Dimension W

November 13, 2016

With the booming population and advancement in technology, the demand and hunger for energy would increase to monstrous levels. The current traditional energy sources we have are surely insufficient to meet those needs. So where to get infinite energy? If you think dealing with 3 dimensional of X, Y and Z are already bad enough, now you have the fourth dimension. Behold! Dimension W. This is where you tap your endless energy. And as we all know by now, nothing ever comes free. And I’m not talking about in monetary terms. Mankind’s meddling into the unknown dimension has brought about lots of trouble. Well, I would love to explain it a bit more here but seeing this is some sci-fi sh*t that I’m going into, I’m sorry I can’t. Why the heck did I ever pick up a sci-fi genre if I know I’m not going to understand it? Oh, look at the synopsis. Somewhere within those lines I saw, “…mysterious, beautiful woman…”. F*ck! That was enough to cloud my judgment.

Episode 1
Kyouma Mabuchi is fixing his car at his home. He shoos away those pesky kids playing in his car dump next door. He gets a call from his employer Mary to meet for a job. As a Recovery Agent, his targets are to retrieve illegal coils from the Won brothers. He has no choice but to take the job because as a coil hater himself, Mary is the only one who can pay in gasoline. Meanwhile Mira sneaks out to town to get her sickly father, Shidou Yurizaki. She accidentally stumbles into the hideout of the Won brothers playing with their new toys equipped with illegal coils. She is taken inside as Kyouma is already waiting and goes into action. Although he easily dispatches the minions, Mira is revealed to be a robot and her super strength has her toss the enemy around. Even Kyouma is not spared as her hard slap knocks him out. Before he passes out, he saw tears in her eyes. When he wakes up, he finds Albert Schumann from New Tesla’s Dimensional Administration Bureau (DAB) and his team searching the place. He has recently been promoted to chief investigator. As an old friend, Albert lets him go although he will be taking the illegal coils. Kyouma reports to Mary about DAB’s interference and she is not too pleased. Kyouma thinks back deeper and realizes a coil is missing. She thinks Mira might have stolen one and goes back to look for her. He confronts her and tells her to give him to coil. She apologizes for slapping him but can’t hand it over. Kyouma will not be fooled by her tears this time. She tries to run but he is hot on her heels. Meanwhile Albert and his team have found Yurizaki who is supposed to be the founder of New Tesla but went missing a few years ago. Their aim is to take him and his research in without harming him. However Yurizaki is still mad at everything because they killed his wife and daughter. Although Albert mentions that the parties responsible have been dealt with, Yurizaki is not convinced as he has had it with everything. As the person responsible for creating the World System, he is going to end it. Using the coil, a large energy surges from within his room. Mira can sense what her father is doing and becomes paralyzed. Kyouma will not be tricked by her performance and pins her down. A bright energy beam can be seen breaking through the sky. In the aftermath, Kyouma picks up Mira who is lifeless as a robot. Bringing her back to Mary, she lets her crazy computer engineer, Koorogi have a look at her. Mira’s design is so complicated and advanced that it seems the only person who can ever make her is Yurizaki. They start her up to ask for answers but she begs them to let her work for them as a Recovery Agent.

Episode 2
Apparently Kyouma has to keep her since he found her. Flashback reveals Mira was told by Yurizaki to become a Recovery Agent and follow the trail of the illegal coils upon his death. She also wants to find out what he wanted her to do. Mira goes on to play a video that was proof that Yurizaki’s wife, Seira was murdered (the day that Mira was also ‘born’) but Mary stops her because there are some things that must not be shown to the world. From the video, they knew the New Tesla guys are behind this but the biggest question is why Yurizaki didn’t go public with it and went into hiding. On the news, the phantom thief named Loser has announced he will steal a piece of art at the museum. There is a large crowd of supporters supporting him. As explained, he is just a thief who always fails to steal any art, hence his name. Some think it is just an elaborate publicity stunt. Kyouma and Mira are also here to retrieve illegal coils. As expected, Loser pops up in flashy extravagance like as though it is all a big show. Infiltrating the museum filled with traps, Loser and Kyouma unlikely cooperate with each other to take the obstacles down. Loser knows Kyouma was part and a survivor of a radical group called Grendel during the last war. Members trained their bodies and minds, fighting with superhuman abilities against coiled powered weapons. At the end of the war, the group went into hiding but Loser knows the reason why they were disbanded as it was to cover up the atrocious accidents caused by coils. Loser unveils his mask to show his faceless face. He lost many of his body parts during it. He will never forgive them for killing his wife and set the truth free if it is the last thing he does. This only makes Kyouma wonder how stealing a piece of art will further his goals and even more baffling, has he really never succeeded in stealing anything?

Meanwhile Mira tries to find the source of a signal that is giving Loser details. She finds a young boy communicating with Loser but he soon can’t because Mira has collected all his decoy pigeons. Loser teaches the art room and the owner is desperate and scared of becoming Loser’s first victim. He sends his pair of hot robot chick assassins to deal with him. They are also Kyouma’s target since they are using illegal coils. They are easily taken care of. Kyouma observes Loser retrieving a coil known as Numbers from the artwork. The owner panics as he tries to take off the illegal coils as he fears the authorities will discover it. Unheeding Kyouma’s warning not to touch it, well, too late. The coils go berserk as it opens some space dimension and warping everything it consumes. Loser and Kyouma save their own ass and let the owner succumb to his fate. Ugh. What an ugly piece of fused artwork worthy of a horror movie. Of course Albert and his DAB team are here to clean up the mess. As New Tesla promised mankind a world with eternal light, this kind of ugly darkness is what they must hide from the public eyes and in the shadows forever. Loser returns to his partner. He observes Mira and notes Kyouma is blessed with a good partner. Mira wants to ask about illegal coils, how and by whom are they made. However he only tells her such information is taboo because he will have his revenge.

Episode 3
Mira’s eyes light up when she sees Mary paying her a stack of cash for a job well done. So much money… Mary reminds her not to get it to her head because if New Tesla finds out who she is, everyone is done for. Mira describes the things she would like to get with her pay and even paying Kyouma rent. So he lets her live in a dilapidated trailer next to his house. Time to go on a buying spree and spring cleaning. When Kyouma goes out on a job, Mira cleans the trailer and notices those pesky kids spying on her. One of them, Shiora comes to talk to her but I think she has a short attention span seeing she isn’t interested in listening to Mira explaining about her relationship with Kyouma as business partners. The other kids are playing about in the car dump. The metal fatigue sets in and the kids are about to be crushed. Mira quickly flies in to save them. Kyouma not only gets his equipment fixed but he asks his informant about Numbers. Before the construction of towers, various test coils were sent around the world to researchers. They were called beta coils or microgates but now as Numbers because of simply how they look. Numbers are different than ordinary coils because they tap deeper into the dimension and at unknown depths of energy. It is rumoured big incidents that New Tesla covered up are caused by Numbers. It should not be what anyone should be using. When Kyouma returns, he finds the police cordoned off his place. The kids claimed somebody save them and is pinned under the wreckage but they could find no body. The police take Kyouma to record his statement because of his negligence in supervising his property. However he is soon let off. He returns to see Mira sitting alone in her trailer. Her head is disconnected but she can still talk. For the first time, she saw the fear in the kids’ eyes when they saw her. It is a good thing they didn’t say anything about her to the police. Kyouma calls Mary to have Mira fixed up. He thought Mary helped bail him out but she didn’t but the COO of New Tesla, Claire Skyheart. He goes to see her as instructed. The reason she did so is because Shiora is her granddaughter and negotiated with the police for his release. Shiora whispers to Kyouma that she kept Mira’s secret so don’t worry about it. Later Albert reports to Claire about Yurizaki’s body and everything around him disappeared completely like as though it was eaten by a black hole. She also tells him she has met Kyouma and he looks fine despite being told it would take a long time for him to recover. She leaves it to his discretion about Kyouma. The kids see Mira and she gets her chance to thank them.

Episode 4
Kyouma wanted to leave when Albert is here but Mary insists he takes the job. Shijuurou Sakaki, a famous horror novelist was found dead at the hotel mansion of Lake Yasogami. He was found drowned. His room was locked and only a robot servant was with him. Incomplete video footage didn’t reveal much. And it is unsure if the robot drowned him. There were no illegal coils too so it must mean somebody must be hacking into New Tesla system. That is where Albert wants Kyouma to recover whatever this hacker is using. So Kyouma and Mira are on their way to Yasogami. But can robots see ghost? Hmm… Not in her recording… Yikes! Can robot be afraid of ghosts but not Kyouma?! Oh yeah, he went through hell as Grendel… Yasogami is also a lake dam but it was a forced construction that led to many casualties. Yeah, so it’s haunted. At the hotel, they meet several characters, Marisa (hotel owner and Shijuurou’s sister), Makita (hotel manager), Kiyomi Kato (maid), Hageyama (grumpy journalist), Elizabeth “Ellie” Greenhough Smith (batty gothic girl) and a bunch of shady people. Kyouma is not pleased that Albert is also here. He is on vacation but instead of heading south, he decided to come here. When he mentions about Kyouma snooping around for Numbers, Kyouma starts beating him up and kicks him out of his room. Don’t worry if he falls 3 floors down. That guy was also part of Grendel. So as Kyouma goes around the place to look for clues, Mira reads Shijuurou’s novels. Can robots be frightened at what they read? Apparently she is reeling from all the graphic novels she read. Too real?! But she finds a striking similarity of the story setting and Yasogami. She projects an image of this place 21 years ago. But when her functions start to malfunction, she returns to reality only to find she is in a different room and a woman trying to kill her! Mira continues to run from the mad killer and realizes she is bound by this world’s rules. It is like she is transported into one of the horror novels. This means she has to witness grotesque horror killings and mad people that are about to kill her.

Kyouma meets Albert again to talk about his findings. Apparently only a construction worker died and the rest were students. It is believed that Numbers had something to do with their deaths and they had an active one when the accident occurred. Professor Kenjirou Kuroda had a student, Haruna Enamori who activated Numbers and went missing. Search party found them drowned but by ghosts? Numbers were never found. DAB had given up in searching it till Shijuurou’s death somewhat signalled it. He too was at Yasogami 10 years ago. Koorogi has recovered the missing video footage. It shows several ghosts killing Shijuurou. The blackout was caused by overwriting of the video logs as they’re being recorded but even after so, a portion remained in the robot’s memory. Koorogi runs a check on the facials of the ghosts. All of them are students who died except for the guy killing him, Shirou Kamiki. Before Koorogi could get to the interesting part, Makita calls them. Elizabeth has found Hageyama’s body drowned inside a van. Kyouma realizes Elizabeth is a Recovery Agent. Kyouma returns to the hotel when he hears a scream. Those shady people don’t want Marisa to wake up yet because her dreams connect to the other world. Their goal is to get Numbers. They kidnap her as Kyouma fails to save her since this Breaking Bad dude starts firing his awesome photon cannon that easily puts big holes in walls. Mira is confronted by Kamiki who is actually Shijuurou.

Episode 5
Kamiki explains this place is a nightmare that connects reality and the past. He will protect this world no matter what even if it means killing Mira. As she is being pulled apart, Mira has deep thoughts about dying in the world. Then she breaks free because apparently her logic overrides this world. Huh? Meanwhile everyone else is being attacked by… Water ghosts? But they aren’t just ordinary water but water from the lake. So the only way to douse them is splash them with ordinary water? Like fighting fire with fire? When Mira returns to reality, she now knows where the Numbers and Marisa are. It seems that Numbers is in Enamori’s grasp as she is being encased in a cube. Ellie is working under Loser (who is impersonating as Makita) and is about to follow Mira and Kyouma. However Loser orders to retreat because the other Grendel (Arthur) is targeting them. They can’t handle 2 legendary beasts at the same time. Mira explains this Kamiki is from an alternate reality where he saved his friends. Flashback reveals Kamiki and his crew just connected the coil and this would ease their energy problems at the dam. A reporter was supposed to interview them on the coils but instead he is here to rape Enamori. She killed him and felt guilty about it although Kamiki told her it is self defence. Kamiki heard the dam operators are planning to drain the dam and force everyone to leave. He wants her to warn everyone at the village while he cleans up this mess. Unfortunately, rainy stormy night and slippery pathway means she slipped off somewhere… After Kamiki kills the dam operator and releases the floodgates (just to hide the murder evidence?), he returns only to find his friends still stuck. Enamori is not among them so he fears the worse. She is dead holding the coil. It is then he is torn between saving his friends or himself. He thought he saved his friends but it turns out to be a fake world.

Kyouma fights Kamiki as the latter explains about Enamori’s memories and will that is keeping them alive forever. Mira disagrees with that and breaks the cube. Only the coil is there but no Enamori. She explains this alternate reality in which she saved everyone and mourned Enamori’s death. Enamori was alive at that moment. Enamori is Marisa. He cannot understand properly because his existence is based around Enamori’s death. The real Marisa died in an accident 14 years ago. Shijuurou continues explaining the truth. He abandoned his friends and saved only Enamori. Although she recovered, she lost her memories. He left Yasogami and took on a new name to live peacefully somewhere else. Because Enamori suffered from nightmares by seeing a lot of him attacking people in her dreams, Kamiki talked to Kuroda and found out the coil at the bottom of the lake and her dreams may be connecting the 2 worlds. Shijuurou removed the coil and Kamiki wasn’t too happy about it because he just needed to turn it off. That’s why he killed him. Because Kamiki chose a path Shijuurou cannot take. He wanted to protect his friends and the world they lived in. Kamiki is now able to see the real Kamiki. She has been watching him suffer all the while but couldn’t do anything. After they reconcile, there is this Mira’s explanation about the worlds untangling and existing as another copy. F*ck this sh*t! I don’t understand a single thing! With their mission to retrieve the coil over, Kyouma lets the police take over. They question Kiyomi who explains she heard voices from her father to replace the water in the inn with the lake water. He was one of the workers of the dam and she could still see him standing outside the window. Creepy?

Episode 6
Prince Salba Ene Tibesti, the president of Islero and the Wind of Africa arrives in Japan. Despite his gentlemanly outlook, he scorns all those screaming fan girls for being ‘ugly’. His assistant, Lashiti informs him that his brother, Ruwai has gone missing. Salba wants him retrieved before midnight. Ruwai has gone out by himself, eager to see Japan. To his disappointment it is not what he thinks it should be! Then he bumps into Kyouma (just fresh from visiting his late wife Miyabi’s grave) and thinks he is a samurai. Salba’s guards think Kyouma is kidnapping Ruwai and attack but Kyouma is clearly superior. Ruwai insists in hanging out with him despite Kyouma not being too pleased he has to care for a kid. Because he accidentally wrecked a festival stall with his immense strength, Kyouma brings him to a clothes store run by his sister-in-law, Tsubaki. Her assistants, Hirose and Ayukawa give Ruwai a change of clothes and probably Kyouma is here for his as well since Ruwai accidentally tore it. Lashiti drops by to collect Ruwai and he obediently goes with her. Kyouma gives him a fan. Once Ruwai returns to Salba, he initiates his plan. Ruwai is seen breaking into Mary’s place and tearing apart her strongest android, Four. Meanwhile Loser continues his Numbers hunt and rues this one isn’t it. He just needs one more… Mary is not too happy Four is broken. She gives Kyouma a letter left behind. It is a challenge letter from Islero to all Recovery Agents. In the mean time, Salba sees Claire to discuss Yurizaki’s legacy. Claire cautions this might start another war but this is what Salba intends and specializes in. Actually to start a war to prevent another. Huh? Thus he is here to warn her in advance. This war is just a long event anyone can participate and will be held at the sealed place, Easter Island. The challenge letter instructs challengers to head to Easter Island in 7 days.

Episode 7
A throwback to Kyouma’s past. When he was looking much like a delinquent, he first Miyabi when she was stuck between his van and a brick wall as she was trying to take pictures of a cat. And what do you know? They become quite the couple. But when Miyabi is diagnosed with an incurable degenerative muscle disease, Kyouma went all out to find the best artificial limb replacement. This means barging through to Seira and demanding her to save his girlfriend! Who the f*ck he think he is?! Kyouma is then taken in by Seira’s bodyguard, Colin Keys who is looking to form his own army, Grendel. Kyouma’s muscular physique and sharp reflexes make him an ideal candidate to join Grendel. The task will not be easy but if he is willing, there is a small chance he can save Miyabi. On the day Kyouma proposed to her would be the last time he saw her. On the same day of her surgery, Kyouma and Grendel charged into Easter Island to fight. Kyouma couldn’t remember what else happened after his team stormed in. When he woke up, he was already in hospital. Albert is by his side claiming they have won the war although only both of them survived. His nightmare comes true when Miyabi died. Making it worse, her head was decapitated and stored separately and it became unrecoverable because a coil malfunctioned. Ever since, he started hating everything that has to do with coils.

Salba is before the committee explaining his actions on Easter Island. Is it me or does the committee head look like Steve Jobs? Salba shows them an image of something humanoid. I don’t understand his explanation that has something to do with a coil but he is going there to ascertain some possibility. Although the committee has their own specialized force, Qi, Salba is doing it his way to show transparency. We are introduced to the several Recovery Agents taking part in this challenge. The gluttonous siblings Harry and Debby (fatsos – Ice Climbers?), Yuriy Antonov (stereotype Russian assassin), Jason Chrysler (stereotype American hero with sexy babes flanking – All Might?), K.K. (stereotype token black guy – Will Smith?!), Cassidy (Mexican furry) and Sanchez (Mexican pig). Salba explains how all coils are rendered useless in Easter Island but there is one there that is working and is the first that is activating in a void. The first to retrieve it gets $50 million. No second place prizes. Also joining this party is Ellie and Loser. If you’re wondering why Kyouma isn’t here, he took Albert’s flight directly there. It is slower but at least his plane carries his car. Better go in his plane than Salba’s ship, Grodia commanded by this Amazonian, Cedric Morgan, right? As Grodia enters Easter Island’s vicinity, the numerous tornados are causing turbulence. They are attacked by some ephemeral ball with its own will as it sends Grodia crashing into the island.

Episode 8
Flashback reveals Salba was adopted as a prince by the king. The king thought Salba about not relying too much on power or else it will lead to destruction but Salba did not agree to that. Shortly when Ruwai is born, the king chose Ruwai to be the next king and entrusts Salba with the job of supporting him. Thus Salba has a dream to create a perfect world so that Ruwai could rule. Grodia has crashed and the Recovery Agents are still alive. The only casualties are Salba, Lashiti and Sanchez. They are still alive but the sphere went through them and took their conscious. Ruwai assumes command of the operation and the mission will continue. Things start to get weird when there are ‘zombies’ (people returned from the void and void with personality) and robots start attacking them. The Recover Agents go into action. The sphere appears again. Cassidy thought she is done for but Lashiti mentions it is only seeking men. Apparently her conscious wasn’t taken unlike the rest but was knocked out by a physical attack. Yuriy is taken out by K.K. who is going to do some operation on him. The fatty siblings are fighting those robots. With shovels? Kyouma and Mira come to their rescue. Time for Kyouma to show how much he kicks ass as he uses his wires to wrap around the giants and bring them down. The siblings cooperate with them to dig a tunnel so Kyouma can continue to drive his car underground. When they enter the void, their bodies start to feel numb like as though they are on the verge of death. Luckily they manage to get to the end of it. Before them are broken robots lying around. It is proof that Grendel was here. Kyouma can’t remember much but only the place up ahead was called Adrastea by Colin. Kyouma somewhat still feel nervous as he sums up his courage in hopes to push forward and see Miyabi. But standing before his way now is Loser.

Episode 9
Loser is not happy that Kyouma doesn’t remember a thing and he dare come back. Kyouma wants to know everything but Loser views that as an insult because of all the people here, Kyouma is the one who is closest to the truth. The sphere then appears and steals Kyouma’s conscious. It seems he is reliving part of his memories likes his training with Grendel. Similarly Salba too when his African kingdom fell into chaos after a coup. He knows the people staging the protests are foreigners pretending to be his people. After getting permission from the king to do it his way, Salba captures the ringleader. When Salba is parading through the crowd, a sniper is about to shoot him. Lashiti uses her body to protect him. Salba uses his android to fire the sniper’s way but he didn’t see Ruwai coming from that direction and he was shot too. Meanwhile Grendel secured a tower from a terrorist attack led by Haruka Seameyer. He was Yurizaki’s former student and has declared war on New Tesla. Soon Seameyer has gathered many scientists especially from Adrastea to fight for his cause to rectify the injustice done to Yurizaki. He believed despite Yurizaki invented the coils, he was stripped of his freedom to conduct his research. A handful of scientists opposing Seameyer including Julian were captured by Seameyer and forced to join him. Loser and Ellie are at the door of Adrastea. He once worked here and many of the coil based tools used today were invented here. This is also the birthplace of the void. When they step in, there is nothing. Really nothing. He thinks Sophia has sabotaged the teleportation device and believes more Numbers are needed. Colin addresses his team before the assault on Easter Island. Before that he tells Kyouma about Miyabi’s deteriorating condition and has 6 hours to go see her. He manages to do that but suddenly ends up fighting with his own inner demon. He knows everything is just an illusion in the void. After saying goodbye to Miyabi, he starts falling through space and sees all the memories of the universe! The sphere is actually Seameyer as he explains memories are the key to unlocking this world with Dimension W. Seameyer is about to absorb him but Miyabi is seen giving Kyouma great motivation. She believes in him. When Mira spots a picture of Miyabi, she remembers Mary telling how she died in some coil induced accident. Taking a closer look at her profile, it seems Mira’s body size is exactly identical to Miyabi. Mira was designed to accommodate her mind and all of the artificial bodies made by Yurizaki are the same to save her life. Although the incident at Easter Island and Miyabi’s accident occurred at the same time, reports say they were unrelated but Kyouma refused to believe it.

Episode 10
Kyouma returns to his consciousness to save Mira before she becomes robot scrap. Noticing his ear is bleeding, Kyouma shows a little drone that was embedded deep inside it. Since it has no coil, it must have gotten there via teleportation. He has most of his memories back. He remembers Adrastea is a space exploration agency that was set up by a group of secret scientists to research into Dimension W via teleportation. That sphere is actually a gate appearing when an object is being teleported. Ruwai drops in. He is injured and his body is entirely mechanical. He was on the run from K.K. and modified Yuriy. Meanwhile Chrysler faces off with Loser. The former knows the latter needs Numbers to open Adrastea. There is a coil more powerful than Numbers and is believed to be able to reverse the void. It was sealed here by Yurizaki as precaution. However Seameyer successfully recreated it via sacrifice. Kyouma’s group comes face to face with K.K. who sends Yuriy and a former Grendel comrade to fight Kyouma. They are controlled by his coils. K.K. is kind enough to reveal that he is working for somebody that must be unnamed to kill anyone who enters this area. He also mentions these dead people have no more soul and are just mere marionettes dancing to his electrical stimuli. K.K. adds he has been on an investigation team here too and New Tesla was kind enough to cover it up from him. His team concludes that once you’re dead, your soul leaves the body and can never return. Kyouma doesn’t believe it all. So he thought he could save his ex-comrade by destroying the coil but it only serves to kill him. He was dead in the first place. K.K. has read Kyouma’s medical files and that he was never caught in the void. He is missing his memories because it was as if someone erased them. Kyouma tries to recall hard that Seameyer may have attempted this. Something about the teleportation device that was incomplete. Something about Colin telling him to steal Genesis. Ruwai attempts to kill K.K. but misses. His body is now totally messed up. Before K.K. could kill him, Ruwai kills himself. This makes Kyouma mad as he turns into a demon to beat down K.K.! Even black dude is afraid! Kyouma has no qualms in killing him but Mira stops him. Even if he is a bad guy, he can’t take a life. Is that what she is trying to say? Before it gets any complicated, another Ruwai pops up. He forgot to say he has multiple bodies. Okay, this is already confusing.

Episode 11
Chrysler uses up too much energy and loses. Loser takes his Numbers and makes his way to Adrastea. Ruwai explains Salba created some doppelganger system to control his mechanical body. His real body is back in Africa. Because the connection was getting harder, Ruwai was forced to commit suicide. When Mira tells about the drone in the ear thingy, Salba and Sanchez wake up once it is extracted. Salba and Kyouma form an alliance to finish this mission. Salba wants this coil, Genesis that Yurizaki made. It is a coil that can create anything out of nothing and he needs it to keep Ruwai alive. Cassidy and Sanchez try to get a head start but robots attack them. Ruwai and the twins fend off more robots to let the rest enter Adrastea. Before them are Loser and Ellie. From what he says, Salba deduces he is Julian. Above them is a giant dimensional rupture. The gate created by the teleportation device is open. It teleported Adrastea and its surrounding areas into the void and created an area void of energy from Dimension W. Loser lets them peek into his memories to see what happened. Julian and his wife, Sophia were researching on this. They also knew Yurizaki who then introduced Seameyer as his most promising student. There is this discussion about the teleportation in which living things will be killed instantly but not dead or inanimate objects. There’s a whole lot of mumbo-jumbo about possibilities and the likes but I don’t f*cking understand them.

They do everything they can to research on this and Seameyer devoted himself to this research. But one day his lab and everything was confiscated because Genesis was deemed dangerous. Yurizaki agreed to it too and Seameyer concluded he must have completed its theory. That was when Seameyer turned insane. He tricked the other scientists to become his live bait for his teleportation experiment. He too had completed his theory long ago but the question was how many lives it will take to complete his Genesis. He forced Sophia to help him out in exchange Julian will die last. After many scientists died, Genesis is completed. That was when Grendel stormed in. Seameyer now communicates with them via projection. He can’t come out from his hiding because he is now stuck in a larger part of Adrastea. The smaller part and his right hand went somewhere else. When Sophia tried to destroy the experiment, she successfully teleported Julian away. It proved Genesis was complete. However it causes the machine to go out of control. When Grendel stormed in, Kyouma stole Genesis from Seameyer. Before everything went out of control, Kyouma activated Genesis and teleported somewhere else. Seameyer desperately tries to get it back but his right hand got caught in that warp. Because Kyouma was recovered and reported he had no Genesis with him, this means he is the only one who knows where Genesis is. Memories starting to come back now? Well, if Kyouma isn’t falling into a guilt trip he abandoned his comrades. Loser wants to know what happened to Sophia. Seameyer will gladly reunite them. Here she is. A giant tentacle monster?!

Episode 12
Seameyer gives Loser 2 choices: Work with him to find Genesis or die. Loser makes his third choice: He will kill him and find Genesis himself. Because of Numbers, Loser is able to open a teleportation hole. He tries to pull Seameyer over but got distracted by a decoy face of Sophia and got taken out. Wait. Kyouma is depressed? He starts blaming himself for all the things that have happened and has no longer any reason to fight. Mira tells him off this is not the Kyouma she knows. And then something about existence and possibility. And connecting Miyabi’s will to the future? My mind is already so heavy… Mira believes his amnesia was caused by Genesis. All he needs to do is fix it by retracing his steps. She will use a drone to enter his mind and help with the recovery. Since he needs to be unconscious, she slaps him out. Looks familiar? So this is what I understand. After Kyouma got his hand on Genesis, he is within reaching distance from another dimension to Miyabi’s surgery. Despite the surgery went well, the coil had abnormal readings and it is causing her to die. Kyouma thought he could send Genesis over and change everything but Miyabi stopped him. She doesn’t want it this way. In the end, she thanks him and the rest is history. Kyouma now remembers everything and wakes up but Mira is no longer around. He reunites with the rest who are going to end this charade and take down Seameyer for good by giving him what he wants.

Mira’s coil is on the verge of going out of control. She is getting as far away so as not to let anyone get caught up in Dimension W. But Seameyer catches her and thinks he can use her body. Mira thinks she can make the ultimate sacrifice by blowing up herself. It’s like Kyouma can read her mind because he disagrees (well, she was in his mind a while ago). He dares Seameyer to look into his mind and provokes him that he is scared of knowing how is in possession of Genesis. He takes the bait and is disheartened to see Genesis broken. As agreed with Miyabi, Kyouma destroyed it and then was teleported back. Seameyer goes crazy that everything is a waste so he is going to destroy everything and that includes this planet by sucking it into the void. Perfect chance for Ruwai to tie up the monster and push it back into the sphere to crush Seameyer on the other side. Since when Kyouma has become so talkative and has last words for Seameyer? Not that I understand anyway about existence and having no regrets. Kyouma nails Seameyer’s coffin with his needle fused with a Numbers. Seameyer sees Yurizaki and it’s like the latter relieves him of his pain. With the clashing of the dimensions, the void will disappear. Feeling at ease that Sophia’s soul is now released, Loser can rest in peace. Literally. He will be joining her soon. Kyouma is about to get sucked in but Mira pulls him back out. She also sees Yurizaki who replaces her coil with another coil that is supposed to function as a human heart. I think. With the void gone, Easter Island returns to normal. Except with all the mess and rubbles left behind. Everyone is happy the war is over except for Ellie since her papa is dead. In the aftermath, Salba gives his statement to the council, the African delegates return to their homeland and Kyouma and Mira continue as Recovery Agent partners. Kyouma is grateful for Miyabi for he could have ended living a life of crime. That’s why he will move forward in a reality he can select possibilities.

Bathroom fanservice. Because Kyouma still continues to call Mira a piece of junk, she tries this trick to get him to call her by her name. What is this reflective thing you call in English? Not working. He’s not falling for it. As they go take a bath, they realize the water has been cut because Kyouma hasn’t been paying his bills for months. But do robots need to shower? Mira sweats. So is the sea enough? Don’t want salt to stick on her body. Then the river should be fine. She tags along with him to the public bathhouse. Kyouma is not pleased to see Albert there. Over on the women’s side, Mira sees Ellie. She tells her problem with Kyouma and if there is a way to get him to do so. Ellie pours cold water on her idea because she was born without a name in the first place. In a way, she is better off than most robots. Mira wonders if Kyouma is indifferent to her since she is a robot. Well, she is a robot. Ellie adds she is just a piece of junk if she can’t tell between truth and lie. Isn’t enough that Kyouma keeps her by his side? Tsubaki and her assistants come in. They are thrilled to meet a blonde. Tsubaki learns why Mira is here. She is going to teach that man some responsibilities. Mira also asks Tsubaki for advice. She thinks being called a nickname is evidence of being close. If Mira still insists, it just means she hasn’t reach a place where he will call her by her name. Mira wonders if she can get there. Who knows? But don’t worry. Tsubaki will ‘train’ him. Apparently the girls’ talk can be heard from the men’s side so Kyouma leaves. Mira also leaves. This makes the rest wonder if she could see through the men’s side. Of course. She’s a robot. Why are they freaking out? Kyouma chides Mira for her useless talk. She thinks it is important but he says piece of junk is good enough for her. Looks like that place is still far out of reach.

Dimension What?!
Oh God. Why do I have a sense of relief like everyone else that the war is over? My war in trying my utmost best to understand the series is finally put to rest after a dozen episodes. The feeling of watching the final episode was like trying to cram in everything I had tried to understand so far in the series. Then they add a lot more because of that revelation stuffs and existence and possibilities… Oh God… I don’t even know what I’m saying at this point. So uhm, Kyouma makes peace with himself and everything goes back to normal but the world hardly changes because there are still unscrupulous people using coils illegally for their own nefarious end? Well, it seems like that from my point of view.

So let me get my most detested annoyance out of my system first. As you might have guessed or following my blogs over the years, having deep sci-fi terms is something that I do not really like in my anime. Having to deal with all the sci-fi mumbo-jumbo and terms has become an automatic bane that my body and brain just refuse to understand. So with the series dealing about infinite energy and teleportation, I have a feeling that the theories and hypothesis aren’t that deep that you could write pages after pages of your own presumptions to support or debunk the ideas shown here. It doesn’t explain itself too deeply perhaps to unravel some of the important revelations in a proper pacing. But from a casual user’s point of view, it was still confusing nevertheless. Especially when you even put in dreams and memories, something that science can hardly explain. Thus at the end of every episode, I would be just screaming what, what and what. And don’t get me started about that possibilities thingy.

Therefore with the essential sci-fi terms weaved into the plot and storyline, it is only natural that it will be even harder for me to understand where the story is going and most important, to enjoy this series as a whole. While the mini arcs by its own at the start make it feel like fillers and standalones, they are in the end connected to a bigger picture for the final arc. Of course I myself can’t connect the dots so I am just mainly accepting it as I go along. That is, if I do understand what is happening. All I can see that this is one big elaborated revenge story. You know, Kyouma trying to avenge his comrade and Miyabi’s death, Loser trying to avenge for Sophia, Seameyer trying to avenge for his research and Mira, uhm, avenging for Yurizaki? So what is that brand new coil he had to finally give her? I don’t really understand the condition he imposed and I certainly didn’t understand the condition Mira was to get that except it was the last episode so something needed to be done to remind us that something of this sort was made at the beginning.

So alternate reality or just figment of your own imagination, this void thingy is still one big mystery and headache to understand. Because I’m not sure about those people who have gone there are living another life, having another alternate life or just being like a dead spirit stuck in limbo. And what is this about people becoming zombies and losing their personality if they get thrown back into reality. That’s why I’m not sure if Miyabi is really dead or still alive in another dimension. Well, it’s better than putting in the plot twist that Mira is Miyabi seeing they share the same body size everything and that the revelation Mira was built for her. I might be tearing out my hair if that actually came to pass. Dead or alive, Miyabi is always alive in Kyouma’s heart. Right? Aww…

Character development is pretty decent with Kyouma and Loser’s past and connections unravelling at a steady pace so it doesn’t feel all that rushed and slow. While there is an interesting dynamism between Kyouma and Mira, they make good partners but personally I just don’t feel that their relationship has grown deeper throughout the series. They’re still close in the end (because Kyouma didn’t dump her obviously) but not the kind they can become drinking buddies. Hah. Maybe others can pick out but for me, it seemed to remain almost the same as if they were from the start. Because with Kyouma hating everything that is coils, he isn’t really pleased to have a robot girl as his sidekick like as though he is doing her a favour. Furthermore, he doesn’t really call her real name and resorts to refer her via lots of other nicknames. Well, if this is his kind of bonding with her then I don’t mind. Kyouma strikes off as different from many main characters not only for his brooding attitude but the fact that he isn’t here to make friends. He doesn’t seek help from others. Of course you see him being friendly with many characters but that is because there is no intention to make enemies out of them. In that sense, he is cooler than most typical main protagonists.

Kyouma has this moody face that it makes you think he is born with it. I can’t blame him seeing what happened to his beloved wife. It takes all the smiles out of you. So if you see Kyouma smile, it is indeed a rare scene and as well as a bit scary. I mean, you always see this guy looking and acting like he is in a bad mood all the time so you don’t expect to see him put up a cheery face. It is not impossible but having him do so just makes his character feel weird. Hey, at least better than Loser having no face at all, right?!

Mira at first comes to me as a bit of a useless character since her only useful ability seems to be detecting coils. But having saved Kyouma at certain times and being a robot means she has immense strength, she is no pushover. Not to mention that she is imbued with emotions and she is as close as a human being. Uh huh. Do robots really cry? And to think that she was that ‘mysterious, beautiful woman’ that drew me in to watch the series… What the heck was I thinking?! Of course I have to give Mira her dues since it was roles reversal in the final episode whereby Mira gets to shine and do lots of decently useful stuffs to propel Kyouma back to his usual coolness.

There are tons of other supporting characters but forgive me that since I was already struggling with the terms and plot, many of them felt like they were just there for the sake of being there. They serve one or two little moments for the plot but that is about it. Like Salba feels like an odd reason for leading a crew of ragtag Recovery Agents for the final battle. Ruwai just to see him pilot his mecha. Lashiti just being Salba’s secretary standing by him. That’s about it. Ellie is just being, uhm, the cute little helper. And I thought Albert would help play a crucial role in the final arc but he was largely missing that he was overall forgettable. It is a good thing that Albert is Kyouma’s ally but I can’t help shake off that feeling this guy might be gay for Kyouma. After all, the only survivors of Grendel somewhat understand each other, right? So mostly many of such characters I believe have their own back story to tell in which was just touching the surface as seen here. Well, if they delved deeper, we might have to extend the season. No thank you.

Seameyer may come up as a creepy typical insane antagonist but I have a feeling it is done in a way so that viewers would have somebody to hate. Kyouma is cool, you can’t hate him, right? Mira is cool, you can’t hate her too, right? Loser is a sad tragic case and that makes the same for his daughter so you can’t hate them too, right? So who else to put all that hate into a character who looks like he has had a bad makeup day? Really. I remember there was this little boy with Loser when he first made his appearance. Whatever happened to him? What was his relationship with Loser? Don’t tell me that was Ellie in disguise! I am certain that wasn’t her. Very sure.

At least I have the visuals to praise about for this series. The designs of this futuristic sci-fi setting are nicely designed as what you would expect a futuristic sci-fi world to look like. But not too much that it would feel like as though it is an alien world. So looking at Kyouma feels a bit out of place because he is the only one walking around wearing traditional Japanese clothes even as his fighting uniform. There is the use of CGI effects too but they are not jarring that it would make you feel weird out. This series is animated by Studio 3Hz, a relatively new studio who seems to be dabbling into sci-fi themed animes such as Sora No Method (I’m sure if an anime has a mysterious UFO hovering over a little town, it can be considered as sci-fi too, right?) and Flip Flappers.

Action and fighting scenes are also adequate to keep you entertained and a welcoming relief for people like me who do not understand the sci-fi aspects of the show. I guess explosions, special effects from the beams or whatever energy and tearing down robots are a universal language that almost everyone can appreciate in the reel world, huh? I particularly like Kyouma’s unique fighting ability that uses wires tied to his needles. Sometimes it makes me feel like yelling Scorpion’s trademark line, “Get over here!” each time he throws them.

Veteran Daisuke Ono plays Kyouma. Though his tone suits the character well, somehow I don’t feel the bitterness in his voice that would have made Kyouma sound more convincing. He sounds more annoyed (in an angry sense) if you ask me. I’m not saying Daisuke Ono wasn’t suitable for the role but after being used to his Kuroshitsuji’s Sebastian and those similar to this character, it is kinda hard to shake off that stereotype view. Other recognizable seiyuus are Yuuichi Nakamura as Loser/Julian, Akira Ishida as Albert, Yuuki Kaji as Seameyer (warning: incoming crazy screaming mode), Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Koorogi, Sayaka Ohara as Tsubaki and Mamiko Noto as Lashiti. It took me a while to identify Mamiko Noto since she didn’t have many lines at first. Because the series has many characters thanks to its mini arc nature, I’m just going to name some of the main ones. They are Reina Ueda as Mira (Mikan in Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa), Kousuke Toriumi as Salba (Cecil in Uta No Prince-sama series), Daiki Yamashita as Ruwai (Touya in Log Horizon), Eri Suzuki as Ellie (Sanae in Rokujouma No Shinryakusha), Kimiko Saito as Mary (Chieko in Kuragehime) and Rika Fukami as Claire (Sailor Venus in Sailormoon series).

The opening theme is Genesis by Stereo Dive Foundation. It is filled with lots of electric techno hype but the one thing that caught my attention was the opening credits animation whereby Kyouma is doing some sort of dance! Knowing this guy with a sour puss face to get down and do that kind of hip dancing is definitely going to raise a few eyebrows. It is as though an indication that if he wasn’t a Recovery Agent, he’d be winning competitions with those slick and cool moves! For the OVA, it is Mira who does those slick moves. Proof that even a ‘piece of junk’ can look cool dancing. The ending theme is heavy rock based, Contrast by Fo’xTails. Its ending credits animation feels like it is dedicated all for Mira. Not having enough purposeful screen time in the episode proper? How about this to make up for it? Nah…

Overall, this series is not a bad anime and from what I read from majority of the comments over the internet, they praised it for being a unique series in its own right and perhaps an underrated anime for the season. And here I was trying to find a reviewer to have the same views as me, that it isn’t that good an anime. Sighs. I guess I am just in a different (and lower) league than many of such intelligent viewers out there. Because there are quite a few interesting technological and sci-fi concepts to ponder about. It has a decent pace of characterization and action included all packed into a dozen episodes. So I guess this series isn’t such a bad one in the long run. It is just my personal dislike for such sci-fi terms that prevented me from enjoying and understanding and giving it better marks. I wonder if the cure for stupidity is hidden and could be tapped in another dimension. Say, Dimension V? Hey, it’s a possibility, right?

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