Kiddy Grade

November 2, 2005

Downloaded and watched a few short clips of Kiddy Grade from the internet. Well, the main thing that got my attention was the 2 main cute-pretty-kawaii-daikirei protagonists, Eclair and Lumiere. Or else I would’ve passed this anime by (sounds a little bias isn’t it). So here it is, these 2 ladies working for the G.O.T.T. like obedient dogs (forgive me if I may sound disrespectful, but isn’t it?), doing their dirty laundry, only to find out that the real ‘bad guys’ are the ones that they’re working for and in higher authority. So, they go all out to seek the truth and justice while uncovering Eclair’s mysterious past. Like the saying, ‘Sometimes Loyalty Is Better Than Authority’ or ‘The Truth Is Out There’ (the latter’s already taken). At least in this anime. Now… where can I find more pretty pics on the lovely Eclair an Lumiere.

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