Aoharu x Kikanjuu

January 22, 2016

Hey, wait a minute. So soon? Another survival game themed anime? Really? Do we really need another one despite this is just the third in these few years? I suppose that survival game anime genres are so rare that you tend to notice them unlike their mecha or ecchi genre counterparts. So if you have had it with the boring drama of those high school girls in Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-Bu or not too amused with the moe slapstick comedy of Sabagebu, because girls taking up this sport are just as annoying as f*ck (oops!), then maybe we could have some ‘manly’ survival game anime in the form of Aoharu x Kikanjuu. Well, not exactly manly but if you find bishoujo and moe to not fit the survival game theme, how about hot bishonen then? Long story short about this anime, a girl who looks like a guy (and is always mistaken to be one) gets dragged into the world of survival game and gets hooked on it. Add lots of bishonen drama to that…

Episode 1
Hotaru Tachibana defeats a group of bullies as he believes it is all part of the day of putting evildoers at bay. Thanks to his boyish looks and dressing, nobody would have guessed Hotaru is actually a girl! Till her best friend, Kanae Yajima bugs her about wearing a bra and skirt! Heading back to her dorm, she sees a blonde guy, Masamune Matsuoka standing outside her door. She thinks she misheard his conversation about boobs and throws a warning punch (too bad for his door). Masamune is his next door neighbour and seems interested in her. Is he gay? Hotaru’s instinct to stay away from him is probably true because Masamune dropped his gun! Next day when Kanae wants to borrow some money from food, Hotaru misinterprets her story that she got conned by Masamune. So he barges into the host club where this blondie works and almost got kicked out if not for Masamune identifying him. Hotaru throws a powerful air punch as warning and the next time he cheats Kanae, the punch will connect. Fine. Masamune whips out his gun! They’re going to settle it right here. Since Hotaru is being a blabber mouth, he shoots her! Why is Hotaru still alive? It’s just a toy gun! Psyche! Masamune is part of a survival game club. He throws down the challenge to Hotaru. He will apologize if she wins otherwise, Hotaru will become his plaything. The rules are simple. Whoever gets shot first loses. As Masamune is a veteran, he will give Hotaru a handicap. Hotaru will have many bullets as opposed to his single pellet. The battleground will be this hall.

When it begins, Hotaru wastes no time in pumping all the bullets at him. Of course being the inexperienced one, Masamune can dodge all of them like as though he activated Bullet Time mode. More accurately, he has the ability called Kinetic Vision which allows him to see the slightest change in movement and this is honed thanks to his host skills. Hotaru realizes he is no match for him but decides to play a chicken game where he pretends to charge at him to make him shoot. After all, if Masamune fires his only bullet and misses, Hotaru wins. Masamune could see this coming from a mile and then gets ready when she turns. However Hotaru surprises him with a double feign. She could switch directions fast enough. Hotaru mocks him for taking a kid’s game seriously but as he pulls the trigger, he is out of bullets! Masamune claims he has counted all his shots. Otherwise he would have never let him get close to him. Game over. Bang. And oh, he takes his game seriously because he is an adult. Hotaru realizes his mistake when he finds out Kanae came here on her own volition and spent all her money in trying to seduce him. Hotaru dreads become Masamune’s plaything but surprisingly he wants her to join his survival game team. The other girls want to join his team but he asserts only men are allowed! Now this makes it awkward for Hotaru to disclose her gender. He throws in a deal. Because Hotaru carelessly wrecked the place, for every survival game she wins, he will reduce the damage repairs she needs to cover. Of course, our hero of justice must keep true to his promise, right? Hotaru can’t help seethe in anger of the evildoer he is.

Episode 2
In the wee hours of the morning, Masamune wakes up Hotaru from her sleep to bring her to a real survival game field. You think it’s going to be held at the host club, don’t you? Hotaru changes and believes she needs to continue acting like a man till her debts are cleared. But she already made the first mistake of coming out from a woman’s toilet and this creepy pervert, Tooru Yukimura spotted him! At first he doesn’t mind because he too does the same thing from time to time. He enters woman’s toilet to fantasize?! But when he sees her armband, he changes his attitude and calls her a pervert and get out. A pervert calling her a pervert? Hotaru sinks into depression but no time for that since Masamune drags her into the tournament that has just started. It already ended when they get in as their partner took out the enemy and every shot of his counted. Who is he? Yukimura! When Masamune introduces Hotaru to him, he isn’t pleased because he doesn’t need another friend. When they regroup before the next round starts, Yukimura details their strategy for the capture the flag match. Based on Hotaru’s attacking skill, she should be up there charging to take down the enemy’s flag while he provides cover. Hotaru’s sense of justice is heightened when the next team they face are despicable cheats. They bully weaker teams and break the fundamental rule of not announcing whenever they get hit.

As the match starts, Hotaru is swiftly surrounded by the rival team. Masamune is shocked that Yukimura is not with Hotaru covering him and all this plan was just a ploy that let that kid hate and quit the game. Then there’s some tragic past Yukimura speaks off about being bullied and Masamune was the only one who stood up for him. That’s why he only needs him as his friend. Nobody else. When Yukimura returns to the field, he is surprised that Hotaru is still standing her ground. Even more shocking that she believes Yukimura will never betray her. When Yukimura comes clean with her, this is all the more reason why she won’t quit because he’ll do the same to the next guy. Even he Yukimura’s claim for her sense of justice was a lie, it made her happy. She is willing to go this far because she wants them to be friends. Their chatter took too long and are about to be shot. Masamune covers for them. Hotaru rushes towards the enemy’s flag but of course they cheat by remaining in the game despite clearly being hit. Hotaru is so fast approaching this cheater that it scares the sh*t out of him when she threatens one shot is never enough to kill him! With that, the game is won. As apology and to make up, Yukimura gives Hotaru his serialized manga. She is devastated to learn he is an ero S&M manga artist! She throws away the manga that guys would have kept and treasured it like gold! Although they lost in the next round, to add to Hotaru’s woes, Masamune says her debt has not reduced a cent because they’re supposed to win this game and he becomes the best survival gamer in the country! Too high a goal? Hotaru’s concern for now is the team’s lame name: Toy Gun Gun (TGG).

Episode 3
At first I thought it was just a dream. But it’s real! Because Hotaru has paid off the debt! To her surprise, Yukimura is waiting at the front of his school gate and trying to hand her a copy of the ero manga! Yukimura then wonders if Hotaru would like to continue playing survival games. He was shocked when he heard her debt was cleared. After all, she said she wanted to quit all the while. She looked more animated while playing survival games. Is she sure she is not hooked on it? Hotaru ponders about this on her way home. She admits that she did feel the thrill that she has never experienced before. She finds a letter in her post box intended for someone else. To her surprise, Yukimura lives in the same dorm. Trying to return the letter, his door is unlocked and under pretence to put away the gun strewn on his floor, she starts having survival game fantasies. Then Yukimura catches her in the act. Masamune thinks she is still hooked on the game and hopes they can play together again. When she shows the black letter, Masamune cannot stop grinning because the chance to become Japan’s best is within reach. That night, Hotaru cannot stand hearing from next door about Masamune trying to flirt with his woman. Turns out his ‘woman’ is his Desert Eagle. He suggests Hotaru go buy her own gun to call her own. As minors cannot purchase a gun, he has Yukimura accompany her. Besides, Hotaru has worked her share enough for Masamune to pay her.

Along the way, Yukimura explains the black letter which is an invitation from a certain person to participate in a team survival game. In addition to the million yen prize, there are other rare items that winners can get. This means only the best are invited to participate and winning this means you are the best in Japan as there will be tough and skilled opponents participating. Hotaru thought for a moment that it is the money that Masamune is aiming for. Because there is a sale of some eroge today, Yukimura is in dilemma to wait in line and accompany Hotaru. She gives him permission to buy the game and meet up later at the gun store. Taking her first step in is already intimidating because the MGS-like store owner really looks intimidating. But this polite and nice customer, Nagamasa Midori helps her out and even assists in trying to find the right gun for her playing style. Hotaru backs off when Midori seems to do a little body search on her. He was just trying to check her muscle and body frame. When Hotaru has selected the set she wants to buy, the total amount is f*cking expensive! Definitely not just children’s toy. The cash Masamune gave her is just paltry. Not enough to cover 10% of it. Is Hotaru in trouble? The store owner thinks she is fooling around. Then she remembers Yukimura’s words to get out of trouble if she finds herself in one. Saying “going up”, the store owner realizes this is what Masamune intended and takes Hotaru upstairs to test the gun to see if she is suitable for her. After she goes upstairs, Yukimura arrives, happily bought the limited first edition and even a copy for Hotaru! The moment he sees Midori, he becomes violent and tries to punch him but was quickly pinned down.

Episode 4
Hotaru clearly sucks at target practice so the owner thinks he isn’t suitable for this gun or the game. She pleads for another chance so he takes her to a mini maze room. They’re going to play something like tag. She has to shoot him within 5 minutes or else she loses. That or she runs out of ammo. Win and the gun will be hers. He is surprised that she wants him to play the game with a gun too instead of being unarmed. Meanwhile downstairs, Yukimura and Midori have some showdown. The former blaming the latter why their team lost members. He reminds him that this prestigious tournament known as Top Gun Combat (TGC), the prize money is not what Masamune is looking for but to kick all of their asses. The owner thought Hotaru would be easy picking and won’t last. Surprised! He is made to run around. Despite her terrible accuracy, he is being sought out. Furthermore, he could feel her bloodlust as though they’re on a real battlefield. Hotaru learns fast that her G3 submachine gun means she’ll run out of ammo faster and this is what the owner is baiting her to do. When they realize they are back to back with each other and only a wall separating them, the owner thinks he is going to win as time is running out and there won’t be time for her to dash for him. He is caught dead surprised when she jumps over! You’re dead meat! In his instinct, he fires a shot and it hits her hand. She drops the gun and is worried she damaged the merchandise. Hotaru thanks him for the game. She never had so much fun before.

Thanks to that too, Hotaru gets the entire set all for just a thousand yen. As Yukimura puts it, it was all part of Masamune’s plan to let her get her gun that way. Yukimura is shocked to hear Hotaru saying that Midori was the one who recommended this gun for her. It makes him think he knows everything and that he is confident he can win regardless of what gun she uses. TGG is here at another survival game. Masamune meets Hanako Sagara, a female player who will be commanding the rival team. Hotaru’s enthusiasm peaks. She can’t contain her excitement to play the game. But barely a minute into it, she gets shot! This happens not once but all the time! So much so Masamune calls out to her to remind her that they’re here to improve her skills 2 weeks before TGC. Masamune ticks her off on relying too much on instincts and enthusiasm and she shouldn’t be that just because she is a little bit athletic. When he wants her to follow his orders, she snaps back that this is not the teamwork that he has been preaching. At this rate he is only being a dictator. This prompts him to remember an ugly incident with Midori. She realizes a little too late of her outburst because Masamune then pushes Hotaru to Sagara’s team for the next match. Oh dear. Did she make him mad? Has she been kicked out of TGG?

Episode 5
Since Hotaru is still reeling from the shock, Sagara talks to her and finds out what happened. Then they witness how Masamune helped a newbie and made her happy with her first kill. Maybe he just wanted her number? Sagara explains the natural leader Masamune is thanks to his host job and has the eye to observe and respond to customers the right way. He also doesn’t need to worry about his back because he has got it covered by Yukimura the master sniper. She also adds she eavesdropped on the aftermath of their quarrel. Yukimura wanted Masamune to forget about Hotaru as it is hard to control her. However all he wanted was just to bring out her potential. This made Hotaru they were doing this for her sake and that she was being selfish. So after the game she goes to beg for forgiveness on his knees! She pleads to remain their teammate. Thankfully he is not the guy who holds grudges. Despite all he has said, he still thinks she is pretty good. Later when Hotaru goes to thank Sagara, the latter wishes her luck and laments her own condition why she couldn’t join TGG. It doesn’t allow girls to join. Don’t tell me you forgot that, didn’t you? That was enough to make Hotaru feel gloomy. Even more so when she was told TGG did have a female member until something happened. I guess revealing her gender now is not a good idea.

Till TGC, Masamune has created a makeshift obstacle course behind their dorm to practice. To avoid complaints from neighbours about being noisy, they’ll use water guns. As the rules will be the same as any survival games, Masamune adds a new one: Physical contact is allowed. Normally touching an opponent is banned but in TGC, hand to hand combat and knife attacks are allowed with both team’s consent. Although you still need to get shot to be out. Masamune gives them a handicap as Yukimura and Hotaru will team up to take him on. Yukimura senses Hotaru’s gloominess and wants to know what happened. Without going into too much detail, she mentions about what Sagara said about the female member. Yukimura confirms there was one during TGG’s inception. She was quite a good player but it was the cruel way she was tormented and ‘killed’. Even right before Masamune’s eyes. She left the team right after and although she could have blamed him, she said nothing. That only hurt Masamune deeply inside. The guy who did this will be at TGC. Hotaru realizes Masamune’s rule of not wanting girls to be put in danger. But now the thought of tricking him, does she deserve to stay on the team? Her own personal sense of justice would not have allowed it. Save the thinking for later because Masamune has found you.

Episode 6
Hotaru connects the dots why Masamune wants to participate in TGC. Is it to avenge that girl? This serves as her motivation because if they win the tournament, Hotaru can reveal she is a girl. Instantly she turns into a demon and turns on the heat on Masamune! He never saw it coming and lost. Yukimura has been observing Hotaru’s inconsistent combat skills. He deduces she fights better if she is fighting for a great purpose. However he doesn’t think Masamune will be motivated by that sort of justice. Hotaru is so excited that she spent the night practising her skills and the next day she still has enough energy to be eager beaver for the start of TGC. All that confidence is blown away when she feels all the bloodlust aura from other competitors. Yeah, it feels like a gathering of top killers! Masamune and Yukimura go register and purposely left her with the crowd so she could get used to it. Thankfully Midori is here to ease her worries. TGC organizer, Souji Kamenashi makes his announcement of the tournament. In addition to winning the cash prize and the title, they get to use this field free for 6 months. Midori continues to be Hotaru’s ‘saviour’ as he explains the rules. Mostly it is standard but there are a few exceptions. Those includes both sides must have equal members (any excess must sit out), calling a freeze as a hit is disallowed and the use of close quarter combat.

When Hotaru’s teammates return, the moment Masamune recognizes Midori, his face turns pale. If that is not bad enough, he becomes so nervous and can’t maintain eye contact that Midori is just dominating over this guy. It’s just so unbecoming. He’s asking stuff like how he’s been since he was absent from TGC last year but Masamune remains ‘paralyzed’. Yukimura steps in to warn this guy or else he’ll really kill him. When Midori’s teammates, Takatora Fujimori and Ichi Akabane arrive, Hotaru who has been in shock, starts connecting the dots that Midori is the guy Masamune wants revenge. She couldn’t believe a nice guy like him is the culprit but Yukimura tells her off which side she is on. The shock only serves to make her even gloomier but soon after Yukimura apologizes, Hotaru puts that behind her and vows to help her team win TGC. After all, they’re just another opponent they must defeat. Surprisingly, Yukimura pleads to her to save Masamune. When the teams draw lots for the tournament bracket, guess who TGG got for the first round? Hoshishiro. That’s Midori’s team. Yeah, everybody can’t believe it they’ll be facing off in the first round. Oh, did I mention that they are 4 times champion? They’re even dressed to kill. Looking sharp, guys.

Episode 7
Their location will be in a forested field. Midori doesn’t have a plan to seek out TGG. As they have been missing for a year and planning their revenge, what better way to crush that hope of theirs. Suddenly Hotaru zooms past them. Yeah, everyone just looked surprised. Did she go too far? Midori doesn’t want to underestimate her speed because as TGG started out from the furthest point, reaching to their point in just 48 seconds is incredible. Fujimori offers to go after the kid. If not for Ichi’s sharp observation, Yukimura’s shot could have taken out Midori. Jealous girl is mad because this means Yukimura saw Midori through his lens. Nobody sees Midori close up except for her! So both snipers start hunting each other. Ichi uses a trap by placing her gun at the top of a mini hill as deception. This will allow her to go around Yukimura’s back and shoot him since he will be focused in finding the target. However she also falls into his trap. A point blank Yukimura could not miss but Ichi is swift to kick his gun away. He retreats when she starts firing. As he contemplates his next move, he realizes his options are limited. Whatever way he chooses, he cannot move from this spot or risk being shot. Then he realized she might be gunning for Masamune. Speaking of which, that guy faces off with Midori who thinks this is his plan to divide the team’s strength. Even so, this weakness will also apply to his team.

Hotaru cannot understand why Fujimori is walking around in the open and not hiding. Till she accidentally steps on a twig and gives herself away. Fujimori fires his devastating minigun! It took down a few trees! Hotaru remembers Masamune’s plan for her to take on him one on one. Now she understands that with such devastating power, he doesn’t need to hide as he will take out his enemies before they even have a chance to shoot. She thought of running away and putting some distance but to her surprise this guy can run despite carrying that heavy thing! When she is cornered at the edge of the field, he gives her a chance to pretend to be shot and forfeit. Because it will be traumatizing for a newbie to face time first time. Hotaru won’t be tricked but when Fujimori tells him that his teammates may the ones lying to him about that brutality, she starts getting that dilemma feeling again. No use thinking too much since she knows the truth that at least they’re relying on her. They decide to fight it out fair and square. Hotaru speeds up and takes him by surprise with her sudden acceleration. She steps on his minigun to immobilize its barrel on the ground. If he fires, the shots will ricochet and hit him. Hotaru does an amazing back flip to his back. Fujimori has no chance of surviving this one but why didn’t Hotaru shoot? Seems she got the safety lock on! You got to be kidding! Because of that, she wants him to kill her! However Fujimori admits he has lost when she accelerated and he hesitated to pull the trigger. He is more concerned that she stepped on his minigun. Fujimori heads out to the safety zone while Hotaru goes to find Masamune.

Episode 8
Midori is being a cool cat and even has time waltzing through the forest having his nature watch and still Masamune cannot hit him! I guess his mind must be pretty preoccupied with their times together and that bad breakup. When Midori pins him down, he uses Masamune’s Desert Eagle and fires point blank in his stomach. Because he is covering his mouth and not enabling him to call a hit, he fires multiple times till there is no ammo left! More cocky words from him while Masamune is so dead that he can’t even cry. Furious Yukimura tries to get him but Midori is still cool enough to dodge all his attacks. Not even close up attacks can rile up this guy and it backfires on him. When Midori uses his gun and shoots him, Yukimura didn’t call a hit and continues to charge at him. This cheat gives a reason for the sadist to beat him down. Now he’s dead too. A dead with regrets because he couldn’t help Masamune. I guess now it’s Hotaru’s turn. After witnessing the horrifying events firsthand, she is shocked at Midori’s true colours. She remembers Masamune’s plan to take them on individually. Although she was against it but decided to put her faith in him. Hotaru ignores Midori to tend to Masamune. Midori shows no remorse in what he did especially kicking Masamune for trying to tell Hotaru to forfeit. Corpses don’t speak, right? After all, it is just a game where hurting opponents and crushing their spirits can be written off as just a game.

This makes Hotaru mad. So mad that all the birds fly away, the storm is coming and the air around trembling! Hotaru transforms into a speed demon and is going to evoke justice on this monster. Despite how fast Hotaru comes at him and dodging his bullets, Midori can still keep his cool and analyze his behaviour and tactic to use mobility to beat him in close quarters. When Hotaru corners Midori and is about to show no mercy, Midori says something that has her stunned. He knows she cannot win this game because she is a liar and a girl. This gives Ichi time to snipe her out. Game over. Still reeling from the shock, Midori explains about that frisking at the shop that made him knew. He figures his teammates don’t know about this and that she lied to join the team. Hotaru insists she can continue but he points out she is already dead. Of course technically she would be if that was a real bullet. But since she is not, she is still alive and what she feels are despair and remorse. Something that she wouldn’t have if she was dead. Thus survival games make you experience the despair of death while living. Now that she’s got a taste of what her friends felt all those years, she’s a step closer to them. He invites her to take part again next year and he’ll gladly take her on. When Hotaru returns to Masamune, she cannot help feel disgrace as she has let him down but Masamune is quick to apologize it was his fault for coming up with this plan. And now that this match and fun are over, we don’t need to see anymore of the rest and we’ll just skip to the end results. Yup, Hoshishiro wins the championship for the fifth time.

Episode 9
Hotaru is still having nightmares from Midori’s torment. Even right in the middle of class. Kanae notices something amiss goes to talk to her and she explains about the survival game thingy and yesterday’s ultimate loss. Of course there are things she cannot tell Kanae like she lied to her friends about her gender. However Hotaru decides to quit survival game for good. This makes Kanae look up on survival games and her lazy browsing has her not having a good opinion of the sport. So a good thing that she’s quitting? But this has her remember a time their class was facing off another class in PE in volleyball. The opponent had giant monster girls. The class wants to give up as they always lose but Hotaru told them some motivating words that made them carry on. So she goes up to Hotaru and wants to challenge her to a 100 metre race. You think a twist is going to happen? Well, Hotaru wins and Kanae is slower than a turtle! But each time she requests to race again. Always the same results. Hotaru crosses the finish line when she isn’t even halfway and always trips. So what the heck is the point of all this? Doesn’t she look cool? Well, can’t say for her running makeup… As she mentions about giving up and not trying makes you even uncool, those were the exact words Hotaru said to her classmates. Remember them? Although Kanae doesn’t like her playing survival games, seeing her this pessimistic is even worse. This isn’t like her at all. For her to be depressed means she really loves the game and that her friends she plays with are important to her. So go out there and win it the next time. Hotaru’s depression vanishes. She thanks her and as she puts her palms over Kanae’s cheeks, saying how cool and cute she is, Kanae becomes embarrassed and sprints away. A sprint so fast that she could have broke the world record if this was actually officially recorded! Hotaru realizes she needs to become stronger but the first thing she needs to do is to come clean about her gender to her friends. It is another day at work for Masamune at his host club. His colleagues heard about his lost but are glad his face isn’t ‘damaged’. But Masamune notes Midori leaves scars where it cannot be seen…

Episode 10
Of course it isn’t as easy as it seems. Numerous chances for Hotaru to tell the truth but she just can’t. Chicken. Masamune invites her to join a grill party in Yukimura’s room. Since the place is strewn with questionable stuffs, Hotaru throws it all away! Her nervousness continues to impede her from telling the truth even when the chance presents itself. It makes her gloominess so obvious. Masamune then asks her if she likes survival games. Long story short, yes. That is precisely the reason why Masamune is going to tell her she is out of the team! Wait. Did we hear that right?! He kicks her out of the room and says they were just finding a third member to beat Midori but apparently that wasn’t enough either. Yukimura has a thing to say to Masamune too. He knows Masamune felt hurt when he kicked her out so why did he do it? At first it was true they just wanted an extra member but she came to love survival games. He understands he did this so as not to drag Hotaru into their personal battle but one day he’ll realize this would be very unfair to her. Yukimura then punches him because he is not to only one who is hurt by this. As he has always followed him without question, if this is what he wants, he will follow him no more. Yeah, everybody is left in shock. Yukimura is recovering from this outburst. He never knew he could do it. He thought this would make Hotaru mad enough to come barging back but she didn’t. Is she going to end it like this? To make things worse, didn’t Yukimura just run out of his own room? Where is he going to sleep? For Hotaru, there is only one thing to do. She goes to the hospital where Midori works and takes out her gun! They’re going to settle it today! He tells her not to bring survival games into her daily life. That is what the sport is for. You do all your fighting there. After his shift finishes, Hotaru is taken to a maid cafe. Not just an ordinary maid cafe as she notices the maids carry guns and there are guns all around. Is this the place where they’ll settle it? Hotaru forgot she didn’t eat anything since morning. Can’t fight on an empty stomach, eh? She tells how she was kicked out of TGG. And because she needs to become stronger, the reason why she’ll be having his head! But Midori accepts her challenge. Because if she thinks beating him will solve the problem, then go ahead. They’ll play a game in the next room.

Episode 11
There is a shooting gallery in this maid cafe where they can rent guns and practise shooting. During the warm up, Hotaru sucks! Midori wonders if Hotaru will rejoin TGG if she beats him. He suspects she didn’t get kick out for being weak. Hotaru also suspected Masamune was lying when he told her that. Midori assures he did not tell them about her gender and that guy is a bigger coward than she thinks. The match they’ll play is to shoot a target’s body part in a systematic order. The last one will be the head and whoever nails that shot wins. Hotaru couldn’t get even a shot anywhere and Midori is your usual cool cat since he is playing mind games with Hotaru that TGG might not like her. Midori even has the idea of asking TGG to join his side as he wants to expand his team. That way, he could torment Masamune all he wants… In that instant, Hotaru lands a direct headshot on the target. She won’t let him have his way with anyone else. Next time they meet will be on the battlefield. Hotaru then goes to Yukimura’s room to talk. Ero manga artist shows all his treasured photos containing Masamune! This just confirms his unhealthy stalker status. But there are also a few photos of ex-TGG members. Yukimura has decided to tell him the real truth. The real reason why they don’t allow female members to join. So we’ve heard the cruelty that was done to her. That was somewhat a lie. He reveals Masamune has some sort of obsession with Midori. If he doesn’t beat him, TGG cannot advance. This selfish obsession produced 2 casualties. The first third member was that female. In the first TGC, it was actually TGG that broke the rules. After Masamune was hit, he saw his female teammate being hunt down by Midori. Against the rules, he tried to help her but was pinned down by Fujimori. She was scared and all but Midori showed no mercy. Midori even mocked Masamune for being a bad and weak leader since he invited one of his host clients to join his team. If you look at it, Hoshishiro didn’t break any rules and played accordingly unlike TGG.

Shortly after the female member left, the no-female rule was initiated because Masamune didn’t want to see he was too pathetic to protect them. As we know that Hoshishiro is now 5 times champion, as both Hoshishiro and TGG were created at the same time, from what we know so far, the female member participated in the first TGC, absent in the fourth and Hotaru in the fifth. This means there is another member who participated with them in the second and third. TGG got another guy for that. He was well knowledgeable in the game. But those 2 tournaments shattered his innocence of the game. Because of that, he quit survival games for good and blamed it on Masamune for that. This is probably the same reason why Hotaru got kicked out. Therefore the third member of TGG is always like a curse. Members get caught up in Masamune and Midori’s relationship and having to suffer about it. Yukimura didn’t quit because he has decided to stay with him all the way. He apologizes for dramatizing the story to hype her up and end this negative cycle. Looks like it didn’t. That is why he is begging her to rejoin and save Masamune. He can’t do it alone. Hotaru doesn’t need this sympathetic story for it. For she has also decided to save him. They’re just in luck because that guy just came back from work. Hotaru corners him with her devil attitude and throws him a challenge letter. They’re going to do something fun together… That ambiguity… Masamune must be too scared to decline.

Episode 12
They’re here at a survival game field where they’ll settle it. If Hotaru wins, there is something she wants him to say. He has no right to decline since he dragged her into this world and needs to take responsibility. He agrees to participate but if he wins, she will never be associated with TGG again. Yukimura will sit this one out and watch them as a spectator. Right off the bat, Hotaru goes into her demon mode to hunt down Masamune. While he is paranoid about why Hotaru issued such challenge, it comes to a disappointing end when Masamune shot her. However Hotaru requests for a rematch. Masamune has no choice but to keep playing till she is satisfied. After all, he is thinking of quitting participating in TGC as he is tired of losing. Ever rematch always has Masamune winning and Hotaru requesting another rematch. Doesn’t she get tired especially of losing? This makes Masamune ponder when did he become afraid of challenging him and when did he stop feeling the frustration of losing. Maybe the losing streak has numbed those senses. In the final game, Masamune reminds her that here are some people she just can’t beat even if they play 100 times. Even so, if this means she will beat him on the 101st time, she’ll do it. Why is she so determined to win? Simple. She wants to win. She wants to beat Hoshishiro with TGG. This makes Masamune think further why Hotaru won’t abandon him after all the hurtful things he has said. Why is she still playing with him? Hotaru notices his pain ever since their lost at TGC. Does she need any other reason to save a friend who is in hurt? She understands TGG’s goal is to win and naturally useless teammates will be kicked out. However, learning from the ‘enemy’ that when someone else could have taken this place and help them beat Hoshishiro, that possibility makes her sick because she wants to be the one who will help TGG achieve victory and save her friends! She wants to be the only one to play survival games with them!

In the final showdown, more deep thoughts from Masamune about watching people in his life leave (I figure that first person who started it all was his mom in this flashback) and all he could do was watch them disappear into the distance. His eyes are clouded by his tears and Hotaru did a surprising move by hugging him. Deep late into the night, finally Hotaru wins. What is it that she wants him to say? Remember the first thing he said to her when she lost their first match at the host club? Yeah. That. Masamune invites her to join his team and she gladly doesn’t hesitate. Hotaru wants Masamune to also thank Yukimura but that ero manga artist is being tsundere, blaming it all on him because he never thought about him despite always by his side. But after he apologizes and mentions his gratefulness, Yukimura forgives him and that says it all when he gives him a gay hug! Oh sh*t! The close proximity of their faces! Masamune now has renewed motivation to fight harder to beat Hoshishiro. This means more training and fixing their mistakes. But there is one thing that continues to bug Masamune. He can’t help feel his heart skip each time being near Hotaru. OMG… Don’t tell me… Shotacon!!! Say it isn’t so! Next morning, the trio meet outside their dorm. Hotaru feels she has the confidence to tell them about her gender. Don’t hold your breath because she’s just trolling us and wishing them good morning.

It has been a week since Hotaru has seen Yukimura. So she enters his room only to find it messy and Yukimura unconscious. All because he was playing too much eroge. So much so Yukimura thought Hotaru is meat and bites his leg! Yukimura then shows her another survival game tournament, TCC. She is eager to join and pleads Masamune to come although he has not heard about this one. At first, Hotaru thought she ended up in the wrong place because there are lots of cosplayers. Then Yukimura reveals that this is Top Cosplayers Combat, a tournament whereby cosplayers compete against realistic survival game players to see who is stronger. They thought they are going to be on the latter side when Yukimura points out it is the former because his close acquaintance invited him to participate. So they have to wear weird costumes and fight? Masamune plans of withdrawing despite this would mean uneven team numbers. However Hotaru sees the fire in the cosplayers’ eyes and believes they too are fired up to play this game. While Yukimura is dressed as a maid (I don’t know how I should feel about this one), Masamune is an office worker in a short skirt! Hotaru? How the heck can he see and move in that panda mascot?! Meanwhile Ichi has also brought Midori and Fujimori here. She is dressed as a princess and by right this is her ploy to get Midori to dress up as her prince. Unfortunately a series of mix-up means Fujimori wears the prince outfit. It’s too tight for him. There goes her dream. Fearing the worse, they need to go find Midori.

The game’s format will be capture the flag. The cosplayers seem to do well maybe because those survival guys look down on those weird outfits. Yukimura has some deep philosophy how cosplaying has the players take out their ultimate stress (which isn’t really related anyhow) while Masamune is reduced to a screaming girl each time his short skirt threatens to reveal his slip. Hotaru? I don’t know how the panda got stuck between the bamboo shoots. But then a horse dude saves her. You would have guessed this is Midori behind the mask. Both ‘animals’ without knowing each other’s identity, cooperate as they make their way forward. I believe everybody else is already out, Hotaru and Midori are the only ones left as they face off with the big boss guarding the flag. Their great cooperation has them win the game. With this victory, those survival guys are left to reconsider that cosplayers aren’t bad too. Hotaru can’t tell her mates what dress she was in and just says she couldn’t make it playing because she was taking too long changing. She wonders who that horse was. Masamune wants to forget this experience but sneaky Yukimura has snapped pictures of him in action. Hold your horses! Delete them right now!

Licence To Thrill
This is an absolute fact and final verdict: Sabagebu is still the best anime survival theme genre there is! No doubts about it. While this anime is not as bad as that Stella girls, I will not go so far as to say that it is boring as hell because there were some pretty interesting moments throughout the series. Although the entire series can be just summed up as this: The first part deals with the drama of Hotaru getting her first virgin taste in the survival game world and the end part tries to unravel and disentangle the messy relationship that TGG has with its third members. At first it started out as just a simple reason for Hotaru to take part in survival games as a reason to reveal her gender. Although it is good that she truly comes to love the game, having her to reveal herself feels like a guy or a girl trying to confess their love. It takes ages. It will never come. That kind of feeling. Get it?

I am not a big fan of yaoi or shonen ai animes. If I would have to rank them, I would rather watch mecha themed animes and skip such genres. But you know me… But I have a feeling that this anime does try to put in subtle yaoi moments and they are peppered throughout the series. Firstly, you can already guess when you have a girl so tomboyish that she acts and dresses like a boy with no sense of guilt. Like as though she is a boy born in a girl’s body. Then you have lots of hot handsome bishonen as the main and supporting characters despite this anime does not have a large pool of casts. Finally when you have that type of combination, it is inevitable that something yaoi will have to prop up (unless it’s a reverse harem genre). You can see in certain angles the way they interact with each other gives off the subtlety of the yaoi-ness. Fujoshi girls might be holding their breath anticipating those hot guys to make out whenever such ambiguous close up scenes occur but I think they’ll rather be disappointed with the no-show. Thank goodness we don’t see guys kissing guys here. Now here is point to ponder. If one of the guys kissed Hotaru, will that be considered yaoi? Holy cow! I think I’m freaking confused just by thinking about it.

Character wise, they are an interesting watch but with only a dozen episodes, my guts tell me that they aren’t fleshed out to their fullest potential. We know each one of them has their own dark secrets and some twisted personality. But we’ve only seen a fragment of it. Nevertheless this little teasing provides a good little insight to their background and the reason they’re around playing this game. If they ever make another season, it will be nice to see a bit expanded on this.

Hotaru as the main character, if you think about it, she is pretty much a funny person. Almost as close to being a joker. You see her making most of the comeback lines in this anime when she screams from the top of her inner voice. Then her personality his equally as amusing. Especially being a newbie in the survival game world, you see her rush into things like as though she is pretty confident that luck is on her side. Well, you can’t blame her for being too enthusiastic since she’s getting all that thrill and adrenaline rush from the game. And then when something doesn’t go her way or reality hits her, you see her in shock. Depression. Gloomy. Welcome to reality, kid. I know this isn’t funny but in a way it does. It’s like seeing how her naivety comes crashing down when it unravels before her eyes.

But you have to admire her guts and tenacity in her belief as the hero of justice. Her athletic ability and that scary demon mode makes others think twice if they think they can score an easy victory over her. But thanks to her recklessness, luck isn’t always on her side. Every time she enters her demon mode, it is like as though he raw inner beast just got unleashed. Sometimes I can’t help think if should would just morph into some human-like beast form. And then when everything calms down, she reverts to normal and can even put off a nice smile since honesty is one of her strong traits. It’s like as though she is this anime’s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. One moment normal, the next a vicious merciless hunter and then a nice high school kid as before.

As strange as Hotaru is, one of the strangest and most perplexing behaviour of this cross-dresser is the way she addresses herself. Now, addressing oneself in third person is considered to be child-like in Japanese society. But the oddest thing about that is how Hotaru addresses herself in her own surname! Nothing wrong to it but I have always heard kids doing so usually saying it in their first name. Unless Tachibana is her first name. Nope. Definitely not. I can assure you of that. Another confusing thing to think about is her cross-dressing setting. Of course at first glance she will always be mistaken as a boy from the way she dresses and acts. But what is bugging me is that she dresses as a boy in her school uniform as well. I am not sure if the school condones it or if they are aware of her gender. Because Hotaru is also the student council president and common sense dictates such position means having a role model personality, right? Which brings me to the point if anybody else in school except Kanae knows that Hotaru is actually a girl. That is why in my blog I keep addressing Hotaru as female in hopes not to overwhelm my senses of this yaoi thing although the temptation is very great to see her as male.

I believe Midori is not a bad person as dramatized in the flashbacks as seen. Sure, he is a pure sadist but that is only when he is confined in playing his survival games. Despite his sadistic and mocking nature makes him the series’ antagonist (because the way our blondie agonizes and traumatizes all over about it is just pitiful), he is a pretty nice guy outside the survival game discipline. Because if he was really rotten to the core, he wouldn’t have subtly helped Hotaru each time. He gives good advice with his nice and polite tone (which would work as a double edge sword since we never here this guy scream or yell), a cool and calm collective character in all situations and doesn’t physically hurt others. Okay, so maybe verbal abuses may leave an unseen and permanent scar but at least Midori is not as bad as other psychopaths who use their hobby, turning them into serial killers in real life. In many ways, Midori is superior and that is why despite being the ‘antagonist’, he is quite likeable. Especially when he looks like having fun playing the bad guy role in survival games.

Is it no wonder why so many people like him? Fujimori is into this guy, Ichi definitely has a crush on him and I am starting to believe that Masamune’s unhealthy obsession to beat this dude is because he actually likes the guy! Hey. Remember what I said about this series having subtle yaoi? This means it is the same case for Yukimura and Masamune because from all that we have seen and heard for them, looks like they go beyond just best friends. At least for what Yukimura wants. It makes it ironic that he is an ero manga artist if he is so gay for Masamune. Unless he is bi. Which means it works well for him for Hotaru if ever this guy falls for her. Now with Masamune hinting he has that sort of feelings with Hotaru, can it be considered yaoi or straight love? Confusing, right? Though, not too sure if there is anything going on between Hotaru and Kanae as for the time being they’re more likely staying as best friends.

But I think the true joker and comical character falls to Fujimori. I believe this guy has got the hots for Midori and is a big masochist. There are a few episodes where the drama of TGG is deviated slightly to show the little antics of Midori and Fujimori. For example, Fujimori was reprimanded by a nurse for being late when in actual fact he went over to Midori’s home to wake him up to avoid being late. Even being so nice as to cook breakfast for him. His bicycle might be the biggest time consuming factor that caused them to be late but Midori had prior called a taxi and leaves him eating dust. And Midori didn’t even back him up when they got to work. And Fujimori just loves this cold shoulder play. This guy is funny or what? Then there is another time when a little girl is kicking up a fuss over her shots. Fujimori tried to pacify her but he was so nervous that it made him look like a monster. This distraction allowed Midori to give her a shot that she didn’t even feel any pain. And Fujimori was left painted as the ‘bad guy’. See? Pity this funny guy! Ironically if you think about it, the Hoshishiro team made up of a couple of doctors and a nurse play such games as hobby. Medical personnel are supposed to save lives, right? Releasing some steam? Another case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

Although there are a handful of survival game action scenes, such scenes aren’t really the main focus of this series and as I have said it is mainly about the big drama of Hotaru and TGG. Therefore I am in a dilemma to say whether the action scenes are a disappointment or not because although they are entertaining, they aren’t that great. Especially the TGC tournament felt like a disappointment and as a stepping stone to reveal the background story between TGG and Hoshishiro. Because with the most ultimate survival game in Japan, for it to appear in the middle of the series and our main team facing off with the defending champions in the first round, something tells you that the entire tournament itself isn’t going to show. True enough they just spend a couple of episodes on it but even that is heavy on the drama while they fire their guns. Then they skip the rest because it would be just boring to vouch for teams without a background and while at it, make Hoshishiro the champion again in the end. So if you are an adrenaline junkie hoping to see lots of action and gunfights, you’d be disappointed. Though you might be impressed with Hotaru’s athleticism in his demon mode like as though he got training from Bruce Lee, Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan and all of the great Chinese kung fu masters to pull off those cool physics defying manoeuvres.

One thing I hoped for in this series was at least to feature some of the cool guns and firearms. Maybe not go into so much detail but at least with some decent amount of information. Sadly, they aren’t and are just briefly touched upon. Maybe they don’t want to bore you with all the technical details since a casual viewer won’t really notice or be interested in such things. Even so, maybe it is the fear that one might developed a very dangerous interest in guns. Because for realism, even if they are just toy guns, they look real and in today’s age where everybody is just jumpy about the slightest thing, it isn’t such a good idea flaunting those weapons in public. The basic and standard survival game rules are also briefly touched upon and not elaborated much. Good for casual viewers so as not to confuse and bore them with all the technicalities and develop some character drama but bad in a way as it doesn’t make the survival game theme standout.

If you like your characters looking all that hot and cool bishonen style, the art styles of the character designs do not disappoint. Just like in other survival game animes, in a way it visually feels unrealistic because in reality you have tough macho (sometimes weather bitten-like) people mainly playing such sports. Then here you have beautiful people who are looking more like models in playing the game more than anything. Like as though such beautiful people are promoting the game, huh? Because of that, they’re ‘easy’ on the eye. Even the nerdy Yukimura has some bishonen looks instead of your typical geeky chubby otaku. Hotaru as usual has that androgynous looks that confuses anime newbies whether or not she is boy or girl. And Masamune… Blonde guys are naturally supposed to be handsome, right? Hey… Doesn’t he look a bit like Ouran High School Host Club’s Tamaki? And doesn’t Fujimori look like that Mushishi guy? This might be a long shot but I once thought Yukimura is Death Note’s L with glasses! Oh man! I must be blind!

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka is a name that has now become synonymous with male protagonist heroes similar to Kirito in Sword Art Online ever since. However in here, this is one of the very few roles in which he deviates from his typical voice acting role. As Yukimura, he sounds very lethargic and very much fits his character. This isn’t the first time I have heard him voice such character. In fact, this reminds me of that cat, Bimii in Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku. And then when he gets passionate and loud, that kind of voice reminds of another very similar character: Aito from Mangaka-san to Assistant-san To. They’re both ero manga artists, by the way… Mikako Komatsu usually voices female roles but voicing boys’ roles isn’t her first time although rare. For example, Saika from Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru, Priapos in Junketsu No Maria and technically, uhm, Tsugumi in Nisekoi?

Yui Horie was recognizable as Yajima as well as Kana Ueda as Sagara (whom I though sounded so much like Rin from Fate/Stay Night maybe because I was watching the Unlimited Blade Works TV series concurrently with this one). At first I couldn’t pinpoint Eri Kitamura as Ichi. Sounds familiar but couldn’t put my finger on it till very much near the series’ end. For the rest of the casts, they include Tomoaki Maeno as Masamune (Naotsugu in Log Horizon), Kazuyuki Okitsu as Midori (Tasuku in Seikon No Qwaser) and Ryohei Kimura as Fujimoto (L-elf in Valvrave The Liberator). All of the opening and ending themes are rock based and although it fits the survival game theme of the series, somehow it just doesn’t somewhat fit the series. Get what I’m saying? The trio of TGG sings the opening theme, The Bravest Destiny while Mikako Komatsu does the ending theme, Gunjou Survival.

Overall, not really a true blue survival game genre but the drama and plot aren’t as boring that you would want to fall asleep and then wake up in disappointment like a certain survival game club consisting of high school girls. This one is more if you like bishonen characters and some mild subtle yaoi but nothing too deep. Survival games are just like life. It can be cruel, it can be blissful. Sometimes a way to take out all that frustration and release some steam before returning to harsh reality. Come to think of it, sometimes what Midori said about survival games being crueller than real life because you continue to live with the regrets and disappointment after a scathing defeat. Maybe that is why we have more wars than just-a-game-only survival games. Yeah. They don’t just play games seriously. They also take life seriously, huh?

Mirai Nikki

July 12, 2015

I guess it was inevitable. Or maybe some sort of curiosity switch inside me activated. Because I had to finally check out the series which made the world’s most famous yandere. If not, one of the top yandere girls ever in this history of all anime. Yes people. The anime that made famous or infamous Yuno Gasai is no other than the survival game genre, Mirai Nikki. Yandere girls are probably not as many a dime a dozen as their tsundere counterparts and aren’t likely a hit with the guys. But they’ll definitely hit and kill you if you don’t return their love! Yikes! No wonder guys do not find yandere girls attractive. Or really? Is it something that we don’t deeply understand about them and simply cast them off as some crazy love psychopath? Maybe that is why I am here to see what drives our number one yandere girl crazy enough to kill everybody for the only guy she loves and even crazier to kill her own love. Oh, who am I kidding? I just want to see some dead bodies piling up too.

Episode 1
Yukiteru Amano is a boring kid with no social life. Therefore he keeps a random diary in his handphone writing all those that he observes. He even created an imaginary friend, Deus Ex Machina, the God of time and space as well as Deus’ servant, Murmur. Deus hints to Yukiteru of the next game which will be interesting. Next morning, he is surprised to find out entries in his diary. Did he write them while asleep? Strange, they are future events. Even stranger, he notices that each one of them comes true and at the exact time. Whether if it’s some serial killer being reported on the news or seeing a couple of rare classmates meeting up. So Yukiteru confronts Deus about this. He is supposed to be his figment of imagination, right? Well, he is God of time and space too you know. Deus explains the handphone that writes his future is called Future Diary and it is his life. It has its drawback, though. As he is the owner it means it is his life. If it gets destroyed, game over. You die. Of course Yukiteru uses Future Diary to his advantage like avoiding fights and getting test answers. All too easy. At the end of the test, his Future Diary states he is killed by a serial killer. Fellow classmate, Yuno Gasai says it is his future. He gets scared (who wouldn’t of this yandere?) and runs away but no matter where he goes, she can find him. She corners him in the lift but before he can use his darts to shoot her, she kisses him! She knows he won’t do it because her Future Diary said so. He should have noticed that she also has Future Diary. I think the scarier thing about her Future Diary is that it tracks all future events about him and therefore her Future Diary is about him! Oh sh*t! She also mentions there is a serial killer, Third who is also another owner of Future Diary out to kill him. At this rate, he will be the first out of the game.

She takes him to the rooftop instead of to the floor where he wants. Because Third is waiting there for him. No show. She says his dart will decide his future. When Third comes up to the rooftop, the kids are hiding. The plan is to wait till he whips out his Future Diary and check. When he does, Yukiteru throws his dart and it hits and destroys Third’s Future Diary. In that instant, he contorts like some black hole and disappears. Yuno is disappointed with this boring death but we can see Yukiteru scared as hell. Yukiteru and other Future Diary owners are before a meeting with Deus. He explains the rules of this survival game and how their actions can change the future. Of course, action of others can also affect it like in Yukiteru’s case. Because he made his first kill, Yukiteru has become ‘well known’ among the rest and dubbed First. Deus considers Yukiteru’s case a miracle because he was supposed to die but yet he turned the tables around. Deus’ wager is on him. Yukiteru believes it wasn’t him who pulled off this miracle but too bad everyone is gunning for his ass. The survivor of this game will inherit Deus’ throne. Meeting is adjourned and let the games begin. There are 11 remaining players left. Yukiteru is reeling from this shock but Yuno doesn’t want him to worry. She’ll protect him. That love struck yandere look… Oh sh*t! The most dangerous person to look out for! There is this short epilogue on how Murmur tries to explain to Third about this survival game but he is so bent on destroying evidence that he destroyed his Future Diary without thinking and died many times. Murmur learns her lesson such guys are hard to deal with and no matter how they look at it, his destiny has it he will be the first to die!

Episode 2
Yukiteru must be living his life in fear. Who wouldn’t if you have Yuno as a stalker! In class, suddenly there is this girl, Minene Uryuu waltzing it to confront Yukiteru and to reveal that his homeroom teacher was that serial killer, Third. It occurred to Yukiteru that she is another Future Diary owner. He looks at his handphone and realizes he is going to die. Thankfully Yuno saves the day. Trying to whack her with a fire extinguisher? Now that the flag is set, Minene is going to kill him. She sets off an explosion that destroys a block, killing a row of classes! She holds the entire school hostage and to stay put if they don’t want to be blown away. Although Yukiteru is shocked that Yuno can say she will kill Minene so calmly, he has no choice but to let her protect him. He has to play along even if this means giving her a kiss. As their Future Diary keeps changing because of the different actions taken, Yukiteru and Yuno manage to escape by the skin of their teeth from Minene’s bombs thanks to Yuno’s quick analysis. But Yukiteru realizes that because his diary is observation of others, none is about his future. He feels like a loser. He feels alone and really wanted to have friends. Don’t worry. Yuno’s Future Diary is all about him so he can use her to pull it off. But Yuno feels odd because Minene had the chance to kill him when she first saw him. What is she waiting for? Meanwhile the police surround the place. Officer Keigo Kurusu recalls the snipers, baffling his colleague who knows Minene is a terrorist. Kurusu is also a Future Diary owner. He knows Minene is thinking this through because all the bombs will set off when her heart stops.

Yukiteru is happy thinking he has reunited with his classmate. However he gets pinned down. Apparently Minene has made a deal with them for them to cooperate with her and get that guy and restrain Yuno. She has temporarily disabled the bomb censors to allow them to leave their place. Yuno feels bad that she lied to Yukiteru that these people are his friends. They are not his friends in this case and should die! She runs out of the room and causes the bombs to go off!!! Don’t f*ck with this girl!!! Yukiteru is brought before Minene but Kurusu helps to protect him. He reveals himself as a Future Diary owner and that Minene’s real goal isn’t Yukiteru but him because his Future Diary tracks all crime investigation. Although Kurusu doesn’t care for God’s seat, he doesn’t like people messing in his territory. Minene tells her demand. Kurusu will kill Yukiteru and then himself or she’ll blow up the entire school. Kurusu chooses to kill Yukiteru. The latter realizes he is a loser for only using Yuno for his survival. This is the end he deserves. He pleads to give his death some meaning. At that point Yuno dives down from the second floor to tackle Minene. Kurusu changes his mind and gives Yukiteru a chance to redeem himself. He runs through the minefield to retrieve his Future Diary thanks to Yuno telling where he should step. Also, everyone in school helps out by throwing their books at Minene. Yukiteru takes out his dart and it’s odd to see Minene pulling out her Future Diary to protect herself. Maybe it’s reflex. However Yukiteru stabs her eye. It might have been game over for her but since her Future Diary entails escaping, she did just that. In the aftermath, the trio form an alliance to put an end to this game.

Episode 3
What’s this? Yukiteru and Yuno dating?! Do they have time for this?! Might as well have some fun since you’re going to play a screw up game. Actually Kurusu wanted to end this game without further participants killing each other. To do that, they need to identify all Future Diary owners. Because Minene is still at large, they’ll be targeted and so for today they will become bait and act like a couple at the amusement park. Seems like a genuinely romantic moment between them if you don’t consider her yandere personality… Even a little fanservice when Yuno’s bikini top gets washed away and she uses Yukiteru’s body to hide. If it was only this fun in reality… When Yuno wants to go to the planetarium, he refuses. They settle for the Ferris Wheel. He asks why she keeps following him but she questions back about the planetarium. Doesn’t he love stars? How does she know? And it’s not from Future Diary. She told him a year ago. When they were writing their future career, Yuno noticed he wrote that he wanted to watch the stars with his parents. However he is sad they just divorced and can’t watch them together. Yuno suggests watching with her but he really wanted to do it with his family. In that case, Yuno wrote to become his wife. He agrees if they’re grown up. He thought it was a joke. Not so funny now, huh? And now for our weekly Yuno kiss. Okay, a peck on the forehead is acceptable.

Minene is still running away from the authorities when an unknown man picks her up to save her. She has no choice but to follow since she is still reeling from the pain in her eye (and past). He takes her back to his cabin to treat her. He calls himself a hero of justice (paper bag over his head?). Is he saving the wrong person? He believes what he does is correct and he won’t regret it. It is what she does that she might regret. Suddenly Minene feels queasy. She can’t move although her mind is still conscious. She has been drugged. Realizing he is a Future Diary owner too, he proceeds to ask her what she knows about other Future Diary owners while extracting her blinded eye! EEEEWWWW!!! Meanwhile Yuno invites Yukiteru to her home. No electricity. Romantic setting. As he goes to the toilet, he must have lost his way and stumbles upon a sealed room. To his horror, he opens and sees lots of corpses (or something like that since it was too freaking dark). Yuno is sad that he opened the door in otherwise could have been a happy ending for them. Oh sh*t… Unknown to them all, Yukiteru’s actions has caused something great in their future to change. Deus notes that another miracle has happened and was right to choose him. Yukiteru runs home in fear. And there is Yuno peeking through his door hole wishing him goodnight! Oh sh*t! Definitely nightmares! You can’t escape this girl!!!

Episode 4
Yukiteru is cowering in his room. He thinks of letting Kurusu know but suddenly he receives a mail from Yuno. Who is he calling? Oh sh*t! She knows! Damn right you can’t escape. Next morning Kurusu comes to pick him up. He is about to tell him about that room when Yuno reminds him (with a smile) not to reveal that embarrassing thing. Oh sh*t… Kurusu thinks it is something indecent. Anyway Kurusu has received report that Minene has been captured by a religious group, Omekata-kyo and they’re on their way to confirm it. Outside the temple with a long queue, Yukiteru continues to be worried about his safety. His mind starts to think if Yuno is going to kill him had he told Kurusu. Oh look, she’s staring at him… Creepy! The trio are brought in to see Tsubaki Kasugano, the maiden and figurehead of the Omekata-kyo. She mentions her weak eyesight and has been living in this cage. Her only hobby is writing stories from others but a few weeks ago her diary began to inform her of future events. That’s right. She is also a Future Diary owner and her diary is clairvoyance. Yukiteru cowers upon hearing that however she mentions she is not interested in becoming God as she is supposed to listen to their voices. According to her Future Diary, she will die tonight. But Yukiteru who has overcome death twice means he can change this. She makes a deal. She agrees to hand over Minene in exchange for Yukiteru. Yuno is vehemently against this! But it is Yukiteru’s call. What’s it going to be? Argh! Decisions! So he agrees to stay for a night and Yuno doesn’t like it one bit. Tsubaki advises Yukiteru he can’t trust Yuno. It’s not from her Future Diary. It’s her woman intuition. And Yuno looking close to a serial killer is not amused Tsubaki is badmouthing her…

Suddenly the place is set on fire and her followers start killing one another. Yukiteru wants to save her but Yuno says no. This might be a trap. Dangerous things are popping up for him in her Future Diary. At this rate, he’ll die. Trust her and let’s go home. Trust her? He thinks she would have killed her if he had stayed at her place. He can’t trust her and goes to save Tsubaki. Oh sh*t… That yandere face… She believes Yukiteru won’t say such a thing and that b*tch must have said something. If only she wasn’t here… After Kurusu fixes the sprinklers, Tsubaki yells out to her followers to stop. Tsubaki then takes a look at her Future Diary which contains future sightings from her followers. There is a suspicious person written but soon it changes and there are many suspicious people spotted. She is confused to as which is the real one. Meanwhile underground of the temple where Minene is held, the hero of justice, Yomotsu Hirasaka is explaining to Minene about his rock-paper-scissors theory and relationship and why she can never win. Then something about Tsubaki being vulnerable to confusion from within. He then puts on his hero of justice costume (what kind of eyeball monster is this?). From what he says, Minene can guess that his is a Future Diary owner and he has very keen hearing (his Future Diary is in a form of an iPod player). He continues ranting about winning is justice and losing is evil but Minene is very sure a certain psychopath will beat him. All the corpses wake up. Playing dead? How ironic. Yuno starts cutting them down and wants Tsubaki to be the bait to get Yukiteru out. She gives Yukiteru a choice. Follow Yuno and love or choose Tsubaki and die. Tough choice, eh?

Episode 5
Tsubaki narrates she was born with a weak eyesight but was given clairvoyance instead. Because of that, her parents started the Omekata-kyo and made her a figurehead. She then learnt her clairvoyance was a lie but was happy since she wasn’t alone. Till that day when her parents died and her followers start raping her. Her only thing connected to this world was a ball from her mom. When she lost it, she couldn’t take it anymore. Back in reality, when Yuno takes Yukiteru and run, he also takes Tsubaki’s hand. Meanwhile Yomotsu explains his diary that is about justice (including cleaning up trash). He intends to use Minene’s mini bomb and gives her the key to free herself. When Tsubaki realizes her followers are back to normal, she suggests Yukiteru to face the enemy here. Yuno is not amused. Showdown. She might be losing it. That’s when Kurusu calls Yukiteru that he already has Minene in custody but warns about Yomotsu’s hearing abilities. Speaking of which, he pops up before them. Five of them! Coloured heroes of justice? So the bomb was used for this grand entrance? Yomotsu explains Yukiteru is being tricked by Tsubaki. His goal is to kill Tsubaki because he believes this cult is evil. If he wishes not to be involved, then run. Of the clones, one of them is the real him and contains the bomb. Besides, he doesn’t care blowing himself up because his Future Diary states he is going to die. When they charge, Yukiteru consults his Future Diary to see which is the real one. However they start shuffling. He should have observed which colour was the real one. But Yuno also dashes straight. She throws a stone to see which one reacts to its sound. She then chops him up. She wins. So she must be justice, right? Yomotsu explodes shortly. Yuno must be sick and I mean really sick and not love sick so she is now weak. Suddenly Tsubaki’s followers restrain them. Looks like it was all a lie and act to trick them. She reveals to get rid of them all at once by using Minene as bait till Yomotsu ruined it. Yukiteru is shocked at the deception so Tsubaki gives him a lesson: A kiss. Bad move… Tsubaki checks her Future Diary to confirm she won’t die. She still will! Because Yuno breaks free and chops everybody up! Tsubaki’s right hand gets chopped! Told you it was a bad move! Before Yuno collapses, she entrusts her Future Diary with him and pushes him away to escape.

Back in her room, Tsubaki plans to use Yuno to lure Yukiteru out. Her plan to become God is so that she can erase this filthy world. Yukiteru is hiding underneath the structure. He is sad that Yuno was right and tried to protect him. Feeling useless and a wuss? What are you going to do? He spots a ball nearby. Tsubaki is going to let Yuno experience the same thing. She is going to let her followers take turns raping her. So if Yukiteru doesn’t want her deflowered, better come quick. Will Yuno be done in before Yukiteru? That kid is scared sh*t but no time to hesitate so he runs out from hiding and into the room, clumsily swinging the axe. Tsubaki is confident she can kill him now that he is here. All she needs to do is consult her Future Diary. But Yukiteru says his death isn’t certain yet. He is going to change the future with his power. He chooses Yuno and they’ll both survive this. He takes out the ball and throws it in the air. With all her followers fixated at it, Yukiteru throws his dart. Tsubaki needs to protect her Future Diary but realizes she is a hand short to fold up her scroll. The dart hits. Dead end. End game. In the aftermath as Yuno sleeps on his shoulder, Yukiteru ponders about her. She might just be his stalker living in a house with corpses. It’s not like he likes her or anything (is he being tsundere?) and probably the best reward if Yuno was awake: He kisses her! Lastly, Minene got away thanks to a deal she made with Kurusu to exchange her email address.

Episode 6
What is worse than Yuno breaking into Yukiteru’s home when he is away? When he has to go pick up his mommy, Rea coming back from work! She’s teasing him if he has a girlfriend. Okay, I take that back. They’re both equally bad. When they get home, they see signs of being break in. Yukiteru knows who the intruder is and rushes into his room only to see Yuno cleaning. It’s sparkling clean! She wants to make a good impression on his mother. She knows… He hides her in the closet when Rea comes in. Of course she finds it odd that she hears a girl’s voice and Yukiteru his holding the closet. It is inevitable. Yuno is so excited she wants to meet his mom that she keeps pushing. By a stroke of luck, Yukiteru whisks his mom outside. But he finds Yuno reading his porn magazine. What is she looking? Rather, mother wants to know what he is looking at. So when the ladies finally meet, mother is happy her son has got a girlfriend. Yuno even has her taste her cooking and she gives the approval. She’s already part of the family, eh? Meanwhile, Minene sees a doctor who gives her a fake eye. She notices other kids in the hospital. They belong to the parents of those killed in that cult. Seems the news classify it as mass suicide. The bad day for Yukiteru continues. He runs out of toilet paper… But Yuno knows… And then naked baby photo albums of Yukiteru! Lots of them! Mother even gives the approval for them to sleep together but keep it down, okay? Obviously Yukiteru can’t sleep. Not because he is thinking about Yuno becoming his future wife. I think it’s the way she is staring at him! She wonders why he won’t come over and he says he isn’t necessarily in love with her. However according to Future Diary, they will become one on July 28th. He will fall in love with her. Yukiteru says he can change that but he can do anything he likes and Yuno won’t let him change this future. In the middle of night, Yuno has these scary eyes. She is glad Rea is a nice person because thankfully she will not have to use any of the tools she brought. Oh sh*t! Next day, Rea brings back a kid, Reisuke “Rei” Houjou. Her parents are one of Rea’s colleagues and died in that cult incident. She will be temporarily taking care of him. We can guess that something is off with this lively kid. Making hand puppets of Yukiteru and Yuno smooching each other. Then while cutting out a drawing to give to Yuno, he trips and the scissors almost stabbed her heart but a pillow protected her. Then in the toilet, Rei takes out his Future Diary… I knew it.

Episode 7
Rei talks to his hand puppets about the perfect combo of Yukiteru and Yuno. It’s going to be tough since his Future Diary is the weakest. In the form of a picture diary, it only tells entries of morning, afternoon and night. This means he is limited to only 3 chances. But Rei doesn’t care and is going to prove that he is better than them since he is an elite. First he tries to poison them but Yuno can guess something is wrong with the tomato’s weight! This salad is no good… Holy sh*t! Next, Rei tries to electrocute Yuno while she is taking a bath but Yukiteru notices his Future Diary changing its entry without him or Yuno doing anything. He suspects something and starts to turn on all the electronic devices. Before Rei could electrocute her, the power goes out. As he playfully runs out, Yukiteru suspects he could be a Future Diary owner. Next morning, he tries to search around but Yuno has a quicker way: The knife! Oh no you don’t! But it seems Rei tells them they won’t find it. Not with their brains. Yukiteru tries to use his Future Diary to locate possible places. Yuno is tempted to use the quick method… And eventually she did as she chases and tries to hammer him!!! Rea wonders what the ruckus is about and goes to check only to get clobbered by Yuno! Oh sh*t! You did it this time! Rea is put to bed and Yuno is terribly sorry. Yukiteru calms her down that she can find Rei’s Future Diary if she gets serious. So it might look silly that Yuno is meditating but she is thinking how Rei would think and hide his Future Diary from them but still get it within his reach.

Then it hit her. The courier. It has just arrived. Yukiteru tries to stop it and although he grabs the package and tears it open, it is a trap as poison gas flows out. I don’t know where Rei got his gas mask but the gas in that little package is enough to cover the entire house? As Yuno brings weakened Yukiteru into the toilet to hide, Rei wants them to come out and play. That is, kill each other. He’s having a lot of fun. Yuno claims she is probably the one who killed his parents so kill her and leave Yukiteru out. However Rei doesn’t want that right to kill her. She likes her and therefore will kill her. He suggests a game. He has the antidote for the poison. If she can catch him, she wins. If the gas gets her, he wins. Yukiteru is concerned that Rei must have laid traps but Yuno thanks him for his worries. The cat and mouse game begins and although she breaks the windows for air, the heavy poison still lingers. She goes around trying to find Rei but the plan to surprise her with duds failed (because when you are surprised, you inhale air, right?). Finally Yuno spots him at the top floor. There is water leaking. Electrocution again? This time Yuno get shocked but this isn’t enough to kill her. But this shocker might revive her because here comes Yukiteru rushing to kiss her and give her some air before tumbling down like a rock. Better make this count, Yuno. Without hesitation, she kills Rei. Thanks to the power of love! He’s going to die anyway as stated in his Future Diary. He passes the antidote but wonders the way she is playing. Because there can only be 1 survivor, at this rate they’ll have to face off. Yuno will always protect Yukiteru. However she collapses before she could give the antidote. Did Minene do it? How kind of her. She says Yuno must be rid of early in the game because she is the biggest threat.

Episode 8
Deus updates the survivors that with 4 down, the game is 1/3 complete. But one of them wants his approval for a special case. He wants to pass ownership of his Future Diary to another person. It has been 2 weeks since Rei’s case. It is reported there was an intruder in the house. Yuno accidentally hurt Rea while trying to chase the intruder. In the end, Rei went missing with the intruder. Yukiteru wonders if he will make friends at the new school. I think Yuno wants to be his ONLY friend. It isn’t all strangers in his class but there is this familiar classmate too, Ouji Kousaka. He used to pick on him and the first one to turn against him during Minene’s terrorism. Kousaka won’t let him start afresh and starts accusing him of being a killer. But he is put in place when Hinata Tsukishima and Mao Nonosaka stop him. They make friends with Yukiteru but blunders his first move. He slips and pulls down Hinata’s pants… As the teacher warns them about a serial killer on the loose our friends discuss this. Mao points out the police is keeping a tight lid on this and perhaps their classmate, Aru Akise who is always absent playing detective might know. After school, they go to investigate a crime scene. Yuno is not pleased. She looks mad. I think I know why… She doesn’t even join them while they’re having fun. Writing ‘die’ on the sands clearly tells us her state of mind… When Hinata rushes off herself, Yukiteru hears his Future Diary changing and against Yuno’s wish, he uses it. To their horror, they see Hinata’s arm torn off and before them a pack of wild dogs. Everyone is paralyzed in fear when Akise comes in. He has been watching them since they entered the park and they would die if he didn’t interfere. Don’t worry. He claims he is their friend. He suggests they run to the nearby observation deck for cover.

Meanwhile some guy is treating his dogs to the best meat and soup while he himself only gets cup noodles. He is in a control room observing his target and noting his plan is going well since he has lent his dogs and Future Diary. Inside the observation deck, Akise explains he wants to be a great detective and thus has researched on Yukiteru. He connected him to the serial killer, school bombing and Omekata-kyo incident and his guts tell him he has some great secret. Of course, he might get into another predicament again. Yuno suggests they sacrifice everyone and run away but Yukiteru won’t do that. She thinks somebody in this hall is controlling the dogs. Trust nobody! Yukiteru is in a dilemma to use his Future Diary to save everyone and reveal his secret. Since he has no choice, he tells everyone which window to hold as the dogs start trying to barge in. This goes on till night fall until the dogs retreat. Everyone is impressed with his tactic so Yukiteru reveals this Future Diary of his. Suddenly Mao holds him at knife point. She takes his Future Diary. Then Hinata returns. She reveals she has a Future Diary and is the breeder type. She warns Yuno not to make any hasty moves. Hinata explains her true target is not Yukiteru but Akise’s Future Diary.

Episode 9
That guy who lent his Future Diary is actually Hinata’s dad. He is the serial killer going around killing others whom he thinks are Future Diary owners. He regrets leaving Hinata and her mom for his dogs. His only wish to become God is to turn back time. Hinata is on his side and wants to start over. However he claims investigators are on to him. Akise is already watching outside and as long as he is there, it will be hard to start over. Therefore Hinata planned this entire thing to get Akise’s Future Diary. She planted a fake body believing it will not predict futures of corpses. Yup, Yukiteru was the bait for that. And you wonder why friends are made so easily. Akise is willing to give his Future Diary if they win a game. He flips a coin. Now which hand? But first he lets Hinata try it out. With Yukiteru’s Future Diary in hand, she will win. But noticing Yukiteru has given signals to Yuno and Akise, she already switched hands. Akise consults his Future Diary and calls the correct hand. Now it is for real. Akise flips the coin as Hinata decides to go for the opposite. However it is wrong. Hinata only frees Yukiteru. Despite he is awed at Akise’s Future Diary, Yuno is suspicious. She was sure she didn’t hear that interference noise from his Future Diary when theirs changed. Before Akise could begin the next round, Yuno pins him down and a knife to his throat. She asks what number he is. Then it is revealed his Future Diary is empty. It is just an ordinary handphone. He is not a player of the game. Akise admits he was just going with the flow since everybody believed it. He explains his calls are based on pure luck and that Hinata self destructed on her prediction. But Yuno will kill him for playing with Yukiteru’s life. In this final round for Yukiteru’s Future Diary, after Hinata tosses the coin, Yuno covers Yukiteru’s ears. Akise calls the correct hand but tells Yukiteru he has lost. In shock, Yuno knocks him out. Akise’s deduction is that even if Yukiteru can predict the future, it is what he believes in even if it is wrong. For example, he believed Hinata was dead up till now. If he believes it, then even if it is incorrect, it is still given as an incorrect prediction. Whether he wins or loses, Akise was going to tell Yukiteru he lost. Yuno spots Mao taking out her knife and dashes to stab her. While she is grieving, they escape but she sends the dogs upon them.

Yukiteru remembers Kurusu telling him someone suggested trading ownership but Deus refused it and won’t accept acts that lead to forfeiture in the game. Yukiteru wants to return to save Hinata. Yuno comes along with him while Akise and Kousaka become bait to lure the dogs. Just like Yuno, she suggests running away since they have become baits but Yukiteru won’t have it. She tries to convince him she is her only friend he needs but he doesn’t want to be alone and why does she want him not to make friends so bad? Yuno runs faster than Yukiteru despite he looked like he was miles ahead. She was fast enough to hold Hinata hostage and gives her the ultimatum to destroy her Future Diary or be killed. She explains why she is against Yukiteru making friends. If he gets close to this girl, he might like her. Others making friends with him is like trying to take him away from her. She’ll kill anybody who gets close! Yukiteru then drops a bombshell. She is not her friend. Just bear with him. He never properly introduced her to everyone so now is the time. She is his girlfriend! Remember the date. July 28th. Happy end. You don’t want him to hate her, don’t you? As his girlfriend, she must act appropriately and acknowledge his friends. Yukiteru knows he has dug a grave so deep that he can never get out. The biggest lie ever told. Well, look on the positive side, Yuno’s sanity is back. Yuno wants Akise to be grateful to Yukiteru’s hard work that he minimized casualties (Mao is still alive). However Akise is surprised Yuno is unhurt since he was sure Yukiteru would have killed her just to save his friends. Hinata laments she has failed but her father (speaking via a speaker through one of the dog’s collar) points out he incorrectly identified an owner. What about his wish to get things back on track? That was a lie! She was too trusting. However he doesn’t want Hinata to be a bad adult like him. He advises her he isn’t the only bad adult and needs to be careful of those who act nice. Then it is game over for him since Kurusu shoots him from behind.

Episode 10
Yuno is digging a huge hole. So huge that she doesn’t remember who she is going to bury. I hope it isn’t for Yukiteru… We go a little back in the past whereby Minene was facing off with Third. She underestimated him since his clothes were bullet and bomb proof. She was left running for a life. Bad luck hit her as she stumbled unto Kurusu’s underling, Masumi Nishijima. Recognizing her as a terrorist, he quickly cuffs her. They run and hide in an abandoned college while Third continues to hunt them. Since Nishijima won’t take off the cuffs, Minene has a hard time going to the toilet. Even so, in an awkward position. Then the flush doesn’t work… She kicks it and water splashes over her. In an abandoned fashion design room, it is weird that Nishijima decides to take off the cuffs now so she can fully change. The dress that you see in Minene’s debut in this series. Even odd that this terrorist could act so girly and I think Nishijima likes it! Uh huh. Cliché moments like she tripping and he falling over her, that sort of thing. But play time is over when Third comes in. In order to take him out, they lure him into some music room and blast him with some sound explosion. As they escape, Minene shoots Nishijima. He might be out cold but he isn’t dead since he is wearing a bullet proof vest. She remembers her childhood days were something like this. Always covered with blood and she running for her life. It wasn’t anything girly. That’s why she doesn’t need love then or now.

Yukiteru is happy that Akise is inviting him out for a movie. Anything to get away from that stalker… But wait! She’s here to go with him! What about Akise? Seems he told her there was a wedding exhibition and since a certain wimp was too shy to ask her… It is then Yukiteru realized he has been set up! Curses! Now you regret ever calling Yuno your girlfriend? She’s escalating this pretty fast… Better tell her it was a lie. But does he have the balls? At the exhibition they are treated first class. They even try out their wedding outfit and holy cow! Yuno looks beautiful! Those words even left Yukiteru’s mouth. But still, he needs to tell her about the lie. Noticing how happy she is, maybe he can just tell her another day. Sure, procrastinate… But his thoughts keep thinking about what is keeping him from loving her. Was it that corpse room? Would he have fallen for her had he not see it? Better not think too much and carry on with the mock wedding. Their host envies that they are young. She was like that too but her husband rarely comes home from work and they turn out like that. Yukiteru realizes she is Kurusu’s wife. When Yukiteru brings Yuno back to her home, he is shocked to see Akise here. Seems it was a ploy because while they were away, he investigated her home and opened that room. He hoped to find bodies but only a bloody huge hole that you can’t even see the bottom! But Yuno isn’t panicking and tells them to make themselves at home. Because this is Yukiteru’s first time here! The guys leave and Akise deduces she must have overwritten her memories due to her fragile mental state. He thought it was best to bring everything to light but was wrong. Yuno is more dangerous without him. Meanwhile Kurusu reports the death of Hinata’s dad and points out the possible suspects are Yuno and Yukiteru. They will arrest them within 24 hours.

Episode 11
Kurusu is seen begging to Minene to ally with him. Because Yukiteru isn’t interested in becoming God, he views only her way is most appropriate to change the world. He will feed her with any information from the police. Yukiteru and Yuno are arrested. Yuno is having those crazy eyes as she is trying to find a weapon! Yukiteru has to control her and assure her everything will be alright. Yukiteru is called to be interrogated by Kurusu first. It seems over in a flash because he believes Yukiteru is telling the truth that he wasn’t the one that killed Hinata’s dad. However, Kurusu wants to play a game: Russian roulette. Don’t worry. They have their Future Diaries, right? Yuno sees her Future Diary that Yukiteru is in danger. It is pretty odd that security around her is lax (maybe they don’t know how psycho she is) so she tails an officer to the toilet and whacks him with a fire extinguisher to steal his gun! Kurusu and Yukiteru are lucky in the game but it’s down to the last chamber and it is Yukiteru’s turn. He is going to kill him. The alliance is nullified. Suddenly Yuno barges in and empties her gun on Kurusu! She’s out of control. Not even Yukiteru can control her. She hijacks Nishijima to make their escape as other police chase them. While running upstairs, a police fires a running shot. Yukiteru panics and shoots him in the gut! Kurusu is still alive thanks to the bullet proof vest and he is lucky he only lost his left ear. He orders the capture of Yukiteru and Yuno. Seems this is part of his plan to make them into villains by making them commit crimes. At the rooftop, Yukiteru is sorry he couldn’t stop her. She thanks and kisses him. Then they jump down. Don’t worry. There is a truck with a canvas below to cushion their fall.

The city is clamp down in search for the fugitives. The duo are hiding in some storeroom and can’t go out because their Future Diaries only predict they will be killed. I don’t know what they’ll do for food or toilet but Yukiteru smells doughnuts. It seems Kurusu’s wife, Naoko is nearby making her way to the hospital. As they tail her, suddenly a bomb explodes. The hole in the floor separates Yuno from Yukiteru. Minene takes Yukiteru hostage. This scene is more comical than tense because he messes around with her equipment and causes another explosion behind. Now they’re trap. Yuno gives a ladder to cross over but they’re worried about being betrayed or not. And when Kurusu calls Minene, it descends into a childish argument of who is on who’s side or betraying who. Nobody is listening to Yuno she is always on Yukiteru’s side. Kurusu warns if she betrays him, he will kill her. After they safely cross over, the trio’s Future Diaries state they will be killed by Kurusu. Minene shows the reason why Kurusu teamed up with her. Inside a room, Naoko is sitting beside her son, You on life support. Wait a minute. The hospital isn’t evacuated and nobody is panicking after that blast that ripped the floor?! Anyway, Minene explains Kurusu is trying to be God to save his son. They allied for that but now it doesn’t matter. Minene then takes the doughnuts and eats them, offering to only Yuno and Yukiteru. It’s better on them than the dead kid, right? Yukiteru is in a dilemma if he has to go this far. Minene proposes a new alliance among them to take out Kurusu.

Episode 12
The police surrounds the hospital. He orders all units to be at their positions despite hostages are still inside. Minene gives a bomb to Yukiteru to go scouting around while she handles the negotiations. Minene calls Kurusu to make her demands. Kurusu must kill himself and a getaway vehicle must be prepared. However he declines all of them. He will kill her if she does not release the hostages. His son will not live is he backs down. There is no other choice but to become God. With negotiations failed, SWAT storms in and pins down Yukiteru. Kurusu then comes rushing in right at the same time Yuno comes to rescue her love. They’re firing both at the same time and the poor SWAT in the middle got caught in their crossfire. Kurusu holds Yukiteru hostage. Yuno threatens to blow up everything. He agrees to let Yukiteru go first. However Yuno is happy that Yukiteru has given her a future. She is happy he wanted to marry her. If it doesn’t come true, she’ll die for him. She takes out the pin and will sacrifice herself to kill Kurusu. Meanwhile Minene puts a timed bomb underneath some bed and then makes her escape. She bumps into Nishijima. Again? You should see their shocked expression. It’s hilarious. As he tries to catch her, a bright flash occurs nearby. Seems that grenade was only a flash grenade and it knocks everyone out. Shortly, a real grenade nearby rips through the floors. Minene has an idea of using Nishijima to escape her death.

Yukiteru is alive but he is beaten up by Kurusu. He takes Yuno hostage and believes Yukiteru doesn’t have the guts to shoot. Yukiteru consults his Future Diary that his shot will hit and kill Yuno. Yuno says to shoot her. She is more than happy because even though he pretended to like her, he still accompanied her to the wedding exhibition. A picture of that drops from her pocket. He can’t believe she is keeping this. Is she satisfied with just this? He doesn’t want her to give up now and will definitely make her happy. Because he loves her too. He fires his shot that hits Kurusu’s guts. Kurusu becomes crazy and desperate enough to kill Yuno (why is she standing there scared? Shouldn’t her yandere mode kick in?). Nishijima stops him. He has heard from Minene about his deeds. Minene shows the recording of the deal they made. He is no longer a police and just a criminal. Because of that, he can no longer receive future predictions. After learning his wife and his son are safely evacuated, he asks Minene for one last request: To take care of his son. Then he breaks his own handphone and apologizes for the trouble he has caused and wants him to live. In the aftermath, Nishijima takes care of the case and clears the misunderstanding for the kids. Minene escaped on her own and the best news is that the officer whom Yukiteru shot lives. Yukiteru and Yuno are now like a happy couple going on a trip. She even commends his kiss has gotten better! While Yukiteru is away to the toilet, Yuno sees a message in his handphone from Akise. He is warning Yukiteru to stay away from Yuno because for unknown reasons the police are still looking for her. She deletes it as junk mail.

Episode 13
Akise visits Yukiteru’s home but realizes he is not him. Nishijima happen to pass by and it seems they know each other. Meanwhile Deus believes Murmur must have done something because no matter how it was, Kurusu was a potential winner of that game. Murmur admits she let Kurusu know about his son’s impending death sooner instead of later to speed up the game. Because she believes they need to pick a new God before Deus dies. She wants to make a bet with him. Akise has Hinata, Mao and Kousaka come on a trip with him on pretence to patch their friendship. The girls notice the guys taking down their own notes. While Akise is mainly for his detective work, Kousaka is just doing it for fun. They think they’re copying Yukiteru. Akise remembers Nishijima showed him Kurusu’s evidence that was left for the latter. All about the Future Diary owners who are the real culprits behind the incidents and all of them involve Yukiteru and Yuno. They figure they are running away from the remaining Future Diary owners but Yuno won’t be so dumb to run to a place where she can’t do anything. They are in danger and need to find them. From witnesses, they know they have gone to the mountains but could it be that this is what she wants them to think? Akise brings his friends to Nishijima who enlists their help to find Yukiteru and Yuno in which it is believed the former is being held by the latter. They split up and go around trying to locate them and it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Till Kousaka’s complain about no water gave Akise an idea. They must be hiding in some place with running water and electricity. This narrows down their search. Checking out those places, they narrowly avoided random traps placed by Yuno. Hinata then gets mail from Yukiteru about his location. She goes off herself while she tells Mao to meet up with the rest. But Akise is suspicious. Because Yuno’s Future Diary will know whatever Yukiteru is doing so could it be fake? And when Mao receives mail from Hinata claiming she has found Yukiteru, Akise remains suspicious but since there is no time to lose, they head there. Inside the room, they realize too late that this Yukiteru is a dummy as the door behind them shuts. No way out. To Akise’s fear, this is a trap and the mails received were fake from Yuno. Assuming Hinata was here, she might have been attacked and taken to another place. It is not that Yukiteru was just sitting around watching, he might be unable to move. Suddenly gas is filling up the room. Murmur wants to bet on Yuno but Deus still choose to remain favourite Yukiteru as his pick.

Episode 14
Yukiteru is strapped to a chair and like a zombie. Yuno is feeding his non-responsive body. Kousaka is so negative that he is thinking of writing a will! However Akise calls out to Yuno (via security camera). He wonders if she is carrying 2 human skulls. Because when they left, he re-examined the big hole and found 2 skeletal remains without heads. The marks on them are fresh. Could it be that she is still carrying them around? Yuno claims she doesn’t want to wake up her parents. Akise continues that he also saw a third skeletal remains but this one had a skull intact. Who could this be? If she doesn’t want all this details to be sent to the police, better free them. Yuno laughs like a maniac and hangs up on these people. Akise realizes that she has rewritten her memories that they are now unknown people. Kousaka continues to lament his impending death and goes ahead in writing his will! Suddenly he receives a new message. Because he has posted a certain number of posts, he has attained a new rank. This means he has become a new Future Diary owner! Holy cow! His apprentice diary predicts how he got out and faces Yuno. So with Akise’s help, he crawls into the vent and busts out at the control room. Yukiteru regains some of his consciousness. He remembers during their trip, Yuno drugged his drink. The next thing he knew, he was here. He tried to escape but she didn’t give him a chance. Kousaka is confident in following his Future Diary so Yuno agrees to give him the keys. One to release the gas room and the other to Yukiteru. But she will throw him the gas room key first and then head back to get the other key. This is to buy time because she wants to save her parents too. Consulting his Future Diary and seeing there is nothing wrong, he does it. Of course Yukiteru knows it is a trap but can’t say anything as his voice is soft.

After he opens the door to the gas room, before he could go back to get the other key, Yuno shoots his knee with her crossbow! She explains he doesn’t know how to use his Future Diary and because his only predicts his successes, it never tells him his failures. Go ahead. Unlock Yukiteru and do what his diary tells him. Then she’ll kill him. Yuno hears the static sound. When she turns around, Yukiteru is gone. He takes her crossbow and slaps her! He reminds her that her Future Diary is also limited. She didn’t predict what Hinata would do because Yukiteru signalled to her to kick the key to him. Yukiteru then sees his Future Diary entries listing the other diary owners coming to find him. He leaves with the other friends. Yuno is panicking not to be left alone. Maybe they’ll go see the stars together like he suggested now. You see that angry look in his eyes? He doesn’t give a sh*t! Goodbye. Meanwhile at some foster home, Orin Miyashiro reports to Kamado Ueshita (I thought she was some mascot with that big funny looking head) that she has sent other apprentice diary owners to scout and that Kousaka who is facing off with Yuno might lose. Nishijima gives the kids a ride home. Kousaka is pretty mad but it’s not Yukiteru’s fault, right? A car flashes from the opposite direction but those bunch of cool people just pass them although one of them noted they lost their chance to kill Yukiteru. Lastly, Yuno hasn’t given up yet (why would she? We would know her character by now). She packs her bags and makes her move.

Episode 15
Yukiteru sees a message from Deus because some has requested more details on Eighth, the owner who can create more owners. Some are concerned that this will violate the rules as if these new owners can become God or get killed. Yukiteru has Kousaka show him his handphone. Then he smashes in to the ground! Nothing happens (although that guy is acting like he is about to die). As suspected, as Eighth can make new owners, but these Future Diaries are all connected to the server that hosts blogs. These Future Diary owners will not die when anything happens to it since it is only reading from the central server. Kousaka is upset they destroyed his handphone but this prevents others from knowing their position. Yukiteru knows he can’t fight this alone but has decided not to rely on Yuno. Who can he rely on? His friends wonder if he really wishes for them to help. No cheating and looking at his Future Diary. Yes, he wants to. They’ll help then. While Yukiteru hides and the rest make a plan, the only problem is Yuno, given the nature of her diary she knows all Yukiteru’s moves. As long as they have this handicap, they won’t know what she’ll do. Yukiteru goes to eat with his mom for the first time since Yuno barged in. She isn’t going to pry his private life as it would make things awkward. She’ll listen when he is ready. But be sure to tell her. Yukiteru notices there are lots of food. Mom says Yuno was here to make them but left. Oh sh*t… He’ll never get her out of his life. Yukiteru shivering in cold sweat… Funny… The friends make their way to Kousaka’s mansion. Man, he has got such big space of empty land! Part of their plan is to switch off the power to the telecommunications tower once the apprentice owners arrive. However it seems like they got a head start when they cut out the power. Now they can’t cut the signal to the handphones. Yukiteru is panicking that nobody else should know their plan. There is one… And she is here! Yuno is going to protect her love! OMG. Yukiteru’s flabbergasted face is damn funny! Akise invites her to join them. Well, they got no choice, right? But Yukiteru keeps her hands tied. Just in case.

Akise and Kousaka go to turn off the tower manually. However Marco Ikusaba and Ai Mikami barge in while Tarou Nanba AKA Takkun reports what his happening to Kamado. Marco is able to beat up Nishijima thanks to his boxing moves as his Future Diary is about boxing while Ai’s is about flirting. Yukiteru and Yuno run up to hide in the attic while Mao and Hinata got wounded by Ai’s knives. Of course Yuno doesn’t care about them as long as they’re both alright. She wants him to untie her but Yukiteru doesn’t think so. She’ll use this chance to tie him up again, no? Tying him up is her love, right? She promises she won’t but Marco and Ai barge in. Although Akise has shut off the tower, the couple remain cool. They toss away their handphones and take out another one! These are their true Future Diaries and they are actual owners. Their exchange diaries allow them to see each other’s future and protect the other. Yuno pleads to free her. No choice he does so as Yuno deflects Ai’s knife. Because Yukiteru praises how great she is, she gets motivated and deflects them all! The couple retreat. They have also brought Hinata and Mao outside because in the event if their plan fails, Takkun will set the place on fire. Once it is up in flames, the couple return back in to finish their fight and show them the meaning of love. Yuno wants Yukiteru to use her in any way even if it’s helping her friends. She’ll go back pretending to be his lover again. Yuno fights Ai but Marco protects her from being slashed with his arm. Yuno then takes a brutal hit. When the sprinklers put out the fire, Marco is upset that Yukiteru didn’t come to save his girl. The kid admits he is pathetic and weak so Marco tosses him down to die. In the aftermath, Yukiteru is recuperating in hospital. Yuno is unconscious as well as with Hinata and Mao who are badly injured. Their Future Diaries were confiscated. Their plan failed. Minene then comes in and wants to know more about those Future Diary owners.

Episode 16
As part of the plan, Minene will take care of Yukiteru. I guess this includes sitting on his body while he does push-ups. But it seems Yukiteru’s dad is here to visit too and he got the wrong idea seeing this kinky nurse play. He wants one too! Because he can’t stop harassing Minene, she suggests father and son enter some challenge. Dad proposes to do whatever Yukiteru wants if he loses. Yukiteru wishes for dad and mom to remarry so that they can see the stars together as promised. Meanwhile Marco and Ai are having their own love problems. Ai sees Marco’s Future Diary that he is cheating on her and becomes furious he wants to break up! Reading a little more, it turns out he was buying a ring and proposing… Suddenly it becomes I love you… Back to Yukiteru and dad’s challenge, when it seems Yukiteru has clearly beaten dad, there is always a catch and ‘cheat’ that makes him win. Even Minene acknowledges dad’s victory. Yukiteru realizes she has no intention of letting him win. But Minene wants father and son to spend time together since they just got reunited. And so it was rather fun and silly for them to go through several challenges. As usual, Yuno is watching and thank goodness she is relieved to find dad a good guy. She already has a knife ready in hand… In the final challenge in which winner takes all, dad tells Yukiteru the real reason they divorced. It was his debt. Even right now he is under a 3 million debt. Yukiteru feels guilty that he was selfish to wish for them to remarry and didn’t know what was going on. Even if he wins, remarrying isn’t possible. Minene gives Yukiteru advice that he is easy to give in to his weakness. Even if he doesn’t have the strength, he can still fight on and reach his goal. Fight till his feelings reach his dad. Once he reaches the end, dad leaves behind a note saying that he will think about remarrying and is confident he can clear the debt.

Minene meets up with Nishijima who explains this is all part of the plan to make Marco believe they have a plan against him since he is having their Future Diaries. Yuno watching Yukiteru, spots dad returning to the hospital. He is frantically searching Yukiteru’s room for his Future Diary and it seems if he destroys it, his ‘employer’ will clear his debt. While Nishijima has a search warrant at Kamado’s orphanage, Yuno tries to kill Yukiteru’s dad by slitting his throat from behind! Luckily Yukiteru took her away but as she explains about his true goal, does he believe in her or dad? Marco calls Yuno to warn her not to touch dad and instead bring him to some tower. Yukiteru’s dad is shocked that his handphone is not with him. At the tower, they see Marco and Ai standing at an altar like a prelude to being married. Once Yukiteru’s dad approaches Marco, he is punched in the gut. Marco then places their Future Diaries on the table and wants to see if Yukiteru has got what it takes to save his Future Diary and dad. It is more fun that way instead of breaking it right away. Yukiteru is mad and upset. He charges but that is all he’s got. He is still weak and is owned by Marco. Yukiteru’s dad then gets up and heads over to the table and takes his Future Diary and breaks it! End of Yukiteru? Not quite. Because Yuno has observed as she attacks Ai and retrieves their real Future Diaries inside her hand bouquet. She recognized the scratches and dents on their Future Diaries and noticed those were just replicas. Yukiteru’s dad wants his son to hand over his handphone and can get him a new model. This proves he doesn’t know about Future Diaries. Suddenly Takkun detonates the place since time is up. The floor beneath Yukiteru collapses. His dad and Yuno race to save him.

Episode 17
This tower holds many memories for Ai. She was abandoned here by her parents 14 years ago. Optimistic Marco picked her up since he too was an abandoned child. Ai starts hanging out with Marco throughout high school. I want to compare her case with Yuno’s stalking but considering that psychopath, Ai’s case looks so mild. There was also an altar at the tower whereby Ai proclaimed she wanted to get married here. Of course there are jealous b*tches so they set up a fake note from Marco to meet at an abandoned factory. In short, she got gang raped. Marco couldn’t understand why Ai texted to him that he is not at the designated place. But when she doesn’t pick up her call, he has a bad feeling and rushes over, only to be horrified over what he saw. In his rage, he beat them all up and even killed one of them. Marco felt guilty that had he been there, this would not have happened. Now that he has commit murder, he can no longer be free and was about to kill himself. Ai stopped him and didn’t want to be left alone. So he vowed to protect her always. Back in reality, Yuno grabs Yukiteru’s hand. His dad is being taken by Marco as they head upstairs. Seems they’re going to use a parachute. Although Yuno points out that their lost last time was due to her fighting them both at the same time, it is not Yukiteru’s fault and should use that to their advantage. They’ll fight them in their own way. Reaching the top, only Yuno is before them. Yukiteru is hiding as he admits he is weak and the last time they lost was because he exposed himself to danger. Marco and Yuno face off but he grabs her knife by his mouth and kicks her! As Ai restrains her, he grabs her Future Diary, he finds Yukiteru is hiding in the broadcast room. However he heads there and finds nobody. He realizes this is the fake Future Diary they did. Marco sees Ai’s death by Yukiteru’s dart and rushes back to warn her. Although it misses by a whisker, Yuno slits her throat!

Yukiteru chides Yuno for taking things too far when Yukiteru’s dad steals their parachute and escapes. Rea, as summoned by Nishijima to the site saw him gliding down so she goes to confront him about Yukiteru. Since he continues to feign ignorance, he can’t stand her persistent bugging and what do you do with a knife in hand? Another explosion rocks the tower. Yukiteru, Yuno and Ai are trapped beneath a rubble. Ai isn’t dead yet. I guess Yuno didn’t slit too deep (but she’ll still die of blood lose). Yuno plans on using her to lure Marco to save them. Marco can be heard trying to dig open the rubble. He tells those kids off about their fake love. Especially with Yuno bending Yukiteru to her will all the while promising to ‘save’ him. That is called selfish. He isn’t doing this because of her threat. He wasn’t going to run anyway. He wants them to help out. By the time Marco makes a decent opening, they see a steel beam pierced through his stomach. Yukiteru calls Yuno to help lift the rubble. She is still hesitant so he tells her off if her love for him is real or just insane. He can’t tell. So make him believe. The trio lift it up to make it out. Marco admits he has lost and gives them the parachute. Staying by Ai’s side in their final moments, Marco laments they can’t be gods and live together. But this itself can be considered as forever too. This time the tower collapses for good. Yukiteru vows to have a serious talk with his parents. Yuno might have problems with his dad but he really wants them to get along. He hopes Yuno can be there to help. When they reach the ground, Nishijima is in a frenzy although he tells Yukiteru to calm down on what he is about to hear. Though Yukiteru didn’t hear his words, he saw from his Future Diary that mom is dead.

Episode 18
Beginning with another flashback, during the time after they wrote their future careers. Though lots of guys were interested in Yuno, it is a good thing their guts told them to stay away because Yuno was hell never interested in them except for Yukiteru. So when she saw a love letter from Yukiteru addressed to Moe Wakaba, their class rep (I thought she looked a bit like Rea), she is hell bent in stopping him from delivering it. Wow. So the yandere began that early, huh? Since Yuno and Yukiteru were on duty and in charge of buying supplies for their class’ cultural festival, the teacher remembers Yuno’s curfew and replaced her with Wakaba. Damn this sh*t! She is not going to let Yukiteru deliver that letter anyhow. Of course Yukiteru is happy and is trying to find ways to give it to her. Unfortunately there is this strange bunny mascot (Yuno underneath it) that is trying to keep them apart. Yeah, it’s scaring the kids with its stalking. Uh huh. Not even letting Yukiteru take a break at the toilet! Then Yukiteru realizes this bunny is gunning for his love letter! He makes a run for it while the bunny chases after him. Thanks to reports from people about this strange deviant, the police are also after the bunny. I guess Yukiteru must be desperate so when he meets back with Wakaba, he delivers his letter right smack in public. Yuno is being restrained as she can only watch in horror. As she goes home, she realizes it is way past her curfew. Don’t worry. Her parents are dead and locked in a cage. It has been a month since. Each time Yuno broke her curfew or did something wrong, she was locked in this cage and not fed decent meals. She was some sort of disappointment to her parents. So she thought they would understand what it’s like being in her shoes if she did the same to them. Before she realized it, they’re dead. But she can take a breather because Wakaba rejected Yukiteru’s letter. As long as she protects Yukiteru, she still has a future.

Yukiteru sees Deus to resurrect her mom but he can’t since he is dying and I’m not sure what crap he is explaining that he has no control about causality whatsoever. Well, there is one way to bring her back to life. Yukiteru is mad that dad killed mom and he has the guts to stumble back into the house after being beaten up over his debts. He wants him to turn himself in but has Yukiteru got to prove that dad is mom’s killer? Noticing his pawn shop document’s deadline tomorrow, Yukiteru believes he will catch whatever item he pawned and expose him. Meanwhile Nishijima is questioning Yuno about the third skeletal remains. She didn’t say anything and leaves. Yukiteru overslept so he has a hard time trying to catch up to dad. He makes it in time but sees him leaving the pawn shop in a taxi. From his Future Diary, he sees dad making his way to the shrine and gets there before him. He snatches his bag only to see a telescope as the pawned item. Dad explains he knows he is going to be arrested soon and needed time to prepare himself for them to go stargazing. He apologizes for everything. Once he is done with his sentence, he hopes to start anew then. Suddenly somebody stabs a knife into his chest. Yukiteru is devastated and remembers Murmur’s words of becoming God to kill and save everybody. When the attackers attack, he immediately takes out the knife to stab back! OMG! Since when did Yukiteru become a pro killer?! And he even used one as human shield! Of course Yuno had to honour of slitting the last dude’s throat. After the excitement dies down, Yukiteru turns back into a wuss and vomits from the violent sight. Then he wants to kill Yuno because now that he wants to become God, she is her enemy. Can he do it with those shaky hands? Yuno isn’t flinching. She’s cool. She kisses him and then says she is ready to die for him any time. That is her future. Wuss boy starts crying. Can’t do it, right?

Episode 19
A politician is against the closure of the orphanage. But the city’s mayor, John Bacchus makes his emotional argument how he is doing this for their sake, blah, blah, blah. I guess with him being so convinced, nobody opposes to it and the motion to close it is passed. In a meeting with Deus, it is suggested that Yukiteru and Yuno are to be removed from the game since they have not been attending meetings and gone missing for the past 5 days. Deus almost agrees to it since he has not much time left when suddenly Yukiteru and Yuno appear. OMG. Yukiteru looks like a completely different person! He is exuding confidence with Yuno in his arms and giving that romantic kiss! He reveals Bacchus as one of the players and now that everybody knows everybody, Deus takes away their veil (hardly any surprise because we could have guessed from a mile). Yukiteru further reveals he didn’t spend the last 5 days doing nothing. He was sitting at city hall and watching TV where all the information converged. Thanks to his Future Diary, he saw Bacchus passing the motion to close down the orphanage. Of course this is all part of Yuno’s grand plan. She deduced Bacchus if after Kamado’s server to create more clones. Her orphanage depends on city funds and this means the expense to run the server too. If it is shut down, all its assets go back being owned by the city. Meanwhile Minene sees Nishijima to inform Bacchus as a Future Diary owner. The irony is that Nishijima is now reassigned to become his bodyguard. As for his investigations of Yuno, her parents were elite bankers and the results of the DNA test for the third skeletal remains will come out today. But he knows something for sure. Yuno is not their child and is adopted. Yukiteru makes an alliance with Kamado as she and her orphanage underlings prepare a plan to attack Bacchus. During the break, Orin talks to him as he doesn’t seem like a bad person. Likewise, Kamado too doesn’t look like a bad person herself. In fact, she didn’t want to be God. It is the orphans who want her to become one as they are sure she will make a better world for them.

The plan to ambush Bacchus begins. Everything goes well with Yukiteru even going down to kill some officers! But Bacchus is puzzled. If Yukiteru was at city hall, he should have predicted his move so why are they attacking? Bacchus’ car has got some electromagnetic jamming signal. Connection severed. Now they can’t use their handphones. Orin tells Yuno to quickly smash the antenna but Yuno slits her throat! Yukiteru kills the rest of the orphanage children. What is the meaning of this?! Yukiteru reveals that this alliance they form and purposely fell into Bacchus’ trap is part of their bigger goal to kill Kamado. After Yuno kills Takkun, Kamado retreats in Bacchus’ car. Yukiteru drives (he could?) while Yuno reads his Future Diary for him. To her dismay, she sees Akise discovering the identity of the third remains and becomes worried. Bacchus’ Future Diary seems to predict his surroundings and himself so he evades their attacks with ease. Yukiteru then forcefully crashes his car into his. But Bacchus isn’t panicking. As predicted, Yuno’s allies should be coming. Minene and Akise have discovered the identity of the third corpse. Akise throws Yukiteru a small box. Inside is an umbilical cord from Yuno that she left at the orphanage she was from. It matches with the third corpse perfectly. This means the third corpse is the real Yuno and this one an imposter. Yuno panics and doesn’t want Yukiteru to listen but believe in her. He is in state of shock and to her dismay, he lets go her hand.

Episode 20
Thankfully Yukiteru believes in her. To him, this Yuno is still Yuno. Bacchus brings Amado to the nation’s third biggest server. She wants her to link hers so that everyone in the city will become apprentice diary owners as part of his wish to create a legacy for this city. She agrees and starts stripping. Why? Because that is where her server is (the reason why the police couldn’t find the server anywhere in the orphanage). Minene didn’t like this plan and tries to bomb the place but Bacchus saw this coming and throws the bomb back! Although she escapes, Bacchus can see where she goes and has her men find her. She is surprisingly saved by Nishijima. Why is he siding her now? Because he loves her and wants to marry her! OMFG! He’s doing all this right now at this moment?! He’s serious. He’s got a wedding ring! Minene must be shocked and confused (heck, she doesn’t even know what marriage really means) but agrees to stop his pestering that she’ll agree to be his when the main server is destroyed. Minene tries to be a lone wolf to destroy the server herself. But the officers restrain her. Thinking this is the end for her, she is going to blow herself up when Nishijima comes in, shoots his comrades and bombs the server. Mission over, right? And now he’s hugging Minene like he’s won the big prize. And Minene could have given in to a kiss in that confusion if not for reports coming in that the city is going crazy. Some attempting suicide because they saw their future deaths and some just taking advantage of what is written in their future. Deus knows Murmur has an ulterior motive and needs to do something while he still has some power. Nishijima thinks of calling Akise but surprise, Kousaka, Hinata and Mao are here. They were called by Akise to help them out. Just like many citizens, they are also apprentice diary owners.

As there are 2 servers left in different places, they need to take it out simultaneously. Minene wants to do this by herself but as Nishijima said, he will always be by her side. The kids too will help and Kousaka is being silly thinking he can peek on the enemy’s diary with his telescope. Then it hit Minene. The reason why Bacchus could see her moves and not Nishijima’s. Could it be his Future Diary reads Future Diaries of others? So she goes to ask Deus a question but gets stabbed by him. Or was it just an illusion? She was further told that his Watcher Diary is able to peek into the Future Diary of others. Not only that, seems Deus and Bacchus created this game and the latter making several prototypes of Future Diaries. Therefore you can say he is the creator of all Future Diaries. Minene and co infiltrate a building. However Bacchus cannot predict them this time because they are overloading their handphones with lots of information to confuse him. Because Nishijima is still persistent on this marriage thingy, Minene’s guard is down and stepped on a bomb sensor. She is lucky to only have a hand blown off. Nishijima gets shot and then uses his body to protect her from the firing squad. Well, at least she doesn’t have to marry him now. Bacchus knows his Future Diary’s weakness of being vulnerable to misinformation. But thanks to his assistant’s secretary diary that always tells the truth of his actions, he overcomes that problem. Finally Yukiteru makes his appearance after being absent for the entire episode. He used her as a lure to get here. He signals to Yuno to get the party started. And you should have known now that means painting the town red. With blood. Yuno also takes some civilians hostage because Bacchus as the mayor, they are his weakness.

Episode 21
As Yuno is slashing her way, Yukiteru has also made use of the media to convey his demands to Bacchus. He must release their friends and then commit suicide. Minene sees Yukiteru’s resolve to kill Bacchus so that he can become God and revive his parents. However Minene has a grudge against him. Remember what he did to her left eye? She’ll let him live long enough to kill Bacchus but if he screws up, she’ll kill him. Yuno kills the guards to rescue Yukiteru’s friends. Bacchus seals himself inside the bank’s thick vault (this bank once belonged to Yuno’s parents). Yukiteru and Minene thought they could extract the password from the assistant and then kill him. Too bad, there is another big door waiting for them. Yukiteru scrambles to find the password but Minene has had it. She is going to kill him. He screwed up. Consider this as revenge for Nishijima because she let the only man in the world who would bring happiness to her die. Yukiteru goes into hiding and sees his dead end future. Minene better find him quickly as she has lost a lot of blood. She starts telling about her past and tragic childhood. In some Middle East country, her parents were killed and she was forced to fend for herself. It was literally surviving from day to day. She admits she likes Yukiteru only because his struggle reminded so much about her. That is why she will tell him his goal of reviving his parents won’t come true. Because otherwise everybody in this god damn world would want to become God too. Yuno finds Kamado and is about to kill her but Akise protects her. Then she gets a message from Yukiteru to revive his parents if he dies. She panics upon thinking this is his last words and rushes to his side.

Since this means the future is changing, the interference noise allows Minene to locate Yukiteru. But it is just his handphone. It was a decoy so he could shoot the gun off her hand. He sent that last note to Yuno to make her take action and change the future. But why didn’t he kill her? He doesn’t want to. Oh no. Now he returns to wuss mode after all that cool tough act. Unbelievable. He breaks down upon not knowing what to do. She hates him for being naïve and tries to reach for her gun. Yukiteru shoots her in the guts. End of the road. Bacchus speaks to Yukiteru how boring everyone is and to everyone’s surprise, Minene gets back up. She’s a tough cookie, remember? She has some sort of bomb attached to her heart and if it stops, it will explode. She will blow herself up to destroy the second door and make a path for him. After making peace with her child self, it is really the end of the road for her after she crushes her Future Diary. Boom! Nothing happens to the door… Seriously, I thought she had an atomic bomb. You think this small fart could blow up such a thick vault? No wonder Bacchus is laughing his ass off. Yuno comes to Yukiteru’s side and tells him to destroy the servers so as not to let Minene’s death be in vain. Bacchus is confident that even destroying the servers won’t change his fate. Suddenly the vault door opens! OMG! It’s Yuno! You can see Bacchus’ scared sh*t expression! Freaking scared, dude! Yuno staring like a stalker. And one bullet to his head to kill him! In the aftermath, Yukiteru wakes up in his home with semi-naked Yuno sleeping by his side. Meanwhile Akise is having Kamado in his custody but plans to hand her over to Yukiteru. Because he feels Yukiteru will be the right person to become God and wish for everything to return to normal. The only problem is Yuno as he is still suspicious of her. He remembers seeing Yuno opening the vault door at the security scanner using her eye as the pass. Yukiteru is making a note of all the dead people so he could wish for them to be revived. Suddenly black holes start engulfing the place. Yuno deduces Deus is nearing the end of his life and if they don’t choose a new God, the world will be destroyed. Murmur wonders if Deus has done something because the world is ending too soon. It should end on July 28. To her surprise, Kamado appears with Akise. She wanted to stop him but Deus holds her back. He asks Deus if everything can be returned to normal after becoming God.

Episode 22
Akise has figured out something and wants to tell Yukiteru but Deus won’t let him go. He reveals that Akise is an observer like him and is the one who created him. Deus will disassemble him and put him back at Akashic Records in the heavens. Akise can’t believe this and believes everything he does was his own free will. But Deus has an answer for every move he made and it all goes back to Deus’ goal. Akise thought his love for Yukiteru is real but Deus even notes that is fake. Just before Akise is fully disassembled, a Future Diary pops back in his hand. Kamado has successfully copied an apprentice diary for him to watch the actions of all Future Diary owners. Deus allows him to return and acknowledges his autonomous existence. Yukiteru believes his friends won’t betray him and thus avoiding the need to think if he has to kill them. Once they meet Akise, detective boy only wants to see Yukiteru alone so Yuno stabs him! Luckily he is wearing a vest. Yuno tries to use her taser but he is wearing gloves! He reveals his Future Diary that is able to see the future actions of other owners. Yuno tells Yukiteru to go after Kamado while she takes on Akise. Yukiteru is in a dilemma if his friends are betraying him. Hinata gets in his way and tells him to stop all this because Yuno is deceiving him. If he keeps killing people, there will be no future. Even if he becomes God, he can’t bring anyone back. Yukiteru is in shock he can’t bring back dead people. Not even his parents. What is the use of becoming God then? Akise pins Yuno down and this is part of their plan to separate them. Yuno makes a surprise move by stabbing herself! Since his Future Diary predicts her moves, she’ll do as it says by killing herself. So? What will Yukiteru think of him after learning he killed her?

Akise tries to call Yukiteru but his handphone is engaged. Who could it be calling him? Yuno! Although she missed her vitals and Akise helped bandaged her, she lies and screams to Yukiteru that Akise is going to kill her (it is what is also predicted in Yukiteru’s Future Diary). He becomes mad that his friends had betrayed him and shoots Hinata! Mao is angry of his cowardice and tells him off he was too scared to face the facts. Yukiteru shoots her! OMFG! For once Kousaka wasn’t a show off or coward. He tells him how much he hates him because of his pathetic crying face despite getting what he wants. After punching his face, Yukiteru shoots him. Just great. He killed all his friends. Then Akise comes by. He is sad it has come down to this and has no choice but to make sure he is the last one standing. He reveals Yuno is planning on killing him and hid this fact because he could continue winning this game so she can be the final winner. When Yuno arrives, Akise kisses Yukiteru! OMFG! Yuno has never been so mad before! Akise goes to kill furious Yuno but Yukiteru wants her to run because his Future Diary predicted her death. Akise breaks Yuno’s Future Diary but in return got his throat slashed. However Yuno is still standing. Could that Future Diary be fake? Akise didn’t think so because he saw the change interference before it was destroyed. How can this be? How can she have another Future Diary? Whose does it belong to? Yuno reunites with Yukiteru as they go finish Kamado who is pinned under a rubble. Her final wish for him is to make a better world for the children. Yuno stabs her. Dying Akise tries to piece the clues together about the real and fake Yuno. Then it hit him. He gathers all his strength to get up and tell Yukiteru. Even if he can’t speak, he types it in his handphone to show him although Yuno becomes a mad girl slashing him apart.

Episode 23
Just as Deus suspected, Murmur can independently use her powers despite having rings on her hands as limit. She is trying to keep a fragment of Deus to extend his life till 28 July. Until which she will take over his place as God. When Yukiteru learns the date of the end of the world, Yuno doesn’t care about that because something more important to her will happen on that date. I guess the world is going to end soon and what better way but to spend it by hanging around at Yuno’s place. And now Yukiteru is having thoughts about his friends’ words. What if they were true and Yuno was lying? Too late to be thinking about that, eh? He is confused. Even if Yuno starts acting like a kid admitting she is only good in killing people but is sad that he hasn’t made a move on her yet! After lots of thinking and visiting nostalgic places, he thinks of showing Yuno some love. I mean, the world it’s going to end, right? Not much time left. So he brings forward that happy ending a day earlier. After that steamy hot bath (literally)… SEX SCENE!!! Good or bad thing, it’s censored anyway. Must be the best final moments of their life? This has Yukiteru confirm Yuno’s love for him is true. But when he mentions about Yuno’s lie about his parents coming back to life, she takes out an axe! Holy sh*t! How did she hide that under the blanket?! She didn’t kill him. She admits she lied to console him because she already knew at the start of the game when she met Deus that you can’t bring back the dead even if you become God. She is already happy now so please kill her. He won’t because what is the point of being God if he can’t bring anyone back? He’d rather die with her. All that is left is the puzzling message Akise wrote. It stated Yuno once became God and this is the second world that was created when time was turned back. This time Yuno picks up the axe and tries to chop him!

Thankfully he is good in running and escaping. However he was pushed into that deep pit by Murmur and thrown into a dimension where he could only watch past visions. Murmur is going to explain the reason why Yuno wants to kill him. As stated, Yuno’s dream is to become his wife but that will never happen due to the nature of this survival game. There are visions in which they fought and kill other Future Diary owners in a slightly different manner. This is the first world. The world that Yukiteru is living in now is the second world. After Yukiteru and Yuno were the only ones left, they decided to commit double suicide. However Yuno was smart enough not to swallow the pills and since she was the last one left, she revelled in become God to resurrect Yukiteru. However at that time she didn’t know and was devastated she can’t bring anybody back to life so she wished to return to the past when Yukiteru was alive. Since her original self was there, she killed her! I know this gives rise to some paradox thing but it’s not important now. Therefore the third remains are the original Yuno. So they’re both true?! This is the truth that she wants to hide from him. Yukiteru is sad because the original Yuno was the one who wanted to marry him. I guess his feelings were strong that original Yuno could hear his voice and writes on the wall with her blood to plead for help. Yukiteru is mad and this brings him back to reality where yandere Yuno awaits…

Episode 24
After new Yuno killed her original self, Murmur gave her a Future Diary and wants her to hurry up and replace herself to become God. She will try to suppress Deus’ memories to avoid letting him know what is going on. Yuno will also have hers suppressed. In present time, Yukiteru questions her motive to kill her other self. But she questions back about his double suicide suggestion. Because he cannot kill her just to become God, she will kill him. It is better that one of them survive and redo this sh*t again rather than letting the world get destroyed. And kill everybody again? Everybody dies anyway. Yukiteru believes she has gone insane. But what is more insane to her is a world without him! Murmur pushes him off the cliff and before she could announce Yuno as the winner, a change in the Future Diary. Yukiteru is still hanging on and vows to save her because she is a special person in his life. Then he falls off. This time Yuno didn’t save him. It’s Minene! Wasn’t she dead? Murmur suspects Deus must have done something to her because she is fast, strong and agile with super powers! Not even Murmur’s black balls can hurt her! Murmur takes Yuno to some time leap as the Minene takes Yukiteru along to chase. They end up travelling back in time. This is the third world, 2 years ago on July 28. Minene reveals before she blew herself up in the vault, Deus took her. He then stabbed her to split his powers and knowledge with her. He suspected Murmur is siding with Yuno and is some sort of Yuno’s familiar after she became God and wants Minene to stop that and bring the game back to its original path. Yukiteru’s Future Diary sees Yuno killing her other self as well as him. This third Yuno is locked in a cage back home. Mother is off the phone with her husband. Something bad going on. She blames and accuses Yuno for everything before abandoning her. When Minene and Yukiteru arrive, the former warns not to interfere with this world’s Yuno. However Yukiteru insists on checking on her and is appalled to see her locked in a cage, choking on the tatami mat she was eating! He calls the ambulance. Even if it’s a different world, Yuno is still Yuno and will not abandon her. Mad Yuno arrives and since she has foreseen this, she brought along Yukiteru’s parents. Let the deathmatch begin. Yukiteru wants to save them too but Minene brings him away to escape to the tower. Then she chides and reminds him whom he wants to save. Make up your mind!

Episode 25
Yuno is in a dilemma about her feelings for Yukiteru because she should have settled things with him during that sex part. Her father and a couple of medics rush into the house. Dad is worried about her but when he notices something amiss about her (this Yuno is a bit grown up), she stabs him! The medics would have met the same fate too if not Murmur stopping her. Because Yukiteru is bent on saving Yuno, he parts with Minene (who went on the call Kurusu about his son’s condition – there, she took care of his son as promised). After hiding this third Yuno in the classroom, he plans to negotiate with this mad Yuno to return to the second world and become God. However Yuno is in no negotiation mode and the duo face off. With Murmur helping by slamming her wrecking ball and orb explosions, Yukiteru is left running. He knows he will die but will use that time to save her. When Yuno throws her knife at him, she missed because Yukiteru screamed “I love you” at her and this threw her off balance as he pins her down. Meanwhile Minene returns and fights Murmur in a super power aerial battle. Is this show turning into some sort of Dragonball spoof? Yuno realizes her Future Diary is where her feelings for Yukiteru are. She becomes crazier and slams the sphere on him. The next thing he knows, he is living his normal life with his parents. He has got the things he wanted in his room. This is a world Yuno created for him. It is a world where she doesn’t exist. He can’t even say her name. At first she thought things will be settled if she killed him and lived a normal life here. She can’t since her feelings are mixed up. She can’t be God and return to the second world because that would mean losing him. This means she is locking him up here and find the Yukiteru of this world. So she’s abandoning him to kill others like a lunatic again? She says the unthinkable. She can fall in love with any guy she can depend on like how he can fall for any girl who protects him. Wakaba is seen seducing Yukiteru as the sphere closes. Minene is fresh from defeating Murmur when Yuno releases her seal to turn Murmur into a mini demon that is stronger and faster. More punishing combos in this exaggerated power battle. I think it’s really looking like Dragonball. Finally Minene is defeated and the third Yuno is looking pretty defenceless. Yukiteru is talking-cum-crying to his parents about this strange dream. The survival game of Future Diary owners and this strange girl he fell in love with. He probably likes her the same reason he loves them.

Episode 26
Yukiteru is living his dream life and going to watch the stars with his parents. Murmur heals Yuno’s dad to avoid some paradox and wants Yuno to quickly kill her third self so they can begin another survival game. Yuno tells this one about the tormenting future she will face. How mama will take out her depression on her and eventually led her to lock both her parents inside the cage. But she’ll be relieving her of all that. However, third Yuno denies all this and that mama is just sick. She has hoped that they will eventually come to love her. Original Yuno is shocked because she too once harboured that hope. When she is asked if there is anyone she loves, the future of everyone starts changing at an alarming rate. It all starts when Yukiteru realizes he cannot go stargazing with his parents. Others include Tsubaki’s parents’ death was prevented and this means her cult did not turn evil and in turn, Rei’s parents didn’t join it. Also, Bacchus will provide free assistance to the orphanage because he saw his death even before the game started and feels the need to change the future. He brings this up to Deus who must think of a better way to determine the new God. When Yuno is going to start killing, her father got stabbed instead. Again? Mother rushes to his side. Meanwhile Yukiteru’s parents understand and support his decision. He is their son after all. It must be something important since he chose a nameless girl instead of living his dream life. Original Yuno is sad to see how close her family is. She used to believe this day would come for her but it never did. Thus she is going to kill them all! As she charges, Kurusu fires a shot. Yukiteru is trying to scream Yuno’s name till he finally breaks free. He hugs Yuno and the bullet is stopped by Murmur. Actually, the Murmur of the second world! The evil one we see all the while is from the first world! The same as our original Yuno. Confused? Second Murmur was sealed away but now she is back and pins down the original one. Yukiteru wants Yuno to kill him since she doesn’t belong in this world. He has killed many but can’t kill her. Instead, she stabs herself and wants to remain in this world. Her final wish is a kiss. She notes he got better at it. Murmur announces Yukiteru the winner and whisks him away back to the second world where all the black spheres disappear. The world is saved but decimated?

In the aftermath, life is good for everyone concerned in the third world. I believe this is the Minene from the second world since she still has that eye-patch and a missing hand. She is happily living with Nishijima. Not too sure if the kids are hers. Kurusu’s son is also doing well and spending time with him. Yomotsu was the one who caught Third and put a stop to his killing spree. He pays him a visit in prison. Hinata and her dad are just doing fine. Not sure why Kousaka is having a staring contest with a dog. Marco and Ai are married and a child looks like is on the way. Kamado going out with Bacchus? Wow. How things really change. Finally, Yuno is hanging out with her friends. She is in a happy family and keeps a diary of what they do. However she can’t help feel sad that she is forgetting something really important. Because Yukiteru is also having a happy family but his girlfriend is Wakaba. Back to the second world, ten thousand years have passed since Yukiteru became God! You mean his hair was the only thing that grew? In this empty space, what is keeping him company? Just his Future Diary? But isn’t it retro diary now since he is only reading back past records? Murmur is so bored of reading the same manga 10,000 times that she really wants him to use his God powers to create a new world. He won’t because a world without Yuno would be meaningless. Yeah. Keep wondering how Yuno of the third world is doing. Forever. But it ends with a cliff-hanger because his Future Diary suddenly changes as it states Yuno came to visit him here in this world.

OVA (Redial)
We replay that scene where Yukiteru wanted Yuno to kill him to end things but instead she stabbed herself. First Murmur wanted to stop it but third Murmur sealed her in the sphere and they disappear. So it has been 2 years since in this third world and Yuno is such a normal girl! So different! She is having a beach trip with Hinata and co. She even gets into a breast groping session with Mao on Hinata. Kousaka must be gay to comment nobody would want to look at their ugly boobs! They beat him up and bury him in the sand. Compounding his sand problem is Rei who seems to be Akise’s detective apprentice. Starting them young? Yuno thought she mistaken Akise for somebody she knew but couldn’t put her finger on it. Meanwhile Ai and Orin are spying on Kousaka because believe it or not, this is the man Tsubaki wants! Such bad taste… While they are visiting a merchandise shop filled with creepy souvenirs of Yomotsu (I guess he turned into some hero), Orin and Ai lure Kousaka to a dark room where Tsubaki awaits. She is really into him till he actually looks forward to kiss her! That scene freaked her out! Changed your mind? Meanwhile the rest are criticizing those eyeball souvenirs, unaware that the shopkeeper is unmasked Yomotsu himself. Days passed peacefully and it is only a day before July 28. Akise has observed that there is nothing abnormal with the supposed Future Diary owners. Because Deus’ death is inevitable, he still needs to pick a successor. Bacchus has come up with a new game called Future Monopoly but is rejected. He got an idea of another game but was ejected before he could explain. Deus wonders if there is really a need to select a new successor because maybe it is fate that this world is to be destroyed. Because it won’t be amusing to observe something that even God cannot foresee.

Yuno’s dilemma and confusion starts to sink in. She couldn’t understand why she was at school 2 years (which is still in the midst of rebuilding) which was believed to be some bomb attack. The closer time gets to July 28, it is like the more she becomes crazier as though memories of her other self from the other world start to fill her memories. Especially moments with that certain wuss boy. She feels the need to see that person and finds herself inside the sphere. Deus and Murmur detects somebody infiltrating Akashic Records. Murmur goes to stop her but Minene fights Murmur (mecha version?) to allow Yuno to press ahead as she wants her to save that guy since he still owes her big time for letting him take on that huge responsibility. Now Yuno is faced with Akise who won’t let her pass. He tells her about that other yandere self who killed a bunch of innocent people and fears meeting that person might cause her to revert back to that. Yuno still wants to go so he mentions she will not meet that person too as that person is not in this world. She still wants to go. All that is left to kill her. Unbelievably, she easily overpowers Akise like a pro. Just stop short of killing him. He lets her pass. Inside the sphere, she sees the original Murmur. Deus halts Murmur and Minene’s fight and wants Yuno and that Murmur to meet because he thinks if her love for him is great, it will traverse through the dimensions to find him. Original Murmur is a changed person after she received all the painful and sad memories of original Yuno while being sealed. She was the one who was calling out to Yuno. Murmur is crying and wants this Yuno to have all those memories, in which Yuno accepts without hesitation. All the memories come back. Back to hat scene of the 10,000 year old lonely God. Suddenly Yuno breaks through and they happily reunite. She is here to keep the promise of watching the stars together.

Your Future, My Future. Kill’em All!
Overall, this is actually a pretty great survival game with interesting revelations unfolding at a nice pace but the only thing that made me stop thinking or rather ‘decrease’ the value of its awesomeness was how it end it all. And also the parallel world stuff. More on that in a short while. Now think about it. If Yukiteru has been waiting in that second world of his for 10,000 years, how is it that only 2 freaking years is passed in the third world? I know you can tell me that time flows differently. Okay, fine. Or maybe that everything has been flowing so slowly is all just in his mind. And assuming he is using Murmur’s 10,000 times repeat reading as an indicator. Heck, I think you can even finish that thick manga in a week. So he says a world without Yuno is nothing. Why not just make another world with exactly another Yuno? He is God, right? Why can’t he do it?! If God can’t do that or let alone resurrect dead people, what the hell good is being God? And when Yuno breaks through this world, it feels as though this kid was just trapped in some box and waiting for somebody to open it. And how the heck does Deus know there are other worlds?! Are his memories aligned or something?

Although the parallel world thingy is supposed to be some sort of twist for this show, I can’t help feel that it is somewhat appropriate and that there are a few loopholes in it. For example, if there are the second and third world, this means there are going to be fourth, fifth, sixth, hundred, thousands and millions of other parallel worlds too, right? And I thought Deus and Murmur would be the one and only but it seems they too are as many as there are parallel worlds. So this doesn’t mean they are the real Gods, right? Even odder, you can tell what world number is this since it will be embedded on Murmur’s forehead. Her head is so small so what happens if the world number they are in now has 100 digits? She’s going to have a long forehead… Hahaha!

At least by putting in parallel worlds, they do not complicate the time paradox matter since they are thrown back in time. It may be a little confusing that first Yuno’s wish was to go back in time and do-cum-relive everything again when in actual fact it is another world. Unless, don’t tell me the second world only happens because the end of the first and likewise the third and so on. Thinking about that is already opening up another can of worms. Let’s not go there. So what I’m saying is, if it was really going back in time, and Yuno killing herself means that she won’t exist anymore because you know, who the hell will be this Yuno if she kills her younger self? And then Deus said about unable to bring back the dead, right? What is the use of being God if you can’t do this? Maybe that is why Deus wants to give this God title to somebody else so badly. So by going back in time or another world, isn’t like bringing back the dead? Yeah, this whole parallel world thingy is screwing things up if you think too much about it. Therefore the only reason I can think of for this other than bringing a twist to the plot is for everyone to have a happy ending. Sort of. Hey, at least Yuno isn’t a yandere in the third world, right? That’s good, right? All these of me thinking too much has somewhat diminished of what otherwise would have been an exceptionally great series.

But putting that aside, the plot and the twist and turns are interesting enough to keep you guessing and entertained. Though, you would still know even without reading spoilers who will be the last players left. At first I thought at the rate of Future Diary owners being introduced and eliminated at this rate, there won’t be enough ‘killings’ left. That they should put in maybe more Future Diary owners. But that would have become a pretty boring formula if they keep repeating the same thing for the rest of the series. So when the ultimate revelation and twist came at a nice pace, it was interesting enough to last the remaining episodes that I forgot about the ‘insufficient’ players and the thought of needing more of them to be Yuno’s victim.

The action (read: cat and mouse game ) is also rather interesting because when you have a few Future Diary owners who can see their future and try to change it, it becomes a deadly contest to see who can outwit and outlast each other. Truly a survivor series. And you wonder why Yuno is always a step ahead of them like as though she has had read from the story script beforehand and memorized them all like the back of her hand. Seriously. Warning, though. There are some very gory and bloody scenes especially with a certain crazy girl who will not hesitate to chop you up. Such scenes bring a frightening sense of realism to the horrifying survivor game they are playing. It is either kill or be killed. So if you’re weak in this kind of scenes, you might start vomiting on your screen when you see limbs start flying off and blood splattering across while a psychopath laughs in maniacal fashion. Oh yeah. And everybody dies eventually. Nobody is safe from the hands of Yuno. Then they had to ruin it by ‘bringing everybody back’ with a happy ending that everyone still lives in the third world. WTF.

Character development feels okay since a big chunk is concentrated on Yukiteru and Yuno who are the biggest stars of the series. This means a handful of them are not given their due prominence like for example being eliminated early in the game. But then again, with so many characters and the Future Diary owners in the fray, I suppose we don’t really give a hoot about those characters and just enough details for us to know. I mean, do you really care about them? Especially serial killer Third, Hinata’s dog loving dad, cheeky boy Rei and justice-is-blind hero Yomotsu. I suppose that is what the final OVA episode is about, to let them have a few screen time (although not all of them appear) even if it doesn’t matter or WTF moments. I don’t even how Kousaka got out from that Tsubaki’s web. Instant reject, eh?

Yuno is greatly sick and twisted in her way. This is the reason why she is easily one of the most recognizable yandere ever. It all boils down to your personal views and beliefs about her thinking and she goes about it. At many points she is seen as selfish and is not afraid to boldly speak her mind about just saving Yukiteru and herself. How far are you willing to go for the one you love? Even so, is this acceptable? Especially her extreme love for Yukiteru makes you wonder if she is really in love with him or just insane, using him for her own purposes. Once you realize the broken family she comes from, maybe it starts to make you feel a little sympathy of how twisted she turn out. Because she is just like any other person. She yearns for love that she never got. So perhaps the ultimate lesson she learnt in love is that if you truly love somebody, you will also have to give him up.

Yukiteru for most of the time feels like a wuss and a useless kid as a main character. Heck, he is the weakest of the lot. Probably the most normal too. You can say he is lucky and unlucky at the same time because he depends on Yuno to survive for a big part of the series. He can’t do anything on his own and his own cowardly instincts had him rely on Yuno to see tomorrow. It was really different to see him turn cool and mature in that short duration before becoming a wuss again but I suppose we’re more comfortable and familiar with this one. Just like Yuno, he comes from a broken family and desires a normal family life. Well, it took him a dangerous survival game to make him realize his true love. And probably it also twisted him too because the initial thought of just using Yuno to survive with all that lies and deception about making her his wife finally turns into real love.

Interestingly, Minene sometimes lands the role of the joker especially her encounter with Nishijima. She turns from a mean terrorist into some sort of romantic comic relief. And you can obviously see the flabbergasted expression on her face. I guess deep down no matter how tough she is, she is still a woman inside. Just need the right man to flip the right switch. Seriously, she turned into more of a ‘joker’ ever since Deus rescued her and bestowed superhuman powers on her. I mean, now that she can fly and have super strength and speed, she seems so unreal. I thought she was going to replace Murmur as the cute joker. And there is this disturbing thing that had me thinking if Akise’s love for Yukiteru is real because it would be just more than creepy if he is really gay for this guy. That kiss… Oh, MY EYES!!! Well, good thing it didn’t turn Yuno into a fujoshi. Speaking of jokes and homo, might as well mention about Mao and her shoujo ai and lesbianism towards Hinata although it is unrequited.

Art and drawing feels fine. Some parts are dark and some are just violent and gory especially with all the blood. Interestingly, I have watched the first half of the series in Blu-ray quality and therefore I can say that the quality of the animation is top-notched. This also means that there are several scenes which are too gory or questionable to be shown on normal television are totally uncensored here. For example, there is a nude scene of Tsubaki especially during that rape scene. For the second half of the series, (aside from the black hole censors) the drop in quality becomes obvious especially during the penultimate episode where it feels rushed during the action sequences. Like as though the craziness has taken a toll on everything and not enough effort was put in. CGI is also used although this is mainly on Deus as he is entirely animated by that.

Voice acting is also good and Yuno’s seiyuu, Tomosa Murata did a good job in bringing out the various emotions of her character especially when she turns into a psychopath. Too bad I think it may have affected her voice acting career because she doesn’t have many other active lead roles. The rest are just side character roles like Iris from The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes, Angel in Sengoku Collection and the most recent one, Moeka Nitta from Girl Friend (Kari). Heck, I think those are her only roles. Just greatly speculating but maybe people really think she would be a yandere or turn a character into one. Yeah. That’s how affective she is. A handful of recognizable seiyuus too like Norio Wakamoto as Deus. It’s been a long time I’ve heard his voice. Other familiar voices include Akira Ishida as Akise, Takehito Koyasu as Yukiteru’s dad and Kikuko Inoue as Yuno’s mom.

The rest of the voice acting casts are Mizusu Togawa as Yukiteru (Origami in Date A Live), Mai Aizawa as Minene (Kobushi in Tokyo ESP), Manami Honda as Murmur (Mihoshi of Nichijou is her only other role), Masahiko Tanaka as Kurusu (Fumihiko Makabe in Fafner), Makoto Ishii as Nishijima (Arthur in Tears To Tiara), Tomokazu Seki as Marco (Chiaki in Nodame Cantabile), Natsuko Kuwatani as Ai (Suisei Seki in Rozen Maiden), Yuki Matsuoka as Hinata (Orihime in Bleach), Yukana as Mao (Kazehana in Sekirei), Minoru Shiraishi as Kousaka (Sakamoto in Nichijou), Eri Sendai as Tsubaki (Yukari in Rocket Girls), Hiromi Konno as Kamado (Sae in Amagi SS) and Takaya Hashi as Bacchus (Sadasada Tokugawa in Gintama).

The first opening theme is Kuusou Mesorogiwi by Yousei Teikoku and the crazy rock theme is definitely a fitting piece for this series overall. Although the second opening theme, Dead End by Faylan isn’t that bad, I still prefer the first one better and wished they didn’t change it. It is the same sentiments for the ending theme. Although both ending songs are also rock based, I still prefer the first one, Blood Teller by Faylan compared to the second ending theme, Filament by Yousei Teikoku, which is more of a slow rock and has this sad tragic hint on Yuno. The opener for the OVA doesn’t appeal to me. Yousei Teikoku sings Kyouki Chinden and I find this hard metal rock bland and perhaps why all that craziness is used to cover up the cacophony. A slow rock ballad for the OVA’s ending theme, the aptly named Happy End by Faylan sounds a bit out of place but I guess it fits fine as a closure to the series.

The most light-hearted and amusing section of this series is at the end called Ura Mirai Nikki. These are actually short snippets sometimes in chibi form featuring Murmur and her interaction with many of the main and side supporting characters of the series. For the first half of the series, we see her talking to Future Diary owners and trying to recruit to play the game but with hilarious and unexpected reactions and results. Though this section is only shown only sparsely in the second half, it is mainly of her (mis)adventures with the other non-Future Diary players and some sort of folly occurs while hanging out or entertaining them. For example, Yuno’s mom keep calling and harassing her when Murmur is manning a help hotline. But the funniest bit seems to be the last one whereby Murmur tries to stop Yuno from killing her dad and tries to make her small. Small in size? Small as becoming a baby? Or small boobs? Hilarious!

Despite a handful of questionable issues in the setting and plot, this is still a good series to watch if you like your survival games bloody. It also brings out the best and worst in human beings in their quest to be the one and only one and to become God. This series has impacted me in a way in the sense that now I am interested in taking a look at other survival game genres like Umineko No Naku Koro Ni and Kaiji. However please note that it is not like I am interested in going to watch them right away or in the nearest future yet. I am still considering. Still… But at least thanks to this show, survival game genres now interest me. Maybe too many ecchi harem shows with more or less the same thing have started to get to me. Now that I know how dangerous and extreme a yandere can be, the more reason why I prefer tsundere over yandere. Oh, here’s a joke: How can you have both a tsundere and yandere in your girl? First, imagine Yuno. Then, hear her say this, “It’s… It’s… It’s not like I want to kill you or anything. Hmph!”. *Takes out knife and stabs you*.

Mirai Nikki


March 29, 2015

Wait a minute. Another survival game anime? So soon? I thought we had Stella JogakuinKoutoukaC3-Bu as recent as back in mid-2013. Because a year later, another studio came out with yet another survival game club series. Are they trying to give another impression about the girls with guns genre? However this is where the similarities end because Sabagebu! is a totally wacky slapstick comedy and has little development and basically no plot at all. All you need to do is leave your brains at the doorstep and laugh out loud whenever the silly moments come by. Or whenever you feel like it. Basically this show chronicles the crazy and absurd daily lives of the female members of this survival game club. Another one of those cute girls doing cute things you say? More like crazy girls doing crazy things. Yeah. Ready to fire away!

Episode 1A
Momoka Sonokawa is on a train on her first day to high school when some old creepy guy starts molesting her. Call it a blessing or curse, Miou Ootori points her gun in his face. Unfazed, he tries his old school karate but I guess age has caught up. Old geezer ultimately loses but the security takes away Miou thinking she is the mad person. I mean, who goes around flinging her gun, right? At school, Momoka sees Miou and her curiosity got the better of her. She tails her to a dilapidated building in the woods. Momoka was careless and got into a trap set by Miou. She knew she was following her. Then this little platypus comes by. Momoka calls it ugly and gets knocked out. When she wakes up, she finds herself tied up on a chair and sees other girls cleaning their guns. They think Momoka is a spy. She is not. To answer Momoka’s question about them waving their guns, they are the Survival Game Club members. Say hi to Maya Kyoudou, Urara Kasugano, Kayo Goutokuji and the club’s mascot, Kamo. Literally it means duck but it’s actually a platypus. They give her try out shooting a gun. How does it feel? She’s not really into this. Miou tricks her into writing her name. She realizes too late she just signed up for the club.

Episode 1B
Momoka bumps into Miou in full fatigues. Seems Miou wants Momoka to hand in her application form to join the club because there is a rule that states it must be done in person. Thinking this weirdo isn’t popular, on the contrary the girls are very fond of Miou. This causes a couple of classmates to be jealous at Momoka for being close to Miou. So they spread lies about her and make everyone else not talk to her. The bullying goes too far when they throw her bag out of the window. Miou sees all this and confront the bullies. She tells them off if they feel stronger. Because Momoka is the stronger one as she had to bear their antics. The bullies apologize but… Now it’s Momoka’s turn to get even with them! She becomes a big bully and pays them back in full! Yikes! Miou treats her to a bun but she chokes on it. While she is passed out, sly Miou uses Momoka’s body to hand in the application. Welcome to the club.

Episode 1C
Momoka meets her club members in the city. She learns Maya is a model while Miou and Urara are childhood friends. Momoka is taken to a survival game shop to get her own gun. Kayo scares Momoka when she turns up in a ghillie suit. She isn’t so much into shooting action but because she loves cosplay, she gets to wear several outfits, the reason she joins this club. After Momoka picks a gun, they test it out in a gun. Miou teams up with Momoka and the rest are on the other side. Momoka might seem like a lucky noob dodging the bullets but once she finds her groove, she aims and shoots with precision! One by one she takes out the rest and even uses Miou as a stepping stone to defeat Urara. At the end of the day, they are treated with a hot bath facility within the shop.

Episode 2A
Momoka wakes up thinking today is going to be a great day. And then she sees mommy treating Miou and Kamo at the table. Momoka scolds mama but she has to give in when Miou and Kamo tease Momoka the nickname mama gives her. During warming up session, Urara seems kind enough to be Momoka’s stretching partner. Turns out she is torturing her! This is warning to not get too close to Miou. During the game, Momoka becomes the target as everybody hunts her. As she lies waiting in the bush, she sees a praying mantis. She has a phobia of it. She starts shooting like mad and it’s a good thing she hits everybody! Miou thinks she made such a great ambush tactic! Urara is upset Miou is more infatuated with Momoka than her and runs away. Well, nobody is going after this sulking girl. Except Momoka. Thing she is here to mend their friendship? Think again! Momoka beats her up as payback! Next morning, what in blazes is Urara doing in her home being nice to her?! Momoka thinks this is some sort of ambush and beats her up. Well, what do you know? She loves it! OMG! Some masochistic has awakened inside her! Punch her more! MORE!

Episode 2B
Maya will be getting a TV debut but since it is a natto advertisement, she needs some help for mental training. However her humongous boobs and nice body starts pissing off the flat chests. Since Miou insists they help, oh, they’re going to help alright. I think there is some grudge when Momoka starts hitting her face with a sushi natto. Momoka the sadist… Then Maya is made to stir a full bowl of natto 10,000 times while saying she loves it! Finally she is dumped into a barrel filled with it as bath. The results prove disastrous. Now she is very traumatic. Momoka feels bad but when she sees all that natto torture increased the size of her boobs and made her skin smoother, she’s back to her devilish nature. It’s like karma because with Maya out, Momoka is forced to take her place in the commercial… And so another new natto hater is born!

Episode 2C
Momoka is alone with Kayo in the club. She notices she doesn’t talk much. Every time she turns back, she cosplays into something else. The only thing left for them is to fight it out in a gun battle. They’re both cool and kickass! The other girls join in so Momoka and Kayo team up to take them out. Miou is impressed by their perfect combo and surrenders but Momoka shoots her! No mercy! Now they turn to each other. Truce? Momoka shoots her!!! FFFFFFUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!! Truly NO MERCY!!!! All is fair in war! After all that sweaty action, they take a bath. Momoka thought she could talk to Kayo about her cosplay hobby but she’s not in the mood right now. But Urara may be in the mood for some pain…

Episode 3A
When Momoka enters the clubroom, she sees everyone worried and depressed. They fear something wicked is coming. Chuck Norris? No. Suddenly dogs attack them! Courtesy of being brought here by Ena Sakura, the club’s advisor. To sum it up about her: Bad luck magnet. She relates how her misfortune lead from one thing to another and ended so. Now the biggest problem: She wants them to take care of a hornet’s nest that is bugging the school. The girls won’t want a part of it. Gee, that’s too bad. Sakura already got the club’s approval for a bigger budget. And they’re in! Oh, see how money motivates people? I’m sure everyone in one way or another is an exterminator expert and could have easily complete the job if not for dumb Sakura who keeps thinking they’re harmless bees. Is it what she’s dressed in a bear outfit? Yeah. She even brings back the hornet’s nest! Hornet attack! Good thing or not, the hornets only go after the bad luck teacher. Maybe it’s her bear suit… Momoka has got the ‘best’ idea. Run away and abandon her! An idea struck them. Using a lighter and spray, it makes a flame thrower and burns the hornet. However their clubroom is totally burnt down too… Kids, never try this at home.

Episode 3B
Momoka sees a cute loli, Roselia Haguro outside. She’s nasty too. Calling Momoka an aunty, she wants to see Miou to settle a score. So who the heck is Roselia? Nobody knows… Don’t ask Miou too because this girl has an amazing forgetful mind. Yeah, she can’t even remember she herself was pointing a gun at an old geezer on a train who tried to harass Momoka back in the first episode. Eventually Momoka is the one who minded her so much and goes to the meeting place alone where they are supposed to settle their match. Momoka easily takes out her underlings and when she thinks she has won, she is out of bullets. Roselia is the smarter one since she has counted her shots. Her underlings are just amateurs and here for the headcount. Momoka could have lost (and she’s thinking of calling Miou for help) if not for Roselia being distracted by a cute cat. It turns out to be Miou’s gun in disguise. Miou will face Roselia if she beats Momoka. Because a crow has taken Kamo by the tail, the rules have changed. The first one to shoot Kamo down without killing the crow wins. The crow is not cowed because it is used to gunshots. Roselia fails since her precision shot didn’t take into account the wind and environmental factors. Momoka feels unconfident and gets a load of Miou’s motivational lecture. Sure, Momoka gets her confidence and as she is about to shoot, Miou’s sneeze throws her off! But the bullet ricochets and hits all the animals till a corn drops on the crow’s head. Flashback why Roselia holds a grudge against Miou. Two years ago at a festival, Roselia got cheated by an unscrupulous stall owner. She wanted a teddy bear but do you think the puny bullets are going to knock it off? Then Miou came. In only a single shot, she shoots a lose screw and everything on the shelf crumbles. That counts, right? She wins everything. He’s out of business. Roselia is grateful she won it for her. But Miou didn’t say she was doing it for her. Since she used her own money, it is right that all the prizes are hers. Roselia really felt hurt. Since she wanted the bear so much, Miou shoots a bear sleeping in the bushes! There’s your bear. Uhm… I think it’s mad. Now run! In the end, everyone joins in a natural hotspring, including the bear and all those animals. And they all laugh to Momoka’s dumbass nickname. Animals can laugh?

Episode 4A
Momoka sees some fatty otaku, Fried Chicken With Lemon (yup, that’s his name) excelling at an arcade video game, Dead on Terror (DoT). Because he mocks girls shouldn’t be setting foot on a man’s battlefield, Urara stands up for her and praises Momoka the best there is. After all, she already pierced her body and soul, right? That coming from a masochist. Lemon challenges Momoka to a bet. Suddenly everyone realizes who this guy is. He is Japan’s DoT champion! Lemon is swift with his fingers on the trigger but Momoka is impressive too not missing any shots. But deep down inside she is panicking she doesn’t want to take pictures with this Lemon. Better win this sh*t! As Kayo is an anime fan of DoT, she gives Momoka tips to make a comeback. But Lemon regains the lead when he uses 2 guns. Momoka sees a vision of Miou who gives her crappy advice about believing in herself. She then takes out her real gun. How does it connect to the real game? It doesn’t. She knocks Lemon out with it!!!!!!! OMFG!!!! Momoka how could you?! In the end, when Lemon wakes up, he realizes Momoka has outscored him. Both of them maintain their sportsmanship. Graceful in defeat, humble in victory. The crowd loves it. They take a commemorative photo but when Momoka comes to her senses later, she regrets taking lots of those photos with him. Yeah, it’s like he got his wish anyway.

Episode 4B
Momoka loves this bread she is eating and bought the entire store of it. Too bad she didn’t read the calories it comes with. Because of that… She is fat!!! Super size Momoka! Her sumo power might kill Urara… She goes on a banana diet and mama got the wrong idea she loves banana and makes more snacks out of them. Sick of it! Urara is sad her body is falling apart because her sloppy body means less punches! Urara puts her on her diet but whatever she cooks is inedible as Momoka vomits everything. This gives her an idea. Each time she eats Urara’s cooking, she vomits it all out till she regains her normal figure. Mama makes snacks for her to celebrate this and in no time she is back to fatso land again. Actually, mama loves the chubby side of her! Miou suggests doing survival game training to lose weight but each time, mama can’t wait to have Momoka chow her snacks. The endless loop… When will she ever learn?

Episode 4C
Momoka just realized that Kamo has been frequenting her house! It took her this long to notice? Because Kamo is not really Miou’s pet, she starts tailing him. So? Because there is a law saying bringing platypus out of Australia is illegal, she is going to find something that matches so she can report to the overseas authorities. Well, Kamo looks cartoonish enough that she can’t distinguish it as a real one. Thus she observes Kamo’s actions if it is akin to a platypus. Does it swim around? He walks around town. Does he eat insects? Snacks are his favourite. Are they weak on land? He’s doing the Moonwalker! Aaow! Heeheee!!!! Momoka tries to push the broccolis she hates to him but mama won’t allow that. Eat your vegetables. She won’t. Mama is going to teach her a lesson. Holy sh*t! She took out a gun and fired! Mother shooting her daughter?! Momoka won’t be a sitting duck and fights back. The entire house becomes a battlefield as the ladies shoot and run while Kamo happily eats his meal. In the end, mother wins because she knows the house like the back of her hands. As Momoka is about to eat her broccoli, Kamo already ate it. He did this favour for her just this once. Thanks to that and since mother is more mysterious, Momoka stopped caring about Kamo’s identity.

Episode 5A
Miou has found enlightenment! No more life of violence! The club is disbanded! Follow the path of the light! What gives?! This was what happened. Miou thinks some Zen training will be good mental training and brings the girls to a temple whereby the monk is itching to just whack them. As they meditate, the monk takes out Urara who is thinking nothing but Momoka. This is followed by Maya who fell asleep. Kayo and Momoka’s legs are numb and I don’t know why it’s a competition to outdo each other. Momoka plays cheat and pinches her leg to send Kayo out. Then she distracts the monk with a UFO to put shoulder pads. However the monk whacks her butt! Miou is the only one left as Momoka tries to distract her! Even the monk joins her! WTF is wrong with them?! In the end, she is so Zen that the monk is moved and wants her to be the temple’s successor. She didn’t want to but when was told she would look smart, she accepted. And now here she is, the devoted Buddhist. She also paid him 2 million Yen to handle the other work. Then on the news, police has arrested a conman impersonating as a monk. Miou ditches her Buddhist attire for her fatigues. She’s got business to take care of. Life of violence back on track.

Episode 5B
Urara accidentally broke the flush handle and since there are still things floating, she fears her reputation will go down the drain. A couple of girls worry that she might have passed out so Urara climbs out the window and gets stranded. Good news: Momoka passes by. Bad news: She starts laughing. Even worse, she calls the other girls to laugh at her! Urara then uses her mirror to signal Morse code for help. Miou calls her helicopter force! Urara fears this will become a big story on the news and shoots the helicopters! They crash and burn! OMFG! I hope that was just imagination! They hold a cloth for her to jump down but since Urara’s mind sees Momoka as inviting her to jump into her arms, Momoka gets scared and tightens her pull. This causes a trampoline effect and Urara bounces back up to where she was. WTF?! Noticing the window next to her, the girls think it is easier to rescue her from there. Urara would rather jump down and does so. But halfway she uses her strong hands and legs to bore through the wall as she climbs down slowly. Why didn’t she think of this? But the crisis is not over yet. The toilet girls return her bag and although they know her secret but promises not to tell. Unfortunately Momoka has sharp hearing and heard it. For a week, Urara got teased… Hey. I thought Urara should love it.

Episode 5C
Momoka finds an antique gun and didn’t think much of it till she heard it could fetch up to a million Yen! Suddenly her angelic conscious tells her not to do it but her devil conscious says otherwise. Since both won’t give way, it descends into an angel and devil gun fight! Holy sh*t! In the end, the angel wins. As she is about to tell Momoka to return the gun, Momoka shoots her in the forehead! OMFFFFFFG!!! MOMOKA! HOW COULD YOU???!!!! Truly transcend good and evil… Then divine retribution when she slips and knocks her head on the rock. She finds herself in the bath. Although the gun is with her, the angel and devil tussle with her. Give the gun! Share it! Then she got knocked down into hell by some ogres. Yeah, whatever. The other girls don’t understand what Momoka is mumbling about. A million Yen? Miou is going to bring this money faced girl to her senses and shoots at her! Right back at her…

Episode 6A
Yayoi Isurugi is the student council president. As she chairs the meeting with the club presidents, all of them have good reports. But when it comes to Miou, it’s all about property damage and police warnings! Don’t worry, she solved it all with money! And no, she is not joking! And all the other girls think her joke is some sort of philosophy. So it is no wonder Panadol can’t cure Yayoi’s headache so she is going to play her game and take her club down by assimilating her club members. With Vice President providing details of their personality, first she approaches Urara and tries to be a sadist but her kick is so weak that it pisses off Urara for being a phony sadist! Urara goes out of control but Miou calms her. Next is Kayo as she puts on a mask thinking this is cosplay. Kayo proceeds to put on more daring outfits on her till she can’t take it anymore. And Miou had seen her in that dominatrix outfit… Next is Maya. She exaggerates about Miou and this causes Maya to go into extreme apology mode! This makes Yayoi feel bad that the stress on her conscious causes her to be hospitalized! She thought Vice President carried her here but to her horror it was Miou! Finally she changes her appearance and poses as a transfer student to be close friends with Momoka. Then one day she throws the ultimatum to choose her or the club. Guess what? Momoka is willing to quit the club! It’s not like she wanted to join it in the first place! Yayoi makes a u-turn she shouldn’t be so hasty. The other girls come by and could recognize Yayoi and take her away to celebrate the club’s new mascot. A giant grenade? Yeah. It rolls over Yayoi. Hospitalized again. This time she is going to do a roundabout way to take Miou out. Spying outside the club, she sees Miou weak and traces that an old cafeteria lady may be responsible for it. When she sees the old lady ignoring Miou and giving her a bunch of vegetables instead of meat, Yayoi impersonates this Buddha woman and for a week enjoys tormenting Miou by giving her more vegetable servings. So much so she becomes an old lady herself! Vice President is worried because there are rumours circulating that Yayoi and Miou are dating! She worked in the cafeteria to give her beloved Miou more servings. There is even photo evidence of them together (all her failed follies with the club members and Miou coming in to save her). Instantly Yayoi becomes a demon and wants those photos deleted! She trips but Miou saves her. All the girls get excited over this as Yayoi becomes embarrassed and asserts she hates her. Everyone approves of her tsundere attitude! Next day for the first time, Yayoi skipped school… Her reputation…

Episode 6B
After watching a backstabbing yakuza movie, Sakura delivers a boss chair to the club. As everyone is still influenced by it, they start acting like a yakuza trying to kill each other so that the seat could be theirs. Momoka and Urara suggest Miou to team up with them to take out the weaklings. Maya wants to team up with Kayo too but the latter betrays and shoots her! Kayo pretends to surrender and when she thought she could jump the gun, Momoka has her doll as hostage. Then she gets shot. After that Momoka takes out Urara and Miou! Ruthless!!! As she claims the chair all by herself, the moment she sits down, it falls apart. She knocks her head on the rock and ‘dies’. Yeah. Blame Sakura for buying a bogus chair on the internet. I guess everybody got what they deserved.

Episode 7A
As the girls are trekking through the jungle, they hear nearby cries of the village as the wild animals are ravaging their farm. They want to scare them off with their guns but they put up those puppy dog eyes that make it just hard to shoot. Finally they are scared off by the shotgun sounds of a hunter. He lets them know that those vermin only fear real guns. There were many hunters before but the numbers are dwindling every year and even so, most of them are above 60 years old. His granddaughter loves tomatoes and he wants to protect that smile, that’s why he will continue to protect the village. The animals return and although the hunter is coughing out blood, he shoos the girls a way. Due to strict hunting laws, they will get arrested even if their guns are toys. No choice, they leave and let the old man be the hero. Our girls continue to feel sad and soon become motivated to be a proper hunter and acquire a proper licence. They go through all the requirements and exams but they fail. Why? Because you are not allowed to use hunting rifles until you are 20 years old! Bummer!

Episode 7B
The girls dress up as men so that they will not be underestimated in survival games. However no matter how much they do it on Momoka, she just cannot have that masculine look. Herald Kayo with her cosplay knowledge to makeup Momoka into a hot handsome guy. So hot she is that Urara wants to marry her! Not a chance! Momoka then sneaks away and finds herself in the company of a lot of girls. They love this hot looking guy. Momoka loves her newfound popularity and Urara is worried because she will be tossed away. Miou assures she will return soon after she finds out how scary it is to be chased by girls. So while Momoka has the girls swooning over her, she touches the cheek of one and that is when trouble starts. The rest become jealous and try to get a piece of her. True fear starts to seep in as Momoka runs for her life. Hiding in a room, she now knows true love is fearsome. But how will she escape as the girls are banging down the door? Miou is going to save her but the window is too small. Too fat? The only way is take off her clothes. Still stuck? Urara throws oil over her. When the girls break in, they only see the clothes and oil. They think this dude is some sort of fairy! And thus a new legend is born. Meanwhile Momoka is naked hiding behind the bush while crazy Urara tries to snap pictures of her.

Episode 7C
Miou tries out a gattling gun when Sakura calls to warn of a suspicious person. Because Momoka is giving Urara the cold shoulder (thanks to that naked bush incident, Urara stripped herself and did something indecent – you don’t want to know), Urara rushes out to find this suspicious person and reclaim her love. Unfortunately the suspicious got her and her bangs got cut. Momoka laughs like mad and gets her revenge taking photos of her when now Maya has braids and put into a jersey. Believing the club is being targeted, Kayo and Kamo are seen eating a huge pot of food. They are smoked out as they face off with the suspicious person. Momoka is being targeted and chased around. Miou uses her gattling gun but the suspicious person dodges each one in elegant fashion. She lost and got twintails. Momoka loses and fears the worse when the suspicious person unveils herself to be her mom! She is here to give Momoka’s lunch. She thought she would be embarrassed to be seen by her friends and came dressed like that. The girls think all the things that were done to her were quite motherly. Urara’s bangs were cut so as not to block the eyes. Maya’s jersey is to cover up and the food was for them to grow up big. Ah, motherly love. Only Momoka feels it is more embarrassing this way. But when she is about to enjoy he lunch, it is a small portion.

Episode 8A
Momoka as a model? Apparently Maya offered her a job since there was an opening in the agency. At first she didn’t take up the job but after hearing the pay, she’s in. Money face. She thinks she is going to get use to this but to her horror, Lemon is here! He gets beaten up for nothing. Since Momoka’s is getting popular on the internet, Lemon warns of the trio called Cameramen of Death as they always appear in such events. They take questionable shots of models and cause them to lose their lives. Speaking of which, here they are now. But seeing that they are just ugly old guys, Momoka doesn’t pay heed. And she was getting so afraid for nothing. But she may soon regret it because the trio try out tricks to get an opportunity to snap a panty shot. If not for Lemon’s warnings, she could have been a statistic. Yes. They upload panty shots of the models online and since they are too embarrassed, they resigned from their modelling job. Lemon will defend her important parts. Damn he makes it sound so dirty. The trio continue to unleash tricks after tricks. If only she had her gun she could take care of them. Seeing a model tie her hair, she gets an idea. She uses the rubber band as ‘bullets’ and break their equipment. However they have more! This time they move and contort into flexible positions to dodge her shots. Only Lemon got shot. The trio use a fan to blow up her skirt. Full panty shot! Now they have got it, they make a run. However they couldn’t resist taking another panty shot of another girl. Turns out to be Lemon in a skirt. They just exploded and died! Super effective! As Momoka deletes their photos, she notices one of them carrying a picture of a beautiful flower. He explains that girls used to praise him for his photography skills. But when he grows older, girls started to mock his loser hobby. He was often bullied. He decided to get revenge by taking their panty shots and upload them. All hail the internet for opening the door of self expression! That’s when he met the rest and they know they are not alone. Momoka couldn’t care because they still did something wrong. When a staff accidentally switches on the fan and blows away the photo, Momoka dives and saves it before it ends up in a dirty puddle. She can tell it is important to him and hopes he can remember the feeling when he took this and face the world again. They get fired up and motivated not because of her speech but because that rescue act causes her panty to be revealed. Full blown. And more perverted photographers show up. I guess violence is always the only answer left.

Episode 8B
A group of crazy Maya fans drooling over her photos! Miou announces a survival game match with a bunch of aristocrat high school girls in the snowy mountains. Think they’re going to be pushovers? As the match begins, the opponents run away separately. Surprisingly, Momoka is the first one taken out when she fell for their trap. Eventually the same fate befalls on the rest and Maya is the only one left. She can’t believe she didn’t die first, eh? However she has to start running for her life when the enemies all open fire on her. However it seems they are slowly shooting her clothes off one by one till she is in her undies! Woah! Can guns do that precisely?! When Maya finally sees their crazy drooling face, she panics and fires. But she misses! How the f*cks can she miss at such close range?! But it hit something else and the snow avalanche fall on them. She thought she saw a porn book version of herself but the perverts pop up. Now they shoot off her bra and panty as she drops down a cliff naked. But into a drum with warm water? The rest are soaking in it nicely and it seems those girls prepared it for them. But a special one for Maya because it is see-through. Maya tumbles down the slopes and into the icy cold river with her crazy perverted fan girls come chasing. Hmm… Isn’t the water cold? Too in love with her to care. Do you really want this kind of fans even though they chase you down to the freezing cold hell?

Episode 9A
Momoka dresses up Kamo so that she could enter a pet café. Of course they started fighting especially over the food. So the café’s owner, Inugami had to tell them off they should have manners to patron this café. Since Momoka claims her ‘dog’ is perfectly trained, Inugami challenges her to compare their dog’s training. Kamo will be up against the café’s mascot, Peth. No, it is not some dumb pug but a German Sheppard! Of course Peth excels in all while Kamo is forced to do his bit. Yeah, it seems like they’re always fighting. Heck, they are. Kamo’s fake dog ears fall off and the cat is out of the bag. You mean they never realized how fake Kamo looks?! Accidentally some second hand fire ring Inugami bought from the circus catches fire. Peth is unable to jump away since animals are instinctively scared of fire. Momoka insults and mocks Kamo to get his ass over here and so when Kamo jumps, it is so that he could continue fighting with her. Inugami saw the deep bond they had and now believes such bonds can exist in any animal. After apologizing, she vows to open up the shop to other animals. Maybe she spoke to soon because here comes Miou riding a lion! She trained it not to eat humans but did she train it not to eat dogs? Oh sh*t!

Episode 9B
Maya, Urara and Kayo are having fun in the school’s pool. When Kayo talks about this haunting story of a girl who died in the pool and thus her spirit will drag you down, dumb Sakura locks up the place. Trapped. Handphones in the changing room and there are no windows. Furthermore, the heater is switched off. Definitely between a hard place and a rock because if they get out of the water, they’ll freeze to death. They can’t sleep or they’ll drown and staying too long will cause hypothermia. In fact, they already have hypothermia as their rational thinking is being thrown out of the window. Urara needs to go to the toilet. But rather than freezing herself to death, she does it in the water! Then she accuses Maya of not killing her and starts hitting her boobs. This gives Kayo an idea that if they hit each other, they will stay awake instead of falling asleep. But they are all geared up to fight to the death! Miou and Momoka are outside ready to join in when they see a pool of blood and the ‘dead’ girls. Did the ghost get them? At least they’re saved. Except for internal bleeding and broken ribs…

Episode 9C
Our girls now head to Australia because Miou got influenced by something to have their next game here. Their opponents will be the elderly. Heh. Pushovers. The rules are simple. In this death race-like game, the first team to cross the finish line or eliminate all opponents wins this one lap race. Miou will ride a bike but hired a truck driver for the rest of the girls. Lemon is the driver? Does he have a licence? Nope. But he got lots of experience from racing games. They’re screwed. When the game begins, the old farts become bloodthirsty killers! While Miou battles it out with the old cowboy, the rest hound the truck. Maya, Urara and Kayo easily got taken out since the old people use their feebleness to their advantage. Can’t hurt the elderly, can’t they? However this has no effect on Momoka the devil. She takes out one of them. In the tunnel, she detaches the trailer as decoy so as to take out the other pair. Then she has Lemon put her trust in her to drive off the cliff to crash into the helicopter dude. The catch is, Momoka hopes off and the guys ‘kill themselves’. Heartless. His ‘death’ was in vain since Momoka didn’t give a damn. Miou and cowboy took each other out and this means Momoka is the only survivor crossing the finish line. After that, everyone soaks in the hot bath and the old guys are just happy despite losing because for their age they’re glad they get to go out with everyone.

Episode 10A
Momoka is searching every inch of her house for money as she is tight this month. She finds a treasure map that she drew when she was young. She thinks she must have stashed some allowance there and so our girls make the journey to find this treasure. Do they even need to parachute down from a plane? Miou uses dowsing rods to help guide them (in addition with everyone forming a human train to channel its power). Somehow it points to everything ‘rich’. Lady with lots of jewellery is fine but what about that lady with a hideous makeover? Yeah. She spent lots of money on it. Even the yakuza is ‘rich’, right? Don’t even mention Kamo … Finally they arrive at the place and dig it up under the plum tree. What could be the treasure? A letter. It says money is not the true treasure. It is the smiles of your friends. Uh huh. This is a letter for her future self. Momoka is going to kill herself but Kayo stops her. She understands because she too has written such ‘poems’ before. That letter touched her heart. She lets Momoka read hers but she starts laughing like mad. She got taken out. Later they learn platypus is rare and thus worth ten million yen. No wonder the rods were painting at it. Momoka wants to sell it but gets taken out.

Episode 10B
A famous idol, Yammy is missing. Momoka is badmouthing that idols need attention when there is this familiar chubby girl sitting with them. It’s Yammy! And she’s gone fat! She is Maya’s friend at the agency and somehow started gaining weight. Yeah. Noticed how she is always stuffing food in her mouth all the time? She is here because she heard Momoka had the same issue and slimmed down with some boot camp (Maya got shot for that). Unfortunately all that training didn’t slim her down a bit. Maybe if she should just stop eating… However Momoka sympathizes with her. Because she loves to see better people than her suffer! Yammy recounts the day it all began. Some male model tells her she will never be as popular or good as him. He called her a piggy despite she was slim and cute by our standards. She kept worrying and the only way to counter that was to eat. Momoka has harsh but kind words for her like that jerk wasn’t worth her time, don’t let others ruin your happiness, etc. Is she speaking from experience? Yammy is touched and now knows what to do. She slims down in no time and the male model loves her. However she punches him and tells him to f*ck off. Because now she is in love with Momoka and wants to be with her! Oh dear. The competition for her just gone up by one. You jealous, Urara! Oh Momoka. I didn’t know you’re this popular.

Episode 10C
The girls are stranded in the jungle after Miou’s helicopter went down. As Maya goes to bath by the river, she is attacked. The girls check why she is taking so long and find her tied up and dressed like a mouse. An infrared light is targeted on Momoka’s forehead but she uses Urara as a shield and then tosses her away! Ruthless! The rest make a run and at night as they take turns guarding, Momoka thought she shot the perpetrator but it turns out to be Kamo! Innocent kill! Next day as they continue to journey, they are to cross a chasm with only a log as its bridge. Kayo thought Momoka was kind to let her have her drink. But after Momoka crosses, she kicks away the log! You double crossing b*tch! She even cooks up a story that Kayo wanted to stay back and sacrifice herself since her tiredness will be a burden to them. Lies! But Miou is tired of running. She is going to fight them. She faces off with an invisible creature. Before she completely loses, she lures it into a trap and the creature gets crushed between the logs. Momoka unmasks it and it turns out to be a cute cat. He pleads for his life but Momoka shoots him! No mercy! Then all the other cat members appear. The leader (Yoda?!), commends her for besting their representative as they are from some intergalactic survival game club. They praise her and give an award certificate as they have never fought such underhanded opponent. Well? Momoka doesn’t give a sh*t and shoots all of them in the forehead!!! Underhanded alright! She accuses them for attacking invisible as underhanded! Suddenly Momoka is shot in the forehead by Kayo. Back from the dead. Revenge achieved and it tastes sweet. As the girls soaks in the mud swamp, some alien face hugger gets Maya! Not again! Time to fight another bunch of aliens?

Episode 11A
Momoka is tasked to take Miou’s gun for maintenance. She stops by a sweets shop to have her handphone decorated. The shopkeeper thinks this girl has no money. While Momoka is looking around, the shopkeeper is told of the item she wants to decorate in her bag. She accidentally picks the wrong bag and pulls out a gun! Panic time. She starts thinking she is from a yakuza family and they are like talking different things. She panics thinking Momoka doesn’t agree with the price and wants to call her mom. Eventually the gun is decorated and Momoka doesn’t know how to break it to Miou. She can’t hide it but when Miou tests it, handling the gun and its accuracy is even better than before! Just when the shopkeeper is done dealing with those punks, here comes Momoka bringing the rest of the club members back. They want their guns decorated. Oh my… Not only their guns but their accessories and right down to their clothes too. People think they’re some sort of sweet shops advertisement… Embarrassing? The price to pay for escaping Miou’s wrath.

Episode 11B
An old man was captivated by some babe in high heels. However she left in a hurry and so he is pleading for that girl to come forth. There’s load of cash as reward! Of course you know what this means to Momoka. She tries walking in high heels but fails badly. Lemon beats her up for not taking it seriously! He tells her some (fake) back story about the origins of high heels (women in Paris trying to void filth on the road?) on proceeds to train Momoka to walk elegantly in it. She must walk through a path laden with dog poop (visualized as strawberries to keep out sanity) while balancing a glass water on her head. Lemon demonstrates and he is freaking agile and elegant for a fat guy! She wants to give up and kicks the high heels away. But Lemon dives to save it at the expense of sliding through the ‘strawberries’. With his passionate and motivation speech, Momoka continues her training (actually her motivation is the money). So the day comes Momoka comes to show off her training. Unfortunately she is taken away since her heels were ‘stabbing’ the ground. Lemon reminds her of their training and elegantly displays all his cool moves. The old guy is fascinated and realizes he is that babe! Yes! Lemon is that high heel woman! In fact, that high heel is part of his collection. He has shoes fetish. He was running away then because the police was on to him. And so our true Cinderella got the money… What sick twisted end…

Episode 11C
Miou is going to cook a high grade crab for the club. For some reason, Kamo spars with the still alive crab before Momoka takes it away to boil. However the crab won’t succumb to fate and becomes an alien face hugger on Maya! Again?! Urara got her eyes poked. Due to the ‘friendship’ from the battle, Kamo rescues the crab and they make a run. The girls pull out their guns and start chasing. This of course attracted other girls and they start chasing after the high quality crab only to be gunned down by Momoka! Holy sh*t!!! The place turned into a warzone when Kamo starts firing back! The body count is rising! Kamo seems to have connections with the townspeople and calls them as they supply him guns. He finishes off the chasing pack with a bazooka! At the river, Kamo says goodbye and releases the crab. Too bad Miou catches it and it is back to the pot. Momoka warns Kamo of doing such a thing again or else the next time he gets cooked. Kamo pleads to spare it so Momoka suggests solving this feud via rock-scissors-paper. If the girls win, the crab will be cooked but if the crab wins, they’ll do what Kamo wants. Crabs only have pinchers as hands, right? Oh no. See where this is going? Surprisingly the girls (except Momoka) lose on purpose since they felt pity. And so the crab becomes the latest member of the club. Don’t even ask. As everyone soaks in the hot bath, suddenly they smell seafood. OMG! Crab in hot water… Boiled and cooked! Crabby!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, time to eat it and not let it go to waste.

Episode 12A
When Momoka comes into the club sick, they see a news report that there is an unknown virus spreading and there is no cure for it. Miou doesn’t want to call the hotline for those who are infected because she believes they’ll be experimented on and turned into some human weapon! She saw some movie again, didn’t she? Too bad Sakura already called. And here they are, the squad raiding the club but they escaped via smoke screen. The entire town is like under martial law with those infected being taken away. Yayoi thought it was Miou’s setup but Vice President admits it was her doing and will take over her presidency. Evil! I hope she didn’t take after Momoka! As Miou and co run away, they come into contact the squad led by Taichou. They are the national survival game club! As game incidents rarely happen, they are always sitting in office awaiting standby. Today is their first despatch. Wasted taxpayers’ money… The girls are adamant to defend sick Momoka but we can hear Momoka’s thoughts that she is even planning to use the girls for her own safety! After all that chasing, they end up taking refuge in a chapel. Taichou and co surround it and give the last warning to hand over Momoka. The girls would rather die defending than hand her over. Even if it means getting infected? Oh sh*t. Didn’t think about that, did they? Suddenly a chopper drops down familiar faces. Momoka’s mom, Lemon, Yammy, Roselia, the Cameramen of Death and that Australian old cowboy geezer are going to help out as their allies. For once Momoka had a conscience. Why are they doing this despite all the bad things she has done to them? Miou explains that certainly she is the baddest of the baddest but there is never a dull moment with her. It is more than enough for them. Momoka is so touched that she joins them in fighting the squad. And so we have our raging action from the girls shooting, Yammy turning into a giant and doing some Hulk smash or something, Lemon shooting his toy gun and the best of them all is how the crab is piloting the chopper while Kamo fires his machine gun. Don’t even ask but it’s damn cool! Eventually everyone can only hold out for so long. Slowly they are taken out with Maya getting the ball rolling as the first (but of course) and finally Urara sacrificing herself and voluntarily be Momoka’s shield. So sad. Even Virgin Mary is crying… The only ones left are Miou and Momoka. This is when Momoka decides to give herself up. She thanks everyone for everything. When she opens the door, she hears Taichou on the phone being told that there is cure and it is being sold at pharmacies right now. Everyone packs up and leaves. Oh, the virus doesn’t spread via air either. Taichou notes it was fun and hopes they’ll come to work for them. Their allies also leave (disappointed?) while our girls are left embarrassed with that emotional scene. Ah, puberty is more terrifying than any unknown disease.

Episode 12B
Miou plans a surprise party for Urara. As her birthday is on Christmas Day, she has never celebrated it properly. They think of what to get her. Momoka’s hideous drawing of Urara is considered the ‘best’ already. Because… Kayo folded a thousand paper cranes, Sakura tried to autograph Urara’s name with her blood and Miou tried baking a cake after decorating it (whose horror face is that?!). Momoka really feels the need to repay Urara for that self sacrificing favour. She remembers she was looking through a window of a stuffed teddy bear and that could probably be what she wants. Miou uses her connections and money to get it. Unfortunately (or not), the hunter who is supposed to kill and get a real bear failed. As Urara is coming in, they still don’t have a present. What is it that they can use? Once Urara enters, the girls surprise her and present her gift: Momoka all wrapped up!!! OMG! The best birthday present ever!!! Holy sh*t!!! So while everybody else spends Christmas day alone (Miou in a gun fight with Santa?! WTF?!), Urara is going to enter the bath with Momoka still tied up. Nightmare on Christmas. Momoka is so screwed… And as revealed, Urara wasn’t looking at the stuffed teddy bear in the window but Momoka’s reflection. Her dream has finally come true!

Special Missions

10 more minutes of extra fun and wackiness (don’t forget the fanservice) if you can spend a few extra bucks to buy your Blu-ray discs and help support our girls for another season! Whoops!

The girls are heading to Miou’s summer villa for a special training camp. After 20 seconds of girls changing fanservice, Miou brings them to a specially created water obstacle course, Sarutobi. Think of it as a rip-off from that Japanese endurance game show, Sasuke. As they traverse through it, the highlight of it is of course the part filled with eels. Yeah. Only Maya gets tentacle raped by the eels because Momoka, Urara and Kayo have no boobs for the eels to wrap themselves around. Insulted? Again, Maya becomes the object of fanservice when the final stretch before the goal is infested with sharks. Pervy sharks love ripping her swimsuit, eh? Don’t worry. Your sacrifice will not be in vain. After reaching the goal, Momoka notices her butt area ripped. Urara is about to kiss it but gets kicked back into the water. Shark feast! Miou congratulates everyone for making this far and without losing a member. Did she forget or miscount? But how do they get back now seeing they are surrounded by hungry sharks. Miou is confident they can always get by with their guns. What guns? She told them to leave it back at the villa, right? Oh sh*t… And did Urara turn into a bag of bones?

More random shorts in this special. We start off with everybody facing off with each other (of course Maya being the only one ‘dead’). Nobody trusts nobody. And Momoka got the cheek to even say Urara betrayed her! We move on to the next scene whereby Miou always easily fall for April Fool’s prank by the rest of the girls. When Sakura comes in to show that Kamo’s beak is detachable, she didn’t count on everyone fainting because this side of his is just his back portion. April Fool’s! Miou doesn’t want to be tricked anymore and bluffs to Maya about the cheese cake party they are having. She actually believes it so Miou is forced to use her connections to arrange for it. Momoka finally confesses Urara as the cutest girl?! April Fool’s! Gotcha! Anyhow I think Urara still loves it. Miou needs to go home early to protect some kingdom from some demon king. They think she is pulling a fast one however there is a fairy here pleading for her help! What the heck is Tinkerbell doing here?! Because Momoka is feeling lethargic after last night’s coffee for her studies (really?), the girls try out several (leftover) energy drinks. Some are already expired and some have this weird effect (example, make you grow hair). When Momoka decides to really try out a real energy drink, she doesn’t have the strength to open its cap. She gets angry and flings it out. There you go. She’s all feeling energetic right now, isn’t she? And when she finally gets a taste of the energy drink which is also good for dieting, Miou points out that it might be her diet that is causing her lack of energy.

For once we start off with a shower scene! But the narrator wants Momoka to switch with Maya now! Just as Momoka tugs into bed, she thought Kamo is sneaking up in her blanket. Turns out to be Urara!!! Bang! Thank God for the gun she hid underneath her pillow. But wait. Not only Urara is here but the rest of the survival club girls. They’re going to have a camp in Momoka’s house? Shouldn’t Miou’s house be a better pick? It’s because Momoka’s house is the only one the animators drew! Save cost, eh? Momoka isn’t thrilled for her friends to sleepover but since mom is getting emotional that this is the first time Momoka has friends over, I guess it really tugs your heart. Or rather Momoka has no choice but to go with the flow. So what are they going to do now that they have gotten the green light? The night is still young, you know. Ah, every sleepover can’t be complete without a pillow fight. Not just any ordinary pillow fight. Urara is tied up and everyone violently smacks her! Since they predict Momoka’s mom will come and check on them when they get too noisy, each time she does, they quickly drop asleep like nothing has happened. I guess mom is too blur to see bloodied Urara hanging on the ceiling… Because Momoka will not waste the rest of her night watching Kayo’s full season of Dead of Terror anime, they do a host of other things like playing board games, toy car racing, cards and more pillow fights (poor Urara). And of course you can’t have sleepovers without the obligatory love story. Miou starts off with hers but it is just a pun on carps (love and carp are pronounced the same, ‘koi’). Morning comes, mom sees all of them sleeping sprawled all over the floor. Must be one very busy night, huh? And for once, no big joke to end it. There goes the narrator’s hope of seeing Maya in her morning bath. Let sleeping girls lie.

Yayoi believes this time she will beat Miou! Dream on… Our girls aren’t even paying attention. As we can see it starts off fine. Yayoi the beautiful student council president who is admired by all. Then it goes downhill. She slips on a banana peel, dropped all the books in her bag on her head and trips on a bucket of water. Such terrible luck. And she blames it on her horoscope. Well, it’s going to get worse since Miou is on scene! But why is she wet too? She had a pretty rough day too. She accidentally tripped and discovered hotspring, picked up 10,000 Yen and a legendary butterfly landed on her. Gee, isn’t that good luck? Yayoi decides to bring her down by spreading her bad luck to her. That means being with her all day. What signals is she sending when she is holding Miou’s hand? However it is Yayoi who got hit by a baseball, got bird poo on her head and the teacher throw a chalk at her (intended for sleeping Miou). During cooking class, Yayoi laments her bad luck isn’t working on others. She spots Miou’s dropped student ID and to her shock, she has the same birthday and blood type as her! How can their luck differ so much! Miou laments today is not her today because she usually strikes oil and picks up 10 million. So shock that Yayoi accidentally spilled oil over the fire. It’s spreading. She can’t run away thanks to the slippery stuffs. It is pitiful to see her resigning to her fate when Miou rescues her. Yeah, they jump through the window! Yayoi is taken by Miou’s words not to be let her life be ruled by fate because life is something you decide yourself! She her eyes are opened and as she is about to thank Miou for this enlightenment, she falls flat on the ground, face first. Oh, Miou landed on her perfectly on her 2 feet. Yayoi takes it back. She’s going to make Miou pay… Well, if she is still alive. Holy cow! Don’t die!

Fire At Will!
Did you laugh till your tummy hurts? Well, not one of the craziest (as in the funniest) slapstick comedies around but enough to entertain you with all the silly antics. There will be many moments where I can’t help compare this series to Stella Jogakuin although they are very different but it can’t be avoided since the survival game club theme is hanging obviously over both series. Thanks to the slapstick comedy, I have to say that Sabagebu fares better because the development in Stella Jogakuin felt somewhat disappointing at the end. So if there was a series that would renew my faith in the survival game club or even airsoft sport, it would be this one.

Comedy here is really nonsensical and wild. Literally, anything goes. I mean when you have our survival club girls going up against alien counterparts or even a Cinderella parody, that is already breaking it. Heck, even the narration sometimes breaks the fourth wall. Thus comedy and action go hand in hand because when the girls set their guns ablaze, all hell breaks loose. Therefore the ‘bloody deaths’ of the characters has been pointed out right at the beginning of the series that it is all in their imagination. Yeah. Very vivid and violent imagination. I guess delusions help to bring realism because if it wasn’t, the action wasn’t going to be that good anyway. So keep all the bloody head shots and body count rising! So besides the narrator giving punch lines and rebuttal jokes, sometimes he also tells us brief informative material like the hunting laws in Japan and workings of a gun. Also, there is this running joke that each episode ends (or at least somewhere in the final scenes) with the girls (or any other girl) taking a bath or shower. Yeah. Here is your fanservice if you’re b*tching about it.

Character development is basically nil as you can pretty much figure out everyone by the second or third episode and they don’t really change. Especially Momoka. Yeah. That girl. Somebody that you will love to hate. Because Momoka is a very different person as the main character many would expect. She is selfish, greedy, merciless and vengeful. Characteristics that you would easily describe a villain. Oh heck. Is she the villain of this series? I guess we don’t care because this is a comedy series so anything goes. Unlike many other protagonists (or even anti-heroes), this girl has no shame or humanity. She plays dirty, like gunning down those who have surrendered (call it taking no chances but…), using others as a shield (cowardly tactic but hey, it lets her live longer) and is motivated by the material things in life (like money). Heck, I think she will even shoot her own mother! Oh wait! She did have a gun battle with her! It is no surprise that sometimes she reaps what she sows and thus no love lost whenever she gets divine retribution. She deserves it, that is what we’ll all tend to say to her at the end. Ironically she is getting popular with a few characters especially those who are masochistic. I predict that at this rate, she may have a little kingdom of masochists of her own. Really. So when she somewhat had a little conscience in the end, it felt just weird because we are so used to the devilish Momoka (she even shot her own devil, remember?). And then when she becomes the ultimate present for Urara, it was the best divine retribution ever. No love lost. A little reflection back then isn’t going to clear up your sins, you know. God is always fair. Heheh…

The other weird members of the club are also colourful but as I said, you can guess their personalities after a while. For example, Maya feels like the dumb blonde of the group because no doubt she is the prettiest and the most well-endowed, she is usually the first to be killed off whenever there is a sneak attack or ambush. It is as though it is her destiny to be shot first and thus serve as a warning to the rest to get into hiding or prepare to engage the enemy. Then there is the masochistic Urara who get her kicks (pun intended) from Momoka’s beatings. Sometimes it feels like a dilemma that she is used and tossed away like a ragged doll but at the end of the day, she loves the torture pleasure it brings her. Then there is the taciturn Kayo who only turns into a lively ‘monster’ whenever the topic is about cosplay. Finally Miou. I don’t know if there is a correlation between rich people and them having lack of common sense and forgetfulness because these are what perfectly describe Miou. At least she is better than Momoka since she has her own pride and principles that she sticks to. Well, most of the time. Uh huh. Money solves everything. Can’t say it’s untrue, can you? And she has this tendency to be influenced of what she watched, the reason why her survival game club gets to experienced lots of wacky (mis)adventures. I suppose real life is not the same as reel life. Not forgetting Kamo, the mascot of the club and series whom I feel is the smartest character of all. Because you normally don’t see platypus engage in human activities, don’t you? Is he even a platypus? And of course the crab seems like it is a new mascot addition to the group as I thought it was boiled in the hotspring but apparently not. It is here to stay.

Other characters outside the club are also fun, lovable… Irritating… Above all, funny. Like how Sakura is a trouble magnet. She is the opposite of the Midas touch. I suppose it is no wonder that she becomes the advisor over a club of weird girls. It is like the school’s policy to put all weird people into one place and not care about them. Then there is the geeky Lemon who has turned from Momoka’s rival to a fan. At times he is useful (being used, that is) but sometimes he feels more like a pest to Momoka more than anything else. After all, why have an otaku geek by your side if you are not going to take advantage of him? Some of the other lesser characters like Roselia and Yayoi feel lacking because they only make a single episode appearance and that’s it. I thought they would at least become ‘regulars’ like Lemon but turns out they don’t. Except for the final episode of course. But that itself isn’t to any impact or anything. Just a reminder that they are still ‘relevant’. Yeah. It feels like they are masochists and love being around Momoka. If this is true, see what did I tell you about Momoka having her own little kingdom?

Obviously the art and drawing make the characters and the setting so cartoonish and cute. It is something like the anime series Acchi Kocchi, Lucky Star, GJ-Bu and A Channel but with guns to add to the moe. Animated by Pierrot Plus, although their only other work is Beelzebub, they are the subsidiary of the parent company, Pierrot who has animated lots of great classic animes like Naruto, Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, Great Teacher Onizuka, Saiyuki Reload and Urusei Yatsura. And even as said that the blood spilled is only in their imagination, it seems to be in pink colour. I suppose we want such scene to be fun and funny instead of being scary and realistic. That’s why we don’t mind and hope for more blood to spill, right?

There are also a handful of trivia for you to spot. If you know your pop culture well. For example, if you have played the video game of Resident Evil (which I haven’t but I can still recognize because it is iconic), you would have recognized one of Kayo’s cosplay as the character of Jill Valentine. What about a scene of Kamo paying tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, doing a cool Moonwalk? Then there’s that Mad Max reference in that Australia setting and of course Aliens and Predator parody in that jungle scene. Don’t forget that Arnold tribute each time the narrator ends the next episode preview with “I’ll be back” albeit it is a direct translation in Japanese.

Voice acting feels okay. Only surprise is that after hearing Nao Touyama voicing lively characters like the tsundere Chitoge from Nisekoi and the popular idol of Kanon from The World God Only Knows, she is somewhat unrecognizable as Kayo. Yui Horie is recognizable as Sakura and it was really funny for her to voice a bimbo. On second thought, her voice may be just perfect for that character. Other casts include Ayaka Ohashi as Momoka (Rei in Hamatora), Yumi Uchiyama as Miou (Momiji in Binbougami Ga), Rumi Ookubo as Urara (Chinatsu in YuruYuri), Lynn as Maya (Morita in Gingitsune), Sota Arai as Lemon (Corvus/Dark Crow in Majin Bone), Eriko Matsui as Yayoi (Benio in Mikakunin De Shinkoukei), Mika Kanai as Roselia (Kaguya in Code Geass), Aoi Yuuki as Yammy (Madoka in Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica), Kikuko Inoue as Momoka’s mom (Belldandy in Aa! Megami-sama) and Juutarou Kosugi as Taichou (Luis in Toaru Hikuushi E No Koiuta).

I thought there was going to be somebody’s voice behind Kamo and perhaps one of the easiest ever voice acting because there are no lines but just quacking. Apparently I think nobody could make such a muffled quack sound so I am guessing that they use a real animal sound. Besides, how does a platypus sound like? The opening theme is Yes by Ayaka Ohashi while the ending theme is Piti Pati SurviBird by Gesukawa Girls which are actually the quintet members of the survival game club. If the craziness of the show is not enough, the ending credits animation show the girls doing silly stuffs and an equally silly dance to top it off. I doubt this is their war dance or victory dance.

Overall, for those who love wacky action comedies with nothing deep or complicated, this series suits you very much. Even for a casual viewer, this show is not too bad if you do not take it seriously. Heck, Sabagebu isn’t an anime to be taken seriously in the first place. In fact, it might be the right tonic for those having hard times. Bad day at work? Watch Sabagebu. Need to vent out some frustration or anger? Watch Sabagebu? Broke up with your girlfriend? Watch Sabagebu? Have no money for dinner? Watch Sabagebu. Yeah. The show that caters to your needs. Watch this and you’ll laugh away all your troubles. Okay, maybe not. Survival games may not be catching on in popularity these days because everyone is more into the sedentary life of looking at their iPads and iPhones or idiot box. Watching this series doesn’t stimulate any interest to go play this outdoor game. Because in fact you’d wish for the producers to produce another season of silliness. And contribute further to your obesity and sedentary life by watching girls with guns doing silly things. Thanks Sabagebu for ruining our life. And they said laughter is the best medicine… Now can I have my second season of Sabagebu, please?

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