Zettai Bouei Leviathan

December 8, 2013

Dragon girls anthropomorphized as cute anime girls? Now this I got to see. Heck, it is actually because of the fantasy world that the setting is based in that got me attracted to Zettai Bouei Leviathan. Recently I am starting to like anything fantasy probably because I’ve lived too long in a mundane concrete jungle. But that is not the point. To sum up the plot of this show in one sentence: Girls forming a defence unit to protect their planet from the dangers that comes from outer space. Due to the popularity of all those Smartphone apps and the likes, this anime was released at the same time the mobile game app was. So I suppose if you really want to get the full experience of things, you watch the anime and play the game as well. Oh. There’s that downloadable content for a price… Dang.

Episode 1
Leviathan wakes up early to go magic training by the lake. Meanwhile, a strange bug collides into Bahamut while she is practising her magic before bumping into Jormungandr who is making a delivery. They try to hit the bug but can’t get it. Till the bug bumps into Leviathan that the trio ‘cooperate’ and easily take it out. Since they don’t know each other, they part ways. Leviathan does her magic while reminiscing about the brother she loved. She thought she hit something in the water. It is a little fairy named Syrup. The fairy is happy she has found her. She explains a meteorite fell on Aquafall and invaders who poured out of it caused lots of trouble. At this rate the creatures on Aquafall will become extinct and she is searching members to form Aquafall Defence. Leviathan is not interested. Although she knows about the meteorite and invaders, she says their town of Haruna is peaceful. But Syrup says that’s because it hasn’t happen yet. They should not wait until it’s too late. Leviathan won’t go anywhere when Syrup’s stomach growls. This little fairy can eat! Makes you wonder where all the bread she devoured went. Because there isn’t enough, Leviathan brings her to town. Along the way, they see the town’s leader, Rage Row addressing his underlings that their goal is to get a grasp of the situation without getting into fights. Because rumours will only fan the fire and he wants the people to receive accurate information. Somewhere in town, Olstead and his men are being told off by Bahamut about picking on a cute girl who isn’t interested in them. He feels she has insulted her when Syrup butts in thinking a fight is going to happen. She’s looking forward to it! But when she labels Olstead and co as the baddies, he can’t take the insult anymore and tries to grab her but she flies away and back to Leviathan who has just entered the bar of Dragon’s Key Tail. Master has no information about Leviathan’s brother so far. Leviathan must love her onii-chan so much that she gets worked up at the slightest badmouth or just get very emotional. Olstead and co barge in to settle their score with Syrup. He tries to get her but accidentally bumped away the dessert Jormungandr was looking forward too. Because he sees Bahamut there too, she tells him off about his bad table manners. He is up till here of her insults and tosses away her pudding, hitting Jormungandr. One of his men tries to get Syrup but Leviathan hits his hand. Since it is coming to this, everyone starts fighting. Syrup is encouraging them to fight! Master is not pleased because they’re wrecking her bar and she hasn’t paid her loan finished yet! Will they listen? Eventually the shop got destroyed and the girls wonder how they can ever show their face to Master again. They’ll never get to eat the best dishes for now. Instead of feeling down and gloomy, they introduce themselves and become friends.

Episode 2
Key Tail is being reconstructed and Master forgives what has been done. Leviathan helps with the reconstruction and works as a waitress. However she has a hard time controlling her water power since she is too busy and keeps splashing the customers. Bahamut wakes up to find Syrup sleeping next to her. What is she doing here? She’s interested in her and wants her to join Aquafall Defence. Oh, you don’t get paid but it increases your popularity. Not interested. But what if something threatens this town? Bahamut says her father Rage Row will protect her. Syrup enjoys sharing the luxurious life with Bahamut. She gets to bath with maids washing her and eats all she wants. When Bahamut’s father returns, he lets her explain herself about the destruction of Key Tail. She is sorry but he is impressed her magic improved. Later Bahamut is impressed that Syrup can eat like nobody’s business and wants to show her father. However he is busy having a meeting and will talk to her later. Little girl not happy. When it’s over, he has to go out. So Bahamut becomes sour and wanders off into the woods. She tries to shake off Syrup and ends up getting lost. She encounters several bugs and when they chase her, she starts running. Before she knows it, she gets stuck in a swamp. Quicksand rather. I’m not sure if Syrup is just playing dumb or not because she’s stating the obvious. “What are you doing here? Can’t get out? Did you scream for help?” WTF? Bahamut wants her to pull her out but obviously a little fairy doesn’t have the strength. But how come it seems Syrup isn’t seriously trying? Syrup even suggests she transforms and fly out. Why didn’t Bahamut think of that?! However her wings are still stuck so Syrup goes off to get help. Leviathan is on her way back and lamenting she ruined the bar again. She passes by Jormungandr who wants to get some food but is told the bar is not really ready to serve customers yet. Looks like she has to put her hunger on hold. Syrup chances into them and brings them to Bahamut. First, they all laugh at seeing how deep she is stuck. Jormungandr throws her axe so she can hold on to something. She almost sliced her! God thing she missed, eh? Leviathan uses her spear but they still couldn’t reach her. Syrup suggests Leviathan use her magic since she controls water and swamps are made out of water, right? Why didn’t she think of that?! A huge wave is caused to flush Bahamut out. However a big dragon emerges from beneath the swamp.

Episode 3
The dragon, Yurlungur speaks via Syrup. He says he recently swallowed something that sank into the swamp and isn’t feeling well. Thinking it’s the axe, he wants them to enter his body to take it out. Jormungandr and Bahamut are arguing why they don’t want to go in so Leviathan volunteers. I think Yurlungur has hots for her and allows it. Jormungandr decides to follow her and since Bahamut doesn’t want to be left alone, she tags along too. Inside, they can make jokes like how tasty the girls are and how ‘big’ his uvula. They slide down the slippery oesophagus and after so long, they’re feeling tired and hungry. The walls of the stomach are starting to look pretty delicious. Don’t tell me they are serious to take a bite? Gosh, they are! Yurlungur panics and goes to swallow some fruits for them to eat. Because they wish for something better to eat, Yurlungur had to fly to town and crash into Key Tail just to get their favourite beef bowl, pudding and barley tea! Don’t worry people. The dragon is not here to eat you. But there goes the bar again… After having their fill, they continue their search through all 4 of his stomachs but couldn’t find the axe. Then they see those bugs in which Syrup calls them as Toripu. They realize it is sucking Yurlungur’s nutrients and the reason he is not feeling well. The bugs attack but Jormungandr can’t do anything without her axe. Bahamut shoots her fire magic but she’s hurting Yurlungur. Leviathan decides to use her barley tea as water magic. Can so little tea kill so many bugs? Not if she turns the little droplets into sharp piercing ones with high accuracy. She destroys all of them when the big mother bug pops up. Leviathan gathers all the barley tea and slices it into half. The axe falls out of the bug. The girls exit the stomach and are tired especially Leviathan who has used much of her magic. Never want to enter the stomach again, eh? As gratitude, Yurlungur will come to their aid if they are in trouble. But he extends a special offer for Leviathan. Even if she is not in trouble, she can call him. Hint, hint. Bahamut and her father are emotionally reunited, Jormungandr has a hard time cleaning off the slime on her axe while Syrup wonders why Leviathan volunteered to enter Yurlungur’s stomach. She says it’s because she is still inexperienced with magic.

Episode 4
Leviathan wakes up wondering where her brother went and left behind his spear to her. Syrup wakes up sleeping next to Jormungandr. More precisely, she couldn’t sleep because the bed was so damn hard! More shockingly, Syrup is surprised Jormungandr didn’t question why she was sleeping next to her. Jormungandr’s loli sisters are amazed at the little fairy. They all go and make breakfast. Syrup thought it was for her. Perasan betul. Actually it is for their fathers. Wait a minute. How many fathers does Jormungandr have???!!! Doesn’t make sense… She introduces Syrup to the rest but because she can’t remember her name, everyone starts calling the fairy Syrorin, much to her dismay. The fathers soon leave for their coal mining work while the girls do domestic chores. Suddenly a loud explosion is heard from the mining cave. Looks like the walls have caved in. Fearing the worse, Jormungandr transforms and uses her axe to dig while Syrup calls Leviathan and Bahamut for assistance. Jormungandr has dug quite deep and ran out of power. Bahamut can use fire since it will ignite the mines while Leviathan’s water won’t do any good. Noticing a little gap in the rocks, the only one small enough is Syrup. They have her go through it to check on the dads. She almost got killed by their pickaxe when she reached them. At least they’re safe. Suddenly underground water starts to rush in. Better hurry or else they’ll drown. Leviathan transforms and summons the water back to where it belongs. As Syrup returns to report the status to the girls, she sees a sphere lying in the rubble. She is happy to see this because she can summon Yurlungur as they made an agreement yesterday. Suddenly a Toripu appears and wants to snatch it. Syrup flies as fast as she can back to the girls. They thought some coloured pebble peeked through the rubble so Leviathan tosses it away and breaks it. Suddenly a big portal opens and Yurlungur charges straight out and clears the tunnels like Superman. While the loli sisters are happily reunited, it seems Leviathan is unaware how she summoned Yurlungur. Everybody celebrates a feast that night courtesy of Key Tail. The oldest dad is impressed that Leviathan was able to summon a guardian. The sphere is occasionally found in the mines but because they never make any contract with any guardians, breaking them yielded no result. Jormungandr explains the truth about her fathers. She was picked up and raised by them just like her sisters and that’s why she considers them all her father. They are like family. That’s why she wants to be useful and return the favour. Syrup takes this opportunity to ask if she would like to join Aquafall Defence. Jormungandr didn’t hesitate to do so but only one problem. She still calls her Syrorin. So does everyone else. Now it’s stuck… So frustrating…

Episode 5
Leviathan dreams of her brother. With a sad face, he points to strange rock formations in the ocean. When she wakes up, she is sad that he left without saying a word. Bahamut looks forward to her vacation and has hired Jormungandr to carry all her heavy luggage. They bump into Leviathan and Syrup (as usual wanting to eat anything that Leviathan has in her hands). And for the last time Jormungandr, it’s not Syrorin! When Leviathan learns of Bahamut’s villa by the sea, she instantly claims to be her best friend and wants to tag along. Wow. I didn’t know you can make best friends this fast. Arriving at the villa, I guess Bahamut’s grandparents have not seen her for so long that they mistaken Jormungandr or Leviathan to be her. Embarrassing, eh? Not as embarrassing as the past stories they’re going to tell! When they hit the beach, Leviathan searches to the rocks she saw in her dream but to her dismay, this isn’t the place. Later she tells her friends about her brother who left and never returned. Although they agree to help her find the rocks but Bahamut knows this is not here. Since they don’t want to depress her and they’ve come all the way, why not have some fun? After all, Syrup calls this Aquafall Defence strengthening trip. Wasn’t it supposed to be just Bahamut’s vacation? They play beach volleyball, build sand castles, eat watermelon (Syrup must love this part and do some surfing. Leviathan is practising her magic by controlling the waves for Jormungandr to ride. Suddenly a mysterious boy pops up to lament Leviathan has great magic talent but is not making full use of it. Because of that slight distraction, the waves crumble. Just like he notices how each time she loses focus, things go awry. By the time she turns back, the boy is gone. After playing hard, they are hungry. Since they didn’t bring enough food, Jormungandr decides to fish and Bahamut tries her hand at it. Jormungandr catches plenty and since Bahamut hasn’t caught a single one, she will not leave till she catches something. Okay… Wait and wait and wait and wait and wait… Boring… Yawn… Still waiting… How long is this going to take? The girls really have patience, do they? Suddenly her line is tug and the fight begins. She fishes out an octopus and to her horror it clings to her breast. The rest help her pull out but guess what else got pulled off? The girls prepare to make grilled fish platter when Leviathan sees that rock formation at sea. It looks just like the one in her dream.

Episode 6
Leviathan also sees the mysterious boy who points beyond those rocks. A large bug emerges and the waves destroy their BBQ. Because of that, the girls get worked up and decide to avenge their BBQ! So sorry Syrup, it’s not for Aquafall. Jormungandr strikes first but her axe did no scratch. Bahamut is going to make this bug her BBQ replacement but how can she do so when her fire is like pea shooter? Syrup explains this bug is Lucasite, the invader that came out of the meteorite. It is responsible of letting loose Toripus. And here it all comes. The girls transform to fight off the bug menace while Syrups is thrilled to see her Aquafall Defence in action. By the time they finish every last one of them, Jormungandr has already tire out. Bahamut wanted to finish it but seeing how big Lucasite is when it approaches the shore, it made her scared and lose her powers. Leviathan tries to restrain it with her water but to no avail since she too tires out. Then she hears the voice of her brother from the spear. Guided by his voice, she throws it into its eye. Lucasite retreats back into the sea. She realizes she has lost her spear and collapses. She becomes depressed and looks like the word spear is now a taboo. Just the slight mention of it will send her into gloomy mood. Of course Bahamut can find the best blacksmith to make her spear again but Leviathan insists it has to be that one. That night, Leviathan is so depressed she can’t sleep. Bahamut feels guilty if only she had used her magic better and didn’t turn chicken. Jormungandr feels bad for Leviathan because she helped her look for her axe. Leviathan soon decides she wants to go look for it. Jormungandr will accompany her since she wants to repay her for getting her axe back. Bahamut too will tag along because they’re friends. But where will they go and look? To where the Lucasite is, the ocean, right? Jormungandr your answers are so simple. The mysterious boy pops up to tell them to head west and they’ll find Lucasite in the desert. While Bahamut and Jormungandr argue if they should trust this kid, by the time they look back, he’s already gone. So early next morning, the girls depart early. Jormungandr nicknames Bahamut as Mu-chan and Leviathan as Levi-tan. They’re friends, right? Syrup finds it funny but she is not the one who will have the last laugh. Right? Syrorin?

Episode 7
The girls are dehydrated trekking through the desert. Guess who has the power to search for water? Leviathan is about to do it but stupid Syrup had to bring up if she can use a walking stick as replacement for her staff. Just keep quiet. Leviathan summons a little puddle and each time the trio rush to drink it, it evaporates and they end up having sand in their mouth. Bahamut starts throwing tantrum like the spoilt rich brat she is, wanting to go home and eat dinner. Jormungandr thinks they should set up camp since it’s getting dark and to also look for food. Food in the desert? Yeah. All they got are critters so Bahamut is in a dilemma whether to eat them without any flavouring. To eat or not to eat… When it’s time to sleep, she can’t believe they are going to sleep right under the stars without any roof! She wants to sleep in an inn! Pipe down, girl. Either you sleep or you don’t. Leviathan wakes up from another dream. She saw her spear in some ruins. Imagine the look of disappointment on her friends when she says it was only in her dream. Oddly, the trio remember going to the springs when they were young and nearby it are some ruins. It is a place surrounded by lush greens and water flows down from the floating islands into the spring on the ground. They also remember playing with a boy (looks familiar, doesn’t he?) who either wanted them to show him their magic or strength. They had fun playing with him and he hoped they return and also to keep it a secret that they played together. But can they find the ruins in the desert? So they decide to use their weapon to point their next direction. Leaving it to luck? Since the axe and wand point back to where they came from, looks like Leviathan’s walking stick pointed them in a new direction. Bahamut says if they don’t find the spear, she’ll have to make Leviathan undergo some penalty game. An embarrassing scale dance in the middle of Haruna square where everyone will be watching. Suddenly she trips on a pillar. Syrup flies higher and points the direction of the ruins. Everyone rushes to the oasis but it turns out to be a mirage. Playing with sand again, huh? They realize this is the springs and are devastated to see the entire place in total ruin. Even the floating islands have fallen and the springs have dried up. They see an underground way and Leviathan recognizes it from her dream. Bahamut wanted to stay behind but after hearing comments how cool it is underground, she tags along. They see the spear right smack in the middle. But Leviathan is cautious. If her spear was swallowed by Lucasite, what is it doing here? Could it be a trap? Jormungandr didn’t care about that and tries to pull it out. However she is puzzled her strength couldn’t do the job. If she can’t, you think Bahamut can? When it’s Leviathan’s turn, she easily takes it out! Sword in the stone? Suddenly a Lucasite attacks her from behind.

Episode 8
Bahamut and Jormungandr transform to fend of Lucasite and all its Toripu it unleashed. They have a hard time if not for Leviathan reviving to help them out but she weakens and passes out. The mysterious boy watching feels disappointed that they can’t defeat them. When the girls open their eyes, they are in a safe passageway of a temple and were brought here by a young priestess guarding this place alone, Heqet. Before they were swamped by the enemy, Heqet opened a secret door to let them in. She explains her family has been working as this place’s guardian for generations. Since she is alone and can’t leave this place, she must stay here to protect this temple. Heqet thinks they are here to defeat the evil creatures. They are Aquafall Defence, right? At least, officially only Syrup and Jormungandr. Heqet begins explaining that this place was teeming with life until about a month ago when life was extinguished by those creatures. It became a desert. This holy place has been known since ancient times as Keystone of Aquafall but its history is unclear. When they stop to eat and drink, the girls are shocked that this is the only water left from the spring. Leviathan decides to use her magic to summon some water. Not much but it’s better than nothing. They want to leave this place but Heqet asserts she can’t. Her life is tied to the temple and since there are creatures trying to destroy it, all the more she can’t leave. They are suspicious how Leviathan’s spear suddenly appears at the altar last night. Heqet wanted to examine it but couldn’t pull it out. They also wonder who that boy was. Heqet shows them the exit before the underground becomes hot. They arrive outside at some distance from the ruins and reminisce the good times they once had playing in this area as kids. Feeling they can’t leave Heqet alone and wanting to return to fight, the boy suddenly appears, telling them they can’t defeat the creatures just because they want to. Noticing Leviathan injured, he points out the direction to Rajima Volcano where the hotspring properties can heal her. They are suspicious about him since he jokes he knows everything but doesn’t know where the Lucasite in the desert is. But Leviathan got her spear back and it’s all that matters, right? Once again, he disappears from their sight and though this makes him very suspicious, Leviathan is going to trust him and head to Rajima Volcano. They’re going to become stronger, save Heqet and return this place to how it was.

Episode 9
Bahamut starts complaining… Don’t want to walk anymore…  Don’t want to camp in the wild either… Before their eyes is an inn. Instantly Bahamut rushes over. Who is the one full of energy? The girls are greeted by the petite landlady and her servant. They enjoy the facilities but the hotspring is a letdown. Not enough water. They might catch a cold. Leviathan uses her magic to produce enough hot water for them and heal her wounds. They have a splendid meal only to be ‘ruined’ by a lame performance from landlady and her servant. WTF. Bahamut enjoys the bed and even the massage service. This is the life. Next morning when they feel so refreshed, they prepare to head to the volcano. The landlady passes the bill and it seems expensive. It’s only small change for Bahamut but she can’t find her wallet. Oh no. Can’t pay? Pay with your bodies! And so the girls are put to hard labour to spruce up the place and pay their debt’s worth. When they eat dinner with the servant, she tells them they must have noticed the declining hotspring. Because of that, customers have been dwindling and at this rate the inn will close down. The landlady’s parents died many years ago and she tries to keep this place open by doing things herself. This place holds lots of special memories for them. Syrup thinks there is a way to restore the hotspring and that is when the power of the volcano’s master weakens. Something like Yurlungur of the swamp. Bahamut throws caution that she doesn’t want to enter some giant stomach again and gives excuse that they are still in the midst of clearing of their debt. But the servant says if it’s to revive the hotspring, she is sure the landlady will understand and will give permission to leave. I guess it’s decided. On the first break of dawn, the girls begin their journey to meet the volcano’s master.

Episode 10
The landlady thought her servant had been duped and that the girls have escaped without paying. The girls are now at the crater of the volcano and the surface is pretty hardened. Syrup uses her magic to communicate with the master and it turns out to be Fire Drake… A small dragon? Actually his size is due to some illness. He needs to eat a secret medicine made from 3 herbs. Because he is sick, he can’t leave the place and this means the girls will have to split up to go get it for him. So Leviathan leaves for the icy ravines in the north to get some silver flower, Bahamut the eastern waterfall to get some moss and Jormungandr the southern lava caves to get some mushrooms. The dangers are enough to put them off but when they think about the other they won’t easily give up, they continue to work hard till they get them. Finally they all return back at the volcano with the herbs and Syrup becomes the ‘conductor’ to instruct how to mix the medicine for Fire Drake to eat. Although it cured his illness, he remains small is a sign he hasn’t got his strength back. How to regain his energy? They remember the Volcano Curry the servant gave them before they depart and let him have a bite. Instantly, Fire Drake returns to its gigantic size brimming with full power (so is the volcano). This causes the hotspring to gush out back at the inn. So while our girls soak in the hotspring as their well deserved reward, they remember Fire Drake being grateful to them and will come to their aid if they call him. But Syrup says they still need a sphere if they are to do that. Bahamut thinks all this has been for nothing but Leviathan doesn’t think so as they managed to save this place that the landlady holds dear. Next morning, the landlady gives them a necklace she found in the storehouse as gratitude. Syrup recognizes it as Stone of Evolution and is supposed to make one’s magic stronger. It absorbs into Leviathan and she could instantly feel how much powerful she has become. Syrup is excited that her magic is now drastically stronger since she has evolved and will be able to defeat the Lucasite back at the temple.

Episode 11
Jormungandr’s sisters are at the ruins looking for her. They fall into some hole, find a frog statue, fix its eyes and start collecting water that comes out from its mouth. Meanwhile our heroines have return and are faced with more Toripus. Once they have gotten rid the very last of them, now it’s the final boss Lucasite who is trying to take down the barrier. Leviathan doesn’t feel or look any different when she transforms. Though the girls cooperate to take down Lucasite, the creature is smart, dodging their attacks and making them expedite in destroying the temple. To a point whereby the barrier was gone for a while before it goes back up again. Leviathan binds Lucasite with her water as Bahamut fires her fire spell. You know what happens when fire and water mix, right? This causes Bahamut to run out of energy. Jormungandr gets knocked away as Leviathan laments her evolution. After dodging Lucasite’s attacks and protecting herself within a water bubble, suddenly she feels the evolution coming through. She transforms into a different person. Her command of the water is more powerful and traps Lucasite in a water bubble before Jormungandr finishes it off in a strike. When everything returns to normal, they head to Heqet and are surprised to see her in the company of Jormungandr’s sisters. She couldn’t understand what they’re saying since they’re all talking together. Heqet explains that before the girls return, the sisters found her collapsed and went to fetch water for her. She was able to recover and hence the barrier came back. Heqet notices Leviathan has grown stronger so Syrup points her as the rising star of Aquafall Defence. Before they part, Heqet says she doesn’t sense the evil creature anymore but the place will take some time to restore itself. She will continue to stay here and protect this place as it’s her destiny. She hopes they can return here again one day and if they do, bring as many gentlemen as they can find. I hope she’s not that lonely… On the way back, Bahamut is annoyed the sisters start asking her lots of questions. So much so it made her want to carry her own bag. So heavy that she turned pancake. The girls wonder how the sisters found Jormungandr and they say a boy told them. They then hear a voice thanking them for defeating Lucasite and they see the floating islands rising into the sky once more.

Episode 12
The girls are having a feast at Key Tail. I think Master has got to think twice about allowing them to order for seconds… Once again, Syrup calls on the girls to join Aquafall Defence. Jormungandr and her sisters agree but big sis thinks they’re too small to fight so she’ll fight on their behalf. Surprisingly Bahamut agrees to join but Leviathan not. Why is she still hesitating since she has evolved? Meanwhile Rage Row is seeking answers from Olstead. He is the only one who has returned and is badly injured. Just as they suspected, the meteorite was a Lucasite and it’s heading this way. Needing to determine the Lucasite’s position, Rage Row sends Wyvern to scout. Bahamut has just returned and learns of the emergency. Thinking she wants to show off her magic to her father, she heads to the library to pick up some magic tomes. However she stumbles upon a secret diary about her late mother, Eceus Ratra. Rage Row found and picked her up one stormy night and in her arms was a baby named Bahamut. Bahamut is devastated Rage Row is not her real father. When Rage Row learns of her daughter’s return, he goes to the library and fears the secret has been discovered. Leviathan dreams of her brother. He tells her to go on a journey to protect Aquafall. She maintains she will remain at Haruna to protect this place and wait for his return but he asserts protecting this world is the same as protecting Haruna and to go with the fairy. Otherwise all life on this planet will be destroyed by creatures known as Eibolias. He knows she cannot protect this planet alone but is the only one who can. When she wakes up, Jormungandr is at her doorstep. She tells about her dream (Syrup must be real happy that her brother understands the importance of joining Aquafall Defence). They decide to eat breakfast at Bahamut’s place but learn she has been missing since last night. Rage Row is worried but his advisor tells him he must stay and leave the searching to the rest. Leviathan and co finally find Bahamut sitting alone at the cliffs. She wants to be left alone and drops the bombshell she is quitting Aquafall Defence. What?! She just joined yesterday! Syrup goes after her and after a little coaxing, manages to get her to spill the beans. Bahamut is sad that Rage Row is not her real dad. Despite so, he always treated her nicely and she always acted like a spoilt princess. She wanted to practise some magic to earn his praise but now there is no reason to. She can’t fight with this kind of feeling. Syrup is surprised to hear about the Lucasite heading this way. Suddenly they see a fire dragon emblem in the sky. Fired by Wyvern, it is a warning signal that a Lucasite is on its way here. Leviathan knows this is the one they faced at the sea due to its damaged eye.

Episode 13
The town is evacuated while Wyvern and Cockatrice try to stop the Lucasite but get defeated. Bahamut is surprised to see her father before her but he assures her nothing will change the face that she is his daughter. He goes off to protect this town. Syrup suggests summoning Yurlungur but doesn’t have a sphere. Is she serious or not? Rage Row happens to have one and gives it to Leviathan. The big dragon appears and fights off the Lucasite and its Toripus while Rage Row cast a giant barrier. Leviathan and Jormungandr plan to do something but the mysterious boy says they can’t do anything together. Bahamut sulks around when she sees the sisters try to take a sphere to Jormungandr. She decides to take over from them. Yurlungur loses and the Lucasite destroys the barrier. Bahamut arrives on scene in time to assure her father that they are strong since they have been through many battles. The trio transform and as Bahamut is about to use the sphere, she loses it. They can’t get close to it since the Lucasite is continuously shooting at them. Leviathan uses her power to pave the way for Bahamut to get the sphere and summon Fire Drake. Once the fire users put some scorching high temperatures on Lucasite, Leviathan evolves to flush it away with her water before Jormungandr destroying it for good in a single strike. The town rejoice. Bahamut and her father emotionally reunite. Bahamut decides to rejoin Aquafall Defence and will be going on a journey with her friends to protect this planet. Leviathan also announces her intention to join and this makes Syrup a happy fairy that the defence team is finally formed. Aquafall Defence have their last words with their friends and family before they depart on their journey. Master notes it will be lonely around. She’ll use that time to fix her bar that got destroyed during the attack. Not again… Along the way, the Aquafall Defence encounter the mysterious boy. He tells them this is going to be a long and dangerous journey. Although he notes Leviathan already knows a lot since she was told by her brother via her dream, he says they are not strong enough yet. They must protect the pillars of the world. And off they go. And he disappears once more.

Holes In The Defence
If you ask me, everything is pretty much mediocre. Firstly, there were so many things that were left unexplained that it left me scratching my head when the anime ended. Somehow I feel that the anime is just a prelude and if you want to get a better understanding of things, you have to play the game as well. You’ll be asking who the hell that mysterious boy is that keeps popping up before our heroines and his intention. I think he must have something to do with the Aquafall Defence trio too. A connection since their past. And I believe there are many of them as seen bumming around the springs. Something to do with the 72 pillars and foundation of the world? Perhaps. Even the opening narration of each episode feels like a mystery. I don’t know if it’s trying to give us a brief history of something since it is narrated in a pretty poetic way despite the very cute loli voice doing the narration. Not that I understand. Not that I played the game. Not that I want to play the game either. Other points you might want to ponder just by watching this anime is Leviathan’s brother. What happened to him, etc? Why does he only appear in his dream, etc. And of course, how on earth did Leviathan’s spear ended up in the ruin when it clearly struck a different Lucasite? My only theory is so that the girls would go on a side distracting journey so that Leviathan could evolve that hardly feels like a power up at all. Really. Do you feel any difference? I only see but not feel.

The characters are pretty bland too. You can guess the kind of characters they are if you have watched too many kinds of such animes. Leviathan as the star of this show doesn’t feel like a star at all. She feels like a simpleton who has brother complex and because of always worrying about her brother, it made her hesitate to do a lot of things. Syrup is like the joker and clown of the pack (made more convincing thanks to the retard mode of Kana Hanazawa). It’s like she’s always enjoying things and sometimes she is very blunt. A big mystery is her black hole stomach. If the world doesn’t get finished by those creatures, the world’s food might be at the rate she swallows everything since she often gets hungry. Who she is and how she knows this planet will be doomed if they don’t save it (I guess it doesn’t take a genius to figure this out but that’s not my point) is another mystery. I mean, suddenly one day a fairy pops out and starts recruiting for her defence unit. Wouldn’t it be easier to come up with a recruitment poster? Why is she so bent on the trio? Whatever. Jormungandr is another simpleton who uses more of her brute and brawns. Another joker is Bahamut but she is the bratty kind since she always complains when it gets tough (sounding more convincing because she is voiced by Eri Kitamura). When the going gets tough, Bahamut gets complaining. So they say. Living the life of a spoilt princess must have really spoilt her, huh? But at least it shows she is not that spoilt since she is able to fight alongside her comrades and get things done when it comes down to it.

The other side characters feel okay too and if our main heroines are already mediocre, what do you think then? Especially Master’s running gag of the show that involves her always worried about her bar’s safety as she has yet to finish repaying off her loan. As far as I can see, she needs to live a very long time if she is going to settle all her loan. Rage Row, okay father, okay dude. Being the town’s leader needs him to flex some sort of muscle but still he is not as a powerful when Aquafall Defence combine their powers. Yurlungur and Fire Drake are reduced to just some CGI dragons who are to be called in for temporary help to buy some time before our girls strut their usual stuff. Jormungandr’s sisters provide lots of loli moe. Cute or annoying, you decide. Wyvern and Cockatrice do not have enough screen time to do their characters any justice and I am wondering if Bahamut’s mother may become an issue in the future or the chapter on this mystery is closed right here now that she has learnt she isn’t her father’s real daughter.

Being the fantasy setting, I guess the lush background is quite a welcoming sight so I have not much to complain although I thought it could have been better. I suppose that is what the journey (Bahamut’s vacation as she prefers to call it) is all about. To give us different change in scenery and some sort of a little training for our Aquafall Defence before their big main journey. Action wise, it feels mediocre too. I just don’t feel the impact when the girls do their magic stuff. You always and almost see the same thing. Especially when the girls transform, you have to see their full transformation from normal girl to scale, tail and wings. Leviathan is always using her water element, Bahamut her fire spells and Jormungandr striking with all her strength with her axe. Where’s the variety in that? You could also feel some sort of pattern to it. Bahamut fires, Leviathan flushes her water and Jormungandr doing the finishing. Surprisingly the nicest things about this anime are the opening and ending themes. While the opening theme, Hajimari No Resolution by Yuki Kanno is of rock outfit, the ending theme is Truly by PASSPO. It doesn’t sound quite back actually especially the use of voices towards the end of the music. Even some of the background music is quite good.

Sad to say that at this rate, the defence of Aquafall Defence may not be enough to save the world from pending destruction. Syrup may want to take another look at her recruitment requirements and get more help. I mean, she doesn’t even have the full elemental list of recruits, right? She’s got the fire and water. What about the wind and earth? Maybe we’ll get more as we go along but then again, that is another story. So our girls have got to buck up if they are going to save Aquafall as they are pretty wide open from all sides. Imagine, despite being able to defeat Lucasite and Toripu, it took them quite a lot of tries and effort and sometimes in the end they tire out. The fate of Aquafall in the hands of these girls? Maybe they should call Justice League or Avengers instead.

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