March 11, 2012

Today’s society is still pretty much taboo on the topic of sex, what more porn. That and anything associated with it feels so much like a dirty word, something so immoral, something so naughty, something so perverted. Well, sex is what defines us humans in a way, right? When we say porn, the first thing that comes to mind is either those blue films or those adult magazines. But have you heard and thought about porn novels and its authors? In R-15, we focus not on a porn model or actor, but a porn author. Hey, that is still under the porn industry, right? Oh dear, I think I’ve said too much of that “P” word.

Take for instance, Taketo Akutagawa. He may only be a 16 year old high school student, but he is a genius porn author!!! Yes, you heard that right. Porn author. Porn novelist. Porn writer. Whatever you call it, he writes porn in the form of words and aims to be the world’s greatest porn author. Wow. I can’t fathom this kind of dream. When his identity was found out, many girls in his previous school gave him ‘that stare’. You can’t blame them because after all, porn is something perverted and has lots of negative bearings, right? And thus his tormenting days in school of being discriminated began. However Taketo’s agony of discrimination won’t be for long when he enrols in a school called Hirameki Private Academy. This school is not bound by the norms and rules of regular society and every genius in Japan attends this school. He is free to let his creativity flow. Thanks to the founder who believes that everyone should believe in their inspiration and fight to the end. With that, this series basically sees Taketo and his friends’ daily lives in Hirameki as they strive to be the best in their respective field. Of course with some hijinks, mistakes and romance along the way. Hey, they may be geniuses but nobody said they were perfect.

Episode 1
This episode serves to introduce the premise and the other friends of Taketo like his male buddy Ritsu Enshuu (genius mathematician), Ran Musen (genius computer programmer) and Raika Meiki (genius photographer). I guess everybody is a genius here, eh? While Taketo may be a normal boy, having his own fantasies (heck, he wants his own harem too!), you’ll notice that he has this tendency to go into some wild erotic fantasizing trance. During that, he gets inspiration to pen down his erotic words on just about anything. Paper, wall, rock, just name it, he writes it down. Dangerous. Good thing is that he tries hard to keep his sexual arousal in check. But it’s no harm to let it loose once in a while, right? Taketo is also from the Newspaper Club, run by the very busty Kurumi Kuroki, the number 1 genius of all genius at Hirameki. I don’t know, maybe she likes wearing tight shirts. So tight that she purposely unbuttons her top to let her boobs ‘breathe’ and even so it feels like they’re going to ‘burst out’ anytime. Why nobody talks about this? See her 2 bodyguards by her? Careful what you say, dude. Kurumi wants Taketo to do an assignment for their newspaper front page: An interview with Fukune Narukara, the genius clarinettist who is also in the same class as him. Taketo doesn’t want to do it but when big boss says to take care of it, you’d better.

Along the way to interview Fukune with Raika, the latter knows of Taketo’s porn status and doesn’t mind him writing those stuff. In fact, she loves taking pictures of ‘ugly’ things (because it is when humans reveal their true self) and is always targeting Taketo as her subject. She even tries to stimulate him to awaken his ‘ugly’ side. Moving along, they pass by a concert by genius idol, Utae Sonokoe. A stray missile by genius inventor, Tsukuru Kagaku has Taketo running for his life. I wonder how he could run at the same pace with the missile which eventually crashes into him. Thank goodness he didn’t die. Taketo remembers why he is reluctant to interview Fukune. When he first met her playing her clarinet at the hilltop, he mistakes her reed for some nut and put it in his mouth. Fukune was so distraught that she hammered him with a rock! At the hilltop once more, he sees her sleeping in a sexy pose and his erotica is awakening. He’s trying to control the beast within but his hand has a mind of its own. He ends up writing on a piece of rock. Raika who was observing isn’t happy he didn’t do anything to a defenceless sleeping girl. She wants to see his ugly side so bad that she told him to go devour her like a hungry pig?! Rape her?! Violate her?! Raika runs away because another stray missile is coming. Taketo protects Fukune and in the aftermath of the explosion, Fukune opens her eyes to see Taketo on top of her. He’s breathing heavily… She misinterprets and runs away. Back in his room, he tries to write but turns out he penned out a light novel instead. He only envisions Fukune as an innocent magical girl? This has never happened before. Taketo thought Kurumi was kind enough to give him a reprieve. Unfortunately, she isn’t and ties him up in an S&M position. Maybe it’s to stimulate and motivate him?

Episode 2
Taketo is forced to cover another article by Kurumi. This time on Utae. She has so many fans and captivating the crowd. After the concert, Taketo and Raika go backstage for the interview. Seems Utae doesn’t mind him being a porn writer and is fascinated with such people. Utae has her pictures taken after that but Raika stops snapping. Thinking she was being rude, Raika notes that she doesn’t want to take fake photographs. Utae admits that part of it is true. Though she loves singing and has lots of adoring fans, but is this the real her? She feels that she is betraying her fans. I guess it wasn’t Kurumi’s threat that spurred Taketo to finish his assignment. He loves Utae’s music and doesn’t want to see the sad face on Utae. Taketo goes looking for Utae but is told that she is having a day off and won’t be coming in. He is so serious in finding her that he has no time for Ran’s teasing. Eventually with Kurumi’s help of posting arrow signs, this leads Taketo to the gym store room where he finds her sitting alone dejectedly. While she talks to him, he can’t stop himself from fantasizing. Then he got inspiration to free her. He does it via a story of a poet and a songstress with a problem. Taketo must be so smooth and convincing with his words that Utae starts stripping to the tone of the story! In the end she felt so excited, so stimulated that she felt truly free from her troubles. Utae lands a ‘killer blow’ on Taketo with a hug. He passes out with lots of nose bleeding. When he wakes up, he finds a free ticket to her concert as thanks. Taketo attends her concert and Raika senses something must’ve happened between them but he says he doesn’t remember. At the end of the concert, Utae doesn’t feel embarrassed anymore when the explosion machine malfunctions rips her dress. I guess being an idol means showing off her true self on stage, eh? Back in Taketo’s room, he still can’t find the inspiration to write.

Episode 3
Taketo and Fukune are stuck to each other’s back. How did this happen? Last morning, Taketo sees a commotion at the notice board. Courtesy of Raika, there are pictures of him in ambiguous positions with Fukune the other day! He is being called in by his teacher, Aki Yosano. Even if he’s a porn genius, he shouldn’t be taking out his pervertness, right? Anyway Ritsu believes in him and will prove his innocence. Or else it’s the death penalty! The guys go to see Tsukuru since it was her missile. But she shows them her latest Mr Sticky gadget. Guess what? It malfunctions and so happens it sticks Taketo and Fukune together. Of all people he has to be stuck with. So how long will the repair day. Somewhere between 1 day to a year. Holy sh*t! So Taketo has a tough time sticking around Fukune because he tries his best to hide all the porn novels and items in his room. Yeah, this innocent girl perhaps is the only one who doesn’t know he writes porn. The conversation shifts to Fukune’s precious clarinet. She treasures it very much as it was given by her dad and practises daily without fail. Taketo gets a call from Utae who believes he is innocent but had to lie that his editors are coming since he can’t tell her he is stuck with Fukune. To stem himself from perhaps ‘eating’ Fukune, he tries writing his porn novel but to his dismay when Fukune falls asleep, she sleep talks all those naughty words. Thank goodness they don’t have to wait a year because the next morning, Tsukuru has created a remedy as the gadget comes off. Unfortunately, it malfunctions again. This time it absorbs all the bras, panties and clothing of everyone!!! Pervy machine! Oddly, I don’t know where it got so much bras and panties to turn into a giant undergarment ball because everyone who is in that area was pretty much clothed. Then it sucks Fukune’s clarinet. Taketo jumps to save it but gets stuck. Then fantasizing the bras and panties around him are like his harem, his nose bleed causes the machine to malfunction and save the day. Don’t underestimate the power of erotica! Fukune is grateful he saved her clarinet. Tsukuru is impressed with his pervert power and wants to dissect him! Better make a run for it. At the hilltop, Fukune apologizes to Taketo and then plays her clarinet. Was he expecting her to confess? Don’t get your hopes up, pal. Point to ponder: After the machine was destroyed and everyone’s undies became free, why didn’t anybody rush to take back their lost undies? It was all strewn over the place. A pervert’s paradise, I say! So whose undies they belong to?

Episode 4
Taketo and Fukune’s relationship seems to be on the mend but she still thinks he is a romance novelist. Raika is disgusted that he lets everyone know he’s a porn writer except her. Taketo thought he found a love letter in his shoe locker but to his shock, it’s a photo of a bear print panty! In the Newspaper Club room, Kurumi praises Taketo for managing to draft an article well before the deadline. It’s the opposite for Raika and she is somewhat in a slump and has difficulties turning in her poster to attract geniuses across Japan to Hirameki. Taketo goes to find the owner of the panty and with the help of the divine wind, he is able to see the different colours and designs of the girls. This has them accusing him of really being some divine pervert. Genius fortune teller, Misa Yoruno warns him of his bad omen. (Un)fortunately, Misa tripped and revealed her panties. Nope, she’s not the one who cursed him. Taketo spots a panda print panty on the ground, takes it up and starts sniffing it?! He gets inspiration to write but unknown to him, Raika is waiting behind the bushes ready to snap his ugly side. Taketo accidentally sees Ran’s panty (something that indicates she’s a lesbian). Her high kick misses her and breaks Tsukuru’s hiding place and her divine wind machine. So that’s what making everybody’s skirt flip up so conveniently and coincidentally. Taketo learns that Raika hired her to do this. Confronting that sneaky photographer, she throws down all the photos of him in his panty search quest. Furthermore, that bear panty was hers!!! She starts blaming him of not bringing out his true pervertness (the reason for her slump) and thus not worth photographing (she really wants him to be a pervert?). Seems she wants to take a photo that will scare away people from Hirameki? Anyway she has Taketo help out or else that photo of him sniffing the panty could be used as blackmail. She brings him to the girls’ toilet and using herself as the subject, she wants him to assault her while she urinates! Sicko! Utae and her friends caught him and as he tries to clarify things, Raika activates the sprinkler to wet their clothes, starts his fantasizing so she can start snapping. Though they forgive him, Taketo isn’t pleased of her obsession in taking ugly shots. Something to do with a photo of her and her parents? Next day, she brings him to the girls’ changing room and starts stripping his pants! Not enough? She strips her own too! Then she forces herself on him and realizes herself in the mirror. She feels afraid and doesn’t want ‘them’ to look causing Taketo to enter fantasizing mode. In the end, Raika is out of her slump and finishes the poster. It’s a montage of pictures but one of them with her pants down and Taketo nose bleeding. Isn’t she embarrassed? Well, the greatest cameraman makes the greatest subject. And since they’re both ugly, she thinks they make a good pair.

Episode 5
Ran is amazing her ‘little sister’ with her hacking when one of them comes collapsing in with full body paint. It is from her senpai and avant-garde artist Beni Botan. She plans to make Fukune her next subject but big sister Ran was there to protect her. Later Fukune gets a call from the genius cultural activities committee to see her. Ran realizes that Beni is part of that committee and is a trap. Fukune is being invited to see Beni’s studio. Looks more like a horror house if you ask me if that’s her taste in art. She wants Fukune to help to be the new centrepiece and has Fukune unconscious with just the stroke of her brush! Ran hacks the entire world just to find Beni’s secret location. Finally she rushes down to the underground studio at the abandoned incinerator. Both girls are going to have a showdown over Fukune as the prize in an anything-goes one-round match. Ran is trying to make Beni fall for her onee-sama charms but the latter is using direct approach to ‘paralyze’ Ran. This allows Beni to cover Ran’s boobs with paint and makes a stamp print with it on the ring! Taketo has a plan and wants Ran to work with him. Before Beni could ‘violate’ Fukune, Ran pretends to go down to catch Beni off guard. Taketo then tells Beni that the finest canvas should be herself. Beni gets stimulated by his words as Ran moves in for the final kill. She kisses Beni! Ran wins the match. Fukune comes to and was being told that Taketo was the one who protected her. She goes to see him at the hilltop and hands him a note from Ran. It says that she was being fair as an onee-sama and still thinks he is an ero scum writer. Taketo gets motivation for them to do their best and rushes off.

Episode 6
Now it’s Taketo’s turn to be in a slump. His editors are calling and he still hasn’t come up with anything to write. Kurumi shows him a video whereby a dark horse softball team went against all odds to defeat a veteran favourite. Their secret? A girl named Katsuyo Kurabu, a genius manager who can lead any team to victory no matter how weak! Taketo and Katsuyo are locked in a canned-in room for 48 hours so he can finish his manuscript as clumsy Katsuyo cheers him on. No matter how turned on he got seeing her in a cheerleading outfit or an apron, he doesn’t get that oomph he needed. Instead, her klutz may be the one killing it. See her tuna eyeball as brain food? Scary! Later he is visited by Raika to warn him that victory comes with a price and shows him photos of that softball team all badly bruised. She starts snapping away when Taketo tries lying his way out from his editor’s call. Time ticks down as Katsuyo tries to learn about Taketo’s porn works but she was making so much squealing noises all night. He is then visited by Ritsu and subsequently Utae who made him lunch (she’s starting to show signs that she likes him). Time calls for drastic measures as Katsuyo ties Taketo up in a spot that he can’t look away from his paper for a second nor is he able to free his hand from his pen. Even with all the sexy cosplay outfits and line, Taketo still couldn’t find the inspiration. He got harsh on her annoyance and tells her to get out. Yeah, maybe with her gone, he’ll get to finish it with peace and quiet. However that is not to be as Katsuyo returns with 3 tanned macho men! She interprets that he can’t write because she’s a girl and thought these guys will help! They start rubbing their abs, biceps and muscles over him! SO GAY!!! Oddly, probably it was the trauma that managed to make him finish his new book which becomes a best seller. Taketo recuperates in hospital when Katsuyo brings in the macho men to heal him. ARGH!!! NO MORE MEN, PLEASE!!! He’s so screwed. Hope he doesn’t turn into a yaoi writer.

Episode 7
Kurumi has another wonderful idea for her newspaper that will as usual give Taketo a hard time. He has to infiltrate the girls’ dorm in a stealth suit to write his article. Of course he witnesses lots of stimulating events with the girls in their natural routine. However they freak out upon seeing a ‘ghost’. It gets worse when Taketo even nose bleeds! Beni and Ran take it upon themselves to protect the girls from this perverted spirit. Meanwhile Fukune gets an airmail from France’s musical institute and thinks her parents want her to attend. However she feels she doesn’t want to because she feels she isn’t good yet. Is that the only reason? Why does Taketo come to mind? Meanwhile Beni and Ran announce to the entire dorm to be on a lookout for a translucent figure running rampant. With a few hit-and-miss cases for Taketo, he finds out that the stealth suit slightly becomes visible because of a certain protruding part stretching the mechanism. In short, if he wants to avoid being spotted, he should keep in check his horniness. Kurumi even motivates him to carry on his secret spying seeing he wants to be the best porn author in the world. Taketo sees Utae in a leotard at the gym room and got so stimulated that he starts writing on the mirror. With his blood! This is certainly going to have a ghostly effect. The girls discuss the possibility of this ghost. Tsukuru mentions she once created a stealth suit but it had problems so she sold it off on eBay. Taketo enters the girls’ shower and it’s like his heaven harem. Too bad his stealth effect weakens and the girls panic. Beni and Ran have roped in genius exorcist, Mai Kagura and Saint Maria (eastern and western, take your pick) to help exorcise the ghost. Mai tries seducing the ‘ghost’ (is that what the shrine taught her?) but succumbed to Taketo’s smooth words. Maria flings holy water that could threaten to short-circuit it but she too gives in to the power of lust. These ladies should undergo more spiritual training. Then Ran seals the place off and there is nowhere to run. Just when he was being given the green light to get out by Kurumi, eh? Making things worse, the suit starts weakening since it is running on batteries!!! Plus, Kurumi abandons him and severs all ties with him. Yeah, the communicator exploded in 1 second! You’re on your own, pal. Or rather, you’ve been abandoned! Beni and the girls have a plan to draw the culprit out by patrolling in their bikinis. This stimulates Taketo as he flees for his life. He enters Raika’s room and it seems she knows what is going on but is not going to rat him out. Unless he wants it. He sees a photo that Raika treasures so she hopes she can take another photo like that. Raika helps him escapes via a well and then informs the rest to seal it up for good. Next day, Taketo is disheartened that Kurumi has made the mysterious spirit as her front page article and the girls’ dorm report chuck to a tiny column by an ‘anonymous reporter’. Well, if he’s unhappy with it, he can sneak back in again. NO WAY!

Episode 8
It’s that one day where Hirameki students are able to go out of their campus on their day off. Utae asks (hint, hint) Taketo if he’s free on that day but I guess he was too engrossed in his fantasies to listen to what she said. Taketo is waiting for Ritsu to show up at the bus stop on the day. But he meets Fukune (who is waiting for Ran). Before they know it, they got onboard the bus together. Late running Ritsu and Ran bump into each other instead. Fearing the worse that the ero writer may do something on her beloved Fukune, Ran furiously hacks her way to find their location. Though she is able too, she got distracted by her little sisters. Whereas Ritsu uses his mathematics calculation to determine their spot… And got it wrong!!! Haha! So Taketo and Fukune enjoy their outing together. Eating crepe, playing games and blowing balloons. Fukune is enthralled seeing a street musician performing. Utae is surprised to see Taketo and was going to call him but sees Fukune with him. Yeah, she gets disheartened. But soon gets mobbed by her fans who recognize her. Then it suddenly starts raining and the nearest shelter they could find… A love hotel?! 2,000 Yen per hour?! I guess Taketo must be giving excuses of not wanting to let Fukune catch a cold, eh? So she takes a shower, he tries not to get horny. But it’s hard seeing everything he tries to change the topic ends up with something perverted. Fukune is so dense that she doesn’t even realize it. Finally they talk about Fukune’s clarinet. She reveals her dad, also a renowned clarinettist told her that one doesn’t choose music, but music chooses them. And these people are dubbed geniuses. Taketo tries to cheer her up but she doesn’t seem too happy. She plays her clarinet and Taketo notes there’s some emptiness in it. Ritsu admits that he didn’t know what to say but all he knows that is he loves her music. They could’ve stared at each other longer if not for the call that their time is up. They meet up with their friends as Ran is relieved to find that the ero pig hasn’t stained the pure Fukune yet. At a distance, Utae watches them with much concern. Much further away, Kurumi understands what is happening and notes how interesting this is.

Episode 9
Out of the blue, Kurumi laments if the Newspaper Club comes to an end, it will be the end of her. This prompts Taketo to find out more on Kurumi which he knows nothing about. Pleading for Ran’s help, she hacks her way into the very firewalled database and though successful, they are stumped to see Kurumi in pictures and at places ranging back to 100 of years! Is she a ghost?! Taketo tails her but suddenly loses sight of her! Can’t be true, can it? That guy even has the tendency to fantasize erotic things with a ghost! Then he caresses Kurumi’s legs to confirm she’s not a ghost but gets whacked by her bodyguards. He asks for Ran’s help but the way she said things, she’s afraid of ghosts. Taketo spies and waits for Kurumi after she enters the female toilet. After a long time, he takes a peek only to be caught by Utae. Requesting her help, she finds no one in. Feeling something amiss, Taketo barges in and busts open a locked door, thinking Kurumi is in that cubicle but it was Aki instead. Slap! Utae offers to help him to tail Kurumi. Why didn’t they hire a genius detective? Unless there is none on this campus. They see her do some weird alien incantation outside. But was it a trap to reveal their location? They try to pretend to be lovers making out and Taketo could’ve been serious if Utae didn’t point out she suddenly vanished. Taketo continues searching and meets Fukune but he is so engrossed in his search that he didn’t have time to hear what she wants to tell him. Next day in class, Taketo and his pals think Kurumi may be an alien seeing there are UFOs in the background (why is there a Trekkie Enterprise too?). Taketo and Utae again try getting close to Kurumi. But seriously, in card boxes? Of course the bodyguards find out lah! Run! Later Ran thinks they should stop any further seeing it’s a warning that Kurumi doesn’t want to pursue this. Taketo wonders why Utae is doing all this for him. She replies she is his fan. I’m sure that’s not the only reason. On another tailing mission, they see Kurumi enter a music room but only Fukune was there. Fukune was happy and thought Taketo was here to see her till Utae shows up. It’s that sinking feeling in her heart. Then the duo tail her to a freezer and got locked in. Trying to find an air duct out, behind some boxes they see strange large capsules! It’s like there’s some alien experiment going on here! Suddenly Utae feels sleepy. He tries to snap her out of it but she can’t hold it any longer and needs tell him something before she regrets it. Just as she was going to confess, that stupid guy falls asleep too, missing hearing those important words. Taketo wakes up on the grass outside with Utae sleeping just fine beside him. Then he sees Kurumi and knows she was the one who rescued them. Kurumi mentions that there are things better left alone and that the Newspaper Club will continue to function normally. She cautions him that she isn’t the one he should be learning about. Make a good guess who that person is? Yeah, Fukune is weeping.

Episode 10
The first years thought they’ll be having a nice time at the hotspring. Even if it’s not Taketo’s fault of breaking down the barrier between the men and women’s section. Then as announced by Beni and genius gymnast, Meguru Tetsubou, the first years will be holding an orientation tournament to see if they’re worthy of Hirameki. They’ll be judged by second and third years based on themes that will need to bring their geniuses out with points garnered from 3 events. So for the first round in the hotspring area, Utae’s class hold a concert that blows everyone away. Nobody is coming to the stalls set up by Taketo’s class because the concert was a crowd puller. Fukune can’t come since she will be holding a concert. Though everyone supports her, Taketo not coming defeats the point, right? I mean that guy is in charge of the booths so he can’t come. How disappointing. Not what Fukune wanted to hear. Taketo’s perverted ideas has the guys streaming to their booths. Like shooting gallery with boobs as prize targets (each time they hit the nipple, Ran has to do a stimulating voiceover), real girls in bikinis in goldfish scooping and yoyo fishing. In the end, Taketo’s class manage to stage a comeback and though not enough to win, but it was a close fight. Meanwhile Fukune is nervous to go on perform on stage but manages to go out. Later as Taketo dips alone in the hotspring, Utae invites herself to soak alongside him. They talk about the money-making second round and original chorus third round. Seems Taketo is in charge of the lyrics. Yeah, a porn writer is in charge of the words but who else can do it but a writer even if it’s an erotic one? Each time they talk, Taketo brings Fukune’s name into the picture. Each time Utae tries a different name, the clarinettist’s name pops up. So disheartening, isn’t it? Because Taketo still doesn’t want Fukune to know he is a porn author, I guess Utae has had it so she just takes off her towel, tells him that Fukune too would understand, that he can write a wonderful song even if they’re a bit naughty because she believes his lyrics and Fukune’s clarinet accompaniment will produce a wonderful harmony. Utae feels better after letting it off her chest (no pun intended). Later Taketo bumps into Kurumi who hopes he hasn’t forgotten yet. She suddenly vanishes when he thinks back about her words but still ponders the person he needs to learn about. I guess he won’t be guessing it so soon. Meanwhile Utae is at the karaoke box. But she’s not singing. Just sitting there, looking very dejected. Raika sees state from outside the door. Lastly when Taketo welcomes Fukune back from her concert, she suddenly drops her precious clarinet briefcase and starts crying uncontrollably in his arms.

Episode 11
Taketo has bags underneath his eyes. Not because he was playing with himself all night long. Fukune ended up sleeping on his bed. I see he couldn’t even catch 40 winks. Next day, Taketo’s class are practising their choir. Genius songwriter Kanade Iikyouku has got the wonderful music covered. Since without the lyrics, it’s funny to hear everyone going “Lalalalala lalalala~”. For the first time, Taketo and Fukune skip class and accompanied each other. For the second round of the tournament, Ran and Ritsu team up to turn the worldwide stocks upside down to their favour. However they couldn’t convert it into real cash as required so their class ended up in last place. Bummer. Taketo must be enjoying the fact Fukune is cooking for him. If the omelette rice wasn’t so charcoal black and ‘crunchy’. Then they talk about the chorus. Taketo hides his meaning of the lyrics he plans to write. Eternal love, can’t abandon your dreams, treasure your friendship, etc. Fukune feels he is a genius so likewise he too thinks Fukune is one too. However this doesn’t cheer her up at all. Dismissing she is no genius, she blows her top she hates the clarinet and never enjoyed it. Then she runs away, leaving Taketo pretty much stunned. Crying Fukune passes by Utae on her way out. Later Taketo sees a notice that Fukune is going to be transferred out from Hirameki. Taketo confronts Kurumi about this so she tells him that her previous concert was a disaster. She stopped halfway through the performance. Then she didn’t return to her dorm and went to hide somewhere and probably wanted someone to make her feel better. Currently Fukune locks herself in her room. Taketo talks to Ran and he is going to show Fukune who he really is and write porno lyrics. He is going to bet everything on the chorus and feels there is no way Fukune hates clarinet or music. However Taketo couldn’t find the inspiration to write them. Whether his fantasizing has reach new heights and nose bleeding like hell, he still couldn’t find the right words. Meanwhile Utae gets motivation from Katsuyo to do her best and be honest about her feelings. Fukune remembers her dad told her she has to be a genius at all times because that is what her clarinet demands. Taketo has written heaps of lyrics but they don’t feel right and in a dilemma if he should really show Fukune his true self. Raika confronts him and snaps a pic of his ultimate ‘ugliness’, a man who abandons himself and runs away from everything. She tells him the ugliest thing in the world is a liar. One who talks about opening other’s heart but seals off his own. One who claims of wanting to save someone but only talks about what is convenient. In the end, excuses are all they have. Raika thought he was putting up a liar face but Taketo dismisses that this isn’t the real him. Then he rushes off and Raika noting to herself she failed as a cameraman for getting too involved with a subject.

Episode 12
Taketo gets real and starts cracking his head. With each failure, he doesn’t give up. Till early next morning he is next to dead tired (literally). He was able to pass his work to a passing girl (Utae) to hand it over to Fukune before he collapses of fatigue. But eventually Taketo is able to get up and meet up with his friends at the backstage as the chorus competition begins. They are not giving up hope that Fukune will show up. But it won’t be likely because Fukune’s father and his entourage are escorting her out of school. They are stopped by Utae who shows Fukune the lyrics. Then Tsukuru’s stray missile causes a distraction so that Fukune could ride on the missile to her friends (I don’t know if any safety precautions were taken). Her friends are relieved that she came and just in time before their turn. Fukune is disheartened to see her dad watching her at the door. But all that is dispelled when Taketo steps up in front of her and the rest as the conductor. So the music with the horny lyrics begins. Everyone was taken aback with the porn lyrics but I guess it got their attention, eh? It was funny and odd to hear them sing such a song that I couldn’t contain my laughter. It wasn’t very dirty or stimulating but at least it is still porn. Perhaps it was also filled with Taketo’s true feelings deep down that he wanted to say. Fukune is motivated and during her clarinet accompaniment part, she stuns the crowd with her amazing clarinet play. In the end, their performance was the clincher and thus they became winners of the tournament (a trip to Vienna for the entire class). Fukune’s dad leaves upon hearing her play. I guess he is satisfied in what he heard. Fukune confronts Taketo about his lyrics. Good thing or not, she doesn’t understand what certain lines mean. Yeah, maybe she will one day. Later Kurumi sees Utae and thanks her for the good work but she dismisses that she saw then both, understood and helped them both out. Nothing more. Besides, it’s her dream to make everyone’s dream come true. But looks like Utae still ‘wins’ because she will soon be on her way to Vienna for her concert.

Taketo wakes up and has a nice view of Utae and Fukune’s ass! Better (or worse), Raika is sleeping on his lap. Is this paradise or a prelude to his status as a pervert? Recollecting their memories, it seems the class did have a wonderful time in Vienna and made it for Utae’s concert. But on the trip back, everyone saw a UFO hovering close by and the next thing they know is this. They’re stranded on a deserted island. The plane is wrecked and everyone else is missing. Taketo explains the theory of cattle mutilation and abduction so Fukune starts stripping! Why? She thought the aliens did some experiment on her and wants Taketo to inspect her body! Utae doesn’t want to lose out and also strips! Is he going to give him to his bestiality? Well, he starts running his porn fantasies on the sand. The waves will wash it away, dummy. Trekking through the jungle in search of everyone else, they hear the sound of a ferocious beast followed by Ran’s scream. Seems she is being violated by a plant creature. With tentacles. So cliche. The plant also grabs the other girls and rips their clothes apart. Taketo can’t really do anything because he’s enjoying this porn scene. So by the time he starts to move, the plant already caught hold of him. But do not fear! Ritsu is here. Using his maths calculations to defeat the plant, he suddenly gets captured. WTF?! The plant is going to eat Fukune so Taketo offers himself. The plant blushes and starts undressing the porn author! OMG! I don’t know this plant swings this way too. It gives a whole new meaning to asexual. Besides, this isn’t what Taketo had in mind when he told the plant to ‘eat’ him instead. They are saved with Katsuyo’s cheering and Tsukuru’s bazooka. The plant turns into a treasure chest and inside it, cosplay outfits for the naked girls. After dividing the jobs among themselves, Taketo questions Tsukuru and Katsuyo presence on this island. Seems they were at Hirameki doing their own stuff when they saw a UFO and poof! The next thing they know, they’re on this island. Taketo and Utae go collect wood when they spot a grounded World War II American plane. Kurumi pops up to explain about the effects of Bermuda Triangle. Taketo thinks she is behind all these but she denies. Even if she is this powerful, she won’t do this sort of stuff. Did she just admit something? So before the sun sets, everyone prepares to camp for the night. After Taketo’s short chat with Fukune (the latter wants him to eat her banana?), Raika tells him that when the time comes, he needs to make his choice and choose either one.

Everyone wakes up the next morning to find themselves in a bizarre land. In the midst of the jungle, crop circles and Stonehenge? There’s a trapdoor in the middle too. Before they could open it, a giant beast emerges. It tries to snatch Utae so Taketo pushes her out of its grasp. Unfortunately it took Fukune and ran. Taketo vows to save her. Did Utae wish she was the one who got taken? Finding the beast at the cave, they also see their other classmates and teacher trapped in the cave. However due to the way they are being held, they can either save Fukune or the rest. Taketo is adamant he will save both by doing that. Kurumi throws him a pen and stupid as it seems, Taketo starts writing his porn novel in the air! How can anyone see the words? He starts off his porn chapter with Utae doing a porn photo shoot with Raika. Suddenly the beast reacted and is immobilize like as though it understood all the porn words Taketo narrated. Is this beast perverted too? Not surprise, though. The plant was, remember? Well, Taketo’s logic is that every living being shares the same instinct of being erotic. So porn isn’t just exclusive for humans, eh? He continues his porn chapters with Ran and Tsukuru yuri experiment, an S&M office romance between Kurumi and Ritsu, a steamy semi-naked clarinet practice between Fukune and Katsuyo. The beast is nailed down as teary Fukune rushes into Taketo’s arms. When they try to release the others, they realize they were just made out of card board! Taketo instantly knew this was all Kurumi’s doing. Speaking of which, she disappeared. Back in the secret lab down the trapdoor, it is revealed she along with Raika, Tsukuru and Katsuyo are in a top secret project in putting up an act to help Taketo research for his next book. A new kind of porn novel born from a new kind of situation, Kurumi will do anything for that and Raika can’t wait to see that porn kid under pressure again. Tsukuru ups the pace by releasing more dangerous traps and beasts on the island. They won’t be going home so soon.

Porn is art!
Well, though the story was rather okay and there were some laughs and funny moments, I expected it would end better. At least Fukune doesn’t have to leave Hirameki and though she still may not realize that Taketo is a porn author, she is somewhat ‘free’ from the pressure to live up to expectations. I thought the way the story was going, there was going to be a love triangle clash but from the looks of it, seems like Utae gave way to Fukune. Though Taketo may want a harem of his own, things indicate that he may have developed feelings for Fukune, just like how Fukune and Utae developed some feelings for him. Raika could be another one who has feelings for him. Though she treats him like dirt and is very rude in pushing him, but the way she does it makes it feel like she’s a tsundere. She can actually be a paparazzi with this kind of ‘rotten’ attitude. Maybe that is what true photography is about? I am pondering what that precious photo meant to her. I guess we are sidetracked by Fukune’s impending departure, these little trivia don’t seem to matter anymore.

As we know Taketo writes porn and his level of fantasizing is so great that it’s like he does it every day without fail and the slightest stimulating event can turn his imagination wild. On occasions he may get nose bleeds but notice how he still keeps himself under control and doesn’t go around violating and good lord, raping others? I suppose having written so much porn, he is accustomed to it all and it doesn’t mean that if you’re a porn writer, it gives you the right to go round messing with the bodies of other girls. Just like a race car driver. He may love speed and drives real fast on the speedway but on the normal roads with ordinary drivers, he sticks to the limits and regulations without showing off, right? The erotic fantasies Taketo fantasizes about feel novel worthy and not something that is made for TV or films. That’s because it’s the way he describes them with his words rather than in shows in which the actors ‘tell it’ with their bodies in motion, right? But the most mysterious character in this series has got to be Kurumi. At first I was just going to pass her off as a busty sadist who likes seeing Taketo in torment or give him lots of work to do. But that episode that has her suddenly disappearing in just a blink of an eye and a lab-like area in the freezer makes me feel tantalized to actually know who this woman really is because it seems she has some secrets that is more than meets the eye. Who is she anyway? You would have guessed that she is no ordinary girl if you notice her Newspaper Club room is filled with machine guns and rifles on the wall!!! A warning to be careful where you tread? So is she an alien? A time traveller? Or maybe some sort of God watching over Hirameki? That’s why I felt a little disappointed when the anime ended when we aren’t given the slightest hint to such mysteries. Maybe next time round, eh? If they ever make a sequel. I’m also not sure if she’s a porn novel fan because she would go to great lengths though in her own mysterious ways to level up Taketo and improve his next works.

Each of the characters is quirky enough to make them lovable. However with the short nature of the series, you won’t see them being fully fleshed out. It was nice to see an episode between Ran and Beni in a showdown but that’s about so much focus they’ll get. Then there are some other characters who don’t often make their appearance and felt they had the be there just because they had to be there. For instance, Misa was just, well, somebody who foresees bad luck. Kanade just writes the songs and the genius gymnast was just a co-host with Beni for the orientation tournament. Other than Taketo, Ritsu may be the other horniest guy around. In each episode, he never fails to misinterpret Taketo’s words, even if they are just ordinary words. His imagination must be kinda wild too, eh? Doing so causes him to fantasize some yaoi thing with Taketo and the only way he is to be brought back to reality and calm himself down from this aroused situation is to recite the pi formula. That formula never ends, right? Later as I discovered, each of the characters are named based on their personality or the thing that they are good at. For instance, Utae’s name means “sing with that voice”, Ran is based from the abbreviations of local area network and Raika is derived from a brand of camera called Leica.

Now, with porn as a theme of this series, you are expecting the fanservice, right? Don’t worry, there are plenty. However. Yes, it’s that but word. They are all fully censored!!! At least for the version that I saw. DAMN LIGHT CENSORS!!! I would have accepted it if they just put a small round censor on the necessary areas but to actually strike out across the entire screen is too much! In some cases they just censor so much that it feels like 4/5 of the screen is ‘brightened out’. It’s annoying! You can’t see anything! And I mean ANYTHING!!! So every panty shots and boobs shots are filled with bright lights that would probably turn the most stimulated guy off. Mind you, I’m not saying that I was really hoping to see it all but they should have the most kept the censoring to just that minimum spot instead of blotting out unrelated fanservice scenarios and backgrounds. But do not fear, if you desire so much to see all those delicious panty colours and designs, you have the DVDs and Blu-ray discs to satisfy your horny perverted lust. Guaranteed to have a full view of everything. I won’t go so far to say the fanservice scenes are close to hentai (heck, it’s your typical panty shots you can find in any ecchi series) but if you’re looking for some laughs, you have got to accept that the fanservice comes with it too. That’s one reason why we watch this show, right? At the end of each episode, there will be a nose bleed gauge of Taketo to see how stimulating today’s episode is. There was one episode it went 100% and another one a meagre 3%. Everything else was pretty much in between. And after that, we have a still picture of a girl perhaps in stimulating poses or clothes saying a short stimulating sentence.

Something bugs me about the geniuses at Hirameki. If they are all dubbed so and really smart, what the heck are they still schooling???!!! Shouldn’t they be out there lending their hand to the world and solving its problem? If Ran can hack into the Pentagon with ease, shouldn’t she be hired by the CIA operatives to do whatever that is required in her field? I mean take a look at this also, if they are so smart, they don’t need teachers, right? And if they do need teachers, that has to mean the teacher must be really, really, really, very, very, very smart, right? However with every single one of them a genius in their own field it’s hard to think that if the classes they attend are really suited to their needs. As far as I am concerned, there are no 2 same geniuses in the same field. For instance, there is only 1 genius porn author, 1 genius photographer, 1 genius computer hacker, 1 genius idol, etc. But like I’ve said, even geniuses aren’t perfect and they make mistakes. Take for instance Tsukuru. All her inventions always go haywire at some point. She may be creating lots of inventions (most of them as I see it useless) but that doesn’t mean that they’re all perfect. So back to what I was saying, if a group of geniuses are gathered in the same class, what are they actually learning together? The teacher can’t be teaching each individual to be better at his/her own ingenuity, right? And if it’s the simple geography, literature or some other subject, I’m sure these geniuses will breeze through it without sweat like child’s play. But then again, being a genius doesn’t mean you’re an all-rounder so yeah, you may be good in 1 thing but you totally suck in the other.

So still, porn feels like a dirty word at the end of the day and though Taketo may be right that sexual desires is all part of the basic instincts of human beings, but that really depends on how well you view on the topic of sex. Still, everyone is a pervert in his or her own way. If you ask me, I still prefer visual erotica to those with words :). With so many types of geniuses out there, I wonder if there is a genius idiot out there. Yeah, an oxymoron (Moron!). So idiotic that you are deemed a genius for just being silly. What about a genius otaku? Is there any out there? Perhaps not. All otakus are perverts. Why not? They spend their entire lives in front of 2D wonders and have a mass collection full of figurines, play eroges and galges, maybe a lolicon and yeah, a hard drive worth 12GB of porn. Now that’s hardcore!

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