans as their next target. Keppi is the only one who can create Dish of Hope so if this secret is blown, his life will be targeted. Keppi takes the trio to the Otter Empire’s secret underground hideout where they extract all desires and put them in a box to devour. How can they find Haruka in all the boxes? Yeah, Kazuki calling Haruka’s handphone somehow pinpointing Haruka’s position. But as they chase after it, it is too late as it gets dropped into the pit. Desperate Kazuki wants to save Haruka’s life. How? Keppi suggests the other way is to transplant his Shirikodama into him. However this means that Kazuki will be disconnected from everything. To cut things short, he will be erased from existence and the memories of everyone who knows him. A fate worse than dying. That is exactly what they have been doing to kappa zombies they defeated.

But Kazuki starts thinking that exchanging his life would mean Haruka’s accident would never happen and that is good enough of a deal to do it. Of course his pals won’t allow this sorry excuse. You think that would make Haruka happy? STFU about this is your choice to make. Enta shows him the missanga he threw away that Haruka saved. It shows that he never gave up on him. He believes in him and is waiting. This is enough for Kazuki to change his mind. Back to operation rescue Haruka. The system detects Haruka’s desire as love and is rejected. It is being sent to the shredders but at least there is window of time for them to rescue him and he is still alive. Flashback shows Haruka’s final message to Sara that he did something horrible to a certain person. The reason he chased Kazuki down was because he was afraid he would leave him. It seems Haruka also stumbled into Kazuki’s real mom. They look alike and he picked up her dropped scent pouch. Similar scent. Haruka told her not to take Kazuki away but she smiled and said everything is going to be okay. But Kazuki stopped smiling after that. He is happy the things he has done for him and will continue to believe he will come home and smile again. How to save Haruka moments before being dropped into the shredder? This is where their football skills come in handy. Use Keppi as the football! Goal! Keppi also conveniently acts as a glider-cum-parachute to land Haruka to safety. With that, the trio are able to defeat the sachet zombie for good. Mabu is not pleased with yet another defeat. However Reo is ecstatic. Calling Haruka’s real love as something they never needed in the first place, he is glad he kidnapped Haruka because he has found Keppi, their hope. Kazuki feels he has been reborn into a new person despite staying pretty much the same. This is the real him. He is glad to have friends like them.

Episode 7
From what it sounds like some ambiguous gay sex between Otter and Mabu turns out to be a ritual for the latter to become his vessel. When Mabu returns from his ‘maintenance’, Reo is not pleased since he is trying hard to eat his old favourites and trying to pretend to be his old self doesn’t mean he will accept him. He is just nothing but lies. Even so, Mabu is doing this for a certain person precious to him. Flashback reveals that Mabu and Reo got entangled during the otter’s invasion of the kappa kingdom. When Reo woke up, he was in the care of Otter who claims he is the chief of the science and technology division. Although Reo was relatively unhurt, the same can’t be said for Mabu. From what it looked like, he died. Reo was devastated and would do anything to bring his partner back to life. Mabu reports to Otter that the energy reserves of the kappa zombies are dangerously low. This of course would mean both their lives are in danger. Otter wants Mabu to prove his loyalty via action. With summer break here, Kazuki happily tells Enta that he will rejoin the football club once the next term starts. They also invite Toi to join them since he is quite good. But as they head to their usual spot to practice, they see it vandalized. Undeterred, they start cleaning up. However the next day, it is again vandalized. Kazuki hasn’t lost his spirit and wants to clean up so as to send a message to the vandals this won’t break them. However Toi gets a call from Chikai. Looks like he can’t continue playing football with them. Seems a huge job just fell through as a partner betrayed him. They have to leave town for a while as they are being wanted. Kazuki remains positive. All they need is 1 more Dish of Hope, right? Let’s defeat a kappa zombie and help Chikai. That way, they don’t have to leave. Toi wonders why they are willing to go this far for him. Enta explains this is Kazuki’s real personality before that Haruka’s incident. He is always helpful. That is why what Kazuki wants, Enta also wants.

The trio go to the plaza to see Keppi but he just got back. From a date with Sara?! Anyway, Keppi claims somebody trespassed on his home while he is away. Proof: The Dishes of Hope the boys keep here are missing. At the same time, all the balls start to go missing. Time to go fight the kappa zombie which is a ball zombie this time. After another victory, the Sarazanmai reveals a nasty secret. It is Enta who vandalized their football spot and the one who stole the Dishes of Hope! Enta did so because he is jealous that Kazuki is paying his attention to Toi. Mabu and Reo’s flashback continues. When Mabu was revived, Reo wasn’t happy at all. He believes this isn’t the real Mabu because of that eternally sad look. But Mabu claims he is the real deal as the otter’s technology is truly amazing. His personality has perfectly replicated. Otter adds that Mabu has been fitted with a mechanical heart and needs Reo’s help to keep it working. If he doesn’t like it, feel free to stop his heart. Reo is in distraught because that means he has to kill Mabu. Otter tells them they will be transferred to the human world along with the hope that they seized from the kappa kingdom.

Episode 8
It seems Toi and Kazuki met before when they were young. Toi was contemplating of following Chikai and decided to throw away his love for football. At the same time, Kazuki too just had his problems about being connected so Toi gave him his missanga because some dreams come true when one is disconnected. Chikai meets Toi so they could leave town together but Toi wants him to wait a day for him to settle things. But Chikai’s mug is all over the news. It is rumoured that there is evidence he killed a yakuza boss a few years ago and is now a wanted man. Kazuki is most upset that Enta betrayed them and surprisingly Toi is cool with it and believes he must have his reasons. Bummed out Enta is hanging out at the pachinko when he meets Chikai who is coincidentally there. Because Mabu and Reo are on his tail, Enta helps him to get away. Enta could figure he is Toi’s brother after the way he says things. Chikai even goes as far as to reveal Toi loved football when he was young and wanted to be a football player. He tossed away everything because big brother sacrificed everything for him. Some sort of reciprocation I guess. Kazuki then sees that missanga. They have to move again when the cops close in on them. However they stumble into this yakuza guy who is the yakuza’s boss’ brother and is out for revenge. When he charges, Chikai uses Enta as bait to escape. As this dude deals with the kid, the cops come by. Naturally Enta escapes as this guy won’t let the cops take the spotlight. So he attacks them and gets shot by Reo. When other policemen arrive, they believe the duo have shot him and they will be charged over this police brutality. However they get brainwashed and believe the shooter is now Chikai.

Keppi and Sara now have clues that Mabu and Reo are the ones who have captured Dark Keppi. They have finished creating some secret anti-otter device that will capture their prey alive. Enta is furious Chikai used him but he advises him about that bad people survive line before they part ways. Just in time for a call from Toi. Enta is mad that he didn’t say anything to Kazuki about the missanga. Well, no use saying something that he doesn’t remember. As Kazuki is looking for the dishes, Toi calls him to say he doesn’t need those dishes anymore as he is going away. Kazuki desperately tries to convince him to stay and doesn’t understand what he is saying about people only believe they have connections once they lose them. Toi wants to protect the connections he has left. With that, Toi leaves with Chikai. Frustrated Kazuki is squashing cucumbers at the plaza? With Enta coming by with the dishes to help, however Kazuki jumps the gun and punches him. Blaming him that Toi would have stayed if not for what he did. Enta also snaps back at Kazuki for not remembering something important but the latter won’t hear it from someone who has betrayed them. Mabu and Reo have found them. The Dishes of Hope, that is. Reo shoots at Kazuki but Enta jumps to protect him. The cops leave with the dishes and Kazuki is left confused why Enta did all that. Despite everything that happened, Enta can’t bring himself to hate him.

Episode 9
Sara accidentally uses the device on Keppi and freezes him. Then she slips while trying to move him. Yeah, right into the middle of the road as the truck slams into him! Pieces of kappa… You mean Sara is going to do surgery and piece him back together?! And it worked?! With Enta being admitted into ICU and Chikai as the suspected shooter all over TV, Toi is devastated when he sees this. Chikai gives him one last chance to go back or else there is no turning back. Toi reasons that Enta has someone else important. But for Chikai, he is all he’s got. The duo then go meet one of Chikai’s underlings, Masa who prepares for their next stage of escape. Kazuki is sad that the police do not believe him that he saw a couple of cops shoot Enta. Of course they are brainwashed and maintain Chikai is the shooter. Otone hopes Kazuki could take to Enta and be by his side. Kazuki doesn’t think he has the right so Otone elaborates how the family is always overseas and only returned here 4 years ago. Enta had a hard time fitting in but Kazuki quickly made friends with him and they became football buddies. That is why Enta owes him his life and will do anything for him. Kazuki sounds desperate praying for Enta to wake up and do his usual smile. Surprise! Enta lives! But only in his kappa form. It seems Keppi transformed him so but he still has a limited time to live. After Masa sees off the brothers, Chikai shoots him! He views Masa as being unable to survive in this world and did him a favour. Of course there are other enemies gunning for Chikai’s head. Talk is useless so a gunfight ensues. When Chikai runs out of bullets, it is Toi who pulls out his own gun to start shooting to give his brother some time to escape.

When Reo returns to his police box, Mabu is not around. Some strange sounds coming from the basement. Taking a peek, he is shocked to see Otter trying to do something to Mabu’s mechanical heart. Even more shocked to see Otter is taking Reo’s form. Otter explains that they only exist in concept and take whatever form in your heart. Otter continues to mock Reo that he is the one who wants to own Mabu. That is his desire. He is merely being made to dance by his desires by them otters. The question now is what matters most to Mabu. How does Reo look to him? Reo is in distraught as he vows to get back the real Mabu with his own strength. All he needs is the final Dish of Hope. Haruka talks to Kazuki and knows he is going somewhere to help Enta. Haruka also has Enta to thank as he always accompanied him during rehab. He claims he and Enta have the same wish of seeing Kazuki run again. He shows a drawing they drew to cheer on Enta. It is behind Enta’s prized football poster. Lionel Kappa???!!! That is when Kazuki remembers about Toi. Chikai manages to get away when Toi confronts him. He doesn’t care if he is bad to the core. He is still his brother. But he wonders if Chikai is going to throw him away as well. Chikai pulls out a gun on him. However it is one of those enemies who shot Chikai. Though he got paid back the same way soon. Chikai knows he won’t make it so he doesn’t bother to go to the hospital. Toi is left devastated over his brother’s body. Lots of memories of the good and bad they had :’(. He’s gone… All the money he’s been left can’t bring him back…

Episode 10
When Mabu was brought back to life by Otter, it was only so he could be his doll. He could let him see Reo again but with a condition. Reo finds Keppi and captures him. It seems Reo and Mabu were also kappa and Keppi’s vassals. Taking Keppi and the kids to the otter’s underground base, however Kazuki and co manage to escape when Reo b*tches about Mabu being the fake doll that he doesn’t want. At the most bottom of the base, they stumble into Dark Keppi. This is Keppi’s other half that he separated when he was captured by Otter. Hence he has been finding it to be reunited so he can defeat Otter. Otter then pops up and tries to gain control of them. First he possesses Enta trying to convince him to hand over his dish. But Enta stays strong and will not lose his connection to Kazuki by breaking his dish. Otter now wants Reo to hand over the dishes he stole but of course he isn’t going to do that. Oh well. Time to let him see the truth. Otter turns Mabu into a Mabu zombie. Reo has no choice but to see Keppi’s help to become a kappa and defeat Mabu. When Otter gave Mabu a condition, he must not say words of love to Reo otherwise his mechanical heart will explode. In other words, in order to stay connected to Reo, he must hate him. No choice, Mabu uttered those words. During Sarazanmai, we see Reo running his mouth about Mabu being an emotionless doll. However he realizes he was the one who didn’t understand. In the final moments, Mabu says the one thing he has always wanted to say to Reo: He always loved him as his partner. With that, Mabu explodes. With the final Dish of Hope at hand, Reo goes insane, thinking this is Otter’s tricks. He starts shooting everything in despair and wants Kazuki to hand over the final dish. He won’t of course. Before Reo could kill him, suddenly he doesn’t understand why he is sad and upset. Because now all memories of Mabu are gone. Mabu is then shot in the heart by Toi. Chikai’s dead. You know what’s coming. But with only 15 seconds to go before Enta dies… Enta then lives as the dish is used on him. It seems that is what Toi would have done to had Kazuki given him the dish. It’s not over yet as Otter unleashes despair on the world in the form of Dark Keppi. It swallows Toi. Kazuki tries to save him but Toi hears Chikai’s voice of getting out of the circle together. Forget all those connections. Toi lets go of Kazuki’s hand.

Episode 11
An apparition in the form of Chikai is trying to convince Toi to shoot himself and his past in order to sever connections. Had he done that, all this suffering wouldn’t have been necessary. Of course, Kazuki, Enta and Keppi dive in to try and save Toi. But with Otter trying to get in their way, the kappa prince faces off with him to let the boys go ahead. As Toi talks with Chikai, eventually Toi shoots him. Of course this is Otter in disguise. But Toi isn’t done yet. He is prepared to shoot himself but his friends get in the way. Dark Keppi aggravates things by stealing his missanga as the trio drop into some alternate dimension and their connections threatened to be erased. We hear the trio coming to terms with themselves, their weakness and what they have realized. Finally it is Toi who realizes he doesn’t want to lose what is precious to him. They come together as Keppi transforms them into their kappa version for their final Sarazanmai. They must deliver this missanga to Kazuki’s younger self to complete the mission. While Keppi confronts his dark self, Otter again tries to get in the way. When Keppi reunites with his dark self, memento of Mabu and Reo revive the police duo to help the kids deliver the missanga. Once young Kazuki has it in his hands, Otter starts disintegrating. He is but an abstract concept after all. And Keppi is now in his true prince version? WTF is this weird looking newt-cum-lizardman look?! The final Sarazanmai has the trio talking about wanting to keep connecting. Weird, it’s like they need to score a goal before the time runs out. Thanks to that, it is safe to say that the world is safe for now. In this weird scene of Sara turning into her equally strange kappa mode and Mabu and Reo flanking her like kappa angels, Keppi narrates that the future is not necessary a bright one but hope and despair are both one with life. Never forget that only those who connect their desires through the pain of loss can take the future in their hands. In the aftermath, Toi enters a juvenile detention facility and is released after 3 years. I don’t think he is committing suicide by jumping off the bridge, but it feels a very odd way for his friends to go pick him up this way too. Is that how they decided to greet him on his release? And happily the trio head to their favourite football spot to practice.

Otterly Krazy Kappa-nings & Konnections
Wow. Who needs drugs when you can have this sort of crazy hallucinations and trippy experience, no?! Heh. Just kidding. Don’t do drugs by the way. Anyway, the series has been quite a mixed ride of drama and craziness. Friends trying to stay connected and finding their place of belonging among each other and in the world. Yet again, the cliché power of friendship wins the day!

Desires and connections are the main themes of this series but I feel that the latter permeates throughout the series more than the former. Desires feel like it is an element to move to plot along or provide a narrative for the episode but the overall main theme would be connections. It may not be very obvious here but connections are a very important factor in everybody’s life. You might think that you are a loner but as long as people remember or know who you are, you are in a way still connected. It is only when everyone in the world forgets about you that your existence is truly severed. A fate worse than death is to have never existed in the eyes and the memories of others. That is why our characters here fight hard to try and maintain their connections. Once it is severed, there is no telling when it can be connected again. It’s not like it can be glued back with duct tape, right?

The use of kappa and otters are also a strange concept. While in this anime, kappa are the good guys and otters are the antagonists, in actual life it is actually the other way around. Sort of. You see, because of today’s media, kappa are now portrayed as some cute harmless little creatures. Lest you do your research, you will find that their true origins have a very dark nature. Let’s say that are not friendly creatures to begin with and the Shirikodama ass extraction you see here is just a light take on the horror aspects of their origin. And otters are supposed to be cute, lovely and helpful to the environment, right? And aww, they look so cute holding hands while they sleep together at sea to prevent from being drifted away. So cute… Well, if you love otters that much and can see no fault in them. Just like many other animals, otters too can be dicks (you should read an article about otters raping seals. No kidding!). Obviously otters are portrayed as the antagonists here only because of its Japanese word ‘kawauso’ in which ‘uso’ means lies.

Speaking of that, this series also has its fair share of puns. While it may not be as spamming and ubiquitous, say like the Monogatari series, there are still quite a few of them for those who are sharp enough to pick up and of course if you have a certain standard in Japanese vocabulary. For example, Toi’s episode regarding his relatives running the soba shop is definitely a wordplay of the ‘soba’ word which also means ‘next’. Toi wanting to be next to Chikai is definitely his desire. The start of every flashback scene you will see the words seaweed with it because ‘kaisou’ in Japanese means both flashback and seaweed, albeit same pronunciation but different kanji words. And of course it goes without saying that all the kappa zombies are puns of their desires. But I guess the puns that take the big share of the cake are kappa puns. You will see them in product placements (Kappazon?), places (Kappabashi? Yes, this place actually exists) and even celebrities. Lionel Kappa… Hah! I will surely remember one. Sorry, no Kappa-tiano Ronaldo, KR7! For more insights to the puns in this series, this site provides a good explanation as well as trivia and Easter eggs.

This show might be even weirder considering how it spams us a lot of butt and ass scenes, especially that Shirikodama extraction. But remember what I said about the darker origins of the kappa? Yes people, kappa is technically a yokai that loves butts! Therefore there are a few butt and ass visuals so it may look weird as hell and cringey. After all, when the kappa boys had to go inside deep into the ass of the kappa zombie to extract the Shirikodama out, it really looks like one weird sexual fetish. Even when Keppi begins his Shirikodama extraction, you see from a point of view that focuses on his butt. And Keppi doing farts and sh*tting out the boys because his anus is some sort of magical transformation device thingy, could really twist one stomach if you’re not used to this sort of craziness. There’s also some gay suggestions other than Enta for Kazuki or a hardcore male friendship among them leading to something yaoi and especially Mabu and Reo hinting to be close enough and more than best partners-cum-friends but it could be just my imagination. Yeah, just our imaginations when Otter seemingly tried to make out with Mabu!

The characters are rather okay. I suppose the main trio are fleshed out enough that you would want to support they stay together till the end. Everyone harbours secrets so it is no surprising that these boys too have some secrets that would put their friendship to the test. I wouldn’t say that many of the episode’s revelation like Kazuki being a cross-dresser or Enta as the culprit who vandalized their football spot, to be mind blowing. Sometimes it feels like a detective themed series. You know, whatever mysterious/curious case/phenomenon is eventually being revealed in the end. Only here, we aren’t furnished any clues to pinpoint the culprit and we should have known and see it coming by the connection theme of this series. By the time we probably are getting used to this, the series has probably already ended. In a way, Sarazanmai serves more than just revealing the darkest secrets of the main characters as it also helps in developing their characters forward. Kazuki wants the best for Haruka. Toi wants to be with Chikai. Enta selfishly wants Kazuki for himself. With Haruka reminding the previous Kazuki was better and more smiley and Chikai dead, it is like the wakeup call for the trio to realize that there are more important connections than their own selfish desires.

Chikai as a shady character, it was hard for me to determine if he was just playing the villain or truly a villain in his own right. From the circumstances that have arisen in his life, not to say that resorting to a life of crime is justified but it lets us understand why he took the path that he need to take. Bad guys surviving the longest is the world rings eerily true in real life and it might be heartless for him to teach this to his younger brother but that is how life works for them. Life wasn’t going to be a bed of roses for them so what else do they need to do to survive? Had Chikai being truly despicable, he would have left Toi and not cared for him a long time ago. So I believe he is just playing the big villain just to help Toi move on. The brothers are both each other’s strength and weakness. Because they have each other, they strongly trudge on in life but that is the same reason why it drags them down. While it is sad that Chikai dies in the end (live by the sword, die by the sword), it was probably a twisted blessing in disguise for Toi to set him free and open his eyes that he also has something else of importance other than his brother. What good is a guy when he is dead except for nostalgia and memories?

Mabu and Reo being antagonists feel a bit underdeveloped. Like as though they are characters created just for kappa zombies to run havoc. But that is okay because Mabu and Reo aren’t antagonists to begin with. Unwilling antagonists if I should say. After their truth is revealed, so as not to let them have a bad ending, somehow they revive and return to being the kappa prince and princess’ vassals? I don’t even know how that happened except for plot convenience. After all, it is not like they have been completely forgotten by being thrown out of the connection circle. Yeah, pretty convenient for them to just turn into memento after being defeat. And I thought Mabu’s mechanical heart was supposed to explode and leave nothing. Nothing. But I guess Otter was also lying. Because Otter is just an abstract concept, is the otter kingdom created because of all the negative emotions from humans? I mean, there is enough to go around because with so many unfulfilled desires and twisted secrets, enough for that cliché factor of bad feelings amass into an evil being that is what the otter kingdom represents. It’s a vicious cycle since they feed on the energy of humans. Otter being defeated in the final scene could it merely just mean the boys have overcome their obstacles? Because with the future still not secure, it could mean that Otter could come back anytime when some strain is detected?

The art and animation are sleek. I would be repeating myself yet another time if I try to explain how the visuals all look nostalgically similar to Mawaru Penguindrum. Crazy, weird, odd, strange, bizarre, flashy. Did I leave any other words out? But that basically sums up my main point about this segment. Especially some of the movements during transformation and the ritual to extract Shirikodama, they’re just wild as hell. Wow. You have to go through all that just to get there? Truly flashy indeed. Unimportant people are portrayed as stick people. You know those male and female signs you see outside the toilet? Yeah. Toilet sign people… And for those other characters who don’t matter but are slightly ‘important’ like those dead victims, all of them have a white paper covering their face. Don’t have to draw their face. Better than putting a censor over their eyes. I suppose we don’t care for them that’s why they can be thrown out of the connection circle so easily. Keppi looks weird as a kappa because I at first I thought he was some duck! Hey, at least I didn’t mistook him for a frog! And with him having red eyes, yeah I thought he was high on drugs. Can’t say I like his new handsome kappa form, though… Looks even weirder. While some of the backgrounds are 2D animation, I think some of them are using real backgrounds. I may be wrong since the 2D animation might be so good that I couldn’t tell the difference. This series is animated jointly by MAPPA (Kakegurui, Shingeki No Bahamut series, Banana Fish) and Lapin Track.

For the voice acting department, Rie Kugimiya sounds quite meek as Haruka. Though, she is still recognizable. Glad to hear that she is still around and it might not be a main character role but it’s still good enough to hear her voice once in a while. Looks like I’ve reached a point in time where I am starting to worry that I won’t be hearing seiyuus that I am familiar with because they are already on the path of retirement. And with so many new and young upcoming seiyuus these days. Ah well. Better be grateful for all that I can get. The other recognizable seiyuus are Junichi Suwabe as Keppi, Kenjiro Tsuda as Chikai and Mamoru Miyano as Reo. I was thinking Mamoru Miyano would be a flamboyant character but that is only because I was amazed by his performance as the main character in Zombie Land Saga and think he could replicate that in this crazy series. Guess not. The other casts are Ayumu Murase as Kazuki (Riku in Show By Rock), Shun Horie as Enta (Koshiyama in Nana Maru San Batsu), Kouki Uchiyama as Toi (Ichika in Infinite Stratos), Yoshimasa Hosoya as Mabu (Reiner in Shingeki No Kyojin), Takaya Kuroda as Otter (Dagger in Show By Rock), Mariya Ise as Otone (Levi in Fairy Tail) and Teiko Kagohara as Sara (debut voice acting role as she is originally a singer – maybe that’s why she sounds a bit raw and weird).

Fitting the crazy pace of the series is the opening theme, Massara by Kana-Boon. This rock outfit also feels suitable for those who would love to do their own AMV. Yeah, it feels pretty much like that. Stand by Me by The Peggies isn’t a cover that was originally sung by Ben E. King. Instead this rock piece has this edgy feel to it. Sounds okay to me and not bad. But it is the insert songs that take the cake. Sarazanmai No Uta and Kawausoiya are the songs featured as the kappa boys begin their fight against the kappa zombies and the policeman duo extracting desires from their victims respectively. The songs are pretty catchy and I can’t help sing or even dance along to the tune each time it is played. Sarazanmai No Uta has this jazzy and samba mix to it while Kawausoiya blends traditional Japanese fold dance with modern music. There is also Houkago Kappa by Teiko Kagohara. But this sounds more like a children song if you ask me. Cute but not as exciting as the former duo.

Overall, despite all the craziness and bizarre presentation, this series is still fun, enjoyable and at times thought provoking especially on the concept of connections. While it started off looking and reminding us a lot like Mawaru Penguindrum v2.0, slowly when you get drawn into the setting and concept of this series, it starts to stand out entirely on its own. So the lesson of the series is to keep your connections and count your blessings for having them. You may not know it but still take the time to thank those around you and putting up with your incorrigible habits. Every day. But the irony in today’s world that despite we are being so connected and staying connected 24/7 via technological advances, the classic and traditional connection of human to human relationship is eroding. We are already zombies looking at our Smartphones every day. Otters could be personified as giant tech companies, brainwashing us and feeding on our raw emotions. Literally, f*cking us in the ass! Hence the only true fear that we will dread the most is when we lose connection to the internet! Oh the horror!!! Usooooo!!!

Sewayaki Kitsune No Senko-san

September 14, 2019

Are you having a rough day? A long and tiresome day? Things didn’t turn out for the best? Don’t worry. Because when you get home, there will be a cute fox girl who will pamper you to your heart’s desire and let you do anything you want till you’re satisfied. Holy cow! Sorry dirty minded people. If you’re hoping that Sewayaki Kitsune No Senko-san is going to be some sort of sleazy porn, be disappointed that this one of those calming and relaxing animes you watch after the countless sex, violence and nonsensical slapstick comedies that have corrupted your anime life. The plot is just that simple. A fox deity taking care of a single working guy who has had it rough at work when he comes home. Nothing more. And also, so calming and relaxing that this might be a cure for insomnia…

Episode 1
Kuroto Nakano is such an overworked man. He is forced to stay back since his colleagues messed up and they need his help to clean up their mess. Because of his ever growing dark aura, the heavenly foxes believe they need to address this issue before darkness brings ruin to the world! Oh dear. You mean this guy is the catalyst? Senko offers to pamper and bring his spirits back up. When Kuroto returns, he thought he got the wrong apartment when he sees Senko cooking. Okay, correct room. This kid is real. Not imagining things. He then fears he will be arrested for kidnapping a loli. He tries to get her out and since she looks pitiful that she is going to throw away all that she cooked for him, I guess a little taste won’t hurt. He is hungry after all. He is treated to several delicious servings as Senko explains she is an 800 year old demigod fox sent to serve him. Don’t worry about the food. They are offerings people left at shrine. Senko claims she is doing this because he is her type of guy. All he needs to do is being pampered. He then notices her fluffy tail and requests to touch it. She reluctantly does. Ah, so fluffy and warm! Kuroto feels guilty he can’t repay her but she maintains she is doing this for him because she wants to. After all, he has already worked hard enough. A fox demigod’s care is priceless and no amount of good deed could add up to that. He gives in and lies on her lap. Kuroto vaguely dreams of the past when he stayed with his grandma in the mountains. When he got lost, he met some weird deity that looks suspiciously like her. He ultimately found his way back. Kuroto feels refreshed after the nap. But it’s not over yet. There’s more to come.

Episode 2
Kuroto has to leave for work. I guess not enough time for morning pampering. It is obvious he doesn’t have enough sleep. Thus Senko is going to prepare and pamper him to his heart’s content when he gets home. Another rough day at work. Yeah, this time he gets chewed out by his boss. He returns home, Senko begins the pampering by preparing his bath. Once he gets out, the perfect chance to dig his ears with cotton swabs. Everybody likes that, right? But Kuroto makes a deal he will allow her to do so if she lets him touch her fox ears. Okay. Kuroto is in heaven getting his ears nicely dug. Her lullaby reminds him of another vague memory. As a teen gathering resources in the woods, it looks like he let Senko rest on his lap and he was happy despite Senko complained she was supposed to help him. Kuroto can’t remember her face but Senko hints they might have met before. Now it’s time for Senko to live up to her promise. I guess he really went all out to touching them. Extreme ear molestation? Even Senko is sulking… Time to sleep so Senko tells him to sleep as much as he wants rather than just 4 hours. Screw work. Because lack of sleep also can hamper productivity. Later as they sleep, Senko sleeps on the floor but decides to sleep next to him. Kuroto is conscious of this but as she hugs him, the warm and softness makes him fall asleep like a baby. He is late next morning but Senko won’t let him leave until he has had his breakfast. She sees him off and hopes he won’t overwork himself.

Episode 3
WTF?! Kuroto trying to touch her fur but she won’t let him molest and hence running away?! Yeah, this look like a weird rape scene… Because they are too noisy, Yasuko Kouenji the neighbour barges in. Got the wrong idea seeing Kuroto trying to rape a loli?! She is confused when Senko explains she is way older and that since she is living with him, he can do anything to her! Kouenji is further suspicious of her ears but since she is hungry, Senko feeds her. With that, Kouenji is now their friend because you can’t be a bad guy if you feed others, right?! I guess as a college student who works from home, she hardly has time for meals. Yeah, she last ate 2 days ago. Now Kouenji asks about Senko’s ear and tail. However she is under the misconception she is an avid fan and cosplayer of an anime series, Little Yoko Inari Girl. Such authentic cosplay true to the character! After Kouenji leaves, the duo watch that anime to find out more. WTF this paparazzi trying to take unauthorized pics of Yoko?! With Senko’s interested in watching more, Kuroto orders the entire library for her to binge watch. Don’t worry. She won’t slack on her job. Kuroto then goes shopping with Senko. Putting on disguises to hide her ears and tail, Kuroto for the first time feels fun shopping with somebody as he has always been doing it himself. He is also assured that she can now go shopping on her own the next time. Don’t feel guilty relying on her. As long as he is happy, Senko is also happy. Kuroto feels he wants to spend more time with her on his off days. Upon reaching home and before they could start making dinner, Senko’s powers were too strong that the potato sprouted.

Episode 4
Another bad day at work. But luckily tomorrow is Sunday, right? What do you mean you still have to go back to work?! Yeah, even Kuroto wonders why… :’(. As he sets his alarm, Senko believes she is more reliable to wake him up. Okay. But morning comes and Senko trying to wake him up, it seems he wants to sleep a little longer. Okay. As you wish. Then she lets him cuddle her tail for ultimate sleep. When he wakes up, he realizes he is too late to go to work. But he doesn’t blame her and instead feels guilty about cuddling her tail. She promises to wake him up properly tomorrow. Senko cooks dinner and uses her own fox flame. She teases it is filled with love. His reply? At least he can save on gas. Is it a wonder why he is still single???!!! When Kuroto leaves for work, Senko thought he has taught all she needs to know about using machines and controllers. The air-cond was easy. Trouble begins when she tries to vacuum. Too loud! I wonder how she ‘tamed’ it. Oh well, clean the old fashion way. She fails at the washing machine too. Oh well, old fashion manual hand labour. When she does multi-tasking, that’s when real trouble starts. With all the machine working at the same time and she is pressing the wrong remote, it gets louder and worse. Are all the machines against her today?! Even somehow the vacuum wants a piece of this ‘fun’ and starts acting up. The machines aren’t going to listen to you to pipe down. When Kuroto returns, no lights are on and Senko in trauma mode in the dark?! Yeah, all the machines suddenly ‘died’. Turns out the circuit breaker tripped. Checking everything, no damage so it’s all okay. Senko wonders why he isn’t mad at her failure. Because coming home to see her smiling face is all he needs. Oh, so touching. Yeah, now he’s touching her tail. That makes his day. Meanwhile Senko’s brethren, Shiro doesn’t think she is doing a good job and is screwing up instead. She is going down to do the job.

Episode 5
Kuroto returns to see Shiro. He’s not hallucinating. Apparently Shiro isn’t here just to eat Senko’s cooking. She has business with him. Even though Shiro sounds flirty and hinting of doing that, don’t worry this isn’t that kind of anime. She allows him to pet her head. He does so and it’s like heaven. You jealous, Senko? She wants in so it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Double happiness for Kuroto. Shiro goes a step further and thinks she can satisfy his deepest craving. She uses her magic to reveal that side of his. Again, don’t worry it isn’t that kind of anime so that deep and darkest desire that Kuroto wants… Squeeze her fluffy tail! Gee Shiro. You mean this sounds a lot worse than rape? Shiro is really freaking out and getting scared as Kuroto tries to get her. Eventually she flees. Kouenji thinks she must be hallucinating to see Shiro coming through her wall. In the end, Senko allows him to touch her tail. Yeah, this is the best. I suppose Shiro is done pampering Kuroto. All just talk, huh? After Senko prepares the bath for him. She wants to wash his back. He refuses but knowing she will still do it, might as well accept her service. Yeah, the best back scrub ever. Now it’s his turn to return to favour. However he realizes something horrifying after washing her back. Her tail is wet and no more fluffy! It’s like the world’s ending? Then they soak in the bath together and remember, this isn’t that kind of anime. Because the most we get is Kuroto teaching her how to squirt. Water hand gun squirting!!! After getting out of the bath, Senko uses the blower to dry her tail and it is all fluffy back in no time. Kuroto is so happy! Can’t wait to cuddle it, huh? Oh Senko. You should know the drill by now. This is going to be a long night… A happy long night.

Episode 6
Shiro is back! Is she serious in pampering Kuroto or is she here just to have fun? Probably the latter because she thinks it is rude for resting Kuroto not to be pampered by her. Also, he lets her play his video games he hardly has time for :’(. Super Fluff Bros Melee? Starfluff? I wonder if there is The Legend Of Fluff-da… More Shiro selfishness as she eats the snacks Senko makes for Kuroto. But he doesn’t mind since he is happy to see Shiro enjoying herself. Because Kuroto also wants to eat Senko’s handmade snacks, hence a video game challenge. Unfortunately because she can read his mind, he keeps losing. Once she has her fill, she leaves. Yup, she’ll be back next time. At least somebody had a good time. Next day, Senko visits Kouenji to apologize on behalf for Shiro. Because that fox girl always accidentally steps into her room thinking it belongs to Kuroto. So you’re not hallucinating, Kouenji. It’s a good thing Senko made lunch and has time. Because her place is a pig sty and needs some cleaning too. Once done, Kouenji feels envious that Kuroto has such a good kid by his side. Then it hit her. She wants Senko to cosplay as a maid! I approve!!! Kouenji loses herself in taking pictures of her. To thank her for everything she’s done, she allows Senko to keep the maid outfit. When Kuroto returns, he is shocked to see Senko in a maid outfit that he tries to run away! WTF?! Are you saying you’re not impressed by a maid outfit! Shameful! Didn’t Kouenji said all men love maids???!!! After learning Kouenji is behind this maid influence, Kuroto says it isn’t that he doesn’t like her in this outfit, he prefers her in her usual because only then he feels more like home. How sweet. Despite he is thankful for her, I guess it’s a roundabout way of saying he wants to fluff her tail.

Episode 7
Kuroto has been carrying things in office so naturally his back hurts. Don’t worry. Senko can help. She will step on his back! Oh damn, is this the first S&M? Don’t worry, it’s still not that kind of anime. And Senko is joking too. She’ll use her hands. Because she is so damn good, Kuroto wants an ‘upgrade’. Yeah, use your feet! Oh yeah. That really felt good. That really hit the spot. Kuroto wants to repay her by doing the same. Okay. She’s making a few strange noises and at the end of it, she gets back at him by tickling him. Hope he didn’t wake up the neighbourhood. On another bad day at work, Kuroto is forced to stay late and when he leaves, he missed the last train. On his way back, Shiro is waiting for him. She can use her powers to send him back but requires a tribute. Don’t worry. Nothing serious. It’s her way of saying she wants to try that corndog from the mart. Mmm… Yummy… Shiro isn’t going to send him flying home. Instead, they’re going to walk through this portal. Kuroto would really love to walk through this otherworld but since it makes Shiro tired, I guess this is just a one off thing. Shiro then asks him if he knows why Senko is doing all this for him. Apparently all those strange dreams of Kuroto being nice to Senko in the mountains are actually of his ancestors. Hence Senko might be imagining him as his ancestors. Is he fine with that? Of course. Senko looks happy so does it matter? Kuroto returns home and Senko is glad to have him back. Fluffy tail come to papa! He tells her about Shiro so she teases him that he ‘cheated’ on her when she was waiting for him the whole time. Joke time’s over. Now is big comfy time. She cooked some really nice meal, you know.

Episode 8
Finally! Kuroto’s summer break has begun! Just for 1 day! Bummer. Don’t fret, Shiro is here to bring them to the beach. Kouenji is also here but doesn’t remember how she got here. Shiro ‘kidnapped’ her while she was asleep. Yeah. But she’s happy so I guess everything’s fine. We see the quartet having fun at the beach. Then they play beach volleyball and they absolutely have a great time. Until Senko sprains her back. Yeah… I guess she’s already that old… When it’s time for BBQ, it seems Kouenji has all the necessary things. Uh huh. Prior to this, Shiro promised to bring her to the beach if she bought certain stuffs for her. And they went on an online shopping spree. Too bad they didn’t buy any ingredients. But don’t worry. They can always do fishing! Meanwhile Kuroto visits the beach house to get some food. He thought nobody is in but this busty bartender offers him sumptuous dishes. He feels modest to take them but the moment he blinks, she’s gone! Kuroto tells this to Senko and she has an idea who she is. Kuroto getting scared about ghosts when he has a fox deity? Meanwhile Shiro and Kouenji’s catch of the day: Seaweed. Thank goodness for the lavish dishes! At night, they play sparklers but Kuroto realizes it’s back to work once this is over. Senko cheers him up by unleashing her own brand of fireworks. Floating fox fireballs? Sure this isn’t eerie? That busty lady is of course a fox deity and Senko and Shiro’s master. She too sadly notes that all this will eventually end.

Episode 9
Because Kuroto is salivating at gratin on TV, Senko thinks of making one for him. So while he is at work, she seeks Kouenji’s help. Kouenji gives instructions to Senko as she skilfully prepares the cheesy dish. Shiro? She just supervises and eats whatever she can get her hand. Yeah, her role is only to eat. The gratin dish comes out good and they have their fill. Kouenji realizes her place is even cleaner than before after Senko cleans up after cooking. And of course, Kuroto gets his taste of Senko’s delicious gratin once he returns. Shiro heats up instant ramen for Kouenji but WTF she put sugar in it?! Senko wants to cut Kuroto’s hair since it has grown and hot days are here. Don’t worry. She kept up with the latest men’s hairstyle. Kuroto isn’t sure but whatever. Oh my, did Senko did a blooper? Don’t worry, don’t worry. Everything’s fine. Kuroto feels good as she snips his hair. Reminds him of how mom did it. Then she also washes his head and you could literally say this feeling is so good that she washes away his troubles! When all is done, Kuroto learns this is the first time she is using a scissors and doing a modern haircut. She admits there were times she messed up and snipped too much but she used her magic to glue it back! Don’t worry. Those parts won’t drop off. Hey, you’re going to grow old and get bald one day, no? Senko is shocked when Kuroto jokes he won’t ask her to do it again. But Senko is grateful to him since she gets to experience something new.

Episode 10
It’s snowing! Just when Senko thinks it means fun time, why the heck is Kuroto waking up and getting prepared for work? Yeah, company hasn’t declared an off day yet. Are the trains even running? That’s why he must leave early. And if he can’t make it back? He’ll stay in office. Oh dear. Senko clinging on to him not to go. And then the saviour email: The company declares an off day today. Hooray! Now they can go frolic in the snow and let out their inner child. And Senko is really rolling up a super huge snowball?! Once they get back in, Kuroto has a request: Please let me fluff your tail to warm my hands! Should have seen this coming. Senko holds it in as Kuroto does his usual. But after that, Senko catches a cold! Did he fluff too much. Temporary ban on fluffing! Horror! With the kotatsu being so comfortable, I guess Senko is getting a bit lazy. That is when this busty fox lady visits them. She is Sora and Senko’s boss. As Kuroto cannot help notice her busty figure, Sora hints that she is willing to give him what Senko cannot. You mean sex? Okay. So are you ready, big boy? What is it that you want? He wants to fluff her tail! Should have seen this coming. Even Sora is surprised by this odd fetish. But not as shocking as Senko comes to ‘protect’ Kuroto from her boss. There is no other fox deity that Kuroto needs to be looked after or other tails to fluff! With that, Sora gets the hint and leaves. But she warns him that because of his eternally tired looking face, something bad may happen. Later when Kuroto thinks Senko was jealous, she refutes it. Even blaming him she lets him molest fluff her tail but it’s still not enough for him and had to go look for other tails. Imagine tails being substituted with boobs and pussies… I hope Senko won’t use this as blackmail and pass to fluff her tail. Kuroto is smart enough not to make her mad so he eats whatever dinner she cooks for him, even if it’s a dish he doesn’t really like.

Episode 11
When Senko sees the plum blossom bookmark design, this brings back memories when she guided a lost young Kuroto back to his grandma by providing him a plum blossom branch. When he was reunited with grandma, he thought he saw Senko peeking from behind the fox statue so he left the branch there and thanked her. With Kuroto having another long day at work, upon his return home, Senko treats him to her style of izakaya. Drink up those wines! But for a while it backfired since when he is drunk, he gets sad thinking about himself as useless since today he still got scolded despite all the work he put in. Unpaid overtime too! :’(. With Senko willing to listen and let him do what he wants, Kuroto relaxes after shedding a few tears. :’(. She lets him sleep on her fluffy tail. Only if he can stop drooling… Meanwhile Shiro is mad that it has been a year since Senko served Kuroto. At this rate she won’t get to eat Senko’s cooking again! Hey. How many hundreds of years old are you? I’m sure she still have many more years so what is just a few more to wait? Kuroto finally applied for some paid leave. At this time when they’re rushing for the deadline? Yeah, screw it. I guess even his boss gives him another shelling before he leaves. With some spare time to rest up, suddenly mom calls to inform that dad has been hospitalized. He is in stable condition thankfully. Although Kuroto has promised to go out with Senko, fox girl wants him to visit his parents and they can do their date another time. So he leaves his Smartphone with her. She can contact him via his work handphone. Kuroto visits his family. No biggies. As he prays at grandma’s grave, he sees the plum blossom. That is when he remembers his childhood and that Senko has been watching over him all the time. He tries to call home but she isn’t picking up. Looks like Senko has packed her things and left.

Episode 12
Nothing breaks your vacation when your colleague calls you to ask when you’re coming back! Tomorrow. But for now you’re on your own! Kuroto calls Senko again but as we know, the phone is left unanswered. When he comes home, Senko is not in. Weird. Did she go shopping in another town? Asking Kouenji about it, she recalls seeing her leave yesterday but had a sad look in her eyes. It is also weird because Shiro hasn’t been coming down to visit too and today is the last episode of that Yoko anime. Senko is back in heaven and Sora knows what is going on. It has been a year since Senko has taken care of Kuroto but because she cannot rid of his darkness, is there a reason for her to be by his side? We see the final episode of Yoko as she sacrifices herself to save Earth from a comet. This has Kuroto realizing that what if Senko’s actions meant she was saying goodbye? So he runs out to the nearest local fox shrine to look for her. He is afraid he won’t see her again. Sora continues that she knows Senko has got her wish to repay her gratitude but the outcome will still be the same. A sad parting still awaits her. Flashback shows before Senko could repay her debt to Kuroto’s ancestor, he died and this left Senko distraught. Is she willing to go through that again? Even so, Senko wants to help him as much as she can. Just when sad Kuroto thinks he will never see Senko again, here she is before him! With an excuse to scout the perfect hanami spot, yeah they have their own hanami party. Just the two of them. It seems all this was just a test by Sora to see Senko’s resolve. Now she’s got her answer, no worries. The private party is going well until Kuroto remembers he has to return to work tomorrow. Senko, weave your pampering magic on him. With that, Kuroto relents and wants to stay like this a little longer. It’s not bad to have some fun once in a while. They are joined by Kouenji and Shiro. Luckily Kouenji taped the final episode so we get to see Yoko somehow surviving the ordeal and return home, much to the delight of the people and her arch enemy. Life returns to normal. Kuroto’s boss isn’t as mad as before. Because he shares Senko’s food with him! Ah, so I see maybe that’s why he’s always yelling. Some people get mad on an empty stomach. Senko continues to take care of the errands and welcome back Kuroto.

Have A Break, Have A Kitsune Caretaker
Are you refreshed? Are you feeling relaxed? Are you ready and motivated to do your best in life tomorrow? Or are you feeling sleepy and tempted to go back to watch animes with more violence, sex and nonsensical slapstick comedies? And so it is pretty much expected that Kuroto and Senko will eventually return to be together as long as they can. You don’t think that they being separated is going to be the series’ real ending, no? I guess that is the much needed jolt and wakeup call for those who are feeling sleepy and starting to fall asleep without any sort of drama. Senko leaving Kuroto for good?! My, how suspenseful! At least for this anime’s level.

And yeah, with not much of a plot here, some may find it really boring and fall asleep. But those who have watched calming shows like Aria The Animation as well as its spiritual successor, Amanchu, I’m sure ‘veterans’ like us could see its, uhm, wonderful side. Unfortunately I can’t say that this series lives up to the greatness as the aforementioned duo but it is still calming and relaxing in its own right. After all, this series is something that many of us can relate to as for us who are working, there would be some days that aren’t in our favour. So coming home and finding somebody there to have taken care our basic needs is something that most of us would long for. No weird friendship adventures on Aqua AKA Mars or no scuba diving friendship thingy. Not fantasy but reality. And certainly not a lot of people likes scuba diving. Just your plain and normal someone pampering you after a hard day at work. How much simple can you get than that?

The characters themselves too aren’t that deep. After all, this anime aims to make you relax and instead of spamming you with complicated back stories, pasts and twists, what you see here is what you get. Though, that bad omen thingy that Sora foreshadowed may be just some sort of trolling and just to get Senko moving to do something about Kuroto’s ever growing dark aura. Because it would have been super mind blowing if this guy was like some chosen one and if his dark aura goes berserk, the whole world would explode and be consumed by his rage! Then his boss would be so sorry for yelling at him and now it’s his turn to prostrate and apologize profusely! Yeah. I don’t want to see that kind of plot here and the characters turning into something entirely different either. So perhaps the darkness is something that can never go away. It will always be there and the only way to seal and suppress it is Senko’s pampering.

While Senko seems like a good 800 year old fox deity, the good thing about her is that she tries to lift Kuroto’s spirits in a good way. What do I mean? We all very well know that Kuroto’s workplace is a hell hole. With him being close to depression and all, Senko has never once put in weird ideas in his head like quitting the company or go as so far as to talk back to his boss and give him a piece of his mind. I might see Shiro doing that but not for Senko. Instead, she concentrates in trying to bring back his positivism in her own ways by cooking for him and doing his other household chores. It might not be much but at least it lifts the burden a little off his shoulders. Even when things are seemingly bad at his workplace, Senko doesn’t butt in. Like as though she understands there is a clear division between his work and his leisure time. It might seem like this vicious might never end because after Kuroto is refreshed, it is back to that stressful place and all back to square one. But remember, Senko isn’t here to make a life changing miracle but to heal his exhaustion with her tender care. Everything else is up to Kuroto to decide if he wants to continue in this exploitative company or quit and move on to do something else.

For those who can’t get more of Senko’s cutie goodness, be glad to know that at the very end of every episode, there will be this Super Senko-san Time in which Senko ‘serves’ us as the view is now in first person. Don’t expect anything much except for the usual Senko being the nice little fox to pamper us. It feels like a reward for viewers for putting up with the boring, oops I mean calming episode proper and we’re probably tired after watching this boring, oops again I mean calming episode so it is time for Senko to spoil us with her hospitality. Not sure if we prefer Sora as the penultimate episode, she hijacked this segment and it felt a little bit sexually charged. But then again, it could be our tired minds wandering and our eyes wandering to those huge twin peaks…

Kuroto is basically a nice guy. Such a nice guy I wonder why he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Yeah, job commitment… Such a nice guy that he is able to put up with all that yelling from his boss and he still didn’t turn into some psychopath. Damn, this guy is patient as hell. But I have a hunch that a lot of typical Japanese salaryman are like that. They put up with all the reprimanding from their superiors and hold it up within. There is only so much one can take before the time bomb explodes… Just so as to prove why Senko chose to serve Kuroto instead of any other random guy who is in the same shoes, that is why they provided a little past between them. It’s not much but I guess you can see that a little kind gesture goes a long way and for life. With Senko around, at least this guy learns to relax and take it easy. There is something else preoccupying his mind other than work.

The other characters don’t feel relatively important but I guess it does provide a little bit of extra spice since it would be awfully boring if it is just Kuroto and Senko. Like Shiro the bratty fox deity who seems to want Senko for herself but because she cannot be serving 2 people at the same time, I guess that’s why Shiro sometimes come down to bug them and at the same time have some fun. Yeah, basically she might get a bit lonely up there. It’s not like Shiro has any sort of special caretaking skills, right? Then there is Kouenji who is your typical next door neighbour who works in the otaku industry. Yeah, another punishing industry for those who work there. She is also constantly working and probably too hard that she thinks the fox deities are cosplay enthusiasts. Even if she realizes their real identity, I don’t think it would change a thing. After all, Senko has been awfully nice to her too and it won’t sit well if she becomes cautious just because she realizes she is a fox deity. Kouenji’s character sometimes feels a bit out of place because it’s not like they’re setting up some romantic liaisons between her and Kuroto, no? And then when she sees Kuroto and Senko doing something amazing, she’ll just like watch it for a while before returning to her work. Though, I love her artwork and specialty in drawing maids! Kouenji should be a maid character!

Lastly, Senko’s boss Sora feels like as though she is to provide busty boobs fanservice that this series lacks so much. Just when our eyes are feeling heavy from all the calm Senko goodness, suddenly here comes this buxom babe to raise our eyes and probably our ‘little buddy’ ;p. I suppose this series wants to tease us and be a little sexy but because Kuroto being the ultimate good guy and virgin, all sexual subtexts of letting him do whatever he wants usually turns into a serial tail fluffing molesting incident. No wonder this guy’s a virgin. This is better than sex? Yeah, work has really gotten to his head. Tail fluffing and molesting is the sex to this guy. Sure, he might look enthralled at Sora’s boobs and she is willing to let him have his way with her as he is naturally a man, but ultimately this anime isn’t that kind of anime so back to the running joke of tail molesting. Oh Senko, these are the kind of things that you put up with if you truly love somebody.

So yeah, there might be a few very subtle sexual subtexts here but that is only if you have a very dirty mind. Well, I do admit that certain scenes only made me think so but it is all just harmless fun and joke and nothing serious. Yeah, I blame, uhm, anime for making me have a dirty mind! It’s not my fault! Honest! How can you resist when they insert sleazy and ecchi fanservice in so many animes? And then that seasonal porn inserted and disguised as a normal anime in your typical seasonal anime line-up?! (That I could have chosen not to watch). But don’t worry about Kuroto turning into some serial fox deity rapist because this anime will not allow it. Zettai ni! The most he would go so far as to just molest their tail. Phew?

The art and animation are simple. Not to say that it is not visually pleasing but compared to other animes done by Doga Kobo like New Game, Gabriel Dropout, Luck & Logic, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Mikakunin De Shinkoukei and even YuruYuri, it is like as though they have some budget issues and aren’t spending entirely on the animation part. I mean, you know what this anime is already about, right? Why the need to further spend and make the visuals look drop dead gorgeous? So yeah, sometimes the characters do look one kind like Kuroto looking a bit blocky and simple. I want to believe it is the stress from his work. On a trivial note, sometimes when I look at Senko, I think that she looks like the gender bender version of Tails from Sonic The Hedgehog. And doesn’t Shiro look a bit like a bratty version of Hiiragi from Konohana Kitan? Perhaps fox characters in anime all have this one kind similar look because you need to have fox ears and wearing the traditional kimono to show they possess spiritual power.

For the voice acting department, hearing Junichi Suwabe as Kuroto, well, I don’t know if it’s funny to hear him voicing a normal character. I mean, a really normal character. Hearing him in various roles like Dandy from Space Dandy to Heydrich in Dies Irae and Yami from Black Clover, it’s like he really needs a break from those roles. Not to say those roles are taxing on his voice in the first place. But come to think of it, I guess he’s got that sleepy and dreamy feel to his voice so I think he fits well as his Kuroto character too. Ayane Sakura is recognizable as Kouenji although she is mostly in that low voice and not in her typical bratty voice that I often identify with. I didn’t realize Eri Kitamura behind Sora’s voice since her character speaks with an accent. There was also something familiar with Yoko’s voice too. Unfortunately not enough lines for me to finally realize it was Rie Kugimiya behind that squealing anime character until the final Yoko episode. Yup. Definitely our tsundere specialist in her trademark squeaky voice here. Azumi Waki (Ao in Midara Na Ao-chan Wa Benkyou Ga Dekinai) does a nice job in portraying the cuteness of Senko that I sometimes think that she herself might actually be a fox deity! And the other cast left is Maaya Uchida as Shiro (Rikka in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai).

If the series is a bit too slow and sleepy, perhaps the opening and ending themes should wake you up or at least make your feet tap to its beat. Because Koyoi Mofumofu by Senko and Shiro as the opener is cute with its hip hop-like tune. Even cuter when you have Senko’s tail popping out from the rice cooker waving to us in such a hypnotic cute fashion. But Moffumoffu De Yoi No Ja Yo by Senko as the ending theme takes the cake. Still a hip hop-like music, it is catchier and cuter to boot. Makes your heart wanna go ~kyun!

Overall, this simple anime is indeed soothing to the soul but some on the other end of the spectrum may find it boring as hell. You are not supposed to expect anything much from this and if this anime manages to calm you or as a bonus goes so far as to help detoxify you from the toxicity of current animes, then it has done its job. It’s not supposed to break any ground either and it does what it needs to do. Not perfect but at least it got the job done. We might not have a cute fox deity to serve us like lucky Kuroto has but this also teaches us that for many of us, we should count our blessings that after a hard day at work, we still have someone waiting at home to return to. Whether it is your family, wife, parents, girlfriend/boyfriend, be thankful that somebody still cares for you. And not necessarily the things they do for you that magically replenishes your morale but rather by being there by your side. So many thanks to this anime that I am now refreshed and relaxed by all of Senko’s pampering. Thus I’m ready to get back to the next anime season’s action of bloody violence, over the top sex and nonsensical slapstick comedies! Hey, sometimes I got to let it all out and have some real fun too, no?

RDG: Red Data Girl

July 21, 2019

Every day, we stray further and further away from God and His path of light. With today’s era of modern society, it seems people have become less and less religious. Blame technology? Blame the changing of societal norms? Blame us being typically humans. Well, I’m not here to lecture and preach to everybody on how everyone should go back being religious because yours truly is also as guilty as hell in not doing any hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/yearly prayers. So it’s not like I felt guilty or empty or something that I decided to go watch this somewhat spiritually associated RDG: Red Data Girl. Heck, I thought it was something to do with the internet or IT. You know, some sort of hacker girl thingy. How wrong I was. Instead… Girl with spiritual powers. A vessel for a powerful goddess. People targeting her. Boy-cum-childhood friend tasked to protect her. Will love come in between? And I’m not talking about the love for God kind.

Episode 1
Izumiko Suzuhara wants a change. So she just slightly cuts her bangs and the whole sleepy village notices and is in shock. Yeah. Those nasty boys at school even mock her that the ‘shrine has got a new roof’. During computer lessons, Izumiko decides to try and use one. Previously anything electronic she touches go haywire. Will this time be different? Suddenly she manages to do a video conference with her dad, Daisei? Wow. The internet must be damn good at that time for them to speak so smoothly in real time. It seems Izumiko is against going to Houjou Academy in Tokyo and she doesn’t want him to decide her life if he can’t even attend her PTA today (I guess he got swamped with work in good ol’ America). Then he notices her bangs. Things get weirder and trippy. Izumiko panics to cut off the power. Suddenly the entire school faces a blackout. Hope you saved your work. Izumiko starts crying, blaming herself for this outage. Even more shocking that Yukimasa Sagara, an acquaintance of Daisei flies in with his helicopter to pick Izumiko up. You mean dad made this emergency call???!!! Yukimasa explains that her hair may have spiritual powers and she doesn’t have to worry if everything around her has changed. It hasn’t. Only her. Because she cut her bangs, right? Damn, Izumiko is taken to a hospital for a full scan and check-up. This must be really a big deal.

When she returns, she meets Yukimasa’s son, Miyuki. But he is not too pleased to meet this plain Jane bespectacled braided ‘goddess’. You can say he hates her. He isn’t also happy that he is the backup plan for all this. Yeah, they haven’t seen each other for 10 years. Yukimasa assures he won’t marry them off. Their status will not allow it. The most he would become is he manservant and that he will be by her side until he dies. Originally the plan was for her to meet up with them at Tokyo but since she didn’t want that, they will follow with her plan to go to a local high school. Izumiko’s fate is to be raised protected from the world. Whether or not she knows about it doesn’t matter, this is their matter to handle. Miyuki will not accept all this and leaves. But after Yukimasa brings him back, he is all messed up and bruised from a fall. The damning thing is how Miyuki is a changed guy! He has regretted the err of his ways and will transfer here. Later that night, Izumiko talks to Miyuki and knows he didn’t want to do this. Certainly. Miyuki only agreed since Yukimasa threatened to kill him. That guy is crazy. Telling others won’t do any good as he is the one calling the shots. Miyuki adds how much he hates people like Izumiko since she is unable to think for herself. She tries to deny and some flashback of how Miyuki ‘bullied’ her to make her strong but she remained a weakling cry-baby. Izumiko doesn’t think she is special too and that is the only thing that Miyuki agrees with her. Next day, Miyuki introduces himself as a new transfer student in Izumiko’s class.

Episode 2
The school will be having a field trip to Tokyo and Izumiko is uneasy about it. Because, crowds. The only guy in school whom Izumiko feels comfortable with, Satoru Wamiya shares the same sentiments with her that he doesn’t like Miyuki. He hopes they can go to the local high school together. Izumiko receives a handphone gift from her mom, Yukariko. Hope the reception here is good. Miyuki doesn’t like Izumiko bugging him but with Yukariko’s letter, he thinks this is the only person whom Yukimasa will listen to. It seems mom wants to meet up with her at Tokyo. But she lacks confidence and wants him to do it on her behalf. He snaps back what if Yukariko doesn’t want to speak to him? In that case, she’ll go. But he has to come along. Can he say no? Izumiko has a bad feeling during the flight and upon touchdown at the airport. She looks pale and sick. It is believed the dark shadows are bad people and there could be some targeting her. They can’t chicken out now as they have to meet Yukariko at the designated place. But as they wait, she didn’t show up. A message comes in saying she can’t make it as she has been spotted. Possibly the people who are after her. She suggests that they come to her house since there is a barrier. As they make haste, weird things seem to happen like as though it is trying to stop them. Like the turnstile suddenly stop functioning and the trains too. Oh dear. Japan’s trains are going to be late! Even the taxi brings them to the wrong street. Yeah, it’s raining heavier. With the electricity around them being cut off, Miyuki too can’t help feel paranoid. Izumiko now really feels scared as something ominous is approaching her. She doesn’t want him to chant an exorcism but to hold her hand. But as the ominous shadow approaches… Yukimasa???!!! Miyuki doesn’t believe he is the real deal but Yukimasa points out Izumiko recognized him and her fear of him proves he is the real deal! WTF???!!! No wonder Miyuki is mad. Izumiko insists she felt something bad. That’s not Yukimasa and probably those bad people who are targeting her. He adds they won’t find Yukariko at home but she provided her place for them to rest safely.

In her house as Izumiko rests, Yukimasa explains about Yukariko always away and working hard to draw attention away from Izumiko. Miyuki still accuses Yukimasa of doing something fishy to Izumiko and perhaps he is the reason why Yukariko stayed away thanks to his presence. Yukimasa doesn’t blame her as it is their nature. There are many people who want to use such powers for their own benefit. Even mountain monks like them. Through ancient times, mountain monks have received powers via training but they have always been women. Miyuki felt nothing from Izumiko as her powers aren’t awaken yet. Miyuki doesn’t think he is up to the job. If he wants to protect Izumiko, by all means do it himself. Suddenly Izumiko appears before them in a kimono. However it is not her. It is Himegami possessing her. Immediately Yukimasa bows before her. It seems Izumiko’s body is to be her vessel but it feels too uncomfortable to inhabit her now. She just came down to check things out after feeling some change. Himegami warns that Izumiko will be her last vessel as she could no longer move forward. Himegami withdraws and Izumiko returns to normal, unaware of what just happened. Yukimasa assures her that her memories will return in time. Miyuki realizes Izumiko is part of a lineage of living vessels. Yukimasa agrees that this burden is too big for Miyuki to handle. He gives him the option to get out and even transfer out from school. Miyuki not happy? Isn’t this what he wanted?

Episode 3
Izumiko explains during her time being possessed. It felt strange like as though she is watching herself. Miyuki now realizes why Yukimasa did all this with great importance and that his real goal is Himegami and not Izumiko. Izumiko’s friends must be considerate. Realizing that Wamiya didn’t come on the field trip, they bought souvenirs for him but have Izumiko give it to him. She does so but Wamiya notices she has changed. He regrets she went to a filthy place like Tokyo. He reminds her she can’t leave here and noting that she now doesn’t hate Miyuki as much as before, he will eliminate him. Hence a few guys go pick a fight with him. It seems they are under Wamiya’s control and they’re really about to get dangerous when they pull out a knife. Luckily, Shingo Nonomura, Izumiko’s driver safely knocks them out and has Miyuki come with them. Miyuki tells Izumiko that there is no such classmate as Wamiya. An ominous presence starts chasing them as Izumiko realizes that it could be partly her fault that Wamiya is doing this. The shadow catches up and crashes the car. Thankfully all survive but Nonomura is stuck. Wamiya shows his face and for the first time Miyuki sees him. Just a normal middle school student. He admits so. As long as Izumiko wishes. As Wamiya has existed in the mountains for a long time without a form, she could only see him after cutting her bangs. He is born out of her wishes. A friend who would understand her. And since she created him, he will not allow her to easily abandon him. Nonomura wants Miyuki to use his staff in the trunk but he is unconfident since he lacks experience. Wamiya wants Izumiko to go to the local high school and she doesn’t have a choice. Otherwise he will kill her. Miyuki wants Izumiko to do just that. Better than dying. However she won’t do that. This isn’t like him. So she confronts Wamiya that if he is from he wishes, obey her. Stop being selfish or she’ll hate him and leave the mountains for good. With that, Wamiya disappears.

In hospital, Nonomura explains Wamiya could be a familiar of a goddess. He had enough powers to go berserk once she realized his form but luckily she managed to control him before it was too late. He assures Wamiya isn’t destroyed but is waiting for a chance to meet again. Izumiko decides to go to Houjou. Miyuki promises to hone his powers there since that place gathers people like them. He will transfer there and tell her what it’s like. Wamiya pops up again but this time he seeks to be dissolved. Since Izumiko first summoned him via mountain top dance that she thought it was some exercise, that same ritual will dissolve him. Izumiko dons her miko outfit as she realizes the reason why she summoned him in the first place. She wanted someone to understand the real her. She was afraid of others looking at her and embarrassed at them seeing her as she is since she can’t accept herself. She starts off her dance and this captivates Miyuki. For once she doesn’t think she is that useless. Wamiya is satisfied and disappears into the wind. 6 months down the road, Izumiko arrives at Houjou and is greeted by Miyuki. He advises her to keep her powers a secret since she is one of the few who got accepted without taking any entrance exam. Izumiko meets her roommate, Mayura Souda who instantly takes a liking for this cute girl.

Episode 4
Mayura introduces Izumiko to her twin brother, Manatsu. His passion is horses but thanks to him, Mayura manages to get into Houjou without sitting for an exam. Mayura further explains that they aren’t exactly twins but triplets. There was a third one but died when they were young. Izumiko gets anxious around the top student and student council candidate, Ichijou Takayanagi. It’s because he looks very similar to Wamiya. However he gives off this creepy feeling and sounds like an arrogant jerk. Izumiko is in a separate class from Mayura. She is in the same class with Manatsu, though. Izumiko has that anxious feeling again as she could see those ominous shadows. Today she is on contacts and only know she remembers why her mom gave her glasses? To protect her from seeing things? Anyway, Izumiko is afraid as she points out to Manatsu about that shadow sitting at the back of the class. Since he can’t see, he points that person out as Ricardo, the Brazilian transfer student. A couple of girls give Izumiko a website that is made by Takayanagi. They give her a password to access it and the site supposedly has some fortune telling readings. Izumiko has the misfortune to make eye contact with Ricardo. He approaches her and wants to meet at the AV room. She agrees just to make him go away. It got so bad that Izumiko ran all the way to Miyuki’s class for help. He hears her out and wants her to see through that promise. You know, Japanese people are good in keeping the promise they make, right?

Izumiko enters the AV room. Why the hell was Ricardo sitting there in the dark? The first thing he asks her if she is human. Suddenly Takayanagi performs a few quick exorcisms on Izumiko. He is glad she is human. Miyuki sees this and calls it bullying. Then he fires his spiritual arrow at Ricardo and instantly turns him into dust. With this, Takayanagi knows their identities. A mountain aesthetic and a spirit vessel. He claims he is not even in his league. After he leaves, Mayura pops out from hiding and she has watched the whole thing. She deduces that Takayanagi is a spirit user and Ricardo must be his spirit agent. She claims she has the same mountain monk training as Miyuki but can’t control spirits the way Takayanagi does. She believes there is some sort of importance for Takayanagi to be the school’s top student. Izumiko remembers the website so they go check it out. The moment she keys in the password, a curse explodes in their face! Though, Mayura bore most of the brunt. But thankfully she still lives and just got away with her left eye needing some bandage. Izumiko blames herself for this so Mayura lightens up the mood by teasing her that it could be Takayanagi’s way of saying that Miyuki and Izumiko are a couple because in the past, mountain monks and miko priestesses often marry. Manatsu comes in and scolds Mayura for being reckless. This makes her cry as she was scared. Izumiko thinks for herself that she never did this as she never pushed herself before. With Miyuki also here, it seems the guys want to settle this tonight. The twins do say some prayers before they go meet Masumi.

Episode 5
Masumi is their dead triplet actually. Though, he materializes as a cross-dresser? With him around, this means Takayanagi has to show up. Indeed. He doesn’t think that was a curse and was just some sort of influence that repels malice at him back at her. Takayanagi uses some binding spell on Manatsu but he easily breaks out. He has Ricardo fight him but Manatsu easily frees the souls that bind into Ricardo. Takayanagi becomes scared that the spirits will haunt him but Manatsu doesn’t care. Takayanagi realizes he isn’t human. Turns out to be Masumi in disguise. With Takayanagi scared sh*t, Masumi gives him a few soft slaps as warnings. In the aftermath, Takayanagi took down the website and gave up on the elections to be the student council president. To cover for Ricardo’s disappearance, it is officially stated he went back to Brazil. Izumiko feels glad to have come here and meet many people who are more special than her. Things seem to be going good between Izumiko and Miyuki when Yukimasa has to pop up. It seems he is now a part time teacher at Houjou. Damn, Miyuki in a bad mood again. But all the other girls swooning over this new hot teacher. In order to avoid being associated with him, Miyuki avoids Izumiko too. She feels sad about it although she realizes that this is to be expected. She has always been alone in the first place and didn’t really lose anything. Later Izumiko talks to Yukimasa about his transfer here. It seems he is doing an experiment to see which students gathered here are to be saved for humanity’s future. You see, there is a decline in humans who have spiritual powers and once this endangered species becomes extinct, Earth will no longer tolerate humanity. This experiment is to avoid that.

Miyuki wants to join the student council executive body and Izumiko won’t have any problems with that. Just that he asked Mayura for help and they seemed so friendly with each other. Sad girl feels so sad that she runs away somewhere alone to hang out. As she sings to calm herself down, she attracts the attention of the current student council president, Jean Honoka Kisaragi. She is practising traditional Japanese arts and brings her to see Hodaka Murakami who is supposedly the school’s first student council president. Meanwhile the former student council president, Mikoto Kanzaki asks Miyuki about Izumiko. Because it seems the shadow student council president has taken an interest in her. Because in reality the true student council president has not changed. Hodaka wants Izumiko to show her dancing but she feels shy. He puts makeup on her and says it is some sort of spell to show her true nature. Even so, she is still reluctant. Luckily Miyuki barges in to stop this farce. Izumiko is confused because he was keeping his distance and now he is concerned for her? Yes, but this doesn’t mean she could hang out with just anybody and should’ve just went straight to Yukimasa had she needed help. Yeah, they sound like lovers quarrelling. When Izumiko realizes she wanted to tell Miyuki something, that is when Himegami takes over. She claims to have seen Hodaka before hundreds of years ago. She warns him he cannot be the judge but Izumiko is the one to choose. She then has Miyuki take her hand. She has a task for him: Prevent her from being created and Izumiko must not become a goddess. Otherwise humans will perish at her hands. By the time Izumiko wakes up, Miyuki and Hodaka just finished making a pact in keeping this a secret. Hodaka welcomes her here if she ever needs advice but please come alone. Miyuki tries to play down his worth and not to expect much from him. Sure. She might not know what the future lies for her but is glad he came for her.

Episode 6
The friends are on the way back to Mayura’s house for the holidays. Izumiko learns from Mayura about Masumi’s death anniversary around the corner. Apparently he slept and never woke up. After the funeral, when the family moved from Togakushi to Nagano, his name became taboo. Since their mom is a normal person, she can’t see Masumi. While having BBQ at night, Izumiko got drunk because there is liquor in the fruit punch. Wait a minute. There are kids here and they put liquor in the fruit punch bowl? Wow. Izumiko so happy. Like on drugs. Until she passes out. When she wakes up, everyone is asleep. She thinks this is a dream when she answers Masumi’s call. Izumiko floating down like a ghost?! Man, this might be a dream. He asks if they can date and Izumiko (still feeling the effects of being drunk) wonders he knows what that means. He believes she’ll find out when she gets to Togakushi. It seems that Izumiko is also part of the student council body as an executive. Mayura organizes a trip for the body at Togakushi to discuss things. However Rena Akinokawa accuses Mayura of having ulterior motives. Because near Togakushi, the history club is also having their camp and it is no secret the club is a big fan club of Mayura. She thinks Mayura is trying to get them to join the body. Mayura doesn’t intend this so Kisaragi puts it nicely that they don’t want any power struggles within the body since the student council is supposed to be neutral judges.

Later Izumiko asks Mayura about her reasons for fighting Takayanagi. She explains she dislikes sorcerers and ninjas because her ancestors were temple priests and Togakushi was a ninja village. She knew about her fan club but chose not to do anything. What is important the student council maintaining their neutrality. Since she knew Izumiko met Hodaka, Takayanagi might have also met him. At first she thought Houjou will have 2 factions battling for supremacy at the cultural festival but there will now be a third force, a vacuum zone. There might be people who are testing Takayanagi’s abilities. It seems the winner of this whatever battle gets to be a candidate for World Heritage. It has lots of benefits for the winner and those around. Because Izumiko isn’t in the loop of this, Mayura talks to Miyuki if he intends to surpass Takayanagi in terms of his spiritual powers. Because those who can foil his tricks can only surpass him in grades. He claims he doesn’t want the top spot and joined the body just to be neutral. This is why he invited them to join too. As for the partner programme that seemingly only them who are using, Mayura believes it was created to favour Takayanagi and his spirit agent. That’s why she wants to know if Miyuki will participate in the battle or not. As she would like Izumiko as her ally, she must settle her case with him first before she goes after Takayanagi. She is going to test his powers now as she summons several tengu spirits.

Episode 7
Miyuki must guess which one of them is Masumi and break out from this special layer. The tengu start attacking and since Izumiko can’t bear to see this anymore, she tells him Masumi is the one standing next to him and not Manatsu. Yeah, Miyuki seemed like a wuss fending off the attacks. Then they realize Izumiko is missing. Luckily Masumi finds her and it seems she is scared not because she could see him but couldn’t see herself. She feels bad for not expecting much from Miyuki and yet talk lowly of him before Mayura. She thinks Miyuki would have been completely normal if not for her. Izumiko returns to the group. She learns the tengu are just the history club guys playing along with Mayura’s plans. Though she put them up to this, they are unaware of Masumi. On the way back, Manatsu gets a devastating call that Tabi, an old horse whom he is fond of is dying. He needs to return but Mayura doesn’t share the same sentiments. She can’t let him go back alone as she cannot leave this camp she organized. Manatsu insists he will return alone (Tabi > this tabi (trip) Haha! Oops…) and will have Masumi take his place. Yeah, Masumi looks like a little kid experiencing his first field trip. So fun! Back at the inn and after dinner, Kisaragi and Akinokawa put up a song and dance. It seems Kisaragi sensed an unusual spirit possessing one of them and this dance is to protect them and expel the spirit. A short blackout occurs before the lights come back on. However everyone notices ‘Manatsu’ and Miyuki missing. Oh, they’re just hiding. Gotcha! Did that scare you? Later Izumiko talks to Miyuki and confirms that Masumi was indeed expelled from the room. He went with him so as he would not be alone. However he finds it weird as Masumi is supposed to be stronger here.

With Mayura getting worried about Manatsu and Tabi’s time is drawing closer, Masumi suggests she go there and tell what she disagrees with and get it over with. However Mayura takes this as Masumi siding with Manatsu as he doesn’t care about her feelings. He points out if they come to think of him differently, he won’t be able to stay as he is. Because their wills are as one, Masumi is who he is. Izumiko and Miyuki offer to go bring Manatsu back. Upon reaching the stable, they learn that Tabi has died this morning. They see Manatsu cleaning Tabi’s stable. It seems he didn’t die a natural death and Manatsu put him to sleep via lethal injection. As Tabi couldn’t get up anymore, its own weight will crush its own organs and cause a lot of pain. Perhaps that’s why he didn’t want to call Mayura and worry her. During this time, Manatsu has thought a lot. Especially how humans have the power to end things instead of waiting for nature to take its course. This brings to the issue of Mayura doesn’t understand that she cannot forever live with him and Masumi. Hence he feels the time has come to end it while he has the power to decide. Surprisingly, Mayura pops up. She isn’t happy about his plan to end things. She knows he is sad and when so, it is natural she will go to him. But he disagrees he isn’t sad that Tabi is gone. He is sad that with Tabi not around, he has to face himself. They can’t keep regarding each other as the most important person in their lives. And then Manatsu runs away riding on Tabi’s spirit?! WTF???!!! Later Mayura gets a message from Manatsu that he will become like Masumi. That way he will forever stay with her. Mayura is distraught as she calls dad about Masumi taking Manatsu away.

Episode 8
Mayura’s father talks to Miyuki and Izumiko. However they have no idea of what Masumi did so father mentions that he too can’t see Masumi and because the twins can only summon Masumi, their mom hates it when they call his name as it goes against a mother’s intuition. Later Mayura talks to Izumiko about Manatsu having the same heart defect that caused Masumi’s abrupt death. That’s why mom refuses to remember Masumi. She knew Manatsu is closer to Masumi than her but never thought he would leave her to be with him. She wanted to become the top student so Manatsu can live longer. Izumiko then talks to Miyuki if he could summon Himegami. As she can’t talk to her in that state, only he can do it. There are risks and they’re afraid but if they don’t do anything, Manatsu will disappear for real. So I guess it isn’t as simple as undoing her braids. Nothing happens. Maybe bad reception? So summoning a goddess is like a handphone? As Izumiko moves, suddenly she enters into a different dimension. She sees Masumi who thinks it is better for Mayura to cry now than later. Because the longer they stay together, the more she will grieve when they are gone. He thinks Mayura would choose Manatsu over Masumi and if that’s the case, it’s better to be one. Izumiko has Masumi lead him to where Manatsu is. He is currently trapped behind a celestial rock. She tries to talk to him but unless he wills it, nothing will reach him. Hence Izumiko decides to dance to expel him, getting the idea from Kisaragi’s dance. As she does so and tells how much everyone will be so happy if she comes back, suddenly Manatsu tells her not to do it. Wait. So this Masumi is actually Manatsu? He warns her if she opens the rock, Masumi will come through and will be different. It was his plant to break the celestial rock and escape. Miyuki and Mayura find them. Mayura hugs her brother seeing she is too tired to punch him.

However they have to run seeing the rock is breaking. Couldn’t have Manatsu realized a bit sooner that he and Masumi are different and shouldn’t become one? Too late. This giant fish god is breaking out. Miyuki defends clumsy Izumiko as he sprouts black angelic wings?! However he knows he can’t fight this thing and Himegami agrees. She is not possessing Izumiko and her own entity. She says a few chants to have this fish god go back to slumber. Izumiko asks if Himegami can remain separate from her so they can talk. However Himegami claims she knows nothing and should ask her mother. When they return to reality, Yukariko is before them. It was her that Himegami possessed her. Izumiko understands why they can’t meet often as Himegami is always with her. Yukariko believes they will face a real trial in the future and although Izumiko believes herself as still weak, that is why Yukariko remains strong to protect her. However this cannot last forever. Manatsu returns to his family and the case is solved. Back in their hometown, Miyuki wants Izumiko to summon Wamiya. She couldn’t. It is believed her getting distorted by Masumi made it impossible. During the camp, a talking raven came into his room. It is believed to be Wamiya and hence Kisaragi’s dance expelling him then and also those black wings he sprouted. Miyuki believes if they are going to follow her, they need to join forces. Then he asks why Wamiya look like Takayanagi. Is it because she likes boys who look like that?! WTF???!!! What was he trying to say???!!! That sure escalated quickly!!!

Episode 9
The student council decides the theme for the cultural festival will be a Sengoku one. And something about the need to have a few models dressing up as that. I can guess who… Later Izumiko is being approached by Takayanagi. He wants her and Miyuki to join his side instead of Mayura. During the festival, the school’s barrier will be down and there will be lots of ‘outsiders’ visiting. He gives her time to think but Izumiko passes out when she hears strange voices calling for her. She is safe in the infirmary thanks to Yukimasa being such a qualified nurse too. He mentions about the upcoming experiment so she wonders if he is referring to her or Himegami. She doesn’t think so since they’re both different. Yukimasa replies that she may be the one to be unveiled as Himegami and probably the last goddess. This has Izumiko think that Miyuki probably wanted to accept her as a normal girl but seeing he is dedicated to serving Himegami, that will never happen. Later Miyuki talks to Izumiko about being part of the backstage crew. Although it is some normal dress, it seems she still has to undo her braids. She is confident from Togakushi that Himegami won’t appear just because they are undone. Hence Miyuki teachers her a simple spell for self-protection. Izumiko sees Hodaka in disguise. He is here to see the preparations and believes the scales might be tip to Mayura’s favour seeing how she treats Izumiko. With one of the models having urgent business, this means Izumiko is now roped in to be her replacement. Mayura warns her that Takayanagi’s supporters might be doing this although there is no concrete proof. As she gets dressed, she has to undo her braids and this has her thinking if this is a ploy to make it easier to draw out Himegami. The models take the stage as everyone is fascinated with the Sengoku costume and snaps away. Izumiko feeling a bit queasy but I guess that angry look on Miyuki’s face that he didn’t expect this to happen tells it all.

Later as Miyuki nags to Izumiko about doing something risky, he didn’t realize that Himegami has possessed her! Even with her braids still intact! Himegami is very satisfied she can move in this body freely. When Miyuki warns her not to appear whenever she wants, she warns him back if he doesn’t treat her kindly, there will be divine punishment. That shut him up. Miyuki accompanies her for the rest of the day. He asks about the state of Izumiko but Himegami doesn’t care. She also tells him to drop talking about another woman as she doesn’t like it. Don’t ruin her vibe. How does she like it if she talks about Yukimasa? Well, she has a point. At the mountain shrines, Himegami talks about how there is nothing here but a vengeful spirit that is herself. She had regrets. After all, she singlehandedly exterminated humanity. When she lost her body, she travelled back in time and wanted help. Someone who could understand her. Not for destruction but for the future. When she returned from an experiment over a thousand years ago, she was declared a World Heritage but the future didn’t change. This is the third time she is going through this experiment and each time her body gets frail and she is gradually forgetting who she is. She might not be able to make it to the fourth time. Her power was so great that in the second experiment, she was killed and stored as a specimen. Her powers put her in conflict with humans as her allegiance is to the planet. She is searching for people who can stop her. That is what Yukimasa and Yukariko are working towards. Miyuki wants time to think so Himegami points out he is like Wamiya. Because of that Togakushi incident, Wamiya resides inside him. Himegami summons him out just to prove. Miyuki wants her to leave Izumiko’s body. Can he force her out? After a few chants, he hugs her and pouring his heart into his feelings for her to come back. Is this impromptu?

Episode 10
Izumiko cries in Mayura’s arms. She is lost on what to do after discovering about Himegami being some destructive force and even Miyuki was scared. She fears she may stop being herself. As the festival gets underway, the model who ditched the job on Izumiko, she approaches her again with her friends. Their reason for that was because whoever does so will be cursed. Since nothing happened to Izumiko, they hope she can be their model for the parade again. They would have taken her away had not Miyuki tell them off. Just hold the parade without a model. Then he lectures Izumiko about being pushed around by younger people. She hits back that he too was doing the same to Himegami. Though he claims he was desperate to bring her back. He explains Himegami doesn’t descent to cause disasters and appears because she wants to avoid them. She just needs someone to talk to. Izumiko wonders if he prefers to spend more time with Himegami than her. Because Izumiko also doesn’t like him talking about other women, that one line has Miyuki thinking both of them are the same?! There’s an incident where several people collapsed after the visit to the haunted house. Isn’t that a success? They are resting in the infirmary, though. Oh never mind. Miyuki and Izumiko investigate just in case. As Izumiko wanders around, we can see ghosts following her. Until they really pop up before her and want to take her away. She manages to run to Miyuki. He asks about not using the self-protection charm. Because she pities them?

Then they visit the infirmary. Wow. A long line of women. Is it that bad? Yup. They’re here to get ‘examined’ by Yukimasa. Damn that guy… Yukimasa talks to Izumiko as she explains the ghosts she saw. Yukimasa seems to want to blame Miyuki for being useless but Izumiko tries not to. So he advises her not to have careless sympathy. He puts a better spell on her. Miyuki blows his top at him that he gets away with everything in the name of Himegami. Yukimasa brushes him off for not making use of the chances. They are shocked to hear Izumiko will be put on several layers after the festival and Miyuki can only talk to her directly while in school. That wasn’t the original plan but Himegami can change her mind. Although Miyuki is not entirely mad at this, he knows Yukimasa has an ulterior motive. Yukimasa might not know Izumiko well but he certainly knows his son. Kisaragi knows that fellow student council member, Yoshiki Hayakawa is making bets for the popularity contest. He wants to have fun and make money while he can. Hayakawa then talks to Mayura and Izumiko. Since Takayanagi will be on the offensive team for tomorrow’s big battle, it is only logic that Mayura will be on the defending team. Mayura feels he has an ulterior motive so Hayakawa says he has the ability to predict the future. Mayura then sees the point of all this. She realizes he is an ally to her as he is from Togakushi. All Hayakawa can do now is set the table. He warns Takayanagi has set something up in school so be careful. Izumiko sees Masumi and it seems he can still hang around without his siblings summoning him. They talk about love but Masumi has a different version of it. Like when he sees a lonely ghost, he eats it to be as one with it. That’s love, right? Well… He leaves her hanging as he mentions he felt some magic in school. But nothing that couldn’t be taken care of.

Episode 11
The friends look around to see if Takayanagi had planted anything suspicious. So far nothing. But when the thought that he might use something not human, Izumiko feels there are strange beings hiding so the guys check it out and find a vial. They believe this is Takayanagi’s doing since he is from the chemistry club. On the last day of the festival, Miyuki gives Izumiko her handphone that he has been keeping all this while. Hope she doesn’t break it. They realize Takayanagi has upped them with a floating balloon from the chemistry club. As they head to their respective posts for the battle, Izumiko has the misfortune to run into Takayanagi and his ‘friends’. Yeah, he summoned a few new spirit agents. He tries to accuse Masumi as the crueller one as he was the one who ‘killed’ Ricardo and that Mayura’s views of the world are narrow. He also tells her about the increase in foreigners at Houjou because of the belief in this era that the west and east need to bridge together and build a common ideology. Izumiko feels scared at first but then finds him not as scary as he thought it would be. Meanwhile Miyuki is rushing towards Izumiko. He realizes there is a spell casted because he cannot reach her. He summons Wamiya to take care of this but he claims that this spell is made by Izumiko. She told him not to come, right? Izumiko finds herself watching one of the battles going on. Once it’s over, this foreigner girl brings her to see Takayanagi as she explains how much she loves Japanese culture and hence why she likes Takayanagi. Izumiko is horrified to see lots of ghosts among the crowd although she is assured they will bring no harm.

Mayura finds Miyuki thinking hard. He believes Takayanagi has set something up and if Izumiko switches side, it will be bad for them. Mayura reminds him about their most important people. She proposes he pretends to be her fiancé. Acquaintances of her family are here to see them and they expect her to be married. In reality she can’t. It’s the same for Miyuki and Izumiko. They can’t be a couple. Because Izumiko said they can’t be together as she would be troubling him, that is why he can’t tell his true feelings to her. Hence they both need an official front. For now, they attend to pressing matters. As the defence side is losing, Mayura has Masumi cover for her and thanks to him, he blows away whatever spell that was suppressing their luck. Izumiko is in the company of Takayanagi and co. They talk about layers and phases. Especially Takayanagi who proclaims he is doing this because they need to seal away dangerous things and set up this world as a place humans can control. As he has known her a bit, he hopes he could study her. What if she refuses? He believes she is now their ally. Izumiko felt confused a calm for a while but when Takayanagi mentions Miyuki’s name, that is when Izumiko remembers him. How could she have forgotten him? She does the chant to break the spell. Must be a great spell since a storm is kicking up. With Izumiko being assertive that she won’t be controlled, Takayanagi tries to calm her down (though, he still wants to persuade her to join his side). She accuses him of using non-humans for his own purposes and won’t stand for this. With the spirit agents blown away, Izumiko realizes she has blown her cover and remembers the warning to keep a low profile. She worries she will now be targeted. It’s that fear of others looking at her again. A small earthquake shakes the place.

Episode 12
Mayura could also felt that Masumi disappeared. All electronic devices go dead after the earthquake. Miyuki is surprised to see Nonomura here. He warns him that Himegami as foreshadowed, Izumiko will awaken today. He passes him a staff. Miyuki and Manatsu head to where Izumiko supposedly is. They find the porch looking strange. Saying a few prayers, they enter another layer to see Takayanagi’s lackeys. And Takayanagi himself turned into a dog! Cute? Yeah, divine punishment from Izumiko for using ghosts! However Izumiko has ventured into another layer and as Wamiya says, she might not want to come back. Manatsu also realizes Masumi is over in the other layer. He has changed the most among the triplets. Because now there is someone whom he loves more than his siblings: Izumiko. Meanwhile we see Izumiko alone, contemplating of never returning to the human world again. Masumi talks to her and he is fine that Mayura has Manatsu. With Izumiko claiming she is no longer human, Masumi disagrees otherwise and humans like her are almost extinct. In short, he confesses he likes her. Miyuki will go get Izumiko but wants Manatsu to stay with Mayura in fear that she will fall apart if Manatsu disappears. But Takayanagi must come with Miyuki so as to apologize and bring her back. In the next layer, they must fight through hordes of ghosts to get to the next layer. But as Wamiya points out, there are many more to come. The problem is not the ghosts and the number of layers but if he has the strong will to get through each layer. Otherwise he can be doing this forever and still not each her. But if he gives up, he can easily return to reality. Manatsu returns to Mayura to tell what has happened. She gets worried since she hasn’t settled things with Takayanagi. Manatsu tells her to stop competing. At this rate they’ll drag and hurt others like Izumiko. Miyuki remembers his reply to Mayura. He doesn’t mind being her fiancé but thinks they shouldn’t do it as it would hurt others close to them no matter how successful the plan is.

Masumi hopes Izumiko can give him a chance to make her happy but she is somewhat hesitant and confused. As Miyuki fights the hordes of ghosts to get to the next layer, I guess it’s time to think out of the box. He calls Izumiko via handphone. Yeah, there’s reception here! Izumiko picks up and he tells her to call for him. She does so and what pops out from her handphone is Wamiya. The familiar says Masumi has lost and don’t be too greedy. Now scram. Then he turns into Miyuki. She admits she was afraid because she found out she is Himegami and didn’t want people to see her. Hence she was hiding. But after Miyuki and Wamiya came for her, she felt better. Miyuki wants her to tell him if she needs anything. Being a goddess is too much of a burden to bear and he’ll help her become one who won’t destroy humanity. However she fears doing so would mean the end so Miyuki hugs her. Takayanagi makes a sincere apology and admits that balloon stunt had some hallucinatory spells. Izumiko is unsure if he can turn him back but Wamiya points out the powers she has that she is unaware of. In reality, everyone is shocked to see ghosts streaming by. Masumi returns to Mayura and vows to protect her. Well, he got rejected so I guess that’s that. Izumiko starts her dance to purify the spells. In the aftermath, we see Hodaka reporting that Izumiko has become the top student and hence a candidate for World Heritage. Izumiko can’t give Miyuki an answer yet but will forever remember how he came for her when she was about to lose herself. She is shocked when he touches her but he just passed out from exhaustion.

Red Data Retention: Spiritual Data Overload!
So I guess mankind gets to live a little longer? Was Himegami’s prediction off? Not surprising as she said she was losing herself so it wouldn’t be surprising if Izumiko didn’t awaken as her at the end of the festival. So is this called a successful failure? Not really sure about the future but as far as the end of the anime is concerned, Izumiko returns to herself with Miyuki by her side. Therefore looking on the bright side of things, all is well, ends well. For now.

As I’m not really into the spiritual theme of things, hence I find it a bit hard to follow some of the storyline and subplots which this series seems to try and cram in a few. The bigger picture looks like if humanity deserves another second chance to exist and hence the smaller subplots include seeing Izumiko taking on a journey if she would be awakened as Himegami’s vessel. It’s rather okay about these subplots of subjugating Wamiya as her familiar, that problem with Masumi and that rivalry with Takayanagi but like I said, these feels like distraction to the bigger plot of Himegami’s awakening. Thus at the end, I was a bit confused to it all. Sure, the festival ended without anything disastrous or untoward but from a long shot, everything is still far by over. Especially when there are other greedy people who harbour such intentions to own that kind of power Izumiko has for their own. I thought that would be a storyline somewhere here but it ended in this Houjou festival thingy. But I suppose that is the story for next time. Next season. Not likely. It’s been years since…

I find it interesting that special people with spiritual powers are now considered endangered species in this anime. So they’re treating such humans as animals now? Hence at the start of each episode you’ll be notified about the Red Data Book/List which is the IUCN’s list of endangered species in the world. Hence the oddly named title of this series as I was wondering at the start. Therefore if Jesus Christ was going to come down a second time to save mankind, in this anime at least it will be in the form of this World Heritage thingy. With people getting more and more hooked to their electronic technological devices, we’re losing that spiritual touch with nature and God. So next time you’re fapping to that porn video you’re watching, bear in mind that there might be many angry spirits watching over your unholy activity… ;p.

It’s hard to say that Izumiko is a useless girl since she is caught in something that is far bigger than what she can understand. She is sheltered and protected from a very young age and when thrust into a different light, she takes some time to stand up on her own two feet. So you can’t really fault her for being gullible and being pushed around because if you are in her shoes, what would you have done? And then she finds out that she is a vessel or could be the big goddess herself, for any normal mortal beings, that is scary enough. Thankfully she has Miyuki to help her bring her back to the right path if she goes astray and the same can be said about him. It feels like this guy is born moody and grumpy and that it sounds like an excuse he is living in the shadows of his great father. He looks like an amateur and unconfident with his abilities because when you’re entrusted with a task that has the big goddess involved, do you not panic and fear you might fail?

Having said that, all Izumiko and Miyuki want is just to be normal high school kids but their fate and circumstances don’t allow them to do so. Hence that wall-cum-barrier-cum-excuse-cum-convenience that makes it a big roundabout way for them not to fall in love with each other. We know and hope they really end up as an item but because the notion of Izumiko is a goddess and Miyuki is her manservant, not so straightforward. Hence she is always insecure and afraid while he is always mad and moody. If the spiritual fate thingy didn’t get in between them, this would have been some sort of generic romance drama. But as we see them rely on each other in the final arc, we can safely say that they are a bit closer to each other than they were at the start. A lot more of these situations should really improve their relationship. Hopefully. It would have been interesting to see if the duo would put their love for each other first than saving mankind. Or perhaps they can do both. But for now, we have to put up with their hot and cold relationship which could be annoying to watch sometimes.

Himegami although feels superior and divine, sometimes I wonder if she is just like any other ordinary woman. After all, just like many other women, she doesn’t like her man to talk about other woman. First sign and hint from your girlfriend that you better pay all the attention to her! I would have been nice to see all the experiments and whatever trials and tribulation she went through to bring about this final journey she is on but I suppose there is not enough time and duration to tell it all in a single cour. After all, they need to keep the mystery of Himegami as her charm. Knowing her a little too well might change our perspective of her and that’s not good seeing she is of a goddess status.

Other characters feel like a distraction like Manatsu and Mayura who don’t really have anything to do with Izumiko and Miyuki’s case and as I have pointed out a few paragraphs earlier, having Masumi around seems like a detour and distraction so as to ‘reassure’ that Izumiko and Miyuki belong to each other. Otherwise, this competition with Takayanagi is still something I don’t get because I don’t really see how this experiment makes one the candidate for World Heritage. Speaking of Takayanagi, that guy really feels like a loser. He looks arrogant and might be suave but eventually in the end he is just a wuss. Heck, he lost not once but twice! You thought he had given up after losing to Masumi and got his spirit agent crushed. But then he returned as sneakier than before and what does he get? Turned into a dog! Hope he learnt his lesson but I doubt it. Then Wamiya is like a familiar for both Izumiko and Miyuki but the way he expresses himself, he sounds not too enthusiastic to serve his masters. It’s like, well, he is doing it because he has to and if so, I mean, what else can he do about it? It’s your call.

Not sure what Yukimasa is doing behind the scenes all the time but I figure it is something important. So important that he had to leave his son with the important task of being with Izumiko AKA Himegami. Didn’t he call Miyuki as his backup plan? So I’m wondering if this multi-talented guy who could do no wrong is just doing all this to piss off Miyuki or in a twisted way, give him some sort of motivation to be like him. I don’t think the latter works seeing how Miyuki doesn’t like him. I mean, you tell when he calls his father by his first name! I’m very sure they are blood related and they are actually biologically father and son but you never know. Anime love to spring surprises about families not really being blood related as plot twist or convenience. Some characters like Hodaka feels like a red herring. I thought he would play some sort of important role but after his debut that makes him feel like as though he is an important character, he falls back into the shadows as background character. Maybe he pulls the strings behind the scenes like Yukimasa but we’ll never know.

The other reason why I watched this series is because it is done by P.A. Works. You know, the anime studio that has brought us a lot of good looking characters and visuals. Like Hanasaku Iroha, Glasslip, Tari Tari, True Tears, Sakura Quest and the recent Irozuku Sekai No Ashita Kara. Oh yeah. Cute kawaii bishoujo galore. You can bet Izumiko is looking damn cute in her braids because I don’t know why many people view girls with braids as plain Janes. This means you can also see the trademark bishoujo and bishonen character designs very similar to their other anime series aforementioned. Like you know, how Miyuki have this main character look but just put him in constant moody mode. Other than the characters, the background and sceneries are also a sight to behold. It is nice to know that P.A. Works have been constant in their anime quality throughout the years as this series came out back in 2013. So continue to keep up the good work and bring me more kawaii bishoujo to gawk at. And to add to my personal top 10 bishoujo yearend list!

Voice acting is fine as I recognized a few seiyuus such as Saori Hayami as Izumiko, Jun Fukuyama as Yukimasa, Akira Ishida as Hodaka, Romi Paku as Yukariko and Mamoru Miyano as Hayakawa. Not surprising but still surprising is Rie Kugimiya as Wamiya because she isn’t nowhere near her tsundere trademark style and is one of those few boyish roles like Al of Fullmetal Alchemist, Hasuta in Haiyore! Nyaruko-san and Shunpei from Oh! Edo Rocket. Only, add more monotony to her voice. I guess she can’t forever be Shana, Taiga, Louise, Nagi… It’s been a long time since I have head Rie Tanaka so I didn’t recognize her when she took over as Himegami. The other casts are Kouki Uchiyama as Miyuki (Shigaraki in Boku No Hero Academia), Madoka Yonezawa as Mayura (Ui in K-ON!), Kaito Ishikawa as Manatsu (Iida in Boku No Hero Academia), Ryohei Kimura as Masumi (Kodaka in Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai), Hiofumi Nakajima as Takayanagi (Akatsuki in Aria The Animation), Sarah Emi Bridcutt as Kisaragi (Yuzuru in Date A Live) and Kenji Nomura as Nonomura (Shishigou in Fate/Stay Apocrypha).

The opening theme, Small Worldrop by Annabel feels rather okay as her soft voice feels familiar to Nagi Yanagi. Hence making this song sound a bit like those the latter sings. The ending theme, Yokan has some traditional feel to it. But Masumi Ito singing it feels a bit ‘creepy’ and like as though I have heard her singing somewhere before. Oh right. Just like how she sang in a similar fashions in anime ending themes like Zettai Shonen, Scrapped Princess and Umi Monogatari. The song isn’t that bad but I sometimes get the chills hearing her ‘ghostly’ voice. And sometimes too I think that she is an alternate version of Nano Ripe…

Overall, this isn’t a bad series but it isn’t a good one either. It had some potential with its theme but lost its way. Other than the pretty visuals, the characters and plots may leave you scratching your head and wondering if there is more to it. Certainly there is because from what we’ve seen, they’ve presented with so much but yet we don’t have enough data storage memory to absorb it all! Yeah, it’s hard to think of it this way that Izumiko is just a 64GB USB pendrive but Himegami is a 2TB data to download!!! Not enough storage space that’s for sure! Well, there’s a flash drive to accommodate that today but I wonder having so would make it unstable. With people with special spiritual powers on the decline and on the verge of extinction, corrupted pervy otaku misfits are on the rise. A dime a dozen, spreading like a plague. No wonder there are so many sh*tty shows these days. Is there a religious anime that could bring us salvation? Looking for religious themed animes online… Aha, Bible Black. Or Crimson Climax. Or Sins Of The Flesh. Oh wait, no… Oh sh*t!!!

N/B: Is it ironic that we somehow have a lot of hard drive space when we download porn?

Mob Psycho 100 S2

June 22, 2019

I see that this got a second season first than the much anticipated One Punch Man. Don’t worry, that series got its sequel the next season after Mob Psycho 100 S2 premiered. So before we get to see the superhero who could end everything in a single punch, we need to see how the most powerful middle school esper continues to live his life normally. Also, there’s the threat of that super esper organization, Claw vying for world dominance. Can Mob live his normal school life and thwart their schemes? More importantly, can he finally confess to his one true love, Tsubomi?

Episode 1
Reigen and Mob see a farmer client who believes a spirit is haunting his crops. Because he cannot pay in terms of monetary since his son will be starting school, Reigen agrees to a cut from his crops. There is indeed a spirit stealing nutrients from the crops and because it sucks its life force, it can control the plants to its will. So when Mob gets ‘eaten’ by it, he thought of the same thing too and uses this tactic against the spirit. With the exorcism over, they are paid in some seeds and fertilizers. Reigen thought he could do a side business of selling tomatoes but with Mob accelerating its growth, it tastes like crap. That’s the end of that business. Meanwhile Mezato and a few members are trying to uncover the origins of their cult’s leader. She wants to promote Mob but needs to perk him up first. Hence she convinces him to run for student council president under the pretence that he can close the gap with Tsubomi. Even if he is just to give a speech, does Mob need to go through all the rigorous forest training? Too bad he froze during his turn. Said nothing. Even Kamuro who resigned as the president is trying to make a comeback with a cleaner image. Mob then receives a love letter from a girl named Emi. She claims she was impressed how he mustered his courage to go up there despite being uncomfortable and had fallen for him. Wow. Mob now has a girlfriend?! Of course he is still reluctant to tell her about his exorcism job in fear that she would find it creepy. When Emi shows him a novel she wrote, he thought it is good. However Emi has doubts of their relationship after a week. She thinks he is dating her out of pity because when she confessed he rejected her. She can tell he ran for president was because somebody told him to. She is as guilty of him. The reason she asked him out was because of a dare by her friends. But since Mob walked home with her, they never found out she was initially rejected. She leaves as Mob thinks back all the times they spent together. Then he sees Emi’s friends badmouthing this crappy novel she wrote. Then they rip it apart. Mob then starts picking up all the shredded pieces and this freaks the friends out. Because Mob has decided to be clear with his feelings and pick up things that are important. The friends leave as Emi joins Mob to pick up the pieces. Otherwise it will be littering. When the wind blows away their hard work, Mob uses his powers to gather and glue them back together. He reveals he is an esper and Emi thanks him. Little do they know, Tsubomi is watching and she is glad it turned out well.

Episode 2
Reigen thinks of increasing his business by going to a town that has been posting several urban legends. So he is setting up office in the middle of the streets? Of course the local exorcist, Banshomaru Shinra isn’t happy since this is his turf and this means business rivalry. But they have to put that aside when a woman seeks their help. At first she thought it was a stalker issue but as the days past, she gets this very eerie feeling. Could it be that the urban legends are causing the rise of such cases? With her plea to get rid of the urban legends, Reigen and Shinra split up to make their job easier. Shinra is on the case of a ghost in a red raincoat. Turns out to be some creepy flasher but the way Shinra asks about especially young girls, they think he is the culprit. Call the cops! Meanwhile Reigen and Mob confront the dog with a human face. Turns out that naught kids just drew on its face. Yeah, the old grandpa owner appreciates their help to wash his dog. Shinra chases the pervert in the woods. He falls to his trap of being tasered. While bragging of the invincibility in stalking others, it suddenly gets spooky around. A strange woman asks him if he is thirsty and before he knows it, he gets dragged down into the pond. Luckily Shinra still has enough strength to try and stop her but it is not enough. Only thanks to Dimple possessing him that he is able to move like the wind. Until Shinra’s body cannot hold out, Dimple calls for help. Thank goodness Reigen and Mob arrive in time to put down this Dragger. However she is not easily defeated. As she is created by fear and curiosity, her personality is technically designed by humans and hence cannot be exorcised. Also, powers used in fear only empower its source. Reigen calls for a retreat. But Mob attacks and surprisingly defeats her. It is because Mob is detached from urban legends and fads, he has no idea what makes such spirits scary. And just like that, the Dragger is put to rest. All that is left is the dashing granny urban legend. With the granny seen rushing towards them in a narrow tunnel, Mob thinks she is the most powerful since his power has no effect on her! They run but granny catches up and zooms past. Yeah, just some normal granny running. Mob is devastated he lost to a grandma because he runs every day and this only shows there were no improvements… Back at office, Reigen has completed his website. Looks crappy…

Episode 3
A client bugs Reigen for a curse. He was reluctant to give at first but fakes one just to get him off his tail. The client warns if it is fake, he will curse him. But this has Mob thinking even if it is a lie, does it mean he is going to live like that forever under this impression? Next they visit a woman who feels a ghost is stalking her. She sees a shadow from her window but the thing is there is no balcony outside. They check it out to see if there are any other tricks (like hanging ropes) but then the spirit pops up! Freak out time! However Mob can sense it comes from the neighbour next door and is using some out of body experience. They confront him and he throws a tantrum about his love for her. He is arrested and Mob is surprised the woman who was initially scared of the ghost suddenly changed her character once she discovered it was only human. A group of graduates seek their help as protection as they want to go to a haunted place to take pictures for memories. Fearing evil spirits, that’s why they seek Reigen’s help. Of course nothing much happens and when Reigen asks for payment, they scoff him off as a scam that he didn’t do anything and even abandon them there! Next day as Mob heads to school, a couple of bullies want to extort from him. Dimple possesses him to strip himself naked. He only stops because Mob tells him not too. Still, this jerk doesn’t learn his lesson and continues to extort. This time Ritsu uses his powers on him. If that is not enough, Musashi and his Body Building Club buddies surround this loser. Got a problem? Now the jerk runs away. They advise Mob to fight back when necessary.

Those graduates return. Yeah, there’s a ghost in the picture. Now they change their tune and want Reigen’s help to exorcise. Before Mob could begin, he hears the spirit’s voice. The father claims they are harmless and despite the family died in a tragic accident, they want to live like this peacefully until it is the right time to ascend. Mob is in a dilemma since the clients are pushy since they are being paid to exorcise. Mob really doesn’t want to destroy them. Dimple pokes fire by telling the ghost to kill the clients and hence they cannot exorcise them when they’re dead. But the father won’t. He begs not to make him do something horrific in front of his family. This only makes Mob feel more conflicted. If he protects the ghost family, this means the clients will get hurt instead. That is when Reigen realizes what is happening. To Mob, humans the spirits are part of his life and he is equally close to both of them. He throws salt at the pushy clients and tells them the exorcism is over. Back in office, Dimple notices a curse on Reigen’s back. Must be from that earlier guy. He lets Dimple eat it. Reigen contemplates on the different things Mob can see and he might see something more terrifying than ever. He understood that there are things different from the norm. As for Mob, he continues to think deep about the possibility he might use his powers for evil to eradicate humans than spirits.

Episode 4
Reigen and Mob are one of the many psychics gathered by a rich CEO for a job. Among the psychics are Shinra, Kirin Jodo the president of some spiritual union and the former Scar member who is trying to turn over a new leaf, Matsuo. Masashi Asagiri is willing to any amount to anyone who can save his daughter, Minori who is possessed by a spirit. Reigen beats everyone via rock-scissors-paper to go first. From the way he talks to her, it sounds like her dad abuses her. This has the other psychics think he is using this supernatural excuse to change their relationship. However Reigen points out Minori is possessed by a real nasty spirit. He can tell from her inconsistent words she used and despite being the first time they met, she knew he is a psychic despite not introducing himself. The gig is up as the glass breaks. Minori is indeed possessed. Dimple is scared and wants them to run while they can. He knows this isn’t just an ordinary evil spirit and in fact, Keiji Mogami. He was a super psychic but died 40 years ago. Dimple was almost exorcised by him. Despite being viewed as an entertainer by the public, he was actually an assassin. What broke him was the high medical cost and treatment needed for his ailing mother. When he was about to exorcise Dimple, he wanted to absorb him and become the most evil vengeful spirit and teach everyone a lesson. It was by a stroke of luck that Dimple escaped his wrath. Even Jodo got possessed as Mogami runs wild. Reigen’s knee kick may help for a while but soon Mogami is back up strangling him and Mob’s powers can’t do anything. Father hugs Minori and tells her to stop but is stabbed instead. Now the psychics panic. The door is locked. Mogami is going to kill them all. Shinra tries to fight but Mogami contorts Minori’s body in ways unimaginable to defeat him. Mob has an idea to force Mogami out using out of body experience. His body will be defenceless them so he hopes they can protect it. Once Mob’s spirit is out, Mogami tries to attack. Reigen gets owned but Dimple possesses Mob’s body to fight back. When the moment is right, Mob enters into Minori’s body. He comes face to face with Mogami. It might look like Mob easily defeating Mogami but it was just to test his abilities. Mogami easily pounds Mob and tells how human emotions determine spiritual powers. He believes those with negative emotions hold better chance to have more powerful spiritual power. Mogami then alters Mob’s memories. He is now a normal school kid who can’t use his powers. He wants to see how Mob goes about without them.

Episode 5
In this illusionary world, Mob is bullied to the core. Minori is the leader of the bully pack and Ritsu doesn’t even care about his own brother. Despite all the torment, Mob remains patient and never used his powers for his own good. This has Mogami expanding his own sad story that because his mother’s treatment wasn’t enough, he had to resort to assassination for money. Even so, mother died. In her evil spirit form, she blamed him that all this happened because of the actions he took. That is why he is going to use his powers for himself and punish those who bring misfortune to others. He wants Mob to do the same and avoid ending up like him. Meanwhile Dimple is shocked that Reigen puts his trust in Mob to do the job and won’t run away. This has Dimple decide to enter Minori and help Mob. The barrier by Mogami is too strong and he could only get in with the help of Matsuo. Just when Mob is on the verge of losing it and using his powers to retaliate, here comes Dimple to lecture him. The sinker is when he mentions Tsubomi will be sad to see him like this. With that, Mob’s memories return. Mogami is disappointed but Mob agrees in some way that the world is cruel. But he is blessed and that’s why he needs to be more thankful to everyone around him when he gets back. Because of them, he was able to change and get a little stronger. Talking is over and now it’s an epic spirit battle. Oh my. Mob’s emotions reaching 100%, he’s like going Super Saiyan!!! Mob looks like a different person altogether! Oh sh*t! The fight is just getting to freaky and abstract! Even though Mogami loses, this means all the evil spirits in his vessel are freed. They go on a rampage but Mob is determined to purify everyone and save Minori (since he heard her cries for help). In the end, Mob goes over 100% and his abstract form might give Goku a run for his money. WTF is this?! Mob then wakes up. Welcome back. Mogami tries to escape but is captured by Matsuo. Minori regains consciousness and is very apologetic to Mob. But Mob is fine. Because of this meeting, he gets to change others and she gets to change. In the aftermath, Minori is interested in Mob although her dad didn’t recall hiring any boy her age for the job. But he did try to find out more about him and stumbled on this cult’s lame website. Yeah, they’re still struggling with the donations…

Episode 6
Mob is hanging out nicely with his club members when Reigen calls for an urgent job. Fun ruined. Despite warning Reigen about making such calls on short notices, Reigen still needs him. Luckily his friends understand. After another successful exorcism, Mob reminds him that he too has a life. However Reigen this time went too far. He says his club activities doesn’t constitute as life and shouldn’t be easily taken advantage by others. He also adds that his friends are only in the way and don’t understand him, hence only mocking him as weak. Mob argues back what he said is wrong. Now he understands that not everything he said is true. Reigen has dug his own grave. With Mob getting used to his private life, Reigen is busier than ever. Luckily they’re all easy jobs and Reigen is confident that the lonely kid will come back to him. He even gets confident thinking he can make it without that kid since this business he solely built it up himself. But one day he is shocked to see him hang out with friends. Dimple says he is living life just fine without him. Reigen mocks Dimple that he will forever be Mob’s pet at this rate while he himself goes on to do something big. Suit yourself. Back home, Reigen has serious thoughts about this. He goes check his social media. Oh, a message. Happy birthday. No birthday wishes. Except from mom. Still nagging him to get married… And she sends him some job recruitment ad as present… Oh mom… Then he heads to a bar where all scam victims patron. Because of his random advice, they respect him. However his plan backfires since he realizes he really had no friends. He now truly sees this is going to a bad direction and needs to shape up. Hence he soon changes. He widens his job scope like picking up trash and giving free seminars. Then there is some online ghost player that no exorcist want to take up the job. Reigen burnt the midnight oil to level up and even make lots of in-game purchases to finally beat that ghost player! Because of that, his popularity skyrockets to a point he gets magazine interviews and now a live national TV interview. Of course this is set up by Jodo who seeks revenge after that humiliating defeat on Minori’s case. Yeah, Reigen knee kicked him in the gut when Mogami possessed him.

Episode 7
There is a kid who is possessed by Kokkuri and it is Jodo’s job to exorcise it. However he wants Reigen to do it. Initially reluctant, upon hearing Jodo will then stick to the script, Reigen wants to do it. He thinks this is all part of an act and just needs to do some flashy moves. For 30 minutes, nothing happened. Time for Jodo to step in. He can’t exorcise because the kid is not possessed! The kid then reveals so. Now the focus is on Reigen. What was he doing? Was that a new dance? Jodo has all the perfect sarcasm each time Reigen tries to make an excuse. The final nail in the coffin: When Reigen says there was Beethoven’s ghost? Jodo: *Answering to the tone of Beethoven’s 5th symphony!*. Yeah, that really killed him. Reigen is now all over the news as a scam artist. When a friend brings this up to Mob, he believes this is all part of Reigen’s plan (getting the wrong idea of course). Reigen tries to fix his image but you know, the more you try to do so on the internet, the more you get burnt. Even his bar buddies all abandon him. When reporters are stalking outside his house, he runs. But he accepts when they suggest holding a press conference. But his mind went blank so screw it as Reigen returns to his normal self. The bottom line is, they can’t prove he has no spiritual powers and so are those so called ‘victims’. He won’t say he has them either because he knows the media will not accept unless it is no. Reigen continues to answer their questions until one brings up an essay he wrote back in school that he wanted to become somebody. His mind went blank. Flashbacks shows he quit his job and did this for fun. He was considering his next move until Mob came in to complain how to control his powers. Thinking it was a prank, Reigen listens and throws him some generic advice to be a good person. Mob is impressed, though. But when Reigen sees how he used his power to saved his spilled cup, this was when Reigen realizes he was something. He wanted to grab that something for himself too. But in the end, he realizes he didn’t change and tried to cage Mob in. He only kept using him. Reigen leaves the media stumped when he leaves a message for Mob that he has grown. Suddenly all the equipment start floating. Is this his power?! They are panicking but Reigen walks out. The conference is over. Hope you guys find your next big news. Reigen stumbles into Mob on his way back. Reigen prepares for the worst when Mob says he has always known his true identity. That is, a good person. Looks like they’re back on good terms again.

Episode 8
Mezato is glad the cult is gaining followers and popularity. All that is left is for Mob to show up as the leader. Hence she calls him to use his powers and win the annual marathon with style. Of course he won’t do that and will do it on his own. Mob gets even determined to a point it shocks Dimple because he realizes he needs to finish in the top 10 so he can confess to Tsubomi! Hence, Mob begins his training with all his pals supporting him. Even Reigen gives him time off and helps jog with him. Yeah, this guy lacks exercise too. Ritsu and Teru even fill in for Mob’s job. But Ritsu has to hide when he sees Tsubomi coming in as a client! Actually, her friend Miki needs some love advice. Reigen dispenses his love advice and eventually Tsubomi too asks some questions pertaining to love. Later Tsubomi tells Miki her questions were fake just to test if Reigen was the real deal. It doesn’t look like he is a bad guy. She notices Mob in one of Reigen’s wall photos. Marathon day is here and as it begins, the tussling has Mob falling and scrapping his knee. He is so determined that he gets up and continues running. Dimple suggests cheating and Reigen is also here to provide his support but with Mob being so focused, nothing will change his mind. Unfortunately he passes out and is taken into the infirmary. He might not have finished the race but he impressed a lot of people because he kept going. Back home, Ritsu thought Mob is at the door (you mean nobody waited to get him at school?) but to his horror it is Shou. When Mob gets back, he is shocked to see his house on fire. So shocked that he walks into the burning house and stays positive that his family is still alive. But when Dimple says there were signs of break in at the front door, Mob fears the family might have been kidnapped. But when he opens the next room, he sees a burning corpse… Oh no. Mob turning Super Saiyan in his rage!

Episode 9
Dimple reasons that the corpse is a dummy. But Mob will not rest until he finds the culprits. He uses his power to detect them and then beats the hell out of them for info. Before more of their buddies could come as reinforcements, Koyama and Sakurai takes Mob away to their hideout. It seems Reigen is the boss of the former members of Scar’s 7th division! So that esper thingy on TV made them think he is fit to be their leader against Claw? When Reigen tells that Mob’s family is safe, Mob only relaxes but falls asleep from exhaustion. Reigen’s office was also burnt down but luckily he was away. Also in this ragtag group are Mitsuura and those Awakening Lab kids. The whole gang is here with Teru who survived an attack from a Claw member, brings the arsonist in for interrogation. He reveals their boss plans for world domination and has gathered espers all over the world. Indeed, Touichirou Suzuki hijacks the world’s TV to make his announcement and Claw’s war declaration on the world. In order to achieve that goal, they will destroy Japan first. Well, gotta start small. This Suzuki turns out to be Shou’s dad and he has had it with this lameness. Ritsu is alive and well with him. Turns out Shou popped up to give hotspring tickets to Ritsu’s parents so you can bet they are safely enjoying themselves. Some of Claw’s foreigner members led by Joseph doesn’t think Claw’s plan to fight Japan’s numerous police will be good. Hence they try to bring down this organization by picking a fight with the division leaders. Joseph confronts Suzuki and thinks this will be the end. However he met his match as Suzuki isn’t flinching. The destruction of division leaders isn’t merely enough to take down Claw. As long as he has the strongest Ultimate 5 (Shimazaki, Hatori, Shibata, Minegishi and Serizawa), they are invincible. Joseph manages to escape by the skin of his teeth. Apparently Reigen’s party missed Suzuki’s broadcast because they were partying courtesy of Mitsuura’s food. Shimazaki kidnaps the Prime Minister as he has teleport abilities. However Teru tries to intercept but since he lacks knowledge of his abilities, he is defeated.

Episode 10
With Suzuki and Claw taking over a tower as their base, the lower members of Claw are enough to keep those police at bay. The surrounding area then becomes a battlefield. Some of Reigen’s side wants to strike first but Reigen disagrees as they are not superheroes and have to lie low until this blows over. But when Reigen receives a call from the insurance company that the fire will not be covered by esper attacks, he gets mad that he won’t get any compensation. Hence he changes his mind to go into battle! Meanwhile Ritsu and Shou’s side make their way towards the tower but they face Minegishi. Shou’s underlings fight him so the boys can go ahead but it didn’t take long for Minegishi to defeat them with his plant powers. Reigen splits his team to infiltrate into the tower. On Teru’s side, they face off with a few Claw members but Terada betrays as he claims he is working with the enemy to get info and will gladly tell them if they reinstate him back into the team. Sakurai’s side is infiltrating from the sewers but Shimazaki is waiting for them. Mitsuura warns Reigen that Claw members are here to get them so Reigen takes Mob to hide. Of course they are sniffed out but thanks to some curse spray he got from Sakurai, Reigen puts them to sleep. Now they have to deal with Shibata. The spray doesn’t work and he only becomes stronger and madder. Dimple possesses Mob to fight back but realizes he can’t win and runs. With Shibata hot on his heels, this dude is so strong that when he throws Mob, Dimple is pushed out of possession! Luckily the Body Building Club buddies catch Mob. When Shibata comes into the picture, Musashi tries to tell him off not to bully their club member but is smacked down. The other members try to fend Shibata off but gets owned. Shibata is about to stomp Mob but Musashi uses his body to protect him. Dimple then possesses Musashi to fight back. Because Musashi has been training his muscles every day, this is the reason why he beats Shibata whose muscles are developed only from spiritual power. Of course this damages some of Musashi’s muscles. When Shibata gets back up again, this time Mob wakes up and puts him down for good. Mob parts with those guys as Dimple fills him in on what has happened. Ritsu and Shou have reached the tower.

Episode 11
Teru’s side defeated the baddies. Terada claims he was just lying to get their guard down. Yeah… However on Sakurai’s side, they’re totally routed by Shimazaki. Now this guy goes to face Ritsu and Shou but Ritsu wants Shou to go ahead to put a stop to his dad. Reluctantly he does so and easily beats up Hatori along the way since he is physically the weakest. Mob tries to stop a few punks from looting and since they look down on him, time for Mob to lecture them about thinking they’re special. With Minegishi coming into the picture, time for an epic battle. With Matsuo helping out, one of the punks accidentally breaks a spirit bottle of his. It housed Mogami as he sucks the life force of all those around. Even Minegishi is scared and can’t control his plants. Mogami wants to kill all these bad people but Mob reasons with him that they can change. Though, he can’t guarantee if he can watch them all rehabilitate so Mogami makes a deal with him that he’ll let go of this in exchange if he becomes hard on others. Shou faces off with his dad but is no match for him. Like him who has been storing up power for 3 months, Suzuki has been doing it for 20 years. He explains his journey around the world was to see if it was worth dominating. And he concluded there are no other stronger espers than him. Ritsu isn’t alone facing Shimazaki. The other Scar members pitch in to help. Everyone against Shimazaki. Why does this feels like everybody against Thanos? Although Shimazaki owns everyone, Teru is able to figure out that he cannot be in top condition if he loses concentration. Because of that, Shimazaki tries to kill this in this overkill smackdown. Teru distracts him that he is just an ordinary human who can be defeated, allowing others to do relay combos on this guy. Too bad he finally got his focus back and returns to owning everyone. He awakens to the next power level but senses Mob coming. A more powerful esper. He relishes to fight him but gets punched by Reigen???!!! Oh, he can’t detect this guy! Knowing he doesn’t stand a chance against them, Shimazaki admits defeat. He isn’t interested in taking over the world and is doing it for fun. This doesn’t sit well with Mob because their actions have disrupted lives. Instantly Shimazaki felt scared and teleports away. All that is left is the last boss but Mob tells everyone he will go alone since they are injured. Even if they can fight, they’ll get in the way. That is Mob’s take on being harsh on everyone. Reigen has Dimple go with him. Mob now faces off with Serizawa.

Episode 12
Serizawa explains how Suzuki saved him from his shut-in life. He understood Serizawa was bullied and ostracised due to his tremendous power and wants him to join his side. Afraid to leave his room, he is given an umbrella that supposedly works as a substitute. Mob tries to take away his umbrella but like a child losing his blanket, he explodes in anxiety. This makes Mob realize that Serizawa has been given the impression he cannot live on his own. Mob understands his desire to want friends but at this rate he isn’t going to make any or integrate back into society. Also, Suzuki sees him as a tool and is only being used. Ironically, Mob is the one to say. Serizawa accidentally fires his most powerful shot but Mob absorbs it and feels its sadness. Then he returns it to Serizawa. He too could feel Mob’s sadness and now understands they’re the same. Shou definitely didn’t stand a chance against his dad. He mentions about the project to make artificial espers failed. All those under Claw can do so because Suzuki lend his powers to them. This means that since they are defeated, he can take them back. Mob arrives in time before Shou is dead meat. He knows what is going on thanks to Serizawa telling the truth. Actually Serizawa couldn’t stand watching Suzuki beating up Shou and that’s why he left to face Mob. Serizawa is grateful to Suzuki for changing his life but he realizes his happiness comes from hurting others and had he knew that, he wouldn’t have left his room in the first place. Suzuki can sense Mob’s powers. Viewing him as his potential enemy, he goes on the offensive. With Dimple getting owned, Reigen knows something is wrong and takes action. With Suzuki believing himself as the true and only power and that bonds are meaningless, Mob’s beliefs are contradictory to his. He believes everyone has their own shortcomings and that’s why bonds are important. Suzuki continues to beat down Mob. Cue for Reigen to pop up. He acts confident as usual. Even suggesting to join his side. Heck, he has a way to defeat Suzuki? Let’s hear it. Rather, Reigen tries to punch him with brute force but fails of course. Suzuki is going to kill him but is protected by Serizawa. Mob gets back up. He is done talking. Maybe guys like him only learn after getting hurt. Suzuki tries to destroy Reigen first and although Mob protects them, they are flung out. Thanks to Minegishi’s plants saving them. At this point, Suzuki realizes all his men have betrayed him and is now alone. Not that he is worried about it since he has always been like that from the start. Mob’s goal to float the tower is so that he can hit him with everything he’s got in this final boss fight.

Episode 13
The epic power boss fight begins! But when Mob sees Ritsu, he loses focus as he realizes he has let the power control him. With Suzuki pounding him and bragging he is a lucky man to have such powers, Mob notes he doesn’t lack luck but bonds since he is the only one in his world. Woah. Mob using all the buildings to crush Suzuki! But instead he powers up into a different being! Mob is beaten to a pulp but what sets Suzuki seething in anger is that Mob has given up?! Really?! He realizes he is not strong enough to change him. As Suzuki continues to take it all out on him, Mob then uses his powers to contort him unimaginable! What Mob meant is that he is fine with both of them losing. With Suzuki now a ball of energy waiting to explode, Mob tells the rest to escape. But he goes back so as to help contain the explosion. Wow. Mob even lecturing him that everyone is the protagonist of his/her own life and thus it is his own decision to come back to try and save him. Even though Mob doesn’t like him, leaving him to suffer alone isn’t what he want. I guess that’s the clincher. Flashback shows Suzuki being ruthless and his wife didn’t like it. He believed power is absolute and the only thing that would get him followers. Mob tries to absorb some of the explosion but it looks like the atomic bomb just went off. In the aftermath, Mob is plucked out from the rubble. He gets his much needed rest but since their home is gone, they head to school. Too bad the Body Building Club guys think they should all go on a training camp now! I guess that incident really hit them. Next morning, everyone is shocked to see a giant broccoli in place of where the explosion was. The Amazing Lab kids want to stop becoming espers as they don’t want to misuse their powers. Mitsuura accepts that but hopes they will drop in sometimes as friends. Other Claw and Scar members try to find their footing in society again. Surprisingly, Suzuki allows himself to be arrested by Joseph since he is an undercover agent. Suzuki laments he wanted Shou to meet mom again but rest assured, he has done so once in a while. Shou lets his dad know this isn’t over yet since she has yet to scold him for turning into this. Reigen gets a new office since the insurance finally pays out. Serizawa is trying to look for a job here. Reigen hires him but first a haircut. Man, he looks different but presentable! Since Mob is his senior, he has to show him the ropes. Getting nervous? Mob then remembers the giant broccoli is due to the seeds that was in his pocket.

Rage And Honour: It’s Over 9000!!!!!!!
Oh my. I thought the final episode turned into some sort of Dragonball crossover with its insane amount of power and fighting. Cool! The world could have ended that night but thanks to Mob, everyone gets to go on living their normal lives the next day, not knowing what really happened last night. Yeah, the city was so evacuated and I’m surprised there were no people taking videos or recording this even from afar. See all the clueless people the next day? Yeah, that huge power fight that took the final battle to another level of dimension, nobody else was witnessing it?! It is a good thing that Mob continues to be Mob in the end and didn’t have to turn to the dark side or sacrifice himself to save the world. Yeah, it looked like it could have turned that way as there were a few times that we see Mob on the verge of giving up and going to cross the dark side. But was he just trolling us or changed his manner of thinking? Either way, it’s good to have Mob back and with Claw disbanded, let’s hope he can get back to his real challenge in life as a normal middle school kid. That confession to Tsubomi is still on the waiting list…

It is without a doubt that this season rocks and perhaps even more thanks to the action packed second half and Mob changing into someone much better that surprises a lot because he feels a lot like a different person although maintaining as Mob. Get it? The first half of this season might be a bit slow and so I feared that the rest of the season might be this familiar pattern of Reigen dragging Mob around to do odd exorcism jobs (sometimes con jobs too). Thankfully the first half isn’t all that boring since it is surprisingly focused on Reigen. We know this guy has been using Mob for his con jobs but what surprises us the most that he actually cares about him! I mean, we know he does take care of Mob but that is only because he is using him and so as to continue his scams. That is what we all view and knew of Reigen. So when he showed some sort of empathy and compassion towards a very conflicted Mob, wow we only thought he was heartless. We started to see him in a different light. And then he goes back to being a dick again with those arrogant and careless quips that strained their relationship for a while. It was pretty much an eye opener and blessing for Reigen because now he really has to count his blessings. And while Reigen may overall still be Reigen, at least now that he acknowledges Mob’s importance and worth (not because for his own gains), we see Reigen in a slightly better light. But still, we need to keep our suspicions on him because at the end of every episode as he narrates the next episode preview, he will eventually be talking and promoting about this series on DVDs and BDs and the likes. That’s the best way to support this series!

Things really picked up the pace in the second half. This is where everything goes off at full speed. The sudden attack of Suzuki and his Claw organization really took everything by surprise with their quick offensive for world domination. Starting with Japan, of course. In this part, it is Mob’s growth that astounds us the most. He is no longer that meek and indecisive kid we once knew a while ago. It is as though he went on a long journey to search for himself and then come back a wise sage! Wow. Suddenly he can lecture us about loneliness, bonds and friendship. But he isn’t pulling it out of the air since he has put in a lot of effort and experienced a lot of harshness to get where he is right now. So with Mob awakened on all fronts, it is indeed shocking to see that he has grown and changed in that short amount of time. It is during such times of chaos that we see characters being built and thank goodness Mob has grown up fast in that situation. But still, why all that running and jogging didn’t make him the least bit physically stronger?!

Everything happened so fast in the second half with Suzuki suddenly coming into the picture as Claw’s big boss, it confused me a little at first. Because at the end of last season, I remember Shou was calling his dad about Scar’s failure and wanted him back in Japan as soon as possible. Damn I thought there was going to be this father and son combo to take over the world. But surprise! Shou is actually on the good side? Did something happen while we weren’t watching? Perhaps. Because since when was Shou and Ritsu such ‘good friends’? And then suddenly bringing back all the disbanded members of 7th division of Scar and to fight along the good side against Suzuki and Claw, that was unexpected too. At least I didn’t foresee that. Maybe one or two of them would return but all of them? Damn, was I paying attention?

With this season, there are many more characters introduced that I think the character pool has become bloated. Many feel insignificant but some of them do play their moments like he Body Building Club buddies to prove that their friendship with Mob isn’t all muscles. Some feel like red herring or didn’t really go anywhere like Kamuro’s comeback as student council president and Mezato’s goal to make Mob the cult leader (Mob would have really become God had his heroics being known). I thought Mob might be starting get a harem of his own since Emi and Minori I feel take genuine interest in Mob. But that would be unnecessary distraction from the final battle with Claw. And I wouldn’t want that either. That Joseph guy feels a bit redundant too. I thought I’ve seen the last of him after he fled his failed attack against Suzuki and his Ultimate 5. Because it’s like as though his role was there to arrest Suzuki, that’s it. Even some of the more supporting and main characters like Teru and Ritsu weren’t that prominent, like as though they don’t want to steal Mob’s limelight. Dimple feels more like an annoying sidekick (like that fairy that always accompanies Link) and it’s like we have forgotten his ulterior motive of why he is hanging out with Mob. Will he change now after being with him for a while and seeing Mob’s true powers?

Suzuki as the main antagonist, he might sound like a typical villain but because of Mob’s great profiling of him, he turns out to be someone who is just lost. Mob understands him the best because they are the same. When you are the most powerful being that is so different from everyone else, who would understand you? Is this the reason why we never really understand God?! But it goes to show that even Mob can turn this guy over a new leaf. It is safe to say that Mob doesn’t just talk the talk but walk the walk too. Who else better but to bring someone as lost as Suzuki to his senses as Mob has went through (somewhat) similar hardships. After all, Suzuki now gets a chance to make repentance. Something he can still do when he is alive and not dead. I guess he isn’t so powerful after all now that he is going to get an earful from his wife… ;p. On a trivial note, I have always thought that Suzuki would have been an evil version of Reigen had the latter had esper powers and misused them. Must be the way they dressed sharply that made me think they are similar.

Mob might not be perfect and still has his flaws. But it is a good thing that he continued to stay true to his beliefs. He might not have the best solutions for this wretched world, but he does what he can and to the best of his abilities. After all, Mob is Mob and the best he could do is to be himself. He isn’t any superhero (although technically he saved the world or rather Japan from Suzuki’s schemes) and definitely he is no God. It might sound naïve to wish that people will turn over a new leaf and learn from their mistake, but I guess that is better than many who misuse and abuse their power. Or in worse case, victims like Mogami becoming a vengeful spirit and continue the vicious cycle. Even if having esper powers give you the right to dominate others naturally and instinctively, does it give you the right to pass on misery to others? After all, Mob is such a good kid that he doesn’t harbour any ill intentions. Even when his master is being a scam artist dick, he still believes he is a good person! Even Hitler has his sympathizers, if you know what I mean… All in all, Mob’s self-realizing statements do make much sense. Mob isn’t a psycho, it’s the world!

It goes without saying that the power action bits here take the cake. With all the espers coming in for one big battle, we will soon forget that this series is about a clueless and meek middle school boy whose extraordinary esper powers is being used by his master for his own gains. The power battles are exaggerated but epic at the same time. If not for that ‘ugly’ drawing that makes it all look cartoonish but I guess this is the series’ trademark visuals. It’s not that bad actually. Of course this makes a lot of characters look weird. Like that moment exorcists from all walks of life were called to exorcist Minori. It’s like one freaking freaky cosplay convention and a macho guy wearing bra and panties showing up among the midst! Definitely a scam! So if you disregard the ‘crap’ art, the action sequences are quite enjoyable. It’s nice to see that moment of everybody taking down Shimazaki since it has that feel of Avengers and every other heroes in the MCU taking on Thanos. Was that fight inspired by this? Well, it was nicely done. With Mob know awakened to his even more powerful esper power, I just wonder why his hair didn’t grow any longer or turn glowing blonde like a Super Saiyan. Just saying… But in this mode, Mob looks more like Boku No Hero Academia’s Midoriya.

At points I was contemplating if this series was going to turn into a horror genre because of some of the scenes that almost spooked the living daylights out of me. Coupled in with that ‘crappy’ animation, yeah at points they look scary. For instance, the family of good ghosts that Mob was in a dilemma to exorcise. It may be nothing to others but for a horror averse guy like me, even those simple drawings were enough to give me the chills. But thanks to the ‘crappy’ drawing that makes it not looking so realistic and hence I didn’t suffer any nightmares subsequently. After all, when you are dealing with the supernatural theme, ghosts and spirits have got to be something to expect.

This season’s opening theme, 99.9 by Mob Choir featuring Sajou No Hana is as epic as it sounds. Because it sounds like one big cheer and support theme for Mob. Are you ready to get psyched up? Are you ready to dig your anger up? Are you ready for the hype train?! And while the opening animation credits is filled with lots of weirdness, I guess it doesn’t get weird enough to have Mob in Lego form. Sajou No Hana sings the main ending theme, Memosepia. A rather okay rock piece if you ask me. Special ending themes like Gray (1st and 7th episode), Mabuta No Ura (5th episode) and Ikiru Hitobito (final episode) feel more like slow rock.

Overall, this second season hits all the right notes. At least, most of them. It has got a good character development especially for Mob as well as heart pounding action sequences in the later half. It sure doesn’t look like it is going to have another season, the way things ‘ended’. But who knows? An even darker and more secretive organization could be lurking and Claw was just the front! Plot twist! Yeah, anything could happen in life. Ultimately it isn’t about who has the best esper powers but whether you have them or not, it is about human relationships and bonds. Humans being the more complex creatures compared to ghosts. Because the latter either wants to scare you or hurt you or kill you for vengeance. But the former tries to be friends with you first… Heh. Took and reedited that quote from a certain famous Australian Crocodile Hunter. May he rest in peace. As long as we are alive, we still have a chance to make amends. Something that no matter how much esper power you have could never teach you. Mob went through all of that to teach us that so we don’t have to. Thanks for reminding us what it is to be human beings.

Gyakuten Saiban S2

June 15, 2019

Matta!!! Wait a minute!!! You mean after that cheesy and mediocre first season, nobody said “Igi ari!!!” for another season?! Nobody objected to it?! Maybe somebody did but objection was overruled. I guess not because Gyakuten Saiban S2 went on air in late 2018. I suppose the game that this series is based on is still popular as this second season adapts the third chapter of the game. Oh well. Time to find more contradictions and truths. And how cheesy and mediocre they go about it. Can’t argue with that. It’s the court of law we’re talking about.

Episode 1
Naruhodo is about to review his case for his trial when he is knocked out. When he wakes up, officer Mako Suzuki pins her hope on him to set her free. However, Naruhodo has lost his memories! In the courtroom, Mako is accused of killing a fellow officer who is also her boyfriend at the park. Yeah, the case must be coming as a shock to Naruhodo as he learns everything on the spot! Not bad for a guy who just had amnesia. With Itonokogiri giving his witness testimony, Naruhodo is guided by his instincts to cross-examine. Even if his brain doesn’t remember, his body does. So he notices the discrepancy in the evidence like how her boyfriend spelt out her name wrongly and using his right hand when he is a left hander. This would have set her free if not for the prosecution calling another witness, Moroheiya Takamasa. Hmm… Isn’t this guy the one who knocked out Naruhodo? He claims to have witnessed Mako killing her boyfriend. However it soon proves his sight is in doubt as he can’t see well without his glasses. Earlier on, he lost his handphone but Mako was the one who picked it up and agreed to wait and give him back so he must have misheard her name. Even if Takamasa’s glasses were found on site, what motive did he have to kill her boyfriend? Before Takamasa walks free, here comes Mayoi with evidence. A name list of conmen that Naruhodo told her to put together. Yeah, he can’t remember all that. Because Takamasa’s handphone contains info of other fellow conmen, when he saw Mako, he thought she called the cops (her boyfriend was still in uniform) and panicked. Takamasa claims his handphone is still with him and it is just coincidence it looks like the same model as Naruhodo’s. Just then, Naruhodo conveniently gets his memories back and remembers him knocking him out to take back his handphone. So he has Mayoi call his number and the handphone in Takamasa’s hand rings. With that Takamasa is found guilty and arrested while Mako is declared innocent. You know, Takamasa must be so dumb. He killed a cop but couldn’t do the same to a lawyer and at least give him some time to run and avoid this mess? Yeah, his own carelessness that’s what got his ass caught. Not Naruhodo’s skill. Oh Naruhodo, you’re the one who has all the luck, not Mako who claims herself as the goddess of luck.

Episode 2
A phantom thief named Kamen Mask has been stealing rare artefacts. One of them being the urn from Kurain Village which is being exhibit at a local exhibition. You bet Mayoi and Harumi want Naruhodo to turn detective and get this important urn back. At the exhibition, Kirio is working to manage the place. She reveals she did receive a calling card 10 days ago that a priceless exhibit will be stolen. She never thought it would be the urn because the appraiser appraised it at zero value! Then comes in the supposedly world famous ace detective, Aiga Hoshiidake whom Kirio also hired. He rants about being Kamen’s arch rival and even confronted him last night when he was here to steal the urn but let him get away to lure him into a false sense of victory. A call just come in. Kamen has turned himself in?! This guy, Yuusaku Amasugi is pathetic, weak and lame?! And what’s this? He claims he lost the urn?! WTF?! Plus, he has a wife, Mareka?! She claims her husband is a big fan of Kamen. Because of his timid nature, he looks up to such ‘heroes’. She knows he is being framed and hopes Naruhodo can defend him. This doesn’t sit well with the sisters as they claim they are the victims. They think Mareka is lying but Naruhodo believes she might not. So they go their separate ways to investigate. The sisters try to believe in Mareka and head to her house to investigate. Meanwhile Naruhodo visits Aiga’s office but he isn’t in. So why let himself in and despite knowing it is against the law to go through his belongings, he is going to do that???!!! But Aiga returns. Knowing Naruhodo will defend Yuusaku, he tells him he will also be taking the witness stand and put an end to Naruhodo whom he thinks is Kamen’s accomplice. Because you see, the prosecutor is a prosecutor whom Mitsurugi acknowledged as the best in the country, Godot.

Episode 3
Is Godot being disrespectful drinking coffee and even questioning the judge? Yeah, he claims he hasn’t lost a trial but this is his first trial! Technicalities. The trial begins with Yuusaku taking the stand and he wants to be proclaimed guilty! However Naruhodo is here to proof he isn’t Kamen. That is where Mayoi comes in to bring Yahari as a witness. He is working as a security guard and can proof that Yuusaku was also an ex-worker of the security firm, KB Security. Based from the access card, Yuusaku went to his previous employer’s building the night the urn was stolen due to a blackmail letter Mayoi found at his place. With the KB Security being 30 minutes away from his home, hence Yuusaku cannot be at the exhibit at that time. Even with Godot admitting that, now Naruhodo thinks the only person who can steal it is Aiga. He is called in as a witness as Naruhodo accuses him of being Kamen. Wait a minute. He did that without any evidence?! And he admits it too?! Thank goodness for Mareka bringing in the urn supposedly from Aiga’s office. However can she prove it was from there? Naruhodo believes he can. His own fingerprints are on it. Because Kirio cleaned the urn to make it look valuable, Naruhodo might not have looked inside the bag that contained the urn but he did touch it. Before the judge could ask the bailiff to dust for fingerprints, Aiga starts laughing like a madman. He also admits he is Kamen and doing this to find a worthy rival. I guess you can’t rival that sort of genius by creating one yourself. With Yuusaku declared innocent, however real sh*t is just about to begin. Because Godot comes in and claims the CEO of KB Security, Kurobei Busujima is murdered at the same time Yuusaku went there. Yuusaku is detained again on grounds of murder. Everyone is left in shock as Naruhodo could sense some sort of calm and deep hatred from Godot.

Episode 4
Although the urn is back, Mayoi noticed the writing on it has returned to its original position. Harumi will take it back to Kurain Village to ask her aunt. Then Kirio comes in to confess that she was the one who broke the urn. She tripped on some paint and tried to put it back afterwards. She moved a statue to cover the paint but on the day Naruhodo came to investigate, the statue was moved. The only person who could move it was Aiga but why did he did it? They head down to KB Security to investigate. Itonokogiri points out Busujima’s body was found in the safe. There is also a button on it that would send an emergency buzzer to the security room but that night no buzzer was heard. Apparently Busujima dabbled in some shady job of selling info too, probably why some want him dead. Heading to the security room that Yahari was supposed to be on duty, on that night he snuck out to go hit some chicks. Checking the log again, there was indeed a buzzer that went off on the night of the murder. Yahari is so getting fired… Next they visit Yuusaku to get his statement. He claims after getting the blackmail letter, he went there. I am surprised an ex-employee still has the access card. But upon entering the room, someone knocked him out and the next thing he knows, Busujima’s body is lying there. He hid it due to his panic and turned himself in hoping the theft incident would be his alibi. Yuusaku admits that all other Kamen incidents were his doing. However after his first job, somebody must have spotted him and continued to send him blackmail letters. Those letters also tell him his next raid and you could say the heists are all planned. After he deposits the heist, he waits for the money to be delivered. Yuusaku did all this for the money as Mareka loves to spend. With that kind of wage he earns, stealing is the better option. He once told her he is Kamen but she didn’t believe him. But definitely he didn’t kill Busujima. Next they talk to Mareka. They learn she fell in love with Yuusaku at first sight. She was working at the bank when a robbery happened. Weak Yuusaku who was a security guard somewhat (pathetically) saved her. With Harumi returning, Naruhodo seems to have pieced the puzzle together. But tomorrow’s trial is a battle of speed as Aiga is facing his own trial next door. He must drag Aiga here before his verdict is handed down.

Episode 5
Godot explains Yuusaku’s motives. In order to get money for his wife, he stole confidential data from KB Security. He was caught and fired by the CEO. Hence he murdered him. Yuusaku maintains he was knocked out upon entering the room. Everyone hears for the first time he was in Kamen’s disguise during that night. How could he forget such important detail? Naruhodo argues that only because Yuusaku/Kamen was out cold, he could not have heard the very loud buzzer. Because he would have run away instead of placing Busujima’s body in the safe. All to frame Yuusaku. Naruhodo believes the killer is Aiga. If he is accused and found guilty of theft, he cannot be charged with murder. The key is to drag him here before his verdict is passed. Aiga is summoned to this trial as Naruhodo shows the picture proof of Kamen stealing the urn that night. However this was taken a few nights before the incident. The picture shows the time but not the date. Furthermore, when Kirio moved the statue to cover the paint, Aiga panicked and moved it back so as to line up with his alibi. Even so, Naruhodo cannot prove he is at KB Security that night. Oh my. Is Aiga going to walk free and be charged with a lesser crime? I guess Naruhodo must be praying hard for a miracle. That miracle is Chihiro! Time for his ghostly mentor to motivate him to think harder. She hints Aiga said too much that proved his downfall. Because Aiga praised Yuusaku as Kamen’s biggest fan and even went to meet him on that night, Naruhodo points out that nobody knew Yuusaku was in Kamen’s outfit until today. Aiga praises this brilliant deduction and as a reward, we now need to know the whole story. I don’t know why Aiga was hiding in the dumpster when Yuusaku did his first gig as Kamen because Yuusaku went to the back alley to toss away his outfit. Aiga then devised a brilliant plan to blackmail him. Part of his bigger plan for an ace detective to fight a phantom thief and captivate the world. One night he got a bit careless and stole a ring from Busujiuma. The CEO discovered it and blackmailed him. Hence Aiga decided to use Yuusaku and frame him with Busuhjima’s blackmail letter. Once Aiga is done bragging, it’s the slammers of despair for him. With Yuusaku not guilty, he might be a free man but laments he has lost everything. Don’t worry. Mareka forgives him. She finds him brave for admitting to his crimes unlike that detective who was a coward and being sneaky. All’s well, ends well. Until Harumi thought Naruhodo was trying to flirt with Mareka. Loli power knocks out a lawyer!

Episode 6
Naruhodo and Mayoi are trying to do an ad for their firm. Lame… Samurai lawyer?! WTF?! Anyway, this is a flashback episode on Mitsurugi. 3 years after his father’s death, he is now living under Karuma’s household. Mei was more of a cute loli than a sadistic b*tch. With Mitsurugi unsure of following his father’s footsteps, Karuma is contemplating of sending him to an orphanage home! I guess he doesn’t need a useless adopted son. But after watching a few of Karuma’s victories in court, Mitsurugi did find some inspiration albeit not enough to make it his life’s ambition. One day at the shopping mall, his dog simply ran off. Mitsurugi listens to his radio for some hints. It seems his dog chased another bitc-, I mean female dog. Then this fat cow woman claims this lost dog is hers. However it is growling at her. Mitsurugi doubts she is the owner but she mentions about some of its traits. With no further evidence, Mitsurugi releases it to her. Of course we could tell this sneaky b*tch just wants to claim the reward for the lost dog. But she made a mistake by humming a song from Signal Samurai. Mitsurugi questions where she heard that song. Because it was just recently played over the radio. If she claims she has no kids, how did she know it was from a children’s TV show? Because Signal Samurai ended 3 years ago! And if she is the owner, she should pay him the reward as he was the one who found it. Fatty is mad and wants to get violent but thankfully Karuma is here. Do you want to settle this in court? Think not. This event made Mitsurugi firmly want to be a prosecutor. Karuma cancels that orphanage plan and realizes when he took him in 3 years ago, it wasn’t just out of guilt. It was to see what path this would lead to. Mayoi uploads the lame video online. Yeah, Americans think Japanese lawyers are crazy! However the video has only 1 like! It is hinted Mitsurugi saw it and liked it. So this dude is in USA now?

Episode 7
Itonokogiri barges into Naruhodo’s office to claim a phony has been using his name to defend clients and lost! It’s right here in the magazine?! It happened a month ago! WTF?! Nobody verified this for so long?! Not even Naruhodo knew about it?! They go see the accused and to their surprise it is Mako! At first she is mad at him for his amateurish defending but soon realize how different the phony was. You mean she never realized it then?! Anyway she relates her story. After quitting the force, she worked as a waitress at a café. There was a table with2 customers. She saw one of them lacing a cup of coffee with poison that killed the other. She was so shocked that she fainted. However everyone testified that there was only 1 customer at that table and that the poison was found in Mako’s apron. Mako is sure there were 2 of them as she served them. Naruhodo will get her a retrial. First they visit the café in which the gay French chef, Kaoru Hondobou. His testament is the same except for the fact he forgot to mention a medication bag of the victim in the previous trial! As the retrial begins, the victim, Takao Oka is a programmer and it is believed he was hearing a radio that announced the lottery ticket’s winning numbers. Hence Mako is accused of killing him to steal the ticket that was found in her possession. Also, Godot has examined the medication to be applied as cream and not eaten. Because the day before he got into a fight and busted his left ear. The judge doesn’t see any reason to prolong this trial but Itonokogiri won’t give up (because he’s in love) and has arranged a witness to be cross examined by Naruhodo. Shouhei Igarashi was the only other customer there and testifies the same. However Naruhodo believes he is an unreliable witness because he claims Oka used his left ear to listen to his earphone and left hand to drink from the cup (evidence shows he used his right thanks to the coffee lip stains). Even more so when he couldn’t describe Mako from the front and only from her back, which is very ambiguous. He also can’t identify the ketchup stained apron Mako was wearing that day. The judge postpones his verdict for both sides to find more evidence. As they leave, Naruhodo notices a messed up scooter. Then this hooligan threatens him not to touch it and takes off with it. So this guy is the phony Naruhodo?!

Episode 8
Checking the café again, in the kitchen there seems to be bottles of aromatherapy. But one of them stinks so Itonokogiri will take it back for testing. Naruhodo hears Hondobou talking to Urami Shikabane outside. From what is deduced, it looks like she is from a loan shark company and he borrowed money from her. Then at the park, they see Igarashi sitting around. Since he was pretty annoyed at the retrial, time for Chihiro to pop up and make this pervert talk again. He maintains what he said and also when the murder happened, Hondobou told him to call the cops. So he left the café and looked around for a phone for about 10 minutes. He also knows Hondobou has borrowed money from a loan shark. Naruhodo and Mayoi head there and are greeted by Urami. As they wait, they rummage through the stuffs. No warrants whatsoever. They find a CD and an invoice by the Shikabane Group worth 1.5 million Yen. Also there is this suit that looks like Naruhodo and it is confirmed this phony is the one, Toranosuke Shibakuzou. He is quite the ruffian but is very lovey-dovey with Urami who claims he saved her from a car accident and she owed his life to him. They are forced to leave. Returning to Itonokogiri, he reveals Urami is the only granddaughter of Gonta, the head of Shikabane Group who controls the black market in Japan. Also, Oka had also taken loan under them and as a programmer if he can’t pay back that loan, he would have used his skills as repayment. The CD contained a virus. Going back to Mako, now she reveals there was another customer other than Igarashi: Urami. They go ask her stuffs and even though she claimed Shibakuzou paid her operation in full out of love, Naruhodo can tell he was only doing it because he cannot defy Gonta. His messed up scooter proves he was the one who banged into the car and the expensive invoice, most of it was ‘compensation’. Urami sadly admits she knew it all but wanted to believe it was truly love. Because a person’s life is hanging on this case, she gives Naruhodo a medical papers. As they leave, Shibakuzou returns. He wants to pick a fight with them when conveniently Itonokogiri tackles him. He will handle this ruffian and wants Naruhodo to go save Mako.

Episode 9
Itonokogiri returns with the lab results. The bottle is the ear cream medicine but has unknown fingerprints on it. Trial resumes with Hondobou being called to the stands. As he testifies, Naruhodo calls his bluff. Because of the lottery radio programme Oka was listening it couldn’t possibly ended so soon. Because Igarashi wouldn’t have witnessed the crime then as he was not in the café yet. Naruhodo claims that Mako and Igarashi’s contradicting statements are both true because they both witnessed different events. This means Igarashi witnessed a re-enacted scene. Hondobou admits he helped hide the body but did not kill Oka. However he will not name his employer or he will be finished. Naruhodo believes it is Shibakuzou since Hondobou took out a loan with his company. Shibakuzou is called to the stands and is shown the medical papers. Behind it is written his appointment time with Oka. After Oka was killed, Mako fainted. Oka’s real body was hidden as Shibakuzou pretended to be Oka while Urami pretended to be Mako just to re-enact the scene to Igarashi before putting everything back in order. All this elaborated setup just to frame Mako. Godot argues if Oka had won the lottery, there is no reason for Shibakuzou to kill him as his winnings is more than enough to cover his loan. But Naruhodo points out that it isn’t the money Shibakuzou is after but the virus programme. You see, he also owes Urami’s medical bills that amounts to millions. If Oka won, this means his debts are cleared but this will leave Shibakuzou in a lurch. Had Oka lost, he would have given his virus CD as collateral and this is worth millions! Thus he poisoned Oka and stole his CD. To cover this, he pretended to be a lawyer to frame Mako. But even if Itonokogiri returns with fingerprint evidence it belongs to Shibakuzou, it doesn’t prove his anything because they are supposed to meet and hence the fingerprints are given. But when Naruhodo tries to explain the poison bottle containing his fingerprints, Shibakuzou foolishly denies the one in hand and describes the bottle. How does he know what bottle the poison was in? Even if he claims he saw it in the last trial, this forces him to admit he pretended to be Naruhodo. This stupidity brings an end to the trial and Mako is declared a free woman. Shibakuzou is taken away. He wonders why Urami betrayed him. As a Shikabane, they always get their payback.

Episode 10
I guess they wanted to make a spoof of the Murder On The Orient Express. Naruhodo, Mayoi, Itonokogiri and the judge are invited to ride Silver Star. It is a luxury private train made by Avery Richman from Goldstruck Republic, the typical foreigner who loves Japan that he bought up their railways and made his dream come true. Naruhodo and Mayoi are served by Rick Steam as he explains all the workers on this train are from Richman’s country. The train departs. Mayoi and Itonokogiri are on the same childish level to play some bomb squad game with their toy communicator. Is this allowed? Oh well, dinner time. A blizzard builds up and the train suddenly stops in its tracks. Itonokogiri sees a fireball and is shocked to think it is some human soul. The train starts moving again and it seems they have picked up Richman himself. All the employees now brandish machine guns to take away any communication devices from the passengers. Some are confined to their rooms and those in the dining hall have the ‘honour’ to meet Richman himself as he explains things. You see, he was convicted for murder in an American trial a year ago and is sentenced to death. Gee, how did they go ahead with this Silver Star thingy then without knowing this?! Anyway, Richman conveniently just naturalized as a Japanese and was hence being transported but managed to escape with the help of his people. What he wants is a retrial as all the evidence against him during that trial were false. You mean right here on this train instead of a proper court? Yeah, this train even has a court room! That is why he invited all those related to his case for this ride. He heard of Naruhodo’s heroics and he will be his defence attorney. The prosecutor is Yusaburou Saiga, an American prosecutor. This retrial will be broadcasted to a certain place and in the event if Richman is still found guilty, he will accept the verdict. Mayoi excuses herself to the toilet to contact Itonokogiri who is being grounded in his compartment. After learning everything, he tries to get to the courtroom but a clumsy employee shoots and a stray bullet grazes his arm. When he tries to get to the dining coach, it is missing.

Episode 11
Saiga fills in the details of the trial. Yendol Kanesky was the secretary general of America’s trade federation and was killed on stage while giving his speech at the yearend ceremony. It is believed Richman shot him since Kanesky saw Goldstruck Republic as a threat to America’s economy and wanted to kick him out. When police restrained him, they found the pistol with him. Richman insists he did not have a gun then and although the murder weapon was registered to his name, he claims someone had stolen it. Other witnesses mention a waiter with bandages on his right hand dropping an ashtray before the gunshot was heard. Before that, he also spilled champagne on an old lady in wheelchair. Suspiciously, he followed Richman to get the cloth to clean. That waiter is Gale Gaelic and before they could call him to the stand, a fire breaks out in one of the rooms. After putting it out, to their shock, Gale’s dead body lying there! Meanwhile Itonokogiri is being treated by Regina Locomoti who apologizes for accidentally shooting him (Richman gave specific orders not to harm anyone). He needs her help to contact to the outside world and gives his word he will not tip off the Japanese police who are looking for Richman. Hence he sends a message to Mitsurugi. Saiga insists in preserving the crime scene but lets Richman in since he needs to identify the witness. Upon opening the door, the body is gone! Is the retrial going to be postponed? Naruhodo and Saiga talk. Saiga might be a prosecutor but he prepares cases for indictment and doesn’t stand in court. Learning that Mitsurugi is Naruhodo’s rival, this brings back memories how Mitsurugi was the only one who could defeat him during his law college days. Because of that he ran away to America?! He only came back for a vacation but got this invitation. Mitsurugi is researching the records of Richman’s initial trial when suddenly agents tell him to come with them to see the chief prosecutor. Mitsurugi can see that there are malpractices of Richman’s trial including strange cross examinations and unnatural evidences. So if they claim America’s justice system is perfect, why summon him here when he is just looking up the records? Actually it is to show the live broadcast of the retrial. Meanwhile as Itonokogiri waits for Mitsurugi’s reply, he hears a thud outside. It is Gale’s body!

Episode 12
Itonokogiri connects to the trial room and shows Gale’s corpse. Teleportation? When he mentions about that fireball soul, Naruhodo and Mayoi remember seeing something like that. When the train went dark, it was to celebrate granny’s birthday. However one of the candles fell and burnt the cloth but was luckily put out. That was probably the fireball. Itonokogiri could only see it because they were at a path where there were several tracks. It was at that moment the coaches changed positions and hence the dining coach is not missing but went to the back. Saiga calls all this pointless but Naruhodo points out he is able to pinpoint Gale’s murderer. It is Saiga. The one they saw in the room is fake and somebody was just pretending to be Gale. When the fire broke out, Saiga went to inspect it first. When they re-examined it later and the corpse gone, the perpetrator was hiding behind the door while everyone was in shock before sneaking. The only person who appeared after that was Rick. With Naruhodo calling out Rick, he apologizes for this betrayal and admitted he was cooperating with the American law enforcement. He was asked to buy a gun with Richman’s fingerprints on it. The killer who shot Kanesky was indeed Gale and he did near Richman to frame him. Even the cops were in on it as they planted evidence in Richman when frisking him. Rick was once again put up to do this as he was threatened by Saiga or else he will expose his betrayal. Although Naruhodo believes Saiga killed Gale during dinner time when nobody was at the passenger coach, what evidence does he have to show Saiga’s motive for killing him?

This is where Mitsurugi comes in. He shows the report that Saiga’s name in charge of building this case. Gale was a key witnessed but during the American trial, he was cancelled by Saiga as an unimportant witness. This is to hide the proof that he was at the centre of the conspiracy. Even America’s chief prosecutor is disappointed at Saiga for dragging their good name through the mud. Even if Saiga says he did as the top brass ordered him to, that is precisely the reason why he will be severely punished. You see, Gale was an assassin hired by the federation. Hence there is no justice in this but only blood money. Cornered, Saiga is forced to tell the truth. When he was invited for this ride, he didn’t expect to see Gale too. They talked and it seems Gale had this idea of turning this into some blackmail stint. However Saiga didn’t want to himself to be exposed and quickly hatched a plan to kill Gale in another coach and hid his body. Gee, this assassin must be pretty rusty to be killed by a lawyer. Because Saiga didn’t foresee this retrial and others would be suspicious of Gale’s disappearance, that was why he wanted some time to prepare and that was to blackmail Rick into partaking in this plan of his to pretend to be the fake corpse. Now that Saiga is apprehended and Richman is pronounced innocent, it’s not over yet because Richman has put bombs on this coach! He has everyone evacuate but will go die himself in this explosion. This is why he rearranged the dining coach to be the last. He is resolved to do this no matter what the verdict was. Although this retrial proves his innocence, he thinks it will change nothing. However the chief prosecutor apologizes for the mistake and vows to give him a fair retrial. Oh my. Another retrial? At least this one is official. And with that, Richman realizes he needs to live and evacuates with the rest. With Itonokogiri is now a train driver and speeds up before the dining coach explodes! I guess we have had enough twists and drama for today.

Episode 13
This 1 hour special tells how Naruhodo became a lawyer. Yeah, he was accused of murder when he was a university student. Kikuzou Nonda warned Naruhodo about the girl he is dating, Chinami Miyanagi. Yeah, she’s Kikuzou’s ex. An argument broke out and Kikuzou ended up dead. Chihiro was tasked to defend Naruhodo and ironically she’s pretty nervous while Naruhodo being quite the chirpy lad. Amazingly, Chihiro devastatingly lost a case a year ago and never set foot in court until today. Man, she sure took a long time to recover. Naruhodo is accused of killing Kikuzou by way of shoving since the latter was holding his cough medicine (Naruhodo is currently sick). But can a fall kill a man? Turns out actually he was killed via electrocution by a nearby broken cable and this is supported by the university lab losing power at that time. Since this doesn’t prove Naruhodo’s intent to kill, the prosecutor then calls Chinami who witnessed the event. I guess she’s so cute that any guys would not hesitate to believe her. Anyway Chihiro finds flaws in her testimony. Because she said everything happened so fast, there is a discrepancy in the time of Kikuzou’s death (since amazingly his watch stopped at the same time). Hence there is a 10 minute gap from the electrocution and time of the stopped watch. Chihiro further accuses Chinami of wanting to frame Naruhodo. Apparently this isn’t their first meeting and Chihiro met her before. Plus, half a year ago, Chinami was in a trial that accused her of poisoning a lawyer. However she was set free as the supposedly poison was not found anywhere. But dumb Naruhodo interjects. He remembers that trial was the day they first met and he fell in love with her. She even gave him a weird pendant. Yeah, this guy wouldn’t shut up about his love and that’s where Chihiro has got Chinami cornered. Chinami poisoned the lawyer and then gave the poison in the form of a pendant to Naruhodo. Because as one who is not related to the case, he was not searched at all. Dumb Naruhodo objects to it all as he can’t believe his love cannot do all this. Especially obtaining very specially made poison. Oh yes she can. Her ex was a pharmacology student and hence had access to all sorts of poison. Dummy lover boy can’t believe it that he runs away!!!! WTF?! Can he do that in court?! Of course the bailiffs brought him back.

Chihiro wants the pendant handed over to be analysed. Guess what? Lover boy swallowed it!!! WTF?! WHAT THE FFFFUUUUU???!!! However, Chinami is b*tch laughing because since he is still alive, this proves it isn’t poison. So did the poison lose its potency after 6 months? Chihiro now desperately telling Naruhodo to tell the truth. So I guess no more evidence so taking his word as the truth? Naruhodo feels bad for acting this way when Chihiro has gone out of her way to defend him. Hence he is going to tell the truth, something he has not told the courts. I see only now his conscious prevails over his boner. When Kikuzou told him to stay away from Chinami, he warned him about some poison she stole. And last night he found some poison stolen too. Naruhodo didn’t believe this and shoved him. He ran away soon after but got worried and returned. He saw Chinami by his body and she told him to keep this a secret. With this, Chihiro puts together the pieces. Because Naruhodo did not want to give her the pendant back, she planned to poison and kill him. It’s the reason why she dated him. To get close to him and poison him. Chinami in b*tch mode now admits she is the killer but without evidence, she cannot be thrown into the slammer. That is when Chihiro shows the definitive evidence of the cough medicine bottle. This is where the poison is. Chinami’s testimony as witness for the 2 guys was a lie. She was the one who cut the cable. It took her some time to move the body and this explains the time discrepancy. She was about to put in the bottle that she stole earlier from Naruhodo but that dummy came back. No choice but to hide the evidence, she left it in Kikuzou’s hand. If she is so certain that there is no poison in here, drink it. At that moment, Chihiro is about to turn into some evil vengeful spirit???!!! But she goes back to her nice girl mode and admits her defeat. She is taken away but warns this isn’t the last she will see of her. Naruhodo is declared innocent and although sad about his love live, he has to move on and is motivated to become a lawyer to help a friend. Chihiro pays a visit to her senior lawyer in coma in hospital. She is glad she has finally avenged his poison case.

Episode 14
Oh no. Not again. This time Harumi broke a giant conch seashell that Mayoi gave her. So she pleads for Naruhodo to help her find this special seashell that seems to be available only at this certain beach and not tell Mayoi. Flashback shows that Harumi and many other women of Kurain Village are forbidden to step outside of the village. Harumi saw a photo of the sea and wanted to see the real deal. Even when Kimiko warned Mayoi not to do it, she secretly took Harumi there. Of course Kimiko found out and was reprimanded, giving Kimiko more reason to badmouth her mom and Chihiro who did the same thing and look what misfortune it brought to the village. Harumi regretted causing her trouble but Mayoi didn’t mind and gave her the seashell to remember this day. As Naruhodo and Mayoi continue to search, they stumble upon a little shrine. Oh look, it’s Mayoi taking a break from whatever ceremony. She relates how her first view of the sea was also here when Chihiro brought her here. Yes, this seashell was from Chihiro to her to commemorate that day. This only makes Harumi feel guilty. So they let the loli run off like that? As they eat ramen, Naruhodo realizes the uniqueness of the seashell is because it is actually a bowl! Hence they buy this bowl and give it to Harumi. However she prefers this old broken one since it holds lots of memories. Cue for cousins to emotional reassure their sisterly love. I wonder if they can get a refund for the bowl. More flashbacks after Chihiro gave Mayoi this seashell. Yeah, she was clumsy and dropped it. Although it was only broken in half. After that Chihiro told Mayoi that she wanted to leave the village and become a lawyer to find the truth about their mom. With a heavy heart, this means she had to throw the village head’s responsibilities to her but Mayoi accepted and will support her.

Episode 15
Going back more in time to witness Chihiro’s first trial. She’s nervous as hell as rookie and it doesn’t help her senior, Souryuu Kaminogi (definitely Godot) leaves teasing hints for her to think through. Anyway, Chihiro is to defend an escaped convict, Michiru Onamida. He is on death row for killing a girl (Chinami?) by throwing her off a bridge into the rapids 5 years ago. He claims he was framed but the policewoman who arrested him then, Yuki Miyanagi testified so. A few days ago, there was an accident transporting the convict. He escaped and wrote a note to Yuki to meet and cleared things up. However she is instead killed. The meeting place was at the same bridge where the murder took place. With Mitsurugi as the prosecutor, Chihiro has a hard time but manages to decently hold her ground. She argues Yuki who was stabbed in the back and bundled into the car wasn’t wearing a white scarf as per instructed so as Onamida could identify her. But Mitsurugi points out a damning photo of them meeting on the bridge and she is wearing a white scarf indeed. He calls the witness who took this photo. Chinami? However she goes by the name Satoko Mukui. Chihiro argues from her point of view, she wouldn’t have known Onamida put the body in the trunk. Hence she accuses her of being the murderer. Because Onamida says he drove off and had no time to put the body in the trunk, this only means that Satoko killed Yuki beforehand and planted her body in the trunk. She was also impersonating as Yuki as in the photo (the camera was on timer) as Onamida could not recognize Yuki and that’s why he wanted her to wear a white scarf as identification. If Onamida had killed her, why not just dump the body in the rapids below? So much easier. This is Satoko’s plan to frame him. Satoko uses her girly innocence to score some points. But what motive does she have to frame Onamida? Kaminogi then points out the girl he killed 5 years ago, Chinami was Yuki’s sister. However her corpse was never found and if she was alive today, she would be around Satoko’s age.

Episode 16
From what Satoko says, it sounds like as though she knows what the memo between Onamida and Yuki states. Because the memo also pinpoints Chinami’s name and to go public with the truth, Chihiro is fully certain that Satoko is Chinami. Chihiro requests Onamida to testify and tell the whole truth. 5 years ago when he kidnapped Chinami, it was actually a setup staged by the sisters. Onamida was Chinami’s tutor and was very much in love with her. As Chinami’s family had an expensive jewel, they thought of staging this kidnapping. The plan was for Yuki to make the transfer but she betrayed him. After Yuki shoots at Onamida’s arm, Chinami herself dives off the bridge with the jewel. Onamida passed out from the shock. He was then tried and sentenced to death thanks to Yuki’s lies. Onamida spent these years wanting to know why she betrayed him. That’s why he broke out to find the truth before he dies. He insists he didn’t kill her. Hence Chihiro points out that Chinami too had a motive to kill Yuki because they were going to go public with the truth. So with her silencing Yuki, it is a trap to frame Onamida and keep the jewel to herself. For the past 5 years, this guilty conscience must have weighed heavily on Yuki’s mind too. So right after Onamida called, she panicked and called Chinami. This had Chinami came out with another devilish plan that sealed Yuki’s fate. Chinami laughs it all off. He calls Onamida’s testimony a lie and that she changed her name because as a kidnapped victim once, she went into hiding. At this point, Chihiro has no evidence to prove the kidnapping was staged. Kaminogi hints to her even if there is no evidence, someone’s testimony can be used. Hence Chihiro needs Onamida to tell the whole truth. First he asks if Chinami betrayed him. Chinami says this only to him: Her life is in his hands. With that, Onamida testifies the person he met on the bridge was Yuki. As for why he came 30 minutes earlier, it was to go to a special place. He and Chinami made a promise 5 years ago and she brought a memento to represent their vow. He went there to get it. At this point, Onamida starts coughing blood. He has swallowed the poison from the memento. How the f*ck did he even bring this into court?! The promise was to trust each other till death. If not, drink the poison. Onamida fears he cannot keep the promise and might kill Chinami. Onamida’s death left a deep scar in Chihiro’s heart. It was a day nobody won nor lost. Maybe for Chinami because she gets to strike again…

Episode 17
Naruhodo accompanies Mayoi and Harumi to the mountains to Hazakura Temple where the latter duo will undergo training to boost their spiritual power. They meet the head nun, Bikini (yes, that’s her name) as well as another trainee, Elise Tenryusai. She is a fortune teller who is also a famous children’s picture book writer. Harumi is a big fan of hers so she is delighted to do stuffs with her. Elise has an apprentice, Mathis who is out painting. Naruhodo and Mayoi then check out the area. Hmm… The bridge looks like a familiar suspicious crime scene… At the inner temple, they stumble into another meek nun, Ayame. Naruhodo is puzzled that she knows him. Mayoi then notices a hanging scroll and is shocked to see her mom’s image. Wait. If she says she recognized it because of the Kurain symbol, what makes she think that’s her mom since she herself said she couldn’t recognize her? Then they meet Mathis. Yahari?! So he dislikes himself and is trying to find a new personality via painting? That night, Naruhodo bumps into Ayame again. He requests she take off her hood. OMG! Chinami???!!! It could be just coincidence since Chinami is still serving time. She gives him her hood as good luck. Naruhodo has a feeling that she definitely knows him and will ask her more tomorrow. However in the middle of the night, a scream is heard. Naruhodo rushes out only to see Elise stabbed by a sword in the back. Thankfully Bikini isn’t another corpse. Just passed out from the shock. She tells him to call the cops. A landline phone near the bridge? But the bridge is on fire. He believes Mayoi is stuck across due to her training. He runs across but the wood gives way. He falls down into the river. Don’t worry, he is still alive and somehow in hospital. Just caught a cold. I don’t know why but he has been looking at Chihiro’s case of this. It seems Ayame has been arrested for murder. But surprise! Mitsurugi returns! Yahari called him and told him (and everyone) that he is dead. Naruhodo wants Mitsurugi to defend Ayame on his behalf. The prosecutor now playing the defence? Mitsurugi sees her in detention. She maintains she has never met all of them before as she has never left Hazakura. She explains she saw Bikini and Elise together after dinner. After that, Ayame didn’t leave her room until the incident happened. Mitsurugi still believes she knows Naruhodo because he acts strange whenever her name comes up in their conversation. Ayame tells the truth that she deceived him 5 years ago and is doing this nunnery as repentance. She might not want to see him again but Mitsurugi points out he is still hurting. Until she tells him the truth. She promises to tell him the truth and Mitsurugi agrees to defend her.

Episode 18
Mitsurugi visits the site and with Itonokogiri’s assistance, he learns the bridge caught on fire because lightning struck it. Elise’s body had bruises, consistent from the fall from her room. Then interviewing Bikini, her statements are in line with Naruhodo. At first she was accompanying Mayoi but because of her bad back, Ayame brought her back to the main temple to rest. When she came back out, she saw the murder incident. Next, Mitsurugi interviews Yahari. However this painter is obviously hiding something and won’t tell. So he runs away. WTF. Also, Harumi has been missing and was last seen in Elise’s room. The trial starts and Mei is the prosecutor. Because a prosecutor can’t be a defence lawyer, hence they changed the judge. WTF?! Can they easily fool him like that?! Isn’t Mitsurugi famous?! Yeah, just say it’s your imagination. WTF???!!! Bikini gives her witness testimony but is quickly overruled by Mitsurugi since it contradicts about Ayame not leaving her room after 10pm and hence never been to the inner temple. Bikini is very sure she saw Ayame because of her usual getup. Again overruled because she gave her hood to Naruhodo. With a warning to tell the truth, Bikini explains at about 11pm she saw hoodless Ayame stabbing Elise from the back. While this might sound like a guilty verdict for Ayame, Mitsurugi objects. If Ayame truly stabbed Elise with the sword, the entire sword would be covered with blood instead of just the tip. This could mean the sword wasn’t the murder weapon and despite Ayame’s fingerprints on it, doesn’t prove her as the murderer. Although Bikini believes in what she saw, she didn’t actually see the murder being committed. She already saw the sword was already in Elise. As for the real murder weapon, Mei argues that there were snowmobile tracks near the river and it could have been thrown in here. The rapid currents make it hard to retrieve. Bikini testifies that only Ayame had the keys to the snowmobile. Because Ayame will not confirm, her silence is confession. But before the judge can hand down the guilty verdict, here comes Yahari to object! He is going to save his beloved Ayame. WTF?! Can he do that?!

Episode 19
Yahari says the snowmobile wasn’t to commit murder but to inform everyone about dinner. Mitsurugi notices a 45 minute gap when the lightning struck the bridge and Yahari calling the police. So Yahari was so inspired by the bridge on fire that he was sketching it?! Yahari reluctantly shows them what he was drawing. The bridge on flames and somebody flying over it?! That’s supposed to be Ayame?! That’s why she didn’t need a snowmobile?! Unbelievable! Yahari also picked up a crystal believed to be from Ayame’s hood at the foot of the bridge. It has bloodstains on it and he thinks Ayame fell and injured herself. Mitsurugi objects to his testimony. Because his drawing indicates Ayame was wearing her hood, unfortunately she gave it to Naruhodo. Also, the crystal is too big to fit on her hood and proof shows it was from Elise’s staff. Mei argues Elise didn’t leave her room that night so Mitsurugi points out the possibility that the murder didn’t take place at Hazakura. She was killed somewhere else, her body brought back to the temple to make it look she was killed there. Sure, it might take 10 minutes from the bridge to the temple but that’s what the snowmobile is for… With this deadlock, this is what Mitsurugi has been aiming for. Due to the inconclusiveness of the case, the judge has to adjourn this session and order a new investigation. With Mitsurugi’s job over, he passes over the baton to Naruhodo. Is this guy okay to do the job? Mitsurugi updates him about the case while he goes investigate Ayame. He felt he has seen her somewhere before. With the bridge fixed, Naruhodo and Itonokogiri head across. Naruhodo finds a new lock at the inner temple. And then Harumi pops up. She feels guilty for what happened and then runs away again?! WTF?! Naruhodo notices curry on the hanging scroll. If that is not bad enough, Godot returns since he will be facing him as the prosecutor. He explains the trick lock can only be open by the person who set it and that was Ayame. Godot then explains how he died once but it took a lot of effort to bring him back. Read: Hospitalization. He hints that without his mask, he cannot see. Investigating the stone lantern, there is no snow around the base and it is believed this is the murder scene. With Mayoi still missing and possibly stuck inside the inner temple that temperatures could reach below freezing levels, Godot accuses he will send another woman to her death. He accuses him of killing Chihiro. Despite the baddie was prosecuted, this will not bring Chihiro back. Godot believes Naruhodo who was there was the only one who can protect her. He hates it when he calls Chihiro his mentor but he robbed his life. That is why he will never accept Naruhodo. Oh Naruhodo, not the time to be in despair now. Then he sees Mayoi’s name on the stone lantern.

Episode 20
Itonokogiri explains because Mayoi’s name was written backwards, it could mean it was written from the victim’s point of view. Hence the police believes Mayoi is the killer. More discoveries as Naruhodo picks up Elise’s pendant and realizes the mark of Kurain on it. Also, an almost burnt note that spells out this crime in detail! Talking to Bikini, he notices her strange way of addressing Elise. Bikini reveals that Elise is actually Maiko! She came here a week ago because she was worried about the bloodline of the main family is dying and was here to stop it. Because only the main family can become the head, there are assassination plots from branch families. Like last year’s case that involved Kimiko. With this revelation, here is another one: Ayame is also Kimiko’s daughter! Not shocking enough? Ayame is the younger twin of Chinami! Damn, it feels like they’re making this up. When Kimiko’s husband realizes they cannot become the family head, he took the twins and left but decided to give one up to look after Hazakura. A short earthquake occurs. Worried Naruhodo heads to the inner temple only to see more locks! Ayame decides to try and unlock them but it will take some time. Come back tomorrow. That night, Mitsurugi returns. He is investigating Elise’s staff and what do you know? There is a hidden sword in it! It’s covered with blood! You mean he never tampered with the staff like he did now with Naruhodo? Off to the forensics. He has also researched about Ayame. However he tells Naruhodo the heart breaking news that Chinami cannot be implicated in this case. Because she was executed last month! Is Naruhodo confused or sad?

Naruhodo then returns to talk to Ayame. Because he knew he talked to her before the bell rang and that she was also seen at the inner temple, this could mean there were 2 Ayames! WTF?! He explains actually somebody channelled the spirit of Chinami by a medium. Impressed with his deduction, she knew about this but never said a thing because as a traitor who was supposed to be part of that fake kidnapping, she was afraid to be implicated and hence don’t want to get in Chinami’s way. This kidnapping was supposed to be Chinami’s revenge against her father who abandoned mom because she couldn’t be the head. Naruhodo asks one last question. Did Chinami say anything about a guy she dated after that poison case? Yes. She hates him. Oh well. The truth hurts. Let’s hope he can get over it for good. Naruhodo then sees Harumi hanging out with Yahari. He thinks she channelled Chinami. The note was written by Kimiko for her. Because her vocabulary isn’t that good, she misinterpreted a line and hence threw curry on the hanging scroll. Harumi reveals she visited Kimiko the last time and was told about this to help Mayoi. Damn, Kimiko planned all this even before being put in prison? However she claims the seal on the note was already broken. Meaning, somebody else read it first. More revelations as Harumi says after dinner, she didn’t go to Elise’s room but went to the inner temple. She was supposed to help channel Chinami’s spirit but couldn’t summon her no matter how much she tried. The only explanation is that somebody else channelled Chinami’s spirit already. Meanwhile Kimiko in prison is relishing that Harumi has done her bidding well without knowing the truth (how does she know? Did Chinami’s spirit report to her?). Once this is over, Harumi will become the next head.

Episode 21
If Ayame will be testifying today, who will be trying to unlock the locks? Mei?! Can she do it?! The trial begins with Godot pointing out Ayame would like to confess to the crime. She admits to being an accomplice of covering the crime up to cover for Mayoi. She lied about not heading to the inner temple that night. When Mayoi was getting ready for her training, Elise showed up and attacked her. She took out a small knife to stab Mayoi but Mayoi stabbed her back in self-defence. Naruhodo objects to her testimony as lies. He shows the staff that has a hidden sword. Also, Elise is Mayoi’s mother. What intention does she have to kill her daughter whom she has not seen for 17 years? Naruhodo is puzzled why Ayame is trying to frame Mayoi. However Godot also shows the small knife with blood on its tip as the murder weapon. The blood is currently being analysed. However Godot panics when he cannot see that blood writing on the stone lantern. Ayame claims she moved the body to the main temple via snowmobile. However Naruhodo points out another contradiction. The bridge was on fire. He has proof that the corpse was ‘flown’ over. Remember Yahari’s drawing? It’s a complete contradiction. Huh? Describing Yahari’s drawing of the bridge is slightly different, it is because Yahari was drawing it upside down as he was sleeping when he saw the incident. This means the ‘flying’ body was actually being swung under like a pendulum. Where to get a string that long? The wires of the suspension bridge is long enough. Furthermore, bruises on Elise’s body as well as her crystal being knocked off from the landing impact proves this. However, who is to receive the body? Ayame. Wait a minute, if she was sending the body, somebody has to be there to move it? That’s right. It’s Ayame. Remember, she was seen by Bikini at the main temple. Are you confused? Naruhodo points out there were 2 Ayames. Hence he claims the Ayame here is not Ayame but Chinami! She might be dead but this is not impossible for those in the spirit channelling trade. Also, Ayame gave her hood to him that night. But at the same night at the inner temple, she was seen wearing it. Showing the burnt note that was written by Kimiko, Naruhodo points out Ayame switched place with Chinami during that short period of earthquake before the addition of multiple locks. That is when Ayame drops the act and reveals herself to be Chinami. Remember me, boys? I’m back.

Episode 22
Chinami doesn’t even try to hide her identity. She’s dead after all. What can they do? When Chinami was in prison, it was easy to see Kimiko as she told her the plan. This entire plan was to kill Mayoi and install Harumi as the next master of Kurain. Chinami agreed to help as she too had a personal agenda against Chihiro. However she died and the only way to get her revenge was on Mayoi. Chinami tells the whole truth. She was materialized about 9.30pm, put on the hood and switched places with Bikini. Taking the dagger from the store, she cornered Mayoi at the stone lantern and tried to kill her. Strangely, she had no memories after that but knew Mayoi stabbed her because she was the one who wrote Mayoi’s name on the stone lantern to cast suspicions on her. The next time she wakes up, she is inside the inner temple’s cave. She couldn’t get out because of the lock and it took her hours. When she finally did, Ayame came by. Chinami forced everything out of her, tied her up and put multiple locks after that. At that point Chinami realized she was under the assumption that Harumi was the one who summoned her. However it then dawned to her it was Elise. How else to explain Elise’s body lying at the stone temple? Mayoi must have felt so guilty of killing her mom that she killed herself by jumping into the river. Naruhodo objects that Mayoi isn’t the person to do all this. Godot receives a call that the locks have finally been removed. They only find Ayame inside. No Mayoi. With Chinami screaming victory, Naruhodo realizes there is 1 possibility where Mayoi is. Who is channelling Chinami now? Definitely not Harumi because she is here in court watching. Therefore Chinami is possessing Mayoi’s body. Chinami is distraught because who could have told her such a plan? Nice timing for Chihiro to return! Via Harumi of course.

Although Chinami claimed she was stabbed by Mayoi, Chihiro says that Mayoi passed out before her. Hence the real killer was the one who stabbed her. Chihiro left a note for Mayoi what to do and the best way to protect herself from Chinami is of course to channel her. She had to do it fast because otherwise it would be Harumi who would have channelled Chinami and it would be very tragic if the loli killed Mayoi. Naruhodo calls Chinami a failure since all her plans ended up that way. Yeah, it happened so many times that it is not funny anymore. They used her own quote against her. Even though it is impossible to punish the dead, Chinami will forever be a weak loser and she lost that chance to redeem herself when she was executed. Chinami is mad but Naruhodo and Chihiro shoo her out of Mayoi. That was easy. The judge is about to hand his verdict to Ayame but Godot objects. Elise’s killer is still unknown. This means putting Mayoi on trial but since she is unwell, the court will take a short recess until she is ready. Naruhodo tries to get Ayame to tell her the truth. She admits she did receive orders to take the snowmobile to move Elise’s body but refuses to say the killer’s name. Naruhodo talks to Chihiro one last time before the trial resumes. They know the killer knew the plans all along and was on the side of the inner temple as the bridge was not crossable then. The rest is up to Naruhodo to think. The judge discloses the blood on the weapons. It is the staff. As for the knife, at least it is not the blood of Elise. The trial resumes and Mayoi is back on the stands. Again.

Episode 23
From what Mayoi says, Naruhodo believes she knows who the real killer is but is trying to protect him. But how can she identify him clearly when there is no light? There are some things you can identify clearly in the dark. Naruhodo has the courtroom off the lights. What do you see? Godot’s visor’s lights! He also deduces that Godot cannot see red colours on white backgrounds, that is why he cleared the snow around the stone lantern. As for his motive to kill Elise, it is rather he protected Mayoi. She is after all the younger sister of his love. Time for Godot to tell his side. He was smitten by Chihiro because of always putting in the effort. It all began going downhill when he got poisoned by Chinami. When he came out of coma, Chihiro was already dead. Hence he only had 2 reason to live. It was to see what kind of man Naruhodo is and to protect Mayoi. After Kimiko got arrested, Godot knew it wasn’t over by a long shot. He went to Kurain and eavesdrop and found that note. He could have destroyed it right away and end it there but he wanted to play along with Kimiko’s plans. That is when he contacted Ayame and Elise to cooperate. The plan would have worked well had Harumi be with Elise that night but instead she went to the inner temple. Hence Elise had no choice but to summon Chinami first. Godot hid himself there just to make sure Mayoi was safe. The rest he leaves up to Naruhodo to finish. Even with Mayoi pleading not to, is she trying to obstruct justice?! Anyway, Naruhodo points out the knife has Godot’s blood. Mayoi objects since he was trapped on the other side, how could he have changed his clothes or hide his wounds? It won’t be impossible if that would is behind that visor! Because Godot saw Chihiro in Naruhodo’s vigour, so he is admitting defeat?! Godot now admits that he doesn’t really hate Naruhodo but himself as he was the one who failed to protect Chihiro. Instead of facing the truth, he ran away and hid behind a mask. Him becoming a prosecutor perhaps wasn’t just to save Mayoi but his own broken soul. He isn’t sure of it now if it was the motivation to protect Mayoi when he stabbed Chinami with the sword and in return Chinami slashed him with her knife. Godot praises Naruhodo for never running away from Chihiro’s death. Is Godot crying blood?! Oh, must be his wounds opening up.

Before the judge hands down the verdict on Ayame, he gives her a chance to say a few last words. She apologizes to Naruhodo about her twins’ despicable act. After all, they only met twice. The first time she gave him the bottle and the second was when she killed Kikuzou. So the 6 months they’ve been dating was actually Ayame taking her place! She didn’t want Chinami’s soul to be further tainted and hence offered to do the job to get the pendant back. However she became impatient when Ayame couldn’t accomplished it. Ayame feels guilty for deceiving and hurting him but Naruhodo has always believed in her. Even now. Damn this episode trying to make us feel the feels with people crying? Mayoi, Godot and now Ayame. So the case ends with both lawyers drinking to a cup of coffee? Cheers! The judge declares Ayame not guilty. Good for Naruhodo, even Mitsurugi congratulates him. Mayoi is reunited with Harumi and Naruhodo’s confidence boosts even further with the voice of Chihiro praising how he saved everyone. Something that she couldn’t. Damn, I hope this doesn’t mean he is the next Jesus Christ! Because if so, igi ari!!!!!!!!!! And Chihiro hoping they would meet again? I hope she didn’t mean when he dies! But don’t you worry. With more court cases coming up, you bet Chihiro will materialize from time to time to deceive the judge help Naruhodo out.

Hung Jury: Verdict Not Returned
May those dead souls rest in peace. I suppose justice is served. Even if God doesn’t bring divine retribution to you, Naruhodo and the Japanese justice legal system will! Even if you’re dead! Haha! Damn, I sure love it if reality really operated in such a way. I suppose Godot won’t be facing his trial in killing Elise because you know, he killed her in self-defence. And because he cried tears of blood that suddenly turn into normal tears (is something spiritual messing with our vision?), I think this gives him a free pass to say that he isn’t guilty of whatsoever and absolve him of his crimes. Yeah, he convinced us enough not for him to think that he would be convicted. Godot sure played everyone. Damn, I sure love if the courts use emotions and feelings to decide!

I wonder why this season had such an odd number of only 23 episodes but I figure that if they split up that one hour special, they would still end up has 24 episodes just like last season. This season feels more like, uhm, how should I put it, like as though everything is related. Especially with many of the characters in many of these cases. We also get a few flashbacks on the past of our main characters and to our surprise, Naruhodo had a girlfriend? Last time I said how this world is so small that some witnesses were recalled twice in separate cases. It also feels the same here with Mako being accused of murder twice! Same detective to work on the case. Same judge. Same defence lawyer. Same verdict. Wow. Is this what you call a precedent?

Hence just like last season, it follows the familiar pattern of how the trial proceeds. You wonder why they can’t bring out the damning evidence and explain it all and instead they present whatever evidence they have now and then one thing leads to another. I know it is for entertainment purposes because everything that has been said or shown will have some sort of consequences that is evident as the next lead in the case. No red herrings. Or at least every dead end clue has a reason to it. Otherwise it’s like wasting your time with unrelated facts. Everything presented is somewhat related, I suppose. I guess it is only logical if you want to get from A to C, you have to get through B first. So once all the evidence and the circumstances are presented in a way that the guilty party has no way out, then comes the verdict. Wow. If only real life cases were this simple and easy.

And I’m starting to see the power of igi ari. Because when you nail the person giving testimony, you can see such superb special effects that blow the person away! Yeah, everyone has their own special unique reactions but I guess the more damning your counter evidence to the lies, the greater the effects will be so much so that a hurricane can blow and destroy the courtroom! And then be fixed back to normal in the next scene like as though everything never happened. Must be all imagination, huh? No wonder the lawyers are waiting for this chance to point out igi ari. Yeah, but it gets unbelievable with spirit mediums now trying to cheat the law. Are there law provisions for the dead?

Chinami feels like the biggest link and factor linking to almost everything that had happened this season and what probably led to her ultimate defeat. She feels like the ghost of the past that keeps haunting you forever. Hence she is this season’s biggest antagonist and thorn in the side of justice since the final arc is the longest trial in the series, spanning 7 episodes (most trial arcs only last the most at 4 episodes). How convenient. She had a twin to fool us and pull a fast one. But I saw it coming from a mile away when Mayoi went ‘missing’ in the last trial arc and it wasn’t really Ayame on the stands. Uh huh. If I was the lawyer, that trial would have only lasted 1 episode as I would have pointed out Mayoi was being possessed by Chinami who isn’t Ayame on trial. But then again, I would have been chided for lack of evidence for that conclusion. I suppose my guts aren’t conclusive evidence enough. I wonder if Kimiko the great mastermind has another plan up her sleeve seeing this one failed. Like as though she saw her first plan failed and quickly made this backup plan just in case. And what if Plan B also failed? Maybe she too thought of having Plan C… Yeah… Please don’t let her be executed and come back as another vengeful spirit as the ultimate move. We’ve had enough of that this season already.

But you know, it really gets a bit silly with the final trial that they bring in spiritual factors as evidence but then again, logic isn’t supposed to be the strongest evidence here. Get what I mean? Remember, in the court of law, evidence is all that counts and most important. Therefore whoever has the evidence and the better logical argument of it has a better chance in winning the case. So with such spiritual factors being hauled into the trial, not to say it is all BS, crap and illogical. At least in this world’s setting, the existence of spirit mediums and channelling are valid. All that is left is to connect the dots. Yup. Going by this logic, you can still charge a ghost with murder so long you can present your evidence and convey your points. After all, this isn’t the weirdest thing that has happened in the courts for this series.

Having said that, I still feel the courts here are somewhat of a joke. So much so that people don’t really take this seriously and the courts feel more like a place where people come in to discuss what happened. Uh huh. We see almost everybody acting so disrespectful while the court is in session that you wonder if the circus is in town. Uh huh. Witnesses (AKA clowns) who can even tell off the judge or barge into the middle of a testimony, Mei still whipping everything, Godot even drinking coffee and getting his cuppa like as though some hidden bartender slide it into his hands. All this would never fly in reality and you would be charged with contempt of court! And everything in the end looks like a spectacle, an entertainment. For us viewers, of course. But if you put yourself in the shoes of these characters, you would soon understand why the courts all look like a big farce. I guess now the judge has seen spirits possessing and leaving a body, why is he not surprised about Chihiro? Oh yeah. Spirits are eternal. Can come back temporarily via medium. Okay. Cool with that. WTF?! As long as you are assertive enough, you can really control the court. Not the judge. Yeah, you be the judge of that. You can fool him all the time if you’re convincing enough.

The biggest slap in the face was my understanding that when you are accused of both crimes and if you are found guilty with a lesser one, you cannot be charged with the other. WTF???!!! Haven’t they heard of the rule of being charged with multiple accounts and crimes?! So they’re saying that if I kill somebody but have no proof to charge me for it and instead charge me with damning evidence that I stole a little boy’s wallet, I cannot be charged for murder? Are they saying I can get away with murder?! Oh my! No wonder we see perpetrators being so confident in courts because they think they can get away with it! And they would if it’s not for that meddling Naruhodo…

Lady luck must be smiling on Naruhodo so many times because he has been freaking lucky to have won all his cases so far. And that lady luck takes the form of Chihiro. Case in point when he lost his memories in the first episode! Damn, he fumbled his way successfully! I dare say he has not lost any cases at all. At least not the very important ones. With his impeccable record, this guy’s reputation would have soared and many would have sought his services. I don’t know about his wealth status but he still looks pretty same. I mean, I don’t really see him riding his bicycle and wearing his mini backpack. But thank goodness his sense of justice is still so great so I suppose he isn’t blinded by money and greed. But overall, Naruhodo mainly remains the same. In the sense that he still panics and looking around thinking hard for clues when the prosecutor corners him. Sometimes Chihiro helps him but more than often, he manages to figure out the contradiction. Yeah, the courts also feel like a big game of objection. This season feels personal since Naruhodo has to deal with his former lover who turns out to be one scheming b*tch whether dead or alive. Thank goodness his sense of justice is strong, eh?

The last time I said Mayoi felt like a useless character. She still is. Still the happy go lucky girl who is always at her own pace and sometimes the way she nonchalantly does things, you can say it might put Naruhodo in jeopardy. If he ever loses a case, there is a good portion that Mayoi is to be blamed. And so Mayoi in this season once more feels like a damsel in distress. Last season she was accused of murder and even kidnapped in that season’s final arc. Now, she went missing and is still accused of murder! Do you not agree with me that trouble should be her middle name? WTF Harumi trying to set up Naruhodo and Mayoi as a couple? I think that would be the greatest disaster ever! Their romance better not happen! Igi ari! I’d rather see the cheesy romance between Itonokogiri and Mako. Hopefully the latter is slowly opening up to this clumsy guy. By the way, since it was the real sweet Ayame that dated Naruhodo, are there chances of them getting back together again? I suppose everyone has moved on. It would have been a different battle and a more complicated one that the law doesn’t cover… ;p.

With Mitsurugi and Mei missing sorely this season, it felt that their temporary return was only so to satisfy fans that they are still around. I mean, these are important characters too, right? Last season saw the rivalry between Naruhodo and Mitsurugi going head to head on opposing sides. This time, Mitsurugi has to abruptly return from his trip to America to side with Naruhodo in a few cases. Yeah, they should already join forces already. At least Mitsurugi had a reason to make his cameo but Mei feels just forced. She was really unnecessary and only for some slight variety. Because if Godot was the prosecutor Naruhodo faced every time, that would be so suspicious. Like as though there are no other prosecutors in the land. Sure, there are but they aren’t as famous or even noteworthy.

Godot as the other new main character, yup another weirdo. Like what I said about almost everything about this season feels related. So Godot is on a grudge mission to defeat Naruhodo because he couldn’t save his junior. That’s very grand of him blaming Naruhodo for something that he could have a slight chance of preventing but how is Godot himself any different? Because for him to let his guard down and got poisoned by Chinami, that says it all. He is no different. Now he looks like some sort of robo knight with those strange visors that supposedly gives him sight. Sure, he finally admitted his mistakes and made his peace with Naruhodo. Was he just playing the villain? Because while I thought of mostly seeing him as one who just wants to get in Naruhodo’s way, but what if all those objections are just a way for him to ‘teach’ Naruhodo to think harder? As I’ve said, Naruhodo still feels like a rookie lawyer and probably that is what pisses Godot off so he has to tell him off he hates his guts for him to improve. I mean, it’s not like Godot is a bad person. Just bitter. Like his coffee. Haha! Oops… Damn, can he still drink coffee in court? Just act a bit tough and scary and the judge will be too afraid to question you. Besides, that other judge we have for ‘variety’, is his brother???!!! Damn, I thought he looks like some bearded troll! Not kidding! Santa guy and troll guy as judges… This is really some f*cked up justice system. Trivial note: I have a theory why Kaminogi chose Godot as his new moniker. As I know kami is Japanese for god. And ki is the general word for tree. Hence, god of tree. God of t. God-of-t. God-o-t. Godot. Geddit?!

This season with Rina Satou helming as the voice of Chinami and Ayame, she really sounds sweet and devilish both at the same time and even depending on which mood she is playing. Next time when I remember her other gentle anime characters like Minami-ke’s Haruka and Sunohara-sou No Kanrinin-san’s Ayaka or her tsundere type character like a certain biribiri character in a certain scientific railgun series, I’d be sure to remember this very devilish and sly character that may send shivers down my spine. And Hiroaki Hirata as Godot, I figured he needs a break once in a while as that Straw Hat Pirates’ cook. As for the art and animation, still weird as usual with some character designs really weird. Like Aiga being some sort of nightmare Pinocchio. And the worst offender of it all: The horrible CGI of the observers.

This season’s first opening theme, Never Lose by Tomohisa Yamashita feels more like some mild techno dance music. Not to say that it is appealing but I guess it is much better than the second opener, Reason also by Tomohisa Yamashita. Because this techno dubstep song sounds so gay! I know the singer’s voice is soft and the first opener also sounds a bit gay but it isn’t as bad as this one. It has gotten bad enough that some of the English words and tune are now stuck in my head!!!! GET IT OUT!!! Even odder, we see all the main characters doing that trademark objection finger pointing pose. IGI ARI!!! MAKE IT STOP!!! Halca sings Starting Blue, the first ending theme. A lively tune with some synthesizer effects. Come to think of it, much better than the gay openings. But I suppose the best one and the biggest shocker is the second ending theme, Beautiful Days by Coala Mode. This is quite a beautiful slow ballad and even though it doesn’t match the frenzy and illogical pace of the series but after all that court madness, I think this is a great song to listen to and wind down.

My overall sentiments for this season mainly still remains the same as last season. Lots of cheesy but fun moments especially how the court systems and the lawyers arguing and duking out feel more like a big showpiece to show how cool you can object. At least they know how to entertain and amuse us with their legal rhetoric and style. Sadly, it wasn’t the contradictions and the truth that awed us ;-). I would want to object to another sequel should the producers decide that another season should be in the works for being an insult to the legal system (heck, like I know anything about it) but I figured my objections would be overruled anyway. Besides, it could be fun to see more igi ari moments from Naruhodo and the bunch of clowns lawyers taking their stand and day in court in the name of justice. Are they making a mockery out of the justice system? Goes to show how complicated the legal system has become. Igi ari!

It sounded so much like a porn title or at least one that is fit for an eroge. Seishun Buta Yarou Wa Bunny Girl Senpai Wo Yume Wo Minai is also a mouthful to pronounce but despite its suspicious title, it has nothing to do with porn or sexual fantasies. Sort of. Despite the very alluring promotional poster of a girl in a Playboy bunny suit (probably that’s what got me to watch this). Instead it deals with Puberty Syndrome. Isn’t that the phase where teenagers go through by being rebellious against their parents, get a tattoo, listen to punk metal music and getting all emo? Sorry. Anime wouldn’t be anime if it based on all that. Maybe. But here, we have dealings with being invisible, Groundhog day, doppelganger, body swapping and personality disorder stemming from amnesia. Yikes. Am I watching the Twilight Zone?

Episode 1
Sakuta Azusagawa is at the library when he sees Mai Sakurajima dressed up as a bunny girl. Is she a ghost because others don’t seem to notice her. Then she notices him watching and tells him to forget what he saw. Can he? Sakuta has his own fair share of ‘problems’ back home because his sister, Kaede is quite clingy to him due to a trauma. But she still can make a witty quip. Sakuta: Damn you’re heavy. Kaede: Because half of it is filled with my love for you! OMG! Buranko! On his way to school, Sakuta asks his friend, Yuuma Kunimi about Mai. She was a famous child celebrity but is currently on hiatus. Ironically, she’s so famous and Sakuta haven’t heard of her? Does he not watch TV? But Sakuta finds it odd that he notices she has no friends at school if that’s the case. Apparently this school has a very strong unwritten law of ostracising people. Once you’re an outcast, you are forever considered one. That is why, Yuuma’s jealous girlfriend, Saki Kamisato telling Sakuta to stay away from him. Not that she is worried if they developed some gay relationship whatsoever. You see, Sakuta has a past reputation of fighting others and landing them in hospital. Saki has to leave in fear that she may be associated with him and become an outcast. At the train station, Sakuta somewhat ‘saves’ Mai from an unauthorized photo that a so called fan wants to take. As they talk, Mai seems to know about his reputation too although he scoffs it off as wild rumours. He never denies them because he thinks it is all part of the flow so it’s pointless to fight it. Now it’s her turn to explain her bunny girl act. She started acting as young as 6 and soon became famous. With everybody looking at her at a celebrity, at some point she wished there was a world where nobody knew her. When she started noticing people ignoring her, she thought it was just a prank. But soon more and more people are starting to ignore her. Hence she is going around places to see if the same thing is happening. I mean, the bunny girl suit is sure to turn heads, right?

Sakuta starts explaining this Puberty Syndrome thingy that has become some sort of an urban legend. To help make her believe what he said, he brings her back to his place and undresses! Rape scene?! Just kidding. It is to show him the hideous scars across his body. He isn’t sure how he got them. Long ago, Kaede got bruises all over her body but it was caused by cyberbullying. Not even physical bullying. It started when she posted on some site and got on the bad side of a popular girl. Everybody started targeting her. Then one day when she came home, Sakuta saw with his own eyes the bruises just popped up on her. That’s why he believes this Puberty Syndrome is real. The truth behind his own rumours is that he was the one hospitalized because one day he woke up bleeding. Sakuta thinks Mai should go back to showbiz and if she is all over TV, people won’t ignore her. But this hit a nerve and she stopped interacting with him since. Sakuta then sees a journalist, Fumika Nanjou who has some info not known to the public on why Mai is on hiatus. Sakuta then sees his senior, Rio Futaba to ask the possibility of suddenly becoming invisible. If it’s not Puberty Syndrome, it could be the case of Schrodinger’s Cat. After a while, Sakuta realizes why Mai didn’t come to school. Could it be nobody could see her now? He rushes home to find her sitting outside his doorstep. Looks like she can’t even buy food now.

Episode 2
Sakuta and Mai shop at the mart. If she is invisible, would others see floating things when she picks up stuffs? Apparently anything she touches becomes invisible too. Sakuta has done some research on Mai and believes there was a rift between her manager who was also her mom. She explains that despite it was written in the contract, Mai didn’t want to do a swimsuit shoot. This made her realize her mom never cared anything for her except making money off her. Even so, Sakuta believes that is all the more reason she should go back to work to clear things up. When she learns he made a deal with Nanjou, Mai warns him about taking the media lightly. He and his family will be hounded. Mai calls Nanjou and wants her to stop publishing pictures of his scar (that was part of the deal). So Mai instead is willing to give her a big scoop that she will return to showbiz soon. As she will be going back to work and have no more time to have fun, their logic is that they will go on a date? On that date morning, Sakuta is on his way when he sees a little girl crying. She lost her mom. He is about to help but Tomoe Koga kicks him thinking this lolicon is going to kidnap her! Realizing her mistake, she wants him to kick her ass back? Too bad the policeman catches them thinking they’re doing something kinky in public. They are released after having their statements taken but Sakuta is already late for his date. Luckily for him, Mai is still waiting but not thrilled.

The date is on but Mai wonders why he is going this far for her. When Kaede had Puberty Syndrome, nobody believed her. Now that Mai is supposedly experiencing one, he wants to be there for her. Mai can tell it is because of a girl. He admits there is a girl he likes. He met Shouko Makinohara and fell in love with her. It is the reason he transferred to this school as he saw her uniform. However there were no such records of her. He still likes her because she got her back on his feet when he was down. Mai shocks Sakuta as she calls her mom here to sign a contract, signalling she would go back to showbiz. However mom cannot see her! She thinks it is Sakuta who called him and is less than amuse of this prank. Heck, mom doesn’t even remember she has a daughter! This is too much for Mai to take so she doesn’t want him to pursue this further. Later when he calls Nanjou, she can’t even remember who Mai is! Sakuta thinks if they go to somewhere faraway, some might still remember her. So technically the date still continues. As they take a train to another town, Sakuta asks random strangers if they remember Mai. Nope. Never heard of her. In the small room they rent, Sakuta calls Yuuma and surprisingly he still remembers Mai. So he calls Futaba in hopes she can help solve this Puberty Syndrome. The room is so small that it isn’t surprising they share the same bed. So they exchange naughty teases if they want to kiss or have sex. It’s not happening. I know. He vows never to forget her and she thanks him for not giving up on her.

Episode 3
Even animals like this cute doggie ignores Mai. So sad. By the time they return to school, Futaba tells him the bad news that everyone including Yuuma has forgotten about Mai. Futaba believes only they haven’t forgotten because they didn’t really sleep (Sakuta couldn’t sleep a wink. He was after all lying next to a girl). Futaba continues her explanation how she is not being observed and hence the entire school is her Schrodinger’s box. There’s more but I don’t really understand. With Sakuta fearing of forgetting Mai if he sleeps, hence he is forcing himself to stay awake. Those energy drinks better do their job. Because Futaba has slept, she has become part of the statistic. Worse, he is in the midst of having midterm exams. I guess everyone is thinking he is burning the midnight oil. Man, he is looking like a zombie. Mai even thinks so and helps him tutor. Eventually he is too tired and falls asleep. When morning comes, he sees a notebook that he has written for himself. A strange bunny girl? It is safe to say that Sakuta has forgotten all about Mai and thinks this diary who wrote is all a bunch of crap. Mai’s name is mysteriously blanked out. Even Futaba gives some not to him. They’re not even sure what this observation thingy is. As Sakuta takes his final midterm exam, suddenly he starts to remember Mai. Some of the buzzwords used during tutoring start bringing those memories back. Ashamed, he runs out from the exam hall and into the field. Then he screams at the top of his voice that he loves Mai! Repeatedly! Boy, this is so embarrassing. Yeah, the entire school must be thinking how desperate this loser is. And then here is Mai. Telling him off how much of a nuisance he is. They talk (cheesy dialogue included to ‘assure’ their love) before Mai screaming at the top of her voice to dispel the fake rumours on Sakuta. Now that Mai is back to the centre of attention, it’s safe to say that now people remember her. In the end, Futaba doesn’t think that scientific methods aren’t really effective when the Puberty Syndrome is caused by teenage instability and warped worldview. As he has proven, a mere confession was enough to turn it on its head.

Episode 4
Sakuta asking Mai to go out with him. Hardly exciting since he has been saying it every day. So she’s like rejecting him every day? She says her upcoming play has a kiss scene. He doesn’t want her to do it. Is he her father now? It seems this isn’t her first kiss as she hints it was with him. Really? Can’t remember. Hints? Not telling. She trolls him if he wants to redo it. Of course. Close your eyes. He just kissed her tamagoyaki. With Sakuta also trolling he is getting less interested because she is showing no interest, she agrees to go out with him. Next day, Sakuta feels weird. Is the day repeating? Everything looks and sounds the same. So with the same conversation with Mai, he manages to do his best trolling. Since she isn’t interested, he’ll find another love. Instantly she agrees to go out with him. Later Sakuta spots Tomoe hesitating to go out with a guy named Yousuke Maezawa. Next day… Same thing! Groundhog day? He sees Futaba for a solution but apparently according to the internet, many others are also feeling they are repeating the day. She explains about Laplace demon. As everything is bound equally under universal laws, by observing every atom and using some formula, you can predict its precise location of anything. However that would require an immense time for observation and it would be useless if you cannot do it within a second. Hence Laplace demon is one who has that knowledge. So for Sakuta to break out from this loop, he must find that Laplace demon who is acting differently than the rest. So could it be Tomoe because she is now hiding underneath the table. However she too is experiencing the loop. But they have to hide since Maezawa is coming in to look for her. It seems her friend, Rena Kashiba likes him but Maezawa likes Tomoe instead. She doesn’t want to be an outcast because of this love triangle. A little struggle from the cramp space occurs as Tomoe falls on top of Sakuta. Maezawa returns and sees this. Not good. And then Mai comes in and sees this. Really bad. Don’t talk to her again. It’s over.

You think Sakuta would not worry as tomorrow will reset itself. Behold! It is 2 days later! So he goes to talk to Futaba and she ends up ranting about being jealous watching Yuuma and his girlfriend since she has a crush on him. What?! But the issue he needs to settle right now is to clear things up with Mai. It was just last month he publicly confessed his love to her. At the café where Sakuta and Yuuma work part time, it seems Tomoe will also be joining them. As Sakuta takes orders from Rena and co, they seriously asking if he is going out with her. They’re worried because this happened so soon right after Mai broke up with him. They warn him if he is fooling around. Later Tomoe wants a favour but Sakuta knows what’s going to happen. He knows she wants him to pretend to be his girlfriend at least until the first term ends. Ironically his reputation didn’t deteriorate after that public confession and is now ‘popular’ among the juniors for his guts! Since Tomoe is afraid of losing her only group of friends, they have to make this pretend date real. So go on a real date? Well, it’s not like Sakuta is bound to anything and is in fact looking forward to have fun. Late that night, Mai rings on his doorstep. Why didn’t he come to explain himself? Damn, you just never know what a woman thinks!

Episode 5
Mai hears his explanations but won’t get mad because he’ll get turned on if she does so. So she really thinks he is a perverted masochist? She still feels something odd for him to do all this. He says Tomoe’s case reminds him very much like Kaede. Since Mai will be away for a while for a commercial shoot, this is not her dress she is giving him to sniff in her absence. Rather it is for Kaede to wear. Kaede lights up and looks like they’re friends now. Sakuta asks Yuuma about Maezawa and it seems he has a girlfriend in another high school and likes to badmouth his exes. Sakuta meet up with Tomoe for their date at the aquarium. She tells him of her past as a plain Jane so he tells her it doesn’t matter what she used to be because all that matters is what she is now. Tomoe wonders why he is doing this for someone he rarely knows. I don’t think kicking each other’s butt is the answer she’s looking for. Even if he is an outcast, why still do so? He likes to be the pillar of support even if the entire world is against him. For Tomoe, she wants to be liked by everyone, at least not hated. Later Sakuta visits Futaba to ask her conclusion about this Laplace thingy. It is believed the looping was caused by her ‘rolling the dice’ until she is satisfied with the outcome. Of course she isn’t aware of this because if she was, she would have been the demon herself. Once again, Saki confronts Sakuta of talking to Yuuma. She’s also complaining about Yuuma hanging out with Futaba. Why don’t you ask them yourself? Time to cut the conversation when Sakuta sarcastically claims she is butt hurt because of constipation! Yuuma then tells Sakuta the bad news that there are rumours that he and Tomoe are f*cking like rabbits. While at the train station, they can hear people snigger this. With Maezawa mocking them, Sakuta sneers back and the jerk punches him. Sakuta fights back but plays dirty that makes him look like a fool. Not so funny now, eh? If you don’t like to be embarrassed, stop doing stupid things. And he makes the boldest declaration that would clear those funny rumours: HE IS A VIRGIN!!! He takes Tomoe and run. For a while there, she really felt like his girlfriend. She also somewhat admits she is a virgin and never had a boyfriend before. Because all her friends said they had one, she too wanted to be in and went with the flow. With Rena giving up on Maezawa, this case is closed. Tomoe wants to repay him. Simple. Just be his friend. It’s not like she could find anybody else, right?

Episode 6
Sakuta wants Mai to tutor him in a bunny suit. She does so! His grade better improve now. Sakuta then goes to date Tomoe before the start of the summer vacation. Yeah, they’re making plans on how to end their relationship. No biggies. Let’s just say he still loves Mai and they had to break up. Day is over, go home and sleep. Next morning when Sakuta wakes up, guess what? He thought it was a joke but it’s not because yesterday is repeating itself again! Groundhog day once more?! It seems Tomoe is unaware of the day repeating itself. Seeing Futaba for an answer, if Sakuta isn’t Laplace then it could only mean 1 thing: Tomoe is lying. So after a couple of more loops and dates with Tomoe, Sakuta decides to do something different. This time their date is at a shrine and after writing their wishes to make their love come true, Sakuta assures he is the only one lying. Then Sakuta wants Tomoe to drop the act. From what I understand, Tomoe might be repeating the day in hopes that he could change his feelings for her. He assures that will never happen if it is a billion times. Tomoe tries to come to terms with her feelings and end this once and for all, hoping they can still remain friends. Then she blames him for being so nice to him and hence these feelings. After all that I hate you, eventually she screams the loudest I love you. Now she can cry her heart out. Now, this doesn’t really make time flow back to normal. Heck, Sakuta realizes time has reset back to when he experienced the first Groundhog day! So everything was just a simulation of the future? Sakuta trolls Mai to be his girlfriend. He trolls and distracts him to give him a peck on his cheek! Don’t push it for one on the lips. Sakuta then sees Mai rejecting Maezawa because she hints she likes Sakuta. He assures he is still her friend but she says it is she giving him the privilege to be her friend. For the rest of the days, everything played out exactly like it happened before. And there’s some scientific explanation from Futaba about quantum entanglement on how Sakuta was the only one in the world to get dragged into this sh*t. Not really understanding this sci-fi crap theory! When Sakuta and Mai are walking home on a rainy day, they see a little girl trying to shelter an abandoned kitten with her umbrella. Sakuta offers to take it in when the girl gives her name: Shouko Makinohara.

Episode 7
Kaede must be conflicted that Sakuta might want an even younger sister than her! Yeah, Shouko is much more polite too. She does come by to visit the kitten. Sakuta sees Futaba (new hairstyle?) about Shouko’s case and she believes it must be that myth of everyone has a doppelganger. While Sakuta is hanging out with Mai, suddenly they see Futaba walking into an internet café. Does she frequent a place like this? They try to find her and since they can’t, Sakuta calls her. She picks up and this is where ‘trouble’ starts. Because Futaba just walked before them and she is not on the phone! Sakuta manages to grab her as she explains how true the doppelganger thingy is. Yup, that Futaba he met earlier was her doppelganger. And it seems the clone is taking over her life and now Futaba can’t go home and hence hanging out here. Sakuta is so kind to let her stay at his place. Will Mai approve? Nope. That’s why she is staying too. Huzzah! Kaede worried his harem is growing… But she will accept his flaws and love him! So if Mai and Futaba will sleep in his room, sorry Kaede, onii-chan isn’t going to sleep with you but in the living room all by himself. So now we get to Futaba’s sci-fi explanation of this quantum teleportation thingy. Don’t get it. Naturally. It seems she thinks she is observing herself and what happens when both are conscious in observing the other? Doppelganger situation. In case of that 2 people cannot exist at the same time theory, after all, Futaba didn’t actually see herself. That night, it isn’t Kaede sneaking in but Mai. Some moments that hint she wants him to kiss her but he blunders and the mood is off. Damn. So fragile? He tries to play psychology that he might fear women if he gets rejected. Don’t worry. She will let him practice as many times until he gets it right. But I guess it’s not tonight. Next day Shouko visits and Futaba sees for herself this little girl. Sakuta goes to school to see the doppelganger Futaba watching Yuuma playing a basketball game. Sakuta learns Futaba fell in love with him when he offered his bun when it was like a warzone for her to get one at the stall. Is that how cheap her love is? Stop with the corny cornet jokes, Sakuta. This Futaba wonders if he thinks she is a fake. He thought so but realizes both of them are the real deal. Later it’s that b*tch Saki confronting Sakuta again. But this time she shows him uploaded pictures of Futaba taking sexy selfies of herself. Is she into some shady business?

Episode 8
Talking to Futaba about this, she says she created an account last summer just to get some attention but realized there was nothing to post about. She started hating herself when her body matured too fast and got the attention of guys. Meanwhile Mai’s agency wants to ban her from dating but she puts that decision on hold so she could consult Sakuta. He agrees with it since she just got back into showbiz so it is better to be the good girl for now. I don’t think that’s the answer she’s looking for but whatever. Now Sakuta talks to the other Futaba and she also says something similar about hating herself. The problem could have been solved if they just go back to being one but they have diverged too far and this isn’t exactly Sakuta’s problem per se. You should solve your own problem. When Futaba receives a very creepy stalker message, she gets scared. She wants Sakuta to stay at her place for a while. She talks about her fear of being alone and was worried when Sakuta got a girlfriend, she would be alone again. The same case when Yuuma got a girlfriend. Sakuta gets this idea of calling Yuuma to meet up with him now by feigning Futaba is in trouble. He really rushes to meet up and this brings Futaba to tears as she is relieved to hear she isn’t alone. Then they play sparklers till morning and Futaba tells Sakuta to save her other self as she is in a much worse position than her. He returns home to sleep but the next morning, he learns from Kaede that Futaba went out shopping but never came back. Since she didn’t take her handphone, I guess Sakuta has to cycle all the way in the typhoon to Futaba’s house to ask about her whereabouts. Yeah, try the school. There she is. It seems she is jealous in seeing that group photo of them playing sparklers. She thinks the world isn’t big enough for the both of them and will disappear since her counterpart is doing a much better job of living. Sakuta doesn’t give a damn and tells her to just come for the fireworks. Just then, Sakuta collapses. He wakes up in hospital and no serious condition. Sakuta then talks to Futaba outside that it is okay to hate herself. It isn’t that his own life is tolerable either. Futaba is interested to go see the fireworks now but Sakuta points out it is not him he should be telling. She sums up her courage to make the call and the moment she says her intentions, she disappears. It seems she called her other self on line and now they are one again. The trio meet up at the fireworks. Futaba whispers something in Yuuma’s ear and the cliché convenient of fireworks make it inaudible to us. But she doesn’t want him to give an answer as she knows what it’ll be.

Episode 9
It’s the start of the new school term but Sakuta has not seen Mai anywhere. When he finally finds her on the streets, she doesn’t recognize him and finds him creepy. That is actually Nodoka Toyohama (from the idol group, Sweet Bullet) and she swapped bodies with Mai. Sakuta can tell this is Mai the way she steps on his feet! You see, Nodoka is Mai’s younger half-sister. Same father but different mothers. Last night she popped up at Mai’s place and didn’t want to go home. Next morning, they realized their bodies were swapped. Until they get back to normal, they must live each other’s life. This means attending each other’s school. I guess they have nothing to worry about since they have no friends so everything will be okay if they don’t talk to others. Sakuta talks to Nodoka about her beef with Mai. Although she looks up to her, she still hates her in some ways. I guess the best way to get it off her chest is to talk to Mai directly. She admits of living in her shadow since young. She is jealous that Mai can do things effortlessly when it takes years for her to achieve the same. Because of that, mom always yells at her she should be able to do the same. So she hates her more? The feeling is mutual for Mai but without the thoughtlessness of their dad, they would never have met. Of course Mai can’t allow Nodoka to stay at Sakuta’s place. This means poor Kaede thinking her brother is really a gigolo bringing another new girl home. As Sakuta watches Nodoka in an acting shoot, suddenly she starts hyperventilating and collapsed. Talking this out with Mai, it could be she realized the insane expectations and burden Mai had to carry and panicked. Sakuta asks Yuuma if he knows what it’s like to have a perfect older sister. So he calls Saki who reluctantly explain about hers. She was the school’s previous student council president (not that Sakuta could remember) and got into a top university. Saki doesn’t like or hate her but finds it annoying that mom always compared her to her sister. Mai gives Sakuta a spare key to Nodoka’s place. He goes there to talk to Nodoka and inform Mai doesn’t care wasn’t worried at all. He thinks she should naturally smile like she did instead of trying to put on a fake smile that imitates Mai. When Nodoka is in the bath, Sakuta is tempted to peek into the tatami closet that Mai earlier warned him not to.

Episode 10
With all the new women Sakuta brings home, Kaede thinks she must do her part of moving forward. So I guess it’s a big step for her to get out of her pyjamas and don her school uniform. Nodoka’s reshoot went well. After 12 takes. With Mai leaving Sakuta a message that father wants to have dinner with him, this prompts Nodoka to ask about his family. After Kaede was diagnosed with Puberty Syndrome, mom couldn’t take it and was hospitalized. Dad went with her and basically dumped Kaede to him. They’re living separately now and because they’re his parents, it’s not like he hates or loves them. When Sakuta meets his dad and ask for parenting advice, dad thinks he knocked up a girl! NOT YET! Dad relates they were at a lost when Sakuta was born as every day was filled with worries and uncertainties. Sakuta and Nodoka are invited to Sweet Bullet’s concert. Nodoka watches in awe as Mai performs flawlessly and even covers a member who slips up. Sweet Bullet announces Nodoka will be the lead vocals of their next single. Nodoka’s heart breaks seeing her mom congratulating Mai and so happy about it. It was a smile she had never seen before. She thinks mom always wanted Mai instead of her. So sad that Nodoka tries to drown herself in the sea! Sakuta had to convince her that Mai doesn’t hate her and can show proof. Inside the tatami closet is a box filled with letters sent by Nodoka to Mai. This is proof she still loves you. Still not convinced? Here’s Mai to explain the rest. Mai was also so busy that she didn’t even have time for herself. When Nodoka was introduced as her sister the first time, she saw the joy of her looking up to her. That motivation kept her going. It all boils down mom’s love is probably due to the hard work she put in. Still complaining? Mai slaps… Sakuta! Can’t damage her face for tomorrow’s photo shoot. When her mom congratulated her after the concert, she could felt she was shaking and was worried the whole time. Nodoka always wanted mom to praise her and make her happy since Mai was only always what she talked about. So be yourself and do what you want instead of what she tells you. Cue for full crying to be allowed now. With Nodoka accepting she doesn’t have to be like Mai, suddenly the duo revert. It’s not body or mind swapping. It felt like the weirdest CGI of shape shifting! WTF! So I guess Futaba’s explanation for the body shape shifting was the sisters envying each other’s position. Sakuta thought his lovey-dovey days with Mai are back. Too bad Nodoka is moving in! Yeah, argument with mom as usual. But more problems at hand. A photo of Mai and Sakuta is circulating. Scandal on the cards…

Episode 11
A press conference is held for Mai to explain. Japanese adults sure love the drama and romance of the young ones, eh? Thanks to Mai being open and cool in handling them, soon this case dies down. Sakuta receives a letter from Shouko to meet at the beach. I’m sure he wants to go but how can he get Mai to trust him he is not cheating on her? How does he show his loyalty? By screaming out I love you in public! Please don’t. Any other ways? How about a deep kiss? Please don’t. Okay, she’ll let him. As they leave, Kotomi Kano who was Kaede’s old friend and classmate needs to talk to Sakuta. Nice guy needs to see this so he has Mai wait for Shouko on his behalf since she recognizes her. Kotomi talks about hoe bullying was a hot issue in their old school. After Kaede transferred out, the bullies received death threats. They too stopped coming to school and this bullying issue died down. Kotomi feels guilty because as Kaede’s friend, she did nothing. She tried to forget about this whole incident and would have until that scandal dating picture of Mai and Sakuta popped up. Sakuta rejoins Mai but since it’s getting late and Shouko not showing up, Sakuta leaves a message in the sand (that he already got a girlfriend!). Hope the waves don’t wash it away. Back home, Kaede has made a list of things to do. It’s admirable considering her case even if most of them are things to do with onii-chan. When Shouko calls, she explains she was sick and also the reason she didn’t visit recently. When asked about the letter, she wasn’t aware of sending any. Kaede braves herself to try and answer the phone from Mai. It literally took all her strength to do so. Congrats! Apparently she wants to be independent because at this rate Sakuta cannot marry! Because girls who marry him must take Kaede as part of the package! Can’t argue with that. But I’m sure Mai would gladly welcome her. Sakuta dreams of Shouko telling him life is a series of trials trying to make you a kinder person. She hopes to become that with each passing day. Kaede makes an even more elaborate plan to walk outside with Sakura. Frequent breaks are the key. Once ready, she clings on tightly to him. Let’s do this. But halfway she wants to give up and before she knows it, she’s already outside. Tears of happiness. One small step for Kaede, one big step for Kaede’s future. Slowly, Kaede is able to ‘exist’ outside in longer intervals. One day frolicking at the beach, that is where Kotomi sees her. Kaede gets scared and doesn’t know who she is. That is when Sakuta reveals a secret to Mai about Kaede: She has no memories of her old self.

Episode 12
2 years ago, Kaede woke up with no memories of everything before. The doctor diagnosed that due to the mental stress, she lost her memories to escape her painful situation. Sakuta knew he was dealing with a different person because everything she did was obviously different to how the old Kaede did things. When he noticed strange bruises randomly on her, at the same time mom was starting to show signs of breaking down. Also, he got that scar on his chest. He was hospitalized but doctor couldn’t find a definitive answer and thought it was self-harm. Depressed, he snuck out of hospital and met Shouko. Her positive words moved him and gave him hope to live. So when their parents moved out, dad hopes Kaede will recover and to take her time because they will always be waiting for her. The problem is, if the old Kaede reappears, what will happen to the current one? When Sakuta hands Kaede a book from Kotomi, there is a note inside saying she wants to be friends with her again. It seemed like some part of her memories may have returned before she collapsed. Kaede is hospitalized but no biggie. Sakuta calls Mai to update her on this and he also believes that the old Kaede may be reawakening and if that’s the case, the new one might disappear. Since Kaede overheard that, she tries to expedite her wish list, especially going to school. It’s hard for her to even walk in public as she is flip flopping between wanting to give up and carrying on. Even if she is so afraid, she still wants to make it to school. Sakuta promises to make that happen but first a little break. He takes her to the zoo. This lightens up her mood. He also gives her a yearly pass for her to come here as many she times she wants. Then they sneak into school at night so she could have a ‘preview’ of what to expect. This gives Kaede motivation that she really wants to go to school tomorrow. Next morning, Sakuta is in shock because he can tell that the way Kaede acts and talks, the old version is back.

Episode 13
Sakuta calls his dad to inform him about Kaede. Currently she is in hospital to be monitored. Though no physical damage but doesn’t remember the other Kaede, the doctor deduces that the gap in memories may destabilize her so it’s best to monitor her for now. Unfortunately it is Sakuta who cannot bear this. He becomes destabilized as he screams and cries his way home. Thank goodness Shouko shows up. The grown up one. She takes him home and takes care of him. Sakuta is so depressed that he isn’t really happy to see this girl again. Hence Shouko reads Kaede’s diary from the day of her ‘inception’. From her observations of her new family to her brother bringing home new girls and the recent list of goals. She knows Sakuta has been regretting the whole time and if she doesn’t do something, he might end up thinking he couldn’t do a thing. She doesn’t want him to have regrets when she disappears. She wants him to be happy and leave lots of memories before she goes. Sakuta still isn’t convinced because Kaede tried so hard and it’s like betraying her hopes. Shouko believes Sakuta is feeling sad proves how important Kaede is to him and how much a big place she holds him in her heart. Sakuta, you can continue crying louder now. Next morning, Sakuta is still like a zombie. Shouko left a note that she has gone. Then a voice recorder from Mai has him calling her to tell what really happened to Kaede. With life slowly seeping back to him, Sakuta realizes that Shouko, both the teen and loli never appeared again. Asking Futaba’s advice on this, she can only deduce that Shouko is his imaginary friend.

Mai takes a short break from filming to visit Sakuta. Though he is happy, she sees that note from Shouko. Oh dear. Mood just sour. No matter how long he explains himself and that nothing actually happened between them, it’s safe to say Mai is still not impressed. She’s going back to work. He’s fine, right? That’s all she needs to know. Man, he sure shot himself in the foot. Looks like Sakuta is going back to depression by being clumsy at work. And a talk with Nodoka, she knows Mai isn’t that petty to be bothered with that. She trusts him. So why? Because didn’t he know it was Mai’s birthday?! If Sakuta rushes now and takes the shinkasen, maybe he can catch up with her… And rush he did. But Mai is waiting to pick him up. With all that spamming from Nodoka, of course. So they go to some place to talk things out. He apologizes. She explains she knew he needed someone to be there for him and that it hurts that it wasn’t her. Sorry for not being there when you needed me the most. Mai trolls him with a kiss but it is just to pinch his cheeks. He likes that, doesn’t he? Kaede is discharged from hospital. She must be embarrassed after reading her diary. But she still wishes to go to school and is not afraid because she is not alone.

Do You Like Horny Bunny Girl Senpai?
Well… That was a pretty normal and anti-climactic ending. Is this considered a good ending? Kaede returns to her normal original self. Hence the final episode is somewhat a 24 minute goodbye from Kaede and Sakuta coming to terms with it. Yeah well, it’s strange he only got to know the real Kaede for like 2 years and he found it hard to part ways. Was this Kaede more fun? Maybe. But super cute! Not too sure about the original Kaede but she sounds a bit mundane. Sure, for us viewers we just got to know her but it remains to be seen if the other one will return. Hence future Kaede will have split personalities and switching forth in between. Heh. I won’t count that out. But I’m gonna seek Futaba for an explanation if I ever get confused on that one.

Overall, the plot and story of this series is really nothing special. It is more of the strange predicaments that the characters are facing that is somewhat the more intriguing part. In a sense, I guess that could be considered the general story but generally it just goes something like this. Sakuta’s normal high school life is interrupted when he notices some sort of irregularity especially with one of the girls he knows or related. They try to figure out what is happening and doing something about it (which isn’t much) and the problem is solved. There. That’s just basically it. Not with a lot of fanfare so some may go, “Huh? That’s it?”.

Hence the strange phenomenon are not actually sci-fi moments if I should say. What do I mean? Although the strange phenomenon the girls experienced in this series may look like some sort of mild sci-fi situations, they are more like inner demons that the girls need to conquer and overcome in order for the problem is solved. That is why I said in my previous paragraph that they don’t really need to do anything much or anything that is too drastic. With Sakuta’s help, a lot of drama, talking and self-realization is all it takes for the problem to literally go away and things reverting back to normal. At least, that is how I see it.

Indeed, the issues at hand that the girls faced may still sound and look sci-fi worthy. However you know me, I am really dumb when it comes to sci-fi moments and stuffs. Although I still continue to watch such series in hopes of ‘getting smarter’. Ultimate fail, of course. They aren’t really that bad but with Futaba using some sci-fi mumbo jumbo, even if it is in the simplest form that dumb viewers like me are supposed to comprehend, I just can’t. My brain just automatically shut off to prevent a meltdown. Really. I believe that such theories aren’t really far-fetched and there are lots of such notions and ideas floating around the internet (too lazy to Google, of course) so I’m taking Futaba’s word that in some sense, the theories are somewhat interesting. Just not interesting to a level that I can understand them. Also, watching these girls experiencing sci-fi phenomenon isn’t anything new. Since it reminded me of Kokoro Connect, another series that deals with strange sci-fi-like situations among a group of high school friends. Also not forgetting the Monogatari series but with way less supernatural elements.

Thus the characters play a vital role in retaining the intrigue of the overall story. As I have said, many have their own issues to deal with and overall if you look at them, they’re just normal and ordinary people with nothing really interesting to their background per se. Even with Mai and Nodoka having some sort of proxy rivalry because of their mothers, this background setting isn’t exactly all that exciting if you think about it. It is just enough as a setting for the sci-fi phenomenon to take place and drive the pace of the arc to last for a few episodes. Because the series likes to plant small cameo hints in current episodes for the next arc (like mini Shouko’s appearance), so I thought Mai would be getting another arc of her own considering the media sounding like they’re going to have a field day with the scandal of her having a boyfriend. Too bad that turned out to be a red herring as it was surprisingly ended as fast as it started. Otherwise we wouldn’t have time for the final Kaede’s arc, I think.

I do find that some of the character interactions to be interesting and hence funny and amusing. Especially Sakuta who is the main character has his own brand of witty sarcasm. He isn’t exactly the most sarcastic guy in anime but saying those lines in his deadpan voice can still be funny. Doubling this ‘comedy act’ is his ‘partner in crime’ Mai especially when they started dating. Can they be one of the best couples in anime? Because they hardly use their emotions and with them being sarcastic to each other, it’s probably the glue that sticks them together (maybe the sex jokes did the trick). Then there’s Kaede who is just as cute as she is tragic. Before her arc, she feels more like a side comic relief character especially with her one liners. I can never forget her comeback of how she commented on her own weight gain as Sakuta thought. Yeah, that was pretty classic. Maybe I’m heavy too because half of it is filled for my love for some 2D waifu… And who could forget how she is always shocked with Sakuta bringing home a new girl in every new arc… Sakuta sometimes being frank or playful with his personality, I guess that is why many girls think he is such a perverted pig. Hence every episode’s next episode preview’s trademark line of calling him one. That’s my Sakuta. A total pig alright. Don’t take it from the girls. Even Sakuta himself said it to himself finally.

Sometimes I feel this series might be a sleeper harem series. Instead of having all the harem girls at once, each is given their own focus when they become the ‘star’ of their own arc. In a way, Sakuta’s harem is spread out throughout the series. But calling it a harem may be a little stretch because it isn’t like all of the girls have romantic interest in Sakuta. Not that I can see. After all, Sakuta helped them out so maybe there is. Or not. Even being Mai’s boyfriend feels pretty bland since Mai is often away ever since she got back into show business. Futaba is more interested in Yuuma, Kaede overly relies on her onii-chan more than anything and Nodoka looks up to her half-sister. There may be some feelings from Tomoe but for now they’re just remaining their status as friends (or at least butt kicking buddies). All in all, these girls are mainly featured prominently only in their arc and in others when they are not, they feel more like background characters. For example, Futaba is just some lonely mad scientist explaining what she interprets the problem Sakuta tells her. Kaede is a stunted little sister with a few traumas (can’t even let phones ring) who relies heavily on Sakuta. Tomoe is just Sakuta’s co-worker at the café and Nodoka the idol. That’s all there is to them.

Probably the TV series was too short to feature all the girls because the only one missing her own arc is Shouko. So far her presence in the series can be considered as baffling and a red herring because we are not really sure if this little girl is the Shouko that Sakuta knows or an entirely different person who coincidentally shares the same name. Or maybe she too is having her own Puberty Syndrome but is put on the back burner as Sakuta solves the others who are more pressing at hand. Or like Futaba puts it, just an imaginary friend. But we see others interact with her. What if all those are just in Sakuta’s mind and point of view? Everything is perception. So she may be some guardian angel of his since she swooped down to him in the final episode just to get him back on his feet when others couldn’t. I guess when Sakuta is there for other girls, who is going to be there for him? Therefore as far as the TV series is concerned, Shouko is still a big mystery. Maybe that is why perhaps the sequel that is coming out in mid-2019 in the form of a movie may focus on this. I thought Saki should have her own arc too seeing she is the only girl who sort of hates Sakuta. It would be interesting to see some sort of sci-fi phenomenon befalling on her because the irony of needing to rely on Sakuta to eventually get out of her predicament. Then she can fall for him. Ah, the tsundere role that every harem needs.

Art and animation feel pretty okay but sometimes I can’t help feel that it is also sometimes a bit bland. I know, characters here do not have strange body part shapes (One Piece comes to mind) nor do they have a variety of colourful hair or hairstyles to really tell them apart. For example, I sometimes get confused when I see Sakuta and Yuuma because these generic guys look so generic that I could be mistaken the other for the other. As for some of the girls, I thought I have seen them somewhere before. Like Saki whom I thought was inspired from To Aru Kagaku No Railgun’s Misaki. Seriously. Maybe that’s why her character is also like that. Then there is Nodoka whom I thought was Eri from Love Live but with less smiles. Coincidentally, looking at Mai brings back memories of Mai from Izumo: Takeki Tsurugi No Senki. Futaba could be To Aru Kagaku No Railgun’s Shinobu in disguise. Just add glasses. I’m starting to think this series may be taking its design inspiration from To Aru Kagaku No Railgun because doesn’t Shouko look like Ruiko? Take away the flowers, Uiharu would actually be Tomoe? Heck, even their school uniform resembles very closely… This series is made by Cloverworks who did Persona 5, Slow Start and the second season of Gyakuten Saiban.

Voice acting, I didn’t recognize anyone except Nao Touyama as Tomoe. I haven’t heard Satomi Satou in a long time so it was a surprise that I just found out she was behind the voice of Nanjou. She didn’t have many lines either too. Maybe I did identify her but did I forget? Huh? Oh dear. Do I have Puberty Syndrome too? Nope. Just a forgetful person :(. The rest of the casts are Kaitou Ishikawa as Sakuta (Iida in Boku No Hero Academia), Asami Seto as Mai (Asagi in Strike The Blood), Asumi Tanezaki as Futaba (Mizore in Hibike! Euphonium), Maaya Uchida as Nodoka (Eruza in Killing Bites), Yurika Kubo as Kaede (Hanayo in Love Live), Inori Minase as Shouko (Hestia in DanMachi), Yuuma Uchida as Yuuma (Yaichi in Ryuuou No Oshigoto) and Himika Akaneya as Saki (Yatsumura in Mahou Shoujo Site).

The opening theme is Kimi No Sei by The Peggies. While this rock outfit isn’t that all bad, I wonder if it is suitable for a dramatic series like this. Considering the pacing of the show, the lively pace of the rock music sometimes feels out of place since the song is a bit frantic itself. Maybe it is supposed to reflect the storm that Sakuta is facing. But the ending theme sounds more intriguing. Fukashigi No Karte has this enigmatic feel infused with some jazzy tone. A song that you would best fit as lounge music. There are a few versions of this song depending on the heroine of the arc (there is a version with all the heroines singing as a group too). Not only the way they sing reflects their character (Futaba sounds very soft and mellowed compared to Kaede’s cute style), the unique thing about the ending animation isn’t just the featured girl walking on the beach but all of them at different time of the day. Did you notice that? Like Tomoe at the break of dawn, Futaba in the dark pitch of the night and Nodoka in the golden evening sunset. Neat.

Overall, I guess this series isn’t your standard harem and romance one. It has lots of heavy dialogue and isn’t a sci-fi masterpiece too but some of the issues we see here is a good topic for discussion because let’s face it, such problems only arise because of how society treats itself (the heavy expectations of society on Mai has her wanting some private time, suppressing feelings made Tomoe unable to express them properly just so she can stay within her circle of friends, unrealistic expectations of a mother pushed Nodoka to be someone else instead of herself, cyber bullying has turned Kaede into a recluse and a totally different person). I have to admit it is mostly boring if not for the strange humour I find in their sarcasm (apparently many commenters online too didn’t find it funny). I know the Monogatari series sounds way better if you want to watch a series with harem girls having some sort of supernatural issue but that is only because it had a long run and so many stories. Otherwise, Sakuta’s normal and quiet high school life didn’t turn out the way he wants and hence, Yahari Ore No Seishun Buta Yarou Wa Love Comedy Wa Machigatteiru. My Teen Romantic Sci-fi SNAFU. Rascal Doesn’t Dream Of Ecchi Romance Comedy. And still, sasuga Sakuta, buta yarou desu ne.

Oh man. Is it really here? The final chapters of Saiki Kusuo No Psi-nan: Kanketsu-hen? Believe it, people. Nothing lasts forever and good things will eventually come to an end. Heh. Looks like we’ve been preparing ourselves for this inevitable day since the second season. So if you still remember that prelude to the final episode in that second season, this is it. Saiki using his psychic powers to save the world or risk another time loop and hence another season? Well, try not to delude myself. I’m no psychic anyhow.

Episode 1A
Saiki and friends are evaluating what they want to do in life. Like Nendou wanting to marry some famous seiyuu… Hairo wants to be a teacher but when Kuboyasu also mentions the same, nobody believes him! Yumehara tries to write down the same universities that Kaidou goes even though it is way out of her league. The power of love will see them through! Everybody tries to guess Saiki’s choices but they feel disappointed they turn out normal. And if you think it is a coincidence that Teruhashi wrote the same choices, well, see the pencil and eraser evidence she left behind?

Episode 1B
Kuusuke has created an exact replica of Saiki, Kusuomega. This means his character is exactly the same. He unleashes it in school and Saiki needs to get rid of it when no one is looking. Too bad this Saiki is attracting everyone. He has to solve this fast because Kuusuke has programmed Kusuomega to run naked through the halls at noon. Luck is on Saiki’s side as Toritsuka has bought his favourite jello. Saiki has him use it as bait to lure Kusuomega to the roof where Saiki ultimately smashes it. Now can Saiki have the jello? Although Kuusuke rues to loss of Kusuomega, at least he has obtained data on Toritsuka.

Episode 1C
Saiki knows something is wrong when Toritsuka is missing for a week. He is actually captured by Kuusuke and being brainwashed to hate Saiki. Kuusuke makes them fight but Saiki easily knocks him out. However this is a ploy because when Saiki knocked Toritsuka out, the latter’s spirit transferred into his body. Yeah, Toritsuka is going to strip naked and run out! Saiki riles up the martial artist ghost that is possessing Toritsuka’s body to hit Saiki’s body. It might not be enough to kick his spirit out, but Toritsuka is back to his senses and destroys the device forcing his hate on Saiki.

Episode 1D
Now Kuusuke faces off with Saiki. Since there is a bomb in this building, Saiki must defeat him while not touching the building and blowing up his friend. Flashback reveals about their twisted contest that started ages ago. Saiki’s powers could have saved the world but Kuusuke thought publishing them would be against his wish so he suggested a contest. If he can take out his controlling device, Kuusuke wins. But as we have seen, Kuusuke has failed to best him despite all his inventions throughout the years. But this rant allows Saiki to flick Kuusuke away and part of the building destroyed. He knows the bomb is fake thanks to Aiura’s fortune telling that she couldn’t see Toritsuka die. Plus, it isn’t like Kuusuke to use a hostage for this fight. But now Kuusuke returns taking the final fight in this cat tank? Yup, he is using his own body as hostage.

Episode 1E
So now it becomes a battle to steal each other’s device to see who the winner is. Saiki has a chance but because he put the device on his crotch area, he is hesitant to take it, hence giving Kuusuke enough time to recover. Saiki is reduced to avoiding as Kuusuke fires, turning the building into Swiss cheese. Saiki is getting tired but the tank replenishes its energy via electricity. Toritsuka saves the day by taking Kuusuke’s device. It could have been Saiki’s win after picking it up and even claiming he let himself exhausted to control his overwhelming strength. But he calls it even by giving him his device since it was made by him and without it, he couldn’t have gotten this far. He is willing to give up his normal life if he causes so much trouble. So goodbye to his high school life! Here’s the real punch line. Kuusuke reveals he turned the device off many years ago! He thought he shouldn’t sacrifice his little brother just to benefit mankind even if Saiki’s powers do that. Besides, no need to go public with his power since he has finished a device to completely erase all his powers! But Saiki isn’t going to use that yet since he has something to do first.

Episode 2A
The usual gang gathers to discuss their much anticipated trip. Even much more anticipated because they’re going to discuss it at Teruhashi’s house! But for the umpteenth time, Saiki has to wonder why he is dragged into this. Not like he is going to go, right? Until he learns they want to go to this Oshimai town. Hey, wait. Are they making a pun of the end?! No matter what Saiki suggests, they keep going back to this Oshimai place. The reason he doesn’t want this place is because there is a volcano called Owari (yup, they’re making puns of it) that is scheduled to erupt and hence causing the deadliest volcano eruption in all of Japan. Saiki agrees as long as it is not on a certain date. Guess what? Everybody is busy except on that date! Now, with everyone wondering if Saiki is really busy on that day and that they’ll have to reschedule, Saiki doesn’t want to be viewed as the guy who ruined the trip and reluctantly agrees.

Episode 2B
So all our gang is here in Oshimai. What a fun day. Too bad the hotel reservations they book is missing. So the blame game begins. Eventually all point to Hairo since he too tried to pass on responsibility! Anyway, are they going to sleep on the streets? Nobody is going to join you in your camp, Mera. But thank goodness Saiko is here. If they prostrate themselves, maybe he’ll let them stay. I think they rather keep their pride. So out of the goodness of his heart, Saiko lets them stay in his deluxe suite hotel! Wow. This guy really had a change of heart. But the day isn’t over for Saiki yet.

Episode 2C
Saiki has called Aiura and Toritsuka to help. Previously, Aiura and Saiki’s clones tried to suppress the eruption but it ended in failure. The plan is for Toritsuka to stand in as Saiki. His pals will see this spirit medium as Saiki’s face. Aiura and Saiki’s clones are stationed at where the eruptions are going to be. The problem of suppressing is that when you suppress one part, the pressure will be moved to somewhere else and no matter how many clones you have, it will eventually explode. So as Kuusuke suggested, teleport the magma out into space! Everything seems to go in order till the final eruption that is too much for the clones to handle. Saiki chips in with his power. He is adamant to end all this today.

Episode 2D
Hooray! Saiki manages to teleport the magma into outer space! But he was so focused on this that he didn’t see what is coming next. His friends all see this. They are confused there are 2 of him. So how did Toritsuka screw up? Well, the friends are already suspecting if he is the real Saiki since he was trying too hard to imitate Saiki. Then Saiko was flying his helicopter over the volcano and saw Saiki. So he thought of telling his friends and bringing them all here. How is Saiki going to get out of this? Toritsuka says they are twins! Yeah, those clones… Sextuplets! With Kaidou hounding Saiki to say something, surprisingly it is Nendou who won’t force his friend to talk. He can tell them when he is ready. Either way, he is still their friend. Will they still be his friend if they force him to talk? Oh Nendou, you sure say the darnest surprising things.

Episode 2E
With everyone agreeing to this, suddenly Yumehara confesses she likes Kaidou. Aiura notes that they will still be Saiki’s friends even if he tells them the truth. Flashback shows in an alternate past, they too didn’t mind after he revealed he was a psychic. For the first time, Saiki opened his mouth to talk to them and a truly nice smile!!! Suddenly Saiki disappears? It seems he leapt a day back to fix things and prevent them from seeing his power. Too bad this means Yumehara’s confession was in vain. Saiki is now ready to use Kuusuke’s device to erase his powers. Only after that he will tell his friends he was an ex-psychic? Too bad his parents are sad he is going to give up his powers. Can’t rely him for errands now, can they? In the aftermath and start of the new school year, Saiki truly lost his powers. He is in the same class and sitting next to Teruhashi! He doesn’t mind because he can’t read her mind but we all can tell that she scored big. When Teruhashi thought Saiki told her to meet at a classroom, she thought it was finally going to be a confession. To her disappointment, all the usual characters are called here too. Looks like Saiki is resolved to reveal his ex-psychic powers. But before that could happen, he freaks out seeing a cockroach, causing the window to break. Oh dear… Could it be still…?

Yare, Yare… Last Hurrah Postponed Due To Unforeseen Circumstances…
Good grief! WTF?! What the heck is this abrupt ending?! I was thinking there was going to be some sort of twist since you know, the series likes to pull a fast one like this many times. However I must say that this feels disappointing. Are they supposed to leave us to our own imaginations that Saiki still has his psychic powers intact and that he backs out of exposing it to his friends? Then everything returns back to normal and status quo and life goes on for Saiki and his friends. The end. Yeah, pretty cliché ending if it does end this way. But as I read on further over the internet, it seems this wasn’t really the real ending. Before the series really ended, there were actually 2 more chapters! So the authors really trolled us, huh? Unless those final chapters get animated, I guess those who don’t read the manga will never know. Is this their way to make those curious of wanting to know the real ending to go buy the final volumes? But then again, they may troll us again by animating them in the future. Or not. I hope it would be the former. Please, please and double please. One more Saiki episode for me?

But as far as this final arc is concerned, I guess they wrap things up nicely albeit not perfect. The spontaneous jokes are still there, the quirky personalities of the weird characters are still there and Saiki being Saiki till the very end until he opens his mouth and talk. So to say that everybody was assuming what he wants or they’ve been hearing only voices in their head? Saiki settling the eternal rivalry with Kuusuke as well as saving the world that in turn proves his friends are really his true friends. You know what they say about the birds of the same feather flock together? I’m sure you noticed that even Saiki doesn’t want to join his pals in many things they do, he eventually does. Somehow. Saving the world, wanting the quiet normal life, avoid his identity being busted are just excuses to cover up that maybe he just wants to hang out with friends. I’m sure nobody here is going to have a drastic change. Saiki will still be Saiki and everybody else will continue to be everybody else in their own peculiar way. Maybe Saiko. He isn’t as snobbish as before. Though he still can be irritating flaunting his riches. Bait to attract friends? Friendships are earned, not bought!

If I really wanted to nit-pick about these final chapters, I would point out that many other characters didn’t make their appearance. For this kind of series, I thought they’d be able to pull off a final scene showing a huge group photo of just about everybody (no, not just in the credits). Yeah, I suppose they did that at the end of the previous season so don’t want to spam it all here in this. For example, Saiki’s grandparents. I thought they are ‘important’ enough to warrant some 1 second cameo. At least Rifuta and Akechi got that. Not that it matters anyway, right? Uh huh. Me b*tching that even if they get a few seconds screen time, I’ll be saying it is better they don’t because they’re insignificant. WTF?! Am I trying to be some contradicting clown here?! Oh, I remember. Good thing Mugami didn’t appear because he’s so annoying… ;p.

Overall, this series has been one funny and entertaining ride from start to finish. I love the short simplistic story with no confusing plots as well as all the bizarre characters that help enhanced the funny moments. It really did what it had to do and that was to make us laugh no matter how silly and impossible it may seem. Now Saiki can carry on with his normal high school life without being worried us viewers are watching and laughing at his every move and decision. RIP Saiki! Heh. Did I sound like I just killed off the main character? But who knows? In the future Saiki may just return just to troll and surprise us. A normal adult life? A dystopian future? An alternate parallel world setting?! Who knows for sure? I’m not a psychic. But I still do keep my fingers cross that Saiki would one day come back just for old times’ nostalgia’s sake. Will he? Yare, yare…

I think Jeanne d’Arc AKA Joan of Arc has got to be one of the most famous female character in western history because from time to time the Japanese would borrow her name and weave her into their whatever story. From Fate/Stay Apocrypha to Nobunaga The Fool and even the obscure Drifters where she is the villain, it’s time again for another Jeanne d’Arc adaptation. This time it is Ulysses – Jeanne d’Arc To Renkin No Kishi. Though it follows closely the historical events, it adds a few other extra things just to spice things up. This time we have got harem, magic, alchemy, fairies and even God Almighty himself coming into the mix. Oh yeah, this is one version of Jeanne d’Arc I would like to see how it all turns out in the end.

Episode 1
It is 1415. England and France are at war. Montmorency prefers to borrow books instead of attending class. As he explains to Arthur de Richemont, his goal is to master the secret art of alchemy to prevent anyone dying from the war. He believes the old guy in the bookstore is the famous alchemist, Nicolas Flamel. But the old fart insists he isn’t. Thus Montmorency has to read all the books to decipher everything, though he still hopes on Nicolas will teach him one day. That night, they sneak out but Charlotte de Valois and Philippite “Philip” Valois Bourgogne also join them. Montmorency claims he has seen fairies at Nicholas’ place and believes they must be connected to alchemy somehow. But in the forest they are being ambushed by English soldiers. Only Richemont can fight. To buy time, the rest pretend Montmorency is an alchemist under Nicolas and threaten to turn them into stone with his Philosopher’s Stone. I don’t think the English understand French… Luckily Richemont despatches her enemies in time. The young ones lament in the crazy time they live in. War is upon them and yet ironically the girls come from different houses (Richemont = House of Brittany, Charlotte = French royalty, Philip = House of Burgundy) but study in the same school. They make a vow to stay as friends even after graduating. Next day, Richemont’s brother, Jean d’Alencon challenges Montmorency to a duel for putting his love Philip in danger. Richemont just kick him in the balls!

Richemont then talks to Montmorency that France and England will fight a decisive battle in which she has been put in the frontlines to save face for the family. Montmorency becomes desperate to save her and seeks Nicolas for help on alchemy but he warns not only the church will banish you but you will forever be alone as an immortal. He is then chased out. The fight rages on and when Montmorency heads to the battlefield in the aftermath, he assumes the worst as he sees Richemont’s broken sword. She has been captured by the English. Meanwhile Philip’s family decide to join forces with the English. Montmorency is even more desperate as he will use alchemy on himself to become immortal. If there is no God, he’ll sell his soul to the devil. After conducting the ritual, Astaroth, the queen of the fairies and guardian of the Philosopher’s Stone pop up. He agrees to be her slave in exchange for power. She mentions great people like King Solomon and Jesus Christ used the stone and achieved great works. They earned the title of Ulysses. Montmorency has it possibly his ancestors was a member of Knights Templar. She warns swallowing the stone as it is will kill him because of the poison. He must find a way to turn it into an elixir and only then his body will be able to withstand the poison. For 7 years Montmorency tried and failed. Yeah, time passes by in a flash when you’re in obsession.

Episode 2
The battle ended with the English winning. Hence they advanced and captured Paris, causing the royalty to flee. With the Burgundy side aligning with the English, the region soon fell into chaos. In a small village in France, Jeanne d’Arc is praying for the war to end with her fairies. Montmorency as the travelling alchemist is here to get some ingredients to help with his alchemy. But with Jeanne interrupting, the slightest wrong mixture causes it to explode. Montmorency is lucky not to have died from it. He and Astaroth argue about the supposed completion of the elixir within 3 years but look how long it has turned out. La Hire and her mercenaries arrive in the village. They are sent by Charlotte to warn and protect them from the invading Burgundy army. However they blackmail them into giving all their food for this protection. Suddenly Montmorency starts drooling?! I don’t think it’s because of La Hire’s boobs but Astaroth points out after so many experiments, he may have absorbed some amount of the elixir and become a vessel himself. However he can’t just eat the stone wholly right now. He will only stay as Ulysses for 3 minutes before meeting a horrible death. Arguing on this too long and the Burgundy side has arrived.

As the village is burnt down, the fairies try to protect Jeanne’s home, only to be killed off! Damn Burgundy f*ckers don’t like cute fairies! Jeanne tries to save them but is also killed. Lamenting if she only had the power to stop wars, Montmorency has an idea. He asks if she truly wishes to live and risk banished from this village forever. He plans to put the stone in her wounds to regenerate her flesh. She won’t be alone, though. He will always be with her. Montmorency breaks the stone in half and puts it into her wound. Then the kissing to transfer his elixir drool. Hot and sweet. Until the immense pain takes over. Once she overcomes that, she turns into an evil super human! Too fast! Too strong! The Burgundy bastards don’t stand a chance! Did she enable some cheat code?! The remaining soldiers run away and she would have gone after them had Montmorency not stopped her. Astaroth explains the stone not only amplifies her powers but her emotions. Jeanne then challenges La Hire a duel to the death (on grounds that she has bigger boobs?). She dares her to shoot her brain to effectively kill her. But this only makes it easier for Jeanne to predict her moves. But Jeanne is a millisecond too late to kill La Hire as the Ulysses effect wears off. Phew. Astaroth further adds that for the power of acceleration for 3 minutes, her arrogance intensified. In the aftermath, Jeanne says goodbye to the villagers as she prepares to leave with Montmorency. La Hire believes she will now be hunted down by the inquisition as a heretic but Montmorency thinks otherwise. She will become a saint.

Episode 3
The French royalty relocated to Chinon and with the French king suddenly dead and other male heirs died in battle, Charlotte ascended the throne. Montmorency spreads the word that Jeanne is a saint sent by God to save France. I guess in desperate times, people will tend to cling on to any hope. Even more so when they think Astaroth is the archangel Michael. Astaroth is of course not amused by being used by all this. She claims Montmorency cannot become a Ulysses and instead turned into an elixir factory. Jeanne’s side effect means she wants to taste his elixir very often. Your excuse to have an indecent French kissing scene. Oh good, the Burgundy army is here. Time for Jeanne to kickass. This is just a ploy by Girard to gauge Jeanne’s time limit as Ulysses. Montmorency sends a letter to Charlotte, requesting her to knight her as a saint. But that letter is intercepted by La Tremoille, the chamberlain of the palace and Montmorency’s cousin. When Jeanne and Montmorency are let into the palace, the latter gets kidnapped and thrown into prison. Guess what? Same prison with Richemont! It seems Charlotte escaped from the English army back here but is arrested for investigating corruption within the ranks. Flashback shows she lost to Henry V in battle. Instead of killing her, he made her his knight. Her plan was to be a mediator but Henry V died shortly after an illness and her plan fell into ruin. Then his heir, Bedford got horny and wanted to rape her (thank goodness he waited for her to mature) and that’s when she ran away. But Richemont is disappointed. She always thought Montmorency would come save her but he did not. He admits he is useless for being unable to save her. But he was running the entire time from the inquisition so that he could keep their promise alive. Elsewhere, Astaroth tries to investigate. She stumbles into La Tremoille’s room, only to see weird creepy dolls. Too bad she gets captured by him.

Meanwhile Jeanne is brought before the queen. Charlotte notes that many has requested an audience with her, claiming they have the power to save France but only embarrassed herself before her double. She laments no one will save France or her. However Jeanne can tell the one at the throne is a double and the real Charlotte in the crowd. How can she tell? The boobs. You mean Montmorency knows his girls’ boobs even when they’re far apart? Was photo invented then?! Talking to Jeanne privately in her room, Charlotte finds out about the letter she never received. She thinks Montmorency was too scared to face her and fled. But Jeanne believes he is not the kind of guy who will break promises. Charlotte still can’t forgive him as she was alone and scared. Even her own mother abandoned her. The talk is interrupted when a bulky knight assassin tries to kill Jeanne. Can she activate Ulysses mode any time? Jeanne easily fights the guy and defeats him despite wearing such heavy armour. After collapsing, Girard reveals himself. His intention is to wear her out and then steal her Philosopher’s Stone as ordered by his employer.

Episode 4
When a peace talk was attempted with Burgundy, Duke John I was betrayed and murdered. With both nations’ ties severely irreconcilable, Philip succeeds her father and is on her way to Chinon for a top secret mission. La Hire and her mercenaries get paid. However she knows this is hush money to not be involved further as Montmorency is captured. La Tremoille sees Montmorency and Richemont. He reveals his plan to end this war via politics. France will surrender its lost territory to England and in exchange secure rights to the land south of Loire River. As Philip will be visiting soon, there is no way for French royalty to survive other than making peace with England. La Tremoille accuses Montmorency for trying to overthrow Charlotte with this saint ruse and end the royal family. Montmorency believes Charlotte won’t give in but Richemont gives him some reality check. After seeing so much bloodshed, Charlotte has become withdrawn and left all the decision making to La Tremoille. Speaking of her, she is in trauma mode as she watches Girard torment Jeanne for answers of the Philosopher’s Stone and elixir. Despite telling the truth, he doesn’t believe and continues to beat her up. Brilliant idea for La Tremoille to let his prisoners out of their cells so he could kill them. Because cue for La Hire and her mercenaries to barge in and cause some havoc. Here’s the money back. Astaroth who was stuck in a bottle was saved by her. Because Charlotte screamed loud enough, Montmorency and co arrive in time. Montmorency is willing to give the stone in exchange for Jeanne’s life. But Girard won’t be fooled as he has heard from Jeanne how it works. So Montmorency covers the stone with his elixir and tosses it to him to devour. However Girard didn’t know the reason why kissing is necessary. Because the elixir evaporates upon contacting with air. Girard’s body soon explodes! Charlotte is grateful to Jeanne because she risked her own life to save her even if they just met.

Good timing for Philip to be here. Greatest reunion timing? Philip talks to Montmorency as the latter believes the war will not end if France surrenders to England. This is because the royalty has so many branches and relatives, everyone will start fighting to claim the throne. All France need is to unite and for Burgundy to become their allies. However Philip is fighting her own inner demons. The ghost of her father, that is. He continues to haunt her to carry on his ambition to make Burgundy the most powerful empire in Europe. We take a detour with Jeanne bugging Montmorency for his elixir. In front of the other girls. Since when did Jeanne has got monopoly over his kiss? WTF is this logic Charlotte has bigger boobs so she can’t kiss him? Philip has decided. She tells Girard is from Burgundy and was acting on his own for her father’s wishes, which is to use the Philosopher’s Stone and make Burgundy the most powerful empire. That’s why she can’t cooperate with them. Montmorency can’t accept this. He tells her about their promise. Not the ambitions of her father. The only thing she did in return is to kiss him! But this is just a sneaky move to steal his elixir. Is that suffice? With Charlotte rejuvenated and rallying her people to fight back, however they lack the military strength. Don’t worry. All you need is Jeanne. With Charlotte’s blessing, the people now believe God has not abandoned France. Let’s drive the English out! Uhm, why does Jeanne’s outfit make her look like a slut? However La Tremoille has ratted out to the church. Even if Charlotte has accepted Jeanne, God (AKA the church) will not allow a heretic to be a knight.

Episode 5
With the death of France’s king, England saw this chance to crown Bedford in the Notre Dame cathedral at Reims to legitimize their rule of France. Hence it is race to crown Charlotte there but they must liberate Orleans to secure a safe passage there. However the tide is in England’s favour and France lost many men. Richemont goes to see Alencon (in the midst of making out with his lovers) to request for troops but he is only delaying and in the end she didn’t get what she wanted. Later Richemont is kidnapped and almost raped had not one of Alencon’s lovers led the soldiers to liberate her. They talk about Alencon being a weak and indecisive ruler. However she tells when Lord Bedford demanded Richemont to be handed over, Alencon opposed this not because it meant they sided with England but rather Richemont is his sister and will not allow it. Even if Alencon isn’t a good ruler, at times he can still be brave on her behalf. Jeanne is handed the sword of the French royalty, Joyeuse in hopes she could rally knights to fight for her. La Tremoille seeks an audience with Charlotte as he hands her a message that the church calls for Jeanne to take a virginity test. Yeah, possible rape by perverted old men. Others of course won’t want Jeanne to go but since Jeanne blames herself for not being able to raise an army, is thinking of going.

Charlotte and Richemont’s relationship is strained as they start blaming each other. The former accusing Alencon for not providing the troops and hence prolonging the war. Then there is also the touchy issue of the Brittany house being annexed. With that, Richemont quits and she hits rock bottom after seeing Montmorency hug Jeanne (to calm and assure her). She feels sad that it wasn’t that she was afraid of losing her purity to Bedford but rather couldn’t offer her purity to Montmorency. More woes as La Hire won’t send her men to fight and die a pointless battle. That night, La Tremoille leads some of the villagers to demand Jeanne take the virginity test. After all, bad rumours have spread that she might have received the power from the devil and Montmorency is a black magician. Montmorency tries to use diplomacy but gets beaten up instead. Jeanne shows up in Ulysses mode to beat them up and even tell them off that she’ll take the virginity test. After she collapses, Montmorency lets everyone know how Jeanne won’t even kill in this mode because of witnessing her sister died in war. She knows a life lost is forever and decided to use this power to protect instead. With the other villagers cooling their heads and accepting Jeanne isn’t as bad as she seems, only La Tremoille rues his ruined chance as he can’t get back his grand chamberlain title and continue with his fairy collection. Thanks to Joyeuse, more knights decide to fight alongside Jeanne. They prepare to march towards Orleans. Astaroth notes this is the first step to end the war and turn the world into a utopia. She calls Montmorency by his full name, Gilles de Montmorency Lavel or Gilles de Rais for short.

Episode 6
In the decisive battle at Orleans, Montmorency must also lead the soldiers to cross the bridge over Loire River as this is where the Tourelles complex sits and a frontal assault will be difficult. Montmorency is reunited with Batard, Charlotte’s younger brother who is forced to dress as a girl since young since she desired a little sister. That’s why he hates girls and is more into men. Like Montmorency. Also participating in this battle is Alencon who views this as a perfect chance to change his reputation as a useless brother. However he is struck down by a mysterious woman who calls herself as Ulysses Noire. Thankfully Jeanne enters the fray to fight her before retreating. With France obtaining victory and the English retreating to Tourelles, the people’s morale is boosted. We take a detour to see Jeanne in her usual raping of Montmorency. Not sure why Astaroth needs to point out the danger of them procreating (because it’s just natural) and hence unlocks some power in his Philosopher’s Stone. An image of the hottest babe ever appears and if he is able to draw this power out to its limit, this hot chick will be his and he shall never desire another human woman again. Montmorency rejects because he believes true love cannot be born without spending time together. With the high morale spirits of the French, this poses another problem as they are willing to go die in the frontlines for Jeanne. Alencon blames Montmorency for this and wants to assume command of this mission. While it might sound logical to use the mob as diversion while their limited forces conquer Tourelles, Jeanne is against this and will not sacrifice the people. She will go alone if needed to. Too bad the French people are already fighting the English army on the bridge. As the battle rages on, the English commanding officer, William Glasdale pops up. This is part of Montmorency’s plan to lure him out so Jeanne could go into Ulysses mode and strike him. However she is struck down by Noire. Uh huh. This is Glasdale’s trap to lure Jeanne so this could happen. Worse, Noire pins Jeanne down and is willing to die together with her (it is hinted Noire is Phillip). Glasdale uses his holy lance that supposedly killed Jesus to rip out their hearts! Because their organs won’t heal when coming into contact with the lance, hence Glasdale is the ideal Ulysses Hunter to exterminate all sorts of monsters. The French are left with a devastated blow seeing their saint dead. Glasdale orders the retrieval of Jeanne’s Philosopher Stone and corpse and anyone who does so will be generously rewarded by Bedford. Alencon grabs Jeanne but Montmorency is still reeling from the shock.

Episode 7
Montmorency is having bad nightmares that Jeanne is dead. He wakes up in Augustine’s Fortress where the French have temporarily seized it from the English during the confusion. But Jeanne is not dead. She is in a comatose state. She still has her head intact although she has lost her heart. The Philosopher Stone is barely keeping her alive. But even if she is revived, they cannot stand the force of the English might and need reinforcement. It is believed they need the mystical sword, Escalibor that lies hidden in the forest of Brittany but Alencon wants Montmorency to request troops from his grandfather instead even though their relationship is strained. Alencon will find Escalibor instead. Montmorency reluctantly returns home and meets up with his cousin, Catherine who is so glad to see him again. Grandpa has no qualms lending him as many men he wants. But on one condition: Marry Catherine. Montmorency refuses and gets beaten up. Gee, old man beats him up like that, Montmorency must be real weak. But Catherine must truly love Montmorency. Love him so much that she really wants his baby! Is this desperation. She narrates that his grandpa known as Jean the Redbeard plotted to marry his grandsons off to girls of wealthy families for their wealth. Wow. How many grandsons he has? But in reality he kidnaps them and brought to his tower where many die from sorrow and frailty. She is one of those girls but luckily for her, Montmorency somewhat ‘saved’ her and they made a vow to become siblings. Gee, that’s a step closer than a cousin, don’t you think? Meanwhile Charlotte pays La Hire in advance her Joyeuse to fight the English at Orleans. Jean is visited by Flamel. He remembers about his warning to kill Montmorency because of his prediction he will bring ruin to the world. Of course Jean didn’t because he is his grandson (is it for the future money?). Montmorency goes to see Catherine. He says he can’t marry her because of the promise he made to Jeanne and the responsibility he needs to take after turning her into a monster. Luckily he didn’t make any promises with Catherine, right? Catherine knows Montmorency loves Jeanne. Even if the world is against him and he still fights to protect her, that is love. I guess Catherine lost out on this game of love as she too is in the similar lonely position as Jeanne. She will lie to grandpa she lost her virginity to him so he can take the troops. After he leaves, Catherine cries as loud as she can. No one can hear her from this tower, right? And what the heck did Flamel lecture about one not being able to change one’s fate except after experiencing love? Is this the cliché power of love he is talking about?

Episode 8
I’m sure Astaroth clears us up about the spelling confusion of Excalibur, right? We’re in France and not in England. Also, they aren’t searching for the sword in particular but its scabbard. Because it will be too dangerous to put the sword and scabbard together. Hence Astaroth hints that she is actually the legendary Lady of the Lake! I want to doubt that because it seems she can’t remember where she hid it in the forest. Can we blame it has been 1000 years? Yeah, she even forgot the trap (I guess it isn’t Stonehenge) she set out to stop pursuers. Until she shows the Philosopher’s Stone did the stones stop moving and those little fairies she appointed to protect it pop up. They don’t remember her so she chastises them to keep a memo or something. Yeah, like she is the one to say. But as the fairies take them to the place, it has already been stolen by Thomas Malory, the princess knight of Wales and the one who is leading the search for Escalibor. She intends to hole herself up on this tree until her search team of 100 men come to rescue her. Batard tries to distract her but Thomas saw this coming and kills Astaroth! Not! Astaroth cannot die as long as she is the protector of the Philosopher’s Stone. Thomas is so shocked that she falls out of the tree! Alencon wants Batard to return with the scabbard while he uses Thomas as hostage to buy time. If he sounds like he is sacrificing himself, he is. Short flashbacks show his goal is to surpass Richemont and this is the perfect moment for it even if it means his death. Astaroth reunites with Montmorency and updates what happens. However his side now has to face off with La Tremoille who won’t allow him to be France’s saviour. Montmorency doesn’t have time for this but is dancing into his palms getting angry as La Tremoille mocks Jeanne. Suddenly Alencon returns! With Richemont and her strong private army! Flashback shows she was passing by and saved him. Thomas immediately had her troops retreated. Alencon thought he would be a laughing stock again but Richemont was proud of him for doing well. Thus Richemont’s side will fight on La Tremoille’s army so that Montmorency could go to Jeanne. Jeanne is given the scabbard and some of the elixir to revive. Kiss of life? Her wounds heal and Jeanne is back. So happy that they hug and she wants to stay like this for a while. Sorry to break you up, but there’s a war going on the outside and the French are losing ground, you know? Care to turn the tide sooner the better?

Episode 9
Jeanne’s voice revitalizes the French to fight back. However the rest won’t let Jeanne back to the battlefield. Because if she dies the same way again, she cannot be revived anymore. You mean the Philosopher’s Stone is only good for 1 use? We see Philip putting on the helmet which is the Holy Grail. She was expected to die when done so but Montmorency’s elixir turned her into a Ulysses and negated that effect. And that damn father’s voice telling her to fulfil her mission before she dies. So with Noire chopping down the French, Jeanne can’t sit back and watch her people die so she stubbornly enters the fray to fight Noire. Because of Noire’s helmet, she can regenerate easily. The rest of the French still motivated, fight on the pave a way to lead Montmorency to Jeanne. English dudes are getting pretty scared how fearsome these ordinary French people can be. Jeanne is supposed to win with her acceleration that Noire and Glasdale can’t keep up. So Noire plays this psychological trick by telling how Montmorency f*cked Catherine just to get the army. How the f*ck did she know?! Was she there to witness all that even if it was just lies? This works like a charm as Jeanne is now mad at Montmorency, thinking he thinks of her as a tool for battle. With her provoked, Noire kicks her into the air where she can’t move so Glasdale and other English soldiers fire their arrow. Can’t tell the real holy lance among them. Can she evade all of them? Just when she is about to succumb to her fate, Montmorency swallows his Philosopher’s Stone and suddenly becomes a Ulysses! As Jeanne’s half is offence, his is defence. With that, he is able to harden air and block all the arrows. Noire pins down Jeanne and wants Glasdale to shoot through them like the last time. Hesitantly he shoots. Although Montmorency tries to block it, his Ulysses effect runs out. The arrow hits Noire’s helmet but not enough force to pierce through. Jeanne manages to crack the helmet as Noire blames her for being loved by Montmorency. The bridge crumbles. I wonder how fast was Glasdale to dive in to save Noire. Luckily for Jeanne, Montmorency got her hand. The end of this battle signals the French’s victory. Montmorency believes Astaroth’s prophecy was off because he didn’t explode and should have ate it earlier. I hope he didn’t jinx it because now he feels something but wait, the entire sky turns ominous! Is this the end of the world? Flamel says love triggered the end of the world?! Astaroth is in shock that several dimensions are opening up. Are these monsters from those dimensions? Is this the effect of the Philosopher’s Stone going berserk?

Episode 10
The Hole of Babylon is opening and the monsters are killing everybody. Montmorency uses his air defence but he can only last for so long. He gets devoured and finds himself in an alternate dimension. He witnesses Astaroth and a human sealing a god in a Void Dimension. Yeah, god is ranting how without him, humans will lose their eternal utopia. STFU and get sealed forever. After that, the human dies (like Thanos’ snap?) and entrusts Astaroth to bring utopia to humans. Now Montmorency is possessed by the freed god (looking more like a demon) as he rains havoc on Earth. So god is an alien? Because he summons his spaceship to fire a laser to destroy the surrounding area! He is going to bring back utopia but must cleanse it of humans. Oh, how can you pray to God when God is now your enemy? Looks like this god has got a grudge with Astaroth. Nice timing for Flamel to show up and regret letting Montmorency live. He thought love will free him and mankind wouldn’t be a slave to fate but looks like he was wrong. Flamel is the last remaining survivor of Temple Knights, an organization by humans to create utopia for humans. They fought to destroy the Philosopher’s Stone but a traitor brought it back and it ended up in Montmorency’s hands. Thinking about it, everything could have been a curse. God demands Astaroth and Flamel won’t hand her over. So he uses his alchemy to fight him? Not going to work! Old geezer gets blown off. God is going to get his revenge over Astaroth’s betrayal. Even though she cannot die as she is the Philosopher’s Stone’s protector, he can kill her forever. Each time Astaroth dies, she resurrects and the killing resumes. Having fun killing her in many ways? Why does it look like a bad rape scene? La Hire isn’t going to sit around and do nothing. She stabs Joyeuse into her own heart and turns into some sort of Ulysses? Her magic bullets are able to fend off the tentacle monsters and will hit anything with accuracy. Her limit is up as she manages to shoot the Philosopher’s Stone out of Montmorency. Too bad the tentacle monsters can take it back. But for that slight moment, Montmorency returned to his senses and wants La Hire to kill him. Blow his brains out. When God resumes control, the Philosopher’s Stones resonate. This causes Jeanne to revive as she beats the sh*t out of God. Actually she is beating the crap out of Montmorency for trying to die. He promised he will not let her be alone and yet he is going to let himself be killed? Jeanne does multiple Super Saiyan punches in hopes of returning Montmorency. Not going to be easy. God won’t permit it. Meanwhile Montmorency is dreaming whereby Jeanne gets burnt by the stake as a witch.

Episode 11
Apparently this God has a name. Enlil. You mean it’s not Zephiroth? Okay. With Jeanne unable to detect Montmorency anymore, she gets mad. Meanwhile Philip continues to hear her father’s voice telling to go forth with her destiny to make Burgundy’s name legendary. F*ck you! With humanity ending, there won’t even be Burgundy left except in history. Philip is back to herself without the helmet. Wow. Did her bust shrink a lot. Philip believes Enlil is now a Ulysses since he absorbed the Philosopher’s Stone to maintain his form via a host, that’s why he didn’t kill Montmorency. This means Glasdale’s lance can pierce through him and Philip is willing to ruin her good name and sacrifice Jeanne for that cause. Philip puts back the helmet and reverts to Noire. Oh man! She just bust up and got her ass thicc!!! Jeanne and La Hire are no match for Enlil as he summons his demons to attack the humans. Wait. He has got lots of alien spaceships in space awaiting his command to fire?! When Noire holds down Enlil and Glasdale fires, Jeanne intercepts! This means Noire gets killed. I guess she has a responsibility to save Montmorency. Yup, she somewhat felt his presence. So this is how she is going to do it. Kiss Enlil! She goes back to the past when Montmorency was a kid believing alchemy could save the world. When Jeanne talks to him, of course he doesn’t know her, is confused and rejects her. Blown into another part of the past whereby Montmorency and his harem made that promise, same thing. Hi, I’m Jeanne. Who the f*ck are you?! Go away! Blown away. Next is Montmorency and Catherine paying tributes of the graves to all the girls Jean kidnapped. This time she just says they can end all tragedies together. Montmorency says they can’t. Next thing she knows, a vision of her being burnt at the stake. This time the real Montmorency explains with his assimilation with Enlil, he is able to see the flow of time including the future. This might be a fake world but he wants them to leave in this eternal peace. This time she rejects him. Even though the world is a sad and bad place, it is still the world she loves because everybody is there. So let’s go back. Uhm, so she’s a masochist? Montmorency fears she will not be there. Well, she’ll be in everybody’s smile. Technically. And so Montmorency returns by pushing Enlil out of his body. Hah! God is no match for a mere human! You mad, Enlil? Well save some because it’s time Montmorency and Jeanne kick you out of their world for good.

Episode 12
Have some elixir to turn you into Ulysses and kick this damn God’s ass back to where he came from! Damn that was easy! I guess it really shows God wasn’t necessary after all. And the ironic part is how the French people are praising to God that He has blessed them. Yeah… With our heroes collapsed, Noire is going to kill them. Can’t blame her. Philip’s bugging father tells her to do so. Get rid of Jeanne or else the English will be in a pinch and this will affect their Burgundy family who assisted them. The clincher: You will never be with Montmorency. It’s sad but Noire can’t do it. Instead she asks Glasdale to shoot and kill her. He only shoots and breaks her helmet. Finally he completes a mission. When Lord Talbot arrives, he is told by Thomas they are to retreat via Bedford’s orders. Talbot thought he could tough it out as the French side is in disarray. Well, not if every French soldier are motivated to fight like martyrs. But what about Jeanne becoming a legend with this victory? Don’t worry. Bedford has a plan… With the English retreating, time for the French to celebrate. Wow. Batard such a hit with the ladies that they want to f*ck him?! But he got so scared and prefers Alencon?! Is this early French gay shotacon? But where are the stars of the war? They’re not at the party. It seems Montmorency is trying to convince a sulking Jeanne after she learns he gave some of his elixir to La Hire. And what’s this about Catherine being his official wife? This battle isn’t going to be won any time soon. But here comes Charlotte kissing and hugging Jeanne for surviving the battle. Is this early French yuri lesbianism? So Jeanne and La Hire got medals for their bravery, huh? Okay. Better than nothing. Charlotte installs Montmorency as the highest general in the French army. He doesn’t want this but she says it is necessary. The French nobles are in disarray and with La Tremoille still alive (albeit wounded from his battle), he will no doubt plot a comeback. He accepts but with a condition she makes up with Richemont.

We see Astaroth trying to do something useful for once: Leaving them! Too bad Montmorency won’t let her abandon her duty so she scolds him for what?! His answer to that is even though he mastered alchemy, he cannot stop time. The present is the only time they can live. Oh, so philosophical. Who you learnt it from? But Astaroth notes she stopped his time when he was a boy. It must have been Jeanne who moved it forward again. Cue for whatever reason for Astaroth to continue following him. Glasdale reports to Bedford about losing Noire but the latter hints he doesn’t believe it. But no time for checking your subordinate’s loyalty. Time for another mission… Philip is sure shocked the helmet is back in one piece. Something about it cannot be destroyed in this realm? Oh boy, here goes her dead father trying to guilt trip her AGAIN into doing his bidding. Yeah, even dragging Montmorency’s name into it. It’s a good thing Philip is tired of it all and walks away. You go (away) girl! Enough of this sh*t already. Montmorency brings Jeanne to see Catherine as requested. Thankfully she is not here to remind about the pecking order of the harem. Instead, Jeanne wants Catherine to be Montmorency’s crying shoulder should he be sad. Next day, Montmorency announces his strategy to head towards Reims to crown Charlotte. This time they will be joined by Richemont who offers to help. Will her majesty allow it? I guess so. As the French army make their way there, I guess it is sooner or later that Jeanne starts asking Montmorency to make babies with her! Excuse for the other girls to chastise him for being a lolicon.

Full Metal Ulysses: Sainthood
So we get a very anti-climactic narration at the very last scene how Jeanne led the French to defeat the English at the Battle of Patay and hence Charlotte was eventually crowned as the ruler of France. I suppose the magic has run out. No more Gods, demons and fairies to help aid in the French’s victory over the English. Oh well, perhaps it is best to end it here. Because at least technically it is still a good and happy ending. An ending where Jeanne doesn’t get burnt at the stakes!

I’m not really into the history of Jeanne d’Arc but I suppose it follows closely to the historical events. Yeah, my lazy Google for a few seconds some time ago has me ‘convinced’ that this is what supposedly happened. Only, this anime added in some supernatural elements so as not to make you feel like you are watching an animated documentary. Heh. So I suppose the plot for this series can be considered pretty okay in my books. After all, I did speculate this might turn into some cheesy harem but thankfully that didn’t happen. It’s not like this series was gunning for total historical accuracy in the first place, right? Because even though all the characters are real but some of them have been given the gender bender treatment. Because cute young anime girls (and traps) are so much hotter than ugly old Caucasian guys. Thanks anime.

So perhaps this series took a different path because unlike in the history of how Montmorency AKA Gilles de Rais screwed over Jeanne and eventually became a serial killer, it turns into some ‘epic’ battle with space aliens. Heh. It just sounds complicated and mind blowing that an alien proclaims himself to be God based on his own dumb views and now he wants to destroy Earth to bring back utopia? I say this alien dude must be an outcast and kicked out from his own society, the reason why he targeted Earth and decided to become the almighty supreme ruler AKA God. If he could lose to humans and their power of love, I guess he isn’t so mighty after all. Yeah, so called ‘best twist’ in the plot ever. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice… What turned out to be a simple plot of the French trying to throw out the English and gain their people back their freedom, turned into one giant end-of-the-world affair. Jesus Christ not coming down to save you from your sins again.

Eventually Montmorency screws over his harem just to be with Jeanne. Because promises made must be kept. Remember, despite making a promise with his harem during their younger days, it was just to remain as friends. It’s not like they said they all want to marry him, right? Yeah, so Jeanne got the better deal because now Montmorency has to accompany her until she dies. Technically not turning into a wife material (yet) but I guess this is closer than being friends (let those tiny boobs grow first, will you). Him experimenting and dabbling with alchemy for many years and ultimately turning into a vessel serves as an excuse for several kissing scenes but apparently that is how you power up and turn into Ulysses according to this series. And they had to make Jeanne drunk and addicted to his elixir and make her look like some deprived nympho. I suppose that is why they keep using the word ‘baiser’ instead of saying kiss. Because although this French word is a loose meaning of that, it is more often portrayed as a vulgar word to have sex. I think there are topics online to clarify and how not to be confused with sex and kiss because for the latter it should be something like ‘embrasser’. French, people!

Personally, the most useless character in this series as I can see is Astaroth. It is not like this fairy did anything that is so significant after all. All I see her from day one is to provoke Montmorency and complain just about everything. The worst part is that she talks like as though she knows everything but in reality isn’t. She sounds so mighty and know-it-all but when it comes down to the real deal, she doesn’t and just feels like all hot air. Hence putting her role as the protector of the Philosopher’s Stone somewhat redundant. It gets annoying after a while. While she talks big, she is pretty harmless so it was somewhat conflicting to see her killed over and over again temporarily by Enlil because despite finding her irritating, I didn’t really wish for her to be killed. Just hoping she would improve on her behaviour. Too bad Montmorency and Astaroth somewhat reminds me of The Legend Of Zelda’s Link and Navi. Coincidence, no?

Especially the Philosopher’s Stone thingy that Astaroth is supposed to be the guardian of. She won’t tell you its secrets but it always almost comes off rather as because she mostly likely doesn’t know anything about it. Speaking about the Philosopher’s Stone, I don’t really understand how it works and it could make one Ulysses. But apparently if you can split it into half, why not split it into 100 parts? So when that happens, it not only split the offence and defence parts but maybe it will split into more specific departments like the ability to have sex and hit on chicks. Yeah. Really. Damn this Philosopher’s Stone is like the most coveted thing in the world here like the Holy Grail. And I thought those horny men back then only coveted their women. Haha! Oops… Eventually it isn’t just the Philosopher’s Stone that can turn you into a Ulysses but any weapon that sounds legendary and holy enough. Can my grandma’s old toothbrush turn me into Ulysses then?

With Montmorency shifting his attention to Jeanne, I suppose the rest of his harem, I mean, old childhood friends have fallen to the wayside. Like Richemont trying to find her place between the English and French as if carrying the burden of her family name wasn’t enough. Charlotte almost losing her mind as the queen of France and Philip exists only to become an antagonist. Oh my. Such a broken harem, I mean, group of childhood friends. Then you have the supposed fiancée, Catherine still waiting and stuck in the tower back home. I wonder what happens when Jean finds out it was all a lie. Thank goodness pregnancy kits aren’t easily available those days. Oddly, Jean has kidnapped so many girls from nobles, do they not even once tried to send and army to claim them back? Are they that scared of Jean or don’t want their daughters anymore (because male heirs are preferable). If the latter, Jean must have done them a great service. Taking them away and getting nothing in return.

Too bad I felt Richemont was sorely missing in the final battle. I wonder if it could have been epic had she fought along Montmorency and Jeanne against Enlil. Could she have become a Ulysses herself? Nah. Don’t want to get in between them so better fight behind the scenes that we don’t get to see. Do you not agree with me that Philip’s vision of her dead father has got to be the most annoying part of the series? I mean, Enlil is also annoying but at least his context of trying to be God over humans sound funny overall. But Philip’s dad is just like, oh God, how should I put this. Every time this persistent ghost pops up to guilt trip his daughter, I would be going like, “Oh no. Not this sh*t again”. Now that’s what you call truly haunting. I’m so glad Philip walked away from the helmet that started this trouble in the first place. Assuming her father ghost is trapped in there forever. Don’t wear it, no problem. I’m very sure that if she goes back to Montmorency, he will forgive her. After watching this series, we know he is that kind of guy. So don’t worry, let the harem return to its original complete form!

Something about Alencon baffles me. If in this series he is the sister to Richemont, how the heck did he end up being part of the noble ruler of France? In actual history, the Alencon is of French descent but married the daughter of the Duke of Brittany. Wow. The English and French sure do have a long complicated history between them. Especially during the Hundred Years’ war. But here, it’s like they also want to portray him as some useless ruler because of his inaction as he prefers to fool around with his women. At the same time he has got this look on his face that says I-wish-I-wasn’t-here-doing-all-this-sh*t. Providing and raising armies seem to be a pastime during this age and in this series because you see both sides trying to lay siege and hence the need to get more soldiers. I don’t know about the population then but it seemed a hell lot of soldiers on the battlefield each time. Hence characters like Alencon and even Jean feel like a distraction and side plot for the overall series. Just like Batard who feels like the anime needed some trap to distract us. Otherwise, girly boy who proclaims of wanting to be a man can be done without. And now he is a man, what kind of a man doesn’t want to frolic in the arms of busty mature women?! Yeah, you have a long way to go… I think they even purposely named this character so. Yeah, it’s a pun of bastard. Because the character that he is based on, Jean de Dunois was an illegitimate son and thus the nickname Bastard of Orleans.

Despite the characters having the typical kawaii bishoujo and bishonen look, the general atmosphere of the series is mostly dark and gruesome to reflect the medieval and impoverished period. There are also a lot of violence, blood and gore so if you can’t stomach such scenes, feel free to watch something else. Heads coming off, limbs getting cut off and excessive blood overflowing from the corpses are just one of those ‘normal’ things that often happen in war and the battlefield. Really. That’s why their numbers are important so we can see Jeanne the future saint cutting them down in a flash and make us go “Oooooooh…”. The only character design I will ‘complain’ is how Jeanne’s uniform makes her look like a loli slut. I know she is a Ulysses and with that speed and strength, nobody could touch her. But shouldn’t she at least take some precautions and wear some armour? Even sexy armour would do. Okay, maybe not. Because La Hire is so busty and it’s like all the enemies misses her vitals despite her cleavage protruding so much. Thank goodness she kicks ass.

So I suppose it is pure fanservice when they turn Philip into Noire because it was damn unbelievable that she turned from a child-like body to some overly busty and curvaceous babe. I guess it is to hide her identity as Philip when they bring in the Noire character. Because Richemont and Charlotte grew up so busty and it feels like they don’t want to leave Philip behind, hence this sexy armour and helmet trick. Horny guys might want to get this set for their waifus.

One of the most mind boggling and amusing sections in every episode is at the end. The narration of the next episode preview isn’t about the next episode. Instead, the narrator rants about boobs and the likes! It feels so out of place and yet so funny. I mean, the series is already dark and gruesome and then suddenly we have this part relating the wonderful wonder of boobs. Like, WTF?! Don’t blame me. The French nobles dress kinda sexy and showing off their cleavage because before the age of internet porn or even Renaissance art, horny men probably like to look at their women like that. Just maybe. Can we pay more tributes to boobs that are so underrated in this series?! Yeah. I know it’s weird but it’s so funny too. Boobs forever! And then the episode ends with this ‘surprisingly useful French lessons’! In every episode, you are guaranteed to learn a French phrase that has even an advice of when to use it for! An authentic French to pronounce if you don’t know how to pronounce the word. I’ll keep this in mind if I ever want to date a French babe. Je t’aime, mademoiselle!

Although Ryota Ohsaka is the voice of Montmorency, somehow I keep thinking that Yuuki Kaji would have been more awesome helming this character. I don’t know. Is it because Montmorency sometimes closely resembles characters that Yuuki Kaji voiced like K’s Totsuka, Nil Admirari’s Hayato and Tokyo Ghoul’s Ayato. So okay, they’re just hot looking guys. But yeah, I thought Yuuki Kaji would really nail it as Montmorency but Ryota Ohsaka didn’t so a bad job either so I guess that’s okay. The only seiyuu I recognized is Takehito Takeyasu as Enlil.

The other casts are Yuko Oono as Jeanne (Asagiri in Mahou Shoujo Site), Manami Numakura as Richemont (Narberal in Overlord), Saori Oonishi as Charlotte (Eriri in Saekano), Yuuki Takada as Philip (Aoba in New Game), Hisako Toujou as Astaroth (Miko in Animegataris), Shizuka Ishigami as La Hire (Mito in Shokugeki No Souma), Junji Majima as Alencon (Kinji in Hidan No Aria), Hiroaki Hirata as Glasdale (Sanji in One Piece), Yuuki Kuwahara as Batard (Hakua in Shomin Sample), Miyu Tomita as Catherine (Sophie in Tonari No Kyuuketsuki-san), Ayaka Suwa as Thomas (Non in Akkun To Kanojo), Abe Atsushi as La Tremoille (Touma in To Aru Majutsu No Index), Hiroshi Itou as Flamel (Augre in Madan No Ou To Vanadis) and Tessho Genda as Jean (Rudersdorf in Youjo Senki).

The opening theme is Liberation by Mai Fuchigami. Typical anime rock pop but not really to my liking. The one that captures my attention is the ending theme, Hyakunen No Melammu by Rionos. It is basically a slow ballad but sometimes with those hymn voices, it comes off as creepy but at the same time calming. At certain times too, the song sounds like it could be used for a religious ritual. Even more fascinating is the ending credits animation. Well actually, the artwork and sceneries are sketches and water coloured, giving it a unique but also eerie atmosphere. It feels like going through some weird abstract contemporary art.

Overall, a weird action fantasy, it isn’t the greatest but it doesn’t suck badly at the same time. Some no weird out brainer moments but I still enjoyed most of it. Historical accuracy it isn’t because I am very sure that the Hundred Years’ war ended with the English eventually leaving the French alone after being big invading dicks just because of a dispute over the succession of France’s throne. It didn’t end with some cheapskate alien-cum-God apocalypse that would have alleviated Jeanne’s sainthood to godhood. Funny how in Junketsu Maria, God and His angels were like sticking to their guns of non-interventionism in mankind’s petty war among each other, huh? Victory for mankind! Hooray! Oh mon Dieu, ca craint mais que c’est si tellement bon! (Oh God, it sucks but it’s so damn good!). Use it when anime is so crappy that you can’t hate it!

I believe the Senran Kagura franchise is very much popular in Japan and has a steady following till today. But I didn’t really count on having a sequel after 5 years after its TV debut back in 2013. Even if a single OVA 2 years later in 2015, I thought that was just a one off thing. And now, here it is. Senran Kagura Shinovi Master: Tokyo Youma-hen probably would appeal to hardcore fans as well as try to introduce newer ones to the series. I mean, after all these years and finally a sequel? Heh. Not the first series that waited for so many years to have another sequel. Because To Aru Majutsu No Index in that same season started its third season when its second season was way back in 2011! But anyway, maybe the creators need to widen their fan base for this ecchi series. That’s why suddenly out of the blue you have this sequel. The more the merrier, right? Oh, right. The more fans, the more money to milk… ;p.

Episode 1
Asuka and Yumi are out shopping together on Christmas. I guess our shinobi girls also need some time out and act like normal girls. Including buying lots of stuffs. On the other side, Homura’s side is working part time to get that turkey dinner and so as not to skip on their training too, WTF these quick foot tapping technique in public? After Asuka and Yumi are done and ready to head home, they realize a hairband accessory Asuka bought is missing. Time to split up and look for it. An excuse to show off their shinobi skills without the crowd even noticing. Meanwhile the other Hanzou girls are also returning from their shopping but are confronted by ninja girls from Gessen Girls Academy, Gekkou and Senkou. First they ask their thoughts on power and justice. I guess they didn’t like their answer so the only solution? Eliminate them! Yumi has found the lost present and calls Asuka. But looks like the meet up will be delayed as Asuka detects some youma in the alley and destroys them. Gekkou and Senkou mock how she was struggling to defeat the youma and decide that kind of justice is not needed. Yeah. Eliminate! Asuka loses to them as they are stronger and faster. However, upon learning to duo has got rid of her friends (that small piece of cloth was enough for Asuka to identify with?), Asuka gets mad and fights back. Unfortunately she gets beaten up even more. Wow. She really took a pounding there. I’m not sure if this is really the justice they’re talking about because I thought they wanted to eliminate her but just left her defeated there and not even making sure she’s dead or dispose her body.

Episode 2
Yumi can’t concentrate on her training as she remembers Asuka never met up with her. Suddenly an arrow is fired at her. No biggie to stop it but attached to it is an invitation to a spa resort. Obviously a trap but since her Death Cram girls are eager to go, I guess that’s your answer. Meanwhile the Hebi girls are on a mission to kidnap some evil politician, only to be interrupted by Miyabi’s side who is hired by the ugly baddie to protect him. Man, they fight until they’re naked? Until an arrow stops them. It seems Miyabi’s side was also to force this politician to confess his sins so it’s a win-win? Eventually all the shinobi girls arrive at the spa. Swimsuit fanservice galore as they have the entire resort to themselves. Haruka suggests a water gun game. With her special chemicals, the liquid will turn your swimsuit naked. You are out if you become totally naked and the last girl standing wins. Get ready to feast your eyes! I guess this would be all too familiar for those who played the game version of Peach Beach Splash. Eventually it is a draw since all of them got naked. Yeah, we viewers are the real winners! Then Gekkou and Senkou show up. So all this elaborated setup was just to see if they’re willing to participate in the strongest shinobi tournament, Shinobi Masters? So why would they go along with this plan? Because otherwise, these Hanzou girls will die! Now you know why the Hanzou girls never showed up, right? Details to be further furnished, so stay tuned. In the meantime, please hone your skills. You mean of the fanservice kind? Just kidding. As the rest noticed that Asuka wasn’t the only one captured, later it seems Yumi knows where to find Asuka. Glad she is okay, but Asuka doesn’t want her to enter Shinobi Masters. A sunken Asuka realized there is no justice for shinobi.

Episode 3
Asuka attacks Yumi and wounds her before escaping. Yumi is disappointed as Asuka was the one who taught her the meaning of justice. Meanwhile Suzune gives the green light to Miyabi to participate in Shinobi Masters as she is interested to know what Gekkou and Senkou are up to. Yumi talks to Homura about Asuka. They believe she has her reasons for doing so. Hence they are going to participate in Shinobi Masters to not only help the Hanzou side but to fight the best ninjas. Noticing Yumi’s wound, Homura suggests a visit to the hotspring to recuperate. And today’s fanservice of free tits flowing. Don’t mind Murakumo’s tits fondling logic for manga realism. Poor Mirai got insulted with her non-existent boobs. Meanwhile Fubuki has stumbled into the shrine of the Mikagura sisters, Renka, Hanabi and Kafuru. This means Kagura is around. Before they could fight, the loli shows up. Fubuki wants Kagura to participate in Shinobi Masters as the winner will get to fight to ultimate youma. Homura could sense Asuka around. Again Asuka tells her not to participate in Shinobi Masters. Homura somewhat understands her situation and that she wants to save her friends. But the only way they get through to each other is via fighting. And while Homura spouts about strength and friends, ironically it is Asuka who plays dirty tricks to eventually defeat her.

Episode 4
Fubuki proves herself that she could control a youma. Kagura transforms herself into her adult form to fight but everything is so fast that we can’t see. Yeah, we only see ripped clothes! When Kagura asks about Fubuki’s identity, she will only get her answer if she participates in Shinobi Masters. Homura is being treated by her comrades as they contemplate to pull out of Shinobi Masters. Yozakura finds a photo in a yearbook that proves Gekkou and Senkou are a student of Gessen, Yumi’s former middle school. So if you’re wondering why the need to show Yumi’s flashback with her grandpa, Kurokage and all the kindness he taught her, well, Fubuki also has a picture of him. Death Cram girls infiltrate Gessen but since Yumi is super famous, dress up in their school uniform and everyone leaves them alone?! They go about trying to find those sisters. Shiki, Minori and Murakumo talk to other students who praise the sisters as talented in everything as well as friendly. Something feels off, right? Yumi and Yozakura have found the sisters and tail them to the rooftop. Of course they know this stalking and before you know it, they fight. Their other friends come to aid them but Yumi won’t allow the fight to continue for fear this might hurt other students. This has the sisters mention her justice is pathetic. So their view that the weak has no justice is better? They believe they are the ones who will carry on Kurokage’s teachings. The date and venue of Shinobi Masters is confirmed. We see Yumi and Miyabi’s team attending as the sisters host this show that will be streamed live all over the shinobi network. Fubuki makes her opening speech that she organized this tournament and summoned strong shinobi from various schools to compete. Let the games begin!

Episode 5
With Kagura’s side joining Shinobi Masters, that makes the total number of teams participating… Wholly sh*t! Only 3 teams?! Man, I thought there was supposed to be 100 teams. Either the rest of the shinobi schools are not good enough or they just didn’t bother accepting this invitation. Also, Fubuki smokes out Asuka hiding but too bad she didn’t have an invitation so she can’t participate and can only watch. Homura’s side couldn’t participate since Haruka declined as they thought Homura won’t recover. As the rogue shinobi they are, they’re going to sneak in of course. Shinobi Masters is a round robin match. The first match pits Yumi’s side against Kagura’s side in this naked dodgeball. The bomb explodes upon slightest contact (except the special gloves) and gets you naked when it hits you. Ah… Whose team gets their captain naked first, loses. To cut things short, Yumi’s team wins. For the next match, it is Kagura’s side versus Miyabi’s side in this naked cavalry match. The team whose captain falls to the ground loses. But in the end, Kagura deliberately falls and loses the match. Meanwhile Suzune has detected youma appearing in Kikai Dome and all other ninjas have perished. Yup, only students left. No time for this Shinobi Masters. Luckily she stumbles into Homura’s side. They sneak around and find the other Hanzou girls but also realize there is a youma there too. The final match has Yumi’s team facing off with Miyabi’s team in this naked capture the flag game. You fall in the water, you’re naked and out. In short, Yumi’s side wins. But it’s not over yet as Yumi’s team will have to face Fubuki and the sisters. NOW! Yeah, so you complain you have no strength left to fight right now? Doesn’t this prove you aren’t the best shinobi team out there? And now Asuka wants to join in? And Fubuki allows it? When Yumi wants to fight alongside her, Asuka refuses. Time out. Time to talk things out. Yumi gives Asuka that present they shopped the other day. Yeah, more talk about justice, protecting smiles and all. But Asuka still doesn’t look convinced. She just allows her to fight alongside her. Wait. So it’s only Yumi and Asuka against Fubuki’s side? The rest really want to sit this out, huh?

Episode 6
We go back to another flashback of Asuka fighting Yumi. Oh dear. Not another dispute of their version of justice. So logic isn’t part of justice? Because it can’t change one’s hearts? So back to the tournament, Gekkou and Senkou take on Asuka and Yumi. Oh man. Not another ranting about their different version of justice and whatever the f*ck Kurokage’s teachings. So much so we have to return to that earlier Asuka vs Yumi flashback to see that moments before they are seemingly going to kill each other (because Yumi seemed desperate to do it all for grandpa), Kurokage intervened. And now back to the tournament. Oh damn, must we now hear some flashback from the sisters how they have to keep a perfect outlook but their hearts remained unfulfilled. Then one fated day, they stumble upon Kurokage’s diary and teachings and the rest is history. Wow. So touching that Yumi cried. Meanwhile we take a detour of Suzune and Homura’s side stumbling into Miyabi’s team so that they could join forces and face off with the youma. Yeah, this one is so humanoid and it talks! You mean to sound that surprised? Okay, but back to the tournament’s flashback. After Kurokage stopped the girls, he realizes there are things in life that are more important than one’s beliefs. He admits their defeat but it is Asuka who says her side has lost because the world of goodness is now in his arms. Yumi, that is. Hence Kurokage’s last lesson to Yumi is that the definition of justice changes on who you are and what you do. For her, she will be the justice that shines quietly in the night. She will be the justice of the moon. I hope there won’t be any mooning jokes related to this. Anyway, to show how much better our heroines’ justice are, they defeat Gekkou and Senkou and you know it is so when their clothes are blown away and they’re stark naked. With Asuka injuries making her unable to carry on, it’s up to Yumi to face Fubuki. But this leaves Asuka in despair as she worked hard to prevent them from facing off. All in vain?

Episode 7
But first a flashback between Kurokage and Hanzou. During their younger times, they’re like frenemies. Kurokage was also dating Yume at that time. One day, many of their comrades got injured in a trap so Kurokage was furious to avenge them. Despite warnings that his rage and hatred isn’t justice, Kurokage didn’t listen and went on to kill evil ninjas. He is summoned by his superiors and punished. They tell him that many shinobi are not good or evil but grey and neither. And what’s this about good and evil must sometimes work together? WTF logic?! I thought they’re enemies?! When the elders threaten to punish Hanzou and Yume, that is when Kurokage labels them as evil. Hanzou tries to talk to him but Kurokage is hell bent on proving his own justice and destroy all evil ninjas. And so he left walking this path with many good and evil ninjas targeting his life. Not sure how he even impregnate Yume but was it before? Because before you know it, many years later, his son and his wife died in a ninja mission. Yeah, Kurokage never even met them once and the first time was at their funeral. Regretting taking this path? He then spots Yumi his granddaughter. Man, it must be such a long time that his son even had a child. Anyway, Yumi somewhat knows about Kurokage since her parents and grandma often tell tales about him. See, after all these years, they still placed some faith in him. He decides to take in Yumi. After all, they have no other relatives. Back to the fight, it is not surprise Fubuki possesses Kurokage’s black fan. Yumi transforms into her true form. So you think this ice queen has a trump card? Zombie girl too has a trump card as she transforms into her dark queen form and easily defeats Yumi. At that point Yumi now remembers Fubuki. Kurokage subsequently took in another girl and they were like sisters. YOU MEAN YOU REALLY FORGOT THIS MOST IMPORTANT PART IN YOUR LIFE UNTIL NOW????!!!! Anyway with Yumi’s lost, Fubuki declares war on all shinobi. Good or evil, she will have her revenge. And she is going to do it with this intelligent humanoid youma, Rasetsu.

Episode 8
Miyabi has a grudge to kill youma because they killed her family. Fubuki puts some doubts in her mind asking her if she ever thought the youma had families too. She even has proof that the shinobi are the ones who attacked first. Thanks to Asuka interrupting, looks like they have to show that proof another time. Because Asuka is too weak to fight and hence Fubuki and Rasetsu leaving. Gekkou and Senkou want to come along but Fubuki abandons them. That look on her face says it all. Get out of my faces, b*tches! Meanwhile Asuka frees her buddies and you know they’re back together in no time with Katsuragi’s serial boob fondling. I don’t want to think that this is the method how the girls bond and get back. Suzune tells the girls about the door to another world opening. Shinobi leaders have sent their team there but after losing contact with them, it is feared they are dead. With Gekkou and Senkou leaving, Yumi tries to talk to them but there’s nothing to talk about. And since they have nothing to live for nor do they want to return to their original mundane life, they’re going to kill themselves. Thank goodness they contemplated long enough for Yumi to come stop them. Just say a few justice lines. Throw in something about Kurokage. Then a big hug and there you have it. Changed their mind. Now they wanna live. Easy. For now, Gekkou and Senkou are living in the care of the Hanzou girls. They feel awkward since they attacked them but the Hanzou girls are only mad at themselves for being weak and defeated. And what a better way than to say welcome to the club with Katsuragi’s usual boobs molestation. Overdrive mode! Meanwhile Asuka has been missing that day. Actually she went to see Kagura and requests that she wants to handle the youma alone. She allows it but wonders if Kagura can do it as she has yet to seal one. Not confident? Oh, let’s try now! Kagura summons a youma as Asuka quickly uses her super secret shinobi art to seal it, Fuma Korin. Woah. So easy! On her first go! So what’s there to worry about? Kagura warns that if she keeps using it, she’ll die. Oh… And looks like it has taken some toll on her body but Asuka remains defiant. She is willing to die if she has to. Trying to play the tragic heroine but won’t let others do the same? Elsewhere, Fubuki opens portals from another world right smack in the middle of Japan’s busiest city. Halloween’s here early. Or maybe hell on Earth.

Episode 9
Weird youma monsters attack the people. But thank goodness for our shinobi girls here to save the day and bust some youma ass. To fight better, Kagura unleashes some barrier. Just one condition: The girls are stripped down to their undies! Except for Ikaruga. She’s stark naked! You mean she isn’t wearing any undies?! Some fight better in skimpy clothes, some don’t and some just being perverts. Meanwhile Gekkou and Senkou confront Fubuki. They still believe in her but don’t approve of her method. What else? Fight! Oh well, we know how this will end up. For this huge youma boss, they use some BDSM string to tie it down because apparently that’s the toughest string in the world. Whatever. After doing so, the next part is to kill it but Asuka won’t allow it and instead leave it to her. Oh, I almost forgot she has that sealing ability. I thought she was going to take their credits or something. The Fuma Korin sealing is successful but it is clear that it sucks a lot of energy from her. In the aftermath as the city returns to normal, Homura’s groupie continue their part time Christmas gig. No business until Miyabi’s side cuts off more clothes and horny men start streaming in. You mean they’re already so sexy and nobody noticed until more cleavage and pantsu are shown?! PERVERTS! Miyabi and Homura talk about Asuka’s intention to seal instead of kill the youma. But if Asuka sides with the youma, Miyabi will not hesitate to kill her. Meanwhile Yumi sees Asuka in hopes she can open up and tell her what really happened. Back to that flashback of Asuka being defeated by Fubuki. She won’t be killed so as to tell others the tragic history of shinobi, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, so horrible that Asuka cried and still decides she can’t tell Yumi after all. Since this is dragging its feet, I guess Fubuki is here to tell Yumi herself! After asking her about beliefs, justice and evil, Yumi still feels it is her duty to hunt and destroy evil youma. Enough talking. Fubuki will show you that youma can feel love. They feel a strange aura from Fubuki as she reveals she is a child born from a human and youma! Is that even possible?! At least that explains he weird appearance. Meanwhile Kagura senses a more dangerous portal to the other world opening soon. Where is it? Hotspring town. Ah…

Episode 10
So we’re all here at the hotspring. Eh? Fubuki is also here?! Awkward. She has nothing to say to them and she too doesn’t exactly know where the portal will open. Convenient? I guess this screws the mood of our shinobi girls. They can’t fight Fubuki in this manner or they’ll regret it. An excuse to have fun at the inn! More awkwardness because Fubuki and Yumi bath together at the hotspring. Fubuki still keeps a hairpin from Kurokage. I suppose it’s that time again for reminiscence of their past as ‘sisters’ before another guilt trip that her mom who was a youma was sealed with Fuma Korin and using this technique means you can never return to this world. In the end, it is either the shinobi or youma who will die in this final fight. Later, Kagura meets up with Fubuki to begin their fight. Meanwhile Asuka reveals to the rest about Fubuki being half human and half youma. While Miyabi doesn’t care and will kill youma (her mom was killed by one), the rest are conflicted because it is a shinobi’s job is to kill youma and if they disobey because they sympathize with Fubuki… But don’t worry Asuka, your comrades heard you story and you can assure they will back you up no matter what. That night when Yumi wants to talk to Asuka but she is no longer in her room. She goes out to find her but stumbles into Fubuki-Kagura fight. Yeah, it has dragged out this long. Just because Kagura got distracted with Yumi’s appearance, she lost! WTF?! Is this an excuse by Kagura to pass the baton to Yumi to defeat Fubuki? And Fubuki makes the villain’s 101 mistake by not killing them because she’ll let the youma do it. Yeah, if her hate is so deep for the shinobi, don’t you think she would have want to do it herself? Anyway, conveniently now it seems Fubuki knows where the portal is and is waiting for it to open. Here it comes…

Episode 11
Youma, youma everywhere. Killing them all will take forever. Unless you gather them up in one place and seal them. This is the idea Katsuragi had. She gathers a few shinobi girls and use them as bait because apparently youma are perverts too. With that, Asuka is able to use Fuma Korin on the entire bunch but this is wearing her out. Yeah, see that mark on her chest. It’s getting bigger. I wonder if Katsuragi will draw any pleasure from groping them. Asuka will continue using it because of this lame excuse that she wants to see it through the end. Whatever. It’s your call. And now we get a Yumi-Fubuki rematch. Of course it’s flashback time. We see Fubuki’s mom being targeted by the ninjas. After killing them all, the inevitable fight with her husband. No wonder a child like Fubuki was so confused and dismayed. Eventually father had to seal mother because it is the only way to save Fubuki (do they seriously believe the shinobi is going to let her live?) and that it is better than killing her. However the price to pay was he will use up his life force. Poor Fubuki was so traumatized in seeing this scene. I don’t think parents’ assurance of I-love-you is going to help. Before the other shinobi could get Fubuki, Rasetsu saves her. Too bad she is injured and cannot fully protect her. Luckily rogue ninja Kurokage was passing by and he agreed to care for her until Rasetsu’s injuries are healed. Fubuki is still mad and vows to kill all shinobi. Coincidentally, Kurokage too had that thinking once. Of course as we know the rest is history. When Rasetsu finally came back to claim Fubuki, Kurokage gave her the hairpin. I’m sure she doesn’t understand the meaning of hatred and forgiveness come in pairs. Now, Fubuki claims her goal is to eliminate all shinobi. Even if that means destroying everything and nothing left, that sense of accomplishment and revenge is all that matters. If that is the case, why did she not finish off Yumi when she had numerous chance? Why did she not get rid of Kurokage’s hairpin? Yeah, it mad Fubuki even madder. Time to fight some more.

Episode 12
Everybody is ganging up on Rasetsu. Hardly a fair fight but whatever. For some sympathy points, Asuka asks why Rasetsu is siding with Fubuki. Her mom once saved her life. Asuka is cool with that but as long as she targets the shinobi, I’m afraid she will still have to seal you. And hence begins the shinobi girls’ attack on Rasetsu. In order to show off their set of skills, we see them do a chain of combos on Rasetsu. Man, she must have taken a lot of damage before Asuka begins her Fuma Korin. But guess what? Rasetsu is so determined for power that she turns into a beast and breaks out of Fuma Korin! Okay, now what? But don’t worry. Homura can help lend her power to seal her. She has seen Asuka done it enough times to memorize. Wow. I’ve seen my dad do all the repairs over the house for years and I still can’t even hold a hammer correctly! So what is the deal that Asuka allows her to do Fuma Korin with her? They won’t die! Yeah… Meanwhile back to Fubuki and Yumi’s fight, it ends with Fubuki defeating her! Don’t count your chickens yet. And here is Gekkou and Senkou. They want to save Fubuki. How is holding her hands saving her? Feel the warmth? F*CK THIS JOKE! Now wonder Fubuki is mad! Are they serious?! Just to show their perseverance, they won’t let go. So did they die? Your guess is as good as mine. Yumi’s comrades arrive. But they won’t be fighting her because, wait for it, Yumi lives! Time for round 2. Elsewhere suddenly Miyabi turns into this part angel and part devil form to unleash her Fuma Korin power. And now she remembers mom’s teachings that if you fight for revenge, you can’t unleash your true power. And with the power of the trio, Rasetsu is finally sealed. But she has no regrets since she fought for Fubuki. And also to end things, Yumi defeats Fubuki for good. This time, she doesn’t kill her. Just left her lying in the snow. Probably it’s a good time to reflect on stuffs. Lastly, Kagura uses her awesome powers to seal the portal. Should have done this from the start! More good news (AKA conveniences) flow in with Suzune calling in saying everyone is safe at Kikai Dome and the matters here are settled. In the aftermath, we see our ninja girls celebrating Christmas their own way. Asuka and Yumi are out together. Somehow her mark has healed. You mean just like that? They stumble Fubuki in the streets. She returns the hairpin to Yumi. She doesn’t need it anymore. She is going to find her place in this world. Somewhere. Gekkou and Senkou follow her so that she won’t be alone. More cheesy philosophy of justice from Asuka and Yumi because, justice always prevails, right?

The Jus-tits Of Shino-bitches…
So Asuka was asking if Fubuki would organize another Shinobi Masters tournament because she didn’t get to fight her? Hey girl, you had your chance but you fluffed them. Besides, didn’t you and the rest of the other girls get to fight Rasetsu? Unlike you mini army, Fubuki had only 1 subordinate by her side so I guess while the boss fought each other, the rest of you had to be content in sharing your opponent. Thank goodness Fubuki didn’t give Asuka a reply. She just smiled. Because that is probably what she was thinking of this b*tch. Bye. Hope not to see you again.

Well, to be honest, I wasn’t really impressed with the plot. As I am not a big fan of the series, I don’t really know how to ‘appreciate’ the finer details (if any) of this series. Though, as far as my failing memory can remember, this sequel is a lot darker than the first season since it now involves the supernatural and the tragic story of a child that was conceived and caught between both sides. In that sense, that is ultimate the storyline of this season but that only comes halfway and I thought the first half felt like some sort of trolling.

You see, when they decided to have this Shinobi Masters tournament, it ended so fast and furious that I thought it was all some sort of time wasting sham. It was just an excuse for a lot of fanservice (something this series is famously known for) and didn’t contribute to anything important. Because why the f*ck would Fubuki organize such an important tournament but only a handful of shinobi schools attend? Like, what?! And this is supposed to be the best of the best tournament as claimed by Fubuki. Of course it was all a scam. And it felt like Fubuki also trolled us. I believe she isn’t all that evil and just wanted to give a chance for the shinobi girls to prove her wrong. Yeah, their weak ass pussies wasted those chance and now look at the mess that we’ve got into in the second half. I also thought the Tokyo youma-hen was also a scam thinking the Shinobi Masters tournament would last the rest of the series. Looks like they leave it late for the second half.

I was wondering why the series is officially called Shinovi Masters. Shouldn’t it be Shinobi Masters as said in the episode or whatever? At first I thought it was a Japanese thingy because you know, there are no alphabet ‘V’ in their language and anything with that automatically translate to ‘B’. So are they trying to sound unique? Or is this some sort of play of words. You know, Shinobi Victory. Shortened as Shinovi. Yeah. Whatever.

To my surprise, Asuka and her Hanzou comrades weren’t the ones hogging the limelight. Because the first season they were the main characters, I was also expecting them to helm the similar role. Too bad it was mainly Yumi and ultimately Fubuki. A showdown between the stepsisters. Like I said, I’m not a fan of the series so I am not sure if the games slowly shifted the main character to Yumi or if Yumi was the real main character in the first place. Therefore with Asuka’s baffling behaviour in the first half, it makes her look like a total b*tch because it looked like she was told some sort of hideous secret and she doesn’t want to tell her friends (and us) just so that she could shoulder the burden all by herself. Ooooh. How noble. Yeah, don’t kill the youma! They have feelings too! Why does this feel so SJW?

Evidently Asuka’s actions just prove she doesn’t even trust her own comrades. Oh heck, her Hanzou comrades were further reduced to damsel in distresses in the first half. We are left to guess what the f*ck her problem is (the way she plays and exaggerates it out feels so overblown so that we could have our dramatic effect) and when it is revealed this youma and sealing thingy, I was like, “Big deal! WTF?!”. So all that trouble and secrecy just for this? Now you’re really trying to play the tragic heroine, huh? Yeah, just hope it doesn’t kill you because I know it won’t. Plot convenience and Asuka, do you not know you are one of the most beloved characters in the franchise? Yeah, top 10 most popular. Like hell the producers are going to let you die! But the ultimate f*ckery is when Asuka’s mark suddenly goes away. She still feels pain but I feel it is more of because her flesh wound has yet to heal but the danger of the mark that puts her life at risk is gone. So no more youma, no more sealing, less use of Fuma Korin and thus healed for the better? Man, I wished my nagging injury would also heal like that. Did she go for some sort of special acupuncture because I wanna try too. Otherwise with Asuka’s boobs back to normal, I suppose Katsuragi can be happy to grope them all she wants.

Thus Yumi seems like a cooler and more mature character and hence a much better one compared to Asuka. She might not be perfect but at least she tries and never gives up. We couldn’t understand why Asuka was wallowing in depression either. Perhaps we understand Yumi because her past with Fubuki is fleshed out and given more prominence. So we understand her cause more. We sympathize with her more. Hence relegating Asuka and her Hanzou comrades to just annoying minor characters who don’t matter. The one thing that boggles me about Rasetsu is that, after she picked up Fubuki from Kurokage, where the heck have they been? The first time we see Rasetsu, it’s like she is in some stasis condition. So ever since then up till now don’t tell me she was using some sort of power to open the youma portal. Yeah, that sure took a pretty long time since Fubuki is all grown up to be one busty evil babe.

Just like the other shinobi girls like Homura’s groupie and Miyabi’s groupie. Yeah, too much for us to even care. So if you are great fans for these girls, too bad they don’t get a lot of screen time. Even if they do, it just feels like they had to and portray their character in the most cliché way that we identify them (for example, Mirai always conscious and being teased with her flatness, Katsuragi always loving to grope and Ryouna an obvious nympho). Yeah, that’s the problem when you have like 20 girls (25 if you count Kagura’s group) in the fore and so little screen time to do any justice. I’m sure nobody is going to expand this to a year’s worth of Senran Kagura episodes because I’ll be so bored and I can only see that such girls who will be focused, their episode would mostly be a filler.

I thought that Yumi, Fubuki, Gekkou and Senkou seemed to be f*cked by their Kurokage oujisama’s ideology. The way the girls preach about his teachings sound like he is the best teacher in the world. Honour must be upheld. Justice must be upheld. There are always 2 sides of a coin. Live the way you see fit. Not that he says all those but you get the gist of this. So it’s like when these girls clash because of their different interpretations of Kurokage, I thought that old geezer really did one on these girls too. I mean, he was a rogue ninja so there is no specific method he sticks to. But still, every time the girls mention about Kurokage’s teachings, I’m like, “Oh no. Here they go again mentioning this old geezer’s name”. Say that again, that sword and shield thingy…

But I just don’t understand the logic behind the shinobi world. I don’t know. Their code seems to sound a lot like BS to me. Like the good and bad shinobi. They’re always fighting each other but there are those also in the grey area. And then when a bigger threat comes, they must put aside this rivalry and fight for the better. Like, WTF???!!! So why are they fighting each other in the first place?! I understand different schools have different methodology but shouldn’t they be working together if their goal is to actually annihilate the youma? So what the f*ck is with this good and bad shinobi faction thingy?! I just don’t get it.

And I’m sure they want to give Fubuki some sort of revenge story for this season. But how the heck did a child born out of a human and youma happen in the first place?! Yeah, they want to show us that love knows no bounds. One heated night of passion. But wait. Think about our future. Our child’s future. Will she be accepted by both sides? Nah. Just f*ck it. Let’s leave that for later. And that is how the tragic story of Fubuki was born. Born to watch both her parents kill each other and now she wants revenge on all of you. They want us to feel sympathy for Fubuki’s case as they claim youma also feel love, blah, blah, blah. You mean humans don’t feel love? Sure, a lot of them are pieces of sh*t. I can say the same for youma in that case. So that’s why when shinobi are grouped into good or evil, eventually it doesn’t matter. Because even though it is wrong for Fubuki to classify all shinobi as evil and must be eliminated, it still makes the good and evil shinobi kinda redundant. I guess they want to have some sort of grey area to make us confuse and unsure who to support. Fubuki or the shinobi girls. Of course the latter! They are a hell lot sexier than this bad goth makeup girl.

Still, it is mind boggling that it makes you wonder if deep down inside Fubuki’s heart she still loves her sister because with so many chances and times that Fubuki owns Yumi, only in the final episode that Yumi is able to defeat her. Like after how many times?! And because of that, the day is saved?! What kind of plot convenience logic is that?! All the villain needs to do is to be defeated once by the hero and it doesn’t matter how many times the heroes lost before (just an excuse to become stronger) all you need is that one chance of victory. Usually it comes in the final or penultimate episode. Wow. I’m so good I should start writing scripts for the next season.

As you would have guessed, the fanservice plays the biggest part and is a trademark signature of the series. It isn’t Senran Kagura when the girls are not showing their tits or getting naked one way or another. It makes me wonder if they have so many same uniforms and clothes because each time they get into any sort of battle, guarantee their clothes will be ripped. Absolutely. It’s like as though they are obligated to be ripped so their boobs can be exposed just for the sake of it. Shouldn’t they have tried getting better materials for their clothes? Man, their clothes are going to be the most expensive and recurring expenditure on their list. But I guess it is better that their clothes get ripped than seeing unsightly damages and wounds on the perfect silky smooth skin on our shinobi ladies. Yup, somehow their skin manage to stay safe always despite the amount of powerful blasts they take. Maybe their clothes (no matter how skimpy) absorb all the force and that’s why they always rip at the slightest. Yeah. Whatever. But thanks for the fanservice, girls. Keep on fighting!

This means that the action bits are closely and always tied to the fanservice. Every time the shinobi girls need to give us some action, this also means fanservice action. Yeah. That’s the only way their clothes could come off fast. Unless it is hotspring or bathing, the action sequences are directly correlated with this cheap sleaziness. I believe every shinobi girl has their own unique technique/ But too bad they aren’t memorable because too many characters and not enough screen time. And for those who are supposedly ‘their turn’ to shine, make some sort of ridiculous move that I can’t remember. Maybe except for Yumi because her techniques are ice based so she keeps using ice attacks. I think. But overall the moves are mostly flashy, over the top and outrageous, that’s for sure. Didn’t spend years training that skill for nothing, eh?

Animation and art feel only mediocre. I don’t really remember the original one but this season feels like it is just passable and that they want to focus on the fanservice, thinking that this is what fans are for. Especially during the action scenes. They think it’s too fast for us to catch and that our eyes are only focusing and anticipating where the cloths cover the boobs will rip. Well, too bad I saw some of those low quality movements. Heck, I think some of the idle scenes feel inconsistent. Maybe it is because TNK now taking over from Artland but that shouldn’t be the case since TNK animated all the seasons of High School DxD series and other ecchi series like Sin: Nanatsu No Taizai, Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor and Kenzen Robo Daimidaler. This isn’t definitely one of their best.

This season’s opening theme, Scarlet Master by Sayaka Sasaki sounds more like a techno dance song with all the techno effects and exuberance. Because of that, I feel the singing falls flat and sounds really flat. Like as though it is sung just for the sake of singing. Too many words trying to match the beat of the music makes it really one messy song to hear. Maybe it fits the pacing of the series (because fast paced fanservice action) but I don’t find it really appealing. The ending theme is Junsei Erotic and sounds more like a happy rock song. It should be since it is more fanservice time with its animation having the girls having fun in the hotspring. I didn’t know being shinobi girls allows them to have a lot of fun time together. Perhaps. It’s not like they can have a normal life and mingle with normal girls outside their school, right? Then there is one BGM that is a solo harmonica. Often played for those cheesy flashback moments. Don’t know. Makes it feel like some wild west flick. So out of place.

Overall, I am not sure if hardcore fans would even appreciate this. I have a feeling that if you really want to appreciate the fanservice (of course, it’s the only reason why you would stay for this title, right?), go play all the instalments of the game. They should have named this season as Tokyo Pantsu-hen(tai) or something. My biggest speculation remains is that they want to introduce this series to the new generation of weeaboos because 5 years is a long enough time for things to change in life. But I guess the allure of fanservice from boob shots to pantsu shots have never changed since the day anime was born. The eternal grey area and line that should be fought over is the war of good porn and bad porn! Oh, who am I kidding? Porn is always bad and must be eliminated, right?!

Tonari No Kyuuketsuki-san

February 16, 2019

There are 2 types of vampires in this world. The horrible kind that wants to suck the blood out of you and turn you into their slave or hate mankind and want to destroy all humans alike. Then there is the other kind who drinks tomato juice and just wants to live peacefully with nobody bothering them whatsoever. Tonari No Kyuuketsuki-san fits a lot like the latter and you know what this means when you have a cute vampire girl and a cute human girl interacting and doing stuffs together every day (or night, rather). Cute girls doing cute things, vampire version!

Episode 1
Akari Amano is lost in the woods. Her friend was talking about some haunted house but Akari was interested in finding some doll girl thingy. But she stumbles into Sophie Twilight who admits she is a vampire and flies her to her mansion. Akari soon becomes infatuated with Sophie as she looks like a doll and wants to pet her, scaring the vampire girl. She asks if she could stay and is willing to offer her own blood. Too bad Sophie doesn’t drink from live humans. Sorry to blow your enthusiasm there. With Akari making this place like her home, she also continues to visit every night and learns more about Sophie like how she isn’t good with sunlight. Sophie finds it annoying and decides to scare her by showing her strength. Instantly Akari runs away. Sophie relishes her quiet days but soon feels lonely without her. And then Akari comes back. She has brought all the jars she can’t open! Maybe she should just go home for real. With Akari bragging to her friends, they tell her to just move in and stay with Sophie. What a great idea! Plus, this place is closer to her school. But will her parents be okay with it? They agree! They are fascinated with this vampire girl. Maybe Akari got such annoying habits from her parents… As Akari tries to cook and accidentally cuts her finger, Sophie sucks on it. It gives Akari an idea to cut off more… Don’t do it! When Sophie’s blood is running low, Akari wonders if she is going to hunt humans. Well, she orders her blood online! They sell that online?! Akari tries to be useful around the mansion to get Sophie to accept her but comes off as annoying. However Sophie allows her to stay seeing it would be less lonely in this big space. Plus, her being useless, Sophie never had anything useful for her in the first place (is this an insult?). Akari takes this as Sophie accepting her love and is ready to marry her! Oh Sophie, you’re going to regret your decisions right now. Akari learns about Sophie attending school once but with so many rules and restrictions, she gave up after 3 days. Wait. So everyone knows and accepts a vampire?!

Episode 2
Sophie shows Akari her book collection. Her hobby is collecting books with signatures. Sophie accidentally reveals she is 360 years old as she has books from famous authors of the past and it brings back memories (mostly dreaded ones) when she go get their signature. And because there is another book signing event, this time Akari accompanies her. To prevent the sunlight from turning her into ash, Sophie wears thick capes and uses a parasol but it is still uncomfortable. But don’t worry. Akari is here to help her out in any way. But the short trip turns into a detour as Sophie has to avoid churches, garlic shops and the likes. When the wind blows her parasol away, Akari quickly uses her jacket to cover her. Phew. Safe. Akari is so relieved that she starts crying. Eventually Sophie manages to get her signed book. Akari wonders if she’ll remember this day as being helpful but Sophie will mostly remember it as Akari having a weird suspicious smile. Hinata Natsuki, Akari’s friend is worried that she is living with a stranger and wants to visit. Okay. Sophie is even shocked that Akari has friends! At first Hinata finds everything normal until she realizes Sophie is a vampire. Not panicking yet but she worries if Akari is alright living under the same roof as a blood sucker. Then they watch horror movies. Ironically Akari isn’t scared but Sophie is! Naturally Hinata too. So could this mean they could really be pals? When Hinata mentions about rumours of a floating girl around, it soon dawned to them it is Sophie although she herself is unaware of it. When it’s time for the human girls to go to bed, Sophie still reeling from the horror movie decides to join them. It’s not her bedtime. The scariest place in the mansion has got to be Akari’s room. Look at all the dolls she brought over! Ultimately, Hinata is glad Sophie is Akari’s friend as she seems happier. Sophie might be weird, but she’s a nice person. Hinata goes on to rant how much she adores Akari. Oh no, another nut brewing… With Hinata and Sophie now friends, looks like she gets the green light to visit again.

Episode 3
Hinata’s parents are away for a trip so she invites Akari and Sophie to visit her. Such an achievement for Sophie to step in a house of a friend. Hinata introduces Sophie to her dog, Mikan but it starts growling at her. Dogs don’t like vampires? As they talk about their families, Akari imagines Sophie’s family to be super cute. Unfortunately Sophie says she did have a family when she was human but none since she turned into a vampire. There is also a family who turned the rest of her family members into vampires. Oh look, they just posted on their social media page a few days ago just celebrating the sister’s 421st birthday! Akari gets this idea to play family and wants to be Sophie’s mom. This has Hinata overthinking that means Akari is married to somebody and will not allow it! I guess Hinata is naturally the dad then. They decide to play sisters and the humans love the vampire to be their little sister. And then Akari tries to be Sophie’s cat? All this family talk has Sophie feeling fun to be part of a family. Akari promises never to make her lonely and Hinata will always welcome her here. Sophie realizes Akari forgot her lunch. School doesn’t have pleasant memories of her but she still braves the sunlight to deliver the lunch. Everyone at first gets afraid thinking she is some sort of assassin because of her dark cloak but upon realizing she is Akari’s friend, they are relieved. So they think Akari’s friends are all kooky? Akari introduces to her other friends, Yuu Aoki and Sakuya Kurai. They are awed that she is a vampire. So cute, who is going to get scared, right? Yeah, does Sophie need to lie about her age? Like shaving 20 years off? Yeah, who could tell? Yamada then wants Sophie to stand in for her as she intends to skip class and go back to check on her sick sister. She thinks they look the same. Obviously not. And as expected, the teacher can tell Sophie is not Yamada but decides to play along since Sophie is playing poker face. After school, Sakuya tries to scare Sophie with ghost stories and enjoys it! As they study, the international history brings some memories back for Sophie. Like where she was at France and ‘witnessed’ the beheading of Marie Antoinette. Amazing, huh? When they go home, they stop by a bookstore since Sophie feels this youths do this. Sophie realizes today’s school outing is not so bad. Akari says because she is with her.

Episode 4
Akari stumbles into another vampire girl from America, Ellie who is on her way to visit Sophie. However Sophie isn’t pleased to see her although the last they saw each other 100 years ago. That’s because Ellie always drags her into her shenanigans and Sophie bears the brunt of it all. Later Ellie uses up all of Sophie’s blood just to have a blood bath. It freaked out Akari. Now with no blood food, Ellie guns for Sophie’s neck. Thankfully Akari stops her. Or not. Because she’ll come back with a camera! Slowpoke Akari returns and the meal is already over. Ellie tries to target Akari next but is told her blood is really bad. Better not regret it. Ellie reveals that she overslept for 100 years after getting tired from playing. By the time she woke up, it’s already the modern era. After Sophie returns from an errand, she thought Ellie has gone. Peace and quiet back. Too bad Ellie is waiting in her bed trying to seduce her. Sophie quickly Google for the crematorium! Since this is Ellie’s first time in the modern world, Sophie introduces her to many modern conveniences we take for granted like colour TV and best of all, the computer and internet. But since Ellie is such a noob and almost wrecks her laptop, it’s a good thing both vampire girls agree to stay away from it. Later Ellie learns Akari is Sophie’s friend and not a slave or emergency food supply she thought out to be. This has Ellie being cautious as she reminds them they are different beings, hated by humans. Hence the idea of befriending one is ridiculous. Sophie says times have changed but Ellie tries to threaten Akari to break them up. Akari misinterprets Ellie’s attack as a sexual one and expects it! It’s scaring Ellie instead. Because Akari cannot imagine Sophie’s friends being bad, Ellie gives in and allows this friendship. For now. Ellie will return and visit again. Sophie warns due to her erratic behaviour, it will be decades from now. Akari is disheartened as she’ll be a grandma by then. But that won’t happen as Ellie has moved into the neighbourhood. Time to set up the crucifixes…

Episode 5
Ellie is caught red handed emptying the fridge of all the blood. Okay. No biggie. She’ll go out to hunt! Hence Sophie introduces her to online shopping. No fun, can’t choose your target. That’s the way it’s done today. With Hinata coming over for a sleepover, it is the first time she meets Ellie. However Hinata mistakes Ellie to be younger than Sophie (Ellie is over 450 years old) and this causes her to snap as she fondles her boobs?! It descends into a childish argument with Hinata running away and not wanting to sleepover. So I guess we have to go look for her. Don’t want a young girl walking in the dark. Something may assault her and it won’t be vampires! Anyway, Ellie explains why she hates being a child because it is he dream to grow up mature into a beautiful lady. Now she’s stuck in this loli body. At the same time, Hinata rues of having such mature body at a young age as all the guys can’t keep their eyes of her. Just the right moment for Hinata to fall down the stairs and Ellie to catch her. They reconcile and respect each other’s body. The sleepover continues. Late that night, Hinata hears some sounds from the kitchen and gets the shock of her life to see Ellie putting blood all over her face (for beauty purposes – old fashion thinking, maybe). Sophie is tired out just trying to teach Ellie how to use modern appliances. After hearing her neighbour how she overbought lots of food for her family coming over, Sophie thinks cooking a lot for humans would make them happy. Hence on the day Akari left for a doll exhibition, Sophie hatches a plan to surprise her with her cooking. Of course she gets help from Hinata. Sophie tries to think outside the box but all ended up in disaster. I mean, she thought of putting nails in soup because you need the iron, right?! Something got lost in translation… Finally they follow the normal instructions to make curry rice. The final hurdle is most taxing because of the garlic! Don’t worry. Sophie puts on a hazmat suit! Curry rice finished! But Sophie is disappointed it looks so normal?! Better than disastrous, right? Of course Akari comes home to be thrilled with Sophie’s cooking. But Sophie can’t eat near her. The garlic. Yeah, great at keeping Ellie away too.

Episode 6
Sophie was half asleep when Akari called her asking for permission for Sakuya to come over and interview her (in regards to this episode’s title, sorry, no Tom Cruise cameo here). So don’t be surprise when you wake up only to see Sakuya covering her while she is asleep! Apparently Sakuya is doing this since she is part of the occult club. Sophie tries to get dressed for the occasion but dresses like vampires in the movies. Sakuya asks a few questions like why vampires where black (doesn’t look obvious with blood stains but shouldn’t it be red then?) and if the rivalries with werewolves exist (they’re just superstitions!). Ellie comes in because has a problem with her new laptop. Yeah, she chopped it since it wasn’t working. It’s beyond repair. Now she wants to borrow Ellie’s laptop… No way! Ellie and Sakuya meet. Although Sakuya akin her to a child, Ellie doesn’t get mad since she is the same petite size and is flat. Ellie teases of wanting to bite Sakuya’s neck and the latter excitedly anticipates it until Sophie warns her bite is painful. Uhm, won’t you turn into a vampire with a bite? Shouldn’t that be of concern? Sophie watched anime up till so late (that’s noon for vampire standards) and before she is about to turn in, Ellie wants to go out to buy clothes! At this time of day?! Well, shops don’t open at night. Good thing Akari is going to meet up with Hinata. Too bad the vampire girls are like in torture just trekking through the bright sunny day. It’s a miracle they didn’t die. On the train as they rest, this must be a touchy issue if they are qualified to sit on the reserved seats for senior citizens! As the shopping begins, it seems all of them pick the same clothes they often wear when they’re supposed to pick something that gives them a different look. So they decide to shop for each other’s clothes instead. I’m sure Ellie isn’t amused with Hinata’s thoughts of having her dressed as a kid. Hinata’s clothes look so feminine that she herself is amazed she looks like a girl! WTF?! Finally a nice white dress on Sophie that really makes her look cute. Is this Akari’s plan to take her original black clothes and vacuum seal it? All this shopping makes them hungry. Oh Ellie, all those young girls at the food court aren’t available…

Episode 7
Beach episode! But how the f*ck did Sophie end up here?! Sure, she did say she never seen a beach before but could she Google it? The other part to blame for this ‘harassment’ is Akari who packed her in her bag while she was sleeping. So, uhm, surprise? Ellie was smart to decline this as she enjoys her ‘beach’ in her own living room. Back home, Akari thought of doing summer things with them but the thought of kimodameshi… I think even vampires are afraid of ghosts. As a vampire, they don’t have body temperature like human and hence it doesn’t matter if they wear long or short sleeve. Akari takes this chance to rub herself on her cool skin. Stop it. You’re making it unbearably hot. Akari gets an idea to visit the fireworks festival. She starts making their yukata. Akari might have discovered Sophie’s ‘weakness’ while she is painting her toenails as she gets ticklish. Hinata thought she isn’t feminine enough to wear a yukata but if Akari has her way… At the festival, I can understand Ellie not understanding the culture but Sophie? How long has she been living here? She thought there are shaved ice that serves blood and goldfish scooping is eating goldfish on rice?! Are you sure you have even used the internet? Honestly, you never came to such festival before Akari, eh? During the fireworks, Ellie gets excited and starts flying. I’m sure everyone saw a vampire spectacle too. On the way back, Akari wants them to do this every year. Surprisingly Hinata reacts to that because this means Akari won’t get a boyfriend and Akari can be by her side. Forever. Well, if you become a vampire, forever is likely. Because Sophie has never seen a morning glory bloom (only in day time), Akari gives her a bookmark with one. Too bad she reads e-book. Sophie finds herself in another predicament. How the f*ck did she find herself trapped underneath a tree and it’s day time. Apparently she got curious to count all the seeds in a sunflower. Yeah, she counted them to be over a thousand! Happy? Now she realizes she has brought nothing with her except this 500 Yen. What can she do with it? Luckily Akari is here. She visited her mansion and got worried because she wasn’t in and started looking for her. Akari is going to get her mantle and umbrella but Sophie wants her to stay with her until they can walk home in the evening.

Episode 8
It’s that time of season again. Yup, the rush to finish your summer homework. Too bad Akari and Hinata are having a hard time focusing and getting distracted. Even more so when Ellie is here to play. So they go shopping, cook a nice dinner and when they’re all revved up and ready to continue, a short while into it, they’re back to being lethargic. Homework sucks… Thankfully they manage to do so and are rewarded with nice cool watermelon treats and playing sparklers. But reality soon hits them. They don’t want summer vacation to end! Too bad they have to go to school tomorrow and Sophie is most relieved since Akari won’t be bugging her taking naps in her coffin! When it’s time to go to bed, the quartet have a hard time finding the right combo to sleep with each other. Sophie finds it perfect lying in between the tight space of the bed and wall… When night falls, the quartet make their way to Akihabara. It’s Ellie’s first time so there is a section in this manga shop that is age restricted if you want to browse through those erotic works. Don’t worry. They’re like over hundreds of years old, right? Too bad the store clerk kicks them out thinking they’re young girls. Discrimination! After that they hit the crane game and then the maid café. Sophie feels embarrassed doing that moe-moe spell on your food. They overhear how a maid says she is always 17 years old (as part of the act to otaku customers) so they think she is one of their kind. Back home, Akari has created a maid dress for Sophie so she could feel she’s at Akihabara at home. Too bad she didn’t think far enough because if that is the case, doesn’t this defeats the purpose of going back there again?

Episode 9
A bug bumps into Ellie and she almost died! Is this how weak vampires are in daylight? But when they reach Akari’s school for the cultural festival, they are all revived. They see Hinata who brings them to Akari’s doll exhibition. Why does it look like a haunted house? Bad lighting on purpose or what? When Sophie rests, others start thinking she is a doll and get shocked when she starts moving! Why does everyone else have this haunted house vibe? From Sakuya’s ghost story telling (I think it’s her bad singing) to Yuu’s horror journal, eventually Hinata is forced to enter a haunted house with Ellie with the latter only finds it all comforting. Luckily for the rest of the day they had a swell time. On the way back, they see a strange girl outside the mansion when she suddenly collapses. No worries. Just rumbling of her stomach. They take her in and treat her to some food. Then she reveals she is a rookie vampire hunter and heard there is a vampire in the neighbourhood! Oh dear. Sophie better stop posting on social media from now on. They try to pretend not to know anything and anybody could see through their bad acting except for this vampire hunter. All okay. Naturally you want her out but to stem suspicions, Sophie lets her stay here for the night and will just need to pretend to be human until morning. The vampire hunter explains her goal to exterminate vampires because her great-great-great-great grandpa was turned into one. Yeah, he became one as an old man and his body is aching all over. So killing all vampires can release the curse? Then Ellie comes in and almost ruins it. She also plays along but the vampire hunter gets more suspicious when the vampires try to do human-like things but fail big time. I guess the foreigner excuse comes in handy. Later that night, the vampire hunter stumbles into Sophie’s room and sees her coffin. Oh no! Actually this is an elaborate cover for her dakimakura. Phew. Next morning as she leaves, the vampire hunter drops something but Sophie picks it up and gives her back. Unknowingly her hand touches the sunlight and for that moment she saw it turn to ash. However realizing that these vampires are good and not as terrifying as she imagined, she leaves them in peace. Better than in pieces, right? Haha! And we are rewarded seeing the quartet bathing together but all of them become lazy after experiencing the goodness of the hotspring.

Episode 10
Oh no! Akari is a vampire! Sophie in shock! Gotcha! Just a Halloween costume! Akari would love to make Sophie’s Halloween costume but she rather buy it online. The friends gather for a Halloween party. Sophie the witch, Yuu and Sakuya the zombies, Hinata the werewolf and Ellie the super sexy succubus! Is this even legal?! I suppose many of them would prefer tricks to treat. Never seen anybody so eager to go buy candies… Then they have really weird Halloween food. Eyeballs, body parts… Probably just bread but they can eat all that without flinching? As Christmas is approaching, the gang plan their programme for that day. They like the idea of exchanging gifts and some of them already starting to have fantasies if they receive from the ones they like. Akari wanted to invite Yuu and Sakuya too but after hearing how Yuu would be alone during Christmas since everybody else is away and only have Sakuya for company, looks like Hinata took a hint and better leave them alone. So the rest decorate the place and make Christmas food. During the present exchange, Akari and Sophie got each other’s present, breaking Hinata’s heart. She got Ellie’s instead. Not too happy? It’s a lipstick and since Akari commented how pretty she looks, she totally loves it. All go outside when it starts snowing. Thankfully the vampire girls aren’t affected by the cold hence not die of its exposure. Akari feels bad because the mitten present she got for her felt useless. Don’t worry, she still wears them. On New Year’s Eve, they take out the kotatsu. Time to laze around. Sophie is puzzled since no soba is served as it is done traditionally in Japan. That’s because Akari is allergic to soba and fries are substituted instead. They wait until midnight to celebrate the New Year but looks like they can’t keep their promise to stay awake to watch the sunrise. Luckily Akari and Hinata manage to catch it in time. So great that the vampire girls even don’t mind catching it even if they are slowly turning into ash! I guess a video will do if they want to see the rest.

Episode 11
A loud crash in the middle of the night. It seems Sophie is trying to put away all the junk in her collection room that has accumulated over the, uhm, centuries? Hinata is called to help and she thought it would be easy pie until she sees how much junk the room is filled. Plus, Ellie isn’t helping and just reading manga. This is going to take some time as the girls reminisce old technology like Gameboy and even a pager. You people know what’s a pager, right? Also, Sophie is distressing whether to throw away other useless junk or not. The room is finally cleaned. There are ribbons Ellie gave to Sophie. Time to throw them away?! To thank them for their help, Ellie cooks for them. But since they are worried, it’s safer to just order. They order pizza and since Sophie is taken in with the pizza box, will the hoarding begin again? Selling all those stuffs earned Sophie some money. But she can’t decide what to buy. Later Sophie thinks Akari is acting strange. But she’s always acting strange! Turns out Akari is sick. Not in the head, but physically. Sophie starts panicking. And since the vampires don’t know anything on how to cure a cold (have they even tried looking on the internet?), looks like they call Hinata. Instantly this girl slams the phone and rushes down. Mama is here. Akari is taken care of but Sophie is still panicking thinking she is beyond saving if she refuses to go to the hospital. Sophie gets tricked as Akari pulls her in to hug her. So cool and refreshing. With Ellie joining in, Akari is living her fantasy of being sandwiched by 2 cute vampires. I think Hinata is trying to join in… Next day, Akari is much better but since she wants to be taken care of a little longer, she bluffs she isn’t getting any better. Too bad Sophie thinks she is really dying! Better stop the lies. That night as Akari sleeps, the vampire girls think it is a pity humans don’t sleep in a confined space. So they think by putting a styrofoam board will make her sleep better? Yeah, Akari is having nightmares…

Episode 12
Sophie with new short haircut! Actually, she took out the trash and the sun burnt her long hair! What’s this about the local laws forbidding to take out one’s trash at night?! So Akari forbids her to take out the trash and will do it for her? Later as Sophie tries to order blood online, looks like the service will be down for a few days! Horror! Then Ellie comes by asking if she has stock because she too has run out of blood. Double horror! Time for Akari to be useful. Too bad they ignore her and think of sucking humans’ blood in town but with their consent. I guess that failed. With the hunger pangs, Ellie is looking at Akari’s neck. Looking good… Sophie has her wear a scarf. To distract this hunger, they watch an action movie. Blood everywhere! Changing it to cute girls doing cute things genre, aren’t the girls cute enough as meal? Akari soon falls into depression that they rather stay hungry than drink her blood. Yeah, it’s that friendship reason again why they don’t want to. Yup, we care about you. A few days later, the blood delivery is back to normal and the vampire girls have their fill. When Sophie goes for a night flight, she forgot her shoes and when she returns home, Akari too want to go. At the school rooftop admiring the city lights, the teacher almost caught them but they flew away. Hence some haunting legend was born after this… Yuu and Sakuya are looking for some legendary floating girl. To their disappointment it’s just Sophie. Then they meet Hinata walking her dog. Looks like Mikan still isn’t receptive of the vampire. Then they make their way to the woods, the place where they first met. Too bad it’s dark and creepy instead of that wonderland delusion in Akari’s head. For a short while, Akari got distracted and then separated. Lost in the darkness, it isn’t too long before Sophie finds her. Just like how the first time they met. And they reintroduce and replay that exact scene again before continuing their walk. Don’t walk too long at night. Akari has school tomorrow, you know.

I Heart <3 Vampires
And so the heart-warming story of a human girl and her vampire friend continues. But I hope this series doesn’t make you want to go out and do some vampire hunting on your own. No, not the kind that turns you into some Van Helsing wannabe and go out there to kill every vampire. It would be very troublesome if you’re going to kidnap a cute vampire girl and keep her as your pet! The irony of your ‘pet’ outliving you…

There isn’t so much of a plot in this series and it is possibly close to non-existent as every episode just sees the daily life interactions between the human girls and the vampire girls. There’s nothing more to it. Some funny moments arise because of their odd fetish (like Akari’s maniacal ways to cuddle Sophie, hence giving rise to her perverted rape face) and some misunderstood conceptions of how modern technology works (like Ellie who has a lot to catch up to now that she is living in the 21st century). Humans and vampires have so much to learn about each other… There is no plot here that would shake things up and even that vampire hunter episode is so mild that Akari’s illness seems to look like a tenser drama. Really.

So I am left to guess if vampires in this world are actually accepted as docile beings. They aren’t creatures that exist in secrecy as we see them posting on social media as well as Sophie herself has an unfortunate experience as a first timer at school and even then it is safe to say everybody knows of her identity. I mean, if they have online blood sales and delivery, I bet the mosquitoes aren’t the ones ordering it. A lot of characters don’t seem to be alarmed with the fact that a vampire is living in their neighbourhood. Not sure if they know or they just don’t care because vampires here don’t kill people. Even the vampire hunter girl’s reason to kill vampires stems from the fact it isn’t because vampires killed any family members of her. Just some bodily annoyance, that’s all. So if vampires exist in this world and nobody bats an eyelid (pun intended), what about werewolves and zombies? Do they exist here too? Or just solely vampires? I guess unicorns will always remain as mythical creatures. Sophie did say werewolves were superstitions but is that her belief or a general fact? After all, vampires and werewolves are natural enemies so it is natural Sophie doesn’t want to acknowledge their existence.

There are some other mind boggling questions that I want to ask to. It would never have occurred to me had not Sophie tried to clean out her archives. Because this has me to ponder of how long her collections will last. Assuming vampires are the only eternal beings in this world, then everything else is perishable. This means a huge number of collections, especially Sophie’s books would have been in dilapidated conditions and about to break apart. I wonder how she manages her archives and if she has got space for them all. Sure, she is only 300 over years old but from the looks of it, she has amassed quite a number of collections that the museums and library would be at envy to have.

The vampires in this world seem to suffer from all the cliché weaknesses that Hollywood told us. From sunlight to garlic and holy water, it makes Sophie look more like a weakling. Too bad I didn’t see her transform into a real bat and the most I see is with bat-like wings. If that is the case, I wonder how Sophie manages to keep herself so clean and proper if she cannot see herself in the mirror! This is before she met Akari, you know. I don’t see other familiar assistants around so it is indeed mind boggling. Unless you tell me our vampires here can see their reflection. Of course not as indicated by Sophie. Yeah, does Sophie even know how she looks like? Somebody please be consistent with the vampire clichés already?!

Since vampires can only die and be dissolved by direct exposure to sunlight, I have a question that if Sophie stands and finally gets fully dissolved by the sun’s rays, then when it is night fall, will she resurrect fully to her vampire self? You see, this anime tells us that they can recover or regenerate as long as they go back into darkness. That is why vampires stay the same. Too bad if you’re stuck with a bad hair day when you become one. And since the dissolving takes time, by the time it is night, does this mean Sophie will be truly be back alive? Oh Sophie, you are indeed an immortal if that is the case. Maybe somebody will try to drive a stake to her heart or poison her food with garlic…

Character wise, I guess if you’re not really picky or bored with this cute girls doing cute things genre, they’re pretty cute and likeable in their own ways. Possible subtle cute girls lesbianism because I guess with hardcore ones like Citrus and Yagate Kimi Ni Naru, this one looks like being masked behind an innocent friendship, which I guess is pretty okay with everyone. So yeah, doll lover Akari loves Sophie only because she is so cute like a doll and a plus point is that she doesn’t age, meaning she won’t become a hagged doll forever. And then Sophie is like annoyed and scared but at the same time puts up with all of this because it’s like her first normal friend in, uhm, her life? Excluding Ellie, that’s like her lifetime friend. Akari may be annoying but for an immortal, it gives meaning to her existence. For better or worse. It’s hard to say if Sophie would have preferred the quiet life and just hooking up to her internet. She might enjoy that too but would it be as much as hanging out with a friend no matter how annoying? That’s right. Even vampires are people too. In this case, were people. They have feelings too despite not having body temperature and resistant to illnesses. It’s always that human factor that ramps up the friendship and bonding. Can’t have such intimate relationship with your laptop, can you?

It remains to be seen if this friendship will last into the long future because if that is going to happen, Akari and Hinata have to be turned into vampires. But don’t wait until they are grandmas to turn them so. Because boy, the plot is going to be damn interesting and possibly tear jerking when it comes to a point that Sophie considers Akari her best friend so much so she can’t part with her and the only solution is to turn her into a vampire. Then literally BFF! Otherwise, let Akari grow old and die while Sophie continues to find a new cute young girl as her new friend. I wonder what Akari will think of that. Yeah, that would be interesting to see.

There seems to be this running joke and dilemma about Sophie being 360 years old. She is now forever stuck in this loli body and no human in their right mind will ever think she is of legal age. Heck, she is possibly the oldest around! By a few generations! So while this legally entitles her to a lot of stuffs, at the same time she is also age conscious because it makes her look old. Can’t argue that old is old. Accept your age and age gracefully. Oh wait. She can’t. I don’t think shaving off a few decades is going to do her any good. It’s not like she is finding a prospect or suitor, is she?

Then you have Hinata acting as Akari’s mom and big sister because I guess Akari’s own mom and dad are busy doing their own things. If they are fine with her staying at a vampire’s place, it says a lot about them. Like as though they’ve gotten rid some sort of burden. But that’s just my take. So my guess is that Hinata is now filling that void and in hopes Akari would notice her affection. Yeah, one-sided unrequited love is so unfair. Hinata -> Akari -> Sophie. And where does Ellie fit in all this? Any cute and nice girls would do. I am waiting for the day where Ellie would just bite Akari and turn her into a vampire. Then Sophie will forever be haunted. Heh. So for now she is safe because of the presumption of Akari’s blood tastes bad. Ellie believes it without even thinking further? I mean, if Sophie knows Akari’s blood is bad, that means she would have drank it and that further means Akari is now a vampire. Since she is not, I think somebody is lying… Can’t Akari just drip her blood in small cup and let them taste? Or will that somehow magically turn her into a vampire too? Last and not least the Yuu and Sakuya best-friends-cum-other-potential-lesbian-couple but to a lesser extent. The series could also be done without them but I think to prevent us from thinking these 4 losers girls only have themselves as company, Yuu and Sakuya show that they also have other friends outside the circle who accept the vampire ladies.

Art and animation are drawn to a very cute and kawaii perspective. With everything so bright and colourful, that is why I fear that some people may get the wrong ideas that vampire lolis are cute enough to be your friends that they forget the other cliché views of scary vampires (see the loli vampire twins in the recent Tenrou: Sirius The Jaeger for reference). Sure, Shinobu of the Monogatari series is a cute loli vampire too but considering the genre of that anime, it’s not all happy peaceful sunshine as enjoyed by Sophie here. Speaking about vampires dissolving when being exposed to sunlight, how come Sophie and Ellie seem like they are in a slow process of Thanos’ snap?

I keep feeling that Akari looks like Kiniro Mosaic’s Shinobu. With their similar haircut and similar passion for their perversion. It’s no wonder why I keep seeing shades of the latter in her. (Shinobu is obsessed with blondes and certain blonde named Alice. Like how Akari is obsessed with dolls and a certain doll-like vampire named Sophie). I also see Slow Start’s Eiko in Hinata. Both are tall girls and have a crush on a certain someone who is hard to reach. This anime is jointly produced by Studio Gokumi and Axsiz who have done a few other anime series together like Seiren, Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san and Koukaku No Pandora.

Didn’t recognize anyone in the voice acting department. But everyone plays their part to make the sound characters (annoyingly) cute. So squeal your heart out visually and aurally. The casts are Miyu Tomita as Sophie (Gabriel in Gabriel Dropout), Yuu Sasahara as Akari (Li Xuemei in Marchen Madchen), Lynn as Hinata (titular character in Fukka), Azumi Waki as Ellie (Maika in Blend S), Aya Uchida as Yuu (Kotori in Love Live) and Rina Hidaka as Sakuya (Ririchiyo in Inu X Boku Secret Service). More cuteness galore in the opening theme with the main quartet singing Kyuutie Ladies. I guess that’s a cute way of playing with the words ‘cute’ and ‘kyuuketsuki’ (vampire). The same quartet sing the ending theme, Happy Strange Friends and I prefer this song a lot more with its light-hearted bouncy sunshine feel (a bit of Broadway too). There are also a few BGMs that have that jazzy feel. Kinda reminds me of that main Yakitate! Japan theme.

Overall, this series is relaxing and funny because of all the cute things they spam us. Ironically this series has quite a bit of cutie sunshine but it doesn’t get dissolved… I guess it has been quite a long time since we have had a cute vampire series (remember Karin, anyone?) because so many vampire themed animes are like so gory, violent and bloody (Hellsing, Owari No Seraph, Blood+). Others are too over the top brooding dramatic (Vampire Knight), too sexy (Rosario To Vampire) and too overrated (Kizumonogatari, Shiki and yes, Kekkai Sensen too). Not sure if they are trying to normalize the supernatural that they are our friends and not our enemies (Demi-chan Wa Kataritai, Centaur No Nayami and to a certain extent Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou) but with vampire lolis like Sophie around, you bet you don’t have to be afraid of vampires sucking your blood. Thank goodness I’m a middle aged guy so they’ll stay clearly away from me!

Saiki Kusuo No Psi-nan S2

December 29, 2018

If you can’t get enough of the crazy characters who keep bugging a certain psychic kid who just wants to lead a normal and quiet live, be glad there is more. Saiki Kusuo No Psi-nan S2 is going to be as wacky and hilarious as its predecessor with more psycho antics that would seemingly threaten to reveal our titular character. He is always one and many steps ahead but can that last forever? Stay tuned as we find out. But for Saiki, I think he already knows the conclusion to it all.

Episode 1A
Saiki trolls us with a Gintama crossover! Thankfully it is just a short one. He makes his way to school and stumbles into the usual gang of idiots. As usual they continue to gather around and bug him. It ends with an unexpected Gintama crossover punch line.

Episode 1B
Saiki doesn’t want to spend another disastrous Christmas night with his family. So as he hangs out alone at the park, he sees Takahashi in a pinch as he dropped a Christmas cake he is supposed to deliver. Yeah, that guy has to work tonight and will get his pay docked for every cake he messed up. But what’s worse is that Saiki senses Nendou and Kaidou wanting to come to his place to party and Teruhashi joining in. With the crowd spotting Mugami and chasing him, Saiki sees this and teleports back home. Only, his friends are already waiting in his room ready to celebrate.

Episode 1C
Saiki is alone on New Year’s Day. He feels there is a conspiracy because on every channel he turns on, one of his idiotic friends is on the channel! From Nendou in that millionaire quiz show to Mera in an eating contest to Hairo playing baseball. Finally the biggest troll of them all: This anime running now on TV!

Episode 1D
Toritsuka begs Saiki once more to use his power to help him win Aiko’s heart. Of course he won’t and conveniently dumps him to Hairo under the pretence this lecher wants to join the tennis club. Oh lucky, Aiko is also a tennis club member. Toritsuka tries to look good but sucks thanks to Saiki interfering. But as he tries his best on his own, it looks like he could play decently. But why Aiko isn’t impressed? Saiki reveals Aiko liked him from the start but that is only because he is useless. That is why he was trying to help. Now that he looks competent, she is going to forget about him. Bummer.

Episode 1E
Saiki transforms himself into a girl so he could eat a dessert buffet only open for ladies. Too bad Teruhashi, Yumehara and Mera are there. He can’t get away. There are times when his real identity may be busted because the girls think he is acting so much like Saiki. Then they try to talk about their crushes. Saiki gets up to leave and accidentally drops his books out of his bag. The girls see the name on the book. Why does ‘she’ have Saiki’s stuffs? Oh no. Could it be ‘she’ is Saiki’s little sister? Yeah. Let’s go with that.

Episode 2A
Saiki is forced to hear his parents’ rant how they met since today is their anniversary. It sounded like dad is such a hot guy who saved mom from a ruffian. Hard to believe, right? After he goes to bed, Kuusuke calls to inform the parents that one of Saiki’s antenna is defective. Next morning, Saiki wakes up with his room on a tree! As he walks around, he realizes he has gone back to the past. Because this dude isn’t Nendou but his father! Also, the fashion sense of the people in that era. Saiki realizes he made a terrible mistake that changed timeline. Because he bumped into Nendou’s dad, he avoided bumping into Saiki’s mom that would have led to Saiki’s dad rescuing her. At least that was the story he was being told.

Episode 2B
Realizing he won’t be born from this aftermath, he conspires with Nendou’s dad to hit on her. In the meantime, trying to get his pathetic dad to make his move to save his future wife. In the end, not exactly the way it should have turned out but at least dad ‘saved’ mom and he hit it off. Now, everything should have returned to normal as Saiki returns to his original timeline. Guess what? A decimated dystopia!!!

Episode 2C
Saiki explains the butterfly effect. Something about because of your interference that wasn’t supposed to be in the original, you can never get back to your original timeline. He bumps into punk Toritsuka to reveal about the details about World War III due to some invention created by Kuusuke. Saiki is shocked to learn that in this timeline, he is dead! Saiki goes to see his brother and learns the invention he created that people started fighting over: A time machine. Though, it could only go back one day. Now we see Saiki returning to the exact timeline he is. But why is he paying intense intention to his parents’ story? Using the time machine back and forth, a day at a time, he is trying to listen and see if he has returned to the correct timeline. Phew.

Episode 2D
Kuboyasu tries to give up his thug life but it seems there are other punks who aren’t willing to allow that. So they continue to pick a fight with him but in the end they got beaten up as Kuboyasu reverts to his extreme gangster style. But the moment for him to change for good is when he receives a love letter. He takes this chance to meet this girl and change. Turns out to be a trap by a few punks to get him to fight. They’re going to regret it… Kuboyasu has become so disillusioned after this, he became a badass that nobody dared picked a fight with him for a while.

Episode 2E
Saiki is out buying clothes when unfortunately Nendou and Kaidou are also here. Don’t bother asking these guys with lousy fashion sense. Suddenly it becomes a competition between the duo who has the better fashion sense and Saiki will be the judge. They’re both losers. With Teruhashi now in the picture, they have this idea to pick clothes for her to wear and Saiki will as usual be the judge. Kaidou goes first with his bizarre ‘warrior’-like outfit. Fail. Though it made other females want to try it out. Nendou is anticipating putting Teruhashi in a very skimpy cowboy outfit and since Saiki saw through his plan, he quickly switches with normal clothes. Looks pretty good on her. She’ll buy whatever he picks! Saiki has left, only to realize he hasn’t bought his own clothes.

Episode 3A
Today is extra chilly. If you think outside is cold, wait till you get inside class. It’s colder! Don’t worry, we have a human heater: Hairo! Don’t stop exercising! Normally it would be okay to just skip class and go home but since some famous comedian, Peanuts Ueda (who the f*ck?!) is coming later, everyone else decides to stay! Because of that, everyone pulls up their jersey covering their face, forming some sort of new fashion. By the time this comedian arrives, he tells the lamest joke. Yeah, it’s so cold in here…

Episode 3B
Saiki is forced to hand notes to Saiko. Oh, Nendou, Kaidou and Kuboyasu tag along too. With them being so awed at his high class luxurious mansion, Saiko thought of showing off to make them acknowledge he is much better than them. But all of them only have this commoner expression and they expect something fantastical or futuristic. In other words, not really impressed. So after they leave, Saiko vows to show them a house that will knock them off their feet.

Episode 3C
Hence Saiko forcefully invites all of them again. This time his mansion has turned into a futuristic amusement park! He guides them around as they all have fun. In the end, they are so happy that they want to invite him to their house next time to show how commoners have fun. This puts Saiko in a bind. He spent so much money and time researching on them just to achieve what? And they’re more entertained than impressed? Is this victory worth it? They realize that Nendou has been missing ever since they started entering this place. It seems he has been stuck at the gate. He is the only one who thinks this isn’t any fun at all.

Episode 3D
With the heavy snow, school is of course cancelled. Saiki thought he could sleep in but Nendou and Kaidou are here to invite him to build a snowman. Normally he would decline them but he sees visions of them being killed. Seriously. So he hangs out with them just to keep watch. Any impending danger, Saiki is able to ward them off without anybody noticing. Finally when the snowman is done and there is nothing else to do, the duo suggest one more thing to do: Pretend to be dead! The vision came true… So much time wasted…

Episode 3E
With the start of the new term, Saiki and co will be second years. Too bad he notices the third years are all weird looking people whom none he recognized at all. Did they really school here? Saiki notices a graduating class with names beginning with only ‘A’ and a senior whom Yumehara once fell in love with but is more like leeching off her money. Shockingly, Kaidou gives his speech as representative year and personally thanks Mineo Nobuaki AKA Alphonse Calcifer Raiden! Who the f*ck?! It’s probably this guy that introduced Kaidou to his chuunibyou world. Saiki notes the only senior he will recognize is Kongou. But he has changed so much from a gangster dude to a prim and proper student that he is barely recognizable! Who the f*ck?! Then everyone starts getting emotional as they sing the school’s anthem. Yeah, weird song. Should have been used in a tokusatsu series instead.

Episode 4A
Imu Rifuta thinks she is hell of a cute and the world revolves around her. It’s no surprise that the guys really like her. Until Nendou points out Teruhashi is cuter. An argument ensues but her fans seem to paint Teruhashi in a higher light. This has Rifuta wanting to see this Teruhashi girl. Woah! Such an angel! Even more so Rifuta realizes she causes guys to fight with each other but Teruhashi has them make peace! With Teruhashi treating her nicely but getting better stuffs than her, Rifuta runs away as she cannot take it anymore that somebody is better than her. Turns out it is a devious ploy by Teruhashi to teach her the harsh truth that the world does not revolve around her!

Episode 4B
Kaidou is having fun telling April Fools jokes until people start accusing him of going too far. However Nendou still believed some laser beam shooting tower crap thingy and has bought a camera to take a picture of it. He accidentally drops it, threatening to fall over Kaidou but Saiki uses his power to miss him and have a soft landing. This amazes Kaidou as he tries to tell everyone about it but nobody believes. He demonstrates again but this time the camera really breaks. Now they accuse him of being a true liar but the laser beam is starting to shoot from the tower! Thank Saiki for that.

Episode 4C
Saiki has allergies but each time he sneezes, something precious from his dad explodes! It’s too much of a coincidence to call it random. While some pills do hold back his sneeze, he has to take them periodically. However Nendou wants him to see his sneezing face and won’t let him take the pills. Too bad Saiki sneezes and the pills explode! He needs to get out but Nendou is still hell bent on showing that face. He is even trying to use a bouquet of pollens! Saiki knocks him out but before he could teleport, his sneeze causes a hole in the wall. This alerts everyone else but Saiki manages to cover up using pollens as a smokescreen to repair the wall.

Episode 4D
Hairo and the gang are to pick up trash but it is also a competition as depending on what kind of trash you pick up, you earn certain points. Kaidou believes everyone is in it for the big prize money in the end as the one who gets the most points wins it. Some shady dude tries to coax them to join his side and pick up cigarette butts since it is worth the most points. But Hairo’s pride will not allow it and so he rejects him. With Hairo’s enthusiasm, they could have easily run away with the lead but he is so particular in picking up every darn trash that is small in points too. Not to mention, Kaidou is just freaking clumsy. Lost some points there… That shady guy returns and has a trash bag full of cigarette butts. He brags about it so Saiki ignites and burns the whole lot. In the end, the winner is some family because they picked up a corpse of a dead tsuchinoko. WTF…

Episode 4E
Toritsuka offered to help solve ghost rumours of the piano playing at night in the music room. Of course he needs Saiki help too. Turns out to be a girl who has a great attachment to it. Toritsuka wants to flirt with her but she rather die than date him. Ghost joke. Eventually she realizes she is causing others to be scared and leaves. The next day, the piano is removed since many students complained about the hauntings. Toritsuka won’t give up and has Saiki do him one more favour. While we hear the backstory that it belonged to some family who donated it 20 years ago and the daughter who played it passed away due to illness, we see Toritsuka has not given up on the piano and has it moved into his room! So cramped. But I don’t think ghost girl is coming back…

Episode 5A
Rifuta still plays second fiddle to Teruhashi. Whatever she does, Teruhashi is always tops. When asked about Saiki, Teruhashi suddenly loses her balance. Rifuta gets it that she likes him and has finally found her trump card to best her. So she tries to hint she wants to date Saiki to throw her off and Rifuta relishes seeing the almost panicky face she puts. Of course this is all part of Saiki’s plan. He would look like he is with Rifuta until Teruhashi gives up. Once Rifuta believes she has won over her, there is no more reason for her to be with him. Killing 2 birds with a stone. As expected, Rifuta approaches him. She is thrilled he ‘chose’ her instead of Teruhashi. But it looks like Rifuta is starting to genuinely like Saiki. He looks so cool in her vision! Another cans of worms opened…

Episode 5B
Saiki’s parents’ birthday as just a day apart. So it is obvious they lie to each other about going their way when it’s to get the other presents. Saiki peeks on what they are going to buy and it’s definitely questionable. So mom got him a display case to put all her past presents to him. On the other hand, he got her a huge teddy bear. But wait. How can he afford that? He sold her past presents to buy it. Also, she moved the sewing kit to make room for the shelf and hence can’t put together the teddy bear. So are their presents useless? They start crying but it is tears of happiness that they love each other so much that they sell their precious things for each other. Yeah, the power of love is in the feelings not the presents!

Episode 5C
An arrogant hamster tries to make Saiki adopt him. He doesn’t need to oblige so the hamster panics and reveals he wanted to see the world but regrets how dangerous it is. Now it is lost and can’t get home. Since he is not from this area, Saiki can’t help. Beg all you want. Amp tries to up the hamster but after being flattered by the furball, Amp who knows where it lives decides to bring it there. You think the hamster would be happy to be reunited with its original master. Too bad that kid has bought a new hamster pet and is very happy with it.

Episode 5D
Saiki now has this obligation to find the hamster a new owner. Hairo: Too much training! Kaidou: Too much chuunibyou! Yumehara: Can’t stop blabbing! Ever! Teruhashi: Oh, she has a cat. Nendou is their last hope and logically this is the worst of the lot. Is it doomsday for little Hamtaro? Well, don’t judge a book by its cover because Nendou is pretty good in taking care of the hamster as he owned one before. Before you know it, the hamster is so attached to this dude.

Episode 5E
Kuusuke sends an electric massage chair to his family. Literally shocking. When the parents try to massage Saiki’s shoulder, it is as stiff as a rock! No, an iron vault! You can blame the past seasons for all his stress. Dad has an idea to beat him up using stuffs but why does it feel like revenge? Anyway, anything he uses breaks! Even metal stuffs! Mom even tries to stab him but it didn’t work! Dad borrows an impact rammer and surprisingly Saiki feels good. But anymore vibration and the house will be destroyed. So he teleports himself to some riverside and destroy rocks to let its broken bits rain on his shoulders. It is perfect until he realizes an old woman watching him. He teleports back to the house where he accidentally sits on the electric massage chair. But wait. The electricity literally cured his aches! Now he can really move! So light! But so powerful that he puts a hole in the house.

Episode 6A
Saiko brags about his weekend luxury liner cruise. He will invite the boys if they get Teruhashi to come. So they did and Mera and Yumehara also joined. Saiki assumed he isn’t in since the head count is supposed to include Hairo. Too bad he is busy with his club activities and Saiki lost his chance to decline. So as they board the ship, it seems Saiki read Saiko’s mind of what happened last night. The ship is under maintenance and won’t be finished in time. Saiko told them to finish it or get fired. And hence the ship split apart during the voyage and now they are in some uninhabited island.

Episode 6B
Did Saiki not see this coming? Apparently there were bad omens but somehow he chose to ignore them. Although Saiko claims his ship has the best tracking system and in no time they will be rescued, only Saiki knows they are not near Japan waters. Saiki remembers what happened. Last night when they were trying to stop Mera from raiding the fridge, somehow Saiki got seasick.

Episode 6C
As they put him to bed, Teruhashi accidentally took off his antenna. That’s why the ship split and Saiki woke up then, used all his powers to save everyone but somehow teleported them to an island near South America. This means no help will come to them. Of course Saiki can teleport them back but it will raise suspicions about his powers. With their food running out, suddenly Mera returns as a native!

Episode 6D
So apparently she raided all that’s left of their emergency food and is giving them poisonous mushrooms as apology? Make sure you eat up. Yeah, Mera can’t even speak human tongue. But Saiki saves them because he teleported back to town and bought foodstuffs and make it look like they washed up ashore. Nendou then has an idea to build a raft. Saiki agrees to it since in the middle of the ocean he can teleport near Japan waters without anyone noticing. However it seems they lack the necessary manpower to build a raft even if Saiki has bought and accidentally washed up the tools. Yeah, Saiko is being a dick not wanting to help.

Episode 6E
Not even Teruhashi could use her charm and get this guy to help. He is too proud to stoop to a commoner’s standard. Mera is caught trying to steal their food again. This time she has degraded into an animal. But treating her with food, she is finally tamed. Now they have the necessary manpower to build the raft. At night, Saiki inspects the raft and knows it isn’t seaworthy. So he makes some adjustments so the logs can stick together and it doesn’t have to float as long as he is around he can use his powers to do so.

Episode 7A
Saiko hasn’t eaten for 2 days and he still refuses the charity of others and won’t eat their junk food. He goes on to reveal about his stubbornness that led to the sinking of the ship because it was still under maintenance. This only serves to make the rest hell bent on making him eat. With Saiko regaining his strength, now he joins in to help make the raft. Albeit, he is just ordering around. Once done, Saiko points who is going to remain on the island. If they are all on the raft, what if the rescue team comes here and finds no one? Besides, the raft team can go and get help for those who remained on the island. This throws a spanner in Saiki’s pan.

Episode 7B
So the gang deliberates on who gets to stay or go. With their silly reasoning and all, finally the ones who will take the raft are Nendou, Mera, Saiko and Kuboyasu. So will we have some love romance between Saiki-Teruhashi and Kaidou-Yumehara on the island? Not if Saiki has his own ulterior motive…

Episode 7C
Just before the raft team sails off, suddenly the rescue team finds them! Of course this was all Saiki’s doing. The night before when everyone was sleeping, he teleported part of the island to a nearby Japan island. Hence the island they are on is just a partial replica. However back in school, things are not over yet. Rumours spread like wildfire that the 8 of them got stranded. Even though Saiko used his power to suppress the media, the rumours still spread around in school. Thanks to the sleazy press club president, Manako Jouten and her photographer lackey. She wants to interview Saiki but he refuses. Hence she prints a fake story on Saiki and Nendou being gay. Saiki has no choice but to accept just to put this case to rest.

Episode 7D
However Jouten is unhappy that all the truths that Saiki said (except the parts of him using his powers) are really boring. Even more disappointed that he did not take sneaky photos of Teruhashi changing or taking a dump. Yeah, she’s really a corrupted journalist. She would’ve been more suitable to be a paparazzi. Thus Jouten prints a fake story that Saiki did take pictures of Teruhashi taking a dump. This causes all her fans to hound him but Teruhashi clears the air that he is not that kind of person. Plus, she didn’t take a dump despite being stranded there. Because she is more than your ordinary girl! Everybody believes her! It doesn’t end there as Jouten tries to aggravate the situation further. Dressed up as Teruhashi and doing posing in a taking a dump position later to be superimposed and Photoshop, the next day she gets a shock when Saiki alters the story to reveal the embarrassing act of the press duo trying to fake a take a dump act. That’s journalism for you.

Episode 7E
It’s the last day of summer vacation. As usual, Nendou, Kaidou and Kuboyasu hound Saiki at his home to copy his homework. However Saiki realizes there is one homework he didn’t quite finish: Picture diary. High school students still have picture diary homework? So we see the rest make up stupid stories of what they do. But when they learn Saiki did nothing during all his holidays, they feel pity and want to bring him to the beach or something. Saiki changes his mind and will show them he did everything. Yup, he teleported around the country and take pictures of himself doing awesome stuffs. The friends are so amazed that now they don’t want to do their homework and instead spend their last day to the max doing fun stuffs.

Episode 8A
Time for another new transfer student, Mikoto Aiura. She claims she can read fortunes. Sceptic at first, Saiki sees her doing weird rituals but reads Yumehara’s loveless life right. Poor girl runs away crying. The more she tells her predictions, the more Saiki believes she is the real deal. The reason why she transfers here is because she heard of another guy who has great psychic powers too and believes he is her soul mate. The way she describes him is definitely Saiki! It’s the more reason why he needs to stay out of her sight.

Episode 8B
With Saiki staying at home and using clairvoyance to peak, he learns Aiura has another ability to see people’s aura. So she sees the various auras like Kaidou’s squirrel, Hairo on fire and the biggest angelic aura of them all: Teruhashi! Saiki is done running so he decides to confront and tell her the truth. Suddenly she cannot see auras anymore. Saiki thinks he knows the trick. Because his aura is too big, it envelopes everyone else. So long she doesn’t see him from afar alone, his identity is safe. Just when Aiura thinks she has found her soul mate, that dude is Nendou. Damn…

Episode 8C
Saiki sees Yuuta getting bullied. He tells his mom and since she can’t do anything, he leaves it to Saiki to help thinking he is closer to him. Next day Saiki sees the same thing. Saiki transforms himself into their age to intervene. When the bullies run away, he learns that Yuuta was trying to become strong like his Cider Man and picked a fight with them! When the bullies return, Saiki stood there and just got punched. This shocks Yuuta as he sees a vision of Cider Man telling him that true strength and justice is also about apologizing. Yuuta does so and the bullies stop picking on him.

Episode 8D
Saiki realizes he is in a time loop. It seems after a few seconds, that scene will repeat itself again and again. To get out of this loop, he needs to clear his mind completely. Yeah, he looks like an idiot doing so. Although he is able to get out of that time loop, another one happens. This process goes on a while until a time loop of a child almost getting rammed by a truck. Saiki must time it precisely because too early or late will have fatal consequences. After 16,785 loops (OMG! As bad as that Haruhi episode!), he finally gets out. Nendou scares him when he repeated an earlier line.

Episode 8E
Teruhashi narrates how she is born as the cutest and hence it is not strange that everyone fawns over her. Somehow this is supposed to be a reminder why she likes plain guy Saiki as he is the only one who doesn’t fall for her charms. Yup, she needs him to be impressed by her beauty. Remember that goal? So to catch the elusive Saiki, she uses her charms to attract the men to look for him! Man, it’s a real man hunt if I must say! Unfortunately Saiki cannot be found. Teruhashi is disappointed but we see the real Saiki is invisible and standing right beside her! He also reminds us of all the other powers he has and has been living his entire life to hide them. It’s the reason he stays away from Teruhashi as she attracts people. She can fool others but not him!

Episode 9A
Kouki Sawakita is just a background character. Suddenly he gets called by Aiura. Is this his big break? After doing some weird stuffs on him, it looks like she is trying to find her soul mate and he isn’t it. Yeah, she has a list of people with the initials SK and is trying to narrow it down. Yumehara helps her and even theorizes how her soul mate might have a big aura that it is cancelling her ability to see the aura of others. Spot on. Their plan is to watch everyone leave school and if she can see the aura, it means that person is her soul mate. Saiki pretends to leave and then teleports back. The girls wait and wait and when Aiura could see the aura, she sees a death sign on Yumehara’s face. Yumehara falls off the rail but luckily Saiki teleports and saves her.

Episode 9B
Saiki tells the truth about himself to Aiura. She might not be able to believe at first but they have to solve Yumehara’s problem first. They make this incident look like a dream. Aiura walks home with Yumehara and a few mishaps happen along the way. It is thanks to Saiki’s clairvoyance that allowed them to escape death. Until a lorry almost crashing into them did the death sign on her face disappear. With that over, now Aiura is totally in love with Saiki.

Episode 9C
Saiki and friends attend a circus hosted by Chouno. I guess being a magician wasn’t enough. Yeah, to broaden his horizon. A mishap causes Chouno to be injured. Since the show must go on, he picks Saiki as his replacement. There is no way he would do that but with Chouno’s assistant also supporting his idea, everyone places their hopes on him. Saiki goes out there and uses a bit of his power to impress the crowd. He is about to leave when he is done but receives a premonition that there will be fire and many injured.

Episode 9D
Not wanting that to happen, Saiki stays put and substitutes the next circus act, thinking their act would case the fire. Yeah, everybody is going to be amazed at this talented clown doing everything. He even tames a lion who is hell bent on eating humans! Chouno returns from hospital since his injuries aren’t bad. Suddenly the ceiling collapses and there are some injured. They help them out and despite the circus ruined, Chouno still entertained them with his own magic tricks. Saiki believes everything would have turned out fine anyway even had he not intervened.

Episode 9E
Teruhashi is absent with a cold. Because of that, everybody is gloom and doom! Yeah, their sunshine is away. With everyone so worried, it doesn’t help with Kaidou theorizing she could be dying. Hence the rumours keep growing as well as everyone’s anxiety that she is dead! Heck, Hairo even screams to God to take him instead! With this annoyance, Saiki has no choice but to intervene. Using his telepathy to tell everyone Teruhashi has just a cold, he then teleports to Teruhashi’s room and knocks out her f*cking annoying brother who is bugging her in bed to take suppositories. Teruhashi is able to rest well and returns to school the next day. Everyone in school is happy. Except Mugami who has now caught her cold. Nobody cares about him…

Episode 10A
Grandpa is happy that Saiki is coming to visit. But when dad calls, he immediately hangs up. Another call but this doesn’t sound like Saiki and could be a scam. But grandpa still falls for it since the voice says he loves him. Yeah, he is told to leave money somewhere because he blew it on a mobile game. So grandpa quickly drives there. Luckily Saiki’s family just arrived and after hearing what happened, Saiki manages to stop grandpa. Now they have to trace the scammer. When another call is made, Saiki traces it but it leads him to a room with nobody and only a recorded voice on the voice. As he cannot trace who is behind this, there is only 1 person who can do this.

Episode 10B
The culprit is Kuusuke and it was all just a prank. Back home, Kuusuke seems to love trolling grandpa till the point of no return. Like trolling about the gift he is supposed to give him but gets distracted with something else. When grandma suggests visiting the festival, you bet grandpa is excited. But there is a problem: Their car can only fit 5 people and this means 1 of them must stay. Somehow they all decide grandpa should stay. More trolling from Kuusuke as he suggests Saiki sits on grandpa’s lap. I guess that’s it for him. With grandpa out, the rest get to go to the festivals.

Episode 10C
Saiki believes Kuusuke has an ulterior motive but the latter won’t say. Only if Saiki beats him in a shooting contest, he will tell. They try to restrain their powers as Kuusuke changes the rule that if he could hit this ugly teddy prize, he wins. But what the heck is this death raygun he is using?! Luckily Saiki shoots and deflects it and livens up the boring festival with its fireworks. Kuusuke then reveals he has graduated from college and has come home to stay here. As grandpa crawls out of bed, hell bent on going to the festival, he receives a call, grandma calls to say Kuusuke is living with them. I guess he died again. A week later, dad wants Saiki to head over to grandpa’s to send something Kuusuke forgot. When Saiki teleports there, he realizes the entire village has gone hi-tech!

Episode 10D
No doubt this is all Kuusuke’s doing and he has a lab here too. He explains it all started when an old woman couldn’t change her light bulb so he helped out via modern robotic technology. Talk about overkill. He shows grandpa in a power suit being able to do almost everything. But isn’t Kuusuke controlling him? Grandma is in an incubation tube that makes her younger! When Saiki returns the stuffs, grandpa accidentally smacks it away. Dropping out are the nefarious plans of Kuusuke to destroy Saiki via turning all the elderly in this village to obliterate him. Hence all the hi-tech machineries are just a ploy that will eventually have Kuusuke controlling them. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, what will he do? Run away!

Episode 10E
Just when Saiki picks a day that Mera doesn’t work in the café, here is Aiura showing up. He ignores her but we all know she wants to flirt with him. Toritsuka sees this and is jealous Saiki has got a girlfriend. Of course not. Toritsuka and Aiura are shocked to realize that the other has powers. So it becomes a strange contest to prove their power is the real deal. Saiki won’t take all of this and is about to leave but freaks out upon seeing a cockroach. Hence the duo get this weird idea whoever gets to kill the cockroach gets to be his sidekick. Too bad they are also scared in their own ways. In the end, it is the café master who swats it. So he is now Saiki’s sidekick?

Episode 11A
Holy sh*t! Nendou got a love letter from a girl?! NO, YOU’RE NOT DREAMING NOR IS THIS A PRANK! Heck, Nendou even thinks of rejecting her! Tracing back the events of how she really liked him, it seems he saved her from an oncoming baseball. Kaidou is trying to be a relationship master now? But he can’t even decently say the word kiss. When Hairo reads the letter properly, it seems this is not a love letter but a recruitment letter to join a baseball club. Damn…

Episode 11B
The gang try out the judo club. With the odd pairing, Saiki is forced to pair with the instructor. During the practice, Saiki manages to throw him down. This prompts him to think Saiki is the new judo champion for Japan. He is then made to fight Hairo and not wanting the attention to be on him, Saiki purposely loses but Hairo could see through his trick. Then another go, Saiki makes it look like he is serious of winning but in the last minute somehow turns the tables and loses. Now everyone thinks Hairo is the next judo champion. Nendou then goes to avenge Saiki and easily defeats Hairo. Damn, he is the new potential judo champion!

Episode 11C
Teruhashi visits Saiki’s place for New Year. Saiki knew she is coming and jams the intercom. However Kuusuke is here and lets her in. Saiki knows having Teruhashi and Kuusuke together will be a bad thing so for once he takes her out to the shrine. Too bad Kuusuke also tags along. Kuusuke asks if they’re dating and Teruhashi flusters. As she tries to be humble, Kuusuke drops the bomb that he is not complimenting her as he paints Saiki as a much better person and hence she is not good enough for him. Saiki knows Kuusuke is trying to cause trouble and uses his scowl to stop. Teruhashi is going to get back at Kuusuke so she cries angelic tears (crocodile tears?) and every guy in the shrine is mad at Kuusuke for hurting Teruhashi. Get him! Now that this guy is gone, Saiki has to find a way to lose Teruhashi.

Episode 11D
Saiki once again scores middle position in the exams. He notices a guy, Hiroshi Satou who always score the same as him. As he tries to find out more about him, he becomes more excited because he is a very normal guy! Normal friends and normal everything! He envies the kind of normal life he would like to have. As Saiki follows him on his way home, everything seems normal until he accidentally bumps into a yakuza who threatens to mess him up if he doesn’t pay. Saiki uses his power to knock the yakuza out and will not stand anyone who threatens those leading an ordinary life. Saiki fears Satou thinks he has hidden powers to knock out this dude but thankfully he thinks he got hit by a stray ball or something. Normalcy saved.

Episode 11E
Saiki now reads at the school library because at the local library, the librarian always spoils the story. With this punk in charge who doesn’t read, I guess it’s safe that there will be no spoilers. Also, Saiki borrows the book that is least borrowed to avoid spoilers from past borrowers. But this mystery novel with many volumes, accidentally he peeked into the past of the last person to borrow it. However this romance comes to a cliff-hanger. It seems Saiki is more interested to know about what happened to them than the story in the book. So he is forced to touch other volumes to find out even if it means risking spoilers as each time the romance somewhat ends in a cliff-hanger. So this romance thingy turned out to be some love triangle as the guys fought over the girl. Yeah, they borrowed the volumes to use as shield? When Saiki reaches the last volume, there is no conclusion. He is eager to learn what happened in the end. Is he going to touch every book to find out? Then he realizes the librarian punk is one of the dudes and assumes he won the fight.

Episode 12A
Rifuta has weird dreams, Teruhashi steals Saiki from her and she ends up with Nendou. Of course it is all part of Saiki’s plan to rid of her. As she waits to ambush and confess her feelings, Saiki pops up with Aiura clinging over his arm. He made a deal with her to make it look like they’re going out. Rifuta confronts her and I suppose the argument got so heated they end up lying with all the XXX stuffs they did. When Teruhashi is seen coming, Rifuta hides them in a locker. Her plan is to make Teruhashi confess she likes Saiki and then reveal them to embarrass her. But the more Teruhashi talks about Saiki, something inside Rifuta awakens. Now she is in love with Teruhashi! Oh dear! She has gone down the yuri path!

Episode 12B
With Rifuta and Teruhashi as best friends, Rifuta wants to support Teruhashi’s love for Saiki but realizes she can’t as she thinks Saiki is a dirty pervert who sleeps with girls. She decides to hold a mixer and get Teruhashi a better guy. Of course with Saiki knowing this plan, he is going to help her. So we see all the cool and hot guys interested in her. In fact, Teruhashi starts thinking how cool they are but wait. She still thinks it would be fund Saiki was here. I guess Saiki has a change of heart and can’t let them have Teruhashi so during the toilet break he knocks them out and takes them home. So you mean Saiki is okay to be continued stalked by Teruhashi?

Episode 12C
Riki Jr is the hamster’s name and always hides in Nendou’s clothes to follow him to school. The other guys thought Riki Jr also likes them but he just goes to poo on their hands! Saiki teases Riki Jr for being close to Nendou but he turns tsundere. Oh, it is confirmed that Riki Jr is female!!! After the gym, Saiki and co are locked in the gym storeroom after putting away the equipment. Nendou’s plan is to use Riki Jr to run to the office and grab the keys. Of course Saiki could just easily unlock it with his power but Riki Jr insists on having some limelight. Oh well. Might as well. Even if Riki Jr brings back a teacher to unlock the door, Nendou gets scolded for bringing a pet to school.

Episode 12D
Saiki is so impressed with Satou because he achieves another normal milestone! Is he stalking him in toilet! He even knows the normal things he does there! Toritsuka tries to stir trouble by making it look like Satou threw an eraser at Nendou. Saiki is interested to see how a normal guy gets out of this. He even envisions some normal routes that he would take but is surprised he did neither! Uhm, didn’t he do something extraordinary but Saiki thinks it is just ordinary? Hence Saiki wants to be his friend. He acts and does things that Satou likes in hopes he will take notice. He does but then ignores him because he thinks anybody seen doing those is weird. Oh Saiki, you really stood out this time.

Episode 12E
Nendou’s hair seems to be quite long. So he goes to take a haircut and tries to explain to the barber who can’t understand how he wants it. Whatever. Because of that, he looks different than before. Kaidou and Kuboyasu laugh at him but wait. All the girls are interested in him! WTF?! He is so cool?! Naturally the duo get jealous and try to run him down by exposing his butt chin he is hiding but get told off by the girls. And then they see Nendou picking his nose. They lose all interest in him. That was fast. Easy come, easy go.

Episode 13A
Mera forces Saiki and Aiura into one of those maid cafes she works. Apparently she has been eating food for customers and the manager threatened to fire her if she doesn’t bring in new ones. Shouldn’t she be fired? Aiura treats Mera to an omelette rice and learns why she is working so hard to save up. It’s to find her dad. However Saiki blames Aiura for this because had she not did that fortune telling, Mera wouldn’t have burdened herself like this. Saiki and Aiura have differing views on helping others. He doesn’t want to help. As he leaves, he stumbles into Mera’s dad.

Episode 13B
Saiki plays dumb but Mera’s dad knows the school uniform same as his daughter. I guess Saiki isn’t interested in his flashback. He claims he is being chased by debt collectors and came back here to die. At least he wants to tell his family members. Yeah, so why tell Saiki? Saiki still refuses to help the guy and he looks unhappy. At the same time, Aiura decides to help Mera find her dad and her fortune telling tells her he is in Japan right now. They find him, the real dad. The one Saiki was with was an imposter and the real debt collector. Mera’s dad tries to run away from her and doesn’t want her involved but Mera vows she has grown stronger and wants to solve this together. Meanwhile the debt collector and his cronies try to kidnap Saiki but he showed them how fearsome he is. When Mera’s dad thinks they are done for because those baddies are here, it seems they waive all his debt and promise not to bother him again. Although Saiki claims he only helped because he was nearby, Aiura is not amused because in her fortune telling she saw this scene. With Mera reunited with her dad, basically they are still the same: Penniless.

Episode 13C
Saiki notices an interesting manga has started to suck. He realizes his dad is the one handling the account. Hence Saiki spies on his dad meeting up with the author, Fudekichi Shiragami on next week’s work. Shiragami has actually a decent an interesting plot but dad screws it up because he doesn’t find it so and proposes some changes. Because Shiragami is such a meek guy, he agrees. Saiki had to intervene by possessing his dad and tell Shiragami not to listen to a word he says. In the end, the manga became much better but dad believes it was all his doing and takes the credit.

Episode 13D
Saiki and co try to do hanami at the park but it is all fully booked with spot claimers. Yeah, these people have no life and have been camping here for a few days. Eventually they find a spot but it is so far that it might as well look like an ordinary picnic. They are happy with that except that the food they eat or sounds they hear all seem to make them have that nostalgic hanami feel. Desperate, thank goodness Teruhashi is here. Since she joins them, everyone makes space for them. Now that they have a good spot, they still can’t have a good view because everybody is crowding around them.

Episode 13E
Saiki seems to be doing some sort of strength and speed training in some unknown desert. He then reveals the shocking revelation that the world has undergone this same year loop for the fourth time. He used his mind control to alter people’s’ perception of time. It all began when he prophesized a huge volcano that would devastate Japan forever. Hence his training. Now he thinks he is ready to stop the eruption and uses the fruits of his training. However he still feels it is not enough and hence reverted the world to a year ago again. Because it will cause mass panic if people just reverted too, it is easier to alter their minds. At least now he has another year to think of another way.

Episode 14A
Saiko has to undergo a family ritual in which he cannot receive help from his estate for 24 hours. Yeah, but he is given 10 grand as his allowance. So Saiki’s pals tease him and decide to help him return home. Nope, can’t call a taxi and have to walk. He lets Nendou carry him and as they decide to eat ramen for lunch, Saiko is devastated they have to queue. I guess all that waiting must have made him hungry so he eats this commoner food. Eventually Saiko passes the test and returns to his luxurious life. So what does he order his personal chef to cook? Ramen.

Episode 14B
We see the adventures of PK Psykickers! It’s an unofficial ‘club’ consisting of Saiki, Aiura and Toritsuka. They go in search for a lost cat and eventually Saiki uses his powers to rescue it. Then Aiura sees the future of trains colliding. Saiki has Toritsuka become the conductor to take control of the train’s speed. In the end, everyone is saved but the real conductors arrest him thinking he was trying to play conductor.

Episode 14C
Remember the occult club? It still isn’t disbanded and Saiki is forced to attend it since Yumehara is ‘threatening’ that Kaidou and Toritsuka never showed up after that. But what’s this? The club is now so bright and lovely and that Arisu girl is no more gloomy. So the club now talks about boys and love? The only creepy occult thing is how they use this scary doll called Sayaka to tell fortunes. It’s like their own creepy version of kokkuri. Yumehara tries to force Saiki to confess he likes Teruhashi and rigs the reading so Saiki uses his powers to make it look like Sayaka has a life of her own to scare the daylights out of them. He believes they won’t return to this club and that the club is done for good. But he notes Sayaka pointing to ‘no’. A coincidence?

Episode 14D
It’s so early in the morning and Saiki’s parents try to outdo each other that they love the other more. I wonder when Saiki is going to get his breakfast… Because of this, they end up arguing! WTF?! So they become mad because they believe they love the other much more. Hence it becomes a passive aggressive quarrel. So freaking weird. They settle this via using a third party (that’s you, Saiki) and measure their love with this meter. Dad scores high and when mom tries it, he tries to rig it by doing something uncouth. She accuses him of cheating and does the same but he only finds it cute. Mom suggests who loves Saiki more but dad doesn’t want to and admits his loss. But the argument continues although they are back to being lovey-dovey. Love is sure confusing in this family. Saiki notices the mom’s meter reading the same for him. He wonders if it is broken.

Episode 14E
Saiki is paired up with Teruhashi for art class and they have to draw each other’s portrait. Saiki must control his powers otherwise he will draw a surreal version of her! Meanwhile Teruhashi draws a very handsome and romantic version of him. What’s with the roses? Of course she can’t and retries. In the end, she draws a plain version of him but the attention is on Yumehara who draws a lovely version of Kaidou. On the other hand, Saiki tries to put together various people’s thoughts of Teruhashi as his own art but it turns out to be hideous. When time is out, the guys wonder why Saiki’s works is blank. Although the truth is he has no time to rework, the guys start thinking that it is because of her bright aura that makes her beautiful!!! Blank represents her white purity! Yeah, I think they’re seeing things with their delusions. So this is art? Teruhashi is disappointed as she really wanted to see how he drew her.

Episode 15A
Nendou goes to help the baseball team. Saiki thinks of going to ‘protect’ the club since Satou is in this club. But this sparks off a list of cliché settings and characters as observed by Saiki. This includes the club must win a match in tomorrow’s game or face disbandment, the captain getting injured by a stray ball and they need another member to replace him. That’s you, Saiki!

Episode 15B
Saiki bandages his fingers to look like he is injured. So Kaidou takes over? Nah. Kuboyasu. As the game begins, Saiki also observes a lot of cliché moments but they are broken when he realizes that one of the non-cliché events like Nendou joining could have been the cause of this deviation. But Saiki isn’t going to take the blame himself? At this rate, they will lose when they supposed to have cliché won. So the supposed return of the banned ace to help the team win almost didn’t happen. Saiki had to control his body and do some awesome moves. Slowly everything returns to its cliché moments. Until Nendou steps in to play…

Episode 15C
Nendou does a few scares with the cliché stuffs. Not sure if he is doing it on purpose. In the end they won because of how Nendou’s non-cliché conformity balanced up with the other cliché stuffs. But is back to the cliché moments as the team goes to eat BBQ to celebrate their victory. More cliché moments like they face off with another rival team in some cliché eating challenge and the cliché draw and settlement. Saiki who has been so thrilled to watch all that cliché drama realizes he has not ate his own BBQ meat as they were all finished by his parents. Cliché ending?

Episode 15D
Saiki is devastated with the news of the famous series Kochikame ending. I guess it is more important than dad losing his job. Yeah, his job is to lick shoes. So he decides to take this into his own hands by licking shoes in the streets! He is such a professional licker he can tell you all the tricks to lick shoes! Is this proud or embarrassing? Because he stumbles into Shiragami, Kuusuke has this idea. Hence the manga of a shoe licking protagonist becomes an instant hit, being adapted into series and anime everywhere. Heck, there is even a shoe licking merchandise! With the boom in business, dad doesn’t need to lick shoes anymore and is resting on his laurels. Until Kuusuke says the merchandise’s patents all belong to him and he sold them all to the company dad once work. Oh well, I guess back to more shoe licking. Better keep practising because his boss can tell his licking is getting sloppier!

Episode 15E
It is Mera’s birthday. Everybody knows because she is basically advertising it. Everybody is forced to give her their food since she is so pushy. Extortion? Daylight robbery? I guess they feel obligated because last year she went around to give everybody a little acorn as their birthday gift. Now it’s payback. As she ticks off the list (I guess she is targeting everybody), some of her friends come to give her non-food related gifts. She starts to complain and show her disdain. This causes everyone to hate her and take back their gifts. Really? They want back those lousy food stuffs? Mera feels bad she has strayed from her path and became ungrateful. Too late to regret. However with Saiki’s powers, he makes a girl trip but she is not injured because the acorn became a sacrificial charm to protect her. Everybody now loves Mera and showers her with food gifts.

Episode 16A
Rifuta fears her lesbian awakening with Teruhashi so she forces Saiki to introduce her to a guy. Because she views him as a scumbag, scumbags should know proper guys. What logic… With Yumehara willing to help out, it seems Rifuta can actually judge a guy’s character pretty accurately. So why go through all this then? Heck, Rifuta becomes Yumehara’s master in love as she advises her how to be more attractive to Kaidou. Because Toritsuka is being possessed by a nice spirit, Rifuta’s readings on him are off. Until Saiki bumps the spirit out, Rifuta changes her mind. In the end, Rifuta falls for Mugami as he has the same aura as Teruhashi. Saiki notes she has no taste after all.

Episode 16B
Mugami is worried. He has no time. Because Teruhashi’s birthday is in a month! Hence he tries to think of birthday presents he will buy for her. Saiki eavesdrop on his thinking and finds it all questionable. Mugami then spots Saiki and thinks he wants to buy his sister a present and hence spying on him on what he picks. So he suggests helping him pick a present and not get credited for it. So we see Mugami having weird tastes thinking it would be the best. When he gives them to her, she is not impressed. Until a very normal and cute cup in which Saiki had suggested but Mugami brushed aside. She likes this and thanks him. Mugami enjoys taking the credit.

Episode 16C
Due to rumours of a haunted house, Toritsuka summons all members of the occult club to investigate. Of course this is to ensure he looks good in the eyes of everyone. Inside the house, he detects no ghosts and believes it is chased out by an evil spirit because he saw ‘homeless ghosts’ all around the streets. This ‘evil spirit’ turns out to be some wuss guy who played pranks on other inhabitant ghosts just to make friends. After he helps the ghost out and other ghosts return, he hopes his pals can spread the word of the good he did.

Episode 16D
Saiki sees a new ad for a new jelly maker. With not enough money, it is time to become 100 Yen Man! So for any job, he charges this price. Any job. Good moment to rip off his dad to do anything he wants. Better be specific with your instructions or else he will charge some more. As this is still isn’t enough, he decides to visit grandpa. Of course he will give any money without anything in return. However he realizes Saiki will leave too soon after receiving the money and has him do the odd jobs instead. Now that Saiki has enough, he buys the jelly maker. However the ad comes out with a new and improved version. Looks like a job for 100 Yen Man again!

Episode 16E
Kaidou invites Saiki and Nendou to his secret base camp he made with Kuboyasu. However it is so boring that Nendou threatens to leave. Yeah, his house is even better with air-cond and some VR game. Even Kuboyasu mocks about making such secret bases these days. But the point is, secret bases must be made by themselves and not by others if you want to appreciate and see its appeal. He reveals this base isn’t finished yet and they’re supposed to make one on a tree. I guess this motivates Nendou to help. Saiki only helps as his powers help keep the base balance on a branch. Otherwise you think they could finish this in a day? When Nendou’s bug escapes and lands on Saiki’s face, he passes out and the branch gives way, collapsing all their hard work.

Episode 17A
Time for Kuusuke to make Saiki sweat again. He has placed 5 cards around the city in which Saiki must retrieve them all or else he will expose via fireworks about his psychic abilities. Hence Saiki goes around collecting weird letters from weird guys that instructs how to get cards with letters on them. When Saiki finally gets them all but runs out of them, Kuusuke releases the fireworks. Actually it is to wish happy birthday and that is what all the cards spell out when put together. Kuusuke gives him his favourite jelly to appease him but Kuusuke has got all the data he wants on Saiki and perhaps he could defeat him next time.

Episode 17B
With their moms away to the association meeting, Saiki is forced to bring Yuuta to the zoo. Yeah, one hour tantrum… Saiki uses his psychic powers to make the eland pose for Yuuta as he wants. Yuuta then realizes he lost his bag so they have to go look for it. A baboon has it and won’t give it back thinking humans are inferior. Saiki uses a projection to show why he is top of the food chain and instil fear in them. With the bag back and heading home, Yuuta remembers he forgot to take a photo of the eland. As he cries, the moms come back and Saiki’s mom shows her scary side thinking he made Yuuta cry. Definitely the one top of the food chain.

Episode 17C
Saiki’s dad goes to see Shiragami for the usual manga submission. Saiki follows via astral projection so as to see his work in advance. But dad gets side-tracked when one of Shiragami’s assistants, Jouji Kumogata made his own work and wants him to look at it. Woah. Dad is a pro as he explains all the typical cliché manga pitfalls. No punch line or any resolve for this skit too.

Episode 17D
Kaidou’s little brother, Toki believes him to be a really powerful and cool guy. Until Nendou hangs out and his stupidity and honesty threatens to unravel all that coolness. Toki thinks Nendou as his henchman is just rude and tries to tall all of Kaidou’s coolness. Nendou laughs like mad before believing how cool it all is. They get too noisy until their sister, Sora kicks them out. Along the way, a ruffian abuses the vending machine. Toki stops him and claims this is his brother’s turf. The ruffian is about to punch Kaidou but Toki gives him a judo throw! Because he admires big brother so much, he has starting training. Looks like Toki has already surpassed him…

Episode 17E
Teruhashi keeps up her good girl image until she sees Saiki leaving with Aiura. Time for jealousy to rear its ugly head. Confronting her, both girls get the idea the other is the kind of girl Saiki likes. But Teruhashi who thinks she has won over Aiura on everything, realizes perhaps the only thing she loses out is boobs! Next day, Teruhashi comes in with her gal fashion while Aiura tries to look straight like Teruhashi. Talk about switcheroo. Teruhashi ups the ante going full gal mode but this didn’t get the required reaction from Saiki. Asking Aiura’s help, Teruhashi is back to her normal the next day. Because Aiura using her fortune to say about the person she likes prefers those who are true to themselves. Teruhashi notes that she can be true to herself as she is one with such principles. Hence no need to panic and it’s only a matter of time. But didn’t Saiki just said “Oh~!”???!!! Teruhashi wonders if she heard things…

Episode 18A
Touma Akechi is a new transfer student in class. Thing is, he cannot stop talking! Damn those speech bubbles are hoarding the space! He doesn’t want to keep it short either! Naturally he has no friends so Kaidou and Kuboyasu got the balls to try and talk to him. The talking doesn’t stop… However Akechi isn’t just talkative. He is very observant and can tell Kuboyasu was a delinquent. Then it seems he hints he knows a psychic in elementary school. So he turns to Saiki and his happy to see him again. Oh no… Saiki now remembers. But he used to go by the name of Touma Asumi and Akechi is his mother’s maiden name.

Episode 18B
Saiki puts on his dumb face when Akechi tries to expose him as a psychic. Luckily his friends don’t believe so. Hence it becomes Akechi’s personal mission to expose Saiki by finding proof. He talks to various characters and although they have their ‘suspicions’ of Saiki, they’re all rather for dumb reasons. Akechi gets mindf*cked by Nendou because he isn’t listening after all that talking and Nendou has to nerve to ask him to explain it all again and Akechi just shortens it! Wow! Reverse psychology. And then he meets Teruhashi. Oh…

Episode 18C
I guess he is finding hard to find the right words to say. Interrupted by Toritsuka who obviously sucks at lying. Akechi is now on his tail to reveal some juicy bits. Luckily Saiki channelled a master swindler through him to make Toritsuka sound like he though Saiki is in debt. Akechi won’t give up. So while the gang is harvesting potatoes, Saiki hates the place as it is filled with bugs. Akechi starts to catch on he fears bugs and each time one gets too close, Saiki will ‘explode’ a potato. Akechi then puts more bugs but Saiki doesn’t freak out. Was his observation wrong? Actually Saiki used his power to make Mera look like him in exchange for a potato. I wonder how Saiki is going to use his power to hide his power from Akechi.

Episode 18D
Amp thinks he can use his usual cuteness to get humans to feed him. Too bad there’s a new cuter cat in town. So cute that it has a different art style! I guess complaining to Saiki isn’t going to make a difference but oh look, cute cat is here! Saiki’s dad gets so taken in that he starts worshipping it? Poor Amp is kicked out but he is desperate enough to pull off embarrassing moves that he thinks it is cute? Not working. The ultimate desperation comes when he wears a mask to look like the cute cat. Not working. Mom then comes home. Remember, she is allergic to cats. Amp mocks this means cutie pie can’t stay too. However mom isn’t allergic to this one. It is revealed it is a robot cat made by Kuusuke for their anniversary. New family member? Too bad Amp still won’t get any love.

Episode 18E
Saiko continues to boss his way around school. His lackeys might seem to lap up to him but they too hate him. Hence Saiko does some serious thinking. Everyone obeys him since birth except for this people at this school. He has had enough and will transfer out. Meanwhile his lackeys despite not liking Saiko, they explain he is a pretty decent guy. At first they did it for the money, but they are impressed he always says what he wants. Also, he gives them money even when they don’t want it. Saiko on his way out bumps into Nendou and somehow he tells him he is quitting. Wow. Nendou crying?! Because he is his friend! With the rest all worried about him quitting, Saiko realizes the one thing money can’t buy: Friendship. Despite entering a childish argument with Nendou, everyone notices his happy face. Saiko rescinds his dropping out. The principal approves but he wonders if he still has some donation for him. It’s still all about the money…

Episode 19A
The class is supposed to pick reps for the cultural festival. At first everyone thinks it will be Hairo and Fumi Kasai again but the teacher says it has to be someone new. Any volunteers? Time to hit the panic button. With Mera giving her poverty excuse, everyone soon starts to make up excuses. Saiko then throws down some money for those who is willing and everyone now jostles for it! But it is Kuboyasu who refuses the bribe and his coolness makes him the male rep. As for the female rep, Teruhashi volunteers and this has all the guys enraged as they want to take Kuboyasu’s spot. A draw is held and as Saiki has seen it all coming from the start, he is the one who drew the short end of the stick. God really wants to see Saiki x Teruhashi, huh?

Episode 19B
Teruhashi uses her charm to manipulate the class to do a play because this means spending more time doing preparations with Saiki. However Saiki calls upon Nendou, Kaidou and Kuboyasu to help out with the brainstorming of the play they will be doing. But this brainstorming seems to be critical comments on the illogical parts of the folklore. Isn’t that why they are called fairytales? Then it dawned to them that they should reinterpret the stories and fix its flaws! They think it is an original idea but you know, it has been done to death everywhere. Hence they decide to reinterpret the popular folklore of Tarou Urashima.

Episode 19C
With Kaidou as the director and screenwriter, Teruhashi is definitely Otohime. Some of the other casts include Hairo as the turtle and Saiki as the seaweed. Kuboyasu lands the role as Urashima but he is not the main character. It goes to Saiko who is Undershima. Part of the rewrite? Well, it is because Saiko funded their extravagant costumes and set.

Episode 19D
During the rehearsal, we see how it deviates from the original story. Urashima isn’t the main guy as Undershima is his dark inner conscious and the one making the decisions. In the end when Urashima opens the box, he dies instead of growing old and Undershima return to marry Otohime. If this feels like a sham, it is because everyone knows it is. There is an original ending that turns Undershima into an old guy while Urashima marries Otohime. They went with the former ending as Saiko is the sponsor. But now that Saiko hears this, he pulls out. That means no costumes or set too. On the day of the play, I guess the class is just barebones in costumes and set. Heck, almost none!

Episode 19E
They should have cancelled it but Kaidou rallied everyone to work things out but I guess they didn’t make it. So kids beating up a turtle looks like a human bullying scene. Kaidou replaces Saiko as Undershima and is the only one in costume. He is nervous so Saiki uses his power to calm him down. When Teruhashi appears, she is so amazing that everyone starts hallucinating and sees the play in its extravagant costume and set!!! OMFG! Of course it is Saiki’s power but if you wonder why he didn’t do it from the start, it is to hide it behind Teruhashi’s amazingness. The audience is so captivated with this ‘romance drama’ and the climax where Otohime is supposed to confess she loves Urashima, Teruhashi fumbles because saying I love you has her think about Saiki. The best play was won by the class who did Wizard of Oz. Everyone wearing glasses?

Episode 20A
When Saiki’s glasses break, accidentally he turns Nendou and Kaidou into stones. Unfortunately he cannot turn them back and the magic will wear off in 24 hours. Fearing that other people around them will be suspicious, hence he hatches a plan by calling Aiura and Toritsuka to help out. Using his power to make them look like his friends, they are to go about in their daily lives. Aiura becomes Kaidou while Toritsuka is Nendou. Saiki has a hard time juggling in between them as their goofiness almost cause them to fail. And so it might look like the issues are resolved as ‘Kaidou’ takes a cram school test while ‘Nendou’ sees Chouno. Because new problems are brewing.

Episode 20B
Yumehara is at the same cram school with ‘Kaidou’ while Chouno introduces ‘Nendou’ to a fellow magician, Venus Tsukiko. ‘Kaidou’ allows Yumehara to hug him and is on the verge of confessing while ‘Nendou’ can’t help stare at sexy Venus’ boobs. ‘Kaidou’ solves the issue by creating another chuunibyou character while ‘Nendou’, oh no Midori is here! Remember, they used to be married. But the issue solves itself without having ‘Nendou’ to do anything. After living the rest of the day as their counterparts, soon the real Nendou and Kaidou will return to normal. When they did, they are unaware of what happened. They thought Saiki’s glasses are still broken but is unsure why he looks so unkempt and messed up. It’s really tough trying to keep things normal.

Episode 20C
Warp (Kuusuke’s robo cat) has a new talking function that can be activated. Dad totally loves it but is it me or does Warp seem to be siding mom more and bullying and teasing dad? With Warp being able to do various things, this only makes dad sad as this means Warp is no more than a household appliance. So he runs away from home? WTF. Warp goes after him. Stubborn at first that he won’t give in to Warp’s cuteness but you know that guy, eventually he does. Now that dad accepts Warp as a pet, Warp returns acting like a normal cat. I guess he didn’t read the thick manual that petting him 3 times would return Warp back to act like a normal cat.

Episode 20D
Kaidou wants his friends to gather at his place and stay up to usher the New Year. However all of them are so damn tired that they keep falling asleep. Even when they try to do stuffs to stay awake, somehow they manage to even doze off! Eventually they think they should take turns to sleep until the time comes but now they argue who should sleep first. Saiki wins this rigged match and goes to bed. In no time everybody falls asleep. Don’t even bother. But Saiki wakes up in his own room. Oh gosh. Did he fall asleep? Thankfully that was just a dream. But wait. If it is a dream that tells the future, then would that not happen tonight? Yup. When Kaidou calls for that, Saiki gives excuse he is too tired to even go.

Episode 20E
A silent segment with no dialogue as we see how Saiki spends his New Year’s Day morning. Oh no! How will we understand what’s going on?! Okay, so we see Saiki’s dad trying to tease him to get his New Year allowance but you can’t beat this psychic kid. Mom forces him to go to the shrine with his friends. Teruhashi and Yumehara look gorgeous in their kimono. Uhm, some weird dance by Nendou? When Saiki prays, his ring that controls all thoughts from others accidentally drops in. Now we have proper dialogue as he dreads hearing the thoughts and wishes of his friends.

Episode 21A
Grandpa is supposed to come visit but he got lost and has not enough money. Saiki could have easily come to teleport to get him but Teruhashi found him. Grandma? She’s at the store with Aiura. Saiki watches as grandpa talks to Teruhashi about his favourite grandson. I’m sure she would have loved this guy if he wasn’t such a long guest going on and on and on! Meanwhile grandma has gone disco dancing with Aiura! Grandma rocks! Just when grandpa thinks Teruhashi is the perfect wife for Saiki, mom comes to pick them up. Back home, grandpa and grandma argue which girl is to be Saiki’s wife.

Episode 21B
Toritsuka needs Saiki’s help again. For all the forbidden things he has done (hiding his porn stash in the Buddha statue), he is forced to go fasting for 3 days without anything. You bet Saiki isn’t going to help this jerk out but Toritsuka is adamant he will come. 2 days later and no sign of Saiki. Until he pops up. But he is here to torture him by eating food before him and then make him have hallucinations of macho men surrounding him! OMFG! When his fasting is over, Toritsuka is such a changed man! No more earthly desires! But when Toritsuka accidentally hurts himself and Saiki heals him, accidentally he also healed the fasting pain so he is back to square one.

Episode 21C
Yumehara is having problems just trying to put her Valentine’s Day chocolate in Kaidou’s locker. She eventually missed the chance and regrets it. But she comes up with a clever idea. She writes a letter and puts it in his locker. Knowing his chuunibyou tendencies, as instructed he goes to her place after school all alone to retrieve her chocolate. However there is none and only her anonymous love letter. It seems her chocolate was eaten by Nendou! Drawn by the smell? Next day as Yumehara ponders if her plan was a success, Kaidou suddenly comes up to her and asks if she wrote this. Then he confesses he likes her. WTF?! Flashback reveals Kaidou tried to ‘decipher’ the letter so he misinterprets she wants to be his best friend.

Episode 21D
Yumehara is so happy that she is melting? Although they have the same idea on certain things like walking home together, they are actually on a different page when they are talking to each other. Like she thought he was referring to the chocolate but he thought it was the coded letter. Thanks to them being dumb, the worst never happened and the situation solves itself thanks to their continued misunderstanding. But then the cat is out of the bag when Yumehara realizes Kaidou doesn’t like sweet things. So did he eat her chocolate? He saw no chocolate. He shows her the letter. Heart break. Tears. Kaidou feels bad. He thinks they shouldn’t be best friends. You mean, go back to like how they were? Okay. And like that, they’re back to normal. Romance, so complicated.

Episode 21E
The press club is up to no good again. After printing some scandal of a couple of the teachers dating (which wasn’t anything to hide in the first place), now they target Teruhashi. Yeah, Jouten is going to snap a photo of her that shows her detestable side and destroy her. As Teruhashi has always been stalked, she knows the press club is on to her. So when they set up for a car to splash a mud puddle on her, she looks even godlier in the photos! She has an idea of swapping her face with an ugly one (Jouten’s ugly face, by the way) and it really seems to work. You wonder why she is doing the editing next to the puddle instead of somewhere else. Because Saiki rides over and splashes all over their equipment. All data lost.

Episode 22A
Not too sure about this word game Nendou, Kaidou and Kuboyasu are playing on their way home after school. They take steps depending on the weird words they say. Because of that, people complain to the school and they got reprimanded. Saiki who had no role in it was also reprimanded. Not sure if he even needs a group to walk home with but now he gets to walk home with Hairo. Heck, that guy volunteers to walk with him. But being with him is a drag as he stops to help just about everybody! He is a help magnet! Then a store gets robbed. Hairo goes to diffuse it and takes off his shirt as proof he has no weapons but his muscles are even more intimidating! Of course it takes Saiki’s power to stop the criminal before Hairo wrestles him. Now the duo are the talk of the town and on the front page of the newspaper. However Saiki doesn’t like it as this attracts more attention and would rather go home with his other dumb group.

Episode 22B
Rifuta is now an obsessed fan of Mugami but can’t let Teruhashi know in fear she will think she is using her to get close to Mugami. Hence she goes bug Saiki to help let her go see him in the midst of some filming. Not sure why she needs his help since she knows exactly where he is. Anyway Saiki takes her there and Rifuta is just swooning and close to death at every single movement Mugami makes. When Mugami spots them, he is happy and gets the wrong impression she is Saiki’s girlfriend. Because this means no competition over Teruhashi. He thinks of wanting to double date and for the umpteenth time today, Rifuta was this close to death after hearing this good news. Too bad Saiki won’t be coming.

Episode 22C
It seems Saiki has 37 clones of himself! After failed attempts to save the world, he realized the need for this power and since he can only make 1 clone for himself, there is a loophole to ask his clones to make another clone. Hence don’t be surprise if you really see odd looking Saiki dudes ranging from old buggers to aliens! He sends the closest looking clone to go out and do some errand. Not sure why he couldn’t do it since his parents asked. Anyway this clone also has his flaws like he walks funny and has dirty teeth. At the store, he comes into Nendou. Abort mission! But Nendou keeps bugging him. So Saiki had to do a pot falling distraction just to switch out. Some things are better left done by yourself.

Episode 22D
Oh dear. Akechi is back and this time he has ‘proof’ of 4 incidents in which could explain Saiki is a psychic. Yeah, Akechi has been stalking him ever since! The first was when Nendou and Kaidou turned into stone. However… There was a sumo who blocked his view and he couldn’t exactly see them turn into stone. Yup, Saiki foresaw that and teleported a sumo. The next was when that robber was going to attack Hairo at the store. Akechi saw Saiki doing a pose to use his power. But… A sniper was behind him and shot a tranquilizer, that’s why he was frozen in that pose. Yeah, again Saiki teleported the sniper.

Episode 22E
Next incident is that Saiki clone. Akechi saw the pot turned direction before it hit Nendou. Must have been Saiki, right? Oh, he summoned a magician! Saiki is confident at this point but Akechi says he has done further investigation. He talked to the sumo, sniper and magician and all have the same answer that they were unsure how they appeared suddenly somewhere else before returning. Like as though it was a dream. Only a psychic can do that sort of teleportation, right? Now that Akechi is bugging him for an answer of what he did that day, the scene is cut and the next thing we see, Akechi is turned to stone. Finally some peace and quiet. Saiki may have petrified him to buy some time but the problem is that he will blurt everything out. He can’t let everyone know about his secret either. Now we go back to the past when Saiki was an elementary school kid…

Episode 23
Takashi the bully often showed off but he and his cronies also loved bullying Akechi. One day Akechi got hurt so Saiki thought of healing him. Unfortunately he dropped his nametag so Akechi returned to him and suspected if he is a psychic. When Takashi is doing some propeller move on the bar, Saiki uses his power to spin until his dick burns! Again Akechi suspects Saiki as a psychic but he makes that dumb ignorant face. One year later, Akechi still continues be bullied by Takashi. But one day the bullying got out of hand and Akechi was really hurt. Saiki saw this and got angry. His power destroyed half of the classroom as we saw. Saiki then used his powers to alter their memories and made others think Akechi is the psychic. Not sure why the current Saiki disguised as a girl is close by young Saiki. Time paradox thingy that you can’t meet yourself in the past but since Saiki can read minds, this pushes back Saiki back to current time. The tricky part is trying to change the past without his young self realizing. So as he tries to do so from a distance, this time throwing a rock at Takashi while he does the propeller, the future now has changed into a dystopia! This is thanks to the butterfly effect but the more Saiki goes back to try and as little as possible, the outcomes are all failures. Ranging from Takashi winning the game of life and him dying. But the biggest failure is when all his other friends now has weird nicknames for him, weird hand gestures, everybody acts and knows Teruhashi loves Saiki and doesn’t hesitate to tease her, and Nendou being effeminate! With Akechi’s petrification limit over, Saiki has decided to just tell him the truth. Yeah, Akechi is so damn shocked and overreacting just to learn the truth. But soon Akechi apologies for being a stalker because he had to make sure if he was a psychic. This is so he could thank him properly for saving him from the bullies. He promises he will not tell anyone this secret. Saiki won’t blame him even if Akechi rats on him one day since it was his own fault telling him. But if ever that day comes when the others find out so, he’ll cross the bridge when he comes to it.

Episode 24A
Teruhashi is amazing not because she is observant but rather she memorizes the preferences of all the students in the school and with that she is able to tell any slight changes. This is to protect her perfect beautiful girl image and of course this sends all those guys into delirium. With more and more guys trying out different new things, Teruhashi is forced to memorize them all in order to stay perfect. And those attention whore jerks are so obsessed in getting Teruhashi to notice them, they fail to notice it is taking a toll on her that she collapsed! Thank goodness for Saiki to catch her and bring her to the infirmary. And even so those guys still want to get noticed?! So that’s why when Teruhashi learns Saiki saved her, she screws this perfect girl and just tells them all she forgot all those details and goes after Saiki instead. So much easier…

Episode 24B
Toritsuka and Aiura are not pleased Saiki told Akechi about his secret. Since when they have a monopoly over this secret? Because of that, they want to test him to see if he is worthy. Yeah, don’t be scared by his awesome aura and reputable spirit haunting him. Of course Akechi spots them and starts blabbing. Just when the duo think he is going to blurt out Saiki’s secret, they jump the gun and accuse him of not keeping his promise. However Akechi meant something else and this means the duo are the one who almost spilled Saiki’s secret. They decide to have a showdown to see who could find Saiki’s lost keys but Akechi already knows where based on his observance and deductions. So uhm, welcome to Psykickers?

Episode 24C
Saiki thought it’s going to be another normal school term. Too bad all his friends have changed! Saiki spots a different outfit and wears glasses (mom made him wear them), Nendou has gone fat (eat and sleep), Kuboyasu bandaged from head to toe (some death defying accident), Hairo overly buffed up (indoor training did this?), Teruhashi just having twintails (yeah, it’s such a big deal), Yumehara gone fat (again) and Mera is a rich b*tch queen (viva Bitcoin!). Even Takanashi has got an accent!

Episode 24D
If that wasn’t enough, now Saiki has to unfortunate luck of meeting the other minor and obscure characters in the series from Chouno (has he turned into a super magician?) to Yuuta (still bratty) and even other characters so obscure that I’m sure you can’t well damn remember. Oh yeah, then there are a bunch of other characters that appeared in the manga but never in the anime. So, first appearance? Congratulations?

Episode 24E
Yeah, we continue Saiki’s misadventure of meeting more of such people like the ever cocky Mugami (mobbed by girls), the ever cocky Amp (ignore him), the ever tsundere Riki Jr (confused Nendou with Midori this time, huh?). Saiki doesn’t want to go home as all his family is there. But after hearing how grandma has bought his favourite jelly, he’s never so eager to come home. And this foreshadowing when this mini deity dude telling him this anime will be continuing a little longer. As Saiki goes to school the next day, we see all other characters who have not appeared yet make their paltry appearance as they try to squeeze in as many into this dying seconds. Yeah, if you remember them all. And all our changed characters are now back to normal just like that. (Sorry Mera, Bitcoin just crashed). I’m sure Saiki shouldn’t have realized it at this point how all this could happen. It’s a gag anime after all.

It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
Well guys, did you see this coming? There is going to be a third season!!!! OMFG!!! HYPE! HYPE! SUPER HYPE! I guess this means whatever questions that were left hanging over our heads for that particular episode halfway through this season (the one that was titled a prelude to the final episode), it looks like the perfect excuse now that we have to wait for the next season instead of b*tching it right here that we didn’t get our answer. After all, it is said that the next final season (gasp!) would adapt the final chapters of the manga that has already concluded in mid-2018. I guess for those who have read those chapters, you can become psychics and tell people like me who haven’t read it and tell how it all ends. DON’T SPOIL IT FOR ME!!!!

I still enjoy this season a lot because the jokes are still as funny as they are. It’s the same formula and the same ingredient. Some may say it doesn’t break new ground because it’s just same ol’, same ol’ but just add a few new characters. But hey, if it is not broken, why fix it? After all, we have seen the kind of antics and shenanigans of this series so this sequel should hardly be any other different. Unless they take a big risk and totally turn it into something else but thankfully that didn’t happen. Can’t really imagine this series if it really strayed from its nonsensical slapstick roots.

Of course the other interesting plot of this season is featuring Saiki and his past, especially with Akechi. It might not shed a whole lot of light of Saiki’s entire past but at least it was interesting enough to see that there is a normal person out there who is a threat to Saiki’s peace and quiet. Although that mini arc was a bit confusing for me because of all that time travel, paradox and butterfly effect thingy, it still retains its Saiki type humour and all. It is a good thing Akechi turned out to be on Saiki’s side. It’ll be double bad if he is like the Jouten kind of rotten. He just needs to slow down and use less speech bubbles… To say Akechi’s unique feature is talking fast, oh heck, do you not notice that almost everybody here talks faster than usual?! And Saiki’s normal talking speed serves as the punch line and comebacks.

New characters are added to this season to spice up the craziness even more and they don’t disappoint since they live up to their crazy personality. Like Aiura the fortune teller who wants to be Saiki’s girlfriend, Rifuta who turned into Teruhashi’s friend and slowly transitioning into a crazy obsessed Mugami fan (oh, maybe she already transited completely), the scandal crazy b*tch Jouten, Akechi who just can’t stop talking and the most normal of the normal guy Satou! Wow. To think that Saiki who covets normalcy would go so far as to stalk this normal dude! That’s not normal! Oh, the irony. So you see, even with all these interesting characters, as usual my dilemma starts to kick up a fuss just so that I have something to talk about why this show isn’t perfect.

You see, with so many characters, adding new ones somewhat diminishes the limelight for older ones. For example, Hairo and Mera are already side characters but they turn into even more side characters in this season. Because the duo like many other characters aren’t part of the main character groupie. You know, Saiki’s groupie. That’s Nendou, Kaidou, Kuboyasu, Teruhashi and Yumehara, just to double check. It’s not like we need really deep character development for all the characters, right? It is their superficial characteristics is all that matters. Enough to make us laugh and the effects are made lasting thanks to the short duration of the skits in every episode. There are some characters like Saiko who have undergone some ‘shocking’ changes because this rich snobbish kid realizes the true meaning of friendship? He isn’t such a despicable person once he reaches that level. Of course some characters remain the same like Toritsuka who is still chasing after skirts and of course misusing his powers for that means.

I guess that is what you get when you have to share a piece of the pie. The pie isn’t expanding and you have to share it with more people. Hence some old and new characters are forgettable and not memorable because they suck but rather they do not have long enough a screen time presence to warrant us to remember them in the long run. For instance, that Amp cat only appeared twice in all of this season. That is only 2 freaking short skits out of a total of 120 of them! Not even 2% chance of screen time! And I didn’t include the final episode he made a cameo because that felt like ‘cheating’. Then new characters like Peanuts Ueda or Venus, you thought they are going to be mainstay but unfortunately appear only in that skit and that’s it for them. Yeah, they just want to troll us if they will be new characters that stay or not. That’s why it’s like as though they read my mind and hence the last episode they slip in some of the obscure characters to troll me and others who were at that point already starting to wonder the fate of other such characters. I guess that’s the charm of being part of a gag anime.

I just want to note about Saiki and Teruhashi’s role and relationship. Over the course of both seasons we see Teruhashi trying to get that “Oh~” out from Saiki and in our eyes it slowly turns into some sort of mission to get him to fall for her. Saiki has quoted many times that God has always sided with Teruhashi and hence the many problems that Saiki goes through but thankfully navigated through them successfully thanks to his psychic powers. He avoids getting involved with her to stay out of the limelight which he dislikes so much. But there are a few instances I noticed that he might be helping her out of the goodness of his heart. Like as though he likes her. For instance the final episode in which he had no involvement whatsoever. He isn’t even obliged to help her out and could have ignored and let her self-destruct if he loves his peace and quiet so much. But he want out of his way to actually save her. Is this hinting that there is a change of heart in him? After all, he did go “Oh~” once. Perhaps Saiki saw the kind of future, it is better Teruhashi to bug him occasionally than for her to have a mental breakdown and lose her might. Yikes. That will be the end of the world and lose-lose situation for everyone including Saiki.

A big difference from this season than the last one is the mid-intermission. If you remember the first season, there was some sort of psychic tests and quizzes just for some laughs. This season they did away with all that and inserted, uhm, how should I put it, eye candy eyecatches. It changes after a few episodes. The first batch are quite amusing because we see the guys in really cool poses and outfits. It’s like they’ve levelled up their handsomeness and manliness. So kakkoii! The next batch features the girls and of course they look hell of a cute and beautiful. Some even for fanservice purposes but nothing that risqué. It’s like they’ve levelled up their attractiveness, beautifulness and femininity. So kawaii desu! But the final batch is somewhat most disappointing. The characters are now portrayed in their chibi form which is a downer. After all those cool and pretty pictures, we got some very comical ones. Nothing actually wrong since this is what the series should be but I still prefer the former ones even if they’re all just for photogenic reasons.

With last season’s casts retained, new ones join the line-up and bloat the roster even more. New ones that I recognized are Eri Kitamura as Aiura, Yuuki Kaji as Akechi, Daisuke Sakaguchi as Shiragami and Mikako Komatsu is Riki Jr. The rest are Mao Ichimichi as Rifuta (Bada in ClassicaLoid), Azusa Enoki as Jouten (Nagisa in Shinryaku! Ika Musume) and Kensho Ono as Satou (titular character in Tanaka-kun Wa Itsumo Kedaruge). This season’s first opening theme, feels epic in its own right. Sailent Prisoner by the trio of Saiki, Nendou and Kaidou gives a feel of what to expect in its own right. But the craziness ramps up in the second opener, Oteaga Psychics by Shiggy Jr incorporating hip hop and rap into it. Dempagumi Inc who also sang some of the themes last season only sings the first ending theme, Sai Hakkenden, another denpa style song that suits this series like a glove. But the second ending theme has got to be the weirdest. Duet Shitekuda by the duo of Teruhashi and Aiura as it is a mix of hip hop (Aiura’s part) and slow lovely ballad (Teruhashi’s part). The song is about both of them trying to snag Saiki’s heart but he is not having any of it.

This season did not change much and it is enjoyable as the first. Therefore what I want to say I would have already said in the first season as my sentiments are still the same. Too bad the next season is supposedly the last. Gasp! Say it isn’t so?! Oh well, even good things must eventually come to an end. Like Gintama. NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Are we reaching the stage where good and funny comedy series are ending? Oh well. That way, Saiki could finally get his much needed peace and quiet that he always wanted. I believe he has the power to create and shape that world according to his likes but as we can see, Saiki is such a considerate guy that he is willing to put up with all the troubles so as not change the status quo. Oh Saiki, you’re such a good guy. You’ve brought us so many smiles and laughter so it’s just about the right time for you to ‘retire’. Sorry though, still couldn’t find that black coffee jello to offer you as a parting gift. But you saw that coming and didn’t expect much from me and forgave me, right?

Tenrou: Sirius The Jaeger

December 23, 2018

There are many anime vampire series throughout and usually this genre doesn’t interest me very much although I do watch them from time to time. I was going to give Tenrou: Sirius The Jaeger the skip for the same reason too until I read that one line in the synopsis that states of vampire hunters known as Jaegers carrying musical instruments to hunt down vampires. Wow. So I thought there was something interesting in these vampire hunters. Cool hidden weapons masquerading as musical instruments or we have a bunch of travelling rock band who performs as musicians as their day job by moonlights as vampire hunters. Yeah, I really wanted to see how they shoot missiles from a guitar and turn the bass into some sophisticated club. Then of course you know, it didn’t turn out the way I had expected it to be…

Episode 1
Kershner must be holding some vampire party in Shanghai because his Smooth Criminal men are actually vampires as they suck the life out of their Chinese female dates. But after receiving word from his assistant, Agatha that the Jaegers are here, he flees. Willard leads his Jaegers comprising of Dorothea, Fallon and Philip, waiting to ambush the place but Yuliy recklessly barges in and the rest no choice have to follow suit and turn the place into vampire dust. Guess where Kershner fled? Yup. Good ol’ Japan. That’s where our Jaegers are heading too under the guise of Willard’s V Shipping Company. They rest at the mansion of the Baron who is also the Ministry of Home Affairs as he is indebted to them for their help. His daughter, Ryouko Naoe tries to impress Yuliy with her garden but he doesn’t like how too many fertilizers and water has tainted the garden. Willard talks to Baron about the recent troubles in Japan. Something about the Hyakko gang who looks like an anti-government on the outside but just robs the rich as well as a murderer named Kyouichirou Kuratake has escaped from prison and continues to go on a murder spree. Willard believes both big incidents are more than mere coincidences. Meanwhile the military doesn’t like how Baron has engaged foreigners for this case so they send Major Hideomi Iba to investigate. Kuratake is in fact being held prisoner by Agatha and she has a big role for him. After some investigation, Willard deduces Hyakko isn’t behind Kuratake’s jailbreak and somebody is using his name to commit crimes. And with the police increasing their patrol but yet to catch him, it could only mean that a certain group they’re after is behind this. Agatha finishes giving her statement to the police as she was a witness of a murder that just happened. But when she walks by Yuliy, he can smell blood all over her. Soon they both fight and Agatha luckily escapes with her comrades picking her up. A short car chase ensue until Yuliy catches up for another melee combat. When Agatha corners Yuliy, she notices a glow in his eyes and is shocked to realize he is part of some Sirius. Yuliy powers up and slices off her limbs. She tries to desperately escape but Yuliy is hot on her tail despite warning from Willard not to stray too far. Before Yuliy gets her, he is sniped by Mikhail.

Episode 2
Yuliy is pulled out and is treated by Doctor Kisuke Hanada. Willard reprimands him for pushing it too far but Yuliy can’t help it because of some beast blood that is flowing through him. It is hinted he might be a werewolf but he has to keep it under control because once he loses it, he is no longer a Jaeger. Because he is always busy with his research, his daughter, Saki befriends Yuliy pretty quickly. Philip is made to accompany Yuliy as he learns from the maid that Hanada has been obsessed with his research to develop some medical equipment since his wife died of a heart disease. He has an assistant but he went missing a few days ago. Ryouko heard Yuliy got injured and wants to go see him. Since the adults won’t tell her, she has a sneaky way to do it. Willard and his team continue their investigation. It seems there is a murder done by Hyakko but this time the victim is a biologist. The previous victim was a scholar. The connection is odd but he feels there is a connection between and Hyakko and the vampires. Soon, Hanada has finished his equipment, supposedly some artificial heart. He tells Saki the goodness and father and daughter embrace with full emotion. Hanada’s maid rats on him by giving the info to Agatha and is promptly killed as her reward. Willard’s research on similar cases overseas yield that researchers are killed and their research (mainly on artificial organs) stolen. Just when Willard is about to make his move, he is stopped by Iba posing as a journalist and wants to interview him. Vampires soon attack Hanada’s house. Agatha returns to settle the score with Yuliy and she is fitted with blades for her missing limbs. Unfortunately Agatha sinks her teeth into Hanada’s neck, turning him into a vampire. Yuliy kicks ass as he does a double kill on Agatha and Hanada right before the doctor could kill his own daughter. Agatha’s last words are something about too late for him to get his hands on the Ark. Oddly, Ryouko thought it was a right time to visit Yuliy. You mean at this time of the night?! She witnesses him kick ass. Then the doctor’s lab exploded. Yuliy could see somebody escaping with the research but before he could chase after him, Mikhail attacks him. Guess what? Mikhail is his brother.

Episode 3
The police is now looking into the murder scene as Dorothea picks up Yuliy and Philip. Thinking about Saki’s family and predicament has Yuliy remembering his own. Once a close knit family in Dogville, Yuliy and Mikhail grew up hunting together. Yuliy heard about the Ark that Dogville once had but now it is far away. The elder believed the duo would one day have to go there to protect it and Yuliy being the enthusiastic kid vows to do so and even protect mom. Now Yuliy talks to Willard that he is in a dilemma. When he killed Hanada, he did the same thing to Saki like what the vampires did to Dogville. Because Agatha said something about the Ark, it is believed to be here, that’s why the vampires are in Japan. Flashback continues with one night the vampires massacre the village. Mom got killed so the brothers had no choice but to run. There’s a vampire narrating how they have been controlling the world from the shadows for a thousand years and will want to continue to do so. They believe it is their duty to lead the ignorant masses and to do that, they need the Ark. Mikhail sacrifices himself fighting vampires so that Yuliy could escape. But when a vampire attacks Yuliy and rips his beloved mom’s scarf to shreds, that is when his eyes activate and instantly kills the vampire. Now that Yuliy has seen Mikhail and looks and sounds almost the same, he is further at a lost what to do as his is now hesitating whether to kill all vampires. Because if this was really Mikhail, he should have been dead and the only reason if he is alive is if he made a pact with the vampires. That’s why he can’t forgive himself for killing Hanada and make Saki go through the same agony. He felt happy. Ryouko must totally be in love with Yuliy since she has got the guts to go visit him. But he knows she saw him then and warns her not to get close to him. Final flashback shows after young Yuliy killed the vampire, Willard picked him up. As Yuliy was unsure how to go on living, Willard offered to teach him. Klarwein, the mad scientist under Kershner has completed his secret weapon.

Episode 4
Naotora Momosei, the leader of Hyakko heard his sponsor (the vampires) will no longer fund him so he kills the messenger and calls his men to do some hunting. Willard sees an employee of a rival shipping company, Alma Company to discuss some business. Iba is there too and he hints he knows more to what is going on. He returns to recently promoted Major General Kakizaki who will soon be on his way to Gotenba to test some new weapons. Kakizaki is going to be in for a shock when he sees this secret weapon monster. Yeah, it annihilated everything! Kershner as the president of Alma wants to know his opinion. The Jaegers noticed that Hyakko had stopped killing ever since Hanada’s case. Willard knows that Alma is behind this and was sponsoring Hyakko. This could mean they have gotten what they have wanted and now both sides have a fallout. It is suggested that they split their team to investigate and when Ryouko hears Yuliy is going to Gotenba, she gets really concerned. Dorothea can tell what is going on and gets chummy with Yuliy, promising she will protect him. And so Ryouko becomes a ninja to sneak aboard the train to tail them. Meanwhile Hyakko enters Alma’s office and slaughters all employees, thinking they are vampires. None. Willard explains to us the 2 different categories of vampires: Slaves (those beast form) and Royals (human-like form). Iba was on his way to Gotenba when he hears a report about the accident at the weapon testing. All those participated died except for Kakizaki who is on his way back to the capital. Immediately he takes the train back. Likewise, Yuliy could smell blood from the other train so he too jumps to the other train. Oh, Ryouko spots this too and suddenly she becomes a ninja to ride it just in time! Now she has a ticket problem since she didn’t bring her bag. On this returning train, Kershner is a passenger and look who Yuliy meets again? Is that really you, Mikhail?

Episode 5
Mikhail explains he left immediately after meeting Yuliy for the first time in years since as a vampire, he has absolute orders to kill Jaegers. When he sniped him, he was ordered to outright kill him but purposely missed. He wants Yuliy to give up his revenge because he doesn’t have what it takes. So is Yuliy going to kill him now? It’s his best chance? Can’t? Saving him for the last? Last warning. Stop being a Jaeger because the next time they meet, they’ll be enemies. Iba talks to Kakizaki who regrets participating in this weapon testing because all his men died. He realized too late they were only used as guinea pigs. Dorothea finds reprimanded Ryouko. She is still not calling it a crush on Yuliy? So the excuse is that she is interested in the different kind of world he is living in? Why you complicate things? Suddenly the train comes to a halt. It is Hyakko standing before the tracks. They hijack the train and are looking for Kershner. However he has fled and Hyakko instead stumble into that monster. Since it imitates their movements, they take a liking for it. They then start moving the train in the opposite direction. Great timing for Willard’s other team to pass by and jump on to help stop it. Because at the track will soon end. So cliché, right? With the military fighting Hyakko, the monster seems to protect the latter. Momosei is so pleased with this that he let his guard down and the monster decapitates him! Now Yuliy faces off with this monstrosity. Nobody gets in the way of Ryouko’s crush! Because after Fallon separates the coaches, she makes a mad jump to their side! When a vampire seemingly is going to kill a soldier, Ryouko swiftly borrows a sword and cuts it! Woah! Those kendo skills must have come in handy. For the first time, Iba sees the vampire turn to dust. Now you believe about vampires? Yuliy seems to have a hard time fighting the monster. So Mikhail takes over and easily cuts it up to pieces. The train derails at the end but don’t worry, everybody survives. Mikhail tells Yuliy that if he ever ends up like this monster, he wants him to be the one to kill him. It will be easy if he has the Ark. Yevgraf finally makes his move.

Episode 6
Klarwein is mad at Mikhail for destroying his creation. But Kershner has received word from Yevgraf that the Ark is not in this city. Although Klarwein is stubborn and wants to mass produce his monster, Kershner believes their task now is to exterminate all Jaegers here. Yuliy talks to Willard about Mikhail. Yuliy was never told about anything about the Ark and it is believed Mikhail does. It could be the only reason why the vampires are keeping him alive. Willard asks Yuliy if he wants to leave Jaegers as he won’t have to gun for revenge then. What if there is a possibility that the Ark could revert Mikhail’s case? In worst case scenario, it would kill him. The Baron reprimands Ryouko and wants to limit her freedom but she remains stubborn. Some things cannot be learnt through formal education, no? She continues her kendo training and Dorothea hopes she could teach her some swordsmanship. Willard is supposed to meet up with his bartender informant but Iba got to him first and hints about vampires in Alma. When he returns to his bar, before he could make a call to Willard, he is attacked by vampires. Willard knows something is wrong when he steps into the bar. Just in time because he passes Willard a message before croaking. The vampires in hiding attack but it’s like Willard taking out all his anger by overkilling them. He then calls his Jaegers to warn them about the vampires attacking them tonight. As they prepare, Yuliy tells Ryouko to round up her family and servants to hide in the safest place. Knowing she is strong, he wants her to protect them. Ryouko is happy to hear that until she realizes it was Dorothea who told Yuliy to say all this. As they lie in wait, Yuliy asks Philip if he wants revenge since it was actually one of his kin who killed his parents. Philip doesn’t blame him and is cool with it because if he has to get revenge on vampires mean he must get revenge on his brother? The vampires attack in full force and there is too many of them. The Jaegers try to retreat but here comes Kershner. He faces off with Yuliy while Mikhail keeps Philip at bay.

Episode 7
With the military rolling in, it’s time for Kershner to escape. Again. So he lets Mikhail take care of Yuliy and because little brother is adamant he won’t kill big brother, Mikhail feels disappointed. He isn’t cut out for revenge. Before he can kill all vampires, they’ll get what they seek. Because the Ark was taken by their father. As he is the last of the Sirius, he must make use with Mikhail’s vampire blood and make do of what he has. The military is able to kill vampires with their rounds because Iba borrowed them from V Shipping Company. Willard finds Kershner and of course a human can’t best a vampire. With Yuliy looking for Mikhail and stumbling into this, Kershner finds out Yuliy doesn’t know the whole truth. Long ago, they had some book that told them where the Ark is. Because they couldn’t decipher it, they got a desperate and poor archaeologist who was also passionate about the Ark to do so. Guess who was that guy? Kershner admits he is the one who burnt down Dogville and Willard admits he is that archaeologist. Yuliy is so mad that he let his beast form take over. At first Yuliy is no match for Kershner but when cocky vampire dude mocks him so much, this is what happens when you corner a mad dog. Yuliy defies all odds and kills Kershner! Now Yuliy bugs Willard for an answer. He never said anything because of his ego. He thought taking him in was his form of atonement but ironically used him as a tool for the last 10 years. He agrees to be killed by him but Yuliy can’t do that. He looks up to him like a father figure.

Next day, Willard explain more about the Ark. It seems it holds unlimited knowledge and technologies. Willard just wanted to discover it whether it exists or not but the vampires wanted more than just its existence. Yuliy’s dad perhaps knew about it and hence took it away. He might be alive guarding it somewhere. Otherwise, perhaps what Mikhail said was a hint that Yuliy would be the next one to protect it. Hence he makes it his next mission other than killing vampires. But they have no time left. Kershner was just a pawn and the real one who desires it is Yevgraf. Iba is called by the military and is ordered to look for the Ark. 10 years ago, they sent this guy, Captain Mamoru Akasaka for the job but he never returned. Due to the war, he was low on their search priority but now with the economy and depression, they are restarting this search again. Iba is tasked for this mission because they think he is close friends with Willard after borrowing ammunition from V Shipping. Stuck with this troublesome task, he goes to see Willard to exchange information. He is told that the vampires are after the Ark and it is believe it is at Sakhalin as Yevgraf is now there. With Iba making arrangements to Russia, the Jaegers get orders to return to HQ in London. But Yuliy decides to do things on his own and leaves.

Episode 8
Flashback shows when Mikhail was left for dead after the vampire attack, it was Yevgraf who revived and turned him into a vampire. Mikhail reunites with Yevgraf and the latter brings him to some cave. Inside supposedly resides the Sirius civilization during their heydays. In the middle of it all is supposedly the Ark. However Mikhail’s dad gave his life to form a barrier to protect it eternity. Who knows what happens when vampires and humans walk through it but Mikhail as his son, it might be different. So as Mikhail walks into the barrier, it seems it is melting him. Despite in pain, he trudges on. Yevgraf calls it off but Mikhail refuses (thinking he can kill Yevgraf if he gets the Ark’s power) but Yevgraf uses his mind control to force Mikhail back. Mikhail fights back but ultimately cannot disobey his master. Yevgraf is now interested what if Yuliy was the one who walks through it. As they leave, Klarwein has been greatly ignored and is continued to be so. Mad scientist is going to proof that his research is what the vampires need for glory. Meanwhile Yuliy has arrived at southern Sakhalin and meets another fellow Jaeger, Bishop. It looks like his teammates got killed while chasing Yevgraf and requested for reinforcements. Unfortunately Yuliy isn’t that backup and is here on his own. They both make a deal to help each other as Bishop knows of an old guy who has info on the Ark. On the other side, Ryouko left a letter to dad. She is going to London. Yeah, she is already on her way by the time he reads this. Her excuse is to find out the ones responsible who destroyed their mansion. I’m sure the Baron doesn’t’ find it surprising but if you can’t beat them, join them. Yeah, he is going to London too! As Yuliy and Baron close in on the residence of that supposed old guy, they see vampires attacking him. Just in time. Yuliy faces off with the cheeky vampire loli twins of Larissa and Tamara. They mock him of his massacred village and being the lonely Sirius left, they should let them turn him into a vampire.

Episode 9
After a short bout, the twins escape. When the old man realizes who Yuliy is, he is not happy the son of Alexei is here. He does however explain a little. Like how he too was searching for the Ark and stumbled into Alexei who was kind enough to bring him back to Dogville and meet his family. Yuliy was probably too young to remember. One day Alexei left with the Ark without saying anything. He refuses to say anything more. As the duo leave, Bishop feels suspicious why the vampires of all times attacked the old guy now. They could have easily killed him if they wanted to shut him up. He thinks Yuliy is their target. When the twins report back to Yevgraf, Mikhail learns Yuliy is here and he realizes Yevgraf’s plan to use Yuliy to open the Ark. Yuliy and Bishop return to town and guess who they meet? Ryouko and Iba! Apparently Ryouko panicked when she saw dad at the same port and stumbled into Iba on his way to Sakhalin. Thank goodness, right? I guess Ryouko won’t understand what the men talk next. Sirius? Yuliy’s dad? Iba shows the photo of Akasaka and he is believed to be that old guy. Perhaps some military orders can get him to speak up. We take a little detour as Yuliy asks Ryouko about fathers. She doesn’t have nice things to say at first but eventually father cares for her. When Mikhail tries to escape to warn Yuliy, the other vampires cut him off. However one of the Slaves got some infection and start going berserk. He is killed off. Yevgraf warns Mikhail to stay put if he doesn’t want anything to happen to him.

Yuliy and the gang return to see Akasaka. He still won’t tell about the Ark but Iba will decide that after he sees it himself. Iba knows something is keeping him here. He could have reported back and be relieved of this mission but yet chose to say. With old bugger continue to not say a word as promise to Alexei, Yuliy uses his trump card that Dogville has been destroyed and as the last Sirius he must know everything. Yeah, that determination in his eyes makes Yuliy look a lot like dad. Akasaka opens up about the barrier Alexei made. Unsure if he is alive or dead, he heard his voice when he touched the barrier to not tell anybody and stay away. Feeling guilty for what happened, it’s the reason Akasaka stayed behind to stay by his side. It’s the least he could do. Yuliy thanks him for staying back as a friend of his father. Akasaka gives them a map to that sacred grounds as well as a photo proof that he met Alexei over 10 years ago. He hopes Yuliy as his son can save him. Meanwhile Willard’s side has taken a detour. I mean, HQ didn’t say they should return to London right away, right? Because now they are in Dogville investigating the massacre site. Next morning, Ryouko alerts Iba that the Jaeger duo have left. Don’t worry. Just follow them. It’s easy since Iba memorized the map. When Yuliy and Bishop near the place, before them is Klairwein and his mad merry band of uhm, robo vampire monsters?

Episode 10
Based on Willard’s interpretations, it seems the key to unseal the Ark can be found hidden in this family tomb. Wow. He made it look so easy by just pressing a few buttons and turning a few knobs. Looks like they’re going to bring this little eyeball thingy to Yuliy. Klarwein brags about his research on humans to bring about this success. He goes on to rant about some incurable disease the vampires have. Klarwein was first commissioned to find that cure but after Yevgraf took note of the Ark, he became completely ignored. Hence he will prove his worth with their deaths. I suppose Klarwein was busy yapping he didn’t realize the duo were making the snowy ground unstable for him to slide down the abyss. Oh well. Back to the drawing board. If he survives that. Both then arrive at the holy grounds of Sirius. Yuliy tries to enter the barrier but again it looks like melting him. His determination has him push all the way until he is absorbed inside it. His reward? Looks like he gets to view the memories of his dad. The reason Alexei welcomed Akasaka was because he saved his sons from a bear attack. With their great hospitality, Akasaka soon confesses he was looking for the Ark and fear stealing it would break the peace. He also warns of other major powers secretly looking for it. When Alexei talked to the elder about this, he is appalled that their BS tradition to keep the Ark a secret means killing them. He will not accept this tradition and vows to find a way to seal it. He was reluctantly told of where and how to seal it that would risk his life. Hence Alexei left his family but promised them he would be back after he sealed the Ark. I guess he never fulfilled this promise. Now that Yuliy has seen the memories, he sees father before his eyes. His soul now fused with the barrier. He hopes Yuliy can go home now. However Yuliy doesn’t accept dad shouldering this tragic burden alone because it’s like the same thing even if dad argues this is not to bind his sons to these shackles. So sacrificing your own happiness for others is wrong? I know a lot of anime series who would gladly do that… So for Yuliy to prove the path dad took was the right one, he is going to live and find another way to seal the Ark. Alexei is pleased with his answer and gives him the Ark. He might be able to accomplish what he couldn’t. With that, the barrier is released and Yevgraf has been waiting for this moment for the Ark to show up. Can’t miss it. That beam straight up into the sky.

Episode 11
So this mini palm sized Death Star-cum-Cybertron is the Ark? Yevgraf turns Mikhail into a mindless obedient soldier and orders him to kill Yuliy to bring him the Ark. As Yuliy and Bishop leave, Iba and Ryouko just arrived. Yuliy wants to settle this alone and that is when Bishop takes Ryouko hostage. Yuliy tells Bishop to drop the act and knows his true form as a vampire all along. The reason he worked with him is because he saw his face regretting his comrades’ death. There was no deceit in it. Bishop laments he can’t get his comrades’ face out of his mind. With this vampire disease, he thought he might do something about it if the Ark was involved. He is not going to get Yevgraf have it so this isn’t just Yuliy’s fight alone. Yuliy agrees to work with him not because he is a vampire but he is Bishop. As they leave, the twins let Mikhail deal with Yuliy. Mikhail fights his brother like a mad dog and manages to rip the Ark away from him. The twins get it and are going to give it to Yevgraf but Bishop kills Larissa and snatches it from Tamara. Now the Ark in his hands but Yevgraf is before him. I guess all the brotherly fighting has Mikhail manage to snap out of Yevgraf’s spell. It is also thanks to the disease Mikhail infected himself with. Better to die this way? Yuliy explains the pride of Sirius is to live with the Ark side by side and not seal it. The reason dad sealed it because he thought they would be unable to coexist with other races if it was around. That is why Yuliy is going to live and face the world, his promise to dad. Mikhail couldn’t care about the Ark. He made a promise too and that is to protect Yuliy. But how can Yuliy sit by and watch Mikhail suffer by his own? Once they reconcile and head out, they see Yevgraf killing Bishop. His last words were being happy Yuliy worked with him as a man. Yevgraf has got the Ark and retreats to his airship to activate it. The brothers argue who should stay and who should deal with Yevgraf but a gentle reminder Yevgraf left vampires to deal with them. Don’t worry, here comes Willard and co to the rescue! Now the brothers are free to head for the airship. Ryouko gives her sword to Yuliy. Thanking her by name has got to be the best reward? Iba taps a Morse code to Willard about the situation so he makes his way onto the airship. Meanwhile Yevgraf devours the Ark to become one with it. All hail God Yevgraf!

Episode 12
Willard tries to take control of the airship but gets injured by other vampires. Yevgraf believes he can create a new breed of vampires by making a new blood pact. But it seems those lowly Slaves are too inferior that they die! What about you, Tamara? Can you accept this new blood pact? Tamara is shaking in fear and before another loli dies, here comes Yuliy to the rescue. Yevgraf cannot contain the Ark’s power as it bursts out from within. His new form is even hideous as he goes berserk trying to attack Mikhail. Willard hears Yuliy’s answer on the path he chose. He gives him this eyeball thingy, supposedly the other half of the Ark to control its power. The brothers fight Yevgraf and although he has healing abilities, the tremendous Ark power means he resist them anymore. In the final struggle, Mikhail rips the Ark from Yevgraf and kills him off. Hey, that’s what he wanted, right? He’d rather die than be saved by a dog. Wish granted. Mikhail gives the Ark to Yuliy, exchanges a few last words before resting in peace :’(. Don’t worry. Like Yuliy has always spammed recently, he’ll continue to live. The airship crashes but both Arks now fused. Willard sees Yuliy is in his true Ark form. Uhm, just having more strands of white hair? They say their goodbyes as Yuliy embarks on a journey to use this power for good. But he tells Willard if he ever ends up like Yevgraf, please kill him. He is after all his other father. Willard wakes up in hospital a few days later after being saved by a local. He tells that Yuliy is gone as he carries the burden alone of a power that could turn him into a god or demon. In the aftermath, Ryouko takes up some business admin course as part of her way to help Yuliy make the world a better place. Same for Iba as he does what he can although he notes the many powers will still go after Yuliy and the Ark. Willard narrates the Ark cannot be controlled by anyone in this world and for that, the Sirius were granted that power. However they decided not to because of how powerful it is and may have saved it for the future Sirius generations. The Jaegers have now orders to hunt down Yuliy which is a higher priority than hunting vampires. For Willard’s side, this might not seem palatable but at least it is a way that they can get to Yuliy first and see how he is doing. Meanwhile Yuliy is travelling alone with Tamara. His first step is to head to the vampire elders and convince them there is a way to cure the disease. Some final words how this path is necessary for a Sirius and only because of the power granted to him.

Serious The Joker: Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Oh well, I guess we went with the ending that the hero eventually has to shoulder the burden and responsibility of it all by himself. It seems like a bittersweet ending that Yuliy has gone off alone for the supposed greater good of the world (I guess he did not turn into that kind of God that instantly changes the world to become of that he desires with the snap of a finger) but to say that he was always a team of V Shipping feels a bit strange because Yuliy is often seen working solo. Sure, he might have eventually gotten used and accepted teamwork cooperation, but ultimately as the last blood of Sirius, there are only things he can do by himself. Back to square one?

Plot wise, it might start out slightly interesting but as the series progresses, you’ll find that overall it is mostly generic. Main character instead of holding some latent hidden power is the last of his kind, which kinda leads back to the fact he is the only one to hold some latent hidden power. Bad guys are looking for the most powerful ancient artefact for the typical cliché end goal of becoming the one supreme being, which is the same as world domination. Plans foiled because baddie doesn’t have enough virtue to carry it like our hero. The day is saved and the world continues to turn and everyone else leads a normal life without even knowing all our heroes have done. I’ll give credit though, since this is an original anime work rather than based on any manga or game. But I guess in this time and era where everything has been done or thought out, it is hardly exciting. For those who have seen almost there is to see out there about movies and TV series, this kind of plot may come off as bland.

For the most part, we were kept wondering what the heck this Ark is. That mystery keeps the intrigue but can be also annoying. I suppose if you saw that cult classic Indiana Jones movie, you would have shaped your notion of what the Ark looks like. Too bad people, it’s not the Ark that comes from the Bible. So when the Ark is supposedly to be some all powerful tool (not surprising, otherwise why would anybody would target it) and it looks like some mini pool ball but with flashier effects, do you not feel a bit disappointed? I mean, this is the Ark? Oh right. It’s not how it looks but what’s inside it. I guess we puny humans can’t comprehend its greatness what more control its immense power. This is why I have this fear that Yuliy’s wok may not come true because of how fragile and weak humans are. We can’t even get along with ourselves so what makes you think the Ark’s power can achieve that? Maybe. But I’m not holding my breath for it to happen.

Then there are the issues of the characters as well. Understandably for Yuliy being the poster child and main character of the series, there is a lot of focus being put into him as well as the estranged relationship with his brother. We do see him change from one young lad who is out for pure revenge to kill all vampires to one who matures and take responsibility in doing something for the greater good of the world even if the rest of the world doesn’t acknowledge it. So it’s not like he is breaking his earlier promise. He has found a new and better one to live by. The brothers who were from the same origin but ended up on different sides are most intriguing. Often they clash with each other at times and although seemingly for different reasons, their end goal and brotherly love for each other was always the same. So it’s heart breaking to see Mikhail die in the end but if it makes Yuliy a stronger person, so be it.

The rest of the other characters feel lacklustre and in some ways hardly contribute to the plot. For instance the Jaegers of the V Shipping, it feels like they are there so it doesn’t make Yuliy feel like he is some sort of lone wolf. They feel almost as empty as they are not emphasized as great as importance as Yuliy. Like Fallon, we all know he is just the Irish muscle guy of the team. That’s all. Philip is a kid whose parents were killed by Yuliy’s kin but he doesn’t seem to take this revenge business seriously. He is almost like the comic relief of the group because Fallon likes to mess with his hair just to see his reaction. Because I’m sure we would all like to know how a young kid actually ended up in Jaegers. As for Dorothea… I guess they need a woman in the team. Willard as the team leader is the brains behind the group and his archaeologist background sometimes feel shoehorned to give Yuliy some background and reason for existence. I guess this is the kind of roles that father figures have to play. For example in the final arc, conveniently finding the other half of the Ark and then entrusting it to Yuliy just at the right time. Yeah, an excuse so that Yuliy won’t turn out like Yevgraf. Thanks dad.

Ryouko is one of the oddest characters ever. She stands out like a sore thumb and you wonder why there was even a need to put her character in. From the moment she first appeared, you can tell that she is shoehorned in to provide some sort of romance if it ever comes to that point. If you take her out entirely of the plot, the entire series can still work. That is why I was wondering the need for Ryouko to toss Yuliy her sword to him when Yuliy actually has his own weapon that he is accustomed in using! Oh dear. It’s to show us that Ryouko was part of the final action scene. That it was her sword that stabbed through Yevgraf after all. Other than that, Ryouko failing in her crush feels like a weird distraction the series doesn’t need but just to fill in some extra time and take our minds off Yuliy’s revenge and vampire action. When you have an international band of Jaegers, you need to insert a kawaii Nippon onna somewhere even in a minor role. Thank goodness their romance didn’t materialize because it would have been really awkward to remember Twilight. Sheesh. Iba also feels a bit out of placed. His character also mostly can be written out but only comes in handy twice or thrice (like convincing Akasaka) but that is even so he can be mostly done without. Because it felt like the Japanese military was going to have some sort of large presence in the series but then it fizzled out after that failed weapon testing.

The vampires fare no better too. But being made as the antagonist of the series, I guess they really took the biggest fall. Because as we see Yevgraf being typical one dimensional villain striving to create a new order of vampires (like, what else is new?) and Kershner and Agatha were trolled to look like final bosses because they went out so early in the series. Especially Kershner who looks close to Dracula have this feel of being the final boss but his favourite game is to always escape when the going gets tough. But the oddest and most unsatisfying thing about the vampires is the disease that they are suffering from. Like, WTF???!!! What the hell?! Vampires, supposedly immortal supreme beings suffering from a disease that would literally kill them???!!! What kind of disease is that????!!! I don’t think it is garlic. Yeah. Even as explained, Royals who can even walk under the sun, I suppose garlic won’t really cut it as this fatal disease. It is not fully explained at all what this disease is all about and my only guess is that they need to bring this in so that Mikhail could die an honourable death. You see, a vampire that dies having this disease will not turn into dust. Gee, how convenient. So you mean this whatever disease helps keep their body together in death? Wow, it’s like the formalin embalmment for vampires. Klarwein feels annoying. He only exists to give a reason why monster vampires exist in the first half of the story. Then he suddenly gets killed off without much fanfare. I suppose we can’t find any other way to dispose of this really mad scientist. Not that anybody cares about him either, eh? Yeah, the most ignored character ever in this series.

The other odd thing that I started pondering if Sirius were actually this series’ term for werewolves. I guess Lycans are taken too… And I suppose it is a pun the Sirius’ village is known as Dogville. I guess Wolfville would sound too obvious. Because you know, it is a common notion that vampires and werewolves being natural enemies. The word werewolves were never mentioned and Yuliy does from time to time exhibit very slightly of his beastly nature. An excuse for him to do some impossible acrobat moves and give him extra strength when the plot commands it. However we don’t see the rest of the other Sirius tribe members ever closely turning into one. It is only left to our imagination that if the Sirius people are werewolves because as Yuliy says he wants to bring all races together, he mentions Sirius separately from humans. If the Sirius people were humans, wouldn’t it be weird to mention them explicitly? I mean, think about this, unless he is so prideful of his Sirius race that they must be mentioned apart from humans (that’s racist!), I guess he left out a lot of other races too. The Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Americans, Europeans, Australians, Africans… Are they excluded or all under the human race banner? Oh Yuliy, you so inclusive.

If there was something better than the plot and characters, it is definitely the action scenes. Even if you don’t get the finer details of the plot or don’t care about the characters, I’m sure that at least you’ll be entertained with the action sequences. I mean, who wouldn’t love seeing our heroes cutting down vampires like a hot knife through butter? I mean, when you watch vampire action series, this is what it boils down to, right? Remember Blade? Yeah… So with some really nice fight scenes on the cards, at least not everything in this series was in vain nor a failure. Just a little disappointment that as I mentioned in my opening paragraph, I thought the Jaegers would fight using musical instruments. Heck, I don’t even see how their weapons resemble them. I guess Philip was just trolling with his violin because it’s just a gun hidden in it. I thought Yuliy’s nunchucks resembled a flute but it didn’t ultimately matter because eventually I prefer to see him beat down vampires than admire how cool his musical instrument-cum-weapon is. And the rest of the Jaegers just used guns with special bullets…

The other great thing about this series is the artwork and animation. If I should say, the details of the setting in the 1930s era do really look gorgeous especially the background. Whether you’re in old Japan or the snowy regions of Sakhalin, they are beautiful to look at. The animation during action sequences are really smooth and I didn’t notice any jerkiness or low quality during such scenes. Maybe that is why the action parts are interesting. This series is animated by P.A. Works who have brought to you a lot of nice looking anime series before like Hanasaku Iroha, Angel Beats, Glasslip, Tari Tari and Sakura Quest. However the vampire designs irk me a little. Especially their beast form which looks like a cross between a bat and ape. Because they look closer and more like werewolves to me. So this is what low level vampires look like in their true form? I guess it is better than turning into tiny bats and fly away, huh?

For the voice acting department, it would have been so conspiracy had Yuuki Kaji voiced Yuliy or even Philip. Because you know, Jaeger. Geddit? I would have made comparisons of how similar it would have been to Shingeki No Kyojin. Instead of kill all Titans, we now have kill all vampires! Oh yeah, it would have been such a good conspiracy theory but alas it wasn’t. Yuuki Kaji would have been the perfect voice for either both characters but instead Yuliy is voiced by Yuuto Uemura (Juugo in Nanbaka) and Philip by Yuusuke Kobayashi (Subaru in Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu). Kenjiro Tsuda is perfect as Yevgraf as his sleepy-like voice gives the villain character a great impact. But I feel Keiji Fujiwara as Alexei is a bit out of place because of his slacker-like voice, it doesn’t give that strong responsible fatherly feel for his character. Other recognizable seiyuus are Takahiro Sakurai as Mikhail, Takehito Koyasu as Kershner and Sayaka Ohara as Agatha.

The other casts are Kenyuu Horiuchi as Willard (titular character in Guin Saga), Shunsuke Takeuchi as Fallon (Shougo in Caligula) (I bet Fallon’s character would sound a lot more like a stereotypical Irish in the dub version but I’m not since I don’t watch dubs), Nanako Mori as Dorothea (Angelica in Sakura Quest), Rie Takahashi as Ryouko (Emilia in Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu), Junji Majima as Iba (Ryuuji in Toradora), Nobuo Tobita as Klarwein (Pekoms in One Piece), Misaki Watada as Larissa (Grenda in Strike The Blood II), Sayaka Senbongi as Tamara (Chitose in Girlish Number) and Kenji Hamada as Bishop (Jouji in Paradise Kiss). The rock piece opener, Sirius does suit the series well and if you’re wondering why this song sounds familiar, that’s because Kishida Kyoudan And The Akeboshi Rockets sang this piece in a very similar fashion like how they did for other anime openers such as Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens, Highschool Of The Dead, Gate: Jietai Kanochi Nite Kaku Tatakaeri and Strike The Blood. Yeah, they sound almost the same… The ending theme isn’t so bad either. Hoshie by Sanjou No Hana is more of a slow rock.

Overall, not really the best vampire series out there but at least if you’re looking for a single cour series filled with vampire killing action, this one is at least worth it. Can’t say the same for the plot and characters, though. I’m not saying that these lacking parts are bad but it just didn’t brought anything new to the plate. Therefore nothing really exciting to get excited about in the first place. I don’t think this would get another season seeing how things ended and if it does, I can foresee it would be much boring than this. Heh. A Sirius guy trying to aim for world peace? Boring. I suppose if you want to a great vampire series that has all the intrigue and appeal, there is only so far one can stray from what has been done ages ago in the classics. Imagine that one single tool that enables us to get whatever we wished for. So easy we don’t even need to put effort into anything anymore. Maybe that is why there is a reason why nobody in reality has actually found the Ark yet. Because it is all only in our heads.

Yuragi-sou No Yuuna-san

December 8, 2018

A normal human boy with some sort of supernatural powers arrive to live in a haunted dorm filled with a variety of supernatural creatures. Hmm… Where did I hear this before? Oh well, if not for the obviously eye-catching and fanservice laden nature of the series, I would have skipped Yuragi-sou No Yuuna-san. Having the supernatural theme isn’t my cup of tea any time of the day but that is not the case when they put in sleazy and cheap fanservice shots so that gullible target audiences like yours truly could brush aside the supernatural stuffs and watch with that perverted smiling face with all the boobs shots and crotch shots this series has to offer. Ah, nothing is scarier than a perverted otaku being perverted. Oh sh*t, I might give others a wrong impression of me… Need to quickly restore my reputation and- Oh look! Sexy pantsu shot in full view now!

As narrated, Yuragi-sou was once a hotspring inn but now serves as a boarding house for the supernatural. This OVA also serves as a ‘great’ introductory episode as we are introduced to the great bare tits and crotch shots of Yuuna Yunohana sleeping with lucky dude, Kogarashi Fuyuzora. However ghost girl gets embarrassed upon realizing this and her poltergeist powers go berserk, hence your excuse for Kogarashi to be beaten up or thrown out of the room. We are introduced to other characters like the caretaker of this inn, Chitose Nakai. Your typical slutty drunkard in the morning, Nonko Arahabaki. Your typical strict man hater girl, Sagiri Ameno. Your typical cat girl, Yaya Fushiguro. Sighs, I wonder if this is going to be a thing of this series. It isn’t Kogarashi’s fault he gets into some fanservice situation so he gets owned by them. Except for Yaya. Sleeping nicely on the roof, Yuuna slips but as Kogarashi tries to save her, she realizes as a ghost she could float so he only falls off himself. Still, Kogarashi gets the pain. Later Yaya’s cat has Kogarashi follow it to a sakura tree in full bloom. This is part of the girls’ preparation to welcome him to the inn. I guess this is their way of seeking forgiveness from all the beating up despite being a newbie. Yeah, here’s to more future beat downs! One day as Kogarashi cleans the bath, tanuki girl Koyuzu Shigaraki is still sleepy. Accidentally she uses her powers to turn him into a body soap. As Nakai puts her back to bed, Yuuna takes this chance to bath. Guess what? Kogarashi isn’t just the bottle but the foam bubbles as well! Yup, he could feel himself all over Yuuna’s body! Then the other girls stream in and start doing the same. Absolute heaven! If you’re dirtier than usual, you’ll see those white foams slipping around as semen… HOLY SH*T!!!! So when the girls are done, they soak in the hotspring as they talk how much ‘likeable’ Kogarashi is. But it is hell now for Kogarashi as he could also feel the devastation of himself flowing away into the drain. He fears he might disappear if he is all used up. But no worries. Koyuzu thinks she has used her power and cancels them just in case. Kogarashi is happy he has turned back and didn’t realize he is in front of the naked girls. Time for divine punishment. It’s so noisy that Koyuzu is complaining she can’t sleep. I wonder whose fault it is…

Episode 1
Kogarashi arrives at Yukemuri, eager to start his new life. As a medium with psychic powers, he saves an old couple from a mischievous ghost. Apparently he is staying at Yuragi-sou despite knowing it is haunted because the rent is dirt cheap. As he enjoys the hotspring, he is confronted with Yuuna. He didn’t expect her to be a busty sexy ghost. But Yuuna is shocked she could see him (double meaning here) and throws all the buckets till he passes out. He wakes up on the lap of Nakai as he is introduced to the other girls. When they learn the room he is living in, they wish him good luck. In his room, Yuuna’s butt is sticking out of the wall?! If she’s hiding, she’s bad at it. She asks him to describe and is somewhat glad. Because others only see her as a white spectre. As a ghost bound to this room, Kogarashi is in a dilemma whether to exorcise her. He has this policy of not punching girls and the only exorcism he knows is punching the hell out of the ghost. Yeah… Oh, since she is bound to this room, looks like he has to sleep with her. Conveniently she can touch things that she wants to. Later that night she asks him of his reasons coming here. Since young, he was susceptible of getting possessed by spirits. Until one day some spirit possessed him to do insider trading, causing massive financial losses, debts and homelessness for him. His idea of defeating evil spirits is to get back his old life. But Yuuna is glad he came here because he isn’t afraid of her and is able to talk to him normally. As he tries to ask about her lingering regrets because at this rate she might go to hell, a mouse sneaks in causing Yuuna to go berserk. Ah, Kogarashi gets his first taste of being thrown out. Next day when he is out, this Gouma monk of the Gudon Clan, Tsujishouten Sekkan sneaks in and tries to forcefully exorcise her. Is this his mission or does he have a personal grudge against lingering spirits? But Yuuna doesn’t want to go the heaven yet as she has just made a friend. Yeah, she must say Kogarashi’s name because luckily he came back and heard it all. Kogarashi frees her and punches the monk out. Thankfully he is physically weak. Kogarashi vows to help her resolve her regrets, moving her to tears. Because he accidentally touch her boobs, she sends him flying again. He lands in the hotspring where all the other girls are conveniently bathing. It doesn’t help when Yuuna explains that he touched her boobs. Having second thoughts about exorcising her?

Episode 2
Kogarashi wakes up flying in the sky! Damn Yuuna’s power. It’s a long fall! During breakfast, Nonko tries to flirt with him and this gives excuse for Sagiri to threaten him of his lewdness despite it isn’t his fault. Sekken returns with his clansmen to exterminate all of them. Because his members too can’t harm women, he tells them to capture them and use them for their whatever training. Pervy monks… We see the girls in action as well as their true form. Like Sagiri who is a demon slaying ninja, Nonko an ogre whose strength increases the more she drinks, Yaya summoning her giant cat god to ‘play’ with the monks and finally Nakai is a zarashiki warashi who manipulates luck. With all the monks having their issues resolved, they have no more reason to exorcise and return home. Kogarashi wants some of this luck too but is warned that this ability has one using up their entire lifetime’s luck. So hopefully those monks don’t run out of them in one shot. Now Kogarashi has to bear in mind not to cross these girls’ path or he’ll end up in heaven first before Yuuna. Next day, good news Kogarashi isn’t sleeping in the sky. Too bad Yuuna’s ass is in his face! Oh the usual again. Later he picks up a cat in the inn but to his surprise it is Yaya. Another excuse for Sagiri to kill him with Yaya putting it ambiguously that he was groping all over her body. And so Sagiri and Yaya sign a petition to evict him. Nakai suggests resolving this via their house rules. They have to battle each other out and the loser must listen to the winner’s wish. That battle is ping pong! Kogarashi is skilful thanks to being possessed by a ping pong coach ghost while Sagiri can clone herself. It’s a tough match and a close one. So at match point, desperate Yuuna shows Kogarashi her undies so that her power could go berserk, float everything and technically make the opponents’ ball out. Yeah, everything gets thrown everywhere afterwards. Since it is Kogarashi’s win, the duo promise never to evict him but warn if he ever harms them, getting evicted would be the least of his worries. He vows he won’t but slips and has his hands somehow on their boobs. Kogarashi is a sturdy guy, right?

Episode 3
Yuuna wakes up panicking because Kogarashi isn’t around. Don’t worry. Today is his first day of high school. So she goes to his school and not surprisingly nobody else but him could see her. I guess it’s better than seeing a floating white spectre. In class he makes friends with Satoshi Hyodo. Lucky for them, perhaps the cutest girl in town, Chisaki Miyazaki is also in the same class. Curious Yuuna flips up her skirt. WTF everybody blames Kogarashi even though he is clearly not in that position to do so! Yuuna tries to think and materialize the school uniform but ends up naked. This has her power going berserk and float everything in class for a while. So during class introduction, Kogarashi explains himself as a medium as to apologize for that incident. As expected, everyone laughs (except Chisaki) thinking it’s an excuse to cover up his perversion. Later Chisaki talks to him. It looks like a confession scene but it turns out she has been experiencing supernatural phenomena in her home like her stuffed dolls floating around. He agrees to help her. In her room, Kogarashi starts punching the dolls! Of course this looks no more than violence to Chisaki so she punches him. As Kogarashi didn’t feel anything from the dolls, he believes the culprit must be controlling them from somewhere. A doll frightened Yuuna and causes her power to go berserk. This means having Kogarashi ending up on top of Chisaki like as though he is raping her. Not surprisingly, she kicks him out and thinks he is a bogus. That night, the dolls rip off Chisaki’s clothes like as though they gonna rape her???!!! Lucky Kogarashi is here to save the day. He has been waiting for this moment. With Yuuna sniffing out the spirit line, they confront the culprit at the park who then unleashes a giant monster. However Kogarashi punches it out! The culprit shivers in fear and begs for mercy as she turns into her true form: Koyuzu?! As explained, coming from the tanuki tribe, their goal is to assimilate into human society. She failed and has been living an abandoned temple until she saw Chisaki. It seems she has what Koyuzu lacks: Boobs! I guess everybody else in town must be flat, huh? She thinks boobs maketh a woman and hence success. She thought she was done for when a medium showed up and wanted to see Chisaki’s boobs for one last time. I guess Koyuzu is a girl so Chisaki allows her. Itadakimasu! She’s admiring it so much that Kogarashi had some too. Yeah, blame him… Eventually Koyuzu is taken to live in Yuragi-sou. Yup, she is now excited with all the big boobs that she can play with all the time. As thanks for his troubles, Chisaki bakes him cookies.

Episode 4
Sagiri is part of the Chuuma Ninja Army who exorcise bad ghosts at night. She is also in the same school as Kogarashi and after hearing his ‘heroics’ from Yuuna, she has no choice but to ask for his help for this next mission. There is a spirit that is terrorizing couples at a park at night. Yeah, a mysterious fog will dissolve their clothes. Hence they are going in as a couple to lure it out. Yeah, I can foresee some naked hijinks later… Kogarashi jokes she isn’t feminine enough, that’s why the fog isn’t coming out. Surprisingly she admits it due to her upbringing. So any suggestions? Holding hands. Hey, you asked. Just about then the fog envelopes them. So that was enough to determine them as a couple? Kogarashi’s punch blows away the fog, allowing Sagiri to slay the spider spirit. Of course at this point they’re naked and close to each other. You know what will follow next… It’s a shame their clothes are in tatters but Kogarashi compliments she looked cute in them. Tsundere… But that didn’t stop her from trying one in her room and feeling the dilemma of wearing them. Kogarashi learns a cat god possesses a host in exchange for powers. But this one doesn’t seem to possess Yaya fully. But they love each other. With Nakai away for an association meeting for a few days, looks like the gang are starting to really miss and appreciate her cooking. So you’ve got cat food, snacks and even poison foods for their meals. It’s amazing they are still alive. Finally Kogarashi cooks some grilled fish (thanks to some chef possessing him gave him that experience) and they rejoice having taste a good meal in days. Because of that, Yaya now follows him everywhere. Everywhere. Sleeping and bathing! If she had only said she wanted to eat the grilled fish again, it would have been so much easier. Thus Kogarashi cooks a bunch of them this time. But it’s not only for Yaya herself as she also feeds her cat god. Purr of approval. So once in a while when he sees Yaya following him around, you know it’s that time again.

Episode 5
Chisaki is curious about communicating with Yuuna. Don’t worry about Kogarashi having to be their translator every time. Yuuna can write to her! Remember, she can touch things she wants to. Yeah, they really got lots of things to talk about, erm, I mean write about. Chisaki flusters upon learning the duo live in the same room. As she can’t concentrate in class, she gets detention after school. With Yuuna asking permission to feel her uniform so she can imagine and materialize it, Chisaki allows Yuuna to strip her. Fanservice cue. I guess Chisaki must be thrilled about being stripped and felt without being able to see, eh? Just like being blindfolded, huh? Once done, the cliché moment of Kogarashi to come in. He startles the girls and they end up in an ambiguous lesbian position. You know what’s coming next for him… Yuuna is able to make the uniform. When Chisaki tries to take a picture, of course she looks like a typical scary poltergeist. I don’t think editing a little makes her look cute… Nonko is also a mangaka and her editor, Rui Harashima is here and it could only mean that her deadline is tomorrow morning. Hence Kogarashi is roped in to help since Nonko’s assistant is recovering from an accident. Don’t worry, Kogarashi has experience as he was possessed by a mangaka ghost before. As they start work, Nonko complains about the cliché manga that she is the creator of! For photo reference, Nonko cosplays and also does the same to Kogarashi and has Rui snap away. It’s all part of the job so I guess Kogarashi obeys to whatever Nonko tells him. Even if she makes it look like a rape scene. They would have done more had they not realize it is already midnight. Time to work on the manuscript. As it is progressing well, Kogarashi learns Nonko was once a demon slayer. One day she messed up on her mission and almost died. That was when she thought if she has lived her life to the fullest. Hence why she drinks and have fun, etc. She thinks in the end maybe she’s just running away. They finally finish early morning and Nonko who has not touch alcohol since working immediately starts drinking. She also starts stripping and flirting with Kogarashi and wants everyone else to join in. I guess she deserves letting her hair loose. But this wild?

Episode 6
There is a secret Nakai wants to keep from the rest. It seems she goes to school! Kogarashi almost finds out so she has to manipulate some of her luck to whisk him away. Because of using good luck, bad luck will follow for a while. Vice versa. Nakai revels the normal school life and talking to her friends. I guess this must be the first time she is doing it because people would find it strange if she never progressed a grade. When she is eating with her friends, a couple of punks try to hit on them. Lolicons! They get rough when the girls reject them so Nakai uses her luck manipulation. Oh look. It’s Kogarashi here to teach them a lesson! Thankfully he didn’t see her face and goes off. Nakai returns to Yuragi-sou, blessed that there is no better luck than meeting somebody special. Uhm, did nobody realize Nakai was missing from the inn? Especially those who stay indoors there all the time like Nonko? Yeah, probably drunk at this hour. Nakai gives Kogarashi and Yuuna a ticket to a nearby amusement park, Yunowal. They realize too late it’s like a setup for a date but Kogarashi believes this could help find Yuuna’s lingering regret. The problem is, the ticket is for couples. The receptionist cannot see Yuuna. It is amazing how Kogarashi managed to convince them to let ‘them’ in. Didn’t want to make a scene, huh? Hey, I have an invisible girlfriend, can I come in too?! But when they try to do stuffs, they are mostly reserved for couples. Thankfully they are rejected. Many think Kogarashi is just a desperate loner. I guess they can’t do couple stuffs. Yuuna tries the water slide. The oddest part is how her top breaks off! I thought she materializes her bikini so why the f*ck did it break?! I know it’s to give us fanservice of her riding on Kogarashi topless but even if you say Kogarashi bought that bikini for her, wouldn’t it be freaky when other people see a floating bikini around???!!! DOESN’T MAKE SENSE THIS PART!!! Anyway Kogarashi passes out and wakes up in the resting room in Yunowal. They head to hotspring. I guess the only place not on couple promotion. Yuuna is thankful for him helping out and feels she can rest in peace. Kogarashi’s starts thinking about Yuuna ascending to heaven but can’t help feel sad about it.

Episode 7
Genshiro Ryuuga is indiscriminately trying to take women as his bride? If not for his retainer, Oboro, he might have taken the entire town. It seems they aren’t just finding him any woman but one that possesses strong spiritual powers. Oh no. I think I know who fits the bill. Speaking of which, Yuuna and Koyuzu are passing by and he is taken in by her power and doesn’t mind even if she is a ghost. Thanks to that, he grabs her and wants to hurry back to his castle to prepare for their wedding. Yuuna protests and Koyuzu adds fuel to the flame about a certain guy who ‘defiles’ her every night. Not accurate but can’t say she’s wrong either. Yuuna reluctantly agrees to go with him otherwise Oboro might have disposed of Koyuzu who tried to stop them. Thank goodness for Kogarashi and Sagiri passing by as Koyuzu tells them what happened. No need to hesitate. They’re going to save her. Yeah, screw whatever protocols. Even if Genshiro is a Black Dragon God who resides at Shinano Lake. Human or god, whoever messes with this harem is going to get it from Kogarashi. Right? So we see Genshiro putting various cosplay outfits on Yuuna. So this is his fetish? So human-like perversion… Hmm… For a bounded ghost, she is sure taken very far away. Unless Shinano is just next door… With Yuuna still opposing the wedding, Oboro thinks it is because she has a special relationship with Kogarashi. Yuuna denies and elaborates the trouble she brings to him. Thus Oboro reasons this is the more a reason for her to marry Genshiro and for Kogarashi’s sake too. That’s starting to sound logical… Our saviours have arrived. Inside the cave, Sagiri transforms into her skin tight ninja outfit. Like as though she come from some futuristic sci-fi? Cue for a little fanservice because the duo have to hide and a cramped space when guards are passing. Eventually Sagiri will sneak in to find Yuuna while Kogarashi distract Genshiro. Too bad he took the direct approach as he calls him all names at his front door just to be captured. Before Genshiro, Kogarashi isn’t scared to tell him he wants Yuuna back.

Episode 8
Genshiro claims the form is not important as there are legends of gods and ghosts bonding. Because he is troubled of whatever ecchi things they did, Kogarashi uses this to troll him so as to buy Sagiri time. Although Sagiri finds Yuuna, because she took too long talking to her, Oboro attacks her. Koyuzu is forced to escape by herself when Oboro also targets her. Eventually Sagiri loses and is presented to Genshiro as his concubine due to her spiritual powers. Hmm… Sexy ninja girl. He approves! Yuuna pleads with Genshiro that she will marry him so her friends can go home. Like hell Kogarashi is going to accept that while tears are streaming down her face. Hence he angers Genshiro by saying he takes baths with Yuuna. So mad that dragon guy, he kicks Kogarashi away. Could have flown to the moon if not for the cave ceiling. Could have died but he didn’t. He then gives Genshiro his ultimate Falcon Punch that could really send him flying to the moon! Apparently he was possessed by a ghost strong like One Punch Man. He just can’t hit women. Oboro fights Kogarashi as she remembers the task she was given to take care of Genshiro and make the clan great again. Kogarashi can’t fight against her upon realizing she is a woman. So it’s all in the mind? This allows Oboro to slash him like hell (although there seems to be no effect). But her slashing is stopped by the bare hands of Nonko. Koyuzu brought them when they arrived at the cave entrance after Sagiri left them a message. Only Nakai didn’t come as her luck manipulation might bring great disaster around the area. Kogarashi tells Oboro there are other ways to make the clan stronger. Oboro agrees but would Genshiro? Kogarashi has a plan. When Genshiro wakes up, Oboro tells him his kick vaporized him. So powerful that it messed with his memories of being punched away. She shows Yuuna and Sagiri ascending to heaven because they are satisfied with his love. Sagiri a ghost girl? Anyway this is the illusion done by Koyuzu’s magic. Oh, Genshiro believes it! Now our Yuragi-sou tenants can go home happy. Next morning, Kogarashi wakes up with his hands over someone’s boobs. Too small to be Yuuna’s. It’s Oboro! She’s not here to kidnap Yuuna. In her bid to make the clan strong, she will have a child with Kogarashi. So she’s officially part of his harem, right?

Episode 9
Chisaki is invited to visit Yuragi-sou and has heard lots of haunted stuffs. The moment she opens the door, she sees Oboro tying to rape Kogarashi. Luckily it is explained as the other girls welcome her. Sagiri feels she lost feminine points to Chisaki and tries to match her girly outfit? With the visit now turning into a sleepover, Chisaki helps make dinner and then go soak with everyone in the hotspring. She learns why Oboro’s assault on Kogarashi so she virtual signals. Technically, what Chisaki said is also true. During bedtime, Yuuna lets Chisaki feel all over her body. Koyuzu wants to talk about love but since Chisaki doesn’t have one (really?), Koyuzu wants to know how to seduce men. Her abilities are still unpolished. So under the pretence of wanting to study, the duo agree to help her out. This means wearing sexy outfits and in ambiguous positions? I want to learn too. Deep into the night as they sleep, Chisaki feels Yuuna sleeping all over her (in an indecent manner to boot). This has her think of all the immoral stuffs Yuuna and Kogarashi might do together. Speaking of him, he is back early. So tired he just falls asleep. Chisaki is now too conscious as she is sandwiched between them and Kogarashi’s sleeping face too close to hers. She tries to get out but Yuuna clings onto her. Is Yuuna molesting Chisaki in her sleep thinking this is Kogarashi?! WTF. This causes Chisaki’s boobs to fall onto Kogarashi’s sleeping face. As she tries to get out, he thinks it is Yuuna and accidentally grabs her panties. Now her butt is exposed. Sleepy Koyuzu thinks this is a dream and fondles her boobs, causing her to slip and her butt sitting on Kogarashi’s face. This wakes him up and surprised to see Chisaki here. Chisaki can’t move and pretends to sleep. Fearing the worse that Kogarashi might make a move on her, but Kogarashi covers the blanket over her. This is when Oboro comes in to have sex with him but he declines. Not because she has no boobs, tomboyish or not human. He will only do so with the person he loves. Oboro accepts and leaves. Until he loves her. Well, taking a look at the pecking order, that might that a while… Next day as Chisaki leaves, she leaves a note for Yuuna that leaves her quite embarrassed. It is to refrain from clinging to people when she is asleep and naked otherwise someday this might turn on Kogarashi.

Episode 10
Looks like beach season is here. Hence Sagiri’s friend and fellow Chuuma member, Urara Urakata suggests they go buy swimsuits. Sagiri is reluctant at first and is satisfied with her boring school swimsuit but after Urara provokes the possibility of her being shunned, she relents. Oh, she has to bring Kogarashi too because they need a boy’s opinion. After all the embarrassment, Sagiri manages to ask Kogarashi but lies about a monster at the swimsuit shop. Because Sagiri’s fashion sense sucks, Urara becomes aggressive into trying out various sexy and risqué swimsuits on her. When Sagiri has given up and would rather wear her school swimsuit, this initiates Urara’s jealousy as she starts to molest those sweet boobs and rant about wanting to have them herself. The struggle ends up with them in a compromising lesbian position. As expected, Kogarashi goes to see what is happening and gets a load view of fanservice. You know what happens next, right? I guess there is your monster. In the end, she ends up buying a decent one (because Kogarashi said it looks good on her). On the bus trip, Chisaki introduces Yuuna to her friend, Seri Yanazawa (she can’t see Yuuna of course). But other students don’t believe in ghost despite obvious floating things before them and think it is just Kogarashi’s tricks. At the beach, Chisaki garners more attention than Sagiri. Must be that floral swimsuit. You regretting now? While playing in the sea, how convenient of Urara to mention about some monster that steals swimsuits. Because here comes the tentacle rape! Yeah, rip those swimsuits too! Noticing the tentacles can regenerate, they have to destroy the core of the monster which is 300m deep. Don’t worry. Kogarashi can get the job done and save the day. But even with this, other students still refuse to believe there are ghosts. Hence Chisaki rallies her friends to help make them believe that Kogarashi is a spirit medium via kimodameshi tonight. It looks perfect on paper but in reality… Worse, Chisaki is paired with Kogarashi and this will make the attempt less credible. During their turn, Chisaki trips so Kogarashi takes a look at her feet (feet fetish moment?) and caries her but Yuuna panics because she was so scared of waiting alone despite being a ghost. WTF. As they rest, Chisaki fears the plan will fail. Don’t worry. A real monster pops up to cause havoc.

Episode 11
A couple of guys kicked a loose slab and it awakened a monster from his slumber?! Why the f*ck is the stone loose?! It’s amazing he was never awakened before. Kogarashi to the rescue as he allows him to bite his arm. Yeah, his teeth break! Kogarashi uses some diplomacy to apologize. The monster senses he is stronger than the one who sealed him. So rather than bother fighting him, he sealed himself back. Like, WTF?! But at least people’s perception of Kogarashi has improved. That night, I suppose Kogarashi is such a wanted guy that he gets a free pass to join in the girls’ room. Until the patrolling teacher comes back so they all have to hide. I can see where this is going. Yuuna, Sagiri and Chisaki are sandwiching him. Obviously. Why the f*ck does Yuuna need to hide? Is she not invisible? The most she would just scare the teacher. When Yuuna cannot take this close proximity and tries to leave, Kogarashi holds and squeezes her. The teacher gets curious but Yuuna blows up. In this short burst, Kogarashi dashes out the window and everyone pretends it is a surprise. I think the teacher is too shocked to think. Next night, Kogarashi grants Yuuna’s wish to dance with him at the bonfire dance. The thing is, Kogarashi is seen like dancing by himself! Did anyone not notice this?! I guess the couples are too focused on their partners and the loser guys are too depressed to notice anything. Back home, Kogarashi, Sagiri and Yaya are studying for their tests. Oboro comes in to press her boobs on him. Hard to concentrate, right? It gets harder with Nonko in her slutty swimsuit eating ice cream in an arousing manner. Oboro seeks Koyuzu’s help for a love potion so she laces it on the shaved ice that she will serve to them. The effected person will fall in love right away at first glance. Thanks to Nonko’s interference, the shaved ice bowls are mixed up. Oboro serves them. Nothing happens. But after a while, Sagiri starts to act strange. When Kogarashi asks her questions and gets too close, she becomes too conscious. She remembers Urara’s teasing that she has a crush on Kogarashi and this embarrassment only amplifies the effect. A fluctuation of emotions, Sagiri thinks she can be feminine enough for him. By showing her boobs! She wants his opinion on her and since he finds her cute, happy Sagiri lets her sleep in them. Then the effects wear off. Man, Yaya must be so focused she didn’t even notice this and finished her study. Meanwhile embarrassed Sagiri locks herself up in her room. Now you realize you’re an amateur in love? Oboro notes what Koyuzu said about the effect. Not only it lasts for a short while, it won’t work if you don’t have any affections for that person at all. So I guess this confirms it.

Episode 12
The usual morning routine. Yuuna gets her boobs fondled by sleeping Kogarashi. Blast away! Good morning. With Sagiri, Nakai, Koyuzu and Yaya returning to their hometown, the rest stay behind to look after Yuragi-sou. Since Nonko is in a pinch over her manga deadline again, she has the rest to help. As reward, she brings them to Okinawa beach. Daring and bold swimsuits and the sun lotion rubbing fiasco. Nonko adlibs sexy moans when Kogarashi is putting on Yuuna, causing him to slip and touch unwanted places. There he goes again into the sky! However he notices a ghost girl at a cape. Later there is a legend of a tragic love story of a couple supposed to meet here but they never. He died in an accident as she continues to wait for him. Kogarashi and Yuuna go see that ghost girl, Ami. She confirms the story but her lover, Yasuhisa is just around the corner! As she is a ghost bound to this place, she cannot move. As they talk to Yasuhisa, it seems he is afraid of seeing her as he fears her getting mad! He adds to the story, he was about to elope with her but his bike crashed on this corner. Ami saw and dived in to save him but both drowned. To solve their problem, Kogarashi says Ami will turn into an evil spirit if she does not ascend. Hence he will force her to ascend. Yasuhisa panics and feels afraid. But after thoughts with Ami flash through his mind, he finally takes his first step. I guess he saw this coming because Ami beats the sh*t out of him! But once that is over and the (dead) lovers reunite, they ascend. Happy ending. With this, Kogarashi now wants to hear Yuuna’s past life so as to help her find peace. As many spirits that possessed him, all are eager to talk about their life. He never heard about Yuuna’s. Simple. That’s because she can’t remember! All she remembers is she woke up in Yuragi-sou. She finds it strange that with all those around her, she feels very happy now. So why can’t she ascend? I can think of one reason… That night, Kogarashi dreams of trying to save Yuuna from being forcefully exorcised. In reality, he touch her boobs. It’s that cue again. But this time Yuuna goes after to grab him. A sign that he’ll always reach out to her? She also finds it strange despite this morning ruckus, it makes her happy. Sadist. And so he vows to stay by her side until she finds peace. And the usual morning too with Yuuna blasting him into the bath where the rest of the ladies are bathing. Despite getting beaten up, he too says such mornings aren’t bad. Why not? Getting beaten up by sexy girls every morning certainly beats getting roughed up by macho men!

Sagiri confronts Oboro and will not accept her living as Yuragi-sou because of her constant harassing of Kogarashi. But Oboro’s goal is to make him fall in love with her so she asks if Sagiri has experience with men. Not too good memories… Oboro then quotes that since Sagiri is beautiful, she thought she would have been more popular with guys. And that is the magic word for Sagiri to accept Oboro! Oboro then asks Yaya for a way to a man’s heart. You can guess her answer: Food. Hence she tries her hand cooking and also asks Nakai. Technically she isn’t lying because long ago, a boy once made a kiddie promise to marry her. Too bad Oboro screws up and wrecks the kitchen. And since she is repairing it, Kogarashi is spared from her harassment. Then she returns to Genshiro but since he is in training, she asks his guards. Their answer is to be strong. Next she asks Nonko but first, she becomes her cosplay slave. And when Oboro pops the question, Nonko goes into this drunkard rant how men only look at her boobs. Looks like she said the wrong word. But Koyuzu dismisses boobs are bad and can be instead be used as a weapon. Oboro wonders how to make hers big so Koyuzu guides her on how to massage them. Yeah… So I guess finally it’s Yuuna’s turn since Oboro believes all that advice failed and in the end she didn’t learn anything. Yuuna thinks it is to spend time with that person and before you know it, it’ll happen. Oboro must have taken her advice literally because now she replaces Yuuna as Kogarashi’s wakeup harasser. So early, so flirty. They’re not making babies, so what’s the issue? Oh Yuuna, I know this is not what you meant but it still proves you want to monopolize Kogarashi, right?

Chisaki wakes up feeling some sort of pain in her boobs. Oh, it’s Koyuzu sleeping and molesting them. For the summer break, Koyuzu is here to stay with her family. We are introduced to Chisaki’s mom, Hiyori who loves everything cute so you can bet she loves Koyuzu a lot and wants to smother her with her boobs too. I mean, Koyuzu should ‘love her more’ since her boobs are bigger. As they go shopping together, I suppose we need to have the obligatory fanservice of shopping for lingerie. Koyuzu peeks into Chisaki changing and feels it is a shame to hide her big boobs although it needs support. Her solution? Use panties as her bra! Mother approves! So do we! In the bath, Koyuzu explains to Hiyori about Kogarashi. Like a gangster? Despite mom warning all men are wolves, Koyuzu knows Kogarashi is the kind type. Boobs heaven for tanuki loli as she gets to be smothered by mother and daughter’s boobs in the bath. She even gets the sleep with them and the moment she falls asleep, she starts fondling Chisaki’s jugs. If Chisaki won’t let them, maybe Hiyori will. Yeah, damn we wish we were Koyuzu! Next day, Hiyori suggests Koyuzu live with them and they can help her integrate with human society. Koyuzu once despised her tanuki ears and tail but realizes they are not that bad. Because acknowledging them allows her to visit her friends again. She fears she will get used to them and hence the reason why she cannot live with them. Time for some tanuki loli tears and big group hug before Koyuzu returns to Yuragi-sou.

Kogarashi is working part time to help out at a local festival that pays tribute to cat gods. Though, nobody can see those cat deities flying around but Kogarashi. Yaya is also here participating and invites him to the shrine. Kogarashi arrives at the shrine to see lots of cat gods chilling out. So the reason she calls him here is to cook grilled fish for everybody? Yeah, nobody makes it as good as him. Then it is Yaya’s turn to put some strange cat dance performance. However the mischievous cat god, Aramaki crashes the party. But every year he always lost to Yaya. What makes him think it is different this year? The reason why he isn’t hypnotized by Yaya’s charms is because he is wearing sunglasses! So he is attacking her only based on smell. Yeah, rip her clothes to shreds! But it won’t be long before Kogarashi flicks off his sunglasses and now that he sees Yaya’s performance, once more he loses. Grateful Yaya goes to hug Kogarashi but it is more of a playful hug. Aramaki takes his leave but Yaya invites him to play again next year. Although he blushes, he dismisses her. I think I know why he keeps coming back…

Kogarashi has been out doing some odd job for half a month. Yeah, Yuragi-sou without a man is like nothing, right? Because of that, Oboro can’t pay him nightly visits and seduce him. Because Koyuzu believes Chisaki is popular with men (she saw many of them talking to her easily), hence Oboro wants to learn from her ‘master’ to be popular. No choice, Chisaki starts by teaching them how to dress nicely. Too bad it is hijacked by Nonko as she makes them wear sexy idol clothes as she snaps away for her reference. With Oboro thinking idols are popular, they start thinking what would it be like if Kogarashi is a fan of idols. Then they want Chisaki to explain the possibility if she becomes Kogarashi’s boyfriend. She explains all the lovely and normal things they would do. Very different from Oboro’s mentality of sex and having lots of babies! Oboro further suggests because Japan lacks a concubine system, she believes Yuuna should be Kogarashi’s official wife as she is always sleeping with him. Since Yuuna denies, it is all back to square one as they wonder what kind of girls he likes. Weird deductions lead to another. Because they think he might be an idol lover as his part time job is following idols’ concert on a nationwide tour. Yeah, this might explain why he isn’t interested with the girls around him. Twisted logic. When Kogarashi finally returns from his job, he sees the girls practising to become idols. While Chisaki and Yuuna are embarrassed to let him see their skimpy idol outfit, Oboro and Koyuzu are more than ready to expose further. Kogarashi’s best answer: Walk away and pretend not to see anything! It’s been a long day and job so please don’t add to his misery.


Youkai Apartment No Yuragi Na Nichijou
Oh well. I guess Yuuna being amnesiac is to set up and give future plot convenience whenever it calls for it. Because if it is revealed now about her past, I’m sure it will take out all the fun. That is why everybody can enjoy the same sadistic scene of Yuuna blasting Kogarashi into the sky like Team Rocket every freaking single damn morning. Now imagine if we all know her past, can everybody keep doing this same ‘happy’ thing over and over again? Yup. That will be when the series will change its tempo. But that is for another day in the future. When Yuuna is ready to move on for real.

Sometimes I feel the urge to compare this series to another similar ecchi series, High School DxD. The main protagonist is generally similar (a single punch that effectively takes out the opponent) and he has a harem of supernatural babes. A handful of human ones too. But instead of an occult club, we have a dorm and our main guy doesn’t aim to become a harem king but work hard enough to clear his debts.

There are a few things that don’t really make sense or add up but since this show relies heavily on fanservice, all those plot conveniences seem to lead to this juicy ecchi fix and since we got our boob shots and crotch shots, I guess we won’t be thinking further how all of those are related. Like that loose stone in the forest with a powerfully sealed demon. How the f*ck could that even happen? Did the seal finally wear out? A special note was noted about the woman who sealed the monster inside but nothing else further. Then there was that sea monster demon in the sea so it could lead to the obligatory tentacle rape fanservice. How did that come about? So if you love all the tits and pantsu that the TV series has to offer, I am very sure the BD versions will be in glorious uncensored HD. Yup, those damn white lights suddenly appearing at strategic places that we want to focus our eyes on.

Apparently I heard some complaining of the lewdness in this series that got a bit too hot. Like Nonko eating that sticky melting ice cream. I doubt she is the first to do so because there are other anime series out there who have done much worse. Remember that suggestively lewd scene in To Love-Ru Darkness where Momo was being forced to lick and suck on the popsicle while on her knees? Yeah… And if you were bold enough to watch that ‘not porn’ series, Koe De Oshigoto, try acting out a voice acting scene of needing to suck one’s dick! I guess with so many lewdness going around, those getting so woke these days won’t remember just a few seasons ago we had this sort of indecency that was shown over the airwaves. People, can we just let a girl lick an ice cream the way she wants it???!!!

For the characters, I’ve seen too many of such animes in this genre to find anything interesting. The characters are rather okay and not so much as annoying as they are in their own right. Like Kogarashi as the only male lead is trying to walk a fine line and tightrope between keeping his sanity and chastity as he lives at Yuragi-sou. I’m not saying he is a pervert and trying to hold it in, but living with sexy (supernatural) babes 24/7, his tolerance game must be really strong. Very strong. Therefore when he often gets into accidental mischiefs like accidentally groping a girl’s boobs, it feels like God is trying to force fate and turn him into a pervert. Yeah, quite a number of such situations here. Or God gets His kicks seeing Kogarashi get beaten up by the violated girl. As part of the plot convenience for him being able to do just about anything, he has been possessed by a variety of skilled spirits in his youth. Does this make him an overpowered character? Sometimes I feel he is just one step away from being One Punch Man. One of the only few skills he never acquired because he wasn’t possessed by such ghosts, is to make love with girls… Thank goodness, right?

Yuuna looks like leading the pack to Kogarashi’s heart because of their proximity and the amount of time they spent with each other. The reason for Kogarashi to stay with her to help find her lingering regret seems to be a weak reason coupled by the fact he doesn’t punch girls. So I guess if there are rampaging animals, he is screwed if they are all female, huh? My hunch is that Yuuna’s lingering regret is to find love and once she realizes and accepts the fact that she has truly fallen in love with Kogarashi, will she start to ascend? One of the greatest dilemmas and tragedies ever. Only to have found love but now have to move on. So you see why status quo is so important at least in this kind of genres?

One of the most mind boggling things about Yuuna is about her ability to touch whatever she wants. This is both a plot convenience and a flaw. While it allows Yuuna to pass through things as a ghost (and to remind us that she is one), objects that she is able to touch whenever she wants to sometimes feel like a flimsy reason to get our fanservice fix. Especially the usual morning ruckus of Yuuna beating the sh*t out of Kogarashi when she just woke up. You know, they have been doing this for considerably a long time and you would think that they would learn at least something to prevent this from happening like as though it is the first time every time.

Also, how the heck can Yuuna want to touch things when she is asleep or unconscious?! For Yuuna to enable this ability only has me thinking that she really wants to be touched by Kogarashi but doesn’t want to take responsibility for it, hence her embarrassment going into overdrive mode and the violent reaction we often see. Not only when it comes to Kogarashi, but there are other moments too when Yuuna could have easily switched between this power like when she was captured by Genshiro. Was there some sort of Kryptonite in his palace that prevented her from escaping her prison walls? Instead, she had to wait till Kogarashi and co arrive to save her.

Another puzzling thing about Yuuna is her form when others see her. It is understandable that not everyone can see a ghost and hence in the eyes of those without spiritual powers, she looks like an eerie ghost. But I thought there was one simple solution for this albeit not perfect. Why does Yuuna not wear some real clothes over herself? Remember, she has that ability to touch things that she wants. So isn’t it okay to just allow her to touch the real clothes so it would seem like she is wearing them? As for her face, sketch her face on a paper and stick on her face like a mask! I mean, we can ask Kogarashi to draw, right? I am very sure he was once possessed by a very skilled artist.

So instead of confusing and trolling us that Yuuna is invisible in the eyes of the ordinary people who seem to just dismiss this as some cheap Kogarashi trick (probably it is easier to believe in this lie and be in denial than to deal with the real thing), just use this solution to solve a lot of problems! It gives others especially like Chisaki an easier time to feel her body rather than just looking like she is groping air. Really. After all, the usual clothes that Yuuna wear is just her own imagination, right? Practically she is always naked so I don’t see why the fuss that Yuuna becomes so embarrassed with certain clothes. Must be that perception thingy. Also confusing to us for Yuuna is that she claims to be a ghost bound to Yuragi-sou but has been to so many places farther away than I have in my entire life. My life sucks…

Sagiri and Chisaki being the next contenders for Kogarashi’s heart, I feel that Sagiri has been given slightly more focus compared to Yuuna and Chisaki. Although all have their personal screen times with him, I feel that Sagiri got slightly more. I may be wrong but this is because of Sagiri’s personality who is supposed to be a tough ninja chick oblivious to love. So when guys like Kogarashi come crashing into her life, it is more fun to see her turning to her tsundere side. The more she resists, the more she will unwittingly fall deeper into this pit trap known as love. Only in time will tell… Same thing for Chisaki although she is not so much as tsundere as Sagiri. She often gets worried thinking whenever she is in such a compromising situation, she believes this might lead Kogarashi to think she is some lewd woman trying to bait him in. At this point she should know the basics about Kogarashi to even think that he is some sort of pervert. I know, you can never be too sure and there is that slight remote chance he might just become the devil himself. So better give into her natural instincts and let him take the blame as the pervert just to satisfy our cheap cheesy fanservice thrill.

Now that Oboro is staying at Yuragi-sou, did she have permission to leave Genshiro? I mean, is that dragon dude okay of being left alone in his palace without any females? Previously Oboro was his retainer despite being the only female around. Now that she is gone for who knows how long (until Kogarashi impregnates her maybe), Genshiro has only his fish guards as company. I wonder why his palace that is so well hidden needs to have guards anyway. Guarding from what kind of intruders? Despite Oboro being bold and upfront in trying to ‘rape’ Kogarashi (or get him to f*ck her), somehow it doesn’t feel as exciting. Not only because of her monotonous and boring facial expression, I suppose because the thrill comes from accidents or resistance. Where is the fun if both suddenly decide to get it on? Sure, that would be shocking but hardly fun because unlike the others as we have seen, ‘built up’ all the tension and drama with all those shenanigans and hence even if something steamy were to happen with Kogarashi and any of those trio, we would be watching with baited breath. Not for Oboro, though. Too easy. Maybe that’s why she’ll never get in his pants.

The other girls at Yuragi-sou don’t seem to look like interested in part of being of Kogarashi’s harem. Koyuzu is just a little kid (to cater for those lolicons), Yaya only follows Kogarashi because he feeds her decent grilled fish and Nonko is only looking for some thrill time and probably some sort of stress reliever after working so hard on her manga that she lets it all loose with her drinking and showing lots of skin. As for Nakai, the only weird thing I find about her situation is the fact she hides from the rest about going to school. If this is her first time going to school, won’t other classmates and teacher feel it is strange that she came from nowhere? Unless she cooked up a real good background. So will she continue this until high school and graduate? Because by that time this secret would have been busted. I am sure there are certain events that a student will need his/her parents to get involved. Oh, I don’t know. Say, sports festivals, PTA meetings, permissions for field trips. The last one she can give excuse to be away for association meetings but there is only so long she can be away from Yuragi-sou otherwise the inn would have collapsed without her caretaking! And it’s pretty odd that Nakai has her own friends at school but they don’t seem to know a lot about her or even come visit the place where she lives. I mean, both places are so close and in the same town. Because it will be the biggest screw up ever if Nakai’s hidden life and people from both sides of it discover each other. Will her luck run out by then?

Art and animation are okay. Characters are not sophisticatedly designed and they look simple and lean more towards cute. Somehow I find Kogarashi looks like a discount version of High School DxD’s Issei. Same case for Chisaki whom I feel is a discount version of To Aru Kagatsu No Railgun’s Misaka. And why does Oboro remind me of Toji No Miko’s Sayaka? Ever since Monogatari’s Senjougahara decided to cut her hair short, isn’t that why this hairstyle was taken up by Sagiri? Just slap an eye-patch and you got yourself another character. Even if certain scenes look like having their quality lowered, of course when it comes to fanservice scenes, you’ll get your decent juicy details because our eyes will be wide opened focusing on all the possible details we can get ;p. This animation is produced by Xebec who is a ‘master’ of producing many anime series of this genre like To Love-Ru, Keijo, Maken-Ki, Triage X, MM, Shuffle, Ladies Versus Butlers and Kanokon.

Voice acting wise, I only recognize Youko Hikasa as the narrator and she is trying to sound as silly as possible. Just like so many other seiyuus I have stereotyped and begun to only recognize them in that single trademark voice of theirs, I guess it is no wonder why I couldn’t identify Yui Ogura as Yaya. No cute squeaky high pitched voice here. Just an emotionless cat girl who probably lacks the most dialogue among the main and supporting characters. The rest of the other casts are Yuuki Ono as Kogarashi (Isami in Shokugeki No Souma), Miyuki Shimabukuro as Yuuna (Narumi in Harukana Receive), Rie Takahashi as Sagiri (Megumin in KonoSuba), Eri Suzuki as Chisaki (Chinatsu in Flying Witch), Ai Kakuma as Nonko (Rossweiesse in High School DxD series), Anzu Haruno as Koyuzu (Mafuyu in Blend S), Sayaka Harada as Nakai (Sayaka in Aho Girl), Mikako Komatsu as Oboro (Neko in K), Mao Ichimichi as Urara (Enri in Overlord), You Taichi as Seri (Dorothy in Princess Principal) and Yoshimasa Hosoya as Genshiro (Reiner in Shingeki No Kyojin).

The opening theme, Momoiro Typhoon by Luna Haruna feels like a generic anime pop song. Nothing special in my books. The ending theme, Happen ~Kogarashi Ni Fukarete~ by Miyuri Shimabukuro, Rie Takahashi and Eri Suzuki sound a lot like manufactured pop music. So much so I can imagine this is the kind of song that is used when you want to play those dancing games like Dance Dance Revolution. Yes, it does have that feel and beat albeit not the very fast and exuberant kind.

Overall, if you like ecchi series, this one is for you and it is comparable to High School DxD although the latter is still better because it has already built its own base over the years. After all, what else would you come to expect to watch this kind of genre? It would be ironic to say this kind of series is just clean fun because there is nothing really clean watching shows filled with such fanservice. Our hearts and minds are already so dirty and this mild one is just only enough as starters. I hope I don’t come to a point where I have to watch real hentai just to get the same thrill. So haunted house with scary ghosts or lewd ghosts? Both equally as scary because one scares the daylights out of you and the other sucks all the libido out of you. Scared to death or died happily. You’re dead either way.

Jashin-chan Dropkick

November 11, 2018

Imagine if you have summoned a demon. There are only 2 ways to go about this. Either you live together in harmony or yet send the demon back to hell. Well, it is somewhat in between in Jashin-chan Dropkick. As stated in the synopsis, our delusional gothic girl somehow summoned our titular demon character. They are forced to live with each other until she finds a way to send her back or be killed in the process. Don’t worry too much if that sounds very horror-like. This is more of a violent slapstick comedy that will have you laughing at all the dumb silly antics. Yeah, brings back those nostalgic memories of violent brainless slapstick comedies from the ol’ western Warner Brothers’ Looney Tunes. Just fill it with cute anime characters.

Episode 1A
Pekola wonders what the heck she is doing at a demon sukiyaki party that includes Jashin, Medusa and Minos. She thinks God won’t forgive her but believes He might since she was hungry and was kidnapped by goth girl, Yurine Hanazono. When they’re going to eat, Jashin points out Pekola is an angel and shouldn’t be here. With warning from Yurine not to ruin the meal, Jashin plays ‘nice’. She only gives Pekola vegetables and tells her to finish it if she wants meat. She does so. Can she have some meat now? Now way. Here are more vegetables. The rest disapprove of this bullying and give Pekola some meat. This irks Jashin so she steals all their meat and eats them. You happy now? Not Yurine. With the lack of meat, Yurine then cuts Jashin’s snake tail for meat! Snake meat pretty good…

Episode 1B
Next time when Medusa comes over, it seems she has brought a crowbar as Jashin requested. Not sure about how she watched the news and all, she believes this is a perfect murder weapon for humans. Yup, she is going to use this to smash Yurine’s head and splatter her brains. When Yurine comes home, Jashin distracts her by letting her watch a chainsaw horror movie. While doing so, Jashin relishes of beating her brains out but Yurine is able to grab the crowbar. Apparently Jashin said everything out loud so she heard them. Jashin tries to blame Medusa for threatening her to do this. Yurine not buying it. Jashin dropkick time. Unfortunately Yurine smashes the crowbar into her backbone. Spine broken. That’s not all. She finishes her off with a chainsaw to turn her room into crimson colour! I guess she doesn’t need to paint it for a while.

Episode 1C
As the girls prepare for Yurine’s birthday party, it seems Jashin is of course up to no good again. She has Medusa buy a taser. You see, the horoscope she saw today says she will have good luck with certain things so Jashin is pretty confident she’ll get Yurine this time. Too bad Yurine came back early and heard this nefarious plan. Trying to blame Medusa again, huh? As Jashin tries to strike first with the taser, she realizes too late it is actually an electric shaver! Yeah, they look the same. Oh, Yurine has a real taser… It seems Jashin failed to notice their birthdays are in the same week and hence the same horoscope as her. The party goes well and Jashin is electrocuted like hell. They take some pity on her but you can’t give her too much pity. Don’t worry, as you’ve seen she’ll be alright as she has regeneration abilities. As they all take a group photo, Jashin realizes too late they did not celebrate her birthday and throws a tantrum.

Episode 2A
It’s so hot that Jashin is literally dying! I guess Yurine is poor to not afford an air-cond. Jashin is still b*tching about it so she decides to cool down in town but the moment she steps out, it is hot like hell! You mean hell is not as hot as this?! Hence Yurine cools her down by killing her! Feeling cold, now? Yeah… Jashin then has an idea. She summons a snow woman, Kori to make it cooler. Not only that, she has her make shaved ice for them to eat. However Jashin orders Kori to do something she doesn’t want to. Eventually she forces her to make some snow. Jashin then badmouths how lower demons only exist to entertain higher ones. Kori is hurt and does a blizzard on Jashin. She will not listen to stop so Jashin gets mad and tries to get violent. Kori turns her into ice and smashes her up. Hope that cooled her down.

Episode 2B
Pekola is once again lost and hungry in the streets until Yurine saves her and treats her to some potato food. It seems Pekola lost her halo that could have done miracles but now she is no different than a feeble human. In the end, Pekola is in a dilemma to thank Yurine as she views her as a witch and it is her job to eliminate such beings. Even more confusing when Yurine wishes her luck to find her halo. Oh Pekola, could you ask the Lord if she is thy neighbour?

Episode 2C
Medusa and Minos are invited by Medusa but it seems she is not in. Actually she is hiding underneath the floor. They can guess that it is her plan to test a hiding place so that she could kill Yurine unexpectedly. Yup, that plan will fail. Jashin shoos them away as she called them here for this experiment. Jashin hides and waits for Yurine to return. She does and almost sticks the new trident she bought into the floor! Unsure if she knows about this, Jashin tests by throwing a few things at her. Looks like she doesn’t know. Time to kill her. Suddenly her handphone rings! It’s Yurine calling! Oh no! Busted. After seeing the mace in Jashin’s hands, I guess it’s perfect time to test her trident. Time to repaint the walls again… Next time, Yurine returns with an axe…

Episode 2D
An otaku sees Medusa (wearing a paper bag on her head) and thinks she is someone famous. When he takes it off, he turns into stone. Medusa is once again invited by Jashin but is not in. As Yurine is only there, she hears about their childhood stories. From what Medusa says, we can tell she is often bullied and blamed by Jashin. All the time. Yeah, what a true demon. However Medusa seems to love those times?! Is she a masochist? But the one thing that Medusa really loves about Jashin is that she looks cute whenever she is in dire need of help. Yup, it shows she relies totally on her in her time of need. I believe she is only being taken advantage off… When Jashin returns, it seems it is to ask Medusa for money in which she gives with no questions asked. But all is not bad as Jashin won a panda-human doll that Medusa wanted. Happy Medusa hugs Jashin trying to act tough and all. But Yurine is trying not to vomit at the sight of this ‘friendship’.

Episode 3A
Minos grills and enjoys the lobsters Jashin gave her but Yurine knows they are just crayfish. It’s Christmas and guess what? Again Pekola is hungry. That stomach rumbling is sure loud and clear. ‘Luckily’ she has breadcrumbs for food, though she wishes she had tastier food. Is she praying to God or Santa now? Of course here comes Jashin. Not sure she is really insulting her as she finishes 2 bowls of curry next to Pekola. Not satisfied, she wants her breadcrumbs! They struggle and Pekola lost. So sad. She devours the breadcrumbs arrogantly but you know she’ll always get her divine punishment. Yup, Yurine isn’t pleased that she ate the curry she was supposed to bring home and rips off her cheek! As apology, Yurine gives Pekola the chicken drumstick that was supposed to go with the curry. Oh Pekola, is Jashin your God and Santa now?

Episode 3B
Jashin trains her abs and thinks it’s tough. Yurine punches it and she is sent squirming in pain. Train harder. Yusa the snow woman visits Yurine to thank her for taking care of her sister. She also explains about how their kind matures and takes on a human later so Yurine suggests naming Kori as Koji. Only anime fans can get this joke… Of course Yusa is also here to pick a bone with Jashin for bullying her sister. Even with Koji telling all the stuffs Jashin had done, Jashin is still unashamed. She crosses the line by insulting the family so Yusa will not stand for it and starts a blizzard. Jashin thought she could aim her dropkick on Koji, believing her steel abs have paid off. Too bad history repeats itself as Yusa turns her into ice and shatters her.

Episode 3C
Again Jashin asks Medusa for money in which she gives. Yurine advises her not to spoil her too much but Jashin badmouths Medusa about choosing Yurine over her. However this crosses the line as Medusa felt hurt. She has had it with Jashin and won’t care for her anymore. Jashin might act arrogant but slowly it soon hits her. She has lost… Her ATM!!! Yeah, to think she would repent… Hence Jashin drowns out her sorrows via drinking (strawberry juice). It hit her that she has no more a best friend and tries to hit on a random guy to love her!!!! I think she’s scaring him. When she hears Medusa’s voice, it’s no hallucination. Looks like Medusa can’t leave her after all and was worried that she came back. Jashin is so glad her ATM has returned!!! Oh yeah. AishiTeru Medusa. ATM! In the end, Medusa agrees to pay off the 100 glasses of strawberry juice she drank and Jashin admits she is useless without her. Ah, such great friendship. Yurine on the verge of vomiting…

Episode 4A
Jashin is frustrated she didn’t get the tsuchinoko figurine from the gachapon again. She wants to try again but remembers Yurine’s words about wasting money. Yup, the woodchipper for her. When a boy plays and gets the tsuchinoko, you bet Jashin is pissed and wants to steal it. But she has an idea. Praising how he got it, she wants to take a look. While doing so, she then eats it! The boy gets mad and uppercuts her. He curses her and doesn’t want it. Just as planned… Too bad each time Jashin sees the figurine, she’ll remember his uppercut. Yurine back home then receives a call from the police that Jashin has been arrested! The moment she gets there, Jashin gets another uppercut. Policewoman, Mei Tachibana (self-proclaimed super cop of Banzaibashi) explains that she is arrested for stealing. Jashin fears it is that figurine but it is revealed Mei is in love with Jashin on first sight and ‘stole’ her heart! Oh God, she can’t stop cuddling snake woman. Yurine has no qualms giving Jashin up to this crazy woman. But Yurine has second thoughts. Who would cook and clean for her? She wants Jashin back. Because of that, Mei deduces if she can’t have Jashin, nobody can. Hence trying to kill Jashin???!!! She hurts Jashin enough and enjoys seeing her in pain. Yeah, a few selfies, please. Jashin is somewhat ‘saved by the bell’ because the clock hits 5 and Mei refuses to work overtime and goes home. See you tomorrow. For Jashin, it’s like between the devil and deep blue sea for these ladies.

Episode 4B
Jashin begs and pleads for Yurine… To die!!! Yeah, she can’t kill her so might as well ask her nicely. Not going to happen. Desu yo ne… Taking inspiration from a TV series, Jashin believes pushing her off the mountains will be the best way to kill her. So she ‘creatively’ imagines other several ways to kill her there like letting her fall from a bridge and a collaborating with a bear to eat her. Now all that is left is to ask Yurine if she is free to go the mountains tomorrow. Not going. Plan failed.

Episode 4C
Medusa visits Jashin but sees her acting in a strange way. Before she knows it, her head falls off! OMG! Is she dead?! Medusa cries like hell that her friend is dead but the real Jashin pops out from hiding, laughing her ass off at her reaction. It seems she just shed her skin and used it as a prank. But the real sh*t is about to happen when Medusa isn’t laughing. She goes into this passive aggressive mode telling her off that wasn’t funny. Did she not realize how worried she was if she really died? Oh sh*t. No joke. Medusa is serious. Jashin is panicking and pleads for her not to leave. She even admits she went too far and sincerely apologizes. Wow. Jashin really apologizing? Finding a four leaf clover is more possible than this! But Medusa isn’t buying. Goodbye. I guess it’s too late to realize that your friend’s gone. Jashin can’t stop crying when Medusa suddenly returns. Gotcha! Just a prank to see your reaction! Haha! Of course Medusa would never leave her. And so the best friends bond and reconcile. Yeah, appreciate your friends always.

Episode 5A
Jashin sees a poster of Yurine at the store. They break the fourth wall as she realizes this is an anime! Yurine visits the park for homeless people to give Pekola her food. Of course she refuses so Yurine leaves it at her doorstep. Pekola is tempted as she starts thinking how rude it is not to eat a chef’s cooking. When she’s done with that and about to eat it, looks like Jashin has eaten it all! So satisfied with the delicious meat! Yeah, you don’t know what you’re missing. Oh well. At least Pekola has got to keep her angel pride. But a Jashin is going to receive her just desserts as Yurine suspects she went back to eat Pekola’s food. She threatens to throw her hand into the mixer if she refuses to say. And when Jashin tells the truth, she throws it in anyway! Yeah, we’ll have Jashin meat for dinner. Yurine goes to buy food for Pekola and this time she doesn’t hesitate to eat. Bless the witch!

Episode 5B
Minos visits to give Yurine a mandrake doll. She likes its scream… Talking about friendship, Jashin denies Minos is her friend. This leads to an argument in which Jashin does her trademark dropkick. However Minos counters that by letting it bounce off her boobs. Jashin lands on the mandrake and effectively kills it. Damn, that must be its death scream. Of course Yurine is mad that her doll is dead and is going to make Jashin do her death scream. Louder!

Episode 5C
We see Mei hoarding loads of strange statues in her room. Including a bus schedule from hell?! Yeah, all she needs is Jashin to complete her collection. As she patrols for the day, we see her let shady happenings slide. Yeah, she thinks it’s normal. Then she sees a weird statue of a fast food outlet (semi bald Colonel Sanders?) and wants to take it home! Power abuse! The worker is confused to call the cops. He struggles with her as she accuses him of touching her ass (he did not) and screams for the cops! The irony? Jashin is passing by and knows nothing good will come out of this and tries to sneak away. Too bad Medusa calls her. Instantly Mei doesn’t want the statue anymore and tries to get Jashin. Run!!! Mei throws a statue at Jashin and then hugs and takes selfies. Everyone else too. They’re going to be so popular on Instagram…

Episode 5D
You know it’s too good to be true when Pekola dreams of cute angels feeding her a feast. Back to reality now. She is working as a labourer earning only 400 Yen per hour. And the minimum wage in Tokyo supposed to be 928 Yen? She busts her ass carrying heavy stuffs up the stairs and then take the elevator down to repeat the process. Something clearly wrong here… It doesn’t help that her co-workers are somewhat lunatics. Especially that praying mantis phobia guy… Meanwhile drunk Jashin comes by Pekola’s cardboard home to mock her with food. However she ends up destroying her home, vomiting on it and sleeping there. Pekola has managed to work 8 hours straight and earned her hard earned cash. Just as she is about to return home to have a good rest, she sees this destruction. She starts laughing like a maniac. Such fate. Oh, so pitiful. Sorry, no punch line here.

Episode 6A
Jashin cooks curry dinner for a few nights straight. Of course Yurine gets bored of it and puts some mayonnaise. Tasty! This only makes Jashin cook more curry. But while doing so, the way she stirs the pot accidentally resembles a magic circle and whoosh! She is whisked to another world. More accurately, to the past. She sees her younger self as well as Medusa and Minos. Learning she is from the future, they ask what they will be like then. Jashin tells the truth but young Jashin is so disappointed to learn she will become this loser! I guess when we’re young, we dream of becoming ferocious beasts. Or something like that. The young ones think they have a way to bring her back. Looks like an old children’s game that definitely would not work. But it worked! When Jashin returns to the current timeline, she accidentally lands on the curry, spilling it all over Yurine’s clothes. Oh sh*t. The new weapons she ordered online just came. Good. Time to test them out…

Episode 6B
The snow sisters are selling shaved ice. Jashin thinks she can get rich doing this and opens a stall next to theirs. You think she has bad business sense by selling more expensive than them but there is queue forming! Did the heat get to the humans’ brain? But soon the novelty wears off and it’s back to the snow sisters. Jashin believes to compete on par with them, she needs some legendary ice. So she goes all the way to Mt Fuji to grab some ice that will earn her the big bucks. However before she could start selling, a couple of yakuzas tell her she can’t sell here without a permit. Yeah, the snow sisters got them. They take her away and want to use her upper body as ‘repayment’. Yeah, that part could make her rich…

Episode 6C
Pekola is shocked when her fellow angel, Poporon has found her. Once her apprentice, she is now a full-fledged angel. Pekola is glad she can now return to heaven and dreams of all the nice things she can do. Suddenly Poporon whips out a bazooka and fires at her! What gives?! As Poporon is Pekola’s substitute, bringing her back means she will return being her apprentice and cannot boss around other angels. Oh sh*t. Is this really heaven? From the way she brags about her destiny as an angel, I think she suits better being a devil, don’t you think? Then Jashin interrupts. She is here to bring some curry as per instructed by Yurine. Poporon hates being interrupted and spills the curry. Jashin is so mad that she beats the crap out of her and flings Poporon to the far ends of the country! Woah. First time seeing Jashin owning and winning. Jashin then takes her out to eat because if she tells Yurine some angel spilled her curry, she won’t believe it. It is better to just go out and eat together as Jashin doesn’t want to be sent back out again. Pekola hates to admit it but she is saved by a devil today. Now you know why they say it’s better to know the devil than the angel.

Episode 7A
Poporon’s revenge! She clubs Jashin around the corner with her club (light sword, she calls it). Damn she spills Yurine’s jelly this time. Oh God. A certain goth girl is scarier than a mad angel. Of course Jashin doesn’t remember her. As Poporon is going for another strike, Jashin eats her halo! Then she goes Super Saiyan! Just for a while before nothing much happens. Oh no, with no halo, is Poporon useless? Suddenly Poporon negotiates for peace and hopes angels and demons could be friends before running away. Jashin is left worried about the spilled jelly… Can you see hell now?

Episode 7B
When Jashin heard from Minos that Medusa has a new friend, instantly she goes into a jealous rage mode! Who the f*ck is that b*tch with?! I guess ATM girl isn’t allowed to have any other friends. Says which rule? Hence Jashin calls her here and forces her to spill the beans. However Medusa felt hurt by the cruel words she called her. In fact it was Jashin who told her not to tell. This was what happened. Previously Jashin spent all her money to get some prize but failed. Medusa agreed to work more for her. Of course Jashin loved the idea and hoped she would keep this a secret as this would look bad on her. Hence Medusa lied to Minos about making new friends just to hide her new job. Poor Medusa. Yurine is so disappointed with her being the worst of the worst that she didn’t do anything but just walk Medusa home. Damn reverse psychology because Jashin is worried that this is so bad that Yurine doesn’t even beat her up! Yeah, she’s really feeling so bad about this that she vomits in bed. Yeah, clean up after yourself. Too bad. That’s it. No punch line for this one too.

Episode 7C
Because Jashin ate Poporon’s halo, it is considered an advancement and hence she is entitled to a few luxuries. As she cannot return to hell, Satan himself sends her a potion and from what it sounds, it’s an energy drink. Be sure to hold your breath or the stench will kill you. After she drinks it, something happens to her. Jashin goes to meet Medusa who is shocked that Jashin is wearing clothes (borrowed from Yurine) and has legs! Such a cool drink. Medusa also has a surprise for Jashin as she is able to walk around without a paper bag thanks to the special contact lens she bought. They hit town and have fun. But by the end of the day, Medusa’s legs slowly start to turn into stone. It is believe the side effect from the contact lens and they realize she’s been ripped off with an inferior product. Medusa apologizes for giving her trouble but Jashin tries to stay positive like taking down up the company. For some reason the shady salesperson who sold the contact lens pop up. Jashin beats the crap out of him and then carries Medusa all the way back home. Yurine is impressed for once and that is when Jashin has this idea to dropkick on her. Too bad her legs turn back into her snake tail. Yurine isn’t going to brush off the fact she was trying to kill her. And since her tail is back, looks like we’re going to have snake meat for dinner! Let the (snake) killing begin!

Episode 8A
Jashin knows she is screwed. Because she lost all the money for food on the slots. Yeah… With Medusa passing by, she thinks of getting a fresh new start by borrowing more money from her! As expected, she lost it all. No mercy from Yurine. Not even Medusa’s pleading. But to show she is slightly compassionate, she gives her a last chance and gives her some allowance to redeem herself and buy the food. Too bad the temptation is great and she lost it all again. With her taking too long, Yurine suspects the worst while Medusa continues to keep believing in her…

Episode 8B
Once more, Jashin steals Pekola’s meagre breadcrumbs. With Poporon witnessing the hold thing, she is suspicious if they are friends she saw her receiving food from Jashin before. Pekola denies. Then she realizes Poporon’s missing halo. Upon learning it was eaten, poor hungry angel starts fantasizing all kinds of sauce she could have put on it for taste. Poporon explains their halo can regenerate but nobody knows how long it will take. Yeah, Jashin’s regeneration is more frequent than this sh*t. Pekola hopes for a ceasefire and wants to work together to survive in this human world but Poporon declines knowing she would only be a burden and would rather survive by herself. Later Pekola hears lots of shady jobs ensuring high pay offered to Poporon. She intends to go warn her and also take this chance to convince teaming up. However Poporon is actually doing well working in a ramen store.

Episode 8C
Apparently the demon world also has a very similar bean throwing setsubun like Japan. When the ogre comes in, Jashin mercilessly throws her beans at him only to be stopped by Yurine. Because this mini ogre is just too damn cute! As replacement, Yurine takes her special bean machine gun and makes Jashin the target! Will Yurine’s fortunes take a turn for the better? Oh heck, it’s Jashin’s bad luck that will be taking a turn for the worst. Later as Jashin laments her setsubun was a failure, she still wants to go pick on someone weaker. Who else but Pekola? Is it legal to do it to an angel? However Pekola finds the beans are edible and Jashin gives her a whole bunch of it. Also she gives a long ehomaki from Yurine said to bring good fortune if eaten facing the lucky direction. She does so but almost chokes to death. I don’t think I can see good luck coming to her…

Episode 8D
Yurine is again mad at Jashin for blowing the money. Furthermore, she borrowed from Medusa. Again. Jashin even tries to blame Medusa for ratting her out and playing the victim although Medusa did it for being worried she would become an addict. Yeah, who is the real victim here? Unfortunately Jashin tends to her mobile game update and this pisses off Yurine as she cuts off her finger! Showing no remorse, even in death Jashin wants Medusa to send her credit card numbers. Chainsaw time. However Yurine drops her into a trapdoor. Jashin finds herself at the start before she started gambling. Thinking God answered her prayers (to a devil?), at first she thinks of not repeating her mistakes. But she starts thinking what if she got sent back in time so that she could win? Oh yeah! She’ll rewrite history and bring in the fortunes! And as narrated, she is stuck in an infinite loop and can only escape once she realizes her mistakes. So that will be like next week when we see this series again? Oh well. Tough luck, Jashin-chan…

Episode 9A
We resume from last week’s fiasco. Yup, Jashin blew it again on her 17,711th attempt. Still better than that Haruhi sh*t… Returning to Medusa, she wants her to come to the bank. No, not to rob it but to withdraw her money. Too bad they got caught up in a bank robbery. It seems Jashin is afraid of dying with a bullet shot to her head so she better not do anything risky (but it’s okay with Yurine?). Turning a blind eye, eh? With all the hostages having their own (petty) problem, looks like it is up to Medusa to save the day. She has to robbers look into her eyes and they turn into stone. Hooray! The day is saved. Everyone praises Medusa. But Jashin of course tries to take some of the credit when Mei interviews them. However Mei now wants to make Jashin hers. Medusa turns a blind eye. I don’t know why the other police officers were trying to arrest Jashin but she hopes this puts an end to the curse and changes history.

Episode 9B
We see a day in life of Minos. She is quite the hard working gal unlike a certain lazy someone. Wow. So much energy to expend. Work hard, eat smart. She even helps out at the same construction site that Pekola is working and even helps her. Pekola feels so bad and useless that she couldn’t even thank her in time. On the way home, a bunch of kids want Minos to play a card game with them. Unfortunately she doesn’t have cards. But Jashin does. The kids know better than to deal with her. And Minos has bigger boobs. After a hard day’s work, Minos soaks in her much deserved bath and has some beer. All charged up for tomorrow.

Episode 9C
Yurine and Jashin go eat some noodles. Gosh, this is where Poporon is working. Jashin wants to kill her but some fans defend their idol. Uhm, who the f*ck is this Noel? Of course this confuses Jashin so she backs down. But since she cannot contain her suspicions, she calls Poporon’s name in which she responds. Oops. Now Jashin really wants to kill her. Since she is too noisy, Yurine breaks her finger! Oh sh*t! I guess everybody is on their good behaviour now. As Yurine leaves, she notes to Poporon that she knows she is not an angel as she can sense the same aura like another girl she knows. Poporon better be on the watch from now on.

Episode 9D
Jashin is addicted to pudding and cannot resist eating one in the fridge right now. Then she realizes it has Yurine’s name on it. Damn. She can really envision it is the end of the world for her. Of course Yurine finds out about it and guess what Jashin does? She tries to fight off an invisible man who supposedly ate her pudding and he escaped. But Yurine spots some flaws. How did he escape when the window is closed? If he is invisible, how can Jashin see him? Oh, there are pudding trails on her mouth. Oh, look. The iron maiden torture device she ordered has just arrived. Yurine says had Jashin offered to buy another pudding for her, she would have forgiven her. But instead she pulled off this nonsense. Well, let us know how you’re bleeding from inside the chamber.

Episode 9E
Suddenly… Zombies!!! Jashin and Medusa run for their lives. Heck, even demons are scared of zombies? They hide in a locker and almost got attacked by one that suspiciously resembles like Mei. Even as a zombie she can detect where Jashin is. Luckily they are saved by Minos as they continue to seek refuge. However more zombies pop up and when cornered, Jashin gets swallowed by them. It turns out to be a nightmare but little does Jashin knows, it is Yurine instigating that nightmare by putting something damp on her feet (believed to make one prone to nightmares).

Episode 10A
Pekola just got paid tons of cash. So happy and dancing around that it seemed like God was trying to teach her a lesson so she tripped and that entire stack fell exactly into the donation box. That will teach her to be too happy… As she confronts the girls about her cash, the girls instead are so happy her donation will help the poor children. She must be an angel! Back home, Pekola rues her lost income but eventually comes to terms the children will be helped. She decides to use her remaining emergency funds for some cheap food. Oh, looks like Jashin is here too. As she orders her food, she hears people saying how a couple of girls have been arrested for running a charity scam. People who donated must be idiots. Oh Pekola, she’s not angry. Just in super shock. So shocked that she left the place. Jashin stole her money and ate her food. Apparently that wasn’t enough to cover the food she ate. And sorry folks, there’s no punch line. That’s about it.

Episode 10B
The ice sisters visit. Thinking that Jashin has got rid of Yurine, Jashin takes advantage by bullying Koji, only to be dealt with by Yusa. Not surprising, Yurine comes out from the bath. Yusa is here to request a favour from Yurine to test taste her ice cream product that isn’t selling well in the demon world. Well, did she not consider selling it in a cold climate? Yurine tastes it to be perfect but when Jashin tries so, she almost died! It had basilisk poison?! Even worse, Yusa spent a fortune just to create this and each cup must be sold a million yen each. Somebody isn’t fit for business…

Episode 10C
Pekola sees a job ad that pays 30 grand a day. Wow. What a deal. Plus, she is accepted without even knowing what the job is required. Soon she finds out it is a bodyguard job for Noel! Ex-angels shocked to see each other. I guess as a famous idol, she fears somebody might assassinate her. Pekola is passionate about her job (because it also pays) but Poporon mocks all that angelic duty crap. The concert goes well until a crazy fan shows up on stage. This guy is mad she didn’t answer his X-rated questions online. I’m sure his toy hammer won’t do much damage but Pekola still does her job and tells her to run. It’s not about the money. Noel might be a human idol but Poporon isn’t. Besides, she used to serve her before and hence will always protect her. Pekola takes a ‘devastating’ blow. She wakes up in hospital with Yurine by her side. She heard it from the internet news. The culprit has been arrested. As Pekola worries about paying her hospital bill, Yurine tells her it is already paid. She is trying to figure out who but we all know it’s Poporon.

Episode 10D
Medusa seeks Jashin’s help to make Valentine’s Day chocolates so she could give it to someone she treasures most. We all know who but dumb Jashin gets so jealous that she wants to kill this person. Jashin is forced to make it as Medusa will only reveal that person at the end. Jashin is quite decent in teaching Medusa how to make chocolates. Once done, Medusa hands the chocolates to her. Her best friend forever, right? Oh Jashin, never saw that coming, eh? I guess now you have to kill yourself technically. Heh. Yeah, more like best ATM forever.

Episode 11A
Jashin does her dropkick in Yurine. She strikes! Wait. What?! Yurine retaliates but misses. Wait. What?! She missed at that distance?! And then she forgives her. WAIT. WHAT?! Something is clearly wrong… Turns out Yurine is sick as Jashin starts to panic and nurse her. After a while, she realizes why not just let this b*tch die! Yeah. After all, she summoned her without having a way to send her back. Yurine leaves her to die and notes she didn’t even have to lift a finger. As she thinks of all the fun things to do with her newfound freedom, suddenly her conscious kicks in. Wait. WHAT?! She runs back to call Medusa and Minos for help to treat Yurine. With her doing well, they note Jashin’s kind nature. However Jashin replies she fears if something happens to Yurine due to her neglect, they would have shunned her. She does want to go back but doesn’t want to lose them as friends either. Aww… How sweet. But wait. WHAT?! Is this really Jashin saying that? Are you sick?! After they leave, Jashin sings a cheesy rendition of some song of their times. Crappy lyrics… Yurine has recovered so Jashin is back to being afraid of her and better get back to work or risk being retaliated. Yurine assures she won’t do anything. She’s got such a suspicious mind. Better safe than sorry.

Episode 11B
Minos talks about several Japanese historical sites that have been shut down due to being destroyed. This has Yurine envy them as they have lived for centuries and wished she was born then to see all the historical happenings. So also wished to live for thousands of years to see how the world has changed. The rest notes human lives are short but meaningful. They may be destructive but also creative in that short period of time. They love the human world. Of course for Jashin, it’s their food!

Episode 11C
Pekola brushes off their invitation to go hanami. She won’t associate with the devils. Until Yurine says they brought food. Delicious food! Change of heart, eh? The hanami spot is booked by Jashin who has waited here for 66 hours as punishment for eating Yurine’s sandwich. As the party gets started, it is ruined when Mei comes by. At least for Jashin. Let the molesting begin. Is she on duty? So why is she joining them? Since she gets drunk and starts complaining about her job, Jashin forces Medusa to abandon her somewhere. Next they see Poporon selling buns. They invite her to join them but she arrogantly dismisses them. Jashin wants to beat her up but Yurine apologizes for pressuring her. Maybe next time. Pekola feels sad that Poporon has turned out so because she was a bit different while serving under her. Jashin doesn’t give a care and starts her karaoke.

Episode 11D
At the bread shop, Jashin’s mischief kicks up. Yeah, she has withdrawal symptoms if she doesn’t be mischievous. That explains why she’s such an idiot always getting beaten up by Yurine. First, she hogs the samples and then replaces them with other bread. That earned her Yurine’s wrath. Next, she tries to swap bread labels and got her face beaten to a pulp. She gives excuse it’s her devilish personality but Yurine points out Medusa and Minos aren’t like that. That’s their distinct personality? When a girl’s balloon is stuck on a tree, Jashin didn’t want to help but after being coaxed by Yurine how easy it is for her, she does so. But now she floats away! WTF?! She lighter than air?! And why float all the way into space instead of letting go?!

Episode 12A
Jashin returns! After where we left off the last time when she floated into outer space, she is back with a vengeance! Trying to do her dropkick on Earth, eh? Well, here it comes! Only, nothing happens as the world continues to go on with their daily lives and Jashin just created a mess with her blood and body parts scattered all across. Better clean this up.

Episode 12B
As Jashin feeds Yurine’s demon pet dog, Beth, she realizes it has grown big. Fearing it might eat her when it is big enough, she tries to get rid of it but couldn’t bring herself to do it. So all that hugging suddenly has Beth biting off her right hand! Now you want to kill it? No effect. At least, no power in her left hand. With ‘uncaring’ Yurine returning, she is going to punish her for ‘hitting’ Beth. Choose. Get punched or kicked. No time to decide as Yurine punches her in the gut!

Episode 12C
The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Beach episode! Girls in swimsuit! Hooray! Thanks to Yurine’s luck of the devil winning top prize that also accommodates our usual gang. Once again, Jashin tries to pick on Pekola. Try not to when Yurine is here. Because she borrowed this swimsuit from her colleague, the rest start calling her Tajiri as they think it is her name. Is this a form of bullying too? More Jashin bullying as she makes Pekola act like a dog (in which she faithfully obliges) if she wants to eat shaved ice. Hope she is prepared for Yurine’s punishment. A stab in the gut with an umbrella! With everyone siding Pekola, Jashin storms off. Sulking in the sea, suddenly she is taken by the tentacles of Kraken! Possible tentacle rape? Too bad Jashin sounds so despicable that she wants Medusa to switch places with her (because she is more important) and as a result Kraken just eats her. But with Pekola’s plea to save her despite she is despicable, I guess it’s time to go squid hunting. Yusa demonstrating her ice powers to block those heavy tentacle attacks. In the end, Jashin is spit out. She blames Yurine for all this. So she summons some Amazon warrior just to strip her armour to attack Yurine. But wait. Yurine has a trump card too. Unleashing her magic from her eye-patch, she summons Beth in her demonic form! Wait. Really?! And they both enter an epic fight that we’ll never see how it ends but have a pretty good idea how it’ll end up. We now see everyone having a nice BBQ of Kraken meat. Everyone enjoying themselves. Except Jashin. I see Beth bite off her right hand again. Considerate Yurine tries to feed her. Jashin acts tough and everyone teases how close they are to each other.

Jashin Dropout, Bokusatsu Majo Yurine-chan
Oh wait. That’s it?! You mean it already ended?! Why so odd number of episodes?! Oh come on. I thought there was going to be a dozen. I expected it to be a dozen! Not a dozen minus one! Come on. Oh please, please, please… Please, just one more episode, okay? I swear I’ll be a good boy and continue laughing at all of Jashin’s misfortunes. Oh… Phew… They trolled us with only 11 episodes and the ‘final’ twelfth one came out a fortnight later. Wow. They really trolled me good on this. I was actually shocked that the series had ended thinking the penultimate episode was the final one. I didn’t mind the WTF ‘ending’ (what ending?!) and felt like it could go on a bit longer. Damn this show has got me addicted and now that it is over, it is leaving me in a lurch without my weekly fix! But now can we just one more Jashin-chan episode, please? Pretty please? One more, I tell you! Just one more episode of Jashin, okay?! I need my Jashin-chan so badly! What the hell am I going to do without my weekly Jashin-chan! Somebody needs to take responsibility! I want more Jashin-chan! JASHIN-CHAN COME BACK!!!!!!! You can’t go away yet until you’re dead or close to being dead! Sighs… Oh well. Time to move on. Trolling’s over.

I see a few resemblance of this series with Gabriel Dropout. Angels and demons living in the human world and both of them being failures to live up to their races. They try to live their life on Earth the best way they can while traversing through the quirky laws and rules of the Japanese society. Yeah, Earth is such a fun place to stay than heaven or hell.

Seeing this is a slapstick comedy, there is no real plot whatsoever. Hence the random skits in each episode serving us the smiles and laughter in the silliest and violent way as possible but without going overboard too much. At times this series also breaks the fourth wall especially with Jashin at times commenting how her dropkick will finally end this series and the remaining episodes will just be summaries or reminiscent episodes. They also parody a few anime series too like how Jashin trolled us this series is going to become Detective Conan, Shingeki No Kyojin and even Shokugeki No Souma only to be kicked out. If you know your trivia well, you can spot a lot more and tons of them peppered throughout the series. More trolling as the next episode preview is narrated in an ‘epic’ and ominous fashion like as though there is going to be some sort of inevitable epic disaster, event or happening. And look what every episode has to offer? Yeah, they really trolled us good. It is hard to place if this series would be one of my all-time favourite slapstick anime comedies since in the same season there are a couple of enjoyable nonsensical animes like Asobi Asobase and Chio-chan No Tsuugakuro. Trying to rank which is the better one between them is very hard as each has their own charm. So no big convoluted continuous story is okay. Just make me laugh as much and you’re okay.

Hence with the absence of any storyline, the characters themselves have to step up and make the series looking great. With the wacky bunch, they are not disappointing. Like our titular character Jashin, it is hard to hate her despite being such a rotten devil to the core. Well, almost. Heck, among all the devil characters who have appeared here, Jashin is the closest one who lives up to being the devil but often shown her place because of how ‘weak’ she is. Many of the funny moments rely on Jashin being this dumb and not learning from her mistakes because of her high and mighty attitude that makes her think she can get away with it. I want to believe that if she is really serious, she can actually kill Yurine. Not that I would say she would be 100% successful but at least not live her pathetic and shameless life as her slave. This shows that Jashin has her good side and cares about her friends. I know this is unbelievable but Jashin is still Jashin and not Satan. Jashin, never change. And if you ask why doesn’t she just walk away from it all? Yeah, where would she go? Also, Yurine will always find her! Time to be really afraid.

Jashin’s master, Yurine isn’t a cold blooded sadist. Only when Jashin is being an idiot. It is unknown why she summoned Jashin and it could be a summoning error and by accident. Because if it was so, why hasn’t Yurine gotten rid of Jashin? That’s because Yurine is a kind hearted gothic girl and as you can see she treats the other non-human characters with dignity. Only when it comes to Jashin it is a totally different story. I have this conspiracy theory that Yurine is more than she seems to be. She might be that super being that God and Satan themselves are looking for and the key to the whatever ultimate plot twist! That’s why she is keeping a low profile with her very mundane and lazy-like behaviour so as not to give off suspicions. It might be a crazy theory but hey, this series could be this crazy to pull it off.

I believe that even if Yurine is such a nice girl, she keeps Jashin so as to let steam off sometimes. Notice how she will not hesitate to bludgeon her or cut her up? Well yes, because Jashin is an idiot who deserves all that (and to make us sadists laugh). I’m sure giving Jashin another chance is not an option because she knows that devil will not hesitate to backstab whenever she has the chance or the slightest opening. That is why Yurine is always at the top of her game. That is why Yurine will always be her master. That is why show no mercy in slicing her up. Yeah, it’s good to know that she can regenerate so no love lost. Now that it has come to this point, I wonder if one day there is a chance that Jashin would really go back, would they really part? I am guessing that it is highly possible they will stay together because Yurine loves to beat the sh*t out of her and Jashin loves to be beaten the sh*t out of her. Status quo is the best. It’s a complicated love-hate relationship. Like that Coyote and Road Runner, only more violent. Oh by the way, sometimes Yurine reminds me of that bludgeoning angel from an old anime series, Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan. Only this time her weapon of choice is the chainsaw…

The other characters are also fun and lovable despite just being supporting characters. Like the gullible Medusa who puts her friendship with Jashin at the top and that is why she is seen as the gullible and bottomless ATM whom Jashin will not hesitate to exploit. I wonder where she gets her wealth because if it is the currency of the netherworld, how can you convert it to yen? Are such currencies worth more? Nevertheless, what is a few scraps of money compared to the priceless value of friendship, no? Keep those cash rolling… Definitely ATM. AishiTeru Medusa! Minos plays a much minor role, just a Minotaur girl who loves working and earning her keep. Mei is delusional and probably the other character who could really own Jashin. But unlike Yurine, Mei is also selfish and only ‘loves’ Jashin for her own twisted end. It looks like she is only working to abuse her position whenever she can. Jashin better thank her lucky stars she still lives with Yurine. Or is it the case of between the devil and the deep blue sea? Funny dilemma for Jashin…

Now, the most pitiful character goes to Pekola. An abandoned angel who is just trying to find her next meal. Yes, this has become somewhat of her running joke. Work hard enough just to earn enough to eat. I guess now she has learnt what it means to say grace for every meal as even bread crumbs taste good. Food is her weakest point and even if she is sceptical of devils and devil worshippers, as long as you have food for her, she’ll change her mind. Oh Pekola, I guess your faith is not that strong then. The God you worship now is your stomach or those who can feed you. But Pekola still has her little pride as an angel as seen how Poporon has become arrogant despite losing her way. But if I have to compare between the angels, Poporon is definitely handling the situation much better than Pekola since she isn’t panicking and is doing whatever she can for the time being. Pekola is truly a fallen angel as her poverty has defined her character and the running joke of the series. So pathetic that some of the skits that involve her don’t even have a punch line in the end. Yup, that’s just it for her.

Pekola and Poporon’s case brings me to this question if God even exists or cares in this world. At least in the context of this anime. Even if angels lose their halo and thus losing their ability to return to heaven, do you think God would have sent his other angels to look for them? Instead, they are left to wallow and die slowly, not knowing when their halo will be regenerated. Heck, even devils regenerate way faster! Why is God doing this to his angels? Don’t tell me Earth is such a HUGE place that He can’t find them at all! Don’t tell me He needs to have GPS on his angels to track them down and without the halo it’s like, “Ah, f*ck it. They’ll return someday”. Therefore the irony of Yurine taking even better care and caring for Pekola’s wellbeing better than God! WTF are you doing Almighty One???!!! Why are demons and humans taking better care of your angel?! Don’t come blaming her when she defects or loses faith with you because I can see it coming from a mile when that happens, the rest will jump to he defence and beat the sh*t out of you!!! Yeah, Yurine beating up God???!!! Oh right. Yurine IS GOD!

This also brings me to wonder if the ordinary people and human beings in this anime do actually know the existence of angels and demons. Because nobody seems to be really bothered as Jashin is able to walk about in town as she pleases. I mean, a naked half snake girl in the middle of a crowded city. Nobody bats an eyelid! Because of that, I am wondering if this random goat demon with boobs that serves no purpose to the overall direction of the plot, wandering and bumming around in every episode is just the norm. Sometimes he makes some comment sand comeback lines, sometimes he does some silly stuffs. He is like the mini eye-catch of the series.

One of the most mind boggling and unsatisfying things in this series is the fact that there is this character who appears randomly in every episode from time to time looking for Jashin. Persephone II is the epitome of yet so close yet so far since she is always close by to Jashin but being the unlucky demon, she always misses her and stumbles into some other characters instead. She did finally find Jashin in the penultimate episode but that is just spotting her being carried away by the balloon. Finally, we can say she has found her. But that’s the perplexing thing. I thought that there would be some sort of punch line for this character but it is never explained how she is related to Jashin nor why she wants to find her, which makes it very frustrating. Even if that is the punch line of having no punch line, it still doesn’t feel satisfying as it all just feels like a troll.

But I started thinking even if there is some sort of revelation, would I be satisfied? What if she was just to return a book she borrowed? That simple reason might be the joke on us all. What if she has found a way to bring Jashin back but with a price? Oh, that would be interesting indeed. And at this point as the series has ended, she is perhaps the only character that I find that doesn’t have some sort of satisfying ‘closure’. Suddenly in the final episode she is part of the gang enjoying themselves at the beach. It’s like her proper cameo finally. Not that she does anything memorable too except trying to be friends with Pekola. Making it even more frustrating as it blows away our hopes in finding an answer who is this little demon to Jashin. But I guess we’re so engrossed in Jashin’s antics that we don’t care who this one is.

Art and animation feel good as all the characters are designed in a really cute way. Yup, they look so cute than scary. Maybe that is why nobody is afraid of them? That is why Mei wants to have Jashin? Even when times get really bloody but don’t worry, the graphic parts will be mosaic out. We will be too busy laughing than being grossed out. Speaking of the character designs, since I have seen so many animes, some of the characters start to look like they came from another anime. For instance, Yurine’s gothic style quickly reminds me of that lead singer of the band, In No Hurry from Fukumenkei Noise. Close enough. Just make Yurine a little more chibi. I somehow find Medusa looking like a scrawnier version of To Love-Ru’s Haruna, Mei a nastier version of Shinobu from Kiniro Mosaic while Jashin has this uncanny resemblance to Kokoro from Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. Yeah, even their brattiness is so similar. With Pekola always having her incredulous wide opened eyeballs, sometimes I feel she was a rejected member of the Powerpuff Girls. Yeah, she’s so incredulous and can’t believe everything that has happened to her. Better keep those suspicious eyes open… Lastly, I can’t put my finger on where I have seen Poporon’s character design somewhere before. It’s so familiar but at this point I can’t pinpoint. I think it’s Jill from GJ-Bu but I’m not really sure too. Damn, watching too many animes has got my brain jammed. This series is animated by Nomad who did the original Rozen Maiden series, Kampfer, Sola, Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan and Kyouran Kazoku Nikki.

Voice acting is good especially Aina Suzuki as Jashin (Mari in Love Live! Sunshine), it feels like she is really having fun into her character’s role. It really brings out the best and the worst in Jashin. Kudos and hats off to her. Nichika Omori as Yurine is also fine but seeing she voiced the super genki Asahi in Shichisei No Subaru which aired in the same season, it is hard to believe that she is the same seiyuu behind this sleepy and dreamy gothic girl. The only other seiyuu I recognized is Chiaki Omigawa as Minos. The rest of the other casts are Miyu Kubota as Medusa (Sophie in PriPara), Yurie Kozakai as Pekola, Natsuko Hara as Mei (Tokine in Nazotokine), Rico Sasaki as Poporon (Kyouko in Bishoujo Yuugi Unit Crane Girls), Kazusa Aranami as Yusa (Fujiko in Dorei-ku The Animation) and Miko Terada as Koji. For those who don’t get that Koji Yusa joke, he is a seiyuu as he lends his voice as that demon goat with boobs.

The opening theme, Anoko Ni Drop Kick by Jashin Girls (basically by all the female characters in this series) is such an epic song. It seamlessly goes back and forth between this very devilish hard rock punk beat, an innocent children song and also an ordinary anime pop piece. You should hear the epic lyrics too. Definitely very befitting for this series as well as Jashin herself. The ending theme, Home Sweet Home by Yutarou Miura x Hyadain might not be so epic but it is also bizarre and catchy in its own right with its strange lyrics that fit the series so perfectly as well as its rock beat that sometimes remind me if this should be a Christmas song too. Seriously.

Overall, I really enjoyed this series as it is fun despite all the violent slapstick stupidity that has the internet divided into love and hate camps over this show. It isn’t definitely the most intelligent show out there seeing you have one of the dumbest demons who keep messing up and being violently owned by her human master. It isn’t a comedy gold masterpiece like say, Gintama because the latter is so long running filled with so many characters and other nice and silly stories that it is already so established. This series manages to do the necessary for the season and that is at least being funny and memorable. Unless you’re those kind of people who don’t know how to laugh then God help you. I love this series and hope it will get another season because nothing beats looking at how dumb devils can fail when they are supposed to torment humans. They better have another season or else I would have to summon Jashin to do a dropkick on you producers into forcing a sequel. And then we’ll have 100 more seasons right after that! But for now, looks like no Dropkick ATM. At. The. Moment. :’(.

Toji No Miko

October 28, 2018

I thought Toji No Miko is going to be something similar like Schoolgirl Strikers and Battle Girl High School. You know, a group of school girls with weapons fighting off a hostile alien invasion. Though if you put that in the most general of perspective, it does sound similar but going a little deeper, it is not. Girls with swords go around exterminating hostile supernatural creatures around the country. To hone their skills to become the best an efficient Toji, there is of course the tournament. The tournament that ends in an ironic and disastrous fashion, leading to a revelation that may change the fate of the world forever. Guess who is going to stop these events?

Episode 1
As seen and narrated, evil beings known as Aradama can only be exorcised by sacred shrine maidens known as Toji, chosen by divine swords known as Okatana. So far so good with the terms. At Minoseki Academy, Kanami Etou defeats Mai Yanase to win a sword competition although both are to represent their school at the upcoming sword tournament. They arrive at the Origami family mansion, the household that oversees the Okatana and the location of where the tournament will be held. They spot Hiyori Juujou from Heijou Institute. Kanami and Hiyori oddly go into defence stance when they pass each other but back out and continue their own way. In the hall, we see a few potential fighters and some matches between potential main characters. In the end, it is Kanami and Hiyori who will face each other in the finals, which is to be watched by Yukari Origami, the head of the family and her elite guards. As Kanami and Hiyori get ready to battle, right when the referee gives the start signal, Hiyori immediately dashes to assassinate Yukari. However she saw that coming and deflects her strike. Maki Shidou of the elite guards is going to strike her down when Kanami protects her and helps her escape. Yukari gives orders for her elite guards not to chase them but crazy Yume Tsubakuro wants to have fun and fights them. Eventually they fight long enough to buy time to flee. Outside, Hiyori is puzzled why Kanami would get herself involved with this since this doesn’t concern her. Because they still haven’t had their match. Yeah, that still doesn’t give her the right to interfere like that. Anyway, now they are fugitives and continue to run.

Episode 2
I know they’re somewhere safe for now but could Kanami wait till things blow over before settling their match? Because of that, Kanami is willing to help her and risk getting into trouble. All just for a rematch? Maki interrogates Mai since she is Kanami’s friend and partner. From her actions and answers it is believed the duo are acting solely on their own. The head of Minoseki and Heijou are called in, Ema Hashima and Iroha Gojou respectively. They see Yukari who tells them Kanami and Hiyori both have the Chidori and Kogarasuma Okatana respectively. The fugitives rent a room for now as Kanami calls Mai from a public phone to ensure she is safe. Mai talks to Ema so that she could help search for her friend. Based on the background sounds from the phone conversation, she has an idea where she is. So efficient. Hiyori briefly tells Kanami about her mission to kill Yukari. Looks like she’s not in the mood to reveal the rest now. Next morning, they leave fast enough before Mai arrives. Hiyori’s spectrum meter detects an Aradama close by. Hiyori wants to run but Kanami can’t let the Aradama run free. Since Kanami’s will is stronger, I guess they’ll have to go spectre busting. After defeating it, Mai finds them. She tells them to come back with them and she has negotiated with Ema for Kanami to have a lighter punishment. As for Hiyori, she will take her back to the mansion by force if she has to. Kanami stops their fight and tells Mai she can’t let Hiyori be caught yet. Kanami saw when Hiyori attacked Yukari, there was an Aradama eye hiding behind her. It is unbelievable at first since Yukari is one of the great heroes who vanquished the great Aradama. Hiyori debunks that and insists the great Aradama is taking Yukari’s form. The Origami family, the Sword Administration and the 5 schools are all controlled by Aradama. Mai lets them go but leaves Kanami a number should they need assistance.

Episode 3
Yukina Takatsu, the head of Renpu Girls’ School is not happy that everyone is slow in doing things. Even more so when they have located the traitors and failed to take swift action. She seeks Yukari’s permission to take action into her own hands. Rui Onda is the help the duo get. She is an alumna of Minoseki and quit the Sword Administration a long time ago. She lets them stay at her place. Kanami wonders why Hiyori won’t get help from others to defeat Yukari. Because the Sword Administration and Special Religious Military Units (SRMU) are under Yukari’s command. They’ll be crushed in no time. Better to go this alone, right? Sure, she might die but she can’t give up as long as she is alive. Mai befriends Ellen Kohagura and Kaoru Mashiko of Osafune Girls’ Academy whom they clashed before in the tournament. Also meet Kaoru’s pervy youkai, Nene. Mai is summoned before Yukina who suspects her of letting them go since she didn’t arrest them. Mai gets away with cleaning up the Aradama mess. Street CCTVs finally pinpoint the fugitives and hence their current hideout is quickly traced. Rui shows the duo some hi-tech software since she works at Yahata Electronics that develops the S Equipment. Not sure who or what Hiyori is conversing with for information. At this point, Yukina gives signal to Sayaka Itomi to attack. She’s fast but Hiyori reacts faster. Hiyori fights and dismantles her Utsushi. However, Sayaka can still pull off techniques without Utsushi. Hiyori fears her only option is to kill her. Not if Kanami could help it. Taking over the fight, Kanami senses Sayaka’s soulless sword unlike the sword she had during the tournament. Swords like that cannot through anything. Kanami swiftly disarms the sword from her hands, rendering Sayaka back to normal. Kanami hopes to spar with her again another day. Hiyori is impressed with Kanami’s actions because she never would have thought of something like that.

Episode 4
Ellen and Kaoru’s boss cut short their vacation for a job. With the police barricading everywhere, Rui lets the duo off somewhere as they hitchhike with a kind random trucker to head to Ebisu. Hiyori wants Kanami to return because her Okatana protects unlike hers who kills. Therefore she thinks she can’t kill. Hence Hiyori will kill all those who stand in her way to kill Yukari. Yukina chastises Sayaka for her failed mission when she is called by Yukari for pursuing the duo when not ordered to. She is ordered to stop what she is doing. Ellen and Kaoru find Kanami and Hiyori as they start fighting. The Osafune duo would have lost if not for the nice timing of their boss dropping down S Equipment for them. They are complete tools used to eliminate Aradama. By the time they put on their armour, Kanami and Hiyori took that chance to escape. On a trivial note, if you take away the school uniform they are wearing, isn’t the armour skimpy? Kanami and Hiyori are in hiding again as they talk about their recent bout with each other. Kanami believes she still has a reason to stick by her because since her sword protects, she will protect her from killing other humans. And technically Yukari is not human, so I guess that is okay. I suppose now is the right time for Hiyori to reveal the important details. About 20 years ago when the worst Aradama incident happened, it took Yukari as well as the current presidents of the 5 schools and SRMU to bring it down. A letter Hiyori has states the true identity of Yukari and as Kanami suspected, the great Aradama that was supposed to be vanquished still walks the face of this planet under the guise of Yukari. Hiyori’s mom is the only one possessing enough power to destroy that great Aradama but she failed and it became part of Yukari and survived. After mom exhausted all her powers, Hiyori could only watch her mother grew weaker and weaker as the years past until she passed away last year. That was when she resolved to kill Yukari. She will destroy that thing that stole her mother’s life. Such a heavy burden, that’s why Kanami will take half of it. An excuse just to stay by her side?

Episode 5
Ellen and Kaoru find the duo. Then they congratulate them. Confused. They explain they have passed the Mokusa test. They are an organization who are against Yukari and seeks her downfall. Hence they have the same goal and this test proves they are worthy to join them. Hiyori thinks Nene is an Aradama so they explain some legend thingy that although it is through Nene is one, it is docile and protects humans. Suddenly a swarm of Aradama attacks and separates them. But it seems to lead Hiyori and Kanami to a certain area. It is so that Maki and Suzuka Konohana could fight and bring them in. The source of the Aradama is elite guard Yomi Satsuki. She cuts herself and the Aradama would burst out from her blood. Kaoru and Nene are in a precarious pinch. Hanging so dangerously over the ledge. So flashback to see how Nene was always there for Kaoru. Even that one time when she was lost in the forest. I guess pet bonding flashback allows her to buck up and get them out. Hiyori is losing against Maki and because Kanami is concerned for her, she can’t concentrate too. Then a well-timed combo, Kanami throwing her sword at Maki as distraction and Hiyori slicing her, this allows the duo to escape. But Maki is left traumatized as she being the top Toji got cut. Yeah, her pride hurts a lot. Kaoru confronts Yomi do pay back the trouble she gave. Nobody messes with her pet. Though she defeats her, she lacks enough energy to finish her off. Yomi escapes and Kaoru takes a nap before resuming her search for Ellen.

Episode 6
Looks like Ellen lets herself get caught at Maki’s camp. She gives an excuse she was on a hunt for the fugitives to justify the summoning of S Equipment but is taken in for further questioning by Suzuka. She talks about Ellen’s grandpa, Richard Friedman who developed the Noro for military use and pioneered the development of S Equipment. 5 years ago he sold off this research company he founded and went missing. It is rumoured he entered Japan and is a core of Mokusa. Ellen looks like she is playing dumb. Not sure if she is anymore when she is told that Kaoru clashed with Yomi. Fighting an elite guard means fighting Yukari herself and the punishment is death. When Maki and Suzuka think they have pinpoint the traitors, they take their squad and leave. With the skeleton squad left behind, Ellen takes this chance to escape. Yeah, they must have left low level guards. She spies on Yomi and her secret. Vials containing Noro. Of course Ellen gets spotted and they both fight. Yomi is desperate to be useful and injects more Noro into herself, turning part of her into an Aradama. It seems this is all part of Maki’s plan to let Ellen regroup and lead them to the traitors. Well, don’t have to find them because they’re here to save Ellen. Yomi injects more Noro into herself to fight Kaoru and Hiyori. Kanami who is supposed to take Ellen and run decides to help them. See, she almost gets killed. Plus, she won’t even kill Yomi who is beyond human. So does she prefer to get killed? Not if the plot can help it since Yomi passes out as her body cannot balance the Noro’s power. I’m surprised the overdose didn’t kill her. Ellen takes the rest to escape. Yup, she summoned a submarine. Because Maki didn’t see this coming, she withdraws her troops. I’m sure she gets shelling from Yukina for failing but Yukari doesn’t care. She dismisses the school presidents from this mission for now. Yukina now gets desperate as her goal is to get Yukari’s approval. It’s her goal for living.

Episode 7
Yukina is going to insert some vial into Sayaka that will turn her into a heartless tool. Obviously she doesn’t want that and smacks it out right from her hands. Kanami and Hiyori meet Friedman. He explains his reasons for working with Mokusa. The development of S Equipment was stagnating until that disaster 20 years ago and Yukari became the head of the family. It was then the technology started rapidly and finishing the S Equipment since her family had control over the Noro. Scientifically this should not be possible so where did it came from? That’s why many like him became suspicious of Yukari and formed Mokusa. Hiyori’s mom was one of the few people who helped him. Ellen has stolen a Noro vial and it was part of her mission to get proof that Yukari was conducting experiments on human with it and turning them into artificial Aradama. Maki declines Yukina’s request to look for Sayaka who has run away. So she badmouths them about fearing being replaced by her. When Yomi offers to give her powers, she is badmouthed as a failure and slapped. Man, you can’t satisfy this b*tch. Yume heard this and thinks of getting her. Mai manages to find Sayaka and accompany her. However Yume has found them and wants her to come back. It is obvious Sayaka doesn’t want to and when Mai has her clearly state her feelings, Yume wants to play a game of hide and seek. If they can escape her, she’ll give up on them. Obviously this is part of Yume’s plan to let loose some steam on them as she furiously enjoys clashing their swords. Yume is disappointed in Sayaka at first and when Mai takes over in her stead, Sayaka suddenly has all the feels about warmth and such. She doesn’t want to lose it and fights Yume again. This time it is more intense but it’s time to stop when Yukina is here. Sayaka shocks her and says she can’t be the Toji she wants and doesn’t want to lose these warm feelings. Yukina can rant about the ultimate to only serve Yukari but Sayaka rejects her and rather be with Mai. That must be the biggest shock in her life. With arrangements by Ema, the duo reunite with Kanami’s side in Mokusa. They are introduced to Akane Origami, Yukari’s younger sister.

Episode 8
We see glimpse of that great disaster 20 years ago. Casualties are high and the damage to great. Yukina was gravely injured and was ordered by Yukari to other Toji to take her away. Now we understand why she’s such a b*tch wanting to lap up to her. Ultimately it is Yukari along with Kagari (Hiyori’s mom) and Minato (Kanami’s mom) who went to ‘defeat’ the great Aradama but only Yukari returned unscathed. The girls also meet Sana Maniwa who is the president of Osafune. She owes it to their moms otherwise she will not be standing here. Everyone is shocked to learn Kanami’s mom was a Toji. Why didn’t she say? Nobody asked. Yeah… Plus, mom don’t usually talk about those things. Akane continues the story that the public was lied to about the extermination of the Aradama because they discovered a higher intelligence Aradama known as Princess Tagitsu behind it, fearing it would confuse the public. Yukari never told how she suppressed it, Kagari and Minato’s names were removed as heroes as Yukari installed the other heroes as current presidents of the 5 schools. The duo quit being Toji and raised a family. Only after Minato’s death 7 years ago that Kagari started blaming herself, Akane was determined to find the truth. Her research led her to find a method of dragging Tagitsu into the netherworld in exchange for Kagari’s life. As Toji use the power of their Okatana, they are using layers of powers from the netherworld. When you reach its limit, you reach some infinity limit and will not comeback. Kagari achieved that for this double suicide move. Kagari survived only because Minato saved her but this means their overall lives were shortened. But if they drove Tagitsu back then, what is Yukari now? Hiyori knows her mom only took away its power temporary. Tagitsu must have latched onto her to continue surviving. Akane once spied Yukari talking to Tagitsu and hence the letter she wrote to Kagari for help. Tagitsu has spent the last 20 years trying to revive herself. Akane is somewhat grateful that had not Minato and Kagari come back, their daughters would not have been born. After the girls train with the Osafune counterparts, Kanami and Hiyori wonder if the Toji then had S Equipment, would their moms still be alive. Friedman tells them about the ever changing technology and he studied this to understand Yukari’s motives. He concluded it is to hunt Aradama and quickly recover their Noro. This is a simple task for Yukari and the opponent they are facing is not any ordinary Aradama but one that is close to a god.

Episode 9
Our girls have time to enjoy the festival. Rui is also there. Not sure how she was released after being captured on suspicions of abetting assault on Yukari. As they witness the ritual, they are surprised the shrine worships Noro. There are still a few hidden places where the Origami family hasn’t collected them. Looks like the girls will need to have their history revised as they are being told the truth. In school, they learnt Noro left on their own for too long will turn into Aradama. That’s totally wrong. Noro was once worshipped widely across the country but the government thinking about economic reasons decided to consolidate and gather them at one place and strictly supervised. But due to the war, the restrictions were relaxed and the Toji were permitted to use them. After the war, America joined in on the study. However it was then they realized that the more Noro gathered together, the more intelligent it becomes. This is why Tagitsu is becoming more god-like. Therefore that great disaster was actually manmade. America was transporting the stockpiled Noro when an accident happened. Noro are the real victims as they are forced into existence by humans who wish to create Okatana. If things cannot go back to the way they were, at least they could enshrine and let it rest peacefully. The girls feel they have been doing a great injustice to Aradama but they have discharged their duties in accordance to what a shrine priestess would do so they didn’t really just defeat the Aradama. This truth is a bitter pill for them to swallow and accept but they have to since it is reality. Soon, Yukari’s forces clamp down on the festival. They’re not here to hunt Aradama but to smoke out Mokusa members. The Osafune girls split into groups to stall the forces to let our main heroines escape via submarine. Yume is also here and owns them pretty easily. The submarine is heavily guarded as the girls notice the guards have spectrum meter. Friedman explains the government might have fine-tuned it to detect those with Okatana as Aradama. In other words, blaming them as humans turning into Aradama. The guards are taken care off for our main heroines to board the submarine. Yume arrives too late to fight the remnants of Osafune. She is not pleased she is accused of using Noro. She is never used them one bit and it is all entirely her own ability.

Episode 10
Police have surrounded the 5 schools and arrest certain people while the students have their Okatana confiscated. Yukari is naked before a pool of Noro. Uhm, Noro tentacle rape? Because of that, all Toji across the country start to temporarily experience, uhm, soul split? Out of body experience? Friedman says something similar happened once 20 years ago. He believes a great change is about to occur because after that one, the great Aradama was released. Akane intends to let the people know about this and will gather the mass media at Yokosuka. It is a risky move and of course Yukari will take measures to prevent that. Hiyori and the rest want to help and believe if they take down Yukari, everything will be over. Akane agrees and will be the bait to attract as many enemies to make their fighting easier. But as for how to reach Yukari, Kanami has a plan. When the submarine reaches the port of Yokosuka, the media is waiting and of course the police and special units have cordoned off the area. Akane shows up as the spotlight is now on her. While she trolls everyone hinting some truth, this has the girls enough time to set their jet containers as they blast off to Yukari’s HQ. Yeah, no one saw that coming. Too bad for Yukina who has come all the way here thinking she could solve this mess by herself now has to go back there.

Episode 11
The girls make their way to the shrine where only Yukari is allowed. However Yume is waiting for them but chooses to fight with Kanami as she is the strongest. Their bout is interrupted with Ellen and Kaoru substituting for her so they could trudge ahead. This pisses off Yume as she views the rest as weaklings. Mai feels bad s she was the one who put up this plan for Ellen and Kaoru to fight her. Don’t worry. See Kanami smiling? She forgives you. No time for friendship as they are attacked by Yomi. Mai and Sayaka stay back to let the duo go ahead. Yukina is coaxing Sayaka to come back. All those sweet words until she says they are tools to serve Yukari and openly mistreats zombie Yomi. Kanami and Hiyori face off with Suzuka and Maki respectively. They are losing actually until the power of plot convenience in the form of my will-is-greater-than-yours gives them the extra strength to beat them. Yeah… Back to Yume’s match. She gets so mad when she is defeated by their combo. This has her Aradama leaking out but she threatens it not to come out and will not use it. So like final stage bosses, Yume is now ever more powerful as she defeats the Osafune duo. But it took a toll on her. So as she trudges on, we have to see her flashback so that we don’t hate this psycho girl. It shows she has been chosen by the Okatana since young. High expectations. But her body began to break down. She was abandoned at the hospital and left to die. Not even her family visited her once. Until Yukari came and gave her a choice (plus Noro). She chose. So her wish is to leave a great legacy of how great she is in everyone’s minds? No way this psycho girl is dead, right???!!! Kanami and Hiyori step into the shrine to confront Yukari who is expecting them.

Episode 12
After Mai takes out Yomi, Sayaka points her sword at Yukina who thinks she still needs to get rid of those emotions. Sayaka feels sad for her and the pain in her heart is out of pity. Suzuka tells Maki to go ahead as she will deal with properly disposing Yume’s body by killing her once more. Otherwise she will turn into an Aradama. Kanami and Hiyori fight against Yukari. No, Tagitsu rather. It seems she can see and predict their moves. Tagitsu claims she could have easily killed Hiyori when she first attacked at the tournament but let her go so she could use her to smoke out Mokusa. Since Tagitsu can predict their moves, Kanami doesn’t attack. Because of the logic she will see too many possibilities and hence unable to decide. In this distraction, they are able to at least cut her arm. But Tagitsu revives as her hair now turns into an Aradama monster! Bad hair day? They could have been done for had not Mai and Sayaka come to their aid. Maki is shocked that the storeroom that has stored 20 years’ worth of Noro is empty. She is being told the truth by Ellen and Kaoru how the Noro had been pretending to lie dormant all this time just for today. That includes the decrease of Aradama incidents and Toji deaths. All nothing but deception to let their guard down. Oh look, convenience. Because Tagitsu’s fight with the quartet is now brought here. Time for the sextet to join in the fight but ultimately with more numbers, means higher probability of being eliminated. Back to Kanami and Hiyori to fight again. Flashback during that tragedy, Yukari was unable to give the necessary orders to deal with the Aradama. So Minato and Kagari sacrificed themselves to seal it. That is when Tagitsu awakened and proposed to Yukari. She explained about how she was taken from her homeland and feelings of revenge grew. She became an evil god and realized she would be destroyed by humans one day and only thought of survival. Tagitsu proposes to fuse with her and in exchange will save Kagari and Minato’s life. She will grant Yukari a grace period of a few decades and if she can destroy her in that time period, she wins. Really? Now back to the fight, suddenly Kanami is possessed by Minato and fights on par with Tagitsu! Unbelievable, right? After dealing some damage, it is Hiyori’s turn to seal Tagitsu. She is about to sacrifice herself for the ultimate sealing but Kanami brings her back. So the Noro become shooting stars? Is this a good ending?

Episode 13
Not really good ending because Tagitsu detached herself and launched into the sky, raining Aradama all over the region. Now Aradama attacks are more frequent than ever. Kanami and Sayaka are like new celebrities in the Toji world as they help to take down rampaging Aradama. We’ve got a new kid from the block, Ayumu Uchizato from Ayanokouji admiring Kanami and that level is set to go up since she is tasked to temporarily work with her. Meanwhile Akane is in court trying to answer to charges for the Aradama aftermath incident. Because Tagitsu’s ‘leaking’ also caused hazardous damage to the environment. Iroha sees Hiyori who has decided to quit being a Toji. Her goal of finishing her mom’s mission is over so there is no reason for her to stay. Although Tagitsu will not return for the time being, it seems Iroha has a mission for her that might but her early retirement on hold. Kaoru continues to complain about her labour rights since Sana is working her to death. Maybe it’s just Kaoru whom she is treating badly. Be prepared for more workload as Sana tells her an incident of a mysterious hooded Toji attacking recovery teams and stealing their recovered Noro. They cannot guess who she is as her Okatana is unregistered and she fights using various forms. This incident is kept a secret and only a handful of people know. Kaoru suggests showing it to Kanami since a martial arts fanatic like her could identify. Meanwhile Ayumu continues to admire Kanami. She likes it but from what I understand from ‘disgusted’ Sayaka, it’s like she is getting drunk on it and being too distant, especially about their skill levels which is aeons apart. Kanami has this dream with Minato again. Minato denies possessing her body then to fight Tagitsu. She thinks Kanami had to believe that she became her and hence ‘copied’ her ways. Meanwhile that Yukina b*tch is still alive and now using Yomi as her plaything. With the cooperation of the president of Ayanokouji, Yuzuru Souraku, they have mass produced some secret medicine believed to evolve people, alleviate suffering, etc. Sana and Kaoru see Suzuka at the hospital. They show her the unidentified Toji. Although she doesn’t recognize her, Kaoru wants her to admit that is Maki. Kanami is surprised to see Hiyori back. Looks like they’ll be teaming up again to hunt down the mysterious Toji.

Episode 14
Mai returns home and dad wants her to transfer out of Minoseki. He is worried with the increased Aradama attacks in wounded Toji. This isn’t what Mai wants but is given time to think. Next morning, father brings her to his organization. It is a research lab on special metals. Originally it was state funded but went bankrupt. With him financing it as a privately owned entity, it is searching for ways to use tamahagane steel. Mai is introduced to Ellen’s scientist parents who explain the research to extract energy from Noro to act as intermediary with this world and the netherworld. Also here is Friedman who is invited by Mai’s dad as an honorary member. Friedman talks about the Noro’s impurity as loneliness and that is because they seek the tamahagane steel. This experiment will try and prove the Noro will be cleansed by bringing it closer to the tamahagane steel. With Ellen here, both friends talk about the importance of family. Ellen points out that her dad brought her here not to show this is a profitable research but if they can clear the impurities of Noro with tamahagane steel, then there would be no need for Toji to be in danger. AKA Toji would be out of a job too? Meanwhile Sana shows Kanami’s side the hooded Toji killing an Aradama and saving other Toji. From her fighting stance, Kanami thinks it is Maki. They are told to keep this a secret since many still believe this is an inside job and would further damage their reputation. But that hooded Toji looks slightly different and is definitely a different person as she steals Noro from the research centre. Time for Ellen and Mai to fight to prove to their parents how much they’ve grown and why Toji is still relevant. Although they lost and the culprit got away, everyone is glad nobody got hurt. Cue for heart-warming reconciliation of daughters with their family. With that, Mai’s dad decides to cancel Mai’s transfer. As expected. Meanwhile we see Yukina and Yomi working and worshipping that shady hooded Toji. Tagitsu?

Episode 15
Once again we see Kaoru being worked to the bone by Sana. So on a trip to Gunma to find some Aradama, as usual she slacks off. When she decides to get serious, she finally meets her young team of Toji and is surprised to see Sayaka on the team. Why is she here? Her job with Kanami is done so she came down to help. Damn workaholic. With Sayaka being hardworking, she earns the praise of her juniors. Don’t worry Kaoru, you have never been in their good books since the start. Kaoru even tries to teach Sayaka how to slack off. Like this ping pong game. Heck, all the juniors support Sayaka. Even Nene defects to Sayaka! Weakling Kaoru lost. She even tried to bring her Okatana into the game! Somebody has to report the damage… Next day as they continue to find the Aradama, with Nene sticking to Sayaka, Kaoru trolls Hiyori by sending a picture of them. Because this means Nene has got attached to a flat chest and this means there is hope for Hiyori! They stumble into a cute squirrel Aradama. Sayaka wants to instantly kill it but is stopped by Kaoru. Because Nene is being friendly with it, it is not hostile. Sayaka thought of killing all Aradama but Kaoru points out in that case, shouldn’t she kill Nene too? Can she? She can’t. So the lesson learnt is that she must think before she acts. However Tagitsu is passing by and this causes the squirrel to turn into a giant hostile Aradama. Kaoru instantly kills this one. As the collection team retrieve the Noro, Tagitsu knocks them out to steal them. That is when Maki confronts Tagitsu. She has been chasing after her and wants back the Noro she stole. A short bout before Tagitsu escapes. When Kaoru and Sayaka return, they think Maki is the culprit. Made worse as Maki didn’t say anything and leaves. Kaoru calls to report back to Sana who praises her for a job well done. Kaoru sure knows how to make Sana’s blood boil with her sarcasm. And you think all is going to end well because Sayaka also reports how Kaoru has taught her well. Like how having fun is also important in missions. Kaoru is going to get an earful when she gets back. But right now, RUN!!! Oh Kaoru…

Episode 16
Sana confirms with Suzuka that one of the hooded Toji is Maki. As for the other, she is unsure but is certain it cannot be Maki’s ally. We take time off for the girls to celebrate Sayaka’s birthday! It’s a quick one because after that they discuss about the hooded Toji. As they have conflicting accounts, they go see Sana to confirm. With Akane’s permission, it is revealed the other hooded Toji is Tagitsu. She has not possessed anyone but manifest in a human form. Conveniently, Akane has them accompany her to the Ministry of Defence’s HQ. Locked deep inside a chamber with many guards, sits Tagitsu. Actually, she wants to be identified as Takiri. She wants them to hand over Ichikishima who is in their safekeeping. After an audience with her, Akane reveals more that after they defeated Yukari, Tagitsu split into 3 parts. She realized Yukari was not under the Aradama’s mind control but was suppressing it. Now they are free and acting on their own will. Gee, during Yukari’s ‘suppression’, she sure acted hostile and evil. Is that the side effect of suppression? So Kanami’s dream with her mom didn’t make her have any clear convictions as she is further in a dilemma as to whether to cut down Takiri. But the thinking has to be put aside since Tagitsu attacks the HQ. Yeah, all those guards and Toji are useless. The duo spar with her but just when it looks like they are about to be defeated, here comes Maki again. Eventually Tagitsu disappears and Maki is shocked to sense another Aradama (Takiri). Yeah, Tagitsu now knows about Takiri’s whereabouts too.

Episode 17
Suzuka slaps Maki for trying to play the lone heroine. She too has trying to be fighting. With the research progress, they will soon have a cure to purge the Aradama from their body. But for now, the girls are to taken to meet Yukari. So she’s still able to run free? Inside the submarine, Yukari explains that she is free from any Aradama inside her body. On that night when both were to perished, Tagitsu purged herself from her body to save herself. She also split herself to stave off pursuit. In this submarine also houses Ichikishima. She sounds rather pessimistic… She feels she is abandoned and not useful. But when told that Takiri wanted her, she believes if they combine and use her powers, Takiri’s victory is 100% assured. There’s more mumbo-jumbo explanation about Tagitsu splitting herself in 3, how the tamahagane steel binds the Aradama and it is no surprise when human’s greed stole them away, they became angry. This is why Aradama attack humans. The issue now is that since Tagitsu split into 3 parts, each have contradicting ideals and are opposing each other. Tagitsu wants to retaliate and destroy all humans. Takiri wants to control, dominate and guide humans as their new God. Ichikishima wants to know if Aradama’s existence is necessary and she has come to a conclusion that a hybrid of human-Aradama is the key! They will fight with the winner absorbing the loser which will ultimately obtain their true form still in the netherworld. Of course in theory it is easier to go to the netherworld and destroy the real body but to humans that realm is infinite and close to being impossible to exist. Need some kind of bond… The rest discuss Ichikishima as the most dangerous but the immediate risk is Tagitsu. Their plan is to take her out and then negotiate with the rest. Later Yukari apologizes to Kanami and Hiyori for their mom’s demise. As Kanami is still unable to forgive, she further explains their moms were on the verge of falling into the netherworld with Tagitsu. Tagitsu who wanted to avoid destruction made a deal with her. Yukari accepted it because she doesn’t want to lose her friends. In the end, only she survived and their moms didn’t. But Kanami isn’t bitter. She notes her mom seemed happy up until her death. Meanwhile Yuzuru is vetting through candidates to be Takiri’s elite guards, something Yukina isn’t happy since there is no time. Good thing Ayumu is rejected? To hasten things, Yomi almost kills them! On the verge of death, Yuzuru is forced to administer and inject Noro into them to save their lives. Now they are zombie guards who will die for Takiri.

Episode 18
Everyone is at their stations preparing for Tagitsu’s attack. I agree with Kaoru that they should just kill’em all! Akane is trying to negotiate with Takiri to get her to cooperate but again she refuses to help lowlife scums. Oddly, Kanami asks to spar with Takiri so they can understand each other. You think this ‘God’ will lower herself to your level? Shockingly, Nene finds comfort in Takiri’s boobs! I guess it’s time to find some nice bosoms after being too long with a washboard. Takiri peaks into Nene’s mind. Originally an Aradama born out of man’s ignorance and foolishness, Nene went on a rampage but was quelled by Kaoru’s mother and tamed. Takiri finds it strange Nene has no impurities and wonders if living with humans long enough made it so. Hence she surprisingly agrees to spar with Kanami. So she deduces she is somewhat kind? Uhm, what again? Soon the Ayanokouji Toji girls attack. Yeah, it’s good it doesn’t put those on station to waste, right? Kanami is shocked to see Ayumu among the group and is further surprised that Ayumu is happy to fight her. Maki and Suzuka face off with Yomi and try to convince her to come back and serve Yukari like the old days. But she isn’t listening. When Tagitsu finally shows up, it is because Takiri is out of her cage. Both clash but eventually Takiri loses. Tagitsu absorbs her and is now super fast and powerful. Not even our usual Toji heroines could do anything. Even Nene transform into its original Aradama form to fight her but is still no match for Tagitsu nonetheless. With everyone incapacitated and having achieved her goal, Tagitsu leaves. Yeah, a mistake to let them lick their wounds and recover.

Episode 19
It has been a week since and Tagitsu is not making any moves. This is why Kaoru is so impatient in getting back into action to return the favour and not to be mistaken for being passionate about work! But surprise! Tagitsu makes a public announcement. She claims she wants to coexist with humans but the Toji then denied that chance, hence leading to that great disaster. Lies of course but remember, the public doesn’t know the truth. Even more shocking, the government is now on Tagitsu’s side! What shocks the ladies even more is how Yukina is giving her ‘true’ statement and seeks to forge a better relationship with the Aradama via dialogue. She accuses Ichikishima of wanting to destroy humans and how Yukari is sheltering her. Yukina’s goal is to bring them together to be fused. To achieve that, she declares the creation of Sword Administration Bureau Restoration Faction to be set up in Tokyo (thus splitting Sword Administration further). She demands Yukari hand over Ichikishima immediately. Our Toji girls for now have to fight usual Aradama threatening the city. Kanami meets Ayumu on the job and the latter seems obliviously happy. Although she is exterminating Aradama, she is under the impression that Tagitsu is a goddess. Yukina’s ego might boost even further because she hints she will take over Sana’s position soon. More woes for our heroines as Friedman informs that his own country has abandoned the submarine. This means Japan can seize anything with unknown nationality in their waters. Maki and Suzuka go to see Yomi and ask questions if she is doing this on her own free will. She says she does. But is she happy? You think she knows the answer to that? Yukina is seen threatening a government official to make their next move because what other choice do they have? When the government surround and take the submarine, nobody is on board. Thanks to Rui, Yukari and Ichikishima escaped earlier on a mini raft. Yuzuru feels guilty when Ayumu like a happily little angel thanks her for allowing her dream to come true as she was able fight Kanami and somewhat win.

Episode 20
Yukari slashes her way through the Ayanokouji girls to leads Ichikishima away. They hide in a shed in the outskirts and supposedly meet up with Yuzuru. Yuzuru talks about the dream she wanted to realize and would even walk the wrong path for it. But now she has forced her ego on her students, she is starting to feel guilty? So does that mean she wasn’t prepared to walk the evil path in the first place? Yukari will not condemn her since she blames herself for being weak and in turn ‘gave’ that weakness to them. Unfortunately Yukari and Ichikishima have to run again as Yomi has found them. She used Yuzuru to trace their whereabouts. She too will not condemn Yuzuru nor kill her but says that despite everything they have done, they chose this way of life and thus shall not be condemned. Our usual Toji heroines fight the Ayanokouji counterparts to give Yukari time to run away. Kanami has to put up with Ayumu who is once again eager to fight her. At the same time Yomi fights her old elite guard comrades and eventually lost. Yukari thinks they have run away far enough so this enables her to talk to Ichikishima about how she did not lose herself while she was being possessed by Tagitsu. Something about needing them as well as they are not an unnecessary existence. Huh? Now Tagitsu is here to reclaim what is hers. Yukari is unable to match her speed and strength. Since Ichikishima has been captivated with what Yukari said, she wants to protect her. So she goes to find help and stumbles into Hiyori. She pleads for her to combine. Hiyori of course refuses due to her past with Aradama. But with Ichikishima being adamant of entrusting herself to her… In the nick of time, Hiyori dives in to save Yukari. Woah. She is electrically charged! Is this the result of the combination? Uhm, if Ichikishima could combine with Hiyori, shouldn’t she had combined with Yukari since technically she is stronger? Oh right. They hinted something earlier but it wasn’t clear…

Episode 21
Hiyori doesn’t want Kanami to come near. She has acquired Ichikishima’s power that sees the future and she saw Kanami being cut down many times. Hiyori escapes and Kanami wants to go after but Yukari tells her to return and rest. She will chase down Hiyori and tell her how to control the Aradama. Hiyori notes the irony of their reversed roles now. She vows not to be swallowed by the Aradama’s power. Yukari explains their families possessing the same power but Hiyori still cannot accept that her mom was the one who sacrificed herself and none from the Origami family. Yukari suggests absorbing it into her body and become an evil god. After she does that, she will end everything. At this point Tagitsu pops up to fight. Yukari becomes Hiyori’s coach-cum-motivator for her to fight Tagitsu. This allows Hiyori to cut her. Viewing Yukari as a threat, Tagitsu targets her but this distraction allows Hiyori to cut her down and absorb her. With their other friends arriving, Yukari asks if Hiyori can suppress it. Otherwise she will bring her to the netherworld and be sealed there forever. Hiyori knows it is impossible to suppress it for 20 years like she did but will not seek her help either. With all the friends pleading for Hiyori to suppress it (easier said than done), Kanami suggests they continue and finish their fight from the tournament. You mean now? She arrogantly adds that she could have beaten Hiyori many times before but now she has become god, they are on equal footing. Hiyori is shocked to see all possibilities end in her own defeat. She fights anyway. And lost. Kanami continues playing tough until she breaks down. If Hiyori can’t suppress it, let it all out and she’ll cut them all down! So that’s her solution? But plot twist! Tagitsu emerges from Hiyori’s body and cuts her down before absorbing it. Oh no! Hiyori dead?!

Episode 22
Tagitsu is trying to open the gate to the netherworld and it portal is getting bigger every moment. It’s like going to be a repeat of that great disaster. Yukina pledges her loyalty further to Tagitsu but she doesn’t need her anymore. Boo hoo. She got what she deserved? I guess Kanami tries to act happy but since her everyone knows it’s wrong to put up a fake front, shed a little tears and they’re ready to put that behind and go into action. You don’t say because Aradama attacks are now getting more frequent. With nobody ‘qualified’ enough to be the field commander, it seems Yukari has managed to convince Yuzuru to rejoin them take command. Also, Kanami and co want to be dispatched on this next mission at least to salvage Kogarasuma. Hence Kanami has no time to play with Ayumu and has to deal with Sayaka. Ayumu is still complaining she cannot catch up to Kanami. One lecture from Sayaka to cut her down is enough to make her finally understand. Good riddance. Kanami and Yukari face off with Tagitsu. Because they could feel the resonance of Kogarasuma, it means Hiyori is still alive inside Tagitsu. Great motivation for Kanami to save her friend. Meanwhile Yukina has fallen into depression. She got what she deserved, right? Hard to pity her in her last moments crying that she doesn’t want to be abandoned. Oh look. Who is here to save her? Yomi. Partially fused with Aradama now. Yukina still thinks she is here to mock her. You dare say that to the person saving your ass now? Of course some reminiscing moments as we see Yomi was the unfortunate one not picked to have her own Okatana. Yukina agreed to give her power even if she is just a guinea pig. Yukina finally acknowledges Yomi. Now she can rest in peace. Kanami manages to slash Tagitsu. And since her voice managed to reach to Hiyori inside, Hiyori cuts her way out. Yay! Now our lesbian duo reunite! Mission accomplished so Yukari takes them to escape and Hiyori to reunite with her friends.

Episode 23
Uhm, sky is falling. Skyfall? Black snow too. Friedman explains they have no idea what’s going on because this is all unprecedented. Tagitsu is trying to merge both worlds and smashing the netherworld into Earth. But long story short, it could be the end of the world. Yeah, I figure from the looks of everything. Of course the only solution is to defeat Tagitsu. So our Toji heroines go up to face her. 7 against 1. Sounds unfair but when you consider how super powerful Tagitsu is, maybe another 100 won’t do. Meanwhile, looks like Yukina has lost her mind. Perhaps repentance because she gives Yomi a decent funeral. Maki and Suzuka find her but the former isn’t happy. Because she can’t kill her now? Huh? Yukina doesn’t want to leave Yomi and doesn’t mind getting absorbed by the Noro. They slap her and take her along otherwise it will be an insult to Yomi who returned to save her. Tagitsu takes the fight to a higher plane. Eventually it is Hiyori who faces off with her. Side distraction with Yukari trying to seal Tagitsu like she did before but it looks like Tagitsu can resist and deal some serious damage to her. Hiyori is now motivated to do the unthinkable but look who is here now to interrupt? Yeah. Kanami. So they’re going to be sealed in eternity together? I guess with a female companion, it won’t be so bored after all. Back to the real world, looks like some black hole is going to drop on the world.

Episode 24
How strange fate could be. Like mothers, like daughters. Yup, Kanami and Hiyori are sealed together forever so that the world could return to normalcy. 2 months have passed, Aradama incidents continue to crop up frequently and although the duo are classified as missing, the friends are very hopeful they would return. But in the meantime this is where they are. Hiyori finds herself in the etches of her own memory. Oh, there’s mom. Her younger self. Time to play catch up and tell her all the events that transpired after, their regrets, etc. Same with Kanami and hers but since they met a lot in their dreams so I guess this meeting is no surprising. And there is something about how their Okatana originally split that enabled them meet like this. Cue for their Okatana to resonate because it means they are close by. Yeah, very close. Not even in screaming distance. All of them reunite. A big emotional teary hug. Funny. All women are about the same age in this meeting… Weird to meet your high school mom. But I wonder, if this is Minato and Kagari’s first meeting since, you mean they couldn’t meet each other in other times? So it only took their daughters for them to do so? With this place slowly fading, I guess it’s time to go back. Can they? The moms say the young ones can because their bodies are still intact. The only way is to overcome your lingering regrets. For Kanami, I guess it is sparring with her mom. Finally she wins. Hiyori? She has made new friends. So no regrets. One last big emotional goodbye hug from mother and daughter. And off the daughters go into the mist. Gee, like that would help them figure where they’re going. Oh, this little Noro from this spectrum meter Hiyori brought to lead the way in this nothingness. Good thing, right? So now the moms can forever be together, they have someone else to play with: Tagitsu. I guess better be friends than be hostile.

End snippets of what the characters are doing. The best one goes to Kaoru who continues to slack off because Sana is now swamped with work! Have a taste of her own medicine? I’m sure the earful would be worth it. Others include Friedman giving his research talks, Sayaka singlehandedly completing missions by herself (why do they need other Toji if she is this bloody efficient?), Ayumu undergoing rehabilitation and Yukina somewhat ‘forgiven’ because some management thingy has been passed to her. Yukari and Akane talk about the reconstruction of Noro shrines and efforts to bring back the ancient ways of humans and Noro coexisting. So when Tagitsu returns in the future, they will welcome her as a stable deity instead of an evil one. I don’t know if some portal opened or they got dropped out of the sky because Kanami and Hiyori are back in reality. Right in the middle of beautifully blossoming sakura. They relish seeing the reactions on their friends’ faces. The next tournament is about to start with Akane presiding over it. Sayaka and Kaoru join Maki and Suzuka as the new elite guards.

Busou Shoujo Baeblade
Funny. The last episode feels a bit strange. Our main heroines didn’t actually technically reunite with the rest of the friends! Did you not notice that? At least not seen with them. I was expecting that happy reunion group pic cliché but it was nowhere to be seen. Therefore it only leads me to believe this conspiracy theory that they are still wandering in the netherworld! I mean, if they can picture their old place and past from their memories, what are the chances that they could also picture themselves amidst the blossoming sakura? That’s what they look forward the most this season aside than reuniting with their friends, no? Best VR experience ever. So the final episode feels a bit like a damper because it is just one big dramatic family reunion finale. Daughters assure that the future is in good hands. Goodbye to the moms in their teens. Weird, right?

I was never intrigued by the plot all the while. Although I was quickly forming the stereotype idea that this is going to be a tournament style format, that is soon quickly dealt with and put away for another plot twist to develop. So while it is a good thing that this series didn’t use up a cour for a tournament style format storytelling, but the plot to reveal Yukari as the Aradama as sheep’s clothing also doesn’t sound as interesting to me. The first half served to introduce some of the main players, show some bonding between the 2 main characters while the plot becomes a big game of catch with our heroines becoming the fugitive as they run from the authorities and try to plot the downfall of the powerful matriarch holding power across the organization. That’s pretty much sums up the first half.

I’m not sure if my sentiments would have been slightly better had the first half ended on a cliché happy ending note with the Toji girls defeating Tagitsu once and for all. But instead, she split herself into several pieces and hence a reason to make us stay for another cour. Because this second half doesn’t feel any interesting as the first too. At least I failed to be captivated by the plot. It feels like a distraction and detour for Tagitsu to split herself into 3 versions. While all have interesting views on how to deal with the humans, ultimately they became absorbed by the main body and forgotten. That is why this second cour feels more like a diversion than adding anything special. It keeps you guessing which of them is going to be the one but my guts told me it was Tagitsu from the start because you know, the main one. Or maybe I just got lucky. Then it all comes down to the final fight between our characters right before the end of the world and you know they’ll save the day because we didn’t come this far for a bad ending and it would be a waste for our heroines who have put in their effort to stop all this. Just saying.

I don’t find the characters interesting except some of them. But for the main ones, I wasn’t really interested in them seeing for example Kanami is always being Kanami, the cheerful and positive girl who reeks female main character tropes. Because she thinks a bit out of the box and results go her way, that is why she is placed in such a favourable light. Whenever she is lost or need some sort of guidance, hence that weird dream with her mom in her younger days to show the way. Not that I really understand what is going on but I suppose some people draw some sort of motivation from their dreams. Then there is Hiyori who seems to be having grudge issues. She is supposed to be Kanami’s balance because if you have one who is happy and positive, then you need to have one who is strict and serious. Yup, Kanami falls under that and it is perfect combo for the duo to initiate some lesbianism. Oops. I mean girly friendship.

I also felt that it was odd with Kanami sticking around Hiyori for most of the time, Hiyori never actually thought that Kanami wanting to share the burden is to be sealed together with her? You mean that didn’t even remotely crossed her mind? Looked at how shocked when she realized it in the end. I guess making friends clouded her judgment, huh? Is it me or do I find that Kanami is the kind that loves to fight the good fight? She doesn’t pass up chances for this. Because to her it’s like things can be solved after clashing their Okatana. From that understanding Takiri incident to even making peace with her mom. Nothing soothes her soul like the sound of a couple of steels clashing.

We have been shown a lot from Hiyori’s side that it makes us think that Yukari is the bad guy. But what do you know? Plot twist. She isn’t. Hardly surprising too because my guts were already ringing early on that something was wrong, believe it or not. How can such a powerful character turned to the dark side? Well, not common but there are characters who were once good turning to the side of evil. But not this one. We are only made to think so that Yukari could have been the big bad boss because of how good she plays her poker face. Yup, as though her muscles to smile has been cut and this frown is always permanent on her face. Even when she is back to her normal self in the second half, I was a bit confused at first if she was really Yukari herself since she continues to play poker face. It was mind boggling for her to make a deal with something that normal people would have considered as the devil, but I guess when you’re in that position, you don’t have many options. And it was also mind boggling to hear Tagitsu giving her this odd choice to let her revive for 20 years in her body. I mean, wasn’t there any other way to let others know? To me, they’re ‘dumb’ to let this 20 years slip in between them. If they were so resolved, they should have tried to kill each other for good during that period and save us all this drama. Whatever.

They try to pain the Aradama as not the true bad guys and we humans are the one. Yeah, so what’s new? That is why that convoluted story of how they were snatched from their natural habitat before going berserk and taking their revenge on humans. Heh. Even supernatural higher beings have feelings. So Tagitsu trying to exact revenge by annihilating humanity seems justified on these grounds. But I guess some Aradama have turned hostile and hurt innocent people, that’s a big no-no and they must be extinguished and Tagitsu as the big bad boss must be forever banished. Too bad banishing Tagitsu to the netherworld is just a temporary solution. From what it is hinted, she will still be back and seeing how Aradama still run rampant after Tagitsu’s sealing, it looks like humans have a lot of work to do before coexisting can become a reality. But with Kagiri and Minato being Tagitsu’s playmates until then, I predict when the world is ready for Tagitsu’s return, they might be ultimately surprised she comes down as a lovely and happy go lucky Aradama girl. Yeah, everybody so flabbergasted. But I suppose it’s better than killing each other.

On a trivial note, I thought it was a pretty smart and nice subtle way they design Tagitsu, Takiri and Ichikishima. In the sense that they have hands covering over their ears, eyes and mouth respectively. Somewhat representing hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. My theory is that they are related to the Aradama princesses with Tagitsu not wanting to listen to her human counterparts, Takiri unable to see the goodness in humans and Ichikishima unable to speak what she really feels because of her inferiority complex to the other two. I don’t know if it is related or just coincidence but I think it’s quite neat.

The rest of the other Toji don’t really make an impact. Mai tries to play the supportive sister, Sayaka trying to find her footing with her new friends despite still the same emotionless girl as ever (although still much better than she was under Yukina), Ellen as the spunky halfie also serving as boobs fanservice, Nene the animal mascot, the other presidents of the schools are like, uhm, whatever, Friedman as the character to explain the technical stuffs and Rui being the technical support behind the scenes. They added Ayumu as the new girl in the second half but she played the second fiddle as Kanami-Hiyori lesbianism friendship continues to dominate. Hence they turn her into an annoying girl who is that kouhai-chan who looks up to her senpai. And the only way to overcome all that is to fight. Whatever. Even enhanced when she got under the influence of that Noro drug. Now that she is under rehabilitation, she still wants to fight Kanami after she recovers?! Oh, you mean fight with Kanami.

As I have said, some of the characters are interesting. To me, it is Yume. She is basically crazy. Unfortunately they had to kill her off halfway as to prop up some sort of drama that I don’t understand. Sadly, she is the most interesting and my favourite among the elite guards compared to boring emotionless robot Yomi, the arrogant I-always-go-solo-and-then-full-of-regrets Maki and nice girl Suzuka (hinted second pair of lesbianism but not as popular as the first). Too bad they had to cut short her life and role. I would love to have seen this crazy girl kick more ass because she could really do it. What is life without some thrill, right?

Other than Yume, my next interesting and favourite character goes to Kaoru. I just love the way she slacks and being lazy but is forced by Sana who is practically her personal slave driver. I believe Kaoru is just working smart. Sana is still her boss and will somewhat have to take responsibility so slack off while she can. Kaoru has one of the wittiest lines in the series especially if she is trying to be sarcastic. Even more so when she is trading such sarcasm with Sana. I sure brightens up my day when I am feeling bored watching this series. Yes, really. I want her to have her own spinoff series but seeing that she is such a slacker, I don’t think that will pass. The irony of her becoming part of the elite guards shows nobody is good enough to be of her level and hence had to be appointed (because Kanami and Hiyori not being appointed either proves my theory they are still stuck in the netherworld to be true, or history repeated itself like how it blanked out their moms, or they are not as good as we thought they are despite doing lots of heroic stuffs). So is she going to slack even further and leave it all to Sayaka like she always suggested? Sana will need more medication for her headache and sore throat after all that reprimanding.

Finally, Yukina is also an interesting character but not in a positive light. From the start she is casted as a b*tch whom you’ll love to hate. She is bossy, pushy, impatient and does things that is either in her favour or the one whom she favours. It is as though her character is written this way so that we could easily spot this and quickly form spiteful sentiments for her. Especially on how she treats Sayaka and then Yomi. It’s like they don’t want you to sympathize for this b*tch, no siree. I believe Yukina is just lost. Among the Toji who dealt with that great disaster 20 years, she was being the most ‘useless’. A liability if I should say. Therefore I think she is trying to find her own place of belonging and acceptance with this b*tch-like attitude now that she is the director of Renpu. Thinking she could earn the praise and accolades of her Yukari-sama (then Tagitsu) if she has served them well. Then to show that she is still human after all, she gives Yomi a decent burial because at this point, what else can she do? She has lost everything. Probably her mind too. But at that point I was like no love lost for her. I thought that she would be better swapping place with Yomi and died.

Seeing that this is an action series, aside the drama there are a few fight scenes although personally I don’t see them as impressive. Perhaps this is because many of the fight scenes that involve Toji clashing their swords feel a bit awkward. As such scenes are rendered via CGI, watching the Toji girls moving feels as though their movements are like from a video game. I’m not saying that it is lame or anything but it just feels one kind. Sometimes if you pay a bit more attention, you would find that the moves are somewhat repetitive too. Press forward, back, press A, hold B, go back, left, right, press some various buttons simultaneously to unleash final move. I know I just made that up but watching the Toji’s actions sometimes want to make me feel like describing their movements like so.

I suppose that they want some ‘realism’ in their action that is why the Toji girls activate their Utsushi as some sort of protective armour in fights. So that when the sword cuts through them, they don’t die or take serious damage. I mean, you don’t want to have a show where you have to keep missing, right? In shows heavy on the gun action, low fries baddies will have this Stormtrooper aim and miss the good guys even if you give them infinite bullets. Hence with Utsushi here, the girls are able to fight and strike each other down without having to make this looking so obvious. Also they have this fast speed ability thingy and it sometimes they look weird zooming here and there fast, which feels a bit video game-like. Speedy Gonzales?

Also the irony that it is funny to think that although the Toji maidens are the only ones who are most qualified to stop the Aradama threat, having those other military or SWAT guys on scene just feels redundant. I guess men can’t become female swordswomen so they have to end up in this mundane job if they want to protect their country. Except that they can’t. Not at least from Aradama. And why do the Toji girls get to wear their high school uniform as their fighting gear? It is just not practical to fight in such clothes but I guess Japan and the rest of the world love Japanese high school girls. Even if our heroines get to don that special armour, having them in their high school uniform still looks a bit out of place. Futuristic meets kawaii?

Voice acting is rather okay with recognizable veteran seiyuus taking on supporting roles like Ayako Kawasumi as Akane, Romi Paku as Sana, Mai Nakahara as Ema, Satsuki Yukino as Iroha, Ami Koshimizu as Yuzuki, Shizuka Itou as Minato, Risa Taneda as Kagari, Chiwa Saito as Takiri and Eri Kitamura as Ichikishima. The other casts are Kaedo Hondo as Kanami (Hitomi in Hinamatsuri), Saori Oonishi as Hiyori (Aiz in DanMachi), Asami Seto as Yukari (Chihaya in Chihayafuru), Rina Hidaka as Tagitsu (Airi in Ryo-Kyu-Bu), Azumi Waki as Mai (Maika in Blend S), Risae Matsuda as Kaoru (Minael in Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku), Eri Suzuki as Ellen (Chinatsu in Flying Witch), Hina Kino as Sayaka (Hanako in Asobi Asobase), Hitomi Oowada as Ayumu (Sana in Alice To Zouroku), Yumi Uchiyama as Maki (Kuromitsu in Kyoukai No Rinne), Mao Ichimichi as Suzuka (Bada in ClassicaLoid), Mai Fuchigami as Yomi (Nagisa in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu), Inori Minase as Yume (Hestia in DanMachi), Yukana as Yukina (CC in Code Geass), Mitsuaki Hoshino as Friedman (Magellan in One Piece) and Kanomi Izawa as Rui (Chieko in Francesca). Even Nene has its own seiyuu, Satsumi Matsuda (Jinko in Nana Maru San Batsu). Must be the easiest job ever, huh?

All the opening and ending themes are sung by the main sextet. I believe the first opening theme, Save You Save Me as the better among all the themes (although it is not the best). Despite sounding like a typical idol pop group song, I figure the fast paced energetic beat suits the theme of this series well. The second opening theme, Shinkakei Colours also have this feel but somehow doesn’t live up to the first one. The first ending theme feels a little weird. Kokoro No Memoria has a little hip hop infused in it. Then it is back to typical anime pop for the second ending theme, Mirai Epilogue.

Overall, this anime is still watchable and although not boring, it doesn’t excite me in many ways. Story and main characters feel uninteresting as the entire series is just trying to stop a huge revenge plot by an angry organism trying to end the human world. It’s just not for me despite I read comments over the internet that the community is mostly divided into loving and hating this series. But I guess this is the only series I can think of that is the closest in having nearly all its entire female casts using swords. Besides Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism but if this doesn’t has much swordplay here. Sure, there are other great swordswoman in other anime but those are mostly individual (like Fate/Stay Night’s Saber, Sword Art Online’s Asuna, Fairy Tail’s Erza, Kill La Kill’s Satsuki) rather than a series as a whole. I guess for a change, swords that cut deep enough to kill Aradama for now are better than swords that cut deep enough to expose boobs and pantsu. Thank goodness we didn’t have any of that here. Tagitsu would definitely accelerate the crash to send everyone to hell on her next return.


October 21, 2018

I’m sure we have this fantasies of wanting to stop time and do whatever we want. Fortunately we can’t do that in real life otherwise time will never ever move forward with all of us busy stopping time trying to achieve our selfish goals. But Kokkoku isn’t an omnibus of mini stories put together about people stopping time and doing whatever they want and in the end reap what they deserve. Instead, a seemingly normal family discovers they have the ability to stop time and while it all seems nice and fun at first, there is also a dangerous cult who can do the same. They have to fight and survive their way through this stalled time while discovering other strange and bizarre secrets of this frozen world.

Episode 1
Juri Yukawa just failed another job interview. Her 19th one. She has a reason why she wants to leave her household. Her grandpa is old and retired, dad Takafumi is laid off and drinks in the day, brother Tsubasa is unemployed and is only interested in playing video games. Her sister Sanae is a single mom and perhaps the only ‘amazing’ one as she works to support her only son, Makoto. They don’t even know who his father is. But Makoto is the sole reason why Juri feels she has hope of this family. Sanae calls Juri to pick up Makoto from kindergarten. Because Tsubasa is being useless again, Takafumi thinks he needs some fresh air and go fetch his nephew instead. After Tsubasa picks Makoto up, suddenly they are kidnapped by ruffians. Soon Juri picks up a ransom call. 5 million in exchange for their lives. Don’t call the cops or they die now. Also, they’ll die if they don’t hand over the ransom at a certain building before a certain time. As the family panics on what to do, grandpa forces them to listen to him. He makes them put their hand on a weird stone as he cuts himself to drip blood into it. Suddenly time stops. After weird supernatural creatures absorb into them, they are able to move about. They head to the kidnapper’s hideout. Don’t worry. They have all the time in the world. Takafumi is in shock and wants a scientific explanation. Yeah, I don’t think our puny minds can understand it. But grandpa doesn’t know much about this world known as Stasis as it was passed down throughout his ancestry. However he cautions that there is a reason why one can’t use it very often. It seems people who do so will naturally give in to their desires like stealing or peeping. Until a point where they become devoured by this world. Grandpa doesn’t know what it means as he doesn’t intend to find out. Arriving at the place, they see the punks in the midst of roughing up their victims. Juri is mad and wants to rough them up. Grandpa notices some hideous creature forming behind her and tells her to prioritize rescuing their family members. As they leave, they are ambushed by a few guys who can move in Stasis. Apparently they have orders to kill everyone except grandpa. Grandpa tries to save Juri and uses his teleportation power but it only moves them a few feet away. Junji Sagawa notes that it is an ability only their bloodline can do and it makes him envious. When an underling threatens to kill Makoto if they keep teleporting away, that hideous bushy monster pops up behind him.

Episode 2
Flashback a few months ago, we see the Genuine Love Society (basically a cult) led by Shibata, telling his followers how they are going to change the world. But they need the master stone for that. Their great leader is Sagawa. Back in current time, the monster crushes that ruffians head! It then disappears. Gramps take Juri and run. He explains that monster is called Handler and is trying to protect people who can’t move in Stasis. There are some other rules too but grandpa isn’t clear about them. He heard people who fooled around too much in here end up as Handlers. Also, they can’t go back and get Tsubasa or Makoto since grandpa cannot teleport stalled people. Yes, he tried it before. Their only way is to redo the spell again. As a Stasis is like a film frame. They need time to flow again and then stop in a different Stasis to rescue the duo and hope those buggers aren’t there. But the problem now is Takafumi. They can’t abandon him and surely the Handler won’t protect those who are moving. Gramps’ plan is for Juri to go back and bring the stone here while he goes rescue Takafumi. We go back a little in time as after the monster killed the ruffian, some of his life force transferred to Tsubasa, enabling him to move. He played dumb by not moving. Shibata talks to Sagawa about the Herald (their term for the Handler). It seems Shibata is in a bind upon realizing they cannot kill stalled people in Stasis as this puts a damper on their plans. Sagawa has also talked to a new recruit about this, Shoko Majima. It seems she has been in this world before but that was like 17 years ago. Tsubasa finally moves when everyone is gone. Unaware of what is going on, he thinks Makoto is dead and carries him to the hospital. Grandpa sees Takafumi being taken by the henchmen to the cult’s base. He goes upstairs and sees a similar stone. When he sees a video when the family was using the stone’s power, he suddenly realizes their target is their stone and has sent Yuri on a ‘suicide mission’. How fast can grandpa run? Meanwhile Juri has returned but doesn’t see the stone. She is assaulted by several men who prepare to kill her as they have orders to vanish the Yukawa family without leaving a trace. I guess this means they can’t rape her and leave semen trails either.

Episode 3
Juri’s eyes turn white. No, she’s not dead. Suddenly she fights back and seems to purge her attackers. She manages to take the stone and run. As Majima witnessed this, she explains that the life force being purged is actually Spectres. Supposedly the supernatural spirits of Stasis. Merging with them allows you to move in this stalled time and when you are purged, you returned to being stalled. Majima knows this because she once had that power. With Shiomi arriving to check on things, Majima explains what happened so he has to go back to report it to Sagawa. Speaking of which, he is doing an experiment. He calls one of the hired subordinates to kill a traitor in their cult. He isn’t participating in this and is stalled. The moment he is about to kill him, the Herald pops up and kills him. Sagawa observes that once again the head is crushed, signalling the Herald might want to get rid of the killing intention from the brainwaves. Also, the Herald is smaller this time and it could mean it needs lots of energy to maintain its form and its uptime is limited. The Spectre in the dead killer pops out and goes into Makoto. Tsubasa is shocked he can now move. Tsubasa tries to play dumb at what is happening but the kid is smarter than him. Of course being a kid, he goes to play around with all the stalled things. Uncle has to chase after him and the fun stops when his back gave way. After Shiomi reports to Sagawa about Majima’s finding, Takafumi is brought to see him. He is told the stone in their possession belongs to them. As Takafumi only knew today he could enter Stasis, Sagawa offers to make a deal with him. Juri manages to reunite with grandpa who is apologetic for not thinking this through. However they are ambushed by more assailants. Oh boy. This teleport tag is going to take a while. Just when they manage to get away and breathe a little bit, a guy who is pretending as a stalled suddenly goes in for a quick stabs at Juri’s back.

Episode 4
Grandpa was fast in tackling that dude. Juri then purges his life force. She asks grandpa and believes she has come to Stasis before. Flashback shows they did. She was sad her dog was going to die of old age and she was willing to stay here forever. When grandpa wanted to bring her back, she struggled and almost purged him. He managed to cling on but realize he lost her. He frantically searched for her and managed to find her. It was at that point he realized Stasis was like hell. It was a good thing she forgot all this until now, eh? As they quarrel about the stone giving them problems, the ruffian return. They could only run so far and grandpa has no energy left. Juri is through running away (perhaps she can’t stand their sexist comments anymore). She purges them all! Badass! With grandpa’s help of teleporting behind the punk and restraining him, this purging combo works on all their pursuers. They return to get Makoto and Tsubasa but are shocked they aren’t there. Grandpa assures he only saw Takafumi being taken away. Juri examines the rope and it looks like Tsubasa freed himself. Examine the dead guy outside, she asks what happens to the Spectre when one dies here. Grandpa realizes it will slip out and perhaps it went into Tsubasa. Back to Majima’s side, they are waiting for orders from Sagawa and considering the possibility if Juri took the stone and run away, it’s over for them. As one of them is injured, he is of course short fused. Majima adds nobody can leave or enter Stasis without the stone. Like living here for eternity if they never get the stone? An argument ensues and that guy tries to kill a stalled. The Herald pops up and kills him! The Herald then crumbles into sand but does not disappear. Majima examines it and finds a human head inside it but not the one she is looking for. She explains this Herald has used up all its energy and won’t move anymore. Heralds were once humans but have transformed into inhabitants of Stasis. In the doctrine of the cult, there is supposed to be only one but there could be many. Majima sounds calm because she has witnessed a family member turned into one before.

Episode 5
Flashback shows Majima’s family also had that stone. It seems they caught up in the spell when grandpa activated it because at the same time Majima’s brother’s tears dropped inside it. The family are shocked to find themselves in the Stasis world. However because they are mentally weak, they soon turn into the Herald. Scared Majima was alone. She bumped into Juri. She too got freaked out and purged Majima before she turned into a Herald. Now, Majima’s ulterior motive is to test if Juri could really expel Spectres and hence using those guys to prove it. Her goal is to find her family who turned into the Herald and bring their bones back. Also, one must not lose the determination to live if you are to continue staying in this Stasis. Juri and grandpa teleport back to purge one of the guys before escaping. Majima and Sako are left as they search for the duo. Majima wants to talk to Juri but she’s not coming out. They give up and return to report to Sagawa on what happened. Because Majima points out there might be more than 1 Herald, Sagawa finds it interesting because it goes against the teachings of the cult. He wants to test it. He pretends to kill that stalled traitor and wants the rest to warn him if the Herald pops up. It’s hard at first but then a small Herald pops up. Shibata laughs at its size and abuses it. When he dares it by threatening to kill the stalled, suddenly it grabs his hand. Sagawa tells him to cut it off or be killed. When he does so, 2 more Herald pop up and decapitate him! Majima somewhat recognizes them as her family members since they are wearing familiar clothes. Meanwhile Juri and grandpa try to take Takafumi away. I know he is bait for the other henchmen to spring and attack them. But what are they waiting for? Because the family is like having enough time to argue and stuff. Once grandpa realizes they’re being tailed, he teleports the family away. Dang. They lost their chance. Sako prefers to follow Majima instead of those ruffians to keep his sanity. They decide to tail the Yukawa family in secret. Tsubasa and Makoto return home. But one of the ruffians tailed them home and reached there first. He hid the stalled bodies and the note Juri left them. When the time is right, he attacks and tries to stab Tsubasa who amazingly puts up a decent fight.

Episode 6
In the struggle, Tsubasa strangles and suffocates him to death. When it’s over, he realizes Makoto is not around. As he looks for him, the Spectre inside is threatening to leave. Luckily he stumbles into Juri and the old guys but at this point Tsubasa is in danger of turning into a Handler. Juri quickly purges him to prevent any further damage although he is now a stalled. Soon, they are confronted by Majima who claims they have Makoto. She blames them for all that has happened. To a point she even stalked Juri in front of her house? And something about she negotiating with the cult but won’t tell them her reasons. They are forced to cooperate as Majima explains her intentions. She wants to summon a Handler to retrieve her family. She will pretend to kill and before the Handler kills her, she wants Juri to purge it. But it is easier said than done since Majima has a hard time trying to ‘pretend’ to kill. However it appears in a flash when Takafumi does so. Thank goodness for grandpa’s teleportation or else he would have been done for. Juri leaps onto the Handler and tries to purge it but because it is huge, she needs many tries to reach into the deep core. All this while, grandpa’s teleportation serves as useful to save Takafumi’s life from the Handler’s smashing. In the end, Juri finally manages to purge the Handler and stop its violence. It seems the people inside the Handler are indeed Majima’s family. According to Majima, both sides acknowledged each other even if it was just for a split second.

Episode 7
Apparently Majima’s brother is still alive. But looking like a malnourished African kid. Soon after, the Spectre leaves his body. Majima makes arrangements so that when she leaves Stasis, she can bury her parents and bring her brother to hospital. Sako wants to team up with the Yukawa family as he feels he doesn’t want to be used anymore by the cult. Juri doesn’t trust him but grandpa at this moment prefers to gather allies. Sako says there are 7 members left in the cult including big boss Sagawa and Shiomi who is good at placing hidden cameras. Sagawa and Shiomi investigate Tsubasa’s body. Sagawa believes the Spectres are familiar with the Yukawa bloodline and hence drawn to them. He reveals his true intention of wanting to observe the world for a long time and hence a lifespan that spans thousands of times than normal humans. If this works out, he plans to install Shiomi as the next head of the cult. He agrees with Shiomi’s plan that if he becomes the head, he will seal Stasis forever. A cult member eavesdropped on them and believes Sagawa is going to betray them. Juri’s plan is to purge the remaining cult members, return to reality and destroy the stone to seal Stasis forever. Majima adds how the stone existed a long time ago but fell into obscurity. Only Sagawa realized it recently though she doesn’t know his real intentions. Takafumi seems to have a different thinking. He doesn’t think nor want Stasis to be sealed. Sako and Majima managed to lure a cult member to get some updates before Juri purges him. A couple of others are resting at the shrine. Noticing that somebody was here, they search the area and find the stone hiding in the tree. Sagawa continues explaining about the cult’s founder who went on to live for 500 years and wrote the scriptures. From what I understand, he became a Herald and Sagawa plans to follow that path. Turning into a Herald is just a process of that. When the cult member returns with the stone, he doesn’t hand it over. He questions Sagawa’s intentions. Sagawa reveals he wants to try extend his life using Spectres. If successful, his body will be a mummy for a while. He wants Shiomi to guard it as the cult’s head. Sagawa also forbids them from using Stasis during that period. The cult member is disappointed has strayed from the cult’s teachings and will make the doctrine come true himself. Sagawa is going to demonstrate what it’s like to be completely controlled by a Spectre as his life force starts seeping out.

Episode 8
It seems Sagawa is a hybrid of the Herald. He doesn’t turn into one and maintains his physical form, save for those bulging veins. Also, he is able to maintain his consciousness as he kills his cult members as prove he is doing it on his own will. The last surviving cult member he wants him to kill Tsubasa to see if Sagawa will have the urge to kill him. However Juri drops in to purge him before grandpa teleports away. Sagawa and Shiomi then retreat but take Tsubasa away. Majima believes it is a trap to lure them. Her plan is to negotiate with Shiomi and if he is on their side, everything else will be easy. Meanwhile Takafumi is watching Makoto. We see him slowly becoming rotten as he encourages Makoto to take the toy he wants without paying. Even the kid knows it is wrong! Shame on you! After pretending to pay, Takafumi thinks hard on how to convince grandpa to teach him how to use Stasis. Sagawa eats to replenish his energy. He grows big but is able to maintain his size. Just like a snake shedding its skin? There’s some explanation about controlling the Spectre thingy but I don’t understand. Sagawa senses somebody close so Shiomi goes to check and finds Majima. He knows about her intention to use Juri’s power to save her family. After confirming she was successful, he wants her to join them as it will be her best bet to stay alive. That’s the decision he came about to stay alive. He will bring Sagawa here. The others are waiting outside when they hear a commotion. Sagawa is attacking Majima. Man, is this like Hulk smash?! Majima is somewhat able to understand the laws of physics of Stasis, hence using some of its power to make it look like she could walk on objects in mid-air. When the other arrives, Shiomi attacks and slashes grandpa (but not fatal). Soon, Sagawa and Shiomi retreat. Juri finds Tsubasa and hides him while Majima treats grandpa’s wounds. They are unable to understand why Sagawa is doing this so when they return to find their stone, it is missing. Grandpa isn’t worried because even if they use it to leave, they can find it later. If they don’t, their goal to defeat them still remains. But Majima fears why they took grandpa’s blood. Because using one’s blood in the stone could also purge that person. Yup, looks like they’re doing it. Grandpa is starting to have this funny feeling…

Episode 9
Spectres are seeping out from grandpa. Juri tells him to imagine and teleport to the stone. When he does so, Juri smashes the stone and crushes its core. Things revert to normal in the Stasis. That is when Sagawa comes back in. But immediately he attacks Shiomi who saw this coming. Quickly he runs to Juri’s side and says he is switching sides. Grandpa teleports them out before Sagawa could smash them. With the stone destroyed, Sako is worried they cannot get out anymore but Juri still believes there is a way. You just have to be nice to her… They ask Shiomi about his intentions. He switched just to survive. After the stone is destroyed, he knew he would be of no use to Sagawa. He continues explaining Sagawa’s incredible sense of those around him but he could have a weakness and must watch what he eats or else the Spectre will eat him. As for Sagawa’s intention for all this, it is to become an immortal and observe not only mankind till the end but the entire universe! So that’s like becoming God? Hence he is going to become the only stalled person in the real world. While it might look silly, that is just a very short moment in Sagawa’s ‘time’. Juri thinks they have nothing to do with this if he wants to go to the future. However Shiomi warns that Sagawa intends to fight and will not let them go even if they truly won’t get in his way. For example, if a mosquito says it won’t bite you again, it will be easier to crush it than to believe it. Meanwhile one of the members killed by Sagawa turns into a Herald. Takafumi and Makoto return home and they see this. Oddly the Herald attacks Takafumi. I don’t think being a hero is going to do any good. However Makoto activates his power. He can order the Herald to stop. When the rest return and see this, they think Takafumi did this. This jerk claims the credit. But Juri knows better and wants him to prove it. So he orders the Herald to climb up there. Nothing happening. Suddenly it does. So does he really have the power? Actually it is Makoto silently using it to help uncle out. The rest think of using the Herald to combat Sagawa.

Episode 10
Takafumi thinks he can use this chance to greatly increase his reputation. The rest want to bring Makoto to somewhere safe but Takafumi argues it is his job to protect him. So he is going to fight as well as protect Makoto in the midst of battle? Suspicious… Since he won’t shut up, I guess they relent. As Shiomi advised, they have to act now as the more time they waste, Sagawa will use it to replenish his energy. They surround Sagawa and start their coordinated attack. Sagawa knows that a long drawn battle will be to his disadvantage as he will run out of energy. He could also sense Makoto as the one controlling the Herald and tries to target him. At this point the rest also discover that it is the kid who is controlling the beast. When Sagawa is pinned down, Sagawa tries to expend some energy to get out. He grows big but soon bursts into sand and becomes a shrivelled up old fart. Needing more energy, he eats the Herald. Still not enough, he runs away while the rest give chase. Although Juri and grandpa corner him, Sagawa offers to teach them how to control their consciousness and Spectres in addition of getting them out of Stasis without the stone. Juri believes he is only deceiving them. They then talk about Sagawa being a priest before. He claims he is not a madman but a normal person who can’t even go insane. So I guess we’re hearing his flashback now? Okay. He comes from a family of preachers based on a very old faith. Every week he would see his dad preaching the same thing to his followers. Like a stone pillar. He thought it is that invisible pillar that supports people and their morality that protect the world. He had a friend who was a child of a member as the only other kid he interacted outside school. One day when they head back home to get new amulets for new members, they caught their parents in the middle of sex.

Episode 11
Sagawa became disillusioned when he learnt everything was just for fun. His father died 5 years later and he was devastated. He wanted to leave the faith forever but his friend forbade him. Angry, he smashed the altar and saw the stone. That is when he became interested in Stasis and formed his cult to research on it. Sagawa views the normal world as nothing attractive but it is not the case for Juri. He wants her to return to her family. However Juri refuses to believe and tries to expel him. Sagawa can withstand it although very much weakened. Juri reasons that since he is devoted to his cause, he is not likely to leave everything to luck and hence this was just a distraction. Juri takes the cutter to kill him but grandpa doesn’t want her to dirty her hands. Since he too is hesitating, they argue. Until Takafumi barges in and stabs him with a sword! He tries to act tough and all but Sagawa turns into dust and his brains and lungs fly away?! Outside, he forms a cocoon and is believed to be regenerating. As there are threads all over the place, Takafumi tries to cut it down but realize too late the threads are so sharp this his own fingers are cut off! To avoid bleeding, Juri expels him. With Sagawa in this state, Shiomi suggests burying the dead and Juri has them promise never to hurt her family again. While resting, Juri tries to purge grandpa but he is quick enough to escape. Is this her way of saying goodbye? Instead, they treat Makoto nice for ‘one last time’ before Juri purges him (since he wanted to see mom so badly). As time passes, they realize Sagawa has extended his threads. He is also extracting nutrients from it. Majima who was watching Sagawa realizes she is trapped and cannot move. Shiomi experiments as he uses Juri’s power to destroy the threads. It’s their chance to destroy Sagawa once and for all. Thank goodness Sagawa is suspended low enough that a ladder could reach him. When Juri begins to purge him, she could see all his memories. She realizes he is the same as her but cannot worry about him s she has her own family problems. After she purges him, a foetus of Sagawa drops out. Grandpa slaps the baby’s buttocks as it cries its first breath of life.

Episode 12
Juri decides to take care of the baby? Shiomi worries his memories will reactivate but Majima explains about Spectres relying on genetics information to keep Sagawa alive so with him being reborn, there is no way his old memories will return. Juri adds that she saw his memories crumbling. So I guess that’s that. Now Juri has to send the rest back. Because Majima is being pessimistic, Juri slaps her first. Like that would give some positivism. She expels Majima, Shiomi and Sako. So now Juri and grandpa play house and take care of the baby? Yeah, they even have time to go have fun. Nothing is going to stop them. Eventually Juri purges grandpa in his sleep. He did say he wanted to go back but was waiting for the resolve to explain to the family. Juri had to do it now because they’re dragging their feet at this rate. Juri continues to take care of the baby and for almost 6 months, that is when she decides to purge him because at this point she is hesitating. Now all alone in Stasis, Juri has all the fun she needs without a care. Who is to stop her? Eventually boredom and depression set in so she takes a long walk. She tries not to think depressing thoughts until she stumbles into a strange Spectre. That is when she realizes she lost her reason to live in Stasis after purging the baby. She slowly transforms into a Handler and losing her consciousness. She is drawn to some light and when she touches it, she returns to normal. Although still in Stasis, she is shocked there is another blonde woman, Mariya (MAMIKO NOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!) who can move. As explained, it seems Juri pulled her into this world. Mariya was born with a Spectre in her body and doesn’t age. Her husband was the one who created the stone. She often brought him into Stasis. Although many called him the Founder, she is in fact the true founder. Oh, he died back in 1880. Mariya wants to stay in this era a little longer and purges Juri. Time now resumes for Juri. Happy to be have time flowing? Well, now no money or handphone… Juri walks all the way back and upon reaching her doorstop, she sees grandpa waiting for her. He calls everyone as they are so happy to see her back. Juri too. Ending montage shows the Yukawa family doing decently well and Sagawa has grown up to be like Makoto’s age. He calls Juri his mom. This has got to be weird. Imagine a child who doesn’t know his real father. Unless of course, adopted.

One Moment In Time
So… That’s it? Damn, I must be sorely disappointed for expecting the final episode to make some big revelations or twists. But instead I have been left to ask a few questions like why didn’t Juri use the power to purge herself? Can she only do it to others? I mean, you just place your hand on the chest and bam! Purged. And then having this Mariya lady showing up last minute didn’t help either. Sure, it sounds intriguing especially about her past but somehow I feel that it is just a plot convenience so that Juri get return to her normal time and reunite with her family. Remember, Mariya could enter Stasis like as easy as breathing so she’ll be able to go in and out any time. At least that’s what I think. But thank goodness for casting Mamiko Noto as Mariya otherwise it would have really been a downer. So what ever happened to the rest of the cult and ruffians? Although some of them did die but for the rest who got purged, don’t you think they would go after the Yukawa family? Don’t tell me they lose their memories after being purged because that doesn’t quite cut it. Or maybe nobody is going to pay them even if they got the job done. Or maybe they got scared after experiencing Stasis and decide to return to repent, lead a normal live and never speak of it again. Like this anime. Haha!

Although generally the concept and setting of Stasis looks interesting and intriguing at first, but the more I see how it tries to flesh out the story and pacing of the series as a whole, it felt like it was getting harder to justify how to end things. Like as though it was trying its best to keep up and maintain its intrigue but with nothing really going for it, it’s like doing whatever it needs to keep going until they could somehow properly end it. Because you see, the plot is just so paper thin that there is almost hardly any. A family down on their luck suddenly discovers a hidden ability that supposedly runs in the family. A cult who somewhat wants to take them out. Their cult leader has an ulterior motive. The entire series feels like a horror survivor movie with Juri using her power to take out the baddies one by one until a few survivors left against the big boss. I guess that’s where your ‘action’ mostly comes from other than seeing the Herald crushing punks’ head to death.

Hence it is never sufficiently explained about the world of Stasis. From what we hear are just mostly ‘guesses’ and ‘observations’ of those who supposedly entered and returned. How the stone ended up in the respective sides are not explained but it is not as important as to why the Yukawa family possesses such unique powers in the Stasis. Why is it that grandpa has teleportation power while Juri possesses the purging power and Makoto too had some Herald controlling ability? It would have been a little bit better had they give up some insights but thinking about it, it might have been a bore since looking at how the way things have gone, it might not have played a significant factor. They just the power because of being passed down by the family thingy whatever. Like as though the family is given such powers to spice up the pace of this series and to give them a fighting chance against the cult who has numerous members as well as additional hands they have hired just to take them out.

Another mind boggling thing that bugged me was when Juri started hanging out all by herself in Stasis. She did eat some food and used up some resources in the real world. So when time resumed, don’t you think all those foods and drinks would suddenly vanish from the perception of normal people? Yeah, the grocery guy just stacked the entire shelf with fresh buns and breads. And then the next second, they’re all gone! I can imagine that all the resources consumed happened so fast just in that moment so it looked like it ‘disappeared’ in a blink of an eye to normal people (because they wouldn’t even know time had stopped). So what I am saying is, if Juri remained in Stasis forever and continued to consume the resources, wouldn’t the world suddenly just ‘die’ when those resources are out? One moment in normal life, things are going well. Suddenly the next second all the foods and drinks are gone! Oh no! See what I mean here? It would have been nice to see some of the people’s reaction in this anime to find such stuffs suddenly missing. The biggest unexplained mystery in human history when things just go missing without a trace. Because of the Spectres inhabiting one’s body, time flows normally. So does this mean Juri will age and die in Stasis? If that’s the case, I wonder how Sagawa was going to become God and observe all of time and everything. I also have to ask and wonder how people in Stasis go take a dump… They’re coming out and then it stops halfway out of your body. Can’t imagine this disgusting thing…

I am not technically wrong when I say that this series could be one draggy series because heck, more than 98% of the series takes placed when time is stalled! Only the first and last episode do we see that time is actually moving. Uh huh. Technically all the episodes in between are like the frames that happened in that single moment in time. As I have said that the plot is paper thin, hence a dozen episodes feel like a long time to flesh things out. Thus the reason why I said this series is draggy. Although I am not bored with this sluggish pace because some of the mysteries kept me intrigued, the way they unfold the mysteries bit by bit seems a bit too slow. Okay, I don’t really want everything to be revealed in one episode and then for the rest of the episode have no mystery and intrigue to look forward to. But sometimes I can’t help of wanting to scream out to move on to the next thing. Get it over with. However it is once again silly of me to wish things would move at a quicker pace since time is stalled and there is no incentive for these characters to quickly do things. Literally they have all the time in the world.

I can’t say the main characters are general interesting because take for instance the Yukawa family, they’re just a really normal family trying their best to make ends meet in the normal world. Juri tries to play the responsible family member because the guys are just useless or they are just too old or young to be relied on. I suppose as the only female in her family in Stasis, she has this obligated sense of duty to protect her family. Of course she also has the most useful and dangerous power among them so it makes sense she wants to use it wisely and efficiently. But other than that, she’s pretty normal. She looks badass just because she has no pity for the bad guys but then again if anybody threatens your family like that, you’re not going to show mercy to any of them.

Since Makoto is just a young kid and too young to understand what is going on, I figure he is perhaps the only character who is seen having fun. It is like he is oblivious to why all the people stopped moving and just goes around having fun in his own way. This kid isn’t scared of seeing the Herald and even hopes to ride it! I don’t think this is an amusement park. But his innocence brings a fresh air and hope than the other characters who are just too caught up in the moment (literally) trying to figure and stop things. Also a much better character than Takafumi who looks like he is going to walk down the dark side and my thoughts that he would become the final antagonist after Sagawa’s defeat but alas, looks like nobody in the Yukawa family is going down the rotten road yet. But even if you put yourself in Takafumi’s shoes, could you blame him entirely for wanting to use Stasis to his advantage? Why is it that some people are successful and some are not? If you have that chance to turn the fortune tables, would you do it? Questionable but hardly surprising for Takafumi who is already at the bottom of his life. Well, just don’t get caught.

I feel that having Majima in the mix is just to provide a little distraction and side plot. Otherwise the story would have proceeded the same without her albeit a little bit faster. She is a reason why I said the series was draggy because of her subplot to find her lost family. So when they are conveniently found and rescued, it felt like no big of a deal. She could finally find peace for her family and put an end to her long search. Otherwise, it doesn’t hurt to have another hot badass chick to hog the spotlight and fight alongside Juri. I figured they needed that Shiomi character because aside from him being the only handsome dude around, it is just for that minor plughole to explain how somebody could plant hidden cameras and spy on the Yukawa family. Also, we need somebody with that brains calibre to fight Sagawa and Shiomi looks and sounds like the man for that role.

Sagawa as the main antagonist is hardly surprising but in the end turns out into a disappointing character. He has this typical cliché looks of a main villain and initially what makes him dangerous as the cult’s leader is his calm and crafty manner. Probably his training from his religious days has him not show much of an emotion and this makes him a force to be reckon with. He is able to think calmly and perhaps stay on par with the Yukawa family. Sure, he too has his own issues but it doesn’t seem to be such of a big deal that you would want to take pity on him. But maybe when you’re in a religious cult, everything is so ‘straightforward’ like that and when the slightest deviation, you become disappointed. But still, it feels like a big gap on why he wants to become God and observe everything till the end of time. Even if he manages to become one, I am wondering if he would be able to remember them all. After all, his body and life might have transcend the normal observable time and life but his brain might not. So is he going to like walk everywhere, watch everything and remember everything? Heck, I can’t even remember what I ate this morning! Even if he is able to transcend into a higher being, will he still be himself with his own will and conscious? It looked like so but that is only because I believe that isn’t his final form and was just in a transitioning form.

This brings me to the Heralds themselves. They are supposed to be the biggest mystery and horror factor that the series has to offer but when the truth about them is somewhat revealed (even if they are just ‘intelligent guesses’), it somewhat felt like a downer. I know, blame myself for having such high hopes of these creatures when it first appeared. Probably that first Herald skyrocketed my expectations. So if the Heralds roam freely in stalled time, but this also means that they have to be present in other stalled times, right? So they’re like able to ‘teleport’ from one stalled time to another, right? Because with Sagawa almost turning into one, everyone assumed that there are no more Heralds in Stasis. Does that mean when there are no more of those creatures, whoever enters Stasis are free to kill any stalled people without consequences? Like I said, lots of things are not put together nicely and since they are quite loose, the more you think about it, the more your brain hurts. That’s why I stopped questioning them all.

The art and animation are pretty standard. One might think that animating this anime is easy because 95% of the series takes place in Stasis and hence everything else in the backdrop is static and need not be animated. Sure, it is slightly easier but no different than most other animes as well. Because all those other animes too don’t necessarily animate all in the background all the time. We are just ‘distracted’ to not focus too much on it. The other anime that I can think of that animates the characters and those in the foreground but the background is left like a wallpaper or backdrop is Mahou Tsukai Ni Taisetsu Na Koto: Natsu No Sora. Yeah, that’s a pretty old anime series. But that show wasn’t about stalled time so watching that series was weird.

One thing I want to note about Sagawa when he partially turned into a Herald, somehow I started thinking if the form he took on was inspired by a combination of The Hulk and Groot. If those 2 had a love child together, this is what they get! No kidding. The design of the Heralds are supposed to be creepy. Maybe at first but with the bushy like branches sticking out of their head, I sometimes can’t help think and wonder if this is their afro hairstyle! Oh no! Now I can’t stop seeing them in this light! Want to become a Herald? Hope you like the bushy afro-like hairstyle. This series is animated by a relatively new studio, Geno Studio whose only other works I have watched is Golden Kamuy.

One of the weirdest moments in the series has got to be the opening and ending themes. Flashback by Miyavi vs Kenken feels so out of place that it definitely doesn’t fit this series in any way that no one would see it coming. But the song itself isn’t that bad. Just weird. It is filled with wild frantic techno hip hop and funky bass lines that it is more suitable for a rave dance party. Making it sounding weirder is the background vocals going, “Aaah, aaah~” in some of the lines. If you hear the original full song of this, this ‘chorus’ starts repeating itself from 2/3 of the song right till the end! Be careful, you might get hypnotic at the end… The ending theme, Asayake To Nettaigyo by Boku No Lyric No Bouyomi is also weird. Sung in a very drowsy and sleepy voice, this is actually a calming peace despite its rap-like lines. A song that is good to listen when you wake up on nice mornings. But for the ending credits animation, is it sexy time?! Because we see Juri and Majima in their sexy undies in some scenes and they are drawn up to a very cute and sexy look. The series lacks fanservice so is this where they can freely sexualize our lovely ladies? Mmm, me approve!

Overall, at first looks this is quite an interesting series. However it fails to captivate in the end and making it more disappointing is its inability to properly finish and answer all the burning questions. What is the point of making the mystery even more mysterious and leave viewers scratching their heads instead of some mind provoking thoughts? The concept of moving within a stalled time and how each and every time if stopped is like a movie frame is also quite interesting but again it fails to capitalize on that as it soon became a ‘low budget’ horror survival series. The potentials of this series somewhat feels like the Herald crumbling into dust and vanishing forever, leaving a pile of unwanted sand. Yeah, that greatly sums it up. Can we move on and leave this series behind in Stasis forever? In the end, even if we all cannot stop time and do sneaky stuffs like peeking up a girl’s skirt (you mean this thought never cross your mind as a man or woman?!), but take heart that we are all time travellers. One second at a time.

Butler themed anime series aren’t that popular. But even if there was one, the most famous butler in anime would no other be that Sebastian of Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). Over the years, that series had its sequels and side stories. Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari isn’t one of them. It is another butler themed anime and with some supernatural elements but without that demon contract thingy. Just another group of good looking butlers for females to swoon over. Because which girl wouldn’t want a hot guy to treat and serve her well?

Episode 1
All the girls are swooning over Kouma “J” Jinguuji as the newly elected student council president. Yeah, his members are also hotties. Haruto Hizakura the vice president, Ren Shiratori the treasurer and Hotaru Aoba the secretary. A guy (Megane Jerk I’ll call him) who narrowly lost to J accuses him of using dirty tactics. But he gets scared when J with those ‘vicious’ eyes tells him if he has the resolve to fight for what he wants. J then meets headmaster, Takashi Mikuni who praises J for his efforts and gives him a mansion just for the student council’s base. It seems this place holds some memories for J. As they clean up, they accidentally woke up Yuuki Fujishiro AKA Dracula. He is skipping class and sleeping here. He is not punished since his wealthy parents finance the school. They ignore him and clean up the place. After Haruto sets up the internet, J has a request to do a search on this old friend of his, Hayakawa. The search narrows down to a guy working at Café De Wayne. Indeed, Tsubasa Hayakawa works here and is loved by all his female patrons. The manager, Akira Tachibana is glad he has such employee. Also there are 2 guys from the newspaper club, Daichi “Holmes” Kurosawa and Kyoichi “Watson” Sano. They are trying to investigate if J is plotting to take over the entire school via his post. Next day before the student council inauguration ceremony, Ayame Kitazono comes up to J to confess. J trolls her by coming close to her just to identify her pendant. Then he rejects her and says he is not her type. Boo hoo! J then talks to Hikari Kageyama who warns him about the danger he will be facing. When he returns to the ceremony, he sees Hayakawa passing by and gets upset. Later, he visits the café and picks a fight with him. He believes Hayakawa remembers it all although the latter asserts he doesn’t. J points out that his mark makes him a Butler just like him. They protect the Blood Spirit. He accuses Hayakawa something about entrusting his sister, Tenna Kisaragi to him. Hayakawa continues to not know what he is talking about so J vows to make him remember. Flashback shows Tenna underwent some sort of ritual. It went wrong and she disappeared and turned into a pendant. Hayakawa believes she will never return. J struggles to get the pendant from him but they got teleported somewhere.

Episode 2
Mikuni found J unconscious and brought him home. Because an old mansion is visible across his place and J kept looking at it, he is told nobody has lived there for 100 years. Over the years, Mikuni knows about J’s story and secret and wants to help him in any way he can. There is nobody at Café De Wayne at this supposed busy hour. Dracula who has made this his new sleeping place, points out there are bad rumours about Hayakawa hitting on customers. It is obviously exaggerated and he was just handing out free coupons. Don’t believe all the media tells you! Hayakawa thinks J is the culprit but doesn’t say. True enough, J hired some underlings to do this but he admonishes them for going overboard. His student council members talk about this rumour and because some of the girls in their school is being hit by Hayakawa, they offer to help out and look into more about this guy. Of course such rumours don’t stay long since Hayakawa is such a hot hunk to be ignored. Girls soon start streaming back in and with manpower shortage, Dracula is forced to help. This is followed by Ren and Hotaru who come in to investigate followed by Haruto and the detective duo. Now we’ve got a bevy of hot butler dudes serving you ladies! So dreamy! Eventually the student council trio realize their original mission as they observe Hayakawa not to be a bad guy as the rumour says. They learn he just worked here but refused to say where he worked before that. That is when Akira hints Hayakawa was in some accident of losing someone close a long time ago. That’s why he wants to help out in any way he can. Hayakawa is basically a good guy as you can see. The rest then discuss who would spread such rumours as Holmes deduced it must be someone who is a master of controlling others. Haruto has a feeling it is J but brushes it off. J narrates about his changed life ever since that incident. Ever since he disappeared, his bloodline disappeared from that world too. The key to everything is in Tenna’s pendant. Oh, looks like Hayakawa is having it, kept hidden in his coffee stash.

Episode 3
Ren is shocked to see Hotaru skipping their meeting to go flirt with the music teacher, Satsuki Mikami. With Holmes and Watson interested in this juicy detail for their headline, Ren warns them not to write bad things about his friend. So as the trio tail Hotaru who is following Satsuki back to her home, they see him stalking outside. So they confront him and he doesn’t bat an eyelid to admit he is in love with Satsuki. Oh, did he not tell you? Satsuki is his older sister! They have different surnames because their parents divorced. Meanwhile J confronts Hayakawa in an abandoned video arcade building. He beats him up in this one-sided match in his bid to force him to hand over Tenna’s pendant. But Hayakawa insists he doesn’t know. However when J is going to kill him, that is when Hayakawa unleashes his super abilities to turn the tables and beats up J! OMG. Hayakawa knows about Tenna’s pendant but before more can be revealed, here comes Haruto. Hayakawa escapes as Haruto is shocked to see J in this messed up state. He wants to help him but is told off never to get in his way again. Was it something he did? Because of that, Haruto gets depressed. Nothing to beat depression with a cup of bitter coffee at Café De Wayne… Even Hayakawa serving him advises him about feelings. You may think you know what is right for that person but it may actually be not. If he truly cares about that person, he’ll understand someday. It is no surprised the next day, it gets awkward when J and Haruto meet but the latter tries his best to ignore him. Why does J look like he regretted it?

Episode 4
The school is organizing a festival. As Café De Wayne has also set up a stall, Akira wants the student council guys to help. No way. Hotaru then comes up with this idea that pits their butlers against each other. And so in this butler competition of J vs Hayakawa, they have to serve their customers and the one receiving the most satisfactory points wins. Yeah, all the girls are going to swoon over those hot hunks. Especially the ones being served on stage, girls would die just to be served by them. The duo try to outperform each other with various nifty butler skills and tricks but Hayakawa is leading. This also stems from the fact that Hayakawa was J’s senior and taught him the finest techniques to be a butler. In the next round, J’s customer is Ayame. She is going to make him pay for embarrassing her. She makes abnormal requests like wanting freshly picked grapes. Is J going to do it? Haruto uses his corporate muscle to call in his troops to pick and deliver to him! I hope they didn’t have to wait long. Next, she wants J to act like a dog! Grrr! All the girls are mad at this b*tch! However it is Hotaru who acts on his behalf. Then she spills her coffee and wants J to clean up by licking it! Is he going to sully his pride? He carries her away to the backstage so she could clean. Saved! He tells her not to sully her beauty like that. With all the girls so excited, the pushing causes some of the scaffolding to collapse. It is going to fall on Ayame so J uses his super speed to save her. But when that is not enough, Hayakawa protects them. Now you think they’re cool? Hayakawa might have saved him but J won’t thank him as he failed to save Tenna. J is adamant to get Tenna back so Hayakawa tells him to think about her feelings. With this incident, the competition can’t go on and their score is tied. Can we just accept both as the best butlers? Holmes finds it strange because he saw J ‘disappeared’ from stage when it was collapsing.

Episode 5
The mansion is going to be torn down, built anew and refurbished. While the student council guys rejoice, only J is against this. He sees Mikuni about this who says it is by the orders of the chairman who is acting out of safety concerns. The mansion is over 100 years old and might collapse. He knows J lived there with his family but it is time to move on and deal with reality. J cannot accept this so his student council guys decide to help him out. It’s Hotaru’s idea to spread ghost rumours to stop the demolition and bait the detective duo to investigate. Well, don’t try, don’t know. The ghost outfit must be so scary that Haruto freaks out! Cheap jump scare in the form of Dracula sleeping in the closet. At this point Haruto runs out and the detective duo thought they saw some ghost. Haruto slips down the stairs as J uses his super speed to save him. The lights are on and the ‘ghosts’ are busted. But as Holmes investigate the photos they took, he notices large gaps in the footprints left behind by J (I guess his shoes were wet) when he ran to save Haruto. Like as though he jumped through space. This is compounded by the fact of J’s strange moves during the festival. When Akira and Hayakawa return, they find their café ransacked. The money is not stolen so Hayakawa thinks J must be here to steal the pendant. He checks and it is still there. Suddenly J snatches it from him. He waited for him to show where he hid it. J runs away as he tries to activate the pendant. Nothing happens. Frustrated. Suddenly somebody snatches it from him and J gives chase. Meanwhile Holmes does more investigation on J. He realizes he transferred last year, one day after the incident known as Plasma Sky. He remembers seeing Mikuni’s car (he identified it from the tyre tracks?) and stopped to pick up someone. It could be J. His guts tell him something is going on between J and Mikuni. J fights the hooded figure who isn’t Hayakawa because he picked up the pendant that was dropped during the chase. The fight is so powerful that the pillar of the mansion comes crashing down. But J is forced to let the culprit go when he realizes the pillar has crushed Haruto! Oh no!

Episode 6
Thank lady luck because Haruto escaped with minor injuries although is hospitalized. J comes to apologize but he still can’t say anything, souring the mood. Later J talks to Hayakawa about the perpetrator. Based on his movements, he is likely to be another Butler. There might be more Butlers who came from the past. Although the mansion’s demolition is put on hold (Haruto using his father’s influence for it), there are bigger things to worry about. There are nasty posters accusing J of being an irresponsible student council president for hurting Haruto. Hey wait, suddenly everybody hates him! Even the girls?! I thought such rumours would be hard to shake their trust in this hunk. Megane Jerk then wants him to resign and hold new elections and has signed petitions as proof. While J’s buddies stand up for him, shockingly J agrees to resign and views himself unfit to hold that position. He has been forcing his ideals on others and only brought them troubles. His friends sense he isn’t acting like his usual but respects his decision and hope he doesn’t regret it. Even Hayakawa tells him not to shoulder all the blame. J remembers telling Tenna he will protect her himself if he has to. She tells him to rely on others because they are family and the more they work together, the greater their power. Meanwhile Holmes does more investigation. He finds the broken pillar isn’t due to anything natural but via force. Footage around the area shows Hayakawa’s face so he investigates him further and realizes the coincidence that he too has history that only goes back as far as Plasma Sky. J sees Haruto and tells him the whole truth about him being a Butler and from 100 years before. Meanwhile Akira tells Hayakawa his café was named after his grandpa who had weird powers. He shows a mark on his stomach as proof as a descendent. He wonders if Hayakawa is also a descendent because his mark has been tingling ever since he met him. He only says it now after eavesdropping on his conversation with J. But Hayakawa denies he is a descendent. He is from the original family. Haruto needs some time to believe so J lets him touch his bracelet. However it reacts and Haruto suddenly has a mark glowing on his hand. It is proof he is a Butler destined to protect the Blood Spirit and has inherited those powers. Haruto isn’t sure he has such powers but J says it will awakened depending on the person. It might not be his time yet.

Episode 7
J shows Haruto a secret place in the student council room. He reveals his real name is Jay and the other one was created by Mikuni to help him blend in. Pointing the bracelet at the board, a number “2220” pops up. He doesn’t know what it means so he hopes Haruto could help. The same story is being told by Akira to Hayakawa as the former reads out a diary left behind by grandpa. Tenna the priestess had an ability to control space-time. Every 100 years, some space-time distortion will occur and Tenna was supposed to seal it but something went wrong and it threw the Butlers 100 years into the future. As there is someone else trying to get his hands on the pendant, if Tenna knows this, could it be she sent them here to stop the culprit? Suddenly Akira’s owl, P-chan starts to speak. It says about another space-time rift and to gather all Butlers to stop it. Haruto tries to find the connection with the numbers but hits a dead end. As he looks at the map of this place 100 years ago, Ren tells him that the badges of the schools in the area were based on this old map as honour for this town’s development and putting them together creates the old map. Meanwhile there is a strange incident in school. Some students forget why they are even in school! Holmes and Watson investigate this and conclude the culprit is Hotaru. They confront him and accuse him of putting something in his sweets that causes partial memory loss since all those students are from his class. Hotaru denies doing anything so the best way is to investigate his sweets. Holmes pops one in his mouth and he doesn’t know why he is here! Oddly nobody suspects anything so the detective duo leave. J remembers some members of the bloodline could use this ability by using a medium to activate their power. He remembers Hotaru not wanting to study for the test and hoped to forget everything and have fun. He might have unknowingly manifest that power in his candy. When J lets him touch his bracelet, a mark on his chest glows. OMG. Is he one too? You don’t say because Ren also has a mark on the back of his neck glow. Dracula is unamused of all the commotion. He too has a mark on his ear glowing! WTF?! What are the chances?!

Episode 8
J tells his friends the truth. Because the friends have some sort of old jewel passed down by their dads, J confirms that this means their fathers were descendants of Butlers. However Ren finds it hard to believe this time travelling story and special powers thingy. He thinks it is all a prank. Next day, we see the powers of the rest awakening. Like when Haruto touch things, it breaks. Dracula could see the vision of the future and Ren although he might not notice it and claims he is normal, he didn’t realize he broke his alarm clock. Also, Akira displays his invisibility powers to Hayakawa. With Ren continuing to brush this nonsense off, Dracula sees a horrifying vision. He sees unconscious Ren covered in blood at school. The rest race out to find him. Ren is horrified when he starts bending things out of shape and grows boobs! WTF???!!! OMG! It’s true! Confused and embarrassed, he runs and hides as his friends try to look for him. They finally find him but Ren refuses their help. As Ren ponders what he should do next, his power activates, causing the railing to bend and he falls off. J uses his speed to save him. But he accidentally kicks and spills red paint. Hence Dracula’s vision came true. But what bugged me was why the f*ck did J put Ren on the paint! Sure, it is to line up with Dracula’s vision but really, putting Ren on the paint he spilled?! Anyway, Ren thanks everyone and finally comes to accept about such powers. Dracula sees another vision on J this time but doesn’t say. Haruto and J continue to find out the meaning of the numbers. Nothing. Perhaps they are looking at it the wrong way. Taking a closer look, they realize it isn’t numbers. It could be a symbol. Like this zero is actually a circled shape symbol.

Episode 9
Flashback shows Tenna brought J to a room and showed him something. Hayakawa explains to Akira about this world having many layers. If the power of the pendant is set free, it is possible to enter that space-time rift. But if that rift is left alone, it will swallow up the world. Hence a ritual that can only be done by the Blood Spirit priestess is required. The detective duo enter to interrogate Hayakawa about his connection to J and everything. He is not answering until he mentions a similar Plasma Sky incident happened 5 years ago. Back to Haruto’s deduction of the bracelet’s number. Putting the maps together, 222 refers to the address of this mansion. And nobody actually thought of that remotely? As the map of the city is perfect for some feng shui leylines thingy, the mansion is right smack in the centre. The zero is actually a symbol. They think it is a message left behind by Tenna to find that thing with that symbol in this mansion. What could it be? Looks like J might have hit it. It is a prayer room that Tenna uses. Nobody uses it since no electricity. There is that circle thingy. J activates it and finds a letter from Tenna inside. Hayakawa reveals to the detective about the truth of himself. It is believed that another person from his timeline may have come here 5 years ago. They think it is Mikuni since that was when he became the headmaster. Also, the incident of him picking up J might not be a coincidence and he might knew J would show up. The duo leave to get statements from people who are close to Mikuni. J reads the letter from Tenna addressed to him. Doing so means something has happened to her. She knew somebody was after her pendant but doesn’t know why. She sent Hayakawa to investigate. She assures him whatever happened is her decision. If she ever needs her powers, go see Hayakawa as she has given him the key to her power. Angry J confronts Hayakawa and realizes he knew everything from the start. He wants him to hand over the pendant right now. Since Hayakawa won’t, the only way left is to fight. The detective duo see Hikari. He doesn’t say much until Holmes touches him. His power activates (why am I not surprised) as he sees his memories that he is the culprit who hurt Haruto (why am I not surprised?). At the same time, Watson too has his mark glow. Damn, all the characters sure are related to Butlers, huh? Hikari attacks them.

Episode 10
Mikuni gives Satsuki eat Hotaru’s candy. Now she has lost her memories, he makes an excuse she was supposed to be with him. And just like that she agrees? It’s not like she is under mind control, right? I wonder how the student council guys could identify Watson’s scream from afar. If not for them, the detective duo would have been toast as Haruto and Ren use their power to stop Hikari who in turn escape. It seems Watson’s power is to restore lost memories so Holmes now remember everything. Seeing that all of them are Butlers, they decide to share info on what is going on. Akira spots Mikuni and Satsuki heading to the rooftop. He follows them via invisibility. He spots Hikari returning to him. It seems Hikari is working for him so as they could return back in time and Hikari will get to see his dead parents again. Because Akira is spotted, Mikuni has Hikari take care of him. Hayakawa explains to J about the bloodlines being able to go to other timelines. Because some use it for selfish reasons, it starts changing the past and this threatens the world. Only the Blood Spirit priestess is able to seal it and it was Tenna’s fate and duty that she chose to sacrifice herself to save the world and sent the duo to the future. Tenna knew she would be interrupted in the ritual and hence did what she had to. However J doesn’t believe him. He thinks it is excuses. He is still going to save Tenna and nothing is more important in the world than Tenna’s life. Yeah, the whole world can die but even if you save Tenna, no world to live in, how? The fight continues as J accuses him of not saying things and Tenna means nothing to him. That’s when Hayakawa admits he too loves Tenna. Even now. He loved her smiles but she never did so to him but only for J. He doesn’t exists in Tenna’s heart because J was already there. Tenna loves J. This revelation sure weakens J. Hence it is Hayakawa’s duty to protect J and prevent him from going back to the past to do something futile after Tenna sacrificed her life to save him. Suddenly Mikuni stops time on them and lets Hikari steal their pendants. They try to get it back but looks like the storm for the rift is here.

Episode 11
Dracula tells the gang to hurry because it is this vision he saw J being sucked up into the storm. As J fights Hikari, the latter tells him not to get in their way. In fact, J should be on their side as they have the same goal. He brings J to Mikuni. Conveniently all the other friends are here too so we don’t have to explain everything twice. As expected, Mikuni is the mastermind behind everything. As all of them are Butlers, he put all of them together especially the student council members as when they awakened as Butlers, their pendant would resonate. It took a while as their bloodline was thinning. Mikuni mocks J for being more gullible and easier to control than Tenna. He is the guy who was after Tenna’s pendant. The storm kicks up and suddenly time stops. Those who are of the bloodline can only move. Hayakawa meets up with Akira. They notice Mikuni’s cat can still move as it has a pendant on it. J realizes Mikuni’s plan to travel through time and space. When he tries to get close to him, Hikari whips him. Akira tries to reason with Hikari about wanting to see his dead parents. Can he rationalize that you cannot get what is lost? You cannot go back and change time? I thought you can in this anime?! With Mikuni assuring he will grant his wish, Hikari still sticks to him. Hayakawa throws Mikuni his pendant from the cat. It is proof he is once a Butler but because of a crack on it, it proves he was casted out. Mikuni explains there were 2 factions of the bloodline. Those who tried to seal the distortion every time it occurs and those who go back in time to stop it. Mikuni’s parents is the latter. But when they did so, they were caught between the feud of both sides. They died before his eyes. He lost everything. His goal is to go back a thousand years to stop all this crap that happened. More revelation as Mikuni approached Tenna during the ritual. He offered her to come to the past to fix things but she declined. Before he knew it, he was sent to this world. It’s not his fault he disappeared but it was her choice. She might have risked her life to save the world but she wouldn’t have died if the ritual didn’t exist. As they cannot agree, Mikuni uses Satsuki as his hostage. Using Hayakawa’s key the pendant activates. He coaxes J who has been silent since to join them. Will J go back in time to save Tenna and destroy this world? Looks like it…

Episode 12
Surprising but not surprising, J’s intention to get close to Mikuni is so he could save Satsuki. With the hostage out of the way, our Butlers can now fight to their hearts content. Because Hikari failed to stop the duo, it is an excuse from evil Mikuni to dump him away and head into the storm. As the rest treats him, Watson’s power restore his memories, important words mom said to him. I guess this means he switched allegiance. J and Mikuni continue their fight. J explains he will not go back to the past because this is the world Tenna chose and he will protect it. J almost gets sucked into the storm but Hikari redeems himself using his vine to pull him back. You know, I thought Mikuni could have easily entered the storm and go back in time had he not stick around to fight them. More J truths as he tries to open Mikuni’s eyes. He thinks what he is doing will bring about more sacrifices for the future. That’s why they’re not supposed to try to redo it. At that point, the pendant and all the Butler marks start to resonate. They form Tenna?! I figure this is the last chance for her and J to properly say goodbye. Tenna becomes a pendant again in J’s hands. Upset Mikuni becomes desperate to get it back. Hayakawa fights him while telling J how to use the pendant and the key to seal it. In the final fight, J defeats Mikuni. J could have saved Mikuni from entering the vortex but Mikuni lets go of his hand and warns he will regret this. With things returning to normal, J explains the path he chose. They have to live with their mistakes and regrets. He is just sad he cannot see Tenna again. I guess it’s time for J to really cry his heart out as Hayakawa consoles him he is not alone. He has his friends. In the aftermath, it is the start of a new school term. Ren is now a college student and Dracula surprisingly decides not to skip classes. Hikari too returns to school although he has to repeat a year but is happier. Everyone except J and Hayakawa lost their Butler powers. Nobody thinks much of that stormy incident since it is reported that a tornado destroyed the mansion. With no place to hang out, Hayakawa offers his café. But just be ready to put on a butler outfit. For a happy ending, J meets a new freshman. A girl who has this uncanny resemblance to Tenna. Glad you stayed in this world, eh?

Butler Buster: A Wrinkle In Time
You know, somehow I felt ‘cheated’. When I read the synopsis, I read that it is about 2 handsome butlers travelling through time to fight their archenemy. In addition to fighting the supernatural, they also experience a slapstick comedy life at their school. WHERE THE HECK WAS ALL THAT????!!!! My perception is that despite the cool and butler-like display of the main characters, kind and polite to the girls who would always faint from their excessive swooning, behind the scenes they would be fighting monsters, invading aliens and even the Demon King himself to keep the peace of the world and the school they attend! WHERE WAS ALL THAT I EXPECTED?????!!!!! And hence because they had to juggle with their school life as well as their secret identity, the hectic and frenzy life of both sides is what causes for all the slapstick hijinks and misfortunes. It will always be a close shave for them to keep their identity a secret and play out the perfect butlers they are before the normal ordinary people. Yup. BUT WHERE THE HELL WAS ALL THAT????!!!! THERE WAS LITERALLY NONE OF THAT!!!!! Even if those were all my fantasies and ridiculous expectation, the biggest lie in the synopsis that broke the camel’s back was the slapstick comedy part. There is literally none here. This is not a slapstick comedy. See Gintama if you want to know what slapstick comedy is.

Therefore the entire series is one big supernatural drama as we try to guess the secrets behind J and Hayakawa’s past and when everything is pieced together, it wasn’t anything that spectacular. Sure, there were a few funny moments, but nothing that would actually constitute me to even think it is close to being a slapstick comedy. If Haruto being afraid of ghosts is funny (that was just average funny), then I suppose Ren growing boobs was funnier, huh? Anyhow, it doesn’t make it anywhere close to being a slapstick comedy. Damn you synopsis! You lied to me so you made me watch your series! And there weren’t even maids in this series!!!!

So if you just take a look at the plot itself, it is nothing really spectacular. Just a couple of Butlers or rather just J himself trying to get back to his own time to save his beloved sister. It’s really that simple and that boring. So when he learns the truth (AKA plot twist) that Mikuni is the mastermind and the biggest crook behind it all, he has a change of heart. Good guy changes and accepts reality, lives with what he has now, bad guy is defeated and all leads to a happy ending. Besides, I think a plot this simple would be better and much welcomed for me because if they’re talking about going back to the past and change the timeline, woah, that’s going to bring about a whole lot of can of worms. Because you know, if J actually went back and saved Tenna, would the current world still be around? It would most likely be destroyed or become non-existent as Mikuni implied. Different timelines, different characters, different outcomes and a whole lot of new headache. Something my puny mind can’t handle and probably not enough episodes for this series to flesh out.

Even when the gang tries to deduce the 2220 code, it somehow makes me feel that everything explained is just out of convenience. J has never been able to guess it before probably because he is so preoccupied thinking about his days with Tenna and trying to get back there. And then all of a sudden with everyone gathered, Haruto finally found the solution. Not very sure of Haruto is a problem solver but that kind of puzzle solving, I thought if the detective duo explained it, it would have at least looked more probable. Heck, when J and Hayakawa first entered the current timeline, you mean nobody got suspicious when the duo just popped out of nowhere?! They continue life like normal like as though they’ve blended in here for years. Sure, Mikuni and Akira might have taken them in but as for other people in the area, don’t they just question where the heck they came from? “Yo, sir. Haven’t seen you around in this parts before? New here?”. You know. That.

Character wise, nothing exciting either. With a lot of the spotlight on J, the rest of the other characters feel side-lined. There is nothing more about them you would know that has been explicitly stated. Like Dracula who is the son of the financier of his academy. That’s it. That’s why he is able to laze around without getting expelled. Haruto looks like he has corporate connections here and there. We see him only exercising that might once. And that’s about it. How well do you know about Ren and Aoba? Hikari just wants to see his dead parents. That’s it. More disappointing as these guys are the detective duo. You just see them snoop around and Holmes on the verge of hitting something but usually falls short. Sometimes I feel that they are redundant and their roles are just for convenience sake. In other words, many of these characters I feel only exist to prop up the numbers of handsome looking men. Otherwise, outside J and Hayakawa, perhaps 2 or 3 characters would probably be more than sufficient. That is, even if they get their due screen time and decent fleshing out.

So we got all the main and supporting male characters as Butlers. Isn’t that surprising? When the student council members started to have their powers awakening, I started to have a hunch that probably everyone else would also have that kind of power. What do you know? They all are! He’s a Butler! You’re a Butler! Everybody is a Butler! How convenient. The only character whom I predicted but did not make the cut of becoming a Butler is that Megane Jerk. Damn, it sure would have been interesting if this arrogant dude was actually a Butler. Because he would have given J a run for his money as a Butler regardless of what purpose he had.

With these characters being Butlers, it still doesn’t make things better for you see, many of them just use them once or twice and then that’s it. So much so it looked more like convenience to advance the plot or to put in some drama. Like that episode where Ren’s powers started to manifest and he can’t accept it. Because the final climatic battle scene is mostly between Mikuni, J and Hayakawa. The rest are just standing there like observers. Probably they want to settle it on their own but making the rest of them as descendants of the bloodline sounds redundant. I suppose conveniently when time stopped, those concerned can only move. Oddly and conveniently, it took 2 generations for the bloodline to thin out, hence the lame excuse for these characters’ power to disappear for good. If so, how the heck did their ancestors maintain their bloodline without thinning for generations? No Tenna = No Blood Spirit = No bloodline continuation?

Talking about J himself, this guy is really annoying. He isn’t as cool as Sebastian of Kuroshitsuji but if they were the same, many would call it a rip-off and rip this series to shreds. Instead, J as mentioned is more concerned about returning to the past all for Tenna’s sake. From the outside and to other students who don’t know him, he is the perfect guy whom every girl would die for (until that accusation episode in which just threw that belief out the window). Otherwise being a cold and distant dude even among his peers make him look like an irritating bastard. Heck, I even believed Haruto to have better personality than him.

Hayakawa makes up the other mysterious half to J. Most of the entire series keeps teasing us about their relationship. Like I said, the so called ‘charm’ of this series is to keep us guessing their secret past and once that is revealed, you think back and realized that it isn’t such a great deal after all. Although it looked like Hayakawa could have just solved everything if he just told J the truth, but in addition to the much needed drama, would J have listened had Hayakawa told the whole truth and nothing but the truth? As seen once, the Tenna-obsessed J wouldn’t. Hence bringing more conflict to the table. Otherwise, Hayakawa is a cooler character than J, more taciturn, mature and looking over J as his little junior. Yeah, it’s sad to think about it that Tenna prefers J more than Hayakawa but I guess that’s love for you.

Tenna is the only other main female character although she is mostly a side character and only exists in flashbacks and the past. Again, a lot of troubles would have been avoided if she would have made her words clear to J but like in Hayakawa’s case, would J have believed her? At that point in time, perhaps no. So maybe her sacrifice wasn’t just to save this world but to open J’s naïve eyes. Thank goodness he did or her death would have been in vain. The other ‘prominent’ female is Satsuki but clearly she doesn’t play much of a role. Aside surprising us she is Aoba’s sister and being a hostage that didn’t amount to anything. Oh, I almost forgot about Ayame. She’s just a b*tch right? After that failed attempt to embarrass J during a stage competition, I was thinking she would turn into a tsundere. Nah. Just negligible.

Mikuni has been suspicious from the start. My guts were ringing that there is something more to than meets the eye to this headmaster. Firstly, his voice already sounds very suspicious. I don’t know. Maybe it is just me. If a character has this kind of sound, call it bias or stereotype but I would definitely be a bit cautious hearing this kind of voice. Secondly, there are short snippets of hinting Mikuni doing shady things. It could be red herring but it came out as I predicted about him being the main antagonist. Because J vs Hayakawa is like Batman vs Superman, no? Even if they show his tragic flashback, it doesn’t feel sympathetic enough that you want to sympathize with his cause. Heck, if the time stops forever in this world or it gets destroyed in the process because the storm went out of control, I’m still fine with that outcome too seeing my sentiments for this series is already going south without any chance of recovery.

Perhaps one of the reasons one would watch this series is because of the host of bishonen men here. That is what mainly the art and animation style here. It is a good thing that everybody here looks good. Even supposedly the ‘delinquents’. But this isn’t entirely a male series as there are also bishoujo looking females. After all, when you have a bevy of hot hunks, having not cute girls fawning and idolizing them would be a waste. This isn’t after all a totally masculine gay show. Looking at you, Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love. There are some scenes that I noticed there is a dip in quality especially the fast fighting scenes but it’s not too obvious that it becomes irritating. Oh, did I notice some recycled scenes? This series is produced by Silver Link who did Strike The Blood, Kokoro Connect, Masamune-kun No Revenge, Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism, Non Non Biyori and Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu.

Voice acting is nothing spectacular. Except for the moment when J gets really mad and starts screaming, man, he sounds really mad. The casts are Tatsuhisa Suzuki as J (Ban in Nanatsu No Taizai), Takuya Satou as Hayakawa (Sasajima in Nana Maru San Batsu), Toshiyuki Tonaga as Haruto (Tsukumo in Nanbaka), Mitsuki Saiga as Ren (Phantom in MAR), Takuma Nagatsuka as Aoba (Akira in Nana Maru San Batsu), Noriaki Sugiyama as Mikuni (Shirou in Fate series), Kenn as Dracula (Jinbei in Mushibugyou), Seiichirou Yamashita as Holmes (Kakeru in Orange), Kazuaki Kobayashi as Watson, Keisuke Koumoto as Hikari (Tazuki in Miira No Kaikata), Tomoaki Maeno as Akira (Schubert in ClassicaLoid), Sachika Misawa as Tenna (Sakuyo in Mahou Shoujo Ore),Yuu Wakui as Ayame (Yoko in Sansha Sanyou) and Risa Taneda as Satsuki (Erina in Shokugeki No Souma).

The opening theme, Growth Arrow by Oldcodex is hard rock style and would have been very much suitable had this been overwhelming a butler battle action series. Sure, this series has its share of fight scene but it is not as intense and you wouldn’t really feel it is suitable for such a hard rock music to be played. Even as an opening theme. The ending theme on the other hand, Hidamari No Niwa by Sachika Misawa is quite a slow and lovely ballad. Then again, thinking of the pacing of this series, it also doesn’t quite fit as an ending theme. Sure, the song by itself as it is would be okay but after watching an episode and then hearing this song, somehow it just don’t feel right. But I suppose this is the only place where you get the hear Tenna’s voice more often. Uh huh. She has more singing lines than speaking lines. Just saying…

Overall, just your average butler story with a pinch of supernatural and (nearly) time travelling elements. Personally, only to be let down after realizing there was no slapstick comedy element as I was hoping for as stated in the synopsis. Even so, the plot and characters are mediocre. Mostly out of convenience and like as though they gave us a bevy of hot handsome guys in hopes you could forgive and overlooks this mediocrity. Sorry, guys. I’m not really into butlers. If I was given the key and pendant to go back in time, I would have somehow make the producers make a maid version of this. I would definitely watch that no matter how much it sucks. Yeah…

Nanatsu No Bitoku OVA

September 14, 2018

They’re still trying to find the right Messiah? They’re still trying to find the qualified candidate to take on Lucifer? Good luck, girls. You’re going to need them. I mean, really need them. In Nanatsu No Bitoku OVA, we see a couple more short OVAs in which the Heavenly Virtues try their luck for the aforementioned above. But I can tell what the outcome will be like and more importantly, the kind of ‘experience’ I’m going to get while watching it.

Uriel is not happy. She believes she is going to be screwed. Indeed. She is put up to be tested by a machine made by Sandalphon and Metatron. Yeah, it is supposed to judge a candidate’s quality. I’m doubting it but I’ll still watch… Tied to a chair as her legs are forced to be spread open, a candidate is ushered in and made to wear a VR helmet. We can already see he is a pervert because we see him trying to use the mouse cursor to click on Metatron’s boobs. Annoyed Metatron turns off the cursor. Now for the real test. He has to look into Uriel’s eyes and nothing else for loyalty. So far so good. Uriel is then put close to him to test endurance. Hmm… Panting a bit. After a few tests, we come to the final one in which Uriel is tickled like mad as our candidate also tries to do the same with the cursor. Unfortunately the “You are a hentai!” warning pops up and is hence ejected into the water. I guess he’s not qualified. Uriel feels so violated. Patience, patience… Isn’t that supposed to be her virtue?

Looks like Michael has a special training for her angels. Uhm, water gun fight to improve their agility? WTF. Don’t worry about anyone seeing them at the park because Sandalphon’s device to turn them invisible is on. So when it descends into a fun water gun fight, Michael shows what the real deal is about. She fires her gun to really drench them. It turns out the water will turn their swimsuits invisible! What intensity is she talking about if they’re naked???!!! The only thing intense is our libido!!! So they start shooting each other until they’re totally naked. At this point, the device also takes a hit and malfunctions. They realize that there are lots of people staring at them. Holy sh*t! Free show! And Michael can still laugh it isn’t easy to find a Messiah? Is this what this was about?! Michael, you’re fired!

Fallen Angels – Heaven Is Doomed!
All as per expected. The couple of short OVAs are meant to stimulate our pathetic libido while not caring much whether or not they really find their true saviour. Because those without vision can also see how much Lucifer will kick all their asses. You think they would have learnt something from the TV series? Nope. This OVA made them worse and sealed heaven’s fate. If you die and wonder why you didn’t go to heaven and plunge straight down into the depths of hell despite being generally a good soul for a good part of your life, this is why. This is where you pin your blame. We got our free angel tits. Yay! We can be happy for the rest of the day.

I am sure this is the reason why we only have 2 OVAs instead of more. Because we all know deep down, the more we see them, the more inept idiocy they show, the more we lose our faith. Yeah, hence in this sense it is a tad sad that some of the angels don’t even get to have a decent screen time. The fact that God is absent to even supervise their actions especially Michael shows that either God doesn’t care or God is a pervy who wants to see his archangels naked and in compromising positions or God intends to betray us all because he has already aligned with Lucifer. Yikes! This is an even more devastating plot! But for now, we have to put up with slutty fails because now we can also blame them for the increase of the number of perverts in the world instead of saviours. Oh God help us all. Or rather, Lucifer please help us all and save us from this unholiness!

High School DxD Hero

September 8, 2018

Holy titties! I never would have expected it. That the High School DxD franchise would be given another season. After the fiasco and disappointing season, it was safe to say that it wasn’t going to get another season. But 3 years later, here we are having this surprising fourth season, High School DxD Hero. Do they think fans have forgotten? After all, 3 years isn’t particularly a long time but maybe it is so in anime terms. And since I have forgotten a lot about this series except for the fact that a boy wants to be harem king and has this privilege of touching boobs from his harem and also fighting demons to protect them (sure, there are other bits of details I remember from this series but ecchi fanservice is what I and mostly all of us would prominently remember), I suppose it is time to forgive and give them a chance to make amends and move on. Okay, seriously, we’re here for the tits, right?

Episode 0
This episode supposedly ‘fixes’ the deviation. From last season after Issei defeated Diodora, the latter is killed off by Shalba. Issei sinks into further depression when is told Asia has been erased from this dimension. This turns his Juggernaut Drive berserk as Issei is now in his Red Dragon armour (not sure to what evolution he powered up) and destroying everything. He pounds Shalba and even kills him! But still, he continues to go berserk and at this rate, he will deplete his own life force. Here comes Vali and his men. Surprise or not, they found Asia totally by chance floating in another dimension. Convenient. Yeah, she’s still alive. Totally convenient. Their focus now is to save Issei but they can’t even get near him. Vali hints there is one way to snap him out. Everyone staring at Rias’ tits. Who’d knew the answer is so simple. The problem is approaching him. One way to approach a rampaging dragon is an ancient melody. Fear not. Because here comes Irina with a giant projector as she plays that children’s dragon boobs song!!! With Issei reacting to it, now it is Rias’ chance to let him touch her nipples. And just like that, Issei returns to normal. Flanked and hugged by his girls, Issei sees Asia and is about to hug her only to be usurped by an emotional Xenovia. Like how rainbows in the sky is a sign of a good ending, this series’ ‘rainbow’ is the appearance of the Great Red. Vali reminds us it is his dream to defeat him. Even Ophis pops up to say hi for a while. Vali and Issei make a vow to return stronger and settle their score another day. A sign to go home with Issei collapsing from exhaustion. Issei keeps his promise to team up with Asia for the 3-legged race. With him further exhausted, Asia heals him. Bonus for Issei because she kisses him and confesses she loves him. Now he collapses from happiness. I’M SO JEALOUS OF YOU, ISSEI!!!!!!!

Episode 1
What a way to start the episode. Since Issei will be going on a field trip to Kyoto, Akeno wants to f*ck him so as to fill up her loneliness while he is gone. It’s just 2 days, right? Of course Rias won’t allow it but since there is also competition from Koneko and Asia, Rias does a boobs slam in his face! I’M SO JEALOUS OF YOU, ISSEI!!! Later, Koneko ups the ante with her skinship healing technique and suggests some amorous techniques. That’s a weird way of saying sex. Of course, no sex if you follow the school rules. Rias and her subordinates visit her family to report. Discussing with Sirzechs, they suggest the removal of several unnecessary rules for the Rating Game so that both sides can go all out. Sairaorg wants to spar with Issei. We see both of them trading powerful punches that could easily rip the place apart. Asia then shouts out about the need for Issei to power up by touching boobs. With everyone agreeing and double confirming about his boobs relying power (why does it sound to make him embarrassed), Rias embarrassingly offers her boobs to be touched. Issei would gladly take up this offer but Sairaorg ends the match. As this would mean Issei would be showing his trump card, he believes Issei is still trying to reach for new heights. He hopes they can settle it all in their upcoming Rating Game. Before they leave, Millicas throws Issei the question if he would still call Rias as buchou once she graduates. Issei is too excited for the trip that he can’t sleep. With Rias giving him ultimate boobs smothering fanservice, he can’t sleep even further. Boobs are better than coffee in keeping you awake. At the train station, Rias gives Issei 2 ‘gifts’. First, a special pass to allow him to enter all those holy temple places that Kyoto is so famous for (remember, Issei is a demon). Second, a great goodbye kiss for the road.

Episode 2
Issei enters the consciousness of his Sacred Gear. There are many former Red Dragon users but they are now mostly like vegetable mode. One of them looks like a boy his age and just like the rest was overwhelmed by his own strength and perished. Ddraig introduces Issei to Elsha who was the partner to Belzard, the most powerful Red Dragon Emperor who defeated 2 White Dragon Emperors by himself. She gives him a box and a key that supposedly holds his Red Dragon Emperor potential. However he must take responsibility once he opens it. It’s like a Pandora’s Box. So he opens it but he doesn’t remember what it is as he returns to reality. Furthermore, he lost it! Ddraig assures because of their strong bonds, it will come back to him eventually. I think we get a hint of what it is. Because Matsuda is fondling Motohama’s ‘boobs’!!!! So gay!!! Even when they reach Kyoto, Issei sees a random guy trying to fondle a random woman’s boobs. During the shrine visit, Issei is attacked by a fox girl, Kuno and her youkai minions. She accuses him of kidnapping her mom and wants her back. Issei doesn’t know what she is talking about but she doesn’t believe him. With the help of Xenovia, Irina and Asia, they stave off the attack but Kuno vows to be back. Back in the hotel, not sure why Issei is hanging out alone in his room (wasn’t he supposed to watch porn with his friends?!), so he decides to go peek on the girls bathing. Rossweisse gets in his way. Ally or not, nothing is going to stop him from peeping at boobs! From the guy who naturally gets to see Rias and Akeno’s boobs every day. Issei defeats he with his Dress Break. There goes the cheap cute jersey she bought. All for the sake for our fanservice pleasure. More fanservice pleasure as we take a detour watching Rias and Akeno getting into a boob challenge, arguing Issei likes their boobs better. During dinner, Issei learns from Serafall that the current head of the youkai clan is missing. This explains the attack and Chaos Brigade is most likely behind this infiltration. Azazel will do his best about the situation and wants the kids to enjoy the field trip.

Episode 3
Flashback shows after the 3-legged race, Issei and Rias fought a member of the Chaos Brigade’s Hero Faction. Although defeated, he turned into some shadow. During the Kyoto sightseeing, Issei and co are surrounded by the youkai. Rossweisse says this is as instructed by Azazel to bring them to the youkai world. Kuno apologizes to them for jumping the gun without doing any investigations. Discussing about their missing head, Princess Yasaka who is also Kuno’s mom, they believe Chaos Brigade is definitely behind the kidnapping since the underworld real doesn’t know anything about this. They show a picture of how Yasaka looks like so that we can have Issei fantasize lewd things with her! That night when Issei’s buddies came to his room to bug him, he hides inside the closet with Asia. Cue for some romantic moments and Asia to kiss him because she isn’t satisfied Rias gave him one before the trip. Their unholy act is discovered by Xenovia and Irina who also want in on this. Xenovia has no qualms for them taking turns to kiss him as well as make babies! Oh sh*t. Girls struggling to f*ck him? I guess that’s why this tight closet space is the excuse for more ‘close quarter skirmish’. Rossweisse and her reinforcements are waiting for Issei to show up. Well, they got Matsuda and Motohama good. Sensing something amiss that Issei is no show, she realizes something is wrong when Asia and co aren’t in the bath. She rushes down to Issei’s room and catches them all with their pants down in an unholy orgy. Next day, Kuno makes good on her promise to give Issei’s groupie a tour of Kyoto as repentance. On the bridge, suddenly they are transported to another dimension. Kuno recognizes this purple mist that is believed to have kidnapped her mom. Before them is Chaos Brigade’s Hero Faction.

Episode 4
The leader of Hero Faction, Cao Cao admits of kidnapping Yasaka for an experiment. He is here to greet and spar with them. He has Leonardo materialize several anti-monsters for Issei’s side to fight. Thanks to Issei making strategic moves, they are easily dealt with. Azazel fights Cao Cao as he now understands why Hero Faction sent assassins to various camps. It is to obtain data to create the best anti-monster, Colossus that is capable of obliterating the Gods. After done with the anti-monsters, Issei’s side fight Siegfried. He has 3 arms? Each wielding a legendary sword? Azazel questions Hero Faction’s move now. Cao Cao explains it is to unearth human’s full potential. Of all the races, humans have always been the ones capable of eliminating those at the top. They want to see how far they can push this limit while remaining human. The giant Gogmagog, a weapon once created by the Gods pops up. It is sent by Le Fey Pendragon from Vali’s side to give Cao Cao a warning. Pendragon is a fan of Issei and wants to shake his hands. Damn, I thought she was going to let him touch her boobs. After Gogmagog falls and Rossweisse realising a flurry of attacking beams in her drunken stupor, Cao Cao ends the fight. He invites them to watch their experiment tonight where he will use Yasaka to conduct something on Nijou Castle. Back at the hotel, Azazel assigns roles to them in taking down Hero Faction and rescuing Yasaka. He will also enlist the help of some professionals since it is unknown how many dangerous guys Cao Cao will bring. Azazel also assigns Saji to be on Issei’s side to restrain him in case the latter goes berserk. Later Azazel returns a pink gem to Issei. Apparently this is his escaped potential from the box that went berserk groping women all over Kyoto. So it’s all his fault to begin with. Issei asks Azazel on what it means to be a hero since it was one of his goals. I thought he wanted to be harem king? The mist covers the land and separates Issei from the rest (he only has Kuno as company). He faces off with that shadow dude again. So if Issei can’t touch the shadow but the shadow can touch and restrain him?

Episode 5
Issei’s flames burns him. Time for the loser to rant about Sacred Gear discrimination that he doesn’t mind being a puppet for somebody because it gives his life meaning. But since he isn’t main character, we don’t give a damn. I guess we’re done with the warm up match so Issei reunites with the rest as they prepare to face Cao Cao and his men. He has Georg turn Yasaka into a giant youkai fox. His experiment is to summon Great Red with this fox and the city’s power. Not sure about this power showing from Xenovia because it’s like to show us she has a new sword, Ex-Durandal (Excalibur x Durandal) and wipes out almost half the city! Good thing this is the alternate dimension. Now we see some matchups, Siegfried fighting both Xenovia and Yuuto, Jeanne choosing Irina, Heracles against Rossweisse while Saji in his Prism Dragon form take on the fox. We see the Hero Faction’s Balance Breaker with Siegfried able to have maximum 6 arms with 6 different swords, Jeanne making a dragon out of holy swords and Heracles just being spiky and shooting missiles. Issei could have died from Cao Cao’s lethal attack but uses his Phoenix Tears to heal. He strikes back and does some lethal damage but is shocked to see Cao Cao also possessing a Phoenix Tears to heal up. Issei takes another devastating blow so he wants Ddraig to fix the armour. At this points, all his comrades lost. Even the serpent lost to the snake. Time for Issei to lose hope and lament how weak and useless he is at crucial points. Don’t worry. Here comes Elsha ex machina. After telling him that potential thingy, he must unleash his own potential with that gem. Uh huh. His own set of boobs. You heard that right. So the gem materializes boob zombies?! Actually these are the wills of all those who became boob molesters because of him and their desires materialized into a human form. Yeah, there are so many of them! Finally all of them combine as Issei summons his set of boobs. Whose set? Rias! Yeah, she was in the middle of changing her underwear.

Episode 6
Elsha guides Issei on how to pinch her boobs! I’m sure Rias is shocked and confused but since it’s Issei, she’ll give him a free pass for now. Upon pressing her tits, is this the best orgasm she ever felt? She is transported back to where she is while Issei receives a massive boost. Feel the power just bursting from within! All because of buchou’s boobs! Heck, he even has a last vision of Elsha giving her final blessing as well as Belzard’s final words of pinching and twirling? Aren’t those the lyrics to Issei’s dragon boobs song? With this new power, Issei is faster, tougher and can change between modes quickly to pound Cao Cao. Thanks to his Sacred Gear, Cao Cao survives without much damage. Cao Cao notes his move is illegal (compared to some chess move) but Ddraig sees it as some 3-pronged attack. Before the fight continues, here comes Yu Long the Mischievous Dragon along with Son Goku. He has a bone to pick with Cao Cao. We see Goku’s tremendous power in handling Cao Cao and his subordinates while Yu Long tames the fox. Cao Cao and co is about to retreat but Issei fires a powerful shot in his face. This makes Cao Cao very mad and wants to retaliate but upon realizing they are at their limits, they back out for now. It’s redundant to tell him to be stronger than Vali. He is going to do that. Issei and Goku unleash some power so Kuno could talk to her mom and return her to her buxom human form. All is fine as well. Lots of thanking before Issei’s party leave for home. Issei’s only regret is that he couldn’t touch Yasaka’s boobs. I guess buchou’s boobs weren’t enough. Speaking of which, back home the group gets reprimanded by Rias but after Azazel explains about the new power he received, I guess she’ll let it slide. Azazel also informs that Ravel will soon be transferring to their school as she has now taken interest in Japan (who wouldn’t?). Now they have to prepare for the upcoming school festival as well as the Rating Game with Sairaorg.

Episode 7
Issei puts up a splendid stage performance as Oppai Dragon! It’s really a hit! The kids love him! Even doing that signature twirling and pinching finger movements?! What are they teaching kids these days?! Fanservice moments at the backstage as Irina has to replace the announcer who sprained her foot. The dress is so tight that her boobs literally rips it apart! As though like they’re screaming they don’t want to be constraint by it. Cue for Irina to do an unholy activity of smothering her boobs on him. Cue for other girls to come in to do the same because all their boobs belong to him. Wow. A plethora of boobs! Issei you lucky bastard! Until Rias tells them to get ready for the next stage. After the show, Issei personally signs an autograph for a boy who turned up late for the event, Rirencs. Rias’ mom comes by to congratulate their splendid play. She also has Issei think about advancing his relationship with Rias. Time to stop calling her buchou? Ravel has officially transferred but she is quite meek instead of being prideful because she is nervous and not used in dealing humans? Gee, so around demons she knows she’s like a, uhm, demon? Issei thought of Koneko showing her around to help ease her anxiety but looks like a storm is brewing instead. Rias requests Issei to come with her as the butler of Sairaorg’s mom has a personal request. She tells him the story of Misla Bael, who hails from one of the 72 pillars of the demon clan. After she gave birth to Sairaorg, the joy was short-lived as he had no magic powers. They became scorned by the clan. She raised him within the Bael area and despite the Gremory clan offered to take them in, they were rejected. She took care of him tirelessly until she became sick with a terrible demonic illness. Now in a deep coma, the butler hopes that Issei’s power of communicating via boobs would wake her up. Yes, he has their permission to touch her boobs. But in the end, despite pushing himself past his Balance Breaker, she still sleeps. Understandably he is depressed. Sairaorg comes to see him to thank him after hearing what happened. But they both assure that this past will not stop them from going all out with each other at their upcoming Rating Game. Rias notes Issei looks like a worthy man now. But he is still the same oppai pervert, right?

Episode 8
Rias’ team is practising for the Rating Game. However they have to stop and reserve some energy since there is a press conference tomorrow. Yes, their match is highly publicized and will be watched all over. I suppose that is why Issei is surprised when Saji tells him his side his having a Rating Game against the Agares clan at the same time but it is so low key and everybody else is paying attention to Rias-Sairaorg Rating Game. At the press conference, the press seems to hound Issei on boobs! Is he going to poke Rias’ boobs?! A slip of his tongue and the media goes into a frenzy bombarding him with boob questions that just makes them uncomfortable and embarrassed. Even Sairaorg throws in his own cheeky comments. While Issei is reflecting in the sauna, here comes hot naked Rias wanting to get down and dirty with him! Is this the moment where Issei would finally lose his virginity? But all of a sudden… The moment he calls her buchou, she loses her mood and leaves enraged. Oh my. All it takes was a title for a boner to a downer. It is a bit awkward when the duo meet for their strategy meeting. As Azazel is appointed their advisor, Sairaorg has Diehauser Belial who is a former Rating Game champion. After the meeting, Ravel’s mom drops a line to say hi to her daughter as well as hoping Issei would take care of her. Who else better than the Red Dragon Emperor himself, right? With Issei agreeing and mom hoping Ravel to improve her relationship with him, it looks like this is giving Rias the worries. So she asks Issei and some of them if they would protect her. Of course. Then she asks Issei what she is to him. Buchou is always buchou. That’s it. That taboo word has Rias calling him an idiot as she runs away. All the ladies agree it is Issei’s fault although he (and yours truly) are clueless in how he messed up. I’m sure it has something to do with their long standing bonds together but I just can’t piece the pieces together… Dang, a woman’s heart is so hard to understand! Even more so a devil woman so to speak!

Episode 9
We hear Issei reflecting on himself. Basically he wants them to be more than just master-servant relationship but fears Rias doesn’t share the same feelings. One wrong move and it’s all over. Yeah, understanding women is hard. Apparently Akeno, Koneko and Asia overheard this so they also share his sympathy. In order to be fair to them, they will equally share their love. Oh man. Is it this early to get naked tits treatment? Fine with me! Let the sexual healing begin! But Asia senses Issei still has some feelings for Reinare. He notes she is his first girlfriend and killed him. In the end he had to kill her and he doesn’t want to feel such ever again. With everyone reassuring their love for him and always be together, let’s put aside the tears and continue our sexual healing. And then Xenovia and Irina had to pass by and see this unholy act. They too want in on the action. The real struggle begins. Yeah, it’s really hard to understand women. Rias’ team are at the hotel and are met with Hades. So Greek Gods like Poseidon are even coming to see this tournament? Rias gets an important advice from Riser about believing in her teammates as well as leaving Ravel in their care. This guy is so much on their side now. More booster for Issei as Sirzechs sees him to let him watch a video of young kids who are fans of Oppai Dragon cheering on him. Tons of fan letters too. As of before the start of the match, we are being briefed over the format of the game. Looks like it isn’t battle royale like I knew it from last time. Both kings will roll the dice. Their total value will determine what kind of pieces they can put forth into the match (each chess piece has a corresponding value like Pawns = 1 and Rooks = 5, so forth). Those who represent multiple pieces like Issei who represents 8 Pawns will be worth 8 points. Both sides roll to a total of 3. This means they can either only use a Knight or Bishop (Sairaorg’s Pawns are also held by the same person). Rias chooses Yuuto for this battle. His opponent is, uhm, also a full-fledged knight. Gee, it’s really the battle of the Knights.

Episode 10
Here are this episode’s Rating Game highlights:

Match 1: Yuuto vs Beluka Furcas (and Altobrau the horse): As dubbed the battle of the Knights, both sides clone themselves for an all-out melee battle that ends with Yuuto being victorious. First blood to Rias’ camp!

Match 2: Rossweisse-Koneko vs Liban Crocell-Gandoma Balam: The duo try their best against the gravity swordsman and discount Thing. In the end, Rossweisse miscalculated her attack and although got both her opponents, Koneko bore the brunt of Gandoma’s final attack. Rossweisse’s survival meant that Rias’ team wins but Koneko and like those who have lost cannot be featured in future matches.

Match 3: Issei vs Coriana Andrealphus: Dubbed the battle of the sexy! Sairaorg thinks this trump card has what it takes to nullify Issei’s perverted powers. True enough, she starts a striptease show and slowly undresses! Issei could have finished her with a single power move but he cannot attack a lady while undressing! Damn perverted pride. However this is the deal breaker. Coriana starts taking off her panties first before her bra! Issei does not approve of this order and fires away! WTF???!!! So he prefers to see the boobs first before her vagina/ass?! What a ‘terrible’ match…

Match 4: Xenovia-Gasper vs Ladora Bune-Misteeta Sabnock: The plan is to have Gasper support Xenovia as she takes on the offensive. However she got cursed by the priestess and is now being hunted by malnourished-guy-turned-mighty-dragon. As Gasper’s healing takes time, against everyone’s wish and to show how manly and useful he is, he becomes bait and sacrifices himself. Yup, we see Gasper getting owned by the duo. With Gasper not giving up, it’s supposed to make us cheer for him and pull our heartstrings. In the end, they focused too much on vampire boy and Xenovia has enough time to recover and blast them away. Too bad Gasper is out, though.

Match 5: Akeno vs Kuisha Abaddon: The battle of the Queens and the fastest! After watching Gasper’s feat, the other Rias members are resolved to lower their opponent’s fighting strength. Yup, this means Akeno lost in this black hole match quickly although I don’t see her dealing much damage to Kuisha.

Match 6: Yuuto-Rossweisse-Xenovia vs Sairaorg: Oh, time’s up for this episode. But we know how this will turn out, right? Yeah, just a warm up match for Sairaorg…

Episode 11
As expected, Sairaorg wipes the floor with them. Though with all their might they put up challenge and eventually cut off an arm of his, they are still no match and are defeated. Issei is so mad that his next match with Kuisha, he doesn’t even think of groping her and quickly defeats her! Actually, had not Sairaorg ordered her to withdraw, Issei would have killed her with his punch! OMG! Issei the killer???!!! Because of the dumb rules, Sairaorg suggests discarding it and have a team match with the remaining members. Approved of course since it is getting too predictable and boring. So we’re starting off with a power punch from the guys already? While the duo duke it out, Sairaorg’s only member left turns into his true form, a giant golden lion. Some legend about it being a battle axe whom Sairaorg found after its original wielder was killed by bandits. He faces off with Rias. I wonder what Asia is doing since she is the only other member left. Don’t want to get in the way maybe? Issei beats up Sairaorg after taking advantage of his weakness that was made known by his comrades in the previous match. But this is interrupted when the lion has mauled Rias and she will bleed to death. Issei uses his Phoenix Tears to save her. The lion wants Sairaorg to wield him but he refuses. This is when Issei reminds him of their promise to go all out with each other, not holding back any punches. Sairaorg fuses with the lion to become a golden armour! Saint Seiya???!!! Yeah, Issei gets owned. Hence he is before the council of past failed Red Dragon users who are forcing him to use the Juggernaut Drive. Issei is on the verge of giving in until he hears his fans Oppai Dragon fans’ motivation! Led by Irina, it’s damn weird to hear the entire stadium with kids shouting out boobs. With that, Issei fights back against the council. He won’t give in to resentment and become a tyrant because he is a lecher. Then this guy pops up, supposedly one of the past White Dragon user tells him to try it out because if anything happens, he’ll save him. Gee, thanks for the assurance. With Issei giving the council hope about the future (not to mention thinking about boobs and the woman he loves), Issei takes his transformation of his Red Dragon armour to the next mighty level.

Episode 12
So we see Issei not only powering up but confesses to the entire world he loves Rias. If he draws his power from love, so be it. So the epic punching begins. Until Sairaorg falls. He could have stayed down if not the ghost of his mom tells him to get up?! At least not the cliché power of friendship. The punching continues but Sairaorg takes more beating until Issei loses his armour because he overuses his power? Issei would have continued with his own bare fists until he realizes (as well as the plot script) Sairaorg has passed out a long time. Only his will made him continue to fight. Issei cries manly tears for his manly heroics. And with that, Rias’ side wins this Rating Game. Issei and Sairaorg recuperate in hospital. The latter doesn’t feel bitter about his loss but strangely satisfied. Sirzechs talks to Issei and he is considering promoting Issei to mid-level demon. Yuuto and Akeno are also potential to be promoted. After Issei is discharged, we see the school having their cultural festival. Issei and Rias are finally alone together. No time is wasted for him to confess how much he loves her. No need to be alarmed by her tears. Those are tears of happiness. She has been waiting for this moment. Especially for Issei to call her by her name. If she had only said it from the start… But she was too afraid to do so. Oh… Now I see… As Rias confesses she loves him back and they are about to kiss, those damn pesky friends are spotted eavesdropping. Heck, they even congratulate and even make cheeky remarks they can officially steal him. Hey, they’re demons, right? Rias blames them for ruining her most important moment in life. Even Issei is not spared. Yeah, it’s his fault for confessing here. But don’t worry, the rest set them up to do it all over this time. Alone. Guaranteed. Finally with no interruptions, the kiss that we have all been waiting for! Yahoo! Such bliss. In the aftermath, more good news because Sairaorg’s mom wakes up from coma. We also see Azazel being mad at Indra for knowing about Cao Cao’s existence before them. Indra thinks it is justified as they know each other since young. Indra agrees to ‘officially’ help him but warns if Issei threatens the world, he will annihilate his soul. He views his own group as the only ones worthy of being made under heaven.

Boobs Without Tits Are Totally Pointless!
Phew. Thank goodness this season didn’t suck. I’m not sure if it is because they decided to follow back the original light novel works or because it has been too long (yes, 3 years seems like a very long time to me nowadays) that I couldn’t remember the detailed bits. Even though I knew the third season was disappointing but time somewhat ‘healed’ it. Or maybe this season is just awesome in its own right. Either way, thank goodness this series came back from the ashes like a fiery phoenix and roared its way through like a dragon. Even if the final scenes were intriguing, it still feels like it has set up an interesting potential for another season. After all, Issei and Rias officially becoming an item isn’t the end of the entire story.

One of the biggest differences that viewers will notice is the animation and art style of this season. Previously the series was handled by TNK but now it is done by Passione (Citrus, Rokka No Yuusha, Hinako Note and Rail Wars). Although the art style is not so different that you cannot make head or tail of the usual characters, there is noticeable difference that makes it obvious it definitely looks different from its predecessors. How should I put it… If you ask me, this season’s art style looks somewhat a bit cute. Uh huh. Slightly this more moe looking style. Not to say the predecessors do not have this cute looks but the former series have this bishoujo feel and look. Thus they have this teen look but the current season makes them look a bit younger. Maybe because of the ‘roundness’ and ‘smoothness’ (heck, what am I saying, boobs are always round and smooth but I’m not referring to those in this context) as well as the colour and hue looking smoother and brighter. So it is either you will hate or love this new art style. Me, I got used to it in no time. Hey, it doesn’t matter if boobs are in 2D or 3D. Boobs are boobs, we get to see a bunch here, is that not enough???!!!

Despite the change in art style, one big sigh of relief for fans is that the original seiyuus in its predecessors are all maintained in this season. Your demon sexy Rias and cutie pie Asia might look lightly different than usual but at least they still sound the same like last time. I guess this is good because if they entirely changed the casts, we might be slightly more confused if this dude is Issei. Because let’s face it, nobody sounds perfect playing Issei other than Yuuki Kaji. Hence the new ones joining the ever expanding list of this series include Sora Tokui as Kuno (Hideri in Blend S), You Taichi as Yasaka (Albus in Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho), Kousuke Toriumi as Cao Cao (Acnologia in Fairy Tail), Jun Fukushima as Siegfried (Kazuma in KonoSuba), Airi Ootsu as Leonardo (Maria in Marchen Madchen), Sho Nogami as Georg, Ayaka Asai as Jeanne (Hazuki in Hibike! Euphonium), Mugihito as Goku (Wombat in Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu), Rie Tanaka as Elsha (Suigin Tou in Rozen Maiden) and Yutaka Aoyama as Belzard (Yamada in To Be Hero).

I keep wondering if there was any sort of meaning to the second title the series has. The second season was New, followed by Born and now we have Hero. String that together and we have New Born Hero. Seems legit and possible if you’re talking about Issei. Thus it makes me wonder if they’re going to make another season, what moniker they will put for that fifth season. Pervert? New Born Hero Pervert doesn’t seem so far-fetched…

Character wise, they are pretty sufficient this season despite the main focus is on Issei and Rias, especially the drama and issue of trying to take their relationship above the master-servant connection. Sometimes it gets a bit annoying because it mirrors in real life that when something is wrong, the women won’t say and the men must figure it out. Even demons Sure, Issei has been with Rias long enough but that doesn’t mean he can read her mind. It felt like everything could have been solved had Rias pointed it out but I suppose that takes the fun out of everything and it will be too easy and Issei will not learn if he doesn’t figure things out on his own. After all, he has got to prove that he is more than just a guy who likes to grope and poke boobs. Yeah… Thankfully for the sake of this season’s happy ending, Issei got all the buttons right. Phew. Next step: Marriage? I know Issei is an admirable guy but sometimes the way he over-admires his opponents with too much respect like how he is so awed with everything Sairaorg does in his fight but ultimately his own dream is the most priority, well, it sounds like he is trying too hard and overdoing? Just one step away from being annoying…

I know in line with this series’ fanservice and ecchi element, sometimes it feels cliché and super unrealistic that all the girls want to spam their boobs for Issei like as though he is their public property. Especially Xenovia who has no qualms in getting down and dirty with him. As though sex is nothing sacred. But the oddest part is that now Issei has a great following in his Oppai Dragon brand name, it just feels weird to see kids rooting and shouting boobs! I mean, young boys and girls chanting “Oppai! Oppai”, like as though it is nothing. Starting them young, eh? Damn guy has got theme song of his own! It could be the national anthem for boobs kingdom for all you know!

For the other characters under Rias’ peerage, they don’t seem too prominent this season too. Almost forgettable until the situation calls for it so that we can see Issei isn’t just a one-man show and has to rely on some things on his comrades. In a way, the need to prove or at least tell us they are still relevant. Of course they are but not in the limelight focus sense. For example, Gasper. Weak vampire boy who has a penchant of hiding in boxes tries to show us how manly he is despite looking, sounding and acting so much like a girl. Man, doesn’t it pull some heartstrings to see Gasper get pounded (not in a sexual way!) like that and not give up?! As this series has many other characters as well, some feel redundant this season like Ravel. Her appearance may be for future potentials and development but this season feels like as though her cameo is that so you don’t forget about her. I mean, we can’t disregard a cute demon girl who is a potential for Issei’s harem, right? New characters like Kuno also feel this way. But to be fair, this season is her debut and now she too is a furry potential for Issei’s harem.

Chaos Brigade makes their much needed appearance but only time will tell if they will become a formidable foe. Because it’s like we take a break now from fighting baddies as we bring you the most hyped Rating Game of the decade. With the irony of heroes becoming the villains (maybe that is what the title of this season refers to), I also hope to see a mishmash of other characters from folklores and tales. It would really be super epic mess with everyone and everything in the fray.

Action bits are pretty exaggerated but still fun to watch. With all the power ups and boosters especially for Issei, you wonder how much stronger he can become and evolve because it seems like as though there is no end to his evolution and transformation to become the Red Dragon Emperor. Not that it is entirely a bad thing but to think about how he started out as a normal pervert and slowly becomes one of the most powerful characters ever, that’s really something. But one thing I can’t help but smirk and find it sound odd is how when Ddraig initiates multiple boosters for Issei, he will start repeatedly say, “Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!~”. Since he says that in quick succession, he sounds like saying “Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs!~”. Like, WTF?! I guess it works for Issei in both ways since the power of boobs gives him the boosts.

Other characters like Xenovia, Rossweisse and Yuuto also help display some of their power and abilities but essentially it all comes down to Issei. Hence it makes me wonder if Issei and the raw brute strength of Sairaorg would eventually become annoying overpowered characters. Heck, they’re not the only ones because there are still other opponents like Vali and Cao Cao to deal with. But I suppose we will come to acknowledge their superiority because we get to see Issei acquire it through sheer hard work (or boobs fondling at least) unlike a certain character in that Smartphone crap series that started out way too God-like overpowered from the start.

I guess Rias vs Sairaorg’s Rating Game was so awesome and good that we have forgotten about the other Rating Game that was supposed to go on simultaneously: Saji’s one against the Agares clan. Yup, whatever happened to that? Not even a hint. I thought this would foreshadow something when they put it like that but not a word out of its results. You know, Saji’s side shockingly loss and there is some ulterior motive by the Agares clan to destroy the world. Something like that. No? I assume they won too and without much fanfare. But then again, if all the focus is on Rias and Sairaorg’s Rating Game and assuming people would prefer to watch that, maybe Saji’s Rating Game was played to empty seats?

This season’s opening theme is Switch by Minami. Nothing really great but I think it is rather okay for this season. Generic anime pop song with a pinch of techno dance genre. As for the ending theme, it is Motenai Kuseni by Tapimiru. Also feels like a generic anime rock pop song. I remember the first 2 seasons the ending credits animation had very sexy and erotic dancing. This was ‘downgraded’ in the third season without all that fanservice and the same can be same with this season. It is much toned down. Despite the amount of bare tits were have been exposed to here (especially the mid-intermission like always, they show the girl covered up in the first half because exposing her top in the next half), they just give us Issei’s harem in their beach bikini posing in moderate sexy poses. Disappointing? But then again, we want to remember this series for its awesome story, characters and tits rather than being remembered for, “Oh right, this was the series that had an excellent erotic ending credits animation ever”. Yeah…

Overall, this season is a very much welcomed and giving the series a new breath of life for future developments. It still isn’t perfect but at least it is much better than its previous season. You thought that it would only take one small negative impact to ruin the entire reputation built up and herculean efforts to try and do damage control. This season proves that as long as you have the right amount of tits and boobs (and done nicely of course), those negative sentiments don’t stay long. Ah, boobs. Who’d knew that boobs are the perfect instruments for power up and world peace. Sing along with me, people! Oppai daisuki doragon koi oshita/ Suichi hime no oppai watotemo suki da/ Doragon, doragon oppai doragon momimomi pochito boing boing/ Takusan oppai aru kedo, yappari suichi hime ga daisuki! Wow… Such an epic piece. This is one boob job Issei and us guys will never get tired of.

Dies Irae (cont.)

August 25, 2018

It’s finally here. The final 6 episodes of Dies Irae that was unable to be aired normally on TV is now broadcasted as ONA simultaneously. Now you’ll get your closure about evil Nazis wanting to change the world or something. I already didn’t understand a lot back then but I’m hoping that I would somehow although the chances are very remote.

Episode 12
We hear Mercurius and Heydrich talk about the process of becoming God or close to being one. It is revealed that this world or existence has been repeating itself billions of times hence the déjà vu they have always felt. In order to rid that, they must remove the current God from its throne. That was how the previous God was replaced too. Gee, God’s position is like dispose and snatch? Hence Mercurius wants Heydrich to reach the highest Emanation level to do so. Trifas talks to Ren about Riza who once tried to ‘farm’ children to bring humanity to the next level but failed as their bodies couldn’t handle the power. Technically she killed them. She became crazy to bring them back to life, hence Isaak is the result of Riza’s child and Rea’s grandpa. Riza offered her own son as sacrifice to safe those children and the only part of Isaak that merged with Heydrich was his soul. As the Berlin swastika wasn’t enough, a second Isaak sacrifice is needed, hence the process must be repeated again. As the only way to seal Heydrich is to kill Rea, Ren knows what he must do and Trifas’ answer is the same as his. Ren asks about choosing between saving Rea and his wish so Trifas explains the critical parts of this Golden Alchemy ritual. Other parts can be destroyed. Rea doesn’t have to die and his wish can come true because the miracle is incomplete. He doesn’t think Heydrich will give his people a world they really want. In their haste and greed, they signed a contract with the devil. For the Golden Alchemy to succeed, 5 parts are necessary. Rea being the core and the second is Heydrich’s relics. As both are essential, the other parts are deemed destroyable but they are the leaders of the Longinus Dreizehn Orden. Simply defeating 1 of them is tough.

The duo meet up with Leonhart and Shirou (truly reborn from Rusalka’s tummy if you remember that ‘horror’ move). Leonhart’s Berserker monster attacks Trifas. Because the priest doesn’t sustain any damage, it is getting pretty annoying so he needs Ren’s help to stop it. But since Ren is in shock, Leonhart calls out to it and it responds and stops. Because it is her brother. Trifas knows it will be hard to officially ask Ren to cooperate but this doesn’t change their task. They’ll defeat the leaders and save Rea. Mercurius narrates he created this universe based on his laws. It has repeated billions of times and he sounds tired of it. He wants someone to take over his place. The only joy he had for this unending recurrence is meeting and falling in love with Marie. He hopes for her to make the world of the goddess flow outward before he commits suicide. Marie cries as he leaves. But there is Ren she can confide with. She finds it hard to believe to repeat the same life over and over again so Ren tells her his secrets. Something about his past life in the Nazi he can’t remember clearly and also witnessing first hand of somebody getting killed. He can’t tell the truth to Kasumi or she’ll be hurt but at the same time he feels like a coward. Thus he is happy Marie is not normal. Huh? He thanks her that he is able to understand how he could atone his sins and the answer is her. It’s not for the dead to come back alive or repeating things forever. There is a way that’s only possible because of her and he was born to save and protect it.

Episode 13
Rea wakes up and finds Eleonore beside her. She confirms Riza is Rea’s grandma and killed her out of friendship. Huh? If Rea wants to do something for Riza, do her job. She won’t get in her way. Flashback shows Trifas and his church orphans. Then Heydrich and his leaders pop up to accuse him for trying to be a fugitive during the wartime. He is forced to pick 10 children to be killed or all will die. Trifas reluctantly does so but the oddest part is how he picks them slowly one by one and as they get shot, the rest didn’t scream or run. Just waiting their turn to be shot, huh? But didn’t it look like all the kids died? Anyway it left him in despair and after that Heydrich tells him to return as his services are needed. Now, Leonhart questions Trifas why her brother Kai was mad at him. Trifas says he wanted him dead. It is only right as a warrior since he killed him as he and Beatrice rebelled against Heydrich. Perhaps he hates him for turning Leonhart into another warrior. Trifas knows all about hate as he transforms into his super armour form. His wish is to become strong and save others forever and at the same time offer himself eternal atonement. Things he love will never be destroyed again. Leonhart attacks him but nothing happens. Trifas adds about not allowing Emanation of Valhalla and will only take the gold that revives the dead. With Rea here, that is when Trifas tries to target her womb so that when her connection to Isaak is destroyed, the swastika will chose the next body in line for its womb. Luckily the attack is foiled by Eleonore. Now that he has revealed his true colours, he will die. Goetz fights him with his incessant punches. Though Trifas might seem he is not taking on any damages by just blocking, the cracks are slow but surely.

Eleonore explains to Rea so as to explain to us what the f*ck is going on. It is part of Trifas’ plan to seal Heydrich while attaining the resurrection of the dead by using one of the incomplete twins (Kasumi) from the Johann’s bloodline so it will cause the swastika to be confused and an error in the Golden Alchemy. As Trifas longed to be strong, he viewed Heydrich as the strongest and became him. Thus the body he is using now belongs to Heydrich. Normally that’s where the resistance to damage comes from. But with Goetz’s constant shattering, it will soon break and with it, the armies of Valhalla will swarm out into this world. That is where Rea’s job begins. Leonhart asks about the revival of the dead Heydrich offers and is shocked to hear monsters like them are to be reborn and fight for eternity. In short, a paradise of eternal wars. She is sad that nothing has changed and this isn’t the battle she is fighting for. Her Berserker brother attacks Eleonore but is burnt to a crisp. Angered, Leonhart attacks her but all efforts are in vain. Impressed, Eleonore gives her some sword and will let her live so that she could be the last to be offered to the swastika. Trifas thought his plan to buy time for Ren to arrive is successful but Goetz claims he is wrong. Firstly, Ren will not come as he is now being under attacked by Wolfgang. Trifas gets really mad when Goetz mocks him about being good at only killing children. He powers up but Goetz finishes him off. With that, Trifas now becomes the Grail who lives forever inside Heydrich as his golden fortress descends on the world.

Episode 14
Trifas confessing his finally love for Rea before getting devoured? Rea worried about him for once? Too late for anything as Heydrich is now closer to being God. With his other leaders returning to base, all the souls on Earth are being devoured too. Leonhart wakes up in the classroom with Ren and Shirou. Apparently they are the only survivors left. Leonhart is pessimistic about the outcome and her best solution is for them to commit suicide. Ren disagrees but lets her do what she wants to do. For some odd reason, we need to have some weird drama between them so that we could see Leonhart getting emotional and then they talk about their so called happy future together as friends, happily bickering like always. WTF?! With Leonhart hugging Ren, this sets up more WTF moments because Shirou and Marie now accuses him of adultery and cheating. WTF?! Do we have time for this?! Cue to blame Ren for everything. Whatever. Then they all laugh it off, everything is forgiven and have lunch before going off for the final battle. Last supper? Man, do we really have time for this? Meanwhile Heydrich asks his generals about their meaning of victory. Rea then asks him if he is Isaak’s father and the reason why Riza was afraid. Heydrich denies he is and doesn’t care who that person is. Rea continues that she pities him because he is so strong, loves everything and interested in no one, that kind of person will not achieve victory. He admits he and Mercurius are boring people. Rea says her victory is to see her friends again. Even if it sounds dumb, it is important to her. Heydrich and his men begin their final fight with Ren’s side. At the same time, Rea is going through some weird dimensions to find Isaak. So this giant ugly skeletal monster is him? Back to the fight, oh sh*t! Ren and Shirou got owned! This is when Leonhart steps up to Heydrich and introduces her for the first time. But she quickly dismisses her loyalty to him and blames him for the deaths of her family. If not for him, they would have led and died ordinary lives. She was blind in following her cause to bring them back and wants to atone it by slaying him. Heydrich offers his salvation but Ren sees this as an insult because in exchange for giving her soul to him, she will forever be his slave in hell. I guess that’s the motivation he needs to get back up on his feet and resume his fight. Mercurius begins to crack and notes the Emanation has begun.

Episode 15
Leonhart is killed off, hence opening the final swastika. Ren feels sad when he senses Rea being absorbed by Isaak. Heydrich says she’ll never come back. Ren’s crying. It means it must be true? But I guess he isn’t going to give up yet so he powers up (by thinking about his friends) and fights back. Too bad being faster isn’t going to even scratch Heydrich. Because Ren is not up to full power yet, Heydrich has Goetz deal with him and will reward him in the aftermath. Meanwhile Leonhart still lives as she faces off with Eleonore. She survived because before she was shattered when the swastika was about to open, she made a contract with a new relic. This sword that Eleonore gave her. Eleonore reveals she made her grandpa join their ranks and that’s why her family was able to attain the seat of honour and was passed down so as to bind them to this round table. Leonhart’s goal is to fight her and to do that, she must be an immortal. She doesn’t care if she becomes a zombie or loses body parts. She views she has no right to be in Ren’s groupie and in exchange, she’ll bring Eleonore to hell with her. With Kai and Beatrice’s ghost talking with Leonhart, they claims Eleonore has been blinded by her love for Heydrich, the reason she was driven to madness. Though, Eleonore isn’t admitting this.

Meanwhile Shirou is having a tough time fighting Wolfgang. He replies that his wish is for nobody to touch him and hence all his attacks are dodged. He further explains about his past that although he was born male, mom didn’t like it and cut his dick off! This is so that they could put food on the table by whoring themselves. However the more successful he was, the angrier mom became and she abused him. So now he is confused about his gender, eh? This spurs him to power up and beat the crap out of Shirou as he further ‘analyses’ he is neither man nor woman. He keeps killing oth