Mob Psycho 100 S2 OVA

November 8, 2019

For those who still can’t get over that the second season of the TV series has ended, don’t despair. There is always the OVA to cheer you up and producers to net some profit. Yup. A win-win situation. And that’s why we have Mob Psycho 100 S2 OVA. Yes, people. Finally we have a hotspring episode. But I hardly doubt it would be filled with sexy fanservice considering the protagonists of the series are males. And of course knowing the nature and genre of the series, what is it that is spooking the hotspring inn?

A healing trip that warms the heart…
Mob and Ritsu join Reigen and Serizawa for a trip to the Ibogami hotspring for a working holiday. It all started when the inn hostess came to Reigen for help. She claims her guests have been experiencing dreams of going into a parallel world. If nothing is done, her inn will be finished. At first Reigen wasn’t so sure of accepting but since she will pay for his travel, lodging and food, the question is now how many people he can take with him. During the train trip, after Mob and Ritsu head to the toilet, Reigen and Serizawa doze off and the train enters the Ibogami tunnel. When they awaken, they realize outside is a wasteland. Reigen soon realizes that wherever he goes, he always ends up back in the same coach. So this is the parallel world, huh? True enough, they are. Because they’ve been sleeping all the time so when they reach their destination, Mob had to use his powers to ‘carry’ them to the inn. They meet up with Teru who went to recon the place. After being welcomed by the hostess, they learn the legend of this place once had a portal to another world. Hence the god, Ibogami sealed it up and the people worshipped him until today. As the boys have fun soaking in the hotspring, the adults are still trapped. However Serizawa trying to be mindful and not offend Reigen who seems he is trying his best to find the source of this, manages to leave this parallel world and join the boys. Yeah, he manage to do this several times! Because of his awkward way of speaking not to offend, Reigen gets the wrong idea that he too is trying to investigate. It feels like days Reigen has been stuck here and when he tries to jump out of the train, he lands back inside the coach! No way out! Soon depression sinks in. Hunger sets in.

The next time Serizawa returns and after feeding him, only then Reigen realizes what is happening. Why the heck did he not take him along?! Reigen controls himself so as not to scold him. He is after all still a junior. After telling him to think for himself, he has Serizawa bring the rest here. So now Reigen admits he doesn’t know what the source and wants this parallel world destroyed. Of course everybody can tell that ominous mountain is the source and behind it is Ibogami but some sticky ghostly goo must be the one causing this phenomenon and weakening Ibogami’s protection. Nothing but a little power to destroy it. Finally Reigen wakes up. Dimple returns with an explanation of what really happened. Because the hostess had a slight flu, it somewhat weakened her protection power source that is situated inside her nose. As her ancestors worshipped Ibogami, the descendants develop psychic powers without even noticing it. With her flu cleaning up, looks like the parallel world is case is solved. Maybe until the next time she gets another flu. Everybody goes to sleep after a long day. But Reigen obviously can’t sleep… Yeah. As they leave the next day, Reigen gives his business card to the hostess. He also hands some to Mob since it contains Reigen’s new address. And of course, Serizawa has his own too. Don’t need to depend on those business etiquette notes anymore now. On the train trip back, Reigen dozes off and the train enters a tunnel…

Dream A Little Dream A Little Dream A Little Dream A Little Dream…
Ah well. Nothing really much, I guess. Enjoyable to say the least but at least the horror effects weren’t that scary to spook the hell out of me. Yeah, I might be having sleepless nights! Maybe I would be going into my own parallel world! Anyway, the focus of this OVA seems to be more on Reigen and Serizawa while Mob being side-lined to just a role as plot convenience. As usual, the suave talking conman shows us why he is so good being the great pretender and of course it has its drawbacks. Serizawa on the other hand who has turned over a new leaf is trying his best to make a good first impression and hence with his miscommunication, it results in something a lot worse for Reigen. He might have given Serizawa the greatest advice for his working life but he sure isn’t doing the same for himself. Is that double standards? Because Reigen still needs to admit that he needs help instead of waiting for things to turn grave. But that’s Reigen for you. Some things are hard to change. If there are more OVAs in the future, I would still love to watch them. Because the biggest mystery now that I want to know is, for that brief moment at the start of the OVA, why does a certain bald strongest hero appeared in Reigen’s contacts???!!! Can Saitama’s punches connect with ghosts?! Can Mob’s psychic powers do physical damage to monsters?! Damn, now I want to see a Mob Psycho 100 x One Punch Man crossover! That would be the ultimate parallel world dream!

Mob Psycho 100 S2

June 22, 2019

I see that this got a second season first than the much anticipated One Punch Man. Don’t worry, that series got its sequel the next season after Mob Psycho 100 S2 premiered. So before we get to see the superhero who could end everything in a single punch, we need to see how the most powerful middle school esper continues to live his life normally. Also, there’s the threat of that super esper organization, Claw vying for world dominance. Can Mob live his normal school life and thwart their schemes? More importantly, can he finally confess to his one true love, Tsubomi?

Episode 1
Reigen and Mob see a farmer client who believes a spirit is haunting his crops. Because he cannot pay in terms of monetary since his son will be starting school, Reigen agrees to a cut from his crops. There is indeed a spirit stealing nutrients from the crops and because it sucks its life force, it can control the plants to its will. So when Mob gets ‘eaten’ by it, he thought of the same thing too and uses this tactic against the spirit. With the exorcism over, they are paid in some seeds and fertilizers. Reigen thought he could do a side business of selling tomatoes but with Mob accelerating its growth, it tastes like crap. That’s the end of that business. Meanwhile Mezato and a few members are trying to uncover the origins of their cult’s leader. She wants to promote Mob but needs to perk him up first. Hence she convinces him to run for student council president under the pretence that he can close the gap with Tsubomi. Even if he is just to give a speech, does Mob need to go through all the rigorous forest training? Too bad he froze during his turn. Said nothing. Even Kamuro who resigned as the president is trying to make a comeback with a cleaner image. Mob then receives a love letter from a girl named Emi. She claims she was impressed how he mustered his courage to go up there despite being uncomfortable and had fallen for him. Wow. Mob now has a girlfriend?! Of course he is still reluctant to tell her about his exorcism job in fear that she would find it creepy. When Emi shows him a novel she wrote, he thought it is good. However Emi has doubts of their relationship after a week. She thinks he is dating her out of pity because when she confessed he rejected her. She can tell he ran for president was because somebody told him to. She is as guilty of him. The reason she asked him out was because of a dare by her friends. But since Mob walked home with her, they never found out she was initially rejected. She leaves as Mob thinks back all the times they spent together. Then he sees Emi’s friends badmouthing this crappy novel she wrote. Then they rip it apart. Mob then starts picking up all the shredded pieces and this freaks the friends out. Because Mob has decided to be clear with his feelings and pick up things that are important. The friends leave as Emi joins Mob to pick up the pieces. Otherwise it will be littering. When the wind blows away their hard work, Mob uses his powers to gather and glue them back together. He reveals he is an esper and Emi thanks him. Little do they know, Tsubomi is watching and she is glad it turned out well.

Episode 2
Reigen thinks of increasing his business by going to a town that has been posting several urban legends. So he is setting up office in the middle of the streets? Of course the local exorcist, Banshomaru Shinra isn’t happy since this is his turf and this means business rivalry. But they have to put that aside when a woman seeks their help. At first she thought it was a stalker issue but as the days past, she gets this very eerie feeling. Could it be that the urban legends are causing the rise of such cases? With her plea to get rid of the urban legends, Reigen and Shinra split up to make their job easier. Shinra is on the case of a ghost in a red raincoat. Turns out to be some creepy flasher but the way Shinra asks about especially young girls, they think he is the culprit. Call the cops! Meanwhile Reigen and Mob confront the dog with a human face. Turns out that naught kids just drew on its face. Yeah, the old grandpa owner appreciates their help to wash his dog. Shinra chases the pervert in the woods. He falls to his trap of being tasered. While bragging of the invincibility in stalking others, it suddenly gets spooky around. A strange woman asks him if he is thirsty and before he knows it, he gets dragged down into the pond. Luckily Shinra still has enough strength to try and stop her but it is not enough. Only thanks to Dimple possessing him that he is able to move like the wind. Until Shinra’s body cannot hold out, Dimple calls for help. Thank goodness Reigen and Mob arrive in time to put down this Dragger. However she is not easily defeated. As she is created by fear and curiosity, her personality is technically designed by humans and hence cannot be exorcised. Also, powers used in fear only empower its source. Reigen calls for a retreat. But Mob attacks and surprisingly defeats her. It is because Mob is detached from urban legends and fads, he has no idea what makes such spirits scary. And just like that, the Dragger is put to rest. All that is left is the dashing granny urban legend. With the granny seen rushing towards them in a narrow tunnel, Mob thinks she is the most powerful since his power has no effect on her! They run but granny catches up and zooms past. Yeah, just some normal granny running. Mob is devastated he lost to a grandma because he runs every day and this only shows there were no improvements… Back at office, Reigen has completed his website. Looks crappy…

Episode 3
A client bugs Reigen for a curse. He was reluctant to give at first but fakes one just to get him off his tail. The client warns if it is fake, he will curse him. But this has Mob thinking even if it is a lie, does it mean he is going to live like that forever under this impression? Next they visit a woman who feels a ghost is stalking her. She sees a shadow from her window but the thing is there is no balcony outside. They check it out to see if there are any other tricks (like hanging ropes) but then the spirit pops up! Freak out time! However Mob can sense it comes from the neighbour next door and is using some out of body experience. They confront him and he throws a tantrum about his love for her. He is arrested and Mob is surprised the woman who was initially scared of the ghost suddenly changed her character once she discovered it was only human. A group of graduates seek their help as protection as they want to go to a haunted place to take pictures for memories. Fearing evil spirits, that’s why they seek Reigen’s help. Of course nothing much happens and when Reigen asks for payment, they scoff him off as a scam that he didn’t do anything and even abandon them there! Next day as Mob heads to school, a couple of bullies want to extort from him. Dimple possesses him to strip himself naked. He only stops because Mob tells him not too. Still, this jerk doesn’t learn his lesson and continues to extort. This time Ritsu uses his powers on him. If that is not enough, Musashi and his Body Building Club buddies surround this loser. Got a problem? Now the jerk runs away. They advise Mob to fight back when necessary.

Those graduates return. Yeah, there’s a ghost in the picture. Now they change their tune and want Reigen’s help to exorcise. Before Mob could begin, he hears the spirit’s voice. The father claims they are harmless and despite the family died in a tragic accident, they want to live like this peacefully until it is the right time to ascend. Mob is in a dilemma since the clients are pushy since they are being paid to exorcise. Mob really doesn’t want to destroy them. Dimple pokes fire by telling the ghost to kill the clients and hence they cannot exorcise them when they’re dead. But the father won’t. He begs not to make him do something horrific in front of his family. This only makes Mob feel more conflicted. If he protects the ghost family, this means the clients will get hurt instead. That is when Reigen realizes what is happening. To Mob, humans the spirits are part of his life and he is equally close to both of them. He throws salt at the pushy clients and tells them the exorcism is over. Back in office, Dimple notices a curse on Reigen’s back. Must be from that earlier guy. He lets Dimple eat it. Reigen contemplates on the different things Mob can see and he might see something more terrifying than ever. He understood that there are things different from the norm. As for Mob, he continues to think deep about the possibility he might use his powers for evil to eradicate humans than spirits.

Episode 4
Reigen and Mob are one of the many psychics gathered by a rich CEO for a job. Among the psychics are Shinra, Kirin Jodo the president of some spiritual union and the former Scar member who is trying to turn over a new leaf, Matsuo. Masashi Asagiri is willing to any amount to anyone who can save his daughter, Minori who is possessed by a spirit. Reigen beats everyone via rock-scissors-paper to go first. From the way he talks to her, it sounds like her dad abuses her. This has the other psychics think he is using this supernatural excuse to change their relationship. However Reigen points out Minori is possessed by a real nasty spirit. He can tell from her inconsistent words she used and despite being the first time they met, she knew he is a psychic despite not introducing himself. The gig is up as the glass breaks. Minori is indeed possessed. Dimple is scared and wants them to run while they can. He knows this isn’t just an ordinary evil spirit and in fact, Keiji Mogami. He was a super psychic but died 40 years ago. Dimple was almost exorcised by him. Despite being viewed as an entertainer by the public, he was actually an assassin. What broke him was the high medical cost and treatment needed for his ailing mother. When he was about to exorcise Dimple, he wanted to absorb him and become the most evil vengeful spirit and teach everyone a lesson. It was by a stroke of luck that Dimple escaped his wrath. Even Jodo got possessed as Mogami runs wild. Reigen’s knee kick may help for a while but soon Mogami is back up strangling him and Mob’s powers can’t do anything. Father hugs Minori and tells her to stop but is stabbed instead. Now the psychics panic. The door is locked. Mogami is going to kill them all. Shinra tries to fight but Mogami contorts Minori’s body in ways unimaginable to defeat him. Mob has an idea to force Mogami out using out of body experience. His body will be defenceless them so he hopes they can protect it. Once Mob’s spirit is out, Mogami tries to attack. Reigen gets owned but Dimple possesses Mob’s body to fight back. When the moment is right, Mob enters into Minori’s body. He comes face to face with Mogami. It might look like Mob easily defeating Mogami but it was just to test his abilities. Mogami easily pounds Mob and tells how human emotions determine spiritual powers. He believes those with negative emotions hold better chance to have more powerful spiritual power. Mogami then alters Mob’s memories. He is now a normal school kid who can’t use his powers. He wants to see how Mob goes about without them.

Episode 5
In this illusionary world, Mob is bullied to the core. Minori is the leader of the bully pack and Ritsu doesn’t even care about his own brother. Despite all the torment, Mob remains patient and never used his powers for his own good. This has Mogami expanding his own sad story that because his mother’s treatment wasn’t enough, he had to resort to assassination for money. Even so, mother died. In her evil spirit form, she blamed him that all this happened because of the actions he took. That is why he is going to use his powers for himself and punish those who bring misfortune to others. He wants Mob to do the same and avoid ending up like him. Meanwhile Dimple is shocked that Reigen puts his trust in Mob to do the job and won’t run away. This has Dimple decide to enter Minori and help Mob. The barrier by Mogami is too strong and he could only get in with the help of Matsuo. Just when Mob is on the verge of losing it and using his powers to retaliate, here comes Dimple to lecture him. The sinker is when he mentions Tsubomi will be sad to see him like this. With that, Mob’s memories return. Mogami is disappointed but Mob agrees in some way that the world is cruel. But he is blessed and that’s why he needs to be more thankful to everyone around him when he gets back. Because of them, he was able to change and get a little stronger. Talking is over and now it’s an epic spirit battle. Oh my. Mob’s emotions reaching 100%, he’s like going Super Saiyan!!! Mob looks like a different person altogether! Oh sh*t! The fight is just getting to freaky and abstract! Even though Mogami loses, this means all the evil spirits in his vessel are freed. They go on a rampage but Mob is determined to purify everyone and save Minori (since he heard her cries for help). In the end, Mob goes over 100% and his abstract form might give Goku a run for his money. WTF is this?! Mob then wakes up. Welcome back. Mogami tries to escape but is captured by Matsuo. Minori regains consciousness and is very apologetic to Mob. But Mob is fine. Because of this meeting, he gets to change others and she gets to change. In the aftermath, Minori is interested in Mob although her dad didn’t recall hiring any boy her age for the job. But he did try to find out more about him and stumbled on this cult’s lame website. Yeah, they’re still struggling with the donations…

Episode 6
Mob is hanging out nicely with his club members when Reigen calls for an urgent job. Fun ruined. Despite warning Reigen about making such calls on short notices, Reigen still needs him. Luckily his friends understand. After another successful exorcism, Mob reminds him that he too has a life. However Reigen this time went too far. He says his club activities doesn’t constitute as life and shouldn’t be easily taken advantage by others. He also adds that his friends are only in the way and don’t understand him, hence only mocking him as weak. Mob argues back what he said is wrong. Now he understands that not everything he said is true. Reigen has dug his own grave. With Mob getting used to his private life, Reigen is busier than ever. Luckily they’re all easy jobs and Reigen is confident that the lonely kid will come back to him. He even gets confident thinking he can make it without that kid since this business he solely built it up himself. But one day he is shocked to see him hang out with friends. Dimple says he is living life just fine without him. Reigen mocks Dimple that he will forever be Mob’s pet at this rate while he himself goes on to do something big. Suit yourself. Back home, Reigen has serious thoughts about this. He goes check his social media. Oh, a message. Happy birthday. No birthday wishes. Except from mom. Still nagging him to get married… And she sends him some job recruitment ad as present… Oh mom… Then he heads to a bar where all scam victims patron. Because of his random advice, they respect him. However his plan backfires since he realizes he really had no friends. He now truly sees this is going to a bad direction and needs to shape up. Hence he soon changes. He widens his job scope like picking up trash and giving free seminars. Then there is some online ghost player that no exorcist want to take up the job. Reigen burnt the midnight oil to level up and even make lots of in-game purchases to finally beat that ghost player! Because of that, his popularity skyrockets to a point he gets magazine interviews and now a live national TV interview. Of course this is set up by Jodo who seeks revenge after that humiliating defeat on Minori’s case. Yeah, Reigen knee kicked him in the gut when Mogami possessed him.

Episode 7
There is a kid who is possessed by Kokkuri and it is Jodo’s job to exorcise it. However he wants Reigen to do it. Initially reluctant, upon hearing Jodo will then stick to the script, Reigen wants to do it. He thinks this is all part of an act and just needs to do some flashy moves. For 30 minutes, nothing happened. Time for Jodo to step in. He can’t exorcise because the kid is not possessed! The kid then reveals so. Now the focus is on Reigen. What was he doing? Was that a new dance? Jodo has all the perfect sarcasm each time Reigen tries to make an excuse. The final nail in the coffin: When Reigen says there was Beethoven’s ghost? Jodo: *Answering to the tone of Beethoven’s 5th symphony!*. Yeah, that really killed him. Reigen is now all over the news as a scam artist. When a friend brings this up to Mob, he believes this is all part of Reigen’s plan (getting the wrong idea of course). Reigen tries to fix his image but you know, the more you try to do so on the internet, the more you get burnt. Even his bar buddies all abandon him. When reporters are stalking outside his house, he runs. But he accepts when they suggest holding a press conference. But his mind went blank so screw it as Reigen returns to his normal self. The bottom line is, they can’t prove he has no spiritual powers and so are those so called ‘victims’. He won’t say he has them either because he knows the media will not accept unless it is no. Reigen continues to answer their questions until one brings up an essay he wrote back in school that he wanted to become somebody. His mind went blank. Flashbacks shows he quit his job and did this for fun. He was considering his next move until Mob came in to complain how to control his powers. Thinking it was a prank, Reigen listens and throws him some generic advice to be a good person. Mob is impressed, though. But when Reigen sees how he used his power to saved his spilled cup, this was when Reigen realizes he was something. He wanted to grab that something for himself too. But in the end, he realizes he didn’t change and tried to cage Mob in. He only kept using him. Reigen leaves the media stumped when he leaves a message for Mob that he has grown. Suddenly all the equipment start floating. Is this his power?! They are panicking but Reigen walks out. The conference is over. Hope you guys find your next big news. Reigen stumbles into Mob on his way back. Reigen prepares for the worst when Mob says he has always known his true identity. That is, a good person. Looks like they’re back on good terms again.

Episode 8
Mezato is glad the cult is gaining followers and popularity. All that is left is for Mob to show up as the leader. Hence she calls him to use his powers and win the annual marathon with style. Of course he won’t do that and will do it on his own. Mob gets even determined to a point it shocks Dimple because he realizes he needs to finish in the top 10 so he can confess to Tsubomi! Hence, Mob begins his training with all his pals supporting him. Even Reigen gives him time off and helps jog with him. Yeah, this guy lacks exercise too. Ritsu and Teru even fill in for Mob’s job. But Ritsu has to hide when he sees Tsubomi coming in as a client! Actually, her friend Miki needs some love advice. Reigen dispenses his love advice and eventually Tsubomi too asks some questions pertaining to love. Later Tsubomi tells Miki her questions were fake just to test if Reigen was the real deal. It doesn’t look like he is a bad guy. She notices Mob in one of Reigen’s wall photos. Marathon day is here and as it begins, the tussling has Mob falling and scrapping his knee. He is so determined that he gets up and continues running. Dimple suggests cheating and Reigen is also here to provide his support but with Mob being so focused, nothing will change his mind. Unfortunately he passes out and is taken into the infirmary. He might not have finished the race but he impressed a lot of people because he kept going. Back home, Ritsu thought Mob is at the door (you mean nobody waited to get him at school?) but to his horror it is Shou. When Mob gets back, he is shocked to see his house on fire. So shocked that he walks into the burning house and stays positive that his family is still alive. But when Dimple says there were signs of break in at the front door, Mob fears the family might have been kidnapped. But when he opens the next room, he sees a burning corpse… Oh no. Mob turning Super Saiyan in his rage!

Episode 9
Dimple reasons that the corpse is a dummy. But Mob will not rest until he finds the culprits. He uses his power to detect them and then beats the hell out of them for info. Before more of their buddies could come as reinforcements, Koyama and Sakurai takes Mob away to their hideout. It seems Reigen is the boss of the former members of Scar’s 7th division! So that esper thingy on TV made them think he is fit to be their leader against Claw? When Reigen tells that Mob’s family is safe, Mob only relaxes but falls asleep from exhaustion. Reigen’s office was also burnt down but luckily he was away. Also in this ragtag group are Mitsuura and those Awakening Lab kids. The whole gang is here with Teru who survived an attack from a Claw member, brings the arsonist in for interrogation. He reveals their boss plans for world domination and has gathered espers all over the world. Indeed, Touichirou Suzuki hijacks the world’s TV to make his announcement and Claw’s war declaration on the world. In order to achieve that goal, they will destroy Japan first. Well, gotta start small. This Suzuki turns out to be Shou’s dad and he has had it with this lameness. Ritsu is alive and well with him. Turns out Shou popped up to give hotspring tickets to Ritsu’s parents so you can bet they are safely enjoying themselves. Some of Claw’s foreigner members led by Joseph doesn’t think Claw’s plan to fight Japan’s numerous police will be good. Hence they try to bring down this organization by picking a fight with the division leaders. Joseph confronts Suzuki and thinks this will be the end. However he met his match as Suzuki isn’t flinching. The destruction of division leaders isn’t merely enough to take down Claw. As long as he has the strongest Ultimate 5 (Shimazaki, Hatori, Shibata, Minegishi and Serizawa), they are invincible. Joseph manages to escape by the skin of his teeth. Apparently Reigen’s party missed Suzuki’s broadcast because they were partying courtesy of Mitsuura’s food. Shimazaki kidnaps the Prime Minister as he has teleport abilities. However Teru tries to intercept but since he lacks knowledge of his abilities, he is defeated.

Episode 10
With Suzuki and Claw taking over a tower as their base, the lower members of Claw are enough to keep those police at bay. The surrounding area then becomes a battlefield. Some of Reigen’s side wants to strike first but Reigen disagrees as they are not superheroes and have to lie low until this blows over. But when Reigen receives a call from the insurance company that the fire will not be covered by esper attacks, he gets mad that he won’t get any compensation. Hence he changes his mind to go into battle! Meanwhile Ritsu and Shou’s side make their way towards the tower but they face Minegishi. Shou’s underlings fight him so the boys can go ahead but it didn’t take long for Minegishi to defeat them with his plant powers. Reigen splits his team to infiltrate into the tower. On Teru’s side, they face off with a few Claw members but Terada betrays as he claims he is working with the enemy to get info and will gladly tell them if they reinstate him back into the team. Sakurai’s side is infiltrating from the sewers but Shimazaki is waiting for them. Mitsuura warns Reigen that Claw members are here to get them so Reigen takes Mob to hide. Of course they are sniffed out but thanks to some curse spray he got from Sakurai, Reigen puts them to sleep. Now they have to deal with Shibata. The spray doesn’t work and he only becomes stronger and madder. Dimple possesses Mob to fight back but realizes he can’t win and runs. With Shibata hot on his heels, this dude is so strong that when he throws Mob, Dimple is pushed out of possession! Luckily the Body Building Club buddies catch Mob. When Shibata comes into the picture, Musashi tries to tell him off not to bully their club member but is smacked down. The other members try to fend Shibata off but gets owned. Shibata is about to stomp Mob but Musashi uses his body to protect him. Dimple then possesses Musashi to fight back. Because Musashi has been training his muscles every day, this is the reason why he beats Shibata whose muscles are developed only from spiritual power. Of course this damages some of Musashi’s muscles. When Shibata gets back up again, this time Mob wakes up and puts him down for good. Mob parts with those guys as Dimple fills him in on what has happened. Ritsu and Shou have reached the tower.

Episode 11
Teru’s side defeated the baddies. Terada claims he was just lying to get their guard down. Yeah… However on Sakurai’s side, they’re totally routed by Shimazaki. Now this guy goes to face Ritsu and Shou but Ritsu wants Shou to go ahead to put a stop to his dad. Reluctantly he does so and easily beats up Hatori along the way since he is physically the weakest. Mob tries to stop a few punks from looting and since they look down on him, time for Mob to lecture them about thinking they’re special. With Minegishi coming into the picture, time for an epic battle. With Matsuo helping out, one of the punks accidentally breaks a spirit bottle of his. It housed Mogami as he sucks the life force of all those around. Even Minegishi is scared and can’t control his plants. Mogami wants to kill all these bad people but Mob reasons with him that they can change. Though, he can’t guarantee if he can watch them all rehabilitate so Mogami makes a deal with him that he’ll let go of this in exchange if he becomes hard on others. Shou faces off with his dad but is no match for him. Like him who has been storing up power for 3 months, Suzuki has been doing it for 20 years. He explains his journey around the world was to see if it was worth dominating. And he concluded there are no other stronger espers than him. Ritsu isn’t alone facing Shimazaki. The other Scar members pitch in to help. Everyone against Shimazaki. Why does this feels like everybody against Thanos? Although Shimazaki owns everyone, Teru is able to figure out that he cannot be in top condition if he loses concentration. Because of that, Shimazaki tries to kill this in this overkill smackdown. Teru distracts him that he is just an ordinary human who can be defeated, allowing others to do relay combos on this guy. Too bad he finally got his focus back and returns to owning everyone. He awakens to the next power level but senses Mob coming. A more powerful esper. He relishes to fight him but gets punched by Reigen???!!! Oh, he can’t detect this guy! Knowing he doesn’t stand a chance against them, Shimazaki admits defeat. He isn’t interested in taking over the world and is doing it for fun. This doesn’t sit well with Mob because their actions have disrupted lives. Instantly Shimazaki felt scared and teleports away. All that is left is the last boss but Mob tells everyone he will go alone since they are injured. Even if they can fight, they’ll get in the way. That is Mob’s take on being harsh on everyone. Reigen has Dimple go with him. Mob now faces off with Serizawa.

Episode 12
Serizawa explains how Suzuki saved him from his shut-in life. He understood Serizawa was bullied and ostracised due to his tremendous power and wants him to join his side. Afraid to leave his room, he is given an umbrella that supposedly works as a substitute. Mob tries to take away his umbrella but like a child losing his blanket, he explodes in anxiety. This makes Mob realize that Serizawa has been given the impression he cannot live on his own. Mob understands his desire to want friends but at this rate he isn’t going to make any or integrate back into society. Also, Suzuki sees him as a tool and is only being used. Ironically, Mob is the one to say. Serizawa accidentally fires his most powerful shot but Mob absorbs it and feels its sadness. Then he returns it to Serizawa. He too could feel Mob’s sadness and now understands they’re the same. Shou definitely didn’t stand a chance against his dad. He mentions about the project to make artificial espers failed. All those under Claw can do so because Suzuki lend his powers to them. This means that since they are defeated, he can take them back. Mob arrives in time before Shou is dead meat. He knows what is going on thanks to Serizawa telling the truth. Actually Serizawa couldn’t stand watching Suzuki beating up Shou and that’s why he left to face Mob. Serizawa is grateful to Suzuki for changing his life but he realizes his happiness comes from hurting others and had he knew that, he wouldn’t have left his room in the first place. Suzuki can sense Mob’s powers. Viewing him as his potential enemy, he goes on the offensive. With Dimple getting owned, Reigen knows something is wrong and takes action. With Suzuki believing himself as the true and only power and that bonds are meaningless, Mob’s beliefs are contradictory to his. He believes everyone has their own shortcomings and that’s why bonds are important. Suzuki continues to beat down Mob. Cue for Reigen to pop up. He acts confident as usual. Even suggesting to join his side. Heck, he has a way to defeat Suzuki? Let’s hear it. Rather, Reigen tries to punch him with brute force but fails of course. Suzuki is going to kill him but is protected by Serizawa. Mob gets back up. He is done talking. Maybe guys like him only learn after getting hurt. Suzuki tries to destroy Reigen first and although Mob protects them, they are flung out. Thanks to Minegishi’s plants saving them. At this point, Suzuki realizes all his men have betrayed him and is now alone. Not that he is worried about it since he has always been like that from the start. Mob’s goal to float the tower is so that he can hit him with everything he’s got in this final boss fight.

Episode 13
The epic power boss fight begins! But when Mob sees Ritsu, he loses focus as he realizes he has let the power control him. With Suzuki pounding him and bragging he is a lucky man to have such powers, Mob notes he doesn’t lack luck but bonds since he is the only one in his world. Woah. Mob using all the buildings to crush Suzuki! But instead he powers up into a different being! Mob is beaten to a pulp but what sets Suzuki seething in anger is that Mob has given up?! Really?! He realizes he is not strong enough to change him. As Suzuki continues to take it all out on him, Mob then uses his powers to contort him unimaginable! What Mob meant is that he is fine with both of them losing. With Suzuki now a ball of energy waiting to explode, Mob tells the rest to escape. But he goes back so as to help contain the explosion. Wow. Mob even lecturing him that everyone is the protagonist of his/her own life and thus it is his own decision to come back to try and save him. Even though Mob doesn’t like him, leaving him to suffer alone isn’t what he want. I guess that’s the clincher. Flashback shows Suzuki being ruthless and his wife didn’t like it. He believed power is absolute and the only thing that would get him followers. Mob tries to absorb some of the explosion but it looks like the atomic bomb just went off. In the aftermath, Mob is plucked out from the rubble. He gets his much needed rest but since their home is gone, they head to school. Too bad the Body Building Club guys think they should all go on a training camp now! I guess that incident really hit them. Next morning, everyone is shocked to see a giant broccoli in place of where the explosion was. The Amazing Lab kids want to stop becoming espers as they don’t want to misuse their powers. Mitsuura accepts that but hopes they will drop in sometimes as friends. Other Claw and Scar members try to find their footing in society again. Surprisingly, Suzuki allows himself to be arrested by Joseph since he is an undercover agent. Suzuki laments he wanted Shou to meet mom again but rest assured, he has done so once in a while. Shou lets his dad know this isn’t over yet since she has yet to scold him for turning into this. Reigen gets a new office since the insurance finally pays out. Serizawa is trying to look for a job here. Reigen hires him but first a haircut. Man, he looks different but presentable! Since Mob is his senior, he has to show him the ropes. Getting nervous? Mob then remembers the giant broccoli is due to the seeds that was in his pocket.

Rage And Honour: It’s Over 9000!!!!!!!
Oh my. I thought the final episode turned into some sort of Dragonball crossover with its insane amount of power and fighting. Cool! The world could have ended that night but thanks to Mob, everyone gets to go on living their normal lives the next day, not knowing what really happened last night. Yeah, the city was so evacuated and I’m surprised there were no people taking videos or recording this even from afar. See all the clueless people the next day? Yeah, that huge power fight that took the final battle to another level of dimension, nobody else was witnessing it?! It is a good thing that Mob continues to be Mob in the end and didn’t have to turn to the dark side or sacrifice himself to save the world. Yeah, it looked like it could have turned that way as there were a few times that we see Mob on the verge of giving up and going to cross the dark side. But was he just trolling us or changed his manner of thinking? Either way, it’s good to have Mob back and with Claw disbanded, let’s hope he can get back to his real challenge in life as a normal middle school kid. That confession to Tsubomi is still on the waiting list…

It is without a doubt that this season rocks and perhaps even more thanks to the action packed second half and Mob changing into someone much better that surprises a lot because he feels a lot like a different person although maintaining as Mob. Get it? The first half of this season might be a bit slow and so I feared that the rest of the season might be this familiar pattern of Reigen dragging Mob around to do odd exorcism jobs (sometimes con jobs too). Thankfully the first half isn’t all that boring since it is surprisingly focused on Reigen. We know this guy has been using Mob for his con jobs but what surprises us the most that he actually cares about him! I mean, we know he does take care of Mob but that is only because he is using him and so as to continue his scams. That is what we all view and knew of Reigen. So when he showed some sort of empathy and compassion towards a very conflicted Mob, wow we only thought he was heartless. We started to see him in a different light. And then he goes back to being a dick again with those arrogant and careless quips that strained their relationship for a while. It was pretty much an eye opener and blessing for Reigen because now he really has to count his blessings. And while Reigen may overall still be Reigen, at least now that he acknowledges Mob’s importance and worth (not because for his own gains), we see Reigen in a slightly better light. But still, we need to keep our suspicions on him because at the end of every episode as he narrates the next episode preview, he will eventually be talking and promoting about this series on DVDs and BDs and the likes. That’s the best way to support this series!

Things really picked up the pace in the second half. This is where everything goes off at full speed. The sudden attack of Suzuki and his Claw organization really took everything by surprise with their quick offensive for world domination. Starting with Japan, of course. In this part, it is Mob’s growth that astounds us the most. He is no longer that meek and indecisive kid we once knew a while ago. It is as though he went on a long journey to search for himself and then come back a wise sage! Wow. Suddenly he can lecture us about loneliness, bonds and friendship. But he isn’t pulling it out of the air since he has put in a lot of effort and experienced a lot of harshness to get where he is right now. So with Mob awakened on all fronts, it is indeed shocking to see that he has grown and changed in that short amount of time. It is during such times of chaos that we see characters being built and thank goodness Mob has grown up fast in that situation. But still, why all that running and jogging didn’t make him the least bit physically stronger?!

Everything happened so fast in the second half with Suzuki suddenly coming into the picture as Claw’s big boss, it confused me a little at first. Because at the end of last season, I remember Shou was calling his dad about Scar’s failure and wanted him back in Japan as soon as possible. Damn I thought there was going to be this father and son combo to take over the world. But surprise! Shou is actually on the good side? Did something happen while we weren’t watching? Perhaps. Because since when was Shou and Ritsu such ‘good friends’? And then suddenly bringing back all the disbanded members of 7th division of Scar and to fight along the good side against Suzuki and Claw, that was unexpected too. At least I didn’t foresee that. Maybe one or two of them would return but all of them? Damn, was I paying attention?

With this season, there are many more characters introduced that I think the character pool has become bloated. Many feel insignificant but some of them do play their moments like he Body Building Club buddies to prove that their friendship with Mob isn’t all muscles. Some feel like red herring or didn’t really go anywhere like Kamuro’s comeback as student council president and Mezato’s goal to make Mob the cult leader (Mob would have really become God had his heroics being known). I thought Mob might be starting get a harem of his own since Emi and Minori I feel take genuine interest in Mob. But that would be unnecessary distraction from the final battle with Claw. And I wouldn’t want that either. That Joseph guy feels a bit redundant too. I thought I’ve seen the last of him after he fled his failed attack against Suzuki and his Ultimate 5. Because it’s like as though his role was there to arrest Suzuki, that’s it. Even some of the more supporting and main characters like Teru and Ritsu weren’t that prominent, like as though they don’t want to steal Mob’s limelight. Dimple feels more like an annoying sidekick (like that fairy that always accompanies Link) and it’s like we have forgotten his ulterior motive of why he is hanging out with Mob. Will he change now after being with him for a while and seeing Mob’s true powers?

Suzuki as the main antagonist, he might sound like a typical villain but because of Mob’s great profiling of him, he turns out to be someone who is just lost. Mob understands him the best because they are the same. When you are the most powerful being that is so different from everyone else, who would understand you? Is this the reason why we never really understand God?! But it goes to show that even Mob can turn this guy over a new leaf. It is safe to say that Mob doesn’t just talk the talk but walk the walk too. Who else better but to bring someone as lost as Suzuki to his senses as Mob has went through (somewhat) similar hardships. After all, Suzuki now gets a chance to make repentance. Something he can still do when he is alive and not dead. I guess he isn’t so powerful after all now that he is going to get an earful from his wife… ;p. On a trivial note, I have always thought that Suzuki would have been an evil version of Reigen had the latter had esper powers and misused them. Must be the way they dressed sharply that made me think they are similar.

Mob might not be perfect and still has his flaws. But it is a good thing that he continued to stay true to his beliefs. He might not have the best solutions for this wretched world, but he does what he can and to the best of his abilities. After all, Mob is Mob and the best he could do is to be himself. He isn’t any superhero (although technically he saved the world or rather Japan from Suzuki’s schemes) and definitely he is no God. It might sound naïve to wish that people will turn over a new leaf and learn from their mistake, but I guess that is better than many who misuse and abuse their power. Or in worse case, victims like Mogami becoming a vengeful spirit and continue the vicious cycle. Even if having esper powers give you the right to dominate others naturally and instinctively, does it give you the right to pass on misery to others? After all, Mob is such a good kid that he doesn’t harbour any ill intentions. Even when his master is being a scam artist dick, he still believes he is a good person! Even Hitler has his sympathizers, if you know what I mean… All in all, Mob’s self-realizing statements do make much sense. Mob isn’t a psycho, it’s the world!

It goes without saying that the power action bits here take the cake. With all the espers coming in for one big battle, we will soon forget that this series is about a clueless and meek middle school boy whose extraordinary esper powers is being used by his master for his own gains. The power battles are exaggerated but epic at the same time. If not for that ‘ugly’ drawing that makes it all look cartoonish but I guess this is the series’ trademark visuals. It’s not that bad actually. Of course this makes a lot of characters look weird. Like that moment exorcists from all walks of life were called to exorcist Minori. It’s like one freaking freaky cosplay convention and a macho guy wearing bra and panties showing up among the midst! Definitely a scam! So if you disregard the ‘crap’ art, the action sequences are quite enjoyable. It’s nice to see that moment of everybody taking down Shimazaki since it has that feel of Avengers and every other heroes in the MCU taking on Thanos. Was that fight inspired by this? Well, it was nicely done. With Mob know awakened to his even more powerful esper power, I just wonder why his hair didn’t grow any longer or turn glowing blonde like a Super Saiyan. Just saying… But in this mode, Mob looks more like Boku No Hero Academia’s Midoriya.

At points I was contemplating if this series was going to turn into a horror genre because of some of the scenes that almost spooked the living daylights out of me. Coupled in with that ‘crappy’ animation, yeah at points they look scary. For instance, the family of good ghosts that Mob was in a dilemma to exorcise. It may be nothing to others but for a horror averse guy like me, even those simple drawings were enough to give me the chills. But thanks to the ‘crappy’ drawing that makes it not looking so realistic and hence I didn’t suffer any nightmares subsequently. After all, when you are dealing with the supernatural theme, ghosts and spirits have got to be something to expect.

This season’s opening theme, 99.9 by Mob Choir featuring Sajou No Hana is as epic as it sounds. Because it sounds like one big cheer and support theme for Mob. Are you ready to get psyched up? Are you ready to dig your anger up? Are you ready for the hype train?! And while the opening animation credits is filled with lots of weirdness, I guess it doesn’t get weird enough to have Mob in Lego form. Sajou No Hana sings the main ending theme, Memosepia. A rather okay rock piece if you ask me. Special ending themes like Gray (1st and 7th episode), Mabuta No Ura (5th episode) and Ikiru Hitobito (final episode) feel more like slow rock.

Overall, this second season hits all the right notes. At least, most of them. It has got a good character development especially for Mob as well as heart pounding action sequences in the later half. It sure doesn’t look like it is going to have another season, the way things ‘ended’. But who knows? An even darker and more secretive organization could be lurking and Claw was just the front! Plot twist! Yeah, anything could happen in life. Ultimately it isn’t about who has the best esper powers but whether you have them or not, it is about human relationships and bonds. Humans being the more complex creatures compared to ghosts. Because the latter either wants to scare you or hurt you or kill you for vengeance. But the former tries to be friends with you first… Heh. Took and reedited that quote from a certain famous Australian Crocodile Hunter. May he rest in peace. As long as we are alive, we still have a chance to make amends. Something that no matter how much esper power you have could never teach you. Mob went through all of that to teach us that so we don’t have to. Thanks for reminding us what it is to be human beings.

Mob Psycho 100

February 5, 2017

The biggest question that everyone has been having on their minds since. What happens if One Punch Man’s Saitama had hair and he didn’t have a brutally strong physical punch but the most powerful psychic and esper powers ever. And now you have your answer. Voila! Behold! You get Mob Psycho 100! Haha! Just kidding. But no, really. The similarities are more than just coincidence because both series are written by the same author. The main character of this show indeed looks like Saitama with hair. But that is not the point of this show. It isn’t an alternate reality whereby Saitama is an esper. Heck, it isn’t about Saitama at all. It’s not a spinoff or alternate retelling of One Punch Man even. This is a completely different anime. A totally different series. A boy with special powers trying to do his good by exorcising dangerous and wicked spirits around.

Episode 1
Arataka Reigen is the new rising paranormal detective. He accepts to look into the case of his client, Hanako because she claims some ghost is always head butting her in her dream. However her boyfriend, Tarou is suspicious Reigen might be fake and his suspicions are close to true when Reigen points out the wrong haunted building and is more afraid of cockroaches than ghosts. When the real spirit appears, Reigen throws salt. Nothing happens. Even the ghost mocks him only purification salt will do. So Reigen calls his next trump card, Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama. This kid walks in casually and instantly exorcises the ghost! Mob is supposedly Reigen’s student but he wonders why Reigen can’t take care of such lowly spirit. Reigen claims he is training Mob to control his power that will ‘melt’ everything. Really? Mob is just an ordinary high school student otherwise. Has a crush on this pretty girl, Tsubomi, bad in studies and definitely the worst in sports. Reigen calls him for another mission. This time a haunted tunnel supposedly where a busload of people died and their vengeance is swirling around the area. Reigen lets Mob handle the small fries while he claims to find the bigger one but actually does nothing. When Reigen bumps into this wrestler guy, he is actually a real ghost and the leader of his biker gang. They all perished here when their bikes slipped on a banana. Yes, seriously. Reigen could have been done for had not Mob used his barrier to protect him and the gang leader thought this weakling had some sort of cool power. Eventually Mob reduces him into pipsqueak level. Reigen wants him to finish him off but Mob wants to hear him out. It seems there is another big evil spirit that is commanding them to do bad stuffs. Mob moves forward to take a look although pipsqueak believes he is not powerful enough to take it on. When the spirit shows up and devours Mob, Mob exorcises it from within! And he thinks it wasn’t very powerful to begin with! Oh sh*t! Mob even hands back pipsqueak’s group photo of his gang, enough to touch his heart and send him passing over with peace. Mob’s such a great guy. When Mob asks why Reigen didn’t even do anything, he manages to worm his way out with this excuse that he already told him to leave the small fries to him. Can’t argue with that.

Episode 2
Reigen’s client doesn’t believe his ghostly problem as pointed out is due to porn sites! Reigen then starts massaging his shoulders and back. Once his full chiropractic therapy is done, this guy really felt good! So it’s all over? When Mob asks the serious question about life, Reigen thinks he is on to him so he tells him not to rush it and take it easy. All he needs to do is laze around and make money for him. When a member leaves the Telepathy Club, Tome Kurata the president goes into emergency mode to find another member fast. Because here comes Tokugawa the student council vice president threatening to abolish the club and give it to another club if they don’t find a replacement member in 2 days. So with her members, Inukawa, Kijibayashi and Saruta, they go all out to recruit anybody but were all rejected. Till Mob is brought in since he doesn’t have a club. Tome is desperate enough to try and act all nicely for him to join but Mob is unsure since he has a job to do after this. He calls Reigen for advice. Hearing him out, Reigen believes Tome is only using him for her means. Tome takes over the conversation and calls Reigen a fraud but he tells her off for trying to steal his student’s time. Mob thinks of joining when he sees Tome in tears but Reigen warns those are just crocodile tears. He adds how the club does nothing and if it is going down it is because it is meant to go down. Mob is about to leave but Inukawa tells him Tome really believes in telepathy while the rest are here to only goof off. This is the only club where he can be carefree so think about it.

Mob is given the night to think about it as he goes for a job with Reigen. How are they supposed to infiltrate an all-girls’ high school? Dressed up as girls! Nobody is going to be fooled with that awful disguise! However the guards think Mob is a real girl and lets him in! Mob meets the clients, Chihiro and Mari who tell him about the poltergeist events spotted at school. As Mob walks around, the duo start wondering if he is the real deal. Then Mob detects the evil spirit and traps it at the gym where the basketball team is practising. The spirit thinks he can crush Mob but Mob is f*cking powerful! Now he is scared and going to take a hostage. But Mob finishes him off. While the girls around praise him, Mob hears the spirit’s final words. He was like Mob, a loser. When things started to go right for him, he died. So is he living life to the fullest? This has Mob start thinking hard. Next day as he is about to give his answer to Tome, here comes Tokugawa bringing a club filled with macho men in. So Mob is their new recruit, eh? Tokugawa spams him with lots of questions till one he cannot answer: Does he have anything he wants to do. Mob is finding it hard to answer as Tokugawa tells him about goofing off in this club doing nothing productive. If he wants to join on his own free will, that is fine. But please reconsider carefully if this is what he wants to do. All Mob could think about is confessing to Tsubomi. Flashback shows she used to be awed with his psychic powers till she got bored. And then she her attention shifted to stronger guys. If joining a club can change anything, he’ll do. So is he going to join the Telepathy Club? HE JOINS THE MACHO MEN BODY BUILDING CLUB!!!!! This guy needs to build some muscles, right? Glad to have you onboard!

Episode 3
Mob is seriously lagging in the body building aspect. No stamina. Thankfully these macho guys allow the Telepathy Club to share the room. Tome doesn’t believe he has psychic powers but after he demonstrates, she hopes he could help her achieve her dream of communicating with extraterrestrials. He won’t. She then tells him off being strong won’t make him popular. It is reading the minds of girls that will. So when Mob asks Reigen about this, he too can tell he wants to be popular for a girl. It’s written all over your face. On his way home, Mob encounters a strange lady who believes he has problems in love. He would have declined following her had she not assure him it will make him famous. He follows her to a secret underground base and the group is called LOL. I kid you not. Everyone is smiling and laughing. Mob along with a couple of new recruits that include a grumpy man and his classmate, Ichi Mezato are ushered onto stage to be introduced. Then the clan leader, Dimple makes his appearance. Laughing is the of course first order. He tries to get them to free their hearts and laugh but Mezato claims she doesn’t believe all that BS. She is the school’s reporter and heard about a religious cult gaining popularity in a month by brainwashing others and forcing them to join. Dimple proves his work by putting a mask on the grumpy man and now he is all smiling! Mezato still doubts but she can’t leave as Dimple wants her to smile. She can’t force herself to laugh or that will be lying to herself. After a mask is put on her, she starts laughing too. It seems her body is laughing on its own accord but deep down inside Mezato doesn’t want to. Welcome aboard.

Mob then wants to leave. The mask has no effect on him. Dimple is shocked it doesn’t work and has Mob play a game of starring with his best smilers. The first to laugh loses. His smilers all lost. Dimple then challenges him himself. He spiked Mob’s drink and almost caused him to laugh in which Mob denies he is so. When everyone restrains him and Dimple is trying to hint to him to get a clue and laugh, this makes Mob remember how the other kids told him to go home because he was the only one not laughing. Worse, Tsubomi told him to get a clue. Dimple tries his direct hypnosis but doesn’t work. He then tries to instigate Mob that he has no feelings and thus he can never be with the one he loves. It is then Dimple realizes he has similar psychic powers and is his enemy. He orders his followers to get rid of him. But then Mob bursts into full power! As narrated, Mob rarely showed his powers in public. As he realized how dangerous it was, he is unable to act or do as he pleased and this meant his emotions came to a halt. His aversion to using his powers has become a complex. His emotions locked inside his heart. But now an emotion has burst out and it is rage. Wow. Mob becomes like a Super Saiyan as he fights off Dimple. So powerful that Dimple couldn’t even touch him! If it is emotions you want, here they are. Feel the rage! In the aftermath, Mob is bummed out as he talks to Reigen who thinks he shouldn’t be too conscious since he has no social skills. Because he is the protagonist of his own life. After hearing what happened, Reigen explains that incident was just a simple mind control. That wasn’t salvation and Dimple was just having them depend on him. Since Mob was super dense, it didn’t work on him. This means that density itself has him saved many people today. The followers of LOL are broken free from the hypnosis. They barely remember what happened but think that kid has awesome powers and want to find him and worship him as their new God!

Episode 4
When Black Vinegar Middle School’s gang leader, Tsuyshi Edano is beaten up by Tenga Onigawara, the gang leader for Salt Middle School, he calls in their trump card, Teruki “Teru” Hanazawa to avenge them. This pretty boy easily beats up a gangster with no sweat? He is the real villain because he has no qualms using others for his own gain. Mob is surprised Dimple is hanging around him as a friendly ghost. He states his goal to become God and wants to team up with him to achieve greatness. But Mob isn’t buying it and wants to exorcise him. After pleading for his life, Mob will seek Reigen’s advice. However Dimple can see Reigen is a scam as he has no spiritual powers and thus cannot detect him. But you know what Reigen said? The spirit is too weak to be detected so Mob can do whatever he wants! Dimple is going to use Mob like how Reigen does so the first thing is to observe Mob. Mezato tries to talk to Ritsu, Mob’s younger brother in order to get an interview with him. He tells her off that Mob’s psychic power is not some sideshow. Despite Ritsu is good in his studies and popular, he sets Mob’s psychic power as his standards and always envies it. So when he asks Mob why he doesn’t use it often in public, Mob replies there is more to it. Instead Mob is envious of Ritsu’s popularity and brains and wishes he had other powers like reading his surroundings.

Onigawara and his co try to get the Body Building Club to help them beat up their enemies. But they get beaten up as warning since these guys do not use their muscles for violence. But after noticing Mob as a member, Onigawara hatches his plan. He puts a fake love letter in Mob’s shoe locker. It’s so bad anybody can tell it is written from a guy. Of course Mob being the ‘kind’ person who doesn’t want to break the heart of the ‘girl’ who might be waiting, takes the bait. Onigawara also has sent a challenge letter to Black Vinegar guys. So when Mob arrives, the Black Vinegar guys tie him up thinking this must be some sort of trap as they wait and use Mob as hostage. Similarly, the Body Building Club also gets a letter that Mob has been taken hostage so they rush to rescue their comrade. Black Vinegar guys are going to be in for a shock to see these macho men whom they cannot touch and just flick away with their fingers! Then here comes Teru. First he beats up Edano for being a failure and reliefs him as the gang leader. Then he easily beats up the musclemen with ease. When Onigawara joins in, he too gets taken out. It seems Teru has very powerful psychic powers too. To his surprise, he didn’t realize Mob is the only one left standing and didn’t even notice his presence. Mob warns him about using his power in public and for fighting. Shock to see another person other than yourself with power?

Episode 5
Teru becomes defensive and tries to establish the hierarchy by showing off his threatening power. Dimple tries to convince Mob to use his power but Mob clearly remembers Reigen’s advice that everyone is good at their own talent. People with psychic powers like them can be dangerous when used wrongly. Like a knife. Because Mob refuses to fight back, Teru pounds him with his powers. Dimple suggests to Teru for this to be a draw since he needs Mob too. Since Teru rejects, Dimple transforms to his true form ready to beat him up but was instantly exorcised! Mob becomes shocked that Dimple is gone (memories of Dimple being an annoying company flashes through his mind?). Teru gets mad when Mob doesn’t like the way he badmouths others. It makes Dimple look like a pretty nice guy. Teru becomes mad as he beats up Mob with full power, trying to force him to use his power. When Teru hurls knives in a bid to scare him, Mob uses his barrier and it deflects back to shave off Teru’s head! He thinks Mob did it on purpose and is even madder now. As the fight rages on and Teru continue to be cocky about himself as the main character, Mob hits it right at his nerves. He realizes Teru is just average like him. Not because they have the same powers but rather they are losers who are nothing if they do not have their psychic power. Angry Teru denies all that and still believes he is very different than him. Teru uses his brute strength to strangle Mob as he blames him for ruining his perfect world. Teru thinks Mob’s weak ‘punch’ in his face is an insult. So after all that muscle training and this is what he has got to show? It’s like he didn’t change.

Mob fears he cannot not use his power at this rate. Then he passes out. Teru thinks it is a draw as he walks away. But then Mob wakes up totally a different person! Oh sh*t! Who is this guy?! Is this power over 9000???!!! Teru thinks he is now serious to fight back with his power but is blown away. Even his clothes are blown away! Realizing Mob is in an unconscious state, Teru thinks he has awakened something he shouldn’t have. Mob is observing powers from Teru and his surroundings. Too late to be sorry now and repent. Because Mob’s telekinesis lifts Teru and the entire school block into the sky!!! Holy sh*t! It’s like Teru has gone to heaven! When Mob regains consciousness, he realizes he has failed to change. This leads him to explode into another form of emotions: Sadness. So sad that his power put back each and every block of the decimated school! OMFG! The school is like good as new! When Edano and co wake up and see Teru in this humiliated state, they run. Teru admits he has lost and just like Mob said, he is nothing without his powers. As for the macho men, they are just glad Mob is okay and they head back to do more squats. Back home, Ritsu can tell Mob is down. Mob feels sorry for that incident. The one where high school boys attacked them and Mob believed he did something to hurt Ritsu (he has no memories when his power is released in that full state). Ritsu says it was nothing. One of the punks kicked him and he got hurt. But Mob protected him. However Mob can tell something is off because he remembered it in a slightly different way. The TV news plays the supernatural phenomenon of building blocks floating into the sky and witnesses telling their dramatic sightings. Ritsu is also watching the news and he doesn’t want to believe that was Mob’s doing.

Episode 6
Reigen is in another spiritual medium scam. Yeah, this dude is trying to call his late father all because he wants to password to the safe. When he can’t get what he wants, he gets violent so Reigen punches him out in self defence. This has Mob wonder if fighting back this way would be okay. Of course his previous supernatural ‘fight back’ didn’t count. Mezato tries to get Mob to confess he was the one behind that phenomenon but he won’t say. Tome is shocked it wasn’t done by aliens! Thinking there are more espers, she suggests going on a ‘date’ to find more of them. Doesn’t Reigen count as another one? Apparently there is a difference between psychic power and spiritual power. According to Reigen, that is. Onigawara feels the need to find the guy who beat up Teru and make him their shadow leader. He thought he was the Body Building Club’s captain, Gouda Musashi but was told he wasn’t. It’s like Musashi knows who that person is but refuses to tell so as not to get him involved. Ritsu is in a student council meeting that includes that president, Shinji Kamuro. They are trying to tackle a more effective way of delinquents. Kamuro wants to hear Ritsu’s opinion so he suggests reprimanding them. On his way back, this strange guy, Kenji Mitsuura gives him his card inviting him to his Awakening Lab to help awake his psychic powers. Ritsu thinks he must have mistaken him to be Mob and leaves. Ritsu then stumbles into Tokugawa who has noticed his behaviour of trying to play a minor role and let others have the spotlight. He tells him not to act like his brother. This was enough for Ritsu to take up Mitsuura’s offer. He is introduced to other kids supposedly having such powers. In short, weak and pathetic. Not a big deal. Thinking Mitsuura bribed them or something, Mitsuura explains he is just a son of a wealthy family and his dream is just to become an esper and thus spent a lot on this research. Ritsu agrees to join since he too wants to raise his standards.

Kamuro has his own family problems. His brother is a very accomplished person and it seems he is hounded by his family to live up to that expectations. Next day in school, Ritsu is called to a class where Kamuro tells him they are going to frame Onigawara by making him look like he stole the girls’ recorders as he is the school’s worst delinquent. At firs Ritsu is against this but when Kamuro points out at Ritsu’s unwanted praises, Ritsu thinks back at how his parents always praised him and Mob too for his talents. Before you know it, there are recorder parts all over the classroom. Onigawara is running with Musashi and forming an alliance in hopes he could learn the name of the shadow leader. When he returns, there is already a commotion and Kamuro and Ritsu are searching everyone’s bag for evidence. Ritsu then finds the recorder mouthpieces inside Onigawara’s desk. Easily he is suspected and labelled as a pervert who wants to lick the girls’ recorder. As much as Onigawara wants to deny he can’t. Nobody believes him. Plus, he is finding it hard to resist fighting back since everyone is expecting him to use violence to solve things. He almost loses himself when he gets rough with Ritsu when he found more recorder parts in his bag. Onigawara is ‘defeated’ when he falls and accidentally peeps underneath a girl’s skirt. It’s the end of the road for him. The girl isn’t that pretty by the way… Ritsu feels sick having to think he was in cohorts with this and Kamuro was laughing his ass off after that. He gives up on Awakening Lab and throws away his spoon, admitting he has no such powers. But Mitsuura is left shocked when the spoon is twisted in such a hideous way. You can’t bend a spoon by throwing it like that, right? Ritsu is already in a bad mood when he stumbles upon Reigen and then he senses a spirit in front of his house. Isn’t that Dimple?!

Episode 7
With Teru’s defeat spread like wildfire, other school gangs now term this mysterious dude as White T Poison and want to take him on. Ritsu is shocked he can communicate with Dimple. But he beats him up as exorcism?! Dimple explains he manages to come back but because his spiritual power is way lesser, he can’t come back to this house where Mob has such great power. Noticing Ritsu’s power has awakened, he has Ritsu demonstrate bending spoons. At first he couldn’t but subsequently he could. Dimple tricks him into teaming up to become more powerful. Fortunately Dimple’s plan to possess Ritsu’s body didn’t come into fruition since he is too weak to do so although it does enhance Ritsu’s latent power. Kamuro and Ritsu go around cleaning up the school by ousting delinquents. They frame them for a crime they didn’t commit and then give them an option to save their own skin by blaming it on Onigawara who ordered them. While Kamuro revels in this accomplishment because it makes him look like a hero, Ritsu is rife with guilt. However he realizes this is fuel for his powers. On the streets, a few delinquents want to get back at Ritsu as they know he was the one who framed them. With Dimple’s cooperation, he beats the crap out of them. Then here comes Teru. My, a new beehive hairstyle?! He is trying to advise Ritsu from straying down the wrong path but Ritsu is stubborn and wants to test his powers, much to Dimple’s dismay. If not for the distracting wind blowing his wig, Ritsu might not have gotten the chance to get away. This makes Ritsu believe there are stronger espers out there and feels the need to get stronger.

Meanwhile Mob is tricked by a con artist to buy a vase. Since he has no money, she makes him accidentally break it. Then her gangster boss comes in to rough things up. Mob calls Reigen and of course he knows this is all a con job. When they get rough with him, Reigen claims he is hurt and demands millions in compensation! Using bad words? Another million. Your breath stinks. Another million. There, enough to cover the vase. They try to curse Reigen but he bluffs them about ghosts and possessions. The place suddenly rumbles and it scared the daylights out of them. Reigen thought it was Mob who helped out but apparently Mob thought Reigen called the spirits. Kamuro is now harassing the Body Building Club since Onigawara is hanging out there instead of going to class and that Musashi defends downtrodden Onigawara as he believes he didn’t do anything. When a rival gang comes to challenge White T Poison, Ritsu easily beats him up. Kamuro is impressed but is confronted by other rival gangs who think he is White T Poison. He is beaten up so badly that he becomes scared and shut himself in his room. Ritsu visits him and can tell he is broken. Kamuro wants out of this game but Ritsu says it is too late for them who did something unforgivable. Nobody can save them now. When other rival gangs team up to fight Ritsu, of course he goes into full mode to beat them up. Teru sees this and thinks he is pretending to be Mob. Once he is done beating them all and even giving his own advice about freedom, violence and losing one’s limits, Ritsu didn’t expect to see the person he doesn’t want to see all this: Mob.

Episode 8
Previously Teru had to break Mob’s ‘date’ with Tome to go bring him to ascertain Ritsu. Ritsu admits he did these to these punks although Mob doesn’t want to believe it. He even dares to take on Mob and this is when Dimple flees. Still, Ritsu knows his trigger for his power. After demonstrating a little of it, he reveals his inferiority complex he always had and always wanted psychic powers. The friendly brother act is over. Mob still believes half of that is true. He goes to apologize on Ritsu’s behalf. The punks get cocky as they even make him grovel, much to Ritsu’s dismay. There is this hooded guy, Koyama who have been watching this and his boss just raided Awakening Lab. His mission is to nab Mob in which of course they mistake as Ritsu. So Koyama comes down and slams Ritsu’s head into the ground. He seems to be the most powerful of the lot and beats up some of the punks. Then he also makes them grovel before him if they want to live. That is when Mob revives and attacks Koyama because he hurt his brother. Because Mob still holds high his values not to fight back, he takes an extreme beating by Koyama who could actually kill him! It is then Ritsu wants him to stop and leave his brother alone. He will go with him as intended. Unfortunately Koyama is angry so he beats up Ritsu. This enrages Mob as his feelings now burst into ultimate animosity. What follows next is an epic super power battle in which Koyama gets beat down. Even those punks are cheering for Mob! However Koyama is still strong and incapacitates Mob with some spray. He is going to kill the punks as he is not going to leave any eyewitness. When Mob stands back up, Koyama realizes he cannot best him and takes Ritsu and run. While the punks praise Mob, Dimple has come back with Teru who tells them he is unconscious while standing and it is best to get away from him as he is still dangerous.

When Mob wakes up, he is in Teru’s place. Seeing that Dimple is back, Mob at first thinks he is the one behind this. Better explain yourself. Teru knows who those people are. He was once followed by them for a few years. Of course he showed them a lesson and that’s why he lives alone now. He warns Mob to stay away from them or he could be killed. You think Mob is going to sit around knowing his brother is kidnapped? Teru further explains these people are from the organization called Claw. They want a revolution. Many organizations around the world have tried to manufactured espers but only Claw succeeded. They kidnap child espers and mature their powers as well as brainwash them. Although manufactured espers are not as good as naturals like them, they can still overwhelm you with numbers. Dimple adds that Ritsu has been going to this lab to awaken his powers. He takes them there only to see all the scientists knocked out. They interrogate Mitsuura for answers but clearly he doesn’t anything or what is going on. He is shocked when he learns who the real Mob is. He also tells them that the other esper kids have been taken as well. Speaking of them, they are being taken to a secret facility hidden in the woods.

Episode 9
When Koyama’s colleague, Sakurai learns that he fought Mob and let him go, he chastises him for doing so because it’s their job to bring in such powerful kids. If the division leader finds out about this, they’re not going to let him go. Claw’s upper echelons are known as Scar in which Koyama and Sakurai are part of. This conversation is heard by fellow Scar, Terada who is going to bring in this kid himself. However he got his ass kicked and interrogated! Claw’s meeting begins. Another group of weird looking weirdoes that include Muraki (shoulder pads), Mukai (little girl), Takeuchi (Indian?), Miyagawa (psycho), Tsuchiya (fugly) and the division leader, Ishiguro (gas mask). Ritsu thinks he can plead for them to be released but you think these baddies are going to let them go even if they have no psychic powers? Muto, another Scar interrogates them and picks Kaito Shiratori to show his power or else. To teach them a lesson, he brings Kaito to another room and kills him before bringing back his corpse for the rest to see!!! Mob and Teru force Terada to bring them to their hideout. The boys think he is no harm thinking they’ve tortured him enough and won’t attack them. Wrong. Terada attacks them with his psychic whip otherwise his reputation will be tarnished. It isn’t long before Mob defeats him. Ritsu suggests they escape but the rest thinks it is possible. But Kaito’s brother, Daichi agrees. He isn’t grieving? Because he can still sense Kaito alive (they’re telepathically talking to each other), he thinks Muto’s killing was just an illusion and the real body somewhere. Everyone agrees to Ritsu’s plan to bust out. Since he doesn’t remember their names (so do I), they reintroduce themselves again. Aside the Shiratori brothers, nice to meet you again Rei Kurosaki (clairvoyance), Takeshi Hoshino (telekinesis) and Go Asahi (pyrokinesis).

The plan begins with Asahi using his fire to mould the spoon to fit into the lock and then Hoshino using telekinesis to break it. Using so much strength for this pathetic little job? Of course the guards anticipated this and mock them. The rest fears Ritsu didn’t think far ahead and are doomed. Ritsu then coolly walks out and is not scared by their threats. He sees them as incompetent. This riles them up and as they are going to beat the crap out of him, Ritsu’s psychic power slams them into the wall. Ritsu then explains this was to let the guards let their guard down. Ritsu beat them up in the blind spot of the camera so he made it looked like the guards took them out to be disciplined for a while. They need to find Kaito first and Ritsu wants Kurosaki to use her powers. Mob and Teru beat up a few entrance guards as Dimple possesses one of them because of his weak mind. Their infiltration is of course picked up and reported to Scar. Koyama wants to pay back Mob for the humiliation. Ishiguro allows him but if he loses again, be prepared for the consequences. And here is Koyama facing off with the boys again. This time with lots of fury. Before he could begin his attack, Mob freezes him and then throws him about like a ping pong ball! OMG! He is ricocheting like hell! He definitely lost this time. With Koyama out of the picture, the rest of Scar is going to take action to show them the true terror of Claw.

Episode 10
Ritsu and co sneak in to rescue Kaito since those guards are busy talking about some experimented lab. But even when they are spotted, the old guy lets them go because lackeys like them can do nothing. All that is left is to let Claw rule the world and they will get rewarded too. Dimple stumbles into a lab filled with human size chambers. He is then faced off a Scar member, Matsuo whose ability is to send out demon familiars. Dimple knows he cannot fight him straight on so he deduces Matsuo is pretty defenceless without his demons. This causes Matsuo to panic and go on the defensive. Just when Dimple seemed like he is charging, he then trips. He actually left the possessed body to escape. Pissed Matsuo orders his demons to go after him but it was just a ploy since Dimple repossesses the body to fight Matsuo physically. Unfortunately Matsuo has more demons with him. Teru fights again pyrokinesis maniac, Miyagawa. It might seem Teru is having trouble fending off against his flames but Teru turned the tables to burn him back. However Teru is knocked out by Muraki and captured. Ritsu and co are finding the exit but stumble into a few small fries. After taking them out, they are met with this kid, Shou. Ritsu finds him weird since he doesn’t look like he is part of Scar but takes him on nevertheless so the rest could escape. Meanwhile Mob is surrounded by wooden dolls. They are controlled by Mukai as she gladly goes to play with her ‘new toy’. However she comes back crying to Tsuchiya since Mob destroyed her dolls. Tsuchiya throws her super hardened punches at Mob but he is not fighting back. Reigen told him beating up girls is only what losers do so Tsuchiya tells him that was an insult and wants to fight him fair and square. Yeah, she lost. Now it is Takeuchi’s turn to get serious but we didn’t see him do anything and he lost! When Mob gets going, he finds Ritsu collapsed on the floor. He starts feeling angry. Muto then shows Mob despair of Ritsu being killed. This only makes it worse as Mob’s feelings explode. It amplified Muto’s own illusion and reversed it on him. Like short circuit? After Mob collapses, Shou gets out from his hiding. It was his plan to put Ritsu as bait and it worked well. He then takes the brothers back to Ishiguro. Teru is shocked that Mob is defeated. Matsuo returns with Dimple trapped in his jar. Hoshino are co feel a great aura approaching. It could mean the big boss of Claw is here. Hey. Isn’t that Reigen???!!!

Episode 11
Mob is glad Ritsu is alive and instead of getting mad, he hugs him. Ritsu feels bad he didn’t have a chance to apologize. Since they are in a cell, a strange barrier power is suppressing their esper powers from getting out. It seems when Reigen arrived, the small fries thought he was an intruder. But from his confidently ambiguous talk, they start thinking he is the boss of Claw. So when they bring him in and they stumble upon Hoshino’s group, Reigen chides them for doing bad things even they are from a bad organization! When Ishiguro learns the big boss is here, everyone is surprised because he is supposed to only come next month. Reigen goes to collect Mob and everyone misinterprets Mob knows the big boss of Claw. As they leave, Ishiguro and Scar confront them. Who the f*ck is Reigen. This is not Scar’s boss. Reigen tries to cockily warn he has some martial arts belt. If not for Teru’s quick thinking, Reigen could have been killed by Ishiguro’s gravity blast. Ishiguro is even willing to sacrifice the small fries since they stupidly followed a new boss. But Reigen is kinder. He tells them to escape or else they’ll never make it big. He wants to leave too but is trapped. Can’t worm his way out now. Teru and Ritsu know these guys are tough to handle so their only chance is Mob. When Mob is caught under the gravitation powers, Reigen drops a dropkick on Ishiguro! OMFG!!! Then he warns the rest about stressing his student because Mob is not meant to use his powers to harm others. So is he going to fight in his stead? What do you mean he is going to resolve this as peacefully as he can? He tells Muraki to look at his coin for hypnosis. And then suddenly he punches him in the face!!! OMFG!!! IS THIS VIOLENCE OKAY???!!!

Reigen is almost cut by Sakurai. Reigen realizes his plan backfired. He thought of scaring them with a punch and then talk with them. Because Reigen has never lost an argument before. At least with adults. He realizes these guys aren’t adults. They are kids who never grew up because they want to take over the world! Then it begins. The biggest baddest most epic esper fight. All hell breaks loose as both sides fight each other. However Reigen tells Mob not to fight them. Don’t use his powers on them. But Teru and Ritsu tell him otherwise. He must use his power to fight or they will all die. This causes Mob to be confused and conflicted. When he starts thinking as long as his friends are alive and he doesn’t care what happens to his enemies, his emotions are fluctuating at a dangerously high level. That is when Reigen smacks him back to reality. He tells him not to do it as he will be the one who will suffer in the end. When things are going bad, it is okay to run. Flashback reveals Mob first went to see Reigen for advice thinking he had the same powers like him. At first Reigen gives him very general advice but upon seeing he has powerful esper powers, he decides to have Mob come every day to his office so he can teach him how to use his powers. However Mob’s emotions reach the pinnacle when Sakurai slashes Reigen from his back. Real sh*t is going down.

Episode 12
Surprisingly Mob keeps his cool. Because when Reigen tells it to leave it to him, it means leave it to him. More surprise! Reigen gets back up with no injuries! OMG! Sakurai tries to decapitate him but nothing happens! Reigen easily breaks his sword! OMFG! IS REIGEN GOD???!!! Everyone shock! Matsuo’s spirits? He thinks they are nice mascot costumes and easily exorcises them! Muraki’s clones? Nice 3D effect! Easily swatted away with a touch! OMFG! REIGEN IS GOD!!! Before we think so, it is narrated that Mob somehow temporarily transferred all his powers to Reigen. So all Mob has now in his emotions are 100% respect for Reigen! No! It’s going over 9000! Just kidding. Just maxed at 1000%. Ishiguro is getting desperate to take him out. After Reigen easily destroys his black orbs, Ishiguro then unleashes hard pounding techniques. Guess what? No pain at all! Reigen tries to unmask him but his immense strength has him fling Ishiguro through the walls! Super! Now what is Sakurai ranting about being an abandoned child from a broken family? His life is a curse? Lonely? That’s how his power awakened? Screw all that! Reigen too experienced loneliness. He forgot to tell his parents about his school’s sports day. WTF?! Reigen gives Sakurai and Muraki the ultimate lecture about society. The most damaging one has got to be they are all just commoners. Because if Reigen is just a commoner and they lost to him, what does this make them then? So true! Morally defeated! Ishiguro is back an unmasked. Just an old fart?! Now he rants about them with special powers as superior and thus it is normal for them to show off. When his tantrum is at its peak, he wants to destroy everything and restart again. However he is stopped and taken out by powerful Shou. He reveals he is from Claw’s main HQ and here to see if there is anyone with potential and take them back. None. He points out Mob as the most disappointing and will dissolve this division. Bye. When Matsuo thinks of unleashing his final powerful spirit, Dimple bursts out and knocks him out. He is itching to help and fight but it’s already over.

In the aftermath, Mob returns to school like a normal kid. Still has his crush on Tsubomi. Mezato still isn’t giving up on interviewing him but today is still not the day as Mob is busy with club activities and part time job. Kamuro has repented and wants to go round with Ritsu to apologize. First with Onigawara. But the delinquent doesn’t care. He knew everyone hated him but what he despised was how weak his own heart was. Mob looks like he is struggling to run and keep up with his body building guys. Ritsu believes he is okay since he is the strongest. You sure? He just collapsed there. Hoshino and co return to Awakening Lab but not because Mitsuura called them back but Teru. He offers to help develop their powers so they can fight better when Claw strikes again. Reigen now only gains the power of seeing Dimple. And they both exchange sarcasm. Mob still has problems controlling bending his spoon during dinner but don’t worry. Now Ritsu can bend it back like new. Shou reports to his father who is the big boss of Claw. He is not happy of what he hears so Shou mocks his organization that he is so proud of isn’t so great after all and tells him to quickly come back to Japan. We see Reigen taking Mob to go hunt for tsuchinoko. But he got distracted and collected lots of edible mushrooms. When a real giant tsuchinoko spirit attacks, Reigen runs but Mob exorcises it. With the great mushroom hall, they head back to grill them. What about the tsuchinoko? Oh, that? It doesn’t exist.

Flash Mob
Just wow. I can’t believe how absorbed I was watching this series especially the final infiltration arc. Before I know it, it is already over. Yeah, like Dimple’s case? I was ready and itching for more but too bad it is already over. So next season please? Seeing that there is still potential for another great esper and psychic fight assuming the big boss of Claw and all its other divisions return to Japan. Here’s hoping that will happen.

The plot moves along and builds up at a nice pace from Mob’s introduction to the inevitable clash with Claw. At least it is sufficient for this season. The funny and comedic moments may be silly because mostly I noticed that they come from the exaggerated facial expressions from the characters. You know, the flabbergasted and dumbfounded reaction they make. A hint to tell you it’s supposed to be funny? Well, I still laughed anyway. You’ve got a pretty decent character development too as this series is not always about Mob but his little brother also gets a fair share of screen time too. Other likeable and amusing characters as well as quirky villains despite some make a pathetic short appearance despite looking all that tough but I guess they’re expandable for the sake of comedy.

I personally think that Reigen is one of the most amusing and interesting characters in the series. This guy is just a bloody conman. Because of his smooth operator, charm and suave, he executes his arguments with full confidence so much so even if you are a staunch believer of your own beliefs, you are going to believe this dude. Because he is so damn persuasive. Even if what his say is all crap and BS, lying through his teeth and doesn’t know what he is talking about, it is the way he coolly relays his words in a very confident manner that makes it all very convincing. So cool that I wouldn’t even mind becoming his follower! Oh dear. What the heck am I saying?! It’s like I’ve fallen for his sweet talk. Because of this confidence, eventually I am not even sure if this guy has psychic powers. Yeah, I even doubt myself.

At the start I can tell you that he has no such powers whatsoever and is cleverly using Mob for his own means and ends. But then I start to wonder if maybe he is so powerful that he could be actually hiding a hidden power. A fearsome power that is more powerful than Mob’s. Aside this, he seems to have a good side as he really cares for Mob. But then again, I’m not sure if he is truly looking out for him and not wanting to use his powers that there is an ulterior motive to it all. Then the final episode blew me away. It again made me question if he was the f*cking master of hiding such powers. He does everything with ease and still maintains his suave charm! This guy is f*cking awesome! Although it was temporary, at least he is still cool and not let others step over him. So whether you love or loathe him, we’ll see Reigen in a different light now and with a little respect.

The other interesting character is Dimple. This guy is also as cool and has his own charm. Could be another conman second only to Reigen. Because he has got this laidback and easy going voice that makes him sound convincing too. Despite being reduced into a weak form, this guy has quite a very practical view on everything. What he says and thinks hold true if you think a moment about it. He is sly and will not hesitate to take advantage of a situation in his favour if an opportunity rises. He is also smart enough to run if it is not in his favour. After his failed cult, you bet he has learnt his lesson. Now in his little ectoplasm form, he serves more as a comic relief. In a way, it keeps his bad side in check since he knows who to side with if he doesn’t want to be wiped out entirely from the face of the earth. Yeah, he experienced 2 near death experiences at the hands of Mob and Teru. Literally.

Mob is certainly no Saitama although they share some striking similarities (or coincidences if you would like to call it) but overall they are still as different as day and night. Mob feels like a simple and normal kid but yet for his age he is quite a confused one especially when you factor in his psychic powers. He definitely wants to use his powers for good but under the (mis)guidance of Reigen whom he is unaware that he is a fake (assuming he is a real conman), he is always hesitant in dangerous times that calls for quick decisions. It was a bit surprising that he wasn’t the ‘main hero’ to save the day and defeat Claw’s division in the final episode since Reigen took over that role. But I guess Mob has already did a lot previously so it is time to sit back and let his master get some limelight. Had Reigen not been there to always remind him to never to use his powers, would Mob have gone rogue like Teru and abuse his powers for his own gain? We can’t say. In a way, it could be a blessing or a curse that Mob found Reigen. But we’re glad that Mob is on our side. He might sound and look like a retard the way he speaks as though his genes has left out his sociable skills but I think we would much prefer an emotionless Mob compared to one that will be bursting with full negative emotions like rage. When that happens, you’re screwed. Not even any Super Saiyan can save your ass then.

The relationship between Mob and Ritsu can be said to be something like the grass is greener on the other side. Each looks up to the other and admire to have what he doesn’t have himself. So it is unsurprising that Ritsu who is much more smarter in his studies, more popular and good looking, doesn’t appreciate all these natural qualities and instead looked up to his big brother as his benchmark and standards of his goal in life. I’m glad he learns what values most after he gets into trouble with Claw. They might not share the same psychic powers but they do share a blood bond that nobody can take away from them. At least a good ending for Ritsu too now that he has part of his esper powers awakened and he can put it to a little good use.

Teru feels like a character straight out from shonen genres because you know, an enemy that the main character defeats becomes his ally the next time. But it is good that Teru encountered and fought Mob. It’s like he has totally turned over a new leaf after learning that there is someone else more powerful than himself. It is a good thing he is on Mob’s side because they make a good combo team taking on baddies together. Well, if that really happens.

Some of the minor supporting characters at the start have mostly been forgotten by the time the series reaches its end especially when we are introduced to Claw. Or at least become insignificant. Because for Tome, her character role feels like a troll. She and her useless club could have been done without except for the fact that they are the sole reason why Mob decided to go with the macho guys. At least Musashi is a decent captain who looks out for Mob very much. Mob may stick out like a sore thumb and doesn’t fit in there physically but these macho men are giving him the right support so he feels like home. Even the delinquent Onigawara is hanging out there. He actually joined that club in the end. Yeah, those are true men of men.

Then there is Tokugawa who feels like there is more to him than meets the eye. I was expecting like some sort of big revelation. You know, maybe he is part of Claw? As for Kamuro, I guess he is out of the picture for good. He was a bit unrecognizable in the end but I guess it is a good thing he turned over a new leaf. Less one problem to worry about in the future and perhaps could be an ally. Mezato? I thought she would be snooping around since she wants to interview Mob so much and that she would stumble into Claw and then into trouble. Well, we don’t need another damsel in distress (the other being Ritsu when he got captured but I guess he could do fine on his own).

The action sequences especially those involving the use of esper powers are quite exciting to watch. No doubt with all the jaw dropping flashy exaggerations, it makes the entire fight enjoyable and exhilarating to a point you might find your jaws dropping with the sheer genius of it. Well ,sort of. When you have characters with abnormal powers, you’d expect things and everything else to go flying and hurled everywhere, right? It’s nice to see Mob take on a few members of Claw because fights between powerful espers are always exciting. So maybe after taking down this division, he can take on the world? Yeah, future possibilities. Maybe once he defeats the evil of the world, just maybe he could finally land Tsubomi as his girlfriend? Because he is already the world’s strongest man by then.

One of the most notable and stand out aspects you will notice is the different animation art style. It is not your conventional Japanese anime type with everything looking very cartoonish and hence looking like old school anime. This is because the characters have very simple facial drawings especially their eyes which aren’t drawn to your typical Japanese anime’s wide eye design. Even a 3 year old can draw such eyes. So simple. Therefore if you take away the hairstyles that differentiate most of the characters, many of them would look the same if they’re bald! No wonder Saitama would love to have his hair back. In addition to the characters looking simple (and funny), sometimes they can look ugly. Well, in the simple and funny sense (see Yondemasu Yo, Azazel-san for reference). What do I really mean? Even the ‘prettiest’ and most kawaii female character which personally is Tsubomi is as ugly as you can imagine. If ugly is a word too strong for you, then perhaps cartoonish would be a better substitute? Other than that, the flashy and psychic special effects look cool too although they seem like they might be drawn using colour pencils, crayons or oil based painting. But it is still vibrant and sometimes there’s an explosion of colours all around.

Voice acting is decent with recognizable talents such as Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Teru and Tokugawa, Takahiro Sakurai as Reigen, Koji Yusa as Kamuro, Shinichiro Miki as Koyama and Chiaki Omigawa as Mukai. There are lots of casts lending their voice for this series but I’m just going to stick to the main ones. They are Setsuo Ito as Mob (Ryouhei Ameyama in Pupipo), Miyu Irino as Ritsu (Syaoran in Tsubasa Chronicle), Akio Ohtsuka as Dimple (Rider in Fate/Zero), Rumi Ookubo as Ishiguro (Chinatsu in YuruYuri), Yoshimasa Hosoya as Onigawara and Sakurai (Reiner in Shingeki No Kyojin), Toshihiko Seki as Musashi (Senketsu in Kill La Kill), Ayumi Fujiwara as Mezato (Misaki in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama) and Atsumi Tanezaki as Tome (Lilith in Monster Musume). The hard rock music themes seem fitting for this series because with lots of crazy stuffs happening, you need this kind of head banging music to get your grove going. I think. The opening theme is 99 by Mob Choir while Refrain Boy by All Off is the ending theme.

Overall, this is quite a good, fun and enjoyable series if you like super powers and a hero who is so reserved that he won’t kill a fly unless it hurts his brother. Okay, so he is not all that reserved anyway. If you are already tired of long running mainstream animes (like a certain orange ninja), this one should be refreshing. Some may not like the simplistic art style because it doesn’t look anime enough, but you’ll be awed in some of the action sequences and the decent and funny characters this series has to offer. So it goes to show that you don’t need an army of super powered humans to kick ass and save the world. One boy is enough for the job. Move aside superhumans of Concrete Revolutio and the budding superhero students of Boku No Hero Academia, Mob has got it all covered and he is just a one man show. Move aside, One Punch Man. Here comes One Psychic Punch Boy.

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