Netsuzou Trap -NTR-

December 16, 2017

Another netorare themed anime? It wasn’t too long ago when I watched Kuzu No Honkai and now we have another one, Netsuzou Trap -NTR-. Childhood friends have been close to each other since young. When one of them starts to have a boyfriend and is nervous about it and seeks the advice, her other friend starts to come onto her and sending mixed signals, confusing the hell out of her love and sexuality. On the outside they might look like normal healthy girlfriends dating their respective boyfriends. But behind closed doors they have a secret and passionate tryst of lust. I am thinking the one who makes out the best wins the heart.

Episode 1
The friends are at the karaoke. Hotaru Mizushina starts fondling the thighs of Yuma Okazaki, making her feel weird out and excuse herself to the toilet. But Hotaru follows her. Then she locks the toilet door and starts making out with her. She knows Yuma likes Takeda so this is practice. When they leave, Yuma and Takeda walk together home. Takeda also likes Yuma as he gives her a kiss on the lips. Back home, Yuma and Hotaru live next to each other. Yuma is still nervous from all that has happened today including her kiss with Takeda. The girls talk outside on their veranda and Yuma tries to look like she is mad for Hotaru’s pranks. She then learns about their kiss so she tricks Yuma that there is something on her cheek so that she could do a French kiss on her! Yuma did not like that and pushes her way. Why is she doing this? Hotaru reminds her this is practice. And also, since this is Yuma’s first French kiss, maybe she’ll beat Takeda and get all her other firsts too. Don’t worry. She’ll keep this a secret from Takeda. Yuma is left red faced but she somehow cannot find the will to fight back. But she notes Hotaru’s kiss was far softer, sweeter and tingly than Takeda’s.

Episode 2
Flashback shows Yuma protected Hotaru from a couple of bullies. Hotaru continues to harass Yuma by trying to hold her hand and blow in her ear. And they’re on their way to school. Yuma is in the same basketball club as Takeda. He is glad Yuma is friends with Hotaru because he always noticed she is alone. She notes what he didn’t know is that she tried to introduce her to her other friends but it never worked out. Yuma is surprised when Takeda invites her to stay at his home when his parents are away for the weekend. So when Yuma tells this to Hotaru, she starts kissing her as practice?! Luckily stopped when Takeda comes to eat lunch with them. Hotaru teases them they are so nice to each other that when they get along, she will not be needed anymore. Might sound like a sad story but Yuma knows better. In middle school, Hotaru got a boyfriend first and ditched her for a while. In fact, she is still boyfriend hopping and is dating one of the coolest guys in school, Fujiwara. Come the weekend, the friends go to the amusement park instead. Takeda seems to be thinking and considerate about Hotaru that they all should hang out together. Plus, they haven’t been dating that long and it wouldn’t be right to ask her to stay over. The mood is right for another kiss. Meanwhile over at Hotaru and Fujiwara. That guy is being forceful with her but when she refuses, he becomes aggressive to remind her place. It made her scared. Hotaru then talks to Yuma alone who brags about her second kiss with Takeda. What? More practice? However Yuma can tell something has happened since her kiss is not as assertive. Hotaru denies anything has happened.

Episode 3
The friends are staying at a ski resort. In the bath, because Yuma becomes self-conscious, it is a great chance for Hotaru to do her ‘practice’. Yuma is conflicted. She feels good with Hotaru’s molesting but has to keep her voice down or else the guys on the other side might here. It’s no surprise Yuma is pouting at her friend because she thought she was getting raped! Wasn’t she? When Takeda hints of what to do now, Yuma panics and hopes they could do more skiing tomorrow. Takeda must be butt hurt for that rejection. Hotaru mocks her a chicken. So I guess everyone isn’t going to lose their virginity tonight. Next day as they ski, Hotaru pleads for Yuma to teach her since Fujiwara is bad at teaching. Of course, an opportunity for Hotaru to greatly kiss Yuma. But nobody is seeing, right? Well… You don’t know… Fujiwara saw them and is spying… So when Yuma returns to Takeda and they’re like the happy couple, Fujiwara whispers what he saw to Hotaru. He thought the duo was always so clingy with each other. But his lesbianism he finds it hilarious. He thinks Yuma is toying with Takeda’s heart. He takes Hotaru away and plans to let Takeda make out with Yuma tonight.

Episode 4
Yuma knocks on Hotaru’s door. She is surprised when Fujiwara answers but even more shock to see Hotaru half undressed. Sorry to bother. So that night she thought of being considerate to sleep in Takeda’s room. Since thoughts of Hotaru is clouding her mind, Takeda could tell she is acting strange. So when they try to get it on, eventually he tells her to sleep on the futon while he sleeps on the chair. He gets this feeling that she isn’t into him. Ruined. Even on the trip back, they aren’t really talking. It gets awkward when they see each other at school. Yuma’s friends try to bug her for details but looks like it makes her even more depressed. When they remember Hotaru and Fujiwara was on that trip to, they warn her about the rumours that Fujiwara might be cheating on her because they heard he is going out with Maria Kawamoto. Yuma goes to her home to ascertain that. She is shocked to see her wearing an eye-patch though Hotaru dismisses as injury from falling down. When Yuma talks about the rumours of Fujiwara cheating, Hotaru isn’t surprised. Because she too is cheating. Who? You mean you can’t guess who? I guess she needs more practice. Hotaru starts making out with Yuma but a call from Takeda interrupts. He tries to apologize for what happened but hears something strange. That’s because Hotaru is continuing to molest Yuma while she is answering the call! Don’t make any weird sounds! But Takeda is sad thinking she is with someone else.

Episode 5
It looks like Yuma and Takeda’s relationship are back on track, even setting up their next date. Takeda feels pathetic so Fujiwara ‘consoles’ him that Yuma might not be a great girl he thinks. Girls have their dark side and he is worried she might be playing him for a sucker. Before Yuma leaves for her date, she visits Hotaru. She is shocked to see her black eye. She can tell someone punched her and suspects Fujiwara. Oh good, that guy is here. He has been staying here since yesterday. Yuma goes to have a talk with him and of course he denies. When Yuma wants to know about him cheating, he tells her right back she is the last person whom he wants to hear being accused of. Hotaru stops this farce and reminds Yuma she has a date. Oh right. She’s an hour late. He is gone. By the time she calls him to apologize, it seems he is hinting of a breakup. He feels she is hiding something from him and if she decides she really likes him, they’ll start afresh. Yuma sinks into depression, fed up with herself for all this and yet Takeda is being so nice to her. I guess the only person to seek comfort with is Hotaru. Oh… So that kiss is going to cheer her up? Well… When you’re heartbroken… In school, the moment Yuma sees Takeda, she runs away. Fujiwara approaches the girls. He found out they have broken up and that poor chap still doesn’t know the truth. He feels bad for him and wants to tell him the truth. Or he can keep it to himself in exchange he wants in the next time they both make out. Yikes!

Episode 6
Yuma slaps him. Naturally. It ends after Hotaru tells him to stop making such bad jokes to her friend. Later Hotaru tries to calm Yuma down but she isn’t pleased what Hotaru sees in that jerk. Hotaru’s twisted logic is that since she is a bad girl, it wouldn’t look right if she dates a good guy. That’s why guys like Fujiwara put her at ease. Yuma still can’t understand. Especially this feeling that goes way back. When she first heard Hotaru suddenly got a boyfriend back in middle school, she felt jealous. Even more so when she saw them kiss in front of her. Yuma doesn’t like her picking anyone else over her and doesn’t like there are sides to her she hasn’t seen. Attempts to get back with Takeda backfired. He really isn’t interested. So what is a broken hearted girl got to do but to seek comfort in Hotaru. This means opening herself for some lesbian teasing. But the ‘joke’ is on Yuma because now she is confiding in Hotaru how lonely she is so this prompts Hotaru to mock she is doing so just because she is in a rough patch with Takeda. Time for this episode’s lesbian make-out. Because Hotaru doesn’t mind if she plays the victim and puts the blame on her. She is going to make her feel better than Takeda. While they’re half naked and Yuma narrating her hypocritical self, suddenly they here a sound of somebody taking picture. It’s Fujiwara! He really caught them with their pants (skirt actually) down! Wait a minute. Wasn’t the door locked? How did he get in? He looks serious this time in wanting his threesome.

Episode 7
When Yuma tells him to delete it, Fujiwara threatens to send it to Takeda. Hotaru then takes his handphone and deletes it. She tells him they were only fooling around and practising for the real stuff. And by that she meant doing it with him. So Yuma feels awkward back in her room thinking Hotaru and Fujiwara are making out next door. Next day, Hotaru talks to Takeda. She tells him not to blame her for the late date since it was her fault to begin with. Takeda believes she doesn’t have feelings for him so Hotaru ‘reveals’ that there was this person who was interested in her but Yuma was persistent in rejecting that person. She never told him so as not to let him get the wrong idea. Hotaru assures that persona finally gave up on Yuma. So please give her another chance. That night as Hotaru talks to Yuma, the latter is still mad and confused. Hotaru admits she was jealous when she got a boyfriend since it felt like he stole her away. That’s why she did all those stuffs out of jealousy just to keep her. But her strained relationship with Takeda made it even worse for them. She is sorry and will stop now. So please talk to Takeda. It will work out. Next day in school, there is less animosity between Takeda and Yuma. For the new term, Takeda feels of going to cram school and asks Yuma if she would like to do the same. She mulls over the idea but Hotaru plans not going to college. She can just get a rich man and be his wife! Is she purposely making other girls mad? Later Yuma ponders on Hotaru’s future. Then she brushes it off since it has nothing to do with her.

Episode 8
Yuma and Takeda are back to normal although they still remain friends. She is surprised Fujiwara goes to the same cram school with them since Takeda recommended it. On the way back, she sees Hotaru coming out from a shop. Curious, she enters to see females dressed in cat maid outfits and serving men. Confronting her about this, a customer thought Yuma is one of the staffs but she shoves him away. He complains so Hotaru hopes he would forgive her friend. The manager suggests she can work here too if she wants. Because Yuma insists Hotaru not work here and won’t leave till she does, Hotaru tells the manager Yuma wants to work here. And so she has to put on the outfit and when Hotaru helps her do so, she can’t help fantasize little dirty thoughts. Too bad she couldn’t last out there with the customers. Yuma can’t handle those creeps and wonders why Hotaru didn’t pick a ‘normal’ job. Well, the pay here is better. It’s not like she is selling her body. Still, Yuma can’t accept it and since she is still b*tching about it, Hotaru hits back is she only allowed to have a job she approves of? Must she do everything the way she wants? Yuma actually feels that way (including her dating Fujiwara) but can’t find the courage to say it to her. Yeah, it’s like Yuma is her mom now. Yuma learns Takeda knows about Hotaru’s work because Fujiwara told him. So she confronts Fujiwara and ask why he did not stop her. Since she doesn’t know why Hotaru needed the money, Fujiwara tells it straight to her face it is to move out. Because she feels suppressed living next to her. Yuma is in shock because she never told her anything but didn’t hesitate to tell Fujiwara. With Yuma nagging recently, I can see why Hotaru needed the money to get away from her. Yuma tries hard to suppress her feelings since she feels she could blow up at Hotaru any time.

Episode 9
Wait. Yuma is going to work as that sleazy job she disapproves Hotaru of working at? She thinks she can handle it? I guess she wasn’t prepared for the guys watching full blown lesbianism between them. On their way home, Yuma explains she is working here to protect her so Hotaru brushes off she is no longer that same bullied child. We hear Yuma’s dark thoughts. She always thought of herself as a bad liar that is why Takeda saw through her and broke up. But it seems she can easily lie to Hotaru. In actual fact, it isn’t that she is worried about her but rather a part of Hotaru she doesn’t know. Whether or not she wants to get away from her, she won’t allow it no matter how much she will hate her. Takeda feels down since he can’t do anything to help Yuma so Fujiwara warns him about staying pure hearted lest he wants to be played out and exploited forever. Yuma skips cram school to go work again. Hotaru isn’t here since it is not her shift. Hotaru visits Yuma thinking she is home but only her mom is in. So when Yuma comes home, mom is going to have a talk with her as she called the cram school only to find she was absent. Due to this overworking stress, Yuma has high fever in school. She rests in the infirmary when Hotaru visits. Yuma plans of quitting that job. Hotaru is relieved since she didn’t want her to work in a place like that. This has Yuma fuming inside. More dark thoughts as she believes Hotaru is drawing the line between them. Why does it feel so far away when she is the closest person all these years? Impulsively, Yuma pulls Hotaru’s face close and kiss her. Too late to feel embarrassed about what you did because now Hotaru is triggered by her naughty side. You’re gonna get what you ordered. No backing out of this now. Takeda visits and is shocked to see this. Did his world just collapsed?

Episode 10
Hotaru gives an excuse that Yuma is still dizzy and is trying to hold her up. Well, he bought that. Yuma still has nightmares outraging Hotaru’s modesty and in reality, Hotaru gets bold enough to whisk her to some corner away from the main street and make out with her. Of course Fujiwara sees this and assures he didn’t take a picture despite being tempted to. He says he didn’t rat out to Takeda and that’s good enough but Hotaru thinks this wasn’t part of the deal. Flashback shows both of them broke up with their respective dates. The girl was crying her heart out she doesn’t want to and the guy refuses to break up and almost assaulted Hotaru. Since Hotaru and Fujiwara were so cold to their ex-partners, Hotaru suggested making a deal and they ended up being a pair in the eyes of the envious public. Takeda doesn’t understand when Fujiwara told him he hates girls since he dated a bunch of them. Oh, he does hate them but he loves the sex. So this gives him a free pass to beat up Hotaru if she is not in the mood until she relents? Yuma feels more anxious the more Hotaru isn’t with her because it’s like she could leave her and go far away. But at least at the same time her relationship with Takeda is on the mend. Hotaru has another bruise on her face after she tries to reject Fujiwara. Time to hide it again.

Episode 11
Things are looking great between Yuma and Takeda after the former apologizes. She then reveals about this certain person who has been always on her mind since (Hotaru). Although she tries to deny she is in love with that person but to Takeda that is what it exactly sounds like. That was how it felt like when he dated her. He’s not blaming her or anything. Yeah, Yuma looks shock to even think she has been in love with Hotaru. Takeda suggests asking that person how she really feels. She might not get the answer she wants but at least she would get her feelings across. Once so, that person might give a straight answer. Yuma agonizes over Takeda’s suggestion. She doesn’t want to be strung along by Hotaru but can’t stand the fact she is leaving her. She finally confronts Hotaru and confesses she loves her although it makes her feel scared to look Hotaru in the eye. However Hotaru knows it. She confesses back she loves her too. She then kisses her but no more lesbian stuff since Fujiwara is calling her. Later Yuma tells what happened to Takeda. She believes Hotaru tried to change the subject and pretended she didn’t say it. It makes her feel like an idiot. Ever since that confession, things had gotten more awkward with Hotaru. She avoids her and clings more often to Fujiwara. Yuma spots them making out on the stairways. She can’t take it and runs away. What to do but cry? Yeah, this emotional distress and heartbreak is even affecting her studies. At home, she hears a loud noise coming from next door. She rushes over only to see Fujiwara beating up Hotaru.

Episode 12
Yuma wants Fujiwara never to come near Hotaru again. But Hotaru blames herself as she didn’t honour the deal. When Yuma questions if that is what true dating is, Fujiwara quips back: Better than 2 girls being together. So in school, Yuma continues to bug Hotaru to break up with that jerk. Hotaru akin Yuma being irresponsible in feeding a stray cat. She only loves it when it is convenient to her and doesn’t plan to take care of it for the rest of her life. Yuma denies it but shies away from saying those magical confession words. This only allows Hotaru to tease her that her kiss jokes make her want her. And so now Yuma talks her friend’s problem to Takeda. He doesn’t know what is going on but tells her to not give up otherwise she’ll only feel sorry for herself when they reject her. Yuma is enlightened and realizes how great a person Takeda is. Regret dumping him? The next time she confronts Fujiwara, she lets him know she is not playing around with their lesbianism. If that is how Yuma feels, what about Hotaru? She asks about the deal they made so Fujiwara admits right up if she denies him sex, he gets the right to beat her up. Just sick. When Yuma tries to tell him how much Hotaru loves him, it made her realize something and also all the things she said to her before. Is this how Hotaru felt? Why hasn’t she realized it before? Too busy playing her mom and relationship manager, that’s why. So she goes around looking for her and finally confronts her. She realizes all the lesbian things she did and the dating of Fujiwara is because she wanted to gain her attention! Well, we figured out that a long time ago. So if that is what Hotaru wants, then believe in her! Hotaru tries to be realistic about the uncertain future but Yuma wants her to take that risk with her. After confessing she loves her, Yuma then quickly kisses Hotaru. In public! OMG! I guess nobody gives a damn about girls kissing in the busy street because this is Japan. It’s the norm! I suppose the kiss was too good that Hotaru ignores Fujiwara’s call. In the end, they continue being friends.

50 Shades Of Green With Envy
So that’s it? Lesbianism wins in the end?! Ah damn. I was predicting some sort of sad and tragic ending whereby Yuma finally goes away and leaves Yuma so broken hearted that she became broken. Haha! Not funny. So perhaps this was all part of Hotaru’s greater plan to make Yuma care for her once again? Now that she has got Yuma ‘hooked’ on her, it looks like she’ll be taken good care of for the foreseeable future. The stray cat has become an adopted cat. Whatever abuse she gets from Fujiwara is going to be all worth it since she got the main prize. Notice how many times she got beaten up recently just for rejecting him? Heck, she could now break off with that sex maniac.

Yuma might be a very confused girl but she is no angel either. We can blame Hotaru for instigating and activating Yuma’s lesbian love for her but I figure that was long buried deep inside Yuma’s heart for a long time. Because Yuma isn’t as cool of a cat like Hotaru, she tends to fluster a lot and is more emotionally expressive. Even more so when she is so confused about Hotaru’s actions and her feelings towards her. I am guessing that Yuma did not watch or read enough yuri animes or manga to even think she has been in love with her best friend. I guess there is this yuri rule that one has to be seme and the other uke. It applies to yaoi too, by the way. Despite all that naughty advances that Hotaru did to her and Yuma doesn’t seem to like it, she shows her selfish side that she wants to keep Hotaru by her side forever. It is starting to feel as though Yuma is her mother or something. Or is it because Hotaru makes her feel good and is addicted to her touch? That’s why she lets it happen, right? That’s why she wants to keep her, right?

She doesn’t approve of her relationship with Fujiwara but is forced to because you know, she isn’t her mother. So now the thought of Hotaru might be moving away far from her and she doesn’t like it? Is she controlling her life or something? Don’t think that just because she saved Hotaru from bullies doesn’t mean she owes you her life forever. She isn’t your lackey. One day she has to grow up and lead her life on her own, for better or worse. So for Yuma who wants Hotaru and Takeda both to be hers, it’s like trying to have her cake and eat it. Actually, more accurately trying to catch both rabbits and ended up having none. So when she finally made up her mind, I guess she at least got Hotaru by her side.

Hotaru isn’t necessarily a bad girl. Maybe she just had bad company. She might look cool and calm but it could she plays a better poker face in hiding her true feelings than anyone else. I am thinking she teases Yuma in suggestive ways is a way to escape her hellish nightmare with Fujiwara. It’s like if sex with guys is this bad and painful, maybe I can have my own fantasy by making out with my best friend. It was either lesbian sex or abusive sex for her. Does the pain from Fujiwara distracts and hides the pangs of love she has for Yuma? After all, Fujiwara dominates over her and maybe Hotaru releases some of that frustration by dominating over Yuma. Seeing Yuma fluster and panic gives her the thrills. I don’t believe Hotaru has bad intentions intending to break up Yuma and Takeda although she did get carried away in some of her naughtiness. Sometimes I also feel that perhaps this secret passionate fling is like Hotaru’s last parting gift to Yuma because if she goes away forever, at least she’ll have this passionate memories to remember them by. My best friend, my saviour, my yuri partner. If Hotaru’s real plan was to attract Yuma’s attention, it was one heck of an elaborate plan and in the end it somewhat succeeded, right? Because Hotaru didn’t go away and still hangs around her. Mission completed.

Bad boy Fujiwara feels like a real life clickbait. Looking good on the outside but his personality stinks. This guy clearly doesn’t care about girls as he himself admits it. He is just in for the sex. But I think it isn’t just about the sex. It is about dominating. He gets his way with Hotaru and if she doesn’t feel like putting up with him, his fist is quick to reach her face. He was probably bored of the same sex he always gets so easily from her and hence he wanted a threesome. What would be better than dominating over one girl? Why, dominating over 2 girls! Wow. Just like porn. Maybe one day he’ll upgrade and do some gay sex and have a foursome with Takeda in the future! Holy messy orgy-ness! And remember people, hitting your girl or any girl or anybody is a big no-no. I do not approve of violent sex where you derive pleasure from inflicting pain on others.

Takeda as I can see is the only normal and good guy among the main characters. So normal that he feels a bit out of place in this netorare game. He tried to make it work with Yuma but her heart is somewhere else. Proof that her lesbian heart is stronger than her straight heart. So I think it’s best for them to just remain friends instead of dating each other for now until this mess is sort out and Yuma is clear in her love life whom she wants. And now he becomes Yuma’s relationship advisor? Perhaps Yuma realizes she isn’t a great person worthy enough of him.

Art and animation feel standard. A few fanservice shots here and there because it wouldn’t be true lesbianism if girls with great bodies don’t take off pieces of their clothes and tease us with their great sexy lingerie. Tempting us to give lesbian porn a shot? Also, the end cards are illustrated by various illustrators. With the different visual art styles, some look normal, some a bit risqué because outright lesbianism and fanservice. Animated by Creators In Pack, this series has art that looks darker than the rest of their animated shorts like Ojisan To Marshmallow, Military, Ozmafia, Bernard-jou Iwaku, Danchigai and Kiitarou Shonen No Youkai Enikki thanks to its dark and mature theme of netorare.

Daisuke Ono is devilishly cool and wicked as Fujiwara. He sounds almost like the reincarnated high school version of Kuroshitsuji’s Sebastian. The others included in this small casts are Ai Kakuma as Yuma (Julis in Gakusen Toshi Asterisk), Hiromi Igarashi as Hotaru (Symonne in Tales Of Zestiria The X) and Ryota Osaka as Takeda (Zen in Akagami No Shirayuki-hime).Both the opening and ending themes are hard rock and have this dark feel to it, which is quite suitable for what the anime is about.

Overall, if you want a better netorare anime, Kuzu No Honkai still fares better. If you want a better yuri anime, there are tons out there (from mild ones like Sasameki Koto and heavier ones like Strawberry Panic). I believe Kuzu No Honkai has even both. Otherwise, might as well jump fully into hentai if you’re in for the sex. Is this romance anime, you say? What romance???!!! The characters are either confused or selfish lot with what they want. It makes them somewhat annoying as it drags out this whole drama lot. But is it better to love and lost than to never to have loved in the first place? If this is how it is going to turn out to be, I think I better stick to online hentai. Porn logic allows you the cheat and f*ck anything and everything! Internet sasou trap…

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