Oh my. You mean this is not just another typical isekai anime? Are you sure about that? What makes it so different? Unlike all other main characters who die and get reborn in another world, they somewhat become overpowered. But for our main character in Watashi Nouryoku Wa Heikinchi De Itta Yo Ne, in fact the main character doesn’t want to be overpowered and wants to be just your normal character. An average Joe. A plain Jane. As hinted in the title even. That’s it. Wow. So noble. I can’t believe any character would want to forgo having great powers when they are reborn. Oh my. Really much more different than other isekai shows around. Oh wait… What’s this? But that’s just her wish of wanting to stay normal. She is still indeed an overpowered character with a myriad of talents and abilities. Sighs… And I thought there was hope this would be different. How’d I wish more animes to be normal in the next season…

Episode 1
Mile just arrived in the capital and registers herself to stay at an inn. Lenny hopes she can be a famous Hunter so the inn will get more business but Mile just wants to be an average Hunter. She strolls around town and meets Mavis the androgynous female knight, Reina the tsundere mage and busty Pauline the healer-cum-merchant. Back at the inn, Lenny warns about kids going out alone because there seems to be cases of them being kidnapped. In her room, Mile has a familiar named Nano who is actually some nanomachine that normal humans can’t see. Mile reveals this is just her alias and her real name is Adele von Ascham of the Brandel Kingdom. However she has another true identity and that is Misato Kurihara. Back in her original world, she always stood out. Because of that she has no friends. One day she saved a child while crossing a road and got killed. So before she got reincarnated to this fantasy world, she asked God to make all her abilities average. It has been 12 years and she has yet to find her regular happiness. When Lenny goes missing, Mile goes to look for her. Right after entering the alley, bad guys try to kidnap her but is saved by Mavis. But Mile is able to put sleeping magic on them and interrogate them. Outside the base where kidnapped kids are supposedly held, more ruffians show up but this time Reina comes to their aid. Inside the room they find Pauline with other kids. Why is Pauline kidnapped too? Apparently she saw a kidnapping in progress and told the ruffians she would like to look after them. And they let her! However Lenny is not among them. Then they go face off with the boss, Arelady who is behind the kidnappings. She has got strong henchmen so Mavis and Reina can’t do much. Arelady reveals her intention is to have a loli harem. Yup. Lolicon. Because she praises Mile as the best type, Mile feels offended because she was just making a reference to her flat boobs. Really flat… Mile is so mad that she powers up and blows away everything! I think the mountain is partially destroyed too! If she is just average, why is she so powerful? Nano explains that the strongest creature here is a dragon. So taking half or the average of its power, it still really packs a punch. Hence Mile is still overpowered. Make 6800 times more powerful than the average!!! Hey, at least it isn’t over 9000! Oh, Lenny just went for a side trip and returned home late. Mile leaves for her Hunter prep school. Guess who are her dorm mates? Mavis, Reina and Pauline?! What are the damn chances?!

Episode 2
Mile tries to hide her real identity but this only makes the rest suspicious and want to know more about her. During training, Mile tries to not stand out. However the warrior she fights mocks her ‘washboard’. That sends her into a flying rage and knocks him out with 1 hit! During the magic stint, Mile also tries to be average but apparently Reina gets mad because she wants to know how she copied her original fireball after watching just once! Pauline then catches her creating some nendroid figurine and singing a song. How will she weasel her way out? Secret family technique! Mile is invited to tea but it looks more like an interrogation by the rest. I don’t think that secret family technique is going to cut it now. She even tries lying but too bad everyone has read that best seller story. Eventually Pauline understands that there are some things of the past that some don’t like to speak of. Remember, they’re here just to get better acquainted. The next training stint has them choosing a quest and succeeding it. The usual quartet will be hunting for horned rabbits. Sounds easy but hard to find and catch them. Normally Mile can finish it all by herself. But in order not to stand out, she trains the rest to become stronger so that they would stand out more than her. Because Mile accidentally breaks Mavis’ sword during training, Mavis is impressed and wants to be trained more. I don’t know what the heck this exaggerated training for Mavis is. Like as though she took it straight out from some kung fu training flick. Eventually they all get better and Mile even manages to ‘repair’ Mavis’ sword. Hunting the horned rabbits is now easy. However, rock golems appear and attack them. Mavis, Reina and Pauline manage to cooperate and take them all down. Must be the fruits of their training. Mile? She just stood there and admired the golems… In the end, only their party succeeded in the quest. Mile realizes this only makes them stand out but on the bright side, she made new friends. Meanwhile Arelady and her goons just got released from prison. She knows where to find Mile and is gunning for revenge.

Episode 3
Mile tells the girls folklores from Japan. They are so interested that they want more. I guess she has to breach into the manga and chuunibyou stories now… Yeah, such awesome stories! 6 months down the road, looks like it will soon be graduation. The quartet are summoned by the principal. It looks like he wants them to represent their school for the mock battle for the ceremony. He also wants them to win against B-rank Hunters. Otherwise their school is forced to close down. At the arena, Mile stumbles into Arelady. Because she is a noble, she can get away with things using her status. It is also her who threatened closing down the prep school. She doesn’t mind changing the condition for Mile to be all hers. Mile accepts it since the school will be saved in exchange for her. But can they get straight wins against Arelady’s B-rank Hunter goons? Mavis goes up against the cocky swordsman. You don’t know who much she has improved as she beats him before she even warms up! Next is Pauline and she doesn’t like her mage opponent insulting her friends. Despite Pauline taking a direct hit, she can easily heal all wounds. Pauline can go on like this and even threatens to smack her with her staff. Opponent immediately surrenders! Wow. Next is Reina against the old geezer mage. He fires his hellfire enough to kill her but Reina has also mastered some ice power to nullify it. She is about to return the same hellfire but old fart is scared to die and surrenders! Wow. Finally it is Mile’s turn. Before the match could start, her opponent runs away!!! WTF?! Default win? Arelady jumps in to fight her instead. However she praises Mile’s flat chest and this taboo word sends Mile going all out at full force against her. A-rank hunter like her having trouble with this kid? Mile then shoots a devastating blast that would have killed her and the audience but she manages to change its direction towards the sky. Wow. Nice fireworks. Arelady is so scared that not only she gives up but confesses to all her wrongdoings! Wow. Yeah, she’s ready to go to prison! Wow! With their success, great Hunters try to recruit them individually. However they reject because of their promise to each other to form a party. Yup, they’ve got an embarrassing pose and special effects to go with. Herald Crimson Vow! They get even more famous with Pauline selling little dolls of them. It’s selling like hot cakes! Wait. There’s even more. They’re so famous that people are rushing to get their autograph! Aren’t they standing out too much this way?

Episode 4
Crimson Vow has got themselves a very cheap inn as their base. Because they’re somewhat insulting the dirt cheap price they’ve got, they get scolded by Lenny. Here she was helping them out with lodging since they got no money and is this the thanks she gets?! We’re sorry… Also, Lenny puts them to good use by working as maids in her bar. Crimson Vow tries to take up some quests and thought this lizard hunting would be a good start. Nobody told them the lizards would be huge! After running around enough, Mile uses her tokusatsu improvisation to kill it. Yeah, secret family technique… When they try to claim their prize from the merchant, he tries to cheat them and pay a lower pay out, claiming it is damaged. However Pauline is smart and she decides not to sell it to him. After all, they’ve caught a bunch of them too. The merchant is left to rue his breach of contract because Crimson Vow sells it to their guild and got it at market price value while the merchant’s reputation dwindles. They continue to take up more quests until Reina suggests they pick up harder ones so they can level up to A-rank Hunters. That job would be escorting merchants since recently they have been ambushed by bandits. While taking a break, Mile’s timely scan has her protect the troupe in time from attacking bandits. As usual, they underestimate Crimson Vow as a bunch of young girls so it’s no surprise they get their ass kicked. But the bandits have a trump card as they use a mage to summon a robot golem. When Mile seems to take direct lethal hit, this activates Reina’s trauma because this scene reminded her of how her dad died. She becomes enraged as she tries to burn the golem but to no avail. Good news, Mile is still alive so she gets back up and destroys the golem with more of her, uhm, secret family technique. The defeated bandit boss notes how he wanted to sell the girls at a high price. Once more this invokes Reina’s trauma because someone similar said that. Enraged Reina is about to burn and kill him only to be restrained by the other girls. They wonder if she’s gone mad but Reina is not amused. The previous dude who said that, yeah she roasted them alive. Then Reina throws them a hard question: Have they ever killed anyone before?

Episode 5
Reina tells of her past. She doesn’t know her mom but had a happy life with her merchant dad. One day merchants ambushed their wagon and not satisfied with their loot, they decide to take Reina and sell her off. Her father pleaded for mercy but was killed. It awakened some magic in her but luckily a group of Hunters, Crimson Lightning came to her rescue. Pitying her state, they take her in and Reina learnt magic under the guidance of August. She even gave Reina her choker that was from her late mom. One day as they were hired by a merchant for an escort, a large number of bandits overwhelmed them. The merchant sold them out and wanted to sell Reina too. Hence the bandits killed all the Crimson Lightning members and that was when Reina’s powers start to really awakened. She burnt all those responsible to death. Even with this tragic tale of hers, the rest cannot agree on her principle to kill because that might be her principle alone and it does not mean the principle of the entire group. Reina thinks the rest never had their family stolen from them so Pauline tells her story. Born into an average merchant family, one day a thief killed her father. While grieving, a merchant rival claimed her father left a deed to transfer all his property to his. Then he pestered her mom to be his mistress. And soon mom gave in. That was when Pauline decided to fulfil dad’s role as a merchant. Now it’s Mavis’ turn. Born into a count family, her father and brothers love her very much. But they wouldn’t let her be a knight. Hence she ran away so that she could prove herself as a Hunter. That’s it. And now for the main show. Mile, you ready to tell yours? Here goes.

She reveals the truth about her noble life as Adele. Her mom and grandpa died but she knew it was her dad who orchestrated their murder. Right after the funeral, he brought a new wife and step daughter to live with them. Mile was reduced to a life like Cinderella before finally being kicked out. She enrolled in a normal school and her magic abilities were exceptional as well as a few boys liked her. She even managed to summon Nano but because she had no form, she had it look like a certain Pokemon character. Now you know why Nano looks so familiar… One day this well-bred girl, Marcela confronted her to give her a piece of her mind about being a stuck up noble (or so she thinks). However she saw in her closet are plain clothes and her snack is a bone that is supposed to be for a cat?! A cat eats that kind of bone?! Man, must be a poor cat… Furthermore, Mile must not use or speak of her noble family or even come back for fear dad will kill her just like mom and grandpa! Because of that Marcela took pity and they become BFF. Ah, the normal life. A year or so later, when the third princess of the realm, Morena was passing by, a boy accidentally fell into her path. The guards take no chances and were going to kill him so Mile instinctively went to protect him with her barrier. Thinking she is the devil, Mile thought of an idea as she plays the goddess and scares everyone. Now that everyone is bowing before her, she hopes they can keep quiet about this. Unfortunately these people don’t know what divine retribution is and hence her manifestation reached all the way to the king. Because of that she had to leave her school and her friends behind and started her new life as a Hunter. Despite everyone having their own past, they are assured that they will get by with their unbreakable bonds.

Episode 6
Arriving in the merchant city of Amroth which is under the Kingdom of Tils, the merchant introduces to the girls his cute granddaughter, Anne. With their mission over, of course Crimson Vow has to return to the capital but Mile is hoping for some sightseeing tour. However, grandpa has an urgent trade coming up so he can’t guide them around. Mile won’t give up so Crimson Vow have their own tour of Amroth. Sometime later, they get word that bandits have ambushed their group of merchants. There is only a survivor and he is brutally injured as he tells how the bandits mercilessly slaughtered everyone. Oh dear. Isn’t Anne’s grandpa in that group? There is nothing Crimson Vow can do but Reina is fuelled with rage inside. That is why that night she ventures out to the woods alone. She spots grandpa’s token that Anne gave earlier on and she is even more enraged. Then as the plot convenience would have it, she overheard the group of bandits talking about their plans. She confronts and attacks them but is clearly not powerful enough. I guess you can’t fight hatred with hatred. Luckily her comrades are here to fight back long enough so they could escape. As they rest, Reina runs her mouth trying to justify what she did. Shockingly or not, Mile slaps her. She understands she is sad for not wanting a repeat of history of others losing their family. But if she herself loses her life, don’t you think it is the same and her friends will be sad too? Reconciliation on hold because the bandits have surrounded them. From their organized manner and weapons, they can tell they aren’t merely bandits but soldiers. I guess they are so spot on that the leader eventually admits they are elite soldiers from the neighbouring Albarn Empire and their goal is to disrupt trade between both nations. Part of the slaughter of innocent people is to make it look convincing. And so both sides attack but you know, our girls are somewhat better because plot convenience. Yeah, how can elite soldiers lose to them?! Eventually the leader dares Reina to kill him because he won’t live in shame. She seemingly looks the part to burn him alive but it is just to scare the sh*t out of him. With the bandits captured, suddenly Anne’s grandpa returns! How is he alive? He was taking a piss in the bushes during the ambush. He thought of fighting back but remembers Anne. Can’t die. Ah, happy ending after all. With more than enough sightseeing, Crimson Vow returns to the capital.

Episode 7
With Crimson Vow working hard, they agree to take a break tomorrow. So we see next morning, Pauline doing her bookkeeping and Mavis having a nice coffee at a local café. Since Reina never said where she was going, they thought she wants to be alone after that last incident. Actually, she is shopping for girly stuffs. This is her hobby and she can’t let the rest find out. Well, Lenny just did. Luckily she will not tell on her but she hopes Reina can advise her on some fashion tips. Mile must be bored to death since this world doesn’t have TV, games, internet, manga, etc. So she tries to practice this jumping dogeza. Later she suggests to her friends they should go bath in the sea. I guess this is an alien concept to them so Mile has to explain what it is. With that, Mile wants to take their measurements to buy the correct swimsuit sizes. Since they’re all girls, I suppose they sheepishly agree to her demands. At the beach, Mile introduces to them all the beach amenities that she has come prepared with. Giving them their swimsuits, they feel reluctant to put it on since it shows too much skin. So this is where her jumping dogeza comes into handy? Since she put in a lot of effort, I guess no harm. Win-win situation for us because we get to see them in cute swimsuits! But what’s this? Mile suddenly has boobs?! Reina feels betrayed! Actually Mile ‘cheated’ as she padded her bra. Crimson Vow has fun in the sun and sand. And as they relax on their beach chair, a crowd suddenly gathers. They start staring at them because with curiosity since it is not normal for girls to be semi-naked in public. It is then the girls start to panic in embarrassment. At the end of the day, Mile feels ashamed for not knowing this as Reina continues to blame her for this huge slipup embarrassment. As they make their way back, Pauline notices a soldier monitoring them. Once Reina has done admonishing Mile, they realize Pauline is nowhere to be seen.

Episode 8
The girls wonder where Pauline could be when Mavis receives a letter from her family. What’s this about her younger brother getting married to Pauline?! Speaking of her, she has been taken back to her hometown whereby her evil stepfather is in cohorts with viscount Boardman to marry her off to one of Count Austien’s son. They intend to make use of her merchant skills, the only reason they let her go to a Hunter school. Pauline can’t do anything since her mom and brother are held hostage. When Austien arrives, he talks privately to Pauline. It seems he knows she is from Crimson Vow and hence his daughter, Mavis is part of the group. He still doesn’t approve her to be a knight and hence this is a warning. The Crimson Vow trio arrive in town. So bad that some men want to rape them? Of course after kicking their ass and getting info out of them, they decide to infiltrate. As not to expose their identities, they become masked heroines! Seriously?! Immediately the alarm is sound. But you know, they easily kick ass. Meanwhile Pauline realizes the commotion outside and with no guards stationed inside the mansion, this is the perfect chance for her to rebel against Boardman and her stepdad. With Crimson Vow as well as Austien arriving, Pauline explains these bad people forged documents to commit injustice in this town including hiring thieves to kill her father. Of course they call it BS. Austien has them face a duel. It is without a doubt that Pauline owns them with her magic and the duo are arrested. Austien reveals he knows their evil deeds and was just waiting for the right time to bring justice. He is lucky this incident is coincidental although his intentions lie elsewhere. He calls out to Mavis and is still against her being a knight. Yeah, he sees through your silly mask. Since she is still bent on being a knight, he has his guards fight her. Instantly she defeats them. Not the same Mavis you know. She then thanks Mile as her master. Austien wants to fight and test her. At first it looks like Mile is just running away. But once she throws away her stupid obstructing mask, she turns into Superman! Or Superwoman! Austien is driven to a corner as he reveals his intentions of bringing up Mavis as a woman so that she could live happily as a woman in society. Austien loses and has to honour his word. Mavis thanks her father and vows to become a better knight than him. Yeah, Austien leaves Mavis’ care in the hands of Mile. When they leave town the next day, Austien is seen crying and chasing after the carriage! Mavis come back! No wonder she wants the driver to go faster! Pauline feels the company will be safe in mom and brother’s hands. They might be away from their real family but their current family is now Crimson Vow.

Episode 9
Maid service in full swing! Damn, these girls so good they should give up being Hunters and being maids! With Lenny laughing all the way to the back, Crimson Vow isn’t happy but they can’t complain. Because in exchange for cheap rents, they have to do this. Hence they think of earning some big money with this wyvern hunting. However they are warned to give up because nobody has succeeded in this. Even pro heroes. You see, the wyvern is smart and when faced with a stronger foe, it runs away. Its territory is wide and finding its den is tough. Also, it remembers faces. Yeah, you get only 1 shot. Even so, Crimson Vow wants to take this quest. The money is too good to pass up. They first use a cow as bait but the wyvern is smart and start dropping stuffs like logs or rocks. Since it is out of their magic range, Mile has this weird idea of tossing Reina as a missile! Failed. Pauline is next but with her being scared, Mavis volunteers. Up and away she goes! Also failed. Your turn Pauline. Oh, she’s missing… Went to find Reina and Mavis… When all gather again, this time Pauline agrees to be tossed. However she passed out in mid-air so Mile had to cover her in some hard barrier. Somehow the wyvern didn’t dodge and got hit. Both fall. The wyvern is injured and cannot fly but is still dangerous with its sonic wave. Mile then uses some nano carbon whatever net. Now it’s payback time. However this old geezer, Booneclift tells them to hold their horses. He was this wyvern’s master. Flashback time. When he was young, he found an injured ‘lizard’ and brought it home to nurse. Of course when it grew up to be a wyvern, his parents forbade him from keeping him and hence a tearful goodbye. I don’t know what has happened in between all these years but looks like Booneclift wants to be its master again. WTF Mile getting into an argument with the wyvern’s name?! For the last time, it’s Lobreth! However the villagers are still unhappy since many of their livestock were stolen. Don’t worry. Booneclift handsomely pays them off! All forgiven. Of course he also compensates the girls. Is he a rich dude? Well, he is a royal mage! With the money, Crimson Vow proceeds to the next phase of their plan. They tell Lenny they’re moving out! Lenny panicking. She tries to trick them into staying but it’s not going to happen. Lesson to be learnt, never ‘mistreat’ your paying customers! With the money, they build a bath in which they could all enjoy. Lenny is invited to join in and Mile and Reina realize they ultimately ‘lost’ because loli Lenny has boobs!!!

Episode 10
Everybody celebrates Lenny’s birthday. This has Mile remember Marcela and her friends threw her a birthday party back at school. Somehow hearing this story makes Reina jealous. Thinking of an occasion to celebrate, Pauline remembers their 200th day anniversary of Crimson Vow is coming up. This could be the celebration they need. So when Crimson Vow decide to take on the next quest, they leave out Mile and give excuse they need to do something else. This is of course to earn money and buy stuffs to surprise her. Because of Mile being in the dark, she starts to feel ostracized. What if her pals have realized she has been secretly eating their snacks, taking measurements and reading the picture diary? Oh sh*t. Mile, you one guilty girl. Hence she goes to bug Lenny if her friends say anything about her. Yeah, Mile sounds like a desperate psycho, sure to freak out Lenny. Worse, Mile thinks they are going to let Lenny join Crimson Vow and kick her out. All because they don’t need another flat chest character?! With Mile doing weird things and sinking into depression, obviously Nano tells her to go talk to them directly instead of speculating. Just right after Crimson Vow defeat this giant cockatrice, Mile shows up and accuses them for having fun without her. She starts getting emotional and her buddies are afraid because the defeated cockatrice is resurrecting and sneaking up on Mile. But then… Mile burns it to a crisp! Don’t interrupt when I’m talking! Oh sh*t. Mile so scary. It descends into awkwardness as she starts crying and all. In the end, everything goes back to normal after they reveal the truth. So that was it, huh? They thought of saving up to buy this expensive necklace Mile wanted. In actual fact it wasn’t that necklace but a few cheap pendants next to it. She thought it would match them all. Who would’ve thought everything was so easy had they just been honest an upfront. Thus Crimson vow holds another private party to celebrate their anniversary. Mile is very happy as she thanks a tsundere Reina since it was her idea for this. It could have been the best party ever had not Mile explained how relieved she was and hence admitting all the secret stuffs she sneakily did on them. Oh sh*t… Don’t worry, the party isn’t going to be over yet. Yeah, it’s going to be a long night… A very long tragic night…

Episode 11
Thanks to Crimson Vow taking down a wyvern, they’re pretty famous among the guild. They see a quest in which its reward is kept revising upwards. When they decide to take on it, Mile warns them about relying on her too much. Because she could die any time. Woah. Is that some jinx or death flag or something? Reina replies that it is precisely the reason why they need to take this quest. To show that they can rely without her. The quest has them on a rescue mission. When a group of investigators were sent to investigate something strange in the forest, they went missing. A group of Hunters were sent to rescue them but they too went missing. As they trek deeper, they defeat lots of monsters. This proves to Mile that they have been doing their own training. Now can you die easily? Woah. Easy with that jinx… They notice with the change in types of monsters, they deduce that some other bigger monster must have taken residence and hence the change in habitat. A group of beastmen ambush them. But no worries. Easily defeated. Then they stumble into a large excavation done by the beastmen. Holy cow! Is this Petra of Jordan?! Anyway, night fall and they sneak in to see the captured group. After putting the guards to sleep, they free the hostages. They are told that there is a professor among them but she has been taken deep into the ruins. Crimson Vow head into the ruins, fight more beastmen and then stumble into weird hieroglyphics. UFOs? Spaceships? They free the professor nearby. She is a small kid? Heh. They get insulted when others call them kids. Anyway, Cu Leleia might look like a little girl but she is older than all of them. In fact, she is of the elf race. She warns them they can’t leave this place. Why? Because the ruler of this place is an earth dragon. Roar! Crimson Vow fire all they’ve got but no damage at all. When the dragon smacks Mile with his tail, OMFG, is Mile dead???!!! Her comrades become distraught. Why is it when people are enraged, they power up considerably? Unfortunately all that mad attack just managed a tinsy little scratch on the dragon. Crimson Vow refuse to believe Mile is dead and will protect her till she recovers. You mean recover from the dead?

Episode 12
We see a short glimpse of Misato’s happy family life. Think of waking up now? Uhm, not enough strength. Back to sleep. Now we see a short glimpse of her life as Adele. Okay, time to wake up. Misato and Adele admonishing her to do so. Because Mile is complaining how she is no match for the dragon, hey, wasn’t it her wish to be normal in the first place?! With Crimson Vow relentlessly attacking, the dragon gets mad at their persistence and is going to kill them. That’s the buzzword for Mile to wake up and attack the dragon with all she’s got. OMG. She now injures the dragon? Damn, the dragon looking scared. As explained, Mile seems to be as powerful, if not even more than the dragon only because this dragon is not the most powerful. That is why she survived when taken a direct hit. And the ‘power’ that powers up Mile? Making her angry! But it gets worse as the dragon’s buddies drop in. They too witness first hand that Mile is super strong. Yeah, who this girl???!!! Must be a real shocker for dragons never to see a human this strong, eh? Mile then summons the strength of her previous incarnations to throw back a powerful bolt at them. Decimated! Mile prepares herself to be bombarded by questions but Crimson Vow has already made peace with the fact that it is probably her secret family technique! Now they question the dragons for their goals. It seems they are trying to find the lost civilization. Yeah, those hieroglyphics are it. Now, if that civilization is said to be prospering and had no wars whatsoever, why did it crumble? That is why its existence was in doubt and they’re looking for it. The dragons didn’t want to make it so obvious so they forced beastmen to do the excavating. However this site is a fake and seems to be worshippers of those lost civilization. The dragons promise to leave this area and go elsewhere. Crimson Vow returns as heroes and even more famous now. But Mile can’t help think of what the dragons’ true goals are. Nano actually knows but unfortunately it is classified information! Oh dear. How does it feel to have your own game back at you? Mile sinks into further depression thinking what God told her before her reincarnation here. Could it be that this is a world that there are no gods because they have abandoned it? Poor Mile have strange dreams and can’t concentrate on her quest so one night she decides to leave by herself because if she has to tell her friends her worries, this means revealing her reincarnation too. However her friends also leave with her! Yeah, her worries were so obvious and written all over her face. In short, they are Crimson Vow and will always be together! Aww! Group hug! Next day they leave for another adventure and since Mile can’t spill the beans, they’re going to go investigate the dragons. One big adventure coming up.

Everybody’s Normal Till You Get To Know Them
Well, well. Isn’t that a pretty normal ending? I suppose so. Mile having found friends and a purpose to exist so that pretty much is all Mile needs to get going. And as normal as another series ending on such note, they throw in some sort of enigmatic factor so that if there is ever a possibility of another season in the future, this could be the next plot in focus. Hence for the lost civilization that the dragons are trying to search, I have this conspiracy theory that everyone in this world came from other worlds but died and reincarnated here! Just that, everybody is as good as keeping that a secret like Mile! Uh huh. Classified information, people! I mean, how far do we know about the others since we are more focused on Mile who is the (average) main character? How convenient for excuses for things we don’t know. Just slap the classified information label on it and we’re good to go.

I don’t know if you can call this cute girls doing cute things but I suppose this can be classified as so because you see them doing all the adventuring in their cute girly way. So perhaps this counts. Thus the story isn’t anything new and just revolves around the Crimson Vow quartet and their adventures to become great Hunters. That is all. No greater conspiracy plot of shadowy people led by some megalomaniac wanting to overthrow the kingdom or the likes. No prophesized Demon Lord to come bring carnage to the land and some legendary quartet of heroes must rise up to the challenge and save the land. Yup. Nothing of that sort of story here. Just your average but not so average girls adventuring within their own means. Cute girls doing cute things. Adventure edition.

There is another one tiny reason why this isekai series is slightly different than others in the same category. Well, if you have noticed, all the main characters who die and become an overpowered one in the next world, they’re all male! Hence it is somewhat refreshing now you have a character of this genre who is actually female! Wow. You never actually see girls getting this sort of treatment and it feels a bit different. Sure, the whole isekai trend now is kinda boring and repetitive and having a main character who is female doesn’t make the whole thing better. It is just slightly refreshing. Slightly. Yeah. Who says girls can’t go over to the next world having all sorts of crazy abilities? I am pretty sure that Mile isn’t the first female character of this overpowered isekai genre but I am guessing that she could be the first in recent memories and anime seasons. I mean, I am trying to think real hard and I couldn’t really come up with any such shows with a female lead.

So I guess the characters are rather okay, especially the bonding between the Crimson Vow members. Each of them has their own past to deal with and facing them together brings their pact a lot closer. It’s not the deepest of character development but it’s not the worst either. If the lack of a storyline and actual plot bugs you, maybe the dynamic relationship and interaction among the quartet should amuse you. While it is pretty much cliché, I won’t go so far as to say that they are boring. Yeah. Just pretty average. Pretty normal. Heh.

So yeah, Mile pretty much feels like the glue that sticks the group together. She is yet another of those ubiquitous overpowered characters that you normally see in such genres. She claims she wants to be normal and tries not to flash her powers but more than often, circumstances force her to make her do the impossible. She might look like overpowered but bear in mind that she is still lower than a dragon and therefore much lesser than a God. Just that everybody else is such weak ass and that the dragon clan probably raised up the average score. Just like how when one of the smart kids in class do so well and raised the average score of the class. Or a really bad one bringing it down. I wonder how long Mile can keep playing that secret family technique excuse. That seems to be the running joke AKA excuse needed to avoid explaining the truth. The way she has displayed a myriad of them, not so secret now those family techniques. I guess the friends also don’t prod any further because they trust each other (unlike initially). Too much bugging can be annoying, you know. Ah, true friendship…

It would have been a bit more interesting to see Mile’s life in her previous life as Misato. Heck, having shown bits of her past life as a raven haired beauty is already good enough than most isekai series. Yeah, some you never even get to see what their life was, they get killed off or summoned. That’s it. Here we see snippets of it despite being far and few in between. But like I said, it would also be good to see that side of hers because we want to see how different she has become. Or rather, she’s still the same. Maybe it’s her fate never to experience a normal life. So, if she dies in this world (which she almost did), will she go to another world? Will she start anew again as the same thing or will she get her wish of just being normal? That would have been another interesting aspect to explore. Perhaps the lack of focus on her past is to tell us that we should just move on with her new life as Mile. Yup, want to know more of her life in the previous world? That’s classified information!

Mile also seems to be the comic relief character and at times you can hear her make comments that break the fourth wall. This is where most of the comical parts come from. Hey, main characters in overpowered isekai genres don’t usually do that! That’s not normal! Get back to your normalcy! I guess her previous life is hard to forget and there are a ton of cool entertainment stuffs in which she compares them to this new life of hers. But hey, at least she got overpowered magic and stuffs. I also don’t see the relevance of having Nano as he invisible pet mascot. Oh right, whatever nanomachine particles he is made out is supposed to help give Mile he powers. How convenient. I suppose they need to ramp up the cuteness because after having a bevy of cute girls, now you need at least a cute animal. Or beast. Whatever Nano actually is. His primarily role is to just sometimes warn Mile or explain to us viewers whatever that needs to be explained. A role that can be done by Mile herself since she is sometimes already breaking the fourth wall.

The rest of the other Crimson Vow members, well, they’re not anything close to Mile but thanks to their backgrounds, their characters are slightly more interesting. Reina isn’t just your fiery tsundere but her tragic past makes you understand her way of thinking and you can’t blame her entirely. Then you have Pauline who is trying to become the best merchant for the sake of her family and you don’t want to cross her path and she’ll make you a deal that you’ll regret. A deal between the devil and the deep blue sea. Please choose the lesser of 2 evils. Finally, Mavis the tomboy who is seemingly trying to break out of her traditional female role and take on her dreams as a knight. It is not that she isn’t feminine or anything, it is just that when you grow up in a house that is all just dicks, oops I mean, cocks, oh damn, men, house of men, you tend to get influence by the greatness that they are striving for.

Last and not least, Lenny. I feel that she is sometimes the fringe member of Crimson Vow but it could be just me. She provides lodging for the quartet to stay and now that Crimson Vow has made enough money for their own lodgings, a lesson to learn is never take your customers for a ride. But I’m glad they’re still friends. After all, Lenny despite being a loli has boobs that the flat chest alliance (that’s you, Mile and Reina) would really envy to have. Is this the part where they tease us with some little boobs fanservice? Oh Mile, your boobs size are below average. Hahaha! Oh wait. Is that classified information too?

Art and animation feel pretty okay. Everything is designed on a cute level so much so you might think that this anime is suited for kids. At least on the visual level. Even many of the scenes and backgrounds are bright and colourful, making this your truly happy fantasy world. If you watched Endro, you would know what I mean. This series is dong by Project No. 9 who in the same season also did Choujin Koukousei-tachi Wa Isekai Demo Yoyuu De Ikinuku You Desu. They also did Ryuuou No Oshigoto, Ro-Kyu-Bu and Tenshi No 3P. So if you are wondering why the cuteness of these girls look familiar, now you know why.

For the voice acting, didn’t recognize anybody. Pretty okay, I guess. The casts are Azumi Waki as Mile (Maika in Blend S), Sora Tokui as Reina (Nero in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes), Masumi Tazawa as Pauline (Kiriha in Rokujouma No Shinryakusha), Fumiko Uchimura as Mavis (Ren in Juou Mujin No Fafnir), Wataru Hatano as Nano (Gajeel in Fairy Tail), Hiyori Kono as Lenny (Kazusa in Araburu Kisetsu No Otome-domo Yo) and Maki Kawase as Marcela (Junko in Zombie Land Saga). You can tell how fun everything is going to be just by watching and listening to the opening theme, Smile Skill = Suki Skill by the quartet of Crimson Vow. Yeah, the whole song is lively and just reeks of fun. Even more so when you see Crimson Vow doing some weird group dance + tokusatsu posing (complete with explosion!). Oh yeah. Pretty epic in its own right. Mile sings the ending theme, Genzai Banzai, which plays to a slower beat that lacks all that craziness found in the opener but still sounding like another of those generic manufactured anime pop. Nothing really special. Just normal.

Overall, this show is just pretty normal. Pun intended. There are dozens of such series in the genre out there and there would be even much more in the future. While this one is nothing special, nothing near a masterpiece, it is not the worst isekai bunch I’ve seen. Yup, that Smartphone one still takes the cake. So don’t complain that this series is just pretty much average with all the cliché formulas of cute girls, their dynamic interaction, no convoluted plot, funny and weird moments, all that would satisfy and entertain viewers for the season. Once the next season comes around, this would most probably be forgotten deep within our hazy memories. Yeah, pretty normal for us veteran anime viewers to treat series like this. While the isekai fad won’t be dying out soon, I hope they don’t go overboard, trying to make their series stand out so much than the rest that it becomes just as bad. Please. Don’t. Didn’t I say to make more isekai animes average in the next season?!

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