Majimoji Rurumo: Kanketsu-hen

September 20, 2019

Better late than never. That’s what I thought that many old animes that were last aired 5 years ago getting its sequel. It is the same case and it came as a surprise to me that Majimoji Rurumo: Kanketsu-hen got a pair of special OVA episodes back in July 2019 since its TV series last aired in 2014. It wasn’t the kind of series I was hoping for to get a sequel and of course now that it has come out, I don’t remember anything much except about a witch in training maintaining a contract with a perverted guy. In exchange for magic tickets to grant his wishes, the moment he uses them up, he dies. So perhaps as seen in its title, this is the last leg for this series and to bring back the nostalgic hype for hardcore fans who want to see some sort of closure.

Episode 1
It’s that time again when Kouta runs into trouble with Inoue and her public morals gestapo goons. He wishes for Rurumo to save him in which she does his magic. However this means he uses up all his remaining tickets and die! Phew, thank goodness it was just a dream. He then sees Rurumo sleeping so cutely and wants to sleep together?! Thank goodness mom is around and tells him to go do some errands. Along the way, Rurumo is curious to go out for tea. Kouta obliges but this isn’t the kind of tea he had in mind. While he is thinking of being on a date, Rurumo dumps all the sugar cubes into her tea and still finds it bitter! Later Kouta talks to Chiro about seeing Rurumo smiled a little bit. He suggests she should live here forever since he won’t be able to use up his tickets. However Chiro tells the grave truth. Trainee witches only have 500 days limit. Whether they pass or fail, they go back after the time is up. If she fails, it only means she will lose her right to be a permanent witch. And that deadline is in 2 weeks. Wow. Thanks for letting us know such a crucial detail as this point. Then 2 weeks passed without anything happening. Kouta thinks of going on a spending spree to celebrate her send off. He stumbles into a loli who needs his help getting her balloon. After done, he is startled to meet Rurumo in the streets. This is where they first met. She thanks him for all that he has done and just wanted him to remember there was a witch named Rurumo. She can’t make it sound any sadder, can she? Kouta then hugs her and feels stupid for not realizing it sooner. Hence he decides to use all his remaining tickets to have girls look at him. Might as well go out with a bang. Unfortunately he sees that loli crossing the road and a truck is going to slam into her. Oh well. Time to use the tickets to save her. With that, the loli is saved and Kouta drops dead. His corpse confirms Rurumo passed her training.

Oh my. Kouta is really dead! Not a dream! Everyone crying at his funeral! Apparently Rurumo doesn’t know Kouta will pay with his life after using up his tickets! Seriously, girl???!!! Chiro blames herself for not telling her because she wanted Rurumo to really become a witch. But how now? Everybody so sad. As Rurumo is now a full-fledged witch, her first mission is to erase the memories of all humans who know her. But I think she isn’t powerful enough since she goes to each of them one by one instead of casting a wide spell over the city. The last is Tanako who now confirms Rurumo is a witch and learns the truth that Kouta did. Her final wish is that if Rurumo sees Kouta, please tell him how cool he was. Rurumo and Chiro return to the Underworld. We hear a narration of witches divided into 13 ranks with the Witch Queen being the most powerful and occupying the top. Maybe that’s why Rurumo’s power isn’t so powerful yet. She just became a real witch. When Harulily talks to her, it seems she knows that Kouta is still alive. Sort of. Humans whose lives have been taken when a witch’s contract is fulfilled are stored in a soul crystal in Underworld. Many witches don’t know where it is located. While the soul crystal has no means to listen or speak, the human’s mind still remains intact. And so happens Harulily knows where the soul crystals are. She wants Rurumo to go see him before he disappears for good. Rurumo thinks about this and ponders further on Harulily’s words that she is in love with Kouta. Otherwise why could she not stop thinking about him? Does she need to hesitate on her next move? Let’s go see Kouta!

Episode 2
More narrations about how nobody has conveniently seen the Witch Queen and the soul crystals reside in the underground of the admin bureau. Of course they are guarded by top ranked elite witches so can a newbie witch like Rurumo bust in? Conveniently Rurumo and Chiro overheard wardens, Sillia Saland Alphoa and Mimilmia talking about a recent soul crystal being a pervy one because it tried to molest their boobs and butts. Definitely Kouta. Amazingly they manage to steal his box and I know Rurumo is being nostalgic with Kouta but can she save it for another and like, get out of here? I know she feels like she can take on anything but seriously, ranked 1 witches? Of course Sillia and Mimilmia are going all out to stop Rurumo. Thankfully Harulily drops in to help. As she has prepared some top end magic, she manages to stop their time so as to buy them time to escape. Oh, Rurumo conveniently putting memory erasing magic on them. Back in her home (you mean there were no other wardens or security to stop them?), because Kouta’s soul crystal is unresponsive, luckily we have Mimi who has created a doll as his vessel! Long story short, Mimi is in love with Kouta! Putting the soul crystal into the doll, Kouta can only speak and listen, albeit very weak. Rurumo thanks him that she has now become a witch but when Kouta wants to tell her something, he has run out of steam. That is when Rurumo gives up and decides to return him to the chamber. After going through all that trouble? The memory erasing spell won’t last long and the duo will soon catch up. After all, she has been in prison before and now that she has settled the matters of her heart, it’s not bad being imprisoned again?! Girl, you just sounded that you got imprisoned in your own heart.

Soon, Rurumo and Harulily are arrested and are to face a trial for treason. In short, the judges hand down their judgment that Rurumo is to be imprisoned for 300 years and stripped of her witchhood forever while Harulily will be demoted to rank 13. Whatever they have to say or reason, it’s not the court’s problem. So a convenient revelation for us to understand why Rurumo is handed down such harsh punishment. You see, when humans are contracted with witches, when they die, their soul then becomes the source of magic witches use. Now you know why witches descend to Earth, eh? That is why in the chamber, the soul crystals are connected to tubes and all and are managed by the wardens. However this power is not limited and to maintain the balance, the Witch Queen imposed strict rules and certain methods. Rurumo has disrupted that order by awakening the human spirit inside the soul crystal. Because of that, it is deemed useless and will be destroyed. Oh Rurumo. No use crying how she made things worse while trying to save him. So accept that punishment and bear the guilt? Before the judges could hand down the verdict suddenly that loli comes in. Guess what? She’s the Witch Queen! Surprise, b*tches! She heard what happened and rushed all the way back here. She immediately annuls this session and voids all of their punishment. Wow. That was easy. That’s the Witch Queen for you.

The Witch Queen then takes them to her palace. Although she narrates that no one can stop death, but if it is caused by a witch’s contract, ah yeah, I see where this loophole is going. Hence the Witch Queen can use her special magic to revive Kouta and return his soul crystal. But didn’t Kouta get cremated? Lucky boy. Because the Witch Queen snuck into his funeral and swap his real body to her palace! Damn Kouta’s kindness goes a long way. With her special powers, Kouta is revived. The real deal. This time it is Rurumo who comes running to hug him. And finally Kouta is able to say he loves her from the bottom of his heart. I suppose he can’t stay in Underworld so he is tossed back to his home. Damn, his family and friends so happy to see him come back alive?! So what about him being dead? Oh, he lied about waking up before being cremated and escaped. Since he is standing before them, I guess they don’t want to question any further. Seriously. Let those pervy days return! Soon, Rurumo becomes a new transfer student in class. All the guys are crazy over this new cute chick but soon get jealous since Kouta knows her. Yeah. Former sister. Not going to cut it! But screw all that since Kouta gives Rurumo a kiss. Uhm, can he upgrade former sister to girlfriend? Why didn’t he just go with long lost childhood friend since everyone’s memories on Rurumo were erased? Ah well, whatever. And Rurumo is back on Earth as she was promoted and assigned to work on Earth as advisors for Earth-based witches. Can this fun last forever? Maybe not. But at least Kouta doesn’t have to use up his tickets for this now. Live life to the fullest!

Write Your Own Ticket Or It’s Tickets For You!
I’m not sure if these OVA episodes are meant to be the end and closure for the series entirely. At least for the TV format. Because they were released in conjunction for a manga volume released on the same date. Also, I read that the OVAs were original stories to begin with. Since I don’t read the manga, I am not sure how it would deviate. Not that it matters to me since I still won’t be reading them and hence the OVAs are considered the end of the series to me. Unless they decide to adapt the continuation, which would be an entirely different story but that would be for another time.

These special episodes focuses a lot on Rurumo and Kouta being relegated to a side character as we see Rurumo trying to come to terms with her feelings for Kouta. I guess only when death occurs and hits you real hard that you start realizing what is most important to you. It is really a sweet ending for Kouta and Rurumo to be together again although typically that is what I expected it would be. Pretty cliché that both the characters who never realized they were in love with each other or have a hard time saying those magical words until they are pushed to the limits, only when they overcome those obstacles, a fairytale happy ending of them being together again. And they live happily ever after. The end. I wouldn’t have it any other way for them, though. It would be really sadistic of me to aspect Rurumo to say her goodbye and peace and be locked away forever in prison. Not the kind of bad ending to leave as the final impressions of viewers.

There were a few mind boggling moments too. Most probably to drive the narrative and plot of the story. For example, it was said that nobody knows who the Witch Queen looks like. And with that loli revelation (isn’t that why they foreshadow of this unknown character in the first part?), now a lot of people know how the Witch Queen looks like? She doesn’t seem like a nasty person and a very reasonable one so why doesn’t she make her appearance known to at least the denizens of Underworld? She doesn’t have to be known to humans that’s for sure but I wonder why her appearance is kept a mystery. Is it those who only deserve to know her will get to see her face? Strange order if you ask me then. Then the other mind boggling part is how she switched Kouta’s body. I am assuming that a few days passed so why did she not immediately seek Rurumo? Why does she not know she is a witch? She saw her using her magic to save her, right? So what was she doing putting Kouta’s body for a few days in her palace? So that we could all have this dramatic scene of Rurumo going through all the trouble and emotions of rescuing Kouta and feeling her actions were for naught.

And when Kouta revived, where the heck was he if he said he escaped from his coffin? This assuming a few days have passed. Where was he hanging out? So okay, I believe there were no security guards at a funeral so nobody saw a corpse walking out. Even so, this has got to be the biggest prank Kouta would have played on his fellow family and friends and they don’t even reprimand him for this? Maybe we just didn’t see but yeah, making everybody worried sick and crying over your dead body isn’t funny the more you think about it. The funeral was real, you know. I guess everybody realizes how precious Kouta was and couldn’t care less about this and overlooked it anyway. I mean, he is alive. What more do you want? Don’t get me started on the soul crystal thingy. Sure, I saw it coming from a mile that they are used as power source to feed witches’ magic but come on, awakening them once will make them lose that magic worth? Are you sure the producer quickly try to think something up so as to give us that scene where Rurumo was filled with guilt and remorse? That her genuine actions brought more harm than good to the boy she loves? Seems like that to me. But don’t fear. Thanks to all the clichés and ingredients for a good happy ending, that’s why everybody is such a lucky person.

Overall, this series has wrapped up nicely and for viewers like me, a nice and cute closure to everything that was. Lots of typical and cliché moments to pull your heart strings as well but I guess there is no other way for this series to end so that we could all feel good when it comes to a close. If there is one thing that this series has taught me, it isn’t the magic tickets and the wish that you wish upon that really matters most. It is the actions of what you do that affects others that counts. So that is why the next time when you see an old woman needing help to carry her groceries while crossing the street or that little girl whose cat is stuck high up on a tree and can’t come down or the homeless guy who is asking for a spare change or bread to spare, don’t turn them down. Who knows? They might be some higher deity in disguise or even just that ordinary person who will return that favour to you in the future when you needed it most. Just like how Kouta’s seemingly insignificant action to help a loli and be selfless scored big points for his reunion with Rurumo. You could say he won the golden ticket then. And that the best magic comes from that not of witches, but that of the heart.

Little Witch Academia

November 26, 2017

After passing the ‘baton’ in Space Patrol Luluco, Little Witch Academia the TV series has finally arrived. Though there were a couple of movies prior to it in 2013 and 2015 but I didn’t see them. In a time where zombies and superheroes are permeating the entertainment world, it is time to take a little diversion as we focus on witches. They feel so last century. Even in this series’ setting, magic that was once the greatest thing in the world is now on the decline but our main protagonist has this goal of becoming a fine witch after watching an amazing magic performance of a witch many years ago whom she regards as her idol and motivation. With no talent for magic at all, can she fulfil her dreams? Not with a lot of misadventures along the way. I guess that itself is magic? Cliché…

Episode 1
Atsuko “Akko” Kagari was and still is captivated by the magic show put on by Shiny Chariot when she was young. Thus it is her dream to become a witch like her and now all grown up, she embarks on her first step to achieve that dream by finding her way to Luna Nova. Such annoying eager beaver that wouldn’t shut up about it all that it is no wonder that Sucy Manbavaran ignores her and plays a few unsuspecting pranks just to get her off her back. Arriving at the leyline stop that connects to Luna Nova, Akko hears witches badmouthing non-witches recently being accepted into the school. Akko is left stranded since she has no broom to take her there. Lotte Yanson is running late. She has a broom. Time to hitch a ride. Into the dimensional highway they go but the turbulent is too strong. It is because Akko is holding salt that is causing it. Because she tries to retrieve her dropped Shiny Chariot card, they fall off prematurely into Arcturus Forest, pulling Sucy with them. Happy now that her card is okay? Lotte’s broom isn’t. They have to escape a giant man eating plant and a cockatrice. However Akko and Lotte fall into Sucy’s trap. She is going to use them as sacrifice for the cockatrice so she could take its mystical feather. The duo make a run for their lives. Sucy gets the feather but the cockatrice now targets her. Akko stumbles upon a magic staff, Shiny Rod and recognizes it belongs to Shiny Chariot. After picking it up, she lures the cockatrice into a fight with the man eating plant to buy time for their escape. Perhaps having 3 ladies sitting on broom makes it heavy and slow. The cockatrice breathes fire at them. Free fall. Luckily Professor Ursula Callistis is in the vicinity and chants a spell that activates Shiny Rod, teleporting them right in the middle of Luna Nova’s matriculation ceremony. Akko is so happy she made it. According to the strict rules, she would have been booted out but the headmaster allowed it under special circumstances. Akko is shown her room. Guess who are her roommates? Lotte and Sucy.

Episode 2
Happy Akko tries to activate Shiny Rod. Nothing happens. Sucy decides to enrol in Luna Nova to add to her poison collection. Professor Anne Finnelan is not amused that Ursula is taking Akko under her tutelage. Ursula feels the need to guide a student who is of non-magic lineage. Finnelan is worried since Ursula is a bit clumsy herself. Akko in class can’t really keep up. Yeah, she’s literally sleeping through it. Diana Cavendish as you can see is the star and honour student of Luna Nova. As a prodigy and from a lineage of famous witches, you can expect her prideful behaviour. Her first encounter with Akko, she warns her about Chariot who doesn’t hold a high regard in the magic world. It has been 10 years since she disappeared and nobody cares where she is now. Akko won’t accept that and tries to prove it with Shiny Rod by trying to make the statue move. Nothing happens. Diana easily uses her magic to wow everyone. Totally on a different level. Later Akko shows to her friends her Shiny Chariot card collection. It was the craze back then. She collected all except one premium card. Oh, she memorized each one of them by heart. The professors are concerned that the Jennifer Memorial Tree is weakened. Diana tries to use a ritual to provide nourishments to it but soon its roots start uprooting and what it seems like shiny parasites sticking out to it. She tries to eliminate them all but Akko stops her. These are not parasites but some sort of magic fairy butterflies that only emerge once every 120 years. She knows it because it is from her card collection. Akko uses Shiny Rod to hatch them and it worked. The glowing butterflies fly away, painting the sky a beautiful gold. The professors think Diana did a splendid job but as she tries to explain herself, the professors believe no one else but her could pull this off.

Episode 3
Ursula gives Akko her new broom. New students are being taught how to fly a broom. Only Akko somehow still cannot fly. Furthermore, the broom relay race is coming up and Akko wants to win it so she could have her picture next to Chariot (she was once a winner too) in the hall of fame. Akko accompanies Lotte to go pick up her repaired broom. They see a sealed broom, Shooting Star. It is legendary for being able to fly far and wide without the Sorcerer’s Stone but no witch has ever tamed it. Akko wants to borrow it but the shopkeeper will not allow it. Akko tries befriending, threatening and begging her broom but it still won’t fly. Sucy isn’t interested in participating in the race but when she learns the winner will also receive a prize from Professor Lukic, she quickly takes Akko for a Spartan training. Not even all the near-death stunts could still make her fly. Race day is here. When it begins, Lotte only lifts off like normal. The rest are stuck because Sucy put some glue on their brooms. Is this legal?! But it didn’t work on the mechanized broom of Constanze Amalie Von Braunschbank Albrectsberger. She quickly relays the ring to her partner, Jasminka Antonenko. However with Sucy placing snacks in her path, she soon strays. Lotte passes to Sucy who in turn passes to Akko as the anchor. Can her broom fly? Well, it turns into legs and hops. At this time the other contestants have freed their brooms and begin racing. Delinquent Amanda O’Neill stole Shooting Star and tries to ride it. Of course it escapes. It passes Akko as she grabs and holds on for the ride of her life. Oh, she went all around the world?! When she falls off, Diana saves her to repay her debt. Akko won’t lose and fires herself as a human cannonball to ride Shooting Star again. This time she chains herself to it. So it is Akko and Diana neck to neck to the finish line. Who will it be? Just inches before the finish line, the seal on Shooting Star breaks. It turns into some majestic broom bird as it flies away. In the end, Diana wins. Akko took second and as Ursula noted, it is quite an achievement for someone who still cannot fly and has nothing but passion.

Episode 4
Finnelan reprimands Akko for stealing a tart (or pie?) and since she dared talk back, she will make them unload the food truck tomorrow and take extra lessons under Ursula. However Lotte begs any punishment but this. Denied. Dream dashed. It seems Lotte is a fan of a long running novel series called Night Fall by Annabel Crème. Let’s say the story is similar to Twilight… Tomorrow the 365th volume will be released and Annabel who has never shown her face in public will do a face reveal. Akko gets this brilliant idea. After unloading the food, the trio sneak out in the food van. It is a lively affair in town with all the nerds and cosplayers. Lotte is one herself since she can identify every character from which volume no matter how insignificant! Lotte explains how she got into this series. It was her escape from bullying. In the hall, Annabel turns out to be a little girl? She looks disinterested and only looking at her handphone. There is a pop quiz in which the winner will get an item from her. Lotte aces the quiz and wins a fountain pen. To her shock, Annabel reveals this means she will be the next writer. As all Night Fall authors are different, Annabel is the 12th and now Lotte will be the 13th. If she doesn’t write, her favourite series ends today. Annabel then uses an item to teleport away. Lotte realizes she isn’t a witch and needs to go look for her and return the pen. Akko thought Lotte should be happy since she could write the stories she wants. Lotte disagrees. Unlike Akko who wants to be like Chariot, Lotte doesn’t harbour dreams to be like the person she admires. She wants to only support. They manage to find Annabel who says she won’t write again due to the flaming comments about her latest works. However Lotte argues about how good it was and fans were expecting this development. Then they discuss all the interesting chapters and weird trivia. It gives Annabel back her motivation and she will continue writing. The trio return to Luna Nova and surely Finnelan is expecting them. They are punished to clean the bath. Lotte reveals another reason why she doesn’t want to write: It would be spoilers if she wrote it herself and there would be nothing to look forward to then.

Episode 5
Akko and Amanda got into a quarrel that cause and accident in class. Luckily Diana’s magic reverts it all. Then she lectures and puts them in their place. Of course, both girls and even their group get punished doing laundry. They see a group of dragons stealing the Sorcerer’s Stone. They go tell the teachers but it seems they know about it and fears the dragon’s wrath. Lotte deduces the dragons of Rastaban Ruins might have come out of their 100 year slumber to steal the Sorcerer’s Stone. With Diana further chiding their typical behaviour, this gives the perfect excuse for Akko and Amanda to skip out on their punishment and retrieve it. Reaching the ruins, they are attacked by the dragons. Their friends got captured and the duo tumble down a hole. Seeing her friends captured, Akko really wants to have a go at this old giant dragon, Fafnir! She gets caught and fears being eaten. But Fafnir dismisses about that barbaric act and that humans don’t taste good at all. Akko is insulted and argues she tastes good?! Anyway, Fafnir explains her friends got captured by his security system. He wonders if they brought the money owed. They are unsure of what he is talking about till they see the headmistress, Miranda Holbrook and a few teachers at the door. They are as shock to see their students here. Fafnir thinks the girls are a ploy to stall the payment. Holbrook offers some antiques but Fafnir gets mad. He wants cold hard cash.

Akko demands an explanation so Fafnir says Luna Nova owes him a great debt. He received not a single penny for a year and he was ignored when he reminded them. He threatened to steal the Sorcerer’s Stone to get their attention. This isn’t enough to cover a fraction of the debt. There is nothing wrong for a dragon to like money as it doesn’t discriminate. See his online stock broking making money! He is going to repossess Luna Nova and sell it before its value drops. He doesn’t care about Akko’s dreams whatsoever. He is just being realistic. That’s how the world works. Suddenly Diana comes in to show an old contract which states that no interests should have been paid. It was purposely written in an old dragon language as none of the teachers could read it. Diana is fluent in it. Fafnir rubbishes it and nulls the contract. If so, this makes the overpayments of interests void as they have paid more than the base amount. So care to pay back the excess amount? In light of this, Fafnir just returns the Sorcerer’s Stone and drops everything. Fafnir believes magic is no longer the future. Dragons and witches are no longer needed. Akko remains confident it will be. He likes that steadfast look in her eyes although he still remains sceptical that living off dreams alone cannot earn a living. Akko and co get more laundry punishment. Akko and Amanda continue to argue the other as the dumbest.

Episode 6
As Akko has not mastered the basics of metamorphosis, she is forced to stay in her room till she masters it. So no party for her to welcome Earl of Hanbridge who will be visiting Luna Nova tonight. Oh, he has a handsome son, Andrew. During the party, Paul Hanbridge wants his son to tour the place so Holbrook has Diana do the honours. His friend, Frank is trying to hit on Diana but she ignores him. Plus, Diana and Andrew know each other since young and don’t really like each other. Especially their opposing views on magic as Andrew views them as obsolete and useless. Andrew gets separated when he spots Akko sneaking out (must be tired of turning herself into a rabbit girl) so he goes to check her out. He finds her amusing but still badmouths about magic. Akko denies that so he wants proof. She tries to show her metamorphosis. Now he has donkey ears! And tail! He takes it that she can’t fix it. Looks like her only hope is the Fountain of Polaris where she’ll have the power of the stars grant her magic. Too bad she couldn’t read the Latin (not French) warning and breaks in, awakening Arcas the polar bear from its slumber. Run! They end up falling over a cliff but Ursula’s magic floats them down (she went to look for Akko after realizing she’s not in her room). Before the fountain, she enters the magic arc and sees past visions of Chariot studying and using her magic. Despite having good intentions, it has some troublesome consequences. So did Chariot inherit the magic into Shiny Rod and become a phoenix?! Suddenly everything reverts to normal. The fountain is gone. Ursula explains the fountain bestows great power to witches with hidden radiance but disappears when an immature witch is unworthy to wield its powers. Akko is sad as she knows she got her hopes up to be acknowledged a witch but instead it is something you work hard for. Ursula dispels the magic on Andrew and he promises to keep this a secret. When he leaves with his father who has confirmed that witches have no purpose in this era and thus wasted his day, he is only doing this to put enemies in his debt.

Episode 7
Akko continues to flop in all exams. I mean, she can’t even understand classes (yeah, some teachers are animals and talking in animal language) so how do you expect her to pass? Then she gets into a fight with Diana’s underlings because they mock her stupidity too much (since Diana’s 100% prediction predicted Akko will get expelled). Akko is taken to Holbrook as Finnelan warns that if she fails her next exam, she will be expelled. So in the next lesson with Professor Pisces, as expected Akko cannot understand a single word of fish language! So she thought of lapping up to Pisces but pouring some expensive and popular mineral water into her fishbowl. Instantly turn belly up! Trying to save her makes it worse because she accidentally flushes the fish down the drain! So with Sucy and Lotte, they transform into a fish (WTF did Akko transform into?) to go down the sewers to rescue Pisces before the exam begins. Oh, they leave it to Ursula to distract and fool the class over Pisces’ disappearance. Will the fish bait work? Akko has time to help a sad fish look for his family. Even using her limited magic to break them open from the cage trap. It seems Pisces was among the trapped. Akko thinks she has gotten back in time but Finnelan is waiting and Ursula busted. Back to Holbrook’s room again. However Akko can understand when Pisces praises her and gives her an A in magic philosophy. But Finnelan still wants her expelled since the newspaper reports a weird mermaid was spotted. This somewhat tarnishes Luna Nova’s reputation. For once, Ursula blows her top as she stands up for Akko, telling her off all the hardships and failures she went through. Even so, she continues to grow. She approves of Akko. A call from the environment agency comes in. They want to know if this mermaid is from Luna Nova. They want to commend her for saving an endangered fish from poaching. I guess Akko is saved from expulsion. However since she tried to cheat on the exam, she will still be punished. Finnelan watches over Akko and co (even Ursula) as they clean up the place.

Episode 8
Sucy has created some super energy drink that will unleash her abilities. She drinks it but it seems she is ‘asleep’ the next day. Her friends think she wants to skip class so bad. But when they return, she is still asleep but mushrooms are grown everywhere. Fearing they will be expelled this time, they can’t alert the teachers and try hard to wake her up. Lotte thinks it is some witch disease that causes her to go into slumber so the only way is for Akko (who volunteered) to enter Sucy and wake her up. Inside her mind, she meets Sucy’s consciousness in the form of angel and devil. Both are evil. Just their methods differ. They force Akko to sign a contract if she wants their help. The original Sucy is in the mushroom tower and they would have got there faster if Akko knew how to fly a broom. So by foot, Sucy meets all kind of personalities of Sucy that she never knew. Yeah, she even went to court to stop the death sentencing of innocent Sucys but is sentenced to be executed herself. Of course Akko frees herself and the other Sucys before continuing her journey. Then she takes a detour to watch a movie. It’s retro black and white cartoon with Akko being viewed as a total idiot while Sucy plays her pranks on her. So funny that even Akko is laughing! Of course there are some heart-warming moments like the first time they met. When the movie ‘predicts’ the mushroom will overrun Luna Nova and cause chaos, some Sucys start laughing. Akko chides them this is not funny but then turn into Titan Sucy and start devouring everything! It is believed that if this continues, this Sucy will wake up and be the new personality. So let’s go quickly wake her up. After knocking on several doors, Akko finally finds the original Sucy sleeping. She must traverse through vines and fight off a dragon. How do you wake a sleeping princess? Yeah, Akko is going to kiss her! Fortunately Sucy will not have that disgusting thing and wakes up, causing Akko to miss and slam her head instead. Akko wakes back up in reality (which seems to have reverted back to normal). As Sucy is still asleep, Akko frantically tries to wake her up. Maybe kiss again? Same thing. Sucy wakes up. Akko misses. Bangs head. Everything back to normal. Sucy will now have Akko do all those as promised in the contract. Wasn’t that just a dream?

Episode 9
In order to make an amulet charm that will guide them home safely, each student must hand over their most prized possession. This means Akko has to reluctantly give up her Shiny Chariot card. While picking mushrooms with Sucy, Akko’s blunder causes her to spill some potion on a grave that resurrects a dead talkative pirate. Although the effects will wear out by sundown, they have to stop him from causing trouble in town. Plus, you know the punishment if the school finds out you used magic outside especially reviving the dead, right? Akko and Lotte are having a hard time keeping up with him (and out of trouble) since he is running all over the place and has no clue what he is supposed to look for. Eventually the bits of clues come back and he is supposed to find a man responsible in bringing misfortune to a girl named Miranda. Her mom died after she was born and he vowed to turn her into a fine witch. However he broke his promised and left her alone. After all that running, he realizes he himself is that guy. He used to bring her to play at the bell tower and made her a magic staff out of the bell’s tongue. Akko recognizes it as Holbrook’s staff since it has the same design. She uses the potion to bring the bell (and the entire bell) back to Luna Nova. Father and daughter reunite. Holbrook isn’t shocked to see him. She even lets him visit her mom’s grave and then tells him she never resented him. She worked hard and became a headmistress. He kept his promise. Time is up so pirate dude thanks the girls before he disappears. Of course now it is for the trio’s punishment. As they are still in the middle of training, they are to clean the broken brooms and reflect on what they have done. Just a slap on the wrist, right? Well, they never expected to clean thousands of broken brooms!

Episode 10
Sucy ordered some venomous bee but wrongly received a love bee instead. You know what happens when you get stung, right? Akko wants to try it on someone when Diana and her underlings pass by in fancy gowns. Looks like they have been invited to Andrew’s mansion to celebrate his honours received from his school. Because they tease her how she’ll never get to come, this makes her mad and so it is. She’ll be coming. But does she have to drag Sucy and Lotte along too? So first they pick out some dress (in which according to the contract can last for only 2 hours), they sneak into the mansion after Akko uses her magic to turn a squirrel giant and run rampage at the gates. Andrew and Diana look like a perfect couple. Akko looks ‘jealous’ so she keeps eating her cake. When Andrew spots her and wants her to leave because he didn’t invite her, they get into an argument. Sucy then takes this chance to unleash the love bee (remember, it was Akko’s idea to test it on someone). The bee stings Andrew. He sees Akko as a beautiful woman (who the heck is this chick?!) and falls for her. He even kisses her hand! Akko is most disgusted by this. The bee also stings Frank and the other guys. They all fall for Lotte. Sucy gives Akko a swatter to swat the bee and the effects will be negated. But now the bee stings Diana. She sees Akko. Lesbianism! Hanbridge talks to Andrew about allowing witches here. He reminds him how obsolete things are not needed (like his piano play too) as they are statesmen. They need to consolidate their power and Andrew will be the future leader. He warns him to remove the witch.

After he leaves, Akko overheard all that and comes to tease Andrew for being a spineless puppet. Andrew respects his father as the leader of the state as well as the head of the family. He has a duty to succeed him. Akko counters that she might not be a noble or rich, but she has dreams of becoming a witch. Akko returns chasing the bee back in the ball. What a nuisance. Before Hanbridge can kick her out, Andrew returns as he plays the piano to the bumblebee theme so the crowd can watch fittingly how Akko cartoonishly tries to swat it. In the process, more people get stung. Straight love! Homo love! Beastiality love too? Heck, Diana gets stung again and now that she sees herself in the mirror, she truly loves herself! Finally manages to swat the bee. On Hanbridge’s forehead! Everything returns to normal. Andrew is back to his prideful ways. Time runs out and Akko’s dress disappears back to Luna Nova’s uniform. Lotte might be a little heart-broken that the guys are now not interested in her. Except for Frank he seems to want to hang out with her. Too bad she rejects him since it would be rude to date him before she developed any feelings. While Andrew doesn’t show it, Frank can tell Akko caught his attention since ultimately he didn’t kick her out. Back at the dorm, Sucy and Lotte tease Akko about one day Andrew and her will be together. Though she continues to deny it all.

Episode 11
Akko continues to fail in her magic despite tutoring from Ursula. She starts thinking if she would become like Chariot. As she ponders where she disappeared to, Lotte suggests asking Ursula since they might know each other. Might. This gives Akko confidence and she heads straight there. At this time of the night? That’s Akko for you. Well, Ursula is giving vague answers about Chariot. She tells Akko about a word that means the dream that cannot be grasped but if you work hard towards it, it can be yours. She also asks her to take care of Shiny Rod. Diana sees Holbrook for a book not found in the library. She gives her a magic key to the secret archives and since tonight is the blue moon, it might show her something magical. Similarly, Akko remembers her card collection about the blue moon that talks about some apparition. Diana enters the archive and reads up on Grand Triskelion, a great hidden power that changed the world. It was sealed by the Nine Olde Witches within Arcturus. Only a staff with 7 stars, Claiomh Solais may break its seal by reciting the 7 words. Akko stumbles into some secret passage. After running around and getting lost, she stumbles into Chariot! However Chariot tells her to realize her dream will never come true. Akko realizes this is an imposter since Chariot will never say something like that. Chariot then turns into an apparition. Akko wants to ask about her future. She is shown a future whereby Akko is a great witch. However to grasp this future she must erase her past. They are needless for this future. But Akko will not forgo her past despite all the failures, mistakes and bumbling. Those tears and frustration are all part of her. It is her life and belongs to nobody else. Akko vows to work hard to become an amazing witch. She says a magic word to exorcise everything? After she passes out, Ursula arrives to pick her up. She recognizes the apparition as Professor Woodward. She in turn calls Ursula as Chariot. It seems Woodward was testing Akko like how she did for Ursula. Woodward notes Claiomh Solais has been revived. Akko has already said 2 words to revive it (the first in the forest and recently the second). She wants Ursula to aid her in reviving the remaining words. Ursula promises to tell Akko the truth one day.

Episode 12
Akko improves in her transforming magic. Though, she looks more cartoonish. The Samhain Festival is around the corner where invited witches all around the world gather. As this is Luna Nova’s chance to display their mettle, each team is required to display their magic in which the most exceptional one will be chosen and be granted the title of Moonlit Witch. Each time is also assigned duties. Akko’s team is arguing who should draw the lot. I guess 2 against 1. It’s you Akko. She gets the worse duty of becoming a sacrifice! At the end of Samhain, this sad demon Vajarois wakes up and devours the sacrifice and goes back to sleep till the next festival. Don’t worry. Nobody dies. Sacrifices just pass through its digestive system and safely excreted. Everyone is laughing at how fitting a role Akko’s team plays. Akko is red faced and annoyed. More jealous than before especially for Diana as she got the best duty of summoning and becoming the festival’s committee. So while she pouts, she stumbles upon a magic mirror that Diana was helping other students out. The mirror reflects Akko’s jealous heart and turns her into Diana. At first it will be hard to run away from others looking for her assistance but soon Akko finds it hilarious to use her fame and prank them! Real sh*t hits the fan when she is tasked to do some magic but can’t. The real Diana shows up and undoes everything. Akko gets an earful about being irresponsible to her duty and sulk when things don’t go her way. But Akko argues back when Diana says she is just playing Chariot without knowing anything. She vows to become the best and get that Moonlit Witch. Just wait and see. So… All just talk for now? Yeah, more sulking for Akko as Ursula comes to lift her spirits as usual. Shiny Rod lights up and points the way to the Fountain of Polaris. Akko steps in again and sees Chariot happily practising magic. She feels Chariot was doing it not to become Moonlit Witch. With the staff glowing further, Akko now knows what to do.

Episode 13
Akko plans to entertain Vajarois with her magic but her pals aren’t too keen on keeping on with her pace. However watching her practice hard for 3 weeks and with no improvements at all, after reading her Trick or Treat Plan, they decide to help her. The festival gets underway with the Luna Nova teams putting on performances. With some getting into freak accidents, it is no wonder those judges are feeling bored and beginning to realize why magic is on the decline. That is of course until Diana’s team put up a stunning magic display. Now it is time for the sacrifice. Vajarois is brought out. Lotte and Sucy seemingly flee to leave Akko to her own device. Akko looks like she got devoured but she turned into a mice in the nick of time. She transforms into a few more animals to let Vajarois chase her. Each time Akko falls short, Lotte and Sucy are there to back her up. More flashy magic displays and funny animal transformations to make Vajarois laugh but it serves to only piss it off. But everyone else is laughing. Because Akko’s magic is so crappy that it is funny! Meanwhile Ursula has been trying to research on Vajarois’ origins for Akko and finally in the archive she discovers that Vajarois was originally a princess. She ate a seed of sorrow that will make her sad eternally so as not to forget her lost friends. She returns to tell Akko this in the nick of time. The only way is to pull out the seed. Not hard to find once they get swallowed into its stomach. With the power of friendship and stubbornness perseverance, they finally pull it out as Vajarois bursts into a beautiful gust of magic dust. They see Vajarois true princess form for a short while. Akko and friends are happy they did it, so is Ursula because Luna Nova will no longer have any reason for this sacrifice ritual. Diana heard she is leading the contention to be Moonlit Witch but isn’t too pleased to hear Akko isn’t in the running because she broke some rules.

Episode 14
Ursula is nervous as she is about to tell Akko the whole truth. However the teachers call her as something has happened. The fairies are on strike. They are demanding to use extra powers from the Sorcerer’s Stone. However it isn’t possible as it is operating at near full capacity and there is none left to spare. So for now, Ursula is forced to get some energy manually. That will take days… Until she returns, the students will have to bear everything not functioning. The fairies try to barricade the Sorcerer’s Stone but a barrier falls off and almost hits Akko. She is saved by Croix and her magitronics (magic + electronic technology). She is a new teacher at Luna Nova and shows off her hi-tech magical devices. Wow. So futuristic. Akko tries to go negotiate with the fairies and drags Lotte as her interpreter. However she ends up siding with them! I guess she got persuaded. When Diana tells them off that they will all lose Luna Nova in the process, Akko stokes more fire by saying she is an aristocrat and knows nothing about the harsh life of commoners! You can’t win over an idiot… Soon both sides have a negotiation. Unfortunately energy is something you cannot easily create. However Croix has a solution using her Sorcery Solution System (SSS). It sounds very complex how it can create more energy, store them and even apply for government subsidy at zero cost! Wow. We love to have it! However Finnelan disagrees. Luna Nova is about upholding tradition. She tells Croix to refrain bringing her modern devices here. Diana’s subordinates bribe a fire fairy so they can have a warm bath. But somebody injured it. When the other fairies find out, they go on a rampage and attack everybody! Is it too late to accept their demands? Akko is once again saved by Croix’s hi-tech magic. She even uses the devices to absorb all the negative energy and revive the flame fairy! Croix is now loved by all the students and the teachers embrace technology wholeheartedly! SSS is installed and makes life much easier for all parties. From the looks of it, Croix has some ulterior motive setting it all up… By the time Ursula comes back, all her efforts are in vain as it is not needed anymore. As she goes to talk to Akko, she is shocked to see her admiring and being friendly with Croix. Ursula knows Croix…

Episode 15
Almost everyone is embracing technology in magic as Croix is the only sole developer. Diana is not impressed as she tries to do a background check on her. She might not look like much then but she has powers that could rival her and was considerably popular. In fact, Croix is Chariot’s senior. Though Croix put in hard work to improve magic, Chariot prefers to use it for entertainment despite having more natural talent for it. So impressed Akko goes to see Croix with those admiring eyes. Asking if she knows her whereabouts, she could analyse if she had something that belong to her. Shiny Rod? Akko is told to come to her lab as she has the instruments. Croix analyses it and it seems it reacts to high spirit energy and emotions. But the rod isn’t the only thing she analysed. Before Akko knows it, she is put into a trance and analysed too. When Ursula finds out about it, she makes her way there (couldn’t she sit on a broom to fly instead of running on foot?). She fights off Croix’s automations and realizes it was an attempt to test her skills. Ursula knows Croix has never changed as she wants the reconstruction magic all to herself. Croix is confident she can’t stop her but Ursula vows even if she cannot shine again, she will protect Akko. Akko wakes up back in Ursula’s place and is told she wasn’t feeling well and was brought back here. Akko mentions about a strange dream regarding Chariot so Ursula starts explaining about Grand Triskelion. Some infinite power that stretches everywhere but withered in time. It marked the decline of the age of magic. Traces of it remain only in leylines. But its original power was passed down in secrecy. The Nine Olde Witches sealed that great power to reconstruct the world in Arcturus. Seven words that were lost are able to break its seal. However simply reciting them won’t activate it. One must breathe life into its revival only will do. Akko has already breathed 3 of the words. There are 4 words remaining and she has to learn what they are for herself. Akko believes Chariot went missing because she was looking for those words. Now she wants to look for them in hopes of running into her.

Episode 16
Akko is now eager to find the remaining words. How? Search online. Internet too slow! And she said she is going to take whatever it takes to find them when she can’t even wait 3 minutes for the search results… Although Ursula knows that word, Akko says it but nothing activates. That is because she lacks something and she needs to find it herself. Now, now. Don’t be impatient… Akko and Sucy follow Lotte to her home since her family is serving pie given by the neighbour. Everyone is enjoying it. Except for Akko. It must be so disgusting that she spit it out. Yeah, Akko doesn’t even enjoy the sauna. The next day, everyone is shocked when the adults have turned into moss! It seems this is some Greenman disease. Coincidentally everything lined up perfectly for this rare disease to occur. Yeah, including that pie. There is an antidote for it and they have to make it quick otherwise the infected will stay a moss forever and wither away. So as they go collect the ingredients (Akko almost being a dick in trying to get them. Yes, a dick) but they are a couple of ingredients short when Lotte and Sucy now turn into moss. It is up to Akko. After getting the reindeer’s dropping, she has to get a yeti to make the medicine base. However he couldn’t make it exactly as per instructions so Akko had to tell to redo it again. Now he has lost motivation. What’s this? You’re lecturing him now? Even a yeti can be sensitive. See, now you made him cry and run away. She finds out he is a victim of online bullying. Screw all that! Who cares what society says? He is an artisan and genius. The yeti is motivated and gets back to work. Now that the base is done, it is a long trek home. At times Akko wanted to give up but she perseveres. At this time, little specks of moss are growing over her. As she mixes the medicine, she then chants the word. Shiny Rod becomes some sprinkler to sprinkle the medicine and cure everybody. Back at Luna Nova, Ursula is pleased another seal is broken and the key to it all was Akko’s patience. With 3 remaining words left, Akko is in a hurry to get them. I guess she didn’t learn…

Episode 17
Amanda tells Akko that she heard that the Holy Grail is being kept at an elite school, Appleton. They may be keeping it for some whatever ritual. Akko thinks it could be the key to the fifth word. In this school where Andrew goes, Akko can’t let herself be seen so she transforms into a mouse while Amanda masquerades as a man. Amanda picks a fight with Louis Blackwell, the son of Appleton’s chairman who is also the Defence Minister. She doesn’t care and wants to fight. When Louis spots Akko, he believes they are witches and wants to rid them. Till Andrew steps in to handle it. Akko scolds Amanda for starting unnecessary trouble. Amanda wants to go out with a bang before she quits Luna Nova. Akko and Andrew’s ideal clash again with the letter okay in following what fate has set in stone for him. Akko goes off alone to find the Holy Grail. She sees something strange (Croix’s cubes) leading her to a chest in what Akko believes to be the Holy Grail. Amanda exposes Louis for cheating in a card game. She really wants to fight but realizes she can’t use magic because her device is with Akko. She is caught and will be brought to trial as a witch. Black KKK? I didn’t know posters of a wanted mouse is up so fast. Well, they didn’t have to wait long to catch Akko. In fact she came to rescue Amanda but gets caught. Andrew storms in and disagrees with Louis method to execute the witches. At Appleton, they have a tradition to settle disputes as upper class society. A sword duel on top a high bridge? Wow. This is sure civilized. Of course Amanda’s wild style defeats Louis. Being the sore loser, he takes the Holy Grail and breaks it. The cubes then inhabit a knight’s armour in which it fully possesses Louis and goes on a rampage. Akko realizes the Holy Grail is a curse that inhibited a demon or something. Amanda tries hard to fight back. Only if she had her magic. Akko then throws her device in which the knight is easily unarmoured. The cubes fly away. When the adults come, they want to arrest the witches. Andrew explains everything but they think he is brainwashed. However Louis tells the truth that he was saved by them. Andrew will take care the rest so he lets the girls be on their way. The cubes return to Croix who is satisfied with the data she got.

Episode 18
Wild Hunt is an event where hunters hunt ghosts before the year end. Since they are passing by this place, Luna Nova is all abuzz. Akko accidentally breaks Constanze’s Stanbot. She heads to her room to apologize bust stumbles upon a secret passage that leads to her secret garage where she is trying to design a ship to participate in Wild Hunt. Akko wants to help but Constanze is a loner and works alone. Each time Akko is kicked out, she always comes back. You can’t even cage her in. Akko notices Constanze is scavenging parts for her ship. When she couldn’t get them, Akko uses her charm to ‘borrow’ them. Because of that, Constanze allows her to work with her so long she could gather materials for her. On the night of the Wild Hunt, somebody leaked this to normal people so they gather at the spot in hopes of catching something paranormal. Too bad they can’t see all the spirits and action. Here comes Constanze and Akko’s majestic warship into the fray. Things are going well till the culprit unleashes strange cubes that turn ghosts into evil ravens? They attack normal people and even combine into one giant monster. Constanze and Akko transform their ship into a giant mecha! Can you believe this was Akko’s idea and Constanze loved and incorporated it into her blueprint? They fight the monster but quickly run out of power. Most of it was used up during the transformation. Dang. Ursula pleads the Wild Hunt hunters to help them so they lend their power to power the mecha up and fight back for an explosive victory. Later Ursula confronts Croix the culprit and wants to know her goal as she was trying to cause panic and gauge their rise in emotional energy or fuel spirit. She won’t tell and is confident Ursula cannot stop her anyhow. As thanks, Constanze gives Akko a high-tech broom. Very slow. Hey, at least she is flying now.

Episode 19
Diana’s mom used to tell her tales of Beatrix, one of the Nine Olde Witches. Akko is shocked to hear Diana is going to quit Luna Nova. Apparently she is the only one who can’t accept it and goes to confront her before she leaves tonight. It seems her family is having a crisis and she has to go back to become the head. But why now? Some stars aligning and the ritual can only be done in that specific time or else wait again a few years. Instead of worrying about her, Diana tells Akko to just go find the words. She has been researching them herself but it all boils down to the chosen one of Shiny Rod. That’s you, Akko. Not satisfied, Akko bugs Ursula on where Diana lives. Diana returns home and you can sense the hostility with her aunt Daryl. Akko hitch hikes her way. Nobody picks her up but Andrew. Sandwiched between father and son… So awkward. Apparently they are being invited by the Cavendish. Daryl isn’t familiar with Akko as an unwanted guest. Despite badmouthing her for not being of a witch lineage, Diana stands up for her. In her room, Akko wanted to touch a box but Diana won’t allow her. Inside is a Chariot card. Diana’s servant, Anna dresses Akko properly as Akko learns about Diana’s parents died at a tender age. Diana has to become the head of family now because if left under Daryl the proxy head, the Cavendish will perish. So after dinner (Akko being the uncivilized savage while eating), the thing Daryl wants Hanbridge to see are a few of the family’s works. She is hoping he would buy them. One of them is a tapestry of Beatrix. Hanbridge is not interested and leaves. Diana blows her top about Daryl trying to sell out the family’s assets. Daryl argues having pride won’t put food on the table. The reason the family is able to hold out this long is because she has been working all along for free. Aware of Daryl’s true intentions, Diana vows to conduct the ritual and become the next family head.

Episode 20
Akko is still trying to change Diana’s mind. Not working. As Diana begins her path to the ritual, she is ambushed and trapped by Daryl’s snakes. That was easy. Andrew asks Akko why she is so bent on helping Diana. It’s not like they’re friends. Akko may be selfish not wanting her to quit but she can tell Diana too doesn’t want to quit school. She knows Diana isn’t something who would do something halfway and abandon it. Especially if she was researching the words and Grand Triskelion. This prompts Andrew to remember Diana once couldn’t use magic but she persevered. There must be something she wants to do and the only thing she can do. When they hear Daryl has stopped Diana in her tracks, they go help her. Screw the curse that would befall on those who interfere. Rules are meant to be broken, right? Yeah, Akko is this broken in her head. Anyway, Akko is able to fend off the snakes to save Diana. Since she is a little poisoned, Diana takes her to a secret location where her ancestors healed anyone, friend or foe. She is then shown the abandoned library of the family’s medical cures. They became obsolete when science in medicine became advanced. There stands a statue of Beatrix who is the foremother of the Cavendish clan. Diana’s mother wanted to preserve the old traditional way but her weak body means she died after pushing too hard. Diana is proud of her ancestors and wants to continue preserving this home. Oh, now Akko is trying to persuade Diana not to give up and finish the ritual despite Diana has resigned on giving up! Shiny Rod glows and a cue for the fifth word. Diana has Akko repeat after her and Shiny Rod turns into Shiny Volley, Chariot’s broom. It has jet powers! Hold on! They might just make it in time for the ritual but Daryl and her daughters try to stop her. Because of that, they are cursed and turn into trees. Diana can’t let them be and uses her magic to return them back to normal. But that costs her the ritual since time is up. In the end, Diana has no regrets of the failure. But Anna doesn’t want her to forget her old childhood dream as she gives her the box. As she has no reason to be here now, please return to Luna Nova to pursue her dream. Until she can return here, they will protect it in her stead. Diana thanks her servants as she flies home. Daryl might not like Diana still but she now views her of having hope to save the family’s name. Akko is glad Diana is giving her a ride back to Luna Nova. But to her shock, Diana thanks her. That never happened before! Please say it again!

Episode 21
Akko is eager to find the sixth word. Remember, patience. Like what you’ve learnt. As she hits a dead end, Croix talks to her about Wagandea tree where that word might be. Ursula disallows Akko to go there since its toxic pollens will be released. Even her friends feel it is better for her to heed Ursula’s words. Talking to Croix again, she offers to bring her there. They inspect some of the buds and find it hasn’t open yet. This prompts Croix to warn Akko to be wary of Ursula. Why did she lie to her? Is there something she wants to hide? She claims to be Chariot’s classmate but Croix recalls no such student named Ursula. As Akko treks up Wagandea, Ursula receives word that Akko has gone there. She flies as fast as she could only to be stopped by Croix. They remember vividly on that day they were before the tree. Croix was shocked the staff chose Chariot as the one who will find the words to activate Grand Triskelion. Ursula believes Croix is afraid of Akko who might get Grand Triskelion before she does. Anyhow, she won’t get it. Croix thinks the staff has erred in choosing its owner like before. It doesn’t matter to how. She doesn’t need that staff. Ursula tries to persuade Akko to return but she becomes mad for trying to prevent her. Akko doesn’t care about the words and her goal is only to meet Chariot. She did all Ursula said just for that. Croix has Akko trudge further while she ‘convinces’ Ursula. As Akko nears the top, she sees a swarm of pollens released. She panics and falls off. Ursula saves her. A few bruises here and there but they’re safe. Akko feels regret and sorry she said those means things and Ursula still saved her. Ursula remembers apologizing profusely to Croix when she got the staff. But Croix entrusts her to get Grand Triskelion since she was the chosen one. Akko continues to weep all she wanted to say was thank you. Her tears activate the sixth word. Ursula notes Akko has grown a lot. Back at Croix’s base, she comments she has no need for Shiny Rod or the words. She has a more forceful method to take Grand Triskelion.

Episode 22
A controversial goal in a football match has both sides protesting and a war might break out. Politicians think it is inevitable but Andrew wonders if they’re going to put all their efforts of peace to waste. They tell him not to step over his line and even his father tells him to not get involved in this one. Akko sees Ursula who tells her the seventh word. However she doesn’t know what it means accept it lies within her heart. She wants to tell the most important truth but Diana comes in looking for Akko. Andrew has left a message to meet him in the streets. That’s about right now. Sorry. Maybe next time. Diana then asks Ursula about some magic irregularity at Luna Nova ever since Croix installed her technology. Ursula has an excuse to excuse herself since she sees Croix flying away. Andrew returns Akko’s hat she left in his car. They see the street protests as Andrew feels disappointed that both nations who were always at war, recently achieved peace, all for it to fall apart again. Akko thinks they should watch Chariot’s magic show and be happy. Andrew tells her she is always talking about it. Why rely on Chariot when she should be making them happy herself? Akko takes up the challenge. She then sees a cube and tries to catch it. It leads her to Croix and she is shocked to learn she is the one who developed it. She reveals Noir Fuel Spirit harnesses human emotions and converts them to energy. Magic is on the decline and will one day disappear if nothing is done. Using human emotions as the new source is fantastic and what better way than manipulating the crowd. Akko disagrees with her method. Since she sounds so much like Chariot, Croix points out that is why she failed. Her cubes become a giant salamander to pin Akko down. Here comes Ursula to bust her out. At that point, Akko sees Ursula’s true Chariot identity. She cannot believe it. The truth is out. Ursula tries to stop Chariot but is pointed out she did the same thing 10 years ago and has no right. She did something to the moon. As Ursula remains silent, Croix continues explaining. Dream Fuel Spirit converts the power of dreaming into magic. When Akko and others saw Chariot’s magic show, Dream Fuel Spirit took and converted their dreaming energy into magic. That is why Akko lost her magic. Ursula admits she absorbed her magic. Akko hopes it is all a lie. But with flashbacks of Ursula always supporting her, I guess it got to her this time. Her dream has crumbled. Akko runs away in tears. Croix mocks Akko won’t be looking for the final word now and Chariot has failed again.

Episode 23
When Chariot was young, her dream was to make people happy via magic. However she sucked at school but persevered till she got Claiomh Solais and followed Woodward’s advice to revive the words. However the final word did not appear. She is scouted by a producer who made her do magic on the big stage. But soon the people got tired of her magic and she needed to try something new. Jealous Croix introduced her to Dream Fuel Spirit. It was amazing. The crowd loved her again. However when Croix reveal how that magic absorbed magic of others, Chariot becomes devastated and wouldn’t want to use it again. Croix blew her top about Chariot being the chosen one to find the words. Is this what Claiomh Solais has chosen her to do? Chariot continues her magic shows without Dream Fuel Spirit and once more the crowd are pressuring her to show them new magic. She gave in and accidentally unleashed amnesiac magic. Diana learns from Akko’s friends that she hasn’t returned from town. She talks to Ursula about this but she keeps apologizing. This has Diana reveal her research that there was no such student named Ursula in Luna Nova. She believes Ursula is Chariot. Busted, Ursula tells her the truth of what happened to Akko. Since Ursula insists there is something more important than finding Akko now, Diana blows her top. Fine. She’ll find her herself. Diana returns to tell the friends what happened as they all go out looking for her but to no avail. Lotte is most distraught as she doesn’t want Akko to leave school. Sucy assures her that Akko isn’t smart to think of difficult things and will be back when she’s hungry. Is that an insult or compliment?

Diana finally finds Akko sitting out in the cold. Taking her to a warm place, Akko continues not to respond to her until Diana shows her the premium Chariot card. Diana reveals she once admired Chariot. Because of her circumstances, she could only collect them in secret (just one?) and dream of attending her shows. One night, mom managed to let her attend a Chariot show in Japan. It was amazing and she never forgets it. Of course she also lost her magic. However she won’t sympathize with Akko since she was able to get it back via hard work. Diana never gave up not only because she was going to be the head of her family but she knew that she couldn’t keep up with this childish dream forever. The more she learns about magic, the more her heart grew further from Chariot because of expectations placed on her. Hence her true reason enrolling in Luna Nova was because it was where Chariot went. At first she hated Akko for being carefree telling others how much she loved Chariot. But she was able to do the things she couldn’t. She was envious. Thinking back, she left Luna Nova was to run away from Akko. She can’t accept she was closer to being Chariot than her. She gives Akko her card and wants her to believe the magic in her heart as it is stronger than anyone else’s. The other friends happily reunite and what a big relief for Lotte. Meanwhile Chariot confronts Croix to stop her from her final phase of Noir Fuel Spirit. I guess this is the important business she was mentioning of.

Episode 24
Chariot tries to stop Croix but since she is still recovering from the effects of the pollen, she has no magic. She gets trapped but before Croix finishes her off, Finnelan and Holbrook stop her to seek an explanation. Because of the riots growing even more restless, more negative emotions are absorbed. Human hatred knows no end. The machine activates himself and negates all magic at Luna Nova. Croix then rides her machine to Arcturus Forest where Grand Triskelion is sealed. Akko and co return to Luna Nova but because magic is nulled, they fall into Arcturus Forest. Croix uses her technology to activate Grand Triskelion. Hey. It’s just a twig? What’s all this happy-happy magic? This isn’t it. Meanwhile Andrew tells the adults a coup detat is imminent. They want to take this chance to use the military and show the moderates and pacifists the use of force. Andrew is not pleased they are trying to exploit the crisis and is told to gather more information. Oh, now they want him involved? Croix is disappointed the world reconstruction didn’t happen. Even more so when Woodward says this twig is Grand Triskelion. She becomes so disappointed that things didn’t go as planned that her machine absorbs her negative emotions. Now it can’t be stopped. It turns into a monster trying to eat her. Chariot saves her despite everything she has done. Luckily Akko and Diana combine their magic to help out. With Shiny Rod glowing, Akko recites the words to turn it into a bow and destroy the monster, restoring magic to the area. Akko confronts Chariot. She returns Shiny Rod to her as it isn’t hers. She is glad to have met her and describes the wonders of seeing her as a child. Coming to Luna Nova was life changing for her. Since she isn’t used that Chariot is her professor, she hopes she can be Ursula and teach her again. After all, she cannot be Chariot as Chariot is Chariot and Akko is Akko. Time for a big hug. Shiny Rod glows as Chariot wants Akko to recite the final word. It becomes a twig as she uses Grand Triskelion to change the world. Everything becomes so beautiful and happy-happy! Amidst the happiness, a missile is launched into space.

Episode 25
Croix explains those cubes have accumulated into that monster missile. Yeah, she can’t deactivate it since it has grown too big for her system to control. Always like this, right? The theory goes that hatred breeds more hatred so the missile’s mission is to spread hatred all around the world and once it is filled with all the hatred, it will explode. Nothing they can do, right? Well not if you’re Akko. You won’t know if you don’t try. So all the girls pool their brooms into one giant broom ride. The teachers ‘power up’ them with new outfits. Strange. I thought it just felt like colour palette swap. Off they go blasting in the sky to catch the missile. So the 7-witch broom isn’t just for show. They serve as a booster to propel them further. So after a certain range, one by one it falls off like a rocket booster. Akko and Diana are left as they finally catch up to it. However they are losing magic. At this point, Croix and Chariot is relaying videos of Akko’s heroics to the world and Chariot makes a worldwide broadcast to believe in them. I guess everyone is afraid if the missile would hit them and start supporting them. Their support automatically converts into magic to power them even further. A couple of intercept missiles are launched but the monster missile has a mind of its own and easily takes them out. The politicians are still doubtful however so Andrew had to tell them to support instead of interfering. They would not have listened to him had not the Prime Minister tells them otherwise. Akko and Diana have gotten close enough but the missile now attacks them. With great agility and adept transformation magic, Akko is able to evade certain death. Akko gets more boost by reuniting with Shooting Star. Using the wish of Grand Triskelion, together with Diana, the feverish support from everybody, Shiny Rod turns into a giant bow as they fire a giant arrow into the missile. The missile explodes and its magic dust drops drift down onto several parts of the world. I’m sure everyone is having a great time watching this super light magic. Hanbridge apologizes to Andrew of his misconception of witches and wants to learn more about them. Akko is sad when she senses Shiny Rod diminishing. She thanks and releases it as it becomes part of the stars. Croix leaves Luna Nova as she wishes to find a cure for Wagandea’s curse before returning. Life returns to normal. This means Akko still can’t use her magic. Keep trying. I believe it isn’t because everyone is here to watch her defining moment but rather her stubbornness because everyone is now shocked to see Akko flying! Hooray! Seeing is believing!

Magic Tragic: Himitsu No Akko-chan
Wow. Such a great and happy climax and ending. It really makes me feel good because you know, witches rarely have happy ending themselves. Just saying… The world is saved, magic’s reputation is back on the rise and to top it off, Akko can now fly. Well, I hope it isn’t a fluke because if we all know Akko, she’ll shortly drop back down. We certainly didn’t see how long she kept herself in the air after that, right? But I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she finally has some magic that enables her to fly. But what about her magic in other areas? Well, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. For now, it is great that Akko is able to make some improvements no matter how miniscule and basic it looks.

In the first half of the series, it is very fun to watch despite many of the episodes feel like standalone fillers. They are not related to each other and it feels like you can watch them in any order you like. Yeah, it happened to me once. I think I was careless in clicking the wrong episode and didn’t occurred to me till I finally finished watching it. Hence I didn’t lose much considering the nature of it. The adventures are so random and fun that it doesn’t heavily affect the flow of the actual plot slowly building up in the background, which is Akko having to find all the 7 words and revive Grand Triskelion. Of course as the series reaches its second half and with Diana having her own problems, that is where the story and plot start to pick up.

Another thing that one might notice is how cartoonish the overall feel of the anime. Don’t get me wrong. The series still has enough elements to make it feel like a Japanese anime but a few over-exaggerated scenes of magic and action make it feel like everything is quite cartoonish. Especially Akko. I believe this is to enhance her character’s reputation as an idiot and to make her funny. Not that I have any problems with it since it worked well. And you thought crazy series like Teekyuu can only make everything look so stupid and silly. Well, nobody has got a monopoly over that. Even the action magic bits like in the last episode, it is so over the top and exaggerative that it feels cartoonish although it is exactly that why it feels so fun.

As for the characters, Akko is mainly the star and focus of this series because you can bet that she is involved in every misadventure throughout the season. Although her pals like Lotte and Sucy get some episodes of their even, it is very far and few in between. Even Amanda and Constanze have their moments but still not enough. Subsequently as the real plot thickens, they feel less relevant and almost to the point of being forgotten. Because eventually it all boils down to Akko as she is not only the biggest idiot of Luna Nova but the biggest busybody since she can’t leave things as they are and must stick her nose into it. Yeah, sometimes it feels like as though she is virtue signalling because she can’t accept any other way than her way. Despite all the misadventures and troubles they have gone through, it is a good thing that eventually things turn out for the better because otherwise the friends would not have respected Akko in the end.

So we learn of Akko’s secret of why she cannot use magic despite her numerous attempts. Because she is an idiot! Like the legend of how idiots can never catch a flu, right? But it made me think if this is all Akko’s determination because as revealed, Diana got back her magic through sheer hard work and sacrifice. So if Akko actually put in her hard work too, why has not she improved a single bit? My theory is that because she is an idiot and simpleton, she thinks she has worked hard but apparently it is not as hard as it is supposed to be. It has to be even more than that. That’s why sometimes I am in a dilemma to wonder if I should feel sorry for Akko when she can’t effectively use her magic after trying so hard. After all, she has the passion and dream. Or is that not enough? And after all that hard work, the magic that she can ‘effectively’ use is transforming into chibi animals? Being a carefree idiot like her sometimes also makes me want to admire her because she has a simple dream unlike others aiming for higher dreams. To each his/her own. This also means it makes her stubborn and would stick to her ideals for better or worse. She doesn’t give up until she ‘succeeds’. This charm of hers would definitely charm you. Yeah, Akko is everyone’s lovable idiot! Never change, Akko. Never change. Okay, she does have some change but nothing that drastic that it alters her base character. At first I wanted to put her on the same level as Kill La Kill’s Mako because of the same vibe they give off but I surmise that Akko is Akko and Mako is Mako. They may be similar in some ways but are still totally different in many others.

Diana comes across at first as a snobbish and prideful lady with a famous lineage. There is this danger of turning her into this stereotype bully character. However as early as the second episode shows that she isn’t one to tread this path. It is rather her subordinates who are the typical bullies and look down on Akko. Thus if your fan girls act this way, I’m sure we would think the boss is also similar. Diana has more pride and elegance to stoop that low. Despite sharing the same dream and goal, both Akko and Diana are at different ends of the spectrum. Because if Diana were to be like Akko, I think we would have overlapping idiotic characters! This series is not big enough for 2 idiots! So while Akko takes centre stage, Diana diligently does her research in the background. But like any normal human, she too harbours envy for Akko because she gets to stay true to herself unlike Diana who has to mask herself with layers and layers due to circumstances and family issues.

Andrew is a pretty nice and reasonable guy. One look and we sure would love to say there is some sort of romance brewing between him and Akko. But then again, nothing very conclusive because this guy also has his pride and comes from an important family just like Diana. Sure, he finds Akko interesting but is there more to that reason why he continues to side by her with any given chance? So maybe he is trying to keep up his pride and not let his feelings show. Because that would be very uncouth seeing how far we have come to know Andrew as.

Their other friends like I have said didn’t get much screen time so we just know what they show us. Like Lotte who is the brainiest and loves reading. Amanda is a delinquent (nearly overlapping as an idiot character with Akko) and taciturn Constanze loves tinkering with her machines while Jasminka loves stuffing her face with food or at least most of her thoughts are if something is delicious or not (whether it is edible or not). Of all these characters, my favourite is Sucy because she is really an eccentric doom and gloom girl. This in a way makes her a cool character because of her very sleepy-like voice. Her favourites are poison and mushrooms and I believe she has one of the funniest lines and comebacks in the series. Especially those that are aimed at Akko.

It didn’t surprise me that Ursula is Chariot. There were very few vague hints but even before all that and in the first episode I was already guessing she is her. Because you know, why did such a nerdy teacher started giving ‘preferential treatment’ to Akko? Everything about Ursula feels like a big guilt and taking Akko under her wing thinks she can make amends. There is this fear of having Akko hate her if she tells the truth but the truth reared its ugly head in the most unlikely fashion. It is a good thing that Akko and Ursula reconcile and realize what is most importance between them. Akko may have dreamt of becoming Chariot but that was a long time ago and just a few minutes of show time compared to the amount of time she spent with Ursula (despite it’s just Chariot incognito). So it is only right that Akko has more attachment to the teacher than the magic performer. She has achieved her dream of meeting Chariot. Time to move on.

Croix is set up as the main antagonist of the series but I would like to see her as just a misguided and jealous character. It’s like after she failed to be the chosen one, she tried to defy traditional magic by corrupting and inculcating it with technology. It is good if you put it to good use. Even her Noir Fuel Spirit looks pretty decent and good idea because using negative emotions as an energy source feels like you can now vent your anger and put it to good use. Of course there’s the risk. So when Croix’s plans backfire in her face, she realizes that perhaps in the end, she wasn’t fated to be the chosen one even if she tries to carve out her own destiny.

I kept thinking about Croix’s technology mix with magic and wonder how different is it to Constanze. Because the latter also uses some sort of technology, right? But I realized that they are vastly different. You see, Croix uses technology to develop her magic whereas Constanze uses magic to develop her technology. Sounds the same? Confused? Croix develops high technology and infuses it to magic and hence why I said she corrupted it. On the other hand, Constanze uses her magic talents to invent things. She does not alter the nature of the magic like Croix does so I believe there is a big difference there. Because assuming if Finnelan knows about Constanze’s tinkering, why was she only objecting to Croix’s heavy technological use? Should she have warned Constanze to stop too as it goes against tradition?

A reason why the art and animation looks cartoonish is because they are produced by Trigger. The same studio that gave you anime series with their own brand of visual art style such as Kill La Kill, Space Patrol Luluco and Ninja Slayer From Animation. After all, the staffs from here were from Gainax who did crazy shows like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt and FLCL. That is why some characters like Lotte in particular I thought she came out from that Peanuts comic strip. The overall art style may not be as deep and rich but it works for this series. The cartoonish aspects make it feel acceptable even if the magic special effects are just okay and nothing too spectacular. Is it me but does that monster missile look like it was designed based on that antagonistic alien life form in Kill La Kill?

Youko Hikasa as Diana is the only seiyuu I recognized but that is somewhat later as at first I mistaken her to be Marie Inoue. Haven’t heard the latter for a while so are they starting to sound almost similar? Megumi Han did a good job bringing out the character in Akko. She doesn’t voice such characters and they’re mainly the serious type like the titular character in Mushibugyou, Jeanne in Shingeki No Bahamut series, Benio in Sousei No Onmyouji or the cute type like Ore Monogatari’s Rinko. So I guess it is surprising and hard to picture her here all very lively and loud. The rest of the other casts are Fumiko Orikasa as Lotte (Rukia in Bleach), Michiyo Murase as Sucy (Garie in Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX), Norihiko Hikada as Ursula/Chariot (Kikyou in Inu Yasha), Junko Takeuchi as Croix (titular character in Naruto – this is how she seriously sounds like not in that ninja mode?), Ryousuke Kanemoto as Andrew (Torway in Nejimaki Seirei Senki), Arisa Shida as Amanda, Rie Murakawa as Constanze (Hotaru in Non Non Biyori), Reina Ueda as Jasminka (Shiori in Sakura Quest), Ikuko Tani as Holbrook (Lizzie in Overlord) and Rurika Yamamoto as Finnelan. The list of seiyuus is long since there are tons of other characters just making their cameo in an episode or two.

Opening and ending themes are okay but nothing that special for me. But somehow I prefer the first opening and ending theme, Shiny Ray by Yurika and Hoshi Wo Tadoreba by Yuiko Oohara. The former had this bewitching feel to it despite a lively anime pop beat and the latter is a slower and decently calming pop piece. Mind Conductor by Yurika and Toumei Na Tsubasa by Yuiko Oohara as the second opening and ending theme respectively are a bit faster. Not that I really like it that way. There are also a hand of BGMs that give that magical and bewitching feel to the episode and scenes.

Overall, this series is quite a fun and enjoyable watch and despite certain exaggerated and cartoonish scenes, it doesn’t feel like they are overdoing it. You’ll have a blast if you stop overthinking its minor flaws. Despite being an original anime, it still isn’t a complete masterpiece nor perfect. Though, it still has got plenty of magic, comedy, drama, friendship values and lessons to be learnt, trials to overcome and uhm, more magic. It would have been ground breaking and awesome if it was shown a decade ago or even more in the 90’s. Because with all the fanservice, violence and sci-fi thingy in today’s entertainment media, magic looks like it is really on its way to the exit. Who goes to magic shows these days? Oh wait, there are still… But you don’t really need magic to change the world if you really want it. All you need to do is get up and do something. Because the world changes not by your thoughts or feelings but by your actions. Imagine a small kindness today can go a long way tomorrow and in the future. That itself is already magic. Saying magic is like a lazy term when you can’t explain it in science, huh?

Shuumatsu No Izetta

March 26, 2017

There have been countless reimagining of World War II stories, settings and outcomes. From alternate histories to those mixing with modern technological advances and even races from outer space, whatever ideas they had have all mostly been experimented on. Now let’s use witches and magic this time. Shuumatsu No Izetta is set in an alternate timeline during World War II where the names of countries are also closely resembling to the actual ones. When a powerful imperial nation sets forth in conquering all the countries of Europe and hence world domination, a small principality isn’t going to let those big guns roll over their beautiful picturesque country. But if they don’t have the number and strength of a decent military, how can they fight back? Can they even turn the tides in their favour? They can. Because they have a powerful witch by their side. Meh, you say? How about a witch riding a rifle instead of a broomstick!

Episode 1
On a train in a neutral country of Westria, Germanian soldiers are searching the passengers for a wanted person. Princess Ortfine “Fine” Fredericka Von Eylstadt and her men know she is the one they are looking for and flee. The soldiers give chase. The commotion causes Rickert and Arnold Berckmann of the special unit to take notice. Learning what is happening, Rickert wonders if the princess of Eylstadt is trying to seek refuge here. Berckmann informs that the royal family is stubborn and would rather fight to their last breath than seek asylum. So the only reason why she is here is to have political negotiations with the Allies, most probably Britannia. The chase takes place atop the train. Can they maintain their balance and shoot straight at that speed? When Fine and her men re-enter the back of the train, she sees a strange mechanical coffin. Berckmann stops them and will not divulge them anymore top secret information. After the train exits the tunnel, Fine and her men quickly jump off the bridge into the river. Although Fine is unhurt, it is sad that one of her men dies from a gunshot wound he got from Berckmann. A short narration tells us the dictatorship empire of Germania suddenly invaded its neighbouring country, Livonia. Britannia and Thermidor waged war against Germania but cannot best its might and Thermidor fell. With this, Germania now turns its attention to conquer a small Alps kingdom to the south, Eylstadt.

In a theatre, Fine sees Lord Redford of Britannia and starts negotiations. One of them being accepting her marriage to Prince Henry she once rejected. She is willing to give up her claim on the throne since her cousin Leonora is with a child and she will leave her kingdom’s future in their hands. Although Redford is touched by her sacrifice, he cannot help her. He just got message that Germania has invaded Eylstadt as they speak. Gorz and his men barges in to bring Fine back to Germania’s capital, Neue Berlin. Redford didn’t play her out. It is simply Germania’s superior intelligence. Gorz plans to use one of the many ways to get the stubborn people of Eylstadt to stop fighting: Using Fine as blackmail. Some sort of magical particles temporarily stall the plane’s engines. In zero gravity, Fine tries to fight back but is overpowered and shot in her arm. She dares them to kill her but Gorz mocks her if this is what a princess carrying the burdens of her people should do. Fine remains steadfast that she will fight with her people to the end. Upon reciting her full name, the coffin activates. Out comes a red haired witch, Izetta. It seems the ladies know each other with Fine calling Izetta her White Witch. Izetta sees Fine’s injured arm and her power bursts the plane into bits. As the plane dismantles into debris falling in mid-air, Izetta rides a rifle like a broom and swoops Fine to safety. Izetta is happy to see her princess again.

Episode 2
Germanian fighters receive a distress call of a plane crashing. As they fly to the site, they are surprised to see 2 ladies on a flying rifle. They start chasing them. Izetta has bad experience with the Germanian side too but following Fine’s orders not to recklessly use her power, she tries to flee them until they start firing. She uses her blood as magic source to bring down the planes. In the final dogfight with the captain, Fine wanted to use the rifle but I guess the girls are noobs in using such a gun. The captain escapes with his life and only has his engine stalled. Fine collapses from her gun wound. Eylstadt’s king must be having a rough time. Not only he is sick in bed but has to see his kingdom being invaded. He is worried about Fine as he has not received any word from her. A retreating and heavily injured Eylstadt troop led by Hans Obermayer stumble into Fine and Izetta in the bushes. They are taken to the nearby camp where a doctor removes a bullet from her arm. Fine’s life is in no danger but there is an old scar on her body that Izetta continues to blame herself as her fault. Something to do with Fine protecting her when the angry witch hunt mob wanted to kill Izetta and she got injured as a result for saving her. Flashback shows a young Fine caught Izetta red handed using her magic in the forest. Believing she is a good White Witch as per the legend, Weisse Hexe, they soon become friends and enjoy each other’s company. Izetta once travelled around with her grandma and never stayed in once place for very long. Grandma told her their kind has died off and she will probably be the last witch and never to use her powers recklessly. So when she met Fine who didn’t care about her status, Izetta was very happy. Fine wakes up much to everyone’s delight. Even with their side defeated, they have this little morale booster. After Fine discusses with Hans about the situation, she summons Izetta and wants her to escape. This is Eylstadt’s war and she will not get her involved anymore. She values her as the only friend who never cared about her rank. In that case, Izetta also has a request of her. She wants her to be her hope and will protect her country. Berckmann inspects the crash site. The princess and specimen are the only bodies not found. He believes she is a real witch and either way must go after her.

Episode 3
The Germaninan tanks steamroll into Coenenberg. If they take this town, they can strike deep into Eylstadt. With the air raid bombarding the front lines, it is all utter chaos. A young soldier, Jonas Gallea seems to be lucky enough to survive all that and continue fighting in this hell hole. Because no reinforcements will be coming, it saddens Fine that her men are dying to buy time for the people to escape. When some of the soldiers request Fine’s permission to head to Coenenberg to fight even if it means dying and at least kill a few enemies, she puts her foot down and orders a big no. She reminds them they are not here for revenge or a reckless challenge. It is to protect their families. She will call upon them to sacrifice their lives but now is not the time. She is sorry she can’t tell them where to die. Not tell them how to die but how to live. She hopes they can forgive her for not being strong enough. The Eylstadt forces at the front lines are really stubborn and tough to rout out. It is because of the forts at the top of the hill giving the exact location of the enemies. Extra Germanian air bombardments are requested but before the bombers could blow the hell out of the forts, suddenly they explode and crash down. Here comes Izetta riding and firing iron lances (old weaponry found in the old fort’s arsenal) and shooting them through the planes. What about tanks? Surely mere swords can pierce through their thick armour. Why, just flip them over with magic! With the tide turning so quickly both sides are in a state of confusion. When Fine realizes what is going on, she sends a Morse code to her fellow countrymen at the front lines that Izetta is her friend and the White Witch from the legend. She wants them to fight along with her for their country’s freedom. Unbelievably, Eylstadt is able to turn the tables and send Germania packing. Izetta returns to Fine knowing she went off and did this on her own. Fine is glad she is alright. The soldiers sing their national anthem in respect of this victory. News spread that a witch saved them. The king hears about Fine being with the White Witch before exhaling his last breath.

Episode 4
Fine breaks down once she sees her father’s motionless body. The lieutenant general in charge of taking Coenenberg is finding it hard to explain to Germania’s emperor, Otto about their platoon’s rout by a witch. But upon hearing that he feels excited and delighted because he believes in the existence of witches. Izetta doesn’t feel comfortable with the hospitality she is given in the palace. Because Fine has assigned her personal maid, Lotte and bodyguard, Bianca to be with her. With rumours swirling around about Izetta, Lotte says that she is now the hero of the kingdom. Discussing with Schneider and Warmer, as suggested by the late king’s aide, Sieghart Muller, Fine will only announce her father’s death only when she ascends the throne in 2 weeks’ time. They might have temporarily repel the enemy out of Coenenberg but there are other entry points in which the enemy can enter. The news will only confuse their own ranks and benefit the enemy. As for Izetta, Fine is hesitant to further use her to help protect their country. There is something about her powers she is wary of. Because Bianca is suspicious of Izetta as a witch, she wants her to prove it and inadvertently causes a small part of the statue to fall on her head, slightly injuring her. Fine is glad she is alright but soon summons her. She wants Izetta’s help but there is something she needs to confirm first. She is intrigued that she did not use her power to dodge the accident and she carried her by foot after the plane crash. Izetta reveals the biggest secret that witches have kept. The powers do not come from within. They are from outside. Powers that originate from what is called leylines. This capital has none unlike Coenenberg which is flowing with them and allowed her to use the powers freely. Witches who reveal this are killed but no worries, Izetta is the last witch left. While others are contemplating on how to use Izetta as a secret weapon and hide her existence, Sieghart suggests the opposite. The people are already talking about her and it would be even more suspicious to hide her. With the victory at Coenenberg still fresh in everyone’s minds, they should use it to their advantage and make up a myth about the legend. This will make the enemy cautious and Allies to reconsider their decision.

There is another person whom Sieghart wants Izetta to be introduced to. Meet Elvira Friedman. Currently Fine’s tutor as she has worked in various media in America. She is hired to advertise Izetta as the legendary witch. First order of business is to take her physical measurements by hand. Read: Groping and molesting! Do people influenced by America always act like this? Then it’s Fine’s turn. Witch or princess, you can’t hide those boobs from her! Since it will be a hassle to check every inch of the country to see where Izetta can or cannot use her powers, Izetta remembers her grandma telling her about the legendary castle of the White Witch. Currently it is an abandoned castle in the old capital. Bianca drives her there and as she inspects the walls, a secret room opens up. Bianca continues to remain suspicious that Izetta is close to Fine. She expands on the story of how Fine saved her life. Izetta was accused of starting a fire (her power was then going out of control). She tried to run but when a guy attacked, Fine blocked it with her body. At first the angry mob didn’t want to believe but after Fine swears on her royal blood, they relent. Izetta then saw her smile and at that point swore to do anything for her. Fine rendezvous with Izetta at the secret chamber that contains the world map of leylines. Fine warns Izetta that there is no turning back after this. She doesn’t mind despite remembering grandma telling her the White Witch was a traitor in the legend. They are highly motivated to end the war, bring peace to all countries and give everyone a bright future.

Episode 5
Fine’s coronation begins as she takes over the reign of Eylstadt. She also introduces Izetta who demonstrates her powers wowing the press and crowd. With the news now spread throughout the world, Otto is even more excited. He has Berckmann give his opinion and he believes Izetta is the real deal. Otto now wants Izetta captured no matter the cost. His aide, Elliot reminds him that the subjugation of Eylstadt is to secure a supply route to the Mediterranean and Africa with their allies in the Romulus Federation. Of course his plan is to kill 2 birds with a stone. Capture Eylstadt and the witch while they’re at it. News come in that Izetta now launches a surprise attack to take back one of Eylstadt’s conquered towns serving as Germania’s base point. This is a blatant advertising ploy to show the world about her powers. She easily overwhelms the entire battalion. With the world getting excited about this, Berckmann and his special unit are now given all the money and resources they want to claim this witch. He meets with Basler, the captain of the air force and only survivor who first fought with Izetta. He gives his statement on his first hand witness of Izetta’s terrifying powers. He is then drafted to help hunt her down. Berckmann also suspects Izetta has some sort of weakness because if she was invincible, she would have reached Eylstadt’s capital in a few minutes instead of a couple of days. Of course she would have easily flown to Germania and kill the emperor and end all wars. There must be a limit to her power. Otherwise witches would have ruled the world.

Now that Izetta’s existence is known, looks like she has ‘fans’ from other nations even requesting to come see her. They have a copy of the leylines in Eylstadt which covers most of the area. Then a call comes in regarding Germanian forces invading from Veile Pass. It is one of those small areas the leylines aren’t present. Sieghart has expected this and talked to Fine about it. This was the gamble they had to take when they advertised Izetta. It is time to see if the gamble pays off. The environment is also ideal for them. It is foggy and the Germanian side will not bomb the area but send infantry as they need to secure a smooth route. Fine introduces Izetta to Bianca and her entire secret group of royal guards who work in the shadow. Part of the plan is for one of them to dress up as Izetta. Once the Germanian forces advance, it is show time. They see Izetta flying behind the Eylstadt’s planes. In actual fact it is just a dummy tagging along the wire. The real Izetta pops up to demand the Germanian soldiers to retreat or else. They don’t believe in fairytales, eh? Izetta uses her ‘magic’ to smack away her weapons. Real credit goes to the royal guards’ sharp shooting away the guns from their hands. Still stubborn? Time to use ‘magic’ and blow up the rock and bury them under. Yeah, bombs were planted there already. News of Izetta’s victory spreads again. Berckmann isn’t panicking yet and has sent a spy into Eylstadt’s army. As Jonas is fetching water, he accidentally drops his family picture. As he tries to retrieve it, he hears a secret conversation between Sieghart and Schneider. The latter realizes this whole thing is a setup and royal guards were used. As for why the real Izetta was exposed, Izetta herself willed it. Originally one of them was going to be used as a decoy but she wanted to do this herself. Sieghart thought he heard something from the river. Nobody. Just a photo.

Episode 6
Jonas runs back to his camp and the first person he meet as he murmurs about Izetta’s secret (though short of saying what it is) is that spy, Laurence. Izetta still can’t get used to the compliments Fine showers her. They thought of putting Izetta in a dress but the corset was a torture. Then the top cannot be zipped up because her boobs are too big. Fine looks around and feels defeated because Bianca and Elvira are bigger than hers. Metaphorically she is even speaking can a small kingdom defeat huge ones! Izetta wears back her ordinary dress as Elvira teaches her how to do ballroom dancing. When Fine learns that her favourite bakery will be able to bake her favourite pie (sugar is rationed during the war and with Eylstadt’s recent victory, Fine distributed extra as celebration from the stores), she cannot hide her happiness to visit it. Jonas’ photo is in Sieghart’s hands. He sends Koontz to make contact with him and pretend to be a journalist. Rickert takes Basler to the design division to show him the state of the art high-tech plane. Berckmann also sees the division head and has an official letter from Otto to conduct his investigations. He wants to investigate the workshop for clues. Fine and co are disguised as commoners as they enjoy the delicious pie. But the owners can recognize her. When Bianca and Lotte reveal they know Fine often sneak out to visit her, Fine loses her balance. Her disguise and pie fall off. At least Izetta saved her pie. With everyone recognizing her majesty, time for Fine to give her reassuring speech. When they return, Sieghart requests Fine to send him to Britannia as they are holding a conference between governments in exile and allied countries against Germania. Oh, America will be there too. Fine knows what they want to know is Izetta’s powers and if this is the case, it is best she and Izetta go. While Bianca disagrees, the phone rings. Sieghart picks up to learn the Germanian spy has been located within the platoon. He allows Fine and Izetta to go. Yeah, they’re going to ride the entire way riding on a rifle? Won’t their butt hurt? Anyway Jonas is shocked when Laurence turns his gun at him and wants him to spill details about Izetta. Since he won’t, he gets shot in the leg as warning and even threatens his comrade is now with his siblings. You know what this means, right? Luckily Kloontz and Sieghart come chasing so he flees. Sieghart asks Jonas if he is willing to whatever it takes to protect his country. He nods yes. Sieghart then shoots him!

Episode 7
Off the Bergen Coast of the Scandinavian Peninsula lies Germania’s aircraft carrier, Drachenfels. Redford hosts the representatives of several nations as they discuss about Germania’s plan to use it to cross the Channel from Normandy and attack Britannia. They request America to send troops but with the constitution thingy, guess not. Then they discuss about the witch and many don’t believe such exists in this century. Redford ushers in Fine as she introduces Izetta with a bit of demonstrated magic. Seeing is believing. Of course they wonder if a single witch can still defeat Germania. That is why Fine is also requesting troop assistance and as a gift, she will have Izetta sink Drachenfels. The ladies are introduced to Wing Commander Groman who will be flying with Izetta as part of the bombing operations. The plan is for her to carry and drop 4 torpedoes in the centre of Drachenfels to have the maximum shockwave effect of breaking it into half. All goes as planned until Izetta realizes Drachenfels is not at the port. Thinking it has gone out to sea, she flies over there only to be ambushed by other carriers. It is obviously a trap and Germania knows about this plan. A couple of torpedoes have been destroyed by enemy fire. Basler rides in his new plane that can match and follow closely Izetta’s movements. Izetta has to drop the remaining torpedoes into sea just to dodge Basler and his air force trying to surround her. Luckily Groman’s side help keep the Germanian air fighters at bay. When Izetta sees the elevator opening on Drachenfels, she picks up the torpedoes and fires them into it. Drachenfels sinks as one of them directly hits the fuel tank. Mission accomplished. Basler wants to go after Izetta but Berckmann orders him to return. They have achieved what they want. Later Berckmann reveals to Rickert that Drachenfels was just a decoy to expose Izetta’s weakness. He is now sure after witnessing today’s battle. He can move on to the next phase of the plan but he needs to confirm the White Witch’s legend at Eylstadt’s old castle. He wants to send Laurence for the job but Rickert volunteers for it.

Episode 8
Rickert reads the White Witch’s legend. A prince went hunting and was saved by a woman with silver hair. At first he feared her as she is a witch but upon realizing she is kind, he opened up to her and they gradually fell in love. He wanted to marry her but she declined. Instead, she promised her that if he ever needs her power, she will offer it. Rickert parachutes down in Eylstadt at night. A bit of bad luck because the wind blows him off course and got a rough landing. He has to trek quite a distance and fall into a river. Luckily Bianca and Lotte were passing and picked him up. Rickert hides his identity by saying that he is from Tull but was away overseas studying. He returned home to fight the war but he has some illness so they refused him. Bianca is amazed at his bravery and there is no shame in his failure. This makes Rickert wonder if they are really the people he is fighting against. Rickert continues reading the legend. When the prince returned, a war broke out. He was injured and almost lost the war. The White Witch appeared and saved the day and drove the enemies away. However the prince shortly died from his injuries. In grievance, she vowed to protect his country until the end of her life. Rickert stays at the inn run by Lotte’s sister. As Bianca is a fan of the legend, Rickert mentions an alternate ending. This makes her blow her top. If you think that was an embarrassing head start, wait till he later accidentally enters her room after hearing her scream. She is being bathed by Lotte. Whoops. Rickert later meets Laurence whose proof of Jonas knowing something was how he was silenced. With the royal guards keeping constant watch on the old castle, it proves that there is something they want to hide.

Izetta and Fine attend Redford’s birthday. While it might look like that on the outside, it is also a meeting for the Allies to respond on Izetta’s effort. Also at this party is Berckmann. His date is strange. Already with dead zombie eyes, she goes up to Izetta to suddenly kiss her! Actually she bit her lips! After that she collapses. Berckmann apologizes over his fanatic Izetta fan but hints he knows who Izetta is before ‘disappearing’. Fine is delighted as America agrees to send troops to help. Rickert and Laurence sneak in the old castle by hiding underneath the cart of an old man delivering goods to the soldiers. Rickert relays to Laurence what Berckmann told him about the secret room in the old castle. The legend is much darker but more believable than the fairytale. It states that the prince was already married when he met the White Witch. When his wife found out he gave all his love to her, she was enraged. After the prince died, the wife found out about the White Witch’s secret, sealed her power and sold her to the enemy. After suffering inquisitions, she was burnt at the stake. After the wife died, the people who feared the White Witch sealed her secret within this room in her memory. True enough they stumble upon this room which has murals depicting the dark story. Rickert takes pictures of the leylines when the vial of blood in his pocket reacts. A short earthquake occurs before a mystic stone drops out from the wall. At this point, Bianca and her royal guards enter the room. Rickert and Bianca are shocked to realize each other’s position. The Germanians escape via underground. However Rickert was shot. He hands the evidence to Laurence so he could escape. Rickert will become the decoy. Bianca face off with Rickert who apologizes for shattering her fantasy. After all, it is a fairytale and it needs a happy ending. A reason why all fairytales have happy ending is so that tragedies in real life can be avoided. Rickert draws his gun but didn’t shoot. Bianca did. Bianca’s sniper takes out Laurence. However the evidence is taken by that old man of the cart, a Germanian spy. Stanley, the representative of America writes back to his higher ups about Izetta’s power that could be equal or higher threat. That is why he is suggesting to send troops to defeat both Germania and Eylstadt.

Episode 9
The resistance forces across Europe attack Germanian forces. They are further delighted when Izetta comes to their aid. She is now so famous worldwide she even stars in her own comics! Ever since Izetta’s return from Britannia 3 months ago, Germania has not invaded Eylstadt and they’re just ‘staring’ at each other across the borders. Bianca reports to Sieghart that because no evidences were found on the bodies on the spies, it is assumed they ventured into the castle not knowing what they are looking for. It is theorized that the enemy knew about that place when they captured Izetta and took her blood samples. It gave credence to whatever fairytales and must have led to them to discover such room was in existence. Hans shows Fine photos of strange enemy tanks. Based on their weapon manufacturer’s side deduction, it is believed Germania may have created a weapon to defeat Izetta. Fine is also surprised they might be trying to attack from the west again because it is as though they didn’t learn anything from Coenenberg. But if they want a fight, a fight they’ll give them. When Izetta is at the Coenenberg’s fort, a report comes in that the enemy has already begin their attacking. However it is not here but at the eastern border of Sellun Corridor. Looks like they feigned the attack from the west and came from the east instead. That elaborated weapon was just an elaborated hoax. Izetta makes her way there and everyone is confident it is Eylstadt’s victory because Sellun Corridor is a place containing lots of leylines. Before Izetta could bomb the enemy, her air torpedoes are stopped by another witch! Sophie once called herself the White Witch and pleads to Izetta to stop this.

Flashback 3 months ago, a hidden lab seems to have successfully cloned a witch. Years ago, one of their researchers found documents pertaining to the White Witch in an abandoned church in the Alps and it led to records about the location where she was buried as well as the truth about her legend. Using the records to buy her body, they were able to finally recreate her. That’s why Otto was so sure witches existed. However she is now in enemy hands and they have no choice but to make this one succeed. Unfortunately Sophie is like a doll and has no own free will. Then they realized she reacted to Izetta’s blood samples and Berckmann decided to test her out. So the night at Redford’s party, that crazy fan girl was Sophie biting Izetta’s lips to taste her blood and awakened her. With tears and emotional drama, Sophie tries to convince Izetta to stop using her powers because this is not what a witch’s power should be used for. However Izetta made a promise to Fine and will carry on fighting no matter the outcome. In that case, cue for Sophie to turn on her crazy mode. No more Ms Nice. Both witches engage in mortal combat but Izetta surprisingly loses power and crashes. After Sophie ties her up, word of Izetta’s loss spreads like wildfire. People who once relied and placed hope in her are now in utter shock. In no time, Germanian forces steamrolled into Eylstadt and the capital being bombed in a blitz. In 2 hours, it fell into enemy hands.

Episode 10
Fine and her entourage escape via secret underground passage as Sophie mercilessly uses her mystic stone powers to destroy Eylstadt. Izetta is tied up and filmed. Hans leads a small team to rescue her from the enemy. But the damage is done with the world now in fear of Sophie after propaganda photos of Izetta’s lost is being publicized worldwide. Otto promotes Berckmann to Lieutenant Colonel but his service ends there since Otto will personally take charge of any matters pertaining to the witch. Sophie is impatient but is told to wait as she wants to destroy Eylstadt, which is her ultimate goal. Izetta remembers grandma told her that the White Witch is a traitor because she used her powers to meddle with the human affairs. To win the battle, she stole a mystic stone which the first witch had. In turn of giving her powers, it devours her life. Izetta wakes up and Fine is glad she has regained consciousness. Fine tells her what happened and they are now remaining hidden in a secret base built by her ancestors in the Alps. Izetta blames herself for failing but Fine blames her own arrogance and complacency for letting this happen. Sieghart confirms Sophie is the name of the legendary White Witch. This means she will show less mercy to them as she was the one who was hated by the prince’s wife (Fine’s ancestor), betrayed by her men and sold to the inquisition to be executed. She’s really out for their blood and revenge. Sophie was able to use powers in areas without leylines because of the mystic stone. It stores powers it absorbs. Now Sophie is using it to materialize a huge Exenium (magic crystals) to be carried out for their next attack on Britannia. Sieghart further explains his family was involved in the reality that was the White Witch incident, the reason he knew a lot about this. It was passed down orally through its generations. He never thought it was real till Izetta showed up. When Izetta was away at Britannia, he searched his ancestors’ home and found a diary detailing the betrayal, regret and sin of the White Witch.

Meanwhile word has reached everyone that Londenion has fallen. That’s London, right? Oh look. London Bridge is burning down, burning down, burning down… The strain of that attack still puts a burden on Sophie’s body despite the mystic stone is only half. Thus the lab has cloned many artificial bodies just in case for standby. Basler reports the different ways the witches fight totally rewrites the rules of warfare. He is not amused that Berckmann who drafted him into his team now wants out. He explains that he was ‘kicked out’ and thus he is seeing him just to say goodbye. It is suggested that Fine seeks asylum in another country and try to establish a government to fight from there. Izetta insists she can still fight although she has taken a lot of damage. She can’t even walk. This makes Fine realize that she won’t stop fighting if she doesn’t give up. She remembers Izetta’s grandma telling her not to use her powers but she made Izetta fight the war. No amount of thank you or sorry could be enough. Otto is making extravagant conditions for the Allies to surrender. He knows they have no choice. After that, they attack the Volga Federation. Although Germania has signed a nonaggression pact with them, Otto never intended to honour it. Once the entire Europe is under Germania’s rule, they’ll attack America. Then the world will be theirs! Sieg Reich! Izetta is sad she made Fine cry and hasn’t repaid her yet. Sieghart comes up to her with some hope. He has half the mystic stone. If she still wants to change things no matter what…

Episode 11
Sieghart reads his ancestors’ diary as it details how they betrayed Sophie. The moment they took away her mystic stone, it broke into half as though it was signalling the country’s betrayal of their hero. They cannot forget the rage on Sophie’s face when she was handed over. Berckmann is at Rickert’s grave when he hears Lieutenant Colonel Hagar leading the assault as he has discovered Fine’s hideout. He wants to join in claiming he has met the princess twice. The Germanians ambush the hideout and slaughter most of the troops. To lure Fine out, Hagar kills the hostages one by one. Although she decides to surrender, Hagar is not happy because it ruins his fun if she isn’t resisting. At this point, Izetta returns and turns the tables on the Germanians with her power. Flashback reveals Sieghart warning her she is able to use her powers freely like Sophie but at the risk of shortening her life. Bianca was against this because she felt Izetta had fought enough and can’t bear to see her like this anymore. Izetta wants to fight till the end. As Izetta starts throwing bricks around, the Germanians scatter. Hagar hits a dead end and cannot believe his rotten luck. Berckmann corners him and confirms that Otto has ordered his execution. Berckmann shoots Hagar before surrendering himself.

He is blindfolded and taken to a storeroom where Sieghart interrogates him. Berckmann wants a trade. Letting Sieghart take hidden films in his back pocket, Berckmann explains Germania has successfully created a bomb using Exenium. They plan to load it on a missile and use Sophie to bomb Eylstadt. Let’s say a single bomb can destroy the entire place. Then they are going to hold a peace conference in Westria with all the major powers. This is just a ploy to unveil the new bomb and threaten all of them to submit or end up like Eylstadt. It is obvious that Berckmann has defected and is willing to share this information. He is vouching for Izetta to defeat Sophie and perhaps Germania itself. Sieghart is not amused he has no loyalty but Berckmann prefers to stay alive and what better way to do that is to strike first the person after his life even if it means he is the only person left. Sieghart punches him and is glad he was never like him. After Sieghart tells everything to Fine and co, Fine decides to surrender herself to Germania. She puts the blame on herself that she can’t make Izetta fight anymore. It was the temptation of using her witch powers that led to this. Izetta slaps her for trying to be a hero. Because since they started this together, they’ll end this together. All she wants is for Fine to be as she has always been. Fine changes her stance and will fight with Izetta. Berckmann further explains when and how the missile will be launched. Because Sophie is a clone, her powers are limited to 2 hours and this is depending what kind of magic she uses. Thus this is where Izetta comes in to stall and fight her for that duration. At the same time, Fine will attend the conference. Sieghart and Bianca will accompany her. That night, Izetta takes Fine flying around the forest as apology for slapping her. All the major powers arrive at Westria. At the guard check, when Fine’s side show their documents as proof, Basler suddenly comes in and rips Berckmann’s documents. He is disappointed that he is now a traitor. Izetta begins her face off with Sophie.

Episode 12
Fine gives Sieghart the signal as he rams the car through the post. After they alight, Berckmann parts from them. The conference begins as well as the witches’ messy aerial battle. They’re throwing planes and tanks too! Knowing that Sophie needs to power the missile, Izetta distracts her away. It works since Sophie is so crazily bent on killing her. Don’t worry. The Germanians have got another clone to wake up and do the remote control. Sieghart distracts the guards so Fine and Bianca can head into the conference. As he runs, a soldier stands before him. Because he looks so much like Jonas, he hesitates and enough time for the panicky green soldier to fire back and kill him. Karma? Berckmann is about to escape via boat but Basler again catches him and lectures him about loyalty. Because Berckmann mocks Rickert’s sacrifice, Basler shoots him. Fine has made it into the conference. Although she is not invited and the Germanians could have her arrested, the Allies want her to have a say in this because the bombing of Eylstadt is very much of her concern, right? However Stanley argues that even if Sophie and Germania are defeated, this means Eylstadt will be left as the only powerful nation possessing magic technology. Who will stand up to them if they ever have ambitions like Otto? Sophie reveals her hatred for Eylstadt not because it was the prince’s wife who betrayed him but the prince himself who sold her out. Although the prince’s last dying words worries about Sophie’s status as a witch reaching the Vatican and thus Eylstadt was in danger of becoming branded as a heretic country, Sophie still takes this as ultimate betrayal after all the sacrifice she had done and pain endured for him. Izetta may not know everything but she believes someone who has entrusted with everyone’s lives cannot focus on just 1 person.

Stanley continues that his nation is divided. At first they were thrilled by the witch’s power but now some are fearful and do not want to take action. That is why America’s forces are still in Britannia remain stationed. Fine promises that the battle of witches and magic will end today. Izetta will absorb all the powers from the leylines over the continent and thus no magic thereafter. This is at the cost of her life. Prior to this when Izetta told her about this, Fine was against it but Izetta despite knowing the risks still wants to do it. As long as she has this power, she will fight. I guess Fine makes it even more convincing with all those real tears that they should be happy after Izetta, magic, witches and all those destructive weapons will be gone after today. And yet will Germania still think itself as the ruler of the world? Izetta successfully absorbs all the Exenium and even faster because Sophie tries to match it. Ultimately Sophie runs out of power and Izetta is left happy able to fulfil her duty. A bright light is shot into the sky. Fine takes this that Izetta is gone and breaks down. Otto is mad but will continue his conquest via traditional iron and blood. By 1941, America kept its promise by bringing together the Allies to fight against Germania. The Volga Federation also started their own invasion and this pushes back Germania and liberating a few countries. Shortly, Otto takes his own life and the war ended. It is believed the war could have last longer had not the actions of Fine and Izetta. While Fine believes as long as humanity still exists, there will some war popping up in the future, she still won’t give up in making a world where everyone can choose their own future. Berckmann is seen making shady trades with shady people. He just lost an eye. Basler a bad shooter? Lastly, all is not lost as Fine pays a visit deep in the woods. A cabin where wheelchair-ridden Izetta still lives and is being taken care by Lotte.

Strike Witch: Operation Victory Eylstadt
This is amazing. I never knew that I would be enjoying this series so much. I mean, I had really high hopes of this after a couple of war themed animes like Senjou No Valkyria and Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou No Alderamin made war genres pretty likeable in my books. Of course at first there was this scepticism that this will not be as good as the aforementioned series because despite it has fantasy elements, it is still closely based on some real life events like the name of the countries and the time period for World War II. I did not expect to be blown away by the amazing flow of the story. Well, maybe except the ending which I had mixed feelings about. I thought it was all too rushed because with the great big war averted, they make Otto kill himself like Hitler did but only years earlier and that to satiate crying fan boys of Izetta, they make her live instead of die (although not sure if she is a vegetable). I wonder if it’s because Sophie absorbed some of the magic so it didn’t actually affect Izetta greatly. But then again, thinking hard on what could have been the better ending would be futile because nothing would have been more fitting an ending like this. Fine and Izetta has played their vital part in securing Eylstadt’s freedom as well as ending the war. Therefore what comes after that doesn’t really matter. Remember, this is a series about Izetta and Fine.

I really got lost in the plot and when I say lost, I don’t mean getting confused. I was quite enthralled by the simple and yet fascinating flow of the story as we see both sides trying to up each other in times of war. It gets better with the power of the witch intervening. Although I have to admit that the revelations of the White Witch wasn’t that interesting because I somehow have guessed that she was betrayed by the ones she loved and trusted. I don’t think Sophie ever found any closure since this Sophie isn’t the real Sophie and this wasn’t about making right the dark history of Eylstadt. It’s to fight against the invading Germanians, remember?

The characters are absolutely perfect and each play their role perfectly no matter how small their role or appearance they have. Although that itself is a bit of a complaint on my side. More on that later. The main characters, Fine and Izetta have really great chemistry and they really have this bond that makes you feel that they’ve been with each other for ages instead of meeting each other again since the war began. I love Fine and her steadfast to fight for her people although her character might be very cliché in such stories. She isn’t just a royal princess who lives a spoilt life but is very down to earth and connected with her people. She takes action and kicks ass. She knows what needs to be done for the greater good even if it means losing Izetta (and lots of tears of course). Izetta of course compliments Fine and the duo are so fine as a combo that it is hard to imagine one without the other. They might be away sometimes for separate missions but you know that they are making things work at the same time. They have a very good friendship that touches all of our hearts because this is what we all love to have and look for in a friend. Despite a few very hinting scenes of Fine x Izetta lesbianism, thankfully it didn’t go that far or it might have left a bad aftertaste in the mouth.

Though I did say that many of the other characters are also great and play their role in the anime as they should, sometimes I can’t help that because of that they too are insignificant in an overall manner (like those heads of states such as Redford and the rest whom I couldn’t name). Just enough to play out their role. What I really meant is, take for instance Elvira. She is a great tutor to the girls and also helps in the advertising of Izetta as the great witch. However you don’t really see her play that role and because it is mostly behind the scenes, sometimes her character felt a bit redundant. What the heck happened to Hans? It’s like he is no longer relevant in the second half of the series. He is still alive in the infantry but it would be as good as dead if he had no more role to pay after that. Then there is Lotte who is just there being a maid and Bianca being a close royal guard for Fine. Basler just had a single proper episode (and that was just for a while) where he had his rematch with Izetta but other than that, he could have been just some nameless pilot as I don’t see him really fitting anywhere properly in the story.

There are many other small characters here and there that die but that don’t matter anyway. They come and go and are mostly forgettable whether or not they live or die. But some like that poor Jonas kid whom I thought would have some standout role (or at least of some importance) because it looked like he had some sort of potential story to tell (family of his photo tells you a lot) but looks like the poor chap existed just to get shot to cover up a big secret. Just sad. Because compared to Rickert who actually played a part and died for it seemed better from this point of view. And when Sieghart really died, it’s like we’ve forgotten all about him. It’s like as though he lives long enough to reveal his ancestor’s dirty work and do Fine one last service before biting the bullet.

Otto is supposedly the villain and the equivalent to our Hitler. However it is hard to see him as the bad guy because we hardly see him in some sort of vile action. Just sitting on his throne or hanging out somewhere in his palace while he makes his plans. Even if his plans to snatch away Berckmann’s hard work, orders for him to be killed and betray the Volga Federation are supposed to make him sound evil but you know what they say about actions speak louder than words. And when he died so ‘quickly’, the shock wasn’t as resonating as Izetta’s ‘death’. Just saying… So the main bulk of the action falls on Berckmann who is supposed to be the despicable villain but from the way I see it, he isn’t such a bad guy in the vilest sense after all. I mean, in times of war, all is fair and to spew nonsense about loyalty and your own life differs on the individual’s stance. Though, it was really odd for me to see someone who had been fighting against Eylstadt in the beginning only to easily defect to the other side and fighting his own homeland, that makes him a dangerous character. All the more so he didn’t die and close his case because he is still alive and might be the next perpetrator for the Cold War, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, the Gulf War, the Arab Spring, the Syrian War… Oh yeah. And Sophie? She’s just a mad bloodthirsty clone.

The battle scenes are also impressive and although you might say that Izetta’s magic might have exaggerated things because uplifting and throwing heavy tanks and lances feel more fantasy than reality, it is still kept to a believable level. In that sense you can’t help vouch, support and even cheer on Izetta when she charges into the battlefield to save the day. Yeah, she makes it all look so easy. It’s like Superman making his debut saving the world. Otherwise, without Izetta’s witchy intervention, it might looked like plain ol’ boring warzone to remind us the atrocities of war. Nobody really wins in a war, right?

Although art and drawing are rather okay, I won’t go so far to say they are spectacular but because the setting is in the 1940s, the lush greeneries and sceneries of Eylstadt do amaze me even if the quality is just pretty standard. The design of the European houses and structures in the 1940s as well as the tanks and planes are also beautiful and quite accurate. The animation is pretty fluid itself but I really didn’t take full notice of it since I was more focused and drawn into the plot and storyline. But I guess it is a good thing too because if the animation was that bad, I would have already complained about it. CG is also used by thankfully very sparingly because I thought the Exenium stones looked ugly (unless it was intentional to look like this). But the simple magic effects and the lighting are quite okay. This series is animated by Ajia-Do who seems to be making a comeback after a few years of hiatus. This is the first TV series they made this year and the last they did was DD Hokuto No Ken way back in 2013. Other works under them include Zettai Shonen, Kujibiki Unbalance, Emma: A Victorian Romance Second Act and the long running Nintama Rantarou series.

There are a handful popular seiyuus lending their voice to this series. Most notably for example Saori Hayami as Fine. Quite some time ago she played a red haired princess of a fictional fairytale kingdom of a fictional world. This time she plays a blonde princess of another fictional kingdom in an alternate parallel world. Other recognizable seiyuus include Juinichi Suwabe as Berckmann, Kana Hanazawa as Elvira, Nao Touyama as Lotte, Koji Yusa as Gorz and Takehito Koyasu as Hagar. The rest of the other casts are Himika Akaneya as Izetta (Honoka in ReLIFE), Sora Amamiya as Sophie (titular character in Akame Ga Kill), Hiroki Takahashi as Seighart (Japan in Hetalia series), Aya Uchida as Bianca (Kotori in Love Live!), Kouichi Yamadera as Otto (Spike in Cowboy Bebop), Kenn as Hans (Jinbei in Mushibugyou), Natsuki Hanae as Rickert (Inaho in Aldnoah.Zero), Yoshimasa Hosoya as Basler (Reiner in Shingeki No Kyojin), Mitsuaki Hoshino as Redford (Magellan in One Piece) and Hiroyuki Endou as Jonas (Rui in Sora Wo Miageru Shoujo No Hitomi Ni Utsuru Sekai).

The fast pace rock outfit of the opening theme, Cross The Line by Akino with Bless4 somehow I personally feel that the beat of this song doesn’t quite fit the setting of this series. It gives me a projection that this song would have been better suited for a mecha shonen genre. Seriously. It is a sudden u-turn for the ending theme because Hikari Aru Basho E by May’n is a very heavy and gloomy song. The slow pounding of the piano is enough to make you feel heavy and grounded. Luckily the string parts are better on the ears but despite being a sad sounding song, it is quite lovely and beautiful in its own right. There is also the Eylstadt Kokka (Eylstadt’s National Anthem) as a special ending theme. This one really sounds like a patriotic national anthem. Not sure if they really write it or they rip it off from some nation’s national anthem. I mean, it’s not like you’re going to recognize every darn anthem in the world, right? There are also a variety of background music from those dramatic pieces fit for a fantasy world to battle themes and the weird but lively a cappella sung by female choirs. In some ways, I do find it a little creepy depending on the scene they are played. For example, the scene is mellow and all of a sudden you hear this loud a cappella voices in the background.

Overall, I am very satisfied and very thrilled to have watched this series. It might not be perfect but it has a good story with many good characters. I’ll say this is really an interesting watch and would recommend that sometimes you don’t really need epic exaggerations and action like a certain Titan slaying anime or even crazy flashy over-the-top series like a certain clothes aliens trying to control the minds of humans, to make a good anime. I know it is just impossible and wishful thinking, but sometimes I wished that Izetta would really exist for real to stop all the stupid conflicts and clashes our world has had enough of. Because f*ck Superman and Batman who throughout the ages continue to fail to stop evil megalomaniac villains and aliens from constantly trying to take over or destroy Earth. Izetta literally ended a war prematurely than it should! And she rides a rifle for Heaven’s sake! Move aside. Witches are the new superheroes!

Flying Witch

December 3, 2016

For every 100 or so animes that have some sort of controversial content (violence, gore, sexual references, sexual depiction, slapstick comedy, over the top comedy and parodies, taboo topics, etc), there will always be one series that has that effect to detoxify all that corruption. Cleanse the soul before we repeat the vicious cycle again. From Aria The Animation to Tamayura and Non Non Biyori, now I am proud that I can add another of such anime to the list. This season’s anime of comfy goodness is Flying Witch. Don’t let that word fool you into thinking this might be some supernatural and evil stuff. I assure you it is none of that. No doubt the main character is a witch, there is no malign intent whatsoever. This slow pace and calming series is so simple that I am even finding it hard how to summarize its plot in a single sentence. Uhm, let me try. The daily experience of the said witch having a home-stay in her relative’s home. Close enough.

Episode 1
Makoto Kowata and her black cat, Chito (Cheetos?) arrive in a sleepy rural town in Aomori. Thankfully she bumps into Kei Kuramoto who proceeds to take her back to his home as she is bad with directions. Kei introduces Makoto to his little sister, Chinatsu. Of course she cannot remember who she is. Kei even plays a prank on her that she is her real mother! Instantly Chinatsu hugs her! Turns out Makoto is their second cousin and will be staying with them from now on until she finishes her training. Chinatsu is suspicious of Makoto at first because she talks to her cat. As Makoto needs to get something from the general store, Kei sends Chinatsu to show her around. Chinatsu didn’t want to do it unless Makoto buys her a doughnut. While shopping, Makoto spots a broomstick and tests it out. She sits on it and floats! Believe it! You’re not dreaming! Meanwhile Kei is picking up liquor from Nao Ishiwatari, his classmate whose family runs a liquor store. She heard about somebody staying at his place and is suspicious when she learns it is a girl. Hmm… Then Makoto and Chinatsu come floating down on their flying broom. I think Nao is in shock that she can’t reply properly. And Chinatsu is so happy she flew that she just couldn’t shut up. It’s like she’s got an Energizer battery installed. During first day of school and at the entrance ceremony, Nao learns that Makoto is a witch and officially one (15 years old is its legal age). The reason she is staying at Kei’s place is because her parents want her to finish high school as being a witch doesn’t pay bills these days. Nao fears that she might be in trouble since only relatives should know a witch’s identity. Don’t worry. There is no punishment in knowing whatsoever. As Kei has appointment with his old friends (karaoke party), he has Nao accompany Makoto home. Along the way, Makoto wants to get a special plant as apology for startling her yesterday. It may look like she is pulling out some radish and something feels odd when she tells you to cover your ears. That’s because she pulls out a freaky mandrake!!! Its scream echoes throughout town!!! OMFG!!! So this is the present Makoto wants to give her as proof of their friendship? No thanks…

Episode 2
There is a tall mysterious owl mask guy at the door. Chinatsu shuts the door on him! Good girl. Although he means no harm, she is not convinced and continues to draw the doors. Makoto then goes to talk to him and knows that he is a messenger. He has finished his job and heard there was a new witch in town and wanted to pay a visit. Makoto somewhat dispels Chinatsu’s suspicions when she explains he is the messenger of spring. Like a fairy. Makoto gives him small pieces of mandrake as reward for his hard work. As apology for scaring Chinatsu, he gives her a small pot of flowers. Lovely. She wonders if he will come by again next year. Makoto has this weird dream whereby Nao swam all the way in her clothes just to show her a little mark on her neck that says ‘super lucky’. It is no surprise when she tells her about it, Nao is so at a lost. But it is believe since ancient times that a witch’s dreams have a reputation for being prophetic so could it be Nao will have some kind of luck? On the way home, they see lots of flower buds called bakke growing on the roadside. As they are edible and Makoto has never had one before, Kei picks up many so that they can cook at home. But Chinatsu hates this dish and she’s starting to act like a grumpy old man. Despite Makoto eating the delicious bakke, we see Chinatsu’s painful contorting face as she watches Makoto consume the plant. My, must be that bad, huh? Meanwhile Nao waits at home, eagerly waiting if a handsome customer would be coming in any time soon. Keep waiting…

Episode 3
As part of her training, Makoto talks to Chinatsu’s dad, Keiji that she needs a plot of land to study plants and farming. There is one at the back but it is covered with weed. Grandma used to tend it but nobody touched it ever since she died. So get ready and start pulling those weeds. There has got to be a better way for Makoto than using brute strength and then landing on her butt. While they take a break, Makoto sees a pheasant and tries to catch it. No luck. Chito tries next but the pheasant is WALKING FASTER THAN THE CAT!!! They resume clearing the plot but I don’t think it is big enough to plant all the vegetables Makoto wants. Keiji comes to check on their progress and praises them for doing well. Then he spots the pheasant and tries to catch it too. Failed. It flies away this time. Catch the pigeon, catch the pigeon… Some full Arabian garbed lady greets Chinatsu outside her house. By this time she isn’t shocked anymore after seeing so many weirdoes. Seems she knows Chinatsu and everybody else, though they have a hard time remembering who she is. She waits for Makoto to return. Makoto is shocked to see Kenny the cat around. She belongs to Akane who is Makoto’s elder sister and quite a famous witch. She is travelling the world and was wondering how Makoto is doing and decided to stop by and visit. She gives everyone raw resource presents from Africa. Really? Does Kei need Libyan oil? Akane notices Makoto has not used magic since she left home and only once (that broom riding incident). Although there is no danger, if she doesn’t cast any, her magic will weaken. Akane will demonstrate an easy magic. It involves using a strand of Chinatsu’s hair, writing incantations on an envelope, burning it and splashing water over the fire. It summons a crow. Not sure if this is science but I’ll believe this is magic. She lets Makoto try. Everything goes well till something feels wrong when there is black smoke and crows circling it. Am I watching The Birds?! Akane realizes Makoto used her own hair instead since a witch’s hair is quite powerful. Akane needs to get back to her travelling since she left her camel behind. She promises to visit them again and disappears like the wind.

Episode 4
With sakura blossoming everywhere, Makoto and co visit the stalls. Kei didn’t want to enter the haunted house but the girls force him. Everyone came running out for their lives. Are witches scared of monsters or ghosts? Makoto then decides to have her fortune read by this fortune teller, Inukai. Can Chinatsu shut up about spamming her with questions? Once Makoto writes her name, Inukai becomes delirious and seeks more info about her address, etc. Inukai reveals she is a witch and has been here for 5 years. But she has no plans on becoming Makoto’s friend. Inukai reveals her true face. She is a dog lady?! Apparently a year ago she was having some drinks with Akane whom she knows as an old friend. During their drunken stupor, she ate her magic chocolates and turned into this ever since. Although she does change back into human form at night but this form in the day took a toll for her personal life. Because Akane never stayed in the same place, Inukai stayed here in hopes she would come back. But now her sister is here, there is hope. Unfortunately Akane doesn’t carry a handphone nor do any family members know her whereabouts. All is not lost since Makoto brings her home to concoct konpeito to temporarily turn her back. Well, it got worse because she is now 100% a dog! Thankfully the spell doesn’t last long as she reverts to her furry humanoid form. As she laments, speaking of the devil, Akane returns! And she had the cheek to say she was waiting at her fortune teller stall just now and nobody was around. Before Inukai could start her blame game, Akane reminds her this transformation was her doing. That night when they were drunk, Inukai pestered her for snacks. Against her advice, she scoured her bag and found the chocolates and ate them. Now you remember? Although the spell will eventually wear off (it has been a year…), nevertheless Akane has been on a journey to look for a spell to reverse it. Inukai apologizes for the trouble before taking her leave. Since it is night time, we get to see her beautiful human face. My, she might be just Kei’s type. Lesson of the day: Drink responsibly.

Episode 5
Curious what a cat goes to in its day? You’re in luck. Chinatsu decides to be the curious cat as she follows Chito wandering throughout town. From the many odd places they go, it finally ends up in a spot whereby a few boys are burying something. Chito then seems to beckon her to come. When she does, she falls into the shallow pit! Chinatsu realizes Chito knows she has been following and feels pretty happy about it. Meanwhile Makoto is still going through her boxes. She finds a date written on an unopened jar and realizes this was when she made pickles. The family has pickle as lunch and when Chinatsu returns, they see her all messed up but she won’t tell them what happened. It’s a secret. Later in the afternoon, it is Makoto’s turn to follow Chito since she knows it has finished exploring the town. At first Chito brings her to the same places. But things get a little different in the sense a dog chases them and they bump into Nao. They follow her to deliver liquor to an old lady who seems to know Makoto is a witch. Makoto is doing a bad job trying to hide it. Granny knows because when she was young there used to be a witch and her black cat walking around town like this. But after marrying, she lost contact with her. That witch also taught her many charms and one of them worked: She married the man she loves! Unfortunately she doesn’t know which spell as she tried many of them and one of them must have worked. Chito’s adventures resume to that buried spot. Makoto digs up a box containing several items and books containing secret plans! It seems it is a time capsule. Not wanting to invade its privacy, Makoto buries everything back. They finally go home and it must be a tiring day. Because they see Chinatsu sleeping and has been so for several hours and dreams like she fell down into something. If you think that’s bad, Akane has been sleeping the entire day!

Episode 6
Makoto feels tired while riding and floating with the broom. Akane teaches a trick that she shouldn’t levitate the broom but herself. It makes things much easier. After Chinatsu hears more witch stories from Akane, she becomes interested to become a witch! She is begging her to be one! First she must get permission from her parents. So Chinatsu goes to have the talk with them. They agree! But Akane doesn’t feel like taking a disciple right now. With Chinatsu still begging, Akane sums it up this way. She will show her lots of witch related things and deeper aspects of the witch world in which she can experience like meeting other witches. Only then she can decide if she still wants to be a witch. So for now she is a witch apprentice. Happy Chinatsu then greets Makoto since she will also be studying along with her. Of course she has to keep this a secret from others. When asked why she would want to learn magic, Chinatsu replies she wants to turn cars into pumpkin carriages, control toys and make candy houses. That’s a start. Later Akane is going to teach Makoto and Chinatsu a spell called Curious Candy (Okashi No Okashi). After drawing a pentagram and magic circles, they have to wait till the candles burn out. It’s going to take some time. Once done, Akane makes Makoto a guinea pig to try a candy. Nothing happens at first. But when told to look at the action movie Kei is watching, she starts crying! It is a spell that has one crying after seeing anything! And it will wear off in an hour! Woe is her! Daring Chinatsu would love to try it out and eats the other snacks. This one sends her laughing in delirium! So we have a cry-baby on one hand and a nonstop laugher on the other. It’s mass hysteria! Too noisy for Kei to concentrate! I wonder how they’re going to help mom, Nana cook in that state. When Keiji returns, shortly he is both crying and laughing as he accidentally ate both snacks. Real hysteria. It must be hell.

Episode 7
Nao is to meet up with Makoto, Kei and Chinatsu to go pick wild edible vegetables in the forest. She thinks Chito has put on weight and teases it. Because of that Chito rides on her back and whips her forehead with its tail. Cats have feelings too! Nao almost insulted it again when she learns Chito is 17 years old. That is in human years. This makes Chito like grandma, right? Oops! At the forest, Kei lays down the grounds rules. But the all-important bell to alert for bears he forgot to bring and left it back home. Makoto and Chinatsu pick up a frog. This scares the hell out of Nao as she dislikes the amphibian. You can say her scream could scare away the bears. Back home, they cook the vegetables. Chinatsu tries to be brave and eat them. She still doesn’t like it. Akane suggests having cake at a cafe run by a witch. Kei, Makoto and Chinatsu make their way there only to find a dilapidated house. But there seems to be instructions how to enter. After they do shrine-like rituals, the house suddenly appears well and decent. There seems to be nobody around and weird notes keep popping up to communicate with them. Makoto calls Akane as she explains that there is a shy ghost working as a waitress! It feels pretty odd talking to nothing and then suddenly a piece of paper pops up as reply. Makoto uses a magic trick to make the waitress visible. As they order, they also learn a bit about her like she was born in the Meiji era (around 100 years ago). The waitress gets embarrassed when she realizes they can see her (they described her kimono). This causes her to be clumsy. She only manages to face them again when she wears a scary mask.

Episode 8
It must be weird having Hina the waitress stare as you eat with that scary mask. The cafe owner comes back as Hina brings Anzu Shiina (the owner’s daughter) to greet them. Makoto has a wrong impression that she is the owner. Because of the high level magic used to masquerade the cafe, she believes she is using the same magic to mask her real age. So when Anzu’s mom comes in, Makoto is surprised and tries to hint at her that her magic has worn off. Big panic comes when Anzu is also in the picture. Did she use some clone technique?! Once everything is clarified, they learn more about the cafe. It has been around for 200 years and serves customers from the other world. That is why there is a barrier to mask it. A couple of ladybugs enter. Seems they are regular customers and are even a couple. I guess there is nothing much to do around here so Makoto and Chinatsu chase the ladybugs. The bugs leave. Although they don’t pay in cash, they help protect the farm by warding off bad bugs. The next customer is a floating veil (Hollow?). As explained, it is the Veil of Darkness and its job is to usher in night time. Thus at this point of the day, it will hang out in the cafe. Since it is friendly, Chinatsu makes friends with it and gets a candy. Next customer is a fox. Its fur is so fuzzy that they can’t help molest massage. Your eternal question of what does the fox says is answered. Makoto believes it is “Kon, kon”. But then it barks like a dog. For real?! Meanwhile Akane and Kenny rent a boat in Vietnam. She is here for a little experiment as she pours a drop of potion into the sea. Not only has the ocean turned monochrome colour but the sky and cliffs too! Just like a Chinese ink wash painting? She wants to take a picture but nobody is around. She gets this idea to teleport home, wake Makoto up from her sleep just so she could help take a photo. Still daydreaming? Next day, Makoto thought that dream was weird. Akane gets drunk with the boatman.

Episode 9
Makoto learns Nana is a picture book author. Later Inukai drops by with her hamster familiar, Al. Think Chito wants to eat it? I don’t know. Petting its head makes it feel even more nervous… To make up for the trouble the other day, Inukai gives them sweets and will also read their fortune. Because these good people don’t have any real life problems, she decides to read their fortunes for tomorrow. It involves holding many colourful stones and then throwing them and see where it lands on her fortune telling chart. After writing down key words (I noticed some are pretty negative like meaningless, useless, folly, unnecessary, etc), Inukai tries to decipher it in a positive light. For Makoto, she might encounter a problem after leaving the house. But if she overcomes it, she will be greatly rewarded. As for Chinatsu, she may discover a new side of herself and it will become something she treasures. Next day after school, Makoto brings Nao to see her farm. It is growing well. Till Makoto points out the mandrake she replanted! She even wants to pluck it out for Nao! No. Please stop. She doesn’t need it. Really. Akane gives Kei lots of funny teasing face and noise. It seems she thinks Nao is Kei’s girlfriend. But when they both dismiss it coolly, she puts on a scary disappointed face. The girls then go pluck ripe radish. Since they believe it has beauty and weight losing properties, they are eager to start eating them. However some of them are spicy. Before going to bed, Makoto remember Inukai’s fortune. Just then a paper crane enters her door. It is a message from Akane to meet her in the living room. Chinatsu and Kei also got the message in similar fashion. She has returned from Burkina Faso and has souvenirs for them. So Makoto gets this lousy t-shirt and Chinatsu a large tribal mask? The girls then think this might be what Inukai’s fortune was referring to.

Episode 10
Nao dreads the cooking class. Yeah, she cooked at home a long time ago and it turned into a disaster. Ever since she always had trauma about cooking. Bad enough they have to make hamburgers. It is painful and scary just to see her cut onions. Of course slowly with Kei and Makoto guiding her, it isn’t as bad as she gets the hang of it. They add the final touches and voila! Yum. Looks good to serve and eat. Nao thought she saw a finger but Makoto points out it is a cookie she made called Witch’s Finger. It will look even real when if baked. Finally when they are about to dig in, they realize they forgot to cook rice. Akane joins the rest to go thin apple trees in some grandma’s orchard. I mean, it’s not like she has anything better to do today, right? So their job in thinning is to snip away flowers that would zap away the nutrients for the apple. My, there are lots of flowers. For a tree! Don’t worry. Many hands make light work. I’m sure everyone is getting the hang of it. Makoto notices a small nest of bees. They don’t sting and are used to pollinate flowers as they collect nectar. Unless they are in a bad mood, they bite! You mean bite and not sting? During break time, Makoto shares her Witch’s Fingers with everyone. Tasty of course.

Episode 11
One misty morning, Akane waits for a tall dark figure. He is the newspaper deliveryman from the other world and of course the news articles are those that cannot be found in the ordinary human world. It is a popular subscription among witches. An article states that the sky whale will be passing by the area. Akane, Makoto and Chinatsu gear up to watch it as they ride on their brooms. A special cream is rubbed over their eyes so they can see it. After flying up close to it, they ask for permission to land on its back. They explore the land and ruins where ancient civilization once lived here. They also meet Anzu exploring as she is a historical buff. It is time to go when their stomach growls. After saying goodbye to the whale, Akane invites Anzu to their place for breakfast. Anzu knows Kenny and they click. Because that cat has travelled around the world and studied anthropology! Kenny is also Anzu’s teacher! Woah. And you thought things wouldn’t get stranger by now. Kei takes out his tools to make pancakes. Anzu has everyone impressed as she explains the history of pancakes and how it makes its way to Japan. Impressive! Anzu realizes she forgot to call mom about her whereabouts. Shortly after, her owl familiar, Aurore drops by with a message from her mom to Akane. What could this special message be? A bill for the stuffs ordered at the cafe. My, what a large tab. Please pay up. Wow. Did they really order a hell lot of things from the menu? Did they throw some sort of party? I mean, 28 cups of coffee and 30 cups of black tea among the items?!

Episode 12
Makoto finds her old witch robe. She puts it on and of course she doesn’t fit and rips it. Time to go make a new one. First she has Nana draw a map to the textile shop. Well, Makoto is so bad at directions, you think she knows how to use a map? At least Chito is here to guide her as they fly across town. When they are in the area, they have to search the shop by foot. Luckily Nao is doing her delivery so she is able to point her in the right direction. Looking through the textiles, she notices one with prints looking like Chito. Its eyes even glow in the dark! Back home, Makoto takes Chinatsu’s measurements. It will be a surprise. Before she gets to work, she reminds her about that crane folklore. Don’t peep. But instantly she opens the door! Why? Because that is what happened too in the story. So Chinatsu watches and helps Makoto sew a witch’s robe. Makoto is making one for Chinatsu and she looks like red riding hood if you ask me. Kei almost got freaked out when he sees Chito’s prints glow in the dark. He pretends to become a doughnut when cheeky Chinatsu casts a spell. Now she wants to eat him?! Late that night, Akane comes back home drunk after a drinking session with the guys preparing for the festival and then another one with Inukai. It seems Akane reminds her about the mandrake parts she left behind and forgot to clean up. As they look for another missing piece, Makoto finds it but it starts moving. Akane then picks it up. It is an earthfish. You know, fish that swim and live in the ground… They must be attracted by the festival atmosphere. When a school of them pops up, Akane pours them sake and feed them snacks. Akane and Makoto talk about things. Like Makoto will soon need to hand in a status report to the association since coming here as well as Akane not travelling much lately since she feels hanging out here is like home. When the earthfish are happy, they start floating and glow in red like beautiful red orbs. Too bad Akane is too drunk and sleeps on to watch and Chinatsu has dozed off. Only Makoto witnessed this amazing phenomenon.

Flying Witch Petit

Short 2 minute ONA specials animated using CGI and in chibi form of yet another peaceful day in the Kuramoto household.

Petit 1
Makoto mixes herbs with her tea for Chito for detoxifying effect but accidentally burns her own tongue. When she tastes the tea leaf believed to be from Myanmar, it tastes like grass.

Petit 2
Chinatsu tries to scare Makoto using an April Fool’s prank. Didn’t work. Makoto mentions she thought she saw a white kitten under a car. As much as she called it, it never responded. Then Chito picked it up and it turns out to be a white glove.

Petit 3
Since Chito has memorized the layout of the house, Makoto hopes Chito can guide her to the kitchen. Instead it leads her to various other rooms in which it is interested from a cat’s point of view. Finally they arrive at the kitchen but Makoto has forgotten why she needs to come here in the first place.

Petit 4
Makoto and Chinatsu celebrate Akane’s birthday. Though, she is not around and is travelling through Africa. Not to let it go to waste, they let Chito be the guest of honour. As they are about the blow out the candles, Akane returns from her trip.

Petit 5
Akane teaches Makoto a spell that would magically lock her notebook. First she has to write 13 digit numbers on her eraser and then chant it over her notebook. Now she has to recite that number if she wants to unlock her notebook. Since Makoto can’t remember well, she writes the ‘password’ on the notebook which renders the spell useless.

Petit 6
Chinatsu is having a hard time with her kanji drills. Akane teaches her a trick. For example, the kanji for ‘fast’ looks like a witch riding a broom. Chinatsu is impressed as she asks more and more kanji words for examples. How come all of them have a broomstick? As its reasoning gets more absurd, I guess Akane has run out of lies explanation so she leaves Chinatsu to do the rest on her own.

Petit 7
Makoto tells Chito about her camellia oil she uses to maintain her broom. Because it makes the broom sparkle like hair, she dreams that she can apply this and open a hair beauty salon. She’ll become a famous beautician in no time!

Petit 8
Makoto sees Akane and Chinatsu sleeping. She hears them sleep talking but wonder if they are really asleep because they seem to be responding to Makoto’s questions. After Chito joins in sleeping with them, Makoto also follows suit thinking that they might be dreaming the same dream and she could join in on that. Good night. It’s still high noon…

Good Witch Of The North
Do you feel fresh and detoxified? Cleansed of your corrupted anime sins? Well, at least I sure do. I don’t know if you can call that a crappy ending but let’s face it, there isn’t really any plot to lead us anywhere. Even if Akane throws up that witch association thingy in the final scenes, I don’t think it is going to cause any big stir whatsoever. I mean, there is nothing that would be constituted dangerous and a threat to these characters, right? Even bee stings don’t kill! Okay, maybe a small bee bite won’t stop a human heart and just give you the prickly annoyed feeling. So generally everybody is as happy as they are from the start till the end. That means it is a happy ending, right?

Basically if you look at the overall plot and pace of this show, many of the episodes feel like they could be episodic and standalone in nature since many of the ‘stories’ in each episode is pretty random. Of course I don’t mean you can watch in any chronological order since some of the supporting characters introduced have short recurring roles in later episodes. But other than that, this series could have been just about anything. Instead of a witch, it could have been a vampire or a zombie or even a werewolf living the slow paced life in Aomori. Because all we see is just Makoto and the rest of the gang doing random daily stuffs that would bore the hell out of you or make you smirk at the calm and soothing pace they do things.

So yeah, this series is mainly boring or interesting depending on your interests and tastes. There are no mind blowing twists to the plot, not a single fanservice element and certainly no violence to go with. Okay, I am not sure if pulling out that mandrake constitutes to violence because you know, its scream sounded like it was so in pain… Ouch. Overall, it hardly has any surprise to spring on us. Heck, even the supernatural elements aren’t that scary even for my scaredy cat level. Some may look a bit different and out of place but they are not at all spooky.

Speaking of the supernatural magic of witches, they are shown very sparsely and some not even visually. For instance the crying and laughing magic prank from Akane. You don’t see any magic effects from it. Like as though you just put random objects in seemingly arranged order and then when they start crying or laughing it feels more of a psychological effect. You know, hypnotism? So don’t get your hopes up to see high level magic explosions or casting effects because the most we will likely get are witches riding on brooms. And the occasional Akane drawing her magic circle to teleport. In fact, seeing them pulling off these small feats of magic won’t make you go ooh and aah.

Despite the series having hinted there are a few witches around and proof that there are other worldly denizens moving about in the area, there is no further mention or exploration what this other world is all about. Witches it seems are painted as good beings instead of wicked ones. At least from the ones we hear in the series. And every normal human who has heard about the existence of such witches don’t give a damn about them. In the sense that they don’t make a big fuss like reporting to the press or uploading to social media if a UFO is spotted. No, seriously. They’re just cool with them. Witches? So what, right? And speaking of something relating to technology, noticed how nobody in this town has a handphone? Land line still works! You rarely see those nowadays, huh? Ah, the wonders of the simple life.

Maybe it was discreetly working with our psychological state all the time. We have been told or at least how we interpret this series as a peaceful and relaxing pace so when the slightest comical bit pops up, we tend to find it funny. This little magic is perhaps why we find the series funny and amusing. Like when Inukai temporarily turned into a full dog or Makoto shocked at Anzu having a clone of herself or Akane receiving a huge surprise bill, these little short bursts in surprise is what makes the series fun to watch at times and breaks the mundane and ‘unexciting’ pace in general. Such funny moments usually hit you spontaneously when you least expected it. You might not go LOL but it is sure enough to make you smile.

Considering the already tranquil pace of the series, the characters themselves aren’t much and you can say that they are as boring as the plot. But remember what I said about the series working on our psychological state. Because everything is so laidback, you don’t even hope that there would be some kind of character development for any character. They remain noticeably the same from start till finish. So it is both a good and bad thing that although the characters do not change much (or at all), they are still likeable in their very own charming way. Definitely this calm and soothing pace has really gotten to us by this time. At times it might be a bit unrealistic too because nobody here has real life problems! How we wish we to have such blissful life! Perhaps the most ‘stressful’ problem was Inukai’s transformation. But she learns to accept and live with it and it isn’t all that bad. Well, at least it staves off annoying guys who want to hit on her, which could be problematic seeing she is a natural beauty. Oh wait. Does this anime and town even have such sleazy guys in the first place?

So for a main character like Makoto… What can I actually say and explain about her? A normal girl. Part witch. Not a powerful one. Happy and cheerful. Life is a bliss. And the occasional bad with directions but nothing disastrous. I guess it says everything all there is to say about her at least in this series. Since the series doesn’t even delve into flashbacks and back stories of any of the characters, you will only get to know the minimum and the rest feels like a mystery. I mean, of all places to complete her high school, why did she come all the way from Yokohama (which is in the south) all the way up north to Aomori? Is this where her old life was and if she was to complete her high school might as well be in a place she is familiar with? And besides, why didn’t she complete high school? Does this mean she is actually older than Kei? You see, Makoto and some of the Aomori residence know each other and that was a pretty long time ago. Again, her back story is never explained so we are forced to ponder these questions for eternity unless… Also, is it a bad thing to lose all magic as a witch? Is it wrong for a witch just to become an ordinary girl? It isn’t like Makoto is going to lose sleep over it the way I see it.

You could say that Chinatsu is the liveliest character seeing that as a young kid, she is quite energetic, bubbly and curious. Sometimes she might seem annoying with her scatterbrain but it beats having a near emotionless and expressionless character. Like Anzu? Almost. Chinatsu has seen quite a number of supernatural things since so she just blatantly accepts them in her life whenever she comes across one as opposed at the start where she was a bit sceptical. Since Chinatsu is an apprentice witch, I hardly see her doing any magic practice. Is it possible for humans to become witches? At least it seems so here seeing if nobody says it is impossible, it must be possible then. Then there is carefree Akane whose life goal seems unclear. She travels around the world (currently Africa seems to be her main destination) and when she feels like it or wants to rest, she comes back to the Kuramoto’s home to sleep. If she is not doing anything in particular, you can find her sleeping. Or drinking. That’s like half of the time we see her, right? Otherwise all I could see her role in this anime is to add a little spice by teaching or demonstrating her magic.

Kei is supposed to be a normal guy but as quoted in the anime that since he lives with a witch and knows about them, he is way past normal. An unnormal normal? And Nao is like the third party character you get at times if you don’t need Akane to join in the fun. (Because Nao and Akane only get to know each other quite late in the story). It’s like she is just there for the company because after their task is done, she returns home and rarely joins them in the aftermath. So maybe that is why this series is boring because it lacks any romance that some viewers might be hoping for. Kei x Nao or Kei x Makoto (I know they’re second cousins but what the heck). None of that came close. And perhaps that too is a good thing since it won’t spoil the comforting story with cheesy romance. I mean really, fancy seeing Makoto blush and become a clumsy girl because of that? Yeah, I can’t imagine that either.

Other minor recurring characters like Anzu and Inukai serve to give a bit more variety to the series. Though some like the messenger of spring I thought would play a slightly recurring role later, it seems he only appeared once. Same case for Hina (although hers was spread out over 2 episodes as that cafe arc was conveniently ‘divided’). Nana and Keiji are laidback parents that they would let their kids do just about anything as long as it is legal. You thought they would protest to something like Chinatsu in becoming a witch but instead they support her. Another reinforcing statement that witches aren’t that all bad. So I suppose it is a good thing that parents let their kids do what they want and not restrict their dream. The weird thing (and perhaps running joke) about Keiji is his thick accent so much so Makoto cannot understand him. It’s like he is talking Greek! Don’t worry and don’t feel bad. I can’t even understand a normal Japanese conversation at all! Nearly all Japanese sound Greek to me! It is a good thing his kids don’t take after his accent.

Last and not least the cat familiars. I suppose it is not a must that cats are to be a witch’s familiar seeing Anzu has a cool owl. At first it seems funny to see how witches are able to communicate with them seeing that the cats only meow one or two lines. Then it’s like they could translate an entire sentence out of it. But remember, these cats might be another supernatural being form in this series. They could be highly intelligent creatures and even surpassing humans. Take Kenny’s case for instance. While it might sound absurd or even mind boggling how a cat can do university-like study and research, it might not be in the form of how we humans conduct so. I mean, who knows, right?

Art and drawing feel soothing to the eyes too. Nothing that are too colourful and vivid nor would anything be gloomy and dark. Since the setting takes place during the spring and summer times at Aomori, it captures the bright and sunshiny feel of those seasons. While character designs may not be unique and many of them looking quite ordinary (is that K-ON!’s Azusa that I see in Chinatsu? Did Inukai come out from Dog Days? Is Makoto a grown up version of To Aru Kagaku No Railgun’s Saten?), at least the backgrounds and sceneries are quite lovely to look at. It is after all the sleepy picturesque town in Aomori. CG is also used but that is only minimal and restricted to the sky whale and earthfish so it isn’t that jarring. This series is animated by long time veteran anime studio, J.C. Staff so you might see similarities of their art style trademark here in some of their other works such as Shokugeki no Souma, Nodame Cantabile, Bakuman, Honey And Clover, Kimi to Boku and Nabari No Ou.

For a calm and soothing drama, the voice acting isn’t anything special since well, almost everything is calm and soothing you would rarely get a burst of emotions. Sometimes a bit from Chinatsu’s liveliness and the ‘loudest’ of them all being that mandrake’s creepy scream. A handful of recognizable seiyuus include Yuka Iguchi as Anzu, Takahiro Sakurai as the messenger of spring and Kikuko Inoue as Nana. The rest of the casts are Minami Shinoda as Makoto (Cain in Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu), Eri Suzuki as Chinatsu (Milinda in Heavy Object), Shinsuke Sugawara as Kei, Kana Aoi as Akane (her debut role), Shiori Mikami as Nao (Akari in YuruYuri), Mari Hino as Inukai (Shinkawa in Shirobako), Hisako Kanemoto as Hina (Ika in Shinryaku! Ika Musume) and Mitsuru Ogata as Keiji (Amano in Miami Guns).

Apparently the animal familiars too have a dedicated seiyuu to them! I thought it would be just randomly picking one of the main seiyuus and asking them to meow like a cat. Instead we have Ai Kayano as Chito, Ayane Sakura as Kenny and Ari Ozawa as Al. From the sound of it, it doesn’t sound like it is tough trying to purr like a cat but since the cats themselves do not meow that often, sometimes I feel it is a bit wasted to have dedicated seiyuus just to voice them. Not that it is a bad thing but just saying…

The opening theme, Shanranran feat. 96 Neko by Miwa despite being a fairly lively piece still manages to give an overall soothing and comforting feel. It is catchy enough to make you want to sing along or at least do that weird clapping dance that some of the characters do in the opening animation sequence. Nichijou No Mahou by the duet of Minami Shinoda and Eri Suzuki as the ending theme is a slow piece and another embodiment of the series’ calm and soothing pace. In fact many of the BGMs I hear also follow this suit. Some have that comical feel and others that mystic touch but even so mostly are the serene type and nothing dramatic. Although it is unfortunate that none of them can match the awesomeness of the soundtrack in Aria The Animation, they are still worthy in their own right.

Overall, this is really one of those ‘healing’ animes that is recommended for everyone even if such boring and calming pace isn’t your cup of tea. The plot is simple, the characters are not complicated and yet interesting, and the animation isn’t flashy but still excellent and close to realism. All you need is to do away with all that unrealistic high expectations and hype in order to truly enjoy this anime. Sometimes it isn’t that little supernatural magic that makes things interesting but rather the simplicity and minimalistic joy in the things we do in everyday life. That is the true magic of this series. Now, if there was only a little magic spell that I could learn to make chocolates and candies out of thin air…

There are a bunch of animes out there that dabbles and mixes science and magic in between. Some giving off a great storyline and everything while others just freaking confuses the hell out of me. The fight for supremacy between magic and science is showcased here differently in Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai. Magic it seems is mainly the source of all bad and evil things whereas science and technology are the only things that can keep them at bay. At an academy where students train to become the next force and keep magic users in check, we have a small little group of quirky underdogs who is at the bottom of the league where it concerns most. Just because their captain cannot use magic well and has only his ‘outdated’ sword skills to fight. I guess you can tell where this is going. Will they prove that the good of science will rule over magic or will they find a good mix between science and magic and show the world both can be used for the benefit of many when in good hands. No? That’s not what this series is really all about? Yeah. I don’t care either. Then what? Oh, I’m only here for the harem factor ;p.

Episode 1
Takeru Kusanagi has it rough. He is trying to become an inquisitor to earn big money to repay debts his late parents left him and take care of his little sister. It is bad enough others badmouth him for carrying his sword around, it goes to worse when he returns to his platoon’s room only to see fellow Usagi Saionji in a Playboy bunny suit being filmed by Ikaruga Suginami. He sees the future about his fate. So he starts crying. Guess what? Usagi felt insulted that he cried instead and beats him up! But when he compliments her body, she calls him a pervert! Ah, being a woman. Damn if you, damn if you don’t. Meanwhile Ouka Ootori is talking to Sougetsu, the academy’s chairman (she is his daughter on paper although not blood related) and for some reason she will be reassigned to the 35th Test Platoon AKA Small Fry Platoon as their backup. Of course, this platoon that Takeru is in is the worst of the lot. Takeru was in the same class with Ouka and knows her outstanding credentials. Unfortunately Ouka doesn’t remember him. Ouch. The platoon is now on an infiltrate mission to stop the trade of an illegal magic item. It goes well till Takeru enters a room full of mobs. Wasn’t Usagi supposed to take them all out? Yes she did. At the wrong building! The mobs did the wrong move by mocking his sword. He snaps when they call it scrap metal. Now they’re scared when they witness Takeru slicing their bullets in half! He is going to kill them but Takeru calms him down by imitating the voice of his sister. Ouka enters the scene to kick ass.

The last guy unleashes instant magic. A huge Dragoon mecha appears. Too bad it broke down thanks to its fragile drive mechanism and that it wasn’t fit for close combat in the first place. Things get bad to worse when Takeru trips and falls onto Ouka’s boobs. If getting beaten up wasn’t enough, Usagi flops again when she misfires and some metal part drop on Takeru’s head as he faints on Ouka’s boobs. I guess she now understands why this platoon is so f*cked up. Because of that, Ouka goes lone ranger in her missions. She is right as she points out the flaws in Usagi’s sniping as well as caving into pressure and over-modifications of the items. And what to begin with for Takeru? But they try not to lose hope and even host a welcoming part for her. Too bad Ouka doesn’t appreciate it. Takeru notices an injury on her arm so he has to put his foot down that he is her captain no matter what. On another infiltration mission, Takeru almost got into a bomb trap if not for Ouka’s quick reflexes. However they were too late because the victims have died and become sacrifices. Ouka feels guilty that she is going to kill the perpetrators. Takeru stops her that if she does, she will lose her inquisitor licence. She doesn’t care. Her family was killed by witches and she hates them and anything that is magic. It has become her life’s mission to kill witches till the day she dies. That is why she cannot work with others or they’ll get in her way for revenge. Takeru believes she can. Although he doesn’t fully understand what she has gone through, he won’t give up trying to be her comrade.

Episode 2
Takeru feels embarrassed thinking what he said to Ouka then. And Ouka continues to have reservations that she’ll accept her platoon members. Mari Nikaidou, daughter of the great witch meets up with Haunted, a necromancer-cum-alchemist-cum-summoner from Valhalla. She is to trade a magic item for him to summon an einherjar. But as it needs a weapon, looks like he killed 50 people for it. Mari doesn’t look too pleased, though. Don’t worry, they’re all criminals and he promises he won’t touch ordinary folks. After all, they view the inquisitors as the enemy and will fight them to abolish all discrimination and prejudice witches face. Ouka berates Takeru for being an unqualified captain once she learns his goal is to become an inquisitor for the money. However Ikaruga fires back as she also knows about her background. She has garnered the nickname of Calamity as she kills criminals without orders. The only reason she is back at this academy is because she got kicked out of the inquisition. Later Takeru sees Ouka paying her respects at her family grave as she relates the horror 9 years ago that made her devote to her revenge. Their small talk is ruined when Haunted begins his move to wreak havoc on the city and to destroy the academy. As usual, Ouka rushes off by herself. Although the low level ghouls are easily taken care of, it is the einherjar that is going to be a problem. Yeah, this Dragoon has got Arthur’s Excalibur. With the academy on full alert to fight back, normally Takeru’s order would be to run since he knows they are fighting a losing battle. However with Ouka in the field and her quest for revenge running high, he can’t leave his comrade alone.

Ouka summons her contracted gun, Vlad to fight the einherjar. As she does not plan to make a full contract with him, she only allows him to take her blood and heal her wounds for more power. Things are going well till some stupid time limit means time is up in using him. You’re on your own. Before she is killed, it’s Takeru’s turn to rescue her. Although he could fight the einherjar via close combat, still it wasn’t enough as he takes a serious blow. On the verge of death, he is met with this goth loli, Lapis Lazuli who wants to make a contract with him. In some alternate dimension, she asks him several questions like if he is willing to annihilate witches, abandon all that is precious to him and toss away his humanity just to achieve his goals. After answering most of them as yes, Lapis accepts him and turns him into witch hunter mode. Basically Takeru in a super cool armour. Lapis introduces herself as from the Relic Eater series which can only be used by inquisitors. She has chosen him as her owner. Takeru is super powerful as the einherjar’s magic does not leave a scratch and he can fight on par with it. Lapis could also absorb its magic into Takeru’s blade so that he could return all that magic power and destroy it for good. Takeru returns to Ouka. He won’t lecture her about revenge and stuff but wants to carry half her burden. He might not be that reliable but feel free to rely on him. Eh? What? He is her comrade after all. So I guess her sign for accepting this is allowing him to use her lap as his pillow?

Episode 3
Mari has been captured by the inquisition and she has lost most of her memories. Sougetsu explains about Lapis to Takeru and co and how as the last Relic Eater, she finds compatibility in him because he is a swordsman. As she has a habit of taking human form, he has made her a fake ID. I’m sure Takeru didn’t expect her to be his little sister! Sougetsu also introduces Mari and has her join the team. He doesn’t waste time admitting she is a witch. I wonder how Ouka would feel about this. Not good. The academy has decided to implement a new system on an experimental basis so their job is to guard and keep her identity a secret. So you can tell sparks are going to fly between Mari and Ouka and a war is just itching to start if Takeru doesn’t intervene. Their rivalry goes as far as in the classroom and on the field and their public feud is getting out of hand that when Takeru tries to stop them, he got double punched. Later he talks to Mari about her goal in wanting to become an inquisitor. She isn’t quite sure but it is probably to show the world that magic isn’t a bad thing and to change their perspective it could be a good thing to help others. Haunted is talking to his staff, Nacht during the aftermath of that failed academy attack. Mari was pissed that innocents were hurt. It was a condition that she agreed to work with him. When inquisitors arrive to arrest them, he quickly kills them. Mari falls into shock that she got captured by reinforcements. Haunted fled but not before leaving a magic spell to erase her memories. He doesn’t want to kill her yet but torture her mentally. Though, she getting captured by the inquisition wasn’t part of his plan.

Ouka and Mari continues their b*tch fight. It goes up a notch when Ouka gets irked by their first name basis and Mari sending ambiguous signals by cuddling up close to Takeru. Surprisingly, Usagi ticks them off to stop because they have to worry about the upcoming mock tournament. It is important for their team because they’ll get the much needed credit points if they win. Ouka thought Mari has seduced Takeru as she is going to live with him. Turns out the dorm has no rooms and even if they had, they couldn’t risk her identity being found out. The other girls either live with her family or have no space and since Ouka hates her, I guess Takeru is the only option left. So this excuse for Ouka to follow them is so that Mari won’t assault Takeru? Welcome to his rundown apartment… Geez, it feels like a haunted house! You scared, Ouka? But he soon leaves them alone as he needs to go off to work. Really? Leaving them together? I guess Ouka tries to chicken out but Mari clings on to her tightly! No escape! When Takeru returns, he gets the bad luck of seeing them naked. With Ouka freaking out thinking she saw a ghost, they fall over him. Double boobs in the face. Double slap in the face. During the first round tournament, Takeru’s team is in a pinch. Mari won’t help and Usagi is panicking all over. But a change from heart from Mari as she becomes the decoy so the rest could move in and win it. Everyone thanks her but since she doesn’t sound that appreciative, Ikaruga labels her as a tsundere and perhaps a flat chest variety to the rest of them. Oh, at least she has Lapis as fellow comrade. While the rest is hanging out at the stalls, Ouka goes to hand in her report when she stumbles a report on Mari. An ancient witch with amnesia accused of murder.

Episode 4
Mari talks to Takeru that she is worried she may be a bad person but in the event if she does, he’ll just brainwash her and bring her back to the right path. That is what it means to be comrades. That easy? Before their second round match, Ouka talks to Takeru about her discovery on Mari. When it begins one of the opponents bursts into a giant flower. Haunted pops up to rescue Mari. Hayato Kurogane orders his men to keep firing into him but Haunted creates a giant barrier that sucked Takeru and co in. Haunted is pleading Mari to come back to him as he declares his cheesy love for her. Takeru is not amused and transforms into his armour to fight him. However he is surprised when Haunted too has his armour and could even be a better swordsman than him. Meanwhile Ouka manages to contact Sougetsu and she tells him her findings of the crime scene Mari was in. Based on the different magic, it was not her who did the murders so Ouka is going to indict him for false arrest. So how? Want to make a deal? Haunted undoes Mari’s amnesia as she remembers the tragic of her orphanage. It was burnt down and they were kidnapped by him. She was forced to work for him if she ever wants to see them again. So if she comes back to him, he’ll let her see them. Takeru tells her he is lying because from Ouka’s report, they are all dead! To prove him wrong, Haunted shows the kids. They’re zombies! Oh, he admits he was the one who killed them.

Mari falls into great despair and Haunted relishes seeing her like this. Then Takeru lectures her about atoning her mistakes by saving more lives with magic. Otherwise, those kids won’t forgive her. If that is not enough, he is willing to carry half her burden. That line again? No wonder Haunted is laughing at his cheesy ideal. So while both of them exchange blows, Mari remembers the nun teaching her some magic. She decides to sacrifice her life to do so but missed. Because the academy put some collar on her that will explode if she uses it, it never happened. Ouka says she cut a deal with Sougetsu to disarm it because she wants her to use her magic to save Takeru. Yeah, they still hate each other and doing this for the guy. Mari then fires her magic once more. Missed again? Actually, it is for Takeru to absorb. Now he powers up and defeats Haunted. He makes his escape but not before hinting to Takeru that he knows he is from the clan of demon hunters. Mari is ever grateful to Takeru and thanks to him, she didn’t commit any more mistakes than she already has. More good news when Mari is now officially a student of the academy as Sougetsu decided to make the witch enrolment policy official. Ironically it was Ouka who lobbied for it. Her excuse is that she doesn’t like the way he does things. But still, they hate each other… Resorting to boobs shaming now, eh?

Episode 5
Usagi’s mom is not impressed with her low grades. Because of that, she will be bringing forward her marriage and this will be her last month in school. The most heart breaking thing? She tells Usagi not to call her as mom because she isn’t. Reima Tenmyouji, the executive committee chairman is going to bring back the witch hunting festival whereby a special currency will be used to gain credit points and even money. Oh look, Takeru is so motivated. Usagi is having a hard time wanting to tell her friends when Ishida the captain of the 23rd Test Platoon comes in to request their teams to form an alliance for the festival due to their small size. When Usagi is walking in the hallway, she bumps into Reima. They know each other. The sight of him starts making her have breathing difficulties! From the way he says things, looks like he is her fiancé. Naturally Takeru comes to her aid but he doesn’t understand Reima’s words about taking care of her a little longer. Ouka is brought by Shizuka Sendou of the student council secretary to see the president, Nagaru Hoshijiro. They talk about the urban legend witch named Mephistopheles that devours human minds. It seems she exists because Nagaru’s entire team was killed and she and Shizuka are the only survivors. The catch is that this happened a month ago, the same time when Reima transferred to this academy. Isn’t that strange? Ouka agrees to lend her help.

Usagi recuperates in the infirmary and since she is holding onto Takeru’s hand, I guess he has to stay with her. She feels sorry for keeping him this late so as they walk home, he can sense something is wrong. Then she asks if he is willing to marry her. What gives? Then she explains about her marriage to Reima. As she is the sole heir of her family, being a good for nothing, the only way for her family’s future is to marry into the wealthy Tenmyouji. I guess Takeru felt bad so he tells her to come stay at his place tonight. What?! So she’s here in his shower, wondering what the heck she is doing. Hard not to think thoughts of them getting married and starting a family, eh? And then maybe she’s just going to accept all that because she comes out just wearing a bath towel before him. As predicted, she trips and her towel comes off. She readies to let him do her first time. As predicted too, the other girls come in. That shock on their face? Priceless. I’m sure each has their excuse to beat him up for this indecency. Especially Ikaruga’s wrath is because he didn’t invite her to this! Like the usual shoot first, ask questions later, they eventually learn of Usagi’s predicament. Since their original plan was to discuss strategies for the festival, this meeting will also be to help Usagi improve her grades so her mom could accept her and let her remain till she graduates. That’s what comrades are for, right? Since she still views herself as dragging everyone down, time for Takeru to remind her the countless times she saved them with her sniping. Takeru and co do cosplay and demonstrate before the 23rd platoon guys. They love it! Even if Takeru is cross-dressed in a gothic outfit. Because Usagi nails it by just having band aids covered over her necessary parts!

Episode 6
Reima and Takeru confront each other. The former gloats Usagi will be his but assures she will be treated nicely. Takeru won’t allow it because Usagi belongs to no one (or is it she belongs to him?). He gets mad when he thinks Reima is bullshitting that Usagi killed her brother and that she has no true comrades. And of course, Takeru says they’ll do their best to always protect her. Ouka is investigating around the school and a bird’s eye view reveals a large magic insignia all over. When Reima confronts Usagi, bunny girl tries to be tough that she won’t listen to him anymore. However he plays mind games with her about her brother’s death. When Shizuka reports to Nagaru, she suddenly pulls out her gun to shoot her. Then she joins Ouka to apprehend Reima. When Ouka mentions Reima’s true identity as Mephistopheles, shockingly Shizuka is the one who responded. The duo corner Ouka as they place a talisman on her for Mephistopheles to possess her body. Mephistopheles wants to initiate the magic sequence earlier than expected so Reima protests since he did her bidding in exchange for the academy and inquisition to be his. She threatens this wimp she could have killed him anytime and didn’t because his family might come in handy. So STFU. Nagaru contacts Takeru about the situation. She is alive thanks to her bulletproof vest. Takeru didn’t like how she dragged Ouka into this and won’t follow her orders. He’ll be saving his comrades on his own. WTF. Isn’t that the same? Lapis detects Usagi at the chapel. She is having nightmares how her brother was playing with the rifle and while trying to stop him, she accidentally shot him in the struggle. Reima jerk popped up before her and knew she killed her brother. That is when he decided she will be his and started his brand of rabbit abuse.

So now she is going to be raped by him at the chapel. Sure she struggles, but that slap puts her back to docile mode. Remembering her friends, she won’t go down that easy and bites him! Takeru arrives to save the day and goes tell her to help Mari as she is trying to diffuse the magic. You know, the duo could save the reunion and the promise making for later. If you’re wondering why Reima didn’t attack them in this period, yeah, he is putting on his armour. Ouka worries about Mari but she laughs off her fake acting because there is no way that b*tch would care about her. Mephistopheles is going to shoot her but here comes Usagi to the rescue. How bunny girl had to run when Mephistopheles activates a spell that causes all the guys in the academy to go after her. Rabbit hunting? Creepy. Takeru defeats Reima. Yeah, I guess it’s not worth even seeing this wimp fight. He is scared out of his daylights that he soiled his pants! Now Takeru fights Mephistopheles who can use Vlad. Feeling that Ouka is coming back, she is going to test Takeru’s bonds. When Usagi returns, Ouka claims Mephistopheles has possessed Takeru. So shoot him. But Takeru says if she is unsure, shoot him then her. Mephistopheles: Believe in me. Takeru: Believe in us! I guess it’s clear. As Usagi is going to shoot her, Ouka fights back to reclaim her body, pushing Mephistopheles out. Usagi shoots her special bullets to finish off Mephistopheles for good. Great news for everyone. Ouka survives the shot and Mari finishes her task. Scary news: Takeru dressed as a maid during the festival scares off the guys! Hey, they didn’t pay the bill! Ikaruga tricks Usagi to wrap herself only in ribbons for Takeru to view. Best news of all: Usagi’s engagement is annulled. And as promised, a great pat on her head.

Episode 7
Sougetsu calls Ikaruga for her opinion on this case. A spy infiltrated the Alchemist Corporation and took a picture of a Lost Matrix cell. Inside there is a dark elf that could be used for resurrection as a weapon. Since she worked there 4 years ago, he thought she should know. Of course it is impossible to clone. Even more so, Lost Matrix had gone missing 4 years prior too. Kurogane wants to keep her lock up but Sougetsu would rather wait and see so they can have more cards to play against Alchemist. With the 35th platoon in last place and in much need of points, Ikaruga suddenly says bye-bye and hold the fort till she comes back. Of course feeling something amiss, they tail her to some slums but ultimately lost her and encounter the mafia! Haunted is seen talking to Isuka, Ikaruga’s older sister. Seems she has failed to resurrect dark elves again. He notes her actions to betray Alchemist and join Valhalla. It’s because if she continued to work under Alchemist, she’ll just be ordered to do what they are told. Haunted then gets upset that she killed her fellow scientists without emotion. It is like disrespect to them. Because he loves people and thus loves killing people so put more emotions into their deaths! WTF?! Isuka promises she will keep her end of the bargain to resurrect dark elves. She receives a report that somebody has leaked info about the stolen Lost Matrix. Haunted wonders if she can trust that source. Of course. It’s from her sister and she is on her way here. Ikaruga further tells Isuka that she is willing to trade the Lost Matrix as her interest is only resurrecting elves. Staying at Alchemist would have meant she would eventually be executed. That is why she left the place and continued her experimenting outside. However Isuka’s men find her and get rough. Just in the right time for Takeru and co to stumble on her. While the girls hold back the other forces, Takeru takes Ikaruga to safety but a near-miss missile injures him. Isuka contacts her sister for the change in plans since she didn’t realize her friends are here. She warns her if she hurts or even kills them, she can say goodbye to the Lost Matrix.

Sougetsu is seen talking to Suzaku Suginami, the boss of Alchemist. He is ‘accusing’ her for passing the buck about the recent incidents that weren’t caused by Alchemist (because they were never authorized to do elf research). So as apology for this ‘screw up’, she’ll send him the latest Dragoon models so he could go crush this rogue facility. He calls all available platoons to go to war. Ouka, Mari and Usagi are taken in by Isuka and examined from head to toe. I guess that explains why they are bare naked. Since she doesn’t believe they are Ikaruga’s friends, she tells them the kind of person her sister is. As kids, they were already genius scientists. Till Ikaruga stumbled upon a book about family and friends. She became interested in that concept although Isuka objected to it. Ikaruga’s resurrection of a wood elf fails because despite cloning it, it had no magic. Isuka became mad when she found out she purposely did so to get thrown out. Ikaruga became close with the elf, naming it Kanaria. One night, Ikaruga is going to run away and Isuka stops her saying that they need each other for research, which is their passion. Ikaruga wants her to run away with her but the alert has sounded. Somebody stole the Lost Matrix. Guess who? Ikaruga is supposed to get Kanaria but it was nowhere to be found. She had to leave before security forces come. She then came to the academy to keep the Lost Matrix away from Alchemist as they couldn’t attack an inquisition academy. Ikaruga is telling this similar story to Takeru. I don’t know, this place looks like a love hotel… Takeru doesn’t understand why she would trade the Lost Matrix now after finding out they were going to resurrect dark elf. She thinks he won’t understand try him. As she has no sense of what is right or wrong, what if it is wrong? Takeru will come and stop her. In that case, since this is goodbye, she is going to try it out with him while she still can. Try what? Sex. SEX???!!! HOLY SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 8
We continue where we left off abruptly the last time. Ah yes. Sex. Too bad those f*cking Alchemist guys are here so Ikaruga has to put it off next time. After confessing a hollow I-love-you, she injects a temporary paralyzing serum into him. Ikaruga then goes to meet Isuka for the deal. Ouka and co are thrown out on the streets as part of the deal. They see Sougetsu coming by with lots of Dragoons. He has them pick up some weapons so they can go fight. At this point too, Takeru is able to move and requests Lapis help to power up to go save Ikaruga. Isuka blames her sister over her betrayal and that she lost a lot of things when she decided to pursue unscientific matters. Isuka is feeling pain because of the redesigning of her body or something. She wants her to hand over the Lost Matrix so Valhalla will accept her. However Ikaruga says she is only here for 2 things. To prevent the resurrection of elves and to rescue her. This only makes Isuka mad. She considers her sister her enemy and will destroy the world to save herself. And since the world is Ikaruga’s home, that makes big sister her enemy too. Ikaruga reveals the Lost Matrix embedded right in her chest. With nanomachine technology, she is able to resequence her DNA and turn into a partial dark elf. She has enough mana to create dark matter. Isuka’s pain continues as well as her blaming everything is Ikaruga’s fault. Haunted cannot hold back himself after seeing Isuka’s face of despair. He had to kill her! And he loves that despair look on Ikaruga’s face too.

Her nanomachines are imperfect so Ikaruga returns to her human form. Isuka says Kanaria is being held at Valhalla and wants her to live. Too late for apologies now. Haunted offers Ikaruga to join him. He doesn’t need Isuka since she has shown him how to make Dragoons and resurrect elves. You know her answer. In that case, Haunted leaves her a present from big sister: A large rampaging dragon! Takeru saves Ikaruga in time before she falls to her death. Lapis says his chance of defeating the dragon alone is only 0.4%. However Ikaruga mentions that since it is purely machine, they can just destroy its core and it will crumble over its own weight. So Usagi has a few chances to nail the job but she keeps missing due to her nervousness. And when she does, it doesn’t break. Looks like it will take more hits to it. Yeah, but she’s out of bullets. Ouka’s turn to try. Didn’t work. Going to get killed. Takeru’s turn to stab it. Oh dear. Runs out of mana. Don’t worry. Mari replenishes him with her mana so he strikes it with all he’s got. Dragon down. There. Dusted and done. In the aftermath, Mari brags to Ouka and Usagi about her heroism but they’re not too amused and fire back with insults. Takeru talks to Ikaruga alone. Oh, you mean it’s not about the sex? Haha. Just kidding. He doesn’t want her to think she is useless, she is part of the time, blah, blah, blah. You know the usual drill. Uh huh. His trademark line of carrying her burdens. Or her tears as in her case. He pats her head. She doesn’t like it but allows it because it’s him.

Episode 9
Their next mission is to infiltrate and stop an illegal magic item trade that would earn them much needed points. Ikaruga thinks they won’t be up for the job but Ouka takes this as an insult and insists she can do it. Okay. You asked for it. The infiltration job turns out to be a hostess job. Damn, Ouka got played into her hands. Naturally, she freaks out whenever men touch her butt or trying to get flirty. My, what a hostile temper. Usagi and Mari are more natural even more shocking is how Takeru seems to be doing his waiter job so fine like he’s got talent for it. When Ouka thinks she has spotted the culprit with the magic item, she moves in close to him. However she screams when he swipes her butt and her impulse has her destroy the package. The rest quickly surround to arrest this guy only to find it isn’t a magic item but a handheld gaming console. The real culprit is just next table. Although he tries to run, the rest caught him. Ouka just stood there stunned… Big blunder? Back at their room, they analyze the item and it turns out to be a low ranking one. They won’t get many credits and with that fiasco, they might even have their points docked. Ikaruga suggests testing this ring magic item its authenticity before handing to authorities. When she thinks it might make one fall in love, the rest of the girls seem to have ulterior motive in grabbing the ring for themselves. In the struggle, the ring lands on Takeru’s finger. Then some magic happens. Usagi is such a kiddie flirt and Mari has high emotions, crying over her small boobs. Ouka is wildly aggressive and even Lapis is drunk. It is confirmed this magic item makes one intoxicated. Think Ikaruga is unaffected? Well, she seems flirtier. Not that she is any different than before. But I think she is the ‘best’ one because she ends up vomiting on him!

The gang are on their way to the beach since they receive complaints that summer won’t stop and the cause might be a witch. I guess your excuse to have fun at the same time as well as some swimsuit fanservice. Of all the sexy swimsuits the girls wear, why is Takeru only has his eyes on Lapis’ school swimsuit? During lunch, Takeru has bad stomach ache. Usagi and Mari prevent Lapis from following him into the toilet. When Ouka notices a guy being stretchered because he was attacked by a monster and almost drowned, they conclude this case isn’t the work of witches but a magical monster. Since it is under the sea, who can go investigate? Ouka can’t swim, Ikaruga has been ‘dead’ the entire time (she’s not an outdoor person) and Takeru is still taking a dump (oh, his screams!). This means Usagi will lead her mini platoon underwater. Somehow Mari can’t help feel insulted thinking she’s directing that to her mini boobs. As suggested by Lapis, to draw the monster out, she uses Usagi and Mari as bait. Like as in fishing bait. It did attract the monster and since it has tentacles… Yes, tentacle rape! Takeru has finished his business and runs to their rescue. Too bad his armour is too heavy. I don’t know how long they can hold their breath because it seems they can hold out while trying to communicate via sign language. As suggested by Usagi, Takeru uses Lapis as a fishing rod to fish the duo to freedom. With Mari’s magic to briefly open up the sea, they swing the monster onto land. Case closed. Ouka rewards the mini platoon with ice cream but Mari still feels insulted that she means her mini boobs.

Episode 10
Takeru visits a maximum security prison to see his sister, Kiseki. They talk about things and it’s pitiful to see her just trying to survive. Time flies when you’re having fun so Takeru has to leave when time is up. He must strictly obey all protocols or else he would have a harder time visiting her next time. After that he continues to do his missions flawlessly with his team although they notice that he hasn’t been sleeping lately. We get a little deeper glimpse into Kiseki’s confinement case. As Sougetsu and other scientists keep close monitor on her state, thanks to Takeru’s visit, it helped as she has mostly calmed down. To put how dangerous she is and the reason she is confined in such high security is because she has this uncanny ability to excrete dangerous mana. If destroys and collapses anything. So if they don’t keep that in check, it’s the end of the world. And that might come soon because she yearns so much to see Takeru that she is going into overdrive mode. Kurogane offers to fight off this beast she has created. While Takeru and co are out in the field to catch a dangerous wizard, the baddie caught win they are inquisitors in disguise and run. While Takeru chases him down the alley, unfortunately he got killed. To Takeru’s surprise, it is Kiseki as she collapses into his arms. When the other girls arrive, Takeru becomes a little hostile in keeping them away. No, he is not a siscon. But once he calms down and realizes they are not the enemy, he introduces them to her sister as they take refuge in some apartment room. Despite telling them she is the most dangerous thing in the world, he believes as long as he is with her, she’ll be fine. Kiseki has busted out of the prison. The place is in shambles. Don’t worry, Kurogane still lives. He’s one tough cookie and the best witch hunter around. Takeru perhaps is trying to explain nicely about Kiseki’s dangerous powers and how it caused her to kill many people in their village. So Ikaruga tells him to shut up as she explains bluntly about the excessive mana she produces and seeing she might have used a lot while escaping, it will take for a while to replenish. Surprisingly, Ouka suggests the siblings spend some time together so the rest tease her for breaking her character. Kiseki is scared thinking the girls are ganging up on her but they’re just going to help her put on nice clothes so she could go on a date with Takeru. It is the quality time the siblings have always dreamt of. But at the end Kiseki has a favour to ask for: Please kill her. And big brother said he’ll do anything, right?

Episode 11
What she meant is that if she is going to die, she wants to be killed by his hands. Sorry, he can’t do it. The only time he’ll do that is when he will die with her. That’s a promise. As they continue their date, Takeru is confronted by his rival, Kyouya Kirigaya. This guy now seems to hate Takeru a lot more. He also has his own Relic Eater, Nero. They both start fighting but are stopped by Kurogane. They will be facing the consequences for this public brawl. Takeru talks one last time to Kiseki before Sougetsu knocks her out with sedatives. He tells Takeru that Alchemist have signalled their interest to help them since they might have a way to solve her problem. The only catch is that she will be transferred to a different facility. He cannot reveal the location seeing that Valhalla is after her. When the transfer gets going, Valhalla launches their attack but most of them are decoys. The real Kiseki is being transported via ground, guarded by Kurogane and Kyouya. The latter asks which side he belongs to because he doesn’t want him to get in his way of revenge to kill all heretics. Their convoy is also under attacked. Kyouya relishes taking out his anger on them. Takeru dreams he was tasked to kill Kiseki. Even after seeing her monster form, he still couldn’t because there is no way he could kill his sister.

Takeru and Ouka are in solitary confinement. She blames herself for getting him into this but on the contrary he has every reason to be thankful as she allowed him to be with his sister. I guess it is her turn to borrow his line to share and carry half his burden. Because she has found the platoon a comfortable place to be. She reminds him he is not alone. Nagaru lets them out since she has some connections with the guards and explains to them Kiseki’s convoy has been attacked. Takeru is surprised his teammates are ready to move and help out with him. They in turn are surprised he is asking for their help because normally he would never let his teammates get involved. So they’re staring at Ouka for she might have changed this dude… Can we stop the petty argument and get a move on? After despatching the lower guards, Kurogane and Kyouya are faced with Orochi Kusagani, the big boss of Valhalla. Kurogane wants Kyouya to continue with his escort task because this guy will be too much for him to handle. Halfway, Kyouya decides that everything now is just damn wrong so he stops the truck and is going to kill Kiseki himself. Luckily Takeru is here. Despite Kiseki never did anything to him, Kyouya is bent on destroying everything related to heretics. Takeru believes Nero is influencing him because revenge is what she is seeking as her reward. The power fight goes on till Takeru’s team back him up. Kyouya is forced to escape but that won’t be the last they’ll hear of him. As Takeru rescues Kiseki, he could see all the pain and anguish she has gone through. She already has enough of it and wants to end it all. Time to keep your promise? Haunted had to interrupt and bag about how much he wants Kiseki as part of their world chaos plan. Kiseki then goes berserk seeing her brother impaled. Looks like the end of the world is coming sooner than you think. Hallelujah!

Episode 12
The monster blob overflows the city. Sougetsu and Suzaku are watching as the former implies that this mess was created just to satisfy her curiosity. She offers to clean it up but instead he wants to bet with her if Takeru can kill Kiseki or not. Ouka fights Haunted and this time she is willing to make a contract with Vlad. Her fight this time is not limited to her family’s vengeance but to protect those around her now. Vlad is touched by her nobleness and accepts. And for the first time, Ouka in her battle armour. She manages to dispose Haunted before the other girls pick her up. Ikaruga explains the only way to stop this monstrosity is to keep killing the blob. Kiseki’s body is immortal and will not die unless she accepts it (her body rejects death if it’s not killed by the person she wants). So they’ll have to concentrate in killing all the monsters or risk it destroying the world. Takeru is still alive because Lapis is healing him. But he is reflecting on what he should be doing. Lapis gives him some encouragement and after confirming his final answer to toss away humanity so he could achieve his desire, she further powers him up into a much darker armour. Sealed with a kiss. Ouka has to put up with the monster’s jealousy lies that because of her, Kiseki cannot spend more time with Takeru. The other girls are at their limits holding their ground when Takeru revives. It’s time for him to be the hero. Because he sucks Ouka’s power and then apologizes he can’t walk with them anymore. Just great. So he’s going to be a martyr? Too bad Haunted gets in his way again and they both continue to clash swords. This time Takeru has decided. He regretted he could not kill Kiseki. But now no matter how much he regrets that, he will stay true to his desires. This means he will have Kiseki live and will return to his girls. All with his life intact. Gee, he gets all his cake and to eat it. With time running out, Takeru uses his ultimate move to finish Haunted and then dive into the monster blob to bring Kiseki out. With those comforting words that he’ll stand up by her side till she can be saved, the monsters vanish. Orochi has to cut short his battle and communicate with his comrades to retreat. But he is confronted by Sougetsu and thinks he wants to use Takeru to make history repeat itself. Whether he likes it or not, the trigger of war will be soon at hands. Takeru returns to his platoon and says he didn’t exactly save Kiseki. As long as she is still alive, she will continue to put the world in danger with her power. Don’t worry. The girls assure her because they too want to carry half his burdens. Right back at ‘ya! Hey, don’t they mean a quarter of his burdens since there are 4 of them…

I Don’t Want To Carry Any Burden At All!
And that is how it ends? At least in the context of this anime. What more could we ask? World is saved at least for today and Kiseki in this context of ‘happy ending’ could be considered saved till the next time she goes berserk. Just like many other animes that end on this kind of note, as usual there are lots of potentials and development if it ever gets another season. Because I’m sure that nothing is really settled yet and if things do get settled (like Takeru’s platoon girls and their respective personal problems), it is an indication of bigger things to come. Then there is the case of the characters’ past which is not fully explored like Ouka’s family and quest for revenge (which seems to have died down towards the end).

If you are wondering why the storyline seems to be moving along a very fast pace, I read some comments over the internet how the anime is like literally rushing through the chapters of the light novels that the series is being adapted from. Because it felt a bit weird when we are in one scene and then all of a sudden we are ushered into another scene. I thought it was how the flow of the series works but when it happens for all the time, something felt amiss. For example, the early episodes when Ouka was just inducted into the platoon, it felt like they calm her blood thirst for revenge very quickly. Then there is that mock tournament that makes you wonder what the heck happened to it. Sure, Haunted interrupted it big time (this feels familiar just like that guy who did back in Naruto’s chuunin exam). What happened after that? So is it put off indefinitely? And I thought we were going to see Takeru’s team seriously squaring off with Kyouya’s team in the next round since the latter still hated him so much then. Heck, so abrupt that some scenes right before the opening or ending credits is abruptly cut off. They really take this rushing thing to a whole new level, eh?

Thus the controversy of rushing through arcs/stories and skipping lots of details in between can sometimes be a hot issue among fans and casual viewers or those who are not aware such series exist. It is like a double edged sword where it is both good and bad. Because while you keep it short and fast, you do not have to bore viewers and drag out the arc with too many episodes. Take for example the case of One Piece. Do you know how many damn years that series has been running with the recent Dressrosa arc?! Yeah… Fights that lasts for episodes which could turn out to be for months… So when you zoom past things like this one, at least you know it won’t last forever but at the same time, so fast it might make you feel like if you blink, you’ll miss it. Maybe the light novel has lots of chapters to cover and certainly rushing at this pace means at the expense of its materials. But I’m not too sure about this since I don’t really read it.

Being the harem anime it is, I’m not sure whether to call Takeru’s platoon girls a diverse one because like any other groups from other animes, you definitely have quirky behaviours. From the typical tsundere type of Ouka who gradually finds comfort in the team she once thought she would never give a chance to fit in, and Mari the proud magic wielder except whenever it comes to her boobs. If she is a ‘natural enemy’ to Ouka, then something similar can be said to Usagi and Ikaruga because the latter loves harassing the former like boobs groping and the likes. Not to say that Ikaruga only targets her as she does display her uncanny sexual fetish onto others but usually it is bunny girl who is often her victim. The duo are like polar opposites. Because Usagi has high displays of her emotions and prone to anxiety while Ikaruga has that emotionless don’t-give-a-f*cks face and she tends to be very blunt at times. Don’t expect much from the harem side although there will be a little tiny bit for it and mainly it is just for fanservice. Yeah, I remember Usagi’s sexy moments and Ikaruga’s sex time…

Completing Takeru’s little platoon harem is Lapis but nothing much can be said about this kuudere goth loli since she isn’t given her own mini arc unlike the rest of the other girls. I mean, don’t you quite notice how they have their own respective problems and usually Takeru has to have his hand in solving them because he is their captain as well as the main character. Speaking of that guy, he must be one heck of a strong kid to love shouldering half of other people’s burdens. It is the clincher and line that makes the girls submit and give in and at the same time allow him to meddle in their affairs. Yeah… After all, since they particularly like him, there is nothing better than their prince charming and knight in shining armour to save their day. Thank goodness it always turns out alright. Thank goodness his platoon is limited to a handful of girls. Now, if he had 100 girls in his platoon… I hope he doesn’t get crushed by its weight. Not forgetting Kiseki who obviously has brother complex. Would the cat fight take a different turn had she not have such dangerous powers and thus the rest somewhat take pity on her? Though I’m not sure if she is going to be placed in Takeru’s personal care or to be under Alchemist’s surveillance.

Haunted is quite the interesting villain and antagonist. Already with a twisted concept and his love for killing, it would be even interesting to see more to this depraved Catholic priest other than making his entrance via annoying sudden attacks. I mean, this guy has a penchant of just barging in the midst of something, claiming he can’t stand anymore of this excited feeling while watching. It happened during the mock tournament. It happened again during Ikaruga and Isuka’s face off and once more it happened when he was going in for Kiseki (twice for this, in fact). What a better way to throw a surprise attack to your enemy and catch them off guard? I’m pretty sure Sougetsu is on the good side but because of his scheming looks, it never fails to make you think that he might have some sort of ulterior motive behind that calm smiling face. It just makes you suspicious if you can trust this smooth operator. Indeed he might be because the final episode hints that he could be over 150 years old considering he knows Orochi and the fact there is some shady friendship with Suzaku despite both their organizations are enemies on the outset.

Thanks to the rushing pace of the series, the character development for some also suffers especially minor ones like Nagaru, Kurogane and Suzaku. And for those like Orochi, he appeared too late. The same case with Kanaria who seems pretty grown up and Orochi’s sidekick. I am pretty sure her past with Mari will intertwine again in future story arcs. I thought Kyouya would be just a minor character to be brushed off with no importance but seeing his return as much meaner and enraged guy showing much more hostility each time he sees Takeru’s face, it goes to show that things are clearly not over between them yet. Would this guy softened had he been under Takeru’s platoon? I mean, look at what happened to Ouka. Oh, that’s right. Maybe it works on girls but not guys.

Action stuffs are pretty okay. Enough worth for your entertainment attention. From Takeru’s different sword abilities to Ouka’s gun wielding capabilities (since she is not in contract with Vlad, thus limiting her overall power and proficiency), Mari’s use of magic (she cannot use it freely since there is a magic blocker collar she has to wear and under Ouka’s control) as well as Usagi’s long range sniping add to the variety of the team’s arsenal and offence. Even if Ikaruga has no fighting abilities, her background support as intelligence and hacker as well as weapon modifications and gadgets play as important role as the rest. Though, it is not clearly obvious her contributions in this anime since we don’t particularly see them.

The art and drawing feel pretty decent. Your typical conventional Japanese anime by today’s standard. Animated by Silver Link studio that produced a few well known anime comedy and harem series like Rakudai Kishi No Chivalry, Shomin Sample, Strike The Blood, Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankei Nai Yo Ne and Rokujouma No Shinryakusha. It is that time again when I start thinking that I have been watching too much anime when some of the characters felt like I have seen them somewhere in other animes before. Right after the first glance, I thought how Usagi looked so familiar to Gochuumon No Usagi Desu Ka’s Sharo while Ouka has that uncanny resemblance to Subaru from Mayo Chiki. I’m sure the rest do too but I’m too lazy to figure out at this point of moment. For instance, Ikaruga’s character in lab coat and long hair and Takeru’s generic heroic teen looks. Definitely seen them somewhere before… And I thought Mari looked like a kid who worked in a train station…

As for the design of the battle armour and Dragoons, since I’m not really a mecha aficionado, they look pretty average. But I have to say something about Ouka’s armour. Why the heck does it look skimpy and what on Earth does her armour need a cape for?! Don’t tell me it’s to fly. Some of the animation here employs CGI effect but I can’t help notice how poorly done it is for the monster blob. I am sure they want to make it look hideous and it really does with all the eyeballs and teeth sticking out. But I didn’t think it would be such a poor job ‘ugly’ that you could see how obvious the jarring CGI blend in with the 2D animation.

I am not sure why in this series I find some of the voices not suitable for some of the main characters but it could be just me. For example, I kept thinking how Takeru and Ouka sound too mature for their student character. Their voices seem to give an impression that they sound older than they should be and thus not fitting as things. But it is not like Yoshimasa Hosoya as Takeru (Kojou in Strike The Blood) and Reina Ueda as Ouka (Mikan in Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa) have such low sounding voices, perhaps they just did a lower one for this series. That’s why I said it could be just me for this series because if such voices do sound unsuitable for such characters, then seiyuus like Youko Hikasa and Marina Inoue who do not have cute high pitch anime-like voices would have failed in their character’s voice.

A handful of recognizable seiyuus include Kanae Itou as Mari, Shinichiro Miki as Sougetsu, Koji Yusa as Haunted, Jouji Nakata as Vlad, Sayaka Ohara as Mephistopheles, Rikiya Koyama as Orochi and Satomi Arai as Suzaku. I thought Ikaruga sounded familiar and I couldn’t figure out the voice behind her till I decided to look it up. It’s Hayate No Gotoku’s Ryoko Shiraishi. Man, it’s been a long time I have heard from her. Others that I don’t recognize are Rumi Ookubo as Usagi (Chinatsu in YuruYuri series), Iori Nomizu as Lapis (Nymph in Sora No Otoshimono), Kenjiro Tsuda as Kurogane (Inui in Prince Of Tennis), Chika Anzai as Kiseki (Chaika in Hitsugi No Chaika – initially I thought it was Kana Hanazawa who voiced her), Yuko Sanpei as Isuka (Sasha in Seikon No Qwaser), Natsumi Yamada as Nagaru (Lam in Yuushibu), Makoto Furukawa as Reima (Banri in Golden Time) and Kenji Akabane as Kyouya (Arashi in Triage X).

The opening theme is Embrace Blade by Afilia Saga. A typical generic anime-like music sung by an all-girl pop group, nothing too special although it isn’t that all bad. But the ending theme, Calling My Twilight by Kanako Itou sounds a bit different as this dance beat mixes in a bit of techno rock. The opener of this song might sound a little bit cacophony thanks to the screeching-like sound effects. The other background music isn’t that noticeable except for those with techno rock music as they are mainly used during fighting sequences.

Overall, if you are not a fan of series that rushes telling its stories, then this one is not for you because it will come and go so fast that it would leave you wonder what just happened. By the time you try to digest what is happening, they move on to the next part. So if you are like the casual me, watch everything fast, forget everything fast, and then try to remember it all again if ever there is a sequel. Yeah, a subtle reminder that life has become such a fast and sickening pace that you can’t stop to smell the flowers. Will then be anybody who would carry half my burden? Does it sound like I am trying to pass the buck here?

Here is a fact about kissing. Do you know that when you kiss, you transfer around 80 million bacteria? Disgusting? You want to hear something cool about kissing then, eh? Well, here is another fact that you should know while locking lips. You switch bodies! Say what?! Not just that. Sometimes you could charm others into your bidding or even see the near future! I kid you not! And I did not pull this out of the air either. Heh… If you have watched Yamada-kun And The Seven Witches, I’m sure that anger or disbelief in your chest will soon turn into “Oh, that show is it…”. Well, it must be pretty cool or a curse for our protagonist who discovers that he can switch bodies by kissing anybody. Yes. A kiss. Imagine how convenient if you have this kind of super power. Better than super strength or super speed or x-ray visions or any other super power. And with great powers come great… You get the idea. Oh, this anime isn’t about him misusing and abusing his power going around becoming a demon and the enemy of all women. Despite his delinquent status, he is a pretty decent guy. As he soon finds out, there is just more to this body switching power and perhaps other girls in school that possess other powers. All you have to do is kiss…

Episode 1
The teacher is berating Ryuu Yamada for being the worst example a student can be. Failing grades, late to class, sleeping in class! The list goes on. Why can’t he be like the model student, Urara Shiraishi? Yamada has worked up a delinquent reputation and he is regretting enrolling in a high school he thought nobody would know him. Angry as he can be, the mere sight of Shiraishi pisses him off. He wants to go usurp her at the stairs but they trip. Next thing he knows, he is in the infirmary. Looks normal? Well, if you consider he is now in Shiraishi’s body that. He rushes back to class only to see his own body diligently studying. And everybody is wondering the sudden change in ‘Yamada’. So they confront each other at the rooftop later and they would love to return back to their original bodies. Since they fell down the stairs, theoretically by doing that they will return back to normal. But Shiraishi wants to wait after school to do that since she doesn’t want to miss classes. So what does Yamada do in his ‘free time’? Run havoc in Shiraishi’s body! Like any other guy, feel free to examine every inch of a woman’s body! Then he runs around the boys’ toilet and flirts around with those fan geeks. Okay, he has had his fun. Bored. Rin Sasaki and her pals invite ‘Shiraishi’ to lunch so Yamada plays along. But he soon discovers that Shiraishi is their bully victim. Doodled pages and garbage dumped in her locker. This makes Yamada remember that Shiraishi has always been alone. He wants to go teach that Sasaki b*tch a lesson. He goes to warn her and wants to scare her with a fake punch but Shiraishi gets in the way and takes the full blow. At least this made Sasaki to be scared sh*t. Now it is after school and time to fall down the stairs to return to normalcy. After one flight of pain, nothing happened. Trying a few more times… Same thing. Shiraishi notices that there is one thing they haven’t tested out yet. When they fell the first time, they kissed. The moment they do that, they switch back. Amazing? Anybody would. But not Shiraishi. She has to go study. Unknown to them, they’re being watched by the student council vice president, Toranosuke Miyamura.

Next day, Yamada and Shiraishi experiment with the kiss and true enough they switch bodies. Of course they want to keep this a secret between themselves. Shiraishi swapped bodies so she could go help Yamada take his supplementary exam. So while Yamada is hanging out by himself, Miyamura comes looking for him. Yamada plays along with whatever Miyamura says. Because he didn’t know Shiraishi is his girlfriend and today they’re supposed to go out dating. When the fan geeks start harassing ‘Shiraishi’, Miyamura is going to take care of this but was taken care of. Weak! Yamada gives them a power kick that sends them running away. This is when Miyamura points out that this is not the real Shiraishi. That trademark kick could only belong to Yamada. Plus, the dating was all fake. Now that Miyamura knows their secret, he is willing to offer them an unused room for a place to safely switch bodies. This Supernatural Research club is on the verge of being closed because he is the only member. Sign up and they can use this room. Miyamura is curious if they can just switch bodies by kissing. Miyamura wants to test out with Yamada and Shiraishi is all for this yaoi moment. It worked! Of course in exchange for this room, Miyamura wants Yamada to listen to the student council’s request. Since Shiraishi doesn’t mind, Yamada also agrees. As Miyamura is about to begin the first meeting, Miyabi Itou drops in and she is interested to join this club.

Episode 2
The guys are pretty dodgy to answer Itou’s simple questions. She tries to prove her worth by bending spoon (using force?), UFO sighting clips (I can see the strings!) and some ancient stone (looks pretty ordinary to me). Then she comes back with a big haul of other supernatural stuffs. So eager to join that she starts cleaning up the room. Since when did she make Yamada her cleaning lackey? Yamada then remembers there is a test he needs to take so he wants Shiraishi to switch bodies and help him. She would if not for Itou who keeps popping back up to check on things. Miyamura gives her the registration letter to be sent to the student council office. This will buy them some time. The moment they kiss, Itou returns and sees this atrocity. Well, the student council room door was locked so she returned. Itou is sad that she has always suspected something amiss from this club as they never did anything supernatural. She vows to get back at them for trampling on her feelings. Next day, Yamada is shocked to see fliers and posters that claim Yamada and Shiraishi are an item. Yamada confronts Itou and wants her to take back those rumours. He won’t let her leave this place and if she must, kiss him. Stunned, he uses this opportunity to kiss her and then knock her out while she is in shock of the switch. Yamada then goes around in her body to request everyone to forget all that. However they are okay with it and never believed it in the first place. Yamada discovers that Itou has a reputation for being a liar. I guess this switch was useless in the first place. When he returns to switch back, Itou is already gone. Big trouble.

He seeks help from Miyamura and Shiraishi to find his body but they heard rumours of students sighting ‘Yamada’ admiring himself in the mirror and making lame superhero poses. They find a message in Itou’s handphone. It seems she needs to bring the money for some expensive items she bought or else. Aren’t those the supernatural stuffs? There is a big chance she might be there. The gangsters don’t know it is Itou inside Yamada’s body and they easily beat up this dude. With the real Yamada (in Itou’s body still) appearing, he wastes no time in beating them up after they get cocky. After they return to their original bodies, Itou apologizes for what she did. She thought she could fight better in his body. Apparently not. But Yamada says that now she knows their secret, she can’t leave so easily. She is now part of the club. She is more than happy to join. Like any other curious person, Itou is interested to see this kiss switching thingy. So they kiss about until I am not sure who is who anymore. The ultimate kissing scene: It might be girls on the outside kissing but actually they are guys on the inside! Yuri or yaoi?! Or both?! Haruma Yamazaki the student council president learns of the newbies joining the Supernatural Research club and thinks Miyamura is trying to look after the problem kids for them. It might have something to do with the selection for the next student council president. Nene Odagiri who is also a potential for that post will not allow anything to stand in the way of her goal.

Episode 3
The Supernatural Research club does not have any funds allocated to them. Itou argues they could buy stuffs and Yamada is particularly very interested after thinking a microwave oven could be useful. Itou has tried negotiating with Yamazaki but it didn’t go well. Yamada decides to barge in and do his intimidating talk but Yamazaki coolly ignores him. It seems this guy is indifferent to males so Yamada gets this idea to switch bodies with the girls to do better negotiations. However Yamazaki is not fooled. He can ‘smell’ that they are not females on the inside. But since they look the part on the outside, he is willing to talk to them. Yamazaki will exercise his power to give the club a budget if they can help get Shiraishi to agree to go to college. Of course the student council has tried but failed. Thus he thinks with their close relationship maybe they can persuade her. And so Yamada goes into persuasive mode to persuade Shiraishi to just go to college. I mean, she likes studying, right? So what’s the difference? However she remains stubborn. This is going to be tough. As the rest discuss their plans, Odagiri and her yes-man, Ushio Igarashi confront them to warn that they’ll stand no chance in next month’s student council president position. Yamada realizes the ploy to get Shiraishi to go to college is part of Miyamura’s mission. If he clears it, he’ll win the post. Yamada doesn’t want to do this and get involved in the feuding student council war but after being warned how sly Yamazaki can be, he is forced to play this game for now.

Yamada is surprised that Shiraishi wants to kiss and switch bodies. He should have suspected something was amiss. Indeed there was. She is sick and wanted to switch bodies to get some work done. But this is a good chance for them to return to Shiraishi’s home and find out some details. Looks like a normal house. But nobody else is home. Yamada shoos out the rest but his body is heating up so he sleeps on her bed. When he wakes up, Shiraishi is already back home and she is furious he went to her home without her permission. Well, he didn’t know how long she would borrow his body. After switching back, Yamada continues to look after her in bed. He tells her to just go to college since she like studying. But she disagrees with that. She has nothing else to do but study. Whether at home or school, she is always alone. After apologizing for what he did today, he tells her he regretted enrolling in this school. He thought it was boring up till recently things are starting to look amusing. He wonders if college is amusing too. As he is trying to set his sight on college, why not she go with him? And so you can tell Shiraishi has agreed to go to college when the Supernatural Research club has a nifty microwave oven. Yamazaki and the rest are dumbfounded to hear Shiraishi is going to college.

Episode 4
The class is going for a camping trip and when Shiraishi is asking to switch bodies with Yamada, you bet there is going to be something going on. It seems she wants to study in peace instead of hanging out with her girl friends. So Yamada has got to put up with her friends’ company. I wonder how he is going to handle the hotspring programme… Oh wait. Shiraishi’s friends begin their molesting attack! It is obvious Yamada is tired after all this and he can’t put up with the girls talk at night. So he goes back to force Shiraishi to switch back. As he heads back, Odagiri calls for him. It seems she is going to blackmail him with a picture of him going through Shiraishi’s stuff. Yamada realizes it was during the time he was in the hotspring. He dares her to do it and can brush it off as doing errands for her. But what about the next picture that has him taking and starring at her panties???!!! Oh sh*t! She’ll erase the pictures on a condition if Shiraishi doesn’t sit for the next national mock exam. Yamada tells this to Miyamura and Ito and they know it is Odagiri’s plan to sabotage Miyamura’s position. If Shiraishi doesn’t take the exam, the school’s average will drop and you know who will be blamed. Besides, there is no guarantee that Odagiri will erase it after that. The only way Yamada thinks he can get out of this is to kiss Odagiri, switch bodies and erase it himself. So he calls her out to meet that night and boldly tells her to kiss him. She accepts it but warns not to blame her for whatever happens. Yamada is shocked that they did not switch. Relating this to his buddies, Miyamura and Ito test kiss him and they didn’t switch. Has he lost his power? Next day as Yamada meets Shiraishi to tell her about his inability, she thanks him for letting making this school trip fun. She learnt a lot of things when she talked to her friends even if it is just casual talk. She hopes that for the summer vacation, the Supernatural Studies club can go on a trip together.

Back at school, the moment Yamada enters the clubroom, Ito and Miyamura are in a competition to give him eat their bento! What the hell? They’re trying to flirt with him! Is this some sort of prank? They reveal they are really in love with him! Serious! They deduce they started having feelings for him after that kiss. This must be his new power. Since the duo are getting annoying in their competition, Yamada kisses them to return to normal. They are curious for Yamada to kiss Shiraishi. They really want to know what happens if she falls for his charms. Yeah, I can’t wait to know either! Yamada assumes that kiss with Odagiri may have awakened this strange power and is going to see and kiss her to revert back. In the mean time, he doesn’t want Shiraishi to know about this. Oh wait. She’s already at the door. Oops… Lastly, we have this strange end segment whereby a pair of yakisoba bread siblings is introducing the school in freaking weird ways. They end up fighting. Turns out to be a promo shoot for the school by Yamazaki using Yamada and Miyamura as the puppeteers. Too bad they couldn’t stick to the script and end up arguing their puppet was perfect.

Episode 5
Shiraishi wants to kiss and switch places but Yamada gives an excuse he has something to do. He goes to find Odagiri but she is nowhere to be found. Apparently her hideout is in the school’s old building and she is waiting for him to turn up. I mean, he is supposed to fall in love with her and will come looking for her, right? Well… Odagiri even waits out in the open but Yamada is nowhere to be seen. Ushio knows something is wrong when Odagiri starts saying she can’t get Yamada out of her head all day long. Shiraishi thought Yamada hates her and doesn’t want to do the body swap again but he explains and she is glad he didn’t hate her. Despite knowing about his new power, she still wants to kiss him. When they do, they switch bodies! Odagiri sees this and starts crying. Ushio fears that she must have really fallen prey to her own spell and fall for Yamada. Shiraishi has figured this conundrum out. Yamada’s power is to copy power of others. It is not body swap. Remember the first person he kissed when this happened? That’s right. Switching bodies is Shiraishi’s power. Suddenly Ushio kicks Yamada for doing something to Odagiri. Flashback shows Yamada is pretty to start a new life in this school where nobody knows him. Till he found out Ushio enrolled here too. They both have no intention to get along and tried to make friends with others but failed badly. Yamada wondered if the next 3 years are going to be boring but Ushio noted every day doesn’t necessarily have to be boring. Shiraishi deduces that when Yamada kissed Odagiri, he copied her power and she became a victim of it. The only way to turn her back to normal is to kiss her back. But Yamada won’t do it. Ushio promises to delete the photo and pull her out from the student council president race and even goes begging on his knees. Yamada still won’t give in but Shiraishi says they’ll do it. She asks Yamada if he is fine with her like that, the unrequited love that Odagiri will always feel. Yeah. He’s fine with it. Shiraishi slaps him. It is not that he is mad at Odagiri but holding it on Ushio. In that case, turn her back to normal. Can’t be stubborn now, can he? Yamada wonders if Ushio kissed Odagiri to fall in love with her. He admits he did but he likes this version of himself better.

Flashback shows Ushio and Yamada got into a fight with some fellow boys from their school as they were harassing a girl. But Yamada only got suspended because 2 witnesses claim that Yamada started the fight singlehandedly. One of them was Ushio. Ever since, that is how Yamada got his notorious reputation. Ushio brings Yamada to Odagiri. She wants to talk to him privately (who in their right mind would feel comfortable with everyone else watching). First she blames him for making her think of him every day and when found him, he was kissing Shiraishi. She wants him to leave her like this. She never knew her power could make someone feel so happy. However he kisses her and says there is no way he would ever fall in love with her. Ushio then hands Yamada a book from the old Supernatural Research club regarding the 7 wonders of this school. There are students called witches who possess mysterious powers. Among the powers are to charm and telepathy. The rest to be continued in the next volume… They get excited to go hunting for witches but Yamada is not so. He doesn’t want to be dragged into this mess but he is their witch detector. And the only one whose powers won’t work on. But with Shiraishi giving her smooth operator talk, Yamada can’t so no now, can’t he? They offer Odagiri to join them in the search but she won’t join these vulgar people. Ushio tells Yamada that he has no intention for apologizing for that betray that got him suspended. That was for the best because that is the reason why they came to this school to live this sort of school life in the first place.

Episode 6
Supernatural Research club is having fun at the beach! Minus Yamada. He failed his exam and is now taking supplementary classes. Oh, the same suspects from last year are also joining him, Hideaki Tsurukawa, Mitsuru Kameda and Meiko Otsuka. Since Yamada is complaining that he can’t get any fun as summer vacation is here, Shiraishi gladly switches body with him. It’s a win-win situation. Since she aces in class, the supplementary trio are surprised and contemplate to make him part of the gang. Otsuka summons her courage to talk to ‘Yamada’ and then suddenly kisses ‘him’! Immediately Shiraishi switches back with Yamada and asks him all he knows about Otsuka. Ever kissed her before? Hell no! Then it’s proven. Otsuka is a witch. Since there is no effect on Shiraishi, she figured of switching back with Yamada. They still don’t know what power Otsuka has but they know for sure that Yamada is the one Otsuka is after. This means he will have to kiss her again to find out. So… What about the test? He’ll have to pass himself. Bummer. The failures fail their test again so Otsuka whispers to Yamada about passing the test together. He becomes confrontational and this scares Otsuka because he is like a different person now. Odagiri and Ushio join the Supernatural Research club waiting in some room because they believe the next volume is in the storage room but a teacher is having keys to it. From what I understand, until all the failures pass their test, that room won’t be opened because that teacher will only replaced the supplementary teacher when they pass their test. Shiraishi thinks it is a good time for Yamada to test Otsuka’s power. But first she switches body with him so that she could go make an appointment with Otsuka to kiss! So while Yamada is in Shiraishi’s body, Odagiri starts getting physical in the hotspring till she realizes too late ‘Shiraishi’ acting weird and that it is Yamada underneath it! Shiraishi manages to make the appointment so Yamada meets Otsuka and they kiss.

Back in the room, nothing much happens. In the dead of the night, Yamada is awakened by the screaming voice of Otsuka. But Otsuka is not around though he heard her voice very clearly. Then it dawned to him. Otsuka’s power is telepathy. As telepathically instructed, he meets her so that she can train him on how to use the telepathy power. Despite her shy and soft spoken demeanour, she sounds like a fierce drill sergeant during telepathy mode! Seems Tsurukawa and Kameda also share this power after Otsuka kissed them. That is why all of them are going to use it to pass the test. But wait. Who is going to give the answer? Yamada! They think he is hiding his genius! Because Yamada has trouble picturing faces (as a requirement to use telepathy), Miyamura gives a photo of himself and others. So during the test, all Yamada needs to do is look at his face and hear Miyamura’s thoughts in which he will proceed to relay the problem to Shiraishi to solve and back. Simple. In the end, all of them pass their test with flying colours! Almost perfect score! When the gang are about to enter the storage room, it is cleaned out. The teacher says other clubs used this place so everything got thrown away. Miyamura and Odagiri have a feeling Yamazaki is the one behind this as he has the power to do such things. Yamada talks to Shiraishi and he deduces the witches powers manifest because the witches themselves wish for it. For example, Odagiri wanted allies and thus the power to charm. Otsuka was shy to speak to others and thus her telepathy. Shiraishi was unhappy with her situation and therefore wanted to switch into others. He wonders what he wished for and is sure to find that out why he got this power after meeting all the witches. That is why he will find them all. Yamada relays a great news to everyone: Otsuka has told him who the next witch is.

Episode 7
Yamada and Miyamura are outside the house of Maria Sarushima, they think she is a shut-in since she doesn’t go to school. But there she is coming back home and she asks the guys to help move her furniture! Even more insulting is that Yamada is doing all the work and Sarushima herself is sleeping. Maybe this is a chance to kiss her? He hears her whisper to be saved. Sarushima reveals she knew he was coming. Her power is to see the future. At first she thought it was trivial. But then she saw one whereby the old school building is burnt down. Worse, everybody accused her as the arsonist. That is why she didn’t want to attend school. But why should Yamada believe her? Because he was also there when the fire happened and also blamed. He wants to kiss her and she agrees hoping that something of this might change. When Odagiri comes in to brag she has dug up some information on Sarushima and won’t say, she thought the guys are being shocked. Actually her shirt was tugged into her panties. Why does Yamada only get slapped? If Odagiri knew that the rest already knew… Shiraishi has Yamada explains how he sees his vision. From his perception, it seems he sees the visions from the perspective of others. So if he sees himself and Sarushima during the fire, that means somebody else must be there. Yamada talks to Sarushima if she has kissed anybody else. Well, there is this guy, Kentaro Tsubaki but it was just as greeting since he came back from overseas. Yamada confronts this guy who knows about him too. Tsubaki doesn’t hesitate to say he is in love with Shiraishi and wants to confess to her. He hopes Yamada can help set them up so he can confess. Viewing Yamada as his buddy, he is going to show him his secret of what he does when he is depressed. He brings him back to the old building whereby he cooks his tempura! So this is going to be the cause of the fire???!!! Definitely! They need to stop this at all cost.

Tsubaki is disheartened that Yamada came instead of Shiraishi. Did she reject him? Even more shocking is that Yamada wants Tsubaki to kiss him! Although it is to switch bodies and prevent that fire, this is giving him the wrong idea! Yamada wants to do it by force but Tsubaki is strong and fast. Back in the clubroom, Sarushima has already made friends with Ito and Shiraishi and learnt all about the witches. The next plan is for Yamada to switch bodies with Shiraishi and to make Tsubaki accompany her in town until the time of the fire is passed (which is tonight). However in doing so, Sarushima sees the changed future. The building is still burnt down and Tsubaki is now in the picture. Yamada has no choice but to postpone the confession till tomorrow. It could have ended well had not Yamada waltz into a lover’s area. This makes Tsubaki really want to confess. Then there is Shiraishi before them. She goes up to Yamada and kisses him to switch back. She pretends this is their relationship. Depression time. Guess where he runs back to? He locks himself in the cooking room but gets distracted when he hears Shiraishi’s voice. That is when Yamada forces open the door and kisses him to swap bodies, thus preventing the fire. Next day, Tsubaki is amazed with this witch thingy and is interested to join the club. Sure it is not for Shiraishi? When Yamada wonders why Shiraishi switched bodies, Sarushima reveals that she was going to take his place as the offender. Yamada doesn’t want her to pull that kind of stunt again. Odagiri thinks she can tease the Supernatural Research club that she already knows what Sarushima’s power is and won’t tell. She didn’t realize her shirt is unbuttoned. Nice bra. Guess who only got slapped?

Episode 8
Keigo Shibutani, Saeko Fukazawa and Ren Asano were once popular and respected students till separate incidents made them go bad. Supernatural Research club can have their own yakisoba stall at the festival if they stop them from making trouble. But the trio are linked to Noa Takizawa. She is a witch with a power to see one’s past and they believe she is making them do her biddings to shut them up. Yamada is going for the direct approach. Noa plays dumb and tries to flirt with him. He thinks of using this chance to kiss her and find something dark in her past but she gives up her teasing. He tries to ambush her for a kiss but she isn’t going down easily. When he mentions he knows about other witches, she becomes interested and wants to kiss to know the rest. Yamada senses something amiss and stops her. She leaves disappointed. Next day, Supernatural Research clubroom is vandalized. The first volume notebook is gone (in Noa’s hands). Yamada confronts Yamazaki and threatens him to tell the truth or he is out of this. He reveals Noa’s goal of eradicating witches from this school. Eradicate means to expel in this case. When witches get expelled, their powers are inherited by others. And those with problems or issues are the ones who inherit them. With Noa having both volumes and then those friends of hers to inherit the powers, you know what this means, right? Shiraishi and the other witches are being targeted next. Knowing it won’t be long before Noa figures out the witches’ identity, he is going to set a trap for them. When Noa’s friends enter the clubroom, Fukazawa kisses Shiraishi who is alone to switch bodies and then has the guys kidnap her. However it is Yamada in Shiraishi’s body as he beats and ties them up. They think Noa has ordered them to frame Shiraishi and get her expelled but they say they are doing this on their own volition. Yamada and the guys switch bodies with Noa’s friends to confront her but she can easily tell it is them. Surprisingly, Noa is willing to trade both volumes for her friends’ release. Yamada will not accept that since she won’t stop trying to expel witches.

Yamada gets beaten up for returning empty-handed but it shows that Noa thinks highly for her friends and would trade the notebooks for them. Miyazawa thinks of charming them to their side but they do not want that. Noa is their friend and they will try to convince her to stop her goal. Yamada then talks to Noa about her goal of trying to control the school with her friends. She gets mad when he mentions about their popularity and don’t need witch powers. She then kisses him to let him glimpse her past. Seems like something nightmarish. Yamada realizes her power is to see dreams of traumatic events. She was locked in some room for 14 hours straight by bullies who wanted to see her panic but she didn’t and kept her cool. Noa believes her friends never caused all those incidents and doesn’t want Yamada and his cronies to butt their noses in their affairs again. Yamada tells her off all she wants is to help them and he is willing to help her. Noa breaks down and pleads for him to save them. She wants them to go back where they originally belonged and thought they would do so if they got witch powers. Asano suddenly punches Yamada, thinking he is trying to do something funny. Noa’s friends believe all they need is just to lead a high school life together. Yamada fights back and tells them off they are the cause of this problem and making Noa suffer. What should they do? Not sure. At least do something to make her smile. With their case now resolved, there is a little problem now. Well, if you call this a problem anyway. Noa is now clinging close to Yamada because she loves him! Open confession! Shiraishi thinks there might be a different power lurking within Noa as it touches the most delicate piece of the heart. For both who is touched and the one touching, both transmit their feelings and are able to open their hearts to each other. They might be similar in some ways.

Episode 9
What’s this? Supernatural Research Club is holding a fortune telling booth and free yakisoba giveaways? That’s Yamada behind that fortune teller gig, right? Odagiri makes Ushio try it out. Yamada kisses him and tells him his future! This was Itou’s idea for using Sarushima’s power to predict the future since their yakisoba isn’t selling well. Sarushima is glad she could help out but also has another favour of Yamada. She wants to erase her witch power. As she wants to fall in love, it would be unbearable to see the future of her loved one. So Yamada goes to see Shinichi Tamaki as he possesses the power to steal and thus erase a witch’s power. Tamaki is reluctant to help him out and demonstrates by kissing a random girl. Then he flips her skirt but she slaps Yamada! Currently his power is to make himself invisible to the one he kisses. If he kisses another witch, this power will be overwritten, something he doesn’t want. Since Yamada is annoying, Tamaki kisses him. However Yamada could still see him. He notes Yamada is a witch killer like him. He agrees to help Yamada if he helps with his request. As he wants to be the next student council president, he wants Yamada to find out he is going to be it. Yamada directly talks to Yamazaki but his lips are tightly sealed. As Yamada has previously kissed Odagiri’s power to charm him, he is going to force kiss him but his secretary, Mikoto Asuka kicks him away. So powerful that he is knocked out! Yamada is interrogated and forced to tell the truth. Asuka agrees to help him because she relied on Yamazaki and her power erased. Yup. She used to have that invisibility power. Yamazaki still won’t tell because all candidates are equally neck-to-neck. Yamazaki suggests a game to decide who will be the next president. It is simple: Find the seventh witch. As guys do not count, currently there are 6 known witches. Erasing Sarushima’s power now won’t do because by doing so, Tamaki’s invisible power will manifest into a new witch. Don’t worry. He will keep his promise after they find the last witch.

Yamada reports to Sarushima and she is happy that she kisses him. This means he sees the future. Sarushima did have her power erased and Tamaki did become student council president. But something else troubles Yamada as he heads back to his club members and tell them they’re going to join the witch hunt that he was so against in the first place. Miyamura knows he has seen something else. Yamada reveals he saw Shiraishi as Tamaki’s secretary. So what’s so bad about that? It’s that face she puts up. So? Yamada admits he loves Shiraishi! Enough a reason for you to help out? So they’ve got a list of students names who caused trouble as witches easily become the centre of attraction whether they realize they have power or not. As they look around, they didn’t make any headway. Tamaki is so relaxed. I mean, he is going to be the next president so why bother do anything? Just wait! Yamada feels something is wrong as he kisses his club members! He realizes they’ve screwed up. They must be under Tamaki’s power. As the last person Yamada kissed is Shiraishi, he should have seen their futures but did not. Tamaki might have come into the clubroom plotting to steal their hard work. Although Yamada plans to get back at him by using the body switching trick, he is hesitant and wants Shiraishi to think about it. Yeah, he is laying down the ground rules how to live his life since they can’t switch back until Tamaki becomes president. She shuts him up by kissing him. After revealing what he saw, his main concern is that he saw the face she put up when they first met. He doesn’t want her to put up that face again. She says she doesn’t have any intention to go back the way it was and wishes him all the best to change the future.

Episode 10
Miyamura tells the rest of a secret he’s been keeping. He has an older sister, Leona but she never attends school and holes herself up in her room. She ended up this way due to the seventh witch. We can see how dangerous she is when she starts throwing scissors the moment Miyamura opens her door. And now for Yamada to do the negotiation. He kisses her to swap bodies to make it faster that this is going to be about witches. He threatens to strip if she doesn’t say but she too is going to do the same! After Yamada explains the reason he is doing this (all for the girl he loves), Leona warns he might not see Shiraishi again. Will she be in danger? More precisely, it will be him because all his memories of the witches will be erased. Leona was terrified by it and until today is still trying to run for her. Yamada doesn’t see the big deal since it is only memories of the witch he will lose. So Yamada reports to the rest and he hopes once he forgets, they will help bring him back to the club. Of course they will. Yamada declares to Yamazaki that Rika Saionji is the seventh witch. Congratulations! Miyamura will be the next president then. After Yamada switches back with Shiraishi, he is still worried about her. She reminds him that she was the first person he kissed so when the time comes, he must kiss her first. So happy ending to everything? Not quite. Saionji pops up and Yamada knows it is time to erase his memories. So was she fooling around because he didn’t lose his memories. She says it takes 24 hours to be in effect. A few days passed and it seems Yamada still has his memories intact. He was playing along that he has lost them but since he is tired of it, he goes to greet his club members. Unfortunately they don’t remember him! Then he realizes it is them who lost their memories. Confronting Yamazaki, he is told that since witch powers do not work on him, special measures had to be taken as only the student council president knows all identities of the witches. Their memories will never return again.

Tamaki suggests teaming up with him to bring down the student council. Yamada isn’t so interested even if Tamaki is persistently bugging him. Yamada finds it odd that he always kept everyone at arm’s length and now he is afraid of being alone? Tamaki did what Yamazaki told him to take away Asuka’s power but now his student council president dream is taken away, what is there left? Yamada is also frustrated but what is there for him to do? Shiraishi comes in thinking Yamada wanted to join the club then. Yamada then wants her to go out with him. Impossible, right? Hardly know him. But that is not the reason she rejected him. It’s because she likes somebody else! Oh no. Instead of being depressed, Yamada is going to find out this guy Shiraishi likes. Talking with Itou, she doesn’t remember the name but guesses it could be Miyamura since there were rumours about him falling down the stairs and accidentally kissing her. Yamada then ponders if the memory loss is permanent because there are instances where the witch’s power wears off. He is going to restore Shiraishi’s memories and confess to her again. And by that does he mean begging to Yamazaki? How can he when he doesn’t know a way? Besides, there is a bigger problem now. All the witches have returned to who they were and are now bigger troublemakers. Later Odagiri approaches Yamada and thinks he is running against Miyamura. She suggests meeting him and they can team up to take him down with this ‘power’. So he plays along and she teases him to kiss but since he didn’t hesitate, it freaks her out. And when they do kiss, Shiraishi sees this. Oh no. But if this has nothing to do with her, why is she running away? Yamada wants to explain but Shiraishi continues that despite she likes somebody else, she can’t help feel this way. She starts crying and wonders who Yamada is.

Episode 11
Yamada explains about their memories being erased. Shiraishi seems to have forgotten that she is also a witch. He is going to kiss her to prove it but she won’t let it happen. I mean, to her he is like a serial kissing pervert, right? Yamada kisses Miyamura in hopes to go see Leona but that guy took it the wrong way and it activates his gay radar! Yamada changes his mind and kisses him back. Good riddance. Odagiri suddenly kisses Yamada to take back her power and then scolds him about using it against her. She is also mad that everyone including Ushio seems to have forgotten about Yamada. Then it hit them that the memories will return only for witches if Yamada kisses them. This makes him happy that there is someone else besides Tamaki who knows who he is. Odagiri goes to see Ushio and is going to set him free. After she kisses him, she is surprised he still follows her around. Isn’t it obvious? He has been in love with her with or without the power. He questions her decision to lose everything she has gained. She has finally understands that using her powers will never get what she wants. That is why she wants to stop relying on it. Saionji surprisingly pops up before the witch killers. She is surprised and never knew that a witch killer kissing a witch would cancel out her power. She warns him there is a reason why the seventh witch must never be known. If all the witches are gathered, any wish will be granted. She warns him to stop it or else she won’t show mercy next time. Yamada calls Odagiri to warn her about Saionji. Odagiri might have her memories erased again. Odagiri wants to tell him something first before that happens. However Yamada won’t hear it. Until he brings everyone’s memories back, then only he will hear her. But the next day, it seems Odagiri still has her memories intact. It appears Saionji herself is surprised that her power cannot work twice. Looks like Yamazaki will be taking things into his own hands. Odagiri tells the witch killers that she vaguely remembers a year ago she was in some room and noticed the others were witches. They didn’t do anything important but it seems there might be a meaning to their gathering. She suggests trying to perform that ceremony again.

Before Yamada can go around kissing witches, Yamazaki is a step ahead as he has put warning notices up about a guy trying to solicit kisses from girls! Shiraishi could guess Yamada is that guy but requests him to walk home with her. She allows him to kiss her as she gets a feeling something will change. Right here in the crowded public? Can’t miss this chance. Too bad Asuka stops them. Meanwhile Odagiri has found that room but is caught by Yamazaki. He wants to make a deal with her to stop Yamada. She won’t give in. He shows a picture of Yamada almost kissing Shiraishi. He knows she likes Yamada and with his resources she can easily get what she wants. Later Tamaki confronts Odagiri. He has seen her with Yamazaki and wants to know what she is up to. She tells him the deal Yamazaki offered her but turned it down. He doesn’t believe because he knows she is fond of Yamada. Odagiri admits she would like to stop Yamada as much but he only looks at Shiraishi no matter how much she stops him. In that case she shouldn’t inconvenience him and should smile with him. After Yamada kisses the witches, all that are left are Shiraishi and Saionji. The latter is the mysterious one especially with that kind of power. Odagiri has looked up on her and found there are no records stating her name. Not even in the school registry. Yamazaki stays a step ahead again as he sends a notice to all the parties concerned about a ceremony they must attend on a specified date, time and location. Tamaki and Odagiri are about to look for Saionji but here she is before them. They request her to help them but she refuses. As for why nobody remembers her, simple. She erased their memories so it is only logical they forget her. As for what Yamazaki is up to, she hints it is to eliminate Yamada. He is after all a factor the student council cannot control. Yamada goes to see Shiraishi and wants to kiss her. Time is running out and he’ll explain it later. She is willing to do it but suddenly says nothing will happen even if he kisses her. Then Yamada realizes Shiraishi has swapped bodies with Asuka. Mad Yamada confronts Yamazaki about his dirty play. Yamazaki says Asuka has been suspended from school after being caught kissing in school grounds. Attempts to visit her at her home will be futile as the rule says only the student council can meet a suspended student. You think Yamada is going to quietly abide by that?

Episode 12
Yamada is trying to force Miyamura to come with him to see Shiraishi. Of course he wouldn’t. Not with a stranger. Luckily Leona wants to talk to Yamada. After hearing his story, she tells him not to panic because this would not make any difference even if he brings back Shiraishi. There is something odd she finds about the ceremony. If all the witches are to be there, why is Tamaki also invited? No doubt he is retaining Asuka’s power but with Asuka also being invited means Yamazaki must know Tamaki is able to return the power too and thus he needs Tamaki to return Asuka’s power before the ceremony. But first up they need to handle Saionji. Yamada tries to convince her to help them. She’s not going to so Yamada plays psychology with her that Yamazaki is just using her. Otherwise, if he trusts her completely, why use the body switching ruse with Asuka and Shiraishi? Saionji tells of her special relationship with Yamazaki. Because nobody remembers her, coming to school is a tedious affair since nobody talks to her. She was alone. However there is only 1 guy who remembered her and the sole motivation for coming to school: Yamazaki. That is why she won’t betray him. Yamada says this time it is different because he, Odagiri and Tamaki know about her. Saionji agrees to help but with condition that Leona is brought to her. However Yamada won’t allow that.

Strangely, Leona calls Yamada to her house to reveal the truth. It’s like she knows it is time so she apologizes all of them have to go through it all since this is her fault in the first place. You see, Leona was a member of the Supernatural Research club. It had another member: Yamazaki. Yup, that guy again. They were researching on the witches and Yamazaki went as far to become student council president just to discover the seventh witch. When he did, he protected Leona and let her escape before having his memories erased. Leona knows now it is time to get her memories erased. Yamada won’t allow that but Leona’s reason is because she can’t stand to see Yamazaki like that anymore. Leona prepares herself to get her memories erased but when she mentions about the burden Saionji has to carry, the witch backs off. Leona then goes to see Yamazaki who obviously doesn’t remember her. However he cannot understand why he is crying. The next step is to capture Asuka. Tamaki’s direct approach only received the full blow of her kick. Luckily Odagiri has requested the other witches to help and they succeed after a surprise ambush. Yamada forces his way into Asuka’s home and sees Shiraishi reading in the room. She feels ashamed for facing him after all that has happened. But none of that matters because he is going to turn her back to normal. Everyone prepares for the ceremony before Yamazaki could arrive. The moment they free Asuka, she flees but here comes Yamazaki. Don’t worry. He is only here to observe. He reveals what he wanted to know was why he became student council president. There is this pain in his heart he describes and to forget about it, he drowns himself in student council work. This means he realized his memories were erased once. They might be gone but the feelings never forget. That is why he is going to entrust this to Yamada from now on. With Yamada sitting in the centre and the witches encircling him, Yamada thought nothing is happening till he realizes time has stopped! Only he and Saionji can move. She guides him to make a wish from the heart with his eyes closed. Before doing that, he asks her if she was happy having the witch power. She doesn’t have good vibes about it and the thought that is troubling her is to find a girl who would be her successor. Yamada has decided and makes his wish.

Now it is time to find out it has really worked. Returning to the clubroom, Miyamura wonders who this delinquent is. Oh dear… Just kidding! Of course everyone remembers him! It worked! Before they can celebrate the return of their memories, Yamada has something very important to say. He calls everyone into the clubroom to tell them what he wished wasn’t for everyone’s memories to return. It was to abolish the witch power in this school. Come to think of it, none of the witches experienced any of such power ever since the ceremony. They couldn’t be happier for this new freedom. Later Shiraishi apologizes to Yamada that she couldn’t help him out when she really wanted and promised to. After all, he helped her stave off her bullies. She went on to forget and reject him. However he reminds her that he will tell her when her memories return. And now that it does, he confesses he loves her and wants her to date him. Feels somewhat awkward now that she remembers she liked somebody else. That was him. Really? For real! She thought he had taken a hint! Shiraishi has a request. She wants to kiss! Oh, this is just to check if her power is gone for good. Are you ready for this? Well, not too sure if this is a blooper since their teeth quickly bump into each other. Yamada claims she just wanted to kiss. She admits so.

Itou relays a big problem for her club members. Thanks to her spending it all on some alien replica, the club is out of money. Yeah, why not go make some then? How? Don’t worry. On the last day of the cultural festival, there is a performance put up by all clubs and the one that wins will get a cool 50 thousand yen. Wow. Imagine of all the cool things they can buy. Please don’t count your chickens… They decide to sleep in the school’s clubhouse to prepare for this but looks like the other clubs already have this idea. So back to their clubroom, they come up with ideas like Shiraishi’s magic. She flops but the rest finds it hilarious. It won’t do since she is the only act. I don’t know about Itou’s idea of turning Yamada into a mummy and swinging him around. Or Miyamura’s puppet act that only serves to piss off Yamada. So they decide to go take a bath first since there is where all ideas come from, right? Because Shiraishi wants to study, Yamada is forced to switch places with her and enter the forbidden heaven of the girls’ section. Too bad with all the ‘censors’, he won’t be seeing anything. We’re all disappointed! Then they tug in for the night before realizing they haven’t thought up with anything! Time to start thinking again. Prospects aren’t looking good when they see a dance group, Seven Witches on TV. They are currently a popular act. And so it is decided they will mimic their act but the problem is they are short of members. Late that night, Yamada overheard Asuka speaking to Yamazaki and the team that finishes last will get disbanded! Gasp!

So you can’t blame Yamada for getting fired up to find people. He tries his suave playboy persuasion. Noa would love too if not for her unrealistic demands… Tamaki is itching and hinting that he really wants to join but he was totally ignored. And he didn’t even use his power… Yamada tries to get Sarushima but she has her cheerleading club to go with. Yamada desperately tries to get her other members but got ‘beaten up’. Will Otsuka join? Well, let’s say she is dead serious in her calligraphy club as she demonstrates drawing a surreal picture! The stakes are high. So is the desperation. Does this mean Yamada will have to ask Ushio? Shiraishi and Itou seduce him to join but Ushio realizes it is the guys who switched bodies because there is only one guy who would address him so casually. Odagiri thinks they are targeting her so Yamada pleads for them to join and reveals the disbandment thingy. Odagiri still won’t because it’s not like they’re going to get expelled. But Yamada is serious and starts begging on his knees. Initially he thought this school is boring but joining the club made it more interesting. If he loses this, he will lose his sole reason for coming to school. That is when Shiraishi switches back and asks the duo as the club’s president to join them. Can’t say no after all that, right? I know Yamada is happy but what is he thinking trying to hug Odagiri? Luckily, Ushio the protector… But they are short of a member now. Then they remember: Tsubaki! They bait a tempura for him to come rushing back to the clubroom. At first he isn’t willing to do it but after learning Shiraishi is dancing, he’s in! It is done. During the event of picking the order the teams will go, they are discussing that teams lined up in the middle have higher chance of succeeding (less pressure to go later) while the one dead last is more prone to lose because the judges have seen everything. And then Yamada had to pick up the last order. Felt like fools to put their trust in him? But little do they know, going last could mean saving best for last and Yamazaki wonders if they’re ready to shoulder the responsibility.

Yamada is up late for practice! Well, every other club is early starting out their practice. Yeah, when money is on the line… When Yamazaki passes by, Yamada confronts him about the last place thingy. Shocked, Yamazaki tells him to keep it a secret. Or else… So now the guys start their dance moves but Yamada is the most pathetic that it will amount to automatic last place. But it seems the other guys also suck but they give excuse they want to help Yamada so they all practice together at the park, only to be confronted by those gangsters. So why choose the school to practice? Heck, why are there so many security guards?! Is this a bank?! Up at the rooftop, they see the girls who also had the same idea of practising. So they get their act together and get the materials for the costumes. The day of reckoning is here. Before the performance, the gang goes around the cultural festival. We learn a few things like Itou may be some sort of fujoshi because she and a hell bunch of other girls get too excited seeing a Romeo and Juliet play that is only played by all males, Miyamura is afraid of cats even if it just cat maid cosplay outfit. Noa spots those gangsters carrying a huge garbage bag away and since they came from the Supernatural Research club’s side, she suspects something amiss and alerts the gang. To their horror, their costumes have been stolen. As the performance is starting (those who cannot go on stage will be disqualified and this means automatic last place), it is suggested the girls wait at the venue while the guys go to find the costumes.

Yamada finds the gangsters trying to burn their costumes at the incinerator. As he struggles and fights back (he won’t give in to their demanded prostrating apology), he kisses the gangster’s boss. They switch bodies and in the panic, the boss runs off with the bag. Yamada runs around and stumbles upon other clubs who are out for his ass because they have been alerted about this dude who stole their costumes. It couldn’t be worst timing for Yamada because Yamazaki is here too. Although Asuka kicks him out when he tries to make a breakthrough, Yamazaki hears him murmur something about not wanting to come in last in the performance. It is the Supernatural Research club’s turn and to stall for time, I don’t know how Itou got Odagiri convinced to go out and do a stupid dance in a yakisoba outfit. Embarrassing! Somehow Yamada makes it back in time, switches back and everybody dresses up in time to put on a full performance. So dazzling that it captivates everyone and the judges! It was surely their win but why some other weird club took the title?! Simple. They weren’t on stage on time. Although already disqualified, Yamazaki allowed them to continue. So they’re dead and disbanded? Oh. About that. When Asuka mentions about disbanding the last placed club, Yamazaki disagrees with that idea and would like to put forth a consolation cash prize instead. So everybody is mad that Yamada misunderstood the whole thing and got them into a lot of trouble. Yeah, nobody can take back that yakisoba episode… They’re going to get back real good at him. Sorry Yamada, not even Shiraishi can help you this time.

It’s All In The Kiss
I wonder if mixed feelings are the right words to describe my sentiments. Heck, many animes these days also have me with these mixed feelings. Another way to put my overly used on-the-fence answer. So okay, overall I find this anime quite good because strangely I find it quite interesting and intriguing. Yes, believe me. That is why I said strangely. Because over the duration of the series, it kept me wondering and guessing who the witches are (although they are pretty obvious if you have read the manga and ever present in the opening and ending credits). I don’t know. There was this little ‘excitement’ in me to see who will be the next witch exposed and what their power is. Especially about the seventh witch whose uncanny relationship with the student council president and his intentions made the mystery effective. These were the few things that got me ‘hooked’ in watching it till the end although one of the downsides for example the revelation of Saionji’s relationship with Yamazaki felt normal although logically that would be the best answer. So after my expectations were bloated and hoping it would be something real shocking, a somewhat ordinary reason was just behind it after all. So yeah. Blame for me having high hopes. But don’t you have such for every show you watch?

It is interesting to see the use of a kiss to activate powers because as we have seen too many of romcoms, kissing can have just more than a magical effect. It is a cheeky and ‘clever/innovative’ way to hide a power activation via something that is considered sacred and intimate in relationships. It is a good thing that not many of the girls in the school have such powers and only restricted to just seven of them (at least that is what we know) because if everyone of them had such powers, how would the school look like if you see everyone kissing everybody in every corner? Gosh, this school would have earned a reputation for being a make out school! Even if that doesn’t happen, but don’t you think this is the only anime where our main guy gets to kiss multiple girls (and boys) and not be branded as some perverted player-cum-cheater?! Oh Yamada, you lucky bastard! How many girls (and boys) have you kissed so far?! Sometimes I feel ‘cheated’ because there are only 6 witches shown in this anime as the seventh one (or rather the sixth if you’re being picky that the seventh shall always be Saionji) is currently being ‘retained’ by a witch killer.

With a handful bunch of characters, they are another mixed baggage too. As the main focus is on Yamada and Shiraishi especially when the series reaches its conclusion, I feel that the rest of the other characters especially the minor supporting ones don’t really make a great impact. Especially for some of the witches like Sarushima, Otsuka and Noa. After their discovery and an episode dedicated to them for their issue to be solved, subsequent appearances by them felt just redundant. It is like they didn’t really matter at all and only bided their time so that all the witches could finally gather to perform the ceremony. Even some of the Supernatural Research club members also feel a bit redundant. Especially Itou and Tsubaki. There start off great in their debut but then subsequently with the direction the story is going, I feel they too didn’t really matter much. Because like Itou who is just an occult fanatic who is the only female main cast who isn’t a witch while tempura freak Tsubaki is just in the club because of his unrequited love for Shiraishi and even so his presence isn’t much felt.

Yamada as the main character somewhat reminds me of Beelzebub’s Oga because of his delinquent outlook but yet his kind heart (if you look deeper and harder, that is). Like your typical male lead who helps anybody in trouble and won’t betray them, it wasn’t really a surprise when he makes his revelation that he is in love with Shiraishi. Because my guts told me so and I saw it coming from a thousand miles. It had to happen. Especially with the direction of the anime is going, what else reason would he need to make such desperate moves to save Shiraishi? After all, a girl whom he often kissed to help out in his tests, why would a guy not fall for a pretty chick like her? I know switching bodies to take tests is cheating because it is the same like getting somebody to do your homework but who cares about the minor details. As long as it gets done and nobody else knows. The perfect crime?

And naturally Shiraishi in due time would come to like him because he was the guy who helped her stave off those jealous bullies. Whoever said honour students are perfect? If she was, she wouldn’t have been a witch in the first place. Even honours students have their own problems. Just because Shiraishi sits there quietly reading a book doesn’t mean she is problem-free. It isn’t that she doesn’t want to report her problems. I mean, who could help solve them in the first place? So isn’t it a wonder that she has a thing for Yamada? Seeing the duo interact is often amusing and fun especially when you have both their characters at other ends of the poles. Yamada is brash and more of the action person while Shiraishi is the studious quiet and studious type and more brains than brawn. You know what they say about opposites attract, right? Sometimes it is just funny to see Yamada panicking with all that facial expression while Shiraishi is just the cool cat in her deadpan monotonous face.

Other characters are fun too but as I have said, many of them had missed opportunities. Especially with only a dozen of episodes and quite a few interesting characters, there isn’t enough justice to flesh them all out properly. Like I have said before, the other minor witches. Once their issue is somewhat solved, they rarely play any active role after that. Partly that is because of the direction of where the anime is going. Oh God. How many times have I said that already? Yeah, yeah. With everybody forgetting their initial memories, it is no surprise that it has become a priority for Yamada to return their memories instead of providing us with more filler episodes for other characters, thus avoiding the expansion to another season and with the way how it all ended and the witches’ power vanished, I guess that killed off any chances of another season. Unless… You’ll never know. It’s not like they know the origins of the powers anyway or how they were exactly manifested in the witches (it is just speculation and mere observation that troubled girls will inherit them) since what Yamada wished for could be just a temporary measure before it comes back again and perhaps to new successors. But that would be another story.

Yamazaki is particularly intriguing himself because he has his mysterious atmosphere and is always a step ahead of the rest with his manipulative and cunning character. It’s like he read from the script of what is going to happen despite not having any powers at all. It is hard to figure out what he is thinking and that particularly makes him a tough nut to crack. So when his true wish is revealed, I thought it just felt a little disappointing. It’s like he was playing the great pretender just to hide it but yet it was simple enough instead of anything convoluted. So you’d expect him for world domination? A great schemer would always have a trusty sidekick by his side. Literally. Because mostly that is what you’ll remember Asuka for. Her deadly and swift flying kicks that Yamada seems to bear the brunt of. It’s like having Mortal Kombat’s x-ray move each time she lands that. Like Itou, I suppose Miyamura’s role is also a comical one at times because with his jovial and carefree attitude that sometimes has him come up with silly ideas or experiments. Sometimes I think everyone in the Supernatural Research club just loves to piss off Yamada and play pranks on him. They love to see his reaction. Maybe. But Yamada isn’t the greatest ‘punching bag’. I feel that belongs to Tamaki because this guy is often ignored and nobody pays attention to him even when he wants it so badly thanks to his current power.

Odagiri might have some sort of superiority complex because sometimes she pops up just to boast whatever she’s got and brag it to their faces (or just trying to be the b*tch). Ushio as Odagiri’s yes-man, his strained relationship with Yamada is intriguing. He betrayed Yamada by ratting him out and although on Odagiri’s camp, sometimes both sides come together to work for the greater good. So it makes both sides like strange bedfellows. Something about Leona’s character feels forced because like as though her role was just to give Yamada some lead and then her past relationship with Yamazaki just to shake things up and lead to the big revelation. Because I find it odd she holed herself up in her room ever since as to being afraid of her memories erased. Well, I don’t think Saionji’s power would work just within the school walls. Because she could have just entered her room and erased her memories any time.

Romance wise, everything points out to Yamada x Shiraishi and so the rest just feels like a minor distraction. We see Noa liking Yamada and despite she clings on to him, she doesn’t make any other daring move. I am not sure if she knows this guy likes Shiraishi or not but that’s it about them. With Odagiri being such a typical tsundere, it isn’t long before the inevitable happens. But since she is a smart girl and knows when to back out when she can never win, so all that is left is just Shiraishi for Yamada, right? No chance for harem or cat fight, eh? Ah well, at least Odagiri has got Ushio. Whether he is under her power or not, his love for him is real. Then there might be hidden feelings from Asuka and Saionji, the reason why they stay loyal to Yamazaki. Just saying… And there is the yaoi potential between Yamada and Miyamura… Don’t even want to go there! But it was interesting to think that if the guys switch with girls and start making out, will that be yaoi or yuri? Made you think.

Drawing and art feel okay and good. Lots of nice looking people especially cute pretty girls around. It is such an irony to call those cuties with powers witches because our stereotypic views has them as ugly mean old ladies. Even delinquent guys like Yamada look cool. Cool badass? My only gripe is that Odagiri looks very close to Sasaki and I was confused thinking they were the same person. Same case for Tsubaki and Tamaki. Almost the case for Miyamura and Ushio. It must be that hair colour thingy. The colouring is quite bright and vivid especially when you have every character with significantly different hair colour so that you can easily identify them without even looking at their faces. There are a handful of fanservice too but they are nothing explicit. And it might be true that Saionji could be really walking around the school grounds going commando. Because if you’re fast enough, you can see her butt when the wind flips up her skirt! Yikes! Oh well, who is going to see it all when nobody remembers you?

Voice acting feels okay. Versatility is shown whenever Shiraishi and Yamada switch bodies and you can see how their switched personalities fit into the other body like Yamada suddenly sounding so feminine and Shiraishi going very loud and crude. Kudos to Saori Hayami (Azuki in Bakuman) playing as Shiraishi and Ryota Ohsaka as Yamada (Haruto in Valvrave The Liberator). The series also employs a handful of popular seiyuus. Those that I recognize are Eri Kitamura as Odagiri, Aoi Yuuki as Noa, Jun Fukuyama as Yamazaki, Kana Hanazawa as Asuka, Daisuke Ono as Ushio and Miyuki Sawashiro as Leona. Other casts include Toshiki Masuda as Miyamura (titular character in Samurai Flamenco), Maaya Uchida as Itou (Hiyori in Noragami), Shinnosuke Tachibana as Tamaki (Tomoe in Kamisama Hajimemashita), Toshiharu Sasaki as Tsubaki (debut anime role), Masumi Tazawa as Saionji (Kiriha in Rokujouma no Shinryakusha), Yuki Takao as Sarashima (Alka in Blade & Soul) and Yui Makino as Otsuka (Sakura in Tsubasa Chronicle).

Surprisingly, the opening and ending themes are quite fun to hear. Like the opening theme, Kuchidzuke Diamond by Weaver has this catchy and tune thanks to the playful piano pounding. Likewise, the ending theme, Candy Magic by Mimi Meme Mimi also sounds good perhaps because of the cute passionate way she sings it despite the song sounding like a generic anime pop. Really. Even the themes for the OVA aren’t bad (although it is just only for the first one only). Ding! Ging! Dong! By Erushi as the opener sounds like a cute all-girl group act with all the fanfare blazing in this magical-like pop song. Odd Loop by Frederic as the ending theme is also fun to hear with its catchy anime rock style.

Overall, it has been a fun and enjoyable ride. There are some funny moments that made me laugh, interesting plot and pace of the story that kept me interested and while it is a hit and miss with some of the characters, I believe that in general all the characters are likeable and interesting in their own ways despite some not properly given much attention as much as the main ones. Not anywhere near a masterpiece or classic but it is enough as entertainment. If you’re interested, there was a live action version made before the anime adaptation. But after seeing the 2D girls are much cuter than the 3D ones… Nah. I’ll pass :). So I guess the kissing has stopped now that Yamada has made it happen with his wish. Unless there is another different set of witches… Gasp! Yeah, I guess those who read the currently ongoing manga (and those who lazily browse through Wikipedia) would already know something about this ;p. This anime might not churn out serial kissers or turn you into a sceptic but it does make you think twice before you kiss now. You may end up getting more than just a feel good fuzzy feeling in your heart. And also 80 million transferred bacteria for a fact…

Junketsu No Maria

October 4, 2015

Everyone who has read old fairytales would have been told countless times that witches are evil and ugly creatures who use their magic to create chaos. But do you know that there was a witch who loved peace instead and tried to put an end to the feuding humans? I don’t blame you. History and stories of the old has never recognized nor recorded this fact. Hah… At least that is what I think when I watched Junketsu No Maria. As ironic as it can get, our titular character is not only a witch that loves peace, she is also named after the holy mother and also share a similar trait: A virgin. Something that most devout of Christians would find an insult to. At least for those living at such dark ancient times. Although this anime does not intend to test, challenge or even ripple the waters of the Christian faith, there may be some elements that question about God’s role and the likes so it is best if you decide to check this series out (whether you are Christian or not), please have an open mind at all times. You know how religion is such a touchy subject these days.

Episode 1
France and England are at war during the Middle Ages. Anne and her mother trek through the woods to find the hut of Maria the witch to fetch medicine for her sick grandma, Martha. Anne is an innocent young girl and she speaks with honesty as she converses with the old witch. She is worried about her father who is selected to participate in the upcoming war. Maria could only promise to watch over him. Maria’s owl familiar, Artemis (now transformed into her sexy human female version) stumbles in to ruin the mood, revealing Maria as a young sexy witch instead. Maria is not amused since this ruins the cool first impression she wants to give. After Anne leaves, a young lad, Joseph now visits her. He is here to tell her that he is joining in the war, much to Maria’s dismay because she hates all that fighting. She calls him an idiot but you can’t blame that kid for never living in a time when peace reigns. Maybe Maria can make that happen. Maria knows that his superior knows he came to visit her and if questioned, tell the Church she manipulated him to gain their forgiveness. Touched by her kindness, he kisses her hand. Hope nothing smells funny. As dawn breaks, all the drafted French men (a motley crew of them – I wonder if they are even properly trained) start trekking to the designated war destination. Joseph and Anne’s father meet war veteran, Galfa. As the monk rallies to the men about God being on their side, blah, blah, blah, he gets hit by an arrow! So much of God’s divine protection. The war begins as the English rains down arrows on the French troops. Casualties are mounting and it gets worse for the French’s side as the English’s reinforcements arrive. Now how the hell are they going to win against knights in shining armour armed with lances on horses? No wonder Anne’s dad is already resigned to his fate, apologizing that he can’t keep his promise to Anne he will come back. Joseph then makes a plea of wanting to see Maria just once. A pot falls from the sky. Maria warns them to cease fighting and summons a dragon to send both sides scattering. Artemis noting Joseph happy, lectures Maria about being a virgin and this doesn’t give her the right to impose her ideals on others. It is ironic that all this chaos is caused by a witch who is the embodiment of Christian teachings: A pure, untainted virgin. I don’t know what Maria is ranting about some historical figure, a girl who was betrayed and burnt at the stake. She believes they’ll treat her as a maiden of patriotism or something. Because Maria won’t lose to the Church, she would gladly give up her virginity to anyone. Even a dog. Really? I wonder if she knows what she is saying because it sounded like she doesn’t know that ‘s’ word.

Episode 2
Artemis’ true form is a succubus so she starts seducing the English captain and probably he had a very good time so the next morning he orders his troops to withdraw from the battlefield. Some of the monks are not pleased that Maria is behind this doing but they have to admit they have been saved from the English’s attack. Anne goes to see Maria to thank her for bringing back her father. Maria isn’t happy that Joseph has got the guts to show his face but he is here to thank her for saving them. After they leave, Artemis complains her ‘painful ass’. Must be one hell of a night, eh? However she got every guy except one. Yup, that guy was gay! She thinks homosexuality is the in-thing now. She suggests Maria make a male familiar but she won’t. Is it because she has never seen a male anatomy? She takes up the challenge and turns another stray owl into a young boy, Priapos. However he lacks that male anatomy. Artemis cannot believe this and tries to force Maria to go see what a guy’s thing looks like. This is going to take a while… But first, Maria stops another war by summoning a Cyclops. Then, time to make Priapos do his first male succubus job. At first he thought he is going to seduce this pretty lady. Turns out to be a macho gay man! Oh sh*t! But that man doesn’t care as long as he can ‘stick it in’! Double sh*t! Artemis then throws Maria inside to solve her problem. Who wants to go first?! Maria busts out via riding a serpent. That is when she is hit by the light of Archangel Michael as warning.

As they head back, they notice Anne’s village being pillaged by soldiers turned bandits. Maria is disappointed of the people’s ugly hearts. She cannot let this slip as this is the first village who accepted her as a witch. Maria drops in and warns those bandits to get out. But as she uses her magic, Michael’s light strikes her. The light also temporary blinds the bandits. Maria is mad that God never do anything to help these people despite praying for salvation. That is why she is trying to help others. Michael tells her, there are other villages being pillaged right now. However Michael says this is the law of their world and that Maria is the one disrupting the flow. The villagers pick up the weapons ready to kill the bandits but Maria tells them to stop as they are no longer a threat. Michael warns they will be once they can see again. Everyone listens to Maria. Michael takes Maria away as she adds that people’s prayers are not requests or commands. These are concern of men and heaven does not meddle in it. That is why Maria is the one disrupting the flow of the world. Maria still believes if everyone followed her way, there won’t be fighting in the first place. Besides, she is a witch and doesn’t need any sermon from God. Maybe Maria got a little too confident to attack Michael but nothing happens. Michael gives Maria warning or would she rather ascend to heaven right now. Joseph and Anne are drawn by the light head over as Joseph fires his arrow at Michael for her to let go of Maria. The next one will be at her head.

Episode 3
Joseph is in shock to learn he just shot Michael. But he is forgiven since he didn’t know. They plead to Michael about Maria’s good deeds. But when told Maria will be punished, Joseph raises his arrow at her because they love Maria the witch. Isn’t it part of the Ten Commandments, love thy neighbour? The heavens start to light up and it is a sign that they have decided to grant Maria clemency. But with a condition that she is never to use magic in front of people. Also, the moment she loses her virginity, she will lose her powers. Michael summons Ezekiel as her representative to watch over her. Ezekiel can also take a form of a little owl but this only makes her an easy bully victim for Artemis and Priapos. Priapos is still frustrated he is lacking that guy thing and his libido is screaming to get it all out. Back to serious discussion, Maria asks Ezekiel to go stop the war because it will be okay if it is through Church’s power rather than a witch, right? That same answer of heaven only watches and never intervenes. Joseph has always wondered what a world of peace would be like and although it is unfortunate heaven can’t help, is it too much to ask for a sign or omen? He does not believe Maria’s actions are evil and worthy of divine punishment. Yet another war between English and France. Ezekiel keeps a close tab and warns Maria not to intervene. But once she confirms that Michael cannot always be watching her 24/7, when Ezekiel is not looking, she summons a monster cat to break up the fight! Ezekiel is appalled that she did it but hey, she didn’t see that, right? Maybe it just fell out of the sky.

Word of Maria’s doing goes around so Bernard the monk wants to have a word with her. Joseph brings Maria through the city as she is appalled to see a pig being judged and sentenced to death for trampling over others. They meet drunk Galfa who thinks Maria is his girlfriend and tells her to satisfy this kid. Maria meets Bernard alone. He is bewildered she shares the same name as their holy mother. Maria doesn’t remember how she got. She already knew herself as that. Bernard is willing to put a good work to the bishop if she confesses her sins. Her actions are unorthodox but she has followers and he can’t overlook the fact she calls herself a witch. Confession is the only way to go. But what’s in it for her? She’ll gain great love and a peaceful life. What’s in it for them? The Church doesn’t act out of self interest. They offer their hand to those who seek God’s love. Maria realizes she should not be hesitating. She is a witch and doesn’t give a damn about God or heaven. Send her regards to your other Maria. Bernard would like to request a confession for he has spoken to a witch. For now, he suggests letting Maria be and lending her aid to the villages. There is no need for drastic measure till she becomes a problem. Late that night, Maria is visited by a being known only as Cernunnos. It must be the umpteenth time Maria has been asked what she would like to achieve with her actions. Simple. She hates wars. And if she doesn’t like what is happening before her, she can’t let it go. Cernunnos tells her the harsh reality about pain and death. Living things inflict pain upon others before they die. When new life is born, the cycle repeats. Her efforts are futile. Well, you won’t know if you don’t try. But to Cernunnos, it looks like the same pattern is just repeating itself. He will watch her with great pleasure.

Episode 4
Rogue soldiers are trying to pilfer a village and rape its women. The villagers put up resistance but it is not enough. They’ve got guns! That is when a wyvern appears to scare them away. Yeah, thank Maria. Ezekiel has her eyes covered by Priapos! Can’t report what she can’t see, eh? It is no surprise Ezekiel is screaming her head off at Maria but she doesn’t give a damn as she is curious about the gun she found. Boom! Don’t let it frighten you. Maria is visited by an English witch, Viv. On behalf of the complaining guilds, she wants Maria to stay out of the war because there is gold to be made the longer it lasts. Viv even thinks of drafting Maria to be part of the team to earn money but when Maria says she isn’t doing this for the money but for peace, Viv chides her for being naïve. Without war, it is the reason why those soldiers tried to rob a village. Isn’t she just forcing her ideals on others? When Viv learns Maria is a virgin, she tries to persuade her about the thrills of sex. First time is painful but once you get passed that… Is Maria curious? Is Maria interested? She seems panicky. Ezekiel shutting her ears? Can it work? Viv wants to take her to find a man now but since Maria needs time to prepare her heart, watching will just do. Viv sees Priapos and thinks he is the perfect start. Imagine to her horror when she finds the missing goods. Disappointed? She wants Maria to finish this the next time she comes.

As Ezekiel is forced to deliver medicine to Martha with Priapos, they pass a nearby village that was ravaged by a plague. They get into an argument especially about Maria being selective on who to save. Why didn’t she save this village then? Oh, really? Why didn’t God? After they deliver the medicine to Martha, the old lady starts to speak of the fine days with Maria. However Ezekiel is not pleased. Despite Martha praying to God and yet she uses a witch’s medicine and thanks her? Martha tells a story that before Anne was born, a nearby village was being ravaged by an epidemic. Fearing it would spread here, they prayed to God day and night but it was Maria who came to their aid with medicine. Because of that, not a single person fell ill. Thanks to that, Anne was able to be conceived in this world. How can she not be thankful? Don’t get the wrong idea. Martha is still loyal to God but in this complicated world, one needs to keep an open mind. Maria visits the abandoned village and the truth is she wanted to help but the villagers chased her away and do not want help from a witch. They paid the price for their blind faith. Ezekiel wonders if Maria would become the next God if people desire her. Well, the best way is to ask her yourself. When Bernard receives news that the last survivor of that ravaged village has died, he wants his deeds to be remember because that is true faith. As there are rumours the forest around that area is related to Maria, he decides to send a message to the noble lord about an upcoming battle.

Episode 5
Bernard goes to see his uncle, Guillaume over Maria’s increasing influence. As she brings chaos to the battlefield, the king has no choice but to raise taxes for the war the longer it holds out. It is suggested that Maria only attacks the English side. Bernard has a friend that will keep them inform of England’s plan and will use a messenger to relay messages to Maria. Although this might seem to increase Maria’s reputation, but this is only because the people see her as a need during the war. Once peaceful time reigns, she will be no longer needed and forgotten. And then they will step in at the end to rid the English and ward off Maria. Joseph becomes the messenger to deliver messages to Maria although mostly feel like petty quarrels. As the French mercenaries under Yvain are getting paid in advance ahead of the war, his troops celebrate. But Galfa is caught with his pants down. He was too drunk and ended up bedding a knight’s lady, Eugenie. It is no surprise Jean de Drouant and his men beat him up but since this will affect both sides, Bernard suggests holding a duel to uphold the honour of both sides. What are the odds since Galfa has a broken arm? Joseph is worried that Galfa will die and he has dreams to achieve but Galfa tells him off that he might do anything to achieve his dream but this is what he has chosen to live his life. Dilemma ridden Joseph seeks Maria’s advice about his friend going to die and he is chosen to be the witness of the duel. He wants to know how she keeps her cool and resolve. Maria disagrees with that because the people she saves usually turn on themselves and there is no end to the conflicts each time she intervenes. The biggest puzzle is how to end the fighting for good but what is most important is that she decided on her own. So duel day comes. Looks very unfair. Jean on his horse in his armour and sword. What does Galfa have? That helmet and small shield won’t do him any good. Besides, his fellow mercenaries are mocking him to die fast since they bet against him. Jean like the noble knight he is decides to fight him at the same level. On his feet, without armour. But he won’t use only an arm, won’t he? The duel begins and it is definitely one sided. Galfa takes a beating while Maria is reduced to just watching, wondering if she should just intervene. When the fight is seemingly over and Jean is about to win, sly Galfa uses his broken arm (which actually isn’t) as he has hidden a metal shield there. He turns the tables on Jean and beats him up with his own sword! Bernard signals the end of the match to declare Galfa the winner. Was this all part of his plan? Galfa is now rich enough to repay Joseph. Jean killed himself as he couldn’t bear the humiliation of his peers mocking and Eugenie disappeared. Like Galfa cares.

Episode 6
Maria once again drives away the English by summoning her dragon and giant mermaid. She didn’t even bother hiding using her magic! But did Ezekiel really see her summon those? Joseph sees Galfa and brings him to his master, Guillaume who wants a word with him. Galfa explains why he shared his rewards with others from that duel. Bernard was listening and after confirming his faith in God, he hopes he could help save Maria and kill her if she continues her sinful ways. Joseph didn’t like what he hears and tries arguing about Maria saving many lives but Bernard silences him about his faith in believing in a witch. Plus, if Maria desires to end the war, the will be no more need of her when peace reigns. Joseph does not like his new mission one bit but he has to go deliver a message to Maria about the upcoming war at Normandy. Joseph brings Galfa to see Maria for himself though he doesn’t mince his words about the need to kill her later. Maria then whisks Joseph away to talk. Since planes weren’t invented at that time, the flight must be a real scary one for him, eh? With a heavy heart, Joseph tells of the upcoming war and the big decisive one that will end it all. That is why he is telling Maria not to interfere this time. Anne’s dad laments he is being called to fight again. Anne is not worried and will go seek Maria’s help when she goes to get grandma’s medicine. But father isn’t too sure this time. Is it right for them to rely on a witch always? Anne goes to Maria’s house but only Ezekiel is there. She has made wreaths for them all and hopes she could do her a favour by telling Maria to keep her father safe during the war. Ezekiel won’t give in at first but I guess Anne’s cutie begging has her relent. But only just to tell her.

After happy Anne leaves, Michael appears before Ezekiel! Oh sh*t! Somebody slacking on the job? You can tell Michael is not pleased by the way she lectures and reminds Ezekiel about her duty. However Ezekiel is also in doubt as she asks if it is wrong for someone in this world to listen and fulfil wishes that Heaven only hears. Michael says humans are limited in their abilities. There are many things they don’t understand and thus there is no choice for them but to accept the kind of world they live in. Oh, one final reminder: Should Maria use her magic again, she will be returned to heaven by Ezekiel’s own hands. Bernard’s assistant, Gilbert is about to relay more info about the English soldiers but Bernard starts laughing hysterically that Maria is a virgin! He looks like he’s being possessed by the devil! Artemis cannot understand why Maria is lying around and taking no action when the war is about to begin. After all the scouting she has done and now she is doing nothing? The French side ambushes and flanks the English. Viv and her English witches are gleefully watching it all but Viv feels something is wrong. Where is Maria? Ezekiel remembers after being told off by Michael, she got scared sh*t and went off to search for Maria. She spotted her with Joseph and eavesdropped on them. Maria knew Joseph was being made to inform her. Joseph wants to help Maria fulfil and share her dream by her side but she finds that cruel. Ezekiel finally relays Anne’s message to Maria but that is just that. She won’t let her go to the war since that is her purpose. Wrong choice of words? Because Maria’s mind is made up now as she flies into the battlefield. Artemis and Priapos tie Ezekiel up in a sack but she manages to break out and go after them. You don’t want to be f*cked by Michael again, do you?

Episode 7
The English are being routed. Galfa thinks they won’t be making much money and suggests joining the main war. Joseph is about to get his first kill but gets cold feet and lets his enemy run away. The English dude is grateful but is shortly killed by Joseph’s fellow man. Just shocking, eh? Just as the French are gaining the upper-hand, here comes Maria in her usual ways to tell them to stop or else. She even gives the English a chance to escape. Everyone has no choice but to abide till a disgruntled Englishman fires back. Then all hell breaks loose again. Maria is going to use her magic when Michael turns Ezekiel into her spear and is moments before striking her down. Viv saw it coming and tries to warn her but too late. Maria was struck down. Viv becomes frantic in trying to look where Maria fell. Meanwhile the battle rages on as the English push forward. Guillaume panics as they come closer and wonder where Yvain’s troops are because they’re supposed to be protecting him. Guillaume orders to fire canons at them despite knowing there are allies in the field. Well, he paid good money for those canons. Time to earn their keep. When Yvain finds out, he orders his men to quickly return because they won’t get paid at this rate. He blames Galfa for this idea and that he will not get a single gold after this. Galfa slits his throat! Lolotte cannot believe he did that but as he tries to explain himself, a canon blew off his left arm. Several soldiers find Maria. They blame her for everything and are about the get their revenge. Artemis shoos them away but it is not enough till Viv comes kicking their asses. Meanwhile Ezekiel must be scared sh*t. She cannot answer Michael why she missed hitting Maria on purpose. Guillaume sees the advancing English and has no choice but to call for a retreat.

Maria wakes up in the place of Edwina, Viv’s witch friend. Viv lets Maria talk to the other witches about their differing views on the war as she needs to hear opinions of others. Maria is steadfast in her stance to stop the war even if it means going against Michael. As her pitchfork is missing, Artemis and Priapos go to look for it. Thankfully it is in Joseph’s hands as he sees Ezekiel sitting dejectedly alone. She tells him about her dilemma. She told Michael she doesn’t know how she feels about Maria anymore and was told she is her spear and spears do not think or have emotions. The next time, she will strike down Maria. Ezekiel believes she made a mistake but Joseph didn’t think so. Everyone makes mistake. He realizes he only brought more grief to Maria. The problem is to face Maria now because Ezekiel thinks she will be mad for shooting her down but Joseph knows it wasn’t done by her own will and Maria will understand. The owls are here to pick them up to see Maria. First a big emotional hug and sorry from Ezekiel. Then Maria thanks her for saving her. Bernard heard lots of complains about Maria’s doing and that she may not be on their side. Gilbert wondered why he went all his way to save Galfa. Because that guy has a grudge against Maria and knows of a plan to deal with her. Yeah, friendship is a wonderful thing. Anne is glad that her father has returned. She calls out to grandma daddy is back but there is no answer.

Episode 8
Maria returns home but sees a clan of Yoda orcs outside her house. They are here to get some medicine for those injured in the war (not sure if it is with humans or their own kind). As they leave, they claim they saw a young girl (Anne) coming and desperately calling out to her. Maria sends Priapos to go check it out. Martha is doing fine as Gilbert has delivered medicine from Bernard. But Anne is not happy. She tells Priapos that she heard Gilbert saying it was Maria’s ‘poison’ that was making grandma sick. So who is telling the truth? Joseph is tasked to deliver something to Galfa who is now the chief of Guillaume’s Red Army. Galfa questions Joseph over Maria’s betrayal because he thought he had convinced her to stay put. Joseph thinks Maria’s intervention was because she decided to stay true to her beliefs. Galfa thinks that it is because of that they ended up losing a winning battle. He also heard rumours that everyone is now blaming Maria for this loss. It is best for her to lie low now. When Priapos reports to Maria, she cannot help feel upset that her medicine is being labelled as poison. She wants to go clear things up but Artemis advises her not to as the village has lost trust in her. It took an emotional Ezekiel to calm her down. She’s saying that everything happened because Maria is a heretic. She is reminded of the village that refused her. Since she lives a life where people punish her for the slightest mistakes, yet she still acts purely based on emotions. She should have realized it by now. All this would not have happened had she listened. If she keeps acting childish and swayed by emotions, she’ll end up alone. Joseph believes Maria’s doing is not wrong. Even if the world is against her, he will always be by her side so please continue to walk the path she believes. Maria hugs him before realizing how embarrassing it is.

A soldier confronts Galfa and believes he killed Yvain. So he is going to kill him too? Well, he thought it would be easy now that Galfa lost an arm. Remember that package? It contains a metal arm. Oh man, this is going to be sweet. Easy victory. Artemis teases Maria for doing it with Joseph in the woods since she took her time. That classic blushing-cum-denying face… Cernunnos visits Maria again and warns her it is going to begin. People are going to remove her acts from their life and she will be easily forgotten. Again, the umpteenth question he asks about Maria wanting to end this war. He invites her to be their companion but Artemis shoos him away. Bernard visits the village and speaks to Martha. As usual, he calls her speedy recovery this a miracle of God. Then when he mentions about her association with Maria, she is made to confess. What choice does this old lady have but to sever ties with Maria in the name of God? Anne is such a sad girl. Bernard continues to give his smooth speech about Maria wanting chaos and thus her existence unlike humans who strive for peace and free of conflict. They can do this by believing in their faith and forgetting Maria. He assigns Gilbert to assist the village in their faith. Galfa is on his way to see Maria. Apparently Bernard told him about Maria losing her magic when she loses her virginity. Guess who is going to do that job? He has prepared some concoction for him and leaves it to him on how he wants to do it. It would also serve a good revenge. When Galfa notes Bernard’s devilish side, this is the best reply ever: There is a little devil inside everyone’s heart and that is why we need God.

Episode 9
After her familiars leave the house to bring back some help, Galfa releases a gas that weakens Maria. She tries to summon her magic and could only bring forth a mini phoenix. But that wasn’t enough to stop him. Priapos and Ezekiel return to help save Maria but when she cannot use her magic anymore, Galfa dances happily on his way out. Gilbert and the soldiers prepare to storm in to apprehend her so Maria tells Priapos and Ezekiel to take her pitchfork and run. When Joseph passes by Galfa who didn’t say much, he finds something amiss. Maria’s home is burnt down and the witch is taken away for trial. Next day they see the monks making the villagers confess before Maria that they saw her summon demons. Bernard makes Martha show her unwavering faith. Maria can tell Martha is sad and hurt so she allows her to throw a stone at her. Ezekiel blames herself for letting Galfa knows about Maria’s secret but Joseph believes Maria’s purity is still intact because had she totally lost her magic, her familiars would not have retrained human form. He has Artemis and Ezekiel go seek Viv’s help while Priapos is to observe Maria who is being held at the monastery. Since she will be put on trial, there will not be branded a heretic immediately and this should buy them some time. Joseph then speaks to Guillaume that he wants to save Maria but was scolded about the trouble he will bring. He is told to forget about her and prepare for war since he heard the English are preparing for another attack. Later Guillaume talks to Galfa about not finishing his job because Maria’s purity is still intact. Galfa says he was tasked to make sure her magic didn’t work and not screw with her.

Viv is on her way with Artemis and Ezekiel when Michael pops up before her! Why is she going to save Maria? Because she is her friend. Viv doesn’t care who Michael is and harvests all the weapons from the English army to strike her. You think that will work? Bernard talks to Maria that he finds it curious that despite the doctor examined and confirmed her purity, she lost her magic ability. He learns of Maria encouraging Martha to throw a stone so that her family could be spared. When Bernard starts talking about God, Maria talks back about him preaching gospel that he hardly understands. Because if God really appeared, he would have solved everything instantly. But now it looks like it is better to rely on themselves instead relying on a silent God. This makes Bernard rant about the existence and non-existence of God. If you don’t understand all that he is saying, don’t worry because Maria also don’t know what the f*cks he is blabbing. Her reason is simple. All they need to live in this world is to be able to stand on their own 2 feet. Bernard is so enlightened by Maria’s thoughts that he kisses her foot! OMFG! So disgusting! Don’t think there are no witnesses. Aside God, Priapos and Gilbert see this unholy act.

Episode 10
Viv doesn’t care who Michael is and continues to attack. She tells Ezekiel about why God doesn’t help humans who seek and pray for His love. The answer is simple: God doesn’t know what love is! So stop trying to rule over them! Viv must be proud she said that but that slight distraction was enough for Michael to turn Ezekiel into her spear and stab her! Michael tells Ezekiel that it was not Viv’s words that made her strike but the fact Viv pointed her sword at the Heavenly Father. She gives an example about humans and wheat. Will humans ever listen to wheat if they could tell them when they will be sowed? Luckily Viv still lives although she is heavily injured as she recuperates in Edwina’s house. Guillaume is fed up of Joseph thinking about Maria so he tells him to fight for him in this upcoming war with the English and he’ll personally settle this Maria thing for him. I don’t think Joseph is convinced but he is going to do his part and return from his war to save her. For once we see Joseph getting mad. But overturning tables won’t make Galfa show up. Lolotte tells him to find him at the battlefield. He’ll definitely be there. Maria is under Gilbert’s inquisition. She will not seek the Lord’s forgiveness and continue her ways. Gilbert reports her failed confession to Bernard but he seems to be not paying attention like as though he has lost interest and lets Gilbert do whatever he wants. Artemis tries to convince Edwina to come help rescue Maria but Edwina is scared and doesn’t want to risk being killed by Michael. All she wants is a peaceful life. Ezekiel hoping to find answers, visits Martha and Anne. They are in great pain for hurting Maria especially Anne who is now thinking what the church did to Maria was totally wrong.

It seems with Gilbert’s power, Maria’s burning at the stake comes early. It will be tomorrow. Priapos desperate for help, reports this to Artemis and is even willing to lose his virginity to Edwina for it! You’re scaring her without a dick, kid! Sorry guys, Edwina is too scared to help. You’ll have to do this by yourselves. Ezekiel visits Maria and tells her about her visit to Anne. She is still puzzled that all this could be solved had she just said those words. It‘s only words. But Maria being the staunch believer in her beliefs, knows better she can’t no matter what. Maria must have the whole night to think why she is doing this. Was she doing this for the praise instead of really helping the people? Yeah well, she can’t be as shocked to see the villagers coming to see her burning at the stake. Some are so happy and giving applause! Meanwhile Guillaume leads his troops to storm the English castle. It looked like the French isn’t making any progress with their puny attacks. I mean, how can they bring down a castle wall?! They can. But it takes time to load this super cannon! And it only takes one hit. Once the wall is down, the invasion begins. Before Maria could be torched and her owl familiars barge in to save her, Edwina crashes down. She blames Maria for making it easy for witches everywhere to be witch hunt. Does she want other witches to be harmed? Although still trembling in fear, she keeps the guards at bay with her magic as they try to kill them. The owls free Maria and off they go into the sky. But Maria doesn’t want to go back home yet. She wants to head to the battlefield. Joseph is being ambushed by Galfa. Looks like they have more than just serious talking to do.

Episode 11
Gilbert remembers one of his informants. He now realizes she is a witch (Edwina’s cat). This means the medicine he got is also from her. This means Maria’s temporary paralysis (how Galfa did her in) was one of Edwina’s medicine and they never thought humans would go this far to use them. When Gilbert confronts Bernard about this, he doesn’t deny it was medicine from witches. This means he was associated with them for a very long time? Well, he thinks everything that can be used to make this world a better place, will be used. Joseph is mad as he fights Galfa but the latter is also mad thinking about Joseph’s sheltered life and never had to worry about food or shelter. Once Maria crashes into the battlefield, she quickly goes to find Joseph. Good thing she did it fast because he is no match for skilled Galfa. Maria is not happy that this is the umpteenth time he told her he was against war but yet again he rushed off to fight. Joseph gets even more upset now that Galfa wants to really finish them off. Thanks to everyone cooperating, Joseph deals the winning blow. But he didn’t stop there. He is filled with so much rage that he continues to punch Galfa! It took Maria several calls to make him stop. Lolotte waltzes in like as though everything was a joke to take Galfa away. Enough for today, boys. If their chief gets killed, nobody is going to collect their reward. Yeah, she’s even singing a sick fighting song…

Meanwhile Anne is at Maria’s devastated home. Cernunnos speaks to her as she feels guilty for what she has done for Maria. He tells her to forget and the pain will go away but Anne will not and tells Cernunnos not to drag Maria onto his side (since he claims Maria is not on human’s side). Maria updates Joseph on what happened to her. He feels he does not deserve to stay by her side since he gave in to his rage. He realizes he is weak and only Guillaume’s puppet. Maria had to slap him for beating himself up. I mean, she came all the way here instead of home for one obvious reason, right? To save him! But he still considers himself weak and unable to do things. She tells him to just do it. Stay with her and support her. Doesn’t this sound like a proposal? Joseph has decided. He apologizes for not seeing her more than a witch. He confesses he loves her and proposes to marry her. Maria’s face lights up so bright that not only it reconstructs her house back to normal and heal their wounds, this believe in herself has return her magic. Huge overgrowth envelope the entire battlefield. Maria takes to the skies with Joseph and rounds up all the weapons from the soldiers’ hands. With a loud happy voice, she thanks everyone. Every single soul. Because she has found her happiness. Then she happily summons all her monsters to scare them away. Maria is then lifted up further into the skies. Michael has summoned her. Oh, Maria happily introduces her new boyfriend!!! Such a happy witch!

Episode 12
So what does Maria have to say for all this? She believes that everyone should just find their own happiness and that way the balance of the world would balance out itself. Well, it doesn’t sound like the answer Michael is looking for. She is going to kill Maria but backup arrives. Artemis, Priapos, Viv, Edwina, the English witches and their summoned monsters are supporting Maria. Looks like they don’t give a hoot about God or heaven. They’re sick of hearing this order thingy because it makes you angels look like puppets. True to Maria’s spirit, she doesn’t want them to fight. I guess they’re not listening. Power battle! No different than humans, eh? Meanwhile Gilbert confronts Bernard to go on a witch hunt but he seems more preoccupied in writing his scrolls that contains ‘new teachings’. Bernard is obsessed with this new idea they can create a new world without God’s protection. Michael of course bests her opponents. She wants Ezekiel to become her spear and kill them. Surprisingly Ezekiel resists her. As she has spent time living with them, she has decided Maria and co are good people. With the heavens lighting up, Michael will review Maria’s doing. She projects herself in everyone’s thoughts to have them opine about Maria. Some call her a pest, some aren’t sure and there are those who are 100% behind her. Bernard is most shocked seeing Michael before him. He cannot accept this because it contradicts his new learning. He is going to strangle Michael???!!! Nut case! He got turned into sand upon contact. Martha’s testimony of Maria has her view Maria as an important person in her life and is sorry for stoning her. Finally, what has Joseph has to say? He once met a hermit who told him about world peace. But living in a world rife with war, that is only a dream. He never did anything to change it unlike Maria. She made him realize that he wanted to make a difference. From now on he wants to fight on her side.

Maria also wants a say. She’ll continue doing what she does whether she has magic or not. If Michael wants to kill her then go ahead. She has an idea how heaven is feeling with everything happening right now. So for this once, she will forgive God! Amazing?! So amazing that Michael is laughing! The heavens lighting up again means they have accepted her as part of the world’s natural order. Of course the heavens will not heed Maria’s words and will continue to watch her. Each time Maria does her thing, Michael will be there to stop her. Michael relays to everyone that Maria’s judgment has been decided. She will be everyone’s good neighbour. Remember the commandments, love thy neighbour. Because Ezekiel has gone against heaven, she is no longer fit to serve there. She will become human in this world but she may choose which mother she wants to be reborn from. Everyone is looking at Maria… She doesn’t want to take this responsibility but with everybody begging her, I guess it’s decided. Hope she comes out a healthy baby. In the aftermath, Edwina continues to stay put in her place. She is still scared because she thinks witches are not being forgiven yet. Viv thinks of going back to England and getting a job. Then maybe she’ll try to bring peace to the world. Joseph resigns as Guillaume’s messenger. The latter isn’t shocked but notes he has grown stronger like his father. Bernard’s scrolls are burnt away. Maria departs with Joseph to live in the human world. Before she goes, Cernunnos talks to her. She thanks him for his answer to Michael. He considered himself the past and Maria the future. One day Maria will be like him but she still has a purpose. This world is built upon each and every living thing. Not even Michael can escape from this process. As long as Maria remembers him, he will not disappear. So please do not make her something of the past. Maria invites him to join them but he will return to the forest and with permission, use Maria’s old house. Maria and Joseph now live in Anne’s village (the owl familiars as their pet?). They are happy to welcome them and they’re just in time for the harvest festival. England returned to their homeland and there was no more war. Everybody lived happily ever after! All thanks to a witch.

War Veterans, Peace Virgins
Hmm… Despite being quite a good anime, something in the end feels lacking. I am not saying that the end is bad. It is a good one. Satisfying. Ties up everything nicely. But somehow it feels like it lacks the oomph to make me marvel and consider this an epic anime. This an epic anime? When you have God and his archangel seemingly like the ‘antagonist’, how can you not consider this to be not epic? Anyhow, it is still a good ending for everyone because eventually with peace reigning over the lands, Maria doesn’t have to risk her neck in the battlefield and in turn risk being killed by her usual stalker- oops, I mean the archangel. Hmm… Maybe that is what feels lacking. The sudden resolve and peace to end the story makes it feel like a happily ever after fairytale. Well, isn’t it?

Without a doubt after hearing arguments about if God actually cares about his creations and the fact if he knows anything about love, there is going to be divides and differing opinions from all sides. I hope it will be a fruitful one so I hope to give my 2 cents worth of it too. Although I am not a very religious guy (can I consider anime as my religion?), what is being said about God and his angels is neither right nor wrong. In fact, both could be correct. After all, who are we puny beings to try and understand Him? Perhaps it is something that goes beyond science or even explanation in words that we do not comprehend how He thinks. But as far as the setting in this anime is concerned, it is of course ironic that a witch is trying to make pace while the very being that people devoutly pray to day and night does nothing and watches over them. Because peace would have reigned for a very long time and war never to even start if He wanted to set things straight. But He did not. How do you explain this?

But the funny thing is that if people are left to decide to do what they want even if this means killing themselves, going by that same logic, I do not see why Michael should stop Maria from trying to save a handful of lives. I mean, this is her will, right? This is her choice, right? Why does she label Maria from trying to interfere and disrupt the flow of nature if considering and assuming Maria is part of that flow? Just that she just doesn’t want to see people fighting. So if Maria continues her ways as usual, don’t you think this is also part of the flow of the natural order? Because by obstructing Maria and letting humans fight, doesn’t this mean God loves watching humans kill each other? Now that the heavens have declared Maria as a good neighbour, I suppose nobody is going to have the guts to go against that decree. So she is safe to come out of her hiding and assimilate with the humans.

Therefore it is a big irony, pity and shame that Maria who desires peace, goes all her way out to do what she believes is right, only for her doings to be backfired. All because everybody only recognizes her status as a witch and only praises her when she does things that turns out favourable. Humans being humans can be cruel and forgetful as seen here. Each time Maria goes to do her usual stuffs, only to be hindered and obstructed. You can’t help feel her efforts in danger of going to waste and you want to root for her so bad that you might go to the extreme lengths in labelling Michael and God as the bad guys! OMG! Is this considered as heresy? I know there is a limit to how much Maria can help but at least she is doing something instead of nothing. It might not make a dent in the world. It might not make any difference in the big wide world. It might not even be remembered for the generations and times to come. But at least she does make an impact and matters to those that she got involved with. Even if everybody is against her, not everyone is. As seen in Joseph, Martha and Anne who are considered her staunch believers, you can’t blame them for siding with Maria because she gets things done and has the results to show for. To these people, it is not who you are but what you do to make a difference.

All in all, Maria is not perfect but everyone forgets that aside from being a witch, she is the same living thing like everything else on this planet. Even more so, she is considered more human than most humans would be. All she wants is love happiness. But even if she can’t change the world or her area, at least she found happiness for herself. It’s like lowering your goals and screw the world, eh? Which isn’t a bad thing because how can you make the world a happier place if you yourself aren’t happy? So I feel that it is a good thing to start small and achieving smaller things before proceeding to bigger stuffs, one step at a time. The most important and biggest fact is that Maria believes in doing what she thinks is right regardless of what others tried to tell and impose on her. She might be lost at certain times but eventually she stays true to herself. This is what I think the anime is trying to tell us all in real life too.

Ezekiel was a pretty amusing and fun character. She was like a joker and comic relief seeing as the newbie and freeloader who only knows how to give lip service, she often gets ‘bullied’ and even easily ‘conned’ whenever Maria uses simple loopholes to prevent her from witnessing the use of her magic. And then when she starts hanging out with Maria a little too long and observing her actions firsthand, she starts to fall into a big dilemma that she might start experiencing nervous breakdown anytime. It wasn’t so fun seeing her anymore…

Artemis and Priapos are good familiars but I wish that they would do something more but I suppose that would mean usurping Maria’s role and overshadowing her. So they’ve been relegated to just her sidekicks with a little quirky habit whenever they’re not in any mission like Artemis’ penchant to tease Maria about her virginity (she must really like to see her blushing reactions) and Priapos desperately trying to cross over his manhood. I wonder if he can since he still lacks that important genital. Viv strikes as an interesting character as she takes interest in Maria’s actions. But before I knew it, suddenly Viv becomes Maria’s friend. I don’t know when this happened but I guess it is better than being foes. Oddly, if witches lived so long and assuming Viv and her English witches watching human battles for so long while Maria has been doing her war disrupting efforts for equally the same amount of time, why only now does Viv take notice of her? Maybe she did. Just that they never talked and when they first do, it was fascinating enough for Viv to take a liking for her.

It was obvious that Joseph took a liking from Maria from the start. It might take a while for Maria after a few prodding from Joseph but I guess it is more fun for them to be in denial and only confess it all in the end. So do you see the power of love triumphing in the end?! So with everyone putting their hopes on Maria to give birth to Ezekiel, I figure that means she is going to lose her virginity to Joseph, right? Unless she becomes the second Mother Mary giving birth to Jesus Christ. Well… I can imagine this awesome family… An ex-messenger and his wife who is an ex-witch. They have a daughter who was an ex-servant of heaven as well as a couple of owls as pets. A goddaughter and a godmother grandma as extension family. If the witches took a pledge of sisterhood, Viv and the rest could have been Maria’s sisters. Awesome family indeed.

Other minor and supporting characters do play their role and bit in the development of the climax of the story despite it feels like they make less of an impact overall. Like those English witches who are just watching from the sidelines and then all of a sudden in the final episode they want to play hero and gang up against Michael after they spend a little time bonding with Maria. Edwina is commendable for her bravery despite always being scared and pessimistic. At least she is being realistic. But when it comes down to what is most important, she’ll do what is right. Albeit still scared sh*t. I thought Cernunnos would be Michael in disguise. The archangel taking another form just to troll us and try a different approach to change Maria’s mind. In the end he was entirely a different being and his role in this anime was only reserved in the last moments as one of the testimonies for Maria. Well, if words could change the outcome and world like that. Galfa must be the biggest loser because he lost everything and at the end of it all, his testimony to Michael is he doesn’t want any more to do with her. He’s had it.

It is hard to say if the monks are the real villains because based from history and our stereotypes, the closest aides to God can also turn out to be the biggest devil. So we see Bernard’s actions that make us wonder if he is genuinely good or otherwise. Some of his intentions are sly and it is surprisingly shocking that after his inquisition with Maria, he seemingly lost all interest in her. So he lets Gilbert take over his role? But from what we have seen from Bernard, he remains the biggest hypocrite ever because despite preaching to others about God and the evil of witches, he himself has been associated with them for his own purposes and recently seeing that unholy act of kissing Maria’s feet! Is he considering her his new Maria? He reaps what he sows eventually. The one who is supposed to be closest to God pushes Him far away even when a miracle appears before his eyes. Needless to say, he paid with his life. May God bless his soul.

For some reason, I thought the character designs remind me of those from Dragonball but it is actually only in Maria that I see this. Maybe it is because I am just fresh off from my Nanatsu No Taizai stint so this may be only a big coincidence. The characters look pretty okay but not too much anime-like characteristics that might have diluted the ‘realism’ of the history setting. But when I first saw Ezekiel, I jumped up thinking what the heck was that squid girl from Shinryaku! Ika Musume doing here?! OMG! They look so similar! At certain points there were times that my mind will go crazy thinking when would her hair turn into long tentacles and start using them as extensions to her arms. Heh… Most of the witches’ sexy outfit somehow makes them feel out of place because you know, this is the Middle Ages and then you have some like Artemis dressing in what looks like S&M bondage outfit. Maybe that is how such getup got brought over well into our current era? But Artemis and Priapos in their owl familiar form do look cute. So cute and lovable that you’d wish they get a spin-off series like how those Minions did. Really. You should see that scene when Priapos as an owl fitted just nicely inside the window cell that Maria was held. Freaking cute! Aside the characters, the sceneries and backgrounds are also okay, depicting well the old European lifestyle.

It was such a pleasure to hear Mamiko Noto in a supporting character role as Viv albeit not much. Lately she has been only voicing cameos and very minor characters so it was such a big relief and ultimately my overall happiness (yes, it’s true!) to hear her voicing lines that lasts more than a couple of scenes or episodes, characters that aren’t so insignificant. Kana Hanazawa was also pretty fun as Ezekiel. At least initially when she was a newbie who was a constant ‘bully victim’ to her senior owls. I guess the voice behind Ika from Shinryaku! Ika Musume has grown up. Because as the voice of Maria, there wasn’t the slightest shred that reminded me of that squid girl. Well, at least Takahiro Sakurai as Bernard was recognizable. There were a few seiyuus that I have mistakenly identified. For example, I thought it was Ayane Sakura behind Anne’s shrieky voice but it turns out to be Ai Kakuma instead (Isuzu in Amagi Brilliant Park). Also, I thought it was Kazuya Nakai behind Galfa but it was Yuuki Ono (Zenkichi in Medaka Box).

And thus others that I should have recognized but didn’t include Kikuko Inoue as Michael, Mikako Komatsu as Priapos and Youko Hikasa as Artemis. The rest of the casts include Kensho Ono as Joseph (Slaine in Aldnoah.Zero), Natsuki Hanae as Gilbert (Kousei in Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso), Bin Shimada as Guillaume (Ken in You’re Under Arrest), Yumi Uchiyama as Edwina (Momiji in Binbougami Ga), Sachiko Kojima as Lolotte (Sayako in Bamboo Blade), Miyuki Ichijou as Martha (Elizabeth in Mars Daybreak) and Takaya Hashi as Cernunnos (Bacchus in Mirai Nikki). The opening theme is Philosophy Of Dear World by ZAQ is surprisingly a catchy rock outfit. The ending theme, Ailes by True is a total opposite. A slow rock ballad but yet a beautiful peace.

Overall, this series is a remarkable and entertaining story that makes you think a little bit although it is not meant to encourage you from deviating from your faith. You are just questioning to understand better instead of questioning to go against. It might not be deep in religious values as I believe this is also not what the anime is intended to, so it is safe to watch for all people from all kinds of faith or no faith. Unless you are the close minded kind than this series would already be blasphemy just by reading the synopsis. Because it is just unthinkable for God to sit back and do nothing but let a witch run about and ruin the so called world order just to achieve peace. Well, it worked out fine in the end, didn’t it? Yeah… Maybe all this was also part of God’s greater plan as well. Oh, you sly Father. You knew this would happen and that is why you sat back and did nothing. Yup, a part of God’s plan indeed.

Kuromajo-san Ga Tooru

April 11, 2015

There is a reason why spells must be chanted correctly even if they sound long ass or ridiculous. Because if you say the wrong word, even if it is the slip of a single vowel, you might end up summoning the wrong thing and be left to regret it. And so this is the case of our protagonist, an elementary school girl in Kuromajo-san Ga Tooru. In an attempt to read a love horoscope to her friends, she accidentally mispronounced the wrong lines and instead of summoning a cupid, she summoned a black witch and is subsequently made to become her apprentice. Well, it is not her fault to mispronounce it in the first place since she had a runny nose and this of course inhibits your pronunciation, right?

Ever since she has become an apprentice black witch, life is either a blessing or a curse because the spells can either be working in your favour or they don’t. I know. Life is never going to be the same again. As usual, long series are the bane of writing episode by episode summaries. So I got Wikipedia for some help to refresh my memories on the episodes or just whatever there is since this isn’t really a popular or mainstream anime so finding additional information about it is pretty tough.

Chiyoko Kurotori – Also known as Choco. When her classmates request her to summon some cupid of love, she had a runny nose that day and chanted the wrong lines. Instead, she summoned Gyubid the black witch and Choco suddenly finds herself as an apprentice black witch under her guidance. Each time she needs to use or practice her magic, she has to don that black gothic outfit. Even in public… Why does every spell begin with “Ruki-uge Ruki-uge…”?

Gyubid – The mischievous black witch Choco summoned and needs to train her to become a full black witch before she becomes an adult or else she will have to return to the Spirit World. She has lots of magic spells and conveniently the one mostly used is the memory erasing spell…

Here are her other equally weird classmates:
Megu Shion – Super narcissist and hysterical maniac but ironically one of Choco’s best friends.
Mai Ichiro – The class rep who is always trying to form committees for this and that.
Daigorou Iwata – The fat kid that everyone loves calling Kuishinbo (glutton) but he prefers to be called Yokozuna (sumo champion).
Ryoutarou Asakura – Rich obnoxious kid.
Ashura Toukaiji – Comes from a family who runs a temple.
Naoki Kojima – AKA Ero Ace Naughty and perverted kid of the class.
Kyou Oogata – Emotionless kid always carrying a rabbit hand puppet.
Riku Kaname – The super detective because his father is one too.
Rio Mukai – Sweets loving girl and thus the smartest kid in class. See people! Snacks and chocolates make you smart!
Yuri Haruno – Cute kid.
Shou Sanjou – Popular kid.
Takami Shishimura – Cooking prodigy.
Touko Miyase – Hard worker. Acts like a mother to her younger siblings.
Akira Hayami – Smart. Handsome. Doesn’t talk much. Loner. Mysterious type. Not popular with girls. Hmm… What’s wrong with this picture…
Kyouya Izumo – The real and serious class rep but with him always a yes-man, he is Mai’s gofer…
Matsuoka – The young homeroom teacher.

Here are some of the black witch ‘practical lessons’ Choco did:

Ep 1 – Choco investigates some paranormal activity at school. Turns out to be powerful ill feelings of resentment and jealousy of Iwata.

Ep 2 – Using her magic to ride a bicycle as she herself cannot ride one. The bike is floating…

Ep 3Choco is forced to become a judge in Asakura and Toukaiji’s argument about existence of ghost since they believe she is into occult. The winner gets to be Choco’s boyfriend. GASP! Anyway both cheated and Choco even lectures and exposes them for their failure and lack of faith. But the fight for Choco isn’t over yet…

Ep 4Ruru Ramon as the new transfer student, Ero Ace wants to sit next to her. He always comes to her protection whenever the other girls chide her for being a loner. Turns out she is trying to take a short cut to become a black witch by offering him as a sacrifice. She is caught in the act as well as Gyubid’s instructor, Lord Exnome. Because this is like a bribe, he is forced to abandon everything and feign ignorance. She won’t be hearing the last of Ruru yet…

Ep 5 – Choco saves her classmates from being turned into cats by a swindler who wants to make them his familiar. All you have to do is change the name of the cat by calling it a different name and it will become your familiar? WTF.

Ep 6 – Choco and Megu are out shopping when a magazine editor wants them to pose for her photo shoot. They are made to follow suspicious instructions to resurrect a ghost. Thankfully Choco recites the spell to let the editor (who is a ghost herself) to pass on. As for Megu, there is a good side for being dumb because she can’t read her kanji right.

Ep 7 – Choco and Gyubid save Rio from Baba Yaga, a witch who eats kids. They play a dice game (since Baba Yaga loves games) and win on technicality which isn’t against the rules.

Ep 8 – In a picnic, Shou surrounded by Megu, Mai and Yuri… Everyone ate some turmeric that causes them to fall in love with the first person they see. Choco must break the spell or it will become permanent. She is forced between Asakura and Toukaiji because part of the spell needs a boy and a girl to say it hand in hand. Asakura is the lucky guy and the spell breaks. Choco is furious that Gyubid set up to be Asakura all along because that rich kid had some doll house she wanted and thought she could get it if Choco and him were an item. I wonder how it will be like when Megu and Mai see Yuri with Shou together…

Ep 9 – Choco tries to help her friend, Suzuki Rinne to rid of her bad luck. They found out her bad luck stems from Oogata’s rabbit puppet which is some sort of amulet. They also rid of the demon that is possessing the puppet.

Ep 10 – Choco and friends are invited to star in some wizard programme on TV. Bad luck starts to happen when Choco recites her lines. Turns out the TV producer is actually Gyubid’s classmate, Angolmois and is secretly a black witch instructor and supervisor for the Asian region. She has taught many kids and wants Choco to be her student. Angolmois’ offer is tempting because it is not so strict as Gyubid (she doesn’t have to wake up for early morning drills). She doesn’t have to give her answer now and can think about it.

Ep 11 – While turning the school into some illusionary hotspring just to let her friend Touko relax, they find out Oogata is actually a wizard previously under Angolmois’ guidance. Because his magic was too powerful, Angolmois used that puppet as a seal. Now that it is broken, he is free and is going to take over the Spirit World. I guess that is better than world domination.

Ep 12-13 – While on a bus trip to the beach, Choco and her friends are teleported to another fairytale world whereby Choco becomes the classic Cinderella. Chocoderella? Mai and Megu are her wicked step-sisters and no prizes to guess who Gyubid is. Choco needs to save everyone or they’ll be stuck here forever. Your classic Cinderella case whereby her step-sisters leave her locked behind and Gyubid the fairy godmother saves the day to send her to the ball in a pumpkin carriage, crow slippers (pun for garasu = glass and karasu = crow) with Asakura and Toukaiji as her escort. There is a long queue for the ladies to dance with the prince. Before that, they have to dance with his aide to check if they qualify to dance. Everyone fails and when it comes to dead last Choco, the prince immediately dances with her. The prince turns out to be Oogata and this is his way of getting back from what is stolen from him. Uh huh. Because he was forced to practice magic and then got sealed, he feels left out he could have been laughing and joining in with his friends instead of being a loner. Trying to get back lost time I presume? So everyone is his pet and will make new memories together. So why not just attend class with everyone else? Choco can be his Cinderella and the spell will be permanent at the stroke of midnight. Not if Choco can chant that spell in time. She is so glad that everyone is back on the bus like normal but realized she lost a slipper. Just like Cinderella…

Ep 14-15 – WTF. Megu leaves her cousin Momo with Choco so she can do her whatever selfish thing?! Forced to take her to a new mall, they bump into Touko and her siblings in which Momo is being rude. Then she turns out to be Touka Blossom, Gyubid’s junior by 2 years and is going to use Touko’s siblings as a demon sacrifice. Seems Touka is working for Oogata who is waiting for Halloween as the gates between Earth and Spirit World open only once on that day. For the time being, he is staying in the human world to increase his power via sacrifice. While Choco tries to convince him to give up, Touka suddenly takes the sibling’s hand puppet and tries to put it on Oogata’s hand. Touka’s goal is to seal his power and was never working for him. So it becomes a game of tag trying to catch the hand puppet. Oogata got distracted by Choco’s clumsy folly and this allowed Touka to put the seal on him. Back to the Oogata we know. Pretty harmless for now. Ever thought of using your other hand to take it off? As Touka wants to continue her black witch training under Gyubid, she’ll be staying at Choco’s place. Oh, normal humans can’t see her. Just great. As if having one black witch wasn’t bad enough already.

Ep 16 – Gyubid impersonates as Choco’s mom to attend class observation day. Matsuoka is acting strange. First nervous and then fooling around with jokes. Turns out he is being possessed by a demon. The way to solve this is to get an animal to howl and scare him before reciting some chant. Do rabbits howl? Apparently late coming Megu’s mom brought her little dog and it scared the hell out of this demon, Jou Akuma. Matsuoka accidentally ate him when he possessed the cake. He’ll be in trouble if the black witch instructors association finds out if he is fooling around in the human world. So they make a deal they won’t tell if he leaves now.

Ep 17-18 – For the sports festival, Mai suggests everyone to train together. As such, Choco sucks. But the new transfer girl, Sayaka Suzukaze excels in running and will be part of the relay team. Next is gymnastics but Iwata is sad he always ends up the bottom so Sayaka suggests to do a rock-scissors-paper match to determine who stays on top. Eventually she wins and Gyubid senses something amiss. It seems Sayaka is also a black witch apprentice. They tail her to the hospital and witness her summon her instructor. Seems she is concerned about her brother’s surgery and being told to perform some ritual to guarantee its success. Back home, Gyubid has Choco read some pact interfering magic which is something forbidden. Then she casts a spell on Choco so that the sports festival won’t be a tragedy. But Choco still sucks. Is the spell working? She is surprised to see Angolmois part of the audience. She heard her talking to Count Leonare. Sayaka is going to perform a ritual that sacrifices her soul. The surgery success was a trick. If Angolmois is successful, Leonare promises to give what she asks. Choco tries to warn her but Angolmois keeps her mouth shut. But nothing happens during the human pyramid (as part of the ritual). Angolmois senses no magic coming from Sayaka and somebody has interfered. Choco is glad that nothing tragic happened. Even without the magic spell, Sayaka’s brother’s operation was successful. But when she returns home, she sees sad Touka. A letter from Gyubid revealing she casted that illegal spell and is now facing the music. She has no regrets and hopes Touka to take care of her. Choco now realizes why she casts that incident free spell on her.

Ep 19-21 – Spirit World Police are watching Choco since there is a chance she might meet up with Gyubid. With Touka and in disguises, they try to locate Gyubid and find her hiding at the house of Hayate Tsuchigama (her classmate who acts like an old man with equally bad puns) trying to practice her manga for an amateur competition. When the Spirit World Police find them, Jou accidentally comes into the scene and knocks them out. Seems there is a conflict between Private Magic School and Private Black Witch Academy. Oddly, the former is Gyubid and Touka’s alma mater. They have been eternal rivals but this time the Spirit World Police are siding with Private Black Witch Academy because they want to crush the school who cast that forbidden spell. Gyubid is going back to the Spirit World and Choco wants to come along since she realizes it is not the same without Gyubid. So she’s accepted her now? Exnome helps them in the Spirit World and brings them to see Private Magic School’s principal, Melusine. She doesn’t have the details but things Private Black Witch Academy’s chairman, Leonare may have something to do with it. They can’t stay long since the Spirit World Police are coming. They take a hidden route that will lead them to the city. Choco got separated and disguised as a frog to avoid detection. But she can’t change back! A pair of loli twins, Lollipop and Cocoa take back this delicacy to where Gyubid and co are hiding. They’re supposed to find Choco but can’t find her on an empty stomach, can’t they? Gyubid is about to eat the frog but she smells something familiar. She changes Choco back and she becomes the butt of jokes. The Spirit World Police barge in and apprehend them all. Leonare is with them and he knows where they are thanks to Exnome selling them out. Gyubid is put on trial while Choco imprisoned. Melusine in a snake transformation sneaks in to hand Choco a damning proof that Leonare is behind this. So they bust out and ditch all the dumb guards to show the court this proof. This is Leonare’s conspiracy that if he presents a human soul, he will be promoted. He also had Angolmois trick Gyubid into casting that spell. Exnome will become king for his help. Because Choco tells that buffalo dude that Gyubid knew this and never said a thing because she was protecting him (Gyubid is even crying), it made him feel guilty and he confess everything. Leonare is arrested and the court rules although she has been set up, it still doesn’t dismiss the fact she used the forbidden spell. Therefore she is sentence to become Choco’s black witch instructor till she graduates. That’s not so bad, right?

Ep 22 – Thanks to some weird card game the black witches are playing, they got turned into a dog. They need to touch the card to change back. But what are the chances the wind will blow it away into the mouth of a smart crow? Yeah… The chase is on…

Ep 23-24 – The girls think a ghost exists at the pool and this means Choco has to investigate (because she was made the president of the paranormal committee before. It’s ironic that Choco has been to the Spirit World but she’s afraid of ghosts? Even more ironic is that Gyubid is afraid too. They think it’s just a prank since Toukaiji is there exorcising while Ero Ace is dressing up as a ghost and has Iwata film him as part of their scarring collection movies. Well, Gyubid also wants in on this. But when monstrous tentacles grab the kids and the black witches didn’t think it is the prank of the other, they run for their lives! Later Touka borrows Iwata’s film and it upon closer look, Hayami is near the scene. He invites Choco to do some black magic with him since it’s not working out well. Because he thought everyone has been overreacting to the ghost prank. He gives to Choco Oogata’s hand puppet to give it to him back. Oh wait. This means… Gyubid is facing off with Oogata. During Megu’s panic, she threw something that accidentally flung off the hand puppet. Oogata is going to make sure Gyubid will never be a nuisance anymore. And with hair power, he almost drowns her. Choco tries to stop her but was told by Gyubid to unleash the cleansing spell she was made to learn previously. Although Oogata threatens that spell will have her lose something precious to her, she goes ahead and recite it. It works and the seal is back on Oogata’s hand. Next day, Choco is horrified to learn that the something precious she lost isn’t a person but things. She lost all her manga! To make things worse, Gyubid did some magic and Oogata’s family is now moving next door to them. Touka disguises herself as Momo to be his sister to keep an eye if ever the seal comes off again.

Ep 25 – I guess Choco has gained some sort of reputation that the library prefect even knows her as a ‘shady’ magical girl. She wants her to deal with some ghosts making a mischief with the library books. Turns out that one of her classmates was possessed by a Fairy Oak and the only way to exorcise it is while he is asleep. That’s during school hours and he likes napping in the library. Hope they don’t get too loud or mess up the books… Well, the latter one got out of hand…

Ep 26Choco learns how to rewind and fast forward time. However the wrong hand movements when a bug bugged her (pun intended) means she accidentally casts a loop spell. Groundhog Day. How many times must she jump this vault test? Touka’s advice to break this spell is to become somebody else. Well, imitating others certainly made her a fool. And she’s getting tired already. Then she deduces she just needs to pass the vault test (because her usual self isn’t athletic). After about 100 tries (OMG!) she finally does it. She might have made the grade to the next level as a black witch but Gyubid isn’t pleased that she used the spell wrongly and so it is going to be looping spell drills… Oh God. Not again! Here we go again! Pun intended…

Ep 27-28Torn between a cake competition and black witch training, Gyubid teaches Choco how to clone herself. However what happens if your clones start cloning? Yeah… But as Gyubid says, each time your clone clones, the clone will look different and the end product will end up looking entirely different. And goofy too. I don’t know how her friends couldn’t tell the real Choco apart. So while they go about their cake assignment, they see Oogata buying lots of rice bowls. Turns out he might be hiring Banshees, death fairies of the Spirit World to do his bidding since his powers are sealed and rice bowls are like diamonds there. So when they foil their trade, Touka rushes in with her findings that he is no Banshee but some legendary chef. He wanted the bowl to make meals himself when his wife is not around and in exchange Oogata got the best ingredients to make Mont Blanc cake. He wins the competition and Choco can’t get a taste of it since Gyubid hogged it all.

Ep 29 – Matsuoka is acting strange. He seems to be pressing some time and he smells. Choco stumbles upon him bringing animal bones to the lab and talking with Gyubid, seems from what has been observed, the steps he has taken is to summon Satan. When Kaname goes missing (the ingredient of a young boy is the last step for the summon), Choco fears the worse. What more, she sees Matsuoka with a cleaver! Turns out Kaname was just sleeping after reading some detective novel all night and Matsuoka was just trying to make some tonkatsu soup. Since timing is essential, the reason he was being edgy.

Ep 30Valentine’s Day. You know what this means. Asakura and Toukaiji are fighting over Choco. Which will she choose? That’s the question our budding reporter and scoop lover, Aika Outo is asking. Gyubid wants Choco to eat some herb to make her famous but it accidentally ends up in Iwata’s mouth. Now this chubby guy is famous. So to cure this falling in love spell, it is only right to make a falling out of love spell. What a better way than to hide this herb in the chocolate Choco will make. Iwata is not only popular with girls but boys too! Choco finally manages to get him eat it (since all that running made him hungry) and the spell is broken. Aika takes a photo shot that Iwata is the guy Choco chose and war is going to erupt between Asakura and Toukaiji. A third rival? Looks like Gyubid won’t be using her amnesia spell for a while.

Ep 31-32 – While playing magic shiritori (things you say materialize for real), a kangaroo materializes and it starts abusing Gyubid. I don’t know what is this Ruru word she said but it sure hell made the kangaroo disappear and end the game. In class, Choco notices Ero Ace not interested when the wind blows up Megu’s skirt. He is asking for some transfer girl to be included in the class’ photo shoot but Matsuoka believes there are no transfer students so everyone laughs at him. During the photo shoot, their class encounters lots of problems till it gets postponed. Somehow Yuri managed to get the cameraman to print out a photo from the computer (it’s one of those faulty shots). They notice a ghost girl standing next to Ero Ace! Does she look familiar? Of course. Remember Ruru? She’s back. She is going to have her revenge on them because she cannot pass in and out of the human world. She casts a spell on Ero Ace. Now what will happen if the black witch society finds out they revived Ruru and she sacrificed somebody? They’ll be banned from the Spirit World, right? Hayami then rushes into the scene to take pictures but gets owned by Ruru’s spell too. Just great. Another sacrifice. He throws Choco a book on how to exorcise a witch. It would be easy if they have all those mythical parts. The only way is to play magic shiritori. Eventually Ruru is exorcised but Choco couldn’t hear her last words. In the aftermath after checking the photos, they see Ruru laughing in the background as a ghost and think she has been enjoying her short duration attending school then. Maybe she wanted to be in the group photo with everyone. So when the actual group photo is taken, Choco has Gyubid to stick a picture of Ruru in it.

Ep 33Mai organizes a hanami for the girls. There is a withered sakura tree that everyone seems to dump their garbage. Gardening lover, Kokoro Kusonoki tries cleaning it up but more and more people continue to dump there. This makes the spirit of the sakura tree angry as it possesses Kokoro to tell the people not to dump here. Not even the mild warning pranks could stop them. Gyubid and Choco realize the threat as Choco chant a cleaning up spell to whisk away the garbage into space. Right after that, the withered tree goes into full bloom. See people? Your trash kills trees! But the side effect of that spell means all the garbage goes into the caster’s dustbin. Choco’s house is now one big dump. Stinky!

Ep 34Mizuki Morikawa (is she a relative of that fast food chain mascot of Wendy’s?!) was Gyubid’s classmate in the Spirit World. Her stationery shop burnt down there and she opened a new one on Earth. However she suspects somebody from Choco class to have accidentally bought a magical candy that makes the wisher’s wish come true (blame Gyubid for this mess to happen). How does she know? Because the class is acting weird with everyone interested in decorating and making things cute! Better find the culprit fast because once the wish is fulfilled, the wisher will blow up into a ball and explode! Yes! Explode for real! Choco tries to find out who it could be and it turns out to be Yuri. Because she gets to sit next to Shou and he loves it while the other girls are just darn jealous. Then she blows up into a ball bouncing here and there. Choco manages to give her eat a remedial candy that brings her back down to size and also has her no recollection of what happened.

Ep 35 – Jou relays the news that some demon pig escaped from the Spirit World and loves eating shadows (you’ll be unable to move if that happens). With Gyubid and Choco going around to catch the pig that has already claimed several victims, the only way to release those eaten shadows is to make it laugh. So happen that one of Choco’s classmates who is bad at telling rakugo stories and jokes was practising at the park. Only the pig, Gyubid and Jou start laughing at those awful jokes. Safe to say the day is saved. But that poor kid, his jokes still cannot be saved. Boring as hell…

Ep 36 – The guys skipped cleaning class and this earns the wrath of the girls. A big gender wars is going to erupt if Choco doesn’t do something about it. It is discovered all this quarrelling stems from a pair of twins. They inadvertently watched Choco practised her quarrelling spell at the park and got infected and spread to the classmates. The only way to solve this is to shake hands. Choco steals the twins’ beloved possessions in hopes they will shake hands to get it back but they won’t. In a struggle to get it back, the sister falls off the stairs. The brother grabs her hand. There’s your handshake. Back to good relationship. Sibling rivalry a good or bad thing? Choco doesn’t know since she is an only child.

Ep 37 – While manning Morikawa’s shop, Choco is curious to see a magic dial, she turns it to ‘small’ and suddenly she shrinks! So little Thumbelina’s adventures include being chased by a fly, almost eaten by Megu’s dog, nearly get thrown in the trash, almost being eaten in a chocolate, get thrown in a ball and almost being eaten by a badass stray cat. Why does everybody want to eat her? Does little Choco taste good? Luckily Gyubid finds her and makes her turn back the dial to normal since she was the one who switched it so it is only right she turns it back herself. It’s going to be a Herculean effort…

Ep 38Choco goes out with her friends to eat free chocolates and cakes for kids at a newly opened store. If you wonder why if there is somebody kind enough to do that, it’s because the person behind this is Baba Yaga! She’s back and is going to fatten-cum-sweeten the kids. Choco tries to get her friends out but Baba Yaga corners them. Remembering she likes games, Choco challenges her. In this one-shot coin game, Choco wins and her friends go free if she lands heads otherwise she will be eaten first. Baba Yaga uses her magic to make the coin in her favour and when it seems Choco will lose, the badge her grandma just gave activates and turns the coin in Choco’s favour. It seems that badge turns out to be an amulet that deflects Baba Yaga’s magic. But why does granny have it? Hmm…

Ep 39Choco accidentally falls asleep on some demon dream pillow and there is a risk she’ll have nightmares and never wake up. Gyubid and Touka dive into her dream. Makkura Osaki is the one responsible for putting Choco in this seemingly nice dream but to escape, she must answer his riddles. Choco easily gives up or doesn’t think hard enough. Then they turn on the tables on Makkura that he only knows how to give riddles but not know how to answer them. He takes up the challenge, confident he can answer any riddle. Guess he can’t figure it out either. Yeah. It’s something weird that you can’t think of but I guess it’s valid. They are released from the dream world as promised and Choco doesn’t need to think hard about the answer to the riddle of not doing her black witch drills… Double the practice!

Ep 40 – Choco feels that her fortune telling classmate, Seira Kisaragi is suspicious because it’s based on some haiku of an old famous poet and her answers are somewhat common sense. Seira predicts a bad omen for Choco and the latter tells Gyubid about this. In turn, she is taught fortune telling and being handed a bowl. All she must do is not open it. This talking bowl amazes everyone with its predictions despite being half assed. But when it comes to love compatibility, it made Mai, Yuri and Megu fight over Shou (because they’re all compatible with him!). Even Toukaiji and Asakura end up fighting over her over this prediction. The bowl predicts Choco x Toukaiji but Asakura could be the one if he gives all his dolls. Choco feels suspicious and opens the bowl. She gets the fright of her life to see a hand reaching out to grab her. Turns out to be Gyubid. Turns out it was all a prank. Turns out it was all a setup just to get those dolls she wanted. You mad? But Choco is left to wonder if Seira’s fortune telling is real because her prediction came true.

Ep 41-42Since Gyubid has mumps, Choco goes to the Spirit World to get curing herbs. But before she can do that she must get curing herb seeds. With Jou, Lollipop and Cocoa, they venture to the field floating with those seeds. Might seem easy but they’re hard to catch. Especially with Choco who is bad in moving about and it’s like as thought the seeds are making a fool out of her. When she manages to catch one, a large booming voice frightens her and makes her fall off the cliff. She finds herself in the dark woods. Lips start ranting that she knows the way to the curing herbs but Eyes keep watching her. Remembering her granny’s advice that the eye tells more than the mouth, Choco decides to follow Eyes and this pisses off Lips. She turns into a monster trying to eat her. Choco is saved by some long tentacle from the long sky carrying Jou. This tentacle is supposed to bring those who want to get the herbs. Jou explains Lips entice people who want to collect curing herbs with nice words and then eats them. Eyes watch over Lips so that she doesn’t eat them. At the field of curing herbs, Melusine guides Choco to plant the seed before taking a herb (otherwise it will run out if people start plucking without planting). Melusine knows Choco is here since she was tip off by her friend, Tika. They once went picking curing herbs together. Gyubid is back to normal but too energetic and gives Choco more drills.

Ep 43-45 – Toukaiji and Asakura are fighting again. Well, at least it isn’t about Choco. The latter doesn’t believe in the supernatural and thus that red string thingy. However Mishua Kaionji from the neighbouring school believes so. As her family runs a Buddhist shrine, she believes Toukaiji will be her future husband as their fate is connected by an invisible red string. The fight for Choco just got a little complicated… Choco finds a black witch news issued by the school. It must an old edition since it has Melusine’s picture when she was young. Her friend Tika looks a lot like Choco… Completing the trio is Gyubad who suspiciously looks like Gyubid. They were witch students learning how to put curses on boys and the teacher told them they are forbidden to fall in love and if that happens, they must cut some red string. The trio descend to the human world for that task and end up in some rural farm. They target a farmer, Izou. They use some time altering candy to wreak havoc on his crops but even so he remains positive and happy. Tika summons some plants that would fill him with fear but changes her mind in the last minute. Because he will die with this many flowers, they use a time stopping candy as a red string appears between Tika and Izou. Gyubad could tell that Tika has always been looking kindly at him and as time is running out for them to return to the Underworld (or else they will be stuck here forever), Melusine wants to cut the red string. However Gyubad wants Tika to decide it herself. Tika decides to stay. Melusine is sad but this is what she has decided. After Tika sees off her friends, she goes back to destroy the flowers and continued living with Izou. Choco remembers… Isn’t Izou her grandpa? Could it be? I bet it is. As she is curious to see who her red string is attached to, she casts the spell and it attaches to… Toukaiji, Asakura and Mishua?! WTF?! I don’t even know how Megu got tangled in it. Such a messy and tangled red string she has…

Ep 46Choco dreads the swimming tournament as she can’t swim. So Gyubid gladly takes her place for the first race and guess what? She is swimming like a flying fish! Why is it that nobody suspects something wrong but in awe instead?! Because of that, her teammates put her as the anchor in the swimming relay. This time Gyubid hands the baton back to Choco and now she must do the swimming. Don’t worry, she gives her a magic band. So when the race starts, he team build up a big lead and when it is her turn, that lead dwindles as she is crawling! She looks like she’s drowning or something. In the end, she wins by a whisker. Choco later finds that band was just an ordinary rubber band. Duped. But at least she can say she won on her own merit, right?

Ep 47 – Morikawa gives Choco a package for Gyubid. It is a jar of supposedly lemon pops but all her friends eat it without permission. WTF. Of course this means they turn into animals based on the pops they have swallowed. Matsuoka must have thought he entered a zoo instead of a classroom! Of course Choco has to take responsibility to turn them back but it is going to be hard to catch them all and put them in a magic circle. Yeah. Gotta catch ‘em all. Eventually she does and the memory erasing spell comes in handy as usual. Then Choco realizes she may have forgotten somebody: Ero Ace! He’s still in the chicken shed…

Ep 48When Touko’s siblings are seemingly lost, Gyubid and Choco employ some scent magic to locate them via smell. I don’t know. The scents look like some sort of aura in various colours and shapes. They trace a third scent which belongs to Oogata. Learning Touka lost sight of him, they fear his seal may have broken and is going to sacrifice them like he once tried. Turns out they were just having a nice meal together and Oogata bought it for them because they wanted some too. Since the scent magic can’t be turned off for 24 hours, looks like they’ll be smelling a lot of unpleasant things…

Ep 49 – The class is doing a Snow White play. Many of the girls want to be the titular character but Himeka Kiritsuki lands the role as she is the ‘fairytale princess’. Choco gets the mirror on the wall and her acting is so bad that Gyubid purposely come to watch and laugh. But she didn’t expect it was this bad so she decides to cast a spell. However her mirror reflects them and now all the girls want to be Snow White and argue on stage! The only way is to end the play. This means Choco will have to play the witch. She even gets scolded by all of them. When Shou the prince arrives, all of them decide to let him choose. He chooses them all! Happily ever after with all of them? OMG! Harem ending?! Didn’t anybody find this odd?! But even after the play ends, the girls continue to fight over Shou as the most suitable princess.

Ep 50-51 – In order to have their class sell garlic raku wares for the autumn festival, Choco learns control magic to cast a spell on her classmates so they will do just that. To her surprise, everyone is eating plates they are selling! Is this garlic raku ware?! Furthermore, she is surprised to see Lollipop and Cocoa here because there is going to be a duel between a black witch and black wizard. Seisui Cross is the black wizard and Angolmois’ younger brother. Who is going to face him? Gyubid! And here comes Cross for the showdown. Because he is a vampire, Gyubid tosses all those garlic plates at him. So that’s why she made Choco do all that? However Cross has bitten Izumo and now that he is his underling, he orders him to smash all the plates. Cross is then going to play his flute. Anybody who hears it will be drawn to him. Cross will suck her blood and obtain her powers. I suppose doing reverse psychology that he is a good vampire won’t work. Gyubid can’t control herself as she marches towards him. Choco needs to think fast. Noticing that he takes on the personality of the blood of those he sucked, she calls Mai to order Cross to stop playing the flute, surrender and undo the spells. It sounds silly that Cross has Izumo’s personality as a yes-man and does so. And thanks to that, Gyubid wins the match.

Ep 52 – As Choco meets up with her classmates to go buy sweets, there is this little girl pestering them to play daruma-san with them. She starts crying when nobody does so kind hearted Touko has everyone play with her. However she isn’t your usual little girl because if they get caught, they are turned into a daruma and stuck to her hand. Seems she is trying to sell live daruma back in the Spirit World. Eventually Choco uses her fast moving spell to beat her game and free her friends although the little girl escapes before Gyubid could catch her. Now Choco’s hands are ‘stuck’ because they are being pulled by Asakura and Toukaiji in a tug of war over her.

Ep 53-56 – Choco meets classmate Shinku Kojima picking up acorns before joining Touka who teaches her to blow some magic bubbles that grant wishes. She accidentally whisks herself to grandma’s house and it caught Kojima too. Suddenly a Zashiki Arashi witch pulls Kojima into the tatami. Grandma dives in to save him and tells Choco to retrieve a letter in her drawer before it is too late. Inside it is a demon pitying song. She shows it to Gyubid and Touka as they further explain Zashiki Arashi offer souls to demons and need to save them before it’s too late. At the shrine, they use the letter which consists of magic elimination and some mistletoe to break the spell. But since there are people on a witch hunt closing in, Choco is made to hide inside the shrine. She sees a box that contains a letter to her grandma and a photo album with a picture of Tika, Melusine and Gyubad. She realizes grandma is Tika. An inquisition officer from the Spirit World, Robe Lu Puti arrests Choco on grounds that she is Tika’s descendant. In the trial, when Choco admits using that magic she learnt from grandma, Robe proceeds to show the court this is proof of Tika’s doing of bringing that magic to the human love and spreading the love. News that Tika has been kidnapped by the Queen of Tears as she plans to sacrifice 2 humans during Sabbath. Melusine disguised as a snake, casts a spell on the court for Choco to escape (that easy?). She rendezvous with Cocoa and Lollipop and wants them to take her to the Land of Tears. But at a checkpoint, Choco runs into the words to avoid being discovered. That is where she meets a bear who brings her back to his cottage where Gyubid and Touka are waiting. Choco explains what is going on but the bear knows who Robe is. He is his instructor. The bear was originally a human. As Robe’s apprentice, he had no talent so Robe threw him out and cursed him to live as a bear in the woods. Gyubid believes Tika’s magic can save him. The bear gives them a mirror of truth before they continue their journey. Moving on, they are attacked by Robe’s thunder dragon but a girl, Himawari Hiyoshi saves them with her thunder dragon and brings them to her cabin. She was also Robe’s apprentice and although she was talented, she was disqualified. Once a human, her only friends were books. Robe opened her eyes and she learnt under him. Because she doesn’t care about people and doesn’t want to get involved, this means she cannot curse people and Robe threw her away and sealed her in this place. Robe’s men are coming. However Himawari’s plan is to hand them over in exchange she will be returned to the human world. She seriously can’t believe that dude, can’t she? They convince her to trust in them since they can get Tika to help. She takes a gamble and lets them go. Before that, she gives Choco an item that might be handy if she is in a pinch. Arriving at the Land of Tears, a demon snowman guides them there to the top of the castle where the Sabbath is held. They see grandma and Kojima hanging on the tree and demand their release. However Robe is here and is seeking to take custody of them. He shows proof of his social position that allows him to do this. But when Choco points out about the bear and Himawari’s case, he denies it (if it is true, it is a serious violation). He cries defamation and has Choco arrested. Choco uses the mirror of truth to reveal Robe’s doing. Still claiming those are lies? The Queen of Tears who is no other than Gyubad and Gyubid’s grandma knows the item is not fake. Choco’s grandma is release and it seems this is a strategy by the trio of Tika, Gyubad and Melusine to lure Robe and confess his crimes here. They knew Tika was targeted and planned her arrest but didn’t mean for Choco’s friend to get involved. Robe still won’t admit defeat and tries to burn down everybody! Yeah. Burn down all the evidence. Choco uses Himawari’s item to call for help and a water dragon rains to douse the fire. Now out of tricks, Robe is arrested for good. Back in the real world, Choco receives a notice that she has been promoted to a certified third rank black witch. Loveliest Christmas gift?

Ep 57Choco is bad at sports and of course wished she could change the weather. She accidentally summons Madam Tenten and she demonstrates she can turn the weather from sunny to rainy vice versa. But I suppose it was bad timing so Choco still has to run the race. As gratitude for summoning her, Tenten will help her get first place. So she wreaks havoc on the weather by freezing the contestants, making the road slippery, making the wind blow hard and a beautiful rainbow so everyone could stop and admire it. I’m surprised the race isn’t called off. Gyubid finds out about this and confronts her. Seems Tenten is her neighbour and they always fight. Gyubid threatens to reveals her embarrassing childhood secrets if she doesn’t return. Something about the weather phenomena caused by her snores, snots, farts and wetting the bed. I guess that was good enough to make her go back and as punishment for Choco, it’s more training and morning drills.

Ep 58There is a bread thief and because some claim to culprit to be supernatural. Choco is of course put in charge of investigating. With Gyubid, they investigate the school that night only to find Asakura and Toukaiji trying to help out. It doesn’t take long before it turns into an argument over Choco. Next day, metal plates are found to be devoured. The culprit is Lips. Eyes is feeding her stuffs that are bread puns. Before she is about to eat Megu, Choco casts a time reversal spell to last night and they catch them in the act. Seems Lips just wanted to eat those fried bean bread that are also famous in the Spirit World. Eyes was just feeding her those other ‘bread’ stuffs to keep her away from eating humans. They leave after Lips had her fill. But Choco has a bigger problem. She has to relive that Asakura and Toukaiji quarrel again…

Ep 59-60As usual, Mai, Megu and Yuri are fighting over Shou. They want to sit next to him for the next field trip. And as always, Choco is forced to get involved and made the president of the committee of sitting next to Shou. WTF. As suggested by Gyubid, why not go ask Shou himself? So Choco casts a spell that tells the truth. Hmm… Is it not working? Because he says he loves everyone. Choco thinks she didn’t cast it properly and retries again and again. Each time the results are the same. Gyubid comes by to tell her she has overdone her magic. Now everyone is casted with the spell and they can only wait for it to wear off. However Choco starts running her mouth and blaming Gyubid for everything. Even to a point of revealing she never wanted to be a black witch in the first place and it is not like she really wanted to summon her. Gyubid understands and disappears. Choco thought she said too much but believes she will come back. She never did. Next day, Yuri asks Choco if she knows a spell for reconciliation because ever since they were frank with each other thanks to that spell, things have been awkward. Choco receives a letter from grandma describing the past. After she married Izou and gave birth to Choco’s dad, he showed no signs of magic that is why she never thought Choco would have any. The day Choco summoned Gyubid with a runny nose was not on accident. It was a setup by Melusine. As Choco inherited magic from grandma, she is bound to be noticed by selfish people like Angolmois or Robe. Thus Melusine sent Gyubid, a black witch with a warm heart whom she trusts most to her. A black witch with a warm heart will never betray. Choco feels bad and needs to apologize to Gyubid. Touka tells Choco that she heard Gyubid is going back to the Spirit World. They catch her and Choco says all the sorry in the world for running her mouth. She wants Gyubid to continue being her instructor. Oh, real tears. Of course Gyubid will. What she is doing now is delivering home cheap cakes to Gyubad. As for where she was all the while, she was hanging out at Morikawa’s place. Because Choco was also under that spell that time and it would annoying to hang around her till it runs out. She did left a note in the form of a yonkoma but of course Choco didn’t understand. As for the reconciliation spell, Choco tells Yuri that she doesn’t need one. If she wants to reconcile, all she needs is to be honest with her feelings. And soon enough, Yuri and the girls apologize and make up. Case closed. Happy ending. But not so for Choco because her tough drills continue. Going into Spartan mode? Somebody give her a break!

Black Witch With A Heart Of Gold
I feel like a little kindergarten kid once more. Uh huh. This show feels like it is made for little school children and it is no surprise since this anime was adapted from a children’s novel series of the same name. Because you see that most of their adventures are ‘cartoon-like’, the kind that is suitable for children. If you want to think logically about most or even everything that has happened in this series, there are lots of faults to find but you’ll it acceptable as at a children level because you know, this show was made for kids to entertain kids. Thus this is the kind of show that you let all your children see when all your relatives are visiting and there is no other way to keep them quiet except to let them stare and watch at the idiot box. And what better ‘children cartoon’ could it be? Here is your answer. That is, unless your kids are busy with their iPhones and other gadgets.

Even more evident is the art and drawing style. Don’t you see how cute everything is? Even the ghouls or demons from the Spirit World look more cute than scary. Okay, maybe at that tender age, some of them may look scary but overall for a big guy like me who is averse to horror stories, they aren’t. Besides, this show may double as a series for the Halloween seeing that some character designs feel like it is Halloween all year round. Heck, I think Halloween in real life has become like the biggest cosplay and nationwide event in the west, don’t you think?

So for Choco, it feels like she is doing a pretty fine job despite in many cases you can see her just being reluctant. She’s probably just a normal girl who isn’t good in athletics, her studies and just wants some time off herself. If it is bad enough that she gets involved in spats or conflicts of her classmates, then she had to become a black witch and the endless early morning wake ups and practice drills became a nightmare. But you can see her pulling through fine, right? Although I am tempted to say that she has Tika’s genes, but personally I think it is her own perseverance that makes her pull through despite her unenthusiastic expression. At least she gets the job done and solves whatever necessary then. Although sometimes she gets a little more than she bargained for.

Gyubid may be a little odd at times but she is the best instructor for Choco although some of her ways can be unconventional. It may seem that she is heartless or something giving Choco all the morning drills and practice but I think the only way for her to become a greater black witch is via perseverance and more practice. Also you have to remember that Choco isn’t exactly a physically fit person and dreads such activities but as you can see even if her body isn’t willing, her heart is strong enough to make her pull through. Gyubid too sometimes can be cheeky as we see her pull off little pranks on Choco for her own little kicks. Overall, she is a good black witch and a great teacher to Choco. And Choco now realize that when she thought she almost lost her. So less complaining and put in more effort now?

Although there are so many characters in this series, many of them especially Choco’s classmates do not make more than one appearance. I mean, they still do in the background whenever the class scenes are shown. However in terms of whether they are ‘staring’ or being featured in an episode prominently, it is usually just once or the most twice. Then you’ll never hear of them again. Besides, how many weird classmates does Choco have? Heck, maybe everyone is weird because when we are first introduced to them, Choco will narrate their strange characteristics. They are fun nevertheless despite sometimes you feel that their short appearance is just for the convenience of the plot for that episode.

I thought some characters like Oogata would become a recurring villain of the series but that fizzled out after his plans were busted. He tried to return again but that was foiled too. By the time the series reaches halfway mark, Oogata is no longer a threat although at times at the back of my head I would be wondering if he would make another comeback. I guess not. I suppose that is why there is this little sister role for Touko to play and make cameo appearances in certain episodes. I also don’t know what happened to Angolmois after that conspiracy collaboration with Leonare since I have this thought she would be a main antagonist. Then much later towards the end of the series we have this Robe guy popping out of nowhere to be the antagonist. But you know, since this series is so kiddie-like, I figure when the baddies get their judgment, all’s well ends well. Don’t think so much.

Other ‘recurring’ or ‘regular’ characters, mainly Choco’s friends like Mai and Megu also feel fine and fun. They do help play a little part in some of the episodes that they are featured in (just for the sake of today’s Choco’s adventure) albeit just minor roles that don’t impact the series overall. Because you know, there is always this convenient memory erasing spell from Gyubid that works like a charm every time you want something to reset back to normal. But like I said, this show is made for children so whatever we grownups find dumbfounding, just leave it aside and the most have a good laugh. Hey, we don’t want to ruin their childhood with adult logic, right? We too once had our childhood.

The so called love triangle between Choco, Asakura and Toukaiji sometimes feel like a running joke. Choco isn’t interested in either of them but they end up quarrelling over her and it never ends. And Gyubid just loves seeing this while Choco have this annoyed frustration look that screams “Why me?!” for getting involved in all this in the first place. Probably a guy like me is in a dilemma to find it interesting or not because it is like seeing little kids fight over their young puppy love. Am I considered a pedo if I start liking to see such love triangles at such a tender young age? I know love is not limited to age and the other likes but to like seeing such love triangles? Something feels wrong. Same case with that lady killer Shou. It is always the same trio of Megu, Mai and Yuri fighting over him. I don’t know if this shouting competition of “No, I’m supposed to be the one!” will get them anywhere.

And this Shou must be the best observer ever because he doesn’t choose anyone or anything and likes everyone and everything. Best answer ever. I guess that is why conflicts never end. I also wonder what happened to Gyubid’s first love with Exnome. I suppose after his betrayal, she didn’t care much about him anymore. Because if she still does, I’m just thinking how Choco might use this to get back at her like how she always does with Asakura and Toukaiji. Which reminds me, what happened to that Mishua girl who claims that she is connected to Toukaiji by the red string? If it ever happens, maybe the love triangle with Choco will end. Rich boy Asakura will get Choco and probably 2 birds with 1 stone because Gyubid loves his doll house collection. Can’t let it happen, right? So was it just to tease and troll us?

Speaking of spells, the amount of spells that we hear Choco chant (averagely at least one per episode), by now she could have been a full-fledged black witch. Unless she always skips her lessons and being lazy. Also, the spells chanted feel like as though they are pulled out from the air or something. I know the magic effect will pop out of thin air but the way they easily say those spells like as though make it anyone can say it. It’s so easy. I can even create my own. Unless you need to be in a goth loli outfit to make it work, that is. Ruki-uge, Ruki-uge, auiehfweiauhiuhrdshusa. The effect is temporarily dumbness on a person. Haha!

The first opening theme is Doki Doki Shichau No Oh Yeah by Ayumu Shinga. I think it is quite a catchy piece of tune for this show. However I can’t say the same for the second opening theme, Festi-Party by Antenna Girl. From the first time I hear it, it sounds very odd. It has this festive party mood (which is why the song is called so) and despite me feeling weird at times, there is this annoying catchiness to the tune after you hear it too many times. Even funnier is how Choco and Gyubid are doing some very strange dance throughout the opening. I don’t think it would be as popular as Gangnam Style since watching them dance like that feels embarrassing. Yes, embarrassing. How I wished they didn’t change the opening tune.

Overall, somehow watching this series also brings me back to my younger days when I was watching American cartoons way before ‘upgrading’ to Japanese anime. But it lacks all those nonsensical violence you see in the former and the ecchi fanservice that has come to be ubiquitous in the latter. Without these and in this aspect, this little series itself is fun and enjoyable if you want to watch something short and light. Even if you don’t watch cartoons in your childhood days, at least it would make you feel like one again. There is no harm in that, right? Sometimes we need to relive them once in a while. At least it teaches me a lesson the next time I am sick and down with a flu, if I am ever to pray to God for a fast recovery, better say it nicely, clearly and properly even if my throat is croaking like a toad. Or else who knows what I would be summoning and getting. I wouldn’t mind if it’s a bishoujo maid however…

Witch Craft Works OVA

April 10, 2015

Remember that ongoing battle between Tower Witches and Workshop Witches? No? I don’t blame you. Because all we remember from Witch Craft Works is our favourite KMM Group being punching bag losers! Oh yeah! And thus the only reason why Witch Craft Works OVA is made is so that they can become the object of ridicule and shame just to make us laugh! Hwahahahahahaha!!! Oops… Ahem. Anyway just like many OVAs of finished TV series, this one isn’t anything to do with the real plot or whatsoever and just a fun filler. And even more fun when you have Tanpopo as the punching bag… Oops… But in actual fact, this OVA is focused more on Kasumi. And of course Tanpopo as her ‘sidekick’. Ready to get owned?

The conspiracy…
Already in the opening scenes… Yet another scathing defeat! KMM Group easily gets owned by the almighty and powerful Ayaka! They never had a chance. It is no surprise that Tanpopo is drinking out her sorrows on how to beat this b*tch. This is where Kasumi comes in and brings her back to her room. She shows her all the stuffed dolls that she can command. Her magic is to control them and has bugged her brother to get more of them till she accumulates this little army. With Tanpopo’s rabbit familiars, they are going to finish off that b*tch with their army. However you can see Tanpopo breaking down, a sign that she has been defeated so many times. Because Ayaka controls fire and Tanpopo’s summoning of rabbit familiars are just made from paper, it takes no genius to figure out what happens when fire meets paper. Yeah. No point at all. Wondering why she is asking her help to do this, Kasumi mentions about the need to protect her brother and doesn’t care less if they’re Tower Witches or Workshop Witches. Tanpopo is one who understands her feelings the most and thus they are comrades in arms for a common goal. Now begins Kasumi’s ranting why she hates that fire b*tch so much. Everything was fine till Ayaka came live with them. Kasumi couldn’t sleep with him anymore (sleeping alone made her cold and her skin condition worsen), she couldn’t eat with him during recess (Ayaka always steals him away for lunch), she couldn’t do shopping together (no more balanced diet?) and sadly no more bathing together (she enjoys him washing her from head to toe?!). No more days off together. No more this together. No more that together! Oh… Can’t you see Tanpopo is already sleeping?

Although she doesn’t know what’s going on nor can she see why she hates Ayaka so much, Tanpopo could guess that she might have a big brother complex. Kasumi becomes a demon refuting it. I don’t know. Her words sound contradicting. Despite she wants to marry him, it is her duty and future and thus there is no love there. Eh… What? Since Tanpopo’s comrades are in training (read: ran away), Kasumi feels the need to get more people for her plan. Don’t care. As long as they hate Ayaka, bring them here! Remember that other bunch of jokers, Star Group? Oh yeah. I’m sure they have a grudge to settle with Ayaka. So after a lengthy discussion of their plan, they are going to execute it right now when Ayaka is sleeping. God bless and Godspeed! But the moment they enter her room, she is waiting… AND THEY GOT EASILY OWNED!!! NO CHANGE AT ALL!!! NO MERCY!!!! TACTICAL RETREAT!!!!!!!!!! Yet another failure… And Takamiya wonders why Kasumi is so bandaged up. She tripped in the bathroom… I know it hurts on the outside and inside… At school she witnesses Takamiya and Ayaka together. She is sad and wonders if her role is over. Her friend Tanuma reminds her that season 2 of My Little Sister Can’t Be This Potato is out. WTF?! Pun of imouto (sister) and imo (potato)?! I guess this is the only way to sooth the heart of a broken hearted sister. They watch the series and from what Kasumi said, Tanuma is worried and wonders if Kasumi has brother complex. That reaction again… Being a typical tsundere to dismiss she likes him. She clarifies about marrying him that in real life many people marry not because of love. So what about children? You know how they are made, right? Of course she does! Don’t insult her. They come from birds. Like what mom said. Oh God… But Kasumi also knows the other way that they learn in physical education but views it as filthy. Tanuma just gave up.

Rinon then comes in to take Kasumi away for a job. There is a giant penguin rampaging throughout the city. I don’t know why but Tanpopo was whisked away too. Why do they even need her? We all do. Two words: Punching bag. Ah… Kasumi rides her giant bear to fight it but with Rinon encouraging her to do more, she is afraid she will get scolded if she grows her bear any bigger. Don’t worry about it. Rinon gives you her permission! Not wanting to be left out (because she is feeling so), Tanpopo joins in by riding her giant rabbit. I don’t remember why Touko has some sort of grudge against that bear so she rides a giant black bear and teams up with the penguin to fight them. And then it becomes a giant wrestling-cum-fighting between the giant animals. Conveniently a huge barren land surrounded by electric wires as ropes for this giant tag team match. In the end, Kasumi is about to give up but Rinon gives more lip service to not yield. With her determination to protect her brother, she enlarges her bear until it reaches outer space! And then a powerful punch down that ends everything. Oh Tanpopo, you got caught in the mess again… In the aftermath, the penguin becomes some small statue and as they inspect it, Kasumi is shocked to find a mark engraved on the sculpture that belongs to her brother. She distracts Rinon to hide it and claims the evidence ‘disappeared’. Tanpopo almost revealed it but is knocked out. Kasumi is convinced and happy that her brother needs her more than he needs Ayaka after all. How can she say that when she just destroyed the entire town???!!! Just deluding herself, eh?

My Little Sister Can’t Be This Brother Complex!
Oh yes. It was really fun. Having Kasumi taking the spotlight and getting frustrated about not being able to be with her brother like before and ringing out the monster of jealousy in her is pretty much fun. In the end, we all know that she is just deceiving herself because from all that has happened so far, she’ll never be able to get back her original life as long as Ayaka is still around. So whatever little confidence and hope she gets about her brother needing her (even though it might not be true), I guess it is good enough for her to keep her going. Yeah, I suppose she is that desperate. And I think she is going to need it all too. Ayaka and Takamiya only make a cameo appearance because my guess is that things won’t be this fun if they had more screen time. It’s more fun when the lesser characters take the spotlight and even more when it involves the love of your onii-chan. Doubling the fun is of course Tanpopo who doesn’t disappoint in living up to her reputation of being the punching bag of the series. Although her teammates aren’t around, but I guess she herself is enough to bring bear the brunt of it all. I still think KMM Group should get a spin-off series of their own whereby they get owned in each episode. Hah! I admit I am a sadist in seeing them so! So for brother loving Kasumi and eternal loser Tanpopo, my only hats off to you is because you never give up and continue to strive ahead even though the results will always be the same. Keep trying and trying and trying and trying and trying. Therefore, I salute to thee, God bless and Godspeed!

Majimoji Rurumo

February 15, 2015

Do you know witches can grant your wishes too? Here are a few reasons why a witch makes better wish granters than genies. Number one, you are not limited to just 3 wishes. Not to say there is an infinite number of wishes but it’s better than just having it for 3 stinking times. Everyone these days have got so many desires seriously. Secondly, you don’t need to find a lamp or have an Arabian looking type of lamp and rub your hands just to get the genie out. How do you make wishes with witches? Using magic tickets of course! And that witch will always be by your side getting ready in the event if you really want to have your wishes come true. So okay, maybe this is just true in Majimoji Rurumo because due to a carless mistake, this perverted guy suddenly finds himself with a wish granting witch in training. What is so bad about that you say? Once you use up all your wishes, you give your life. Yikes! Starting to think genies are much safer now?

Episode 1
One day, Rurumo the witch drops before Kouta Shibaki and tells him in 2 days he will die. Don’t believe? Laughing like mad, is he? Well, this car levitation… Now you believe? So why is he going to die? Because he made a contract with her for having his wish granted. What wish? Try to remember… He traded his life for a stinking panty?! WTF?! A few days back, his occult club members found a witch book and made him make a wish upon it as a stepping stone for the club to become famous (such a small dream). Kouta has always been a loner and loser. Thus he has garnered a brutal perverted fame among the girls. He wants a girlfriend but seeing that the other guys aren’t pleased, he wished for a girl’s panties. When he went home, he saw a pair of panties on his table. The happiest moment in his life but he never read the fine print at the end of the book which states his life will be taken. So there you have it. It is scheduled that he will die being eaten alive. Also, she is here because that panty is hers! She is here to take it back. It is her only pair. Yes. That means right now she is full blown commando. Since he will die, might as well have a last look. So Kouta takes Rurumo through town to various places where he could get a peek underneath. Luck is not on his side… He laments his bad luck when Rurumo also mentions the same. She was just released from prison after 60 years for breaking the rules. Because witches have magic and long life, in exchange they must follow rules or get punished. Also, witches are forbidden to give their personal belongings to others. The punishment: 130 years in prison! Then the warden pops up. When the clock hand reaches zero, Rurumo will go off to prison. Though it will be fine if Kouta puts them back on and thus the contract will be nullified and he won’t have to die. Plus, she has spent 60 years doing time. What is another 130 more years? But he can’t live with such consciousness and forcefully puts her panties back on. The day is saved. Although the contract is incomplete, Rurumo will still mete out half punishment for him. Getting pecked by crows is still very painful…

Kouta thought karma comes back to him when he did something good since he gets a nice look at a girl’s panties when she is picking up dropped stuffs. Till public morals officer, Sumiko Inoue points out his notorious perverted fame and sends her underlings, Masako Shimomura and Kyouko Izumi to beat the crap out of him. Back in the occult club, the president whom we shall only refer to as Senpai, wants him to return the bra which somewhat ended up in his bag to Maaya Sawashita. She is the girl who has the biggest boobs in school. Why pick him? Because she is now braless… I have a feeling there is only one role why Kouta is in this club. And for that he is going to do the job. He still has a dilemma, though. He wishes to see Rurumo again and here she is falling down from the sky like a rock. That has got to hurt. Seems her cat familiar, Chiro is also here to send him magic tickets that allows him to make her use her magic. Because of that failed punishment, Rurumo has been demoted to a witch in training and her magic was sealed. Kouta thinks her training will end once he uses them up. So his uses one to make him invisible. Now he can run through the hall and into the girls’ locker room with ease. Nobody can see them. I don’t know why he has this idea of putting the bra on her (must be his perverted idea) when he heard Sawashita saying the bra was a gift from her sister before she left for England. He felt bad and just left it on the table. Rurumo also thanks him for using a ticket to heal herself because they also reflect his strongest desires. As he couldn’t sleep that night, he sees Chiro and thanks the kitty for the tickets. To his surprise, Chiro can speak! In Kansai accent! She is here to tell him a secret that Rurumo doesn’t know too. There are 666 tickets. Once it is used up, he will die. So those are basically his life and if Rurumo knows, she’ll make him stop using it. So there you go. Did Kouta fell asleep? Well, he passed out…

Episode 2
The occult club guys think Kouta has something to make their club better. It’s might just be his selfish dream that he wants more girls to join… The gang then go to investigate some mystery girl. Kouta thought they were going to stalk some granny when it turns out to be Rurumo camping in the woods! Holy sh*t! They observe her living like a hobo, being scared by a frog and just waiting. Then when she is about to change, Kouta won’t have the guys look at this so they tie him up on a tree while they record this fabulous ‘ritual’. Kouta does a desperate move as he makes a wish on the ticket. He has Rurumo make a blimp fall on them!!! Don’t worry, they’re okay. He takes the tape and runs away with her. Later as he finds out, she has no place to stay or return as witches in training are forbidden to return to the Underworld as long as their training is incomplete. I guess there is only one way. He tries to sneak Rurumo in but she’s being a dunce walking in casually. Kouta has a tough time trying to hide her from his mom who from time to time is giving that suspicious death stare. Then there is one time she wonders if he is hiding a girl in his room because she heard the neighbourhood talk about girls been abducted and held captive in rooms recently. She’s suspecting her son? Be sure to tell her when that happens… That knife… Very sharp knife… Of course Chiro believes when that time comes, all Kouta has to do is use his tickets but he won’t. Those are his life. Then he realizes the tickets are much lesser. Well, the stronger his desire, the more tickets will be used up. Forgot to tell him that, didn’t he? WTF?!

So for the next 3 days, Kouta has been suspiciously bringing food and things to his room much to his mom’s suspicion. A few close calls too… Rurumo learns that he did this sort of ‘abduction’ before. But they are mainly stray dogs and cats. He couldn’t let them be and brought them home and hid them. But since his family doesn’t like animals, he is forced to return where he found them. Chiro is sad they will meet the same fate too. But don’t worry, there is always the ticket… Next day in school, Kouta’s friends (Tomoha Sakurai, Hiroshi Nishino and Hajime Sugawara) relay the big news that some classmates of theirs have been found living together. Define living together. A boy and a girl unrelated to each other living together under the same roof before marriage. That sounds familiar? It hit him right then that his predicament is the same as Rurumo. So he rushes back and sees the cute sleeping face of Rurumo. I don’t know if he was going to kiss her or something (blame his libido and temptation), suddenly his mom barges in and sees this. Her suspicions were true. Oh sh*t! Mother is going to kill her son???!!! Kouta wakes Rurumo up to explain. He found her at the park and brought her here. Oh sh*t! Death is only seconds away! No choice, he is forced to use a ticket. With the memory alteration, Rurumo is now Kouta’s sister who has come to live with them from New York. Yeah, it saved his life, didn’t it? At least now Rurumo has a room to call her own.

Episode 3
Kouta and Nishino are exploring the mysterious locker in the boys changing room that is believed to lead to the girls’ section. True enough it does but who is the first girl they see changing? Rurumo! Kouta tries to hide Nishino’s eyes and eventually pokes them. To his further surprise, Rurumo works at the cafeteria but is very clumsy. He asks her the reason for this and the only answer he’ll get that this is her self-imposed restriction. He wants to help her but she won’t allow it and thus he is reduced to watching her slip up more. While gathering the ingredients, she overheard Senpai trying to summon something Aztec. Rurumo mentions the necessary requirements with confident and feels the need to let her join his club. Sorry, she can’t. Senpai then announces that somebody is joining their club. Kouta didn’t think it would be a girl but holy cow! She is Tanako Kujirai! This is not a dream! She seems like a nice girl and everything till Senpai explains there is a condition that he allowed her to join: To accept her for who she is. Tanako thinks she is a real magical girl!!! So she displays her fake magic to have the guys believe her. It’s so obvious… Kouta tries to look positive (or rather he might have lost it) that she is the catalyst for attracting more girls to this club and praises her magic. However Rurumo is here and tells her that is not magic and Kouta should know it himself. Tanako knows about her because she has been watching her ever since she debuted in the cafeteria. She challenges her to a battle tomorrow to see whose magic is most real. Kouta thinks Tanako likes him and the reason she is going this far. Well, she did admit there is somebody in this club she likes but has not been noticing her. Thus the reason she joins and wants him to recognize her. Oh Kouta, don’t count your chickens…

It is clear that Rurumo’s magic is far more superior than Tanako’s. So much so the latter is desperate enough to make the final big showdown of walking on air. She’s walking dangerously on the fence! Kouta doesn’t want this to go on any further and tells her he understands her feelings. She doesn’t need to battle anymore. But at that moment she slips and falls. After distracting the guys with some UMA that doesn’t exist, Kouta use his ticket to have Tanako float down safely. Kouta is going to let Tanako jump into his arms when she zooms past him and hugs Senpai instead! How heartbreaking… And she thought Senpai did some telekinesis thingy. Rurumo continues to be a klutz so Kouta tells her she should just be herself as a witch. She explains her ability to learn is slow compared to others and her reflexes are so bad she can’t even ride a broom. But she must still try. This is the punishment she imposed on herself. Kouta still thinks she just needs to put on her cloak and act high and mighty. She notes he is the only person to treat her kindly. She was always bullied and deceived. In fact her first imprisonment was due to that. A witch isn’t allowed to come down to Earth unless summoned. Somebody tricked her that she had been summoned and thus used magic on Earth. She views him a simpleton and that makes her too carefree. Back in her room, she is looking at the dress Kouta bought for her. She puts it back in her closet and remains steadfast that she must restrict herself.

Episode 4
Kouta is caught peeping up a girl’s skirt so it’s penalty time from Inoue and co. Then she reminds him that thanks to his notorious perversion, the girls are worried about their privacy and thus next week they are going to conduct a big inspection and clean up. All ‘contraband’ will be identified and confiscated! Kouta’s friends are trying to find him to exchange their ‘treasure’ collection. Thanks to him with his wide variety of erotic library, they have the luxury to experience such youthfulness. Of course Kouta relays the bad news and it seems the purge has already begun. Some already have their porn confiscated and even those digital porn files have been deleted! Adding to Kouta’s woes is Chiro who can transform into a girl! But since she is naked, he has to take her and run. In school, Chiro runs off on her own as Kouta tries to defend his pals from Inoue’s onslaught. Then here comes Chiro wearing a dress she found in a room. She looks like having so much fun that she lifts up her skirt to show him the panties she is wearing! Inoue is going to purify this pervert so I guess it’s time to run. At a distance, Chiro reverts to a cat since the transformation only lasts for 30 minutes. Now he is on his own. Kouta accidentally sees Inoue’s pink panties so she sends her underling to beat him up. This brings back embarrassing memories because even in elementary school, Kouta had this notorious reputation of flipping girls’ skirt. Only Inoue was able to safeguard hers. She will make him pay for this disgrace.

Rurumo accidentally puts on some misfortune glasses so all the frogs start jumping on her. As the wearer can’t take it off, Kouta tries to get it off for her and eventually throws it away. Then he gets a surprise visit from Inoue! Is she taking her job far too serious and going to confiscate his personal porn too?! Well, doesn’t seem like it. After handing him a souvenir from a trip (their moms are best friends), she spots the misfortune glasses before he feet and picks it up to wear them. Geez, like pick up and try anything suspicious, would you? Rats that she hates most start circling around her. She clings onto Kouta and her punches are like gentle strokes. Kouta has no time to daydream since Chiro says Inoue will die if she continues to wear them! Kouta saves her from a series of mishaps only to have her end up in another one. This causes her to snap. She understands she hates him so why doesn’t he just tell her that he hates her? She runs away as she hints that despite all that she is a girl. Kouta explains he has always seen her as one and before she could be run over by a truck, he mentions he loves seeing her pink bra through her wet shirt. It got her to stop. He takes off the glasses and puts her original ones back on. Then she crushes the misfortune glasses. That’s the end of that. She leaves while remembering those elementary girls commenting that although she never had her skirt flipped, it means that she was not attractive enough and thus not a girl. Kouta thought he has hid his porn stuffs in the fire extinguisher place, somewhere Inoue would never find. Too bad she knows him well enough to know he has become this predictable. She is going to burn it all! Burn away those unpleasant memories too. Desperate, Kouta uses a ticket to summon Rurumo. Inoue is still sore that he looked at her panties. I don’t know this answer of his: A girl’s panties are gentler than the blue sky. WTF?! It made Inoue realize he was the only one who treated her like a girl. Then as she and her underlings take a look at their own panties (WTF?!), Kouta orders Rurumo to teleport the porn stuffs away. But he didn’t specify teleport to where so they’re lying scattered outside his house. Mommy… Gotta burn them all!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 5
I don’t know about this… Rurumo trying to clean but the floor is more drenched than always… Mother has a job for her to deliver some stuff to Kouta who had forgotten to bring as he is working in grandma’s cornfield. I guess the sole reason for motivation for working is a pair of lovely teenage cousins… Mother might seem nagging reminding Rurumo about this and that but you’ll see why she has all the reasons to be worried. First she and Chiro get lost finding a way to the post office. Yup, they’re walking in circles without realizing it’s the same damn houses she has been circling. Think the houses here look pretty similar, eh? A policewoman, Ruri Iida stops her and questions her but she manages to get away with the magic word that Kouta told her: Cosplay! Along the way she meets Masako who panics thinking Rurumo might reveal her hidden fetish for cosplay and thus tell Kouta who will in turn tell the entire school. By the time she hopes Rurumo not to tell, she’s already gone. When Rurumo gets to the train station, she tries to board the train using the postal tickets! Not going to work! No matter how many tricks she does! If not for one Sugawara who bought a ticket on her behalf, she might never have completed her mission. So this guy thinks he is pretty lucky to have saved her but seriously, she doesn’t even remember who the hell he is. By the time he is going to tell whatever story he has, it’s already her stop. Now, Rurumo is bad in reading maps. Bad enough for her to walk the other direction. Yeah. Nice nature walk. Then it occurred to Chiro that they have been going the wrong way. When they’re going to turn back, some stroke of bad luck causes Rurumo to lose her delivery package and getting stuck up a tree. She is about to retrieve it but rolls down the slope and gets lost into the sea of sunflowers.

Panic Chiro runs all the way to grandma’s house just to get Kouta (who thinks he is a step closer in getting closer with his cousins). As they make haste, due to some magic restoration thingy, trees and bushes start to grow over Rurumo until she becomes a walking forest! At this rate she might be infused with it. But she is adamant to get the bag or else she can’t complete this mission. Her life is meaningless compared to this job. By the time Kouta and Chiro arrive, they see a giant forest mountain in a hat shape. Kouta is tempted to use the ticket but Chiro warns even all that may not be enough. Suddenly Rurumo pops out! Tired and worn out, at least she got the bag. The day is saved and everyone is relieved one way or another. Rurumo enjoys a hot bath made by Kouta and it seems the delivery package contains handphone cases in which Kouta is trying to court his cousins by giving it to them. They don’t look impressed… I guess he failed… Suddenly Senpai and his occult club run into them while they’re trying to find UMA. Tanako has got it all wrong trying to be an UMA. Senpai wants Rurumo to join his club but he flatly turns him down. A big blow to Kouta because the occult club members are having a better time courting his cousins… Everyone plays sparklers but Rurumo… That’s a mosquito coil, isn’t it? Kouta comments she looks cute in her yukata, pats her head and thanks her for everything today. Here’s a corn as a big reward.

Episode 6
Kouta thought God wanted him to add more porn to his collection when he spotted thrown away porn magazines. He is about to pick them up when he felt girls staring at him. Afraid he might pick up a new unwanted nickname, he picks up a box of abandoned kittens next to it. The girls never knew he was such a good person. Phew. Animal lover Kouta pleads to Chiro: Please be their mom! No way! Rurumo is a little more suspicious. Because the kittens don’t talk! Well, normal cats don’t. Kouta wants to name them and since Rurumo is reading a murder mystery novel, it is decided they will be called Satsu, Jin and Jiken (which reads out to be ‘Murder Incident’). Now they have to do something about mom. Oh wait. She already sees this… So it’s back to the park for those poor kitties. What are they going to do with them now? Rurumo suggests keeping them at school for the time being. At the same time, Kouta goes around asking those who would love to take them in. Zilch. Chiro is forced to company them for a while when Rurumo goes to work and Kouta to classes. This has Chiro relate her story that she was once abandoned like them too and saved by Rurumo. Because she never knew her pedigree, she was often ostracized by her other fellow cats and alone. One day she was selling some wand parts that no witches would want to buy. That was when Rurumo popped up and wanted her to be her familiar because she wanted a cat that was not pretentious.

When several girls get the thrill of touching and hugging the kittens, a devilish idea strikes in Kouta’s mind. So he goes around school with the kittens and they are like babe magnets. Kouta gets his dream fulfilled when the girls cling all over him just to touch the cats. Even Inoue and her underlings cannot resist. Not even his friends. This goes on for some time until one day the weather forecast reports it is going to be stormy to the point of flooding. This worries Kouta as he runs all the way to school only to see the kittens weak and freezing. He brings them home with Rurumo and Chiro already prepared the necessary. Surprisingly, mother allows it only for tonight because it would be troublesome if Kouta gets sick too. I mean, who would take care of the kittens, right? However next day, the kittens are still weak. Kouta rushes them to the vet. He regrets for being stupid and careless. Suddenly Jiken jumps out of the box. It is to point out the tickets he dropped. Then Jiken drops. Collapses. Kouta tries to use the ticket but it’s not working. It isn’t that the ticket isn’t working. It’s functioning alright. Rurumo explains Jiken was born with a weak body. And magic doesn’t work on the dead. It’s the rule. She adds that Jiken would have died earlier had he not picked it up. Now it has passed away with a calm on its face. Kouta lets out the most heartbreaking cry every. For a pervert. Seriously, jokes aside, that was really heartbreaking. In the aftermath, Satsu and Jin got adopted and Kouta falls into depression, couldn’t stop thinking about Jiken by its grave. What a sad end episode! :’(

Episode 7
It’s the beach episode! Thank Senpai for organizing this. That’s because he wants to find some legendary swimsuit. Good luck finding it on his own. Kouta can’t be bothered to tag along with this. The guys can’t wait to see Rurumo in her swimsuit. Be prepared… To be very disappointed! She’s in her witch outfit! While Rurumo sits out in the shade, Masako talks to her and thinks they could get along as friends because they are fellow cosplayers. Meanwhile Kouta is on his perverted mischief streak, a nuisance to the girls trying to have clean fun. Is there anybody who can stop him? Even Inoue is sweet talked into his trap. Not even Iida’s shovel authority can dent his horny drive. Till Rurumo drops a brick on him. Chiro in her human form tries to show off in her seashell bikini but gets chased by Kouta’s friends. Kouta soon realize that Rurumo may not have a swimsuit, the reason she didn’t change into one. He tries to buy one but it’s too expensive. This place also doesn’t rent out swimsuits. He gets desperate enough to ask the girls to lend one! What does this sound like to them? He finds Chiro and thinks she should lend her seashell bikini. However Chiro views that Rurumo is such a shy girl and won’t put something this close to being naked. She’ll help him look for one. Kouta is then whisked away by Senpai who tells him about the legendary swimsuit that could transform a shy girl into a very assertive one. This is the reason why he planned this beach trip and invited all the girls. The more samples the better. And he thinks of using Rurumo as the first one as she is without a swimsuit. This is all the more reason Kouta can’t let Rurumo wear that even if it exists. He’ll destroy it.

When they get to the shrine where the supposedly legendary swimsuit is, there is nothing. So the legend is fake? Not quite… Want to bet that swimsuit Chiro dragged out is from there? She has Rurumo put it no. When Kouta and Senpai trek back, they see Rurumo’s clothes scattered on the ground. Before them is Rurumo in a swimsuit! Senpai wants piece of her but was shoved away. Very far away. It seems the legend must be true. Rurumo’s personality takes a 180 degree turn. She is now more assertive, pushing Kouta down and wants to kiss right now! I’m sure Kouta would not mind having his first kiss but his conscious kicked in and flees. He also notices Rurumo is more powerful and faster. The only solution is to take the swimsuit off her but I think he is somewhat desperate that he is calling for Inoue’s help to take off Rurumo’s swimsuit! How perverted can he get? Rurumo throws a tetrapod on him and before his lips are sealed, he uses a ticket to have her wear her witch clothes like before. Saved. One the bus home, Senpai might not be able to see what the legendary swimsuit was but at least he got to see a UFO (Rurumo’s flying clothes as he thought it was). Unfortunately for Tanako, he can’t remember the swimsuit she wears. Rurumo may not remember what actually happened because from her memories, she seemed like having fun with Kouta. Yeah, throwing tetrapods and chasing him around looks fun. Kouta can’t help notice her cute sleeping face and may live to regret he didn’t take the first kiss.

Episode 8
Kouta must be wishing something good to happen when a girl floats down before him. Nice pantsu view! She is a first class witch, Waroula Harulily and her cat familiar, Mimi, and she is here to make a contract with him. At least Kouta is smart enough not to make the same mistake twice. He’s not going to pay with his life again once the contract is up! He runs away but no matter how far, Harulily always catches up. She shows premium magic tickets that he can use without using his life. Care for a free sample? Rurumo detects a familiar magic unleashed nearby. She recognizes it belonging to Harulily. Brings back memories of all the pranks she used to play on her. Chiro confronts Harulily and accuses her to come annoy Rurumo again. Seems Harulily’s goal is to make a contract with Kouta because the new contract takes precedence of the older one. This means the previous contract is nullified and the training up till now will be void and Rurumo will not become a witch. She seals Chiro’s mouth. Meanwhile Kouta is making use of his free magic sample. Seeing through girls’ clothes! Oh yeah! He even barges into the assembly just to get a great view but you know the thing about free samples. It runs out fast. Harulily and Rurumo meet at school and the former mocks the latter. No reaction. Kouta comes by to complain about the magic wearing off and sees this. Harulily mentions her intention to make Kouta as her new contract. That is for him to decide. Harulily is upset of this same ol’ attitude. Is she tired of being poked fun at? Why is she so emotionless? She’s always been like that ever since they’ve met. Harulily was always bullied too. Only Rurumo was kind to her. Therefore she has always been waiting. Waiting for her to say something. Tell her something. Say something more. Just react. She came all the way here just for that. Rurumo thinks today is a good day as an old friend came to visit and will show her around the cafeteria. Kouta understands how she feels as it’s hard to tell what she’s thinking. She’s the type who takes on everything by herself but is not mischievous enough to lie. Chiro wonders what happens if Kouta did end up contracted to her. It’s not possible in the first place because the contract had a sealing magic placed on it beforehand. Thus Harulily was just here to see Rurumo.

Harulily continues to bum around in Kouta’s house since it’s also her summer vacation. Kouta serves her like a goddess. When Rurumo is going out, Harulily decides to tag along thinking she will screw up somehow. Who knows, Harulily is also dragged into working part time jobs with her! Well, the school cafeteria is closed during holidays. Each time, she gets fired as fast as she gets hired. You don’t even know how she could make this kind of mistake. Each time the friends talk and Harulily can’t help notice she kept mentioning the good of Kouta’s name. Harulily even mentions that they’ll have to part once the contract is over but Rurumo is happy ever since she came here. What is the first thing she will do once she completes her training? Probably come back here to thank Kouta. This answer and little smile amaze Harulily. As Harulily receives the warm hospitality of Kouta’s mom, she can’t help think that once the contract ends, the contracted one will die. Why does she always wish for the impossible? Next day, Rurumo accompanies Harulily to ‘leave’. Rurumo is bent on becoming a full witch again no matter what happens. Harulily hugs her and will root for her. If there is anything, don’t hesitate to tell her. Then she flies off into the sky.

Episode 9
Masako accidentally drops her cat ears and when somebody picks it up, she fears her secret will be revealed. To her relief it is Rurumo. Masako invites her to her home and rants about her love for cosplay, especially Miko Soune. You can feel the magic of being transformed into somebody else when you do that. Masako now views her as her close friend and hopes to do events together on weekends. But first, Rurumo is handed the entire Miko anime DVD collection to study! They even make cosplay outfits together. Then there is a Miko event that Rurumo is going. Kouta finds out about it and is curious about this friend-cum-mentor who invited her. That is when she reveals Masako’s name. Next day in school, Shibaki and friends are amazed as they talk to Masako about her cosplay hobby. However Masako views Rurumo has betrayed her for telling this and will no longer trust her or anyone anymore. She will not talk about cosplay in public again. This brings her back traumatic memories how her classmates used to ridicule anime. She calls up the event organizer to cancel her participation. When Rurumo spots her, Masako tries to run but trips. Rurumo picks up her cat ears and gives it back to her. Masako is touched that Rurumo has watched the entire DVD collection (took her 3 days!) and could even cite her favourite episode. Masako lets her keep the cat ears as she made it for her. She is glad to have called Rurumo her friend. Although they didn’t get to attend the event, they still cosplay and have their own private Miko event. Masako hopes to make more memories like these.

One day, the strap of Rurumo’s undershirt snaps. When Kouta pleads for her help to get him out from a handcuff prank Chiro played on him, Rurumo felt insecure. Embarrassed. It’s like her chest feels exposed and defenceless. In the end she couldn’t do it and Kouta thinks she is sick or something. Anyway his hands are still tied. Rurumo tells this problem to Chiro. Since ordering one from the Underworld will take some time, why not borrow from mom? Well, didn’t know mom’s cup size was E, didn’t you?! Rurumo talks to Masako about this and she is more than happy to help her because she thinks she is trying to become a real witch. A true cosplayer! However even if she loves making cosplay outfits, a bra is a different story so Masako gathers all the girls as Rurumo tells them that she has never worn a normal bra before. They let her see theirs. All sorts of colours, sizes and varieties. If the boys were here… Of course the biggest boobs go to Sawashita. Those flat chests are starting to feel defeated… Now you know why big boobs command certain happiness? The girls decide to go to a lingerie shop after school. Iida who probably has the biggest boobs among the characters in this series accompany them. Seeing those huge melons has Rurumo think if magic were in the form of those, hers would be incomparable! Kouta comes running thinking something is wrong. He thought she was sick but it seems she is going out with friends. Is there something she is hiding? She can’t say of course. When Kouta spots Iida’s huge boobs, he succumbs to it. This makes Rurumo think big boobs indeed does have power. So hers does not? Her friends believe it will grow in time. Rurumo thinks it’s impossible. She hasn’t grown since 300 years!!! Great cosplay back story? So while they’re choosing a bra for her, I don’t know why they tie up Kouta and have him ‘sleep’ in the shop. What happens when he wakes up? Rurumo feels disappointed he grovels in the face of big boobs. But he says he always grovel before big or small ones. It’s the dream that comes with the boobs that remains the same. If there is a difference, it’s about whether they’re treasured or not. Holy cow! More words of wisdom from this pervert?! This made Rurumo believe the reason why there are so many varieties of bras in this world. So after she chooses one and tries to show off her chest to Kouta, he is just happy that she is back to the Rurumo he knows. She feels disappointed because she really put a lot of effort in that. Maybe he would have noticed better had she not wear her usual shirt over them.

Episode 10
It’s the hotspring episode! You know what this means for Kouta and co. Chiro is in her human form and introduces herself as Rurumo’s sister. How many sisters does Kouta have? Of course the biggest motivation for the perverts is the mixed hotspring. Both genders okay! Thus the reason Kouta turned down Senpai’s occult mission to find some legendary wolf in a nearby village. Kouta becomes the biggest nuisance in the girls’ area! He unwraps the towels of Sawashita and Tanako! Thankfully they predicted this and wear bath towels beneath. So it’s time for Inoue to put a stop to this. Kyouko hits the perverts away but lets pretty boy Sakurai go. Kouta won’t be cowed by this and wants a second try. However as prior to their agreement, he quickly does whatever Senpai wants and that is to drink some odd water. Not even suspecting the slightest? Yeah. He wants to go back in the bath fast. It is said that the water can turn you into the wolf but as Senpai observes, no such luck. Another false legend? By the time Kouta hits the bath, only old men, old women and fat sumo wrestlers! Turns out the girls are playing ping pong and the guys are loving all the bouncy action. At least from Sawashita’s part. After buying souvenirs, it’s back to the baths and once more Kouta is going to hit another consecutive perverted streak. Till the girls point out he can’t enter the bath without his pants on. What pants? You mean those hairy legs? WTF?! Furry wolf legs?!

In the toilet, Kouta is freaking out that this must be karma. God is trying to make him pay for all those naughty deeds. At this rate he won’t be able to enter the bath. First, calm down. Wash your face. What do you see? A wolf’s head?! Oh no! He runs away and bumps into Sawashita. She cries wolf (pun not intended). Kouta even bumps into Chiro but the cat doesn’t recognize who he is. Soon word is spread around the inn that a wolf has appeared. Some are scared and some like Senpai are just itching to get it on film. Don’t worry. The grandma inn hostess is a licensed hunter and she’ll take care of the wolf with her big shotgun! Kouta is alone and regretting his actions, his life. He promises he won’t do such bad things again. He only wants a peaceful life. Too late. Now he is completely a wolf. Worse, everyone spots him. Get him! He remembers about the tickets but can’t use it since his paws can’t tear it off. Left to run into the wilderness, he bumps into Rurumo who surprisingly hides him and leads the hunters astray. She mentions there is no way she would not recognize her contractor and it would be troublesome for her if he really turns into a full wolf. She reminds him that the tickets respond to his true wish and to make one before his heart turns into a wolf. Tears of gratitude? Kouta is back as a human being again. In the aftermath, everyone believes Sawashita may have mistaken the wolf as a dog. Nevertheless they are grateful nothing happened (especially Kouta). And people like Senpai are left to rue if this world had any occult in the first place. Oh, you don’t know. You don’t know…

Episode 11
The last time Senpai put up an exhibition for the club, they only got 5 visitors. This is going to be a problem for recruiting new members. Tanako has an idea. Make a music band! Because the guys are just horrible (triangle, castanet, recorder and harmonica is all they could play), Tanako goes to recruit potential ones. Kouta won’t let her do all the work and also do some recruiting. Logically he asks the light music club and they would have said yes if not for his Playboy bunny costume. Tanako has found the potential band mates: Sawashita on guitar, Inoue on bass, Kyouko on drums and herself on piano. What about vocals? Rurumo! She lets them hear her voice. Personally I thought it was a little eerie but I guess it is okay. Everyone loves it! Hidden talent? The girls improvise on Rurumo’s little song while Senpai surprisingly wrote decent lyrics albeit it is all about mysteries. What about their costume? Definitely Kouta’s Playboy bunny outfit is out of the costume. Masako suggests they dress like a witch like Rurumo. In turn, Rurumo is confident Masako can make them because she is the best person to make clothes. Eventually they have a chance to take part in a high school band audition. A judge thinks they’re a bunch of amateurs and doesn’t put much hope on them. Till he hears Rurumo’s voice! OMG! So angelic! Instant pass! They even breeze through the second round and reach the final round! So while everyone is having a pre-celebration, Tanako asks if Rurumo is enjoying herself because she feels bad for forcing her to join in the first place. She does. Kouta is happy to see her making more friends. And probably happier when he gets to see an accidental treasured panty shot by Sawashita. As the finals will be held in a hall, once Rurumo learns that she will be performing on stage in front of everyone, she collapses! Although she regains consciousness, everyone realize she is struggling to maintain her composure. Kouta feels like an idiot for not realizing Rurumo’s stage fright. She is such a shy girl who would rather go to prison than put on her panties in front of him. Rurumo says she will do it but can she? Now the moment is here. Everyone is anticipating this new band. Their friends and families are cheering for them. The judge is having high hopes for them and even brought his president to watch. And here they are… WTF is this?! Kouta in Rurumo’s place???!!! DISAPPOINTING!!! But he is adamant he will not let her efforts go to waste. The moment he opens his mouth… FREAKING DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You were saying this band had some future, judge? Well, we know they didn’t win but at least the girls are happy to have reached this stage. As reward for covering her, Rurumo personally sings to him at the park.

Episode 12
Kouta and his friends celebrate countdown to the end of the year in their own fashionable way. Alone. All guys out as usual? The only ‘big’ event left for the year is the shrine visit and his friends really hope he could ask Rurumo to come. When Kouta does some errands with Rurumo, they pass by the street they first met. Lots of memories. Feels like they’ve been together forever. Chiro sarcastically blames him it’s his fault Rurumo didn’t get to finish her training. Kouta notices Rurumo staring at a beautiful kimono at the shop. Although its rental is cheap, he is broke. But he has an idea of making Rurumo happy with this surprise. He takes up a part time job but it’s still not enough. Time to ask mom for help. There is a gift he also got her as apology and Rurumo almost found out when she entered his room without knocking. His reaction like as though some pervert saw a girl’s panties. Did you see it?! No. On December 30th, Rurumo needs to tell him something but when the clock strikes midnight, he dozes off. Kouta wakes up on New Year’s Eve, feeling he has forgotten about someone. If he’s looking for dad, he already went out early. He can’t remember why the heck he needs to go to his part time job. Mom doesn’t remember why she lent him money. She is suspicious of him and his friends for the shrine visit and makes him promise not to assault girls! Or else this knife will be waiting for him… Scary! Kouta then passes by Rurumo’s room. Whose room is this? Wasn’t this the storage room? That night when he meets up with his friends, they are highly anticipating his surprise, though they can’t remember what it is. Even Sakurai puts a note about meeting Rurumo but cannot remember who she is and thinks must be somebody important for him to even note it down.

As they make their way, they pass a park and Kouta feels like he has been here before with somebody. It is a long queue to the shrine and Iida is there to keep them in place. She too cannot remember that there is a girl always besides Kouta. While the guys are surprised Inoue is working as a shrine priestess, they are joined by their other female friends. Tanako has developed the group photo from the band audition and hands it to everyone. They are stumped to see Rurumo in it. Who is this girl? Kouta’s head start to hurt just thinking about this girl. Who is she? Meanwhile Rurumo is in Kouta’s room and she sees the kimono and realizes what this is all about. Kouta continues to think that something is missing. This magic ticket bundle and gift. Something isn’t right. He accidentally bumps into a girl in a kimono. Hey. Isn’t that the kimono he rented? When the countdown to New Year’s Day ends, Kouta remembers Rurumo. She looks pretty gorgeous in it. Flashback reveals Rurumo told him that she will be evaluated tomorrow (which is today) and since the Underworld officials are coming to check on her training and to avoid interference, there will be a temporary memory loss magic spell casted. She will be erased from everyone’s memories for a day. So now you remember why you can’t remember? Kouta compliments she looks good in it and gives her a hair accessory gift as apology. Then everyone joins in and remembers her. They’re glad she came. As they enjoy themselves at the festival, Kouta notes and apologizes to Rurumo. He does want her to pass her training but at the same time he too wants to always be with her and have fun forever.

Bewitched! One Way Tickets For Life!
Well, just okay. Although this is a nice funny little series however I feel that it suffers from something that makes it somewhat satisfying. Like as though it lacks something deep. Hmm… Did the memory erasing spell still have some sort of effect on me? The final episode of Rurumo went ‘missing’ didn’t really felt threatening in any ways because in the end, the series feels like the daily lives of Kouta and Rurumo and with the pace of the series, you don’t really think that Rurumo is in some sort of training. Random episodes like forming a band heading to an audition, nursing stray cats, Kouta turning into a wolf and Rurumo’s getting lost on her first errand easily makes you forget so. The setting of Rurumo making a contract with Kouta and the predicament that made her so is quickly forgotten once the series rolls out its usual brand of antics. I don’t know if there is any deadline to become a witch again but at the rate they are going, it seems Rurumo is going to be an apprentice for a very long time. I know she is over 300 years old so I guess she can really take her time.

Personally I don’t feel the development of the characters to be deep either. Even over the course of the series, Kouta and Rurumo’s relationship has always been just like that. I want to say that their bond grows closer every minute they spend with each other and it’s thank to that themselves and not just magic. But we’re so caught up in Kouta’s antics and Rurumo isn’t much of an expresser in emotions so such impact on their development doesn’t quite feel it there. Sure, Kouta has been with her ever since and it feels like a long time. He wants to be with her always. That’s quite about it. To a point that if you talk about the romance part, you may be somewhat disappointed if you’re expecting something to come out from this. Heck even the romance between Tanako and Senpai is one way traffic. He is oblivious about her because his passion is always the occult and mysteries of the world. That or wanting Rurumo to join his club. Always rejected. Maybe it’s karma. Rurumo does the same to him as he does to Tanako? I don’t know about Inoue but something tells me she harbours some sort of feelings for Kouta, don’t you think? She might be using her disciplinary actions to set him straight but could it be just a facade to hide her feelings? What about Kyouko and Sakurai? It’s just hinting. Romance there is aplenty but somewhat disappointing if you’re looking for a decent development.

Ever since we have known Rurumo to be a slow learner and such, it is hard for us not to feel for her. I guess in a way it is good because casual viewers may start thinking the emotionless retard this witch girl is. Heck, she can’t even remember about Iida’s help and I thought this was some sort of running joke. As such, Rurumo could perhaps be the ‘strongest’ character because she knows about her greatest weakness of learning much slower than others and her clumsiness. However this doesn’t stop her from trying. Bearing this fact in mind, you can’t help feel to cheer for her to carry on. She accepts what comes her way because there is no point if she b*tches about it. All she can do as to do her best and I think this is what is amazing about her. Also, she might not be considered intelligent by our standards but in some ways she is intelligent in her own ways. For example, she is the only one who could identify that the wolf was Kouta. Not even Chiro whom I thought at least she could have identified him via his smell or something.

Kouta on the other hand could have been a better guy if not for his perversion but I suppose that is alright because Kouta wouldn’t be Kouta if not for his perversion. Despite his perversion, he is a nice and kind hearted person. He takes in abandoned animals and even demoted witches. I don’t know how many tickets he has left but that bundle looks thick enough. It is tempting to use them in lots of situations. Because of the sparingly used tickets, you won’t feel that he is inching closer to his death or something. I will be wondering too what happens if that day comes. Will there be an exception or something? Because I can imagine by that time, they’ve spent lots of time together and certainly Kouta’s death will not be acceptable even if it is the rules. I know I am thinking too much and such premise could be interesting for the story development but as far as this season is concerned, let’s just be contend with Kouta and Rurumo being together with their friends.

I just wonder if there are any rules for using the tickets in the sense that what can Rurumo use her magic to accomplish. For one, we know that it doesn’t work on the dead. Since it only works on the living, I keep wondering why Kouta doesn’t use the ticket to make Rurumo less klutzy or smarter or something. There may be a couple of reasons. Firstly, it won’t mean anything if Rurumo doesn’t overcome them herself. It’s like using a cheat code to win a game. No effort, no fun. Secondly, Rurumo wouldn’t be Rurumo anymore if she starts acting differently. Remember how ‘scary’ she was after wearing that legendary swimsuit? Would you prefer an aggressive and horny Rurumo or a retarded one? Originals are always the best, eh? And lastly in view of this, I don’t think Kouta is going to use up the tickets unless in very grave situations. It is his life at stake but maybe he’ll do it for Rurumo’s sake. Besides, I wonder if he can wish for more tickets. Because sly and scheming humans would think of having unlimited sources to get their wish. Ah well, Kouta is more of a simpleton pervert. There is no cure to that. Not even magic.

The other characters do okay just to prop up the series and support our main duo but like I said, nothing too deep about them. Because of that there is hardly any solid back story on Rurumo and past. Maybe that is about it. I suppose nothing happens when you are imprisoned for 60 years. Harulily could have been the best bet and the one whom I thought would be somewhat a regular after her appearance. Unfortunately she just lasted for that single episode. That is why lots of things about Rurumo herself are left a lot to be desired. Oh well, I guess there is romance in some things being mysterious. I don’t know how but before you know it, Sawashita and Tanako slowly become part of the ‘group’. Just like Kouta’s perverted buddies, they feel more like secondary characters and hardly leave any everlasting impact. At least even Masako had a little more screen time and we get to know of her secret cosplay hobby. Even Chiro as Rurumo’s sidekick also lacks any impact. Mostly we see her bumming around and sometimes doing her little mischief to get her own little kicks. She too comes from the same predicament of being left out like Rurumo so I guess that’s why clicks with her. Perhaps the ‘best’ character goes to Kouta’s mom who has this tendency to turn into some scary yandere (oh, those dead eyes…) and always suspecting her son. Is this how notorious his perversion has become? If your own mother suspects you like that, then it says a lot, right?

The drawing and art seems a little cartoonish and thus making the overall feel of this series somewhat, uhm, cartoonish. In addition to girls like Harulily, Tanako and Sawashita who have this one kind look, Kouta’s friends and the occult club members look a bit odd. I know friends come in all shapes and sizes but guys with round heads and tall pointed heads, sometimes I think I am watching a mild version of One Piece with odd body parts. Speaking of that, is it me or is it somehow the characters have shades of Bleach in them?! I don’t know. When I first looked at Kouta, I thought he was Ichigo Kurosaki! Heck I thought that they had the same voice actor. What more, there is a curious resemblance between Chiro and Bleach’s Yoruichi. Both tanned ladies can transform into their cat version. Only difference is that one is a busty buxom babe and the other a flat chest loli. And hey, doesn’t Senpai look like Ishida and Sawashita a bit like Orihime? Rurumo herself might be the emotionless version of Rukia! Sugawara = Sado? Okay, maybe the last one is just stretching it and taking it too far.

With Kouta and his friends being typical perverts (Kouta is the biggest one of course), over the course of this anime there are a few of fanservice scenes from Rurumo’s cherry print panties to Iida and Sawashita’s humongous racks (I suppose fanservice is the only reason why they have such voluptuous pairs in the first place) to even the obligatory beach and hotspring episode. It is a good thing that the fanservice here enhances the comedic effects instead of for pure fanservice sake. At least that is how I feel.

Voice acting wise, there isn’t anything special or that stands out. Makoto Takahashi as Kouta is making his debut as a main character (previously he had minor roles in Sword Art Online and Shin Sekai Yori) while Suzuko Mimori is rather okay as the emotionless Rurumo. She voiced a myriad of characters before from Sherlock in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, Nanami in Kamisama Hajimemashita and Shion in GJ-Bu so she really sounded different helming this deadpan character. Other casts include Misato Fukuen as Chiro (Even in Black Cat), Natsumi Takamori as Harulily (Misaki in Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo), Yurika Endou as Tanako (Rina in Sakura Trick), Juri Nagatsum as Sawashita (Satone in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Shizuka Ishigami as Inoue (Akira in Nagi No Asukara), Minami Takahashi as Masako (Asuka in Log Horizon), Mari Shiraishi as Kyouko (Mai in Witchcraft Works), Harumi Sakurai as Iida (Lisanna in Fairy Tail), Junji Majima as Senpai (Tooru in Hitsugi No Chaika) and Hiro Shimono as Nishino (Keima in The World God Only Knows). Of course not forgetting my ever favourite Mamiko Noto taking a small role as Kouta’s mom. The opening and ending themes aren’t that memorable either. Pretty generic. Nothing that outstanding. Seiippai Tsutaetai by Suzuko Mimori is the opening piece while Futari No Chrono Stasis by Yurika Endou is the ending song. I notice there is a variety of background music that are nice on the ears too.

Overall, this anime may not be the best comedy, magic or fanservice series of the season and even in the long run it won’t be fondly remembered since there is nothing ground breaking. Especially the characters and the plot leaving lots to be desired as they have potential to be developed but too bad most of the episodes feel like standalone and fillers. Probably this is one of the many series of the season where you watch for light hearted moments and fun instead of delving into something deep and complicated. Nevertheless, it is still worth the watch because you’ll learn that even witches get discriminated and that despite the amount of magic they have and the absurd rules they have to abide, deep down they are still humans in their heart. Or at least in Rurumo’s case, you can say that she is trying to be one and in certain cases, more human than others. Now, if there are only magic tickets to cure the human race… On second thought, if divine intervention and miracles can’t do the trick, what are the chances?

Witch Craft Works

September 7, 2014

Witches still exist today. They blend into society of course. Otherwise if they were ever found out, the people would have burnt them at the stakes. Or have riots, like today’s trend. But what I am about to blog today isn’t about the history of witches or the possibility about witches in society. In Witch Craft Works, we have our seemingly ubiquitous normal male protagonist character. Then we also have the popular, smart and beautiful female that everybody adores to death in school. What happens if you put them together, say, make them a pair? You get a feeling that World War III is about to explode any time. But wait. The popular girl harbours a secret. Doesn’t every girl have a little secret or two of her own? Not just any secret. She is a witch! I know, looks can fool. We have been brought up with the perception that witches look horrible with pimples, wrinkled skin and just ugly. Nowadays, witches tend to look like Miss Universe and who knows, they might even be disguised as your favourite idol. When you do find out such beautiful girls are witches, feel like burning them on the stake? The boy too has some secret and latent power but we’re not interested in that for now, aren’t we? Anyway, here is the plot of this anime summarized in one sentence: This normal boy is being protected by this popular witchy girl from surrounding witches who want what is inside him . Holy cow! A girl protecting a boy who now plays the damsel in distress role? More girl power!

Episode 1
Honoka Takamiya is an ordinary kid. Like they always are. Unlike Ayaka Kagari who is swamped by lots of crazy fan girls. He always gets pushed aside. Whether he is in the bus or in his classroom. Yeah, she sits next to him. When he accidentally drops his eraser and she picks it up for him, later a group of extreme fans beat him up for plotting this. WTF. One day he is taking out the trash, a school building falls on him!!! However he is not dead because Ayaka in a witch outfit saves him. She’s floating too! It doesn’t get any weirder when mechanical bunny knights start attacking them. She burns them all. Takamiya got distracted in the back and is captured by the rabbits and on the verge of being beheaded. He thinks all of this is a dream. Ayaka burns them all in time and assures she will do her duty to protect him, her princess. Did I hear that right? Takamiya must be feeling weird right now. So for some reason, he chides her about taking better care of her hair. Then he pathetically gets hammered by a rabbit in which Ayaka continues to burn them. When he wakes up, he is in her private quarters in the school. Since there is no point protecting him secretly, she wants him to walk home together. Hmm… So all those times with her around weren’t a coincidence? Now that she is hanging out with him, all the fan girls are crying blood and complaining. I wish those b*tches would just shut up. Yeah. He becomes public enemy number one. Ayaka doesn’t seem to even give a hoot about it all. Those extreme fans are about to beat him up again but Ayaka steps in, hinting she will burn those who hurt him. Cue to back off.

Even during lunch time, there is this awkwardness. All the fan girls gathering and Takamiya is the odd one out sitting next to her. It’s like one wrong move and he will die. Since it is his decision, he wants to go back to the classroom instead of joining her. The fan girls continue to badmouth him so Ayaka burns their lunch! On his way back, he notices the courtyard back to normal. No damage. He is greeted by Tanpopo Kuraishi who was the perpetrator in yesterday’s illusion attack. She was just testing to see his threat level. Now that he is not, the reason she is appearing before him. She is of the Tower Witches and is here to kidnap him. Before she can do that, Ayaka comes to his rescue. Again. But Tanpopo has come prepared. She unleashes an entire army of bunnies onto them. Takamiya is not amused that Ayaka used her body to protect him. He is upset but realizes this isn’t as important in getting her treated. It was his own fault for running away from her and preventing Ayaka from doing her duty. He needs to believe in her. However she is fine as her body is made of flames. She has him close his eyes so she bursts into flames and destroys all the rabbits. So powerful that Tanpopo is shaking in her pants and forced to retreat. When he opens his eyes, everything is back to normal. Next day, 5 new transfer students in their class. Aside Tanpopo, they are Rin Kazari, Kotetsu Katsura, Mei Menowa and Kanna Utsugi. They make look like weirdoes but actually they are witches called KMM Group.

Episode 2
Unknowingly, Takamiya walks into the Torture Research Club’s room (they have this in school?) and sees Ayaka burning KMM Group (minus Mei) gagged at the stakes!!! Well, Takamiya did say they were troubling him, right? Nipping the problem in the bud… Takamiya wonders why he is targeted so Tanpopo mentions it is not him they are after but his body. More accurately, the white stuff inside him. Erm… That could be easily misconstrued. Mei pops up to cut her comrades free and let them deal with Ayaka while she kidnaps Takamiya. However they lost in an instant! Mei attacks Takamiya but to her surprise, it is Ayaka who takes the injury instead of him. Knowing they can’t win this battle, the Tower Witches flee. Again. Later in her private room, she explains she would have preferred him not to know all of this but as things are now, he’ll only be attacked by Tower Witches. They’ll need to take the initiative to return him to his previous life by defeating the mastermind. The problem is they don’t know who it is. Takamiya feels guilty that she is doing this to protect him. But rather becoming a damsel in distress he wants to be her disciple.

And so the next day he gets a call from her to go out with her on the weekend. I’m sure his little sister is very much interested to tail… Along the way, Ayaka explains the world has 2 types of witches. Workshop Witches in which she belongs to are witches who want to protect this world and ensure magic is not abused. They create workshops around town and blend into society. The other is of course Tower Witches. Their goals are unknown but they seek to use magic as they wish and don’t care about the world or people. If Takamiya falls into their hands, the world will be in chaos. Taking a break at the maid cafe, hyper active Touko Mio who seems to be an obsessed comrade of Ayaka starts blabbing. Part of it includes Tower Witches are seen gathering in this town including the notorious Chronoire Schwarz VI. Takamiya thought Touko looks like the student council vice president but Ayaka thinks he shouldn’t bother or even know her. This can’t be good. Takamiya wonders if this is a date because now he is accompanying her shopping. He sees a kind person helping a lost little girl. But when that person, Ai recognizes Takamiya in the wanted poster, she becomes a villain and attacks him. Her comrades, Mai and Mii (Ai, Mai and Mii???) also go into action but are blown away by Ayaka. Ai knows she is no match for Ayaka after she has burnt down the entire shopping floor! Escape is always the best solution. Ayaka then brings Takamiya to her workshop where her mom Kazane is the chairwoman. She chides her daughter for using her magic since she got a complaint call from the mall. What did she say about Workshop Witches again? That aside, since Takamiya is to become her disciple, it is their custom for a superior to check the apprentice taken in by a subordinate. And those clothes she bought are actually for his witch costume…

Episode 3
KMM Group is going at it again against Ayaka. We know how this is going to end. Ayaka wants Takamiya to sit and learn. Then she blows them away in an instant. Did you catch all that? In school, he has got a set of people who want to kill him. Ayaka’s shoe box might not have a single love letter (because fans vetted them) his is filled with death threats! That will probably pile up since Ayaka becomes his personal tutor and his tennis partner. If he doesn’t die of exhaustion, he would be by those jealous fans. On the way home as they ride the bus, Ayaka realizes they have walked into a trap when the bus turns into a magic dimension. Chronoire makes Ayaka unable to move. Takamiya throws himself in front of her to protect her but Chronoire has proven that Ayaka cannot die no matter what she does to her. But when she stabs him, the pain and injury in him is quickly transferred to her. She explains Ayaka took in all the damage because she made a contract with him. She borrowed the power within him to become an invisible witch and in exchange swore to serve and protect him. She doesn’t know about their past but it seems they share a strong bond. If he wants to save her, swallow this sweet that will release that white stuff inside him. She is confident he will swallow it eventually, whether he likes it or not. Ayaka pushes herself and sets the area ablaze. Chronoire’s barrier has reached her limit so it’s time to retreat. She hopes to meet again on Walpurgis Night. When Takamiya wakes up, he is at the bus stop and Ayaka is out cold. He takes her to the infirmary and keeps the ball (wrapped in a sweet) in his drawer while weighing heavily on Chronoire’s words.

Next day, Takamiya dons the witch outfit and at the school gym begins his witch training. Ayaka couldn’t help snap a few shots of him. Cute? She teaches to jump high and then has him embrace her. She feels as light as a feather but the guy is slow on the uptake and thinks she hasn’t been eating well. He is also taught how to summon a broom but this will take practice. Meanwhile KMM Group is getting a rival gang. Ai Mai Mii of Star Gang have transferred to this school for the same target. They brought their llama too… When time is up, people stream into the gym but they cannot see Ayaka and Takamiya as the witch robes provide stealth. She takes him fly around town on her broom. In the evening, he sees a girl getting bullied in the streets and wants to save her. But Ayaka explains their job is only to fend off bad witches and they can’t use their magic on normal people. Leave this to the police. Takamiya can’t just let this slip by and drops down. He manages to summon the broom but cannot control its speed and crashes into them. The bullies are going to make him pay but Ayaka burns them! What did she say about using magic on normal people? Actually as Ayaka explains, the enemy knows his personality and setup a trap using troublemakers to lure him in. That girl they just saved, Yoshiko Tanuma turns out to be a friend of Takamiya’s little sister, Kasumi.

Episode 4
Medusa, some super witch is locked up in some high security containment unit. The guards are talking the threat that she is if she was ever released: The world would come to an end. I guess that’s why it is taboo to talk about things like that. Because the glass cracks! Meanwhile KMM Group is discussing their strategy to attack Ayaka and Takamiya separately. They have a higher chance in winning but the problem is the duo are always together. Chronoire wants to join in the discussion. Takamiya wakes up like any other day but Kasumi seems to be interrogating him about that outing. I don’t think he is a good liar. She gets dead serious in wanting him to tell the truth with Ayaka since she reveals she followed them that day and because she goes to the same school with him, she received lots of harassment just because she is his sister. As he tries to catch a bus on his way to school, Tanpopo traps him while the other witches corner Ayaka and are ready to pound her. As mentioned in Chronoire’s plan, Ayaka is invincible only if Takamiya is within certain range since the source of that invincibility is his mana. The best time to attack them is when they are separated and that time is when they catch the bus. Chronoire won’t be joining in since she used lots of her mana to create that sweet and is tired. Besides, it will not be pleasant if their master Medusa finds out they are working together.

Before Tanpopo can take Takamiya away, a super huge teddy bear arrives. Kasumi is a witch???!!! Now you have a fight between a giant bear and a giant rabbit. The town is getting destroyed… Even if Rin’s giant dinosaur skeleton enters the fray, they are still no match for the bear since Kasumi is going to show them her will to protect her brother and this town. By destroying it? Yeah. Kazane thinks it is going to be a good day till she sees the new of the destruction. This isn’t going to be good. As usual the often used escape strategy by the Tower Witches. In the aftermath, Takamiya although surprised his sisters is a Workshop Witch, he is more concerned with Ayaka. Don’t worry. She is fine an unscathed. Kasumi starts chiding them that she is the one who saved him but yet he is concerned about Ayaka. Then there’s this agreement about them taking turns taking care of Takamiya. All that frustration out in a single sentence without a full stop. Kasumi admits this morning was just a tease and all those harassments… You don’t want to know what she did to them. Kasumi is about to warn them a message from Kazane that 30 Tower Witches have gathered in this town and to lay low. However Ayaka ignores her and continues her romantic antic with Takamiya. Since he was this worried about her, she will devote herself to protect him 24 hours. So come live with her or they can elope together. Say what? Meanwhile Star Gang who was caught in the crossfire is wandering around when they meet Chronoire’s crocodile familiar. They lost. Chronoire sees the Tower Witches who lost to Ayaka left hanging on the signboard. Looks like the plan didn’t work out. She needs to take another approach. The crocodile has returned and gathered all the Tower Witches as per instructed. Kazane gets a call that Medusa has escaped. As for the Tower Witches quintet, their strategy review seems to be having a karaoke party… It’s good to relieve all that stress…

Episode 5
Ayaka introduces herself to Takamiya’s mom, Komachi. She instantly accepts her. Kasumi is not happy. This is Komachi’s explanation. Long ago, she was very good friends with Kazane. So close that they wanted to get married but couldn’t because they are girls. So they agreed that their children get married instead. WTF… But Takamiya can’t object or say a thing about the Tower Witches. Kasumi won’t accept this but mother just tells her to let go of her big brother. She restrains her just to let the duo get away. Along the way, Takamiya mentions whenever he is with her, he feels at ease. Like there is something between them. There was something between them in the past. But she can’t remember those vague memories. All she remembers is her duty to protect him. Takamiya seats in her limo, arrives at her 41 storey mansion with lots of maids at her call. Can he get used to this life? But upon reaching the top floor, Medusa waits for them. Ayaka wants Takamiya to wait a floor below while she fights her. Of course that guy won’t sit back and do that. He puts on his witch gear and is going to help out. Ayaka is blasted away and turned into stone. Even in her last moments, she wants him to escape. She never actually taught him how to fight, right? Yeah. That was all she ever taught him. Medusa is going to kill them both since their souls are connected. Takamiya is desperate and remembers the sweet. No time to think. He swallows it and in an instant, the white princess Evermillion pops out. She is so powerful that the entire tower gets decimated! And Kazane thought she is going to wind down and relax after a hard day’s work and looking at her magnificent tower. And it all comes crashing down!!! Even the school is not spared! The rubbles become some sort of a landslide and take out KMM Group who is going to this room their base. Kazane is so mad that she orders the summoning of all Workshop Witches here now!

Takamiya wants to know a way to free Ayaka but Evermillion won’t do it for free. Not money or his soul. She wants his eyes. He didn’t hesitate to give it to her! Of course she lost interest. Plus, that was just a joke. She whispers him a method but he seems hesitant. She blames him as the reason she turned to stone. As Medusa is a Gorgon, not only physical things turned to stone but thoughts and concepts as well. But as he has seen Medusa, she is still bound by the barriers. Thus the only way she could have gotten her power was via substitute. Takamiya had reservations in believing in Ayaka. His lack of faith put her in this state. Medusa is going to attack again and Evermillion’s time is up. She disappears but knows they’ll meet again since the first seal is broken. Takamiya kisses Ayaka to wake her up. Then she blasts away KMM Group (as usual) and takes down Medusa. The net thing Takamiya knows, he is in the school infirmary. He thought all that was a dream but Medusa and KMM Group are in the next room! Don’t worry. They’re harmless for now. Ayaka kisses Takamiya as repayment and warns him not to offer his eyes like that again. Later they see the assembly of Workshop Witches in the area. Ayaka is going to prioritize Takamiya first and so they go live in his house. Komachi is more than happy to accept. Just as Chronoire has brainwashed all the Tower Witches suddenly all the Workshop Witches barge in and attack. Chronoire is under Kazane’s interrogation for that incident. What incident? Poor Chronoire… Scream fest…

Episode 6
Kasumi comes home in the morning and isn’t happy that last night hunt for Medusa yielded nothing. Though, she is happy the plan for her brother to live with Ayaka is now off and that she can see him. Boy, is she going to be surprised. Ayaka is on top of big brother in his room!!! So little sister snaps. To a point she scolds mommy! Komachi is in shock and sinks into depression and apathy. Meanwhile the student council president is also scolding her team for not doing their job of exterminating pests that approach Ayaka. She even chides the supervisor teacher, Kyouichirou Mikage and threatens to fire him! So against his will, he summons the duo to talk. He explains to Takamiya how Ayaka was chosen as the school’s role model and thus her status now. It’ll be troublesome if the rumours spread and that she doesn’t belong to him but the school. So can he back down? Ayaka is adamant nothing can pull them apart so Mikage hints that Ayaka’s position is the second most powerful after the chairwoman’s. He is relieved she has got a plan. Then he ‘borrows’ Takamiya and whisks him away into another dimension. Despite being a scientist, looks like he is dabbling in magic and has made a replica of that sweet. He explains there are 5 seals in him and they have been broken. Or in time all of them will be. Those seals are to seal Evermillion and it won’t be long before Kazane turns against him. The reason he gets to live a peaceful life was that HQ entrusted him to her only on condition that all seals are in place. Now that they are breaking apart, the only way to stop it is to seal him as a whole. The only person who can do it is Kazane but since she is so focused on catching Medusa, she hasn’t noticed the crack yet. But it will only be time before she does. Speaking of Medusa, seems Ayaka is hiding them. Mikage calls him special and wants to help him and offers to be his guardian. But Ayaka breaks through and takes him away.

As part of her plan, she summons all the students to the hall. They must really love her when she talks. It’s like a political rally. In short, she points out she has ultimate authority and it is up to her whether they live or die. She fires the student council and installs Takamiya as the president while she is the vice. Now nobody can tear them apart. So in the meeting, the others want some explanation (Touka is reduced to this deputy vice president – whatever this role is). Ayaka has pre-written some fiery words to counter them but Takamiya prefers to say it in his own words. Although he was chosen by Ayaka, he wants them to give him a chance to do prove his worth. Kasumi is still not going to accept this and plans to bring her brother back. While they are out shopping, Kasumi kidnaps Takamiya and throws a car at Ayaka in a shop! Then she injects tranquilizers into her. Kasumi is serious in running away with him and live in a different town. She heard his conversation with Mikage so this means they can’t trust the chairwoman and her daughter. Suddenly Ayaka has caught up. She’s very pissed. So mad that she doesn’t care blasting the town just to take Kasumi out!!! In the midst of the chaos, Kasumi crashes into a building. They are falling. Takamiya wants to save her sister so Ayaka catches them both. Everybody is shocked by the suddenly devastation of the town as Ayaka quietly brings the duo back (Kasumi is dragged all the way back). Although Ayaka is upset (her face doesn’t show it), she can feel the siblings’ bond. She wants to be his little sister but he notes she is more suited to be her big sister. Now she wants him to call her as onee-chan. Kazane leaves a message that she is coming over to see Takamiya and her daughter. Komachi instantly revives! Medusa and KMM Group are bored waiting in a room.

Episode 7
Komachi reveals another revelation. Right after she got married, she cheated on her husband and had another child. She is Ayaka and please welcome her as your older sister!!! Thank goodness it was just a dream. Much to Kasumi’s dismay, she isn’t allowed to stay home together with her onii-chan and is forced to go out. This leaves Takamiya and Ayaka alone together. It seems KMM Group and Medusa are taking refuge in Ayaka’s room. Medusa is being obedient because she underestimated Ayaka and lost. She’ll betray her once she gets bored. Besides, it’ll be far worse if Kazane finds them. A short rewind 6 hours ago reveals KMM Group disobeyed Medusa’s orders to stay hidden and wanted to catch Takamiya. But they stayed outside the room till they fall asleep, not even bothered when Kazane came over to drink with Komachi and got drunk. And they realized they failed when Takamiya woke up from that silly dream. Takamiya continues to study under Ayaka’s tutelage and realizes this isn’t the witch lessons she’s supposed to teach. Her point is so they can attend the same university together. He gets caught up in the rain while trying to keep the clothes. That’s when the rest comes back and he goes to take a bath. That’s when he sees Kotetsu and Mei. When the truth is out, Kazane knocks out Kasumi and Komachi to prepare to fight them. To her surprise, Ayaka turns on her. Remembering Mikage’s words, Takamiya tells Ayaka not to hand them over. Ayaka summons Medusa since there is a change in plan. They both fuse. Takamiya sees visions of Ayaka making a deal with Medusa when she hid them in her place. Medusa is impressed Ayaka has the Apple of Discord which has to power to fuse 2 witches. As Ayaka is willing to sacrifice her own body for him, she finds it interesting to agree to her plan. Kazane realizes Medusa wasn’t after Evermillion but a successor. Who other to be complete and perfect witch like her daughter? She is bent to take her in for questioning.

Despite being petrified, Kazane is able to break free and fight back. She explains Ayaka is not getting her invincibility from Evermillion anymore because she is no longer pure. She has become weaker fusing with Medusa. Takamiya wants to save her and concentrates to use his power to switch places. Unfortunately this means he gets punched instead. The duo find themselves trapped in a torture chamber. Medusa is ripped from her. Ayaka explains the worst possible scenario. Kazane always stressed to her the seal must never be broken. As long as it remains intact, their school life is guaranteed. She hid Medusa and co so that they wouldn’t find out about this because her underlings will definitely spill everything if they get tortured. Blaming herself for letting her guard down, the only solution is to fight and defeat her. Running to another town is not another option despite Kazane having no authority over them there. Because he has a power that every witch yearns, it is just wrong to have it and live in secrecy. She has a plan. Meanwhile stressed out Kazane is having a shogi game with Chronoire. Before she could interrogate Medusa, Laurent and Vine from Rothenburg Workshop came to take Medusa away since they were chasing after her. Oh, she let KMM Group go since they are no threat. That useless, huh? To add to Kazane’s stress, Ayaka and Takamiya bursts out from their cell! But Kazane isn’t going to fight them. It’s been a crazy day so she tells them to go home. At least she still didn’t find out about the broken seal. Takamiya remembers Ayaka telling her plan. When he kissed her then, she felt powers she never felt before. She wants to do something similar but yet a different approach. Instead of kissing, he is given an ear digging treatment and lap pillow. It powered her up to break them free. Back home, Komachi introduces to KMM Group. Their family just got larger. Just great. Just what he needs.

Episode 8
Flashback during Ayaka’s middle school days, Kazane introduced Touko and Kanae Hoodzuki to her. Despite Ayaka being like useless idiot standing around doing nothing, till Hoodzuki tells her how to go about it, she does it amazingly. It’s like she’s some sort of her manager. Ayaka becomes popular in many girls but the seniors are jealous. They wanted to teach her a lesson but Ayaka puts them out by increasing their body temperature, short of boiling their blood. Over the year while the trio did things together, Ayaka also staked out different middle schools looking for Takamiya. It took a year for her to find him and the first sight she saw was Kasumi clinging onto his hand. Kasumi, who is already so stressed that she was suddenly knocked out last night, finds KMM Group as part of the family. That’s not the end of it. She sees Ayaka in a nurse outfit on top of Takamiya. Extreme shock. This is her method of checking up on him to see if any other seals are broken? In school, suddenly a group of girls in animal outfits start destroying the place. Total anarchy! A rumour has it that Mikage got (censored)! If you are asking why Kazane is letting this happened, it is because she is on holiday and left authority of the place in charge to Chronoire. Yup. She allows it. The girls view this as rebellion and Takamiya is the source of it. Nobody likes him being student council president and has been receiving many death threats for him to resign. The leader of the rebellion, Rinon Otometachibana hands him a challenge letter to come to the gym alone. Touko thinks she knows why this is happening. While working in her part time bartender job, she saw the former student council president coming in with Rinon. She exaggerated Takamiya assaulted and used her body to steal her position. Rinon was so pissed and vowed to get this Takamiya guy. Of course Rinon has this legendary status of defeating every delinquent and even a tiger who escaped from the zoo.

Takamiya goes to meet Rinon in the gym. It suddenly becomes like an MMA fight. The crowd is cheering when Rinon lands all her hits. Takamiya is just like a sitting duck. She is about to finish him when he remembers Ayaka’s words on how to defeat her. Something about her finishing move that will open a window of opportunity for him to strike back. She knows this because they went to the same middle school. Takamiya manages to take this chance and overpower her. He is supposed to hit her back but decides not to. Just then, the lights go out. KMM Group drop into the arena. Rinon thinks this was a setup and easily defeats the quintet. Those girls are really useless. Then Ayaka comes swooping down and beats her up for bullying her beloved Takamiya. When the lights come back on, everybody sees Takamiya the victor. Thank to the witches in their robes, they are invisible. In the end, Rinon became pissed and went after the former student council president’s head after learning she tricked her. Kasumi picked up mommy from work so she didn’t hear about this. Mikage just fell instead of getting (censored). Former student council president explains she did exaggerate but was about to tell her it was a joke but this already fired up Rinon and thus decided to play along. She feels so guilty so Touko and Hoodzuki cheer her up how they did secret things behind Ayaka’s back and were found out. Even after all that, they still remained friends.

Episode 9
Takamiya and Ayaka at her beach house… Damn, just another dream! Ayaka has decided to train him in battle after what happened last time. What’s with the change of heart? Instead, she accuses him of hiding something. She knows he has been training himself nightly and more importantly, Kasumi is spending more time with him! So here comes her Spartan training. He must fight off her fire familiar. Since he is a wuss and gets lightly bruised, she wants to call it off but he insists carrying on. Okay. Ayaka drops him off the building and wants him to summon something other than his broom to fly. He maintains focus but materializes a giant nurse outfit Ayaka?! It goes a little out of control and KMM Group who just got a new hideout got caught in the crossfire. Bad luck. Mikage and Chronoire are watching this. They realize this power can only happen if the second seal has broken. It could be during the fight with Rinon. Kazane is in some strange room with some strange thing. Rinon is here too. She informs her that a Tower Witch came to relay a message that the entire town is her hostage. Later Takamiya learns how Ayaka and KMM Group rushed to his aid against Rinon. She says the school contains something important. She remembers when she was young, she dreamt that Takamiya told and predicted the things she will do now. She vows to do all that. This dream is her only hint and by doing so she may get a clue.

Kazane meets Tower Witch, Weekend. The latter explains that strange thing is a weapon of mass destruction. A bomb. Only she can disarm it. Kazane thought this was going to be a negotiation but Weekend dismisses it. She will take Takamiya but the bomb has a different purpose. She talks about the Workshop Witches’ system of magic to protect this city. Only its leader can place a large barrier over town and protect its civilians from magic danger. Each time a magic attack occurs and the barrier protects, it uses a little mana. Kazane of course has tremendous amount of it. But what if all citizens were to be attacked simultaneously? This is Weekend’s plan. She sets the town exploding. Can you believe that Ayaka is so focused in her test instead of evacuating? She only did so when her test paper was burnt. Weekend is glad her plan is working. Chronoire and Medusa were just her pawns. Now that Kazane is weakened, she is thrown into a cell. It will take a week for her mana to replenish and during this time if Weekend captures Takamiya, she wins. Ayaka leads Takamiya to a secret place underneath school. Other than Kasumi and Touko, they meet other Workshop Witches like Rinon, Natsume and Atori. As Natsume explains what is happening in the city, she suddenly takes out a gun and shoots at Takamiya. Although Ayaka knocks her out, she soon falls unconscious. Takamiya realizes their plan to put Ayaka to sleep (she absorbs the tranquilizers). After Kasumi is knocked out, the duo are placed in a cell to hide them away from Tower Witches. Rinon warns them, escape and she’ll kill them. When Ayaka wakes up, she reveals during the test she felt a strong power from Tower Witches. It could mean Kazane found out about the broken seals or she has been defeated. But if she had known about the seals, she would be here. But there is no reason for them to worry because this lock up is just temporary. They’ll win if they are unable to capture them before Kazane recovers. A doll drops in containing a holographic greeting from Weekend. Ayaka crushes it. Wise decision. It contains a tracker but Weekend already knows where they are and is heading there. Thanks to the doll’s explosion, a hole in the wall is created. They’re going to escape and fight Weekend. How are they going to do it without magic?

Episode 10
When they reach the exit, the entire town is destroyed. It’s like Apocalypse. He blames himself for this to happen and even though she agrees, they must move on if they do not wish for harm to come. She wants him to remember that feeling when he freed her from Medusa’s petrifying. They are going to a place where Tower Witches cannot enter. A place Workshop Witches made a contract to place a barrier to protect citizens. Don’t they have a safer route? Along the way, they face off with Tower Witch, Gibraltar. Although Ayaka has no power, she easily defeats her with her brute flying knee kick. You can thank Kazane’s harsh training for that. Natsume, Rinon and Touko are discussing the current situation. Although no casualties, the barrier only protects civilians and not witches. Therefore there are lots of injured Workshop Witches. Suddenly a comrade comes in with bombs all over her body. She is told by Weekend to bring Takamiya in 30 minutes. Natsume analyzes the bombs and they are quick simple even an inept can disarm it. But it takes simple magic, something they don’t have. Also, Weekend is waiting with more bomb hostages outside. Rinon wants to use Takamiya as bait but it seems he is not answering in his cell. We all know where he is. Going to check that place is a 45 minutes’ walk. So Rinon and co go face Weekend outside. Weekend is not pleased that they need more time so she threatens to blow a hostage in every 5 minutes and even mocks them she herself is so weak and can be defeated. But even that doesn’t mean it will disarm the bombs.

Kasumi has the KMM Group work for her (as rent repayment). She overhears this and realizes that the witch planting the bombs is somewhere else. She goes off to find her. Rinon relays to her comrades that when time is up, to go an all out attack. They might die. They have to be prepared for that but at least they’re not going out without a fight. Takamiya and Ayaka are at the city’s core and Workshop Witches’ sanctuary. A place with large tree roots. She guides him how to make a contract and even though his body will feel strained, he must not pass out as this will enable Workshop Witches to use their magic. Takamiya gets into position as the time starts ticking down. Once it runs out, Weekend is about to press the button but all the Workshop Witches feel power flowing through their body and quickly disarm all the bombs. Rinon punches Weekend in the face. She is quarantined in a chamber that prevents her from using magic. But Rinon feels uneasy. Like as though this was too easy. Because a witch who defeated Kazane can’t go down this easy. Weekend mocks them for being naive and lack experience. Do they think she is powerless without magic? She shows them underneath her clothes contain bombs. She blows the place up although she is very much alive but now free from her captivity. Rinon and Natsume are out. Takamiya could see that and Weekend knows he is watching. She is coming for him. He also sees the place filled with her bombs and they all went off. He wants to use his power to save them despite knowing the magic only protects civilians. Ayaka knocks him out and won’t have him risk his life for that. Now it’s her turn to fight.

Episode 11
Ayaka puts Takamiya in his decimated house to rest. He dreams of his mother being bullied in school but she remained smiling. That’s when Kazane beat the crap out of all of them. He also sees Ayaka telling Kazane that she has found Takamiya. She wants her to become chairman and put them in the same class. The next thing he knows, he is with Mikage. Because he has made the contract, he is able to enter this dream world and what he saw was Kazane’s memories, whom he is connected a little since she held the contract previously. Mikage explains Natsume is his niece and then brings him to the safe haven. All the stars represent each person’s life in this town. So rest assured they are safe. Once this is over they’ll be transported back with their memories erased. Yes, he specializes in erasing memories. Kasumi is facing off with one of Weekend’s underlings in a big bear fight. She almost lost when she decided to save Rin. Thankfully Medusa petrifies the enemy and breaks her apart. KMM is glad she is back but she is not amused they remained hidden in the shadows without even trying to fight that weakling. She’ll beat some sense into them all. This can’t be good. But for now she takes them away to hide because the Rothenburg duo are hot on her heels. Atori visits Ayaka and gives her the information she need on the enemy. She also reports Chronoire has been going around torturing Tower Witches who attacked them so it saved them lots of trouble as the army is halved. Ayaka heads off to the chapel where Weekend is waiting and doesn’t waste time attacking her. However it is not easy as the place is set with bombs. Just when Takamiya learns Mikage had a hand in erasing his and Ayaka’s memories, a Weekends’ subordinate has broken through this place and attacks them. Mikage sends Takamiya back into the real world while he takes care of this small fry.

Weekend is impressed that Ayaka remains uninjured despite not having invincibility. This is because she is using her own mana. She is also impressed she has quickly figured her bombing timing and pattern. Just when Weekend thought she had finally cornered and defeated her, she goes up close to her. This was what Ayaka was planning as she burns her at close range. Weekend thought she was out of mana. Her portion, that is. She borrowed Takamiya’s shirt and wore it for additional mana. Her boobs look like it is going to break out any time. Weekend still has an ace up her sleeve. A big bomb sends Ayaka flying away. When Takamiya wakes up, he finds himself naked and Atori next to him. Don’t look! She forces him to stay in bed to rest before answering a call from Mikage. Although he has defeated the enemy, he heard something weird. The haven is packed with bombs and it seems Takamiya is not their target as thought. Although they must bring the kid to Weekend in 30 minutes otherwise it’s boom time. He doesn’t want Atori to let Takamiya know otherwise it’s game over if he falls into the hands of the enemy. Too late. Quickly he has Atori take him there. Ayaka is restrained by Weekend’s familiars. She realizes she can heal herself too. Weekend further explains that her regeneration spell automatically activates. Although it requires mana and she doesn’t have lots of it, she spent half a year setting up bombs in the chapel and over a year over this town. Because of that, she needed to expend mana for healing. Now she is out of mana and defenceless. She blows up her familiars but knows Ayaka can’t die so easily since she is a descendent of the White Princess. She hopes she’ll still be in one piece, though. She is going to rest while letting her underling finish up. Ayaka is surprised to be in Takamiya’s arms. But he wants her to use his power since the haven is in danger. After he faints, Ayaka powers up and burns the subordinate and ultimately subjugates Weekend. But she is too late to take the switch as Weekend has already pushed the button.

Episode 12
Tanpopo got strayed from the group and sees unconscious Kasumi and carries her back. When she wakes up, she thinks she was being kidnapped and orders her familiar to defeat them despite the bear tries to explain otherwise. But bunny familiar sees this coming and allows itself to get hit to satisfy its master. I don’t even know what this is for… Back to serious stuff, the bombs start blowing up the safe haven. This is a trap for Takamiya to use his power and break his seal. He could feel the people disappearing and tries to use his power but suddenly drops powerless. As Evermillion warned, he should stop calling her out like that. Sure, she can help him but this time he must give his life. This is not a joke. I’m sure he is willing to do that. The only thing stopping him is that if he dies, Ayaka will die too. But the lives of the people are more important so he requests her to lend her powers. In an instant, everything in the city returns back to normal and all those injured are instantly healed. He apologizes to Ayaka but she commends him for doing what was right. Besides, she can’t live without him. Then she calls Evermillion to exchange the sacrifice. Take her life instead of fulfil that promise. In an instant, she drops dead. Takamiya has no time to be sad because Weekend stabs him with a knife, blaming him he should die with her since she used up all her mana just to fight Ayaka. Takamiya is so mad that he pushes her away and takes out the knife. He could have really stabbed her back. He reminds her he won’t throw his life away to save the people and that she must have lost for relying on this knife attack. Takamiya is still weak from the stab so he couldn’t have the last laugh. She lets him know that as long as he is alive, she will come back for him. Now she goes off to rest while setting another plan in motion. As she leaves, Chronoire is waiting for her and wants to her to follow her. Seems Chronoire is going to let her choose a place she wants to die. Time for another epic battle?

Mikage calls Atori who relays the message to Takamiya that everything is alright. He learns the odd situation of the sacrifice exchange and the promise she said. Ayaka is not exactly dead since her body is warm. He wants to try something. Putting Ayaka on the floor and drawing magic circles around her, Takamiya is to drip his blood and kiss her while they chant. Kiss? He still got time to hesitate? Her life is on the line and you’re worried that you can’t kiss her because you’re unmarried?! WTF. Mikage thinks Ayaka isn’t dead but the contract was revoked. They are doing a ritual to reinstate that contract. He chickens out with a kiss on her forehead. His reason is that a kiss anywhere on the face would suffice. Nothing happening. So? What are you waiting for?! Suddenly there is a slight movement from Ayaka. Then she opens her eyes. Big relief he doesn’t have to kiss her. Big disappointment for us.

Weekend is easily defeated and crucified. When the town was healed it also healed those Tower Witches she beat up. Weekend laments she spent years on this plan but it gone awry with him gaining powers instead of dying. Chronoire chides her ‘perfect’ plan. Her mistake was using her to make the candy and had Medusa deliver it to him. Besides, she misjudged Takamiya’s strength. Ayaka may protect him but he also acts like his restraint. That is why she lost. Here is another reason: Kazane. Weekend is surprised she is supposed to be imprisoned and unable to move for a week but this is where she misjudged it. She already fully healed in 20 hours and only sat back and did nothing because she lost. She thought of letting those kids handle it. Now she’s doing the clean up job. Kazane wants Chronoire to hand Weekend over. She isn’t keen on doing it. This means they’re going to settle their score right now for the umpteenth time. You don’t want to know how often they fight. But the outcome has always been the same. This time is no different. When Chronoire begins her attack, Kazane pounds her without giving her any chance. She lost. Oh, the surroundings are destroyed. Just when the city is back to normal. Evermillion tells Mikage and Takamiya that Ayaka made a promise with her that if he ever asks for her power and is about to die, cancel the contract with her and return the power in her back to him. Evermillion now regrets agreeing to that deal. Because of that, Takamiya didn’t need Evermillion’s power to save everyone anymore and the sacrifice was annulled. Takamiya wakes up in his room and Ayaka alive. They walk to school together, talking about the recent events that felt like a dream. He wishes peaceful days like these would go on forever. Right after he said that, KMM Group drops down seeking to beat the crap out of them. Ayaka lost her mana, right? Who cares if they play dirty? Let’s get down to it! I think Medusa might be shaking her head because after all that whatever training, Ayaka grabs Tanpopo and Mei’s face with her bare fist! She doesn’t need magic to fight, right? Seeing her ferocious power, the other 3 instantly give up and bow to her supremacy! Takamiya agrees that this is a peaceful day alright.

Bitch Crap Derps
Despite there are some potential storyline and other developments, I just can’t see past myself to be further interested in it. I am not sure if I’m too dumb or what (which I think I am) because I didn’t really understand that whole contract thingy that Ayaka and Evermillion made. Perhaps it is because there aren’t enough details in it all and not enough explanation or I’m just too stupid to understand. What? Who? How? What? When? Why? Don’t ask me. Therefore the only thing that I find amusing and look forward to in this anime are the comedy and humour. Yes. This anime is scattered with them and some even spontaneous that could turn a serious scene instantly into a light hearted one before back to being serious again. The funny parts are the more interesting. Oh, and that kind of ending? Not the best ending but I thought it could have been better. Sure, the day is saved. Takamiya and Ayaka are back together again and peaceful days reigned once more. Hooray. I suppose we don’t have to worry what happened to the other Tower Witches because Kazane is just too strong for those b*tches witches to do anything to her and you can bet your safe ass that she can just wallop anybody any time without breaking into a sweat. That’s how the town stayed safe for so long. Even the most powerful ones will only get their temporary victory before reality comes crashing down. Funny, right? Yeah, the funny parts are indeed more amusing. I’m bewitched by it :).

KMM Group is a good example of this. When they first appeared, I thought they were going to be major antagonists. At least subordinates to somebody even more powerful and thus driving the battle between good and evil witches further. Instead, they have become a laughing stock and a running joke of the entire series! Their role is to ultimately lose to Ayaka or anybody else if so. They have never won once and are always on the losing streak. It is either they get beaten up badly or employ their most used strategy which is to run away. So when there were the quintet of KMM Group became transfer students in Takamiya and Ayaka’s class, I was already having the thoughts that they were going to be badass. Besides the furry girl, we have a badass pirate wannabe, one with that eternal annoying dead looks, a librarian and an extremely shy girl (so okay, the last 2 may be questionable). But nooooo… If Tanpopo herself is already so limited, imagine what it would mean for the rest. It’s like they are just redundant and just around to make up the numbers and tells us that they are good jokers as a group.

In the end, they are certainly characters that can be done without in this anime but I have to be thankful that they still are somewhat ‘relevant’ because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to laugh at their misfortune. Hey, it’s their job to get their butts kicked, right? Instead of powering up or training to improve themselves, the go karaoke and party hard instead. How not to lose? Then there is another Tower Witch group who also has fallen into this laughing stock category: Star Group. Their appearance and role are much more limited and lamer than KMM Group. After that fiery debut and first attack, they descended into mediocrity, bumming around with their llama for God who knows why. Pet? Every witch seems to have some sort of animal. This show definitely can do without them but if so, where would we get our laughs? They could have introduced more lame and useless Tower Witch groups who debut with a goal to get Takamiya’s ass in each episode. But eventually this would get old and no longer funny. So you can say KMM Group and Star Group are like this anime’s version of Pokemon’s Team Rocket.

Ayaka is also another amusing person because of her deadpan poker face (which reminds me a lot like Ichika from Onee-chan Ga Kita). You cannot tell what she is thinking since she puts on no emotions on her face. Because of that, you can’t tell whether the things she says are a joke or not. Of course if it is, then that itself would be funny and I didn’t know that she has this potential to be funny. Who’d know that being deadpan for a big majority of this series could make her such a funny girl? She has a strong desire to protect Takamiya makes her a great and loyal protector but sometimes I feel that it is borderline obsession. Heck, she may already cross that line and well deep into that obsession zone. In one scene, notice the many chibi dolls of Takamiya she made?! That just proves it. Feels just like how Mikasa is for Eren in Shingeki No Kyojin. Yup. I can feel the similarities. Despite she always beats the craps out of many of her enemies, it is somewhat fun to see her in such mode because as pointed out, she is like Super Mario in God mode. You can’t harm her in any way or anyhow. It’s like she has this cheat code on forever and to take her on means imminent defeat. And I think that doesn’t stop there. Because if she does other things with Takamiya like cleaning his ear and lap pillow as seen, she’ll power up even further. At that point I think she can become God.

When you have a popular girl hogging all over a guy who happens to be your big brother, this won’t sit well especially for a little sister who thinks having a big brother and using him to do her stuffs and things is her absolute right! Isn’t that some sort of abuse? And so Kasumi as far as I can see falls under this category to give more laughs especially with her extreme brother complex. But ultimately she cannot win against Ayaka. Speaking of this, I thought we might see some harem sub-genre in this. Not directly at least. Ayaka and Kasumi are the only 2 girls known to express their ‘interest’ in Takamiya. A normal guy like him even has a girl or pursuing after him. He might have become the most hated guy in school but when you have the most popular girl by your side, everything else doesn’t matter. It is just like being a winner and a loser at the same time, huh? I thought Ayaka should have just shut those jealous b*tches and bastards to leave them alone. Threaten them that she’ll hate them or something instead of letting Takamiya feel the evil jealous aura that they emit. Note: There is a minor character student named Obama who is part of the Ayaka fan club enforcer which I feel is like a joke despite not looking or sounding anything close to that US president. Although Obama seems like a valid Japanese name if you consider the kanji and hiragana, but you know… Oh, his only line in the series “The best is yet to come!” while giving Takamiya his Street Fighter combo. Are they trying to hint something here?

I do not know the past that Ayaka and Takamiya shared but as always, the more time you spend with each other, well, the closer you become. But if you’re expecting some sort of romance development, you would be disappointed. We know Ayaka would be the first to make a move if this ever happens because Takamiya is just being a wuss. So there are no worries when it comes to love for him from Ayaka’s part. Just worry that she may go overboard. The dream that Ayaka has feels fleeting and murky since she herself doesn’t remember much thanks to Mikage’s memory erasing ability. I wonder if that memory is even manipulated and made to believe.

Talking about Takamiya, nothing special about him. A normal kid who has powers. Tries to help everyone he can with whatever powers he got. Yeah, fine. I guess after tired of playing the damsel in distress for the earlier parts in the series, maybe there is something he can contribute. Like his life. That’s the manly thing to do. Remember, a harem anime cannot function properly nor have a good happy ending if the main guy is dead. Seeing he has some sort of past with Ayaka in the past life, I’m sure that will bring up something interesting if they ever come up with another season. Other characters are okay too but nothing too deep at least for this season concern. Kazane is the most powerful Workshop Witch in town and you shouldn’t mess with her. No wonder she gets stressed up after seeing unexpected things go awry like her mansion being blown up. Yeah, that feels like a running joke in this show for her. Atori’s hand puppet in which she uses to communicate (or does the puppet have a life of its own?) also feels like some sort of joke. It is like as though the lively puppet is used to convey her true self or what she wants to say to her otherwise quiet demeanour. Mikage seems like he has his own plan for Takamiya but it remains unknown for the time being.

Tower Witches like Medusa and Chronoire feel like they have some potential and power but the lack of more screen time on them since the final episodes were focused on this ever-smiling (maybe it’s just her lush lips) villainess Weekend. Medusa just became a runaway after her lost to Evermillion and Chronoire is just bumming around hoping some sort of chaos would reign. Weekend feels like the weakest in terms of mana and magic. She thought she outsmarted everyone with her plan, bombs and confidence but maybe that is why she failed too. She thought her hard-thought plan was fool-proof and made some of assumption seeing it goes her way at first. There is more than meets the eye for Evermillion. How she is sealed inside Takamiya’s body and the pact she made with Ayaka is left to be desired. Other characters are left more to be desired too like Touko, Rinon, Natsume, Hoodzuki and the Rothenburg duo. And then there’s the Walpurgis Night as mentioned by Chronoire, remember? What happened to that?

Action wise, the fights are rather okay and nothing that spectacular. You get your big magical explosions that give an epic impression but with Ayaka in super God mode, you will usually be assured how it will end. Even without magic, she still has her bare hands to take you on. It is a good example never to put all your eggs in one basket. Because if you run out of a certain weapon you are fond of using, you should have another backup weapon. For Ayaka’s case, I have a feeling that her bare hands are stronger and scarier than when she is with magic and on fire (literally). Sometimes I feel there is a fine line between what constitutes Tower Witches and Workshop Witches in terms of how they use their magic. As we know, Workshop Witches swear by the oath to protect the citizens and not use their magic carelessly. The latter doesn’t seem to be adhered strictly to. In fact, with Ayaka running wild just to protect Takamiya, the entire place gets blown up. Wouldn’t the citizens find it freaky that buildings explode by itself? So that is why in this sense I thought both sides of the witch divide isn’t any different. Also, how should I put this one. The effects of devastation seem inconsequential. Because of the super powers of witches like Kazane, Ayaka and Evermillion, each time a building or a part of the town and eventually the entire town is destroyed, magic is used to restore it back to order like it never happened in the first place. It’s like hitting the reset button and you don’t have to worry about seeing the people in pain. Just like how the convenient memory erasing trick works.

The drawing and art is rather okay but just that I thought I find some of the characters to be plain and simple. Like Takamiya and Ayaka, I thought they look very plain. And at some angles, I think they look chubby. Really. Kasumi doesn’t look anywhere near how a younger sister looks like (based on my stereotypes). She might not be the loli kind but I thought her face looked slightly mature for her to look like a little sister. And of course in the anime world where looks can be so deceiving, Komachi looks so young enough to be Takamiya’s big sister. Heck, better than having a loli mom! This series also employs the use of CGI a lot. Like when they are flying through the streets on the broom, Ayaka’s burning flames and all those rabbit familiars of Tanpopo, the CGI effects become quite apparent. Speaking of those rabbit familiars, they somehow remind me of those yellow Minions from Despicable Me. Don’t you agree? The way they move and act. It all looks suspiciously familiar.

There are quite a handful of popular seiyuus lending their voice to this anime. One, Aya Hirano as the voice of Weekend. I haven’t been hearing about her lately ever since that awful scandal a few years back that earned the wrath of fans and somewhat almost ended her voice acting career. She hasn’t been taking up many or active voice acting roles lately so with Weekend, I wasn’t able to recognize her at first. I’m not sure if this marks her comeback since the new season of Fairy Tail started a few months back and although I haven’t started watching it yet, I read that she was retained as the voice of one of the main characters. Other recognizable and ‘popular’ (in my books) seiyuus include Kana Asumi as Touko, Ayako Kawasumi as Komachi (I thought she was going into Nodame mode), Miyuki Sawashiro as Medusa (she sounds like having fun playing this badass witch), Sayaka Ohara as Kazane, Rie Kugimiya as Chronoire (haven’t heard this tsundere pro for some time. At least not in the animes that I have watched) and finally my ever favourite Mamiko Noto as Evermillion (I wonder if her character is a cross between Fairy Tail’s Mavis Vermillion and Uchouten Kazoku’s Benten).

The rest of the extensive casts include Asami Seto as Ayaka (Chihaya in Chihayafuru), Yuusuke Kobayashi as Takamiya (Kazuki in Selector Infected Wixoss), Ai Kayano as Kasumi (Inori in Guilty Crown), Kazuyuki Okitsu as Mikage (Shion in Futari Wa Milky Holmes), Shiori Izawa as Tanpopo (Sodoko in Girls Und Panzer), Noriko Shitaya as Rinon (Haruko in Maken-Ki), Ikumi Hayama as Atori (Shinobu in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun S), Mai Ishihara as Natsume (Orangepekoe in Girls Und Panzer), Momo Asakura as Rin (Sumi in Sakura Trick), Yuko Iida as Mei (Saki in Aiura), Natsumi Hioka as Kotetsu (Ikeda in Oda Nobuna No Yabou), Shiina Natsukawa as Kanna (Anna in The Idolmaster Movie), You Taichi as Hoodzuki (Sayori in Love Lab) and Ai Matayoshi as Ai (Rin in Yozakura Quartet). The opening theme is Divine Intervention by Fhana and it doesn’t sound that appealing to me. The more amusing one is the ending theme, Witch Activity by the seiyuus of KMM Group. Besides the amusing lyrics and pi-pi-ko beep sound, we see the chibi versions of KMM Group being tortured in various torture instruments. It’s like overkill even if you’re just doing witch hunt. Adding to that, they also sing hard. Real hard. Amusing, no?

Overall, this anime isn’t too bad actually with a decent plot (but can’t say for some of the explanations), lots of comical stuffs (but not so much that you can classify it mainly as a comedy anime), lots of ‘interesting’ characters and bright colourful visuals and animations with some scenes that look like paintings coming out from some fantasy setting or water colour underwater world (Chronoire’s magic space). I would still give this series another chance if they make another season. Provided if they put up more of Ayaka’s deadpan humour, some harem love triangle romance and more comic relief of KMM Group (at least they’re good in this are so technically they are not that entirely useless). Please don’t witch hunt me for that unorthodox wish of mine. If you like some fun with all sorts of witches, good witches, powerful witches, evil witches, badass witches and dumb loser witches, check out this anime. You might be bewitched at the fun pace of this anime. At least they don’t have witches born from magical girls who fall into despair.

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