Princess Nine

November 11, 2005

As far as I know, Princess Nine is the only baseball anime in the baseball-crazy Japan. Since I didn’t manage to watch the entire anime, only bits here and there, and that’s only the beginning parts where it shows how all the girls came to be part of the Kisaragi Girls High School Baseball Team. The main character focus were between Ryo and Izumi as the latter didn’t like the former at first (I could be wrong. Hey, I only watch the first few episodes remeber?). I suppose most of the episodes will tell the trials, tribulation and relationship of these 10 ladies (9 players and 1 seemingly cheerleader) and how they will get along among each other. So certain episodes may reveal certain interesting (or peculiar) characteristics about each girl. And then eventually how they rise up to being the best all girl baseball team in Japan. Reminds me of that American show where Madonna starred in a long time ago.

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