Usagi-chan De Cue

October 7, 2011

The last time I saw a girl transformed into bunny and fight was Getsumen To Heiki Miina. However in Usagi-chan De Cue, we’re not transforming into rabbit heroes to protect the Earth from alien scums. More like for, erm, how should I put it, the hell of it? Oh, what am I saying? To cut things short, let’s say if you’re an ecchi fan and like short OVAs that do not span more than 3 episodes, sure, have a look at this one.

So why rabbits in the first place? I have a theory. When you think of girls dressing up of bunnies, you think of those sexy Playboy girls, right? Plus, rabbits are supposed to be very good in multiplication. Not the one in mathematics. So what kind of animal would be synonymous with breeding, which means the three letter ‘S’ word? Yeah, no animal does it better like those cute furry bunnies. However, there is only 1 bunny girl in this OVA but I guess it’s enough to satisfy ecchi fans.

Episode 1
Tough girl Mikami Inaba is fighting petite Chou Benten‘s underling, Dekao at the school rooftop. She gets distracted when her friends Haru Matogi and Miku Mizuki come by after hearing she’s in a fight. Dekao dashes forward towards her causing them to break through the rabbit’s shed and falling off the roof. Inaba tries to save a falling rabbit and when she catches it, a bright glow engulfs them. The next thing we know, we see airhead rabbit girl Mimika taking a bath in Haru’s home. He’s been tasked to take care of her and Mimika’s ears (reminds me of Pikachu) has this special waves to convince people that nothing has happened. Of course it mysteriously doesn’t affect certain people like Haru. Mimika doesn’t remember much till the time Inaba saved her and only remember being wrapped by a warm light. She decides to get all lovey-dovey with Haru. Guess what? Miku just came in. Your typical childhood friend-cum-classmate who has a secret crush on this guy. No matter how many times she warns Mimika to get off Haru, she continues to get intimate. So just let them be lah. Oh, the burning jealousy. The next day in class, Mimika continues to be so energetic and clinging around Haru, much to Miku’s annoyance. Miku tries to hint to Haru to go out with her to a new burger shop but that guy is so infatuated with fixing the rabbit shed. On their way to the shop, Chou spots them and is puzzled because he sees Inaba (Mimika actually) alive and has told everyone he killed her. Mimika gets friendly but he doesn’t appreciate it and lets loose a kick. I can’t believe he missed at that close range and kicked Miku instead! Because a strange aura is coming out from Mimika, Chou and his underlings leave. But he notes that Inaba has definitely merged. Mimika continues to be an annoying pest at the shop, wanting the same drinks, spilling hers and even spilling Haru’s drink all over herself. He takes her to wash up as Miku contemplates an indirect kiss from his straw but couldn’t bring herself to do it. Meanwhile Chou (in dog form) reports to his boss about Inaba’s merger and is being ordered to keep an eye on her.

Haru brings Mimika and Miku to the beach and has a nice time looking at them playing with each other till he forgets to set up the tent. Suddenly a bunch of macho men called Sailors of Sinbad start harassing them, especially Miku. Haru tries to save her but gets beaten up. One of the men is knocked out and they see Inaba. She’s back. Chou is also there and it’s part of his plan to lure her out. They attack but Inaba finishes them all. Chou is surprised to see Dekao out of the hospital and now part cyborg. However Dekao tosses Chou away into the sea and starts his fight with Inaba. She is no match for his rain of missiles and not even the jet ski she borrowed could help. However she is ‘saved’ when Chou comes splashing down in the water and short circuiting Dekao. When Haru wakes up, he finds worried Mimika all over him. Not too happy, eh, Miku? Chou is left pondering how and who fitted Dekao with those things. Next day in school, Haru’s class receives a new transfer student. It’s a cat girl named Koshka Nekoi. Seems she has an ulterior motive because she’s being hired by somebody who is entrusting her to take care of things.

Episode 2
Panty shots and boob shots greet us at this episode opener. Mimika and Miku are tied to the board and are being faced by a group of perverted firing squad. “If you’re going to aim, aim properly!”. Then everyone fires. Turns out the girls are shooting targets in the school festival. Amazingly, all the loser guys missed! None hit them!!! Their classmate wants them to enter the Miss Banzai contest but Miku refuses. Till Koshka smoothly persuades Mimika to enter because it’ll give her some delicious memories. A bunch of delinquents enter a tent that reads “Female Breeding Committee Members”. However they get disappointed to see Haru and many animal cages. They’re thinking about girls, right? They take out their frustration by taking it out on Haru but suddenly Inaba appears. They shiver in their pants and runaway. Wow. She must have got a scary reputation. With that over, Inaba suddenly turns to Mimika as she gets all clingy on Haru. Chou reports to his boss and the latter is not happy that Inaba is still alive. Though he swears to get the job done, he asks about Dekao’s upgrade and wonder if there is somebody more powerful behind it. But the boss tells him to stick his nose where he belongs and get the job done or else. After that, the boss talks to his masked underling about the threat of Inaba on their work. Koshka is also there as she plans to reveal Inaba’s true form in public and with her in her combat mode, this will get her expelled from school.

Mimika wants Haru to come with her to the Miss Banzai contest but he can’t leave the animals alone. Flashback reveals how Haru wanted to become a vet and understand the language of animals. Mimika gets upset that he doesn’t look at her anymore and runs away. She comes into Chou and his underlings as they give chase. She’s about to transform into Inaba when suddenly Haru grabs the baddies and tells her not to fight because she’s not Inaba now and go ahead. The headmaster of Saotome school confronts Chou and tells him his role is over and that he is to be his subordinate. Haru takes this chance to escape with Mimika. At Miss Banzai contest, Koshka sexily struts her stuff and since Mimika is late, Miku is forced to step in to cover her. She’s so nervous that the only pose she could do is flip up her skirt?! WTF?! The guys are all so disappointed. Then for the swimsuit parade, it seems Miku is the only one in a nurse outfit. She takes her friend’s advice to do a sexy pose and this time all the guys fall in love with her. Mimika and Haru come running into the crowd as Mimika transforms into Inaba for her entry. Heck, she doesn’t even need to take off her top. Her boobs are so big that it bursts, enough time to change! Wow! Koshka decides to fight Inaba as she mentions that she won’t kill her but defeat her since they’re comrades. As they fight, Inaba tries to get answers about the Board and merged beings but Koshka doesn’t know much and tells her to investigate herself.

Their duel is cut short when Dekao blasts his way in. Man, he’s a full cyborg now! Oh wait. A centaur!!! He’s firing missiles like nobody’s business so Koshka decides to flee. Inaba manages to defeat Dekao with some skirt blinding technique. The explosion was so great that it blasts Haru away and into Miku’s chest. She must have wanted this moment to stay a little longer but Mimika was quick to whisk him away in her clingy, worried mode. Back home, Haru is doing lots of research on the merger. Miku has a different merger in mind. Dirty girl… Upon realizing he’s referring to Mimika, she decides to leave but trips. Haru uses his body to shield the books from falling from her. Mimika overhears ambiguous voices and misinterprets that Haru likes regular girls and runs away from home. She ends up sleeping in the streets but was awakened by Haru. He is here to clear the misunderstanding so Mimika is overjoyed. However he wants to talk to Inaba inside her as he thinks Inaba is the one controlling the switch. He wonders why she is letting her in control so Mimika murmurs so she can use her. Mimika gets disheartened that he likes Inaba more so she runs away again. So emo… Haru wonders if Inaba has her mind stolen by Mimika or the other way round. Then he spots Chou behind.

Episode 3
Inaba is alone thinking about her broken family whereby her parents are always fighting. She thought of being tough and like a gangster but stumbled upon Haru’s kindness. She needs to change herself. Meanwhile Miku also feels the need to change herself or else Inaba will take Haru away. Haru remembers the meeting with Chou. He said something about the welfare department trying to merge the local areas to make them less independent. But strange things happened, and that they merged with animals. They tried to cover up by catching and experimenting on them to make this world normal again. The make it an example, they have this district with no merged beings till Mimika appeared. Chou shows him that he is a merged being and that his job is to hunt down merged beings but is now betrayed. Dekao is an enforcer sent by the department to hunt Mimika. As for why merging happens, when someone loses their mind and humanity, the lonelier they get, the more they can’t handle and thus merged. When Haru comes home, he sees Inaba in his bed but she quickly turns into airhead Mimika. As Haru watches her sleep, he sees her transforming back and forth in both forms. He remembers how Inaba never mixed around. Meanwhile the Board have received a report that merged beings can affect humans with telepathy and won’t lose this world because of 1 merged being. Haru accompanies Miku and Mimika out shopping. For lingerie? Miku starts to fantasize wild thoughts when she learns Mimika slept with Haru. She then snaps by saying Haru is looking after her because he views her as a pet rabbit. She gets jealous that Haru has never thought of her as a girl even though they were always close together. She thinks she knows Haru better and loves him. Mimika tries to extend her hand but she hits it away. Though she apologizes for her actions.

Suddenly the entire complex is being surrounded by Saotome and his underlings. Inaba appears and kicks Saotome and take Haru and Miku to escape. But before her is Koshka who wants to settle their score. Mimika wants Haru to take fear-stricken Mimika to safety. Then it’s bunny vs cat. As Haru and Miku escape via the stairs, it seems there are baddies blocking it but Chou helps them out to make a clear path. Inaba wants them to stop fighting each other since they’re merged beings. But Koshka says they’re not because Inaba has great friends like Haru and Miku. Koshka continues her dreadful past whereby kids taunt her dad a killer, mom committed suicide and her only confide, a stray cat named Koshka became road kill. So she thought if she became strong, she wouldn’t need anybody’s kindness. Koshka gets a call from Saotome that they’ve been betrayed and that Abumidah wants to get rid of them all. An army takes out Saotome and all his underlings. The boss drops a large container into the shopping complex via helicopter. Inside, Dekao now a robotic tank and going way berserk with the missiles. The only way to beat him is to cooperate but they can’t get close. Because of the destruction, Haru, Miku and Chou have to make a u-turn and return to the complex and watch the fight. Koshka did a sacrificing move by electrocuting Dekao and herself. With Dekao destroyed, however the explosion is so great that it blew the ground Miku was on. Haru jumps to save her but Inaba is in a dilemma as she thinks of all the times they spent together. She remembers if she wanted something, she got scolded or beaten up and that’s why she never wished for anything. She hears Mimika’s voice wondering if she’s okay if they die, even if Haru choses Miku over her. She tells her to make a decision that is most important to her and that it is okay to wish for things. Inaba merges with Mimika (Mimika’s facade but with Inaba’s personality) as she dives down to grab them.

In the aftermath, Haru and Miku are at the rooftop discussing how Inaba hasn’t been in school for a few days. He remembers how they were safely on the ground and thinks Inaba has saved them. Though she wasn’t there, her gloves were in his hands. And while he was conscious, she confessed she liked him. Inaba is meeting up with Chou and it seems they have to run away or else the welfare department will come hunting her down since she’s the best existence of a merged being. But she’s not going to live her whole life running and hiding because she wants to go back. And if anybody comes looking for trouble, she just needs to kick ass. So Chou has no choice but to run away with Koshka. Yes, that cat’s still alive. A dog and a cat eloping? Inaba happily reunites with Haru and Miku.

They didn’t say anything about rabbit holes…
Though everything was rather okay, the thing that bugged me was the concept and plot behind the merger of humans and animals. Three episodes are too short to explain everything and even if they did try their best, it feels somewhat incomplete. About the Board’s plan of eradicating merged beings or harness its power was just explained in a hurry. It would’ve been nicer if this part was developed a little bit but then again, I’m in a dilemma if it was, it might get so complicated that it would be a turn-off. Yeah, who needs a plot or storyline when you can cover it with mindless fanservice. Speaking of which, this is what you watch the series for, right? Super exposed panty shots and totally naked boobs galore with no hideous censors whatsoever. And I think they may have crossed the line with the panty shots fanservice because I find that the girls’ skirt as so short that they don’t even need to bend over to show us their slip! Partly it’s because of the low camera angles too but I feel it’s like they’re as good as wearing no skirt at all. The fight scenes were just mediocre and exaggerative to give us some fanservice kicks. Why else would a girl unleash her high kick or flying kick straight at her enemies without minding her own modesty? Okay, maybe Inaba’s a tough girl so she doesn’t care about being cute and all. But still, it feels like you’d focus on somewhere else rather than the baddies’ face getting walloped *wink, wink*.

Mimika is the most irritating character. She’s too emo and very clingy and physical with Haru. And her airheadness tops it all. She can’t really fight and her only skill is to jump away. Well, she’s a rabbit, right? Hey, come to think of it. How did Mimika end up getting such voluptuous boobs? Rabbits don’t have big boobs, don’t they? Mimika’s always cutting in between Haru and Miku. If she doesn’t get what she wants, she thinks you don’t love her. Maybe partly she’s a rabbit so all she wants is just attention from that guy. Speaking of which, shouldn’t Haru find it weird at first when Mimika started living with him? I mean, he didn’t seem alert when Inaba disappeared and in her place is Mimika. And even if he knew it all along, isn’t he worried about Inaba merged with Mimika? Perhaps he views Mimika as his pet rabbit no matter what form she takes, eh? It really boggles me that Inaba can only come out when Haru is in danger. So it makes me wonder if she really controls the switch and why in the world would she want to use Mimika. Though I’m not sure now that both sides are actually merged in the end, would it be weird to have such a mixed being walking around? As for the love chemistry for Miku didn’t work out even if she did mention she likes Haru but it wasn’t in his face and in the end, they’re just back to being friends as usual. I thought the baddies of this series will have some sort of an ultimate showdown with Inaba or Koshka. Especially that masked guy. Unfortunately, all you ever see him is just talking and no action. So the only fights you get to see are low-level baddies and the most Dekao. As for that guy, he must be the coolest one because he gets to undergo massive upgrades. It’s like throwing away your humanity for more firepower. I wonder what transformation he will receive if he returns the next time. Transformers? Optimus Prime or Megatron? Chou and Koshka’s role became unimportant too fast. Chou was betrayed so he betrays while Koshka’s duel with Inaba is so short that this must be the record breaking shonen-type reconciliation. I’m not saying Inaba and Koshka are really pals at the end, but they managed to put aside their differences for their better benefit.

So this old school production doesn’t seem to have any more continuation. It’s highly unlikely since the manga itself ran for only 2 volumes. But even if there was, I would probably be not interested to find out. I mean, you could expect more or less the same thing. You get your ecchi fanservice fill with the girls fighting over Haru, then we have more merged beings in other different animal forms probably sent by the Board wanting to pick a bone with Inaba. And yeah, a boss-fight with Dekao to cap it all. Thankfully, I’m not into rabbits or pets so I’m not rushing to the nearest pet store to get myself one. And if your pet rabbit or cat really does transform into a sexy babe, it could only mean that you’re dreaming or seen too many kind of this anime. I mean seriously, would you like to have your pet and girlfriend combined together? That will be so messed up.

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