Senpai, our fight for the fourth season hasn’t begun yet. So before the next season begins, let’s take a look at Strike The Blood: Kieta Seisou-hen OVA first. I’m sure this will be the appetizer before more sci-fi crap sh*t hits the fan in the fourth season. Remember, this is not your fight alone. This is our fight!

Who Moved My Lance?
Kojou and Yukina wake up in a classroom together. Oh gosh. Did they finally do it? And Yukina in an old fashioned bloomers. Of course they have no memories what happened last night. But Yukina thinks something precious to her is missing. Oh Kojou, it’s not her virginity! It’s Sekkarou! What were you thinking?! As they leave the classroom, they see a bloodied bat on the floor and what’s inside Kojou’s pocket? A bra?! Definitely too big to be Yukina’s! Could be Sayaka’s. Oh sh*t! Worse, he sniffs it to make out its scent but Yukina misinterprets this scene… They move on the rooftop as Kojou thought he saw someone moving there. Lots of sheets being hung out to dry. Also there is Asagi’s swimsuit. That is when they remember they were here yesterday for supplementary swimming lessons. But before they could start, it rained. Astarte then came to inform them that swimming lessons are cancelled since a storm is brewing. Hence they got permission to take shelter in the school. When they see Asagi, it seems she is flushed with embarrassment. But she is relieved that Kojou doesn’t remember what happened last night. She hopes it will stay that way. Meanwhile, Motoki, Kiriha, Yuiri and Shio are investigating Vatler’s abandoned cruiser. Looks like some monster broke out of its cage and there is a magical artefact shield in another container. Investigating further, they are then assaulted by an army of mermen and a huge Kraken. Wanna bet this squid was the one who escaped its cage?

Meanwhile, heading into the home economics room, they find Nagisa dead! Don’t worry. She’s not. That’s just ketchup. They further remember what happened last night. She also stopped by the school since the trains had stopped running due to the storm. Asagi then pointed out the big problem: What’s for dinner? After getting permission from the gardening club to use the produce in their garden (it will be wasted from the storm anyway) and make nabe, Kojou and Yukina drew the raw end of the stick as they had to go pick the produce. Yukina slipped and her clothes so Astarte gave her Natsuki’s bloomers to wear. After hearing screams from the next room, rushing over we see Sayaka trying to kill herself and La Folia assisting her?! Seems Sayaka lost some important magical ingredient. To put it shortly, some mushrooms that make you go high and hallucinate. Heh. You bet they remember that they ate some of that last night’s nabe. After dinner, Nagisa created a rice omelette with ketchup and tries to serve Kojou. Of course you bet the other girls were also flirty. Yukina complaining he looks at other girls and should have just done it with her if he wanted to. Sayaka stripping naked and crying foul Kojou doesn’t like her big boobs. La Folia trying to convince him to sign their marriage papers. Wow. It was literally hell. Somehow he got out of that and was taking a breather outside. Asagi came to talk to him but the wind was naughty and blew harder. Her skirt went up and she wasn’t wearing any pantsu. Kojou saw it of course. And you’ve guessed it, Asagi thought human brains are like the same as computers. Beat it hard enough and they’ll forget! And now we know where the bloody bat came from. Sayaka still sad and wants to kill herself. Don’t worry. Astarte says Natsuki has some of those ingredients and will share. Phew. No need for the harem to lose a girl.

Kojou gets a call from Motoki. Mermen and Kraken are too much to handle. Can come help? Sure. After they settle looking for Sekkarou. When Astarte returns Yukina’s dried clothes, she also claims the pole is no longer required and will return it to her. Eh? It seems that Yukina gave her permission to use Sekkarou as a laundry pole to dry her clothes! Yeah, blame those mushrooms! So embarrassing… With the final mystery solved, Kojou has Natsuki do them a favour and teleport to Motoki’s whereabouts. And hence your action sequence in seeing them take down the monsters. But before Kojou could do the finishing move, Yuiri realizes that this shrunken Kraken is just protecting the shield. Since it is just a young offspring, she hopes Kojou can let this one go. Kojou the merciful does so. So they just let the squid swim away into the sea? Hopefully this doesn’t come biting back in the future. While they’re happy for Kraken, they wonder about the mermen. Of course we see some shady baddie, Lei. He is being told the mermen were defeated and failed to retrieve the shield. A shame because it would really have been useful for their future plans.

Strike The Flashback
As cheesy as this OVA seems, I have to admit that in some ways that it was also fun. Oh well. Some fanservice and the usual Kojou harem problems are the things that I understood (I suppose they somewhat included Kiriha here because she was sorely missing in the third season). And hence this OVA is nothing much and feels more like a filler as our gang tries to piece back their missing memories of a night’s mishap. Blame those mushrooms! I bet it is one of those nights that they would want to totally forget. Especially Asagi. Even more forgettable-cum-laughable the officially cheesy named English title of “Who Moved My Lance?”. I thought “The Disappearance of Sekkarou” or “The Missing Sekkarou” would sound better and more accurate than this pseudo-detective-mystery-like title. Oh well. Must be those darn mushrooms making whoever thought that this title sounded like a good one. Yeah, I really want to forget about this title. I hope so when the next season comes around when we are then spammed with more action scenes, fanservice scenes, complicating supernatural sci-fi plots and more cheesy harem narratives. Oh yeah. Just another usual day in Itogami for Kojou and the gang. So senpai, are we ready to take this fight together for the fourth season?!

Strike The Blood III

December 27, 2019

Oh dear. Looks like with Strike The Blood III, I guess this means I have to watch the third season altogether now, huh? My third season of the series, huh? No, senpai. This is our third season! I didn’t think this would get another season but I was wrong. I did. And again, following its previous season’s format, it is released via OVA format and this means taking almost the entire year just to come out all 10 episodes for this season. Oh God. I don’t know why I must watch this series. It’s not that I am a huge fan of it. It’s not like I remember every detail of what happened in the previous season. It’s not that the harem and tits are… Oh wait. Maybe it’s that. All the headache and incomprehensibility just for some cheap fanservice that don’t even matter? Ah well, looks like my fight has just begun. Again. No, senpai. This is our fight! Again.

Tartaros Roses Arc

Episode 1
Kojou and his harem problems. More like his girls got problems. Like Nagisa reprimanding him not to wake up naked in front of her when she herself is in her lingerie. Then when he has no reaction, she gets jealous. What you want, girl?! And then a conversation with Yukina. Don’t know what she got so upset about. Did he say the wrong thing? And then Asagi… Never mind. Noticing that today’s class has many people late, it seems as Motoki reports, there has been a series of ships being grounded the moment they enter Itogami waters or passengers being food poisoned. What are the chances they aren’t coincidences? More women woes. Yukina already irritated seeing Kojou with Asagi. Nagisa takes a step higher as she shed tears the moment she sees them! Something not right… Now down to business. Kojou is captured by Natsuki to explain today’s problem. There has been already 21 cases of ship accidents today. The only thing in common is that all of them are heading towards Itogami. Because of this, no new people or goods can reach the island and so Itogami is effectively isolated. Natsuki suspected Kojou because only someone with vampire powers can do this. She thought capturing him would end this trickery but alas it didn’t. Yeah, we know this guy, why would he even do that?! After asking Yukina’s opinion on magical terrorism, this reminds Natsuki of a similar case whereby a Demon District in Europe was destroyed. The official reports said it was due to flooding but it was a deliberate terrorist act by Tartaros Lapus, a terrorist organization who commits magical terrorism in exchange for money. And the person behind it who can perfectly use feng shui like this is Takehito Senga. Yup, they need to find him to break this whatever diagram thingy. Then a call comes in saying that a director from Artificial Island Management Corporation has been sniped. Natsuki now well knows that this is definitely terrorism as they’re trying to throw their chain of command into chaos.

Meanwhile Nagisa is so confused about her feelings on Kojou that she runs away to a park and hangs out by herself. She meets and befriends December who claims she is here to witness the beginning of the end of the Demon District. Nagisa is then made unconscious and this summons out Avrora’s soul inside her. December assures her not to worry for this is their war and to return to her slumber. Then an explosion occurs at the administration’s HQ. Motoki is worried since it was his father, Akishige who is the president who got caught up in that explosion and his big brother, Kazuma who is a head of the operations won’t let him help. After Asagi learns from Kojou what is going on, she uses her hacking skills to get some info. But immediately she has to destroy her laptop as she was hacked back. Yup, some military grade virus not only infected her laptop but the Island Guard’s network too. Looks like Senga and December are in cohorts. The former is doing this because he has something he cannot forgive and thus putting an end to it all by using Tartaros Rose. Once Nagisa wakes up, December sends her back to Kojou. But the moment Kojou looks at December, those familiar and painful flashbacks flood his head. He realizes she is Avrora.

Episode 2
Kojou pretends nothing happened so December leaves. This has him thinking about December’s word that food is peace. This could mean Tartaros Lapus’ next target could be Itogami’s food stockpile. As they patrol around the warehousing site, suddenly huge golems attack. Apparently Natsuki was confronting Senga and they had a past. Just when she had the authorities surround to arrest him, here comes the golems. Kojou summons his familiar but is stopped by December who proclaims she is the leader of Tartaros Lapus. It seems she has the ability to control Kojou’s mind and seal whatever familiars she summoned. Luckily Natsuki comes to his aid. Then she realizes Senga and December are only distractions as Rogi the pyrokinetic is burning down the warehouses. As she is about to restrain them, December orders Carly to snipe Natsuki. Man, she really took a direct hit. December wants Kojou to join them but after he’s seen, no thanks. While Natsuki is okay but in comatose state, because of the hit from the magic bullet, Nina diagnoses she will take time to regain her consciousness. So Kojou and Yukina have a short while to lament their shortcomings. Can’t mope around forever. Better do Natsuki’s request to get more info on Tartaros Lapus. Just in luck, Rogi is here to bring them to see Senga who wants to talk to them. They are forced too since Carly has them in sights. Don’t want unnecessary casualties…

Senga explains that their aim is to destroy the Demon Districts. All the members in Tartaros Lapus have some history of being illegally used by the military and then abandoned. With Kojou still refusing to help, Senga reveals the true purpose of Itogami is an altar to resurrect Cain. Kojou laughs at this pathetic action of theirs. Even if they did try to ask for help and was shut down, was it because they really lacked proof? That’s not true because they themselves don’t believe in anyone else! So the irony of instead of destroying the Demon District to stop Cain’s resurrection, they should be saving the people who will be sacrificed for it! Well, he’s got a point. Senga realizes that their paths are different and since Tartaros Lapus will not back down from their methods, I guess this is it. After all, they have already set in motion to kill the Priestess of Cain which of course is no other than Asagi. Speaking of her, she visits Motoki who is puzzled with all the events happening. No word that Akishige has been found yet. Because if they wanted to throw the island into chaos, they would have killed Kazuma who is the real person in charge. Besides, it would take more than explosions to kill that old fart. Motoki’s sharp hearing saves Asagi from Carly’s snipe. Run! Kojou uses his familiar powers to rush over but is stopped by December. Then it becomes a battle of summoning and sealing familiars. Kojou looks like he is winning but Avrora’s soul plays cheat by asking if he is going to kill her again. Of course that guy can’t take any more pain to the head so he passes out. Senga comes to collect December and then has Ran to activate the Roses.

Episode 3
Kojou remembers the day he met Avrora and also that fateful day he become the Fourth Progenitor and killed her. A day known as the Scorched Banquet. Motoki and Asagi see demons hovering over the skies and those wearing demon bracelets are all incapacitated. Asagi realizes the hacking wasn’t for Island Guard but this. Now that they have been cut off, the only way is for Asagi to break into Keystone Gate and connect them back to Island Guard so the vaccine will continue to flow. Kojou wakes up after an hour. Mogwai telling him what has happened and it seems a large magic circle AKA Rose is hovering over Itogami. It is gathering magical energy from those bracelets. He hopes Kojou can take care of this as Asagi gets herself into Keystone Gate. With so many demons, can Kojou and Yukina handle it? Not if Sayaka, Shio, Yuiri and Grenda drop in to help. Nice timing for Yukina to take Kojou to a secluded room. She wants him to suck her blood because increasing his vampire powers could be the only way to maintain dominance over his familiars and defeat December. So why does she have to get naked if he is biting only her neck? Need to arouse the blood to the other head below?! HAHA! Oops, sorry… Anyway after blindfolding him, he digs in. Yeah, now I know. Can’t let the blood stain her nice uniform. No wonder her lingerie is also red. Apparently Kojou stops because at this rate her body cannot take it. Coincidentally Yuiri is here to bring Grenda to rest and Yukina gives permission to Kojou to do her in because it’s one-off. Isn’t every emergency one-off? With Kojou powered up, yeah those demons don’t stand a chance. But wait. The Four Heavenly Beasts that represent the directions in feng shui pop up. Is this what Tartaros Lapus is after? Sayaka then detects the one who activated the Rose. The location is Itogami’s abandoned district and Kojou realizes this would be the ideal place if Avrora is going to pop up one last time.

In order for Asagi to break into Keystone Gate, Motoki eats some pills to power up into some wind wraith and take out Carly. Meanwhile Natsuki returns as she restrains Rogi to find Senga’s whereabouts. Asagi manages to do all the hacking and it looks like it is going to affect Ran. She doesn’t mind dying this way but December unplugs her before she gets roasted. December narrates Ran’s tragic story only because maybe Kojou can understand why they’re doing this. Sure, he understands they have a reason to be angry. But instead of taking lives, he is going to save them. That’s why he will stop Tartaros Lapus. It’s his fight! No senpai. It’s our fight! When December summons Dabih-Crystallus, one of the Fourth Progenitor’s familiars, Kojou realizes that she is the Tenth Kaleid Blood and just a seal for the Fourth Progenitor’s powers like Avrora. December explains she was a captive for the Third Progenitor then, Chaos Bride. She was only released because she wanted to go to Itogami. Now that December has unleashed the seal, at the expense of her vanishing, at least the Four Heavenly Beasts will remain even if the Rose is gone. Not if Kojou and his girls can defeat them. Wow, they make it look so easy. December admits her defeat and hopes Kojou can send her comrades to a better facility. She gives him the power of the tenth familiar before vanishing. A before kiss before she goes. I guess Yukina allows it. Since it’s a sad occasion. Meanwhile Senga tries to continue with his mission but is shocked with the appearance of Akishige. Yeah, that old fart is still alive. It seems Akishige is pleased that Tartaros Lapus has done everything as planned including the Priestess of Cain entering the Coffin. Senga realizes too late that Tartaros Lapus was just pawns from the start and is killed off. Asagi is shocked to find herself that the spot she is in is Cain’s Coffin and Mogwai sounds like he did have an ulterior motive to lead her here.

The Time Of My Life Arc

Episode 4
With the restoration in progress, Kojou and co do some charity work to distribute food. All over the news is Asagi who has become a star after her hacking heroics. Heck, she is now an idol singing for peace! Woah! But Kojou feels something is wrong… Asagi looks a bit different. Then he finds out from her friend that this idol is just CGI and was done because the restoration wasn’t making any progress so they thought of cheering up the people this way. With Kojou looking so blur and oblivious, she can’t fathom why Asagi likes this dude. Yeah, he hasn’t even got a clue… Kojou and Yukina then goes to visit Motoki at the hospital but it seems he has been transferred to another hospital. Of course it is Kazuma who had a hand in this as he feels a normal hospital cannot protect him. Also, Kazuma wants him to succeed as the family head now that Akishige is assassinated since he has the proper lineage and abilities. Of course Motoki is free to decline and he will stopped being targeted. However doing so means losing their chance to save Asagi. Of course Natsuki will help them out. Sayaka is happy to become roommates with Yukina. Since nobody is home, she looks around and what’s this test kit?! It’s positive?! Freak out! Since Kojou lives next door, she knocks but only Nagisa is in. Asking about Yukina’s state, Nagisa describes what it seems to be pregnancy sickness symptoms! OMG! Can it be true?! Time to look for that bastard! Now Kojou and Yukina try to visit Asagi’s residence but it is heavily guarded by armed soldiers and you need a special permit. Come back again next time. On their way back, they are attacked by a mage who turns out to be Shike, Yukina’s master and also Nyanko’s true form. She was just testing her and looks like Yukina only powered up when Kojou was injured. Even so, she lost stamina after it’s over. Shike wants to confiscate her spear but Yukina won’t allow it and runs away with Kojou.

Yukina can’t go home now since she has disobeyed Shike, there might be pursuers waiting at home. So that’s what she meant when she said she doesn’t want to go home. It’s not like she wants to flirt with you, Kojou! Can’t stay under this bridge forever so Kojou takes her to a ramen store. Surprisingly they see Lydianne and Ibliss there. Lydianne tells them that she was infiltrating Keystone Gate but stumbled into Island Guard’s SSG, an official strike force comprised of demons who work directly under the administration’s board of directors. Lydianne tried to escape but SSG cornered her all the way. Just when she thought she was done for, Ibliss happened to be passing by and saved her. Since she is under his protection now, that’s how they ended up together. As for why she snuck into such a dangerous place, it is to rescue Asagi. You see, she is being confined in the deepest level of Keystone Gate. In the centre of this impregnable floor lies Cain’s Coffin where Asagi is imprisoned. Somebody needs to decipher that fake idol video because there is a hidden message from Asagi pleading for Kojou to save her!

Episode 5
Kojou and Yukina head down to Floor Zero to save Asagi. Gee, no security? Even with these weak sentries, Kojou is enough to dispatch them. But Yukina mad because he used his magic recklessly? Hey, he saved your ass! Inside this floor, they are shocked to see Meiga. He is also here for Asagi but unfortunately she isn’t anywhere to be seen. Since the guys hate each other’s guts, they start fighting. Meiga shows his true form as a manmade jiangshi AKA Chinese vampire. So he’s an immortal too, huh? And when he stabs Kojou, this shocks Yukina that she turns into an angel?! Hey, she should know that Kojou is immortal, right? So he gets back up and fires back at Meiga with his familiar. Suddenly the scene is cut to Kojou in a lab. Kanon is by his side as she explains they were found by Shike. Yukina is unconscious in the next room. But WTF Sayaka tries to kill him for ruining Yukina’s future?! Kanon’s dad and Shike enter to explain about Yukina having the power of a false angel known as Angel Faux (just like Kanon before). They also explain Meiga was once hired by Lion King to create divine weapons but died during one of its trial runs. However he was brought back to life and Shike suspected his grandfather, Senra turning him into a jiangshi. Due to his talents, Lion King hired him back but with lots of conditions. Hence Touka Fujisaka who was a Sword Shaman and first wielder of Sekkarou was tasked to observe him. Of course she is no longer is this world. She never returned after a mission. Immediately after that, Meiga turned bad before Natsuki threw him into prison. Although officially it is said that Touka died after fighting a group of mages on her own, the real reason is that she did not die. She evolved. She turned into Angel Faux.

Meiga finds himself alive and it is thanks to Vatler who saved him by interrupting Kojou’s familiar. Vatler knows about Meiga’s true objective to recreate the Cleansing that will wipe out everything from the face of the Earth. I guess Vatler has lived so long that he got bored of living? Kojou further thinks back on what Kanon’s dad and Shike explained about Angel Faux. Yukina will have no trouble if she continues to live a normal life but if she continues to use Sekkarou, this will rapidly progress her angel transformation and in no time she will be erased from this world and shift into some higher dimension. Then that pregnancy kit was actually some spiritual kit. Sayaka was devastated because this means Yukina knew about her condition beforehand. And she didn’t say anything to Kojou because perhaps a happy and ordinary life to her means being with Kojou? Oh, don’t start overthinking things now… Hence with Yukina out of action, tsundere Yukina will only help him save Asagi to save Yukina. Lydianne calls Kojou and has found Asagi’s whereabouts. The Coffin is docked in a submarine 400m below sea level under Itogami. Asagi seems to be enjoying her virtual life and has decent control over it. She is approached by Popess to make a deal. That is, she wants an eternal curse brand upon those who wield the power of the Sinful God. No can do. Asagi thinks she doesn’t benefit from this and would make everyone unhappy. I don’t think Popess is going to accept that since she wants to make everybody unhappy anyway. Kojou gets Natsuki to help him teleport to the Coffin. No can do. Got some magic barrier. But she notes it will resurface soon as the ritual for the Cleansing is almost complete. Then Meiga pops up. He is not pleased that Yukina is not with them. He is going to force her out then. Wow. All their combined powers can’t even scratch this jiangshi.

Episode 6
Natsuki warns Meiga’s power is the real deal because he can rewrite the laws of the world. So, basically like God? I don’t know how they can win this but they keep running until the Coffin shows up. And then Yukina pops up! And she turns into an angel to fend off Natsuki’s attacks. Meiga has help from Popess but ultimately it is Paper Noise who intervened and let Kojou and co escape. Wow. This is getting messy. In order to know why Meiga is trying to resurrect Cain, Natsuki calls a specialist who is no other than Kojou’s father, Gajou. Cleansing is about humans massacring demons on a large scale. But back then, demons were known as Gods. Cain was one of them and was somewhat banished. He met humanity and in his bid for revenge against the Gods, provided humanity with knowledge and tools like magic and magical artefacts. Even so, can humans defeat Gods like that? That is why Cain sought to rewrite how everything works. So by just turning Gods into demons, that loophole was enough to massacre them? Okay whatever. Of course the effect that Cain was also killed by a sect of divinity called Devas, those created and bestowed immense powers just for killing Gods. The strongest vampire, in other words, the Fourth Progenitor. We take slight distraction to see Sayaka in her drunk start. Meiga’s poison had alcohol so… Anyway Natsuki wants Kojou and the rest to leave Itogami so that they have a chance to fight back. Natsuki and Lydianne will decentralize the super computer. More Sayaka tomfoolery as she wants Kojou to suck her blood. Sexy time? Fortunately she passes out. Hence an excuse for Yukina to do it on her behalf. Because she sounds like this is the last time she will give his blood, Kojou refuses. Everyone will be sad if you’re gone! I guess that’s the reason why Yukina insists. Oh well. If she says so. Sorry to interrupt your feeding (why does it sound like sex… “Go deeper…”) but Shike is here to give Kojou a ring that will somewhat suppress Yukina’s Angel Faux. Why does this scene look like he is proposing to her, putting the ring on her finger?

Natsuki confronts Akishige trying to condemn the Coffin to the bottom of the ocean. However she won’t need to do anything as Meiga is here. Meiga doesn’t care if Cleansing destroys the world. That’s his intention anyway. Meiga thinks Kojou showing up isn’t a threat but Kojou knows that Meiga and Popess are not in real control of the Cleansing. Otherwise they won’t be down here at the control room because it is Asagi who has been protecting the Coffin’s contents, Cain’s wisdom all this time. Meiga is confident he can deal with her after he takes care of them. He doesn’t think much of Kojou summoning multiple familiars and it still won’t be any match for him. That would be the case if he and Yukina were his opponents. Popess turns into Mogwai and Lydianne has just rescued Asagi from the Coffin. The fight with Kojou was just to buy time for Asagi to do her preparations. With that, Meiga is defeated. Yukina collapses but it is not because of Angel Faux. She’s hungry?! Oh well, better than turning into an angel. Shike is glad it worked out because the ring links Kojou’s spiritual passes to her. So now she is his servant. Technically not yet his bride but his fiancée. Now I see… Meanwhile Paper Noise and Kazuma arrest Akishige. Old geezer thinks he can get away. True, if only he is the head. Too bad a new resolution has been passed to make Motoki the new head (since Akishige is thought to be dead, right?). With Asagi so famous, she has to wear disguise while walking in public. Nagisa then rushes to Yukina and hopes for the best, even taking things a bit far by talking about the name of her future baby! So will Nagisa be an aunt now? They didn’t explain it properly so I suppose that’s why Asagi also gets the wrong idea Kojou knocked Yukina up. Kojou’s battle has not ended yet… We see Meiga is still alive but Vatler kills him off and takes his Cleansing power. All as planned…

The War Of Original Vampires Arc

Episode 7
A council of shady hooded people… Oh well, what else? Destroy the Demon District! Meanwhile Kojou gets into some weird Valentine chocolates argument with Yukina, Motoki and Nagisa. I don’t even… Then they see Asagi getting into the car of Tobias Jagan who is one of Vatler’s men. Shio and Yuiri can’t determine the evolutionary system of Grenda. They also wonder if Grenda who was created to guard a lake treasure, could she be the treasure herself and that she is the guardian of Cain’s relic? They are attacked by Veres Aladar who serves the First Progenitor. It seems Grenda has been identified as a threat by the Holy Ground Treaty council and he is tasked to take her back to be sealed or recycled. Yuiri and Shio know they can’t defeat him but buy enough time just for reluctant Grenda to escape to Itogami to seek Kojou’s help. Aladar could have gone after her had not Kira intervened. Mimori sees this young girl, Kaleid Blood no. 6, Hektos who isn’t pleased she is going to resurrect her generation. Mimori’s goal is to clone a Kaleid Blood so she can transfer Avrora’s soul into that clone. In a way saving both her children. Hektos understands but tells her that her wish won’t come true. Hektos wants this body destroyed and does so. Kojou confronting Asagi getting into the car of Jagan. Geez, why he sounds like a jealous boyfriend? She ignores him and even her friend had to point this out. Heck, not satisfied, Kojou talks to Natsuki about this. Well, it’s Asagi’s freedom to do whatever she wants. So stop sounding like a jealous boyfriend and be one just because a woman got stolen! Kojou then spots Grenda on the roof. Can’t miss that big dragon. Before sad girl can explain, Aladar attacks. Kojou fights him and is of course no match. With Yukina and Natsuki showing up, Aladar knows better not to make enemies with Natsuki here. Hence he challenges Kojou to a duel at sunset today at a northern artificial island. If Kojou loses, Grenda will be taken away. If Kojou wins, Aladar will return Shio and Yuiri as well as swear on his First Progenitor name that they won’t chase Grenda anymore. Natsuki and Yukina can be the witnesses.

Kojou and Natsuki go talk to Shike about this. Shike paints this as a grim outlook that Kojou can’t win. She is unsure why they want the dragon but it doesn’t matter because Kojou will lose and Grenda will be taken away. 2 problems solved! And when Shike suggests Yukina give him something special as a final service, why does Sayaka have to get worked up and attack him? WTF?! And Yukina’s logic is that if Kojou wins, she doesn’t have to give that special service, right? Yeah, how she’d know he’d win? Shike criticizes Kojou that despite being the Fourth Progenitor which is supposed to be the strongest in the world due to the strength of his familiars, he doesn’t even dominate them. Theoretically, if he controls them, he can beat Aladar. Since this vampire thingy is something Shike is unfamiliar of, the only other person whom Kojou can think of is Vatler. But that guy isn’t going to give it to him easily, right? Yukina then suggests talking to Ibliss. He too doesn’t think he can win and even so, doesn’t have a reason to help Grenda. Is because he wants to save her enough of a reason? Because Kojou continues to be oblivious, Ibliss calls him arrogant. He has privileges of a king since even the enemy’s life is at his discretion. A discretion that only the very strong could have. It could be the reason why he is chosen as the Fourth Progenitor. Ibliss hints that there is another person he should consult. If he can figure out who, he has a chance of defeating Aladar. Or else, he’s done for. Meanwhile Asagi sees Lydianne and they do some exchange. Lydianne wonders why Asagi needs all these tanks. It’s to start a war.

Episode 8
Nagisa thought she saw December but is actually Hektos. She is here to bring Nagisa and Kanon to see Kojou and learn about the truth. Aladar is not pleased that Vatler has turned this duel into a grand show. Aladar insists the match will be over soon but La Folia disagrees and believes in Kojou. She adds to the bet that if Kojou wins, he must acknowledge him as the Fourth Progenitor as well as invite him to join Whisper Garden. Since Aladar is wary to accept, La Folia also throws in her virginity to him should Aladar wins. Kojou and Yukina arrive at the place to see it turned into a carnival. Yeah, high class and posh people waiting for the party to get started. And Sayaka instantly accusing Kojou of wasting his chances not speaking to anybody else and hence putting La Folia’s virginity on the line. Apparently it’s not because vampires are horny, if La Folia gives his blood memory to him, he will have knowledge of her kingdom’s secrets. So yeah, looks like the responsibility is on Kojou again to win. Before the fight begins, Kojou sounds like he is going to lose so it’s Yukina’s turn to tell him not to say it like that. Of course he promises to return. But in return she better prepare a lot of service for him! Holy sh*t! For real?! Let’s not jump to conclusions yet… The fight begins with Kojou pulling off a sneaky move to throw the first punch in Aladar’s face. But after that, Aladar goes all out and Kojou is on the defensive. Yukina is worried over her boyfriend’s beat down so Natsuki tells her to calm down and think why this is happening. This duel is most likely a setup by Vatler to make them fight so that Kojou’s Fourth Progenitor powers will awaken. Nagisa witnesses this fight and is shocked to learn the true nature of her brother. She is in shock as Vatler discloses more spoilers to her. She starts blaming herself that all this happened because of her. So shocked that she unleashes a power that temporarily freezes Aladar. Just in time because Kojou is about to get a real beat down.

Avrora possesses Nagisa to go talk to Kojou. With Hektos popping up and claiming to be Kojou’s familiar, Aladar is going to destroy all of them together. That is when Nagisa uses her power with Kojou’s to summon a familiar and fire through Aladar’s body. This isn’t enough to kill him but this opens Kojou’s eyes. He know understands what Natsuki said to him that he isn’t alone. The person Ibliss meant that he needed to talk to are those inside him. His familiars. As they are the ones who have been fighting for him. Hence Kojou warns Aladar to back down now or risk him summoning all his familiars at full power at once. This is when Vatler calls off the match and it is Kojou’s win. With unconscious Nagisa in a dangerous state, Natsuki teleports her to her dimension to recuperate. As for why Aladar was chasing Grenda, Vatler reveals that as the Holy Ground Treaty maintains peace between humans and demons, the council has deemed Itogami as a weapon of mass destruction and will thus be destroyed. As seen by what Meiga was trying to do, using this island as an altar, one can repeat the Cleansing. Therefore fleets from multinationals will soon surround Itogami. How is Grenda related to all this? She is the guardian for Cain’s relic. With this, Natsuki realizes Vatler’s goal is to do another Cleansing. As they try to figure out who else would be enchanting the Cleansing’s spell, they are attacked by Asagi’s tanks. She kidnaps Grenda and leaves the rest in shock that she is cooperating with Vatler. Then Asagi pops up on the news, announcing that the Holy Ground Treaty has sent a message to the Japanese government on their intent to destroy Itogami as a mass weapon of destruction. The attack is scheduled by 6am. Because it is impossible to evacuate everyone from the island and even more so there are not many cities in the world who can accept demons, she is urging all citizens to fight back.

Episode 9
Asagi further adds that the Japanese government has abandoned Itogami. But don’t worry, Vatler will be helping them. Also, she has Grenda activate fortresses that emerge and surround Itogami. These fortresses contain ancient weapons. With that, Grenda’s role is over because as the guardian of Cain’s relic, only she knows the dimension and coordinates of it. Thanks to this, Natsuki’s seal is also destroyed. While she assures there won’t be another Halloween Festa of magic criminals running lose, the more pressing issues is Nagisa. As Natsuki stopped her time, bringing her back to reality means restarting it. So the gang head to her side and Kanon tries hard to heal her. Apparently Hektos thinks she has done enough and knocks her out. Now it’s time to get started on their last banquet. So Hektos has them frolic in the sea? Is she naughtily flirting with Kojou just to stimulate him? So Hektos’ solution to save Nagisa is to extract the 12th familiar from her body. Wow. It’s that easy. But Nagisa disagrees because Avrora will disappear forever. Sure, but don’t do that and both will disappear. Hektos believes Avrora won’t disappear because she is their hope. It is that reason that Hektos believes herself to be the one to disappear. After giving her blood and familiar to Yukina, she starts sucking Kojou’s blood and lets the girls look. This is also to awaken Avrora and draw out the 12th familiar. Then Yukina summons her familiar to cut and extract that familiar from Nagisa.

All is fine and dandy now as the weapons manage to prevent the fleet from decimating Itogami. But as La Folia points out, that is the least of their problems now. Thanks to Vatler entering into alliances with countries not affiliated with Holy Ground Treaty, the world is now divided and on the verge of world war. A large one. This means Vatler intends to fight against the other 3 Progenitors. Stopping this madness depends on Kojou as she takes him to Whisper Garden, the place of the supreme council of the Holy Ground Treaty. The council is made out of 12 members, 3 of which are permanent members. Even if a decision has been made to go to war on Itogami, it can still be reversed by a veto. That right is held by the 3 permanent members who are the Progenitors. Of course that will be hard too seeing that they too might be itching for war. Kojou is teleported to Whisper Garden and tries to get them to cancel their attack on Itogami. No can do. Destroy Itogami = no more Cleansing = world peace. With Kojou realizing there is no negotiations in the first place, he uses his position as the Fourth Progenitor to veto on this war. Yeah, why everyone shocked by this? Like they didn’t see this coming? I mean, do they not know who Kojou is? However, Giada Kukulcan who is the Third Progenitor cannot agree to it because Kojou lacks something to claim himself as the Fourth Progenitor. Like a territory. Conveniently, Kojou claims his territory is Itogami since the Japanese government has abandoned it. Even so, he doesn’t seem like he has control over the island. But they give him a chance that if he can eliminate the threat of Cleansing without casualties, they will accept his veto. And he has only 24 hours to do so. With Kojou claiming Itogami as his territory, Asagi doesn’t welcome this news as she thinks he is trying to undo her efforts. Vatler on the other hand is pleased because he can fight Kojou. Asagi reminds him the deal is off if that happens. Vatler doesn’t mind. Asagi thinks of persuading Kojou to join them and Vatler also thinks this is a good idea. Kojou and him fighting against the 3 Progenitors. La Folia’s troops are now Kojou’s army and Aladar offers to help Kojou because he wants to punish the traitorous Vatler.

Episode 10
Aladar’s plane is under tremendous fire. Oh well, since they’ve reached the destination, prepare to crash land! It won’t be much of a story if anybody died, right? Aladar fights Vatler’s subordinates so as to let Kojou and Yukina go ahead. Meanwhile La Folia’s plane too is under heavy fire. At this moment she asks if Sayaka wants to marry Kojou. You see, Kojou will become the Lord of the Night Empire and he has the right to gather a harem as his blood companions. If Sayaka is not interested, she will not waste time with her anymore. Better think fast, girl. Sayaka claims it is to be with Yukina but to the rest of us, that’s a yes. Kojou and Yukina face off with Lydianne but she is easily dispatched with Natsuki and Astarte intervening. Yukina goes deal with Asagi so Kojou can face off with Vatler. Speaking of which, that vampire dude just sucked the blood of the delegates of the non-member countries of Holy Ground Treaty. That’s what they get for being scared and trying to escape. As Natsuki teleports them to safety, the epic battle between Kojou and Vatler we’ve been waiting for. Yup, Vatler has the power of Cleansing. Kojou is going to lose… Until Yuiri and Shio show up to stall him as Grenda takes him away. Meanwhile Yukina and Asagi’s fight… Looks like it is turning into some argument accusing the other. Yup, Kojou is the centre point. Accusing the other of being too close to him, having Kojou give them stuffs. What’s wrong with these girls? Bickering stop when Grenda delivers Kojou to them. Yukina goes off to fight Vatler since Shio is stalling him. Asagi slaps him to wake him up. Then she starts crying. Is this love? Whatever. After kissing him, she undresses so that he could suck her blood. I think it’s pointless to argue at this point so what the heck. Just sink it in. Can one actually suck gently?

If you’re wondering why Shio, Yukina, La Folia and Sayaka can fight on par with Vatler’s Cleansing, here is Motoki calling to explain that he temporarily has Yume to block Itogami’s dragon vein lines via Leviathan. So they have only 30 minutes to end this. Hence Kojou and Yukina go off to face Vatler. So he doesn’t need the rest of his girls? Whatever. Vatler is waiting for them at this spot where the Fourth Progenitor killed Cain. Kojou corrects him that is only because of the curse of the Devas. Afraid that the Devas could become Cain’s ally, he rebelled against them but was eventually defeated and split his powers into 12 beings and sealed. But all this doesn’t matter to Vatler as his real goal is to fight Kojou at full power. Vatler unleashes his power but Kojou scolds him for being a child. Just because he can’t overcome his boredom, he resorted to this childish manner. It won’t last. Uhm, you just made him madder. Point proven. So if Vatler wants to destroy the world, Kojou will protect it. Because it’s his fight! No, senpai. It’s our fight! Because Kojou’s familiars aren’t enough to fight Vatler, Yukina offers herself to give Hektos’ familiar to him. Yup, blood sucking time. Didn’t even hesitate. Now Kojou has all the power. Vatler even transforms himself and tries to be one with Kojou! They will become the new Fourth Progenitor together! WTF IS THIS GAY SH*T???!!!!! Unfortunately he loses to Kojou and Yukina’s combo. Too bad Kojou spares him because he doesn’t hate him that much. Really? After all that he has done? Because of that, his subordinates come to take him as the escape to another dimension. After all, Cain was also exiled. So is Vatler going to do Cleansing in another dimension? Right after this, the good news comes in with the Holy Ground Treaty rescinding their attack order on Itogami as they have recognized the island as Kojou’s territory. Time to go home. Even in the aftermath if Kojou is the lord of his dominion, he is still a high school student. So shut up and finish your homework! Oh, can you hear the alert that some magical being has escaped from the ward where Avrora is being treated? Time to go take care of it. Hey, it’s his territory, right?

Strike The What?!
Holy what?! You mean there is going to be a fourth season for this series?! A FOURTH SEASON?! Fourth season for the Fourth Progenitor. Heh. Sorry, bad pun. Still I can’t believe it. So my fight will continue?! No, senpai. Our fight will continue! I see this is what happens when you don’t finish Vatler and save us the trouble of getting another season! Sure, there would be other baddies who would want to use Itogami for their own nefarious goals but seeing Vatler had been the main antagonist and hiding in the shadows for a long time, by not getting rid of him means risking he will come back again in the future and bring a whole load of sci-fi sh*t that would threaten Itogami and the people living on it. So you regretting this decision not to finish him off when you had the chance, Kojou?

And as usual… I don’t really understand the finer details of what is going on. Yeah, yeah. I’ve always sounded like a broken recorder when it comes to sci-fi anime series especially those that have lots of those sci-fi jargons, terminologies and other crap words to make it sound oh so grand. Making it even worse is that I don’t really remember much of what happened in past seasons and compounding that misery of mine is that I was too lazy to go back and read my blog. I only refer to my old postings just to find names of the characters. Yup, I couldn’t remember some of their names. Yup, I dug my own grave from the start. And then me go on to blame how confusing this series is… And yet I still continue to watch… What irony! What hypocrisy! Strike the Irony! Strike the Hypocrisy!

And hence I do remember the series for the wrong reasons. Something that I believe is what the series is ‘consistently’. For instance, when Kojou’s harem isn’t fighting against the enemy, their hobby seems to be instantly accusing and blaming Kojou for being a pervert. It’s like their favourite pastime. Like as though they want some of his attention. Senpai, notice me, please! And now with Kojou having his own domain to rule over as the Fourth Progenitor, it becomes official of an excuse why he needs a harem. Not that the series needs a reason anyway to begin with but now this is incorporated into the plot so I guess it makes more sense for him to amass his girls. And I believe that his harem (emergency/spare blood bank would be a terrible name for them) would be further divided into tiers because when you have so many girls with you, it is hard to give them the same equal time. I’m guessing the top tier would be Yukina because since she is his observer and he has sucked her blood a lot more time than others. Next tier would be Asagi and Sayaka. And then Nagisa, Kanon and Yuiri. I could be wrong but I feel this is the pecking order from what I’ve seen. Oh yes senpai, this is your harem!

The other formulaic thing involves the fight and action sequences. Just like in many previous fights, when Kojou fights an enemy, the battle is always somewhat interrupted by a third party, be it ally or foe. This allows our main characters to retreat or escape, giving them some breathing space to plan or whatever. This is how they prolong the drama and the arc. You’d thought they would finish the entire fight the first time they meet but nope, sorry you’re not powerful enough yet or there are some more mysteries for you to uncover as the arc has not finished yet. So we’re going to shoehorn in somebody to break up the fight. Yup, that’s how it always feels. Oh boy. Everybody sure has their own problems to deal with. And for some reason they had to pick Itogami because, long revenge story or some vampire dude just got bored of living so long. Sheesh. Still can’t believe this guy wants to be one with Kojou to be the Fourth Progenitor. Safe to say Vatler won’t be in Kojou’s harem any time forever. Sorry dudes, women only. Also another thing I noticed this season, is it me or does Kojou seem to summon his horse familiar more often than others?

Having said all that, this makes me feel that some of the solutions for plots are written for convenience. Like as though they pull it out of the air for the answer. Take for example when Yukina was in danger of becoming Angel Faux. And guess what? Just one prototype ring created by Shike was enough to elevate the fear of Yukina ever disappearing from the face of the Earth. So easy, huh? You mean no one thought about it? That Yukina would turn into Angel Faux? Didn’t a precedent happen? And just like that, Yukina is safe with other technical loopholes because dumb people like yours truly don’t really understand it all. Also, this ring part is just to make it symbolic that Yukina is the main girl for Kojou. How convenient. I suppose that nothing in this world is neither perfect nor fool proof. You just need to find that weakness or loophole (which this series does quite often) and exploit it. I mean, Vatler’s Cleansing was supposed to be the ultimate destroyer, right? Nothing can stop it ever, right? Nope. Behold! Yume’s Leviathan did the trick. And to think nobody else actually thought of this beforehand. Also, it’s the only way Yume can get her 1 second cameo appearance. Remember that Kiriha girl? I certainly don’t. She didn’t appear this season at all so I guess she really left since the end of last season, huh? Oh well, don’t want to complicate the harem further…

Overall, this series is not for simpletons. Fans with sci-fi minds and interests are only ‘allowed’ to enjoy this. After all, everything that has happened so far, I believe it is just scratching the surface for Kojou since it is just the beginning of a new dawn for him as the real Fourth Progenitor. There are other quirky and shady characters or organizations to deal with so you bet they will ramp up all the drama and the likes in the next season. He won’t have to fight it alone, though. He’s got his harem. Truly, it is their fight. But for me, it’s just me and only me fighting in hopes that I would somehow by then understand and appreciate the fourth season. Fourth season, Fourth Progenitor, heh, it could finally be Kojou’s season. No senpai, this is our fourth season!

Strike The Blood II

October 27, 2017

Alright. It is time to see our main hero add more girls into his harem. Oops! I mean it is time to, erm, learn more about the deeper plot, uhm, deeper characters, uhm… Oh you know what? Screw all that. I can’t seem to remember what the heck was going on anyway. From that, you can tell the reason why I am watching the sequel, Strike The Blood II. Unlike the first season where it was screened on TV, the second season is being released via OVA format. Most probably it didn’t have enough episodes to fill a single cour (only 8 of them) and it took them half a year to release them all. But that is more than enough for the series to add more plots, characters and girls to Kojou’s harem and perhaps let him sink his teeth into some of their neck. What? Don’t you want to be cool to be part of a great vampire’s harem?

Swords-Shaman Of Shadow Arc

Episode 1
Kojou is cleaning the pool. Time for some forced fanservice because when Yukina jumps down to help, she would have expected the gravity, aerodynamics or whatever science crap to realize it will flip up her skirt for a second. I think she is doing it on purpose so she could blame and call him a pervert. Luckily Motoki gives them a break and tells them to check out the newly opened resort, Blue Elysium. Kojou didn’t really think it was to help out in some yakisoba stall. Hey, at least he is here with Asagi. Nice bikini, girl. Yukina is hanging out with Nagisa at the aquarium. Nagisa is trying to hint she is rooting for Yukina for Kojou. Suddenly something strange is felt. Since other ordinary people didn’t feel it, Yukina believes it is a magic pulse but it cannot be from Kojou as it doesn’t feel like his. A fish gets violent trying to break the glass. Nagisa in some trance tells it to pipe down. Nagisa doesn’t have any recollection of what just happened. A strange girl, Kiriha Kisaki wants to take their photo but Yukina doesn’t think it is a good time. She leaves and hopes they can be friends one day. Kojou returns late from his delivery and Asagi accuses him of flirting with a girl! OMG! Is she paranoid? Actually, a little girl, Yume Eguchi followed him back from the delivery. Wait. What is Railgun’s Last Order doing here?! It gets worse when Kojou compliments Yume’s nice name and receives a punch from Asagi for trying to be a pedo. It seems Yume knows about Kojou because his ‘girlfriend’ told him to look for him if there is trouble. From her description, that ‘girlfriend’ is Sayaka. Yume was locked up when Sayaka came to bust her out. There were many guards trying to stop them so Sayaka gave him a photo of her ‘future boyfriend’ for her to go look for.

As Yume is not a registered resident on Itogami, instead of handing over her to the police, why must Kojou complicate things by wanting Yukina to see her first? Because she is friends with Sayaka? What logic is that?! Does he not know the women problem he is going to get? Oh, who cares? Timely fanservice reminder when he opens the door while Asagi and Yume are changing! Without knocking. Okay, it’s his bad. But thanks. Nice sideboobs, Asagi. Later, Yukina confirms Lion King didn’t send any replacement after Sayaka. Could she be still on the job? Why hasn’t she come back to get Yume? Yume thinks she is trying to meet Lyl, her older sister. She further explains both of them were locked in the lab of Erize Kusuki, the big sponsor of Blue Elysium. Apparently it is originally Lyl they want she was willingly participating in some sort of experiment. Kiriha talks to Kusuki to assure a certain ‘vessel’ will return on her own volition. Otherwise, everything is going as planned. Kiriha then visits Sayaka whom she has captured. Flashback shows the duo facing off and Kiriha defeated her because she is a Rikujin, the shadow of a Sword Shaman.

Episode 2
Sayaka realizes she is from Taishikyoku, an organization similar to Lion King Organization. Kiriha says she is not the enemy but will borrow her body as vessel for her power first and hypnotizes her with her spear. Then she quotes Taishikyoku is an organization that protects the world even if it means destroying Itogami. Wait. Doesn’t this sound like current day Antifa… What’s worse than your harem gunning for you? Motoki gunning for Kojou! Luckily he knocked himself out. Yume is acting strange as she doesn’t want Kojou to look at her. She now has a tail?! Wait. Is she related to To Love-Ru’s Lala?! More complication with Yukina accusing him of always talking about Yume! Is he a pedo?! WTF?! Not true! Because he also always talks about Sayaka and Asagi! Is she not good enough for him?! More complication when Asagi now flirts with him, saddened he is not looking her way. Yukina knocks her out. And then same thing for Nagisa. Oh boy. They realize they have been mind controlled. The prankster behind this is Yume. She is now acting so devilishly. Actually she is Lyl, Yume’s other personality. Her real identity is a succubus. As she is often bullied for that (imagine your thoughts if a young girl is such an erotic person), she created this other personality. Lyl thought she could irk Kojou that he hates her now but he has been through more sh*t than this. Yeah, like being called a pervert and worse.

Lyl then runs away but is glad that Kiriha is here to pick her back. Kiriha lets Sayaka deal with them. I think Kojou wants to show he isn’t a lolicon so he deals with Sayaka while Yukina tries to get back Yume. Sayaka is going all out. So he purposely lets her stab him so he can suck her blood. Oh, her top came off. Nice tits, Sayaka. Yukina fights Kiriha. She realizes her spear is what brings out Lyl’s character and accumulates her succubus power. Yume doesn’t want to see the pretty girls fight and end in bloodshed so she will end this as she willingly flies away back to Kusuki. When Sayaka comes to, she remembers everything during her mind control and is worried about hurting Kojou. Don’t worry. He is healed with her blood. I’m sure Yukina would want to reprimand him for ‘flirting’ but I guess she failed her mission to bring back Yume, it kills the mood. Sayaka reveals Yume is a sacrifice as Kusuki plans to use her power since she is a descendent of Lilith, the strongest succubus. This will allow Kusuki to control Leviathan, the strongest demonic beast. Asagi has got a lot of work on her hands as she has to hack and do stuffs. Leviathan is easily located. It’s that freaking huge. Yeah, it’s close by. Further hacking reveals Kusuki has invested in this group called True Arc. They call themselves environmentalists but are actually terrorists. Imagine if a group like that gets their hands on the most powerful beast as their weapon. Yup, not good. Asagi also discovers Lyl is some sort of AI programme created to activate Yume’s succubus power. If they can put a stop to it but her laptop hasn’t got enough processing power… Well, she’ll try. So off Kojou goes to play the hero to save Yume (since she is already on her way with Kusuki to rendezvous with Leviathan). I guess he needs to show his worth as the harem guy. Yeah, this means Sayaka and Yukina want to help because they have to pander to him want to bring Yume back. Except you Motoki. GO BACK TO SLEEP! You’re not needed because you’re not in his harem! Haha!

Episode 3
Sayaka wants Kojou to forget about that bare tits incident. Why you have to remind him?! And why does Kojou have to say it out loud?! You want Yukina to kill you?! Asagi is faced with a greater task. Taishikyoku has hired Lydianne AKA Tank Rider to stop her hacking efforts. Kusuki has landed inside Leviathan (why does it stomach look like watermelon?). Suddenly Lyl wakes up. What gives? Kusuki realized he has been played out and used by Kiriha. They’re going to be the sacrifice. Lyl knocks Kusuki and his men out. Kiriha sees Kojou and his girls and intercepts them. She tells them to run away as Leviathan is going to destroy Itogami. As Lyl is in control of Leviathan, her suffering and torment in the past has made her wish for everything to be destroyed. Initially she wanted to kill herself but she realizes as Lilith’s successor, the cycle will repeat itself and somebody else will take her place. However this won’t happen if she is inside Leviathan as it will absorb her and eventually she will cease to exist. Yes, Yume is trying to kill herself this way. But really still, destroy all of Itogami in the process? Sayaka faces off with Kiriha to let the duo rescue Yume. Leviathan notices them approaching and attacks. Wait. It can fire missiles?! Then there is this barrier it has. Nothing like Kojou summoning his familiars to break into Leviathan. Meanwhile Asagi is being pushed back but after all that taunting from Lydianne, she fights back and corners her till she is defeated! Kiriha reveals to Sayaka that Asagi is the Priestess of Cain. She is believed to trigger a war someday and that is the real objective of Taishikyoku trying to destroy Itogami along with her. Because the logic is that Asagi cannot be killed by anyone as long as she is on that island since Itogami is constructed against the natural order is like an altar to Cain. Hence there are events that will conspire to protect her. So how does blowing it all up be any different? Of course Sayaka views that plan of theirs as defeat. Because she believes in Kojou and Yukina. Sayaka uses her quick assassination technique to defeat Kiriha. And the latter thanks her for it? Strange…

Kojou and Yukina are being attacked by Lyl. She teases Kojou for trying to be a lolicon but Kojou tells her to quit her bad acting. The way she addresses him gave away that she is Yume. Now she turns to tears (I guess not acting for this one) that he would still want to save her after all that she has done. Time for the man to lecture her about being a hypocrite (himself), self-satisfaction (himself) and happiness (hers). Yeah, just shut your mouth and let him rescue you. And just when she is about to let him, Leviathan ‘reboots’ and strikes! It is going mad for being controlled as it unleashes tons of missiles towards Itogami. Don’t worry, Sayaka is here to deflect them all. Can she? Don’t worry, she gets help from Lydianne. She is now her friend?! Kojou is out of options. He wants Yukina to take off her clothes! WTF?! No wonder he gets punched! Couldn’t he just say he needs to suck her blood? Even so, does she need to take off her clothes?! You pervert! She is reluctant till she sees a huge injury on his back caused from Lyl’s attack. That scored some sympathy points so she strips to her swimsuit and tells him how she haven’t shown it to anyone else and he is the first dude. Nice. How can a guy not compliment how cute she looks in this? And then he bites her shoulder. So you see, why the need for her to strip?! Oh right. Fanservice… With enough blood, Kojou is now able to summon his seventh familiar, Kiffa-Ater. A huge judgment sword that strikes down on Leviathan. The beast is still mad and wants another go. However, Yume’s sings and it isn’t mind controlling it but pacifying it. It worked. But is it me that I find her singing creepy? In the aftermath, Natsuki accuses Paper Noise that Kojou and co got involved in this was her fault. It seems she wants to make Taishikyoku owe them big time and with that, Asagi won’t be targeted for a while. Kojou and co returns and what is worse than having the yakisoba boss wanting him to go back to work now? Yume wanting Kojou to play with her because he said he will keep her happy forever. Oh God. His harem just gone up by one. The competition intensifies by one. No wonder his girls aren’t looking happy… You might have saved the day but you f*cked up over this one…

The Fourth Primogenitor On The Run Arc

Episode 4
Yume has now got permission to stay on Itogami. And she is really looking forward to Kojou to make her happy. This is the thing about mis-education. You can’t undo it… And Yukina is stalking by the sides till an elder guy teased her about it. Typical Yukina denial expected. This guy is teasing her so loudly that it attracts others. I didn’t come to me as a surprise as this dude is Kojou and Nagisa’s father, Gajou. A week later as Kojou attends Natsuki’s special class, she is asking about Gajou. Kojou doesn’t know much accept he came back to take Nagisa to see some aunty Tanzawa in Kannawa. Apparently Natsuki knows about Gajou since he often helped-cum-interfered with her missions before. New Year’s Eve is here and Kojou is more worried since no word from Nagisa. Didn’t he say Kannawa is a pretty isolated place with rare handphone coverage? Anyway, the whole gang is here dressed up perfectly in their kimono to visit the shrine. Despite the sweltering heat, I know why the girls don’t mind dressing up to look this good… Kojou then receives mail from his sister. However it is a picture of a magic circle. So worried that he doesn’t have a piece of mind during the shrine visit. His fortune reading is cursed. Twice! But I’m thinking more of his curse on the opposite gender… Kojou then realizes the magic circle looks familiar. It is the one probably used by Sayaka as she is the only one Yukina knows who has mastered it. However she heard rumours of an easier weapon that could imitate it. Kojou tries to call Sayaka (why is Asagi concerned he has her number?) but she didn’t pick up. He wants to go see her and that is when Asagi puts her foot down. She hints her parents aren’t at home and wonders if he would like to come. Turns out it is to use her computers to hack and find the whereabouts of Gajou and Nagisa. What were you thinking they were going to do???!!! Disappointed?

It seems father and daughter are really having a swell time visiting many places having fun on their way to Kannawa. But they realize something strange. Their travel is too smooth. There should have been traffic at this time of the year. Like as though there is some huge barrier unconsciously making others avoiding roads to Kannawa. The JSDF seems to be behind this but the ones ordering them is SDC. Yukina is shocked. She wants to go investigate. Kojou can’t leave her and follows. It seems SDC is a dummy organization created by the Lion King to handle magical disasters. She fears Nagisa may have been caught up in one. She needs to go to the shop where they met Nyanko to confirm it. Since it is close, Yukina is desperate enough to try and break it down! Luckily Kojou stops her (via hugging?) and rationales how Lion King has factions in power struggle she may not know about. He assures her Sayaka won’t betray her. Coincidentally Kiriha is here and she knows what is happening. But once they hear it, they’ll regret it. Asagi is at the airport when she notices guards are trying to arrest her. Run! Kojou and Yukina go to see Natsuki for a way off Itogami. Wait. Astarte and Kanon streaking naked in her house? Because Kojou is starring for a few seconds in shock, enough for Yukina to call him a pervert and beat him up!? Where was he supposed to look, huh?! Okay, anywhere but loli tits and body. Back to serious business, Natsuki will not help him get off the island. And this is illegally. Because if he does it legally, it means registering with the government and thus revealing his identity as a vampire. She warns him not to interfere no matter how worried he is for Nagisa. When he decides to go find another person for help, Natsuki chains him down. She will not let him leave Itogami no matter what.

Episode 5
Flashback shows Kiriha explaining a God slaying relic crashed at Kannawa decades ago. The lake there is artificial. What if the damn built there was to seal it and that seal is now becoming undone? Natsuki is not pleased he knows this much but since he doesn’t remember Nagisa has undone the seal once, it shows his memory hasn’t fully returned. Nina breaks him free and distracts Natsuki so Kanon could let them escape. It feels more than coincidence when Kiriha picks them up. It seems she is helping them as to piss off Lion King as both organizations aren’t seeing eye to eye. Kojou plans to see Vatler’s help but Kiriha has done his fake ID papers. So Kojou and Yukina are going to leave the island as a married couple? And he is mad about Yukina being older than him?! However they are stopped by a magical barrier. Looks like Natsuki is here. Or at least her replica. With Kojou being persistent, Natsuki explains about the holy relic and how Avrora is sleeping inside Nagisa. Oh, his memories coming back now? Not quite. Just more confusing ones. Natsuki assures Lion King is only interested in Avrora’s power and no intention of harming Nagisa who will be very well protected. Although Kojou realizes Lion King did not betray them and never told them so as not to let Kojou interfere in fear his power may hasten the seal’s undoing, he still wants to go save his sister. He tries to fight back but Kanon saves him and they both get absorbed into her magical barrier. Meanwhile Asagi continues to run. Mogwai leads her out and even calls Lydianne for back up. When she is cornered, all the guards are taken out by Meiga. This allows Asagi to leave the island.

While Kiriha and Yukina teams up to fight Natsuki’s replica, Kojou and Kanon are inside the prison barrier and before them is Natsuki in her sexy grownup form. She continues to explain Lion King’s objective is to seal the relic for good and Kojou’s power might wake it up. If so, wouldn’t that be the same for Nagisa and Avrora? But Avrora knows a spell to seal it. And nothing will happen to her soul since she is already dead and it is a leftover fragment shaving away Nagisa’s life. She never said this before since Kojou will not listen. Yup, he still won’t. He tries to fight her but gets overwhelmed. Kojou is such a main character because Astarte ‘defects’ to block Natsuki’s attack. Then she tells Kanon to get naked. She meant, let him take your blood. Yikes, does she even need to take off her bra?! Oh, maybe she doesn’t want to stain it. And so Kanon is now officially part of his harem as he sinks her teeth in. Kojou may not be able to use his magic in here but he can sure unleash it outside. By summoning Mearthim-Adamas, he aids Yukina outside who is already activating some divine mode to destroy the replica once and for all. Overpowered. Overkill. Because of that, Natsuki decides to let Kojou go. She can’t have him destroy Itogami at this rate. Oh, so show a bit of your power and she sets him free? She gives him a ‘farewell present’. Sorry Kojou. Not sexy Natsuki time. It’s homework for you. And the worse part of it is to convince Yukina he isn’t a lolicon for aiming Kanon and Natsuki. Because he is describing how voluptuously sexy this Natsuki is. She’s even madder. You can’t never win this sh*t. Kiriha hates to break their ‘flirting’ but they shouldn’t waste time getting off the island. However Paper Noise stops them. Identifying herself as one of the 3 leaders of Lion King and her real name as Shizuka Koyomi, she won’t be as lenient as Natsuki to let him get off this island and have come to seal him here.

Knight Of Sinful God Arc

Episode 6
When Gajou and Nagisa arrived at a shrine in Kannawa, Gajou went to look for Tanzawa but was attacked by Shio Hikawa and Yuiri Haba from Lion King. He fights back causing one of them to unleash a magic circle in which Nagisa took a picture. But Gajou gives up when he realizes the JSDF has Nagisa in their hands. Gajou is imprisoned and he can tell what is going on. He knows JSDF is cooperating with Lion King and their target is the seal named Avalon at the bottom of the lake. When this old priestess lady, Hisano asks Gajou about his children, his mind starts to hurt. She believes his memories were consumed as a result from the Fourth Progenitor’s resurrection. She has Yuiri follow her while Shio guard Gajou. She assures their mission is the same as his: To kill Avrora. Nagisa is enjoying the hotspring but feels lonely. But she won’t be as Shirona Kuraki accompanies her. She allows her to touch her boobs?! Nagisa doesn’t hesitate and could have almost lost herself. Yeah, looks like it is payback as Shirona fondles her back! And at other places! It gets weird because Shirona’s hair grows long like as though they’re going to tentacle rape Nagisa as she passes out. At JSDF’s camp, Hisano talks to Major Tatsumi Azama about Avalon. Shirona joins them and it seems she is one the powerful Three Saints. Hisano asks Yuiri’s opinion on this. She feels it is something different and not an incarnation of disaster. Hisano wants Yuiri to take her place then. Nagisa wakes up and thought Shirona’s molestation will pick up where they left off?! Well, they’re in Nagisa’s unconscious mind as Shirona explains about the ceremony to suppress Avalon. She believes it is for Nagisa’s good as they will use Avrora’s power to seal it once and for all and free Nagisa from Avrora’s soul feeding on her life force. However Nagisa is in distress. She warns Avalon isn’t a seal and Avrora was keeping watch over it. Too late because the entire area is now frozen and there are monster bugs attacking the JSDF.

Gajou and Shio fight their way through. Apparently Gajou can do miraculous stuff like walking through solid objects and pulling out ridiculous weapons from his pocket because during his time lost in some central Asian ruins, his entire research team was killed and he is the only survivor. Since half his body is still stuck on the other side, he can literally pull up this kind of stuffs. The casualties are high. Azama is missing and presumed killed in action so Lieutenant Mikage Okiyama assumes command. Shirona wakes up and explains she was wrong Avalon. It isn’t a seal. It was just using them by absorbing knowledge of priestesses who had been sacrificed for it and waited for the right time to activate. Gajou and Shio come into Avrora. He assures her nobody hates her. Not Kojou too. She reverts back to Nagisa and passes out. Yuiri is confronted with a naked and seemingly retarded girl. Meanwhile Kojou wakes up in an inn. Yukina is so happy that she hugs him. Time for Kiriha to tease about it and lie how Kojou grab her boobs during his sleep. Yeah, Yukina just wants to accuse him somehow. This coming from somehow whose yukata is so undone like as though she just came out from a porn shoot. Haha! Anyway, they remember how they easily lost to Paper Noise as she is the chief of the Three Saints and one of the strongest attack mages in Japan. When sexy bikini babes come in to serve them, they remember it was Vatler who somewhat saved them from Paper Noise. However they aren’t on his ship and are just walking distance to Kannawa’s lake.

Episode 7
Lydianne and Asagi are reaching Kannawa’s lake. They are besieged by those monster bugs. They try to protect a young kid they spot in the midst of it but failed. That kid turns out to be Ibliss Bal-Aziz, a direct descendent of the Second Progenitor. Yeah, he doesn’t need your protection and can kick ass but the consideration of protecting him is appreciated. They even have some food and strike up some weird friendship! The retard girl seems to be attached to Yuiri so Hisano has her escort her to the rear lines to help the wounded JSDF. We take a detour as we see Kiriha trolling Kojou with her bikini fanservice in the outdoor hotspring. She can tell his right hand is still numb due to Paper Noise sealing it. She is also here to say goodbye since Taishikyoku has recalled her for a mission to destroy magical beasts at Kannawa’s lake since Lion King has failed. I don’t know why he doesn’t want to let her go but it looked like he was going to rape her so you bet Yukina isn’t going to forgive this naked pervert and not giving him a chance to explain himself. Gajou and Shio stumble into Hisano. They thought she destroyed all the monster bugs but they were already like this when she got here. They are attacked by a wyvern rider. They realize he is the one who eradicated the monster bugs. Hisano and Gajou get seriously injured trying to fight him. Don’t worry, Vatler is here to save the day. He has his subordinates tackle the wyvern rider as Ibliss’ side comes into the picture. They deduce the wyvern rider is from the Holy Massacre faction and thus a Knight of the Sinful God. Since Vatler’s subordinates couldn’t finish the job, time for Ibliss to show his true might. However the wyvern rider makes a tactical retreat.

Yuiri learns retard girl’s name is Grenda. Their truck is being attacked by a golem controlled by that wyvern rider. Yuiri tries to protect her but is overwhelmed. Grenda cannot bear to see this and summons a magical beast to fight. The wyvern rider has been waiting for this moment and captures the beast. Luckily, guess who is here to save their skin? It’s Kojou and Yukina’s turn. Realizing Kojou as the Fourth Progenitor, the wyvern rider escapes. Ibliss seeks an explanation from Shio but her oath says she cannot tell him. So Gajou explains about this Avalon weapon of mass destruction thingy they were trying to seal but everything went wrong and hell broke loose. Ibliss believes what was lying underneath the lake isn’t a weapon but a divine instrument or treasured vessel powerful enough to be the Sinful God’s successor. Shio notes she saw a dragon protecting it albeit for a second. Asagi interjects a dragon should be easy to spot since there are lots of JSDF personnel around. Then Gajou realizes something fishy is going on. Azama and his team return and wants to take charge of Nagisa, since tending the wounded is their priority. However Shio draws her arrow at him. Kojou is glad Nagisa is safe, though he doesn’t care much about his dad. They are approached by Lieutenant Ueyanagi of the JSDF claiming they are under orders from Azama to escort them since they were just under attacked. They also want to take charge of Grenda. But not so fast, Kojou tells them. He smells something fishy too. If Yuiri only recently knew about Grenda’s name, how the heck do they even know her name? Shio explains something about the JSDF being too weak and ill prepared for mission. She calls out to Azama as a Knight of Sinful God.

Episode 8
Ueyanagi summons magic to transform into some beast. Azama warns Shio to drop her weapon for one last time. Shirona tells Shio to ignore that order as she has relieved Azama from his duty. She reveals one of Lion King’s objectives is to lure out the Holy Massacre faction inside JSDF. Azama escapes on a wyvern provided by Okiyama. Yeah, she’s part of it too. Ueyanagi loses since his magic tool is only a replica and inferior imitation. He thought Azama is here to help take him away but instead got killed to be put out of his misery. When Yuiri gets injured during the attack, Grenda goes berserk, transforms into a dragon and drags her friends away. Is this time to be concerned about the ambiguous lewd position they are in? When Yuiri wakes up, she is healed. They are resting in a mountain cabin for the time being. Kojou gets blamed of course since Yuiri is half naked despite it is Yukina the one who undressed her. They talk about their old times and the possibility that Yuiri could have been in Yukina’s place to protect Kojou. Yuiri observes the duo and they’re so fluid in sharing things that she blows her top they’re like a married couple?! WTF?! Even this prompts Grenda to ask Yuiri if she likes Kojou. That is put on hold when Azama is here to talk. He asks Kojou about his views on the current world. Due to some war, it has warped this world and its rules. Of course their goal isn’t to become God as humans can’t be one. But they sure can resurrect and control that God. Isn’t that like playing God itself? Grenda is supposed to be that vessel they want to use to bring down Itogami. This method will allow them to get rid of all demons and the likes and return the world to its normal state. This means Kojou will get to be a normal human again. It sounds tempting at first but seeing he sacrifices comrades and drag innocent bystanders into the mess, he isn’t going to give Grenda to this piece of sh*t. I guess the next option is for Kojou to die. Azama has Okiyama as back as her military craft turns into some dragon golem.

Azama continues explaining about the Node, a world where the banished the Sinful God, Cain. It is a place where demons and magic do not exist and hence Azama’s armour has links to it and in a way is able to nullify their magic and destroy demons like Kojou. Azama opens a portal to trap Kojou inside the Node. Grenda dives in and shocks everyone. Inside this void, Grenda comes to get Kojou. She will take him back and make everyone happy. You mean make his harem happy? So she goes through his memories of, uhm, naked girls?! I figure naked Yukina is the top of the list so she eggs him to bite her. He might be biting Yukina but that is actually Grenda. Because of that, he is able to jump out of the Node (something about absorbing Cain’s memories for that too). Now for some Kojou lecture. If Azama had the thought of fixing this world, why did he become a terrorist? It isn’t the world is warped. It is him! If he insists in taking Grenda, he’ll just have to stop him. Azama stabs himself to gain more magic power. Kojou vows not to let him die and make him repent so he summons his familiar to pummel him down. Same for Yukina to Okiyama (with some help from Lydianne and Ibliss’ power blast). Everything is over for now. But not for Kojou. Asagi heard he is the Fourth Progenitor and wants an explanation. What a better way to deflect that topic by commenting on her swimsuit. He may be labelled a pervert and abused but guess it’s better than grilling him about being that. And now the biggest b*tching of all, Yukina accusing him of sucking Grenda’s blood and turning her into part of his harem. On top of that, he might be seeing Yukina’s naked body but it was actually Grenda’s. Worse, she thinks her naked body doesn’t interest her at all. You can never win this sh*t!!! In the aftermath, Vatler and La Folia investigate the inferior magic tools left behind by the Knights. They observe the Knights had no interest in the Priestess of Cain because of 2 possibilities. One, they don’t know her. Two, there could be another Priestess of Cain. You bet your ass it’s going to be the latter.

Strike The Stud!
Phew! It ended! I don’t know if I could take it anymore because it was getting more and more confusing as more and more of the twists and revelations in the plots come to surface. Even if I am wrong and had this feeling the last episode feels rushed, it sets up for another arc that would bring everything one step closer to a big chaotic mess. Sorry Vatler, looks like things aren’t going to get fun for me.

So there are only 2 kinds of people who watch this show. One who is in for the complicated and convoluted plot over plot and ever increasing number of characters into the mix. Then there is the other category of ‘simpler’ people who are here just to watch the hijinks Kojou and his harem girls will have. No prizes to guess which one I belong to.

Just like in the first season, the thing that I didn’t really like most is how confusing and long winding the story and plot are. It might look simple of bad guys trying to do something bad and the good guys in the form of teens thwarting them and save the day (as well as whoever is the damsel in distress as added bonus). But I assure you it is more than that. It brings back horrific memories while watching To Aru Majutsu No Index. So for this season, I thought the plot was pretty decent and not hard to follow. At least for the first 2 arcs. And then when the final arc came, woah, it just felt like the storywriter dropped an atomic bomb of plots all over the place. Nagisa being kidnapped and the sealing of Avalon was just a façade for something even more complicating and perplexing. I couldn’t really follow it. By the time the middle episode of this final arc gets underway, I was already so lost. Yeah, it’s like almost everybody has got a hand in almost everything. Whatever. Don’t get me started on the terminologies used in the series…

Then there are the characters too. I feels like each arc introduces us to at least a new character. For every ‘important’ character, they have this sort of grand and fancy titles and nickname that sounded like they were made up a few seconds ago. And then they are like related to this and that with their purpose coming into the scene is because of this and that. It only furthers to baffle me even further as I am already struggling to comprehend what is going on. And now with a new character coming into the fray, oh boy, it’s going to be more taxing on my simpleton brain. And that itself doesn’t count a handful of old recurring characters. Like Vatler. I don’t think he is done with but in the final arc, he making his appearance and what’s this sh*t about him with knowing Ibliss and carrying out Warlord’s mission, I give up. I might have forgotten a lot of this dude but now my mind is totally blank. I tried reading my previous blog but at this point I am equally lost. So now Asagi is somebody big too? Oh dear. Somehow I am regretting my wish in my previous blog for other girls in Kojou’s harem to get more of the spotlight. La Folia had hers in the first season, that’s why she was so ‘missing’ here. At least she appeared in the final scene of the last episode. Unlike Yuuma who is completed missing. (Unless I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t notice her miniscule cameo).

So let me take some time off and cool my mind by just mentioning about how I noticed that in every arc, it seems that Kojou will be getting a new girl in his harem, officially or unofficially. You think having a stalker who keeps giving excuses it is her job to observe him (as well as the catchphrase of the series: Kojou: “It’s my fight!”; Yukina: “No senpai, it’s our fight!”), a tsundere, a childhood friend-cum-hacker, a little sister, her best friend and a friendly princess would be enough. That is not counting the loli teacher and other very minor characters having seen some potential to be part of his harem. And now with this second season, you have a loli succubus officially into the mix, a confrontational teaser and possibly some hot chicks in JSDF. Heck, he has even got some very important key vessel to a God officially part of his harem too. The last bit probably would go to Gajou since Shio and Yuiri are warming up to him. Yeah, like father like son. But looks like Yuiri may be ‘defecting’ to Kojou so it’ll be one big happy harem family by the time the next arc rolls about. So folks, hold on to your girl tight. Otherwise they would cross over to them.

They don’t spam the fanservice in your face every 5 seconds but there are sparingly throughout the series enough to make those waiting for such scenes to pop up to ‘wake up’ till the next fanservice scene happens. So keep a lookout for those panty flashing scenes. Oh, because this sequel is OVA, there are a handful of bare tits. Kojou you lucky bastard!!! The girls always blame him for being a pervert when I believe they are the ones who are the real perverts because if they can come to a conclusion of whatever false perversion he has in his mind, doesn’t this make them the ones with a dirty mind? Yeah, the guy always takes the fall when it comes to such naughty things. But still, having a harem beating you up for it is much better than without a harem at all. Kojou you damn lucky bastard!!!

But the thing about Kojou as the main character, not only is he dense about him being the centre of attraction among the girls (Kojou you f*cking damn lucky bastard!!!) but also has the cliché main character trait. For example when he wants to leave Itogami and Natsuki didn’t allow him, somebody has got to give way, right? The way it ended shows that as long as you don’t agree with someone, all you need to do is be stubborn, fight and beat the hell out of your opponent till he/she agrees. That is an ingredient of being a main character! No wonder the girls love him. And what is a great guy without his girls? Every great man there is a great woman behind him. In Kojou’s case, many of them. So if he is down for the count, you can bet his girls will offer themselves freely to take their blood. F*ck! Must they take off their entire clothes just for him to bite the shoulder? I mean, can he just bite on their arm? Maybe he needs to stimulate some blood to that part ‘down there’ too.

At this point, I am also starting to realize a major pattern in the fight sequences. When somebody is getting owned, somebody else, usually our heroes will turn up to save the day. Therefore our victims can never lose because our heroes always turn up in the nick of time to unleash their special attacks and fend off the enemy. So the action bits aren’t a masterpiece but an excuse to show whatever skills our characters have. Spouting fancy words and chants, they get to pull off equally fancy and flashy moves with lots of effects. Yeah, it’s like the one with the better effects wins. Usually. I don’t see any difference anyway. Maybe I don’t know how to appreciate. I’m just here for the harem.

The opening and ending themes are rock based, befitting the pace of the series. Not bad but not my cup of tea either. Blood On The Edge by Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets is the opener while Fortune Number 0405 by Risa Taneda as the ending theme. With the new season, a host of new casts joining the line-up that includes Yukiyo Fujii as Kiriha (Latifa in Amagi Brilliant Park), Nao Touyama as Yume (Chitoge in Nisekoi), Sayaka Senbongi as Yuiri (AnchoR in Clockwork Planet), Kaede Hondo as Shio (Kon in Urara Meirochou), Mutsumi Tamura as Ibliss (Sonya in Kill Me Baby), Yasuyuki Kase as Gajou (Kankurou in Naruto), Kazue Nomiya as Hisano (Ran in Urusei Yatsura), Satomi Sato as Shirona (Wendy in Fairy Tail), Misaki Watada as Grenda (Michiru in Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi No Togi) and (Sho Hayami as Azama (Aizen in Bleach).

Overall, the second season can be viewed as a double edged sword. Because of all its complex jargons, plot and characters, the series is great. However it is bogged down by the cheap fanservice and harem factor that it is bundled with. It is true vice versa for simpletons like me. A great series because of the fanservice and harem but damn those jargons, confusing plots and characters bogged it all down. So I’m wishing for more cheesy fanservice and harem if they ever make more sequels out of it even if it dilutes the value and reputation of the series. Because it is my right! No senpai, it is our right! Otakus for fanservice and harem unite!

Strike The Blood OVA

February 19, 2016

Really? I never thought there would be more after the TV series ended a couple of years ago. Yeah, it feels such a long time that I can’t even remember much about it. So I thought Strike The Blood OVA was supposed to rejuvenate and revive things of the series. Maybe another season? Well, let’s not get ahead. From what I heard, this OVA is an original story not based on the manga. And by that I’m not saying the producers are the ones who came up with the story. The series’ creator is the one who created a new original story for this so you can’t blame others if the story has no relation or detract from the original, right?

Kojou and Yukina see on the news that the royal family of Aldegyr will be arriving at neutral Japan (but of course) to sign some peace accord with Warlord’s Dominion. So this means La Folia will be busy and no time to visit them, right? Wrong! Because suddenly she runs to Kojou for help! Seems this Viking dude is after her. Kojou and Yukina try to defend her but are surrounded by agents. Turns out this dude, Lucas is the king of Aldegyr and La Folia’s father. So talking out in the café, the big issue here is about La Folia needing to find a husband. If Lucas intends her to marry, then she will take Kojou as her husband. Lucas is not pleased because wanting her to get married doesn’t mean he will just approve any guy. Plus, he thinks Yukina is Kojou’s mistress. Even so, La Folia doesn’t mind being his mistress if Kojou chooses Yukina. Polifonia, Lucas’ wife and La Folia’s mom diffuses the tension and invites them to their party tonight. Guess who else is here at this high security party? Sayaka, Asagi Motoki, Nagisa and Astarte. As long as Kanon knows them, they’re invited. How convenient. The entire gang is here. Lucas is also not pleased that Kanon may have feelings for Kojou. That is when La Folia blurs out that this is proof that someone as great as Kojou have multiple mistresses. See all those girls react to that teeth sinking statement? Yeah, it just makes daddy’s blood boil. Screw the peace accord. He is going to find out more about this Fourth Progenitor. But good news Kojou won’t have to be interrogated by him. Because bad news the place is suddenly attacked by drones. Time for our gang to strut their stuff and kick ass. Kojou saves a woman, Trine Halden from a drone. So what is the thanks he gets? She licks his chest!!! OMFG! But it seems something starts to affect Kojou subsequently. But I’m sure his watching harem is not too pleased… Polifonia is awed with his skills and wants him to return to their country and take La Folia’s hand in marriage. Say what?! What will the other girls have to say? Sayaka comes up with some whatever law so and so but Polifonia counters that with another law. Can’t argue with that. Since it’s getting late, they’ll discuss this tomorrow and retire for the night.

Asagi can’t help worry about this so Motoki advises her to win first before they beat her to it. She’s thinking deeply about this in the bath when Kojou enters! You might have guessed something is wrong when he becomes a smooth operator in wanting to bath with her. It gets awkward when Astarte and Kanon come in. He invites them to join in. They agree. Asagi protests but Kojou says all he wants is all of them to have fun. She can’t believe he said that and starts throwing things for him to get out. He takes his leave but not before stumbling into Yukina and Sayaka on their way in. Yeah, he has seen his almost his entire harem naked in this short span of time. Sayaka talks to Yukina about the need to protect La Folia from Kojou’s inner beast. Yukina goes to talk to Kojou but he gets flirty and pushes her down on the bed. La Folia approves of this and even suggests a threesome! When Kojou hugs La Folia, some static causes her to pass out. The perpetrator is Trine. Yukina and La Folia are kidnapped and it seems Kojou is now her slave.

There is a demand ransom to release political prisoners who are serving life terms on Aldegyr. Polifonia trusts La Folia will be fine and Lucas stands firm with his kingdom’s policy of not negotiating with terrorists. Don’t worry. They’ll do all they can to rescue La Folia and her friends. Trine discusses with the terrorists that Aldegyr won’t be so dumb to give in to their demands. But this is just to buy them time. Yukina reacts jealously when Trine makes Kojou do her nails. Taking advantage of this, she has Kojou carry her to her room. Kojou is then ordered to beat up the guards guarding Bifrost, the royal family’s airship. Their plan is to crash and disrupt the peace signing ceremony and to activate the ship, a royal blood is need, thus the kidnapping. When La Folia hears of this plan, she tells Trine that she should have told her sooner because she would be glad to help her to kill Warlord’s Dominion’s Lord Ardeal. But doesn’t the collapse of the peace signing mean war between both nations? But isn’t this what the North Sea Empire (the terrorists) wants too? After La Folia activates Bifrost, the girls are locked in a room. Yukina wonders why La Folia is siding with them. All that was just an act. Really? How are they going to get out and save the day? Oh, La Folia has a plan of course. The ceremony is about to begin. Kanon is made to disguise as La Folia. The terrorists release several military mechas to attack. Time for Sayaka and Astarte to show what they’ve got. Meanwhile Asagi tries to hack her way inside Bifrost.

La Folia and Yukina have escaped from their room. I’m not sure about La Folia’s method of overheating the room and blowing up the lock but Yukina is all sweaty now. La Folia’s cool magic kept her cool. Although Asagi has hacked the entire ship, it is not before the terrorists managed to release a missile straight towards the ceremony. Lucas and Lord Ardeal have finished signing and are about to shake hands when the missile self destructs just outside. Asagi managed to hack it in time. Kanon mentions that was a gun salute as a symbol of peace for both kingdoms. Trine orders Kojou to kill the girls. La Folia tosses Yukina at him. He remembers her smell. Smells good? It breaks him out of his hypnosis. La Folia knows Trine is from the beastmen tribe and uses her pheromones as hypnosis. But even so, how could Kojou escape her hypnosis easily? Between the scent of a young girl drenched in sweat compared to the over-perfumed b*tch, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize which will win a man over. Trine and her terrorists will now destroy everything. Yukina gives permission to Kojou to bite her. They both power up and put evil to sleep for good. Remember Kojou, it’s not your fight. But OUR fight! Now Bifrost is going to crash! Don’t worry. It’s in the sea, right? See, what did I tell you? Everybody is fine. They’re saying their goodbye to the royal family at the airport. Polifonia hints to Kojou to consider his marriage to La Folia and she’ll reconsider writing off the loss and damage he made to Bifrost! Lucas still doesn’t approve of him and despite his mighty weaponry threats, Polifonia shuts him up. Later, Yukina isn’t pleased that Kojou remembers everything while he was under Trine’s spell. And then she blames him when she herself says about that sweat covering incident. It’s always his fault.

Strike The Playboy
First things first:
MAMIKO NOTO IS AWESOME AS POLIFONIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phew. I’m glad I made the right choice in watching this OVA. Heck, I would have even so. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, as far as this OVA is concerned, I believe fans of the series and those who enjoyed watching the TV series would find it entertaining and interesting. Although a couple of episodes would be hardly anything to further develop anything else. But like in the TV series, I guess the mini arc serves as a good short standalone that many could enjoy. Even if you have not watched the TV series and jumped straight into this, there is not much to lose although it would be better to have done so.

When Kojou starts his short flirtatious playboy mode, it was like perhaps the moment that most harem lovers had anticipated to see. Although we know that there is something wrong and this isn’t the Kojou we know, we can’t help dream for a while that this is what it would look like if Kojou ever starts playing around with his harem. Some girls would agree and some would not and some would just remain the tsundere. Ah yes. So much potential. Can we have another original story about something like this, please? Then again, we don’t really want to dilute the value of this series by turning the powerful Fourth Progenitor into a cheesy leecher.

Other than that, I suppose this OVA is pretty decent in other areas. La Folia and Yukina hogging the spotlight the most but other characters do have their share of the spotlight albeit nothing much. You have your little action, your little fanservice (some exposed tits here!), your little drama and your little romantic harem moments. A little of everything but ultimately just enough for entertainment value. I just hope this OVA won’t start a trend of new kinky sexual fetish of smelling sweat of your loved ones. That would really stink no matter how sexy it looks.


Strike The Blood

October 5, 2014

How many animes can you name whereby a normal kid turns into a vampire? For me, all I can think of is Bakemonogatari but I may add another one to my list now. Strike The Blood also has this same setting but that is just about it because if you want to compare both animes, they are poles apart. As far as this anime is concerned, our new vampire guy is one of those who are reluctant to show the world his vampire powers. After all, vampires suck, right? Haha! Sorry for the pun. But some know the dangers of the existence of vampires. I mean throughout out the history of such mythical creatures, vampires usually stand on the top of the chain, higher than werewolves and some spirits. Just to play it safe, the big boys of some organization send somebody to keep an eye on him. Just in case. You’ll never know. And what comes next are the magical and scientific adventures from the duo as the island faces danger after danger from terrorist attacks to meltdowns as they try to save the island from utter destruction. You think being a vampire is tough? You won’t have it tougher than this guy who has a harem to deal with and certain situations that drive his libido and provide him with a source of power. Did I say harem? Did I say ero power? Wow. This I must see…

The Right Arm Of The Saint Arc

Episode 1
The internet is rife about rumours the existence of the Fourth Progenitor, some super vampire that is believed to spread calamity. What are the chances that he is this guy, Kojou Akatsuki? He tries to control his instincts from taking over when he sees the delicious neck of a girl. Is it good enough that he manages to restrain his nose bleed? After leaving the cafe, he notices a girl, Yukina Himeragi following him. He tries to pass off as an Italian tourist with his broken Italian and even if that didn’t work out, he just tells her she has got the wrong guy. Shortly, a couple of guys try to hit on her. He didn’t care at first but notices their demon registration bands on their wrist. When the guys get naughty and flip up her skirt, Kojou wanted to teach them a lesson but instead Yukina fights back. The guys’ true form is a werewolf and vampire. The vampire summons his horse familiar but Yukina is able to take it out in one blow of her lance, Sekkarou. She could have finished him but Kojou interferes to let those guys escape. He points she was at fault for starting the fight first. She went overboard when they flipped her skirt. So to say he also saw her plaid panties? Oh, here is the second wind to blow it up for you to have a second good look! Thank you wind. What has been seen cannot be unseen. Thankfully she is calm enough to let this go. Don’t want to attract more trouble than it already has. Kojou notices she dropped her wallet. He tells us this Itogami Island is located 300km south of Tokyo and is also known as Demon District since all sorts of creatures and beasts from vampires to spirits and demons live here thanks to humans encroaching on their habitat that pushed them to the brink of extinction. Therefore they have received government authorization to live here for conservation and research purposes. As you might have guessed it, Kojou was once a normal high school kid but 3 months ago he turned into a vampire.

He goes to return her wallet at school but the teacher is not around. Thinking of yesterday’s events cause him to nose bleed. Yukina sees this and misinterprets he smelled her wallet and got turned on. He wants to know why she was following him before giving back her wallet. She would have taken it by force if not for her growling stomach. Talking over food is much better, no? Yukina hails from the Lion King Organization, a secret service agency part of the National Public Safety Commission whose job is to prevent large scale magical disasters and terrorism. She is a Sword Shaman and tasked to observe him. Because Progenitors are considered to be equal footing with the entire nation’s military, their very presence is treated the same as an act of terror or war. She cannot believe he was once human because the process to become a Progenitor is complex. Unless he consumed one himself. He isn’t sure either. All he knows is somebody forced it upon him. It’s like he has been chosen to become a successor. But Kojou can’t remember any further because it brings immense pain each time he does that. Yukina believes in him that he is not a threat (judging from how blur he was to everything) but if he ever becomes dangerous, she has orders to eliminate him. From now on wherever he goes, she shall follow him. Just great. 24 hour surveillance by a middle school girl. Flashback reveals Kojou was fresh from killing Avrora Florestina, the previous person who held the Fourth Progenitor title. With a stake in her heart, her final words were she has granted his wish and will leave everything to him.

Episode 2
Yukina remembers she was summoned by the elders of her organization and was told that because a sacred treaty signed by the 3 Progenitors of Lost Warlord (ruler of Europe), Foregazer (west Asia) and Chaos Bride (America) that humans are able to co-exist with other creatures. But should there be a Fourth Progenitor, the balance would be disrupted and mankind will fall into chaos. They show her a picture of Kojou whom they believe is the Fourth Progenitor. They gave her Sekkarou and tasked her to observe and judge whether he would be dangerous or not. Kojou has got more woes than his make-up test. Yukina is moving next door to him! She doesn’t have much stuffs and she prides herself being able to sleep anywhere (including card boxes). He pities her state that he is willing to accompany her shopping after his test. Natsuki Minamiya may look like a child but she is actually Kojou’s teacher! She is one of the few humans who know he is the Fourth Progenitor. He asks about the Lion King Organization and she simply puts it as his natural enemy. Vampires are the reason why they were formed so he better stay away from them. Now he tells her… Can’t turn down the shopping agreement, can’t he? It’s funny to see Yukina thinking every daily item is some sort of weapon. No wonder Kojou is so tired. Tired of retorting… Back home, Kojou introduces her to his little sister, Nagisa. However they know each other since Yukina is the new transfer student in her class. Just in time, Nagisa has brought enough ingredients for her welcome party.

While Yukina helps out Kojou in his homework (pathetic!), she notices his basketball picture. He was once a pro basketballer but stopped because he realized too late he was cocky and not a team player. After he got powers as the Fourth Progenitor, he thought he could change the world by killing criminals and corrupt politicians. He realized someone like him couldn’t do it and the reason he tries to hide his true form and live like a normal human. He feels the power is out of his league and would rather have nothing to do with it. Kojou wanted to go out to the convenience store late at night but Yukina always had her observing job in mind so she jumps out of the bath dripping wet just to follow him. Okay, just dry yourself and he’ll wait. While they play a crane game, a monster familiar attacks nearby. Yukina wants to investigate this alone and tells Kojou to go home to Nagisa. Not too long, the familiar gets absorbed and its master gets slain by Rudolf Eustach, an exorcist from the West European Church. He gets excited upon seeing her Sekkarou and requests to fight. He revels in its power and since he has seen its secret spell, he orders his homunculus, Astarte to finish her off. Yukina has no way of avoiding this blow and she can only think if Kojou would be sad if she is dead. Seriously?! Of course a heroine like her cannot die so soon because here comes Kojou to knock down Astarte. Eustach guesses he is the Fourth Progenitor and won’t leave the island as Kojou tells him because he requires tremendous magical power as his goal. Astarte restarts back up and attacks Kojou. He starts bleeding like hell and it is a bad sign since the power he dreads starts awakening.

Episode 3
Eustach orders a retreat. Although Kojou finally calms down, by dawn you can see the destruction in the perimeter. The news claim it is some sort of explosion that has rocked the area and total damages are estimated to be around 50 billion Yen! Can you pay that off in your life time? Well, a vampire is immortal… Yukina won’t report to her organization yet since he wasn’t the one who was responsible for what happened. Besides, she is grateful he saved her. Kojou also believes he did it out of self defence. He adds he might be the Fourth Progenitor but the familiars have not accepted him yet since he has not suck a blood of a human ever since he became a vampire. In class, Kojou talks to fellow classmate, Asagi Aiba who works part time as a programmer of Manmade Management Corporation. She thought she saw him with Yukina yesterday. At the same time, the boys are all abuzz because they got pictures of her. They want to ask Kojou about it since his sister is her friend. To make it worse, Natsuki wants Kojou to come to her office with Yukina later because she spot them hanging out together last night. Jealous boys. Jealous Asagi. Natsuki reveals there were similar explosions over the past 2 months. Seems somebody is trying to hunt demons and is still at large. This puts Kojou in a big risk of being attack and wants him to refrain from cavorting at night. Later the duo discuss about Eustach whom Yukina believes is the Combat Deacon of Lotharingia. The police have been on this case for some time but just didn’t know who he is. She thinks this case would be to Kojou’s benefit. If Lotharingia is involved, it makes this an international act of magical crime and would fall under Lion King’s jurisdiction. If Kojou can prove his act was in self defence and that Eustach was responsible for destroying an old world vampire, Kojou can be clear of the charges. As they are the only survivors and the ones who know how Eustach looks like, they need to find his hideout. Kojou pleads to Asagi for help. She may not be happy but she does this little favour for him.

The duo head deep down underground into some abandoned lab of a pharmaceutical company whose headquarters is in Lotharingia. This company involves testing new drugs on homunculi and although the parent corporation pulled out of Japan, the facility still stands. They enter a secret room to see lots of homunculi in test tubes. Astarte warns them to leave this place as it will be collapsing due to some lost in cornerstone. Eustach adds that it is his wish to find the eternal treasure revered as that cornerstone and he has just attained that power to achieve that dream thanks to them. Seems he has succeeded in creating a homunculus that hosts an unhatched familiar in which the familiar will consume the host’s life at a horrific pace. Astarte has less than 2 weeks to survive but has prolonged her life by consuming demons she defeated. Their magic served as bait for her familiar and combat experience helped perfect the sealed spell within. Yukina is upset that Astarte is treated like a tool but he points it back to her that she is the same under Lion King. They pick up orphans and instil them techniques needed in battles against demons. Kojou is the most upset. His power starts awakening. Eustach orders Astarte to attack. Kojou is no match. Thanks to the data he collected, Astarte can also nullify Sekkarou. She blames herself for getting Kojou involved in that and is about to be get axed by Rudolf. Again, Kojou comes to her rescue and he takes the blow. Half her body is covered in his blood. Now she just feels even guiltier than ever.

Episode 4
As Asagi is in the tower programming, the programme detects invaders. Eustach and Astarte have slaughtered the guards to make their way to the treasure. Kojou comes back alive much to Yukina’s relief. Although he died, but shortly the blood reabsorbs back into his body. And she is mad that he never told her he could revive? Who should he know? Since Yukina considers herself as a tool and that nobody would care if she dies, suddenly Kojou gets on top of her like as though his perversion has been activated. He smells her and whispers how cute she is. WTF. I’m not sure about this act to make her label him as a pervert therefore the reason why she should not be dying in place of a pervert like him. Whatever. Just get off. When an earthquake rocks the place, he feels something amiss since this is a manmade island and it should not occur. Checking the news, he realizes Keystone Gate was attacked and Asagi is trapped. He calls her and is glad she is safe. He requests her to locate where to duo are heading and identify the treasure hidden there: An arm of some saint. Yukina wants to save the day but now Kojou has doubts. What good will it do? He doesn’t have the power. Yukina offers her neck for him to bite. She can’t defeat Eustach by herself and this might make his familiars acknowledge him. She knows he wants to save the people on this island so stop making excuses and just do it. If he cannot shoulder the responsibility, then she will. She is his observer after all. Without hesitation, he sinks his fangs into her neck.

Eustach revels in happiness to see the arm of his saint whom his people call a relic. As explained, this island was constructed over some ley lines intersection and some dragon veins so the spiritual energy would bring about its fortune. Senra Itogami did a good job designing this island 40 years ago modelled after the 4 divine beasts and linked them to the dragon veins. But the problem was to maintain the cornerstone’s strength and building materials were not strong enough to support it. A human sacrifice was needed to support it and he chose that saint. Thus Eustach is here to reclaim his relic. He considers this holy war and that this island was built on such sins so the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of lives pales in comparison. Since negotiations failed, it’s down to getting physical. The turn of the battle is when Kojou summons his fifth familiar, Regulus Aurum as it runs wild in this enclosed space. In the end, Kojou and Yukina cooperate to destroy Astarte’s familiar and punch that old guy out of commission. Kojou notes he has the right to take the arm but went about it the wrong way and as such must bear the responsibility. Kojou then somewhat gives Yukina an indecent hug before doing the same to Astarte so that he could bring her familiar under his control. Of course this upsets Yukina because it felt like he was just using her as an appetizer. Don’t worry if you kill him. He resurrects, right? In the aftermath, Eustach is arrested and Kojou’s classmate-cum-friend, Motoki Yaze who is also working under Lion King. Talking to an elder in the form of a crow familiar, seems everything is going according to plan. Yukina is sent to him for the purpose of becoming Kojou’s blood partner. They note the Akatsuki name is synonymous with the fallen angel Lucifer in the West European Church. Yukina packs her stuffs and ready to leave since Sekkarou was broken during the fight. However she gets it back fixed up all good and new. What does this mean? They want her to stay and observe Kojou. That’s good news, right? But more bad news for Kojou because Asagi and Nagisa misheard them talking about hurting her, negative results and Yukina becoming his blood servant that it makes it sound so pervert. Asagi confronts Yukina and wants to know their relationship. She’s his observer. Interpretation: Stalker.

From The Warlord’s Empire Arc

Episode 5
In a failed illegal transaction, a beastman is going to blow up everything but Natsuki puts a stop to it all without a sweat. The beastman realizes she is the Witch of the Void, some high ranking mage that can manipulate space. Natsuki would love to interrogate them about Warlord’s Dominion but she’ll leave it to the Island Guards. Kojou thought his mom is back since there is an extra serving on the table for breakfast. Because of that he waltzes into the room where Yukina is changing. What’s with the long gap of doing nothing before she owns him? Apparently Kojou was in his own world because he couldn’t remember a single thing about what Nagisa said about Yukina coming over for breakfast and how the girls are going to be part of the cheerleading for the sports tournament because all the boys begged on their knees to Yukina. Just like other students, Kojou is also participating in a sport but he leaves it up to them for the ‘easiest’ one. While it is surprising he doesn’t complain that he is entered into mixed badminton, his partner Asagi sure isn’t. Now how did they end up together? Fate? Meanwhile a couple of MIBs try to arrest a professor for violating some magic trade code. He turns into his beast form to escape but Natsuki orders Astarte (now under her command) to nail him. She takes a look at the smuggled article and notices the translated words of Nalakuvera. It has something to do with Christoph Gardos. Kojou is chilling out (he calls it stretching out since Asagi hasn’t arrived for the game yet) when he is attacked by lion familiars. But you can always count on Yukina to come save him. Remember, she is ALWAYS watching over him. There goes his privacy. She cannot understand why such familiars who are used to deliver messages are used in attack. Speaking of which, there is a black letter in Kojou’s hand. He takes out and shows it to her. In such nice timing, Asagi passes by and gets the wrong idea. Interrupting something?

The letter is from Lord Dimitrie Vatler of Ardeal, one of the principalities of Warlord’s Dominion in Eastern Europe ruled by the First Progenitor, Warlord. Vatler serves under him so it is safe to assume he is a pure blooded vampire born from his line. The letter is an invitation to a party of his and it also says to bring a partner. He needs to bring one who can fight and ass? I’m sure you’ve figured that out but the first person that comes to his mind is Natsuki! And Yukina was hinting she would like to be the one! But she doesn’t have a dress. Don’t worry. Lion King has sent a package to Kojou. It contains a dress and Yukina’s vital statistics. This dumb guy got the cheek to read it out loud and then figure it out as her measurements. So you can’t blame Yukina for owning him just to make him lose his memories on that bit. The duo arrive at the luxury liner where the party is held, Oceanus Grave. Hmm… Couldn’t pick a better name for a sea farer, huh? Yukina is quite embarrassed in her very short dress but look on the bright side, at least she can easily move in it. They try to go find and meet Vatler but was instantly attacked by a familiar. If not for Kojou’s quick reflexes, she might have been doomed. This is Vatler’s way of testing their combat skills and he is pleased to meet Kojou. The way this handsome guy hints he has a thing for Kaleid Blood AKA Kojou…

Episode 6
Sayaka Kirasaka wants Kojou to get his hands off Yukina. Then the girls get into a girly reunion. Sayaka was the one who sent the invitation to them and he hates Kojou for being close to her friend. She is a War Dancer in Lion King and specializes in assassination. Which means she will assassinate those who get near Yukina. So what if it’s the case of Yukina following him? Sayaka’s mission is to observe Vatler. Hey, that feels just like Yukina for Kojou, right? Asagi seems to be jealous. Motoki offers some advice about seduction and honey trapping. He says Yukina is around him because she might have some dirt on that guy. Somebody sends Asagi an easy puzzle in which she deciphers the words of Nalakuvera. Kojou isn’t homo so he is hell not going to get close and all love-love with Vatler. Vatler can guess Yukina is Kojou’s blood partner and this makes them love rivals. On to more serious matter, a radical group called Black Death Emperor Faction has infiltrated into this island. Vatler killed their leader years ago but the survivors have hired Gardos as their new leader. As a supremacist group, their goal is to revoke the sacred treaty and wrest control of Warlord’s Domain from the First Progenitor. Vatler is here so that if they do anything funny, he could retaliate but his familiars could sink this island. Yukina and Kojou didn’t like that idea so Yukina offers to catch Gardos first. Because Yukina ticked off Sayaka a little, she pins the blame squarely all on Kojou.

Next morning, Kojou gets a morning surprise. Asagi on top of him. So she decided to try out Motoki’s advice? Of course as you would have expected, they struggle and now he falls on top of her. Cue for Yukina and Nagisa to enter. Obviously Yukina is mad despite keeping her cool and telling them to take their time. Sayaka spies them via a bird familiar and her anger reaches new heights after misinterpreting Kojou’s flirting. Yukina and Kojou go see Natsuki for information on Gardos but she won’t tell them and instead want them to stay out. Although she did say that Nalakuvera is an ancient god-like weapon believed to have destroyed civilizations but it is unusable now. There was a smuggled text on how to use but apparently it is stolen. Many experts are brought in to further decipher but no progress has been made and there are no indications that Nalakuvera has left the island. She also warns Kojou to be careful of Vatler because he has already consumed 2 high ranking vampires. Don’t let him sink his fangs into his. Kojou then seeks Asagi’s help to hack and find more information about Nalakuvera. It looks like a giant spider. Because somebody is coming into the room, Asagi quickly pushes Kojou down to hide underneath the table where they end up in an ambiguous position. Kojou notices her earrings and noting how cute she looks, he starts to nose bleed! You don’t know Sayaka is watching… Later as he rests, he couldn’t because Sayaka is going to kill him! Just thinking about how he sucks Yukina’s blood just makes hers boil. Even worse, his flirting with another woman. She’s not open to talk, isn’t she? She blames everything on him. Because of him, Yukina her only friend is put through lots of danger. She cuts him but this causes his blood to go berserk. The terrorist group arrives at school and Asagi is their target.

Episode 7
Asagi sees what is happening but the shockwaves knock her out and everything else in the vicinity, including Motoki’s spying sound waves. Only Yukina can bring normalcy back and she forces the two to reflect on their actions while she takes Asagi to the infirmary with Nagisa. Thankfully Asagi is fine. Yukina apologizes on Sayaka’s behalf and that her actions may be due to jealous over her and Kojou. Sayaka continues to blame Kojou although he did admit it is his fault for putting Yukina in danger. I don’t know how it turned into some contest to see who knows Yukina more because Sayaka is waxing lyrical about that angel of hers. There is a picture of them when they were young and Kojou comments they both look cute. Hey, at least he is honest. The terrorists storm into the infirmary and Nagisa starts screaming like hell. For her own good, Yukina knocks her out and Gardos wants them to follow them and obey his orders. He shoots Astarte before she can utter and activate some long ass weapon. Motoki sees the girls taken away in a van so he swallows a pill to activate great leaping strength and follow them. He downs the entire bottle for greater power of using his sound ability but he is interrupted by Vatler who won’t have him interfere yet and blows him away.

In a room on a subfloat, Asagi explains Nagisa’s fear of beastmen because she was in a train accident caused by demons 4 years ago and that incident traumatized her. Gardos throws Asagi a thick manual and wants her to analyze the control commands for Nalakuvera. He sent that simple puzzle to lots of hackers but only she solved it and below 3 hours. He is confident Asagi will cooperate. As they have activated Nalakuvera, they couldn’t control it. This means it will indiscriminately destroy everything unless you can control it. After Sayaka helps save Astarte, with Kojou they head to the subfloat (information from Natsuki). The place is cordoned off and the Island Guards are in the midst of battling with the terrorist. They see Natsuki and Vatler there too as well as the powerful and rampaging Nalakuvera. From what Gardos mentions, it seems Vatler and Gardos are in cohorts. Something about staving off boredom of an immortal vampire. Nalakuvera might destroy this island but since it is manmade, he doubts humans would care how many of their domesticated demons will die. One of Lion King’s elders possess Nagisa’s body to tell Asagi she can decipher that child’s play in no time and that Kojou will buy them some time. After Vatler throws Motoki back to Kojou, he receives a call from Yukina. She doesn’t want him to destroy it or cause much damage. This is going to be hard. Vatler summons his familiars ready to take out Nalakuvera so Kojou tells him to stay out. He lets the girls take care of the other stuffs (evacuation, etc) while he gets to play hero.

Episode 8
Looks like Sayaka wants some action too. Her weapon is able to nullify physical attacks. However Nalakuvera manages to adapt and acquire counter attacks that renders the next attack useless. The duo are forced to run but when Kojou uses Regulus Aurum, too much power that they are blast downwards under the subfloat. They need to get out since the place is leaking in sea water. He accidentally touches her boobs. He apologizes and wonders if she is alright since she heard from Yukina that she has fear of men. Is she? I thought she was more of a tsundere. They see Nalakuvera repairing itself. Meanwhile Yukina stumbles into a room filled with many Nalakuvera units. This is art of Gardos plan to empower the entire army. Not even Vatler knows about this. Even if the First Progenitor is powerful, he cannot protect his domain alone. If he cannot be defeated, at least his domain will be destroyed. In a short bout, Yukina cuts off his right arm. However play time is over since Asagi has deciphered the texts and now he has full control of the units. Kojou and Sayaka hit a dead end. She talks about herself being big. No, not her boobs but her height. She suddenly hugs and hopes he doesn’t tell this to Yukina. As thanks she allows him to suck her blood. Go ahead. This allows him to control his ninth familiar, Al-Nasl Minium. Thanks to the powerful blast, they are propelled out but it created a bigger crater. Natsuki will take care of Asagi and Nagisa so that Yukina can join Kojou in his fight.

Gardos rides a commander unit of Nalakuvera. It can give orders to other unmanned units. No matter how the trio attack, Nalakuvera has memorized their attack pattern. Also, all units can repair themselves. How to beat it? Yukina is not worried. Because Asagi while she was deciphering the control commands, she also created a virus to make them self destruct when they use this self repair function. They only need to get it into the commander unit and play the voice file to upload and activate the virus. Sayaka will handle Nalakuvera. Her sword, Koukarin turns into its true form, a bow as she shoots up some sort of wave jamming barrier to jam all the units. Gardos is lured out of his cockpit but gets taken out by Yukina and Kojou. Yukina throws her handphone which contains the virus and in no time all the units turn into stone and stop moving. Yukina realizes Kojou must have drank Sayaka’s blood for him to activate a new familiar. But she is not mad and is glad Sayaka is okay. She thought she would have tried to resist it. Vatler is pleased with this entertainment. One of the elders of Lion King, Paper Noise appears before him to hand him documents that his request has been approved. It is an appointment letter for him to become an ambassador of Warlord’s Dominion. Paper Noise asks if the work of the Black Death Emperor Faction was carried out at his direction. He says it is only for his own amusement. Asagi wakes up fine in hospital with Kojou by her side. She makes him look at her earring but this is just a ploy to kiss him! If only Nagisa and Yukina were a second earlier and walked in to see this… But they can tell from his nose bleed. Call it a woman’s intuition.

The Amphisbaena Arc

Episode 9
On the flying airship of Ragnvald, Beatrice Basler fights off the guards of the Order of the Sacred Ring even if they’re equipped with some holy sword. She is here for a certain girl but she escaped. She summons an angel to finish things off. Kojou and Yukina talk about Sayaka whose fear of men has her even rejecting calls from them. But she has been calling Kojou often enough lately. His answer? She must be very concerned about Yukina! I can’t believe this dumb ass!!! Even Yukina is so annoyed. Get the hint! But you can’t blame him for not understanding woman. Later Asagi makes Kojou to be her art model. Since it’s uninspiring, he has him wear cosplay clothes. Since he won’t, she strips down to her underwear! What is this? Asagi’s turn for fanservice? Well, that got him to agree. After taking selfies of themselves, Asagi mentions that he is hiding something. If he is able to tell her by next week, then she’ll tell him what he wants. Of course later Yukina confronts him and knows about his ‘art project’. She’s his observer, remember? This makes it simpler. Should he tell her he is the Fourth Progenitor or not? He is in a dilemma if putting her in the dark will cause more harm than protecting her. In the end, it is up to him. But Asagi is the least of his problem should he tell everything. It is Nagisa who is the big problem. Speaking of her, they see a guy in her class passing her a letter. Love letter? You worried, bro? And to complete the line of Kojou’s girls, Sayaka calls him just to tell him she will be on Itogami Island for a while to serve and protect somebody important from Aldegyr. Guess what this guy’s answer is? Busy, right? So no time to talk. Ciao. WTF?! Do you even know why she’s calling you in the first place???!!! Right after the call ends, he notices in a distance, a fire at the warehouse area. It seems the angel just finished claiming a victim.

Kojou and Yukina are to go check on Nagisa’s supposed secret meeting with the boy. They hear very ambiguous sounds coming from behind the door so big brother had to barge in and… Surprise! They’re taking care of stray cats. Uh… That letter contains a list of names of people who might be interested to help the cats. So big brother gets lectured for eavesdropping. But why never say in the first place? Because their apartment doesn’t allow animals, talking to him or Yukina won’t make any difference. She adds the cats come from her friend, Kanon Kanase. Kojou and Yukina help Kanon as she leads them to a ruined church where she once lived to see all the other cats. Her real father was a foreigner (thus he silver hair colour) but since she grew up mostly in Japan, she never had recollections of him. She wanted to be a nun once and Kojou thinks she’ll be a good one. Meanwhile Natsuki and Motoki observe the victim recuperating in a lab. This is the fifth one believed to be an attack victim of a demon. It is also believed the victim is not human and can be considered a normal human although traces of magical confirmation are found over her. The most obvious is the attack left her missing some organs. Vatler explains that some chakra of hers got eaten and it is her spiritual centre that got taken instead. There is a possibility this is connected to that person since Ragnvald is missing and the royalty of Aldegyr might be involved. He notes they are not their enemies and wants Kojou to stay out of this. Because he clearly cannot win against her. He doesn’t want him to die so soon when he hasn’t made a move on him yet. Kanon undergoes some experiment. The kind that seems bad since she’s shedding a tear…

Episode 10
All the cats but one are given to an old friend of Kanon. She mentions they drifted apart after an incident that took lots of lives and Kanon was the only survivor. One of her friends was a victim and each time she sees Kanon, she is reminded of it. She hopes Kojou can be good to her. Natsuki reminds them that animals are not allowed on the school grounds. But she can make this an exception if Kojou accompanies her tonight. This isn’t going to be some sort of date despite Natsuki and Astarte in their yukata. But Yukina too? Yeah, yeah. Observation thingy. Kojou has read Natsuki’s information about last night’s fire was caused by masked people attacking each other. Five such incidents have been happening for the last 2 weeks and it is Kojou’s job to catch them. How can he? They fly, right? Just summon his familiar and shoot them down! The masked angels show up earlier than expected and start fighting each other. To hide this, Natsuki has arranged for fireworks as cover up. They witness the angels fight and they are using never seen before magic. Attempts to stop them are futile. They can break through Natsuki’s chains and even withstand the attack of Kojou’s familiar. Our heroes are saved when another angel takes her out. Then she starts ripping her out violently. The aggressive one’s mask breaks and they are shocked to see it is Kanon! Once she has finished devouring her, Kanon flies away. Yukina and Kojou later pay a visit to Magus Craft, an automaton manufacturing company Kanon’s adopted father, Kensei works in. However they meet Beatrice who is his secretary and was told he is not on the island. Since he also owns a research facility island in this district, she lets Lowe Kirishima fly them there.

Yukina is obviously scared of flying since she’s screaming! Kojou calms her down by holding her hand since Nagisa has the same phobia. After they land, Lowe abandons them. It is all part of the plan to leave them on this deserted island. They take refuge in an old guard post but notices new shell casings like as though a war was fought recently. Sayaka visits the abandoned church but sees Motoki there. In exchange for information she seeks, he wants her not to tell Kojou and Yukina his true identity. What information could she possibly want? Kojou’s whereabouts. Why would she care? Because Yukina is with him. Just then, Asagi and Nagisa come by. The worst possible moment because a cat fight is about to begin between Asagi and Sayaka. Psycho woman attacker! Fling woman! Kojou messes up using his familiar just to electrocute fish for food. Seriously? It got Yukina all wet. Anyway she has made dinner. All coconuts! From coconut ‘soup’ to coconut sashimi… Coconut phobia… Asagi hacks her way to reveal footages that Kojou and Yukina board a plane for the deserted island. Now that they know where they are, the girls turn their attention to each other, demanding the other’s relationship with Kojou. I think they better ask him themselves. And fast because who knows what Kojou will be doing with Yukina right now. Asagi wants to know why Sayaka is looking for info on Kanon. As an acquaintance of hers wants to meet her, it is her duty to protect her but she went missing before she arrived on the island. That person is no other than the princess of Aldegyr, La Folia Rihavein. Kojou wakes up in the middle of the night and finds Yukina missing. He wanders around but sees Kanon soaking naked in the stream. Or at least someone resembling her since she is a little ‘bigger’.

Episode 11
The fanservice must be terrific for Kojou to nose bleed. When he is able to control himself, she disappears. But now he is threatened by Yukina who accuses him of coming to peep on her. That’s why Kojou doesn’t understand woman. He says he didn’t come to peep on her and she gets jealous because he didn’t and that there was someone else better to peek at. A ‘bigger’ and ‘more mature’ Kanon, eh? As they look around, a ship containing automaton guards start attacking them. Shoot first, ask questions later. No matter how hard they fight, the automata revive and they only get taken out by Kanon’s look-a-like’s golden cursed gun. She introduces herself as La Folia and those automata from Magnus Craft are after her. They can’t use that ship to leave the island as it is remotely operated by a mother ship. Kojou sinks it before more automata could come out. Meanwhile Beatrice talks to Kensei about the artificial angel’s progress. From what I understand, it seems they are trying to make her marketable and sell her as a weapon. Noting that the Fourth Progenitor is on the deserted island, it’s time to put this product to the test and thus her final evolution. La Folia continues her explanation that the perpetrators are after her body since she is of Aldegyr royal blood. As Kensei was a royal court mage in the palace, he uses magic techniques that require the royal blood as spirit medium. Kanon’s real father is La Folia’s grandpa. He had an illicit affair with a Japanese woman. This makes La Folia as Kanon’s aunt. Although Kanon has no right to claim the throne, it cannot be denied that she is of royal blood. With her existence known, the royal palace is currently in chaos. Kojou explains what they saw with Kanon. Kensei is making Angel Faux, artificial angels by forcing humans to undergo artificial spiritual evolution and reborn them as higher beings.

Another boat arrives but it is Kensei and co. They continue explaining about Angel Faux to create an entity closer to God: An angel. So how is killing another kind considered an evolution? Magus Craft is doing this because they are in dire financial status. So weaponization of artificial angels will fetch a high price in the market. Beatrice states their demands. La Folia is to give up herself and Kojou will be given a fighting chance with Kanon. Their sales pitch would look good if an angel defeats the most powerful vampire in the world. Yukina tries to sever the magic connection with Sekkarou but apparently as explained, divine vibrations generated by humans cannot match something genuinely divine. Kojou has to play with Kanon alone as Yukina has Beatrice for company and Lowe messing around with La Folia. Kanon powers up and despite Kojou summoning both his familiars to attack, it did no scratch. How do you destroy something that is not of this world? Then he gets shot right through the gut. Dead for good? Don’t worry, he is immortal, remember? I think. Kanon then goes berserk so Kensei and co escape so as not to be caught up in her icy whirlwind. Meanwhile Sayaka is dispatching Magnus Craft’s automata at another facility. Natsuki is also there as she tells her that La Folia is alive because a distress signal from her escape pod was detected. To Sayaka’s surprise, she is with Kojou and Yukina on the same island. That guy again, huh? But they can’t get to that island now because the ocean is now frozen with ice and Kanon holing herself up in her icy tower.

Episode 12
Most of Kojou’s wounds have healed except for the one in his chest. The blade is still stuck there and one Yukina or La Folia cannot touch. As they cannot heal his wound, La Folia thinks of awakening a familiar of his to do so. She believes one of them can nullify Angel Faux’s power. But how is stripping to her undies is going to let this unconscious guy suck her blood? As long as he is physically stimulated, the arousal should awaken his vampiric urges? How do they know if he is aroused? Maybe… Yukina doesn’t want the princess to taint herself and will do it on her behalf. Really? Just as planned… So look how the experienced pro undresses herself semi-naked, cuts herself for a little blood and drips it in via kiss. Good enough for this guy to get horny (that’s what it looks like) and suck her blood. So when he wakes up, he is really in a WTF situation. Learning that Yukina saved his life again, they however need to do something to save Kanon as her consciousness is still trap and if they do nothing, it will be lost forever. Because La Folia did not sense his familiar awakening, she starts seducing him. She asks if he wants to save Kanon. Of course. Using her princess status, she orders him to suck her blood. Then they barge out of their cave to being their rescue mission. Kensei will have Kojou fight Kanon again so she can reach her highest evolution level. Yukina couldn’t understand why he used Kanon as a tool. He didn’t. In fact he always treats her as his own daughter. After all, his sister is Kanon’s mother. As a father, he wishes his daughter to be happy and surpass humanity by turning into a true angel. Is that what Kanon wished for or his selfish ideals imposed on her? Enough talk. Let’s get down to business. Beatrice unveils 2 more masked angels she cloned. Not even Kensei knew about this. Although they are not perfect, to be perfect they need royal blood template, the reason she was after La Folia.

The rematches take place. La Folia besting Lowe with her gun and Yukina beating Beatrice with her bare hands (because she herself isn’t that physically strong). La Folia then summons her artificial holy sword. Beatrice is surprised that she summoned a spirit into herself instead of using the magic circuit on the mother ship to fuel its spirit energy. La Folia uses it to pass judgment onto her. Yukina wrests the remote from Beatrice to control the masked angels. Now it’s all left to Kojou boy and Kanon. He understands the pain she is going through and summons his third familiar, Al-Maisan Mercury. It is a double headed dragon and thus needed the blood of 2 spirit mediums to awaken. So Al-Maisan Mercury destroys Kanon’s divine barrier so that Yukina can fully obliterate the spiritual evolution magic with Sekkarou. Kensei admits his lost but Kojou is not going to hit or forgive him. It is not for him to decide. Kanon wakes up and doing fine. She thought she was dreaming that her father and all the other people came to her rescue. This is the first time she meets La Folia so the latter introduces herself as family. Sayaka and Natsuki’s boat arrive to pick them up. In the aftermath, Motoki interrogates Kensei who explains that he created such a weapon because only 3 Progenitors should exist. The fourth one means the time when that power will be necessary draws near. Any weapon that cannot beat him will be useless against what is to come. Motoki doesn’t want him to write it all off soon and he will be under the company’s care to continue his research. Natsuki will be Kanon’s guardian, much to La Folia’s disappointment. She has to leave now since she has found some survivors of Ragnvald but promises to come back again. She pecks Yukina on her cheek as parting gift but Kojou on his lips! And yes, all his harem girls see this. Especially Sayaka and Asagi who were frantically searching for him and the moment they find him, he is kissing another girl. Care to explain? Since Kojou and Asagi start acting strange the moment they remember their own kissing moment, this just makes Yukina more suspicious and Nagisa more excited… Not even an angel can save him.

Labyrinth Of The Blue Witch Arc

Episode 13
Sayaka is to see off La Folia at the airport when the latter learns of the island’s Halloween Festa. Tempted to stay? Sayaka hurries her along but the moment they pass the turnstile, they are teleported to another part of the island. On a train, Kojou and Yukina are discussing about big Festa being celebrated here. They see a molester in action. Kojou wants to teach him a lesson as he wades through the crowd. By the time he reaches there, the train door opens and everyone walks out. Misaki Sasasaki (Nagisa’s homeroom teacher) catches Kojou and believes he is the molester! Of course it’s a mistake and the victim was actually Natsuki in disguise and she caught the culprit. She heard this train line had lots of molesting complaints. At the harbour, the Meyer Sisters of Emma and Octavia unleash their tentacle familiar to attack the guards. They are also known as the Witches of Ashdown and employed by LCO which is part of The Library. They are back after 10 years and are looking for Natsuki. Those guards are no match for them… Kojou and Nagisa’s pals eagerly wait to see their old friend who will be joining them for the Festa, Yuuma Tokoyogi. She makes her grand entrance jumping into Kojou’s arm. I think I know what is going to happen. With the girls commenting this tomboy looking quite pretty, I’m pretty sure that will happen.

So as they go around the place, Yuuma notes the closeness of Yukina and Kojou. Kojou gets a call from Sayaka. Or at least La Folia calling using her handphone. Similarly, Motoki and Asagi get one too from their respective bosses. They are explained about the different place they end up to each time they enter a door. Astarte pops up and explains Natsuki has gone missing. Whether this is part of her plan or not she is not sure. But in such cases, she has been ordered to protect Kanon when this arises. Back home, Kojou is about to go take his bath when suddenly… How the heck did he end up in the bathroom of Kanon and Astarte?! The duo are actually cool and forgiving. It is Yukina that only understands ‘he peeked at them and saw it all’. So much so he is forced to admit he is guilty. Noting about what Sayaka said about the space distortion, they have to be careful not to walk around carelessly. Yeah. How are they going to do that? Each time Kojou walks through a door, he becomes afraid. Yuuma startles him and he drops the glass. He picks it up but cuts his finger. Yuuma sucks it and treats his wound. Yuuma is hinting. Right at the countdown to the Fiesta, without warning she just kisses him. Oh yeah. Add another one into the books. I guess the kiss must be so good that he passes out shortly. Next morning, he thinks all that was just a dream. Want to bet? He feels something strange with his body and looking at the mirror, he is shocked to find himself in Yuuma’s body!!!!

Episode 14
Kojou goes to explain to Yukina but because he is in Yuuma’s body, the girls let their guard down. Uh huh. Feast for the eyes! Yukina is not dressed properly, panties hanging everyone and Kanon getting dressed. Asagi deduces there isn’t any cyber attack and the town itself is just messed up. This brings up a similar incident 10 years ago from the database, the Dark Oath Grimoire in which the Witch of Notaria was responsible. She rewrites the entire network in such a short time. Sayaka and La Folia wake up in a love hotel naked. Blame the space distortion for this. Kojou answers the girls’ question correctly and they believe he is that insensitive guy. He explains after Yuuma kissed him, he saw some knight spirit before passing out. Unfortunately Yukina only heard the kissing part and beats him up. Why so mad, sister? They discuss that Yuuma might be after his body. No, not literally but because of his Fourth Progenitor properties. From what I understand, it is not like they swapped bodies. Their senses got rewired so it make it seems that Kojou is controlling his own body but in fact is Yuuma’s. On second thought, I don’t think I understood that. For somebody who can distort space like that means she is the same type as Natsuki. Yuuma is a witch. The Meyer Sisters are revelling in some grimoire when Vatler drops by to identify them as the source of the space distortion on the island. They attack him but Yuuma drops in. Yuuma introduces herself and she is the daughter of Aya Tokoyogi AKA the Witch of Notaria. She is imprisoned on this island and she seeks to free her. She thinks the situation is also to Vatler’s advantage. As he seeks to fight powerful opponents, after the barrier is broken, legendary villains will escape and Vatler can have his entertainment. Kojou can’t believe they are relaxing and eating desserts instead of finding his body. Relax. They don’t know where it is. Besides, when you’re stressed, eat desserts! With everyone concurring they way Kojou back in his body, he feels relaxed. He needs to use the toilet and wants to ‘learn’ but Yukina will not allow it! Hold it in! When Yuuma activates the grimoire, Yukina and Kojou sense the power coming from the Keystone Gate. However every door they exit, they end up somewhere random. They receive an application from Asagi (what’s with that defenceless sexy look?) that guides them where the exits will lead them too. The Meyer Sisters slaughter the army with their tentacle familiar while the ordinary folks think this is some flashy big budget act for the Festa. Kojou remembers how he and Nagisa first met Yuuma when they were trying to save Nagisa’s straw hat. Finally they come face to face with each other.

Episode 15
Yuuma remembers she was told she is a tool created for Aya’s escape. Thus she is the Blue Witch protected by the Blue Knight. She can’t help wonder her purpose after her mission is fulfilled. Kojou learns Yuuma borrowed his body for the power to break the barrier. Vatler promises he will personally take care of the escaped inmates. Before Kojou and Yukina can get tentacle rape, Sayaka and La Folia save them. Initially shock that Kojou is now a girl, they are able to get here thanks to Kensei who has been temporarily released for this emergency situation. The prison is materializing soon and La Folia notes only Sekkarou and Kojou as the real Fourth Progenitor have a chance to stop it all. The rest will stay back to handle the Meyer Sisters. Kensei warps them there. Yuuma explains she is a test tube baby forced to grow at an accelerated rate and is programmed to free her mother. Although, the meeting with them was her choice alone. The original plan was to sacrifice 100,000 citizens of the island to break the seal but when The Library found out about him, the plan changed. So isn’t it a good thing the people didn’t have to die? Yuuma summons Le Bleu (the knight) to control Regulus Aurum but fails. Looks like the sacrifice is necessary. In the middle of the prison sits sleeping Natsuki. She is the warden, door and key to this magical prison. She has been sleeping like this for 10 years and what they have seen is just her magic illusion. Killing her would set the barrier free.

Kojou questions her so what if she completes her mission? She knows she will not get praised by her mom and is well aware will be tossed aside like a book. If she doesn’t go ahead, she fears her meaningless existence. Kojou disagrees. He will acknowledge her existence so she doesn’t have to follow this programme. Hearing that makes her happy but she is going ahead anyway. She orders Le Bleu to kill Natsuki but Yukina blocks his fist with Sekkarou. La Folia deduces the origins of the familiar they are using. Something about that Ashdown incident that created monstrous familiars from trees of the forest. La Folia uses her holy sword followed by Sayaka’s bow to place a curse on the forest and send them to a crashing defeat. The sisters get arrested. Yukina fights Yuuma while Kojou protects Natsuki’s body. Yukina is to use her last resort of stabbing Sekkarou into him but hesitates since she is not sure of the after effect. Since she can’t do it, Kojou can and he throws the lance towards her. Although Le Bleu blocks it, Yukina kicks it in to finally stab through her. They return to their original bodies. Don’t worry, he is a vampire and should heal, right? Just tolerate the pain. Although it would be much faster if Yukina lets him drink her blood. No way. Yuuma realizes she has failed but Kojou disagrees. She is freed. Natsuki is now awake. She was unconscious because of the blow she took from his familiar and needed to recuperate. With this case close, Yuuma will drop her mission. There is nothing for her in this prison anymore. Suddenly Le Bleu stabs Yuuma. That itself is a decoy because Aya has stabbed Natsuki too.

Fiesta For The Observers Arc

Episode 16
Continuing where we left off, Kojou is a sad vampire. Vatler is about to start his party when he is attacked by Avrora’s 12th familiar, Alrescha Glacies. Isn’t that Nagisa? But Vatler gives out a maniacal laughter upon realizing why Avrora let Kojou consumed her. Nagisa returns to Mimori who thanks her for protecting her although the former says she was just adhering to the contract. Asagi is tired and wandering in the streets. She is shocked to see a little girl calling her as her mother! Hey, isn’t that Natsuki?! She doesn’t remember anything besides Asagi as her mom. Asagi thinks this is her child from the future with… On second thought, she doesn’t look like her. Noting she looks familiar to someone, she wonders if she knows Natsuki. She starts crying instead. For the time being, she will be called Sana till she gets her memories back. Aya makes her appearance in person. Because she considers Yuuma her doll and part of her, she doesn’t hesitate to take back her power which brings a lot of pain during the separation. Kojou is now one mad vampire. But he is warned he cannot use his familiar powers because if it strikes her, the prison barrier will be damaged and you know how this will affect Natsuki, right? Aya has used some grimoire to suppress her memories and experience and she is now powerless although she escaped the scene before losing it completely. Only 5 of the inmates escaped from prison since the barrier is still in place, those who are weak will still be sent back. Thus none of them are free yet and to be sure of that, they must find and kill Natsuki. Yukina fights the inmates and tells Kojou not to use his powers. Sayaka comes to pick them up in her mini tank and escape (La Folia left the country shortly after the Meyer Sisters were apprehended – don’t want to delay anymore, huh?).

Kojou knows of a doctor who can treat Yuuma’s injury: His mother Mimori, a mad scientist (certified magic physician, head researcher in the medical department, whatever you call it) at MAR (Magna Ataraxia Research) lab. The girls understand why Mimori is so quirky since she starts fawning over them that they might be his girlfriend and the prospects of a grandchild. Sayaka is forced to entertain Nagisa who isn’t thrilled about this woman as she thinks she is bad for her brother. Mimori takes a look at Yuuma and finds it odd that her wound isn’t deep despite bleeding so much. She starts fondling her boobs since it is her ability as a psychometrician (psycho indeed) that she can tell a patient’s condition just by touching. Lies! Her conclusion is that if Yuuma continues to leak her magic, she will die at this rate. Mimori has Yukina help carry Yuuma to her lab. Kojou can’t because no men are allowed. Besides, she wants him to nurse his own injury. Kojou looks at the nasty stab wound in his chest. Sayaka comes in after she used some hypnotic effect on Nagisa. Tiring… She looks at his wound which surprisingly it is not healing. Even if Sekkarou can negate magic, it shouldn’t negate healing powers. Seems Mimori doesn’t know Kojou is a vampire and he is trying to hide this fact or else she would dissect him. Tsundere Sayaka will allow him to take her blood just this once (you mean the second time?) but first why let him smell her feet to arouse him? Guys are into that kind of fetish? Says who? Stepping on him is also on the cards. And yeah. Yukina walks in to see this. And then he collapses. Is this his way of worming out. Nope. It’s real. He’s down for good. One of the inmates, Kiliga Gilika has discovers Natsuki’s whereabouts.

Episode 17
Aya is greeted by a couple of Librarian agents who want her to come back with them. She won’t since she has unfinished business with this place. She risks being eliminated so that they can collect the Dark Oath Grimoire but she uses the grimoire to eat them. Yukina and Sayaka just wished Kojou is dead. He collapsed just because he was hungry. Yeah. Scared them to death. Yukina explains that Yuuma’s condition is stable right now but thanks to the complexity of a witch’s magic, MAR facilities aren’t enough to heal her and they need a witch of Natsuki or Aya’s calibre for it. They see Asagi with little Natsuki on TV so Kojou calls her and she tells what she knows. However Kiliga finds them and is about to burn them with his fire. Kojou and the girls rush to the scene. They think Natsuki chose Asagi because she works at the Keystone Gate which is regarded to be the safest place on the island since the Island Guard’s headquarters is there. Of course along the way she lost her memories and reverted to a child. Her instinct is must have what caused her to deem Asagi as trustworthy. The mini tank runs out of fuel. There is always the bicycle. Yukina lets Kojou suck a little of her blood so he can quickly move on (much to Sayaka’s dismay). Asagi manages to use the drainage water to keep Kiliga at bay. They finally arrive at a section of the Keystone Gate. Astarte and the Island Guards are on standby. Astarte’s familiar devours Kiliga’s flames and this weakens him so he is sent back to the barrier prison. Astarte seeks an explanation about Sana since she looks a lot like her master. Another inmate, Gigliola Ghirardi pops up to explain that child is indeed Natsuki. Gigliola’s whip familiar has mind control as she uses it to control the Island Guards to attack Astarte.

Vatler pops up and knows about her lineage as some Chaos Bride princess. As part of his ‘humanitarian act’ to remove all criminals from this area, he unleashes his familiar on her but she too can control it. But this is not a cause for panic. Unleashing another powerful familiar that starts devouring and biting Gigliola. So painful and horrifying that Asagi is shielding Natsuki’s eyes from it. Kojou enters the scene too late. Gigliola loses much of her powers and is sent back to the prison. Astarte is tired and goes into rest mode. Vatler learns about the inmates’ plot to kill Natsuki so Kojou warns him if he tries to do it, he will use all his might to stop him (even if it means revealing his vampire nature to Asagi). Vatler suggests keeping Natsuki safe on his boat since the inmates will come for her again and it would be a safer option than to risk the civilians here getting harmed. Of course he is free to come too. Is he trustworthy? Kojou has no choice but to agree. Asagi is confused about everything especially Kojou’s connection with it all. An explanation after this won’t do. To make it up, she wants to tag along. Another inmate, Meiga meets Aya who is writing spells all over the walls. He wonders what happened to her handcuffs since if she stole Natsuki’s memories, it should include the key to the prison barrier and the decode programme as well. She didn’t tell the rest of this and because of that they are all out looking for Natsuki. Meiga was once from Lion King and is interested to see her experiment. The Dark Oath Grimoire itself is already lost. All its wisdom now exists in Natsuki’s memory. Aya is attempting to recreate that grimoire from the stolen memories. Not only words, she can also perfectly replicate the curses and spells. This is her power. Now this entire school building is serving as a huge Dark Oath Grimoire.

Episode 18
Kojou gets scolded by Yukina and Sayaka since being on Vatler’s boat means there is some magic that prevents them from coming onboard. She hopes he will not complicate things like getting horny with Asagi. Yup, another woman sure complicates the equation. And you thought she trusted him at times like these. Kojou meets Kira Lebedev Voltisvala, a relative of Lost Warlord. Then there is Lord Tobias Jagan, a noble from Warlord’s Domain who seems to be giving Kojou that evil stare. As Kira believes, he is jealous that Vatler is close to Kojou… As he is in the bath, a bevy of beauties take an interest in him. Lucky bastard. They aren’t Vatler’s maids but hostages, daughters of royalty and statesmen from the nations surrounding Warlord’s empire. Because Vatler isn’t into women, they are pleased to do whatever they want. So to get their revenge against their home nations for selling them off, they thought of a little uprising. As in, getting a direct descendent of a Progenitor to become a powerful vampire that surpasses Vatler. So how about a quickie? KOJOU YOU LUCKY BASTARD!!!!!!!!!! Don’t worry, he declines not because he is gay. But the babes back down for now since his ‘girlfriend’ is around. If he changes his mind, they’ll always be available. Which ‘girlfriend’ are they talking about? Asagi. He almost saw her naked coming into the bath with Sana. She is still suspicious that he is hiding something. She makes a guess… Could it be… He is into men?! WTF. He didn’t take an interest in her body, right? Oh sh*t. How can he escape such question? The kind where both ends of the answer will kill you. She notices his scar and stands up, giving him a little frontal nude service. This causes him to nose bleed. You just ruined the bath water with your blood. In the room, Sana suddenly awakens into some spunky magical girl?! WTF?! Kyun?! I don’t know, she sounds like a computer restarting and is supposed to be Natsuki’s backup avatar. This won’t revert Natsuki back to her normal self. Destroying the grimoire is the only way. Or wait 10 years for her to grow back into that little size.

Vatler meets Sayaka and Yukina outside his boat. He asks Sayaka about why she is being tasked to observe Kojou. Or rather what exactly is the Fourth Progenitor she is observing. If he becomes complete, she might find out. However tonight Kojou is not his main guest. It is that inmate, Broodt Dumblegraff. Mimori checks on Yuuma but she has already escaped. Asagi is informed by her programming avatar Mogwai that her programming skills are needed. She refuses at first but he mentions about something strange building up at the school in which it negates the magic that reinforces the main structure of the island. Suddenly, Vatler gets owned by Broodt? Well, giving his status as a mercenary and dragon slayer, he is able to slay his dragon familiars. Of course he has more powerful dragons and turns the tables to send him back to prison. Yukina and Sayaka are faced with another inmate, Shtra D whose power is a deva. Sayaka offers to take care of this so Yukina can go help Kojou. Kira helps Kojou and the rest to escape and Kojou is impressed by his politeness despite the situation and they shake hands. This only confirms to Asagi that he is into men. Lydianne Didier, an acquaintance of Mogwai arrives in her mini tank to pick up Asagi. She mentions this phenomenon is happening exactly as it was 10 years ago. When all this is over, Asagi hopes Kojou can spend some time with her. Of course he will. With the rest too. Shucks. If she was only a little bit more specific. Sayaka finishes off Shtra by using his power against him although it hurt her in the process. She collapses but Kojou catches her. Despite him being sweaty, she makes his an exception. Don’t be too close for too long otherwise Yukina may get the wrong idea. More importantly, here is Aya. She is here not to kill Natsuki and thanks them for taking care all the inmates for her. Thanks to the grimoire, the entire island has become her own realm. All powers besides hers are lost including the Fourth Progenitor’s. Kojou gets stabbed by Le Bleu. But Yukina hasn’t lost hers and strikes with Sekkarou. It is a trap. She gets caught and is whisked away for some experiment. They realize too late that Aya’s true target is not Natsuki but Yukina.

Episode 19
Yukina sees a past confrontation between Aya and Natsuki but it then turns into her own dream whereby Kojou and Satsuki are her classmates leading a normal life. But she knows this is a dream and breaks out of it with Sekkarou. She realizes this is the power of the grimoire, the power to create a world to one’s desires. Sayaka is panicking to heal Kojou’s wounds. So much so she almost strips herself to let him take her blood. He would be very much aroused if he didn’t have a hole in his gut. So to say seeing her panties isn’t enough? Yuuma manages to locate Kojou with her little powers left. She wants Kojou to take their blood. As Aya has casted a spell to take away all powers except hers and Yuuma being a replica of hers, it means she still has them so taking her blood means Kojou is able to use that power to heal. Kojou cannot control his urge to rape suck her blood and since it isn’t enough, Sayaka is next. He notices the Sekkarou wound not healing when he hears Avrora’s voice. Something about him being too concerned with his body and that vampires transcends all existence and non-existence. Kojou understood what she meant. His familiar was already awakened when Yukina stabbed him but only half materialized and became a wound on his chest. He now fully summons his fourth Familiar, Natra Cinerus. This giant spider turns the island into a mist and halts the breaking up of the island. You can’t break something intangible, right? Aya notes Sekkarou was once known as a demon assault lance since it is not to negate magic but return something to its original world. She wonders why someone like Yukina could wield it so freely. Is she not born of this world? So goes on talking about this world filled with just fantasies and things that only exist in humans’ imaginations. Yukina believes all those superhuman powers are real since they have existed for thousands of years but Aya disagrees with some 5-minute theory that states every imagination could be made up in 5 minutes. Although it is just a theory, she is going to prove in this experiment she can recreate this world to her ideals and in the form that she believes is to be correct. Thousands of lives will be lost but this is their punishment for scorning witches as to their liking.

Aya senses something powerful breaking through her barrier. Al-Maisan Mercury crashes through and frees Yukina. Yukina could guessed something steamy have happened since Sayaka buttoned her shirt wrongly. Kojou doesn’t give a crap about Aya’s goal since she hurt his friends, she will pay. Aya summons phantom enemies and even those tentacles to fight. A golden knight familiar stands in her way before she could kill Yukina. Natsuki is back up. Thanks to the blood she received from Kojou during the bath on Vatler’s ship. I wonder why it took so long to activate. Maybe that’s why that loli avatar was for. Natsuki steals the grimoire for her and everyone corners Aya. She won’t be defeated and does a last desperate attempt by feeding her own soul to a demon to become an unstoppable being. Yukina remembers what she said about Sekkarou so she uses it on Aya and everything returns back to normal. Right at that moment, Meiga steals a lance, Fangzahn hidden in some museum storeroom. Paper Noise confronts him and knows he used Aya for this opportunity. Although she notes that lance as a failed production, Meiga says it suits him perfectly. Paper Noise is not going to stop him since she knows she cannot kill him. Besides, Lion King will not suffer any real harm if she lets him go. In the aftermath, Natsuki says she’ll be returning to the prison barrier but will definitely meet them soon. Class will be starting again next week. Yuuma will be interrogated since her status makes her a Librarian but of course she will see them soon too. She is about to high five Kojou but it is just a ploy to kiss him! Is this some sort of war declaration to Yukina that she is serious in taking him next time? And now Kojou has to hear her complaining… WTF does she mean he is too vulnerable? She hints she wants to be by his side forever. Sure just as his observer? This time all their friends heard it and they think it is some sort of bold proposal.

Return Of The Alchemist Arc

Episode 20
Kou Amatsuka ambushes his way to see Kensei. He is an alchemist under Nina Adelard and is here to take back his master’s keepsake, Wiseman’s Blood. He is also the one who destroyed the monastery (the abandoned church) 5 years ago. Yukina receives a note from Lion King to send back Sekkarou since her class is going on a training camp soon. Kojou becomes the mule to carry the girls’ shopping bags. He got enough sense not to step into the lingerie shop. But Kanon wants to know what types he likes… After the girls step in, he is faced with Kou who outrights wants to kill him just to get Kanon. Yukina saves the day and cuts off his hand. They realize he is an alchemist when he replaces his hand with the metal lamppost. Seeing he can’t win, Kou escapes. Kojou thanks Yukina for saving him and the great fanservice of her unbuttoned top since it got undone during the fight. Okay, he didn’t say thanks for the second one but Yukina accuses him of it. Kojou goes to see Natsuki but she is out and only Astarte is in. Since she is a homunculus, he asks an alchemist’s goal. To become close to God while retaining the physical body. There were several incidents like this. Kojou is a good example after he became a vampire. Another is Wiseman’s Blood. The legendary alchemist Nina is said to use it to obtain an immortal body and unlimited magic power. Kojou then seeks Asagi’s help about the monastery but oddly it is not in the database. (Seriously, she couldn’t believe he called her out just to ask this). If there is no database, might as well search the site. Kojou thinks somebody is attacking them and pushes Asagi down. They’re in an ambiguous position. That person turns out to be Natsuki. First he ditched class and now he is forcing himself on a girl. She sure has seen everything about him. Natsuki shows him a paper shikigami she found. He is not to say a word to this to anyone. She tells him that Kensei was attacked by Kou and in critical condition. Kojou thinks this is a good chance for them to catch the culprit while Kanon and the rest are away. Is there anything he can do to help? Sure. Attend all the supplement classes!

Somehow Kojou tells this to Yukina. As usual she scolds him because he is with Asagi and would have put her in danger (I’m sure she is more concerned about him being with Asagi). She brings him to a love hotel area. Wait a minute. Is Lion King going so far to order her to alleviate his lust? That’s what he is thinking? Is his heart ready? He is made to close his eyes and the next thing he knows, the illusion is gone and this is where the base of Lion King sits. Yukina is here to return Sekkarou while she is gone and meets her teacher, Yukari Endou (taking a form of a black cat). Yukari also thanks Kojou for saving Avrora and ‘tamed’ Yukina. What? Did he? Kou shows his master Wiseman’s Blood although it is just a lump of metal since it is dormant. He demonstrates the transferring of one’s consciousness into the Hard Core so one can merge with Wiseman’s Blood and still retain one’s ego. His master is pleased with his work since he can now get back to those guys who threw him out of the headquarters. Kou thanks his master for saving him from that incident 5 years ago which he almost died. Thanks to that he is also able to make this dummy core. His master tests is out and finds it impressive Nina’s consciousness which is preserved inside the Hard Core has awakened. Of course unless she is destroyed, they cannot acquire Wisemans’ Blood. However he feels his body getting devoured. Kou won’t help as he is waiting for this moment. To take it, he must destroy her from the inside before she awakens. So much about loyalty. Kojou gets a call from Asagi who is near the monastery as she has lost her precious earring he bought for her. He tells her to get out and will buy her anything she wants. Anything? Too late. She sees something that is a mix of blood, mercury and a shape of a woman. She gets caught in the crossfire of Kou and that thing. Oh sh*t! Asagi killed???!!! Say it isn’t so!!!

Episode 21
Asagi’s dead body. Mad Kojou. Can’t blame him. Somebody ruined the harmony of his harem. Yukina is calmer. She doesn’t want him to go berserk because his power will kill everybody on this island. Does he want to kill Nagisa too? Then Kou appears. Forget about holding it in. They both attack and noticing he is not human, Kojou summons Al-Maisan Mercury to devour him. Suddenly… ASAGI WAKES UP!!! Like nothing happened!!!! What? How? Why? Oh, I don’t care. As long as she’s alive. And Kojou approves because you can see him crying. While Yukina goes off to report what happened to her master, Kojou brings Asagi back to his place so she can clean herself. She notices a red circle gem in her chest. Next thing Kojou knows, he gets the ultimate fanservice of seeing Asagi in the nude. She is not bothered. She knows he is a vampire. Something is off. Not just her clothes. When Asagi uses some contents of the vase to create a temporary silk towel, Kojou knows this isn’t Asagi. In fact this is Nina taking over her body. The Hard Core is her actual body. The liquid metal part was contaminated by the dummy core Kou made. It is unfortunate Asagi got caught in the crossfire and the only way to save her was to cut the contamination, transfer to this body and heal her wounds before they claimed her. If all that is too hard to understand, just be glad that Nina saved Asagi. Kojou couldn’t be more grateful. He apologizes for killing Kou but she says he is still alive since the fact that Wiseman’s Blood that was contaminated by the dummy core is still moving proves he is so. This means they only destroyed a part of him and not the actual person. Kou tries to slip into Natsuki’s place but fell into her trap. She would have finished him off and bring him to custody to La Folia if he wasn’t a dummy. Kou breaks free and vows to finish the tragedy 5 years ago. Natsuki lets Astarte finish him.

Nina promises to leave this body once she gets Wiseman’s Blood. This means Kojou has to help out. Nagisa and Yukina return so Nina has to act like Asagi so as not to raise suspicions. Easier said than done. At least they didn’t suspect. Next morning after the young ones leave, Kojou hears Nina’s scream. Actually it is Asagi. She couldn’t believe she found herself in Kojou’s bed. Did something happen? Believe me, this guy is too useless for any sort of thing to happen. For better or worse, she starts crying in her relief. Nina takes over her body when she senses Wiseman’s Blood making a move. Motoki and his team of Island Guards are intercepting the liquid metal menace at the harbour. They manage to stop its tracks by applying some basic physics of freezing it. But it breaks free when Kou appears at the scene. All the guards start pumping bullets but bullets are made of lead, which is metal, right? Know where this is going to? Kou than activates something that sends the liquid metal exploding and destroying most of the port. The liquid metal escapes into the sea. Nina and Kojou arrive too late to see this state of mess. Nina explains all that stuff in which it is some sort of beam cannon. She adds that the ultimate objective of alchemy is to be a perfect human, born of the goal to be as close to God. That is Wiseman. Being perfect, he has no need to concern himself with others and is a manmade God who wishes for destruction of everything that could disrupt his perfection. Now he has awakened. Yukina and co are on their way off the island via ship. Yukina senses something in the water.

Episode 22
Kou has taken over the ship and killed all the deck crew. He feels his body is breaking up and hopes once this is done, Wiseman will give back half his body as promised. Yukina and Kanon sense something unpleasant onboard and go check it out. Don’t worry. It found them. Kou. Kanon remembers him. He needs somebody with a powerful spirit medium as offering. She thinks as long as she stays away from everyone, they’ll be safe. Kanon runs off. Nina leaves Asagi’s body and absorbs some of the liquid metal and bones left behind to reconstruct a body of her own. But there wasn’t enough blood to reconstruct her figure so she looks exactly like Asagi but tanned and with bigger boobs. That is the most important part? Natsuki is on scene and tells of Kou’s whereabouts (Kensei woke up and told her). The ship is too far for her to use her teleporting ability but she has already prepared a transport in view of this. La Folia is glad to help out with her high speed blimp. Before Kojou gets to ride on some prototype transport on it, Yukari gives Sekkarou to him so he could pass it to Yukina. Kou corners Kanon. She feels sorry for him because he doesn’t remember. She asks about his goal to resurrect Wiseman and his previous life. Although he can answer about his objective to become human again, he cannot remember who he was previously. Kanon throws the damning conclusion that Wiseman will not grant his wish because he is never human to begin with. Mad Kou is going to kill her but Yukina protects her. A missile crashes into the ship. Short of exploding. This is what Kojou was riding? I guess his body can only take such speed. You don’t know how Yukina is glad to see him. But she hides that fact by hitting him and blaming him about the devastating impact he might caused riding that. More damning statements to Kou from Nina. She reveals he is a homunculus created by Wiseman to carry out his mission. She lectures him that it is not his body that determines if he is human or not. It is his heart. Nina and Kojou may have lost their original bodies but they’re still trying to live as humans. He has no more reason to obey Wiseman. But too late. Wiseman resurrects. They realize that he didn’t board this ship to pursue Kanon. Because the sea water has traces of precious metal, it is more than enough needed for his resurrection.

He becomes some big gold monster that shoots beam from his mouth (he calls this perfect?). Thankfully the ship didn’t sink in that blast because Kojou used Natra Cinerus to temporarily turn into mist. However he himself got turned into metal. Yukina is sad. But still blaming him. Her tears suddenly cause the ship and the ocean to freeze. Possessed Nagisa (I think it’s the same one that kicked Vatler’s butt) goes up to kiss him so she can awake another one of his familiars. Yukina realizes the awakening isn’t complete yet so she continues to kissing (with some blood on her lips). He resurrects and bites her neck. Kou is still resisting despite learning he is just being used. He doesn’t know what else to do. He is afraid he will cease being himself. Yukina lectures him he should have searched for that answer. Doing so is what it means to be human. Never thought of that, didn’t he? Too bad. That’s the last you’ll see of him. Kojou too lectures Wiseman about his perfection. He might be strong but that doesn’t mean he is perfect. Because he hasn’t done anything with his power to benefit others. Anyone who can’t understand that isn’t perfect. He summons his eleventh familiar, Sadalmelik Albus to turn everything that is Wiseman to turn back time into complete nothing. Perfect nothing? As a little reward, Kojou gets to rest on Yukina’s lap for a while. In the aftermath, Nina has returned to her true form albeit a midget since this is the size she could manage after gathering all of Wiseman’s Blood. Kanon wants to keep her as a pet… And Yukina has come to this conclusion that Kojou is always in danger whenever she takes her eyes just for a moment. Worse, he meets new women. She’ll have to intensify her observations from now on. Twisted logic. At least it’s not perfect…

Empire Of The Dawn Arc

Episode 23
Yukina’s worst nightmare: Kojou leaving her! It’s only a dream but… She asks him about what if she wasn’t around. His insensitive around: Things would be easier for them. I know this jerk doesn’t mean bad but thanks to that Yukina is in bad mood. While she is changing in the locker, some girl pops out from thin air and knocks her out. Vatler and Sayaka are at the devastated site. He thought he felt the dragon that supports Itogami Island writhing. He unleashes his dragon familiar into the deep hole as some test fire. It results in some magical dragon beast soaring up to the skies. Kojou and Motoki are shocked to see Yukina is a totally different person. She is a klutz. She is excited and fawning to see them and the other characters we know. Like Motoki is now ‘thinner’ and has ‘lots of hair on his head’. What about calling Nagisa her aunty (it just breaks that girl’s heart) or calling Asagi some cute Doc? Suddenly she feels nauseate. Kojou notices her eyes turn red as she runs off. He catches up and points out she isn’t the real Yukina thanks to all the weird things she said. We know the real Yukina would NEVER do and say those things. Speaking of which, the real one pops up. Oh no! How can we tell which is which? Real Yukina wants Kojou to step back so she can take care of the fake. This cause the latter to lament her attitude and possibly Kojou is the one to blame for her turning out like that. After he manages to have the real Yukina hear her out, the imposter advises her that the more rigid she is, the easier she breaks, including others around her. The magical beast appears and stabs the imposter and then sucks some blood out of Kojou. Yukina tells him not to interfere since in his present condition, he might not be able to control his familiars and could hurt others. Yukina strikes but her Sekkarou breaks. Again? Before she meets her maker, the imposter revives and summons her Sekkarou-look-a-like, Hasta Aurum (only it is golden) and fights off the beast. She is alive and healed since she also has the curse of the immortality like him. She explains her mission of following this beast. If left alone, disaster will fall onto this island. Natsuki will take care of the fake and wants Kojou to handle the real one. Yup. She’s the real problem. She’s been feeling gloomy since, pondering on the fake’s advice. It really eats her confidence. If that isn’t bad enough, she gets an order from Lion King calling for her return.

Episode 24
Reina, the Yukina look-a-like is temporarily staying with Kanon as she explains about her mission of pursuing that beast created in an experiment. Failure to capture it means this island will sink because it can cross time and distort space and will devour the magic that supports this island. Asagi is having a hard time doing her programming to keep things afloat. Yukina is still down. She feels guilty that her return was because she broke Sekkarou and had to resort giving her blood to that pervert so many times. Besides, won’t it be easier for Kojou if she’s gone? Really? Then why is she crying and the running away? Kojou sheepishly thinks this is for the best too. But Sayaka slaps him. It’s time for her big lecture. If Yukina said she never wanted this, she would never have objected. Sayaka asked if she should be reassigned. She continues lecturing him about responsibility she shoulders and his fate as the Fourth Progenitor that brings in disasters. At least use that power to protect everything. Now his eyes have opened. He knows what to do. He is going to bring her back. I’m sure thinking back on Yukina would serve lots of good memories but no time for that because the beast is unleashing havoc on the island. The Island Guards are no match so they are forced to evacuate people. Reina confronts Yukina. Her turn for lecture? The latter still gloomy, still feel not deserving to be with him, blah, blah, blah. Okay, okay, we get it. So can we move on? Reina asks her about her true feelings as Yukina a girl and not some Sword Shaman of Lion King. Without hesitation, Yukina replies she wants to be with him of course. Perhaps this was the determination she was looking for. It makes Reina give her a new lance.

Kojou with his familiars and the help from Astarte, Natsuki and Sayaka still couldn’t defeat the beast because it resurrects. Great. An immortal, huh? Vatler explains that it can absorb magic and surprisingly through the wielder’s familiars too. He wants to use his all-out power to fight it though it will sink the island but save Kojou. But here comes Yukina with her brand new Sekkarou to tell him to butt out. As Reina explains, her old Sekkarou broke because it couldn’t withstand all the spiritual strength she gained since coming to this island. Thus Lion King created a new one for her. Only thing is, it took 20 years to make! When Yukina and Kojou reunite, she didn’t hesitate to let him have her neck. He didn’t hesitate to bite it. At times like these, you want to tell them to restrain their public display of affection but I guess it’s an emergency. So who cares how the beast is absorbing some magic thingy. All I know is that Yukina and Reina’s lances along with Kojou’s power, they destroy the beast for good. Everything goes back to normal. Happy ending. Yukina will do everything to convince her higher ups to rescind her return order. But when Sayaka looks at the letter, she explains this recall is just a routine medical check-up. Those in constant contact with vampires need to undergo them. How could she forget? Well, blame Kojou for making her not think straight. Reina’s time is up so she needs to go back. She is confident she will meet them again and says goodbye to her mom. They want to ask her name but she disappears. They are baffled why she calls Yukina her mom but has vampire properties. Could it? Can it? They brush it off. Since the uniform she borrowed from Yukina, it didn’t follow her. Kojou picks it up but he had to pick up her plaid panties. Oh well. I saw this coming. Now feel the wrath! Lastly, the truth of Reina is revealed. She is from the future and her friend Moegi is glad she is able to defeat it. It is greatly hinted that Reina is indeed the child of Yukina and Kojou while Moegi is Asagi’s daughter. Reina is happy to see her father living happily 20 years ago before his untimely death. But that is just a cheeky statement from her because Moegi points out he wouldn’t even die if you killed him. Reina is glad to be home to their Empire of the Dawn. Itogami Island is now a much bigger enclave.

Strike The Harem!
Uhm… This series… Reminds me… So much like To Aru Majutsu Index!!! I know there are stark differences and both series are written by different authors but I just can’t help think how similar they both are because of the magic and science mix, action and yes, the dreadful terminologies that plagues the series all over. Oh God. Those terms are the biggest reason that is preventing me from fully enjoying this season. Although it isn’t that bad, I for a dumb guy like me, they sound so sophisticated so much so that half of the time when they start explaining the plot or anything and put in those terminologies, I’d be at a lost. Sometimes I had to replay the scene twice and reread the sub just trying to understand. Sometimes I do but mostly I don’t. Of course the other contributing factor is that both the main guys have this ‘bad luck’ tendency (one with girls and the other just negates good luck with his hand).

At the rate of how this anime ended, it hints that a sequel is possible (don’t they always?). There are too many things in the works, set in motion as foreshadowing or left unexplained as far as this season is concerned. For instance, Meiga is the only inmate who escaped from the prison barrier and I believe he would have some sort of plan in the future, seeing that he is somewhat related to the Itogami island and ancestor as well as Lion King. The history of how Avrora left Kojou as the Fourth Progenitor should prove interesting to tell as well. There are perhaps a lot of other interesting plots and some sort of teasers like if Yukina is human or Kojou’s true form when he awakens as the true Fourth Progenitor. But thinking about all these stuffs that I will probably never get an answer too would suck out the enjoyment of this series. So let’s leave that for another time. Dividing the series into arcs is a good thing for the build-up of the plot and the overall series but sometimes it gets a bit too generic or predictable like with a new arc, there would always be a new villain-of-the-arc. Once the arc is over, you’ll never hear of them again. Like do we really care about the baddies? After all, as stated very early, Itogami Island is where all sorts of non-humans live in thanks to the government’s approval. I won’t be surprised if everything that has happened or going to happen is part of some big government plan or experiment that could all boil down simply to the Fourth Progenitor.

The part that I enjoyed most and how I wished that it is featured more is the harem part. Isn’t this what this show is about? Hah. I know it’s a distraction to the series but I kinda liked it that way. It’s like in every arc, Kojou obtains a girl to his unofficial harem. At this rate he has already amassed Sayaka big tsundere number one, Yukina observer-cum-stalker tsundere number two only second to her best friend, classmate Asagi, cool princess La Folia, her gentle sister Kanon, tomboyish childhood friend Yuuma and I won’t even discount his imouto Nagisa to the list. Oh yes, there is that bunch of bevy of hostage babes on Vatler’s ship too. Everybody just loves this guy. Even Vatler. If Kojou cares to cross over and open ‘new possibilities’. Any other girls care to be added to this list? Nina is a maybe, Mimori at most is just a mother’s love and perhaps Natsuki would surprise us all when she suddenly decides to enter that forbidden teacher-student relationship. I would grin with glee each time when this sort of stuff happens but too bad if getting jealous over Kojou or blaming this dense guy was spammed and overwhelming, the series might have lost its plot and be outright distasteful. Not that I would mind but since this isn’t the main focus of the series, it would have done it great injustice in which I myself wouldn’t want that to happen either. For the time being, I guess the romance have to be put on hold despite there are several close moments of Kojou and some of the girls especially Yukina. But with Reina in the picture, it points to a big hint that eventually Kojou chose Yukina.

The harem and romance might be minimal. But there is the fanservice. You get your fair share of them during ‘crucial’ moments. Although not over the top, it provides a little cheap thrill. Yeah, it feels fun. Fun. For me, after all those mind numbing terms, this is somewhat a relief and something visual I can understand :). So stripping all for the sake of Kojou’s familiar awakening, eh? Something tells me that deep down, this isn’t just the case. Their pride and ego may be too inflated just to be honest with their feelings. I don’t know how much blood he needs to drink. All I know is that when it is time for this, it means fanservice. How else do you get the girl to willingly expose her neck and collar bone? Well at least with Kojou having nose bleeds, it shows that he isn’t gay and is stimulated seeing a woman’s naked body or underwear. That’s a good thing, right? He just has to put up with all the scorning and damning comments made by the girls that make him sound like a lecherous pervert. So do you see that this battle is much more harder than fighting off super villains with super powers? If his vampire lust does overwhelm him and he starts turning his neck bite into rape, then the series would have changed its name to Strike The Butt! Haha! I just wanted to say that…

The characters are pretty decent as well with the interesting one coming from the interaction with Kojou and Yukina (or any of his harem girls) – which sometimes serve as a comic relief. In a way, they are likeable. Characters with dark and tragic past as well as the colourful history of Itogami Island filled with so many incidents that you could perhaps write a thick chronicle about it (and then let some Hollywood director adapt it into some TV screenplay). Character development is rather okay for this season (as usual it is mostly Kojou and Yukina) and there is potential for others to be developed further. Kojou like any other normal guy wants to live a normal life but his status as the Fourth Progenitor attracts lots of trouble. Eventually he can’t run away and might as well learn and use his power to protect those he loves. It’s better and always ends this way, right? Even if Yukina keeps reminding us about her mission and responsibility to observe Kojou, gradually you’ll feel that she is staying by him more than just a mission. Know what I mean? I mean, why get jealous if it is his business with other girls that has nothing to do with her? Because there is a chance his vampire instincts will go out of control and starts doing indecent stuff to other girls. I bet that is what she’ll say. Strike the butt!

Personally I think that the other characters especially of Kojou’s harem would undergo better character development if they have episodes or an arc with them in focus. The kind where there it’s greatly hinted for some romantic developments. For example like in La Folia’s case. I thought it was a waste she had to go back to her country instead of staying behind. Because it seems that it somewhat ‘stopped’ her development with Kojou. Sometimes it makes you feel that the show needs more of a certain girl. Needs more Sayaka. Needs more Kanon. Needs more Nagisa, etc. I suppose 2 dozen episodes won’t be fair enough to handle all of them. Hah… Besides those girls, characters like Natsuki and Vatler have an air of mystery to them. There is more than meets the eye. Vatler feels like some kind of double headed snake because you don’t know if he is on your side or the enemy’s. Well, at least we know he is on his own side. All he wants is just to have a good time fighting the strongest but each time he is forced to play second fiddle to our heroes who eventually clean things up. It’s hard to believe that Natsuki has been asleep for 10 years while projecting a magic illusion of herself to others. I don’t know if being in such a long slumber would stun your growth. I mean, she never drank milk while she was asleep, didn’t she? Then there is Motoki who feels like he is keeping his secret job and connection with Lion King better than Kojou trying to keep his vampire status. Because he seems to know a lot on what is going on (Kojou’s being a vampire, his ladies…). And I’m sure Lion King and Paper Noise aren’t just setting up Yukina with Kojou just for their own amusement to see how they string along. If it was, I’ll be damned. Something trivial bugs me. I wonder if Kojou and Nagisa are actually blood related siblings or at least if Nagisa is actually Mimori’s daughter. Because Nagisa seems to call her mother by her first name. To me, that feels like disrespect unless you aren’t actually related. Unless Nagisa isn’t really Nagisa as seen at times she gets possessed by something. I don’t know.

I don’t know about Kojou’s familiars (there are 12 of them) about accepting him as their master. The way he unlocks them, one by one in each arc feels like as though like he is playing some sort of video game where you pass certain levels, gain certain experience points or achieve some requirements to unlock an unlockable. That is what I feel the familiars’ appearances are. I can’t comprehend how sucking blood from a girl would make them accept him as his master. So theoretically if he needs to ‘unlock’ all of them, he has to bite a minimum of 12 girls (some awakenings require more than one girl). In a way, it makes the first familiar to appear rather cheap because all it needs is just one bite and he is under your control and part of the arsenal as long as you live. I have a feeling at this rate that all the familiars will not appear. True enough he has only half of them. But for those he is able to summon, I feel that they lack some sort of impact to the action. Each familiar has their own properties and abilities in which I believe it isn’t fully explained. That or I am just too dumb to understand when they did. From the way I see it, if he wants to attack some powerful enemy, he just summons one of them and lets them do the attacking. It’s like doing a Pokemon, familiar so-and-so, I choose you! Exciting at first because it is something new but hardly thrilling after the second or third time.

So for the action bits, they are entertaining but like I said, when they start saying those terms, personally it was just a turn off. The mix of science and magic is interesting with each of the characters having their own distinctive fighting style. Even if those without combat skills like Asagi, she still can fight along and prove her mettle via her awesome computing skills that could put every hacker in the world to shame. Although I find it funny that Yukina and Sayaka sometimes recite a long ass chant when they use their weapon. “I, Sword Shaman of the High God and priestess of the Lion, beseech thee. Dawn light of exorcism, spirit wolf of snowy mist, grant me the divine might of thy steel, that I may smite a hundred evil spirits!”. You know, by the time she finished saying this, if this was reality, the enemy would have got to her first.

The drawing and art are okay. At least the animation doesn’t fail or the quality doesn’t drop drastically (at least not very obvious) during fast paced action scenes like how in some animes do. Character designs are pretty decent too. The girls look cute and pretty so what is there to complain? I just thought that Natsuki resembles a lot like Alice from Kamisama No Memo-chou. I later found out that the same character designer designs the characters of both series. The same reason why I thought La Folia and Kanon looked pretty similar to Otome Wa Boku Ni Koishiteru: Futari No Elder’s Chihaya. Yup. Same designer. There is a fair bit of graphic violence like explosions, decimated buildings and the ground as well as blood (but of course).

Somehow, I happen to notice that there are a handful of catchphrases in this series. I don’t know if this is some sort of a running gag but I just feel it is funny (though it is not intended to be). One of the common ones tend to be Kojou who has taken the fight personally while facing the enemy as he spews, “This is my fight!”. Shortly, Yukina will disagree with him and adds, “No, this is OUR fight!”. So much so when it is cue for this line to come up, I would be waiting for it and then complete that line with them. And then I laugh. Also, Kojou never learns his lesson in calling his loli homeroom teacher as Natsuki-chan. She will always strike him back softly and remind him never to call her that. But it always happens. Don’t tell me Kojou has such a short memory. Or is it such nickname has become an instinctively reflex? And perhaps the most ‘annoying’ catchphrase of them all is Yukina’s tendency to remind Kojou that she is his observer. “I’m your observer after all”. I know, I know. We get it. It’s just a better term for a stalker, right?

On a trivial note, something about the English translation of the title arcs bug me. Some of them are a little off. For instance, the Amphisbaena arc although is the official English translation, literally and more accurately the Japanese title is Rising Flame Angel or Blazing Angel (Tenshi Enjo). Looking up on Wikipedia about this Amphisbaena, I didn’t really understand about this mythical dragon creature or how it relates to the arc except that it may be in reference to Kojou’s Al-Maisan Mercury. From The Warlord’s Empire should have been The Warlord’s Messenger (Sen Ou No Shisha) while I suppose there is a play on words for Empire Of The Dawn since it can also be read as Akatsuki’s Kingdom. Hmm… Something I was hoping to be about Kojou’s harem ;p… I suppose these double titles are just like being Japanese itself. Written as X, pronounced as Y and meaning as Z.

Something about Yukina’s seiyuu that reminds me of something. It was hard to put my finger on it at first. It is like she sounds so familiar and I have heard her from somewhere before. It took me some time before I realize that it is Risa Taneda, the same person who voiced Mirai from Kyoukai No Kanata. Both characters are suspiciously familiar. The big hint is how Yukina loves spamming Kojou by calling him “Senpai”. Something that both characters do (and other minor character traits as well). I should have guessed it. There was one time I remember she said Mirai’s catchphrase of “Fuyukai desu”. So Yukina is a glassless version of Mirai and doesn’t use her blood as weapon but gives it to her man. Another reason why I thought this series resembles closely to To Aru Majutsu Index is because of Yuka Iguchi. She is the voice of Astarte here and there at times I thought I see shades of Index. But unlike that bratty squealing glutton, she is more emotionless and reserved like some of her anime characters such as Mako in Girls Und Panzer, Mero in Sankarea and Tsukiyo from The World God Only Knows – Goddesses Arc. Kana Asumi may only be cameo as Reina but she still has that trademark voice that I love like the titular character from Haiyore! Nyaruko-san. Yuuki Kaji as Kou sounds like a mad serial killer. Just like how he does it as Q-vier in Valvrave The Liberator.

Due to the several arcs, the cast of characters are extensive with some characters and especially the ‘villain of the arc’ appearing only in that particular arc. The rest of the selective casts include Yoshimasa Hosoya as Kojou (Arata in Chihayafuru), Ikumi Hayama as Sayaka (Shinobu in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun S), Asami Seto as Asagi (Ayaka in Witch Craft Works), Saori Oonishi as La Folia (Piriluk in Selector Infected Wixoss), Yumi Uchiyama as Yuuma (Momiji in Binbougami Ga), Kanae Itou as Kanon (Elsie in The World God Only Knows), Rina Hidaka as Kanon (Sengoku Otome: Momoiro Paradox), Hisako Kanemoto as Natsuki (Ika in Shinryaku! Ika Musume), Ryota Ohsaka as Motoki (Haruto in Valvrave The Liberator), Yuuki Ono as Vatler (Zenkichi in Medaka Box), Mai Nakahara as Nina (Mai in Mai-HiME), Yutaka Aoyama as Kensei (Jura in Fairy Tail), Satomi Arai as Beatrice (Shirai in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun), Mikako Takahashi as Aya (Rushuna in Grenadier), Kenta Miyake as Eustach (Klaus in Hayate No Gotoku), Minami Tsuda as Moegi (Yui in YuruYuri), Kaori Ishihara as Avrora (Aladdin in Magi), Natsuki Hanae as Meiga (Kal-el in Toaru Hikuushi E No Koiuta) and Kana Ueda as Paper Noise (Rin in Fate/Stay Night).

The opening and ending themes are mostly rock based. The first opening theme is as the same name of this series and sung by Kishida Kyodan and The Akeboshi Rockets while the second opening theme is Fight 4 Real by ALTIMA. I couldn’t recognize Yuka Iguchi as she sings the first ending theme entitled Strike My Soul because she sounds so generic. The second ending piece is Signal by Kanon Wakeshima and is the ‘slowest’ of them all. Slow rock, that is. Unfortunately all the songs are not to my liking although they very much fit the pace and setting of this anime. There is a song called Rainbow Heart Rainbow Dream by Yuka Iguchi (now this is how she sounds that I could recognize) listed as one of the themes (mostly stated as opening but there are some that noted it as ending) but I couldn’t find or hear it in the episodes I watched. I did hear it as a sample over the internet and maybe this single is just featured as a B-side track for Strike My Soul and not featured in the anime at all. The background music is okay too but nothing that memorable for me.

Overall, this series isn’t perfect and has its ups and downs. It pretty much depends on your taste in anime genres as well. Like me who prefers to see the cat fight and the harem would find this moderately entertaining while those who do not favour in this would find it a big disservice to the series. At least it won’t turn into something like The Vampire Diaries. Would it? If you still like your animes with some scientific-cum-magic action, but tired of the one with a certain guy with a nullifying right hand and his walking magic grimoire-cum-encyclopaedia glutton, feel free to try out a vampire and his mild tsundere stalker. It’s no fun having someone watching over you 24/7. Even vampires need their privacy. I guess this is a fight where it is only his and on his own.

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