Magikano Characters

July 21, 2006

Ah… Another fun anime with fun characters worth talking about. Yup, I’m talking about Magikano. So here we go…
Haruo Yoshikawa
Your usual male lead character. In fact the only male lead character. Seems to be leading the normal kinda life from his point a view, like having perfect shool attendence record. But actually, he unknowingly lives with his 3 sisters who are magic users. Because of this, he’s quite ‘blur’ in what’s going on. And if he ever finds out, his memory of what he just witnessed will be erased by some giant hammer. However, Haruo has some latent powers which he is unaware too. He’s also believed to be some vessel for some great devil who will destroy the universe once unleashed. In the end, before the devil in Haruo can fully awakened, he was managed to be sealed again by Ayumi.
Ayumi Mamiya
Coming from the magical world, Ayumi came into Haruo’s life because she suffers from a curse that only Haruo can cure. If not, she’ll die from it (whatever that curse is). At first, she dislikes Haruo because he looks like a dork. But then she found out that the only way to bring out his latent powers and cure her curse is to ‘make him into a man’. Yup, so she mostly try to ‘seduce’ Haruo, but to the ire of his sisters and other girls (and usually with disastrous results and effects too). In the end, her ill feelings towards Haruo became less as she wanted to save him for his sake and not because of her curse anymore. Also, she hates eels.
Maika Yoshikawa
The oldest among the 3 sisters and the one who’s most protective over her dear brother. Because of this, she’ll become very suspicious of any other girls who try to make a move on him, especially Ayumi. So you’ll see most of the time that she and Ayumi will gave some sort of face-off. She loves cooking and cleaning.
Chiaki Yoshikawa 
The middle sister among the three. Chiaki is not so protective over Haruo as compared to Maika as she’s more the dreamy type. Because of this too, when Haruo is in trouble, she doesn’t really get on her feet right away, unless it’s really really serious. She loves working out and eating. You just wonder, how come she never gets fat after eating so much of those calories. Must be the work out? But didn’t see her doing it most of the time. Ah… Every girl’s dream diet to eat what they want and stay slim. 
Fuyuno Yoshikawa 
The youngest sister. Fuyuno sometimes may look like the smartest one among the bunch. Sometimes figuring out what’s happening or the cause of it. But of course, she has a weakness too. That is… Money! Yeah, she really loves money and anything which involves making them. Also, like Chiaki, not that overprotective over her brother Haruo and would come to save him if he is really really in deep trouble. Or else, she’ll just leave it to Maika.
Yuri Kurosu 
The student council president in Haruo’s school who secretly have a crush on him. On the outside she seem to uphold strict values like students shouldn’t display their affections openly in public. However, deep down within her, she’s just quite the opposite. Always having ‘dirty’ thoughts of being with Haruo. Like the part where she daydreamed she offered her body to Haruo as a present for Christmas. So ironic. She’s the number 1 idol in school until Ayumi came along. Also a magic user. Whenever she uses magic, her hair and outfit would change and she’ll wield some giant sword.
Marin Nijihara 
A witch hunter sent from Heaven. She looks up to Haruo and thinks of him as the good guy and must protect him from evil witches, like Ayumi as she regards as one. However, she’s quite clumsy and bungling at times. And mostly her success is attributed to the Yoshikawa sisters or Yuri’s intervention (without Marin knowingly) and she’d thought she had pulled off some successful magic. She comes from a poor background and doesn’t experience much simple luxuries in life. Like she got excited when she got a whole cake from Haruo as she had only manage to eat a triangle (a piece of a cake that is cut out) piece only. Poor girl…
Michiru Mamiya 
Ayumi’s younger sister and she’s very very determined to stop Ayumi from trying to break her curse. By doing so, she’ll become the head of the Mamiya family. Of course, each task is met with failure until the final few episodes, where she manages to abduct Haruo and seduce him properly to bring out his latent powers. Why? That’s because she realized that with the control over Haruo’s latent powers would also allow her to rule the universe. But in the end, she had to cooperate with the other girls to save Haruo and the universe.
Rika Anju 
Reminds me so much of Vanilla of Galaxy Angel. A maid sent by Ayumi’s father to be of any assistance to Haruo. At the same time also to collect data from the other girls. Your usual taciturn, serious and expressionless kinda character. Also, able to thwart Ayumi’s advances towards Haruo.
NOTE: The names of the Yoshikawa siblings are named after the 4 seasons. With haru of Haruo meaning spring, Maika meaning summer, aki of Chiaki meaning autumn, and fuyu of Fuyuno meaning winter. Hey… I thought natsu means summer. But then i checked that if the kanji writing of Maika has the character ‘summer’ in it. But when written this way, it is pronounced so. Strange.


May 27, 2006

If not for that last episode, Magikano would’ve really been quite a fun anime to watch. Yeah, the ending spoils it all and left quite a bad taste in my mouth. But more of that later on.  Let’s begin with the good stuffs first.
This is another one of those boy-meets-girl kinda anime with lots of nonsensical, crazy and comical stuffs plus some magic. Yup, with lots of silly and nonsensical action, each episode doesn’t cease to make me laugh out loud like a mad idiot. So much so that I’ve always been looking forward to see the next episode with great anticipation.
We start off the series with the main male protagonist (and probably the only main one), Haruo Yoshikawa, and ordinary boy making his usual trip to school, commenting how he had a perfect school attendance record. Suddenly some cute girl appears in front of him for a short moment and then suddenly vanishes. Of course, this made Haruo a little curious.
So he went home and told his sisters Maika, Chiaki, and Fuyuno what happened. Little did he know that this will be the start of chaotic things to come. So much for the peaceful life. Luckily, that girl that Haruo saw earlier on, Ayumi Mamiya, is supposed to be the new transfer student and is now in the same class with Haruo. But somehow Haruo felt an aura of hatred around her and well, as normal people usually does, feels insecure and scared. Yeah, she seems to be watching him with cold and angry eyes.
What’s the reason? Well, you see, Ayumi comes from some magic kingdom and is suffering from some sort of curse (I still don’t know what the curse really is in the end) which only Haruo can break it. Yeah… He’s the guy that she’s been seeing in some big mirror in her home. But Haruo’s powers are currently latent and the only way to bring it out is to ‘make him a man‘. You know what that means. Read seduction. That’s where the fun part begins.
Oh yeah, since Ayumi’s first impression on Haruo was a geek and so ‘un-handsome’. that’s the reason why she felt angry and disappointed. But anyhow, she’s determined to get rid of her curse at any costs.
Of course, Haruo’s 3 sisters wouldn’t let that happen, especially the overprotective Maika. But unknown to Haruo, his 3 sisters posses magic as well and they constantly hide it from him. Yeah, there’re lots of things going on behind Haruo’s back. But like they say, ignorance is bliss.
But sometimes they overuse their magic and goes out of hand, making Haruo witnessing everything in disbelief. So how? Don’t worry, there’s this giant amnesia hammer, that when knocked over someone’s head would make that person forget what ever happened (at least the parts where magic was used). Poor Haruo. But look at it this way, anybody would get amnesia if they’re being hammered so hard by that hammer, right?
Besides Ayumi and Haruo’s 3 sisters, there’re other characters which add spice and even more silliness to the series. Like the student council president Yuri Kurosu, who upfront seems to be strict and doesn’t approve in publicly indecent behaviours (but deep down she has indecent thoughts of Haruo. Naughty naughty girl), Marin Nijihara, who is supposedly a clumsy and naive witch hunter (always targeting Ayumi as the bad witch), and Rika Anju, the enigmatic maid of Ayumi’s household sent to the service of the Haruo’s household (seems to be able to thwart Ayumi’s seducing attempts).
Then there’s 2 of Haruo’s classmates, Hajime and Sora, who’re members of some scientific paranormal activities club. While Hajime is the seemingly loud-mouth and boastful person, Sora (who reminds me of Mamoru of Kage Kara Mamoru) is one of those ‘characters with no dialogue’. Yup, never heard him speak a word. Plus, he always holds a camera and seen taking pictures with it. Speaking of these 2, I think Hajime and Sora also run some sort of TV marketing business. Whenever there’re some weird occurences that need some weird devices, a scene depicting like those Smart Shop advertisements appear. Telling all about the product and what it does. Like that ghost detection summoning device in episode 6. Hurry! Call this number and buy now! Hahaha. So funny lah. But usual, they’ll be blasted away by the girls.
Most of the episodes will see how Ayumi comes up with various schemes and plots to try and seduce Haruo. Usually with hillarious and disastrous results. Like in episode 8, during the school sports festival where Ayumi used her magic to write in some book where what ever is written in it becomes true. Thus, winner of the school sports festival will get to kiss Haruo. So it’s a 4 way fight (Ayumi, Maika, Yuri and Marin) to see who gets the kiss from prince charming. Yeah, the part where various of the school clubs somehow got mundanely involve to stop the girls from winning so funny. But in the end neither of them won, and surprisingly it was Chiaki. They all freaked out when Haruo kissed her. But to Chiaki, like nothing only. Hehehe.
Even the helter-skelter itself started in episode 1, where Ayumi put some spell onto a sleeping Haruo and when he wakes up, he will fall in love with the first person he sees when he opens he eyes. So while Haruo sleeps like a baby his 3 sisters tries to put an end to this (wonder how does Haruo sleep with all that racket). And the first thing that Haruo saw was that giant eel. Could you imagine the scene and the reaction of those girls.
Or in that slightly ‘perverted’ episode 10 where Ayumi became desperate and took drastic action by wearing some panty with a face of a talking cat. And you guessed it. The only one who can take it off is Haruo. Imagine the misunderstandings and misconceptions when Haruo does that (actually he fainted and somehow his hands grabbed Ayumi’s panty, which then comes off) and the look of how Maika turned into some green monster and started bashing Ayumi. So hillarious, I tell you.
But all this really comes to a stop in the last episode. Sigh… Now for the bad part. Before the last episode, we could see that Ayumi’s younger sister Michiru, who’s determined to stop Ayumi from breaking her curse because she’ll be the head of the Mamiya family if so, finds out that Haruo’s latent powers are more than what it seems. She concluded that his powers will allow her to rule the world as well. So she kidnaps Haruo back to the magic world (with the ‘concerned’ girls in pursuit of course) and tries her best to seduce him.
You see, according to their homeroom teacher, Hongou, who in fact is actually an artificially created human, the Demon King which is residing within Haruo’s body is going to revive and consume the entire world once that mirror shatters. Long ago, 6 sages sealed the Demon King within that mirror, but it wasn’t perfect and the Demon King always seem to revive eventually. So the only way is the turn back the time! And that they all have been reliving that same time over and over again many times. Wow… I didn’t expect this nor did I saw this coming. Now, is Haruo the Demon King himself or just a vessel? Wasn’t quite sure even when the whole thing ended.
So with all the girls power including the reluctant Michiru, they manage to turn back time by 1 year. But in that last moment before everything goes back, Ayumi finally confesses that she really loved Haruo and is more concerned of saving him rather than breaking her curse. Yup, they locked lips and everything rewinds.
So you could see the end credits with scenes rewinding backwards from the last episode to the first episode. Selected scenes, of course. Can’t be showing the entire series backwards in a minute and a half, couldn’t they. And the last scene was just exactly like the first scene. Haruo walking to school saying his perfect school attendance record when Ayumi suddenly appeared in front of him. Just like deja vu. The end.
Aiyah… I really didn’t like how it all ended and that reliving that 1 whole year again and again was something I find rather disturbing. But it was one of those few animes where the ending’s really unique and shocking (in my opinion). But after watching the entire 13 episodes, I began to think back in time too, that with all the hillarious and silly actions, this last tiny bit shouldn’t put me down easily. Yup, I still find it fun and exciting to watch overall. I read somewhere that season 2 is in the making. Can’t wait… Can I turn the time forward?

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