December 17, 2005

I can still remember watching my favourite cartoon (I wasn’t aware of anime at that time) Doraemon during my younger years. Yeah, the cat who’s afraid of mice and likes to eat that brown bun. Anybody who does that high-pitch squeaky voice will automatically remind me of Doraemon (because the dubbed voice of the show was so). It was my favourite show back then. That’s because the plot was pretty straightforward and the comedy part was quite funny as well (at least for younger children). Or maybe there weren’t many other cartoons shown during that time. As of even now, this anime is still showing in our TV shores! I’m not sure whether it’s a repeat (has to be) or new episodes, somehow I stopped watching this show over the years as I grew up. Ah… Such fond memories. Imagine a robot cat sent from the future back in time to help guide and be shown the proper path in life. How nice. Unfortunately, that’s not in the case for Nobita as he’s lazy and always wants to play rather than study. So usually Doraemon would use certain tools or gadgets, which he takes out from his mysterious pocket (better than a kangaroo’s pouch, seems to fit, keep and have everything) to help him. Often having many adventures (or misadventures) with it, and having bearing the grunt of the backfired or negative side-effects of the gadget. Then there’s the big bully, Jayan, and his sidekick, Sunyo. These 2 usually pick on Nobita but sometimes are good with him. Also, there’s that girl, the hardworking and kind-hearted Shizuka, that Nobita likes but not really sure whether he’s really serious or not to make her his girlfriend or vice versa. But that’s not so important here. Sometimes the anime ends ‘hanging’ halfway, meaning since that each episode is independent of each other and doesn’t depend on what happened previously. Also, there has been alot of movies spawned since then. And I mean alot. I don’t recall watching any of them either. Ah… the nostalgia… looks like yesterday once more.

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