Nintama Rantarou

October 31, 2005

Another old anime aimed for kiddies. Nintama Rantarou, or Ninja Boy as it’s more commonly known here, tells the (mis)adventures and frolics of 3 young aspiring ninja students. Whether it’s on a mission or quest do some chores for the school/headmaster/teacher, these 3 boys are sure to bring in some serious laughs. The jokes can range from mild to absurd silliness. It’s always interesting to see what kind of trouble/quest/voyage/mischief/mess they’ll get into. And then all laughter breaks loose. *laughs*chuckles*giggles*

Zero Tester

October 30, 2005

Here’s another old anime from the 70’s. Zero Tester is one of those animes where it’s set in the distant future, a space protection agency, protecting mother Earth from evil forces who want to destroy it or take total control over it. Well, I guess animes from that era are like that. Three young adults protecting Earth from Amenoids (alien-cum-robot who wants to destroy us!). As usual heroes always thwart baddies scheme at the end. The opening theme also sounded like a national anthem and marching style. Ahh… but where would anime be now without those humble beginings.

Sonic X

October 29, 2005

I’ve seen a few Sonic The Hedgehog cartoons in my life (and played some of its games as well!). This latest and newest (at least in this country) of the Sonic series, Sonic X, probably has the same storyline. Sonic and friends band together to stop the evil Dr Robotnik (Dr Eggman in this series) from taking absolute control of the world. This time it’s our world. You see, they’ve been zapped into a portal by the Chaos Emerald from their world into our current-modern-world. Hmm… pretty much the same thing. I might be able to predict the series after I’ve watched it several times.

Gensoumaden Saiyuki

October 28, 2005

This is one of those ‘bishounen’ animes where the main lead characters are all males. Gensoumaden Saiyuki, based on the chinese novel ‘The Journey To The West’ is about Sanzo, Goku, Hakkai and Gojyo journeying to the west to stop the ressurection of some big bad-ass devil. Along the way, they encounter all sorts of obstacles on their trip. From helping small folk people to cleaning up some demons in town. Halfway through the first season, their journey is interrupted by that fighting god Homura and that remaining half focuses on how they’re to stop him. The season ended in a way that a sequel is eminent (which it does). Since it spawned several sequels (which I wasn’t able to watch), I doubt that they would ever reach their destination to the west.

Himitsu No Akko Chan

October 24, 2005

This anime is actually quite old, in the sense that it’s shown from the 80’s to early 90’s, judging from the drawing and straight-forward storyline. Therefore, this anime Secret Of Akko Chan is also intended for younger audiences. About a girl named Akko Chan who has a magic mirror which can transform her into anyone or anything, in order to help her fellow friends or anybody in need. Sounds pretty straight-forward isn’t. Well, most animes during that era are like that. Still, some episodes are quite enjoyable to watch.

Taiho Shichauzo

October 22, 2005

Wonder what police life is like. Chasing bad guys, solving cases, helping the community, assist in traffic situations. At least that’s what it’s like for Miyuki and Natsumi at the Bokuto police station. You can bet that there’s something a lot interesting happening for these 2 iron ladies in unifrom. You’re Under Arrest is to no surprise quite a pleasant anime to watch with a dose of action-packed comedy and drama.

Chibi Maruko Chan

October 21, 2005

From first looks, Chibi Maruko Chan seems to be intended for small kiddies. It tells the tale of a small spoilt little girl who always gets what she wants, if not she’ll find a way to do so. Although the drawing is cute but it is a little lop-sided. Fun to watch, at the end of each episode, there are some lessons and values that we can learn from it (usually being Maruko’s backfired plan or ‘ji kay lor lay suay’).

Chuuka Ichiban

October 20, 2005

Watching Cooking Master Boy sometimes make me either want to really laugh out loud or just roll my eyes and sigh. Especially the food tasting part where there always seems to be over-reaction or exaggeration by the tastee (the one tasting the food). Wah… I didn’t know Mao’s culinary skills were so good at such a tender young age. Together with Shell and Leon, they make the Underground Cooking World tremble with fear (hopefully). Nevertheless, I still find it an enjoyable anime to watch.

Kachou Ouji

October 18, 2005

Finally… After such a long time since I last watched that anime, I finally knew its English title as The Legend Of Black Heaven and its Japanese title is Kachou Ouji. Long ago, when it was shown on tv, I remembered they put it as Oji The Section Chief or Hard Rock Save The Space. Something like that. And I also remembered it was something about using hard rock music to battle some intergalatic force to save the Earth. Hmm… Oh well, those were the days then.

Rurouni Kenshin

October 17, 2005

Besides the great animation and storyline, what I also liked about Rurouni Kenshin is its numerous bgms (background musics). From time to time, I never got bored of listening to those bgms. And each bgms are well placed to precisely suit and match the various moods and situations in the anime. Ahh… that’s what I call music to my ears. Let me here ’em again once more!

Grander Musashi RV

October 15, 2005

I’m not particularly a big fan of fishing and fishing related stuffs. However, what I liked watching about Grander Musashi RV wasn’t about the fishing part. But rather on how the characters in the anime interact and got along as well as their relationships with each other (doesn’t all anime do?). So still blur about the technical fishing part, but the main storyline is rather ok. I think it’s something about these bunch of youngsters going around the world trying to find and obtain the Legenders (some wierd fishing bait which is said to bring some ‘super terror’ powers when used).


October 14, 2005

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just bad timing. Somehow the episodes I seem to watch on Naruto are those episodes where there’re flashbacks of certain characters. Telling of how something came about or how it ended up like this. To me, such episodes are not only boring but draggy as well. But with such a long running series and good reviews I read from here and there, I shouldn’t put of this one to soon just yet.

Ragnarok The Animation

October 10, 2005

Seems pretty interesting when I watched Ragnarok The Animation yesterday. Though I don’t know whether the anime follows closely to the game itself or just a spinoff of it. From first looks, it has many of the anime elements. Cute charatacters, anime style comedy & drama. Looks like I’ll need to watch it a few times just to grasp the entire story and to see whether I’ll become addicted to it.

Star Ocean Ex

October 8, 2005

After few months of watching Star Ocean Ex, I still can’t put together the whole story line. From what I can see is that, Claude and his gang are doing their best to save the planet by destroying some evil force (at least that’s what I think it is). Is the series near its end already? Seems like it. Oh well, more slashing and fighting to come. Hopefully by the end, I’d be able to grasp at least the main storyline.

Mirmo De Pon

October 7, 2005

Caught a glimpse of that comedy anime Mirmo De Pon. Beside the hillarious silliness, the characters are quite ‘cute’ as well. I love the part, especially where Katie and Ayumi try to outdo each other in order to win over Dylan’s heart. Too bad, it’s shown at an awkward time (meaning that, a time that I won’t be able to watch TV), therefore I can’t watch it regularly.

Catch You Catch Me

October 5, 2005

Building on the previous night’s ‘karaoke session’ of Step By Step, this time I tried out Catch You Catch Me from Card Captor Sakura. Guess what, I sound horrible *pukes*. That high pitch tone doesn’t really suit me at all. But I must keep trying, eventhough I won’t be able to sound exactly or good as the original, at least I need to get the pitch correct. Ganbatte Yo!

Step By Step

October 4, 2005

Last night before I went to bed, somehow I had the urge to sing that song from Detective Conan, that is, Step By Step. So I kept playing that song several times over and over again. Too bad I didn’t have the karaoke version of it, or I would have belch out a nice number. Ps- My voice will fill the air in the room so much so that everyone has to leave in order to make space for it ;)


October 3, 2005

Yesterday I saw the start of the second season of the anime The Legend Of Condor Hero. Although the second season opening was off to a slow start, but I’m making a wild guess that this anime is gonna end on a tragic note (p/s: I didn’t read that novel either). Unless of course, the producers decided to twist the story and turn it to a happy fairy-tale ending.


October 1, 2005

Ahh… After missing one week of Yugioh season 4 episode, I felt a little lost at first. That’s because the previous week I had to help out with the Global SMEs 2005 exhibition at PWTC. But now things are back to normal and I can resume watching Yugioh (unless something props up, of course). Marik VS MaiHmmm… I think can safely say who’s gonna win this match.
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