Say you are working in a certain job industry. Does that make you obligated to follow and do that nature of that particular job in the industry? Get what I mean? For argument’s sake, say you are working as a cameraman or a film editor of a porn show. Aha! See what I mean? Despite just filming or editing scenes, are you required to get into the act of porn too? What if your ‘employer’ insists? And so this is the case of this anime (not set in a porn industry, mind you), Mangaka-san To Assistant-san To is about a female mangaka assistant whose employer draws dirty, fanservice-laden stories. Yup. I know what you’re thinking. This guy has got to be a pervert, right? Right. After all, you have got to be one when you draw such ecchi comics. And how does this poor girl deal with all that desperate pleas, calls and shenanigans? All that awkward positions and scenarios. Why is she still working for him anyway? I guess he’s not that bad. Just perverted. Okay. Bad enough.

Episode 1
Yuuki Aito suddenly wants to… Squeeze boobs! His assistant, Sahoto Ashisu isn’t impressed but plays cool. For what purpose may she ask? There is this manga scene whereby the protagonist squeezes a girl’s breast for the first time and since he lacks experience, he wants to do it for the know-how. Or at least squeeze her own breast for him. He’s begging. Otherwise he’ll be depressed. Ashisu does so and as he ogles, he unconsciously squeezes it too. No prizes for guessing what comes next for him. Aito’s editor, Mihari Otosuna chides his manga about a girl wanting to show the hero her panties despite in love with him. Because there is no way a girl would do that in real life. Aito has got the wrong idea as long as you love each other, you allow perverted things. Girls would rather stay away from this pervert. Redo this again! Depression time for Aito. He accuses her of forgetting to dream and makes her reveal her dream of marrying and living in a small house. This leads to Aito telling his biggest dream of being confessed by a girl once. Good luck. What is Ashisu’s dream? To become a mangaka who doesn’t cause trouble for the editor. Is she hinting something? Aito is in a dilemma. He doesn’t know whether to go for panty shots of full panty exposure. Isn’t both fine? He continues about both sides having different factions. He is on the side of full panty exposure but panty shots enthusiasts accuse them of being too lewd with too much exposure. It’s like saying his manga characters are lewd. Ashisu doesn’t think the idea of showing panties is good in the first place. Then it hit him. Viewers can use their imaginations to imagine the panties. But still, he wants to draw panties. Ah, tough decision. On Mihari’s day off, she is shocked to stumble into Aito buying lots of bras and panties! For his research and reference?! Don’t give her that crap. He is on the verge of demonstrating his knowledge in public so Mihari knocks him out before the embarrassment reaches unreachable heights. Then she lectures him about getting her involved because now she can’t enter that shop without people being suspicious. He wants to give some bras as apology. She doesn’t need it. Oh, but he insists. He knows her cup size, AA! Everyone is starting to get suspicious. How does he know? He can tell by looking since he is always checking out different bra sizes. Time for a beat down! I suppose him screaming he loves small boobs isn’t going to spare his life. Just shut up!

Episode 2
Aito will get a new assistant today. She is the lovely Rinna Fuwa! I know what he is thinking. Surprisingly she is a big fan of his and he doesn’t hesitate to ask to do perverted stuffs on her! She will as long as he takes responsibility. Big word… Oh, heck. Sex comes first so hell yeah! Of course Ashisu won’t allow that. Rinna is shown his true nature as he receives a delivery box full of panties. For research, no? Rinna isn’t surprised and in fact quite cool about it. When it’s time to get to work, seems Rinna doesn’t know how to draw! She applied because the ad said it was just recruiting an assistant. Aito calls Mihari and she fires back at him that he was the one who said any cute girl would do even though she doesn’t know how to draw. At this rate their manuscript will be late. Aito will teach her how to draw and since the duo give puppy dog eyes to her, she relents. And they pull an all-nighter. So tiring… Mihari sees Aito to tell him his manga is doing mediocre as usual. He is happy as long he can draw panties. He starts throwing a tantrum at the thought that he cannot draw them anymore. Just draw something else. Something more interesting. Aha! Draw more interesting panties! The girls suggest he should draw a romantic comedy and a rival should be good. However he becomes pessimistic that he would become better than the hero. I think the girls want it to turn out that way. No! But he gets motivated to do it anyway. As soon as he introduces the cool rival, he kills him off in an accident and won’t be returning. Rejected! Aito is once again rushing for the deadline thanks to his obsession to finish his galge. This makes Rinna wonder how Ashisu met him. The first time she went to his house as sent by the agency, he is taken aback at this beautiful angel. But he is acting so nervous and panicky that Ashisu finds him weird. He even spills tea on her dress but the last straw came when he tried to wipe it off and touched her boobs. Slap! What a first day. But she doesn’t think he is a bad person because he guides her how to draw. At the end of the day, he feels sad she won’t be coming again because he is such an idiot. I guess that very pitiful face seals it. She’ll be back. To his happiness, he jumps on her. So her reason of staying is that she is the type who can’t leave an abandoned dog behind. Rinna is thrilled they are so lovey-dovey. Aito doesn’t mind being called a dog. Woof, woof!

Episode 3
While trying to search for references, an entire box of porn magazines drops out. Oh no… There is a model that looks almost like Ashisu and another like Rinna. He says he needs them for mental training in case they have a relationship one day. Ashisu quickly shoots him down. There will be none. Now and forever. So sad… So she hates him? Not really. More like disgusting. Isn’t that the same? She tells him to dispose them all. He thinks if this is the first step of getting her to like him, he will do it. However he can’t since they are important people to him. Ashisu rips it apart without remorse. Goodbye sexy Ashisu. Goodbye sexy Rinna. Oh, the pain. He cried all night… Late one night, Ashisu wants to stay at his place. Could his dream finally come true? Actually she is sick and collapses. He panics and the first thing he did to change her was to undress her! Thinking of taking off her panties too? Thank goodness she was sane enough to slap him. After putting her to bed, he continues to be panicky. More of those porn magazines drop out. Did they just multiply? He tried cooking but could have burnt down the house. She tells him she’ll be alright and to go play his galge. I suppose this is so that she can have a peaceful sleep. She is awakened by the smell of something good. Seems he has made porridge. He looked up the internet and went through several trials and errors. And this one is delicious. Thank goodness for perseverance. However he got too happy and wanted to jump on her. She splashes the porridge in his face. Mihari tells Aito that she has hired a super assistant that even big mangaka guys will bow to her due to her incredible speed in finishing any manuscript. However if she is offended, she will leave instantly. So be nice to her. Here comes Sena Kuroi and the first thing he did is to hug and call her a cute little thing! Cue for Mihari to beat him up and apologize like mad. Know your place! She demonstrates finishing a manuscript in no time and Aito is so impressed that he wants to give her a snack reward. She’ll gladly have it till she realizes it makes her look like a kid. Embarrassed? More apologies? When she couldn’t open the ink, she gets annoyed and leaves. She isn’t impressed with Aito trying to console her and punches him! But her punches are freaking weak! So this is the reason why she gets upset easily. Because it would be lame if anyone heard a super assistant is weak. Aito hugs her and assures this side of her is very cute. Then he starts rubbing his face on her smooth skin. Freaky! She freaks out and runs away. Now he cannot finish his manuscript. Utter defeat.

Episode 4
Sena returns to see Aito. Could it be a confession of love? Dream on. Here’s the bill for that one day service. Expensive. Pay up! He can’t because he’s broke. Spent it all on some Blur-ray box set. Then he’ll have to pay with his body. Oh really? But it’s not what you think. She’s going to whip him! S&M queen! In addition to whipping him like crazy, she sits on him like a chair. However… Remember how weak her punches are? Yeah. They feel so good on him! Especially her soft butt… Her plan backfires when he takes off his shirt and wants more! I’m not sure if her punch is that weak or his masochistic ways have awakened. Now Sena is the one freaking out. Ashisu who is trying to ignore and not get involved eventually has to when Sena pleads for help over this freak. Aito wants to be beaten up more and Mihari will gladly give some to him. Now this one is really packed with a real punch. As mascot characters are the trend lately, it seems Ashisu has taken a liking for them too. Aito designs a few uninspiring (and perverted) ones but one strikes her attention. Erm… A mouse in a silk hat and panties? He draws more and it seems this Branya (cat in a suit and bra on his head) is the clincher. He even makes a doll for her but it is so bad quality that it doesn’t impressed Ashisu (but why is she keeping it?). With Rinna, they make another doll but Rinna’s is much better than Aito’s ragged one. He feels so insulted that he runs out and finds a cat that looks exactly like Branya. He is talking to his troubles to this cat? The cat understands?! He brings the cat back and dresses it up exactly like Branya. Ashisu is so impressed. However all the attention is now on Branya. Nobody cares about you, Aito. Cry like the wind! Mihari remembers how she first met Aito. While she is in school, she tried her hands in publishing her manga but was rejected. Her drawing wasn’t that good. Aito is her classmate and realized his drawing is real good. She is impressed that he wants to convey the things he loves and will support him all the way. Till she finds out he loves panties. Yeah. He is good in drawing them. What a big pervert he is. Time to freak out? I suppose this is this first time he tasted her punch.

Episode 5
Aito’s manga is dead last in the recent survey. Despite putting in too much panties, that’s the very reason why it’s last. People have lost interest. Till his rankings improve, panties are banned! So he is pondering who to go about it when he notices a little girl, Matome Ninano holding up a manga magazine. She is attracted by his chocolate and sits on his lap eating and reading the magazine. He points out he is the author of the manga she is reading. Her response is that she once liked him. Past tense. His manga hasn’t been interesting lately. Yeah. Too much panties. She asks if he likes panties that much. Even much more than his female character, Moemi? Because the manga is filled nothing but panties and it seems Moemi has ceased to be important. The old him would have know if Moemi’s appeal increases, so would her panties. Now all he does is draw panties and forgot the fundamentals of a character. Woah. Life lessons from a loli. Now that his eyes are opened, he is thanking this saviour of his when Mihari comes looking for him. Guess what? Matome is the chief editor of this manga magazine! Holy crap… Ashisu sends in her manuscript to Mihari but she puts it in a nice way that it can’t be accepted. Rejected. So happen Aito was wandering around and she talks to him about this. He never knew about this and thought she could show him some. But she had a feeling if she showed it to him, he would try and suggest adding more panties. Then the thought of her becoming pro means she won’t be his assistant anymore. That sounds horrifying. Where would he get the motivation to go on? Though it is her dream to become a mangaka one day, it looks like is going to take some time. He’ll be sad when that happens but will support her. He dreams big that if that happens, they’ll get a bigger workplace with better supplies and rooms. That way they can work together and see each other every day. Aito tells Mihari he has come up with a new character that models her: Her tiny boobs! Mihari punch! So he is trying to take the good parts from her? Small boobs good? He tries arguing that personality is important and in this age of plenty, AA size boobs have unlimited potential. Another possibility of making unconventional fans increase! So suppress your fear of being disliked. However she is still embarrassed by the fact her boobs are small. He assures her being small is good. Because she can pass through narrow spaces. Time for Mihari’s supplex special. I wonder what he’ll get if he were to mention no stiff shoulders.

Episode 6
Aito just got his royalties and he is going to spend it all by bringing the girls to the beach! Everything is on him! Such a nice guy. I wonder… We know there is going to be a catch somewhere. So don’t let your guard down girls. Everyone except Rinna wears bra pads and he is appalled because he wanted to see them in their natural figure. I think the girls better have fun than wasting time beating him up. After all, they’re already at the beach. Ashisu gets caught in the wave. Aito notices her bra washed ashore and she calls to him to bring it to her. No looking! After putting it on, she then mentions her bottom also got washed away. No looking! Not wanting other people to see he naked bottom half, he offers her to wear his pants! Then another giant wave engulfs them. Their swimsuits are all washed ashore. Naked people in the sea… Thank goodness for their friends nearby. That night as they head for the hotspring, they are appalled Aito is joining them too. Despite it is a mixed bath, they accuse him of knowing this and thus picking this place. He begs for them to let him join them or else his royalties will all be in vain. Rinna suggests blindfolding him. Of course he cannot see and trips. His towel comes off and everyone saw his ‘little brother’. Sena is appalled her eyes are corrupted and beats him up. As he struggles, his hand accidentally touches her boobs and the blindfold came off. Sena becomes as powerful as a geyser… When it’s time to tug in, Aito wants to sleep with them! Heck, he only got enough money to book a room! Don’t care. He’ll sleep out in the veranda. So desperate he is that he even mentions his intention to peek at their thighs and cleavage. WTF. No thanks. Just stay there. Since he is crying so loud, Ashisu must have felt pity and doesn’t think they should lock him outside. She believes he won’t attack them while sleeping. Is she thinking straight?! Rinna adds that Aito treats them nicely and Mihari reconsiders her decision since it was nice of him to bring them all on this trip. But Sena is still not convinced. They’re being soft with him so are they in love with him? Rinna doesn’t hesitate to say yes. Then she teases Sena that she too in a way likes Aito because even if everything is his treat, if she really hates him, she won’t even go. Just as Mihari is going to let him in, she sees him sleeping outside hugging all their bikinis. Trying to feel their warmth? Mihari becomes as powerful as a fireworks launcher. Aito’s shadow… I thought I saw a roasted chicken flying in the air…

Episode 7
Since it’s the holidays, Ashisu’s little sister, Sahono comes over to her workplace to play. While Ashisu cooks, Sahono shows Aito a photo album containing pictures of Ashisu during her younger days. She had to mention that she has been drawing for so long and most probably she had no talent. Ashisu confiscates the album just before they got to the good part: The nude part! Don’t worry. Sahono will send him a copy. Ashisu burns it! She makes little sister go take a bath and Sahono want Aito to come bath with her. Don’t worry. She’ll be in her swimsuit. Sahono relays her worries about her big sister of ever making her debut and getting too old to get married. However Aito assures that she is hard working and is impressed of her ability to continue drawing despite being rejected multiple times. He believes she will become a mangaka. Ashisu is standing outside and heard all this. Her opinion of him could have changed if not for what is to happen next. Sahono is impressed by his words and gives him her permission to push her down! Noticing she is standing outside, she tells him to go for it! He does! Defeated by the ladle. The duo see off Sahono and Ashisu feels so tired. Mihari realizes she has missed the last train and can’t take a taxi since her budget is tight. Aito suggests she stays for the night. I guess there is no choice. If he tries anything funny, she can always punch him. After taking a bath, she is shocked that they’ll be sleeping in the same room. This is the only room, right? Her mom calls and gets the wrong idea she is in a relationship and doesn’t want to get in the way. Hang up. As she tugs in, she thought he is trying to lick her and pushes him away. Turns out to be Branya. Sorry… Sena tries to kick Aito after he suggests she put on this lovely dress. She slips and twists her ankle. He carries her home while praising how hard she works despite her petite size. She explains all the pain staking measures she go to assure she is good and he believes she loves manga because of the effort she puts in. Starting to see him in a different light? Once they reach her place, she is about to thank him for everything when his perversion got the better of him. He really enjoyed touching her soft legs.

Episode 8
Mihari brings Matome in to check Ashisu’s manuscript. However she browses through it and is more interested in Ashisu’s relationship with Aito. She even asks if he squeezed her boobs! Now she wants to squeeze them too! He can but she cannot? Ashisu thinks there must be a reason for this and since she is the chief editor, try not to get on her bad books. Matome has a feel of her boobs. But she might have gone a little far asking her to take off her bra. Now that she is satisfied, she is going to evaluate her manga. Try harder again. The boobs squeezing has got nothing to do with it. She just felt like it… When Ashisu comes in for work, she sees Aito putting on bra and panties!!! WTF???!!! Trying to understand what a woman’s heart?! She tries to ignore him but he thought that was even crueller. Then the other girls come in. Rinna impressed. Sena freaking out. Rinna suggests doing it properly. So he has his legs shaved, put on some makeup and dresses up like a real woman. He tries to act and speak like a woman but this is just making Ashisu and Sena feel more disgust. As Sena has finished her work early, she falls asleep. Aito hears her murmuring for her mama’s breasts and suddenly he takes off his top and going to let her suck his tits! The best chance to understand the maternal feelings of a woman?! He lets her suck it and when she wakes up, I wonder how many times Aito has died. Mihari lectures Aito for being late again for the deadline. Yeah. He is spending way too much time on playing video games. That’s his ‘research’? Ashisu notes that Mihari is so patient because if it was her, she would have put another person in charge of him that he will have no reason to oppose to. Like who? A homosexual macho guy? Suddenly this thought freaks the hell out of Aito. He works so hard that not only he meets the deadline, he prepares many storyboards enough to last for a month! Woah! No gay muscle man, please! Mihari is the best! So Mihari learns from Ashisu so she goes to comfort that overworked guy that if she starts pushing people, they would have quit. She allows him to play his video games but in moderation. But he wants 9 hours as opposed to only an hour. He continues to be steadfast for a longer period and so it’s back to her ticking him off.

Episode 9
At a class reunion, Mihari’s friend always thought she was in love with Aito. She gets the wrong idea that she cut her hair because she was rejected. Time for flashback. She was a bit shy when she learns she is going to be Aito’s editor. A little embarrassed because of the way he compliments her cuteness and bringing up topics of panties. She realizes she flusters around him and wonders about his intentions. She calls him out to ask if he really likes her as he once said. He didn’t hesitate to say yes. And as a woman. She got embarrassed enough to slam dunk his face on the table? Back home she is thinking about what he said and the kind of person he is when she gets call from her chief editor about the manuscript’s deadline. It is suggested she goes to stay with him and keep a watch on him. Her imagination runs wild on what will happen if they are left alone. However she couldn’t decide on what to wear and this eats up a lot of her time. Well, this frilly dress will have to do for now. A little inviting, don’t you think? When she arrives, he is already half dead. She goes to the toilet to change when Aito wants to come in. She starts thinking he wants to see her in her underwear and will be disappointed with her small boobs. However she reasons it’s best to get disappointed now and return their relationship to being professional. When he comes in, he ignores her and didn’t realize she was in her underwear until too late. After he barely manages to finish his work, Mihari is going to take the manuscripts back when she accidentally pours ink all over it. Oh dear. The deadline is tomorrow. She feels bad to make him work harder. The only way to take responsibility is to resign. She’ll try not to let this affect his serialization. However Aito can still do it. Can he? Yeah… He’s like a zombie now. A zombie on energy drinks. Finally he finishes in time and collapses. Mihari, relieved I suppose warns him if he is going to push himself this hard again, she’ll punch him out. He’ll die, right? She blames herself for not focusing on her job. Subsequently she decided to cut her hair short as determination to keep focus. He doesn’t really care because she looks fine with her hair short. She’ll answer his confession once she becomes chief editor but since he is being hyperactive over her new look, he gets her special Mihari punch. Mihari feels unpleasant recalling such memories. Aito laments many of their classmates are now married. Mihari gives him hope that if he is still single in 10 years, she’ll date him. Maybe. Please don’t give false hopes.

Episode 10
Aito and Sena trapped in a lift! Oh, the horror! Even worse, she needs to go to the toilet. He has an empty bottle but her pride as a woman won’t allow her to do it in front of a man despite assuring he will not look. He is happy she acknowledged him as a man… Aito sympathizes with her. She won’t have to do it alone. He’ll do it with her! Get out of here! Since it has come to this, she is going to kill him! Die for her sake of pissing in peace! However he allows her! He won’t allow her heart to be scared in eternal sadness. This of course makes her lose her motivation to kill and gets very emotional. So she’s going to allow him to use the bottle on her? Just as they’re about to start, the lift is fixed. The repairman and Ashisu see this. It’s not what you think! Sena runs off to the toilet. As Aito is tired for pulling another all-nighter, Rinna has a fabulous idea of giving him motivation. She gets into her Playboy bunny suit to give him the much needed energy. Each time he runs out, she hugs him and he’ll be bursting with life. Finally he finishes and falls asleep so she goes out to buy stuffs for dinner (in that bunny suit). She comes back to find him still sleeping and lets him sleep on her lap. Accidentally his hand groped her boobs and causes her suit to come off. Mihari just walked in and sees this. I think this is her waking up punch. Ashisu takes shelter at the convenience store on a rainy day. Aito came rushing only to be horrified she bought an umbrella. It was his intention to share his umbrella with his. As they talk on their way home, Aito panics when she reveals she has been confessed by many in the past. The all important question is did she go out with them?! And since he is begging on his knees, this unsightly scene is attracting lots of stares. She’ll tell him. She has never dated anyone and she feels embarrassed that she hasn’t done so by this age. She doesn’t want him to tell anyone and he is happy to have a secret they only both know. He asks if there is anything she wants to know about him in return. Nothing really.

Episode 11
When Mihari comes to check on Aito’s progress, suddenly he starts freaking out in fear. He talks about change. One day his serialization will end. One day people will grow tired of his panty shots. He hints Mihari has changed. Because he loves the old her. She assures she has not. But he insists she did. He is crying so hard. Something is wrong. Turns out he can tell her boobs have grown a little bigger (pun not intended). He loves them small! She goes to measure them and is ecstatic it has grown 2mm from all that massaging. Aito however is still sad that if she becomes big breasted, she won’t be the same anymore. She assures him that her objective is always to be A-cup and that being big breasted is impossible in the first place. Tears of joy. Banzai for small boobs! Sena comes over to Aito’s place drunk. The chocolate must have alcohol in it. She starts fawning at all the cute cats at his place (he is taking care of his friend’s cats). She wants to wash them all and starts stripping right now! Thanks Branya for providing the necessary covers. Of course the cats hate baths and they give her a hard time. Aito cheers her on and she manages to pull it off. After that they have an I-did-it-and-did-my-best victory hug. Ashisu ponders on yet another rejected work of hers. Wondering what she is lacking, she believes Aito has something serious to say this time. However it’s about his thoughts about the situation and angles of panties that makes him the happiest. She thinks hard and perhaps it is her characters she created do not fit her personality. For the first time we see Ashisu the one being stunned on her knees when Aito notes all her characters are strange. She doesn’t want him to get involved so he suggests being mean to her. Then it hit her. She turns into a demon! She starts scorning him of his perverted ways while forcing him to confess he is a pervert and teasing she will show her panties if he doesn’t make up his mind. He is reduced to such a sorry state when Mihari walks in and sees this. This is not a new hobby or fetish of hers. Later she comes up with an idea for her new work. The theme is a boy being bullied by a sadistic girl. Maybe this will work.

Episode 12
Ashisu shows her work to Mihari and it seems she accepts it to be submitted for the best newcomer award. But don’t get too happy yet. It’s not like she can debut as she needs to be nominated. Aito supports her to redraw everything again. His ulterior intention is that so their love will bloom while working. Not a chance. Ashisu is going to redo it again with Aito’s strict supervision. So each time, she has to add sexier, bolder and terrifying stuffs. Aito should be worried about his own… Finally when it’s done, it is a page more. Redo it again! Now we have 2 zombies… Thankfully finished in time. On the day of the results, Aito is more panicky than she is. Because he is responsible for her, if she doesn’t win, she’ll hate him, right? Well, she already has lots of reasons to hate him by working with him. However she still thanks him from the bottom of her heart and is able to move forward. He wants a big hug but Mihari calls. Congratulations! She has been nominated! However her contents are too extreme so her debut will be postponed… The duo watch the fireworks as summer ends. Ashisu still laments her work got rejected after that even after she tones it down because it lacks impact. Ashisu got cheeky enough to say if she can’t debut, will she marry him? She’ll definitely debut next year. What about staying as his assistant. I guess so. She can’t understand why he is so happy with this little thing. She can’t figure out his desires. Normally he wants to do perverted things with her, right? For the record, she’s not going to do it with him. Sorry to get your hopes up. Anyway he is happy being with her like this through the season. You know what? She’s going to debut and quit being his assistant. When Sahono visits again, she shows Ashisu’s bold panties to everyone! This has Aito become a panty expert, addressing about one’s true nature based on the panties wore. So this bold panties makes Ashisu a pervert closet? She has more reserved ones and this means she is unable to suppress her erotic feelings? He carries on analyzing the panties of the rest. He knows what they’re wearing! Rinna’s frilly ones = she is just as she is. Matome’s no pantsu = freedom. Mihari’s striped panties = tsundere. Sena’s bear panties = kiddie. This has the girls wondering what kind of underwear he is wearing. Heh. What does he mean he is wearing a normal underwear? Care to show it? Trying to get their revenge now. So while the girls pin him down, Ashisu unzips him. He cries rape! Rinna can’t stand them bullying him and pushes Ashisu. Her face ends up in his crotch. Then they see his white briefs. What does it mean? His heart’s purity. Yeah, right.

It is Ashisu’s day off from work and she’s going to find it real irritating when Aito keeps mailing her for the slightest non-relevant things. Oh boy. Is he some sort of stalker? She heads to her manga school and meets up with her friends. And they can tell it is not her job that is tough but dealing with Aito. At the end of her lecture and lunch, she realizes there have been 85 unread new messages from that pervert!!! The most duh of the duh is, “Is it lonely being alone?”.WTF?! And so she has to cancel hanging out with her friends so that this evening she can return to work. Aito is really rushing to hug her thinking she hates him after all that no reply. Don’t worry, she doesn’t. If it was anybody else, they would have. Anyway she is still annoyed she got tons of mails on her day off. This makes her feel she is a mother of a child that needs a lot of care. Aito can’t seem to draw Moemi lifting up her skirt so he is hinting he needs someone to be a model as reference. Ashisu is dead on not doing it. She even suggests that he do it himself, wear skirt and panties and take the photos. Otherwise he will still have that problem. And here he is, putting on a skirt. And very embarrassed! As for taking pictures, he wants her to do it. He’s blushing like hell. He only has a handphone. No camera. Reluctantly she gets ready to snap but Aito is so embarrassed in lifting it himself that it annoys the hell out of Ashisu. Want to do this or not? Since he is dragging this out, she helps him lift his skirt! Right before she snaps, he snaps. He runs away in tears calling her a pervert! Say what?

Aito is on the verge of dozing off when suddenly Ashisu enters in her swimsuit! Yeow! What gives? Today is hot? Oh yeah. Hot alright. The other girls also enter in their swimsuit. Yeah! Getting hotter. They suggest he also get into his swimsuit. When he takes off his shirt, suddenly he is so buffed up! Those muscles! Those six packs! Yeah. I think I know what kind of scene this is. Everybody loves his great body and wants to have a feel of it. Even better for him, the girls are in heat and want him to take off their swimsuit. This is not a prank. Go ahead. Do it! As he unties Ashisu’s top, suddenly he is awakened by Ashisu in real life to get back to work or else Mihari will get mad at him. Not only he is sad that this was just a dream, even extremely sadder is that had Ashisu awakened him a minute later, he could have caught glimpse of those delicious boobs! Why, oh why?! Destiny is not for you to see those boobs, Aito.

Mihari rejects a manuscript from Aito. Nothing about panties again. Does he know nothing on how to make a girl happy? Aito suggests she go on a date with him. Hell no! She knows all the embarrassing situations she will be put through and she’s not going to do it despite he argues this manga is like their love child. She is still not thrilled till Matome comes in and tells her that it is her job to do anything she can to make the manga better and also her employee happy. She did her research that Aito was her first love, though she quickly denies that she was confused in that moment. She accepts to do it and Matome has already brought her a dress and battle panties to wear. Mihari feels embarrassed as she is not used to wearing a short skirt. If that is not bad enough, Aito has to take her to a haunted hospital. Is this his idea of being romantic? Of course she freaks out and runs away, separated from Aito. Scared and alone, she is relieved when they are finally reunited. However that cute face and tears are too hard to resist because he wants to squeeze her! Which is scarier? This monster pervert ahead or that skeleton zombie behind? Both! She dashes out to the exit but her freedom is short-lived when she trips. This causes her to fully expose her panties. Bad end for a date.

As our gang are trying to hurry up and finish a manuscript, here comes Branya helping out. Amazingly his art is even better than Ashisu’s! He even tries to communicate with Aito what is needed! So perfect that Branya becomes his main life saver. His help is required regularly. One day on another tight schedule and his help is needed, Branya is found asleep. However his sleeping face is so cute that Aito has got no guts to wake him up. Even Rina and Sena fall into its cute sleeping face charm. They conclude to protect this cute face, they must work harder for his sake. Eventually Sena becomes sleepy and falls asleep on the job. Aito can’t wake her up either. See that cute sleeping face? Even cuter is when they put Branya sleeping together with Sena. Now they can never wake them up. Time to work even harder. In the end, Rina falls asleep and Aito is like a zombie trying to do everything by himself. He has a duty to protect their smiles! Mihari scolds him to protect his own deadline first!

Aito, Ashisu and Sahono visit the manga magazine building only to catch Matome in the midst of changing into her yukata for the festival. But Sahono is alerted that Matome isn’t just an ordinary girl. An ero loli as a chief editor… Definitely not normal. It becomes a challenge. Sahono claims she isn’t just cute but a pervert as well. Matome takes the liberty to look underneath her skirt. Nice sexy panties. Thanks. It belongs to her sister. Oh sh*t! I’m sure Aito would love to see it. Matome teaches Sahono the true meaning of eros as she opens her yukata and bares her front! Frontal nudity! No pantsu! Sahono won’t give in and pulls down her panties. Since it has come down to this, the duo start molesting each other’s flat boobs till Sahono loses. Too strong, she says? But there is no need for shame in this defeat because Matome praises her for being the first opponent who fought her seriously. They make up and from this born a friendship of… I don’t know. What does it look like? Ashishu wonders why she came here for.

Matome sees Aito sleeping and couldn’t believe he could sleep like that. This means she strips him naked and does the same for herself before going under covers next to him. Bored Sena happen to come by and get this naughty idea to tug next to him. Ooooh. Take a selfie too. She thought Aito’s hand was fondling her butt and pulling down her panties when it was actually Matome’s. Sena then realizes Aito is naked and this is how curiosity kills a cat. She’s trying to take a peep with an excuse this is for educational purpose. Yeah. Very educational alright. Matome catches what she is trying to do and calls her ecchi. Sena realizes she is the one molesting her butt as Matome says she was dreaming of fondling a butt. Later, Ashisu thinks she has really nailed a new cute character design and shows it to Mihari. You know, it even looks like a character worthy for horror movies. Mihari was polite enough to turn her down and will leave this to Aito. Ashisu returns to her workplace while lamenting she is worst than Aito in this aspect when she catches him putting all his pantsu collection in a box! Then it’s like something in her snapped. He, a better human being than her? You got to be kidding. Aito is sweating and scared to hell since Ashisu is turning into a demon and going to teach him a lesson. In that case, Aito gives her a whip and has always wanted to be whipped by her. If he insists. It soon turns into a full blown S&M play with Ashisu whipping him to her heart’s content and Ashisu squealing like a pig. Then Mihari drops by and sees this… Oh sh*t… Maybe this kind of stuffs could make her manga more interesting… Maybe…

Sexual Harassment!
Personally I think this anime is pretty fun and funny if you can cast aside all the distasteful perverted jokes and scenarios. I mean, you already read the synopsis, it tells you straight what it is about, so what are you doing continuing to watch this despite knowing there is going to be some ecchi fun in it? Believe me, there are much worst ecchi and fanservice animes out there in terms of quality and/or content. This is already considered so mild that the only reasons why panty shots and seemingly perverted scenes are about are for the funny factor. Yup. That is why I am here.

Trying to compare this series with Bakuman is like trying to compare a true blue horror movie with a comedy spoof horror movie. There both poles apart and the only similarity both these series have is that they focus on the mangaka. The duo in Bakuman have it real tough. Seriously tough. Here, they make it look like a breeze. Even though with Aito barely making it for each deadline, you could hardly feel any threat that his serialization will be cancelled or be out of this industry in no time. There are so many factors to take into consideration in Bakuman that could have made a mangakas job to be in the top 10 most stressful job in the world whereas it feels like play-play no serious commitment here. So for Bakuman, it is very much a serious struggling sh*t stuff unlike this anime which is more casual, funny and easy-going. And don’t forget perverted too.

The problem of thinking too much about the fanservice galore here is that one may start thinking that this perverted series is trying to glorify panty shots as being something normal. And that such disgusting perverted guys only see woman and panties as sex objects (because these are the most beloved subjects that Aito sees as). Even worse, that this may enforce to some who do not view favourably of the anime and manga industry to continue thinking that such a profession is just disgusting and only perverts and sickos do it. Just like the porn industry. Guys like Aito just make the world a worse off place and degrading the moral value in today’s society. Well, you’re free to think whatever you want. But seriously, which guy doesn’t really think of sex or perverted stuffs? If there are such guys that exist, that is definitely no longer a guy. Therefore if you start seeing the ecchi parts as the humour factor, you’ll be alright. Besides, there are no bare tits and nothing that would even make extreme anime fans conclude this would be hentai. The only tits you’ll ever see are those belonging to Aito! That cross-dressing mother scene… It’s already burnt into my cranium… :'(.

Character wise, I think they’re pretty fun and generally they make this entire series a fun watch thanks to their dynamism. Especially with Ashisu who has got to be the coolest character ever. After working with Aito for so long, she knows his quirks and habits. She knows how to handle him, rebuke him, reject him, keep him in his place and most important of all, say no. Each time she puts up that deadpan annoyed looks, it just shows how much she has gone through to face this crap. It is amazing for a person like her to continue working under him for so long when in real life, many would have quit or slap a sexual harassment lawsuit into his face. But I suppose when you have worked in a hellish place, worse than what you imagine, coming out through it is like being successful, no? So I figure working in such a perverted working condition isn’t a bad thing for Ashisu because in a way it prepares her mentally when she steps out into the big world if she moves on. Instead of being freaked out and scared like a bunny that there are bigger and worse perverts out there, take this one with Aito as a little training. Besides, Ashisu is always in control and will never let Aito get the better of her.

If you look at Aito from a different perspective, Aito is like a normal guy. For a guy at his age, he is pretty normal having such perverted fantasies. Perhaps drawing such mangas only makes it worse. But it could have been worse. He could be gay! So by taking out his perverted fetish from time to time, scaring the sh*t out of his assistants is sometimes a cue that he is normal because as a young healthy straight adult male, that is of course, uhm, normal, right? Just that Aito may just be a little too excited when it comes to doing stuffs like that since he has a habit of jumping out of his seat and screaming of the top of his voice to the girls. Generally he is a nice and good guy so don’t hate him. But do keep on your guard. A pervert will always be a pervert. You’ll never know when it will happen. It can happen for all you know. So I guess this sums it up what Aito is. As a mangaka, he is very much respected. But as a person, he is very much a failure.

The other characters are also okay and I think they have their fair share of screen time. Just too bad that each episode is around a dozen minutes long so there won’t be enough time for anything else. But you can feel that his ‘harem’ girls in a way like him. They won’t admit it but otherwise, why keep coming back? It’s looking more like a harem than a manga studio, eh? I’m sure it is more than Aito’s begging that has Ashisu staying. I’m sure she has better places to go and better mangakas to be of assistance. Don’t give me that abandoned dog crap answer. The porn industry also needs all the help they can get :). Whereas can you get such a carefree and easy-going guy? Sometimes take advantage and beat him up a little. Nobody gives you better deal than this than Aito. Mihari has been his editor for so long that sometimes you think it may be lingering feelings from the past that binds her. Although the occasional beating up that gets her through and gets him through his deadline. I always wonder why Rinna as the most submissive among the girls, Aito doesn’t take out his fetishes so much on her. I mean, she’s willing to go the extra mile, right? Heck, she might even do it if he asks. Most probably there is no fun when someone is easy. There is always the thrill in rejection and certain victory in obtaining something hard to get. Thus sometimes Rinna feels that she is just there because she’s just there.

Sena = tsundere. Need I say more? That lift aftermath incident is a big hint that she may take a liking for him. Like I said, otherwise why come back from time to time? Needing the extra help to finish before the deadline doesn’t seem like a strong excuse. And perhaps in every harem group, you need to have the genki imouto. Sahono is probably the only other person Ashisu can’t handle. I’m not sure if she has this onii-chan complex on him but she seems very bent in trying to hook up her big sister and Ashisu. I guess there is fun and thrill to certain people. Especially a kid at her age. Heck, it’s better than staring at your iPad or Facebook all day, right? Watch some real love unfold. Hopefully. Lastly there is Matome whom I believe also have this obsession in trying to fix up Aito with Mihari or Ashisu. It is already mind boggling that a deadpan loli is the chief editor but you won’t really ask such question as you’re trying to ponder what Matome thinks. Is she more interested in the content and quality of the manga magazine or real life relationships? I suppose you can see a stark difference between them and it’s interesting to try and compare them. Manga imitates life after all. Or is it life imitates manga?

The drawing and art are quite good. It would be ironic if a series about a mangaka would have such a poor art. Everything is bright and vibrant and you can say that the animation is crisp and consistent. I mean, if you’re going to draw pantsu in your anime, might as well put in all your effort and make a good job out of it! Get what I’m saying? Thanks for those lovely pantsu designs anyway ;p. Given already that the series’ running time per episode is half of the standard 24 minutes, it is even better that they further split the episode into smaller segments, each independent on its own to keep things fresh and ‘exciting’.

Voice casting seems okay with Saori Hayami as Ashisu, there is this ‘tiredness’ in her voice after putting up with lots of Aito’s nonsense. For the record, she is the voice of Azuki in Bakuman. So instead of her character being an aspiring seiyuu, she is aspiring to be a mangaka. Tsundere roles are long a specialty of Rie Kugimiya so it is very much welcomed to hear her voicing Sena. Yuka Iguchi is also recognizable as Rinna but doesn’t go as bratty as the titular character in To Aru Majutsu No Index. Other casts include Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Aito (Kirito in Sword Art Online), Arisa Noto as Mihari (Kotori in Kono Naka Ni Hitori Imouto Ga Iru), Miku Itou as Sahono (Nanako Usami in Locodol) and Manami Tanaka as Matome (Alice in Kin-iro Mosaic). Both the opening and ending themes are sung by Stylips. The opening theme, Junsui Na Fujunbutsu being a generic anime pop but the slower paced ending theme, Spica sounding somewhat like a school anthem. But the ending song for the final episode has got to be the most epic one. Owarinaki Pantsu by the seiyuu of Aito is exactly like what its title suggests: His fascination and love for panties.

Overall, if you can cast aside the distasteful theme about a guy who loves panties and the fact he bugs his harem female assistants like as though it is a normal thing to do (remember people, sexual harassment anytime and anywhere is always not a good thing), there is (in)decent entertainment value in making some good laughs. There is always that little naughtiness inside every one of us. Sure, you can argue perverted jokes are bad, etc. If it gets out of hand. Let’s say in the case solely for this anime I would rather try and look at things the more positive way. Laughter is the best medicine. Panties are like icing on the cake. It’s not like they spam panty shots every 5 seconds, do they? See? The key to it all and everything is moderation. Too much of something and you’ll eventually get bored of it no matter how much you love them. But oddly, we never do get tired of porn, do we?

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